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File: 1700870039400.jpg (433.44 KB, 720x1079, asstarion.jpg)

No. 1787199

This thread is dedicated to all and any fandom discourse, particularly that which has a twitter or tumblr flavour to it.

Current topics include, but are not limited to:
> Proshipping vs Antishipping
> Ao3 Censorship and TOS
> Sapphic Underrepresentation in Fandom
> Carrds, DNIs and Call-out Threads
> Whitewashing vs Blackwashing
> ‘[Insert Sexuality]-Coded’ Characters
> Sapphic vs Fujo Misogyny Accusations
Previous thread >>1744398

No. 1787206

This too, shall be a shit thread

No. 1787207

based threadpic

No. 1787212

the other thread pic with mike was better

No. 1787213

File: 1700870537935.png (218.59 KB, 745x585, Screenshot 2023-11-24 235607.p…)

I was 2 minutes too late, kek. I have to admit that your threadpic is a much better choice than mine, picrel.

No. 1787215

How come the thread filled up so fast?

No. 1787216

Thanks nonnie. We can save it for the fifth iteration, if this cursed thread even survives that long.

No. 1787217


No. 1787219

It actually filled up pretty slowly compared to previous ones. We speedran those

No. 1787244

Not this ugly geriatric cosplayer ugh

No. 1787247

pick up your glasses velma, that's a drawing

No. 1787261

I hate you stupid fucking reddit-tier "um akshually" autists because I was referring to his cheap ass party city wig and heavy makeup and stupid prosthetic ears. He looks like his pic has been mass shared on Twitter during con season with "interacts with minors!! Avoid if you see him in artist alley!!!"

No. 1787292

>His cheap ass party city wig and heavy makeup and stupid prosthetic ears
>He looks like his pic has been mass shared on Twitter during con season with "interacts with minors!! Avoid if you see him in artist alley!!!"

No. 1787306

Kryolan TV paintstick melting, oil sheen, dirty lace lifting, eyeshadow patchy, messaging minors on discord

No. 1787369

File: 1700875331357.png (152.4 KB, 837x359, 1699989632023.png)

ilu nonnie

No. 1787375

File: 1700875526963.png (111.63 KB, 605x744, meaningless.png)

Words really have lost all meaning. Yuri no longer refers to f/f, yaoi no longer refers to m/m, they've both become a quirky way to describe ships regardless of the characters' genders.
Unsurprisingly, the QRTs are full of people calling their basic straight ships yuri and yaoi.

No. 1787383

it's like an schizophrenic babble that would be posted on /x/

No. 1787387

On his brows he applies kyrolan aquacolor in white with a spooly btw and he does soap brows on the only real sparse hairs he has under the brow tats. He looks like shit.

No. 1787389

The only concept here I am willing to accept is "yuri so bad it might as well be hetero" and even then it'd just be a convoluted way to say male gazey with no redeeming qualities

No. 1787395

It's all about aesthetics and vibes, they try to remove all concrete meaning of the words.

No. 1787405

He looks old and busted even in the OP pic and that's a fanart, the OG looks even worse

No. 1787411

People calling m/m yuri and vice versa is already annoying as is but hetshippers adopting the terms because they can't enjoy their ships without wokeifying them is even worse. If I knew my hetshaming in 2016 would eventually lead to this I would've opted for telling m/f shippers how valid and wholesome they were instead.

No. 1787419

File: 1700877998871.png (30.72 KB, 616x779, 53D3F7FF-4261-42FB-A837-5956FD…)

The explanation OP gave is even worse.

No. 1787439

We need to start pushing back on this lunacy publicly

No. 1787450

That first line is already bad.
>yaoi/yuri purists
So what, liking actual gay ships is considered boring/being a purist now? Every ship needs to be ''queer'' in some way, which means you're mostly stuck with either spicy straight ships, a m/m ship getting called ''lesbians'', etc? How did fandom regress this badly? Not to mention get more homophobic, but now in a woke way.
I noticed some people giving OP shit, but they just responded by saying it was a joke. I generally see some pushback to this type of posts, but it's not enough, plus if you piss them off enough you get called trans/bi/whatever phobic.

No. 1787460

>So what, liking actual gay ships is considered boring/being a purist now? Every ship needs to be ''queer'' in some way, which means you're mostly stuck with either spicy straight ships, a m/m ship getting called ''lesbians'', etc? How did fandom regress this badly? Not to mention get more homophobic, but now in a woke way.
I hate how fandom pretends to be "heterophobic" and "love ~queer~ content" but I've noticed a huge uptick in basically fetishizing straight sex while claiming to hate it (transing gay ships to draw them having PIV, omegaverse, etc.). They love "gays" when they want to skinwalk the aesthetic, but hate "cis gays" because they're homophobic. I miss when straight people just admitted they didn't like gay content, I 100% respected them more than whatever this shit is. It's borderline gender role essentialism and another way of saying "vanila same-sex ships are straight and quirky het is basically gay" now.

No. 1787479

>but hate "cis gays" because they're homophobic
This is the most baffling part, people will literally post ''ironic'' homophobic memes or talk about hating gay people but this is okay because they're trans and ~queer~. What will it take for people to realize these are not some woke takes, and that they're actually regressive as fuck?
Agreed about straight people, I don't like m/f ships and those shippers have some other issues, and yet they somehow manage to not be as annoying as trannies. Now that I think about it, homophobic straight people and woke queers will have some similar opinions on shipping/gay people kek.

No. 1787484

>Now that I think about it, homophobic straight people and woke queers will have some similar opinions on shipping/gay people kek.
It's because their core reasonings for being homophobic are near-identical. They think that being exclusively gay is impossible or can be changed, that gay sex is less "real" than PIV or useless because it doesn't lead to reproducing (which is why they love omegaverse), that GNC people are better off larping as the opposite sex to be truly happy, gay people who are attracted to GNC people of the same sex might as well fuck the opposite sex, etc. At least homophobic straight people stay away from LGB-related things, but queers/trans feel entitled to take over and redefine it.

No. 1787488

I seriously hate these retards. They don't even realise how regressive they are. It's funny how they imply heteronormativity is bad meanwhile they're doing exactly that while pushing stereotypical gender roles. Butchxbutch are basically fags. I hate the memeification of yaoi and yuri because it's spawned nothing but retarded takes like this from obnoxious spicy straight gendies.

It used to be "it's not a straight relationship, they're bi4bi!" now it's "it's not a straight relationship, it's basically yaoi/yuri". It's funny because these spicy straights have created their own delusional reality where straight ships are icky and unaccepted by society and gay people are watching their every move, ready to jump them if they dare to like m/f kek

No. 1787533

>that gay sex is less "real" than PIV
These people really see gay sex as incomplete and not real but don't realize it's homophobic (or just cope their way through thinking it's not). There was discourse 1-2 days ago about some girl who said lesbians who only have sex with women are boring and there's this one Gojo/Geto shipper who headcanons Geto as a woman because of some ying yang complementary balance shit, it literally all reeks of "men and women belong together and they're the true union because they fit perfectly with one another unlike you disgusting homos". Except now you can use accusing people of transphobia as a defense if anyone calls you out for it.

>It used to be "it's not a straight relationship, they're bi4bi!" now it's "it's not a straight relationship, it's basically yaoi/yuri"
Exactly this. Most people got tired of pretending they genuinely care about headcanoning these random characters as t4t genderfluid bisexuals and hopped on the yaoi/yuri bandwagon as soon as it started gaining traction. If they could simply admit to liking their retarded ass het pairings it'd save everyone their insanity but they'd rather do mental gymnastics because plain old m/f isn't progressive enough (which is a mindset they're forcing on themselves, just don't give a fuck?) and they don't want to be left out.

No. 1787554

I hate these people so much. M/M and F/F shippers were ridiculed in fandom before they decided to create their own communities and these people come barging in because they were left out of the secret club. They can't handle it when they and their bland hetship aren't celebrated

No. 1787561

You hit the nail on the head. M/M And F/F are already such a small demographic, we made our own club, but now they're feeling left out? I feel like 2023 has been a hell year for spicy straights, bi-hets and trannies shoving themselves where they aren't wanted. I'd rather people admit they're homophobic instead of this fake woke pandering.

No. 1787567

I first got into fandom when M/M and F/F ships were borderline taboo, you couldn't post fanart or fics of that in public without getting flames like "they're not GAY! that's a SIN!" and whatnot. That's where the whole "this contains yaoi boyxboy don't like don't look" meme came from, because people would be actively offended if it wasn't spelled out that our spaces contain it. Now it still kind of is vaguely frowned upon (especially F/F, every ship I like has gotten the futa treatment when that was a hentai niche a decade ago) but in a different way, god damn.

No. 1787573

File: 1700888866291.jpg (579.66 KB, 2048x1536, 1695124291721264.jpg)

kek same vibes

No. 1787591

>You hit the nail on the head. M/M And F/F are already such a small demographic, we made our own club, but now they're feeling left out?
Basically every gay space in general. Heteros spend decades ostracizing us and now do anything they can to get into our spaces. Ironically that chart turning yaoi and yuri into meaningless vibes instead of just being a different term for m/m and f/f is the same postmodernist shit trannies do to the words woman/man/gay/lesbian/etc. Actual homosexuals are a minority so we can't do anything to chase them out, we're either forced to suck up to them or make our own spaces again and get called transphobic. Tired of this shit.

No. 1787596

Why not just call it ”romance”? Not spicy enough?

No. 1787642

Hmm makes perfect sense to me.

No. 1787750

Wait, is this true? From my experiences in fandom 99.5% of shipping related content is gay and usually M/M with F/F second. If anything M/F always seemed more niche to me in terms of shipping.

No. 1787771

M/M has a large fandom, but it's still smaller compared to the general masses who prefer het stuff. They're just the most dedicated to their ships and churn out the most art/fics by far. Hetshippers have been forcing their way in and genderbending one half of gay ships to fulfill their het fantasies. F/F has always been niche but the people who like it are also dedicated. Troons have made F/F spaces so difficult for people who don't want penises in lesbian relationships. Lazy hetshippers have been forcing their way into both camps and muddying the waters since gendershit took off in the last few years. They don't want to put in the work to create their own hetshipping fanspace and are instead co-opting other spaces. They are simply jealous of what other shipping spaces built for themselves and want to piggyback

No. 1787787

>Hetshippers have been forcing their way in and genderbending one half of gay ships to fulfill their het fantasies.
I see no problem with this.(bait)

No. 1787804

It is a problem when they disguise their hetbend as "gay trans" content and don't even tag their shit.

No. 1787807

Not for me. If it's a fanfic I can just open up my word editor and change the pronouns. If it's art I can just view it as M/F

No. 1787831

File: 1700902884880.png (Spoiler Image, 1.31 MB, 1244x801, not het!!.PNG)

Kek reminded me of how this artist tweeted that everything she draws is gay inbetween drawings of piv porn. Which is also the only kind of sex she ever draws, though I didn't scroll further than mid 2020

No. 1787921

She's a theyfab, of course all the PiV she draws is gay. She's done some vaguely suggestive drawings between her male robots but never as explicit as the straight pairings.

No. 1787961

She was so close to being called based by the resident monster fuckers/maskfags and she ruined it.

No. 1787979

Ah fayren/robots and lace. used to really love her art a few years ago, but then she went from drawing a lot of fanart of a nonbinary character to making a nonbinary oc (that was basically the same as previous but combined with some Bloodborne flare) to declaring herself a themlet, and idk what exactly changed, but her art just wasn't the same. It's not like it's bad or anything, but it feels off imo.

No. 1788029

Good for you, but a lot of people in gay spaces are very much not looking to see dicks in f/f or pussies in m/m, or any sort of PiV. It should be a space free of that, or at the very least properly tagged (which it often isn't). There's m/f ships everywhere and they could make content for those, and yet they decide to force themselves into spaces not intended for them. In case of trans shit specifically, you will also run into gross things like tit scars, a character telling another ''you're totally a real man/woman to me'', and so on.
I also believe regular hetbend shouldn't be so universally accepted (without tags especially), if I see an artist draw a ship as het more than half of the time I block them, at that point you might as well be drawing OCs.

No. 1788064

>I also believe regular hetbend shouldn't be so universally accepted

No. 1788090

A few reasons: dynamics of a ship will not stay the same when you change it from gay to het, if you want to draw het art then do it to one of the many existing m/f ships that don't get as much content, the hetbended version often ends up making the ship generic and nothing like itself. People who want to see m/f and PiV sex really don't need to invade spaces of people who for the most part don't want to see it, when m/f is so accepted basically everywhere.
I'm fine with it being drawn here and there, but if you only like a gay ship when it's made straight, then why are you even in the fandom for it?

No. 1788125

File: 1700929616217.jpg (33.47 KB, 517x541, 1609588871427.jpg)

Maybe if you're a coomer moid who doesn't genderbend beyond adding tits and ass then sure, but otherwise the dynamic wouldn't change at all unless you're some weirdo who believes in regressive stereotyping. Unless you're the aforementioned coomer moid who puts no thought into the genderbend it wouldn't be generic it would be the same. Unless of course, the M/M ship was already generic from the start. The only thing that's truly invading is gendie and transhit. Frankly, that shit has invaded M/M, F/F, and even M/F this shit is everywhere and it's not those heckin' crop burnin' hetshippers being the problem I can assure you. I can also assure you that that the heckin' hetshippers are not invading your spaces and stopping the means to production of yaois, don't be dramatic. Either you're being disingenuous, retarded, or you don't know how to curate your own feeds because gayshit will always supersede hetshit, for every hetshipper drawing F/M I can find at least 5 gayshippers drawing M/M and F/F. Unless you're looking strictly at American artists those numbers jump even higher. Hetshit will always be a niche in fandoms compared to gayshit. Finding good (non-moid) hetshit will always be even more niche. If I look up a male character 9 times out of ten, the first piece of art will them being railed or railing another male character. The whole concept of hetshippers "invading" your spaces is hilarious and dramatic when that's obviously not the case.
>But if you only like a gay ship when it's made straight, then why are you even in the fandom for it?
Because people are weird and can do whatever they wish, I mean that shit happens a lot in JP fandom spaces too. Me personally? I find it fun and it can be pretty cute at times too, nothing deeper than that other than the occasional belief that certain characters would work better as women rather than men. I will draw your faggy twinks eating pussy.

No. 1788127

you're based for this post nona

No. 1788176

>I can also assure you that that the heckin' hetshippers are not invading your spaces and stopping the means to production of yaois, don't be dramatic.
No, but I have to see random untagged het PiV sex when I'm trying to look at gay art. Not everyone wants to see it, why can't you just draw het art for.. het ships? The reason m/f ships have less content than m/m and f/f is simply because people don't make it, and would rather turn gay characters straight.
>or you don't know how to curate your own feeds because gayshit will always supersede hetshit
I have the hetbend terms muted, but the problem is when it's untagged and as I said in my initial post regarded as universally accepted.
>If I look up a male character 9 times out of ten, the first piece of art will them being railed or railing another male character.
So fujos… actually make content they want to see? What, is everyone supposed to make content to appeal to YOUR tastes?
>I will draw your faggy twinks eating pussy.
You sound like a butthurt yume mad about your husbando being drawn taking dick kek. A bit homophobic too. So I guess you like hetbend because you can self insert easier?

No. 1788190

NTA but as much as I think a lot of the old school "ship and let ship" "your kink is not my kink and that's okay" culture was spineless, I honestly would be less pressed about this woke homophobia if it was just easily avoidable. Hetbends? Tag it, so people who don't like it can avoid it and people who do like it can have their own space for it. Trans headcanons, genital swap kink, PIV in gay ships, again, tag it. Same with "icky" things like hard kinks or other "problematic" content like gore/noncon/etc. I get where "fandom critics" are coming from when they say that your fic/ship/etc. preferences don't exist in a vacuum (there's no way in hell that 99.9% of omegaverse isn't sexist gender roles IMO), but I'm so tired of performative social justice and most people don't want to be lectured over this shit. I miss when every niche had their own community on LJ away from each other.

No. 1788205

Why can't I turn gay characters straight? I can draw content for my M/F ships and make hetbend for M/M ships I like, the power of fandom is in the hands of the individual and that power is to have fun. It isn't serious business. If untagged het-content is what you mean by invade and not the swaths of tranny and gendie shit that's not even good then I don't know what to tell you other than it's not a big deal. Personally, I try to tag my shit as much as possible and I believe it is in good courtesy for others to do the same so as to not stumble on things you dislike, keep tribes from infighting and throwing shitstorms. However, I'm not going to throw a tantrum and claim people are invading. It's just a "oh." and then I scroll past it.
>So fujos… actually make content they want to see? What, is everyone supposed to make content to appeal to YOUR tastes?
I said that to explain there there isn't and will never be a lack of M/M content so the idea of "hetshippers invading your spaces" is hilarious, dramatic, and not even completely true. And you, this entire time by the way, have sounded like a butthurt fujo mad when someone draws your precious gays as straight. I like hetbend, as I said before, because I find it fun and it can be pretty cute at times too, nothing deeper than that other than the occasional belief that certain characters would work better as women rather than men.

No. 1788222

>If I look up a male character 9 times out of ten, the first piece of art will them being railed or railing another male character
I used to like this male secondary character from an obscure 80s fight game, yet 5 seconds scrolling through Google and there's dozens of pics of him getting fucked by moids, not even normal fanart or portraits wtf. They're everywhere making nsfw content of any character with dicks and balls, even more content that regular sfw fanartist or hets and is frightening, you could google a random male character and he's going to have 5x gay porn content than regular art nowadays
>I will draw your faggy twinks eating pussy
This would actually be cool for a change, really. Women oriented het shipping is not really trendy nowadays

No. 1788227

That's something I can agree with, everything being tagged properly would solve so many issues and it'd probably make me way less annoyed about the whole tranny invasion of fandoms. The worst thing is how trans fics end up being tagged as m/m or f/f despite featuring a now woke straight couple.
Why do you think I'm ok with tranny shit? Yes, that's obviously way worse, but that doesn't mean hetbend is ok or that I have to like it just because it's less bad. Obviously there's going to be more gay art in the space intended for it, but I shouldn't have to worry about seeing straight shit here too when it's already mainstream everywhere outside of these niche spaces.
>the occasional belief that certain characters would work better as women rather than men.
So why only genderbend one of them and not both? I have no problem with and actually love m/m to f/f and the other way around. Of course I think this should be tagged as well so people can avoid it if they don't like it.

No. 1788230

Japanese fandoms are a lot better when it comes to this, they basically tag most unexpected things out of courtesy. Westoids have the mindset that fandom is activism so they refuse to tag their retarded hetbend trannyshit under the guise of normalizing trans bodies or whatever. I understand not tagging art (even if I still find it annoying) because giving warnings isn't that common on Twitter unless it's gore but these people have no excuse NOT to tag their fanfics and they still don't. It's dumb as fuck because tagging your fics is an overall net positive since the people who want to see X can search for X and the people that don't can exclude it from the searches. But as I said these tards see everything as activism and they're delusional enough to turn their laziness to some moral fight which also means conversely they twist people disliking X into some ethical problem. I have yet to see one good argument why it's wrong for someone to not like PiV from these people. Genuinely the only explanation they accept as a valid reason to dislike PiV sex is having trauma related to genitals, why the fuck do I have to have been assaulted to not want to see hetsex? I've had the most "proship don't like don't read" people question me over this too, so much for "don't police what others like in fiction". Their other mutuals can post as much yaoi bestiality rape they want but me not liking PiV warrants a whole police investigation when it doesn't even affect them. And before anyone accuses me that people only interrogate me because I'm doing something wrong, I don't disparage PiV or anyone who likes it online. I will literally get asked about drawing it and say I don't like PiV at all so don't expect it once and still get people in my dms because they get "weird vibes" from my response or whatever the fuck.

No. 1788231

i dont understand when people get this sensitive over fujos drawing yaoi

No. 1788244

Can fujocoomer please leave and go to their containment boards, where they can talk about shota or old man buttholes or whatever

No. 1788250

It's because yume content is so few and far between

No. 1788256

Why are you so triggered? All I was saying was that being ok with straight content shouldn't be the default/a given in spaces meant for gay content and that people should tag it better.
Don't blame the fujos who were never gonna make content for you on this, blame the people who hetbend gay ships instead of just making yume art for their husbandos.

No. 1788271

>I have yet to see one good argument why it's wrong for someone to not like PiV from these people. Genuinely the only explanation they accept as a valid reason to dislike PiV sex is having trauma related to genitals, why the fuck do I have to have been assaulted to not want to see hetsex? I've had the most "proship don't like don't read" people question me over this too, so much for "don't police what others like in fiction". Their other mutuals can post as much yaoi bestiality rape they want but me not liking PiV warrants a whole police investigation when it doesn't even affect them.
That's what gets me about this. Even in liberal, sex positive, non-fandom spaces there's this weird conservative belief that not liking PIV makes a woman broken or must be some kind of bigotry (either in a "misandrist" way from egalitarians or "transphobia" from woketards). Not only is that horrifically lesbophobic, but it's misogynistic in general because I've known plenty of straight women who hate PIV sex or find it overrated. When it comes to the trauma excuse, I know SA victims who feel like they're not allowed to dislike dick/PIV/etc. because weren't assaulted via penetration. So it's pushing people to share private details to be judged or even lie about their experience to get people off their back. They think they're queer and subversive but it's the same traditional values in a rainbow hat. This is why I miss "your kink is not my kink" even though it was annoying, because proshippers don't have to trip over themselves to explain that they don't really think large age gaps/noncon/etc. is okay in real life, but not wanting to see straight sex is suspicious.

No. 1788272

Well yume content and self-inserts are really fucking cringe so…

No. 1788276

Can't yumes just take a page from the fujo's book and make it/commission it yourself? I don't care for yaoi but I can respect their dedication to making what they want to see. I plan on drawing some yume stuff because the character I like has zero content of that and I shouldn't let the fact only I would like it stop me.

No. 1788278

honestly, even as a yume, i am glad. 99% of yume content i have seen is gross maledom shit.

No. 1788281

I'm not acting sensitive, I just don't understand why would you even imply het art is in any way relevant when m/m art is far more abundant and fujoshis are way more prolific than any other fandom group, it's such an non-issue
Believe me, yaoi ain't any less cringe or hard to look at from an outsider's perspective. We all cringe for liking 2D

No. 1788284

Exactly. It's not like fujoshit comes out of nowhere. They want something and make it while everyone else just seethes about it online all day

No. 1788291

Nobody said the prolific nature of fujoshis is wrong, they want something and they simply draw it, yes, but that's exactly the reason your argument holds no weight. Feeling attacked over hets drawing some genderbend fanart is rich coming from people that got infinite quantities of content to begin with

No. 1788308

It's annoying when people come into gay ship spaces with hetshit because 99% of romance content is already m/f but they're still not satisfied, they need gay ships to be straight too. I see this happen within TCGF fandom so fucking much, people turning one half of a canon gay ship into a shy blushing big tits girl which is so completely OOC. Why did you even read a gay romance book if you hate gay romance?

No. 1788313

That's not what the replies are saying. I don't want another fujo VS yume war but anons earlier were blaming fujoshi drawing male characters in M/M for the lack of yume M/F content of the same characters (or in general) when I don't see why yumes can't play the same game fujos are and post it too.

No. 1788332

I'm guessing they read any type of romance but need to project somehow or they literally can't understand it unless it's m/f which they are used to. Similar to how coomers get into futa because they can't relate to women and need a strong visual indication of arousal that they can personally comprehend

No. 1788347

File: 1700940233893.jpeg (5.08 KB, 211x238, download (2).jpeg)

Slow down and read. I never implied you like or are okay with trannyshit. I never said that you had to like hetbend either. I don't believe hetbend is inherently good or bad, It's just like any other weird AU type thing. It's more of a matter of personal tastes rather than objectivity. I do not care, I shouldn't have to worry about seeing things I don't like and opinions I disagree with but that's life. Do your best to ignore, filter, tag, and block, and if by chance you come across the horrid hetshit then try not to have a meltdown. If by mainstream you mean the swaths of moid-made ""het"" content then don't worry I agree with you, I don't like it as well.
>So why genderbend only one
I draw for me, what I like. Whether it's M/M, M/F or F/F. I draw for me and my arguably retarded whims. Hell, If I see a M/M pairing I like I'll hetbend it both ways. It's not even for self-insertion purposes. It's fun, I like it, and that's all I need for a reason. Don't get so hetbent out of shape nonnie, it isn't a big deal.

No. 1788356

Hetshippers really acting like they're sooo oppressed by the gayshippers

No. 1788360

Are you kidding me? We literally had multiple fujos sperg over how terrible it that hetshipping is invading their spaces like some plague.

No. 1788363

I don't understand why you can't just ship male characters and female characters instead of doing this. It's not like possible straight pairings are in low supply. Why do you latch on to existing gay pairings just to ungay them?

No. 1788365

I do both. I ship M/F ships but I also hetbend M/M ships because it's fun and I can.

No. 1788367

Not everyone complaining is a fujo. Some of us enjoy femslash and hate seeing dicks

No. 1788442

File: 1700948639998.png (520.6 KB, 500x686, kara x lena.png)

So related to this, fandom culture and everything surrounding it, has unironically convinced me that sexuality is innate to people, and no matter how much we try, we can never change it. So, when straight men or TIMs write "sapphic romances," it's basically a porn-induced fantasy of foreplay. However, this extends to straight women as well. now we all know this happens with male slash, it just recreates heterosexuality. But this also happens with femslash. If you go through any sort of AO3 fic of a popular female slash fic, you'll see that it's just a heterosexual relationship where one character has a magical penis or a super scientific strap-on that is also functionally a penis. It's not re-creating heterosexuality or applying heterosexual dynamics, it's just heterosexuality.

No. 1788451

what does this even mean

No. 1788455

It's also not like fujos will make you yume art just because you sperg out at them. I have no problem with yumes who just stay in their lane and enjoy their content (even if I personally have 0 interest in it) while not taking every chance to bitch about fujos or their husbando being drawn as gay.
I'm the one that brought up hetbend in the first place, I like both m/m and f/f (although I struggle to find a lot of f/f media that appeals to my tastes) and I simply do not wish to see a man and a woman together, so it sucks to run into it in a space that's supposed to be free of it. I find futa to be a more common problem with f/f than hetbend, but it happens for similar reasons like >>1788332 said. I'm repeating myself here, but at least have the decency to tag it and don't just assume everyone wants to see any variation of het art while going through a gay ship's tag.

No. 1788463

They get jealous of the amount of content a m/m ship gets and need to appropriate it, some of them even outright admit that they can't enjoy anything else but m/f yet claim not to be homophobic as if treating same sex relationships as of lesser value wasn't such. The reason why gay people prefer same sex ships over m/f is that like 99.5% of all media is already straight and they're simply tired of seeing it but straight people have no excuse.

No. 1788472

Straight pairings also become canon way way more often than gay ones. People who prefer same-sex pairings learn to create their own content because showrunners and writers won't give them what they want. Straight shippers are used to canon content, so they just wait for writers to feed their fantasies directly instead of creating fan content. They didn't create a community because they didn't need one, but still feel entitled to the communities same-sex shippers made

No. 1788486

I get anon, tbh and she’s right. It’s the fact that no matter how hard you try, as long as you’re heterosexual, you will never be able to create art portraying homosexual relationships without adding some heterosexual undertones like relationship roles and stereotypes.

No. 1788500

>Maybe if you're a coomer moid who doesn't genderbend beyond adding tits and ass then sure, but otherwise the dynamic wouldn't change at all
Yes it fucking would. I can enjoy seeing two men in my fujoshit be in a messy relationship being toxic towards each other but I would projectile vomit all over the place if I saw a man doing that to a woman because guess what the way you consume and create fiction is heavily influenced by your real life experiences.

>other than the occasional belief that certain characters would work better as women rather than men.

You have some genuine retardation accusing anon of being "disingenuous" when you bitch about how NOOO DYNAMICS DON'T CHANGE UNLESS YOU BELIEVE IN REGRESSIVE GENDER ROLES yet go ahead and admit doing so yourself. The lack of self awareness is off the charts but it's not surprising at this point but I guess stumbling over your words is marginally better than straight out admitting that you find gayshit being disgusting.

>Hetshit will always be a niche in fandoms compared to gayshit.

When you're in the majority the smallest deviation appears as oppression. Hetfags are crybabies who treat shipping as a zero sum game where the more fujo content there is the less they get their het ships while realistically the scales would not tip either way. At least you admit that fujos are more talented and productive and support each other way more than hetfags who want only self shipping tripe and ignore the lucrative amount of canon m/f content because you got big mad about the "faggy twink" being a fujo favourite. Pathetic.

No. 1788508

idk 3DPD gay porn is pretty similar to yaoi

No. 1788515

File: 1700951813795.png (1.72 MB, 1170x867, zofepkw.png)

It even extends to politics. Look up how many radical feminists viewed lesbianism as a role for women, rather than a sexuality, and so they would see lesbians as these soft art boys, and any lesbian who didn't follow that romanticized image. was creating heterosexuality or wa too positioned in cis-hetro patriarchy.

No. 1788544

File: 1700953365635.jpeg (27.72 KB, 400x259, IMG_2707.jpeg)

Who even cares this much, the fags you’re defending aren’t even real.

No. 1788551

The fags don't matter, the space does. It's the space that's being ruined

No. 1788562

File: 1700954816575.jpeg (562.57 KB, 1170x1114, saagelius.jpeg)

I just wish more hetero content was normal. 90% of it is maledom shit made by pickmes.

No. 1788564

>this much seethe over hetbending your precioous fags

No. 1788567

call me boring and vanilla but why is ao3 full of degeneracy. i got into a new series and wanted to read some fic of a ship i like but everything is either one or a combination of these:
>trans shit
>bdsm cringe
>piss kink
i already filter out as much as possible but then there's still people who hit you with "hehehe this male character has a BOYPUSSY hehehe." at this point i miss hunting for r18 fic on lj, jfc.

No. 1788574

File: 1700956002404.jpg (169.48 KB, 1080x1192, Screenshot_20231124_111939_Chr…)

Can the fujos and yumes ITT just make up and kiss and focus on the real hulking and puffing beastman in the room which is troon headcanons infecting every male and female fandom space under the guise of "activism" please

No. 1788589

File: 1700956933881.jpg (31 KB, 589x576, download (1).jpg)

>stopping the means to production of yaois

No. 1788603

Ot but why does the blonde one have green blush kek. But I see your point. And the characters in any ship always has to be the feminine one and the masculine one. The feminine one is small and submissive and bottoms and does the female gender roles regardless of their sex, while the masculine one is the dominant big top who does the male gender roles regardless of their sex. They can never be on equal footing and have similar femininity/masculinity/androgeny, and be of similar sizes and switch roles in their day to day life. Nope, they MUST have fixed roles and stick with it.

No. 1788608

No, you're right. I never liked fan art or fanfiction because of this. And I stopped reading yaoi/yuri and never got into straight romance because of it as well. I got lucky with an obscure ship I like that someone wrote multiple fanfictions for that are actually normal and vanilla and accurate to their characters and relationship, without any weird politics or ooc writing. And the biggest surprise about it is it was written in 2023. Only one fic was weird where they were having kinky sex in secret and one of them's dad finds out or something. Didn't read it, that was the premise of it. Every other fanfic was cute dates and emotional stuff kek.

No. 1788618

If any of you also draw, how do you deal with your art possibly being misconstrued or viewed through the manner of this debate? I don't want to "pick sides" because all of this is retarded but I also really don't like people quote tweeting my drawing of anime characters that are family with their incest fantasies

No. 1788624

It really is, and you can't even complain about it anymore without someone yelling at you for "kinkshaming" them or being transphobic. As if kinkshaming is a genuine problem and not just a battle of preferences

No. 1788632

Block the people who quote it. And if they follow you, you can either keep them (which is what I do because as long as I don't see their content, they can boost me all they want kek), or softblock them. Also sometimes people make followup tweets saying "not a ship post" which makes things easier

No. 1788637

>having kinky sex in secret and one of them's dad finds out
i was super into haikyuu from 2013-2014 and i remember that so many r18 fics i read included some weird twist at the end about how the parents of one character were at home the whole time and heard them fuck. but the parent always acted cool about it or laughed it off like it was some "oh you!" sitcom moment. it always mortified me that the writers (and many readers) thought this was such a wholesome/funny thing to include kek

No. 1788717

Ayrt and I was also into haykuu for the shipping kek, dropped it because the 'story' is boring. I remember liking Hinata x Kagyama the most, and read this one tumblr fic about them based on a fan art, where Hinata is wearing a cheerleader outfit for halloween while Kagyama was a vampire or something and they fuck in a party inside a closet. How could someone think of this lmao? Later on I started shipping Tanaka with the benchwarmer who always has friendly bickering with him, and found mostly wholesome fanfics of them. And because both were kinda as masculine as the other, there weren't any weird kinks or cross dressing stuff. I think it depends on the personality and designs of the characters along with how popular they are. The more sexual dimorphism and popularity, the more perverted fan work, and vice versa.

No. 1788803

does this happens in male fandoms too? cannot imagine scrotes into dragon ball having to deal with trannies giving goku a boypussy

No. 1788807

I guess futaism counts but I don't see that many men complaining

No. 1788809

Male fandoms produce no fucking content besides power level arguments so it doesn't matter for them

No. 1788818

Majority of men don't want to see male characters as the object of sexualization with or without a vagina. At most they care about the moid characters for self-insert/fat ugly bastard purposes but otherwise they're unimportant. Though a lot of guys like futa but to this day I don't know if they're mainly into futa x male or futa x female content (I'd assume the latter).

No. 1788825

Yeah they turn a female character into a futa and pair her with another female character. They literally don't include male characters in their porn unless it's self-insert, faceless bastard, or /ss/ (where they self-insert as the shota)

No. 1788828

I know that they (understandably) don't like it when a tomboy character gets referred to as trans or nonbinary or whatever gendie bullshit. Similar case with femboys too. But they definitely don't have it as bad as female spaces and it's obviously not met with positive responses when it happens.

No. 1788873

Why is there so much "boypussy" in fics nowadays? Some of it doesn't even read like "written by trans author" activism, but just fetishizing straight sex. Like the trans part doesn't even play an aspect in here; the author is just extremely heterosexual and feels the need to project their heterosexuality onto the characters, and using the trans card is a politcally correct way of doing so. There's a lot of discourse on whether these types of people are fujos or yumes becuase they only ship male characters, yet essentially write one of the characters as a woman in all but pronouns. I feel like they're similar to those fanfic authors from back then who would hetbend one of the characters and tag it properly as M/F, but it's no longer woke to genderbend characters because it's "transphobic", so now they pretend it's trans headcanon instead of genderbending.

No. 1788897

Supply and demand? Idk

No. 1788903

Most women in fandom are het-attracted so it's not surprising they want to squeeze het in their work somehow even if they like gay ships. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of them subconsciously think PiV is better than gay sex honestly. I'm just tinfoiling but I think there has always been a large amount of people wanting PiV in yaoi even back when cuntboy stuff was unpopular, except it was a niche thing backbthen so people didn't talk about it much. It only took off recently because you can attach that desire to a sociopolitical movement now so it's seen as woke and progressive, but before a lot of people would shit on them for it or call it gross. Since they have something to hide behind and can call people transphobic over disliking it they can freely go all out even if they don't care about the trans element itself and it's just proxy for hetifying gay ships for them. And personally I would categorize these people as some retarded yume/hetshipper hybrid, anyone who wants to see vagina in yaoi should be banned from ever uttering the term fujoshi.

No. 1788906

Literally what we've been discussing this whole time. Hetshippers worming their way into m/m and f/f spaces because now it's acceptable to write PIV untagged + gay ships come with built-in fandom popularity so they don't bother with actual m/f ships

No. 1788924

This is my anecdotal and observational experience only but I feel that half of them are fujos that unironically got memed into liking het and the other half are coping hetshippers. Like you REALLY, really like the feel and the aesthetics of women during sex and vaginas and all that, but you don't want the woman baggage. Or you like the characters better as males? Like if you draw like this >>1787831 I don't care if you're a fujo or yumejo. You're a copejo and you need to pick a side. Why are people not even genderbending anymore and just transing. We need to retvrn to old fandom or something because this is ridiculous

No. 1788965

>only ship male characters, yet essentially write one of the characters as a woman in all but pronouns
I would be fine with this if they just changed the pronouns of the other male character and tagged it as "genderbend".

No. 1788967

Sadly they never do. They always tag it as M/M instead of the proper F/M or Other

No. 1788968

Eh, nothing 20 minutes and a word editor can fix.

No. 1788969

Unsurprisingly, most people who yuribend a ship do have the courtesy to put it under the appropriate f/f category. It really is just hetshippers who refuse to do this

No. 1788972

On the topic of hetshipping, I feel like it gets overlooked that untagged gendieshit and trannyshit tends to affect our content too. Many a time where I've come across M/F and one of the characters turns out to be a troon. It isn't a hetshipper problem but a troon problem, like most things in fandom.

No. 1788988

File: 1700975543454.png (9.95 KB, 599x47, Trans-Character-Works-Archive-…)

There's unironically more trans character tagged works than the sherlock and related fandom. And this is just the tagged shit. Also not included are the nonbinary/agender tagged shit as well as any other gendie tags. The number in picrel has actually gone up by 78 and I screenshotted it earlier today.

No. 1788993

They usually tag it as "trans male character" or "trans female character" so it's very much higher than this. I'm so tired

No. 1788996

the way i see it, the current fandom climate pits fujos and yumejos against each other. fujos - people who want to see M/M - are frustrated that gendies are invading their spaces and spreading rebranded untagged hetero PIV content. this wouldn't be so bad if they could gatekeep but fujos must kowtow to the troons so they must bear it. on the other hand, yumejos - people who want to see F/M - are dejected because of slim pickings for truly femgaze heterosexual content. even when it exists, a lot it's pickme maledom shit or infected by the moid gaze and the few female artists who unapologetically try to make femgaze art end up caving in to men (especially troons) or face backlash because how dare women objectify men.

whether you want M/M or F/M, shit sucks because words dont have meanings anymore and female fans aren't allowed to gatekeep. fujos and yumes just want to enjoy femgaze content in peace but women aren't even allowed that. gender ideology shit, troons, coomer moids and pickmes - these are the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

topkek but seriously i vote we start using this word to describe all the hetfags who want to make male/female PIV intercourse without all the female baggage, the fujos who got psyoped into liking het with extra steps by the gendies, and basically any fujo/yumejo/hetfag who does olympic-level mental gymnastics to justify why their PIV content counts as True and Honest (TM) yaoi.

No. 1789001

File: 1700976308564.png (5 KB, 259x28, Tags-Matching-trans-character-…)

Actually Trans Character combines all trans male and trans female tags. It's the parent tag. If you exclude trans character, it excludes any grouped including tags like Trans Steve Rogers, etc. Picrel is the amount of works tagged with Trans Character itself.

No. 1789053

I'm sorry but the fact that fujos really think they're being oppressed in fandom is hilarious to me. Most Japanese media centering women have some kind of fujo bait present in them simply because they know BL, implied or otherwise, brings in money. It's to the point where if you're a woman who enjoys anime the assumption is that you've watched or at least engaged in some kind of BL content. People rarely know (at least in western fandoms) what the hell a yumejoshi or himejoshi even is more than they do a fujoshi. Hell, even otome games, a genre purely catered to f/m stories, caters to fujos at times. And let's not act as if the majority of fandoms don't have some kind of m/m ship as their most popular pairing. It's literally all you see when you scroll through places like Tumblr and Twitter. People are obsessed with their "gay little babies" ugh. A03 even did a popular pairings list some time ago where the majority of the pairings were m/m. Besides, I thought fandom spaces were mostly LGB people? According to one anon in the previous thread, m/m ships should be expected at this point, so which is it?

No. 1789121

Do people not believe in friendship anymore? Any time there's a cute picture of 2 characters just interacting, like eating a meal together or watching the sky it's assumed to be shipping art and tons of comments going "they are lovers/now draw them kissing". It gets annoying

No. 1789133

Two things can be true at the same time. Though I also don't think het-bending is as big of a problem as anons make it out to be. I'd say the vast majority of people do prefer m/f but fujos work much more, so their content ends up getting more popular.

No. 1789149

File: 1700990431597.jpg (99.48 KB, 1200x630, 3db46e2e-cbae-4026-bc74-1c5aa6…)

Coomers in male fandoms who jerk it to "femboys" are getting their femboys trooned out by the same gender mafia that's infecting female spaces. Can't forget the discourse that came out when pic rel dropped. Moids get psyopsed into "girldick" just as easily as female fans into "boypussy".

No. 1789151

Dunno if others have observed this too, but I think 'boipussy' shit goes hand-in-hand with how prolific breeding and related kinks are at the moment (eg a/b/o). Tifs in particular seem to really get off on the threat of pregnancy (not as in a 'pregnancy scare', but the idea of it literally being used as a tool against them), and the whole cuntboy/transman going stealth until, oh no, the most biologically female situation possible happens to him, aaa the angst, the need to keep it secret to maintain their masculinity, the coom. Or something, I don't pretend to understand these people. Also finally experienced the tranny jumpscare anons have mentioned the other day with an m/f fic that turned out to be an untagged t4t fic just so that the male character could get the bonus of being threatened with pregnancy while being assaulted. It was supposed to be horror/angst, but that sure wasn't the kind I was expecting kek

No. 1789154

I feel your pain. I don't really ship any characters at all, I just want to see my favourites hanging out or whatever lol, but I feel like there's been a strong decline of both genfic (especially the kind that is trying to be an extension of canon or is not OOC) and people being able to see that not all art is ship art. I have nothing against shipping content or smut or anything, but I am tired of that being all there is, especially in a lot of newer popular fandoms (or even new niche ones). It's coom all the way down.

No. 1789185

This, men don't create anything for their fandoms. No fanfics at all, fan art is mostly just brainless coomshit. Autistic reddit walls of text and review videos don't count. Why would they create anything to begin with when they have the entire world pandering to them at the palm of their hands? The less canon content there is the more fan content will be produced.

No. 1789190

What are you even talking about? Where do you people pull this "actually all content towards women has a fujo tone" shit from? Your asshole? You people hatescroll fandom twitter and tumblr and get so mad at all the nasty gayships that you think it's the end all status quo since you've grown so blind and accustomed to het content being the default you don't even notice it anymore. What "Japanese media centering women" has fujo content in it? Yuri on Ice? That was in 2016 and nothing like it has since been created. Random fujobait ship of the year? Their amount will never exceed husbandofagging characters. The reason why you see gay ship fanart all the time is precisely that there isn't any canon content so you're left to your own devices to create it. Fujos draw and write because they had to learn it in order to be able to create what they want to see while people consuming het content lie there passively waiting to be fed since that's all they need to do, the entertainment industry has them covered.

No. 1789194

difference is that Birgitte was always a fetishized coombait charactrer, one of his movies was literally just charging his as the enemy, like I'm against him being transed on principle, however I don't see his transition as a loss of a GNC male character, cause he was never one, he was maid for pedophiles to jerk off to.

No. 1789195

Have those filthy hettie-bettie hetshitters burn down your yaoi crops too? Singed the all the semes into ash and rubble?

No. 1789199

I read that as semen first btw.

No. 1789203

Had to make a dramatic response to match such a dramatic post kek

No. 1789224

as a yume I can assure you they're not hetshippers either. It's some weird mix that ends up being nothing at all. I can look up a het rarepair and half the fics have them be t4t or the guy being trans.
When it comes to yume fics specifically, it's basically impossible these days to find one where the self insert isn't supposedly gender neutral (it never is because they write it like het porn but without ever saying vagina)

No. 1789242

Yes. Troonism is a curse that affects us all.

No. 1789247

I don't mind seeing my husbando with a vagina as long as he is still exclusively into women. Turning him into a faggot is much worse.
Fujos are all fat unattractive women who know their pretty anime boy would never be into them so if they can't have him no other woman can.
It's funny when they pretend their porn is activism and they're "lesbians" defending their faggot brothers. The same women claiming to defend homosexuality would never support yuri artists.(bait)

No. 1789311

When it comes to male weebs what do you prefer (or dislike the least)?
>normie shonenfags who literally only care about trash from the shonen jump and maybe Berserk too, grew up obsessed with Saint Seiya, DBZ and Captain Tsubasa if they're gen X or millenials, their only input when talking about what they like is when they argue about powerlevel, will maybe even use a calculator for that purpose. Other than that they look down on anything that's not a battle shonen manga/anime or a fighting game and will think you're a deranged piece of shit otaku for reading Nana or Fruits Basket or Hana Yori Dango as a teenage girl when it was ongoing
>hardcore otaku into everything you can think of at the same time, be it genres, demographics, art styles and fetishes. Will spam retweet loli art on their twitter account, sperg endlessly about localizers being incompetent and racist against the Japanese entertainment industry, about their favorite eroge visual novels that are allegedly better written than anything Shakespeare ever created, about normies, and about their depressions. They will alternate between shitting on more "casual" nerds and female weebs who don't like excessive fanservice and defending the sanctity of hardcore hentai and yaoi out of a false sense of solidarity because they like otokonoko doujinshi. Bonus if they greentext on social media

No. 1789316

They are both awful (as one would expect) but I feel like saying I hate first the most l, just cause I run into them irl much more easily.

No. 1789332

Your spin would work if the original anon wasn't literally being a dramatic bitch about fujopandering taking away her theoretical het content in weebshit.

Kek every single husbandofag post on this website but you forgot to call them misogynists and NLOGs

No. 1789334

Why are you projecting something that yumes do all the time (crying about fujos not drawing them yume art) onto fujos who actually make their own content? Fujos aren't asking you to draw gay art, just to keep your het art out of spaces not meant for it.

No. 1789337

Out of your two options I'd prefer to interact with the first, as most of my interactions with guys who have DBZ as their answer when I ask what anime they like have been pretty chill and just pleasantly surprised that I'll talk about it with them (I like a lot of battle shounens and have a soft spot for DBZ, used to watch it in the mornings before primary school kek). I haven't met any argumentative powerlevellers in the flesh yet, just seen them in passing online and ignored them.

The second type go from whatever to skeeving me the fuck out in record time. I have only encountered them online, usually on my art or while I'm streaming, and it always starts as the usual grating of dealing with a turbo sped before they decide we're best buddies and become a cringey pest. So they can fuck right off.

All of the 'weeb' guys I know irl though are my close friends and they pretty much come to me for recommendations and don't read/watch much else on their own because I am apparently a good filter kek. They like to talk art and characters/plot/themes for the most part too and aren't really into the powerlevel or who could win discussions unless it's as a joke.

No. 1789340

Dislike Bridget all you want, but I do find it a little sad ARCSYS trans'd their only two gender nonconforming characters back to back- not to mention it now makes fandoms far more comfortable insisting every GNC character has ~trans coding~ . Testament was a bigger loss IMO. Absolutely ruined a beautiful design that appealed mainly to women, and changed him into a boring ass, forgettable waifu. RIP.

No. 1789342

I don't mind male shounenfags for the most part, the worst they do is be annoying with their powerleveling or committed the crime of having bland taste, they're on the lower scale of genuinely destructive male weebs. But my absolute hated kind of male weeb is the crypto-altrighter who likes all the most misogynistic and moidpandering garbage, has an anime girl PFP and is really bad at hiding his hatred of women, anyone can tell that he's anonymously posting about how feminists are whores on his imageboard of choice. Follows people like Blaire White and shoe0nhead and claims that he can't be homophobic/misogynistic because he likes a pickme and a HSTS. Thinks Japan is based and wants to move there because they're regressively conservative and unironically believes that there aren't any feminists in there because he can't speak Japan worth shit. Might be a lolicon too.

No. 1789353

I don't care that Bridget was basically a coombait "draw a girl call it a boy" character, the change was shit and Daisuke did it to get Western brownie points because the game is flopping. His story was already fine with accepting that he's just a boy who's cute no matter what others say so the transing makes 0 sense. Plus the GG community has become 100x more obnoxious since then and every Bridget icon is annoying as fuck. I used to regard Bridget positively but seeing him on my TL is just a symbol that the person has shit takes now.

Unpopular opinion but the second one. I follow a lot of accounts like those, I have nothing in common with shounentards. Yes they're degenerates but I prefer them over the first ones because they generally have better understanding of anime/manga and the culture surrounding it even if they're elitist about it (but I support gatekeeping anyway). They're the only ones I see calling people who act like Fujimoto is a queer feminist activist retarded and other stuff similar to that. There are a lot of rightoids in that circle but it's one of the only subsects on Twitter where I can find people oppose annoying woke shit but aren't full on homophobic, though these types are sort of rare within the circle already.

No. 1789358

They gave every male character the DMC Dante treatment by making them ugly moid powerfantasies and transed or removed the rest. My girlfriend was such a huge Testament fan and it took all her willpower to bite her tongue and not say anything in public when he was revealed as a full tranny but gave me the full ted talk presentation about it and I was like yeah sucks, but then they revealed what they did to Bridget and I wanted to burn all my GG games kek. They coomerified all the female characters even further too, didn't think it would be possible but they found a way. In the next game Baiken's tits will be dragging the floor.

No. 1789364

Shonenfags are fine as long as they stick to their own circles and just talk about shonen anime. The second type doesn't have any hobbies outside of media consumption, they spend most of their free time arguing on Twitter about loli porn. Reading actual books requires some brain power so they stick to pseud eroge to feel better about themselves

No. 1789383

both of them are opposite sides of the same shitty coin but moderate (emphasis on moderate) shounenfags have the highest chance of being socially well-adjusted. now anime is mainstream so even normies have familiarity with shounenshit, which is usually entry level anime. i'll take a dudebro who likes naruto but otherwise has normie hobbies and interests and friends over a pretentious terminally online weeaboo who insists that his rape-filled loli eroge are pieces of art immune to criticism, anyday

No. 1789432

>emphasis on moderate
>as long as they stick to their own circles
I think you're not talking about the type of guys I'm specifically talking about at all, I'm talking about a specific category here.

No. 1789452

>Unpopular opinion but the second one. I follow a lot of accounts like those, I have nothing in common with shounentards. Yes they're degenerates but I prefer them over the first ones because they generally have better understanding of anime/manga and the culture surrounding it even if they're elitist about it (but I support gatekeeping anyway). They're the only ones I see calling people who act like Fujimoto is a queer feminist activist retarded and other stuff similar to that.
Same. You said it better than I could.

No. 1789457

ah i see, you're exclusively referring to a specific breed of shounenfag as opposed to shounenfags in general. in my experience that kind of shounenfag usually already starts veering into weeaboo autist territory so i was thrown off by the word normie. what im thinking about is probably better described as "casual anime fan"

No. 1789458

I remember when I first played GG at a friend's back in the early 2000s and Testament and Ky were my mains. I loved how Testament looked because he was andro goth and it was great. they are basically saying GNC is dead and you must conform to only masc or fem roles. it's pretty gross

No. 1789460

This is why i started learning to read other languages because this shit is rampant in the west. It's like actually digging through shit to get a diamond fic on a03 because nothing is properly tagged. People make fun of boomers for having lead poisoning, but gen z and some millennials really ruined everything with the troon curse and woke-ism

No. 1789464

There's this one series I really like but it's frankly impossible to find a genuine place to talk about it with other people. If I posted about it in a place like this, It'd probably get laughed out as "scrote mcgaze moid shit" because of genre/visuals (though in fairness, even coomers can agree that the marketing is completely retarded. People should be fired.) In male dominated places 90% of discussion would be about what the female character's underwear smells like, there is absolutely zero interest in trying to think about it critically. In whatever small pockets are left outside of that, there still somehow manages to be stupid genderqueer bullshit. Though, they tend to hide some of it as totally joking, guys.
I recently read an interesting interview where the author mentioned their intentions with playing around with gender roles, and while it didn't go deeper it got me thinking about what they meant by that. From an outsider's pov there isn't anything in particular, but after thinking about it for a while there is this subtle subversion of dynamics/roles/arcs strewn all throughout the story, even down to the romantic relationships. Of course, if I tried to discuss this anywhere at best the response would be "the author wrote trans coded characters and didn't even know it!! The mc is a total she/her lesbo!!"
Frankly, I don't even know if I really want it to be popular or not. While it's genuinely interesting, there's a lot of stuff that I can imagine tiktok zoomers going batshit over as mental illness and trans shit. A part of me hopes that as it continues, the "scrote shit" stereotype keeps up so they won't get into it, but at the same time it feels like such a waste. There's so much to ruminate over, but nobody to ruminate with.

No. 1789469

Yes it's hard to explain I guess but I'm talking about these people who think they're huge experts on anime and manga and who think they're nerdy enough but they're closer to being annoying as fuck normies and don't realize it. If any French speaking anon is here, my best example is when French-Algerian Naruto or DBZ fans sperg hard when a character discover a new technique and will yell about how they're the goat but when they see female fans of these series they start questioning them because "omg!! a gir!!! who likes naruto!!! omg that cant be, did you read the first chapter? how impressive do you know how to spell [name of retarded made up secret technique]? omg, no way so you're a REAL fan then? wow!" then they change their mind and call you a fake fan for liking more than three series and for liking romance, thrillers, comedy, horror, etc. because there's no martial art tournament arc in there.

As a contrast the second category of guys would be like "ew I bet you ship sasunaru. but I guess we're the same because I like hundreds of fanarts with lolis wearing nazi uniforms on twitter everyday" or "mfw no smelly fujo gf"

No. 1789486

My least favorite male weebs are the barafans who think that fujos are their enemies.

No. 1789488

>GNC is dead and you must conform to only masc or fem roles
This is something I had been thinking of the other day. Even if a character expresses wanting to do something that is the opposite gender's norm, that's somehow enough for fandom to headcanon the character as a "transmasc/transfem icon!!!" Give me a fucking break. For all the posturing of the TRAs mantra of "protecting trans and gnc people" they sure don't allow gender nonconformity to exist and I wonder if it's because gender nonconformity is deep down still acknowledging your biological sex.

No. 1789494

I used to be friends with both types and I'd pick shonenfags any day. Being autistic about DBZ is better than being autistic about Japanese porn games
incredibly niche lol

No. 1789497

The wording of this was awkward but I get your point. Personally I don't care if straight people write gay stories as long as they know it's just a story and not an actual representation of real gay people, but one of the many things that peaked me was how many men in one of my old fandoms became "transbians" and their artwork/writing was identical. They claimed that they're "queer/lesbian" and are "women" now, but they're just nerdy straight guys wearing dresses and claiming that their art is representation lesbians now. I almost preferred it when they were straight guys being horny about yuri, because at least they stayed in their lane a bit and I was allowed to discount their opinion for being "cismen".

No. 1789501

Ah, they've rendered the fields of ukes unreproductive and barren too.

No. 1789509

Lol, so basically the average /y/ poster

No. 1789514

>There's this one series I really like but it's frankly impossible to find a genuine place to talk about it with other people. If I posted about it in a place like this, It'd probably get laughed out as "scrote mcgaze moid shit" because of genre/visuals
I have a manga I really enjoy that's like this. It's a romcom series written by a woman for a shounen magazine and is a much better series than its competitors because of that (characters act realistically, actually get developed, they actually confess and start dating without the manga ending, every chapter has a purpose and stupid drama isn't dragged out) but I can't post it here for the same reasons as you. I'm fed by female japanese twitter fanartists and I haven't seen any genderspecial garbage from fans or the author so it's not all bad, but my condolences to you.

No. 1789527

>Tifs in particular seem to really get off on the threat of pregnancy (not as in a 'pregnancy scare', but the idea of it literally being used as a tool against them), and the whole cuntboy/transman going stealth until, oh no, the most biologically female situation possible happens to him, aaa the angst, the need to keep it secret to maintain their masculinity, the coom. Or something, I don't pretend to understand these people.
It's because TIFs don't actually want to be "transmen", they want to be "not cisgender". I always thought the concept of "true trans" was an unproven theory, but I remember on Tumblr 6-7 years ago there was huge backlash between TIFs who hated their genitals and boobs and considered being trans a mental illness that is treated by medically looking like the opposite sex (aka the "truscum"), and TIFs who claimed to be transmen/nonbinary but still wore makeup, dressed feminine, have boobs, have PIV sex, or claim to be trans even when using female pronouns/presentation (the "tucutes"/"too cute to be cis"). I don't support the "truscum" types because it sounds like an unhealthy mindset, but I remember when those were the majority of TIFs and thought "boipussy"/breeding kink content was offensive, but now they're a minority and compared to Terfs for "gatekeeping gender expression".

No. 1789542

I unironically have had a better time in newer male-dominated shounen or video game fandoms than ones predominantly with other women. They don't engage with the fiction as deeply as women do, but at least the proship vs. antiship or this boypussy discourse literally doesn't exist to them. What's more surprising to me is that zoomer men are more critical of lolisho and liking underage characters than older weebs are. And the memes are pretty fun plus if I'm being honest, powerscaling is such as fun thing to do when you don't take it seriously. I still have a circle of female friends I can talk to about ships and characters, but they're just as into the braindead memes and fight hypotheticals as me. Would recommend if people want fanbases that are still as cringe but aren't involved in discourse

No. 1789550

In my day "boypussy" meant a man's asshole. I hate that it devolved into "a TIF's vagina." Not that I liked the term to begin with, but at least it wasn't literal troon shit.

No. 1789553

>I unironically have had a better time in newer male-dominated shounen or video game fandoms than ones predominantly with other women.
This is my experience too. My following is mostly made up of men aside from a few other women who are sane and not completely pozzed/don't care about made up zoomer discourse (they're usually just apolitical and don't post about any type of politics/activism at all). Except I'm not on the "powerscaling" side of anime twitter but the degen one, the coomer stuff is easily ignorable for me because they do actually discuss things beyond that and I avoid accounts who just RT hentai. I used to associate myself with female/TIF heavy fandoms but the whole experience was really miserable for me and it felt like I was walking on eggshells 24/7. I still prefer interacting with women a lot more though but LC is basically the only place where I can find like-minded women.

No. 1789554

Aren't those antifujo /y/ barafags just the worst kind of NLOG FTMs who larp as gay western cowboys and hate women and other FTMs?

No. 1789555

Now I know you're being obtuse. Where have you been for the past several or so years of fandom to not notice the changing attitudes for queer content? First, you're oppressed, and then you're popular. Then it's not that you're popular, but no one else creates any content in fandoms (lies). Then it's that hets do make content, but somehow not more than fujos. Then is that het is dominant and everyone is blind, yet fandom is queer and everyone is gay. Like make up your fucking minds! I've been a part of fandom for a long time. The acceptance for slash, BL, etc. is rising. I remember when yaoi was treated as some kind of "taboo," where most who liked it stuck to their corner of the fandom due to the fact that the very mention of it either in the wider fandom would have you "maimed." Now the conversations on slashipping and BL in general is so widely known, to the point where it out does any other kind of ships. Where most artist draw it. It's like you want to hold onto this perpetual victim complex yet I promise you you're not being oppressed just because you write or like to read two men getting fucked in the ass. More likely than not, at least in most online spaces, you're being praised for it.

No. 1789556

It's funny how TIFs act like they created/popularized the term boypussy when it spawned from gay male communities years ago. Some of them still use boypussy/bussy to refer to their asshole to this day. Shows how disconnected they are from real gay male spaces as much as they like to larp as faggots kek.

No. 1789560

>weird spicy "queer" straight garbage is fujo pandering
The anons on this site kek, where were YOU when fujos were uniformly declared by this faction that they're all racist misogynist homophobes fetishizing ackshual gay people and western YA authors were writing their own gay shit declaring it to be ~real representation not that BL trash~?

No. 1789570

They are. That's why I never take what /y/ "barafags" say about fujos seriously. Gay men don't care about women as much as everyone claims they do. TIFs are the ones who are incredibly obsessed with women and putting them down.

No. 1789575

I swear to God all of you just prove how terminally online you are because what are these niche non existent groups of people

No. 1789577

NTA but where in the fuck did she mention spicy straight queer shit as pandering. You people lack so much reading comprehension skills and project so much.

No. 1789584

Yeah the past few years where they literally bullied any girl who dared to like m/m content without having the acceptable gender/sexuality label to the point that you couldn't admit you were just a straight female in fandom spaces without being hated. And today where calling yourself a "fujoshi" is now hip and ironic to the point people who don't even consume m/m and even tim troons are using the word to describe themselves and worm their way into our spaces.

No. 1789585

Nta but it's been stated in this thread that slash is only dominant in fandom because it's mostly women writing fanfic and m/m for women content was for a long time basically nonexistent outside japan. The second you leave fanfic, you will find a plethora of het for women in the forms of actual books.

No. 1789587

It's the "but gay stuff is popular now!!!" sentiment intentionally conflating that with fujo content which is an entirely different genre. Yumeaidens writing fics about their husbando fucking their trans headcanoned self insert blorbo's boypussy isn't BL no matter how much you bend it around and most fujos dislike it for that reason unless they're equally into straight content as well.

No. 1789588

Still here. Yet still seeing fujo and slash dominate every fandom tag despite it. Guess it didn't work that well. Wonder why.
Ignoring the fact that most BL and slash is written by women who aren't even queer.

No. 1789590

Thank God for overseas female fan artists, honestly.
The series I'm into has a surprisingly dedicated Korean/Japanese following that are making stuff like merchandise or fanart daily so at least whenever I feel like it I just translate their tweets. They always have some interesting comment or theory and whenever there's new content released, they immediately gush about it.
I just wish that could be the case in English.

No. 1789591

And most of the moids writing yuri or lesbian material aren't gay either. So why do women need to be held to that standard while men don't?

No. 1789602

File: 1701027592418.gif (5.38 MB, 281x498, cat-love-cat-fight.gif)

This reminded me of us. One cat is a fujo the other is a yumejo

No. 1789603

File: 1701027614028.png (61.35 KB, 328x328, 1699928805058.png)

>Yumeaidens writing fics about their husbando fucking their trans headcanoned self insert blorbo's boypussy isn't BL no matter how much you bend it aro
Okay, retard what will it take to get it through you and your ilk's collective hivemind that yumejos and hetshippers aren't the gendies and trannies actually invading your spaces, and the people actually doing that are gendies and trannies?

No. 1789608

This might shock you but those gendies are also hetshippers and yumes kek, you'd be shocked at the amount of he/theys who whine about heterophobia when you dislike their hetbends and most genderspecials are just straight with extra steps just like their "gay" fanfiction in which their self insert has top surgery scars and a vagina.

No. 1789610

Yeah, I dislike having male (especially straight male) friends but I've noticed how often men can get away with saying things that women get called out for. I've managed to find more men in my fandoms that are moderate or apolitical, or even normie GC-adjacent.

No. 1789611

Isn't there a thread on /g/ where yume lesbians genderbend male characters?

No. 1789612

My opinion is that if we tag our stuff correctly and don't disrupt each other, we can make it work
Yeah, yumefags got a vibe and a certain mindset that doesn't really fit with aidens or trannies. Yumes classically are "cis hetero" woman who like to self insert as other women like main female characters, girls next door, princesses and other female archetypes, not…butchered trannies

No. 1789613

Alright then, I will now assume fujos are the one ruining my M/F content with their shitty trans headcanons and gendieshit too.

No. 1789614

Saw this on the frontpage and it made me kek so hard

No. 1789615

They don't. There is no standard, really. Yet people like anon above keep trying to seperate themselves and act as if the issues involving fandom have nothing to do with them or their community or never had. It's like everyone else is at fault or to blame, when everyone is just as cringe and no one is above anyone. Fujos, or at least anon, are trying to paint themselves as less cringe or "the one true fujo," yet somehow it's OK to label all yumes writing boy pussy and ruining their side of the fandom as if they don't sperg and whine about their ships either.

No. 1789619

How is it BL if it's trans, nonnie? It's still a woman with a vagina.

I don't know how you can sit here accusing fujos of having a victim complex when you fly off the handle the moment someone implies that gendies writing their self insert tranny fanfiction aren't claimed by fujos and are in fact highly disliked because they refuse to tag with PIV because "my vagina is a male vagina!!!!" and melodramatically accuse others of "labeling all yumes as such" when nobody said that.

No. 1789622

That doesn't even make sense, gendies are the ones who trans straight ships by making them T4T and whatnot. Fujos just like (actual) men with men.

No. 1789624

File: 1701028285488.jpg (41.02 KB, 600x435, f2bb1df16c4f1847c1f45a72d6c7d5…)

Guys….gendies and trannies ruined and appropriated both fujo amd yume spaces…both can be true..

No. 1789626

Nonnas can admit that "gay" trannies are just straight with extra steps, but yumes can't admit that transifying a male character and shipping them with another male is just yume with extra steps.
But yes, they are not only yumes or fujos, they are copejos

No. 1789628

Trannies and gendies will sometimes give the woman in a F/M ship a cock, or the man in the F/M ship a vagina. It's annoying as fuck to say it's purely a "hetshipper and yume" issue.

No. 1789629

Yeah, but it's the fujo anon who keeps denying that.

No. 1789631

Agreed. We need to understand that genderism is a widespread disease affecting any kind of woman, specially fandom aligned women, so both fujos and yumes have to cope with their crazy counterparts, people that ten years ago would've been regular women too

No. 1789634

I know the former exists, but what ships where the latter happens? It's so rare to see straight ships get made into yuri with extra steps lmao, since fandom doesn't believe sex without a penis is real.

No. 1789637

While they are most definitely straight girls, I wouldn't call them yume. The content they make isn't yume.

No. 1789642

Yumejoshi literally means "dreaming girls" and I doubt most TIFs want to identify with a label that implies being a girl. I've seen TIF OC/canon male content but they tend to call themselves self-shippers instead.

No. 1789643

It happens but, again, it's done by gendies and tif trannies from what I've seen. Usually coinciding with the babygirl malewife and girlboss mommy.

No. 1789646

Exactly, not to mention they are the types that invade any yume or otome game space saying they wish the MC was some shitty enby or transboy. Even worse if it's an indie otome. They always get flooded by requests to make the MC more inclusive, preferably being able to change just about everything.

No. 1789649

I can't think of a single example where people do FtM/F is a common headcanon honestly. It's always transing M/F by saying the moid is a trans woman so the ship can be "lesbian" because like the other anon said most of these people can't comprehend sex without a penis.

No. 1789656

Exactly. I don't know what anon is on about because we hate that shit, too. Kind of reminds me of the time when certain people got pissy at the otome game Reddit for not wanting the genre to be plauged with "inclusion" and rightfully telling those people to fuck off. People were actually upset that a genre of games made for women to date hot men didn't cater to their bullshit and the mods rightfully deleting ship art that didn't confine to that, yet still having to apologize to the tards for doing so. So naturally, they created their own subreddit out of spite, yet since no one gave a shit, it's less active than the main Reddit which hopefully continues to not bend to them.

No. 1789669

I checked and it's kinda hard to find. It seems like it's most common in the MHA and Genshin fandoms (Both have at least 50 fics). Then again, they are some of the most prolific with gendie fics. It's definitely a small niche in the greater scheme of gendie fics

No. 1789670

I'm so sick of people like this. And the moid targeted vn community never shits everything up with "muh inclusivity" it's only ever female targeted games

No. 1789672

I really don't mind the normie-adjacent moids who watch shonen, aka all the anime fans I know irl. They don't know or care what a proship is and it's refreshing. Talking about powerlevels and "what would happen if x fought y" is actually pretty fun. And they're surprisingly tolerant of my yume/fujo tendencies kek one of my moid friends gave me a trading cards of my favorite ship. They're definitely better than the pedo tranny moids who obsess over anime with little girls and cannot shut the fuck up about "literally me!! she's trans!!" to any female character who's awkward or shy.
I like a lot of anime with female majority fandoms too but trying to go online and talk about them or make art can feel like walking through a minefield ngl. There's a lot of problems with shonenfags too but at least they like to actually to talk about their shows and characters without making them trans or getting caught up in layers of arguments because of conflicting headcanons or fujo/yume wars or whatever

No. 1789679

Can we please end this discussion and stop blaming each other when both fujos and yumes know that the culprits are self-obsessed transsexuals who just put their shit on everything and ruin our spaces? The tif are such a twisted and deranged version of both that it's sometimes hard to figure out exactly who it is.
Fujos and Yumes were ignoring each other until the whole transsexual thing came up ruining everything they touch, I really don't like that we are constantly fighting over this

No. 1789680

What's really weird to me is that I've never seen this level of animosity between yumefujos anywhere before i started using LC kek. I don't know why it's like this here

No. 1789684

Trannies terrorize and shit up both spaces so now yumes and fujos just blame each other for gendie crimes.

No. 1789689

I'm sorry, but I can't be the only one who read this thread and can plainly see fujo anon spazzing out about yumes and hetshippers and whatever writing gender fiction and ruining the fujo genre. Did they not constantly blame yumes for writing said fiction not a couple posts up? Come on now.

No. 1789691

I like to think it's moids, handmaidens, and/or tifs starting the fight by baiting yumes or fujos by claiming to be the other, causing a spiral of fights by actual yumes and fujos.

No. 1789696

I haven't seen this shit since like 2009 when the sasuke husbando girls would get mad at narusasu shippers kek (BOYxBOY DONT LIKE DON'T READ)

No. 1789702

File: 1701031150799.webm (10.79 MB, tumblr_rsekz87Ztp1z73o1x_720.w…)

tumblr will always be my favorite social media for insane discourse and fandom infights kek I think we should do more tournaments between annoying fandoms

No. 1789720

i cant stand this level of boring safe autism, it's so annoying. Moids at least doxx eachother and do crazy troll moid shit but catty comebacks and shitty memes are just annoying.

No. 1789727

Did you want people to doxx eachother over a fictional character poll??

No. 1789729

>all that autism because a criminal is implied to own slaves
If only they were this vitriolic against real racism.

No. 1789763

yeah, that would be fun ngl

No. 1789773

>fighting this hard over ugly 3DPD poll
As one of my country's presidents once said: I don't think that whoever wins or whoever loses, nor whoever wins or loses, will win or lose. Everyone will lose.

But op sure shot herself in the foot telling people to not be picky with allies kek.

No. 1789787

The men in these gay pirate shoes are so fucking hideous idk how ppl watch this shit
Actually most male actors nowadays in general are just fucking ugly, it's disgraceful

No. 1789791

ugly man propaganda

No. 1789797

Some things never change. Tumblr will always be the "women fighting over ugly men they fantasize about having gay sex with each other" website

No. 1789799

I never watched any of those shows, but like hell am I going to vote for the faggot fop on the right.

No. 1789808

Atp I feel like men just can't not be ugly, so everyone is acting like this because it's the best they'll get

No. 1789816

patrick and spongebob?

No. 1789818

They just haven't taken the 2Dpill

No. 1789837

kek the close up on "read more" took me out, thank god I'm not on tumblr anymore and don't watch these "queer" shows.

No. 1789843

Speaking of tumblr, I really should have deleted my account and never looked back when BBC Sherlock fans and Shinee fans were arguing with each other over how posts about this Shinee song and music video should be tagged as soon as it got released. It was beyond absurd.

No. 1789884

old men isnt the ''best'' dont lie

No. 1789887

i had forgotten how ugly early 10s fashion was

No. 1789955

They take what they can get. But I can't think of any attractive moid, young or old

No. 1789966

90s dicaprio was cute, but you are going to nitpick the shit out of him as always

No. 1789987

I hope she does, he deserves it

No. 1789996

The last time I thought a male actor was good looking was the two guys from supernatural and they've aged like milk since then kek

No. 1790002

they always looked old and ugly

No. 1790094

Tumblr will always have a special little place in my heart, unfortunately. I'm still active in my little part of my fandom and despite how retarded they are, no other site is capable of giving such brain dead takes and epic fandom battles.

No. 1790198

File: 1701053111651.jpg (64.19 KB, 933x926, babc9f641f03459009f73722240505…)

Every day the age for what's considered an "old man" to you guys gets lower. Some of us just like our men grown. "Old man" to me is saggy, grey haired manlet, not strong emotionally mature 30 year old man.

No. 1790211

men would consider a 30yo woman ''old'' so i dont understand why some of you insist you werent psyoped into finding 30yo men hot. They always luck much older too.

No. 1790218

Retarded men would yeah

No. 1790221

I just dont see why men are handled thousands of cute 20yo women to oogle at but old man fuckers get angry when i demand the same treatment instead of gross 30+ men

No. 1790226

who is angry at you

No. 1790228

There's plenty of expired men in Hollywood for you to ogle. Meanwhile there's basically no hot men 25 and under for us.

No. 1790245

There used to be. The current young and "hot" celebrity men are uggos like timothee chalala or british phenotype tom holland

No. 1790247

her >>1790198 , and all of the ''ummm ackshually 30yo isnt expired'' even though thats the average age when men start going bald and settle down after their manwhores era is over. That's literally the average age your dad had when they had you unless you come from a teen mom and dad.

No. 1790249

I think some of you would be a lot happier if you just realized you were lesbians
I'm not mad at you, just making an observation. I think it's just mostly weebs or zoomers who consider anyone over the age of 25 to be "old". It's just something I see on this site, everywhere else you guys are a minority so it doesn't matter that much

No. 1790250

Samefagging but correction, not anyone, but every man*

No. 1790253

>not liking old men means you are a lesbian
literally the moid cope they use when they see women lusting after young men that dont look a trillion years old

No. 1790254

Um, some of us consider 30 year old men attractive because we are 30 year old women. Not seeing how or why that's an issue to be attracted to people yout age.

No. 1790256

then who do you consider attractive

No. 1790258

Exactly. Men seem to expire much earlier compared to women. Probably because they put in no effort to maintain themselves cuz they know society is gonna cater to them anyway

No. 1790262

understandable, but dont get angry when anons call them fosils, because they are.

No. 1790263

>You must be a lesbian for not wanting to fuck limp-dicked balding scrotes
Just say you got psyoped and want to psyop the rest of us too

No. 1790266

I have seen men call megan fox expired and ''post wall'' even though she's still gorgeous but old man raisinsuckers here call the ugliest post wall men ''hot'' kek

No. 1790267

It's because testosterone turbo-ages men. There's a reason they die before us

No. 1790268

What is an attractive man to you all?

No. 1790269

What 30 year olds have you fucked that they had limp dicks and were balding? AGPs?

No. 1790270

Bold of you to assume they've had sex kek

No. 1790275

None of course you couldn't pay me to go near a dick or it's owner. I'm taking my v-card to the grave. Enjoy your nasty nigels

No. 1790278

>t. lesbian

No. 1790280

t. grandpa fucker trying to rope other women into the grandpa-fucking pyramid scheme

No. 1790281

hot men pre wall

No. 1790282

File: 1701055881403.jpg (89.75 KB, 1080x826, the-appropriate-reaction-to-ev…)

No. 1790283

No offense anon, but you don't sound like you get out often.

No. 1790284

why do you think tifs go from looking like 12yo boys to balding 40yos on the sex registry once they start taking testosterone

No. 1790286

Like who
>25+ means youre a grandpa/grandma
Go back

No. 1790289

i do go out and see waaaay too many old ugly men, why cant i scape reality for once and see hot men in media? men get to see their megan foxes and other actresses whose only redeeming quality is being young and hot, why dont we deserve the same for once?

No. 1790291

Stop bringing women into the equation, the conversation is about men and how they start looking haggard past 25.

No. 1790293

>Like who
someone is going to tell you a young actor they like and grandpafuckers are going to jump in to call the anon a pedo or tell her she has shit taste as they always do

No. 1790294

Don't put words in my mouth. I never berated women. Women look beautiful even when they've gone grey and have wrinkles. You don't need to lie to defend your expired men fetish

No. 1790295

the way you word things makes you sound like a retarded moid pretending to be a retarded woman. i bet youre smirking youre smirking arent you(infighting)

No. 1790298

women liked young men too until very recently. Men didnt need to get memed into their older babysitter/milf fetish but the psyop to get women into dadbods and post wall men has been strong in the last decade.

No. 1790300

Are you afraid to post an actor, just do it. No one will call you a pedo for liking a grown man, or are you just avoiding the question on purpose lol

No. 1790301

File: 1701056244596.jpg (422 KB, 1140x655, squash.jpg)

Right? Women actors are straight up models meanwhile guys can look like this and have leading roles. And then you have men claiming Margot Robbie is an uggo because she's not 18 anymore.

No. 1790302

Many such women who've fallen for the psyop currently in this thread unfortunately

No. 1790303

I don't think Pedro Pascal was meant for women

No. 1790304

Some of us are adults, nonna

No. 1790305

I like both

No. 1790306

File: 1701056356549.jpg (243.22 KB, 975x1732, creepy uncle.jpg)

anons will do edits like these for these type of moids and then accuse us of being lesbians/moids for asking for younger men in media

No. 1790308

18+ is adult, you just like grandpas kek

No. 1790309

How many Timothee Chalamet movies do you need though like there's enough twink media out there for you

No. 1790310

Still waiting to see what "young men" you guys want to see

No. 1790311

And so am I. Just accept you fell for it and stop calling other women lesbians because we didn't

No. 1790312

media has been invaded by post wall men so there are very few options to choose from

No. 1790313

Some of us are not cougars

No. 1790314

timothee chalamet is fucking ugly

No. 1790315

Girl literally pick one actor you like and post it kek

No. 1790316

You say that, but there's an entire community of women who believe he should've been voted the sexiest man alive this year
And it's not like older guys can't be attractive. Sean O'Pry is 34 but he's still pretty attractive imo

No. 1790318

make space for the cougar stacies then

No. 1790319

nta but I'm so curious you can't take over the thread this hard with your sperging and not post a single example. Almost like you're just stirring shit and don't really have an opinion kek

No. 1790323

File: 1701056598873.jpeg (70.51 KB, 500x762, 1699771566429~2.jpeg)

Okay I'll bite. A while back a nona posted a picture of Alain delon's son and I found him cute. No idea what he looks like in any photo besides this one though so idk if my judgement is accurate

No. 1790324

But he has bones

No. 1790325

titanic era dicaprio
>inb4 he's ugly blah blah insert coping here

No. 1790328

he looks like a lego man

No. 1790330

I mean he's alright. I'd fuck him he's still just a dude though idk why you put these young Kens on such a high pedestal it's just a different aesthetic

No. 1790333

I agree with you both, you are correct and based, sorry for arguing with you

No. 1790334

Both are fine, but I think you guys just have a certain type you like. Like these guys aren't attractive to me but that's because I don't like white guys. But that doesn't mean any girl who doesn't like the same type of guy as you is wrong for it

No. 1790335

genuinely dont understand why you cant accept you just like old men and own it? what's so hard about it kek

No. 1790336

Because that's Hollywood gender roles for you, I guess? We already know women have way harsher standards to be young and fit than men do, especially on TV and even in real life. Though I don't see all these ugly balding 30 year old men like you claim, anon. And even then, I still wouldn't find younger men attractive. Rather date someone my age than be a weirdo looking after someone half my age. Creeps me out.

No. 1790337

nta but I think you mixed that person up with me kek

No. 1790338

Fine show us your post-wall man. Let's judge

No. 1790339

I do accept it it's fine to not like them but you're getting aggy at people who do like them 30+ kek

No. 1790340

the bar has been raised and the new wall for men is now 20. obviously the virgins among us are the ultimate authority on this

No. 1790341

Nonas defending the honor of 30+ men like they would ever do the same for you

No. 1790343

>ackshually sweety i dont find young men attractive but you do you honey you will grow out of it it's just an aesthetic
no1currs you listened to all lana del rey songs. We just want more young hot men in media no one cares you like post wall men, we are just defending our right to ripe young meat for once.

No. 1790344

Dying cold and unloved because no 20 year old young leonardo dicaprio ever showed up to sweep me off my feet to live the pretty princess life I deserve

No. 1790345

You're crazy girl so crazy girl

No. 1790347

i wish mods would ban anons posting like twitterfags already

No. 1790348

File: 1701057132056.jpg (247.68 KB, 1957x1957, altonmason.jpg)

There's actual male models but not a lot of male models do acting. Some are also weird looking like Leon Dame, but there's others like Kohei Takabatake or Alton Mason both of whom look more attractive than whatever new young actor hollywood is trying to shill.
There's also Lucky Blue Smith, but he's definitely an acquired taste

No. 1790349

That's good because he got ugly as hell very fast, you dodged a bullet

No. 1790350

File: 1701057206668.jpg (92.52 KB, 1159x1248, pOsi9909K3984717.jpg)

Women should strive to be better than male pedos who call a barely legal age "the wall", not be like them
Based, Alton Mason is so hot

No. 1790351

They seriously think they're oppressed for liking old man dick kek. You're literally following what society has been telling women to like but get prissy when people on lolcow want something different

No. 1790353

Nta but because most men don't look like that so it's a rarity. It's not even an "aesthetic" but the bare minimum ie: clean shaven, decent hairline, (or any full hair at all) being in shape

No. 1790354

Are you anti-society?

No. 1790355

>Women should strive to be better than male pedos who call a barely legal age "the wall", not be like them
why? this ''better than moids'' cope shit is so lame, men commit 98% of crimes but they still get catered at by media by having hot young actresses dating their uggo 30+ self inserts. We commit like 1% of crimes and we get the leftover 30+ post wall moids and media with maledom shit in it. Fuck you becky cuck.

No. 1790356

Yeah 30 year olds can manage all of that idk why the ones in your country age so rapidly.. Are you british?(infighting)

No. 1790359

Worse, a burger

No. 1790360

>emotionally mature
I shouldn't even be answering to this but it actually made me laugh out loud.

No. 1790361

why are you caping do hard for 30yo moids they wouldnt do the same for you. Your 30+ nigel you started dating at 19 is currently masturbating to teen porn while you defend his honor on lolcow.(infighting)

No. 1790363

Why are you caping for men this hard?

No. 1790366

I don't think there's anything wrong with not liking younger men and I wouldn't call a man in his 30s old either but I kinda understand anon in that there's really not many pretty boy types akin to titanic dicaprio around today, or maybe I just don't pay enough attention to celebrities (90% of what I know comes from lurking celebricows and youtube). I'm young myself, 40 year old romance leads aren't to my taste but what's the alternative? The most shilled attractive younger men I'm exposed to are timothee chalamet and ezra miller but one looks like a picasso painting and the other is batshit insane. Seriously if any of you celebricow lurkers know of any cute male actors enlighten me please I'm desperate

No. 1790368

I'm not defending them lol I just think some of them are attractive

No. 1790369

File: 1701057622997.jpg (71.88 KB, 602x729, 3ddac54b81d1420776b6d3864932e.…)

Instead of trying to better society, you would rather stoop to be worse. Aging should not be feared.

No. 1790370

The actual wall for men would probably be around 40 for the average moid if he actually took care of himself. But men tend to stop taking care of themselves around 20 so they hit the wall prematurely. And even in hollywood men can't take care of themselves for that long either.

No. 1790371

its fine if you have a bald head, saggy balls and out of service ready to settle down cock fetish, just dont push it onto us thanks(infighting)

No. 1790372

for women i agree, men no lol they should be bullied the microsecond they turn 30

No. 1790373

Post. Your. Moid.

No. 1790374

I don't believe I am. You think the opiates are making you angry?

No. 1790376

I don't have one sorry

No. 1790378

File: 1701057769727.gif (1.63 MB, 250x188, 1643604132390.gif)

>The actual wall for men would probably be around 40 for the average moid if he actually took care of himself.
holy shit the cope, this isnt psyoped women anymore this is ltieral moids

No. 1790381

So you can tell me to post a man I find attractive but I can't do the same to you? Goes to show whatever dinosaur you like, you already know he's ugly

No. 1790382

File: 1701057887291.png (80.01 KB, 636x241, Hottest-100-Young-Male-Actors-…)

According to imdb I don't think there are that many https://www.imdb.com/list/ls080428542/
One of these fuckers is Pete Davidson

No. 1790383

I would say Nicholas Galitzine in certain recent movies like Bottoms or Red White & Royal Blue, but he's 29 so he might be "past the wall" to some nonas lol. Also he keeps playing gay men despite being straight for some reason
nta but once again, you keep responding to other anons mad for things they haven't said. I was the one who kept telling you to post your moid you schizo

No. 1790384

they know they are ugly. Most women into ugly post wall men dont even like them for their looks(because they are ugly post wall men) they just like the characters they play lol. It's like how women got memed into liking pedro pascal, paul dano, snape and the borzoi guy

No. 1790385

I didn't ask you because I knew he would look like the AI prompt result for "pretty twink" and sure enough he was pretty boring to look at

No. 1790388

kek imagine being so cocomelon you can't appreciate a cute guy anymore, you need him to have 50 wrinkles, one scar and emo hair so he looks quirky and unique to you

No. 1790390

Well we could just start with pores

No. 1790391

>using pretty as an insult
Oh so your 3D husbando really is ugly. Thanks for the confirmation

No. 1790392

enjoy your unwashed moids

No. 1790394

Yes I like ugly guys, it's true.

No. 1790396

post your uggo i want to bully you

No. 1790397

Okay I was being generous (more like 33), but there are some older moids that can be attractive. They're freakishly rare and I imagine they wouldn't be as rare if men actually took care of themselves like women.

No. 1790398

atp ignore them, it's like two anons agreeing over liking 18-year-olds. No matter what you say, as long as you don't post a leon kennedy clone, they'll think he's an old man lmao

No. 1790399

Y-you think only unwashed people have pores?!

No. 1790400

Jesse Plemons

No. 1790401

damn anon love yourself

No. 1790402

>a ginger
Nonna be real

No. 1790403

File: 1701058357919.jpg (4.58 MB, 3358x4766, Jesse_Plemons_(20769593584)_(c…)

You have to be joking.

No. 1790404

dicaprio was 21yo in titanic lol cope old man fucker

No. 1790406

If you wait long enough they're gonna post that Aaron guy anf pretend he's totally hot and not past wall.

No. 1790407

KEK this thread

No. 1790408

File: 1701058422729.gif (1.97 MB, 615x413, my sides.gif)

>this is the husbando of the person that calls you a pedo for liking <30 men

No. 1790411

>Nicholas Galitzine
he is cute, thank you nona I'll watch one of his movies

No. 1790412

Good enough for Kirsten Dunst good enough for me

No. 1790414

Remember, your post-wall moid will never ever defend you like you are doing right now.

No. 1790415

Wow such a big difference kek

No. 1790419

I will have a true nigel that will love me through time, sorry

No. 1790420

They're always caping for the ugliest men alive without fail, it would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad

No. 1790421

their post wall moids would never choose their average asses either >>1790403 is dating a woman waaaay out of his reach

No. 1790425

how is 4 years not a big difference? you are a grandpafucker lol

No. 1790427

So then what happens when you yourself become a 30+ year old woman, anon? Will you be single forever or are you admitting that you'll inevitably become a creeper?

No. 1790428

>waiting for a man to love her

No. 1790429

I would never want to ruin the beauty that is Kirsten Dunsts marriage. I would be devastated if her husband left her for me

No. 1790430

yeah i will be 45yo going on cruises with my 21yo trophy husband i acquired through craiglist and imported from russia while you change the diapers of your nigel

No. 1790431

That's when I become a wizard. It's a day of celebration

No. 1790432

>t. lesbian

No. 1790434

does that make you gay, moid? since no woman wants to fuck you

No. 1790435

Three, but I only made this post >>1790353

No. 1790436

Someone call the fujos, I'd rather fight them than whatever this is.

No. 1790437

They're seriously calling us lesbians for not being attracted to this >>1790403. The brainwashing runs deep

No. 1790438

No. 1790439

fujos have been brainwashed into ugly man propaganda too, there is a very famous BL manga of some old moids(one even fully bald) and its kinda popular

No. 1790440

what would you like to fight about nonny, im here

No. 1790441

It's the pedo brigade, please don't bring more autism here

No. 1790444

You can't be serious

No. 1790445

Isn't that only one? There's like a gazillion popular bl manga where both are attractive young men

No. 1790446

Sex and aesthetic obsessed tinder generation very sad this is why you all get cheated on by bpd manlets and snort coke off his crack instead of having a nice man take care of you and teach you to love yourself and your body

No. 1790447

>liking 21yos make you a pedo
kek it's exactly what i said before, grandpafuckers always call women into pre wall men pedos, but the microsecond you defile the honor of their 30+ blorbos they get super offended and play victim

No. 1790448

The only correct person itt

No. 1790449

your propaganda is innefective here lol try on lana del rey side of twitter

No. 1790450

File: 1701059116599.jpg (62.53 KB, 740x520, ezgif-5-86196f2c54.jpg)

Sleeping Dead, yeah. This is basically the only manga I've ever seen with a balding man tho, and the mangaka is known for being ~subversive~ so I wouldn't take it as indicative of anything. Even when there are 40 yr old men in BL, they're still draw like they're 25 and just get two lines under their eyes to signify age

No. 1790451

>Defending men this hard

No. 1790453

You're also defending men idiota

No. 1790454

You need to go back

No. 1790456

File: 1701059199630.jpg (9.11 KB, 380x385, 1656793226234.jpg)

he looks like a pedo uncle i cant handle the ugly man propaganda anymore when will it stop

No. 1790458

Cool. You'll be right beside him in the nursing home you'll inevitably be thrown into when your 21 year old trophy husband gets tired of you and cheats with a more well adjusted woman and if he's smart, steals your money.

No. 1790459

>a nice man
A unicorn?
>inb4 uggo men are the real nice ones!! pysop

No. 1790460

>You shouldn't be forever attracted to 20 year olds, that's weird and pedophilic nonna
20yos arent children retard

No. 1790461

why does the idea of a relationship built on love make you seethe, get therapy

No. 1790462

>thinks genuine relationships with men are possible
how many horror stories from women will it take to get it through your thick skulls that love with men is a lost cause?

No. 1790463

>20 year olds
Words mean things nona

No. 1790464

>everyone that disagrees with me is the same person

No. 1790465

nice nonny we will be rommies when your husband dies and your children leaves you, but i would have lived a life of pleasure while you were changing diapers and watching cocomelon

No. 1790466

That's why it was deleted retards. It's just strange to always be chasing someone who's super young compared to you. It's odd and should be judged whether you're a man or not

No. 1790467

They're nice as long as you teach them to respect you, if they're not insane, and have clear boundaries that you enforce as well as consequences for bad behavior. I'm sorry you haven't cracked the whole gender roleplay yet due to autism but you'll meet a nice guy one day

No. 1790468

Reeks of twitter in here

No. 1790469

Which fucking handmaiden found lolcow and is shitting up the thread to defend post-wall men? Did we get name-dropped somewhere again?

No. 1790470

whats wrong about a woman liking 20yos? we dont commit crimes and they arent poor babies, we are probably more at risk than them lol do you forget they are men and men commit 99% of crimes?

No. 1790471

Prove that moids can feel love

No. 1790472

no1currs we dont want to be bangmaides, go back moid

No. 1790473

Who says we're chasing. All we wanted was attractive men in media but we're denied even that small pleasure

No. 1790474

nta but they cant, they are only made to be oogled at and we cant even do that anymore due to handmaiden and seething hollywood incels

No. 1790475

Some of y'all just need to try some pussy at this point(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1790476

am i a bangmaid or a moid(baiting and derailing)

No. 1790478

Can you not read?

No. 1790479

Just report it girls(take your own advice)

No. 1790481

it would be less shameful if you were a moid at this point, this level of handmaidery is pathetic

No. 1790482

Kek if men can fuck 20 year olds so can women. Cope and seethe.

No. 1790485

You're projecting your self loathing onto other women because you are incapable of having a stable loving relationship with a man because they will always see you as a drugged out bpd idiot they can fuck and dump(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1790486

Your 20 year old man will be just as bad as a 30 year old. They're all men, they all suck. You all need to shut up and stop arguing about men in general

No. 1790487

And I'm sure you'll also be broke, destitute, and living in a constant state of lucid consciousness murmuring about apple sauce while your seventh barely legal husband fucks the marginally more decent woman his age.

No. 1790488

You're not wrong, we just want to see the attractive ones in media.

No. 1790489

That was my point. Men are there for fun and then eventually stability like the fuck do I care what they look like at the end of the day or how old they are if they give me what I need

No. 1790491

File: 1701059762281.gif (1.76 MB, 640x358, 1687650487085057.gif)

The reason why we will never have hot men in media again is because of these fucking pickmes. I hate them so much.

No. 1790492

File: 1701059771476.jpg (118.62 KB, 816x408, ash-blunt.jpg)

NTA but wow you sound really upset. Here, take a hit of this(derailing)

No. 1790493

Have you ever rolled a blunt with a cabbage leaf

No. 1790494

This level of chimpout all because we want to look at hot men in movies. They can't even let us look at attractive men god I hate this world

No. 1790495

no one cares you want to be a bangmaiden, we just want hot men in media.

No. 1790496

Attractiveness is completely a personal preference. Don't know why you guys are arguing over which moid is hotter than which moid. This argument doesn't even apply to everyone because I like black men and they don't hit the wall till they're like 40 kek

No. 1790497

No. Smoked a regular blunt, hit a bong, got some edibles in my nightstand, but I never smoked one through a cabbage leaf.

No. 1790498

I think your posts invoke a response because of the very obvious faggy innotation like it's all written like you understand a joke we don't and like you're really funny and clever and a good troll but everyone is laughing at you pretending to be retarded. Because you pretend bad

No. 1790499

File: 1701060028069.jpg (25.22 KB, 500x281, pedo pascal.jpg)

what do you mean you dont like 30yo+ mature interesting men with chiseled chins, are you a pedo? you will never be picked like me and have a baby and a loving husband twice my age and you will be abandoned and a lonely cat lady you are also bpd btw

No. 1790500

Okay but exactly how many attractive black men have had roles in hollywood recently?

No. 1790501

>Attractiveness is completely a personal preference
This has always been a cope to make uggos feel better about themselves, as well as the women who settle for uggos and need to trick themselves into thinking they didn't get such a bad deal. Some parts of beauty change over time, but others are objective, like good bone structure, facial symmetry, healthy development, etc.

No. 1790502

>Attractiveness is completely a personal preference.
no, it's not. Just because you like pedo pascal it doesnt make him hot.

No. 1790503

No. 1790504

I have no idea what the fuck you're talking about and I have no idea who you think I am

No. 1790505

The lesbians are trying to psyop me again I'm not eating your pussy I am sorry(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1790506

Going to be completely honest I don't tend to go for manga with 2d younger looking dudes because their bodies tend to be drawn so flat and empty.
That's just a 2d thing though, 20s and 30s tend to be drawn more or less the same.

No. 1790507

File: 1701060171024.jpg (83.08 KB, 720x960, 1681869805849.jpg)

No. 1790508

I think you wrote that post

No. 1790509

>who you find attractive is not a personal preference
Also I just said I like black men, I might like my men older but I think Pedro Pascal is ugly kek

No. 1790510

What fucking post?

No. 1790511

File: 1701060257465.jpg (44.96 KB, 720x705, da9.jpg)

Tranny in the new doctor who anniversary special. Gross and cringe.

No. 1790512

KEK what the fuck is that hairstyle did he have it tattoo'd on to try to conceal his baldness?

No. 1790513

The one I quoted and replied to

No. 1790514


No. 1790516

In my opinion, a lot. I think people like Lakeith Stanfield are incredibly attractive

No. 1790517

omg you are so fucking annoying this is why I talk to you once every 5 months

No. 1790518

That person is just assuming every person here who doesn't like twinks likes pedro pascal. I was very obviously trying to tell them I don't and that they're correlation made no sense

No. 1790519

is average looking men what you consider hot?

No. 1790520

Then you're retarded because I wasn't trolling or pretending or whatever other accusations you have. All I said is post-wall men are ugly

No. 1790521

File: 1701060412411.jpg (7.02 KB, 249x202, ew.jpg)

Gross. And why is doctor who still running? I thought it'd have died off by now

No. 1790522

no. no1currs you like black moids, stop bringing it up as if it matters.

No. 1790523

No, but he's not average to me. He might be to you but it is what it is

No. 1790524

You have got to have autism

No. 1790525

then stop bringing it up as if your pickme opinion matters. You can keep your trillion ugly men, we just want a crumb of what men have.

No. 1790526

Producers with big money I assume cuz I know that shit can't possibly still be profitable on its own

No. 1790527

Answering a question is not the same as spamming retard

No. 1790528

you brought it up a million times when no one asked

No. 1790530

Brought it up once to explain that what is attractive to people differs. Someone then asked what attractive black men there are. Another person tried to say I like pedro pascal when he was explicitly not my type. Everything is in relation to my original post. Keep up

No. 1790531

Which fight was the better fight? Vote now.
>Fujo vs. Yume fight
>Twink likers vs. Old man likers

No. 1790532

Seems more like male actors nowadays refuse to give up the spotlight, it goes beyond gaslighting women.
Like, who in general wants to see men pushing 60 still in action movies?

No. 1790533

fujo vs yume fight was legit, this fight feels like men or their bangmaidens trying to psyop women into liking ugly old men

No. 1790534

I think the Superman guy looks a bit better older than younger tbh.

No. 1790535

I hope they all die of drug overdoses then

No. 1790537

60+ year olds on steroids and with lots of botox is such a bizarre peak of male beauty standards. like societies collective insanity in one person

No. 1790538

well yeah ofcourse they wont when they have hoardes of pickmes licking their saggy nuts.

No. 1790540

The fujo vs yume fight is always shitty and the same old argument
I'd have the same mindset if I didn't find out moids (from the soyjack place) have in the past caused and participated in the fujo vs yume fights

No. 1790541

i think we're all running out of things to talk about tbh every topic in the op has been discussed many times. should've stopped at thread #2 like some other anon said. there's no juicy drama right now. maybe once MHA ends or something

No. 1790543

This isn't upsetting anyone I promise you lol

No. 1790545

It's a good place to vent my autism tho

No. 1790546

I hope mha kills someone like deku so I can see a bunch of people get tattoos of him like griffin, and then they bring him back to life

No. 1790548

samefag I meant brian griffin fuck

No. 1790549

Haven't Korean fandom gotten mad at something recently?
Something to do with Maple story

No. 1790551

I've heard about some coping with Mina and Kirishima from BakuKiri shippers, but I don't follow mha enough to know all the deets

No. 1790553

File: 1701061158205.jpg (18.05 KB, 360x203, F_yo0HiasAAGPRe.jpg)

Korean incels were mad because Maple Story had included an image of a girl using squinting fingers in their collab. They believed the animators were Korean feminists and did it on purpose to mock their small penises. I'm being genuine by the way

No. 1790556

File: 1701061245473.jpg (199.02 KB, 720x837, wv2jqi.jpg)

When is Korean fandom not mad at anything? Those people are insane. I still remember how a bunch of Koreans attacked someone who edited an enstars boy to look like a different enstars boy. Good times.

No. 1790559

Yume vs fujo was just the typical back and forth, so meh. Yet this one is just plain hysterical. I never laughed this hard in weeks.

No. 1790561

File: 1701061317914.jpeg (1001.75 KB, 1170x1830, 31EB1CAD-895E-419D-A407-4B5521…)

The moid ones, yes. It was over a single animator from a studio being a feminist. The moids compiled a whole compilation of anything resembling the 🤏 emoji (popular among KR feminists to mock small penises) from the animation studio basically claiming that one animator was inserting her feminist views. The animation studio caved into the incels, apologized for what the employee did, and aren't allowing her to do editing and PV work anymore

No. 1790562

File: 1701061415919.png (3.72 MB, 1844x2048, cringe.png)

Speaking of pickmes, it's literally insane how the run all female-targetted media. I had to stop consuming it because it's all weird maledom shit. I am not even asking for femdom, just NORMAL shit. I used to pick and drop so much fucking shojo anime as a kid until i completly gave up on the genre because it was so abusive. I recently found a really good shoujo artist and i adore her manga. It's just cutesy love romance with interesting characters and some drama, there isnt weird shit involved and its from the 80s. Genuinely cant believe an 80s manga mogs the living shit out of all modern romance anime shit. Dont even get me started on how the western side has devolved, now it's all maledom shit with abusive characters. I blame it on the boom of abusive media like 50 shades, 3 meters above the sky, 365, etc. Just pure cringe why cant at least have variety.

No. 1790564

Props to women making feminist writeups/critiques on why this shit sucks but honestly even that aside I hate the whole darkfic trend and everyone who reads it because the content and writing is just straight up garbage kek. It's truly bottom of the barrel "literature" and basically the worst amalgamation of AO3/Wattpad fics. I have zero respect for anyone that likes that stuff.

No. 1790566

according to the twitter thread that girl is a ''radfem'' lol

No. 1790567

Fucking sucks that they caved, but not surprising

No. 1790568

The girl in the video isn't but the one who posted those screenshots and started the whole discourse/convo over it is. I follow her kek. She's not the troon hating type of radfem though.

No. 1790569

"Omg you guys here's a list of ten dark books that kept me up at night" and it's just a bunch of rape torture porn and cannibalism.

No. 1790570

oh, thank god. Hope she becomes troon hating eventually.

No. 1790573

I wouldn't care if it's just adult women reading this garbage but unfortunately so many teen girls read these books and form their ideas of what their ideal relationship with a man looks like. And you just know these are the only books they read, it's so damaging

No. 1790576

whats even worse is that these books fry their dopamine receptors, at the end they end up finding normal halthy relationships ''vanilla''. Fucking wild.

No. 1790578

Does anyone else find the timing of these kinds of CoHo-esque maledom books blowing up with young women coinciding with the pushback on women's right really suspect? It can't just be me, right?

No. 1790582

YA and teen fiction should really have a clear separation. Like this shit is getting pushed as YA and sure the writing is on par with YA, but Hunger Games should not be in the same demographic as this shit

No. 1790587

the 2010s+ have been a pushback for feminism. Abusive ''romance'' movies, ddlg, lana del rey pedo coquette shit, kinkshaming becoming a thing, fujo harrassment for ''fetishizing le poor ol gays'', maledom becoming the ''female gaze'' default, women infantilizing themselves with gugu gaga sanrio head empty shit, the rise of pickmes. It's a horrendous time to be a woman even though it shouldnt.

No. 1790588

also, i am talking about fandom. I know worse things happened IRL like ban on abortion.

No. 1790593

If feminism was still thought of as an actual political discipline and not some random identity we wouldn't be going through this shit. I probably wouldn't care as much if some women want to act like retarded bimbos (though I look down on them) if they weren't claiming bimboism can be feminist praxis. Feminism is just now seen as "women does X and finds it empowering therefore it's feminism" which basically means every and any action can be feminist with makes no sense. If you want to read BDSM moid rape then go ahead but stop justifying it under the guise of "I'm actually doing a feminism by reading this, you're the fake feminist not me!". Literally no other political movement is given this treatment.

No. 1790595

This would be hilarious if it hadn't resulted in a woman losing her job. God Korean moids must be one of the most whiniest men on Earth with the most fragile egos

No. 1790606

This mess started in the 2000s when the third wave/early libfems tried to push that feminism just meant equality and not female liberation. It actually meant something when it was somewhat of a dirty word to the general public, now it has no meaning.

No. 1790627

File: 1701066099440.png (319.15 KB, 561x525, hannam.png)

The Korean wave has to be one of the most detrimental cultural exports to occur. Korean moids are horrible and Kdramas and Kpop has memed women into thinking they're perfect, pure, caring husband material unlike their local scrotes meanwhile the average Korean moid looks like picrel and reees about feminazis. While the state of gender relations in Korea is horrible and kdramas brainwash Korean women into romanticising horrible moids and situations (which also creates the perfect dynamics for a worthwhile feminist movement), it's definitely done worse on the Kboos since they don't have to face the reality of Korean moids everyday and are only shown a fantistical version of them to idolise, turning them into an army of pickmes ready at Korean moid's disposal. It's always the foreigners, typically SEAns, who end up defending the vilest of Korean men, literal criminals, after Korean women have already turned on them. I don't know how you wouldn't end up peaking living in a cucked country which gives into manchildren constantly throwing tantrums over a fucking hand symbol and witchhunting every woman they possibly can because they believe they're oppressed because of muh military service but women's issues, paticularly sexual crimes, are disregarded, then Becky from Ohio comes along and chastises you that making fun of Korean moids dick sizes is racist because she listens to bts and her husbando most certainly is packing and said he loves everybody regardless of gender.

No. 1790631

File: 1701066350729.jpg (208.54 KB, 1824x1368, jawbones-1.jpg)

Korea truly is the best showcase of unrestrained capitalism and materialism does to a society, even the feminists seem very materialist based judging from what I've seen.

No. 1790636

The fact that you can’t go to the bathroom or hang in a hotel room in SK without almost definitely being filmed is enough to peak me on Korean moids being especially horrible. Also they’re all hideous without plastic surgery and then look weird with it and hit the wall at 25 worse than most men. At least the worst I have to worry about in Japan is someone grabbing my ass on a clean train.

No. 1790639

It doesn't help that every single piece of Korean media uses domestic violence against women as a plot device.

No. 1790643

Not defending Korean moids but I don’t get when people from western countries act like their men is any better. Western moids travel to Asia and Africa to have sex with children, asians usually do not. Not sure why it’s become so popular to hate East Asian countries

No. 1790646

It's because east asian culture is usually idealized in nerd culture

No. 1790649

The western moids with normal to large cocks don’t generally engage in sex tourism, that’s a tiny peepee white man problem

No. 1790656

>yaoi yaoi

No. 1790664

passport bro go away.

No. 1790668

I would be more willing to think about angles like that if this shit wasn't just repackaged bodice-rippers that are allowed to get more extreme and weird due to slipping publishing standards and the coombrained mindset of the audience desiring those greater extremes. This stuff has similar qualities to batshit soap operas that make it a 'ride' and easy to vlog about (helping it to get popular on social media), is easy to read because it's at a low reading level and highly formulaic, is full of angst and drama so it's 'juicy', geared for self-insertion by having the protagonist be an empty husk, and all of the sex and relationship tropes are ones that tie into some of the most basic and common female fantasies (or the motivation behind them) but exaggerated into a more grotesque and modern form. It's like edgy coom fanfiction but for normies, you know the kind, but instead of there being only a small percentage of a given fandom's fics like that, it's an entire literary genre/market without limit or reprieve, of both traditional and self-published content, so the readers never run out or have to move on to something more normal/chill/healthy. Fried dopamine receptors and all that.

This stuff was inevitable once women were able to more freely express their sexuality and sexual interests (not saying that's a bad thing by default btw) or in some spaces are outright not allowed to be criticised or questioned for only reading progressively more extreme porn scenarios masquerading as romance books.

No. 1790682

Passport bros have tiny peepees. Going to SEA for pussy is an automatic tell that the dude is below average in every attribute but most especially cock size and empathy.

No. 1790692

You sound like a moid

No. 1790699

continuing from the last thread regarding kpop, BTS started with making "critiquing society's expectation" in 2014 they went to US and filmed a show called Bangtan Boys American Hustle Life, where they consulted US producers on how to mimic black culture authentically. BTS stopped doing hip-hop after 2015-ish and started going mainstream boyband pop music.

No. 1790702

true but they're fucking stupid. most American women are just as desperate if not more than most SEA women. passport bros are just stupid and don't understand the fact they go abroad and actually put in effort to woo the girls where as in America they literally expect hot girls to appear at their doorstep

No. 1790708

No anon, passport bros go to SEA because they want to manipulate third world minors into having sex with them.

No. 1790710

ayrt, I don't think western moids are better. My point was exactly that those women have been deluded into thinking Korean moids are not like other moids and end up becoming pickmes for them specifically. Like >>1790646 said, you often see weebs and kboos thinking EA is better than the west so I think the "hate" is just realistic pushback against the fantasised ideal they have of those countries. The way those countries and their men/women get idealised is often contrary, re right wing moids who think it's the land of pure, submissive waifus in their rightful place (below men) unlike the woke west vs women disillusioned from the moids in their own country thinking there's wholesome, respectful prince charmings who'll treat them right waiting for them there etc.

No. 1790721

File: 1701070550200.jpg (19.06 KB, 600x400, merlin_173575167_3b295767-1568…)

Inshallah she will reign, may her will be done

No. 1790730

Interestingly I notice that it's mostly weeb RW moids who fetishize Japan and usually left-wing women who fetishize korea.

No. 1790731

Truth. The more I learn about the Korean society the more dystopic it sounds. Women are bottom feeders, racism is incomprehensible and corruption is quite literally everywhere, if you're rich and famous enough you can do pretty much anything with no consequences even with the public's blessing. Korean incels are a next thing coming and should have their own thread, remember the time they got a female gaming company empoyee fired because they dug up her old tweets where she, in a VERY tame and milquetoast fashion, defended feminism? And now she's an evil feminazi? Or when they got mad at a female archer from their olympic team because she had short hair? I guess the reason koreaboos are so unhinged and psychotic is that you have to have some delusional tendencies to be able to look past all this shit.

>he loves everybody regardless of gender.

The Korean soft power machine was really working overtime trying to make their bands seem progressive to western palate but still pander to the homophobic society back home. You know those boys are drugging and raping fans and laughing about it, I swear Burning sun wasn't an anomaly.

No. 1790733

We had an Ricecels/Asian Masculinity thread that got locked, maybe someone could requet it be opened.

No. 1790737

don't forget attacking a woman just for making eye contact

No. 1790738

>The Korean soft power machine was really working overtime trying to make their bands seem progressive to western palate

That was the whole point of the A2K youtube show, a fake positive healthy trainee process to calm down the worldwide anger towards korean idol slavery. The group has no real purpose besides that.

No. 1790742

Kek I remember watching a video where idols were doing some interview and they had eaten candy, one of the girls got her mouth stained blue and the other girls looked legitimately scared for her. Wasn't there a girl who accidentally farted on camera and was kicked from her group, subsequently killing herself? People who worship k pop idols are so pathetic

No. 1790743

Why do you think you're being cool by taking the extremely serious issue of child sex tourism and saying "hehe only mennies with tiny weenies do this hehehe"? Are you underage? Fuck off

No. 1790747

I’m being sardonic regarding disgusting pedophile scrotes nonna.

No. 1790748

I would love to read an essay on why this devolution happened. Both shoujo and otome in general have become glorified rape porn and women are squeeing over how hot it is, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack trying to find normal stuff that also isn't overly saccharine fluff with no thought put into it. Every time I pick up a 80's shoujo the difference is staggering.

>And you just know these are the only books they read, it's so damaging
This is the problem right here, I don't think it's that bad to read dark fiction but young women only reading wattpad stories about troubled hot guys abusing women is genuinely worrying and it's no wonder so many cases of a sadboy grooming tons of young girls are popping up.

No. 1790753

>Western moids travel to Asia and Africa to have sex with children, asians usually do not.
What are you even talking about, yes they do. Japanese, Korean and Chinese men travel to SEA countries all the time to fuck kids, it's a very well known fact in those countries. In fact Koreans and the Chinese are the biggest clientele of child prostitutes in Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia. https://english.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2013/01/30/2013013001376.html Koreaboos are absolutely delusional thinking their sugar roll bts husbando wouldn't rape a kid because his fancams are so cute and funny.

No. 1790754

Escalation most likely, happening with every sort of genre, where things have to increase so it remains "hot"

No. 1790755

They literally did that with Bakugo and no one got a sad tattoo in the time he was dead

No. 1790767

Oh boy do I have the perfect combination of both of those for you >>1788389 I love this type of crazy like >>1790556 too, I want to see more of the Tumblr one’s posts that anon better post more or I will hire a filipino assassin myself.

No. 1790769

Asians also idolise the west, who cares lol. Imagine telling an Asian person who likes European culture to stop liking it because European men are racist or because of colonialism. Let people enjoy things without caring about politics

No. 1790771

>let people enjoy things
The gall to say this on lolcow dot farm

No. 1790774

If you're so blinded by your obsession for a country that you in all seriousness claim that they would never fuck child prostitutes in developing Asian countries despite statistics saying they're in fact the biggest demographic doing so then yeah you shouldn't be let just to "enjoy things".

No. 1790775

KEK we're literally on Haters: The Website™

No. 1790778

Weebs and koreaboos will be confronted with the darkest shit possible about their pwecious cinnamon woll country and just look the other way.

No. 1790780

the way that these threads consistently oscillate between decent on-topic discussions and random slapfights fascinates me kek, keep it up nonas

No. 1790781

I mean, is it even lolcow if we aren't having slapfights?

No. 1790830

File: 1701078290939.png (51.45 KB, 1750x150, shoujo vs yaoi vs yuri.png)

fixed it for them

No. 1790842

File: 1701079237325.jpg (328.4 KB, 2000x2000, kara-and-lena-supergirl-155143…)

Lena Luthor and Kara from supergirl, they were really popular on tumblr for a hot minute.

No. 1790843

None of the anons, he's ok but the expression he makes here is so retarded and he needs water and chapstick kek

No. 1790845

samefag, Their ship was where I saw the discussion of who was the 'dom/top' in the relationship become extremely heated and on par with male slash shipping. One side would say, 'Obviously Lana is the dom, she's confident and cold, that's a dom if I ever saw one,' while others would argue, 'She's actually a brat and just needs Kara to tame her.' To me, it was obvious that they were projecting opposite-sex ideas onto both of them to make sense of it.

No. 1790857

Pretty sure it's just there for dirty talk, same reason a lot of yaoi doujins have the characters saying 'I'M GONNA GET YOU PREGNANT/KNOCKED UP'

No. 1790859

File: 1701081432940.png (1.2 MB, 1830x784, toranoana ranking.png)

Speaking as a fujo, if you go on basically any doujin site the top doujins for women will be BL 99% of the time.
Female otakus are almost ALWAYS presumed to be fujos or at least engage in BL for a reason.

No. 1790860

Legit I didn't see any het ships on the 'for women' ranking until I hit number 36 kek.

No. 1790864

same, i never really got into shoujo manga for this exact reason. what's the name of the 80s manga, nonnie? i'm curious

No. 1790871

File: 1701082760096.jpg (106.01 KB, 1000x750, well yeah.jpg)

Kek as an mmofag Korean dudes are just like this, and it isn't even nexon's first experience with retarded spergs either. Just throw large enough of a tantrum and companies will listen.
Also the new maplestory update sucks unfortunately. Fuck new age

No. 1790872

Samefag but I should probably explain what that is, it's a protest truck. If a game company releases a patch you don't like just send one to their HQ.

No. 1790874

That's not the same thing at all, dirty talk is one thing but writing/drawing straight sex and pretending it's in any way gay is another.

No. 1790877

One of the most interesting things I've noticed is that whenever the topic of feminism/misogyny in Korea comes up on an English major platform, it will instantly be swamped by English speaking Korean men trying to convince everyone that the women in question are turbo femnazis and also ugly and also misogyny isn't that bad.
Also everyone should read Kim Ji-Young 1982, it's a short book on the struggles Korean women face. It's also the book Irene from Red Velvet was daring to mention she was reading after which a bunch of incels burned everything they owned with her face on it.

No. 1790883

Too bad, maybe hetfags should pick up the pace and start creating doujins then. Oh right, they won't, they just expect fujos to convert and cater to them because having like 100% of canon licensed content be straight isn't enough for them, fan created stuff must be too.(infighting)

No. 1790884

Kek that reply is kinda funny though

No. 1790885

The same happens with Chinese moids. Chinese women who break through the great Chinese firewall to talk about how misogynist they are and will instantly be attacked by male wumaos on standby calling them liars and CIA shills. Chinese and Korean men despite being racist as hell are fucking obsessed with how foreigners see them and if they're put in any negative light they simply blow up, but specifically Korean scrotes will start sperging about muh fat ugly feminazis disgracing Korea.

No. 1790892

sage for blog, the reason het women feel alienated by mainstream het shit is because it caters to men. i know this is especially true for the weeb shit. i’m not into anime anymore but when i was into it back then it was so hard to find any het shit that wasn’t coomer male fantasy. and yaoi wasn’t my cup of tea either- i never liked most yaoi tropes and never really found most yaoi “hot” so i eventually just… stopped being a weeb.

No. 1790896

Oh yeah that great straight content that's nearly exclusively male gaze.

No. 1790901

I honestly wonder if anons complaining about weebshit not having proper het pandering to women have ever visited a manga store in Japan, there are tons of het manga and light novels written by and for women. Sure most of it is trash, but so do fujos have to shift through garbage to find the gems. It's been stated time and time again that fujos are productive and taught themselves to write and draw to create what they want to see and studied Japanese to be able to read or scanlate the series overseas so I don't understand what anons expect them to do about it, just drop what they're doing and make content for them? How about putting a bit of effort into it and getting to work like we did? Or is the problem specifically that there is any BL content to begin with, not so much that there isn't enough het content? Go be mad at scrotes instead for forcing everything to fit their wants and needs.

No. 1790904

What? Most yumes I know just want more content in general. Many of them are also content creators, they just wish there was more. It's just a neglected market overall. That's why there's such a massive boom of Korean webtoons made for women. Nobody is telling fujos to create content for them. Just the general desire of wanting more decent quality stuff. When it comes to translations specifically, you should already be aware that anything catered to women is notoriously under translated, even when popular in Japan.

No. 1790906

Then why are anons sitting in this thread bitching about how they never get pandered to, BL dominates all fandom spaces, the entire industry considers "female fan" to be synonymous with "fujoshi" and so forth? It's clear that they're bitter about it even though, as you said, there's plenty of content for them to enjoy so the core reason just seems to honestly be that they're annoyed by the presence of BL and existence of fujos, not the lack of media catering to them. What specifically is the problem here then? Why are the complaints in this thread always directed at fujos and not, for example, already existing straight content being heavily moidgaze?

No. 1790912

>They just expect fujos to convert and cater to them
No we don't you fag-worshipper.(infighting)

No. 1790914

Ntayrt, but at least some of them are clearly mad that their hasubandos are getting railed kek like >>1789247. And they clearly have a problem with existence of male homosexual content too, as "my hasubando having a vagina is better than turning him into faggot" and "fag-worshipper" would imply.

No. 1790916

I know that's the real reason but I'm just fascinated at them jumping through all these hoops and pretzeling to the point they constantly contradict themselves just to avoid being honest about their motivations.

No. 1790920

Honestly? I just said fag-worshipper in response to the title of "hetfag', would gayfag be better?

No. 1790923

Kek, i see, nonna. Wish they'd just be honest, i can understand them not liking it. Wish we could just live in harmony.
Oh, got you. Gayfag wouldn't come off as mad, honestly kek

No. 1790924

In female-dominated fandom spaces, BL/Fujo content DOES dominate. That doesn't mean fujos are doing anything wrong, it's just stating how it is.

That anon was fucking weird tbh. I don't want to see my husbando with a vagina ever thank you. All I'd personally want is for fandoms to be more easily sorted by type of content like most JP fandoms are. Most joseimukes are very much seperated into those that are fujos and those that are yumes, and it feels more peaceful for everyone involved.

No. 1790925

You can't deny there's a clear, almost autistic, animosity from fujos at the mere concept ot hetero-content and yumes as well and to be honest I've noticed many times in this thread cases were some will simply either project what they beleive, conflate or not even read. When that anon posted about the manga rankings she wasn't implying that fujoshi should stop making gay content and cater to her. Same goes When >>1789555 mentioned that there's a higher amount of M/M content, she wasn't talking about spicy straight shit at all but it was taken as such. Most egregious of all is when gendieshit and trannyshit infecting fandoms, multiple times, have been blamed on yumes by fujos when that's obviously not the case or when it's constantly parroted that there's an overwhelming amount of het-content but there's failure to recognize that 98.9% of it is moid pandering garbage.

No. 1790929

Speaking of the very specific niche of japanese women (yeah, I don't give a fuck what western fujos do) producing female target works, heterosexual erotic content isn't that rare, but it seems to get scanlated much less than yaoi. I often spot straight smut on mangadex and when I check it out it's only being translated in chinese. Of course, if we are speaking of mainstream western media it's shit because it's male gaze 99% of the time even if it's heterosexual, so it does not count.

No. 1790931

obviously i have never visited manga store in japan. what makes you think i would be able to do that. Obviously I’m talking about the western fandomside lol

No. 1790934

Anon just humblebragging

No. 1790935

not even humble lol. “You broke hetfags don’t do annual visits to the glorious land of nippon and buy thousands of dollars worth of drawn porn to scan and upload online? Pathetic.”

No. 1790939

>That doesn't mean fujos are doing anything wrong, it's just stating how it is.
Fair enough, but anons in this thread repeatedly bring it up as an issue to be remedied at the expense of fujo content. that's what's being addressed here.

Like said, non-Japanese fujos learned Japanese to do the scanlations themselves, they even translate for Japanese indie artists on twitter for free just so that they can share their work. For a lot of my fujo friends their main reasoning for learning Japanese was to be able to read all the series that don't get translations since the amount of BL series that get an official translation is miniscule even at the current time of digital releases. Even the most popular and high-selling BL series don't get official English translations until maybe years later, often the only series that do are oneshots that were cheap to license and push out.

Because anons act like "all Japanese content this and that" when they clearly have no idea about it due to the language barrier or never having even been there in person. Calling it "humblebragging" is some PULL-tier weeb insecurity.

No. 1790944

Pay for my flight to japan.

No. 1790947

>Like said, non-Japanese fujos learned Japanese to do the scanlations themselves
Yumes do that too. There just, once again, aren't as many.

No. 1790949

Get a job like all of the fujostaceys who are able to travel to buy boxes of doujinshi, nonnie. Or just don't make broad statements about the joseimuke industry when you have no idea what you're talking about. It's free.

That's not a problem with fujos then, is it? If the issue is that there aren't enough yumes to create and translate content then I don't know how people in this thread get so up and arms lashing at fujos dominating fandom spaces except due to immense jealousy. What fujos have is the result of literally decades of work so there's not much I can tell anons here than to roll up their sleeves and follow the example of Chinese fujos who are risking their lives printing their gay novels under the CCP rule.

No. 1790950

Did you even follow the conversation? We're all saying it is not anything against fujos. We're not saying it's somehow the fault of fujos. All we want is just more focus on female content because you and I both know that men think women are icky and also not a good customer base when it comes to this stuff despite being proven otherwise over and over again.

No. 1790952

no we don’t act like that. I’m strictly talking about the western fandom, so do most anons here. we are not japanese, why would we talk about japan in here? obviously we are talking about the western fanbase and translated stuff. stop derailing

No. 1790956

>complains about me not going to japan
>doesn't pay for my flight to japan
Kinda hypocritical of you.

No. 1790957

Reading the conversation far upthread it's quite apparent that some anons are blaming fujos for "ruining fandom spaces" in a way that's clearly accusatory, and when they're told that most canon content is het aligned they say "but it's moidgaze" and default back to complaining about the fujo reign of terror in female spaces. The fact that the focus is always on fujo content being more popular and not straight content being mostly garbage is obviously implicit. I'm talking about on a larger scale than just a few replies.

No. 1790976

>Follow the example of Chinese fujos who are risking their lives printing their gay novels under the CCP rule
Risking getting killed just to get your fix of gay porn sounds both retarded and unhinged, you should never let your hobbies take you to those extremes. You can keep your "example"

No. 1790992

why is that fujo huffing her own farts so much anyway? she's even flexing trips to japan and everything kek

No. 1791011

File: 1701098070775.png (1.33 MB, 800x1199, theblade.png)

this is what some of you fujos sound like tbh

No. 1791012

File: 1701098471028.png (1003.48 KB, 880x902, 1652702390423.png)

I love this

No. 1791014

Okay but upthread there's literally some yumes blaming fujos for everything wrong with fandom (gendies, more fujo content than yume content, etc.).
But I agree there should be more female content being translated from japan officially. Even anime for women has dropped the ball. When was the last one that even came out that wasn't a shoujo?

No. 1791018

Nah, Chinese fujos are awesome and have some of the best porn because of how they handle it. They even tag shit properly because it's a big deal there unlike the west where there's wokeism and tr00n shit everywhere.

No. 1791024

The chinese are also some of the few that write decent yuri content (it's called baihe) for women

No. 1791038

Art. By the way, video related is how I feel whenever fujos gush about how great and superior yaoi is when anything of value has been made by asian women no one in the anglosphere internet has anything to do with.

No. 1791043

samefag but football fans are still worse than fujos, I have a friend who is exactly like in the video with Liverpool and he isn't even English.


No. 1791046

Where can one find some nice translated baihe to read?

No. 1791047

Novel updates. Here's a link for a rec list https://www.novelupdates.com/viewlist/32500/

No. 1791061

cipher, i totally recommend it. I love everything about it and the drama doesnt revolve around ''will they wont they''

No. 1791067

File: 1701102779619.png (1.02 MB, 944x2659, Toph-cop.png)

I first saw this with people trying to claim that Toph becoming the chief of police was the equivalent of making her a fascist. The reason the writers made Toph a cop was because that's a role usually given to strong, no-nonsense female characters (which Toph was). We were just having this discussion in another thread about how so many online Twitter types fetishize the concept of freedom to a point where they think anyone who assumes authority is a fascist. They also believe that anyone who tries to escape the rule of government (or who they claim is were trying to escape the government, such as cowboys and pirates) are queer hero's. Recently, after JK Rowling's situation, people decided that Harry becoming a Auror(a wizard detective) was a "red flag" about her actual horrible beliefs

No. 1791071

>Toph a cop was because that's a role usually given to strong, no-nonsense female characters (which Toph was).
havent watched korra but toph isnt no-nonsense, she's the opposite of that

No. 1791079

The west keeping their personal politics out of fictional stories: Impossible challenge

No. 1791084

Thank you nona!

No. 1791092

>Toph created the first and only police system
The Ba Sing Se city officials? Aang getting arrested multiple times in the series? Where did this person think the jails in the series came from if there were no police? What a fake fan.
>Harry Potter grew up and became a cop
Oh, it's one of those people. Nevermind.

No. 1791102

So… is Voldemort the good guy?

No. 1791105

>Where did this person think the jails in the series came from if there were no police? What a fake fan.
She actually addresses this, it's just the actual article is even longer
>Two notable examples of the proto-police force in Avatar are the Kyoshi Warriors and the Dai Lee, both of which share another Earthbending founder—Avatar Kyoshi. The Kyoshi Warriors are armored non-benders who protect their town and island from intruders. They are not a police force, at best they are a local cultural militia, which serves the greater Earth Kingdom people.

No. 1791106

>Recently, after JK Rowling's situation, people decided that Harry becoming a Auror(a wizard detective) was a "red flag" about her actual horrible beliefs
It's still so funny to me how the people saying that now were the same ones comparing Trump and ICE to Voldemort. They get all their political knowledge from Twitter and pop culture.

No. 1791116

>Police need to (theoretically) serve the people, and the Dai Lee, while oppressive, were instead controlling them and never attempted to position themselves in service to the populace.
Total misunderstanding of the history of policing and how such systems come to exist.
>They [Kyoshi Warriors] are not a police force, at best they are a local cultural militia
I agree they're not police, but does this imply that this women doesn't consider sheriffs to be police?
What does she consider the people who arrest Aang in Omashu? City guards are just another name for a police force. Historically, the concept of police start as an offshoot of the military. The state/dictator/king creates a force, normally men with some military training, who then enforce the law and prevent crime and civil disorder. Investigation, which is something that currently falls under police duties, usually evolves much later in these systems.

No. 1791128

tbf there are cases IRL of villages that were so small and isolated that there were no need for any sort of Law enforcement or militia, like when bandits to my grandmother's village during the war, it was a family of butchers that stepped up to safeguard the village, not military men. but those happened in super small villages and are over-represented by sociologist to try to prove that there's no need for any sort of measures to protect people.

No. 1791131

It's amazing how I went from loving astarion to fucking hating him and being sick of his demeanor lol. I'm just so tired of people jerking off to him

No. 1791160

File: 1701107581641.jpg (76.92 KB, 774x1138, FbcylzlVUAAgDqB.jpg)

sage for blogpost, I live in a crappy third world nation, where the police force is corrupt. My friends and I have personally endured harassment and leering from cops. one of my cousins was brutally beaten by a police officer who faced no consequences for their actions. Despite all of this, I still believe that a police force is necessary. I vividly remember the chaos and lawlessness that plagued our nation when there was no police presence. It was overrun by violent gangs. While we certainly advocate for police reform, we are not retards. We understand that without a police force, the situation would become so much worse. That's why it infuriates me to see Western leftists discussing the abolition of police.

No. 1791176

Unironically based, I hope the fujo thread in /m/ uses this for the next threadpic but with the fujo-chan mascot's head edited in

These people are honestly just projecting, they have this really burning need to talk about their 2deep4u politics allegories they just watched a documentary on and have to channel it into whatever cartoon they can just to have an excuse for their spergery. I doubt anyone actually reads this shit but just sees the header and the ingress and runs with it without ever witnessing the bonkers wall of text following them.

No. 1791186

This is one of those opinions I can't say out loud in namespace but I agree with you. I absolutely do hate and distrust cops but the concept of enforcers of (non-corrupt) laws isn't inherently wrong. I used to agree with leftists when talking about police abolition or at the very least defunding the police and putting it more towards other community resources, but the fact a lot of them don't have answers what we should do instead is telling. If you ask a run-of-the-mill modern leftist (especially a male one) what to do about situations like reporting DV, they usually get a non-answer like "well the cops don't do anything about that anyway". Okay, that's true, but what's the ideal result to win people over to your POV? (If anyone has answers fell free to reply)

No. 1791195

NTA. I don't believe in the abolition of the police force and I doubt these people genuinely believe in them either because they're the first ones to go crying to law enforcement when someone bullies them online but I do think that police as an institution is very prone to corruption and misuse of power so they must be held under a keen eye and be screened properly. I respect cops who do their job and protect the citizens, but even they are damaged by the bad seeds who beat up prisoners, kill innocent people, take bribes and protect their equally corrupt colleagues. The ideal result I guess would be to place strict surveillance on them by third parties to keep corrupt cells from forming and encourage whistle blowing inside their ranks? This is pretty offtopic though.

No. 1791227

File: 1701111447739.jpg (485.61 KB, 720x1920, 1693843160669.jpg)

I have talked to a few, and their argument is basically that a person who commits a serious crime has the equivalent of a permanent record that people can be aware of. If they choose to engage with them, that's their choice

No. 1791235

Bad people at times not getting the punishment they deserve being turned into just not using prisons at all is a wild fucking leap. I genuinely have so many questions but obviously this is not the place for it.

No. 1791239

This comic pisses me off, and I also used to somewhat agree. These types always play down people's real concerns as completely irrational. "safety for whom? from what?" safety for women, from rapists, maybe? children from pedophiles? As if someone can "choose" not to interact with the exact kind of people that force themselves onto others. The entire movement is so much more concerned with the coddling of offenders than the safety and wellbeing of victims- no time to create a support system for people victimized, we have to put all our effort into making sure the guy who did it can still get a job!

No. 1791243

>safety from whom
the sex that commits 98% of crimes, men

No. 1791253

>I don't answer these questions anymore
Cause you have no fucking answers kek

What thread? I'm interested in reading the discussion

No. 1791271

File: 1701113820674.jpg (175.92 KB, 1285x726, F6baPXDbAAEcOAT.jpg)

What I can't fully wrap my head around is why they don't listen to those protests though. Something similar happened with Project Moon, moids thought an illustrator included that same handsign and then dug up her old, since deleted, feminist tweets about how women shouldn't be filmed in bathrooms and that was enough for them to let her go. But why do korean companies give in to that pressure? Chinese moids were killing cats because they hated Scaramouche but hoyoverse didn't give a fuck and nothing happened. In PMs case they lost over half their playerbase overnight, but there hasn't been any real response to that, only the incels demands were met so far and those who were speaking out are getting sued

No. 1791273

unfortunately gender relations in south korea are one of the worst in the world, to the point that the current PM won the election on an anti-feminist platform. it's a horrible place to be female

No. 1791275

The flaw in the logic is that prison is not (exclusively) about protecting society from a perpetrator, it's about punishment, retaliation for the victim, setting an example to prevent others from doing wrong and protecting the perpetrator from himself from future crimes.

No. 1791314

Since the end of military rule, the Koeen public(for better or worse) has more political then a state like China.

No. 1791320

I guess I just can't imagine that their opinions are that important to game studios, I really don't see how their tantrums would change anything in a broader sense. In the PM case the incels apparently threatened to spread rumors that the company is feminist if they kept that artist and I can't imagine a world where that would turn a significant enough number of players off. Thinking about this is actually pissing me off, why can't moids just shut the fuck up and start posting weak tweets like "here's my waifu drawing b-but I don't support the creators views!!", why do they have to be so loud about it and why does anyone listen

No. 1791336

In 2021 some Honkai waifufag got so mad over in-game outfits that he set out to conduct a knife attack at the Mihoyo HQ but got arrested at the last minute so they're probably trying to not stir the pot to keep their employees safe. It's still shit either way.

No. 1791351

>Chinese fujos are awesome and have some of the best porn
I'm not a coomer so i don't care, at least they tag their stuff though

No. 1791411

>What thread? I'm interested in reading the discussion
It was in the fakeboi thread where we were talking about TIFs thinking cowboys were all queer rebels who just wanted from society's laws and restrictions.

No. 1791537

it's ok because one of them is hot, fat ugly bastared but make it yaoi

No. 1791561

which one is the hot one?

No. 1791571

File: 1701131001195.png (986.74 KB, 805x838, 57438.png)


No. 1791572

grrr why did she pair him with the fugly balding scrote i will never understand her mind

No. 1791600

>I don't answer those questions anymore
>it doesn't make sense to answer because there are bad people who have not been incarcerated
This is why the modern left is shooting itself in the foot. They don't have answers for basic concerns for people who would otherwise be on their side. I think capitalism is busted and right wingers are retards but at this point a so-called communist revolution would be just as bad, because so many so-called "communists" are in favor of prostitution and can't even answer to what to do about rapists/pedophiles/mass murderers in our communities in a society without prisons and police, besides non-answers like "they already walk free right now".

No. 1791620

kek I only saw this post and immediately knew which character it's about

No. 1791623

>having a nice man take care of you and teach you to love yourself and your body
I can do that myself, give me an obedient roidpig to beat up instead

No. 1791624

Same lmao

No. 1791654

he looks old and average at best

No. 1791684

Eh, the personality makes up for it.
A wimpy looking man like that getting caught off guard and backed into a corner.
It's not like it's that sort of smut story, anyway.

No. 1791699

File: 1701144012926.jpg (200.71 KB, 1190x841, Screenshot_20231014_201244_X.j…)

what is it with TIF-infested fandoms and she/her-ing male characters? is it just me or is this is becoming more common?

No. 1791706

To repeat a quote I once heard: they're called 'headcanons' because some takes just need to stay in your head.

No. 1791708

>someone makes stuff pandering to horny heterosexual women for once
>westoid fans proceed to headcanon the husbandos as trans, turn them into cuntboys and draw hideous steven universe fat vitiligo tier fanart
we cant have shit, moids into goku dont have to deal with this

No. 1791709

Trans headcanons have always been a thing but people actually going out of their way to she/her the characters seems recent. Before people would just tweet "x is a trans woman blah blah blah" but still use the correct pronouns in other tweets but I've been seeing more people she/her and they/them characters in all instances around a year ago.

No. 1791712

I don't like how the term headcanon has been bastardized. It used to mean "a character trait not mentioned in canon but cannot be disproven by canon either", now people literally just rewrite the entire character to fit their blorbo fantasy. Just make a fucking OC already

No. 1791713

>westoid fans proceed to headcanon the husbandos as trans, turn them into cuntboys and draw hideous steven universe fat vitiligo tier fanart
Thank god somebody else thinks it's really weird that westoid artists keep drawing vitiligo over and over again in their art. I see it so much, it straight up looks like a fetish. Why do they keep obsessively putting vitiligo in their fanart?

No. 1791719

>It used to mean "a character trait not mentioned in canon but cannot be disproven by canon either"
Some of them already do this though because you can easily weasel your way into claiming a character isn't canonically "cis" since the creator never confirmed it/we didn't see their genitals/they could be post-op/etc. even if the creator's intentions are pretty obvious. People do the same thing with bisexual headcanons like "well just because he's attracted to women on screen doesn't mean he can't be attracted to men too" shit.

>Why do they keep obsessively putting vitiligo in their fanart?
It's an easy "look at how inclusive and progressive I am" signal since it's easier to draw than fat people (you actually have to be able to draw different body types) or visibly disabled people (no one wants to learn how to draw crutches or a wheelchair). Plus it's "aesthetic" and you can draw cool patterns/shapes or whatever.

No. 1791721

File: 1701146145420.jpg (133.66 KB, 1440x918, incest game.jpg)

the incest game creator got doxxed and is leaving the internet

No. 1791722

But the she/her transfem hc's for male characters are so easily disproven yet they do that too. They don't even bother with the mental gymnastics anymore

No. 1791726

>People do the same thing with bisexual headcanons like "well just because he's attracted to women on screen doesn't mean he can't be attracted to men too" shit.
It's annoying when they reach and do that shit. Like if they wanna draw two dudes cuddling or bumping uglies, they should just do it instead of gaslighting the fandom into 'factualizing' a bisexuality that isn't even there KEK

No. 1791733

Rip bozo

No. 1791734

I think after people found out about queercoding shit everyone got really obsessed with trying to prove their ships and headcanons were factual. Which is annoying because there's nothing wrong with being delusional (not in the way these people are doing it though). Fandom used to be fun and people were aware their headcanons were headcanons but now you have people who will call you homophobic just because you don't agree their blorbo is gay-coded. Like I'm sorry but Mihoyo is not doing subliminal messaging or referencing extremely niche gay culture shit, they are a company made up of middle aged moid otakus putting fanservice in their game to milk fujo money.

No. 1791735

Ugh doxxing random fetish creators isn't based, it's cringe. Imagine actually putting that much effort into a nobody

No. 1791742

based is just the filter for ''soy'' on 4chan.

No. 1791749

Oh. That's an interesting way to filter "soy" but I still think doxxing randos is cringe. People should put more effort into doxxing those pedo intagram accounts and real criminals

No. 1791761

the soypedos dont care their whole personality is being as annoying as possible, they are the worst kind of attention whores

No. 1791772

So were they a woman or a man?

No. 1791777

Not really, there's plenty of coom-brained women, and the male MC looks nothing like what a man would draw

No. 1791778

>look it up
>the creator was a real woman
>she's married with kids
that's kinda surprising.

No. 1791779

Huh, so that one anon was right.
Good for them.

No. 1791788

okay, I hated the game with every fiber of my being but no one(except they are an actual pedophile) deserves this. if it starts with the incest shippers then it will extend to everyone.

No. 1791798

You shouldn’t put anything on the internet that you wouldn’t want to see printed on a 50-ft billboard with your name attached.

No. 1791810

people attach their names to the vilest shit, like stephen king and his kid gangbang book

No. 1791821

Soyjak retards went after the game creator because of how popular out of nowhere with trannies and from all the speculation that the creator is one I would presume. They don’t actually care about any of that proshipping debate.

No. 1791826

OCs are "too cringe" for these people, apparently. Yet completely rewriting a canon character to the point of bastardization is just fine.

No. 1791852

Of course it was a woman. The anons ITT claiming otherwise were retarded, on top of being a fujoshi the topics, artstyle and characters just screamed "female". Dark times to be a female content creator on the internet.

No. 1791853

How is that surprising when stories like Marmalade Boy and Angel Sanctuary are made by women for teenage girls?

No. 1791855

Some anons here are so sheltered tbh

No. 1791857

It could have been either way, I watched some playthoughs of the game, Leyley's design was a bit coomerish however the way she was written was with way more then agency then if a troon had written her, also the design of Andy was a bit too good-looking.

No. 1791873

This is something that genuinely makes me throw a turboautism fit. They look down on people creating OCs because "it's cringe and nobody cares about them" but they will rewrite an entire established character to suit their own wants and needs to the point they're unrecognizable from the original counterpart and somehow that's way better. It's not even just limited to the "xe's a genderfluid vitiligo trans nonbinary demiboy" clownery but people just creating some stupid entire coffeeshop spy heist AU for the characters with complete redesigns and new personalities, like what the fuck is the point? You can't make OCs because you wouldn't be able to milk social media clout with them by using a popular character's name? The amount of insecurity one must have to do this shit, you really need that fandom blanket around you at all times.

No. 1791875

File: 1701161190891.jpg (135.4 KB, 1630x597, zdnranGrzcJWqZ.jpg)

I see this a lot with fujos who feminize and HC'd a male character, that they have literally nothing in common with their actual selves, except their names.

No. 1791885

I swear you people would pin WW2 on fujos if you could, it happens with literally every fandom demographic ever. Hetshippers, yumes, moid fans, whatever, everyone is guilty of doing this. 50 shades of gray was literally a retarded Twilight modern bondage lifestyle AU fic before the names were changed.

No. 1791887

in this specific context regarding delusional fandom HC's, it does by and large hold true.

No. 1791904

File: 1701164265279.jpg (181.25 KB, 1284x1267, 197.jpg)

You're based, and I love you.

No. 1791948

File: 1701172546258.jpg (115.68 KB, 1830x1309, F_wkXF8XYAATddS.jpg)

I think it's an interesting phenomenon that's been happening a lot more often in recent years. Part of it has to be that "fandom blanket" as you say, since the character is already known and there's no need to think of and then explain a backstory to the rest of the audience. But the artists doing it usually do like the base character which they then start adding other things they like onto over time and sometimes it ends up turning into an entirely new one. Though I did notice that those artists oftentimes just don't have OCs they are invested in and it's probably not because they think it's cringe (this process is arguably more cringe than making something new up) but because they don't have the creativity to make something or attention span to then build a universe around it. Not to mention that spending time making your own stories will feel less rewarding if you know you could've gotten more attention if you had used that same story for an AU. That infamous Kakyoin artist brujo_ari probably only managed to let go of the Jojo background because the audience got big enough to still support her for her style and designs alone

No. 1791964

File: 1701174864966.png (573.97 KB, 824x430, Create.png)

Okay, but all art that has ever existed is inspired by the works of others. As the saying goes, 'no one is original.' I think, everyone takes ideas, but they change, mutate, and add or remove aspects they dislike. They also mix it with something completely unrelated

No. 1791970

True, and I see no issue with that. I guess anons complaining about it just don't care about that process, all they want is to see their husbandos looking the way they do in the source. Which I also understand, but it's easy enough to block and mute if someone draws them in a way you dislike

No. 1791975

File: 1701176576931.jpg (176.12 KB, 1080x1422, Screenshot_20231128_140243_Ins…)


Went to check her out and kek, most egregious example I've ever seen. At least she was honest about it

No. 1791979

I don't think that's the point

No. 1792001

I think an added annoyance I have with this phenomenon are the people who fandom hop for their next new "toy" and aren't aware/interested in learning at least some of the source material, so they only follow the fandom and start basing their art on the fanon version, which 9/10 tends to be even worse than canon.

No. 1792005

But this is a completely different issue. It's not taking something to create something new, it's taking a thing and modifying it to the point of unrecognizability while still insisting that it's still that thing. It would be one thing to be inspired by something and use that as a template for the things that you create but presenting your wattpad coffeeshop crossover au with complete redesigns for all characters as still being just "fan art" living off the exposure a title someone else popularized for you is being at least somewhat fradulent in my opinion. Whenever I've asked people about why they do this, the answer is always the same - they want the attention an established title brings them. They claim it's too much work to create a world and a story around characters but essentially do just that with their steampunk tavern AU with complex angsty relationships they came up with.

Exactly, I actually see a lot of people saying unironically that they don't care about the original thing but prefer the fan version. People need to stop being so afraid of making original content.

No. 1792044

There's a very popular fanartist in one of the fandoms I frequent who made an entire comic series based off their ship, yet the characters are so far removed from the originals that it's only "insert title" in name alone. In one post they even admitted that they rarely play the game anymore and just "stick to their thing." I have them blocked, but their art continues to show up past my filters somehow.

No. 1792082

>complain about mischaracterization
>proceed to refer to a character that's obviously male as "she"
It would be funny if it wasn't annoying. How do people take retards like this seriously?

No. 1792128

I played an hour of the game and it could have gone either way tbh. The characterization of the female characters reeked of either a pick-me or a tranny that hated biological women

No. 1792139

It was actually the portrayal of the male character that tipped me off, I feel if a moid had written him, he's be more passive and just be "forced" to sleep with leyley, but the fact he actively restrict her and there were some scenes that were fem-gazey made me realize it was most likely made fujo/yume type.(who are the worst of both of worlds)

No. 1792190

I noticed this too. I remember when I first saw claims about characters being "X-coded" it was usually just finding backing for their headcanon that can't be confirmed or denied. They don't even realize that "queercoding" was a very specific thing done back in the Hayes Code era (and equivalents in other countries), not really something now that it's trendy to have LGBTQ+++ characters now.

No. 1792242

File: 1701194289740.mp4 (6.51 MB, 640x360, One Piece_ A Queer Retrospecti…)

reposting this from the fakeboi thread cause it fits better here. regarding the whole "queer pirates" fixation, even the media which portrays pirate in a positive light, acknowledges that they were plunderers and murders (and often rapists). Now historically around the world most pirates were basically generational bandits from coastal communities. They were doing it for loot and nothing more. During the golden age of piracy, these pirates were mostly former conscripted sailors and a few naval officers basically trying to make money without any taxes from the Government. When they were referred to as the "dregs of society", it wasn't because they were queer rebels. It was because they were lower-class peasants who were robbing the governments. Often, these rebels would side with the governments of other nations. So, English pirates would be offered amnesty by the French or Spanish if they only raided English ships, and vice versa.
with all that, even the most historically illiterate person can realize how retarded of a take vidrel is, I guess the only queer thing about the pirates was that they probably raped the cabin boy, but I can't imagine being this out of touch with reality.

No. 1792261

>find femgaze artist
>themlet, enby, etc
>please help me crowdfund my top surgery!!1!
god damn it. half of you better be based deep stealth cryptoterfs or something

No. 1792273

I know some cryptoterf artists who put she/they or she/he or "all pronouns" to LARP as gendies (I do this too on my art account tbh), but if she's going as far to get surgery I doubt it. Hate how hard it is to find artists that are normal women now.

No. 1792274

File: 1701195949803.png (464.54 KB, 725x782, CryAboutIT.PNG)

>make incest game to appeal to 4chan moids
>act unbothered to "own the west"
>get doxxed by the 4chan moids
She honestly set herself up. What I think is funnier is how proshippers are spinning this as a "censorship" and "western fandom sucks" issue when it was done entirely by fans of the game who just thought she was a tranny. It's almost embarrassing to see all their tweets come up knowing they don't understand the situation outside their small bubble. When will they stop assuming everyone engages in the pointless proship vs antiship battle?

No. 1792279

i haven't bothered with this thing, was it really made to appeal to the 4chan incel crowd?

No. 1792280

I agree with >>1792274 the game finding appeal with coomer types was intentional(but not specifically 4chan)

No. 1792281

wtf this looks like my old ass boss that would walk around like a street fighter character and make me mad

No. 1792284

She seemed to have had a genuine siscon fetish, at least imo.
Also didn't she make shota too?

No. 1792294

I don't if that happens in f Andy And Leyley but she had a shota on shota BL game as well.

No. 1792300

Using the word 4chan as a catch-all for just coomer men who are your typical lolicon bros. Not necessarily the edgy side of 4chan, but just "those" type of male gamers. If she was smart, instead of appealing to them, she would've appealed to other women. Even some girls like more edgy stuff, so I don't know why she went the siscon and "mommydom" route

No. 1792301

If you can't stand the heat then don't get in the frying pan. You make a shitty game with edgy gorey incest and intentionally taunt people on your social media with "DIE MAD ABOUT IT LIBZ!!!111" level provocation and then run away with your tail between your legs. I agree that doxxing over simple coomerism is not justified and the people who did it should get fucked, but if you get into that game you have to be aware that some obsessed psycho will find out who you are.

>muh proshippers
How many times does this thread have to tell you people to stop bringing this retarded discourse here?

No. 1792302

>soyjak party doxxing people
How is this news? There is a reason why these creatures got rejected even by 4chan.

No. 1792306

>How many times does this thread have to tell you people to stop bringing this retarded discourse here?
Nta and I don't engage in that discourse, but pro vs antishipping has been a part of this thread since the beginning kek.

No. 1792309

Wasn't she doxed by the sharty? I keep seeing tweets and posts elsewhere and even friends talk about it being about western fandom, when to my knowledge it was done by a completely unrelated forum with some undoubtedly curious fans? Maybe I don't have the full picture but I don't think this is a proship vs anti battle either

>but if you get into that game you have to be aware that some obsessed psycho will find out who you are.
To this day I don't understand the purpose of trying to egg on the internet or goad people into doing something to you. Why would you do that? You better have the opsec or a spine to back it up or something. People on the internet are going to dig every piece of information on you eventually, why would you want to speed that up?

No. 1792312

Yes, as a subject. Not something to be participating in. The term "proshipper" used to be coined by a bunch of women who just wanted to ship their blorbos without middle schoolers calling them pedos but now it's been so diluted that it's basically used to refer to any kind of degenerate incest lolicon rape enthusiast male or female and this kind of shit enforces it.

No. 1792314

She didn't actually get doxxed, but the soyjak party moids found her husband, and that was enough for her to go full scorched earth. She already had a sparse online presence, so it's just more of the same. The game will continue.

No. 1792316

I feel like I'm missing something here so please someone spoonfeed me, how was the creator of the edgelord incest game provoking people online?

No. 1792319

Soyjak party didn't doxx her because they disagree with her, they did because they dislike how popular the game got.
It has nothing to do with shipping, just simply ruining things for others.
>stop liking things I don't like!!!!!!

No. 1792320

File: 1701199029104.png (502.71 KB, 693x558, BD8E59F9-C12E-4AEA-B5F1-D41F21…)

The only "provoking" done was picrel. Nemlei doesn't have social media so it's not like she's fighting people online.

Yeah the sharty did it. Regarding Nemlei's info specifically all they got out of it was an old email and Twitter account but they doxxed some other guy associated with her (people are saying it's her husband but it doesn't say that on the archive so idk). I don't think they tried to dox because of retarded proship/anti wars, probably just saw it as a challenge since she's really private. And also because a lot of trannies like the game.

No. 1792322

I actually took the bullet and went to soyjak to check it out and wtf, they just pulled some girl associated with kit9 and decided that it was Nemlei with next to no proof? I can't believe people fell for a retarded soyjak psyop of all things.

No. 1792323

I also want to see the proof. Twitter tourists ITT are insane saying shit like she deserved it just because she made an incest fetish game. Just don't play the fucking incest fetish game if it bothers you so much.

No. 1792325

>She's Finnish
deep down….I knew

No. 1792328


No. 1792333

It's genshin isn't it? My fav charas have all gotten butched by the fandom beyond recognition

No. 1792336

>How many times does this thread have to tell you people to stop bringing this retarded discourse here?
Person in the screenshot is a proshipper and lots of them are quoting the dox tweet as proof of antis enforcing cencorship. Also the OP of the thread literally says this discourse is apart of topics to be discussed.
No one's saying she deserved it, they're just saying that if you appeal to a certain crowd, you can't be mad when that crowd acts according to their reputation. But also take your own advice and ignore people criticizing the game, it doesn't affect you

No. 1792337

This. Whole lot of fucking nothing over this

No. 1792339

I'm not buying that dox unless there's definite proof. They pinned this on some random Finnish artist without any receipts besides her association with Kit9. Soyjak chuds are actual schizos and tried to claim some random Chinese fujo being her too so their "doxxes" are absolutely worthless.

No. 1792345

Why would she wipe everything if they got the wrong person tho?

No. 1792346

NTA but if soyjak doxxed me and decided to pin some random bullshit on me I'd delete everything too. Not worth fighting.

No. 1792347

What did she wipe? They barely had any presence online and the small amounts that they did was most likely due to realizing these people were onto them and it was a preventative measure. I would've done the same.

No. 1792348

Paranoia. I'd probably do the same if I knew people were looking for me.

No. 1792351

It doesn't really matter if the stuff was a faildox or not. If you already see that there's a bunch of schizos trying to get your information when you're trying to remain private it's not surprising you'd want to wipe it out before they'd get to it.

No. 1792352

Went on the doxsite just to check but you can barely even tell what's happening there. There's a dox in between the random gore, porn and wojack posting, but genuinely why do moids talk like that? The only dox they managed to find is their location, the husbands full name, and everything on him. For Nemlei herself, there's nothing. There's no real connection to her either but I can't tell what's going on half the time because the thread reads like spam kek

No. 1792357

From what I could've deciphered from that schizothread was that they found kit9's doxx (kit9 being the party publishing the game), dug up his wife and decided that this was Nemlei just to fuck with people I presume. They went after the dev because they wanted to prove that they're a tranny and now people are acting like "THIS IS WHAT MORAL CRUSADERS DO!!!!!!1" as if it was some twitter puritans doing the doxxing kek

No. 1792359

Exactly, everyone involved in this situation is a fucking idiot

No. 1792371

Twittoids using random unrelated situations to fuel their retarded fandom wars is the least surprising thing about all of this. Most of them don't even know what sharty even is but act like every user is some he/they 16 year old anti.

No. 1792375

I don’t know if it’s for the good that these retards don’t know that it’s the soyjak tweens behind it and not their anti boogeymen honestly. If they knew and were critical of the sharty for one tweet it’d take one moid to sniff that out and go DOXX KILL RAPE. They’re the most attention seeking group on the internet so I wonder how it’s going to go with so many in the Twitter sphere not recognizing it’s their work. Either way if it were actual antis or soyteens it’s retarded to start fear mongering that this is the death of freedom in fiction and if you write anything non pc you’re going to be doxxed in seconds.

No. 1792382

Has anyone else noticed the uptick in "incel headcanon/AUs" in fandom? It usually comes from wannabe edgy fujos who don't even use imageboards. And by incel 99% of the time they mean headcanoning a male character as some degenerate who doesn't shower and just plays video games. I'm pretty sure all of these people would go into shock reading anything from LC and this site doesn't even come close to the shit on 4chan so I don't understand the appeal for them. It really just seems like a "look how cool and darkwebpilled I am!!!1!!" thing.

No. 1792386

I have never seen this happen and I thought I was terminally online.

No. 1792389

i have also never seen this…sounds like its really fandom specific

No. 1792390

File: 1701203933122.png (328.92 KB, 1080x1590, 1700688546116-1.png)

No, they actually did doxx her husband.

No. 1792394

They doxxed kit9 and his wife but there's no proof that she's Nemlei. They just figured that she must be because she's the woman involved with him.

No. 1792395

If the art style is similar isn't it more probable that it is Nemlei rather than some random woman?

No. 1792397

File: 1701204538565.png (35.33 KB, 482x182, D8953A43-FC0F-4796-A250-2AF0E8…)

They also dug up this from itch.io so it seems pretty plausible the Finnish wife stuff is her.

No. 1792399

Yes i’ve seen this happen with the Riddler kek. I think by Lacryboy or some other Aiden inspired by her.

No. 1792400

They're only vaguely similar in the sense all cartoony digital art is and you really can't make a distinction as Kattiapina's art was mostly anthro and animals. As far as I know, Nemlei wasn't associated with kit9 studios until Andy&Leyley was acquired by them to be published and they were a generic indie developer before this. You're free to believe soyjack retards, but if I had a husband involved with an incest coomer game and a bunch of online schizos started pinning it on me simply because I was his wife I would be absolutely mortified.

No. 1792403

I haven't seen it, could you post screencaps? Here or in the fujo cringe thread.

No. 1792405

File: 1701205250765.png (949.56 KB, 1170x1838, IMG_1739.png)

Some zoomers caught onto the sharty being the doxxers, more proship/anti discourse and people being like "well you guys are the same!". Also some random thought farmers were behind the doxxing kek

No. 1792406

>soyjack pedos
they must be trying to change the narrative, but soypedos have doxxed several people they consider ''pedos'' even though 9 times out of 10 their site is cp ridden and unusable to the point even null had to stop associating with them because of the amount of cp that was posted there. They are just a wannabe troll site filled with edgy discord teens and pedos, they would doxx anyone for clout.

No. 1792407

File: 1701205277949.png (311.66 KB, 1170x761, IMG_1740.png)

No. 1792409

KEKITY KEK KEK KEK twitterfags are hugely retarded

No. 1792410

This is the dumbest drama we've discussed so far. This isn't even fandom shit its just retardation

No. 1792411

File: 1701205494531.jpg (28.41 KB, 660x315, samefag.jpg)

No. 1792415

they are just looking at excuses to justify the doxx because they dont like the game/creator, she didnt do anything to deserve it and there are definetly worse artists out there

No. 1792418

>kids (plural)
I would honestly be disgusted as fuck if I found out my mom was making games where siblings have sex

No. 1792420

To make matters worse, there's a part that jokes about the mom having a threesome with them

No. 1792424

File: 1701205937647.png (83.47 KB, 364x444, 1701175779659.png)

It's her art.

No. 1792430

File: 1701206107441.jpg (66.61 KB, 736x713, download (7).jpg)

I wasn't even that offended by the game before but now I'm appalled. That's just so strange when you actually are a mother.

No. 1792432

some fujo/yume with incest fetishes and good opsec mogging the kakerman wannabe site soypedo is extremely hilarious. She's probably going to come back when everything calms down, there are no photos or names circulating, which means its an absolute faildoxx.

No. 1792435

yeah…i think once you have kids its time to put the coom down…

No. 1792437

the doxx isnt even real

No. 1792442

File: 1701206548042.png (358.19 KB, 596x330, nemlei.PNG)

I don't know, the art is pretty similar to hers >>1792424 Picrel is her old art from her itch where she posted the Coffin game

No. 1792455

>fujo/yume with incest fetishes and good opsec mogging the kakerman wannabe site soypedo
I feel like I'm having a stroke trying to read this

No. 1792457

thats just the generic tumblr style, there are a trillion artists with similar styles. Even when the game was first discussed here people brought up how generic the style was.

No. 1792459

it's really not hard to understand

No. 1792468

Stop being dramatic

No. 1792472

Who said she had kids? Isn't she just married? You guys have already started, kek. No wonder she deleted her shit.

No. 1792474

The eye shapes and hair shading is similar. What are the chances both Nemlei and this random artist are both associated with Kit9, are ESL, and have similar art styles? Just apply occam's razor.

No. 1792476

It's weird anon. Sue me.

No. 1792492

sure soyteen, your doxx was totally legit and not a faildoxx.

No. 1792493

nta but you're the only one who thinks the styles aren't similar. They're very clearly drawn by the same person.

No. 1792494

i have seen a million artists with the same style, it's the designated edgy tumblr style

No. 1792497

It's a generic art style, I agree, but those two pictures are drawn by the same person.

No. 1792498

I think it's super generic and unskilled, I wouldn't dare betting either way.

No. 1792499

File: 1701208029097.png (318.54 KB, 789x638, FKAKKikaAAEpZOv.png)

The first time I saw that was late 2021 with people who shipped Childe and Bennett, some of the artists who were into it actually ended up moving on to batman when the movie came out like >>1792399 said. I think the word incel has been watered down a lot, now it basically applies to any disgusting guy who doesn't get dates. But I also remember there being drama about the "inceltaru" stuff because of this; some twitter users were fake outraged because real incels are sexist and drawing that AU therefore meant you hated women. But they were also mad because Bennett could be interpreted as underage (see prev threads where anons were fighting about him) while Childe could be an adult. Pointless discussions because they were mad someone else was having fun basically.
Usually those AUs are done to project, have a laugh at the character or make them seem more easily attainable and pathetic. I personally think it's funny every time, but only in gay ships or if the incel one is female. There's just something deeply satisfying about seeing my fave be tied down by some weird loser kek

No. 1792501

I don't go on sharty or support the doxxing retard. It just seems more likely that Nemlei and Kattiapina are the same person. You have to jump through hundreds of hoops to explain the coincidences. Brush it off as the art style being generic if you want but the hair shading (light streaks) gives it away.

No. 1792505

File: 1701208129240.jpg (162.16 KB, 1024x530, steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.jpg)

More on this, she uses the same way of drawing eyes, the same line weight, the same brushes, everything. It's a little more than a coincidence, and unless other artists with this style are given, it's pretty easy to say this is her.

No. 1792519

Inceltaru never made him terrible enough and ended up annoying me, I don't get why they didn't just call these AUs a shut-in AU or gamer or something.. Of course, I also think Bennett is ugly and they could ship him with someone more attractive. This content is lose-lose, honestly.

No. 1792523

>I don't get why they didn't just call these AUs a shut-in AU or gamer or something
I agree. I like the art myself but either commit to the bit or call it something else. Plus it seeped past Genshin/BM/Lacryboy orbiters now. You can find people posting about incel Yoshida and they're the same types who will call you out for using retard or fag.

No. 1792555

File: 1701210785265.jpg (94.45 KB, 323x368, 109298617_p8_.jpg)

True, it's all a lot milder than I remember considering the drama kek I'm pretty sure some people do call it gamer or streamer AUs though, it's just that "incel" immediately makes you picture a certain kind of gamer. I don't think anyone who's making these is thinking about imageboard culture specifically and of course they'll stay in the safe zone in terms of edgyness

No. 1792576

>Childe and Bennett
Who the fuck ships them when Bennett has a cute relationship with Razor and who the fuck headcanons Childe as an incel when he's a chad. I don't even care about the he's literally a minor!!!! nonsense, these people should be chastised for having such shit shipping taste alone.

No. 1792600

Coming from someone who likes Childe/Bennett it's a rarepair gone popular because of a good artist kek. People ship it because in fanon it has the insane bloodthirsty yandere + innocent naive younger guy dynamic which some people find more interesting than Razor. It's mostly liked by proshippers because they can add in age gap and predator/prey tropes to it. Basically just made up shit but at least the shippers acknowledge that.

No. 1792611

Childe obsesses over Aether, isn't that enough canon "bloodthirsty yandere and innocent younger guy" dynamic? I'm so confused, I genuinely don't understand why the western Genshin fandom seems to be obsessed with random crackships with the most clichéd wattpad tier dynamics that make people over 16 physically cringe because it's exactly like this shit >>1791948 and I don't know if I'm too autistic or not autistic enough to appreciate it but nevertheless I digress

No. 1792620

>Childe obsesses over Aether, isn't that enough canon "bloodthirsty yandere and innocent younger guy" dynamic
Not entirely sure why the shippers latched onto Bennett instead of Aether but if i had to guess it could be because of these
>Bennett is more outwardly genki and cheerful than Aether which adds to the dynamic
>they don't care about the MC because it feels too self-shippy
>they were Bennett fans to begin with and wanted to ship him with someone but didn't like Razor

No. 1792641

File: 1701213779768.jpg (365.54 KB, 2048x1196, 101701131_p3.jpg)

It's just this one artist who's obsessed with Childe who made it popular but they started posting about it before the Windblume event where Razor and Bennett interacted iirc. It makes some sense to me because Bennett attracts monsters and Childe likes fighting them kek that's more than other genshin ships have going for them

No. 1792655

It does have a few weirdly good artists, but too much tranny shit for my tastes, and such a sad waste. Personally, I don't find any of the short male characters attractive, especially Bennett- he doesn't have an appealing personality, either. I think they're just too scared to ship Childe/Teucer, lol.

Most Childe/MC shippers are into ChiLumi, and I've seen plenty of yandere content for them. They just don't make these type of AUs, for the most part. There's probably similar content out there.

No. 1792704

how is being weirded out by a parent making degenerate incest shit, dramatic? I feel like you guys are trying to give this a free pass which is retarded.

No. 1792717

stephen king is a father too

No. 1792757

Nta but she didn't even mention liking or reading stephen king. She's right that if the creator is truly a mom, it's weird she has a fetish for brother sister incest. That is if she doesn't have a mother child incest fetish as well, because that would be even worse. Let's hope she doesn't actually have kids and never will.

No. 1792764

I'm sorry, but you're genuinely retarded if you think a young woman making an edgy game with incest would make her a danger to her children.

No. 1792769

stephen king is a father and he wrote tons of gross shit involving kids

No. 1792775

Yeah I hate incest and find it a disgusting fetish but it's such a reach if not outright concern trolling to act as if some woman is "a danger" to kids because she wrote a coomer incest story. It's gross and inappropriate but I genuinely can't imagine them ever extending that shit to their own children because first of all unlike men women aren't pedos and have better capabilities of telling fiction from reality.

No. 1792777

So what? Anons here shit on Stephen King basically any time he's brought up (which is rare, but still). It's still weird. You guys always "but what about this person!" thing anytime anons criticize anyone and I don't get it.

No. 1792785

> She's right that if the creator is truly a mom, it's weird she has a fetish for brother sister incest.
Might be weird, but still not a crime.

No. 1792789

I wonder how many woke twitterfags lurk this thread since it's such a tourist hotspot. Some of the replies on here are probably repost worthy (to mald over and cry about tranny hate) but if any of them did it'd be a "what were YOU doing at the devil's sacrement" situation kek.

No. 1792802

It’s probably someone with an incest fetish that is offended that others think it’s weird. That’s why his/her only defence is: ‘Well, about this creepy male author that anons on here criticise all the time?!!?’ just because we’re not talking about him right this second doesn’t mean we defend him.

No. 1792804

Several. Their typing styles and general lack of reading comprehension make it very obvious. We had this >>1784167 last thread which was…yeah

No. 1792830

>trying to give this a free pass
I am not trying to give it anything because I don't believe something so inconsequential needs my permission, not that I have any authority to give permission to anything, but even if I did.

No. 1792838

no, i am just saying that writting weird shit doesnt mean they are going to do that thing irl. Most people who write weird stuff have families.

No. 1792849

I'm more confused why people here get pissy when people don't like things like incest. Not liking incest is the popular opinion lol

No. 1792854

You know I used to think that too but I don't think normies care as long as the couple is hot kek (talking about fiction of course)

No. 1792865

It's more like it depends how it's represented. People got the cousin stuff between the family in House of the Dragon, but if you were to show them how a generic anime sibling incest ship works, they'd likely be grossed out. You can tell when incest is included because the author has a kink for it vs. when it's just an element of the narrative

No. 1792867

>thinking its not a fetish in house of the dragon

No. 1792872

ayrt i absolutely think it is, but you can't say that here without someone itt getting mad

No. 1792873

Do you really think an anonymous imageboard is going to always support a majority opinion

No. 1792878

No, but they shouldn't be surprised when people here share that opinion

No. 1792987

That's a fair point, but there's a difference between writing weird shit for horror's sake and to make stuff tragic or making the weird shit frowned upon vs having a fetish for the weird shit hence writing it.

No. 1792995

you think stephen king wasnt jacking off to the kid gangband? how naive

No. 1793014

I wasn't referring to him, I meant in writing in general. I never read a sk book.

No. 1793054

File: 1701231896024.jpg (97.02 KB, 523x1280, lcjombmjlu861.jpg)

"I first saw it with the Shigaraki and later Riddler. From what I remember with Shigaraki, it was this bizarre form of woobification, but they also wanted him to still be a smelly loser who's kind of pathetic, yet still dangerous. I think picrel was the start of it

No. 1793057

i hate ''bad boys'' but the seethe they cause in men is hilarious

No. 1793064

File: 1701232576150.jpeg (109.12 KB, 600x677, IMG_5213.jpeg)

Put some respect on Ropi’s name. I even joined her stream one time and she seems fairly chill. It’s actually very refreshing to have a female fandom artist who doesn’t let ‘antis’ drag them down with their horseshit; and lord knows how many times they’ve tried to cancel her over ‘age-gap’ Chennett already.

Now that I’m mentioning it, these weirdo, forum type Genshin artists like Abbystea and Ropi have a certain unique charm to them. They’re both unbelievably autistic about one particular pairing and put a surprising amounts of attention to detail and care into their art. Never mind Abby’s more, er, concerning implications. Minus giving Abby any financial support for obvious reasons, I say let this type of artist be. They’re not doing any harm and are much more interesting to observe than the rest of this fandom’s slop anyway.

No. 1793080

I feel like they know they're insanely talented and instead of fall between the other insanely talented artists drawing the popular ships, for recognition, they find some weird niche crackship/rarepair because it'll become their 'thing' y'know?

No. 1793086

I despise the whole "trans/queer coding" shit so much.
Imagine being an author, having some people armchair psychologist "code" your work seems so uncomfortable and creepy to me.
How can these sort not see how humiliating having your work and sexuality put under a microscope is? I'd rather not publish anything online at all.

No. 1793093

I feel bad for creators who have to deal with getting asked about popular headcanons. The Voltron fandom was a shitshow because of this with Klance fans annoying the writers, showrunners, and voice actors with their retardation. A lot of writers hesitate to deny them too in fear of getting called homophobic/transphobic like the Supernatural guy. I remember on Twitter a guy got asked his thoughts on one of his characters being trans and he had to sugarcoat his tweet with shit like "I respect trans headcanons and trans people, headcanon whatever makes you happy, bla bla bla" before saying no.

No. 1793119

File: 1701238670012.png (84.15 KB, 661x628, Screenshot_11_29_2023.png)

There's something about posts like picrel that just piss me off that I couldn't explain why before, but now I do. It's because pregnancy and childbirth is just so fundamentally connected to women's biology and that applying it to a male and then making it a degrading thing is so profoundly misogynistic.

No. 1793146

Sorry but I have to say that anons who are terrified of putting anything online because some "SJWs will force them into making their characters into trannies" need to go outside more, I can't think of a single author being "forced" into it and the people who do pander to those spergs are absolutely doing it for completely opportunistic, greedy reasons and not because someone is holding a troon gun to their head. Most of the popular comics and cartoons are still filled with mainly straight cis characters so all of this worrying sounds like some overdramatic "the west is ruined" tier hysterics. So what if someone asks you shit like "have you considered a trans character"? Just say "it's a possibility" or something even if you have no plans to do so, they're not going to check if you follow up on that, they're just literal adult childen on the spectrum with their hyperfixation retardation.

No. 1793152

nta but it's right to be a little cautious. We just discussed in a previous thread about how an 'award-nominated' comic writer was going to write a story where Super-Boy was going to become a trans-girl. Two well established characters that have been straight for their entire runs were made bisexual. Then

No. 1793153

if someone tranwashed the characters i am making for a vn i would go postal and get banned for throwing slur i dont know how other artists keep their cool

No. 1793154

That's on them. They see a demand for trannies and go "maybe I should get a piece of that pie" and start writing troonshit in a vain attempt to gain more readers. Nobody's hassling them online to the point they're forced to include any minorities in their stories. Or maybe they just genuinely think there's some interesting story to be explored with the changes. Not everything is some nefarious psyop, some people not that familiar with level 10 gender discourse and 5 years on a gendercrit message board will sincerely think "what IF superboy trooned out??" and write a story around that. Bottom line, nobody's going to attack your comic for having only cis characters, not a single case like that exists.

No. 1793156

It's more that, as a creator, having someone so rudely come up to you and go "you wrote a total trans coded character, she's super like me lol, lots of your writing as real egg vibes actually" that I'd feel so disgusted and that I would regret putting it out in the first place.

No. 1793157

Reminds me of the creator of Utena making a joke reveal about changing his name to French and a shit ton of people took it as him coming out as trans and dumping that shit info everywhere.

No. 1793180

>That's on them. They see a demand for trannies and go "maybe I should get a piece of that pie"
That's not it, the writer who wanted to make superboy a "trans-girl" was a troon writer whose previous was a trans power fantasy of being a punk-rock lesbian space bountry hunter and the one who made Tim Drake bisexual was a fujoshi who used to write fan-fics on a03, this isn't just soulless capitalism, it's idiots and degens being idiots and degen.

No. 1793181

back to troon twitter.

No. 1793197

If the writer was a tranny himself, then I doubt even less that he was persuaded into it by a bunch of twitter activists which was anons' main worry regarding posting content online. Honestly the moment anons in this thread have to worry about being so popular that people are begging them to create trans characters they will also be powerful enough to ignore them. Soyjaks will send you rape threats before you see any tranny headcanons of your characters.

No. 1793199

It's not that deep. Those artists just like their specific rarepair. It's not about creating a niche.

No. 1793204

File: 1701252478439.jpeg (98.15 KB, 749x505, IMG_5352.jpeg)


No. 1793205

You're right, in that way Ropi is very inspirational to me. There aren't enough artists that just draw what they like without giving a fuck what minors and friendless 20-somethings on twitter think. And the ones that do exist get so much shit, it's like these freaks see you drawing daily and it makes them so mad that they seethe and seethe only to explode when you slip up and post something they can misinterpret

No. 1793211

>Never mind Abby’s more, er, concerning implications.
You mean giving money to Russia's army and openly supporting their troops in Ukraine while drawing Venti wearing a wagner uniform and Klee doing maoist CPP propaganda? That's a bit more than "concerning implications". The reason she draws her oneeshota ship is also pretty obviously just to troll people, not due to some autistic innate enthusiasm. Half of her work is traced from game models anyway, the Russian artist circles outed her for having traced before. You couldn't have come up with a worse example. Abbystea whiteknights completely mystify me with how much they downplay her atrocity.

No. 1793221

The amount of obvious newfags in this thread is annoying.

No. 1793251

Western artists don't think like that anymore lol. Especially if they're drawing genshin.

No. 1793276

Not true, in some cases you can tell it's pure autistic fixation even if it's genshin. But drawing a rarepair because you like it and getting popular for that will eventually seem the same as filling a niche purposefully, so it doesn't even matter

No. 1793277

File: 1701261112125.jpeg (251.14 KB, 1488x1371, IMG_3830.jpeg)

AYRT and that’s fair, you’re right. I was just trying to make a point about separating art and artist without invoking that specific phrase because it’s so ambiguous and leads to unnecessary debate. And on the topic of tracing models, that actually doesn’t bother me so much. I think artists are entitled to use any tools at their disposal within reason as long as it doesn’t impact the quality and purpose of their work. Abby has clearly chosen to model her style as a softer, more detailed versions of the in-game models, and in that respect she does what she does well. So it’s fine by me.

No. 1793319

There's some high cognitive dissonance going on in your brain this artist whose art you like is actively supporting a war based on absurd consciparcy. What if she was Israeli instead and was proudly boasting how her art is contributing to a justified war? This is not a case of oh the artist has some weird politics opposed to me or is a gendie but full on backing a genocide and a war. There are far better artists for you to stan for. Have some dignity and realize actively supporting her (not giving her money but to post her art making her well known) is supporting a war. You are a retard

No. 1793327

Go back

No. 1793328

Sorry nonnas i’m commiting the grand sin of no screenshots right now but I found predditors losing their mind over this situation because it’s lead to something happening to Dorontabi, who to be honest I don’t know much about but he’s the one who became a meme for making really insane replies to loli art on Twitter that lolicons loved and started using as dogwhistles in a way.

No. 1793329

File: 1701268237881.png (476.98 KB, 498x405, WNhMfKB.png)

And then you have stuff like picrel, where it's just a writer using a superhero comic to expound their retarded politics and/or seethe about something, or blatantly insert their fetishes

No. 1793331

File: 1701268319132.png (3.09 MB, 1470x1680, Im4kcO0.png)

Here's the full page btw, from Truth & Justice #5 by Brandon Easton.

No. 1793333

She's my favourite troll. You play a game that encourages pedophiles by having dozens of lolis and toddler characters for moids to fap to, supporting a schizo is far less concerning.

No. 1793334

File: 1701268539595.png (93.47 KB, 1007x867, kek.png)

>"since women were unfairly fired, men should also be fired."
Based. Insane that the comments are filled with moids crying about it

No. 1793335

>some schizo genshit artist makes pro Russia propaganda fanart
>none of you post if for me to laugh at
Why are you genshinfags so unreliable?

No. 1793338

Dorontabi is japanese anyways

No. 1793340

File: 1701268815814.jpg (77.75 KB, 690x1080, Fc5OTS1XoAA4-71.jpg)

Tbh it's old news at this point and not that interesting to look at. Her rendering is so clean that it makes everything look boring

No. 1793342

Comments in the linked threads say he's korean but might have moved to Japan to hide or something

No. 1793343

Nta but i really like her art. Very pretty.

No. 1793344

Nah he's japanese, a pedo and a schizo. He always goes MIA because twitter has him under sight 24/7 and keep banning his accounts for posting pedophilic tweets.

No. 1793346

>reposting art to an imageboard 99% of internet users know nothing about and not financially supporting the artist = YOU'RE LITERALLY SUPPORTING WAR
can you please make it less obvious you're a newfag from twitter

No. 1793348

Thanks to those predditors I learned about the Megalia feminist movement which is just reversing the sex and making misogyny about men and they get so fucking mad. They were posting Korean crime statistics on a forum in 2015 to make moids mad kek. And this based as fuck protest https://wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyehwa_Station_Protest
>The protests were sparked after a woman was arrested for secretly photographing and doxing a male nude model following a dispute between them during a Hongik University art class. Activists alleged the investigation proved there were double standards in the National Police Agency, arguing that police only made a quick investigation and arrest because the victim was a male and the perpetrator was a female.
>Controversy also arose over the phrase "do a Jae-gi" used by some protestors, referring to Sung Jae-gi, a men's rights activist who committed suicide by jumping off a bridge on 26 July 2013.

No. 1793351

They are so based. I kneel.

No. 1793353

Moids get so mad about that group, they hate reaping what they sow kek

No. 1793354

Reading comprehension retard I said knowingly supporting the artist even after you know she supports the war is. There are plenty of artists who are literal pedos whose works are posted here by unknowing nonnas, Or course I know You cant expect everyone to know about her since the genshin art community is big enough she can hide in its what after you know what she uses her art for is.

No. 1793357

That's actually hilarious

No. 1793358

Dozens? There are like four or five short kids compared to a cast of 71 characters. Where are you looking that you feel the ‘loli’ characters are overrepresented in the fandom? You’re telling on yourself, nona.

No. 1793359

Can we find the guys photos online? He must be fine asf if he got girls chasing him like that. But he is Korean so I bet he has a micropenis

No. 1793361

That's still one way too many

No. 1793364

File: 1701270108028.jpg (37.28 KB, 591x445, ao3.JPG)

"AO3 is run by Zionists" is trending. A few volunteers didn't like another volunteer saying the from river to sea thing and now the whole site is getting cancelled. The problem is these people don't realize that pretty much the entire existence of United States is based on support for Israel and you pretty much need to stop living if you genuinely want to do anything about it.

No. 1793365

File: 1701270145201.jpg (300.96 KB, 1298x598, tumblr_977c67cf1aeaf8b8618664f…)

No. 1793369

File: 1701270255199.jpg (111.03 KB, 1232x161, tumblr_1922058da9ef9e3b4031699…)

No. 1793370

File: 1701270276604.jpeg (44.27 KB, 580x329, IMG_8905.jpeg)

‘Literal pedos’? ‘Stan’? Talking about = ‘actively supporting’? I know a she/they queer ‘proshit DNI’ performative activist twitterfag when I see one, nona. Do us all an favour and piss off back to the bird site, would you? Thanks.

No. 1793373

>based on absurd conspiracy
Why are you surprised that a Russian person supports Russia?

No. 1793374

liking the artwork of some random schizo genshinfag is hardly akin to supporting a warmonger, especially if you aren't donating to or commissioning her. i'm sure there are plenty of other artists out there who aren't 100% on board with the current thing or have unsavoury opinions but just don't voice them so they don't get cancelled

No. 1793376

File: 1701270583993.jpg (54.43 KB, 534x412, tumblr_8f047a3c1ec894a51ce1ae6…)

Final screenshot. It's Slack drama. These people are mostly programmers for OTW and any US-based work environment wouldn't allow anti-Israel statements be voiced on shared communication platform. This whole fandom pro-Palestine movement needs to start picking their battles if they actually want any results to happen (they won't, though).

No. 1793378

God these people are insufferable. When the fuck did we allow western armchair activists the ability to believe their retarded screeching from the safety of their homes is actually beneficial? How delusional do you have to be to think you're saving the world from fucking Twitter?

No. 1793379

Perhaps so. But I personally still wouldn't want to consume the art of one who's actively promoting war (regardless if they're Russian or not)

No. 1793380

i am so tired of politispergs. Politics dont belong in fandom spaces.

No. 1793382

Is it bad I want this drama to turn up so the annoying people leave the site? Can't read any fics nowadays without someones twitter politics in said fic ruining it.

No. 1793383

>start picking their battles if they actually want any results to happen
Kek nona no amount of arguing on twitter is going to make the war stop

No. 1793384

whats your opinion on artists that draw nazi uniforms

No. 1793386

Them giving warnings for the Slack status is dumb but if writers start removing their fics out of protest I'm going to be pissed. Don't care if that makes me selfish but it's not like AO3 makes money from you using the site or uploading work there, I don't want to go through all my bookmarks and download everything goddamn.

No. 1793387

I don't take seriously anyone who didn't sperg about Israel and Palestine until this year. Then again I don't feel sad if retards stop using AO3.

No. 1793388

Show proof she's a parent or stop making up shit to be mad about.

No. 1793389

Why is AO3 constantly getting bashed for one thing or another? I genuinely don't understand. Everyone uses it but also looks down on people who give money to it

No. 1793390

Zoomers can't separate personal feelings from something that it functioning well. Everything needs to be an ideological battle for them, and since majority of them haven't had real jobs yet they don't understand how adult life is full of constant compromises, especially when it comes to your values.

No. 1793391

AO3 became a shithole because of zoomer tourists who are obsessed with shitty trans headcanons and OOC dialogs. I wouldn't even bat an eye if people decided to remove their fics from there. It would most likely just be the trash taking itself out if that were to happen.

No. 1793392

Go back to twitter…

No. 1793393

>Imagine being an author, having some people armchair psychologist "code" your work seems so uncomfortable and creepy to me.
That's just the inevitable conclusion of publishing something to the public. If I ever become a creator I'll stay far away from my fandom because I know what they'll do to it. I'm mostly confused how fandom has twisted the concept of "X-coding"; Things like coding a character as LGB during the Hayes Code (or in children's shows pre-2010) or non-human characters as an equivalent to a real world race/culture are intentional. It's saying it without explicitly spelling it out. Nearly all claims of "trans coding" isn't, it's usually just a character going through basic 101 life struggles the gendies think they have a monopoly on.

"Cis" is just the default/normal but you're right. And it's mainly indie creators IME who get pressured, because they're easy targets. It's easy to LARP as indifferent-supportive because the gender crowd salivates for any kind of attention. The worst of what's going on in the media is from the fandomtards who made it into the business. It's a mix of degens taking advantage of capitalism (weird since they're supposed to be against that, unless it involves their "identities").

No. 1793394

File: 1701271374099.jpeg (321.27 KB, 1170x848, 8539C372-087A-4E1E-9E3B-C10F9A…)

People are already shilling an alternative site that no one is going to care about in 3 days.

No. 1793396

kek hopefully this means gendies will stop flooding the site with their retarded tranny fics

No. 1793397

NTAYRT but… Bad. Next question.

No. 1793399

No. 1793401

I don't understand though, why did they warn someone for using "from the river, to the sea"? AO3 is an anti-censorship as it gets.

No. 1793403

They will just come crawling back when they don't get as much attention and asspats on this new site than they did on ao3

No. 1793404

Because Nazis bad. Two strikes.

No. 1793406

suggesting people move to an alternate site always makes me laugh, no one ever does it. just look at how many twitter clones people have made that people flock to for a day for performative reasons then dump when everyone decides it's cool to use twitter again because their posts get zero interaction KEK. no fic writers are going to stop using ao3, where else would they get attention from their mostly shit writing apart from there?

No. 1793407

File: 1701271728338.jpeg (916.26 KB, 1170x1955, IMG_3977.jpeg)

Doesn’t look too bad, actually. It’s clearly just Ao3 2.0 which is a smart move on the creator’s part. You’re right that everyone will conveniently forget all about it in a week though, if even that long.

No. 1793408

It seems like it just made some other volunteers on the Slack uncomfortable, and the person posted some other things too. Keep in mind the person in question is a terminally online 20-year-old and might not have the best communication skills, and if you start sperging on neutral Slack conversation about Israel there most likely will be consequences in any environment.

No. 1793410

File: 1701271847419.jpg (1.02 MB, 1000x1161, nazi yaois.jpg)

>two strikes
you are such an obvious obnoxious twitterfag, leave.

No. 1793412


No. 1793413

nta but please don't dump your porn collection fujocoomer.

No. 1793414

it's not porn

No. 1793416

>fully clothed men just standing around
go back to your containment

No. 1793418

stop clutching your pearls, twitterfag

No. 1793424

You'd not have survived through Hetalia

No. 1793425

Everyone involved is a retard. If someone goes out of their way to add the "From river to the sea" saying to their status it's pretty obvious they're an obnoxious moralfag so why bother confronting them when you risk getting called out for it? Now AO3 is gonna have to make a statement on the situation which nothing good will come out of when they could've just remained silent on the whole thing for the better.

No. 1793427

AO3 is supposed to be an archive though. I understand not wanting to use it after this and other AO3 drama, but I'm sure if you wanted to post your preachy issuefic then it would still be allowed because AO3 basically allows everything. These people are still addicted to Twitter despite Elon Musk being a piece of shit, so how would this be any different?

No. 1793432

I did. USUK, actually. And why the hell did this thread just turn into a Nazi coom session. Are you trying to speedrun summoning the mods?

No. 1793434

>coom session
words have no meaning anymore

No. 1793435

so you have a fetish for white moids like every hetaliafag. don't act like your shit stinks better because your fictional characters genocided native americans instead of jews.

No. 1793436

> Nazis bad
> ‘What an obnoxious Twitterfag’
Is that what you called your middle school history teacher too, anon?

No. 1793437

>USUK, actually.
No YOU suck

No. 1793438

Shit taste confirmed

No. 1793439

how can nazis be bad when they look so good…

No. 1793441

Nazis are bad, but you can't deny the uniform was hot

No. 1793445

There’s a big difference between liking art of them casually dressed and hugging or some shit and fapping to the personification of WWII Germany in a Nazi uniform. Not to mention that I grew the FUCK out of any of that shit the moment I hit 13. The fact you’re still invoking Hetalia husbandos in 2023 is unbelievably fucking autistic, nona. Seek help.

No. 1793447

I have no issue with it but it would be something else if they either support the ideology or glorify them I'm not going to ignore the nazi uniform is kind of pleasing to the eye as it was designed to be I was in the hetalia fandom but if the artist was using the money they got from their art to support a neo nazi group that'll be different

No. 1793448

>calls anyone autistic
>while seething at anime art
>in the fandom discourse thread

No. 1793449

it's fine to like anthropomorphized countries but only when it's not the ones who killed the poor jews. liking anthropomorphized anglos who genocided entire tribes out of existence is entirely fine!!!!

No. 1793450

Yeah I'm sure the people who's countries were destroyed by America and Britain feel the same way, hypocrite. And no one posted porn so stop acting like they did

No. 1793455

america and britain are still doing damage to several countries to this day. anglos are the most toxic and damaging empire in the last hundreds of years. I would know how america fucked my shit up because I'm from LATAM.

No. 1793456

> ‘seething at anime art’
No, ‘seething’ at people finding the fucking NAZI UNIFORM HOT. I can’t tell which is worse, you lot being a bunch of retarded 40 year olds posting about Hetalia two decades after the fact or zoomers who missed out on annual Holocaust survivor visits in school because they’re all bloody dead now.

No. 1793458

What's the critique there

No. 1793459

Do we have to do this useless infighting? This all started because the twitterfag went on a tirade over someone liking Abbystea's art as if anyone ITT is financially supporting her. Who fucking cares

No. 1793460

artist bad because they donate a grand total of 2 dollars every month to a militia that probably wastes it on booze

No. 1793461

I’m the anon who liked Abbystea’s art and I’m still fucking flabbergasted that nonnies somehow segued their way from that into justifying attraction to Nazis. And you’d think twitterfags are the retarded ones who lack any semblance of nuance. My god.

No. 1793465

Whats the difference between abysstea art and liking anime boys in nazi uniforms? Some of you give too much power to anime artists kek

No. 1793467

Anon you can't criticize weeb artists on here, you should know that
Jk but seriously, every time I scroll past this thread it's anons arguing that you're wrong for not liking what some artist/writer/whatever is doing. This is a site built around talking about cows, anons aren't going to approve of everything the topics of discussion are doing.

No. 1793468

surely liking the art of someone who lives on a country that is actively waging war on another country is way more damaging than liking drawn people wearing uniforms. I hope you've never paid for her art.

No. 1793469

File: 1701274226438.jpg (Spoiler Image, 99.51 KB, 736x921, 0bd1abd119e738c72069c6d45d54a7…)

They're just twitterbrained. Nobody is supporting Nazis, we just said the uniform is hot (which is the truth). Feel bad for the people who can't appreciate good male fashion

No. 1793470

The thing I enjoy about Abbystea’s art is her STYLE, not the fucking fascist content. I was quite literally lamenting the fact that she chooses to draw that crap. If I wanted to single out and support fascist artists, then I would do that. Which I wouldn’t. Because I’m not a bloody fascist.

No. 1793472

could you just posting sexy nazi art to prove your point, no one here wants to see that shit.

No. 1793473

>a bloody fascist
You are british which is miles worse

No. 1793475

Back to this point again. What the fuck is wrong with you for finding Nazi uniforms hot. Unplug and go outside. Visit a museum. Read a book. Get your fingers out your muff for a bit. It’ll do you some good, promise.

No. 1793476

Return everything you stole from my people britfag

No. 1793478

Everytime you post an anime boy in a nazi uniform a real nazi rolls im his grave

No. 1793479

Yeah, but that anon was saying anyone supporting her was retarded. So criticising the people who like her art instead of her

No. 1793482

They are giving too much power to an anime artist. Specially one whose main target is weeb girls.

No. 1793485

This thread is a twitter tourist magnet sadly. They can't even hear how retarded they sound because the conditioning is so deep

No. 1793486

Sure, I’ll go ahead and return the British Museum’s basement collection to myself, nona. Great suggestion. Imagine thinking you’re special for being colonised. Every fucking modern Britbong has ancestors or grandparents colonised by the country in one form or another. What a stupid comment.

No. 1793488

Nta but men have commited more crimes statistically than nazis. are you going to screech at every depiction of a 2D male too?

No. 1793492

>She took my joke seriously
Log off

No. 1793493

This is the funniest fucking argument I’ve ever read in my life. Going to pin this one on the wall actually.

No. 1793494

You are just angry britbongs are too ugly to be fetishized. Your biggest cultural achievement is creating mr blobby and one direction.

No. 1793495

Can you debunk it?

No. 1793496

keep the spices, britbong food desperately needs it

No. 1793497

File: 1701274857327.png (229.9 KB, 340x340, 1646360745494.png)

She can't kek

No. 1793498

Disgusting. Everyone knows FRUK is better.

No. 1793500

Considering you unspoilered it when it was obvious what I posted, clearly you wanted to see it lmao

No. 1793501

I’m not white, but keep arguing with the toothless straw man in your head. It’s entertaining. And for future reference, no one hates the UK like a Britbong hates the UK. Patriotic insults only work on Americafags.

No. 1793504

Americans have things to be proud of, like snoppy and apple pie. Imagine being proud of mr blobbly.

No. 1793505

God I know I'm not supposed to infight but you guys just make it so damn fun(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1793507

… and who the fuck is Mr Blobbly?

No. 1793509

>doesnt know mr blobby
And you call yourself british…shameful

No. 1793510

File: 1701275422943.mp4 (427.13 KB, 360x640, 4f9rlovmF6NEGvN7.mp4)

Anyway, let's get back to the issue of people who actually seem to believe their fanfiction induced HC's as the actual story and characterization of a series.

No. 1793511

Do you think we all waddle around in hogwarts gowns and monocles waving tea in tourists’ faces or something?

No. 1793512

You tell the time by counting the big ben bongs. Anyways give back the malvinas faggots.

No. 1793513

File: 1701275727256.jpeg (207.7 KB, 740x574, IMG_3987.jpeg)

You’re asking a Nigerian? You need a colour chart to help you out there mate, or?

No. 1793516

>You tell the time by counting the big ben bongs.
You don't actually believe this do you

No. 1793518

>Can't see a joke even when it hits her in the face
Autism screening. Now.

No. 1793521

> Thinks that British people will ever give two shits about defending the reputation of their fuckass country online
Retardation assessment. Now.(newfaggotry)

No. 1793524

>but men have commited more crimes statistically than nazis

No. 1793526

>wah wah i live in a first world country waaah anyways let me moralfag about anime art while i post from the commodity of my stolen land
Go listen to one direction and fuck off(infighting)

No. 1793527

If you’re Nigerian why are you offended by Genshin women in Wagner merch lol(infighting)

No. 1793528

Self-hate isn't good for your health britanon.

No. 1793530

Another thread we failed to twitterfag-proof. Let's try again next time(contributed >10 posts to this infight)

No. 1793531

what did Britain steal from Nigeria? some rock carvings(infight)

No. 1793534

No, the takes we're getting are amazing(contributing to infighting)

No. 1793535

Sage for non-contribution but I can't get over how people will say this shit with their face attached. Ignoring the issues like your family or employer being able to see these videos this is just so embarrassing.

No. 1793537

wasn't the difference between the two the fact that anime boys in nazi uniforms might not represent the artist ideals while in the other hand some people fully know Abbystea actually supported and made weird propaganda art for russian military? or am i confusing her with someone with a similar username?

No. 1793540

I hope bongs get nuked in my lifetime.(stop)

No. 1793556

>your biggest achievement is blah blah blah
I don’t see goreshit anywhere?

No. 1793558

>One Direction is british
I swear, the only British singer that actually sounds British when singing is Ellie Goulding.

No. 1793565

Dua Lipa also has some bongy pronunciation

No. 1793573

Proposition: take "twitter/tumblr" out of the title in the next thread and just call it fandom discourse. Maybe that will help our problem

No. 1793580

so why is this woman supposed to be wrong? moids are annoying lol

No. 1793589

>save the fanart
>edit/ai it
>post it online and call it your own
Now its ethical to like it and also the original artist is mad. What's the,issue?

No. 1793599

I think the one member of spice girls(the one made that make up-line for pale girls) also sounded British as well when singing.

No. 1793745

File: 1701290914616.gif (800.81 KB, 498x498, 6373673.gif)

>You are british which is miles worse

I kekked

No. 1793801

>rpgmaker "horror" game
Is that and Mother-clones the only thing people are capable of making in the engine?

No. 1793906

No. 1794044

Seems like a west thing to only make horror games with rpg maker. From what I've noticed, Japan has more genre variety with rpg maker like actual rpgs, horror, and porn. It's not much, but it's more than just horror.

No. 1794066

Western horror game makers use Unity too (I think that's the program they use). Like those basic first person POV dark lighting horror games where you navigate around with a flashlight.

No. 1794079

I am going to make a Twitter account to upload my fanart. Wish me luck anons.

No. 1794389

File: 1701321116053.png (663.01 KB, 605x1298, Screenshot.png)

So, I don't know if this belongs here, but Tillie Cole is an author who writes trashy Amazon romance books featuring murderers, bikers, and usual "dark romances". a few years back she wrote a book that centers around a KKK skinhead member falling in love with the daughter of a Mexican drug cartel. However, in 2023 booktwt/booktok discovered this and have labeled it as "the KKK romance novel," even though it clearly isn't. I've read the book excerpt's and it unequivocally portrays both the KKK and the cartels as despicable. Now, I'm not claiming it's a genius work of art that needs to be preserved, but it's concerning that people are accusing an author she obviously doesn't hold and also fetishizing non-white women, when she's not white herself.
like this excerpt is very obviously framing this statement as a bad thing, The mere thought of these words being uttered is sufficient to make these overly sensitive morons piss their pants in fear.

No. 1794454

i wish i could lobotomize the women who write this kind of shit. Not because i give a shit about what they write, but because they glorify abusive moids to an autistic degree and the romance genre is already infested by abusive moids. You know what would be super duper quirky and ground breaking? a romance novel where the moid love interest isnt an abusive shithead.

No. 1794492

straight people can be so fucking delusional

No. 1794546

Don't make me pull out the gay anecdotes, fucked up people are fucked up people regardless of their sexuality miss gold star

No. 1794580

nta, but i get her. Imagine being attracted to the sex that commits 98% of crimes, who has extremely high societal and physical standars you have to perform daily while they get fatter and balder every year, and that dating them makes you at risk of becoming a domestic abuse/rape/murder victim, and instead of creating fiction to scape all of that you make romance where the love interest is abusive/old/ugly and you are constantly berated and abused. I am fucking ashamed of my fellow straight women, they suffer from serious stockholm syndrome and should be shamed more often for it.

No. 1794584

no because zoomers don't have friends and can't believe anyone else can make them

No. 1794605

first option is less offensive, but I would like to avoid both. Wish I could a-log all the pedophiles though

No. 1794631

Sometimes I start believing the shit incels say about women only being attracted to violence cause you ask them to write out their sexual fantasies and 90% of the time this abusive crap is what you get. I'm literally ashamed of being a hetero woman sometimes, like these are not my sisters. Sorry

No. 1794645

File: 1701325315971.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 105.13 KB, 828x639, 88CE8717-3A9C-42FD-A9B4-D4FD0F…)

The OP of the AO3 Palestine stuff (bjorn) wrote NSFW RPF of a minor, lots of her work include rape/incest/extremely underage elements. For reference Tommyinnit was born in April 2004 and picrel was when he was 16-17. She's around the same age as him so she's not a pedophile but publishing NSFW of real minors is still weird as fuck. What are your guys' thoughts?

No. 1794650

imagine dying your cancer and this is your legacy

No. 1794651

>Moid YouTuber
Don't care

No. 1794669

that's the worst part, their stupid pickmeism ends up reflecting in all of us.

No. 1794695

>Imagine being attracted to the sex that-
People are born with their sexualities, it's not a conscious decision. I'm.not defending whatever they did, but their sexuality is not something they can change, grow up

No. 1794709

read the full post retard

No. 1794713

Based. I’m far from a prude but you can’t tell me that women aren’t fooling themselves when they say shit like “ACKTUALLY I like it when he chokes me, tee hee”

No. 1794724

severe cuckerism. I wish more straight women would love themselves and fantasize about being amazonian warriors with a harem of hot himbos, but they gotta pickmemaxx even in their erotic fantasies. I am tired of defending them because of muh feminism, i am going to bully them relentlessly from now on.

No. 1794736

File: 1701327543522.gif (1.39 MB, 400x300, IMG_8679.gif)


No. 1794753

File: 1701327872947.jpg (129.1 KB, 1000x1235, MV5BNjdiZWJhMGItNTkzYS00Y2I0LT…)

>Japan has more genre variety with rpg maker like actual rpgs, horror, and porn.

And you won't even mention her name

Ironically also made by a finn

No. 1794759

I already read it, it's still trash
>Imagine being attracted to the sex that commits 98% of crimes
These were your words, implying that women are at fault not only for their innate sexualities but also by men's wrongdoings. You could've word it better, I understand women can have a choice on what they consume but acting so flabbergasted at their sexuality is strange

No. 1794764

I think you should go back to twitter.

No. 1794769

isn’t this the game where you get r*ped to death if you lose a duel

No. 1794772

i am straight, you idiot. It's not my fault you lack reading comprehension.

No. 1794773

Reading comprehension amazing as always in this thread

No. 1794774

Yeah, thus >rpg, horror, porn. Jap RPG maker porn games are all about getting raped (and raping) NPCs too.

No. 1794776

don't bother engaging nona it's the usual anon from 2X it's mute

No. 1794778

Please just change the thread title to "online fandom discourse" in the next thread instead of mentioning specific sites. The amount of newfags in here is absurd

No. 1794779

Anons are right this thread is just actual Twitter and Tumblr users

No. 1794785

File: 1701328462988.gif (2.07 MB, 640x360, napoleon-dynamite-ugh.gif)

>, you idiot

No. 1794786

i dont use 2x i am not even a feminist, i am just tired of abuse being the only type of ''love'' that gets shilled in romance for women

No. 1794788

I’m actually intrigued but like. Is the rape actually fitting in the story or is it just there for moid fetishization? I heard they removed it for game 2.

No. 1794789

i’m more of a we heart it person

No. 1794790

nta but you guys are defending actual child porn

No. 1794791

I didn't call you gay though, funny you assumed that, maybe people tend to assume you're a polilez too often? I wonder why
Yeah, I understand her point but I think she has a few lose screws with the way she perceives other straight women

No. 1794793

i am not going to respect women who flooded the romance genre with rape, abuse and bdsm moid shit. it's basically impossible to find non-shit romance from any genre thanks to them.

No. 1794801

Honestly, play it and judge for yourself, the game is worth playing if you're into Berserk-type lore, Darkest Dungeon or Fromsoft games. It plays like OG Dark Souls where learning is the most important resource in the game and very stupid minor mistakes can fuck up your run. I recommend it if you're not a twittertard whose panties are twisted so hard the wedgie is cutting off circulation to their brain. There's also a censor mod to remove all the (few) sexual references. sage for OT, can't believe finns are the vanguard of western RPG maker horror games kek.

No. 1794803

Okay but, do you understand that their sexuality is not the problem here right? You can be straight without being deranged about it, and women aren't at fault if men commit crimes. Why would you include that argument in your first ports to begin with?

No. 1794806

have you ever opened a book anon, have you ever reasoned for yourself? my point isn't hard to understand and you seem to be th