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File: 1442862774568.jpg (330.46 KB, 1200x800, clarissa-and-sam.jpg)

No. 32062

What are some things that are nostalgic to you?

No. 32063


chocolate nesquick milkshake / cocoa cola in a bottle on holiday / rugrats early episodes / pokemon / oniblocks (if you're in the UK and over 20 you may remember these lego yogurts) / cheesestrings / lunchables / polly pocket / blow up bags / toys still in cereal / writing my name with the initial back to front /


Still being skinny af / saying "can I have a baby born for xmas pls?" / "can I wear that dress for our millennium party?! / videos / being happier idk

No. 32064

The spice girls, wanting to be victoria beckham

No. 32065

File: 1442874850377.jpg (15.67 KB, 480x360, mrsquiggles.jpg)

corduroy, chanel No5, paddlepops actually tasting good, showbag hauls from the easter show and muthafuckin cheez tv.

oh and everything being dry as fuck and dusty because of the drought

No. 32066

File: 1442882471952.jpeg (23.38 KB, 400x400, 533d64b5482c28aca4377e80a35341…)


No. 32067

File: 1516046365722.png (331.9 KB, 1500x1041, 91JmSe4xwwL._SL1500_.png)

Anybody else have this when they were little? Lol. I remember when I got it from KB Toys and I was wondering when the cycle would show up in an episode as a child.

Still would've been a cool concept.

No. 32068

The spice girls movie, dance stage euromix and dance mats, I'm blue by Eiffel 65, MyScene dolls and movies, all rugrats episodes and movies, the wild thornberrys, the Dinosaurs tv show, barney, pink wafer biscuits, pink cookie perfume, strawberry lipgloss, nelly furtado, blink 182, nesquik chocolate powder, the Corbett soft serve machines that did bomb ass ice cream cones, betty spaghetti, lunchables, ps1 games, watching Tokyo Mew Mew and the Jackie Chan cartoon on Jetix, playing Beehive Bedlam on the Sky box, old Tom and Jerry, disposable cameras, bubblegum tape, sparklers, every don bluth movie ever, series of unfortunate events books, frubes, babybels, Kylie minogue, the hi5 tv show, harvest moon, stardoll, temporary tattoos. Better times

Sometimes I use a hair spray from Tesco or something and the smell of it will legit carry me straight back to my scene days, it's wildly intense memories from that smell lmao. Scene nostalgia: the millionaires, jeffree star music not makeup, Audrey kitching, hair spray, monster drinks, 00s era digital cameras, Claire's accessories, retarded YouTube videos like 1800-im a unicorn and llamas with hats, watching onision during the Shiloh times, essence dream matte mouse foundation, clip in extensions, shagbandz, bebo, watching the jurikoloveshim hair tutorial, stargazer makeup, the ^_^ emoji, having an edgy username with alliteration, gloomy bear, wanting a 2dimensional diamond tattoo

Lmaooo blast from the paaast

No. 32069

Cornetto soft serve machines not Corbett ffs

No. 32070

Fuck I remember I every single one of these thank you, fellow britfag

No. 32071

Hahaha I'm Irish but we share most of the same memories I am sure. Bonus: Mr Bobby for you, dustin the turkey for me.

No. 32072


No. 32073

File: 1516063701388.jpg (23.94 KB, 366x272, Bernard's_Watch_original_openi…)

hi fellow potatofag!

Question for Irish and British people: Were you more of a cbbc child or a citv child? (Or a Den child in Ireland)

I would usually flick between citv and the den. cbbc was too sanitized for me.

No. 32074

File: 1516071311351.jpg (27.27 KB, 500x488, talkgirl.jpg)

This is something absolutely irrelevant now with modern technology, so this is one I always think back on. Did anyone else have one of these? They were in the movie Home Alone and they made it's uses in the movie so fucking cool. I owned the Talkgirl version here of the Talkboy.

No. 32075

File: 1516117597844.jpg (45.52 KB, 416x267, MysteryHunters1sm.jpg)

My photo was shown on the Den once when I was like 5 and it made my life.

I watched CBBC but tbh I was more into Nickelodeon, Discovery Kids and Fox. Pic related used to keep me awake at night.

No. 32076

Also I thought you guys would enjoy this old cringe.

No. 32077


Defo the den for me.
Not to brag lads but I was on Sattitude once. I got hit in the head with a maraca by the presenter.

No. 32078

Dear God I remember wanting one and I never got it.

No. 32079

old commercials get me the most, like this one and the Talkback diary

No. 32080

Blackadder, The Young Ones, Red Dwarf, The Vicar of Dibley, Absolutely Fabulous, Fawlty Towers, Monty Python's Flying Circus

For the younger stuff…Rosie and Jim, Tots TV, Sesame Street, Teletubbies, The Herbs, Pingu, Noddy, The Clangers, Postman Pat, ART ATTACK, Rupert Bear, The Animals of Farthing Wood, Mr Blobby

Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario Bros, Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, pretty much any classic arcade machine or pinball machine, arcades in general, cosmic bowling, gift bags from birthday parties, Easy-Bake Oven, Furby, Ooglies, Princess Starla and the Jewel Riders, Sailor Moon, First-Generation My Little Pony, Skydancers, The Golden/Silver/Renaissance Age of Disney, Groovy Girls, Betty Spaghetty, Digimon, Tamagotchi, Neopets, Scannerz, Crane/Claw Machine games, NES, SNES, Sega Dreamcast, Genesis, Playstation 1, etc

No. 32081

Oh god. I need this.

>skip it, trading stickers at recess, basically everything on nickelodeon (esp Rugrats, Angry Beavers, Doug, Hay Arnold, All That, the video game irl game show, stick stickly, hey dude), white adidas with pastel pink/mint stripes, 1st gen pokemon cards (and never getting a charizard), full house, ring pops, bored games, horse club, the sailor moon movies on VHS (without subtitles), the old Care Bears cartoon, 6-8th grade dances (and awkward slow dances where boys only paired with girls and held each other at arms length), pb&j, going on winter snow trips during christmas break, printing webpages of my favorite anime art and making a binder, movie games on sega genesis, those nasty giant soft chocochip cookies in vending machines that tasted too sweet for a cookie, Full House/Sister Sister/Two of a Kind, n64 (and playing alone), water balloon catch in summer, pokemon and sailor moon on channel 12 with horrible dubs, those microwave meals with the penguin on the box, toy trends like tamagotchi/furby/trolls, book fair, bendy pencils, flower print leggings, birthday party goodie bags, captin crunch/lucky charms/golden grams (and cutting the roof of your mouth with them), littlest pet shops, polly pocket, gushers, backstreet boys, the water park, writing that stupid "S" that made it look sorta 3D, reading the first Harry Potter book and thinking it sucked at first, doodling in the margins during class, having to go shopping for clothes with my mom and being super bored, talking on the (corded) phone, discman, Delias, fruit by the foot, Now That's What I Call Music commercials (including the first), barbies, bellbottom jeans, spaghetti straps (being controversial), Bill Clinton,

So much wasted time. But the feels are real, this kinda hurts.

No. 32082

>Blackadder, The Young Ones, Red Dwarf
These were my holy trinity in middle and high school. I've seen all of these in their entirety multiple times. I wanted Rik Mayall so damn bad.

No. 32083

>Vicar of Dibley

muh nostalgia.

No. 32084


I had such a major thing for Ade/Vyvyan shit was crazy.

No. 32085

>Any Vocaloid songs released from 2007-2010
It's not as long ago as other's in this thread, but weeaboo 11 year old me and up had these as bangers, it was my first proper taste of the 'otaku laifu'. Listening to them now makes me happy, as it just teleports me back to when all I had to worry about was drawing manga on my shitty little desk, and if the library would have the next volume of Love Hina or not
>The Japanese Tokyo Mew Mew Opening

No. 32086

Fucc both the Japanese and English MMP/TMM openings make me so happy.

Some vocaloid songs can make me cry instantly from how I felt first listening them, Servant of Evil and Regret Message coming to mind.

No. 32087

>Alice of Human Sacrifice
>Servant of Evil
It hurts so good.

No. 32088

No. 32089

File: 1516754566227.gif (1003.6 KB, 500x270, rash.gif)

Lite nostalgia here since it wasn't my childhood because it came out after I began college, but I loved Victorious.

No. 32090

everything between 1988-1998. every. fucking. thing. i especially miss the music and the connected subcultures.

No. 32091

This sound will bring me back to my 13 yr self dreaming I was a tiny Japanese girl

No. 32092

File: 1516922041813.gif (1.96 MB, 245x349, Mariah Carey 0093.gif)

When ' We belong together ' was always on the radio, this song brings back good memories.

No. 32093

I wanted to fuck Eric Roberts in that music video so. fucking. bad.

Actually, I still do.

No. 32094

>being like 11 and this being my dream aesthetic

No. 32095


I still love this song and the entire album a lot.

>tfw it's still your dream aesthetic

No. 32096

I met Mr Blobby when I was 5 and he tripped me over and laughed at me. :(

No. 32097

this makes him even more terrifying and i was already scarred for life

Also vid related was a big obsession of mine years ago fml

No. 32098

No. 32099

anyone else remember this? idk why everyone was crazy for jesse. this song was my shit.

No. 32100

File: 1518236343405.png (228.42 KB, 697x434, 2018-02-09-231817_697x434_scro…)


lmao, look at how uncomfortable she seems.

No. 32101

File: 1518238854879.jpg (18.72 KB, 813x137, whyyy.JPG)

this has made me sincerely uncomfortable.

No. 32102

File: 1529243310188.jpeg (32.68 KB, 300x344, 4570704.jpeg)

That strange bubble gum with ring and childish magazine abut Bratz, winx are totaly spice

No. 32103

How tf is that nostalgic?

No. 32104

File: 1529260830080.jpg (285.24 KB, 1280x720, ageofempires2.jpg)

had it on the PS2 when I was little, used to play it all the time.
Recently bought it on Steam and have already clocked 100 hours.

No. 32105

This was one of the games that came with my Sony Vaio desktop from 2004. Every day I'd come home from middle school and spend hours playing that game…against the AI. I think because it was technically supposed to be a demo it couldn't hook up to the internet. And tbh that didn't matter as my parents hated me being on the internet because they could never use the phone.
Sometimes my best friend would come over and we'd voice record ourselves messing around and trying to beat impossible situations against the computer. Like 1v7 on the hardest setting.

If I didn't have such a rundown macbook I'd play the shit out of that game.

No. 32106

baguette fag here.
Prove It ! was badly subbed in French and was aired almost everyday on the kids channel Gulli and I loved it. But even when looking for it in English, I can't find anything ? It's apparently british, has anyone watched it in their own country ?
https://youtu.be/ufA2iaboAxA the French show opening

No. 32107

samefag but holy shit the Pingu VHS !

ngl I laugh a lot while watching Pingu even now bc of all the weird ass sound design and noises by the characters like, so much effort was put into the noises, also when pingu gets stupidly deformed and his expressions change it always makes me smile even if I watched the episodes 100 times

also kinda ot but is anyone else confused at all the sound changes ? I remember finding episodes on YT and the sounds were totally different from the VHS audio, found it kinda weird

No. 32108

I always get nostalgic when I see Bleach OP 1.

That feeling of when I was a careless middle schooler.

(Bleach was good for only one season though lol)

No. 32109

shit this one op always takes me back, i didn't even like bleach after like the first 40 episodes haha

also in a similarly embarrassing vein, all of the naruto ops get me so pumped lol

No. 32110

Damn anon are you me lmao
My dad had this old computer and this was one of the only games that ran on it.
I remember installing a bunch of demo games off burnt CDs too. Among them was Arcade america which seriously strikes up nostalgia into me big time.

No. 32111

Samefag but I used to love this game and the soundtrack, it just brings back the good ol' days.

No. 32112

old NND videos like the touhou meme videos. didn't know any japanese but i would spend HOURS watching these, dance videos, gourmet race remix videos, NND medley videos, etc. good times man

No. 32113

sage for samefagging but goddamn this takes me back to high school

No. 32114

Hell's fucking yeah, anon. I work in a BOH kitchen that allows us to have personal speakers to play music and I legit have an anime OP theme playlist just for those busy days.



No. 32115

omg anon you threw me into one big nostalgia hole with this video, i forgot about half of these shows and songs and now i'm remembering again!!

No. 32116

File: 1529734795959.jpeg (86.99 KB, 595x899, 881C1B4D-065B-403D-9CF5-1B72AC…)

My fucking god. I for whatever reason recently went back to listening to a few of the more funny/silly songs that were made then and it brought me back to being a brand new weeb in high school. I use to be one of THOSE otakus and watching on nico douga for superiority points.

>tfw you will never have the wonder and magic of being first introduced to anime otaku culture

why live

No. 32117

File: 1530514343205.gif (459.71 KB, 498x280, Gifor.gif)

Honest to God, I wish there was a friend-making app based solely on weebshit. As an adult everything else seems so bland now, but clinging to my old hobbies is what keeps me from wanting to kill myself these days. I miss going to cons, buying weeby merch and hanging out with my friends and binge watching anime.

No. 32118

NTA but I actually made a close group of weeb friends on cgl. There was an upcoming con a couple of years back and we made a LINE chat for it. Had to kick out a couple of creeps, of course, but wound up with a solid group of cosplayers/jfashion enthusiasts/artists/gamers. They’re my group of people to talk about anything and everything weeb. Hell, I moved to a different country and I still talk to them almost everyday.

No. 32119

File: 1530516769378.jpg (684.46 KB, 1250x1450, 1493353509559.jpg)

Same, anon. Why is it so hard to make friends when you're an "adult"?

No. 32120

Thats great, anon! I don't go to 4chon anymore though, and I'd really rather not. I was never a cosplayer, just a congoing weeb, and I feel like I just don't fit in there anymore. Hence the desire for an app, or hell, even an anime cluv type pf thread here on /ot/.

Because after school and college you run into less people organically, and those you do meet usually aren't around for long unless they're coworkers.

I work in a restaurant aimed at a younger demographic and my coworkers all like anime to a degree, but none of them are really weebs like me. Not that I'm a screeching Pocky addict or anything, but I like to get a little more into my animes and Japan aesthetic than I know they would. Like, they'll chat with me about what series they're watching, but they also mostly have kids and other hobbies they like more, so it's not like I could get a group together to go shopping for merch or to throw anime watching pizza parties with. Y'know, stuff I dreamed of doing as a kid/teen with the friends I never had.

Sage for childish but idc, I didn't enjoy my childhood and now that my time and money are mine I crave that sort of friendship and belonging.

No. 32121

File: 1530543422549.jpg (142.47 KB, 740x960, 1520095369555.jpg)

Being optimistic, looking forward to my future, not being constantly worried about things I have to do as an adult, not feeling lonely and hating people at same time, the feeling of taking a warm shower and going to bed and falling asleep easily, waking up refreshed and enjoying my day without feeling tired all the time, receiving gifts from people who care about me, calling a friend just to chat about anything, renting a movie with said friend and making a bucket of popcorn, sleepovers, not caring about several flaws on my body and face and knowing very well any single flaw I have makes my value decrease to society, reading a new book or game and being excited to try it, many other things that go away after you grow up and realize life is bleak and you will die at some point so very few things matter if none.

No. 32122

File: 1530547448929.gif (323.1 KB, 498x252, tenor.gif)

Childhood feels upon feels upon feels

No. 32123

File: 1530547533695.jpg (81.61 KB, 960x540, 1530212782222.jpg)

No. 32124

File: 1530547581654.png (25.28 KB, 800x600, 1530546931425.png)

No. 32125

And of course this song :(
it reminds me of the summer before 9/11

No. 32126

No. 32127

No. 32128

File: 1530548486069.jpg (12.87 KB, 368x368, Glo Friends Puppet Bug 1985.JP…)

No. 32129

File: 1530548705950.jpg (14.33 KB, 258x195, POGS.jpg)

No. 32130

I have a photograph of myself circa 2002/2003 standing in my childhood room and literally everything in it is so definitive of the era: purple walls, purple pillows, purple seahorse nightlight, Powerpuff Girls bed sheets, clear Powerpuff Girls backpack and gauze fairy wings hanging on the bed post, Powerpuff Girls poster and Sailor Moon calendar on the wall, big black-light unicorn rug, bright pink inflatable vinyl chair, toy box full of late '90/early 2000s dreams, my matching My Twin Doll pajamas chilling on the floor, plus I'm wearing all these tacky butterfly clips in my hair and a faux velvet dress from like Limited Too or something… What a time to be alive.

No. 32131

These things are evil.

No. 32132

Not paying bills

No. 32133

File: 1530553238362.jpeg (61.8 KB, 750x450, C2FD8428-F9D2-4155-BB30-2C2799…)

That’s what I miss the most. Also just the idyllic visions I had for my future, hmm.

Oh, and pic related. I rewatched it all a year ago and cried lmao.

No. 32134

File: 1530563737490.jpg (311.94 KB, 730x438, black-hole-high1-730x438.jpg)

Anyone remember this show?

No. 32135

This show reminds me not only of the hope I had for the future in general but the hope I had for how great my teenage years would be. If only I knew…

No. 32136

File: 1530588845505.jpg (105.32 KB, 620x350, CHILDHOOD.jpg)

Holy shit, that show and pic related both shaped who I am today, ngl.

No. 32137

File: 1530604185662.png (1.94 MB, 1080x1078, p63l9nV.png)

>I didn't enjoy my childhood and now that my time and money are mine I crave that sort of friendship and belonging.

I'm desperate to get back what little time I spent with my weeb friend (just the one) as a kid, playing PS1 JRPGs and watching anime rented from the local mom & pop video store. All while ignoring the fact that she eventually dumped me, ghosted me, and I never knew what I did wrong.

No. 32138

File: 1530682768353.jpg (34.67 KB, 500x344, 99b0844adb3736d5fad203b41efb2d…)

No. 32139

File: 1530687274723.gif (42.74 KB, 294x200, 1466979224055.gif)

The things that make me feel nostalgic the most are anime, manga and video games I played when I was younger. Until the 2010s, then it's not really nostalgia anymore and I feel like I'm not really enjoying watching weebshit now compared to before, except for a few stuff like JJBA, Gintama and things aimed at fujoshi. So these days I'm trying to watch things I wanted to watch but couldn't like Code Geass, Gurren Lagann or anime I couldn't fully watch because I missed half the episodes on TV and other things. There's also Harry Potter from before the series of volumes was completed, Polly Pockets, Tamagochi, flash dressing games online on the family computer, visual kei, sitcoms like the Nanny, Malcolm in the middle, my wife and kids, and the silly ads that were trying to be "radical". And for Frenchfags here there's also Mobiclic and Adibou from when I was in primary school.

Actually I missed on a bunch of things I wanted to play, watch or read as a teenager or a kid so I'm thinking about catching up. I never had a PS1 or a PS2 and I wanted to play Tomb Raider and Resident Evil and the PS1 FF games as a kid because my cousin did, so I think I'll try to play them on my PSVita someday.

>mfw I read Nana in middle school because I borrowed all the volumes from the library, wanted to move out and have a bff who could be my flatmate.
>mfw now I'm older than the protagonists and the manga is still not over because of Yazawa's shitty health

Same, I loved Gwen Stefani and my favorite was Wind it Up. I also remember the Beyoncé songs that came out before and soon after that and I used to watch the MVs all the time on TV. Same with Fall Out Boy, Christina Aguillera, Missy Elliot, Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears, etc. So basically a bunch of pop songs. Everytime I went abroad to visit my family I couldn't watch anything else anyway because I couldn't understand the language.

No. 32140

File: 1530687809037.jpg (161.63 KB, 500x764, minnie mag.jpg)

Sage because samefag, but does any French anon here remember Minnie Mag/WITCH Mag? I loved that shit when I was a kid, but I was getting my volumes second-hand so I didn't read them in the right order.

No. 32141

File: 1530689440621.jpg (236.62 KB, 800x600, witch_04_800x600.jpg)

Yes I remember my mom giving me 4 euros every week to by Witch Mag on my way back from school. Now that I think about it most characters were annoying as fuck, I only liked Elyon because she was the mean one, kek.

No. 32142

Fucking loved witch. All issues are translated on the net. Google mooncloud witch if you feel like it.
The series went seriously downhill in the last 100 or so issues and was quietly put to rest.

No. 32143

Oh fuck, I loved Witch when it came out in Minnie Mag. But I remember thinking it was lame that Minnie Mag became Witch Mag, although I still loved Witch when it happened. Then either the series became boring after a while, or I grew up too much for it.

And yeah, the characters were annoying, especially Cornelia IMO, but she was my friends' favorite because she was blonde kek.
My favorites of the main crew were Irma and Hay Lin, but I didn't like Will because I thought she was too much of a boring Miss Perfect. Taranee was just…there.

No. 32144

File: 1530703348819.jpg (25.13 KB, 283x800, 415574_12_elyon04.jpg)

Witch was awesome! Never saw the series though, only read the comics.
Elyon fan here too but I also liked Cornelia because of the whole Cornalia-Caleb thing.

No. 32145

File: 1530711092992.jpg (108.72 KB, 423x631, w-423_witch_walt_disney_iberia…)

I'm Spanish but I was a Witch fanatic when I was younger, Irma was my favorite. It was the series that got me into comic books and magical girl shows. Dropped it once they started giving them 'hotter' designs tho

No. 32146

the art is the later/final issues of witch was seriously terrible, even as a kid i noticed and was shocked. i have no idea what happened, maybe they ran out of money or fired all their artists? but it was horrendous

No. 32147

They switched the artists throughout the years

No. 32148

File: 1530720756186.jpeg (268.59 KB, 500x373, 4B675873-1061-4E46-A7AE-0525D4…)

I can still smell that shit when I look at pictures. Heaven.

And on the topic of witch, did anyone else used to get into fights with friends over witch vs winx? Just me?

No. 32149

I remember witch, they were great! Still think the art style and the characters were good
I used to ship the two evil dudes, god why?
We had overly emotional winx vs anime fights, that was cringey but entertaining in a way

No. 32150

No. 32151

File: 1530733659925.jpg (139.83 KB, 500x744, Cover_witch-1.jpg)

when Barbucci and Canepa left it went to shit

No. 32152

File: 1530733943443.jpg (42.52 KB, 500x500, Winx-Club-Jakks-Pacific-doll-S…)

winx >> witch

they were actually pretty much the same show but i will fight to deaht over this because i collected winx dolls when i was growing up and wanted to be Stacy Stella. my stella dolls made my barbies looked FAT.


>did anyone else used to get into fights with friends over witch vs winx

omg yes it was so controversial! i watched both tbh. witch had better story but winx had skinny dolls so i was torn.

No. 32153

No one i knew was into witch and most kids made fun of me cuz of it but it got me really into drawing

Did it ever get a proper ending? I remeber seeing it somewhere online it was still going but that was years ago

No. 32154

>the characters were annoying, especially Cornelia
>My favorites of the main crew were Irma and Hay Lin, etc.
We have the exact same opinions on that.

I didn't have these fights because my sisters and I agreed that Witch was better was Winx. I really didn't like the artstyle for Winx and the French dub was an abomination. I actually didn't really watch Witch, I only read it, hoping there would be a cartoon someday and when it happened I just didn't watch it for no reason in particular.

Speaking of cartoons, I really liked Totally Spies and Martin Mystère (whatever the name is in other languages). Also fun fact, the character designer of both shows made a "french manga" titled Pink Diary when I was in middle school and everyone was expecting something similar because they advertised it as "by that one girl who worked on Totally Spies and Martin Mystère" and it turned out to be a really depressing and melodramatic shojo manga.

No. 32155

Jesus I still have the Pink Diary collection, the main character was so cunty.

No. 32156

kek I don't have the books, I borrowed them from a friend at the time so I don't remember everything about it. I wanted to slap the shit out of every character except the bullied girl who became anorexic, I just felt so bad for her.

No. 32157

File: 1530736133439.jpg (132.74 KB, 736x737, 386c31818753a1e3180cfb1f9110c7…)

Winx came into my country a few years after the initial W.I.T.C.H. hype went down and it seemed to be popular with younger kids anyway, so we never even compared the two. I never liked witch myself because it seemed too basic/boring in a way, but winx was definitely my guilty pleasure. The flashy costumes introduced in the 3rd season caught my eye and I started to become invested in the show as the overall production quality went up and the art style/character designs improved. Bloom was a bland as fuck main character but to be fair she wasn't a complete mary sue, just not really leaving an impression. I wish the villains made more sense than just "I'm taking over the world" but then again it's a show for kids so you can't expect too much complexity. The characters were mostly enjoyable and Flora was my favourite. And she chose the best boy

But when it comes down to shallow things, I always thought witch costumes were ugly as shit. As for winx, their first costumes were also fashion disasters but they got a lot better as the time went on whereas witch just kept those ridiculous clown stockings on.

No. 32158

Samefagging to add that jesus christ I just hated the art style in W.I.T.C.H. They looked way too comically cartoonish while I preferred the more "serious" style in Winx.

No. 32159

File: 1530738480342.jpg (321.69 KB, 1024x808, wmc1p00ins1j.jpg)

holy shit thank you anon
I always wanted to read the Japanese manga version of WITCH. I've looked for yeaaarssss

No. 32160

hah if you're talking about the comics it was the opposite to me. WINX (both tv and comic version) always looked shitty whereas the WITCH comic wasn't great but at least it wasn't as ugly and anorexic as WINX.

Never enjoyed the WITCH TV cartoons though. I was so hyped up when it came out but I lost all interest after the first episode since the art the ugly and the plot was all messed up.

No. 32161

I have it but it'ts in italian. It was a 2 volume release, the drawings were really pretty!!!

No. 32162

This. Being a weeb is so out of style, even if you're adult about your hobbies. I'm still a fullblown fucking weeaboo who loves the anime aesthetic and style over everything, but I have a hard time finding people my age who share my interests. Western media and games are a lot more popular now and anime has faded back to obscurity, save for a few shows on Netflix catering towards western audiences. I wish it was the early 2000's again, I didn't have enough appreciation for my freedom to be an obnoxious japanophile with multiple like-minded friends back then.

No. 32163

Holy shit, I remember this there used to be just reruns of it all the time.

No. 32164

Agree, though I enjoyed the Nerissa saga. Don't get me started about the terrible episodes in the middle of them, with shitty art and the Auramer monster, evil Luba and Cornelia being more bitchy than ever. >>32152

Yes, there is an ending, it just sucks. The last comic is a recap of some of the past adventures. Only good thing is that it ends with the first page of the first issue.
Before it there are a few sucky one-shot episodes about girls.

What, winx had a terrible art style. Witch the comic was great till the original artists got the boot. Later on it was mostly good. Winx looks so trashy (though I enjoyed it). I hated how there occasionally were scenes that seemed inspired by hentais (girls tied by tentacles). The Winx comic had even worse style. The most exceptional thing about it is that it had A Very Special Date Rape Drug episode with Bloom almost falling victim.

No. 32165

Weeaboo friend making thread when??

No. 32166

File: 1530894619926.jpg (14.65 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 32167

With the exception of some twitter spergs I kind of like that anime is becoming passe because I’m encountering less batshit people into it compared to the last decade. I was surprised a few days ago at work because someone came in with an anime shirt and we had a completely level-headed conversation about the series and gave each other show recommendations. Or maybe it was just because we were both older fans instead of awkward teenagers

Yesss, one of my friends adored Winx but I was more into Witch and Totally Spies. I thought Winx looked kind of funny with the animation effects

No. 32168

File: 1530904112132.jpeg (116.31 KB, 620x420, 846C7941-2925-4D68-86AD-335C4B…)

No. 32169

File: 1530904173913.jpeg (56.63 KB, 440x602, 6C6E80F6-2ABD-4ADE-A570-4B7FA5…)

Everything about this photo

No. 32170

File: 1530904190120.jpeg (110.66 KB, 480x300, 58E42A34-BDE4-4FE8-A105-474ADE…)

No. 32171

File: 1530906769566.png (308.77 KB, 500x333, 76E7EB8B-BCE4-4A17-8EA5-E44AF1…)

No. 32172

man i never realised how similar all of them look lol it's kinda hard to tell them apart

No. 32173

File: 1530907494183.jpeg (56.58 KB, 480x360, 1181E266-578E-4BC7-B803-2A172C…)

I’m just going to keep posting more BtVS. Always emotional for me 2bh.

No. 32174

File: 1530907506890.jpeg (73.9 KB, 426x480, 2FA1A3ED-05C6-45E7-944A-D2081D…)

No. 32175

Ben Drowned? That was the scariest shit when I was a kid, looking back on it now it's so cliche lmao

No. 32176

File: 1530914904448.jpeg (33.01 KB, 553x311, 9F09EFE3-B9E2-4F7B-AA49-32BDEB…)

Your ship is wrong

No. 32177

Oh man I was subscribed to Minnie/Witch mag.
I remember once they gave away the Kandrakar heart as a freebie and I was so stoked.

I'm sad I lost it because it was only hanging on a simple thread, I wish I could find it somewhere just for memory sake.

I also really liked when they'd publish short comics by amateurs, it was honestly really cool and some of them had a super neat style.

I regret giving it all away when I entered middle school because I thought it was then too childish for me. I'm an idiot.

Same, the quality went to shit so fast after a while. I remember after one issue they even published a fan letter saying the last issue was plain horrendeous, it looked like a scratcher did it.

I vaguely remember that another comic artist went to their HQ in Italy and said there were a bunch of comic artists and they'd swap sketching/inking/coloring because they had to produce so many issues in a short amount of time.

No. 32178

this and all the Humongous games were my first PC games <3

No. 32179

Did anyone else play the Purple Moon games? Really beautiful puzzle/story games that my sister and I were obsessed with.

No. 32180

Fuuuuck I was just scrolling the page and nostalgia got triggered hard. I had completely forgotten about this game, but as soon as I saw the picture I knew what it was. I want to look it up and try playing it again but I know the magic will be gone.

No. 32181


Same! My dad actually collects old computers and Fatty Bear's adventures are still playable on them. I sometimes replay it and it's the most nostalgic thing ever.

No. 32182

We need more shows and movies about witch sisters and aunties living together in a big Victorian house and spending their days doing magical things.

No. 32183

File: 1530975511568.jpg (98.27 KB, 485x640, f50540c172227d1b9a7b02e65821cd…)

I fucking miss 90's shoujo manga. I have plans of binging all the CLAMP stuff (not a fan of their new work like Tsubasa, XXXholic and the like) as well as Angel Sanctuary and Sailor Moon.

I'm especially excited for X/1999, which is one of my faves. I plan to finally buy all the volumes. I've wanted to have the whole series for years and reading on computer is not very comfortable.

No. 32184


yesss! I haven't played them since I was a kid but every once and awhile I get in a nostalgia vortex and watch these play through videos. so wholesome. :)

No. 32185

File: 1530985076310.jpg (194.33 KB, 1080x1080, Animerch.us-Cardcaptor-Sakura-…)

YES. Cardcaptor Sakura was my first manga series back in middle school. I'm an old lady now and not super into anime anymore, but I still can't bear to part with this Clow Cards box set I have. It's so pretty and nostalgic for me.

No. 32186

I looooove the 90's anime aesthetic so much, it's so girly and pretty

No. 32187

File: 1530989618733.jpg (49.39 KB, 369x498, 72b5e7a7baf0bf6688ff52e4f89a1c…)

On the subject of the Den and Irish tv in general

Morbegs, Zig and Zag, Socky the sock monster, Yummee, Sattitude, Disney Club with Mary, Digby Chix, Creature Feature, Dustin's Daily News and Martin Duck, Cruinneas

Some more stuff that really gets the nostalgia rolling for me:
Rosie and Jim, The Magic Roundabout, Mike Lu & Og, Recess, those home chemist/scientist sets, collecting film merchandise when your parents went to texaco garages (I remember getting lilo and stitch stuff), Looney Tunes figures in cereal, fur real friends and other robot pets, those huge artist set boxes with markers and pencils and erasers etc, Sabrina's Secrets (local shops stopped selling it after issue 12 and I was so sad), pogs, B*Witched, Impulse and So… body sprays, Kiss and Mizz magazine (mam hated them so I used buy them on the sly), Groovy Chick merch, I could be here all day.

No. 32188

File: 1530989891822.jpg (266.6 KB, 1600x1200, P1090874.jpg)

I still have the clow card set I got when I was a kid on my display shelf, but it's this one

No. 32189

File: 1530993025277.jpg (114.08 KB, 621x710, Fox_kids_website_Season_2[1].j…)

The Fox Kids Digimon website. I can clearly remember hearing the sound effects scrolling through the side bar like it was yesterday.

No. 32190

File: 1530993211098.jpg (64.92 KB, 500x375, 61ZZEGZ449L.jpg)

i know what you mean about vividly remembering sound effects. i still remember how every single one of the buttons on kid pix sounded (and the words to the intro screen theme song).

No. 32191

I talked about some of the music I used to listen back in primary school and middle school and now I'm listening to Sean Paul, Missy Elliot, the Pussycat Dolls and Alliyah non-stop.

I never got the freebies because I got all the magazines I had second-hand, I was always so salty that I never got anything.

I used to watch these shows after school but I don't remember anything about them, except for Charmed when at some point one of the sisters left or died and got replaced by another character.

If you find good scans for Angel Sanctuary send us a link please, I wanted to read it but I couldn't find them back them except in comics shop. And I also always wanted to read X1999 but I was waiting for the series to be completed back then before getting the volumes. I still don't own any volumes to this day because they're not printed anymore. A really obscure one is Mirai no Utena, I loved it, it's by the author of Please Save my Earth which is a bit more well-known.

No. 32192

No. 32193

I am a beautiful princess
With wacky lizard legs
And I live in a volcano!

No. 32194


Ugh I'm so torn. I loved them both but then when spike came around I shipped him with myself LOL and then I wanted Angel as well. Fuck it they were both my husbands. I was so… obsessively in love with the both of them and I think they were officially my first two crushes ever. Ah.. good times. I wish Netflix didn't take off Angel.

No. 32195

File: 1531063435034.jpg (83.75 KB, 600x800, goole.com_.jpg)


This song. I remember somewhere in the 2000's. I'd walk to the nearest store to buy this snack and this would blast out of the speakers of some of the teenagers in the area.

No. 32196

File: 1531065578806.jpeg (109.01 KB, 299x400, 228E19B7-182D-4C65-8647-FC9AB5…)

I love Spike but I’m a die-hard Bangel fan.

No. 32197


No. 32198

I used to be too! But then I was like… b-but I want him

No. 32199

File: 1531076706284.jpg (274.28 KB, 1777x740, MV5BYzIxMmU4OWEtMTBkYi00ZTU0LT…)


No. 32200

File: 1531076739770.jpg (401.42 KB, 1200x1600, cb17d1046fef766b133f7278d424a1…)

No. 32201

File: 1531076758052.jpg (871.23 KB, 1240x1641, tumblr_o3hiq6KpAn1v0jfsto1_128…)

No. 32202

File: 1531076877825.jpg (38.11 KB, 400x594, MPW-9976.jpg)

i wanted friends like this so bad but never got them

No. 32203

File: 1531086325807.jpg (53.88 KB, 600x600, 600x600bf.jpg)

No. 32204


Alloy and Delia*s!!!

No. 32205

my all time favorite

No. 32206

LOVED this show, I rewatched the whole thing a few years ago since I never got to see the ending when it was on TV! Also used to have a crush on the science teacher, lol

No. 32207

File: 1531421339094.jpg (229.45 KB, 806x1003, Bratz_Tokyo_a_Go-Go_Fianna.jpg)

No. 32208

I had this exact one! This line of Bratz dolls was very important to me. Thank you anon.

No. 32209

File: 1531422479249.jpg (197.78 KB, 564x1024, 1997 basic ariel doll.jpg)

No. 32210

File: 1531422522438.jpg (245.57 KB, 513x400, sailormoondolls15.jpg)

No. 32211

File: 1531422533730.jpg (60.98 KB, 900x450, landscape-1465832467-school-of…)

No. 32212

File: 1531429002899.jpg (78.17 KB, 350x482, sailormoon-prism-compact-locke…)

They had a doll of her princess dress??? i want one!

No. 32213

File: 1531429154534.jpg (108.84 KB, 900x419, sailor moon.jpg)

I feel shitty because I destroyed the fuck out of my Sailor Moon dolls, and I had the main five plus tuxedo mask. For some reason I cut Mercury's hair down to the nubs and then melted her on a lamp.

I think the only one that was spared was Sailor Jupiter because she was my favorite. But either way, I'm sure they're all rotting in a landfill someplace. Feels bad.

No. 32214

File: 1531431359964.png (151.97 KB, 374x376, 4c905276b8fdc62809f73c66df75db…)

When I was a kid I had the 12inch dolls of Sailor Moon, Jupiter, and Mercury (a Japanese one), and the 6inch dolls of Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity, Chibi Moon, Mars, and Neptune.

But when my mom and I moved when I turned ten and 11, she made me throw them all in the dumpster… Along with some other Sailor Moon stuff and dolls and toys from that era. She told me if I really cared about them I would have taken care of them (??), but with the exception of accidentally detaching Jupiter's leg, they were still in good condition.

I wish she had kept them for me, or at least sold or donated them. It sucks knowing all those precious memories went to waste. Plus these dolls are expensive now!

Last year I found a Sailor Moon and Mars doll sold together in their boxes for $36 on Ebay and bought them right away. They are currently sitting on my display shelf. I'm glad they're back, but it's not the same :(

No. 32215

My mom went nuts looking for that Sailor Moon doll and eventually found it at a Blockbuster Video. She lived separately from me across the country and I cherished the fuck out of it and slept with it every night and brushed her hair every day. Then the dog chewed up her leg and I cried so much lmao. Now my mom's dead and seeing pictures of that doll fucks me up a little bit. I don't remember her being so ugly though! I loved it so much I saw past that I guess.

No. 32216

File: 1534936948639.jpg (15.74 KB, 262x349, 77429492a1_46862467_o2.jpg)

Seeing Tokio Hotel mentioned in the Cute boys thread gave me a huge burst of nostalgia.

A short while ago I showed my little sister my yearbook and then she asked why all of us wore "wide" pants, had bangs and did peace signs. She's just 9 years younger, but already lives in a completely different world.
I feel like todays beauty standards are taking a huge toll on girls and young womens confidence. Simply being slim was easier to achieve then having a tiny waist paired with a giant ass. I can't say for sure whether Myspace was a thing in Europe, but most people here certainly didn't dress as exteme as Pars Hilton and co. Just bootlegged jeans, converse and some tight fitting shirt, nothing cropped or high waisted.(Imo the standards for men also changed to the negative, beards just aren't attractive at all…) Not knowing shit about what's heathy and or not, not worrying about skin care and premature aging was so nice.

Back then the only thing I did on my dads computer was preparing things for school or playing The Sims. Nowadays I spend every single minute on the internet. Music was also harder to come by, buying CDs felt like you appreciated it more. Since I didn't have internet access and only a shitty phone I spent so much more time outside. My brother and I stayed out all day, sitting in our snow "castle" until it was dark and our mum called us to come inside. I can't even remember the last time I went sledging or ice skating…

For anybody who's German as well, I remember reading Bravo magazine made us feel 'so cool' lol
I also miss when MTV actually broadcast music by bands and some nice tv shows; only weird shit and pop/rap are shown nowdays.
As a kid getting sweets, snacks, fast food or coke was so rare and now that I can get it whenever I want it no longer feels special at all.
Writing emojis as "XD" instead of being able to choose between an eggplant and whatnot…

I miss simply being much more carefree not anxious and depressed

Omg, I completely forgot about this lol The brown haired one was my fave.

This reminds me of how much I loved Barbie and her movies. My little borther always played with me. We also had a playmobil castle and dressed up as knights ourselves and "fought" with wooden swords.

Sad thing is, back then I still had friends and we did sleepovers (just not as nicely as in this series), but now they're all gone.

Watching TV in general felt so much more special to me, since the time I was allowed to do so was very limited and the shows back then seemed to be so much more wholesome than the newer ones, always only about friendship instead of love.

The thing I regret the most is that I didn't enjoy or appreciate my childhood and early teenage years more. I should have tried harder to keep my friends, to be popular, then I wouldn't have been seen as weird and wouldn't have been so lonely in my last years of high schol and now. But I also should have stood up more for myself and shouldn't have allowed others to treat my like a doormat.

No. 32217

Sounds like you're stuck in the past. I know it's a hard thing to do but try to leave it alone and move on, what's done is done.

No. 32218

I'm not German but where I grew up Greece I got Bravo from some relatives from another Balkan country, and we also had the Viva channel on cable. I used to scan the TV guide thing for any mention of Tokio Hotel and other "cool" bands, I remember my friend really liked Killerpilze. I even wanted to go see them live so I started studying German, though I never went far because the weird genders fucked me up.

I remember sitting outside in 42 degree heat reading Bravo and waiting for my friend to wake up so we could go to the beach and read it together (since she couldn't read it on her own, and I had to translate).

No. 32219

I'm German and I loved MTV and VIVA! Lol I remember that I was a fan of US 5 and read everything about them in Bravo.
Also the Dr Sommer stuff and the naked girls and boys were really interesting for me. I wanted to have my period so bad.
I would make stories up that I already had a boyfriend and that we kissed with tongue lmao.

Do you remember the super bleached jeans with 'juicy' on the ass? Or the fake blonde hair with black underneath? Ratty extensions were also hot shit back in the days.

I will never ever wear a bootleg jeans again.

Sorry I'm high lol

No. 32220

> I can't say for sure whether Myspace was a thing in Europe
In France we had skyblog but it's not the same. Mention this to young adults and if they get embarrassed they most likely had a blog on this platform.

>ince I didn't have internet access and only a shitty phone I spent so much more time outside.

Actually I'm glad the internet became a thing when I was a kid because I wasn't allowed to go out and play with friends as a kid and as a teenager so it helped me not being bored to death at home, since there wasn't much to do. All of my good memories from back then are related to the internet, weeb shit or tv because of that.

No. 32221

Damn you guys are giving me nostalgia flashbacks. Vid related is for the German anons that remember it too. I can't believe the original video is still on youtube.

I was on the Anti-Tokio Hotel train. There was a flamboyant gay guy in my school that was a huge fan and (succesfully) tried to look like Bill Kaulitz. Me and my friends hated him because he was a little shit stirrer, so I just hated Tokio Hotel too.
Any German farmers remember that leave Tokio Hotel alone video by that teenage girl? It went viral and she got a ton of shit from people. I think her name was Angie. Poor girl even followed up with a video where she renounced her Tokio Hotel fan status and looked like she was being held at gunpoint.

Lmao I felt so rebellious as a preteen when I watched viva and mtv and read my Bravo. I really thought the fotostories were an accurate depiction of teenage life and I couldn't wait.
And wow, Killerpilze. That's a name I haven't heard in a long time. Was anyone here into LaFee? She seemed so badass and I wanted a friend like her.

No. 32222

I know, but it's difficult…

I was also an anti lol Didn't know that video, lord…
There was this one girl at school who always drew LaFee's signature sign onto her face, every single day!

No. 32223

File: 1534975898402.jpeg (335.22 KB, 810x1080, 3B20C85D-4767-4ED4-81DD-FA23C7…)


No. 32224


Honestly growing up in a dysfunctional family that was struggling financially was something I dealt with and it was so uplifting to see how it was portrayed in MitM. They yelled and they argued and sometimes they were jerks but they loved each other because they were family and even though they had their issues with money, they were in it together.

No. 32225

i was literally just about to post malcolm in the middle, wtf?

love this show so much, always loved it as a kid too. i had the BIGGEST crush on francis lmao

No. 32226

File: 1534984248602.jpg (72.58 KB, 426x597, 9b3d454d91b522d43018d38429ebe5…)

mitm was so overrated. get on my level

i don't know why this show wasn't more popular. it was and still is easily the best family comedy around, tbh. the writing was excellent and they tackled issues controversial issues pretty liberally and with tact, esp for the time. i still watch it all of the time bc it's just so cozy

No. 32227

Depression and anxiety took so much of my childhood/teenage years away. I hate it so much and I regret a lot because I wasn't properly prepared to deal with it, so I couldn't do anything about it to make it better. It made it impossible for it to be an enjoyable time for me. I lost all of my middle/high school friends except for one. I think that's why I still sometimes like to do things and watch things I did when I was little. (I'm 25 now) It makes the nostalgia so much worse (better?)

I still play neopets sometimes, pokemon/nintendo games. Watch old cartoon network and nickelodeon cartoons, lately more than actual shows. Sometimes I keep them on for background noise. Plus its comforting to hear.

There was a point in my teenage years where I really hit a wall with how tired I started getting, but I remember there being a time before that when I could actually feel well-rested and awake. Now I feel like shit 98% of the time.

No. 32228

Spineworld, Meez, and IMVU. I was always in some kind of goth/vampire cult on all of these sites rofl.

No. 32229

I'm greek too and my half-german best friend used to translate bravo for me and we would obsess over tokio hotel together, good times. I used to buy all those foreign magazines just to get the cool posters they had lol

No. 32230

Growing from being a pookie on Club Penguin to a pookie hater, with the black mask and everything.

No. 32231

SAME, i wish they would bring this shit back. it was so beautiful

No. 32232

File: 1535237315610.jpg (149.49 KB, 500x418, jt.jpg)

Early 2000s internet in general gets me really nostalgic.

No. 32233

File: 1535237434251.png (709.3 KB, 1032x786, early.png)

No. 32234

File: 1548256951995.jpg (7.48 KB, 153x213, images.jpg)

are there any other eurofags here who read these books? these were my favourite when i was about 7-11. theyre about this girl called penny, her dad is a vet and she really loved animals. each book was an unconnected different story.

i remember some wild shit happening, e.g. penny going to the arctic to visit her grandparents and getting kidnapped by a seal murdering (?) gang, there was also one where she got hit by a car, became paralysed and someone kidnapped her dogs at the same time, lets not forget the one where she stole a pig from a farm, and her boyfriend was introduced in one of the early books and the plot was that he was trying to steal a dolphin.

No. 32235

File: 1548258152461.jpg (60.24 KB, 412x279, image1.jpg)

I miss Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side! This game was way ahead of its time and is the best otome I've ever played out of hundreds. The combination of strategy, touch feature, the guys voice your name (almost all otome still don't have this feature), dressing up, and classic visual novel response options. I freaking love this. And besides, the early 2000s japanese aesthetic is just comfy. This game is so lighthearted and always cheered me up.

Ha, missing newgrounds and miniclip!

No. 32236

christ almightyyyy the nostaglia hit me like a wall of bricks
>tfw im actually spending my time watching this entire commercial when i can't be bothered to watch more than 5 seconds of advertising on youtube

No. 32237

File: 1548266976440.jpg (308.83 KB, 1024x768, 4975136848_8f93054876_b.jpg)

Nostalgia wave for my older North American lads (not sure if they played the same music in other countries)
It's literally just an archive of the music/commercials played on the radio in k-marts back in the 90's. There's even "don't smoke in the store" adverts. Instant 90's kid flashbacks to eating a hot n ready from little sneezers with a giant blue icee, then going back to school shopping. Ah, memories…

No. 32238

god, i waited for forever for this to be translated. I loved the fashion mixing system in 3.

No. 32239

Yes and the angel/devil system! TMGS is really amazing. I wish they would come out with 4!

No. 32240

File: 1548283260761.jpg (64.65 KB, 1280x720, nostalgia.jpg)

Was anyone else as obsessed with the 2005 CGI reboot of Captain Scarlet as I was or was I just a really weird 7 year old? I had all the episodes taped and a toy version of one of the cars.
I'm also like 90% sure I got a bath toy of Destiny Angel's fighter jet that shot water out of it in a Happy Meal or something.

No. 32241

Classic World of Warcraft. Too bad the reboot won't have the same magic and Blizzard is shit now.

No. 32242

i loveddd witch! first came across it in 2nd grade at a book fair, still have the comics that were translated in english and officially released. i had all the mcdonalds toys of theirs and i would be online a ton reading the ones that werent released in america (only like 10 of them were released here), omg bless those translators. i was obsessed with it and wanted merch and played all the dressup games that people would make and visited fansites. i was a fan of winx club too.

No. 32243

i actually bought a dvd of season 2. the witch show was a disaster, never liked it, but the first three seasons of winx are bomb. dont even bother with anything past it, season 4 was so shitty and it just got worse and more childish and stupid. i literally rewatched it over xmas break. miss how obsessed i was with winx and witch so much. i tried to get classmates into them, i had notebooks filled with that shit and all the other stuff i liked like magical doremi, tamagotchi, etc. no one else really got into them like i did, lmao i used to go on 4kids' website at my friends houses to watch winx with them.

No. 32244

i am still obsessed with bratz dolls! pre-2010 of course. i bought one in its box a while ago to display. it's the May Lin from a line i don't even remember when it was originally out but it's gorgeous and she's in a kimono.

No. 32245

File: 1548537543509.jpeg (64.66 KB, 480x480, 93FD75EB-C0C3-4E07-B0A5-7DFAAD…)

I miss buying all the cute lovely white stationary from dollar stores. Wish they still sold the stuff.

No. 32246

holy shit i remember these! i never knew what the series was called. thank you anon. one of my best friends from elementary school gave me some Lovely White pencils and I always loved how cute the girl looked.

No. 32247

In my area (DFW) we have these supermarkets called H-Mart, most of it is a grocery store but they have a mall subsection where they sell Korean fashion and stuff. Ours has a sanrio/Japan store and I buy tons of cute stationary there for really cheap. I don't know if you'll have it in your area but you should check!

No. 32248

some mom & pop dollar stores and thrift shops usually have stationary like this as well. Also if you have a Daiso store around, they sell stationary like this for pretty cheap. Heck look on Aliexpress and Ebay as well if you're okay with waiting a few weeks.

No. 32249

File: 1553972594331.jpg (96 KB, 500x635, da131760d1fae4bc7ef444a8173227…)

No. 32250

Isn't H-Mart just a Chinatown thing?

No. 32251

File: 1553972898090.jpg (787.37 KB, 4502x2300, dolls.jpg)

(Same anon)
I suddenly started missing shitty Spice Girls merch. I would love to eat those lolippops again. I remember the pictures on the lollipop being extremely unclear, not at all like what was advertised. Lol

No. 32252

There's an H Mart in North Carolina too and it definitely isn't a Chinatown there.
Must be a chain that's having a lot of success.

No. 32253

YASSS! Anyone remember the chocolate sweets?

No. 32254

File: 1553975968143.jpeg (155.9 KB, 640x915, download.jpeg)

I miss these. They still make them, I found out, but the stuff inside them just isn't as fun anymore.

No. 32255

File: 1553976176219.jpg (24.48 KB, 400x300, e22e360c1fe8f2e728efe9629d858d…)

Never seen those! Can I see a pic?
Pic related is the only chocolate merch that I remember

No. 32256

File: 1553976657074.jpeg (166.13 KB, 500x467, download (1).jpeg)

Anyone remember the mermaid Barbies? I had Christie (the purple one). I don't know what happened to her; I think my parents donated her when we were planning on moving to Texas. She's almost $100 on eBay, and I just can't afford to shell that out on a doll right now.

No. 32257

anon how did I not realize there's an h mart in cary?? i'm def going soon!!

No. 32258

i think i had the pink haired one and i think she came with a whale friend. either her or another barbie did, but i always had them swim together.

No. 32259

oh a few places still sell HP chocolate frogs anon, at least in the US

No. 32260

File: 1553983896489.jpeg (38.29 KB, 364x517, 695037EF-D957-461C-8F72-3C1F81…)

This was the shit when I was a kid and I still get a nice fuzzy nostalgic hit whenever I see one in the wild

No. 32261

Five Below
Any time someone is searching for old candy, it’s at a Five Below

No. 32262

They are all gorgeous but Barbie (pink hair) is my personal fave. Christie is amazing too tho.
Keeping my fingers crossed so that you will find her for a good price someday!
Not everybody is from USA. It's true you can buy HP chocolate frogs nowadays too tho the design is slightly different.

I am so curious about the Spice Girls chocolate tho…

No. 32263

They had a bubblegum inside, didn't they? I still remember the taste.
I never got the Baby Spice one, she was my favorite.

No. 32264

My brother and I played Pajama Sam and other Humongous Entertainment games to death. Spy Fox and Freddy Fish were our other favorites. I remember we would go to the thrift store with our mom and every time hunt to see if they had any other games by that company we hadn't played yet lol

No. 32265

Unfortunately, I can't fine the assorted sweets I used to eat. Found someone selling an unopened box a while, but I didn't save the picture. There's pictures of their chocolate bars, though.

No. 32266

File: 1554058724121.png (2.97 MB, 1500x976, spicegirlsweets.png)

You can see them in the corner! They were individual sweets that had different flavours and designs to represent the girls. I used to be enmoured with the wrappers. lol Can't remeber the flavours, though.

No. 32267

File: 1554065285959.jpg (52.58 KB, 365x500, MADONNA_SNEAK - SEPTEMBER 2003…)

I had this magazine! These types of magazines that centered around one franchise or character were always kept on the top shelf and cost an arm and a leg. I'd only ever be able to buy the first issues because they were discounted and it was all I could afford with my meager pocket money. I remember this one really well because it was probably the last one i ever bought. I think I was about 11 or 12. I loved the free nail art pen and box. Had them for years. I used the nail art pen in a bunch of diys as a teen.
I read mizz and kiss as well (and bliss, sugar, shout, j17, cosmo girl, sneak, and probably tons more)

No. 32268

i remember all of these! there was also an impulse body spray all the cool girls in my primary school had. and these packs of photographs i drove my poor mam demented asking for.

No. 32269

File: 1554067078631.jpg (70.33 KB, 401x879, 71NhTYHVLpL._SY879_.jpg)


You reminded me of the mermaid Barbie I owned. My father brought it from US and 5 year old me thought the doll was a real mermaid.

No. 32270

I had this barbie too!

No. 32271

File: 1554081413603.jpeg (604.52 KB, 1636x1872, FB17E478-AA1B-4881-B1AA-D41510…)

I had this one. I still remember how badly I wanted a Barbie mermaid with baby twins but my dad got me this one, despite wanting Barbie herself (this one is her friend).

Even though I had a collection of Barbies, she became my favorite and I remember her “being with me” during some hard times of my childhood.

I regret giving her away so much, along with veterinary Barbie my late grandparents were saving a lot to buy for me during war times when we barey had anything.

No. 32272

File: 1554085772741.jpg (20.24 KB, 400x266, 1995-Mattel-BARBIE-KEIKO-WHALE…)

Speaking of Barbies, did anyone else have one of these? I was fucking obsessed with Free Willy as a kid so this toy was a dream come true. I'd spend hours in the tub playing with the thing.

No. 32273

I loved that movie too anon! And dolphins and whales in general. Listening to relaxing new age CDs with whale sounds was trendy back then for some reason, I had a couple.

No. 32274

yup! I had this with the scuba suit Barbie!! she had black “suit legs” and then when she was in the water they’d change back to skin tones

No. 32275

File: 1554087979892.jpg (22.64 KB, 300x400, Complete-Vintage-Polly-Pocket-…)

I loved these type of mini play sets that were in a compact. I remember having a little mermaid one and playing with it on the plane and I dropped a piece under the seat and my mom couldn't find it.

This specific one is from 1990, so mine must have been later… probably 1999-2001. Definitely disney branded, but I can't find online

No. 32276

I LOVED this toy! I remembered when I got it I was mad that the fin wasn't bent like the real Keiko's, so I taped it down myself. I had it for years but eventually lost it, so I actually nabbed a new one off ebay a few years ago and now it has a spot on my shelf. I still love orcas and some part of me still regrets I didn't become a marine biologist who studied dolphins and whales…

No. 32277

File: 1554088232790.gif (211.16 KB, 500x380, 71HSFY8W31L.gif)

I also loved my barbie airplane. I was obsessed with the little "ice maker

No. 32278

File: 1554088369804.jpg (79.69 KB, 570x760, 6bb9a1bcb1e5c94185408ddebc00c3…)

Oh shit. You just reminded me of the Pocahontas one I had.

No. 32279

File: 1554088547055.jpg (46.34 KB, 394x543, 266e869640c4be31dbf16961fda15f…)

I had a bunch of Polly Pockets when I was a kid. Pic related was my favorite one. I was obsessed with the fact it looked like a book on the outside when it was closed and I would take it everywhere.

I had this one too. Were these actual Polly Pockets or just Disney knock offs?

I loved the microphone on this thing. My friends and I would always shout obscene stuff into it.

No. 32280

File: 1554089540620.jpg (83.21 KB, 814x747, 9d49803ee182a32040f4cc6f0dfc37…)

I remember this sooo clearly, it's crazy

Actual polly pockets with the rubber clothes were awesome too. But I was always losing the shoes and crying about it any my parents passionately hated them

No. 32281

File: 1554089562511.jpg (70.2 KB, 640x640, 7f07b3f017da0f9647a615d546603b…)

No. 32282

File: 1554091697687.jpg (31.43 KB, 366x400, Vintage-1996-Polly-Pocket-Disn…)

Oh man, I LOVED these. I was all about this castle too.

No. 32283

File: 1554092264396.jpg (50.44 KB, 300x300, Bath-Beads.jpg)

Pretty sure these gave me my first yeast infection, but the turtle ones were soooo cute.

No. 32284

File: 1554092520681.jpg (33.38 KB, 734x734, 70798_1.jpg)

those fuzzy small animal keychains at claires in the 90s.

No. 32285

File: 1554092569702.png (323.44 KB, 502x442, sticker earring.png)

i wonder if these are still around lol

No. 32286

File: 1554092708160.jpg (27.69 KB, 624x480, my-little-pony-tales-episode-2…)

MLP Tales was my shit. Comfy slice of life cartoon and top tier voice acting

No. 32287


No. 32288


I had this as well! the plastic was a weird rubbery type on the flags that attracted a bunch of stray lint, I could never keep it clean.

One time I found a bit of a stray piece of one of these in claires, it was some holographic cellophane wings that fell off one of them. I stuffed it in my pocket and felt super guilty for "stealing".

No. 32289

File: 1554099799012.jpg (93.12 KB, 500x333, img-2876642-2-mlptales.jpg)

Yes, I wanna rewatch it now! 80's ponies are best ponies.

No. 32290

File: 1554102966470.jpg (151.33 KB, 880x600, 00bade45e5dafd44bc63b8841182f6…)

This was my favorite Polly Pocket compact. It's so beautiful.

No. 32291

File: 1554103979153.jpg (27.84 KB, 500x407, 410B0FA3K2L.jpg)

i loved this game

No. 32292

Come on guys.

I remember begging my Mum for chocolates when I was 4/5.

No. 32293

File: 1554111860689.jpg (100.64 KB, 800x600, even-more-contraptions.jpg)

Those were my life. I still have a shitty crush on Spy Fox. He was just too cool.

Also this.
Just edutainment games in general, I think.

No. 32294

oh shit i had this one!
og polly pockets were so good. ngl if they came back i'd buy some

No. 32295

File: 1554129636915.jpg (50.12 KB, 386x550, 71Lf 6SplLL._SY550_.jpg)

Who else had a toy kitchen? I loved them.

No. 32296

File: 1554131273849.jpg (76.78 KB, 410x500, 61JFP7AZC3L.jpg)

No. 32297

File: 1554132245783.jpg (52.32 KB, 616x353, rip-my-childhood.jpg)

Anyone remember Freddi Fish? I used to love this game when I was little.

No. 32298

oh my god. I loved using these when taking a bath, but I remember them leaving my skin so oily.

No. 32299

omg I often saw them at the checkout of pharmacists but never tried them and now they're extinct, what even were they?

No. 32300

they were like scented oil in this dissolveable coating/package. like bathbombs but cooler

No. 32301

File: 1554162915816.png (112.73 KB, 800x796, 87484-barbie-fashion-designer-…)

I loved the little catwalk thing they would do when you were done and then printing out the outfits on cheap shitty paper. I credit this game for making me want to be a fashion designer growing up.

No. 32302

File: 1554163112488.jpg (77.67 KB, 640x480, 490762-barbie-magic-hair-style…)

reminds me of this classic. anyone remember this?

No. 32303

File: 1554163240844.jpg (84.69 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

also this was FACTUALLY the best barbie game

No. 32304

File: 1554163268058.jpg (20.68 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

i want to play this now. barbie pet rescue was the best, and honestly, look how great these graphics were!

No. 32305

File: 1554163719589.jpg (64.32 KB, 400x300, barbie-storymaker-mall-set.jpg)

Barbie Storymaker was god tier

No. 32306


No. 32307

oooh! wish i tried them once (but only once bc yeast infections kek)

No. 32308

when i was home last summer i got a pair in those turkish-made chewing gum surprise packs, was very positively elated haha (along with a very dhitty clip art tattoo ofc)

No. 32309

File: 1554165956436.png (310.11 KB, 798x599, 2019-04-02 11_44_21-barbie rid…)

Barbie Riding Club wants a word with you (then again I'm biased because I was the weird horse girl in school). The one on PS1 wasn't too bad either, save for the load times…

No. 32310

File: 1554172372906.jpg (71.6 KB, 495x367, barbie.jpg)

It has just occurred to me that Barbie Horse Adventure: Mystery Ride is the preteen girl version of the Red Dead series

No. 32311

File: 1554173609135.jpg (20.34 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


Barbie secret agent was my life. I still remember the music

No. 32312

File: 1554173669429.png (239.19 KB, 640x480, 278515-barbie-explorer-windows…)

and I loved barbie explorer too. On the levels that were too hard for me I made my mom do them haha

No. 32313

File: 1554174493239.jpeg (74.12 KB, 502x454, A2B5C38E-3F63-4413-B2FC-A0BFF1…)

This game was the shit during IT class back in primary school

No. 32314

File: 1554177165876.jpg (435.23 KB, 800x600, screenshot_2_640x4803.jpg)

Anyone remember Kindergarten? I used to play this online when I was a kid. Ancient

No. 32315

File: 1554177475788.jpg (23.45 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)

does anyone else remember a typing game from computer lab where it was like, a haunted house or something? around 2002.

No. 32316

File: 1554182593487.png (306.38 KB, 898x599, Untitled.png)

the games from the old cartoon network/disney channel sites. i liked the totally spies game "mall crawl" in particular

No. 32317

It's feeding time at the pet shop!

No. 32318

Barbie Sleeping Beauty was one of my most played games as a kid. I used to spend the majority of my time just changing the colors of her dress lol

No. 32319


No. 32320

YES I was absolutely obsessed with this game! I totally forgot about it wow

No. 32321

File: 1554211449530.jpg (68.51 KB, 651x280, header_barbie_and_the_magic_of…)

Was this the one where Barbie was a vet? I had that one, but my cd was a pirate copy and it was in Spanish. Thanks to that game I was on the top of my Spanish class, lmao.

What about this one? I loved it. Especially the part in the cabin, the forest and the ogre's kitchen labyrinth

No. 32322

Holy fuck anon, I remember playing this for hours!

No. 32323

File: 1554221188181.png (176.22 KB, 640x480, 0C345094-1235-4F4C-9858-63D063…)

do you guys remember the jumpstart games? I remember how exciting it was to move up a grade and see what their game was like lmao. still think first grade and this game are the most nostalgic to me.

No. 32324

File: 1554221522608.jpg (21.71 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

This shit, bitches

No. 32325

Fuck, I remember. This exact fucking lunchline part was my jam, anon. Loving that ice cream and french fries.

No. 32326

I played Jumpstart Spanish when I was a kid and hid every time the introduction played because the Spanish song sung at the beginning scared me.
Played a bunch of Jumpstart 3rd grade, really liked it, but I never tried any other of the games.

No. 32327

File: 1554233677937.png (83.79 KB, 644x503, Icy-Tower.png)

icy tower my dudes

No. 32328

i still have it and play it sometimes, brings me back to years ago

No. 32329


Did you ever notice the weird menu music was A Man of Constant Sorrow

No. 32330


No. 32331

File: 1554239652421.jpg (514.97 KB, 1398x1044, thebestgame.jpg)

Yes! I loved the one with the lions jumping over each other. Also I'm just now realizing that the part with the witch involved no math whatsoever!

No. 32332

Jazz Jack Rabbit 2 with map builder helped me learn some English early
The Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind was a beautiful early escapism, made me shit my pants with the monsters (I was a kid) and pierces my heart with the sweet blade of nostalgia

No. 32333

*not literally

No. 32334

Wtf I completely forgot this existed

No. 32335

File: 1554259429372.jpeg (170.16 KB, 1280x720, 4F567480-F157-4FB5-92BD-D7A225…)

anyone remember millie’s math house?

No. 32336

File: 1554259639073.jpeg (327.95 KB, 1024x813, 790B42AD-52FF-4941-8442-ADF4FB…)

i was obsessed with the catz games. i remember i used to love dressing them up and feeding them olives lol

No. 32337

File: 1554260939833.jpeg (99.82 KB, 640x480, 8F832C25-4CC2-4BDE-9511-09EBC3…)

holy fuck yes. I had petz dogz. I was too afraid of the haunted mansion (when the game music would start I would cry and run away) so I’d make my dad play it
thanks for posting this anon I completely forgot how many hours I wasted playing this crap

No. 32338

I tried so hard to get them to procreate but it really wasn't that easy.

No. 32339

I had the pink hair one!!! I loved that damn doll…
My fav was the pregnant Midge, Barbie's redhead friend who has this nice tan skin.
I also had the swan lake one, a very old Rapunzel one with a weird mechanical crown that could tie her long hair up.

And omg there was a dancer themed Barbie with lamé clothing with weird rubber "skin" with wire under the limbs like a rig. You could bend her all grossly.

No. 32340

File: 1554274139656.jpg (84.4 KB, 560x450, fucken poldy.jpg)

YES BITCH I had almost every Edmark educational game. Love these games. I had a sandbox set up to be able to run these old games on my win7 a few years ago. Was so worth going back to play the games bc my old memories were fully refreshed. It's nice to have them less fuzzy in my mind.

JazzJackrabbit 2 was also mentioned, love it.
I loved KidPix and A to Zap as well, the latter is an alphabet-based mini game situation similar to your pic related.

There was also Thinking Things series. I remember one of them had you making international sales to random animals and stuff, things got complicated as you moved up lol.

There was also Living Books which was a point and click style storybook game. Very fun and played almost all of those as well.

My obscure contribution is… POLDY, motherfuckers. This was a massive set of books on all sorts of early learning topics complete with fully voice acted cassette tapes and other materials like a cool memory game.

Also there are a few educational games I have never managed to find the names of, from my childhood:

>One of them had a watercolor-like color scheme and had a minigame about putting frames of a butterfly going through metamorphosis in order. It also had a minigame about dressing for the weather. Maybe classical music in the background. That's all I've got on that one.

>Point and Click style game with a shot of a barn and I think another shot of… an airplane? Fuck. So fuzzy.

No. 32341

File: 1554276696159.jpg (210.66 KB, 1500x1125, e8985fd6aabf7ade1bf1d90aa1b3f4…)

I got so much mileage out of this game. It was a dancing game that accompanied that hipster series of Barbies. You could put this song in your cd player and listen to the songs, too…my 9 year old self they were the pinnacle of pop music.

No. 32342

"oh no the glop monstah"
this was so British but I played those games to death

No. 32343

File: 1554291927226.jpg (247.19 KB, 999x1000, disney presents the wonderful …)

Did anyone else get a couple of free copies of these Disney Present's the wonderful world of knowledge books in the mail? It was like a subscription thing, that we never signed up for but you could keep the copies they sent you. I read them back to front dozens of times because we didn't really have much books at home.

No. 32344


anon maybe you can help me. i've been trying for years to remember a game i played, my memories of it are so fuzzy but i really am dying to remember it.

from what i remember: it's set in a cave like area, there's some ~crazy scientist~ main dude, you basically play mini games, there's something about keys. i think it was science related but it could've been math or a combo of both. this is literally all i remember lol but i can't stop thinking about it.

No. 32345

File: 1554300341835.png (93.78 KB, 400x363, kdnet.png)

kiddonet was my jam in middle school. i remember making weird posts via pic related, and the plethora of dress up games :( rip

No. 32346

I don't think I ever had those but I did have a subscription for Disney Magazine and Nickelodeon Magazine. I can't remember much from the Disney mag aside from it having some comics and an advertisement for the first Abarat book.

No. 32347

File: 1554309565613.png (106.98 KB, 960x666, 2019-04-03.png)

omg anon i'm gonna cry i LIVED on kiddonet when i was younger! i couldn't remember the name of the website for the life of me, so thank you cause now i was able to find it on wayback machine! it's a good blast from the past. reminds me of when my life was simpler and i found immense joy in the stupid, little things

No. 32348

File: 1554310959773.jpg (105.61 KB, 1024x656, Imagine-Fashion-Designer-New-Y…)

does anyone remember that part of the old ubisoft website where you could play a bunch of minigames?
I can't find images of what it looked like but you can find reuploads of some of the flash games, like the fashion designer new york one
i used to spend hours playing that
i think they had more flash games that were always related to some big game they released, i vaguely remember one about babysitting aswell

No. 32349

File: 1554312890715.png (327.92 KB, 350x494, starshine_legacy_covers.png)

Anyone remember this?

No. 32350

there's a separate thread for internet nostolgia

No. 32351

File: 1554317294245.jpeg (297.95 KB, 1024x768, 1_iyjLCpNfstQGpaxlOAhZAg.jpeg)

Yes! I randomly remembered this series a few months ago, got it from a horse themed subscription box when I was like 10. Those girls were one of my first crushes

Here's one thing I remember from my childhood that I haven't seen mentioned. I swear I was the pog queen in my class

No. 32352

Wow what a blast from the past! Did they sell them everywhere? I grew up in Scandinavia.
I had this one too!!
I'm almost certain I had something like this as well.. (Not a 30 day set though) wow

Did anyone play Cartoon Orbit? I remember collecting all of my favorite cartoon stickers there and playing that card game… It's a shame that there's not much left of that site anymore :(

No. 32353

File: 1554327788845.jpg (622.21 KB, 1074x1077, magazines.jpg)

Teen girl magazines with those free gifts was my only reason to go with my parents to Tesco's.
Loved those quizzes, games, teen celeb gossip.
>teen vogue
for when I was feelin fancy

Those sound they would've been cool, never saw those magazines where I live (UK).

No. 32354

File: 1554327851929.jpg (482.25 KB, 1024x1024, 4c781be0-5b56-4d17-a577-94a029…)

>living vicariously through Mary-Kate and Ashley books

No. 32355

File: 1554328302566.jpg (35.93 KB, 500x378, 51Iq8262J2L._SL500_.jpg)

Apparently styling heads still exist lol didn't realise

No. 32356

File: 1554330493675.jpg (730.78 KB, 646x622, 256830_GRPS_52DEE85D614347B293…)

I loved Nickelodeon magazine, I'm pretty sure my parents kept all the issues when I moved out and they're still in my room somewhere. I always skipped to the comics, of course.

Also, I can't believe no one's mentioned Zoobooks.

No. 32357

File: 1554330871199.jpg (99.79 KB, 760x369, 190228-babysitters-club-covers…)

These books. I loved the Babysitters Club.

No. 32358

File: 1554334562521.gif (10.67 KB, 179x239, 281y.gif)

Gdi everything I cam here to post was already posted. Kid Pix, Age of Mythology, Jumpstart, Wonderballs, Neopets etc.

Do you guys remember when the whole internet was decked out in these tacky glitter gifs?

No. 32359

File: 1554343932169.gif (38.32 KB, 313x171, Thanks-For-Add-Glitter-15.gif)

absolutely. lets revive these

No. 32360

Did you ever see the show? Iirc it's on Hulu.

No. 32361

blingee.com my dudes.

No. 32362

they were not tacky. take it back, you bitch. and i loved happy bunny. would it be too ridiculous to wear happy bunny t shirts?

No. 32363

File: 1554347213317.jpg (35.46 KB, 500x390, lkbrimc18wg01.jpg)

i can still taste them

No. 32364

File: 1554347293997.jpg (211 KB, 1136x1160, The_mediator_covers.JPG.jpg)

Posting some more nostalgic book covers. These are all UK editions.

No. 32365

File: 1554347380848.jpg (24.07 KB, 302x475, download (5).jpg)

No. 32366

File: 1554347461725.jpeg (47.68 KB, 450x450, yes.jpeg)

This game was my everything at 3

No. 32367

File: 1554347485142.jpg (743 KB, 2560x2306, 91GyLpcKZqL.jpg)

No. 32368

File: 1554347814882.jpg (42.63 KB, 600x573, 22127814886_5.jpg)

No. 32369

File: 1554348117537.jpg (23.83 KB, 331x499, 41G8H8jcnFL._SX329_BO1,204,203…)

No. 32370

File: 1554348238007.jpg (203.99 KB, 692x1063, How-I-Live-Now.jpg)

No. 32371

File: 1554348707593.jpg (25.96 KB, 313x475, 860533.jpg)

No. 32372

File: 1554349394824.jpg (29.54 KB, 300x300, f27163d7541d952c9bd87fad5b1029…)

Me and my group of 4 friends were obsessed with the movie/books. We were all going to be on vacation for most of the summer so we decided to do a "sisterhood of the traveling notebook" since this was before texting was widespread and not all of us had cellphones to communicate. So we sent a composition journal (pic related lol) around and would write entries and notes and draw pictures and whatnot and send it to the next girl. It was very wholesome. I remember I ended up with it at the end, I wonder if my mom still has in a memory box somewhere.

No. 32373

File: 1554351169988.jpg (60.93 KB, 396x500, s-l600.jpg)

No. 32374

File: 1554351544487.jpg (31.76 KB, 318x473, 213631.jpg)

i remember getting this book in particular from a family member who loved reading

No. 32375

yess these were so fun! they really felt like a ~cool kids journal

No. 32376

File: 1554355900523.jpg (244.5 KB, 1300x957, pile-of-well-loved-jacqueline-…)

I fucking love this woman's books (even if Love lessons was fucked up and should never been written).
I see she wrote a book about adult Tracy Beaker as a mum and I am lowkey interested, even though she was never my fave. I fucking love Illustrated Mom, Vicky Angel, Lola Rose, etc. The Sapphire Battersea series is also great.

No. 32377

File: 1554356773158.jpg (75.86 KB, 800x450, NTI0MjVjNTRmZSMvZXA5em1nNGNtcU…)

Oh I loved those books, iirc my fav was Illustrated Mum. Or at least that's the one I remember most clearly. What was Love Lessons about? I don't think I read that one.

These were my favourite books as a… tween I think I must have been? I re-read some of the books recently and they're still funny and I'm still jealous of the friendships in it.

No. 32378

I will borrow the description from a 'Most distressing Jacqueline Wilson books" listicle:

"Now we come to think of it, Love Lessons was extremely problematic. (But it was also great).
The book centres on a 14-year-old girl called Prudence, who is home-schooled because of her horrid father's distrust of mainstream education.
But after he has a stroke, she's sent to the local public school. Here, she starts up a very worrying relationship with a pervy art teacher called Mr Raxberrry (or 'Rax').
To cut a long story short, they end up snogging in a car, she tells him he loves him, someone from the school overhears, and Prue gets packed off for another school while weirdo Rax LITERALLY GETS TO KEEP HIS JOB".

So I guess you can say the topic of the book is child grooming, but it's written from the perspective of the enamored protagonist and it never feels like the art teacher is condemned for 'falling in love' with his student. The book is great as always, but also really problematic for that reason. Even if it was not meant to portray the predatory relationship in a positive light, a young girl reading this will probably not get this and relate to the protagonist and feel angry at the world tearing her and her groomer apart.

No. 32379

File: 1554358180115.jpg (512.1 KB, 1726x1140, 91ResXlij6L.jpg)

Since we're posting books, I still have my original collection of The Clique series and I've actually been rereading them for the dozenth time lately and they make me realize more and more how much I turned into a Massie. The movie wasn't even bad either but it was only based on the first book, which is really far from being the best one. I could rant all day about these.

No. 32380

File: 1554359103286.jpg (42.51 KB, 960x640, 862ede61cc8d2f930c7ec4b5e52b23…)

Pizza Hut used to have some cool kids' products in 90s. I had Beauty and the Beast hand puppets from there and actually unearthed some unopened Aladdin game from there. I think I remember they had Casper puppets too, that glowed in the dark.

Burger King had gold pokemon cards.

McDonald's had Hercules plates and miniature Barbies (I had several). I collected a lot of their Lion King toys too. I think McDonald's also had mini beanie babies for a while and I LOVED that set.

Why don't the fast food chains have any good toys anymore?

No. 32381

My friend had this game. I remember being so excited he let me borrow his CD so I could install it on my computer. I could play for HOURS. My dad is allergic to cats so this was a close I could get to having a pet cat.

No. 32382

File: 1554360787143.jpg (112.72 KB, 516x500, download.jpg)

I still have these at my parents' house! I want to read them again now that I can look at them from a different perspective. I remember rooting for Prue and wanting her to be with the teacher and wishing I was a ghost who could change their appearance at will, yikes (though the ghost thing still sounds appealing)

No. 32383

Fuck yes, me and my sister were obsessed with those books. I love going back to read them because of all the dated early/mid 2000s references. I'll never forget Massie's Motorola phone with the Swarovski crystals lmao

No. 32384

MY BITCHES!! God I used to abuse those animals with the "love perfume" and skip time and play ridiculous music from the music box for hours on end to try to get them to make kittens or puppies. Also I realised you could cheat the rock paper scissors mini game by continuously clicking an icon then clicking whatever he shower at the last minute. Remember when you put the gift box away and left the lid out and it would be there forever? Ffs

Adding to this, Theme Park World, Theme Hospital and Zoo Tycoon
I genuinely learned so much from zoo tycoon, that game was full of information on animals and plants

No. 32385

File: 1554367026117.jpeg (28.58 KB, 400x189, 153CD2E0-CC83-4432-880A-F229B5…)

those hercules plates were to die for. i dont technically have any nostalgia attached to these but my mom bought them in the mid 90s, it was some kinda promo for the batman forever movie. wasn’t allowed to use them until i was a teenager.

No. 32386

File: 1554368207761.jpg (220.53 KB, 900x652, goose.jpg)

oh god I loved this series so much when I was a kid…
I recently reread some of them and the writing was soo much worse than I remembered lmao

No. 32387

the choose your own adventure ones were lit.

No. 32388

File: 1554378063370.jpeg (71.07 KB, 450x681, 488219C7-C570-46BB-AC01-D0A119…)

This is the very first Rainbow Fairy book I read as a kid, and I’m pretty sure the woman is still writing these

Do middle grade fiction authors ever actually retire lmao

No. 32389

I loved these so much! Kids still seem to love them now.

Those books are written by a team of ghost writers that follow a formula and "Daisy Meadows" isn't a real person, sadly. I wrote to her as a kid and they sent me a bunch of free gifts and a letter. When I got older and found out she wasn't real I was both salty and endeared that they still wrote back lol

No. 32390

Wait, there's a show? I only knew about the movie from the 90's

No. 32391

Yes! It's so wonderfully 90's and heartwarming and I love it. You can probably torrent it, or it's on Amazon Prime and Hulu.

Apparently, Netflix is making an Original series so prepare to have that shit fucking decimated by forceful insertion of modern memes.

No. 32392


omg wow, i totally forgot about these books. thank u anon

No. 32393

File: 1554395012501.jpg (78.19 KB, 790x397, madison finn.jpg)

i remember being obsessed with the madison finn books in the early 2000s. iirc they used a lot of ~cool~ internet lingo but my memories are really fuzzy

No. 32394

File: 1554397078219.jpg (724.77 KB, 2000x2000, dear-dumb-diary.jpg)

I wish my mom hadn't thrown these books away when I moved out, they were hilarious.

No. 32395


I s2g I grew up to become Isabella, round head & bully attitude included

The live action movie was shit tho

No. 32396

File: 1554397793238.jpeg (23.5 KB, 224x224, images-8.jpeg)

ohhhh yes


No. 32397

aww that's so sweet of them to actually send you a letter back with gifts though. Probably didn't wanna break a child's heart.

No. 32398

File: 1554399911272.png (2.87 MB, 1227x1888, books.png)

these were all of my favorite series when I was younger, probably why I grew up to be such a horrible person lol

No. 32399

File: 1554402530738.jpeg (181.71 KB, 978x821, 2A97ECF5-601C-4677-B35F-57B7C9…)

I used to religiously play Girlsense. I’d make custom orders and sell things at auctions and make tons of “money”. I remember being super serious about checking my “email” in game everyday and would freak out if I didn’t have wifi to check on it lol. Omg I miss it often, I honestly think I would still play it. I wish it could come back somehow, there really isn’t anything like it online.

No. 32400

File: 1554403607784.jpeg (37.5 KB, 450x450, 3e32ecba-bd18-4779-9e8c-57d682…)

I could never find these books in my country. My cousin who grew up in the states brought this one over as a gift and I loved it.

No. 32401

File: 1554404194954.jpg (40.49 KB, 326x499, 51- PwYeh2L._SX324_BO1,204,203…)

Any Irish anons remember this series? Every book was about a different girl who lived in the same place over a period of two thousand years.

No. 32402

Again, there's a separate thread for internet nostalgia

No. 32403

who cares, we don't need separate threads for different types of nostalgia anyway

No. 32404

>we don't need separate threads for different types of nostalgia anyway
You're right. The discussion on internet nostalgia should stay in the thread where people have been actively talking about it for months, instead of trying to start a completely new discussion here, in a thread that was dead for 5 months straight.
>does anyone remember x website!!!
yeah probably, in the thread where people have been talking about it for the past 3 months

If you're gonna be butthurt, be butthurt at >>32234 for the necro of this thread.

No. 32405


it's not that serious though

No. 32406

File: 1554525815387.jpg (195.03 KB, 812x500, uhh.jpg)

I haven't played that but I found these two games that sound similar to your description.

No. 32407

File: 1554680823942.jpg (69.44 KB, 534x409, 4440006V.JPG)

these damn things

No. 32408

File: 1554680861305.png (322.2 KB, 335x433, bag_chocolatecrisp.png)

also i would die if these ever came back, they were my favorite sweet snack

No. 32409

What was even the point of these?

No. 32410


I was OBSESSED with this show, and I'm pissed I never got to see the ending. Professor Z was a fitty.
Holy Shit, are you me?

No. 32411

Used to watch that all the time on Trouble. Anybody remember Trouble?

No. 32412

AoE is glorious nostalgia

No. 32413

File: 1554766302680.jpg (153.45 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Didn't live in the US but this was the greatest shit

No. 32414

File: 1554766560199.png (285.66 KB, 640x360, bernard's watch.png)

The little tosser never utilised it like he should have

No. 32415

File: 1554775432466.jpg (104.64 KB, 700x1000, rt546546.jpg)

Anyone remember Life with Derek

No. 32416

Yes! It was set in my hometown! Hello, fellow Canadian.

No. 32417

File: 1554781294853.jpg (16.06 KB, 260x259, 51SSTzOgvzL._SX258_BO1,204,203…)

This series was so fun when I was in middle school and reading all the shitty vampire YA novels with my friend. Too bad that the author now identifies as a man…

No. 32418

who else shipped Derek with Casey

No. 32419

/purple/ swarvoski crystals

And also her all-white bedroom that they nicknamed the "iPad" before that product actually existed, afaik.

Weird blogging but I didnt read the last couple of books in the series until a couple of years ago and it actually kinda made me misty eyed.

No. 32420

File: 1554783608251.jpeg (70.68 KB, 1024x533, CD4BFE42-F8DD-4A52-B2B2-DF18B2…)

i had such a fucking love/hate with this show. for real. i never understood why every female character derek’s age pretended he was so hot. he had no fucking eyebrows and looked like someone’s dad.

does anyone remember radio free roscoe?
i was so in love with question mark.

No. 32421

This game

No. 32422

No. 32423

File: 1554836334461.jpeg (44.01 KB, 300x400, 89CEB680-251F-426F-8DC6-28CBAD…)

No. 32424

File: 1555609010189.jpg (71.25 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Is the Vocaloid community still a thing? I also remember the time when I was 12 years old and got into anime and manga through One Piece and Vocaloid. I was a true weeaboo too, with the dirt, sweat and awkwardness included. I was disgusting smh.

However, I think the Vocaloid community is not as huge as before?? I know we have a Vocaloid producer thread, but it seems the fandom has been dying since 2015 maybe?? Ha, I miss the old summer days, downloading shitty quality japanese songs on my old MP3 and browsing internet forums lol.

No. 32425

No. 32426

No. 32427

No. 32428

No. 32429


I feel that so much lol. Honestly I still go back and listen to those shitty vocaloid songs that were tuned very poorly, but I think back in the day it was way harder to tune them, idk. I could just be talking out of my ass.

The thing that really got me recently was hearing that Wowaka died. I loved listening to world's end dancehall and rolling girl as a kid, and recently I found out he had a band so I was looking forward to more of his music.

No. 32430

I watched this knowing that it would get stuck in my head for days like it did when I was a kid. I have regrets now.

No. 32431

OMG… I used to buy every single Girl Talk issue and my mum would get me a hot chocolate from Tesco too and i'd read it bed while sipping the coco ;)

No. 32432


Girl Talk was such a twee fuckin magazine. It was the only magazine I was allowed to get when I was younger because my mum thought stuff like Sugar and Just 17 would talk about sex lol

No. 32433

File: 1558293829038.gif (19.47 KB, 396x570, dgte0-48de14cb-c427-4464-8798-…)

does anyone who used to neopets remember "chaka"? probably the most famous art submitter on the site. i used to try to copy her style so much lol

No. 32434

File: 1558293866479.png (40.65 KB, 450x450, dpr4i-6ed04a40-c8d7-4944-b30f-…)

i miss the oekaki-style cel shading so much

No. 32435

File: 1558293897249.gif (16.83 KB, 375x300, dyud5-1da84f60-582f-4c39-a485-…)

No. 32436

File: 1558293965566.gif (18.32 KB, 382x382, d1hbcq-f9af2d44-793b-431d-98e7…)

No. 32437

This is such a distant memory from my childhood, I remembered it the other day and had to search so hard to find it. I think it's just obscure enough that none of my friends seem to know it either, but I find it so charming.

No. 32438

File: 1558298623149.jpg (181.41 KB, 1065x1100, secretunicorn10bks-_1-of-3_.jp…)

I was also obsessed with these books, as well as those Rainbow Magic books with the different kinds of fairies

No. 32439

this movie was classic.
Fun fact, the movie "my scene goes to hollywood" has Harvey Weinstein making a cameo towards the end…

No. 32440

File: 1558299960225.png (870.84 KB, 1481x880, bellasara.PNG)

So i just discoverd that the bella sara website is still up. I didn't even like horses that much but i was obsessed with collecting the cards and playing the online games.

No. 32534

File: 1558350871914.png (109.67 KB, 300x537, Max3.png)

I love the Max games! When I was a child, I actually called the Tivola (publisher) hotline because I was stuck.

No. 33085

File: 1558819055790.jpeg (50.03 KB, 220x278, 71B7ADCE-79F7-4583-A963-312A0E…)

No. 33087

try ringing that number again

No. 33089

I didn't know whether other people knew about Max, I only had the ghost game but it was so fun

I remember the TV adverts for this and being so desperate for those trading cards

No. 33111

good one

No. 35220

I think I still have my copies! Maybe a few of the comics, too. I got them from some horse magazine for kids. I also played Star Stable when I was a teen, but I remember it not having the same spooky, "dark" feel as the original games. No matter how bad it is looking back, the series has a special place in my heart.

No. 40456

No. 40603

Sugar really was all about sex. I remember once my dad confiscated it to screen it and nearly didn't give it back because of all the sex advice and a scandalous photo of Scary Spice's nipslip. But then I'm sure the same issue also had a childish collage of celebrities caught in motion alleging they were "caught parping", or some other weird madeup word for farting, with cartoon sound effect bubbles. Reading this back just sounds like a DeviantArt fetish art deep dive though, so maybe that was just a fever dream induced by chicken pox and Calpol.
Another issue I remember had a double page article about a girl whose guy friend assaulted her at a sleepover, she had pretended to be asleep out of shock but later confronted him and cut him out of her life. Interestingly I don't remember there being any victim blaming for her reaction or choice to share a bed with a guy which was probably a very modern way to write that in the 90s, I hope the message got through to at least one girl somewhere.

You ignited my rage that none of the mysteries in this show will ever be answered.

No. 40741

Maybe an anon can help me, there was this children’s show with this old painter dude and it was very Lambchop-esque. He showed pictures kids would draw and send in during the show? They seemed to live in a place with a forest or swamp…

No. 40824

File: 1563488963335.jpg (241.24 KB, 832x624, pappy.jpg)


was it pappyland?

No. 40825

File: 1563489003042.jpg (125.92 KB, 1082x605, fred penner.jpg)


or fred penner's place if you're canadian?

No. 42376

File: 1564711547433.jpg (91.81 KB, 600x600, legendoftheseeker.jpg)

Legend of the Seeker is VERY nostalgic to me.

It came on the air when I was 14 and sadly cancelled after 2 seasons but gives me so many feels. I love that cheesy fantasy type show and would kill to have this show revived.. I don't want to read the books it's based on because I feel like it would ruin my feelings about the show.

No. 42403

Degrassi, I could not stop watching, some moments I remember:

>when JT died

>when JT bought the penis pump
>when Jimmy (played by Drake) got shot
>when Emma got gonorrhea
>Claire and Eli and her step-brother
>Craig's breakdown in the hotel room
>Manny's thong

No. 42432

Degrassi was so iconic, holy shit. So much wild shit went down in that show, like they found a way to put every single teenage experience, ridiculous or not. Me and my sister were absolutely obsessed. Also did anybody else watch Shane Dawson's parodies of the show cause we loved that too kek

No. 42433

I also literally watched the entire series as well. Always felt weird for watching it in my mid to late 20s though. Was looking forward to a new season but things just ended.

Yes, I remember those videos back in 2009. I haven't watched Shane Dawson in what seems like forever.

No. 42477

File: 1564759893290.jpeg (57.71 KB, 600x400, 089AD154-D61E-4013-AFE8-D70C89…)

No. 42487

The original Degrassi was great too. You get to see Caitlin and Spike growing up.

No. 42525

File: 1564770541289.jpeg (79.65 KB, 1024x768, 134AEDA1-254C-43EE-8A00-785E81…)

I loved this show and all the cute, girly spy gadgets and outfits they wore

No. 42543

Shit dude, remember bananas in pyjamas? Wtf was that shit doing airing in america? Lmfao

No. 42564

every once in a while i remember this show exists and tear up. i think my love for animals and protecting them is because of this show. bless everyone involved in it.

No. 42605

claymation terrifies me so i had a hard time watching this show

No. 42606

fuuuuck me anon i played this whenever my mom brought me along to her friends house, the nostalgia is real

No. 42687

Woah. What episode is this? I don't remember seeing the girl in the blue.

No. 42695

File: 1564861812143.jpg (451.96 KB, 1000x663, ispy.jpg)

I love this thread

ISpy was my shit when I was young, especially the Halloween and school-themed books.

No. 42701

Koosh balls.

No. 42708

>Playing ispy from a disk onto ur computer in 2003

No. 42720

The spooky haunted mansion one was pretty cool.

No. 42721

>googled for nostalgia
>terrifying CGI remake exists
Fuck this gay earth

No. 42729

File: 1564891845147.png (1.34 MB, 866x1648, Britney_first_intro.png)


>>Britney's first appearance in "Alex Quits"


No. 42735

I know these are old posts at this point, but for future reference, there's an internet nostalgia thread >>21336 for talking about like, communities n stuff (if you're looking for people to reminisce on oekaki with you, you'd have better luck over there)

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