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File: 1655119650593.jpg (613.42 KB, 1001x1400, __majima_gorou_kiryuu_kazuma_n…)

No. 213879

(Sorry for threadpic being only 0-6, couldn't find one that also included 7 and the Judgments that I actually liked)
ITT we talk about SEGA's Yakuza series and all of its spin-offs. Please take the husbando and/or shipping sperging to more appropriate threads. Other kinds of lore discussion, as well as gameplay discussion, memes and other related topics go here.

No. 213883

File: 1655121287097.jpg (230.58 KB, 1198x1000, tumblr_ecb524d07f87afc03287f6d…)

I want Nishiki back. If they could bring Kashiwagi back then they should do the same with Nishiki (or Ryuji or whoever).
>inb4 "but Ichiban!"
RGGS could explain keeping Ryuji and others dead or out of the picture by claiming the voice actors were not availiable (apparently this is why Akiyama was not in 7), with Nishiki they don't even have that excuse because Nishiki's voice actor is right there! He can play both characters, unless SEGA are too stingy to pay him extra. Just imagine Nishiki and Ichiban meeting and talking to each other! Bonus if Kiryu is also there and hears them. I believe Kazuhiro Nakaya can pull off voicing two completely distinct characters talking to each other and still making them convincingly sound like two separate people.

No. 213888

File: 1655125067682.jpeg (39.75 KB, 385x216, 325-1640828835-374986903.jpeg)

Makoto and her brother live rent-free in my head.

No. 213889

File: 1655126545081.jpg (52.25 KB, 1200x675, ExBTEPwW8AI8g5X.jpg)

I miss him so much nonnies…

No. 213952

As I said in another thread I remember Toshihiro Nagoshi saying there might be a small chance that he could have survived somehow (even though Masayoshi Yokoyama said he definitely did not, also Nagoshi left SEGA) but whatever I want to believe it so that's that.

No. 214021

File: 1655155365461.jpg (89.28 KB, 800x1030, PS2 Kiryu.jpg)

This is the ideal Kiryu face. You may not like it, but this is what peak handsomeness looks like.

No. 214034

File: 1655157670674.jpg (56.95 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (7).jpg)

PS2 Majima is NOT ugly!
PS2 Majima is NOT ugly
PS2 Majima is NOT ugly!
PS2 Majima is NOT ugly!

No. 214048

File: 1655163637894.png (213.82 KB, 231x622, Daigo (1).png)

2006 Daigo Dojima looks like he could be a member of Tokio Hotel

No. 215154

File: 1655484059407.jpeg (221.36 KB, 1280x720, 5F7C1E86-EED4-4A07-9FE5-39E92B…)

Made this in a minute thanks to a nonnie posting the png to the husbando threads lol The only time I post on my socials is to show how much of a husbandofag I am and then go back to being a recluse. How are you other nonnies celebrating 6/17? If not, which rgg character are you waiting to celebrate for or already did?

No. 215479

I would've celebrated Majima's birthday had I known about it earlier. What a shit fan I am

No. 215487

I took my parents out for both 14.05 and 17.06, I had them say (no, not sing kek, just say in a normal tone) happy birthday to Majima respectively Kiryu when the waiter brought the dessert. I also invited them for 06.06 (actually 05.06 evening because 6 was a Monday) for Revolver Ocelot and I also had them say RIP.
That being said I wish more characters had confirmed birthdays. According to the Yakuza wiki Akiyama, Saejima and Tanimura also have those but they're not exactly official.

No. 215656

File: 1655683445214.png (1.01 MB, 1400x1000, e9wmvzpbyip71.png)

I cherish her so much

No. 215665

she is so cute

No. 215727

My queen.

No. 216084

File: 1655844220056.png (Spoiler Image, 851.82 KB, 877x871, Jo Amon being haram af.png)

Kiryu in the shower in 0 literally feels less naked than an Amon without his shades.

No. 216091

File: 1655845318733.png (Spoiler Image, 744.04 KB, 877x871, Jo Amon being haram af but in …)

here is his Y4 model looking just as naked without his shades. The inconsistent eye shape frankly triggers my autism. picrel in the post I replied to is his YK2 model btw.

No. 217449

File: 1656361378525.png (975.18 KB, 973x917, Yayoi conceiving Daigo.png)

The Daigo paternity fan theory to end all Daigo paternity fan theories

No. 217469

File: 1656366159648.jpg (84.58 KB, 1024x681, man_at_police_station_making_a…)

>replay yakuza 7
>have Saeko as Hostess in Haruka's outfit
>get to Kiryu battle
>make Saeko do the Sexy Pose

No. 218670

Imagine reproducing with Daigo and the baby comes out looking like grandpa Sohei.

No. 219225

File: 1656967819444.png (356.27 KB, 600x600, myth of consensual judgment pc…)

i made this in 15 minutes please laugh

No. 219230

File: 1656969664949.jpg (24.72 KB, 700x466, will-you-press-the-button.jpg)

Both Judgment AND Lost Judgment get proper PC ports on steam and also more sequels also starring Takayuki Yagami also available on PC on steam on day one
PC version of Yagami will wear a full murqa (man burqa) at ALL times. ALL of his alternate outfits are also burqas but different colors. This is extremely hard if not impossible to mod out because the game engine is hardcoded not to allow model swapping for PC Yagami. Kimura's voice also stays the same with all the same voice lines
Will YOU press the button?

No. 220103

File: 1657287012568.png (1.39 MB, 1334x750, chikin omelette.png)

Naming a chicken Omelette is like naming a human baby Abortion. What was Eri thinking?

No. 220104

File: 1657287071442.png (1.36 MB, 1200x675, chikin nugget.png)

I think Hannibal Lecter would name his baby Nugget.

No. 223322

File: 1658310551535.jpg (59.68 KB, 640x400, yakuza 8 maybe.jpg)

Supposed screenshot from the supposedly upcoming RGG8, or whatever it's going to be called in the West. Ichiban seems to join the slicked back straight hair gang. Why do so many guys in these games have slicked back hair? Which Japanese hair gel company is sponsoring SEGA for product placement?

No. 223323

bc real life yakuza style their hair like that

No. 223324

Which Japanese hair gel company is sponsoring the real life Yakuza

No. 223404

ugh i get so fucking bored seeing adachi and nanba, i wish ichiban can get some new party members

No. 224670

Finally played and finished yakuza 0 and nonnas I’m obsessed…
>>214034 I completely agree, his charm is immeasurable no matter the game

No. 225048

thought adachi was sexy but I don't want to see any more of ichiban cause he is insufferable..

No. 226568

File: 1659555846488.png (103.2 KB, 198x502, IchibanKasuga.png)

is it true that his face model was hafu and the character himself was originally intended to be hafu but the developers pussied out?

No. 226569

i could see him being half just because of his hair kek

No. 226570

File: 1659556070054.jpg (25.16 KB, 736x414, ponytail straight out of jail.…)

Except that's a perm and his natural hair is straighter than Kourtney Kardashian.

No. 226571

Where did you even hear that kek

No. 226576

why so defensive kek. its like you're waiting to be relieved he isn't supposed to be half black

No. 226579

How is it "defensive" to point out canon? Have you even played this game? I did not even post >>226568

No. 226584

Just googled and did not find literally anything to support that theory. Nothing. Probably that one racebaiter troll "Japanese people are so self hating not even their Japanese fictional characters look Japanese" I've seen before on lolcow is back.

No. 232456

Could the Kazama/Dojima bunch classify as a narcissistic family? Kiryu and Nishiki kind of remind me of the "golden child"/"scapegoat" dynamic.

No. 233173

Totally! The way kashiwagi treated Nishiki whilst Kazama went cold and withheld his affection after Kiryu took the fall for him is very golden child vs scapegoat vibes (kashiwagi is the mother figure, obviously).
Did Kazama have any part for Nishiki to play in his gambit during Yakuza 0? Besides staying out of it?

I really dislike Kazama in general. He manipulates events and people by leveraging the things he's done for them, but the pawns see it as repaying his kindness. He's a lot like Dumbledore in that way. Kuze was right when he called it some brainwashing shit.

No. 233547

Kazama is not that much better then Dojima Sr, he's just a much better manipulator and easier on the eyes.
By the way, speaking of Dojima, honestly a better argument for the "Daigo is not a true and honest Dojima" theory is not Daigo's looks but rather how Sohei didn't really give a shit about Daigo and also how Yayoi just enabled Sohei in his depravity, probably to make up for her own past infidelity. Yayoi also gave birth to Daigo at about 19, we do not know how old Sohei was supposed to be, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was some grooming going on. Maybe the remaining members of the bunch (Kiryu, Daigo, Kashiwagi, maybe Yayoi?) could use some group therapy. Maybe some wacky plot twist reveals that Nishiki didn't actually die either and he gets his well-deserved apologies.

No. 237318

File: 1662652312018.png (42.06 KB, 782x206, rgg summit.png)

looks like we're getting a new game announced next week!

No. 238871

Are any rgg nonnies excited about the ishin local? I’ve been waiting since first seeing Ryoma naked in jail and wanting his ass remastered

No. 238987

I wonder why they seem to be using Unreal Engine 4 rather than Dragon Engine.

No. 238993

I'm so fucking excited about this. But I want it on PC.
Wasn't that game made before Dragon Engine?

No. 238994

File: 1663139995354.jpg (105.32 KB, 899x943, judgment pc.jpg)

>But I want it on PC.
I think/hope it will be on PC too, but let's see after the Twitch stream.
>Wasn't that game made before Dragon Engine?
yes, but so was Yakuza 2, yet Kiwami 2 does indeed use Dragon Engine. I'm pretty sure they used the 5/0/Kiwami engine for Ishin too, which is still closer to Dragon than to Unreal.
oh and by the way, looks like this is not the only thing we'll be getting.

No. 239020

Wait is it a remaster/port of Ishin or a remake?

No. 239022

from my understanding it's a full remake in Unreal Engine

No. 239073

What the fuck did they do to my husbandos hair?! I wish they just salt and peppered his hair instead of this shit

No. 239074

looks like a crappy wig kek

No. 239079

kek he looks like he's trying to pass as the average Japanese dad

No. 239148

rip queen liz you would have loved pc ishin and pc judgment and kiryu's gay ass new hair

No. 239157

Kiryu's Joryu's nipples must really hurt from all this milking kek

No. 239159

I just knew he would dethrone Sonic as SEGA's favourite cash cow, which is probably better for SEGA's image as a whole, just as long as Yakuza Like a Dragon doesn't get its very own 2006 or Boom. Oh well, even then at least the Rule 34 would still be easier to explain to the normies.

No. 239161

oh and these are already on Steam now btw

No. 239282

File: 1663192677922.jpg (504.06 KB, 900x900, FbpdVS7WIAE0aKW.jpg)

I like the new pillows a lot. Wish the hoodie was black!

No. 239635

Thoughts on the ugly man erasure of Yamazaki Susumu and Katsu Rintaro in the remake?

No. 239647

File: 1663278394123.jpg (59.25 KB, 900x581, 20220915_234730.jpg)

Looking forward to see Mirei.

No. 239652

I'm a Mirei apologist through and through.

No. 244317

File: 1664742525593.jpg (279.02 KB, 800x839, Noa_Amon.jpg)

How old is Noa Amon even supposed to be? Likely not that much older than Haruka at most. Is the older or younger than Shin and Juzo? However Jo is about Kiryu's age and he's actually Noa's brother, not father or uncle, which would mean quite the age difference between siblings so Jo and Noa are more likely to be actually half-siblings? Also I'd like to think that by the 2020s Noa got over her internalized misogyny and is a based and pinkpilled terf now because why not.

No. 244319

samefag, are they all supposed to be related in some way or another? I wonder what does the full Amon family tree look like in this case.

No. 245312

File: 1665091181797.png (Spoiler Image, 373.6 KB, 930x523, Tiseba Walkthroughs - Katsuya …)


No. 247711

File: 1665859034091.png (138.03 KB, 679x458, FfBdxTHWAAIGftZ.png)

I know nothing about yakuza, but I saw this and thought of this thread

(link for anyone interested)

No. 248504

File: 1666139762716.jpg (73.02 KB, 782x610, 6pho8k3f7rr71.jpg)

Is the creator of the Yakuza Like a Dragon franchise a BDD ana-kun? He looks more and more botched and underweight with the passing of time.

No. 248506

File: 1666140907490.png (1.09 MB, 196x412, 78525404_p1.png)

Found a more current photo of him from 2022, he look a lot more healthy

No. 248510

I see he has laid off the fake tan. Shame about the still botched face.

No. 257832

File: 1669390787363.png (Spoiler Image, 354.88 KB, 1106x788, kiryunibblez.png)

I just found that the nipples are actually part of the meshes in most of the Dragon Engine shirtless models.

No. 257836

File: 1669390970232.png (Spoiler Image, 326.63 KB, 945x788, ryujinibblez.png)

Not only that, but there is not one nipple shape, Ryuji's look fatter. Watase and Tendo also use this fat nipple shape, while most of the others have Kiryu-like nipples.

No. 257837

File: 1669391010574.png (Spoiler Image, 234.87 KB, 994x736, majimamissingnibblez.png)

And then there's Majima (and Shimano) who for some goddamned forsaken reason have no nipples at all.

No. 257840

I thought it was obvious that Majima's a reptile, look at his jacket

No. 257856

is that his shed skin!

No. 260638

File: 1670180686245.jpg (122.33 KB, 500x623, tumblr_m4put6Dvds1rsl35ao1_500…)

Concept art for the first game, yes that's supposed to be a rejected Kiryu design on the bottom left, before it got sort of recycled for the Amons. Looking very Deusuekusu ga gotoku I must say.

No. 260703

What if he just has very flat nipples?

No. 260747

Majima is a nippleless reptilian.

No. 260793

No way, I've seen him shirtless and he does have very small nipples that are easy to miss because of his tattoos. Majima is a mammal.

No. 260911


No. 261182

i don't frequent /m/ so i've only just discovered this thread and i am so happy it exists. got a nice PC earlier this year so i'm finally able to play the Yakuza series, as i've been wanting to for years. i'm on Kiwami 2 (remastered) right now and i really love the series so far. the difference between Kiryu's face in Kiwami 2 and his face in Kiwami 1/Yakuza 0 is kinda jarring when playing the games back-to-back ngl but i love him anyways lol. super excited to get to the more recent entries in the series

No. 261201

It's even more jarring when you get to 3, 4, 5 which are just remasters of the PS3 games then 6 that uses the same engine as Kiwami 2.

No. 261205

File: 1670312341201.jpg (156.6 KB, 1080x1080, 7bv1akgbej031.jpg)

I am partial for 5 but he looks smoochable in all of them in my opinion.

No. 261429

yesss i feel the same! can't wait to get to 5. i think my main issue with kiryu's design in kiwami 2 is the difference in his eye shape, which i personally thought was his cutest feature in 0 and kiwami 1. but he is still a qt in kiwami 2 ofc

No. 261483

majima looks scary here, like he could be a dbd killer. I'm so glad he looks good in the actual games

No. 261525

This is art done by the character designer for the Jet Set Radio series. Imagine if the Yakuza characters were in the JSR series instead and vice versa, kek.

No. 261747

I just realized the curtains were open in that scene… fucking slut.
biutiful aiz indeed.

No. 261755

character models in dragon engine are so fucking ugly, their features are ugly and they look like wax figures

No. 262811

is it just me or do the models for characters introduced in Dragon Engine games (such as Kasuga or Yagami) don't look as waxy as the ones for characters from older games (such as Kiryu or Majima)? Might it be because they're more likely to be completely new models created specifically for Dragon Engine games, while the older games characters probably also use assets from older engines converted to Dragon Engine? Just an assumption on my part.

No. 263878

File: 1671150785313.png (371.81 KB, 581x475, fashion icon even allegedly po…)

Left - Ryū ga Gotoku 2 (SEGA, 2006)
Right - Chanel Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear
often imitated, never duplicated. a true icon.

No. 264003

File: 1671202355082.png (7.88 KB, 2117x67, lmao.png)

Thoughts on this gem from cc?

No. 264014

Mirei is one of my favorite characters. I also love Makoto. Majima knows his women.

No. 264130

Suddenly she cares about the husbando thread as if it wasn't dead most of the time. People have posted weirder shit in it.

No. 264682

File: 1671452645659.jpg (200.75 KB, 700x700, __kiryuu_kazuma_ryuu_ga_gotoku…)

you hear someone at your door ringing the doorbell and/or knocking the door and you answer and it's just a package box and you bring it inside and open it and you find him wyd

No. 264747

calling the British Yakuza fans, what if the dubs used British English instead? How would you localize the accents? What is the closest British thing to Majima-speak for example?

No. 266071

File: 1672595015264.png (2.28 MB, 1920x1080, i65o22bkk5v61.png)

For a series of games about the Yakuza, fundoshi are criminally (kek) underused. Also why didn't Saejima too get a slutty outfit?

No. 266072

File: 1672595222542.png (379.64 KB, 407x541, card_c04572be.png)


No. 268433

I want Essex boy Majima

No. 269272

Be brutally honest, who put on the best show?

No. 269277

What bout this one?

No. 270699

Would bite.

No. 272517

File: 1675173710053.jpg (117.63 KB, 834x869, 20230131_145716.jpg)

Western nonnas, is that true? Admittedly never looked at the eng fandom past fanartists and yumejos.

No. 272842

Paris sounds like a really weird and specific case, but I think Western weeb moids just love "manly" Japanese stuff like Yakuza and "MANime" like HnK, Berserk and Jojo. Plus the events might not mean much, there's a lot of female fans over here as well, I think Japanese fans are just more likely to go to IRL events for some reason

No. 278040

Anyone tried the new Ishin yet? From what I have heard so far it's a not so good port of a great game, not even a proper remake. Also cringe DLC shit

No. 278053

No it's not a weird case, western "MANime" fanboys who are obsessed with kung fu movies and battle shonen manga are into this kind of games and tend to be gym bunnies or are obsessed with masculinity in general. You've never met guys sperging about powerlevels in DBZ saying that Son Goku inspired them to work out at the gym on a daily basis?

No. 278103

Based Japan. I want to go to a mainly female Yakuza event.

No. 287135

File: 1680461443744.webm (748.96 KB, 1920x934, rapidsave.com_ichiban_and_nish…)

Now what we need is an IchiNishiki BL CD.

No. 293683

File: 1683043628699.png (36.08 KB, 444x690, 52vyqkk6y5771.png)

Somehow I highly doubt Masayoshi Yokoyama can answer this correctly.

No. 294092

I feel like that's the case in the west as well. I never see men talking about Yakuza. Everyone really into it that I see online is a woman. Anything with a bunch of hot dudes in it is going to be primarily a fanbase of women.

No. 294093

I feel like that's the case in the west as well. I never see men talking about Yakuza. Everyone really into it that I see online is a woman. Anything with a bunch of hot dudes in it is going to be primarily a fanbase of women.

No. 294156

I find it… interesting that Daigo sees Kiryu as a father figure rather than an older brother despite the age difference of only 8 years. Sounds like Kiryu was parentified because Dojima-oyaji was too busy being a disgusting slut tbh.

No. 295781

File: 1683836648147.jpg (321.83 KB, 1300x1501, 近江連合5 7(32992033).jpg)

If these three had collaborated in canon would there have been a real Tojo-Omi war? Could Watase have been to Ryuji like Kiryu is to Daigo?

No. 297928

Yagami's fighting styles are Tiger and Crane… the fuck did Saejima and Katsuya do on the Kamurocho Hills roof in 2012?

No. 301406

Is Kiryu Joryu-chan being overmilked at this point?

No. 301645

Jfc they should've stopped making yakuza games after Zero

No. 301851

Are we ditching numbered entries in the West for good? or is this another new game? Love the gratuitous naked Ichi though

No. 301913

the way Naoki Katsuya walked in front of an open curtain window in 5 so Ichiban Kasuga could run on a crowded beach in 8

No. 302421

File: 1686837416920.png (315.98 KB, 1099x824, hits blunt.png)

what the shit is he talking about

No. 303511

File: 1687273297931.png (538.08 KB, 748x679, gog.png)

Entire Kiryu Saga 0-6 is now DRM-free on GOG.com for only 34€

No. 303561

Damnit. I guess I'll be getting a GOG account now

No. 303565

Or you can even wait a little till they get uploaded on gogunlocked dot com hehe

No. 306921

They erased some former employees from the credits of all of the games in the GOG.com versions, including Toshihiro Nagoshi, Daisuke Sato and the team involved in the PC ports. I wonder why.

No. 314292

File: 1691848383488.jpg (49.52 KB, 736x463, dejected Majima.jpg)

is Majima a BPD-kun? Discuss.

No. 316035

new Like a Dragonball Z trailer dropped! more Kiryu Joryu emotional torture! more drama! we get to dress him up! yay nay on the live action hostesses though, reminds me of those 90s FMV games like Plumbers Don't Wear Ties

No. 316046

~~Omg not plummers~~ but I’m so excited !

No. 322443

that's… quite a lot… I guess we finally found out what can defeat the Dragon of Dojima

No. 322450

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