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File: 1646762486578.png (85.79 KB, 500x561, binge-watching.png)

No. 187844

What are you watching? What do you recommend watching?

Discuss your favorite (or not) series ITT!

No. 187868

File: 1646769670058.jpeg (340.47 KB, 1800x1013, BEA4B35D-BC1C-4037-BF41-0685A2…)

Anyone else looking forward to the new proud family? The animation looks good but I’m a little worried that new girl is a gender hair kek

No. 187872

I loved this show so much as a kid! Here’s hoping they don’t fuck it up. Did they replace Lacienega with this queer coded girl? Hopefully not because I really liked Papi’s role.

No. 187876

File: 1646770578472.jpeg (78.55 KB, 640x566, FE2FC53A-645F-4EEC-BAE9-368C86…)

BITCH I JUST LOOKED IT UP AND THATS SUPPOSED TO BE MICHAEL fuck this I’m out…. #well maybe I will still give it a try idk#

No. 187878

I would advise you look at the /snow/ board on western animation industry. I think it's about 8 days ago there was a discussion on it.

No. 187880

Fuck. I wish I could use an eyeroll emoji on this website.

Yeah, I don’t really look at /snow/ much. Gross.

No. 187881

File: 1646771394069.jpg (90.35 KB, 720x1063, 8DCyz8C.jpg)

Concept art dump

No. 187883

File: 1646771457886.jpg (119.15 KB, 720x1057, U1V7tz6.jpg)

No. 187884

File: 1646771593170.jpg (119.55 KB, 720x1058, GRtQrVd.jpg)

No. 187885

This one would at least have been believable, if they kept the afro

No. 187886

File: 1646771707612.jpg (135.11 KB, 720x1052, E9oiA85.jpg)

No. 187887

File: 1646771852784.jpg (124.51 KB, 720x1080, aQuX0YJ.jpg)

Last concept

No. 187888

File: 1646772036022.jpg (97.05 KB, 719x958, IoqPzoh.jpg)

Messed up, here's the last one.

No. 187891

Holy shit they're all so bad

No. 187913

File: 1646780216945.gif (5.91 MB, 540x430, 25cd39573416da7b2e83192c9e8a86…)

i got into succcession late but i'm hooked. it's just so good, well written and superbly acted. i didn't expect to like it as much as i did ngl
my faves are shiv and based marcia

No. 187927

God I love succession

No. 188046

i watched the first episode yesterday. not something i would usually like but let's see…

No. 188952

File: 1647109046504.jpg (132.25 KB, 1200x795, upload_amazon_prime.jpg)

I just started the second season of Upload and god I forgot how much the writing sucks. I really enjoy these kinds of sci-fi concepts. The ideas around consciousness, technology and transcending death and how that affects human relationships. But it's made so lazily. There are so many shows I've tried with cool concepts that have missed their potential. But now I'm invested, I have to see it through lol

No. 189084

File: 1647192861346.jpg (227.51 KB, 1280x1600, FNqd8oBVUAYio0B.jpg)

I want to watch Fleabag. Is it worth it? I like Andrew Scott and the priest trope. What kind of mood is this show for?

No. 189097

BCS Season 6 trailer just dropped, how are we feeling?

No. 189170

Hm…Overall, I'd say it's a show for when you want something truly darkly comedic, in a really female way. People call things "dark comedies" a lot, but I think Fleabag really qualifies in a uniquely potent way – it's very much about the really bizarre humor found in incredibly dark points in one's life. Season 1 and 2 are kind of different beasts, though, but not in a bad way, though fyi the priest is not in season 1 at all. Season 1 centers around the protagonist dealing with every awful part of herself, really bleak (but funny). Season 2 has the priest, and is more…light-hearted isn't accurate, but it does come to mind. I'd say it's for when you want a romance between two weary, world-beaten people.

No. 189195

a short clip of umbrella academy s3. There's only a second of ellen page. i think she's wearing a wig here though.

No. 189259

Seconding this. Fleabag was the show that made me realize I have to pay all my attention to female writers. A masterpiece imo, truly dark and truly funny, completely human and undeniably for women. That it's a huge hit with lesbians despite being a het show with one queerbait scene is neither here nor there though. She basically says she goes both ways but the entire show is about her fixation on men and getting validation from them and the one encounter she has with a lesbian is sweet but it felt out of place to me.It's still my favorite of all time.

No. 189432

File: 1647309650135.jpeg (346.37 KB, 1400x1400, 4B4E2604-2440-45E2-A03B-787F88…)

How did you guys feel about The White Lotus on HBO? It’s a miniseries and I thought it was a pretty interesting drama. I love Jen Coolidge. I hated how that one chick didn’t leave her asshole husband

No. 189433

Thirding. Watch Fleabag OP if you haven't already started

No. 189435

Fleabag is amazing, I watched the whole thing in 2 days. Does anyone have any other recommendations for similar shows (preferably with female writers/centered around women)?

No. 189448

File: 1647316513372.jpg (48.58 KB, 1334x751, MV5BYWYxYzIzNjQtM2QxOC00YjFhLW…)

I just finished Physical and loved it. I think it's an Apple TV+ show, but it's gotten 0 buzz – I found out about it by chance. Really dark in a very Fleabagish way. Rose Byrne plays Sheila, a housewife in early-80s SoCal who's miserable but in that sort of functional way people can float in forever. Shitty "male feminist" husband – the first scene is him trying to make a threesome between him, her, and one of his undergrads happen. The big arc of the series is how she falls in love with aerobics, and ends up building an empire – don't know the details yet, but we see a few tiny flash forwards.

The most striking thing about the show imho is the narration, which is her absolutely brutal internal monologue. She's bulimic and depressed and it's just really, really raw in that Fleabag way, to the point that I'd say it's not something you should watch if you're not in a solid place. Like, we hear her nasty thoughts about other women's bodies, the way she sneers at literally anyone eating, etc. But it's really, really, really well captured. There are a few moments that made me sit up like Fleabag did, because they captured really dark female moments I'd never seen on screen before. And really fucking amazing stuff from Rose Byrne. It's still a bit rough around the edges, but I'm really glad I watched it.

No. 189453

File: 1647317187284.jpg (771.56 KB, 2000x1333, UJS_B1D14_101_120320_JGN-2251-…)

SA – and Hacks! I made a big rec post for this on the old thread, I loooove it and am so happy it got awards. Zoomer comedy girl (Ava) and Joan Rivers-ish standup diva legend (Deborah) end up having to work together. What I love most is that there's a lot of comedy mined from their conflict, but so much of it is actually about Ava coming to realize she blows Deborah off as the "QVC muumuu lady" b/c of industry sexism. She has to really reckon with the dark heart of what comedy did and still does to women, and how she's just as much a tool of it even though she's an ultra-woke 20something. And Deborah also has to realize she can't just blow Ava off as a dumb Twitter kid! Honestly, the entire cast is so great, literally every character is fantasically written and acted, but like I love Fleabag for championing basically the shittiest woman you know, I love Hacks for basically being like "actually the ~cringe~ comedienne your great aunt loves who sells foot baths on qvc is a fucking god no matter what your 'comedy nerd' ex bf has to say about it."

No. 189533

I'll have to watch this, I kept seeing ads for it because my mom wanted to watch Ted Lasso My mom says she liked season 1 and didn't like 2

No. 189575

File: 1647364561383.png (30.66 KB, 500x271, 689054375043.png)

Rec'd this in a previous thread but I really loved Tokyo Girl. It's not as dark and sarcastic as Fleabag but it's very real about women's struggles in the professional and romantic realms especially for a series from E. Asia. You follow a girl from 23 to 40 as she moves from a little rural town to Tokyo in the hopes of becoming a careerwoman and she grows as a person so much. She tries to make it work with all sorts of men who ultimately are using her for their own purposes in different ways, struggles with the idea of starting a family and what it would mean/what society would expect of her, until she ultimately works out a way to build her own little sense of peace and joy alongside other women she's met along the way. I ended up bingeing the whole thing in a day and it's still one of my favorite series. Definitely underrated/hidden gem. Written and directed by women.

No. 189581

Any other anons watch Inventing Anna and find Viv incredibly annoying? Rachel too, but that’s a given. I feel like Viv was supposed to be a sympathetic and likeable character.

No. 189590

This sounds like an awesome show! Will check it out nona.

No. 189954

not op but ty nona, this sounds so good

No. 189968

Of course! Would love to hear your thoughts if you get the chance

No. 190281

Every once in a while, for many years now since its release, I think about the episode of black mirror "shut Up and Dance". What a fucking banger of an episode, is literally the only episode worth watching, everything else pales in comparison. The whole thing was so delicious for me, a random hacker psychologically torturing a bunch of paedophiles (and some random racist woman) was so exhilarating to watch. Just thinking about the drone scene and how maybe he was streaming in liveleak these 2 paedophiles fighting to the death in a forest makes me feel so light and filled with joy. A marvellous piece of cinematography.
Exit Music (For A Film) is forever my anti-paedophile anthem.

No. 190504

File: 1647662264695.jpg (366.16 KB, 1400x2100, QsBzN9P.jpg)

does anyone else here watch my brilliant friend? 3rd series started a few weeks ago. i love this show so much and actually started watching it because my mom recommended it. she also ended up reading the books but i haven't yet.
i heard this is the last season with these two actresses which makes me kind of depressed because they're so good. the girl who plays lila is definitely destined for bigger things. i've also never related more to a character than lenu.

No. 190506

I started watching it a little while ago, but couldn't quite get into it – but I think it's because it was about the kids? Tbh it was still really good, I just wasn't 100% feeling it, but I'm also not 100% sure about that. Do you think it'd be worth pushing through, especially b/c I'm interested in their adult storylines?

No. 190507

Yes! I convinced my mom to give it a try and she loved it and now we watch the 3rd season together. I haven't read the books yet but I intend to in the future. I totally feel you about Lenu being relatable. I think I've never related to any female character like I do to Lenu. They both really feel real.

No. 190592

Anyone else watching the Dropout? Im enjoying it so far but it's really crazy that they got away with what they did! I wonder how realistic the show is.

No. 190624

yes, definitely keep watching. you won't regret it. there's so much more to the story that builds on their childhood, try to pay attention to all the characters that appear early on in their neighborhood because most of them are reoccurring/draw parallels in both Lila and Lenu's lives.

I feel that it's so rare for a person like Lenu to be the main character. it really is special that a show like this is made.

No. 190980

I just finished Succession and have been thinking about watching Euphoria even though I feel like the quality of the writing and everything else will be noticeably worse. What are some similar shows I could try?

No. 191026

you can watch more jesse armstrong (the main writer) shows ex: peep show, the thick of it etc.
VEEP also if you wanna stay on HBO. similar feel to it

No. 191027

I don't understand why hbo does so little to promote this show? it's a masterpiece.

No. 191166

File: 1647895878028.jpeg (52.23 KB, 667x375, 6492971E-A059-43F6-A23F-61C22A…)

This series is so good and I have no one to tell

No. 191211

File: 1647906055576.jpeg (728.94 KB, 1170x1504, 26C39A24-9C76-4FAF-8BD8-279CB4…)

Just finished season 1, watching this for the first time since it was rec’d to me after I finished “It’s Always Sunny” and “Curb your Enthusiasm”, it’s kinda funny but damn, it’s a bummer to watch super-straight man Michael deal with the rest of this family
At least in other shows they’re all at a similar level of awfulness. Does he get more weird as the series goes on?

No. 191215

File: 1647907333569.jpg (19.89 KB, 299x295, neto concerned.jpg)

Narcos: Mexico is noticeably worse than Narcos so far, but I like Don Neto a lot.

No. 191228

What’s good about it? I might wanna watch

No. 191229

File: 1647911836793.jpg (113.25 KB, 920x750, staceyabramsmyass.jpg)

To whichever casting director or """writer""" on the Star Trek team thought this was a good idea, I hope you fucking slit your throat. As if Star Trek wasn't enough of a joke.

No. 191232

The atmosphere, the black humor, Julian Barrett, and the character of the daughter! It’s also only 6 episodes long (each season) so it’s not a lot to commit to.

No. 191243

Yeah Micheal definitely has his own flaws that come up

No. 191245

I really liked it. I was always interested in what was going to happen next and I kind of like the uncomfortable/cringe feeling it gave me. Apparently there's going to be a season 2 about the same hotel chain but in Sicily with Jennifer Coolidge coming back.

No. 191461

File: 1647991078029.png (809.91 KB, 745x689, did they fuck.png)

Which anons here have seen Inventing Anna? I started watching but I keep getting kind of annoyed by how fucking dumb most of the characters are (I feel like this is the case for most Shonda Rhimes shows though?) Maybe I should have watched Euphoria instead?

No. 191466

I can't get over how autistic that man looks.

No. 192268

Has anyone watched the new HBO pirate show Our Sails Mean Death? It sounded interesting but is there tranny shit in it? I keep seeing my fakeboi friends sperging about it and saying things like “finally pirate media that understands pirates are queer as fuck!!” And it makes me want to not watch it

No. 192271

File: 1648266357180.jpeg (375.59 KB, 1080x1653, E926568A-C7D4-4966-AEB9-E9AAA1…)

No. 192272

this scrote is always so fucking extra, literally why is he like that? He's too old to be acting like the quirkly uwu girl in a 2007 lov com written by Zack Barf and nonny watch Black Sails for pirates and Galavant for a medieval musical that's quite funny

No. 192274

Apparently there is a they/them, yes those pronouns are actually used

No. 192288

lmao, I like Waititi but like….imagine patting yourself on the back this much and still not being able to write women.

No. 192302

Same. Fandom treats Shiv like shit but I love her so much. I feel like misogyny is really big theme in Succession and Shiv carries most of that meaning

If you watch Euphoria you shouldn’t expect much from the story. I enjoyed it a lot, but only because the direction/cinematography is heavily stylized. It’s more notable in S2 than it is in S1.

I watched up to the ninth episode and stopped after the main characters/love interests kissed. It was really awkward because they don’t have much chemistry, and it’s hard to develop a convincing romantic connection in seven ~30 minute episodes. The humor itself is okay but sometimes it’s too on the nose? Like trying really hard to be progressive on purpose. Idk

No. 192316

I fucking hate Taika Waititi. He's smug and unfunny.

No. 192319

Euphoria is trash

No. 192816

File: 1648473365448.jpg (657.45 KB, 2048x1152, editors-recommendations-abbott…)

Is anyone watching Abott Elementary? I forgot where I first saw it but when I saw it I was like "hey isn't that the chick from Buzzfeed?" and it is! I just read an interview she did with NYTimes for it. It sounds like a fun show, has anyone watched it yet? Any opinions on it?

No. 192822

Twitter has been pushing the hashtag for this show (filled with corporate shill clearly forced memes) for days and seeing how little engagement it gets is giving me life kek. It doesn’t even look that bad, the whole thing just feels incredibly cringy.

No. 192925

I started watching with my mom just the other day and it's really cute. Definitely network TV, but I mean that in a good way – the kinda good-natured thing you can watch with family that's rooted in normal life. I think it's still finding its legs a little, but I'm really impressed with the cast so far – there isn't a weak link in the main bunch.

No. 193746

File: 1648764411451.jpg (180.67 KB, 828x1119, Tumblr_l_61284893439276.jpg)

God im so sad they're inserting this troonery in umbrella academy. I legit enjoyed the first 2 season but i just know like they're gonna pretend like ellen actually looks like a man and i just can't her serious at all

No. 193779

File: 1648776041858.jpeg (114.08 KB, 1000x1481, B17842F2-65BC-4887-9E03-F62851…)

Nonas….. severance is actually really good. I haven’t felt this hooked on a show in so long, I just had to post it here. It’s creepy and has some eerie sci-fi-adjecent bits, but mostly it’s sad and warm and funny. It has patricia arquette playing another sociopath role (hi dee dee) and christopher walken, well. I won’t spoil but it’s adorable. The whole premise is also a nice almost truman-show-esque critical look at Big Corporate and work life balance. I love it. It’s on it’s 7ep, 8th comes out tonight

No. 193786

I dropped it 3 episodes in because it’s literally so boring and I can imagine that if this technology existed irl, absolutely no one would have a problem with it.

No. 193809

I just wanted to see alternate universe where Ben is still alive cliffhanger at the end of s2 properly fleshed out, please don't let this overshadow it

No. 194035

So many shows I'd like to see, but I just cannot for the life of me bring myself to buy AppleTV+.

No. 194110

Does anyone remember Ninas Mal and is there a version with English subtitles online?

No. 194117

Who said anything about buying these shows anon

No. 194535

I think most apple gadgets etc will give u a 3mo trial! I’m blazing through what interests me till’ the clock runs out
Or I mean. Hehe. Lile nona said, there’s always a way.

No. 194660

File: 1649078210928.jpeg (29.59 KB, 678x452, DE70FE8F-40C8-4743-8EB2-D7358E…)

are these two women going to make out/fuck before the show ends? any predictions?

No. 194712

Really hope so. I haven't liked the writing for this show in a long while and only saw the first two episodes of this season. How are you liking it so far?

No. 195005

I haven't seen it in years but watching it over yesterday I realize this show was pretty dark for a disney show. That's probably why little edgelord me liked it so much. Reading up on what could've been season 3 makes me wish they had actually done it.

No. 195006

so I have no interest in watching the show, only watched some clips online but is there any major antagonist in the show that actually poses a threat

No. 195066

To both of them? Villanelle (blonde woman) pretty much is the antagonist. She also continues to be in her own weird way, but yes, there are other villains and in fact a specific group that cause problems for both her and Eve which makes it hard for them to take down a powerful, established organization.

No. 195423

This has been a really fun watch, the build up at the end of episode 8 stressed me out so much even though I knew it would end with a cliffhanger anyway. Wtf was the waffle party? Do you think Irv has anything to do with the paintings? Helly in the quick party scene made me think gala. Really looking forward to the finale and am happy to hear they renewed it for another season.

No. 195431

File: 1649312269007.jpg (688.34 KB, 2000x3000, MV5BNjJjZWEyOTMtYjVkYi00MjY0LT…)

apple tv has been putting out some good shit lately. altho i still will not subscribe since rarbg is too easy

No. 195443

rarbg for life

No. 195462

i watched the first three seasons and the first episode of the fourth but honestly it’s pretty boring. i’m just waiting for a hot make out in the fourth or i’m not watching it lol

No. 196058

Did you see the finale yet, nona?? I’m so happy with how they chose not to cuck us, but also annoyed we now have to wait at least 8 months lol. Obsessed with this show in a way I haven’t been in forever. And kek, the small eyes bird sores woman gives major log lady vibes

No. 196064

Yes, what a tense episode! Omg when he called her Colbel instead of Selvig I screamed lol. I was so worried she was going to bounce with the baby. The final scene was so satisfying .

No. 196473

File: 1649638305722.gif (5.67 MB, 498x280, theranos-the-dropout.gif)

Yes, just watched the last episode and even though I was pretty familiar with the Elizabeth Holmes case, it was still shocking after watching this. Just getting a better understanding of how mental it is that they got away with that for so long.

Great series though. Amanda Seyfried is so good in it.

No. 196551

jodie and sandra put their entire pussies into the villaneve kiss. i can die happy

No. 196560

File: 1649667088835.jpeg (56.6 KB, 396x500, 53983F3E-AFAF-4057-B863-357599…)

Just barely started watching Dawson’s creek. I hope to God that Tamara Jacobs gets sent to jail. Although Pacey was acting like a stalker, Tamara is the one that kissed him in the first place. Also attraction to teen moids is unnatural for any woman with half of a functioning brain

No. 196561

I need some spicy trash, should I watch too??

No. 196566

Idk if I’d call it trash, but I’m only on episode 4 so I can’t really say. I think the drama between Jen, Dawson and Joey, but FUCK the relationship between Pacey and Tamara

No. 196570

I'm gonna give it a whirl

No. 196582

It's definitely trash kek but unfortunately not the kind of trash I'm into

No. 196623

I have never cared for the series, it always seemed dumb to me but what happened to make funs hate it

No. 196638

I mean wouldn't that be the equivalent of graham getting with Hannibal, it seems dumb for them to be get together in the first place, the show always seemed kinda dumb and cringy

No. 196680

But your OTP at least got together
isnt it that almost what happened at the end of season 3 of Hannibal? I never managed to watch it, so maybe I'm wrong kek

No. 196736

at least in hannibal they both kind of die ?? at the end. instead of one being confirmed dead and the other still alive i actually saw ke fans online saying that would have been a better ending than the one they got

No. 196744

File: 1649713738070.jpg (414.83 KB, 2500x1407, best wing.jpg)

it's idealistic, everyone is hyper competent, everyone is good, it's cringingly liberal. it's star trek for poli-sci nerds and i love it.

and bradley whitford was qt

No. 196770

I just don't understand what the writers were thinking this season. I could at least somewhat accept it if they didn't care about Villaneve and just wanted to write a spy thriller - but it fails as that too. We never really got any answers about the 12 and they're killed off in a really weird way. The whole thing feels completely pointless, I'm mad I wasted my time.

No. 196772

As a kid i watched west wing and as a grown up, veep is the realistic one.

No. 196786

actual convo between nixon and kissinger during the bangladesh crisis

No. 196829

File: 1649757257204.jpg (149.56 KB, 720x900, Season_5_Poster.jpg)

This show was always basically Spanish 13 Reasons Why/Spanish Euphoria but holy shit what the fuck happened to this new season? The acting is 1000 times worse than previously, and there's simply no reason for the story to continue but I guess this show will keep killing someone off each season and keep doing this tired whodunnit format. I understand Netflix will milk a show for all it's worth until it's a shell of it's former self but I really don't understand what happened this season specifically? The plot is incomprehensible and it's edited as if it's some low budget youtube show. I had really low expectations and somehow I'm still disappointed.

And another thing, I've only seen the first episode and some of the second episode, and I don't really remember what happened in season 4, but regarding Phillipe The guy is a predator and a rapist idc. I don't understand why so many people are on his side like Samu and whoever else. Are we supposed to feel bad for the guy who's being "bullied" because he was a rapist? Again I haven't seen it all so things might change and I get that he hasn't been kicked out because of his status but the students who are still friendly with him doesn't make that much sense to me. Maybe I'm missing something. I'm not gonna get into the plot further than that because it's all stupidly infuriating and I could sit here ripping into it all day.

No. 196839

God every male in this poster is so fucking ugly jfc

No. 196861

Does anyone have any recommendations for shows featuring women?

Nothing with rape, sex offenses, violence against women, or that whole “see women as bad as men” which often displays as; women who cuck their husbands, women who sexually harass every man they see, psycho serial killer women, and lastly I can’t do any more performative “she’s a bad bitch and she slaps down every man she sees because she’s a career women/mom/celebrity” I don’t find it empowering, just aggravating that real world struggles are getting watered down into tropes and punchy one liners. I will however happily take revenge style fantasy stuff that centers a women so long as it doesn’t feature rape or sexual assault.
Any nonnies that get through this list and throw me a bone, I love you and you’re my fav.

No. 196876

I didn't even bother to watch the newest season considering season 4 was a shitfest. This was no masterpiece but it could have retained its dignity if it had ended after season 3.

No. 196894

Mildred pierce on hbo shouldfit your criteria! More of a ‘I will improve my life despite you’ type revenge, and it’s very pretty to look at. I’m not completely through it yet, but any assault would surprise me

No. 196906

I’m gonna watch an episode with my lunch, thank you nonnie!

No. 196956

>The Gilded Age
>Tokyo Girl
>Anne With An E (rape and sexual assault are vaguely discussed on the rare occasion, but not shown)
>Orphan Black (it's been a while since I've watched this but as far as I remember the only rape is done to a man and it's not "typical" because it's a rape by deception, the characters are clones, he doesn't know the woman he's having sex with isn't the woman he intended)

No. 196985

Nonnie thank you so much for bringing this show to my attention. I am freaking obsessed.
I’m still only on the first season but I am so emotionally invested in the story and with Lenu/Lila. I’ve been searching for a good female centric drama for a while and this is just what I needed.
Side tangent but I speak Catalan and I’m really surprised by how much of the show I can understand completely without looking at the subtitles.

No. 196993

Orphan Black- The whole thing with the Russian clone getting impregnated was pretty rapey.

No. 197045

File: 1649854237342.jpg (474.64 KB, 1600x2400, dead pixels.jpg)

Just binged 2 series of this show and it's pretty funny. It's from the creators of Peep Show, centred around 3 friend's obsession with a RPG.

No. 197074

File: 1649868179992.jpg (233.67 KB, 1200x800, donna cameron hacf.jpg)

Halt and Catch Fire from AMC, starts off slow but one of the best shows and finales out there! Like trust, each season just get's even better then the last

No. 197077

will any of you anons be watching this? i am quite looking forward to it

No. 198079

I just finished watching Killing Eve and I'm so fucking pissed holy shit

No. 198093

I've been watching this and I'm enjoying it so far. Thank you, nonny.
If I had Hulu!!! It won't let me make any free trial accounts anymore kek.

No. 198128

File: 1650211274601.png (590.58 KB, 492x722, cloris leachman.png)

Phyllis was the least popular spinoff in the Mary Tyler Moore universe but I'm finding it to be the funniest of the bunch, makes me laugh out loud several times an episode.

No. 198203

Why can’t a showrunner spend some time reading online what the fans are interested in seeing for once. I’m not even talking about fanservicey-V+E sex scenes etc. I was going to type out few key plot holes, but honestly they killed my will to care lmao. Join the ranks of failed wasted shows, KE.

No. 199196

File: 1650505768992.jpg (64.2 KB, 450x396, 00s fashion baby.jpg)

What do the nonas ITT think of Skins? Is it still relatively good 15 years on or did Euphoria do the same thing better (doubtful)?

No. 199254

>the only attractive guy was gay

No. 199413

File: 1650582703805.jpg (570.84 KB, 1324x2048, s.jpg)

Maxxie really? When Sid looked so much like Paul Dano?

No. 199651

File: 1650672543607.jpg (52.1 KB, 770x431, man.jpg)

there's an mpreg tv show and I checked it out mostly because I thought it would be funny, and it definitely is funny, but I also enjoyed it. There was some good commentary on misogyny and women in the workplace. Tbh I've only watched the first few episodes and it definitely could get worse but I'm pleasantly surprised

No. 199654

Lmao whats up with his? It's like that arnold schwarzenegger movie? Like whats the explanation

No. 199669

NTAYRT Sid was cute, but he wouldn't shower and that used to be a huge turn off for me.

No. 199693

File: 1650694818234.jpg (361.51 KB, 1013x1500, Spinning Out.jpg)

I really wanted to continue watching this show, but I had to stop in the middle of the first episode.
I didn't like the acting whenever Kat was arguing with her mother during her episode, and the argument between her and her younger sister made me wince. Also couldn't stand the idea of how the show was going to turn into Kat and Justin possibly falling for each other when in the beginning of the episode he was being such a creep. I'm bummed because I wanted to like it.

No. 199759

File: 1650719555920.gif (3.57 MB, 498x280, severance-apple-tv.gif)

Just finished watching the Severance finale and loved it. It's definitely slow-paced at the start but also very intriguing and addictive. And Milchick is hot.
definitely a recreation of the painting, which was based on the four tempers.

No. 200029

File: 1650798974261.jpeg (63.84 KB, 640x386, 2801B3D7-9363-4D6D-822F-EA43A8…)

I feel like they’re more attractive in this pic for some reason

No. 201283

What are some live actions TV shows that were popular at the peak of tumblr that were NOT shitty high school/teen drama shows? I want to watch or rewatch some for nostalgia and writing down a list right now.

No. 201291

Supernatural, Hannibal, Merlin, Criminal Minds, Shameless, Buffy, Game of Thrones, those are all the ones I can think of.

No. 201302

Given how obsessed everyone on tumblr was about Superwholock I was never under an impression that teen dramas were a thing during peak tumblr years. So to add to >>201291 list, Sherlock and Dr Who, maaaaybe Vampire Diaries too, since even though they're in high school it's about supernatural creatures moreso than just teen themes?

No. 201316

File: 1651061480119.jpeg (152.23 KB, 997x524, 1A88B022-12F0-4E64-AD03-CC8573…)

Kek what the fuck

By the way nonnies can you recommend a show similar to Tokyo Tarereba Girls? I didn’t really like the love plot with the blonde guy but what I’m seeking for is a show that follow a girls friend group. What I liked so much was how the girls met up everyday at an izakaya and how the friendship felt authentic and wholesome. They all had different personalities and flaws which I liked.

No. 201332

True, but I remember my mutuals also talking about Vampire Diaries (a friend irl read the book, I thought it was YA lit), Teen Wolf, Gossip Girl, this kind of stuff so I wanted to clarify it just in case. A friend shared her netflix account with me and almost none of these series are on it in my country. Fuck it, I'll pirate.

No. 201339

Anon how could you forget American Horror Story!
Unfortunately I don't know any shows like you want but I want to rant about the blonde guy love story because it felt so out of place and I almost rage quit on the last few chapters lol the ending was garbage. GARBAGE. And it makes me angry because it started so strong and fell flat… had so much potential
Stremio is a great alternative if you use a pc/android phone (no app on iOS), I've been using it for a year now and it never let me down

No. 201518

Misfits was one I remember watching due to seeing it on Tumblr

No. 201529

I didn't even know it was popular on tumblr, I watched the first few episodes long ago because my little sister recommended it to me.

No. 201584

It’s alright nonnie! But yes omg! The blonde dude completely ruined the vibe and was so incredibly unlikeable

No. 201606

Anyone else seen Raised by Wolves on HBO? Highly recommend if you're a fan of sci-fi and Ridley Scott

No. 201608

I really enjoyed the first season and Father is best boy. Haven't watched the 2nd one yet but looking forward to it, and this is coming from someone who usually doesn't like sf

No. 201619

Have you seen ‘Hello my twenties’? It’s about a group of girls sharing a flat in seoul or something. Very different personalities and some real struggles, growing friendships and growing up. I enjoyed it!

No. 201634

Outer Range on Prime is pretty interesting so far. It’s not what you think it is at first.

No. 201682

File: 1651132955937.jpg (116.53 KB, 1099x568, one hundred trillion.JPG)

Someone is trying to get me to watch Mindhunter really hard. Is it any good? I'm kind of sick of FBI serial killer stuff so I don't want to watch it unless it's amazing.

>pic unrelated

No. 201714

I think it's easily the best of the genre but if you're sick of the subjects in general, idk if that will be enough?

No. 201761

Very disappointed with Starstruck, I kind of liked the first season but the second just has me hating the mc too much to even finish it. I love the idea of a normal woman dating a movie star and navigating the social dynamics of that pairing but the main character is too BPD and self-sabotaging. Wasted opportunity for something that could've been cute

No. 202095

Anons I'm watching that "documentary" about social media on Netflix and I have no idea why it's so praised. You'll have compsci engineers talking about social media being a huge industry and using users' data to predict patterns and behaviors, and then you'll have sensationalized fictional scenes with holograms or a family of upper class Americans who are too mentally ill to not use their phones all the time, which completely ruins the message and info explained. At this rate I might as well investigate that shit myself to have satisfying answers.

No. 202096

Which one?

No. 202098

The social dilemma, I'm watching it on Netflix France so the title is "derrière nos écrans de fumée"

No. 202181

And now I'm watching more documentaries on Netflix but they're really not that amazing. The American Meme is mostly about literally whos after showing Paris Hilton and DJ Khaled for like 5 minutes. I need to watch better shit kek

No. 202235

File: 1651257455214.jpg (307.2 KB, 1280x720, p20481773_b_h8_ab.jpg)

I recently watched Midnight Mass and I loved it so much, can anyome rec me something similar?

No. 202240

Watch Icarus, if you haven't yet!

No. 203849

File: 1651710851447.jpeg (337.62 KB, 1280x720, 0799F773-3D20-466A-837E-5BECE1…)

Anyone watched Russian doll? What did you think? Just finished the first season and thought it was a pretty cute and interesting idea

No. 203937

I loved it! the time loop stuff was well executed and it had a good flow.

No. 204108

but just remembered I found it funny how it was portrayed when she fucked that guy at the beginning and then got tired of his ugly ass quick having more important stuff to do lol

No. 206073

File: 1652557353721.jpeg (19.4 KB, 600x338, D5E12199-8AE7-4C5D-BA2C-D18561…)

I just started watching this and it’s so compelling. Amanda Seyfried is so good and so unsettling. At first she comes across as just an awkward autistic girl but as it goes on she seems more and more like an actual sociopath.

No. 206263

Just finished season 1 of Barry and I really liked it except for the fact that I cannot for the life of me understand why they paired up the black lady cop with the literal geriatric acting teacher. Like I get that age gap relationships are a thing but she was like late 40s- early 50s and he looked like a hard 70. Don't see how anyone could think it's plausible that she'd be wildly attracted to a guy 5 years away from a nursing home.

No. 206271

Also loved Barry, and same. Although I think the older the two people in question are, the less a big deal age gap relationships are. Like a 50 year old dating a 70 year old is much less sus and gross than say, a 30 year old dating a 19 year old.

No. 206398

File: 1652646731448.jpeg (630.1 KB, 1300x867, A7F7BD64-67A8-472E-9C15-38E47F…)

Is anyone here keeping up with the new season of Better Call Saul? Come on nonnas. Do it for her.

No. 206416

oh my god did it already come out? I had no idea

No. 206423

Yes! Episode 6 airs tomorrow. The first seven episodes are being released right now and then after the break (I think in July) the last six will air.

No. 206424

File: 1652649764549.jpg (Spoiler Image,68.63 KB, 780x438, fans-love-jimmys-howard-hamlin…)

Picrel had me dying, I'm really curious at how things will end with Lalo

No. 206545

Me too. I’m not done watching Breaking Bad so I don’t know if they ever go into detail about him in a way that would mean he has to die in BCS, but I hope he gets to stay alive.

No. 206790

I am watching Tokyo Vice and it's ok-ish, I can suspend my disbelief fine for most of it but I really hate the sex scenes, they are unbearable. I don't know why, can't recall feeling anything in particular about the sex scenes in True Blood or GoT. Maybe I'm turning into a prude as I age.

No. 206896

I'm back. I made myself a list of shows, I'll post it later, once I'm back home from work. I think I'll just buy cheap second hand DVDs of the shows I can't find on Netflix (my friend pays for it and gave me access to her account) and Amazon Prime (I'll get the free monthly trial later, watch what I like and then unsubscribe) because at least I can resell them later and I can't find shows online with the original voice acting and my language's subtitles online.

No. 207040

I’m so excited for the Orville to return!!!

No. 208164

File: 1653165303232.jpeg (52.79 KB, 620x413, Gentleman-Jack-571fe23-e164856…)

Currently watching Gentleman Jack season 2 and holy shit the drama. Fuck you Mariana FUCK YOU! No Anne don't actually fuck her jesus christ you cheater

No. 208507

Anyone watch Umbrella Academy? What’d you think of the season 3 trailer?

No. 208532

Latefag but yes ma'am, love BCS and I'm excited to know how the remainder of the series plays out.

No. 208719

File: 1653364437246.jpg (78.23 KB, 587x499, rgfdf.jpg)

No. 208730

howard did nothing wrong and chuck was right.

No. 208747

I really liked the first 2 seasons and im salty how they trooned vanya out. I might watch season 3 anyway just to kek at ellen

No. 208760

File: 1653385770926.png (762.89 KB, 942x532, rly.PNG)

I'm still in shock, I can't believe that's how howard goes out. And when I'd only just come to terms with losing my nachito too

No. 208784

File: 1653408499956.jpg (287.25 KB, 2000x1124, Jm86QXGvQY9iznXm8XXEVJ.jpg)

Anybody watch the new Kids in the Hall? I watched it with my parents and we didn't finish it because it just wasn't as funny as the original.

Also awkward because the first episode contains full frontal male nudity.

No. 208785

I’m kinda interested to see how they play that. I think it’d be cool if they did something like a parallel universe thing. If there’s a show where you can have a protagonist randomly change sex between seasons it’s this. I’m also excited to see if they’ll edit her voice or have her croak around like a frog the entire time and expect people to take it seriously kek

No. 208802

File: 1653414221857.jpeg (522.02 KB, 1117x663, C93FCF85-1417-4448-A794-C3B6F1…)

>husbando an hero'd
>why live
anon i am still not over nacho like that shit broke me for a good while. howard was one of my favs as well tho

No. 208807

Why didn't you put that shit in spoilers?

No. 208814

this wtf

No. 208830

i only mentioned nacho cuz it happened a month ago and i assumed it was already discussed here. only mentioned howard being my fav. but my bad regardless

No. 208839

File: 1653421618283.jpeg (93.03 KB, 750x1061, 1648965609411.jpeg)

>Howard and nacho
im going back to BCS season 1. bye

No. 208861

File: 1653427168468.jpeg (2.59 MB, 1750x2466, 10C9274D-895C-47B3-B6AF-92AB76…)

man S1 was so goofy and light hearted in comparison. kinda heartbreaking

No. 209004

File: 1653497915443.jpg (39.19 KB, 720x714, 284195181_5233856740004594_869…)

I still love him…

No. 209351

anyone gonna watch the new season of stranger things? i kind of want to just because i've watched all the others, but i don't know if it will be worth the time. it's a show that i associated with summer for the longest time but since there's been a 2 year gap i kind of lost interest

No. 209432

If you liked the third season go for it, if not there's no reason it's going to get better. The best way to know if it's going to be worth your time is to wait until it's ended and wait for the consensus

No. 209472

Please tell me this isn’t from a saul x howard yaoi doujin. I do agree the tone has shifted so heavily but it was sort of to be expected imo.
Same,I like him and Gustavo a lot

No. 209492

nta but it's a single piece of fanart made by a fujo tumblrina unironically shipping them

No. 209612

>watching Wild Wild Country on netflix on a whim, not knowing anything about it
>cute Indian grandma shows up, speaks softly, sounds very nice
>turns out she's basically the equivalent of a James Bond villain irl
I'm not done yet with the full documentary and it's pretty long but I was definitely not expecting that kek.

No. 209688

that show was a wild ride but the crazy sex cult footage stuff made me stop watching, now whenever I see someone wearing bright orange in my state I shid my pant

No. 209690

I'll never get over their multiple failed assassination attempts on public officials kek

No. 209738

God what I would give to wipe my mind and rewatch that docuseries over again

No. 209996

File: 1653875908344.jpg (108.41 KB, 1000x1250, MV5BMTU1NmYwMTAtNzNjOS00NDNkLW…)

Watched the first episode of this out of curiosity and found it so boring and silly. I feel like it has to be aimed at 14 year olds and was thrown off by it being recommended by people my own age (late 20s). Maybe I'm a dumbass

No. 210026

Looks interesting and cute, but I haven't watched it because it looks as boring as Love Simon, and because of the tranny too kek

No. 210063

Looks boring. What's the appeal? I've heard about how the artist for the original comic said it wasn't a BL because it's not "fetishizing gay boys like yaoi does" but it seems like the Western equivalent of these kawaii uwu BL where nothing ever happens because conflicts are bad and problematic and the guys are pure and innocent uwu.

No. 210518

I was binge watching season 1 of Ozark until I hit the flash back episode. I’m finding it really boring and can’t finish it. Kind of killed my motivation to keep watching.

No. 210524

Ozark is so good though. You just gotta push through the boring bits

No. 210525

I watched the first 3 episodes before I quit. Totally agree with you nona. The vibe is almost elementary, which makes the 20yr old twitter stans even more cringe.

Also don't understand why gay shows have to choose the ugliest moids as main characters kek.

No. 210606

hear me out but i think it would be good if young teens (13 14) had more shows like this that feel sufficiently “grown up” but aren’t like euphoria or sex education etc. but this definitely isn’t a show for adults. funnily enough the webcomic it’s based on has a lot more swearing and some more mature elements that were toned down in the show

No. 210680

I had no idea Better Call Saul was back on and I accidentally got spoiled by scrolling /m/ and saw Nacho spoilers. But it went a lot better than expected. He's my favorite character but I'm happy he went out in his own terms. What a bad ass. I wanna fuck his ghost.

Also the Slippin Jimmy cartoon is terrible. Who the fuck approved this?

No. 210725

File: 1654096283908.png (495.72 KB, 604x605, 9911245.png)

I loved it and I came here to post about it. I feel like this season felt like more of a continuation of the mystery from season one. I also really like that it integrates the time period into the actual plot (satanic panic is part of the conflict, but I'm not going to spoil past that.) Episode four was incredible, potentially my favorite to date.

It's not perfect, though. There's some serious tonal whiplash, and the CGI occasionally looks wonky, but it's a solid season overall.

No. 210726

I'm only three episodes in but so far I'm feeling like >>210725 ; came into it very reluctantly after 2nd and 3rd seasons just steadily went downhill, and if only it wasn't 3am I would definitely binge this one fully. New mystery is fascinating and really brings s1 vibe back. Very pleasant surprise.

No. 210789

It wasn't as awful as I expected, but I am only one ep 5, so that's subject to change. The storyline with the freddie krueger monster is kinda meh and after a while, the bad CG death gets laughable. I love the sound track so far though! Hell yeah Kate Bush. Robin is my favorite character, as well as Max. I dont care for 11 again this season. She's just boring. Poor Will is always being ignored by everyone. I wouldn't be shocked if he ended up on the dark side.

Jonathan and his new friend Argyle had me in stiches.

No. 210792

I hated seasons 2 and 3 big time. 3 felt like it dragged for too many episodes. I think season 4 is not too bad. Nothing will ever beat season 1 for me though. I hope S4 is the last one.

No. 211924

Can anyone recommend japanese tv series? I prefer comedy

No. 211925

File: 1654431892139.jpeg (336.07 KB, 828x427, 5737E046-B171-4FDD-BEB6-050655…)

i unapologetically love this fucking show

No. 211993

I just finished watching it! I liked the pacing and the interactions between the two protagonists. I have a soft spot for shows that feel like something out of old school newgrounds

No. 211995

why are aidens obsessed with this show?

No. 212155

I can't fucking wait for season 2

No. 212186

I haven't really enjoyed S4 that much. I don't mind the shift in tone from the kind of light hearted S3, but it really is missing something to make it feel intrinsically like Stranger Things. I hate was they did to Robin's character, she was competent, brave and intelligent in S3. Now she's an uber quirky neuro divergent who is essentially paraded around as a woman child of comedic relief. I guess they didn't think they could have two competent female leads together? The story feels elementary, I know most people didn't like S3 but the way multiple storylines came together felt well thought out and was extremely satisfying. The Hopper in Russia plot and California shit does absolutely nothing for me and I don't really see the appeal of new characters like Argyle and Eddie. Chrissy was interesting but got killed off in the first episode. Also many of the characters do such dumb shit that they would never do in previous seasons eg. Steve and the water gate. The one thing I did enjoy was the body horror and satanic panic of the time that was captured pretty well.

No. 212347

i actually just finished s4. this happens everytime a new season comes out, im reluctant to watch it and then i end up binging it all the way through lol. i actually like eddie a lot, agree with >>212186 about robin. even though s3 wasn't the best the robin + steve duo was really fun

overall i really liked s4, there were definitely some stupid aspects i thought mike and co. visiting suzie was cute but the part where will directly referenced the never ending story scene from s3 made me roll my eyes. i'm looking forward to s5 and i'm glad it'll be the last one i just really hope they dont kill off steve because he's one of my favorite characters

No. 212441

File: 1654598033276.jpg (608.82 KB, 1944x2880, from.jpg)

i loved this show, it had the same feeling as Lost had. i think the writers or something are the same

No. 212536

File: 1654635620697.jpg (17.88 KB, 500x282, raisinghope.jpg)

I know it's old but I recently binged all of Raising Hope and it was really comfy. Reminded me a lot of my own flawed, lower class upbringing but less sanitized than Malcolm in the Middle. Also, I like how although it's called Raising Hope the kid is never the focus, they don't rely on aww moments or give her any lines. Also as someone with trichotillomania I love how accurately it's portrayed, I do the same eyebrow shit and it made me laugh my ass off. I love the ending, too, watching the first few episodes you don't expect it to turn out like that, they really built a great cast of characters that interact so well I was sad it was over

No. 212566

I read your post with half of my eyebrow missing because of trichotillomania kek

No. 212570

I watched the first episode of Real Housewives in Dubai and I think I hate them kek. I usually don't get jealous or irritated watching rich people do rich people shit but I think my perception of Dubai is too negative to enjoy this

No. 212698

Watched it. Can't wait for the last two episodes to be released. I really liked all of the plot lines except the LA one. Jonathan, Will and Mike were a tad boring. The new character Eddie is cool and the actress of Max did a really good job. The new villain guy is really hot and made me search for fanfics

No. 213339

File: 1654905124887.gif (5.27 MB, 540x450, giff.gif)

honestly i hope eddie from stranger things dies. i like him as a character he is sort of cute but i want him to be with chrissy in a way. sure they only spent a couple minutes together but for those minutes they were really sweet together. together not necessarily as lovers or friends but symbolically.
also i dont know how i feel about the whole nancy steve thing its weird, and i hate those scenes with his bare chest out. was that meant to be fanservice i was honestly disgusted if anything but that might just be me.
to those who watched the show what are your thoughts on that russian soldier guy with hopper ? also btw regarding hopper i honestly was not shocked that he was alive but i still cried so much in the season three finale, even if it was not all to my taste but i was bawling do you think he will die like alexei ? there is some speculation that he will in self sacrifice, but nothing confirmed just fans theorizing.

No. 213352

Honestly this is my biggest disappointment this season (except for Hopper related storyline, I think it would be far more satisfying character arc if he stayed dead at the end of s3), that Chrissy was killed off in the very first episode. She was such an interesting new character and I was immediately excited about seeing more of her, especially since her interaction with Eddie seemed like something fun to explore, feels like we were robbed honestly. Nothing more really interesting is left about Eddie so I'm with you here anon, and I think it's actually very likely
Nancy and Steve thing was weird because he's just so awkward, ESPECIALLY with the bare chest, isn't fanservice supposed to be appealing? I can't believe this was appealing to anyone. At this point I'm cool seeing no romance at all whatsoever this season.

No. 213353

File: 1654909804842.jpg (55.83 KB, 680x1000, 120.jpg)

omg thats gus from psych!!!
unreleated but i miss shows like this, monk, burn notice. just comfy

No. 213363

Inside no. 9 gets worse every season (tho I've liked this season more than the last one) but it makes me sad. They've renewed for more but I dunno, if it doesn't get better quick they should just move onto something new.

Ik it's not a hugely popular show, but can't post about it being bad anywhere without people getting annoyed.

No. 213416

File: 1654944740077.png (429.84 KB, 668x438, eden.PNG)

I like Argyle a lot too but IDK why i got irrationally annoyed when they implied Eden having some sort of "infatuation at first sight" with him? They made her look so cool and pretty in the show and he seems to not have many redeeming qualities looks wise lmao

No. 213450

She reminds me of Ally's character in breakfast club from looks alone, but yeah it's obvious they didnt click. she was too busy trying to run that crazy house hold with all the kids. The whole Eden and Argyle story line was dumb af and I hope they drop it.

No. 213462

I actually think Mariana is the right one for Anne. Everything Mariana says about Ann and Anne together is fucking true, there is nothing much to their relationship beyond Ann being willing to marry Anne. Ann is simpleminded, feeble, meek. Anne got into it for money and found that she loved having a beautiful woman she could manipulate into a marriage.

Mariana however has a will of her own and challenges Anne in ways that Ann never has and probably never will. The only times Ann is capable of saying no to Anne is when someone she's even more afraid of enters the picture to order her around. She's growing as a person over time so I'd like my opinion of her to change too but honeslty she is a grating character.

The chemistry between Anne and Mariana is far superior imo and her voice is very very sexy.

No. 213712

Mariana is too dramatic and manipulative to have a nice married life with Anne. But I agree, she is hot stuff and she and Anne have instense chemistry.

No. 213771

File: 1655077984707.jpg (790.07 KB, 1170x1454, MV5BNTgyN2ZiMDAtNDVkMS00MjA5LW…)

any anons watching pistols? i'm on ep 3 right now and so far i like it. the editing is kind of weird in that it cuts to random archival footage with no transitions, like in a kind of sloppy way. it's not bad though, i think its worth a watch if you like the band or this period in punk

No. 213938

File: 1655137391953.jpeg (247.48 KB, 1920x1200, 4C12FAAE-1CF6-424D-93C1-5F0E10…)

I just binge watched Under the Banner of Heaven and honestly I really liked it until the last episode. The writing seemed to take a total nosedive in quality, and they upped the corniness to an absolutely stupid level. Such a disappointment because I thought the first few episodes really knocked it out of the park. Did anyone else feel this way or was I expecting too much out of a mini series?

No. 214389

File: 1655253000610.jpeg (435.04 KB, 1045x1306, B9F93D26-9D3C-4A66-9520-E72D99…)

Started watching this teen lesbian vampire series on Netflix and it’s hot garbage but I can’t stop watching. Low budget, terrible acting, feels like a student film in some parts…but weirdly enjoyable. Probably could have stayed a mid-tier YA book.

No. 214461

File: 1655274062949.jpg (617.2 KB, 4284x2856, _methode_times_prod_web_bin_2c…)

Anyone else finish Peaky Blinders?

No. 214744

Do you think Skins was better than Euphoria? Even though it could be very cringeworthy I think it's comedic elements ultimately made it much more likeable and memorable

No. 214752

>Skins better than Euphoria
It's not even a contest. Of course skins is better.

No. 215881

File: 1655760925498.jpg (180.76 KB, 1672x836, elinor.jpg)

I love this too, I started laughing my ass off when the dad ate the grandma
Also pic related is my favorite character she steals every scene she's in and she's so pretty

No. 215906

Me too! I kept thinking “god I wish I had a cool big sis like that” until she turned out to be evil, oops

No. 215921

Even the worst season of skins is better than Euphoria.

No. 215922

>two skinny conventionally attractive 'lesbians'
Male gaze shit.

No. 216092

File: 1655845357725.jpg (2.51 KB, 107x124, i hate you.jpg)

>lesbians have to be fat and ugly or they're "lesbians" and it's for men
What does this even mean! Shut the fuck up. First of all they put a darkskin woman in the main couple and that's a big stride, seldom do you ever see that in a mainstream show meant to appeal to wider audiences. That they're skinny is just common sense, fat people look like shit. I can tell you're just a polilez freak with the way you're trying to act like finding attractive women attractive is a male trait.

No. 216096

anon, calm down. That anon was talking about the lack of butch lesbians in media due to butches not being appealing to the male gaze. Though I will admit that having a darkskin woman be a main lesbian lead is still a decently big stride

No. 216108

But she didn't mention butches, just conventionally attractive "lesbians". If it were about gender roles she surely would have said that and not the bs she said.

No. 216120

And she also didn’t mention fat or ugly either, yet you immediately went to that.

No. 216125

NTA but she did say "skinny" and "attractive" as if butches can't be that. if she did write the word "feminine" somewhere her point would have been more clear I guess.

No. 216214

She made a negative statement about thin and attractive women so guess what that implies, genius.

No. 216238

I didn't get far because the love story and his romantic relationships were trash, but I'll rewatch a few eps and the highlights for character material. Cillian Murphy is too gorgeous, but I can't do the love story bs.

No. 216246

i follow some blogs on tumblr who post a lot of stuff about how traumatized he is and some subtext of the writing or whatever so i went into the show with high expectations but got bored and disappointed quickly. the romance was cringe and even tho it’s accurate i hate that they wrote in that he buys sex. yuck

No. 216329

I don't doubt that he has ptsd from the war and I liked seeing how the other men returned broken versions of themselves, but you're right it was so boring! For a mob show, I was over it. Where's the charm? Where's the fun? Watching Cillian alone isn't going to get me through 6 freaking eps. I think I made it to 2.
If you want an example of a historical crime show based on real people I totally rec Godfather of Harlem. It follows crime boss, Bumpy Johnson, who was once the principle lieutenant of madame Stephanie St. Claire who was a black female rackateer and numbers queen. She was a bad bitch in her own right and I would totally watch a biopic. But back to Godfather of Harlem, it follows his life and the inner machinations of Harlem, race relations, politics, and brewing unrest punctuating the crime wars. Even has Malcolm X and his waning ties to the Nation of Islam (and you probably know how that ended welp). There are a lot of little stories that show the good and bad in everything and I think the acting is pretty solid! I get if it's not your cup of tea though.

No. 216986

Watching Seinfeld for the first time. It's funny but too many plots about dating for my taste.

No. 217005

seinfeld is so weirdly nostalgic for me because of how people actually call the landline in it. and how they often wait for someone to call, because texting doesn't exist yet.

No. 217476

File: 1656370657407.jpg (40.31 KB, 560x330, bb-episode202-skyler-marie-560…)

I'm midway through this show for the first time, what do you all think of them? It seems my opinion is an unpopular one when I say they're not annoying, I don't get the hate. Walt annoys me 10000000% more than any other character. Was I supposed to hate them? #I'm on season 4 episode 6 for reference.##

No. 217479

File: 1656371553857.jpg (50.21 KB, 1220x700, the-bear-fx-trailer.jpg)

Anybody watched this on Hulu yet? He's a cutie but I don't want to waste my time.

No. 217481

I'm watching it right now, my main opinion is that he's cute and has great arms.

But yeah it's well made and acted, I think it would probably resonate more if I had any experience working in a kitchen but from what people have said it's spot on.

No. 217503

Nah girl I liked Marie and Skylar also, it’s just the fan base is one of the MOST woman hating, Incel, misogynistic freak shows I’ve ever witnessed, like I hated the show because of those scrotes, so honestly just ignore their shit opinions

No. 217505

I'm on my first watch too, mid season 3, and I also hate Walt. Before watching I saw so many people talking him up as a cool badass but he really just seems like another narcissistic egotistical scrote.
I don't really like Marie because I think she's kinda boring. But I think Skyler is fine, and Walt really is a pretty awful husband so I think she's in the right every time she does something that upsets him lol.

No. 217519

File: 1656387453279.jpg (47.32 KB, 564x603, 838a30f581ddcad65bc02714a37a79…)

i'm watching the boys ss3 and i'm liking it more than ss2. the costumes for these heroes are so good, my faves are the ones for starlight, homelander and a train. the starlight one is so pretty

No. 217646

you know what's so sad about this? The actress who played skyler received death threats because of her character. How insane is that? Walt is 10000% way worse.

No. 217653

Disappointed in S3 of The Umbrella Academy so far. The Luther and Sloane storyline is so lame and forced.

No. 217683

File: 1656450594823.jpg (629.82 KB, 2560x1920, 91rD70kXkcL._RI_.jpg)

Finally watching The Expanse, and it's amazing. Mass Effect fans and sci-fi fans in general should really give it a watch.

No. 217685

File: 1656451630058.jpg (168.31 KB, 1242x1394, 51wp5yxwfdl51.jpg)

the expanse turned me into a scifi fan, too bad it's hard to find something exactly like that without cringy alien shit that's just "person with funny ears".

also i hate how boring the last 2 seasons were. after s4 i expected the show to take a completely different turn than what we got.

No. 217691

I’m on s4e6 too! No, they haven’t done anything wrong. Their only crimes are being women with different moral compasses than Walter White, being against drug trafficking, caring about their respective families, etc. Skyler is always talking about how Walt Jr’s lost all respect for her because she’s the “bitch mom,” which is the show telling its viewers to try and sympathize with her because she’s more than that, and yet mindless scrotes needlessly dickride Walter throughout the entire show.

No. 217694

File: 1656453147858.jpeg (549.31 KB, 2048x1649, 206EE63A-34E7-4A76-9429-3E463B…)

Anyways S4 of Succession just started filming! I’m so excited

No. 217702

I tried so hard to get into it because I love sci fi but even after all of s1 I was so utterly bored. Should I power thru the other seasons if s1 sucked for me?

No. 217719

i didn'tt eexpect to like it as much as i did but it's so good.
i hope we see more of based marcia she's my fave

No. 217733

I liked Walt when I watched because he was such a fun villain but I didn't hate Skyler at all. I still wish Walt had fucked Jesse though

No. 217946

Absolutely! The show comes from a series of books, and season 1 is pretty slow but only because it's setting things up. Season 2 and 3 are a huge payoff. Keep going!

No. 218011

File: 1656555020440.jpeg (65.32 KB, 1200x630, angst.jpeg)

Succession was my favourite of all the shows I watched last year so I'm really looking forward to this. Which characters are your favourites anons and what do you predict will happen?

No. 218018

yes, i had to start season 2 a few times, i think it's just not that great a start after the momentum of season 1 ends. suddenly you have all these martians you dont really care about etc. but it's worth it to pull through, I enjoyed it a lot.

No. 218150

File: 1656619262808.jpg (175.31 KB, 1400x1050, raised_by_wolves_0CreditCoco_V…)

Raised by wolves got cancelled after two seasons nothing can comfort me

No. 218155

I KNOW! It's so stupid because it was just STARTING to answer some questions. But at least they're working on finishing the story in another medium (graphic novel? comic? animation? who knows but they're working on that at least!)

No. 218165

This absolutely sucks. Sci-fi shows are underrepresented as it is and it had a great story, acting and setting. Sad to hear it.

No. 218253

YES I loved this show and hearing it got cancelled was so depressing. I’m still so bummed about it :((((((

I’m happy to see some fans on here tho kek

No. 218269

Is this one of the many shows Netflix cancelled randomly?

No. 218270

I never got the hate for Skyler. Her husband lied to her, hid money, ran a hard drug busines, involving the crime lords.. Put her and her family's life in danger because of his pride? Men are so petty. fucking hell!!

No. 218280

while on the topic on walt, he also raped skyler a few times. actually, jesse and saul/jimmy have also raped women and i've never heard a peep about it from scrotes

No. 218282

File: 1656661636939.png (222.28 KB, 500x388, iniro.png)

It's time… I will be tuning in later today when I wake up.

No. 218284

Who did Jesse rape?

No. 218285

I heard about the intense Skyler hate before I watched and I kept waiting for her to turn truly awful and she never did. Definitely never reached Walt levels of awful. I don’t get the hate at all. I don’t really like her and find her annoying, but I feel bad for the situation Walt put her in (everything really is his fault). I love Marie though, I think she’s funny and her relationship with Hank is sweet once you see it fully.

No. 218316

When I first watched it when I was like 16 and I thought she was annoying as fuck. Now a couple years later I understand her and defend her everytime her character is mentioned. I pity her. Walt is a fucking monster

Sadly I already got spoilered. It premiered at 4 am in my country and I have to work all day so I haven't watched it yet ugh

No. 218362


No. 218368

Oh like him being with Wendy?

No. 218378

It’s an HBO show. Pretty sure the shitty gender pirate show is the one that dethroned it. I’ll never forgive them

No. 218419

it's an HBO max show, and unfortunately, that's not why. It's because HBO max got sold to discovery+, and they're pretty much cutting like 70% of the content and changing it into a lot of shitty reality tv shows/game shows. The issue with raised by wolves is that it's budget is huge, the views it apparently got weren't that great for what it was, and it's a sci fi (famously least popular genre in hollywood unfortunately). So it just wasn't worth it for the execs compared to something as shitty as our flag means death which apparently doesn't cost a lot to make, and is a comedy.

If you wanna blame anyone, blame discovery+. God I hate how we've come full circle to cable tv now but in 2022…

No. 218437

yes, it really picks up by 2 and 3 and I love all the characters. The books are also good but start to diverge from the show by the second book.

No. 218492

File: 1656740446316.png (353.52 KB, 742x1055, dogpu.png)

I've returned. I don't know if I'm the only one, but I feel like Vecna's body looks a little awkward and his voice made me cringe during some moments. I really think they could've given him lines that would've made him seem more threatening instead of repeating some things he's already said. I also couldn't help but cringe when Steve said he wanted six kids and then told Nancy later on he wanted to have them with her. Nancy is ambitious that's only going to hold her back, you leeching male. Anyway, I really thought Nancy was going to have to choose who to save when the vines grabbed Steve and Robin. And then I thought she was going to get attacked by Vecna when she was shooting the shit out of him while he was on fire. I'm glad she's okay. It was really nice to see the demogorgons again. Max's death absolutely ruined me for a moment. I didn't think I would cry that much kek. Didn't help that Eddie died too. Also, does anyone else get irritated when Will grabs/touches his neck? kek it's such a petty thing to get annoyed over but I can't help it. But I am very neutral about this season, lol. I will still be watching s5 because I just want to see where this goes. I wonder if Angela is alive?
I'm so sorry, anon. That really sucks.

No. 218526

I was super disappointed with volume 2. They should've committed to Max's death, it felt so cheap to have such a heartbreaking death scene for her and then El unleashes sudden hidden revival abilities. I don't think they'll go a morbid route of pulling the plug, its obvious they're going for a storyline of retrieving her soul from Vecna in season 5 because her soul isn't in her body at the moment. But is she going to still be blind when she's recovered? Would've be morbid if so. Also Eddie's death was so useless and was written so badly. There was nothing new added to Vecna and the Vecna/El faceoff was uneventful as fuck. The mind flayer joining forces with Vecna ruins the whole mystery of this unknown other worldly entity from the previous seasons. The first few episodes of season 4 were strong but it crumbled from shitty writing.

No. 218542

File: 1656765412645.jpg (780.4 KB, 828x1006, alicychwan.jpg)

>I was super disappointed with volume 2.
Understandable, nonnie.

>They should've committed to Max's death, it felt so cheap to have such a heartbreaking death scene for her and then El unleashes sudden hidden revival abilities.
DUDE, I felt that way too. I didn't even have time to mourn because pop! She's back! Like what? I forgot to mention but I was pretty impressed with Lucas' acting.

>But is she going to still be blind when she's recovered? Would've be morbid if so.
I wondered about that as well… Poor Max.

>and was written so badly.
I still don't understand how fucking Steve survived getting gnawed on, but Eddie couldn't have made it? So dumb.

>and the Vecna/El faceoff was uneventful as fuck.
Yeah, I was really looking forward to seeing their battle. I mean, they have freaking promo posters with them facing and looking at each other. You'd think their fight would've been more intense.

No. 218550

I'm late and I know not many people on here are super into The Sopranos but seeing people talk about Skyler hate on Breaking Bad made me remember the fandom treatment of Carmela Soprano and I fucking hate it. Tony Soprano is a mob boss who ruins peoples lives through loansharking and other illegal endeavours, he bangs any female with a pulse and murders multiple people throughout the series - even murdering one guy when on a trip to look at colleges with his daughter. But Carmela enables him, takes blood money, stole $40K from the bird feeder (pocket change for Tony) and she nags him about giving her financial security in case he dies or goes to jail, so burn her at the cross for her sins. Men shouldn't be allowed to watch tv. Maybe Sesame Street if they behave but nothing else because they're tiny brains can't move past "man good woman bad" and it affects every single opinion they have.

No. 218556

Carmela is my favorite character. I don't understand how moids can watch the series and somehow think she's worse than Tony for taking his blood money. You can't say she's a gold digger because she clearly was in love with Tony when she married him (and still is) PLUS he got her knocked up and its not like she really had a choice but to marry him in their conservative sphere. I'm not even sure how she "enables" him other than doing her wifely duties. Her "nagging" is just her having valid concerns about her and her kids' future without Tony. Also Carmela sleeps with another man while they're separated and kisses one guy once when they're together and somehow that makes her a cheating whore that's worse than Tony with his laundry list of infidelity. Even if she was a serial cheater I couldn't have any other opinion other than fucking good for her. I can't stand the unrelenting Carmela slander in every single Soprano moid dominated community.

No. 218566

AYRT, the "enabling" is usually explained that she knows what Tony's work entails but doesn't leave him. I wouldn't necessarily call that enabling myself, just brought it up as it seems to be the most common "critique" of her. What is she meant to do though? Wage a one woman war against the mob? "TOE-KNEE! I TAWLD YOU NAWT TO MURDAH ANYONE ELSE!!!" She's definitely in love with him which is why Whitecaps is still such a huge gut punch after so many rewatches. The hospital episodes too, after Tony got shot. Edie Falco did a really great job with the emotional scenes, portraying that even though Carmela and Tony are barely civil, she still loves him to death. "nagging" the father of your children to provide for them being a bad thing is peak male mentality. "yeah he knocked her up and married her and wanted her to be a housewife but fuck her lol she should get a job" I completely agree about the infidelity. If Carmela actually did sleep with Vic Musto I would've cheered her on, kek. Same with Furio, and I actually think Furio was a good fit for her. Another thing I hate from moids is "wahh they made Furio a softie in season four!!!" when at the party Tony and Carmela throw for him when he first comes to America you see him giving a woman advice for her baby and playing with children. They didn't expand on it, sure, but Furio had a softer side since the start. He was good at his job, but always quite stoic and thoughtful outside of it.

No. 218601

Why isn't Stranger Things done? I am so over it at this point. The runtime is so long too.

No. 218607

File: 1656778634892.jpeg (Spoiler Image,90.87 KB, 735x791, EE3B0EC1-4E86-4935-A5F6-01A481…)

I hope Duffer Brothers go to hell for what they did to him

No. 218610

God I'm late but I love hacks. But it also might be because I have the biggest crush on jean smart.

No. 218645

A woman of culture, I see. I have never felt more validated than the moment in season 1 when Ava tells Kiki she had a sex dream about Deborah, and Kiki immediately responds "it's probably because Deborah's fucking hot!"

No. 218653

same nonny lol glad the show can admit she's hot.

was really not a fan of the lesbian cruise episode tho, it was disappointing.

No. 218692

I will never forgive them.

No. 218738

Do you know who’s the artist? I really like the style

No. 218781

It's in the filename, sweet nona.

No. 219083

About Max
I think she may actually die, agreed that would be the best course of action even though I love the character, and Sadie Sink is a very good actress. In one of the last scenes we can see El tried reaching to her mind and found nothing there; which can mean that despite her best healing efforts she was not able to reach Max and her brain is dead anyway. It would be even more painful, storywise, to see her pass away like this, not dramatically in an epic faceoff of another universe but slowly in real life, also putting a clear limit to what Eleven can and cannot do, which would make the stakes higher for the final battle in the final season. We will see.

No. 219130

>It would be even more painful, storywise, to see her pass away like this, not dramatically in an epic faceoff of another universe but slowly in real life
I agree completely, anon. But also you increased my hype for s5 with
> also putting a clear limit to what Eleven can and cannot do, which would make the stakes higher for the final battle in the final season. We will see.

No. 219173

Tom is my favorite 100%. Shiv is a close second. Their relationship makes the show for me. The power dynamics and subversion of gender roles between them are so fascinating. I love Tom’s temper tantrums and how earnest/emotional he is, and how he clearly loves Shiv so much but near the end of s3 begins to act so cruelly towards her, just as she’s grappling with how much she needs him. I’m not sure they’d break up in s4. They’d probably just play mind games around each other until one of them drops dead.

No. 219806

I hated both Tom and Shiv when I first started watching but by the time I finished series 3 they were too of my favourites, especially Shiv. I kind of think Tom deserves better than Greg too. I'm always hesitant to call Tom a GNC character but… he kind of is?

No. 219831

I'm yet to watch the final episode of s3 so I can't speak on what Tom does to Shiv at the end of the season, but Shiv has been horrible towards him most of the series. I tried to like her character but I just can't. The infidelity, open marriage request on the wedding night, coldness about Tom's possible prison sentence, the cruel pillow talk and agreeing to have a baby only out of spite makes her irredeemable to me, although you can see how she became that person through her shitty circumstances. Tom is by no means a good guy but he's definitely my favourite character. The Greg/Tom dynamic is too perfect right now to become a romantic storyline imo. Kendall is a close second because he's such an entertaining trainwreck to watch. Marcia and Willa are also based.

No. 219854

Just in case Succession anons haven't seen this yet.

No. 219909

I have been sperging about this show since I started watching it last November. Sorry for my autism but I get so excited talking about it.

Do you mean GNC as in Gender Non-Conforming? If so, based. Shiv and Tom’s marriage is really roles-reversed. Also, yeah, Greg is nowhere near the right guy for Tom, I think he kind of takes him for granted. But I saw someone say that Greg only “takes” so much from Tom because he knows how willing he is to “give,” and that it’s kind of a love language for him. Still rubs me the wrong way.

Nonna, please rewatch all Tom-Shiv scenes through a misandrist lens… Tom does not care about the open relationship because of the sex, he’s open to taking advantage of it himself. Tom is upset by it because it means Shiv doesn’t fully belong to him. He obsesses over having control over her. He’s routinely upset at their dynamic, at how she has more power over him because she’s the Roy. They are equally bad towards each other. Her only crimes are having sex habits that make Tom uncomfortable, that he doesn’t make an effort to communicate his feelings about. Meanwhile Tom is overtly concerned with using Shiv to leverage his position at Waystar. How many private conversations of them do we see where Tom ISN’T begging for another step-up/promotion/etc?

It’s interesting that you mention Shiv wanting to have a baby out of spite. Do you not remember Tom, several episodes earlier in the season, wanting to have a baby to keep him and Shiv together if he was to go to prison?

I really feel that Shiv, both in-universe and as a character on a TV show, is in an extra-vulnerable position as a woman. She’s under so much scrutiny that no other character faces. I’m so defensive about her LOL.

Oh I love this one. See also linkrel.

No. 220245

Just watched season 4 of Stranger Things and only thing I didn't see said yet is that goddamn they made it VERY clear Will is hopelessly pining for Mike lol

No. 220268

My sister forced me to watch the final two episodes and yeah it was very obvious Will is gay. He's all "im so different" CRIES uehuehuehuehueh wahhhh and his ugly brother is like "i love you no matter what" and my sister is like "UWUUUUUU !!!!"
Anyway I hate Stranger Things and Will is a little faggot and Mike hit the wall and I am angry I had to watch two and a half hours of a finale that ended on a fucking cliffhanger.
Anyway yeah I think Will may end up gay but they don't want to blatantly write it on the wall probably for flexibility of the script or to claim they had an epic gay setup. But also Mike is with 11 still, right? What I got from the final two episodes is that 11 doesn't really care about Mike that much, she seems bored and fed up with him lol

No. 220276

Mike and Jonathan/Will’s ugly brother are the best gay ship. I love “controversial” pairings.

No. 220290

Genuine question, do you actually see anything in them? Or do you just get off on blind problematicism

No. 220302

I miss the expanse, the last couple seasons weren't my favorite but it was infinitely better than so much sci-fi that's currently on

No. 220304

KEK. My dad would be like "There goes gay boy crying again.." anytime they showed his emo ass. Right now, I don't like him because he would just watch Eleven get bullied so maybe he will make up for it next season.

No. 220308

I watch most shows with a healthy does of misandry but it still didn't work for me here. Tom is still a piece of shit don't get me wrong. He clearly is using her to climb the corporate ladder, but I think that's secondary to his love for her. Remember on their honeymoon when he proposes to quit the business life and just fuck off and be scuba instructors? I do believe that was genuine. The impregnation shit was unhinged and he needs to respect her wishes, although I don't see why you would get married without having those conversations beforehand. I guess Shiv did the same with the open marriage topic though. I can't agree that he is open to the open marriage, he didn't want to have a free pass at the bachelors (tbf it was because he didn't want her to fuck anyone else but that's normal in a monogamous relationship) and he didn't want to partake in the threesome at all. As for being upset about their dynamic, I can see it but can personally understand as their agreement and plan for the future was for him to take over (ludicrous idea but anyway) and that changed in a heartbeat when Shiv was "offered" the role. I was dead set on liking Shiv, especially before watching the series all I heard was scrotes hating on her and I assumed it was a normal scrote hate like what happened to Skyler and Carmela. But I will agree with you that a lot of the mistreatment she gets in the show and by the fandom is her being a woman. Roman mocking her for not wanting to put up a fascist nominee for instance, while she is the only one in the room who has any politics expertise. I somehow don't believe she or any of the Roys are good candidates for CEO, but for her its because of her lack of being able to read the room in professional situations (the whole of season 2 lol). BUT I will say that most of her outbursts and snark would be excused if she was a man.

Anyway I finished Succession a few days ago and will be rewatching immediately so maybe some of these opinions will change soon.

No. 220324

Ew. Why

No. 220352

Same, on one hand it's better for it to end than get progressively worse, but I remember the sense of awe it gave me, I was surprised to see something THIS good in scifi genre

No. 220369

>I also couldn't help but cringe when Steve said he wanted six kids and then told Nancy later on he wanted to have them with her. Nancy is ambitious that's only going to hold her back, you leeching male.
Holy shit, this. It was just a giant reminder of how incompatible they are, but the show is framing it like it's cute? What happened to season one where Nancy said she didn't want to be a housewife with a bunch of kids? What happened to her caring about her career?

Don't get me wrong, I think it's sweet that Steve loves kids so much. But that doesn't mean I want Nancy to be his fucking brood mare, what the fuck. If the Duffers have them get back together, I'll be legitimately pissed, because Steve will ruin her dreams and it will send a really shitty message.

Also Johnathan's reason for doubting their relationship came from the fact that he wanted to take care of his family in California, but they're not even living in California anymore, so it's a moot point.

No. 220408

Yeah okay, I respect this. As long as it’s not brainless handmaiden hate. When I rewatched Succession, already having in mind my favorite characters, I payed extra attention to Tom and Shiv and came out with a little more sympathy to the latter, but Tom is still my favorite by a landslide.

I do love him and Greg, sorry. I’m a filthy fujo. I want Tom to put him in his place or something.

No. 220412

has anynonny here watched fleabag and if so what did you think? is it worth a watch or no? i get clips from the show often on my feed and it looks funny to me but they might be cherry picked. let me know your thoughts if you've watched it !

No. 220413

I found it enjoyable even if the romance parts were kinda meh to me. Pheobe waller bridge did the first season of killing eve too which was good

No. 220421

Lmao that whole speech where he tells Mike about how much “Eleven” loves him was just him using her as a placeholder to say his feelings.

No. 220439

It's excellent, so funny and clever. The humour didn't click that well with me at first but I rewatched it recently and I really really loved it.

No. 220459

DA the writers were baiting Tom and Greg gayness so hard last season I'm not at all surprised the pairing is so huge. Not sure if I can see anything ever outright happening between them though, what do you anons think? Still kinda think Tom deserves better especially after Greg hooked up with Cum-frey. I have no idea what any of the character's endgames will look like though.

No. 220462

File: 1657422074664.jpeg (348.87 KB, 1440x1440, 0864F211-F040-4BCE-A7E1-01F846…)

Oh, nothing will ever happen between them, at least not explicitly. I hate how Greg treats Tom but it’s fine because I know Greg will eventually end up worse than when he started at the end of the series… hopefully. I honestly enjoy bait a lot, it’s enriching and I hope they do more. I really doubt it counts as bait though, because they’re not pushing it at all in advertisements or promos. A lot of their most-cited “moments” were actually just improvisations from the actors.

I know that Tom isn’t wearing a ring in a scene they were filming the other day, picrel, so maybe him and Shiv have separated or divorced.

No. 220463

If they do end up separating or divorcing I'll be really surprised if it isn't Tom who gets the ball rolling and leaves Shiv, that feels like it's been a long time coming. Maybe Shiv on some kind of weird uncomfortable rebound as well?

No. 221190

File: 1657645238867.png (542.17 KB, 1007x759, cp5oKiy.png)


No. 221199

Based and true. Tom is a slimy piece of shit and i don't get why so many ppl like him. Succ has way better characters (starting with based shiv)

No. 221203

whats that?

No. 221204

File: 1657649361054.gif (375.34 KB, 480x240, tumblr_mh0jz2LZEl1s3b19eo1_500…)

No. 221467


No. 221550

Kim and Jimmy were great in this episode. I just wonder what the rest of the season is going to be about.

No. 221566

aaah why isn't this showing up on netflix??

No. 221592

a few episodes for what happens to kim, then some with gene and the bb cameos

No. 221629

lot of people keep saying that they think kim will freak out and leave jimmy but honestly i feel like kim's going to be a complete psycho over the whole thing after she gets over the first shock of the situation

No. 221631

I feel like they're going to somehow mess up the Howard plan and it's gonna get back to bite them

No. 221635

What level of autism and moid-liker brainrot is it if I associate this 20 year old song with Tom? He's not even my favorite Succession character, that's Kendall.

No. 221676

It's because Netflix hates you! Pirate it!

No. 221701

File: 1657799328432.jpg (255.31 KB, 2028x1140, ouagfdohrx0dv30c7qee.jpg)

I want to abuse him

No. 221711

He's so fucking ugly it's unreal

No. 221837

Started RE and turned it off not even 30 min in. Had a feeling the writer was a male and of course I was correct.

No. 221863

every time you see him, you want to punch him, they found the perfect actor for the role

No. 222081

File: 1657870348808.jpeg (221 KB, 720x405, max-s2-banshee-zooming-in-ep-1…)

he's really good at moving his face muscles around, it's weird. sometimes during Banshee he looked like his mouth was full of cotton balls and other times he looked like he had chiseled features, I truly don't know what's going on

No. 222191

File: 1657910309088.jpg (1.06 MB, 2000x3000, tBNPcNLGtcbIWNkR0HLnWOzP8xJ.jp…)

Has anyone watched this show? Opinions? I like gothic stuff and someone recommended it to me

No. 222236

File: 1657925974073.jpg (250.94 KB, 1774x844, tumblr_805bad0fb4a05dfbba844c9…)

I've shipped really stupid shit in my time but this one I just don't get. Guillermo might as well be a really useful bug to Nandor and they have the chemistry of two cheetos that fell on the floor.

No. 222246

Fujo fakebois gonna fujo fakeboi I guess.

No. 222262

Guillermo is canonically in love with Nandor (in like a devotion-transcending-romance type of way). also the vampires will fuck anyone if they feel like so nothing is really off the table in that show. can't see them having an uwu romance though

No. 222326

Nonna you’re based and I love you. I mean, incredibly high levels of autism and moid-liking, but it’s okay because me too.


No. 222337

I just want Gizmo to get to be a vampire.

No. 222340

File: 1657977474054.jpg (36.95 KB, 878x494, zootopia.jpg)

Resident Evil. The new Netflix adaptation is atrocious. Here's an actual line from it. It tries so hard to appeal to terminally online zoomers. I don't even know if it's about zombies?

No. 222361

I saw screenshots of that show where a girl says to another girl she can find the new Deca Dence episodes on nyaa, I wish I were kidding.

No. 222374

ayrt, ia with all of this
budget mcavoy, maybe dollar store mcavoy
please report back nona let us know the vibes

No. 222375

So this is random but this reminds me of how someone said that one of the walking dead spin off shows, (I think there's only one? Not sure), but they had a trans character or something? And there was talks about pronouns or other dumb shit? I don't even know if this happened or not but it pops into my head, everytime someone talks about retarded random shit being added to shows, to be "relatable" or something.

No. 222377

>Be in the middle of the zombie apocalypse
>No way to survive
>Talk about respecting pronouns and tranny shit
Totes believable!

No. 222397

I don't recall mcavoy playing a psycho in a convincing way

No. 222411

There are two spin offs, Fear the Walking Dead and Walking Dead - World Beyond. World Beyond has an actor that is non-binary in real life, but honestly, I don't remember if that ever was discussed in the show, but it could be, how woke and shit the characters in World Beyond were written. But let's be honest, Walking Dead is so far from believable, they always stand in the middle of the road, discussing stuff and no woman has body hair, as if we all would shave while being on the run. Still, I like Fear the Walking Dead the best from all three shows, it's so far from believable that it's actually nice to watch.

No. 222498

File: 1658023332928.jpg (123.63 KB, 1008x684, 5.jpg)

Tom anon here, thank you! I don't care if it's autistic kek, it fits him much more than whatever Taylor Swift or Mitski songs the twittertards like to put on his Spotify playlists. Sounds like there's going to be a karaoke scene in season 4 too, maybe and hopefully Kendall spiralling?

No. 222528

you know whats funny? genderspecials in twd only exist in the safe cult-like communities where people get bored often kek

No. 222564

I just finished the 3rd season of The Boys and my brain is fried. But I love it

No. 222587

File: 1658073918182.jpeg (56.87 KB, 735x490, 0901D9E0-6DDB-4529-BD3A-13F462…)

Oh for sure. You see that video of the siblings outside an Irish bar? Kendall’s depression walk is iconic, he’s totally losing it even worse than he already has. I think he’s bipolar and struggles with the mania/depression cycle which is why he crashed and burned so bad this season.

I don’t think anyone is going to actually do any karaoke, it might just be a discreet rendezvous location, but if they do, it’d be a cute Roy siblings scene.

I’m so sick of the twitter fans. I spend a lot of tumblr too. I don’t know which group is more insufferable.

I started this show today. Really enjoying the world-building.

No. 222715

AYRT I only got into the show last year and almost didn't watch because my tumblrbrained ex is obsessed with it, thank fuck I'm over all that, overly pretentious fans who think their shows are like a PhD thesis are the worst imho. I got bipolar "vibes" from S3 Ken too, not sure I'd want an outright confirmation of that though? I can see it being left a bit ambiguous like Roman's sex problems. Who are your favourite characters and pairings anon? vidrel another fun Tom song

No. 222723

File: 1658111146763.jpg (77.17 KB, 1629x927, 1657266609514.jpg)

The final was so disappointing, all that build up and for what? they're back where they started… at least soldier boy was cool.

No. 222726

Jensen Ackles was extremely fuckable in this season, 10/10

No. 222731

the build up for season 4 which will be shit as every other show once it hits the season 4 mark. Soldier boy was based for wanting to kill Ryan because fuck them kids

No. 222735

Soldier boy SHOULD have killed ryan, then killed homelander while he's distraught over Ryan's death and doing his retarded dissociate face. Ez Ez.

No. 222739

That’s the exact potent imagery I wanted for the finale, but nope watch them all somehow form together in some blood bath to take down Victoria and praying to pure fuck homelander is done after that.

No. 222824

God yes, I was just eagerly awaiting every new scene with him, I hate that the ending implies he won't be returning, which unfortunately makes sense because he's OP and it creates power imbalance.
I kinda disagree with the take that we're back to where it started because a lot of things changed in this season; Starlight going rogue, Homelander going apeshit with no one being able to control him anymore, Butcher and Hughie getting slowly addicted to Comp V (with major consequences implied for Butcher) and Ryan choosing sides; I think it sets up next season to be pretty interesting, and different from what we've seen before.

No. 222995

You're right, a lot of game changing things did happen this season, when I said "back to where they started" I was honestly mainly talking about butcher "oi cunt now wot are we gonna do about homelanda"

No. 223073

File: 1658231889612.jpg (27.12 KB, 250x360, Bramwell_(TV_series).jpg)

This is old but Bramwell!!
It is about "Dr. Eleanor Bramwell, a woman challenging the domination of men in the medical establishment, who runs a free hospital for the poor in the East End of London, during the late Victorian era." (Wiki) It is seriously so good.

No. 223075

Nta but thanks for the rec!

No. 223079

File: 1658233088370.jpg (122.95 KB, 824x625, Screenshot 2022-07-19 051806.j…)

Np! I hope you enjoy!

Watched the new episode of Better Call Saul and I can't believe how disgusted I am with the two of them after fucking around and getting Howard killed. The writers did a good job of opening up Howard's character and made him out into a sort of loveable idiot and I'm sad he died. Seeing Jimmy and Kim act like anything but devastated in the newest episode (even though that is what they were instructed to do) made me feel really mad. I've never flipped on characters so hard before kek. RIP

No. 223088

File: 1658235034499.jpg (61.26 KB, 458x687, 227de06a-d3d4-42e0-9df1-bb5495…)

any other nonnas watched Dopesick? I thought it was really good. Lots of very talented actors. The subject was very depressing and shocking though.

No. 223124

am i the only succ fan here who hates tom, greg and kendall? it's shiv and roman for me

No. 223185

I meant looks lol

I still haven't seen the finale but it sounds like in the end, nothing of consequence happened? What are your predictions for S4 nonitas

No. 223207

I like Roman and Shiv too, but why do you hate them?

No. 223275

I cringed so hard at the wake service. The way Kim orchestrated that lie off the cuff like that. I didn't expect her exodus to be so soon in this season. What's gonna happen for the next few eps with her and Lalo out of the picture now? Is it just gonna do another timeskip to pre-Breaking Bad or Cinnabon Jimmy?

No. 223333

File: 1658314054568.jpeg (27.12 KB, 250x369, Anansi_Boys_TV_Poster.jpeg)

neil gaiman will neil gailman but i'm still excited for this to come out

No. 223342

Same. Though i've started hating both of them way before Howard died, what they did to him when he was alive is the most cruel thing. They were torturing his mind, and mind you, Howard wasn't a crazy bastard who deserved it, he didn't do anything to hurt anyone that we've seen. How could they be so cruel? I hated the scene where she broke up with Jimmy, i thought she finally had a realization but what she had to say was too lukewarm compared to the reality of their wrongdoing. Honestly i hope we see them both suffer. And fuck Howard's wife too.

No. 223344

Ayrt, basically : i see what they're trying to do with tom's character but i just find him unbearable. greg is a bore. I find their scenes annoying to watch. I hope shiv ditches tom's ass with extreme prejudice
kendall has his moments but he's too whiny for my state. I prefer shiv and roman who're pieces of shit but in a very entertaining way.
but so much of the fan content focuses in tom/greg or making ken a woobie and it's tedious
these are very much subjective, but i feel not many ppl feel this way

No. 223366

Because Skylar had expectations of Walt’s behavior whereas Kim just accepted it. Skylark chides Walt for using the incorrect credit card, skylar gets involved by seeing if grey matter will take him on board, then she has the audacity to cheat on Walt after he hid a life threatening diagnoses and killed two men while making meth! How dare she expect better from her husband in the midst of her high risk pregnancy, his imminent mortality and their crippling financial situation. Now Kim, she’s a good one because she helps Jimmy without judgement, hell she even enjoys the thrill and routinely bails him out of her own free will! When skylar finds out Walt is risking her life, the life of her son and infant daughter, not to mention his own, she has a mental break! Not Kim though, she immediately jumps to action!
Not to shit on Kim’s character, I think she’s great but men struggle to see women as people with their own lives and concerns. Kims interests align with Jimmys but skylars don’t align with Walt’s. Never mind that Walt’s interests don’t align with skylars, that doesn’t play into it because her life should revolve around him.
Of course, not all men but boy do a lot of them feel the need to share their callous takes and praise each other for doing so. Wondering if anyone replied to that idiot asking what was wrong with them that they think a father endanger his infant daughters life is virtuous and worthy of praise.

No. 223377

File: 1658332535490.jpeg (123.97 KB, 629x893, EC74E18C-7E5A-4B3C-988E-669413…)

AYRT, I love the ambiguity in the characters. Someone said something one time about how a lot of the Succession fun is in the unsaid which I agree with. There’s very little exposition and business jargon is thrown at the viewer from day 1. My favorite pairing is Tom and Greg because I’m a sick fujoshi.

Yes, anon… yes you are. But your reasoning is very based. We need more viewers like you I think.

Btw opinions on the sibling birth order? I know, canonically, it’s Connor -> Kendall -> Rome -> Shiv but Roman has youngest sibling vibes to me.

No. 223379

I "hate" them as people, moreso than Shiv and Roman, but I love watching them. I think Roman and Shiv are easily the most relatable two characters, but it's because I'm a pathetic loser and a woman respectively kek

No. 223383

Yeah, basically scrotes imagine Kim to be a handmaiden. A smart one, somewhat likeable when you ignore how crazy she is, but still a handmaiden, a "ride or die" that will never call anything out. What's interesting with her character is that she was groomed to be this way by her mother, so it's not even internalized misogyny and she's not really a handmaiden, she has this internalized trauma from her upbringing thats pushing her to recognize Jimmy as someone like her mother, and she reproduces the dynamic.

I must admit it was smart on the writers part to explain it this way, because before we saw her childhood she had no legitimate reason to be as supportive to Jimmy as she was, but it's not like men don't write women like that all the time, completely self-sacrificial for no reason.

On a sidenote, this scrote who is happy when the baby gets kidnapped by Walter makes me want to go out and murder random men.

No. 223391

i've never seen scrotes explicitly assume she is a handmaiden and i've never thought so either. i remember when kim used to call jimmy a loser to his face and tell him the truth. if anything i've seen a lot of scrotes saying she's some sort of femme fatale manipulating jimmy and is worse than him somehow. they're really retarded

No. 223505

anon what is this image recording moments of?

No. 223567

The end of Killing Eve was bad but not surprising at all. The whole season was shitty and pointless. None of the plot lines went anywhere, the characters were useless, the deaths unnecessary…It's like it was written by people who have never seen the show. I'm not even mad at the ending because you could see it from a thousand miles away.

No. 223614

Ass shots

No. 223780

Greg was one of my favourite characters for all of season 1 but by the time I was done with season 3 and lurked around parts of the fandom I really felt like Tom deserves better than him and don't think a Greg winning endgame would be satisfying. Do you think there will ever be some kind of Tom/Greg acknowledgement in the show? Maybe not them getting together but something concrete and more than the insane innuendo we got last season? Also what do you think of Roman/Gerri?

No. 223783

i feel like the problem was that each season had a different head writer

No. 223856

i was expecting feet

No. 223873

Same I’m literally Shiv (woman surrounded by self-important scrotes).

AYRT, I’m 90% sure it’s feet.

I want Tom to abuse Greg. I liked him in season one but the more Roylike he got, the meaner he started acting to Tom, so now I literally hate him. I don’t think Greg would be satisfied with being equal partners with Tom, he’d end up betraying him if he could, unless there’s actually a humanity to Greg that I just don’t see. They’re friends but he doesn’t like Tom as much as Tom likes him. The Nero-Sporus stuff is literally inexplicable to me and I’m not going to pretend that I can accurately predict the events of Succession because I can’t, so, really you never know. Greg was written as gay in the first two seasons and he spends the night with a male waiter at Tom’s wedding. I really don’t think they’ll ever have sex onscreen or anything, but maybe something vague and subtextual can be implied about their feelings for each other.

Roman and Gerri are very interesting to me. I’m really excited to see what happens to them this season. They have insane chemistry and they’re one of the writers’ favorite pairing so I’m sure they’re getting great moments.

Stewy was seen on set yesterday with Shiv… Yayyyy another “Stewy I need help fucking my dad” plotline(don't use emojis)

No. 224206

I’m stoned and watching Joe Pera and it’s the best feeling

No. 224424

Me and my bf are hate-watching the new Resident Evil show. The episodes are such a slog to get through, they're nearly an hour long each.
First ep was cringier than I expected but it did get into the darker action sooner than I thought. Though the effects look ugly as fuck. Makes sense for maybe 2002, but not 2022.
On another note, I was honestly shocked they didn't force a romance subplot with the bully, kek

No. 224580

Kek it felt like a disney channel movie. Also why does every damn Resident Evil show has to focus on the T-virus which is the most generic? Doesn't this take place after RE:Village where there were grotesque dragon-like vampire women? I hate watched it but it doesn't even feel like it's worth hate-watching except the select weird scenes. Kek at Albert Wesker.

No. 224613

File: 1658805996787.jpg (123.51 KB, 828x818, chilling out.jpg)

I'm 100% in support of abusive Tom to Greg. We already know Tom is a piece of shit like all the rest of them but I don't have a problem with openly liking ~problematic~ characters anyway. Totally agree that Greg would betray Tom if he got a good deal out of it (didn't he basically do this to Kendall last season?) and agree that Tom is more into Greg than Greg is into him. Also kek at Stewy, the fans obsessed with shipping him with Kendall always seem jealous of all the content Tom/Greg gets and take their anger out on Tom.

No. 224640

i was disappointed at the previous episode's ending but this was one of the best saul episodes

No. 224643

Holy shit I'm hyped

No. 224660

i also thought this was one of the better episodes but i am seeing so much people hating on it online what's up with that?

No. 224696

I was so happy to see Jerry from Parks and Recs

No. 225149

do you nonas hate homelander? i love him and i feel ashamed

No. 225152

File: 1659022776011.jpg (Spoiler Image,724.45 KB, 1440x1534, a20.jpg)

I think the actor is doing a great job as him, which is why he seems like an interesting character to me. I like him. Though I do not think I will keep watching the show next season because Maeve actress left the show, and I liked their hate-love dynamic. Only Soldier boy can save this show for me, and Starlight with Kimiko. It's weird how a lot of people on social media hated Starlight this season when I in fact loved her actions and didn't like her during the previous seasons where she seemed to have a waifu-pandering personality.

No. 225163

They thought it was filler. They keep comparing it to Fly

No. 225169

he's a good villain. I enjoy his mix of overpowered psychopath and fragile little worm baby. dangerous combination.

aw maeve is really leaving? I didn't know that.
kimiko is so fun, I love her. it was a little weird when she let frenchie get shot seemingly because she was having too much fun slapping that guard to death. she could dispatch 3-4 guards easily without him getting shot so it seemed like false drama.
I agree with you that starlight was better this season.

No. 225240

For Homelander, I hate him, still, I find him so damn funny, with his puffy face and his love for milk, he is horrible, but that is good acting.
I hated what the Starlight actress did to her face, it's really sad, because she looked good before and it's irritating to not recognise a face in a new season of a tv show. But I liked her development in the last season. Also wish they would have kept Maeve.
My favourite character is Billy, but I just have a thing for Karl Urban, kek. I also like Frenchie and Kimiko and will keep on watching. The fact that they put Bobby Singer in it made me like the show even more. I also always like the music choices in shows where Eric Kripke is part of.

No. 225262

>I hated what the Starlight actress did to her face
oh yeah… I got used to it after a couple episodes but it was a pretty striking change, and she lost a lot of weight for someone who was already slim. if it's botox it must be impacting her ability to emote… christina ricci did that and doesn't regret it but she said it cost her some roles because she couldn't move her face lol

No. 225298

Homelander's an interesting character, one that you love to hate and love to watch. Though the season 3 finale was a letdown, it felt like the boys are back to the same song and dance with homelander. I really wish they depowered him or something.

Also I think it's interesting that nonnas like starlight this season when I've seen a lot of people (men mostly) say they dislike her this season for not putting up with their precious hughie's wannabe macho man shtick.

No. 225368

File: 1659076162234.jpg (1.42 MB, 3000x4444, harley-quinn-s3-ka-po-rgb-v01-…)

it's taking everything i have in me not to sperg out but i'm so excited to watch the first three episodes of season 3 later holy shit can't wait i think the fourth season also got greenlit it's a win after win
i've seen people shit on well adjusted joker but i loved every second he was on screen in the second season

No. 225421

>a lot of people (men mostly) say they dislike her this season for not putting up with their precious hughie's wannabe macho man shtick.
really? that's so funny. it was clear in the show that hughie was in the wrong. I didn't know it was possible to interpret that another way

No. 225724

File: 1659239472123.jpeg (46.7 KB, 783x391, images-1-4.jpeg)

Can't wait for new Reservation Dogs episodes on the 3rd!

No. 225780

Been struggling to find anything good on YT or Netflix, but then I came across "The Most Hated Man on The Internet" on Netflix. I thought "Don't fuck with cats" was shit-tier internet scare mongering boomer tryhard garbage, so I'm hesitating to watch TMHMTI, since it seems that the guy it's about is a cringy edgelord and some woman in the movie is also a tryhard boomer. Any one of you seen it? Should I go for it or nah?

No. 225872

maybe it's my retardation but i thought segments like this were half ironic damn
i am on the fence on the first three episodes i definetly like the first two seasons better i hope this was a rocky start

No. 225874

I just caught up with better call saul. Wtf is going on? was last episode really the last time we're gonna see Kim? after all that? It's gonna be post-BRBA jimmy from now on? idk how I feel about it

No. 225899

I haven't been able to feel anything since Lalo died.


I don't know if it was intentional on the part of the writers, but it's interesting how Kim is sort of the anti-Skyler: A female love interest who is endlessly accepting of the lead's crimes, and even encourages him. And it shows how bad that can be.
That said, I never was very into Kim. I found her less compelling and well-written, if sometimes more tolerable than Skyler.

I'm pretty sure the youtube commenter is about 12. At least I hope so.

No. 225910

>Looks it up
>Hunter Moore
Literally who? I guess I'm not coomer enough to know who this is kek

No. 225939

Come on, you know they gotta meet up in the Gene timeline and break our hearts all over again

No. 226071

File: 1659384998510.jpeg (127.81 KB, 1000x563, 1659383476087095.jpeg)

I haven't watched the most recent South Park special yet, but I wanted to gripe that this feels like a weird choice for a show that used to be ahead of the curve. The "Karen" memes are already stale and the spiky Kate Gosselin can-i-speak-to-a-manager haircut is a dated reference, that really hasn't been a thing since like 2010.

No. 226076

south park began to be shitty as hell since the PC character was introduced, nothing beats the seasons 5 to 17

No. 226104

Is Ratched worth watching? I have Netflix and no idea what to watch next.

No. 226122

What are some shows you like?

No. 226267

>tfw realized I'm a boomer
I dunno how to feel about this. Does no one remember when the torturecat/luka videos were being posted? Everyone on 4chan was freaking out about it back in the day. It was a pretty big deal at the time. Maybe the docu series was done a little tryhard-y but the content was def a big deal when it cam out.

I'll probably be watching that one about hunter moore because tbf anyone who's been blackmailed with nudes would relate a lot. I've had friends up on his awful site and it's dated now a days but at the time, it basically ruined your life and it was full of bs/lies.

No. 226298

I hope it was tbh. I really, really hope they aren't going to go for any kind of reunion or god forbid them getting back together

No. 226390

Latest episode:
Gene Jimmy tries to call Kim and it doesn't go well. Some people lip read and it appears him trying to talk and her cutting him off, before he angrily hangs up and smashes the phone booth

No. 226401

I think she’s dead and that was him finding out on the call.

No. 226403

Never mind apparently there are subtitles for what he says. My wild speculation is incorrect.

No. 227201

was that phone call actually with kim though?

No. 227317

Sandman has released on Netflix, any fans of the comic going to watch ?

It does have some troons sadly.

No. 227332

Started watching The Bear. I generally avoid media with scrote protagonists but Carmy is an interesting one. I also love the super detailed restaurant kitchen setting and the little culinary tidbits that are true to life. Only on episode 2 so I hope it continues to be good.

No. 227390

I'll give it a chance but keeping my expectations low because it's not an easy comic to adapt. I like that Charles Dance is in it though.

No. 227582

Look up the German dub of that episode. There's your answer. Cannot believe they actually leaked wtf is happening there due to incompetency or lazyness

No. 227586

File: 1659756339623.png (Spoiler Image,54.8 KB, 983x447, chrome_Z9EjYAnpEI.png)

i found it. mods removed it, maybe op didn't mark it properly

No. 227643

I the sister dynamic is weird but other than that

No. 227992

File: 1659924702754.jpg (51.34 KB, 1086x700, k.jpg)

Sorry for the potato quality picture, Netflix doesn't allow screenshots, cocksuckers. Anyway, THIS IS THE MAN that should've been cast as Louis in the new Interview With the Vampire remake TV show. (Pic related from episode 6 of the new Sandman show on Netflix.)

No. 228061

isn't this the guy everyone in celebricows keeps calling ugly kek

No. 228245

after seeing the montages of jimmy sleeping with prostitutes i hope he gets his karma and doesn’t see kim again

No. 228280

File: 1659983647302.png (2.13 MB, 1785x1785, Eb2PNuDWoAAodhh.png)

I hope so too. I want them to reveal that she despises him and is better off without him alone, or with someone else. It would be great if she would cold shoulder him entirely…
I honestly did not like Kim this season at all up until the breakup (though, even after too). I didn't like her turning into a chaotic person, but I have a feeling they turned her that way because people hated Skylar.

No. 228293

Same. The Jimmy to Saul to Gene back to back eps gave me whiplash. I feel like I was manipulated by Jimmy because of his relationship with Kim. He doesn't care about women at all

No. 228347

i mean he has always been a sleaze, the way he talked to francesca and skyler and slept with prostitutes before too.
i almost felt sorry for jimmy when francesca just hanged up on him but then i remembered that "can i walk you home" line and thought good for her. she's one of the best characters

No. 228391

the scene with gene approaching marion with the phone line in his hands was terrifying

No. 228394

No. 228429

Yeah… that look on his face. I really didn't know what was going to happen! So stressful.

No. 228568

Made me laugh a bit when he was going to bludgeon the cancer guy with an urn containing the ashes of his beloved dog because of how surreal it looked, I think the ep's intent was to show him becoming more and more immoral and reckless until he decides to stop at the end

No. 228645

I don't care what anyone says, seeing an intelligent female character like Kim get such a horribly shitty ending is misogyny. simple as.

No. 228646

I can see him as Louis. He even has dark hair like he's supposed to in the books.

No. 228647

The karen memes are dead, stale and obviously sexist at this point

which pc character??

No. 228662

if you like Nadja in What we do in the Shadows you might enjoy watching this lol

No. 228718

God it was so surreal seeing Kim again in her new life. Good for her but you can tell how miserable she is and how she secretly misses the thrill. Rhea's ugly crying after the confession was on point too. I love her

No. 228924

Loved the episode, wonder if and how will we see Kim in the last one

No. 229158


No. 229298

kim’s story is over, confirmed by Rhea’s twitter. we’re not seeing her again

No. 229375

Speaking of misogyny, I read an article saying how Kim leaving Jimmy is what spurred him to go full Saul. Always the woman's fault for a man's behavior.

No. 229628

File: 1660249135607.jpeg (604.84 KB, 1013x1500, 1660246890247063.jpeg)

This is crazy, I knew Hunter irl. We were part of the same friend group in our dumb little emo/scene kid crowd around Sacramento. It was wild seeing this pop up on netflix, haven't watched it yet though

No. 230094

File: 1660333178713.png (88.71 KB, 222x540, PC Principal.png)

>which pc character??
I think anon is talking abt him

No. 230107

I'm currently watching this show called Pose on Netflix. It's relatively old. It's about trannies and gay guys, I am kinda invested in the story though. But i couldn't help myself from laughing when the main tranny character was singing at that hospital in episode 6. His voice passed okay when speaking normally, but when he sang it sounded exactly like a man. It was so funny.

No. 230109

nta but hes a parody of the leftist bro types who only virtual signal. jimmy makes fun of the 'people can take back their own slurs' stuff and calls himself a retard kek
i think you just don't enjoy the format where their plot lines are continuous now instead of the one theme per episode

No. 230110

samefag virtue*

No. 230116

I dislike a lot of Ryan Murphy's choices, he makes things too fantastical and hammy, but I did like it when they dissolved a guy in a suitcase.

No. 230123

you spoiled for me nonita

No. 230124

samefag woops didn't mean to add the video again, forgot to remove the url

No. 230125

trippel samefag sorry i added it agaiiin

No. 230127

girl. check the little box and hit delete. come on.

No. 230137

I thought I was vague enough…I guess I spoiled that there's a dead body at some point sorry. when you get to it, the whole thing is an homage to a real life mystery death involving Dorian Corey & Robert Worley although their story isn't the same as the show plot.

No. 230531

Has anyone watched the A League of Their Own tv show? If it has even one troon in it I'm not interested

No. 230749

Did anyone here watch Sandman, is it good?

No. 230775

Pros: As a hardcore Sandman fan I enjoyed it way more than I expected to. Its very faithful to the comic in general vibe, but also they will recreate entire scenes of dialogue or exact panel compositions from the comics. I get the impression everybody working on it was a fan too. The sfx and locations were great, it feels expensive. I made my bf watch it and he was super into it, though he never usually goes for fantasy and couldn't get into the books at all.
I thought Cain, Abel, desire, matthew the raven, Johanna, Gilbert were really great castings. They did the absolute best they could with Dream and although I would have chosen someone more scary instead of weird looking, he was super committed and it worked. His voice is perfect though.
I put the general slight layer of cringe over the whole thing down to the fact that it's a Neil Gaiman adaptation and that's just what his stuff is like.
Cons: I wish they'd done the black eyes thing more often for Dream, I missed that. I thought the actor for Lucienne was annoying, she talked like she was in a primary school play. The actor for Death was pretty good but not spectacular, although I can't really think of anyone else I would have preferred.
Incels are going to complain about the gender- and race-bent characters but it's either neutral or a positive.

No. 230778

Lmao he looked horrible in all those wigs

No. 230869

I really wish they went harder with the makeup the actor for dream also kinda annoyed me.

No. 230984

I'm so stressed out

No. 231045

praying they have a good ending that fits them at the least ;;

No. 231046

tfw I live in the EU timezone so I would need to not only oversleep the end but also try avoiding spoilers during work shift…ahhh

No. 231085

I can’t wait to see the finale but I’m so sad it’s about to be over nonnies, I can’t remember the last time I got this invested in a show

No. 231106

Nobody recommended Russian Doll? I will watch Natasha Lyonne do anything but I loved how it explored how trauma leaves you stuck in the same place. The other mc is a male lead but I found him very unobtrusive, and obviously written by a woman.

No. 231113

I just finished watching this and I was obsessed. I found the tech history really interesting anyway and the way it all changed over the years felt really natural. I wasn't expecting there to be such a focus on Donna and Cam's working relationship/friendship but I'm really really glad there was. It didn't feel pandery or forced either. All the characters were very subtly and realistically written.
I started watching Silicon Valley right after so although it was a big change in mood, the focus on tech innovation in silicom Valley made it mesh excellently.
If anyone can recommend me any tech shows about the dotcom bubble I think the time periods would overlap from 1984 all the way to present day lol. Or any from before then!

No. 231119

i'm having my own personal bcs finale party i ordered pizza, got some nachos and sauce and soda maybe it's silly but i want to make this a special occasion lol

No. 231127

Awww that’s so cute nonny, about to start the episode myself!!

No. 231131

Well I was about to start the episode but AMC+ is down and I don’t have cable. I don’t think I’ve ever been more upset with a streaming service kek

No. 231147

No idea why you posted this retard but nice lies kek

No. 231148

BCS spoilers Holy shit that ending hit all the notes I hoped it did, I feel very satisfied. That time machine motif was beautiful writing. I’m so glad Kim was able to find a way to get back into the legal field, even if it is just giving legal advice through a volunteer program. Such a great show, so bittersweet to see it end how it did.

No. 231153

also the amount of moids seething on Reddit that a fictional male character would EVER do something self sacrificing to earn the respect/admiration of a fictional female character is hysterical to me. Tell me you're completely emotionally immature without telling me you're completely emotionally immature.

No. 231157

Walter loves Jesse

No. 231179

LMFAO I saw those too, you’d think they’d learn something after being ridiculed for so long about simping Walter White.

No. 231188

File: 1660638017202.jpg (62.71 KB, 1000x563, intro-1591225512.jpg)

I'm watching Buffy again. I watched the entirety of it like ten years ago as a teen on Netflix, but I also remember watching the show as a kid years earlier when it was airing. Either way I LOVE TARA SO MUCH lmao I never appreciated her initially, when I first watched the show I was obsessed with Spike but now??? Tara is such a good friend to Buffy AND she's hot AND gay.

No. 231200

I can't believe it's over. This whole final season has felt like a victory lap with so many familiar faces coming back but I'm glad we got more of Oakley, when Marie showed up I genuinely gasped, and that closing reunion scene with Kim was so beautiful.

/tv/ is in fucking tatters right now because their based lawyer man did the right thing and faced the music and took the punishment the law saw fit rather than weasel his way out one more time

No. 231201

This is the same reason why retards are so adamant that Steve Harrington be given a girlfriend as a "reward" for being a good person. So many males only do the right thing if something's in it for them that they're genuinely shocked when fiction portrays selflessness. Attitudes like that are self perpetuating and spread like a cancer– the more men decry altruism as "unrealistic," the less it actually happens. It's fantastical to them because they made it so.

No. 231235

All series need to be 20-30 minutes episodes, I'm so tired of the hour-long format. Stranger things finale was like 2 hours fuck you.

No. 231252

yeah this ending is something moids can't understand

on other hand in a way i guess it would have been morbidly hilarious if saul tried to weasel out of responsibility once again, like i get it that would have kept tv moids talking about this show to the end of the time about how it subverts the expectations, how artistic and cool and brave it was that they kept the bad guy being bad and the love didn't win in the end and blah blah blah

but i like that they went for emotional integrity instead of thinking about what would seem the best way to be subversive. i think this was actually in a way the braver way to go in a world where movies and tv is all about being edgy, shock value and SuBVerTIng tHe eXpeCtaTioNs. it is honestly refreshing to see a story to go in a more "traditional" direction, that the hero/antihero of the show actually does a good thing, love, honesty and emotional growth does win in the end, it is purifying in some way really. the ending made me sad but in a way it felt like taking a shower after long day, you feel clean, finally.

also i liked the bus scene with the prisoners. i thought it was really morbid, horrifying really that jimmy tried to let saul go but he will forever be surrounded by people who won't let that happen, like the scene made me anxious even, i liked it.

No. 231262

I liked the prison bus scene too, I know it was supposed to convey how he’ll never be able to escape his Saul persona no matter how much it haunts him, but I got a weird sense of solace that him being recognized like that in prison would likely give him benefits amongst inmates and ultimately make his sentence easier kek

No. 231270

File: 1660654488666.jpg (16.38 KB, 480x480, 56171763_375317296643025_67708…)

I'm so freaking sad bcs is over. It's such comfort media to me. The finale was perfect and couldn't have ended any other way, imo. I'll miss these characters so much. I have a permanent crush on Bob Odenirk now

No. 231368

Vidrel, it's the trailer.
I cannot recommend Paper Girls enough, it's like if Stranger Things wasn't written by hacks.
Four girls meet and are accidentally transported to the future, and have to fight a war they don't fully understand to get home.

All the characters were compelling and 3D. They manage to touch on a lot of issues without it feeling pandery at all. They do a lot of really cool, capable things, but you're reminded often enough that they're literally just ordinary 12 year olds in a fucked up situation. The villians strike the right balance between cartoonish and conceptually terrifying. The timeline is confusing enough to be a challenge for the characters but the story doesn't get bogged down in paradoxes or logic puzzles.
I just really love seeing tweenage girls have their stories told with compassion, as well as the future versions of themselves.

I strongly belive in TV piracy, so you can watch paper girls on Amazon if you have that, but it's also on hurawatch dot cc (sorry don't know what the policy on linking to streaming sites is?).
I've also been using HDO BOX, which has the same huge range as hurawatch but in an app. You download it from hdo dot app and ignore the warning signs and allow your device to install apps from unknown source.

No. 231420

i loved the BCS ending, i love jimmy and kim. we all were rooting for them and their closure was so good. and i’m happy they didn’t keep kim’s character in that horrible life, and showed that she was still helping with law. i really can’t think of a better TV couple

the saul persona was jimmy’s prison, and in the end that persona helped him in actual prison lol

No. 231454

I can’t believe people wanted him to get away with making millions being a scummy lawyer and victimizing himself as afraid of Walter kek just goes to show how men only have sympathy for cool evil dudes they project on but when skyler does literally anything they were like god I hope that annoying bitch dies. Saul did deserve a life sentence, it’s been a long time coming and getting out after just 7 years he probably wouldn’t be able to help himself being the slimy weasel he is, like we saw in the Gene era.

No. 231560

File: 1660750459447.jpg (7.17 MB, 540x340, XmzniDx.jpg)

the entire show was literally just a love story

No. 231563

I'm happy at how it was a love story compared to BB being a (well-written) moid power fantasy. It doesn't surprise me that the exceptional moids on reddit and /tv/ would seethe over it. McWexler stacies… we won

No. 231565

Too soon…

No. 231607

Can someone explain why all the girlies in my internetsphere are going mad for Better Call Saul? I watched all of Breaking Bad back in the day and it was ok but it was so infested with Jokertype male thinking, why is this different?

No. 231612

It's ten times better than Breaking Bad, nonnie. It's a lot more about character development, inner issues and relationships. I watched both and I can agree with others that BCS is the best, even it's ending makes a lot of sense.
The character writing is amazing, and I have to note the fact how much I love Kim (despite me not liking her actions in S6, but the ending fixed that), she was written like an actual woman instead of your typical scrote-writing.

No. 231655

Breaking Bag was about a resentful teacher becoming more and more ruthless, BCS is about one lawyer scamming his way to success and one lawyer doing her best for justice, and it's also probably one of the most realistic law tv series. Just watch the first ep, it'll give you a good idea of how's the rest

No. 231778

File: 1660796208934.gif (6.28 MB, 540x375, 38F834C5-EB26-441B-BC9F-E9A23E…)

Started watching Pretty Little Liars ironically while I play video games. Now I’m 3 seasons deep and invested lol Every man in this show is just the worst. Except for Toby, he’s a qt.
How bad is the ending anons? Lemme know so I can prepare mentally.

No. 231781

It’s a good show for reasons other anons said though I honestly don’t think it was better than Breaking Bad but I may be biased because BB is a comfort show to me when I’m on my period or traveling. BCS is much more of a slow burn with intricate character moments, ngl binging some of the later episodes made me tired. The earlier seasons were much more enjoyable to me because boy does it get bleak.

No. 231791

Wow, the writing in this is terrible especially the dynamic between the Erins. I read reviews and apparently the comic is better though so I will go read that instead. I love the premise

No. 231795

>I cannot recommend Paper Girls enough, it's like if Stranger Things wasn't written by hacks.

How much of Stranger Things have you seen? They aren't anything alike so why are you comparing them?
The only thing that both shows have in common is kids riding bikes imo

>I just really love seeing tweenage girls have their stories told with compassion, as well as the future versions of themselves.

This is what got me to watch it but I ended up disappointed

>I strongly believe in TV piracy


Agreed, I downloaded all the comics after binging the show so I'm glad the show at least introduced me to the comics

No. 231834

Breaking bad itself has been having a sort of renaissance with the tumblr girlies as well, so it's just by association and timing i think. They're both well known pop culture pieces and it's hard to ignore in fandom spaces. Better call saul is more fresh and less of a horrifying moid power fantasy so that probably also helped with popularity.

No. 231858

It's pretty fucking bad, but it's also so bad that is becomes funny. So its still entertaining to finish watching it.

No. 231888

help the trailer for wednesday looks so bad I knew they'd fuck it up but to this extent?

No. 231905

I agree with almost everything you said, nona, and I'm also a long-time Sandman comics fan. Tom Sturridge has a great voice for Morpheus, but wew he's not really the best actor in the world, is he? Works better when he's just silently staring at the camera, but he doesn't have the gravitas necessary when he's moving around and talking outside of voiceovers. And I also wish they shelled out more effort and/or money to keep his eyes black the entire time.
I'm also having a hard time appreciating Lucienne, since Lucien was kind of smarmy and she's not really bringing that element of the character.
The Corinthian being added into a lot more of the story works better than I thought it would, and I had low expectations for the actor but he's actually doing a great job.
I also wish they had done more with John Dee's appearance. His whole story gave me nightmares when I first read the comic as a teenager, and the show's version of that story wasn't as terrifyingly hilarious. Similarly, I thought Despair should have been more gruesome.
Hopefully they get Delirium and Destruction right, they have one of my favorite relationships in the comics.

No. 232037

I’m liking it a lot. I loved the whole stupid wishes thing. the vampire night club was fun but kinda disappeared? the cbd-is-weed joke with the neighbor couple after the wedding killed me for some reason, I couldn’t stop laughing. I don’t enjoy baby/boy Collin but I assume that’s the point and I want to know where they’re going with that. I don’t know how I feel about sassy Guillermo but that’s been a multi season ongoing thing and is generally hit or miss for me. started to appreciate Laszlo more last season / this season, I think he became more fun

No. 232040

It looks absolute trash! There’s something funny about it honestly. If Wednesday is remade as a living goth bratz doll I’m going to laugh so hard

No. 232041

Wait I take this back I saw the older trailer. it’s not bratz anymore it’s Tim Burton’s Harry Potter. lmao! that’s way worse!! Why did they do this to her

No. 232457

Is anyone watching a league of their own?

I can't make it past the anachronistic dialogue and I see all these people praising it when the writing feels okay at most…

No. 232496

File: 1661089288214.png (18.65 KB, 776x381, kT5OVeX.png)

Out of 100 critics, 99 were impressed

No. 232561

I wish the new game of thrones tv series wouldn't exist.

No. 232577

Nonna why? I am concerned about some of the cast choices because they dont follow the book, but thats all i know.

No. 232613

File: 1661119927447.jpeg (245.61 KB, 1175x1763, extraordinaryattorneywoo.jpeg)

This past Friday I walked into the room and saw my mom watching this. It's a South Korean show about an autistic lawyer navigating a world that dislikes her seeing as though she graduated top of her class and passed the bar with a near perfect score no one would hire her initially because of being autistic. It's a cute show showing all the characters growth(I'm not a good explainer). The cases are interesting. You get some beautiful shots of Korea. The episodes are long at an hour and 20 minutes. I'd like to hear others views on it. It has no English dub on Netflix brand English subtitles if you like that which is why I'm surprised because usually my mom won't watch something in another language without English dub for so long.

No. 232615

meant to say only Netflix brand english subtitles

No. 232626

Sounds interesting anon, I might check it out.

No. 232692

Because it is just mindless gore and nudity + powerful woman = mad storyline all over again. Typical scrote shit

No. 232696

My friend's mother is watching it too, and she loves it. I wanted to give it a try because of how popular it is, but it made me feel worried if people watch it only because the mc has autism. Maybe I will give it a try later.

No. 232774

Is watching any of the Marvel shows without any knowledge of the movies a good idea? I'm not interested in the MCU as a whole and have no plan getting invested in it since I hate the concept of "cinematic universes" in general (it's way too fucking big).

Buuuuut… some of the Marvel shows HAVE peaked my interest. WandaVision's concept in particular is really cool to me (witch woman creates a fake sitcomesque life after the death of her husband? Count me in), as well as Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel's.

However I'm holding myself back since I feel like I should have prior knowledge to ALL of the previous MCU stuff to understand greater context of the plots or I'll just be left scratching my head in confusion if Character A mentions Character B and starts talking about Event X.

Again, I have no plan into getting into other MCU stuff besides the three I mentioned above. So to the marvel nonnies here: is it a good idea for me to watch them without past MCU knowledge or nah?

No. 232848

Moon knight requires no real prior knowledge.

For Wanda vision it’d be good to see how their relationship develops over age of ultron, civil war, infinity wars and endgame.

Hawkeye the first avengers movie and, like, 30secs of endgame (all you need to know is that Hawkeyes family got disappeared for 5years and to cope he took on a vigilante personality and hunted down gang members and bad guys).

No. 232884

File: 1661240861974.jpg (Spoiler Image,59.12 KB, 1920x960, Tales.of.the.Walking.Dead.S01E…)

anyone else watching tales of twd? it feels so fresh and a huge relief after watching the season finale of fear. love the black mirror format they went with
alpha is so sick and i love watching her. i always loved her and lydia and how broken they are

No. 232885

File: 1661242813705.gif (2.15 MB, 498x280, peggy-carter-agent-carter.gif)

I recommend watching Agent Carter and Daredevil, these are one of the few amazingly good Marvel tv shows. You don't need to watch the movies to understand anything there either.

No. 232889

File: 1661246530283.jpg (132.88 KB, 1280x720, jillianbell_parkerposey.jpg)

I just watched episode 1 and 2! Not caught up on Fear but did just catch up on TWD. When did this series get so huge wtf. Anyway! First episode was good and I definitely liked the characters more as the episode went on. Second episode was a blast. I love both the main actresses so much. The episodic anthology thing is fun, I'm looking forward to the rest of the season.

No. 232933

Ah no I'm sorry you were disappointed! I guess I don't know what other people think is good writing? Lol I'll read the comics too now

>why is it like stranger things

I watched all of stranger things just for the sake of completeness. I thought the general theme of 80s tweenagers facing off against huge odds, supernatural/magic-like forces and human conspiracies was pretty similar.

No. 232936

I'm really enjoying it but it kind of feels like they're all filler episodes to me? No plot or development just vampire jokes. I am loving the costumes though. I'm annoyed we got another season of Guillermo pining and resentfully continuing to work.
I wish another vampire would offer to turn him so he had an actual real choice, also imagine being a vampire hunting vampire.

No. 232937

What have you been watching that fills the void left by BCS?

No. 233128

I don't get the point of them revealing Guillermo is gay, doesn't seem like much character development to me. He's right back where he started like you said

No. 233211

File: 1661335562280.jpeg (2.1 MB, 1296x1920, B93ED419-7107-4898-B7D7-15E6A9…)

How do we feel? The cast is ugly as fuck. The only interesting character so far is Daemon but if I understood it correctly he’s not even viserys brother according to the books?

No. 233253

I hate the cast. targs are supposed to be ethereal not foot-faced englishmen in bad platinum blonde wigs

No. 233259

so I became book fan when GoT was still airing, I was invested in both the world’s history and the characters who inhabited that world, that said Martin has some issues with his writing and I feel the early seasons did a good job in erasing them, but House of the Dragon seems to go the opposite direction, it indulges to much in the gore and sex and then makes shit up, also the castration scene felt oddly comical and felt like it was just for shock value
tbf these are targs that are mixed with westerosi's, many of the the main targs in the story have non-Targaryen moms

No. 233262

File: 1661347416817.jpeg (46.22 KB, 750x217, 2BD8BF47-E382-482B-A4BD-32DB57…)

I love the books too!
Tbh the GoT visuals clashed so badly with what i'd pictured that i refused to watch the series (won't watch this either). and i'm very glad i didn't give in lol
Im just hoping grrm manages yo churn out either twow or the second part of fire & blood before he keels over

No. 233268

File: 1661349823106.png (508.71 KB, 640x640, unnamed.png)

I have basically accepted the fact that we could maybe get twow but will likely never get a 7th book, also related to this thread there are at at least five other Game of Thrones TV shows in development
>A Jon Snow TV show
>The Sea Snake (about the voyages of Corlys Velaryon)
>Ten Thousand Ships (about Princess Nymeria of the Rhoynar and her conquest of Dorne and her three husbands one of whom was a young boy)
>The Hedge Knight (about the adventures of Dunk and Egg)
>The Golden Empire (an animated show about Yi Ti)

and some more undisclosed animated shows, I'm honestly worried how they will handle these many adaptions

No. 233269

God damn this is like the MCU for got… Too much

No. 233276

Wtf did the Ned stark/rob baratheon spin-off get thrown out entirely? Who gives a shit about Jon snow

No. 233283

His actor kept begging for it.
So far I liked the first episode because of the outfit designs, I am curious about "the queen who never was" and Daemon. I don't care about characters appearance because not all of the GoT actors were beautiful anyway.

No. 233286

I use to enjoy this show casually but the fandom is obnoxious and I'm starting to find taika just as annoying

No. 233291

File: 1661355953736.png (565.52 KB, 960x549, Nymeria and Mors.png)

I really don't care for any of these adaptions except for Dunk and Egg and Nymeria's one and I pray They don't fuck it up cause Nymeria's conquest of Dorne is my favorite bit of world building and history from ASoIF, like House Martell wasn't established by Nymeria it already existed before the Rhoynar even came, they were a midsized power who worked with the Rhoynar who had superior technological advantages and more soldiers to conqueror Drone together, basically both Nymeria and Mors Martell(her first husband) were using each other and their people's to get what they wanted, ever her marriage with the teenage boy Davos Dayne(her third and last husband who would later be her consort and bodyguard) was political and got the stony dornishmen to support her side

No. 233303

>The only interesting character so far is Daemon but if I understood it correctly he’s not even viserys brother according to the books?
Not sure where you heard that, but he is indeed Viserys younger brother. Are you bookfags interested to see if they add the Grand Maester Conspiracy theory into the show??? I hope so, so long as it isn't obvious/heavy handed, some winks and nods would be fun (like the fact that the only people to see the results of the vote were the maesters, and the fact that before the results were counted it seemed like Rhaenys had the most support)

No. 233307

you know what I feel like, we should make ASoIF/GoT thread, talk about the official media as well as fan content

No. 233315

if anyone does make one please link it here!

No. 233352

Just made one! >>>/m/233348

No. 233578

both my parents watched this and loved it. honestly the amount of korean shows my parents watch simply because its pushed on netflix's algorithm is kind of wild lol. but they obviously must be good if they're getting that popular

No. 233861

This is my favorite scene in all of television history, you have this generic cop procedural show with a series regular on one side, whose gives the same half assed performance that he always does to fulfill his role and on other side you have Tim Curry fucking giving this great Oscar worthy performance, its just fascinating how absurdly different these two's abilities are

No. 233864

I'm into it but that accent is all over the place lol where's he supposed to be from?

No. 233867

God the wigs are SO BAD. I thought Daenarys' hair looked shitty and fried at the best of times but now they have multiple characters with brittle as fuck hair. I don't understand at all. It's really breaking my immersion lol
I hate Matt Smith's lack of eyebrows, I wish they'd stuck some on so he looked brooding instead of retarded.

No. 233903

File: 1661545431769.jpeg (100.03 KB, 737x512, 2FB56687-24A2-4E88-A1FD-F09BFF…)

Didn’t expect the sopranos to actually hold up but it really did. Even knowing the ending already since it’s so infamous, it still hit.

Glad I waited til I was old enough to appreciate it, I don’t think it would have been as good to me when I was younger.

No. 233907

I started watching Lost and I am obsessed, maybe I will give Sopranos a try too! Happy you are enjoying it a lot. Some old tv shows seem to be a lot better than the tv shows they air now.

No. 233920

That’s because they are, I’m probably going to go back and watch the Wire too. Why should I watch crap when there’s 20+ years of the best in television available to me now?

The sopranos surprised me, had a lot more “magical realism”/ surrealism/symbolism reminiscent of Alan Balls “6 Feet Under” (another incredible HBO show) and twin peaks. Maybe I’ll give it a shot since I need to fill the post tv show void.

No. 233925

File: 1661552036112.jpg (41 KB, 640x480, Oz.S04E08.480p.DVDRip.x264-Sti…)

Random but I suddenly thought its ironic modern shows try their hardest and are obligated to be woke and muh diversity but The Wire and Oz were normal and natural about it. Also Oz holds up well too. I didn't like the pilot at first but I grew to love it the more I watched. So many well known actors that were so hot when they were younger and its one of the only shows where the creators aren't afraid to show dicks on screen. I know some anons would get queasy because of the moid rape but if you can stomach that and dark humor, I definitely recommend it

No. 233976

File: 1661573995503.jpg (276.42 KB, 1280x700, e9519a998515223b850fdb7c36175a…)

wtf is this shit?

No. 234001

File: 1661582980961.png (528.35 KB, 948x628, 1661541436619786.png)



https://vocaroo.com/1CCwpOxz6JSO(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 234009

Because of this show I've been randomly pointing at the screen for years whenever I spot one of the actors in a second role in any movie or series
Some of the death scenes were getting really ridiculous though, like that camera flash murder during a modeling session

No. 234027

Will I like The Wire and The Sopranos if I enjoyed and appreciated BB and BCS? They are frequently mentioned together as best tv shows ever.

No. 234051

I first watched The Sopranos when I was 14/15ish and loved it then because I grew up on films like Goodfellas and The Godfather but I have much more appreciation for it now at 31. Like >>233920 said there's a lot of symbolism in it and hints of supernatural stuff and that completely flew over my head at 14, kek. The older I've got and the more I've matured, the more my opinion of certain characters and story arcs has changed too. It spurs on a lot of re-wataches.

I'm in the opposite position and want to know if I'll enjoy The Wire and if I should persevere with Breaking Bad. I got a couple seasons in on Breaking Bad (maybe more, it's been a long time since I watched it) but the pacing annoyed me. There was some payoff but overall it seemed quite slow to me and Walter and Jesse felt kinda two dimensional. I'd definitely recommend trying The Sopranos though, the pilot is a bit of an anomaly and season one has it's dull moments but give it time and it pays off. For me season two is probably my favourite, the plotlines from it were great. It's a damn good show in general though, the comedic tone might drop (think that was done on purpose though) but it explores a lot of concepts and is so much more than just a show about the mafia. Just don't watch the movie, it fucking sucks.

No. 234191

File: 1661639692580.jpg (172.79 KB, 1280x1920, dccf110a93baf6926d4508c5357d44…)

My mom just got me interested in Downton Abbey. I didn't want to ask her this but did I read it right that the Turkish guy Pamuk performed anal on Mary so that she would keep her virginity then had a stroke or heart attack and possibly died inside her ass? Most likely Pamuk gave her STDs that he got from fucking those Turkish dancing boys https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K%C3%B6%C3%A7ek

No. 234605

Mr Pamuk and Mary had anal sex?? Where did you read this anon?

No. 234607

Nevermind I have no reading comprehension, what made you interpret it like this?

No. 234671

I thought The Wire definitely had a slower rhythm than Breaking Bad, certainly because it tries to be very realistic. It means no goofy yet believable actions by dumb mafiosi like in The Sopranos, and practically no originality or surprises in the way the episodes are filmed like in BB/BCS. I didn't like The Wire much because I thought that aside from the realism the show is rather plain and the story wouldn't have lost much if it had been told in a book. Of course there's a lot of people who will claim that it was the best show ever, but, unlike The Sopranos and BB, no one talks about The Wire today, which to me is a definite proof that it was the inferior show in the end

No. 234684

I vaguely remember that episode though it has been years. Idk why you interpreted it as anal and not fingering/oral? iirc it never actually said or hinted at what they were doing other than non PIV sexual stuff

No. 234847

>unlike The Sopranos and BB, no one talks about The Wire today, which to me is a definite proof that it was the inferior show in the end
anon, that's the worst way to judge the quality of something

No. 234891

>Pamuk: Don't worry, you'll still be a virgin for your husband. A little imagination. You won't be the first.
>Mary: Won't it hurt? Is it safe?
>Pamuk: Trust me
Add the fact that the Turkish nobility of the time would perform anal on "dancing boys"

No. 234911

It's a very fine way to determine if something is forgettable

No. 236824

File: 1662539485051.jpeg (67.14 KB, 1024x682, C6B65624-46ED-458B-AB98-B208F8…)

I’ve been watching The Crown recently, and I’ve liked it so much more than I originally expected. I’ve been so charmed by Claire Foy and Matt Smith as Elizabeth and Philip, I already know they switch the cast in season 3 but I’m gutted to be finishing the last episodes of season 2.

No. 236825

Matt Smith awoke the 'tumblr sexyman' phase in me after doctor who, and now again…

No. 238007

File: 1662856189337.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1944x2880, 05C2B781-3DB5-4FFF-BDA4-2ABC05…)

What do we think? Idk how you fuck up elves so bad

No. 238026

File: 1662861986255.jpg (17.42 KB, 411x421, EEeFM6YUYAAQYj7.jpg)

i hate it with a passion. why are the elves old? why are they ugly? WHY DO THEY HAVE SHORT HAIR?

No. 238706

I hate to ask this since the troon is spamming gifs related to that show but after which season does Supernatural get bad so i can avoid watching it.

No. 238716

Season 5, just double checked and yep. There are probably some good season afterwards but the end of season 5 feels like a true ending.

No. 238719

i see, i cant believe that show went on for 15 years, thats alot of seasons.
You said there are probably some good seasons afterwards did you watch any after season 5?

No. 238723

samefagging just to add.

I also heard the ending of the show is really disappointing and the main characters die?

No. 238727

I watched it up to season 12 and then my attention waned and I only caught episodes here and there.
Season 6, 7 and 8 are good fun, some interesting characters and character development. Introduction of new big bads kind of thing but then it just got kind of annoying by season 9. Other nonnies can probably chime in with more detailed and interesting takes.

No. 238975

Season 5 was when it was supposed to end according to the creators, but it was continued because it made too much money for the network to let it just end. Season 5 is widely recognised as the end point preferred to when the show actually end it, but it does go on.

No. 238976

i say watch seasons 1-5 and if you like those seasons then watch 6-11 and stop

after season 11 the show gets unbearable and exhausting to actually keep up with. ive seen all 15 seasons and i feel like most fans can agree that up to 11 it becomes unwatchable.


yeah. i dont hate the finale as much as others do because of one scene that actually kept me invested but i ended up only being disappointed. sorry for sperging out a bit.

No. 239477

yeah..yeah. I think the costumes and effects are great, but the male hairstyles and casting choices while most females look young and fresh with beautiful long hair are weird, just why. Makes me wonder if any nepotism is to blame for this. The Arondir guy looks good and has the most elegant looking features to me compared to the other guys but then for some reason they decided to give him a buzzcut. Also some of the fighting scenes are ridiculous, which surprised me because it’s said to be one of the most expensive productions lately. Looking forward for the series to impress me at some point, I won’t buy it yet

No. 239565

File: 1663263656183.png (1.89 MB, 1920x1080, OyQhiZp.png)

Lately I have been watching a UK TV show called Glow up which is a show about the best makeup artist. I normally like watching the previous season but this fourth season is a bit of a mess, it feels very "woke" and very on the nose with their diversity.

In the first episode the two contestants in the face-off had to create a reverse eyeliner look on identical models. One of the contestants ended up writting "Queer power 4eva" on their model's face and didn't even bother with an eyeliner look. Why bother applying if you can't even take a critique about your previous makeup look.

Has anyone else watched this show?

No. 239598

File: 1663268982638.png (1.2 MB, 751x940, krisc.PNG)

I watched every season that is on Netflix, god that guy was so cringe. Wish they've called him out on being disrespectful to the model. Also such bravery to say "queer 4ever" in a competition where everyone is lefty af.
S4 was the weakest imho, and there was way too many elaborate characterizations and if I remember correctly, not a single "regular" makeup main challenge. Most of the works looked pretty messy in the end, and it really feels like top 3 of this season would be eliminated in the beginning of any previous one. Can't believe dude did this one episode before the finale and they still let him pass lmao

No. 239634

File: 1663275353190.jpg (93.72 KB, 1465x765, FUzJQALXwAAtrn0.jpg)

Watched Edgerunners and the weekly episodes of Pantheon. Glad to have a cyberpunk and a cyberspace series airing at the same time, I enjoy both of them quite much.

No. 239651

File: 1663278543755.png (2.42 KB, 452x26, dano.PNG)

truly a lc approved show
going to check both these out now, thank you anon

No. 239653

reminds me of that weird rpg game I can't remember the name, its like weird sea life creatures and pottery and playdough mixed together

No. 239662

the choices are retarded. galadriel is young and cute but celebrimbor is a disgusting wrinkly old scrote???? but galadriel is one generation older REEEEEEEE

No. 239663


No. 240376

omg I watched this a couple weeks back and this part made me fucking laugh, yeah because it's not like every male contestant on this show isn't fucking gay idk what point he thought he was making

No. 241489

i feel dumb saying this but i’m wondering if a marvel cinematic universe thread should be started for discussion, complaints or whatever. i know it’s cringe now and saturates way too much of mainstream media (hence complaints) and i’m almost embarrassed to still be casually keeping up, but since i have disney+ i’ve been watching she-hulk and i’ve been somewhat entertained right up until the most recent episode came out. that one was way underwhelming.

No. 241521

Barely related but that reminds me of what I just saw happen on an episode of Inkmasters (tattoo competition). This male contestant was on the chopping block and he defending himself by saying that it's hard for him being gay in the industry searching for pity and they all just tore him apart it was amazing. All the judges are like you can't use being gay as an excuse get the heck out of here. The guy was so pissed it was awesome

No. 241682

Anne with an E is like a warm cup of cocoa on a stormy autumn night

No. 241714

I feel like I'm gonna hatewatch this. It looks shitty (those contact lenses…) and it was obviously made for collecting woke brownie points but I just wanna see how bad it is

No. 241919

Has anyone watched the new Netflix Dahmer show? I’m seeing some commentary from twitter and it boils down to people thinking it’s extremely disrespectful to make a show about him. What do you nonnies think? Should real like serial killers ever have movies/shows (not docs) made about them? Also has there ever been a movie/show done about a real life killer but in a tasteful way?

No. 241923

Louis and Lestat actors seem to have a really nice chemistry so I'm definitely gonna watch for that
Haven't seen that one yet but a friend of mine whose opinions on movies and tv shows I really trust saw and really enjoyed it, from the purely storytelling perspective. Having read the statements from victim's families I feel like I can't bring myself to watching it myself though; I'm interested in true crime so it would be hypocrisy for me to say that it's unethical to tell these stories at all, but the moment someone who actually lived it speaks against a production, it crosses the line for me, ethically; same with anything about still living serial killers who killed for notoriety - it will only make them feel more right about having committed these crimes, and therefore is disrespectful for the victims. That for me would include documentaries too sometimes, like Don't Fuck With Cats, since all that dude wanted was clout, so here he has it.
Honestly I can't think of a good movie that would take the real life serial killer story and just straight up retell it as it was; the only good ones would be these that just take a bit of truth but fit it into entirely fictional stories.

No. 241924

I watched it, it's shot well and I think it did a good job in terms of narrative story telling while giving attention to the victims. Not to spoil but it specifically had an entire episode for one specific victim that no one really cared about at the time of his death. tbf, I'm glad they did that considering how at the time, literally no one cared, not nearly as much as the other victims, so tbf it felt respectful.
I think that films/shows that fetishize serial killers are disgusting and there are lots that glamorize it in a sense but the dahmer show isn't that.

tbh I think that it's important to make shows about them not just as a warning for people but also to understand the impact the deaths have on people. There's a lot of really good ones out there, especially on netflix, audrey and daisie (not a killer one) for example, or dear zachary (very impactful). Most of the big 'hollywood' movies like the recent one with ted bundy are just distasteful for me though.

No. 241952

I think the reason docs like Dear Zachary work so well is because the family and friends of the victim(s) are heavily involved. When it comes to Hollywood productions about true crime it gets really murky with involvement from those who were directly impacted by the crimes being referenced. This is also why Don’t F with Cats doesn’t work for me and came off as extremely distasteful. The victim and his family are barely featured in any way. If the victim’s family didn’t want to be included then that’s a good indicator they shouldn’t move forward with a production.

No. 241957

yeah 100%. Don't fuck with cats was pretty sensational and more focused on the people trying to figure it out rather than the victims themselves, and that's in part because the only reason he was really caught was due to them. I understand it's merits, but it does come off as distasteful.

BUT there are a ton of different shows/movies where the victim's families are at least compensated or involved in one way or another. Just thank your lucky stars there's no hollywoodesq movie about the toolbox killers (not toybox, but that guy is just as bad), because I bet you it'd be disgusting traumaporn for scrotes.

No. 241972

For me more problematic about Dont F With Cats is that Magnotta's dream was to be known, he tried being a model, tried applying to reality tv shows, no one cared for him and he escalated to that violent murder which finally gave him attention. Still, as gruesome as it was, up until certain point you wouldn't find many true crime podcasters/channels cover the case, probably because Magnotta is still alive and would love nothing more than to hear that people are talking about him. I bet now he's waking every day elated and accomplished knowing there's a highly rated, multiple episodes long documentary all about him; that was topping netflix charts for some time. It's basically rewarding him for killing Jun Lin.

No. 242071

I couldn't make it more than 3 episodes. Evan Peters is doing a weird lumberjack Canadian accent the whole time and I have no idea why. I know this takes place in Milwaukee but wasn't Dahmer from east Ohio? I even cross-referenced the accent he is doing with how Dahmer actually sounded and he had a pretty standard American accent.

No. 243671

File: 1664541212806.jpeg (1.87 MB, 1080x1600, 512A552E-5F0A-49E7-A484-E8A3D1…)

Anyone watch the korean version of little women on netflix? I’m only three episodes in and visually, the show looks great but so far that’s the only thing it’s got going on. The plot is all over the place and gets way too messy with each episode I’m not sure if I should keep watching it

No. 244233

I just started Haunting of hill house but I just can't get into it. Someone please tell me it gets better, everyone has been recommending this to me for ages. I don't want to waste my time with these long ass episodes.

No. 244240

File: 1664725501002.jpeg (583.61 KB, 828x1178, E31D000A-CA29-4451-A8C4-D2941B…)

just started watching this and episode 1 was fucking amazing. it really managed to nail the vibe of the book and the story in a way that isn’t cheesy. i hope the rest of the series continues on like this. and it’s so gay which is what the movie was missing.

i was a bit nervous when i heard that they dropped louis’ original backstory to replace it with him being a pimp because in my mind that’s not that much better than being a slave owner, so i was wondering how they would portray it but i did appreciate at the end of the episode that louis confessed to the guilt and shame he feels for being a pimp and that his excuses to try and alleviate the guilt aren’t enough to erase the reality that he’s contributing to the suffering of women. it was unexpected but i appreciated it

No. 244271

what don't you like about it? it's pretty much the same the whole time so if you're not digging it at first, it might not be for you. you could try haunting of bly manor, it's by the same people and would maybe be more interesting? same with midnight mass, that one's a little more action-y.

No. 244287

The children, the actors, the delivery and the direction.

No. 244298

Nta but I saw the Bly Manor tv show first and I found it a lot more interesting and fun to watch than the Haunting Hill. Haunting Hill left me feeling the same way you did.

No. 244497

Havent had a chance to watch it yet but I'm so excited seeing positive reactions, especially after all the negativity that followed the trailers. I love Vampire Chronicles and they deserve more good adaptations

No. 244503

I just finished the first two episodes last night. I have to say I really hate the actor for Lestat, he is so ugly and his voice sounds like Buffalo Bill's. Listen to him speak again and tell me he doesn't sound identical. I had to turn on subtitles because I actually found him difficult to understand at some points, he mumbles a lot. Also I found the gay scenes really corny and over the top. I just watched the movie with some of you playas and the contrast is really strong. There was this subtle tension in the movie that I'm just not getting in this version. It's as subtle as an explosion. I think the scene where Louis calls himself queer to mean gay was cringe and hamfisted. However I really like how since it's a show we have more time to explore the transition from human to vampire though and they did a great job with set and costume design so I will keep watching

No. 244519

File: 1664807934067.jpg (147.52 KB, 1200x675, 1661501399_692552_1661501494_n…)

wanted to like this show because a lot of men are angry about it, but it is just…not good.
I'm not familiar with the lead actress but she is, to be blunt, fucking awful in this. Maybe she's been better in other things. the scripts feels like it was literally feels like it was written by 5 misogynistic liberal guys who spend half their life defending feminist porn and one woman who wouldn't dare speak up to them. It's just bad. Really bad.

No. 244521

Lmao Thats the thing sometimes it's sexism and sometimes it's really just bad and SheHulk is the latter

No. 244525

The twerking scene is what broke me, not that they twerked but that they made the choice to have the screen filled up with shehulks ass for any amount of time. Who was that for if not scrotes with a giantess fetish? That was a choice they made, not to focus on her joyful expression or another second of her dancing with her idol but a close up of her ass… what’s the bet there’s a naked version tucked away on someone’s work computer? It just feels like I’m witnessing someone’s fetish wrapped in a mundane boring wrapper.

No. 244553

Agree on the bit where he used "queer" to mean "gay." That felt really anachronistic to me. Queer just meant "weird" back then.
I also didn't like the bit where a punch went through a guy's head. That was so corny, it felt like something straight out of a Sam Raimi movie. Like the way the brains hit the camera was so goofy and gratuitous. It wasn't scary at all, it just made me burst out laughing.

However I really like Sam Reid's performance, which kind of surprised me because I was so meh about him when I first heard that was who they cast. I liked that they gave him a French accent, and they capture they way Lestat alternates between flamboyant and unhinged really well. Also, while I'm not into him out of costume, I think Sam Reid is more attractive than Tom Cruise was in '94.

On the whole though, I love the show. I hope they eventually release it on Blu-ray, because I don't want AMC+ but I want to support the show.

No. 244644

Shes AMAZING in Orphan Black

No. 244929

Nonas I'm trying to watch 24 but I find Jack Bauer insufferable and the storylines are so melodramatic and over the top in the most unbelievable way… Do later seasons get better or should I give up?

No. 244947

They get worse even somehow!

No. 244973

File: 1664972105340.jpg (338.24 KB, 1079x721, Screenshot_20221005_004458.jpg)

i was kind of liking reboot until this scene; the person who says it about one of the main characters is a smug, ugly, ginger gay man

No. 245000

reboot of what

No. 245005

haha it's a Hulu show called reboot
>An early 2000s family sitcom is rebooted, and the dysfunctional cast and crew must deal with their unresolved issues in today's fast-changing world
I think it was created by the guy who made modern family

No. 245019

I love Modern Family with my whole heart and I enjoyed that despite having a gay couple they weren't afraid of dunking on the early-sjw stuff (with one tiny shading on trannies) but i wont be surprised if this show is some full on sjw shit. I want to give it a try once I will be mentally prepared to watch the last episodes of Modern Family, though. There is something about nice, well-made sitcoms. I don't think they make good sitcoms anymore, so I am binging Seinfeld at the moment.

No. 245331

can anyone recommend shows with lame but atmospheric romance similar to american horror story season 1? or characters similar to tate langdon. i deserve to be put down, ik

No. 245696

File: 1665238685307.jpg (232.97 KB, 1920x1080, the-lord-of-the-rings-the-ring…)

Anyone watching Rings of Power? I've heard so much negative feedback on it that I expected to hate it, but I'm enjoying it so far, possibly more than House of the Dragon. Good sense of mystery and suspense and the acting isn't bad (apart from the extras). My main issue is that some of the actors just look like zoomers and don't have that ancient medieval look to them, which is a bit of a nitpick but it breaks the immersion. Galadriel is grating too.

No. 245746

File: 1665258251850.jpg (155.52 KB, 1080x594, IMG_20221008_142921.jpg)

I'm PRAYING Annie and Jeff don't get together in the movie. I know deep down there's a chance, but after the way it ended, it's just gonna undo part of Annie's development. That, and Jeff it's a creep and doesn't deserve her.

No. 245895

same! I do like it however it feels a little on the nose with the evil vs good. Like almost too fantasy if you know what I mean, in acting. However I find it a bit better than house of the dragon right now, and I find that surprising considering the level of hate the show got, I expected to totally hate it considering the lore is from nothing essentially. But if you take it as is, it's pretty good!

No. 245918

i’m wondering if it’s worth a marvel thread because i have many misgivings about the current state of marvel and things about this show and i’m sure other nonnas have plenty to complain about the mcu too. i haven’t even watched the latest episode. the wedding one was probably the worst of the ones i’ve seen.

No. 245943

Why not both mcu and dcu combined? Both are superhero franchises

No. 245995

would be doable if other anons have interest, though they’re both big enough in their own right they may deserve separate threads if wanted. some may only follow mcu and not dcu, some may only have interest in dc but not marvel. i have complaints about current day mcu but would also be interested in discussing opinions with fellow nonnies. i don’t really follow dcu personally

No. 246004

I hope they get Paget Brewster in on this

No. 246010

I follow DCU instead and I can talk about the good ol' cringe tv shows they put there, like one of the recent fanfic-tier ones. It was so bad that even Castiels (from SPN) fans didn't watch it afaik.

No. 246015

>tfw Pierce won't be in it
This is going to underwhelm the hell out of me I just know it

No. 246025

>I actually think Mariana is the right one for Anne.
Probably, but Mariana rejected Lister over and over and over. She was also embarrassed by Lister's nonconformity (she was mortified to be seen with Lister in public). She decided to marry Charles Lawton, she made her decision and even encouraged Lister to marry a scrote too. She doesn't actually understand Lister at all. While she might be right about Ann and Anne's relationship, it seems she doesn't know how to reflect on the relationship she herself had with Lister and doesn't seem to comprehend why Lister doesn't want to do the same as she did. The only reason Marianne doesn't even want Walker at Shibden, is just because that was her contingency plan when Lawton dies. She doesn't actually give a shit about Lister and I'm not sure if marrying scrotes for money and shitting on her for not being feminine enough is the kind of challenge Lister really needs.

No. 246034

From the sounds of it I think both could have their own threads started, I don't keep up with the DC side of things but that sounds amusing to talk about if anyone wants to start one for it. I have a template laid out for a potential MCU thread but I'm not sure if it'll be alright.

No. 246169

If anyone wants a good gritty drama/conspiracy show i'd suggest Utopia (2013), the channel 4 one, NOT the amazon prime garbage. Its one of those where you'll know if you're into it by the end of the first episode, so you don't have to waste time.

No. 246183

season 3 never ever.

I'm still mad, such a stylish and unique looking show, the music is sooo good.

No. 246310

Seconding that, I'm still offended that amazon decided to remake (poorly!) something this good, what for?

No. 247715

Has anyone here watched bee and puppy cat? What did you think of it? Did you enjoy it? Is it worth watching until the end?

No. 248032

File: 1666012606791.png (64.92 KB, 194x259, images1.png)

Finally watched Breaking Bad and I have that thought about it, idk if it's weird but it stood out to me: even though it's about such a violent subject, there's no sexual violence and no excessive violence scenes for the shock value only. I feel like modern showrunners would definitely use the subject of drug and cartels to just direct and show some disgusting things that would add nothing to the plot, we see it so much in tv shows now just to "establish the grittiness and realism"; for example the unnecessary nudity and rape in Game of Thrones. And in Breaking Bad there's nothing like this, yet no one has any doubts that what we're watching is a dark story mean for adult audience. I've spent entire show stressing out about female characters, Skyler, Marie, family of Mike, that there's no way showrunners will shy away from the trope of hurting a significant other to strenghten a resolve of some male character, and yet they didn't do that. Same with any cartel scenes, that with so many ties prostitution has to drugs there will be something awful shown, but the furthest it went was showing that Don Eladio invited hostesses to his party, and after things transpired they were allowed to just go away free, despite being witnesses.
IDK maybe it's mildly autistic but I'm so glad to watch a tv series that shows one doesn't have to resort to violence agains women to have a dark and realistic story.

No. 248034

I recommend Better Call Saul so much. The way Kim Wexler was written amazed me, it's probably the only popular tv show with a female character who actually is written like a proper woman instead of some retarded male-gaze shit. I love how BCS also focuses on character development and their inner dramas. It's amazing. I can't wait for the writer to create more shows or movies.

No. 248037

Actually watched BSC first, Kim is amazing, such a nuanced character. I'm looking forward whatever more he makes too!

No. 248040

I totally agree nonnie, and even when shit does occur (like Walt trying to have sex with skyler when she has on that face mask or when he comes on to the principal) he just comes across as an animalistic moid and it’s not shown in some voyeuristic titillating way.
Despite flaws of older shows in how they depicted women at least they weren’t depicting them with the sole purpose of raping them or exposing the actresses naked bodies to male audiences. Getting very sick of modern shows treating women being violated as a source of entertainment. Much funner watch a bunch of scrotes killing each other and leaving women out of it.

No. 248051

BCS is modern/recent and has none of that vile shit

No. 248169

thats why i love it so much. i can watch most things but shows that focus on female sexualization and assault just piss me off. that includes shows about realistic female experience like handmaidens tale or 13 reasons, they literally make me want to die. i only have a handful of favorite shows like bcs, wentworth (ruined by trannies), twd, dexter, and svu (before the writing turned into sensational libbro wank fodder). what else do anons watch?

No. 248267

I’m so excited

No. 248535

Manifesting a Tom nude scene

No. 248538

Does anyone have any female led shows they can recommend? Preferably without rape or the treatment of women’s suffering as entertainment.

No. 248711

File: 1666201257312.png (1.27 MB, 1106x836, Screen Shot 2022-10-19 at 10.3…)

I just want to gripe that I absolutely loved What We Do In The Shadows, both the original movie and the tv show, but the TV show has gone so downhill since season 2 it's disappointing. It's just not as funny as it used to be and I can't put my finger on why

No. 248717

What genre nonna?

No. 248734

I still think it's very funny and I hope they keep making it but I don't like the progression to sassy guillermo (he was such a good straight man, it was a better dynamic between the characters)

No. 248742

I enjoyed parts of the last season, especially when Colin was the nightclub entertainment before he hit puberty. But it did feel kind of pointless in the end. I love Nadja to death, so almost everything she was involved in was great.
But I agree in general. It's lost some of its magic. I miss the LARPing nerds from the first season (and yeah, even Beanie Feldstein), I miss seeing other supernatural beings and creatures (which is why the nightmarket was one of the better episodes this season), and I miss learning more about their mundane lives and histories. Nandor's wives story arc wasn't as exciting as I thought it might be, especially since they got rid of all of them so quickly.
And I agree with >>248734 that sassy homo Guillermo is not much fun.

No. 248748

aw nonny, i -just- started watching it

No. 248769

I think it's still very funny nonna! So you may enjoy it all the way through like I do.
Overall I think both Nandor and Guillermo character progression makes them less funny to me too, but then Nadja keeps being amazing and Laszlo just keeps getting funnier, his and Colins plotline in the last season carried the show. The "manly retreat" with Sean episode was hilarious.

No. 248856

I watched Breaking Bad when I was like 15/16 and in hindsight I'm grateful it had none of that stuff in it. I think it's also why I like Succession – it's a modern HBO show with very little explicit sexual content.

No. 248879

Heard this theme randomly today (person at the store had it as their ringtone) and I felt like a fucking sleeper agent the way I responded to it LMAO. I was a kid for most of the Stargate franchise; anyone recently re-watched SG1 (or Stargate Atlantis) and can vouch for whether or not it holds up?

No. 248883

Getting tired of every single historical drama I try to watch having gratuitous sex scenes. Not sure why that's necessary because most of the time they don't even show the genitals, at most they'll show ass and tits usually. People can just go online and watch porn so idk why they have to put all the sex scenes in there. They make me feel so awkward to watch and are just pointless.

No. 248938

Regarding Succession, I watched the first episode and found it low-key boring in places, but heard good things about it. Those that are fans, did you find it to be a slow burn or did you enjoy it from jump?

No. 248943

It's not just historical stuff, I feel like it's every 'cool' streaming show. They even did it to Halo.

No. 249200

I started watching it but gave up around episode 5. I found all the side characters really boring and the lackadaisical dialogue was irritating me as well. Hoped it would be more like Adventure Time lol

No. 249209

I like to watch shows while exercising at the gym and I have to research every shows contents now before I start them.

No. 249241

I kinda figured that, but I mostly only have interest in historical shows

No. 250043

File: 1666574757394.png (1.86 MB, 884x1140, Screen Shot 2022-10-23 at 6.16…)

Watching this reality show that's supposed to be like "Crazy Rich Asians IRL" with weird manufactured drama between these super wealthy, bratty Asian people in Los Angeles, who spend their money on ridiculous frivolous crap. It's so unrelatable and incredibly out-of-touch but I keep watching it for some reason :(

No. 250066

Slowburn. It has its fast moments but it’s a slow show in general, mostly just scenes of people in corporate rooms talking to each other. I think the fun is in the slowness. It does get pretty dreadful at times.

No. 250103

holy shit they're all so ugly

No. 250139

The lady in the back with the red top literally looks like a deformed AoT monster wtf

No. 250430

any1 watch the house of the dragon finale?

No. 251419

File: 1667067770219.jpg (222.39 KB, 1045x697, AAAAQRCGJvj2pUnGtMuP-y54ETC9dR…)

Was anyone else massively disapointed by Del Toro's Cabinet of Cuirosities? I felt like it was a collection of cliched and overdone tropes, with no effort to do anything new or different. I'm really surprised by the overwhelmingly positive reception but maybe I've watched so many horror films that I've become jaded and desensitized kek

No. 251423

I liked the first season. But then s2 came and the episodes were suddenly 22 minutes long and didn't work at all anymore. I remember how it was filled with scenes where the camera was just focusing on some random place or see the characters slowly move around and do insignificant stuff and it felt like they didn't know how to fill all the time they had. It's a shame because s1 had potential IMO.

No. 251428

I'm on episode 6 and I'm feeling the same way anon. I straight up hated the first two episodes. The quality's picked up a bit, but I still expected better as a huge fan of del Toro's. Are episodes 7 and 8 any better than the rest?

No. 251685

The Devils Hour is a drama thriller on Prime that just came out yesterday. I’ve already binge watched the whole thing.
Watching it feels like listening to someone trying to recall a dream. Great show if you enjoy speculating about the nature of reality, consciousness and time. Sorry for being so vague I don’t want to spoil anything.

No. 251842

ntayrt but I thought the 8th (which has the same director and lead as The Babadook) was one of the best. but it's also a relatively quite ghost story that's partly about birdwatching lol so ymmv. the 7th is also ok. 2 and 4 were the worst for me

No. 251851

SAME. I liked 3's concept (I'm kind of a sucker for sci fi elements), but honestly so far they all sucked. Haven't seen 7/8 yet, doing that tonight, but I hope they'll be better because most were so bad. The first two were actually like 2/10 terrible, most overdone tropes ever and the endings fell so flat that it made the entire story pointless. I don't really understand how it has such amazing reviews?

No. 253226

File: 1667614344630.jpg (82.75 KB, 960x540, p22633146_b_h8_ac.jpg)

Anyone else watching Interview with the vampire? It's soooooo good, even though it takes big liberties, where it matters you can tell there's a lot of admiration and care for the original story. I didn't expect to love it as much, I was actually one of these people really skeptical about everything after initial info was released; said liberties, the casting… it all falls into place and the casting honestly is perfect; chemistry between Louis and Lestat is incredible and makes me feel like I'm back in my teenage years, heart fluttering as I read the books. I'm just so excited it came out so good anons, so glad second season is already confirmed!

No. 253236

I've watched the first two episodes, fell behind but I'll catch up. I like it so far. The elaborate meal where Lois eats a live fox at the dining table was weird. Lestat's actor seems really into his role which is nice to see; sometimes he comes off as immature which I'm not sure really goes but I didn't read the books.

Ann Rice superfan I talked to was pissed (but still watching the show, because vampires) when they saw the reporter is old now because he didn't immediately drive 30 hours while listening back over his recordings with Lois to figure out where Lestat was buried and beg him to be turned into a vampire, which is what happened in the book? If I'm remembering that right.

No. 253237

White lotus season 2is out! This one is in Italy, I don't like a lot of the characters already especially Jennifer Coolidge's bf, bald uncle Rico, I can't wait to see what his deal is..

No. 253347

File: 1667647011361.jpg (65.74 KB, 440x640, the_devilshour.jpg)

Finished The Devil's Hour (it's out on Prime) like a week ago and haven't seen much discussion online about it. Don't know why, it's such a refreshing show and I love guessing just wtf is going on without it force feeding me exposition. Also the fact that it's not an murican series is a big plus in my book, because I love British series and shows. Hope Prime doesn't axe it.

No. 253350

Binged watched it in a day, absolutely loved it! Can’t wait for the second season, I hope they’re able to complete it. Primes having some really good originals lately.

No. 253450

Yeah the reporter's story is one of these cases where liberties were taken; i totally get it that if someone is a vampire chronicles purist (not a bad thing!) it can be a bit much; but from what I've seen there are plenty of people like me who are also big fans but enjoy the changes, and since I don't see a lot of discussions about this show at all I just hope to maybe convince someone to give the series a shot despite some reservations anyone who read the books could have. It's comparable to The Walking Dead (also amc actually) where it strayed away from the original from the very beginning but ended up (until certain point) being an adaptation both fans of the comics and newcomers loved
>sometimes he comes off as immature which I'm not sure really goes but I didn't read the books.
That's pretty much as he should be, especially from Louis' perspective haha

No. 253712

Has anyone watched manifest? If you have is there any rape/fetish shit in it? I ask because I’ve been burnt in the past by content warnings that weren’t up to date.

No. 253713

It was a broadcast show before Netflix rescued it, so unless they completely changed the tone I don't think so.

No. 253784

File: 1667814230379.png (7.01 MB, 3302x1920, Screen Shot 2022-11-07 at 01.3…)

just watched episode one of The Rehearsal (with the Nathan For You guy) and I almost crawled out of my skin, jaw on the floor, this much cringe should be illegal, it's art and I hate it with my life

No. 253793

I wish I could wipe my memory and experience the rehersal for the first time again, you're in for an incredibly cringy treat nonna

No. 253828

If you haven’t already seen it you might both like Review

No. 254130

File: 1668046821418.jpg (45.73 KB, 500x700, 3541564.jpg)

I know I'm late to the party but I just watched True Detective Season 1 for the first time and really enjoyed it, I like that it was pretty short and sweet with a fairly straightforward plot, while still having a lot of pretty cinematography, interesting symbolism, and good performances to keep me engaged. The beginning gave me major Deadly Premonition vibes, so I was invested right away. I was hesitant about the two main characters at first but they have good arcs and a realistically fragile relationship (also I never thought McConaughey was attractive but oh boy do I get it now…tfw no troubled, cryptic, autistic cop bf, kek). Are the following seasons worth watching? Also, does anyone have any reccomendations for short (like, 10-ish episodes) dramas, especially thrillers or crime dramas? I've seen and liked Big Little Lies, Sharp Objects, and the first three seasons of Fargo, if that helps eliminate suggestions.

No. 254132

>Are the following seasons worth watching?
The second season is not worth watching. I liked the first season a lot. I watched the next season but got no enjoyment out of it and it was an irritating viewing experience. I did not watch the third season so I don't know if it was better or worse or the same.

No. 254179

File: 1668078007057.jpg (129.88 KB, 1000x1421, MV5BMjI2M2U5NmQtOTBjNC00MzE1LT…)

This? I've never heard of it, will give it a shot!

No. 254180

nta but wow i can’t believe someone else actually watched review

No. 254759

started rewatching the sopranos again. first time i watched it when i was 15 in high school–so rewatching it now at 24 is kind of crazy. so much went over my head back then. i remember thinking i was so cool for watching the sopranos back then when everyone was obsessed with breaking bad instead lmao.

anyway, still good show. i think i can appreciate it more now, although even back then i decided it was the best show ive ever seen.

No. 254765

I like it when a show just writes every character as a huge piece of shit and lets them sit there steaming on screen for you to see

No. 255080

File: 1668461247119.jpeg (120.6 KB, 2800x1865, aubrey.jpeg)

I already prefer this season to the first even though I agree most of the characters are annoying, apart from the manager lady and Aubrey Plaza's character <3

No. 255081

I couldn't find anywhere to watch this (or pirate) I think mostly because the name 'Review' makes it impossible to search for… do you know if it is on any streaming platforms?

No. 255084

If you're ok with pirating there's a lot of torrent sources available with Stremio addons; I watched a few eps found with Torrentio

No. 255267

Mare of Easttown
The Fall - has three seasons but they're short, 5-6 episodes each
The Terror (1st season) - not exactly what you're asking for since it's rather drama/horror, but it's short and atmospheric

No. 255272

File: 1668547932281.gif (4.99 MB, 490x325, tumblr_533f07b7448cdbd3ba30737…)

> Mare of Easttown
a reason to watch, gif rel

No. 255283

As a book reader, I didn't expect to enjoy AMC's Interview with the Vampire as much as I did. I had serious doubts after seeing the initial news and pictures, but now I'm sold. Liked this Louis (much better than Brad Pitt's) and Claudia, and this Lestat almost made me forget about Tom Cruise's, he was mad charismatic. The chemistry between the main actors. Also enjoyed how they got rid of the pedo stuff with Louis and Claudia.
Now we wait for season 2…

No. 255889

I just got up to date with this season. I really like it, I think this season has better characters. They took the theme song to the next level and it blows me away

No. 258184

File: 1669500073196.jpg (139.63 KB, 810x1200, Wednesday_TV_Series-938002261-…)

I don't know how to feel about the show yet, only watched one episode. It's zoomer-ish and I fucking hope there won't be any relationship crap.

No. 258189

It's going to be bad and make zero sense. You cant modernize alt girls anymore because they are heavily accepted and normalized now, so the addams family meaning has none anymore.

No. 258202

It's kind of dumb and some of the casting choices don't work. It's very Riverdale in some ways

No. 258211

tim burton is obsessed with extremely conventionally beautiful young women/teens and making them ~social reject outcasts~. they really made gomez ugly af claiming it was based on the comic art style and then did this to wednesday.

No. 258214

Both his ex wives were gorgeous and idk how that happened when he looks like an absolute troll

No. 258250

I didn't hate it even though some parts were really annoying. The social justice talking points wednesday kept bringing up were so out of place, and I'm not someone who usually minds that stuff.
What I don't get is that like, this is an original story? It didn't need to be the Addams family?
Morticia, Gomez and Pugsley are in like 2 episodes, and they're now magical creatures or something. Wednesday has visions of the future.
Like if you want to do a fantastical coming of age boarding school story, just do that. It doesn't need to be attached to the Addams family.

No. 258255

Who Tim Burton, or Luiz Guzman?

No. 258256

Started watching it too, it’s not terrible but not particularly good either. Just another Netflix adaptation churned out quickly and cheaply. I’m hoping her character arc will involve her becoming less NLOG-y, but that’s probably not going to happen.

No. 258258

was expecting mediocre crap and was still disappointed. The acting was godawful with everyone but wednesday's actress, morticia, gomez, and the school's principle. EVERY SINGLE OTHER PERSON was so god awful it'd make it hard to watch. It doesn't even make sense, she constantly makes choices that are very not like her character (why would she care about saving anyone for example…). And her hating her parents is so against her character. There's a lot more but tldr she makes a lot of choices that wednesday normally wouldn't.

And that dance scene… What were they thinking.

No. 258271

Tim Burton

Lisa Marie and Helena Bonham Carter are both insanely gorgeous

No. 258272

I think it's because nowadays networks and companies want to work off of established Ips. It's way easier to pitch and get made I know it's fucking stupid but it's sadly how studios work these days.

No. 258273

Agreed none of the characters act like the Addams family. The fun part of the Addams family has always been the juxtaposition of them vs everyone else. They're so happy to be morbid and weird… This has way too much weird angst.

No. 258281

I'm trying very hard to like it, as a fan. However they are making it very hard for me, as a fan.

No. 258303

File: 1669517843862.jpeg (44.94 KB, 500x800, 8KWpP9X.jpeg)

anon above, that also wasnt me trying to diss luiz guzman because i like him as an actor but its jarring to see him next to a bunch of beautiful women and then they claim ~its the art style~ when wednesday looks like this ~in the accurate art~.

No. 258307

Does anyone else hate Fred armisen as fester?

No. 258618

File: 1669596828450.png (989.39 KB, 1022x556, walking dead.png)

Thoughts on this show? I really liked it up until the end of the governor arc, Negan showing up was fun but then it gets bad again.

No. 258625

I dropped it after a while. That one eyed kid was so annoying, they should've killed him a long time ago. I also felt like the story was going nowhere. People go "but thats the story, it's about them surviving the zombie apocalypse" and that's alright I guess, it is an interesting concept, just not what I expected, besides, I didn't care for any of the characters to keep watching.

No. 258626

…why does it say from the imagination of Tim Burton. He did not direct the 90s movies. Why is he involved at all

No. 258627

Whattttt I loved Carl, he was one of my favorites KEK. I haven't seen the finale but from what I've heard they never actually address the origin of the virus and other really important information because they want to milk that for spinoffs. The concept was really cool but they went full retard in the later seasons, it's literally just
>Wow we are in a place, this place is so nice
>Yes we can stay here forever and ever
>Walkers/People/Guvnah invasion
>Oh nooooo we have to leave
and now we get to have the WalkingDeadverse which no one fucking asked for talking about this show genuinely pisses me off because of all the wasted potential, Shane and Lori were lucky they died before it turned into a shitshow.

No. 258628

hes a producer

No. 258630

Yes, but WHY. Barry Sonnenfeld is alive and well. Did he correctly predict this project would be a shitshow

No. 258635

idfk. because, as stated >>258211 here, he is obsessed

No. 258706

File: 1669622596507.jpg (192.31 KB, 1062x1593, MV5BNWNlYWMzMGUtZjEyNS00OWYwLW…)

My bf introduced me to this show and I'm hooked. A little bit past the halfway point but oh god do I love the drama and intensity this show brings. We watch it with our roommates and the only downside is they seem to struggle to understand the irish accents. I wish there were more shows like this

No. 258803

I'm trying to watch it but the dad is so ugly now that it's actually offensive.

No. 258956

File: 1669677383339.jpeg (233.06 KB, 1000x1250, 2AAF818E-A57C-4F35-A35C-86393C…)

Has anyone else seen this yet? I really love the show dark and this is from the same writers/directors. Anyone have thoughts? I won't speak too much on the plot but I've enjoyed it quite a bit and… the men they have cast are beautiful lol.. I hope that isn't skewing how much I like the show though

No. 259110

The love triangle was so bad and annoying, and the mention of social media made me want to stop the show. Also, wtf was up with that scene where it showed the angle of her friend near that guy's crotch after she spills her drink on him? So weird. The actor for Gomez didn't have enough charisma for me and his voice was so grating to me that hearing him attempt to talk romantically made me cringe so hard.. and the actress for Morticia looked more like a cosplayer to me than Morticia. I thought the dance was cute though kek. Anyway, I really wish they showed more of them in other classes.

No. 259217

File: 1669762612316.jpg (39.41 KB, 1024x576, heart.jpg)

I've been watching diary of a call girl which is pretty entertaining. very dramatic and billie piper looks great in in it

No. 259223

The last episode disappointed me desu the cutest dude in the show is a gay for pay prostitute idk why I didn't see it coming.

No. 259256

I've only seen the first episode so far and it seems really intriguing, reminds me of LOST somehow (diverse cast stuck in a place, investigating a mystery). Does it have a conclusive ending?

No. 259304

Omg she's so cute!! I haven't seen her since the Doctor Who with the 10th doctor.

No. 259549

she has sooo many good outfits and its nice seeing her as the main main character, even if it is about prostitution. She has some great line reads and in general gives a good performance imo! defo worth a watch if you like her nonnie

No. 259974

File: 1669973991760.png (81.01 KB, 720x548, whitelotus.png)

I loved the first season but the current season is so much better. I'm simultaneously stressed out but also wish the episodes were 3 hours long.

No. 259975

I liked the captain, he's so dashing and sad lol
But the plot twist feels uninspired and kind of cheap, maybe it will work out in the long run, but for now… it's like straight out of some fanfiction. The most attractive part of the show, for me at least, was the old-timey aesthetic with the vibe of uneasiness of something unknowable and eldritch out there at sea, and I really don't want them to change it!

No. 259987

thank you. i agree. this second season is much more interesting (and has aubrey plaza in it) I don't get why people are saying it's not as good as the first.

No. 260084

File: 1670011894114.jpg (12.13 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (2).jpg)

I liked Frasier I watched the whole thing but it makes it even funnier to me to know Kelsey Grammar heavily disliked the dog that played Eddie and was jelly of the dog's fame. He tries to clarify in interviews that he isn't but he clearly is, he's like "w-well I take acting seriously and the dog isn't REALLY an actor!!" Like shove it up your ass dude Eddie made the show funnier than just your fat ass courting some random woman of the week

No. 261163

Does anyone have a good rec for a really girly early 2000s set show, kind of like Sex and the City but set outside the US? I want fashion and dumb relationship drama and I feel like I've seen most of what the states has to offer

No. 261190

File: 1670305855617.png (156.21 KB, 248x277, eddie.png)

kek, I love this. Eddie is perfect is every way and is one of like 3 dogs I've ever found to be cute.

No. 261236

One of Moose's (dog who played Eddie) sons, Enzo, took over the role for him in the later seasons. Also the lady who played Roz, Peri Gilpin, had one of the puppies that Moose fathered named Moosie. I find it funny that Moose would just stare at Kelsey so the writers made it a gag in the show. Dog knew how to troll Kelsey.

No. 261355

File: 1670357630581.jpg (929.11 KB, 1500x2224, MV5BZTY5ZmMwMDQtMmYxYy00ZTYyLW…)

Anyone watched this show, whats your opinion on it (no spoilers please since im still at the first couple of episodes).

No. 261367

I watched it, it's okay, kinda forgettable tbh. But it's a fun watch and has some good (no spoilers) moments if you're like doing something else while watching it, but outside of that it's kinda meh.

Also, I swear mindy kaling's has been going really really down hill last few years.

No. 261368

I saw the first season and it was fun, exactly what you'd expect from a show like this, nothing too deep. Main character is great, what I hate though is that her love interest looks so much older than her, idk why didn't they cast someone of the same age

No. 261380

THIS! im glad im not the only i just started watching and that paxton guy looks like he is 30……

I just checked the actors age and he is atleast 11 years older than her….why did they get someone in their 30's to play a high schooler….

No. 261402

My god, my apologies I am so late replying. I'll just say that I think this series will be at least 3 seasons long and the first season ending left much to be answered..
LOL I liked the captain too he truly is dashing. And yea I agree, I posted my op before I saw the ending. I'm hoping the next season(s)? will be good and tie things together since that's what they did with Dark but right now this show seems way more shallow than I thought it would be. I'm praying they don't disappoint because I do love the idea and the writers!! and I really love how there are so many different languages

No. 261515

I've finished the series today, it honestly seemed pretty charming and had a good hook in the beginning. I think it works better if you do forget it's about the Addams family and just treat it like another Umbrella/Magic school with OCs, because they're so OOC. The thing is that the twist and mystery is very weak, it becomes very clear right after they introduce the mystery, and yet you have to watch her do and deal with the usual red herring crap for half the series. Any young adult novel trope you can recognize plays out the exact same way you'd assume from beginning to end. I guess it is supposed to be aimed at like a 10-13 audience, but I was still disappointed.

I didn't get why she was so rebellious against her parents either, she was always respectful towards her parents, not a permanent snarker. I guess it's supposed to be teen angst, but it's not only explored beyond the "I can't be perfect and don't wanna be a housewife like you mom"

No. 261521

Also not directly related to the series but as I was trying to look up the general reactions to the series, the main actress seems like a massive cringelord. The way she talks about "coregraphing" the dance scene and how she was in deep pain filming it gives me second hand embarassment. It's basically just Thriller with a bit of nothing mixed in.

No. 261527

I'm curious what social justice talking point does Wednesday bring up in a dark magic school ? where people are literal monsters

No. 261551

It's not even just that strong-eyeliner goth girls aren't anything special, but they're not even special in their own show now. No one even reacts to the Addams because they're in a school made up of literal monsters and Poeboos. The only "cheerful normie" is her roommate, and she sticks out more than Wednesday does

No. 261574

>Morticia looked more like a cosplayer to me than Morticia.
not gonna watch that show but i have seen clips of it against my will, and i feel the same way. all the previous morticias had an allure, that although is different, that just doesnt have.

No. 261576

I agree, this version has no charisma whatsoever.

No. 261613

File: 1670437330934.jpeg (1.7 MB, 3600x2394, WEDNESDAY-emma-myers.jpeg)

Werewolf roommate Enid was honestly the best part of the show, she was actually fun-creepy with her rainbow claw nails and she had charisma on screen. Somehow Wednesday wound up looking really plain next to her instead of them both being two extremes. They didn't go hard enough with Wednesday's look and the actress portrayed her as a "sad misguided loner" instead of the no-fucks eccentric she's supposed to be which just took all the life out of the character.
Boo. Hiss.

No. 261685

really? Maybe it's just me, her as her character was interesting and fun sure, but her actress… Bothered the crap out of me. I thought her acting was probably one of the worst of the 'group' they had going.

No. 261693

Eddie and the father were my favorite parts of my show. Kelsey grammar seems like a stupid moid on and off the show.

No. 261711

I'm sorry what– There are werewolves and magic in this shit? Why did they even have to involve the Addam's family instead of making a new IP?

No. 261716

File: 1670449585414.gif (836.89 KB, 498x272, money-throw-money.gif)

There are all kinds of classic horror and creepypasta monsters in the series. You wouldn't even really know it if it wasn't outright stated, as everyone's in their human form 99% of the time to save on special effects costs, which might actually be lamer than the story itself. The Addams family are a family of witches now too, they have psychic visions.
>Why did they even have to involve the Addam's family instead of making a new IP?
Picrel. Easier to market, and they're spending a LOT of money on marketing, that's why it's all over the place suddenly

No. 261720

I'm so glad I didn't waste my time on this as a fan of the two original series and movies. I hate how gen z era is the era of massive cash grabs. And of course, they eat it right up.

No. 261758

ntayrt but imo the Wednesday series is basically a cw drama, it literally is just about a boarding school of ~special~ teenagers with a mystery thrown in and could be mistaken for a riverdale AU. jenna makes the series watchable

No. 261762

File: 1670463835114.png (33.67 KB, 680x113, kg.png)

I agree they're the best parts. Kelsey is definitely an asshole, with a drinking/drugs issue too which makes him hard to work with and be married to, but in fairness he has had a really fucked up life. it's quite unbelievable.

No. 261769

Notice how it's always males doing this. I feel very sad for him and his sister. i hate men so much though.

No. 261770

I never knew any of this. Thank you for sharing. Men are violent garbage

No. 261771

I'm not much of an acting critic. You might be totally right about her being a bad actor but I enjoyed her screen time. I guess I noticed she wasn't that good at pretending things were happening that were special effects which is pretty bad lol.

No. 262070

File: 1670560474241.jpeg (109.73 KB, 780x438, E0242A5C-7A74-4968-A7BB-06C817…)

i feel like she’d be a terf or easily peaked at the very least

No. 262080

Kek I can see it. A few other characters that give off that vibe to me are

>Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones

>Alicent from House of the Dragon
>Emily Fitch from Skins (maybe Naomi too but unsure)
>Maybe/hopefully Kim from Better Call Saul

No. 262087

She would try sooo hard to be a good little handmaid but couldn't help judging tf out of trannies imo

No. 262149

File: 1670590039445.gif (266.11 KB, 500x257, six-seasons-and-a-movie.gif)

I agree with >>262087 that she would be a TRA on the outside and a TERF on the inside.

reminds me that the movie is supposed to be happening soon. any predictions?

No. 262481

I just watched the first episode of the Dragon Age series and it looks pretty but the characters are such cliche and Miriam is edgy which is such cringe, I hope it gets better as the show progresses.

No. 262738

Wednesday is like if you told the guy who made Riverdale and Sabrina to plagiarize a Harry Potter/Monster High crossover fanfic but make it about the Addams Family.

No. 262740

File: 1670741450273.jpg (224.46 KB, 960x1200, FfRD_EcWIAIpjwz.jpg)

I'm having too much fun watching Half Bad: The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself. Just found out it was cancelled? Damn. Guess I'll enjoy what's left of the season (no spoilers please). I don't know why I'm into totally stupid fantasy series like this lately (was also obsessed with Fate: The Winx Saga recently lmao)

No. 262856

I want to watch a cop/crime show. Any recommendations?

No. 262997

Person of Interest, The Mentalist, Elementary, good procedurals that have proper endings.

No. 263313

here to say that i hate the Wednesday show and anyone that likes it doesn't have a right to talk about tv shows, fuck you.

No. 263342

wow this is a good list!

No. 263344

File: 1670977699497.jpg (192.61 KB, 1200x900, original.jpg)

How did nonas feel about the white lotus finale sad that Tania was the one who died ļ also liked that that Albie dude got played, I felt kinda sad for Daphne's kids and how uninterested Cameron seemed with them. They're obviously not really his kids and i didn't really care for Valentina and that one prostitute getting together. It felt weird and I skipped their sex scene along with all the other sex scenes I did like the dark hair prostitute. I thought she was cute with her accent. good for Tania on killing those faggots

No. 263366

Some more silly shows I like too are the new Magnum PI reboot and Blindspot.

No. 263380

>Magnum P.I reboot
That happened? Was Magnum hot? Or is it one of those reboots where they genderbend the main character?

No. 263386

I'm watching Vikings for the first time and finding it kind of weak in terms of dialogue and characters. Does it get better or should I watch something else? I just finished episode 3

No. 263387

File: 1670990595280.jpg (141.43 KB, 680x280, 680E83C5984-86AE-4CA1-BFDC8F9B…)

It went for four seasons, got cancelled and then rescued by another network.
I think he's pretty charming, but they did genderswap Higgens.

No. 263516

Watched the show for jennifer and it was pretty sad watching tanya die she was hilarious but hopefully greg won't be getting the money
I couldn't stand the italian whores but albie and his whole nice guy schtick was more annoying I'm glad he got scammed lmao

No. 263857

watched it and it's alright, not perfect but genuinely entertaining, the biggest issues I had were
1)Jenna Ortega's wooden acting which kept pulling me out
2)Some of the cast who gave Riverdale-tier performance
3)The constant use of the words "normies" and "outcasts" like it seems taken straight out of a terrible YA novel

No. 263868

File: 1671145461798.png (822 KB, 1053x531, wolf therapy shit.png)

it was trash, riverdale tier trash and i don't get why everyone think it's so great
I espacially hate when they try to make gay allegories but with a straight character. If Hollywood wants to make movies about outcasts, cast actual weirdos, not conventionally cute straight girls

No. 263871

Both of these shows are amazing honestly. Physical is so raw and unhinged and while it gets a bit kooky, it shows the reality of EDs. It's funny, it's sad, it's crazy and it's got literally everything. S1 of White Lotus kept me hooked, literally finished it in a day. The characters are well developed and interesting even when they're rich, white assholes. It was so sad watching Rachel spiral while her idiot husband couldn't understand what's going on with her. And in the end she chose money over self respect and independence. She was a very relatable character for me, minus the billionaire husband part. I'm really interested what S2 is like, can't wait to start watching.

No. 263879

are they trying to imply being gay is like transforming into a dangerous beast against your will

No. 263888

honestly that scene had me cackling, it was so hammy. like who wrote that? lmao

No. 263903

>it shows the reality of EDs.
Man it was too real, I couldn't even finish it because her inner monologue was so hard to hear. It's the first and only realistic, not romanticized ED fiction I've ever seen/read.

No. 263933

File: 1671168121465.png (58.5 KB, 1130x478, Screenshot.png)

>like who wrote that?
Miles Millar, he's been writing cringy series meant for teens for over 2 decades now

No. 263937

I liked Into the Badlands.

No. 263943

File: 1671173053348.jpeg (43.22 KB, 600x727, 8320095.jpeg)

Man. I was kinda looking forward to this show, then had low expectations once I saw the trailer and like another nona said I was still disappointed. The whole thing felt like the "SHE'S LITERALLY ME!" meme and I think maybe I'm just not the right demographic for it

No. 263949

I absolutely hate looking at Luis Guzman, he is so repulsive and I can't stand his face. I know people argue "BUT THE ORIGINAL GOMEZ WAS UGLY-" but come the fuck on. Catherine Zeta-Jones would never.

No. 263966

This is so accurate. I have two more episodes to go and I don't even want to finish it. It's a groan-fest. I have no clue what kind of world or message they are trying to create with the whole "normies vs. outcasts" and puritan pilgrim colonization stolen land shit.

No. 263967

The scene of Tanya alternating between sprinting and walking/acting "cool" on the boat to not raise the gays' suspicion was so fucking funny. Especially since they could see her sprinting through the windows KEK. And the horror when she realizes the boat captain or whatever is also a gay. Also when she says they're going to kill her for money to "decorate their houses or whatever". She's based, RIP.

No. 263999

File: 1671199852006.jpg (2.01 MB, 1536x2086, Roberto_Aguirre-Sacasa_by_Gage…)

so just like Riverdale and Sabrina, also written and directed by a 50+ year old gay man

No. 264017

It's creepy to me that this man is writing hot sexy romances for people playing teenagers. I know they arent teens irl, but the idea that all this man knows how to do is write shitty scripts for teens gives me a red flag.

No. 264021

makes a lot more sense now to be honest
I think maybe it's that teens have a lower bar for quality and will watch whatever has strong marketing so they can talk about it at school or whatever

No. 264026

I read somewhere that roberto aguirre sacasa writes his shows in a play format and that’s why it’s so structurally random, most concerning is that he seems to have specific fetishes related to the teenage characters and all the weird sexual situations he puts them in. I'd recommend this video (specifically the segment starting at 47:32) because it runs through some of Aguirre-Sacasa's weird sexuality and how it plays into his projects about young characters.

No. 264063

Creepy John Green vibes. I absolutely hate it when men write about teenagers in romantic/sexual situations

No. 264622

I hate recs like this with zero mention of what the show is actually about. I don't care that you ship the leads, what's the plot. The hook that's driving the series. I will never understand why people rec all around the plot.

No. 264702

File: 1671459083173.png (191.68 KB, 420x236, The_White_Lotus_Title_Card.png)

White Lotus really doesn't deserve the praise it's getting, especially the second season. In both you can tell it was written by a scrote, at least the first one had a few strong themes carrying it nonetheless; second one just falls flat completely. Tanya is so obviously written for the "funny" gays to quote online, it was the smallest surprise ever when I found out that the showrunner is a white faggot himself. Not even the comedy is good; it's hard to mix drama and comedy well and it just doesn't land well here, it's too uneven, like he tries to have comedy but is too afraid to actually commit to making it properly dark and absurd in every case except Tanya's, where the actress is just good enough to carry the show on her shoulders all by herself. But then with her being so absurd and everyone else having their characters and storylines written in a realistic way, the mood of the show is all over the place. The only solid part is the music, which is to be expected with this composer. Given the show's popularity I wonder what is it going to be like in the 3rd season without Tanya bringing in the absurdness. The concept actually has a solid potential so I genuinely wish there was someone better in charge of it

No. 264708

thank you, everyone was calling this show the greatest thing ever and i can't understand why, I'd argue the first person was even worse, cause it beat you on the head with its social commentary and didn't allow the characters to be anything more the caricatures

No. 264712

Yeah it was painfully on the nose, but ultimately having seen both seasons I've realized that personally I prefered having this one established social commentary theme tying all of these different characters together as one cohesive storyline approached from various angles and ultimately logically leading up to the season finale's death, as cringy as this whole RICH AMERICANS IN HAWAII BAD? was; and in 2nd season there really was nothing except americans having extramarital sex; and final death felt completely separate from every other plotline, and the characters were caricatures just as much. I guess it comes down to pretty actors and pretty locations being enough for general audiences to be entertained enough to rate the show around 8/10?

No. 269191

I found the portrayal of the Addams confusing. its like they couldn't really decide if the Addams world was full of psychos or not. Like Wednesday's morals/ethics are highly inconsistent. She's super violent and scary when it's supposed to impress someone (even just the audience), but is also against violence and crime and will go on a righteous crusade to put a stop to it when it serves the story. Like why WOULDN'T Wednesday want her dad to be a killer?

No. 271272

I didn’t like the first one by the end because it didn’t seem like the writers understood the story they were telling… if that makes sense. Like I’m pretty sure you were supposed to root for the wrong people or maybe no one, and mostly ignore everyone who got fucked or just not care. And the stereotypes made me roll my eyes but I guess that was supposed to be funny? I expected a subversion there somewhere but it never happened, they just stayed stereotypes. Without being specific and spoiling that was my general impression.
Didn’t watch the second season.

No. 271785

Just starting watching season 4 and I was immediately surprised that they had a they/them girl and an ugly moid in a dress who claimed to be genderfluid because he likes make up. Definitely seems like some of the contestants this time were chosen to be more "diverse". I mean every season was diverse with people from different backgrounds and sexuality but this season has 2 gender specials. And yeah that contestant was super cringe, this seasons quality of the contestants was low. I hope next season will be better

No. 272556

File: 1675196760485.jpeg (154.49 KB, 998x948, 1F67C5E9-C1CB-4170-A75D-90A2A0…)

Voyager has the exact same vibe as TNG and anyone who hates Voyager but loves TNG is misogynist plain and simple. But why do people hate Neelix? Also Janeway is gorgeous (reposting from /ot/)

No. 272563

anyone here watching physical 100? Personally for me i dislike the fact that they have olympian medalists and professional sportists mixed in with people who go to the gym or are influencers, its unfair since the olympians and pro-sports people have a obvious advantage in abilities compared to the other people. Just like how the olympian sportist won in the first ep.

No. 272572

wait i got confused he got won 2nd place first ep, that still is big.

No. 272575

File: 1675201856941.gif (27.31 KB, 220x185, currious-startrek.gif)

The only struggle with Voyager is inconsistent characterization because of all the different writers wanting to go in different directions, and TNG had that problem sometimes too. There's probably some misogyny involved for the people who really hate Voyager if they liked TNG.
The bigger slapfest I see is TNG vs Deep Space Nine, because DS9 is basically a completely different genre of show that appeals to different people.

No. 272706

I like TNG, Voyager, and DS9 a lot. DS9 is definitely a bit different but it still has all the important entertaining parts and still has the interpersonal/political-philosophical stuff too. Idk what the fuss is about when we could all just unite to hate fucking Enterprise

No. 273584

File: 1675610015561.jpg (399.66 KB, 515x728, MV5BYmM5ODIwMTctYTk1ZC00NjhlLW…)

any anons watching makanai on netflix? I loved the manga and the anime shorts and i'm really loving the live action version. it's very calming and fills the lack of new seasons of midnight diner void in my heart. the acting is also surpsingly good for a japanese drama? still a bit dramatic at times, but overall not as cringe as a lot of other japanese tv shows.

No. 273740

File: 1675675513756.png (12.24 MB, 4500x4500, dytp8bbllaga1.png)

This was surprising, also who tf is streaming that much Gilmore Girls?

No. 273742

I hate neelix he's fucking annoying as shit. It has some dumb episodes but so does tng. I liked voyager for Janeway and 7 of 9 but I did hate what they did to b'elannas character.

All the goofy holodeck episodes are my fav but I think a lot of people hate those ?

No. 273743

So true I could never make it through enterprise lol

No. 273765

I read American Born Chinese back in Middle School and I remember enjoying it, this adaption however looks like it has little in common with the original story, like there are Chinese mythological gods in the graphic novel, but they're hardly the main story.
I’m curious how this will work as this adaptation is supposed to be a full series. but the original graphic novel was fairly short and you can read it in one sitting

No. 273774

My dog watches Gilmore girls when I go out.

No. 273794

File: 1675703281179.png (2.08 MB, 879x640, Screenshot_20230206-110539.png)

I started watching Harvey Beaks. Excellent show. It's hitting that comedy nostalgia I missed from Chowder and it's able to be it's own thing. Super comfy, looks really pretty. It took me a bit to actually start watching Harvey Beaks because I thought it was a show meant for way younger children and it gave me that Steven Universe art style feel, but I was so wrong.
these poor children getting overstimulated because their parents don't know how to interact with their own kin

No. 273796

I'm watching and the amount of ballooned up people on steroids is insane. Obviously both sides look insane but I especially hate the sound of roided out women with the croaky troon voices from steroids.

I thought everyone in the show looked bad for one reason or another, mostly to do with styling. But he's so horrifically ugly it feels like a misogynistic crime to pair him up with catherine zeta jones who looks like a supermodel next to him. I wanted to gag at their zero chemistry scenes where they were supposed to kiss and be lovey dovey. He looked like a legit monster. They can miss me with the "bUt wE WanTeD HiM To Be uGLy LiKe gOmEz fRoM ThE CoMiCs". Sure, give me a skeletal, egg headed, giant forehead Morticia with thin hair and thin weird eyebrows. But no, gotta keep the women pretty. Wednesday is honestly such a shitty show for so many different reasons. I hate that the garbage didn't flop.

No. 273797

was this made by the creator of chowder

No. 273881

I started watching Clone High. Why is Abe's "surprised scream" the fucking N word? Lmao it's a shame this series was so short
Yes it was!

No. 274791

File: 1675998212379.gif (7.09 MB, 540x450, 43D0BC8B-F2DC-4988-8FF8-FDC7CA…)

You season 4 started with another eat the rich snarky commentary, it was basically the whole plot. we've seen the same exact remarks endlessly this year (the white lotus, the menu, infinity pool, glass onions etc) I understand You has always been satirical with their writing but I just wanted to watch silly highly entertaining show about a murderous stalker
no more surface level "capitalism bad" takes pls @ 30 year old twitter millennials writers' room

No. 274796

I’ve really only enjoyed the first season as cliche and problematic as it was, but of course netflix had to turn it into some bullshit like they did with black mirror too. The character of Love from what I recall was cringe as fuck so I expect the new season to be crap considering I remember almost nothing at all besides the embarrassing characterization and attempts at self aware “say what the audience is thinking” commentary.

No. 274853

I am still looking forward to watch as I love the actor (and damn, can't say i don't miss Love) but the trailer of S4 really threw me off. I will watch it later but i imagine it's gonna be your typical 'london posh with tiktok bs'. Nobody in the trailer got me interested, and god i hope he will shave.

No. 274946

Just finished watching and HATED it, I don’t think I’ll watch the rest of the episodes when they drop in March. I was groaning when it didn’t end after season 3, because 1. Where the hell else could they take this? Stalk another girl? boring and 2. I WANT THIS DUMB ASSHOLE TO GET CAUGHT AND ARRESTED ALREADY. What started as a series about a fucking crazy ass stalker is now some murder mystery where it feels like he’s not even the villain anymore, this also happened with 13 reasons why, like just end the series after the story has been told, prolonging it to bring in more money with a weak story is just annoying.

No. 274979

I haven’t seen the new season yet but I agree that they’re dragging it out too long. It would’ve been fitting to have Love do a murder-suicide on him in the last season so it could be over.

No. 275078

I came back after I finished the show and same. exact. thoughts. anon I was really rooting for it to work despite the shitty premise because I loved the three first seasons but season four characters are so unlikable and bland. the lack of chemistry between Joe and Kate is laughable she's clearly a knockoff more bitter version of fleabag ugh I really miss love, her and Joe worked so well together onscreen they really should've ended it at three honestly
Theres an interesting fan theory circling on twitter but I don't want to spoil it

No. 275089

Is the last of us good? I was autistically obsessed with the game when it came out, don't want to see it get ruined.

No. 275092

I like it. A lot of people are mad that Ellie is ugly but I think it works well. Keeps her from being sexualized.

No. 275115

No. They completely destroyed the emotional core of the story which made the last of us so good. As typical with Hollywood whoever is writing this is afraid of feeling honest emotions so every single true bond that the characters have in the game have been re-written as to destroy them.

Also seems they felt like what was missing from the game was a graphic scene of female exploitation. Now we can see a female character which originally had a dignified death be humiliated and assaulted right before her death! How nice!

No. 275117

>another eat the rich snarky commentary
I don't get this, the writers, producers and actors of these shows are quite wealthy themselves and they should know that even rich assholes don't act like cartoon characters, like one literally goes "the rich are the real victims of society because we have built this nation" its not as bad as white lotus season but still cringe inducing

No. 275122

Ayrt, thanks for the warning. I want to kill someone rn.

No. 275472

File: 1676246106533.jpg (115.63 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Welcome to Flatch is such a hidden gem. It's a lot like if Corner Gas had a baby with Parks and Rec and Letterkenny is the godfather. It's so over the top but also real at the same time. I basically watch it for Kelly I love her so much

No. 275490

I'm really into Big Mandy too.

No. 275524

All I've seen are a few episodes so far because they are so grating and Penny's friends are trash. De is the worst. Poor Zoey through the whole series so far.

No. 275537

So what are your predictions for the next physical 100 episode, do you think Jang Eun Sil and her team will win or lose?

I feel highkey sorry their team is fucked, they literally have a cripple on their team (the guy with the broken leg) and they are smaller in size than the other teams so i dont know how they will succeed moving the 1.5 ton ship challenge. I mean i hope they do. Im rooting for eun sil because she is a girlboss.

No. 275570

Does anyone have a recommendation for shows (and movies) like Chowder and Over the Garden Wall? I want something comfy with a similar art style and writing. I've been doing some research of the writers and animators in the shows and have about 3 other shows I'm looking into, but I want to hear lolcow's recommendations first! Thanks nonnas!

No. 275725

I don't have any recs rn but nonny, there's a Western Animation thread already, that's where the cartoon fans hang out, they know their shit

No. 275752

Have you seen Bee and Puppycat?

No. 275785


NOOOO, now that she lost i lost interest watching the show, now im only gonna watch for that one couple who is roided and when they also get eliminated im gonna stop watching. Like i dont even care to watch the last episodes of who is going to be the winner because they are boring fuggos.

No. 275791

File: 1676385558945.jpg (632.25 KB, 1690x1800, kim kangmin.jpg)

>I'm watching and the amount of ballooned up people on steroids is insane
It’s kinda crazy how the general public is so oblivious to how common steroid use really is. If you look at the top 30 fastest 100m sprint times, only Usain Bolt has tested negative, so does that really mean only Usain Bolt is natural and everyone is cheating? No, everyone is doping at the highest level of almost every physical sport. It’s just that people aren’t aware of it. IMO, actors and social media influencers are more egregious about the PED issue than athletes as they’re on tour or on press lying that they’re natural and just eat “Chicken, rice and broccoli”. I know they contractually obligated to say so but still.
>now im only gonna watch for that one couple
picrel is the guy when he was younger, the steroids really transformed his face entirely. He looked like a normal person during his youth, now he looks like a monster.

No. 275798

yeah i saw a video of them in 2015 and wow he looks different. His lips got bigger too.

No. 275831

I read somewhere that HGH makes your skull bones grow, so your head literally gets bigger.

No. 275833

Tragic he was hot befoe

No. 275852

File: 1676410373126.webm (652.78 KB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_719985635992227357…)

No. 275930

When I saw him, I thought he'd be around 45+ years old. He's still only 31!

No. 275964

Harvey Beaks, it's also made by the same creators of Chowder.

No. 275966

File: 1676452139624.jpg (102.28 KB, 740x416, How-Eddie-Hall-Became-The-Beas…)

reminds me of this pic of strongman eddie hall, this was him at age 15 and the later pic is him at 26, men literally ruin their bodies and faces for no reason at all

No. 276400

File: 1676647412912.jpeg (36.34 KB, 708x433, 1998A961-4022-4AEB-B9F2-6A5DC3…)

Has anyone watched Severance? I saw the first 30 seconds of the first episode in a YouTube video and went to watch it. Ended up binging the entire thing. It’s not incredibly fast paced, but it really keeps you engaged. It’s sci-fi/mystery, but I recommend going into it blind if you’re even the least bit interested. The first episode is on Apple for free but I’m sure there are torrents for the remaining episodes. My only real gripe so far is that the dark scenes are just too dark. There’s only short points of high contrast, but they aren’t lingered on enough and look accidental. It feels like watching a tv that’s facing direct sunlight. I want to sperg so bad, but my only friend without a pea sized attention span towards TV doesn’t know how to download shit.

No. 276402

File: 1676648177970.jpeg (148.71 KB, 1280x720, F91524F8-E19F-4DFF-AB1D-825B66…)

I’M LATE. Okay, this is a literal toddler show, but I love it and highly recommend it for max comfy feels. Sarah and Duck. Watch it at bedtime and thank me later.

No. 276403

i watched the first 3 episodes, the pitch is interesting and the set is amazing, the endless corridors are so cool and the office has a beautiful vintage vibe, that's what kept me going but i stopped. Adam Scott's acting sucks youcan't tell the difference in his character outside and inside the office the whole social discourse felt so forced, like we couldn't understand the point on our own. Anything outside their workplace was so practicable and telephoned it ruined the whole show for me.

No. 276410

I agree with you. I dropped it after episode 3 as well. It was honestly just boring to me and I didn’t give a fuck about any of the characters or the “mystery.” I really didn’t see the point in the main premise of the whole show.

No. 276413

I watched it fully and yeah I can see that it might be a bit boring at the 3rd episode but MY GOD you NEED to push yourself past that if you can because it is such an amazing fucking show. My jaw literally dropped at the end, and I never get like that with shows. Especially the girl character (forgot the name, it's been months since I've seen the show). Do yourselves a favor and push past it, it's worth it.

No. 276426

I’m the anon who first brought up Severance and I posted my reply because I had just finished the last episode of the season. I have not been this hyped at a finale episode in a long time. The moment the “Ms. Cobel” slipped out I started losing it. Also I’m so glad the baby was ok and also that Irv didn’t wake up while driving and crash or something. They really pumped up the dread with those things. I also think the insight into the outies lives the final two episodes gives some interesting food for thought regarding the innie personalities. I’m hoping the September season two release rumors are true!

I’ll level with you: Adam Scott looks ragged as shit and I don’t think it’s on purpose. I wasn’t sure if I was being hard on his “outie” acting because of it, but I still ended up enjoying the show anyway. I’ll save my follow up 2X comments for another thread kek.

No. 276431

I liked it a lot. I didn't go in totally blind (read a brief synopsis, don't remember how much is gave away) and I don't think it hurt my enjoyment but this was a while ago. it was really good but the cliffhanger was unnecessary especially the way they stretched the last episode out! I look forward to the next season.
>can't tell the difference in his character outside and inside the office
I thought the point was their personalities are basically the same inside and out?

No. 276433

it was so hamfisted I had to laugh. I could see myself watching it in 20 years (knock on wood) and getting nostalgic because it dated itself to this specific cultural moment where shows were being awkward about the wealth disparity issue lol (meanwhile he's insanely rich due to stealing his murdered wife's family money but I guess that's cool lololol??? I mean he's the antihero so maybe we're supposed to hate on him for that but I don't think it's clear.)

No. 276451

I actually love this show, but there’s a scene in one of the first episodes where Adam Scott is “crying” in his car and it’s one of the worst-acted crying attempts I’ve ever seen. It made me laugh out loud.

This season sucks ass. Justice for Love. They should’ve made her kill him and finished the show from her perspective or just end it. I truly feel like the writers of this show hate women because why are every single one of them written to be vapid and annoying?

No. 276511

I binged it recently too and I really enjoyed the mystery, I've been reading theories and watching youtube vids about it since, it's actually refreshing to be so into a show after all this time.
Ngl though adam scott's face did keep me from watching it earlier on lol, but I read somewhere that they want to focus on other characters' lives in the next season and I hope that's true.

No. 276902

File: 1676827857799.png (399.2 KB, 1200x660, 63e40cb7dee39520f21a31bd.png)

we are getting the finale episode in 2 days.

Say your predictions on who you think will be the winner will be?

No. 277702

File: 1677132034084.gif (2.03 MB, 400x256, better-call-saul-gif.gif)

I haven't watched Breaking Bad since it aired (I was in high school at the time), I remembered it being silly and dramatic but very entertaining and engaging. I was hesitant to start Better Call Saul but I just finished Season 4 and holy shit it's great. I honestly think it's better than Breaking Bad – the character motivations are more nuanced and the women are so much more well-written. Oftentimes a scene or episode will end and I'm confused in a good way, left wondering what a particular character was thinking based on their reactions. They feel like real people sometimes in that they aren't always easy to read. A great example is Hamlin – my opinion on him changed so many times because I couldn't quite pin down what he wanted from Jimmy or his firm. Plus there's plenty of Mike Ehrmantraut, who was always my favorite.

No. 277733

I cannot believe that thigh high baddie lost the rope pull ugh

No. 277944

File: 1677202506752.jpeg (93.69 KB, 749x715, 81BA2766-6787-4E54-A358-432DDD…)

What are thoughts on the X-files? I’ve started watching it but I’ve seen some of it here and there and know some spoilers, so if you reply to this post I don’t mind spoilers! I would like to know your opinions

No. 277948

Honestly the story gets better as the show goes on and finds it's identity that being after Season 1. Once you hit Season 6, it starts to seem as if David is done with the show. Personally when I binge watch it, I stop after X dies because the story becomes kinda lame. I didn't care for the focus on Krycek nor the black alien goo. Scully's treatment becomes worse as the show goes on. The writer's clearly start hating Gillian the older she becomes because they reoccurringly compare her to younger female characters. Her in-show pregnancy made little sense and the explanation as to how she became pregnant is infuriatingly disgusting. I lost complete respect for Chris Carter upon finding out. Scully deserved better.

No. 277951

If you haven’t watched it yet and are looking for something kind of similar to x-files you may enjoy Fringe.

No. 277958

File: 1677204487337.png (261.78 KB, 1600x828, march 2001.png)

I haven't watched since I was a kid but I remember liking it a lot. It gave us the I Want to Believe meme. Also fun fact: there was an X-Files spinoff in March 2001 that featured a terrorist plot to fly a plain in the WTC [tinfoil intensifies] which is so perfect for a show about tinfoil shit lmao

No. 277962

Ayrt, I heard about Scully getting weird treatment in the show and that sucks because I really like her. I also heard about David not wanting to continue the show at some point too

No. 277963

Only for the first few seasons are good. Stopped watching after David left. Like other anon >>277948 said, Scully deserved better and Gillian could carry that show as far as I'm concerned. She's such a great actress.

No. 277978

File: 1677205696477.jpeg (324.29 KB, 2000x1333, image.jpeg)

I watched Sex Education just for Gillian Anderson. I hadn't seen her in a long time until Hannibal, which she was amazing in. Love her.

No. 278557

File: 1677391778052.jpeg (413.88 KB, 2500x1667, 5C7AC402-CFE5-4775-BF43-179EDA…)

Aired in Oct 2021 but I’m like 6 episodes into Maid today and it’s such a great show. It’s kinda hard to watch sometimes

No. 278565

Just finished "Shining Girls" and I loved it!

No. 278569

Damn, main character just bought a drivable car with 195k miles on it for $400 usd. Nevermind what I said, this show fucking sucks (kidding lol, but seriously what year is this set in that hasn’t been possible since never)

No. 278586

I'm 40 minutes into the first episode, and damn - yeah, some scenes are hard to watch.

Sometimes I need a show that isn't just feely-good-good.
Have you watched "Shameless"(2011)?
Way funnier/more on the comedy side, but the laugh gets replaced by a lump in one's throat really fast.

No. 278904

File: 1677498896432.jpg (511.1 KB, 1500x1500, bcs.jpg)

I'm halfway through season 6 of Better Call Saul and it's so hard for me to get through it. Not because I don't enjoy it, no, I think it's incredible. It's because I know it ends tragically Nacho's death has already taken a toll on me and I'm not ready for more and it makes me not want to finish the season before things get worse for Jimmy. What an incredible series, I can't remember the last time I was so invested in a show like this. Arcane came close but I didn't care about all characters there unlike with BCS.

No. 279026

File: 1677552738262.jpg (2.41 MB, 3000x2250, hi anon nice to see you.jpg)

I loved BCS but after watching I could never forgive Mike for what I felt was his part in Nacho's death and continuing to work for Gus after that. I felt like if he really wanted he'd have found a way out. I hated Mike and Gus so fucking much in the end even though most people seem to love them and the Mike family scenes were consistently the most boring part of the show for me. Fuck him for what he did to Werner too. My favourites were always the Salamancas kek and predictably my princess Nachito RIP king

No. 279027

Mike was canonically a piece of shit, I don't know why anyone pretends otherwise. he's written to be a piece of shit that knows he's a piece of shit.

No. 279034

I thought I was the only thinking he was hot

No. 279074

File: 1677570473502.png (373.14 KB, 607x691, 5345634.png)

I want him so fucking bad. I would happily be one of his crackhead gfs.

No. 279198

File: 1677608835039.jpg (139.27 KB, 932x714, f89fd57e80912d7598bc5e60c29671…)

Ayrt I feel exactly the same about Mike and Gus, but especially Mike because Nacho clearly trusted him. I hated how little he seemed to care at the end, he did ensure his father's safety and all but I expected more from him I did enjoy Mike's storyline though. Just hate that he seemed more devastated by Werner's death and didn't even flinch at Nacho's. They had an established bond and in the end it didn't mean much if anything
Michael Mando is so hot, I've loved him since Far Cry 3. Can't believe they fired him from that Apple series, I need more of him

No. 279226

I've heard so many great things about this series. Should I watched Breaking Bad first though? Or is it a loose spin off?

No. 279273

Better Call Saul is a direct prequel to Breaking Bad. It stands on its own but IMO it's better to watch Breaking Bad first.

No. 279282

File: 1677639673066.jpg (120.15 KB, 540x447, uhhhh.jpg)

>mfw I felt a small level of actual jealousy during the Nacho house scenes with his gfs

It's the fans who say things like "Mike and Gus were still so much better than Walter though!" Like it's all about which characters are the least bad. No they weren't better and more importantly their scenes were usually fucking boring compared to Jimmy/Kim and characters like Lalo. I was so mad when Gus killed Lalo you have no idea, almost couldn't believe it had happened. Tbh I'd rather watch an hour of Walt and Jesse rubbing dicks than an hour of Mike family scenes or one of his silent work montages

No. 279290

I think the characters are really well written but I could never meme myself into liking manlets or old men, I have to much self respect

No. 279317

I like Mike because I just like how competent he is and I like (at least in theory) the way he's portrayed as getting more and more numb to evil, but his family is so goddamn boring, I do not give a shit about his shapeshifting immortal granddaughter. And apparently neither does he because he refuses to just quit the business and get a real job.

No. 279361

On season 6 now and it's fun when it doesn't take itself too seriously. The overarching plot is slowly losing me and Scully's treatment, her abduction, disease, pregnancy and infertility are all handled so fucking bad I want to beat up Chris Carter. With season 5 they really started hamfisting the message that a woman who can't conceive is defective. It just doesn't make sense for that to be her arch. It's lazy writing. But if you can ignore that, monster of the week episodes are still fun.

No. 279365

Nona stop I like manlets because tall men make me feel like I'm with my dad

No. 279414

I like Mike and Gus kinda too but they had it coming when it comes to what happened with Walter, no matter how infuriating it was when it all went down. They were in the business, they knew better, but they stuck around for the boom. They got the same fate they had delivered to so many others, bittersweet riddance

No. 279416

I mean obviously I can make exceptions for some manlets(if he's 5'7) and I have limits to height(any guy at and above 6'4) but still I will neve meme myself into liking old dudes

No. 279484

Oh that I agree with. What I hate the most is balding men

No. 279548

File: 1677722367277.jpg (89.69 KB, 815x1024, chernobyl-jared.jpg)

I like both manlets and old men kek. Pic very much related. Malcolm in the Middle was also one of my vague childhood crushes and he's only about 5'4" now

No. 279995

File: 1677925580855.png (Spoiler Image,724.02 KB, 927x464, ellie riley.png)

Did anyone else find the kiss in the latest Last of Us episode weird as fuck?? Like a 13 year old and a 17 yeard old, yeah they are both kids but still like kinda weird to me?

No. 279998

It's in the game too so no, but I get what you mean

No. 280035

The whole episode was super weird. Ellie looks 13 and I don't want to watch a 13 year old kissing anybody. Didn't help that the other girl looked older than her too. Were they supposed to be 13 and 17? That's gross.

No. 280128

File: 1677985342060.gif (7.64 MB, 540x450, 78.gif)

i wish nikolaj coster waldau had been cast as joel instead of pedro

No. 280133

It would have created so many DILF fetishes, It would have so fucking annoying I'm honestly they got an uglier guy to portray Joel

No. 280163

Both actresses are 19 and the characters are I think 14 and 16.

No. 280382

I'm not ready for Succession to end, even though its definitely for the best that they don't drag it out.

No. 280412

this is honestly the only thing they couldve done to make me interested in the show

No. 280512

File: 1678115594095.jpg (92.44 KB, 640x1012, diyladp4lkka1.jpg)

I've been watching Malcolm in the Middle's 1st season, and I'm so in love with the series. I don't really know why, since I find it hard to stomach series or movies that focus on scrotes. I don't feel that way with Malcolm tho.
I wonder if it is because the male characters are all kids, except for Francis and Hal. And even then, Hal's character is kind of parodic, and Francis has that "big brother" role that makes him endearing. I heard that the series start to go to shit once the kids grow up (aka, when they become teenagers?), which makes me sad. I already feel sad that Malcolm's teacher won't appear anymore, same with Francis' hot black friend.
Would like to hear what other anons think about the series and if it's true that the series goes to shit in the later seasons.

No. 280514

It's one of my favorite shows ever. The family is very relatable to me and the episodes are almost always hilarious. The only reason why I never watched Breaking Bad ever since the first episode got released is because I just can't unsee Hal.

No. 280518

I love this picture so much. And I haven’t watched mitm in a looooooong time but I remember loving it.

No. 280521

I just started rewatching the series a few days ago! I grew up watching so it’s very nostalgic and relatable to me, as an adult now I sympathize a lot with Lois. I agree it’s not as good in later seasons and suffers the sitcom thing where stories become more and more ridiculous but there are still things to enjoy and the relationship dynamics/comedy are worth it. And while the male characters do have their scrote moments sometimes it’s always projected that they’re the idiots for it which is probably why it’s easier to stomach when it’s self aware.

No. 280527

It's one of my favorites too! I rewatch it every year. Wouldn't say it goes to shit though, yeah maybe some episodes aren't the best and can get too ridiculous but in overall I still could enjoy later seasons. The writing is great, the show didn't age poorly imo, I appreciate it that it can sort of raise certain issues but it's always comedic and light-hearted and is never preachy and patronizing to the viewer. I like that Lois and Hal actually have loving and passionate relationships (as opposed to some tv couples where spouses are passive aggressive to each other and dad's ass is constantly glued to the armchair) and that everyone really cares for each other deep down but it doesn't turn into especially sentimental and cheesy scenes. I also like that Malcolm, despite being "the smartest", is still an overthinking dumbass when it comes to relationships and is not "the most adequate" or something because he's a typical negativistic and conceited teen. Basically, everyone's flawed in their own way but have their unique strengths, too, and although personality traits and quirks are exaggerated for comedic purposes, it's done in a pretty organic and non-annoying way. Guess the time to rewatch has come, hehe

No. 280534

>Francis' hot black friend
kek nonna I misread that as Malcolm and was like STEVIE?? Did anyone watch The Middle? It was always looked the We have it at home version of MITM to me, anyone else?

No. 280548

File: 1678125736356.jpg (1.42 MB, 2598x3447, 20230306_190141.jpg)

Would you recommend watching succession? Never tried anything like this show.

No. 280574

it's okay. I've been watching it and it can be a little dry at times to the point I can't pay attention but culkin steals the show for me every time. If you can power through the dry parts it's not bad as in general it's a good story but they went a little heavy handed on the 'fuck the rich' motifs.

No. 280588

it's a good show technically but I could take it or leave it. I think people will forget about it.
I think Sarah Snook isn't given good enough lines and scenes for her acting abilities, waste of talent.

No. 280589

Fuck The Middle. Utterly charmless. The dad is an emotionally constipated wisecracker, the mom is a neurotic controlling mess, the daughter is a complete rube, the teen son is an asshole jock, and the littlest one is the most unbearable character ever created. It's like if Sheldon from TBBT were even more of an asshole. Pure rage fuel 0 heart

No. 280627

File: 1678136956006.jpg (153.2 KB, 1920x1080, stanley-winn.jpg)

>And while the male characters do have their scrote moments sometimes it’s always projected that they’re the idiots for it which is probably why it’s easier to stomach when it’s self aware.
AYART, and yes, you are right, this is probably the reason I can watch it, lol. I would also add that the male characters don't feel like they are meant to be self-inserts for scrotes.
I love how passionate you are about MITM anon! I think you described very well the strong points of the series. Hope you have fun rewatching it again!
>kek nonna I misread that as Malcolm and was like STEVIE??
Nona, noooo, that's so cursed, lmaooo. I love Stevie, but he is a lil kid, I was talking about Stanley, picrel.

No. 280812

File: 1678184006637.jpg (983.8 KB, 2991x1481, shows.jpg)

Physical and Maid are very good shows in my opinion (although they're a little triggering sometimes lol). Any shows in a similar vein as them? Leading woman dealing with an imperfect life as a woman, having serious issues but moving forward. I did not hear about these when they came out so clearly I'm not tapped into the right channels. I also liked Ginny & Georgia even though it's a little more romcom sometimes (did not hear a word about it until season 2 came out!).

No. 280821

he has cunt lips I don't like men with lips like that

No. 280887

i highly recommend it but it did take me a couple of episodes to get into it at first so you might have the same experience. but then i became utterly obsessed. very well-crafted show imo. great writing, acting, cinematography, and i love the subtle humour.

No. 280890

File: 1678204999451.png (910.73 KB, 993x553, partydown.png)

Did anyone used to watch Party Down? The reboot started last week, minus Casey.

No. 280895

File: 1678205631795.png (174.94 KB, 391x242, partyyfor lois.png)

I rewatch it regularly. It's such a perfect show!
Although It makes me sad that when I watched it as a kid I used to think Lois was a horrible person, even though I found her hilarious as a character, and now I'm older I really sympathise with her and actually she's my hero. I totally get why Greg was so obsessed.

No. 280949

Yes. I often think about the scenes when one character got his teeth bleached. It left an impression on me, probably the reason I've never had my teeth whitened.

No. 281458

The newest episode of last of us. Didn’t come with a warning. Descended into poorly written moid shit. It ruined the whole fucking tv series nonnies. Ffs

No. 281472

It's my favorite family-focused sitcom ever along with KotH. I don't care what anybody says, I love the later seasons. In fact I think the season(s) when Francis still works at the ranch might be my favorite era of the show. I like their dynamics more when they're older, but even if you disagree with that, later seasons are still funny. There are also other memorable characters that are introduced later that you may like.
Even now that I'm more radfem-aligned I don't mind the boys' scroteyness, because like other nonny said, they're clearly portrayed as the idiots and as being in the wrong, and they usually end up regretting their behavior for one reason or another, whether because their conscience makes them feel guilty or because they get an appropriate punishment for it. The worst one out of the three main sons is Reese, but always getting his comeuppance as he's usually presented as an antagonist of sorts, sometimes showing a more sensitive side, being dumb, and maturing a bit in later seasons, makes him more tolerable as a character.
I also love how the parents love each other unconditionally (which is also a reason why I love KotH) and how Hal is more in love and devoted to Lois than she is to him, and he is the submissive and passive parent while she is nearly always portrayed as a badass, so that helps a lot to balance things out too. She's the one who imposes order in the family while he is the sensitive one, usually on TV it's the opposite. The boys also love their family despite being so chaotic and cruel to each other, it's kind of heartwarming. Francis is a perverted scrote at first but then matures a lot, and settles, having a loving relationship with his wife, and frankly I find his relationship with his mother absolutely hilarious.

No. 281545

I tried watching secret diary of a callgirl and stopped halfway through season 2. The main character is just so unlikeable, and her best friend (Ben I think his name is?) is even worse. Belle/Hannah needs to remind the audience of how she's NLOG all of the time. Ben is clearly still in love with her and is always bitching about his gf who he should just break up with but doesn't for some reason. I might circle back to it at some point though

No. 281546

I haven't watched the show but I'm curious, what happened nonny?

No. 281580

I didn't play the game, but that episode was the basic post apocalyptic zombie stuff, it didn't need a warning if you have seen stuff like The Walking Dead or other movies/shows based on that genre before. For me it's one of the most realistic scenarios of a world without rules, where you fight to survive and people with bad intentions have the power to decide things. Yes, it's a moid thing, but honestly, would you think that the world after a downfall will be anything else than designed by moids?

No. 281587

you haven't played the game?

No. 281629

moids are very reliant on existing systems so I would actually think there would be a big upset in how society works for them in a post apocalyptic scenario but I shouldn't jump in this conversation because I literally haven't watched the show so I don't know what you're all talking about. what did they do?

No. 281684

That made you realize it was moid writing and not the episode about the underage age gap lesbians with sexual tension?

No. 281690

How rotten does your brain need to be to see an innocent teenage crush like this?

No. 281694

Idk about you but I don't enjoy seeing a 14 year old having sexual tension with an older kid. Childhood crushes are one thing, but the way it was presented in the episode was just weird. It's obvious moid hands wrote it.

No. 281697

If you saw anything wrong with that episode it's your own coomer perspective. There was nothing perverse about it, I'm begging you to touch grass.

No. 281725

Here for you.
> Grown men found it necessary to bring attention to a 13 year old girls period not once but twice. It’s typical male shit that every moid does when you tell him to imagine a women in the apocalypse. Well how do those mystical, silly women deal with their period.
> age gape relationship with a nearly adult 13 vs 17
> adding in the entire Victoria secret dialogue and panning the camera to show Ellie’s reflection in it. Making sure the audience got the message in a way that wasn’t age appropriate for an adult audience with characters who should be young girls.
> David’s entire section was changed and added. He’s suddenly a pedo. The violence the whole episode was extreme against Ellie, but David’s was always partially covered or off screen. We only had to watch her suffer the violence clearly. They took out the entire zombie part and completely let the story in the episode fall apart. Why was it an ear and not something like a finger? They had the bodies somewhere else are they eating the heads? Where did all the people in the resort go? They didn’t hear any of this? How did Joel just walk into the bodies and none of the 50 other people did? They also did a piss poor job at showing them being deep in it since there were three bodies and everyone I know who didn’t play the game called me confused. The entire scene with Ellie at the end is also shot from over David’s side and perspective. We watch her from mostly his view. Not hers. This is typically male fantasy wank shit and it shows. It wasn’t properly labeled with a warning at the beginning and was entirely unnecessary to the story.
> that weird kiss with Tess for no reason with the zombie.
How about some more shit from the games:
> both of Ellie’s love interests die in the game in a kill your gays trope.
> Abby essentially gets assaulted on the boat by her drunk ex and it’s never addressed. They fight. It gets physically. They have sex while she clearly looks uncomfortable the whole time.
> etc

No. 281726

They completely, sloppily and plot hole heavy rewrote David’s part so he’s a raging pedo and tried to play out a male revenge fantasy with the death at the end. There was no warning at the beginning either. They used female trauma as men as a sloppy shock value tactic which was the worst one in the season writing wise. There was so much wasted time and unfinished plot lines.

No. 281728

Naughty dog deleted all of that from the game. That’s why the moid community “theorized about it.”

No. 281729

Samefag but that’s why I’m mad. David’s part was my favorite in game and my SO’s and we both absolutely hated the episode. It was just poor writing at best and problematic scrote shit ar worst. We also have had like three zombie scenes all show, and they cut all the zombies from this part? Nah we don’t need zombies in a zombie show. We need pedos because those mean game developers told us we weren’t allowed to exploit female trauma, so we’re fixing it.

No. 281733

Try Shameless (same producers as Maid), the oldest daughter is one of the "main" characters (all siblings have a season that revolves more around them) and I enjoyed it very much. There's a fakeboi season but it's toward the end, I mostly skipped that.

I loved "Shining Girls" - it's about a murder victim that survived the attack.

I still have to watch "The Serpent Queen" (about Catherine de Medici), "Dopesick" (about women amidst the opiod crisis) and "The Chair" (about a woman in academia).

No. 281736

I'd recommended the UK version of Shameless and only the first 3 seasons of the american version, the writers clearly insert their fetishes or try to talk about unrelated social issues through their characters

No. 281741

What?? It was way more rapey in the game! The other cult characters literally called Ellie David's newest pet/plaything. The show toned it down if anything.

No. 281747

David in the game:
“You have no idea what I’m capable of.” Choking her to death.
David in the show:
> “The fighting is the part I like.” Grabs Ellie’s pants.
Ah yes the first one seems much more sexual. Rewatch all the dialogue and the interactions anon since clearly it’s been a minute for you.

No. 281748

Samefag but of course we didn’t get any cult things. They cut out all the cult scenes and character building for their “trauma art”.

No. 281749

Not seen the show but how is the David plot different from the game?

No. 281771

> Ellie shoots deer with rifle.
> Two dicks show up (David and Beanie man)
> ellie comes up on guys from behind them makes them drop rifles.
> David attempts to negotiate.
> beanie man goes to get meds
> they sit and wait with deer
(Ellie doesn’t have a bow. She has a gun. She jumps them rather than them approaching her and trying to talk)
> David says he knows Ellie’s friend killed one of theirs
(Rather than trying to approach her gently with manipulation, he’s weird and off putting followed by vaguely threatening in the show.)
> no clicker shows up. Ellie takes off at the news he knows.
(Rather than clicker that David shoots proving the whole time he had a second gun and could have attacked her but chose not to. It’s why she goes with him later. No zombie standoff and fight to get out and then the everything happens for a reason speech)
> they show up looking for Ellie she takes horse and tries to draw them away.
(Rather than gathering attention she fires blindly at them, pissing them off, but not taking the opportunity to actual hit and kill one of them, why have her shoot at all?)
> beanie man knocks her off horse, she’s unconscious. (No run and no fighting. She’s done.)
> cult men want to shoot her. David shows up and shoots in the air and then tells them to drag the horse and search till they find Joel.
(Rather than David catching Ellie and her trying to stab him the first time, in game he tells her, “Relax I’m keeping you alive here.” We get none of that here. He’s weird and off putting but not in that I’m turning on the charm and am actually a shit bag way if that makes sense.)
> ellie wakes up in cage (no arms on table in kitchen. It’s an ear under the table? Can’t have gore just implied attempted sexual violence I guess.)
> ellie doesn’t eat the food. No real talking happens. David kind of rants at her manically that he’s a pyscho who’s always been edgy and she his only equal. He puts his hand on hers and there’s a clear heavy implication here. She breaks his finger cue. Tell them my name is Ellie. The little girl who broke your fucking finger. (Ellie in game eats food. David attempts to convince her it’s survival and neither of them are bad guys. No weird rant about psychos and equals.)
> beanie man and David come to kill Ellie and eat her. She fights back. Bites David reveals infection. Then in their surprise meat clears beanie man in the next.
> Ellie escapes and runs into lodge. No weapons so she grabs a burning log from the fire. Tries to chuck it at David setting the lodge on fire. David rants about how he’s “decide to teach her and she’ll learn” etc. extremely clear what he means
(David doesn’t call group or more men. No line about we’re going to find her and kill her.)
> ellie stabs him in abdomen and then moments later David jumps her and attacks her on ground. (Ellie in game is fighting and fleeing from cult people wondering what the fuck is wrong from them before this part in game for reference. No creepy I’ll teach you dialogue. Just obsession with how she’s not turning.)
> he grabs her pants and tells her the fighting is the part I like the most after he’s been harming her on the ground for a minute. Clearly meaning he wants to assault her.
(In game he instead chokes her, “you don’t know what I’m capable of.)
> ellie hits him with blade
> ellie hits him lots of times with blade, she eventually has to flee building on fire.
(No Joel pulling her away.)
> outside Joel comes up from behind, he’s seen no cult people? (Which would make sense if Ellie killed them, but she didn’t in the show.) Just the three bodies hanging in boat house or whatever it is. He approaches Ellie from behind. She freaks out. He hugs her and says it’s okay babygirl.
(Instead of him coming to save her and pulling her off David’s dead body)
(the scene with Joel is pretty much the same where he tortured the guys, but I think the game they’re tied up and in the show they’re duct taped which I thought was kind of a weird choice.)
(There’s also a derail scene with the cult people where we’re made to see the wife and daughter of the man who Joel killed and we have to watch David slap the girl to drive home his religious daddy cult vibes, but there’s not really a point or conclusion and it goes nowhere. It felt really pointless.)

No. 281772

I'm not the only one in the thread who thought it was weird. I remember a scene with Ellie staring at the other girl in silence implying she was waiting for/wanted her to make a move. That's sexual tension. Sorry you're so used to moidbrained romance.

No. 281780

Fine, now I have to watch the show so I can argue with you guys. They better show that scene where Ellie stabs Dave repeatedly in the exact same way as in the game because that shot was perfect

No. 281782

So you were arguing without any fucking clue what you were talking about? Ffs

No. 281783

i saw the clip, and yeah it was pretty much identical (sans joel showing up and pulling her away from david… a mistake imo)

No. 281784

I have bad news for you.

No. 281788

That zombie kiss was fucking bizarre, they would never do that if the character was male

No. 281791

Idk, there are similar scenes in horror movies all the time. It wasn't a good choice for the character, and the context but it's not uncommon.

No. 281792

Can you name male characters and series it happens to?
It was really weird and felt out of place

No. 281797

To be fair, he IS creepy in the game and there ARE sexual implications. They're just not as explicit as in the show. The other cult members refer to her as David's newest pet. As he mounts her in the final fight he says "you can try begging". The show butchered this chapter for sure, but the SA part was present in the game. Here's the game script, everyone in this thread is misremembering shit https://thelastofus.fandom.com/wiki/Lakeside_Resort/Transcript#ByAnyMeans

No. 281800

There is one comment made when Joel is torturing the man. He says Ellie’s alive because she’s David’s new pet. The point was the episode was trash and exploitive and not put together as well as the section in the game. It was one comment, don’t misrepresent it either.

No. 281806

File: 1678472583437.png (121.36 KB, 838x426, readthescript.png)

The cell scene is very, very similar. The show fucked it up and the game was more subtle but it's still there and it's not just one comment.

No. 281808

The cult calls her pet one time. Even in the dialogue you linked. Your screenshot doesn’t change that and again that was my point. Not that the game didn’t have any but that it turned into male wank shit on the show. Sorry you can’t read

No. 281812

Totally agree! I only played the game and I don't think it was done in poor taste there. Just an obvious power dynamic which between men and women is usually sexual in nature. Moreso than to just have sex with her he wants full control over her bodily autonomy. The fact that she's actively fighting against that is what keeps his obsession going. He's not just there to capture Ellie and rape her. He wants to break her spirit and show her who's in charge. His boss fight made my heart race as it purposefully strips away the player's power by making Ellie stealthily sneak around which lets the player feel a lot weaker instead of having it be an action focused fight scene.

With the perfect ending of her stabbing him over and over until Joel comes to tell her she's safe now and they'll get out of here. I especially like how the camera is fully focused on Ellie and what she's feeling instead of David's body getting mutilated. The player should be pretty desensitised to violence at this point anyways and the scene is not about David's demise. It's about Ellie's victory. Just so satisfying to finally watch her triumph over this creepy old dude who thought he could have any power over her.

Also sorry if I'm praising the game too much. I played it when I was 12 and thought it was awesome the game would also let you play as Ellie. A character I could much more relate to than a guy in his late 30s.

No. 281816

Okay, I didn't say they keep calling her that over and over again I just said the game insinuated the same thing as the show multiple times, just in a more subtle, appropriate fashion. Others in the thread are saying the cell scene and the dialogue was completely different which is false and the point of my screenshot.

No. 281818

Anyway, we should all be more scared of what HBO will do with part 2 if they decide to make it. The plot was controversial as is, I can't imagine it going well.

No. 281819

You keep defending the shit episode instead of saying it’s a bad adaption. Stop moving goal posts.

No. 281820

I literally acknowledge the show adapted it poorly in every comment except the last, because I didn't feel like repeating myself for the 50th time.

No. 281822

Then why do you think it having one or two minor comments in the game as side points makes it okay to completely fuck the episode or do you just have a problem with the fact I called the episode what it is male revenge wake material?

No. 281825

Calm down and read please. The game does not make it a side point, if you didn't get the SA undertones from that whole chapter you are willfully ignorant. It was always about that, especially considering Ellie's reaction and how she acts after that chapter. I'm not defending the show, I'm just saying the show didn't exactly pull the rapey cannibal part out of nowhere.

No. 281827

I didn’t miss it. The point was the show did a shit job of doing it. It turned something that was well done and emotional enough into absolutely garbage. They changed the entire archetype of David and cut out zombies in a zombie show to show us an unrelated teenage girl getting slapped. It would only be written by a male director if you refuse to call it moid shit sorry for your moid brain I guess. You get the episode was shit but refuse to admit they did it because they wrote with one dick in their hand and that’s my fucking point. I never said the undertones weren’t there. Rape isn’t a story and female trauma doesn’t automatically make it good.

No. 281876

File: 1678501820512.jpg (54.36 KB, 432x755, malcolm becomes a dad.jpg)

Malcolm is one of the sweetest, most adorable and nostalgic 00s shows for me and I openly admit here I'd still kiss Frankie Muniz on his bald head. Haven't watched properly in a few years but I remember loving Reese and Francis too. Frankie deserved to be Joel (shared role with Nikolaj Hotster Waldau) but he also deserved to be Kendall Roy and Jesse TIFman

No. 281897

>both of Ellie’s love interests die in the game in a kill your gays trope.
Dina doesn’t die.

No. 282141

Anon to be fair I only watched the first episode of The Chair before tapping out, but it seemed to be not so much about Sandra Oh, and more her having to clean up after her fuck-up moid colleague. But if you watch it and enjoy it I'd love to see your thoughts esp because I had such high hopes

No. 282149

nta but I felt the same about it. the moid character was so messy, needy and emotionally manipulative, but was being portrayed as fascinating, quirky and romantic instead. it was too annoying to watch after a few episodes.

No. 282345

I'm sorry i have to say it, the girl who plays ellie in the last of us serie has a very creepy face

No. 282430

I was going to say “downy” so you’re being a lot nicer than me.

No. 282733

Im watching the third season of twin peaks, im at chapter 7 already and is boring as hell. Too slow. And it doesnt feels like twin peaks at all

No. 282734

She's British nonnie, they all look like that.

No. 282743

Worst part is Riley is the same age as Ellie in the game. The game is 100 x better than that garbage show. Neil druckman cant write shit and he fired his best writers (including stealing work from a woman) and this is how we got TLOU2, and the HBO show. I hate the people who only watch the show without playing the game because it's just worse.