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File: 1457311425596.jpg (122.53 KB, 500x532, tumblr_lu8t4tlZx71r168ymo1_500…)

No. 104102

>What is an otome game?
tl;dr, enjoy a beautiful 2D boy harem as either a girl (otome) or a 2D boy yourself (BL).

Discuss what you're playing now, what you're looking forward to, ask questions, talk merch, etc.

You can find a thorough FAQ and a lot of download links in halfchan's BL + otome general, but most of them are out of date or only in Japanese.

Please spoiler spoilers! CGs are fine unless it's an important plot point.

No. 104103

Dandelion Wishes brought to you and Nameless are two of my recent favorites, especially Nameless. Cheritz makes decent female protags.

No. 104104

File: 1457312277804.jpg (141.01 KB, 400x590, yandere heaven.jpg)

What even is the status of Yandere Heaven Affection Bunny Cage? I heard so much about it years ago and then…was it released? I don't think so. I can't find it anywhere. Someone help me.

No. 104105

File: 1457312918459.jpg (123.98 KB, 500x443, tumblr_mnqh59Zlzp1qk0e71o1_500…)

Whats the deal with the sweet devil route in TMGS3? i want it, help me
This looks amazing

No. 104106

Basically you've got to be consistent with your skinship/dialogue choices. The more playful/sassy you are in your actions, the more your sweet devil rank will level up. Turning guys down, taunting/teasing, and wearing sexy clothes all increase it. To keep it up, make sure you change your clothes at least once a week– even if it's just removing an accessory.

No. 104107

File: 1457314342002.jpg (86.82 KB, 480x640, 3p.jpg)

This >>137579
Just a note: When I got it, I lost it pretty quickly but then I got it back just as quickly by continuing on with what I was doing. So don't worry if it comes and goes for a bit at the beginning.

I want to play 3P Niina and Arashi as sweet devil next…

No. 104108

Holyshit, I want to play this so bad.

No. 104109

File: 1457323591343.jpg (107.38 KB, 800x453, 20140509_863782.jpg)

Me too. I've been waiting for years.

The creators announced the release for Winter 2014, but no copy of the game and no caps of the game so I doubt it was actually released. The website/blog/twitter hasn't been updated since Summer of 2014.


I hope it wasn't scrapped, but I highly doubt it at this point. I think the last Yandere Heaven game came out in 2014 as well (They are all BL except this one) so I'm not sure if they just kinda stopped making them.

No. 104110

File: 1457327177519.jpg (59.49 KB, 256x380, 149772.jpg)

Personally I love "Amnesia". The mystery are quite engaging, the voice actors's voice are hot and the protagonist-game isn't as irritating as in the protagonist-anime. The arts are sooo beautiful too, totally a feast for the eyes, mhhhmmm…

Another otogen that I actually want to play is "Brothers Conflict", both of the version. I've watched the whole anime and I really like how the protagonist's personality is explained and it actually makes sense if she acts so awkward and naive around the brothers. I reaally hope someone translates this game to English in the future so I can play it.

No. 104111

File: 1457328875704.jpg (85.34 KB, 485x800, kou best boy.jpg)

kou best boy


yeah i reaaaally need to learn japanese. i feel like i'm missing out on a lot of stuff i really want to play because no translation or like "read as you play" translations which are a little annoying…

No. 104112

This game was great, but I really hated Toma's route.

No. 104113

Toma's route infuriates me. I mean who the fuck put a girl in a cage because he feels she's not safe?? Damn, even sane-Ukyo is saner than this.

No. 104114

I still need to play this. Heard a lot of good things about it. I'm about to have some free time. What routes should I aim for?

No. 104115

Are these as trashy as they look?

No. 104116

Personally I think it's the best to aim for whoever attracts you the most, then go down to the second man you found attractive and so on.


Do you mean trashy as cheesy? Yes, most of them are, it's reverse harem. If you mean trashy as literal trash, just go away and ignore this thread, don't ruin other people's parade.

No. 104117

File: 1457347893863.jpg (342.92 KB, 890x1280, img_2.jpg)

I'm a teacher's pet.

No. 104118

Same, though I may be just too lazy to learn moonspeak.

Steam is my current source for VN's, but they're usually geared more for guys and not otomes.


Oh my god I would love to play this. Why is it so rare to find anything with yandere guys?

No. 104119

File: 1457365299590.jpg (313.23 KB, 560x800, fOVdrwX.jpg)

I believe yandere guys are just not popular with the general audience of otome games. That's my guess anyway. Yandere is more common in BL games but still not as popular as tsundere or something. Sometimes I wish you could play BL games as a girl MC as they typically have more guys to my tastes in them. I can only self insert as a kawaii shota prince so much before shattering the illusion.

I actually remember reading some negative remarks about a Voltage game (lol) when those got kinda big 2 years ago or whatever who was meant to be their watered down version of yandere. People were super triggered by his possessiveness. It actually tempted me to try their game, and I played his routes and he wasn't all that yandere…like at all.

I remember reading similar criticisms when Bunny Cage was announced on English and Japanese sites. Though those characters are actually yandere so.

I get why it isn't everyone's cup of tea but I don't know why so few games cater to the audience there is for that, and even when they do, it seems they are afraid to go all out.

So, sorta related, what is everyone's favorite type?

The one I go for first generally varies from game to game but I like…

>kouhai/younger guy

>yandere/possessive (obviously)
>mean looking guy who is actually mice gap-moe
>masochist/servant type
>cute/nice guy because they usually end up having a dark side.

To a lesser extent I like tsundere routes but it really depends on their personality after you peel away the tsun. They are really hit or miss with me, but when they're good, they're good.

No. 104120

>actually mice
Hahahaha. I meant actually nice.

No. 104121

Yandere (though rare) and possessive guys are usually who I go for first. I also like the weird ones for some reason. The guys that aren't too popular, I find their situations to be more amusing. Like in Hatoful Boyfriend I went for Shuu immediately. I also like the super smart ones but tend to stay away from them if they're tsundere. I just find tsundere kind of overly done. Then I go down the list of the rest just to see their endings.

No. 104122

usually i go for the one who's designated to be the 'main love interest' first. There's got to be a reason why he's the one being put at the front on the cover, and I'd like to see why.

No. 104123

File: 1457374247271.jpg (111 KB, 500x500, doto 1.jpg)

I don't know, I tend to dislike the main route because those tend to be a kind of generic love story unless it's a very niche game. But then I might like the character otherwise. Sometimes they surprise me though. Also a good way to learn more about the other guys and get a feel for them.

I just found out Dot Kareshi (pic related) a while ago and I am obsessed with slime boyfriend and tsun beastmaster. Want to play masochist knight next. Really short game though so that sucks but I can't complain as there are three of them.

No. 104124

File: 1457376899554.jpg (30.97 KB, 303x474, kanata.jpg)

I love tough, but sensitive/crybaby types. This is my boo.

No. 104125

also can we post ideal/dream otome games?
i think it'd be fun to have a medium/light-yandere (not full on maiming & brain-washing yandere) MC with a couple of unsuspecting ~senpais~

No. 104126

Yeah, it would be nice if MC could be a little more devilish sometimes rather than the kinda generic MC there tends to be. Some are better than others. It would be fun to have a an MC be the one doing the chasing and confessing.

No. 104127

File: 1457388229678.png (790.76 KB, 690x946, 48724774_p0.png)

Same anon…….same

No. 104128

Damn anon, this looks so fun. Gonna try it out. Is there a readily patched version or do I have to do it myself?

No. 104129

File: 1457393271030.jpg (393.87 KB, 950x576, 1.jpg)

No. 104130

Anyone played LoveRevo? It kinda motivated me to self-improve seeing how the MC got better looking and fitter over time lol.

Also, Sweet Fuse, anyone played it? I dropped that shit when I found out my first choice had a daughter. Felt so cucked I ragequit. Was thinking about picking it back up but wondering if there's any merit to the game otherwise

No. 104131

who is that?

No. 104132

File: 1457397298968.jpg (187.12 KB, 650x600, Wakaouji.Takafumi.full.1377449…)

>The main character, Hitomi Sakuragawa (桜川 ヒトミ?) (default name, changeable), was once a cute, beautiful girl, winning beauty contests in childhood. However, after losing to the temptation of junk food received from fans, she has steadily gained weight… until she reached 100 kg in her second year of high school. At the beginning of the school year, the main character and her brother moved into her father's mansion-like dorm. She discovered that the school's most popular guys are also moving in. Their impressions on her shocked her into starting a diet.

Hahahaha I'm intrigued.


Wakaouji from TMGS2

No. 104133

File: 1457397779921.jpeg (43.14 KB, 480x272, Mitarashi3smile.jpeg)

I played all the routes in Sweet Fuse, including the "secret" character. (He was cute but I didn't like his route. Got my hopes up for nothin'.)

It got a lot of flak for lacking plot, but Sweet Fuse is a game I feel like you can't take too seriously. It's just a fun, relatively short game with that shounen-y style.

Doing each character's route also allows you to figure out parts of the "mystery" and you visit more of the amusement park.

The fandom generally seems to agree that either the hikki gamer or Mitarashi are the best boys. Not a fan of the hikki, but Mitarashi's route a good. The weirdest route is probably Urabe, and Wakasa is just a lil bitch.

No. 104134

File: 1457398188440.jpg (211.38 KB, 864x1080, himuro_sensei.jpg)

I just can't get into Himuro. He's so popular, but I'm just not captivated like I was with Waka-sensei.

Maybe I'll start his route tonight and see what all the fuss is about.

No. 104135

need more ero.

No. 104136

The artstyle reminds me of Ace Attorney, is the character design done by tatsuro iwamoto or something?

No. 104137

File: 1457473965778.jpg (91.1 KB, 777x522, Vincent.Valentine.full.87839.j…)

I asked a similar question in the yaoi thread, but does anyone know of an otome with long black haired guys? Or just long haired is enough for me.

No. 104138

Seconded. They don't do anything for me otherwise.

No. 104139

File: 1457486085129.jpg (241.24 KB, 1600x1200, Hijikata.Toshizou.full.185641.…)

Yoshiwara has 1-2 guys with similar aesthetics
Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori (not yet fully translated tho)

Long black haired bishounen is very…old-school character style. So mostly things with historical settings probably. Most long haired characters nowadays don't have black hair.

No. 104140

oh my, 10/10 bishie

No. 104141

File: 1457486508585.jpg (31.04 KB, 616x263, franken.jpg)


Oh shit I didn't realize you also said "or just long haired."
In that case: (All of the following are translated btw)
>Tokimeki Memorial GS 1 + 2
>Amnesia (two guys)
>Princess Nightmare (one guy)
>Dandelion ~Wishes Brought to You~
>Nameless ~The One You Must Recall~
>The Second Reproduction (black haired!!!)
>Code: Realize

hope I helped <3

No. 104142

File: 1457486670920.jpg (412.74 KB, 900x526, tumblr_nrt03iDrZI1r3oltco1_128…)

Thank you anon! Yoshiwara is on steam too, so that's a YES!

The world really needs more husbandos with long black hair.

No. 104143

Where can I download Tokimeki GS 1? I found an English translation patch but do you know where I can get the rom? All I found was outdated adfly links

No. 104144

File: 1457486930548.jpg (52.64 KB, 413x600, Hazuki.Kei.600.195630.jpg)

check erogedownload. or, you can download the JP roms from emuparadise and patch them yourself.

ignore nicoblog, they a shit.

get desmume, just a forewarning the sound WILL be metallicky. just the nature of it being emulated.

pic related is the ONLY good boy

No. 104145

File: 1457489374341.jpg (140.4 KB, 628x800, MoaScrapShuuInTheInfirmary.jpg)

>Like in Hatoful Boyfriend I went for Shuu immediately.
So which option did you choose anon?
Yes,yes, or yes?

Jokes aside, Hatoful Boyfriend is one of my favorite otome. The whole human dating birds premise aside, I really like the story and characters.

No. 104146

File: 1457490134998.jpeg (22.45 KB, 400x400, be7686e23d7c26b998183f09da6ce0…)

you shut your whore mouth. pic related is way better.

No. 104147

Thanks anon I think the erogedownload one will work, it's downloading right now! and so true about nicoblog, their shit made me rage. Thanks for the emulator rec, already got it but very appreciated nonetheless!! Can't wait to play and meet all these qties

No. 104148

Btw anon check the sound fix here

No. 104149

You're an angel.

No. 104150

File: 1457636031850.png (1.76 MB, 900x1543, anubis_ma_at_render_by_render_…)

Has anyone played Kamigami no Asobi?

I didn't realize until recently that someone had translated a bunch of it. Makes me want to try it for real.

No. 104151

File: 1457648709499.png (262.71 KB, 477x267, niinabest.png)

Niina is best boy.
Arashi is really hard to get rid of.
It was fun though.

No. 104152

I need naughty otome games

No. 104153

you and me both, friend. there are a few being translated now, but it's been slow progress and they're not even the best r18 games anyway. I think there's one or two english app otomes that are r18…don't recall exactly. The english native/western one(s?) suck. PersonA ~Phantom of the Opera~ is one of the r18s being translated currently.

Black Wolves Saga -Bloody Nightmare- english translation is ALMOST FINISHED!!! but, the game is 15+, so probably no actual sex scenes.

g.e.hentai has some r18 otome cgs, if you're interested.

No. 104154

Seeing CGs without the plot/effort is so disappointing to me.

I HATE when I accidentally see a really pivotal CG.

No. 104155

Why yes of course. It really was a fun concept though, I never thought I'd get so attached to birds. Just trying to imagine the visuals alone would make me giggle.


I just recently played one on Steam that's kind of naughty called Seduce Me. It's not really graphic but has some interesting content in it and ton of routes.

No. 104156

Currently playing The Men of Yoshiwara, it's pretty good. I wouldn't ever pay $30 for it though. I tried to play Hatoful Boyfriend but I just couldn't get past the whole "everyone is a bird" thing. Not for me.

I was thinking I'd really like a super immersive otome game, like dragon age but with only the relationship parts. Kind of ruins the immersion when the gallery image pops up and the girl you're supposed to be looks nothing like you. Also it gets a bit tiring just seeing the same 5 backgrounds.

It'll probably never happen, though.

No. 104157

Are there any otome games with older protagonists? Like mid 20s+?

No. 104158

File: 1458699890534.jpg (40.78 KB, 500x281, tumblr_inline_no9fcx7Zft1to6f0…)

Anyone play any Voltage games?
I just played through Eisuke's route and half of Soryu's route in the Baddest Bidder and I'm in love

also any games/husbandos who like to take charge and push MC around/use her?

No. 104159

I can't get into voltage.

Also, Diabolik Lovers would be right up your alley (not my thing though). No patch but here's an english script of the entire game, translated by route(s).


No. 104160

File: 1458751724325.jpg (49.01 KB, 500x215, tumblr_inline_ng7557g7WV1t6rnm…)

Holy shit I found my thread. ;__________;



I don't get the appeal of KBtBB. All the guys are complete assholes and I don't get why Eisuke won the popularity contest twice in a row. To each their own I guess.

Pic related. One of the better Voltage games imho but when you play enough of them they tend to get pretty stale, haha.

No. 104161

I just found out that two official otomes (one of the hakuouki games and one of the hiiro no kakera games) were translated into english, but they were repackaged as "Shall We Date?" games………

No. 104162

What are their English titles? I already have Hakuouki, but the other one isn't familiar to me enough to go searching for it in the app store.

No. 104163

File: 1458798559766.jpg (32.42 KB, 340x226, image.jpg)


ohhh i have been trying to remember the name of this game! i also enjoyed 10 Days With My Devil or whatever. i was at home sick for like a week last year and playing these brought me such amusement

No. 104164

I can't seem to get any of these to work. They crash after I hit start on the main screen. I've tried everything in the troubleshooting faq recommended in the comments but it still crashes.

has anyone with windows 8 gotten them to work? it might just be a compatibility thing.

No. 104165

I love these games exactly for that. They're amusing and cute and my heart cries out for a cute romance like in these

No. 104166

afaik no one with windows 8 has been able to get 3 to work, but i've seen win8 users get 1 and 2 working.

No. 104167

File: 1458901700936.jpg (35.24 KB, 480x272, cg_arcana_debito11.jpg)

Has anyone played La storia della Arcana Famiglia?

I have the game but reading it alongside the translation (it's in a word document and minimally formatted) is really tedious.

No. 104168

File: 1459482654752.png (686 KB, 1279x717, shinobu.png)

i only like this guy.
the rest are shiiiit.

they get kind of lazy on some of the routes (the ones i did play) and beyond that are such a gamble to play. it's easier for me to pay $30 (haha, implying) for a game on the off chance i will genuinely like more than one route or the whole game vs buying individual routes and then feeling let down when you just paid $3.99 for a shit route and meh plot.

i think they have their star series (the ones with regular updates) that they milk but the rest kind of run together. but they were a fun way to kill time for me a few summers ago when i had nothing but my ipad with me.

No. 104169

File: 1459504786769.jpeg (80.14 KB, 480x720, image.jpeg)

I love forged wedding. Haruka is the only character i really like. And i've played a lot of games

No. 104170

I thought this was fanart of Manaki and Venus. Sage for getting in the wrong thread.

No. 104171

Oh god nooo :(

No. 104172

File: 1459617133233.jpg (28.66 KB, 480x272, Shin-Hallway.jpg)


I wish they'd revive this game :(



Same! I played Shin's route before his and I hated him for almost trying to kill me. Now I'm just turned off by yanderes in general, thanks to him.

Shin is bae though. I find that Ukyo's route is similar to Shin's but Shin was stuck within the one world to help the MC; whereas Ukyo went through parallel universes and got celestial entities to help her, -chuckles aloud-.

Sorry for blog, just finished this game.

No. 104173

Curious: is it weird to play otome games if you're in a relationship? Any of you in a relationship but still play otomoes?

No. 104174

File: 1459618770979.jpg (110.85 KB, 1000x562, Finally,_in_Love_Again.jpg)

Yeah it was really the only game where I liked all the guys (well, I didn't play EVERY route bc money) and the plot was alright, but it seems like the typical Voltage audience doesn't really like this kind of thing. There are a few games that have gotten very limited releases if any at all (I think one was even stopped after like 2 routes) in favor of their more popular stuff.

I'm looking at a list of Voltage Games right now and wow where the fuck did they all come from. There are so many. I remember when there were like 10. Pic related seems kinda cute. Is it cute?

No. 104175

File: 1459619849876.jpg (435.51 KB, 429x600, tumblr_mds28f5MCG1rgodnyo1_500…)

-chuckles aloud- maybe if your boyfriend is genuinely concerned you will leave him for 2d.

maybe he's right to be concerned.

No. 104176

I want this to be released so much!!

No. 104177

File: 1459630220766.jpg (114.35 KB, 736x1074, 8bd77790a0837a5b917d994129c7d6…)

>this entire thread

No. 104178


I play otome games and I'm in a relationship. I actually had to create a separate steam account for otomes because I didn't want steam notifying my friends that I spent 50 hours on something like "My Secret Love Affair" l-lol.

No. 104179

Same here Anon. My boyfriend knows about the ones on my iPhone and PSP Vita…but the ones for my laptop are usually r18 so I had to put a lock on it so he can't see them. He already gets a kick out of the ones that he knows about.

No. 104180


If they can't handle you at your worst Anon, they don't deserve you at your best.

No. 104181

File: 1459750525097.png (2.26 MB, 521x8300, 17212368.png)

Urgh I had the biggest crush on Saeki from Tokimeki Memorial 2, his relationship with the mc was amusing and felt natural. Also, I was just remembering how I unintentionally triggered the PvP mode between Ruka and Kouichi in TM3 and felt terrible afterwards

No. 104182

I love Serendipity - Jinpachi is my favorite. I just wish they would revive it..

No. 104183

File: 1459796574184.jpg (141.28 KB, 540x532, tumblr_nekbmrsth81qaacgko2_540…)

Damn anon that pic got to me. Saeki a salty binch but I definitely agree that his relationship with the mc felt organic and real. I loved that about it.

No. 104184

File: 1459797083856.jpg (528.16 KB, 1000x857, Tokimeki.Memorial.Girl's.Side.…)


Same. I've been in a relationship for years and I still enjoy my otoge/fujoshit regularly. Bf thinks it's funny but it doesn't bother him one bit. He's into some 2D media too, we're both just chill and open about it.

There were a few times earlier on in our relationship where we got drunk and played hilariously shitty 90s eroge together, what a blast.

No. 104185

File: 1460665083101.gif (42.6 KB, 228x293, Okita_portrait.gif)

i'm straight up brocon trash so i wish i could play brocon games translated.

apart from that my main otome husbando is Okita Souji from Hakuouki. Oh, and Toma, from Amnesia.

hot damn
i might be DO-S trash too.

No. 104186

I've dabbled in otome games on and off, it's a little unfortunate the ones that I like seem to be in Japanese, but at least there's a load of English translations out there and it also motivates me to keep studying Japanese. It's pretty cool that Amnesia is now translated on Steam / Vita.

Now, I'm recently obsessed with Diabolik Lovers (anime adaptation is kinda trash), I don't know whether to feel ashamed of liking it or not, I'm a former yandere hater but somehow this swayed me.

Although we all may have different tastes, perhaps it would be nice to have a chat group dedicated to discussions as this thread seems pretty dead.

No. 104187

Damn, I didn't go Amnesia got translated - I'm gonna have to check it out. Diabolik Lovers is my guilty pleasure though, mostly because I'm a just masochist and I like anime boys. Who's your favorite? Laito is mine.

No. 104188

Kanato for me, which surprised me as he's mommy issues crazy, but I found it made the sweet parts so much sweeter. I feel a bit guilty as he's considered shota to a lot of people, however I never really viewed him as one, especially with the low voice he has.

No. 104189

Who plays himo otoko? Love the sawayaka guy

No. 104190

File: 1464221716958.jpg (79.84 KB, 736x452, 0d208053c5dfe04b908fb4d84de438…)

Did anyone play Ozmafia? The english version was released on Steam about a month ago for those of you that don't know. The route with the three guys… oh my lord this game needs to chill!

No. 104191

Has anyone played any of Pacthesis's games? I think she has some pretty quality games for not being with a big developer/publisher. She's been quiet for a long time though. I hope she can get a contract somewhere to make games professionally. You can play her games through DA if anyone's interested.

No. 104192

we know its you, pacthesis

No. 104193

File: 1464267162558.jpg (64.83 KB, 600x337, dZBFI20.jpg)

Best husbando. I think the same guy(s) who did the Diabolik Lovers art did Ozmafia's and I love it - the colors and lines and everything looks so nice.

No. 104194

Can anyone recommend something for a first timer?

No. 104195


Is it worth the price tag? Tempting, but summer sale might start soon…


What are you looking for? Do you play on PC or console?

No. 104196

I have a PC, 3DS, and PS4.

No. 104197

You can play Rune Factory or Harvest Moon games on the 3DS.

No. 104198


Seconded on Rune Factory/Harvest Moon. I would also recommend Starry Sky ~in Spring~ for PC if you want a more 'visual novel' experience. Pic related.

No. 104199

File: 1464820063673.jpg (2.05 MB, 4153x2900, 1007927.jpg)


wtf pic didn't attach. my bad.

No. 104200

File: 1465638981942.jpg (405.81 KB, 1280x865, 15625382641.jpg.jpg)

Anyone here played Code: Realize? Finishing up Lupin's route now. I really liked it, actually. I think my favourite route was Saint-Germain, which surprised me because I normally go for the tsunderes or the overly sexual flirty ones (Yuri from Nameless, oh my god)

No. 104201

File: 1467201765823.jpg (130.99 KB, 480x679, bestboy.jpg)

I don't usually go for fluffy romance games so I haven't been terribly interested in most otome games.

But I dig vns with psychological thriller\disturbing themes, and Amnesia is all kinds of awesome. Toma is amazing, and so is his route. Loved it the most, I was never once bored. The buildup was very fun.

Personally I hated Shin for being an emo bitch :P

Dunno why people rag on Toma considering ummm how Ukyo is lol.

I enjoy them both.

No. 104202

Aksys announced the localization of Bad Apple Wars, Collar x Malice, and Period Cube. Not really excited for Period Cube since I'm tired of isekai stuff, but the other two look interesting.

No. 104203

File: 1467833060726.jpg (82.02 KB, 360x267, 1423599955704.jpg)

I agree with you 100% on Toma and Shin. I haven't played Ukyo's route yet but I feel like I'm going to enjoy it. Wish I could find more VN's out there with yandere guys.

No. 104204

File: 1467884929475.jpeg (990.85 KB, 1136x640, image.jpeg)

God i love akito

No. 104205

File: 1468331137554.png (2.01 MB, 1920x1080, kent.png)

I'm glad I got Amnesia off the summer sale, I don't think I would have played it otherwise. Anyone else have an insatiable thirst for megane? Kent's a cutie, even if he is kind of an autist.

No. 104206

Kent is pretty adorable, he's actually the first route I played too. His good ending is really sweet and probably the nicest outcome overall.

I also picked it up on the summer sale and am glad I did. The quality of this VN is really excellent, I wish there were more like this available on Steam.

No. 104207

Does Amnesia get really dark/twisted? I've been meaning to play it but I'm not really into very dark VNs. I don't mind twists and stuff but I'd prefer not to be like, dismembered or have a character obsess over my dead body, kek.

No. 104208

Yes, it's not overly graphic but it does get pretty dark. All the routes have some twists in them, though certain ones are more twisted than others and they all have multiple bad endings.

No. 104209

File: 1468352698886.jpg (40.26 KB, 480x272, pic_0048.jpg)

Just finished his true route! It warmed my heart. I'm kind of scared to see what will happen with Ikki and Toma, since Kent and Shin were so sweet…

And I agree! I saw that there was a Kickstarter for another Otomate game, but it totally failed, which is pretty depressing.

No. 104210

File: 1468357935749.webm (7.45 MB, 940x529, 1463368023292.webm)

Hi, could anyone propose a short list of best classic otomes for someone who tries to get a feel for the genre?

Is it common to play these games like completionists, exhausting every possible plot line? Would you be bothered if a game actively dissuaded you from it through length + one-save-per-run to preserve some sense of mystery and risk?

No. 104211

Picked amnesia back on the last winter sale and i am so glad i did. Played all normal routes and got kent's good route the first without even a guide so maybe i am biased but he's probably my favorite so far, his route is so sweet and i'm a sucker for cold assholes who are actually just shy and generally idiotic towards how to act about the mc's feelings lmao

Most steam otomes are absolute garbage, either the art is bad, the story is bad, or both are bad, it's so rare to get good quality stuff localized/transalted. I kinda had hope that amnesia would do well and they would localize amesia later and amnesia crowd, but apparently it didn't sell that well and otomate's last kickstarter was a failure, so right now it's just wishful thinking :/ sad, because i wanted to have a date with orion and see the boys in school uniforms tbh. Really hoping ozmafia!! does well and they start localizing more good otome games.

No. 104212

Heyo, you're the farmer from the advice thread trying to make cash of a genre of game you don't even care about, right? Please at least try to google stuff yourself before asking people to do the work for you.

No. 104213

You won't make money. Like, at all.

Most otoge are only big in Japan. The few that have had some form of popularity in the US were because of the niche fujo market or because it pandered to the tumblr community (see; that flavour of the month Meyers Briggs dating game).

The only way you can probably get any sort of interest is if you have a solid following already due to art or some kind of webcomic/fandom pandering and you'd have to solely cater to them.

No. 104214


Porn isn't a big conventional market either, but you see people pulling 6k a month from it, periodically. I'd be content with 600. Enough to fuel my crippling food and shelter addiction where I live (I wouldn't complain about more though, considering the tradeoff lack of stability in such a line of work).

The thing is people pay differently when they want something to happen, than when they simply buy a finished product. Especially when they can directly affect what gets introduced as backers. I think it's worth a shot.


>you're the farmer from the advice thread trying to make cash of a genre of game you don't even care about, right?

Okay, let me bare my arrogance to the world: I think I can most likely produce better romantic fiction than any of those translated games contain (and if I fail I know where to look for good anglophone co-writers). I like to write and I like getting into peoples' heads.

I also came up with a concept of an interface - and let me remain intentionally vague here on how it'd look like - that'd allow me to pile up branching storyline complexity, outdoing pretty much any story-driven game I know of. I've been looking to use this idea on some project, but regular rpg games require amounts of assets I or people who'd collab with me couldn't realistically produce. Consider this my secret weapon.

What I want to get a feel for is the common clichés, shortcomings and blind spots that are tolerated in the games (the ones still considered good, anyway)… so I can neglect these aspects of the otome for a while. Or, at the very least, not worry about it.

>Please at least try to google stuff

The results are inconsistent, besides, laziness is the optimal mindset for indie development. After all, most problems arise from overextension and burning out~

No. 104215

try for a patreon if you haven't already, fenoxo and such do porn stuff and get paid a lot by supporters

No. 104216

If you already can't afford necessities like rent and food you're not gonna make it. People using patreon and using their art skills have become a dime a dozen, even art school graduates with substantial skill have realized they can make bank doing adult commissions.

It sounds like you just discovered a niche you know nothing of and just want to use it to obtain money.

No. 104217

The patreon thing is a real numbers game, unless you are top of the line amazing and offering content nobody else has, you need a large fanbase before you can pull in reasonable money.
If anon was going for a really hungry niche like a neglected /d/ fetish that somehow had enough followers but was desperate enough to accept anything then they would be fine, but (ignoring the deviant art kids) fujoshis and otome gamers already have enough content to make them a bit more picky.


Have you actually built a similar game though?
If you really do know about indie games, then you'll know that you need to have either 1) extreme passion or 2) lots of building skill already (preferably both)
Nobody is going to back you unless you have a convincing working demo, or a fanbase and body of work. There's a billion visual novels that start up on 4ch all of the time, nobody backs them because everyone knows that they normally don't deliver.

No. 104218


>If you already can't afford necessities

Nah, I'm stable.

>It sounds like you just discovered a niche you know nothing of and just want to use it to obtain money.

Does that make me a bad guy? I like writing fiction and I like games. Just never stumbled on these.

People earn money by offering service to others, not every creative endeavor needs to be a culmination of some sort of deep fascination. Sometimes there's a lot to be gained from having distance instead.


>If anon was going for a really hungry niche like a neglected /d/ fetish that somehow had enough followers but was desperate enough to accept anything then they would be fine, but (ignoring the deviant art kids) fujoshis and otome gamers already have enough content to make them a bit more picky.

Actually, I think you have this in reverse; you're the more starved audience (even if smaller). Porn game selection is, IMO, about 10x larger commercially and pretty common for crowd funded projects.

>Have you actually built a similar game though?

Yes and no. There won't be any similar games when I'm halfway through adding the alt routes, but the basic premise remains.

I'm not the best programmer, but 2D engines are simple as shit and the amount of knowledge that a text-based game requires is laughable. You could go from not knowing how to code at all to building a simple one in 3 hours. I can always ask a buddy who's a pro if I get stuck on a problem.

You guys need to chill, I'm not going to rely on this to survive until the money won't start coming in. Anyway, can we go back to the original subject? I feel like this thread got unintentionally hijacked.

No. 104219

I think that the questions that you asked above-thread are the sort of thing that need to be hashed out with whoever you get to do character design/storyboarding for you. Generally otome games focus on having a roster of different types of characters, but asking a forum full of girls what 'general shortcomings, cliches or blind spots' are tolerated is kind of a crapshoot because we're all going to have different opinions on what's considered 'tolerable'. Would we still play a game that needed that kind of troubleshooting? probably. but no otome game so far has achieved anything like commercial success in a western market, unless you maybe want to count the Sims.
The thing that I would focus on that I've seen cited as a measure of success in other dating sims (for both men and women) is customization–either the ability to customize the player character, or the ability to customize the NPCs with different outfits/haircuts/personality traits. I also don't like games that focus on 'level-grinding' to catch a guy's attention, I'd much rather see story-based events that simulate a budding romance in order to raise affection between characters.
anyways, just my two cents. I think there's a video game thread in the general board if you'd like to continue discussing the possibility of building your own game. Hatoful Boyfriend would be a good game for your to reference as well on your own time.

No. 104220


Nah, all I asked for was a list of classics. Besides the titles already posted ITT. I'll come to my own conclusions.

>actual gamedev advice

Don't need any. I don't want to seem too up my own ass but I have a good grasp on production, really.

No. 104221

>not every creative endeavor needs to be a culmination of some sort of deep fascination
If that's what you believe then you really don't understand otome games or the people who play them.

No. 104222

>I feel like this thread got unintentionally hijacked.

Yes, by you. This is for otome fans to discuss, not for you to ask people to do all your research for you.

No. 104223

Try Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side, that's as classic as it gets.
A thread like this is more for discussing things from a fan's perspective (i like xyz character, etc) than someone who's interested in the subject from an outsider's pov, though, so I'd still probably investigate other angles if I were you.

>don't need any gamedev advice

but that's exactly what you came in here asking for. coding & everything is important, but it's only one half of the equation.
and sorry, but 'I think I can write a good romance!' doesn't bolster confidence if none of the anons itt have any other idea of your track record. plenty of twelve-year-olds on fanfiction.net also believe that they can write a good romance. if you could provide examples of your ideas, it'd be much easier to get feedback rather than vagueblogging about 'i might make a dating sim' and then getting defensive when your audience goes, 'pfft it's harder than you think'.
I'm pretty sure I'm not the only woman ITT who's seen more than her fair share of dudes who think their homebrew vidyer gaems are gonna conquer the indie market (and then the game never even makes it off've their PC), so I don't feel that this kind of skepticism is entirely unwarranted.

No. 104224


I understand what triggers limerence, fascination and lust and how to sneak it past the conscious mind. Should be enough! …Right?


>but that's exactly what you came in here asking for.

No, I asked for titles and one aspect of gameplay none of you addressed and probably never will. Beyond that, if I need specific advice I'll turn to /agdg/, where folks have more expirience.

>but 'I think I can write a good romance!' doesn't bolster confidence

That's alright with me. I'm not asking you for any money. Yet. I'll see you about it when I have half of the thing. Prepare your wallet.

Seriously though, you're getting really pushy and I'm not recruiting or anything, so I think I'll pass on that interrogation.


Just asked 2 questions and everything spiraled out of control, sorry.

No. 104225

>I think you have this in reverse; you're the more starved audience
You're definitely wrong there, there are some really niche porn subtypes that are desperate for content but not big enough to garner it

>There won't be any similar games when I'm halfway through adding the alt routes

>You could go from not knowing how to code at all to building a simple one in 3 hours
Ah, to be 14 again. Go play all the games in this thread if you want insight, stop asking to be spoon fed and then talking a big game.

No. 104226

> I understand what triggers limerence, fascination and lust and how to sneak it past the conscious mind. Should be enough! …Right?

Watch out ladies, he's read through all of /r/seduction and he's not afraid to use his newfound knowledge.

> if I need specific advice I'll turn to /agdg/, where folks have more expirience.

Right, sure.

No. 104227

File: 1468437240534.png (562.26 KB, 1024x576, dandelion__wishes_brought_to_y…)

I picked up Dandelion recently and did Jihae's route first. I thought it was cute but kinda boring. None of the other boys really appealed to me at first, but Jiwoo kinda grew on me as a background character in Jihae's route so I'm pursuing him next.

No. 104228

>laziness is the optimal mindset for indie development. After all, most problems arise from overextension and burning out~
>if i need specific advice i'll turn to /agdg/, where folks have more expirience [sic]
>prepare your wallet

you're gonna crash and burn alright, but for entirely different reasons than you think. let us know when you put it up on newgrounds kek

although tbh the idea of a lolcow-produced otome game has merit, someone like you isn't going to find their patreon bux here with an attitude like yours

No. 104229

Decent game, the blonde is my favorite.

I really liked Nameless (by the same company). I completed it in 3 days and it left me with that empty "oh god why can't they be real" feeling for a week.


god I love Kanata.

No. 104230

File: 1468453412442.jpg (365 KB, 570x854, fuck me up.jpg)

Anyone playing Mystic Messenger on the phone? Made by the same people who did Nameless.
So far i'm liking it quite a bit. I'm also honestly surprised for a free otome mobile game to not be a"pay or wait 80 years to finish the probably mediocre story with fucking ~~tickets~~" bullshit.
The dynamics of the chat, phonecalls, email and so on are also very fun and well integrated and the conversations flow very naturally, the boys are all really cute too and the story seems pretty intriguing so far.
Surprisingly loving this game quite a bit. A pity that the servers suck major dick.

No. 104231

NICE i'm going to look into this. all the mobile otome i have downloaded has stopped at the final chapter because i dont want to earn enough tickets or it costs like $25

No. 104232

This sounds awesome! I haven't even looked into phone based otome since I assumed none of it would be in English. Gonna try to download this when I get home tonight.

No. 104233

File: 1468462424638.jpg (151.44 KB, 700x1022, tumblr_nzjrh75TjR1uw7zkoo6_128…)

I just started playing it yesterday. It's really fun, but the emails are such a gamble (or maybe I just suck at choosing lol). I ended up picking the wrong camera for rui and all I feel is dread.

>A pity that the servers suck major dick.

This. I ended up missing a chat because the server was fucking up.

No. 104234

Can't seem to find it in the iphone app store! Is it called something else there?

No. 104235

I did some googling and it looks like it isn't available for ios yet. Soon though I hope.

No. 104236

I just downloaded that game last night! 707 killed me ded

No. 104237

File: 1468582058413.gif (769.98 KB, 260x221, t&e_002.gif)

>start playing amnesia
>tee hee hee, I'm a coot' lil elfboi shackled to you by lazy plot xD
>click nextnextnextnextnext
>you're allowed to pick the order of inspecting mundane objects!
>you're dating a handsome idol, surprise! :D
>le magic eyes face

No. 104238

Keep playing his route even if you hate him at first. The only way I could've hated his route more at first was it if had a rape and abuse plot thrown in too, but things aren't really what you think they are at all. You find out more and actually have a personality once your memory comes back. I usually hate even the best versions of that type of anime guy but he ended up being one of my favorites.

No. 104239

yeah i didn't like amnesia. i'm a fan of yanderes and twisted things but it was just…not that good. and not that twisted.

i only did face tat and oniichan's route but couldn't be fucked to finish the rest. the characters were just too shallow for me to develop any kind of attachment.

No. 104240

So I just bought OZMAFIA!! on Steam. It's currently downloading, has anyone else ever played it?

Also, what do you think about Dogenzaka Lab games? There's a ton of them available but they look kind of like the type you can just download on your phone.

No. 104241

I played Hatoful Boyfriend and even though it was birds I found myself crying at 2 different stories (shoot me). I loved it. I'm so excited that there are more games like this, that don't just involve birds. I don't know why it's taken so long for me to find out this information.

I really love the mysterious guy who rarely shows his affectionate side. Are there any games that have an amazing example of this type which will make me feel lonely and "I wish they existed" for weeks afterwards?

No. 104242

Are you having a laff son? Please tell me you didn't really cry over pixel pigeons.

No. 104243

Oh hey it's active. Noobish question, but I'm trying to make a dating sim, and would it be classified as "otome" even if it's western graphics? Are there any places to share it once I'm done for like feedback? I haven't really looked into visual novel communities very much.

No. 104244

You can call it 'otome' as long as it fits the bill, but don't use the term if you aren't aiming for a weebish audience.
How you distribute the game depends on what time of game it is (RPGmaker, iphone, in-browser flash game etc), whether or not you want to be able to push updates, if you want to charge for it etc
Where you link people to the game depends on the feedback that you want. Actual game design feedback you can get from game design forums and places like /vg/ (or whichever relevant halfchan board) whereas you can get user feedback from whatever platform you are using for publicity like Tumblr etc

tl;dr more information needed

No. 104245

Clearly you didn't experience Hatoful Boyfriend in full

No. 104246

Thanks for the advice!
I guess it won't be otome then.
As far as distribution, I'm using something like RenPy to make it, so it'll just be a game you can download on PC.
I've been hesitant to ask around on /vg/ because it's mostly guys there, yeah? The guys I know already said they didn't feel like much help because they're not used to dating sims focused on a girl player character. Also, selfposting anywhere on chans seems a bit foolhardy to me. Tumblr seems fine I guess.
What info is needed?

No. 104247

Is Mystic Messenger fucking up for anyone else?

No. 104248

Does anyone have any reccomendations for an otome game with some QT subby boys you can properly dominate? I've found plenty of BL stuff but female protaganist equivalent is sorely lacking.

No. 104249

There's not really anything like that in otome but there's a few dark otoge with that sort of thing. The Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari series (but the sub guy is old af not qt lmao), Mashou Megane, and Jooubachi No Oubou Kaguya Hen are some that come to mind. Sub males aren't popular with the otome fanbase in Japan so it is quite hard to come by routes that implement genuinely submissive guys. Even the really boyish looking ones tend to go all yandere or dom on mc's ass.

No. 104250

Just downloaded this today and finished day 1.

I'm loving the mechanics and interactivity of this game so far, definitely my favourite otogame I've played. 707 is my current favourite.

The only thing I'm not a big fan of is the whole timed chat windows. I know that's the appeal, that it's real time, but they're scattered so widely throughout the day that it's nearly impossible to get all of them, especially if you work/are at school. I'm trying to find a list of chat times without any spoilers/text on them so I can plan how I'll go about being able to see the chats without missing them.

I want to also find out more mechanics about the game without spoiling since it'll be 11 days till I finish my first runthrough, instead of just a couple of hours like I usually do with an otogame.

No. 104251

Here's a guide with the chat times that also includes the correct answers to the guide. http://sabalet.tumblr.com/post/149686882156/hope-this-schedule-sheet-and-party-guests-email

No. 104252

I loved Yoosung's story so much. It actually made me emotional. I'm on 707's right now and I'm having fun but I have a feeling it might get dark.

No. 104253

There isn't. You can download the game on anime-sharing though in case you didnt know.

No. 104254

Already addicted

No. 104255

Also cried at zens ending
Jumin was meh

No. 104256

File: 1477034354076.jpg (148.44 KB, 1024x1355, jumin_han___mystic_messenger_b…)

I was actually pushing this game off for so long, and fuck now I'm hooked and may even pay for the deep story route.

No. 104257

Jumins route is great, his ending is SHIT.

No. 104258

MM is my first otome game and I'm hooked as all fuck. Finished Yoosung's route (got him by accident, not a big fan) and am currently on Jaehee's. Any games similar to this one? I particularly like the chat interactions and that it's not all too over the top goofy-sappy-romantic.

No. 104259

I had Yoosung on my first go too. It made me sad because he came off kind of creepy and there was no going back lol

No. 104260


Yoosung is like a little leech that you have to actively work to NOT get stuck with.

No. 104261

One of my favorite things about Mystic Messenger is how the boys always remind you to eat and to take care of yourself. It's so cute and sweet and actually makes me want to do it for them.

No. 104262

He got better, but I still cringed when he went in for the kiss and mentioned Rika one more fucking time.


I'm making a conscious effort to bully him so I don't get him again…

No. 104263

accurate filename

No. 104264

I'm only missing Sevens route till I've done all of them but tbh Yoosungs has been my favourite so far. He grows the most as a character and while yes he's childish at least it's a genuinely cute crush vs the others

No. 104265

Brace yourself for heartache

No. 104266

That's what everyone keeps saying and I'm so worried. I love Seven so much he only deserves happiness. My heart breaks for him like every ending.

No. 104267

ITT: People with no experience who only play Mystic Messenger

No. 104268

Then talk about something else, senpai.

No. 104269

Seven is my favorite route~ I fell in love with him the moment I had a conversation with him. My first route was Yoosung, I hated him and the route and after I was done I bought the deep route and got Seven. He is my all-time favorite route( oh the feels are literally at every turn) I love him so much haha. My text tone on my phone is his theme song in the messenger. I haven't been this invested in an Otome in a long time and I love it.

No. 104270

File: 1477280849545.jpg (131.94 KB, 540x802, Bad End.jpg)

Going through my first game play and I had no idea how much Yoosung wants you to just fucking be Rika….Like chill the fuck out.

No. 104271

Other people who play MM!

Is there any way to tell early on if you're on the path to a good or bad end? And how to tell the difference between a Normal, Good, and Good relationship end?

No. 104272

No. 104273

File: 1477293562819.jpg (84.33 KB, 553x369, IMG_2323.JPG)

Somewhat off topic but has anyone tried honey butter/"buddha" chips? I tried making them following some recipe on YouTube and it was horrible but the actual product is weird but not bad.


And they're cousins…

No. 104274

File: 1477328696316.jpg (171.88 KB, 1024x1237, meow.jpg)

Who else finds it impossible to keep up with this game? I don't check my mobile phone hourly, to be honest.

Are you really supposed to get up at 3am just to play through a chat?

>inb4 dumb questions

No. 104275

Sometimes I would do something like this: Say you had a chat at 12am, 3am, 8am, and 10am.. I would do the 12am chat and wake up at 7:40-ish to enter the 3am chat. Then past 8am, I would do the 8am chat before the 10am one opened. With this method you wouldn't need to wake up in the middle of the night. But honestly, you don't need to do all the chats to get the good ending.

No. 104276

cringe. you fucking koreaboos are obnoxious

No. 104277

Because I asked about a chip flavor? Uhhh buddy…. get over yourself.

No. 104278

recommend something else then

No. 104279

File: 1477363689360.gif (78.56 KB, 400x400, tumblr_inline_odomqdam9l1qc258…)

Ugh yeah I know.

Well I'm trying to get the good end first. And I'm finally at the part where he realizes we aren't the same person.

Does anyone know if it's worth playing Yoosungs bad ending?

No. 104280

Seriously, is there a way to manipulate the time and do the chats whenever you want? Because I'm not putting an alarm for a fucking game

No. 104281

They ban you if you time travel (change your hone time setting so you can do the chats whenever, my friend got banned for this shit).
Idk, I keep forgetting and then resetting, so I've only played Yoosungs good ending, pls end me.

No. 104282

boy i'm about to list 200 titles dont make me do it

No. 104283

You don't have to catch all of them. I've even had days where I only get 40% of the chats and I still got good ends. The way I do it is if I miss a chat I'll play it out and see if it was actually related to my route (included my intended character/had a few hourglasses or was long) and if so I'll spend hourglasses to replay it or I'll just skip it. Don't worry too much about missing chats it's not a huge deal.

No. 104284

Or what you can do is find a guide that includes who is in the chat and chat titles and see if it is interesting and plan your play time around that.

No. 104285

File: 1477527386785.jpg (24.64 KB, 720x480, hzAOi9g.jpg)

>REEEEE stop talking about MM! I could list 200 other games! But I won't!

Enjoy your otome tendies I guess

No. 104286

They're good af. I bought them on Amazon and they were totally worth it.

No. 104287

angry mm player detected. enjoy being a whiny noob

No. 104288

Where do you guys get your otome games?

No. 104289


No. 104290

how about reading tha thread

No. 104291

File: 1478121967420.png (1.54 MB, 700x990, image.png)


I just finished his route and the Secret endings and I actually cried multiple times.

while I had a hunch the story was going to end up that way, I'm so sad for V and Saeran and Saeyoung. They all deserve so much better especially V. I wish there was an after after end with everyone truly happy and just cute CGs and another party and V being like "lol not dead". Ugh this was such a good game. I think the fact that I actually played it every day for 55 days straight made me more invested.

No. 104292

After 2 months i got tired of MM
Never played jaehee route.

Atm i'm playing liar undercover the truth

No. 104293

So I guess CNN wrote an article about otome games, and I found this subreddit full of red-pillers (or something) who caught wind of it. They are all seriously offended that girls like these, lol


>This is the female narcissistic need for validation gone completely bonkers off the scale !

No. 104294

Ah, manosphere double standards strike again.
They celebrate VR romance/porn but can't stand the fact that women also have romance simulations cattered to them.
They all need a group therapy.

No. 104295

>being this jealous of anime men
I don't know whether to laugh or pity them. The top comment is creepy and basically amounts to "I don't like that this exists so women shouldn't be able to do this!" but even going so far to say it should be "banned" is incredibly strong. Men have had virtual dating and even porn sims since forever but now that females are included and have their own, it's blasphemy. Talk about a circlejerk of pure jealousy and red flags.

No. 104296

Thank you, this is gold.
> whine, whine, virtual boys are spoiling women and that's why I can't have my tall and blond swedish model.

No. 104297

File: 1480377346351.png (725.34 KB, 1024x576, 7e18243d9e5d9bf92ea78a08853bb9…)

is anyone going to be playing this when it comes out?

No. 104298

my steam library is filled with otome. my partner thinks im weird for enjoying them so much but i cant quit the husbando train.
i dont have a smartphone so i only have what steam releases. besides phones and steam what are other ways i can get different otome?

No. 104299

get a psp emulator and play persona 3 and romance shinji.

No. 104300

i have no idea why an emulator never crossed my mind, wow i feel dumb. but thank you!

No. 104301

File: 1480402845639.jpg (351.24 KB, 991x735, 24243.jpg)

The first otome I ever played with Dandelion. I haven't played too many but it was definitely slower and a little boring compared to some others. Jisoo will always have a place in my heart though.

I started playing 10 Days With My Devil, which isn't bad at all, and I'm glad it's not ticket-based. I played one route with Satoru, but was kinda disappointed because I thought he'd be a little more dickish.


I would totally play this just because Marco is a qt. Too bad they're only making it PG/PG-13.

No. 104302

File: 1480434066700.jpg (364.71 KB, 849x636, jihae4.jpg)

jihae is best boi. id turn furry for him

No. 104303

Has anyone played Bocchi Musume?

No. 104304

File: 1505807017716.png (650.31 KB, 542x1708, Sprite_waltz.png)

Cinderella Phenomenon is free and in Steam, pretty good for what you get. Fairy tale style-fare but with a good protagonist. Waltz best boy

No. 104305

anon I have an exam in three days and if I fail it's on you lol
thanks tho, it's a great game and I'm shocked it's free (for such a quality), I love the story and the protagonist is honestly the best, 10/10, would throw my bra at her.

No. 104306

Has anyone played the new V route in Mystic Messenger? It's so bleeping good, so much heartache I love it. They did a good job in delivering this.

No. 104307

There's… V's route? Oh my god, I stopped playing months ago but gotta install it back I guess

No. 104308

im playing in recommended order but its kinda hard since ive already done the route i was most interested in,(the little blonde one) i want to complete the game but so far the only other routes im interested in is waltz and that guy at the castle. (lol i can't remember any names) and i need to 'unlock' them ughhhhh

man mystic messenger was way too fuckin hard for me dude, i was just about to reach zens bad route (my first playthrough) and i gave up, it really feels more trouble than its worth, especially playing in 'recommended' order (zen, yoosung,girl, black hair, and 707)
and also i prefer to get bad endings before i get the good ones.
i feel like im lucky i havent seen any spoilers considering how popular it is lol
does anyone know of a full playthrough with no commentary i can watch instead of playing the game? (i doubt it lol)

No. 104309

Hi anon, is it true that in V's route you're playing as Rika? It was rumored and I don't know if I should install the game again

No. 104310

you only need to unlock another one to get Waltz and Fritz, so it's not that bad. I recommend Karma, I think his route is the most "heart skipping a beat"-ish.

Some of my thoughts, if anyone cares
Rumpel is a mistake. While other routes seemed like they could have been canon, his just does not feel right, and I don't like the heroine being constantly jealous, it gave me cringes and secondhand embarrassment.
I feel like the most "canon" was Waltz, but the most interesting one (for me, at least) - Fritz. Though I was actually more emotionally invested into princess and Delora's bonding than the romance, lol. I cried when she died. Also, I think I preferred Varg over Fritzgerald. If there was a proper bad-boy-but-soft character, I would go for him first, I guess that's my type in otome.
Overall, it's a good game, nothing special but pretty immersive.

Can anyone recommend another otome with a strong not too uwu blush heroine?

No. 104311

If you have a PSP or emulator Sweet Fuse is a good play, on Vita you have Code Realize and Collar x Malice

No. 104312

It just came out this month!
lmao absolutely not. Rika is in the route but you are MC. It doesn't make sense to be a character that's already in the game. This is still an otome game haha

No. 104313

Can you date him or is it just a "friends" route like the one with the short hair girl?

No. 104314

not that anon but

>Sweet Fuse is a good play

watch out! best guy has a kid, had to drop it

No. 104315

Anyone played any of the free otomes in Steam like Seduce Me or XOXO Droplets? I played and liked Cinderella Phenomenon but the rest look so terrible

No. 104316

seduce me is fucking awful, the cgs look like fucking wikihow art
i think its only popular because for most girls its 'babbys first otome' the writing is shit the only thing that might be good is the voice actors but im not sure its worth suffering through the game for that.
i hate this game with a passion and wouldnt recommend it to anyone

never played or heard of xo droplets but from googling it the art looks nice
ill play it eventually

No. 104317

If Seduce Me is free play it for the laughs and cringe value. Then you will know what not to look for in a good otome. I still can't believe it has a sequel.

No. 104318

File: 1506374185292.jpg (293.76 KB, 1200x849, Hadaka.Shitsuji.full.1332401.j…)

Anyone play hadaka shitsuji? It's a pretty brutal and kinky bl game, the game use to have a cult following with each playthrough averaging at 500k+ per vid until the creator copyright claimed the fuck out of every video

No. 104319

i have it on my computer but im so used to playing renpy vns i got to learn the buttons for this japanese vn, ive only played up to the opening(made me lmao) but since theres a million endings i feel i want to save it for another day when im prepared with time to play through all of it lol

No. 104320

File: 1506377054414.jpg (40.92 KB, 593x333, tumblr_static_tumblr_static_do…)

Does anyone tried the free Arithmethic games?
Pic related is Several shades of Sadism. Quite nice. You can play for free and get specials for a small price.
I am currently playing 3 games from them, most because of the qt outfits I confess. But SSS is really nice, I just wish it was more lewd hehe

No. 104321

I played through every characters good route. I did some bad ends as well. I thought I could handle it but a lot of the kink stuff went too extreme for me. Some scenes I just found damn gross. I wish I didn't play it lol.

No. 104322

You can date him :)

No. 104323

I love this game so much. I showed my friend the game and she fell in love also. It was my first bl game and I'd reccommend everyone this. Lmao its fucking disgusting tho

No. 104324

Does anyone know any good websites or resources for drama CDs? I used to go on Error-World but they stopped updating last year.

Many otome games also have a drama CD series so it's a great way to get some extra content with your favorite boys (and practice Moon if you're into that).

No. 104325

File: 1506488679458.jpg (103.05 KB, 720x720, IMG_3318.JPG)


No. 104326

Cute Demon Crashers is short and free and has lewd, Little Miss Lonesome too but it's like 30 bucks

No. 104327

File: 1506498956595.png (253.06 KB, 392x387, Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 3.02…)

i got sucked in to flower knight girl on nutaku….long story but i'm not even into any anime or hentai for a long time except for this stupid game

No. 104328

Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome is on Steam now, it's finally translated. As someone who's never bought my otome games through steam is the sexual stuff cut out? I thought Steam requires censoring for ecchi games, I remember seeing R18 voice cuts from that game on Tumblr.

No. 104329

i think if you buy it on steam they have a patch you can download to get rid of censors or whatever

No. 104330

Awesome, yup this was it. I bought it and played a couple of the routes, so far it's not bad. The voice acting makes it though, it doesn't seem like it has much to it story/character-wise. I would say wait for a sale, idk if otome games get discounted a lot but it falls a bit short of the $25 price tag. I'm glad sexier stuff is getting available to us now?

No. 104331

Got Hustle Cat on one of the latest bundles, opinions? I love cats but the whole non-binary protagonist thing it's too Tumblr for me

No. 104332

Finding newer drama cds is fucking hard. I only know of airavalky and random sites like uswatunhasanahast. Unfortunately the latter seems to only last for a few months before disappearing. I've honestly given up and just use soundcloud now.

No. 104333

are there any otomes that offer somewhat dynamic (mysme-style) gameplay? i tried some classic pc ones, but i'm not autistic enough for the 1. read two sentences worth of text 2. click "next" 3. repeat 1-2 five million times gameplay. sounds like a stupid thing to ask (>otome >dynamic), i guess i just want something immersive.

No. 104334

Well, not sure how many others are like MysMe but if you want something with a bit interaction I like a lot of the ones by Winter Wolves. Spirited Heart Deluxe is like a raising sim. Loren Amazon Princess and Queen of Thieves are like RPG otomes, but you can turn that function off. You get to make more choices and I think they're more fun than some of the traditional otome where all you do is read and make a few answer choices.

No. 104335

Thanks for the suggestions, I will check them out.

No. 104336

Are there any translated otome games that have weird shit go on like doki doki literature club or song of saya? I really liked Sweet Fuse and BL titles where more interesting shit goes on besides the romance, but it feels like the genre in general is pretty copy and paste.

No. 104337

Hey otome anons, is The Arcana worth it? Do you have any other phone otomes to recommend other than Mysmes?

No. 104338

has anyone played black wolves saga?

No. 104339

Aww, babby's first otome. Play something better with hotter artwork. Anything by honeybee isn't worth your time.

No. 104340

ntayrt but what creators would you recommend instead?

No. 104341

Black Wolves Saga was made by Rejet and Otomate though… Maybe you got confused with Re/Un Birthday Song?

No. 104342

The artwork threw me off as the artist usually works for honeybee. Birthday song is garbage too.

Koei Tecmo, Broccoli, Idea Factory, PilVamp (if you're into otoge), Karin Entertainment, Red Entertainment, A's Ring, 3Daisy, Quin Rose, Toybox Inc.

Shit nigga, I could go on.

No. 104343

you're right. would be one of my first. Thanks for the suggestions, will look into it.

No. 104344

I'm very tomboyish and simply can't self-insert into the female otoge protags, are there any good BL ones that have an English translation available? No nitro+chiral allowed

No. 104345

No Thank You and Hadaka Shitsuji if you want a few laughs

No. 104346

>No nitro+chiral allowed

Why? lol

No. 104347

no one knows or cares. this isnt a bl thread. most bl games are disgusting as fuck.

No. 104348

File: 1522531803460.png (1.29 MB, 1200x738, Steam_prison.png)

Mangagamer just announced they're releasing HuneX's Steam Prison in english, looks promising enough

No. 104349

I second Hadaka, it's golden

No. 104350

Hadaka Shitsuji actually made me feel sad lol. They did Komine so wrong.

No. 104351

Komine is one of my favorite routes lol aside from Ichinose.

No. 104352

File: 1524061274612.jpg (175.88 KB, 768x868, tumblr_inline_otg6wzBbAu1r28w0…)

I've played a few. I don't really like sadistic characters so I didn't play much of SSS. 7 husbands was good for a while but I chose Taiga and I can't do incest themes. I think I just need to be better at choosing routes…

For mobile games I've become completely obsessed with IkeSen in a really short time. Like, I'm so glad for the chapter ticket format or else I wouldn't get ANYTHING done. I started out not really into any of the guys but it's really taken me by surprise. I might have an actual crush on Yukimura (don't tell my bf).

I could never self insert either, but I do like the guys for how they treat the MC usually, and root her on in general. There's no rule that says you have to self insert.

No. 104353

File: 1524218356393.png (85.85 KB, 552x319, ssum.png)

Cheritz (publisher of Mystic Messenger) recently soft launched a new game, "The Ssum". Not sure what to think of it! I know that even MM is different from classical Otome games, but I really liked it. The Ssum, on the other hand… It shares MM's chat and call feature, but there is basically no story so far and you only have one character to interact with. You can answer some questions in the beginning and they're supposed to influence the guy's behaviour, but he's just so… bland?

So yeah, it's basically a chat simulator for those who long for a sweet, Korean bf. And there's one thing I really dislike: Just like in MM, you can choose answers when chatting with your boo. However, certain answers (usually the most interesting/cool ones) require "batteries", the in-game currency. Most of the chats include weird pauses as well, and of course you can pay to skip them. I'm fine with waiting between chats, but during the chats? Ain't nobody got time for that! I think Mystic Messenger is more clever in this regard. It gives you lots of content, makes you addicted and then charges for additional stories. I actually had no problem with paying for that because it didn't feel forced and seemed reasonable. I don't see myself paying for The Ssum tbh…

No. 104354

oof yeah, even from the screenshot you've posted I can tell I won't be trying it.
it's got that weird uncanny-valley kpop idol fanart look to it. I'm not digging it.

No. 104355

File: 1529242689982.jpg (39.83 KB, 480x480, fc97dfe000ca6aa608aeb26e7055a4…)

Hi, girls

If you can advise good novel with shota boy?

No. 104356

No. 104357


Evryone know - little boy it's a best boy!

No. 104358

nothing wrong with liking boys

No. 104359

The Chinese otome Lost in Secular Love was released in English. It has monks and optional baldness, haven't bought it yet but I might soon

No. 104360

Does anyone have good recommendations now that Steam Summer Sale is going on?

No. 104361

Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome and the Hakuoki duology

No. 104362

File: 1530657460319.jpeg (1.31 MB, 3186x4088, 2018-01-15-945334.jpeg)

Does anyone have any good Otome Games to recommend where perferably the female protagonist seeking a romance is at least minimum 18yrs old and is romantically interested in a male that in accordance with Japanese terms would be regarded as either a oji-san/oyajii (aka a middle aged man or an old man) I know it's not what's often sought after in the genre, but I can't help but be attracted to older guys.

Especially since most guys my age are just major turn offs, I've been craving a romance game where a respectable and kind man with experience is courting one.

I'm basically looking for something along the lines of Shuuden na Kankei, Tomodachi no Papa - Hakui no Oji-sama, and Ne Ne Ne.

Plus, I've also been pretty excited lately with the upcoming anime adaptation coming out for Koi wa Ameagari no You ni, I can relate to the MC since I had to undergo knee surgery, and was pretty down in the dumps while in recovery and with having to undergo the painful physical therapy.

The MC ended up getting hurt, causing her to require surgery for her foot, thus she was no longer able to compete in the sport she loved like she used to. I had to quit the sport I was passionate about as well.

Anyways, I still like to play Otome Games like Dandelion Wishes Brought To You, Nameless, Amnesia, Ayakashi Gohan, and I even like listening to CD dramas (currently have most of Diabolik and Hitsuji de Oyasumi series) but I'm kinda getting a little tired of seeing the typical Bishonen types in all the games I've been playing.

Right now I'm actually playing Diabolik Lovers through the PSP imulator on my laptop. It's in Japanese so I've been using a translation that someone posted on Tumblr to understand the game better.

As another example as to what I'd like to play in terms of comparison, I guess I'd say something like Seifuku no Ojisama. I have the game on my phone, and I've also been meaning to play Pub Encounters as well, so basically games like those.

Also, would anyone know where I can find the a worded/typed out translation/walkthrough for Seifuku no Ojisama? I've been using the translator on my phone, but it gets really tedious having to screenshot the game, go to my translator, figure out what the Kanji (more or less translates to) and then to return to playing the game and all.

Anyways hope to hear from anyone about any recommendations similar to what I've mentioned above! Also, lol, I had fun reading through all of your post and comments!(ᅌᴗᅌ* )

No. 104363

Is there any good lesbian otome? (Preferably more "realistic", I don't dig the overcutesy manga style)

No. 104364

I know you can date teachers on Tokimeki Memorial Girls' Side however you date them as a HS student so it's iffy. Himuro is ultimate husbando material though, I wish there was more material with him.

No. 104365

File: 1530732066660.jpg (131.77 KB, 960x740, kindred-spirits-960x740.jpg)

Try Kindred Spirits on the Roof, it's still anime-ish but not as obvious fanservicey as the Sono Hanabira saga

No. 104366

Aksys confirmed the 2nd Code:Realize fandisc. RIP physical vita games, I'm glad this will get one at least

No. 104367

Aoishiro is really good. kind of old but good.

No. 104368

Try The Bell Chimes for Gold, it's a fantasy style otome where all of the heroes are old guys while the heroine is in her 20s. You can get it for cheap on Steam but there's also a R rated version available

Also next time leave the name field blank anon

No. 104369

Anyone playing any of the stories on the Lovestruck app? I downloaded it yesterday and started playing, but the hearts thing gets on my nerves a lot. I can wait for tickets, okay, but having to pay real money for a Wattpad-tier story is a no for me

No. 104370

File: 1535184651389.jpg (9.04 MB, 480x360, fxxxme.jpg)

Bless Mangagamer for more R-rated otome

No. 104371

>lesbian otome
lmao that's not otome. thats yuri or just a regular dating sim which you can find plenty of with female options in the western sphere.

No. 104372

File: 1597425592000.png (499.5 KB, 392x696, 392x696bb.png)

Don't know if anyone still wants to talk about otome games since the thread is dead, but I've been playing a lot of IkeVamp lately. Actually, I'd been playing it on and off for a while just to pass the time, but I've suddenly been getting really into it lately lol. I think the characters really grew on me. I'm a sucker for vampires.. and historical figures.

Has anyone else been playing IkeVamp? Who's your favorite boy? Also, does anyone know if other media exist for this series (like drama CDs, comics, etc) or is the mobile game the only thing out right now?

No. 104373

I played Leonardo's route, and I found it really boring so I didn't play any more. I wanted to play Isaac's route too because he seems cute but it wasn't out yet at the time and I uninstalled the game since. What do you like about this game? I think the story isn't especially compelling and the characters are ok I guess. Have you played Midnight Cinderella? It's also by Cybird, and I like that one much better, it's the only free game I liked. Maybe I'm growing out of otome games

No. 104374

Yeah I’m doing Leonardo’s route right now and I agree it’s pretty boring. My friend is currently doing Isaac’s route and she really likes it, so I think his is probably a lot better. She gave me a summary and Isaac’s route sounds a lot cuter since he’s socially awkward and you kinda break him out of his shell. I’m holding out for Dazai’s route.

I think the art/character design is really pretty and I like how the characters are all based on historical figures. Though I agree the story isn’t the best, but to be honest most otome games don’t have the best plot lines to me so I just play off of how hot I think the guys are lol. I’ll take your recommendation though and try out Midnight Cinderella!

I think the only reason why I got invested in IkeVamp is because I have nothing to do in quarantine and I’m playing it with a friend. But I do get what you mean by aging out of otome games.

No. 104375

anyone playing on switch? i was someone who was salty about not using my vita but switch has a lot of selection

No. 104376

can anyone recommend good otomes that aren't mobile based? i want a fully developed and released game with no micro transactions or weird currency for unlocking chapters.

No. 104378

op I'm dying, I'm pretty tolerant of anime sameface but they all look like clones

No. 104381

they really do literally the only difference is their eye shape

No. 104401

The Rose of Segunda
Cinderella Phenomenon
The Lady's Choice
Royal Alchemist

No. 104405

File: 1597446966621.jpeg (62.84 KB, 476x680, EeYy-ZDU0AMy6gp.jpeg)

If you like Japanese otomes then: Steam Prison, both parts of Hakuoki, 7'scarlet, Nightshade, London Detective Mysteria, Ozmafia (but only just one route is worth it). They are all long(ish) and have great production values, decent art, good voice acting. If you have a switch I rlly recommend Collar x Malice. It's mostly plot focused, but it's well written, and has top tier qt guys.

No. 104408

ty anons, i've played a few of these but a lot of titles ive never heard of <3

No. 104409

File: 1597447565520.jpg (115.39 KB, 1024x768, 337930_screenshots_2015-01-09_…)

Sorry for samefagging, but if you like yanderes, try out Nameless. It was made by guys who relased Mystic Messenger. It's romance-heavy and long.

No. 104422

2 years later, my thirsty ass still looking for more Otome games that's kinda lewd but not full porn.

1+ for a protag that isn't a dumbass.

No. 104437

I’d like to see more of these too (although cough pornwouldbefinetoo).

If you haven’t played Wilder yet there are some decent sex scenes that don’t show anything.

Red Embrace: Hollywood has wonderful writing and non-explicit sex on some character routes but it’s REALLY fucked up and dark, I swear to god please do not play it if you’re depressed. There is nothing happy about this game but I guess there are some brief moments of flirty fun amid the horrible despair.

The Forbidden Romance series from D3P have non-explicit sex.

My favorite stuff is from Girls Dynamic but it’s Japanese only so not sure how much you’d be able to understand. They show everything but I think there may be an option for censored?

It’s not out yet and I don’t know much about it, but Degraman is supposed to be NSFW.

No. 104449

Will there ever be an otome equivalent for games like Fraternite or Euphoria? You know there's an audience for it. And don't say Boyfriend to Death because that game blows.

No. 104453

There are yanderes in Nameless? Who are they?
I started playing it some time ago because I really liked the premise but the characters seemed so stereotypically animu (plus I hated that there is a shota as a romance option I presume, wtf?) so I gave up. Does the writing eventually gets better? I may give this otome a second chance

No. 104455

iirc tei is the yandere. i wasnt a huge fan of this otome honestly and i thought the guys were ugly

No. 104496

Does any anon here torrent/pirate their games? What sites do you use?

No. 104501

Igg-games.com usually

No. 104503

There are three yanderes in the game tei, hidden character and shota. Honestly, in most Japanese otomes there isn't that much romance… They are mostly focused on plot and character development, that's why I liked Nameless, it was full of romance. But like anon said, most guys are ugly and have annoying voices. I'd say only Lance's route is genuinely all-around good (he looks pretty, his voice is bearable, and it's mostly just a love story).

No. 104524

gonna give this another shot, Lance was my favorite. TBH he was the only character I was interested in, but now I wanna also see one or two of the yandere routes (except for the shota, ewww)

No. 104546

I was going through the thread and looked up Dot Kareshi – managed to finally find a patched version of the first game, but I run Mac so I tossed it into Wine to see if it would run

It kinda does? I changed my locale to Japan/Japanese and still can't seem to start the game. The settings page is messed up and the game crashes on starting. The place where I got it from says that if the title says "Reverse", then it's going to crash since I didn't change my locale. But I did? Not sure what else to change.

I found a translated trial version while I was looking around and now I just want to play it more lmao
the trial ran on Wine just fine, dangit

idk, anyone on mac manage to get this game going?

No. 104558

Got it working I think, might as well share what I did –

Can't get it working right on Winebottler, had to download regular Wine.

Downloaded the patched version from here:
Don't bother following the "Change Locale" instructions though, they don't work on Mac

Followed most of this walkthrough:
(Pretty much just steps 1 and 4)

Downloaded and installed the fonts listed (installed the old-fashioned way though, not through command lines)
Didn't download Winetricks

When booting up Wine, it opens a command box
use "export LC_ALL=ja_JP-UTF-8"
then "wine [drag .exe file into command window and it'll autofill the location]"

LC_ALL was the only version of changing the locale via wine that worked for me with this
I don't know if there's a more permanent way of changing the wine locale, so you'll need that line before booting the game every time

The Quicktime Developer logo movie thing is borked when I use regular Wine, but not Winebottler. Looking at Terminal it says that Wine can't handle that media type, so I'm sure I need to use Winetricks to install something I'm missing, but I'm too tired to figure it out right now. Winebottler comes with a ton of Winetricks stuff installed, so I'm probably just gonna look at that and see what it is I need

Honestly it could only be the Developer Intro that has a QT movie, but I'm not sure ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 104559

Do utsuge/nakige otomes exist? Something like Key's visual novels but for women. I have a huge soft spot for weepy melodrama and tragedy even if it's not written well at all.

No. 104571

Sure but none of them are translated.

VNDB is a good resource for looking up games with specific traits.

No. 104609

I know, I was looking for farmer recs lmfao

No. 104621

You know nobody here has played anything past mobile games and Akys translations.
btw apparently the CollarxMalice fandisk they just released has atrocious quality control issues.

No. 104629

…No? I assumed some anons browsing here are more knowledgable about otome than me. My bad tho.

No. 104632

Look up house of Fata Morgana on steam

Not classified as otome but a favorite of mine and full of tragic scenarios

No. 104634

Cupid isn't an otome but it's very gothic and dramatic, not as good as Fata Morgana tho

Also I haven't played Ayakashi Gohan or Black Wolves Saga but both of them are fan translated and have dramatic plots afaik

sadly obtaining even legal copies of PC otome in Japanese is very hard. Many companies crash and burn a few years after being formed so there's no way of getting them legally even as cheap downloads unless you get someone to buy a physical copy in Japan for you in some second hand store

No. 104662

is it worth the thirty fucking dollars it costs on steam? I buy points in otome games all the time but I dont know how I feel about spending that much on a game I dont even know if I'll like

No. 104664

just download it on igg-games or from torrent

No. 105111

Make an account on RuTracker, and torrent it. I recently found a few otomes on there, including Nameless. The site's in Russian just to warn you, but for the games themselves, they'll be in English.

No. 106557

File: 1598988370838.jpg (216.42 KB, 1280x720, mr love.jpg)

Is anyone else trash for Mr. Love?

For the unitiated, it's a cellphone gacha game, but has a storyline you follow, and lots of extra content like dates and phone calls with the boys.

It has really nice (imo) English voice acting and tons of pretty artwork to collect. You really don't need to spend money on the game to get most the content.

No. 108627

Is there even any otome games with nsfw content that don't involve any creepy shit? (rape, controlling man, weird power dynamics, etc)

No. 108630

Cute Demon Crashers is short but free and all the sex scenes revolve around consent, there's even a button you can press at any moment if you want to end the sex scene for whatever reason

I've been playing Little Miss Lonesome but it's… peculiar, I'd recommend Cute Demon Crashers for a more wholesome sexy experience

No. 108638

File: 1600728490432.png (703.28 KB, 993x962, goals.PNG)

If you got otome rec with cute knights I'm all ears

No. 108643


Yes! I started playing last year and it’s become a part of my daily routine now lol. Kiro is my favorite out of the 4 and I’m surprised at how easy it is to grind gems. I managed to get all 4 wedding cards just from saving! And like you said, the content being free is amazing too! Who is your favorite?

No. 108646

File: 1600733055713.jpg (60.78 KB, 540x306, 645858769.jpg)

Most obvious choice would be Princess Arthur. I think NTT Solmare translated it if you'd want an English version.

Palais de Reine got a surprise translation and is available on Steam. It's a bit more of a kingdom management game with bonus romance routes, but there are lots of knights! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1023700/Palais_de_Reine

No. 108696

File: 1600800541921.jpg (188.57 KB, 870x634, Blood In Roses.jpg)

Blood in Roses has two lesbian routes in the hunter season, Bridget and Matilda.

No. 108720

btw 'lesbian otome' is an oxymoron, it's just yuri trash.

No. 108759

File: 1600833304925.jpg (70.23 KB, 473x455, 1595791049999.jpg)

I just started playing UtaPri Music 3 again after not being able to play my Vita for a while and I had forgotten how fun it was! It just reminds me how Haruka from the show and Haruka from the games are so different. I kinda wish they'd remake the show tbh

No. 108775

I only watched the show and I remember I still kinda liked her, forgettable but cute. How is she in the game?

No. 108826

nah! How a game with 30 routes, mostly males and only two females, can be yuri trash?
Anon please…

No. 108866

I know jack shit about that game, I'm just saying the term isn't real and just some western misunderstanding.

No. 109629

I downloaded it after reading your post and it actually is a lot of fun. Didn’t understand anything at first, but now the whole card aspect of the game makes sense and I enjoy grinding and leveling up my stuff. I am glad that I gave the game a chance after being overwhelmed at first! However, I downloaded the Japanese voice files because the English voice acting was a bit meh.

11783184 if you want to be friends!

No. 109709

Started seeing ads for this when playing other things and I just can't get over the sameface. The example guys in the ads were way more interesting.

No. 109849

File: 1601737061347.jpg (243.99 KB, 1280x720, 8o33r7pxk0o41.jpg)

The sameface really is strong Mr. Love. What is worse though is that I just realized that it doesn’t have any routes. Those polished mobile games are always advertised as "dating sims", but you can’t even properly date someone and that the story will always play out the same. "Obey Me!" is just like that. They are basically just gacha games with some romance on top, but the otome elements they promise are fake. I actually like the gacha elements, the interface of those games and the daily tasks you get. I started playing Mr. Love for the phone calls and chat conversations which I really enjoyed in Mystic Messenger. But while MM gives you different endings for each guy, here it isn’t the case.

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