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File: 1651062536239.jpg (151.52 KB, 750x1141, E0OxhJbUcAAxTeg.jpg)

No. 201327

A dump thread to post all kinds of media related to jfashion. It could be illustrations, magazine spreads, photoshoots, random videos, etc. Have fun!

No. 201328

>pink lady puts björk and then breakcore in her store
I feel personally called out kek

No. 201329

File: 1651062710226.jpeg (234.59 KB, 749x1083, 78E4F3CE-DCA6-42BC-B4F4-CFF811…)

cute thread idea!

No. 201336

The girl's hand that's holding the phone is unsettling

No. 201417

File: 1651070671461.jpeg (45.81 KB, 393x466, DF19FC37-6F20-400B-AF1A-55E59F…)

Does anyone else hope that we get a Style Savvy/Girls Mode for Switch? I really miss these games, fun for hours of mindless cute entertainment.

No. 201429

Yes I'm hoping for it too Anon. I still play Styling Star from time to time, it's so fun!

No. 201481

I've always liked the later half of this video.

No. 201498

Does anyone have that fashion interview of that J-fashion model whos plus sized? I tried looking it up but the title was in Japanese

No. 201610

is the model naomi watanabe

No. 201861

I'm still in the first half and love how that poor reporter is so uncomfortable with Japan glorifying suicide and mental illness

No. 201867

but that one woman openly talking about her depression and going to cat cafes to cope is the only one i sympathized with tbh.

No. 234242

No. 234243

No. 234244

No. 234245

File: 1661654560395.png (1.34 MB, 745x1160, unknown.png)

Dumping some stuff from my favorite brand baby

No. 234247

File: 1661654604104.png (200 KB, 354x594, unknown (1).png)

No. 234248

File: 1661654695473.png (1.57 MB, 1200x1781, unknown (2).png)

No. 234249

File: 1661654795703.png (474.19 KB, 467x700, unknown (3).png)

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