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File: 1582673979927.jpg (22.32 KB, 462x300, Capture.JPG)

No. 76929

Do you have any Apps you use on a daily basis, whether just for fun or to schedule workouts/diets etc.

Share some recommendations for :

-Photo Editing
- Shopping
- Mobile Games

No. 76930


Personally I am looking for a good period tracker app if anyone has suggestions.

I'm really trying to utilize my phone more as a planner in general

No. 76931

Here are some of my favorite apps
Android btw


Identify plants by taking a picture of them. Gives a profile with facts and how to guide to take care of them.


Basic photo editor and collage maker


Korean photo editor. Has a fun sticker mode.


Just started using this home fitness app. Has short videos you can follow along with and you can tailor your week to target what you want.


Daily dose of art and history. Very calming and better than scrolling through a social media feed when you're bored.


Text game where you input actions. Very strange results, but amusing.


The (current) best manga app I have

>The Aether (paid)

Text game where you play as an omnipotent being. Got it for a buck and was amusing enough for an hour

I've yet to find a good period tracker. They never seem to understand that I miss periods sometimes and then seem to think having a two month empty gap is my new normal.

No. 76932

>Amelia Timer
Timer set to go off every 30 minutes throughout the day because I dissociate and lose time. Looks minimalist. Useful for workouts too.
>Yard Sale
Tells you yard sales in your neighborhood.

No. 76933

This is the period app I use. I'm pretty irregular when it comes to my cycle so I don't know how accurate it is.

>Color Puzzle

A fun puzzle game where you arrange tiles in gradients.


My choice of calorie tracker, the ads are minimal and its easy to use.

No. 76934

Wadup I'm basic af


I like to collect pretty pictures on my phone and look at them later. Sometimes it's just aesthetics other times it's pic of my current husbando


Mostly for the memes, I don't have anyone I know irl on tumblr so it's kind of a safe space for me, free to like whatever I want


Life saver

>Love Nikki

Actually addicted to this game even though it's gotten a bit to p2w for me.

>Mystic Messenger

I'm hanging onto this hoping they'll release Saeran's DLC but it's been like a year so I'm considering uninstalling it. It was very fun tho

I want to find more games to play, but I get bored so quickly. Love Nikki is the only game that got my attention for a significant time.

No. 76935

language practice and i LIKE the owl buddy
duolingo's flashcard app. i use it to make decks of things i'm interested in that involve a lot of jargon or easily forgotten details. i don't care about perfectly memorizing everything, but rather to regularly revisit concepts so that eventually they'll be stuck in my memory.

>covet fashion

cheesy but addictive dressup game with clothes from rl. i changed the language to the one i'm trying to learn because the little challenge descriptions have a lot of vocab i wouldn't otherwise see

>line i love coffee

cafe game that i'm emotionally attached to at this point

>the pattern

cryptic astrology app with long descriptions that aren't the usual.


app for reading your boomer neighbors complaints, finding out what that weird noise was outside, keeping up with local crime, and trading free shit

>local food nodes

app for farmers to post food for people to come buy directly. good for when they have surplus that they can't bring to markets/sell to wholesalers. still really small app but i'm keeping my eye on it

No. 76936

an app that blocks apps kek.I use it to be productive and avoid checking up apps over and over or stop watching youtube videos at an appropriate time

>Period tracker(ptracker)

the app I use for period tracking.It's design is fairly girly and not mature for my taste but it's pretty simple to use and convienient


simple journaling app where you choose one of the 5 moods/colours there are and tags regarding your emotions.It's not too complicated and an easy way to have my thoughts safe

>Repeat Habit Tracker

habit tracking app with which I replaced an old one.It has perks like setting a limit to form a habit,the reasons you start it and a bunch of motivational quotes.The UI is nice too

No. 76937

A gacha game I started months ago cause my PC was getting fixed and I was bored. Didn't expect to enjoy it that much and now I loveee it


They finally fixed it. I use it to check who's online on LoL to know if I have to bother logging in


When I'm too lazy to go on the PC, I watch the streams here (same with Netflix)

No. 76938

Love Nikki my jam, I’ve been going at it for years now,it’s on of the few games I’m consistent with. I used to play Nikkiup2U as well

Def needed a new manga app, thx

No. 76942

Lately I've been playing on this app called Plato. It has a lot of mini games where you can play with your friends

No. 76951

Clue is pretty good IMO
I liked it better than the other ones

No. 76959

Digimon ReArise and Yokai Watch Puni Puni.

No. 76960

also Onmyoji.

No. 76972

Keeping up with artists I like and posting my work


Good for editing. I edit my artwork with this.

>Pomodoro Timer

Since exams are going on, I use this to study and also for exercise and drawing daily.

>Drink Water Reminder

New years resolution was drinking more water and this seriously helps out.


For periods, but I have been using this since 2016 and little fuck hasn't predicted ONE cycle right.


Super fun and when you complete it you feel happy.

I wanna try some nice free mobile games tbh, but I've never had one installed for more than a week. Always get bored.

No. 76984

bar none the best photo editing app imo! highly recommend!!

>Line Camera

fine editor with super cute stickers plus you can make your own

>Line Launcher

lets you completely change the way your apps and homescreen looks. some of the themes are really cute, you can add custom app icons too.

>Youtube Vanced

its the youtube app but adfree

>Spotify Dogfood

cracked version of spotify premium because I am poorfag

>some app that lets you change your spotify playlist covers

its nice to be able to do that on mobile and not just pc


passable twitter client. no ads and sometimes makes browsing better but not always.

No. 76985

Good apps for learning shit?
Can be anything from a new language to programming…to just history lessons or writing/musical theory lessons. I want to be better.

No. 77030

Khan academy has an app

No. 77056

I mostly used language apps, of course Duolingo is the big player but Rosetta stone now has an app and Drops is a pretty cute language app too

No. 77058

>Aurora Store
A Google Play Store client


YouTube app without ads


For pictures


Manga app

No. 77101

>seem to think having a two month empty gap is my new normal.
Hm I have Flo and it doesn't do this, I often skip a month and log it and it still always predicts my period will be regular it's kind of weird, not sure if that's what you're looking for.

No. 77119

>love nikki
>sumi sumi
>happy colour
i'm addicted to colouring apps

No. 77211

for meme making
for the comedic notifications
movie stuff
group messaging between classmates for certain courses
mainly for my explore page which is mainly asmr, helps put me to sleep

I recommend Clue also

No. 77213

File: 1582913714369.jpg (20.1 KB, 735x490, cartoon-cute-cat-talking-on-mo…)

that's strange about clue. I've only been using it for several months and it's perfect, but I do have super regular periods. are yours irregular?

i'm on iphone and for photo editing I like
B612, like other anons have mentioned but that's mainly for filters. for for normal editing I've always used afterlight. picsart is great for stickers. I also use typimage for making my own lockscreens with motivational quotes lmao

the only game I've ever really played a lot of on my phone is best fiends and this app called 'dots' might be hard to find on the app store cause of it's basic name but it's a game of matching coloured dots. simple but addictive.

as for just apps I personally use on a daily basis
insight timer for meditation. the best meditation app out there. forget everything else. 10,000 meditation audios for free
and then ishows tv for tracking when my shows are on and which episodes I've seen. I've not really used it yet but I just found this app called habitual and it seems like a good simple habit tracker if anyone was looking for one

No. 77789

I'd recommend flo, it predicts your cycle the more you use it as well, I've been using it for over a year.

No. 77939

>Murder Minute
If you have any interest in true crime at all, this is a must. One TC story per day. Can be tailored to be detailed or just tell main points. Includes photos. Text can be read in an article form or in a chat form (as if a friend was texting you, telling the story)

No. 77993

You make a list of cities you want to visit and the app notifies you whenever tickets are exceptionally cheap. One time I got a round trip across the U.S. for like $50. You can also search by date to find good deals.

>Joy of Cooking

This is a cute puzzle game from Korea I think. Very cozy.


You have a cute little town in app and every night that you go to bed on time and don't check your phone until morning it builds a new building. You can team up with friends to build bigger buildings too.


An app for focusing by the makers of sleeptown. You set a timer in the app and if you don't leave before it's up a tree grows. You can unlock cuter art and plant real trees if you do it enough.


Everyone knows this app by now lol but I still have fun with it. The AI is getting better and better, and the young filter is really cute but natural looking.


another cute game. It's basically scrabble but with cute teddy bears. I also play the developers other games on and off.

Good taste anon! These are some great recs.

I've been playing since NikkiUp2U too. I feel like there are a lot of weebs/imageboard using girls that play it.

Anki! The UI is dog shit, but it uses spaced repetition to help you remember flashcards faster. I learned 2 languages with it and studied for all my classes in college using it. The cards are also really customizable which is nice.

No. 78190

Hitlist is awesome, anon. I'd never heard of it and I'm finding loads of good deals. Nice UI too. Great rec!

I use Flo as a period tracker and it works for me, it is usually accurate within two or three days.

I'm also loving Rilakkuma Farms, its very relaxing and I don't feel pressure to spend (although I could, and I'd be further along) its just a tap & collect resources game, but its cute and charming with nice graphics and a sweet style.

LINE is my favorite messaging app. I've spent loads on stickers in there.

No. 81979

Any good games for mobile that keep you hooked for a long time? I have Fallout Shelter and I love the game and I liked the Kim K game as well.
Do you guys have any recommendations?
I would like to have some engaging games, just a way to pass time and some distraction from some problems.

No. 81993

Probably an insanely basic recommendation, but Candy Crush and everything alike from the same developer. I was stuck in bed for months last year and could play this for hours. Definitely gives you a strong tetris effect though ;D(;D)

No. 82016

Ayrt, oh man, my mother has been obsessed with it for 3 years! I totally forgot about it, will definitely install that. Thank you.

No. 82649

File: 1586251207997.png (1.07 MB, 681x902, Screenshot_20200407-111501.png)

I like my Japanese mobile games, too bad the ones with cute boys are grindfests.

I was really into enstars music recently but the events turned out to be almost impossible and they gave no gacha currency.

No. 82667

piggybacking the candy crush suggestion, maybe tile craft? i usually play it while listening to fiction podcasts. i'm on level 500-ish by now and if you turn off your phone's wifi connection, you won't get bothered by ads.

No. 82676

How did you get this icon for FGO? Is it possible to custom it?

No. 82677

All those icons are custom, I use nova launcher

No. 82706

File: 1586303906971.jpg (354.06 KB, 1080x2203, Screenshot_20200407-184207.jpg)

Can this be cellphone general?

I'm running Nova launcher with Drops icon pack. Love the soft but bright colors and tiny icons are my favorite (I know it's strange but I'm really used to the layout like this). Delta has a similar theme but with normal sized icons.

Took the background pic myself last year and am partial to it so haven't changed wallpaper in a long time

Several of the icons are substitutes from other apps icons. Idk what the cat app is but I use that icon for my games folder.

No. 82710

honestly after seeing screenshots like these i am just so tempted to switch back to android and drop my iphone

No. 82718

File: 1586316324273.png (258.79 KB, 600x600, Neko Atsume.png)

>Can this be cellphone general?
yea, i think so too since this thread is kinda specific atm and not all that active

>Idk what the cat app

it's from the app game "Neko Atsume

No. 82731

I just installed it and have been playing it on and off now. Definitely a good distraction, thank you so much anon!

No. 82780

>spotify dogfood

Link to that pls?

No. 82825

I have so many games installed. Majority are gacha games but at this point I mostly use them for free pulls or solos. Games I actually play are Cookie Run: Ovenbreak, A3! english version, Dragalia Lost, and Bang Dream.

No. 83283

No. 83307

Not to be a dumbass but how does this work? I downloaded it, signed up, and it's saying I have the free account. No ads have come up yet but in past experience it takes a while for the first ad to show up. Also no option to download the song, but if I recall right that's never really possible when you don't go the official route.

Is there some other file I need to activate or something? That's what I had to do last time so it seems too easy this go around.

No. 83313

To-Doist app, google calendar widget in the front. I also use nova launcher to help rice my phone.

No. 83661

Basically all you can do is play any song at any time, if you had the official Spotify app installed previously, delete it first and reinstall the apk

No. 94190

Do you guys use any apps to monitor your phone usage?
I used StayFocused and I realized I spend on average 11hrs on my mobile which… is bad. But most of the useful features were Pro and I don't wanna spend money. So now I'm looking for another one.

No. 94660

File: 1591287798829.png (190.62 KB, 753x517, Capture.PNG)

Infinite Korean | Spanish | Japanese
Very well done app and easy to learn with

No. 94710

File: 1591315772250.jpeg (70.33 KB, 422x750, 750x750bb.jpeg)

I downloaded it thanks

No. 95089

File: 1591545929244.jpg (196.05 KB, 1920x993, D_F6ZVqUEAAlQlz.jpg)

Ah how do you girls feel about Arknights? I've been playing it almost everyday since I downloaded it, I really like the story, setting and some character designs even though most of them are purely fanservice. Basically it's just a tower defense mobile game with gacha.

No. 96398

is this game any fun for casual players or do you have the grind? I’ve been looking for something new to play recently.

No. 96438

You have to grind and farm for items, but i still recommend giving it a try.

No. 96521

i never paid attention to anything else but the gameplay and the waifus but overall this is a really enjoyable game! even for a lazy ass like me the grinding isn't so bad you'll just be poor when waifu gacha happens but that's what real money is for

9/10 recommended

No. 96581

File: 1592607539430.jpg (672.05 KB, 1200x849, jt2lei0ibqx41.jpg)

I love arknights! The setting has a cool cyberpunk feel with interesting elements like gun nut papacy angels and walking city hong kong. I like the techwear-ish fashion of a lot of operators too, and there are some quality husbandos to collect here. Still many more waifus but they have a nice and steady trickle of useful male operators with a good variety of designs.
I have always liked tower defense and I like that there is a good mixture of different difficulties of content available, and some stages actually require a lot of strategy and skill to complete! There is some grinding, but the stamina system is a little limited - I actually like it since I can't use my phone all day normally. So it's not gonna demand all your time, but you can't just play it all day normally either. The grinding can be auto'd once you clear a stage too so - it's disappointing when you have to do grinding instead of actual content but not particularly painful. Though the autos can be finicky and fail (with partial sanity return) which is annoying when it happens.
You can get really far in the main story and stuff with low star units too, so I think it's a good choice if you don't want to spend money.
I play with IRL friends so I'm not gonna post mine but I'd gladly add fellow farmers if you post your names, or happy to provide some tips if anyone starts playing!
Also Ansel is best boy and I wish all the dumb astolfofucker coomers would leave him alone.

No. 96941

File: 1592965791622.jpg (551.67 KB, 1560x720, Screenshot_20200614-013024_Mag…)

Anybody playing magia record?
Honestly, the constant events are killing me as a f2p scum but, I love me some megucas.

No. 96958

had no idea this was in english already I'll join now tho ty anon

No. 96962

np anon. though warning from someone who's been playing since summer of last year, NA is trying so hard to catch up with JP they push out events like it's candy so you might get burnout. On the brightside though, it's pretty easy to stock up on gems/tickets for future events.

No. 97195

Third party appstore. It provides access to apps that would require vpn for playstore.


To organice or whatever really. The selling point is the freedom to set it up all by yourself (with plenty of templates and tutorials) and the connectivity with pc. Pc is very good too.


English listening and speaking app. There are some short youtube vids to learn vocabulary but I just use it to practice speaking.

>Radio Garden

A cool project with multiple radios around the globe. Literally you can browse stations via a 3d globe and tune whatever you like. Both radio stations and online stations. Saddly, not many radios, I just use it for one radio that doesn't have it's own app..


Nice pdf reader, not many adds, none while reading. Actually no adds in general but I can't remember.


Nightmode and adblocker built in. I got used to the design and now I feel odd with other browsing apps.


Gba and Nds emulators. Fate Go because I fell in love with Asterios, I'm playing only for him tbh.
Kart Rider Rush is my main game so far, a lot of tracks and no stupid energy sistem. The characters are cute and the tutorials are really good!

Once I finish my exams I'll root my phone. I don't want any google apps, I want to find a way to disable the popping notification bar without disabling every single app I install and tbh it sounds really fun . I'll read everything twice because I have no idea and I don't want to ruin nothing.

No. 136469

I'm so addicted to TsumTsum recently. Any other anons??

No. 136478

File: 1618073283252.png (263.42 KB, 750x1334, 3F0F52B5-8F05-4FB5-989B-62C81A…)

Groove Coaster (music game) is the one game i've had for the better part of a decade that has never disappointed

No. 136606

File: 1618131856286.png (4.26 KB, 512x512, dotpict_20190531_183302.png)

>zombies run
Great motivation for running. I like listening to the story, takes my mind off hurting legs and I get a small dopamine rush when I collect stuff.


Nice app for making pixel pictures. Picrel is made in that (you can do much better if you have actual art skills though).

>DW Learn German

Best learning app I have. You watch a video (there's a story going on throughout the lessons) and then learn grammar and vocabulary, do exercises. It's quite difficult and that's what I like about it, I hate easy and slow language learning apps.

>follower analyzer

Best app for insta if you like to see who unfollowed you, doesn't follow you back so you can mass unfollow, etc.

>titanium backup

Only app I ever bought full version off. Easy backups and you can use other functions like changing your phone ID (good for reseting one time only coupon apps).

>plant net

For recognizing flowers by photo you take.


Cashback for aliexpress.

No. 136855



Seconding this app. First organizer app that I've stuck with. It's so customizable + aesthetically pleasing

No. 154198

File: 1627631052086.gif (291.77 KB, 352x200, GUIX9.gif)

sorry for the bump
i was wondering if any other anons (still) plays fgo? i know genshin is really popular nowadays and there are few female fgo players but i think fgo is still fairly decent. What servants do you have grailed and what do you think of the content released in the past few months either on NA or JP?

No. 154214

File: 1627647384339.jpg (176.72 KB, 692x1024, 1626887187482.jpg)

I play very casually on JP, mostly came back for Oberon once I saw the Chica Umino art reveal and now I have 100+ rolls saved for him.

My biggest issue with the game is that it still feels clunky and more modern games have won me over.

No. 154218

Got back into it last year after a huge break when I finally got a tablet. I'm on JP and only caught up to the beginning of Olympus and still have to do Shimousa and Salem. Hate gimmick battles.

Haven't grailed anyone just because of the money, but going for Kintoki and Voyager.

No. 154221

File: 1627651956728.png (182.42 KB, 365x289, 612cfc5f-b4dc-43e2-a69d-4a10fd…)

i play on NA daily if i feel up to it. I grailed tamamo, tamamo lancer and jalter but i dont really care for the content anymore and i only dont delete the game because i have such good servants. For now im just looking forward to ashiya but after i get him i dont even know anymore

No. 154222

>disgusting nails
Sis no…

No. 154224

File: 1627652538700.jpg (200.95 KB, 1280x720, extremelyspicymafotofu.jpg)

good luck anon! oberon is really cute and interesting although some aspects about him seem weird like his anti merlin passive, i honestly think he will be the merlin replacement once he comes out, probably during anniversary or LB6.3 kek. the lb6 servants apart from percival and morgan are such coomer abominations so far though. The game is definitely outdated, you can use FGA to offload some of the farming though it's fairly easy to use

kintoki and voyager are really cool, i hope you get to grail them during the next lottery event! i think it takes over 100 million qp to max grail and max skill a servant. Salem is easy but shimousa sucks cuz of that forced musashi support, i think you should save some command spells and those new blue things for it

i play NA daily too and burnout is real especially considering the next few months will be dead apart from the free SSR ticket i guess. douman is so funny i love his final ascension kek im sure you'll get enough quartz by the time his banner comes and if you lose interest you can still sell your account! i have a level 100 jeanne, cleopatra and kid gil so if i see your grailed servants ill think of you nonita!

may kirei bless all of our gacha rolls

No. 154226

ashiya anon here just to say you are precious bless. I think cleopatra is really cute but i dont know how to feel about the danganronpa art she got…she deserved better

No. 154227

File: 1627653259476.jpg (95.62 KB, 640x907, c84944c5884e2561a8bb944025268f…)

i definitely understand why people don't like her danganronpa art since she's one of the most famous female historical figures ever and they'd expect something more classy, shes cute though i love her, i hate her relationship with her gross fat cheating moid caesar though kek
i wonder how komaeda anon would feel towards dantes since he's so similar to komaeda in looks and personality

No. 154228

File: 1627654047946.jpg (74.92 KB, 950x715, pls.jpg)

dont give her any ideas i dont think i could handle fgo kinnies

No. 154229

File: 1627654267171.jpeg (42.19 KB, 466x659, images (22).jpeg)

Holy shit you were not kidding about them being similar, if I was shown this without context I'd just think it's komaeda fanart

No. 154231

honestly kind of thinking of getting back into it, no Gacha has kept ,me as long as it did despite rates.

I grailed Nito and Chloe beacause they're favorites, but thats it.

I've currently been playing Priconn & Nier Reincarnation but ne more gacha couldn't hurt

No. 154235

File: 1627655869722.jpg (179.4 KB, 1532x1495, 20210702_171522.jpg)

Granblue Fantasy and Helios Rising Heroes are having free multis soon if anyone is interested.

No. 154238

File: 1627656587492.jpg (245.2 KB, 1080x1336, FB_IMG_1627192866748.jpg)

Damn, i miss granblue fantasy, if only it doesnt tied with memories of my shitty ex friend… Hopefully i can get back to playing it again since i love Siegfried so much…

No. 154253

I play the JP servers and agree with the anons saying that the game is dated in 2021. They haven't managed to keep the storyline fresh, event mechanics are extremely repetitive and unrewarding for someone who has played the game for over a year, the gacha has no pity system (unlike almost all other modern gacha games) nor autobattle despite the ginormous amounts of grind and the otaku pandering has gotten out of hand. The newest servants are either repetitive, unimaginative designs or blatant coomer trash so there hasn't been much to look forward to, and for some reason Delightworks never gives the spotlight to the most popular servants and instead keeps forcing completely random ones nobody gives a shit about. They're so fucking bad at giving fans what they want these days, I think Da Vinci lily from 2019 was the last big hit they had.

Even the highly requested Prototype Merlin and Setanta were only released for the Arcade version of the game. Why, I have no idea. I've lost all hope that FGO will ever rise from the rut again, it feels like everyone has (rightfully) abandoned this game.

No. 154257

>Why, I have no idea. I've lost all hope that FGO will ever rise from the rut again, it feels like everyone has (rightfully) abandoned this game.
I'm pretty sure there's only 2 mobage outselling FGO at this point, and that's UmaMusu and Genshin. A better example of people abandoning a game is twisted wonderland with its sales drop from Halloween and fanartists widely abandoning it for games with more content (mostly genshin).

I agree with you that FGO is dated and I am not defending it, just pointing out it's sadly here to stay in the top sales in the industry.

No. 154258

File: 1627678610910.jpg (305.92 KB, 1450x930, top-mobile-games-by-worldwide-…)

Depends on what chart you're looking at, currently it barely makes the top 10 with worldwide stats and that's only in google play revenue. In Japan FGO is ranked 6 and keeps dropping after Dragon Quest surpassed it. This is the game that used to continuously top the lists just a few years ago and then started plummeting.

No. 154263

how is that fucking horse girl game that high

No. 154264

File: 1627680902322.jpg (286.17 KB, 1080x1239, IMG_20210730_233108.jpg)

I'm talking about Japan and games that directly compete with FGO for their demographic, not candy crush and coin master kek.

You need 5 copies of support cards to make them effective and rate up on new girls is low.

No. 154266

File: 1627683988438.png (939.76 KB, 1334x750, DC5F7EB1-E685-4284-8178-30C5A2…)

I play hello sweet days mostly even though it’s a pretty garbage mobile game

No. 154498

File: 1627834346678.png (Spoiler Image,2.98 MB, 2048x2048, 1627831474635.png)

FGO players,Howl is here

No. 154534

File: 1627853724285.png (1.44 MB, 1820x1024, unnamed.png)

Why is it garbage, nona? I can't play it because I'm an eurofag, but I'm playing Hello Kitty World 2 and it's a pretty nice gacha game, very generous when giving out gems (apples), easy to play and the gacha rates are good. I thought Hello Sweet Days would be the same.

No. 154573

File: 1627903035350.jpg (Spoiler Image,113.22 KB, 1024x1285, 1627883068908.jpg)

real curious about that class change..

No. 154630

So was Oberon actually the uncle of Artoria and Morgan, Vortigern? Because that's what the servant's real name seems to be, Oberon Vortigern. I haven't finished LB6 yet so I don't know. Since the Knights of the Round Table and Artoria don't exist in this Lostbelt he's free to fuck around when in the actual canon he was killed by Gawain and Artoria iirc

No. 154699

File: 1627986837106.png (1.75 MB, 820x1200, 72745873_p8.png)

Late but I'm NA player only and I'm playing everyday, more on the casual side. I have Moriarty and Martha Ruler lvl.100 and I'm diligently saving for Douman (I liked him before he was popular), while having my eyes on Li Shuwen Assassin, Murasaki, Caenis and maybe Kintoki. Honestly I don't have much hope for the future of the game, the anniversary stream was so disappointing, so little announcements and QoL updates, the new PV was mostly an AMV and the schedule looks fucked with the summer event shoved to September. I'm mostly sticking out of habit (I'm not as much as a doom poster as other people though) and focusing of the doujinshi side of the fandom.

No. 154735

Is lovenikki really that good? Didn't expect anons to be playing it here
Nice. Haven't played in a while and I've really been missing it. My base must be a fucking mess right now

No. 154760

File: 1628024601633.jpg (166.79 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-3.jpg)

Does anyone here play Guardian Tales?

No. 155986

Any good recommendations of easy and not time-consuming mobages in jap language?
I used to play rhythm games and learn fuckton of japanese but now I'm bored with them, now I'm searching for something interesting with jap dialogs.

No. 156082

Helios Rising Heroes (anniversary going on now) and Twisted Wonderland are casual and have fully voiced fun stories, good for learning. However, they aren't particularly fun compared to rhythm games: you just leave them on auto-play.

Raising sims are fun if you're into that kind of thing, Idolm@ster:Shiny Colors and Uma Musume have only girl characters but are great for learning the language, there's Mahoutsukai no Yakusoku with boys but it's very boring sadly.

No. 156148

I've tried imas Shiny Colors and Uma Musume in the past but game mechanics are too complicated too undestand for me in both these games.
When it comes to rest of recommendations, I don't really like 2D husbandos (I should include that info in OP post sorry). Although, that Helios Rising Heroes caught my attention, especially because one of the charas seems similar to my OC made years ago. I will give it a try!
Still, thanks for all these recommendations anon!

No. 156579

I used to see Amino advertised all the time as a way to interact with people with similar interests. I wondered if it still existed and it did so I downloaded it. I was actually excited.

Then I downloaded it and… It's basically just reddit. Like if I didn't know what app it was and I just saw someone scrolling through it I would have thought it was Reddit.

Kind of disappointed.

No. 156751

You and me both anon. If anything it's an uglier reddit with even more teenage retards. I despise the interface, it's so awkward.

No. 156972

File: 1629525597164.png (724.24 KB, 1334x750, image0.png)

Late reply because I don't check this thread very often. It's trash because it's such a nothing game, you do the same stuff over and over again and there's like, two different types of events in game. The main fun aspect is just customizing your room and character which keeps my monkey brain entertained.

My most recent customization for example.

No. 156991

File: 1629542928008.jpg (89.54 KB, 720x702, 1587660825810.jpg)

>It's trash because it's such a nothing game, you do the same stuff over and over again and there's like, two different types of events in game.
It sucks that this basically describes a majority of gachashit.

No. 159933

File: 1631348048601.jpg (1.9 MB, 2048x2048, IMG_20210911_095205.jpg)

FGO nonnas, should I reroll my NA account? My casual JP account had so much more luck and I kinda lost it after rolling 4 copies of Altera this year. Only loss would be old event CEs and servants.

No. 159940

He hasn't got a banner on JP in years, so for this reason alone I would not reroll (unless you give zero fucks about him). You have Dantes lvl.100, who also hasn't got a banner in 2 years, I really wouldn't drop this account.

No. 160110

File: 1631449852363.jpg (121.46 KB, 950x960, mdy4u64jyty31.jpg)

I think you should keep your current NA account, you've obviously invested more into it.

No. 160390

Any Shining Nikki players? Looking for actives to join my guild on server 1, we're top 40ish. I spend a fucking obscene amount of money on this game so I activate the guild supply every day.

Btw if anyone is looking for a cute dress up game with a weirdly dark storyline I highly recommend.

No. 160392

NA has shit rates compared to JP, yours is good compared to other accounts I've seen. Keep it nonnie.

No. 160397

File: 1631633790584.png (1.19 MB, 1280x1280, B34B6A13-DDF3-4B9E-8E55-4649BF…)

I used to play Love Nikki a while ago and I adorrd it. If you played that version as well, how do you think Shining Nikki compares? For the record I am unironically in love with Nidhogg so if he features at all, I'll join your guild in a heartbeat.

No. 160424

I only played a bit of Shining Nikki but isn't it set like 800 years in the past? I don't think Nidhogg(or any ln characters) will show up in the storyline, but there's other evil cuties.

No. 160430

nayrt but shining nikki takes place in a different timeline so no nidhogg but they went hard on the fanservice-y 2d guys and parasociality so you might still find someone to simp for tho.
i personally think LN is better. in SN there's just way less to do unless you're spending. It's basically just a gacha game.

No. 160997

File: 1632016957554.png (443.07 KB, 459x429, q8JK7qS.png)

Gacha games with good husbandos? I'm on-off playing Dragalia Lost and it's okay but I'd like to try something else.

No. 161237

File: 1632228666078.jpg (116.99 KB, 971x1332, 20210910_142534.jpg)

Granblue Fantasy, Twisted Wonderland and Helios Rising Heroes are the games with husbandos I play

No. 161270

File: 1632250781562.jpg (401.39 KB, 1244x1567, x14fu46zpk01pmtc.jpg)

onmyoji! it takes a long time to make good progress but there's no need to spend money on anything besides certain cosmetics and the fujo fanservice is sweet

No. 162402

File: 1632980474910.jpeg (987.24 KB, 750x1127, 80BAAD8E-115E-45DA-883E-384CDD…)

Anyone started playing Tsuki Odyssey?
It’s pretty chill.

No. 162491

What I wouldn't give for Helios and Twisted Wonderland getting translations…

No. 173722

Damn the difficulty spikes in FGO are so lame. I hate gimmick bosses.
Been marathoning Avalon to catch up for the event.
Had to use 3 blue revive crystals against Cernunos, don't know how much of a ridiculous grinding whale you have to be to do that fight clean.
But the story is still interesting and I love my Voyager and Kintoki.

No. 173736

Does anyone know of English language raising sims? I've been getting the urge to play Princess Maker lately. Honestly, any stat raising games with cute graphics would be fun, but it seems like that type of game only gets marketed to the japanese market.

I like SN a lot better, but that's mostly because I prefer 3d to 2d graphics. I remember finding it boring when it first came out, but it's gotten a lot more interesting with the recent additions of styling contests and the nail salon, plus different event types. One annoying thing is that it's pretty grindy compared to LN.

No. 173832

Do you have any rituals that you think bring you luck when you roll in a gacha? I only play FGO and when I'm aiming for a limited character I roll while watching a video of a villain song from a crappy cartoon that I can vaguely link to them and hilariously enough it has worked several times. I managed to get Skadi with vidrel, I got Ivan with Rasputin's song from a shitty Anastasia clone and I rolled my last two Moriarty on a song called Evilmania. I already know which song I'm using for Oberon, can't wait to try it out

No. 173835

File: 1639510411331.jpg (49.19 KB, 550x306, 5a3fe8bddf646-fantasy-life-onl…)

Fantasy Life Online has been out for a few days, it's really cute! It probably won't last long since JPN server shut down before Global even started. I should probably just play the DS game lol. I just play it slowly next to FGO and AC Pocket Camp.

No. 173905

File: 1639554487864.png (588.85 KB, 635x491, 1239082035978.png)

Long Live the Queen but it's kind of punishing until you figure out the perfect mix of abilities you need

No. 174456

File: 1639888331332.png (884.6 KB, 714x974, Screenshot_20211219-052052.png)

Not sure if it's the right thread, but are any of you (still) playing Animal Boyfriend, Moe can change, Dream Boyfriend etc? AB finally had some bigger updates in the closet system.

No. 174470

Are there any good apps for making friends? Hopefully ones to meet irl

No. 174473

Damn this looks like genderbent farmer-tan.

No. 174479

her name is board-tan but damn you're right

No. 174486

Nona it depends on what you like (and what you're like).

A friend of mine met a lot of her friends by playing Pokemon Go, for example.

What hobbies are you interested in that might take you outside?

No. 174492

Wasn’t there another game called Nikki, that was a dress up game?

No. 174504

File: 1639920356228.jpeg (384.81 KB, 800x1280, 189551A3-E4E1-4FF2-A3F4-F5B4B2…)

Nikki up2u? It was really nice and simple, the story didn’t feel like it had the heavy lore that it has nowadays so it was easy to follow.

No. 174511

File: 1639924254392.png (455.21 KB, 800x785, Screenshot_20211219-152812~2.p…)

that was my intention hehe, Animal Boyfriend is a husbando dress up game with some VN/dating sim elements

No. 174543

You’re making me go back to my animal boyfriend/ Dream boyfriend days, nonnie.

No. 174714

File: 1639973495417.png (814.52 KB, 800x1100, Screenshot_20211220-050047~2.p…)

If you still know your credentials, it's worth to give your boi(s) a visit. I heard Dream Boyfriend is pretty much abandoned, but Animal Boyfriend got two updates with a possibility for a 5th boy, a sleep wardrobe, a new wardrobe system where you can finally freaking search for items and they also churn out new gachas and other specials every week now. The current event has also handholding and various degrees of spaghetti spilling for all types.

No. 174720

honestly I don't know.. my main interests are music (metal, mostly) and books. I'd really like to have someone to talk about books with.

No. 174940

File: 1640111552059.jpg (257.45 KB, 1462x1258, 20211216_101344.jpg)

So Twisted Wonderland and Enstars are getting English localizations, gonna be fun (though I spent money on the jp servers for both and my accounts are really nice)

No. 174949

I’m so ready, I won’t spend any money because I’m a poorfag, but I really want to play the game and romance my favorite autistic Disney guys.

No. 174952

>spending money on a kusoge that doesn't respect it's own players
I hope you have an abundant amount of disposable income

No. 174958

I have a nicely paying job so I sometimes treat myself to artbooks and reduced gem packs in games, but if twst were to actually have a male mc in the anime I'd stop being their customer. Not like I lost anything with 5$ a month and luckily the sales have dropped 3x since the shit tier anniversary so I hope they'll learn their lesson.

No. 174961

Never played this game, in which way does it not respect it's players?

No. 174962

Twst don't got no romancing, anon

No. 174968

Does Enstars have romance?

No. 174971

File: 1640119764169.jpg (125.23 KB, 1024x440, 20211221_144013.jpg)

No they're both joseimuke pretty boy card collectors

No. 174973

File: 1640119867913.png (895.07 KB, 640x800, (Bridal_Flower)_Kaoru_Hakaze_B…)

They currently have a dating event going on where every boy gets a short date with you description, sometimes there's events with love confessions. In some cards the MC goes on dates with the characters and some lines are really flirty. Fujocucks will seethe in denial though.

No. 174974

File: 1640120087138.jpg (53.41 KB, 783x441, 20211221_215442.jpg)

Somebody didn't look at the way they're advertising twst in the west

No. 174976

Nice. That guy looks cute.
But is it false advertisment?

No. 174979

The game itself has nothing dating related aside some flirty lines the characters direct at you. It's a story focused game with cute boys targeted at women.

Rant: I am personally just tired of the twitter fans who are like
>nO you can'T liKe them, tHey arE GAy babIES!! OtoMe BAD!
I enjoy playing shit like dramatical murder and togainu no chi, so soft shipping is not for me. But I don't shit on shippers, so I'd like it if they stopped shitting on female MCs in joseimuke and people who want to romance the boys.

No. 174980

Well anyone going into twst expecting romance based on that is in for a fun surprise when they get hit by a bus full of neurodivergent minors who force you to larp as Dr. Phil. But I guess thats the only way yumecucks can cum anyways.

No. 174983

Based nona, carry on.
Ridiculously inconsistent schedule (we're talking 6+ months with zero new events) and main story updates despite making 1b revenue consistently in its debut year, but somehow pumping out all various types of merch effortlessly and consistently, the app has also been buggy as hell since launch, zero feedback from officials when players rightfully complain and ask about the dead schedule for several months on end, its like literally a deafening silence from them. there's a lot more issues in-game too but those are my personal main gripes. i'd rather they fix these issues first before i rant about the cheap-looking card art and dull gameplay.

and because it's disney it obviously has whiteknights who make the situation even worse. if a male-orientated game was managed like this it would never ever last.

No. 174984

>neurodivergent minors!!
Straight outta twitter. You do realize "fujocuck" became a meme because of devotion to a ship in which you're not involved (therefore "cucking" yourself willingly, as opposed to coomer fujos who just enjoy the porn), "yumecuck" makes no sense as an insult just like "hetfag".

No. 174985

It certainly feels like female audiences are looked down on, yet they still want our money.

No. 174986

Enstars is going to reach never before seen levels of cancer with a full english translation so I'll be steering clear of it. Everyone come whale in Onmyoji Orochi's got a new sexy vampire pet created by Kyougoku Natsuhiko.

No. 174987

>too autistic to even recognize neurodivergent minor meme
Kek I'll be looking forward to your chimpout when Yana-sama, legendary shotacon and fujo, inevitably makes a male protag for the anime

No. 174989

Please understand, her cucked brain has completely rotted to mush from all the mpreg abo rape doujins she cooms to.

No. 174991

The official site avoided pronouns for okama character, it's a little cowardly but I prefer it to them fully pandering. Either way, the website doesn't look promising.

No. 174997

>she doesn't even know Yana got booted by disney from the anime production and the announcement came as a surprise to her
Call me when she gets competent enough to finish her manga that's been dragging out for a decade first.

No. 175004

They took it down because it was in early production and not meant to be discovered, someone said in the page source you could find outdated parts like "share on google+" and chinese social media, so it was most likely quickly put together. The translation looked like google translate though.

No. 175015

Very bold of you to assume that wasn't a front. Didney are ever-fastidious in maintaining their reputation and having her name plastered all over their animu debut they know will make it overseas to a market that is no longer accepting of creators who proudly wear their degeneracy on their sleeves to the degree the Japanese market is wouldn't be a smart move. And you certainly not getting that milquetoast fMC regardless.

No. 175016

Nonnie busting out those big girl words to seem more legit with her tinfoil theory, kek

No. 175021

Disney is infamous for pulling stunts like that and they've been doing it more and more often in the past decade+, its not a reach or a new tinfoil

No. 175078

>a game I play announced a kuroSHIT collab just now
Eugh, that series already got old when I was 14.

No. 175158

Been out of the loop, is Enstars actually going to have a full official English translation from Happyele? God. Rest in peace the fucking game as we know it if that's the case.

No. 175195

Scroll a few posts up, anon. Also ironically I believe this will attract more normalfag fans compared to the insane twitterfags.

No. 175389

File: 1640289402399.jpg (82.63 KB, 754x461, DFooo4ZWsAAy_a-.jpg)

>feels like
Oh, no, it certainly is true.
Anyone else remember KimiKiri by Square Enix?

No. 175391

afaik twisted wonderland's artist is working on everything herself (wrties the story, etc), maybe that could be why?
i hope they wont pander to twitterfags and won't mess the translation up like other gacha games did. the other day i saw someone screenshoting some official gacha translation where they put 'pochamp' and other twitch-lingo memes.

No. 175528

File: 1640360976731.jpg (142.79 KB, 1242x1214, 20211224_164804.jpg)

Aw fuck, this is disgusting. I was hoping they wouldn't pander to twitter fujotrannies.

No. 175541

File: 1640366578607.jpg (21.5 KB, 564x564, 91d2c0b6a23df934752406e9409fcd…)


No. 175542

File: 1640366949765.png (171.99 KB, 680x383, FHWQpitaUAUx7tA.png)

Sinoalice lol? Somehow it's fitting, but I'm still waiting for a Madoka collab.

No. 175543

meh arashi is a gay stereotype, he's not trans. he calls himself sister in the same way a fem gay would refer to his friends as queens

No. 175545

I've read about how there's 2 different writers in Enstar and the first one originally wrote Arashi to be an okama but the second one somehow decided to add trannism in it years later. How true is that?
It's also so weird to see some characters praise him "arashi is the prettiest person I've ever seen!! omg" to describe him, it feels unnatural and kinda forced imo.

No. 175546

japanese normies don't really know the distinction between gay and trans so… it's kinda messy anyway

No. 175552

File: 1640370590436.png (214.63 KB, 376x552, 1638441144605.png)

Following Japanese mobile games is so painful sometimes
>here's some cute boys!
>but we also write some outdated sexist shit and treat the mc badly
>here's some more cute boys!
>but we'll avoid acknowledging the female audience while milking them for merch sales
>here's some confident mature ladies!
>but we also do lolicon fanservice
>here's some flawed and complex female characters (compared to the rest of anime)
>but the writers say women are bad and evil sluts!
>here's an all male cast game targeted at women
>but we have one obligatory crossdressing atashi character for woke points and/or the mc is male or gender neutral because our audience hates female characters interacting with the boys

No. 175554

You and me both, anon

No. 175555

Preach. Let me know if there are any games that aren't like this.

No. 175557

You forgot
>Here's some good, inspirational female characters with actual complexity and character development!
>but in the end we robbed them of their dignity and turned them into bland waifus and gave them alternative bikini skins
>Here's some attractive male characters!
>but they're absolutely useless in combat for most of the time or meant for support at best

No. 175559

>It's also so weird to see some characters praise him "arashi is the prettiest person I've ever seen!! omg" to describe him, it feels unnatural and kinda forced imo.
KEK I mean this is exactly what redditors do to fugly hons online so points for accuracy

Why is there a faggot character anyways? Who wants that? Normal fujos don't want a "yass sis tea and slay yeet the period and that's on everything" type of gei boy, only the faghag western kind like it.

No. 175561

>or the mc is male or gender neutral because our audience hates female characters interacting with the boys
Doesn't this only happen in TWST? TWST seems to be going for a fujo audience, not an otome one from the start anyway since they literally got Yana as the artist.

No. 175562

Being your fave fujoboy's faghag sounds funny though.

No. 175565

it's because enstars has a character for every possible trope
except bara

No. 175566

File: 1640374085673.png (684.52 KB, 616x775, ea007adce3ab6d1063fab25565b285…)

I looked up the she/her character and it just looks like an ordinary anime boy?!

No. 175572

The tranny-infested western enstars fandom forced the narrative that he's a stunning and brave trans woman because he uses the "atashi" pronoun to refer to himself like any other okama character, and their gender infested anglo brains thought it's the same as she/her even though it's nothing of the sort. In reality Japanese has no gendered pronouns and anyone over 10 who refers to themselves as "atashi" is seen as a retard or doing it as an act.

No. 175573

He was apparently an asshole in the past but changed when he discovered his truself, narc and abusive behavior is spot on I guess

No. 175578

I just wonder how the fuck the western audience could influence the official translation that much? I guess it makes sense that Happyele would want to pander to the people that they believe are most likely to play the game, but god, did it have to go this far? So pissed off.

No. 175579

>Japanese has no gendered pronouns
True? but some pronouns are used almost exclusively by men and others by women, so they have a more masculine or feminine feel. Although that seems to be changing lately and young people use pronouns more freely than before (in informal contexts ofc).
>anyone over 10 who refers to themselves as "atashi" is seen as a retard or doing it as an act.
Source? As far as I know, atashi is used often by adult women, in casual/informal situations.

Tbh I wouldn't mind a male character calling himself a "she" in the same way that some really effeminate gays do it, but we know it's impossible to play with an effeminate male character's language in this day and age because everyone will take it as "he's LITERALLY a woman guys!!

No. 175584

literally even the wikipedia article states that Japanese language barely even uses pronouns in its grammar and that the only gendered 3rd person pronoun (kanojo) was created to differentiate pronouns of gendered language such as English. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_pronouns

And if you ask any actual Japanese person what they think about someone using "atashi" they think it's a female child or someone trying to be overly feminine like some really femme pickme or drag queens, think someone trying to disguise themselves as a woman and really overdoing it. It's effeminate speech for sure but it's not an implication of gender. Most women still use "watashi" or "uchi" if they're referring to themselves with a pronoun.

No. 175585

>TWST seems to be going for a fujo audience, not an otome one
No? The MC is actually active in the story and gets one on one moments with some boys, at the peak of twst popularity yume artwork was even outnumbering fujo artwork. The first jp teasers were also the boys talking to (you) and you get the home screen lines. But a lot of fans on my feed dropped it for tokyo revengers and jujutsu after the dead months.

No. 175589

>at the peak of twst popularity yume artwork was even outnumbering fujo artwork
Shit that didn't happen for £1000

No. 175591

No. 175593

That game doesnt seem appealing after what anon said about not caring about the fanbase w the lack of updates, but it's cool to see so much yume art for something!

No. 175617

Anon… That isn't the yumejo/otome art tag, that's a general twst fanfic tag lmao. Take a look at the number of novel works vs illus works on both the tags you linked. 夢 = yume = any fic in this context basically, not yumejoshi.

No. 175629

Then just look up twstプラス and twst_NL on twitter, I remember that at the peak I saw jp users discuss the massive amount of yume art

No. 175631

They probably meant massive in a relative sense because it's definitely not as common as BL art not only for twst but in general for series that isn't full otome. That or they were talking about character x reader fics.

No. 175634

>The first jp teasers were also the boys talking to (you) and you get the home screen lines
yeah that's literally every gacha game, twst is even less otome than genshit stop coping with your delusions

No. 175640

You sound more defensive and upset with that tone, kek.
>yeah that's literally every gacha game
Uh huh, list some. They don't even make ship-pandering merch like some other games do, everything is solo.

No. 175662

>They don't even make ship-pandering merch like some other games do
Uh huh, list some. Why are you trying so hard to shill twst of all things as otomeshit? It is a standard joseimuke; no romance besides a bit of pandering for both sides and leans more towards fujo because they have fatter wallets. Case closed.

No. 175729

File: 1640496829532.png (194.27 KB, 640x424, tumblr_330936431cd37218d38d9be…)

>The MC is actually active in the story and gets one on one moments with some boys
The MC is male.
>at the peak of twst popularity yume artwork was even outnumbering fujo artwork
Kek, sure jan.

No. 175743

Yana herself said that the manga mc has nothing to do with the game, why is fujo coping so retarded? Just go to her twitter where she clarified the game has a different mc.
Nice that you don't have an argument or any examples to list.
>list some
Sure, just recently Helios had those cards for each hero that come with the artbook where Gray talks how important meeting Billy was. Oh, or that time granblue made a fucking mini grill with Sandalphon and Lucifer's faces after they released a ship pandering MV where he is embraced by him.

>TWST seems to be going for a fujo audience, not an otome one

>It is a standard joseimuke; no romance besides a bit of pandering for both sides
Lmao, I like how the argument slowly gets moved. If you think twst is going for a fujo audience, you never played mahoyaku or enstars. Why are you trying so hard to shill twst of all things as fujoshit? If twst is fujoshit then by all means I hope all games follow that example of fujoshit with 0 pandering while the characters invite the mc to sleep in their bed. Either way I'll have a nice big laugh when the anime gets released.

No. 175746

File: 1640518383224.jpg (1.17 MB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_2021-12-21-20-34-16…)

Anyways, check out my beautiful girl in Arknights

No. 175788

Too long don't care plus your waifu is shit

>Either way I'll have a nice big laugh when the anime gets released.

Me too because the manga mc is going to be in it. Seethe on, cuckie.

No. 175789

>arguing about a dumb disney game on xmas

No. 175839

>Either way I'll have a nice big laugh when the anime gets released.
It's a male protagonist and it always will be a male protagonist.
If you didn't want a fujo game you shouldn't have bothered playing a game with art by Yana in the first place.

No. 175870

File: 1640570412096.jpg (577.83 KB, 1812x1893, FG6ngtnakAAoNp_.jpg)

I've been getting into Uma lately, the writing is surprisingly good and the production values are insane. Also Cygames doubling down on the porn ban endeared me to the series just because I got so much entertainment out of seeing coomers throw tantrums over it.

No. 175876

I love Arknights, just burnt out. Been playing since it dropped. Very good waifu though.

No. 175877

File: 1640576634801.png (1.15 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2021-12-26-22-29-35…)

If you like dress up games with a lot of clothes and challenges it's very fun. The people who made this game made a lot of fun little dress up games I loved through high school, but they aren't on the google store anymore. I don't know why.
Anyway the pros-
-Lots of clothes, accessories, hairs and make up
-Daily Challenges
- You can vote for who made the best look to fit the theme
-it's VERY easily to farm gold and gems. Once you complete a challenge, you get a score. I don't know if it's a glitch or apart of the design, but I hope they never change it. You can make so much money, just doing the same challenge over again until it expires. Just make sure you check your mail thingy and you'll get the same result but it's basically free coins/gems.

You can keep "retrying" and get the same award money/gems you got when you first beat it until the Challenge expires.

1. I don't know how the voting system works. If it matters what the users vote or if it's based on what the app thinks.
2. The challenges take FOREVER to get results. It's a real time game. So sometimes you have to wait 2 damn days. At least you can dress up.
3. I wish voting gave you tickets AND points to level up.
-My tablet is old and crunchy, but others have said it lags/crashes alot. I don't know if that happens to everyone or just people like me, with old crunchy ass tablets.
The app just released this month, but I love it, mainly cause it'd be my dream game if they fixed some stuff. I also hate how people who don't even make nice outfits end up rank 1. I'm talking people not even wearing shoes and shit. It's annoying as fuck.

No. 175886

File: 1640588151800.jpg (290.29 KB, 1560x720, FHkzWheaQAIVSt4.jpg)

Seems like the new enstars event will be kino, there's gonna be 4 5* to get and I hope they're free in a new system.

This is the first time I've seen nonnies btfo so hard they have no argument, kek.

No. 175921

There's no point in arguing with you further because you'll keep angrily sharting no matter how wrong you are. you're delusional.

No. 175938

First of all yana is the creator of your husbandos, you can hate on her all you want but her vision will always be the most accurate because she's the OG.
And second, why are you so hell bend on having a female mc in the anime instead of you know…no mc at all? I'm also a yume and if it's one thing that I hate, is when the female mc has a canon design/personality. What about all the other people who created their own female OCs? They are nothing because you don't the play the game anymore as yourself, you just control a basic mary sue. Your husbandos don't interact with you, they interact with that girl. And I know you'll bring up the "self-inserting/projection" cope as if it means anything. Just read a shoujo manga and project all you want on the mc but at the end of the day she's her own character. She's not you, she doesn't look like you. You're a cuck roleplaying as a bland stacy.And that takes away from the yume delusion of seeing the real you with your husbando.

No. 176027

Absolutely based nona

No. 176187

Based cuck nonnie. Why should women get anime where women are the main characters while otaku get their black haired japanese mcs? We should all get cucked by men and be faghags.

No. 176256


let it go already, you absolute faggot

No. 177924

File: 1641614519080.jpg (514.41 KB, 1916x672, Screenshot_20220108_050012.jpg)

anyone else did gssr in fgo? i wanted a sakuraface, it hurts

No. 177933

夢 = self-insert. Always.
It's not a "general" fanfic tag.
The retard who translated the tag "twst夢" had no idea what they were doing. FYI Pixiv tags can be translated by anyone. If you search 夢絵 (self-insert art) you'll find that it was translated as "character/reader art".
夢 tags can be used by both men and women no matter their sexual orientation, but they're mostly used by straight women which makes them de facto yumejo tags (although it is possible that they're originally meant for yumejos and the moids who use those tags simply have no idea and misuse them, but I'm not sure).

No. 177937

I don't pay for quartz specifically because it's still just a chance.
I rolled like eight 5 stars this last year though, but of course not Ryouma or the new Chinese guy.

No. 177957

No, I stopped doing GSSR, I did it twice and I got some mixed results, so unless they do a GSSR where you directly choose which Servant you want I won't pay for SQ anymore.
I'm currently preparing myself for the upcoming Old Li banner, I'll roll specifically on my birthday (I hope to replicate the luck I had on Hassan's banner two years ago), and then I won't roll anymore, not even a ticket, until Douman's banner.

No. 178010

Exactly, 夢 literally means yume, what a retarded translation.

No. 181946

Wake up babe new ALKALOID Music Video just dropped

No. 181992

File: 1643318917294.jpeg (196.54 KB, 1334x750, 5A8277C1-EE95-4E32-9EE4-FE13E6…)

i know enstars isnt exactly known for good card art but this new mayoi card is exceptionally boring

No. 182001

one of the reason I liked enstars more than other male gacha games was that the 5 star art looked really good. It's been awhile since I played though.

No. 182012

No way. No fucking way. He looks SO good. There's no way I reinstall this game just to get his card… right? Oh my god. Is the pic of his bloomed ver out too? Maybe I can just print it out.

No. 182013

Wait samefag, I'm retarded as shit. Is that the bloomed? This fucking sucks

No. 182019

It's the unbloomed, but I find the bloomed worse. I had high hopes for Mayoi's event 5 art but even his 5 gacha illustrations are much more interesting. I was hoping for at least 1 kimoi facial expression kek
>i know enstars isnt exactly known for good card
Really? I usually like their card art (when they try). Imo it's obvious when they care or if they just used the same old boring effects/colors/pose/etc.

No. 182021

File: 1643328138269.jpg (61.76 KB, 680x383, 033.jpg)

Just looked up the bloomed. Wow, what a fucking disappointment. All that wait and for this piece of trash. Who even knows when he's going to get another 5*? My boy deserves so much better.

No. 182024

File: 1643330711751.jpeg (165.34 KB, 1074x496, EC9D5FBB-B24A-402B-A331-D667B5…)

when i said enstars isnt known for good card art i didnt mean to imply the card art is awful, just really boring compared to other idol mobage (shiny colors, mirishita, project sekai etc) i know enstars is massive so they dont need to rely on making the card art super cool/interesting to sell but still, it’s disappointing
also has anyone noticed recently they’ve been doing this thing where they have another character cameo in the cards but they never draw the face of the character who cameos so it just looks really weird? like ritsu in this card, where are his eyes…

No. 182059

Looks like a random perv in a hentai game lol.

No. 182417

File: 1643532415747.jpg (79.63 KB, 750x705, 013003657.jpg)

>mobage for moids
cute girls doing cute things, generally wholesome interaction between girls, no mention of past bfs
>mobage for women
always mention past gfs that i don't want to hear about, literal playboys and fuckboys, misogyny sprinkled in because why not

no matter how you look at it, joseimuke games always have trashier writing and cuckbait. "b-but it's realistic cause moids are horny and misogynistic" well girls always talk about boys too so why are moids allowed to have unrealistic pure girls in their media but women are supposed to have "realistic" annoying fuckboys?

No. 182418


Who has taste so shit they want Ace to be their imaginary bf instead of I dunno seeing him get brutally raped by mobs anyways? That's on you

No. 182419

I heard some of the writers for women's games are male, it would explain a lot.

No. 182430

ha ha that's the case for hypmic…. and that horrible worldbuilding…

No. 182431

I love the Hypmic songs and characters but the world is such a wasted opportunity with MEN writing it. Some Korean radfems should take over the writing kek

No. 182440

It’s because joseimuke fanbases are literal pushovers. Especially one like twst’s where they’ve been sitting happily accepting the worst scheduling known to man

No. 182453

This is why I dislike most joseimuke and otome games. They try extremely hard to make the guys trashy and unlikable and people eat it up. I don't fucking get it.

No. 182463

japanese women have no standards

No. 182472

Clearly not. I don't get why it's men making joseimuke and not women.

No. 182473

all the female writers working on yaoi doijins as always lol you hate to see it!

No. 182483

I want to blame men too, but women who write and consume joseimuke/otome usually tend to prefer shitty love interests. Just going to have to deal with the fact most of these games are made for masochists, and don't have broad appeal. It's kind of funny when you realize how much better BL/BL bait sells. Don't have to worry about women being abused there.

No. 182542

I feel like it's a mix of Japanese women actually having shit taste and fucked up standards, and writers taking the "women want to fix/see the sensitive side of a bad boy" and "women want hot boys to seduce/dominate them" cliches to extremes.

>instead of I dunno seeing him get brutally raped by mobs
idk this character but based

>ha ha that's the case for hypmic…. and that horrible worldbuilding…
Fuck, that explains so much about that shitty ""matriarchy"" setting and the character designs I've heard about.

AFAIK a lot of the staff in the TokiMemo GS games is male, including the scenario writer(s). Crazy how sometimes moids can make some quality stuff for women.

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