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File: 1596244581679.jpg (337.82 KB, 1920x1080, vidya.jpg)

No. 101951

A thread to discuss anything vidya related.

>your favorite games (old or new)

>online or sp
>what are you playing on pc/console/mobile
>games recs
>great deals
>shit-games discussion
>basically free discussion on any games
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No. 102001

File: 1596272875921.jpg (15.28 KB, 320x348, DPwcjldX4AAu7CA.jpg)

i saw that rdr2 was on sale on steam and im not sure if i should give in and buy it. to the people who finished playing it : what are your thoughts about it? (especially about the online multiplayer) was the story good?

No. 102002

File: 1596273022844.png (260.86 KB, 640x480, shakii1a.png)

What were your favourite games when you were kids, anons?
I used to play to play Lion King, Shakii, Croc 2, Spyro, Hocus, Tarzan, Crash Bandicoot, Earthworm Jim 2 and Sonic R all the time. I also watched my cousins play Heart of Darkness but I myself never played it because it seemed too scary lol

No. 102003

File: 1596273340601.jpg (46.58 KB, 640x480, citedesenfantsperdus.jpg)

samefag, I'd also love to hear what were some obscure games that you guys played and you think are lesser known? I played Egypt II and a game called The City of Lost Children, both of which creeped me out massively but I enjoyed the atmosphere. I don't think they are very well known

No. 102019

File: 1596280223757.jpg (30.97 KB, 500x500, 9a6185ea1c9fa94ea0f209423bf581…)

Aaah, Spyro was so nice and pleasing.

My childhood favs were Tomb Raider, Spyro, Medievil, Abe's Odyssey (quite spooked by it) alongside straight up horror games like SH and RE

I don't know any of the less known games you mentioned tho. Rule of Roses seems to have the same atmosphere but I guess it became quite well known and popular so it doesn't count

No. 102023

I don't play the online mode personally but the story is great and the map is huge, I must've sunk hundreds of hours into just riding around exploring and hunting and I'm still not quite 100%. Some animal spawn rates are bullshit though, and same with some of the challenges. All I can really say about online is that they do keep updating it, just added a whole new role (like career thing I think?), and people are still playing it. In comparison there's been one, maybe two story mode updates that I'm aware of. Most recent was for the PC release, they just added some more collectibles and a treasure map, so they're clearly putting all their time/effort into the online multiplayer.

No. 102024

Easily one of my top 5 games of all time now, if you were a fan of RDR1 you will love RDR2 even more. Once you finish the main storyline you can also do the legendary animal challenges or other mini in game storylines. A bit autistic but I also enjoyed getting a rare albino horse, I was quite attached to all my horsies in the game.

No. 102032

Is Egypt 2 a city building sim or am I thinking of a different game?

No. 102033

File: 1596290198198.jpg (68.96 KB, 640x480, 441530265.jpg)

no, it was this point and click exploration game where you were wandering alone in Heliopolis and had to solve puzzles

No. 102034

File: 1596291230938.jpeg (30.95 KB, 470x600, 5275874.jpeg)

Anyone here play thief? Been thinking about getting into it but it's older than time itself and I'm not sure if it'll run on windows 10

No. 102040

A couple of years ago I tried to install it because I've never played it and it looks like a really atmospheric game, but I just couldn't. I'm very stupid when it comes to computers tho. I'm sure there must be a way to run it on modern machines

No. 102077

File: 1596297965347.png (4.26 MB, 2025x2025, Ad5uTOW.png)

i've been playing Dead by Daylight for the past 2 weeks, and oh boy do i have fun.
so far i've only been playing baby dweet, and i tend to die more often than not, but i'm not complaining.
the only thing that i dislike are the survivors that dc as soon as they get downed/hooked

No. 102092

I recommend it, it's a pretty good game! Haven't played it on win10 tho. It's available on GOG if I'm not mistaken so I think you should be able to run it

No. 102097

File: 1596303723075.jpeg (37.62 KB, 750x563, cute-knight-c736919b-8cff-4c9d…)

When it comes to obsure, i used to play cute knight on this weird pop cap games program on windows vista,you had virtual coins to play games. It was strange.

Cute knight was like a princess maker game except you know…. sfw.
Some wonky early 2000s anime art,but i love it honestly.

No. 102098

Is anyone here following the development of Paralives? I'm not a fan of the parafolk but I think the game has potential. But a lot of the hype around this game is from people that want it to be the sims but 10x better which is going to hurt the game imo.

No. 102104

it'll be interesting to see competition in the everyday simulation sphere but there is just no way some random indie game will be able to compare with a long standing series from a billion dollar studio. but maybe i'll be wrong, lol.

No. 102114

city of lost children looks pretty cool anon, what was the gameplay like if you remember?

No. 102117

I thought of this game the other day and I've been trying to find a version that isn't riddled with viruses.

All I remember is that you had a certain number of days and you could pray at a chapel to raise stats or explore a dungeon. My pea brain would always lose because I didn't know what the fuck I was doing.

No. 102148

Oh,i bought it for like 3 bucks a while back,just from the hanako games site.

Yeah its just a game where you raise skills and do odd jobs to get money so you can dungeoncrawl.

Its not a great game but its a bit of fun for a couple of hours.

No. 102183

I love playing as the killer, but the first two days i played, some asshole messaged me on PS4 about how i was a piece of shit who didnt play the game right and hurled endless insults my way. it was wild. I think i just need a few people to play with who arent assholes.

No. 102189

FFX-2 is the superior game. You'll enjoy it more.

The Cat Lady is one of my favorite horror games of all time. it's one of the few, if not only games where you play as an openly depressed woman in her 30s+ . It's got such a strong and heavy theme that i think it goes so well. Susan is sassy , but openly vulnerable. I love her backstory. Also, your friendship with Mitzi is perfection. It's truly a gem of a game imo.

No. 102190

I love this game for just screwing around I do wish they had a casual mode for those of us who aren't obsessed with red rank and regurgitating whatever perks the streamers are favoring. I'm purple when I actually try but I prefer to fall back to green or yellow rank because no one there cares and I'm not raged at at the end for playing games like opening and closing the chests to draw in the killer then running them until they get annoyed and go after whoever I'm nearest to.

No. 102192

teabagging the killer should be banned. i honestly hate survivors who do this. and I am not obsessed with rank either.

No. 102194

File: 1596340663101.jpg (67.54 KB, 986x555, 9kCP68K.jpg)

Oh that's easy just play Oni, Micheal or Ghostface heavily punishes t bagging. Or if your feeling really cheap go meta Huntress. She's brutal to those who wanna waste time t bagging rather than breaking her totems. Plague used to be great for it but since she was so heavily reliant on the previous form of Ruin she got dumpstered hard. I'm enjoying Pyramid Head but I'd not recommend him for anyone not wanting to play anything hard. May his bubble butt forever rest in peace

No. 102195

then tunneling the same survivor should be banned too

as someone who has been playing since launch with 600+ hours and dropped the game several times (rank 1 but who cares), the devs don't do anything to fix the bugs/issues dealing directly with killer and survivor interaction(s), which just leads to more toxic shit when the game doesn't function properly

it honestly amazes me they get away with all the shit they don't fix, like their 4 year anniv. event offering not working for a week+ lol

No. 102198

File: 1596341368555.jpg (90.63 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)

This game looks fun!! I'm pretty stoked about it being a free PlayStation Plus game

No. 102199

anon above you, tbh I give the dbd devs slack after watching the shitshow that is overwatch. And I have to give props to any devs willing to not only pay homage to Silent Hill but fight for it's inclusion in their game given Konami's poor management.

No. 102246

yeah my bf has around 2k hours in the game, i've got 700, and we dropped it after spirit got released. we couldn't take the bugs and toxicity, but we also couldn't bare to play against a killer that is literally a guessing game

No. 102251

File: 1596358947227.png (1.07 MB, 1152x647, Hewie.png)

>the superior game
Anon, I-

At least you like the Cat Lady, kek. It's my favourite horror game too alongside Haunting Ground.
If you guys like alchemy shit + psychological horror with sexual innuendos I highly recommend

No. 102254

Spirit is pretty midtier now since they changed her kit to not collide with players when phased and finally gave her a vault animation. You have more to fear from a good Nurse than Spirit currently.

I love Haunting Ground Daniella best antagonist theme. Just emphasizing her madness from not being whole anf how much she despises Fiona for having a womb and being able to have sensation.

No. 102256

File: 1596360478460.jpg (4.43 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

oh ye, you reminded me this fantastic quote

No. 102295

Is assassin's creed odyssey worth getting? Or is it terrible? Haven't played an AC game since black flag but it's on sale rn and I need something new to play.

No. 102330

Devs confirmed that they did not nerf PH ass, so you can still look at his bubble but. The stalking of GF can sometimes be really shitty and you can be revealed very easily. Plague can still be really good, especially if you go against survivors who immediatly go cleanse.

No. 102338

Ehhh unless you're playing at lowest ranks most just stay sick because it decimates her so badly. Without old ruin my girl really stands no chance without a rework with anything lower than those playing at 15. But they have been doing those more so hoping for her to get bumped up. GF best thing to do is wait for them to be on gen let them get a little bit in then pounce you're bound to get two locked on.

No. 102361

anon are you me? i played the same games and i was also freaked out a bit by abe's odyssey.

i was obsessed with spyro, but also loved croc, the first three harry potter games, zoo tycoon, MANY online flash games, and anything i could get my hands on in my backwards-ass euro country lmao

No. 102412

File: 1596438816403.jpg (39.27 KB, 470x264, harrypotterootpps2_sc003.jpg)

I'm euro too and used to always buy my games in second-hand gaming shops, I clearly remember when I stumbled upon RE4 in my usual shop, I was so happy, kek.

The only HP game that I enjoyed on PS was the Order of the Phoenix, I remember that it was kinda open world ish and you could run all around the castle and bully the shit out of the other students

No. 102414

>top 10 pick up lines kek

No. 102425

You would be suprised how many people still cleanse against plague in higher ranks. This video shows pretty good how strong plague can be, this guy does have a lot of hours tho so ofcourse he will always have an easier time. But with the right add ons and perks she can end the match really fast.

No. 102429

I really like it, I am about 40 hours in and I have completed the main story but there is a lot of after game content too. In game I love how free you are to explore, basically as soon as you get the ship you can travel anywhere (if you avoid high levelled enemies). I really love the characters and just running around the world but I have noticed a lot of missions are a bit samey but it never bothered me too much. I have heard it's different from the older assassins creed games but I wouldn't know since it's my first so I am not sure how you'd like it in comparison. I think the game tends to lean you towards the warrior skill tree and stealth is more of a secondary option so it's more like Warriors Creed than Assassins Creed lol. I'd say get it but keep an open mind! and if you don't like it I'm sorry lol

No. 102447

File: 1596467170100.jpg (91.17 KB, 505x480, t1-sketch-conviktbig.jpg)

More than highly recommended as well as the II. Even without nostalgia googles on and acknowledging that the additional missions from Thief Gold and some from the mid/end-section of Thief II are not on par with the rest, it's worth every penny you can spend on them. The fan-made content is also incredible and in 2020 people still continue to churn out well-finished and innovative missions, far beyond what the vanilla game initially brought atmosphere and gameplay wise

I think the GoG version is patched an will run fine on Windows 10 but I'm not 100% sure

No. 102448

File: 1596469191116.jpg (48.28 KB, 500x451, tumblr_m9wtti2aXQ1rtobu5o1_500…)

Has anyone ever played Style Savvy/Fashion Boutique? I'm getting a new computer soon, and I wanna play it on an emulator. Funnily enough, my brother used to help me play, and he was much better at it. Also, why is Japanese box art (and fashion in general) always superior to the western versions?
Haunting Ground sequel when?

No. 102468

played all the games and they're really worth it, I wholeheartedly recommend it

No. 102484

File: 1596481509227.png (604.8 KB, 820x461, gm4.png)

yes! i've only played the third one and really want the fourth one but it's $40 on the eshop.
they didnt do a physical release for the fourth one in english and it's only available online. i'm insistent on buying it because i wanna support the game anyway i can kek.

No. 102522

File: 1596505871274.jpg (48.91 KB, 500x445, disney-fairies-tinker-bell-(e)…)

best ds game ever made

No. 102537

I wish i could like Haunting Ground. I bought it on ebay( amazing copy too. with the manual) a few years ago and played through it twice. I just couldnt get into the horrible controls and the storyline is actual disgusting and creepy. Right out of some incels' fantasy. Also, Fiona is trash with zero personality.

No. 102565

yes, the fact that it was made by a scrote who obviously gets off on the idea of pregnancy is obvious kek
>actual disgusting and creepy
That's honestly why I like it, same for Rule of Rose despite the awful gameplay. Clock Tower games and their spiritual successors all have the same sexual/creepy vibe

No. 102566

It's so upsetting how they never made a self-insert hogwarts game before mobile cancer took over

No. 102568

Never understood why they never did, would have been a hit.

The only recent games that I enjoyed were BOTW and Subnautica.
I really want a good RPG and I've been thinking about finally playing Dragon Age Inquisition, but I'm scared that I won't like it, considering the hellfest that was DA2.
The only thing that saved this game in my heart was Fenris, and he's the only reason why I would replay it.
mfw no cute broody elf in DAI

No. 102572

Ughh, I would love an open world Harry Potter game with a customizable main character

No. 102573

File: 1596536270488.jpeg (2.93 MB, 3840x2160, you're not on a timer.jpeg)

It's much much better than DA2 imo.
If you give it a shot, there's an early area called The Hinterlands that is massive and you might feel the need to complete everything before moving on. You can and should come back.

No. 102586

File: 1596547498930.jpg (454.35 KB, 1920x1280, 1591368267907.jpg)

Any anons that love Bloodborne? I'm really sad that on /vg/ the Bloodborne generals are either gone or archived too soon.
By the way, a kind reminder that the online PS multiplayer is going to be available for free this weekend, so if you feel like invading and co-oping, it's going to be the right time.

No. 102588

Bought that game when it went on sale. I stopped when I reached level 20+ and I got bored of it since all it gets grindy as hell and the side missions get a lil repetitive. Also, the map is huge as FUCK. I liked hunting the legendary animals plus fighting the mercenaries, though. Those were fun.

And like the other anon said, its more of a warrior's creed rather than assassin's. If you're into that sure get the game but if you've played other asscreed games and you're looking for that parkour and stealth then don't play ac odyssey.

No. 102602

huge BB fan even have the hunter's mark as a tat. Currently challenging myself in the Old Hunters DLC to keep the guy in Ludwig's area alive. it doesn't do anything storywise but gives me something to do. Problem is Ludwig always bulldozes the poor guy at the start.

No. 102607

File: 1596566178567.jpg (208.99 KB, 700x990, 1590335918265.jpg)

> even have the hunter's mark as a tat.
That's so cool!
> Currently challenging myself in the Old Hunters DLC to keep the guy in Ludwig's area alive.
I managed once by pure luck to keep him alive and I've played Bloodborne so many times. So good luck, anon!
Do you play online as well?
And what build and BL is your current character?

No. 102609

Absolutely love bloodborne. I hope that free multiplayer will bring more people in, so it can be like a small return to yharnam event

No. 102610

I hope so too! The multiplayer can get really slow even on weekends.

No. 102613

Personally DAI was so fucking boring to me but, maybe that's just my personal bias against open world games talking.

No. 102614

File: 1596571927349.jpg (101.8 KB, 878x742, 1487207068070.jpg)

I love it when some JRPGs have that vibe that reminds me of old shojo manga about adventure or mysteries like the ones by Saki Hiwatari, Kaori Yuki, CLAMP, Natsuki Takaya, etc. Like some of the Final Fantasy games before Squaresoft and Enix merged, or Persona 1 and 2 (and almost P3 too), the DDS games, the Raidou Kuzunoha games…

It's hard to describe but I think what gives me that impression is how there's romance and melodrama but it's not fanservice for otaku, it's legit part of the stories and settings, or how the male and female characters act and are described. Especially in the retro FF where the male protagonists are covered in jewelry and makeup or how the DDS novels describe Serph as so pretty and so cute he's basically a feminine bishonen. Even some plot points are super similar, the school fusing with a supernatural tower in P1 and P3 is the exact same shit as in Mirai no Utena. If there are games that ever gave you that impression I'm open for recommendations.

No. 102616

File: 1596575168937.gif (1.88 MB, 500x250, nugget.gif)

Here is my completely subjective review:
I liked DAI. I didn't play DA2 so I can't compare. I really liked the beautiful, colorful, big and varied world and the many different monsters in it and the feeling of exploring the world. Lots of places had a wonderful atmosphere, which was what I liked about DAO too. I didn't care much for the story, I can't even remember most of what happened but I usually don't care for stories in games. I didn't like the characters too much, except Cassandra, she was cool. And Vivienne and Varric I guess. The rest I didn't think too much about or they got on my nerves (like Sera). The combat was fun and I liked it better than DAO's strategy based combat but if you liked the strategy, you might find this "watered down". I also really liked upgrading my fortress and collecting decor for it and dyeing my armor. And collecting different mounts. You can even get a giant nug mount. Isn't it cute?

No. 102617

File: 1596576021322.gif (25.56 KB, 512x322, unnamed.gif)

I want to recommend this old game, 3 in Three. It's a puzzle game, I found it really fun, sometimes a bit tedious but fun. I like how the number 3 is female for some reason too. She makes lots of snarky comments. You can get it here, you need an emulator but I think it's all on the site. http://www.thefoolserrand.com/04-3T/index.htm
There's also another good puzzle game from the same creator, The Fool's Errand, which can be found on the same site, but I liked 3 in Three better.

No. 102618

>FFX-2 is the superior game
I fucking love ffx-2 so much, people keep shitting on it because it has such a different tone then ffx. But i love it so much, its a really fun game.

No. 102630

I go for raw damage normally but this time around attempting arcane and challenging myself with the cane. Which is a fight in itself cause it's def the weaker of the main lineup in my opinion. My fav weapon is the whirly gig though. I don't play online currently as am a essential worker so when I do play it's weird hours and most times I'm falling asleep.

No. 102641

File: 1596585771720.png (1.3 MB, 854x1340, 1590823275001.png)

Arcane and Bloodtinge are my favorite builds. I have a pure arc character and it's so much fun. Well, at least when you get the milkweed rune and kos parasite.
Handling a cane is a very tough challenge when your stats aren't that much in favor considering you're going for arc.
It's a shame you're not online that much. I can understand considering your type of work but man, do I wish the multiplayer was more active. I don't have much time to play lately either but sometimes I just like to spin a round or two and I find myself waiting for people to invade more than actually invading.

No. 102715

Bought a tablet with my Trump bucks and can finally play FGO again! Except now I have a bajillion story missions I have to complete before I can do any events.

No. 102784

File: 1596702040744.jpg (64.96 KB, 1094x667, FF7-Remake.jpg)

What are some popular games that you didn't like?

For me, my recent disappointments were the FF7 ((remake)) and TLOU2.
I honestly feel bad for the people who never played the original FF7, I don't understand how they can get wtf is going on in this game considering it's a sequel branded as a remake

No. 102785

A bit of a stupid reason but I got tired of the FF style. With these latest graphics everyone looks so polished, doll-like and with those big anime eyes… sometimes it looks uncanny to me. I really love Yoshitaka Amano's works though, I wish we could see a game with that style again.

No. 102788

Probably unpopular gaming opinion but I honestly don't get the hype about stardew valley. It's not good, the characters are boring, the art style is ugly and it's got way too much stuff going on. I can't enjoy it no matter how hard I try.

No. 102789

Totally a matter of taste. Personally I think pixel graphics are charming. I agree with you about the characters, they were very boring, but I don't typically give a shit about characters anyway.

>It's not good

What did you expect, anon? It's a farming simulator.

No. 102791

Yeah, I agree with how it is a matter of taste. I suppose because I like farming simulators I expected a really good one because of the way everyone talks about it.

No. 102972

>and with those big anime eyes
I only watched some scenes of the remake thanks to let's plays on youtube and it was so weird anytime Barrett removed his sunglasses and had those huge lost puppy eyes. I wasn't expecting that at all at first for some reason. He's still hot though.

No. 102973

File: 1596798614912.jpg (85.49 KB, 2048x2048, cutebean.jpg)

I've been playing it a ton on steam
How are you enjoying it so far anon?
The jellybeans are just too cute and the relaxed nature of the game makes for really funny situations

No. 102981

Even though he designed the characters the old games didn't really have his style anyway though. The sprites never really reflected the artwork.

No. 103020

Playing through whichever port of FF5 is on Steam and seeing those androgynous albino concept art pieces used as party portraits was a trip. For Bartz and Lenna, it's tough to tell who is meant to be who at a glance.

No. 103094

I've only had the chance to play a handful of times so far but I'm really enjoying it though some games could use a little polish. I also find myself laughing and yelling at my tv which is something I never do haha. I actually had my first win last night!

No. 103114

Ah yeah, you're right. I recalled the portraits of the port (maybe?) and the models in Dissidia for the PSP.
Still, a game with that style exactly would be very nice.

No. 103168

I said I've started FF10-2 a few weeks ago, I completed the first act, side quests included, in one go and I stopped playing because I got my copy of ACNH and couldn't stop playing that game. I'm gonna start the second act and see how time consuming the side quests are in that one, if it gets too annoying I'll just skip some of them and focus on them in my next playthrough. I know I missed a few things already anyway.

No. 103253

>so polished, doll-like and with those big anime eyes
Amen! I'm also fed up with Tetsuya 'need more belts & zippers' Nomura's aesthetics and wish they made a game that has Amano's style. A while back I commented that I would love an FFVI remake, it being my fav FF, but if they made everyone look like underage androgynous models, I'll pass on it

No. 103279

My god, don't get me started on Nomura. I can't stand his character designs that besically consist of spiky hair, at least 10 belts and zippers, and (especially lately) all black and grey with some accents of dull colors. Also his shit writing.

No. 103281

Nomura is a good artist but not always a really good character designer, that's a shame. It was weird playing FF10 and think that half of the main characters looked super cool and stylish and the others had awful clothes to the point of being a crime against fashion. I also wish he would draw less detailed stuff sometimes, I like the art style in The world ends with you.

By the way, when was the last time Amano worked on a video game as a character designer? He always creates the logos for mainline FF games, and he did the character design for FF6 and FF9 last, probably worked on other games after that, but is it actually possible that he could ever come back for character design and not just to design logos? I find it ironic that now that technology is advanced enough to translate his designs accurately with all the small makeup and jewelry details like in the new Dissidia game he isn't doing anything anymore.

No. 103287

File: 1596975375122.jpg (38.92 KB, 500x1000, 41421084881d9fb53185d75c81c476…)

I feel the same way with Persona games. I loved Kazuma Kaneko's character designs because I felt like they fit the game's dark atmosphere better and really don't like Shigenori Soejima's stuff. But I mean I get it why he'd be more popular, his style is more mainstream, more anime-like

No. 103293

File: 1596977548445.jpg (117.1 KB, 400x483, 1445451456779.jpg)

I like Soejima as much as Kaneko when it comes to drawing and designing human characters but I hate how the portraits for P3 and P4 look like shit half of the time. How the hell is Yosuke supposed to be a stylish pretty boy when he looks like a humanoid giraffe in his portraits? Anyway, Kaneko is still working for Atlus but doesn't do art for games anymore, we need to move on. I'm still not over the fact that the story he planned for SMT4 was so long that we actually only have half of it in the final product AND in the direct sequel.

No. 103314

I personally like Soejima's way of handling colors and themes, I think in Persona 5 his work is excellent. I also really love Kazuma Kaneko's demon designs though.

No. 103584

File: 1597165545028.jpg (73.89 KB, 900x661, srtdfjkhjl.jpg)

I finally beat FFX-2 and guess what? Right after beat the 4 bosses one after another I forgot to press X at the exact time when I was supposed so I didn't get the good ending! I don't want to throw my PSVita through the window or anything! Fuck this, who thought this was a good idea?

No. 103594

File: 1597169854720.jpg (804.14 KB, 2048x2040, EfA9mHmXYAYEUXj.jpg)

congrats anon!
I have yet to win but I keep getting so close like at the last round or before the last one
the cute cosmetics in this game also up the enjoyment easily especially with the sounds they make

No. 103652

Just finished VTM Bloodlines, I might be crying like a little bitch, but don't tell anyone.
Play this game, everyone. It's the best game I've ever played, truly one of a kind. And objectively speaking, one of the best games you'll see in a lifetime.

No. 103776

I played this for the first time last month and I loved it, amazing atmosphere, soundtrack, and aesthetic. Really wonder how it would have turned out had it not been rushed

No. 103809

Would you say it's worth playing even if I hate vampires?

No. 103900

What aspects of vampires do you hate?

No. 103907


you mean you did ALL the side quests for 100% completion and the X thing was the only thing you missed?
I have this game for over a decade and never got this far.I get it though anon

No. 103919

No I only forgot to press X. I didnt plan on getting 100% on the game because some side quests were annoying as fuck but iirc you can get the good ending with Tidus if you talk to the historian on chapter 3 and press X several times in two cutscenes and I did all that except press X at the very last cutscene right after beating the last boss. The perfect ending is the same except with one more cutscene I think? I'll try to get 100% completion next time with the NG+ feauture, I beat the game with 80% completion.

No. 103925

File: 1597328570235.jpg (2.3 MB, 1344x2540, 1595170742448.jpg)

Right? Even though the team was rushed during the very last part of the game, they still managed to deliver something like this.

Ayrt, and I'd say yes. I usually find vampires cringey, but the ones in VTM are actually cool. After playing this game I got both the Revised Edition and V20 rulebooks just so that I could read more about them.
It's a great story. Great writing, memorable characters with impressive facial and body animations, great voice acting, great OST, great atmosphere, sceneries, immersive experience.
Take a look at pic related if you decide to play, download the game and then the Unofficial patch from wesp5, and only use that launcher to play. Enjoy

No. 103996

what clan did you guys go with? malkavian was fun for the dialogue, but tremere had the coolest gameplay imo

No. 104026

File: 1597379974936.jpg (45.79 KB, 262x572, slut.jpg)

Just because you know Santa Claus

No. 104035

File: 1597387301761.jpg (162.68 KB, 1013x855, 08-14-20_4-38-51 PM.jpg)

what are you doing you old perv

No. 104037

File: 1597389977342.png (935.13 KB, 1366x768, 12-26-19_11-13-05 PM.png)

Damn your sim is ripped I would stare too
When Santa came over he started yelling at my alien cat thanks santa

No. 104041

weird, i had santa tell off my cat as well. Out of nowhere.

No. 104053

File: 1597402582823.jpg (6.33 KB, 229x472, D70FsivXsAEwrLD.jpg)

I played as a Malk, Toreador, Tremere and Ventrue before. I also want to try the Nosferatu, seems like the gameplay would be challenging.

Random thoughts about the upcoming game: Oh man, I really hope that it will have the humor and the writing style of the original, to me these made the game unforgettable. The dialogue in the new game's demo seemed so dry and void of personality. They didn't even try to make the NPCs seem interesting. I have a fear that the writers are going to pander to the SJW culture and strip the dialogues off everything that could be seen as even mildly offensive.
Unpopular opinion: while it's no Isolated, the cheesy Eurotrash song that plays in the club is a mood

No. 104057

is that Hoelly

No. 104077

File: 1597417350186.png (263.77 KB, 640x751, 8enmv76mztd41.png)

Ventrue, Toreador and Malkavian. Ventrue is a personal favorite.
After seeing how Nosferatus sperg at Toreadors, now I really wanna try the Tremere run just to see Andrei (and others) going full-on SEETHE at the fledgeling.

I want to hope in a decent game because let's face it, this type of game is very niche and I'm starving for more VTM content.
We just have to keep in mind that it won't be no Bloodlines. The goth atmosphere won't be there, the game is based on the lame ass V5 edition, they have snowflakes like Cara Ellison in the team, Mitsoda seems to have lost his mind, they're using a different engine than Source, as you can see by the lack of acting by the characters in the demo. The characters in Bloodlines were so lively and expressive, while in that demo NPCs just stood there completely still with their faces barely moving as they spoke.
So I'll play it while keeping my expectations low, and try to take it for what it is: something different.
If it's garbage, at least we'll get to have a good playlist to listen to, since the composer from Bloodlines is back.

No. 104093

My fear for it is that it's not just gonna be SJW pandering but outdated at that. I'm not sure I'll be able to stomach SJW nonsense of 2016 all over again.

No. 104452

File: 1597490189398.png (41.35 KB, 1804x219, 5eMwceu.png)


>Mitsoda seems to have lost his mind

oh boy. you know he broke up with murderblonde late last year? both of them were really cool people (especially annie, she was super down to earth) until they moved to seattle and founded doublebear. there must be something in the water there.

it's hard for me to feel excitement because i think a lot of the old legendary game devs from the early 2000s have regressed too much. leonard boyarsky and tim cain's the outer worlds lacked the brilliant ambition that they were once known for. i wouldn't have known it was made by the guys who made arcanum, fallout and bloodlines if i wasn't following its development ever since they teased it.

the only veteran rpg gamedev who is still consistent is chris avellone, but he probably sodoku'd after he got #metoo'd over twitter. (fyi the allegations are bullshit and they were spearheaded by a known scammer) they 'wrote out' his contributions, but he probably just had the same role as he did with baldurs gate: siege of dragonspear (game was horrible and the snowflake writer even crammed a troon into it) where he just gives feedback to the writers.

the game is doomed to fail. i've personally lost hope in any good american rpgs coming out. i recommend y'all play disco elysium if you haven't. the game is completely text based and is up your alley if you like bloodlines for its characters/quests

No. 104454

>a known scammer
I knew about the first part but not this.

No. 104469

File: 1597501124583.png (Spoiler Image,868.75 KB, 531x2587, TPxBBAm.png)


in 2013, @SJBsMama (Karissa Barrows) planned a charity fundraiser event for PAX East (MECC) where they wanted to get the all of the Mass Effect VAs to cosplay as their respective characters. there was a lot of hype in the cosplay community as they would be able to get a lot of good exposure for their work while helping a charity (st jude) in the process.

sounded pretty good in concept, but then a bunch of them dropped out for whatever reasons and karissa of course failed to disclose that. pic related was the lineup midway through the campaign. at that point several had already dropped out (courtney taylor - jack, steve blum - generic grunts and raphael sbarge - kaidan, but there were more, im just basing this off of reddit comments) in the end it was only 4 people. two VAs (kimberly brooks - ashley and keythe farley - thane) along with 2 face models.

one of the costume makers (leah nelson) made cosplay for the model luciano costa and ended up calling out karissa over tumblr.


TL;DR leah makes a costume for luciano, and when karissa sends her the money to ship the costume to her, she sends an e-check saying that there wasn't enough money in the paypal account, since it had been transferred to collect interest in another account (which was basically confirmed to be karissa's personal account as she did not have an EIN for MECC) leah starts smelling bs. leah and other members of N7 Elite (ME cosplay community) send an email to karissa voicing concerns.

karissa refuses to divulge an EIN or any transactions showing what the donations are for which they would be obligated to if they had tax-exempt status. karissa explains that nothing donated towards MECC is tax deductible (showing why you shouldn't donate to middlemen!) she even pulls the whole "we had no signed agreement" to push back against leah's requests for this information. but it's all very vague and a lot of non answers as you can imagine.

eventually, karissa kicks leah off of the project, tells her to send the armor back. leah refuses as she was requested by another project member to stay onboard in addition to not wanting somebody else to make alterations to the costume she sacrificed a month making. luciano still had the armor at this point and was meant to send it back to leah for adjustments. but karissa manages to intercept him and tells him to send it to her because leah "had to pull out do to personal matters.

No. 104470

File: 1597501950703.jpg (141.14 KB, 725x921, D2RGOUFX4AAppjL.jpg)

I was looking forward to Avellone's contribution to the game tbh, but they scrubbed everything he wrote from the project and fired him after the allegations. This new team is entirely made of woke people pleasers with no decent game under their belt - save for Mitsoda, for the latter part.
Now we have Mitsoda saying he will represent Malkavians' mental illness more respectfully because the wackiness from the first game was "problematic" and people joked about fishmalks. Even though y'know, they're vampires with a very specific, non-human mental illness. God forbid these fictional characters with a very fictional brand of mental illness (which is more complicated than that, they're not schizos - they're almost seers, so it's not comparable with human mental illnesses) are not "represented respectfully" and get offended!
But what were we expecting, from nuWoD. Every pnp VTM player knows of the trash fire that was the V5 manual. The political shit, the Anarchs pushed as the right faction against the evil fascist Camarilla (which is now even responsible of killing gay people in Chechnya!), Nosferatus now look like normal people but with hobo clothes, feeding is literally rape because you don't have the human's consent, all the cringy in-your-face hardcore antifa shit… and this game will be based on this version of the manual.

No. 104478

File: 1597504314720.png (350.33 KB, 875x644, ghQqHDu.png)


the new team is a joke although ka'ai/martin cluney - creative director at hardsuit labs is an industry vet who has worked on notable fps games: mobygames.com/developer/sheet/view/developerId,7813/

he also worked on the cancelled obsidian aliens: crucible game. his linkedin says that he stopped working at hardsuit in july 20. brian has mentioned quite a few times that cluney was basically the reason why hardsuit got the vtmb2 contract: https://venturebeat.com/2019/03/26/vampire-the-masquerade-bloodlines-ii-interview-brian-mitsoda/

i don't think this game is coming out.

nuWoD is horrible but i have to give credit where credit is due for this awesome passage. i would like them to explore this concept in the game although i wouldn't get my hopes up.

No. 104516

Recently started playing LoL with the help of my friends, god help anyone trying to start by themselves. The community is so toxic, I'm watching a live game for some drops and the chat makes me lose faith that people are even well-adjusted. Without my friends I would have quit way early.

BTW I suck so any advice is welcome, still on bot games and practicing support and ADC.

No. 104545

Sadly LoL has nothing on Overwatch. Devs there even listen to the toxic bastards it's why losers like Samito think their gods. Cause Jeff's too stupid to realize they only want the game to cater to them not to actually work. LoL doesn't really mess with what can cause them profit. Blizzard let a guy who had a booster service play in the pros even.

No. 104574

I wonder how this happens, I don’t want to try overwatch at all because I know about the fuckery that is their online community and sadly afaik the whole game is online so there’s no way to avoid them. Also the way those communities (for LoL as well) are all male-dominated spaces really doesn’t help imo.

No. 104585

In Overwatch's case, it was introduced as baby's first fps. Then Blizzard decided that just because it was popular enough in it's first year to get on the tourneys they obviously needed to make a big ole e sports league and focus solely on that rather than improve the game. Inviting in that toxic manchild competitive audience.
A great sample of how shitty it's gotten is that people can change their usernames to full on slurs but shit like freehongkong and ggez are banned. Guy got banned on twitch because someone was spam friending him making it stuck on his screen with some racist phrase. Another guy wanted to prove how utterly bad the reporting system is and made a custom game called it "report me for cheating" Told anyone that entered to report him and was banned like 15 minutes later. For sitting in the spawn doing absolutely nothing.

No. 104636

I know this has been a polarising game, but I have been finding a lot of solace playing Ancestors The Human Kind Odyssey recently.

>Be in lockdown

>feeling the pressure from jobhunting, financial struggles, everyday life in general
>been feeling bored and unmotivated and games I usually love aren't interesting me
>often joke about how I wish I could shed my responsibilities and live a primitive life
>have found myself watching lots of monkey documentaries during lockdown.
>reject modernity, return to monky
>stumble upon this game by chance and buy immediately

I'm finding it really soothing to fill my spare time so I'm not left alone with invasive unhelpful thoughts. I'm so invested in my clan and it's not very intuitive at the beginning even with full HUD and tutorial so a lot of my clan members died horrifically. I haven't played a whole lot of games so I haven't seen anything quite like it before.

No. 104648

>reject modernity, return to monky


No. 104713

File: 1597661549007.jpeg (100.3 KB, 828x682, monke.jpeg)

No. 104716

File: 1597662190723.jpg (49.83 KB, 1024x576, 58dd506e00408f6ffaab6cd80cdf46…)

No. 104754

Any rec for motion sickness?
Doom gets me dizzy almost instantly. F.E.A.R is the same. Some random crappy itch.io shit too. I can't name more because I don't even try and stick with whatever is non first person in a 3d enviroment.
I can manage some CS, but it's been ages and I'll try again soon.
There is this please have mercy I really like racing games sonic Doom mod, the main game you explore a map, but the kart doesn't get me dizzy nor gives headaches until after 1 hour or so. And it's all in Doom.
Should I return to Monke or can I have hopes in playing Warframe?

No. 104763

File: 1597684894328.png (145.46 KB, 290x358, PROTOTYPE.png)

I used to play the shit out of Prototype as a teenager. The mechanics were so fun, I would always waste time climbing around the city and disguising myself as passersby. I need to play it again sometime.

No. 104764

This but that Spiderman game where the webs miraculously attach to the sky.

No. 104815

Is it the first person perspective or just the fast paced-ness. Warframe is 3rd person, but also can be pretty fast.

The only time I ever got nauseous playing video games was when my brother rented this huge TV once.

No. 104937

File: 1597775947516.png (198.94 KB, 350x350, GqyiV57.png)

new DbD survivor is tasty af

No. 104939

Hard agree, can't wait to hear his voice. New killer seems kinda disappointing tho

No. 105047

Bloodlines 2 devs announced that they kicked off Brian Mitsoda off their team. What do you anons think…

No. 105048

They also kicked out their creative Director Ka'ai Cluney

No. 105049

Just cancel the preorders, let this shit bomb.

No. 105069

What the fuck? It seems they were completely blindsided by this too. Brian had been working on the game for 5 years. That gives me some hope that a lot of his writing will still be used in the game (hopefully they don't go through the story with a machete at this point) but… just tasteless and worrying. Definitely waiting for reviews before buying.

No. 105071

Don't trust reviews though, I mean they all took it up the ass for TLOU2. Disregarding the absolute shit show that was Abby, that the story was god awful and clunked along clearly more interested in being 'gritty' and simping for Abby while trying to paint Ellie as a monster for killings. See what customer reviews are. Sure some are just gonna be outraged for the sake of the bad team but a fair amount are gonna just be fans of bloodlines who didn't keep up with the known info. They'll be your best bet to gauge how it is.

No. 105072


No. 105077

Oh for sure, when I say "reviews" I mean from fans and smaller 3rd party review sites. I haven't looked at any of the major gaming outlets in nearly a decade. They're all shills and sellouts because they don't get their sweet advertising bucks and free review copies unless they suck up to studios.

No. 105093

File: 1597873532610.jpg (112.12 KB, 1000x667, malkslap.jpg)

This is why you don't preorder. I'll pirate that shit and call it a day.
I just wonder what happened? From Mitsoda's statement, he seems as confused as we are.

No. 105097

Some wks on twitter already started overanalyzing his statement, saying that it's defo his fault and that he did something wrong.

No. 105145

File: 1597914396717.jpg (55.97 KB, 680x335, EfyzHyyXgAAEcSj.jpg)

Are they out of their minds???? Mitsoda was the reason why the first game was so memorable. Also I read that they replaced him and the other lead writer with a CONSULTANT who worked at Ubisoft. I wonder what happened. Poor Brian

No. 105146

Samefag, needless to say, I'm happy with my decision not to preorder the game

No. 105155

I wonder if they kicked him out because he was against the SJW, LGTBQ direction the game was going towards. I'm curious if Outstar will address this in a video, I noticed she liked the tweet that the dev team issued about Mitsoda's firing

No. 105175

Judging from statements he made before, Mitsoda was ok with the woke stuff and even advocating it. I was hoping he would be a talented enough writer to make it work regardless, though it looks like that won't be happening now.

No. 105180

Could you post the source of this? So maybe it was the other way around, the dev team wasn't having the woke stuff?

No. 105193

File: 1597935757864.jpg (544.54 KB, 1260x727, 1595154859084.jpg)

>expecting their employee to say anything other than "The game is good you guys, don't worry, everything's fine!"
Outstar is literally on the company's payroll to advertise the game, she's nothing but a shill. Don't expect any truth from her. In both her discord and the official Bloodlines one she's already been doing damage control since yesterday, along with the mods.
As for the SJW stuff, Mitsoda himself seemed to be on board with it, with the "treating Malkavians' mental illness more respectfully" thing. Ellison is even woker and so is the dev team.

What we know for now is that:
>Mitsoda doesn't have allegations, didn't molest anyone or any of that shit, as confirmed by the PR team
>the company talked of "creative differences"
>Cara Ellison is now in charge of the writing
>there are rumors of elements of the story being changed last minute
>it's possible the consultant from Ubisoft was hired to help polish the combat and action sequences
>the dev commentary special featuring Mitsoda, which was meant to be included in the pre-order bonuses, has been scrubbed
Brian is a meek guy with social anxiety, I don't think he's done anything.
There's a rumor about him strongly opposing the ideas of someone from upper management because he cares so much about Bloodlines, and they weren't having it, but who knows.
For me, it's possible that he wanted to polish more aspects of the narration/he wanted to do more, but the company just wants to release the game.
It's a Troika situation all over again. This franchise is cursed.
Pirate it when it comes out, don't give them money.

No. 105253

It was a good run, but i doubt this game is going to happen. even if it does get released, who will buy it?

> Mitsoda himself seemed to be on board with it, with the "treating Malkavians' mental illness more respectfully" thing. Ellison is even woker and so is the dev team.


No. 105262

Oh it'll get released it's already too far in to abandon and refund everyone that did preorder and costs of production. It's just gonna be an absolute mess.

No. 105279

File: 1597959561482.png (26.53 KB, 523x477, Steam.png)

They're too far into the project, it was supposed to be released earlier this year and it's got five years of work behind. They will release it, though I'm curious to see how are they going to handle this nightmare. Damage control didn't save them from hundreds, thousands of refunds and fans expressing their anger all over every single platform - and it's not going to die down.

Oh, no need to wait to refund everyone. We're already doing it ourselves :)

No. 105315

File: 1597988717940.jpg (107.36 KB, 773x860, Screenshot_9.jpg)

So Outstar said this

No. 105368

Need women to play OW with. Tired of going in VC and only hearing men who are pretty much sexist. Also wanna play comp.

If anyone is interested, I'll make a discord server.

No. 105386

Sadly I only play events now. They all but destroyed that game sucking the league's dick. Now I hear they're gonna destroy shields instead of JUST add more tanks and supports to help with balance. I swear if I was someone of power at Activision I'd of lost my mind at how much money and resources are wasted on a dev team that clearly has no fucking idea what they are doing. Even Riot doesn't fuck up this much this often.

No. 105396

Anon you're responded to here, and I agree. Although I'm not sure why you said Activision. Absolutely crazy how tanks feel like DPS now, and to hear that they're removing shield is insane.

Curious on how OW2 is gonna be like.

No. 105401

Activision is the parent company to Blizzard. Resources and funding is coming from them. They'd be the ones in charge of changes at Blizzard. Any head at 'Blizzard' is a figure head so to speak.

No. 105420

Anyone can recommend games for someone with a shitty of?

No. 105423

Ah. That's something new everyday, thanks.
Was wondering why COD was on the Blizzard launcher. Makes sense.
If you still wanna play some events together, hit up!

No. 105425

No. 105495

Hi! I could join, however I play on EU server and I can play only as tanks and healers, or Ashe / Sombra adcs. I suck when it comes to character pool I guess, but I carried my friend to Diamond. I wish OW reworked their comp system, matching against high platinums and diamonds while being mid gold sucks, yet I cba buying a new account.

No. 105497

PC, I think.

You need to specify what genres you like, there are too many well-optimized games that can run on toasters but without knowing what you like to play it's hard to recommend.

No. 105514

Play VTM Bloodlines

No. 105556

I am SO fucking excited because Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles remaster is coming out on switch in like 4 days. This was my first rpg and still has one of the most unique OSTs from any game I've played.

I know it may be nostalgia talking but I am excite.

No. 105600

I'm playing Catherine Fullbody now and I think I'm about to get one of Rin's ending. It's hard to tell how if you'll get Rin's ending on a first run despite it being easy to know if you'll get one of Catherine's or Katherine's endings because of the law VS chaos system. I'm enjoying the game so far anyway. I also feel like I can enjoy the story way more now that I'm an adult compared to when the original just got released and I watched a playthrough soon after.

No. 105608

Do you think it makes sense to play Fullbody after i've finished the original 5 times? Is it different enough?

No. 105610

Not sure if that helps since as I said I only watched a playthrough long ago, but there are new endings for Catherine and Katherine, there's Rin in general who changes the story a little by default, and there are new puzzles. When starting a run you can choose whether you want the stages from the original or brand new stages. People were sperging so hard over the new character that I only knew about the new puzzles when starting the game myself. Make your opinion yourself based on that because I feel like if you loved the original you'll either like the changes and additions to the game a lot or you'll dislike them a lot, based on opinions I've seen online.

Also it looks like I missed Rin's route but that's for the best, I want ending with the original characters before getting Rin's route.

No. 105665

File: 1598270064282.jpg (608.27 KB, 3840x2160, MjYrysv.jpg)

I am just in love with Grounded rn, it's such a throwback to Honey I shrunk the kids, and though they didn't have to the devs gave the option to turn the spider enemies into marshmallows for those of us with extreme arachnophobia. They plan on huge updates, but for an early access game it's def worth it just to see what they add. I'm really hoping for the ability to tame the worker ants and ride them about.

No. 105675

I'm guessing the way Blizzard handles it is by number of reports by different people. Most gamers do not care about reporting slurs because a lot of them are edgelords to begin with. The fake cheater was actively asking people to report him to prove a point so they probably received a LOT in a short time and instabanned.

That being said Riot seems to take it more seriously than Blizzard. Every slur-user I've reported has gotten banned. Whether it was permanent I can't say but they definitely got punished because the feedback system tells you when your report succeeded.

No. 105676

Also I'm of two minds on the Malk situation. On one hand characters that are CRAAAZY are fun to play as but on the other, It's frustrating to see films and games depicting mentally ill people so poorly. Perhaps if their chaotic behavior was framed as not mental illness but still remained chaotic it could work? I can already hear the people saying it's not a big deal but once you have someone who has serious mental health issues in your life (or are one) the topic isn't that easy to dismiss.

If there was no stigma against mental illness in our real world then I definitely wouldn't care about how media shows it but it's still a tough subject today. For those that really want cartoony depictions of insanity, think about rape scenes and ask yourself how you want those to be executed.

No. 105677

what i don't get is the amount of abuse some guys dish out in unranked games. lots of league players i encounter need to get a grip, instead of losing their minds over not winning an unranked game. i'm just here for fun, which i believe is the point of videogames?

No. 105679

I finished my first run of Catherine Fullbody, answered all the questions sincerely and got one of the happy endings with best girl Katherine. I'm pissed I couldn't save Morgan and Daniel though and I want endings with Catherine and Rin so I'll definitely keep playing.

No. 105688

Really? Crazy people have been jerked off constantly by the media for the past ten years. If I never had to hear another person bravely destigmatize their struggles I would be happy

No. 105707

File: 1598303828470.jpg (128.51 KB, 850x616, Z1nOn7m.jpg)

No it's based on how many reports a person gets in a certain amount of time and the decay for reports is complete horseshit so often if everyone reports you just because you don't like playing Ana EVERY single game as a support main. You get reported and can get a p[enalty, even in quick play. As well as they just let the bot handle bans.

Even with the added replay system to further show when it's not a player's fault Blizzard just lets the bot decide even as it's been heavily shown it's about as correct in it's determination as Easy anti cheat.

Hell their recent big cheater purge only came to be because people were actually showing how bad it was by having full on AI programmed to follow them around and shoot and it being less than sophisticated in it's coding clearly firing based on the player's inputs on whoever they were actually playing. In fact the only actual reversal I can think of on the top of my head was a streamer named TreeboyDave who was even featured on their launcher for having the highest possible level in game. Guy only plays QP never comp and got permabanned on what appears to be streamsnipe reporting. And was only reversed after their pet youtubers broke ranks to say how unfair it was and get enough traction for articles. It's why I prefer Riot, cause even though they have a toxic fanbase they'll make fun of it, but at the same time punish bullshit. Blizzard pretends they're always morally right until attention is brought to how utterly bad they are.

TL;DR Blizzard has one of the worst reporting/anti cheat system in recent gaming and only ever fixes mass issue when it gets too public for comfort and they could risk profit.

No. 105818

Maybe you're thinking about uwu fragile anxiety havers or whatever but I was more talking about people with schizophrenia and the like.

No. 106010

Any framers play Ai dungeon?

No. 106037

File: 1598582484010.png (223.17 KB, 750x571, es.png)

I have been playing this in the last few days. I like psychology and the poster girl reminded me of Morgana from Fata Moru, so I gave it a try.
Is nothing special, barely a game, but it's fun for people that like to take personality quizzes.

No. 106040

I was intrigued for a while. It was interesting to see what phrases came in the hallway and how she reacted to your answers. I found the endings shallow though. What's the point of a psychological game if there are still "good" and "bad" endings.

No. 106055

what is this game?

No. 106069

anon, you're a saint.
i totally forgot about this game until now. i remember playing it on gamecube and absolutely sucking but loving it nonetheless.

i just downloaded it on switch bc of you and i'm struggling but loving it still. tysm.

No. 106096

Me. It can be pretty good some days, but dammit, it can't just stay on topic.
t. tried the useless cyberpunk setting

No. 106216

File: 1598720420254.jpg (28.17 KB, 308x289, 101411700_10163543135120632_49…)

has anyone played vampire the masquerade: bloodlines? is it in any way available on a console? i realllyyyyy prefer using a controller. tfw when you break both hands and have limited movement in half your fingers

No. 106217

yes, and no i don't think so.
the game as-is is amazing but so busted. you should get it on PC if just to make sure you can use the unofficial patches when it inevitably breaks.
it's not really complex, controls wise. wasd movement and lots of hack and slash (frantic clicking) but nothing more complicated than that.
i hope you try it, it really is a wonderful game

No. 106218

what the other anon said, plus you have to interact with computers in-game a decent amount and type in commands and such which would be a pain in the ass to get around with a controller. I'm playing it right now for the first time and I love it tho.

No. 106223

Why am I so bad at Bayonetta? I keep getting shitty scores because I miss these mini-games in Paradise or hidden enemies in every chapter and I keep dying because of stupid reasons like beating enemies, accidentally picking up their shitty weapons, and not being able to defend myself or hit other enemies because these weapons are just that shitty. I keep getting a lot of platinum medals for individual fights but I get stone trophies. At least it's less rage inducing than DMC1. and its horrible camera. And Luka is cute, I like this dumbass. Should I just redo all the chapters once I get all the weapons and a longer health bar?

No. 106224

Those games are tough and almost require autism to get really good at. I'm decent at DMC3,4 and DmCV but the first two games were tough to get combos in because of controls for me. Just gotta practice, but always remember to have fun.

No. 106226

Alter Ego on mobile.

No. 106229

Yeah I'm having fun so far, it's so addicting that I didn't even realize I played for like 6 hours straight today. So far in DMC I only played the first game on the PS2 last year and I have a copy of the special edition of DMC3 on the PS2 but haven't played it yet so it's hard to compare Bayonetta to the entire series. You make me feel less dumb about having very low scores though.

No. 106303

You're gonna need the console to noclip your way sometimes, anon. The controls are quite simple, it's one key to attack.

No. 106321

File: 1598814338354.png (639.61 KB, 750x987, cvo0nukorvu41.png)

>pictured: me letting bioware continue play me

i just want my gay dragon game to be good

No. 106322

>*continue to play me


No. 106346

File: 1598842882715.jpg (154.3 KB, 498x512, unnamed.jpg)

I need Rune Factory 5 news so bad anons. It was a miracle it was even announced to begin with but it's been over a year since the last teaser….

No. 106377

Anyone played Tell Me Why already? Is it worth buying? I usually wait for sales but I want to support Dontnod, it's still a bit much for me though…

No. 106379

i just want them to put the same promo effort into DA4 like they did with DAI… but guess I will be as disappointed as I was with ME:A

No. 106415

Is it the one about the trans kid? A friend of mine quit playing it for the sheer cringe

No. 106423

I beat Bayonetta. It's a really fun game, now I'll focus on getting more halos and buying more accessories so I can try the game on hard mode. I'm already getting way better scores when redoing the first chapters on normal mode too, I think I'm getting better at the game. The only real flaw is the shitty QTE that come out of nowhere but I've been told there aren't many in the sequel.

No. 106425

File: 1598902964803.jpg (411.5 KB, 1200x1600, Fall_Guys_cover.jpg)

This is the most infuriating game I've ever played. That is all I wanted to say.

No. 106434

Yeah I’m not one to get angry at games but Fall Guys is an exception. Also I feel like I always get the same annoying see-saw stage

No. 106444

File: 1598909730838.jpg (523.33 KB, 785x1092, persona-4-golden-cover.jpg)

I love this game! If only my real school life was even remotely like this

No. 106499

File: 1598937607433.jpg (34.13 KB, 342x342, 61uW Xc0mvL._SX342_.jpg)

anons, do you remember playing games at a young age and being scared of things that should have not actually been scary? i'll start. i used to play every nancy drew game, but message in a haunted mansion actually traumatized me. the whispering paintings and general ghostly action in it made the game unbearable for me to play at nightime or without a friend. i remember there was a scene where a ghost appears in the corner of a room and i legitimately cried for 2 hours. the ghost didn't even pop out at you, it just chilled and walked by your screen. but it fucked me up so much i couldn't even finish the game. granted it is a mystery themed spooky game series, but it's point and click and reliant on puzzles lol. idk if i was the age range it was meant for (i was in elementary school) but god those games were good.

i also remember being a pussy in fallout 3 despite being a tween playing it. i remember stepping out of the vault and being terrified for no good reason. just seeing the waste stressed me out like no other even before enemies started spawning. i remember finding megaton and not leaving for ages because i hated traversing the wastes by myself. got over it quickly though.

No. 106518

File: 1598953097152.jpg (12.4 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I was scared by the gnomes from the first Harry Potter game on PC, I hated the noises they made and they never disappeared upon defeat, so they always unnerved me. They are not even scary and I was already 8 at that time, I should not have been terrified by them, but I always asked my (little) brother to get rid of them for me.

I also have a fear of deep sea monster, so when I came across Hydrus in Shadow of the Colossus, seeing his serpentine figure looming in the water was terrifying to me and I waited for 10 minutes before engaging the fight. He is not even creepy like Dirge or Pelagia.

No. 106519

YES there's just something about this game, IDK if it's the simplicity and pacing of the gameplay or something else, that for the first time made me feel like maybe gaming IS a waste of time after all. At least this title.
It's surprising considering how immensely popular it is.

No. 106531

same and why was that gay ass harry potter pc game so good?

No. 106617

File: 1599049218300.jpeg (447.06 KB, 1000x1403, AF7FAD4E-E51F-473E-ACB4-186C59…)

Totally agree!!
My 3Ds got stolen, along with my Rune Factory 4 on it. Even though it's out on the switch now, as silly as it sounds I don't want to buy it again because all of the characters wouldn't remember me and that'd make me sad, kek. Rune Factory 3 also seems good but I dislike playing on emulators, so I bought the Friends of Mineral Town Remake. It's a cute and enjoyable game but nothing is filling up my Rune Factory want! No other game compares to how alive the characters feel, the dialogue, etc, apart from maybe older animal crossing games. All the characters in fomt repeat so much, RF4 has barely any repeated dialogue and I got up to year 5 iirc.

No. 106651

File: 1599068641175.png (101.25 KB, 284x284, Slime_Monster_boss_(Toy_Story_…)


These gnomes! I was scared of them too.. and the slime boss from toy story 2

No. 106654

File: 1599069601309.jpeg (64.97 KB, 747x420, ckIII.jpeg)

Is anyone else enjoying Crusader Kings III?
I love the game. I was skeptical at first, especially after the Imperator Rome fiasco, but now I can't stop playing it. I really wish I didn't have so much work.

No. 106668

I haven't played it yet but was kinda watching my bf play yesterday. He was about to be attacked by a wolf until his wife shot it with an arrow between the eyes and they proceeded to make love right then and there. That's when I knew I wanted to play for myself…

No. 106679

I'm playing Elder Scrolls Blades (on mobile) and it's more fun than any Elder Scrolls game I played lol. I wish the maps would be more versatile tho, and the game itself weren't so fucking buggy at random.

No. 106685

File: 1599078557413.jpg (105.48 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

The Toy Story 2 game on PC was actually my first video game ever (excluding edutainment softwares), how nostalgic! I was also scared by some of the bosses like the jackhammer on pic related, the dinosaur or the toy plane, they all had this creepy angry face. Now that I think about it, it was kinda scary for a tie-in Toy Story game, some of the levels were kinda bleak and oppressive (the rainy street, the elevator network or the airport).

No. 106690

File: 1599084506593.jpg (118.77 KB, 640x405, gahan-wilsons-the-ultimate-hau…)

I loved this game when I was a kid, and would play it now to exhaustion if the emulator didn't run out of memory. I always liked being scared, and the monsters and curses were thrilling for 7 year old me. There's no plot nor skill, but with nostalgia googles this game is just so damn comfy. I can turn my brain off and just fuck around in that wonky house.

No. 106699

anon i respect you but how in the world is blades atop of your elder scrolls list?? i get shit on enough for saying skyrim is on top of mine but blades is unplayable for me lmao. if you want a phone elder scrolls game get daggerfall on android, that game literally ruined my life because i played it so much

No. 106721

nta, but I can't stand how copy paste and unnecessarily large everything in Daggerfall is. You fight your way through that twisty random generated first dungeon and get to the town and then all the NPC's just say the same shit and you finally get to the castle through the copy paste buildings and the king just immediately sends you on a fetch quest with no story… It was really disappointing after all the hype I heard.

No. 106722

File: 1599129188139.jpg (180.59 KB, 600x380, gestalt-replicant.jpg)

Unpopular opinion but I prefer the original NieR over Automata, I enjoyed the main cast better (couldn't stand 9S at all) and the OST was more memorable.
When it comes to the gameplay, I saw a lot a of people bemoaning Gestalt/Replicant's as "omg, so bad, it really detracts from the gaming experience" when it's fairly standard gameplay for a story driven game and it works well (these people clearly never played Drakengard). Automata's gameplay, while good, is nothing deep either, it's even extremely simplified compared to other Platinum Games like Bayonetta or MGR. Weirdly enough, the fishing minigame was really barebones compared to the first game.
The story in both NieRs is nothing amazing and the messages tend to get hammered unsubtlety, I prefered the slow apocalypse atmosphere of the first one rather than the full blown post-apocalypse of the second one, and the surface level philosophical references got really obnoxious by the end. The world was super fun to explore at the begininng but it fell into the same habits as NieR when you had to go back to the same places during the different routes.
I genuinely enjoyed playing NieR Automata, it's a very good game, but it was over hyped to me (especially since I only played it this year) and it didn't have the same emotional impact as Gestalt's (Shadowlord forever my favorite game ost of all time).

No. 106723

Finally someone who agrees with me. I was so dissapointed in Automata that I actually hated it when I first played at launch. I loved the cast of the first game so going from that to the (admittedly pretty) cardboard cutouts that are 2B and 9S was a huuuge letdown. I can replay it now and admit that it's objectively a good game but to me, the original is 10 times better.

No. 106724

Now I just beat Bayonetta 2 and it's insane how easier it is compared to the first one. And not just because of the lack of shitty QTEs. I didn't get any stone trophy, not even once. I'll keep playing both games to unlock more content and eventually I'll try to play on hard mode, and after that I'll try to get copies of Okami, The wonderful 101 and Astral Chain.

By the way, I'm almost considering getting Pokemon Shield but given all the things they added or changed in gen 8 I'm not sure I'll like it as someone who played all the mainline games since gen 1. And I don't like how they're doing this thing with DLCs to replace the third version when they should have spent more time developing the games to begin with. What do you think about it?

No. 106731

File: 1599136386355.jpg (8.8 KB, 480x360, scary doge.jpg)

dunno about you guys,but I was legit terrified of the watchdogs on the PS1 chicken run game.It gave me full blown anxiety being chased and caught by them.Thankfully I read other people felt the same way so I don't feel as dumb kek

No. 106736

that whole game (and movie) used to put me on edge.

this minigame in the finding nemo PC game was the worst. It's called "feeding frenzy" and the music scared me, not to mention the losing screen (which happened a lot because i was not good at this game) had me hiding behind my chair as a kid. (4:10 in yt vid attached)

No. 106747

Does it let you marry women tho?

No. 106770

File: 1599154019241.jpg (141.46 KB, 600x837, download (4).jpg)

This game fucked me up.

No. 106775

I played Skyrim like a madwoman and then I just stopped. It had nothing more to offer. I wanted to try out the extensions but it was just too boring to play the second time, I don't know, for some reason it's one of my "one time beat" games. I think the graphics with the general atmosphere made this game and that's what I remember fondly
Oblivion is fun with its crazy quests and shit, but it's tiring and so wonky. Morrowind is pure sentiment. It's barely playable for me, I missed out on finishing it when I was younger and now I just can't stand going through it. It's just too old for my hyper monkey brain.
Blades is just fun and easy, I guess. Quests are decent for a mobile game. It's not pay to win and you don't need to spend money at all. I wish the plot was more intense but still, as rpg for mobile? Enjoyable little game

No. 106790

When I was young I used to watch my cousins play a game called Heart of Darkness, which was supposed to be aimed at kids and was rated E, but had the most violent death scenes I've ever fucking seen in my life. It fucked me up especially because the game otherwise was very cartoonish and light-hearted. Whoever did the rating for the game was clearly shitting on his job

No. 106839

i can understand that, i should give blades a second chance. i do love elder scrolls to death and sometimes the lore is all i need to enjoy a playthrough. have you ever tried eso? i've heard it has interesting lore and writing but i cant stand the mmorpg gameplay lmao.

No. 106944

has anybody been playing the friends of mineral town remake recently? its on switch and pc! i had no idea they ported it to pc until a week ago, and i've been glued to my pc ever since!

No. 106950

Damn, you're bringing me back some nostalgia where I used to rent this game from the library and play it on my old ass PC.

No. 106962

How is Crusader Kings III? Can I conquer the world as an Egyptian Princess?

No. 106999

Bless, anon. I also think that even with the flaws of the original Nier, it was a much better game than Automata, which felt like a waifu bait game. (Sad, cuz Automata also has a fantastic OST, but i cant get over the main protag's design and all the thots who cosplayed her without even playing the game.)

No. 107006

Where should I start with the atelier series? I have a ps4 and a switch if that helps.

No. 107011

P-play Among Us with me p-please

No. 107019

Sure, fren. Got a throwaway email?

No. 107057

Right here anon! I think I'm going to romance Cliff again since I usually go for whoever seems the loneliest to me, but finally being able to be lesbian makes me want to go for Popuri and Elli too. How about you? Are you enjoying it so far?
I just wish rival marriages were back, even though I hate Popuri and Kai together.

No. 107069


Play on PC with "unofficial patch plus" for the best experience. You could play with a controller on PC but you'd still want a keyboard for the occasional password entry. Many sections can be beaten with just dialogue options, but there are still plenty of sneaking or raw combat sections so make sure you level some weapon so you don't get totally locked out - if your hands are broken maybe consider cheating (you don't really miss out on any gameplay through this). Also don't be dissuaded from playing Malkavian on your first playthrough if that's what you want to do.

No. 107070


I've never had motion sickness in a game but I have a friend who gets motion sick from FPS games within a few minutes, but can play VR (including FPS games) for an hour or two before feeling queasy. If that's in your budget, find a way of trying it out, and buy a headset if it's ok for you?

No. 107158

File: 1599489656071.jpg (89.23 KB, 680x510, IMG_20200907_163736.jpg)

Anons!! Can anyone recommend me PC games like Cake Mania? I tried pirating them for nostalgia purposes but my favorite, 2nd part, ended up not working at all and even on steam I've seen people complaining over bugs in this game. I'd love to play a cute time management simulator, or a game about cakes.

No. 107162

God I still have Cake mania 1 and 2 on my 2ds and it's so addicting.I'd always end up craving for cake aftwerwards haha.
IDK if this game is any of the kind you want, But I enjoyed Diner Dash (2004 version) as much as I did Cake Mania. Maybe you'll enjoy it too? Apologies if this doesn't rlly help

No. 107163

I got a shitty knockoff usb dualshock controller off ebay and it works pretty well with a program like JoyToKey so I can play pc games with it, haven't tried it with bloodlines though. iirc steam supports xbox controllers too?
Also seconding the anon that recommended Malkavian for the first run, but I'd say go with the base unofficial patch instead of plus

No. 107253

Spooky Mall by Alawar

It's about managing a mall for ghosts. And it's like 6 bucks on amazon

No. 107327

>Malkavian for the first run
Eh, I'd recommend the schizo run for the second playthrough personally. Some say that not understanding what's going on just like their character made the experience more immersive, but I don't know

No. 107446

It really does just boil down to personal preference. I admit also that some of the clan-specific dialogue options really don't correspond to the base responses they're supposed to replace, and that sometimes makes it easy to get confused, say the wrong thing and fuck everything up just like real life mental illness! thanks WoD!!
idk about immersion, but it's definitely a lot of fun if you have a fuck around and find out kind of playstyle.

have any anons made any bloodlines mods? I'm learning and I'd love to hear others' experiences. is there a thread for modding games?

No. 107760

>I just wish rival marriages were back, even though I hate Popuri and Kai together.

this! i want this to be my chill game that i'll be playing for several in-game years so it really bums me out that they cut them out. :(

i married gray because he was my first crush when i played hm64 as a guy. i was thinking of trying to romance the harvest goddess but i had no idea that you had to pick her when you said you liked someone or you won't be able to marry the goddess.

the game is still a lot of fun for me, i'm in the second summer right now. i really like the localization/translation – they really did a tremendous job. i like how it is a faithful remake with some QoL changes although i really wish they added more to the characters. i would've loved them to have developed the backstory behind lillia's husband leaving, etc.

i hope you're having loads of fun!

No. 107761

File: 1599891740869.png (23.26 KB, 696x225, 6VwTg50.png)

>hey 'wrote out' his contributions, but he probably just had the same role as he did with baldurs gate: siege of dragonspear (game was horrible and the snowflake writer even crammed a troon into it) where he just gives feedback to the writers.

According to Chris Avellone's Linkedin, he contributed a lot to Bloodlines 2. Bullshit that they wrote everything out.

On another note, this Euro sperg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TV_xrEU5o2g made a 46 minute long video on the accusations. He does talk about the scamming explained in >>104469

It is a long video but basically this sperg went through all of the accuser's tweets which include some quips like two saying that they weren't assaulted after the events that they now claimed were assaulted at. I think there's too much reaching but it really is incredible how much effort this guy went to disprove the claims.

No. 107782

>Bullshit that they wrote everything out
I really think they did. Look at all the delays. When a game is supposed to come out in early 2020, then it gets delayed to late 2020, then delayed to 2021 (not even a defined time frame), you can't help but wonder what the hell are they doing. Not to mention it turned out that in the month when the game was supposed to come out earlier this year, they were STILL doing mocap
We're lucky if they don't write out Mitsoda's contributions at this point

No. 107785

Same, since 2018 they could have easily rewritten entire game if they wanted. Usually the most common cause for a delay is optimization struggle (especially if they planned to release Bloodlines on the current console generation and I think they did), but if they're still working on the actual content then who knows, maybe it really is the core story struggle all along. Which is a really bad sign.
I don't they wanted to release the game the same year as Cyberpunk too since it's the biggest competition and it would really crush their sales, moving to year after is definitely beneficial.

No. 107797


>I was not part of the conversations that led to the decision to delay production, and to my knowledge, there were no delays caused by the Bloodlines 2 narrative development.

- Brian Mitsoda https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2020/08/19/brian-mitsoda-has-been-fired-as-narrative-lead-on-bloodlines-2/

if chris is claiming that he wrote side quests and characters i think it's impossible to completely write out all of his contributions. they paid 2 years for this guy, im sure it was not cheap. it sounds like paradox really is shooting themselves in the foot. cancelled two preorders over this.

No. 107805

I don't know which game I should start between Bravely Default and Devil Survivor Overclocked. I guess I should start the easiest one between the two but since this version of DeSu has an easy mode it's not helping me make a decision.

No. 107829

I don't think they could have written out all of Mitsoda's contributions entirely, wasn't he the one that pitched the game? so the core story would be his, unless they rewrote that too, which i wouldn't be surprised by at this point.

No. 107849

Play like the first hour of both and see which one has characters you like more.

No. 107894

File: 1600010642558.jpg (47.29 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)

Has anyone played this game? You go to some mansion-like dungeon that spans an entire planet and the dungeon starts generating clones of you that learn from your actions. I got it a while ago and I didn't get too far because I'm too much of a coward, I was afraid to shoot the clones because I knew they'd learn how to shoot as well. The setting and the premise and everything are very interesting though. I don't know if I should get over myself and play it or not. The main menu is the best I've ever seen, check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lKaN0h28gE

No. 107906

anons I'm dumb, you can play 3ds games on a 2ds xl right? I have a 3ds but the right shoulder button is kinda fucky and I have a lot of games I still wanna play. Can you play classic DS games too?

No. 107911

That is a very neat premise, might check it out.

No. 107918

Yes and yes. The only thing you can't do with a 2DS XL is use the gimmicky 3D feature that nobody uses anyway because of how fast it drains the battery and how it's uncomfortable to look at. You also can't play some very specific games like Xenoblade Chronicles or FE Warriors that only work for the New 3DS and New 2DS but you can play them on other consoles like the Switch anyway, it's not a big loss at all.

Btw about DS games on the 3DS/2DS, it works just fine, but if you want to play them with their original resolution press start when starting the games. On my 3DSXL these games look very blurry and stretched out because of the difference in screen sizes so I usually do that.

No. 107928

ty anon, you've eased my concerns! Now I just have to decide what color to buy lol.

No. 107950

File: 1600083456027.jpg (134.03 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

After a long pause, I'm back to Dark Souls III and god does it feel good to play a SoulsBorne game again! I know the game is quite controversial among the fanbase (too samey from the two previous games and unnecessary lore addition and callbacks) but I enjoy it a lot, the boss fights tend to be very good and I love the atmosphere. I'm a bit rusty since I've played other stuff since then (I'm often trying to pick items with the round button), so I'm collecting weapons I'm missing to warm up. I remember being stuck to two hard bosses before leaving the game (Nameless King and Sister Friede), I'm not ready for them yet.

I'm waiting for the October update to finally start Sekiro, the game looks great and an interesting departure from FromSoftware's formula.

No. 107973

You should try the Cinders mod. Adds weapons and armor from the other games, even Bloodborne.
FP regens by default so you're more free to use your spells and weapon arts. Also changes some enemy placement and boss behavior and abilities, let's you sequence break and go to a lot of areas earlier, so if there's a particular weapon you like, but can only get late game, then that's not a problem anymore.

No. 107981

I'm a filthy console casual so I unfortunately can't experience the joys of modding. I've heard that this mod adds a lot to the base game, maybe one day I'll get into PC gaming.

No. 108030

They're getting harder to find and more expensive. I got one a while ago and the top screen part is very loose which is apparently a common thing with the 2DS XL. It feels like it's going to snap off though and that's not great. You're playing a game and it's flapping about if you even blink.

No. 108035

Does Chrono Trigger live up to the hype?

No. 108036

kek I forgot that word would do that

No. 108041

It's one of the better old school jrpgs out there. In this case it's not just hype imo.

No. 108116

No. 108152

File: 1600250391811.jpg (137.9 KB, 1491x1436, EiAtnQaXsAAekH0.jpg)

So yesterday we had a 5th anniversary of Undertale release and honestly I'm surprised how much this all touched me. The game was an amazing experience, and the themes of it were so beautiful and special, it really deserves all of it's hype; though I wish the fandom was a little less insane so there's no negativity attached to it. Still, it's impossible to avoid anytime something becomes as popular.

I really recommend listening to the 5th anniversary concert, the OST sounds incredible with orchestral arrangement

No. 108153

My brother forced me to play this game. I was apprehensive because of all the tumblr sperging about it, but I'm glad I did. It really was fun and the music was great. I named my character Loser. I'm gonna listen to the concert now thanks

No. 108164

I watched it too! The concert was soooo sweet! It looks like they put a ton of effort into it, and it was so nice that it was free. There were like 60,000 people watching towards the end. I don’t care how much of a meme UT became, still one of my top game experiences to date. I think a lot of people felt that way.

No. 108178

i got emotional seeing sans in smash, idk why. just made me happy to see a game with such indie development meet the big leagues at nintendo. i love stories like undertale and stardew valley where small creators make such valuable and timeless games

No. 108198

Hogwarts but you get to self insert, finally. Terves stay winning lmfao.

No. 108208

oh my fuckigh god finally

No. 108211

File: 1600295026280.jpg (23.48 KB, 300x300, Enoby.jpg)

Finally, the day when I can roleplay as Ebony has come!

No. 108215

No. 108216

File: 1600298872262.png (764.52 KB, 946x501, 376985843096853.png)

Haha wtf are these hideous things

I saw "Avalanche" listed as the devs but it's Avalanche Software (behind Disney Infinity) not Avalanche Studios (Just Cause series). Thought it might at least have good action but so much for that. This will probably be shallow, repetitive and shitty. Would rather have an HP-influenced game by a decent dev than a licensed HP game by some generic Disney payroll group, but I hope it's good for the anons excited about it.

No. 108285

Ha ha yessss

No. 108298


I really hope for two things: 1) that's a major success and 2) that there are only female/male options in that game kek

No. 108317

File: 1600365710926.jpg (111.56 KB, 640x400, 13020405.jpg)


Im not a harry potter fan but by the leaks I saw of content, and previous leaks about the game were correct so im assuming these are too, it genuinely looks like a Bioware RPG with a Harry Potter skin.

>Romance and Rivarly Mechanics.

>Background (wizard, muggle, whatever) choice affecting dialog and minor quests.
>Choices. Choices. Choices. But a fairly somewhat linear storyline, you can still be an asshole but not completely evil.
>Combat looks like a mix of Skyrim and Inquisition.

Since Bioware hasn't made a good game in almost 9 years im hopeful about this and I don't mind Avalanche copying their stuff at all, it actually make me hopeful its going to be a good rpg.

No. 108318

File: 1600366847988.png (558.58 KB, 852x479, EiH3ReQVoAM4hDZ.png)

RUNE FACTORY 5 INFO FINALLY. I'm not even mad it's been delayed until next year since I never expected this game to come out at all. It's been like 7 years since RF4 was released.

No. 108319

The way in which Elder Scrolls combat falls flat imo is melee, since it gets floaty. A game that focuses on ranged combat like magic is ideal, I'm extremely hopeful for this one. At the very least, getting to roam this incarnation of Hogwarts is going to be amazing. I don't care too much about the story but I do hope they make the gameplay non-tedious.

No. 108324

File: 1600370162640.jpg (62.6 KB, 700x700, 095834097636.jpg)

HOLY SHIT YESSSS at long last!!

I was hopeful RF5 was still being made since it never got removed from the Switch lineup in official docs, but it had been ages since they released any info on it. So hype to finally get an update! I absolutely loved RF4, it was the perfect mix of traditional JRPG with some actually challenging combat, fun life sim/Harvest Moon mechanics, crafting and pets. One of the few games I've been looking forward to in recent years.

Only thing I'm sad about is that I'm going to miss making this adorable boy my hubby.

No. 108354

File: 1600386287906.jpg (50.51 KB, 826x788, rip.jpg)

And of course, this would happen. Hope you're able to find one without having to sell a kidney.

It's probably my favorite handheld. I don't feel comfortable taking a Switch on the go as bad things can and do happen, but the DS is easier to take care of.

No. 108370

Posted in the vent thread before I realized this one was here, whoops.

Does anyone play any MMOs currently? Recommendations for games and communities to try to make friends in? I'm pretty new to online communities in general so I'm not 100% sure where to start. I've heard a lot of good things about FFXIV so I was thinking of starting with a trial version of that.

No. 108372

Yessss I love all the butlers. I loved marrying Clorica. (imagine if you could marry Volkanon omg)

This makes me feel kind of sad. I played a lot of video games growing up but I've probably invested the most time in my 3DS. I still use the pink 3DS I bought 8 years ago about once or twice a week.

No. 108381

oh noo, nta but I really want to buy 3ds xxl someday even tho I own Switch. It's crazy how expensive it gets here. A new one costs almost the same as a brand new Switch which is insane for a dead handheld.

No. 108382

>which is insane for a dead handheld.
It makes sense to me though, people didn't just buy Switches during lockdowns, they also bought a shit ton of 3DS and 2DS so prices rose as much as they did for second hand Switches when these ones weren't sold anymore in stores. I'm glad I got my 3DS XL back in 2013, I had so much fun with it and I still have a bunch of games I haven't played on it and games I want to replay.

No. 108385

it's been like this at least for a year though, so it's not covid related

No. 108405

File: 1600452965078.jpg (36.45 KB, 340x255, 7084372543.jpg)

Volkanon is cute! I love that he has a stern look but is actually a crybaby.

This butler talk reminds me of Cube from the Princess Maker series and the fact she could marry him. The PM style always skewed too young for me, but the concept was cool. I like sweet, thoughtful and more submissive love interests so it's nice the job lends itself to that haha.

No. 108430

Too young like the ending where you can raise your daughter to be a dominatrix?

Jkjk but the kinda sexual endings always puts me off, it's deffo a game for girls but like, raising a kid and then she becomes a prostitute with art?

No. 108435

File: 1600487667490.jpg (49.31 KB, 896x504, 61UYI-uIz9L.jpg)

God, I fucking hate how the new final fantasy looks. You can barely even tell it's a final fantasy game, it looks exactly like any other generic medieval europe fantasy game, like a copycat boring version of Dragon Age or The Witcher.
Where are my pretty boys, edgy designs and futuristic art???? What even is the main party characters for this game, if we will even get them???
I know that XV sucked but it at least had a clear concept with charminho characters. I hate that SE is turning FF into what annoying gamergate type assholes want.

No. 108436

Yesss i thought i was the only one! If they wanted to go back to older ones with a medieval setting where are the over the top fantasy outfits and the crazy colours? Like Bartz, Terra or Cecil.

No. 108447

Omg anons I was wondering why the XVI trailer felt so underwhelming to me… this is exactly it.
I really hope we get more info soon, maybe something to make this appealing if that's even possible at this point. I'm going to be mad if we don't get party members.

No. 108450

I was following the live thing but I joined mid-trailer and I really couldn't tell it was Final Fantasy until I saw Shiva. It looks nice but a bit generic, and way too bland to be a FF game. Also crystals? Find the crystals to save the world? Original.

No. 108453

Seriously I get where you’re coming from! That weird disconnect between the style/gameplay and content (at times) was so odd to me. I played the games when I was pretty young, like middle to early high school, and even then I was like, what the hell is with the pervy endings? I remember you can even have her work at a “sleazy” bar (basically bartender at a strip club) and marry your character (her much older adoptive father) which just makes me think the game is partial pedo bait. Disappointing because it definitely lends itself to women playing it too, with plenty of cool outcomes like becoming captain of the guard, a famous writer, magician or of course queen. Never went for any of the gross routes obviously so I could ignore them, but would be cool if you could just turn off all questionable content and play as a mom instead.

No. 108455

File: 1600509357345.jpg (194.91 KB, 1338x750, prince-of-persia-remake-1.jpg)

Any older anons that played the original PoP Sands of Time?
I was so excited when I saw that there was a remake coming soon but when I saw the trailer I had to actually rub my eyes to check if I was seeing things correctly.
Not only do the graphics look seriously outdated but the entire mood, the voice acting, animations, etc. look utterly horrible and devoid of any charm that the original had. Then I've learned that Ubisoft India was in charge for the game and whenever you criticize the game you get a bunch of angry indians insulting you even though criticizing the game is nothing personal against indians.

link to the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htzq7EEXQs8

No. 108469

holy shit this is cursed, WHY. SoT is such a great game, tbh I played it again not too long ago and it still holds up just fine so, at least the original will always be a treasure.

No. 108472

Yeah, unironically the original SoT despite having older graphics looks way better. The facial expression in the new one make everything look worse. Apparently the released trailer is in alpha and the beta screenshots look promising but to me, it still looks pretty bad. I honestly have no idea how a company like Ubisoft green lit this garbage. I always thought that one thing they ought to be good at were graphics.
I was looking forward to the Warrior Within remake the most but if they pull out the same shit like this, I'd rather they completely abandon the series.

No. 108475

lol at the comparisons with other western games and GOT. The trailer reminds me of FF Tactics, Vagrant Story, etc. and the little boy and the young girl look like they're straight out of FF3 remake and FF12 so imo it does fit in the FF series.

>Also crystals? Find the crystals to save the world? Original.

Like in a shit ton of FF games? Crystals are one of the most iconic things in the series, like Mogs or Chocobos, I don't get how that's a complain yet you're also complaining about the trailer not being FF-like.

Amano only does logos now. Which sucks, his character designs were so detailed, imagine a current gen in HD in which he would design the characters.

No. 108484

I don't want to get my hopes up too much but one of the new lead designers is a guy who designed the combat system in Dragon's Dogma, and that was pretty amazing.

No. 108488

he looks like a 2010 let's player

No. 108490

I'm sorry, but compared to other major FF games it looks like it doesn't fit. Sure a few characters are nice, but overall it's bland and looks like your average western game. And yeah, after 15+ fucking games maybe I expected something more or a little different than crystals. It looks like it's changing from the usual FF style but it's becoming boring rather than interesting.

No. 108491

I have no idea what on the trailer reminded you of Tactics, I would have been more than happy for it to be reminiscent of it. We didnt see that much of the gameplay so I'm sure anons are comparing just the overall design of it, FF never really did this "gritty no fun allowed you can barely see what is on the screen because everything is so dark" look and it's disappointing that they are going for it.
I'm sure there's callbacks to older titles but in a series that is known for it's art and character designs, seeing something this bland is disappointing.

No. 108500

I was hoping he would! The characters from early FFs look gorgeous in dissidia, i can imagine the world itself would too. But even some other designer that could bring that high fantasy feel would be cool.
You mentioned ff tictacs but even that game had some fun level and character designs and there were many party members and such, i didn't get this feel from the trailer at all… i hope it's just because it's too early in development.

It would suck without party members. The characters and their interactions were what saved XIII and the parties whit a variety of charas have been a huge part of the game since forever.

Stop lmao

No. 108503

This post made me so happy. Oh, it's happening , and you cheerleaders and jocks better not get involved.

No. 108504

I bought the midnight purple 3DS years ago when Kingdom hearts: Dream drop distance launched. It's kinda sad to see this go. I wish i would have held onto my extra 3ds consoles so i could sell them for more money now.

No. 108505

This looks bad. I feel like FF15 was the last good game and now that Nomura is back on the gaming development team and front row, it's gonna be shit. He ruined KH3 and he's gonna ruin every other game he touches, including FF16. I'm definitely not hyped for this at all. Nomura needs to retire already.

No. 108516

Wait, nomura was confirmed in XVI? I thought the team was the same one behind the MMO.

No. 108523

I feel like the creators looked at Darks Souls and were like…'Let's Final Fantasify this!!'. When I started watching the trailer I was like, fucking finally, an FF without effeminate J-pop singer looking people and then a few seconds later it cut to an effeminate J-pop singer looking person lmao…I get that they want to freshen things up and make the next game grittier and darker entry in the series, but this basically feels like a familiar mixture of FF XII, Dark Souls plus some generic European medieval fantasy game, there's nothing new here

No. 108530

Can anyone recommend me a game that has a similar atmosphere to VTMB?

No. 108547

It's a different genre and has fairy tale beings instead of vampires but "The Wolf Among Us" gave me VTMB vibes.

You might also like the Shadowrun games, which are cyberpunk/fantasy rpgs.

No. 108548

I saw the recent Demon Souls gameplay trailer and that's it. I'm sold and getting the PS5.

No. 108550

I'm going to wait for an eventual PS5 pro as I still have a big backlog dating all the way to the PS2, but I got super emotional when I saw the trailer as well. Despite all its defaults I love Demon's Souls, it has an incredible atmosphere and I hope they'll be able to replicate it in the remake. There's a lot of speculation if they'll add the cut archstone (notably because of that snowy mountain shot in the first trailer), but I'd be surprised if they did it, Bluepoint didn't add any of the cut colossi in their SotC remake. Also many people think that lots of elements from the land of the giants were introduced in subsequent games, trying to create the area according to the original vision would maybe be redundant (unless they build something completely new from scratch).

No. 108552

maybe Dontnod's Vampyr?

No. 108605

I may or may not have almost cried out of happiness. Unpopular opinion, but I think the game's graphics are actually fine.

They might bring two characters from RF4 in, like how they brought Raven and Barrett back! Probably won't be able to marry them, though.

No. 108610

Ah yes, I played TWAU and I loved it (and I would kill for the sequel omg). I haven't heard of the Shadowrun games, I'm gonna check them out, thanks!
I heard of this but never actually played it, I'll give it a look, thank you!

No. 108612

not gonna buy a whole ps5 to play DMC5:SE but Vergil's theme pops so hard

No. 108629

I loved that game. I mean, not like it's a masterpiece, but I enjoyed it from the beggining to the very end.
So anons, if you need a vampire game, this one is a good vampire game.

No. 108635

Red Embrace: Hollywood if you're open to VNs. It is incredibly depressing though. I have a pretty high tolerance for dark material but I was in a funk for like half a month after playing that game. Writing is excellent but it deals with some really, really messed up characters.

No. 108647

Nta but oh god this game fucked me up. It's so good and writing is excellent. And I still haven't finished every ending.

No. 108648

just ordered one used for 168 USD which is not too much higher than what it was originally retailing for. fingers crossed it comes in good condition!

No. 108649

I just got it, love sad vampires. Gonna pursue Heath, hoping he kills himself or something.

No. 108663

The intro is grating but the rest is really good! I'm one of the people getting a PS5 for this among other stuff. I can't wait.

No. 108673

Good luck, anon!
The eshop has some decent sales in the US right now. I'm just glad they haven't shut it down yet.

No. 108693

You're about to go on a hell of a ride anon. Heath was the first character I played through as well and had the most affecting route for me. "Have fun" would be disingenuous, but enjoy the melancholy!

No. 108705

Perfect, I can't wait to cry. He seems extremely interested in MC for no apparent reason, I don't trust him but I gotta go for the brooding love interest so.

No. 108711

It's getting more and more difficult to get some physical copies of games depending on the series and how popular they are, don't hesitate to get an sd card so you can buy games on the eshop like >>108673 said.

What are genre you like? The 3DS is really good if you like JRPGs, even if Pokemon games aren't the best on this console (XY is ok but too easy even for this series, and either go get Sun/Moon or UltraSun/Moon but not both) there's a shit ton of Megami Tensei/Atlus games (originals and remasters), Fire Emblem is really good too (be careful if you play FE Fates, there's three very different versions of the game and the Revelation version/route is dog shit while Birthright and Conquest are both very good) and there's Bravely Default and Bravely Second if you like older turn-based FF games. You'll also be able to get into the Ace Attorney series, which is amazing too, especially the first three games, but they're digital only in the West.

No. 108712

not a huge pokemon fan but I already have a physical copy of SMT4 that I'm playing on a borrowed 3DS, and I'm gonna get SMT4 Apocalypse for sure too. I played FE Awakening back when it first came out, I'll have to check out Fates. Ace Attorney and Bravely Default/Second are good ideas too, never played those games but have been meaning to check them out, especially Ace Attorney! Also luckily I've got friends and siblings with a ton of DS/3DS games laying around, I'll have to raid their collections lol.

No. 108714

>I already have a physical copy of SMT4
Good, it's such a good game.As for SMT4 Apocalypse, it improves SMT4's gameplay a lot thanks to many small QoL changes so I recommend it too, but keep it for after you're done with SMT4 because otherwise it's gonna make SMT4 less appealing.

Speaking of FE Fates, don't worry too much if you see people calling it shit online, it's typical fandom war bullshit. Everyone's opinion was biased back when it was announced and then released because of the shitty localization/censorship and how you have to buy each route separately. The localization IS pretty fucking bad but the game isn't unplayable because of it and you'll get the gist of the story despite the characters being
OOC very often, and the routes/versions are all so different from each other that they feel way more like separate games than, say, Pokemon games from the same generation, or even FE3H on the Switch which was praised for having 4 different routes but they're all 99% similar to each other (except a hidden route that's like 98% the same instead). Then you'll se way too many people saying that the game is shit just because of the story (the lows and really low and the highs are really good especially if you like the characters) but they'll never mention how good the gameplay or level design are, many shit on the game after watching let's plays on youtube only.

And for Ace Attorney I think there are remasters or ports of the DS games and sequels so you can get the full main series. If you like them and ever get the chance to play Ghost Trick, do it. It's one of the best games I've ever played. It's on the DS, idk how hard it is to get copies in the USA (gonna guess that's where you are because you can get a physical copy of SMT4 unlike me) but if you can get one and you don't have a DS you can just play it on the 3DS, like I said earlier in the thread.

No. 108756

There are shitmillion youtube videos sperging about how incredible and innovative this song is and I just don't get it.

No. 108760

its just because its full of references to past themes as well as Vergil as a character, also people still hate Subhuman so any song better than that is going to get a ton of praise.

No. 108765

I guess the bar for dmc ost is extremely low but even still, there was this producer guy on YT who was playing up his reactions to the song as if it's a marvel of audio engineering.

No. 108769

yeah I think I know who you're talking about and he's a reaction channel first and foremost, he's praising it for views. people just like it because it's a catchy, dramatic, and thematically relevant song about a fan-favorite character that is appropriately cheesy like every other good DMC battle theme lol.

No. 108779

File: 1600857872545.jpg (62.68 KB, 300x450, 256px-Tr2011cover.jpg)

I'm really interested in the new Tomb Raider trilogy. I like good adventure/exploration like Assassin's Creed and Naughty Dog titles. Would this satisfy someone with that taste? Would it be wise to just buy the 2013 game and feel it out or would anyone here like to enable me into impulse-buying all 3? kek

No. 108780

TR 2013 is pretty cheap now if you get used or a steam key, reboot lara is a LOT different from OG lara but it's still a great series, it does give me uncharted vibes at times too!

No. 108787

Yeah, I found a pretty good deal for the PS4 version. Thanks for the input!!

No. 108792

File: 1600866171392.jpg (537.84 KB, 1691x762, a2a8411dadb287ed8cb9aaf0e73415…)

Has anyone played Lone Survivor? Worth it for 10$?

No. 108796

File: 1600868353966.jpg (308.7 KB, 1920x1080, Eiiwpi3XcAUlu6V.jpg)

Any No Man's Sky fan here? I've been loving the game since day one when it was still controversial, but I just loved the vibe of being alone in space, ever since the release it just kept on getting better and better and free update that was just announced is mindblowing. It's such an amazing redemption story and I'm so excited to play it again later today!

No. 108806

good game, I have enjoyed it. I think it's like 2-3 hours, 4 at most. Decide for yourself if it's worth your 10$. I was a poorfag back then so I just pirated it. I do believe that the game is worthy of money tho.

No. 108807

Haven't played but it really is amazing they turned that game around.
I really expected the devs to abandon ship and move on after a year or two.

No. 108991

File: 1601045269147.jpg (82.32 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I'm so hyped for DA4 and seeing egg boi being anti hero antagonist.

Blows my mind to see what Bioware did with DAI in 2014, even though it had flaws. My hopes are high

No. 108992

Arggh… this is more of a vent but when will we finally get some new scoop on the Elden Ring?
I was hoping the Tokyo Game Show would shed some new light on the development but nope…
At least Resident Evil 8 is looking nice.

No. 108993

File: 1601049261524.gif (650.88 KB, 400x184, tumblr_inline_ng3foxfzK91ql9hw…)

i romanced this dumb egg fuck and I NEED CLOSURE, BIOWARE

No. 108997

The way EA has restarted the game's development several times, I can't wait for Solegg to die in the prologue and the rest of it to go off in some less interesting direction.

No. 108998

File: 1601054392480.png (430.52 KB, 662x811, tumblr_47072f9b149f80f84d5b931…)

Never understood hate fucking… until I romanced the egg.

No. 109001

File: 1601057398975.jpg (42.62 KB, 1280x720, breaking egg.jpg)

I hate him but love him as a character, punching him as a qunari woman was so good. Shutting him off in the Trespasser DLC is also the funniest shit ever. Imo egg wolf is going to be the best villain in all of the DA games

No. 109003

he's so ugly but his arc and character were interesting enough to justify the romance. why did they make him bald lmao, it's my biggest turn off reeeee

No. 109005

File: 1601059443838.jpg (29.33 KB, 617x323, dren_wings_660.jpg)

He looks like the girl from splice

No. 109006

Pretty sure it was so it'd fit his character of wise man. Plus he's going incognito so best make yourself kind of ugly to lay low.

No. 109047

File: 1601096950082.jpg (671.58 KB, 1896x1114, 1063-7-1448965554.jpg)

There's a bunch of mods that make him look better on Nexus. There's some that add very subtle changes and some that make him look straight up Puerto Rican

No. 109049

File: 1601101794531.png (343.97 KB, 500x563, tumblr_ou6ejhNWPx1uvl5nqo1_500…)

i've found the one i want

No. 109050

Still so ugly

No. 109057

File: 1601104802544.png (275.81 KB, 500x616, ff4478d130dc2c62f5481770ac5cab…)

No. 109070

Yeah lmao. He's ugly in the way Benedict Cumbatch and Adam Driver are ugly. Imo it's Solas' voice and the fact that he speaks in iambic pentameter that makes him attractive (besides the whole being the most lore important romanceable character thing)

No. 109071

he's so ugly but usually I was able to kinda ignore that, now with the amount posted in this thread I can't help feeling repulsed every time I scroll. eww

No. 109072

File: 1601114158681.jpg (30.64 KB, 351x246, IMG_20200926_115711.jpg)

No. 109073

He looks like the bastard lovechild of snoke and squidward.

I COMPLETELY ignored and forgot about him in my playthrough. Thought he was a background character. Imagine how puzzled I was when creepymcfuckface pops up in the final DLC. Legit thought he was a new character introduced just for the DLC.

No. 109074

bruh what? how shit is your attention span? there's a pretty big twist in the main story involving solas.
Adam Driver IS ugly

No. 109076

>background character
anon wtf, the guy literally cannot shut up for one second. If you don't bring him with you in the temple of Mythal, he'll get all pissy just because he missed an opportunity to comment about muuuh superior ancient elf culture every 3 seconds

No. 109077

bitch, were? congrats on your shit taste. the da elf and cumberbatch are ugly tho

No. 109078

File: 1601127165080.png (304.42 KB, 373x557, a box with ears.png)

I get the appeal but he's an alpaca looking mf anon pls

No. 109080

File: 1601127873743.jpg (83.28 KB, 1080x1350, 1d5f862496a812ec3169dedf2bab80…)

that's a shit photo, he still looks cute tho.
here he is beautiful imho

No. 109081

File: 1601128094664.png (1.06 MB, 1280x720, OFRRjnX.png)

fucking file name kek

Thread turned into egg bashing, love that. Solas gives me a weird Alan Rickman vibe; you think he's ugly at first, but then he opens his mouth and you think of him as more attractive
Louis from The Council works the same for me

No. 109083

File: 1601130495877.jpg (113.62 KB, 1280x877, 5b3e3b503533f4af1f8c671ff98912…)

Agree anon, and eyeliner wearing boomer elf Avallach from Witcher 3 gives me the same vibes too

No. 109087

Looks like some medieval peasant that had too much neanderthal dna

No. 109096

File: 1601142091830.jpg (108.93 KB, 750x920, flat,750x1000,075,f.jpg)

there is no accounting for shit taste

No. 109108

Mfw everyone is talking about Inquisition but no one is saying how Origins is the best. Also is it shit taste to prefer DAO over the whole TES franchise

No. 109138

Origins suck and people only like it because of nostalgia. Writing is cliche, gameplay is clunky, Fade sucks major ass, would never play again.

No. 109152

If thats shit taste i dont wanna have good taste

I love origins the most too! i had played skyrim and other rpgs already but when i started knowing nothing about it, it hooked me up so quickly, everything was good from the characters, story, choices, battle and music. I loved that i had to pause and actually think about what the characters were doing in combat and with work i could make almost any party combination work. I do think the graphics are very dated but thats not really important to me, just 10/10 one of my favorite games and i wish the sequels were more like it.

If you havent played it baldurs gate is cool in that old d&d rpg way too anon!

No. 109160

Origins is hands down one of the RPGs with most choice in the history of gaming, you can solve every quest like 4+ different ways.

Sure it can be a little generic fantasy world but thats minor compared to the sheer repeatability and complexity of the quests and dialog.

No. 109177

Dragon Age 2 is the only one of the series that I've played. I thought it was meh but I did play all the way through to the end. I like playing mages, especially something blood magic.

Should I buy Origins?

No. 109182

agree about Origins but I wouldn't rank it above TES Morrowind. Inquisition was tedious af because Bioware just sucks at open world design and should stick to Origins and Mass Effect 2 type of level design. When they went back to that style in Trespasser it was GOOD good. And the dialogue in Origins wasn't that retarded wheel type dumbed down dialogue

No. 109184

It depends on what exactly you liked more about it, but i think you might enjoy inquisition too?

If the main draw to you is combat, origins combat is more tedious and requires you to pause and strategize, it feels more like realistic combat where you could die if you're a dumb bitch while inquisition can be more button mashy and give you that feeling of being powerful, and the magic is really beautiful lmao.

When it comes to story origins is a "closed" world with more focus on lore, choices and roleplaying, while inquisition is open world with many sidequests and you can tune out a good part of the "side" story if it makes no difference to you and only follow the main storyline to know what is happening.

No. 109186

Samefag, that really clarified nothing huh

imo origins combat is way different, its slower and can be boring if you dont like pausing and strategy, but i would still recommend you to try it if thats not a deal breaker, and inquisition if more fast paced and open world with beautiful scenery is more your vibe. Maybe try to wait for it to go free/on sale or torrent and buy after if you like it?

Fuck i need to play trespasser but i was so tired of that damn egg

No. 109188

Trespasser is the best thing Bioware has put out since DAO and ME2 imo. High stakes, compelling, and not tedious or corny. If only the rest of Inquisition was as good. Fortunately Patrick Weekes, head writer for Trespasser and Solas, is head of DA4 too.

No. 109201

File: 1601203839616.jpeg (47.44 KB, 406x756, 29381.jpeg)

IMO he looked much nicer in the concept art

No. 109211

I havent played it yet because of all the bad stuff surrounding it, but i would love to get into it now. The color scheme always caught my eye. So glad you're enjoying it

No. 109213

DA2 is the worst DA game. Yes, please buy Origins. I think it's way more fun in rpg elements. it's slow, but sucks you in. When i got DA2, i tried to romance Fenris and felt like shit afterwards, because you have to become an actual homicidal maniac to get a chance to tickle his dick. it's not worth it. DA2 just isnt as good as Origins imo (gameplay and story wise)

No. 109215

They stole from us a tasty chocolate god.

No. 109216

I romanced Fenris and didn't mind it because I don't play a "good" character anyway. Just looked up some screenshots and Origins looks like muddy garbage by today's graphical standards. How about Inquisition?

No. 109217

File: 1601217796251.jpg (312.2 KB, 1920x1019, 120194990_352261972786650_9100…)

Just look up how the sentiments are now, after the dev releasing free updates for 4 years now. I hope you'll have an opportunity to try it out! It's really enjoyable and there's so much variety between different planets now. Sorry for a poorly made photo of a screen, but here is a cool planet i've discovered yesterday, overgrown with meadows of luminescent grass. And I'm on PS4, it probably looks even better on PC.

No. 109218

Thanks for the info, love that you elaborated on the strengths and weaknesses of both games.

No. 109223


The release was botched but it’s since had a complete turnaround. Vid related.

No. 109306

I can't stand Dragon Age because they made it impossible to have a real happy ending with Alistair in Origins, and then it doesn't really matter for the sequels anyway and the rest of the love interests are shit.

No. 109336

Alistair was the best part of DAO. Never finished the game because the fighting system was too hard and boring. Are there any mods to fix the Alistair romance and the combat?

No. 109342

get good at playing games that requires you to think to not die. so long as you use what's between your ears you can finish DA games even on nightmare difficulty

No. 109345

> so long as you use what's between your ears you can finish DA games even on nightmare difficulty
But why would I even want to? I have actual stuff going on in my life.
IDGAF about playing games that are no fun to me, anon. There are too many better suiting me titles that I could play in the meantime that I enjoy on boty gameplay and plot level. I recommend you to do the same.

No. 109349

fenris is worth it tho

No. 109352

My game glitched and let me get the romantic ending for both Fenris and Isabella in the same epilogue, even though I chose one. It was weird.

No. 109365

Neither one are really that into Hawke so your glitch makes sense. Tell you what you need to hear and then they hit the road.

No. 109371

>then they hit the road
but the ending explicitly says they stayed by your side unlike your other companions.

No. 109382

You aint wrong, sis. Templars suck anyway

No. 109395

File: 1601367511363.png (73.3 KB, 400x225, 2114e68607214c7dd5a5d23bd282b3…)

I recently played this new horror game called Phasmophobia with my friends. You're basically playing as ghost hunters going to different locations using various gear and even your own mic and voice to talk to and aggravate the ghosts. You then get paid based on how much evidence you could gather and can level up and buy more gear.

For such a cheap game it was wonderfully immersive. My heart was racing several times even when nothing was happening. Having your friends call out to you through the radio yelling for you to get out since they see something coming for you on the cameras, doors slamming shut and locking in front of you while you try to hide - I loved the experience so much. Definitely recommend if you enjoy horror games.

No. 109399

Ended up downloading Genshin Impact and played for 4 hours straight. It's pretty fun for what it is so far.

No. 109400

I'd probably die of fright playing that in VR lmao. Might pick it up if I can get my friends to get it too lol.

No. 109403

I know it's kinda messed up to try and convince him to make an archdemon baby with Morrigan, but in doing so you both survive the final fight and continue being Grey Wardens together. Isn't that a happy ending??

No. 109420

I play it on PC, kinda glad I don't have VR so I have an excuse not to play it that way, I think that would be wayyy too much, lol. Then again I'm kind of a wimp, but having people to be scared with makes for such a wild ride, like going on a roller coaster together!

No. 109428

In DA games you can use the developer console to get godmode and never die

No. 109616

Latest ad for Cyberpunk 2077. I have to admit, my hype for this game was highest around the time of the E3 2018 demo. I get a little nervous every time they release a new trailer advertising a single aspect of the game (gangs, lifepaths, etc) because I wonder if it really all does come together seamlessly in a huge open world or if they're just fluffing up little bits of flavor to make them seem like they hugely affect gameplay. I mean I sincerely hope this game is great but is anyone else a little worried it'll be, if not a total buggy mess, disappointingly mediocre?

No. 109618

I've already played the game (I mean, the 4h preview for early reviews in June) and it really does come together, although you have to be aware what's what exactly: lifepath is where you come from and will affect the prologue and dialogue choices if you choose to; and gangs are there and are important for the game but V is a freelancer and doesn't join any.
In general it depends what are you looking for but when it comes to writing, story and immersion, it will be amazing I'm sure.

No. 109622

That's really neat to hear, thanks!

No. 109632

Oh so like the different prologues in DAO for the different races and backgrounds? Hell yes. I was salty when DA2 and DAI didn't have them.

No. 109633

You played it?? Please spill the tea on romance option, especially the female ones.
And does Jackie really die no matter what you do?

No. 109635

File: 1601563790676.jpg (973.61 KB, 4096x2304, Ei_QQyuWoAAB1Jd.jpg)

Can't say too much because I want to respect the NDA but options are there and definitely are more enjoyable than Witcher romances, few of them have already been introduced to the public actually, the one I find most interesting would be Nomad girl you can see next to female V on this screen, she's cool AF;
>And does Jackie really die no matter what you do?
Yeah and it really sucks, his and V's interactions are so much fun you get to grow attached to this character within minutes. I already miss him

No. 109636

I preorded it back when it was supposed to be out in April and haven't watched anything since E3 because I don't want to get my hopes up too much. This is the kind of game where if you expect something and don't get it it can really ruin the experience even if it's still good overall.

Almost here though. Too bad the new Destiny expansion drops at almost the same time.

No. 109637

As a longtime Destiny player myself I don't expect the new expansion to be any different to what we already got, you'll finish it in one evening without even trying too hard… unfortunately because I'd love this game to have more of a more cohesive story.
Are you more into PvP or PvE?

No. 109640

PvE, I play it for the lore and the aesthetics. So glad Variks is finally back, he was my favorite character from the first game.

No. 109642

File: 1601568733716.jpg (271 KB, 1436x1080, lol.jpg)

Holy shit some Minecraft characters are playable characters on Smash now. I never want to see any fake gamer boy crying over the Piranha plant, Fire Emblem protagonists or other JRPG characters again.

No. 109643

Did twitter really crash after the announcement? I've missed it but apparently it happened

No. 109659

File: 1601574890099.jpg (170.38 KB, 1999x1124, EjP_zy5UwAAlXMi.jpg)


I had to check it for myself and fuck it really happened lmao best part is that sakurai was forced by nintendo to do it haha rip

No. 109660

File: 1601575098788.jpg (50.48 KB, 593x505, meme.JPG)

No. 109661

No idea, I was at work during the announcement and I didn't even know one was planned today. Oh and to add to my first post, anyone who bitched over Terry Bogard's inclusion and think that Minecraft being in Smash is good need to be publicly shamed.

Poor guy, he deserved better than that.

No. 109663

File: 1601575903280.jpg (47.04 KB, 680x383, EjQEeQiWoAAWGI5.jpg)

No. 109723

File: 1601634786001.png (80.52 KB, 760x334, 0mwnantboiq51.png)

No. 109730

File: 1601640666372.jpg (47.79 KB, 1000x600, minecraft.jpg)

Seeing Steve in Smash is so cursed, especially that scene with Steve and Mario

No. 109735

it reminds me of those kid channels with badly done 3d cross overs

No. 109740

That's great, thanks anon!
Really sad about Jackie though. I hope we'll find a buddy as good as him during the game.

No. 109745


If you could choose the next playable character in smash, which one would you guys pick?


ouch, now imagine how many kids will play smash because of steve yikes

No. 109750

>Kids don't ordinarily play Nintendo's colorful baby games
>NOW they will play them
the delusion

No. 109753


I should've worded it better, but I wanted to say that even MORE kids will now jump into the smash scene because of that. I'm totally aware that nintendo is mostly about kids and young teens games. Smash pro players will love that for sure!1

No. 109754

I wish we could get Phoenix Wright, it worked very well in UMvC3, and maybe an actual mainline SMT rep like either a popular demon like Pixie or Jack Frost or a protagonist like either Flynn or Demi-Fiend for their popularity or Flower Boy because his game will be released soon. Maybe Dante from DMC too. That's just what I personally would love to see though.

No. 109760

Why people still act like it's babies who play Minecraft? I mean, sure, some do for sure, but in general for the generation that is children now popular games are Roblox and Fortnite, Minecraft is a millenial / early zoomer (at best) game, which makes Steve perfect fit for young adult audience that would be pro Smash players.

No. 109763

What's the gameplay like? Are there non-combat rpg elements like Fallout and Vampire the Masquerade have?

No. 109767

I never finished DA:O because I got bored. It was my first DA game and I never bothered to try another. Like another anon said it could never rank above morrowind, and I’d rank Gothic above it too kek

No. 109774

Hmm I'm not sure what you mean exactly about non combat RPG elements, but I would say that there's more exploring, talking and making decisions than pure combat actually. Also - especially in the side quests - there's very often a way of solving them without engaging in combat at all.

No. 109783

File: 1601679024505.jpg (13.61 KB, 189x267, header.jpg)

The House of Fata Morgana has always interested me but it got noticed by the troons for having the MC being transgender, so I was apprehensive about how the subject will be approached; turns out he was just born hermaphrodite raised as girl, and grows into a male body after puberty. Anyone thought about the game if they have played it? I've read it's like 30 hours worth of playtime..

No. 109789

Oh, thanks for reminding me, I've heard a LOT of good about this game. Will play in the upcoming days and hopefully let you know.

No. 109791

By non-combat Rpg elements, I mean things you can do outside of stealth/combat that are also determined by your Character's stats.

For example: Being able to perform a complex surgery on an npc because your Medical skill is really high, convincing an enemy to surrender because your Speech skill is decent, or being unable to find a clue at a crime scene because your Investigation skill is too low. Stuff like that.

No. 109792

I see what you mean, then totally yes, your stats and the way you build character has an impact on more aspects than just the combat, even without knowing you could tell it was based on a pen and paper RPG

No. 109818

I'm as gendercrit as they come and I think they did the story well. He's not really a troon anyway. I thought is was a beautiful visual novel and made me melancholic for a good while after reading it

No. 109952

File: 1601828159125.jpg (256.3 KB, 720x1280, NieR-Automata_04-16-16_Charact…)

I'd to see 2b from Nier Automata in smash, they could even have 9s and A2 as clone characters. They'd probably need to do a redesign so her underwear doesn't show though.
One problem is that there will probably be some smash fans disliking her because they assume she's another generic anime-style swordswoman like the fire emblem characters.

No. 109955

I'm obsessed with that VN, it is one of my favourite pieces of fiction of all time. It has flaws and is repetitive, but the pay off is worth it imo. The LGBwhatever elements are there, but they are not smashed in your face in typical SJW fashion.

ngl if troons irl were like the MC i wouldn't be a terf, i would be a chaser. Prime husbando material.

No. 109958

Anyone looking forward to Baldurs Gate 3 EA on Tuesday?

No. 109960

File: 1601836922707.png (133.83 KB, 640x447, 97314--baldurs-gate-dark-allia…)

heck yeah dude, was never much of a dnd person but I have fond memories of playing Dark Alliance 2 for hours as a child with my brothers, and I also enjoyed what little I played of the first Baldur's Gate.

No. 109970

Are there any good games to play in Japanese for someone who has a lower intermediate knowledge of the language? I want to dip my toes into finally playing games in jap and immerse myself even more but I would like something with a simpler vocabulary. It's probably too much to ask for but maybe some of you have some good recs.

No. 109979

File: 1601844614466.jpg (112.31 KB, 1421x740, zhongli.jpg)

Anyone else playing Genshin Impact? I really like this game but I wish there were more women covering it.

Litrally every video I click on has a scrote mentioning upskirts and it's getting on my nerves kek. I appreciate a little t&a as much as anyone else but when they cream their pants about it every video..meh.

No. 109988

It seems like there aren't many big female game reviewers in general on youtube. One of the few I knew of and liked was Valkyrie-Aurora but she's retired as far as I know.

No. 110008

I can't believe it is a gacha game. The world is huge, the story and lore seem to have a lot of effort put into it, and the gameplay is so fun. I know the grind will catch up to me eventually but without putting a single dollar in I have played like 30 hours since it came out without hitting any sort of wall.

No. 110031

Kids games?
The fist real game I played when I was learning was Keroro RPG for the DS.
It's really about finding something that you are interested enough in that you can stick with it even if you have to look up words every line.

No. 110035

I can't tell if that an MMO or a RPG, I've been told this is more a solo story game with a touch of MMO to play with friends, the gacha also confused me but everything for that cutie red haired boy I guess!

No. 110101

File: 1601929705881.jpg (3.78 MB, 3035x2150, diluc.jpg)

Same, anon! I can't believe there're even more areas and characters planned with how big the game already is. To be able to play this for free is friggin insane in the best way.

There is multi-player once you hit a certain level but as a whole it is a wonderful solo experience. Think of it as a cross between a gacha mobile game and Breath of the Wild.
Btw impeccable taste; Diluc is yummy af.

No. 110141

File: 1601953188806.jpg (366.69 KB, 1920x1080, genshin-impace-fischl.jpg)

Have you summoned any favs yet anon? I pulled Fischl and she's pretty cool! Kek I found out she isn't even a princess and is basically a huge chuuni which made me like her more. My bf managed to get Mona, Diluc, and Jean in his first batch of free wishes, so jealous.

No. 110143

I'm playing it and having a blast so far. Love the colors and game mechanics. it's honestly really fantastic for a free game.

No. 110144

How does she gatcha/wish system work in the game anyway?

No. 110145

Same as most gacha. There's in-game items and currency that can be used and exchanged for a chance to summon a certain character/weapon. Most of the time the rates are pretty shit though lol. You can buy the same items and currency with actual money as well. I have a friend who hasn't summoned any additional characters (outside of a free and guaranteed character) and has been playing with who she has received throughout the story and she's still having a blast.

No. 110147

Same anon - they give you a lot of the wish items at the beginning of the game and you get additional wish stuff with logins and and as rewards but they do start to dwindle in how much you receive as you progress.

No. 110149

File: 1601955343442.jpg (290.59 KB, 1920x1080, Genshin-Impact_20200712071930.…)

Thank you! I'm loving this game so far. Definitely going to keep it going. The Ice prince is my favorite so far

No. 110182

File: 1601976452913.jpg (246.57 KB, 1080x1080, fischl.jpg)

Nta, but Fischl is my favourite as well. I thought I was going to dislike her, because the drawn portrait looked like scrote waifu shit, but her in game model is more appealing and her personality is kind of soothing to me (idk why). I also like Xiangling, Kaeya and Barbara.

I've been playing the game since release, but I don't know what I'm doing half of the time kek. I love it, though, and I like the fact that you play alone. The japanese voice acting is on point, and I'm actually reading the story, which I thought I would skip like in most MOBAs/MMOs.
And, one more thing, the fact that u don't have to spend hours playing the game to do something is very relaxing. The OST and scenery are gorgeous too.

No. 110212

File: 1602002792592.png (445.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201006-184136.png)

I really don't get troons' obsessions with gender identity and shit like that, whenever they see a crossdressing character they go "omg trans representation slay queen" like it's the only thing that matters to them in a story.

No. 110213

Ircha Gaming has good taste and is likeable imo

No. 110234

literallly how is umineko underrated, if anything it's an overrated piece of trash

No. 110237

I've summoned Venti and a few of Fischl, luckily enough! They're two of my faves but I would love to get Diluc and Mona as well. Would also take a Keqing. I'm thinking of saving my Primogems for Zhongli & Childe now though I don't know when they'll come out. It is rumored to be for next patch on the 12th though I think.
Your bf is one lucky fucker KEK.

>I thought I was going to dislike her, because the drawn portrait looked like scrote waifu shit, but her in game model is more appealing and her personality is kind of soothing to me
Same, anon. I was so sure I'd hate her because I don't tend to like chuuni-types but she really surprised me. Oz and his voice are very nice too. Glad you're having such a good time with the game too!

No. 110297

File: 1602074885562.png (102.03 KB, 738x272, gderger.png)

Why hasn't anyone told me Metal Gear, Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2 are now on GOG.com???? I've been looking for the PC port of these games for ages

No. 110305

I just got paid this month's salary, I'm probably getting Ghost of Tsushima. Looks right up my alley with the samurai setting and Assassin's Creed-esque gameplay, but why does the protagonist have to be such a buttisface?

No. 110306

They've just came out about a week or two ago! It's the first time I'm playing MGS but it's cool so far, if you don't mind the aged graphics ofc

No. 110326


I don't really mind, but I still wish for modern as faithful to the originals as possible remakes of the entire series for PC and PS5, even if I know that will never ever happen

No. 111024

File: 1602212530910.jpeg (23.38 KB, 157x321, 1A8EDBB2-526B-4DB0-8032-45CE36…)

People who say sucrose is bad confuse me, I really love her playstyle.

No. 111025

File: 1602213780694.jpg (105.44 KB, 914x514, qiqi.jpg)

Been playing for hours a day! I haven't really been bothered by the gacha part of the game, mainly because it's a single menu that doesn't pop up, however one of my friends said it starts to bug you about it around rank 30 or something? Fingers crossed that isn't the case. I did the beginner gacha and got 2 characters out of it so I'm satisfied for now. I tend not to get the urge to spend real money on in-game shit.
My current favorite character is Qiqi! I don't have her but my bf does and she runs around all cute lol. Fingers crossed I pull Mona someday, an upcoming witch girl. I also like playing as Lisa, her attacks are pretty strong when fighting jelly creatures.
I find some of the localization text in the game pretty hilarious, like the NPC named Ella Musk.

This reminds me of the New Genesis update for Phantasy Star Online 2, it's looking like it's going to be open world like Genshin.

No. 111066

What do you like specifically about her playstyle anon? Sucrose is one of the characters I really want so I'm eager to hear someone sing her praises lol.

>it starts to bug you about it around rank 30 or something?
What did your friend mean? That the game tells you to buy gacha pulls and stuff? I'm AR35+F2P and haven't seen anything like that unless I missed something or am misunderstanding?
Also Mona is available in the gacha pool as we speak but I'd save up for a rate up banner she's on just to make sure you have the highest chance of pulling her!

No. 111072

I actually really enjoyed most Grand Theft Auto games (yeah, scrote-tier taste, I know), but I really, really don't want a GTA6 and I'm tired of fanboys begging for it. Rockstar themselves explained that they're not sure how to pull off a GTA game sent in [current year] because it's all become just too wild and they're fucking right.

No. 111096

>yeah, scrote-tier taste
Video games are video games. Games. All GTAs I've played are fun. It saddens a lot me when women say "i can't like this bc men". What the fuck.

No. 111097


Actually, you're right, I just didn't want the pearl clutchers to yell at me for liking PROBLEMATIC stuff

No. 111098


Samefagging to say that I'd absolutely love to see San Andreas and Vice City remakes with modern graphics

No. 111100

i'm a GTA fan myself (grew up on it) and i'm on your side. the only way i can see a GTA 6 working out is if they base it in a different decade–i'd love an 80s themed one but that'd just be liberty city.

No. 111105

File: 1602259608951.jpg (8.49 KB, 249x202, huang.jpg)


An entire PC/PS5/whatever the upcoming xbox is called remake of Chinatown Wars would be great TBH, it's such a travesty this dude was relegated to a handheld console game almost nobody remembers

No. 111107

Fuck anon, I googled this game this morning and haven't stopped playing it since. Good thing I got Venti on my 3rd roll because I have no self control and I really wanted him from the beginning of the game.

Also joining the Ice Prince fanclub!

No. 111111

File: 1602266581468.jpeg (114.23 KB, 465x659, 2A5E5538-0775-4146-9BBC-0F0C0D…)

Her attacks are perfect for dealing with huge crowds of enemies and they do ALOT of damage even if the cooldown is one of the highest in game, her ult on top of doing massive damage also does elemental damage if the enemies use elemental powers, she’s so much better than Lisa but the cooldown requires you to move around alot and focus more o dodging than attacking which is very different from most Genshin characters because they tend to be very offensive.

No. 111197

I asked my friend what they meant about rank 30 and they meant the resin system being invasive and so limited. Tbh I haven't had any issue with it so far and I'm rank 20, I think I only use 40-60 a day. I think most of the people who take issue with the system are playing for many hours a day.

No. 111199

File: 1602332310666.jpg (65.47 KB, 640x748, jqiygnwwelx41.jpg)

Hiya. I asked about the new Tomb Raider trilogy in this thread several days ago. Since then I've bought all 3 and have really been enjoying them, so I'm really interested in playing some of the older games in the franchise now. Anyone have recommendations where to start? I've never touched them though I know all about the OG game from watching my brother play it years ago. I admit I'm the shallow kind of gamer who's not super forgiving of outdated graphics but I'm willing to be convinced.

No. 111205

I mean, play them because they are OG and better by default imo. I will say that the graphics arent the issues, but the earlier games have tank controls and are pretty slow in response. I still love the original trilogy way more than anything new tomb raider released.

No. 111206

Oh nice!!

No. 111244

File: 1602362488426.jpg (127.82 KB, 1440x600, 114823371a570cbe9f6dd1070b1060…)

Is saya no uta good? I really like visual novels and edgy shit but there's a lot of dumb scrote stuff in a lot of 'em. I know it has sexual content but does anyone know if it actually makes sense in the story or if it's just for coombrains to jack off to?

No. 111245

I think the sexual content was forced by marketing (correct me if I am wrong). It is a part of the plot and is disturbing/gross (there is mindbreak and rape happening in one scene) but the game is not heavy on the sex content. Play the visual novel if it interests you, you will probably enjoy it. The sex scenes could have been edited out tbh or presented in a more tame way. They add to the plot a bit, but this is the kind of game that anyone will play for plot and not porn. It has good writing.

No. 111250

I personally thought it was very meh, I couldn't see why people were gushing so much about it. I have a hard time having empathy over bad people, that's probably why.

No. 111261

It's overrated. The plot is ok, the sex scenes are just spank fodder, the gore is lacking. The music is nice. Is 2deep4u for edgy 13yo. It is pretty short, so you can give it a go if you like vns.

No. 111262

File: 1602370985841.jpg (411.48 KB, 1920x1080, 3035533-ペルソナ3 ダンシング・ムーンナイト_…)

I doubt it, but does anyone else really like the Persona rhythm games? I play this game every day

No. 111265

I've only played the demos but really enjoyed them! I'm a sucker for decent rhythm games. Which would you recommend most anon?

No. 111267

File: 1602374370944.jpeg (292.48 KB, 920x1018, 15618543.jpeg)

Do virtual pets count as viddie? If so, been considering getting one of these lil doodads for a bit. Kinda conflicted over whether or not I should get a Digimon or a Tamagotchi too.

No. 111270

Sage for my unprompted review of an edgy visual novel. I just bought it and played the whole thing in one go. I really liked the writing and I love weird biological science-y horror stuff so I did enjoy it a lot. The sex stuff was very retarded and I fucking hated that mindbreak thing but it didn't make me ragequit or anything lol. It really wasn't anywhere near as disturbing as I was expecting and as people hyped it up to be, however. The main thing that bothered me was the dumb treatment of female characters but I guess that's to be expected lol.

No. 111307

I'm enjoying P3D the most at the moment, but P4D is probably the best. It actually has a story mode which is better than it has any right to be.

No. 111315

This brings me back. I remember running around with one of these gizmos to grind exp, falling over, grazing my knees, crying only to get back up and repeat the same thing kek. Seems redundant nowadays anon. I'm sure there's plenty of smartphone games that fulfill the same purpose complete with step tracking and better graphics.

No. 111324

Debated whether to put this here or in the random video thread but since it's vidya related I guess it fits better here lol. Anyway it's an interesting video behind the infamous Facade game and the AI behind it. Worth a watch/listen in the background if you're bored.

No. 111325

File: 1602431154778.jpg (68.75 KB, 959x722, fuck.JPG)

So, after 3 years of good use, my left nintendo switch joy-con is borderline unusable. I had a long run without any issues but I guess the daily dose AC:NH pushed this thing over the edge. I tried to fix it with cleaning underneath the rubber skin, which made it a bit better but it still does what it wants and since I want to go back to play other games, I kind of debate on how to solve this problem because it is really annoying.

Any anons that had the same issue: What did you do? Did you fix it on your own? Let it fix because of technical issues or just got new ones?

And another thing that annoys me but maybe it's just my personal preference: The color variations of the joy-cons is SO ugly. I do have the grey ones because anything else is eye-cancer imo but looks like there no chance to get my hands on a pair of brand new grey joy-cons where I live …

No. 111326

File: 1602431687108.png (217.5 KB, 392x508, wiki.png)


Thank you for reminding us of this gem! I played it years ago but never truly appreciated it because I was obviously unaware of the capabilities and limitations of AI at the time.

Skimming the Facade wiki right now and

>Trip and Grace's sex life

also another fun fact from Trip's article

>If you speak to him in another language, he will immediately eject you from the house

never realized Trip was a MAGAtard

No. 111327

I didn't fix my own but ordered a kit for my bf's sister and she was able to fix it on her own. The kit on Amazon is 10-15 bucks.

No. 111334

Does Nintendo still offer free repairs? I had to get mine fixed twice and they just started drifting again. Really annoying.

No. 111344

File: 1602445545013.jpeg (618.16 KB, 986x1000, E5997F07-1305-41F7-9860-23AC90…)

I'm one of the very few people who likes playing as Amber. I love her lil bunny bomb and now fighters are my favourite since I love sneak attacks. She's adorable.

No. 111345

I didn't really like it. But honestly, since playing Project Diva every other rhythm game falls flat, even osu.

No. 111409

I just got mine repaired for free. Even one that wasn't drifting, bc I said it had been drifting before it died (it just crapped out right out the box). They pretty much HAVE to repair it for free if you write that its drifting. Its a bit tedious but worth getting fixed.

No. 111459

I sent my left gray joycon to Nintendo but the paint was chipping off, so I took a risk. I stripped all my joycon screws to make sure Nintendo employees couldn’t repair it and to force them to give me a brand new one. It worked, but it took around 2.5-3.5 weeks though.

No. 111578

She's considered bad? Casuals can't aim or something? Attacking from range is totally useful.
I'm surprised by how fun this was for the little I tried, but not sure if it will hold up once I finish the current story.

No. 111604


No. 111634

File: 1602626715497.jpg (408.08 KB, 1334x744, wow.jpg)

For this lovely october I recommend World of Horror to fans of:
>pixel style from the 1st computers
>8bit tunes
>junji ito

The encounters are randomized, which makes some combos and PCs hard to find. It's in early access, and i think the final product will look good.

This game also remainds me of Daymare Town games, both in style and ambience.

No. 111635

I second that!! The game is amazing, especially if on the top of being a fan of the retro japanese horror you're a fan of pen and paper RPGs, as the gameplay is heavily inspired by these. I've already spent a few hours in it so it's definitely ripe to play despite being still in development.

No. 111657

I've been waiting for the switch release but I'm getting kinda impatient.

No. 111674

Anyone played Catherine on Switch? It's on sale and I've always been interested but I haven't seen any talk of how it plays on Switch.

No. 111688

Apparently it runs perfectly on Switch, docked or not. A friend thought it was too expensive for what it is even with the new puzzle modes etc, but maybe the sale makes it worthwhile.

No. 111711

I confirm this, I always played it on handheld mode and it works perfectly fine. I didn't play the original game despite knowing the story thanks to playthroughs on youtube, I loved it. I think if you want to play it for the puzzles more than the story it's worth it on sale, the story is fine but replaying over and over again to just get different endings can be repetitive very fast. I posted about it earlier in the thread actually, I wanted to start a second run to get another ending but I got distracted by other games I bought soon after that one.

No. 111715

File: 1602703834872.jpg (64.48 KB, 308x392, DSPS4.jpg)

There are rumours now that Demon Souls will be released for PS4 as well so I wouldn't have to get a PS5 if that's the case. Considering different retailers including one close to me actually has it available for preorder for PS4 and PS5, I'm suspecting the rumours are correct this time. And I do hope they are.

No. 111716

Thank you guys, bought it for 15 less than the regular price, can't wait to try it out!

No. 111718

That cover art looks kinda bad though… I am more and more worried by this remake.

No. 111719

Well it does say art not final and bluepoint has a good record so far.

No. 111722

They’re no rumors, it has been announced in some direct some time ago

No. 111728

i will shit myself with joy if this is true

No. 111734

anons Assassins Creed origins is on Steam for 12 bucks right now. I've never played an AC game before but I like egypt, should I cop????

No. 111744

If you want to play it for the setting, go for it, the landscapes and the buildings are beautiful, it's clear they did their research. Historical accuracy is a bit iffy, but if you don't mind, it's still good. It's a Ubisoft game, so the gameplay and the missions tend to be very repetitive, and it's very different compared to old-school AC games, just so you know.

No. 111746

File: 1602742721374.jpg (109.19 KB, 1280x720, ps.jpg)

i found a stack of these at my local target for $5 each. Digimon is fun, but if you want something a bit more exciting get one of the newer Tamagotchi with the color screens!

I have a Ps and it's very fun, there's also an English mod for it and mod characters you can raise and transfer via NFC, but the NFC is very specific, you would need a phone that is compatible with it. I managed to snag a compatible docomo phone for like $50 and was totally worth it.
There's also the officially English Tamagotchi On you can grab. Definitely still fun and cheaper, but there's a possibility you may have to buy two to unlock the sports plaza, unless you know someone else with an On or if you don't really care for that feature.

No. 111759

Thanks anons I bought it and the dlc, pretty excited to play it. Hopefully my potato of a pc doesn't destroy how pretty it looks

No. 111854

File: 1602773605502.png (547.66 KB, 940x492, higurashi_when_they_cry_hou_ch…)

I've played Higurashi as anons in the anime thread advised, and it's SO GOOD, much better than the original anime! Having an insight to the protagonist inner thoughts makes the story much better; and in general the writing and slowly building up tension is fantastic.
Apparently first chapter is available for free everywhere (GOG, Steam) so I recommend it to everyone in these spooky halloween times, took me 8h to finish so it really is a treat to get something like this for free.
Music is really great and Kei's paranoia about his friends is so contagious, in the latter part of the game every time he had some one on one interaction Rena I felt so tense, even if nothing happened

No. 111857

The Higurashi VN is fucking amazing! The payoff is sooo good and it gets better with every arc, it's genuinely my favorite piece of media ever. I can't recommend the series enough lol. If you ever feel like playing with voices and the playstation sprites, check out 07th mod.

No. 111862

File: 1602779428335.png (1.57 MB, 1366x767, Sin título.png)

playing it right now anon, your post made me download it

No. 111864

Oh wow, they did a lot of work with the mods, I'll check it out! Backgrounds are lovely.

Awesome, I was sure I wasn't the only one not knowing it's free (and so good on top of it). Enjoy! It takes it's sweet time to get s p o o k y.

No. 111872

File: 1602784861153.png (329.03 KB, 592x548, 8409327507463.png)

This is a long shot, but does anyone know any games that also teach something useful? Trying to improve myself without totally giving up my main hobby/vice. I've played so many games and end up learning tons of knowledge that's pointless in the real world, like I don't need to know what type of pokemon beats another or where to shoot a monster to take it down quickly in the day to day lol.

The only games I can think of like this are those stupid typing games, where you have to improve your typing speed/accuracy to beat levels. I guess I could also put Civilization into this category, in that you can at least end up learning about real history and cultures by proxy when playing.

So, yeah. Any "learning games" you guys know of that are also actually fun?

No. 111887

Holy shit this just took me back to 6th grade. I remember there was a version of these up on the apple app store for a while so that's where I played them in like 2011 kek

No. 111888

I think it's because she doesn't do as much damage as other bow users and her bunny thingie doesn't do that much damage either. But I still find her fun to use and the game is relatively easy apart from spiral abyss.

No. 111974

File: 1602926676003.png (282.77 KB, 524x542, Screenshot_20201017-022500.png)

Right on

No. 112050

I'm trying to do all the Alfheim levels in Bayonetta 1 and just finding them is a pain in the ass so I'm following a guide. Then trying to beat these levels is either way too easy or pure torture. I'm so glad the Niflheim levels in Bayonetta 2 were so easy to find and complete, to the point where I beat almost all of them without trying. I'm also gathering money at the same time to buy as many accessories, weapons and costumes as I can before starting the hard difficulty.

No. 112052

I’m late to the party but I finally got pokemon shield I’m curious how much I’m gonna like it!

No. 112053

Amber has been so helpful to me, also there's tons of puzzles you have to solve that use her so I end up running around as her by default. Idk what most people mean by weak attack, as long as you have the right artifacts and weapon for her, she does tons of fire damage.

No. 112065

I guess those Grand Strategy games like Crusader Kings teach you about history and how feudal systems worked

No. 112077

File: 1602992302685.jpg (38.14 KB, 394x394, 08PaDO0u_400x400.jpg)

This might possibly even belong in the unpopular opinions thread, but I really love Ubisoft games specifically the Far Cry and the Assassins creed series, I know a lot of people shit on them cause of the samey gameplay but to me the gameplay is serviceable I just always end up loving the stories, the characters, the setting and the Music
Thus far my favorite games have been Far Cry 4, Far Cry 5 and Assassins Creed odyssey

also Joseph and Jacob Seed could both like get it from me

No. 112080

File: 1602995421040.jpeg (61.07 KB, 468x457, JKNq0jd.jpeg)

4 was alright 5 was more fun but for me 3 is best. Vaas got me to follow Micheal Mando's roles. I don't buy into the theory the new game trailer kid is him but if true some high rez shots of him would be just divine my thirst has no bounds.

No. 112081

I would rate 3 higher if it didn't go to shit in the second half

No. 112082

2 was the best for me, that was before Ubisoft settled into their samey games

No. 112083

But that's the fun anon you can just ignore the mission and just do all the side stuff and pretend Ubi didn't waste the best villain. I'm still mad naked Vaas didn't make it in because the rating would be too high for comfort

No. 112085

he was a better antagonist but I "liked" Joseph more

No. 112092

Probably not that unpopular on an imageboard with mostly women, as the AC and Far Cry Games usually attract a big female audience. I played all Far Cry games and probably spent the most time with Far Cry 5 + the DLC New Dawn. Far Cry 5 was just very well told and really immersive for me. It is not the best story ever, but they are doing something right with their usual tale of being a novice/Rookie that ends up at a hostile place and morally decays throughout the story. And their antagonists usually are really cool and likable in a twisted way. I get that 3 is a classic and Vaas is one of the best characters in mainstream games, but I really loved Joseph and the story about his cult. Also their (way too realistic) vision of burgerland.

The last AC I played was Origins and while I enjoyed that, the game was way too long and the map too big. I felt burnt out after it and so far it stopped me from playing Odyssey. I don’t really care about Vikings so I am not sure if I will get the new one.

No. 112229

Playing Persona 5 Royal just made me even more aware that I will forever be disappointed we will never get a Persona 3 Portable treatment to any other Persona game ever.
Fuck Sumire and this Third Semester shit, just let me romance Akechi goddamn!!!! That's literally all I wanted!!!

No. 112261

> as the AC and Far Cry Games usually attract a big female audience
nta but why?
That would be really disappointing if true as those games are trash and the company turned to shit a long time ago.

No. 112268

The Sega sale is great but why can't Persona 4 be on Switch

No. 112270

nta while these 2 series do attract a large female audience they're still not close to a female majority, the AC series fandom was overweeningly male p until AC5 but for a number of reasons one of them being female characters becoming more prominent members in the story, more women started taking part, this is true especially after Odysseus

and Far Cry 5 had really hot dudes

No. 112282

I remember the developers getting shit on by western fans when they said they couldn't picture Persona 4 with a female protagonist somehow and that was kinda stupid back then but I definitely can't see P5 with a female protagonist without changing the first arc of the game entirely. Atlus knows they can attract fujoshi without even trying, they're probably their biggest audience right behind retro RPG fans in their 30s and 40s, and they could have just made Akechi gay for the protagonist but they decided not to for some reason.

No. 112314

I really like the whole Ezio trilogy of Assassin's Creed, the parkouring around famous landmarks was really fun. But the ending of 3 on both sides of the story was just too depressing and I'm not interested in the whole ancient lands thing they've done with the series recently.

No. 112345

File: 1603154687876.jpeg (356.34 KB, 800x600, F53CF23D-461A-41C0-942D-B08D95…)

lately, i’ve had 0 patience to play any game except for princess maker 2. i love raising my bitch of a daughter

No. 112362

Awww! What ending are you going for, anon?

No. 112363

I think this time around I’m going for a warrior type ending! maybe strive for royalty if I change my mind lol. I always tend to avoid errantry because the game crashes on me but I’m determined to make it work this time!

No. 112370

Oh my god I love this game so much!! I don't know what it is about it that is so comfy and fun, I just like that the daughter has personality and the mechanics are very simple but there's a lot of variety.

No. 112373

Anyone hyped for the haunting of verdansk? I got tired of warzone after the summer but now I'm excited.

No. 112376

Specially considering how (implied) sexual abuse is such a big theme in the game, and ofc, the abuse 'adults' put teens through, I would say a female MC with some changes here and there might make even more sense than a male MC. I understand that's a lot of effort required tho.
I really can't see why they didn't give us a male romance option too, Atlus knows that a huge part of it's fanbase are fujos, and it wouldn't take that much effort at all.

No. 112397

File: 1603201029528.jpg (100.94 KB, 720x691, 20201020_153835.jpg)

She also left the company.

No. 112398

There was speculation that Ellison had a hand in Mitsoda leaving, but that doesn't seem as likely now.
Did both of them just do such a shitty job on the game that they got canned, or is this some company bullshit?

No. 112399

File: 1603203423264.jpg (138.6 KB, 720x1023, 20201020_161842.jpg)

Don't know, she replied to someone on Twitter saying that she left in September to work on her current project: some SJW place.

No. 112458

I'm anticipating to see what the hell the end result of bloodlines 2 will be at this point

No. 112518

I’ve just tried my first go and have no idea what to do, I run out of money so fast and my girly is a little delinquent! I love the style though, and it is very comfy.

No. 112676

This game is a sinking ship

No. 112846

Why do I feel like this is gonna be a half finished mess of like 20 different directions in narrative and writing.

No. 112850

>hates international borders


No. 112886

File: 1603551667692.jpg (222.15 KB, 910x1300, Umineko_no_Naku_Koro_ni_Chiru.…)

Is it still worth it to read Umineko in 2020? I've read the first four arcs, I already know all the spoilers and who the culprit is, and from what I've understood none of the shit that you read really happened and were just metaphors and stories created by Sayo or Battler, which sounds incredibly frustrating to me, but do the narration and flavor text make up for it? I got into it way back then with the shitty 2009 anime mostly for the cool designs and fantasy shit, but I saw an idiot on Twitter going "Umineko has always been political, it's a story about gender identity crisis and capitalism=bad, if you thought it was about witches then you are a dumbass", which does not really encourage me to read any more of it (tbf anitwitter tends to overblow the importance of this kind of themes).

No. 112892

it's not really about any of those things. i still recommend it if you like complicated character development.

No. 112935

No. 112951

File: 1603607774971.png (1.52 MB, 1920x1001, 2020-10-25_02.32.03.png)

idk where else to dump this, but i've been experimenting with minecraft shaders recently. they arent good for gameplay but for screenshots of builds its so calming to look at

No. 112954

Looks cozy anon! I wish my pc could handle shaders

No. 113007

File: 1603662318195.jpg (37.36 KB, 640x370, EiH3uR7VgAEq82e.jpg)

I'm playing Bayonetta so much now that I managed to get all the witch hearts, all the moon pearls, and I'm about to be done with the hard mode. If this keeps up I'll actually end up unlocking the Sai Fung weapon. I'll go back to Bayonetta 2 to unlock everything after that and hope for more news about Bayonetta 3.

No. 113159

File: 1603819682169.jpg (419.95 KB, 1632x918, paradisekiller001.jpg)

I've got really into Paradise Killer, and I finally finished it over the weekend. It's this thoroughly weird open-world investigation game with vaporwave aesthetics that has nice Ace Attorney/Dangonronpa vibes… I'm a sucker for a good mystery/detective game and this kept me obsessed for like 25 hours of active playtime lol. The soundtrack slaps, too.

No. 113205

Oh, I was really interested in this one for the looks of it alone, glad to know the story is good too! Gonna try it soon

No. 113211

I thought it was an interesting take on the whole mystery game with a trial thing. Unlike in Ace Attorney etc, you don't build the case by having the One Right Piece of Evidence and getting the correct bit of testimony, but rather you decide who to accuse of what crime and on what grounds - meaning you can absolutely let some very guilty people walk, or throw the innocent under the bus… The world is very pretty, too, and I wasted a ton of time just running around hunting the collectables and enjoying the shit out of the soundtrack. Sadly, it doesn't have any achievements yet on Steam or GOG.

No. 113281

And Cyberpunk is delayed AGAIN, to December 10th. It better be worth it. I'm really starting to get annoyed.
At least I have more time to play the new Destiny stuff, glad their bringing in Guardian Uldren too along with Variks.
And Genshin…

No. 113286

I do not understand how people are still excited and looking forward for this game, when it's been delayed a thousand times and had lots of shitty drama under development.

No. 113288

GOD I KNOW. There was an anon upthread who playtested it and said it was great, so I'm certain the base game is good, but all these delays really look like red flags.

No. 113289

It's the second wave of coronavirus in most places ffs. Cyberpunk team was on a crazy crunch for a while and got a big backlash for it. They had to delay it or they would overwork devs to their deaths. Have some fucking empathy, you can wait a month more. Jesus.

No. 113290

Are you high, or have you not read the fuckng news once in 2020, anon? The coronavirus pandemic has wrecked entire industries and bogged down so many businesses and projects globally this year, it's no wonder a major game like Cyberpunk got delayed. I'd maybe entertain this "it must be shit if it's delayed before release" idea if it was any other year, but the industry is already known for its deadly crunch scheduling and overall shittiness to dev teams' health and personal wellbeing. >>113289 is right, you can wait a month or even a whole year more for a sodding video game. The entitlement… fucking hell.

No. 113292

This, entire studio is in the home office mode, it really impairs communication and how fast the things can progress, in a way that is hard to really predict since no one in the management was in a situation like this before.
It is really bad PR-wise though, and missing this year's game awards is going to most likely cost Cyberpunk GOTY in 2021 since people will already move on to a different game within entire year passing, no matter how good it's gonna end up being. Either way, sending hate on twitter to developers is fucked, no matter how disapppointed some gamers are.

No. 113299

File: 1603881365803.png (16.5 KB, 374x259, cdpr.png)

Jesus dude, no need to talk to me like I'm retarded. There's a reason I started by saying I'm certain the base game is good. I say red flags because there's obviously a shitton of miscommunication going on between the devs and the execs, like how they only tend to find out about delays online rather than internally. Or how just the day prior to this latest announcement, CDPR Twitter swore that there would be no more delays. Decisions are clearly being made without the consultation of everyone involved. It's not about me whining about wanting to play a game sooner rather than later.

No. 113300

I would have used smaller words if I thought you were retarded… dude.

It's one thing to be a bit sad you can't play the game you're looking forward to when you thought you were going to get to do so, and it's another thing entirely to call a pretty fucking understandable dev delay "red flags".

No. 113301

Nta, but never knew that the game industry was this milky lmao. This and Bloodlines is a fucking a mess

No. 113309

Go suck CDRP dick somewhere else. All these delays are going to end up because they needed to add more futa hole options or some stupid bullshit for coomers

No. 113311

you need to go back to twitter with that tone

No. 113316

Maybe you're the retarded one here? Sorry you can't have your shiny new videogame immediately. I bet you're one of those people who demand a game be rushed and then whine when it turns out buggy. Go outside and play sports or something

No. 113319

Jokes on you faggots, I don't give a shit about any CDRP game, past or future. They can work their inbred polish fingers to the bone so they can add all the coomer shit they want o their shitty generic cyberpunk sandbox

No. 113323

File: 1603898082555.jpg (94.49 KB, 1080x991, 689398bbff05b3813102ffbd06519b…)

No. 113331

FC5 was only bad for lonely losers with no friends to fuck around with. I had a blast.

No. 113332

File: 1603900202799.jpg (33.34 KB, 480x360, mhm.jpg)

No. 113336

based iltalypsy anon

No. 113341

we must show these histrionic nerds from whence the chicken pisseth

No. 113359

>Lemme just
>Oof(constant tranny derail and faggotry)

No. 113385

I can’t stop playing among us

Rdo and animal crossing seem like a chore. I wanna get back into sims but have no creativity

No. 113395


I’m gettin‘ good at it! I don’t really like being imposter though.

No. 113396

Hopefully this doesn't sound rude but I'm genuinely curious as to why people like this game so much. What about it keeps you going back anons?

No. 113404

Not those anons, but it’s fun to play when everyone is actually into playing the game and you get to fool them when you’re the impostor.
I particularly enjoy it when people listen to me and start kicking whoever I think might be the impostor when I’m the only impostor left.

No. 113407

NTOA but playing it with friends is peak for fun for me, it's just so fun to have a game where half the time you're muted but still has a shit tonne of communication and memorisation.
When not playing with friends, you can find really funny ppl in lobbies, also really annoying people you can piss off.

No. 113415

I can't tell if I'm in a foul mood or if Bravely Default 2 looks and sounds like absolute shit, judging by this trailer.

No. 113421

ikn when it was first announced I hoped the weird model was just a beta phase but it seems the final game is going to look like that all along now

No. 113422

>What about it keeps you going back anons?
It's the social side of it. You're playing with a bunch of real people, whether your friends or randos in public lobbies. You get to enact strategies to fool them all when you're impostor, you get to figure out who the impostor is when you aren't, all while trying not to get killed. It's never the same.

No. 113428

Squeenix's chibis have always been so ugly, they look more grotesque than cute.

No. 113429

you get to gaslight children. jk but i generally like games like Clue, or games of deduction. and it's real people like >>113422 said. idk why that aspect makes it more fun. you develop certain tactics when imposter. for example, i like to sabotage the lights then go into medbay, wait until lights are fixed, and vent into electrical to kill someone who started doing their tasks in upper electrical. then vent into security and be on cams to look natural. i'd love to know other people's tactics

shit is really fun with friends when you're all irl together

No. 113501

File: 1604020674479.jpg (145.57 KB, 1920x1080, Ele7Sv5XEAAHz48.jpg)

I wasn't too impressed with the Final fantasy 16 trailer, but some of the artwork on the games site has me hoping it will be a callback to the classic FFs

No. 113524

How come FF concept art always looks better than the style they use in the game.

No. 113549

I hate the final boss in Bayonetta, I can beat her easily on hard mode but the stupid as fuck mini game right after it won't stop kicking my ass because the controls are pure trash.

No. 113550

Are you talking about the planet dodging thing at the end?

No. 113552

Yes, I managed to beat it without even trying now but I hate how you can get a game over because the final boss "touches" a planet you can't even see on-screen because it's too far away to actually be in contact. Fuck this, and I say that as someone who didn't mind all the other mandatory minigames in the other chapters.

No. 113583

This looks like the artist who did FF12, Tactics, and Vagrant Story. Based.

No. 113590

maybe it's not my type of game but I play hyrule warriors atm and it's so overwhelming because it happens SO MUCH at once and at the same time (I play in hand held mode) the map and shit is so fucking tiny ugh too much visually going on but other than that I like the button smashing …

No. 113601

is anyone here into ARGs?

No. 113603

I don't know the trailer disappointed me so I'll try not to get my hopes up. I usually like how FF games are quite bright in the world design but the trailer was the complete opposite of that. The art is super cute though.

No. 113605

I've always been curious about them but they seem so complex and mysterious and I feel like too much of a brainlet to even figure out the puzzles required to access some of them.

No. 113620

I'm too dumb to solve anything myself but I love to stumble upon good ARG happening. Had a lot of fun observing The Waking Titan, partially because it was marketing for the game I like too. Do you have any good ARG you recommend knowing about?

No. 113669

File: 1604139711432.jpg (1.25 MB, 3840x2160, Sekiro™_-Shadows-Die-Twice_201…)

Thanks to it's recent update I finally started playing Sekiro, and jesus am I bad at this game! I need to get rid of my SoulsBorne habits (i.e. lots of dodging) and be more agressive in my play style, which is exactly what the game entices you to do. I feel that it requires some good hand-eye coordination and a fast reaction time, which I'm kinda lacking. I fear I won't be able to enjoy the game to its full extent, I'm already struggling against Lady Butterfly (admittedly the easiest boss in the game), I'm fearing the fights against really hard opponents like the headless, the Monk or the demon of hatred. I hope I'll get better, because I love the setting, the stealth elements are very enjoyable and the direction is flawless. I already knew how the hide-and-seek scene with the giant snake was going, but merely watching it and actually playing it is totally different, I was holding my breath the whole time.

No. 113670

You'll get it eventually, anon.
The downside is that you'll need to relearn those twitch dodge instincts when you go back to a Souls game.

No. 113680

i watch youtube videos that solve them, or just follow along without trying to decode anything because they're really entertaining. this one is about a public access station that is very….troubling. i don't wanna spoil it!

my all time favorite is trible twelve. i should have rewatched it this halloween season. it's really long but i couldn't get enough. you can look up NightMind's TribeTwelve explained videos..there's a lot.

i feel like i stumbled upon one on tiktok? it's just so absurd i can't believe it. the person's username is kylenred. he basically escapes a psych ward and it's a whole trip. it could be real though it's pretty convincing.

lastly, /r/arg is really cool to explore

No. 113691

I'm a bout to get this game, and as a fellow soulsborne player, it's a little intimidating that Sekiro wants you to use full frontal, but i appreciate that. I'm sure i'll enjoy it once i get the hang of it.

No. 113692

This is the character models i want in game so bad!! i really hate Nomura's ugly same face bullshit.

No. 113753

Even though some are related to video games, they aren't video games.

No. 113789

yeah they function similarly. i can start a separate thread for them if ppl want

No. 113930

I'm starting to get the hang of the controls, I mostly have trouble performing mikiri, I always want to get out of the enemy's range when the danger symbol appears. I'm about to face Genichiro for the first time for real, and there was such a huge difficulty spike with Ashina's castle, reminded me of Sen's Fortress. I'm sure I'll eventually get better, I sucked at Dark Souls at the very beginning, and it ended becoming my favorite video game.

No. 113992

I agree anon, it's really not a type of game to be played on handheld. I tried the Fire Emblem one back when I got my Switch Lite and just couldn't even finish it bc of how it was such a hassle

This looks so fucking good what the hell happened

No. 114058

I'm gonna guess they didn't even want to try to make the 3d designs look like Akihiko Yoshida's art style and just kept the same 3d style that are used for Nomura's character designs for the sake of consistency. I dont remember if it was in this thread but I started wondering what a 3D final fantasy game in HD wpuld look like with Amano as a character designer but now I don't think I want to know, it'd just look like Dissidia NT.

No. 114061

Honestly Nomura needs to fuck off.

No. 114065


No. 114072

He can stay but he should stick to a more cartoony/anime style like in the original FF7 or in TWEWY.

No. 114188

File: 1604614565770.png (640.02 KB, 1010x490, tatarigoroshi.png)

I've just finished third chapter of Higurashi and damn, what a ride it was. I legit skipped work to finish it because I couldn't wait to find out more. Initially I wasn't really hyped to start as Satoko is least likeable from the entire cast but that story was insane; to the point I wonder if the series hasn't just peaked with it. I'm eager to continue though and once again, I really really recommend to anyone into horror stories.
For the ones of you who finished the series, plz no spoilers though: is it the best chapter or am I in for more treat in the future?

No. 114195

File: 1604621382469.jpg (299.09 KB, 736x1377, SA3vuMK.jpg)

Bought Dragon Age Origins last weekend and I've already clocked over 40 hours on it. I can't believe I've waited this long to play it. The story and world are so engaging and perfectly up my alley. But there is something cozy about playing older games for the first time.
I wish I had waited a bit longer though to snap up the Ultimate edition so I don't have to deal with installing the DLC piecemeal.

Also I want to bully Alistair. I'm not normally into puppy-dog/vanilla archetypes but whew, they really nailed something right about his self-deprecation.

At first glance, I was mega hyped because I thought it was Akihiko Yoshida's art, too, but it's actually by the FF14 artist, Kazuya Takahashi (not a bad artist by any means–just preference). Makes me wonder why the fuck isn't Yoshida on the Bravely Default II if he's not the FF16 artist.

No. 114198

Anon, you're going to really enjoy it. The series takes a shit turn at 2, but Inquisition still has some great storytelling aspects and character development like Origins did. Dragon Age did a real number on me with their virgin templar types.

No. 114210

Tatarigoroshi is insane and really good but it gets even better anon! specifically Meakashi and Tsumihoroboshi are my favorite because of how bonkers things get.

No. 114284

>The series takes a shit turn at 2
That depends on what you like tbh. I don't care for the gameplay but it has a really engaging story, Hawke is iconic.

No. 114289

Oh wow, I legit have no idea how it can get even crazier at this point. Read that Himatsubushi is the shortes chapter so I hope to get to Meakashi soon!

No. 114332

Still playing Genshin and waiting for my pity 5* character while my bf pulled Klee and a second Mona in the same day lol (neither of us has spent any money.) I'm still enjoying it. I would love more world to explore though as that's been my favorite part so far.

No. 114341

You're in luck, they're adding more content on the 11th. I'm right at pity on the limited banner so I'm likely to be able to get Zhongli when he releases.

No. 114350

Feel like pure shit just want to play kya dark lineage for the surfing and skydiving minigames and riding a jagmut but my ps2 disc won't run and no emulator will run the game with over 3 fps x

No. 114353

File: 1604754115137.jpg (71.54 KB, 1024x576, IMG_20201031_012249.jpg)

They'll add more content on 11/11 but it won't be a new region. They'll end the 1st act and add some things related to exploring Liyue and Mondstadt (the Reputation quests).

Honestly, I just want more events. I'm trying to save the Liyue storyline for later (so I have something to do while we wait for update 1.2.) and right now I need events to distract myself.

Will you roll for Childe? I love his tropes ("househusband" + big brother) but I don't really like the other rate up characters on his banner… sigh.

No. 114354

woohoo I got it to work on the new pcsx2 version

No. 114358

I got the monthly blessing thing bc it was so cheap but I havent wished on anythy outside the Beginners Banner yet because I started after the Venti one was over and honestly other than him I'm really not that interested in any of the 5s in game, I will either try for Zhongli or Xiao, the only problem is that I dislike the 4s supposedly on Zhongli's banner.

Me too anon, I'm taking it slow with the story for now, there's really no need to rush. You see all these Youtubers who are on AR45 or something bored out of their minds bc they rushed the game and its like ??? duhh??
Also, honestly I cant wait to see what seasonal events will look like, I really want seasonal clothing for the Traveler.

No. 114363

File: 1604765895966.jpg (1.44 MB, 1651x1810, IMG_20201027_210054.jpg)

>not liking wolf boy.
>not liking any 5s.

Honestly, I'm curious. Almost everyone has a 5-star character they like.
Which characters do u have in your party?

No. 114365

You're making me want to replay Higurashi. Bless, anon. I'm glad you're having a good time

No. 114394

On the contrary, anon, I love Razor, its just that I already have him at C3 because I got pretty Lucky on the wishes I did and would rather get a new cryo/anemo character.
My team right now is basically Traveler, Xiangling, Barbara and Razor. I Will probably swap Traveler for the free Fischl we Will get, and I know Chongyun could be a good cryo support for him but it bothers me that he's also a claymore.
As for the 5*s, other than maybe Qiqi, none of them fills the role that I want for my team, I guess? Qiqi and Venti were the only ones that I sort of wanted and Venti was limited and the fact that Qiqi's burst heal depends on attacking an enemy bothers me bc I feel like I mostly heal when I'm far away from enemies after Razor's burst ends, on that sense I just feel like Barbara suits me better. From what I've seen from Jean I really really dislike her, she seems so boring to play, Diluc seems cool but I just dont understand the hype around him (I also think he's kind of ugly), I dont really like mages or hydro as an element so Mona is ehh, Keqing seems cool enough but shes another electro DPS and honestly I think Razor is just better. Also, I can tell I would bem really shit at using Klee just by the test they let us play.
I'm interested on Zhongli and Xiao but still unsure they are worth it.

No. 114398

Genshin wise, I'm just using it to kill time, as long as it's free I have no expectations.
Glad that you can explore and solve the puzzles with the basic charas because I am definitely not spending money if it's just going to be girls and shota/twinky guys.
Sorta annoyed that the original language is Chinese though so even playing in Japanese is a translation, and the English guys went annoyingly liberal with the names of some things.

No. 114436

File: 1604827818603.jpg (130.6 KB, 924x1112, IMG_20201107_204312.jpg)

Swapping Traveler with the free Fischl is a good idea. I have her on my team alongside Xingqiu, Venti and Xiangling and she practically takes down all of the enemies thanks to Oz and the elemental reactions. Having two Electro users also gives buffs to your team, so yep, good choice.
Chongyun is also good at creating elemental reactions, I think he can make an AoE with one of his skills that deals constant Cryo damage through normal and charged attacks (from all characters). You shouldn't be bothered about him being a Claymore user, since you need at least two of them to win Abyss (you have to make two teams for the later stages) and he seems to be a good sub-carry.

I'm no expert and I'm kind of parroting some things I heard on the net, but at the end of the day I think anything is fine as long as you're comfortable with your team. This isn't a PvP game after all.

>Diluc ugly

Agree, but after playing his side story/legendary mission I have a soft spot for him. I don't know how the 3D artists fucked up so bad his face, like, he looks good in the manga and other promotional art… ugh.

>shit at using Klee

Also agree. I don't like mages either, they are kind of slow and I don't get their gameplay. I prefer melee weapons.

Yes! It's nice the game gives you free characters, right now I have Kaeya as my Cryo slave until I get Chongyun. They are easily outclassed by other characters, though.
This game panders a lot more to men than to women, but at least they'll give us 3 adult men + 4 boys per region. It's true there are more girls, but at least it's something. The only complain I have is that I would like to see a little more variation personality wise.

No. 114438

File: 1604828819091.jpg (835.03 KB, 2550x3450, 20201108_164449.jpg)

Same still waiting for my pity too. I proabbly goona use it on Xiao Banner.
Does anyone main Razor here

No. 114466

File: 1604846812281.jpeg (172.4 KB, 979x1405, El4e9YBVgAIqcM5.jpeg)

Cute picture anon, you made me want Xiao even though I already have 3 anemos and a male mc hahaha.

I'm so pumped for Childe, initially I thought I'm gonna drop Genshin after a few weeks but then they pleasantly surprised me with playable villains. I'll try to get all the Harbingers and comp a 100% villain team just for the lore purposes. I hope down the line they'll give us more interaction between characters, banter or reactions to our mains by NPCs.
You can really see the scrotery of the fanbase by all of those complaints about "having nothing to do". Yeah bitch there's lots to do if you don't bang out 30 ARs daily and skip the entire story just to get a muh strong character. Grinder games have really destroyed the ability to enjoy single player games in some. I'm AR 42 and just finished the story a couple days ago.

I am comfortable spending money down the line but only if really interesting characters come through. Hopefully after the current husbando update they'll put up a string of featured cliche anime girls to pander to males and it'll give me some time to save.

No. 114474

Razor is my main he's just so cute! I finally looked at an artifacts guide and thank gosh I did because his damage is immense now. I usually use Barbara to soak and then use Razors elemental attack, one shots a lotta enemies.

Anyone use Ninguang? I think she's underrated as heck.

No. 114518

I bought Devil Survivor Overclocked today and I'm worried that it's gonna kick my ass. Enjoying it so far but I'm only 2 hours in

No. 114519

let me know how you like it anon, I've had my eye on it. Only played p4, smt4, and Digital Devil Saga and I wanna try out other Atlus games.

No. 114536

File: 1604877211415.jpg (97.17 KB, 768x768, IMG_20201107_042412.jpg)

Agree, a lot of people "speedrunned" this game and started to complain about the lack of content too soon. Tinfoil, but I think they purposefully added the resin system and less content not only to gain more money, but to stop people from playing too much. I've heard too many horror stories about Asian hardcore-MMO-players dying at cybercafes because they were addicted to playing and all that shit. I think the devs want to avoid that, kek.

>I'll try to get all the Harbingers and comp a 100% villain team

Ooh, that's a super cool idea. I love when people plan original team compositions. Right now, mine looks like a Power Rangers team (?).

>Hopefully after the current husbando update they'll put up a string of featured cliche anime girls to pander to males and it'll give me some time to save.

Next banner after Childe is Zhongli. They'll probably release Ayaka after that, but people speculate Xiao will be featured in February (next after Ayaka). It's very difficult to save gems right now, at least for me…

Anyway, good luck on your rolls! I hope you get Childe. Here, have a summoning circle to channel your luck.

No. 114542


Aaah, I was playing this game two months ago but got busy with uni and had to stop. I should start playing again.

Probably unpopular opinion, but I hate the OST except for this track. Sometimes I would put my DS down and search for something on my computer, and this was the only track I could stand being played on loop kek. At least, it didn't give me a headache.

Report back when you fight Kudlak…

No. 114553

nta but I've heard that Ayaka was free on beta and people are speculating that she may also be free later on. I kind of dont want it bc it really bothers me that her gliding animation shows her underwear. I know it happens to all female characters despite the size of their dress but at least Noelle/Barbara/etc are wearing thights so you might not notice it, while Ayaka isn't.

No. 114585

doubt we'll see her panties, Lisa exists for coomers and she's still wearing safety shorts

No. 114586

File: 1604913053674.jpg (31.94 KB, 640x602, s-l640.jpg)

I'm really considering buying an either 3DS or 2DS since I've been wanting it forever and I would like to get it over with.
I'm even considering getting pic related, since it's the cheapest.
Do you have any advice for me, anons? I'm wondering which version of the console is objectively the best. Will I miss a lot if I don't buy the 3D version of the console? I sort of want to experience it, but not sure if it's worth paying extra money…
Is the version in pic related completely shit? If one of the more expensive 3Ds/2Ds is much better, I can just wait. It would be nice to finally be able to play all the games that I've missed out on!
I'm torn between getting the full experience and not overpaying for gimmicks that I will not use everyday…

No. 114587

File: 1604913903324.jpg (101.98 KB, 1425x1188, 716 Ui40HcL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

I personally never touched the 3ds option on mine while playing. I would also suggest new 2DS instead, the pic you posted seems uncomfortable to use. I hope more anons chime in though

No. 114588

nta but while the 2ds seems uncomfortable the xl ones scale the screen up so it kinda fucks pixels and shit looks weird/lower quality. if I could go back I'd get a 2ds instead of 3ds, it really bothered me when playing pokemon sun moon.

No. 114589

Nobody uses the 3d feature it's an eyesore and makes the battery last less long than it does without the 3d activated. And you also don't need the 3dsxl or 2dsxl because it makes the games blurry.

No. 114591

Thank you, anons! I'm considering buying used with CFW preinstalled (since there is mostly used 2DS/3DS available anyway).
I'm torn between getting 2DS XL or 3DS XL. Neither is in the color that I would like to get (pink), but I guess that's life.
I am still slightly considering getting 2DS as well since I can get it super cheap, but I'm worried about how difficult it will be to install CFW. I'm sort of lazy and worried about messing it up…

No. 114593

File: 1604917486736.jpg (Spoiler Image,129.96 KB, 2114x1166, l4MCbnl.jpg)

The model will be censored, but you can (kind of) see her panties. I don't like playing with Noelle/Barbara/Keqing because it's uncomfortable seeing their ass all the time, even though they have thights to cover their underwear… Thank god only 3 (now 4) characters have a skirt.

No. 114594

File: 1604917812149.jpg (2.32 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0851.JPG)

also, do any of you recognize what cfw is this? a pawnshop is selling this pink 2DS with games preinstalled. I assume the console is hacked. I can't ask the seller since they don't know shit about the item.

No. 114611

Those are all just games,nothing looks like cfw. its not that hard to install so i wouldnt try to buy it pre installed.

No. 114613

File: 1604932778069.jpg (2.53 MB, 2177x2338, 1589484727329.jpg)

I'm a huge soulsborne fan too, granted I prefer Bloodborne over DS series, so I started playing Sekiro and I really sucked at it. I dropped it after I barely managed to defeat Lady Butterfly. I wanted to get back at it for the same reasons you mentioned so thanks for reminding me. I have no idea what makes it so much harder for me to adjust to the new game mechanics but I also like how FromSoft is trying new things. I've noticed that they were kind of out of inspiration with DS3.

No. 114614

Thanks, anon. I will skip on that one most likely.
I've seen the tutorial and it looks quite complicated! And there is the issue of getting a DS with a firmware that is hackable - apparently not all of them are? I need to look into this more tbh.
I've seen some guide stating that you need to buy a game via the online store to hack the DS. Hope it's outdated information lol.

No. 114639

I played through a bit of Sekiro but I just can't shake my Bloodborne play style here's to hoping they put some followup game on ps5

No. 114653

I'm about 8 hours in now, it's not as hard as I expected so far, but it probably gets worse

No. 114683

God why does Genshin have so many pedo fans, I'm just trynna see how everyone feels about Diona and all it is, is "legal loli!" "fbi open up!" "She can't be a kid she owns a bar!" Actually cannot watch any videos on characters if any child character is involved, I wish more women covered this game.

No. 114686

Unavoidable when all of the characters were clearly created to appeal to weeb / degenerate audience.

No. 114705

I totally understand how you feel…
As >>114686 said, you kind of signed for it the moment you started playing a game marketed as "BoTW but anime". Male weebs are insufferable, but is easy to avoid them if you don't go to 4chan or Discord. Just stick to the yume/otome part of the fandom on Twitter, the lolicon apologism is not as strong there.

No. 114712

DS anon checking back again. I ended up buying prehacked New 2DS XL like >>114587 suggested. Sadly, it's not pink! Oh well, my Switch is neither and I enjoy it nonetheless.
Now I have to figure out how to put games on the SD card with Luma CFW.
Do you guys have any recommendations for any weird and wonderful games? Games that most people are unaware of but that are special and unforgettable.
I obviously plan to play Animal Crossing, all the Zeldas, Pokemon (especially Detective Pikachu), maybe Kingdom Hearts if I have nothing better to do (since the plot is bullshit). I will be happy to hear your suggestions!

No. 114716

File: 1605025094646.jpg (99.4 KB, 768x768, Ever-Oasis.jpg)

It's not exactly obscure but maybe Ever Oasis might be fun for you. It's an action/adventure jrpg from the guy who created the Mana series where you also build and tend to a little desert village.

No. 114727

God I finished playing Tell Me Why and the pure twitter troon cringe was too much. The fakeboi who also happens to be gay? bleh.
I did love the vibes tho.

No. 114730

Finally upgraded to a 3DS XL, and got it for a good price too. I can't wait to be finished with this semester of college so I can spend all day playing it over Christmas

No. 114734

Anon, one niche series for the 3DS that I absolutely love and spent a stupid amount of hours on is Style Savvy. I know its technically just a dress up game but it's surprisingly so complex and fun. Also, if you're into VNs theres a translated Hakuoki game for the 3DS that I've heard has a great story.

God, me too, anon. Like anons said, it is a little bit unavoidable bc even if Genshin itself doesnt have that much fanservice (honestly I dont think it does, the only thing really is the upskirts shots while gliding and a few character designs, everything else is pretty ok), Mihoyo is a company that got famous bc of their fanservice yuri game. I think that sort of image is one they are actively trying to move past from bc all the story focus so far has been on male characters so hopefully in the future we have to deal with less scrotes.

No. 114736

Rune Factory 4 was easily my favorite DS game. Fighting, farming, pet raising, dating, crafting, dungeon delving, it has it all. If you like rhythm games then Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan is a great one too. It's in Japanese but honestly you don't need to know anything to grasp what's happening and what you need to do.

No. 114805

Seconding Rune Factory 4!!!!!
Also, Fantasy Life. Aaah, I want to play them again…

No. 114818

Found my old PSP! Any games you recommend anons? I just have Project Diva and some Naruto games on it kek

No. 114836

File: 1605122832903.png (491.01 KB, 703x494, thicc.png)

The Wonderful 101 is even harder than Bayonetta if you want good scores and the QTEs are even worse. It's not even a bad game, it's just stressful for some reason. I'm only at the beginning of the game though, I guess I'll get better at it but so far I'm mostly playing it because I want to see more of Luka and his shitty, depressing backstory, and the main character is cute.

No. 114843

File: 1605125900543.jpeg (395.11 KB, 1600x1611, 8E5BiUt.jpeg)

Suffered through the edgy bullshit that was DmC this is the most hamfisted politics bad shit ever. I'm not sure what was more annoying, the story shitting itself in excitement from another bad plot turn. Or the fact someone on staff thought 'rifle abortion' was a clever segue into an all out gunfight. Also for some reason the mom is an angel cept everyone calls her a whore for some reason? Everyone is deplorable in terms of character. The only person I remotely felt anything for was the demon Lilith for just how shittily the plot treated her.

No. 114846

Worst game ever. A good example of why scrotes need to be supervised carefully while making games so they don't end up like that shitfest.

No. 114849

File: 1605128927894.png (1.82 MB, 1684x1684, Diona.full.3124358.png)

Nonnies, I'm so excited that I actually got Diona in my first 10 wishes and I can go back to saving for Xiao. I mostly wanted her just because of how adorable she is and I'm not disappointed, hopefully I get Razor in the future to use them together because they apparently do really well together.
Good Luck on your Childe wishes for anyone who's going to try for him!!!

No. 114853

Diona is so cute! But I wasn't very good using her when trialing, might just pull to get more Ninguang for constellation, and maybe a chance for Beidou who I loved trialing.

No. 114855

Scrotes and anyone who thinks politics is a personality type. I mean the only part I remotely even chuckled at was when Dante and the worm are screaming "FUCK YOU" at each other, and that was because of how utterly stupid it was. That and I played in Spanish which VA wise is like a telenovela level of hamming it up

No. 114863

File: 1605133289909.jpg (236 KB, 647x479, photo_20190505_145529.jpg)

Not trying to shill but I actually kinda liked the level design in this game. I liked how colourful and dynamic the environments were and how they would sometimes physically change (like when you're running down that one hallway and it keeps on stretching). The gameplay was decent too imo it did what a hack and slash game is supposed to do. But yeah everything else was a travesty.

No. 114865

Also vergil 360 no scoping a pregnant woman was unintentionally funny as fuck

No. 114870

I haven't played it and don't plan to, but you should have seen how the game was marketed back then.
>nooo, Dante shouldn't be a gay cowboy [insert brokeback mountain joke] or a malice mizer band member, he's cool and edgy! he's mature! he swears!! Japanese developers are retarded and have shit taste!"
>why do DMC fans hate our game?

No. 114871

Can anyone explain the whole Dante is gay logic to me, I have played the main series a lot and Dante seemed into whatever female was pushed into the main storyline.

No. 114872

File: 1605138365230.jpg (54.17 KB, 640x455, sdfghjkl.jpg)

If you're talking about the fandom, it's probably a joke about how Capcom protagonists aren't allowed to have a stable romantic relationship and they have no kids either for some reason, unless explicitely plot relevant (see Ryu, Phoenix Wright whose daughter is super plot relevant, everyone in Resident Evil, etc). And then there's the fact that Dante's most popular pairing is with Vergil. I think in the first game Dante/Trish was meant to be the canon couple but since Kamoya only worked on the first game and made them a couple in Viewtiful Joe, but other devs worked on the rest of the series it's ambiguous because of how weird a guy dating his mother's clone is. Anyway, that's another topic.

As for the DmC developers sperging about Dante being gay in the original games, I guess they couldn't handle a strong, fun and handsome fictional male character who's trying to look kinda fashionable and not like a hobo like Donte, who also treats his female team mates as equals and with respect. Pic related is actually something the devs presented to show what "being cool and stylish" is and isn't.

No. 114873

File: 1605138526735.jpg (95.56 KB, 1024x533, marketing gone wrong.jpg)

samefag, here's more example of how to not market your shitty reboot towards an established audience.

No. 114874

I'm surprised no one's mentioned it yet, but I'm excited for Miles Morales to come out tonight! Early release critics said it's supposed to be good. I remember liking the first game when I saw someone play it.

No. 114875

thank god they weren't made canon, like you said she's a clone of his mom so yea weird fetish shit. Personally I liked his interactions with Lady far more
I'm fucking dying though at these. Like even the font is screaming insecure scrotes. And Dante fit perfectly with glam rock what are they on about. I think their best fuck up has to be at the start when a white wig falls on Dante and he acts disgusted. Should be in a presentation of "How to not market your game.

No. 114879

Yeah, the devs for DMC3 even said Dante's character design was specifically inspired by jrock band members or jpop idols, and that's why he looks young and is shirtless with perfect abs.

As for Dante/Trish, I dont know if it's some weird fetish shit, when you look at other Kamiya's games I guess you start wondering if this guy legit has mommy or daddy issues. Or maybe he thought he was writing some actual tragic romance with the Sparda/Eva parallel but in that case it really failed. Dante explicitely says he saved Trish the first time because she looks lile his mother, no other reason is mentioned like "you helped me at some point" or whatever. Who knows.

No. 114880

File: 1605141890755.png (3.01 MB, 1920x1080, s6sgepgwlmy51.png)

I'm really worried about the Demon's Souls remake, they revamped a lot of designs and some of them look really bad like picrel.

No. 114881

I enjoyed the original Demons Souls but now that I'm older I can't bring myself to play these really bleak games. Real life is bleak enough

No. 114884

You have a point, but why do those two streamers look like biological family of the bad design?

No. 114888

Kek, I didn't even see them, I just grabbed this pic from reddit to make this post.

No. 114937

This is one of the cutest photos I've ever seen thank you so much for posting it

No. 114938

File: 1605183873830.gif (9.54 MB, 600x353, B6CA7711-D951-4A47-ADE9-410605…)

CHADyun is best Genshin boy, who works incredibly well with best Genshin girl Fischl.

>literally does nothing

>demons shit themselves and leave
>all he has to do is be present

I'm saving for Ayaka and it seems like it'll be a couple of months before her banner. Her design is way too cute. I need her.

No. 114969

Should I get Genshin on my phone? I keep seeing it posted and it does look kinda fun

No. 114974

It doesn't play as well on phones but this might not be a deal breaker for you. Give it a try.

No. 114977

Is anyone else just not interested in next gen? Everything is still gonna come out on the older gen after 'exclusivity' wears off. I recently got the Death Stranding ps4 and prefer the old controller design having small hands

No. 114989

I still have a backlog of games dating back to the PS2 and I rarely play nowadays, two more gens can come and go before I play everything on my list. So no, I'm not hyped, Elden Ring will probably be released on the PS4 anyway.

No. 114993

Good taste, anon. Chongyun is my boy and Xingqiu is his.

No. 115001

Thank you for telling me that shit took forever on my pc to download. I got Noelle But she's a free one right?

No. 115005

I'm really not interested, I also have a long backlog like >>114989, I'm not interested in more recent games of series I already like, or some of the series I like are dead or might as well be. I don't like the current state of video games, what's with companies neglecting level design and gameplay to focus on microtransactions and detailed graphics. I have my Switch and I'm putting it to good use, I don't need anything else that's more recent than that. And even then, the reason why I love my Switch is because of remakes and remasters. Same thing with my PSVita.

I actually don't plan on getting new consoles in a general way. If I'm ever bored and have a lot of free time I can just play what I have but never played, or replay one of the many games I have that I loved.

No. 115007

Yea, I was lucky to pull her.

No. 115010

File: 1605231584238.jpg (99.02 KB, 800x420, i2yk01o.jpg)

same fagging on my own post but I pulled this cutie and I like her musical water attacks very adorable.

No. 115049

File: 1605270353965.jpg (44.71 KB, 504x504, IMG_20201020_205757.jpg)

I need him!!! Chongyun and Xingqiu are one of my OTPs, they are so cute…

>best Genshin girl Fischl

I see you're a woman of culture as well.

Noelle and Barbara are guaranteed characters, but I'm glad you're enjoying their gameplay. You can get a free Fischl if you participate and complete the next event (November 16th), she's a top tier unit.

you're welcome.

No. 115055

Demons Souls is coming out in a few days and I'm still hoping it will come out for PS4 as well. I've got a link with a shop that has Demons Souls listed for PS4 and I check it every day. Most likely it won't but in that case I'll just comfort myself with more Bloodborne pvp.

No. 115057

Can someone recommend me something like new vegas, pathologic 2, sunless sea or deus ex? Good writing, sense of progression, fun is in understanding and mastering the mechanics, tone is a bit dark. Any genre is okay, I'm just not very fond of procedurally generated games, but I'll take what I can get.

No. 115058

Bioshock if you haven't played this one yet!

No. 115059

Not interested in the PS5 at all, more interested in PS4s becoming hackable!

No. 115060

File: 1605281771442.png (739.62 KB, 1024x576, CB15EFA2-0395-4EEE-AF76-3381E6…)

I want Mona purely just because of her design

No. 115061

drop them big bucks

well tbh as a person who spent $100 on rolls trying to get diluc…its not worth

No. 115062

File: 1605282987749.jpg (35.91 KB, 319x475, d337a9b0113bbfbfa676193db83224…)

Its sad because i really like Noelle so i always have to switch to a different character when gliding.

From what i heard Mona is a pretty strong character, i really like her hat but not gonna lie im not much fan of the body suit.

I managed to get Childe in my second 10 pull! I think it might be the pity timer because last time i pulled i used all my wishes on the Venti banner but never got him sadly. Now i will save my wishes for geo husbando.

No. 115066

>i really like Noelle so i always have to switch to a different character when gliding.
seems like a lot of hassle just to avoid some animu panties/ass.
I'm impressed that you even bother

No. 115067

ok coomer

No. 115068

She looks like a 14-year old wearing a bathing suit.

No. 115071

I'd like her more if her design was like the girl at the library. The only body suits I've ever liked are space story ones. I do really like the witch hat designs in the game though. Noelle's my fav rn

No. 115072

File: 1605294458709.png (423.59 KB, 2479x2647, 1506821115139.png)

Thank you for the suggestion, it definitely has all reqs of the picky list I wrote. I've played all of them, the first one is my fave. Also Prey, SS1 and SS2. I love these games.

No. 115074

How is that a hassle you just have to hit 1 button to switch to a different character on your team?
I also switch when im running xiangling cuz the sound of her bells when she is running annoys me.

No. 115075

it's still an extra action you take because panties! Like I get it's cringe but why avoid it on purpose to that extend. It's not like you can see her vulva.
I guess I'm weirded out because it's something I would do as a young teenager with parents watching over my shoulder. Now I either don't play shit like Genshin Impact or don't care about fanservice beyond the first eye roll.

No. 115077

Anon it aint that fucking deep, I just dont want to look at anime ass. You just said you dont even play the game so im not sure why you are trying to discuss this with me? You keep insisting this is a big deal but it really isn't. Good for you that it doesnt bother you even tho you dont play the game kek.

No. 115079

Oh they are? Well not bothered I rather adore how chill it feels. I tried a challenge and failed but I'll keep at it

No. 115088

I just wanted to understand, sorry if I seemed judgy or nitpicky. I don't play Genshin Impact (even though I gave it a shot, but I don't think it's particularly interesting to me), but I played some games with that kind of issue and idc. Looking forward to playing Nier Automata once the price drops a bit more.
If I were that bothered by glimpses of 'teenager's ass' I would not play the game featuring it in the first place (or stick with different characters all the time).
I don't play GI because it seems like a generic animu time sinkhole and I'm not in the mood ATM.

No. 115094

File: 1605305369245.jpg (37.1 KB, 600x338, 7430287509467.jpg)

Has anyone played Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin? Been following it for a while and it finally got released. Looks super cute and I'm weak for farming stuff like Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, etc so I assume I'll like it. Having the side scrolling/fighting aspect may be a nice way to break up some of the cozier tasks.

No. 115106

Ahh, I hope I can pull him on Zhongli's banner so much!! I love his design, he reminds me so much of Syoran, specially his idle animation.
Honestly, when will they release more story quests for 4* characters in Liyue?? I really liked Razor and Xiangling's.

Congratz, anon!!!! He seems pretty fun to play as, specially his close range mode. I thought his story quest was ok-ish, I was hoping for him to be a bit crazier.

On that note, am I the only one kind of pissed off that Zhongli just straight up gave his gnosis to the Fatui?? I understand that he probably has a motive (maybe for them to keep Liyue out of their plans in the future idk) but just allying with them felt like a betrayal to Venti.

Anon, I haven't yet but I cant wait until I have time to sink into it. I am also super weak for cute farming games.

No. 115112

File: 1605314817057.jpg (529.85 KB, 1080x1920, Genshin-Impact_2020_03-13-20_0…)

Anon from >>114466 here. The summon circle from >>114536 worked and I got two Childes back to back! Now saving for my next evil Harbinger husbando.
If anybody's on fence on getting Childe then I can wholeheartedly recommend, not only for amazing VA but also he made the gameplay so fun I spent two past days just killing everything on sight. Scrotes obviously bitch that the cooldown is too long because they can't just spam the attack button but I actually enjoy how you have to keep alert between his bursts which literally delete anything. Also his story quest made me literally cry from adorableness, I am so glad they kept him a bloodthirsty psychopath but managed to sneak some fluff in.

Can we get some love for best boy Benny? He's the cutest thing in this game, I got him the other day and can't stop playing him. Love how he's so unlucky even his birthday is on 2/29.

No. 115119

File: 1605322502434.jpg (73.76 KB, 910x825, IMG_20201114_034923.jpg)

Omg it worked! I'm so glad anon!!!

I think Childe is a bit difficult to play if you are used to unga-unga DPS. Also, scrotes like to bitch about anything that involves cute guys. Notice how they drool over Ayaka, Ganyu and Klee, yet they bitch about Zhongli and Childe all the time. Talk about male fragility kek. Even Venti gets shit from time to time.
I'm glad you're enjoying him though! Let's hope they release more Fatui characters soon so you can make your dream team. Scaramouche is the next one, I think.

I love Bennett. He's so cute and kind. I'm trying to build him, though is taking some time… I like how he's concerned about your wellbeing and even tries to disuade you from joining his team… Benny… sob

No. 115139

In addition to being adorable, Benny is a laughably strong DPS character. If you play your cards right and give him a good attack/pyro bonus he does insane damage. When it comes to his skillset Fantastic Voyage heals the party members, gives them an attack bonus and cuts down his own elemental skill cooldown. People overlook him because of Diluc but in my opinion he's a must-have addition to a team.

I managed to roll Childe which I'm ecstatic about but I still have to learn his meta correctly. If anyone has some strategy suggestions I'm all ears. His elemental melee attack is amazing but has a ginormous cooldown and his bow usage is way below Venti's in my opinion.

>Notice how they drool over Ayaka, Ganyu and Klee, yet they bitch about Zhongli and Childe all the time. Talk about male fragility kek.

This. Scrotes can keep their garbage waifus and stay seething over the Archon story centering around hot men. They have an ocean of waifushit games at their disposal already, if they're so triggered over women receiving fanservice they might as well go play those.

No. 115174

File: 1605374700804.png (57.02 KB, 1608x464, gachablessing.png)

Diff anon and can vouch for the summoning circle as well. I'd like another dupe, since supposedly at c1 he is easier to play, but don't wanna risk getting Diona (very meh to me) or more Ningguangs.

Anyone else frustrated with the world exploration %? I do like knowing how much is done, but on the other hand it feels like I've been everywhere but my Mondstadt is only at 89% and Liyue even lower.

No. 115176

Is there a way to "easy mode" breath of the wild?

I wanna try and beat it or at least reach an "okay I get it"-point before I get and play age of calamity..
Unless I don't need to understand much lore to play AoC

No. 115186

If you don’t really want to play it why not just watch a compilation of the cut scenes or something? It’s pretty simple and story lite. There are additional “memories” you can find in the game that add some flavor to what Zelda and Link went through but they basically amount to “it was really stressful for Zelda” lol.

No. 115197

tbh the memories are important as they flesh out the relationship between Zelda and Link too bad that we were robbed of Link's diary entries in English translation because ~mute uwu~

No. 115199

He's her bodyguard. She resents the fact that it seems like his role as knight comes easily to him where she has to struggle to fulfill her destiny. She feels babied when she wants to be self sufficient. But aside from that, she comes to respect his loyalty and eventually finds his presence reassuring. That's pretty much it, not anything that holds sway over the beats of the main plot. But if anon wants to watch those as well for the character flavoring, they wouldn't take long to watch.

No. 115206

File: 1605396989571.jpg (26.7 KB, 1125x375, IMG_20201022_010650.jpg)

>Benny is a laughably strong DPS character.
He is a top tier character in the current meta, but he's not supossed to be a DPS, not even a sub DPS. He works better as a support. His stats can't compete with Razor or even Chongyun.

>I managed to roll Childe which I'm ecstatic about but I still have to learn his meta correctly. If anyone has some strategy suggestions I'm all ears. His elemental melee attack is amazing but has a ginormous cooldown and his bow usage is way below Venti's in my opinion.

Idk, haven't seen anything for him, but maybe there are guides on Youtube, Reddit or Mihoyo forums… What about bringing a sub DPS who can deal some damage while his skill recharges? Someone like Xiangling, Xingqiu, Ningguang…
I heard someone managed to build a Childe who could do 13034 damage with his bow though, but idk if it's true.

>Anyone else frustrated with the world exploration %?
My Mondstadt is at 87%, and I'm missing some common chests uggggh. I need the recipe for that chest compass ASAP.

Are u guys excited for the new upcoming event? I want those sweet EXP books…

No. 115214

>he's not supossed to be a DPS
I disagree about this. With Fantastic Voyage you can cut down his elemental CD so he's kicking ass when you need melee pyro. If you missed Diluc's banner you're up shit creek because Amber is worthless and Xiangling is only good for her elemental burst. And you absolutely need pyro almost everywhere. To me using him solely as a support is a waste. Sure he can't compare to Chongyun or Razor when it comes to physical damage numbers but then you're stuck with swinging a claymore around being slow as ass. But apples and oranges, it all depends on your own personal playing preferences tbh. I'm also biased because I find him the cutest

No. 115215

Thanks. My roommate has the game so i have the full game available to me and was considering playing. But I might just watch some video-essay of the main plot points as it feels like a 100hr investment when I just want to capture the plot of the game so that I can more properly consume some of the more recent releases.

No. 115216

Should be start a Genshin thread or just talk about it here?
Anyway, the new web event in it is a buggy boring mess.

No. 115218

yes, please take this discussion there.

No. 115219

I second this, the Genshin posts are clogging the thread and clearly there is enough interest

No. 115223

Yes 100% watch videos if you're only interested in plot, I played for 40 hours before encountering any type of plot (I wasn't looking for plot tho just exploring)

No. 115242

GI general here >>115241

No. 115283

File: 1605477971159.png (2.5 MB, 1920x1080, fortnitethemasquerade.png)

It's been a little while since anyone mentioned VTM in here, but I hope everyone's ready for vampire Fortnite! Paradox is really on a roll!!

Neogaf thread with links:

Here's the link to the drive from the thread, there are some videos in the Tiger/content/movies folder:


No. 115302

Could you rec me some games with pixel art? I played most of the popular ones.

No. 115306

spark the electric jester is pretty good if you like classic 2d sonic. awesome soundtrack, too

No. 115313

File: 1605501175990.jpg (32.84 KB, 680x680, et.jpg)

I feel like a lame time traveler, playing DAO, FF12, and Skyrim for the first time ever this year.

>mfw getting cuckqueen'ed by Morrigan
Well, Origins was fucking good, janky graphics and all. Fingers crossed that DA2 and DAI go on sale during the holidays. Even if they sound different from Origins, the characters and the worldbuilding are too enjoyable to pass up. And not to get ahead of myself but I'm already excited for the fourth game.

No. 115316

Any anons playing osrs?

No. 115331

File: 1605514501713.png (460.96 KB, 640x640, is sseth gay.png)

>meet farmer through the friend finder thread
>she's super good at league of legends
>like good good at it
>we get along really well and she's really sweet
>meanwhile despite having an account since season 3 i don't play often and i'm plastic elo
>too scared to ask her for advice since i don't want to come of as wanting free coaching
any high elo farmers here? how the hell do you actually get good, what websites do you use?
graveyard keeper! it's exactly what it sounds like and it's very addictive, caves of qud is good as well, it has a super funky alien soundtrack. i've heard that crosscode is good too, but it's been kind of just sitting in my stream library.

No. 115332

hell yeah!! I got it on mobile and pc, but I mostly play it on mobile. Its so nostalgic and the music will always have a place in my heart lol.

No. 115335

File: 1605516876041.png (217.52 KB, 316x316, Tomba!_NTSC.png)

best ps game, hands down

No. 115355

>franchise is called The Masquerade, said masquerade is the rule number one of their universe
>make a game where they're fighting in the middle of the streets
Sasuga Paradox. At this point they should just sell the IP to another company, they've been consistently fucking up for a while.
This IF any of their games will actually be released, see the trash fire that is Bloodlines 2

No. 115394

not high elo but my high elo friend likes u.gg for champ builds. other than that i can't help, i want to get better too but i just started playing and this preseason has messed me up

No. 115423

thanks anon, the site looks promising, at least from what i can tell with my current skill level. godspeed to you and any other league farmers out there

No. 115430

Oh cool! Add me if you ever wanna do something together! My rsn is brrunette :)

No. 115435

omg I didn't expect to see this here.I used to play tomba 2 since it somehow got in my possesion when I asked for another game.Song related was the one I heard a lot as I had a hard time figuring out what to do since I'm not a native english speaker and I barely knew english back then.I watched a playthrough of the game and man I was really stuck at the very beginning of the game lol

No. 115439

According to the recent Capcom leak there's going to be a Dai Gyakuten Saiban port on Switch and PS4. I hope the gay lawyers are going to be back in the West as well, I can manage with playing the games in Japanese if it has furigana but I can't see myself using a dictionary every 5 seconds to understand subtle but important info in a murder mystery visual novel.

No. 115445

the first DGS game is fully fan translated for the 3DS anon, in case you can't handle the wait. I played it back in the day and it's very much worth it

No. 115455

I know, but I also know the game kind of ends with a cliffhanger and the DGS2 fantranslation isn't finished yet. Might as well wait for the official translation. Did you play it on your computer or you hacked your 3DS?

No. 115478

File: 1605640842818.png (409.14 KB, 500x563, eae504721c61558e2bf4ceda62d9fa…)

Nice! Don't forget about the Awakening DLC.
I know DA2 is a bit of a disappointment for many people (me included), but the story still is alright and important lore wise. Just keep in mind that it is widely known to be the weakest one out of the three
DAI is a must just for Patrick Weekes' amazing work on egg-boi character, who will play a heavy part on the upcoming DA4. DAI DLCs are all good imo, and one of them (Trespasser) is an actual necessity that brings closure to the game and foreshadows DA4

No. 115526

Anyone playing the new Spiderman Miles Morales game?? I started it and the story is kind of ehhhhh, I love Miles so much but I'm tired of Peter being weirdly trusting of super rich tech assholes and surprise surprise they are a villain

No. 115530

DAI is heavily underrated. I cried at the end of Trespasser DLC. Also my Inquisitor was a Chantry nut who stayed true to her roots and instead of disbanding the Inquisition, she integrated it into the Chantry as a final mic drop to all those snobby noble lords. Couldn't have been a better ending to my playthrough

No. 115537

Anon, that's the way I always told myself I would lean on a second playthrough. Never did get around to it.
I'll join in the DAI appreciation but I have no faith in Bioware making a decent next chapter. When they scrapped the sequel in development several years ago allegedly to make it more multiplayer/live servicey, it was a massive sinking feeling.

No. 115563

Long-time Bioware fangirl here. Really looking forward to the Mass Effect trilogy remaster apart from the fact it will be a carbon copy of the original aside from updated graphics/gameplay. I wish they would at least make minor improvements to the narrative like including a secret/good ending where only the Reapers are destroyed. Because if I had to replay the trilogy again without any better outcomes, I am just going to go full evil Renegade Femshepard to justify the bad endings.

No. 115642

dammit, I started playing the original VtM Bloodlines thanks to this thread and I'm loving it so far! Is the new one set in Amsterdam? it looks like it from those screenshots

No. 115644

ayrt, are you also struggling with the preseason? I feel like I’m back to square 1 and have just been on a losing streak

No. 115646

File: 1605755972315.gif (7.76 MB, 480x480, tenor.gif)

Why does Sony hate money so much? I just want Demon's Souls on PC. Why must we continue to suffer like this?

No. 115652

>Why does Sony hate money so much? they literally want you to buy ps5

No. 115653

NAYRT but preseason has been awesome for me. I do hate the new shop though, its hideous and I hate how I have to tab over to see my custom builds.

No. 115663

The comics and books they've been releasing have been pretty interesting, except for blue wraith which is like a huge fuck you to da2 and I hate it

No. 115670

From I've seen of the remake, it's better not to buy it.

No. 115672

Well if they REALLY want me to buy a ps5 they should actually restock it maybe
Sony please

No. 115711

a little bit yeah, i'm especially salty that they removed rod of ages. i hope they add an option to change the old item art back like they did with the mouse, most of them look like some mobile game shit
god why, it's so cluttered. i just want to open the shop tab and see my builds

No. 115749

If they wanted me to buy a fucking ps5 they shoulda announced Bloodborne anything for it.

No. 115841

how come?
Please tell me so that I feel better for not having ps5. I hate seeing all these stellar reviews for demon souls but I don't want to cash out for ps5. I'm broke anyway.

No. 115903

SMT Nocturne remaster came out recently.

No. 115981


it's just a texture upgrade, barely any new content and is unfaithful to the original in some instances.

i recommend just emulating demon souls assuming you have a decent modern processor. you can get 60fps

No. 115984

Do you mean in the West or in Japan?

No. 115987

What kills me is that they baited the original fans by showing snowy mountains in the original trailer as if to say they are going to include the cut archstone. Of course they never said they would do it but they knew what they were doing.
I also hate how the soundtrack was reorchestrated, it went from creepy and atmospheric ambient to generic bombastic orchestra, it doesn't fit most of the boss fights at all (worst offender being Fool's Idol).

No. 116013

Thanks anon! I will. The only thing I wish was that there was a demons souls online multiplayer possibility with RPCS3. I wouldn't mind setting up a server for that very purpose.

No. 116016

I've been playing SMT IV, it was really hard until I got to Tokyo, now it's kind of easy. I'm enjoying it for the atmosphere though

No. 116245

What did you guys think of Monster Hunter World? I see so many people in love with it but I really didn't like it. There is like no story and wasn't a fan of the fighting mechanics.
You think I should try to give it another try or chuck it?

No. 116256

Never played it, but I don't think Monster Hunter has ever been about the story. If you don't enjoy the gameplay don't bother.

No. 116257

I love it, huge amount of fun with a group of friends. Don't know how it would stand up solo though, do you have anyone else you can give it a try with?

No. 116275

Love it, legit one of the best games I've ever played, spent about 30-40h soloing stuff, but as >>116257 said, it's the most fun played with others even if only through matchmaking, I have about 200h on my counter now. The story is wack and to be ignored, it's all about enjoying the gameplay and grind. A lot depends on the weapon you use so try out different ones, maybe something will actually work for you and make the game more enjoyable, otherwise if you don't enjoy mechanics at all, it's pointless to force yourself.

No. 116309

What games did/are you guys gonna pick up from Steam's autumn sale or other Black Friday deals?

It's sort of milquetoast but all I bought was the Witcher series, and Dragon Age 2 and Inquisition. I was really hoping that Red Dead Redemption 2 would hit a new lower price but no dice. Maybe one day.

No. 116318

The witcher 3 is a shit game there I said it

No. 116319

i, too, care little for coomer skyrim

No. 116322

combat is worse than dark souls, exploration is worse than skyrim, there I said it too anon.

No. 116331

Recently played god of war and horizon zero dawn, was anticipating lame story telling but some fun adventures. Beautiful scenery, excellent stories. Zero Dawn literally had me so angry I was in tears and if I could go back and kill that one fucking scumbag in game I’d rip out his spleen!!

Shoot ‘em up with amazing aesthetics and fun skills: Control. Highly recommend for the design alone but the story is also great and atmosphere well executed in my opinion.

Older but great: hyper light drifter for fun hack and slash with neat aesthetics. Fez for puzzles and platforming. Journey because I still play it when I’m feeling especially stressed.

Has anyone got any game recommendations where flying is a mechanic? Idk what it is but any time I can find something tall, scale it and float down or straight up fly, makes me so happy.

No. 116336

Geralt's canon death is a neck snap due to attempted autofellatio pass it on

No. 116341

I never finished TW3 because I found it too boring. Damn that felt good to say

No. 116361

File: 1606373008559.png (Spoiler Image,348.86 KB, 322x607, 43270654083694321.png)

TW3 has hot ladies in it but c'mon, nothing is more coomerish than Skyrim itself. There are a bazillion ridiculous sex doll/big boobiez/rape/brothel/fetish mods.

No. 116368

It's not game's fault people make coomer mods though; original product is not very coomer-pandering

No. 116467

File: 1606461019578.jpeg (657.21 KB, 853x1280, uJo2Z1g.jpeg)

The Last of Us2 won a bunch of awards including best game and best story. I played through that garbage and it's as fake deep as it gets. It's just misery porn with the plot soaking it's panties over that troon Abby. I burst out laughing that Naughty Dog won best studio when they worked their devs to death and made them watch fucked live leaks so the gore wouldn't be 'sexy'

No. 116472

It was a good game. You all shit your pants prematurely and still can't let it go.

No. 116476

It really wasn't, and it definitely wasn't the best out of the nominees. You know it won just because it was made by shitty Naughty Dog.

No. 116477

File: 1606466548509.jpg (20.33 KB, 382x286, 1605782372239.jpg)

Ace Combat?
I hate the floaty combat and am scared Cyberpunk's is gonna be equally shitty.

No. 116481

should I buy katamari damacy reroll in the steam sale?

No. 116498

I bought Sakuna. It's pretty good. I really like the exploration hack and slash type of gameplay, but I honestly don't like the rice farming system. The game really doesn't explain much, it just throws numbers at you. I don't have the physical version, but I heard it does come with a physical manual that goes into more details.
The gameplay is a big buggy, I'm certain there'll be some updates fixing graphical issues, such as how the shadows display on character models. It plays very similarly to a PS2 era game, so if you like how those games feel, definitely get it!

No. 116502

big YES

No. 116509

No. 116510

Thankfully in Cyberpunk there will be other ways around a fight, they said you can complete the game without fighting once (by sneaking around, hacking, bribing, talking)

No. 116512

Not bossfights tho, there you'll have a choice not to kill but you'll still have to fight. The writing will make up for everything though hopefully, it's what was the best about the Witcher too

No. 116517

File: 1606494485710.png (14.81 KB, 639x232, Degrees_of_Lewdity_Banner.png)

Wtf is wrong with me. I'm addicted to a pixel porn game where combat is rape. It's simple and repetitive, like a porn version of candycrush, but it makes me so fucking horny. I'm finallly a fucking coomer, just take me out back and shoot me.

No. 116523

lmao no, tlou2 was absolute dogshit that only won because the awards are just the industry patting itself on the back. The plot had glaring holes. The mechanics were braindead and Abby was a horrific lead. Not to mention the fact they turned Ellie into a simp for some scrote's sloppy seconds. Nothing says empowering lesbian character like babysitting the wife's son.

No. 116558

How did you discover this game if you weren't a coomer before?

No. 116567

>wasn't the best of the nominees
So are you an angry AC fag or FF fag?

>the plot had glaring holes
So did the first game but no one pooped their pants then.
>mechanics were braindead
Which mechanics? Actual gameplay was great and improved from the first game.
Okay, but it doesn't sound like you get what the plot was about.
>lesbians who don't raise biological children are cucks
Ah yes, pretending to care about female empowerment while you spout bigotry. Classic farmer.

No. 116569

>So did the first game but no one pooped their pants then.
The plot in the first didn't stop dead in it's tracks to suck a troon's dick nor tried justifying Joel while making the fireflys villains for trying to save what remained of the race. It's even framed as uncertain hope for Joel and Ellie moving forth. 2 knew their death of Joel was so poorly done they even hid the fact of how early on he dies by aging tv/trailer spots of flashbacks with Ellie
>Which mechanics? Actual gameplay was great and improved from the first game.
There was little gameplay difference between the two 2 even dumbed it down further letting players coast what little was actual interaction with the infected there was. Even stupifying Clickers who were the main threat in one.
>Okay, but it doesn't sound like you get what the plot was about.
You must be borderline retarded to think "Abby Gooood Ellie BAAD" plot is anything more than just misery torture porn. Ellie was continuously punished for the same actions Abby did. Going as far as forcing the player to kill her dog played with in flashback because "See SEE Ellie is bad!!" Rather than make Abby a functioning character beyond musclehead troon.
>Ah yes, pretending to care about female empowerment while you spout bigotry. Classic farmer.
Better then simping for a coomer's torture porn fake deep game.

No. 116574

>suck a troon's dick
Abby is confirmed not a troon. Did you even play the game, or did you just skim through a no-commentary playthrough and fill on the gaps with outrage reactions?
Muscled-out military chick with believable anatomy to reflect that =/= troon. The only transperson depicted in this game is a FtM and given post-apocalyptic rape culture and religious fanaticism, that makes perfect sense. Of course then, a woman would want to be a man. Even Abby got buff because she knew she had to be that way to survive and get revenge, she wasn't that muscular in the flashbacks.
I like this game specifically because it throws out typical male gaze bullshit that weak ass girls with balloon tits somehow kick major ass in post-apocalypse worlds.
While I agree that the pacing of the game was thrown off from swapping between Ellie/Abby's plot, it doesn't mean the plot sucked.

>they even hid the fact of how early on he died by aging tv/trailer spots of flashbacks

Or that had to do with throwing people off the trail that Joel dies early in the game, not that they think it's bad in itself. Where do you even get that from?

>there was little gameplay difference

And here is where I don't know if your opinion should just be discarded because you clearly didn't play it, or at least couldn't be assed to watch videos of other people playing it to know.
>dodge mechanic
>unlimited knife mechanic
>puzzle mechanics including guitar playing
>new infected types
>improved combat flow
>jump and stealth
>no enemy spawn and optional enemies
Even people who hate the plot agree that the gameplay and mechanics are way more fun in this one.

>you must be borderline retarded to think "Abby good Ellie BAAD"

I didn't day this and neither did the game if you were paying attention to it. Both characters redeem themselves of revenge in the end, but since you're stuck on "Abby WOOOOOOORRSE" you can't see what the game did.

>misery torture porn

Yeah I guess we should just go back to the FPS video games where we kill countless without a context and a plot instead. They were going for post-apocolyptic realism and they nailed it.
Oh but wait, whole plot bad cause they made you kill a pupper!

Just go away with your bad take.

No. 116580

RDR2 is worth every penny, highly recommend it

No. 116583

anon I've been playing this game since you mentioned it and I'm baffled. How are you playing it, are you being a hoe or innocent? I went for the innocent route because that's who I am IRL but got assaulted in a bathroom lol.

No. 116584

It was mentioned on /g/, right next door.

I've been trying to keep myself pure, but I keep getting gangraped by dogs. I'm a bit dissapointed because the official LI are all shitty. Seriously, it's like a otome game: everyone rapes the MC and best boy is a literal dog.

No. 116589

Got Spiritfarer! It is so chill and I really like the art style. I’ve been burning through it the last three days and need to slow down but I’m just really enjoying making all my spirit fam comfortable. Missing my snake grandma though, I have no one to jam with me over the plants.

No. 116590

anon that's stupid why would y–
>customize your character
uh oh…

No. 116620

Can we please not bring straight up fetish porn games into this thread. Make another one, if that's even allowed.

No. 116632

Seeing how one of the team explicitly said he took inspiration from Bloodlines, I have high hopes for it.

No. 116669

File: 1606592360695.gif (4.39 MB, 540x450, b412feb3-cf8a-4455-b06b-ea5e15…)

Anyone tried Valhalla yet?

I only played AC I-IV and a bit of Syndicate but haven't touched Origins or Odyssey. The game is pretty and I like the nordic theme + Eivor is stunning but what's the story like?

I just want to play an assassin again with eavesdropping, merging into crowds and the stuff the previous games had, like, be an actual assassin lol

No. 116672

i’m reaching the end point of the blue lions route in fire emblem: three houses right now and i just k-worded one of my favourite golden deer and then immediately after i saved i realised i could’ve spared him and i’m so mad about it. i’m also not enjoying this as much as i enjoyed the golden deer route, but maybe it’s because GD was my first playthrough? idk, we’ll see when i’m on black eagles

also i’m getting real sick of dimitri with his shitty attitude and his greasy ass hair. he was so cute pre-skip and now he’s such an angsty little bitch. if this mf tells miss byleth some edgy garbage like ‘stop feeling sad about murdering your friends’ ONE more time i’m gonna end up rocking edelgard’s shit myself just to ruin his day. like go stare at some rocks in the church you edgy little emo bitch!!!

anyway i miss claude

No. 116676

AM is really good because it doesn't have that one plot point with the grey skinned underground illuminati being behind everything and stronger than any army while also weak little bitches at the same time that makes the whole game an incoherent mess so you can just pretend it doesn't exist. And it gets better if you're that worried about Dimitri. CF is the shittiest route, it's the shortest but it does have different objectives in the same maps so that's a plus, but the story becomes absolutely trash and you'll wonder what the story writers were smoking when working on this game sometimes when it comes to almost everything about Edelgard.

Playing several routes one after the other is a chore no matter the order tbh. Even the devs said they were shocked that many people did all the four routes in one go instead of choosing one route and talking about the others with other players.

No. 116680

thank you so much for letting me know about that plot point! that was by FAR one of my least favourite things about GD, and i was not looking forward to having to rehash it in the other three routes, holy fuck. that tron legacy ass battle in the underground was the stupidest fucking thing ever. i swear to god the dubstep song they used will haunt me forever

and that’s interesting! i can already see what you mean though. i think i dislike more characters in BE than i have the other houses (i cannot fucking stand bernadette, that little blue haired manlet fuck, and edelgard’s greasy ass incel looking weirdo bestie), and it’s kind of annoying that i’m clearly going to have to work to recruit and somehow use other characters like mercedes and lysithea to get the full story irt a ton of different plot points that they’ve briefly mentioned and then abandoned in GD/BL. i’m also already kind of bored just thinking about the church route too, but i think i’ll definitely be doing that one last either way.

No. 116683

Sorry I have nothing important to add but I really want another truly assassin, assassin's creed game too. I am so nostalgic for the first game, it definitely had the best setting and even story dare I say. A remake of that game with more content would be wonderful

No. 116687

AC games are now walking simulators with very a very liberal and sanitized interpretation of history, they should have ditched the title and the present day subplot (which nobody cares about) when Odyssey came out and create a whole new franchise. I'm not saying the original games were masterpieces but they really had that assassin feel, for all its flaws the first game had an amazing atmosphere, too bad it looks so barebones compared to 2.

No. 116689

Not much assassination/stealth, it’s like a hint of suggestion. Lots of little side things to do. Combats clunky and the lack of assassin options for Order Zealots is annoying. The sneaking is still fun to do and an option over raids/full frontal assaults (though some chests require a raid to be opened).

No. 116691

File: 1606606638591.jpg (100.04 KB, 786x658, 52de09cb050f0464062a119c82cf5d…)

>(though some chests require a raid to be opened)
what the hell is the point then? For an assassin game, shouldn't it encourage you to play all sneaky like instead of going on a full out god of war rampage.
Also I miss shaun and rebecca and solving little puzzles with their help.

No. 116692

I miss Claude, too.
>tfw will never scheme with a handsome bastard

No. 116694

I did it nonnies, bless up

No. 116701

I see no problem in using this one since nobody really talks about them either way

No. 116714

File: 1606621004248.png (885.41 KB, 1077x592, katamari.png)

You waste precious seconds you could've spent rolling that ball on LC, no blessing. Get to work.

No. 116721

It's a completely different kind of thing. Lewd scenes in normal games are fine. But if the whole point of the game is fapping to fetishy scenes it doesn't fit.

No. 116725

then you go and make it if it bothers you so much

No. 116728

I'm not the one who wants to talk about your dumb coomer porn game.

No. 116732

Games I'm currently playing include: yakuza kiwami 2 (trying to get all the side stuff done!) Assassin's Creed Black Flag,Rune Factory, Borderlands 2 and Chibi Robo. They're all great, I just play whichever when I'm feeling like playing it. Slightly burnt out on bl2 so playing pirate simulator for the most part. Chibi robo and Rune Factory are comfy games for when my anxiety gets too bad.

No. 116734

Istg love live all stars team building has the most autistic community in the game

No. 116743

I never played video games growing up, like not even Mario Kart or anything, but I just bought a SNES controller on a whim to use with an emulator on my pc.

Any easy game recs for an absolute noob?

No. 116744

earthbound, kirby

No. 116746

Final Fantasy VI was the first game I emulated (on the GBA but there's not much difference), it's pretty easy and the game has aged very well imo.

No. 116747

Please, atlus-san. When you do make persona 6, I just ask for these few things:
>don't make the game as hand-holdy/dogshit easy as 5 was
>please stop with the main cast being anime tropes
>get rid of social links or get a better writer
>get rid of the calender system
>please don't charge 60$ for shit that could easily be 20$ dlc
>please don't make me fight another god
>please stop trying to nostalgia bait me with the older entries you don't care about
>please don't retread the same plot points/character arcs as the previous games…
>please stop pandering to waifu fags and fujos
I beg of thee atlus-san!

No. 116749

You listed reasons why the series is so popular or things devs will keep doing because they love previous Persona games but can't reference them directly because they didn't develop them. Just play other Megaten games, they're great. And the entire franchise is about killing gods including the abrahamic one witha capital G, what did you expect lol

No. 116752

File: 1606650095258.gif (586.51 KB, 500x386, tumblr_nhrvbh3DFT1roqda3o1_500…)

Oh yes, Earthbound is a must play! You can also get Earthbound Zero/Beginnings if you want more of the same (but fair warning, it is the first game in the series and it's much weaker than Earthbound). You will probably want to use the easy ring unless you enjoy pointless grindfest.
You should also play A Link To The Past.
My personal strange favorite is Evo: Search for Eden. It's a bizzare sidescrolling platformer/action RPG in which you start as an ancient fish and evolve your way through ages, becoming a dinosaur, mammal and even (an ugly as hell) human. You attack and eat other creatures to gain exp (as seen in pic related). To evolve you buy new stronger (or just different) body parts. What little plot there is is a bizzare take on religion and history of our planet with some sci-fi touches (so pretty typical for Japanese creators kek). It has surprisingly touching moments though like when you see the cave containing spirits of the dinosaur mama still nursing her baby. The music is pretty nice, love the art. Highly recommend this hidden gem.
A hint if you decide to play: if you get stuck on bosses, remember that evolving a body part regains your HP! Abuse it and keep evolving something cheap like tail back and forward

No. 116753

No, I know. I posted it to be a bit tongue-in-cheek. As for the killing god part, I'm just tired of the same formula of fight human boss then ruh-roh it was actually [insert god/godlike figure here]'s doing. Would rather they spice things up a bit by keeping it an all human conflict since we basically get the whole killing god-schtick in mainline games anyway. probably gonna wait on smt5 since I know atlus is gonna pull the same shit they did for royal and charge 60$ to just buy the base game with dlc already included

No. 116754

I'm not sure about Atlus releasing a special edition of SMT5 soon, maybe they'll dl the same thing with SMT4 and release a direct sequel because they have too many ideas to implement at once. I'll get SMT5 at release and not buy any rerelease, I don't support that kind of shit.

No. 116762

Is Danganronpa worth playing if you like visual novels, but are not a retarded xe/xir kinnie zoomer?

No. 116764

I only played the first game a long time ago (back when only the fan translation was available) and I liked it okay, the music was great and the character interactions were fine, but the culprits are very obvious for most of the cases and the plot is so over the top that I couldn't take it seriously, and I heard it goes even beyond that in the following games. The retarded fanbase seems mostly focused on the second game (all those Komaeda kinnies…), if you don't know any spoilers from the first game, you can give it a try, it's pretty short and there's a bit more gameplay than in traditional VNs.

No. 116766

I liked the first game a lot back when it was released in the west on the PSVita. I never finished the second game the characters were unlikable, it retroactively ruined the first game and the plot relies too much on a novel that wasn't released outside of Japan, at least at the time. I bought the third game and never played it because of the second game. So I can only recommend the first game personally.

No. 116790

File: 1606673807802.jpg (155.39 KB, 800x600, aquaria-15.jpg)

I just remembered Aquaria. It's an old indie game from like 2007 but still one of my favourites. Wish it had gotten more attention back in the day.

No. 116865

anons, is there any digital card game (somewhat) worth getting into? any genuinely fun ones? singleplayer card games and tabletop simulator games are welcome too.
i used to play a little bit of hearthstone 3 years ago, but i hear the game is absolute garbage nowadays.
i can't lie like 60% of the reason i kept playing it is because geralt is really hot. the other 40% of the game is alright otherwise, although i did find it to get easier towards the end. i was playing on death march so maybe i just overleveled myself too much
yen best girl and hottest girl too

No. 116870

> and the plot relies too much on a novel that wasn't released outside of Japan
anon, that's just straight up not true, the plot of the danganronpa novel is basically irrelevant to anything that happens in the games and in the animes

No. 116871

mtg arena, definitely. there is a reason why mtg is the king of ctg. there's gonna be an mobile version soon too.

No. 116875

File: 1606775170654.jpg (295.58 KB, 1000x1000, SQ_3DS_CuldceptRevolt.jpg)

You might like the Culdcept games,they're kind of like if you mixed a monster card game with monopoly. The most recent game was on the 3ds if you have one.

No. 116892

Baten Kaitos is a JRPG with a card battle system, I loved it but it might not be for everyone

No. 116994

Can anyone recommend me games that have a similar atmosphere to Diablo I? Dark, gothic, apocalyptic?

No. 117010

File: 1606920237330.png (4.73 MB, 2871x1618, c2077.PNG)

Cyberpunk gets a legit photomode, this is a gamechanger for me because it looks as detailed as Horizon Zero Dawn's one and I spent hours in it; good hype

No. 117018

Awesome, I'm glad this feature is becoming more common

No. 117036

In any genre?

Darkest Dungeon
Dragon's Dogma
Eternal Darkness

No. 117084

File: 1607009321851.jpg (594.99 KB, 1920x1200, 1593869201011.jpg)

-7 days

No. 117131

yes, any genre is good, thank you!!

No. 117371

does anyone have recommendations for lighthearted, wholesome video games that I can buy on steam? I've been playing spyro lately and that's been making me feel better but I'd like to have more to play

No. 117373

not on steam (i think? it's on itch.io for sure) but a Short Hike!!! Please play it. If you like it, Night in the Woods has very similar writing and moid, but it touches on depression of young adults in dying small town. IMHO it's still a positive experience though, but I'm warning you just in case.

No. 117379

I like how these two anons have the exact opposite taste in atmosphere. Anyway, for a wholesome game on steam I would recommend Stardew Valley

No. 117395

Persona 4 Golden?

No. 117419

uhhh idk if I'd call a murder mystery lighthearted and wholesome?? I mean it's a good game I just don't think it fits anon's criteria lol. Though maybe I'm just biased kek, there is nothing lighthearted about grinding a dungeon at 4 in the morning for the perfect persona to fuse lmaooo.

No. 117424

nta but I think it could be seen as light-hearted if you don't count the game-over/bad endings after each failed rescue attempt, the beginning which actually managed to feel very unsettling, and the znd of the game after you get that weird warning abiut how shit is about to go down. Maybe anon could like it but it depends on if she!s ok with a creepy beginning and a way more serious ending.

No. 117447

coomer games aren't wholesome anon

No. 117457

I can see what you mean but dungeon aside, I hated every character in that game. I wanted to punch them all.

No. 117462

bought burnout paradise remastered because it was $5 on origin, usually $20. I never played the original so it was worth it for me. It's a pretty easy car game and it's fun. The jumps are fun and smashing into other cars is enjoyable. Only downside is it turns your camera on and when ever you win something or upgrade your license it wants to take a picture and remind how ugly you look wearing a giant coat sitting on the couch
It also has Girlfriend by avril lavigne which is fun to listen to as you destroy the competition

No. 117466

File: 1607280628122.png (1.03 MB, 1227x697, cuties.png)

Ohh, lighthearted & wholesome indies are definitely my thing, not sure what kind of gameplay you're looking for but hopefully you'll like something from this list:
1. I second >>117373 with the Short Hike recommendation, it is available on steam actually :)
Other titles to try:
2. Donut County - quirky, fun puzzles, charming characters, about 3h of gameplay so not a big investment
3. Stardew Valley - farming, cozy village vibe, super addictive, can be played for DAYS
4. Pikuniku - quirky, fun characters, puzzle, just positively weird and enjoyable

No. 117490

cattails besides the sad beginning the story is cute and like a stripped down starvlley bc you play as a cat

No. 117507

File: 1607306898269.jpg (56.83 KB, 676x1018, ed1.jpg)

Anyone here playing yakuza 7? I wasn't sure at first if I would enjoy it because of the turn based fighting system but actually it isn't that bad although i still prefer how it was before. Haven't gotten that far plot wise, like chapter 3 i think, but so far it still seems fun and like a yakuza game. Kiryu was a better boyfriend however and I miss disco and cabaret club of yakuza 0 lol, would take them over shogi or mahjong any time of the day ree.
||oh also peak dumb shit but the mc looks weirdly like some sort of British footballer lol||

No. 117667

File: 1607439540364.png (2.69 MB, 1080x1932, 1605529384643.png)

Post your predictions for Cyberpunk. Will it be good? Bad? Will it really be unplayable at launch?

No. 117671

I'm gonna wait till I have a PS5, this game will defenitly turn my PS4 into a jet engine

No. 117672

I'm getting it on PS4, will let you know if it explodes or not

No. 117686

I feel the game will be shit and CDPR will excuse the bugs in the game and say they are a feature because the story is based around hacking, data, and viruses.

No. 117698

Witcher 3 was a bugfest when it was released and no one remembers that now

No. 117700

File: 1607458893780.jpg (23.19 KB, 400x254, Among-Us-2.jpg)

I have a million other games in my backlog, but for some reason I'm more addicted to the phone (because it's free) version of Among Us. Some people are fucking stupid in it sometimes, but I love it.

No. 117710

File: 1607472171686.jpeg (127.27 KB, 1136x1136, 38695C63-7730-4CD2-939F-076099…)

I am never up to date with consoles… ever. I’ve been playing a lot of online Soul Calibur 6 and creating custom characters and making a “gang” of rotating ones with their own goofy combinations of battle phrases, outfits and names. But I’m still not very good at online fighting.

I also started playing New Vegas and it’s fun but a little frustrating. I have a poor sense of direction so half of the time I’m spacing out getting lost before looking at the local map, and then suddenly and violently dying at the hands of a giant stinging bug that can somehow survive countless shotgun blasts and spiked knuckle punches.

It’s hard playing both because I’ll just stop playing before I get too frustrated, which happens a lot. Constantly losing and getting lost is how I play games apparently.

But Aggretsuko mobile however…. I am hopelessly addicted to it.

No. 117712

Is Katawa Shoujo worth it? Or is it just scrote bullshit? I like visual novels and angst but I have a really low tolerance for scrote-tier waifu bait fanservice garbage unfortunately

No. 117715

I actually really enjoyed it, but it was recommended by my scrote friend many years ago. I don't remember her name because it's been something like 7 years, but my favorites were the blind chick and the one with the amputated arm

No. 117742

>Aggretsuko mobile
oooooooooooooooh thanks I'm gonna go become addicted to it too

No. 117748

I second >>117715. I mean IT IS a scrote visual novel, but it's quite okay? I don't remember anything terribly insulting or sexist (I only played Hanako and Lily's routes though). The most cringy thing is the retarded Harry Potter doppelganger spouting radfem conspiracy theories, but he's clearly a parody
of meninists kek. The novel gives the girls some agency and kicks the PC in the nuts if you don't respect it, as far as I remember.
Give it a try, you are not losing anything except for time if you decide you don't like it.

No. 117749

This. CDPR makes buggy games on release and patches them up with time, witcher 2 was the same. I guess they couldn't afford another delay. I'm fine with bugs being the only issue, those are temporary. What really matters is that the game itself doesn't suck.

No. 117750

does bloodbourne just want to be impossible

No. 117751

Summoning Salt's world record videos are some of the most interesting videos i've seen on youtube

No. 117752

No. 117753

i believe in you, anon! you can do it!

No. 117765

It's the easiest of the "core" SoulsBorne games imo, once you get the hang of it it should be fine. The retardedly hard boss fights are mostly confined to the DLC, it's better to do it endgame instead of trying it as soon as you gain its access.

No. 117785

with whom are you having trouble with?
I've got ps+ so if you need help I could coop although it's probably too late now.

No. 117957

I'm playing 0 rn and working my way up… As an rpgfag who fucking loves turn based combat, would it be satisfying to play or is it just an average (but a nice) change of pace from beat em' ups.

No. 117988

So… any thoughts about Cyberpunk?

I'll be able to play later today but so far everyone seems to be pissed about it. There also seem to be 6 dick options and only 1 for vaginas lmao

No. 117989

No game footage. Not one percent of game actually complete, probably. But we get a second teaser.

No. 117991

The game won't come out in like 2-3 years but I'm hyped!
I'm also glad Varric is back.

No. 118016

Story and characters are great; not worth playing on old gen consoles though, unless you have the upgraded versions like ps4pro.
Reception of the game depends on your circles I guess because I'm seeing exclusively positive stuff with the exception of technical performance issues. As for dicks and vaginas it honestly matters SO LITTLE idk why would anyone care but theres 2 dicks and one vagina.

No. 118021

I hope the finally kicked off their marketing campaign leading up to the release. DAIs The Fires Above trailer was kinda similar and the game released 1 1/2 year later, that matches with the rumors that DA4 is sheduled for 2022. I know I shouldn't get my hope up, but I really wish we are getting a campaign similar to DAI with trailers and livestreams and panels.

No. 118023

File: 1607701074387.jpg (120.1 KB, 1374x778, Eo9KT9FWEAU6WYK.jpg)

He is in

No. 118031

>not worth playing on old gen consoles
And my copy just came in…
Is it just graphics or is it unplayable slowdown? I can deal with one but not the other. Don't wanna bother buying a new system for just one game.

No. 118039

he was..kind of hot in that trailer

No. 118040

Mostly graphics, if you move too fast you'll have to wait for the textures to load which kinda breaks the immersion, shadows or crowds don't look too great too; as for bugs though I think it's a bit of a matter of bugs, as I've seen people commenting they had a lot, but I've also just talked ot my friend who's playing on basic ps4 since the midnight release and he had maybe one crash in about 15h? Which is tolerable. So fingers crossed you'll be lucky too then.

No. 118064

File: 1607728988566.jpg (89.94 KB, 1024x576, 1607708463251m.jpg)

My thoughts? Well, I think it looks amazing for a PS1 game.

No. 118080

File: 1607736980762.png (744.63 KB, 990x610, Screenshot 2020-12-12 at 01.34…)

First game I ever played: MediEvil on PS1. I had such a strong crush on Sir Daniel Fortesque kek. Great music too.

No. 118082

Might just wait till after Christmas to try it and hope they can fix some of it with patches.

At least the Dawning starts Tuesday so I have plenty of Destiny to play.

No. 118105

I've only played a bit so far, but my biggest complaint is the NPCs being so fucking wooden. There's almost no dialogue with any of them and they barely move around.

Games like Skyrim/GTA/Fallout have been so enduring because of how immersive the world is and the NPCs are a big part of that. The Cyberpunk city looks really cool, but there's very little interaction you can have with the people or the surroundings.

I'm definitely going to keep playing, the game is beautiful, it's just not what I was hoping it would be. So far I doubt there will be much replay value after finishing the main story.

No. 118119

How do I make my copy look like this

No. 118132

You should play the remake then anon! Despite some bad opinions I think it's pretty well done. I think anyone who has played MediEvil has had some kind of crush on Sir Daniel kek

No. 118144

File: 1607785089649.jpg (91.97 KB, 828x738, EpAjC-fXcAEdKEL.jpg)

Is Cyberpunk 2077 the new Fallout' 76? All I see in my social media feed is people being super mad about the technical issues. Thoughts?

No. 118146


Didn't Witcher 3 also have a shitton of bugs when it was released at first? Then again, they did postpone this game over and over.

Are the story and the gameplay itself fun at least?

No. 118163

File: 1607790530492.gif (1.72 MB, 245x200, 200.gif)

SEGA finnally announced Yakuza 3-6 coming to PC! Let's hope Judgment will arrive at some point too


No. 118167

From anyone I've asked,the story is really good and they enjoy it, gameplay is fun if you stick to the story but otherwise itlooks kind of boring

No. 118168

There's a LOT of fun sidequests though, not all of them but some are really stellar, I wouldn not advise to only stick to the main story. Though obviously it's the best done part of the game

No. 118180

Play Shin Megami Tensei retard

No. 118184

from what I've heard the side missions are just fetch quests and kind of boring?

No. 118186

Speaking of which, I can't wait for SMT5.

No. 118187

Some of them are and some of them are some clever stories; just like it was handled in tw3

No. 118188

Oh man, I forgot Judgment was still not on PC.
I am hoping they do HD remasters of the samurai games, at least Ishin. That game still holds up pretty well. Plays like no other and given the boost of samurai themed games that have released these past few years and still coming, I think they can do it. Sega teases us about Ishin so much in the player surveys, it's about time.

No. 118293

Any recommendations for a good gaming pc that doesn’t cost too much?

No. 118319


depends, what's the most you're willing to spend?

No. 118329

File: 1607889867210.png (26.7 KB, 128x128, 1607758275793.png)

my favorite streamer stopped streaming cyberpunk 2077 after one stream because of constant technical issues on his 10k pc

No. 118334

File: 1607892261227.png (Spoiler Image,3.43 MB, 1920x1080, 5997995-1607678014.png)

the fucking audacity of the CDPR devs to make this beautiful imaginary pixel woman hetero exclusive. i am seething. jokes aside, i'm having a blast with all of cyberpunks jank. 25 hours in and so far i have managed to:
>rocket out of the bottom of the world map after jacking a car
>reload into an infinite death loop after being insta-killed in a fist fight
>glitch into a companion npc's body as they were driving on the way to a mission
>find several random npcs walking casually suspended several feet into the air
>have a companion npc spawn as nothing but their clothes - their body was completely invisible
>ram so hard into another car it shot up into the sky
>have random lines of dialogue just not play any audio in the middle of conversations
>have random npcs and cars constantly blip in and out of existence or skirt wildly across the map and off into the ether
i never wanna get off of this wild ride. side quests are admittedly dull, i couldn't give less of a fuck about the main storyline, and i feel like the game forces you to be buddies with characters without much time for you to develop interest in them, but so far so good, i guess.

No. 118357

Around 500 bucks

No. 118388

I very occasionally watch another famous streamer and he also has a lot of difficulty to keep the stream stable despite having a monster of a machine.

It's full of bug, dialogues are akin to some shitty Hollywood movie, fight sequences are boring, but the game brings some very cool ideas despite the typical neon-lit cyberpunk aesthetic.

It looks as mush as a poorly-produced cookie-clicker grindfest than post-Interplay Fallout, only less boring and with a setting uncommon enough to keep the player more engaged (yes, it's a hot take)

No. 118406

It's not nearly as bad as they want you to believe. Granted, I'm playing from a high end rig, but I'm not facing any texture loading issue. I've seen a few visual glitches, but zero crashes or bugs that prevented me from completing quests.

No. 118420

I've been having a blast with Cyberpunk tbh, but I'm sure it's just because I wasn't hyped at all and went in with absolutely 0 expectations. Judy is my waifu and I'm happy.

No. 118426

hope someone makes a lesbian (or rather bisexual) patch for pc kek

No. 118427

Huh. I'm wondering if they'd try and dub the other 3 games like they did for 7 or of they'd just wait to remaster them all for the PS5 before going the dual audio route. even if 7's dub kind of sucked

No. 118432

I went in with 7 years long expectations and I'm not disappointed either. Sure it's annoying to think of the cut features, the AI is pretty bad and there's still some minor visual glitch every 5 hours (disclaimer: I'm playing on a very powerful PC on ultra settings), but it's not a bad game at all. I'm having a lot of fun.

No. 118433

I'm super disappointed too because Panam is everything but we gotta appreciate the balls of baiting all the men into thinking Judy will be their waifu and then revealing she is a lesbian. Also even though I can hardly stomach first person romance scenes, Judy's is the best.

No. 118435

I just finished Bloodborne. I'm a Souls veteran, but I really didn't enjoy it. I found the environments and enemies very samey. Some of the bosses were cool looking, and a few of the areas were, but it's the soundtrack that stood out to me the most. Controversial, but DS2 will always be my favourite. That's not to say it's the 'best', but it is the one I have enjoyed playing the most. Anyone else play? Who are you favourite characters? What build do you play?

No. 118464

so she actually is a lesbian or not? I would be very happy if she was since she seems like a better love interest and I don't want to play a fugly male anyway…
I have only played Bloodborne and Dark Souls but it seems that Bloodborne will always be my fave. I adored the gothic/victorian style of the game, the blood recovery mechanic and the cane! I wish there was a sequel…
I loved the Doll so much, I wish there was a happy ending where the hunter takes her on a wild adventure and they live happily ever after. Also Alfred was my husbando until he fucking went and killed the queen.

No. 118469

Yeah, there's no specific gender selection in character creator but to romance Judy you need to have both female voice and body, she won't want you otherwise. 100% lesbian.

No. 118472

I liked the health recovery mechanic too, tbh. I used the Kirk Hammer because I like brute strengthing my way through hordes. Patches, despite being in spider form, will always be my favourite. Him and Siegmeyer/Siegward, forever!

No. 118488

Dark Souls is my favorite game in the saga and my absolute favorite video game of all time, it's going to sound cliché but it really helped me during depressive episodes, and it was the first real hard game I played (I'm not a big gamer). My first character was a complete mess, I just put points randomly to be able to wield items I wanted to use in the moment, basically zero build lol.
I loved Bloodborne a lot, I think it's objectively the best Soulsborne game thanks to its gameplay, pacing and level design, but I totally understand why it was underwhelming to you, and the game went through a lot of rework and cut content, I wonder what the final game would have looked like as a DeS sequel. Ludwig is my favorite boss fight in any video game and probably my favorite Soulsborne character as well, I would die for him. I made a skill/bloodtinge build for my first character, I tried several weapons but I could never get enough of the cane, it was so stylish on my old lady. Also I hope they never make a second game, it's perfect as it is and doesn't need any additional content.
I never managed to get into DS2 for many of the usual reasons, but what really annoyed me was the aggroing of the enemies. I never finished it and I don't think I'll ever come back to it, which is a shame as I've heard the DLCs are quite good.
Kind of an unpopular opinion but I really like DS3, it's true it relies too much on memberberries but I thought it was very enjoyable, the atmosphere is the closest to DeS's, the environments are pleasant to explore and the Nameless King is a great addition to the more. Since I don't have time to play a lot anymore I've been stuck on Friede for a while, I really need to get back to it someday.
Also, I really liked Marvelous Chester's voice in DS so I tend to like the other characters his VA has done, namely Djura and Oceiros, even if this guy is kinda lame lol.

I could sperg about those games for hours, please keep the conversation going anon!

No. 118498

I totally get why you liked the game, but it just didn't stir up that feeling of warmth within me when I played it. I longed to love it, but I just couldn't. Ludwig was an amazing fight, I will give you that, and I actually enjoyed fighting Micolash even though I wanted to smack him by the time I had figured him out because of how much he repeats himself! I also found Father Gascoigne to be kinda hot - his voice especially. Regarding DS2, I understand that as well. I think the reason why I love it is much like the reasons you stated too. I played it during a shitty time in my life and I loved every second of it. It is clunky, the enemies are a bit weird and the summoning system is scuffed imo but I love it. The DLCs really are great, anon. If you play PS4 and ever want any help or want to pick up DS2, let me know. I have DS2 and DS3 on there and love to be summoned in for co-op.

No. 118500

>Ludwig is my favorite boss fight in any video game and probably my favorite Soulsborne character as well, I would die for him.
why do you love Ludwig as a character?
Ngl, I hated the fight because it was crazy difficult! But also awesome… though to be fair, the Smough/Orenstein one was even more infuriating while not being as a

No. 118509

Yeah, Gascoigne is great, from what I've seen of the JP fandom he is one of the big Soulsborne husbandos with Solaire, Artorias and NK, like I mentioned earlier I have more of a thing for Djura because of his voice and personality, I love when people draw them interacting.
For DS2 I unfortunately bought the vanilla game on the PS3 way back when it was released (I was insanely hyped) and bought the DLCs discounted, I didn't even reach the first boss of the first one because of how disoriented I was. This version of the game must be so dead now, I heard that SotFS provides a much better experience of the game, but I'm a bit iffy about buying again a game that didn't give me great impressions.

It's more an ensemble than a character that I like, the way he is built up gradually throughout the base game is intriguing, he is a tragic figure embodying the failure of the hunt, the score in the fight is phenomenal, him regaining his sanity was nicely set up, his final words were kinda moving… I think he has a great design as well despite the gross factor and I really enjoyed the fight, pretty hard but still fair, more like a test of might to see if you're ready for the DLC (not like the Orphan or Laurence). Of course this is all surface level as Soulsborne characters are not deep Shakespearean protagonists, but for some reason Ludwig touched me more than other characters.

No. 118511

File: 1608075986906.png (3.63 MB, 2160x1646, santa karna.png)

Been catching up with FGO (shameless bitch for gachas) and the latest Christmas event announced a pretty popular dude as the free unit. He doesn't look like he's wearing a Santa outfit, but whatever, people are happy to see him.
Men who're too invested in the waifus are having meltdowns over this, saying female servants get treated like shit, that the devs are intentionally trying to kill the game by pandering to women/gay men/fujos…

This in spite of the fact there's still going to be a female Servant in the gacha. It's funny, but another sad reminder that a gacha could cater to women for one event and men will make it all about they aren't being pandered to

No. 118658

Why are you even paying attention to those guys. They'll complain over any little thing no matter how much or how little they are pandered too, it's just the gatcha audience.

Just annoyed I went for Beowulf and got spooked by Scheherezade, 5* but it's always the chicks. Also Santa Karna's a Saber and I already have a ton of gold sabers… But a good step making another freebie guy.

No. 118660

Been playing Black Survival lately, and it's the first MOBA where I don't feel scared playing.
Really goood. Dailin my fav

No. 118662

File: 1608145259018.jpg (284.31 KB, 1191x1684, 1554228026680.jpg)

There's always someone complaining.
I started playing months after the game was released as someone already into fate and it was seriously embarassing (as in how it was handled by the developers), though I did have fun and "stayed" in the fandom for like two years. Nowadays I play, roll, read some translations since my japanese is still shit after all this time, and look at cute art. Everything else is not worth the time and anger.

No. 118694

Where have you seen these guys? I only follow japanese artists on Twitter specifically to avoid dumb western drama and everybody is happy to see Karna as the welfare, even coomers like Raita are loving it. I checked on Reddit which is often considered a bad place for the fandom and the reaction is similar to the JP fandom, pleasantly. You'd have to be a terminally cumbrained channer to react like this.

No. 118715

Mmmm…didn't this guys have some shady tea spilt recently?

No. 118722

Where the fuck is my samurai Majima husband, SEGA?

No. 118757

File: 1608205632547.jpg (136.56 KB, 1080x1080, EpKZIdgWMAk4-ZW.jpg)

Finished first part of Cyberpunk story (to the point of seeing Silverhand for the first time); basic PS4, 15h, crashed once, few visual bugs, once needed to reload the quest to have objectives update and thats it. People who say it's unplayable are completely unhinged, it plays well and looks good for what it is, one problem would be framerate drop when there are too many people shooting.

Even though it was out there in marketing that the heist mission is gonna go bad and Jackie will die it still broke my heart, the writting and pacing entire quest is amazing. I cried like a stupid baby Jackie was too good and didn't deserve any of this, he even took the chip himself initially despite being already hurt and not knowing what it will do to him, real friend. Looking forward the rest of the game even though the marketing made me feel a bit fed up with "wholesome Keanu"'s face, so I'm not that excited ot be seeing him now all the time.

No. 118774

I feel you, anon. I've beaten the game and unlocked different endings, and I can say it's been amazing. I've felt emotional in so many different points. I would've missed all of this had I paid any attention to reddit, glad I didn't.
About Johnny: he does become a good friend at some point, depending on how you treat him.

No. 118788

File: 1608233034489.png (Spoiler Image,2.65 MB, 1920x1080, 1608232213667.png)

Stealth in cyberpunk is so fucking fun, especially in the highest difficulties. Nothing better than smoking a bitch before he even sees me.
I cried, I wanted to believe he wasn't dead. He didn't deserve it, he was a good boy! I played female V just to be able to romance him… his face is so kissable. The game is a little rough around the edges, but it's okay. I've been here since the 2012 trailer dropped, I'll be happy to see this game change for the better.

No. 118791

There wasn't enough time to bond with him imo. You can clearly see they cut some content when they play you this montage of V and Jackie fucking around. Man fuck CD project

No. 118809

I hope all the bitching gets to them and they actually work on fixing and adding new content. I suspect those "free DLCs adding new life to Night City" are none other than content they were already working on and didn't manage to ship with the game.

No. 118812

File: 1608248031538.jpg (7.06 KB, 300x169, goro_takemura_npcs_cyberpunk_2…)

Hnnng I am forever seething at CDP for doing that. I also want to smooch him so bad, he looks like he gives really nice hugs.

Speaking of forbidden romances I hope they'll add an option to go to town with Jackie 2.0. I'm still before the parade mission and I fear he's also gonna get killed, he's warming up to V far too good.

No. 118820

I didn't even want to romance him or anything, but he was such a wholesome companion to have, a real friend to V in an ocean of snakes. I wanted to give him a hug. It pisses me off that his death was supposed to be "only one of many possible outcomes" as of 2019. The fuck, CDPR?

No. 118841

this game pisses me off because you can't kill the people who rape you

No. 118849

apparently there are mods to play half-life alyx without a vr set? how good are those? should i bother? i really want to play it but i don't want to spend 540 eur on a vr set that may not even work with my computer just for one game

No. 118851

File: 1608292871141.jpg (29.15 KB, 512x370, b4c8a4b3badb67ebe9729b7f16eb63…)

I have barely started playing but fuck it, Mother: Cognitive Dissonance is so good even though I miss the classic rolling HP meters

No. 118863

I'm this close to buying a second hand PS4 slim for 250€ so I can play weeb shit at home. I planned long ago on playing games I wanted at a friend!s place but with covid it's been impossible for neaarly a year now. And I finally have some disposable income. My backlog is pretty long but it's still somewhat manageable.

No. 118864


funny enough i can't get to sell my ps4 slim. is 200 eur too much for a second hand ps4 slim 1TB?

No. 118865

The price I gave is because it's sold by a store. I'd say your price is ok if you sell it with its box and manuals, but maybe people around you are sellong theirs for even cheaper?

No. 118868

what weeb shit do you wanna play, anon? I'm looking for recs! ♥

No. 118872

I was thinking about trying the Yakuza games, RE, FF15, DMC, and maybe try P5 again or start P5R instead because I started P5 at a friend's place long ago.

No. 118890

The only one of those games that would be considered 'weeb' is Persona, they're just Japanese games.