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File: 1646183790125.jpg (1.14 MB, 2028x1040, adults-adopting-adults.jpg)

No. 186669

Temporary reality tv general!

No. 186708

This shit cracks me up

No. 186779

Her own personal SaMuRAI~~ UwU

No. 186835


No. 187264

File: 1646514973127.png (273.12 KB, 765x430, Screen-Shot-2021-06-10-at-9.47…)

I just started watching Too Large and I can't deal with how small this man's head is

No. 187271

She would probably be good friends with pixyteri

No. 187304

I think it's just that his body is too large

No. 187398

File: 1646591426541.jpg (51.83 KB, 900x506, danny-huff-adults-adopting-adu…)

Tbh I'm kind of sad About adults adopting adults getting canned. Like Danny was absolutely a fucking predator but I'm so curious to how everything wrapped up it's so selfish of me,I know

No. 187463

File: 1646604858153.jpg (512.13 KB, 2000x2000, Did-90-Day-Fiance-Star-Ximena-…)

Did you guys see the new episode of 90 Day Fiance?? She really called him a degenerate kek. Also Kimberly going into "black girl mode" after Usman tells her about Zara so fucking cringe she's such a stereotypical mudshark kekekek

No. 187541

I don't blame her. He's disgusting, ugly and apparently they met because she was a cam girl. Degenerate is very fitting.

No. 188343

Are there any reality tv shows about sugar daddies/sugar babies? I just find the whole thing really entertaining

No. 188345

>adults adopting adults getting canned

No. 188358

90 day fiance has a fair amount of that happening. look up jorge and anfisa.

No. 188366

I feel so bad for Hamza. That bug eyed bitch won't stop vocal fry yelling at him.

No. 188668

Danny was too creepy and people were ready to cancel A&E.

No. 188670

File: 1646989691992.jpg (59.25 KB, 1400x700, Why-Memphis-Is-Quickly-Becomin…)

Everything about Memphis is annoying. Just her face expressions drive me up a wall and Hamza is gonna be living with her. Pray for him kek.

No. 188846

Thank fuck I'm not the only one. Her face is so punchable and her voice sends me into a fit of rage.

No. 188979

File: 1647118026231.jpg (252.15 KB, 1200x700, Queer-Eye-Germany-Season-2-Rel…)

I began watching "Queer Eye: Germany" and is… kinda underwhelming. They do the usual pushed diversity, which is fine if they know what they're doing, but the only 2 men who know their shit is the fashion dude and the beauty dude.
Also I was expecting the purple haired autist to be a tranny but he is nonbinary and actually the tattooed man goes with she/her, so… twist I guess?

No. 189034

Let me guess, the ones who know their shit are #3 and #5. Please tell me it's them

No. 189050

Sadly it is #1 and #2 anon, but #3 is fairly good, he just tries too hard with the "YASS QUEENS SLAY UP IN THIS BOOTS".

No. 189192

dae like are you the one? im suffering from ayto withdrawals, no other reality show can ever be as trashy and interesting imo

No. 191436

File: 1647985620055.jpg (154.62 KB, 592x841, Young-Famous-African_3518_post…)

I began watching this show just today and first episode, there's this gorgeous and accomplished 28 y/o woman dating a 40 y/o frog looking ass manlet who doesn't even know how to hug her??? I got so uncomfortable so quickly like why?????

No. 191438

You have more details? I don't have Netflix, you're making me curious tho

No. 191440

File: 1647986459858.jpg (132.15 KB, 1280x720, fec502381a0875030ce4a0e293691f…)

sure thing. So they're socialites from south africa and the show is literally about your typical rich and famous celebrities living their day to day. This specific couple are kayleigh schwark and "naked DJ". She plays semi-professional football and he is… a DJ I guess. I'm still on the first episode so I haven't digest the other personalities just yet but is quiet entertaining tbh.

No. 191441

If it's enough of a trainwreck maybe I'll try to watch it after renewing my subscription.

No. 197516

File: 1649999688360.jpg (1.38 MB, 1200x675, Tell-All-.jpg)

You guys watch the tell all. God Ella is uhm, pathetic tbh I really dislike her I mean this poor dude. Focus on losing weight. Also her for was garbage.

No. 210371

File: 1653981945702.jpg (1.31 MB, 1156x1500, image.jpg)

I've been watching Marrying Millions and I hate this stupid annoying whiny bitch and her ancient scrote

No. 210755

Below Deck Down Under is the funniest one to air since the first season of Below Deck the drama is fantastic. I had to drop Sailing Yacht because it was so fucking boring. It's not that I need them to constantly be fighting but there needs to be a good balance of hateable characters and chemistry. Nothing beats the first season of Below Deck for guest weirdness though

No. 210763

Legit thought Jazz Jennings lost weight and married some African dude here for a sec kek

No. 212940

I'm watching the new season of UK Love Island, and at this point I think I should stop following along with social media because every single post makes me roll my eyes. I don't agree with the age gap between Gemma and the Italian (she's 19 and he's 27) but all people do is mention that it's weird and how she's too young/joking about receiving her A Levels in the villa and then in the next breath call the girl a rude bitch with no personality who think she's better than everyone else? It's been 3 episodes? I don't know but it seems misogynistic that everyone can't stand the fact that a girl in there isn't just sweet and nice. She's been nothing but nice to the girls so who gives a shit if she's not impressed with the guys. And why doesn't the guy get as much hate? If the problem with the relationship is the power imbalance then surely he is the one at fault. There's no way he doesn't know how old she is.

I also don't want to racebait, but there's that too

No. 214033

I only recently discovered that this is also on my country's TV and I'm obsessed kek
This dude made my blood boil so hard, the way he looks, the burping and farting, him shaming her for sex work while being her costumer, the levels of manipulation he went through to force her to let him stay (god knows what he would've done if there was no camera team…), the fact that she rather goes back to sex work than stay with him…turns you off moids forever.

No. 214135

File: 1655205927637.png (10.73 MB, 3179x1788, temptationisland.PNG)

I was in the mood for trashy reality tv recent days and ended up watching most recent season of Temptation Island and honestly can't get over how all the women (from the relationships) are good and honest and willing to forgive; and every single scrote is a cheating asshole that starts to cry and wail "how could she do this to me" the second their girlfriends have a more friendly conversation with another man. Serves them right, and I feel so bad for Ash specifically, as she ended up being taken advantage of again. But it was rewarding to see Hania suffering over realizing that he took Ash for granted and she's gone now. Luke tries hard to seem like a great guy, underappreciated by his judgemental girlfriend, and whines Iris can't let go off the past but somehow everyone forgets it's not some distant past when he texted other women but literally 5 months ago and it keeps getting mentioned over and over. In a way it was cute to root for them but then when I stop to think about it Iris for sure deserves better and I hope they end up breaking up eventually.
Has any of you seen the show? Are previous seasons worth watching?

No. 214835

File: 1655374178840.jpg (68.71 KB, 640x1030, 4ff8ifu0k5y81.jpg)

It's not official now but people have seen that TLC is currently filming the new season of the 1000lbs sisters and I'm so hype that my guilty pleasure series gets a new season. Tammy also said on her tiktok that she is under contract and isn't allowed to talk about her (non-existing) weight loss. The only thing that she lost is more hair and teeth. The first time I've heard about the slaton sisters was here on LC years ago so it's pretty wild to me that those two cows made it into "mainstream" media lol.

No. 214952

Of course she is, who else would be willing to date a 600 pound woman lol

No. 216266

File: 1655922591711.jpg (356.34 KB, 1422x750, AAAAQcj4-Ct1is3N1erId2SxUe1SkK…)

I was just watching that Love on the Spectrum US show and the one that stuck out to me as the most psychopathic, even counting the men, was this woman named Dani. She gleefully told the producers about how she had a practice boyfriend before in preparation for her real boyfriend in the future. I was appalled. She's otherwise an educated successful professional but it's telling why she is alone. Also she reminds me of when my cousin was like 3 or 4 and would "fake laugh" and use this fake tone when repeating things from TV. It's creepy.

No. 216273

I haven't watched the show but I don't think having a 'practice boyfriend' is all that weird tbh. She just temporarily dated a guy that she wasn't all that interested in so that she could gain some confidence, develop some social skills and 'get a feel' of what a relationship would be like. You don't need to act like dating somebody you're not all that interested in to gain experience is psychological abuse

No. 216275

All boyfriends are practice boyfriends unless you're going to marry them.

No. 216278

Her parents both seemed awkward about it, her mom was like "he thought it was real though didn't he" and the woman just laughed. Again, creepy. Men on /r9k/ talk about practice gfs all the time as a meme and this chick is on TV bragging about it. Duper's delight smirk and all. It's one thing for it to not work out but saying it like that is fucking weird
Trad pls go

No. 216280

That’s not even the most autist thing she did, though. I love this show and the Australian original. It’s so interesting how it seems that the Australian cast were much better at masking than the US cast.

No. 216326

File: 1655945671763.jpg (11.51 KB, 600x468, 91a.jpg)

>as a meme
Men have no problem dating women without having feelings for them, as they benefit from the work women provide men. This is literally what marriage was created for.

No. 216403

A meme as in the term gained traction

No. 252932

What’s a good season of Real Housewives to watch as my first?

No. 252989

I would like to know this too

No. 253024

I wish someone would adopt me. I hate slave waging but I am not attracted to anybody either so the only solution would be to become the pet or adult kid of another couple. Cats have it so easy.

No. 254394

Did anyone here watch the Love is Blind s3 reunion? I feel like a fucking crazy person the way everyone online is now licking Cole's dick. Everyone is taking the scene of Z eating oranges and him telling him to watch her appetite to mean that she is now a gaslighting, vengeful, full of lies evil witch that is lying about everything. First of all who the hell tells another grown adult to "watch their appetite" because they're about to have dinner? She was just eating a fucking orange, as if that is going to throw off the whole meal. Zanab is clearly insecure but Cole is a retarded scrote. The scene of him telling her that she is a 9/10 but Colleen is his ideal type. The scene of him accusing her of trying to fatten him up with fruit. Him making comments about how she looks different without makeup on. It's as if these scenes never happened because Cole was uwuwu so sad and ganged up on by the evil femoids (+ Nigel Brennon) at the reunion.

No. 257488

File: 1669274561342.jpeg (74.41 KB, 509x755, hells_kitchen_ver3.jpeg)

This show is like crack to me

No. 257489

it's so good.

No. 257495

Glad theres other nonnas watching it lol One thing I do hate is after the first few seasons they started to eliminate people that don’t contribute to drama. I know they want ratings but its annoying to have someone always screaming like a tard but somehow making it to the top four. Currently watching season 10 on youtube what about you nonnas?

No. 285357

File: 1679701222320.jpg (132.31 KB, 1200x800, ee530f417d9fb0bb469d25a61ec242…)

Is anyone watching the new season of 90DF The Other Way? I just started watching the first ep and there's a ftm here with a Colombian woman. I won't lie I skipped through most of their scenes but I did want to note the tranny was running around in public in nothing but some boxer briefs in literally the first episode and I thought that was kinda funny. She also sells fake dicks lol

No. 289047

File: 1681266079110.jpg (107.93 KB, 1200x800, No7rUFM5-love-is-blind-season-…)

Is anyone watching season 4 of Love is Blind? I really like Jackelina and Chelsea so far, and I can't stand Micah and Irina. The men in this season are all kind of meh in my opinion, they're not as awful as season 3 thankfully. I don't really like Paul and I can't explain why.

No. 289597

File: 1681544268501.jpg (213.58 KB, 1200x1778, 71b0fcc8-9169-4090-9f9d-bf06a7…)

Has anyone seen outlast? that shit was vile, the backstabbing borderlined on attempted murder. it wasn't anything I was expecting.

No. 290151

File: 1681694994100.png (185.6 KB, 300x450, 4264158cbc.jpg.png)

This show is funny. Strangers do a grueling 18 day hike in South Africa with only rice and beans to eat, for prize money at the end, and there are temptations along the way that subtract money for everyone if individuals choose take it. The dynamics between them are interesting.

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