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File: 1610819314237.jpg (56.56 KB, 829x754, lgodev2j95o11.jpg)

No. 122390

Any video game discussion goes here, apart from the games that already have their own threads.

Previous thread: >>>/m/101951
Animal Crossing Thread: >>>/m/88648
Pokemon Thread: >>33729
The Sims Thread: >>8880
Overwatch Thread: >>1641
Genshin Impact Thread: >>>/m/115241
Dragon Age thread: >>>/m/121911

No. 122397

Nice thread image, far better than the previous one since it clearly evokes games as opposed to looking like an ~aesthetic blog post.

No. 122406

Those who play open world games, how do you play them? Personally I do the main story first and optional side stories in replays, unless it's an RPG and I need to level up in order to comfortably continue the main story.

No. 122410

Ideally, I would do the side quests first and main quests last. But since I don't have the time, I skip the side quests I don't like and only do a few in order to level up.

No. 122412

play like 150+ hours of sidequests and exploring, and when i start getting bored i continue the main quest, often getting distracted and ending up doing nothing again. for some reason i don't really like replaying games, so i usually try to do everything in one savefile

No. 122414

I tend to avoid the main story until I am satisfied with the current plot development from a character standpoint. I RP my protagonist whose starting personality and backstory I determine before playing, then do quests (main or side) that they'd be interested in and only in the ways that they might want those quests to resolve. I don't do side quests for the rewards unless there's a really cool addition to my character's story like a special weapon that works really well with their whole narrative or something like that. I don't recruit every companion, just the ones that my character either likes or feels they must work with. Stuff like that. I don't visit every zone or explore all corners of every zone. I try to completely embody my character and their interests.

I find it makes replays far more engaging since I never end up 100%ing my first playthrough and I can just keep coming back for a completely different experience.

No. 122418

File: 1610828125230.jpeg (111.17 KB, 570x570, 290D6FDE-8A3F-46D6-89C8-C50330…)

I’m too fucking dumb to play secret of mana. I haven’t played in ages and never alone and I don’t remember it being so.. hard? I’m just at the haunted forest

No. 122423

Chiming in to say it's hard. I've never finished it because there's always THAT point where button-mashing no longer works, and I'm never quick enough cycling through the characters.

No. 122426

I run around until the story pops up. I played BOTW for about 20 hours before starting the first divine beast and I found it by accident.

No. 122427

I like exploring and getting 100 side quests. So naturally, sometimes I forget the main story exists.

No. 122446

File: 1610841434587.jpg (163.69 KB, 766x992, d5c14feb33311036d3409bd1473730…)

Just beat Ocarina of Time again and now I'm so torn as to what to play next. I could go straight to Majora's Mask (which I have never finished) or try something else like Okami or Divinity Original Sin

No. 122450

Majora's Mask is probably my favorite 64 game, you should play it and finish it, it’s really fun and interesting. my autistic ass has already finished it 10 times, not in a row but still

No. 122472

File: 1610859527008.jpg (328.33 KB, 965x930, 61wQZorCkOL._AC_ copy.jpg)

i'm weirdly mega obsessed with collecting cute video games that I could have played as a kid but never did because i nor my parents had any clue about video games. especially the gameboy advance, because I really think I would have had a better childhood if I had one when I was like 7. I bought one and have these games. It's such a lonely experience collecting and enjoying them because nobody understands my weird hobby. I can't wait to finish the GBA and get a pink DS with cooking mama, super princess peach etc. and some kawaii decals. for some reason the obsession is only with handhelds.

I'm hoping that once I get my fill out of all of them, this obsession with old games will go away and I can just start being a normal gamer with a switch.

No. 122485

If Nintendo abandons the Switch by the time you complete your handheld collection, you can keep your retro gaming aesthetic.

No. 122491

what are some of your favourite games for the switch?

No. 122492

Ring Fit Adventure!

No. 122500

To the moon ♥ and Stardew valley

No. 122509

Girl, just back track and grind a little, go level up some magic on some bunnies, it gets easier, and you don't even need that much time to gain them level ups.

No. 122522

Really addicted to Spiritfarer lately

No. 122523

I just beat Astral Chain on easy mode, and now I'm doing all the chapters on normal mode. It's way more fun now that I unlocked all the legions and I'm trying to upgrade them as much as possible. It's amazing how slow and boring the game is until Jena shows up.

I also just started Xenoblade Chronicles 1 on the Switch and I don't like how you can only control one character at once and all of the characters attack bu themselves. I 'm gonna play it more and see if I change my mind, but nowadays I can't stand long games with a slow start. If I give up on that game I'll just play Katamari Damacy Reroll anyway.

No. 122550

>get a pink DS with cooking mama, super princess peach etc.
I feel the same?? I was considering hacking a cute DS or 3DS (cough asking my brother to do it) to play all those game I missed out.

No. 122843

Anyone else hyped for Hitman 3 tomorrow??

No. 122857

Yes! Although I probably won't buy it immediately, the first two seasons were probably my favourite games on the PS4

No. 122866

pcfags, is anyone here buying this on epic or just wait about a year until the eventual steam release?

No. 122867

Samefag, are there even any Epic exclusives that stay Epic exclusives apart fron Fortnite?

No. 122868

the new maps in hitman 3 look beautiful, which map are you guys most excited for? I really like the spooky English mansion

No. 123044

yakuza anons who have played more than 0 (those who haven't don't look if you don't want to be sort of spoiled): how would you personally explain Majima's shift in personality? which one do you think is the "real" Majima? like what if the Mad Dog act is actually closer to his true self than his 0 self? also, do you think he's bisexual or is that fujo wishful thinking?

No. 123086

what game you've played so far has had the worst disparity in regards to gameplay vs writing quality? Both good gameplay/shit writing and shit gameplay/good writing

No. 123089

File: 1611259786341.jpg (57.21 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)

In terms of good gameplay and bad writing, Destiny. What a fun game, shooting feels amazing, Vault of Glass raid is one of my favorite gaming experiences. Worst thing about writing is that groundwork clearly was there too when it comes to world building, as can be seen in grimoire cards, but you can immediately tell the story was written and put together last second.

No. 123090

samefagging but asking yakuzafags, specially the pc breed: why isn't there a steam page for Yakuza 3-5 remastered collection yet? the official release date is next week

No. 123095

File: 1611261541981.png (305.02 KB, 660x880, 1608578377508.png)

Persona 2 Innocent Sin on the PSP has a very fun story and the characters are way more likable than the ones in P4 and especially P5, but the battles are so slow, the encounter rate is way too high and the fusion system is shit. I didn't mind the dungeons though once I managed to fuse a persona with the estoma skill. Some things like the demon negotiation system and the fusion spells were great though, I hope they can incorporate fusion spells back just like in P2 and DDS in the next Persona game. I didn't play P2 Eternal Punishment because I'm in Europe but the gameplay doesn't even make me want to emulate the game, I just watched a playthrough on youtube.

I also liked the story and the characters in the Wonderful 101 a lot, but the game itself was weird. The battle system is good and kind of similar to Bayonetta's, but there are too many shitty minigames interrupting you every five seconds. And seeing Luka as a kid in this game made me like him even more than in just Bayonetta 1 and 2.

No. 123101

it takes a little jumping through some hoops to go finding them since the great nintendo emulator/rom purge but it's also free

No. 123132

Can any anons recommend any games like Yakuza or Disaster Report?

No. 123148

The new Hitman games actually. Amazing games with a story so generic that you can literally just ignore it entirely and not miss anything

No. 123165

Just talking about the first game?
Because I think considering the limits of the genre that there is a lot of good lore.

No. 123179

File: 1611294264665.jpg (305.2 KB, 1920x1080, Destiny 2_20171219183602.jpg)

And talking about Destiny they did the thing again where the mission is way too hard unless you're an FPS god or have friends, neither which apply… God I wish there was a game with these kind of aesthetics which was truly single player and I didn't get that anxious feeling about not being able to get 100%.

No. 123188

Silent Hill 2 and 3. I absolutely adore both games and replay them every couple years but I don't play them for the gameplay. Although it can be argued that the frustrating gameplay adds to the experience, because it encourages you to just run away from threats.

Also Deadly Premonition…I adore that game, the ending made me sob, but it is fucking broken and irritating. The goddamn ceiling ghosts…

I've heard that Tokyo Jungle is similar to Disaster Report!

No. 123190

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a very, very good game. If you want a game that's like minecraft mixed with harvest moon, it's very good!

No. 123194

File: 1611308104794.jpg (776.52 KB, 1920x1200, Citadel.jpg)

>Because I think considering the limits of the genre that there is a lot of good lore.

Yeah, like I've said, the lore is there and is great, everything in Grimoire Cards and some stuff from later game; but I especially meant vanilla Destiny 1, as much as I love the game I just cant defend anything that is going there story/dialogue- wise.

I feel the same, unfortunately it was always meant to be played with other people. Strikes are still doable in matchmaking so it's not so much of a problem when you have no friends, but missing out on playing raids because of that sucks. I was still playing with a few friends when Vault of Glass and Crota's End were introduced, figuring out VoG together - took us almost 16h to finish! - was SO MUCH FUN. But it's impossible to achieve with strangers and alone you'd have to spend your entire life playing to get this good. Too bad, because like you've said, aesthetics are so on point there.

No. 123497

File: 1611504447438.jpg (114.59 KB, 1235x695, a949cdb477b4575ec63ca5e2a2f114…)

What older games would you like to see remade or even rebooted with better graphics and maybe controls too? I want Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and Vice City remakes but as accurate to the originals story-wise as possible

No. 123498

Beyond Good and Evil. I know that supposedly BG&E2 is happening someday, but I played the game recently and felt that it was too ambitious for what it could achieve. Would love a remake. The world and story has a huge potential which wasn't realized in the original game.

No. 123503

Please don't bash me Morrowind

No. 123505

A lot, but recently I've craving for KOTOR and Jedi Academy to have battlefront 2 graphics (or better)

No. 123507

I’d really want to see Skies of Arcadia and Rival Schools with modern graphics. Probably impossible now but the old Suikodens and Shadow Hearts 1&2.

No. 123516

I love it sm, anon, it's so cute. I bought it to bind my time until RF5 releases and have no regrets since the Story of Seasons games seem quite boring

No. 123520

File: 1611519604305.jpg (66.31 KB, 564x423, arcade.jpg)

Would it be appropriate to discuss arcade games here as well, or should I make a separate thread? They have a considerably large world of their own, but if there isn't enough interest, I obviously won't make one. I mainly have a question about the Konami Arcade Championship.

No. 123521

Wish you hadn't posted this because now I want it too.

No. 123534

File: 1611523913088.jpg (317.89 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_2021-01-24-18-31-33…)

Fuck Disney

No. 123639

Why?? Mods make games last longer in public consciousness and probably more profitable in the long run. Look at Bethesda games

No. 123680

I miss Style Boutique so much. Did the series not sell enough to get a switch game? It was so much fun.

No. 123681

Disney has this core principle they call brand integrity and it prevents them from allowing any sort of fan creation to thrive. It's not an EA thing since they allow Dragon Age and Sims to be modded to a huge extent. Even mods that hack DLC content in is tolerated to a high degree. This is all Disney and not really the game devs.

No. 123684

as if we didn't have enough proof that di$ney is evil

No. 123694

Disney and Nintendo can suck my whole ass
I love their IPs (especially Disney that now owns the fucking universe), but they keep doing shit like this and don't even deliver the goodies that the fans want to compensate. Like, if Disney was remaking KOTOR with beautiful new graphics/engine/animations, I'd kinda get it, but you know they just don't care at all.

No. 123720

Still waiting and hoping, even if it didn't sell enough being on the Switch is still a shot worth a try.
If they could give us the "dream boyfriend" dlc feature too for the love of god fix the male's body

No. 123730

There's probably not enough interest here on lolcow to justify arcade games having their own thread, so you might as well talk about them in this one.

No. 123749

File: 1611629737270.jpeg (40.32 KB, 666x680, 방찬’s tt (_´꒳`_) on Twitter.jpe…)

Does anyone have a fucking download link for a Tomotoru apk? The versions i find either dont work or the website leads me to download a game marketplace which doesnt even have it.

No. 123782

File: 1611656127895.jpg (165.31 KB, 1810x1009, Screenshot_1.jpg)

I want to play the demo of the new Resident Evil soo bad but I don't have a PS5. The castle looks so fucking gorgeous

No. 123783

i wish watching games like this wouldn't give me super motion sickness… all I want is tall vampire lady!

No. 123928

Has anyone played sky: children of the light?

Do you need friends or can you just make friends?

No. 123951

I do sometimes! You can literally walk up to anyone and request to add them, and most people will just add you & take your hand and lead you to candles and pieces of light, it's such a fun and cute game. You can also unlock in-game chat and special gestures with your friends, and create a friend invite code so you can add people you know vs. adding only strangers.

No. 124004

File: 1611733177279.gif (936.37 KB, 277x200, 200.gif)

Supposed to be released tomorrow but still no news on Steam please don't tell me they're Microsoft Store exclusives

No. 124012

Where can you play it? I've been wanting to play it for years but when I discovered it it was only available for IOS.

No. 124052

NTA but you can play it on your phone now, I have the Galaxy S9 and it works for me but I know it only works on some phones.

No. 124464

They’re saying it’ll release on switch. I tried it on phone but it wasn’t for me

No. 124514

File: 1611924196206.jpg (33.21 KB, 650x366, Fatal Frame IV Mask 3.jpg)

Has anyone succesfully set up the Dolphin emulator on a laptop? Is it difficult? Do you need a wiimote? I really want to play Fatal Frame 4 but don't have a wii

No. 124528

I haven't tried but it shouldn't be too hard. You might have to mess with settings to get Dolphin to play well with your laptop CPU.
Allegedly it's easy to play with gamepad or keyboard/mouse too.

No. 124626

Is anyone excited for Mind Scanners? I thought papers please was pretty boring after 15 hours of playing it imho, but this seems genuinely interesting, particularly the story

I found it via Alpha Beta Gamer, vid related

No. 124809

I DID IT!!! Ah, I'm so happy. I had to finetune the controls and it's still not 100% which makes the fights especially difficult, but it's running smoothly so far

No. 124854

Happy for you, anon! I can imagine with the Wiimote motion sensor stuff, the control scheme is always going to be a bit wonky but you'll get used to that.

No. 125159

samefag, bumping this question because no one answered yet

No. 125986

File: 1612454195754.gif (497.17 KB, 400x225, 1456844175_tumblr_ms4bivPWad1r…)

Finished it! It was wonderful, this is now my favourite game in the series. The sound design and the ambience was particularly good, along with the soundtrack - there is a melody in the game that is important to the story and they managed to make it really haunting and memorable. I loved the characters too especially Kirishima; in the previous game, the only male character was painfully bland so I was really glad they fleshed this one out. I also loved his plot twist-y ending.
My issues with the game were mostly technical - the translations were sometimes inaccurate or obscure but it was translated by fans, not official translators so I have no place to complain, and I found the controls to be difficult but I was emulating a game that was supposed to be played with a wiimote so it was to beexpected.
All in all, I recommend this to anyone who likes story based horror games

No. 126317

Play Yakuza 0

No. 126362

is there an appeal to playing Yakuza games if you think a lot of combat is boring? I watched by friend play it once and all he did was punch group of people, go around a corner, punch another group of people, continue for 10 minutes.

No. 126366

NTAYRT, there's a bunch of mini games and the story and side stories are pretty enticing, more anime and soap opera style storytelling rather than major film.
My favorite mini game in Yakuza 0 is the Hostess maker, it doesn't unlock until a 3 or 4 chapters but I had once played just that mini game for 6 hours in a row.
I have a friend who bought Yakuza 6 just because there was a previously arcade only port of Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown contained within it.

No. 126376

In addition to what the other anon said there are different fighting styles available for each character which helps switch things up, also there's an Easy mode if you decide you don't like the combat and just wanna steamroll everybody and move on lol.

No. 126428

Thanks for the info, I might look up some more gameplay and see if it appeals in anyway, there's every chance my friend was just avoiding the best stuff so he could fully experience it, versus on a discord call where everyone was screensharing.

No. 126430

oh there is anon!!! there's plently of sidequests and minigames, my favorite is karaoke + the claw machine (there's a social-link type of sidequest for Majima in Yakuza 0 where you get these toys from the claw machine for a little girl outside a SEGA arcade, completing it is really endearing and sweet!)

i'm a fan of the combat but honestly i just play to fuck around the map and do as much side stuff as possible. i love spending hours playing pool or darts at the bars, or getting my current character drunk

No. 126643

File: 1612758562866.jpg (64.25 KB, 500x500, 61C3QzVho L.jpg)

Any anons play Steer Sk8er on PS1 growing up? I think the soundtrack is superior to Tony Hawk

No. 126666

Interesting catch anon. I watched the video, the story seems alright, maybe a bit generic (it is in beta though). It definitely was inspired by papers please, but like the art is so unappealing comparetively like what are these sprites kek. It's so hard to watch. Maybe the style is charming/interesting to others though

No. 126686

I'm not working tomorrow so I'll try to beat DMC3 then. It's amazing how much it improved on DMC1's ideas. I liked DMC1 but hated the camera and how the yellow orb system worked so I find DMC3 way easier because these two things were fixed. I ordered a copy of DMC2 for cheap because I heard it was trash and I was super curious.

No. 126722

I'm too lazy to finish FFX but I know I'm missing out. I also really want to play X-2 right after which I really loved and was my first Final Fantasy despite it's reputation. But my completionist ass will hate myself.

No. 126736

File: 1612811322938.jpg (325.48 KB, 777x1200, 128077648_1701232886718761_770…)

Anons, I'm losing my mind. I have no money and all I want to fucking do is play fighting games. I never received my stimulus checks so I missed a window of time where I could have bought a stick before really hunkering down. It's been 182 days since I've been able to play my favorite game (SF:Third Strike) on a cab. I'm fucking tweaking. I see Chun Li's little sprite doing tensei rankas and kikokens. I've resorted to watching people on twitch just to simulate the feeling of playing. I'm dying inside. I feel like nobody cares about third strike except balding scrotes.

My question to you all is why is every KOF ass? What's your favorite fighter and who do you main?

No. 126778

I'm so hype for RF5 but the way they've changed it to be 3D/BOTW type graphics makes me so sad, I feel like I'm gonna get motion sickness from it. just not the same nostalgia factor as the first four games

No. 126861

Ugghhh I want to play Persona 5 so bad but don't have a PS3/4 and I couldn't get it run on an emulator either

No. 126862

honestly I think it's not as bad as its reputation

No. 126893

Why do you think KOF is ass?

No. 127010

>play game
>be in community forums
>have a username that:
>doesn't end with 'a'
>doesn't start with 'Miss', 'Lady'
>isn't about flowers, butterflies, or unicorns
>every guy assumes I'm male
>not ever make a big deal of it
>one day some troll, tranny, catfish, etc causes drama because they "experienced sexism"
>the boys go full retard
>call out drama
>a male feminist whiteknights the troll and calls me a sexist that wants to keep women out of gaming
>troll leaves or community does something stupid

There is no end in sight to this bullshit. It keeps happening, but I never want to go on mic or cam.

I can't be the only one, right?

No. 127017

Men are not worth this much mental energy so I avoid showing I'm a woman unless the people are friends of friends, even then I am "the woman" even thought they have gf's I'm still singled out. So there's some positives to being """"out"""" and some negatives. Mostly just irks me when my friends who'v never been sexist only say shit like "woman moment" when we're talking to the dudes.

No. 127021

anyone here use stadia? is it any good?

No. 127032

you're not the only one, it is better to go undercover. it's not worth it to be singled out as a girl and be treated differently and pretending to be a dude allows you to focus on the subject (and it helps avoid creepy interactions).
i do the same for some hobbies online, the only exception is if i find a group of other women who seem chill, then it can be refreshing to make a second account and join them.

No. 127041

What does the anons think of Devil may cry 5? Is it worth it? I have money for only one game but I'm not sure if I should buy that one or The evil within 2, I like them both

No. 127042

Which platform?

No. 127050

No. 127051

So did you finish it?

No. 127053

i'd personally say go for dmc5 first then. if you were on pc/steam i could have suggested you a third-party site to buy keys at a much cheaper price so you could have afforded both.

No. 127055

Persona 4 did pretty well on Steam for a 10 year old game, so I'd be surprised if Atlus isn't planning to eventually release P5 there too. A nintendo switch release would be nice too.

No. 127059

Geforce NOW is better, especially now that Stadia is going down. You get RTX, connection is more stable and you can play the games you already have on Steam, Epic and GOG.

No. 127065

but i wanna play judgment and i sold my ps4 reeeeeee

No. 127078

File: 1612977031996.jpg (60.19 KB, 640x480, 39719-ingame-Twilight-Syndrome…)

I wish the Twilight Syndrome games had an English translation

No. 127086

Yeah I beat it just yesterday. I noticed that my ps2 scratched the disc because the lens got all fuck up again even though I got it repaired two years ago so I'm going to play it to unlock more things with Dante and play with Vergil but I'm worried it'll damage my disc for good.

No. 127283

this game was great. i recently found out the dude who did the non licensed tracks also composed some of the soundtrack to zone of the enders

No. 127478

File: 1613147309272.jpg (690.45 KB, 1440x2017, 20210212_172804.jpg)

Is the Nier saga any good or is it just popular because of the fanservice? Have never played any of the games but the trailer for the first game's remake makes me curious.

No. 127480

like >>122509 said, I'd definitely consider grinding out some levels, invest in some delicious heals and you should be fine

No. 127483

It's full of fanservice but it's also pretty good. I feel like the remakes will have less compared to Automata though.

No. 127510

YES. ABSOLUTELY YES. But only if you're not braindead when playing games. It has a lot of lore to it, I'd recommend playing Drakengard 3 too and watching a Drakengard 1 playthrough.

No. 127614

Has anyone played Marchen Forest on PC? The gameplay looks like a chibi version of atelier. Is it fun to play?

No. 127638

File: 1613230934529.png (191.12 KB, 250x354, 544E4571-83AF-482D-9F82-E35E58…)

Is The House in Fata Morgana worth finishing? I like it so far but idk if it’s worth spending like another 20 hours on.

No. 127646

How many doors have you read? I just got really into it by the third door, and there are 8 total iirc.

No. 127649

I liked the first NieR a lot, loved the characters, story and OST, lot of people say the gameplay is bad but it's perfectly serviceable. I don't think I'll play the remake though because I liked the original enough and (unpopular opinion) I prefer Papa to Brother Nier. Automata is a good game but I think it was a bit overhyped, gameplay is good but not living up to other Platinum Games titles like Bayonetta or MGR, themes are so in your face it gets obnoxious by the end and I really couldn't get attached to any of the characters (especially 9S), I have a hard time considering androids "real" humans and couldn't really empathize with them. The OST isn't as memorable as the previous one either despite using the same kind of compositions, the track that I remember the most is the theme park lmao.
Weirdly enough I think my favorite game in the whole saga is the very first Drakengard because of how batshit insane it is. I don't really recommend playing it because it's objectively not a good game and you need to read a lot of extra material to make the connection with NieR, but I played it during a weird time in my life and associate a lot of memories with it.

No. 127660

File: 1613236546596.gif (1.44 MB, 602x501, 1611212128046.gif)

Now that I beat DMC3SE with Dante I tried to play DMC2 and I've done 10 missions with Dante in less than two hours. It's not even a bad game, it's just the most bland shit I've ever played in my life. When I read that DMC2 was by far the worst game in the series I thought it would rival Sonic 06 in terms of bullshit and glitches but it's a fully functional game actually. I'm going to force myself to beat the game this weekend, and if after that I find Lucia too boring I'll just go back to DMC3 to unlock everything for Dante.

No. 127663

keep going anon, it's great. The first three doors seem pretty disconnected, but once you arrive to the fourth you'll be hooked.

No. 127668

I’m on the second door, I guess I will keep reading and hopefully get more into it!

No. 127688

File: 1613247724664.png (103.28 KB, 720x690, 1572040221927.png)

Your post reminded me that I played through DMC2 three entire times just to unlock playable Trish. No regrets though, she feels way better to play with than Dante or Lucia

No. 127693

Would you say playing this game more than once just to unlock Trish is worth? And speaking of which, Trish should have been playable in DMC1.

No. 127703

File: 1613254798732.png (1.03 MB, 1306x1354, 71189980_p0.png)

I wouldn't recommend it at all actually, since you need to complete the game on hard mode at least once in order to unlock her. The enemies don't get smarter or harder to beat with the increase in difficulty, they just become damage sponges and it's just really tedious to get through them (especially the bosses). Plus, a few sections of the game that are normally no problem become absolutely broken and unplayable on hard mode. Overall it's a shitty experience and not worth it if you just want to play as Trish.
>Trish should have been playable in DMC1
Hard agree, she had so much wasted potential

No. 128215

File: 1613500992669.jpg (52.21 KB, 583x593, ninty.JPG)

Ninty Direct tomorrow. I already hate the fact that it says that it will focus on SSBU, because I feel thisn will be mostly 48 minutes of new characters reveal and other things related to that. I will still watch it because I hope that it will end with some Zelda shit because I'm desperat for BOTW2. Any anons here also plan to watch it? Any hopes or dreams for this direct?

And of course, maybe a bit of Bayo 3 …?


No. 128216

File: 1613501333584.jpg (37.36 KB, 640x370, EiH3uR7VgAEq82e.jpg)

If they don't announce Dante or Phoenix Wright for Smash then what's the point?

>And of course, maybe a bit of Bayo 3 …?


No. 128217

i agree with you - i’m very excited but i haaate that it’ll be centered around smash. luckily i deleted pretty much all social media so i won’t have to see pathetic middle aged scrotes crying because their favourite character from some irrelevant 25 year old game isn’t the new character.

i’m not sure what to expect though! i’m hoping it’s something big since this is the first direct in forever. BOTW2 would be sick. i hope they announce a date for genshin impact on switch too! i’m also desperate for pokemon news but i know pokemon would do a separate thing for that so who knows

No. 128218

I fucking came when I saw this castle.
The big titty bitch and all her henchgirls were amazing as well but this castle? hng. this castle. motha fucka.

No. 128233

>tfw your waifus and husbandos are already in the game
Can't wait to see the salt from when x character isn't announced.
Wasn't there an article or something about how they wanted to show something for 2021? If not, Eh it'll be out when it's out

No. 128483

The Nintendo direct is about to start.

No. 128484

lets a goooo

No. 128485

yay another swordfighter for smash lol

No. 128499

File: 1613602807571.jpg (39.94 KB, 679x373, EudoGFFXEAgTlmz.jpg)

Damn, this direct had so much animu shit going on. The joycons are the only thing that truly interest me tho, everything was rather meehh. Port here, port there. Do not care about splatoon tho. No BOTW2 but I guess we will see it at E3 this year.

How are fellow anons feeling about this direct?

No. 128500

Pretty average. I loved the splatoon3 anouncement though, I lost my shit!

No. 128501

I didn't realise Bravely 2 was a new story so now I'm just more excited to get it.

That fire emblem octopath hybrid tactical rpg lookin kinda hot. N I htink Miitopia can get me through any depression

No. 128502

File: 1613602833345.jpg (265.61 KB, 1920x1080, xfHf10t.jpg)

How do you justify buying smash dlc when the price of all 12 fighters is the same as buying the base game? I want to play with Hero and the upcoming Xenoblade characters but I can't convince myself the pricing is worth it. It's not like they'll make me better at the game. Not to mention it'll be months before the final 2 fighters in this volume are revealed. I think I'll use the money for Mario 3D World or Pikmin instead.

No. 128505

The only interesting things was the TRPG from square enix, the rest was meh.

I thought it was possible to buy DLC fighters separately.

No. 128514

i lost my fucking marbles for the new splatoon game!!! i was so certain it was just another DLC until we got to the new hub (which i guess is based on tokyo or seoul? idk but i loved it, it looks amazing). i wonder who will replace pearl and marina? either way, such a sick announcement!

anyway, new splatoon game definitely saved the whole thing for me personally - even the AC announcement was super lame, i was expecting more than just the mario collection since we've known it was coming for months. i got super excited at whatever that square enix game was too because i thought it was a new fire emblem, kek

No. 128515

I do like the joycons but you just know deep down they're made as cheaply as the current models. Lemme pay more for the same gradual drift pls.

No. 128520

File: 1613605358216.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1920x1080, Eudw8dzVgAIPy8s.jpeg)

Super excited for the new Splatoon game! Apparently it takes place in a new city called Splatsville. I really wonder what this city would have looked like if Team Order won.

The new joycons look cool but I don't really get the point of special joycons tbh. If you use them they'll eventually drift and you can't send them to Nintendo to be fixed since it's not guaranteed you'll get the same joycons back.

No. 128553

I'm kinda hyped because despite having my switch (as thus the joycons) from release date my joycons have never drifted, nintendo will fix them for free anyway

No. 128585

File: 1613648876342.png (573.38 KB, 850x394, adam driver.png)

So happy to see Adam Driver in the new Nintendo Direct!

No. 128588

File: 1613649152806.jpg (725.23 KB, 1200x1822, 1200px-Fok_Wa_Street,_looking_…)

I see it more of a hong kong kinda situation, you can see chinese gates in the trailer

No. 128591

I haven’t been able to play the previous splatoon titles, do you think I could just jump in to a new one?

No. 128595

thank you, i didn’t even see the gates! i love how they captured that big city vibe, it’s so good.

ntayrt but yes, 100%. i did it with splatoon 2, and any lore i didn’t get i just googled. the fan wiki is surprisingly detailed, and the game is really accessible

No. 128636

Stay in your thread

No. 128644

Just out of curiosity, were there controversies as bad as the Fire Emblem Fates disastrous localization that removed and replaced a lot of dialogues, the DMC reboot's incredibly shitty and lowkey racist and homophobic marketing that SJW video game journalist absolutely loved for some reason, and Mass Effect 3's shitty ending?

No. 128674

File: 1613690214045.jpg (81.39 KB, 640x360, pm2-head-86e20.jpg)

Are there any stat-building games similar to Long Live the Queen and Princess Maker? I'm mostly a casual gamer but I love these sort of games so much and can't find any.

No. 128679

this pls, he is one of the ugliest men I've ever seen

No. 128686

The tokimeki memorial series is a stat building dating game. It may not be as advanced as other stat games but it's the core mechanic next to picking outfits (if you play the girl's side version, anyway)

No. 128688

Yes I came here to recommend the TMGS games as well! They're cute and very addicting and bingeable. There's three games and naturally the third is the most polished, but the first two hold up as well. The order doesn't really matter so I would just play whichever one appeals to you the most in terms of love interests or whatever else.
The best part is that you can run them on a potato since all three are DS games and emulating them is a piece of cake.
I hope you'll enjoy them, anon! They're probably my favorite otomes and I'm also coincidentally going through one of my obsessive binging phases with one of the games so I especially felt like sperging lol

No. 128689

Maybe Palas de Reine?

No. 128692

Search for Simulation game or SLG, there's a lot of old visual novels that use those kind of systems but most aren't translated.

No. 128826

Has anyone played Pathologic? Is there a proper way to get into it?

No. 128833


No. 128834

play pathologic 2 if the first one is too intimidating. 2 is just basically an hd remake of 1 without being able to play as the other 2 characters.

No. 128853

File: 1613854412063.png (154.37 KB, 800x800, dbwsnz3-a06a3a15-3261-4d4d-af1…)

No. 128861

File: 1613857191592.jpg (14.27 KB, 384x256, Kei_(2).jpg)


Thanks for the rec, anons. I just wanted to say I would die for this man.

No. 128943

I've laughed through out the entire video lmao

No. 128948

File: 1613931425202.jpg (104.5 KB, 384x256, HEYWAITWRONGLINE.jpg)

Nope, picrel is best choice

No. 128952

i love crowbcat. I'm honestly thankful for Cyberpunk being such a disaster that it brought this channel back from the dead

No. 128953

File: 1613933004222.jpg (15.2 KB, 267x400, 20201230_210226.jpg)

>>The best part is that you can run them on a potato

Where did you play yours? I tried through dolphin however the game was lagging and screamed like a deranged banshee who is seeing her idol for the first time. I also tried through twilight menu it worked fine but I couldn't get a job or go back after looking through my emails in the game.

No. 128973

NTA but Desmume is my go-to NDS Emulator.

No. 128975

File: 1613951198602.jpg (9.71 KB, 385x101, 8th grade dropout approved.jpg)

Sometimes the YouTube sidebar can be a cold, depressing place.

No. 128983

Try the PSP versions of the game and use PSPP.

No. 129001

AYRT and yeah, desmume is also my emulator of choice. I had the same exact bug with twilight menu on my 3DS so I moved exclusively to playing them on my laptop.

I need the farmhands to spoiler this filth

No. 129226

File: 1614093616637.jpg (1.86 MB, 1920x1080, Eu5XKbOXUAEIdvX.jpg)

Bloodlines 2 delayed indefinitely and changing studio. This franchise really is cursed.

No. 129227

Oof, I wonder what is going on there. As long as the game comes out functional it's ok to delay though, seems like they have no investors or partnerships pressure for a specific release date so good for them.

No. 129228

It was supposed to come out a year ago and it was supposedly "almost done".
Then they said they still had to do mocap.
Then they fired the project manager, then the lead writer who wrote the first Bloodlines, then even the other writer left. Then it got delayed to 2021. Now they're switching studios and starting over. Situation's bad.

No. 129235

Any anons got some good recommendations for lesser known hack n slash types of games with RPG elements? 3D… 2D, doesn't matter. I've been on a Castlevania kick and I crave more.

No. 129241

I'm back after spending the last few days playing other games. I beat the game with Dante. The game was actually super short compared to what I expected and I have no idea why they used a second disc for Lucia because her route doesn't seem very different so far.

Honestly I expected DMC2 to be far worse than it is because of its reputation, and I think if it were my first game of the genre back when I was younger I would have liked it because of how easy and simple it is. But it's not worth the 5€ I spent on my copy. I'm glad I didn't spend 20€ on it for the Switch. I'll go back to Xenoblade Chronicles or DMC3 right after that.

No. 129253

Oh man. I tried to be optimistic in the beginning but this is almost guaranteed to be trash. So now they're gonna have to find a new dev team?

No. 129254

Ngl the demo they showed looked like shit. Plus, the dev team they did have didn't exactly inspire confidence in either… What could've been a mediocre game might become a giant dumpster fire.

No. 129255

I honestly liked the promotional trailer's atmosphere, but the gameplay itself sure seemed shit with the dead empty streets and the awkward combat. I wonder if they were afraid of making the same mistake CD Projekt did with Cyberpunk and that was one of the reasons for making their decision. I wish a big campany like Bethesda or something would pick it up but don't see that happening

No. 129266

If I don't count the visual novels I have on my PC I have like 20 games in my backlog. I'm getting closer to finishing my backlog, and now what I'm going to do is alternate between playing short games and long games. I'm starting 999 and I've done the first 6 chapters of Xenoblade 1 so far.

No. 129290

Are you looking specifically for "metroidvania" games with exploration, hidden items, etc. or are you ok with more linear games?

No. 129363

Outstar posted a video about the changes but I feel like she just talked a lot without saying anything. The most important information to me was that they already have a new dev team, they just haven't announced it yet

No. 129386

>>129254 Yeah, maybe having to start over will be for the best in the long run. I wasn't confident in what we already knew about the game, particularly the writing.

Tbh, I don't care too much if the combat and such is mediocre, I just want a game that actually feels like a sequel to bloodlines, with similar atmosphere and character designs.

No. 129389

Outstar is a Paradox employee, she's a literal shill who's on the company's payroll to convince customers that it's "all right guys, I tried the game and it's amazing" - just like she's been telling people for a year. I don't recommend using her as source, she's as biased as it could be.

No. 129488

>I don't care too much if the combat and such is mediocre, I just want a game that actually feels like a sequel to bloodlines, with similar atmosphere and character designs
same here tbh

No. 129495

File: 1614268149575.png (1.53 MB, 1437x639, nier.png)

I'm probably just a stupid purist too attached to the original game but I hate how they just went on and removed colors from the remaster of Nier Replicant.
Also gave everyone a tiny nose that makes them look several years younger but that bothers me less than the colors.
Full comparison video here for these who care:

No. 129496

File: 1614268603154.png (696.95 KB, 1258x358, 5.PNG)

Never played Nier but the original looks better imo, and even excluding the new models, shade and lightning wise too. But it seems to be in alpha/early stages so I will wait for an actual trailer I guess.

No. 129500

I also never played those but wtf is this art direction
>colors are removed in favor of a 'drab environment is realistic' outlook circa 2005
>but characters are made to look more uwu kawaii waifu

No. 129501

Out of fear and just overall sadness I’ve been collecting tabletop promo items… I guess I should just stick to that. I rebuild my pc last time for fallout 4 and was so disappointed and sad when 4 came out, and now I just rebuilt it again for this. Why does the universe hate vtmb so much?

No. 129504

>that anime toddler face
i wish all coomers would just kill themselves already

No. 129505

File: 1614271186776.png (693.02 KB, 1857x741, nr.png)

I feel like protagonist case is even worse, what's going on here

No. 129507

>left: a typical androgynous bishonen, could be a FF character. Kinda reminds me of Raiden. Very Nice
>right: fucking elementary school kid

No. 129558

Ugh want to play it already

No. 129850

Sorry guys I'm stupid excited for this. August 2021

No. 129857

Replicant, more like replican't

No. 129888

About Xenoblade Chronicles DE, is there any good reason to control someone other than Shulk? Because he has all the most important abilities and the AI is so shit in this game that letting him do his own thing while playing as someone else is just suicidal.

No. 129894

Isn't he supposed to be, like, 16 at the start of the game, though?? Its ugly but I understand why they tried making him look younger

No. 129918

It's been a while but iirc Melia works best when you're controlling her, because the AI has no fucking clue what to do with her. If you can somehow juggle between Shulk and Melia when you need to, it works out.

No. 130007

Dig through trash cans for needles, fish hooks, and razors then trade them to kids. Also food will get expensive, so stock up.

No. 130221

File: 1614626086303.jpg (47.83 KB, 256x392, nintendogs-chihuahua.jpg)

Nintendogs for Switch please…

No. 130223

File: 1614627440908.jpeg (81.19 KB, 1024x576, 84271316-6226-4DF5-8F7B-22264D…)

I would love that too but since this exists I’m not so sure it would happen

No. 130236

ooh, how is it different from nintendogs? and can you have a pug in it

No. 130257

Haven’t actually played it myself, from this video it doesn’t look like it, at least not at first. Honestly I think it doesn’t look as good as Nintendogs just from watching some gameplay but maybe it’s just my taste

No. 130259

I downloaded the phone version of this game but I didn't realize there it was a switch game.

No. 130261

File: 1614648165900.jpg (300.94 KB, 1500x1378, 81UWRkoJdTL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

I am yearning for a new Style Savvy. Syn Sophia just finished up working on a Dragon Quest arcade game and I've heard rumors of them developing a game for the AEW, I still can't believe they're the Def Jam Vendetta developers… I checked the Syn Sophia Twitter and it seems like they recently filled some jobs for video game developers who like "cute" things and fashion back in December, so fingers crossed its Style Savvy, and not some Pretty Rhythm arcade game.

No. 130272

File: 1614654936082.jpg (32.56 KB, 960x540, 4bgimz67iz131.jpg)

if there really is a sky daddy, there will be a new style savvy

No. 130320

I never got to have style savvy for 3DS so a pretty HD switch game would be an instant buy

No. 130356

File: 1614705752483.jpeg (266.24 KB, 828x1523, CB389C46-513B-430A-A72F-C0BC48…)

Is this real??

No. 130358

when did it come out a producer supports gamergate? this game is a fucking mess, i don't understand who even wants it other than zoomers on tiktok who think they're draco malfoy's alt gf

is it good on mobile? i'm not really interested in getting it on switch but i might consider mobile if it plays well!

No. 130368

File: 1614707268711.png (169.03 KB, 500x213, 4ffd30b8acd78dd418cae538872dbf…)

damn hi roxas

No. 130422

Bitch I want it but without tranny bullshit. I'm not even a hardcore pottersperg, but I've always wanted a quality HP game since the universe has great potential and even the 90's shitty platformers were exciting because you could experience Hogwarts

No. 130436

sounds kinda cringe to me anon

No. 130446

File: 1614736182615.jpeg (280.37 KB, 666x948, 09A4660E-17CC-418B-90E2-CF6846…)

The company that made Rule of Rose and Chulip put a poll on their site if anons want to request a port.


No. 130487

people saying JKR must be really mad now, but I think she couldn't care less and already counting her tranny money

No. 130491

why would she even be mad when she doesn't want to genocide trannies, just for them to stop silencing women

No. 130497

File: 1614771722595.jpg (182.75 KB, 1080x1618, EvZRTx3UYA0l5kV.jpg)

You know you're not forced to roleplay as trans if you don't want to, right?

No. 130507

Sure but I would prefer if this bs was kept away from the game. It will probably not affect my enjoyment that much, though. I bet the creators are trying to avoid sale drops and boycott of the game by retarded amerifag sjws. Funny how you can make your character trans, but not physically or mentally disabled (in a different way than being trans), kek.
One day the world will look back on all this shit and cringe. It's embarrassing as hell. And tbh, it doesn't even make sense in a Harry Potter world! I bet if a child has a dysphoria, they could magically fix it and give them their right body. Nobody would need to identify as trans.

No. 130508

No. 130510

>I bet if a child has a dysphoria, they could magically fix it and give them their right body. Nobody would need to identify as trans.
Very fair point actually.

No. 130512

when I was thinking about all this shit, the only situation in which a 'trans' person (not sure if children actually can even suffer dysphoria) may arrive at Hogwarts is if they're a muggle. But the issue would be solved with a selection of a proper backstory - you arrived in the wizarding world, got some medical tests done, wizard doctors found you have dysphoria, they fixed that for you and now your muggle family is in for a big surprise. That's it.
Frankly, it's even ridiculous to ponder all those posibilities in the context of a wish-fullfilment fantasy game about wizards living in a conservative society in the freaking 1800s. It's even MORE ridiculous for trans people being recognized as such, my head hurts when I think about it.

No. 130542

File: 1614785683178.jpg (150.09 KB, 483x470, 1613328620768.jpg)

>body, voice and gender separated
So they don't want their avatars to pass either?
You'd think if their end goal was being real women/men, they would just pick a normal male or female avatar

No. 130545

That's the thing, they don't want to play like a normal person and forget about this shitty world and all of the problems in it. They want to roleplay their super special snowflake gender identity.
The whole thing is ridiculous no matter how you look at it.

No. 130553

Smells more like generic character customisation like The Sims, where body shape and voice pitch can be anything, and your sex is determined by 'witch' or 'wizard'…which in universe is girl and boy obviously.

Can't wait for all the trannies to use this as a totally justifiable reason to buy the game they were desperate to play anyway, screeching 'take THAT JKR' all while paying directly into her pocket and keeping her work relevant still. The more I think about it, the more based JKR becomes. She's looking these people straight in the eye and saying 'fuck you' while taking their money. That's the level of success I want to achieve.

No. 130666

File: 1614844555456.jpg (154.82 KB, 990x553, Ri3orbi3rvi3rh83hfi3bdi3fbi3db…)

Anons, Is this a good game or woke bait?

No. 130668

I'm laughing my ass off at how people still in 2021 try to play goobergate as some far right Nazi association.

No. 130671

Do you think Bioware will also announce tranny charater creation in their games? The new baldurs gate is doing it aswell, but I'm not sure how it will work with e.g. complex romance animations and so on.

No. 130674

Don't see why not and why anyone would care.

As for bg, they had mf, ff, mm stuff planned from the beginning so the romance scene wouldn't be hard to do at all.

No. 130678

I didn't feel like playing ACNH for some time, but now I'm back to it because there's finally no more ugly snow. I'm trying to catch rare fish but it's not working. I've been told that mystery islands have a higher rate of rare fish but the info I have are kind of vague, do I need to go to specific islands or is that the case for any island? The info on rates seem to apply only to fish you can find in ponds and rivers too. And for some reason I've used like 5 baits in a row but nothing appeared until I used another one, is that a glitch?

I refuse to believe this is real. The art looks good at least but if this isn't an edit I'll never play this game.

No. 130679

I played Little Nightmares, the DLC and Little Nightmares 2 across a week and I very much enjoyed. Have you anons played?

No. 130680

i tried playing it, a couple of times but i always stopped. the story is slow-paced and the keys or coins or whatever are usually four but the time limit to get each one takes is about six hours.

No. 130684

Is this real? It looks like one of those dumb web browser games you see in a pop up. I for sure can see it being woke bait, but idk as I’ve never seen or played

No. 130685

Style Savvy needs to have a Switch release, it's one of the best selling sagas on DS/3DS even if I think Styling Star dissappointed some people

No. 130687

What is this game?
>It looks like one of those dumb web browser games you see in a pop up.
My thoughts exactly kek

No. 130689

Nta, but "the arcana".
What >>130680 said is true, I tried it too. Also found the characters kind of boring.

No. 130692

For any Anons who read stupid callout posts as a hobby like I do: https://nbapprentice.tumblr.com/post/178428435485/theres-so-so-so-much-nonsense-surrounding-this
This is why The Arcana sucks. TBH I don't care for the wokeism but the breakdown of the microtransaction scam is really interesting.

No. 130693

I thought about playing it and I like the visuals but they both seems so linear…I might try them out at some point

No. 130696

Anon, I want a solid reason to not play this game, not just Muh Moral if I support this Muh Moral.

No. 130701

meh idc it's pretty much like sims 4 then. You can separately choose voice, gender, clothes. It's a way to not really take a stance while also not alienating trannies.

No. 130722

only skimming this it reeks of moralfagging and weirdo "anti" logic. who cares if the creator ships incest.

No. 130742

Isn't it a cheap mobile VN? Just by westerners. They're never worth all the microtransactions.
Wish this style didn't catch on so hard, I'd rather just buy a fully finished game.

No. 130753

Anybody try out the Outriders demo?
I was prepared to hate it because I'm still mad at SE becuase of Deus Ex, but it was sorta fun black humor with another dumb old guy chara to get too attached too.

No. 130757

Styling Star was kind of a disappointment, but after going back and playing it again, they made a lot of good choices. The thing that sucked was the fact you couldn't make bank off of dressing up the men and I feel the hairstylist and beauty salon were so bland, there wasn't really much of a challenge when you went there.
Also, why the fuck did they get rid of the men's clothing options? We were just given everything from the get go, but it was so limited. I hope they bring it back.
Fashion Forward was definitely the most fun of the three overall, I did not like the fact it took place in real time and the clothing space was limited, but comparing all three 3DS games this one comes out on top for me.
Trendsetters is really janky if you go back and try to play it. A lot of graphical slow-downs.
But yes, it needs a Switch release. Put in all the good things that came with the previous games and mash it all into one. It will be a success.

No. 130759

Even putting the pronoun shit aside, this looks hideous.

No. 130762

File: 1614890994391.jpg (Spoiler Image,96.22 KB, 1024x576, 1614868248319m.jpg)

Rune Factory 5 bachelors looking good

No. 130763


No. 130768

I need it. I NEEEEED IT.

Who do you like best so far anon, and who was your favourite in RF4?
I love Vishnal myself! For the new ones, I'm only interested in the pink haired one and the long black haired one. The black hair one seems quite interesting since he has amnesia like the MC too iirc. The white hair one reminds me of Nagito Komaeda and I get the intense urge to bully him.

No. 130770

File: 1614894173619.jpg (120.54 KB, 864x428, haven.jpg)

nonnies, has anyone here played haven?? i just started it and i'm loving it so much.
it's an rpg where you play as thing young couple who just escaped an authoritarian regime and landed on a desert planet and basically just try to repair their aircraft
it's so refreshing to play a game with an already stablished relationship and they are super cute, tho the gameplay itself is a bit shallow

idk if I like them that much, specially the purple one, he seems like a knock-off version of Dylas or someone's fursona
white haired butterfly guy can get it tho

No. 130781

File: 1614900373344.png (133.66 KB, 257x420, 656749320453247234.png)

God I'm so ready for this game, I've been waiting for years. I know everyone is obsessed with Stardew as the best Harvest Moon-alike but RF has always been my favorite. So much more to do with a great fantasy setting. I'm interested in the knight or blacksmith. Depends on who has the cuter personality once the strait-laced exterior breaks down. Although I'm a little bummed we can't romance this dude. His Japanese seiyuu is Jotaro!

I followed it since it first got announced, then I went through a terrible breakup and have been trying to avoid anything cute and romantic so I don't have a mental breakdown. I'm glad to hear it's good though, definitely want to give it a go once I'm in a better place.

No. 130830

Any anons here tried Valheim? I’ve seen very mixed reviews. Looks fun but survival geared games tend to get very repetitive after 2-3 missions

No. 130834

File: 1614935011249.jpg (218.14 KB, 1920x1080, 2YU6KvojQimPa2ip36Xx8i.jpg)

Anyone called about Sakura: Of rice and ruins. I played the demo at E3 2017 and fell in love but it kept getting pushed back in development. Forgot about until today and I just bought it. It's pretty cheap too! I hope it's as good as the demo was.

No. 130842

Please keep us updated! Since the new Story of Seasons is garbage, I'd love to check this one out.

No. 130849

i’d love to hear your thoughts too, this looks adorable!

No. 130870

File: 1614956513933.jpg (32.61 KB, 1280x720, sorry what.jpg)

It drives me insane how the art style gradually shifted to some f2p ad supported mobile game nonsense. It's embarrassing to look at, pic related.

No. 130978

File: 1615019246493.jpg (47.86 KB, 600x338, miitopia_trailer_wigs.jpg)

I am interested in Miitopia. Is it worth getting on switch?

No. 130990

I've been avoiding any spoilers about it so this is disappointing to hear, how is it garbage??

No. 130992

Never heard about this game, but I see that it was released on 3DS first. I think I will give it a shot.
Has anyone played either the 3DS or Switch version?

No. 131001

About Valheim, I'm not playing myself but some of my friends do, by yourself it can get a bit boring but if you have people to play with and preferably even your own server, it's when it gets amazing.

No. 131029

ntayrt, but the game is not even out yet. Not sure how anon can already tell it is garbage. I think it looks very promising.

No. 131030

Only played a few hours but it's really fun, if you own a 3DS you can find a free demo on the shop. But you need to be a little bit creative with me miis to make the encounters funnier (you get to personnalize a sort of Jesus, the Demonlord and your teammates)

No. 131084

I already disliked it because it looks like cheap garbage to me. In games such as SoS or Animal Crossing, artstyle and graphics are important for the cozy atmosphere most people want from the games. But it just looks so terrible visually. Also no 2D portraits which I hate. I've also heard there's no farming festivals, which I'm not happy about. But I think my main thing is that it's just so ugly. I wish SoS games would look like old harvest moon games like Take of Two Towns - that game had gorgeous art style.

No. 131112

Okay, I downloaded the 3DS version and few hours in, it's great and rather addictive (in a good way!). The game is absolutely hilarious, but it largely depends on your set up of the team. So you absolutely should put in yourself, your friends, significant other, favorite celebrities or characters etc. Same with the Mage Jesus and the Demolord. By now, my team consists of myself, my bf, Adam Driver and Robert Smith. It's absolutely hilarious to see interactions between the team members. Since the Switch version amps the Mii customization and connectivity, it will probably be even better! I'm looking forward to buying the game for Switch unless I get bored of it. I hope it will be not as expensive as high budget Nintendo titles, but probably I'm wrong.
I'm also really looking forward to finally being able to play Skyward Sword, so I may wait and buy used Miitopia for Switch. I think it's an awesome game and cannot wait to see all the more detailed Miis of famous people/characters!

No. 131136

isn't traditional character creation trans inclusive? it literally lets you pick your gender

No. 131138

>but probably I'm wrong

It's $50 US. The Switch tax is real.

No. 131170

I want to play this but I want nintendo to release a tomodachi life sequel more
nta but it seems like some of the reviews for it were negative on the japan side. apparently they are going to release an update that helps fix things like the loading times and the characterization iirc.

No. 131574

Anyone here interested in Coral Island? It seems to have a lot of content and places to explore, and I like how (apparently) your children grow up and you actually have an affect on how the townsfolk act and grow. Also that you can adjust the time to your liking, but the artstyle just screams tumblr. The sceneries look fine but the people are honestly quite ugly to me, their 3D models too. They just look so stiff. I would be interested in the game otherwise.

No. 131577

Im pretty excited, thanks for sharing this anon. I usually feel nervous about indie games like this as they usually don't live up to the hype but hopefully, it ends up being as good as it looks!

I agree with what you said about the models. I also think that having over 40 characters is a bit….hmm.. I don't know if more is better in this type of game.

No. 131580

File: 1615383155694.jpg (165.2 KB, 935x460, Coral-Island-Dateables.JPG)

It looks artificial and corporate, the people don't look 'alive'. Their eyes are so soulless with no warmth. It's clear that the artist has a type, but in their attempt to make everyone look different they all look so… samey. I can't tell anything about their personalities from looking at them, aside from maybe the pink haired girl. And except for the manbun, every dateable guy has literally the same hairstyle. And the little girl shown in the video, her head is the same size as her ENTIRE torso. I don't mean to offend but gosh I really hate the art style. If mods come out that make the people look better to my tastes, I may try it.

No. 131589

The game looks cute but the character design is bland, ironic since we're supposed to date them. Other than that it still looks promising, the game seems to have a good team and I actually wish the kickstarter to success, but it'sstill tumblrish so I'm not really into it.

No. 131590

This is some Dream Daddy bullshit which means it'll probably be very successful.

No. 131592

They all have the same exact expression, like every one of them except that pink-haired one with the ponytail. But it's just the same Disney face repeated over and over again. And yeah all the male characters have the same hairstyle except in different ethnicities. Looks really bland.

No. 131604

The most interesting thing about it, honestly, is the fact that it's an indonesian team. That alone sort of makes me want to give them a shot but the game looks pretty generic, the models look a lot like models in games like subway surfers and the movement looks sluggish too.

They look like Lilo & Stitch background characters lol

No. 131620

No. 131843

File: 1615522943309.jpeg (223.84 KB, 1000x1412, 5084A8D9-D9DC-4068-916F-361291…)

My brother and I are both introverts and we don’t have a lot in common, but we’ve been playing this together and I really enjoy it. I’m not great at games, are there any other multiplayer PlayStation games we can play while I work on gitting gud? I want to spend more time with my bro.

No. 131846

it's got the generic disney pixar thing going on but the characters aren't that bad. the men are a bit too similar across the board though.

No. 131849

for story based games the Dark Pictures Anthology has good co-op options for online/local and while it's not really co-op playing similar cyoa style games like Until Dawn, Life is Strange or David Cage games while discussing the decisions together is a great time

Portal 2 is a co-op classic with it's own co-op story and is entirely puzzle based, the Borderlands games can be as big co-op timesinks as you want and the difficulty is mostly based on what loot you find and I had fun playing through all of the stories of Resident Evil 5 & 6, Fear 3 and Black Ops 3 in co-op which are all split-screen and you can just choose the easy modes if you're not good at shooters, also messing about with the superpowers in the open world in Saints Row 4 is a laugh in co-op but it's online only

No. 131864

File: 1615536698849.jpg (70.56 KB, 800x600, pandora-s-box_1.jpg)

How do I run a game that was made in the 90s on Windows 10?

No. 131866


No. 131876

File: 1615558151401.jpg (40.74 KB, 885x460, pandora patch.jpg)

There's a patch over on cnet if you have the retail disc version.

No. 131954

File: 1615623906964.jpg (45.11 KB, 1200x675, 20210313_092418.jpg)

Is this one going to be about a tranny? Devs hinted some time ago

No. 131964

are there any good games on the vita besides Persona 4 Golden?

No. 131967

File: 1615641062209.jpg (64.22 KB, 448x567, 1475375232672.jpg)

I used my Vita to play games I never got to play on older consoles, so what I can recommend is this
>the Dangan Ronpa series, I only really loved the first game, whether you'll like the series or not really depends on your tastes and expectations. Avoid the fanbase at all cost
>you can in theory play all the main FF games from the 1st one to 10-2
>if you like P4G, I'd recommend Persona 3 Portable. Unlike the other versions of P3 you can control all your party members just like in P4 and P4G. P1 remake and P2IS are officially available in English as well because they're PSP games but I wouldn't recommend them for every Persona fans because they have different mechanics.
>MGS2 and 3 HD. They include ports of MG1 and 2 if you want to play the very first games in the series.
>Gravity Rush is ok. I have no idea why they didn't even bother making a Vita version of the second game
>Vanillaware games are recommended, I have Odin Sphere and Dragon's Crown but I haven't tried them yet.
>the Zero Escape series as a whole

Most of the interesting games are ports or were ported to other consoles. You'll even have some games that were announced for the Vita that were cancelled and released on other consoles instead because the Switch and PS4 are more recent and/or popular, or the Vita wasn't powerful enough for these games and the devs didn't notice until later, like the AI Somnium Files or Aegis 13 whatever the title is. Some games were released only in Japan too, like Catherine Fullbody, so get it on the Switch (which includes all the DLCs) or the PS4 (DLCs sold separately). I don't regret having mine because I got it early but if I knew that I would have saved that money and spent it on a PS4 a few years later. P4G is also available on PC now btw. The only difference is that you can choose the Japanese voice acting on PC only.

No. 131969

Thanks anon! Yeah I have played Danganronpa 1 & 2 as well as some PS1 ports like FFVI and Suikoden. I'll check out the other recs

No. 131982

Didn’t LiS 2 kill the hype anyway? I just can’t see them recreating what made the first one so popular tbh

No. 131994

IDK why they insisting on sticking to this title, for me it really feels like it belonged to Max and Chloe's story and nothing else. It would be so much better if it just got a different title and was it's own story, if they really need to piggyback LiS popularity, add "from the creators of Life is Strange" on top of it. Was LiS2 in any way connected to the original one? Anything that would justify calling it the same? It was not interesting enough for me to play in the end.

No. 132063

It was more boring that LiS for sure, but some of people from twitter loved it. Imo not worth buying. Weirdly enough I liked LiS BTS that was written by a different team, when LiS 2 felt like a complete garbage to me.
They are barely getting any hype or money after LiS 2 (it flopped compared to the first one) that they had to start making comics series (with not the best artstyle) about LiS 1 so people would keep buying it.

No. 132067

File: 1615713826460.jpg (304.27 KB, 1920x1080, 544c24d6-fa4d-4c31-999a-2df4f0…)

didn't they already release a game with a tranny protagonist? are they trying to piggyback on the LiS fame with a MtF protagonist now after this game (probably) flopped?

No. 132470

File: 1615973020935.png (68.76 KB, 934x323, unknown (1).png)

I got curious if Yoko Taro, the creator of the Nier and Drakengard-series among other things, was planning on doing anything new that isn't a mobile game or collabs and found an article with some interesting excerpts from a stream right before new years.

I am so fucking ready for this.

No. 132502

Anyone here plays danganronpa?
What's your fav execution if you do?

No. 132510

Leon's execution was just so unsettling. Most of the other ones are dumb and cartoony and just good examples of dark humor but this one is just fucked up since it's literally just stoning but with baseballs. I only really loved the first game, I couldnt go through the second game because it got boring and annoying and it put me off playing the third game so I just looked up plot points and executions to see what it was about.

No. 132516

I'm playing through V3 at the moment. Honestly I don't think executions ever got more disturbing than Leon, but that's probably because it was the first one and I wasn't expecting something so dark. Chiaki's was more upsetting though

No. 132521

I think the reason why his execution is so disturbing isn't just because it's the first one, it's because of how it's presented, with his reaction once he gets dragged to the execution room, how his face his hidden once the execution is over and how everyone else reacts to it, and how the entire case was way more realistic/believable than the next ones in the entire franchise where the puzzles and mysteries get more and more over the top.

No. 132526


korekiyo execution was the most disturbing one. Even in youtube it got age-registered>>132516

No. 132529

The music for that particular one was so good ngl

No. 132566

I do. I posted this in the anime thread, but I've been playing V2 and it's so bad to me. Maybe it gets better (I think I'm halfway through chapter 3) but it's put me off from playing. The characters are literally so loud and annoying, the female ones in particular (pure waifubait). Ngl Nagito is pretty cringe too. Has anyone played it and does it get better?

My favorite execution was Mondo's. It made me tear up a little bit. He was genuinely a good character.

No. 132567

I love Life is Strange games because they're all awful, and it's hilarious to shit on them with friends. Genuine good fun, because they're genuine shit.

No. 132568

I love Rune Factory 4 so much anons. Truly my favourite game! I'm so glad it was made, and I'm so glad Rune Factory 5 will be released. I hope we won't have to wait too long for it to come out in English. I'm going to buy the deluxe version because I love this series so much.

No. 132573

I would do anything to be able to play RF4 for the first time again lmao. I really hope RF5 does well and we don't have to wait so long for a sequel!

No. 132689

How do you guys feel about the new Animal Crossing update? I hate that all the cool items are amiboo only.

No. 132712

File: 1616094018181.jpeg (124.12 KB, 800x591, EwxgakLVoAMpzl6.jpeg)

So what do you guys think: tranny or not tranny?

No. 132713

In an article she is described as a "young woman". I just hope that they are right.

No. 132715

There's an entire animal crossing thread anon! >>88648 come there
I wish sanrio items were more accessible, making them region specific amibos is unfair. Thankfully there will be some new easter items apparently

No. 132719

I couldn't care less for LiS 2 but this one actually shapes up to be interesting; the murder(?) mystery, the scenery is gorgeous, the protagonist power also is also a cool concept that can be used in a clever way, I'm actually curious about the game now and will most likely play. I know it's an unpopular opinion here but it honestly doesn't matter whether protag is trans or not, I like her design a lot, she looks like a real person, actually even reminds me of my friend a bit.

No. 132740

I'm still not done with Xenoblade Chronicles DE, but I'm in the middle of chapter 13 so I should be near the end of the game by now. I really need to get this off my chest but while I'm enjoying playing this game it's far from the masterpiece I expected. I don't get why it got this reputation as one of the best "recent" JRPGs, was it just because it was one of the very few RPGs on the Wii back then?

I already have a copy of XB2, I hope some things will be a bit more interesting than the first one, like the story or the allies' AI.

No. 132743

>the scenery is gorgeous
Not that hard to do and yet Dontnod seems to continuously fuck that up
>honestly doesn't matter whether protag is trans or not
Yes it does. Nobody gave a shit last time they did this, in fact it felt like they purposefully wrote the trans character to be an absolute asshole to everyone. Dontnod really has a hate-boner for working class white people and it shows in their writing.
>she looks like a real person
She looks like hapa Rachel Maddow lol

No. 132748

Kek anon your reply was everything I wanted to say, but couldn't.

No. 132749

Ah yes huge hate boner for white people clearly displayed in first LiS that was only about white people.
Could you at least provide one argument so we can have a discussion or will you be just like NO.

No. 132754

I thought 2 was a bloated mess, not to say it wasn't fun to play. Not story related but the DE you're currently playing has a lot of quality of life stuff you're going to miss in the next game.

No. 132765

I'm genuinely curious about how this game will do in terms of sales/popularity. I don't really understand it myself, but apparently the Chloe/Max relationship in the first game was a big draw for people, and might have been part of the reason the sequel didn't do as well.
>>132712 They already made one game with a tranny Mc so I doubt they'd do another so soon.

No. 132782

Don't bother trying to get through to people with brain worms tbh, she's made up her mind cause ree tranny ree sjw

No. 132784

>I wish sanrio items were more accessible, making them region specific amibos is unfair.
Nintendo made villagers, Aliexpress made them equal.

No. 132789

It looks underwhelming for some reason. Hope I'm wrong.

Is the art style somehow different or is it just me?

No. 132800

What quality of life features am I gonna miss in XB2? Since I'm about to beat XBDE soon I might as well know what to expect now.

No. 132802

File: 1616144569532.jpg (298.54 KB, 1920x1080, 20210319_002429.jpg)

I feel like her head is too small for her body. Also the ability is boring as shit, and it's obvious they are going to throw all the twitter bs here.

It is funny how they keep milking LiS 1, because no one cared about LiS 2 so they created a "remastered" version of it so people would buy the same game again.

No. 132805

No fun allowed anons aside I find the game really pretty too, the town/city is filled with plants and flowers it's so aesthetically pleasing.

Also if you want to confirm the character as a tranny or not just check the VA, they would (most likely) never hire a cis woman for a tranny role right.

No. 132812

In 2, the menus can take years off your life and the fucking map system is another story. It's a massive game and it would occasionally be nice to have a clear reminder where quest 52,932 completes.
The menus were streamlined for XBDE and the maps were functional. Small things but god, it made a huge difference.

No. 132822

the game is being made by the deck nine instead of dontnod so they changed the style. personally I liked the old style better
honestly I wish they would stop. idk if it's just redditors being redditors but some of the obsessive shippers for the original life is strange weird me out. they remind me of male madoka fans

No. 132823

So there's no marker for enemies you need to beat for specific quests or items you need to obtain on the maps? Fuck, I guess I won't bother with the quests unless they're actually interesting.

No. 132829

You might not find it as awkward as I did. 2 was my first XB and I struggled with just about everything.

No. 132832

I absolutely agree, I had friends hype it up for me for years until I got it for switch and it's an incredibly generic jrpg with less than mediocre battle system.

Though I sorta have the same feelings regarding Bravely Default, extremely mediocre game with cookie cutter characters. Loved the battle system though, it was the only thing that made me play the game until it the end.

No. 132840

Maybe you're right, it took me some time but I'm now used to the gameplay in XB1 and I doubt XB2 is too different from the first game.

>with less than mediocre battle system.
True. I wish there was a demo on the eshop so I knew what to expect. I'm way more used to turn-based combat in RPGs or straight up action games, so I hate not being able to control all the party members and I feel like it would have been WAY better if it was possible to switch between your three chosen party members mid-battle to actually use strategies or at least compensate for the shitty AI. Kind of like what you can do in Sword of Mana.

Speaking f Bravely Default, I bought a copy of the game in 2017 and never had enough time to play it but it's next in my backlog. I loved FF3 on the DS back when it was released so I have a feeling I'll love this game too, but then again I already know what to expect since I've played the older FF games and it's obviously trying to reference them a lot.

No. 132843

I have similar proportions… fuck now I'm self conscious about my head size

No. 132846

Anon-chan, it's just on other screenshots it looks like as if her head was copypasted onto her body. Also its a fictional characters so you gotta calm down.

No. 132855

Her feet are what look tiny

No. 132868

File: 1616191769055.jpg (74.6 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)

A YTer I follow recently started playing Rakuen, I really want to watch it to see his reactions but I also know I'm going to get emotional as soon as he starts it.

I usually don't cry to media in general, but Rakuen is the first to ever make me fucking ugly cry. Just listening to the soundtrack years later makes me cry. It's a really, really good game with a beautiful story that knows how to hit your weak points even when you at times figure out what is going to happen next. More people really need to play it because it really is an unforgettable experience.

No. 132901

>clearly displayed in first LiS that was only about white people
And the subsequent games? Life is Strange 2, every single "bad guy" in any episode was a white guy, lol. A white guy in some position of authority, usually. I think the only exception was the black guy in the pot farm.

No. 132923

Haven't played LiS2 but scrolled through character list on wiki and there's like 4-5 POC in the cast of about 40 characters, statistically it makes sense a villain would be white too, but given theres 30+ white people there I still can't see how is it a hate boner. It's exactly the same in Before the Storm. Why people freak out after getting one (1) POC protagonist every once in a while?

No. 132941

File: 1616258256393.jpg (13.96 KB, 967x544, David-o-padrasto-de-Chloe-em-L…)

Different anon. I wouldn't say the writers had a "hate-boner" for white people, they were just trying to be topical. Lis2 was clearly written in reaction to trump, and as a result there's some hamfisted dialogue,as well as a few characters that are just one-dimensional racist assholes.

It's kind of dissapointing compared to the first game where even the asshole characters like David, Frank, and Nathan had some depth and sympathetic aspects to them.

No. 132950


who tf cares you tards. What counts is that we have an awesome female asian protagonist in the next game and not a dumb scrote or tranny. It's a win for us.

No. 132952

I still have to play this one. I know it's gonna get to me. Laura Shigihara's vocals for To The Moon always gets me, no matter what.

No. 132971

File: 1616270470284.jpg (185.63 KB, 1280x720, back to the grind.jpg)

I love Bravely Default mostly because I fall for any rpg with a job system but I just finished BD2. The gameplay is fun although it feels like you're mechanically forced into certain builds for a few boss fights. My gripe is the story though. Either COVID threw a wrench into production or they straight up felt it could be released unfinished and no one would care.

No. 132976

Hey do you need to have played BD1 and second to understand BD2? Because I want to play it but I've forgotten like all the plot and I haven't finished second

No. 132978

It's not really connected at all, besides the presence of important crystals.

No. 132992

Anons are witcher 2 and 3 more or less coomerish than witcher 1?

I just finished playing the first one and i'm halfway through sword of destiny, enjoyed the gameplay,characters and overall setting and i was able to ignore shit like the women trading cards but got spoilered over the wild hunt being big baddies who want to forcibly impregnate ciri and i fucking hate how yennefer is treated in the books i've read so i'm wary of playing 2 and 3.

No. 132995

Thank you, I'll get it

No. 132997

I think 2 is similar to 1, been a while since I've played it, 3 is significantly less though.

No. 133009

np anon, hope you enjoy!

No. 133026

Bro I don't fucking care if the protagonist is a girl this time around. It's Dontnod, she's going to be poorly written, and there will be unnecessary "teen" drama wherein a situation that could be resolved with something simple will be drawn out and tediously resolved over the course of 5 episodes.

No. 133058

This. At first LiS seemed like a cool and muh ~ evolutionary ~ game but over years you realise that the storyline is shit and the only people who would fangirl over it are teenagers. Second part was even worse.

Also this time the game won't have episodes.

No. 133065

I usually think games with emotional stories tend to be a bit manipulative with how they lay out the story and music, but the projects she takes part in somehow feels pretty genuine. They hit all the right spots.

No. 133346

File: 1616516567420.jpg (2.5 MB, 1920x1080, nws_Switch_MonsterHunterRise_H…)

Any other anon planning to play MonHun Rise? The reviews are in and everyone seems very excited about this one, makes these last two days of wait almost unbearable

No. 133351

No. 133367

Nah that anon is just retarded and possibly anime poisoned. Don't fret, your body is fine.

No. 133368

do any of you anons still play any mmorpgs or anything lol?

No. 133380

File: 1616532422043.jpg (164.65 KB, 1600x900, sakuna-nintendo-switch.jpg)

I been playing the game is been fun. It looks exactly like th demand the picreal, which is fantastic. The camera is free floating for some areas so you can place it however you want but it doesn't track so you will probably have to adjust it every so often. Other areas it's locked to a set position. The beginning very slow as up can't do much until you finally grow rice. I feel like the pic i posted the first time was a bit misleading as the game is about rice field but it's also an action game. The fighting mechanic imo.are really fun and easy to use.

I will also say I did not expect the story to go the way it did based off of what I played on the demo but nonetheless it's great and Is recommended it.

No. 133383

I am so fucking ready for Rise I got the deluxe edition and all the amiibos. Now hoping my gamestop doesn't fuck it up like they did my Harvest Moon preorder.

No. 133385

File: 1616533695658.jpg (8.5 KB, 189x266, pobrane.jpg)

No. 133387

I got Elder Scrolls Online and it's pretty fun but I'm a super casual player and I like it mostly for being able to visit various places in Tamriel and to read books. I learned a lot about Tamriel lore which I find really interesting.
By the way anons which TES race is your favorite? Mine are the Dunmer, for their culture and architecture. Being in morrowind somehow reminds me of the ancient sumerians but I don't know why.

No. 133396

Seeing all the loading issues with Story of Seasons is so depressing. I hope they fix it soon like they said. Even then I still feel kind of iffy about getting it.

Also I don't think it can match Trio of Towns

No. 133397

oh fuck i want to download ESO so badly but i only have like 90gb of storage left, what a shame.

>By the way anons which TES race is your favorite?

i don't pick them very often but argonians are the shit. imagine being some poor sod in the empire, barely alive from the oblivion crisis while some lizards on steroids in a swamp are literally invading hell. also they're the only race that didn't look that shitty in TES IV, their colors were so pretty and vibrant.

No. 133398

Oh wow i'm envious, amiibos are so hard to get in my country, but i'll probably get it somehow beacuse I want that sweet Magnamalo armor too. Fingers crossed there will be no delay! I'm sticking to digital so the game is already preloaded and hopefully playable on midnight. Hope there will be enough content to play it for weeks to come!

No. 133401


I really liked the demo and had no idea there were amiibos.

No. 133439

File: 1616557470361.png (232.79 KB, 258x386, Kingdoms_of_Amalur_Reckoning_c…)

Just wanted to come here to gush and vent.
I'm replaying Kingdoms of Amalur and I had forgotten how amazing it is. The music, the story, the lore, the mechanics. I know the character creation and overall content is lacking compared to others like it but. I'm just so sad there's not a chance to ever get a sequel unless some other company buys the rights. I think the music is what really does it for me. Most of the tracks are so calming. And the overall atmosphere is amazing.

No. 133463

File: 1616576349534.gif (2.57 MB, 500x231, tumblr_994d3c6cad46a25b6c38cdd…)

I didn't care about the lore too much but I agree, it's really fun. I love the combat, it makes me feel so powerful. My favorite weapon are the chakrams. The world was so pretty and memorable, especially that gardeny elf city, the desert city and the dark elf city. (I forgot their names…) damn it was a pretty good game actually, I should play it again too. Thanks for reminding me
I love the argonians too, argonia is so interesting. I remember reading some book in skyrim about how you can go underground through a hist tree and travel in some bubbles or something, I don't even remember it was so absurd

No. 133535

You girls made me want to check this game out! I never heard about it. How strong are the characters? This being a western game, I don't expect a Final Fantasy tier focus on them, but it would be nice if they were at least a bit memorable…

No. 133548

File: 1616611093676.jpg (413.02 KB, 1920x1254, katie-beth-tutt-camelworks-roo…)

ohh you mean the rootworms? yeah it's such a weird and cool concept, i wonder if the people who write the lore were on crack when they came up with it kek

No. 133552

File: 1616612885455.png (17.49 KB, 697x214, DKFTATT.png)

The characters are the absolute weakest point of the game. The quests are interesting, the lore is too but there are absolutely no fleshed out characters. You learn a bit about them from their quest and then you never see them again. But I didn't mind that because the quests were usually interesting as I said.
Yeah that's the one, I hope the next game is set in argonia so we can experience all the weird things in it. Also I read that rumor that MIchael Kirkbride was high as fuck when he wrote the 36 lessons of vivec, sure it's just a rumor but I don't doubt he took some substances when I read what he wrote here

No. 133677

Spoilers for Dangaronpa V3
Just finished chapter 3 and I gotta say, Kiyo being the culprit was the most obvious one in the series since Leon. His execution was brutal though. I hope Kaito dies soon.
Also, is there any real reason to use the casino?

No. 133679

The new Story of Seasons game is so disappointing. I'm glad I didn't waste my money on it. I really don't like this new producer for the series. He makes it feel so empty.

>Also, is there any real reason to use the casino?
Not really

No. 133941

File: 1616865370024.jpg (212.43 KB, 1920x1080, resident-evil-4-image-13.jpg)

So I'm warming up to the Resident Evil franchise and after finishing 7 I started 4 because I read somewhere that the upcoming Resi game is inspired/will contain elements of 4. Boy, is it a wild ride lmao. And do I suck or is it ridiculously hard? I'm playing it in easy mode but I don't think I died this often in a video game before. But so far I'm loving it, it's a good mixture of action, horror and goofy comedy

No. 133942

are you playing on PC? try not using too many bullets - you should be shooting at their heads only and if you can't then shoot their legs and go knife em till they die

No. 133943

Im really enjoying the new SOS, it reminds me a lot of harvest moon animal parade. There's quite a lot to do and the characters are interesting imo.

No. 133945

Do you die to the zombies or the QTEs? If it's the later you're not the only one, a lot of people bashed the game at its release because of the overabundance of (often unnecessary) QTEs. The boulder one is pretty infamous iirc.

No. 133949

I remember having a hard time in Salazar’s castle

No. 133950

Harvest Moon is my all time fave franchise and I've been dying for a new game since Trio of Towns, but when I heard about the complaints from the Japanese fanbase, I cancelled my pre-order for Pioneers of Olive Town. Would you say that those issues are neglible and the game is still playable? Does it feel unfinished or lacking? Also, what about it reminds you of Animal Parade? AP is one of my favourite games in the series, so I'm especially curious.

No. 133951

I really wish there was a demo. At full price, it just seems too expensive for a game that looks like a two week dev cycle mobile game.

No. 133956

Yes, on PC! Thanks for the tip.
The QTEs, mainly, they are ridiculous lol

No. 133959

I think they know it too, kek. The Doraemon game had a demo, but Mineral Town didn't.

No. 134003

It reminds me of AP because of the feel of the city and the way the characters interact with each other. I think AP had better dialogue and cutscenes but if I was to compare it to any other harvest moon game I'd say that one. It was my favourite HM game as well. I'm not going to say its perfect but since it came out I've played if for 10 hours now and it's enjoyable. My only criticism so far is the makers are pretty annoying but it's easy to get by and my game got stuck on a loading screen once and I had to lose my progress so that sucked but it was easy enough to get back. I am noticing a tiny bit of lag but it doesn't really bother me that much but it is weird that it happens. Maybe I'm too forgiving because Im not sure that it feels unfinished or lacking.

I love the new crafting system and collecting items like stardew as it gives you something to work towards each day past the villagers and animals or just cleaning up the farm. I love the idea of helping build up the city as well. The character designs are good and the models look really good, I hated the chibi aesthetic of the past games that made us all look like children.

I wouldn't say to go into it expecting a perfect or amazing harvest moon game if your a long term fan because I imagine expectations are high due to love of past games. If your really nervous whether you wont like it or not just watch a few let's plays and see how you feel, that's what I did and I found myself thinking that I wanted to play, or wait till its on sale.

No. 134010

File: 1616930542990.jpeg (60.57 KB, 250x355, 4D86ED6C-4288-4E80-AE63-CB901C…)

Thank you so much for the input! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far. That's really good advice about watching let's plays— why didn't I think of that lol? In any case I feel more informed about my potential buy. I hope you have even more fun and marry the bachelor or bachelorette of your dreams! (Picrel is us hugging)

No. 134011

Aw anon! it's no problem, I married toby in HM:AP so this is such a cute picture. I hope you enjoy it if you do choose to buy it :)

No. 134020

I hope you gals can help me out because this is driving me crazy.
Yesterday I had a extremely vivid flashback of playing a game where basically the player character is very small and running around a race track /obstacle course in a house. The course was made out of everyday objects, kind of like those rube goldberg machines people make for ping pong balls, but hasn't been deliberately arranged for the player character.
The player is about 5cm tall but i don't remember if it was a person or an animal or whatever. I remember different rooms in the house were different levels, for instance the kitchen might have flames on the cooker you had to avoid, a wooden spoon laid against a pan you had to run up. The laundry room had soap you could slip in etc. I think there was a cat you had to avoid at some point too. There weren't any other people to race against, it was more like a time trial thing. Imagine single player Gangbeasts with the view set side on.
I'm guessing it's over ten years old based on how old the memory is, I don't know which format it's in either. I may have only played it once at somebody else's house.
Please help, I really want to play this game again

No. 134024

>What were the graphics like? Isometric, 3D, etc?
>Can you remember if it was handheld or console or on a computer?
>Was there any dialogue in the game?
>Can you remember anything about the soundtrack or sound effects?

I have no idea what game it could be, but these questions might help some other Anons narrow it down. Good luck!

No. 134025

File: 1616942077891.jpg (34.43 KB, 446x289, screen_chibiroboteacup-e130598…)

was it chibi robo?? never played it so idk if there's racing but everything else seems right.

No. 134028

I realise in the OP when I said Gangbeasts i meant Fall Guys, sorry.
>What were the graphics like? Isometric, 3D, etc?
3d graphics definitely. The camera was computer controlled and moved a little but not much, always side on. It was sort of like a platformer, the pc moved around the room from roughly left to right, but also up and down (onto shelves and the floor etc). I remember being frustrated that I couldn't freely explore the house and that I was limited to the track. The track was only loosely drawn out by things like spilled sugar packets and dropped spoons, it was all very accidental.
The general design wasn't very stylised, like the 3d models of things weren't overly complicated (this was probably 10+ years ago) but not cartoonish either. Boxes of laundry soap and soup and ketchup had fake but plausible labels, for instance.

>Can you remember if it was handheld or console or on a computer?

It was most likely a console. My best friend had a gamecube and other friends had ps2s. It wasn't a game I owned or I would have played it to death, I know that much, and I only had a gameboy colour.

>Was there any dialogue in the game?

No, no character development at all. You were just a small thing running around somebody's house, gotta go fast, try not to die.

>Can you remember anything about the soundtrack or sound effects?

That's not a thing I remember at the best of times, unfortunately.
Good questions anon, thanks.

This is a really good guess! It's similar to this but more realistic and not open-world. It was around this era or maybe later, I strongly get the feeling it was a western American game.

Anyone know where else I can ask without making a Reddit account?

No. 134029

Maybe on /v/.

No. 134032

File: 1616950698087.png (113.78 KB, 798x596, clockwork-knight-saturn.png)

Shot in the dark because it's substantially older than PS2 or Gamecube, but could it be Clockwork Knight on Sega Saturn?

No. 134035

No, that Chibi Robo screenshot is a lot closer. Thanks anyway.
I'll get over my 4chan fears and ask on /v/ >>134029

No. 134038

Ah, bummer! Figured it was a long shot since this was older and somewhat obscure, but my memory of it matched your description pretty closely so I thought I'd mention it. You've piqued my curiosity, let us know if you find out what it was!

No. 134047

File: 1616959731317.jpg (57.2 KB, 604x604, 61209c71b83f3f1b8b08e28c003f32…)

I just got into older games and I downloaded some emulators for ps2, gamecube and dreamcast. Does anyone have any game recommendations? I never had these consoles growing up so I'm really looking to try some of your girls' favourites

No. 134048

Kya: Dark Lineage and Okami are my favorite games for the PS2

No. 134055

It's official, Xenoblade 1's party member AI is the worst I've ever seen in my life. I'm never going to complain about Persona 3's AI again.

No. 134058

File: 1616965658372.jpeg (142.91 KB, 750x562, 4DB6A6BF-351B-44A4-85AD-F5C3FC…)

On Gamecube I really enjoyed Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, Animal Crossing, Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness, and Ocarina of Time. I also liked the PS2 Naruto game!

No. 134061

If it helps, Sharla isn't even useful if you control her. The medic with a shotgun thing seems interesting on paper but it's like they set out to code her as completely incompetent at basic tasks.

No. 134063

okami, yakuza, bully, samurai champloo sidetracked and the petz series are a few i would personally go for

No. 134066

It's been a while since I used Sharla because of how useless she becomes once you get more party members. I was stuck in a fight with the chapter 15 boss, and as soon as I have to beat other enemies on the map to prevent an attack from the boss Reyn and Riki were just not moving instead of following me. Despite the fact that I chose either the "stay behind me" option and the "focus on the target option" to make them follow me.

No. 134068

Any game recs for a cheap laptop that can only play games from the 2000's? I really enjoy Half-Life and Bioshock so games similar to that would be cool.

No. 134072

anon, I was playing BD2 ever since release day but I got stuck on that part right after we get the fire crystal and there's the fight between the dragon god and Adam or whatever his name was and I just could not go on because the story was so fucking shit at that point.
Does is get any bit better?? Was this really supposed to be the Adelle chapter like the previous one was about Elvis? Because, holy shit, was I disappointed. The cast here really is so meh compared to the initial BD.

Not sure how helpful it will be since both of my favorite games from that era have remakes that made them much better to play but I absolutely love both TLOZ: The Wind Waker and Odin Sphere.

No. 134087

Here are my personal faves for PS2/GC, various genres:
>Silent Hill 2
>Rule of Rose
>Metal Gear Solid 1-3
>Animal Crossing
>Fatal Frame
>The Dog Island (PS2 version)
>Shadow of the Colossus
>Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 if you want to play retarded, but fun weeby shit
>Urbz if you like sim games and fashion
>Xenosaga 1-3
I will add when I remember more, my mind is kinda blank ATM and I cannot remember the more obscure titles
I second Yakuza, Okami and Bully as well

No. 134099

waiting for pc release…

No. 134101

On gamecube I have very fond memories of Super Monkey Ball, don't know how easy that is on pc though.

No. 134102

>.hack//GU (though there is a pc/ps4 remaster you might want to play instead since it includes extra game chapter)
>haunting ground
>forbidden siren (if you want more horror)

No. 134106

How about Portal or Fable? Also not really the type of gameplay you're looking for, but RPGMaker horror games can run on a potato. You might enjoy End Roll or Satsuriku no Tenshi. The stories are interesting/dark/trippy like Bioshock.

No. 134111

For Dreamcast I semi-recently replayed Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi, both fun games. I also really recommend Space Channel 5. I played other Dreamcast games but I think I’m fond of them mostly out of nostalgia.

No. 134149

I ordered myself two games for the Switch and I'm so excited to play both. So glad I saw the promo on gamestop that let me get one of the games discounted. I do hate that I debated with myself to the point where one of the games I originally wanted sold out online but I can always get it later when there is a sale/price drops. I ended up getting Dragon Quest XI and Luigi's Mansion 3. Dragon quest was a must for me since it's one of my favorite series and I liked what I tried on my PC but my PC could barely run it (and it was on game pass so didn't waste money.) Luigi's mansion was my third choice but like I said the game I wanted originally sold out (story of seasons: pioneers of olive town.) I am happy story of seasons sold out; been looking forward to playing Luigi's Mansion 3 since it was announced, it's one of my favorite nintendo series, and it looks way better then the second one. I normally hate buying myself stuff but I decided to treat myself since I never buy myself anything.

No. 134162

My fav PS2 games were Fatal Frame 2 and Final Fantasy X-2 and XII. Also loved Haunting Ground

No. 134164

nta but I used to play this game on my Sega Saturn and this screenshot brought all the memories back!!! omg I love you

No. 134167

File: 1617005393155.png (191.42 KB, 266x377, Vampire_-_The_Masquerade_–_Blo…)

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines? It has flaws (bugs) but the atmosphere is on point

No. 134182

File: 1617012691967.jpg (37.32 KB, 540x320, 1583769129134.jpg)

I'm finally in the last chapter in Xenoblade Chronicles 1 and I said earlier in the thread I expected some kind of masterpiece instead of a slightly above average JRPG. Well, I just saw someone on /v/ saying that the generic fantasy manga/JRPG story was always praised in the West because the original game on the Wii didn't really have an "anime" aesthetic and was played by Westerners who usually hate everything "anime" so it was their first time seeing this kind of very generic story. This makes so much sense. I'll never follow recommendations from Americans who despises Japanese video games ever again.

No. 134198

These two games are really good, anon!!! I absolutely loved Dragon Quest 11. I was not really a DQ fan and only got into the series because of Builders and was so surprised with 11 because I generally have 0 patience with traditional RPG tropes and silent protagonists but the game is just so vibrant and fun.

No. 134218

File: 1617038665667.jpg (94.04 KB, 800x600, 41-BL20-201.jpg)

I really enjoyed that game. Played as a Malkavian

No. 134389

Lots of great recommendations ITT! For Dreamcast would second all mentioned in >>134111 and add ChuChu Rocket! and Rez. For PS2 I'd suggest the Dark Cloud series and the TimeSplitters series (2 being the best and where I recommend starting), and for GameCube, F-Zero GX is a must!

That's awesome anon, I'm glad I could help you conjure up some good memories!! I love that about games, how vivid the memories can be, even if it's been so long since you've thought about them. I guess the qualities that make the experience more immersive are also ones which lend themselves to memory formation, like you've got audio and visual stimulation through the graphics and music, then you have the interactivity with the environment—the control scheme and physics of your character in the world (and the inherent muscle memory you develop as you master the controls), the sound effects which enhance interactivity/immersion, the capacity for exploration and discovery, the sense of achievement as you progress—all providing more associations to strengthen the memories formed. But I'm just riffing here I don't really know what I'm talking about kek

No. 134425

File: 1617186295121.gif (1.73 MB, 477x387, 07408fc841f4b004e8172ac06aa081…)

Finished the game, mini-review incoming!! It was a LOT of fun. Initially I hated the quick time events because I felt like they broke the immersion but looking back they really set the pacing of the game and helped it to always feel varied and they kept the players on their toes at all time. I loved the characters and even the cutscenes were a lot of fun to watch because of the cheesy dialogue and the hammy delivery. Leon has a special place in my heart now.
>do I suck or is it ridiculously hard?
So I read up on the game and it turns out it has a dynamic difficulty setting. Meaning that if you have an easy time with the enemies, the game will dial up the difficulty (the enemies are quicker, deal more damage and drop less resources) and if you struggle a lot, it will be easier (fewer, weaker enemies and you find more ammo). I would like to think that the reason I found it difficult because the game felt that I was a pro lmao. Another thing I noticed is that the more I used a particular weapon, the less ammo I found for it. My favourite was the rifle and the shotgun, so towards the end of the game my inventory was chock full of handgun and magnum ammos but I couldn't find any rifle or shotgun ammo for the life of me. All in all, recommended for anyone who likes fast paced action games

No. 134428

I don’t normally frequent this thread, just saw the gif on the homepage. But I’m glad to see you enjoyed RE4 so much anon! It feels like a classic at this point in my opinion.

No. 134433

i have completely forgotten how to set up an emulator and everytime i look up those instructional videos i get a headache

No. 134435

Which emulator is it? Some versions of them have the plugins installed already

No. 134623

Sims 2. Relatively easy to pirate even though it took me a whole day to download it lol. And it's a game that's hard to get board with imo.

No. 134625

DQ11 was very fun for me also. I loved exploring new places the most, however near the end of the game I think they did something dumb with the story but I won't spoil what. Like the other Anon said, the characters are also very enjoyable. I love Jade.

No. 134666

I finally beat Xenoblade 1. The last few quests I had left required me to have party members' levels in the 90s and I really didn't have the patience for that so I'll just unlock everything in a second playthrough later since there's a NG+ feature. I was actually underleved for the final boss fight. I'll try the additional chapter with Melia soon.

No. 134835

File: 1617462072170.jpg (530.25 KB, 1080x1620, IMG_20210403_170112.jpg)

Deadly Premonition anons, let's get onto it!

No. 134836

Anons, any recommendations for PS3 hidden gems? Japanese exclusives? I tend to lean towards hack and slash and action adventure styled gameplay, but I am hungry for some cutesy, life sims, and puzzle types as well.

For some reason I'm thinking of Katamari Damacy or the Toy Story 2 game.

No. 134838

>PS3 hidden games
>I tend to lean towards hack and slash and action adventure styled gameplay
El Shaddai

No. 134839

this game looks really fun. i'll have to check it out, thank you!

No. 134963

just finished the 2nd arc in Rune Factory 4 and I love this game overall but the plot is killing me. It's my fault for assuming the saving Venti storyline would be over by the end of act 2 but I'm starting to get annoyed. I feel like most of the game she's been asleep/sick at this point and I just want to enjoy the town with everyone around.

No. 135026

I get that anon. Last time I played it I felt the same. I just wanted Venti back ASAP, so I could have her be there for mine and Vishnal's wedding and our child's birth. What I did was set the game mode to easy (no shame) and tamed a Minotaur king from Sharance Maze. Then in one of the final dungeons I tamed Death Wall (you have to beat him first). Death Wall is pretty easy to tame because he wants ice cream, and if you go to the bath house with Vishnal in your party (I would recommend getting the free bath order ASAP) he'll give you ice cream when you get out if your friendship is hard enough. Doing this helped me get Venti back relatively quickly and now I'm just enjoying town and farm life and waiting for Vishnal to propose. The 3rd Arc is the final Arc.

No. 135455

New gameplay video from Resident Evil Village. The more footage I see the more I want to play it and the less sure I am whether my laptop will actually be able to run it kek

No. 135500

I just finished Danganronpa V2: Goodbye Despair and I don't understand why everyone thinks Nagito and Hajime are/were a pairing at all? I mean there were literally no romantic or powerful feelings between the two. The only part I can think of is when Nagito was infected with the Despair Disease and he told Hajime he wanted him to stay, but that is all. I'm not trying to put a realistic standard for romantic relationships between two video game characters, but it doesn't even make sense to put them together. Where did this come from? It seems to be such a big thing in the fandom and I'm just confused.

No. 135501

no offence anon, but have you been living under a rock? The internet does this every time two male lead characters have more than 3 seconds of screen time alone together

No. 135504

Maybe anon was hoping for an actual canon content featuring those two characters (even if it was not romantic in nature) and ended up being disappointed

No. 135506

I get it now, thanks for replying anon.
I don't mind that they're not together canonically or anything, I was just confused when I saw all this content about them being in love. I thought there was additional content I missed or something.

No. 135575

File: 1617788266189.jpg (155.14 KB, 1123x939, 20210407_113702.jpg)

Why does twitter complain and hate this new Mercy skin so much? I think it's nice because it's finally not a skin that screams ~ subby kawaii healer uwu ~. Seeing her with different hair is great too, I wish she had short hair by default.

No. 135576

File: 1617789048019.jpeg (97.55 KB, 500x603, 6089808E-7E3C-4519-BAFC-4FC857…)

I’m not an owfag but the hair is the worst part about it imo. I like that it’s different but I think there would have been less backlash if they at least kept her blonde. It would look better if they changed her hair to brown or made it look like picrel instead of chunky poly wig.

No. 135577

File: 1617789929240.jpg (229.64 KB, 1920x1080, 20210407_120527.jpg)

I think it looks cute because she matches with Pharah now

No. 135587

Don't care about Overwatch but Mercy's new hair is a major improvement. Personally I'm not a big fan of earthy tones but they look good on her

No. 135687

File: 1617824965772.jpg (1.88 MB, 2560x1370, Warframe017.jpg)

I built this warframe a while back and the Mandachord shitposting is the only real fun I have with this game.

No. 136296

Has anyone heard of PUNISHING: Gray Raven. It seems to be a 3d gacha game like genshin but only on mobile. I hope it moves to other platforms, the characters look so cool and the attacks look fun.

No. 136298

No. 136388

This reminds me more of Honkai than Genshin

No. 136455

I finally got the games I ordered! I had to contact customer support for help because my mail wasn't updating. They sent out replacements for me since they heard I couldn't get in contact with my local carrier and customer support refused to help.

I haven't started Dragon Quest 11 yet but I am loving Luigi's Mansion 3. I am going through it rather quickly but it feels natural and not rushed like Dark Moon felt to me. I thought I was going to have a tough time Boo hunting since I'm playing on a switch lite and I don't have a controller to give me rumble feedack. Turns out its much easier to hunt boos with Goo-igi so that's what I've beem doing. I love everything about the game so far. All the boss ghosts are so different and great.

No. 136488

File: 1618076088317.jpeg (380.32 KB, 600x800, Shin Megami Tensei IV.jpeg)

I finally beat SMT IV after like 3 months. I really liked this game but honestly I would never replay it. It was so stressful and the atmosphere is so oppressive that it actually had an effect on my mood even when I wasn't playing it

No. 136490

File: 1618079040980.jpg (249.4 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)

Anyone else playing subnautica? It's free for the ps4 right now! It plays way better on pc though but hey, free game is free.
I'm so hooked on it that I'm actually getting sleep deprived from staying up late playing it. I think I'm nearing the end game now but I don't wanna finish it yet so I'm putting off exploring the last few locations lmao. I'm also scared shitless of going any deeper so there's that.

No. 136497

It's a masterpiece, I loved the weird, scary atmosphere in this game so much it's one of my favorite games ever. Which ending did you get? I was pissed off when I got the law ending so I did a NG+ run to get the chaos ending and didn't play it again. If you really don't want to do another run I'd recommend SMT4 Apocalypse, the atmosphere is different but you get a lot of backstory for the characters that were already implied in SMT4 or that were meant to be explicitly shown before the devs removed like 1/3 of the story.

No. 136498

I actually got the Neutral ending by accident, which I've been told is ridiculously hard to do without a guide because you have to have a very specific alignment when you get to the alignment lock.
It kind of makes sense though, since I spent all of the game up until Lilith agreeing with Jonathon and then the rest of the game telling him to go fuck himself, so I got lucky and my alignment balanced out.

No. 136501

Yeah you got lucky. I think the reason why I didn't get the neutral ending was because most of the time I was giving sincere answers, and once you see the PNC telling your alignment I tried too hard to get the neutral ending and I had no idea that some of the mandatory answers/actions you have to "choose" once you have to explore Akira's worlds could ruin everything.

No. 136513

I liked playing this at first, but after where you get locked into your path or basically when your teammate gets replaced my interest really dwindled. But the first 2/3ds of the game was great

No. 136517

File: 1618095901661.jpg (121.49 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

SMT anons, do you recommend SMT 3 Nocturne, since remaster is going to be out on Switch in a month? Which SMT game in general you think it's the best one?

No. 136529

File: 1618101140316.png (387.03 KB, 700x766, 24.png)

It's easily the strongest game in the series imo in every category besides combat, with the weakest being SMT4A, so yes! I might even recommend playing the playstation version over the "remaster." Aside from a couple qol changes, all it adds is goofy voice acting, uglier graphics, a very bizarre font choice, and a $60 price tag.

No. 136530

File: 1618101321860.jpeg (67.32 KB, 720x576, D9C7A363-15EF-414B-B920-0D1085…)

Nocturne is excellent, definitely my favorite Megaten game next to Digital Devil Saga

No. 136533

Thanks, I'm hyped now! Will there be original version of if released on ps4/5? I can only find the remaster in the shop but if I could play the original without having to buy an entire ps2 for it's sake that would be perfect.

No. 136534

I've only played Nocturne and IV, but I preferred IV greatly. Everything from the soundtrack to the setting and the ending. Nocturne has an incredibly lonely feel to it, which some people like but I just found it depressing to the point that I didn't even want to save the world of that game.

No. 136542

Ehh, don't think so. If the remaster lets you turn off the voices I'd recommend just doing that.

That's why the best ending is the one where you don't save it, shatter all of the humans' hopes and dreams, and fuck the vortex world to pieces with shota Lucifer instead

No. 136553

>the weakest
>despite having the best combat in the series, and potentially of all megaten
The things I read here sometimes…

No. 136554

And the worst writing by a country mile kek. It does have the most refined combat, I'll give you that, but that's about all it has going for it. Completely washed by every other main series game.

No. 136573

I never knew I hated oceans before playing this game. Made me feel queasy.

No. 136575

Tomodachi Life is so cute and silly

No. 136618

File: 1618138383698.jpg (126 KB, 943x700, Shin.Megami.Tensei.III_.Noctur…)

Nocturne is good but it's a philosophical/gameplay nightmare for new players. The puzzles can be bloody tedious as shit and some game mechanics are so cryptic with no prior explanation or tutorial like moon cycles. Also it will take you awhile to become familiar with the resistances and strengths of demons without having any SMT experience.

Instead, I'd recommend SMTIV or a shorter, less commital non-mainline game like Strange Journey, hell even Devil summoner or Raidou might be up a new players alley. Similar mechanics are shared for all SMT games and nocturne can be quite punishing for new players compared to other games in the series. Persona is a decent introduction to SMT games. Persona is generally difficulty-lite compared to mainline, at least Persona, 2, 3,4, and 5. Eternal punishment might be worth revisiting afterwards as well its incredibly hard, probably the most difficult Persona game in the series. It's been years since I've played nocturne but its can be a tedious experience for a new player.

No. 136695

Downloaded Abzu instead, less scary.

Late, but I finally finished up Cyberpunk 2077 and really all the endings do suck, either by what happens in them or how the game bitches at you for choosing them.

Devil was my favorite pretty much solely because Takemura is my favorite character. All the other endings have too much collateral damage, and I hate how Saul dies in the Aldecaldo ending. That bit where Johnny makes a friend with the kid if you let him keep your body is amusing though, especially if you're playing as a female, he probably thought he found his manic pixie dreamgirl. Space station heist and Mr. Blue eyes is just too sudden/dlc hook for me to think it's cool.

No. 136787

Ayrt and the scariness is the best part though. Horror games don't really do it for me anymore but subnautica has me constantly shitting my pants.
How is abzu though? I've heard good things about it so I might play it next unless I actually end up developing a phobia for deep water kek.

No. 136919

File: 1618230681718.jpg (86.27 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I'm excited for Rune Factory 5 and all but the graphics are meh, Rune Factory Oceans on the Wii is the same if not even better looking imo

No. 136931

I cant stand anymore how every 3drpg switch game looks the EXACT SAME. this looks like pokemon sword looks like switch zelda looks like every other damn chibi headed thing. PLEASE change your color palette ONCE nintendo

No. 136945

I think the Cyberpunk endings were all great. I played through them all back to back, but it took me like a week to actually assimilate what I saw.
Sacrifice is the key. Night City doesn't let you walk away without taking something from you.
In the Star ending the Aldecaldos are your family, and sometimes having a family means you have to let them sacrifice themselves for you, as it's their choice and they do it because they care.
Sun ending, you let Rogue face her demons (remember she's still feeling guilty because she sold out to Arasaka years prior), she knew the risks and she came with you (Johnny) willingly, facing her enemy Smasher before dying.
Devil ending, what you lose is yourself. You sell out to people who won't help you, you help the demon who wants to nuke NC restore the status quo and become an immortal god, you lose your loved ones in the process. Takemura is a good man, but he's siding with the wrong people.
Suicide ending was really powerful, nothing to add.
Ironically enough, Don't fear the reaper is the least powerful ending of them all, because you lose nothing.
In any case, the three open endings (Star, Sun and Devil-V goes back to Earth) are obvious expansion pack/sequel material, so I can't wait for the continuation of the story personally. Actually think the sense of dread after completing the endings is part of the experience.

No. 136954

So just finished Abzu, I was crying like a baby for some reason, something about the visuals and music really hit something in me like when I watch Planet Earth.
Short but sweet.

No. 136955

I guess it depends on if you like depressing media or not.
It just didn't feel authentic, to me it was super obvious how the writers wanted you to feel and if you didn't feel the same way it was just preachy and annoying.

Star, they already killed Bob and Ted and made you think something was going to happen to Mitch, then they kill Saul too just to be jerks, and nobody seems to really care at the end. Panam is just ok to me but that seems to be the main draw for everybody else.
With Rogue, at least if you choose Temperance Johnny realizes how he sort of manipulated her, it was just cheap how Smasher just kills her so easily.
Devil maybe didn't read as evil so much to me because despite how 'evil' Saburo might be in the gamebook lore it doesn't really show in game. And I didn't romance anybody so the only person that is really mad at you is Misty. Alt just massacring Arasaka in the other endings and becoming a hivemind with the Mikoshi souls just strikes me as way more 'evil' and potentially dangerous. And then Militech and Yorinobu are probably going to start another war or something.

Anyway, I still plat-ed it and deleted, and we'll see if DLC come out anytime soon.

No. 136967

File: 1618249872383.jpg (22.81 KB, 517x541, 1594826123091.jpg)

Anon, now that I beat Xenoblade 1 DE and the bonus chapter focusing on Melia I just started Xenoblade 2. I'm only 5 hours into the game and I miss the IU from XB1 DE so much. I'm about to throw my Switch against a wall, the maps are even more annoying to decipher than before. At least you warned me. I unironically like the humor in this game, not really just because it's kinda funny but because it reminds me of fantasy/adventure manga and anime from the 90s so it makes me feel a bit nostalgic.

No. 136986

The way I saw it with Saul, they had him welcome you into the family personally, then come with you and be sweet with you one last time before shit goes south on purpose, so you can feel even worse. Panam's scream when he's killed froze the blood in my veins the first time.
As for Rogue, Smasher caught her by surprise and broke her arm. There isn't much she could've done.
About Devil, the game sends you red flags over and over about the Arasakas (if you've played VTMB, it's basically the Kuei Jin ending, and I don't think it wasn't done on purpose). It really helps if you pay attention to the inworld television, radio and read shards. It might seem just background noise at first but then you'll really realize how interconnected everything is and how much foreshadowing and essential info are hidden around. Examples: on the radio, I once heard the radio host on Morro Rock telling us that Arasaka copies every engram in the Secure Your Soul program to torture them and extract info from them. If you read the shard you find on Saburo's AV during The Heist, it's some pages from his diary. He says that he plans on nuking NC, should Yorinobu tell him he lost the Relic. And when you switch the attention to Yorinobu, you find out how he's the one "good" Arasaka, a punk at heart, who really wants to destroy the evil of this company from within, and committed a necessary crime to prevent his father from taking more lives and committing more heinous shit.
Long story short: V's engram will either remain in cyberpurgatory forever, or get heavily edited to Arasaka's liking (this was also written, in the contract iirc - they have the right to edit or shred your engram however they please). It's the bad ending. It's terrible, it makes you feel like shit with V slowly going crazy in space and being treated like shit by the doctor and calling her loved ones only to hear them say "I told you so, 'sakas are assholes, now come back to Earth". Would never pick it as the definitive ending for my V, but I enjoyed it.
I agree about Alt, I think she's creepy and definitely up to something. In the end, you have two evils to pick from. I wonder if it's a reminder to "The lesser evil" from The Witcher.
Anyway, it's all very interesting. A bit of an infodump, but the tabletop rulebook also dumps a lot of info on you… Guess that's just how it is, kek.
Sorry for the essay.

No. 136989

I felt the same! It follows very similar emotional story structure as Journey (must play if you haven't yet)- immerse yourself into the world, then face it's dangers, then struggle, then you feel the catharsis of the final freedom sequence. the last swim with all the fish and sea creatures, where you're fast and it feels like you're flying is so beautiful and feels so liberating, it's hard to not feel moved. Such a gorgeous game! Happy to see other people enjoying it as much as I did.

No. 137013

not sure this is the right thread but does anyone know where I can find dreamcast BIOs? Trying to use the NullDC emulator (Demul doesn't agree with my laptop) but theres a couple files I can't find. I feel like there was a thread with this stuff at some point but I can't find it, Emuparadise has deleted all their download links.

No. 137075

Onechanbara Z2: Chaos. A hack and slash game where you can play 4 different anime girls. Some of them are scantily clad, but it’s a lot of silly fun, has a decent story, and good voice acting.

Not sure if it’s on PS3, but it’s definitely on PS4.

No. 137133


No. 137150

I wish I didn't play this game to death on 3DS already

No. 137171

I already own it on 3ds and too cheap to get it again on switch, there's not big changes beside customization right?

No. 137247

File: 1618370151798.jpg (140.84 KB, 963x662, side-by-side.jpg)

anyone else here into oddworld? they already released soulstorm and boy do i not like how they redesigned the mudokons. it’s kind of bland and tbh so is the game, i really miss the humour of the previous ones. glad the franchise is alive though. which game did you think was best?

No. 137248

never played it but both look pretty gross to me.

No. 137261

File: 1618381112285.jpeg (108.5 KB, 600x600, 52D9626A-383E-49F9-AA95-FD42AE…)

I’m very positive I’ve never played it myself but I was watching game footage and it looked extremely familiar. It also unlocked a memory that I have a giant holographic poster for this featuring the soda from one of the games somewhere in my storage. I’ve had it for as long as I can remember and that’s since a long time ago, and I don’t know how or from whom or why I have it. It’s pretty much picrel.

No. 137267

that’s really cool, now i want one too! also i’ll never get over how munch’s nose is just chilling on his forehead lol

tru but that’s the best part

No. 137269

I only played the first one and it's my favourite. The others just don't have the same feeling to them but that might be due to nostalgia.

I also don't like the redesign, it just looks… odd?

No. 137275

I started dragon quest xi and oh my god it's so good. I love it.

No. 137278

I wish the mass effect legendary edition came with a memory wipe…i wish i could experiience the games for the first time again…

No. 137298

I started replaying the old games on steam after finding out soulstorm was just a remake of exodus.

I feel like the oddworld games are one of the few series where the remakes ruin the fun or soul of the original.

>Fav game was exodus though

No. 137348

File: 1618422217024.jpg (256.36 KB, 1500x1339, 81plF2EW96L._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

I didn't know whether to post this in the fitness thread or here but does anyone have any fitness games to recommend? I was thinking of purchasing Ring Fit Adventure or Just Dance for the Switch.

No. 137350

File: 1618423437529.jpg (99.34 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I don't own the game but I'd play Fitness Boxing 2 just for him

No. 137365

Get Ring Fit Adventure! I’m shilling the fuck out of it but it’s actually really good kek I was surprised when I first played it. As a former Wii Fit+ nut and currently a healthy/active person, I think it’s genuinely fun and provides a great way to do something with your body. It’s effectively a HITT game especially when you play at harder difficulties.

No. 137369

Definitely Ring Fit Adventure, they actually encourage you to do some good exercises. Just Dance is fun but just a cardio at best.

No. 137382

hey anon, never used NullDC or Demul but this website is pretty useful and generally up to date!
and here's a link to a DC BIOS collection on the Internet Archive:
archive . org/details/dreamcastbioscollection.7z

No. 137415

File: 1618439695259.png (475.16 KB, 588x368, 43987264832750327503475.png)

Just want to recommend this game as I'm enjoying it a lot: Cozy Grove. It's kind of like Animal Crossing mixed with a find the hidden object game in a cuter Don't Starve aesthetic. Busy description but I think it gets the point across. Some people are flipping out about it being time gated but I don't see the problem, it's exactly how Animal Crossing forces you to wait for certain quests or objectives to complete in real time. And in the same way, the longer you play over time, the more things open up and more you have to keep yourself occupied. You can time travel if you really want, but the devs have said to make sure you never roll back the time after you do this or it'll corrupt your save. I also like that the characters in CG are individualized and part of an overarching plot, where AC just kind of throws a bunch of generic stereotypes together with no real "story" aside from special events.

No. 137422

I'm excited for this, I loved the last game.

No. 137434

damn that monster RIPPED. get it for him

No. 137501

File: 1618477239793.gif (934.1 KB, 400x266, ulala.gif)

thank you so much! I'm ready for my nostalgia trip

No. 137565

File: 1618503341620.png (657.89 KB, 746x389, liara-me-remaster.PNG)

They removed unnecessary butt shots but added… this. Gotta pander to coomers I guess.

No. 137612

I bought this today and Ring Fit Adventure should be here by next week. You can even dress up the trainers, kek. I had a pretty good workout, the music was hype. I think it's worth it if you're an absolute couch potato…

No. 137697

New trailer for Resi Village!! Do you guys think Mia is gonna be killed off for real or was it just a Red Herring?

No. 138030

Demo was released and it looks gorgeous

No. 138087

awesome anon, have a blast!! ♥

No. 138383

Guys at IGN had the chance to play 5 hours of the game and had a mini review. UGH CAN'T WAITTTTT

No. 138563

Horizon Zero Dawn is free for everyone on PS4 till May 14th.

No. 138788

Any anon here played Atelier Ryza? If so, what did you think? Where should I start if I want to get into the series?

No. 138792

I suggest the Dusk trilogy if you want to start (Ayesha, Escha&Logy and Shallie) but really get the one that you find yourself drawn into

No. 138812

Dragon Quest xi anon from a couple of weeks ago here. I'm at 60hrs in and not even done (I got wiped by booga at the casino last night) god I really love this game. Probably gonna play it in 2d after I finish my first playthrough because that's how much I love the game.

I also got a bit addicted to gambling at the first casino and was stuck in a loop of metal slime spins and free spins for a good two hours once. It was hilarious torture because I wanted to stop but kept getting either more metal slime spins or free spins.

No. 138824

How intimidated are you by time limits? If not much, I suggest starting at Atelier Rorona DX. The alchemy system is satisfying, you have a little challenge sprinkled in with time management, and the characters start off as fun cliches and get more development throughout the trilogy. Also the Arland trilogy has one of my favorite MCs ever, Totori. Then again, I love characters who look cute and have a strong, stubborn side to them.

If you absolutely hate time limits, Ryza is definitely a good place to start though. Don't let the coomer memes turn you off from it, there is absolutely no fanservice at all (aside from DLC swimsuits) and Ryza herself is a resilient and proactive character.

No. 139178

File: 1619293088526.png (1.88 MB, 1100x775, tumblr_p8q753NzV11sila57o1_128…)

DGS is finally going to have an official release outside of Japan except no physical copies will be sold in Europe AGAIN. Fuck Capcom, I'll import a Japanese or American copy even if it costs me an arm and a leg. At least I love how Capcom will avoid copyright problems with Sherlock Holmes and Iris Watson by changing their names with their Arsène Lupin counterparts' names. This is so meta and it reminds me of when I read the book when I was a kid. Thank god these were written by Shu Takumi because AA5 was just some Ghost Trick plagiarism and AA6's main plot was the whole Fey family drama from the trilogy but taking place in not!India. At least 6-2 was an amazing case and 6-4 was fun.

I also bought a physical copy of Pokemon Shield that includes the DLC in the cartridge, it was like 30€ less expensive than it should have been so if I end up being disappointed in this game I'll be able to sell it and not lose too much from this purchase overall.

I'm noticing how I'm caring less and less about new releases. I'm only looking forward to DG1+2, SMT5 and Bayonetta 3. I think I'm just becoming more of a normie nowadays or my expectations for video games are too high so I keep being disappointed, I don't know.

No. 139298

I'm really not fond of the direction they took with the OST of NieR Replicant 1.22, it's the same shit with the remake of Demon's Souls where adding random
and cheap orchestrations makes it boring, it really sounds like an OverClocked remix. The choirs in particular sound like opera from any generic epic soundtrack, a lot of the intimist atmosphere of the original is gone imho. Guess having zero budget makes people more creative.

No. 139315

would they let the players the option to keep the original music like in the FFX & XII remakes?

No. 139326

I don't think you can.

No. 139352

I appreciate you anon.

No. 139430

Anyone else playing this? It feels like a downgrade on almost all aspects. The new character models are hideous both stylistically and technically and although I'm starting to warm up to brother nier, papa nier is still clearly the superior one.
Everything aside from the character models is literally just upscaled from the original so the graphics look hideous by 2021 standards.
Not feeling the music remixes either. It does run a lot better though but that's it.
I hope there's some significant additions to the story because as it is it's just an inferior version of the original and there's no reason to play it unless you don't have access to a ps3.

No. 139436

Oh wow, you're so right. I've checked all of my favorite tracks from original Nier, there's just too much going on there at once while the originals were more raw, much more atmospheric and unique. I'm disappointed.

No. 139439

Honestly I see no reason anymore to play remasters and remakes, especially in this day where playing old games has never been easier. Unless you go full Resident Evil or FFVII level there's no point to selling at full price what's essentially a graphical overall. The remakes of Demon's Souls and Shadow of the Colossus in particular are a travesty, zero additional content and a visual downgrade. The only interesting remasters are when several games are packaged together (like MGS or Yakuza) so it's easier to play them, but otherwise there was really no need for that version of NieR, which was available on XBox as well. I guess it was just to cash on Automata's success, especially with people complaining about the gameplay (which was perfectly serviceable, let's be honest).

No. 139574

File: 1619539457650.jpg (163.69 KB, 1280x720, seance_the_name_of_my_game.jpg)

Anons please help me find my game
It had you navigating a hotel (or maybe a cruise ship or something similar) and all over there were ghosts hidden in different locations. They looked like dark silhouettes and you had to talk to them and help them with whatever they needed so they could pass to the other side
I'm pretty sure you also had to navigate around an invisible monster of sorts chasing you through the building. I found it through a youtube video but I can't find it anymore…
Also if you have any games that are similar to this one or 'Sylvio', 'At dead of night' and 'Phasmophobia' please share! I'm hooked on ghost hunting games

No. 139583

Do you remember the game system or the year you played it? Was it straight up horror or was it more atmospheric?

No. 139603

That's the problem. I didn't play it myself so I don't remember it very well. I saw someone talk about it in a video dedicated to it, it was one of those game analyzing channels like that RagnarRox guy but I've looked through so many of them and searched my playlists too and still can't find it
If I were to guess I'd say it was a ps2 era game, that's how it looked like. And it didn't seem like a typical horror game I'd say it was more atmospheric for sure
It had a 1st person view and I think you progressed through solving simple puzzles for the spirits - connect the dots kinda thing
I'll keep looking for it since I know it's not much info to go off of, but maybe the description will ring a bell with someone

No. 139609

I'll also add that the game was 3D and I'm pretty sure it had some kinda mechanic related to light. I think it had to do with the invisible entity aggression since I remember the guy in the video mentioning a dangerous situation having to do with trying to restore the lights again. I think it also helped you see the spirits better since some were hard to find and hiding (there was one child ghost under the desk notoriously hard to find)

No. 139626

File: 1619550546938.png (409.73 KB, 790x522, Screen-Shot-2019-09-23-at-10.2…)

It's not Echo Night or Fatal Frame, is it? Was the language of the game English?

No. 139630

Was it a first person game? Or point and click?

No. 139635

Nta, your post made me check out Echo Night (which might actually be OP's game) and you made me discover another obscure FromSoftware horror title, which apparently inspired Miyazaki to make Déraciné, huh. I'm going to look into it more, it doesn't sound as interesting as Kuon but I'm super into old school horror games.

No. 139636

I'm checking some gameplay videos of what you suggested and it was Echo Night!
Anons you are amazing I can't believe you found it just from that description I'm so happy
Thanks everyone for helping! I'll go enjoy my ghost game now

No. 139637

there is an english patch for the sequel (Echo Night 2, also on Playstation).

No. 139745

Is there a way to play the original Nier without a ps3? Other than emulating which my shitty pc can't handle. I disagree with playing old games being easy as newer console's are not backwards compatible, older console's online services are shut down, hunting down and buying physical copies of older games can be difficult and expensive, the selection of old games being sold on PSN is very limited, etc etc. I mean if you have a beefy pc and can emulate then it's a whole nother story. I have mad respect towards the emulation community for their work in preserving old games.
I bought the remake under the impression it would be more than just a remake, as Yoko Taro hinted towards something like that. I haven't run into any new content yet but I've only played for 10 hours.
I agree with you on the price point though, remasters and remakes shouldn't be sold full price, period. The Nier remake was 55e on launch which is less than the 70e triple A games go for nowadays but still an absolute rip off.

No. 139749

File: 1619612291322.jpg (431.83 KB, 1536x2048, Ez_-QDcX0AUpczB.jpg)

I don't know if this is the right thread, but is anyone here else playing Touken Ranbu now that there is an english version?
The translation is already controversial, I can see why.

No. 139765

What's up with Americans doing weird, unfunny meme shit in translations and localisations?

No. 139767

I'd like to know too.
Nikkari's name isn't explained, instead he is called the Chesire cat wtf.

No. 139771

Between that,what I've seen for the A3 translation and the whole Fire Emblem Fates bullshit I'm starting to think American translators have no sense of humor, think they're straight up btetter writers than actual writers/authors and want to be praised just like the Ace Attorney translators used to be praised before DGS was announced.

No. 139772

Oh god, I used to play it 5 years ago, how time flies. I stopped playing it because nothing new was brought to the table and the randomness was so frustrating. I think the english version is way too late now, the gacha model of this game is pretty obsolete imo.

Why put random western references to one of the most japanese game? Are weeb translators so frustrated of not handling blockbusters they need to add questionable terms? This is localization gone way too far.

No. 139776

It's weird that that they haven't updated the gameplay in any way, it really feels ancient.

No. 139779

> Are weeb translators so frustrated of not handling blockbusters they need to add questionable terms?
I think it's kinda related to my example with Ace Attorney, they often have no idea who they're targeting and how to do this, or they're delusional enough to think their ultra niche weeb projects will have a normie audience that needs to be spoonfed. Same deal with some visual novels, I've been told. So they remove Japanese references and replace them with Western references even when it makes no sense. They also think they're hilarious when they are the least funny people I've ever seen so when they try to localize jokes with less obscure references nobody laughs.

No. 139783

wait what, after all those years. I'm bet it's going to go Magia Record route
Also eurofag I don't understand what's wrong with the translation, it's a reference to what

No. 139788

I don't think it'll make a big hit either, the gacha system isn't really sustainable, iirc you can only buy packs of items to accelerate the game and to open more space, nothing to have a better chance to acquire the swords, plus there's zero story and gameplay, there's nothing enticing about it in the year of Twisted Wonderland and Granblue. I think they made most of their profits back then through merch, but nobody cares about it anymore in Japan. They maybe should have tried to release an international version when the Ufotable anime was broadcast, but it's way too late now.

No. 139789

The problem is
>yeah dawg

The character really doesn't talk like this in the original. He is a monk.

No. 139807

Doesn't he go KAKAKAKA or something. Also I'm playing it because I'm glad I can do it after years of setting the VPN up and long times of loading, but the lack of story really jumps out when you can read everything on the screen. They should have put somekind of story mode like FGO does even if we don't have the swords in it

No. 139809

So there is no story in this? What is the point of it then? Genuine question from someone starting out with the game.

No. 139811

it's a husband collecting simulator

No. 139812

Husbando collecting, that's pretty much it, it's the only saving grace off the game (and the designs tend to be super cool, I give them that). The game is basically a clone of Kantai Collection, which was released before the gacha boom of the mid 2010s and it shows, now gameplay and story are almost as important as the characters. That's why it's so jarring to release it now, they should have just made an entirely new game with the same characters to renew the interest in the franchise in Japan as well (like with the new Love Live game from two years ago).

No. 139816

Wow that is disappointing.
They definitely should have made a new game, I'll stick with the anime and musicals since those actually have stories.

No. 139929

File: 1619712670042.jpeg (204.25 KB, 1280x720, E0E6avLUcAItEvL.jpeg)

I kinda wanna buy Miitopia again just for the new Mii creator

No. 139931

same, the possibilities are huge… but the game is too fuckign expensive. Keeping my fingers crossed someday I will be able to buy it used for half price or something.

No. 139932

File: 1619714219146.jpg (434.51 KB, 1280x720, Mogami.Kyoko.full.130705.jpg)


No. 139933

Maybe I'm wrong but it looks like Kaiba to me

No. 139934

File: 1619714621630.jpg (26.59 KB, 410x308, ce1.jpg)

That's Joey Wheeler!

No. 139935

Yeah, localization teams always do stupid shit like this and it's so irritating. Idk if they think Americans are retards who will throw a fit if there isn't some le epic meme sprinkled in every three lines for no reason or what

No. 139937

If only they just thought Americans were retards that wouldn't concern me, but here in Europe 99% of the time localizations are based on American localizations so you have weird shit like French names in FE Fates being changed to be more "English" for the American audience, and they stay that way in the French localization, like Léon becoming Leo or Benoît becoming Benny. At some point when I was still on twitter I'd always see arguments and drama between American weeb translators justifying every bad decisions they'd make, and I'm 100% sure American translators who translate Japanese movies, novels, or official documents are way more competent and professional than them.

No. 139941

I knew it's a yugioh!

No. 139974

File: 1619732423855.png (147.31 KB, 227x317, Nikkou.png)

I played the game a little while but god it's darn slow, as if they never bothered with any user experience update after launch. I can see the appeal in husband collector but picrel is a 2020 JP event so rip

No. 140097

File: 1619809323228.png (2.76 MB, 1897x914, judgmentday.png)

SEGA has a new countdown on the RGG website. Thoughts? Personally I'm still salty that Judgment wasn't released on Steam along with XBox and Stadia (WTF were they thinking with this one?)

No. 140386

I think this might be the place to ask (still sageing because I'm not sure if flash games count for this thread), but I just remembered when I was younger there used to be a game I liked to play that was some free online rpg (possibly rpg maker) and I want to look at it again but I don't remember the title and I can't find it now anymore.

I remember you played as a guy that woke up in an island and I think with amnesia. You had to fight creatures and get material to craft weapons and you could also get creature pets to help you fight, and there were some statue ladies that spoke with you. I think the statues would tell you you had to go to some sort of fighting contest but I never got to that part of the game so I don't remember. It had pretty bright colours from what I recall.

Could any anons be able to help me with it?

No. 140644

got this because of you nonnie! It's so fun but surprisingly stressful. I want to explore but I'm constantly running out of oxygen or water. I've also been trying to get a radiation suit for hours but can't find fucking lead haha.

No. 140741

I'm sick of my schedule at work, I barely have enough time to play video games and I'm mostly playing long JRPGs. I should almost be done with the 4th chapter of Xenoblade 2 but it's been a month since I started playing it.

No. 140748

Elona maybe? That's what popped into my head.

No. 140750

I relate anon, I relate.

No. 140850

I'm downloading Resident Evil Village demo right now, please pray for my laptop guys so it won't explode from overheating

No. 140868

File: 1620398202776.png (214.52 KB, 749x697, lj.png)

tfw no pc

No. 140977

Ngl, I love seeing all the coomers who got Resident Evil Village just because of Lady Dimitrescu (and not having touched any other RE game) being on suicide watch because she is the first boss of the game, it's fucking hilarious.

No. 140981

It's both funny and pathetic how they're all super horny about her just because she has big boobs. It just shows that there is no need for all those young stereotypically pretty super objectified female characters in videogames because men are turned on by anything anyway.

No. 141005

I thought people are also horny because 'step on my mommy uwu'?

No. 141008

I'm surprised they didn't know only for the fact it's a Resident Evil game.

No. 141010

I've seen tons of "I don't know anything about RE but I love the new vampire MILF", but since she was heavily marketed people probably expected her to be the final boss or at least a more significant hurdle. Hopefully it'll make people shut up about her a bit.

No. 141012

I can't wait for the whole incestious parent fetish to be over as an internet trend in general.

No. 141036

Idk, I'd rather all the older people online thirst trap over other older characters instead of insert teen anime girl no.1000

No. 141056

I wonder how many bigger games will be console exclusive even temporarily in the future.
I'm still not sure if I should buy a PS5 or upgrade my PC.
Hopefully something interesting will be at E3.

No. 141062

Can someone direct my broke-ass to a site where I can torrent the new Resident Evil game? I tried piratebay but all of them seemed suspicious

No. 141067

i don't think it's been cracked yet

No. 141072

It's got Denuvo anon, it needs to be cracked first. Might take weeks, maybe months.

No. 141084

Definitely, I just want people to stop calling hot older characters "mommy" and "daddy" as it makes me want to projectile vomit.

Who here is actually playing RE8? It's fucking great imo. Damn, that ending.

No. 141093

piratebay in these past few years has not been a very good option for games

No. 141105

Yeah, it's like they are exclusively uploading viruses these days

No. 141107

File: 1620591938586.jpg (6.26 KB, 183x275, index.jpg)

Anons who are playing or have finished RE8, can you answer some questions without spoiling it completely? I haven't had the chance to play it but I'm so curious about the story.
Is there gonna be a plot twist involving Rosemary and Mia? (The Chris killing Mia kidnapping Rose thing was too much for me - I'm thinking either Mia died in the previous game and Ethan hallucinated the whole family part and this is how Chris wanted to make him realize this OR Mia has indeed died and Rose has some of the mold-virus thing in her and that's why she was kidnapped…Lady D spoke about a ceremony on the phone, maybe Rose is involved in that? They want to sacrifice her? Or maybe the baddies are gonna turn her into a big bad moldmonster through the ceremony?) Also on some boxarts, Chris is half himself and half something else with one glowing eye. Is this a reference to him being turned to something during the course of the game? Or did they just do it because it looks cool?

No. 141109

Last question, probably a stupid one: Is Lady D & co related to Umbrella?

No. 141111

Anon just play it so we can discuss the plot in detail!

To those who have played it, what were biggest wtf/scary moments?
God I can't get over the moment Ethan got his hand sliced off and just put it back again. That's when you really knew something was up with him.

No. 141112

I highly recommend fitgirl repacks. She doesn't crack games herself but she repacks preexisting ones from various groups, sometimes even making the game files 30gbs smaller. I have bad internet and always relied on her website to download my games. Basically you save time downloading but unpacking takes awhile, it's a trade off for anyone who has slow internet. Never had any issues and she has an impressive collection of games, both AAA and indie releases.

No. 141119

seconded, never had a single issue while using her repacks

No. 141146

Honestly, I had more laugh out loud moments than scared ones. The part where Moreau kept throwing up bile (or whatever type of swamp goo that was) during his monologue with Ethan was probably the most disturbing part for me though. I just found the hand thing funny. Also, the twist of finding out Ethan was mold/dead during the entirety of this game just made me roll my eyes.

No. 141157

Ah, thank you, I'll check it out

No. 141158

File: 1620640994981.jpg (76.62 KB, 512x398, unnamed.jpg)

Does anyone remember Perfect World? I'm on a huge nostalgia trip and I look back fondly on mmos I used to play as a child, like Ether Saga Online, Forsaken world, Battle of the immortals, 4Story, Runes of magic, Age of wushu, Jade dynasty, Flyff. I really wanna get back into old mmos I don't even care about pw2 at this point, but so many have low population :(

No. 141159

I remember unpacking one of her games for 25 hours straight, and it was like 4 years ago max

No. 141166

The bosses feel more fantasy action game than horror. For example Heisenberg felt like I was in MGS or something. But that's okay with me, it's nice with some humour instead of constant stress. The horror mood of Lady D's castle was ruined when I realized that she will stop chasing you when you go into the merchant's room. "Ethan! You can't escape!! Oh, going shopping? Very well, bye"

No. 141167

I recently came back to flyff

No. 141174

How's your experience so far? I'm undecided between Flyff and Mabonogi at the moment, I'm afraid I won't find any people to play with. I downloaded lotro and while it's fun, the paywalls are a bit too much unfortunately.

No. 141195

To be fair, Mr X couldn't chase you into the save room either.

No. 141196

File: 1620658970741.jpg (45.14 KB, 732x414, nier-02_38.jpg)

So if NierV2 a good experience for new players or it's better to emulate/youtube let's play the original? Never played Automata either

No. 141199

It makes sense to have places that are safe for the player. But the combo of superdetailed graphics and dumb AI is so jarring.

No. 141235

They've put some nice updates like fully dubbed dialogues (the original only had them for cutscenes), gameplay is better, you can apparently play as Kaine and there even is the additional ending that was only talked about in the guidebook, so if you've never played the original go for the updated edition.
Now one game that I would love to see completely remade is Drakengard, you could make something completely batshit insane.

No. 141287

File: 1620702351241.jpg (104.24 KB, 719x1080, 36ae0d4bd3560cc6ff47859d84485b…)

Know these are old, but I'm glad there are fans of this here too. Personally I'm just glad this franchise is getting more attention now, even if the reboots kinda suck so far. I could gush over the concept art for these games for hours, so many neat ideas that never had a chance to shine.

No. 141766

I'm about to play Danganronpa for the first time. All I know is the basic premise (special kids killing each other in a school), the Komaeda Discharge character who seems like
a massively beloved Kaworu expy, the emo kid in a bandana and the final plot twist in the 3rd one (but that's okay, I do not understand anything about it, so I can basically ignore that knowledge). Wish me good luck.

No. 141767

>the Komaeda Discharge character who seems like a massively beloved Kaworu expy,
don't ever compare that crusty worn out mop-headed freak to a literal angel ever again

No. 141770

Isn't he one of many fated to die White Haired Pretty Boys that were created following Kaworu's success? Of course he has nothing on the original, but he exists thanks to the trope Kaworu started (or popularized, IDK) KEK. OMG I just found out one of the characters in danganronpa has Akira Ishida's voice, I'm surprised they didn't save it for Discharge-kun… who has Shinji's voice?! Wow.

No. 141858

File: 1621062773949.gif (1.45 MB, 800x750, e6OnxKB.gif)

Any Metroid fans here? I've finished the original quadrilogy and would've beaten the Prime trilogy if it wasn't for that cheap shit in Echoes that made me pretty much quit the game. That being said, top three in no particular order:
Also, Other M a shit

No. 141866

The baby, hands down. Fuck that thing lol. I really liked not having access to any of your weapons during that sequence, it really added to the panic. Also, is the Beneviento house just straight up supposed to be a nod to PT? I've heard people bring it up in passing, but was it deliberate?

Do any of you guys have any recs for RPGs similar to Disco Elysium? I honestly don't have the words to express what a goddamn experience that game is. Such a gem.

No. 141869

Metroid fan here! Though I haven't played the shit spinoffs. I actually used to make mods of Super Metroid (my favourite) and there are still active communities around it. I wish they would make a new proper Metroid title, but Nintendo seems to have forgotten about it and made Federation Force instead.

No. 141870

That house was hugely inspired by the Silent Hill games, to the point that it felt familiar to me and not as scary as it could be. The baby was fucking disgusting but the noises was just funny - dadada hahahah lol Still stressful though, ugh

No. 141871

File: 1621074149056.jpg (321.66 KB, 900x1619, jp.900x.jpg)

Oh yeah the modding community surrounding Super is honestly pretty impressive, hope that X-Fusion one is finished soon, know the creator deleted most of the boss fights a while back, though I don't know if that was a spoiler thing or if he was getting too much unwanted attention. And yeah FF was more like a sick joke than anything else, though I've heard Samus Returns was a decent remake (Rip AM2R).
Also gonna be real here, not excited for Prime 4 given its rather troubled production history, wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being scrapped soon

No. 141875

Good luck and avoid the fanbase at all costs

No. 141876

How often do y'all replay your favourite games? I feel bad that I just keep going back to my favourites but I'm kinda broke and also very picky

No. 141882

X-Fusion's creator still posts privately, I think he just doesn't want too much attention (especially after AM2R). He's doing some really cool stuff though. Samus Returns seems decent but I'm honestly not a fan of it, it kinda feels cheap to me. I was hoping for a proper 2d remake, maybe still making use of the pixel aesthetic because I just can't imagine a Metroid game working in 3d.

No. 141888

Yeah it seems some of his videos were privated, mostly just showing off environmental stuff. I do agree about Samus Returns as a true 1:1 remake though, I'd prefer if the mainline games remained 2D, though I think Prime showcased the formula can work in 3D if tweaked enough.

No. 141889

Not that often but I love making new characters in SoulsBorne games, replayability is infinite due to the number of builds and weapons to use.

No. 141901

File: 1621086407040.jpg (50.46 KB, 500x645, Autistic_Chad.jpg)

At least yearly. Sometimes more than that. I'm practically allergic to new games and also very picky. There's something comforting to me about knowing what's going to happen in a game. I love making "canon" playthroughs, playing how I think the characters would. Games with character creation and different endings are like crack to me. Nothing to feel bad about if you're having fun, nonny.

No. 141911

Same, I too am a constant Soulsborne replayer.

No. 142248

I was thinking about how I beat that one Ratchet & Clank game 3 times and got a weapon that makes the enemies dance, and today I saw a video of the new Ratchet & Clank game! I love the female Lombax, she is so cute with her blue fur and robot arm. I am very impressed how you can transport right away into an entire other level, no loading time required.
Ohh too bad I will probably play it 5 years from now

No. 142299

File: 1621279880658.jpg (368.42 KB, 496x712, d3c4b708882f5082192355ad31f5a1…)

I'm playing Nier Automata for the first time it's so silly hard, can't get used to the control and not a big fan of the environment so far. But I'm still glad to finally play it somehow. Wish me luck for platinium! I'll beat Replicant in like 4 years lol

No. 142331

>started chapter 7 of Xenoblade 2
>Pyra/Mithra isn't available during the whole chapter because of shitty plot reasons
>almost all the blades I get with the gacha system to replace her until I get her back are trash
Which developer made that decision? I just want to talk.

No. 142974

File: 1621508971855.png (489.14 KB, 1399x723, canvas.png)

Woops looks like the iconic Lady D look was taken from this vintage photo. So that was why it looked actually classy for a Capcom design.

No. 142979

Is there a polemic about that rn?

No. 142981

anon discovers use of references in concept art whoops

No. 142988

I'd say a little more than a reference since it's fucking identical but yeah, games do that all the time.

No. 142995

No need to get this agitated, no one stole anyone's design here.

No. 142999

I'm the original poster, I'm disappointed they just took an outfit like this instead of coming up with something new. But mostly I wanted to share the pic cuz it's neat. Real life Lady D. I love 30's style.

No. 143007

a youtuber I really like made a video on it, she discovered other inspirations as well.

No. 143009

I'd never thought we'd see Karolina simp over a videogame character!

No. 143028

No one's agitated? It really is the same. Like the other anon, I thought they would be a little more original, but this is fine too.

No. 143041

is she actually experiencing sexual attraction, joking for the sake of memes, or is she just Margaret Atwood'ing? (viewing women through male gaze)

No. 143046

Impossible to know with the meme mom.

No. 143061

File: 1621537247300.jpg (34.93 KB, 851x550, tumblr_59e5f23219889135edccd19…)

>re8 promos majorly focus on lady d and the castle
>in reality she gets like an hour and a lame boss fight

I just wanted to get chased around by vampires a bit longer, is that too much to ask?

No. 143158

File: 1621540078168.jpg (336.43 KB, 1920x1080, Resident-Evil-Village-est-main…)

All this vamp mommy talk and no one's gonna mention this shit? Not even knocking it, it's really well-made for a series of joke vids.

No. 143166

That looks so cute nonnie, link?

No. 143173

My gripe with Nier is how fucking far the checkpoints are. Which makes the already big learning curve super punishing. Sorry for being trash goddamn.

No. 143177

Here you go nonny, there's like three others after this I think.

No. 143335

That's so disappointing! I love her design and was going to buy the game for myself this weekend. Now i'm curious still to see what's going on, but sounds a lot like re7 where the dad chases you for a bit and only gets a lame death

No. 143336

Huge Metroid fan!! I make it a habit to play and beat Super metroid on the snes every few years . I havent played Other M, but was told to stay a way from it.

No. 143346

The game becomes much easier when you equip the correct chips, especially those that restore life passively or through fighting. You can get some of them pretty easily, I recommend checking a guide. By the time you reach the first ending you should do fine, I even managed to defeat some ennemies with 2B that only 9S is supposed to kill.

No. 143359

File: 1621550558125.jpg (Spoiler Image,131.11 KB, 768x1024, ECVWGJWU8AAt3ho.jpg)

Still in the middle of chapter 7 in Xenoblade, and while I haven't reached the hypothetical part where we learn more about Pyra/Mythra's origins and goals I can't believe there are so many people complaining about them being nothing but big tittied waifus with no personality whatsoever. They're just as important as Rex if not more. Rex is way less shallow than I thought, I like him. I'm going to get the DLC, do more side quests and unlock as many skills and rare blades as possible in this run because I'm not sure I'll have time for a NG+ run. I also love pic related, he and Pandoria are cute.

I'm gonna guess the people I've seen bitch online are just people who shit on any Japanese games they've never played just because they're not ultra realistic and gritty with shitty sassy John Whedon style lines.

No. 143619

Here's an old point and click flash game I played as a kid, some jump scares, rather short, but fantastic quality given that it's just some NG game in 2005.

No. 143646

I dropped the game but I really liked Pyra too. Her slutty design didn't bother me at first but the more I liked her and the other characters the more I felt bad about the blatant coomerism in every aspect of the game. Nia was my number one waifu though. And your spoiler pic my number one husbando.

No. 143647

I'm about an hour and a half into Resident Evil 8 and it's not nearly as scary to me as RE7. Tbh it's giving me Outlast 2 vibes. I enjoyed both of those games when they came out but I know which one I preferred. Maybe my expectations are just too high though because Jack was such a phenomenal horror villain it would be hard to top that.

No. 143648

8 is more action heavy, it really only has one segment that even tries to be horror. Just play it as you'd play 4 because that's basically exactly what it is. You can even tell how a lot of the assets are definitely going to be flipped for the inevitable 4 remake.

No. 143649

outlast 2 is incredibly shit so this post is lessening my desire to play re8 kek

No. 143652

File: 1621672565439.jpg (254.31 KB, 700x394, seamonkey.jpg)

>sexual attraction, joking for the sake of memes, or is she just Margaret Atwood'ing?
Considering she's pushing really hard the "haha I'm meme mom" shit on her fanbase, I think the two last kek.
RE8 was ok, I liked it less than 7 and 4 still wins everything in my book. I liked the multiple easter eggs to 4 a lot though. Also, so annoying that they decided to pronounce "Demitrescu" like "Domitresque"; yes we get it, she's suppose to be the game's hot character.

I'm playing Subnautica Below Zero and so far I'm weirdly disappointed and can't even explain why. I think it's because the OG game kind of desensitizedme to the creepiness of leviathans and cave systems. I also do find the story less interesting, but you can tell the devs tried really hard. I love sea monkeys though, they babies

No. 143663

That makes sense. I guess I was just expecting it to be more like RE7.

There were just a few subtle similarities that reminded me of it, I can't really articulate why. After that point I haven't gotten the same impression so don't let it dissuade you. I liked O2 but I admit the storytelling in that game was really fucking bad kek.

No. 143676

I'm playing below zero too and I get what you mean. Gameplay and mechanics wise I feel like they're improved pretty much everything, it's not as much as a chore to play anymore but the things that made the original so enjoyable (atmosphere, music, minimalistic story, biomes, creatures) are all worse and the experience just isn't the same. I hate having a voiced protagonist and I hate how like 50% of the game is spent on land. It gets better once you get over the story heavy beginning and get to exploring and base building though.
Agreed about the sea monkeys. I think it's a cool bit of lore that they steal shiny things and that you can find fragments in their nests because of that.

No. 143678

Sorry for samefag but wanted to also say that I hate how the loading screen spoils one of the bigger leviathans. I ran into it just now and my reaction was just "oh, it's that guy" instead of terror and awe. It was cool and all but I had seen it already you know?

No. 143684

Is FF xiv "worth" starting now? Or is the gear ptogression etc too high for someone that would like to play casually? I know it's an mmo, but how soloable is the content? I don't have friends to play with and pugs usually tend to be horrible in every mmo

No. 143688

Please start free trial first, there are thousands of hours of content that will make you decide if you want to pay for it or not!

Personally, for me it was the best "soloplayer" mmorpg. I am really introverted in MMORPGs because of the amount of creeps in any games, etc so I was happy with FF XIV.

The sad part about xiv is it's community. But there should be no surprises, after all FF is a Japanese RPG franchise. You will meet a lot of ERP perverts and trannies combined, especially with how Twitter randomly decided to grab this game by its neck after they made 1st expansion f2p in free trial. It sucks but that's how MMORPGs are tbh. A lot of people suck their whole life in it.

No. 143696

It takes a while to catch up TBH but it's not undoable. It's fun if you enjoy reading the story(pretty decent). You can also play up to level 60 on the trial and decide if it's for you or not. While there are a lot of ERPers like >>143688 said, something to keep in mind is that it also has the most shockingly normie community and 1:1 gender ratio I've seen. A LOT of women play this game and the price point combined with subscription means that the majority of the players are adults. You don't get a lot of children throwing slurs or being misogynistic or anything in chat, which is a bonus. You just have to deal with uwu weebs once in a while, and yes, there are a lot of trannies but they're generally easy to avoid.

No. 143698

The breaking point for me was dungeons. Some of them are clever but you'd never know it if/when you end up in an impatient group of randoms. Like other anons have said, FFXIV has a better community than most MMOs but it's relative. Still an MMO after all.

No. 143717

>I felt bad about the blatant coomerism in every aspect of the game
I really don't think it's that blatant except for some specific blades. And so far I didn't get any of the weird ones besides the bunny girl, but she's too useful for me to hate her since she's a healer.

Not directly related I guess, but I really like the characters created by Nomura. They all look great, I wish he'd use this style more often, instead of drawing characters wearing 2000s fashion with anime proportions and too many details like pores. I can't unsee Jin/Shin as Cloud though.

No. 144521


To actually answer your question: yes, it's worth starting now if you're okay with something that starts VERY slow and are into JRPGs. The storylines for HW and Shadowbringers are insanely good. Early game content does have a lot of forced dungeons/trials that you have to do in order to move the story along but since it is really old content it goes SUPER fast and most groups are experienced/don't talk. There's also an event going on right now that's encouraging people to run the older raids/scenarios so they're going very fast with people who are chill and just running them for event currency.

Solo'ing early game content will depend a lot on you and your class. Farming for the currency to buy higher gear isn't hard, there are a lot of different choices, and you can even just buy really decent gear with gil. Gil is easy to make if you're into crafting. I got most of my gear that way and then was able to solo HW trails on my own while being at level for them. I solo'd things as a White Mage but I think the absolute best class for soloing is Paladin and Red Mage.

The newest expac implemented something called "trusts" which let you form a party with NPC's so you can do all the story dungeons by yourself with NPC's. It makes the game almost fully like a solo RPG. They're going to have trusts back for the next expac too.

No. 144833

Rune Factory 5 released in Japan and it looks so cool ugh cant wait for the english release

Good luck, anon!! Komaeda is actually pretty cool just massively overhyped by the fandom, I personally thought Nanami was the highlight of that particular game ie just talking to her doesn't make me want to drive nails to my eyes and I like that she's pretty smart.

No. 145024

There's only one thing that I care about concerning Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and that's whether or not they restored Jack and Thane being bisexual. Stop being cowards, Bioware.

No. 145178

File: 1621977343726.png (Spoiler Image,433.31 KB, 382x680, ERd5v-IUUAA8JBh.png)

I just had a 4 day long weekend so I managed to nearly reach the very end of Xenoblade 2. I've been doing a bunch of side quests on top of completing several chapters in a row. I'm glad I played Xenoblade DE before that one despite the order of released because of the big plot twist at the end with Malos fighting with his Monado except his AI doesn't suck ass like Shulk's, fuck Shulk. And then there was that entire shit that made me rethink about everything with Alvis in the first game.

I'm seriously going to be burnt out by that game because of some of the quests being long and annoying as fuck, I can't believe I'm saying this but I liked the ones in the first game way more, at least most of them didn't require any backtracking. I'm thinking about beating the game tomorrow and starting the DLC campaign right after that, then I'll move on to shorter games.

No. 145205

>then I'll move on to shorter games

It's going to be refreshing for a minute or two but you have XB damage now. Eventually you'll wonder where all the content is because the price vs content ratio is just screwed.

No. 145241

I'm already used to long JRPGs though, it!s just that playing the first and second games in a row was too much.

No. 145258

they did't add cut content back into the game because that wasn't somehow feasible (i guess cut to early so its not just adding some cutscenes back in, but had to build those first)
I hope their making more bi aliens in the future

No. 145268

I know this post is old, but I fucking lol’ed at ‘the creator ships incest!!’ And it’s just Xander/Ryoma x Corrin, who aren’t even related to each other

No. 145280

Xander is Corrin s adoptive brother but always knew she was kidnapped and nothing more than a political hostage, and Ryoma is Corrin's step-brother who always knew it, he didn't grow up with her for very long and hides it until he wants to fuck her, and he goes full yandere in Conquest.

But to that person it's the exact same as being blood related and raised together since birth with no interruptions. Then again, FE Fates has a shitty reputation with everylne in general because you can marry your "siblings

No. 145402

I replay a fire emblem game every few months, it’s fun to try out different teams and character builds and marry different characters

No. 145434

>FE Fates has a shitty reputation with everyone in general because you can marry your "siblings
And the dogshit writing. Not trying to claim awakening or 3H's had amazing writing either, but Fates was probably the worst offender of the three.

Even if Corrin's not related to any of their "siblings", it's still pretty side-eye worthy that the game felt the need to tack on a stupid letter with queen mikoto telling you, "W-well ackshually you guys aren't blood related, so if you wanna fuck each other that's cool"

No. 145436

It only applies to the younger Hoshido siblings, and it was more shitty fanservice than shitty writing because of how out of place it is. But in Ryoma's case it just works because he never needed the letter and he just proves how batshit insane he actually is in Conquest, it makes sense that such a crazy guy would do that. I still can't believe Camilla has the reputation of the generic yandere waifu when Ryoma exists and even brags about being worse than her in some dialogs.

No. 145446

That's not even the worst thing about Fates' writing. The biggest problem is WHY THE FUCK DOES EVERYONE LOVE CORRIN!!?!?!

No. 145451

You can't be serious. Here s a list of characters who "love" Corrin, aka they get along with the MC:
>Corrin's adoptive siblings who grewup together
>Corrin's step-siblings who won't stop hearing about her from the MC's mother. They only get along once they meet and if Corrin is their ally
>Corrin's childhood friends
>Corrin's siblings' employees, and some of them take time to actually get along with Corrin like Saizo

Now keep in mind that among the sibligs and friends, some of them are explicitely fucked in the head, like Ryoma and Camilla becoming yandere because of their daddy issues way more than because of Corrin, or Xander and Kaze being straight up suicidal because of things only indirectly related to Corrin. Kaze literally commits suicide on screen if you don't solve his personal issues in Birthright.

No. 145599

Anyone here who watched the state of play yesterday? Horizon Forbidden West looked fantastic, I can't wait to play it!

No. 145632

File: 1622194354253.png (3.29 MB, 1891x824, hfw.PNG)

It looked amazing, almost too beautiful, I hope all areas won't be this over-the-top colorful, although I admit it was really impressive, all the vegetation looked SO good, they might be the best at this kind of diverse natural environment. I will definitely play since I had great time with the first game but the story makes me worried a little bit, huge part of appeal of the first game was discovering the universe and it's ties to "our" past, and now we know it all, so will the new story be able to live up to that? We will see, but I have full trust in the gameplay still.

No. 145766

fuck drm. especially fuck always-online drm for single-player games. anyone who defends drm is a bootlicker

No. 145777

So excited for it! Nervous about the story as well because my favorite thing was the vantage points, data points and collectibles, I'm scared they'll focus on combat and it'll become stale or like every other game (point and shoot/fight). I love the look of the new tech like the parachute and the grappling hook thing!

No. 145861

I thought I heard that the solution to the blight was going to be uncovered thru the past. I feel like there will be more exploring in ruins in this one. Which i love.

I'm so going to miss the terrible AI for humans in bandit camps. It was so much fun hitting someone with an arrow and then then just kinda forgetting about it.

Yeah, so freaking excited

No. 145874

I'm near the end of Xenoblade 2 and somehow missed many of the rare blades you can get thanks to side quests. I got Praxis' crystal core and then I'll try to get Theory before beating the final boss. The story went from fun shonen manga from the 90s/2000s to gang rape, severe mental illness, sex trafficking and cannibalism real quick.

No. 145902

>my favorite thing was the vantage points
Same! it was incredible seeing this unfamiliar, overtaken by nature and robots universe and remnants of something so familiar to us players among the nature. I think Red Rock Amphitheater was the first one I saw and I was so surprised. Hopefully there will be more "secrets" to uncover in the second game too!
Same, people will just pirate the game regardless of DRM so honestly why bother? Thankfully even on Steam not everything has drm, and then you have stores like Gog.com that only sells drm free games, or Humble where many developers opt out of DRM as well.

No. 146614

File: 1622636603432.jpg (82.81 KB, 950x1792, 1622575722113.jpg)

I finally beat Xenoblade 2. Actually I beat it yesterday. Here's my unpopular opinion: the story and characters are WAY better than in Xenoblade 1 where the only developed characters are Shulk, Melia and Egil and the antagonists are way more relevant. I'm also very surprised that the evil priest with mommy issues who's voiced by Junichi Suwabe and the playable characters wearing way too many useless belts are the ones that aren't designed by Nomura. Nomura's characters look great though. I wish the characters could move at a normal speed during battles just like they do on the map, it would have made the game so much better.

No. 146633

File: 1622655073634.jpg (70.44 KB, 680x680, ..jpg)

Probably Blood, or maybe a sequel that isn't complete garbage

No. 146727

Tell me Why is free in XBOX/Steam if you're up for some Dontnod cringe

No. 146747

File: 1622742060239.png (951.34 KB, 1080x1296, E25lHXhWYAMnbpF.png)

Anyone else into Friday Night Funkin? Yeah the gameplay is just another DDR clone but the presentation is super charming and Newgrounds is nostalgic as fuck for me. I dunno I'm just having a lot of fun seeing Pico come back I guess.

No. 146798

Anyone heard about Palia? It's an upcoming MMO but with Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley sort of gameplay. I never allow myself to get hyped about things these days since most smaller releases flop or fall into boring old gameplay loops, but if this manages to be halfway decent I could see it being fun. I like cozy games but do miss the social element of MMOs sometimes. They're accepting sign ups for pre-alpha right now.

No. 146800

File: 1622766798218.jpg (357.81 KB, 1920x1080, 432654785768766.jpg)

Also looking at summer game announcements, I find it hilarious this freaking Gollum game is still getting made.

No. 146825

File: 1622777112399.jpeg (43.07 KB, 466x422, 3E4B4B0A-1CB2-449D-B163-2890B6…)

>I will never play the film based Xbox360 game but I can play as vaguely but not quite Andy serkis Gollum
Smile and optimism: gone

No. 146828

File: 1622777832963.png (867.75 KB, 1024x1323, EuxQBkOVkAIpfls.png)

Been loving FNF! i love the gameplay and the amount of cool mods there are. It's nice that it's open source (idk if that's the right word) and that the community is so huge and can put their own characters in the game so easily, I can't think of another game that does that. The music slaps too.

No. 147121

File: 1622977498512.jpg (776.49 KB, 768x1024, 1617944562466.jpg)

So I'm finally done with the XC2 Torna campaign, it took me over 120h to beat the main game and the DLC. Now what should I play next? I want your opinions, I'm hesitating between:
>Travis Strikes again, I never played any NMH game before but I know what the story is
>Pokemon Shield, I already started it last month and I have like 5h of gameplay so far, about to get the first badge
>999, I only played the very beginning and put it aside for XC2

No. 147254

I'll vote 999 just because it's where you left off and won't be such a time vacuum.

No. 147380

Same. Its not much but its a nice game. Love the game's music and I'm too happy to see Pico again. Too bad the fanbase(like what else is new when something gets popular even thou this game is not for kids) and the twitter modding community are slowly ruining the game.

No. 147392

File: 1623105388597.jpg (518.03 KB, 1900x1068, destiny_2.jpg)

Any anons playing Destiny 2? I've returned just recently after almost 3 years long hiatus and seems like Bungie have improved a lot, new seasons system makes it much more fun to log in and do some challenges every day

No. 147397

File: 1623112595037.png (165.71 KB, 427x224, temp.png)

It's probably my favorite game for the lore and self-insert power fantasy ability.
I just wish it was a proper solo RPG sometimes.

No. 147435

Oh same, multiplayer aspect grew on me in time but I hoped for it to hold up as a solo RPG as well. Recent expansions are getting better and better at this, and the fact they went as far as changing some past events to make the story altogether fit better shows they finally started to care about the game as a whole, but still the best experience of the game is in multi activities. I always found it kinda weird they couldn't write a solid plotline in game considering lore snippets and writing in Grimoire has always been excellent tbh

No. 147440

I'll go back to it then. I know there are several endings, how easy is it to get what's considered the "true" ending?

No. 147694

Would you recommend little nightmares II? I've played the first one and loved it but I'm not sure if I should buy the regular edition or the deluxe that comes with a dlc

No. 147698

I recommend the second game! It is a lil more difficult (imo) than the first one. But loved it so much I played it twice. I bought the first game in a bundle that came with the dlc, didn’t enjoy like the dlc though.

No. 147700

Why tho? I've seen a few people say that too, that's why I'm kind of not sure if I should get the deluxe version or not

No. 147709

File: 1623338895042.jpg (6.94 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

i dont really follow KH much because nomura has really made the plot so convoluted i can barely comprehend it but wtf happened in union x? now i gotta start reading again to figure out wtf happened there too just to try to keep up

No. 147726

I find it inspiring how you are still going. I gave up on KH. Decided to play 3 without catching on with all the games that came out since 2 and while that was completely on me, the game wasn't fun enough for me to keep going. I think I'm done with this series for good, and I usually never completely drop interest in something that was autistically important to me

No. 147735

watching Cannot Be Tamed's stream of the Summer Games Fest. so far we've got Death Standing director's cut, a metal slug tactical RPG that looks cute and Woodlands, a borderlands fantasy game

No. 147736

Nayrt but you're going to want to play through all of the endings and you should consult a spoiler free guide after getting your first ending just to make things less tedious. It's a ride from beginning to end though and there's an option to fast forward all dialogue you've already seen. Rather than even thinking about the endings as separate things, just consider all of them as parts of a single narrative kinda like in Nier Automata or something. I hope you like the game nonnie, it blew my mind when I first played it ~10 years ago.

No. 147753

I have a lot of free time because I'm on holidays so I already got two endings and I'm going through what looks like the longest route. You're right, this is a wild ride, and even though I was spoiled about Akane like ten years ago I keep being surprised. I reminds me of when I feel in love with Ace Attorney back then. I'm playing on the ps vita so I have the option to skip to specific parts of the game, but I'm not sure I'll be able to keep doing this if I want to 100% the game.

No. 147767

elden ring!

No. 147787

Fuck yeah, typically cool FromSoftware creature design. Ready to get my ass beat and rage-quit after dying to the same boss 80 times

No. 147796

Of course a 'Directors Cut' gets revealed after I finally bother to plat the original. Wonder how much new content will be in it. And if it would be enough to buy a PS5 over.

Hope we get a trailer for Starfield at E3 or an announcent of some new sci-fi games…
Really have to think of upgrading my PC.

No. 147807

I should be happy since this is probably the first and the last time we will see any new Death Stranding content (doubt the game is getting a sequel with all the lukewarm reviews and player response, and maybe that's for the better), but… does it mean that people who have been here from day one are supposed to buy the same game twice? Not even a DLC? What the fuck. I guess it makes sense since it's supposed to get people to buy PS5 for, but… Ehh, guess I will see the new stuff on Youtube.

No. 147821

have any of you ever played wolcen? it looks kind of fun but I've heard mostly negative things about it. please don't spoil it though.

No. 147830

Is it bad that as a long time SoulsBorne fan I haven't managed to care about this game? From the trailer it looked like a bunch of elements from Bloodborne and Dark Souls pasted together, it almost looked like a parody of a FromSoftware game, and I think I've spotted a bunch of recycled animations. A bunch of fans are going "dark souls with a horse!1", but I don't know, I feel it's a major step down from Sekiro. Wait and see of course but I'm not as enthusiastic as the majority.

No. 147835

>elements from Bloodborne and Dark Souls pasted together
Do you feel like that’s a bad thing? Since you’re a long-term fan. They have a formula that works for them so I don’t see much harm in sticking to it. Sekiro was definitely a departure from their typical games in some ways and explored a different feel and combat style. The same could be said of Bloodborne to an extent. Personally I liked them more than the clunkier pace of DS, but a lot of people have been waiting for a return to that original style. I feel like they’ll still innovate in some way while giving fans what they expect. The fact it’s going to have a much larger open world is already fairly unique for them.

No. 147845

I feel like they are recycling the same tropes at this point, it didn't even look like there was anything new from an aesthetic standpoint in that trailer.

No. 147855

Ah in terms of the design? I agree, I really thought Sekiro was fun to explore. There were still some pretty horrific creatures like the centipede monks but there was also a lot of beauty. I like their classic stuff but it would be nice to see a little more creativity than “beasty thing with a lot of arms.”

No. 147866

All I want is a remaster for Dragon Quest 4, 5 and 6 - for the Switch.

I have been so obsessed with the franchise since trying it out because of Yakuza 7's protagonist.

Saged for blog.

No. 147875

I hope they'll pull a Bloodborne and shift genre midgame, I think they are pigeonholing themselves by making yet another dark fantasy game, Sekiro was a great departure with its themes designs. I feel kinda bad for Armored Core fans, they must be on suicide watch.

No. 147934

File: 1623468150956.png (2.74 MB, 1611x1450, E3gANtvVgAAdI_D.png)

Any game a lot of people latch onto tends to turn to shit community-wise, yeah. What I don't get is all the cancelling, as if a great deal of Newgrounds people aren't going to have had an internet history.
Anyways, I can't wait for more official weeks to come out and for the game to inevitably become a lot less kid-friendly so it filters the worst of the twitter cruft out.

No. 147950

File: 1623492401087.jpg (24.07 KB, 793x520, Persona-4-Golden-Jester-Confid…)

dumb post, but I really hate Adachi's voice in golden. It's basically Yu's but deeper, which I kinda get thematically but, personally I liked hearing Adachi's whinier voice since you couldn't tell it was the same dude voicing him. Yosuke's voice in the recent spin-offs (dancing, arena ultimax, q, and crosstag) also sounds like pure aids. Really wish atlus would stop flandarizing the characters in spin-offs but, what can you do.
still hyped for persona 5 arena tho… Joker dlc when?

No. 147957

It's all because of the crossovers where the characters with the same voice actors talk to each other on a regular basis. In Persona Q P3MC and Yosuke would have sounded exactly the same if the voice actor acted as usual. So now you have Yosuke speaking with a weird as fuck high voice and P3MC sounds like he sleeps 1 hour each night at best. It's annoying to hear, especially in P4G where the added scenes sound very different from the rest.

No. 147961

>sounds like he sleeps 1 hour each night at best
kek it sounded more like a really bad keanu reeves impression to me. the high pitched yosuke thing seems more like an attempt to emphasize the fact that he's the resident retard in spinoffs rather than as a way to differentiate himself between voice actors since P3MC could've just been a deeper voice like they did with adachi and yu instead of the mess we have now.

No. 147963

The thing is, he also sounds like that in the added scenes in P4G even though he's literally the only playable character with a brain, so that makes it even weirder. And don't even mention Naoto, she's either retarded or just repeats what the other characters say to sound smart. I have no idea how the writers tried to make her sound like she's smart because it did not work.

No. 147983

>she's either retarded or just repeats what the other characters say to sound smart
Now, to be fair, the P4 crew as a whole ain't exactly the sharpest crayons in the box. Makes sense that the walking thesaurus that is Naoto, would be able to trick them into thinking she's actually an ace detective even though Yosuke, ironically enough, is more help than her. Which is why it lowkey pisses me off that Yosuke has to be the designated idiot of the group, even though your entire party is littered with retards who barely managed to figure out who the real killer was.

No. 148070

I got all the endings in 999 and what a ride. I should have played this earlier, I heard about it first from former friends on tumblr in 2011 but couldn't import a copy of the game on the DS back then. I'm regretting this now. I'm really glad that even though I've seen spoilers about Akane back then I didn't see any spoilers about anything else. I'm back to playing Pokemon Shield, and I'll start Virtue's Last Reward soon. Should I get the Zero Time Dilemma btw? I've heard mixed opnions for this one.

>Which is why it lowkey pisses me off that Yosuke has to be the designated idiot of the group, even though your entire party is littered with retards who barely managed to figure out who the real killer was.
True, I see it more as Yosuke being socially awkward for a bunch of reasons and getting bullied by the entire town over it. That makes his insecurities and his own shadow make a lot more sense too. If the MC was completely removed from the game Yosuke would have easily been the protagonist, and that's exactly why he's portrayed as an idiot in the spin-offs and adaptations when Yu can speak for himself. You could just keep Yu, Yosuke, Chie and Teddie in the game and remove the rest and the amount of braincells in the group wouldn't change.

No. 148072

I can't believe you are actually defending this spineless incel. Yosuke is the worst member because he constantly creeps on women, makes fun of Kanji due to being painfully insecure and kisses your ass for no reason from the very beginning. Lets not forget that he wished for Saki to die so there would be something fun for him to do in the town.
You know what would make the game better? If protag was a female so then the whole retarded 4d chess plot by Izanami would be removed as femc would have Izanami as a persona and Adachi Izanagi therefore retelling the myth

No. 148074

I'm not defending Yosuke, I'm saying he's far from being as dumb as some of the other main characters and he's more relevant to the main story.
> Lets not forget that he wished for Saki to die so there would be something fun for him to do in the town.
You're sure you're not thinking about another character here?

No. 148079

No. His shadow said so when they first meet. I get what you mean about relevance but i dont remember him being more useful that the others because the main decision is up to the main protagonist anyway whether they find the killer or not

No. 148085

File: 1623590805445.png (689.7 KB, 1536x864, hypno.png)

Currently playing hypnospace, and it's neat, though I feel like most of the hype surrounding the game has died out. Currently on the last part where you try to archive all of the pages and learn about stuff. It surprisingly hit me when Zane had gotten hacked and died, though I'm unsure who hacked him. I think it might have been either the dumpster, Jessica (even though I doubt she's real), or Tim (which I doubt since they don't interact with each other at all). I've also seen clips of people discovering the eye cult on Youtube, but not enough to be spoiled, so I'm interested in discovering them too

No. 148086

Shadows are just exaggerations of the characters based on how people see them. And he's seems more relevant because he's the one who talks and investigates and as the MC you just have to pick "yes" or "no" in some of the important cutscenes. That's the reverse once the MC can talk in the spinoffs which is why I said that Yosuke could have been the MC himself at this point.

No. 148087

Glad you enjoyed 999! It's been a while since I played VLR, all I can remember about it is that it was so boring that I fell asleep during the final true ending cutscene. I hear a lot of people like it though, so ymmv. ZTD however falls firmly into the so bad it's amazing category. I've never seen a plot twist as pants on head retarded as the one in ZTD. It's worth playing for that alone.

No. 148088

Has anyone here played Outer wilds? I'm thinking about getting it but money is tight atm so I want to make sure it's worth buying first. It has great reviews but I don't really trust those.

No. 148128

So Square Enix is making Eidos do another Marvel game.
An annoyingly inconsistent between the movies and comics Guardians of the Galaxy, sorta looks nice. But damn it I just want a proper finish to the Deus Ex trilogy they were building up to.

Also everything announced is for both PS4 and PS5? What's the point of the new consoles better specs then.

No. 148129

why are all the games being shown in e3…

1. shooters or ARPGs
2. medieval, apocaliptic or set in space
3. violent as fuck, just because.

jesus, I haven't played a new game in ages (I usually play oldies/classics) but good god, who buys all these cookie-cutter games?

No. 148153

File: 1623646156611.jpg (120.55 KB, 600x337, RF4S_06-12-21.jpg)


Rune Factory 4 coming to PC and other consoles this fall is honestly really cool, it's my favorite series! RF5 got a 2022 release date, sucks it's had some issues with the jpn release, even with updates. Hope it's all smooth by the time it makes it out here.

No. 148196

>Lemme have a femc so I can play a shitty fanfiction
No. I'll give you this, Yosuke shitting on best boy Kanji did get fucking annoying. As for the Izanami 4D Chess shit, if anything, I'd cut out the Izanami part entirely and just keep the story focused on everyone's favorite incel Adachi. I know it's practically a meme at this point that we fight god, but this is the one persona game where I would've been fine if it literally just ended with Adachi. Game explains that Adachi almost destroys the world because an evil god thought it'd be funny. You even get a cheeky end credit scene of them congratulating you for beating "their game", but playfully warning you that another god'll come along and fuck things up again, maybe alluding to the fact that it's already happened 3 times. Then, they wonder if y(o)u'll be the one to stop the next god or if another silent protaganist will come along and save the day. Roll credits.

No. 148259

File: 1623729530629.jpg (1.94 MB, 3000x4000, E32f-KAVoAIvOHA.jpg)

what do you wish to see in the upcoming new smt game? nocturne HD was a total scam but the ps2 version is still pretty nice

No. 148260

File: 1623732303789.png (744.09 KB, 884x609, Tumblr_l_1522878166351255.png)

honestly have my expectations on the floor for smt5 after the last 2. the weird, cringey changes in the smt3 remake were… off-putting too to say the least.

No. 148264

File: 1623733054605.jpg (57.48 KB, 824x516, Jh2.jpg)

i can't believe the picture you posted is real, what did you think of Strange Journey redux? alex and the new endings are so underwhelming

No. 148266

atlus sure do love to pointlessly shove new waifus into their remakes at every opportunity, dont they? sjr, p4g, p5r, p3res, catherine, probably more i'm forgetting, it was really surprising they didn't throw one into smt3hd. qol changes were cool of course but other than that its not a huge upgrade from the original.

No. 148275

kek. pic you posted is another case of "localization team thinks they're being funny by posting memes that'll be dated in a couple years". what didn't you like about 4 and apocalypse? personally thought 4 was really fun to play lol.

No. 148279

What makes the remaster trash? Aside from the localization because the OG and remaster are translated in my first language.

No. 148282

>honestly have my expectations on the floor for smt5 after the last 2.
Com'on. 4 and Apoc weren't as bad as many people say. Yeah, I can recognize that the designs of the guest artists are out of tune with the general aesthetics of the game and that Doi's designs are generic, if not outright forgettable. But the story of the fourth installment feels worthy of a SMT game. In the case of Apocalypse, although it was the result of internal fights and disagreements with the og's regarding the direction and tone of the story (giving them the opportunity to make whatever Apoc was…). Compared to 4, it has an excellent gameplay, not to say that it is the culmination of the evolution of the " press turn" and an upgrade to the "smirk" mechanic(that in 4 he felt kinda useless), but, the story is a típical anime premise. Its hard to accept that Kaneko is passing the torch to Doi, but that's the way it is.

About the remaster… Its a scam. Better play the ps2 ver.

same. If someday they decide to make a "redux" of apocalypse.. . Please let me play with the divine powers. I still find insulting that they didn't put the option to join them and be able to simp tootman(a.k.a Krishna).

No. 148283

File: 1623742876570.jpeg (42.84 KB, 480x480, BA3F9EEB-D983-4B21-B760-AB80D4…)

Does anyone play Disgaea? I just played the demo for D6 and it’s…pretty bad. They got rid of a ton of generic classes, my heart is broken.

No. 148287

I'm just getting """into""" fighting games. any other nonnies? most recent purchase is guilty gear strive. I'm ass but still learning.

No. 148290

Tekken is love; there's no other fighting game I found as enjoyable and addictive.

No. 148303

How was the Nocturne remaster a scam? I've been interested in playing the game for a while so I thought it was a good opportunity to get into it, but if it's the same case as the Silent Hill HD collection, I'd rather track the PS2 version (and wasn't it on the PS3 PSN as well?).

No. 148314

What are some atmospheric, non-animu styled Western visual novels, similar to VTMB Coteries of New York?

No. 148315

Red Embrace Hollywood!!! This game is amazing and very much inspired by VTMB. It does include romance, but it's like 40% of plot at best (and maybe you can avoid it, though I have only done one playthrough). The only downside is that it's difficult to uncover different endings/routes, since they are all dependent on gazillion answers. If you get the android version, it also has a nasty bug which makes it suddenly revert to the demo version. On the itch.io people posted about sidestepping the issue I think. I didn't know and it happened to me - it's not patched at all, so maybe go with a computer version if it's not a problem for you.
There is also an earlier game called Red Embrace, but it's strictly BL so I haven't played it yet (you can play as a woman or man in REH). Also a free short vn RE Mezzanine is upcoming, though it looks much less low budget than the main titles. For free though it's hard to expect the same level of polish. It's supposed to be an intro to a latter game in the RE series.

On another note, can you give a review of the VM visual novels? I've been wanting to play them, so I'm curious to find out more!

No. 148329

the plot, characters, and writing in general were distractingly bad. the gameplay was nice but that's not the #1 thing I want out of an smt game.

No. 148330

Ebon Light is pretty good

No. 148338

File: 1623776949666.jpg (70.84 KB, 1280x720, 3709679-1233.jpg)

New Shin Megami Tensei game is coming and the protagonist looks great!

No. 148339

Is the new protagonist a guy or a girl? I thought they were a guy at first but their demon form looks more like a woman.

No. 148340

Pretty sure that's a dude on both

No. 148341

I was going to ask the same thing. I hope it's a girl.

No. 148342

Definitely a girl, given the clearly non-ambiguously female voice actor in the trailer

No. 148343

File: 1623777850259.jpg (83.09 KB, 1280x720, E38GN_iWUAQG9ds.jpg)

samefag but i'm not so sure anymore after looking at the screencaps but I wish

No. 148344

Fuck yeah. She looks so cool. I like the butch school uniform look with liles on it too.

No. 148345

That's clearly a guy, just a bishie with long flowing hair

No. 148346

File: 1623778050381.jpg (321.33 KB, 868x1405, E38FKfOUUAM_AWI.jpg)

OK, on the box art it's pretty clear it's a guy, too bad. The 3d model makes his face look very feminine, even for Atlus standards

No. 148347

Yes, the face shape in the model screams "girl". It's a real pity if it's a guy, I would want to play as a pretty and butch girl.

No. 148348

Fuck I'm kind of in love with him, bad hair physics and all

No. 148350

It's annoying that they'd still rather go with a girly guy design instead of an actual female lead.

No. 148354

That's just some woman explaining the gameplay in the cringiest way possible. He has a pretty deep voice in the JP trailer.

No. 148355

IMO I think the designs have always been pretty androgynous, before I bought the first DDS I thought Serph was a woman

No. 148357

Also with the new protag I can’t stand the hair but I know Japanese love asymmetrical hair. I hope their might be some customization like IV to cover it up

No. 148375

My god, the AC community is a mess.

No. 148380

There's a new teaser out for BotW 2, and the game should be out next year. Looks like one big change to Hyrule will be floating platforms?

No. 148383

This is what I'm wondering!
What will be the map? Do we play in old/new Hyrule or it will be a brand new one? I can't tell by this trailer mmmhh I doubt that they would ditch the huge open world thing …

No. 148384

He's so fucking weird looking but I love him. Also I'm pretty sure Atlus is making him look androgynous on purpose (even though the body is obviously male), maybe it's an attempt to appeal to people wanting a female lead.

No. 148385

That is what they were aiming for. flynn and nanashi were like that too.

No. 148387

>maybe it's an attempt to appeal to people wanting a female lead.
Why not just make a female protagonist then? I don't get it.

No. 148391

That's the reason imo, just like anon said they made Flynn and Nanashi androgynous for the female fans they know they have, and I wouldn't be surprised if that's also the reason why they added Rin in Catherine Fullbody while we're at it. I think the DeSu2 remake collector edition came with a body pillow with Yamato on it in Japan, they 100% know they have female fans.

I doubt the Japanese female fans care, they probably want pretty boys because they like cute guys and because they can self-insert at the same time.

No. 148395

If he's drawing on angelic motifs, Law in SMT has been associated with androgyny. The artist Doi has said he'd like for a mainline SMT game to have a female protagonist, but it's not his choice to make. But yeah, Atlus has a pretty sizeable female audience in Japan and a fair amount of women in their staff as well.

No. 148457

Based atlus appealing to both the female/fujoomer market by having us play as androgynous bishies. no fucking way am I buying this on release, atlus has been getting so shameless with their dlc/re-releases of games.

No. 148489

The ones writing the game probably want to bring new things to the table, but you know how Atlus is with pandering to coomers only, so they just do it in a subtle manner. So at least you have an androgynous lead instead of a regular looking male one, like the other anon said there's Rin in Catherine who's a male, even if he still looks like a girl or even in P5R with Akechi acting like he acts (and P4's possibly deleted gay route). Maybe I'm wrong, but I can sense that someone wants to push Atlus to pander to other fans too and get out of their "comfort zone" and usual formula.

No. 148501

It's just the persona team pandering to coomers because Atlus was on the verge of bankruptcy not that long ago. I can't really blame them for that, since that means the better games aren't tainted.

No. 148534

it looks the exact same as the first one idk i expected a change of atmosphere at least or something, like how majora's mask was darker and more mysterious than oot, maybe a different color palette sth like tht

No. 148537

A darker BOTW would be cool, but I also don't really mind more of the same. Probably like most gamers, which is why Nintendo decided to play it safe. The first trailer was really misinforming cause it did seem like it's gonna be a darker, more moody game.

No. 148542

nta but I remember reading somewhere that one of the devs said that it would be even darker than MM? I'm really curious how the end product will look like.

No. 148543

>it's just the persona team pandering to coomers
I have no idea what you mean by subtle: Akechi is for fujoomers, Kasumi is for waifufags, and Rin is for gross trapfags. It's less "getting out of their comfort zones" and more atlus knowing their target audience.

No. 148548

Smt 3 already gave us two waifus Raidou and Dante. No one ever complains about them because unlike the rest they actually fit it into that game. and they are sexy

No. 148555

Well I have hopes.

No. 148557

In Catherine Fullbody's case I wouldnt say Rin is that obvious given how the original game tries to seem realistic with its characters. The trans character is just trans and not some magical woman or some shit, and the human characters have normal backstories so Rin being part of a video game that seem at first to pander to mostly normal straight grown men at first would surprise me. Even the way Vincent's bisexuality is handled reminds me way more of fujoshi complaining about Atlus not making Yosuke or Akechi romance options and Atlus answering directly to this.

No. 148560

I haven’t played it in so long, what’s happening?

No. 148566

Any anons play Disco Elysium? The final cut is on sale and I've been considering getting it. I've heard its good, but that it can be an acquired taste.

No. 148569

yeah, ngl you might like it or find it pretentious as fuck.

No. 148571

is anyone else experiencing really bad video game burn out? nothing i play is interesting and fun anymore. single player games haven't held my interest and multi player games have become borderline unplayable… any suggestions?? any ideas on how to fix this feeling??

No. 148573

Just stop playing for now, why force it? I keep getting burnouts every now and then, so I switch my attention to some other pastime hobby until a game I'm really into comes out or something catches my interest again.

Get it, if you like games where you gotta read a lot and are very tabletop RPG-y, that's the one. There's a lot of hype surrounding it an it's 100% deserved in my opinion.

No. 148575

Just wait until you're more in the mood for video games. I'm also very picky and at this point I only play sequels or remakes of games I already like.

No. 148578

I've found that I'm just immensely pickier than I used to be. I used to play everything, everything, as a kid/young adult. Now I just don't find grinding, rehashed plotlines and pressing x a hundred times to kill the same mob interesting. It's not a bad thing, because I fill the time I used to play games with useful activities that actually improve my life, and when something that does hold my attention comes along I can truly appreciate it. (For me, usually RPGs with interesting branching narratives, occassionally cute life sims or tactical stuff.)

No. 148599

Apparently the console version is glitchy as fuck. It does seem really interesting if you play things for the story.

No. 148659

File: 1623923525063.jpg (401.06 KB, 1080x1056, Screenshot_20210617-113944_Red…)

Anyone looking forward to stalker 2?

No. 148730

File: 1623956244484.jpg (55.54 KB, 500x667, Why can‘t I hold all these art…)

Just watched the first trailer, and
>stalkers sitting at the campfire playing music and philosophizing about the zone
>Anomalies look like you actually could accidentally run into them so the screws make more sense as a gameplay mechanic
>that PDA sound filling me with nostalgia
>mad handsome stranger ranting about how he needs to protect his waifu, the zone
>good voice acting and sounddesign

Yes I‘m hyped as fuck

No. 148785

Yeah same. I find myself scrolling through 250~ games with a blank look on my face then I close steam and go on lolcow. I hesitate to buy new games I’m interested in at this point because most of them I can tell have no replay value whatsoever to me.

No. 148816

File: 1623979457573.jpg (217.87 KB, 840x883, 481-4810149_sad-cat-png.jpg)

>video game "fandoms"
>no one plays the fucking game
where the hell can i talk to people who don't have coom for brains?

No. 148824

which fandom are you talking about?

No. 148833

JRPGs in general are horrible with this, just read /v/ or even Twitter.

No. 148919

File: 1624029836381.jpg (114 KB, 950x372, threehouses.jpg)

Are you guys getting anything on the nintendo sale? I'm tempted to splurge on Fire Emblem Three Houses.

No. 148940

I want to get botw but I just got dragon quest xi and I don't want to stray to another game yet

No. 148964

File: 1624048286935.jpg (4.37 MB, 1536x2048, Memory_Tides_-_Nidhogg.jpg)

Anyone playing Love Nikki? Who did you side with in Dawn Front? Which side do you think will win? Will you be getting the suits or saving for the next round?

No. 148970

I p much always choose Nidhogg. I ended up getting the darker suit. I’m so ready for Shining Nikki to come out.

No. 148972

i'll be siding with best girl qianshuang. will def be getting the suits, they're pretty cheap

No. 148973

Ayrt, also sided with Nidhogg again. Dawn wings might win though, since Shade and Nidhogg are grouped together. What do you look forward to the most about Shining Nikki?

No. 148978

I'm choosing best girl yue, i normally would choode kimi but she wont be able to handle shade and nidhogg. The suits this round aren't that pretty so i will only get the window and spend the other
materials i will get on suits from previous rounds.

Same anon, to bad that we still have to wait for a bit. Im to lazy to use a vpn to play on the early access server. The sneak peaks of the suits they showed are super pretty, im also playing time princess but i might delete it when shining nikki is available.

No. 149049

Shade, I need to keep my diamonds and I really want the black one of the two new suits, already got the window from the other one. Maybe some single items from the other suits. They are quite cheap, which is nice.
Dunno if I want to get shining nikki, one of those games is enough for me and my wallet.

No. 149090

Fuuck why is SMTV coming out only for Switch? It sounds so interesting and it would make so many sales. I hope it'll come on PC or PlayStation at some point (doubt it, but who knows).

No. 149106

I just beat Pokemon Shield. It was easy, but the game was made with the exp share in mind unlike XY so my pokemon weren't too overleveled. But it was super short. I beat it effortlessly in three days, or 23hours of gameplay. Why did Game Freak stopped giving a fuck about actual dungeons, puzzles and long, labyrithic routes? The game is short because routes and the very few "dungeons" present are short and straight. Is there anything interesting to do postgame aside from completing the pokedex and doing the DLCs?

No. 149115

The Persona series is like the poster child for this. If the characters are waifu/husbandoshit and there are obnoxious streamers who meme everything, tons of "fans" won't even bother playing the game. They're fucking everywhere, nowhere is sacred to them.

Seconded anon, I'm not motivated to buy another console

No. 149152

it's so disappointing how streamlined the games are now, I've completed each new game in 20 ish hours too. None of the 'gyms' were a problem at all. I remember Whitney's Miltank and Cynthia's Garchomp something you had to really prepare for before you faced them but now it's so easy. As you said other than the DLC/completing the Pokedex there's nothing i know of. It's sad since the game looks really nice and i'd love there to be more to do and more interesting side stories/characters.

No. 149153

Any ancientfags here who played Sonic R? It was one of my first games on the Sega Saturn. The soundtrack was so good, loved the cheesy dancepop songs

No. 149156

XY had a pretty big region with a few things to explore and do, and Sun/Moon still wasn't as short as SwSh, and in previous games you had side-quests like the contests in RSE and DPPT, the sports minigames in HGSS, the battle train not being locked behind post-game in BW, add to this the Hollywood stuff and the tournaments in BW2. And there were actual dungeons too, even if they weren't big. You talked about Withney's Miltank but in that game I also remember having to actually use my brain to solve the puzzles in the ice cave as a kid. Don't get me started with the ones in RBY because the manor/destroyed lab, the cemetry tower and the office tower were actually challenging back then.

No. 149158

Yeah it feels like they put no effort in making swsh, like the bare minimum of content was put in. And a lot of the pokemon designs are ugly to, i dont understand how a company with so much money can make such a lame game. I guess because people will buy their games anyway they just dont see the point in adding more stuff.

No. 149162

I'm guessing the higher ups would rather spend most of the money Pokemon brings on the anime and merchandises. Mainline games are released as fast as they used to be despite being in 3D and requiring more time and more people to develop them now, too. Basically it's like Disney, they don't make movies/games for its own sake but to sell more products based on the disney movies/pokemon games because that's easy money.

No. 149214

File: 1624220233544.jpg (139.87 KB, 750x865, gdgdg.jpg)

Congratulations nonas, another ez win for night order!

No. 149355

File: 1624310012114.webm (1.87 MB, 1418x793, 1624299305644.webm)

Nintendo is definitely investing into it, there's no way it'd be getting a simultaneous worldwide release without Nintendo. I really hope it does well, it's coming out a week before the Pokemon remakes but I hope that can maybe shine a light on how hard the team is trying in a way.

No. 149479

Never played Revival Xanadu, but this song is amazing. Why do Falcom games have such catchy songs?

No. 149481

File: 1624422915790.jpeg (202.09 KB, 1400x1050, STORYOFSEASONS_PioneersofOlive…)

I'm enjoying the new Story of Seasons but only because my brother bought it for me. I know if I paid for this I'd regret it lol. It has its charm but I feel it regressed with trying to be more like Stardew Valley. They should have made it Trio of Towns+.

No. 149538

I was going to buy this but all the reviews saying it's a downgrade made me wait

No. 150003

I'm trying to complete the pokedex in swsh, I just remembered that there's no GTS. Who thought removing one of the most convenient features in the series was a good idea.

No. 150018

File: 1624721827387.png (1.02 MB, 937x550, 2584488960.png)

I'm playing DMC 5 and I really like it. The gameplay is fun, characters and story are very good.

No. 150019

File: 1624722206129.jpg (50.22 KB, 316x565, ff07470d-4a6e-4f07-b99b-a0955e…)

Some of the levels were annoying, usually when playing as Dante but it's really one of my fave games to play to blow off some steam.

Anyway, a bit of an odd question but any mobile game recommendations? I don't want to buy a switch but I want to be able to play something wil outside, possibly an rpg.

No. 150020

it's my first time playing DMC at all.
Dante comes off as some kind of action figure with his style changing!
V is cute though

No. 150135

I recommend dmc4 if you like 5. It's also a lot of fun.

No. 150271

File: 1624881104094.png (24.04 KB, 220x220, Tumblr_l_75223460131003.png)

Anons, is getting GTA V worth it?

I really like open world games and I wanted to play multiplayers to find people to spend time with, but I've been hearing nothing but "don't play multiplayer solo" or complaints about multiplayer. is it that bad?

Also is that true you need to be a NEET in order to progress in multiplayers? Eg a literal 8 hour job there

No. 150277

I haven't played the multiplayer in years, but it was pretty bad around 2014/15. Not exaggerating, you would spend more time in loading screens and lobbies than you do actually playing the game. The single player is good though, they learned their lesson from GTA IV and actually put effort into making the missions exciting and cut down on the number of missions that involve nothing but driving from A to B

No. 150287

File: 1624890821337.jpg (180.43 KB, 900x757, 1594667086378.jpg)

I don't know how to trade exclusive pokemon in SwSh since there's no more GTS. I have the Shield version, who here wants to trade some pokemon with me? Especially if you have the Sword version.

No. 150288

File: 1624891520132.jpeg (2.23 MB, 4032x3024, FC711E9E-E5C5-4725-9435-9EBAF4…)

we all made fun of him but Noiz was just ahead of his time. 2021 e-boys wish they could be him

No. 150293

idk the dick chewing was kinda weird :/

No. 150296

>doesn’t like chewing dicks

No. 150299

I have sword. Whatcha lookin for ?

No. 150302

The pokemon that aren't in the Shield version pretty much. So far by looking for pokemon in the open world area I registered different 350 species.

No. 150303

He can't feel pain, it probably was like a breeze for him kek

No. 150305

I have a few I think. I’ll have to boot up my switch to double check! I’m not too picky with that I get but I would like that grandpa dragon Pokémon

No. 150310

I don't have one but I can look for it if you want. I have a few exclusives from Shield in case you want to complete your own pokedex.

No. 150312

Itd be appreciated but you don’t have to go out of your way!

No. 150314

I can't get one right now anyway, it only appears in one area if there's a storm and in my case the weather is different. If I find one later I could trade it with you though.

I'm not too sure how trading works in SwSh but I think we have to enter the same code to be able to trade together and not with random people. Here's what I'm looking for so far:

If you have one of them I can just make up a code and post it here.

No. 150366

>V is cute tho
I think all DmC boys are absolute hotties vergil's voice sounds like ass imo but, did anyone else hate playing as V? Everyone else was a blast but, V's sections felt like such a pain in the ass.

No. 150442

that is true about the voice
I like playing as V, I got the best rankings with him.

No. 150689

File: 1625149456838.jpg (103.76 KB, 1366x768, pic.jpg)

Nonnies, what are your opinions on Lobotomy Corporation and Library of Ruina? Should i buy them on sale?

No. 150702

I know it's old at this point but has anyone played Octopath Traveller? I've put a few hours into it and uh it's kinda dissapointing? Does it get to a point where it gets a bit more elevated? Combat is good difficulty wise but can be a bit repetitive and does the story get better? So far I've done no Chapter 2's.

No. 150839

LC made mem realize i fuckinbg sucked at video games, but otherwise its very well done.

No. 150906

File: 1625284319945.png (21.82 KB, 360x320, 39548900@2x.png)

I really like both of them. I recommend pirating or buying Lobocorp on sale and then playing Ruina after if you enjoyed Lobocorp. They're both extremely different in terms of gameplay but the latter has a lot of callbacks to the previous game

No. 150935

File: 1625316077668.jpg (116.71 KB, 1160x650, distancing protocols.jpg)

Belated reply but everything does get more interesting as you go, or at least I thought so. It's been a while but the biggest problem I had was how the characters seemed like their own remote islands in the stories. No one really interacts in any meaningful way.

That dev team saved their incredibly terrible story for Bravely Default 2 apparently.

No. 150937

God, I still haven't finished Bravely Default 2 because the story sucks so much. BD 1 was only able to be interesting because the characters were likable but in BD2 everyone is either boring or insufferable.
Elvis, specially, just grinded my gears he's so annoying. Seth and Gloria are both extremely boring, specially Gloria, even Agnès manages to be more charming. And then there's Adelle, who's actually pretty cool and has an interesting twist but is somewhat wasted because her story arc really isn't about her at all.

No. 150945

Different anon. Yeah, I was hoping/expecting the characters stories to start off separately and eventually converge into one, but they remain separate for pretty much the whole game.

No. 151239

File: 1625506851773.png (7.98 MB, 1242x2208, 582123BC-2910-481F-A501-E8D8BF…)

She has arrived!

No. 151245

File: 1625508069782.png (445.44 KB, 1920x1080, djchillypie.png)

I just want this but new.

No. 151246

That game was awesome

No. 151248

I still play this on a DS emulator.

No. 151255

omfg same anon! I played it a month ago, actually. For the 100th time. As always I was pissed you cannot have black hair or roommate the coolest characters.
I swear that Urbz GBA is a cool girls club lmfao. Based farmers

No. 151258

woah I haven't played love nikki for a year now but I remember waiting for this. Let me know if it's good anon!

No. 151259

This fucking game has been following me everywhere i go since 2013 please i just want to forget

No. 151264

Noiz was unironically best route even if you end up confused as fuck because you get barely any of the main plot in it

No. 151321

You can't anon. None of us can.

No. 151346

Ok so I've just bought Mass Effect Legendary Edition to marathon when I've got some time off and I'm tempted to give Andromeda another try again after finishing the original trilogy. When I last played it I was really disliking the combat. I hate the lack of classes and prefer the cover based shooting of the originals compared to the jetpack fuckery of Andromeda. Not only that but Ryder seemed like pretty weak character with less room to roleplay than Shepard. The supporting cast also don't seem as interesting but I understand part of that is my autistic allergy to anything new. I really want to like Andromeda though. I want the whole Mass Effect story as I read the books and comics too, desperate for any crumb of lore. Is it worth putting up with? Is it just one of those games that have a slow start?

No. 151347

I've enjoyed it, there's a lot of nice small stories in the quests and the environments are amazing, it's a story about exploring new planets, so big, beautifully done locations to explore can be a huge appeal, definitely are for me.

No. 151350

I dropped it halfway through because it wasn't interesting enough storywise

No. 151353

I played the original chinese shining nikki for (2 or 3?) years before my ipad ran out of space lmao and it was pretty enjoyable but honestly it's way less fun to create outfits. Just a warning for anyone who gets it, make sure it's on a device with plenty of space, it took up the space on my whole ass ipad, no other apps.

No. 151354

I actually really liked it and I want to play it again after finishing MELE. Haven't played the patched version yet. It's not the trilogy for sure, but it got me anyway. I wish they made the quarian dlc and hope they pick up some of the loose plotpoints in ME 5???

No. 151616

File: 1625758891754.jpg (93.18 KB, 1280x720, monsterhunter.jpg)

I'm really excited for Monster Hunter Stories 2. I have a soft spot for the first one on 3DS and the demo feels like a better version of that. The character designer is really cute too and being able to change your hair/make up whenever is nice. I love that you can change armor color as well! There's also a bit of gacha with the egg hatching and I enjoy the turn based combat because I suck ass at regular Monster Hunter.

No. 151620

File: 1625760361221.jpg (360.01 KB, 1637x1084, sakuna-of-rice-and-ruin-12-11-…)

Any nonnies playing Sakuna Of Rice and Ruin? I just got it a week ago and it's so fun! I love the combat. The farming is actually harder than the combat imo which is definitely… interesting. Not for everyone but it's hard enough that it feels sooo rewarding when the rice turns out good lol

No. 151644

File: 1625771511531.jpg (221.33 KB, 1080x1376, Screenshot_20210708-124724_Chr…)

what did anons nab during the steam summer sale? kek I procrastinated and ended up making my purchase like 20 min before the sale ended, but picrel is my haul (I wanted moar but am govt assistance poorfag)

No. 151646

Shadow Tactics is only 4$? Damn thanks for letting me know anon I played the demo ages ago and it was so fun

No. 151698

did you get it nonnie?? I've actually not played it but have had my eye on it literally since it came out and $4 was a nutty deal

No. 151710

I have it. It's a really beautiful game. I got the special edition on sale some months ago

No. 151725

I just tried this but I don't like the story. It seems like typical otome bullshit with milquetoast timid MC and egotistical guys. Does it get better?

No. 151741

love nikki is better story-wise imo. no romance and plenty of drama
it's all in 2D tho

No. 151747

Yeah it gets a lot better, I mean both Love Nikki and Miracle Nikki's story starts off generic but it's clearly a part of the buildup, later on intrigue and politics comes into it a lot more… and the power of friendship but that's neither here nor there.

No. 151748

File: 1625848062537.jpg (187.79 KB, 1079x1114, Tumblr_l_217460568273450.jpg)

Just you wait nonnie.

No. 151763

I'm not sure if that is the right way to call it this, both love and shining nikki dont have any love interest. It's more about friendship and later it begins exploring the politics of mirailand.
I do think shining nikki is a bit faster with actually exploring a more darker side, it took very long before love nikki story became more serious.

No. 151765

Shining Nikki's world is also just hectic in general, Love Nikki's world is getting hectic, shining nikki is hectic. Also Nikki's forever GF Kimi isn't even in Shining Nikki so noone worry about pretty boys.

No. 151851

File: 1625941842533.png (1.93 MB, 1920x1536, Spiritfarer_2021_Roadmap_2.png)

Anyone else here play Spiritfarer? I'm really looking forward to the next two updates! I'm putting off starting a new game until they're all released. Spiritfarer is such a relaxing game for me, so I can't wait to get more content for it. Good of Thunder Lotus not to charge for these too, pretty rare to get free DLC these days.

No. 151852

Love Spiritfarer! So exited about the dlc, I started over again ages ago and am slowly working back up to welcoming Lilly aboard.

My favorite part is getting to hug everyone, even daffodil gets hugs! It’s just such a chill game and the art style is perfect for the atmosphere.

No. 151854

I love hugging the characters too, it's such a nice touch. I know it's most likely the 'tism causing me to get attached to the characters, but I really do care for them. I got super emotional taking Gwen to the Everdoor, I put it off for about a week in-game and when I finally took her I actually cried a lil bit. It's still a very relaxing game for me though, I saw it on a "cosy games" list on YouTube and I think "cosy" is the perfect description of it tbh.

No. 151858

Oh anon I feel you, I cried so many times. I also enjoyed trying to fit all the buildings where they need to be. Like Alices house I try to surround with orchards of apples. And I put atul by all the heavy machinery lol

No. 151859

I have never heard of this game but have looked into it and might buy it!! It sounds like something I would love!! What platform do you play anons on? I have either mac or a switch option.

No. 151860

sage for superlate response, but the xiv community on 4chan is probably one of the worst communities I've ever seen.

No. 151863

I have it on switch as I have a switch lite and it's a nice game to play while lounging around or cuddled up in bed. Personally I don't play games on PC as I'm too easily distracted. I like being able to plug my headphones into my switch, curl up and escape into another world. I honestly can't recommend this game enough, nonny. Let us know if you get it and what you think of it!

No. 151867

I picked up Stellaris at the Steam summer sale a few days ago and I've already put ~20 hours into it lol. It was between that or Death Stranding and I think Stellaris was a smart pick, though I do still want to get around to Death Stranding at some point. Any other anons into Paradox's games?

No. 151891

Unironically 4chan community on xiv is better than it is in-game.
Xiv is a weeb game which is bothgood and bad. Bad because it's INFESTED with perverts, trannies (who are also, obviously, perverts and dreaming of turning everyone into troons and becoming a whore IRL by ERPing online) and man, or even womanchilds.

I love this MMORPG, but I can't fucking stand it's community because it's full of mentally ill weirdos, now it's even worse because of how popular the game is.

No. 151928

To the anon who said she wanted the grandpa dragon pokemon in Pokemon SWSH, I caught one so tell me if you want to trade.

No. 151948

I’ve always had the assumption that ERPs tend to be concentrated on certain servers — has that spilled over to other servers now?

Personally haven’t really seen the depravity in-game but that’s likely coz the JP server community (which a lot of SEA folks like me are in) seems to be more chill by comparison

No. 151988

its pretty easy to avoid and block the troons in game though, most of the 4ch scrotes and pickmes are pathetic no lives(the really bad kind).

and despite the gendershit that is all over the twitter xiv community, its the most bearable.

No. 151998

I really want to buy a nintendo switch when I get my next paycheck. they look so fun. I can technically play games on my laptop but my laptop runs out of space quick and there are a lot of games for the switch that look really fun and aren't on steam/origin.

do any of you have a switch? and do you like it? is there anything I should be aware of before dropping $300 on one?

No. 152001

File: 1626071220084.jpeg (50.42 KB, 828x466, C152B01E-9798-41BC-A011-AB7095…)

you might want to wait until the oled switch comes out in october tbh. it has a few notable improvements from the original/lite models and is only going to be about 350 usd
if you’d rather just get an older model asap then yeah, i’d say it’s 100% worth it, especially if you have an online membership.

No. 152005

Joycon drift and some games can play a little janky with pop ins and stutters in my experience. So many good games though and it's been my favorite console since I bought it.
keep in mind games run the same on both models

No. 152013

I enjoy playing I bed, so thats my console to go. aside from the big game titles you can also play many indie games on it as well.

No. 152017

The only real difference between the oled model and the original model is the screen. And that only matters if anon is sure she'll mostly play games on handheld mode.

I wouldn't recommend the Switch Lite because the Switch's joycons are known to sometimes have issues with drifting in some cases. If this happens with a normal Switch you can just replace the joycons with new ones or another type of controller, but in the Switch Lite's case you'll need to replace or repair the entire thing.

By the way, what are the games you want to get with the Switch? You like some genres in particular?

No. 152040

Get the one with detachable joycons is the best advice for a switch. I can not stress enough how unchill a gaming session becomes when your character keeps running to their death without you touching anything!

No. 152060

Anons have given you a lot of good advice already but please don't settle for the Switch Lite like these anons have said. >>152017

If the regular edition is out of stock, wait for a resupply. Also don't be afraid of cheap third party controllers if you're playing docked, they always last longer than a name brand joycon.
The only other thing is that you may occasionally hear about a Switch Tax. Games for the console are generally more expensive than elsewhere but if it's not a proper Nintendo production game, they do go on sale from time to time.

No. 152093

I've been getting bored of Overwatch recently so i picked up Apex Legends and it's so fun! I love the look of all the characters, it's unfortunate you can't test them out before buying them? I really want to buy Watson/Horizon but im loving Caustic at the moment. Anons who play, who would you recommend buying?

No. 152097

thank you! I was leaning towards buying a switch and not a switch lite, as I plan to exclusively play it on hand held mode or whatever it's called and wanted the bigger screen. I heard that with the switch lite it's more of a pain in the ass to get the joycons fixed or whatever. almost all the videos were recommending the switch lite though lol.

>By the way, what are the games you want to get with the Switch? You like some genres in particular?

I want to play adventure games that are fun and also not too realistic like skyrim. dragonquest, ashen, portal knights, and fe all look really fun to me, I've also never played zelda.

No. 152111

then you should defenitely give BotW a try

No. 152164

I want kameo 2, they did her so dirty when they canceled it. She was my icon as a kid, but at the very least she can be my figurehead in sea of thieves, so thanks I guess rare.

No. 152166

Tbh it all depends on your playstyle! How do you play? Who were your mains in OW?

No. 152184

I mained Ana and Zarya! I've ended up buying Wattson, she's too cute. I need to get used to her playstyle but I like the traps at the moment, I wish they were less visible or similar to Caustic.

No. 152273

I've sort of fallen out of gaming for the last couple years, where I'd say my playtime has dropped by like 90%, I never really feel motivated to play anything for longer than 30mins.

I wonder if I've sort of grown out of it, not that it's a immature hobby just that it doesn't have the same pull on me anymore.

Feels more like a chore to play now than fun, can any older anons relate ?

No. 152278

Is there something going on in your personal life, anon? I get like that sometimes when there's a lot to do irl and I feel like time could be better spent doing real shit. 30 minutes into a game and you hit a wall kind of.

No. 152331

fuck me, I wish I checked this thread before getting my switch
I just bought the pink one 3 days ago because I thought it was cute and because I really dislike black consoles in general

No. 152339

File: 1626295689789.jpg (21.54 KB, 570x570, sakura skin.jpg)

a little late now but there are lots of cute skins if you have a steady hand. Don't ever feel like you're stuck with the basic black console.

No. 152342

dumb question, but how difficult is it to apply these skins? i don't feel confident enough to get any of those hardcover plates that require you to take your switch apart but i really want to decorate my switch because solid black/gray is sooo boring. i'm able to apply washi tape so it aligns with the edge of a sheet of paper most of the time, if that helps with assessing my 'steady hand' skills kek

No. 152366

File: 1626324640946.jpg (176.98 KB, 800x800, 764239534926742443.jpg)

Get stuff like this, it's a silicone case. Much easier


No. 152373

The one posted here >>152339 is a sturdy decal, no tech skills needed. Just line them up, smooth out the bubbles if you need to and it's good. A silicon case like >>152366 is even easier though.

No. 152376

Are there any non uguu-kawaii ones?

No. 152378

people in the comments mention that you cannot dock the switch if you put the case on it, which makes it useless in my opinion

No. 152489

Man I forgot how totally mind numbing grinding in Warframe is.
But I want Nezha Prime.

No. 152540

File: 1626441838859.jpg (77.84 KB, 800x921, KlonoaRender.jpg)

Klonoa is such a fun game. My only pet peeve so far is that when you die in a boss battle you have to start the entire level again, and knowing how i suck at platformers this means i will have to re do the levels a lot.

No. 152543

I loved this game as a kid!!!! And yeah, the boss battles sucked

No. 152545

I saw a let's play throught a niche youtuber I kinda liked how they have their own fictionnal language

No. 152571

File: 1626455860246.jpg (113.83 KB, 1035x874, Screenshot_22.jpg)

A small vent: I love Fatal Frame 2 to bits, I played it on my PS2 back when it came out. Out of curiosity I checked out clips of the Wii version and I was horrified when I saw that they changed my beloved game into an incestuous coomertrash. Like how could they

No. 152572

What do you play it on?

No. 152652

ePSXe, an emulator. You can upgrade the graphics but i prefeer to play in potato quality.

No. 152695

File: 1626554479386.png (102.25 KB, 270x301, 1592202598828.png)

I'm super close to completing the pokedex in Shield, I just need someone who's willing to trade their Zacian with one of my pokemon. I can just give it back right after getting it. If anyone wants to trade let's do it, we just need to make up a trade code.

No. 153036

Lost Judgment will be the last Judgment game and neither of them will ever come to Steam because of some geriartric dicks from Johnny's who are scared of PCs. boo

No. 153060

File: 1626821828405.jpeg (16.58 KB, 300x168, download (2).jpeg)

Have anyone tried Little Wood game? Is it worth it? I care more about social part more than farming, but I'd like to hear your thoughts

No. 153061

I’ve been playing on switch and it’s really, really cute. There’s plenty of relationship building albeit not as in depth as Stardew Valley. Obligatory romance options too which is available for every character. I’d say the game is more focused on gathering/building over anything else. Customization as well. Being able to design your whole town is fun. I’d full heartedly recommend it!

No. 153062

LittleWood's relationship system is a very shallow portion of the game. The relationship cutscenes are short, and you only get 3 for each romance option. The game is more focused on city building (choosing where buildings go, decorating your town).

No. 153066

File: 1626826316732.jpeg (202.26 KB, 1024x576, B9DA638A-FFB4-4C48-B497-059BA9…)

I think my love of Scheele’s Green comes from Claire Charming’s house in the Sims.

No. 153067

File: 1626826386141.jpeg (184.06 KB, 1024x683, E1800BFA-0B98-47A3-865C-C5322F…)

Samefag, example of Scheele’s green (Victorian arsenic poison pigment).

No. 153253

File: 1626986331345.png (Spoiler Image,346.03 KB, 1044x609, SPOILER_E63HLzeXoAAM5f3.png)

I'm not sure where else to place this but Activision/Blizzard is getting widespread backlash over their disgusting behavior with women these past few years. They are being sued by the DFEH. Spoilered a detail about the lawsuit, it's horrifying to read through. It makes me sick thinking about the women who were probably treated like this during the development of my favorite games. It makes me not want to play anything at all right now.

No. 153283

File: 1627011088587.jpg (287.72 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_3e62a0225bba5330d9f5585…)

is anyone following gatobob's upcoming game "the price of flesh"? i am interested but not sure if i want to donate to the patreon. i was interested in boyfriend to death as a concept but i found the art/characters to be really ugly. they seem to have improved their style a lot.

can any of you BTD fans tell me what BTD was like? and how do you feel about this game?

No. 153285

is this the original sims? how did you get it to run?!

No. 153289

I've been keeping up with this, it was brought to my attention first because I occasionally play WoW. It's incredibly revolting behavior from the men in those workplaces but I'm not all that surprised. In particular, the events that culminated in that woman committing suicide were heart-breaking.

Gaming is my favorite hobby and I wish I could get into game development, but it's shit like this that makes me really turn away from it. The industry is riddled with sexism from fanbase to the creators.

No. 153293

It’s just a screenshot I found online, not mine. I think you can get sims running with an emulator?

No. 153302

This is digusting and I wouldn't have known about it if I didn't read about it here. Sadly, I don't think that POS company will get hurt. I think that majority of scrotes who play games, they'll probably support Activision/Blizzard even more now.

No. 153322

I followed this youtube tutorial and it works fine for me anon.

This is so horrible, currently when I buy games I will first try and research the company. It's so fucked up how many women get abused at game companies.

No. 153329

All of that article is so fucked up, I had no idea until I saw this here because news about gender equality or female poc workers rights never gets real traction
Of course the company is sweeping everything under the carpet so we're only seeing the top of the iceberg. I hate that big game and comic companies can use the uwu nerds image to deflect that they can be just as awful as any other industry

No. 153342

It truly is terrible, I am at a loss of words here. There are a lot of big companies that don't care about the safety of their employees at all. Gross.
But I don't personally think you should give up on game development, in fact there needs to be more women in games. I studied game design and work in an indie studio and I have to say it is lovely, don't be scared of pursuing that field just because it's filled with men

No. 153384

Anyone recommend any cute, casual mobile games?
I've been playing Orna recently but I'm getting bored because you really do have to travel to do anything. I just want to play something cute for a while now.

No. 153392

Maybe Cookie Run Ovenbreak? I love its art style and I play it casually.

No. 153403

File: 1627140167377.jpg (1.43 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210724-121518_ani…)

Animal Restaurant maybe? (Pic related) It's very cute but it might get boring after a while if you play it too much
I also recommend Elona but idk how well it fits the cute and casual you're looking for, I spend almost 30 minutes just fishing and managing my inventory lmao

No. 153404

This is fucking awful. I hate that companies have the gall to put on a feminist façade and then do this kind of shit behind the scenes.
I wish game journalists would spend more time exposing actual sexism like this, instead of just complaining when a character is "too sexualized".

>>153289 I don't think you should let incidents like this put you off game development, otherwise things will never get better.
Like that other anon said, you could try going the indie route if you want to keep your distance from corporate culture.

No. 153405

File: 1627140765984.jpg (1.4 MB, 2340x1080, Screenshot_20210724-122746_Elo…)

Samefag pic related is my char in Elona

No. 153416

I would be interested in playing a btd type game but with women. anyway, what is this game anon?

No. 153417

File: 1627147245018.jpg (82.98 KB, 530x350, ff4h825.jpg)

Picked up Bravely Default again from where I left of (I think I'm about 1/3). How do other nonnies feel about it? I never really managed to get into it but I can't quite figure out why? It's somehow too much like current day anime for me? I liked its spiritual prequel 4 heroes of light much more, that game was so cosy… I want more cute cosy games…

No. 153422

You remind me that I bought Bravely Default and Bravely Second years ago and never touched them. I should play them as soon as I'm done with Pokemon Shield and Virtue's Last Reward. I wanted to play them because they reminded me of the FF remakes I played years ago, FF1 and 2 on the PSP and FF3 and 4 on the DS.

No. 153424

File: 1627149712097.jpg (66.98 KB, 696x422, article-1286900569102-0b956417…)

OOOH, I loved the FF3 remake for DS/PSP…the last dungeon was tough lol. I wonder why they never redid FF5? That was my favourite of pre-PSX FF titles.

Judging by my current feelings regarding BD i dont think i will pick up second layer or part two.

No. 153426

it's called "the price of flesh" and is nearing completion

No. 153436

I love the original bravely default, the voice acting and characters I enjoy although I do think the world itself feels bland. I love the job and use a bunch of moves straight away feature.

No. 153456

Omg gals I found the game! It was Micro Maniacs. An anon suggested Micro Machines which was enough of a clue for me to find it. I hope someone I know has a PS1

No. 153457

Anyone here emulate PS2 games? I want to have a digital collection of my favorite PS2 games but I don't know the best format for that.

No. 153463

not sure if this counts as a video game, so this is probably a shot in the dark. does anyone remember the name of that interactive fiction where you where you were put on an island and had to survive? encounters were kinda wacky. one of them who would just hit you with the literal ugly stick.

No. 153474

File: 1627197959903.jpg (278.56 KB, 1188x887, Screenshot_7.jpg)

Can anyone recommend me adventure games like Dreamfall? They don't make games like this anymore…

No. 153475

Can't help you but if you remember the title, please do tell it, sounds intriguing! Is it an older game?
>interactive fiction
Do you mean like a visual novel? Or like an FMV game?

No. 153479

i bought this game years ago because it was on a massive sale then never got around to playing it. maybe i should pick it up and finally play it.

No. 153498

it's an older, browser-based text adventure game i played early or mid 2000s that starts out with a mad-scientist-ish character who kidnaps you to the island and just makes it his thing to do that to people, explaining the other npcs on the island. i think it had some moderate popularity as there was a market system or so with other registered users that set it apart from the single-player shorter text games, so it's killing me that i cant find it. if it turns out im not going crazy making things up, i'll let you know if i find it.

No. 153503

Adventuregamers.com has a pretty huge list of adventure games. They also have a search filter that should make it easier to find the kind of games you're looking for.

No. 153504

Aww, I remember loving this game as a 12 year old. At the time the only kinds of games I knew of were like Pokemon Stadium and it blew my mind that there was one out there that wasn't centered around combat (I didn't play a lot at the time).

No. 153518

File: 1627228871805.png (961.68 KB, 864x648, 564.png)

I picked up my 3DS again and I'm loving it, there's so much games to do and to finish. It makes me anxious that Nintendo might stop their internet severs one day…

I'm playing Style Savvy 3, only ~15h in kek

No. 153536

The combat system is clunky as hell and it has all the typical problems that adventure games usually have (neverending dialogues, pointless fetch quests, etc) but I love the general atmosphere and the world(s) it's set in

No. 153537

File: 1627234189021.jpg (161.08 KB, 1024x576, dreamfall.jpg)

Ugh I love this game, the world-building is amazing. The gloomy atmosphere in Venice, Charlie's futuristic bar, her hometown Casablanca. I loved it all. So nostalgic. Have you played the last game in this series? Dreamfall Chapters. It's not perfect but it's enjoyable.

No. 153539

File: 1627234926839.jpg (140.15 KB, 1024x624, c464c7dfb7649aea612dcdce362e8c…)

Venice was my favorite as well!! To be honest I found the slightly cyperpunk-ish modern imagery of Stark much more interesting than Arcadia. I would love a game with a similar setting. And yeah I played a bit of Chapters but it just didn't have the same feel as Dreamfall

No. 153541

Nintendo will definitely stop the servers at some point they've done it with all their other old consoles godspeed.

No. 153542

I wholeheartedly agree anon, Stark and its cyberpunk aesthetic is just perfect. I agree that Chapters didn't have the same feel although I enjoyed it. A part of me likes the charming 2006 interpretation of the future more too. Tbh I haven't found a game quite like Dreamfall the longest journey in all of my years of gaming. I've been recommended to try Siberia though. Maybe that's worth a shot?

No. 153543

I don't know if this is the right place to ask this but I'm struggling to find video games I really enjoy. I usually enjoy media (anime/manga) with mystery and comedy elements and I'm interested in JRPGs, otome games, or western RPGs. Is there anything anons would recommend to play on PC? Again sorry if this doesn't belong here

No. 153545

What games have you played anon? And which ones did you enjoy? Sounds like you'd enjoy the Persona games.

No. 153546

I'm going to assume you've already played Ace Attorney! If you liked that, Ghost Trick (not PC but emulators exist and it's a really good game!) is also very fun!
Recettear is a fun casual game that you might enjoy. You hire heroes to go into dungeons (you control them in the dungeon crawler section) and kill monsters for loot, then you sell the loot in your shop for a profit, it goes surprisingly deep and you can be as efficient as you want or just have fun scamming the npcs.

No. 153548

nta, but that game looks so bloody cute. is it pay-to-win?

No. 153559

Chrono Trigger is a classic JRPG, although you've probably already played it. The Steins Gate visual novel seems like something that might be up your alley. Borderlands is a great western RPG with comedy elements.

I feel like I'm just going to rec things you likely have already played kek so yeah which games have you already gone through?

No. 153563

File: 1627250278966.png (211.72 KB, 618x843, old man.PNG)

bell chimes for gold is a shorter otome. they're all oyaji though, but it was cute for what it was. there's a NSFW version you can buy on their site, but i haven't played it so you can look at vndb for tags if you're worried about the content. your turn to die is a mystery/horror jrpg that you can find on vgperson's site. if you know japanese, i recommend playing the original version on nico for the comments. love how they've all collectively agreed on nicknaming shin/sou kuso. and their thirst comments whenever keiji appears kek

No. 153569

Not at all imo. I never spent a dime on that game and some of my red itens I got from events, quests and dungeons. You can get free diamonds everyday in the shop and use them to buy itens you don't get in the dungeons. Exclusive skins later appear in the skin shop where you can buy using the skin tickets you buy with diamonds.
Unless you really want certain itens, I don't see much of a reason to spend money on it.

If you play.. don't eat cat meat. You will lose karma.

No. 153570

Thanks for the recommendations anons I'll look into those. I've been interested in the Persona series because of a friend but I wasn't sure if they were worth it, definitely considering persona 4 golden though. I'm not experienced with gaming at all honestly and I haven't been able to buy anything that costs money, although I can now, I just don't know where to start. I've played basic free to play games like csgo and rocket league but I honestly didn't enjoy them much. I've had some fun playing osu though, despite its reputation lol

No. 153576

File: 1627254523700.jpg (20.54 KB, 400x267, hoteldusk.jpg)

Since we're talking about emulators, old games and nds, I recommend for anyone interested, Hotel Dusk: Room 215 and its sequel Last Window: The Secret of Cape West for nds, I played it on an emulator years ago.
It's a point and click with some puzzles. You are former detective and now salesman Kyle Hyde searching for your former partner Brian Bradley.
Some mystery here and there, the dialogues are fun, I don't know if the looks are for everyone but that's exactly what made me interested in the game in the first place.
I guess if you ever played 999 or ace attorney, you might like.

No. 153591

God I want style savvy for switch

No. 153658

File: 1627312858025.jpg (9.24 KB, 225x225, gf.jpg)

Would you guys recommend I give Greedfall another go? I bought it on PC when it first came out and found it too buggy, then never found the momentum to play it again. Is it tolerable now to play/did anyone here enjoy it?

No. 153782

The only thing is that the eshop all runs on common servers for Wii U, DS and Switch so they'd have to split them up somehow.
Nintendo finds ways to spite customers so it's not beyond them but it's going to take some work.

No. 154086

File: 1627545319264.jpg (111.99 KB, 477x264, 1627545143725.jpg)

Any other anons that play Guild Wars?

Please tell me I'm not alone in hating the fact that we are going to Cantha and most likely getting more human lore and more dragon stuff. Really hope this expac is the end of the dragons stories, I'm tired. And salty. Because I main norn and the charr took over IBS

No. 154096

File: 1627558549173.jpg (453.23 KB, 700x1000, 20210628_173151.jpg)

Nier:Reincarnation is out in English and I don't even feel like downloading it.

Sawako Natori carried the writing in the games HARD and Yoko Taro and his new all male writer team are hacks.

No. 154101

File: 1627562486657.png (3.23 MB, 3840x2160, nevermore.png)

I used to play and mained a norn too. Storywise, I noped out around the time the first Queen's Jubilee decided to flush what little character development Logan got. A little later on, there was the Kessex tower event with drunk Kasmeer and Kasmeer's voice actor seeming like she was embarrassed of the whole thing.
It's only ever going to be humans with a dash of sylvari until GW3 if that ever happens. Players seem to favor the human race (bonus points for human female with that one kpop face preset) and before the big dev culling, Anet employees seemed to prefer salad.

It wasn't my exact breaking point with the game but the Heart of Thorns beta showed me the game was going a direction I wasn't interested in. The only real regret is that I missed out on mounts and didn't get to craft a Nevermore.

No. 154115

Going to second other anons and say it's a game I really enjoyed playing. Even some of my friends that weren't into gaming would hog my pc and play it themselves, not that I would mind since it was nice seeing them immerse themselves.
Sadly, the sequel from a few years ago was terrible. I wish I could recommend a similar game but nothing comes to mind.

No. 154206

I played a little and I never touch phone games, I just wanted more Nier goodness, it's a gacha game like almost every little thing is based around resources/microtransactions.

The story so far I'm only on chapter 2 it's a little like Ico and every so often you jump into a world for a short story, it's okay.

but no where near the quality of Nier games

No. 154208

File: 1627638477412.jpg (175.49 KB, 1379x1187, NEO-The-World-Ends-with-You.jp…)

has any nonnie tried out the new twewy game out?

No. 154217

Played some of the demo, annoyed it's only part voice and the translation is a little liberal for my tastes.
Can't really remember how the original story went so should probably refresh if I ever bother with the full game.

No. 154225

File: 1627652791884.jpg (170.38 KB, 1280x720, 2021.07.07-11.41-boundingintoc…)

i can't believe they chose twitter lingo out of everything kek

No. 154243

Bought a switch just to play it but there's some issues with shipping so I have to wait for a bit. How do you like it, anon?

No. 154260

File: 1627679354543.jpg (195.68 KB, 903x755, Screenshot_2.jpg)

Does every single man working in the video game industry turns out to be insane? Rayman 2 was one of my favorite games growing up

No. 154265

File: 1627682412336.jpg (843.41 KB, 1920x1080, ss_4ad92234ab23c79377143c074fd…)

nonitas, i need some advice on what games to get.

>kitaria fables

picrel, it looks really cute and like stardew valley but with animals. i'm kinda hoping that it's gonna be like fantasy life, which i was obsessed with back then.

>world's end club

>poison control contaminated
i feel like all my online friends hyped those games but now no one ended up getting either of them. have any of you gotten them? thoughts?

>tloz skyward sword (switch version)

i barely played any zelda games except for botw, which i loved. aside from that i only ever finished minish cap and played a few hours of those terrible ds games back in the day. is this a remake mostly for people who loved the original version or would a newbie like it too?

for reference, i'm notoriously shitty at videogames (i play everything on easy, have REALLY bad hand/eye coordination) and i hate grinding. games i enjoyed the past few years are tales of games (except for zestiria, fuck zestiria), the zero escape series, persona 5 and fe3h. also the entire danganronpa series but i'm not komaeda anon i swear currently playing nier automata and that's enjoyable too.

No. 154280

I played the original Skyward Sword and I bought the switch ver because I'm a simp but it can be enjoyed by newbies and oldies. In fact it's better than the older version for newbies because the controls are much muuuuuch better.

No. 154295

I would get kitana fables, worlds end club, and skyward sword

No. 154298

it's not a remake, just a hd port
with some fixes. it's much more "plot heavy" (for a Zelda game) than BOTW and doesn't allow you to do whatever you want. It does introduce some BOTW concepts like the stamina gauge.
>aside from that i only ever finished minish cap and played a few hours of those terrible ds games back in the day.
hey, those ds games were okay. not the best zelda obviously but enjoyable.

No. 154354

File: 1627748545257.jpg (91.06 KB, 932x638, Screenshot_4.jpg)

Why do you guys think it is that original 3D platformers are not really a thing anymore? I've noticed that nowadays the only 3D platformers that come out are either remakes or spinoffs of already existing titles (Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Ratchet and Clank), but never original ones. I loved them so fucking much when I was a kid.
Also do you think point and click adventure games ever gonna make a comeback?

No. 154378

Is that Croc? I never got far in that game it was too hard for me when I was little. I also was wondering how come nobody makes games like that anymore, since those three games you named I think are a few of the best games ever made, they are fun to play, in an original interesting world with fun characters and funny jokes. For me no amount of super deep story or realistic characters or graphics or game mechanics or whatever can replace fun. So where did all the fun, silly games go?

No. 154566

File: 1627898194929.png (168.16 KB, 640x480, 54249--rayman-2-the-great-esca…)

Yes, it's Croc 2!! I really loved this game when I was a kid (the Gobbos were SO CUTE) and it's such a shame they stopped making games like this. My other favorite was Rayman 2, it had such a unique atmosphere and I feel like its 2D sequels don't have that same charm that it had

No. 154589

File: 1627917415869.jpeg (21.59 KB, 318x159, 5858551D-43AD-4487-A38D-1FD6C9…)

Just got Atelier meruru and i enjoy it so far although I’m a little confused. It gas the time system and I’m not sure if i manage well. I’m not feeling rushed but I’m not sure if i should lol Anyone has and Atelier beginner tips?

No. 154594

that n64 rayman creeped me out as a child so much

No. 154595

File: 1627920167376.png (1.29 MB, 1280x720, imagen_2021-08-02_110256.png)

I think super mario odyssey is a good fun recent game

No. 154613

It looks like fun, but damn why did they make it so that every 10 seconds you stop moving and look at a "you got a moon" notification

No. 154614

Nta, but what?

No. 154616

Cause moons are more rewarding than getting some blue coins (like in super mario sunshine)

No. 154620

Sorry, I watched a gameplay video and you have to collect moons in this game, but they are everywhere, and when you pick one up, you stop and the screen says You got a moon!
They seem too common to have a notification every time, but maybe I just skipped to the wrong spots in the video

No. 154706

But that's also just a sequel/spinoff of the original Mario game that came out in the 90s. My post was about how original 3D platformers are non-existent today

No. 154765

File: 1628028182274.jpg (214.31 KB, 600x900,