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File: 1648681319733.jpeg (2.53 MB, 3300x2550, Stardew Valley Sunset.jpeg)

No. 193441

I don't think we ever had one, so here it is!

Discuss the farming sim here, talk about your farm, your (shitty) spouses, mods, game completion, conspiracies, anything Stardew related here

No. 193518

File: 1648702975052.png (540.97 KB, 1682x1625, vowcysyntpu71 (1).png)

I just started playing this game for the first time and I'm in year 3 now. I married Sam and I'm glad. He's sweet and his 14 heart event was very cute.

No. 193670

File: 1648743329697.png (688.1 KB, 564x846, 275056118_736334207753293_4051…)

I've been playing a ton of Elden Ring, but I should get back into Stardew Valley to relax. My current save is on year 3. I have no plans of marrying (but I'm partial to Abigail or Elliot) and instead just want to get max hearts with the villagers and run my farm as a bachelorette.

I have a flock of chickens IRL, and a potted plant garden. One day I kinda want to have my own little cottage and farm in an idyllic little town surrounded by nature. One can only hope, though.

No. 193682

Running my farm as a bachelorette was my goal too but I ended up marrying Elliot for having a bigger house. I love him but I sometimes miss being single. I'm alone doing the usual stuff around the village anyway. I don't like that spouses mostly stand at home and do nothing. I kinda feel bad that I ruined his life because the poor guy was more interesting before marrying me, now he's stuck at the farm.

No. 193693

I feel like I've done most of the things you can do on the farm. I'm married (to Penny), I have the greenhouse, I did the island stuff though granted I didn't finish the island stuff but it's quite tedious. I have 139.2 hours under my belt, not much left to do but I am looking forward to any more updates, if they're coming.

No. 193705

I married Maru my first playthrough. Though she seems like an unpopular choice in the fandom. It does kinda suck after you marry them they seem to not have as much personality or ambition anymore. I HC she likes to invent new farming equipment.
It's better to marry a neet like Shane or Leah because if you marry them or not they still do the same shit everyday kek.

Whenever I start a new farm I am always racing to get the greenhouse before winter so I can still make income. I kinda loose interest in growing crops at that point though, I much prefer to go in the mines. There still is a lot of cool shit to get on the island, you just have to collect the golden walnuts to unlock more stuff. I recommend looking up a guide for these, I would have never found some if I didn't cheat
I think unfortunately ConceredApe is pretty much done with Stardew, he wants to work on other games now

I'm currently trying to 100% my switch file, I think I'm like 89%?
The most tedious part of 100%ing the game is having ALL the recipes and ingredients to make them. Some cooking recipes only show up once every rotating year on the tv, if you end missing it you have to wait another 2 years to catch it.

No. 193716

It would have been better if the dev cared more about about the romance aspect of it… I tried a few spouses with different saves, but it's so sad how they only ever have like three lines and barely leave the house. When you're unmarried you can give them gifts and talk to them every day and hear something new, this feels so boring. Doesn't help that most spouses share certain lines as well, they really lose so much personality after marriage. Luckily there are some mods for that

God, I only managed to get those recipes because of a mod called Ui Info Suite that lets you know if there's a new one. Right now I'm mostly done with my farm, just missing a few artifacts that I can't seem to get my hands on no matter what, such a pain

No. 193731

which artifacts are you missing?

No. 193732

i’m nearly finished all the stardew achievements (just got to catch the octopus) but i’m wondering if i should 100% it. i used this website to examine my game file and it told me all the smaller things i’m missing before it’s 100%. i feel like i won’t play it again once i finish this game file as i’m not big on video games anyway. i’m also playing on my iphone

No. 193774

Elvish Jewelry and I haven't been able to find another Dwarf Gadget to make the farm computer yet

No. 193795

I hate Clint and his stupid quests.

No. 193905

File: 1648831966159.png (15.15 KB, 128x160, PC Computer - Stardew Valley -…)

If the Stardew characters were cows what would their threads be about?

No. 193907

You can build a computer in this game?? How did I miss that

No. 193908

heather sparkles ripoff
bailey jay rip off
alt cow flake
twitch thot flake
would just have a kiwifarms thread, maybe a male themed luna slater?
altcow flake and abigail calf
munchausens? he's the most stable of the bachelors.
artist salt general regular/farmer. idk really i never romance him someone else figure him out for me
proana scumbag, has an IG called emmys.fighting.for.recovery. thinks her crystals and homeopathy will actually help her.
he's a washed up youtuber who's looks are fading. on the verge of an onison meltdown
literally who? jk she's a scammer i guess. lying about how she's about to go to an amazing school for a post grad program which is literally her dream come true but she just needs $500 asap. She seems very unproblimatic to me tho.

No. 193912

Just get her some mulled wine or something to make up for it, she's easy to please

No. 193914

File: 1648833426322.jpeg (78.81 KB, 750x920, 1595190056449.jpeg)

I chose to punch Kel during Leah's 10 heart event and I'm worried that I may have lost some points with her because of it and her response. I just wanted to defend her I swear

No. 193915

Fuck you for deleting and reposting

No. 193916

kek I'm sorry nonna

No. 193917

File: 1648833623018.jpg (54.67 KB, 467x479, 283929292.jpg)

Elliot would probably go on legendary spergs on reddit about how deep and compelling his great American novel is and how the publishing companies are idiots that they aren't publishing him

Marnie would be posted in personal cows

No. 193918

Don't worry if you don't punch her Leah punches her instead. It doesn't affect the hearts that much

No. 193919

>Leah punches her instead
I wish I got that instead tbh. Her response to the punch just scared me a little.

No. 193920

She sounds like a hypocrite.

No. 193921

File: 1648834533603.jpeg (63.21 KB, 399x266, 5C197CEE-2863-484B-9582-5015E1…)

Yeesss I wanted to make a Stardew thread but wasn’t sure if there’d be enough interest. Plus I’ve never made a thread before so I was also being a bit of a coward lol. When I first started playing, I was dead set on marrying Shane (I can save him…) but now I’m not sure. Part of me wants to experience all the heart events with everyone but another part of me thinks it’s sad how empty their lives seem to become once you marry them.

No. 193924

>it’s sad how empty their lives seem to become once you marry them.
Kek anon, ily

No. 193925

shane really sucks post marriage, i ended up regretting it even though he's one of my favorites of the guys. He doesn't improve that much depression wise. If you're playing on PC and can do mods get the one that gives him a job at the saloon after joja closes and some dialog improvement mods. it really helps.

No. 193926

Woops. bailey jay is a troon porn star. I meant BAYLEY JAE. common mistake.

No. 193935

File: 1648837279389.png (682.08 KB, 1401x817, Stardew Tier.png)

No. 193936

File: 1648837700038.png (570.04 KB, 1075x558, ranking.png)

No. 193941

File: 1648838061276.png (371.9 KB, 856x492, 6545656645564.png)

No. 193942

File: 1648838236974.jpeg (509.9 KB, 672x712, A51151F0-E222-48DA-AC4A-198953…)

mine is tiered top > bottom

No. 193943

File: 1648838275060.png (600.2 KB, 1075x740, my-image.png)

No. 193948

File: 1648839404414.png (503.51 KB, 1140x629, my-image.png)

Here mine

No. 193955

wow that Clint placement, he tends to be very unpopular with most of the community

No. 193975

File: 1648841137431.png (1.22 KB, 128x128, Clint_Dress_Up_2.png)

ive been playing since 1.0. before emily was marriageable. His beta behavior was more sympathetic when the player couldnt romance emily cus a lot of the cutscenes make it seem like your gonna help them get together and i thought that was cute.
Also i played a lot of the old harvest moon games when rivals were a thing you actually had to worry a bit about and i wish that was more a thing in stardew valley.
I know he's unpopular. but idk i always make a point to befriend him.

No. 193979

So, what is the purpose of mushrooms after you've used them for the community center? I chose the mushroom cave from Demetrius, and now I'm not really sure what to do with them but they must be important if I need a whole fucking cave for them. Should I just save them for recipes or what? also, It kind of sucks that they don't stack in the cave. Sometimes I forget to collect for a few days and I hate getting only one shroom from each box

No. 193980

hoard to make life elixirs + common mushrooms for stirfry (easy meal with ok energy regen)

No. 193982

I dont mind Clint but I wish he would have gotten some sort of redemption arc, getting over Emily and beginning to love himself instead, gettign more confident. The fact his story is kinda just a downer to the end makes people not like him

No. 193983

Yeah i agree with this. Honestly i dont think ConceredApe is the best writer a lot of character's stories never got decent closure.

No. 194088

I wonder if he’s not great at character development in general or just didn’t spend as much time on it considering the overall breadth and depth of the game. Plus I’m pretty sure he never imagined the game would blow up the way it did. I remember an interview where he said he figured it would just be a little personal project for his portfolio lol

I hope that’s the case and in Haunted Chocolatier we see more developed characters, relationships, storylines and so forth.

No. 194167

do you guys carefully designing the farm from first year, or mindlessly design the farm until you save up a lot of money? i'm still busy saving up and doing chores and quest but my farm still look ugly

No. 194168

agreed, at least in harvest moon franchise you can still talk to your child and have festival/birthday/spouse related event with them. in stardew the child interaction is so boring (you can just give gift) and other option is literally ask witch to dispose them

No. 194185

File: 1648906503467.png (345.29 KB, 1140x409, my-image (5).png)

I got soft spot for the two grandparents in game.

No. 194202

I’ve only played 3 farms, one with my bf. My first personal farm I had no idea what I was doing and I abandoned it cause I felt like it was too much of a mess for being into year 3 lol. Since starting a new one, I’ve tried to keep some idea of design in mind. I’m sure there will be lots of stuff I end up moving/changing as I progress but I definitely recommend trying to have some loose structure throughout.

No. 194231

It's really when I have the excess materials, in the begining I'm always trying to have enough for building upgrades. Once I've done most of that, I will star making fences and pathways & stuff. On my main farm I actually barely grow crops outside anymore because i have the greenhouse and island farm, most of it is just barns and decoration (I chose hilltop farm)

No. 194244

On the topic of more villager interactions, I wish we had more pet interactions. The fact that you can chose what pet you have in the beginning makes it seem like a huge thing, but then you get in the game and all you can do is water and pet them. I do still enjoy watching my cat around the farm though.

No. 194246

There's really no specific use for them sadly, not even as gifts iirc. The fruit cave is always the better option because you can sell those for more and make juice or wine…

What kind of interactions do you have in mind? I like just watching the cat walk around the farm and then sleep next to the bed, it's very cute

No. 194247

File: 1648932424300.jpg (130.13 KB, 750x350, 00-featured-different-breeds-o…)

Was literally think about that the other day, the pets are cute but don't really offer anything to the game besides that. I wish your dog/cat could follow you into town/people could comment or interact with it. There are a lot of mods that can change the aesthetics of your animals but idk if they have a specific mod for pet following.

No. 194256

I had to remake my first ever farm because I chose dog as a pet and it barked way too often, it was distracting. But I've never seen anyone bring that problem up so I'm starting to wonder if I just got a glitched dog kek

No. 194257

Kek nona you could turn down the animal sounds in the menu… Tbh the animal sounds do get annoying when the music stops playing

No. 194480

>What kind of interactions do you have in mind?
I would love to be able to do things like actually "play" with the pets. We have a friendship feature, but what's the point of it (other than Grandpa's evaluation) if we can only pet them? I think stuff like being able to play fetch with the dogs would be a more immersive way to build our relationship with them. I would also love to be able to craft furniture (like cat trees), train them to do certain commands and give them treats.
I was also the anon who asked about the mushrooms! I now know that you can make life elixirs and stirfry (>>193980) but I am kind of wishing that I chose the fruit cave since I'm at a point where I'm making money off of my fruit and veggie preserves. I just heard the mushroom cave was better so that's why I picked it.
I agree with the pet following! It could be considered walking them and another way to build relationships. This could be a dumb idea, but perhaps pets could help hunt and find forageables while out with the player (just so they feel more useful).

No. 194500

I remember seeing a mod where the villagers could follow you around for the day, kinda like Rune factory, and would offer different buffs based on who it was. I can't remember the name of it or if it's still being worked on anymore though

No. 194659

Thank you so much nonnie, I am a dumbass and somehow never noticed that was an option

No. 195585

File: 1649358911341.png (27.48 KB, 662x639, 3450-1549541798-305059901.png)

Anyone here dabbled with mods for the game? I want to start a new game bc I'm kind of tired of the vanilla game, I want to put in some mods to make the game weird/fun. But that means I have to get the game on PC since I have it on the switch. I googled stardew mods and this was one of the first I found kek

No. 195869

Why does everyone hate Demetrius so much lol

No. 195870

I'm gonna have to use this. kek

No. 195880

>city slicker
>green bean lover
>"tomatoes are actually a fruit!" know it all but can't even grow a turnip
Without his wife he wouldn't last the winter

No. 195882

That's so cute, anon! maybe they could find/dig up artifact spots for you so you don't have to do it manually? I really love the idea of being able to play fetch with your dog ♥

Do you put a lot of work into decorating your farms, nonnies? With furniture and all
Mine still looks pretty bad, but I plan on making it look cute in the future. Makes me wish I picked fruit bats, since I don't have a use for shrooms anymore and it would be much easier to decorate. Maybe a little cafe table date spot?

Also doesn't value Robin's art and is very obtuse. And acts really rude when you get too close to Maru. Sir I am not trying to date your daughter, I'm trying to date your doctor

No. 195884

His wife is one of the best characters in the game, but Demetrius himself is insufferable.
Throughout the cutscenes you can figure out that
>He is a self-centred weirdo who thinks he is above everyone, doesn't give a shit about his wife and her needs
>The "uh, AKSHUALLY" type of a man. "Famer should know better, tomatoes AKSHUALLY fruits!!!"
>Treats his stepson Sebastian differently than Maru (throwing him in a basement and not giving a fuck while giving Maru a cutesy room and spend time with her), who is just a kid from wife's previous marriage.
>One of the new missions require you to give hardwood to Robin, his wife. She creates an unique and beautiful bed with it. He starts spregging that her art was a waste of wood, mocks her and storms out once you comment that her bed is actually beautiful.
>"Stay away from my daughter because I don't want anyone to be in the way in her bright future"
>Completely ignores the existence of Sebastian to a point where Sebastian purposely leaves the house only when Demetrius leaves the lab
>There is also some cutscene where it's shown how much of a passive-agressive dick he is towards Sebastian but I forgot which one
I am not even married to Sebastian in-game, I just enjoyed getting as many cutscenes with the characters as I can, but goddamn Demetrius…is something else.

No. 195900

He's just so uninteresting to me. Actually, none of the people in that household never been my first friend/spouse choice on my various plays. Most players love Maru and Sebastian so much, but don't know why I kinda see both boring. Robin is nice but I love Caroline and Jodi more.

No. 195961

Have nonnies here ever thought about making a joint server farm?

No. 195970

I play it with mods when I play on PC but nowadays I only play it on the switch. I miss the portrait mods so much. I want to try stardew valley expanded but I don't want to start a new game until I finish my switch save

No. 195985

i want to try stardew valley explanded so much! but i use my macbook to play. or my switch

No. 196151

I'd be down. But if you have mods on the game does everyone in the server have to have the same mods installed to see changes?

No. 196158

File: 1649524545242.png (343.19 KB, 538x420, gaz43s6g9as81.png)

>Do you put a lot of work into decorating your farms, nonnies?
I haven't but I'm still very early in the game. The most I do is rearrange my coops and barns so they don't take up too much space on my farm. I saw picrel last night and now it's one of my goals to decorate hat mouse's shop like this.
Speaking of decorating, it kills me that the TV that comes with the house never goes against the wall. I have to find a different way to position it so it doesn't bother me.

No. 196185

There is a mod that keeps a server running constantly by basically making the host a bot with automated daily activities on nexus, but I never used it before.
Also linked to a guide that would answer some questions relating to the scope of your mods. There would be some trial and error with a Stardew server if anons decided to go through with it, but I think it could be done. also kek at map replacement mods being local, this seems like a huge oversight


It looks so cute! It makes me so happy we can decorate the map outside the farm, and turn all this free space you don't really need in late game into some cute hangout spots. The quarry has it coming for sure

No. 196222

Check the wiki for the villagers paths if you want to decorate outside the farm, they destroy objects in their way

No. 196233

File: 1649548989632.gif (216.87 KB, 80x80, 1649197627791.gif)

me rn trying to get the Fector's challenge achievement

No. 196433

samefag update, AAAAA I swear I did it but my game must be fucked or something because I never got the achievement on steam. I even tried resetting my savefiles and everything. I'm so pissed now haha

No. 196483

That's so sad, I'm really sorry anon. Are you gonna attempt it again?

No. 196627

anon, this happened to me one time. I was on offline steam status at the time and since then I stopped using it and haven't noticed me losing achievements since. Make sure you're online
I'm so sorry I can't imagine how it would feel to lose FECTOR of all possible achievements

No. 196708

What is Fector's challenge

No. 196713

Whenever this kind of tomfoolery happens I just use Steam Achievement Manager to get the achievement I was robbed of

No. 196718

Nta, it's the achievement you get for finishing Prairie King.

No. 196719

File: 1649703198681.gif (3.56 MB, 640x560, sad-cat.gif)

I forgot my wife's birthday. I talk to and gift her everyday, but I feel bad.

No. 196722

Maybe I should redownload Stardew Valley just to achievement hunt and maybe make a nice looking farm, I dunno

No. 196764


Lmao summed up perfectly. I was already lukewarm on him and found him kind of annoying/boring. Once he got weird with that Maru cut scene (she’s like the last person I’d date, chill….) and was being a boring numbskull and shitting on the bed Robin built, I moved him into my hated NPC category.

He doesn’t deserve Robin.

No. 196827

Without dying too

No. 196995

File: 1649817668138.jpg (21.56 KB, 600x600, st,small,507x507-pad,600x600,f…)

Bruh why am I just realizing the gold at the bottom is his shirt not is face… I thought this sprite was fucked up and the dude was permanently screaming

No. 196998

Kek anon how

No. 197001

Idk the sprite is smaller on the screen than how I am seeing it now… Its like another Charizard situation

No. 197018

I hated Shane’s messy nook of the house so much, with the footprints and beer bottles on the floor, that I got a divorce.

No. 197081

I have no idea why CA gave him that trashed room, when by that point he was supposed to be getting his shit together. Even his original room at Marnie's didn't have any footprints, spilt beer, and all that clutter. No disrespect to Shane anons, but the only reason I'd consider him as a spouse would be if his blue chickens were exclusive to marriage
Good riddance, anon.

No. 198212

File: 1650237708567.jpg (60.16 KB, 895x893, crying_cat_meme_by_artsydreame…)

I hate fishing in this game so much. I can't even download a mod to make it easier. I'm never gonna complete the community center.

No. 198303

File: 1650266727432.jpg (1.56 MB, 2829x2308, Local_Farmer_Giant_Tuna_Catch.…)

Nonna are you playing on some console? idk how it feels on other platforms but try to do small fast taps of the button instead of holding and letting it go, and if you have a fish that wiggles up and down really fast try to keep the bar in the middle of it's path instead of trying to chase it, and when it gets slower then start following again. Also if you don't want the bar to bounce when you drop it to the bottom, you can tap the button just when it hits the ground so it doesn't hop. It requires some timing though
It also gets easier once you level up, so if you're really struggling you can always play the long game, and get a training rod (25g) which limits the fish you catch to few easy ones and grind the levels out. Seems to me it's best to grind that way in mountain lake since it has 3 of the few fish with highest xp gains for training rod (18 base)
You can do it! Don't let the fish bully you!

No. 198359

i used to struggle to fish on ios and i swore i would never do it and only finished the community center by buying fish from the traveling cart. fast forward to now where i have caught every fish. as the other anon said, the more you fish the easier it gets and if you unlock the lobster bisque and sea foam pudding recipes they can help you catch the trickier ones

No. 198388

I'm not on console, I'm on PC. Thank you both for the tips, I will remember them! I do tap instead of hold but it has still been a little struggle for me. I know the bar gets bigger as you level up so I think I will just training rod fish for a while. I won't let those fish kick my ass!

No. 198417

File: 1650298667370.png (242.09 KB, 946x718, cjbfishingsv.png)

nonnie, why don't you get the cjb cheats menu and mess with fishing if you're on pc? or do want to complete the center modless, or do mods affect achievements?https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/4/

No. 198435

I play on compatibility mode which doesn't work with SMAPI, unfortunately.

No. 198447

ahh, okay well listen to the other anons advice and you will finish that community center!

No. 198568

My first run of Stardew Valley stirred my autism big time because 72 hours of near constant playing and I was actually physically hurting in my chest trying to choose between Shane and Alex and being actually sad when I chose Shane

No. 198584

Praying for everyone who married Shane. I chose Leah and couldn't be happier.

No. 198664

I'm trying to romance Leah on my current file, but I can never find her to stalk gift her, I have more hearts with Haley & Shane now even though I wanted this run to be my forest cottagecore run…

No. 198770

File: 1650373000038.jpg (77.54 KB, 599x640, my beloved.jpg)

I had the same problem with romancing Elliott on my 1st run! Never leaves his cabin, and when he does he slips by like a ghost, and hides in some far away location. Lucky I saw some people shilling Harvey so next save I picked him, and he's so perfect he's now a husbando of mine kek
The wiki has NPC schedules, so maybe use it to stalk Leah?

No. 200783

File: 1650993402505.jpg (243.17 KB, 1280x720, Pig_Stardew_Valley-1280x720.jp…)

I hate that pigs start out so cute, and then when they become adults they get ugly. Real pigs aren't even like this. They deserve better.

No. 200785

On my first run, I married sam but divorced him and the interactions after you divorce actually made me feel sad and guilty kek

No. 200792

Same with baby goats. The reg goat sprite is okay but I love getting baby goats because they are adorable. The pigs look like they have a hunchback to me, meh.

I once got a message that my cows gave birth even though they're all cows?? How did one get preggo? How are they all producing milk them? Who is fucking my cows? I wish that event coincided with the strange capsule event and you could have alien farm animals kek

No. 201875

File: 1651167004722.png (64.98 KB, 778x927, nxev9d24abq71.png)

I just found out the most big brained way to make money in the first year without too much effort. I was watching a run of 100 days in Stardew valley, and this person made friends with the villagers that would send you the most useful stuff first. If you reach 2 hearts with Caroline and go to the room in her kitchen she will show you how to make tea bushes. Once you learn the recipe you can craft them out of wood,fiber & wild seeds, which aren't that hard to make in the early game if you've been picking up as many foragbles as possible.
Instead of planting them for the tea you can just sell the saplings as is for 500 gold each. It might take a bit of effort to make the wild seeds and get the two hearts with Caroline (she likes daffodils which grow in spring so spam her with any gold quality ones) but if you can do that you can make a lot of money in Spring Y1 easily. I am always struggling to make enough for the coop and chickens early game so if this could help you even afford that then you'll be set.

No. 202214

neat catch nona, ill have to try this, i also suck with early game money

No. 223017

I am once again staying up to 3 am playing this game

No. 244229

File: 1664719378126.png (262.03 KB, 313x383, chefskiss.PNG)

nonnies i finally reached perfection.. i finally got this beauty… i'm over the moon. if any of you have reached perfection how long did it take you?

No. 244242

What is this

No. 244243

File: 1664725889461.png (165.27 KB, 900x398, CdyjXmm.png)

I did on my switch file. I think I'm on Year 6 in gane with about 200 hours on it. I was actually playing this file before the completion update so I wasn't trying to get everything and had to go back and get a lot of things. Def can get it in a shorter amount of time if you plan it out ahead (like knowing you need every recipe from the tv every Sunday)

I kind of want to get back into the game but not play it as seriously, I mainly just want to decorate and use a bunch of mods. There's some really neat Halloween mods I want to try

No. 244244

What is the clock!!! I have 140 hours on the game and I've never seen it before. Also I'm guessing those trees are from a mod.

No. 244246

The golden clock is something you unlock after you get a perfect rating on your farm iirc. You get it through the Wizard and it cost something stupid like 10000000 gold but it prevents your fences decaying and trees ans rocks forming on the farm. It usually is on of the last things people get for the 100% completion

And yeah those trees are part of a mod pack

No. 244248

About 100 hours lol

No. 244249

Damn maybe I should redownload I seem to be missing a lot of stuff to do. Also my farm looks like shit, I don't know how to make it pretty

No. 244250

Wait I just wikied it, apparently it is unlocked after you do a specific quest for the wizard, along with the obelisk. You still need it for 100% though


No. 244387

There's a marry Morris mod compatible with SVE now, I'm gonna do it. :(
SVE made me sympathetic towards him, I'm ashamed. I need the Joja route achievement anyway…

No. 244388

Oh my gosh if any farmers want to do multiplayer I’d be so down

No. 244399

i tried to get into SVE, but the NPCs stick out like a sore-thumb

No. 244406

You're right but I think most of them are okay. Except for Sophia, she's such a dev pet I hate her.

No. 244412

Kek, her heart events were shallower than a puddle and subtle as a jackhammer

No. 273363

i hate when people refer to sebastian as sebby. that name is for robins use it only sounds cringe otherwise

No. 273394

File: 1675538092456.jpg (116.56 KB, 1000x1000, 6408867_sd.jpg)

If I've already played Stardew Valley, is keeping up with Story of Seasons (formerly Harvest Moon) worth it? I was a fan of HM for years but SV felt like it had everything that HM should have had. The last HM game I played was such a let down compared to the previous HM games that I never touched the new games. But I'm curious to know if any SV fans can honestly say that more recent SoS/HM games are even nearly as good as SV

No. 273424

It depends on the SoS game, some of them are bad and some of them are great, all HM games since the whole name thing are ass though. The upcoming a Wonderful Life remake looks really good, vidrel I found helpful when looking into what HM/SoS games to get next & the Youtuber 'Josh's Gaming Garden' I find has really good reviews of just farming games in general. Does it all beat SV? I'm not sure, if you've gotten everything you want out of the game, then explore if you want a similar time, but SV is probably one of the best modern farm sims we'll get for awhile

No. 273460

File: 1675558959032.jpg (53.86 KB, 400x400, tumblr_o2fvrhOAuL1r8ms50o4_400…)

I don't have switch yet so I can't give any feed back concerning the games released there I can say that my favourite game after the name change is the story of seasons one which I have played over and over again after installing a patch where I can romance both genders along with Hamtaro being there. Close second is Trio of Towns which has all the improvements that I wanted from the first game, I just like the characters more in the first one. >>273424 Pretty much this, summarize what I like and dislike.
Have you tried the expanded mod for SV, I heard pretty good things from longtime players

No. 273466

If you like RPG's too, I would suggest giving rune factory series a try. I really liked the fourth and fifth game. It has farming, cute bachelor and bachelorettes and fighting/taming monsters. Though I'm a rune factory simp, kek.

No. 319208

We should start a multiplayer farm nonas

No. 319212

how do we achieve that nonna?

No. 326484

File: 1697075183690.jpeg (45.94 KB, 735x552, 9A8A23C0-14E7-464B-9422-C26A32…)

I have this habit of playing the hell outta this game then getting burnt out and not play for months. Recently started playing again, started a new farm and I plan on marrying Leah.

No. 326485

I married her for the first time and was super disappointed all she talks about is scavenging food I don't recommend nona

No. 326502

i lovedher at first but decided against dating her because of the stalker ex drama. not wholesome farming game material wtf.

No. 326510

leah supremacyyyy!!!! i feel like she's one of the few bachelorettes who isnt a charity case (Penny, Haley, Abigail kinda) and whose future we're not ruining (Maru) by marrying her. i wish endgame marriages did more than stick the npc in your house 24/6 and kill their personality

No. 345523

File: 1703863183661.png (2.18 MB, 5120x4160, fall.png)

Necroing this thread to show off my farm. Forest farm is my favorite, but it's so fucking hard to design. i checked online for inspiration, but few farms focus on animals, and i wanted to give mine a coop/barn for each type and plenty of space to roam.

Show me your farms nonnies!

No. 345630

File: 1703889206364.jpg (431.9 KB, 1280x720, switch.jpg)

The forest farm is the best! I've never done an animal-focused farm but now I want to after seeing yours. Using the tea plants as a hedge is a great idea!

No. 345667

File: 1703904109401.jpg (256.05 KB, 1952x2048, 414964543_10160312348756387_70…)

No. 362504

File: 1710414568881.jpg (104.9 KB, 817x892, 1000004446.jpg)

Update next week if you haven't seen yet! It should be on the 19th.
I've been thinking about starting a multiplayer farm for this occasion because I imagine it could be nice to discover new stuff with others but my actual experiences with it haven't been that great so far kek have any of you ever had a good time in multiplayer? And was it with friends you already had or new people?

No. 362507

I'm excited but also nervous for the update. I have a shitton of mods and you know they're all going to be broken until their creator fixes it. I should probably look into finding a way to keep playing an older version of the game so I can continue with the save I started not too long ago.
On the other hand, starting a new multiplayer farm to explore the new content sounds super fun. I've never done a multiplayer before though (no friends). Maybe we should set up a lc farm?

No. 362509

File: 1710417278864.png (5.34 MB, 1920x1552, stardewplanner-1710417237955.p…)

Also samefag but with a general plan of how I want my farm (Grandpa's Farm fron SVE) to look. Just a little bit of everything, with seperate areas for crops, animals, fish ponds and an orchard. I have tons of extra crops downlaoded, especially fruit trees, so I might expand the orchard towards other areas

No. 362516

Same, I think I'll just wait a few days until the most important mods get updated and will play without the others for a bit. And some nonas already brought up the idea of making one together earlier in this thread but it never came to be, I guess it would be too difficult to set up considering the player limit and the fact that a host always needs to be there.
Good luck with your farm! That's basically the same layout as mine haha I just switched the placements of the animals and orchards. Are you enjoying sve? I tried to like it but it felt too big and aimless with all the mostly empty areas that take forever to walk through

No. 362517

File: 1710420791308.jpg (386.65 KB, 1920x1080, 1000004448.jpg)

I want to make a cute modded farm one day but I get so bored and overwhelmed with customization

No. 362520

File: 1710422247594.jpg (57.96 KB, 564x752, e3cf93eec4b53af24835bb4e6b26b9…)

Sorry for responding to this old post but I agree. I have a love/hate (leaning towards hate tbh) towards Shane. I find him more realistic than the other characters - probably because I lived through that sort of scenario. You want to try and save them but ultimately learn you cannot. Only in a fantasy they can be fixed. They have to learn how to save themselves. I really wish that his marriage room wasn't some sloppy, mess moid cave. But it's realistic. Like you see a little improvement in his events where he stops drinking and he relies on soda or sparkling water (I think??). Even Marnie has a dig on his alcoholism when he tells her that he's been happier these days. I wish there was just a little more redemption with him. I don't think I'll marry him this round. I think he's a better friend than a partner.

Now I gotta decide if I wanna marry Elliot or Harvey this time.

No. 362522

I'm really liking SVE so far, especially the lore and storyline that are added. I don't mind the larger, emty areas at all because I dig just walking around and foraging. But I've also installed Ridgeside and East Scarp and PPJA-Artisan Valley, and I'm only at autunm year 1, so I've only just dipped my toes in all of the content. Normally I tend to try and min/max everything, rushing the community centre etc, but now I'm taking my time just exploring it all.

It's a shame a lolcow multiplayer never took off. Seems to me the safest way to connect to other female gamers without risking getting stuck with troons. Who knows though, with the upcoming update allowing for more players in multiplayer, something might get set up anyway. Will be keeping my eye on this thread just in case

No. 362634

I am so excited for 1.6 this is gonna be all I'm doing for the next month or two. I'm excited that there's finally gonna be winter outfits; one of the only mods I use for Stardew is the seasonal outfit variations kek. I hope the switch port update comes out quick too. I'm such a Stardew nerd I've been playing since launch and I have it for PC and Switch. I'm excited to see all the new content, especially the late-game stuff. Whenever a new update releases I usually start a new farm just to experience it all over again, so I'll probably use the new farm layout as well. I hope it's a cute layout.

No. 362668

kek, I don't know how to feel about the new update. so a long time ago I decided my replay (well, never fully finished sdv anyway) would be long after any chances of the game being updated again. and recently after curated my perfect SDV, 100s of mods, working…1.6 is announced. I really wouldn't be surprised if a lot of them now don't work. on the upside maybe this will reinvigorate the modding scene?

No. 362675

With SVE which is better, Grandpa's Farm or Immersive?

No. 362678

I just started a save with SVE and Ridgeside a couple days ago and I love it. I regret not trying them sooner though it made the introduction quest a huge pain.

No. 363825

File: 1710830067663.png (32.52 KB, 804x120, GI9-fMHagAMNSmo.png)

I've been wainting for this my whole life.

No. 363826


No. 363829

Never played multiplayer yet, I have friends who play Stardew valley too but because we're all at different time zones we never got around to play together.
I don't know how to feel about the new update, the last one with the tropical island was a bit of a mixed bag to me. Especially the golden walnut collection thing (there's always one goddamn collectible I can't find, it's the curse of my gaming life). Guess I'll have to see next time I play the game, I have such a backlog of games nowadays which with a full time job is just going to have to wait til I have time.

No. 363917

anyone else waiting for the update?

No. 363918

Yes, what the hell is CA doing …

No. 363927

I need it so badly I need 1.6 so badly right now CA please drop SV 1.6 please for the love of God drop it I need it so badly I need 1.6

No. 363946

I'm guessing it'll probably drop late today, I don't even expect it by afternoon. But he seems very responsible so I doubt he's going to end up announcing that he needs another week or something

No. 363953

It's live!!!! 1.6 is now avaliable on PC!!!! Yaaaay!!!

No. 363955

Samefag but this update is huuuge I'm so excited to play it if you want to see all the changes here's the link to the changelog:
What're you most excited for?

No. 364112

File: 1710900035546.png (44.42 KB, 1253x441, Haley.png)

Haley looks great

No. 364132

Fuck you guys, I'm jealous. Any guesses on how long it'll take to come to ps4?

No. 364339

File: 1710989453251.png (75.86 KB, 398x360, POSSUM SPOTTED.png)

There are now opossums in the game!!

No. 364636

has anyone else experienced the green rain yet? it spooked me out lol

No. 365728

1.6 update broke my recolor waaah waaaah this saturated yellow ground hurts my eyes

No. 368706

File: 1712515922009.jpg (483.33 KB, 1080x1753, 1000054059.jpg)

This feels really rude and demanding especially considering he does most of the developing alone, a petition just feels so entitled. Surely if he wanted it in his game he would have done it? Someone has probably made a mad anyway. Wouldn't be surprised if he ended up adding multi genders at some point to appease these people.

No. 368707

There are already multiple mods, but they're complaining because you can't mod SV on every platform. It does seem extremely entitled and needlessly hostile to start a petition, but it wouldn't surprise me if he caves.

No. 368712

God I hope he never gives in. He'd have to add a new body type, new pool room, new interactions with characters where gender matters (Alex, Leah..) and then they'll get mad at him for every single thing still.
>Why did Alex say he expected nonbinary people to have a certain skill level in sports? This is so transphobic!
Also funny that no one cares that small town people have outdated ideas about women but they won't accept the reality that none of them would accept a tranny.

No. 368714

File: 1712518171801.webp (1.37 MB, 2560x1375, 20666-1710915292-439169555.web…)

You can try out ReShade, maybe it'll help out until your recolor gets an update. I tried it with these blueish settings that someone shared on NexusMods but my laptop couldn't handle it kek

No. 368721

If it triggers them so much why dont they play another game? They are asking an individual to adapt his passion project to codfle their feelings.
There are plenty of SV clones and i found already a few with nb options.
I honestly hope CA ignores it.

No. 368723

Am I missing something or would this be useless anyway since your pronouns never come up in game anyway?

No. 368724

Not to mention that he would also have to modify the game for different languages

No. 368752

wtf. There was already a bulletpoint in the 1.6 content patch notes about making it easier for tranny mods to be integrated into the game

No. 368762

File: 1712531759236.jpg (221.17 KB, 1850x875, GKT6pZ2aAAA8RY3.jpg)

I like how they decided to start spamming his emails after 2 weeks of not getting a response. Thankfully he ignored it. I kinda hope this is the last major sdv update for awhile(or forever). I would like to see more haunted chocolatier info.
Speaking of stardew clones has anyone seen the guy claiming that he got screwed over by CA on twitter? Apparently he worked on stardew but he's now making his own game sun kissed city. He's been promoing his game for awhile but a lot of people would just dismiss it as a blatant stardew clone. Now it looks like he's trying to expose CA though I don't think anyone noticed yet. I don't really care but a lot of people have CA on such a high pedestal that I feel like he'll get a huge amount of backlash if it gains traction.

No. 368772

File: 1712535151633.jpg (540.6 KB, 1920x1080, sunkissed-city-planters.jpg)

I looked up Sunkissed City, and wow this pretty much looks almost exactly like Stardew. I don't wanna say he's in the wrong because idk the full situation, but part of me wonders if he's making a copy out of spite

No. 368777

File: 1712536988298.jpg (442.52 KB, 1080x1218, fnlslfiwoworirekjedet.jpg)

Kek that guy is seething so much on twitter, is that supposed to help market his knockoff? It reminds me of that omocat callout situation some months ago. Both called out their former employers because they expected percentages of the profits additionally to their salaries just because it's an indie game they're working on

No. 368996

I did and it really delighted me nona, it reminded me why I love the game so much

No. 374989

I went through all of his accusations on Twitter and I don't believe him for a second. All of his accusations happened allegedly IRL and all of his "dirty laundry" is just screenshots of himself talking one-sidedly. And the way he keeps claiming he made literally every feature in the updates by himself and essentially created a new game and keeps implying CA is the one who's insecure doesn't give him much credibility. And for being the self-proclaimed creative mastermind, his game really doesn't have anything to stand out from the crowd. This is why you shouldn't ever hire juvenile modders. Unrealistic expectations, mental illnesses, self-made burnouts, bridge burning and drama.

No. 383775

File: 1716081547654.jpg (43.13 KB, 564x564, fdceaeefe618e2efd6356815b120df…)

I divorced Sebby today. I've played sdv on and off for years but across all save files, the one consistency is that I marry him each time around.

In my most recent play through, I really thought about him and started to get irked. I always side-eyed his canon romance with Abigail and I get that he marries the farmer but I still want to run him over with my horse when I see his goofy 2 pixel skrillex looking ass walking to go hang out with Abi and Sam Friday nights. Like bitch your wife just came back from 12 hours of mining and you're going out late to go see the manic pixie dream girl you used to pine for.

I'm going to make Elliot my malewife this time around. Emo boy can rot in his basement for now.

No. 385501

File: 1716399784516.jpg (338.48 KB, 1218x1500, 91A+XtY3-0L._SL1500_-388589251…)

Has anyone picked up the official cookbook yet? My friend got it for me and I haven't made anything from it yet, but the recipes look really good and I like that the writing stays true to the game. The art is cute, though the style makes some of the character portraits look a little wonky (Elliott in particular looks kinda goofy). I'm gonna try making either the clam chowder or the carp surprise for dinner today.

Based, Elliott will forever be my favourite male romance option. Plus he also gives you coffee!

No. 391112

i'm so sad the green rain happens only once a year. i wouldn't mind if the foraging got nerfed in exchange of having it happen more frequently.

i was thinking of marrying each bachelor/ette at least once, but now that i'm with Krobus it's hard to let him go. he is just perfect for my farmer. i don't care about children, but i would consider it if it was with Krobus.

how did the recipes turn out?

No. 391119

I've already admired CA for making such a great game all by himself and him refusing to pander to gendies makes me admire him even more. SV came out in like what, 2016? And it already had same-sex relationships and marriage which was very progressive at the time (tbh still is everywhere outside of western countries). Any clothes can be worn by any sex. Your character can be a man and wear a skirt and he'll still be a man, NPCs are fine with it and don't give a shit. No tranny nonsense, no pronoun shit. I hope he never gives in.

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