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No. 329976

General Video Game discussion, aside from games that have their own threads.

What are you currently playing, what you are looking forward to, favorite games, favorite consoles, gamer set discussion, reviews, praises, complaints, questions, etc.

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No. 329977

boo threadpic since this is spooky season.

there's like a billion games that have their own threads now so feel free to link any i missed in the op!

No. 329983

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No. 330011

Mario wonder is actually SO much fun. I can’t say I’m surprised after seeing how good the reviews were but I’m really happy to be able to confirm it for myself. Pure platforming joy. I love Mario so much.

No. 330043

I have tons of games I started or want to replay but I can't because I don't have enough free time for that. It's super annoying.

No. 330094

Is it? I have been considering buying it since it looks like it finally tried to innovate (usual mario plataformers are pretty much "play 1 and you have played them all" to me) but it disappointed me the only transformation is the elephant one, I expected more variety in both the new forms & wonder thing. But I haven't looked too much into it, so I could be wrong.

No. 330174

File: 1698257464039.png (854.74 KB, 640x640, xcxc.png)

Princess Maker 5 gets critized for it's shitty translation a lot, but is it at-times-unintelligible-shitty or is it a-2018-release-of-a-2008-game-shouldn't-sound-like-PM2-shitty?

No. 330198

File: 1698263469254.png (13.88 MB, 3840x2160, F9TvzhSWEAAkal_.png)

it looks really good. trying not to get too hyped in case its bad but it looks like it could be fun

No. 330223

There’s more transformations, plus the badges often feel like power ups with what abilities they give you.

No. 330267

File: 1698282750984.jpg (1.31 MB, 3840x2160, 20230721175403_1.jpg)

on my 3rd elden ring playthrough! hi nonas!

No. 330366

I just bought the Civilization bundle from Humble…never played a Civ game in my life and can't wait to completely fail at it. I really want to try more strategy games, particularly Age of Empires because I love Roman history but they're so intimidating. Are any nonnies here familiar with these types of games? Is it better to just learn as you go or do you use guides?

I don't have an answer to this but I adore this art.

No. 330386

File: 1698347086290.jpg (43.84 KB, 640x480, images.jpeg-2.jpg)

Any other nonnies playing reverse 1999? The artstyle is gorgeous and I really like how non coomerish the artstyle is (great designs too!) It's sadly a gacha tho I haven't played enough of those but I really liked the main story

No. 330415

Same here nonny. I've lost all my trust in Konami but I really want this to be good.

No. 330417

I'm not paying attention to the story, I like the designs (it's not my fave artstyle but the designs make up for it, I love the characters that are just like.. a bedsheet ghost)

I really like the gameplay, feels involved but not a slog. Great for a free game so far.

No. 330422

What's the ratio of male to female characters?

No. 330432

File: 1698362184554.png (81.8 KB, 1000x1000, 14_full.png)

Its 90% female characters, I just checked it out and it actually has a lot of coomer designs. Like the promotion art shows characters that are cute but the game has characters like pics related. Honestly, my first impression is that it's like any other waifu game for moids. With slightly better art.

No. 330450

I've only heard about this game from a troon who was over the moon because of some pronoun BS lines one of the characters has (they/themism). The art style and concept seems nice, and I really like some of the designs, but I'm going to have to pass because of the terrible first impression.

No. 330470

i really like the concept but the character designs are so uninspired none of them look like they are from the era they are supposed to be, they just seem like generic animu gacha shit. what a waste

No. 330473

I was very excited for the game because I like the concept a lot, and yesterday I had fun reading the story. I liked the designs we first see in the game a lot but then I saw this >>330432 in tutorials and the naked child villain and my hopes died. Feels like another tencent attempt at that one big game just like Alchemy Stars, and if it follows in AS' footsteps then the gameplay will feel boring and the story will lose its spark soon unfortunately. But for now I'll keep playing to read the story and I'll attempt to play with only free units.
I saw this too but how are they passing censorship in China? Then again they sell porn with atk stats and don't get into trouble

No. 330478

File: 1698385502670.png (1.21 MB, 879x1145, scooby doo ah design.png)

genuinely dont get why anyone is praising the designs, they look like shit. You can tell they were made by moids that know nothing about fashion and would rather stick their stylus up their arse that draw female characters in non-sexyfied clothes(aka most of the fashion form those times). All of them look really modern. This is genuinely awful. Now i wanna steal the concept and make it better and with actual good designs.

No. 330481

File: 1698386336687.jpg (126.36 KB, 1920x1080, VQNzgam.jpg)

>All of them look really modern
Did you play the game? Because the cities also look modern. The houses have european interior designs (I can't tell if it's exactly the time period, I'm not european) but in one instance they went back to 1920s and they had a city full of skyscrapers, like how you would imagine new york in a century from now. It must be an alternate universe where civilization developed at a different pace, probably thanks to the time bender people. I personally love when games develop their own world and just take inspiration from real world designs, where's the fantasy in keeping everything historically accurate? I can understand how it would ruin the immersion for historyfags though

No. 330487

File: 1698390724156.png (246.03 KB, 640x930, 93222114d923ba8788fb6e562aba33…)

They could have done so much with the designs thanks to the unique concept, but decided to go with generic gacha designs that look undistinguishable from any other waifu gacha game. What's the point in having the game's gimmick be time periods if you aren't going to take the time to actually research the fashion of those decades. It's like if girl's frontline gave all their vintage gunfus, like Springfield(1903-1975), generic modern outfits. I genuinely hate 99% of gacha designs, they all look the same. You could give them the coolest concepts to work with but the average gacha trash anime coom artist will draw the same generic overdesigned anime girl. It's so tiring, i actually like gacha as i find it relaxing and fun to play while on the shitter, but outside of GF i haven't found any other with actually nice designs.

No. 330490

I've been playing through all well-known horror indie/rpg maker games, it's been a blast but I'm starting to run out of games. Any recommendations are always welcome! My top favourite is Babbdi, it feels like there are no games like it, truly unique. But I do also really enjoy the atmosphere of rpg maker games, although a lot of them (for example Purgatory 2 and Mermaid swamp) just have endless dialogue imitating anime "humour".

No. 330550

File: 1698410052669.mp4 (1.19 MB, 720x720, ssstwitter.com_1698409818370.m…)

its true(although i think its more likely the androgynous anime chara trope than non binary shit)….ill keep playing it though until i get tooth fairy and for the story,but yes sadly after playing it a bit there is a naked child character…i had hopes for it but gacha cant ignore coomer bucks

No. 330576

Anyone who wanted to try out Fear and Hunger, it is 3.99 on Steam right now! Gonna give it a go myself yea boyyy

No. 330583

Just encountered an armpit and thigh fetish character be voiced as an actual child in Reverse 1999. Yeap, not playing any more of it. It took just a little over 24 hours for the game to ruin itself.

No. 330589

File: 1698430132377.png (208.21 KB, 450x325, 264eaddbf5a7c527e6a921f8578e32…)

>Just encountered an armpit and thigh fetish character be voiced as an actual child
Excuse me???

No. 330590

Limbus Company wasn't coomery imo but then the CEO turned out to be a misogynist who mistreats his employees, there's literally no hope with gacha games no matter what

No. 330594

File: 1698431168375.jpg (Spoiler Image,59.46 KB, 1000x1000, Tu2skMN.jpg)

The image is worse than you think. Then she has the voice of a child to top it off. If you don't want to see it but know
>holds arm behind head to show armpit, hair is parted at the armpit, the position of the arm is stupid for what she's holding
>her skirt is wet and clinging to her thighs, riding up the side of them
>is a literal child. this is not the anime style looks young type of deal
>is standing like she's holding in her pee
>has an uncomfortable facial expression
The more I look at it the worse fetish material I find so I'll stop. How does this not get caught with China's censorship shit. They censor tattoos on TV and this is a game anyone can play.

No. 330595

Time stamp is 7:50 for the voice. I couldn't embed it with the timestamp

No. 330597

I forgot to add that she's barefeet. Honkai Star Rail also has a child with her feet out walking on literal snow plains, can't they at least put their fetishes on adult characters?

No. 330622

This is insane, she sounds so much like a child that I just tried to find her voice actress to confirm she's of age. No luck, but at least her JA voice is a grown woman. (I assume the EN actress is as well…. I hope.) Idk nonnettes this is very sad to see. When you're designing characters you can make literally ANYTHING and they decided to cram a bunch of fetishes onto a loli.

No. 330633

Hiroshima Nagasaki Hiroshima Nagasaki(retarded racebait)

No. 331230

File: 1698612550899.jpg (64.57 KB, 828x465, FXT5cWuVsAETkQD.jpg)

azure gleam was a massive disappointment.

No. 331235

File: 1698612868193.gif (21.66 KB, 1024x1024, 1683384015860.gif)

Fuck off scrote

No. 331241

How's this game? I don't feel like playing a musou game just to have more backstory for FE3H but then again, I'm not even considering playing Engage so maybe I could give it a try someday instead. I'm even considering getting FE Warriors just to see my Fates husbandos.

No. 331254

File: 1698615033997.jpg (60.54 KB, 1284x513, F9YHH_SWMAI2PkN.jpg)

who's your fates husbando, nona? jakob is qt. i only played the blue lions route but 90% of it was everyone trying to appease some dumb, violent scrote kek while edelgard is an infantalized brainwashed shell of herself who is completely degraded at every turn. literally revenge porn fodder

if you liked azure moon, this game will likely kill any affection you had towards the cast.

No. 331266

>who's your fates husbando, nona?
There are too many of them. But I really want to see Xander and Ryoma again. It sucks that Niles is a DLC character but at that point I'm willing to pay a little for him, Owain and Oboro if I get the game.

>if you liked azure moon, this game will likely kill any affection you had towards the cast.

I played that route first and liked it a lot because it felt like a complete story with good characters. So I guess I should prioritize FE Warriors then kek. Does Edelgard gets to act like an actual piece of shit cool villain this time or did the IS marketing team force the writer to still make her kawaii and moe to compensate for her role in the story? That's the one thing I wish happened in FE3H.

No. 331272

kys if you think japan's disgusting autistic child fetish art is cool

No. 331289

Nta but isn't the game Chinese?
Though, maybe all Asian countries are the same to you.

No. 331704

File: 1698774012705.png (576.91 KB, 1122x479, .....ugh.png)

…i thought china censored this bullshit?…i was having fun with the story until i read this

No. 331707

Seems like they don't give a fuck if there's enough profit. No skeletons though!

No. 331770

Is cyberpunk worth it now after all the changes they’ve made? I like the aesthetic

No. 331773

It was worth it before the DLC

No. 331792

I played a decent amount of V and VI. I started out by playing on teams with my friend who is an expert in V, which helped me get started, and then just played with my other friends who are casuals.
I have a pretty different playstyle from all of them since they just go for the warmongering scorched earth domination strategy while I like to go for the silent religious victory. Incidentally, they are all male… dunno any other women who play
Never played the old games but I started up the first one once and the intro's kinda funny

No. 331818

File: 1698806061408.jpg (57.48 KB, 1280x675, coffinofcover.jpg)

Has anyone heard about this game? The Coffin of Andy and Leyley. The art seems fine, but apparently, there's ton of coomer art because the subject involves incest without it having actual incest.

No. 331822

>without it having actual incest
Didn't the creator pander to the incest coomers and add an actual incest route into the game? Not that I'm surprised since it feels like the only reason this game is popular

No. 331823

I haven't the faintest idea, just that I heard about it, but didn't really look in to it. Figured anons could talk about it. From all the screenshots I've seen though, it seems like the relationship between the siblings of No Game No Life.

No. 331825

i want 50% of the male population to be wiped out

No. 331832

File: 1698809927379.png (927.37 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (1237).png)

hey this game is a guilty pleasure of mine. also yeah there's incest, it's barely even "implied" as the siblings are pretty obviously into one another (see picrel).

i like andy – somewhat, second chapter kind of ruined him – but leyley annoys me. just hate that she's such a stereotypical manic pixie bpd-chan

No. 331833

what game is this

No. 331834

It was talked about last thread and elsewhere on this site.
How about you talk about games you've played and actually enjoy rather than boring drama.

No. 331847

I’m so sick of seeing this fugly arse game.

No. 331848

I was remembering music from this game I listened to years ago, and boom turns out Knuckle Sandwich is supposed to come out this month. I rarely play video games but I will make sure to buy this.

No. 331859

nta but do you honestly believe the creator is a fujoyume TIF? I have suspicion, cause there's something very NLOG about this game, that's different from usual male coomers.

No. 331910

>le quirky booba sex eyelashes mischievous cat smile woman and just uhh some plain scrote
Why should I play a coomer game if it doesn't cater to me? It lost all of its value. Any woman who enjoys this is brain-dead pretty desu

No. 331923

Imo it's because the boy looks like how some weeb tifs draw themselves. He's meant to be cute and attractive while male protagonists made by actual men are far more bland and most of the time have a fringe over their eyes.

No. 331939

i think she's a woman anon

No. 332208

Any fashion dreamers?

No. 332209

Is it out in English?

No. 332215

File: 1698936052338.jpg (12.43 KB, 626x417, floatingphones.jpg)

game recommendations for mobil??

No. 332218

File: 1698937007188.jpg (Spoiler Image,252.93 KB, 800x1598, Jean_Auguste_Dominique_Ingres_…)

not defending anything else but isn't the pose a reference to this painting by Ingres ?

No. 332219

Yes it's obvious, they shouldn't have made the character a little girl but the pose itself makes sense. The game is full of media references.

No. 332245

She looks like an elf or something..

No. 332257

File: 1698948596772.png (259.9 KB, 1576x709, mobilegames.png)

black is a minimalistic puzzle game with 50 levels in black and white. I like how intuitive the solutions often are and the in-game music. The game developer has made six other colour-themed games and while they're fun too black (and blue) are my favourites.

Peach Blood
You play as a thumb-on-legs-shaped thing eating smaller thumb and running away from bigger thumbs. It's a bit like agar.io for one and really addictive.

Cats & Ghosts
In this game you feed stray cats who give you money to buy cat toys and furniture. There's not a lot going on, it's relaxing to just feed the cats.

As far as I remember all three games have ads to get hints or in-game currency, but they're not shoved in your face or necessary to advance

No. 332263

Cooking mama

No. 332266

dragon raja

No. 332290

File: 1698953231730.png (1.12 MB, 1269x714, zzzz.png)

John titor kawaii….

No. 332294

Stardew valley on mobile is addicting. It's nice to have a smaller, portable version of it

No. 332295

necromerger, plants vs zombies

No. 332298

Nikki as usual, but I also like My Little Terrarium, and if you don't mind the Disney franchise, the Twisted Wonderland has good art.

No. 332303

This only highlights how bad that anime art is. The bobblehead, the weird pose and unintelligible expression kek

No. 332310

i had to do a double take and realize you were talking about love nikki/shining nikki. not nikke. i second nikki it's very playable free even if there's gacha elements.

No. 332472

File: 1699014668012.jpg (164.56 KB, 960x540, fashion-dreamer.large.jpg)

Anybody playing Fashion Dreamers? I've been so excited, and I'm picking up my physical copy at Best Buy later today. I thought it could be fun to exchange in-game codes with fellow farmers.

No. 332476

Yes, I'm super excited! Waiting on a ROM/dump though, I hope the moids in the switch hacking community will get on it quick. Delete and repost cuz i see the NSP is already uploaded, nice! I'm gonna download and get started right now.
Drive safe to Best Buy and enjoy your game nona ♥

No. 332485

I preordered it from Gamestop in hopes to get the 3 outfits so I probably won't be able to play for a few days ugh

No. 332511

Any anons got the chance to play it? I'm on the fence about buying since forking out 40 for a game is rough for a student like me kek. I love the original games and from everything I've seen it looks super fun, I've heard there's no story but that doesn't bother me.

No. 332608

File: 1699051740726.mp4 (121.88 KB, 610x640, ditto-pokemon.mp4)

i preorderd it but my switch just broke

No. 332624

this game’s art style reminds me of the poorly drawn cartoon porn art style that is popular on twitter, so for that reason alone, i won’t be playing it

No. 332699

>appease some dumb violent scrote
Thats going to be Dimitiri kek. The infantalized brainwashed Edelgard is literally how he remembers her ("at first i thought she was difficult… but then that facade fell away, revealing her true self beneath") and sees her ("she was being dragged all over, unable to live the life she wanted"). Edelgard is always at her weirdest in Dee's routes.
Oh fuck off. Fire emblem franchise has a shitton of irredeemable female villains. Edelgard is clearly not one of them. Complaining about her having soft spots is like complaining about Arvis loving his family and having noble goals (I kind of hate equating them, cuz its cliche at this point. But they are really similar - although imo Arvis is more relatable and realistic). They are tragic characters, who do bad actions because their worldview is corrupted, not because they are genuinely malicious. Fe in general (like many other franchises) has a history of such tragic and likeable "villains": Zephiel, Travant, Lehran, Michalis (to an extent - this bitch is totally fashist), Berkut… Like where does this stupid sentiment even come from? If you want a girlboss irreedeemable villain go jerk off to Petrine or Hilda, stop trying to ruin more complex characters.

No. 332736

I'm the original poster you replied to. I was only able to get maybe an hours worth of play time last night, but I thought it was pretty fun. It definitely reminded me of Style Savvy but felt like a separate game with the social media aspect. The clothing and graphics overall look cute, and if you love dress up games then go ahead and buy it. I think the one thing I dislike is the fact there isn't a zoom feature when you are dressing up. If you want to look at the face area to see the earrings and whatnot, you should squint your eyes a bit. Unless I'm missing something, this is the only downside so far.

No. 332742

haven't played it but I'm on style savvy tiktok. They're disappointed over the lack of story and style options. It felt too empty for some. Maybe keep that in mind before you buy it.

No. 332748

File: 1699108189190.jpeg (186.95 KB, 750x907, IMG_1593.jpeg)

Same here, I only played for an hour or so. The gameplay loop isn't as satisfying as Style Boutique because well… there's no boutique. You have to run in endless circles around a deceptively large map, talking to the same 4-5 people, all of whom are very boring. The dialogue and profile blurbs in Style Boutique were cute and interesting, but I don't even read them in Fashion Dreamer. Plus, when you reload the map, they'll have taken off the outfit you last put them in, so it's like you have no lasting effect on the world around you.
That said, it has all the trappings of a very impressive dollmaker. If you only want to make cute characters, then yes absolutely you should buy it! However, you collect new clothes at a snail's pace (unless I'm doing something wrong?) so it will take time to build up the ~unlimited~ wardrobe options shilled in the trailer.
Online play is probably more fun, too, especially if you have friends who like the game as well. People on Reddit say that you don't need a Nintendo Online Membership, which might convince me to buy a legitimate copy. Even if the game has some flaws, I want it to perform well so we can get some more fashion games. The Girl Game genre has all but died out, maybe Fashion Dreamer can revitalise it?

No. 332758

Damn, I just said that Edelgard is canonically a piece of shit because she directly causes mass murders and now some anon is trying to put words in my mouth because she assumed I meant something else. Please anon go back to twitter and tweet all about how Edelgard did nothing wrong.

No. 332765

>commit mass murders
>in Fire Emblem

No. 332773

Well yeah. She's a villain, now what? My original point is that her backstory is halfassed because the devs wanted her to be a cute waifu so they came up with the grey skinned guys who somehow manage to be so strong she fears them and so weak that you can accidentally kick their ass in the BL route at the same time. I'll never forget when I read that thing about how Edelgard was supposed to kill Jeralt herself and prevent Byleth from saving him with her own crest of fire (think about Dio and Jotaro fighting) but no! How could you marry her after that! So instead someone else kills him and she just stands there, being boring. I wanted her to be cooler than that.

No. 332792

samefag, I bought it. I'm really enjoying it despite a lot of differences, I miss the amount of layers you could have & more complex outfits but I understand why that's (probably) not possible. The filtering also annoys me no brand/colour/style etc sorting
I agree it feels empty just running around, as well when styling npcs their descriptions (especially in higher friendship lvls) for outfits are boring
>you collect new clothes at a snail's pace
I'm not really having this issue, I just go around liking everyone's outfits & keep up with the trend area where you can get clothes off the boards. I find the bigger issue is that it's the same stuff since it's early days of the game. Also utilise the item creation/your brand if you want a specific item.

No. 332805

seeing you guys talk about fashion games has made me so nostalgic for helix waltz it's a shame the english version shut down. there's a sequel out and the art looks beautiful so hopefully it gets an english version too and praying that they actually care about finding a good chinese to english translator all the way through this time.

No. 332812

She has this kind of backstory not because she is a cute waifu. Red emperor having a genius plan to manipulate some dark shizo cult and then (predictably) fucking up is a cliche in fe games. Similar to archetypes, insane dragons, etc etc.
She has her waifu moments, but they are all with Byleth. If you delete Edeleth from the game she becomes a good character.
You said: "does Edelgard gets to act like an actual piece of shit cool villain this time", ie complete bs, since Edelgard by design was never supposed to be "an actual piece of shit cool villain".
You misunderstand the character, project some your fantasies on her and then get mad that people call you out for it? Go back to twitter yourself, clownanon.

No. 332947

Got the game because I was a huge Style Savvy fan and have been wishing for an announcement since the Switch was released. So far, Fashion Dreamer feels so aimless to me in comparison, but I’ve only just opened up the second cocoon or whatever it’s called. Does it get more interesting? I like being able to create outfits for other online players, but I feel like there’s so little else to do and the bingo/gatcha/boards are so dull. Making the showroom was okay, but I’m kind of sad to have wasted money on it unless you get more goals to work towards later.

No. 332955

I don't feel like paying more for the ACNH DLC that plays like Happy Home Designer. I saw a cheap second hand copy of Happy Home Designer for the 3DS instead in a video game store, should I get it instead?

No. 332968

Unironically, similarly to ACNH, you have to wait until game updates come out for it to see more stuff to play though. Right now, what you see is what you get in terms of gameplay. Most Nintendo games release with no content nowadays and it’s genuinely sickening.

No. 333052

Awh I was just thinking about Helix Waltz yeah real shame it shut down but they didn't have enough on the romance side. If they do come out with the new one in english I hope to God there's no oren love interests.

No. 333137

File: 1699220701204.png (990.53 KB, 492x866, tumblr_432da84978e778ee6168aef…)

yeh i wished they padded the romance in the main story of the first game greater than what was in the game. i also loved seeing the glimpses in the letters they sent you tho. if the cg stories are anything to go by, maybe there'll be more romance this time. not sure if they can add female love interests in the second game, but the CCP same sex ban doesn't really seem enforced even after the ban announcement bc i still see a lot of BL and GL webtoons being posted so hoping they will be okay to add for players who wanted more of that from the first game.

No. 333295

Fashion dreamer was published by Marvelous not Nintendo

Also came here to see anons thoughts on the game and it was pretty much what I expected. I made the mistake of going to the subreddit for the game and it's full of people sucking the game's dick despite lacking content. Sucks cause this game has potential and I do enjoy some aspects of it. I'm trying so hard to resist sperging about this game so much.

No. 333484

There’s actually a ton of people shitting on the game on Reddit, though it’s isolated to certain threads and is paired with the “it’s an entirely different entity from Style Savvy” cope. YouTube is where criticism is getting straight up hate, though. I really do think if they just lowered the price of the game, people wouldn’t be complaining as much. $50 for a nothing game is abysmal. Where the hell are my necklaces, my metallic clothes, my bags, and why do I have to rely on painfully leveling up each boring character’s relationship to 25 to get any sort of new hair styles and makeup? So much potential, but no real effort made to make it great.

No. 333590

Oh yeah the SS sub is full of critics lmao, it's so bizarre to me how this game seemed to take a step forward but then two steps back. I feel like the game was supposed to be a mobile game with how empty it is and all the grinding. Also why is the game laggy as hell? I've found spots where the cocoons will lag to spawn NPCs lol. I even got a loading screen twice on cocoon love which was bizarre to see.

No. 333616

I actually love it despite being so empty. I used to browse dress up games online for hours and this perfectly scratches that itch. I get why people think it's empty and I wouldn't mind more stuff to do but right now I'm still happy with it. I think the backgrounds are pretty and I can dress up my character as my OCs or as myself and take cute pics

No. 333652

No. Hack your 3DS to play HHD for free (it's very easy) and if you like it then go for the Switch DLC afterwards. As much as I loved HHD when it came out, it can't compare to the breadth and depth of interior design in ACNH.
Yeah the lack of proper filters is frustrating, I can't see why they wouldn't have them? If not for style then at least for colour/pattern. For a game that prides itself on having unlimited inventory, it sucks that I can't find my way through half of it. Also the inability to zoom in while building the outfit. I can never see what colour the glasses are and it's messing up my coords.
Overall though I really like it, I find myself itching to play again and make cute outfits. I'm not sure it's worth 50 bucks but I am glad to have it. I can only hope they'll add some QOL improvements with the upcoming update.

No. 333655

Fashion Dreamer so far is better than Style Savvy 3 but worse than Style Savvy 2.
If updates add things to the game it's fine. I don't think it's too barren but it lacks some important QoL features, like clothing search.
I wish it had a story mode too.

Oh male fashion still looks like ass. I hate how they give Muse gender-neutral terms like Type A and Type B but then you can't crossdress. The idiotic woke language made it seem like I could use male clothes on a female muse and viceversa but alas, it's just to not offend trans as usual.

No. 333673

Is the DLC really that good? I don't want to spend more money on ACNH just out of principle, I hate that the DLC might as well be a full game but it was withheld from us and there's no physical copy available.

No. 333690

Wow. Pass

No. 333720

If you like decorating then yes it really is that good. In my opinion the only home design game that tops it is the Sims.

No. 333722

You can put a beard on a girl but can’t make her wear masculine clothes

No. 333732

>>333652 what's dumb is that you can zoom in when creating items

No. 333752

Yes you can! With ZR and ZL. Look in the bottom left corner

No. 333942

The DLC is included with the switch online expansion pack so you could pay for a month of that to try it out before buying. I never bought the DLC I just have it through the expansion pack and if I wasn't already paying for that I would have bought the DLC on its own, it's worth it. I doubled my playtime in ACNH with the DLC.

No. 333944

Ah actually I think you can only get Switch online + expansion pack for 12 months at a time. That's the case in Australia anyway.

No. 334345

Don't know if it was mentioned in other threads, but I just found out EA totally fucked up McGee's proposal for the Alice Asylum game and that he gives up on it altogether. I'm even not that much into gaming anymore but it made me sad. Madness returns was a beautiful game

No. 334356

I'm very curious, what would you say is the best Style Savvy? You all convinced me to not get Fashion Dreamer (at least not now) and many anons have been talking about Style Savvy for years, there are very cheap second hand copies in stores in my city.

No. 334364

Has anyone played thirsty suitors? It's about a woman fighting all her exes after moving back to her hometown. It does look kinda cringey in a buzzfood way but that is endearing to me

No. 334365

it does give coomerised woman vibes. usually coomer scrotes hate having bishis as protags. but i'm still skipping on playing this unless she hads a BL route

No. 334366

lovelink, the only dating app game that had me blushing and kicking my feet while playing. it does have a lot of microtransactions though. but it is worth it if you spend it on the routes you really like

No. 334398

I've only ever played the 3ds one (Fashion Forward) but it's really good. Only downside is that obviously the fashion is very 2010s and dated kek. I think most fans like the older games best

No. 334420

I wish Fashion Dreamer had no males in it or at the very least they made a overhaul update to make the males more physically pleasing to the eyes, all the men in Fashion Dreamer look like utter freaks.

No. 334493

File: 1699597917121.png (638.92 KB, 1280x1152, 1000015970.png)

Does anyone here play or like Dead by Daylight? I'd like to make a thread for it. They just rereleased their Stranger Things DLC and announced Chucky.

No. 334502

ifkr. I walk past them any time I see them. I hate their stupid voices and their animations too. I feel like they tried to make the males inoffensive looking or something, which is understandable if true but they look horrible

No. 334505

I forgot this was coming out around this time! I was interested when I saw it revealed in the direct because it seemed to have lolita stuff. What's the online play like? I was originally planning on pirating it regardless of how good it was but I may buy if there's any worthwhile way to play with other farmers.

No. 334534

I like Styling Star the best because it has the cutest characters. I don't remember how it compares to others in terms of features and gameplay, but it definitely has the most memorable story in the series
Ugh yeah they're all terrible. I hate the ones with facial hair especially, they all disgust me so much I don't even talk to them. Dreading the day I have to grind and level them all up to get more makeup/hair
Without online play the game is extremely sad and empty. Also the textures are glitchy. If you want to enjoy it you'll need a legit copy and IMO it is worth it

No. 335163

how do you know?

No. 335201

They want what league had with KDA so badly. Love watching Blizzards attempts to get people to play their dogshit game still. "me and my girlies" made me cringe instantly and the animation feels so fake and shallow. Also, ot but hovercars in this game make no sense KEK just fly above the traffic

No. 335216

i actually think the song and video are quite cute? but maybe its just my bias speaking because i like le sserafim alot.

No. 335220

File: 1699830548372.png (2.21 MB, 1783x917, comparison.png)

personally don't mind kpop but just though the song was kinda bland, animation quality is good as usual, I just miss when they would do more lore related animations this is just a cash grab for a game that has already been buried by being a cash grab. to really drive the nail into the coffin they made the skins 19 dollars a piece. picrel, the promo art for this immediately reminded me of the KDA album cover, the art is cute but the whole thing just screams KDA clone.

No. 335223

The art style looks AI-generated

No. 335224

they'll never be K/DA. the skins could've been cuter, i wish they were more like the pink outfits the idols wear on the music video. i get that it's supposed to be more of a casula going to the concert wear instead of an perfomance outfit but meh.

No. 335314

I'm starting to feel this too, I've been avoiding doing lookits for males since my collection of items is lacking and pretty shit and OH. MY. GOD. there's males everywhere. I get bored walking around cocoons pretty quickly cause I'm always looking for female NPCs to dress up and instead I keep seeing fugly males. I really wish the game would stop pushing NPCs that I have a low relationship with, so many of them are ugly as hell. Even the actually cute ones that I like aren't popping up as often anymore cause I have a high relationship with them this sucks nonnas.
Any of the 3DS games tbh I put so many hours into trendsetters when I was a kid and fashion forward has been very fun although the lolita stuff in that game looks way more cartoonish for some reason. Haven't played styling stars yet but I believe that one was digital only so if you ever want to play it you'll need a hacked 3DS and hShop.

No. 335316

its not AI? i legit though it was

No. 335333

For some reason the character that bugs me the most is the blue haired butterfly boy who acts like a literal autist, every time I see him I cringe

No. 335334

In general I want more girly games that are actually good and just caters to girls/women. No troon pandering whatsoever allowed.

No. 335404

i havent played but i can already tell that looks like a banger

No. 335580

Seriously though what happened to all the girl games? Am I just not looking hard enough? It feels like they all died with the 3DS. Give me more girl games so men can seethe and I can play dressup.

No. 335620

We did have a girl core discussion where we compiled girly games but nonas got offended and killed the conversation

No. 335713

It's all mobile apps now.

No. 335737

girlsgogames still exists, we dont need more shovelware pink trash kek

No. 335750

I'm not talking about shovelware I'm talking about ACTUAL good shit like style savvy

No. 335768

I Guess you’re probably thinking of dress up games, but I’ve always thought of “girl games” as also encompassing pretty much everything labeled a “cozy game”, which is all the rage right now and which overwhelmingly women are playing. There’s a million new farm sims on the switch every year.

No. 335777

kek there was that one nintendo direct a while back that was like 70% farm games. It was insane, every time you thought it was the last one they'd throw in another
I know this is not what you're getting at but I wish the idea of girl games was expanded, I actually like a lot of moidy games where you do stuff like fighting/killing. I think it'd be cool to see a game of a male-dominated genre that's designed to target women, like genuinely by-women-for-women rather than the coomer approach of just making the whole cast a hot girl and having pink UI.

No. 335789

Why does there even need to be an idea of ‘girl games’? Just play what you enjoy.

No. 335804

I want to play so badly, but I want to play with female friends and not randos online.

No. 335811

it was just one weirdo who cared too much about what scrotes think

No. 335817

Right, and I enjoy "girl games." From a marketing and genre standpoint the distinction makes perfect sense. We are not let living in a feminist postgender utopia where female game devs making high quality games for other women and girls are equally represented in the industry. Until then, they'll be called "girl games."

No. 335877

wtf are 'girl games'

No. 335884

Basically anything without a pewpew. That's pretty much how I always imagined it was marketed. Simulation games, UNLESS ITS MAN STUFF, is also leaned towards being called 'girl games'. Flying plane simulator? FOR MEN. House Flipper? FOR WOMEN. It's fucking stupid and people who still gender-base categorize games like these need rewiring.

No. 335892

Well anon up thread was already saying she wished the list could be expanded because games she personally enjoys aren’t on it.
It sounds like gender stereotyping with extra steps. What makes something a girl game? Is it anything with a majority female player base? And what’s the actual point of this for people who aren’t marketers trying to sell a house pink and blue version of the same thing?

No. 335961

i'm the anon who originally expressed the wish, the thing is that those games are designed for men and thus favor male interests. For instance you often have games revolving around male characters while female characters are sidelined or used as eye candy. Most of the people you can play with will be male and the devs generally aren't considering female players much at all. It's hard to really pinpoint, but it's like an overall atmosphere thing, I guess? It's not about the genres or gameplay mechanics themselves but the way they present them.
Of course idc what the target demographic is, if I like a game then I like it and I'll play it. I don't think those games should necessarily be "for men" it's just a reality that they are designed with men in mind. The coomer depictions of women do kinda annoy me tho

No. 335969

I hate coomshit as well but with emulation and piracy there’s never been more options. Your point about female characters is fair enough and I get it. I pretty much only play games for the gameplay so I don’t really care about characters for the most part.

No. 335975

I want the exact same that you want nonna. So badly.

No. 335983

>Why does there even need to be an idea of ‘girl games’? Just play what you enjoy.
Because "girl" is the specific human experience that I want to be catered to (I am an adult, but I don't want adult themes in my games at all or I guess I would have asked for "woman games" lol jk). No one is saying people can't just play what they enjoy, it's just that there's a lack of good girly games directed towards girls/females only.
For example there are a ton of girly kawaii aesethtic anime games full of cute girly characters - which sounds great, but then you look closer and oops it's actually a violent and/or sexual game made for adult males. It's not as easy as just "play what you want" when the experiences and interests of being an adult male or young female differs so greatly and there's always an intended audience for every game. Why shouldn't there be good games made for girly girls specifically? Imagine a zelda botw sized game that's just girly adventures in a magical kingdom instead. Defeat your enemies with a runway fashion show, craft your own dresses, beat the evil queens by befriending them, unlock a mermaid form, design magic wands, collect all the animal friends, discover magical secrets etc. I want all the girly adventures me and my fellow girl friends played out as kids.

I get that the phrase "girl-(anything)" makes some people cringe but I unapologetically think girls are a distinct group that are worthy of being catered to without it being seen as bad or cringe. Some games are not intended for males and why should they have to be, you know?

No. 335984

Idk why anons pretend to be obtuse about this, you're right. I still enjoy games that are obviously designed for men but I'm not gonna pretend like the devs didn't have a clear audience in mind and I wish women would get that same treatment too.

No. 335985

>I think it'd be cool to see a game of a male-dominated genre that's designed to target women, like genuinely by-women-for-women rather than the coomer approach of just making the whole cast a hot girl and having pink UI.
i love this idea. Imagine Skull girls but its all cute hot male characters and some cool female ones that arent coomery so it filters moids and troons.

No. 335986

anon you were calling RTS games ''autistic moid shit''. RTS games dont have eye candy and are for everyone, you just wanted a list of no-brain games, and it's insulting to call those ''girlcore''.

No. 335987

>Imagine a zelda botw sized game that's just girly adventures in a magical kingdom instead. Defeat your enemies with a runway fashion show, craft your own dresses, beat the evil queens by befriending them, unlock a mermaid form, design magic wands, collect all the animal friends, discover magical secrets etc. I want all the girly adventures me and my fellow girl friends played out as kids.
keeek sounds retarded as fuck, but lucky for you there is a lame ass game like that in the making

No. 335988

idk games where there's no window dressing, no sexualised characters that just focus on pure mechanics or systems are hardly male-focused (like there's no power fantasy or waifu bait) but they don't seem to count for some reason?

No. 335992

because they just want pink shovelware trash, not actual games. I am so tired of how the discourse shifted from ''we(women) want more cool female characters that arent just coombait, more female gamdevs, and being taken seriously by male gamers and game studios. We are not pink shoverwalre trash'' to ''uguu i want pinky princess dressup dolly game glittery sanrio kawaii no brain difficulty:super easy frenship games'' It feels like some women in the last decade went from wanting to be taken seriously to self-infantilizing, i dont remember women in the pre mid-2010s being this retarded. I have always wished for more games that target to women, like hwo there are games that target specifically at coomer men. A shooter that targets to women by having cool female characters that aren't sexualized would be fucking awesome, but nooo it has pewpews and blood and it requieres to turn your brain on so that wouldnt be girlcore uguu.

No. 335995

>A shooter that targets to women by having cool female characters that aren't sexualized
It actually has a lot of nice female characters, and you can play as a female MC, it's just no good for beginners with all the story wipes.

No. 335997

destiny is shit though

No. 335998

yeah fuck you I'm still having fun

No. 335999

kek, have fun. The servers are shit from what i have read. Also fuck, i wish more women played payday 2. How do i meme maskfuckers to check out the game?

No. 336011

Don't diss the Nikki games, their catalogue of mobile games doesn't disappoint. Now ofc they've never done anything but fashion/story games but they have a big team.

No. 336013

i was just pointing out anon was retared because there was already a sooper girly no-brain game like she wanted in the making. Leave the venting and complaining to women who actually want games that are too niche to ever be made.

No. 336021

Hate when people say something is shit just because of hearsay, have you ever played it?
Yeah the servers can get jank at the beginning or end of new content drops but it's to be expected considering the size of the playerbase.
But there aren't any other games with the same combination of artstyle/story/gameplay as far as I know.

No. 336043

File: 1700145722257.png (704.18 KB, 617x700, E7TpnUSWYAcwFLx.png)

I noticed VNs and text-heavy games tend to have a huge female fanbase, and often the devs end up catering to them. The last Ace Attorney game has great female characters with non-sexualized designs, and some of the male ones were designed to appeal to women (which worked wonderfuly, every woman I know goes crazy for at least 1 of them & their merch always reach insame prices in the aftermarket keek).

No. 336044

File: 1700146807068.jpg (92.04 KB, 710x1000, 71sfIj30DiL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

Not sure what anyone's complaining about but the Valkyrie profile series tends to have decent female representation and its criminally underrated imo

No. 336045

This game has amazing character designs

No. 336046

Yeah, Nuri's designs & art direction never miss, I hope they continue hiring him for future projects/games.

No. 336051

Honestly I think these nonnies are suffering from nostalgia poisoning due to playing too much of these types of flash games when they were kids.

No. 336071

I agree anons there should not be any women's games. Games are all targeted for men by default based on scrote dev decisions made in the 90s so they don't need any silly labeling. Whenever you label something for women or girls, it's an issue because adding the word woman or girl on it now makes it gendered and all women's stuff is shit anyway because women are valued lower in society. This is why there shouldn't be any women only trains or gyms either. True gender equality is achieved by accepting the male default since it's not explicitly labeled for men. Remember your place and don't question it or ask for things meant for you

No. 336115

Yeah it worked, I fell in love with Kazuma quite instantly. it was painful because of what happens very soon in the story

No. 336130

>I noticed VNs and text-heavy games tend to have a huge female fanbase
Women generally prefer reading over men, even games that are clearly targeting men over women like the persona series still have a sizable female fandom because of the character interactions. I remember they also did a poll for danganronpa and it had a higher percentage of female over male fans.

In general though I think the western gaming industry only realized within the past decade or so that the games women generally like playing are life sims, RPGs and VNs and I personally don't think that's a bad thing at all.

No. 336134

OP of the post bringing up the topic, I did not realize there was so much infighting since it's been a while since I've checked the threads.
If you guys still want to do a spreadsheet though I'm fully for it!

No. 336159

File: 1700175230822.jpg (145.76 KB, 2000x1416, steam deck oled.jpg)

Is a steam deck worth it?

No. 336163

I have one and if you play a lot of PC games and emulation and need it to be portable, yes.
You have to be willing to tinker if you come across a game that won't work out the box but that's an exception and not the rule.

No. 336164

Nta but can it replace a gaming laptop?

No. 336167

Yes, it is very versatile. Obviously if you're used to keyboard and mouse that's a learning experience.

No. 336168

how is the battery life?

No. 336170

Shit… I hear so many good things about it that it seems too good to be true. Especially considering the decent price.

No. 336173

Really depends if you're willing to compromise on how high you like setting games, long sessions are possible if you're frugal but 2 hours minimum if you like a lot going on, which is still good.

It is just very good and I'm glad someone took a page from Nintendo and made it good and not a cash grab (coughPlaystationcough)
Obviously if you want better storage capacity, that's when the price is a bit eye watering.

No. 336193

What do you think? I honestly think it looks pretty nice and promising.

No. 336197

File: 1700182128145.jpeg (97.16 KB, 940x529, IMG_2603.jpeg)

Is the PlayStation portal that bad?

No. 336199

Well bad vs notactuallywhatyouthink it is, like it can't actually be compared to the steam deck or switch because it's not a direct comparison, it's one of those things that you really don't need.

No. 336225

are you mixing me up with another anon? I did not say that
Like I said in my 2nd post, it's not about genre but about the dev's intended audience, I don't see any genre as being "for men" "for women" I'm talking about how they don't have a female audience in mind when designing the game

No. 336228

"Girl game" is a demographically descriptive category that doesn't necessarily have to mean that only or all girls can like it. Same way the term "shoujo" works.
That would be great!

No. 336229

File: 1700187114522.png (206.79 KB, 250x371, IMG_0376.png)

If you're going to be this myopic, apologize to Growlanser.

No. 336230

Growlanser isn’t RTS
I don’t get what your point is either

No. 336235

It is absolutely not true that games are all targeted for men by default. You’re leaving out a huge swathe of games by saying that.

No. 336237

You know you’re replying to a sarcastic post, right

No. 336239

>true gender equality is achieved by accepting the male default
The sarcastic part was that ‘women should know their place’ not ‘games are targeted to men by default’.

No. 336242

The whole thing reads as sarcastic.

No. 336245

if the ‘women don’t need games just for them’ was sarcasm, then if the point about the ‘default being for men’ was also sarcasm, it would be a contradiction. plus ‘you should accept the default and know your place’ was sarcasm with the actual point being that no you should accept it, not that there is no male default. sorry for autism.

No. 336287

>It is absolutely not true that games are all targeted for men by default.
I want to live in whatever world you live. Not that I care about what the target of a game is to enjoy it, but just like with almost everything else, most of them are made with men on mind since 1)Men are seen as the default 2)Higher ups making them are men 3)Obviusly, men catter to men 4)Videogames are still seen as a guy thing 5)Like other nonas said, "girl games" are seen are just sparkles and pink to devs' eyes, rather than actually appeal to women by other means

No. 336291

strategy games, puzzle games, fps games, RTS games, card games, rougelikes, platformers, immersive sims, rhythm games, shoot em ups, simulators, racing games, sports games? like don't get me wrong I'm not saying there's no bias or that coomshit doesn't exist, and lots of triple A games are guilty of this, but there's also a huge section of games that don't pander to men at all and only focus on gameplay. indie games, lesser known games and emulated games are also really good. I promise the gaming ocean is deeper than you think. though, I will admit some bias on my part, I don't really care about story or romance and I recognize that as an underdeveloped area for women.

No. 336294

There is so much comfy shit nowadays, why would you want even more? just go play animal crossing, its million of copies on the switch, or this boring shit. You arent opressed, if anything you are more than cattered to nowadays.
you arent opressed because women dont want pink shit being shoved down our troath anymore

No. 336313

You're right nonnie. Most games I grew up playing had no gender bias when I think about it. I played tons of movie shovelware games, final fantasy and other japanese rpgs (which were actually all seen as girly games in my country, boys only played fifa and gta) and I never felt like any of those games catered to men in particular. Sure in the 80's and 90's there was an expectation that most gamers will be men, but that already started waning in the 2000's when the industry started becoming more profitable.
I think this large male bias only remained in online and competitive games mostly, if you look at mmos and mobas yeah sure, they're full of fanservice for men but most games are surprisingly gender neutral.

No. 336314

Anyone who says we want boring shit and shovelware is completely missing the point. Yes, the market is being flooded with cozy games and 95% of them suck. Why? Because female audiences are undervalued by the moids in charge and indie releases are made by amateurs. Just compare the quantity of high quality releases targeted at men vs. women. Think of how many critically acclaimed, well received, beloved by fandom "girl games" there are. In the past 20 years, there are not that many. As franchises, I can think only of Bokujo Monogatari, Animal Crossing, and Style Savvy, and the first two could be considered ""gender neutral"" by many. Then, compare every other kind of game and there will be hundreds of super epic awesome le game of the year stuff for men. What I'm trying to say is that girl games have quality issues, not because the concepts are inherently boring, but because they are carelessly developed. Fashion Dreamer COULD have been as engaging and entertaining as its predecessors, but it's not. Shining Nikki COULD be as interesting and challenging as BOTW, but it won't be. I'll keep playing whatever games appeal to me, whether they are "for girls" or not… but who could blame me for wanting to play a 'perfect' game? One tailored to my interests, with enjoyable gameplay mechanics, in my preferred genre? Obviously that's a big ask and I doubt I will ever see that dream come true, but is it so bad to WANT it? That's what it comes down to, I think. Anons are NLOGing it up because some of us want to play fashion games. Like what you like, seriously it's no skin off my nose if you want to play Doom Destroyer 64 The Reckoning Covenant. I'm glad you have a game that you enjoy, that's a lovely thing. I also want to enjoy games— just a different kind. I don't see any reason why I shouldn't want that or, more importantly, why I shouldn't ask for it and demand better when developers fail to deliver.

No. 336331

idk you're calling them nlogs so maybe it does bother you

No. 336336

Looks pretty good and it would be nice to actually have a life sim with nice graphics but
expect korean spaghetti code that will require a massive super computer to run well, on top of usual korean greed

No. 336338

I hope the Switch 2 can actually run higher spec games this time but I don't have much faith in nintendo

No. 336340

I think its really weird how some anons are purposely misconstruing what some of you are trying to say

No. 336343

>Yes, the market is being flooded with cozy games and 95% of them suck. Why? Because female audiences are undervalued by the moids in charge and indie releases are made by amateurs
No, 95% of them suck because devs just want to hop on the bandwagon and make a quick buck. That's the case with literally any trend ever. Souls like games also exploded after ds3/elden ring and most of them are trash. Same with undertale clones. Women being undervalued as consumers doesn't play a large part here imo.

What, that games for girls = homemaking, pink, friendship, kindness and fashion, and that everything else that doesn't fit into that category is for men because men are the default? We don't need more of that shit. I'll always advocate for a better character customizing and costuming aspect in games but miss me with the sexist stereotypes that your average tranny thinks is what defines a woman, there's nothing more infantilizing than attributing that to "girls" when a good portion of us here spent our lives rebelling and wanting to shed those stereotypes away.

No. 336347

Agree 100%. Moids get literally everything tailored to their subhuman y chromosome tastes, and then there's the small portion of gender-neutral games, but anything 'for women' is shit quality just like everything else in real life. I'd love to play female gaze version of Witcher 3 or Persona(shame on atlus for abandoning Kotone) but it probably won't happen because scrote game devs that dominate the field and bully out female devs would rather pretend female gamers don't exist(but they still want our money kek), or still think we're all brain dead retards who lack skills to play anything beyond match-3 puzzle games and otome vns. And lot of 'cozy' games are developed by self-absorbed trannies who are too lazy and retarded to learn how to actually design games or write dialogue in a way that appeals to anyone that isn't themselves and as a result become shit quality shovelware that all play like copies of each other.

No. 336348

uh oh nlog spotted

No. 336352

please don't lynch me for bringing this up kek, but one of the things that made me kinda sad that it monumentally flopped and got memed to death was that Forspoken was actually a very feminine game in a lot of ways without being 'girly', and I would have liked to see it get the chance at a second, improved shot with a sequel. Yes, the writing was cringe (like most games imo) and a bit awkward, and it was jank in other ways, but it really wasn't that atrocious or anything– it's not like it's Gollum or Redfall. Dunno, just something I think about sometimes and thought might add to the topic of female-targeted games. Ah well.

No. 336355

Yeah I'm such an nlog for thinking gender roles are bullshit. Get a grip kek

No. 336362

Most mechanically complex games are gender neutral though. A lot of overtly male-targeted games are shovelware and movie games.

No. 336363

A moment of weakness, I apologize. I will now display empathy appropriate to my ~*feminine nature*~.
I understand where you're coming from. When you're gender nonconforming and everything around you is divided up into boy/girl categories, then you end up "othered" from people in your hobby/community. And of course it's unfeminist and reductive to say that girls only like pink, fashion, friendship, etc.; that girls never have other interests; or that being female excludes you from anything that was not specifically targeted at your demographic. I haven't read every post ITT, but I know I'm not saying any of that. What I'm advocating for is more variety and higher quality.
And when I ~empathize~ with the corporations pouring money into marketing these games, I understand that they would label them as "for girls," since that's whom they intend to sell to. And I understand why consumers label them the same way, since they are almost exclusively played by female gamers!
Is the issue mainly in the name? Would you prefer if they were called something else? To me, because "girl game" is an established term in the gaming community with a generally agreed upon meaning, I want to keep using it. It's broad yet succinct, it's alliterative, and honestly I just like the word "girl." But if you have a suggestion I'd be happy to hear it.

No. 336374

I’d call it girly game then. Or maybe dame game. Like chick flick? Lol. In all seriousness if male is the default (I could argue about that but whatever) segregating into a separate category won’t help. My solution would be to improve what’s considered default, for example both male and female romance options rather than just female.
Women are already pushed out enough. Like I saw a video of a guy complaining that his gf was playing minecraft ‘like a man’ because she was mining and not homemaking (yes be was serious). Even in on here people are called nlog for their honest taste. I think some of us got annoyed because calling it ‘girl game’ or ‘games for girls’ unintentionally implied that girls don’t play games that are complex or challenging and only want dress up, life sims or romance and that anything else is ‘autistic moid shit’. Zoomers in general seem obsessed with re-establishing gender roles- you probably didnt mean in that way, but some people probably got triggered. The way people say girl instead of woman doesn’t help with this as well, like it it was ‘shoujo but for gaming’ it would be less jarring because it’s understood it’s for young girls. I also don’t see what’s wrong with the existing genres of farming sim or dress up game, just say you want better produced games in those genres (which is completely fine obviously).
Sorry for wall of text

No. 336387

>I think some of us got annoyed because calling it ‘girl game’ or ‘games for girls’ unintentionally implied that girls don’t play games that are complex or challenging
Why though? Why can't a girly game be complex and challenging? That seems to be exactly what anons who want high quality girl games are asking for, they're annoyed there are no good girl game options.

No. 336402

Shoujo is labelled as shoujo because girls are the main demogrpahic. Shounen is labelled as shounen because boys are the main demographic. Yet it doesn't stop shounen from having a massive female fanbase and nobody takes umbrage with the labelling because they understand the base motivation behind these categorizations. It's overly black and white to reject the already established concept of girl games just because your kneejerk reaction is that not all women are into it. It's undeniable that games like Fashion Dreamer or Cooking Mama did have primarily female fanbases. And I really don't believe that anybody in this day and age would see that and assume it's the only thing women play.

No. 336453

>but who could blame me for wanting to play a 'perfect' game? One tailored to my interests, with enjoyable gameplay mechanics, in my preferred genre?
The issue was that you were calling your tastes and interests a "girl" thing and some anons were telling they don't share the same experience. I hope you get the perfect game for you one day, I really do, but we all want out games to be tailored to our tastes. It's just not a universal "girl" thing to want fashion dreamer, plenty of girls don't like these games and that's ok, same way it's ok if you like them and you wished they were more polished. A lot of us who like to play "Doom Destroyer 64" want the games to cater to us as well, so we both want the same thing but from different directions, you want to expand the games you like to have more complexity and quality and some of us want the games we already like the gameplay or concept to properly cater to women. We aren't blind to the reality that these games are mostly targeted to moids, we still wish for better versions of them even if we still manage have some enjoyment from moid targeted games.
Yes, I hate the term girl game, call it fashion game, cozy game, farming game, cooking game or whatever the game actually is than trying to shove these interests into a experience that isn't an universal one, it's not a nlog thing for me to say I don't want to play fashion games and that I like shooters or rpgs. We don't have boys games because we as society accept men can have a wide range of interest, but for some reason we group a specific set of interest as a "girl" thing. I want this category to die so we can call things for what they are and yes we should push more female gaze and quality in all possible categories of games.

No. 336468

I was one of the pro-girl game nonnas but I do see what you mean when you put it this way. Coining a new general term for these games does sound like a good idea.

No. 336498

I seriously cannot get over the fact Atlus introduced a female player character all the way back in 2009 only to refuse to ever do that again. They clearly know that women enjoy their games. For example I refuse to believe that they gave Akechi some of the lines he had, and the further content in the P5R release if not out of an awareness that fujos love him. Yet Atlus refuses to truly acknowledge said female fans with any pandering that would be too blatant for scrotes, for instance putting in options to romance male characters even as the male protagonist to appeal to fujos, or reintroducing a female player character again to appeal to yumes. I hate that so many franchises will obviously want women's money but refuse to actually acknowledge a female audience because they know that scrotes hate the idea of the things they love also being intended to be enjoyed by women. I hate that if I want to enjoy romance content in a game I have to play a VN instead of anything with actually gameplay on the side (fire emblem being the one exception that isn't a farming sim) while scrotes get plenty of actual games with waifus and harems. Even if I just want to play a game where I get to look at hot guys, if I want to play anything other than a shitty mobile game or VN, there's going to have to be plenty of scantily clad female characters on the screen to because no one ever wants to make an actual proper game just for women

No. 336520

Hypothetically, how would you go about making something like Doom cater more to women? You could make Doomguy a woman, but since he's just a faceless, silent protagonist it wouldn't really change anything. You could tone down the blood and gore, but that just feeds into the stereotype that women can't handle violence.

Is it just a matter of adding more sex appeal for women? Would you consider the Street Fighter or Soul Calibur games gender-neutral if they added more hot guys in addition to the hot girls?

No. 336524

They want to make money off us by putting in the least amount of effort possible. What's sad is that it actually works. So many women are lining up to buy P3R and hand atlus their wallets.

No. 336526

That game was actual garbage and I hope it gets forgotten with how embarrassing it was. The story wasnt even good.

No. 336546

Wasn't saying it was good or anything, just that it was a feminine game at its core and also wasn't the worst (or funniest for it) thing to come out even just this year kek. The only thing that I did actually like about it was some of the art design for characters and enemies, there was a potentially cool aesthetic there but it got lost within everything being mediocre or outright jank af.

No. 336553

Well it depends on what you mean by ‘girly game’. Do you want, say, a hack and slash game with a female protagonist with, say, Rose of Versailles aesthetics? Or a Dishonoured style game about government intrigue where you play as a female spy? A fashion game with complicated puzzles? Then the answer is yes. The thing about “comfy”/simulation style games is they’re not mechanically complex by definition. These games production value can definitely be improved im sure lots of them are sloppily made, but I’m not sure how you’d make animal crossing more mechanically challenging or who would even want this when it’s selling point is that it’s relaxing. That’s why I take issue with the girl game label.

No. 336554

Stop whining. Build your own game

No. 336558

Exactly, it’s quite funny how many old school shooters that get stereotyped as ‘for men’ are really quite gender neutral.

No. 336585

I don't see why change Doom, it is what it is, a fps that you shoot monsters. Either you like it or not, I don't remember being extreme moments of misogyny in the very few story moments. I see it as something neutral. Something like Resident Evil on the other hand, then I would absolutely change the disgusting scenes where they sexualize the female characters, like Jill being deep throated, give better outfits for Ada that aren't cocktail dresses and high heels and so on.
Maybe both solutions can happen, some games can add more sex appeal for women to put things on a equal footing, others can just tone down unnecessary sexualization of character that contribute nothing but cooming material, each person will decide what caters to what they want. Personally I don't want male characters in the same skimpy outfits they put women into, but if they insist in putting bikini armor, they better include the same for males. I don't think there is a single solution for all games in how to cater to women, in the end the best would be to just have a variety of options. Neutral games without unnecessary sexualizations, games with sex appeal for both audiences or even games with sex appeal just for women. Like the other anon mentioned, why not a female gaze version of Witcher with no male protagonist options like baldurs gate or dragon age.

No. 336631

>My solution would be to improve what’s considered default, for example both male and female romance options rather than just female.
I disagree I think that would just lead to more problems with male gamers pushing against it, and by the end neither genders would be happy with the end product.
a good example of this are comics vs manga, manga had segregated it's targeted audience and by that crated products that satisfied both consumers, on the other hand comics didn't have any segregation so the targeted audience ended up being male by default (just like games) and when they tried to appeal to the female audience (even if very badly) they got very hard backlash from male readers by the end not satisfying anybody.
Also leaving aside the idea of pink, cozy games being girl games, don’t nonnas here want good games that appeal to the female audience by having handsome guys and romance, like otome games but not just vns? And yeah yeah that could happen with games targeted at general audiences but why wouldn’t you want a game that is specifically only aimed at girls? And it doesn’t have to be pink and a live sim it could be boulder’s gate but specifically with only a female audience in mind.

No. 336639

I think games need to get back to basics and interweave gameplay with story in a meaningful way. I couldn't care less about romance, it's stupid to me. so personally I would say no, I wouldn't want that. it's fine to want that thoughever.

No. 336644

File: 1700319565903.gif (514.98 KB, 400x345, tumblr_inline_p6liv5kSXi1rrzlr…)

Yeah I wish games focused more on fun gameplay rather than graphics, for example. I hate hearing about a new game, or getting recommended a game, and the first thing the person has to say about it is "muh graphics!!!" I don't care. I don't need a game to look hyper realistic to feel immersed in it. A game's first priority should be that it's fun not that it's pretty and overheats even the strongest of computers. Give. Me. Fun! Give. Me. Cool! Give. Me. Gameplay!

No. 336647


Autistic rant but I wish I knew how to code or script bc I have an idea for a game that i feel would be fun to play
you play as a crippled character that has no use of her legs, but has a set of symbiotic automaton legs that can attach/detach from her body at will. When fighting the legs detach from her body to engage in combat. The challenge is that the human host is left vulnerable so you must both eliminate the enemies and keep your host safe. There would be parts where you would need to work in tandem with the human body and where the legs would get damaged, forcing you to find parts to fix them it would have a whole alien cult story weaved into it, and it would be set in a steampunk/biopunk world. If someone has the ability please make this dream real for me

No. 336649

It’s definitely unique if nothing else anon, how do the legs fight? MMA?

No. 336651

Well they would look more like spider legs, there would be four of them. So similar to how a horse fights, I know this sounds stupid. I haven't really worked it out fully. But I do know that I would want you to be able to do an instakill sneak attack, where the legs behead an enemy or impale them or something

No. 336652

>baulders gate and dragon age
No thanks. those are both garbage games. I like RE games a lot. there isnt any real issue with them. I always found them to be fine for both audiences. It's weird how this bored basically wants sterilized games for women. Like damn, just play what you want to play.

No. 336653

I play the far cry games and those feel fine to me. You can even choose to be a female or male MC half the time. At least you can in Far Cry 5 and 6.

No. 336658

I wrote with NO male protagonist options. As in a game like the witcher that you have a fixed main character with no option of creating your avatar, but instead of being a man, mc would be a woman.
>I like RE games a lot. there isnt any real issue with them. I always found them to be fine for both audiences
You can enjoy games at still think there is room for improvement, if you don't see how they unnecessarily sexualize the female characters, then idk what to tell you. Just because Jill isn't in a samus zero suit in the remake doesn't mean they don't manage to slip in retarded coomer shit, like the deepthroating zombie that just exists for Jill, we didn't see it inseminating Leon or Chris in any other game, I wonder why hmmm. I love the RE series, but it doesn't mean they are perfect. I can enjoy games and play them even if I disagree with some choices, I don't expect a perfect curated game, everyone is going to have their own opinion, but we can all still criticize or wish for things. In my experience I can overlook that stuff in RE because there is more in it that I enjoy, but don't be disingenuous and say there isn't any issues with them.

No. 336694

>Autistic rant
Yes, very much so. Kek what the fuck anon

No. 336882

Are there any gaming forums or sites that are dominated by women, like Lolcow farms? Preferably one that isn't limited to one genre or series and isn't filled with troons.

No. 336893

This sounds really really good, actually. Mecha legs? I like that there's four legs, too. The idea is so unique but can fit into a popular setting (steampunk, biopunk) that it could create intrigue and unique gameplay. More games with whacky ideas like this need to be made instead of the typical playing as Le Chosen One who can do anything and become a god. Hopefully there'd be no voiced dialogue so there will be more dialogue options in general. I don't like voiced MCs. It limits the possibilities in the writing. Maybe the other characters can be voiced somewhat. I really like Morrowind, for example, where the dialogue is vast. I don't mind reading paragraphs, if other people don't want to, they don't have to. It's just for the lore anyway. What kind of backstory do you have in mind for your game idea? I think it's a really neat idea.

No. 336896

File: 1700413420942.jpg (531.77 KB, 2560x1920, e0bd1c4b981d2c64563f3261d71e33…)

a lot of being a "girly girl~" is just socialization imo. i get what you're saying and to a point i do agree but i think a TRUE good game for little girls doesn't involve a lot of femininity – at least not as a main thing. it just has strong, good female characters. they can do (or be) anything. picrel is a great example of what i mean – outside of like, rarity and fluttershy i don't find any of these characters particularly feminine, but they are women who do fun and diverse things (or women-coded i guess because uh, horses).

also personally when i was a kid i was beating my friends with sticks and pretending to be a war chief. not everyone was playing dress up and spinny skirt glitter pink unicorn barbie saccharine sweet disney princess etc.

maybe search for afab only discord servers or something. anything labeled 'girls' only' these days is a honeypot for troons sadly

No. 336897

a little late to the party but I get what nonnies mean. my nieces play games and I have to think, what new games right now are actually being made with young girls in mind that aren't shit? kirby, animal crossing maybe? but they're pretty gender neutral so they aren't made for them. if you look at ds games I feel like they knew girls were playing it and they were the target audience for a lot of its games. yes, they don't want to be limited to just "girl games", nobody here is saying that. like while my nieces are "tomboyish" in that they're rambunctious, in a million sports, playfight, whatever, they also love pink girly clothes, getting their hair and nails done, etc. where is that variety for them in gaming? I think all anons are saying is that they want quality games made where girls are the target audience. all I can think of is the new peach game for the switch.

it's similar to the manga discussion, where people are noticing a lack of shoujo being made and a lot of josei manga are being published in seinen like young jump because they don't see value in girls as a target demographic, and know the series will then be seen as "less than" because god forbid a boy enjoy a series targeted towards young girls.

jesus, I didn't intend for this to be such a longpost whoops.

No. 336898

AFAB is becoming a slur in the troon community nowadays, if you keep up with the /snow/ thread. A term they themselves invented, kek. Well if anyone finds one, please tell us how it goes.
Honestly I think a game that scratches that itch for "girliness" are games with lots of customization, outfits, decorating, etc. Like parts of the game dedicated around collecting cool clothes with enchantments or buffs or whatever aids the gameplay. Think the new Zelda game with all the different outfits you can dress your slutty Link in. And think of all the games with housing options and furniture and decorating your own base/house/castle, mmmm that's the shit I like personally.

No. 336901

yeah, those games are fun and something like that would be right up their alley, I might get them style savvy tbh. the point I was trying to make though is that it doesn't necessarily have to be a girly dress up game to be a girl game, it's not really about the type of game imo. it's that girls aren't being seen as a valuable target demographic and therefore aren't having many quality games made with them specifically in mind. like ds games weren't all dress up games but they still had a lot that were targeted towards girls. idk hopefully I'm making sense kek.

No. 336904

yes you're making sense
and i agree with what you've defined as girlishness. focusing on things that aren't beauty or kindness or other very stereotypical femininity chains but are also associated with girls is good to me as well

>AFAB is becoming a slur
that's so weird when "cis" essentially means the same thing…troons can't be "cis women" or afab kek

No. 336909

Whatever games your nieces gravitate towards are for them (with consideration to age appropriateness, of course). That might be dress up games, horse games, animal crossing/the sims, or princess peach/kirby; or it could be something like ratchet & clank/spyro, 4x games, zelda:BOTW, or idk kena: bridge of spirits. I don't think girls aren't being targeted because they're not seen as a valuable market (they are), but because general audience games are a much safer bet on so many levels once you start making anything more complex and sprawling (eg a game like botw that only and aggressively targeted a female audience is a much riskier product to develop and publish, as not only are you alienating the male demographic's wallets, but also a lot of women are likely to be turned off by being targeted in that way, especially if they prefer more general audience or masculine titles. women still make up a smaller fraction of gamers when it comes to AAA games especially [iirc they're the majority for mobile titles though], so you're casting a smaller net while still hoping to make bank on the time and money spent developing and publishing the game). Maybe try letting your nieces pick out a game themselves, or ask them what they really like in games and someone here might have a rec that fits?

I do miss that era of DS games though, especially all the pet sim games kek

While I'm not saying that a lack of interest from publishers isn't a factor, I think it's good to keep in mind that as it becomes more and more acceptable to branch out from 'girls content for girls', a female audience will start to migrate towards whatever content they find personally interesting rather than necessarily 'made for them'. Shoujo may be partly on the decline because more girls in Japan are reading shounen and may no longer find the tropes and cliches of shoujo appealing. Female audiences globally have been historically railroaded towards certain kinds of acceptable, 'feminine' media that reinforces gender stereotypes/roles, and it isn't uncommon for that kind of media to reduce in popularity once its audience is able to move on to different pastures without social stigma.

(sorry for the rant, and I do understand what you originally meant, I just had a lot else to say apparently lol. hope you find some good games for your nieces!)

No. 336973

Thank you for being interested since I know that this thread is not really for this.
I don't have the whole backstory fleshed out but the most basic stuff that is important to gameplay. Yeah, the legs are automaton legs but they actually have like a living flesh growing on them making them appear as some living entity. The twist with them actually being automaton legs is revealed later in the game, once the repair mechanic is introduced. Your legs are actually one of the automatons used to pilot rickshaws/carriages in the world but it has become infected with an alien symbiote that is capable of taking over machinery alongside infecting living creatures. The alien itself has difficulty taking humans as hosts but is capable of infecting humans using machines as a proxy. There's this cult that worships the alien symbiote things that is trying to successfully merge the symbiotes with humans to essentially make super humans. I still haven't developed the backstory out fully but I want it to be really well integrated with the actual game. I feel that the game play itself wouldn't be engaging enough just being fighting. I really want the story to slowly unfold as you're playing similar to certain horror games like silent Hill or forbidden siren. I'd also want there to be puzzles you'd have to solve.
And yeah, I don't really want the game to have full voice acting. Id want voice acted cutscenes, but not much, the speaking would be largely text based. You would only really hear your character call out when hurt or something.

No. 336976

It's also heavily implied that the cult infected you themselves. A bit cliche but at the beginning you are trapped in an insane asylum but something happens and you manage to escape. You get your automaton legs not long after. You would be forced to play the asylum escape scene while being fully disabled and only able to drag yourself around. I want it to be that the cult was using the people at the asylum as experimental subjects. I'd want the final boss battle to be set in the asylum.

No. 337028

this was a fun post to read! i don't have anything else to contribute but that kek

No. 337207

is this a fetish? its ok nonnie you can tell me

No. 337264

I know this bait but it's not a fetish, I just have an Autistic interest in creating stories. I've always had a big imagination. And like some other users said, games don't tend to lean on interesting gimmicks or playstyles to garner interest anymore since graphics are so good. I believe that truly engaging gameplay is not stuff that is difficult for the sake of being difficult but rather presents a learning curve that the player must overcome in order to complete the game. Usually horror games use these gimmicks, because putting limitations on the player adds to their vulnerability.
But thats part of the interest of those games, like fighting ghosts with only a camera, or being forced to shoot invisible aliens that you only can know where they are from an annoying beeping drone that goes off when they are around.
I got my idea from that painting of a woman with no use of her legs being stuck out in a cornfield forced to drag herself all the way home.

No. 337554

Anyone here played Dredge? I can't tell if it's actually good or just the most recent flavour-of-the-month indie game. I loved the fishing minigame in Stardew Valley and I've been wanting to play more chill games recently so it seems up my alley, but if it's really repetitive I might pass.

No. 337557

This is a totally random post because I’m sick with Covid and am replaying Fallout 4 with my sick leave kek.
I never really gave a fuck about companions until I travelled with MacCready for his perk. I feel like a lot of effort went into their stories, I couldn’t bear to part with him after doing his.
Perks aside, who is your fave companion? I know I’m 7 years late to this lol
My fave so far is probably Hancock, free chess yes please.

No. 337571

Beautifully written nonny

No. 337599

God, it's been 7 years? Eerie. I remember being super into F4 temporarily and really loving Deacon. Retrospectively I'm not sure what I saw in him, but I guess I found him a nice mix of melancholic, funny and warm.

No. 337614

I never beat the game because I didn't like how the endings were either side with the evil institute and their stupid plan or nuke the institute.
Not all the scientists in there were evil, why couldn't we just cooperate.

No. 337631

You know you can evacuate the institute before you nuke it right? But yeah the plot of FO4 was retarded. The institute could have cured the mutation virus and purified the radiation but instead they're making cyborg gorillas and replacing humans with synths for some reason. Our son makes it clear that the institute doesn't give a fuck about surface dwellers but in that case why didn't they build weapons and start killing ppl/the brotherhood. Were they going to replace everyone with synths? Why? Just killing ppl would be easier and cheaper. And they clearly only view synths as slave labor so why bother giving them feelings and personalities. Why did some of the synths not know they were synths? Danse had a whole fake backstory programmed into his head. Why? What do they gain from having robots that don't even know they're robots. Wouldn't a gen 3 synth be a downgrade since they (somehow) have living flesh on their body that can bleed like any human. Gen 3 synths are shown eating and sleeping. Do they actually need to or is it like learned behaviors? And if they actually need to sleep and eat then a gen 2 that doesn't need those things would inherently be superior. Why did our son make a weird robot child clone of himself? If our son knew we were thawed why didn't he send someone to capture us immediately? What was up with Nick Valentine getting momentarily possessed by the mercenary dude, that plot point just never got mentioned again. Is the mercenary dude still "alive" inside Nick's brain? If the institute has the tech to keep the mercenary guy alive for centuries as a cyborg why don't they use that tech on our son to make him immortal? This is just a fraction of the issues I have with the fo4 plot but I'm already into tl;dr territory so I'll stop.

No. 337642

>evacuate the institute
huh, didn't know
I only read about the endings a bit then decided not to bother.
I only got far enough in the storyline so I could romance Danse. Then I just never bothered to finish.

No. 337652

Yeah if you side with the minutemen, Preston basically commands you to sound the evacuation warning before nuking the institute, and he gets very upset and horrified if you don't do it.

No. 337730

I know how you feel anon, Fallout is one of my fave franchises. I hated 76 and I hope they don’t make 5 even though I’d love to play it.
That’s why in this play through I’m not really progressing the story, I’m just killing/looting shit with companions.
I must say though, I really wish they didn’t make Gage a romanceable character, but at least if you complete that DLC before you meet Preston at concord, and then kill all raider gangs, you get all the perks and he won’t hate you.. and you don’t have to deal with Gage being your life partner kek.
New Vegas is my fave tbh, I loved that game

No. 337787

New Vegas is my favorite as well. It has the fewest plotholes out of the 3d fallouts. But despite my criticism of FO4 I actually did enjoy the settlement building stuff, Nick Valentine, and the two dlcs. I just wish the main plot was less nonsensical. I hope fallout 5 does come out, if it's good then good, but if it's a trainwreck then at least it'll provide some laughs.

No. 337926

File: 1700840799533.jpg (1.48 MB, 3840x1812, philadelphia.jpg)

Should I replay Fallout4? This discussion, plus the fact that I haven't finished it, and also the fact that one of my Steam friends has been playing it kind of makes me want to either finish it, or start a new player and play until the end.
New Vegas is a masterpiece, I might replay that one instead. As for a potential Fallout5, I have no faith in Bethesda to make it good. If they do make a new Fallout it better be on the west coast. The east coast games are kind of disappointing. But I'd love to revisit Shady Sands, Vault City, and see newer locations like maybe Hollywood…

Unrelated to Fallout, are there any good games for sale right now on Steam?

No. 337999

Danse had a whole backstory programmed into him bc of the railroad. They would rewrite/mindwipe the "saved" synths so they could better hide their identity as synths.
As for the eating/sleeping things yes, synths do need to eat and sleep and generally do all the things humans need to do to survive. They are no longer machines at this point and are essentially clones but with a computer component in their brains that the institute uses to track them. They are similar to the replicants in Bladerunner.
There is a terminal in one of the institute labs that touches on this, with Sean saying that it is incorrect to call them androids as they are more human than machine. Plus, if you go into one of the labs you get to see the synths get produced, it reminds me of the scene in the 5th element, with machines implanting living tissue on a skeleton to produce them. They are not made out of machine parts but living tissue. And the only thing I can think of as to why Sean made a synth clone of himself was because he was dying of cancer and didn't think any of the other scientists were worthy of replacing him. You were essentially released as a test to see if you would be a worthy replacement. Sean admits this if you do certain actions that trigger a meeting on the roof of one of the original institute buildings. Sean wanted you to raise synth Sean while you were director and then name him as director after you stepped down. If you infiltrate the institute with the minutemen you get the option to save synth sean. And Sean also makes it clear that the he doesn't see the surface dwellers as worthy to repopulate earth so he wanted them eradicated and replaced with synth versions which would then work to make the surface a more hospitable place for the "worthy" institute members. Which I frankly find moronic but whatever. They made Sean a total sniffing his own facts character.

No. 338015

Same fag but I have such a huge problem with the storyline in this game, and there's a ton of stuff I'd frankly want to talk about but Id just go on an hours long tangent.
I don't like the relationship with Shaun they create. I get that Shaun was raised by Kellogg so that doesn't help him emotionally but they make him the most emotionally devoid/apathetic character. He has no friends, nobody he considers family or on the level of family, he holds no love for anyone. He only cares about the institute and continuing to improve it. You would think with him discovering what happened with his birth parents he would hold some animosity or any kind of emotion towards the very people who ruined his life but he does not. I consider the bunker hill mission and the consequent meeting on the building after a poignant part of the game. It really confirms how apathetic and uncaring he is toward everything including you. Playing the first time I didn't care about joining no stupid faction I cared about finding my SON, the one who was wrenched out of my dying husband's arms, the one who I birthed and raised as an infant before the world ended. But all he says to you in that moment was that you were an experiment. I was a lab rat, and ultimately a servant. Chosen to do his bidding simply because I was the most genetically viable since I was his biological parent. That's a stake through the fucking heart.
And to try to make up for all that shit with the clone kid is like a gut punch. All the the timelines in that game are hell timelines.

No. 338036

curie is my favorite. every time i play i read all of the terminals in her lab and cry. idk if i like any of the other companions, except to say that kate is an inside joke between me and my husband. all u do is run around and kill ppl and she's all "youre loyk the most ah mazin porson, you're so koynd!"

No. 338049

File: 1700880405504.jpeg (176.09 KB, 1280x720, IMG_1654.jpeg)

hogwarts legacy for switch finally came out and i love it sooooo much. some framerate issues bc my switch lite is weak but it's incredibly addictive and the world is so beautiful. love the historical fashions also, you bet my girl is traipsing around the countryside in mutton sleeves and knickerbockers

No. 338117

File: 1700920009927.jpg (77.09 KB, 540x620, tumblr_beedfcd5f1f74257040dda9…)

I'll be honest I completely forgot about the synth manufacturing sequence until you mentioned it.
Maybe instead of fucking around with flesh robots, our dipshit son should have been trying to cure cancer kek.
I think the biggest problem I have with the FO4 main plot is that you can't really accomplish anything as leader of the institute of you side with them, for good or ill. In fact, all the main factions basically have no endgame content.
Also, why the fuck were the institute even fucking with supermutant stuff when they already have synths? Either kill ppl and replace them with robots or kidnap ppl and turn them into mutants, don't do both. And then you can find the room full of dead cats and it gets explained as they were feeding cats to their mutant captives. It was just excessive. Like, I get it, they're the bad guys, enough.

No. 338119

File: 1700921972963.png (818.67 KB, 1512x1080, whore.png)

Is there a mod to make this fucker more handsome

No. 338235

File: 1700991620912.jpeg (253.16 KB, 1738x978, classof09.jpeg)

is anyone playing class of '09?

No. 338237

I installed it on a whim the othr day but haven't started playing it yet, is it any good?

No. 338248

File: 1700998764079.jpeg (314.6 KB, 2560x1377, classof09.jpeg)

>emo/scene fashion in its 2008 glory days
>people use gay as an insult
>"sociopathic" female main character named Nicole
>father commits suicide and blames her
>brother is a fatty manchild NEET video game addict
>gym teacher and student counselor regularly try to fuck the students
>male students regularly harass the female students
>"all men are rapists and pedophiles"
>Nicole gets a guy to jump off the school roof
>gives a girl an eating disorder for being fat
>steals a CD and gets shot by a mall cop
>sells crack to help the community
>pretends to have gotten sexually assaulted to skip class
>starts "Nicoleism" where girls remove all emotional attachment from anyone

It's pretty funny and the voice acting is great.

No. 338266

It sounds like something for moids with a mean girl fetish, for gay moids and for hyper-online NLOGs who larp as mean girl stacys.

No. 338267

"Edgy: The Game."
I never understood what is the purpose of these games.

No. 338272

Is it just me losing touch with modern prices or is the oled switch fairly cheap? I remember when the original switch first came out I thought it was pretty expensive but seeing the oled at £300 is nothing. My shitty old one has a bad battery so now I’m considering it

No. 338274

It's kind of funny

No. 338284

File: 1701018909672.png (434.65 KB, 1095x836, 8btVkj.png)


thought i'd share this because it's a homoerotic horror-themed VN by a woman, which made me rejoice, no TIF in sight

No. 338285

File: 1701019086155.png (1.92 MB, 1000x1161, tumblr_ns6tszyReP1tkp8xpo1_128…)

fallout 4 was such a huge disappointment aside from some of the companions being really cute. 76 was so boring i stopped playing even with a friend to partner up with. i still always go back to new vegas, which is immaculate as far as i'm concerned

No. 338288

It really fucking is the perfect game

No. 338293

I've been meaning to play this and your post reminded me, but it's making me feel so dumb kek I couldn't get past day 2 because the controls are awful. No indication what way the sprite is facing so I'm constantly pressing Z and mashing any possible direction hoping to get it right. The sprint needing to be pressed all the time is also so annoying, how come old flash games had easier gameplay

No. 338302

Okay I ragequit at day 6, this shit is actually impossible

No. 338305

i'm just watching an LP tbh i don't particularly like playing this style of game

No. 338306

i wish there was another game similar to new vegas. At least it never gets boring

No. 338307

this game looks like shit and i bet its done by those 19yo zoomers who were shitting in their diapers during the 00s but feel nostalgic over it

No. 338314

Kek that's smart, I'll do that too then. I actually really like restaurant managing sims, but they usually allow you to develop a flow easier and you have enough downtime inbetween tasks to go look at stuff. Here the indicators for orders go away too quickly, new orders come in too quickly and there's no indication for how impatient customers are getting, plus the clunky controls. I guess that makes it more realistic but it's no fun to play

No. 338395

File: 1701075215848.jpg (1023.59 KB, 2223x1243, hogwartslegacy2.jpg)

I just asked in the HP thread but I'll expand on it here too for a bigger input: what makes a game "mid"?

I'm only just now playing hogwarts legacy and I had kept hearing people call it a mid game so my expectations weren't high, which made me surprised over how much I enjoy it. In my opinion it's a good game, not a mid one. Mid to me means it's "less than" good, it's a step below. Good obviously doesn't mean "perfect" or "amazing", but still solidly good. I know a lot of TRA/handmaidens bashed the games for gender reasons so I did take criticisms of HL with a pinch of salt, but I also saw anons on here say it too. So what makes a game "mid" compared to "good" or "bad"?

No. 338398

I think a lot of times a 'mid' game is one that isn't necessarily bad or even lacking, but one that doesn't 'wow' people. My friend is actually playing through Hogwarts Legacy and he says that he can't really fault it, that everything is done pretty well, but it's just lacking a certain spark to push it into being a great game (which I agree with, I feel the game is unfortunately too safe and that it doesn't quite deliver the Harry Potter Experience as effectively as I think a lot of people were looking for).

Mid games, in my experience, are ones that either play their stories/mechanics too safe or generically, lack a strong identity, or are objectively good in a lot of ways but have a poor gameplay loop/feel (this means that I find quite a few games that are heavily praised to be 'mid', though I wouldn't call them bad and might even call them good when talking about them). There's also so much choice now when it comes to games and so many new titles all throughout the year, so people's standards might either be very high or require a new game to be more obviously unique/impressive before they'll call it good or great, so average or decent but not mindblowing games get tarred with the mid brush (calling something mid also seems to be negative as well a lot of the time, even if there's nothing technically wrong with the game, which is annoying lol).

Glad you're enjoying the game though! What's your favourite aspect so far?

No. 338401

I feel like most people calling it mid were just mad about the jk rowling stuff and got irate at the idea of "her" game being profitable. Imo it had a lot of missed potential and things that could be improved in the sequel, but I would hardly call it mid.

No. 338402

>Glad you're enjoying the game though! What's your favourite aspect so far?
The world is bigger than I expected and I love to explore it. I enjoy all the characters I've seen so far and I think the story (I'm not super far in yet though) fits with the HP franchise really well. I love the background conversations of students, like hearing them say headmaster Black wouldn't even have a soul for the dementors to suck out because he banned quidditch kek. I can definitely see it as a bit too safe, but I kind of just wanted a cozy hogwarts adventure and I feel like it delivers on it.

No. 338404

I played it and I can kind of understand people's point about it being mid. Like it was a good game, but like >>338401 said a lot of missed potential. I made a big mistake by playing bg3 first, the npcs and dialogue there is a lot better.
The best thing about the game was Hogwarts self, they modeled it wonderfully. So if you are not a Harry Potter fan and don't have that nostalgia I can understand why someone would find it mid. I liked the combat also, but some combat spells felt redundant and I don't even use.
What they really missed was the relationship building with npcs like in bg3. In Hogwarts Legacy the characters are all so flat, and a lot of them immediatly see you as there bestfriend even though you barely know them. The building and progressing relationships with characters was just very lacking imo.
Also a thing I really was upset by is that you don't do anything in your common room. I chose Hufflepuff and it's so pretty and cozy. But you can't even sleep there and only itteract with npcs if they have a quest. Why the hell do you only give the option to sleep through the night in the map or at certain location by just waiting on the floor. At least give me the option to use the bed kek.
But yeah it was a good game, especially for a smaller/newer studio but it certainly had some points that needed to be improved

No. 338427

It's going to depend from person to person on what their prior gaming experience is, what quality of games they have played. Also will depend on what year it released, whether you want to compare it against the games of its time or all games. Some games have aged better than others and I think there are a lot of older games that would still hold up well today if they got a remaster that included modern quality of life features and accessibility (like font size changing, being able to change the speed of battle, being able to set your name to longer than 3, 6, or 8 characters). It ultimately comes down to someone's individual expectations of what games can be and achieve.
For Hogwarts Legacy in particular, I too felt that it was pretty middling at best. If I were a kid and this was one of the first few games I encountered, I would probably think the combat was fun but I don't think I would have been wowed with anything else. As an adult with many years of gaming experience, these are some of the issues I had with it (switch port, not finished yet but about 35 hours spent playing):
>the hogwarts setting felt shoehorned in.
most of the time you're running around the overworld, dungeon crawling, and killing things. i get that you're a fifth year student, so your circumstances are a little strange, but i barely felt like a hogwarts student. i didn't watch much footage or read much about the game going into it, but i thought i'd be spending most of my time as an actual student, doing student things, with some mechanics maybe from Bully. i found it very hard to suspend my disbelief. why am i such an unrepentant killer? why do my professors keep sending me in particular on these weird quests? why do they keep reaching out to me outside of school hours like this? i'm supposed to be a kid and they're adults. probably one of those things that kids playing the game don't find weird at all, the strange student-teacher relations.
>tying into the first point, the setting didn't really feel like harry potter/hogwarts to me
it felt if you changed the names of some things, if i saw footage of someone playing, most of the time i wouldn't realize it was supposed to be harry potter. this is not something particular to this game, but i feel a lot of games are converging in on each other nowadays with having many of the same mechanics and this game was another reminder of that. the gearing system, the ability to sneak kill, having a player 'room' (room of requirements), hoarding lots of materials for a shallow & unnecessary crafting system, the inclusion of a crafting system at all, mounts, on and on. the animal rooms didn't need to exist at all and added nothing good to the game, just more unnecessary item hoarding and time wasting. basically, this game could have passed for a shittier assassin's creed odyssey skin most of the time.
>poor art direction
the environments didn't wow me at all. hogwarts was OK. the overworld was mostly very drab and boring to look at. it felt like there was very little attention put into things like the flora and fauna.
>massively neglected student-student relationships
towards the beginning of the game they have you meet your other housemates. ok cool, can't wait to get to know them. then what do you do with them? very little, for the most part. maybe i got spoiled by persona, but i thought there'd be more relationship building and daily interactions with your classmates, but it mostly was contrived quests and walking while talking. i wasn't expecting romancing, but i was expecting some notable friendships. there's no sense of camaraderie. and even aside from your classmates, the characters all feel pretty flat. did jkr write for this game at all? because it didn't feel like it. it felt like most of the dialogue was very interchangeable between characters.
>laughably easy combat system that becomes cheesier and cheesier as you go on
none of the combat encounters have felt threatening or challenging. and seriously once you get the item transfig spell and the skill where it turns them into an exploding barrel, it's basically an instant win button for clearing out encounters. it looks like it will become even more broken once I get avada kevadra, the skill that spreads curses, and the one that enables avada kevadra to kill all enemies with curses. i'm not even sure why they bothered to include the lower tiers of gear because the game has thrown so much of the top two gear colors at me that i don't think i've ever equipped something below purple or orange level.
>cumbersome character creation interface
probably not so much an issue in the PC version of the game since you have a mouse, but the navigation for the character customization was awful with a controller. for example, with the hair options, i expect to be able to use my dpad to click easily between options, but instead they have you using the joystick to move around your cursor and then click on each option. it was unnecessarily cumbersome to interact with. i did appreciate that the hair options weren't divided by gender like most games do, but they should have been sorted by hair length.
>"""open world""" that doesn't feel much like an open world
Any time you walk into a building in hogsmeade, the game enters a loading screen. A lot of the time when you're running around hogwarts, you'll get stopped at a door and have to wait for the loading circle. I don't know if this is a limitation of the switch hardware or if the pc version does that too but the pauses in gameplay make the world feel more disjointed than I expect from big budget games nowadays. most of the dungeons/caves/whatever had that distinct boring corridor feeling.
>unclear who the audience of this game was intended to be
as touched on earlier, the writing feels very flat and juvenile but you're running around killing things most of the time. they also seem to try to nostalgiabait older fans who grew up with the series with naming characters like Black and Weasley, but then they never really do anything with that.
So, overall, the game has a distinct lack of that magical feeling that reading the books gave me. I came into the game wanting to love it and did not. It felt like some studio wanted to use the hogwarts setting because it was established and it would sell well, but they didn't do a good job capturing the magic of why fans love harry potter and hogwarts. As a game, it doesn't bring anything new or unique to the table and it doesn't do anything particularly well. It's another shitty ubisoft-esque collectathon game with no heart, amateur hour shit. I would not feel good about paying for this game so I'm glad I pirated it. I would have had a better time just playing KOTOR over again.

No. 338452

>did jkr write for this game at all? because it didn't feel like it.
no, they've been very clear she had nothing to do with the game and they were only inspired by her writing. I think she has some kind of marketing team that made sure it didn't stray too far from the brand though.

No. 338501

>most of the time you're running around the overworld, dungeon crawling, and killing things.
Yeah this seems to be the most repeated issue people mention with the game. Hogwarts was beautifully designed and had that charm and soul this game needed. Yet, we barely spend time there as most quests are outside of Hogwarts. Outside of Hogwarts, there isn't much that is "Harry Potter" in the game design and overworld design

No. 338505

File: 1701130515948.png (598.89 KB, 850x750, SnowglobeLonesomeRoad.png)

what are your fave DLCs? mine are lonesome road > dead money > old world blues > honest hearts in that order. i find the humor in OWB annoying but it has a pretty cool setting, and i don't mind the setting of honest hearts but it's such a horribly boring and awkwardly racist story and the only saving grace is that joshua graham exists.

No. 338508

New Destiny expansion delayed months till June…
At least I have plenty of time to finish all these fishing triumphs.
I am gonna be so lost once the game is over for real.
Not interested in a PVP extraction shooter that their next game will be.

No. 338509

I never did finish Lonesome Road. Got up to the point where EDE gets taken and was immediately over encumbered and didn't feel like cleaning everything up.
Also really didn't want to go into the super irradiated area for some of the collection achievements.

No. 338511

LR is tough, there's a couple forced deathclaws that you can't avoid ambushing you. but it's such a cool setting, and i love ED-E and ulysses.

No. 338515

Chin up, nonnie! Destiny 2 is Bungie's main money maker, so don't be so ready to think that the game is over once TFS releases–they still have those three extra chapters releasing after it too, right? As far as I understand it, their new game is still a ways away, so they'll need something to keep 'em going until its release. Plus, there's no guarantee their new game will take off like Destiny has, especially considering extraction shooters are something of an old hat at this point. They kinda struck gold with D2, and it would be incredibly stupid to lose out on so much money just because the main story that the entire franchise was built upon is finally reaching a tangible conclusion.

No. 338569

Dead money is my least favorite and OWB is my favorite even though it got cringe at times. The other two are mostly forgettable imo, except for Joshua and Ulysses. But even those two got annoying with their speeches. Like stop monologuing for a second plz.

No. 338784

How to stop feeling overwhelmed by backlog and endless options of games to play? Are there any ways you stay focused on completing one game before going to the next?

No. 338788

Make a list of the games you want to play the most. I did that on howlongtobeat a few years ago but iirc there are other similar websites, I added games I bought little by little to my list, sold what disappointed me, and it got less overwhelming. What's annoying is really the lack of free time to play what I have now.

No. 338798

Make a handy list of games you want to play, but don't buy any of them until you actually have time to play them. That's what I do, it makes the game feel fresh and new at the point I do spend money on it and gives me that little dopamine kick of having bought a new shiny toy. It also prevents the guilt and stress of having a pile of "should play" games laying around. In addition it also stops me from sinking money into games I won't play until 5 years later (if at all), at which point it's probably on sale so I could have gotten it way cheaper. Hoarding can be tempting but it doesn't do you any good.

The only argument for buying a game early is that you support the franchise/creators, but I can't think of anything more sad than knowing someone bought something you made but never actually played it. And you'll still be supporting them even if it's 5 years later.

Since you already have a backlog, just give yourself permission to never play any of the backlog games, ever. Doesn't matter if you've been meaning to play it for years, maybe it just wasn't meant to be if your heart isn't into it anymore. Then start a new list of games you really, really want to play the most. If it's one of the backlog games, then great, play that one! If none of the backlog games make it to the list, that's totally ok.

No. 338821

Allow yourself to quit a game if you're not feeling it anymore. In any hobby it's dangerous to except to “catch up with all the good classics/games/my peers etc” and also motivation killing to “finish what I've started”. This stuff killed art for me, I never draw as a hobby now. So yeah, let gaming be a hobby.

No. 338868

this may be off topic but has anyone heard about whats happened to some indie game called 'arcadian atlas'
some moid has been review bombing it on every site, and included confidential details that could lose the game its publisher
he did this because his female friend (one of the devs) was getting married, and apparently feels rejected
he did the review bombing on her wedding day so she had to spend her wedding day doing damage control and on the phone to the publishers
why are moids so sadistic

No. 338892


No. 338944

File: 1701326802016.png (484.71 KB, 1500x2039, f.png)

I'll play with you nona

No. 338964

File: 1701342230506.png (286.4 KB, 773x1085, steam.png)

No. 338998

>all negative reviews seem articulate, long-winded and genuine
>info comes out that they traced art from another game
>also copy pasted ideas from another creator
>moid who is being accused of review bombing clarified that he wasn't the one spreading the pub or that he was jealous of their relationship (just having a relationship in general)
>the person who spread the pub's identity turned out to be the dev's ex husband
>dev supposedly cheated on her ex husband
>multiple people from twitter and steams forums talk about how the dev sounds like a narcissist from her steam comments before she privates
this whole thing is a mess and the dev looks like cow

No. 339003

Yeah I did on /v/ lol
The dev does sound like a cow but I also hate moids who just dogpilled on her out of pure pettiness. As if there aren't any male indie devs who do much worse and trace/steal content and don't get nearly as much hate or even get a pass.

No. 339009

if you believe the bullshit posted by moids maybe…

No. 339014

She sounds like a cow but how does this excuse anything that petty moid did, especially when he purposefully did it on the day she was getting married?

No. 339097

File: 1701407185802.jpg (57.14 KB, 300x300, Fire_Emblem_Three_Houses.jpg)

>tfw the best Fire Emblem game isn't even made by IntSys
Bleak… I don't think there will ever be an FE game as good as this unless they hire Koei Tecmo again. Its only flaw was that it was too ambitious for its own good. Maybe I'll play Tactics Ogre or Triangle Strategy to fill the void or something…

No. 339130

I haven't played all the FE games but I doubt it's the best one. It's badly written, the in game art is shit because the devs were too cheap to pay Kurahana Chinatsu to do the portraits, the routes are almost all the same so if you want to do another one you have to redo the same 11 chapters first, the monastery is annoying as fuck, etc. It's only fun for the first route you play imo.

No. 339136

I literally don't want to participate in real life anymore and play BG3 instead. Well I've always been like this but now it hits me harder, like I was in high school again. I don't remember when was the last time when a piece of media triggered my maladaptive daydreaming so hard

No. 339157

Literally me just with other games. I want to play video games 24/7. If I'm not playing then I'm thinking about them or discussing them. It feels so good and makes me happy so there's nothing wrong with that.

No. 339162

I feel the same but I didn't respond to that nonna because we've had this convo so many times about FE3H in various threads that I felt like it had to be bait, KEK

No. 339164

It’s the best feeling though. I love being in a daydream-state by playing a great game for hours to the point where I forget to eat and pee kek. Peak escapism

No. 339184

This is why I love games. I’ve been struggling with anhedonia for so long and nothing beats finding a game that clicks with me so much that it becomes all I think about for months. Glad BG3 can be that game for us. Video games have been the one thing that can pull me out of a haze, even if temporarily. It’s just hard sifting through to find the one that sticks.

No. 339246

File: 1701472974437.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x1374, You put 3D pigs to shame.jpg)

Also, despite having many husbandos in the past, this game made me absolutely certain I will never find my dream husband irl. Real men not only don't look like that, they also don't talk like that and they don't think and feel like that… It's over

No. 339298

Any recommendations for games like this on the Switch? I've been looking for my nextobsessive fix… Thought Hogwarts Legacy would be it for me, but I was let down by the abysmal load times.

No. 339325

Have you played Witcher 3? It's also on the switch. That game will have you doing 12 hour play times like no other.

No. 339427

File: 1701551124667.jpg (182.13 KB, 1920x1080, the-witcher-3-characters-2.jpg)

Seconding The Witcher 3. Still one of the greatest RPGs ever imo. It has entertaining NPCs I remember by name, and great storytelling and sidequests I still think about today even though I played it 7 years ago. If the base game wasn't enough it has two incredible expansions for you to enjoy. The time investment might seem daunting but I promise you won't even feel the hours go by.

No. 339451

File: 1701558265528.jpeg (478.47 KB, 2045x1018, 354AF703-4F24-4187-B6FD-D29F8D…)

Speaking of girlcore games, I know a lot of anons like Style Savvy and stuff. Recently when I've watched Japanese y2k-nostalgia videos the girls mention some sort of fashion game called Love and Berry (ラブアンドベリー). What is this game? Has anyone here played it?

No. 339466

do we have to start with the "girlcore" retardation again? gross, sexist descriptor a tiktok zoomer would come up with

No. 339468

nta but ffs it's not a big deal it's just games marketed at young girls. Anons are allowed to like that shit.

No. 339477

Never heard of it, but looks cute. I miss this highly experimental era of cross-media games. I don't think it was very accessible outside of smaller market spheres like Japan, but it was interesting to spectate off of the stuff companies came up with.

No. 339498

it appears to be an arcade and collectible card game mainly. I think it's a rhythm game with lots of fashion collectibles. found a youtube video where it looks like an emulator is being used to play the ds version. skip to about 6:45 and you can see the rhythm game being played. I watched a few other videos where it was being played directly on the ds and the gameplay looked exactly the same with it being a rhythm game.

No. 339499

samefag to add it looks like the only way to get outfits/accessories in the game is buying the physical cards and swiping them in this card reader device that plugs into the ds. here is a video that shows it being done

No. 339512

Been playing Warframe for 7 years and never touched PVP till this silly Christmas thing. Man 3rd person PVP where everybody can jump around like maniacs is jank as hell. No wonder nobody really plays it normally.

No. 339519

Samefag but Dragon's Dogma is like $5 on the Switch right now, so I bought it to scratch the open world itch. And I'm obsessed, this shit is so fun. I can't beliece I get all this content for that cheap.
Will try Witcher 3 at a future date since it is so heavily recommended here.

No. 339543

I think I'm getting sick of open world games. I don't even know why. I played FF16 and I'm glad it was fully an open world, and I'm a bit annoyed by how bit the maps in Pokemon Legend Arceus are compared to the very few places where you can fast travel but I'm glad it's not worse than that because the whole game could have been one gigantic area instead. I miss dungeons in JRPGs.

No. 339652

Ohhh so it's a rhythm game, that's a bit disappointing actually. >>339499 this looks absolutely insanely fun though, a card swipe system. Must have been so fun to be a young girl collecting the cards with your friends. Thanks anon! This answered so many questions!

No. 339658

How is it gross? It's girly games targeted at little girls. It's only gross if moids turn it into a weird fetish thing but thankfully they dgaf about this kind of game.

I'm actually looking for refs for fashion games. Aside from Style Savvy and gacha options, what are some good ones out there?

No. 339667

File: 1701649127361.png (59.7 KB, 535x412, wvuyz9v54il81.png)

Probably because open world games these days are so boring and empty. There's no motivation and sense of curiosity to explore the game world when it's filled with the same side quests, banal dialogues, map markers that handhold you to go to a certain direction, and annoying UI designs that clutter up 75% of the screen. The last open world game that was done very well is Elden Ring because there is a reason to explore and it's up to the player to discover whatever they can find, and the quests just happen so much more organically. It also made a lot of Ubisoft devs seethe (picrel), known for making many uninspiring open world games. Modern Assassins Creed game is everything wrong about open-world games these days.

No. 339708

Do you have any favourite settings for character creation? Getting an actually attractive male result with the face sliders can be pretty hard. My first attempt looked so fugly in the intro cutscene that I had to restart the game, and my second is OK I guess but definitely could be better.

No. 339719

I can't stand western devs they won't shut up anytime a Japanese game gets released and sells well. Is it jealousy?

No. 339720

Not exclusive to Japanese games. Western devs freaked out about bg3's popularity too

No. 339724

Just because you have to infer based on incomplete information doesn't make it "badly written." For all its flaw and budget cuts, it's brilliant and subversive with how it deconstructs staple FE tropes. I'd rather have a game that attempts to be ambitious and does something different with soul and passion than a well-polished game that plays it safe.

No. 339732

It did try something different which is good imo but it's soulless. It feels like the marketing team harassed the devs and writers into making something safe so they can still sell figurines of Edelgard. For instance the cutscenes are annoying as hell. Nobody does anything, everyone just talks over and over again while standing there and having like 2 stock poses maximum. Edelgard's route feels incomplete because of how short it is and how what I was looking forward to happened in the epilogue. They couldn't help but make F!Byleth's breasts gigantic to the point of parody but she looks average in all her concept and promo art. You can recruit almost everyone in every route in a way that's nonsensical, it should have been limited to some characters, like idk, Mercedes for Edelgard's route could easily make sense compared to Sylvain being like "hmml sensei's boobs" and betraying his coutry. I could go on.

No. 339737

There are so many setting options that it's hard to tell you anything in particular, but I had the same experience and had to restart three times before getting an attractive male Arisen that I was satisfied with. I wanted a more built guy, and he'd look fine in the character creator but come out looking like human Shrek in actual cutscenes every time. Torture. Went for a prettyboy main pawn though and that was wayyy easier to make.

No. 339751

lol pathetic. elden ring is IMO the best open-world game ever made. every single square foot of elden ring feels like it had thought put into it. and yeah, there's no "quests", blake, because this is an actual adventure you're in charge of rather than running off to fetch 20 herbs for king whogivesafuck in different variations over and over.

No. 339808

File: 1701714625250.png (769.5 KB, 850x617, 1606795461109.png)

Can I consider that I beat Pokemon Legend Arceus after I beat Volo and caught all the legendary pokemon except Arceus? I don't feel like completing the pokedex. I looked it up and it seems like it's a huge pain in the ass because of the space-time distortions being rare and only showing me the same 5 pokemon most of the time. I decided to dust off my 3DS and replay FE Fates, it's as fun as I remember it. I'm playing Birthright first and the Conquest and Revelation, I want to visit castles and do online battles as long as it's still possible. Ryoma just joined my team so I'm going to fuck him and try to recruit all the kids.

No. 339816

Just say you're shit at games, Ahmed.

No. 339826

Yeah sure why not, I also gave up after looking up where certain pokemon appear lmao

No. 339843

Nta but is it fine to play witcher 3 without playing 1 or 2?

No. 339845


No. 339847

How do we feel nonnies

No. 339859

You'll miss out on some lore/context but otherwise you're good

No. 339884

I don't care about GTA. I don't like roleplaying as a criminal.
Wish there were more games that took place in a big city with a different premise, like you're a private detective or bounty hunter or something.
That's what I liked about Cyberpunk, just exploring the city and dressing up in different outfits.

No. 339885

This is a piece of history

No. 339888

Have you played LA Noire? That might be more to your taste.
What do you mean? Did the trailer impress you that much?

No. 339897

>LA Noire
a little too old fashioned of a setting for me.

I will forever rue the fact that that Prey 2 game where you were supposed to be a space bounty hunter on an alien planet got canceled.

No. 339898

It feels like the devs were forced into releasing the game before making a polished product. I legitimately think it would have been a masterpiece if it had more time baking in the oven and the writers committed to the themes they were going for instead of chickening out midway.

No. 339906

cautiously optimistic. worried the main relationship/pairing might annoy the shit out of me. surprised the release date is still so far out. 2027 for PC is quite a time away.

No. 339913

Huh, so the rumours of GTA having a playeable female character is true?

No. 339963

>Is it jealousy?
Yes, but it's also racism/xenophobia and the prideful assumption that they know better than "those filthy japs" by default. Nowadays JRPGs and anime are really popular and everyone's on the same page thanks to the growth of the internet so they can't get away with being as openly racist/xenophobic as they were during the ps3/360 era, so they have to rely on insincere criticisms instead.

No. 339971

From the small snippets I like the female lead. I'll have to see other stuff to say if it's good or not though.

No. 339975

File: 1701781864014.jpg (123.46 KB, 1200x800, lethal_company_clayton.0.jpg)

Anyone playing Lethal Company atm? I know it's very flavor of the month and it's widespread because of tiktok videos but I gave it a chance with several groups of friends and it was fun. I think the reason it took off is there arent a lot of coop horror games that utilize the whole proximity chat thing. I just hope the dev uses the money wisely and puts some of it back into the game because it does get repetitive after 4-8 hours of playing. Luckily downloading mods does bring some extra hours of entertainment when you've played vanilla long enough.

No. 339995

take a shot everytime you see a woman in a bikini

No. 340028

File: 1701803943652.jpg (280.06 KB, 1080x988, Untitled.jpg)

i hope the coomer faggot who made this game kills himself

No. 340030

i'm already tired of hearing about it and have unwillingly seen too much shitty porn from it

No. 340031


No. 340049

there is 0 chance that a woman made this game.

No. 340051

Do you want me to fucking die?

No. 340058

Did you miss the entire dox scandal? Are you also gonna tell me Funamusea is a man because she made a brocon female main character? I don't understand where this notion that women can't be degenerates comes from. Plus, I can guarantee you the brother would have a completely different design if this game was made by a man.

No. 340061

No. 340063

It's really fun. The player base at least where I'm from is actually really nice, and there's a lot of other women online who play! It'll probably end up like another amongus, but despite memes, amongus is still a unique game. It has its pros and cons.

No. 340065

Hope we get the opportunity to betray the moid or kill him kek

No. 340066

File: 1701810424465.jpeg (348.37 KB, 1080x1080, 02232E44-FCCD-45AC-BD10-0B9587…)

I know it’s Star Wars but this might be up your alley anon. Looks like it may be pretty fun even if it ends up following the Ubisoft open world formula

No. 340067

ok, i admit my wrongs. wow. how sad to be so coombrained as a woman. i never like to see a woman get doxxed but fuck her for making this disgusting game.

No. 340071

File: 1701812354890.png (Spoiler Image,41.81 KB, 754x529, Simulated witcher 2 save optio…)

tbh I think they expected most people not to play. There are some lore recaps out there but tbh all you need to know imo is that Tris manipulated an amnesiac Geralt into a relationship and didn't bother informing him about his surrogate daughter pre-game and that's why you pick Yennifer or you wait for Shani.
Also you absolutely should select the option to simulate having played the witcher 2 because if you don't the game will select certain options that lock you into some negative outcomes and you'll miss some content. Picrel are the decisions you should pick imo so you have a better game. The last one is an absolute must because it gives a whole questline. These questions come up after the tutorial town is over but the option to simulate the save is at the start of the game. If you're being shaved and a guy starts asking questions that's when you're being asked about the witcher 2 options and I recommend choosing these ones

No. 340072

All the Witcher romances suck for different reasons ngl. I know Geralt wouldn't but I find it funny to reject Yennifer after undoing the wish, just the way Geralt awkwardly stands there while Yennifer breaks down is unintentionally hilarious.

No. 340075

Anons is YIIK good/popular now? I've stumbled onto a few videos discussing it filled with people praising it and ripping on those who still hate it. I thought it had long-winded writing and shitty battle mechanics.

No. 340080

God no. Don't do that to yourself, anon. YIIK is horrible, all that's changed is the ability to mute the intensely unlikable douchebag of a protagonist and some minor gameplay mechanics.

No. 340082

yen is my problematic waifu but I would be lying if I didn't say I once watched what happened and laughed my ass off

No. 340083

I think I’m too old to be okay with the sexualization of women of this degree. The only black woman in the trailer is literally twerking.

No. 340084

It’s kind of getting the Deadly Premonition/Action 52 treatment where people are now reveling in how goofy it is. Don’t get it twisted though, it’s still pretty bad.

No. 340085

>comparing YIIK to deadly premonition
you deserve to be executed for this comment

No. 340086

YIIK is the 'mediocre male who thinks he should start a podcast' of video games.

No. 340091

NTA I know for a fact this is gonna end up with another quirky girl mc formula. Why cant we just get a good SW game where I can make my own bounty hunter from a character maker?

No. 340093

People hyping this game up when it's just gonna be another moidfest of degrading women and doing crimes.


I also, I wish we could be a detective in a big open world game.

No. 340102

i think the Sherlock Holmes games and L.A. Noire are open world detective

No. 340104

yea tbh its nice to be not the only woman in the lobby

No. 340115

File: 1701829298938.png (118.76 KB, 300x285, Illbleed-COVER-300x285.png)

Did anyone grow up with a dreamcast? favorite game? I've played Illbleed a few times on an emulator. Weird but fun game.

No. 340116

literally looks like my cousins old place…I miss the sleepovers

No. 340117

ULA LA LA the music and funky graphics make it infinitely replayable even now. Isn't Illbleed really difficult?

No. 340119

haven't played this game yet so maybe there's something I'm missing but from reading the vndb page the bully protagonist is the pusedo-emo (kind of normieish?) one? emos were the ones bullied by others in the 2000s not the other way around. some can be mean but not necessarily in some alpha stacy-like role. it really does come across as what >>338307 said unless it's some kind of subversion or revenge story

No. 340124

that's how I feel with RE4…

No. 340130

Me and my brothers were begging for a Playstation for Christmas but our parents bought us a Dreamcast because it was new.
That was before I really got into video games though. We just had Sonic Adventure, Power Stone, Shenmue, and some sorta lame RPG I can't remember the name of.
Nothing I would call a favorite.

No. 340133

Did your parents realize they made a mistake and got you a Playstation later on or were you stuck with the Dreamcast?

No. 340137

I rejected all romance so that Ciri would be the one visiting Geralt at his mansion in blood and wine. I just wanted the old man to kick it with his daughter

No. 340139

Never got a PS1, but we eventually pooled gift money and bought a Gamecube and PS2 later.
That's when I really got into gaming with the Xenosaga series and Twilight Princess.

No. 340140

that's probably a really good way to do things honestly.
I want a standalone Ciri game so bad

No. 340143

I fucking hate it and i hate all the misogynoirist comments. Should have been 100% male only, no women at all. This is beyond satire, it's a full blown worship fest of pure American scum

No. 340144

It's more like the levels are really long and fighting enemies can be tedious, but it might be different for everyone

No. 340146

What game trailers/announcements do you think we'll get during the Game Awards?

I'm hoping for something Silksong and less Hoyoverse shit.

No. 340163

I didn't even know that happened, kek. I didn't reject her cause I felt like Geralt canonically wouldn't but doing so is actually kind of a massive fuck you to the incel moid cuck author of the books so this is based. So pissed I had to read that garbage so I could play the greatest RPG of all time. CDpr is based for retconning half of his crack schizo plot points like Ciri's father wanting to fuck and impregnate her. It's also awesome that as Ciri you can say the rose tattoo is the result of some bullshit mistake. I hated that whole rapist rats section so fucking much.

No. 340182

What is this game about? You're just Florida (wo)man and do stupid shit whenever you want or is there a specific story and goal? I'm not too familiar with GTA.

No. 340185

that's usually what GTA is about yeah

No. 340191

There is story in GTA games, but we don't know much about the story in GTA 6 yet other than it being about a "Bonnie and Clyde" couple. The GTA series is known for letting you do violent or stupid things in a sandbox city, so they chose to focus on that goofy aspect in this trailer instead of the story.

No. 340193

My expectations are low, but I'd kill for an official release date or cinematic trailer for the Shadow of the Erdtree dlc. I need a change of scenery and for some new bullshit bosses to kick my toon's ass asap.

No. 340199

File: 1701879882434.gif (3.66 MB, 640x364, manhunt-manhunt1.gif)

>new rockstar game
>no fujobait
so what would the point of me playing this be exactly?

No. 340202

Did any of the other GTAs have fujobait?

No. 340209

One of artist working for rockstar has drawn gay porn of one of the characters in gta 5? in the past.

No. 340210

File: 1701883201889.png (266.22 KB, 493x700, 48781634_p2.png)

>gta 5
mike x trevor is top tier old man yaoi, trevor is a perv to wade and his male cousin, mike x franklin cute
>gta 4
ballad of gay tony, niko gets shipped with roman and brucie
arthur is a hot cumdump
>manhunt 2
shit game but has a fight club thing going on between leo and danny
jimmy can kiss all the boys, but especially gary and pete

ignore the part where most of these characters are ugly. it adds flavor.


No. 340222

Sounds like it could be fun. I almost only play Japanese games because of the consoles I have but I got a PS5 a few months ago for FF16 so maybe I'll consider getting this one.

No. 340223

rdr and rdr2 was the best community in the fujo community.

No. 340224

File: 1701891091102.jpg (54.38 KB, 400x400, powerstone-dc.jpg)

Powerstone, House of the dead and Space channel 5 were my favorite dream cast games ever.

No. 340226

random, but I need to replay manhunt.

No. 340233

File: 1701893170807.jpg (59.41 KB, 735x629, 308087f9eee2a5e43ed2f275df7da9…)

Can wait for thursday game awards and BG3 winning absolutely everything

No. 340235

It's going to so annoying because BG3 isn't even that good of a game. it has some aspects to it, but I'm tired of everyone sucking its dick like it's the greatest game ever just because you can fuck your waifu and husbandos.

No. 340251

Same. I'm ready to excitedly scream at my TV like a tard every win.

No. 340252

File: 1701897087117.jpg (83.91 KB, 736x1036, 67ce42e68bfa89b3fa6655652c74a7…)

It's the greatest dating simulator of all time, enough for goty

No. 340262

The unreal engine physics are distracting from the actual content of the gameplay. Hope it's good. I've pretty much dropped video games entirely, but maybe a friend will buy it and she'll show it to me.

No. 340285

It’s a great game and it raised the bar

No. 340287

this, it's effectively coomshit

No. 340317

Why don't you think it's a good game?

No. 340319

File: 1701921340120.png (174.99 KB, 350x389, 350px-Astarion.png)

it's too ugly for me to care about. literally looks like a weird mashup of skyrim and dragon age. and none of the characters are attractive, especially not this fag.

No. 340361

Romance is optional

No. 340367

No amount of TiFs acting like it's so revolutionarily progressive is going to get me to look past every woman anachronistically wearing a full face of makeup. It's so jarring.

No. 340368

I haven't tried it but i will eventually because i want to understand what the fuss is all about.
I usually don't like western games but it looks like something i can tolerate however i really don't like it when games that aren't dating sims have romantic options, it's like they try to spoon feed me and usually i don't even find the characters attractive.
New Vegas was so good for giving us the option to fuck around few people but not letting us romance our companions kek. (i know it's the same for Fallout 3, but those companions weren't really much to me)

No. 340369

Belgium is part of the west…

No. 340402

She's saying that devs freak out about other western games(like BG3) as well, not just Japanese ones.

No. 340405

>ignore the part where most of these characters are ugly. it adds flavor.
How desperate do you have to be lmao

No. 340413

The bar for men is in hell thanks to these kind of women.

No. 340415

I think it's a decent game, but doesn't deserve the insane praise it's getting. So many people are focused on the romance in the game. I don't want to fuck a single character. All your hear about is people talking about fucking Astarion and now that fag is getting so much fame and hype because of his ugly portrayal of an old vampire.
Storyline wise, it's okay. Nothing ground breaking. I don't really like the battle system, even though I've played turn base RPGs most of my life. It just feels okay.

No. 340418

it's not like they're real. their dynamics, personalities, and people drawing them more attractive than they are in game that make them interesting. in game niko is on the lower end of those and he's more attractive than any of the irl celebs that have stan threads here, as well as the bg3 uglies.

No. 340421

It's a fujo what did you expect?they'll pretend gross old men are hot just to coom to some yaoi

No. 340423

NTA but east asian fujos have higher standards than that, even going after shows to debut hotter actors to represent male characters. Western fujos seem to love licking scraps off the floor and fucking men who are 50+.

No. 340424

I don't like y'all to begin with so don't even try

No. 340429

True. I don't know why western fujos even put themselves through that shit, pretending middle-aged hairy moids have any sex appeal. At least make them look like unrealistic hot old moids

No. 340432

What's your take on half the husbando thread loudly lusting after TF2 characters, Astarion, Paul Dano, and musty shit smelling serial killers as long as they keep the paper bags over their heads during sex?

Rhetorical question. Let's not have this cope based infight again.

No. 340434

Unfortunately their standards for 'hotter' are moids with botched plastic surgery and microcephaly

No. 340435

unfortunately it's just a woman thing. we even see it in real life with women gushing over their hideous BFs. as much as men like to pretend it's not true, many women will forgive ugliness in men if they like other things about him, especially in the west because we basically have zero beauty standards for men unlike the east. i've just accepted that we're never escaping.

No. 340449

>The husbando thread
Nta but that shits almost empty nowadays, all I see is a couple of bg3 fags, a fnafag and then a bunch of bishies. Not even gonna comment on the TF2 anons because again, they all left/are inactive so not even relevant anymore

No. 340463

Is the retarded yume trend here finally dying? Nice

No. 340469

Well female companions are pretty ugly too imo.

No. 340470

Nah that thread is still constantly active.

No. 340471

They're talking about the /g/ thread

No. 340475

BG3 is the best game I have ever played imo, like I can understand the subjective take on finding the characters ugly or not enjoying tactical turn based combat inspired by d&d. But man, this game just lets you be so creative. Like you can do almost anything in this game combat and rp wise. It definitely deserves all those awards.
Also I don't understand the coomer complaint people have since you can literally skip all romance. Again you get so much choice as the player character. You hate Asterion? Well then just kill him or don't even recruit him to your party kek. You actually get multiple opportunities, to abandon/kill your companions.

No. 340479

bound to happen considering all we get nowadays is ugly old busted men. The days of Dante/Leon/Link are long gone.

No. 340481

You think RE4 Remake Leon is busted? The game came out just this year.

No. 340483

nta but he was way cuter in the first remake, they gave him buccal fat removal in re4 remake which aged him a lot sigh…

No. 340484

lets all become gamedevs and make enjoyable titles, bring back good looking men, ikemen gaming renaissance

No. 340490

File: 1701986501704.png (1.58 MB, 2000x1000, leon.png)

I don't hate the RE4 remake Leon but i really love how he looks in the original still, tho i am biased because i just really like how models looked around that era, it's like they look perfect no matter in what lighting they are in, plus i don't like hyperrealism, but that's just a visual matter i guess.

No. 340514

That anon spamming dazai several times a day doesn't count. That thread has seen better days, it's very slow nowadays compared to what it used to be

No. 340517

Never played the games but I agree. The remake one looks sickly with his dark lips.

No. 340518

that thread sounds underaged sometimes ngl

No. 340522

Dazai anon is in her 40s. I think she's just autistic, lonely, and ESL. Not her fault.
I also prefer older games, the graphics are better by my standards. Hyperrealism is such a waste, if I want to count individual blades of grass then I'll go outside. Even low poly has its charm. What other games from this era do you like, nona? Or just any games you think look good

No. 340523

it most definitely is. I know real autists are nigh indistinguishable from the underage, but come on.

No. 340527

I also prefer older games for this reason. I'd take strong art direction over hyperrealism any day. I never thought I'd get to this point but I'm starting to have more interest in JRPGs than western RPGs because I find a lot of western games are moving away from what I found so charming about games when I was younger. I want fantastical worlds that seem impossibly vibrant compared to our own world. I want magical stories that aren't "gritty" and "real." I want fun characters who act as eye candy for both men and women while still having strong personalities. I just feel so dissatisfied with many western AAA releases I think I need to start delving into JRPGs more.

No. 340545

File: 1701995427120.png (2.13 MB, 1920x1042, r.png)

I admit that when i was younger i did not ignore the bad sides, especially when some games would show you CGI art or cutscenes and it made me wish that in the future we would get to have those kind of graphics… which we kinda did, but i feel like they are just oversatured with unnecessary things that ruin the picture they want to show sometimes, but even without those expectations i agree that low poly in general can be its own thing and i'm happy to see some indie companies messing around with it at least.

Staying on a realistic look and trying to stay on the same era, some other games that i liked visually are Final Fantasy X/X-2, Silent Hill 2/3, Resident Evil 0, Haunting Ground, Devil May Cry 3, Metal Gear Solid 2/3, Tekken 5 but mostly Rule of Rose and Resident Evil 4.
There are surely other games i don't know but that's what came to my mind right now, maybe the fact that most of those games had dark colors helped their looks since they could let some things pass lol.

No. 340546

File: 1701996092844.png (306.46 KB, 500x564, d.png)

I can totally understand that, honestly i would have tried more older western games if i wasn't so picky about the characters (and poor) lol, so many of them were a bit too ugly looking on their faces to me but i'll eventually try them out.
I've always been into titles with grim atmosphere but now i really appreciate it when i can find games that have specific artistic choices that i enjoy.

No. 340552

File: 1701996811378.jpg (Spoiler Image,64.78 KB, 578x446, 1537739-target_mutant.jpg)

Nothing special but i also liked the enemies of Extermination, if it was very realistic it would just miss its charm to me

No. 340560

Oh finally that Wizards of the Coast studio with the former Bioware writers announced their thing, and it's cliche as fuck.
At least it's new sci-fi.

No. 340628

How did Alan Wake 2 win best narrative over FF16 and BG3?

No. 340661

So what'd you think of the trailers?
Exodus, cliche, but I'll wait for more info.
Last Sentinel, new studio not much there in the trailer, but it's apparently former Rockstar and Naughty Dog devs so could be good.
The First Decendent, pretty trailer but it's Korean so probably grindy shit. But it's also FTP and on PS4 so I'll try it out.
Some other stuff was interesting, but I would probably just watch an LP rather then playing it myself like the new Atlus original IP and that First Berserker anime game. That new game from the goose game guys looks cute and weird but probably multiplayer only.
And then Kojima trolled me with not Death Stranding. Not really interested in horror. And that damn crazy tranny Hunter Schafer…

No. 340676

File: 1702045280958.jpg (158.71 KB, 827x545, ce4.jpg)

Man, Deus Ex was so awesome. I'm glad I got to play it when it was still relatively recent. (And HR when it was brand new.)

No. 340700

The game awards are such a set up. I literally dont watch them or participate anymore.

No. 340755

Kind of a dumb question but a couple months ago I bought a Switch from someone who hadn't been using it. I finally have time for videogames but I don't know what to play besides remasters of games I've already played. Can any nonnies tell me what their favorite Switch games are?

No. 340756

Zelda BOTW & TOTK, captain toad treasure tracker, mario odyssey, Yoshi's Crafted World and the The Bayonetta Series.

No. 340769

I went in with no expectations and tbh i wasn't very intrigued by most of those trailers, maybe some turn out to be interesting but i'll know it when they're out.
The First Berserker is the only game that got me curious, i don't like anime style in 3d like that but the designs and settings look kinda nice, i hope the fighting and story is decent enough so i will try it out but i'm not very hyped because it's a korean game and i only know them for dungeon fighter online kek.
I've seen the Kojima game and yeah it's just question mark like usual but for some reason it gives me conspiracy vibes and Elphelt's new design disappointed me.

No. 340770

Oh and Blade looked nice but that's all, i've never played marvel/superhero games.

No. 340771

That IS the /g/ thread wdym

No. 340772

Alan Wake 2 winning Best narrative and best direction? Am I extremely out of the loop, what kind of game is it? Never heard of it, is it some kind of sequel to a classic?

No. 340783

Octopath Traveller if you're into JRPGs. 2 is a massive upgrade over 1 QOL-wise and there's no real continuity between the two, so you can skip to 2 unless you're a JRPG fanatic who has to play both.

No. 340788

This isn't really a video game I guess but is Whirled Club worth joining?

No. 340793

I am an ex-huge JRPG fan but the last consoles I owned were ps2/gc era and a hacked psp for ps1 and SNES games. I wanted the Switch for the Suikoden remasters and turns out like 80% of the games I played in middle school are remastered too. Not sure if I want to play Persona 5 or SMT V because I feel burnt out on persona and smt

No. 340795

I wish Arkane Lyon was doing an original IP, but they have a good track record so it'll probably be good.

It's survival horror? I think the original was sorta a cult classic thing, didn't sell much but had it's fans.

No. 340796


Kirby and the Forgotten Land,
To add on to the other anon with JRPGs, The World Ends With You and Live a Live (haven't played this yet but heard it's good) are also on there and pretty short, like less than 20 hours.

No. 340813

If you want something of a niche challenge, almost all of the SaGa games have been remastered in great quality on the Switch.
Now is honestly the best time to get into the series,with Emerald Beyond arriving in 2024 and there being more English resources for the existing entries' byzantine mechanics than ever.

No. 340817

>Storyline wise, it's okay. Nothing ground breaking
Are you joking or did you literally not play the game. Bg3 literally is the most true RPG I've ever played so much dialogue so many ways to do things you could play it multiple times and get a brand new experience and story each time. The romance isn't even that significant in comparison to just the technical prowess this game achieved. You can do so many things. You are hardly limited.

No. 340818

Agreed 100% even if you don't like the game I don't know how you could argue it doesn't deserve awards for the work it had to take to make such a true RPG that has hundreds of different ways your story can turn out. It's amazing.

No. 340841

Whats the best way to play silent hill 1 and 2?

No. 340852

playing on the original systems > emulating the original release. sh1 on emulators looks fine iirc but i think SH2 has some graphical bugs that undercut the experience. also please dont touch the remake or the HD collection they're fucking awful

No. 340861

No. 340883

Kek what a night that was

No. 340888

File: 1702130633595.jpg (58.54 KB, 595x680, GAzCPlRbUAAAicF.jpg)

>FF7Rebirth about to come out in a few month
>Vincent's official render comes out
>his face still looks exactly like Sephiroth's face
>people on twitter talking about how Vincent could be Sephiroth's father because they look so much like each other
Anons, we're so fucking back. It makes me feel like I'm back on deviantart in 2007.

No. 340897

What the hell did they do his hair? Now he looks related to Cloud.

No. 340899

Vincent has been my favorite since 1997. Why cant I just get a good render of Vincent for once? I'll stay with my old ass game on PS1 then.

No. 340900

>people on twitter talking about how Vincent could be Sephiroth's father because they look so much like each other
I hate how uncreative and retarded they are.

No. 340901

on PS1 and PS2, or at least emulate them to be the original versions. You can do pc, but make sure you never play the HD collection, because they ruined SH2 with horrible voices and removing the fog entirely in some areas.

No. 340916

The remake is making people sperg with the exact same arguments I've seen for like 15 years, how nostalgic. I'd rather see that than the usual Cloud/Aerith and Cloud/Tifa arguing over and over again. Mind you, there are anons right here who are younger than these fandom arguments and theories.

No. 340922


No. 340939

Kek I'm sure I read a fanfic like that a long time ago
Wdym? They all have retarded hair, it's final fantasy after all. Anyway, can't wait for Cid.

No. 340945

nta but his hair used to be straighter and not so spikey. probably what she meant.

No. 341019

Right? His hair really does look like Cloud's now. I remember he looked a lot more vampire-like with straighter hair.

No. 341059

File: 1702218720781.jpg (31.76 KB, 418x439, Vincent_FFVII_Portrait.jpg)

No. 341066

This is the Vincent I grew up with. My love.

No. 341078

Ah I see. I was misremembering how he looked like kek, this looks so much better. They need to fix that shit.

No. 341082

I don't think Kojima made a good game after MGS3 and I'm willing to die on that hill

No. 341084

Forgot to add, I also absolutely hate him for wanting to make the video game industry the next Hollywood. Same for Geoff Keighley, the guy who created Game awards, who also seems to have the same goal. The last thing I want is the pedowood to put their hands on the industry. They want the industry to have the same "social prestige" as pedowood and movies in general and it's a bad idea, it will only bring even more degeneracy and talentless hacks. Pedowood has been artistically bankrupt for years

No. 341086

I liked peace walker and ground zeroes and i kind of started liking mgs4 lately but i really dont like him and his fans that play into his ego and jerk him off. I really hate that people act like you disliking his newer works means you dont want to see someone grow and try new things. Like, I was all on board for death stranding until I played it and saw how god awful the writing is. Genuinely like the gameplay, but i dont even know what the story is beyond the first 4 hours because I skipped every cutscene kek.

But I agree with you about the hollywood-ification of his games. I would rather he and his team come up with original character designs and ideas over whatever actor kojima likes and can get his hands on. He's such a star fucker and definitely peaked in 2004 with mgs3. But I also do feel like he could have produced better games had he been able to hand off the mgs series to someone else earlier. I think having to churn out those games killed a little bit of his creativity

No. 341094

I agree with you 100 percent. Kojima's last good game was MGS3. I'll die on that hill with you.

No. 341097

Sorry to T-bone the discussion with my autism but are there games other than Dark Souls that also do twitchy, "rhythm game" combat based on recognizing enemy patterns? Fighting games are the first thing that comes to mind but those have never really appealed to me. I'm just burnt out on Soulsborne games because I suck at fights with huge bosses specifically. It always feels like I'm fighting the camera and the controls more than the boss itself, whereas with smaller enemies/swarms I don't have that problem. Father Gascoigne is easier for me than say, Cleric Beast, for example.

No. 341103

I'm so tired of failed wannabe film directors getting into games so they can try and make their shitty self-indulgent story. Games are games. The key part is that there's good fun gameplay mixed with an interesting story. I couldn't care less about them putting hyper realistic cutscenes every 15 minutes, showing off pretentious movie "shots" and sucking the dick of some ugly overrated big pedowood actor.

No. 341130

Crypt of the Necrodancer

No. 341140

idk what you mean exactly. just going to suggest some similar games. Hades, Hollow Knight, GUNBRELLA

No. 341190

I never really cared about 3 because of the past setting.
My favorite Kojima game is Zone of the Enders 2. It's a shame we'll probably never get another fast paced robot game like that with a single player story.

Of course the story won't make sense if you skip it all.
Death Stranding has that kind of story that makes no sense at the start but everything gets explained eventually.
I did love the gameplay of it, very novel.

No. 341196

MGS3 is truly his peak and it pisses me off nothing he did after that compared to it. I wonder how much of it was good because other people managed his bad takes. I think he has good ideas but needs someone telling him to cut out dumb shit. I didn't play death stranding yet, but I am not a big fan of the huge cutscenes trend he kept in every game after MGS4. PS2 was such a good era of games overall, there were downsides like making people roam around the map to make the gameplay last longer and sometimes they had wonky controls, but still, most of my favorites games come from that era.

No. 341205

File: 1702274542247.png (437.23 KB, 1601x709, Screenshot 2023-12-10 220311.p…)


No. 341206

I can’t roll my eyes hard enough

No. 341207

i hate kojimas games, following the convo above i also believe mgs3 was his last good work. pt was cringe. death stranding was cringe. OD looks cringe

No. 341209

I watched a playthrough and it should been obvious, the one and only sex scene was just implied and we see nothing. it's too restrained for it to be made by a moid or troon.

No. 341210


No. 341215

incredible contribution

No. 341222

I'm glad nonas here think the same.

I still have to check out DS i suppose, i would never play it and i don't know how good it would be if i just watch it, but if i do it it's just because i like the setting.
I'll probably want to check whatever he's making now too regardless of the tranny but that's just on a visual way, and i hate it when games try to be movies, most of art movies suck anyway.

No. 341585

Started playing Jedi Fallen Order after it was free on PS+ months ago, pretty fun so far.
The story in recent Star Wars stuff can be meh, but the visuals are great.

No. 341613

JFO is a ton of fun in my opinion. I love Cal as a character and we get two great female characters as well. This was the last good SW content I've had in so long. It made me happy

No. 341846

I love the parkour exploration but I am absolutely shit at parrying so I'm glad there's easy modes.
Cere sounded super familiar so had to look it up and she's Savathun, lol and then the 'can you really trust her' stuff got brought up.

No. 341864

Yeah, I played on standard knight mode, but it was still difficult to master the parry technique. I love Cere. I recognized her as Debra Wilson from Mad TV, because I'm an old fag. She's a fantastic addition to SW and this game was better in every way than the garbage ST we got. I hope you enjoy the game, nonnie.

No. 341878

Knight is easy mode, but I did have to switch it down to baby story mode for the ninth sister fight cause I didn't feel like learning the pattern.
But I beat all three Marathon games on Kindergarten difficulty so no shame in it.
That's why I can't get into Dark Souls/Elden Ring. They don't have difficulty levels.

No. 341931

>New Warframe update
Was that just old man yaoi? lol
We better get more info on this Arthur and why 1999 is so important sooner rather than later.

No. 342159

good recommendation non​ny

No. 342727

i bought cyberpunk and i don't enjoy it at all. it's weirdly messy and clunky and it just doesn't engage me. i also don't like that weird first person perspective. ngl i'm just desperate for something to fill the void that is waiting for horizon forbidden west to come to pc… maybe i'll replay hogwarts legacy.

No. 342830

File: 1702758362781.jpg (22.35 KB, 295x338, Fallout_New_Vegas.jpg)

Been playing through New Vegas for the first time, I love it. I like that even for an older game there are so many options and the world feels fully fleshed out compared to a lot of modern RPGs. When the DLC goes on sale on steam I'll be buying all those too. Are the other Fallout games worth it? I've heard some of the later ones in the series are ass.

No. 342877

File: 1702765333553.gif (5.04 MB, 640x360, 1658838367474.gif)

Spoilers for AI The Somnium Files and Nirvana Initiative I guess but I don't really get Saito's motivation to this day. The whole thing about the lack of oxytocin because of his fucked up hypothalamus or pituitary gland making him feel no positive emotion at all isn't hard to believe, the writers should have just made it about him being a psycho in general and having extreme daddy issues. My own hormonal issues caused by the same organs just made me a depressed, perpetually tired womanlet but that's it. I thought the antagonist in Nirvana Initiative was way more believable despite the crazy, forced plot twists about him and the cult. I don't know, maybe I take this a bit too seriously because of my own personal experience even though it's a video game with sci-fi elements.

No. 342907

i love fallout 4 for its atmosphere. and for allowing you to sprint. because of the pace of everything its a chore to explore the other fallout games imo

No. 342922

Fallout 1 is great if you don't mind older rpgs with an isometric perspective. It has some odd design quirks and the story is fairly simple compared to New Vegas, but it's still good and shows you the origins of the NCR, the Brotherhood of Steel, and the Super-mutants.

Fallout 2's graphics and gameplay are mostly the same as Fallout 1, but it's a bigger game with more interesting sidequests and places to explore. If you end up playing it, I recommend using the Fallout Restoration Project mod unless you insist on having a vanilla experience for your first playthrough.

Fallout 3 is the first Fallout game by Bethesda. It introduced the first person shooter gameplay and uses the same engine as New Vegas. It's very detached from the original games and sometimes feels more like a reboot than a sequel, even though it's supposed to take place in the same world. It's still a fun game, and the gameplay is very similar to New Vegas. Just don't expect as much quality in terms of story or world building.

Fallout 4. The shooting gameplay is a big improvement over it's predecessors, but the rpg elements have been dumbed down. It also has a fully voiced protagonist, which a lot of players disliked. The story wasn't great either.

If you're wondering how the games connect to eachother in terms of lore and story, Fallout 1,2 and New Vegas(the games on the west coast) are more directly connected to each other, while 3 and 4 (the east coast games) are mostly their own separate thing.

No. 342999

Pretty sure Knight is normal. Padawan is easy mode.

No. 343057

nah, going by the descriptions it's story/easy/normal/hard, not easy/normal/hard/very hard.
Anyway, can't believe they actually made you play through the Order 66 segment, poor Cal.
Though the serious scenes afterward were kinda dimmed cause I had him wearing the pink poncho.

No. 343092

thank you nonnies! I'll have to check them out in the future

No. 343138

the most fun i've had in a multiplayer in a long time

No. 343194

I feel out of touch but I’m kinda surprised how expensive current video games are, even on used sites it’s rare to find any Switch games for under $35. Besides steam are there ever any good digital sales for consoles games?

No. 343202

>paying money for video games
just pirate everything

No. 343216

PSN has decent sales, but switch as far as I know never does. I remember when BOTW came out and was still full price for years. maybe it was on sale for $5 off. Nintendo is the greediest company. Just pirate all nintendo stuff

No. 343217

File: 1702912838462.jpg (43.44 KB, 615x399, normal-jediknight.jpg)

Jedi Knight is normal difficulty, anon.

No. 343313

The DLCs are absolutely to die for. You won't be disappointed by it. Did you like Veronica at all? She's was my instant wife that game and she's related to a couple of characters in one of the DLCs. I actually modded the game to bring one of the characters back with me kek. They stayed in my base with Veronica and myself slightly awkward as I'd wifed Veronica by this point in my head but idk, we'd make it work. I just felt they deserved to be with each other again. Maybe we're a throuple? I'd be happy to share her with them. Veronica deserved happiness and getting a good ending for her was hard and that story tugged at my heart so bad.
Also the end cards include your choices in the DLC, some characters change their ending depending on what you've done or don't have end cards unless you do a DLC

No. 343922

Depends on what you're into TBH. My main squeezes, SaGa and Falcom, both go on sale across all platforms at steep discounts regularly. I personally don't feel sales are infrequent as a console-only JRPG gamer.

No. 344026

This is a stupid nitpick but I'm wondering if I'm the only one… it's always slightly bugged me that teenagers (in particular older) in games/media are so short. Most boys reach their full adult height at 16 and girls a few years earlier, yet teens tend to be depicted as significantly shorter than the adults. My guess is since the coomers making the games want the adult women to have the faces of teens they needed something to differentiate the two groups

No. 344037

File: 1703181625681.jpg (167.82 KB, 587x1053, LmRRpDm0LAW18Wl.jpg)


No. 344045

I honestly just feel called out, I rarely finish any games (that aren't from my main fandoms) lol

No. 344128

Can't believe I'm saying this, but based twitter.

No. 344138

File: 1703214723880.png (347.64 KB, 900x1400, 1000012796.png)

I love this game, I love the Lisa series, but Dingaling gets on my nerves. Years ago, he tweeted that Lisa (the rape and abuse victim who killed herself to escape the abuse of her pedophile father Marty) was the "worst person in the series". So for years in spaces meant to discuss the Lisa series, I had to watch retarded moid players eat up and parrot this idea that a child victim of abuse and rape was the most morrally corrupt character in the whole game and somehow even worse than her pedo, rapist, child-beating father, blaming the stupid and abusive actions of grown-male characters (like Buzzo) on Lisa, and all just because Dinagling said so. Years after he made that stupid ass comment and let the fandom run with it, it's only THEN that Dingaling came back to twitter and clarify what he even meant: which is that Lisa was the worst CHARACTER, as in he felt that she was the worst WRITTEN. So Dingaling misled all these retarded moid fans of the game into blaming and antagonizing the deceased child victim character for all of the terrible events in the lore and saying that she was worse than Marty (who again, is supposed to be the child rapist), and for no real fucking reason. What gets me about that misunderstanding is how much the fandom took Dingaling's stupid tweet as a fact with no questions asked. These motherfuckers really looked at that tweet and ran with this idea that Lisa (the victim) was truly the worst person in the entire game, even more than Marty (who is the RAPIST). These retards didn't even question how ridiculous that implication is, they just ran with that degenerate, victim-blaming take because Dingaling "said so". But how can I be so surprised? Scrotes are scrotes, so they're gonna think like a scrote (AKA using an ungodly amount of mental gymnastics to victim-blame a literal child character and make her seem more evil than a fat fucking pedophilic rapist). It was a big twitter misunderstanding, but it almost feels like some kind of thought experiment that only pushed my man-hate button.

No. 344140

The LISA games were alright but definitive proof that dingaling is a retard. its funny how a moid can make a story about the last woman on earth in a apocalypse rife with rapist men and he makes the entire story about muh father trauma muh im a bad father muh addiction. anyway men are narcissistic and cant bare any subject not being centered on their fail-maleness

No. 344162

File: 1703225089438.jpg (69.12 KB, 550x825, b42a8f0b811c893eb4b7be14105fba…)

Now that you mention it, The Painful part of the series is ironic. The first character we're introduced to in the series is Lisa: a young girl with gardening hobby, a morbid mind, and a thirst for freedom due to the abuse her father places on her. Then we get to Painful, and we learn that a wildly curious, intelligent but violent girl named Buddy is the only female left in a post-apocalyptic world after a strange event called The White Flash takes place. And despite the significance of Lisa being the first protagonist, with Buddy ending up the last girl alive; Dingaling still found a way to make The Painful (AKA the most popular and longest Lisa game) focused more on some thrown in older brother named Brad than either of the two girls, who are the most lore-important characters inside the game. Now I'm fantasizing on what Lisa the Painful and what Lisa the Joyful would look like if Dingaling stayed focused on fleshing out Lisa and Buddy, and not having the gameplay centered around Brad's journey.

No. 344167

i don't know, he probably wouldn't be able to pull it off if he's a moid. maybe it's a good thing when men stick to writing about men.

No. 344194

File: 1703242077174.jpg (139.81 KB, 1267x713, CozyWorld_DoWhatYouLove.jpg)

two threads ago an anon mentioned palia and i finally got around to checking it out yesterday. so far i'm enjoying it! is anyone else playing?

No. 344200

A ton of people play games once and never touch them again, you can see it when you look at any achievements list, the percentage difference between the first two story achievements is generally pretty big.

No. 344208

as a fan of the series i'm not really sure where this hatred is coming from. while yes he made a mistake with the original tweet, that was MANY years ago and dingaling has since faced accusations from the worst of his own fanbase that he's a faggot cuck sjw for retweeting and saying stuff that doesn't align with that exact mindset. i also think joyful was a great exploration of buddy's character, and i have to agree with him that lisa herself is terribly written. also not sure how you guys missed that brad is also a victim of rape and abuse from marty just the same? like the other anon said, dingaling clearly feels more comfortable writing male characters and probably avoided fleshing out lisa because he realized her entire character sucked the way he wrote her.

No. 344214

I never understood the hype for these games. Pure shock value and gratuitous suffering.

No. 344227

What? No way girls reach full adult height at 14. I was still growing at 20.

No. 344229

>still growing at 20
You're like one in 100 million, nona. Vast majority of girls are done by 14-16. Some even earlier, I stopped growing at 12

No. 344278

Gd I hate Destiny Exotic missions, if you're gonna make me do it for the seasonal story don't make it so damn hard. I don't wanna LFG.

No. 344288

the dlc of buddy felt like a shoe-in to me. its short and rushed as fuck. there's charm in his actual game development but literally all his writing is fabricating grimdark backstories to give his male characters "depth" and treating female characters like trash to develop his little moid faildarlings. also he IS a cuck sjw because he thinks trannies are women.

No. 344289

>he thinks transwomen are women
I think I saw a tweet like that from Dingaling too. Didn't some tranny ask him about trans characters in the game, and Dingaling said that "transmen" can survive the flash? It's such an obvious catering to the troons because how the fuck would that even work in The Flash? The point of The Flash is that it killed 99.9% of all living women and girls. But apparently biological women can survive The Flash if they're mentally ill enough to think they're men? That doesn't even make any sense, Dingaling is slow.

No. 344292

that's dumb but i still love the games

No. 344362

kek same, I reached my full/adult height at around 19, but I'm also tall lmao. All my short female friends pretty much stopped at 12, and yeah the average or lesser-talls stopped at 14-16.

As for the depiction in games >>344026 I think it's just an awkward visual shorthand for age, as stupid as that sounds when you actually think about it. People will relate height to maturity, so I guess it made sense back in the day to have teenage sprites just be in between the adult and child character ones, and that's carried over even into more modern games.

No. 344474

File: 1703392113966.gif (242.51 KB, 660x642, 1703280852232.gif)

I wish we could do some kind of gifting thread here for nonnas like /v/ does.

No. 344653

Is Paranormasight good? Please no spoilers, just give me your overall impression of that game, I'm considering getting it because it seems like a murder mystery adventure game/visual novel.

No. 344686

Personally I really liked it. If you like folklore, legends and simple investigating games you may like it. Also it's more paranormal horror than normal murder mystery since there is a lot of occult, black magic and onmyodo. Also whole concept is based on legends tied with Kinshibori.

No. 344699

generally the bone's growth plates will be fully fused approximately two years after menstruation begins and most girls start their periods young now (about 12) so yeah, tons of girls will be at their full height by 14.

No. 344701

Sounds like something I would enjoy a lot, I'll order a copy then.

No. 344703

huh, makes sense. didn't get mine til I was 15-16, so unsurprising everything else took its sweet time to be done with kek.

Back on-topic though, what's a game with a world that you really enjoyed exploring/milling about in (as well as/even instead of enjoyed actually playing the main campaign/storyline)? Need something to get lost in rn, but that doesn't have too many obligations either

No. 344775

Doing some Christmas shopping for myself on the PlayStation store sale. I have a few questions.
Games that are on sale and that interest me:
>resident evil 4
First of all, bg3 ps5 players, is the game still unplayable and a buggy mess? I remember people saying act 3 had been broken for months on ps5. Secondly, in what order should I play resident evil? Can I start with 4 since it’s on sale?

No. 344795

File: 1703545071723.jpg (441.82 KB, 1000x1000, Ashleyg.jpg)

I would recommend the Resident evil 1 remake first, but 4 is a fine place to start too.
4's plot is sort of disconnected from the other RE games, so you don't really need to know much lore going into it.

No. 344798

I'm pretty sure all RE are on sale? You can play any of them, if you care about the story you can start with re1 remake, but if you don't care you can start with the recent remakes or village. Their gameplay are more welcoming to people not used to fixed cameras like in re1

No. 344805

Okay thank you nonas! I do care about the story so I should probably buy the first one then. From what I can see only 4 is on sale though.

No. 344941

File: 1703616555193.jpg (12.49 KB, 379x109, 959834958345.JPG)

Why do people say this about Slay the princess, it's the most generic premise that's been made so many times with loads of pretentious 2deep4u dialogue that drags on and uninspired rehashed lovecraftian horror, you can predict every single "twist" a mile away. I guess if it's baby's first philosophical body horror VN it's mindblowing but for someone who's seen this done so many times it's fine and there's nothing really fundamentally wrong with it I think, but a masterpiece? What the fuck. Maybe I'm just getting old. The horror genre is just getting gentrified so hard.

No. 344942

i immediately wrote this game off the second i saw it. yawn zzz boring

No. 344945

It's fine, pretty standard meta blah blah good voice acting but it's not gonna be remembered.

No. 345308

Finally got around to Soma after it was on PS+ ages ago.
Remembered why I don't play horror games it's completely different from watching someone else. How do people enjoy being stressed like that, I always get too immersed.
Poor idiot Simon.

No. 345355

File: 1703772588362.png (2.72 MB, 3840x2160, vlcsnap-2023-10-06-16h53m31s60…)

Any VR multiplayer recommendations? My BF got me a Meta Quest for Xmas and I want something fun to play with him. I'd prefer something without guns.

No. 345411

the "why thing i like is a masterpiece" genre of youtube videos needs to die. I bet this video has a constant lofi soundtrack playing and a vhs filter, and at some point the youtuber will go on a jargon about how depraved modern society is and how some sort of ism has made us selfish which affects how we play video game I feel like whenever a meta visual novel is released everyone rushes to call it innovative.
>The horror genre is just getting gentrified so hard.
it's because horror games streams are popular amongst children. Horror devs are designing their games so they are entertaining on stream

No. 345441

File: 1703813322475.jpg (169.58 KB, 1197x628, Untitled.jpg)

does anyone else play outlast trials? this game makes me kinda horny ngl

No. 345442

soma to me was disturbing on a level i've never felt with another horror game. i thought it would just be typical sci-fi horror and did not expect the level of body horror and existential horror we got. it bothered me so intensely i'll never play it again

No. 345482

tbf, soma is particularly atmospheric and intense. also the story and thought experiment was well played out so it added a layer of existentialism. I like the less "scary" to play horror games to play myself but otherwise enjoy watching others play them cause I find horror typically dives into deeper topics and themes than most games tend to

No. 345657

The whole you were playing as a dead body the entire time and what the AI was doing were freaky, but It's a copy not a transfer is something I've seen before so it wasn't that creepy to me. I would've let copy Simon live if he wasn't gonna be trapped in a post apocalyptic hellscape.

I don't usually play horror cause I'm not interested in supernatural stuff or serial killers.
I think it was really mostly scary because you can't fight back, playing on that safe mode they added seems like it defeats the purpose though.

No. 345664

File: 1703903471942.jpg (94.61 KB, 640x854, Njc3OTAtNTIuanBn.jpg)

No idea how it would work for Soma but I played Amnesia: Rebirth using it and probably wouldn't have been able to otherwise. I enjoyed it for the story even if it had a little bit of a generic female character arc and some issues. I liked that since I wasn't worried about monsters I could explore every inch of the world and read all the notes and things, they also gave extra matches which was nice. Some of the environments were super cool so I liked going around exploring.
The developers do atmosphere really well so I still felt on edge even if I knew nothing was gonna kill my character. There were enough scares about and (mild vague spoiler) a scripted scene where a monster spots you and then runs up and grabs you which scared the piss out of me among others so I think they had enough to keep you scared and engaged but feel safe. This game had the safe mode in mind from the start so they created puzzles to replace some monster scenes. I found that one out cause I was stumped at the first one and the walkthroughs all told me a monster was going to chase me through what was an empty closet and a brick wall to me kek. But in their defense I didn't get stumped anywhere else and progression was smooth so it felt like it was properly built up. And the solution to the first puzzle is obvious if you remember you're able to move most things in the world unlike most games so fair enough.
Of course, you can also chose to totally ruin the atmosphere with it but there are sections where you have to sneak around monsters and if you didn't know they wouldn't aggro you, you'd sneak carefully and it makes lore sense why in doing so they'd ignore or miss you so it doesn't break immersion at all. Or you can run into them a few times to ease the fear. I don't think you can do this for boss fights though, didn't try myself. I ran into the monsters once midway through cause I wasn't sure if the safe mode was working as I didn't think I'd be seeing them out and about and started getting progressively scared kek.
I'm so bad playing horror but I love reading it so I put myself through some games. I'm basic so I've replayed Silent Hill 1-3 multiple times and love them to death. Speaking of, I'm going to have to play the HD fan remaster soon of Silent Hill 2. Has anyone tired it yet? I hope it's not too buggy. What makes me kek is that among Silent Hill fans I don't think I've heard anyone play the remake, only excited about the fan remaster. Fair considering what happened last remake and Konami itself.

No. 345955

does anyone else sometimes get torn about vg remakes and which one to play? I recently got into a horror dungeon crawler for ps1. however, I found out it has a remake for ps2. the atmosphere is butchered, but it seems like it puts more explicit emphasis on the story which is a huge plus. Now I'm kind of annoyed with myself for caring. I know I probably would have had a similar experience either ways.

No. 346076

File: 1704143150476.jpg (Spoiler Image,218.49 KB, 1920x1080, 1000013065.jpg)

So to everybody else who played Lisa the Joyful…do you have ANY guesses on wtf this ending was supposed to mean?

No. 346125

File: 1704159768991.jpg (175.81 KB, 821x600, Baroque_ Yuganda Mousou-03.jpg)

I'm a little torn on remakes. On one hand, they're a way for younger players to discover old games that would otherwise be lost to the past. On the other hand, some remakes differ so much from the originals(like most of the Resident Evil remakes) that they're basically different games, so they just bury the originals even more without actually providing a good replacement for them.
By the way, were you talking about Baroque?

No. 346146

No. 346253

Yep! I'm surprised you guessed right. I decided to try both and completed a run on hard mode in the remake (for some reason it still felt easier? also the lock-on mechanic is completely useless imo) immediately. I'm now sure I prefer the original and how it tells the story. And I agree. I usually ignore remakes altogether but seeing how much was lost in transit for Baroque stings for some reason? It's weird.

No. 346315

Rediscovered Princess Maker 2, do nonnies have any recommendations for similar games? I don’t necessarily want to play the other games in the series (unless they’re substantially different) and I’m open to emulate as well

No. 346316

Keep talking and nobody explodes - it’s a co-op game by design so might be fun with your bf

No. 346318

Is it worth getting the switch for a game like Just Dance? I'm trying to motivate my mother to lose weight and exercise more. I'm looking for a game that both of us can play so I can force her to actually move kek. Her knees are also pretty weak, if any of you have any recommendations where it's mostly moving your arms instead of your whole body like legs ect

No. 346323

If it's just for Just Dance I would get a Wii instead (just get rechargable batteries). Both the console and games are way cheaper, plus they have released more JD games on Wii than Switch.
Though I cant give recomendations from the top of my head, the Wii has more games were you move your arms/remote since it was the console's main gimmick as well.

No. 346326

there is a mobile version of Just Dance called Just Dance Now that doesn't require a console. Though I think you need to pay for each individual song? They have some songs for free though so you can try them out and see if you like it.
Otherwise I agree with >>346323 that you should get a Wii instead of a Switch. They are easy to find cheap

No. 346350

File: 1704297293583.gif (242.45 KB, 220x123, 1000013103.gif)

I want to beat the person who made an Omori meme where every single RPG protagonist (including Madotsuki) were in a circle and with arrows all pointing to Sunny in the goddamn middle, as if fucking Omori was the perfect amalgam of every single RPG. This is the most online-opinion I have, but I want to bully zoomers who treat Omori like it's the king and queen of all RPGs, even though it's the newest and probably the shittiest one (lore-wise). You know how Undertalefags liked to take RPG-styled games that came out ten or twenty years before and judge them based on Undertale and treated Undertale like the God of RPGs? Well now Omorifags are doing it, and I want to stomp on an Omori cartridge.

No. 346356

Kek is it any surprise? Omori has all these FLASHING COLORS and all those NOISES and Yume Nikki is… quiet requires patience… you really think their little zoomie brains can take that?
Nah but real talk, it hurts when you consider that Omori and UT both descend from Earthbound, which is far superior to both

No. 346371

File: 1704307863025.png (10.63 KB, 629x467, cog2.png)

If Mother was remade with Mother 3's combat mechanics it would blow all these clones out of the water. I will give Yume Nikki props for being so strange and esoteric though.
Mother: Cognitive Dissonance is my favorite of the Earthbound "clones" though unfortunately it hasn't aged well because the creator had to fight with RPG Maker every step of the way to get it to do a fraction of what he wanted.

No. 346372

File: 1704308845725.png (345.39 KB, 500x720, z7homjmksx4x.png)

I agree that Omori is overrated but I also have a hard time getting mad about it because most of its fans are literal children… I remember being 12 and thinking undertale was the best and ~deepest~ game of all time (it was my first rpg) but then I started playing the Mother series and my opinion quickly changed kek. I'm excited for those omori kids to one day play the game their fave is a derivative of and get their minds blown

No. 346373

late but try gorilla tag

No. 346377

>12 when undertale came out
Man I don't even mean this in a negative way but I feel old kek

No. 346382

Earthbound and Castlevania are some games that always made me curious but i feel like such a retard for enjoying only action games mostly. Disco Elysium and Animal Crossing are the only non-action games i've enjoyed that come to my mind.

No. 346393

File: 1704319018644.png (301.83 KB, 553x347, pingoo.png)

i have successfully managed to emulate wii on my pc but what i really want is playstation 2 and i don't understand how to do it. anyone here have ps2 emulator and can give tips/tut? sry for spoonfeeding request

No. 346395

Thanks these looks pretty fun!
I played a little bit of VRChat too. It seems to be mostly furries and zoomers screaming slurs in public lobbies. I did find some pretty worlds though. I like the one with the ducks. I think I'm going to stick to private worlds though.

No. 346399

Debating on whether to get a Steam Deck OLED or wait for a new Nintendo console

No. 346403

I would get the Steam Deck. Many more games and Ryujinx can emulate the current Switch with better graphics than the Switch can run. Even if the rumours are true and the Switch 2 is coming out in October it's going to be a year or two before it's got a good enough library before I would consider a purchase.

No. 346409

File: 1704324680885.png (Spoiler Image,322.68 KB, 1844x894, leshy.png)

Has anyone here played Inscryption? I got it over the holidays and loved it. I thought it was going to be a zoomer horror game but it was really fun. The ending got me pretty teary. I'm going to get The Hex next.

No. 346420

Kek same. I was shocked reading "12"

No. 346423

File: 1704330911707.jpg (909.19 KB, 2010x1086, spirited_away_05.jpg)

I was halfway through college when I played Undertale. I feel like some wise old crone reading this.

No. 346429

Get a Wii or Wii U and jailbreak it and download all the games for it lol. Honestly switches are so expensive and the Wii era has so many exercise based games and things
If you got Wii emulation going ps2 emulation should be a breeze. I've been using this one for almost a decade now.
This is the guide:

No. 346450

Act 1 was amazing. Everything after that was boring and needless and destroyed immersion. It takes you out of the atmosphere of trying to escape this cards-obsessed old man in a dingy gothic cabin setting, for what? To titillate the players into exploring the dev's retarded Hitler corpse ARG? Spoilers but even if you don't look into the ARG, it's stupid that the game characters are akshually alive, and I'm also personally offended that P03 is such a huge part of the plot at all when he was the most annoying piece of shit character in the history of annoying piece of shit characters. The entire vibe gets thrown out the window and I don't think Kaycee's mod makes up for it at all. But the gameplay was good so eh.

No. 346476

File: 1704356005794.png (307.55 KB, 520x687, fishonacci.png)

The silly fish was voiced by Astarion's VA all along!? lol, why you splurging on that DE. Arthur's 3 lines were from the MC of FF16 too.
I've only heard him in Detroit and RE.

No. 346488

Kek who is this?

No. 346502

It depends on what games you want to play, both consoles have very little overlap. It's like wondering if you should get an air fryer or a bread maker.

No. 346512

File: 1704382073073.jpg (92.92 KB, 1200x630, fear-and-hunger-1.jpg)

I'm a sucker for dark fantasy. I would've LOVED Fear And Hunger if it didn't have a tranny sidestory and if 50% of the enemies didn't have their dicks out. Tfw there's so much cock in the game that even one of it's "girls" has one…
Just like with the manga Berkerk, moids can't write dark fantasy without rapeyfying it to hell and back. I'm not even gonna bother with this game.

No. 346521

Tbh anything sex related is part of the horror to me, show me an open ribcage and i'd be less disgusted than seeing a dick kek.
Anyway i get you, i didn't finish the first game yet but from what i know the tranny is only in the second one? Then i think there are mods to hide the dick content but ofc that doesn't change that you're playing a game made by a person that wanted to put those things in so i would totally understand not wanting to play it at all.
Something that i don't get is also the artstyle, i like it overall but it's so inconsistent sometimes.

No. 346523

This, I stopped playing after the rape, like what even was the fucking point and knowing there was a troon in the second game just ruined all interest, such a shame for decent art tbh.

No. 346524

I've had multiple people tell me to finish the first game because of the deep lore but I won't. I am not a fan of the gameplay or the constant dicks flapping out for Harambe dudes. I hate that there's a tranny in the next game that people fail to realize that he was forced to be a girl, but trannies love that forced feminization fetish shit.

No. 346525

I've been playing the first one and not gonna lie, I like when the cute boy gets raped.

No. 346530

based nonna

No. 346537

File: 1704394223609.jpg (155.13 KB, 1024x1024, persona-2-button-1642751318281…)

Atlus anons, should I play Persona 1 and 2? I've played 3 and 4, but I genuinely couldn't stand another high school game by the time I tried playing 5. Are persona 1 and 2 like the other games? Should I just play SMT?

No. 346541

This game looks interesting. Is it as good as it looks?

No. 346542

File: 1704398273800.png (855.48 KB, 1071x1608, 113372811_p0.png)

they're nothing like the other games. highly recommend 2IS and 2EP, 1 isn't bad either I liked it more than 4 and 5.

for smt, I can recommend 2 (best), 3, dds 1 and 2, soul hackers 1, and the devil survivor games if you want a bit of a change of pace.

No. 346544

I haven't played this game but I've seen the character in the pic before and every time I just can't take her seriously with the big pink hearts on her tits kek. They day the smt guy is a good designer but damn

No. 346548

I enjoyed P1 and P2 lots, they're very different from P3-5. The P2 duology is the one that stays away from HS the most (it starts off at a school, but branches out later. EP has an adult cast), but P1 barely has any HS stuff either; they're full-on RPGs instead of the social sim/RPG mix from 3-5.
Playing P1 made my experience with P2 more fun (specially for EP), so if you don't mind the 1st person dugneon crawler gameplay I recomend playing it before P2.

I'm not a fan of main line SMT (gameplay itself is fun, but I guess I'm too used to text-heavy games, I need lots of story/interaction between characters to keep me engaged), but I like their spin-offs. Right now I'm playing Devil Survivor and loving it despite my hatred over SRPGs.

No. 346549

Fibonacci a character from the new Warframe update. Yes it's a talking fish.

No. 346560

The old Persona games are worth playing, for P2 I would just check if it’s possible to speed up the gameplay on an emulator, the battles are fairly slow compared to other JRPGs. It didn’t bother me, personally. If you want to play other Megaten games without high school protagonists there’s Digital Devil Saga and Strange Journey.

No. 346571

File: 1704408669513.jpg (88.5 KB, 685x846, fear2.jpg)

The sequel is better and tones down the SA stuff massively. It's also more it's own thing rather than just lifting 70% of stuff from Berserk. It doesn't require a guide open constantly to make any progress. I only played about 2 hours into Fear 1 but I wasn't lost plot wise in Fear 2, it takes place a couple hundred years after the first.

No. 346578

Yeah I get that about Act 2 and Act 3. I get that it's supposed to be bad or annoying on purpose to do commentary. That doesn't make it fun. I liked Kaycee's mod. It let the developer go full ham with the mechanics.

No. 346638

Strange Journey is really great, I loved how atmospheric and unique it felt. I also didn't want to play another Atlus game with a HS protag, and that was how I ended up with SJ as my first SMT. So I can definitely second the recommendation for it.

No. 346639

File: 1704432691885.png (127.65 KB, 661x496, IMG_0507.png)

Baroque is a Sting game, so its gameplay is hostile, byzantine, and sort of a menu hell. But it has a passionate cult following for a reason, and I definitely recommend at least trying it if you can to see if its your speed.

No. 346661

I don't see much of the point of the game when all everyone does is see walkthroughs because its either that or not getting anywhere ever.

I like the aesthetic but the game sucks tbh.

No. 346690

>sequel tones down the SA stuff
>not lifting 70% of stuff from berserk
Doesn't sound like an improvement to me! But anyway, almost 6 hours into the first game and I haven't used any guides yet but I am slowly but surely making 'progress' but will probably end up failing anyway. My character has no legs anymore, for one.
I don't understand how people aren't getting anywhere? Maybe I'm not at that point in the game yet where I need a walkthrough. I'm just about to go into the dark underground cave area. I've been in it before but I wasn't ready. I know there's a mine to go into.

No. 346715

File: 1704469228972.png (1.26 MB, 726x2247, Kazuya_render.png)

Even when SMT protagonists are high school students, it's usually easily ignored. For example,in SMT1 the protagonist is technically a high school student, but we never see him go to school or hang out with his friends. Similarly, the SMT Nocturne protagonist being a student is only relevant for the first 30 minutes of the game before everything goes nuts.

No. 346722

File: 1704472405894.png (1.15 MB, 720x1269, IMG_20240102_201057.png)

It's going to rob me all out of my info and purchase nfts in my name right

No. 346744

File: 1704483925577.jpg (86.22 KB, 466x659, images.jpeg-52.jpg)

Has any nonnie played this game yer? I was quite suprised the mcs name is the same as our boardtan. Really loved how pretty the game is! And surprisingly the retro anime style isn't too ugly as well.havent cleared all the endings yet!

No. 346754

I'm playing it right now nonnie and I've been liking it so far! The 90s aesthetics is appealing to me plus the yuri romance. I've been avoiding spoilers of the game but apparently some of the bad endings made yurifags seethe kek so looking forward to see what that's about

No. 346757

I'll probably get on it soon! Just finished up with Baroque and still have a few others on my plate.
Oh no, does it involve a forced marriage to a man or something (asking someone who has finished it)? Truly a nightmare
To be fair doesn't that one have a tapestry of other references/inspirations?

No. 346760

>To be fair doesn't that one have a tapestry of other references/inspirations?
It mixes it up a lot more. Like Termina and the moon is obvious but they got semi obscure horror like Needles the clown being lifted from Terrifier. I don't mind mix and matching things from other media otherwise we'd have nothing because pretty much everything's been done. Off the top of my head
>Knight is Casca
>Barbarian is Guts
>L'garde is Griffith (this is the most blatant)
>Tortur is the guy who tortured Griffith
>Thorn armour is the Berserker armour
>Nas'hrah is Ganishka
>The whole dungeon feels like Qliphoth
Some things get a really cool twist. I love the stuff about Alll-Mer and Jesus lore but first one leaned far too hard on Berserk. I do think Fear 3 will be really great however I'm worried with the Logic ending it's going to have to go cyberpunk.

No. 346761

I could get to the third or fourth level without guides but after that I kept getting stomped. I get that's it's supposed to be punishing and I don't hate it for that but hiding mechanics for status effects behind books that may or may not spawn is frustrating. Then again I'm the fool who spent the first 30 mins trying to fight the dogs at spawn.

No. 346800

Kek it plays lots of ads and you have to buy recipes. Don’t recommend it

No. 346802

>almost 6 hours into the first game and I haven't used any guides yet but I am slowly but surely making 'progress
Trust me, you are missing like 90% of things. It really is that cryptic, and is one of those games with several endings that depend of specific things you need to do.

No. 346871

I wish I was good enough at games to actually play Ghostrunner.
I love the concept and the MC.

No. 346877

nonnies can anyone recommend a good strategic war game based on history for a noob looking to sink time? as a kid i always wanted to play age of empires but now i'm not sure which one to start with or if there's anything better

No. 346879

Thanks, you all convinced me. I'll check them out. I don't mind the characters being in highschool, the highschool gameplay of answering trivia, calendar schedule and dating sim is what I'm not in the mood for. If they are mostly dungeon focused then it's ideal for me.

No. 346893

AoE 2 is a good starting point! The single-player campaigns are based off of real events, has a Joan of Arc campaign too. There's an autistic competitive scene still to this day, which is mildly amusing to watch.
The original Rome Total War is good too, look up some clips of gameplay, it's got RTS battles and then a civ-esque map management of your settlements/army units etc. Has a mode where you fight actual historical battles, which might interest you too.
Hope this helps nona!

No. 346901

Yeah none of the other games have that. P2 has a system where you can change in-game stuff with different conversations about rumors and that’s it.

No. 346903

File: 1704561927366.jpg (78.95 KB, 850x1061, __marina_and_samarie_fear_hung…)

difference being omori and undertale suck shit while the other games that paved the way for them to exist are good

except you have to deal with the fact that there's a tranny mc and a female character is obsessed with him for some reason and the fandom and creator all adore him and act like hes the best character ever made

No. 346905

File: 1704562512316.png (13.13 KB, 512x448, 1_LoecjpideFEN_qSwBBCQ6g.png)

video games are supposed to be fun anon, if you like action games keep playing action games. Not familiar with Castlevania, but Earthbound is very fun and laid back. Some of the fights can be challenging if you arent used to turn based combat but if youre curious check it out! both are easy to emulate

No. 346906

this might have been discussed already, but is anyone getting the upcoming tomb raider 1-3 remasters? i'm typically very negative toward remasters and remakes of any kind (the only game that really needs one is the sims 3) but i am also a lifelong tomb raider fan and grew up with 1-4 as well as angel of darkness, legend, anniversary and underworld. i loved anniversary so i'm kind of sad that they're not making remakes of the same kind for 2 and 3 instead of just remastering the first 3. i might get them anyway, but idk if it'll even that feel nostalgic with the graphic changes. i don't mind the look of "bad" graphics at all and consider it part of the charm in old games, but i guess some of the areas esp in tr1 and 2 would be very grating for my eyes now that i'm an adult.
in general, i wish more companies would just port their old games for new consoles instead of remastering or remaking them. i was so mad when the demon's souls remake came out because the original is so good and beautiful and every fromsoft rerelease of any kind always sucks ass. i'm also really pissed about the witcher 1 remake because that game is also nostalgic and perfect to me even with all the bugs. i am a turbo hater of triple A graphics and gameplay and all the retarded gamur guyz who liked witcher 3 so i am dreading the release.

No. 346923

a lot of so-called "remasters" are just crappy ports tbqh
something between 2 and 3 with elements from both would be ideal imo but electronic sharts just can't anymore

No. 346941

File: 1704578168400.jpg (135.25 KB, 413x519, 1704572495585.jpg)

why does everyone want to fuck this creature

No. 346945

Everyone else in the game looks worse I guess

No. 346956

There's like 9 MCs. You can just pick someone else and completely avoid that plot. Even then he's basically like Bridget from Guilty Gear forced in troonism by his family. No ones saying he's heckin valid in the game.

No. 346958

Do you get used to the switch feeling heavy to hold with sort of awkwardly small buttons or is this just how it us

No. 346960

It wouldn't be a mystery if you've actually played the game.

No. 346961

No, the Switch lite feels way better for me after switching over though.

No. 346965

File: 1704587268120.png (966.9 KB, 1200x938, 1200-2049421865.png)

Just a shitty Baeloth. Then again, you can't fuck Baeloth.

No. 346977

looks like a bogged gay magician post twink death so i guess he fits the tumblr sexymen criteria

No. 346984

why are omori and undertale very bad compared to other RPG maker type games? I grew up playing all the games they were inspired by, and more, I didn't really see anything that was consistently terrible. I can think of a few other recent RPG maker games that seem worse in design, gameplay, etc, but never are mentioned.

No. 347007

Nta but i couldn't stand undertale. Its like the game congratulates itself for being so quirky and just felt cringe. Haven't played Omori but it exudes "woe is me" vibes

For the purely dungeon crawling experience you should honestly give Nocturne or SMT IV a try. Soul hackers is also really fun spin off

I havent gotten into this game because the entire discussion around it is so horny. Its been off putting tbh.

No. 347012

you fucking nerds made me never want to play shoving your ugly old man thirst everywhere(infighting)

No. 347028

nta but I also felt the same way until I played the game. I was surprised by how much het women seemed to like him because he seemed so gay to me but his backstory is pretty woman-coded so he’s relatable, while also being an edgy sexy vampire of course

No. 347044

Don't play then. And keep seething.
Same. I was confused about all the love he was getting online. I disliked him in the beginning of the game too, but eventually I began to enjoy him and look forward to every interaction.

No. 347051

Nonnie…you should've scrolled up. Its mentioned here before

No. 347052

I've only ctrl+fed the name, this is embarassing, thanks lmao

No. 347054

women have suffered years of goverment mandated psyop to develop a terrible taste in husbando

No. 347073

can you let this joke die? just say he's ugly like the rest of us

No. 347074

File: 1704632661006.gif (1.6 MB, 200x200, IMG_2668.gif)

Same. At first I thought he was too flamboyant and wondered if it was gendies hyping him up or something. But playing the game and getting to know his story makes it very obvious why he’s loved by women. He’s the tortured prince trope in every romance novel kek.

No. 347157

does it hurt to know how much your taste sucks?(infighting)

No. 347189

i want to play bg3 but i dont have a laptop that can handle it

No. 347198

File: 1704681123914.jpg (292.65 KB, 1916x1080, peekaboo.jpg)

>"your taste sucks"
>unironically wants to fuck this curdled old faggot
>only other people on earth who like him are the same tumblr aidens who want to fuck Harry from disco elysium and tf2 characters
anon pls(infighting)

No. 347201

sorry anon i misread and thought you were against the anon who called him hideous. i hate astarion

No. 347203

that's a terminally online lie. I was so-so on Astarion at first based off looks like some others here, but his story made me like him relatively more than most other western RPG love interests. I exclusively like beautiful, young anime men, or characters in books otherwise. also I don't understand why you want more pictures/discussions of him if you hate him so much.

No. 347204

>you want more pictures/discussions of him
and when did I say that, old man fucker? all I ever said was the "government psyop ecksdee" anon needs to let their unfunny joke die. it wasn't even funny the first time.

>terminally online lie

he was fucking written by one of them, nony. cope. point me to these normie women playing bg3 that definitely definitely 100% do exist.

No. 347209

hi nonnies! Can I get some recommendations for co-op games about going on an adventure? I've been struggling lately to find some. my friend suggested RDRO 2 online but it seems boring.
you're the one that posted the busted pic of him, most of us here don't even like the way he looks. do you have a game you like that you'd like to talk about instead?

No. 347210

I don't know anything about this guy but I loved calling him "that gay man women are obsessed with" in front of Aiden acquaintances who don't know I know they love him and seeing how insecure it made them.

No. 347215

>he was fucking written by one of them
If it bothers you that writers for video games are terminally online then what games can you even play without seething?(infighting)

No. 347216

>Can I get some recommendations for co-op games about going on an adventure?
grounded is pretty unique and comfy, i liked it a lot but my adhd zoomie moid friend dropped it and had to stop playing because i couldnt find a partner

No. 347217

nta but i miss the days when videogame writters werent gendies. The only alternative is japanese games or old games.

No. 347218

tell that to the anon who was trying to convince herself that that gendie-made gendie sexyman somehow belongs to normie women and the real terminally online ones are those who think otherwise, idiot. I don't care.

No. 347221

that was in reference to you saying all people that at all like him are tumblr ftms that like ugly men like Harry. his looks are a L enough for me to not be a fan nor want to sleep with him, but I liked his arc. I wasn't arguing that people into him are normies.
actually I remember that one! I'll give it a go, thank you nonny. I'm sorry you lost your partner tho.
I strongly suspect she doesn't care that much about games.

No. 347227

>no true gamer would booly me
anon pls(1)

No. 347231

so you are a gamer? that's cool, just wish you talked more about what you like.

No. 347238

Me too anon. I love Astarion and I've never been into tumblr shit or gendie shit, and my type has always been bishounen game characters. What a crime it is to like an unconventional character based on his story. The anons that hate him discuss him more than his fans do kek.

No. 347260

I need to know if anyone here played AI Nirvana Initiative because it's so badly written I want to complain about it but people on social media seem to love everything I hated about it.

No. 347278

That's a shame to hear, I still haven't played it (waiting to get an actual console, I'm tired of how bad the Switch runs) but I liked the original game lots. While the story was a 5/10, I loved the characters and that made playing it very enjoyable. Planned to get AiNi since Mizuki ended being my favorite character in the original and she didn't have too much screentime on it & I like Tama from what I know about her.

No. 347289

I'm sick of seeing this ugly ass moid but I'm even sicker of you for bringing him up in this thread and restarting this retarded debate over BG3 love interests that we've already had countless times. There's a dedicated BG3 containment thread for a reason and nobody here would have had to see more of him ITT if you had half a brain.

No. 347292

Astarion is not unconventional, just completely devoid of sexuality and sensuality.

No. 347295

They hated anon because she told them the truth
That being said, nice nipples. The texture looks so real

No. 347309

Some anons here put way too much importance on the fuckability of the characters to deem a game playable or not, this is kinda lame.

No. 347314

Nah. Men just always get something nice to look at, even if it's unrealistic female characters. Women used to get better looking male characters. but lately these hyper realistic uggos are all we get. Female gamers have a right to complain. The old man psy-op is real.

No. 347315

NTA but agreed. I wish they'd make a separate thread for complaining about this shit.

No. 347317

They're so stubborn they're missing out on one of the highest quality games of the decade just because they think Astarion is ugly. Don't tell them about mods.

No. 347319

No. 347323

What pisses me off about BG3 is that in contrast to this, every female character is wearing a full face of makeup conforming with conventional beauty standards. Jesus christ

No. 347330

I played both on the Switch actually. I really enjoy playing adventure games and VNs on handhelds, it's super comfortable, especially in bed a before going to sleep. I also had no clue if my laptop could run them to begin with. I liked the first story a lot too, and the issues I have with Nirvana Initiative is that it's trying very hard to be a standalone title so you can play it without playing the first game… in theory and at the very beginning you're even asked a few things about what happens at the end of the first game to remove some lines that could potentially be huge spoilers. I think that was a bad idea, no spoilers in my post but feel free to ignore what's next if you're worried about that. But it's like the devs thought that made some people couldn't possible be able to play the first game before getting this one as if it were released 15 years ago on an obsolete console with no online store. Even Ace Attorney didn't give a shit about that when it was released on the GBA and then on the DS.

Some importants plot twists contradict some important stuff from the first game and the big plot twist was dumb as fuck. It didn't make me go "omg everything makes so much sense now!" like in the first game, it made me go "uh, that's it? why??" and there were too many actions scenes to the point it got annoying as hell, but at least it's done with mocap this time because the fist fight between Saito and Date at the end of the first game looked goody as hell. There are enough things I loved about the game to not make me regret playing it but still. I really loved Ryuki and Tama at the very least and I won't say who else because again, spoilers. But if you want to see what Tama is like I can still recommend it because she's hilarious and it seems to often be on sales anyway.

Now, for real spoilers I loved the secret ending so much. It saved the pile of garbage that a certain character's existence caused for me, that shit was genuinely disturbing.

No. 347343

I played it too and kinda hated it. The plot twists just felt really contrived and pointless, and I really hated the retcons they made to the previous game. I didn’t like any of the new characters as much as the old cast, and seeing the old characters felt pointless cause they really didn’t need to be in the story for the most part. I remember getting to the end and being surprised it was already done, while with the previous game I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I agree that a lot of problems come from it trying to be standalone and a sequel simultaneously, I wish it was set in the same universe but with a whole different set of characters.

No. 347354

I need your opinion on Bibi. Please tell me I'm not the only one who wish she didn't even exist. She ruined Mizuki's backstory just by existing.

No. 347355

>highest quality games
BG3 is not that good, despite what your shit video game awards tell you. It is not a revolutionary game by any means.

No. 347358

not any of those anons, but I was a zero escape fan (well, 999 and VLR). how contrived was it compared to that?
what is a RPG alternative to BG3 that's recent that you love and would recommend?

No. 347364

I don't care about moids, I just want to play good games no matter what the characters look like.

No. 347370

God he's so fucking ugly. I dont understand how I could find him attractive before BLEH. There's nothing fullfiling about his romance either. This faggot behaves like it's my job to carry his emotional baggage. Post wall faggot

No. 347372

Please tell us, Your Highness, what other game deserved the awards instead.

No. 347377

File: 1704754630166.gif (68.51 KB, 220x206, get-real.gif)

bg3 is a pretty good game but it's far from "one of the highest quality games of the decade"

No. 347381

File: 1704756666260.jpg (61.88 KB, 750x450, portal-revolution-604706248.jp…)

Portal: Revolution came out two days ago, are there any anons playing it?
The puzzles were okay and of medium difficulty, quite fun a few of them. The visuals are pretty. I didn't like the story nor the dialogues at all. Since it's new there are a few bugs and it often crashes on linux machines. Worth a try if you like Portal and it's free.
Also, I've been replaying Portal 2 and the co-op mode is so fucking fun.

No. 347383

File: 1704756790250.jpg (1.32 MB, 2880x2160, 83ef93949d474052cc87b86617a549…)

Any nonita played alan wake 2? I have money for one game, and I'm between this one or little nightmares 3, but it won't come out yet

No. 347386

aw2 is REALLY good, better than the original

No. 347387

Get little nightmares 3 and watch a playthrough of Alan Wake 2 because the latter is barely a game. If you like walking simulators then get AW2.

No. 347393

Didn’t even know it was a thing but man yeah I miss portal 2 co-op

No. 347482

Kek now I'm more indecisive than before but thank you nonnies

I never did portal coop. I tried to play it by myself with one joystick on each hand but it got trickier in timed events so I gave up.

No. 347492

Tbh nonna I absolutely hated AW2! I found the scenario very badly written, I genuinely don't understand why people like it so much. It does have some cool moments and you can tell they had a lot of fun making it but still it wasn't enough to repair my opinion on it.

No. 347524

File: 1704834544857.jpg (448.13 KB, 1920x1080, DLC1_YukataSet-1.jpg)

Sad to see AiNi jumped into the "lets not spoil anything" trend. I don't know why devs keep doing it, if someone decides to play "Game: The Sequel" without having played "Game" they have to expect to find spoilers from the previous entry, who starts a series by playing a late entry, specially if its a story-based game?. These people are stupid and treating spoilers like something sacred really ruins stories for lots of games, I wish they stopped coddling to them and start narrating stories normally again.

On the game itself, thanks for your thoughts. I found the original game's story pretty weak actually, at least compared to Uchikoshi's other games, the characters are what carried it to me. The true end gave me a "Uh, that's all?" impression as well, from top of my head the joke one, Mizuki and the weeb kid endings were the only ones I found great (but it has been a hot second since I played it). So I'm not expecting a groundbreaking story for Aini either, but thanks for the heads up about the plot twists, I kind of got my first spoiler yesterday thanks to 2 custom nendoroids someone posted (kek) and got curious about who was the other character (A girl identical to Mizuki, I haven't seen how it looks but I know there's a 3rd eyeball aside from Aiba/Tama in this game so I'm guessing she's the owner of it) so I will keep my expectations low about the reveal.
Glad to hear you liked Tama, I never buy DLC but I'm considering getting AiNi's because she and Aiba look wonderful in these kimonos.

No. 347535

I liked it. I'm generally sick of "meta" stuff, I think it's a lazy way to make things interesting, but Alan Wake did it well. It could be scarier though.

No. 347543

Any recommendations for rhythm games? I know it's dumb but I'm trying to quit caffeine. I feel more alert after 10-15 mins playing hard songs than drinking a coffee. It's probably more natural too.
So far I've been playing Muse Dash, DJMAX Respect and the odd time Beat Saber on my brother's VR set. I tend towards weeby stuff but I'll take anything with lots of energy.

No. 347545

I didn't the DLC because the costumes are cute but are only visible in the game once you replay it. Maybe I'll consider it if I replay it but the story is way too fresh in my head to consider it now. I should replay the first game someday because it's been a while since I did.

No. 347548

i honestly don't think any games deserve an award this year.

No. 347549

last year i mean.

No. 347569

I have two:
Crypt of the necrodancer, a pixel dungeon game where you have to move and kill enemies at the rhythm of the music's beat (the dlc is really good) and Furi, no so rhythm based but it has some good music and it's a little difficult too. There's also soundfall but I haven't tried it

No. 347583

Hatsune Miku Project Diva games (Future Tone is the most complete), or Project Mirai on the 3DS for the nendo version
Taiko no Tatsujin
If you like DJMax maybe Superbeat Xonic

No. 347594

Ah damn, shouldn't have finished the seasonal quest so soon in Destiny.
Now Crow won't be hanging out on the helm for months because of the delay… hopefully he gets to be in a cool pre-rendered cutscene in Final Shape at least.

No. 347620

+1 to superbeat xonic. that game always got my blood pumping and/or put me in a good mood, though there are a few less intense songs. I feel it's a bit easier than some of the more notoriously intense rhythm games. If you're really good, it might be a bit boring for you.
Full Song List: https://youtu.be/P5IC69hfgGs?si=de8Ns3QbogZ812AL
I like Crypt of the Necrodancer too and there's always osu! which has a humongous library of songs and quite a few different ways to play so there will likely be at least one interaction style that you like.
Lol, me too. I've been seeing some people say this was such a good year for games, one of the best, and I just don't get it. I think I've become too jaded with modern gaming.

No. 347654

I finally decided myself to play it and it was the most annoying experience ever. I didn't unlock ALL the endings but MOST of them and it's honestly quite banal.
I understand the dev's passion in creating it, but it's obviously overrated.

No. 347761

Thanks for the recs!
I was about to buy Crypt of the Necrodancer on steam and it turns out I already own it, kek. It's pretty fun. I played a bit Superbeat Xonic and that is right in my lane.

No. 347762

Is it worth it to get into Destiny now? I know it's very late in the game. A couple of my friends have it and they just seem to bitch the latest expansion while also playing the game a lot.

No. 347763

Best Game should be in next years Lolcow awards

No. 347770

File: 1704920613931.png (194.82 KB, 489x480, IMG_2580.png)

I hate the Yor costume that Street Fighter put out. I’m an animefag too, but all that hype of Yor and Chun Li fighting just for a skin? Also, the example picture they used is absolutely fugly. It looks like they put a little kid face on an adult body.

No. 347773

Her face looks like that old baby meme

No. 347774

File: 1704922270265.jpg (31.14 KB, 680x510, 1000013290.jpg)

Looks like those cursed anime figure bootlegs.

No. 347781

File: 1704923754536.jpg (50.62 KB, 600x450, 1000006095.jpg)

Evil God Sasuke is not a bootleg. Show some respect

No. 347784

File: 1704925951672.jpg (115.18 KB, 656x848, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f…)

kek i thought i was looking at the bad art thread, reminds me monkey jesus

No. 347801

If you like the FPS gameplay and don't mind watching a lot of vids to catch up with the story, maybe.
There's at least one year of new content left after Final Shape comes out.

No. 347832

Say what you will about kingdom hearts, but Nomura has stuck to continuing the story without any care for years. Even when 3 finally came out they tossed in some summaries kek. I feel you on the "not spoiling anything" though, I've noticed this happens particularly to games whose predecessor is on the same platform as well? Which never made sense to me because the player has no excuse to not play the original one first. I wish devs would stop giving a shit about newbies and just tell the story freely.

No. 347840

File: 1704952856333.jpg (277.68 KB, 1280x960, Twin_Victim.jpg)

All I could think of

No. 347841

>wish devs would stop giving a shit about newbies and just tell the story freely.
Same. They even released an HD collection for people to replay most of the games. I just want a conclusion as someone who started from KH1 on ps2. Kh3 was a joke, and a waste of time.

No. 347846

kek spot on

Does anyone know any good game with only the protagonist and no one else as characters? Any genre is okay i guess, it's better if it's not one that lets you create your hero or one of those first person games with invisible and unnamed generic protagonists

No. 347849

In Nirvana Initiative it's even worse because instead of ignoring events from the previous games it contradicts and entire route, an important character's backstory I still can't believe I'm saying this but Mizuki shouldn't have been a playable character. The twist with her and her clone would have worked better if it were with Ryuki and his brother somehow, and it still potentially "spoils" something at the very end of Nirvana Initiative that's considered a huge hint to Date's real identity the scene where he and Hitomi shamelessly flirt with each other in front of everyone regardless of whether you said you played the first game or not in the prologue. Then the important characters from the first games are still here and you wouldn't know why you're supposed to give a shit about them if you didn't play the first game yet the game is still like "oh shit it's Iris! Oh shit it's Amame! Remember Amame? Yeah it's her!" idk it's just strange. Reminds me a little of when Ace Attorney 4 was supposed to be a new story with a new cast to create new backstories and mysteries without contradicting what was established in the GBA games until Capcom told Shu Takumi to put Phoenix as an important character no matter what.

No. 347855

Shadow of the Colossus? You can vaguely see some characters during cutscenes bur otherwise the protagonist doesn't interact with anybody aside from an invisible entity.

No. 347857

kingsfield, shadow tower, smt nocturne.

these game technically have a few npc interactions but very sparse, silent and brief. They are designed to make you feel lonely in an hostile world.

No. 347879

Shadow of the Colossus, The Last Guardian (does the dog count?), Alien Isolation might count, The Sims allows you to play a household with a single character, Dead Space maybe

No. 347901

little nightmares? though in LN2 you do get to have a partner. the series has zero spoken dialogue which is pretty interesting. the only named characters are the protags.

No. 347902

Kek I thought I was the only one who played those games. For people not in the know it was what FromSoft were doing before Dark Souls and Armoured Core

No. 347904

i loved The Ancient city. The atmosphere and Ost in that game is amazing.

As much as people say that Souls games are the spiritual successor i really wish they'd bring Kingsfield back. Those are very unique games.

Did you play Lunacid?

No. 347906

>Those are very unique games.
Yeah I love the whole PS1 era. They were still trying to figure out how to make 3D work so you got a bunch of really weird takes. Super interesting. Everything is too homogenised now. I loved the old jankiness.
>Did you play Lunacid?
Never heard of it but I looked it up there and it's interesting. I might give it a buy

No. 347910

Is like the first Silent Hill were the limitations actually contribute to the game feel.

Haven't played Lunacid for long but its the only modern game i've played that tries to resembles Kingsfield and its actually does a pretty good job at mimicking the psx look and feel so i'd definitely recommend it if that seems appealing to you.

No. 347911

are there any games where you just customise cars? i love the customisation parts of games but hate the gameplay part kek.

No. 347912

It's old by Need for Speed Underground 2 was great for that. Modern games has strict licenses with car companies so they don't allow dress up or even car damage.

No. 347914

>Modern games has strict licenses with car companies so they don't allow dress up or even car damage
wow that really sucks

No. 347915

in Armoured Core you customize a Mecha, its kinda like a car i guess, except instead of racing you blow shit up with it.

No. 347917

Beamng.drive is fun as fuck to mess around in, and gran turismo

No. 347940

File: 1704995938356.png (622.66 KB, 318x1036, grid.png)

Omg. thank you all for the suggestions!
> Shadow of the Colossus & The Last Guardian
I don't know much of these games other than they seemed pretty appreciated, i'll be sure to look into them!
> King's Field & Shadow Tower
Kek, i was always a bit curious about them, i've grown spoiled by modern graphics but if these two can give me that lonely atmosphere i'll try them out.
> Dead Space
Good idea, i still have to play the remake, but from my memory the first two games are not "dead" enough to me kek.
> Alien: Isolation
I might have heard of this game but i didn't really know about it, thank you, i should also watch the Alien movies at some point…
> Shin Megami Tensei: Nocture
I'm sooo ashamed that i've never played SMT or Persona games, Nocture seemed so popular and i was always interested in it but i had no idea that it didn't really have many relevant characters in it? I'm super curious now.
> Little Nightmares
Good mention! It's not really my type of game but it was nice, still a bit too populated and lively than what i was thinking but it does feel actually like you're alone and on your own.
> The Sims
Kek, good idea, i've mostly messed around 2, 3 and 4 but they're still not something i would play at all, i know you could live alone but some npcs always show up at some point, maybe the original is different?
> Project Zomboid
No one mentioned this but it just came to my mind, it gets a bit boring after some time but i really enjoyed playing it offline, it gives me a good sense of dread and loneliness but also peacefulness when i don't have to be paranoid or scared to die kek, i always prefer games with some action in it.

No. 347946

Inside and Limbo. Both made by the same devs

No. 347947

I played Dirt 3 and it was pretty cool and I could be customizing the cars for hours. For some reason the moids at reddit say that the game is shit, but I kinda like it.

No. 347948

>have many relevant characters in it?
the protagonist is completely silent and the very few human characters you encounter in the story are just there as stand ins for philosophical ideas, they have only a few short lines in the whole game which determine your alignment but thats it. SMT is not about the characters at all. you don't even know anything about them but their names. In the game everyone on earth died except 5 humans.

Persona is the complete opposite, you have a party and most of the game is a social sim.

No. 347951

Nona thank you so much! I always try to stay distant enough from games i'm interested because i fear that it would ruin my expectations but the setting sounds great, also i love silent characters and the artstyle has always been very intriguing to me, it's my priority now!
(Didn't expect the remaster to cost 50 euro on steam kek)

Those are good suggestions too, they are much more lonely than Little Nightmares but again, personally i prefer games with more action and character presence, thank you though!!!

No. 347952

Samefag but now that i realize it, Project Zomboid lets you create your loser after all… I think i would like it less if it was a pre-made character but that might be because a lot of times i don't really like how characters in zombie themed games turn out to be.

No. 347967

Just to let you know, the Lunacid dev is a cringey troon, but I hear the game itself is good if you can ignore that. I guess troon or pro-troon devs are almost unavoidable in indie games these days anyway.
When you say no characters, does that include friendly npcs? Are you looking for games that have a feeling of isolation?

No. 347978

I got a bunch of shoot em ups by this dev called CAVE because they were on sale on Switch and I'm having a blast. It's so nice to play a game that isn't dozens of hours long with a cringe story and tacked on RPG shit. Anybody else play these? My favorite of the bunch so far is ESPGaluda 2.

No. 347983

File: 1705011195915.jpg (100.59 KB, 1200x800, chrome_2019_09_11_12_39_56.0.j…)

Late I know but RE Engine facial scan was a fucking mistake. We used to get games where characters looked like they were chisled out of marble and now we get games where the characters are designed to look like post wall moids and weeaboo streamers. At least Square is still fighting the good fight.

No. 347986

For 2D Castlevania: Bloodlines, Rondo of Blood, and Order of Ecclesia are very combat focused with most of the platforming being very easy. Lament of Innocence and Curse of Darkness on PS2 are functionally 3D brawlers. While some of those games have RPG elements they're pretty minimal, and Rondo + Bloodlines are straight up old school action platformers with no numbers in sight.

No. 347987

Not yet, I barely finished the first. I've come to really dislike VNs with multiple timelines and whatnot. Like:
>Wasn't that twist cool? Well fuck it! It never happened! Now you have to go play the other route with the shitty character you don't like that you didn't choose to hang out with last time! Don't give up! Don't you want to see the "true" ending?
Also the reveal that sexy Date was actually some old hairy scrote was too much for me. Borderline twunk erasure.

No. 347999

I really like Date in his real body and I wish he looked like that in the sequel because I bet the mocap would have made him look way better. Like idk, Date in Saito's body is hot too, obviously, but I think it's subjective and I just really like tired, disheveled anime men in suits. I recently checked how the English dub is and I think I would have been disappointed if I played it first because I'm now sure the reason why you can't switch between Saito's body and Date's real body in the sequel is because they have different VAs in English despite both having the same VA in Japanese. I guess him keeping the same VA in Japanese made it seem less like an abrupt change when they both got their bodies back. Speaking of checking some scenes from the 1st game recently but in English I completely forgot that Saito's reason for killing Iris' mom was jealous. You learn about it only after doing his somnium when he's in Iris' body so I didn't realize that in this somnium he's making out with with father until now… Sejima should have quietly thrown him in a psych ward forever because wtf. No actually if there's a sequel we need it to have time travel so we can see Sejima before he reproduces and castrate him.

By the way, I like multiple endings, I like how the butterfly effect can work on this kind of stories a lot. I think it worked way better in the first game than in the second one but the second one isn't well written to begin with.

No. 348002

I also hated it. The new Mizuki backstory and world domination plot were the worst offenders for me. I loved the first game because of how grounded a lot of the story and character writing was in spite of the advanced SciFi technology flavoring. I can't remember getting that "cozily mundane" feeling in the sequel for even a second.
The main villain was so random, too. Not in the sense that they came out of nowhere, but rather that they just felt like a stranger. Saito was involved with almost everyone in the cast in some way, and his personal resentment towards the protagonist made his interactions so memorable. Tearer (or whatever the fuck I forgot his name) was angry at some other guys we saw one time, for reasons completely unrelated to any of the protagonists (or the main cast for that matter), killed them and then decided to be a Sunday cartoon villain taking over the entire world. Did I speedread through the reason I should give a fuck about it at the end of the day? If the answer is anything to do with the Frayer gimmick I'll be pissed.
There's plenty of other minute details that left a bad taste in my mouth but I don't feel like going over it all.

No. 348003

By the way, I like multiple endings, I like how the butterfly effect can work on this kind of stories a lot. I think it worked way better in the first game than in the second one but the second one isn't well written to begin with.
Having to play Ota after Mizuki's route broke me. A game can't come back from pulling shit like that.

No. 348022

File: 1705033165584.jpg (99.41 KB, 1080x552, Screenshot_20240111_232023_Gal…)

Hear hear. Clive is sucha cutie pie. I was happy with the character designs in FF16

No. 348023

>(Didn't expect the remaster to cost 50 euro on steam kek)
You should emulate it nonna. The remaster doesn't really add much except an easy mode. The original didn't have voice acting and its so much better that way too. The voices don't go well with the lonely eerie mood at all

No. 348027

He's yet another one of Sejima's son that Sejima abandoned because he's an illegitimate child so it would have ruined his career if anyone knew. But the game doesn't try to make you care about him for this reason so it's not really that important. Like, at that point I'm just gonna assume their relationship is just to explain why he's good looking, since Saito is also a bishonen and the other guys look like shit aside from the real Date and Ryuki. Sejima needs to stop reproducing.

I think the game tries to make you care about Tearer by drawing parallels between him and the other characters who got experimented on, especially Mizuki but it doesn't work because they utterly ruined Mizuki's backstory with that shit. They should have done something like make his goals more grounded and personal imo. And again, they should have made that twist with Mizuki and Bibi with Ryuki and his twin brother. He already has a disorder that impacts his memories so it could have worked without Mama of all characters explaining everything to the camera. Idk, either make the twin another member of Abis who helps with the investigation 6 years later but we don't know it at first, or make him the killer who got kidnapped and experimented on by the two retarded cultists to make him recover after he got pancaked by truck-kun, it would have worked better. Actually the last one could make Ryuki betraying everyone work so much better. Between worrying about losing your computer and worrying about losing your twin brother, your only family, who you thought was dead for years was so dumb. Tearer could have been like "if you disobey me I'll kill you by making your AI ball explode inside your head anytime I want" but he doesn't so you have Ryuki going like "nooo, don't break my sexy computer I couldn't upload her data on the cloud foe 3 days what if I lose some of her data noooo" and when that shit happens to Aiba in the same game… she manages to get repaired soon after and she gets her data back in the epilogue. Like ok… That's it?

No. 348079

File: 1705066303055.jpg (369.15 KB, 1280x720, sky-children-of-the-light-pc-g…)

I like this game but holy shit is filled with genderspecials girls and predatory men. I was told I'm wrong for calling a npc a "she" when "they are obviously a they!" Is impossible to find people who touch grass in there.

No. 348089

There's no quicker way to ruin a game than engaging in the fan community

No. 348163

I have no problem missing out on "one of the highest quality games of the decade" simply because it looks like DnD-type shit and I really hate that kind of shit. I'm not touching The Witcher or Elden Ring with a 10 foot pole either for the same reason which is probably petty as fuck but I don't care lol

No. 348175

I'm the same. The only medieval fantasy type thing I've ever liked was Lord of The Rings. Everything else just seems so damn lame.

No. 348181

Same. I hate all the uninspired medieval shit. Everything looks fucking brown or dark green, it's all tropes, characters are ugly, designs look extremely boring. I've never played DnD and I don't give a fuck about it. I was barely able to stomach Elden Ring because of some interesting aspects but damn everything else is so fucking ugly and boring.

No. 348186

I felt like his jaw and chin area looked too weak kek

No. 348188

>comparing the Witcher to Elden Ring
Oh no it’s retarded

No. 348190

His face looks a bit better after the time skip for some reason.

No. 348224

what did you expect? all capcom has been making content wise for sf6 is shitty avatar costumes, and they will continue this trend as well. the trailer was nothing more than an ad for the spyxfamily movie.

No. 348225

What are some fun co-op games without guns? I've gotten into a good group but all they want to play is Lethal Company which is really repetitive or Phasmaphoia which is pure anxiety.

No. 348231

party animals, overcooked 2, and some of the jackbox party games?

No. 348235

Fall guys? I was going to say little big planet too but they closed the servers kek

No. 348240

File: 1705116818826.jpg (60.96 KB, 512x288, unnamed.jpg)

What are some good platformer collectaton games like Spyro the dragon? I also played the other Crash bandicoots, a hat in time and cuphead, but it's like the devs completely forget that platformer games exists, lately we've been getting all rpg and horror shit.

No. 348262

yooka laylee maybe or MediEvil

No. 348267


No. 348273

File: 1705126537949.jpg (49.37 KB, 538x405, zma.jpg)

There's an indie game coming out (idk when) called zera: myth's awaken. I played the demo and it's a lot like Spyro and it's pretty fun so maybe keep an eye out for this in the future.

No. 348283

>It's a lot like Spyro
Yeah, because it was an actual Spyro fan game until the creator got a dmca and had to change everything to continue it kek.

No. 348294

File: 1705140384504.jpg (105.94 KB, 906x747, tumblr_2514809c2ed17afbb9965e0…)

>they should have made that twist with Mizuki and Bibi with Ryuki and his twin brother.
I thought the exact same thing. Doing this to a new character instead of changing a pre-established one that players had already gotten attached to would have made it so much more palatable. And when I think about how the game is supposedly meant to be playable for those who hadn't played the first game it gets even worse, because my reaction to her AI1 backstory would've been completely different, in a negative way, if I had known her AI2 backstory at the time. That, and Date's unfortunate situation in this "sequel" would've been easily avoided. Really, I just can't imagine anyone who hadn't played the first game would give a fuck about anyone and anything that happened in the second; and as someone who was a fan of the first game beforehand, I was incredibly displeased with how much it didn't capitalize on the strengths of the first game due to how much it avoided any real continuation of it.
>He's yet another one of Sejima's son
I remember this now that you say it, but it was thrown in with no substantial relevance to anything else that I disregarded it as an excuse to include him in the cast.

I want to give a shoutout to one of Uchikoshi's earlier works, Remember11, which feels like the place all the twists in AI2 were derived from yet still does them all better nearly 2 decades before it. (Spoilered because I feel like comparing the two is a spoiler to one if you've already played the other.)

No. 348299

File: 1705142123722.jpg (Spoiler Image,51.85 KB, 1280x720, FXLOzvdX0AETTcO.jpg)

If they made the twist about Ryuki and his little brother it would have worked because they're twins and if they're identical twins it would perfectly fit with what they did with the whole "Mizuki has a clone" thing. Since identical twins are literal, natural clones of each other. And I could imagine something like how you play as our Ryuki for the first half of the game, then after the timeskip you play as both Mizuki (imagine Bibi not existing in that case obviously) and the younger twin brother depending on the chapters. And then we suddenly learn that our Ryuki was acting weird as fuck because there were two of them, one who's on sick leave for becoming a schizo with the virus and the younger one who integrated ABIS later because he wasn't as much of a model student as his big brother and/or he spent years recovering in the hospital after the truck accident or some shit. And since our Ryuki is already a schizo he could have been hallucinating about his brother actually dying when he recovered or something. Or maybe he didn't know he survived because his little brother got healed thanks to the secret experiment of the institution which would tie everything going on in the story to the actual main character in a more personal way without making it seem like the story was written by someone who didn't even play the first game. So instead of Mama, a literal who, telling you about the twist, the main characters and you figure it out at some point and one part of the story would be our Ryuki trying to understand how everything he lived happened, in which order. I'm rambling, I'm sure there are many more way you could "correct" the story. And that would also mean we wouldn't need a 6 years gap, but maybe a much shorter one because Date fucking off for 6 more years and losing his memories again was really fucking stupid. Insulting to the audience, even.

By the way, I'm honestly 100% the concept art of Tama being a bishonen, pic related, would have worked a lot better in the game we actually got in a specific scene in the explosion ending, when Ryuki and Tama are the killer's hostages. I still can't believe Ryuki risked people's lives only for a sexy dominatrix computer/tulpa. I'm repeating myself but at least he and Tearer could have also mentioned that Ryuki's head would have exploded like Saito's if he didn't obey. Meanwhile I bet concept art!Tama was supposed to look like Ryuki and his twin without the headband so I bet in that situation Ryuki would have freaked out and obeyed Tearer just because he's so traumatized by his brother's death he made a parallel between him and Tama. iirc the first game says that the AI balls look like people the users are comfortable with, Aiba has Boss' haircut because Boss found Date first when he lost his memories and gave him a job, Tama is a female Date because Ryuki has a crush on Date, Tama being based on Ryuki's brother would have made sense.

I did hear about Remember 11 before but I' haven't heard about the actually story. Maybe I should give it a try then, to at least cope with how stupid AI2 was. My god I could write a 10 pages essay on what went wrong. Thank god some stuff in AINI were really good like Ryuki, Tama or Amame or I would have hated it completely.

No. 348326

Nonnies, how many hours do you spend playing a day?

No. 348332

I'm a neet who plays games as a service stuff, so way too many probably.

No. 348333

daily not much, i can go by months without playing something then suddenly get an aspergers attack and spend a week straight maratoning a game. Its what i did with Elden Ring on December, i started playing and put like 40 hours in just three days, ended up beating it at around 80 hours in the span of two weeks.

No. 348336

I'm a job seeker so console constantly but so I don't feel too disgusting, I only play PC for like a few hours in the night.

No. 348339

and what kinds of games do appeal to you? personally I don't think the games you mentioned are "boring" by all means so I'm curious to hear about your taste.

No. 348340

Not enough because of work and commute.

No. 348352

I don't know about the second AYRT but personally I just have a petty hateboner for medieval fantasy as a setting and medieval settings in general really. I'm ok with modern or even futuristic fantasy, most sci-fi or realistic modern settings. I even like steampunk sometimes so feel free to drag me kek. That post would have probably been better suited for the unpopular opinions thread in /ot/, I guess.

No. 348354

I only play on Sat-Sun but will play all day if I have no other plans.

No. 348369

i am the opposite, i see space in a game i snooze inmediatly. Starfield seemed to me the most boring ass premise for a game even before it was released and turned out to be exactly that.

No. 348372

same the only space game I gave a pass was Star Wars Jedi the fallen order, I'm loving it so far.

No. 348374

i do wish there was more variety to fantasy though. There are endless possibilities but western fantasy and in literature theres more variety but always defaults to tolkien in mainstream media. Even DnD tried a lot of other weird settings but those are rarely the ones adapted, it always goes back to the tolkienesque. Dark Sun, Spelljammer and Planescape are much more interesting

No. 348376

I'm with you nona, don't worry. I love fantasy, but I wish devs would be more creative about what fantasy could look like, because no, medieval settings aren't peak fantasy. Maybe once upon a time they were interesting, but we're beating a dead horse at this point. I have very little interest in playing ER and TW3 for the same reasons.

One of the things that will keep me playing a game is a vibrant world space and these games just completely lack that. I think this is why I've been struggling to get back into Skyrim. It's just so fucking bland. It's also why I won't play Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I know people praise it for "realism" but I don't play games for realism, and that game is as bland as they come. At least with BG3 the Underdark was decently gorgeous.

No. 348377

Just came across the new Re:Fantazio trailer and these are my exact thoughts. Yet another fucking brown bland ass game with the same medieval and berserk-like tropes and characters. Yeah every game may execute the idea a little different but the core idea is the same and I cannot stand to look at more characters with brown rag clothes, elf ears, manic-pixie fairies, armors and ugly talking mascots, wizards in silly hats and a basic magic system.

No. 348378

agree. i love fantasy stuff but every space game blends together for me and seems to be more about autistic interest in the ship and its dynamics and the most boring alien species you can possibly think of (see: everything in mass effect)

No. 348379

File: 1705165850027.jpg (351.05 KB, 1577x2048, tumblr_9132bc0ab839c47e4afb242…)

Based. I don't even like futuristic stuff unless it's completely desolate/apocalyptic. I guess I'm a basic bitch for being a sucker for pic related but I can't help myself. I totally get where >>348163 is coming from though, no matter how good the game is, if the setting doesn't interest me I probably won't ever play it.

No. 348384

for me Vampire Hunter D or FF7 would be a beautiful balance. I only like sci fi as elements in otherwise totally fantastic settings.

No. 348390

File: 1705168081577.jpg (124.76 KB, 999x1317, Red_Hand-by_Gerald_Brom.jpg)

What about really weird looking fantasy worlds? This art isn't from an actual game, but would a fantasy game with this kind of design appeal to you?
To be fair, even people who like space games thought Starfield was boring. The lore, world, and character design was very bland.

No. 348391

Nonnies is it bad that I like seeing tf2fags seethe over tfs2 getting taken down?

No. 348393

I love Brom's art and love Dark Sun but sadly Wotc's executive producer said they can't bring it back because its """problematic"""

The last time anyone made a videogame from Dark Sun (for which Brom did the art for) it was the early 90s.

No. 348394

closest thing to that would be something like Pathologic 2

No. 348405

This looks pretty cool actually, I actually dislike the medieval part more than the fantasy part tbh

No. 348416

Usually none because I work too much and have other hobbies, but I live for the days that I can just play video games for eight or nine hours straight.

No. 348421

What makes Dark Sun more "problematic" than the other DnD settings?

No. 348423

File: 1705177810927.jpg (105.5 KB, 1280x720, city of tears.jpg)

It's old but Banjo-Kazooie is my favourite 3d platformer by a wide margin. Rare did other good stuff like Conker's Bad Fur Day and Donkey Kong 64 on the same gen. The PS1/N64 gen was full of platformers.
It's pretty combat heavy but Hollow Knight is a great 2D platformer.

No. 348424

Not that much. I tend to play short games under 8 hours at the weekend because I find it hard to stay engaged. Every couple months I'll find something I really like and get obsessed with. Armoured Core 6 was the last thing I got super into. Most of that was customising my robot though.

No. 348425

i assumed he meant the slavery and fantasy racism. A halfling wizard literally tried to genocide all other races and the lore reason there aren't some races like gnomes and kobolsd is because he actually achieved it.

All the usual naughty things that happen in a post-apocaliptic setting that fragile people think can't be be portrayed or otherwise its endorsing them. Dark Sun in general is pretty grim, you actually get punished if you want to play as a nice person because using magic kills the environment so if you want to be a hippie and use it ethically doesn't mean every other psychopath you encounter will.

No. 348455

Sorry if this is the wrong thread to ask about this - but does anyone have a clue about fan translating games and how to go about it? Especially older releases

No. 348484

romhacking.net has been my main resource for learning how to do any of that stuff, there's lots of tutorials on there and useful utilities that you can get. There should be a newbie guide somewhere on there for general romhacking so make sure you find it and read it.b

No. 348485

That's a pretty broad topic, what kind of info are you looking for? Are you hoping to make a fan translation yourself? What game do you have in mind?

No. 348493


Thank you for the recommendation nonnas! I haven't heard of Klonoa so I'll have to try it out.

No. 348506

Except BG3 is not "medieval fantasy". It's magi-tech. You literally have machines, a fucking submarine, metalic buildings etc.

No. 348511

The Forgotten Realms is still a medieval fantasy world at it's core. This is it's description on wikipedia.

>"Economically and technologically, Faerûn is comparable to Western Europe during the late Middle Ages, giving most new players using this campaign setting an intuitive grasp of the way the society functions. Most of the population of Faerûn consists of farmers, who are organized somewhat loosely in a semi-feudal system. There are also several notable cities and trade between nations is common, as in the Renaissance era. Likewise, there are regions where more barbaric tribes and customs persist.">

What else would you describe it as?

No. 348545

Go away

No. 348547

i was referring to the male executive producer who said it was problematic retard.

No. 348548

Can anyone suggest a fun game that's easy to play, fast to get into, with engaging gameplay and runs on old pcs? I haven't played anythingh for real in like 2 years. I love rpgs like VTMB and Witcher 3. Bioshock, Portal and Last of us are probably my favorite games. I like some aspects of metroidvania games like Dead Cells but I always give up at bosses cuz I'm bad. Same with Souls like games and Silent Hill. Great atmosphere and stories but too stressful for me. I used to love Assassins Creed for the lore but I couldn't get through Black Flag for some reason. I also love story heavy games but not stuff like Disco Elysium/Planescape Torment where you just walk around and read. I like mindless games like Viscera Cleanup Detail, Stardew etc. I LOVE the Yakuza series because it balances fun gameplay with the story quite well imo.

No. 348550


No. 348554

Not my fault that your english is so "great", esl-kun.

No. 348573

NAYRT but I think you might actually lack reading comprehension skills. Learn2contextclues. She may be obviously ESL but it's not nearly bad enough to make her text difficult to understand. You're a retard for being unable to parse shit.

No. 348574

File: 1705240428353.jpg (263.99 KB, 1920x1080, 72Zwix6Yw8qbo2c5Rj8wzF.jpg)

I literally can't describe it as medieval because it has technology like advanced submarines that didn't exist in medieval times like submarines. BG is arcanepunk/technomancy/magitek, just because it has some elements of medieval setting doesn't mean it's medieval itself. When I look at shit like picrel "medieval" is the last thing that comes to my mind

No. 348575

File: 1705240450754.jpg (392.51 KB, 1920x1080, max-bolotin-maxim-bolotin-subm…)

Wow so medieval

No. 348576

File: 1705240522635.jpg (124.33 KB, 1272x694, 1-12.jpg)

And inside the submarine

No. 348577

File: 1705241494305.jpg (314.57 KB, 1920x1080, prince-of-persia-the-lost-crow…)

Thoughts on the new prince of Persia?
I played the demo yesterday, it was kind of good but god the dialog is stupid. There's a conversation you have with a blacksmith lady that last around one minute and they both say the word "mortal" like ten times kek. Also, the demo ends with a boss fight introduction, shouldn't it end after you defeat the boss? So you get a clear answer if you like the game or not?

I'm not buying it but it was fun trying it

No. 348578


No. 348580

i don't like the character design. Wth is up with that haircut? offputting and doesn't go well with the setting at all

No. 348583

It's time for CAVE schmups nonna!
Also for the metroidvanias you could just play Castlevania. Most of the entries in that style are pretty easy.

No. 348585

This looks like AI, and the dialogue thing reminds me of how AI talk too.

No. 348586

I feel like the borrowed style choices from games like League of legends or valorant, mixed them all together and got something that feels like it want to be everything but at the same time doesn't accomplish it.

No. 348593

That looks weird and fun thanks nonna!
Looks hard and frustrating but I'll give it a go
CAVE looks…like bullet hell with anime girls on the side? Not my thing but thanks anyway. Maybe I really should just play Castlevania.

No. 348611

For CAVE I'd recommend Ketsui and Garegga which aren't too anime if that's your hangup. All of the modern ports come with tons of different modes, difficulty options, unlimited continues, etc. so you can modulate the difficult to whatever you like.
For Castlevania I think you may like the three DS games and Aria of Sorrow on the GBA. Order of Ecclesia is the hardest out of that bunch.

No. 348612

*Garegga isn't a CAVE game I just lumped it in due to similarities.

No. 348613

Have anons played Another Code? Is it good?

No. 348615

I had the first game when it just released on DS. I remember liking it but I may have just been enamored with the new handheld. Ace Attorney and Layton always grabbed my attention more as far as handheld mystery games went.

No. 348626

Thank you for the suggestions! I'll give both Castlevania and CAVE a go I trust anynonnies recs.

No. 348634

I have been playing the Granblue Relink demo and it is total shallow crap and filled with janky autolockon tracking garbage where you constantly snap into your target. Can't believe how long it's been in development just for this.

No. 348637

Deathsmiles is my guilty pleasure. I know it's lolishit in terms of branding but it's so fun

No. 348638

Anybody who's still into Granblue (outside of the fighting game) in 2024 is going to eat that shit up. If they're willing to tolerate years of that game's shit treatment of its players, they're really in it for the long haul

No. 348643

I'm waiting for that one to go on sale again. I've been playing the hell out of Espgaluda 2 for the last month. I think it's my favorite besides the soundtrack. Dodonpachi and Mushihimesama are definitely better on that front.

No. 348709

A friend and I are interested in translating a lot of older small/niche otome releases (specifically nsfw ones kek), maybe do something more complex later on but we figured VNs are probably fairly simple. We kind of got ahead of ourselves & already ordered a physical copy of this one called Step, it released in 2012 but the company (AMEDEO) went bust from what we can tell and we couldn't find anything but CG dumps & an English patch for the demo (all mirrors of the demo are dead). I just worry that there might be a struggle running it or something, plus actually replacing the text and such since I'm only familiar with Renpy & I doubt they're using it kek.

No. 348717

I guess you'd have to see if it works on your current OS or do something like running a VM if it's older. I'm assuming it's a PC game from the NSFW mention, which probably means you have to deal with locale bullshit that japan oh so loves to do with their pc games. Either way I wish you luck on your journey and hope you and your friend see through with translating the game!

No. 349056

GTA san andreas and vice city maybe?

No. 349076

Just learnt that Eastward is getting a peaceful DLC that continues the game where the main characters buy a farm and revitalize the community. I tried playing the game when it came out, I was so excited, but the busy nature of the art always had me getting caught on things so I couldn’t get into it. Now though! I’m so glad it won’t go to waste sitting in my library, I’m so excited to get to play it and enjoy the art/characters. It looks like it’s going to be inexpensive but a big add on, oh I can’t wait!

No. 349613

File: 1705623250786.jpg (72.49 KB, 752x254, Untitled.jpg)

I hope it's okay to talk about gaming youtubers in this thread.

Nitro Rad's really fallen off of late. The main thing I liked about him was that he DIDN'T spend 2/3 of the review summarising the games plot in absolutely excruciating detail like all the other youtube game reviewers. If I want to know the plot of the game I'd read the wiki, just tell me what it's actually like to play. His most recent video is over an hour long and most of it's spent summarising the plot of a ps2 zelda clone aimed at 6 year olds. his videos have always had a lot of obvious mistakes in them (he goes on a rant criticising people for saying the final level is hard in his psychonauts review when he was playing the severely nerfed steam port, in his most recent video he complains about a stealth section being too hard when it's obvious even without having played the game that you're supposed to equip the invisibility cloak-reminder that this is a game aimed at children), but they're unwatchable now, especially with him doing more unscripted videos. He posted picrel, so clearly enough fans have noticed him padding his videos for it to get under his skin.

No. 349616

Better suited for the youtubers thread but I did enjoy John Wolfe basically saying 'here's some background jk you all fuckin know' in his goosebumps video because yes autistic monologues should be done at home towards your stuffed animals, it's very much just get to the content.
Too many men think we want to listen to them talk.

No. 349617

File: 1705624892038.png (42.5 KB, 544x414, D9n7GHDU4AAiLab.png)

I thought it was scummy of him to delete his heartbeat video when the dev got outed as a terf even though they'd been friends and she'd even drawn some nice art for his channel

No. 349622

File: 1705625880867.jpg (91.81 KB, 767x399, some people have jobs james.jp…)

No. 349627

>It's upsetting when people don't have time to watch YouTube videos
Imaginary demographic. The only people who watch video games YouTubers are neets and the terminally online

No. 349630

the only couple gaming youtubers i am enjoying are majuular and dungeon chill but overall i am really sick of the long format.

Some of these retrospectives are longer than the games themselves and they only stretch it that far because yt is incentivizing impossibly long videos. I specially cringe when they start going on tangents about how some game saved their life and "when i was a kid… " bullshit

No. 349653

both of them do that thing i complained about where the majority of the video is a boring description of the plot. If you like dungeon chill you'd probably like grimbeard as well, similar vibes

No. 349658

too many youtubers reach the 100,000 subscriber mark and think they've formed a cult of personality

No. 349703

File: 1705642298321.jpg (455.18 KB, 1920x1080, skyrimwith.jpg)


No. 349704

I played the Dark Sun game and it sucked ass. The controls are so fucking… aggravating. I liked making my party though, but I didn't play past the "save the rat king's daughter in the sewers" thing.

No. 349705

File: 1705644388153.png (1.77 MB, 900x1159, 17263.png)

Spelljammer had the coolest fucking art. I wish there were fantasy games that were this level of insane/creative.

No. 349706

Same, and being an SA "survivor" I wish these kinds of games didn't exist to begin with.

No. 349709

>a set of symbiotic automaton legs that can attach/detach from her body at will. When fighting the legs detach from her body to engage in combat
PLOK beat you to it by about 30 years, Anon

No. 349742

Been meaning to buy a new computer for a while now but was intimidated by all the specs, but I just impulse bought a prebuilt because the HP site was having a flash sale and it was $500 off.
Hope I didn't make a mistake, but the benchmark site said the specs were ok.

No. 349764

My prebuilt is great, don't worry about it (obviously assuming you've checked reviews.

No. 349773

Yeah less than $1000 for an i7-13 something and a 3060 is probably good, but graphics cards just confuse me. The benchmark site says a 2000 something card would be better but isn't the best a 4000 something? Isn't bigger number better lol.
Anything would be better than my current 12 year old PC that is finally breaking down though.
Ready to be disappointed by Starfield and Cyberpunk DLC and to finally play Deathloop.

No. 349776

Its true. And that is the most boring part but i at leas like there isn't much self insertion and they cover some old niche games i find interesting but are not that big with other reviewers. All the criticism against the long format are still true, but those are thw ones i tolerate as bg noise when working on the PC.

Grimbeard is ok but a bit too boring for me. He would benefit a lot just by shortening the vids.

No. 349777

Graphics cards have to be the most confusing shit to me. I haven't actually tried researching graphics cards since I don't really need nor have the funds for a better PC atm, but I swear the naming scheme for these are just random.

No. 349779

I just forget all about them and every 7-8 years i research the uppermid tier for budget options to build a new one then forget about them again.

No. 349791

What are the specs nona?

No. 349793

Can you buy the nintendo expansion pack (the one with the old games, mario kart tracks and animal crossing stuff) without buying online? I already have online but all my options are to buy both at the same time.

No. 349798

Intel® Core™ i7-13700
NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3060 (12 GB GDDR6 dedicated)
16 GB DDR4-3200 RAM (2 x 8 GB)
512 GB SSD

I deliberately wanted a separate hard drive for all my files not one huge SSD, but also not like 4TB like some other prebuilts I saw.
There's space to upgrade ram if I ever really need it.
Only a 500w power supply but idk. And no CD drive so I've gotta keep some old stuff around if I ever want to rip something I find in a closet or whatever.

No. 349803

nah. you can buy the dlc for each game individually though which is what i do

No. 349808

Shame! Thanks for the info.

No. 349809

nta this is a nice pc nonnie but like you said the psu is a worrisome if it doesn't have a reputable brand, can you see what kind it is when you take off the side panel? and what kind of cpu cooler does it have? is it one of the smaller stock coolers or something with a radiator?

No. 349812

Listen to this nona about PSUs. On my first build I got a cheap unrated one and it fried my computer after 2 months. Make sure it's rated on 80 Plus. It doesn't even need to be high. I've got a bronze and it's done well for 5 years.

>There's space to upgrade ram if I ever really need it.
The industry is moving to DDR5. If you want to upgrade in a few years it might be hard to find good DDR4.

No. 349813

With Nvidia the first two numbers are the generation and the last two are how strong it is. So a 1080 will outperform a 2040.

No. 349820

Well it's HP so hopefully it's not total shit, but a PSU is cheapish and easy to replace if something does go bad.
I just ordered it so not here yet, I don't think there's any fancy cooling though.

Yeah it's 80 Plus bronze.
16GB Ram will hopefully be fine for games still in a few years and if that needs upgrading other stuff would probably need to upgrade too.

Wish this stuff was more transparent.

No. 349827

>Wish this stuff was more transparent.
I've given up on figuring out naming stuff too. The whole thing feels like a way to trick you. There's a site called logical increments that is pretty clear about what you can get for your budget and what it can do. I know you're getting a prebuilt but it might be handy to see if you're getting ripped off or not.

No. 349847

AYRT thank you nonnie! I'll keep this in mind when I start looking at building a pc

No. 349923

File: 1705711221185.jpg (479.33 KB, 1223x440, ohokaypoki.jpg)

I remember years ago hearing about a point and click game that had a racist puzzle in it. As in, you sold a black woman into slavery to solve this puzzle and progress in the game. So I looked it up again (called "Goodbye Deponia"), and, to no one's surprise, it was made by Daedaelic Entertainment. But this time I did some digging and found an article from 2014 that basically exposes the game for what it is: misogynist as fuck and racist. All the female characters are designed as eye-candy ('cause you can't have a woman move in that game without tits bouncing), and there's also a pedophile joke in it, too.
The article is here (https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/wot-i-think-goodbye-deponia), but the best part was the developer in the comments trying to defend his shitty, awful games. Picrel is him saying his game isn't racist, and he should know, accompanied by a pic of himself: a white, fat, German scrote.

Somehow there's going to be a sequel to Deponia this year, btw. I don't get why Steam agreed to that, or why they're still selling Goodbye Deponia on their store, either.

No. 349928

Thank you for sharing this! I have these games in my library unfortunately but have yet to play it. I had the feeling the game would be icky because of the weird focus on the main female character but I heard good-ish things about it and I love point and click games so I wanted to give it a try. Will be avoiding, now. I'm just glad I didn't pay too much for it. I couldn't remember why the name Daedalic was familiar and then I looked it up and saw they published The Suicide of Rachel Foster…

No. 349929

Never heard of the game, but having just looked it up, and seeing it was ANOTHER game with pedo shit, I'm really, really glad Daedaelic is winding down.

No. 349935

This game always comes up because it's almost always on sale and the female character's design has always rubbed me the wrong way, I have it because of one of those random game steamkey things but the art has always put me off playing it.
Glad to have a good reason not to now.

No. 349955

Everyone is trying to be Patrician TV suddenly

No. 350061

What is this? I only see dudebros talking about it, is it cringy? The art and 3d models look unappealing as fuck.

No. 350155

Pokemon but a survival crafting game like Ark.

No. 350157

I'm amazed by how Pokémon is so popular that most games with fantasy animals look like bootleg Pokémon games.

No. 350160

why are you amazed? pokemon has been a cultural phenomenon since it started for a reason, it has an incredibly simple but mass-appealing game design and creature designs

No. 350183

>survival crafting game
Minecraft and its consequences have been a disaster for the zoomer games

No. 350201

File: 1705801762231.jpg (72.88 KB, 600x337, a6a29a5e-ba83-4c74-9cdf-3159e4…)

Yeah I downloaded it and was really disappointed after character creation it was immediately find wood to make bench, now slap trees and rocks to get resources to make Palballs.
There's some cool ideas in there like you can make your island a persistent instance where you can have 32 people around. Mounts are done pretty well. Being able to throw Palballs at your friends to capture them is pretty funny. If it kicks off it might make Gamefreak actually innovate.
Being able to strap you Palmons is hilarious but weird af.

No. 350328

>was really disappointed after character creation it was immediately find wood to make bench, now slap trees and rocks to get resources to make Palballs.
I'm so so tired of crafting being in nearly every game now and it really is because of minecraft's success that it's so overused.

No. 350373

Does anyone know of any female content creators who cover retro gaming? Someone in the female content creators thread recommended apesmeister once and I really like tuning into her Twitch channel sometimes. Even better if they focus on older PC games. I already know about LiliaTV as well. I would ask over in the original thread, but I feel that the people here might be more knowledgeable.

No. 350383

was initially interested in this but it just looks like ark with cutesy animals. and ark is horrible.

No. 350455

Apparently it's entirely made of default unity assets and ripped off pokemon designs, and the dev refuses to show concept art so people are saying the game used AI.
Shit game shilled by fags with no taste.

No. 350544

I hate when the mix cartoon fantasy characters with realistic environments. Choose one style and stick to that for fucks sake

No. 350850

I don't have the time to game like I did ten years ago but I still got a Switch Lite in fall of last year and I have enjoyed playing some Animal crossing (for completionnism's sake, gotta give Blathers all the things for the museum), and since a December sale FF12 Zodiac Age. I had FF12 on my old PS2 back in 2008-2010 and my disc decided to just stop working at the first cutscene before the menu screen, when I was pretty far into it. I finally caught up on my Switch Lite - for those who know I'm past the Sodden palace, but doing hunts and fighting Espers before nearing the point of no return. The quality of gameplay is definitely improved compared to the OG PS2 game, since you can accelerate the battle actions rhythm so your characters get in more damage than the enemies and you can use L to speed up your movement on the different areas to farm levels and license points quick and navigate through the areas quicker without getting a chocobo. I also have bought a FF7 and FF8 2 in 1 cartridge and I was playing FF7 up until I reached the Gold Saucer in October-November (I was farming levels and limit breaks levels). I'll probably pick it up again after I'm done with FF12.
I had bought another game on sale that had some old school Vidya gaems reference, Astérix et Obélix XXL2 but I'm pretty sure I'm softlocked because I got rid of all the enemies in a hub level and I don't have anything to open new paths, no enemies are spawning back. So I would need to restart and I can't be assed to tbh.

No. 351116

File: 1706175267125.jpeg (435.1 KB, 750x1159, E1B61CE1-7A82-42BD-8BC5-73306D…)

Pokémon company released statement regarding Palworld. To be honest I don’t know if they’ll claim copyright because palworld could be seen as “parody” but I’m not too familiar with the laws.

The game looks mediocre anyway so I can’t say I particularly care either way, especially since I get the impression the devs were lazy with the game design.

No. 351118

I don't know much about law either but in the past Nintendo goes straight for takedown notices. Heck they got the mod that switches the models to Pokemon in less than a day. This feels like a "stop spamming us".

No. 351121

Serves them right lmao. I really can't stand plagiarism, no matter who you steal from. Anyone who defends this sounds like those twitterfags that ree about "muh rich companies" showing they literally understand nothing about what plagiarism is.
That one probably was easier to take down because the models were the exact same. Here they probably need to gather some evidence. Or maybe they can't do anything because the devs made sure to modify the models enough so they wouldn't infrige any copyright laws.
Cringe, but there are people in this board using AI image generators, so what can I expect. I don't get why they didn't hire some Pokemon fan artist to work on the game, ffs. There are hundreds out there, just get in touch with one.

No. 351142

>Or maybe they can't do anything because the devs made sure to modify the models enough so they wouldn't infrige any copyright laws.
if they can prove it was their models that got edited they definitely have a case
>I don't get why they didn't hire some Pokemon fan artist to work on the game
why would they when they can just steal their designs too and get away with it? they didn't want to make a fun game, they wanted to make money and piss off the pokemon company

No. 351151

>seething at palworld AND ai
Back to reddit, funhater. I would unironically like the game less if it was full of actual deviantart furfag donut steel ocs somebody got paid for. The budget for it was nonexistent while it's sold 7m copies in under a week, the devs clearly weren't expecting it to get a fraction as big as it did, so looks like they already won no matter what gayfreak tries to do from here. Caring about plagiarism at this scale is the most autistic thing I've ever heard.(infighting)

No. 351153

>defending a shit bootleg game AND defending ai
I think you're the one who needs to go back to reddit(infighting)

No. 351154

This is shit I heard boys say when I was like 12

No. 351184

>Back to reddit, funhater
i've been downvoted and told "who cares?" when i bring up a game using AI so no, it's not a reddit thing, it's just a fucking idiot thing. yeah it's so fun and cool when artists get their work stolen and repurposed into a piece of media that receives thousands or even millions of dollars with zero credit or compensation.

No. 351185

Reminder that while artists seething at AI is the most loud group, AI can be used for many useful things that definetly won't have a bad impact on society and women, such as being able to make anyone say whatever you want and making deepfakes (that not only stop at porn, you can also generate people comiting crimes) at the tip of your fingers. Have fun.

No. 351188

File: 1706192118889.jpg (10.06 KB, 208x250, 2kuffv.jpg)

yeah it's not like men have written about deepfaking their friends and random women they've stalked into porn or anything. ai is cool and i don't care when it's used so long as i have fun!(infighting/derailing)

No. 351191

>i've been downvoted and told "who cares?"

No. 351196

You think we should get rid of the internet too because men use it as a tool to groom kids and easily access violent porn and cp? Photoshop because men have used it to make deepfakes since it's creation too? Men are freaks who use everything at their disposal to be disgusting. Calling to outlaw the tools because of the people misusing them accomplishes nothing. You aren't going to get anywhere thinking that way. It's not going anywhere and neither are the bootleg pokemon.

No. 351198

I couldn't care less about pokemon, I was just pointing out the public and easy access to such technology is dangerous. Yes, men missuse everything they can get their hands onto, but when elementary school children are making realistic porn of their female classmates in seconds, it becomes a problem. Don't act like a fool, easy access to porn or being able to groom someone over the internet doesn't have the same weight as being able to ruin someone's life via making videos of them comiting crimes (and seeing how fast it's evolving, I don't think it will take long to generate stuff indistinguishable from realitt), and while image, audio and video editing programs has always been here, it can take time and effort to get a passable result, instead of anyone being able to do so in seconds now with AI. I'm in favor or AI since I believe it can be useful in some cases, but it needs to be regulated and not be public.(derailing)

No. 351202

Your argument is invalid, because those things (photoshop or the internet) weren't made for that.
AI promotes fakeness and shamelessly stealing work from humans at its deep core.
Same way a weapon's purpose is harming humans.

Just to stop derailing, which game(s) that is/are coming out in 2024 are you most excited about? I'm currently thinking about pre-ordering that new Peach game, I hope it's good because I really liked the DS game.(contributing to derail)

No. 351209

lol, you're being dramatic. AI isn't that bad and artists that cry about it are retarded queers. no one threw this big of a tantrum when digital music became available, and people could use instrumental sounds without having to hire musicians- and, can you believe it? musicians still have jobs!(infighting/derailing)

No. 351210

>those things (photoshop or the internet) weren't made for that.
Are you serious? AI wasn't made for porn either. It's existed for decades, all that's changed is the technology has improved and it–especially image, audio, video, and text generation–has become more accessible. It is the same situation and there were people who had negative reactions for the exact same reasons back then. When these bots can be created alone relatively easily, regulation and private-only usage is a pipe dream. The same results can be achieved not only alone in editing software but even more easily by commissioning someone to do it for you (or generating it for you if it ever did manage to gain restrictions, because it wouldn't be a grand challenge for someone with the time and resources at their disposal to create their own bot and accept anonymous exchanges for generations. Even more realistically, many countries will not choose to regulate it at all and finding a bot to use will only be a matter of getting your hands on a VPN). No matter your personal feels about its usage and supporting projects that utilize it, sooner or later you need to accept that it's not going anywhere.

>AI promotes fakeness and shamelessly stealing work from humans at its deep core.

>Same way a weapon's purpose is harming humans.
>being able to ruin someone's life via making videos of them comiting crimes (and seeing how fast it's evolving, I don't think it will take long to generate stuff indistinguishable from realitt)
I acknowledge these are pressing issues near the same level of severity as AI assisted gangstalking. But I must ask you two to take your meds.(infighting/derailing)

No. 351211


No. 351212

File: 1706201221451.png (299.45 KB, 1382x713, 1706142788609106.png)

not sure if you noticed but this is a video game thread babe

No. 351214

Imo palworld is nothing like Pokemon and the reddit bros cheering that gamefreak is "finally being challenged" are retarded. The only similarity is the fact they clearly and blatantly stole designs. Which I think they should get in trouble for. Otherwise, a survival Ark type game has nothing to do with the Pokemon formula kek.

No. 351249

Incredibly embarrassed for the pokebros who think an actual open world pokemon game wouldn't absolutely destroy palworld, Nintendo couldn't give less of a fuck.
Nintendo has just released an incredibly buggy pokemon game and suffered no losses.

Seriously I don't think they're evolved enough, like they went straight from weird tadpole thing to 24 year old male on reddit.

No. 351256

They're also riled up over this because they all claim to hate Nintendo even though they still buy all of their games anyway. It's hilarious that they think Palworld could even come close to touching Pokémon when Scarlet/Violet has sold over 23 million copies since its releases and is Nintendo's biggest launch of all time. The devs were just hacks who decided to rip off models and designs from a massively popular franchise. If they hadn't, Palworld would just be another entry in the long line of "Pokémon but BETTER" type games that no one cares about kek

No. 351257

File: 1706218451920.png (728.36 KB, 640x872, PLLDpTq9eF6pL4QsKQt5d1DG94At9v…)

Idk wouldnt digimon also have to be struck by copyright then? Like a lot of the pokemon designs are inspired by real life nature, animals and yokai. Which the gamefreak doesn't own. Like >>351214 said palworld doesnt look like pokemon at all. Its more of a survival game, with also a lot of managment. Playing it with friends is really fun. I dont mind if games take inspiration gameplay or design wise, aslong if its done well. Some of the palworld designs are really ugly tho, but then again pokemon has been looking like shit too. So maybe its more so modern day designs that are just trash.

No. 351260

File: 1706219085414.mp4 (452.31 KB, 1314x740, e7fa881c872fcfda51898fefeac147…)

It's fine to take inspiration, but on some of their creatures it's very likely they ripped off the models from Pokemon games. Some of them look like they just took the model and edited the mesh slightly because otherwise everything else lines up perfectly. Of course no one knows for sure but it seems pretty damning for them in the comparisons

No. 351261

I knew it would be bad the second I looked at picrel. I can't stand games with coomer anatomy for female character models and bad character designs overall. Anyone who likes this has terrible taste, sorry.

No. 351273

Well palworld is the biggest game on steam now. I would almost want to say it’s embarrassing because the game looks uninteresting, it’s just relying on the “Pokémon but guns and it’s edgy” angle.

Looks cheap, uninspired but I guess that’s what sells. This whole controversy would annoy me much less if the game had anything going for it.

Legends of arceus was quite well-received. I’m sure it would be possible for Nintendo to expand on that idea but they are lazy because Pokémon is a money-printing machine, and the fans will consume anything (as exemplified by palworld’s success)

No. 351274

File: 1706226995220.png (566.19 KB, 796x863, 1706151487795380.png)

outsell, probably not, but it's doing some wild numbers for an early access indie game. not even 6m away from legends arceus now. but game freak will not be shaken by it and continue to do the bare minimum for new pokemon games since kids and nintendo adults will still be there to play them no matter how bad they get.

No. 351275

I guess something else to note is that digimon at least has its own identity in terms of how the monsters look stylistically.

Whereas palworld, you could tell me these models >>351274 are from a Pokémon game and I could believe it. Imo the style is heavily inspired by Pokémon, not just the idea.

No. 351277

the game's a lot of fun tbh, best with friends. it's like if ark was actually fun and not just because of the bootleg pokemon running around. there hasn't been a good official poke game since g5 let alone one as entertaining as this.

No. 351313

wow it's just like every other FOTM game that quickly sold millions and then drops off after a few months when the next one comes along

No. 351327

Last year we had Hogwarts Legacy, this year I guess Palworld will be our goty for causing uncontrollable seething

No. 351362

Wonder how long these player numbers will last this time. If the devs keep adding content it could have decent longevity

No. 351558

NTA but as long as they add content it will last. It's way better than pokemon even with the retarded GTA style cops spawning and the idiocy of guns.

No. 351560

pokemon is the highest-grossing media franchise in history. they can pump out the worst games imaginable and still outsell palworld. it's fine.

No. 351574

they hardly even need to do that when palworld already has an active modding scene. it'll stick around for a while. the devs should be adding a bunch of stuff anyways because it would be a dick move not to after it performed so well financially.

No. 351637

This was debunked now. The person who created the vid related and who made the twitter threads about palworld being stolen assets from Pokémon admitted that they lied.

No. 351733

feel free to judge me over this, but, uh…in palworld…do you ever need to shoot pals? I only want to play it if I can palcifist run and just kill humans.

No. 351796

Idk I'm not very far into the game but I think you can get enough resources to start a base just from gathering around, but you have to weaken pals' hp to capture them in balls so you will have to punch some at least, or be a higher level than them, but theres also boss fights with pals so eventually you have to fight them

No. 351834

It's 2024 Bethesda why can't I see my feet when I look down.
Got a free month of Game Pass with the new computer so playing Starfield and damn all the NPC's are just so boring. It really makes me appreciate the silly writing in Warframe.
Exploring will probably be fun enough though.
Also I find it really amusing that I managed to make a better likeness of myself in a Chinese mobile game than something AAA.

No. 351856

So to catch palls you do need to lower there hp, just like in pokemon. So in the beginning you will need to punch or hit them with a stick. After that you can just let your own pall lower there hp if you think that's less cruel? If it does make your feel better, when a pall does die it just looks like it fainted. I thought i would feel bad at the beginning when accidentally killing one, but its not that bad because. Its a lot more fun to catch and kill the humans though. You can also have an option to breed your pals later, so maybe that way you can also avoid accidentally hurting pals?

No. 351907

Lady Decade on YouTube covers retro gaming topics.

No. 351925

If you're interested in retro games, Hungry Goriya on youtube does great-quality content a la SNES drunk. If you have a tolerance for vtubers (lol) Amiya Aranha is also a knowledgable retro game streamer.

No. 351929

You don't have to shoot them but all mine keep getting depression and aids

No. 351932

I love until dawn but I hate how Mike and Emily are made for eachother, Emily is just more outwardly blunt. It's nuts to me how I've seen people "redeem" mike for taking charge, but Emily also does amazing in the mines and she's very smart. Also I'm drunk but didn't she admit that she and MIKE cheated on their gf/bf? So why is Emily the only one hated for that to the point you can fake kill her as her bf. I don't feel bad for the boyfriend either, stand the fuck up softie. If Josh played the prank on Emily, Mike, Ashley and Em's boyfriend (i cannot remember his name) they were super fucking giddy about the prank. Also Hannah was 100% ready to sleep with MIke and possibly "Steal' him from Emily. Josh is retarded for going after Chris/Ash. Ash is also lowkey very unlikeable and it slides by. Mike and Sam have no personality other than being the "Hot final people". Chris looked 47. Like seriously, everyone had stereotypical but