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File: 1610819314237.jpg (56.56 KB, 829x754, lgodev2j95o11.jpg)

No. 122390

Any video game discussion goes here, apart from the games that already have their own threads.

Previous thread: >>>/m/101951
Animal Crossing Thread: >>>/m/88648
Pokemon Thread: >>33729
The Sims Thread: >>8880
Overwatch Thread: >>1641
Genshin Impact Thread: >>>/m/115241
Dragon Age thread: >>>/m/121911

No. 122397

Nice thread image, far better than the previous one since it clearly evokes games as opposed to looking like an ~aesthetic blog post.

No. 122406

Those who play open world games, how do you play them? Personally I do the main story first and optional side stories in replays, unless it's an RPG and I need to level up in order to comfortably continue the main story.

No. 122410

Ideally, I would do the side quests first and main quests last. But since I don't have the time, I skip the side quests I don't like and only do a few in order to level up.

No. 122412

play like 150+ hours of sidequests and exploring, and when i start getting bored i continue the main quest, often getting distracted and ending up doing nothing again. for some reason i don't really like replaying games, so i usually try to do everything in one savefile

No. 122414

I tend to avoid the main story until I am satisfied with the current plot development from a character standpoint. I RP my protagonist whose starting personality and backstory I determine before playing, then do quests (main or side) that they'd be interested in and only in the ways that they might want those quests to resolve. I don't do side quests for the rewards unless there's a really cool addition to my character's story like a special weapon that works really well with their whole narrative or something like that. I don't recruit every companion, just the ones that my character either likes or feels they must work with. Stuff like that. I don't visit every zone or explore all corners of every zone. I try to completely embody my character and their interests.

I find it makes replays far more engaging since I never end up 100%ing my first playthrough and I can just keep coming back for a completely different experience.

No. 122418

File: 1610828125230.jpeg (111.17 KB, 570x570, 290D6FDE-8A3F-46D6-89C8-C50330…)

I’m too fucking dumb to play secret of mana. I haven’t played in ages and never alone and I don’t remember it being so.. hard? I’m just at the haunted forest

No. 122423

Chiming in to say it's hard. I've never finished it because there's always THAT point where button-mashing no longer works, and I'm never quick enough cycling through the characters.

No. 122426

I run around until the story pops up. I played BOTW for about 20 hours before starting the first divine beast and I found it by accident.

No. 122427

I like exploring and getting 100 side quests. So naturally, sometimes I forget the main story exists.

No. 122446

File: 1610841434587.jpg (163.69 KB, 766x992, d5c14feb33311036d3409bd1473730…)

Just beat Ocarina of Time again and now I'm so torn as to what to play next. I could go straight to Majora's Mask (which I have never finished) or try something else like Okami or Divinity Original Sin

No. 122450

Majora's Mask is probably my favorite 64 game, you should play it and finish it, it’s really fun and interesting. my autistic ass has already finished it 10 times, not in a row but still

No. 122472

File: 1610859527008.jpg (328.33 KB, 965x930, 61wQZorCkOL._AC_ copy.jpg)

i'm weirdly mega obsessed with collecting cute video games that I could have played as a kid but never did because i nor my parents had any clue about video games. especially the gameboy advance, because I really think I would have had a better childhood if I had one when I was like 7. I bought one and have these games. It's such a lonely experience collecting and enjoying them because nobody understands my weird hobby. I can't wait to finish the GBA and get a pink DS with cooking mama, super princess peach etc. and some kawaii decals. for some reason the obsession is only with handhelds.

I'm hoping that once I get my fill out of all of them, this obsession with old games will go away and I can just start being a normal gamer with a switch.

No. 122485

If Nintendo abandons the Switch by the time you complete your handheld collection, you can keep your retro gaming aesthetic.

No. 122491

what are some of your favourite games for the switch?

No. 122492

Ring Fit Adventure!

No. 122500

To the moon ♥ and Stardew valley

No. 122509

Girl, just back track and grind a little, go level up some magic on some bunnies, it gets easier, and you don't even need that much time to gain them level ups.

No. 122522

Really addicted to Spiritfarer lately

No. 122523

I just beat Astral Chain on easy mode, and now I'm doing all the chapters on normal mode. It's way more fun now that I unlocked all the legions and I'm trying to upgrade them as much as possible. It's amazing how slow and boring the game is until Jena shows up.

I also just started Xenoblade Chronicles 1 on the Switch and I don't like how you can only control one character at once and all of the characters attack bu themselves. I 'm gonna play it more and see if I change my mind, but nowadays I can't stand long games with a slow start. If I give up on that game I'll just play Katamari Damacy Reroll anyway.

No. 122550

>get a pink DS with cooking mama, super princess peach etc.
I feel the same?? I was considering hacking a cute DS or 3DS (cough asking my brother to do it) to play all those game I missed out.

No. 122843

Anyone else hyped for Hitman 3 tomorrow??

No. 122857

Yes! Although I probably won't buy it immediately, the first two seasons were probably my favourite games on the PS4

No. 122866

pcfags, is anyone here buying this on epic or just wait about a year until the eventual steam release?

No. 122867

Samefag, are there even any Epic exclusives that stay Epic exclusives apart fron Fortnite?

No. 122868

the new maps in hitman 3 look beautiful, which map are you guys most excited for? I really like the spooky English mansion

No. 123044

yakuza anons who have played more than 0 (those who haven't don't look if you don't want to be sort of spoiled): how would you personally explain Majima's shift in personality? which one do you think is the "real" Majima? like what if the Mad Dog act is actually closer to his true self than his 0 self? also, do you think he's bisexual or is that fujo wishful thinking?

No. 123086

what game you've played so far has had the worst disparity in regards to gameplay vs writing quality? Both good gameplay/shit writing and shit gameplay/good writing

No. 123089

File: 1611259786341.jpg (57.21 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)

In terms of good gameplay and bad writing, Destiny. What a fun game, shooting feels amazing, Vault of Glass raid is one of my favorite gaming experiences. Worst thing about writing is that groundwork clearly was there too when it comes to world building, as can be seen in grimoire cards, but you can immediately tell the story was written and put together last second.

No. 123090

samefagging but asking yakuzafags, specially the pc breed: why isn't there a steam page for Yakuza 3-5 remastered collection yet? the official release date is next week

No. 123095

File: 1611261541981.png (305.02 KB, 660x880, 1608578377508.png)

Persona 2 Innocent Sin on the PSP has a very fun story and the characters are way more likable than the ones in P4 and especially P5, but the battles are so slow, the encounter rate is way too high and the fusion system is shit. I didn't mind the dungeons though once I managed to fuse a persona with the estoma skill. Some things like the demon negotiation system and the fusion spells were great though, I hope they can incorporate fusion spells back just like in P2 and DDS in the next Persona game. I didn't play P2 Eternal Punishment because I'm in Europe but the gameplay doesn't even make me want to emulate the game, I just watched a playthrough on youtube.

I also liked the story and the characters in the Wonderful 101 a lot, but the game itself was weird. The battle system is good and kind of similar to Bayonetta's, but there are too many shitty minigames interrupting you every five seconds. And seeing Luka as a kid in this game made me like him even more than in just Bayonetta 1 and 2.

No. 123101

it takes a little jumping through some hoops to go finding them since the great nintendo emulator/rom purge but it's also free

No. 123132

Can any anons recommend any games like Yakuza or Disaster Report?

No. 123148

The new Hitman games actually. Amazing games with a story so generic that you can literally just ignore it entirely and not miss anything

No. 123165

Just talking about the first game?
Because I think considering the limits of the genre that there is a lot of good lore.

No. 123179

File: 1611294264665.jpg (305.2 KB, 1920x1080, Destiny 2_20171219183602.jpg)

And talking about Destiny they did the thing again where the mission is way too hard unless you're an FPS god or have friends, neither which apply… God I wish there was a game with these kind of aesthetics which was truly single player and I didn't get that anxious feeling about not being able to get 100%.

No. 123188

Silent Hill 2 and 3. I absolutely adore both games and replay them every couple years but I don't play them for the gameplay. Although it can be argued that the frustrating gameplay adds to the experience, because it encourages you to just run away from threats.

Also Deadly Premonition…I adore that game, the ending made me sob, but it is fucking broken and irritating. The goddamn ceiling ghosts…

I've heard that Tokyo Jungle is similar to Disaster Report!

No. 123190

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a very, very good game. If you want a game that's like minecraft mixed with harvest moon, it's very good!

No. 123194

File: 1611308104794.jpg (776.52 KB, 1920x1200, Citadel.jpg)

>Because I think considering the limits of the genre that there is a lot of good lore.

Yeah, like I've said, the lore is there and is great, everything in Grimoire Cards and some stuff from later game; but I especially meant vanilla Destiny 1, as much as I love the game I just cant defend anything that is going there story/dialogue- wise.

I feel the same, unfortunately it was always meant to be played with other people. Strikes are still doable in matchmaking so it's not so much of a problem when you have no friends, but missing out on playing raids because of that sucks. I was still playing with a few friends when Vault of Glass and Crota's End were introduced, figuring out VoG together - took us almost 16h to finish! - was SO MUCH FUN. But it's impossible to achieve with strangers and alone you'd have to spend your entire life playing to get this good. Too bad, because like you've said, aesthetics are so on point there.

No. 123497

File: 1611504447438.jpg (114.59 KB, 1235x695, a949cdb477b4575ec63ca5e2a2f114…)

What older games would you like to see remade or even rebooted with better graphics and maybe controls too? I want Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and Vice City remakes but as accurate to the originals story-wise as possible

No. 123498

Beyond Good and Evil. I know that supposedly BG&E2 is happening someday, but I played the game recently and felt that it was too ambitious for what it could achieve. Would love a remake. The world and story has a huge potential which wasn't realized in the original game.

No. 123503

Please don't bash me Morrowind

No. 123505

A lot, but recently I've craving for KOTOR and Jedi Academy to have battlefront 2 graphics (or better)

No. 123507

I’d really want to see Skies of Arcadia and Rival Schools with modern graphics. Probably impossible now but the old Suikodens and Shadow Hearts 1&2.

No. 123516

I love it sm, anon, it's so cute. I bought it to bind my time until RF5 releases and have no regrets since the Story of Seasons games seem quite boring

No. 123520

File: 1611519604305.jpg (66.31 KB, 564x423, arcade.jpg)

Would it be appropriate to discuss arcade games here as well, or should I make a separate thread? They have a considerably large world of their own, but if there isn't enough interest, I obviously won't make one. I mainly have a question about the Konami Arcade Championship.

No. 123521

Wish you hadn't posted this because now I want it too.

No. 123534

File: 1611523913088.jpg (317.89 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_2021-01-24-18-31-33…)

Fuck Disney

No. 123639

Why?? Mods make games last longer in public consciousness and probably more profitable in the long run. Look at Bethesda games

No. 123680

I miss Style Boutique so much. Did the series not sell enough to get a switch game? It was so much fun.

No. 123681

Disney has this core principle they call brand integrity and it prevents them from allowing any sort of fan creation to thrive. It's not an EA thing since they allow Dragon Age and Sims to be modded to a huge extent. Even mods that hack DLC content in is tolerated to a high degree. This is all Disney and not really the game devs.

No. 123684

as if we didn't have enough proof that di$ney is evil

No. 123694

Disney and Nintendo can suck my whole ass
I love their IPs (especially Disney that now owns the fucking universe), but they keep doing shit like this and don't even deliver the goodies that the fans want to compensate. Like, if Disney was remaking KOTOR with beautiful new graphics/engine/animations, I'd kinda get it, but you know they just don't care at all.

No. 123720

Still waiting and hoping, even if it didn't sell enough being on the Switch is still a shot worth a try.
If they could give us the "dream boyfriend" dlc feature too for the love of god fix the male's body

No. 123730

There's probably not enough interest here on lolcow to justify arcade games having their own thread, so you might as well talk about them in this one.

No. 123749

File: 1611629737270.jpeg (40.32 KB, 666x680, 방찬’s tt (_´꒳`_) on Twitter.jpe…)

Does anyone have a fucking download link for a Tomotoru apk? The versions i find either dont work or the website leads me to download a game marketplace which doesnt even have it.

No. 123782

File: 1611656127895.jpg (165.31 KB, 1810x1009, Screenshot_1.jpg)

I want to play the demo of the new Resident Evil soo bad but I don't have a PS5. The castle looks so fucking gorgeous

No. 123783

i wish watching games like this wouldn't give me super motion sickness… all I want is tall vampire lady!

No. 123928

Has anyone played sky: children of the light?

Do you need friends or can you just make friends?

No. 123951

I do sometimes! You can literally walk up to anyone and request to add them, and most people will just add you & take your hand and lead you to candles and pieces of light, it's such a fun and cute game. You can also unlock in-game chat and special gestures with your friends, and create a friend invite code so you can add people you know vs. adding only strangers.

No. 124004

File: 1611733177279.gif (936.37 KB, 277x200, 200.gif)

Supposed to be released tomorrow but still no news on Steam please don't tell me they're Microsoft Store exclusives

No. 124012

Where can you play it? I've been wanting to play it for years but when I discovered it it was only available for IOS.

No. 124052

NTA but you can play it on your phone now, I have the Galaxy S9 and it works for me but I know it only works on some phones.

No. 124464

They’re saying it’ll release on switch. I tried it on phone but it wasn’t for me

No. 124514

File: 1611924196206.jpg (33.21 KB, 650x366, Fatal Frame IV Mask 3.jpg)

Has anyone succesfully set up the Dolphin emulator on a laptop? Is it difficult? Do you need a wiimote? I really want to play Fatal Frame 4 but don't have a wii

No. 124528

I haven't tried but it shouldn't be too hard. You might have to mess with settings to get Dolphin to play well with your laptop CPU.
Allegedly it's easy to play with gamepad or keyboard/mouse too.

No. 124626

Is anyone excited for Mind Scanners? I thought papers please was pretty boring after 15 hours of playing it imho, but this seems genuinely interesting, particularly the story

I found it via Alpha Beta Gamer, vid related

No. 124809

I DID IT!!! Ah, I'm so happy. I had to finetune the controls and it's still not 100% which makes the fights especially difficult, but it's running smoothly so far

No. 124854

Happy for you, anon! I can imagine with the Wiimote motion sensor stuff, the control scheme is always going to be a bit wonky but you'll get used to that.

No. 125159

samefag, bumping this question because no one answered yet

No. 125986

File: 1612454195754.gif (497.17 KB, 400x225, 1456844175_tumblr_ms4bivPWad1r…)

Finished it! It was wonderful, this is now my favourite game in the series. The sound design and the ambience was particularly good, along with the soundtrack - there is a melody in the game that is important to the story and they managed to make it really haunting and memorable. I loved the characters too especially Kirishima; in the previous game, the only male character was painfully bland so I was really glad they fleshed this one out. I also loved his plot twist-y ending.
My issues with the game were mostly technical - the translations were sometimes inaccurate or obscure but it was translated by fans, not official translators so I have no place to complain, and I found the controls to be difficult but I was emulating a game that was supposed to be played with a wiimote so it was to beexpected.
All in all, I recommend this to anyone who likes story based horror games

No. 126317

Play Yakuza 0

No. 126362

is there an appeal to playing Yakuza games if you think a lot of combat is boring? I watched by friend play it once and all he did was punch group of people, go around a corner, punch another group of people, continue for 10 minutes.

No. 126366

NTAYRT, there's a bunch of mini games and the story and side stories are pretty enticing, more anime and soap opera style storytelling rather than major film.
My favorite mini game in Yakuza 0 is the Hostess maker, it doesn't unlock until a 3 or 4 chapters but I had once played just that mini game for 6 hours in a row.
I have a friend who bought Yakuza 6 just because there was a previously arcade only port of Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown contained within it.

No. 126376

In addition to what the other anon said there are different fighting styles available for each character which helps switch things up, also there's an Easy mode if you decide you don't like the combat and just wanna steamroll everybody and move on lol.

No. 126428

Thanks for the info, I might look up some more gameplay and see if it appeals in anyway, there's every chance my friend was just avoiding the best stuff so he could fully experience it, versus on a discord call where everyone was screensharing.

No. 126430

oh there is anon!!! there's plently of sidequests and minigames, my favorite is karaoke + the claw machine (there's a social-link type of sidequest for Majima in Yakuza 0 where you get these toys from the claw machine for a little girl outside a SEGA arcade, completing it is really endearing and sweet!)

i'm a fan of the combat but honestly i just play to fuck around the map and do as much side stuff as possible. i love spending hours playing pool or darts at the bars, or getting my current character drunk

No. 126643

File: 1612758562866.jpg (64.25 KB, 500x500, 61C3QzVho L.jpg)

Any anons play Steer Sk8er on PS1 growing up? I think the soundtrack is superior to Tony Hawk

No. 126666

Interesting catch anon. I watched the video, the story seems alright, maybe a bit generic (it is in beta though). It definitely was inspired by papers please, but like the art is so unappealing comparetively like what are these sprites kek. It's so hard to watch. Maybe the style is charming/interesting to others though

No. 126686

I'm not working tomorrow so I'll try to beat DMC3 then. It's amazing how much it improved on DMC1's ideas. I liked DMC1 but hated the camera and how the yellow orb system worked so I find DMC3 way easier because these two things were fixed. I ordered a copy of DMC2 for cheap because I heard it was trash and I was super curious.

No. 126722

I'm too lazy to finish FFX but I know I'm missing out. I also really want to play X-2 right after which I really loved and was my first Final Fantasy despite it's reputation. But my completionist ass will hate myself.

No. 126736

File: 1612811322938.jpg (325.48 KB, 777x1200, 128077648_1701232886718761_770…)

Anons, I'm losing my mind. I have no money and all I want to fucking do is play fighting games. I never received my stimulus checks so I missed a window of time where I could have bought a stick before really hunkering down. It's been 182 days since I've been able to play my favorite game (SF:Third Strike) on a cab. I'm fucking tweaking. I see Chun Li's little sprite doing tensei rankas and kikokens. I've resorted to watching people on twitch just to simulate the feeling of playing. I'm dying inside. I feel like nobody cares about third strike except balding scrotes.

My question to you all is why is every KOF ass? What's your favorite fighter and who do you main?

No. 126778

I'm so hype for RF5 but the way they've changed it to be 3D/BOTW type graphics makes me so sad, I feel like I'm gonna get motion sickness from it. just not the same nostalgia factor as the first four games

No. 126861

Ugghhh I want to play Persona 5 so bad but don't have a PS3/4 and I couldn't get it run on an emulator either

No. 126862

honestly I think it's not as bad as its reputation

No. 126893

Why do you think KOF is ass?

No. 127010

>play game
>be in community forums
>have a username that:
>doesn't end with 'a'
>doesn't start with 'Miss', 'Lady'
>isn't about flowers, butterflies, or unicorns
>every guy assumes I'm male
>not ever make a big deal of it
>one day some troll, tranny, catfish, etc causes drama because they "experienced sexism"
>the boys go full retard
>call out drama
>a male feminist whiteknights the troll and calls me a sexist that wants to keep women out of gaming
>troll leaves or community does something stupid

There is no end in sight to this bullshit. It keeps happening, but I never want to go on mic or cam.

I can't be the only one, right?

No. 127017

Men are not worth this much mental energy so I avoid showing I'm a woman unless the people are friends of friends, even then I am "the woman" even thought they have gf's I'm still singled out. So there's some positives to being """"out"""" and some negatives. Mostly just irks me when my friends who'v never been sexist only say shit like "woman moment" when we're talking to the dudes.

No. 127021

anyone here use stadia? is it any good?

No. 127032

you're not the only one, it is better to go undercover. it's not worth it to be singled out as a girl and be treated differently and pretending to be a dude allows you to focus on the subject (and it helps avoid creepy interactions).
i do the same for some hobbies online, the only exception is if i find a group of other women who seem chill, then it can be refreshing to make a second account and join them.

No. 127041

What does the anons think of Devil may cry 5? Is it worth it? I have money for only one game but I'm not sure if I should buy that one or The evil within 2, I like them both

No. 127042

Which platform?

No. 127050

No. 127051

So did you finish it?

No. 127053

i'd personally say go for dmc5 first then. if you were on pc/steam i could have suggested you a third-party site to buy keys at a much cheaper price so you could have afforded both.

No. 127055

Persona 4 did pretty well on Steam for a 10 year old game, so I'd be surprised if Atlus isn't planning to eventually release P5 there too. A nintendo switch release would be nice too.

No. 127059

Geforce NOW is better, especially now that Stadia is going down. You get RTX, connection is more stable and you can play the games you already have on Steam, Epic and GOG.

No. 127065

but i wanna play judgment and i sold my ps4 reeeeeee

No. 127078

File: 1612977031996.jpg (60.19 KB, 640x480, 39719-ingame-Twilight-Syndrome…)

I wish the Twilight Syndrome games had an English translation

No. 127086

Yeah I beat it just yesterday. I noticed that my ps2 scratched the disc because the lens got all fuck up again even though I got it repaired two years ago so I'm going to play it to unlock more things with Dante and play with Vergil but I'm worried it'll damage my disc for good.

No. 127283

this game was great. i recently found out the dude who did the non licensed tracks also composed some of the soundtrack to zone of the enders

No. 127478

File: 1613147309272.jpg (690.45 KB, 1440x2017, 20210212_172804.jpg)

Is the Nier saga any good or is it just popular because of the fanservice? Have never played any of the games but the trailer for the first game's remake makes me curious.

No. 127480

like >>122509 said, I'd definitely consider grinding out some levels, invest in some delicious heals and you should be fine

No. 127483

It's full of fanservice but it's also pretty good. I feel like the remakes will have less compared to Automata though.

No. 127510

YES. ABSOLUTELY YES. But only if you're not braindead when playing games. It has a lot of lore to it, I'd recommend playing Drakengard 3 too and watching a Drakengard 1 playthrough.

No. 127614

Has anyone played Marchen Forest on PC? The gameplay looks like a chibi version of atelier. Is it fun to play?

No. 127638

File: 1613230934529.png (191.12 KB, 250x354, 544E4571-83AF-482D-9F82-E35E58…)

Is The House in Fata Morgana worth finishing? I like it so far but idk if it’s worth spending like another 20 hours on.

No. 127646

How many doors have you read? I just got really into it by the third door, and there are 8 total iirc.

No. 127649

I liked the first NieR a lot, loved the characters, story and OST, lot of people say the gameplay is bad but it's perfectly serviceable. I don't think I'll play the remake though because I liked the original enough and (unpopular opinion) I prefer Papa to Brother Nier. Automata is a good game but I think it was a bit overhyped, gameplay is good but not living up to other Platinum Games titles like Bayonetta or MGR, themes are so in your face it gets obnoxious by the end and I really couldn't get attached to any of the characters (especially 9S), I have a hard time considering androids "real" humans and couldn't really empathize with them. The OST isn't as memorable as the previous one either despite using the same kind of compositions, the track that I remember the most is the theme park lmao.
Weirdly enough I think my favorite game in the whole saga is the very first Drakengard because of how batshit insane it is. I don't really recommend playing it because it's objectively not a good game and you need to read a lot of extra material to make the connection with NieR, but I played it during a weird time in my life and associate a lot of memories with it.

No. 127660

File: 1613236546596.gif (1.44 MB, 602x501, 1611212128046.gif)

Now that I beat DMC3SE with Dante I tried to play DMC2 and I've done 10 missions with Dante in less than two hours. It's not even a bad game, it's just the most bland shit I've ever played in my life. When I read that DMC2 was by far the worst game in the series I thought it would rival Sonic 06 in terms of bullshit and glitches but it's a fully functional game actually. I'm going to force myself to beat the game this weekend, and if after that I find Lucia too boring I'll just go back to DMC3 to unlock everything for Dante.

No. 127663

keep going anon, it's great. The first three doors seem pretty disconnected, but once you arrive to the fourth you'll be hooked.

No. 127668

I’m on the second door, I guess I will keep reading and hopefully get more into it!

No. 127688

File: 1613247724664.png (103.28 KB, 720x690, 1572040221927.png)

Your post reminded me that I played through DMC2 three entire times just to unlock playable Trish. No regrets though, she feels way better to play with than Dante or Lucia

No. 127693

Would you say playing this game more than once just to unlock Trish is worth? And speaking of which, Trish should have been playable in DMC1.

No. 127703

File: 1613254798732.png (1.03 MB, 1306x1354, 71189980_p0.png)

I wouldn't recommend it at all actually, since you need to complete the game on hard mode at least once in order to unlock her. The enemies don't get smarter or harder to beat with the increase in difficulty, they just become damage sponges and it's just really tedious to get through them (especially the bosses). Plus, a few sections of the game that are normally no problem become absolutely broken and unplayable on hard mode. Overall it's a shitty experience and not worth it if you just want to play as Trish.
>Trish should have been playable in DMC1
Hard agree, she had so much wasted potential

No. 128215

File: 1613500992669.jpg (52.21 KB, 583x593, ninty.JPG)

Ninty Direct tomorrow. I already hate the fact that it says that it will focus on SSBU, because I feel thisn will be mostly 48 minutes of new characters reveal and other things related to that. I will still watch it because I hope that it will end with some Zelda shit because I'm desperat for BOTW2. Any anons here also plan to watch it? Any hopes or dreams for this direct?

And of course, maybe a bit of Bayo 3 …?


No. 128216

File: 1613501333584.jpg (37.36 KB, 640x370, EiH3uR7VgAEq82e.jpg)

If they don't announce Dante or Phoenix Wright for Smash then what's the point?

>And of course, maybe a bit of Bayo 3 …?


No. 128217

i agree with you - i’m very excited but i haaate that it’ll be centered around smash. luckily i deleted pretty much all social media so i won’t have to see pathetic middle aged scrotes crying because their favourite character from some irrelevant 25 year old game isn’t the new character.

i’m not sure what to expect though! i’m hoping it’s something big since this is the first direct in forever. BOTW2 would be sick. i hope they announce a date for genshin impact on switch too! i’m also desperate for pokemon news but i know pokemon would do a separate thing for that so who knows

No. 128218

I fucking came when I saw this castle.
The big titty bitch and all her henchgirls were amazing as well but this castle? hng. this castle. motha fucka.

No. 128233

>tfw your waifus and husbandos are already in the game
Can't wait to see the salt from when x character isn't announced.
Wasn't there an article or something about how they wanted to show something for 2021? If not, Eh it'll be out when it's out

No. 128483

The Nintendo direct is about to start.

No. 128484

lets a goooo

No. 128485

yay another swordfighter for smash lol

No. 128499

File: 1613602807571.jpg (39.94 KB, 679x373, EudoGFFXEAgTlmz.jpg)

Damn, this direct had so much animu shit going on. The joycons are the only thing that truly interest me tho, everything was rather meehh. Port here, port there. Do not care about splatoon tho. No BOTW2 but I guess we will see it at E3 this year.

How are fellow anons feeling about this direct?

No. 128500

Pretty average. I loved the splatoon3 anouncement though, I lost my shit!

No. 128501

I didn't realise Bravely 2 was a new story so now I'm just more excited to get it.

That fire emblem octopath hybrid tactical rpg lookin kinda hot. N I htink Miitopia can get me through any depression

No. 128502

File: 1613602833345.jpg (265.61 KB, 1920x1080, xfHf10t.jpg)

How do you justify buying smash dlc when the price of all 12 fighters is the same as buying the base game? I want to play with Hero and the upcoming Xenoblade characters but I can't convince myself the pricing is worth it. It's not like they'll make me better at the game. Not to mention it'll be months before the final 2 fighters in this volume are revealed. I think I'll use the money for Mario 3D World or Pikmin instead.

No. 128505

The only interesting things was the TRPG from square enix, the rest was meh.

I thought it was possible to buy DLC fighters separately.

No. 128514

i lost my fucking marbles for the new splatoon game!!! i was so certain it was just another DLC until we got to the new hub (which i guess is based on tokyo or seoul? idk but i loved it, it looks amazing). i wonder who will replace pearl and marina? either way, such a sick announcement!

anyway, new splatoon game definitely saved the whole thing for me personally - even the AC announcement was super lame, i was expecting more than just the mario collection since we've known it was coming for months. i got super excited at whatever that square enix game was too because i thought it was a new fire emblem, kek

No. 128515

I do like the joycons but you just know deep down they're made as cheaply as the current models. Lemme pay more for the same gradual drift pls.

No. 128520

File: 1613605358216.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1920x1080, Eudw8dzVgAIPy8s.jpeg)

Super excited for the new Splatoon game! Apparently it takes place in a new city called Splatsville. I really wonder what this city would have looked like if Team Order won.

The new joycons look cool but I don't really get the point of special joycons tbh. If you use them they'll eventually drift and you can't send them to Nintendo to be fixed since it's not guaranteed you'll get the same joycons back.

No. 128553

I'm kinda hyped because despite having my switch (as thus the joycons) from release date my joycons have never drifted, nintendo will fix them for free anyway

No. 128585

File: 1613648876342.png (573.38 KB, 850x394, adam driver.png)

So happy to see Adam Driver in the new Nintendo Direct!

No. 128588

File: 1613649152806.jpg (725.23 KB, 1200x1822, 1200px-Fok_Wa_Street,_looking_…)

I see it more of a hong kong kinda situation, you can see chinese gates in the trailer

No. 128591

I haven’t been able to play the previous splatoon titles, do you think I could just jump in to a new one?

No. 128595

thank you, i didn’t even see the gates! i love how they captured that big city vibe, it’s so good.

ntayrt but yes, 100%. i did it with splatoon 2, and any lore i didn’t get i just googled. the fan wiki is surprisingly detailed, and the game is really accessible

No. 128636

Stay in your thread

No. 128644

Just out of curiosity, were there controversies as bad as the Fire Emblem Fates disastrous localization that removed and replaced a lot of dialogues, the DMC reboot's incredibly shitty and lowkey racist and homophobic marketing that SJW video game journalist absolutely loved for some reason, and Mass Effect 3's shitty ending?

No. 128674

File: 1613690214045.jpg (81.39 KB, 640x360, pm2-head-86e20.jpg)

Are there any stat-building games similar to Long Live the Queen and Princess Maker? I'm mostly a casual gamer but I love these sort of games so much and can't find any.

No. 128679

this pls, he is one of the ugliest men I've ever seen

No. 128686

The tokimeki memorial series is a stat building dating game. It may not be as advanced as other stat games but it's the core mechanic next to picking outfits (if you play the girl's side version, anyway)

No. 128688

Yes I came here to recommend the TMGS games as well! They're cute and very addicting and bingeable. There's three games and naturally the third is the most polished, but the first two hold up as well. The order doesn't really matter so I would just play whichever one appeals to you the most in terms of love interests or whatever else.
The best part is that you can run them on a potato since all three are DS games and emulating them is a piece of cake.
I hope you'll enjoy them, anon! They're probably my favorite otomes and I'm also coincidentally going through one of my obsessive binging phases with one of the games so I especially felt like sperging lol

No. 128689

Maybe Palas de Reine?

No. 128692

Search for Simulation game or SLG, there's a lot of old visual novels that use those kind of systems but most aren't translated.

No. 128826

Has anyone played Pathologic? Is there a proper way to get into it?

No. 128833


No. 128834

play pathologic 2 if the first one is too intimidating. 2 is just basically an hd remake of 1 without being able to play as the other 2 characters.

No. 128853

File: 1613854412063.png (154.37 KB, 800x800, dbwsnz3-a06a3a15-3261-4d4d-af1…)

No. 128861

File: 1613857191592.jpg (14.27 KB, 384x256, Kei_(2).jpg)


Thanks for the rec, anons. I just wanted to say I would die for this man.

No. 128943

I've laughed through out the entire video lmao

No. 128948

File: 1613931425202.jpg (104.5 KB, 384x256, HEYWAITWRONGLINE.jpg)

Nope, picrel is best choice

No. 128952

i love crowbcat. I'm honestly thankful for Cyberpunk being such a disaster that it brought this channel back from the dead

No. 128953

File: 1613933004222.jpg (15.2 KB, 267x400, 20201230_210226.jpg)

>>The best part is that you can run them on a potato

Where did you play yours? I tried through dolphin however the game was lagging and screamed like a deranged banshee who is seeing her idol for the first time. I also tried through twilight menu it worked fine but I couldn't get a job or go back after looking through my emails in the game.

No. 128973

NTA but Desmume is my go-to NDS Emulator.

No. 128975

File: 1613951198602.jpg (9.71 KB, 385x101, 8th grade dropout approved.jpg)

Sometimes the YouTube sidebar can be a cold, depressing place.

No. 128983

Try the PSP versions of the game and use PSPP.

No. 129001

AYRT and yeah, desmume is also my emulator of choice. I had the same exact bug with twilight menu on my 3DS so I moved exclusively to playing them on my laptop.

I need the farmhands to spoiler this filth

No. 129226

File: 1614093616637.jpg (1.86 MB, 1920x1080, Eu5XKbOXUAEIdvX.jpg)

Bloodlines 2 delayed indefinitely and changing studio. This franchise really is cursed.

No. 129227

Oof, I wonder what is going on there. As long as the game comes out functional it's ok to delay though, seems like they have no investors or partnerships pressure for a specific release date so good for them.

No. 129228

It was supposed to come out a year ago and it was supposedly "almost done".
Then they said they still had to do mocap.
Then they fired the project manager, then the lead writer who wrote the first Bloodlines, then even the other writer left. Then it got delayed to 2021. Now they're switching studios and starting over. Situation's bad.

No. 129235

Any anons got some good recommendations for lesser known hack n slash types of games with RPG elements? 3D… 2D, doesn't matter. I've been on a Castlevania kick and I crave more.

No. 129241

I'm back after spending the last few days playing other games. I beat the game with Dante. The game was actually super short compared to what I expected and I have no idea why they used a second disc for Lucia because her route doesn't seem very different so far.

Honestly I expected DMC2 to be far worse than it is because of its reputation, and I think if it were my first game of the genre back when I was younger I would have liked it because of how easy and simple it is. But it's not worth the 5€ I spent on my copy. I'm glad I didn't spend 20€ on it for the Switch. I'll go back to Xenoblade Chronicles or DMC3 right after that.

No. 129253

Oh man. I tried to be optimistic in the beginning but this is almost guaranteed to be trash. So now they're gonna have to find a new dev team?

No. 129254

Ngl the demo they showed looked like shit. Plus, the dev team they did have didn't exactly inspire confidence in either… What could've been a mediocre game might become a giant dumpster fire.

No. 129255

I honestly liked the promotional trailer's atmosphere, but the gameplay itself sure seemed shit with the dead empty streets and the awkward combat. I wonder if they were afraid of making the same mistake CD Projekt did with Cyberpunk and that was one of the reasons for making their decision. I wish a big campany like Bethesda or something would pick it up but don't see that happening

No. 129266

If I don't count the visual novels I have on my PC I have like 20 games in my backlog. I'm getting closer to finishing my backlog, and now what I'm going to do is alternate between playing short games and long games. I'm starting 999 and I've done the first 6 chapters of Xenoblade 1 so far.

No. 129290

Are you looking specifically for "metroidvania" games with exploration, hidden items, etc. or are you ok with more linear games?

No. 129363

Outstar posted a video about the changes but I feel like she just talked a lot without saying anything. The most important information to me was that they already have a new dev team, they just haven't announced it yet

No. 129386

>>129254 Yeah, maybe having to start over will be for the best in the long run. I wasn't confident in what we already knew about the game, particularly the writing.

Tbh, I don't care too much if the combat and such is mediocre, I just want a game that actually feels like a sequel to bloodlines, with similar atmosphere and character designs.

No. 129389

Outstar is a Paradox employee, she's a literal shill who's on the company's payroll to convince customers that it's "all right guys, I tried the game and it's amazing" - just like she's been telling people for a year. I don't recommend using her as source, she's as biased as it could be.

No. 129488

>I don't care too much if the combat and such is mediocre, I just want a game that actually feels like a sequel to bloodlines, with similar atmosphere and character designs
same here tbh

No. 129495

File: 1614268149575.png (1.53 MB, 1437x639, nier.png)

I'm probably just a stupid purist too attached to the original game but I hate how they just went on and removed colors from the remaster of Nier Replicant.
Also gave everyone a tiny nose that makes them look several years younger but that bothers me less than the colors.
Full comparison video here for these who care:

No. 129496

File: 1614268603154.png (696.95 KB, 1258x358, 5.PNG)

Never played Nier but the original looks better imo, and even excluding the new models, shade and lightning wise too. But it seems to be in alpha/early stages so I will wait for an actual trailer I guess.

No. 129500

I also never played those but wtf is this art direction
>colors are removed in favor of a 'drab environment is realistic' outlook circa 2005
>but characters are made to look more uwu kawaii waifu

No. 129501

Out of fear and just overall sadness I’ve been collecting tabletop promo items… I guess I should just stick to that. I rebuild my pc last time for fallout 4 and was so disappointed and sad when 4 came out, and now I just rebuilt it again for this. Why does the universe hate vtmb so much?

No. 129504

>that anime toddler face
i wish all coomers would just kill themselves already

No. 129505

File: 1614271186776.png (693.02 KB, 1857x741, nr.png)

I feel like protagonist case is even worse, what's going on here

No. 129507

>left: a typical androgynous bishonen, could be a FF character. Kinda reminds me of Raiden. Very Nice
>right: fucking elementary school kid

No. 129558

Ugh want to play it already

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