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No. 262569

General Video Game discussion, aside from games that have their own threads.

What are you currently playing, what you are looking forward to, favorite games, favorite consoles, gamer set discussion, reviews, praises, complaints, questions, etc.

Previous thread:

No. 262573

Luv the thread pic

No. 262577

>where the story will go from here
Hopefully space.
I am really loving that design btw, love Yoji Shinkawa.

Sorry, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't have the rights to MGS or any of his Konami properties anymore.

No. 262580

File: 1670698615782.jpg (336.22 KB, 2048x1152, __zagreus_hades_and_1_more_dra…)

Was just finishing up the final checking the spelling of the new thread I was going to post when I saw this, kek!
Anyway here is the image that i was going to use. I can't wait for the next game

No. 262581

Sorry, nona! That pic is pretty cool though and hot

No. 262582

You should have added a thread number instead and post a link to this thread on the old one. this is lolcow.

No. 262601

shit thread. Why isnt this made properly? Which number vg thread is this?

No. 262605

Yeah I know he can't do anything related to MGS and Konami will keep focusing on pachinko but I'm shitposting.

No. 262607

Minimodding is worse than forgetting the thread number (8th, btw), curb your autism

No. 262614

no it isn't and they aren't minimodding. you did a shit job, op. the op pic doesn't stand out enough either.

No. 262616

The Mass Effect ports are free on PS+ this month. I'm not sure if I can be bothered to play through the series again though, even for easy trophy padding.

No. 262630

Honestly, I just had difficulty finding a lot of Awakening memorable in the years following its release, despite enjoying it thoroughly at the time I played it.

No. 262645

I loved it when I played it, got excited for Fates, loved BR and CQ but disliked Revelation (which is just a bonus route anyway and I bought the DLC on sales so I ignore its existence), but it's true for me as well, Fates is still way more fresh in my mind than Awakening. Maybe I'll replay both soon.

No. 262650

Nice pic, Im so addicted to Hades. Finally managed to unite the gods with a party. Now I just need to get that bisexual threesome going and then most major achievements are done kek

No. 262665

Is anybody else just not interested in the new Cyberpunk 2077 DLC. I feel like playing as V before the end of the game just makes it not that interesting, like the writers might force some dumb moral choice on us and it's like, I don't care about Night City anymore I'm going Devil ending every time. And having to deal with the chip and Johnny some more. It might've been cooler with a new protag.

No. 262698

I think BR personally is around Awakening-tier for me where I enjoyed it but it didn't stick for me much. Revelations is… I can't even remember if I played it, kek. CQ though, I replayed the shit out of. I logged 200+ hours on Fates and I think around 3/4ths of that was just replays of CQ (yes, I do have the 'tism)

No. 262700

Given all best devs either left the company or moved to new witcher game development, I don't have much hope for this one either.

No. 262761

File: 1670758360298.jpg (443.13 KB, 1920x1080, ss_ffbf44cd5f9311994095b576cf2…)

Just played NORCO and liked it a lot. Set primarily in an alternate future version of the real refinery town of Norco, Louisiana, where AI and robots are more commonplace. You play as a female protagonist who returns to Norco after discovering her mother died of cancer, and a mystery unfolds. Very atmospheric game with writing that is both good (prose and story setup) and kinda bad (story resolution). It's occasionally creepy but also pretty funny and made me laugh out loud a couple times. If you liked games like Backbone, Night in the Woods, and Kentucky Route Zero (haven't played this one personally but they're both Southern Gothic), you'll probably like NORCO. I've also seen comparisons to Disco Elysium due to the literary descriptions and general atmosphere.

No. 262774

This looks really up my alley, thanks anon!

No. 263190

File: 1670916779626.jpg (202.53 KB, 1536x864, 2022_S19_Dungeon__PressKit_Gea…)

Damn, they finally put armor I want in a dungeon. I wanna cute cowboy hat, though not enough to deal with LFG and voice chat.

No. 263194

File: 1670924019868.jpg (821.11 KB, 1058x1908, Screenshot_2022-12-13-10-32-35…)

kek some anon in the previous thread posted that plagiraized posed from the Bayonetta 2 cover art and someone sent the picture to Kamiya. He truly gives no fuck whatsoever.

No. 263198

I've managed to solo Grasp of Avarice and this one is said to be even easier, you can do it by yourself! Otherwise, esp with dungeons, voice chat is often not used at all in LFG-s made fireteams, just learn about the mechanics beforehand and you'll be ok.

No. 263207

I also don't want to pay the extra 20 bucks for the Dungeon key just for a hat though. I bought the 30th anniversy stuff soley for the Warlock outfit already.

No. 263364

File: 1670985257026.png (525.82 KB, 869x481, signalis.png)

I've been playing SIGNALIS for about six hours and I absolutely love it so far. The inspiration from Silent Hill and Resident Evil is obvious but it still has its own aesthetic and atmosphere. It was developed by a mainly two-person team (a man and woman I THINK) and nearly all the characters and enemies are female. It's full of literary and art references in a way that feels purposeful rather than pretentious. Plus it's decently challenging, with a casual mode if you prefer.

No. 263365

i think an anon posted about the devs being two trannies in the previous game thread

No. 263374

File: 1670987763868.png (2.87 KB, 120x120, icon_86.png)

Any other Geometry Dash nonas here? I played lite in middle school but I recently bought the full version on my pc and have been playing non stop. I would like to become a god at it someday. It does get pretty lonely when the community is mostly twelve year olds and man-children, though, so it would be nice to make friends from here that play the game. If you haven't played it but like rhythm games, you should totally check it out, the lite version is free on ios.

No. 263382

I saw that but their post was mostly conjecture and I couldn't find any actual proof. They said it seemed like a tranny made it because the protagonist "walks weird" but I don't get that criticism at all, she's not human for one thing and she's creeping/sneaking because it's a horror game, there's nothing weird about her walk cycle. I researched the devs and there's hardly any info about them.

No. 263388

File: 1670991350315.jpg (433.88 KB, 1377x1041, Untitled.jpg)

kinda sus to me… "she" sure likes a lot of tranny-adjacent and coomer stuff

No. 263389

Maybe she likes them because they are related to a game she made?

No. 263390

idk anon if i made a game and saw people making coomer art and weird MMD models of it i would not enjoy that

No. 263402

Those really don't seem that bad. Liking posts from someone with a tranny flag in their name doesn't automatically make someone a tranny themselves. The art isn't really that sexual either, by internet standards.

No. 263405

Link to post? I can't find it with Ctrl+F

No. 263411

the only people that keep sperging about trannies when it comes to this game are retarded scrotes on 4chan. theres literally nothing that indicates devs are trannies. you can literally find the pic of the guy dev in google and he looks normal same with the woman artist.

No. 263412

That reminds me of when DMC5 just got released and Itsuno liked a lot of posts about it on twitter, including some explicit but not pornographic just yet Nero/V art before everyone knew they're father and son which means it was gay incest. So I guess some people truly don't care and are grateful for all their fans.

No. 263431

File: 1671008773344.png (25.71 KB, 410x237, 456453.png)

picrel, it's from MtF thread #94

No. 263440

Next level of unhinged to assume this from names

No. 263444

Nta but it's not, those are two names that are commonly used by western trannies. Yuri especially (because it's the name of their favourite porn), unless the dev is japanese or a slav there's a huge chance it's a tranny.

No. 263448

They're German. I do suspect Yuri could be a troon because in my research, the company rose-engine is sometimes credited to Yuri and Barbara and sometimes Alex and Barbara. I don't think the members of the company have changed because they say they say they have been developing the game together for 8 years. If Yuri transitioned at some point, it could be that Barbara is a troon and influenced him, OR she's just a handmaiden. I still like the game a lot even if it's made by troons because there's nothing objectionable in it imo, but I just WANT it to be (even partially) the passion project of a woman.

No. 263450

File: 1671015739622.webm (673.57 KB, 1280x720, signalis.webm)

samefagging, but this is the "retarded" way the protagonist walks. Honestly I can empathize with the anon in the MtF thread, I'm on edge anytime I hear about women in game development because at this point I just assume it's a troon. But there is really nothing wrong with this walk cycle kek.

No. 263454

Idk guys, Barbara is a normal name, I know a few Barbaras IRL and they're all women, I don't spend too much time on mtf threads and it would never occur to me to even think that it's any indicator of tranny-ism. Yuri sounds like a pseudonym and you can't blame a woman to not want to use her real name in gamedev either; and given that person has "they" pronoun on twitter I'd be much more keen on assuming it's a fakeboi, not other way around. Women do gamedev too, it sucks people always jump to a conclusion it has to be an undercover scrote. I don't know anons, I just want to believe

No. 263456

That's fair anon. To be honest I've been let down so many times that I don't have much faith anymore. Women in gamedev are great but their games often get ignored because they're not scrotish enough and if a game isn't for scrotes then it's automatically uninteresting. Plus men tend to trample over women when it comes to gaming. Just think about all the "female" esport teams being all troons.

No. 263474

File: 1671027699287.png (1.63 MB, 1092x1310, 2299946262.png)

>It was developed by a mainly two-person team (a man and woman I THINK)

Top photos are Barbara, taken from her photo archive website http://antihelios.de/indexhibit-photo/ Also her flickr has photos of her body https://www.flickr.com/photos/fivel/page2

Bottom is Alex, he is half-chinese.

No. 263475

Yuri is a normal slavic male name, to be fair.

No. 263484

Isn’t Yuri a male name though

No. 263497

Yes in like Russia and nearby countries, Yuri is a female name in Japanese that means lily and I guess that's why some troons like it and why some anons are weary. There's also the male Japanese first nale Yuuri that's sometimes mispelled Yuri

No. 263507

this sounds so autistic but whenever i beat trannies in league i say something like ywnbaw or you got beat by a radfem and i like to think it makes them seethe. you can tell they're trans because their icon is either the trans flag or they have trans in their username

No. 263510

kek. Very based nonna

No. 263511

Have you ever been banned for it? what do they react like?

No. 263517

thank you for your service nonna. what's the best reaction you've gotten?

No. 263523

KEK based.

No. 263524

nothing yet but I'm sure it'll get me eventually
I do it near the end right before we reach the victory screen so they don't have the chance to type back. moids love getting in the last word so I don't give them the chance

No. 263527

File: 1671042139530.png (128.91 KB, 640x480, harvester-2.png)

Anons, what's the most fucked up game you've ever played? I'm curious.

No. 263528

Holy shit the thing with the father in this freaked me the fuck out, I didn't expect it.

No. 263585

Thank you anon, I found pics of Alex but not Barbara, that lays my questions to rest.

No. 263607

there are 2 threads

No. 263633

Considering making an RPG maker game nonas. It sounds like a fun thing to do in my free time. I've been playing the original ff games and I feel inspired

No. 263638

rule of rose but i played it as teen so it might not be as fucky by today standars

No. 263642

Degrees of Lewdity, which I learned from this website

No. 263644

some free indie game where you basically played as dahmer except it didn't mention dahmer, you would drive around picking dudes up and then drill into their heads. i forgot what it was called

No. 263651

File: 1671068125271.jpg (103.35 KB, 615x1000, Master-Detective-Archives-Rain…)

Looks meh, I like Shinigami's design but the rest are pretty terrible.

No. 263672

File: 1671072512428.jpeg (106.57 KB, 540x667, ms_strap_ad.jpeg)

i've been revisiting some JRPGs lately to get inspo for the RPG i'm planning to make, right now I'm playing an english re-localization of Mother 1. it's always cool to play games that a ton of game devs cite as an inspiration for their own games, picking out similarities and all that. picrel is a mr. saturn strap that was given to people who pre-ordered Mother 1+2 back in the day, pretty cute!

No. 263673

probably the one in your pic, tbh. Harvester just has a really "off" vibe, even in the not-explicitly-horrifying scenes. the FMV style is just inherently terrifying to me for some reason lol

No. 263674

aww thats adorable, kinda want one of those now!

No. 263675

there are some on ebay right now if you wanna get one!

No. 263677


No. 263681

I've played it a few times over the course of 10 years and it's still really fucked up, especially the themes of csa and pregnancy. One of my favorite ps2 games ever because it's has such a nice balance of show, not tell when you are finding notes and clues, imploring you to explore the area.

No. 263682

man, nintendo used to be on top of it 20 years ago. this is so cute!! and wishing you nothing but good vibes for your RPG.

No. 263683

I want to play this if you find out what it's called.

No. 263688

thank you so much! <3

No. 263694

i have also wanted to find it again because it was really unnerving. it had a simple pixel style but awful sound design and music, i remember. i can try to hunt for it again. all i know is the creator had his own website and he made some other weird games. one was called "crush fetish" or something where you played a big foot that stomped people to death lol

No. 263695

harvester always makes me laugh bc of retsupurae

No. 263702

File: 1671092942444.png (37.26 KB, 942x465, 534.png)

No. 263729

yes anon! how tf did you find it!
the game is here

No. 263741

you should make one! (and report back here how easy or difficult it is kek) I really wanted to make one ever since playing undertale, oneshot, and yume nikki but don't have any story ideas

No. 263846

I literally looked up "crush fetish game" LOL, I'm grateful you remembered that because there's no way I would have found the dude's website otherwise.

That Dahmer game is pretty creepy though, you probably can't "win" it but I tried drilling different spots anyway lol.

No. 263873

File: 1671147243729.webm (2.38 MB, 1280x720, plump trevor.webm)

I was wondering why the music felt so familiar. I was right KEK. Here's a lil comparison, trevor philips industries vs plump. Interesting..

No. 263877

ugh, i tried that and just got links to actual crush stuff which is really upsetting so i didn't want to look too far.

No. 264022

File: 1671210680020.jpg (13.96 KB, 432x98, 834594694564.JPG)


No. 264023

I've been tempted to buy witch queen deluxe now that it's price fell and it's pretty affordable for me but I'm still burned out/bummed out from Bungie's garbage pricing strategy.
I'm still bitter over them selling the dungeons separately it's such bullshit.

No. 264024

I'm in a radfem gaming channel but I don't think anyone there plays D2, it sucks I have to deal with LFG and I miss back when I liked me clan

No. 264055

File: 1671221548863.jpg (92.54 KB, 600x600, high-on-life-button-011-165506…)

I was interested in this since it has a space theme, talking gun like Skippy from Cyberpunk and looked fun i general, watched the first hour and fuck, it's annoying. The game was made by the creator of Rick and Morty so I expected the lame humour but they also added the retarded dialogue type where all of the characters stutter and use a fuck ton of filler words.

I can only blame myself for this

No. 264065

Based. I need to start doing this.

No. 264078

The only things I can think of are the human farm in SMT4 with the little girl saying "I will study hard and make Tokyo great!" at some point, and the human meat processing factory in DDS2.

No. 264079

I'm not particularly looking forward to it but I'll avoid spoilers as much as possible just in case I'll change my mind. I loved DR1 but the sequel was so annoying I couldn't even finish it so that's why I'm not sure what to think about that one.

No. 264085

they want what cruelty squad has

No. 264106

File: 1671239727171.jpg (53.29 KB, 615x473, E8VFCnmWEAE-QhU.jpg)

can we talk about cruelty squad? because holy fuck is it hard to find another woman into cruelty squad. god i love it. the creator is cute too. i wish he didnt have such a huge twitter presence because its loser behavior and his fanbase is insane but i adore the game. it's weirdly comfy and often cute.

No. 264160

aw yeah anon it's a cool fucking game! I really appreciate the LSD dream emulator and old MDE influence, it makes me nostalgic. I'd like to revisit it and catch all the fish sometime.

No. 264267

That's probably one of my favorite part of IV, along with the monsters preparing you as their meal. It was a pretty eerie, I wish they had made it longer.

No. 264427

File: 1671327050096.jpg (69.56 KB, 500x500, w500.jpg)

>Find a cute looking game on sale
>Look up reviews
>'From the creators of some other game and Celeste…'
>gets bad feeling
>look up devs
>every single one is either a TiM, TiF, or have pronouns in their bios
Money well saved.

No. 264432

celeste is the one with the tranny child, right? its really creepy

No. 264469

File: 1671359560391.png (997.02 KB, 556x899, Untitled.png)

already played through this entire game and started a replay, it's so much fun. I really hope they remaster the other pacman world games, I loved them as a child. even just hearing the music was a huge hit of nostalgia

No. 264504

Oh I remember these games! Didn't know there was a remaster. Now I'm sad there is no Ms. Pac Man Maze Madness remaster. It was my fav.
I don't even waste my time with games that got that cutesy look anymore, I just know there is a big chance of being troon made. It's creepy that troons keep making games that look like that, no way they aren't trying to appeal to children and/or teens.

No. 264535

Eh? Since when?? I didn't know that

No. 264536

File: 1671387490920.jpg (162 KB, 1000x1000, haven-button-fin-1603917071638…)

I've been wanting to play this game but I just noticed it's labeled as "LGBTQ+ friendly" which worries me kek. I thought the game was just about the main couple? If there's some gay characters that's fine, but dnfw any trannies. Any anons have some insight?

No. 264578

There was nothing when I've played it on launch, so the tag must be referring to that update that came out later thanks to which you can play as a same sex couple

No. 264595

Has anybody here played Odin Sphere? I hear mixed reviews about Vanillaware's handling of women, and I'm wondering if it's going to piss me off. It looks beautiful.

No. 264597

Madeline is 21, not a kid, but yeah. She was confirmed to be trans by the creators, who said thay it should have been narratively obvious that she was.

No. 264603

Don't think, just play it. It's the greatest love story ever told.

No. 264613

Alright, I'll give it a shot!

No. 264619

NGL this looks way too cute not to play, if (from what I've heard) Celeste didn't seem like tranny said until the devs had to say it was tranny shit, maybe this game won't be obvious either so it might be easy to ignore the fact that the devs are male and female troons. I would only pirate it, though.

No. 264643

File: 1671422536416.jpg (162.96 KB, 1083x783, Untitled.jpg)

>enemies all look like cartoony aliens
>except the female alien
>she must have a small mouth, high cheekbones, eyelashes and tits
kill men

No. 264647

>Why is a fucking alien wearing mascara?
>Why do aliens have human female beauty standards?
>Why must female aliens look distinctly human-like instead of both sexes of aliens being indistinguishable to humans (since they're obviously a different species from another planet and presumably evolved completely separate from life on Earth)?
This and every other instance of this bullshit belongs in the bad design thread, also it wouldn't surprise me if the creators were huge coomers since they seem to really like this sexy female alien cliche

No. 264648

File: 1671425419362.png (1.08 MB, 1200x1508, 1200px-Celeste_character_Madel…)

>Not a kid
That's a real shocker to hear.
I've never played the game myself but saw my little sister play it and felt so skeeved out by the whole thing of a man projecting his tranny feelings on to a character who looks exactly like a little girl. You can't tell me this character is supposed to be an adult TiM when most 21 year old women don't even look this petite.

No. 264717

This makes no sense at all.
From a dress up gacha on mobile to nonsensical BotW clone on consoles.

No. 264731

File: 1671466370998.png (290.72 KB, 538x717, FAE55306-D240-4676-8316-546AFF…)

It's kind of funny how the game went from simple scenarios about a girl's daily life to a fantasy adventure. I love it. I think I will like this new game because it's like Majora's Mask on steroids, but cute, I hope the story is nice.

No. 264738

Cannot wait, so far I've liked every botw clone I've played, played Genshin to death initially. (but haven't for like a year now) I'll stay for Nikki tho

No. 264739

Thanks nonna! That's a nice update then

I just think it's neat little girls can have such an expansive game made for them

No. 264744

I will definitely be playing this.

No. 264763

It always had lots of complicated lore and rpg elements. Miraland, it's politics and history are so well developed it makes sense to take the premise to a different platform.

No. 264780


I'm OP who posted and complained about it, you nonnas are so sweet. I am bothered about it because it just does not look cohesive and it triggers my autismo.

No. 264793

I get you tbh, the scenarios look kind of dark for some reason, I would've expected it to be as well more like the mobile 2D game, a more pastel palette at first or something.
And I also would've expected it to be more like running around and doing fashion fights with random people, but this trailer is showing something definitely more awesome! It's better than just fashion fights, you get to use the outfits in a way that kind of makes sense and you get to explore a cool fantasy land with functional clothes that are pretty.

No. 264927

File: 1671504160679.jpg (89.05 KB, 390x604, 1653987234.jpg)

The creator himself being a TiM whose troon name is Madeline makes me think the character is just his pathetic self-insert, which makes it even creepier that he's depicted as this 21 year old 'legal loli.' But of course the real thing will always look like a hulking male he is kek.

No. 265001

A true christmas miracle for mgs fans

No. 265009

I remember an article about him where he point blank said Celeste's story mirrored his trooning out story so yes, she's his self-insert

No. 265016

File: 1672006062017.png (3.98 MB, 1620x1620, knightwitchgamerayne.png)

Anynonna picked up The Knight Witch yet? I started playing it a few days ago and already can't put it down. It's a shoot-em-up metroidvania bullet hell with some of the best writing I've encountered in a game lately. And our character is a 35 year old married woman!! I can't remember the last time I played a game with a female lead older than her late 20s, let alone a game where we don't lose our spouse in the inciting tragedy.
The gameplay itself is challenging but there are cheat codes programmed into the game if you want an easier time getting through levels to experience the story (I've had three cheats equipped since partway through the tutorial, but I'm bad at vidya.) I'm in the third act of the game and excited to finish it, but wanted to share it with all of you first!

No. 265017

I literally just went into lolcow but the art is so cute it caught my eye. Thanks anon, i may try it. It sounds like a genuine good game.

No. 265052

I played celeste a few years back and the creator wasn't out as trans yet and his male name was listed on the game credits so it was wild to me to see he later chose the protagonist's name as his own. Honestly it seems more like social contagion and retconning to me but who knows. The story itself had basically the acceptance and commitment therapy basics where you shouln't see mental health problems as an evil part of you that needs to be destroyed but to accept them and learn how to deal with the feelings instead. I didnt see the trans parallels when I played anyway, maybe my brain was too innocent.
The real bummer was finding out the composer is trans though, I was happy to see a woman composer be thriving in videogames but ofc it's not…

No. 265061

this is the most autistic thing ever but I can't resist trying to 100% games and sink countless hours into them grinding for achievements (if it's either a game I really like or one that looks somewhat easy to 100%). it causes me to take forever just to get through a single game. right now I'm slowly making my way through the yakuza kiwami completion list plus harukas requests to get the last remaining achievements and get my 100% completion dopamine hit kek I don't know why I can't stop myself from wasting so much time on this

No. 265062

You're squeezing out every second of entertainment these games have to offer, good for you nonna!

No. 265069

thanks nona that is a good way to look at it, I really am getting my moneys worth from each game

No. 265090

File: 1672145507742.jpg (59.14 KB, 1024x703, 1671474252432043.jpg)

i keep jumping between FFXIV and WoW Dragonflight. I like to RP cute stories in the first, but thesecong caught me in its gameplay loop.
I really hate paying 2 subscriptions for games overrun by trannies and furries.

No. 265096

Cp bump

No. 265116

I do this too, I just need those achievements!!! It's probably for the best when a game doesn't have any.

No. 265140

I played it and like you I had lots of fun in the beginning but now I stopped. It gets really stale because there's no rewards and the comp overhaul is terrible, and without friends it feels entirely hopeless to me. Really liked playing junkerqueen though

No. 265170

kek I'm glad I'm not the only one who does it

No. 265534

Destiny, Glad they didn't make the exotic quest too hard this time. Microwave room was hell, but spacewalk was cool, also Fenchurch! I wish they would make concept art for these lore only charas, I really want to know what Jolyeon looks like too.

No. 265536

I keep hearing the ongoing season is really good, how do you like it nonna? How is the seasonal activity and weekly challenges, fun enough to complete for a solo player? I'm playing on PS normally and my subscription ran out, so I wonder if this season is worth renewing it.

No. 265558

It's just the usual 3 person fight through enemies to the boss thing. But I play for the story, Anna and Elsie aren't really my favorite, but I'm curious about Rasputin actually getting some character. Also got another lovely gaudy as hell shader from the Dawning and sneakers from the season pass.

No. 265705

Does Black Desert Online have any good female armor options? It seems very coomerish, if there are no good options for female characters then i might just chose to play as male.

No. 265746

I backed TemTem, that Pokemon-inspired game, when it first ran on Kickstarter but I only played it for the first time this year. I accidentally hit randomize during the character customization and just built my character off of that. I didn't realize until down the line that the randomizer chose the male body type. It does that stupid thing where it doesn't outright say you choose to play as a boy or a girl, but has only 2 body type options anyway–so much for muh gender diversity. Anyway, I've been playing as a crossdresser this whole time kek. I can't change it either. I wanted to reset my game, but you can't until you've played so many hours and I'll lose the username I reserved in the original Kickstarter. So I decided I'll never touch the game again kek didn't have the best impression of the game either

No. 265971

File: 1672520752885.jpg (5.58 KB, 225x225, 1595943290010.jpg)

Nonna what was the website tutorial to homebrew your 3DS, I'm about to sell all of my games for january 2023

No. 265974

Nta but I used 3ds.hacks.guide for all of my 3ds consoles (I have 5 lol)

You can use GodMode9 to dump the saves from your cartridges too, I believe. GM9 is part of the homebrew/hacking process. Lmk if you have questions nonnie!

No. 265975

File: 1672526485500.jpg (323.82 KB, 1676x1063, mgsrumor.jpg)

how do you guys feel about the mgs1 remake rumor? I feel like konami will probably go through with it since it seems like they're trying to reboot all their old IPs. I will probably watch someone stream it out of sheer curiosity, but I don't see it being as good as the original. Not necessarily because kojima won't be apart of it (tbh, it annoys the fuck out of me that people always ignore the fact that there were multiple writers and the localization team did a lot of heavy lifting) but i just dont think it will have the same charm. especially if they don't get the same voice actors we would get a glorious HD rendering of solid snake tho, so it might be worth it just for that

No. 265977

No I want more Big Boss and/or Raiden

No. 265987

Thank you I didn't know about Godmore! Idk if I want to switch from my language to english (the translation is somehow better and funnier) but it's reassuring to have this option. Can I know if I can install games in different languages? For example Animal Crossing in english and Nintengos in french, or I need to pick one general language for the console and every game.

No. 265993

if this one goes well we will very likely get the others too. hopefully also on pc because otherwise what's the point

No. 265996

I hope they don't get yassified graphics, I just want the old look with compatibility for PC and I guess better resolution

No. 265997

File: 1672537369624.jpg (211.99 KB, 1920x1080, X2iiR3HQ6vWZz8FCdhoneT.jpg)

It will look the MGS3 pachinko machine for sure

No. 265998

Once you homebrew your 3ds you'll be able to play games from any region! I use https://hshop.erista.me/ to download games. You should be able to find whatever language version you want. If the region of the game doesn't match your 3ds (for instance playing an English game on a Japanese console) you'll need to use a homebrew app called Luma Locale Switcher to change the game's region to match your 3ds. It's pretty easy to use though! I had to do that because I have 2 Japanese 3ds consoles (why does JP have the best special editions orz)

Though some games are "global" meaning they aren't region locked!

No. 266002

File: 1672539531525.png (900.56 KB, 960x504, CAPA.png)

They should remake the original Metal Gear games first instead of MGS.
The devs would have a lot more creative freedom with them due to their relative simplicity.

No. 266004

100%, we get more Big Boss, Ocelot, Kaz content out of it too

No. 266037

File: 1672573741532.png (762.9 KB, 880x800, FHO-JJ1XEBAYm7A.png)

It does imo, there's tonnes of outfits and I think a new one is released weekly. Some are definitely coomerish, but there's so many to choose from. You can also mix and match outfit parts and create unique looks. Valoren is a full plate armour outfit available for all classes, I quite like it. Dark Rose in picrel is my favourite, wish it didn't have the stupid little gaps everywhere but I still like the look of it.

No. 266038

Samefag but Valoren is for all female classes, my bad. For female classes there's also nice ones like Vediras, Pila Fe (if you wanna be a cowgirl) that aren't class-bound.

No. 266059

No. 266089

Ayrt I think that would be really cool if they did that. Fuck anon the more I think about it now I would actually love that.

No. 266093

so what is /vgt/ playing this year?

No. 266095

I'm gonna pick up that hogwarts game. Other than that I'm just playing genshit

No. 266105


No. 266107

Hoping Starfield gets a release date soon so I can upgrade my computer for it.
But currently playing Destiny, Genshin and a bit of Warframe.
Should really get around to playing some of my PS+ games or that free copy of Horizon Zero Dawn Sony gave out years ago.
And one last playthough of DX Mankind Divided for one last trophy.

No. 266137

File: 1672615491289.png (221.11 KB, 480x305, E4F7AA34-BE8F-4BB4-A8BB-AA8C25…)

playing Tokimeki Memorial now that there's an english fan translation (plz no bully i know its a scrote wish fulfillment game but the art style is so cute) and i love Yuina so dearly she is my STEM queen i want to cheat at poker and build robots with her

No. 266171

Currently playing Splatoon 3, SMT 4 and various pokemon games. This year I plan to play the Bravely Default series, Persona 3, 4 & 5 and Zelda: TOTK. I might play oxenfree ii and Triangle Strategy.

No. 266182

File: 1672624144727.jpg (63.46 KB, 540x402, tumblr_5cae00a0de172cce8ce81f7…)

I love tokimeki memorial and I don't find it as scrotal as many other contemporary VN, it's actually really good. Pic rel is my fave

No. 266186

Botw2, Hogwarts legacy, Stray, Rune Factory 5, Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, Salty Hounds, Oxenfree 2, Haven, Sea of Stars, Harvestella, Forspoken (depending if I like the demo), and whatever else catches my fancy

No. 266217

trying to talk myself into getting back into my handhelds at some point this month, since there are several secondhand Castlevania DS games–PoR, OoE, DoS–i've owned without actually playing for way too long now. maybe start a new file on a couple of others i've been meaning to get back into–Contact, FF3–due to nostalgia. i haven't felt the compulsion to boot up my PS since Summer 2022, and i think i'm going to use this continued disinterest to stay in my internet free single-player lane where i belong kek.

No. 266262

>started (want to finish):

>want to play:

Fallout New Vegas

>back burner:

Stalker SoC (started)
Metal Gear Rising (started)
Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines (started)
Alan Wake
Risk of Rain 2
Halo Master Chief Collection

No. 266405

File: 1672650389040.jpg (103.2 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I started playing this game because I've seen quite a few anons on LC mention it. Almost done with the Bachelor route, so pls no spoilers. I am intrigued but at the same time playing this fills me with hopelessness and existential dread. If there's a video game that could be considered a work of art it would be this, damn…

No. 266568

I can't wait to play hogwarts legacy. I'm confident it will not live up to the hype upon released but it will be successful and that is good enough to piss off the moralfags that want to see JK rowling burn at the stake

No. 266585

I wouldn't call the TRAs attacking JKR "moral", but yeah. Hope it's a good game that sell well.

No. 266587

started hades and really liking it so far! i need to finish pokemon violet and vampire survivors. multiplayer games that im playing currently from most to least are LoL, splatoon 3 and r6s. then im going to start katamari reroll and try to get into dbd.

No. 266593

Even one of my irl friends who is a TRA preordered the game, I woudln't be surprised if lots of these people who want JKR dead are actually secretly buying the game too.

No. 266653

File: 1672677313241.png (1.95 MB, 1241x1050, Puzzle Pirates.png)

Any old school nonnies remember Yohoho Puzzle Pirates? I've been spending a gross amount of time revisiting it. It's sadly much smaller than it was in its prime, but there's still a decent sized community.

No. 266654

Katamari reroll is fantastic! I’ve replayed it so many times

No. 266655

File: 1672677758264.jpeg (921.34 KB, 1200x1600, B1537BBA-D54A-4CF1-B53B-35A174…)

Anyone here played hypnospace outlaw? I really loved it and I’m super excited for Dreamsettler, the sequel, but devs have gone radio silent since they announced it in April.

No. 266656

This looks sick, explain the premise please

No. 266657

File: 1672679151266.jpg (7.72 KB, 242x208, download.jpg)

I love this game Also fun fact, this game is what opened my eyes to "Drake" and the truth about "him".
This is in my top ten games of all time. I not only watched multiple people play it but I finally played it this year and it was just as fun. I love it so much and I can't wait for Dreamsettler.

No. 266659

File: 1672680574689.png (245.98 KB, 380x336, boxes_multi.png)

Job with crews on pillages which consist of various puzzles such as carpentry, bilging, sailing, etc. Fight other vessels to plunder booty. There are also parlor games such as poker, spades, hearts… After you build up some wealth you can customize your outfits, buy a house. It's a great concept and probably one of the most player driven game economies as anyone is able to own a shop, start a crew, etc. If you play, I'd suggest checking it out on a weekend when more people are online.

No. 266661

>>back burner:
>Stalker SoC (started)
Lol same, I can't bring myself to continue it because of how gloomy/draining it is

No. 266662

Bought a mid-range Steam Deck for Christmas for myself, any nonnies have any suggestions about good games to play on it?
I want to install windows on it too to play Genshin Impact, that would be comfy as all hell.
Man, I remember this game from when I was a tween! It was so fun. Glad to see it's still somewhat kicking.

No. 266663

Is it free

No. 266667

>>266657 I have no idea what you're talking about, can you explain?

Also, yeah! It is super fun just to play with and click around on. I LOVE how in depth the internet culture is in the world they've made with music genres, original memes, people with vendettas against the server owners, etc etc. it just felt SO real and I can't wait to see what they do with the next one.

No. 266670

What are some good Switch games to get. Any good recent releases? Idc if they are new games, just games for the platform. Maybe some old games that were revamped/made for Switch? I have Collection of Mana, which is nice, because it's three old games and wasn't very expensive. Anything similar?

No. 266672

File: 1672685227419.jpg (139.98 KB, 800x1100, PSX-Grand-Theft-Auto-London-Po…)

Man I really wish Rockstar would remake GTA London, instead of the shitty new GTA. I'm so sick of da ghetto/gritty urban realism/black guys shooting one another in turf wars in brown, gray, and beige buildings, and all that other gay shit. I want 60's London. I want the mod clothing. I want the attitude. I want the beautiful cars. I want to strangle a guy with a Union Jack flag.

No. 266674

there are a LOT of old jrpg's on the switch

No. 266684

ive been interested in this game for a while but kept forgetting about it, so i just got it for like $4 cuz it was on sale for like $7 + i had switch points to use. it looks really cool, thx for reminding me of it nonna

No. 266685

Yeah you just have to download it. I know it’s on steam for free. There are micro transactions such as buying doubloons with real money but you can also exchange in game currency (pieces o’ eight) for doubloons so you’re never forced to spend real money.

No. 266686

moon remix is really great, got ported to switch in 2020. other switch ports/remakes that come to mind are The World Ends With You, Katamari Reroll, Rune Factory 4, DMC 3, and the Crash Bandicoot series. also not a port but Octopath Traveler is a cool Square Enix jrpg with a cozy art style

No. 266689

Nonna nooooooo!!! The game IS good and I still recommend it but it was really meant for a mouse and keyboard. I played the demo on switch and it runs fine but it might be a little annoying to use with a controller

No. 266692

oh shit lmfao well i'll try it on the switch and if it's annoying to play then i'll buy it on steam while it's still on sale, won't be a huge loss i suppose

No. 266727

i hope you enjoy it anyway!!

No. 266750

this image really made me rediscover memories I didnt know I had

No. 266821

Currently playing
>Dragon Quest Treasures
I'm having a lot of fun with it. I don't like the gameplay of the main DQ games but I love the monsters and the humor so this is right up my alley. Dragon Quest Builders 3 when??

>Atelier Ryza 2 (started, only like 4 hours in)
>Atelier Sophie 2
>Blue Reflection
>Rune Factory 5
>So many more….

Also I hate that Atelier Ryza in particular is so sexualized in the promo art when she is not like that at all in game. Also her outfit in 2 is so damn stupid I had to change it. The girls in Blue Reflection are also sexualized but the story and premise are so interesting to me…

No. 266901

I recently started playing Rune Factory 4 Special and have been loving it. Tbh I wasn't familiar with Rune Factory at all before I saw some people talk about it (I can't quite remember where, but I feel inclined to say it was here on lolcow) and then I put it on my wishlist on Steam (where it sat for a while). I only just got it right after my dad fixed my computer on Christmas and I saw the Steam winter sale happening. It was one of the games I got and so far the one I've played the most lol. Ngl I'm excited to romance the bachelors, specifically Dylas and Leon, and Vishnal to a lesser extent

Aside from that I want to get back into the Yakuza games (last year I played Yakuza 0 which was fucking amazing, and I was playing Yakuza Kiwami but never got around to finishing it)

No. 266924

File: 1672823050641.jpg (118.73 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

even thought I don't play soul-like games and I wonder wtf is up with all these pinocchio remakes, lies of P looks like an interesting game and "Pinocchio" looks pretty

No. 267000

Is that Pinocchio? damn, they out here making a hot af wooden boy.

No. 267032

geppetto made a bishounen sex doll

No. 267218

currently playing
>Persona 5 Royal
>Yakuza Kiwami 2
going to play
>Hypnospace Outlaw
>Corpse Party: Book of Shadows
>BOTW2, when it comes out

No. 267225

currently Elden Ring, then Outer Wilds and Psychonauts 2.

No. 267226

If that's Pinocchio then I'll show him how to be a real boy kek

No. 267228

i opened the game and was immediately like "oh fuck that anon was right" but luckily the developers added keyboard and mouse compatibility for the switch version so i just did that so it worked out lol. i'm only like 5mins in but i already like it a lot, great visuals

No. 267232

oh i'm glad to hear it! my only experience was fucking around in the demo for like ten minutes (and in handheld mode) and immediately moving to steam, so I'm glad there's options for a mouse

No. 267248

>I Was A Teenage Exocolonist
>Knight Witch
>Sail Forth
>Gnosia (replaying)
>Strange Horticulture (replaying for like the fifth time)
Waiting to play
>Persona 3 FES (played it 10+ years ago, super excited to replay on Switch!)
>Roots of Pacha
>Hogwarts Legacy
>Pokemon Scarlet (I know it's already released, but I'm waiting a few months to see if they re-patch the game first)
Anynonny have upcoming indie game recs?

No. 267249

I don't play a lot of games lately, and mostly it's old as fuck shit that I've played for 10 years straight (M&B, CK2, modded HL), but recently I've been thinking about buying a gaming laptop (I need a laptop over a PC because of reasons). The problem is, I don't think that it would be a worthwhile purchase. I can get a regular laptop for a way cheaper price than a gaming laptop, but I don't play a lot of games (especially modern ones), so obviously I don't need it that much. On other hand, a regular laptop has an absolutely shitty video card, so I sure it will struggle running most games. What do, nonnas? The price is considerable, but for some reason I really want a good gaming laptop, but for what? Playing FNV for millions of times? It's difficult to choose. I don't like playing games anymore, but sometimes I like to spend an evening playing a session of CKII, but spending twice as much on a laptop is a bit too much for me for something that I do only occasionally.
For the record, I'm choosing between ASUS TUF Gaming F15 and ASUS X515. With the later I also can buy a drawing tablet on top of that, which I also need. Sorry if off-topic, but it still kinda gaming related, so…

No. 267298

Sea of Stars is set to come out this year. It's a retro inspired "J"RPG that looks really pretty.

No. 267388

Actually you might very well be able to run New Vegas and CK2 on the ASUS X515. My very own not-gaming laptop has these specs : https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c06361886, and it had no problem running M&B

No. 267425

Ah, my last laptop was a Dell XPS 15, but in the last year I bought a Lenovo Legion Slim, and that's an actual gaming laptop, minus the gay RGB keyboard. I'm also like you, I prefer playing older games (FNV is extremely cozy, ain't it? You better be romancin' Joshua). I say as long as it can handle games up to, say, Skyrim-era, and can handle a game that could have dozens of mods, you'll be fine. I prefer laptops over a PC myself, I've been using them for 10+ years now. I managed to play Mass Effect 2 on a shitty Macbook that had taken a beating during college, and I was happy as a clam.

No. 267446

File: 1673090686165.jpg (92.65 KB, 800x1000, 1671573682415479.jpg)

I finally beat SMT5 and went with the law ending. I managed to do almost all the side quests except the one that requires beating Shiva because fuck that, I got all the mimans and amalgams, and I found the last boss fight to be way easier than the second fight against Zeus because I didn't get the true neutral ending. Fuck Chiyoda, easily the worst part of the game.

Anyway, I'm now going back to Pokemon Legend Arceus, which I started months ago and I'm now done with the tutorial and I'm given missions here and there. I'm still at the very beginning of the game though. How long is it if I want to 100% the game? Is it possible to complete the pokedex without trading, since it's a spinoff? I'm guessing it's still an easy game like the rest of the series compared to SMT, because I took a long time beating SMT5 but it was still very intense.

No. 267598

Started Trails of Cold Steel today and I'm a little (a lot) miserable about all of the coomerbait perv gags… It's jarring coming right off of Trails in the Sky and Estelle threatening violence to moids. I miss my girl!
I do enjoy the world and lore of these games a lot though, so I'll persevere.

No. 267601

File: 1673155721675.jpeg (93.2 KB, 1280x720, E7C141CD-6CC4-44F3-9F5F-F30AEE…)

the dex isn't too hard to fill since it inly has a few hundred pokes. pretty sure you can finish without trading, there's an item you can buy to evolve pokes like gengar that normally evolve by trading.
It's a really great game that has a lot of cool concepts like mew capture mechanisms and alpha pokémon. picrel is me an my big boye

No. 267603

I shall give you my data.
I played for 50 hours, I have not 100% the game but I have done all endgame story content and some extra stuff I don't think it would take much longer.
The most time consuming thing to 100% is your bag storage capacity.

No. 267607

100%ing the game takes ages because you have to catch dozens of the same Pokemon over and over again. Good luck if you go for it.

No. 267827

Sounds like I'm not gonna 100% the game then.

What do you mean by that? I'm playing on my Switch so if you're talking about emulating the game and using your save file that won't be possible.

Your Gengar is cute! I want one, I hate that you need to trade pokemon to get one usually.

No. 267848

File: 1673256056724.jpeg (703.1 KB, 2364x1535, 077BF649-20D4-4C55-BB86-40A994…)

not in legends arceus! you can evolve him with an item so anyone can live the gengar dream

No. 267960

Playing Pentiment atm, a murder-mystery point and click adventure game and wholeheartedly recommend it to any anon who doesn't mind reading a lot. It's super atmospheric

No. 267967

File: 1673281580555.jpg (128.55 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-2.jpg)

Samefag, also recommend the Case of the Golden Idol. Great game, although I'm not good with details and stopped playing after a few chapters because my brain was hurting kek

No. 267976

File: 1673282062778.png (726.66 KB, 733x634, Screenshot_1.png)

pentiment is great. makes me think of disco elysium

No. 267981

File: 1673282561776.jpg (155.5 KB, 1229x691, 7831df27a9edf9f373cb69c0962e53…)

Makes my heart so happy seeing other nonnas playing Pentiment! It's refreshing to have an RPG that doesn't give the player the "illusion" of choice. It's been so cool seeing how your decisions effect the world and characters. Ended up buying a few calligraphy pens because of it too.
>Tfw you will never work in a scriptorium

No. 268108

If you paid money for disney dreamlight valley you are retarded considering it's 1. Full of bugs 2. Is going free to play this year. I'm just waiting out for it instead of buying especially since the subreddit for the game is 75% people complaining they can't even access certain areas or about glitches that are gamebreaking

No. 268112

File: 1673304167033.jpg (132.89 KB, 900x500, rhapsody-a-musical-adventure.j…)

I bought the La Pucelle/Rhapsody combo pack port for the switch and it's very fun so far. La Pucelle has some coomer elements but I like the main character from what I've played so far. I've been absolutely loving Rhapsody and would have been obsessed with it had I played it as a little girl. The only real nitpick I have is with the musical numbers which I feel could have been improved by making them a sort mini rhythm game segment.

No. 268139

Haha no sorry, I meant I'll give you the info, sorry if it was worded oddly

No. 268154

i want to finish AI Somnium Files because i hear good things about it but i had to stop after a few hours when i tried playing it last year because of the way the game presents/treats Iris in this weird pervy way that i found annoying and unnecessary, especially considering her age. can anyone let me know if that element becomes less obnoxious later on or is the game just… like that? and if it is like that throughout, is it still worth playing? i think i could get over it if the story is really compelling/interesting, i just don't wanna waste my time on coomerbait

No. 268155

File: 1673316329583.jpg (76.95 KB, 600x930, Gao2.jpg)

I was obsessed with Rhapsody as a kid too! I had a crush on picrel… I remember her talking about how she swam some insane distance (I think to a ship) when the MC asked her how she got there, and thinking that she was soooo cool, haha.

No. 268166

I played this last month! I can add to the nonas who said they enjoyed it, I thought it was a really interesting take on a detective game!

No. 268172

I fuckin loved Rhapsody, the character designs were so cute and wholesome and fun. And I like that the main character was named "Cornet".

No. 268250

File: 1673368601552.png (66.21 KB, 320x240, 703633-rhapsody-a-musical-adve…)

My main issue with Rhapsody was the dungeon design. Maybe they changed this in later releases, but on the playstation it seemed like every dungeon was just a boring maze with no map.
All the other environments were so nice, it's a shame they couldn't put the same amount of work into the dungeons.

No. 268281

I had to force myself to keep playing as well but not for that reason. I'm glad I did, it's really good. I can't really tell you if it gets better or worse and how exactly without spoiling too much but she's one of the most important characters of the game and she's never treated like this during the more serious scenes.

No. 268539

File: 1673475506806.jpg (655.23 KB, 999x562, Monster-Hunter-Rise-Sunbreak-A…)

Hi nonnies, would you recommend Monster Hunter Rise for a casual gamer? Someone recommended it to me and it's on sale on the nintendo eshop for just under $40 right now with the sunbreak expansion+dlc. I don't usually play games very often but my top two switch games are ACNH and BOTW.

No. 268542

I'd look up gameplay first. It's a pretty casual MH game, but MH in general has a learning curve and its def not for everyone. Its more arcadey than open world, loop of prepare for fight -> fight monster -> make weapon/armor. there's some chill exploration elements; you can explore the maps and find hidden stuff.

Now, my biased gamer take: Rise/Sunbreak are amazing and worth the money lol

No. 268550

Monster Hunter gameplay loop is completely different from those two games so if there's a demo you should try that first to see if you like it before you spend money. I absolutely hate Monster Hunter gameplay of fighting big monsters with barely any story but ymmv.

No. 268568

Just play Monster Hunter Stories.

No. 268571

Rise is made for hand held consoles. It is more casual and easier but have to agree with nonnie, the game is not for everyone and the learning curve on some weapons are harder than others.
Except the hunting horn, which I am still mad about it. It was my favorite weapon in World but I can't stand some changes they did in rise.

No. 268675

File: 1673564440645.png (708.73 KB, 1525x715, 00-54-12-9kiry7kgh0e71.png)

Sage for random complain

I finally managed to get a decent graphics card so I can run games on my pc without lag. I really wanted to fully play FFX since I never finished it but the remaster is SO FUCKING UGLY. It's been 10 years and I'm still pissed they fucked up the character faces this badly. It makes me wanna emulate the ps2 version instead even though the remaster has a bunch of perks aside from updated graphics.

No. 268952

File: 1673723689109.jpg (845.75 KB, 1920x1079, ss_3566dc8c85fca1b4d8eb4d6597b…)

Other than Hylics, does anyone know well known games that were made with an RPG maker?

No. 268955

Fear & Hunger and its sequel

No. 268956

You can google some mods that "fixes" the remaster faces or texture mods that can make them less ugly. https://www.nexusmods.com/finalfantasyxx2hdremaster/mods/143
Here is a link, but ofcourse you can search other online the suit your taste more.

No. 268961

yume nikki

No. 268962

Lisa The Painful is pretty good

No. 268972

OFF, the witch's house, ib

No. 269010

oneshot and undertale

No. 269031


No. 269035

File: 1673805534008.gif (5.24 MB, 275x275, 1660473061738.gif)

does anyone have recs for games i could play while listening to podcasts? i used to play stardew and listen to a podcast but i have like 400 hours in the game and have gotten burnt out on it. any relaxed games with a simple look and quests/missions, some kind of progress. preferably not pricey

No. 269037

It's a very boring answer and probably not what you're looking for but I like playing picross when I'm listening to something else, because I don't have to read any words.

No. 269042

END ROLL, Your Turn To Die, Alice Mare, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea

No. 269046

you could play disco Elysium(just stay from the fandom, there some good artists but some are just crazy) also that kitten just made my day noona its so cute

No. 269059

I like playing side scrolling games like Crocs world, apple knight and goblin sword while listening to stuff. Not sure if that will work for you as everyone is different.

No. 269097

Disco Elysium is very text heavy though, it’s not the sort of game I’d recommend playing while doing something else.

No. 269098

File: 1673835474401.jpg (246.52 KB, 2880x1548, Art-of-Rally-Toyota-Celica-ST1…)

I haven't played it just yet but I bought it for the same purpose as what you're asking: I heard art of rally is good for this

No. 269103

File: 1673841692596.png (228.92 KB, 640x480, Gaspocket-scummtime.png)

So I was watching a video on Youtube about one of my favorite computer game companies, Humongous Entertainment. They made games like Freddi Fish, Putt-Putt, Pajama Sam, etc. The video went over the demise of the company, and I was so fucking pissed when I learned about a game that they were making at the time of their demise.

"A Gas Pocket Adventure: Aliens Ate My Cookies" is picrel. At the time of its development, H.E. was bought by Infogrames, the French video game publishers, and Infogrames was losing money and looking to cut corners. They laid off 40% of H.E.'s staff (in a really shitty, impersonal way too), and then they cancelled "Aliens Ate My Cookies". Their reason? "Infogrames did not have faith in a game featuring a female protagonist." FUCK INFOGRAMES. FREDDI FISH WAS A GIRL YOU FUCKING FROG SCROTES

No. 269133

Here's some of what I play when listening to podcasts
>Sail Forth
>Lil Gator Game
>Imp of the Sun/Iconoclasts/other platformers
All of these have some dialogue, but most of it is easy to read and doesn't require a lot of active thinking. Seconding >>269097 that Disco Elysium is hard to play when you are focused on other things since most clues are subtly hidden in the text. Ooblets has the most content out of the games listed here (I assume, haven't gotten that far in Sail Forth.) Hope you find lots of fun games to play over podcasts!

No. 269141

File: 1673869099332.jpg (413.19 KB, 1938x4479, Estelle_Bright_(FC).jpg)

Late but same. I just started Cold Steel too and the coomery outfits on the girls made me want to vomit. Looking past all that it really is a lovingly crafted game with so much lore and world building. I love small things like how you can talk and play cards with your team members in the train!

OG Estelle really is the best. Sucks how they gave her thigh highs in the remakes ugh.

No. 269147

I would honestly recommend looking into some kind of platformers. I usually play something like Risk Of Rain 2 (the 1st game is good too, but it's a lot more different and difficult), it's really pretty and IMO you don't have to think too much. To me it turned out to be quite easy once i got a crossbow girl, you just spam buttons and run around random worlds. Speaking of which, Lost In Random is an insanely beautiful game!
Other than that, I would recommend something like Project Hospital if you are into the genre, but in my honest opinion, Heart's Medicine is the best 'time management' game on steam, and it has an incredibly sweet story, very cute!
I am a Discofag and that wouldn't work at all. now i remembered that I saw people turn Harry into a tranny and make arts out of it…

No. 269150

thank you so much lovely nonitas, i'm all set for a day of browsing games!

No. 269153

File: 1673877623518.jpg (922.19 KB, 1200x1600, discoelysium.jpg)

I don't get it. Do you have to play several runs for it to click or something? Sounds tedious, especially when you consider you've discovered most areas/events on your first playthrough.

No. 269155

Nonny, it's okay to not like a game. It doesn't have to be for everyone.

No. 269159

undertale was made with gamemaker, not rpg maker btw.

No. 269160

I don't get it either. Like okay I accept that for rpgs it takes some time to get going but it's just boooring. I'd rather do another VTMB run kek

No. 269172

You can get the game to click in one playthrough, but Elysium shines from repeating the game with different detective builds, as your skills partially influence Detective's personality and how he can respond to situations. (High FYS Detective versus high PSY Detective almost feel like different MCs.) Personally I wish the story was less linear so that it had more replay value.

No. 269187

File: 1673893084451.png (285.15 KB, 636x799, 3CB3CB03-C408-4E24-89B4-11968C…)

seconding ooblets, it's such a chill and cute game. i would die for glanter

No. 270573

fuck josh but fuck the josh spammer even more. Anyways I wanted to provide the other hypnospace anons with a small update from the dev's twitter. He posted a small update talking about how he got the cursor to move in game. Ugh, I'm glad for any update but it makes it seem like the game is a LOT less further along than I'd originally assumed it was.

No. 270846

File: 1674242100994.jpg (175.24 KB, 1280x800, RF.jpg)

Happy weekend! What are you playing?

No. 270854

I'm going to start the new Fire Emblem even though the characters are kind of ugly kek!

No. 270859

I'm not gonna play it because it's ugly and my backlog won't allow me, but I'm insanely curious, share your opinions as you play if possible!

No. 270862

File: 1674251512993.jpeg (127.2 KB, 1280x720, D_pY_FeUcAEBgHs.jpeg)

Going to try to finish the main story of Dragon Quest Builders 2

No. 270869

Happy weekend to you too! I'm returning to Sims 3, trying to relive my teen years.
What about you, are you playing Rune Factory?

No. 270881

I got Odin Sphere when it was on sale. Hopefully I can give it a go this weekend

No. 270891

File: 1674266393607.png (25.69 KB, 512x512, laplace-no-ma_10.png)

happy weekend! starting Laplace no Ma tonight since i found an english patch on a rom site and it looks cool. it's a Lovecraftian JRPG about a spooky mansion in a fictional suburb of Boston. i love this art style so much

No. 270895

Aka by myself and Persona 3 Portable with my friend. We're doing a FemC run where we make the same choices.

No. 270903

Keep us posted on how you like it! Seems interesting.
Deathsmiles, I cringe at the lolishit but it had everything I wanted for my first shmup in terms of gameplay.

No. 270904

Seriously, the design choices in Cold Steel are so jarring. Some designs, like Alisa's, outright turn me off with how glaringly mismatched and pandery they are. Others, like Laura and Emma, would be fine if it weren't for the 3D models actively making me uncomfortable every time I play with them. I don't know… Aside from the initial scene with Alisa falling boobfirst into Rean, I'm at least alright with their writing so far. But it makes me sad when I came away from Sky feeling so happy to have found a JRPG that I genuinely would have wanted my younger self to have played for its female characters.

No. 270905

I'd recommend Moon Remix. That game intends for you to spend a lot of time walking around and waiting. Although it would be a little sad to miss out on the music by listening to podcasts.

No. 271014

File: 1674320764847.jpg (102.33 KB, 782x719, gw2.jpg)

I recently started playing Guild Wars 2 again, any other nonnies play?

I'd be interested to hear how this is, it looks neat.

Seconding Moon: Remix!!

No. 271020

File: 1674324020833.png (50.37 KB, 697x421, 1674221505212692[1].png)

Factorio's price increases next week. If you want to get it it's time to buy it, as it never ever goes on sale so it'll never go cheaper than now

No. 271027

Ayrt, I'm about 8 chapters in and everyone is so damn ugly. The English voice acting is bad…the writing and pacing is bad too kek. Plus they introduced gacha mechanics into the game with the bond ring system. I'm not impressed at all so far and I'm kinda sad I bought this for full price

No. 271031

File: 1674330008740.jpg (139.18 KB, 1024x634, 1647778382545.jpg)

I was going to keep playing Pokemon Legend Arceus but I got distracted by Persona 5 Royal. I wanted to just be done with the first arc/the tutorial and put it aside for once I beat Pokemon Legend Arceus but maybe I'll do the reverse instead. I played P3P and P4G a decade ago and loved them, then played a bunch of other, much harder Megaten games so now I'm just half-assing everything because I know I'll beat this game very easily on normal. I played the original at an acquaintance's place long ago and only did the first two arcs, and it was annoying as fuck because the guy was annoying himself and we only saw each other from time to time so just going through that part of the game took months. I'm already having way more fun right now.

By the way, I accumulated a lot of gold coins in my Nintendo account so I decided to buy a year of Nintendo Online subscription with a discount. I still play ACNH from time to time, and I have a bunch of duplicate DIY recipes, if anyone would be interested in visiting my island. I posted codes in the AC thread a few months ago when I used the free trial and some anons came and took a bunch of recipes, clothes and pieces of furniture so I'm sure other anons would be interested as well.

>The English voice acting is bad
Can't you just switch to the Japanese voice acting? I do that as soon as it's possible because I'm ESL and I don't see why I would have to endure this torture when it's not even the original stuff. Is the story as botched as Fates when it comes to translation? I've seen rumors about that.

>I'm kinda sad I bought this for full price

Shit like this is why I'm asking about the game. It looks like shit and it's not like the gameplay is different from the previous games. Did you buy a physical copy? Because if that's the case, at least you could just sell it later even if it's at a loss. I think I'll just replay Awakening, Birthright and Conquest and just stick to that, and maybe try to beat Sacred Stones once and for all instead of buying this one.

No. 271032

This looks so cool, I love obscure horror games! Which emulator are you using?

No. 271038

I think the creator was outed to be a weirdo who supported rape and pedophilia so that turned me off from buying the game ever tbh

No. 271040

factorio is not worth $35 lol, $30 is a stretch

No. 271051

Finishing the first Resident Evil for the PS1.

No. 271053

plateup! is on sale for 12$ right now if any nonnies liked overcooked and want another co-op/cooking game. the roguelike aspects and customizing the kitchen makes it much funner then overcooked imo. ive played the single player mode for about 26 hours because designing automated restaraunts is really addicting

No. 271062

File: 1674339064280.jpg (24.63 KB, 334x308, VB703fGP1eh7PaJiZd5HamBTH52U-m…)

The rumors about MGS1 and MGS2 getting remakes seem to be true. I don't believe those even need remakes (great games and movies just don't need them), but on the other hand, if that means I could see Snake's ass in high quality, maybe I can handle this… I just hope they won't give him a flat ass like they did with his character model in Smash Bros Ultimate. I also hope they won't change his voice actor if they redo the dub, I don't want anyone else but David Hayter for the role. Sucks it's going to be a PS5 exclusive too

No. 271066

is this pic real?????

No. 271067

File: 1674341500304.jpg (94.25 KB, 853x480, Al_140514_2149 (1).jpg)

Looks like it. Smash bros brawl just did everything right

No. 271068

If you look closely, you can even see the shadow of his boipussi

No. 271071

I want to grab it.

No. 271087

What's your source on the rumors being true?

No. 271112

>ps5 exclusive
wtf even is the point then

No. 271148

No. 271169

These are hilarious I want more

No. 271178

File: 1674406195659.gif (1.77 MB, 332x332, download (33).gif)

>MGS2 remake
RAIDEN!!!!!!!! RAIDEN RAIDEN RAIDEN HE BETTER LOOK SEXY, but yeah the remakes better just be a slight graphics revamp and not an entirely new thing.
>PS5 exclusive
Nevermind. I hate it.

No. 271181

I think other video games should have ripped off that part where Raiden is naked.

No. 271184

File: 1674408478130.jpg (23.05 KB, 171x332, 5546F916-B2D8-4900-913B-FB02B4…)

They are cowards

No. 271213

He was so beautiful…

No. 271244

File: 1674428028636.png (8.16 MB, 1640x2048, ci0iv3puk3da1.png)

So, is anyone playing this shitstain of a game? I keep seeing clips of it on Twitter and it looks incredibly painfully quirky. I've been a fan of Fire Emblem for over a decade now and man… it's sad to see this franchise turn into absolute garbage.

No. 271247

An anon said she's playing it in this thread, check her posts if you're curious. I wonder if she's still playing it.

No. 271252

File: 1674435546467.jpg (27.58 KB, 272x380, 1833694612_IGDB-272x380.jpg)

Any nonnas got suggestions for good rogue-likes? I finished Hades a month ago and I've currently got Binding of Isaac and Crypt of the Necrodancer on my wishlist, but I'd love to know your gulls faves. Also purchased Vampire Survivors for £4 jermafag and after only an hour of gameplay I'd recommend it!! It's so much fun and I've heard so many great things about it. I also purchased Muse Dash because it was on sale for cheap, though I'm not particularly excited about the waifushit that horny Steam moids are talking about.
Yes! I loved its atmosphere so much. I can't believe it gave me such a weird sense of nostalgia considering I wasn't actually on the internet in the 90s.
I feel the same way about it not living up to the hype, and I definitely can imagine TRAs gleefully claiming its because it's a reflection of ~le ebil JKR~, and not because it just might not be a good game? I'm excited nonetheless. Gonna make a terf witch in Joanne's honour.

No. 271253

Oh! Vampire Survivor is such a fun and incredibly easy game, best use of a couple of hours in my opinion. My only frustration is I don’t know how to get the weapon upgrades. I’ve looked it up and followed what I could find but even then nothing worked. Any one out there with recommendations or do I just need to grind and put more hours into it? Currently I only have the first 2 places unlocked

No. 271276

File: 1674458849615.png (449.78 KB, 778x778, falloutBLOWS.png)


I don't know what's more pathetic: the fact that the "writer" for the show thinks Fallout 3 is the "great American novel", or the fact that the journalist didn't even know what Fallout was. God moids are fucking PATHETIC and I already know this show is going to suck more dick than a fag in the Castro district.

No. 271277

Final Fantasy X, the only other FF game I've ever played was Tactics Advance. I'm bracing myself for Tidus' laugh

No. 271319

I'm the anon that's playing it. I feel the same, it's painful to see FE turned into gachashit tier. The story and writing are pretty shallow so far. It seems really childish? (I read that they wanted to bring in a younger fanbase which is why they went this direction with Mika Pikazo etc) I'm on chapter 12, and I don't find any of the characters particularly likeable, it's probably the bad writing and ugly designs kek. But I'm going to power through and reserve my final judgement for when I finish the game.

No. 271337

i'm using openemu on mac! if you're on pc, you can use BSNES, which is the core that openemu uses for SNES emulation. runs very smoothly for me! got the english patched rom from cdromance

No. 271348

I like how they wanted to bring in a younger audience while still having pedoshit.

No. 271352

Any anons into Gears of War? There's an Xbox conference that's going to be held in a couple days. I hope they announce Gears 6. My only hope is the cape shit writing tones down more.

No. 271384

I decided to get it and don't really know how to feel about it right now. I'm still in the early chapters, but I keep thinking how I I want to replay Awakening. If only my 3DS didn't destroy my wrists these days kek I agree with others that it feels like they want to rope in Genshin players and Heroes players instead of making a game for their core audience (outside of tossing in fan favorite characters). The animations and 3D animations do look better I'll give it that. My biggest pains are the art direction. All the female characters look like they're from fucking Whoville. F!Alear looks cross eyed all the time and it kills me how her tie is tucked under a bodice to emphasize her boobs. I keep thinking how annoying that would be to wear kek. Moids are screeching that this is a girl game now because of treehouse localisation and the male character designs, but they don't have an ikemen look at all to me. Actually they feel like apology designs to scrotes for making 3H so female-friendly. Anyway, shows what I value in a game kek. Wish I could give more input on the gameplay. I'm not that far along yet but I feel like I'm in a long tutorial. I normally play on Normal mode but I should really switch to Hard

No. 271385

Meant to say animations and 3D assets

No. 271390

Reeeeeeee, Fallout3 is the worst installment of the series. (I've never played 76). I have no hopes for the show, nor do I have any hopes for any video game show anyway.
>war never changes… the channel
OMG ROFLMAO! But nobody has channels anymore. Why didn't Christopher do any research on the game? If the writer of the show likes Fallout3 so much is the show going to be set on the east coast…?!

No. 271395

To this day I'm shocked that the people shitting on FE Fates' story and character design are enjoying FE Engage a lot, at least on twitter. Some people really have no respect for themselves…

No. 271411

I just need a Starfield release date and recommended specs so I can update my computer already, but of course it just 'too big' to talk about it with everything else.

No. 271412

>I have no hopes for the show, nor do I have any hopes for any video game show anyway.
AYRT, you and me both anon.
>If the writer of the show likes Fallout3 so much is the show going to be set on the east coast…?!
Probably. I hope he also adds giant radscorpions, too, on the EAST COAST, just to really piss me off. I guaran-fucking-tee neither of them will have seen any of the movies or read any books that inspired Fallouts 1 and 2, or NV.

No. 271456

Kek none of the males have an ikemen look to me either nonnie. I'm cringe and usually can find a husbando or pairing that I like immediately based on design but everyone in Engage is ugly or moid pandering so I hate them all

No. 271548

I understand why companies make changes in localization for palatability (i.e. the pedophilia removal). It turns profit for them to appeal to the audience's sensibilities. But I will never understand wokeoids who defend it? Why are you proud that they've made it easier on your conscience to give money to the company that put gross shit in the game in the first place? If there's pedo shit in the original, I don't want to support the devs who thought putting pedo shit in there was a good idea.

No. 271585

What would be an example of that?

No. 271605

I just discovered there was an audio drama for MGS Peace Walker and they made an english language version with Snake's and Miller's voice actors and it makes me lose my mind. It literally sounds like a fanfiction written by a horny fan
>It's either women or us
oh gooood
It's just some leak shared by a spanish gaming website, it claims they will officially announce the remake before May 2023. Well, we will see

No. 271607

It's about FE Engage isn't it? Apparently the MC is a teenager and the localization made it so that characters the exact same age friendzones (you) but you can make your 16/17 years old protagonist marry 40yo men because of how half assed it is.

No. 271622

Let me guess, it's only possible to marry old moids but not ladies?

No. 271625

I don't know, I'm watching the shitshow from afar so that's why I said "apparently" but it seems like there are more bi characters than in 3H so I can't really guess. It's funny though, by preventing the 17yo playable character from marrying 17yo characters of either gender, they're committing the heinous, problematic crime of erasing canon and obvious LGB representation. I don't get how the people who would be offended by that don't even realize this.

No. 271648

I'm talking about Fire Emblem engage, but this sentiment applies to all instances of major localization censorship being defended by lefties who just want to consoom with a clear conscience without critical thinking towards who their support is still ultimately going to.

No. 271664

Kek! Watch them listening to the Japanese dub, where the MC confesses to an 11 y/o and the child mutually accepts, but because the English dubtitles don't say that, it's fine and they can consoom

No. 271667

>But I will never understand wokeoids who defend it?

I've never heard of the game you're talking about, but I thought wokeoids were kind of notorious for defending pedo shit like ddlg kinks

No. 271672

I'm so freaking tired of really good games getting crappy live action series for the masses. I still haven't watched the last of us, but keeping my standards low.

No. 271681

File: 1674708325482.png (842.34 KB, 731x823, Fire Emblem Engage Localizatio…)

It's actually the moids who are sperging on Twitter about how the localization is shit because they removed the romance (picrel). They're throwing fits that the 11-year-old girl doesn't confess her love to you, as if that somehow benefits or changes the story in any way. Besides, these changes are worthless lolicon males, they'll find the next underage anime girl of the week to jack it to tomorrow. People tend to play Fire Emblem games in English(if they're English speaking individuals), unless they're huge weebs. And even then, it doesn't really matter if you play in Japanese with English subs because it's not like you'll understand the language anyway.

No. 271704

nta but am i an idiot for hating when translators pull shit like that? I would rather know that this is a coomer shitty japanese rpg than end up being delusioned just to find out that the original script had an entirely different dialogue. Western localizations keep sucking.

No. 271707

I wish localization teams would stop including forced, shitty memes.

No. 271709

Unfortunately, the coomers here are the ones in the right, but they don't look credible at all. I've seen many normal people complaining about it before as well for other games, and for FE Fates especially, but it went nowhere because now the localizers go to Japan to bother the devs directly on top of changing scripts and making characters OOC. For FE Fates people were complaining that the localization made sincere scenes between family members and friends look retarded because of memes and removed DLCs but retards thought we just wanted to have the petting minigame back and that everything else was intact.

Shout out to Gamefreak for not allowing Nintendo of America to ruin Pokemon gen 1 by changing all the pokemon's design and not making Pikachu a tiger with big breasts and fuck Square Enix for making FF characters more edgy and 2cool4school until FF10 by the way.

No. 271723

This is definitely not a good thing. If you let a localization studio do whatever they want, they will eventually make changes that you also dislike. This time it was a change that you supported, but next time it might not be.
But this is actually not a good thing for you. Unlike anime, video game overseas sales actually matter. This shit is weird, even for japanese standards. And I think FE is a pretty well known franchise right? So it's not some weird weeb obscure game. In that case, it would be better if western audiences saw this and spoke against it en masse. If western audiences make a big deal about it, the japanese company would feel more obligated to avoid this in the future.

I'm pretty shocked at this and it's a shame it will remain hidden to most western players. Even in anime and manga, you do not normally see lolicon relationships unless you are specifically reading or watching lolicon manga/anime. I don't understand why they would think this was a good idea.

No. 271727

You ever heard of "traduttore, traditore"?
That's why I learn foreign languages, this happens is in every single medium

No. 271755

Depends, I think the majority of the ones I've seen are the type who are against problematic shipping and stuff.

No. 271756

You're not an idiot, we're largely agreeing with this sentiment here.
I wouldn't go as far as to say the coomers are in the right, because they want this shit included so that they can purchase the game and enjoy it.

No. 271777

I mean they're right that localizers are incompetent idiots who shove their reddit tier memes and morality on video games that aren't theirs and it's a terrible thing, not that they're right for being lolicon. Engage seems to target a younger audience than Fates and 3H (especially Fates given how serious and depressing the story was meant to be before localizers ruined it) so I don't even think being able to date Anna is that bad if it was made with preteen players in mind tbh. The main character is still a self-insert after all. But then again I'm not playing Engage so maybe I'm wrong and there's some kind of twist in the story.

No. 271778

I think that Anna wouldn't be as much of an issue if her type of character was a new introduction specifically in the installment intended to appeal to younger audiences. But because FE has had an ongoing issue with weirdly sexual loli designs, I take umbrage with her presence as a romance option.
In Rune Factory 4, for example, I don't have a problem with Kiel and Amber being romancable. Some adult players to find their romances uncomfortable, but I think that the argument that they're there for younger players is completely plausible.
Anna… I don't think so. Not when designs like Nowi and Nyx (love her writing, but really think they could have still gotten the point across with a different design) exist.

No. 271779

I get why Nowi makes people uncomfortable, but Nyx acted so much like an adult that she just seemed like a regular womanlet to me, so Hayato or Tsukuyomi or whatever his name is was actually more of an equivalent to Nowi imo. Especially when you unlock his daughter and she explicitly says he's younger than she is, even though she's a teenager, and that shouldn't even listen to him.

No. 271783

I think the target audience for Engage is adolescents, or imo teenagers to young adults. The main character is 17, which I think is a good middle ground. Plus, lolis don't exist to be attractive to young teens or kids, they're made to be attractive to pedophiles(inb4 "hurrrr they're fictional!!1", I know). I highly doubt these lolicon men are trying to be champions of anti-censorship, and are more just mad because they keep censoring the loli romances. In which case, it sucks to suck I guess.

No. 271791

>inb4 "hurrrr they're fictional!!1", I know
Anyone who would say that on lc is either a scrote or is sadly way too optimistic and thinks moids romancing children in fiction doesn't have an impact in real life. But yes, the conversation should have been about poor localisation decision-making, rewriting characters to be more simplified and one-dimensional, etc. It's not so critique of localizers continues to be simply brushed off as creepy pedo spergs. Also it's funny and sad how people are trying to say writing Anna's romance is removing "muh lgbt rep". Gross.

No. 271792


No. 271793

When I was being sarcastic about LGB rep it was because of the other characters who friendzone the MC, not Anna because I saw screenshots of the girl with the braid dressed in pink who tearfully accepts the ring from the MC and says "allies for always!" in English and screenshots of the dark skinned girl and the MC in the epilogue about how they respect each other's freedom and sometimes eat BBQ together when they're all the same age.

No. 271795

Ayrt. Sorry I didn't mean you. I was referring to scrotes and weirdos on twitter and forums saying that taking away Anna's S support is removing lgbt rep

No. 271798

I would have mentioned him if I weren't responding specifically to the possibility of excessively young romance options being present as an option for younger players, in which case the sexual designs of Nowi and Nyx are what most makes the likely intent of loli/shota characters' repeated inclusion clear.
This is also why I said that Nyx's writing isn't the issue for me. It's difficult to defend her design to those who are made uncomfortable by it because at the end of the day, it IS a preteen girl's body in extremely revealing clothing. It's made clear in the game that her complex about her appearance isn't just because she's a womanlet, she really did stop aging very young as a result of her curse.

No. 271803

I think it's easy to ignore Nyx's looks because her portraits looks kind of normal and her 3D model isn't very detailed. It would have been way more obvious without dialogs if it were an HD game like 3H or Engage though I'll give you that.

No. 271811

since i've been replaying persona 3, im curious what are anons favourite/least favourite persona characters?
i know akihiko and yosuke from 4 have a lot of fans

No. 271813

File: 1674772235430.jpg (151.15 KB, 1129x720, 1599177631662.jpg)

I hate Aigis, she feels very out of place compared to the rest of the cast and is too fanservicey. Like, you'll have Yukari having nearly the same backstory as the MC and relating to that so they gradually become closer but her goals are her own from the beginning and Mitsuru and Fuuka act normally with the MC and you can date them if you want, meanwhile Aigis' purpose to be the mandatory "uwu I'm forever devoted to (you), MC-kun" waifu even in the main story. The whole appeal of this series is that it's about random teenagers (and adults in P2) being stuck in shitty supernatural situations, and then they shove a fucking waifu robot in the middle of the game. Teddie did the whole "I want to become a real boy" archetype way better since he's a shadow and is important since the very beginning of the game so he doesn't feel out of place at all and he gets plenty of development I can't stand his voice in English though… Other than her and Marie in P4G I don't think I dislike any of the main Persona characters nearly as much. I'm at the beginning of P5R though and if Morgana won't shut the fuck up he'll be on my shit list as well. I'm surprised the girl exclusive to P5R isn't shoved down my throat just yet like Marie and I started the second dungeon now.

No. 271815

i used to dislike aigis too but for some reason she doesnt bother me too much anymore. she's just kind of there, not really adding much. i like her design so maybe thats why i can tolerate her now.
ot but isnt there a cc anon whos obsessed with aigis?


oh god you reminded me how much i fucking hate marie. literally the epitome of a character shoved in there for moids. i feel like persona 4 was worse with the pandering in a lot of ways - rise comes to mind as a fanservicey character thats just there to simp for the mc.

No. 271821

I want Yosuke to fall off of a cliff almost as much as I want Adachi to. I don't know if I'm really attached to any Persona charas as an adult bc my tastes have changed over the years, but I used to be really into Akihiko.

No. 271823

Samefag but I just remembered Theodore… Was and still is best boy.

No. 271831

>I want Yosuke to fall off of a cliff almost as much as I want Adachi to.
Same (as a salty kanjifag). Him being homophobic triggered 14 y/o me as a baby lesbian who related to Kanji throughout the game.

Kanji is my persona best boy. I feel like he would give good hugs and would be really fun to hang out with. I was genuinely upset when I realised we would never be able to knit or go on motorbike rides alongside one another. However Maya is my favourite Persona character of all time, alongside Yukino who I used to write self insert fanfiction about kek

No. 271835

I hate Yosuke and Adachi, fucking disgusting scrotes. Adachifags are stupid pickmes.

No. 271846

File: 1674791297143.jpeg (3.24 MB, 4032x3024, 6A63A543-AC72-4B33-ABAC-5F6377…)

just beat persona 5 royal after my bf and brother kept nagging me about it. I think next up is Death Stranding. I have mostly heard bad things about this game but still want to check it out.

No. 271854

If that translation is accurate, then it's extremely fucking odd to me that a company that prides itself on being family-friendly would sell this on the market. What the actual hell is wrong with Japanese men?

No. 271856

Fire Emblem has always been sort of degenerate and Nintendo has had a long and exclusive relationship with it regardless. It's the bizarre double standard around what parts of it are accepted and the way its embraces compared to other comparably bad media that stands out.
IMO the main shift nowadays is that FE has become less "degen as an aspect of its identity" and more "degen geared specifically towards profit". But that's a lot of stuff nowadays.

No. 271860

Pls anon when you play Death Stranding forget anything you ever heard about it. It is certainly not mgs6 and it is not just a walking sim. Utilize the resources given to you. This game is a slowburn and puts people to the test, separating the casuals and redditors from the actual gamers.

No. 271873

File: 1674808602245.jpg (35.54 KB, 639x361, HALLIGAN DON'T TAKE MY DAMN SC…)

Lowry did nothing wrong and had every right to hate Halligan

No. 271879

But Kanji is straighter than a ruler and Yosuke is obviously projecting and in denial. Gay people really relate to a straight guy who's into a tomboyish petite girl?

No. 271893

Hey nonna I just wanna say thanks for posting about this because I had no idea that the game had a pedo route, now I am DEFINITELY not getting it.

No. 271896

It's not a route, it's "just" an optional ending. A route would be like in Fates or 3H.

No. 271903

Are you fucking memeing right now, it's atrocious

No. 271907

This is from Mystery of the Druids, I never played the game, only saw the meme cover. I was suprised after watching Mandalores review to find that it had some solid voice work, and what seemed like a decent plot.
The protagonist Detective Halligan is a straight up psychopathic retard and is acknowledged as a lunatic asshole in the plot

here's an example
>halligan needs money for payphone
>homeless person has some change
>halligan tries to steal it
>homeless person gets pissed off
>halligan thenpoisons him with medical alcohol laced with some apple juice instead

No. 271927

>I'm surprised the girl exclusive to P5R isn't shoved down my throat just yet
Just you wait nona, she's going to become unbearable about halfway in. Before P5R I used to dislike Makoto the most because of her "I look and behave like a badass but I secretly want fwends and I'm shy teach me MC" but compared to Kasumi she's fine.

I hate that the Velvet room attendants were all waifus since P3 (not counting the female MC with Theodore). I'd love to see an attendant that's just canonically male and doesn't change based on the MC. I couldn't stand the lolis in P5. Theodore is truly the best boy.

I know people think Kojima is a fucking genious and I know he has good ideas sometimes but this shit isn't good. It's not even funny, it's just embarassing and people drink it up because it's Kojima. If it didn't have Kojima's name and expensive Hollywood actors in it no one would be calling this funny or clever.

No. 271928

Self-insert fanfiction… that's so cute, nonna! I haven't played Maya's games, but she seems cool.
I played P4 when I was already a bit older, but whether people view him as GNC, gay, or bi, he has something about him that just makes you want to support him while he works things out. The kid has a good heart!

No. 271929

That scene is dumb AF and there are some others but otherwise it's an interesting game.

No. 271931

I'm not looking forward to seeing her then. I mean, even less than before. As for Makoto I never got why she's popular. She seems incredibly bland from what I've seen. I remember seeing the leaks a week before the original game got released and I thought she and her sister where just some cheap bootleg of Tatsuya (if he had a huge stick up his ass and was a generic waifu) and Katsuya except so far Sae seems pretty cool.

No. 271942

No. 271943

I liked the giant ink demon whale things coming out and mauling you, but other than that I didn't really get it

No. 271948

I think nonna's point is that she doesn't wanna support any game with pedoshit in it. Optional, localized out, or not.

No. 271950

I know, I'm just correcting her because she used the wrong word.

No. 271956

File: 1674842929185.png (268.05 KB, 1000x748, pose.png)

The edits are really funny

No. 271959

Oh sorry didn't realize you were being a reddit-tier pedant. Carry on then

No. 271961

No. 271962

Calm down anon.

No. 271966

File: 1674847326630.jpg (116.03 KB, 1280x720, classic lowry.jpg)

No. 271977

Sorry to be a sperg, but a bunch of stuff in persona is pulled from Jungian psychology, and in particular the Velvet room attendant is supposed to be based on Jung's idea of the anima/animus, which is supposed to be like the feminine part of a man's soul/masculine part of a woman's soul respectively.
TLDR the velvet room attendant is specifically supposed to be the opposite sex of the mc and I don't think they'll change that. I also love Theo and I especially wish Atlus would just add a femc again like just about every other silent protagonist/self insert type jrpg has

No. 271981

I finished playing Nier:Automata recently and I enjoyed it thoroughly, but whenever I look up discussion about it it feels like I missed something in the game because I can’t follow a lot of the conversations or I see interpretations which I don’t know where they got it from
Is it one of those series where there’s A LOT of side material? I felt like it was a short game anyway up to ending E so I wouldn’t be too surprised.

No. 271982

Oh I'm sorry then, I didn't know that bit about Jungian psychology, I thought they made them all women so they could be waifus. I guess it's a cool concept but I still wish we had more male attendants. Weren't the Velvet room people mixed in the first Persona games?

No. 271986

File: 1674853558072.jpg (30.4 KB, 575x448, 28-Up06-0057.jpg)

nta but the attendants aren't based on the exact same concept in P1 and P2 iirc but it's been so long since I played them. One of them is literally just Kaneko's self-insert because a bunch of devs put themselves in P2 kek. However the Persona series takes place in the same timeline/universe as the Devil Summoner series, and Igor's equivalent is Victor and his assistant in Soul Hackers is Marie or Mary, and if anyone played Soul Hackers 2 I'd like to know if she shows up in that one. These two, Igor and all the Velvet Room attendants starting from P3 are named after characters from the Frankenstein novel iirc, I assume it's to reference the fact that they're not human but very similar to humans.

No. 271987

Yes, it has novels, drama CDs and stage plays, all which are canon. Not to mention its ties to NieR and Drakengard.

No. 271988

Is there a guide on what exactly exists and what order to go in?

No. 272033

Jedi Fallen order and Fallout 76 free on PS+ this month.
I really have to get around to playing some of this stuff so I'm not just paying $45 a year for Destiny multiplayer.

No. 272037

That detective bitch from P4 is the worst waifu bait ever. I cant stand her.

No. 272043

Rise is worse. They literally make her do striptease in her dungeon. She's supposed to be this slutty idol and all the scrotes eat it up.

No. 272044

You have no reading comprehension or…? She's not meant to be slutty, that's how Inaba's people perceive her and so they spread rumors about that and that's why her dungeon and shadow look like this. By this logic Naoto really is a troon.

No. 272045

There's nothing deep about her character either way. She's so generic it hurts. Scrotes only like her because she's feminine and shows her skin. All of them are waifu baits but Naoto has some wise lines and was never the first choice.

No. 272047

At least I can agree with Rise not being a deep complex character. She's just not slutty. I feel the same way for Yukiko, Kanji and Naoto tbh because the game is long, Yukiko is kind of bland and the others have their arc being resolved as soon as they join the party. And Naoto's issues with her work and other police officers all happen off-screen unfortunately.

No. 272048

Her issues with the force are just an offshoot of the root issue for her.

No. 272050

File: 1674893373153.png (585.02 KB, 785x520, tranniesseethe.png)

No. 272051

Naoto was, is and will always be a terf icon.

No. 272054

exactly, she's based

No. 272083

She's waifu bait trash. As soon as she 'accepts' she's a woman, she gets all blushy and shy about her large breasts, especiallyin the social links. I couldn't stand her after that. Her story was interesting before that. That entire game has the worst characters in a persona game.

No. 272084

You know what's funny? When I played P4G in 2013 and watched the anime in 2012 I thought her arc was exaggerated and just a hyperbole to prove the point that sexism in the workplace is bad and ageism is stupid because in our era who even tries to entirely hide being a woman just to be perceived as more competent by coworkers? Now her arc is even more relevant than when the game got released because of all the young girls and women transitioning or claiming they're NB just to seem less stupid or shallow even if they're not even noticing that's their reason for doing it.

No. 272089

i don't think she's waifu bait (in p4 that'd be marie and rise lol) but i think it's more that the writers were incapable of writing a female character without making her simp for the mc. it's especially bad in 4 where they try to push this idea that heros got this harem of girls who want him at all times. i agree with >>272047, a lot of p4 characters feel bland and like they were just shoehorned in (and i never even thought about yukiko but youre right that she has 0 personality except haha bad at cooking, which is a joke atlus feels the need to shoehorn in every game for some reason)

No. 272091

So you will disregard her entire character just because she is shy if you decide to romance her lmao.

No. 272155

Sage for persona sperging but I saw a lot of myself and my struggles with gender roles (albeit reversed) in his dungeon. He also had a crush on Naoto even when he thought she was a guy - I've always seen him as bi, but it doesn't really matter tbh. People argue about his sexuality a lot and consisdering this debate has been happening for nearly 15 years with no definitive answer it feels pointless to rehash. He's best boi regardless.

No. 272159

NAYRT But she's not unjustified in disliking Naoto for her writing past her dungeon/her writing as a romance option. >>272089 is correctly identifying the issue with many female characters in this game, in that despite meaningful substance present in their writing… The writers are unable to get past the ultimate need for women to feed into a (assumed male) player's ego. That's something to be rightfully rubbed the wrong way by.

No. 272162

The way everyone is pogging over Hogwarts Legacy gameplay is nice. I already pre-ordered. I don’t even obsess over HP but I love when trannies are unhappy.

No. 272164

It's a shame that The Caligula Effect 2 ended up having TiF stuff in it, because in terms of topics addressed, it had a much higher hit ratio on sticking the landing. The gameplay is take it or leave it too, as is typical of Furyu's lower-budget work… But the writing gives ample food for thought to people who have also played the Persona games. It's a rather thoughtfully written game.

No. 272169

File: 1674979124694.jpg (24.83 KB, 621x158, Untitled.jpg)

It's just weird being angry about the most tolerable female character when there's Rise, Marie, Chie and Yukiko in the game as well.

No. 272172

i wanna rant cuz i'm a personafag.
in p3 i like yukari the most, she feels the most "realistic" to me. akihiko and shinji are good husbando material, and koromaru is adorable.
fuukas voice is annoying af and she's kinda bland (ik its a common opinion), fuck ken for obvious reasons and also his route with femc is disgusting, everyone else is ok.
p4 i don't really like anyone that much but for ai. ai is really underrated imo. marie is a guilty pleasure cause i like tsunderes. but everyone else i find either kinda bland or annoying. the friendship dynamics are good outside of the links tho which makes up for it.
p5… is the worst. i didn't actually enjoy any characters social links. i feel like they could've done a lot better.
i thought hifumi was cute but her link is still kinda meh.
anns route annoys the shit out of me, which is a shame cause i liked her outside of it. kasumi got on my nerves a lot too but ig they kinda redeem it later.

No. 272174

Have mixed feelings about Hogwarts Legacy, will definitely try it out because childhood nostalgia but it seems to have those issues that open world games tend to have, the NPCs feel wooden and lack personality and the world feels too 'safe'. We'll see

No. 272191

File: 1674992468770.jpg (258.27 KB, 1200x1200, 1476362015085.jpg)

I'm sick of being interrupted whenever I play P5R. Everytime I'm going further into a dungeon this retarded cat won't stop telling me I need to leave and go back next time because of some retarded cutscene that need to happen before I go in the next room or floor. LET ME FUCKING PLAY ALREADY! I'm never ever complaining about the lack of story in SMT5 again.

>in p3 i like yukari the most, she feels the most "realistic" to me
That's exactly how I feel about Yukari, she's one of my favorite Persona characters in the whole series. I love her.

No. 272197

What point of the game are you playing? I remember being able to do every palace in two days, one for the route and one for the boss battle aside from the first two palaces where there's a bit of tutorial and story bits going on. Morgana's annoying but imo it gets toned down a lot as you progress.

>kasumi got on my nerves a lot too but ig they kinda redeem it later.
The little character development she has gets obliterated at the end though. Some of her shady sides never get explored for some reason like her wishing to be her dead sister instead of wishing that she was still alive which could have been an interesting addition to the good girl uwu persona. As usual they bring up interesting comcepts but never explore them correctly.

No. 272212

I'm about to be done with the second dungeon. I was progressing well, was saving the characters' MP to be able to go as far as possible in one day and then Morgana told me to go back home. Right now I just explored almost the whole dungeon and I should be able to beat the boss the next day, but I forgot to collect the seeds, so I'll try to get them right now before leaving the dungeon.

No. 272215

I'm forever pissed SEGA of America's relocalization of the Yakuza games fucked with Saejima's character so much. He's like two different people, it's so obvious one dumbass was in charge with the substories and another with the main story. I can't believe they got away with that, honestly I'm more upset the localization director got a promotion after that.

No. 272216

File: 1675004539829.jpg (72.77 KB, 512x800, e99.jpg)

Can anyone recommend me good point and click adventure games? Could be old or lesser known

Some that I played and loved are Pentiment, The Longest Journey, the Wolf Among Us, Clock Tower, Papers please, The Case of the Golden Idol, Cat Lady

No. 272218

File: 1675005287643.png (11.69 KB, 345x328, NxdsrVl.png)

I recommend the (post 1989) LucasArts ones, as well as the Broken Sword series, the Gabriel Knight series, the Myst series, and Fran Bow. I also recently enjoyed The Darkside Detective

No. 272222

Just remembered there's also a wadget eye games bundle right now on humble bundle. They're a bit shorter and have a lower budget than most classic point & click games, but they're generally highly rated. I only played Gemini Rue and The Shivah, they were pretty nice

No. 272228

Here's a list of 100 well regarded adventure games. It was made in 2011 so it's kind of outdated now, but take a look and see if anything interests you.

No. 272232

File: 1675010541009.png (4.46 KB, 123x124, Beneath a Steel Sky, TEDDY BEA…)

Beneath a Steel Sky

No. 272234

Seconding >>272218 with all the LucasArts games, those are the cream of the crop. Also play all the old obnoxious (but charming) Sierra games like King's Quest and Space Quest. There's also a FANTASTIC game called Zork: Grand Inquisitor, based on the text adventure series (except this is a 3D point and click with some fantastic voice acting).

No. 272237

Holy shit there is nothing more pathetic than scrotes playing Pokemon nuzlockes on Youtube. All the thumbnails are their pasty, hollow faces doing the redditor "O" face, or every video has a facecam. I just want to watch a series without looking at your ugly moid face.

No. 272240

I see anon. You're not going to get that a lot, I can remember like one instance where it'll happen again but hopefully you will be able to pick up the pace. Is this your first time playing persona 5? I remember the palaces feeling really long and tedious the first times I played (the first one especially) but the second playthrough they felt pretty nice and even short.

No. 272241

No it's not the first time. I played the original P5 years ago but at a friend's friend's place. So I only went through the first two dungeons but it felt super long because I played little by little when we were hanging out at his place and he erased my save file by accident at some point. I actually just beat Madarame's shadow just a few seconds ago.

No. 272242

Return of the obra dinn!

No. 272250

>ken in femc route
i almost threw my exbf's psp across the room when i got to justice 5 or whatever with ken and he hit on femc. here i thought we had this genuinely sweet mentor thing going on and then bam! he gets so salty if you turn him down too.

No. 272283

the excavation of hob's barrow, no one lives in the lighthouse

No. 272304

Ken deserves to die. I would trade his useless ass for Shinji any day.

No. 272305

The Cat Lady is a must. There's also Downfall by the same creator. I enjoyed "I have no mouth and I must scream" but far warning, it's very dark.

No. 272308

Edna & Harvey
Thimbleweed Park
Rusty Lake
KillMonday games
Amanita Design games
Deponia (disclaimer mc scrote is very annoying)

No. 272313

For the record, Return of the Obra Dinn is not a point and click adventure game. It is first person and requires keyboard navigation. BUT I cannot recommend it enough. It doesn't require anything complicated in terms of navigation and will be mostly clicking and intuiting. It is very unique and immersice, and it is a blast. Also, it was solely developed by the same guy as Papers, Please!

No. 272342

I’m ready for it. Looks fun even if it’s not perfect. I wonder how many people will be playing it secretly but can’t talk about it online without fear of being called a transphobe (i bet a lot)

No. 272349

Best selling unreleased game on steam btw

No. 272420

grim fandango

No. 272427

File: 1675134003225.jpg (495.71 KB, 1200x900, grim-fandango-remastered-walkt…)

nayrt, but holy fuck i completely forgot about this game. i remember loooooving it, even though its a little dated the art style is fantastic and its a genuinely funny game. im gonna have to replay it soon

No. 272471

File: 1675152209111.jpeg (73.45 KB, 615x328, 0231C184-C34A-46A5-851E-65CD16…)

(also nayrt )Yess! And if you haven’t played yet, Broken Age is another good game by the same creator. Elijah Wood voices the MC and Jack Black has a cameo

No. 272568

File: 1675200075838.jpg (41.34 KB, 512x382, 3c29f096833079cfa8a39jrkfn.jpg)

I unsubbed from ffxiv to play ffxi, and have been loving it. Not seeing any trannies around (so far) is super refreshing. The game is also super fun and laidback.

No. 272574

i have no mouth is aesthetically great but it's definitely got that whole annoying old-school pixel hunting feel to it, it was really frutrating to play. same with harvester. idk how old school gamers did this shit without having fast access to the internet to google walkthroughs

No. 272622

Is FFXIV worth playing? I always see people either obsessed with it or downright fucking hate it and I have no idea what the general reception of it is. I’ve never played any other FF game for reference

No. 272626

It’s pretty and fun enough but depends on what you’re looking for. I grinded for a solid 6 months last expansion but then I lost interest. I play a lot of WoW and idk something about the FF combat, dungeons and raiding just ain’t hit the same for me. But I like how sophisticated the role playing community can be compared to other MMOs, even if it’s always a speshul snowflake fest.

No. 272645

if you want to pay a monthly fee for a game. What I've never personally understood.

No. 272689

I used game FAQ a lot to be fair as a teenager, but half the fun is trying to really figure out things for yourself.

No. 272690

File: 1675267145670.png (180.91 KB, 646x396, wtf-sims4-ea.png)

EA really gave us a base game update for this…Anyone disagreeing is being given clown awards on the steam comments.

No. 272693

Man, I always wanted the sims to include wheelchairs because when I was a kid I remember playing a sims game on gba and they had a character in a wheelchair and I thought that was a really cool thing to include since I had a friend in a wheelchair and also a family member, that was what we called a bit of diversity back in the day, I get why they wouldn't include this kinda thing in the pc game though but this whole "diversity" schtick baffles me. Girls with ridiculous big ass self harm scars and men in wigs and clothes that don't fit is apparently peak diversity these days. Are we still supposed to believe troons are an oppressed class while having enough power to get these companies tripping over themselves to accomodate them? What makes these updates so bad is that they're forcing it on people. You just can't deactivate dumb pronouns and shit and now you have this. This can't be anything else but grooming tactic, I will gladly wear my tinfoil hat but you can't change my mind.
(The fact that simtroons look like real life troons make me chuckle.)

No. 272700

Yeah, someone complained the TIFs looked too much like women with top scars. kek
I think wheelchair/handicap diversity would have been a great addiction, especially since most people have friends or family who have handicaps. EA just pushing the troon agenda. At least some of the comments are by normies saying wtf. I can't wait until people who tired of this troon shit. Why are they pandering to the mentally ill 00.02 percent of retards?

No. 272716

Guess who got his voice AI'd

No. 272766

File: 1675304245400.jpg (210.87 KB, 1062x530, thefuck.jpg)

So sick of this bullshit. When has this series ever even used pronouns to refer to the player? It's also funny the term 'non-binary' is only used in English translations; in the Japanese version it's just 'other' and in Harvestella non-binary was 'neutral.' Still pointless, though.

No. 272778

Why are they pandering so much to these literal retards?

No. 272859


No. 272866

File: 1675336887957.jpg (90.5 KB, 640x350, 10948.jpg)

Dark Seed

No. 272872

Could you Stardew nonnies help me? I've never 100% the game, never got even to buy a house for Pennie and Pam but I'm having an itch to play the game. Should I try to play vanilla again for the 200th time or just hop on to mods? I tried out the extended mod (?) but I think it was a too drastic change for me.

No. 272917

That fucked me up anon kek. Found it somewhere else expecting a cute femdom leaning sim game and I'm so surprised theres like a bunch of cutesy sfw shippy fan art of the characters drawn by tumblr girls. The game is so offensive in design mechanics alone.

No. 272932

okay now get him to read raunchy ass smut

No. 272935

>not marrying penny and rescuing her from her abusive homelife
What the fuck. Anyway if you really want to 100% the game why not continue playing on your old saves?

No. 272946

>why not continue playing on your old saves?
Because I take this absurdly long breaks, they're 6 months to 1 year. I can't remember what the fuck I was doing so it's just easier to start a new save.

No. 272960

File: 1675366436224.png (79.65 KB, 1145x500, baechurs-portraits-28content-p…)

I've only played once and I did it with mods. I think it's much more enjoyable like that. I didn't use anything crazy, just quality of life mods and better character portraits.

No. 273022

Having a hell of a lot of fun with Hi-Fi Rush. It feels like No Straight Roads but more actualised, more polished. I'm a sucker for cel-shaded graphics so maybe I'm being biased, but it hits me in the nostalgia feels. Reminds me of playing Jet Set Radio over and over. Chai's surprisingly likable for an idiot manchild protagonist too kek.
Anyone else getting in on this sleeper hit?

No. 273038

Ruined, why'd they give Penny that hair? Shane wouldn't look like that, he's an alcoholic. They finally fixed Elliot(?)'s gigachin and made Alex look like a young man. Everyone looks generally better, so why'd they fuck up Penny? Fuck them. The blonde looks ugly too (male). Actually fuck what they did to Emily.

No. 273061

File: 1675403112077.jpg (40.61 KB, 480x270, Z(9).jpg)

I'm normally pretty bad at Souls games/souls-likes but I've really been enjoying Death's Door. It has everything I thought I hated about this type of game, i.e. challenging boss fights with phases, waves of enemies attacking you all at once, savepoints that make you trek back to the boss room and so on, but the game is so much fun that I can't get mad even when I'm getting my shit kicked in. It helps that the art and music are gorgeous and there are lots of cool secrets to find by poking around. Definitely check this one out if you like Souls games, or if you're like me and wish you were better at them so you could enjoy them more.

No. 273074

Damn it Dawson, yer really startin' to piss me off!

No. 273075

This is why you boycott companies like this. EA's had a shitty track record with its female employees, now they're just actively encouraging women to disfigure themselves and erase themselves.

No. 273086

Physical disabilities like wheelchairs or canes or crutches, while an obviously more sensible aspect to ~represent~ in a life simulator, are just far more difficult to implement since they require entire new sets of animations and meshes and interactions, and they wouldn't even get the same amount of virtue signaling praise as troonshit does, so of course devs will never bother.

No. 273356

File: 1675528057166.jpg (445.95 KB, 572x780, 1672655545530.jpg)

Okay so I had a dream last night I bought another Nintedo DS game (the original DS), so I'm here to ask: What DS game should I buy? Feel free to recommend Gameboy Advance games as well, as they are backwards compatible with the DS! I'm kind of interested in maybe trying a Kirby game as I've never played a Kirby game before.

No. 273357

Yoshi’s island for the game boy advance! It’s got a super cute aesthetic and beautiful pixel art, but it’s a lot more challenging than Kirby

No. 273397

Felt like listening to the Rakuen soundtrack today and found out dev putting out a new game I’m already sobbing oh my god

No. 273429

There was a leak about Dreadwolf in the DA sub on reddit, anyone else seen it?

Looks like we're getting a hack n slash game this time. Not sure how to feel about it because I'd like to have to use actual tactics to fight enemies, but tbat hasn't been a thing since DA2.

It's only in alpha but it looks okay I'd say. I wish Bioware actually posted something themselves rather than it getting leaked.

Also, apparently we're getting better hairstyles lol

No. 273450

>The most immediate thing you noticed is that animation quality has DRASTICALLY improved. Like, for any other AAA title it's probably not that big a deal. But we've never seen animation quality this good in any BioWare game.
I ain't buyin' it. I know better. Anthem was ass. Andromeda was… well, Thunderbirds had better facial animation.

No. 273499

File: 1675569481648.png (994.96 KB, 1280x662, tC5oKHZ.png)

I don't mind the pivot to hack n slash combat. Much rather have that than the weird pseudo mmo gameplay from DAI. I'm more disappointed that we apparently can't control party members. What's the point then? I am interested that the player's class(?) is Grey Warden. I hope this means that origin choices are coming back.

No. 273503

I was thinking about trying new Story of Seasons games but guess I'll have to stay away now. Yikes…

No. 273701

I’m not going to buy DA4 since the devs are troons, just like how troons didn’t buy Hogwarts Legacy since it’s written by a terf. but seriously, i’m not too keen on the shift the series took from tactical to watered down hack and slash. besides i don’t care about solas so i probably won’t like the story either.

No. 273909

Can anyone redpill me on Pathologic and its sequel? I don't have the patience to listen to a self-fellating she/they scrote ramble about it in a 5 hour long "video essay". Is it worth a shot despite its status as a soyboy cult classic?

No. 273912

Any online game recommendations? Preferably MMOs. Got burnt out of FFXIV after playing for years and years plus finally had it with the degens erping in the main cities

No. 273926

The consensus is "holy hell that was a depressing game but holy hell I wish I could forget about it so I could experience it all again"
It's cheap too so I'd check it out.

No. 273939

Lost Ark or WoW. BDO and PSO2 are popular with weebs but I just couldn’t get into them.

No. 273958

File: 1675746649420.png (2.81 MB, 1920x1080, imache.png)

kek i was literally about to ask if anyone plays ffxiv and if its worth making a thread for it. i got burnt out too and agree main city rats are cringe but i used to love raiding. now i just hang out playing dress up through mare

No. 273964

There is already a thread.

No. 273975

Ascension WoW. It's a private server, which means no giving money to misogynist Blizzard.
>I’m not going to buy DA4 since the devs are troons
Ooooh I would like some more info on this please. I know they're SJWs but who is a troon?

No. 273999

File: 1675769331987.png (337.88 KB, 750x400, medium-cdafa67fc09ed0379a1d8e5…)

Very late to the party but I finally beat bayo 3. The ending's so lame that even kamiya is trying to gaslight everyone about it. The gameplay is fun although demon slave feels like a cheat to use, I tried to improve my scores up to platinum but I can't be bothered re-doing all the arcade sections so many times. The environments weren't all that interesting and the characters look unwashed, it's made me want to replay bayo 2 instead.

I kind of want to try the new game (cereza and the lost demon) but for $60? hell no

No. 274005

The last game director is a tim, "Corinne" Busche. There is no one left at BioWare from the good time. https://dragonage.fandom.com/wiki/Dragon_Age/Credits So I don't have any hope for DA Furry. >>273499 Shit looks tacky.


No. 274007

I honestly don't mind the ending. I expected it to be like the other two games where the ending is similar to the beginning with Luka and Bayo getting married on a cruise in a restored NYC or whatever but what actually annoyed me was that Viola's mom was implied to be resurrected like all the Bayo and Jeannes who got absorbed bt the bald guy and she's not even trying to see her? Bitch what? I would have disowned her. I'm looking forward to the next game.

No. 274010

I'm not satisfied because I hate everything they do to Jeanne, ever. Just let them be girlfriends already

No. 274011

I forgot to add, I loved the environments, Tokyo and Paris were so accurate it was uncanny. Bayonetta 3's Paris is the most realistic one I've seen so far in fiction kek, I'm not even sarcastic, they even replaced the Orange stores with Citron Telecom. I loved that shit. Now I wish we could have entire stages in NYC because I'm an ameriboo but I guess that's what the beginning of Bayonetta 2 is about anyway, sort of.

No. 274013

Wait for the QTJ spinoff. It's gonna happen. It has to, you really think Kamiya will kill off his waifu just like that for shock value? Come on.

No. 274014

It's true that they're well done, but I found most of them to be not very interesting. Tokyo was very grey, but that's just how cities are I guess. I didn't find the environments particularly appealing because 2 of them are just cities, which is what's outside my window. Egypt was quite nice, though. But that, and the imo lame design of the enemies left a lot ot be desired, visually.
2D arcade spin-off?…

No. 274015

Yeah the homunculi looked boring while the angels and demons looks iconic from the start. And on top of that it seems they wanted to reference Asian mythologies with them but it's not as in you face as usual besides the Sun Wukong boss fight (if that even counts as a boss fight)

No. 274039


No. 274060

>Dragon Age 4's New Game Director Is Trans And That's Rad
>That's Rad
"Rad"? Once again game "journalists" proving how out-of-touch they are.

No. 274062

File: 1675788016230.jpg (160.71 KB, 1170x1160, coreybush.jpg)

HAHAHAHHAHAHA here's the newest director for Dragon Age 4, oh my god I'm crying

No. 274093

The obvious filter on the 2022 photo kek

No. 274101

Ugh, no wonder they added the Krem troon pandering in DAI.

No. 274131

its disappointing about the genre change.
i'm currently playing dragon age 2, and to be honest i feel like the series died with inquisition. like yes i would love to see more dragon age games, but i also know that no dragon age game is ever going to come close to how good origins was. 2, despite its flaws, still maintains a lot of the spirit of dao. inquisition to me felt soulless. i like solas enough to be interested in da4, but theres no way in hell i'm expecting it to be a good game. i'm actually surprised they've even made any progress with it; i figured it'd be stuck in development hell then quietly dropped

No. 274135

Man this sucks, why do troons have to ruin everything. DAO is one of my favorites games of all time, I consider it one of the best games I've ever played if not the best. DA2 was not as good but it was still pretty fun imo (it felt more like a spinoff than a sequel to me). Never got to beat DAI because of a living situation that resulted in me losing my gaming equipment but it seemed alright.

I remember the gamergate controversy and there was all that shit about "women in video games" and people losing their shit at women saying some video games are sexist. There were all those antisjw YouTubers screeching about how "men are the majority of gamers so why should games pander to women yadada" meanwhile games have to pander to troons now even though they're (supposedly) like .001% of the population.

Sorry for my autistic rant lmao.

No. 274137

Disgusting. DA peaked at 2 anyway. I'm done with that series.

No. 274139

You brought me back, anon. I remember the gamer gate controversies so vividly and many women were told to shut up and other horrible sexist slurs for speaking up about their experience in gaming. Now we get men LARPING as women, but everyone has to kiss their ass? Make it make sense. I really wish women didnt bend over backwards to please them because you know men dont give a shit about troons or being 'canceled'

No. 274140

I have not actually, I have not kept up with any DA (or ME) stuff since the fandom is insuffetable. I know I will play the game though and get angry and bitter at it. I love DA so much though, and seeing the directions the development is going is worrying. I bet my ass there will be multiple tranny party members and all the NPCs are just identity tickboxes.

No. 274142

Ironically the troons demanding obedience now are those gamergaters who told women to shut up

No. 274143

Are there videos of him? That 2022 pic is 100% faceapp female filter

No. 274145

krem was one thing but if this tranny director puts in an mtf companion i'll lose my shit. i am pretty certain there'll be some kind of non-binary they/them character, at least. maybe they'll explain it away as some dalish 'third gender' tripe lmao

No. 274147

this, it's crazy how that whole group of terminally online neckbeards ended up trooning or becoming chasers. given the way they view women (and their crippling porn addictions) it makes perfect sense though. they need to kill themselves.

No. 274148

> Oh, and party controls seem to have been removed—meaning you might not be able to switch between party members like you could in every other BioWare RPG. That last design choice feels very odd for a series whose core appeal was always “adventuring with your witty queer friends.”
>core appeal was queer friends


No. 274177

I’m more scared they’ll troon an existing character true and honest transwoman solas would be hilarious

No. 274184

"soy boy cult classic" jesus fuck i wish male "video essayists" (failed theaterkids) never existed so this game would have just remained off the radar. in both games you can see a small town & its citizens get transformed in under 2 weeks due to a deadly plague. characters & town feel realistic not just boilerplate shit. first one is novel for having 3 different characters PoV's of the same 12 days, personally this & the isolated quarantined plague town setting really drew me in even back when the translations were shit. some characters will lie to the city doctor and only tell town info to the more local doctor, you realize this on the second playthrough & your 12 days are wildly different for each 3, it's not like NG+. dialogue heavy & there's some real gems in the cast. game is old so it's a bit of a slog, u easily enable cheats. both games have a theater that no matter what puts on thematically relevant or prophetic plays at 12AM, second game has lucid dreaming. second game has one character but it's a full length game, graphically beautiful, less of a time sink than the first. if you want to dip your toes in you might want to pick this one, if you wanna jump right in pick classic HD. if any of this sounds interesting then buy it, if none of it does then skip it. i avoid video essays and fandom shit so idk how it's talked about, I tried to be succinct here. second character for the second game is being worked on.

No. 274250

File: 1675840954271.png (518.22 KB, 956x671, 78325462.png)

I was just shopping for some rimworld mods and I came across this and I fucking busted out laughing this cannot be real?

No. 274275

keking at how the choker adds femininity when male troons typically wear it to hide their adams apple

No. 274288

Anyone else excited about the RE4 remake?
It looks stunning but I'm slightly worried that they seemed to be going for a more serious vibe and ditched the campy humor of the original

No. 274375

I want them to keep the campyness of the OG as well. REmake 2 felt really violent and that wasnt as bad, but RE4 was always kind of silly and I loved that. I pre ordered my copy and I'm hyped as hell, even though I hate Luis' new design so much.

No. 274382

Never fails to make me laugh. You can be whatever sex you want in video games but these mfers want to be mentally ill characters specifically.
I have no shame I’m hyped!

No. 274383

Yep I'm looking forward to it too since I fancy Leon and he still looks cute but I share the same concerns. They focus more on realism and scariness now but the original had it's charm because of the goofiness.

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