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File: 1700511828610.jpg (340.67 KB, 1280x1280, I actually think she's cute bu…)

No. 360179

Post women you find overrated or ugly when they're shilled as beautiful. Is it her awful personality shining through? Is it her weak bone-structure or weird thumb? Is it her PR team brain-washing the whole planet into worshiping her?

Lesbians, bi and straight women are all welcome to contribute!

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No. 360181

Grimes. I'm sure she's been posted before. Her nose is wrong. She must like it because she's never had it changed even with all the other stuff she does to her face. Puzzling.

No. 360183

File: 1700513156000.jpeg (38.7 KB, 593x517, DFC1BE08-0F4D-4D05-ABAB-DDCE75…)


No. 360184

File: 1700513440275.jpeg (330.49 KB, 640x636, E32F6F95-8A38-48C2-8C52-5A44DF…)

getting compared to her was always so annoying

No. 360185

File: 1700513775426.jpeg (57.56 KB, 554x554, 2D0D29A3-FA20-4790-A0A3-9109E0…)

She is kinda cute but she looks like just cute and not the sexy bombshell everyone tries to make her out to be, maybe if she styled herself like Zoey Deschanel or something she’d look a lot better

No. 360189

File: 1700514955771.png (884.6 KB, 914x748, annoying.png)

Sadie Sink. She has such a punchable, annoying face kek

No. 360191

It's hard for me to separate her looks from that atrocious Marilyn Monroe movie. I hate her and her face because of that.

No. 360193

Is this girl botched? Why does her skin look so tight? It's like she drinks hyaluronic acid or something, also the greasy/wet make-up look is terrible. Sorry about the sperg, as someone with oily skin I never saw the appeal of shiny foreheads.

No. 360199

File: 1700515732970.jpg (34.87 KB, 728x385, ana-de-armas.jpg)

>styled herself like Zoey Deschanel or something
That's literally how she looks on blade runner.

No. 360215

there's something about her face that I find rodent-like and irritating. I don't think she's ugly though, just that she has one of those annoying faces

No. 360218

File: 1700520037245.jpg (107.54 KB, 1200x1203, greg-williams-bts-1-64104360bd…)

Anon I came here to post her kek you beat me to it. I think her nose job throws me off, it looks uncanny. Knowing that she panders to coomers doesn't help as well.

No. 360219

for me it's the eyebrows, the archness is very distracting

No. 360223

File: 1700522100112.jpeg (741.3 KB, 1170x770, IMG_2435.jpeg)

Kate Moss looks like a dried up turkey now kek, I guess that’s what she gets for turning an entire generation into anachans

No. 360224

Her eyebrows piss me off too

No. 360235

File: 1700527527975.jpg (269.87 KB, 1440x1800, NINTCHDBPICT000832359489.jpg)

She looks so busted.

No. 360238

File: 1700528260222.jpg (75.45 KB, 1100x666, BGBTGLNZRVEZZOMYTCXUS6HB2I.jpg)

Samefag but even her body that is supposedly her best physical asset is busted.

No. 360246

Who is that

No. 360253

File: 1700534811452.jpg (34.4 KB, 467x467, 045586e7c74a193b9b185fbadfd16e…)

she looked awfully plain in stranger things. without hollywood glam make up she looks like a 12 year old horse girl

No. 360255

I mean she was like 16 years old playing a 12 year old there so that’s not really relevant…

No. 360256

Lena The Plug. She is a famous pornstar and execrable pickme.

No. 360258

Porn stars are kind of always ugly

No. 360263

File: 1700538787922.jpg (222.05 KB, 1280x1600, sadie-sink-2023-venice-film-fe…)

Nah even with the glam she's super plain

No. 360264

same here nona. I thought she was cute in blade runner though. I watched knives out for the first time after the Marilyn movie came out and couldn’t fucking stand her idiot face.

No. 360269

File: 1700547597741.jpg (908.68 KB, 2234x3000, Anna_Kendrick.jpg)

Something about her jaw makes me uncomfortable. She is cute, but I don't understand why scrotes obsess over her.

No. 360270

File: 1700547786455.jpg (671.57 KB, 3688x2804, GettyImages-1492428289-e168485…)

Lily Rose Depp

No. 360271

Agree, she looks like a mouth breather

No. 360289

File: 1700556261463.jpeg (928.8 KB, 1170x1223, IMG_1688.jpeg)

I don’t get it. It doesn’t help that people who know her in real life say that she’s a catty mean girl

No. 360305

moids are pedophiles and are obsessed with weird uncanny bug faces. they also love that she starves herself and bleaches her hair blonde while playing uwu shy, same as a lot of pickmes who want to be her

No. 360315

Its almost all celebrities for me, sure they're conventionally attractive but it's a beauty standard that you see everywhere that they become boring imo, I never got the hype for Megan Fox or Angelina Jolie for example.

No. 360331

I've changed my name because of her. I wish she didn't choose porn

No. 360349

Same and even the old hollywood stars as well. Since the beginning to end it's all about having giant block heads and squinty stoned eyes

No. 360366

Her mouth is really ugly.

No. 361185

File: 1700968747170.jpeg (388.29 KB, 1229x2048, IMG_9924.jpeg)

No. 361202

File: 1700972994965.jpg (107.9 KB, 1500x844, b51bcb_7754ee66592b81101140bd7…)

I'm tired of seeing her stupid face everywhere,she looks like an alien in a bad way of course.why do a lot of anons become defensive of blonde women recently???

No. 361203

She looks like a MTF

No. 361226

File: 1700981878457.jpg (117.56 KB, 810x1080, XjrTOpJ.jpg)

Anna Kendrick and Jennifer Aniston are the queens of women scrotes obsess over.
I would add Emma Watson but I find Emma Watson to be genuinely very beautiful.

No. 361227

Blonde women receive a disproportionate amount of hate and misogyny

No. 361228

Kek no they don’t(stop)

No. 361229

Yeah they do.(stop)

No. 361232

That’s silly and you’re just trying to find a way to victimize yourself, stop embarrassing yourself. Women have dyed their hair blonde regardless of how bad it looks to fit the beauty standards for decades, they aren’t treated worse because of it. Now take it to another thread, this one is not for whining and crying to defend the women posted here.

No. 361234

File: 1700984018746.gif (386.25 KB, 128x128, 167900321.gif)

>it's another hair color infight: part 100

No. 361242

It's easiest thing for trolls to bait about.

No. 361372

She looks so bland if you are a brown girl with glasses you’d get compared to her

No. 361379

That's her main appeal, a muslim girl-next-door being a secret deviant.

No. 361385

Her teeth seem to have an overbite? And her nose is croaked I think. Her eyes are ok, and I like her jaw and chin.

No. 361394

Mia khalifa is a Christian and she always has been. She constantly gets murder/rape threats by Muslim men stop referring to her as a religion she never was a part of whose members want to unalive her.(learn 2 integrate, do not use zoomer lingo/twitter/tiktok talk here)

No. 361396

With the way you've been obsessively posting about the same celeb in several threads for a whole week, I can't help but wonder if you're someone who has been bullied/got her role stolen by her. Usually when someone is obsessed with a cow they interacted with the cow or know the cow irl

No. 361407

I haven’t posted her before

No. 361409

Nta but I don't believe that. This exact image has basically been spammed all over lolcow and the user who did it was whining about how people find her attractive

No. 361415

I am aware of that. ISIS threated to kill her. I was referring to her famous porn scene where she acted as a muslim hijabi woman (the one that caused her to get threatened). Porn Inc. knows the innocent girl next door gets corrupted shit sells well.

No. 361417

samefag but what I was trying to say is that most women in those kinds of pornos are not bombshells but more regular-looking girl-next-door types like Mia Khalifa because it makes it look more realistic for scrotes.

No. 361419

File: 1701102492156.webp (Spoiler Image,249.39 KB, 1149x1600, 52966215-7D69-4983-A2AB-D76471…)

I find something about her face really hard to look at but I can’t pin point what

No. 361423

For me it's her chin being too long and her lips being too small and almost a circle rather than like, horizontal curved across the middle of her face. The boring makeup, too. Her jaw is nice but the long chin ruins it.

No. 361424

File: 1701106327522.jpg (653.51 KB, 1080x1473, Screenshot_20231127-173232.jpg)

I've always thought she looks like a milkmaid

No. 361426

More like Tweedle Dum

No. 361427

Her head is huge but her features are small and crowded together. Same reason Flo is ugly.

No. 361428

She looks like elbow skin

No. 361429

I think it's because her face is so triangular with her lips just slightly too high (or her chin is slightly too long, however you wanna look at it) giving her a slight "handsome squidward" quality

No. 361432

File: 1701107889692.jpeg (532.7 KB, 821x1064, 4B1C788C-DA0D-49F8-8976-A9300F…)

Wonton. She’s so overrated. The only reason she’s so popular is because she’s tall for an Asian girl, and has anorexia which peaked the coquettes and had everyone marvelling at her skinniness. Other than that she has a very generic slightly downie looking face. Also, she’s only 19 but her anachan tendencies are starting to age her. I know most westerners are faceblind when it comes to Asians, but she definitely looks old for a 19 year old Asian girl here imo.

I also think she’s a very fake and unpleasant person, but that’s beside the point ITT.

No. 361436

idk if "wonton" was on purpose or not but I'm dying kek
I think part of the reason wonyoung is so popular is because of her makeup style tbh. it's distinct, but cutesy in a way that appeals to teenage girls, and it's easy to imitate. not everyone is good enough at makeup to do for example the jennie kim cat eyeliner or sunmi heart cheek, but pretty much any teenage girl can do very simple eyeliner, put glittery shadow on, and put some lipstick on the middle of their lips before putting a slick of lipgloss all over.
I don't think she's ugly but I do agree that she's way too skinny. especially as she's so tall so it makes her look gangly

No. 361453

Surprised to see her in this thread. She's very pretty but the hairstyle in this picture does her no favors.

Agreed. She's ugly to me and looks just like her disgusting father. Something about the nose and mouth area looks terrible.

No. 361488

Whoever let them get plastic surgery should be jailed. They were beautiful to me before, but now they just look like parodies of themselves. I am so sick of buccal fat surgery in general and all that crappy cheek filler.
I've literally never understood the hype about her ever. She's not ugly to me, but she's not the bombshell people make her out to be. I also never thought her hair was all that, i think any woman can get it just by looking after their hair.
Eh, i don't hold pornstars in high regard in terms of beauty. As long as they wear good shapewear, push their tits to their chins, know their angles and practise basic self care it's whatever. At the end of the day the role of coomer fodder doesn't require that much.

For me, i find that a lot of celebrities have the sensibilities and taste level of normie laugh live love women with no backbone and are scared to wear red because it will stand out. A lot of them aren't very stylish or have their own sense of taste, they aren't very adventurous or fun when it comes to their looks. They almost always just follow trends and are willing to alter themselves to fit boxes rather than searching for boxes that they naturally fit in.

No. 361566

I got the image from another post here, I didn’t post it

No. 361573

Well sometimes other nonnies save pics, I myself have grabbed a few pics from celebricows to post in the women you wanna fuck thread

No. 361592

She's so medicore and her face is so annoying to look at after she was shilled everywhere.

No. 361593

Whenever I think this, I feel like I'll be accused of being jealous by some guy, but her features look harsh and almost ratlike to me. I just don't find her pretty.

No. 361595

File: 1701181112232.jpg (51.75 KB, 700x717, Emma-Chamberlain-1-2.jpg)

she always looks like she's nodding out

No. 361635

She’s not conventionally attractive but sleepy or dopey looking girls are kind of my weakness personally. I think it’s kinda cute.

No. 361665

I think she looks strange blonde, but as a redhead, she pulls off that color far better. She also doesn't even look like this anymore with the buccal fat removal.

No. 361679

I think Jenna is beautiful but she also definitely looks like a real life Tim Burton character and not everyone's cup of tea. She's said before that she was insecure about growing up in Hollywood being hispanic and not having a casting directors "ideal" look, but I find her interesting to watch

Maybe I'm sympathetic because I also look like a real life Tim Burton character and that's a huge insecurity of mine too

No. 361682

I've never seen her shilled as attractive. She is quite the ugly one.

No. 361954

File: 1701357423217.jpeg (114.68 KB, 780x438, A90328BF-F6B2-4DF4-89A1-549D0A…)

Kek same nonna. I didn’t know there was a thread like this for women, the male celebs all look disgusting to my gay ass. Anyway I’m unnerved by any women with dark hair but light colored eyes like Zooey Deschanel

No. 361964

Man, anons are fucking brutal. I barely ever check these threads but when I do it's imminent regret.

No. 361968

Try think of it this way, anon: there was one celebrity who I thought was objectively beautiful, like, automatic 9 or 10. Then I saw people calling her ugly. There's another celeb I found very unattractive, then my friend declared she had a crush on her. These threads remind me there's always going to be someone who finds you unappealing and someone who thinks you're gorgeous.
Also let's be real, anons are jusging celebs based on OTHER celebs, who all have access to personal trainers/stylists/MUAs etc. In the real world people don't judge each other so harshly.

No. 361973

Shes actually a natural blonde so that might be why she looks a bit off

No. 362023

kate moss slander breathes new life into me.

No. 362025

File: 1701385071736.jpeg (287.97 KB, 553x602, EC38BFAB-5DCF-4A90-AB46-A8637C…)

She’s not unattractive by any means just incredibly plain I don’t get it.

No. 362026

Maybe I'm biased because I have the same body type as her, but I think she's cute underneath the alcoholism, lupus, and fillers.

No. 362040

Imo, surgery is the primary thing that breaks a lot of womens looks. It's also not bad to look plain, it's just an opinion.

No. 362077

Her quirky bangs and 60s/70s look was very fitting for the trends of 2009-2013 but she really needs to update her aesthetic imo, it’s too played out now. Also her entire career was only possible because of her blue eyes and her connections in the industry through her dad, let’s be real.

No. 362078

Wow, it's been years since I've seen her. Is this a recent picture? She's ruined her face so bad.

No. 362087

Scrotes are so suggestible. If she wasn’t in all their favourite movies they’d call her mid but since she’s been in blade runner she’s supposedly some otherworldly beauty? She’s certainly not ugly but I don’t find her that beautiful.
>turning an entire generation into anachans
You think she was the only anachan in the 90s? You can’t lay ALL the blame at her feet. Maybe blame the faggots in charge of the fashion industry for requiring them to look like this to keep working? You sound like a bitter fatty just saying…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 362090

File: 1701419622267.jpeg (134.72 KB, 735x913, IMG_2146.jpeg)

I think her eyes and lips are pretty, but her bone structure doesn’t fit with her features and I hate her nose job. I will say though that I think she’s the prettiest out of her cohorts- Lily Collins, Anya Taylor Joy, Jenna Ortega, Florence Pugh. They’re all kind of bland imo though.

No. 362091

>bone structure doesn’t fit with her features
wdym? both her face shape and features look round

No. 362095

She's embracing the crows' feet instead of turning to a botox addiction, good for her imo. If she styled herself in a way that didn't wash her out she'd look charming.

No. 362105

File: 1701429912349.jpeg (195.8 KB, 800x1200, IMG_2147.jpeg)

Her face is really wide and big and overpowers her features

No. 362106

Are these really all the same girl?

No. 362107

File: 1701430625436.webm (2.85 MB, 1080x1920, 1701425664739234.webm)

She's so mid, polcels are desperate

No. 362109

No. 362110

File: 1701432706894.jpg (243.23 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_8b372926956ee95781fbfbf…)

She has always been very pretty to me. I do wish she didn't do whatever she did to her jaw and chin. Her chin was a little weak but it made her face look cute.

No. 362156

I've always thought that she looks something rodent-like after plastic surgery but she's still not ugly

No. 362239

i thought this was ldr with blonde hair for a second

No. 362260

She looks so unattractive in this photo though. Full on botched Catwoman, suits her character.

No. 362845

do her lower eyelids look "pulled"? did she get surgery to make them bigger?

No. 362857

My millenial is showing so hard rn because I've always loved her bangs and I'm still upset that I was never able to make mine look like hers kek

No. 363036

File: 1701802244965.jpeg (146.39 KB, 500x704, 0A442621-3F56-40DA-9E1E-EF885F…)

I truly hated her in this movie and I don’t like twee. She looked cute in elf. I like her voice too.

She looks like she’s wearing a mask of her old face and it’s stretched thin did she already get a face lift? She’s only like 27

No. 363046

No my eyes naturally have that too

No. 363047

File: 1701805735728.jpeg (56.47 KB, 1280x720, 36100761-0203-4151-B14C-DAC805…)

All I can see is Sophie from Peep Show when I look at her kek

No. 363050

File: 1701805887212.jpeg (216.86 KB, 1920x1080, EE6CB80A-3004-4550-B87C-C86A5C…)

#annataylorjoycore #lanadelrey #alcohol #coquette #inmydiorgirlera

No. 363132

No. 363140

File: 1701855023804.jpeg (50.46 KB, 409x483, IMG_2258.jpeg)

She might have, her eyes look different now than they did here. Or she might just have a strange eye shape, and it stands out more now after her nose job, buccal fat removal, and jaw shave

No. 363142

She was way younger here and not wearing noticeable mascara. I believe she did do buccal fat removal but the rest of her face seems untouched.

No. 363149

>the rest of her face seems untouched
So true. Let’s get you to bed, mckenzie, it’s past your bedtime.

No. 363153

File: 1701863745234.jpeg (130.74 KB, 315x392, IMG_2269.jpeg)

> but the rest of her face seems untouched
kek she’s had a ton of plastic surgery, her nose job is obvious and her face looks shorter than it was

No. 363154

File: 1701863916998.jpeg (163.32 KB, 383x462, IMG_2270.jpeg)

Doublepost but I think she had cheekbone implants or filler too, because buccal fat removal alone wouldn’t make her cheekbones look so different, just slightly more defined

No. 363156

Aniston looks great in this picture. I'm not a fan of hers either but you can't deny that in this era of Friends she looked her best. The female cast was beautiful, the scrotes on the other hand were hideous even in season 1.

No. 363158

Wow she looks about 50 here. Getting that Madame Zerone look. Sad.

No. 363166

Men are basically faceblind. They don’t know shit about beauty and prefer ‘neighbourhood girl’ over supermodel. Big eyes and small everything else is enough in their eyes. Everything else is just long hair, lipstick, skirt etc. Don’t expect them to have legit standards

No. 363168


No. 363172

I love twee but I have to admit that the closeups of her eyes freaked in me out in the movie kek. They’re the color of mold bloom in a Petri dish and it did make me gag a little.

No. 363173

> They’re the color of mold bloom in a Petri dish and it did make me gag a little
Kek how do you come up with things like this

No. 363178

Tbf this lighting is horrid but she looks like any other normie girl

No. 363198

File: 1701880973317.jpeg (233.89 KB, 700x853, IMG_2280.jpeg)

Anon you just made me self conscious because my eyes are the same color as that green mold at the top

No. 363207

nta but she looks extremely bland to me. not ugly or anything, just boring. idk i expect celebs who get praised for their looks to be striking at least but i guess the generic girl-next-door look was popular then

No. 363213

I don't see the generic girl-next-door look, I think you're mistaking that for the actual late 90s minimalist fashion Rachel Green's style was inspired on at some point of the show.

No. 363220

NTA but Jennifer Aniston is usually used as the example of what girl-next-door beauty means, which just describes a female celebrity who looks like a random attractive woman you could see in normal day to day life and not a beautiful starlet

No. 363223

File: 1701887193693.jpg (523.76 KB, 1080x811, Screenshot_20231206-182514.jpg)

I don't find her ugly I just never thought she was all that

No. 363224

Do you really want that? It's hard to imagine a world where everyone only prefers the look of a supermodel. Unless you look like one but I'm sure you don't.

No. 363225

Aah, okay, I think I begin to understand the american concept of girl-next-door. In my country we don't have separate beauty expectations for famous women and normal women. I think female celebrities aren't supposed to be the most attractive women of the country here, expressions like ''Oh, she's not pretty enough to be an actress'' are only now starting to take on, sadly. I initially thought that the girl-next-door concept had more to do with the kind of roles some actresses choose. Anyway, that's enough derailing.

No. 363241

Personally I love her and think she’s gorgeous but that’s because I love vampy, slightly gothic but still elegant and classy women

No. 363242

I wanna eat that

No. 363256

used to have no opinion on her until I found out she worked with Polanski in 2017, now I hate her

No. 363261

She was so cute here, wtf happened

No. 363262

File: 1701901578764.jpeg (65.46 KB, 564x704, IMG_2939.jpeg)

Not ugly for sure, and this look was bombshell, but she is not doing much for it, never did. Her face is too wide I think. I always thought that Sharon Stone and Charlize Theron exuded the 'hot Hollywood blonde' archetype better.

No. 363297

I don't get what happened to her lips, they looked so plump in this film and then just a few years later her lips started going thin and wide?

No. 363303

Your lips get thinner with age sometimes. Also it was supposed to be *she’s not doing much for me, sorry

No. 363332

File: 1701945714275.jpeg (265.38 KB, 558x597, IMG_2301.jpeg)

She changed literally all of her features with plastic surgery, and went from having a cute and girl-next-door normie attractiveness, to having a botched alien freakazoid look. She looks kind of like Yzma now

No. 363335

Her eyes are very far apart which always looks weird af to me. Halle Bailey has the exact same weird feature, but even more noticeable. She still looked far better as her natural normal self though. Sad she felt compelled to destroy her face like that.

No. 363343

File: 1701953597405.jpg (134.78 KB, 834x835, h0LtVt0.jpg)

Her and Clairo get shilled as hot queer icons to hide the fact that they are untalented nepo babies

No. 363344

File: 1701953738071.jpg (88.33 KB, 1091x805, h4aph4c.jpg)

No. 363775

File: 1702128571155.jpg (416.68 KB, 1079x1306, Screenshot_20231209-132951.jpg)

what's up with the newest crop of hollywood starlets having bug eyes a mile apart?

No. 363777

File: 1702130051917.jpg (32.04 KB, 460x374, maya-thurman-hawke-attends-the…)

I don't think she's unnatractive but I hate all the hairstyles I've seen on her so far, I mean the chunky bobs with bangs. I think she looks stunning with slightly longer hair and her real hair color like in this pic, not the brassy tone of the picture you posted. I really hope she doesn't get botched, her mother should be enough reminder. I actually don't like Maya because she's a nepo who can't act and whenever I hear her name I think of Maya the Bee, who wears an ugly chunky bob too lol

No. 363833

It is weird. It reminds me of splice.

No. 363839

Her head shape is so weird

No. 363856

A lot of millennials and some zoomers have neotenous faces because older generations were obsessed with young looking women which made youthful features more common. IMO a lot of the actresses with baby faces (ATJ, the two you posted, and Jenna Ortega) aren’t very attractive, but I’m not sure why. Courtney Eaton has a baby face and I think she’s extremely pretty

No. 363857

File: 1702153284859.jpg (159.96 KB, 1170x2259, disgusting.jpg)

God I hate this woman. Her personality and acting are as plain as her looks. Gross.

No. 363861

>tfw this look was when i found her the most attractive
forgive me anon

No. 363876

Nta but ATJ and the woman on the right side of that pic aren't baby faced at all imo, they look like doritos.

No. 363880

Why does her eyebrow look like that? I don’t mind her because I have a soft spot for child stars, but she is slightly plain. Most of the popular current actresses are plain though and I don’t see how she’s any worse than the rest of them

No. 363884

File: 1702155392017.jpeg (74.08 KB, 356x461, IMG_2380.jpeg)

I think she can look like she has a baby face in certain lighting when she isn’t wearing heavy makeup

No. 363888

she looks even more older here. i almost thought this was someone else kek

No. 363908

That’s a weird convoluted way of saying men are pedos kek

No. 363925

she kinda looks like cruella de vil here

No. 363990

I see it kek

No. 364001

File: 1702163741005.jpg (358.91 KB, 1079x652, Screenshot_20231209-231127.jpg)

the one on the right has a much rounder lollipop looking head when photographed straight on but yeah it's weird how much her chin sticks out and how pointy it looks when pictured from the side. slight derail but her male costar (who was posted in the male version of this thread) had the same thing going on, except instead of his chin, it was his nose that went from normal looking straight on but looked ginormous and toucan beak shaped from the side. paired up well with each other I guess

No. 364006

Who is this and where’s the picture from?

No. 364008

rachel zegler, and I'm pretty sure the picture is originally from this article

No. 364009

Thank you nona, I’m not a fan of hers but this styling is very pretty and Romeo and Juliet-ish

No. 364011

yes, juliet was actually my first thought when I saw this picture too. I guess it makes sense as an inspiration because she was starring in the west side story remake when this article was written and wss is based on romeo and juliet

No. 364031

Nah I get you nona. I’m tired of watered down, very whitewashed and self hating black women like Markle, Halle, Thandie etc being pushed to white audiences to make black women seem more palatable to racists.

No. 364033

File: 1702167274893.jpg (28.5 KB, 452x678, 20e2b7abeb386142ae6bf618e562af…)

This thread is a breath of fresh air.
Ice Spice would have been a great choice but I'm confused why her face is scratched out for the OP image of this thread KEK
But my next choice would definitely be Halle Berry. And it's not her that I dislike personally, it's the fanbase surrounding her that I can't stand. It's especially bad when you're apart of the black community, retarded black moids and even general American media will shout her name as an anthem for being the poster-woman for pEAk bLAck fEmALE bEAUty. She's not even black, she's a mulatto. Being a WOC in Americunt can be complete cancer when media is too retarded to know to use a more ancestrally black woman to represent black female beauty, even when there are far more black-presenting female models and celebrities who mog Berry and blow her looks out of the water, like Melodie Monrose and Sharam Diniz.

No. 364034

Sorry I deleted my other post to use a different picture to show Halle's mid-ness kek. But those examples you mention too are just as bad if not worse

No. 364035

File: 1702167411664.png (1.77 MB, 1000x1319, ffab5a89e45a8d186590ef5c8815da…)

I wish Zeudi Araya had as much hype

No. 364038

She looks so dry and withered away. She looks like she smells like shit.

No. 364039

File: 1702167762706.png (1.53 MB, 1236x1020, Screenshot 2023-12-09 192310.p…)

"Great complexion"?
They're trying to shill her so fucking hard

No. 364042

She looks awful kek sorry

No. 364050

File: 1702169531621.jpg (23.91 KB, 350x434, marlene-dietrich-photo_87573_3…)

She had a hard face and eyes that made her appear slow, like those of a sloth.

No. 364052

I agree tbh, always felt jarring to me seeing her considered an iconic old hollywood/silent era beauty along with women like rita hayworth, greta garbo, clara bow, gloria swanson, etc. she just looks so average to me

No. 364054

Many blind items from that era say she slept her way to the top and I believe them.

No. 364057

wasn't that just the trend at the time? because "bedroom eyes" were considered attractive? the bold makeup probably didn't help too

No. 364073

File: 1702177503565.jpeg (33.63 KB, 943x704, 9D2A283E-5906-4448-B65F-073BC9…)

She looks like she’s sucking on a cough drop.

No. 364117

She’s beautiful in a striking, asexual, masculine, symmetrical way like a model. Her look was very fitting of the time. I don’t think she looks slow she looks cynical and depressed. People wanted melancholy, sad looking actors and actresses with a heavy countenance because America and Europe were going through a massive depression and two world wars at that time. They wanted actors who looked authoritative and sure of themselves but also represented the austere depressed feeling of the era. Warm inviting playful fleshy actors like Marilyn became more popular post war when America was recovering and entering an age of wealth and abundance.

No. 364168

She's the best. Other actresses from her era looked like blowup dolls. Boring, domesticated little kittens. She looks like she can actually think.

No. 364191

I don't think Theda was facially beautiful, but there's something about the way she moves on camera that's fascinating so I understand why she has sex symbol status

No. 364197

File: 1702210572038.jpg (60.35 KB, 500x729, Theda-Bara-27.jpg)

Last time she was promoted as attractive was 100 years ago. She certainly does not fit today's beauty ideal. I find her beautiful though, with that mysterious gothic vibe.

No. 364200

File: 1702211013724.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1042x1654, IMG_2394.jpeg)

She had an androgynous style which was very popular at that time, especially in Germany where she was from. She was known for being very intelligent and was able to get roles where she portrayed diverse female characters. Part of why she was considered beautiful at the time is that she had a voluptuous body type, which she didn’t always show because she often crossdressed.

No. 364201

File: 1702211291063.jpeg (418.89 KB, 1001x1394, IMG_2962.jpeg)

I don’t like hating on her because of the unfair backlash she faces, but God, she is so medicore and her face is so pudgy and squashed. I think actors should be talented foremost and don’t have to be beautiful, but I miss when the requirement was that they have to be somehow characteristic and eye-catching at least.

Why is WOC a redtext now?

Like the other anons said, the bedroom eyes were in fashion back then and there’s something magnetic and seductive about her, watching her in Blue Angel was a pleasure (maybe it’s her voice). An awful person though.

No. 364242

File: 1702218534416.jpeg (82.87 KB, 735x935, CC7025FC-8AEA-4DCD-ACCE-F5D9A1…)

While we’re on the old timey actress subject, I always thought Clara Bow was pretty ugly. Even though I like her aesthetic and makeup. I’m not sure why everyone thought she was the cutest little sweetheart back then.

Theda is kind of unattractive by modern standards too, but she’s very witchy and vampy so I can understand the appeal of her exoticism.

No. 364243

File: 1702218593060.jpeg (222.72 KB, 1200x1500, 83477C24-9FEA-4AB6-ADBA-93FA1D…)

Clara looks quite cute and pretty here though. From some angles she looks pretty and from others she looks 40 something and busted.

No. 364332

Meanwhile, the standards for male actors are in hell. Holywood will push any wrinkling 40 something moid as a pretty boy.

No. 364351

I agree, there should be way more attractive males in Hollywood and more ugly women, but ngl, I prefer actors to be unique. I'm tired of mediocrity these days, most zoomer actors and actresses aren't striking or characteristic in any way.

No. 364365

File: 1702236581323.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1134x1462, IMG_2405.jpeg)

She’s unattractive and just extremely annoying and unlikeable to me. This video was posted in the celebricows thread and she acted so weird in it, the expression on her face makes her look mentally challenged. She’s trying to look sexy and she can’t

No. 364366

why do some anons obsess over one singular female celeb and keep hateposting them in the same writing style? Are they usually someone they know irl like the retard who admitted to making %70 of posts and threads about shayna?

No. 364368

Stop schizoposting it’s fucking annoying

No. 364374

one of the Florence anons a few vent threads ago claimed to have met Florence in person

No. 364380

She looks nice here

No. 364382

When did they admit it? I’m certain the shayna sperg is the tranny who is always sperging about her eye color

No. 364386

Nta but in one of the dumbass shit threads ages ago, there's a screencap but I can't find it right now. The poster also said she was no longer making the shayna threads anymore because she had a baby to take care of.

No. 364421

She said that when she first started talking about Florence, that was the entire point

No. 364432

That's honestly very scary. I cannot imagine being a celebrity and meeting a bunch of random people, not knowing if that person hates you or if they may even want to hurt you. I guess it's that way for us regular folk too, you never know someone's intentions. A little old lady could come up to you and ask you for help crossing the road, just to stab you.

No. 364617

They put baby foreskin on their faces, buy children from africa to parade around for wokeness and wombs from trafficked indian women. I dont feel bad for celebrities at all.

No. 364635

She said she knows Florence because she works in the industry, and now she hates her because she’s a mean person. She said in the vent thread that she’s narcissistic and a pickme

No. 364667

Thanks for the info anon I was curious as to why she kept hateposting a random woman
Yes as other anon said it was an ex friend of shaynas who said she would stop making shayna threads because she was now busy with her baby. I hope both her and shayna get mental help to be honest, it also seems very vindictive to make such horrendous posts about someone you know for such a long time. Idk

No. 364668

You should check out what stalkers and superfans/haters do to kpop idols. I think theyre the most harassed celebrities, it goes from people breaking in their hotel rooms to trying to put bloody stuff in their bags/ mail then fanmails covered in period blood etc.

No. 364768

>bloody stuff
Is that like trying to make someone eat rice with period blood to fall in love?

No. 364819

No a bunch of people think she’s ugly. And busted.

No. 364820

Well she married an old fart so pickme checks out

No. 364821

Idk I think she's hot

No. 364839

it's not her look as much as it is her aura. she had something special, incredibly magnetic in her films with sternberg

No. 364845

she broke up with zach braff a year ago (though she's still a pickme for supporting depp)

No. 364942

NTA but I still think she’s gross for that relationship, it’s recent enough that it’s still a reflection of her character imo. If she were middle aged and people were bringing up something from 20+ years ago I might not judge her for it. Braff and her father look similar enough that I genuinely couldn’t tell them apart in pictures, it was actually unsettling

No. 365093

File: 1702446998695.jpg (32.62 KB, 500x679, PulpFiction_1994.jpg)

Something about her looks off and I can't tell what it is. And while I'm the LAST to dislike when women are more masculine or androgynous, here it really looks like she's a moid in drag and it's uncanny

No. 365094

I've always found her, also to some degree Emma Watson, too masculine-featured myself. I don't find them ugly, but neither one is a beauty standard or sex symbol for me like they seem to be for many people.

No. 365096

File: 1702447307264.jpg (176.02 KB, 762x1024, MV5BODY1ZmNmNmItOTVjMi00NTg1LW…)

Melanie is literally that one wojak with orange hair and a nose ring. Her aesthetic doesn't help, he went from tacky granma to DDLG to whatever the fuck her Portals era is supposed to be. The costume she wears in it looks exactly like
My personal tinfoil is that she's wearing that costume to hide her botched boob job and excessive weight gain. The cow ended up in the ER once because she was anemic due to only ever consuming chocolate milk so it wouldn't surprise me if she fell into overeating after Oliver Tree ditched her for Belle Delphine. She clearly isn't over it since she talks about it a lot in her new songs so it's not impossible kek

No. 365097

That's interesting! Aniston to me looks generic but in Friends prettier than Watson, Kendrick has a mousey face but I find her beautiful despite it.

No. 365100

I can’t believe she took that relationship seriously. Oliver tree is hideous and I guess he has a thing for women who pretend to be children. And yeah, I think she is gross but also don’t think anyone finds her attractive, she’s really unremarkable looking.

No. 365115

did you quote the wrong post

No. 365116

I think she was hot in Pulp Fiction, technically she looks fine with blonde hair, but I’ve never found her that striking besides this movie.

No. 365118

She's an inspiration for me in terms of looks tbh.

No. 365138

I usually hate the androgynous look but I think she’s beautiful. Her mom was absolutely stunning too.

No. 365140

Just looked up Oliver Tree and my god he’s repulsive. Wish these quirky pedo faggots would OD on oxy.

No. 365147

I don’t like her hair in pulp fiction but in Batman and Robin she’s stunning especially imo when she’s playing normal scientist Ivy and has her hair tied up and glasses. She’s so campy and fun in that movie too.

No. 365158

File: 1702485043007.jpg (46.65 KB, 640x640, Kendall-Jenner_GettyImages-477…)

Not ugly but very overrated.

No. 365161

File: 1702488119523.jpeg (40.96 KB, 409x587, IMG_2854.jpeg)

this girl from the incel whatever podcast, she's so ugly. she looks like the typical girl to get orbited on 4chan, they all have gross bulging eyes and shapeless blob faces. gollum phenotype. i find it so funny she's always on this podcast as some kind of token good girl in juxtaposition to the insta/onlyfans baddies who are there to get harassed, when they always mog the shit out of her anyway kek.

No. 365162

she’s pretty i can fix her

No. 365165

She's so cute. Her face isn't a "shapeless blob". She's feminine and youthful. You must be a bitter incel who felt rejected after finding out she has a boyfriend.

No. 365170

She’s 'objectively’ beautiful but her face is so boring, every feature is perfected by plastic surgery, there’s zero edge or spice.

No. 365173

She is cute in a Tim Burton way

No. 365187

She's fug you're right.

No. 365192

kekkkk this is just pure projection. it's literally only incels who find hideous pickmes like her appealing, and it's only because they're pickmes spouting their incel rhetoric. and i guess they can also relate to them because they both look like malnourished cave dwellers. the more i think about it, the more i feel like this particular look (sunken gollum eyes, blobby chinless face, greasy, anachans and/or thinning hair) is popular among the grossest /r9k/ nutjobs because they share similarities with the typical chud wojak looking incels. other examples of girls like this is creepy chan, the ciara girl and that asmr youtuber girl (milk something?) who also all became subjects of weirdo channer orbiting.
>feminine and youthful
your whole post sounds exactly like how orbiters from 4chan would describe this look kek

No. 365201

What’s her name? I think she’s cute.

Women shouldn’t have to wear makeup or look groomed or neat to be respected.

No. 365202

she looks meh to me but with a better hair colour than the white blonde which washes her out and with some more colour to her face she could be cute

No. 365203

You need to calm down lmao. Who cares what incels like or think? Why are you so obsessed with the lowest hanging fruit moids on the planet and angry that certain girls get their attention? Touch grass, loser.

No. 365213

Are you smoking crack, retard? She's obviously wearing makeup and she's obviously "groomed".

No. 365215

I think she is cute too idk who she is though
you sound crazy kek

No. 365237

File: 1702503776373.jpg (582.17 KB, 1079x992, Screenshot_20231213_224412_Gal…)

No, look kek

No. 365252

The replies to this post compared to the replies towards actual beautiful, classic women posted is a real eye opener. It reminds me of when some anon on /ot/ admitted she preferred jawless looking women because she watched too much kpop.

No. 365260

Idk why lesbians and bi women are so obsessed with her. Breaking Dawn Part 2 was the only time I found her pretty.

No. 365263

cause she's one of the few bisexual celebrities who actually dates women. les/bi women always salivate over women like her, king princess, hayley kiyoko, etc who are pretty average looking just because there aren't that many public women who take their ssa seriously

No. 365267

File: 1702509750773.jpeg (85.88 KB, 454x750, IMG_7074.jpeg)

i think she looked kinda sexy in that runaways biopic

No. 365268

File: 1702509800818.jpeg (100.52 KB, 720x1162, IMG_7073.jpeg)

had to post this one too

No. 365272

No. 365273

i only found her attractive when she started dressing androgynous (i know it's not all the time and not by a lot, but i mean by hollywood standards kek)

No. 365275

I think that more has to do with Joan Jett being hot, since she's made up to look just like her.

No. 365301

Huh, kind of the opposite of my attraction, that's awesome.

I thought she was really pretty in Twilight, she has a pretty face and nice hair imo. Her androgynous look only sometimes does it for me though, like I liked her as Joan Jett and I like her tank top and snapback skater-girl pics, when she's dressed relatively femme with androgynous hair she doesn't do anything for me though.

No. 365305

She has the femcel phenotype, she's conventionally attractive but since she has bulging eyes and undereye circles incels think she's more on their level. There's a reason sick or weird looking pretty girls get attention on 4chan,incels think those are the only types of attractive girls in their league. Though even the weird looking pretty girls end up not being into them unless they're looking for attention

No. 365306

She is conventionally attractive just like most women posted here. I'll never understand anons who shit on conventionally attractive women because they don't fit Hollywood beauty standards just to go on plastic surgery and vent threads to cry about being ugly themselves.

No. 365308

>She is conventionally attractive just like most women posted here
Sure but her face shape and facial features are noticeably different from most of the others. There's a reason why she's getting defended more while balanced structured faces are called "masculine".

No. 365317

She is white, young, has big eyes and a small nose, has perfect skin, long healthy blonde hair. She is much more conventional than some women here I'd say. She doesn't look like an actress because she isnt one but she is pretty.
Melanie >>365096 is an example of a woman that doesn't fit the conventional beauty standards for example although I dont think she's unattractive.

No. 365319

File: 1702544143380.jpg (422.44 KB, 1000x1500, Angelic-Pretty-Lolita-Harajuku…)

I think the reason is that the site was made for former /cgl/ users. Picrel is the ideal in their eyes kek.

No. 365320

If this is what "masculine features" and "men in drag" look like then I'm an anorexic male indian scammer with long hair. She and Emma Watson are super feminine and girly even if they wear suits and shave their heads bald, they'd look more feminine than me. Wtf. To clarify I'm a woman, just an unfortunate looking one.

No. 365321

Nta but I think because Melanie has an alternative styling (the hair, clothes and makeup) her actual features on its own are conventional though. The blonde girl isn't ugly but not any more conventional than the celebrities posted, unless she gets some sleep lol.

No. 365322

I can't believe this thread is the way I discovered the twilight actress is ssa.

No. 365336

Has your boyfriend washed his butt this month or do you do this for him too? Pickmes like you are always eager to tear women's faces apart over the tiniest flaw but will never do the same for men. You're always dating the sloppiest overweight scrotes without giving a shit about his horrible looks. But women must be reminded everyday that we will always be ugly and never enough no matter how much we try. Go choke on his smegma covered cock whore.(calm down)

No. 365339

You call her a pickme but youre using the moidiet language ive read here in a while

No. 365348

Ntayrt but this is the wrong thread to be saying this in kek

No. 365349

Show us your boyfriend/brother/father so we can rate. Let's see what you men are contributing to the world.(derailing)

No. 365351

No jaw and bug eyes appeal to men's inherently pedophilia. Objectively she's ugly

No. 365361

take your meds please, i've never seen anyone reeee this hard about an opinion itt. mind you the only people shilling her as attractive are, as has been pointed out, literal incels (and, i guess, other uggos on here kek)

No. 365412

File: 1702580546303.jpeg (297.26 KB, 540x699, 68C11CA6-3CF2-4715-8487-92B023…)

You seem pretty personally butt hurt. Maybe go for a walk. Not everyone thinks “blonde girls with big eyes and tiny noses” are so perfect. She also panders to incels, and they will worship anything with a vagina that says what they wanna hear.. like this horse faced racist bitch, yourfavoritepickme. “Protect this one boys!” I suppose you think pearlythings is attractive cause she’s blonde too?

No. 365415

It's the hair, she's got 10/10 hair. Imagine her with a short frizzy brown cut and yeah she's not as cute or attractive. I'm a little jealous

No. 365416

I've got no fucking idea who this is, but she isn't attractive imo. She isn't ugly either, I can see someone who into that creepy doll aesthetic liking her. I wouldn't say it's a pedo thing. I am assuming she said some dumbass shit in a podcast that is causing all these replies.

No. 365417

Different anon but her hair looks normal/commonplace to me. 10/10 hair would be something with lots more volume and without those bangs
The constant mention of the hair color and big eyes makes me wonder if it's the same posters defending anya since they also claim she's not ugly just because of that

No. 365418

Why areyou picking her apart like this? Youre not mad she's a pickme, you're mad she is found attractive although you dont think she deserves mens attention. Probably because you think you deserve it more than her.

No. 365419

Melanie has messed up teeth, a big nose, small eyes, unattractive body and mental illnesses that make her fixate on dressing up as a little girl or monster.

No. 365423

>you're mad she is found attractive although you dont think she deserves mens attention
NTA but that's literally the point of this thread kek

No. 365428

File: 1702585137204.jpg (95.54 KB, 948x960, 7B7sHp2.jpg)

ayrt, the only people who are mad in regard to my post are the anons like you, frothing at the mouth and calling me a whore, telling me to choke on cock etc, just for posting an ugly girl in the literal ugly girls thread kek.

another girl who looks similar to the incel podcast girl is anzu, who also used to get orbited on 4chan. bulging eyes, dark circles, bulimia cheeks w no chin or cheekbones etc. like >>365305 it's the femcel phenotype and incels like them cause they also share these facial features

No. 365429

I never called you a whore, you're just upset that attractive women with bad style and mental disoders get attention from gasp men with bad style and mental disorders. You've been posting several random women not because you think they're ugly but because you're angry they are considered attractive on 4chan of all places.

No. 365431

she definitely must have, certain anons pick apart at the appearances of any woman with an opinion they disagree with and act like they're hideous trolls and if you don't agree with them you must also be a hideous troll even though in most cases they just look like average or mildly attractive women you'd see on the street and wouldn't think twice about.

and then there are the anons who are triggered by thin/average weight blondes existing kek. reminds me of on some subreddits like vindictarateme (which is part of a network subreddits whose topic is pretty much the female equivalent of pick up artist techniques but with a way heavier emphasis on looks and plastic surgery bc how else are you going to pull a good man). every time sydney sweeney gets posted they're all reeing about how she's actually so plain and unattractive and has droopy jowls and droopy eyes and has a boxy boyish body except if you stuck boobs on it and people only think she's hot because she's blonde with big boobs but really she's mediocre etc. it's so funny seeing them seething because she happens to fit the male fantasy of skinny blonde with d cup tits and falling over themselves to pretend she's a 6 at best bc her fitting into the hot blonde archetype which a lot of women just could never pull off makes them jelly

No. 365432

imagine being mad that some random chick is getting compliments from 4chan moids, the bottom dwellers of men on the Internet, and you're not. kek

No. 365437

File: 1702586615763.jpeg (694.51 KB, 1290x847, 1701298885094.jpeg)

>every time sydney sweeney gets posted they're all reeing about how she's actually so plain and unattractive and has droopy jowls and droopy eyes and has a boxy boyish body except if you stuck boobs on it and people only think she's hot because she's blonde with big boobs but really she's mediocre etc.
That was basically celebricows when this image was posted. Also the "down syndrome" posts in other threads

No. 365440

genuinely why go into the "women you find ugly" thread and make up bullshit reasons to defend every flaw of the girls who get posted and attack whoever posts them? you can always go and post them in one of the cute girls threads if you disagree, or you know, just say that you disagree without going into full bpd meltdown lmao

No. 365441

File: 1702588412404.jpg (245.48 KB, 1280x1920, elle-fanning-giffoni-film-fest…)

Can we get back on topic? Why is this even turning into a hair color thing when ugliness exists in all colors, nobody is immune ITT. Feels like there's a bunch of newfags lately.

No. 365442

File: 1702588663969.png (1.14 MB, 1000x1000, a15.png)

And her too

No. 365444

I'm not mad that someone thinks she's ugly, that blonde chick from the podcast is actually just meh to me. what I'm annoyed at is people posting women not because they find them overrated despite being not all that attractive, but posting women just because they dislike the woman for having an opinion they disagree with like "ew this bitch is right wing and supports x opinion I don't agree with! lol fat lol ugly lol I'm too lazy to write a logical argument to support why I don't like her so I'll just junk up the unattractive women thread by making a 'woman I disagree with is fug' post and hope someone bites, and then accuse anyone who disagrees of being a morbidly obese mother of 6 who lost her teeth to meth"
it's just annoying as fuck when people blatantly post because they don't like their opinions rather than actually thinking they're uggo, especially since nobody is shilling random podcast chicks as 10/10s kek

No. 365445

I had never seen her without her wigs, make-up and stupid babyface edit, it's like seeing a shaved dog kek. I had no idea she was a 4chan waifu and she looks so worn out here.

I don't think it's about "incel phenotypes" or whatever. It's a type of face that is popular mostly among nerds is all. Like Venus Angelic, she looked weird to normies, but was a beauty in her niche. The reasons she's getting WK'd so hard here is merely due to the percentage of weaboos on this site. I don't want to get into too much detail but I have first hand experience with this unfortunately. All it takes is neat-ish hair and prominent eyes and that girl is the peak example of that.

You are so face blind it's ridiculous

No. 365446

File: 1702590739309.jpg (57.23 KB, 564x777, RDT_20231214_21461090670340265…)

No. 365447

File: 1702591760148.jpg (101.28 KB, 780x438, 1000012634.jpg)

No. 365448

>The reasons she's getting WK'd so hard here is merely due to the percentage of weaboos on this site.
Nta This is exactly what I was trying to say earlier. It's odd how no other woman posted is being defended so hard, none are resulting in responses like >>365336 as if this is the only woman being nitpicked, but it starts making sense considering the site's demographic.

No. 365451

that word salad you just typed out is complete and utter projection and you're spiraling, please calm down. people have discussed her mug, not her political leanings. several nonnas have pointed out why they think she's ugly, literally specific facial features, not whatever her opinions are. and others immediately assume they're just jealous and lying cause they cannot possibly think this girl looks bad and must secretly hate her for not getting all her moid attention for themselves (but at the same time she's completely irrelevant and totally not shilled anywhere so stop mentioning her!!). get over it.

No. 365453

I agree. The bangs are so perfect it almost looks like a wig. Not a strand out of place.

No. 365459

Her hair is very thin and the ends aren't cut.

No. 365550

Her hair color doesnt suit her but shes pretty. She looks better with her natural tone
If she had a bf she wouldn't be this butthurt about what 4channer men find attractive. I bet its one of those girls with discord bfs who found out her man is into this type of egirls.

No. 365552

File: 1702632503855.jpg (6.1 KB, 181x200, 1538056533416.jpg)

Holy moly shit, why are the most dramatic anons always the ones who can't read the point of the thread they're in? It's the nitpicking thread where anons nitpick popular women they don't find attractive. And the other anon was right to nitpick because the blondie looks average as hell anyway. You're defending the blonde like she's your daughter or something KEK I can't with stananons.

No. 365553

Stop hanging around 4chan.

No. 365555

I'm >>365448 and I don't. Idk how you got that from my post.

No. 365557

Big eyes are universally considered cute and women aren’t supposed to have hulking Stan smith chins anyway. Honestly you’re starting to sound like an angry bitter troon especially since you mention browsing 4chan long term.

No. 365561

god you're such a blatant newfag. she's literally had threads here.

No. 365565

I'm the first ayrt and don't care about 4chan either, like when I said I had first-hand experience with that I was talking about IRL groups and social media dating back to way before "incel" was even a word. It's always been a thing. Even old ass forums where no one had the english level required to go 4channing, there was always the one local waifu in the photo thread.

No. 365612

File: 1702660565249.png (3.57 MB, 1775x1311, IMG.png)

All of them
At this point farmhands might as well add a new rule to the sticky for anons to hide threads they don't like because it's getting ridiculous lately. Nearly every thread on this board in the past 2 weeks is anons whining about the thread topic, resulting in hours long derails.

No. 365615

Wait, is that Chloe Grace Mortez in there? Gosh, what has she done to herself? Her cheeks look so hollow.

No. 365618

can everyone in this thread stop being retarded please thank you.

No. 365620

>women aren’t supposed to have hulking Stan smith chins anyway.
Ntayrt but is this why farmers keep calling actual attractive women masculine and comparing them to trannies all over the site? reminds me of that one anon in unpopular opinions months ago who admitted she feels that way about margot robbie because kpop standards warped her taste kekk

No. 365626

>imagine being mad that some random chick is getting compliments from 4chan moids
Some anons are beyond pathetic

No. 365627

the common feature I see in all of them except jlaw is hollow cheeks. buccal fat removal is possibly the most unattractive celebrity trend atm

No. 365632

She looks so hot in edgy styling

No. 365633

buccal fat removal really did make a lot of them look like aliens in the worst way possible. That's why i feel so many celebrity women have a very unappealing look to them nowadays, i literally see normal women who look nicer, mainly because a chunk of their face isn't missing. I find it baffling when people like Zoe Kravitz who is already sculpted and perfect due to having hot parents jumps on such a bandwagon… god made you perfect, stop being greedy!!

No. 365637

I kek'd so hard when I noticed the background.
I have no words to describe my hatred towards these stupid buccal fat removal diagonal lines. The combo with lip fillers is especially heinous.

I remember that debate. Personally I'm tired of both extremes whether it's "everything that doesn't have a gigachad jaw is a literal child" or "everything that isn't a moe anime face looks like a Minecraft block". Like >>365319 has an adult looking face to anyone who can see beyond artifice, she's far from being a standard neotenous kawaii blob, it's just not the rectangular flavor of adult looking. Just like Margot Robbie doesn't look like a tranny, she's just not the round type of feminine.

No. 365639

I'm glad all the celebs are ugly surgery freaks now, I feel very confident about my own looks and decision making skills.

No. 365654

File: 1702678666168.jpeg (42.28 KB, 602x412, main-qimg-b13b96f7a499fa354748…)

Found out that it is rumored that she had her molars removed to accentuate the hollow of her cheeks. Was this the precursor to buccal fat removal?

No. 365697

She probably just got her wisdom teeth removed, my grandma experienced a similar effect when he wisdom teeth got taken out

No. 365721

that's why I'm scared to get mine's removed, my face has been gaunt since I was a freaking kid

No. 365726

nta but when mine was removed my face stayed the same. i think it depends on how much is removed, i only got 2

No. 365792

I got 3 removed and have 1 more to go, face didn't change at all.

No. 365826

File: 1702732454837.jpg (34.99 KB, 500x680, 660c304ac5fc069d602b0d24e7530a…)

There was a similar rumour about Joan Crawford as well - it's very fair to say it could have been a precursor to buccal removal. But unlike a buccal fat removal you can always say the teeth were removed for health reasons (I myself have had a molar removed)

No. 366033

I don't see it nonnies, she is beautiful to me and looks great in the photo aside from her weird hair choice.

No. 366275

File: 1702904889217.jpg (87.74 KB, 1200x800, TrsJ1uk.jpg)

I don't understand why she keeps getting cast in popular mean girl roles. First in sex lives of college girls and now mean girls

No. 366276

yeah she looks more like the average nonnie than most of the actresses getting posted, like i think sydney sweeney is overrated but these two literally look like 7/11 cashiers >>365428 >>365161

No. 366289

she was in the mean girls musical on broadway after taylor louderman left and was one of the most popular reginas with fans.

she looks kinda puglike but she's not ugly, and she already had goodwill from preexisting fans of the musical so why not cast her in the movie too I guess. personally I find her arrogant, which is fitting for the character although as an individual it's an unfortunate trait

No. 366333

File: 1702929743918.jpg (27.59 KB, 630x420, TcTAgib.jpg)

I thought they learnt from keeping Ben Platt in the movie adaption, broadway fans can't carry mainstream movies
She's is not ugly but she does not look like someone who could get away with being a bitch or mean girl. Unless it's rachel berry kinda character

No. 366335

Very punchable face, sorry

No. 366354

who looks like they would then? not disagreeing, it’s just that american media’s idea of mean girl seems to be “blonde skinny cheerleader”.

No. 366392

but talking about the movie, regina wasnt that much of an open public bitch to others, she was very "nice" and a shit talker in peoples back, that's why we see the skirt scene, or why she stopped being friend with Janis

No. 366397

that's a good point. regina isn't a bold heather chandler raging bitch type as much as people love to compare them. she's the type who isn't outright mean, but rather knows how to phrase things in a way that seem innocent to people other than those she bullies and is capable of presenting herself as friendly just so she can laugh about it with her friends afterwards. I don't see why renee couldn't work as regina as long as she's able to portray her manipulative personality correctly. regina in the musical is a bit nicer than regina in the original as well, which helps

No. 366403

>Mean Girls musical movie
>Regina sings: "I'm the prettiest poison you've ever seen/I never weigh more than 115"
>The actress playing Regina is visibly chubby

No. 366405

File: 1702942778797.gif (3.09 MB, 480x270, EE8D1212-645B-4CD4-A9C1-F53850…)

Yeah she looks like she should be this girl.

No. 366406

File: 1702943164354.gif (950.48 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mbj51x8IEB1r6ubhwo1_500…)

considering how Regina in the original movie kept trying to lose weight but didn't know how nutritional values worked, I'd say her weight doesn't really matter

No. 366419

File: 1702945523535.jpg (588.65 KB, 1080x1368, Screenshot_20231219-001648.jpg)

late for the old hollywood discussion but I always found her quite average

No. 366483

blonde. next question

No. 366508

these women are so attractive i am not understanding the hate. Just because they have wide set eyes? I think it makes them more attractive personally. People just dont like them because they are "minorities" playing white disney princesses and ignoring that these are pretty women.
you are bugging out Uma thurman is striking! I never seen pulp fiction but i remember seeing an interview on one of those late night shows promoting it and she was drop dead gorgeous!

No. 366511

I don't care that halle is black or that rachel is a quarter latina and I think the hate trains are dumb. i originally posted that and i myself am mixed race. but neither of them are attractive to me. I find eyes spaced out very far apart to be very ugly, uncanny and alienlike. anya is unattractive to me too.

halle looks like one of the fish from shark tale which is fitting for a mermaid, I'll give her that

No. 366537

I genuinely have no idea who this is but she's super cute imo

No. 366544

>This thread is a breath of fresh air.
No, it's not.

No. 366646

File: 1703030459708.jpeg (32.33 KB, 173x227, Jackie_Kennedy_1962.jpeg)

I'll never forget that tweet that said she looks like she bites people

No. 367289

File: 1703265181661.png (337.58 KB, 518x322, 1.png)


No. 367290

File: 1703265222942.jpg (998.01 KB, 1079x1920, Screenshot_20231222-171155.jpg)

she's so botched and emotionless, like a yassified ostrich

No. 367291

File: 1703265362279.png (1.93 MB, 912x1304, 1.png)

Her sister Caroline Bouvier

No. 367298

I fell for her in this film. I hated the twilight movies, but she played a perfect Joan Jett, who was my crush irl growing up.

No. 367309

I have never seen her be shilled as attractive nonna

No. 367318

she was posted in the attractive women you'd fuck thread kek. she looks a little troony , the hairstyle bothers me

No. 367447

File: 1703296382706.jpg (894.36 KB, 1079x1888, Screenshot_20231223-014614.jpg)

it's shocking that this woman was a model. even before the surgeries her head looked like a deflated basketball but now she likes the love child of chucky and the cat lady jocelyn whatever her name is

No. 367478

Agree she’s honestly hideous. And a complete weirdo to boot.

No. 367486

File: 1703304317142.jpeg (5.71 KB, 225x225, bikeseat.jpeg)

Selener is looking like her more and more. The bicycle seat face is strong

No. 367499

File: 1703305814326.jpg (59.96 KB, 1170x977, jld9zz36tyxa1.jpg)

Legit body horror

No. 367504

File: 1703307029711.jpg (50.75 KB, 605x641, FSyFcOlVEAASTM2.jpg)

I feel like this meme applies to her so much. Whatever she has going on in her cheeks bothers me so fucking much, it's so unnatural.

No. 367506

File: 1703307139658.png (618.97 KB, 615x923, 1_Model-Chrissy-Teigen-walks-t…)

Samefag, but she actually used to look human. I definitely do not think she is anything special enough to be a model, but i bet if she sucked out all that filler from her face she wouldn't look so offensive.

No. 367540

Another ugly and also terrible person.

No. 367541

Can you stop with the bicycle seat sperging? You say this about 70% of the people posted in all threads in /g/ and SG doesn’t even have a bike seat face shape anyway. You sound like a bot.

No. 367542

I find their face shapes and feature spacing jarring. I just find it creepy and munchkin-like, bordering on pedoish. It feels like whoever controls the media industry is trying extremely hard to peddle this gormless looking, childish, wide eyes spaced apart, squashed crammed together features in the middle of the face, overly neotenous phenotype super hard and it creeps me out. also it doesn’t age well, like >>365237

No. 367543

they look like age progressed 12 year olds, and it’s creepy. they look like they have dwarfism.
meant to point to >>365237 as an example of how this face type ages poorly

No. 367552

anya looks like shit due to buccal fat removal and other surgical procedures, not necessarily because of the face type itself

No. 367557

File: 1703320888347.jpeg (100.33 KB, 450x675, EB50111C-9E18-4E8C-8603-B29834…)

It doesn’t age well but Anya is botched from fucking up her already weird ass face. Miley Cyrus looks like a monkey, her eyes are also scary, her voice sounds like poop. Not as in she’s a bad singer, it literally sounds so gravelly like a rough fart. She also got that weird cheek suck surgery, it looks 10x worse on women with round faces

No. 367558

File: 1703321019858.png (3.13 MB, 640x1136, 799A6C0A-DED7-4753-8F9A-41FB2B…)

Samefagging as this is all I see.

No. 367591

File: 1703328968413.jpeg (135.86 KB, 691x842, IMG_9117.jpeg)

No. 367603

File: 1703330627391.png (822.67 KB, 754x454, 456457.png)

i always see her shilled as beautiful even today. i do not fucking see it

No. 367604

i see it in this picture tbh

No. 367608

she just doesn't look like an inbred chihuahua like the standard is today, examples above

No. 367611

something about her is very jennifer lawrence like and it's just not a face i find particularly striking

No. 367614

The buccal fat surgery doesnt look good on anyone. Women with square faces look hollow like just a skull with skin on it and women with round faces get that monkey snout like shape. Dumb ass trend even for plastic surgery.

No. 367618

I think she got filler in her cheeks despite having naturally wide cheekbones so her head now has the same shape as a head of garlic

No. 367623

No. 367628

True they're either childish/retarded looking hammerhead girlies or vixens with brow lifts, no cheeks and insane lipfillers. Jennifer has a great body and a beautiful and simple adult woman face. Sure she is not Hedi Lamarr type of stunning but the number of times I see her getting called overrated and malegazey lately is insane, like this is what you call an eyesore on tv..?

No. 367633

The difference between what was called beautiful in the 90s
>>365093 vs nowadays
>>363775 is crazy.
It's like people became allergic to balanced normal sized features and a normal amount of facial fat or fullness.

No. 367637

It’s the aesthetic creep of plastic surgery abuse going mainstream. I need an authoritarian government regime style crackdown on plastic surgery in media, if you’ve had more than [arbitrary threshold number] of elective procedures you aren’t allowed on TV anymore.

No. 367638

File: 1703343169634.jpeg (66.49 KB, 439x599, IMG_2732.jpeg)

the most basic bitch of the year award

No. 367641

I usually think shes very pretty but that pic is not very flattering

No. 367642

File: 1703343510616.png (62.65 KB, 292x160, Selena and Luna.png)

This is the first time I ever posted that. Maybe not all the time but this was the trailer of Only Murders in the Building that reminded me of a bike seat face.
But you're right. She looks more like that poor brain dead baby from /snow/

No. 367643

The filler and alcoholism did make her look weird(as if her personality isn't enormous enough to make her unlikeable) but this is exaggeration.

No. 367651

my unpopular opinion is that selena was never all that even before the drugs, weight gain, and bad cosmetic surgery. she was cute for sure but I've always been baffled at how many people thought she was the world's most beautiful woman and put her on the same level of attractiveness as supermodels. she was nice looking but not breathtakingly beautiful.

No. 367652

File: 1703346667545.jpg (32.77 KB, 495x620, 1703344308297.jpg)

picrel stolen from /snow/ but I never got victoria beckham hype

No. 367655

That baby makes me so fucking sad

No. 367656

the hair looks terrible here , so flat. she was hot with bangs or whatever the fuck she was doing in 2012 to 2015

No. 367741

basic and she kills our planet by regularly flying to her moid with her private jet. i would never do that for a lowly scrote

No. 367744

I think it's the simplicity that is exactly what annoys me. She's not an eyesore, just boring.

No. 367754

All I ever hear of her modeling career are two Sports Illustrated covers and one swimsuit show I guess, what kind of modeling career is that. No idea why people are calling her that at this point.

No. 367756

I hate women with this fat tweedle Dee type head, I find they usually have awful personalities

No. 367765

File: 1703366466094.jpg (810.83 KB, 2000x2593, Talor-Swift49081C-copy.jpg)

She could be so pretty with neutral 60s makeup (like her Vogue covers) or boy beat with thick eyebrows (picrel), this fuckass red lipstick, upper lid eyeliner and thin eyebrows she keeps since 2012 makes her look even more boring and PR manufactured goody-two-shoes than she already is and slightly retarded.

No. 367771

She looks disgusting here, ugly makeup and hair. Most HSTS trannies look like this.

No. 367773

This was my all time favorite Taylor look and I’m not a fan or anything, just a lesbian kek. When I saw this magazine cover I thought she looked so beautiful and like the kind of girl you fall in love with over the summer spent staying with your aunt in another town or something. I agree her 2012 red lip winged eye tumblr girl makeup is not it for her. It’s honestly kind of dated? I know red lip is never out of style but something about how she wears it is very stagnant. Her whole look and persona are very stagnant.

No. 367774

disagree, this is the only pic I've found her attractive in. the thick eyebrows are masculine yes but they don't make her look troonlike. she seems more fresh in this picture

No. 367778

File: 1703370627713.jpeg (260.55 KB, 1170x1466, taylor.jpeg)

another look of hers that i've found attractive since a woman with thick eyebrows and harsh makeup is akin to a man to you.

yes, when i saw it for the first time i didn't recognize her at first and couldn't believe it was her. i've once read that she looks best when she doesn't look like herself normally and it's sadly true. her makeup artist is shit, the heavy focus on the upper eyelid without anything on the bottom and thin brows make her already small eyes look even smaller and squinty. and since everything about her is commercially motivated, they can't take any risks with her looks, the only one was bleachella and it looked fucking awful kek.

No. 367784

this is how you know you've spent too long here

No. 367786

I think her usual thin eyebrow style makes her look more masculine than thick brows weirdly enough, even though the brows by itself isn't.

No. 367794

File: 1703375299345.jpg (31.99 KB, 570x400, o-VIC-570.jpg)

This was such a dark era for her. I think she looks so much better now and when she was in the spice girls.

No. 367820

best she ever looked imo

No. 367866

if she went futch i'd finally become a fan

No. 368641

File: 1703446091886.jpeg (766.57 KB, 904x901, IMG_2985.jpeg)

I don’t think she’s ugly but I don’t see the appeal at all, to me she looks so average in every way. I find her personality annoying tbh, she defended depp and she tries too hard to be ~funny and quirky~ like here for example

No. 368694

milkmaid phenotype

No. 368828

I think Selena is attractive but she’s a girl next door type. It’s sad that her alcoholism and fillers changed her face so much.

No. 368878

File: 1703534414427.jpeg (234.51 KB, 1200x1200, f6b925060ba3f8455805ee525e80a0…)

She has always looked like a tranny to me.weird ass microcephaly face structure.

No. 368904

I don’t understand it either, I think it’s just that she’s skinny with implants, and comes from a rich family

No. 368906

I used to think she was so beautiful with very classy Italian features but she's had so much ps her eyes are gonna be above her ears in a few years and she'll have a herbivore line of vision

No. 368918

She has always been called that. Tbh it’s nothing wrong with finding her ugly but some anons here really can’t accept that women can have long faces and noses or even less than delicate neotenous anime features (even a few posts higher you can see this).

No. 368920

She's just a woman with a big nose and too much filler. If she didn't have all the filler she'd look more normal. It's more HGHish to me like her features grew too big.

No. 368929

File: 1703551509914.jpg (9.84 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 368954

I swear my sister is dissing me when she says I look like her like bitch I just have a big nose, I miss when she compared me to squid wars because that was less insulting

No. 368955

I think she is beautiful. But I love women with big noses. And as usual, celebs need to stop with the plastic surgery

No. 368956

File: 1703559811933.jpeg (144.46 KB, 736x979, IMG_2740.jpeg)

I agree, while she doesn’t fit the average hollywood beauty standards she’s really pretty in her own way, wish she’d have just let herself age instead of overdoing the fillers though.

No. 368963

Ayrt… she’s so cute here. I wanna snuggle her.

No. 368972

File: 1703568707119.png (764.93 KB, 619x620, Mac TN.PNG)

I don't know how else to say this, in this pic she looks like the midpoint on an Animorphs cover where the morph is from Regular Girl into Mac Tonight

No. 368974

i think she's the same as sarah jessica parker, that they look better in motion. photos of them look plain but when you see them moving especially sarah is striking

No. 368976

now that i think about it, maybe the fact that at one point we went away from seeing people in movement (tv shows etc) to just unmoving photos with stuff like instagram and everything if that has affected beauty standards, (like how everyone used to wear drag make up that only looked good in photos) and now with tiktok when video/movement is coming back if that affects stuff again (now with video filters!)

No. 368980

I remember people in Japan really loved her and thought she was super cute, because she was so unapologetically herself and quirky/high fashion. I was surprised by that because she doesn’t fit their usual niche of neotenous cuteness, but in my gyaru days I remember she was absolutely huge over there, which I thought was cool. She suited this kawaii quirky little monster type style over her pretentious glamorous current style imo.

No. 368992

A lot of it also has to do with the fact that she's extremely talented. Ive never seen her shilled as conventional, she's always been called ugly and a man and even faggots dehumanize her and refer to her as 'nose'. What has she done wrong, I fail to see anything beside her being kind of cringe when it comes to acting

No. 368995

She was gorgeous in a star was born imo, the natural look worked so well for her. I know anons are saying her nose is big but it looks normal when she wears minimal makeup, heavy makeup emphasizes it.

No. 369003

Absolutely nobody ever shilled her as attractive..?
Back in like 2010 newspapers were printing stills of videos in which it looked as if she had a dick because everybody thought this ugly woman just has to be a man. When she started acting people celebrated Leo DiCaprio clowning on her. When she acted alongside and had rumors with Bradley Cooper, everybody was in disbelief that he could leave Irina for that. When she played Harley Quinn people were mad at her instead of oldass Joker.
Her entire career she never caught a break of being called so ugly that she must be moid…

No. 369015

She is pretty. So tired of everyone expecting all women to have bimbofied toddler faces. Her nose isn't even big it's normal. Men wished they looked like that.

No. 369019

She was pretty, now she is bogged

No. 369067

not any particular model in mond writing this, but I'm tired of how mediocre looks and walks are getting booked so commonly these days and even opening shows. it's all about your name or how many followers you have on instagram rather than striking looks and graceful movements. gone are the days where a beautiful woman would be spotted by a scout while working in dairy queen and be able to make it as a model. we have influencers and kids of famous people stomping down runways now

No. 369069

No. 369111

File: 1703632810145.jpeg (836.08 KB, 990x1121, IMG_3139.jpeg)

I like her eye color but other than that I don’t think she’s attractive at all. She comes off as really smug to me too.

No. 369402

File: 1703735771237.jpg (16.36 KB, 218x280, 221587_v9_bc.jpg)

Possibly controversial, I don't think Beyonce is ugly by any means but she's not exactly stunning. She is pretty in an average way to me.

No. 369404

I think sheʼs very pretty for a black woman, and I find most black women ugly.(racebait)

No. 369405

weird schizo thing to say

No. 369410

I wonder if this is the same tranny who shits up the Asian and Black women's problems threads lmao.

No. 369412

Yep it is.
It's a baiter.

No. 369429

Of course it is. Jealousy must suck.

No. 369437

I see it, she has proportionate features but not outstanding beauty. Definitely an 8/10, but not my taste

No. 369536

her body is the real deal tho

No. 369628

File: 1703811129015.jpeg (64.57 KB, 514x720, IMG_7152.jpeg)

I remember seeing her in the Pink Panther movie when it came out and she was stunning in it, she’s gorgeous in pictures to me but imo someone who really shines in motion.

No. 369632

File: 1703811582522.jpg (34.14 KB, 315x396, 93578f47fcb239165e0dde01569590…)

I personally liked her best as foxxy cleopatra. I understand what OP means though. I think she is pretty but not the world's most beautiful woman as a lot of people think

No. 369633

Go outside.
I thought this too until I saw some of her older music videos. She looks like a siren. I agree that she looks better in motion, I also think she might have gotten some unflattering work done over time.

No. 369635

File: 1703811890337.jpg (923.4 KB, 3000x3000, 1000002433.jpg)

She's pretty sometimes, but her face is too long and her personality is seriously insufferable.

No. 369637

No. 369639

File: 1703813064049.jpg (29.44 KB, 525x369, Screenshot_2023229-052029_Chro…)

She is looking botched these days. I think they are trying to compensate the loss of facial fat (due to her anorexi) with fillers but it's making her have that unnatural filler plump. I feel bad for her.

No. 369641

I think her face is normal and all her features are attractive, except her lips. Weird shape with no cupid bow and too big of a size. I can't tell if it's filler or lipstick but either way it makes her look weird. Cover her lips and you'll see her face isn't bad at all.

No. 369642

File: 1703813359808.jpg (122.45 KB, 1500x1000, ariana-grande-ethan-slater-spl…)

Ugly and has a horrible personality

No. 369643

I was a teenager when she was mega popular and half the girls at my school wanted to look like her. She's botched herself so badly. And the bleached eyebrows make her look uncanny.
She is still too attractive for that thing next to her though

No. 369645

File: 1703813735956.gif (1.66 MB, 305x235, 797982F8-F5F8-43E0-89CA-9DC539…)

I haven’t liked her since she bumped Sakura. I feel like she’s constantly mean or passive aggressive towards her and Sakura just takes it because she’s the most popular member and can’t question anything she does. I also heard she got another girl kicked out from the band before they debuted simply because she didn’t like her. Extreme mean girl energy exudes from her.

No. 369647

File: 1703813871400.jpeg (72.29 KB, 736x736, A5296B64-E745-4C97-A895-2B71F1…)

Also agree she’s bogged. She’s had so much work done including her eyes nose lips and chin. No idea why her fans insist she’s natty kek anyone with eyes can see she isn’t.

No. 369649

kpop stans always insist their idols are 100% natural even when they obviously aren't. not into kpop enough these days to know which wax statues they're pretending were born looking like that, but when I was keeping up with it idols like jimin of bts and lisa of blackpink were going to war insisting they were just born pretty even though anyone with eyes could see that they're 90% plastic

No. 369650

She definitely has a horrible personality lel probably one of the most horrible people in show business tbh and I have absolutely no idea how she’s not been cancelled yet or why her fans think she’s such a sweetheart.

But yeah that shade of blonde is absolutely hideous on her she looks like an old Sicilian grandma and her lip fillers are gross. Also she doesn’t suit minimal makeup with no bottom eyeliner at all, she’s been looking so bad ever since she stopped doing her signature cat eye with the dark bottom line/ lashes too. She needs to learn what works for her and stop fighting against it. She had it nailed a few years ago.

No. 369651

Could also be mia bloat tbh. She has a naturally fat face and gains a double chin easily. Ive noticed a lot of anachans start becoming anorexic in their teens because they have naturally chubby/fat faces. She probably saw her double chin and puffy face on camera once and it caused her to develop an ED. Also korean food is very salty and MSG filled and it can make your face bloat easily.

No. 369652

To k-pop stans, their favorite idols are natural even though everyone gets at least their eyes, nose and some filler done before debuting (and that is considered still within the realms of being kind of natty).

No. 369653

wonyoung isn't even notably prettier than the others in the group. i don't follow ive much but yujin stands out to me as being more classically beautiful. I honestly think she's mostly popular because of that makeup look she does that's really easy for teenagers to copy

No. 369654

I think it's both. The ana-idol lifestyle is going to wear her out fast and it's been showing for a while.

No. 369655

Wonton is most popular because she’s tall for an Asian girl and also very skinny/has a small head. But I agree the other members are just as pretty if not moreso than her. I honestly think she is just more popular because she spent so much time promoting herself, begging her label to get her videos with Vogue, and also used anorexia as an attention ploy to get people to feel sorry or concerned for her. Reminds me of the Pussycat Dolls with Nicole Scherzinger constantly trying to take up all the limelight while the rest of the members were just her backup dancers, basically. Everyone is too scared to say anything to her because Asian culture is like that I guess. Same reason Sakura probably never challenged her because she’s a Japanese member working in Korea and Koreans already take any opportunity they can to hate on Japanese women.

No. 369657

Why does her hand look so freakishly small wtf

No. 369659

File: 1703815246693.gif (2.81 MB, 381x250, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

You made me remember this gif lol

No. 369660

Why is she so bitchy kek. Gumball faced bitch.

No. 369663

nta but personally her eyes weird me out the most. whenever she's facing forward or has a front view her eyes look dead.

No. 369666

File: 1703816704124.jpg (68.11 KB, 1024x768, DdBw6q8UwAAhnJ7.jpg)

No. 369675

I don't think she was ever shilled as attractive other than black scrotes who like her bbl. Also, she mentioned being bullied for being ugly when she was younger, so i think she is self-aware.

No. 369679

File: 1703820778045.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1039x1231, IMG_3180.jpeg)

I’ve never really understood Sienna Miller’s appeal, but it might be because she’s always reminded me of my (extremely evil) mom kek. She seems like such a shitty person too, having had multiple public affairs with married men, Balthazar Getty and Cillian Murphy. And probably more

No. 369682

Same, she’s very plain, completely inoffensive looking, just like a field or something. Nice, but not remarkable. Also my friend used to work for her health insurance company and in her file it said she had like 5 abortions kek.

No. 369683

>and Cillian Murphy
interesting..anons in other threads claimed he was loyal kek

No. 369686

Agreed, her bulging frog eyes are creepy and she looks like she's wearing dentures.

No. 369687

File: 1703823569455.jpeg (965.83 KB, 1053x1243, IMG_3181.jpeg)

His fangirls usually deny that anything happened, but I think it’s obvious. They costarred in a film together and went out drinking until like 3am, then they left the place separately but got caught getting in the same car together kek. Allegedly there were photos showing that he had an erection when he was with her in the car but those photos have been deleted since then. it’s possible that they just shared a cab instead of going home together, but I think it’s unlikely since there were paparazzi around, he was married and she was a known home wrecker. There had already been rumors about them on set anyway

No. 369688

If people with big foreheads are called fiveheads, then is she a twohead?

No. 369692

Sienna sleeps with everyone. And all male actors are manwhores.

No. 369700

She looks gorgeous with bangs and heavy eye makeup, pretty plain without but I remember being enamoured by her in Alfie and Factory girl.

No. 369726

The reddit/stan twitter side of the internet in general seems to be very defensive of and infantilizing towards Asian women. They really think they can do no wrong and that they’re all so cute and pure and uwu and incapable of ever being bad or doing mean things. Kpop stans defend their idols even when those idols are treating people around them abusively.

No. 369771

File: 1703858220363.gif (5.54 MB, 323x480, 1000002531.gif)

No. 369974

File: 1703966222868.jpeg (744.5 KB, 1046x1058, IMG_3125.jpeg)

Sydney Sweeney, she didn’t bother me until pretty recently but now I can’t stand her and she looks like this to me

No. 369977

She is also unfortunately sexualised because of her bust size but her character choices doesn’t help either

No. 370034

based, teach that moidlet not to touch random women

No. 370108

That looks like a reconstruction of a dead Jane Doe I saw on reddit one time, creepy as fuck.

No. 370383

Sorry kek. It’s a celebrity caricature made with AI, I think they’re kind of funny but they’re also pretty creepy. I came across a bunch of them on pinterest once and saved some of the more humbling ones

No. 370401

Sydney Sweeney is beautiful. Your tastes are objectively incorrect

No. 370424

No. 370436

This thread is “women shilled as attractive that you find ugly” kek why would you respond like that

No. 370442

The Kardashians. All of them.
They wear so much makeup even the ones that didn't troon out look like troons.

No. 370496

>I'm not a fan of hers either but you can't deny that in this era of Friends she looked her best
Yes I can. She peaked in Leprechaun II and had already hit the skids by the time Friends started. Should never have got her nose done.
Possibly the most beautiful woman to ever exist
>wonyoung isn't even notably prettier than the others in the group
Yes she is
>This thread is “women shilled as attractive that you find ugly”
Exactly. Anon is acting like the thread is titled "Opinions you have that are objectively wrong". Everybody agrees that Sydney is beautiful

No. 370568

Looks like the thread is taken over by males >>370496

No. 370583

the only potential moids in this thread are the ones bashing the looks of women who would never touch them with a 10 foot pole

No. 370603

>everyone ITT is a male except me
Scrote moment

No. 370605

Read the post title and adhere to the topic or gtfo contrarian newfag.

No. 370608

Taylor Swift looks like Lord farkwad

No. 370615

File: 1704237492010.png (364.68 KB, 526x385, jenna.png)

jenna ortega looks like an unhealthy gaunt man, mens obsession with her is disturbing

No. 370617

agreed, her face is annoying and she's not a good actress

No. 370620

I think she's cute but her mouth/chin area is off. Can't tell if her lips are too high up or if her chin is too long

No. 370621

File: 1704238504183.png (570.83 KB, 664x495, before.png)

i have a tinfoil that she got buccal fat removal because i never remember her looking like a dying cancer patient until recently, i dont know why this is a trend or what delusional makes ppl think looking like a skeleton is attractive

No. 370628

if her lips were any lower she'd look way worse. it's the chin

No. 370641

File: 1704245614337.jpeg (663.94 KB, 1005x989, IMG_2479.jpeg)

That anon who kept posting these comparison photos and saying that Marilyn Monroe and Florence Pugh look alike had to have been joking, right? Florence is so frumpy compared to her lol

No. 370643

idk her motive but those are both pretty hateful photo choices

No. 370645

Pugh isn't supposed to be a beauty queen and she certainly isn't known for her body. Pugh has always been somewhat frumpy and is generally regarded as being "ugly pretty", ala Kat Dennings or Anjelica Huston. Anyone who ever compared them was either a troll or a retard

No. 370647

I think Marilyn looks pretty in that picture, why is it bad? The one of Florence isn’t very flattering since it isn’t posed
I don’t think so, she styles herself in a sexualized way and she’s usually called beautiful or stunning in articles

No. 370650

>I don’t think so, she styles herself in a sexualized way and she’s usually called beautiful or stunning in articles
well yeah cause journalists are paid to say that about every celebrity, doesn't mean that the majority of people agree. there was a lot of controversy the first time she started wearing see-through clothes because most people disliked her boobs.

No. 370656

Florence will forever be shaped like a giant baby to me.

No. 370659

Maybe the op was just a troll or retard like you said then

No. 370670

File: 1704256296794.jpeg (157.04 KB, 889x889, IMG_4748.jpeg)

I know her aesthetic especially during Wednesday promotions was real life Burton character but her features are so much better suited with lighter makeup

No. 370673

Who has shilled this uggo cuckquean as attractive ever kek

No. 370675

File: 1704257302020.jpeg (29.83 KB, 783x391, 043423D9-66F7-410B-99D3-9E0F10…)

But anon she screamed so loud and therefore is an example of feminine rage!
I’m pissed off about X, she was 18 and slept with kid cudi who’s like 39. Sza has a pretty voice but she overdid her nose she’s looking a bit like MJ

No. 370677

File: 1704257436316.jpeg (202.26 KB, 537x647, 16D2A108-6346-417A-A637-B14DF1…)

Why didn’t the surgeon turn her away? Her nose was fine

No. 370678

Surgeons either have body dysmorphia that they project on their patients or they just saw a huge pay day by getting to work on a celebrity. Either way, she was cute before she destroyed herself by being botched and chasing the instahoe aesthetic.

No. 370679

her nose looked cuter before god why do people do this to themselves

No. 370688

she's not really a pickme, she's just being emotionally abused by her gold digging husband/pimp. She'll eventually grow up and leave him
the only reason she looks busted now is because she's had so much plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures

No. 370695

If she does porn than she’s a pickme

No. 370700

she has no other way to make money and remain famous. Plus her husband would leave her and their kid if she quit. She's not a pickme

No. 370702

>she has no other way to make money
Unless she's living in Rwanda, I don't think this is true at all

No. 370703

Boo fucking hoo if her husband leaves her because she didn't want to post images of her breastfeeding her baby onto her sites for men to jerk their dicks to.

No. 370708

No way she can afford her lifestyle in LA without the money she gets from porn. And even if she didn't still need the money, she's an attention addict
She's in love with the guy and has been subjected to years of emotional abuse that has caused her to develop full blown emotional codependency. When you fall in love with a narc then you can talk. If you are going to call Lena a pickme, then you have to say the same thing about Hailey Bieber. How about some empathy?(derailing whiteknight)

No. 370725

Does Hailey do porn..? You're a fucking retard

I watched a bit of the show that Lena and her in the closet husband did and all these people need to be banished from society. I sound like a boomer, but they're so degenerate, this is straight up demonic… How are their children supposed to survive this mentally?

No. 370806

She’s disgusting, she posted pictures and videos of her breastfeeding to her disgusting coomer audience

No. 370807

That guy is also a rapist who raped underage girls but I guess LTP looking the other way is also her being an ~emotional aboose~ victim.

No. 370811

yes it is.
LtP is a bad person, but she isn't a pickme(pointless infighting)

No. 370823

She’s a pickme. Sorry that seems to bother you.(pointless infighting)

No. 370833

Looks like a mix between Elsa from Frozen and Yumi King

No. 370838

She always look mean for some strange reason.she looks way more emotionless than Kristen Stewart.

No. 370854

I think she looks mean too, and I think she’s weird after watching that creepy video she made sitting on her dad’s lap and rubbing his thigh, then spreading her legs while staring at him before pouting and stomping away. It was very unsettling.

I think a lot of celebrities look mean though, I wonder if it has to do with the personality type that’s attracted to fame or something. A lot of them just have mean, cold eyes and smug faces

No. 371218

File: 1704484685976.jpeg (31.33 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg)

She's not ugly in my opinion but she's not that beautiful

No. 371221

File: 1704484935154.jpg (2.61 MB, 4256x2832, 1sandra.jpg)

She's very bland both in looks and in personality and an overrated actress too.

No. 371231

File: 1704486164482.jpeg (407.01 KB, 2048x1971, IMG_4767.jpeg)

help ever since I got into asian pop culture, western celebrities look so ugly or bland now.

I’m not a yellow fever scrote btw, I’m literally a ww, but the only ww that actually look beautiful to me are slavic dolls. the wonyoung/sweeney mogging was brutal

Chinese/Korean celebs actually mold themselves to be as beautiful as possible but here, we just throw a fake tan and blonde hair on and call it a day

No. 371237

look at that girls hand tho lol ok so beautiful and dainty~~ She's cute honestly and I think the blonde is whatever.

No. 371238

Sydney body mogs tho.

No. 371239

It’s funny that you can have a photo with two beautiful female celebrities dressed up and made up but everyone has to automatically pit them against each other. The mogging shit is so stupid, half the time I can’t tell which one is supposed to be better. Peoples brains are rotting I swear we’re devolving to the times of 2000s trashy tabloids via tiktok retardation. Anyway, it’s fine if you like the kpop Asian look better. I think they’re much more bland since they’re all pressured to look one way.

No. 371241

The West just prefers strong features (defined jawlines, big lips, thick eyebrows etc.) and the East more dainty and delicate. None of them is superior imo, both are overrated and both have bullshit beauty standards which require shit ton of surgery, they just appeal to different people.

No. 371242

You call western artists bland but it's the kpop girlies who all look identical because of excessive ps so idk.

No. 371243

after she won a show to become an idol at age 13 when she was already conventionally pretty she still had tons done to her like company-paid plastic surgery and slimming injections. it's genuinely eating disorders especially in her case having full fledged anorexia at one point which will never look right unless you can cover it up with procedures like she has had done for her which is why ed twt is so delusional idolising her. regular and extremely expensive dermatology visits including the basic botox for minors. if you want to go down the anime uwu hyperfeminine asian dollified forever 15 AI rabbit hole as an adult white woman, good luck and it's not unique. this is like triggering some mental health crisis amongst white women. picking wonyoung who makes other asian idols look fat and old is a terrible sign for your mental health

No. 371244

>ed twt is so delusional idolising her.
Ahhh, so that’s why there’s been insane sperging about this girl on here for like a week now. Twitter skeletons, go back, no one cares about your obsession with this woman here

No. 371254

File: 1704490021746.jpeg (160.01 KB, 735x910, IMG_4768.jpeg)

>if you want to go down the anime uwu hyperfeminine asian dollified forever 15 AI rabbit hole as an adult white woman, good luck and it's not unique. this is like triggering some mental health crisis amongst white women
We need another Vlada

No. 371258

i mean she's a teenager there isn't she.. i think we're in an era where proana has snuck back into the mainstream through kpop glamorising child doll visuals and it's convinced a lot of would be normie adult white women that these asian kids with forced eating disorders and plastic surgery have pretty privilege and skinny privilege over them because of superior asian genes and their advanced society. they gloat about their out of this world beauty consciousness and the nearest comparison for insecure white women feeling able to compete is apparently underage european models which tells you what the appeal is

No. 371262

that’s a whole lot of schizophrenic rambling just because you don’t like that people are becoming more and more disillusioned with the 2010’s-2020’s beauty standard of having a strong and chiseled face, huge lips, and thick brows.
it has nothing to do with white women feeling jealous of Asian women or wanting to compete with them. I brought up vlada because she has the cute doll look that unfortunately isn’t scouted for anymore.(infighting)

No. 371264

>people are becoming more and more disillusioned with the 2010’s-2020’s beauty standard of having a strong and chiseled face, huge lips, and thick brows.
Yeah, you're right. I've the opposite of these features and i find asian "cute" styles easier to pull than baddie/western makeup, but apparently those styles are inherently pedophilic and problematic according to that anon, implying adult women with natural youthfulness don't even exist without going through several surgeries which is just bullshit.

No. 371271

right, I just found vladas insta and she still has the soft doll face at 36. It’s literally just a combination of facial features aren’t exclusive to korean teenagers LMAO

No. 371272

Nah she’s right.

No. 371275

right about what?

No. 371278

you literally just said "we need another vlada" with an underage pic of her looking babyfaced under greentext about kpop inspiring white women's obsession with dollified 15 year olds..

lady, nobody made you dote over an underage european girl just now. you could've posted her as an adult. you didn't because you're a grown woman spamming complaints about how rearranged korean teenagers have made adult western women ugly and bland to you except slavic dolls. you wannarexic coquette pedos vicariously living through infantilised girls need mental help stat. go back(infighting)

No. 371281

Russians are Asian. Especially ones from Siberia like her.

No. 371284

Nonna, it's the way some nonnies talk about young Asian girls/women lately here, by comparing them to specifically white women who look their ages, making beauty a race mogging thing and romanticising looking underage - to the point of showing off teens and actual children - that's undoubtedly weird now. Wonyoung is attracting them to the thread from elsewhere. I'm part Asian, my preferred style is on the cute side and I have a babyface. This isn't the same.

No. 371289

She used to be a cute latina girl next door, that's a shame.

No. 371300

File: 1704505741442.jpeg (655.29 KB, 750x767, IMG_4777.jpeg)

So you just don’t know the history of Russia huh
Vlada is white. This is what a real indigenous Siberian looks like:

No. 371302

You’re an idiot, Russia has hundreds of indigenous groups who all look different to each other. And Russians like Vlada are indigenous to Russia too. Their blood group R can be traced to Siberia 24,000 years ago.

No. 371304

File: 1704506246112.png (463.18 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_4778.png)

You dolt, ethnic Russians are native to the European part of Russia. They then expanded eastwards as the Russian Empire expanded. Slavs aren’t magically Asian just because some of them moved to Asia.

No. 371306

No they aren’t. Slavs are haplogroup R. The oldest haplogroup R skeleton was found at Lake Baikal near Mongolia, in Siberia, 24,000 years ago. Cope harder, dumbass. You don’t know anything and it’s embarrassingly clear.(infighting/derailing)

No. 371307

>b-but a skeleton found from 24k years ago
My haplogroup originated in the Middle East, even though I am 100% Western European. Does that make me middle eastern you dumbass

No. 371308

Let me guess, you’re the Jewish tranny.

No. 371309

File: 1704506896771.jpeg (247.91 KB, 750x661, IMG_4779.jpeg)

Also the maternal group for most Russians is consistent with other Europeans.

No. 371310

Haplogroup R people have lived and continue to live in Russia for almost 25,000 years. Anything to the east of the Urals is considered Asia by geographers. So yes, Vlada is an Asian woman from Asia.

No. 371311

I’m not Jewish. You are so dense holy shit. MtDNA H, which most Europeans are, came from Southwest Asia.
Arguing about haplogroups is retarded when Vlada is clearly a whole white woman, but you autistically brought it up first.

No. 371313

Most Russians consider themselves Asian especially those who were born in the east. Blonde blue eyed people were also indigenous to north China and arrived there before modern Chinese did.

No. 371314

American meaningless buzzword and unscientific term.

No. 371315

File: 1704507214302.jpeg (248.21 KB, 743x764, IMG_4780.jpeg)

>Haplogroup R people have lived and continue to live in Russia
Haplgroio R is the most common paternal haplogroup in all of Europe. Are all Europeans Asian by your stupid ass logic?
>Anything to the east of the Urals is considered Asia by geographers
Ethnic Russian Slavs are from west of the Ural Mountains.

No. 371316

File: 1704507301372.jpeg (57.31 KB, 602x390, 71820BA7-0CE8-49A0-99A0-975985…)

Blonde hair and blue eyes literally came from Asia you dumbass. ‘White’ people are just a branch of indigenous Siberians with a mutation for light eyes and hair.

No. 371317

Are you denying the existence of Europeans? We’re all Asian now? LMAO(infighting/derailing/sperging)

No. 371318

File: 1704507515845.jpeg (86.26 KB, 567x533, E85A1815-C82D-4514-9A06-55D3AB…)

What does this say and what area is it in?(infighting/derailing/sperging)

No. 371329

File: 1704510961255.jpg (223.22 KB, 2000x1270, Wednesday_Netflix_piranhas.jpg)

i thought men liked her because she looked like a teen in wednesday?

No. 371331

only /pol/fags think russians aren't white(derailing)

No. 371332

Comments on Reddit would seem to prove that. Without the harsh contour she looks 14.

No. 371347

you are retarded

No. 371358

File: 1704517751749.jpg (119.95 KB, 1094x720, 1000013139.jpg)

Oh, you're both seem to be right

No. 371501

File: 1704563040065.jpg (94.66 KB, 851x1066, Capture.JPG)

>Chinese/Korean celebs actually mold themselves to be as beautiful as possible but here, we just throw a fake tan and blonde hair on and call it a day
calling it a day is good. why bother so hard?? left has done dozens of hours of mirror work, figured out that moving your hair next to your jaw and holding your hand cuts the jaw slimmer, tilts head at the exact angle to make this not too obvious, has "must show high cranial top" on her mind during every photo, and looks nothing like herself when she was 13. meanwhile the blonde does not give a fuck and goes to the beach without worrying about being 1 shade too dark for the furious korean public. its like comparing a cardboard cutout to a human.

No. 371668

File: 1704592556480.jpg (172.43 KB, 1296x730, Elizabeth-Olsen-Love-and-Death…)

She looks 50 and looks like a complete zombie.

No. 371669

did she have buccal fat removal? her lower cheeks look rather hollow

No. 371694

File: 1704601843081.jpeg (128.96 KB, 736x1105, IMG_4837.jpeg)

I don’t think either of the hadid sisters are particularly attractive, but gigi hadid looks especially hit in the face. bella gets away with it because she has the skelly high fashion look, but gigi is not really pretty or unique looking to do high fashion OR something cute and laid back like pink.

No. 371696

Bella also got a whole new face and mama has connections.

No. 371697

Bella was cute 4-5 years ago but has since taken the plastic surgery too far. Gigi has always looked like a mix of someone conventionally attractive and a cabbage patch doll

No. 371698

I remember seeing videos of them walking the runway at fashion shows, and thinking what’s the obsession with these two? They literally walk like a normal person I see at the wal-mart. I believe there’s bot accounts boosting these too, all the comments are like “omg yas slay my queen” super repetitive and weird,

No. 371700

Gigi has never been model material, she doesnt have the it factor or the looks, despite being her mommys golden child. Bella has the it factor, tho she is also overrated.

No. 371702

“It factor” as in mommy connections, surgeries, money, and a great PR team

No. 371705

Bella's walk has improved a lot over the years, although she started off mediocre. She seems to have put the work into improving. Gigi gives GAP model vibes rather than high fashion vibes.

No. 371706

They don’t deserve to be some of the top models. Just saying.

No. 371710

They do. I'll always prefer nepomodels over normal girls getting into modeling industry and having to get sexually abused and keep quiet about it to keep their positions. Before nepomodels were a thing, %80 of models were literally getting trafficked, pimped or abused in one way or another but no one can do it to nepos because their mommies and daddies can actually stand up against abusers.
I'd much rather see a girl start with a mediocre walk than learn a woman had get trafficked so she can ensure job opportunities. Naomi Campbell literally knew epstein and brought underage models to him, that's how modeling industry used to work.

No. 371711

This is the same racebaiting male that's been obsessed with slavs and usually larps as them. He's been at it for weeks in meta.(scrotefoiling)

No. 371727

I've posted this before years ago but since the Hadid sisters are being discussed, I was on Tumblr around 2010 when I suspect their mom was sockpuppeting comments and submissions on various anon modeling confessions pages. It was all about gigi and how she is gonna take the world by storm, all frequent similar posts. She still looked like a kid to me and it was weird seeing no-notes submissions about a literal WHO tween looking girl next to long submissions about Cara delevigne doing coke and abbey Lee kershaw eating baby food. I did make one submission after seeing the same headshot and one line praise posted all the time, it was about how that gigi kid is overrated, looks jowly and shouldn't be on a blog about adult women anyway and the post got a note within a couple hours about how I was jealous and "irredeemable" kek.

No. 371738

take your meds(infighting)

No. 371748

File: 1704625845789.jpeg (926.62 KB, 1668x2053, 7559742A-ECA5-4C53-A8AF-16FA7A…)

I don’t know if it’s her “girl boss omg it’s Carrie Bradshaw !1” fanbase, but immediately appalled she married and stayed with inspector faggot who killed a mother and daughter because his retard ass “whoops wrong side of the road!” in Ireland and got a slap on the wrist of a whole whopping 175 bucks and “I’m so sworry” So yes, I never understood the appeal to SJP.

No. 371751

If it changed its writing style and his addiction to racebait about nonwhite women, it wouldn't get recognized. You can't convince me it's someone else, doubt there's multiple anons racebaiting about nonwhite women and slavs when there are like 20 people coming to this board daily.

No. 371755

Her makeup is always atrocious, she already has small eyes but she wears smokey eye with filled bottom waterline which makes her look straight up like a witch.

No. 371756

Don't most people consider her ugly? I've only seen people talking about how horse faced she is.

No. 371780

She has a strange face, in some pictures the length of her face is very unflattering but in others she looks fantastic

No. 371819

File: 1704650015044.jpeg (112.29 KB, 500x594, IMG_5328.jpeg)

I've gotten to the point where I'm so over kpop and its artifice that most of the idols look creepy to me, especially the moids (Hyunjin from Stray Kids is so fucking ugly and overdone to me). Back in the day they didn't overdo it. If South Korea is one of the epicenters for plastic surgery in the world then why do so many modern kpop idols look botched(kpop)

No. 371822

Hyper normalization of plastic surgery has warped public perception of beauty in south korea, botched uncanny valley monster is the new pretty. Even the men are doing it there.

No. 371825

I fucking hate kpop and everyone who likes it.

No. 371826

File: 1704652037690.jpeg (145.01 KB, 900x1200, IMG_4843.jpeg)

it’s crazy to me that millions of women around the world get wet for these guys(kpop)

No. 371836

bts are so odd. half of them are conventionally attractive and the other half are straight up fugly. I've always thought it was weird how they were the group that blew up even though there are other boy groups making music with the same quality which consist entirely of pretty boys.(kpop)

No. 371845

She’s ugly af, anyone who says she isn’t is straight up LYING her eyes are small and too close together and her face is so long. They’re like trying to pretend to be nice or something,

No. 371846

File: 1704657456535.jpeg (51.9 KB, 500x737, IMG_5332.jpeg)

I unironically loved her embracing the witch look in Hocus Pocus kek

No. 371847

Not true, I always liked looking at her, she’s not conventional but she isn’t ugly to me. I remember there used to be one of those movie theater chain ads that would play during the previews at the theater when I was a kid and it had a clip of her in it and I was always mesmerized by that part. I pretty much always think women that other people call horse-faced are attractive though, almost as a rule. My favorite foreign actress gets mocked by people online who say they want to offer her carrots and hay lol but idc, long-faced women are adorable to me

No. 371851

So many here obviously don't read the thread title, nobody ever shilled her as attractive, anon. Carrie Bradshaw is simply a beloved character because she's a fashion girlboss with cool friends.

No. 371879

File: 1704663656885.jpg (101.81 KB, 1200x1200, carrie-bradshaw-sjp-sex-and-th…)

I mean, she kind of was since she was romcom lead and in SATC she was hit on by multiple guys and referred to as hot (even the hottest out of the group). But tbh she was very cute in early seasons and kind of a Stacy irl, she dated RDJ and JFK Jr. while lowlife moids were making fun of her.

No. 371880

Oh, she’s super cute here.

No. 372072

File: 1704734173882.gif (1000.48 KB, 360x258, 987098087.gif)

i've always found her really attractive too, though i think she doesn't look the best in still photos but in movement.

No. 372097

She's one of those women who looked pretty in motion but not in pictures.

No. 372109

File: 1704746456090.gif (5.96 MB, 540x390, tumblr_87cb01c2e32628535d117e7…)

I can't get over the fact that she's really ugly and haggard it was annoying seeing her everywhere…it still is.she looks like a rabid Chihuahua.

No. 372163

Starting to look like her sisters

No. 372164

Love Korean moids but I think BTS are quite ugly. V, Jin and Jungkook are pretty cute, but the rest look so uncanny and plastic.

No. 372166

It might not been have been Yolanda herself but someone she was paying to shill them on tumblr. I always thought Gigi was super plain and I was confused why she was considered the better looking sister (maybe just because she’s more white looking and blonde?) Bella is absolutely gorgeous IMO. Even though her looks are due to surgery and anorexia, I have to admit she’s a really gorgeous woman who can pull off so many aesthetics. She’s much more pleasing to the eye imo.

No. 372167

I see like 100 girls that look like this waiting outside McDonald’s she’s nothing special whatsoever. My guess is they were forced to do a diversity hire and I have the feeling/tinfoil that Tim Burton really doesn’t like non-white women in his movies and only likes pale caucasian gothic women, so he purposely chose the most bland whitewashed lightskin Latina actress he could find.

No. 372172

i'm sorry but bella looks like a crackhead to me, especially in recent years. disagree with the asthetics part too, she looked ridiculous when she tried to do a y2k-like style a few years ago. she can only pull off dramatic looks.

No. 372174

She's still visually interesting to look at, even if its all boughtfrom a surgeons office, Gigi is just bland

No. 372182

I love SJP. She’s very comfortable in her own skin and always smiling and charming and confident, which makes her very attractive, even if her face is on the longer side. I can see why she’s never struggled pulling conventionally attractive moids and the chemistry between her and Chris Noth is very nice. She’s probably one of those women who look even better irl compared to pics.

No. 372186

that woman was never attractive

No. 372189

File: 1704765434738.jpg (50.78 KB, 354x630, 2dk2RRM2dZ8gbkvz1yNBypLpwUHBna…)

she looks like picrel

No. 372834

File: 1705033361140.jpeg (777.51 KB, 1170x754, IMG_4003.jpeg)

Floor Poo. I know people like her partly because she’s so average looking, but I don’t understand the people who carry on about how pretty they think she is, comparing her to Marilyn Monroe and other old Hollywood starlets. She sticks out like a sore thumb around other celebrities who look actually attractive (not necessarily the ones pictured here, just in general)

No. 372840

She looks so stubby

No. 373061

File: 1705097330848.jpg (391.33 KB, 938x626, florence-pugh_3.jpg)

I think she can be stunning, her green eyes are mesmerizing. She went overboard with chin filler/implant though, lip fillers and brow lift were enough for her, and her styling is always shit. She doesn't suit edgy looks, she is very cute-pretty.

No. 373063

Samefag, but the Marilyn Monroe comparisons were trolling, at least here on lolcow.

No. 373096

File: 1705111098401.jpeg (47.04 KB, 375x334, IMG_4145.jpeg)

Her eyes are hazel not green, but anyway while she looks attractive sometimes from specific angles she’s generally very plain and frumpy looking. Other anons here have said she seems older than her industry age and I honestly believe it, a lot of actresses have to pretend to be 10 years younger in order to even get into the industry

No. 373105

Honestly, i am tired of hearing anons complain about her looks. I don't think she is attractive, she looks like a human which already puts her in a better place than most of the botched celebrities that plague hollywood. I hope she doesn't go down that path. That being said, she would look better with longer and darker hair, she needs to ditch the blonde.

No. 373110

File: 1705115303795.jpeg (428.59 KB, 803x515, IMG_4147.jpeg)

>I hope she doesn't go down that path
She already did, her chin and jaw are a completely different size and shape, her cheekbones are significantly wider, she had lip filler, and a brow lift since her eyes are now upturned and pulled tightly like that fox eye trend

No. 373115

She looks leagues better in this pic with darker hair than she does with that truly tragic platinum blonde cat puke on her head she's doing now.

No. 373137

File: 1705127202114.jpg (68.55 KB, 992x744, elisabeth-moss2-abc-ml-190605_…)

Had to stop watching the handmaid's tale because the director thinks that the best way to convey deep emotion is to zoom into this Insmouth fish person's face and pan.

I don't understand how she gets so much work. I could buy it for Mad Men where she is supposed to be some mousy, ugly little nobody. But even then she's just so repulsive looking.

I just assume it is the Scientology connections getting her work because nothing else makes sense. Her acting is also pretty bad. She is always the same character.

No. 373142

File: 1705128275742.jpeg (457.37 KB, 808x531, IMG_4074.jpeg)

AYRT I think so too, I think she looked nice in this picture an anon posted in /ot/ the other day. She should have a girl next door style kind of like how her character dressed in midsommer, this glam/sex symbol styling she goes for doesn’t make sense for her

I liked her in mad men but it’s definitely her Scientology connections

No. 373146

God does not reward self-flagellation

No. 373148

I felt like she was pretty good in Mad Men

No. 373173

NTA She looks really nice there and her age, the makeup artist needs a raise. No idea why she's being styled as a 45 year old cougar or who it's meant to appeal to.

No. 373208

She looks genuinely lovely in this pic wtf are they doing w her currently? I get expressing style etc etc but she looks so terrible when she could be very cute and actually look like a young woman and not like a weird female midget love child of James Charles and NikkiTutorials

No. 373218

File: 1705165989453.jpg (335.58 KB, 1920x1440, Wallpapers_Drew_Barrymore_for_…)

Ppl always say I look like her, but all I see is trisomy. Idgi

No. 373225

File: 1705167425428.jpg (73.46 KB, 1000x1235, 1000002469.jpg)

i never found kate moss attractive, not even in the height of her modeling career. she's a drugged up anachan.

No. 373226

She is a supermodel, supermodels at least back then were chosen for being striking and because the clothes were meant to be the same focus

No. 373227

She actually looks lovely in that pic. I think her current they/them barista look is just unflattering

No. 373237

File: 1705174052552.jpeg (450.6 KB, 1200x630, IMG_3174.jpeg)

She was quite angelic when she was young but aged like milk. Given that she’s anachans idol I’m not sad about it, and she strikes me as unlikeable.

No. 373247

She did a lot of drugs, constantly smoked and drank while starving herself. Anyone on that many substances would age badly, I feel bad for her because I don't think anyone in their right mind would abuse substances like she did.

No. 373402

File: 1705231980000.jpeg (912.38 KB, 1170x1538, IMG_5042.jpeg)

They keep trying to make Alix Earle happen and I don’t understand it. After seeing her in person, I really don’t understand it. Was funny seeing her get ignored though kek

No. 373407

I had to look her up because I’ve never heard of her, and she’s 23? I assumed she was in her late 30s. It’s all the filler, it ages her and makes it look like her cheeks and lips are about to pop

No. 373408

23?? She looks late twenties at the youngest

No. 373412

She also drinks a ton

No. 373415

I wonder if she’s lying about her age

No. 373418

File: 1705235920221.png (544.01 KB, 470x715, IMG_5046.png)

She’s posted her IDs before but didn’t show anything but the photos kek first pic is supposed to be her at 17. If she’s not lying, she’s always been rough.

No. 373421

She has a nosejob, lip fillers, botox and maybe cheek fillers. Since most women that have had that many cosmetic enhancements are 30+, we automatically assume she's older than she actually is.

No. 374023

File: 1705478533335.jpeg (180.66 KB, 487x550, IMG_4388.jpeg)

Someone said she looks like a male with gynecomastia and I have to agree

No. 374105

File: 1705516227781.jpg (95.28 KB, 400x500, 202734__80570.jpg)

I'm attracted to androgynous people but Laura Dern is so masculine looking that it's off-putting and distracting. Maybe that's why David Lynch loves her so much.

No. 374144

So squat. She isn’t ugly but she’s just so plain and stubby

No. 374202

In group photos like >>372834 she’s always wider than the males kek

No. 374205

File: 1705547615132.jpeg (285.73 KB, 1170x1341, IMG_4413.jpeg)

No. 374208

That photo looks like a screenshot from a Playstation game…

No. 374224

omg true, i don't care about her but it kinda looks like she is a flat and low poly model with realistic texture placed on top

No. 374257

Looks like every IG influencer with the LA plastic combo sans makeup

So tired of this look

No. 374997

File: 1705889264226.jpg (113.95 KB, 1200x900, Margot Robbie (2).jpg)

She's not ugly but extremely overrated her expressions in Barbie were annoying as hell.Amanda Seyfried is way more beautiful and should have been Barbie instead.

No. 375008

She makes weird expressions when she smiles, trying to keep her eyes held open wide which makes her look like a psychopath

No. 375015

I have a feeling she actually is a psychopath irl tbh. I don’t dislike her, but she has that vibe. I think 99% of celebrities are on the narc sociopath spectrum tbh.

No. 375026

I saw a study where they compared Big Five scores from people of different occupations and it was found that actors/actresses had high neuroticism compared to other people. Sorry I can't find it so this is just a baseless claim but I always assume that people in acting are all crazy

No. 375037

this is so sad tbh, she's so beautiful when she she has meat on her bones. She wasn't even fat or even chubby in her queens gambit era. I also feel like if it wasn't anorexia she would've just filled her face with fillers like every other celebrity that has soft features over a dramatic face

No. 375044

I love her acting but she gives me that vibe too, I don’t care for her as a person from what I know of her. I agree that most celebrities are mentally ill with dark triad disorders, it would explain so much

No. 375046

File: 1705910088650.jpeg (49.34 KB, 333x500, IMG_3236.jpeg)

I was always scared to say that but I agree, I’ve only found her incredibly attractive in The Wolf of Wall Street and Suicide Squad. She’s a beautiful woman, can act and seems very nice and down to earth but I think Barbie should be played by someone with softer features. Marcia Brady actress would be great if it was possible.

No. 375047

File: 1705910230079.jpeg (316.25 KB, 1022x1022, IMG_3237.jpeg)

Case in point

No. 375049

File: 1705912335177.jpg (71.35 KB, 700x700, amanda-seyfried-met-gala-2023-…)

>Amanda Seyfried is way more beautiful and should have been Barbie instead.
I adore amanda to hell and back but i think she would have gotten the exact same criticism

No. 375057

File: 1705923086936.jpeg (1.24 MB, 990x1393, IMG_4737.jpeg)

No. 375277

File: 1706019892360.jpeg (1017.32 KB, 2266x2949, 647C10BC-63FE-4F5C-9933-72846D…)

I fucking hate kpop stans. Never argue with them because they’re all delusional and low IQ. Just spent 10 minutes trying to convince one that pic rel has had plastic surgery wbd her body or face isn’t natural and she kept denying it, their only reply is always ‘who hurt you sweetie’ then blocking you. Kek.

No. 375278

Her hips look 100% like those weird fake Instagram baddie surgery hips that come from scooping out the waist tissue and injecting fat at the sides. You can tell when women have naturally large hips because it looks very natural and their bones stick out. Those weird bbl and filer hips alway have a weird round artificial shape to them and are very clockable imo. Even trannies are getting them now with surgery.

No. 375279

File: 1706020760688.jpeg (57.44 KB, 480x497, 0F753B10-A23F-42BF-9D53-626CA1…)

It’s super obvious it’s surgery fgs

No. 375280

File: 1706020897189.jpeg (126.48 KB, 977x1738, ABE3F90E-5E60-403A-863D-577CD9…)

And her ass is completely flat too. Wtf. Looks like all the filler has sunk to the bottom. Kpop stans are retarded.

No. 375281

Ugh it’s so weird looking kek. My friend is one of those lucky women with a mega hourglass shape and her wide hips/small waist are nothing like the bizarro insta baddie fake kind. >>375057
She looks like the ugly rich girl at my college that blatantly skinwalked her way hotter and less obnoxious friend. I do think part of it is styling, her personality, and the way she smiles like she’s going to eat my face off like a deranged chimp

No. 375285

She looks like she’s the daughter of some Chav boxer lol.

No. 375298

None of the kpoop look good to me they are so plastic looking they all look like MJ with their pale skin and tiny noses ngl they do be dancing good for eating 3 peas and a banana a day tho

No. 375310

she was naturally already very cute

No. 375362

In Korea that’s considered ugly.

No. 375363

Kek they give me the same feeling as seeing an anime girl. Like I know they are real flesh and blood women but they look so polished and plastic that they look fake and my brain can’t comprehend it

No. 375474

File: 1706123614853.jpg (132 KB, 1200x630, Dasha-Nekrasova_Press-Photo_20…)

No. 375481

does it really count as "shilled as attractive" when only her and her orbiters are shilling it? just post every cow here then kek

No. 375489

She looks like an alien

No. 375493

dasha is one of the few cows who I think is genuinely unattractive. most are just sloppy and dress badly but her bone structure is so unfortunate

No. 375497

she look pretty in her selfies, then you google her red carpet photos and it's like slap in the face kek.

No. 375500

I don't think anyone aside from a few weirdos online is shilling her as conventionally attractive. That said. I've always liked looking at her. She has a unique appearance and I honestly don't hate it.

No. 375534

Shes an aging chainsmoker and drug addict. I see people calling her daughter ugly too, but her face is also beautiful.

No. 376806

File: 1706819804940.jpg (28.17 KB, 408x612, istockphoto-173801051-612x612.…)

Horse mouth lol how is she beautiful again?

No. 376808

File: 1706820086625.jpg (55.17 KB, 736x785, 3d24a3ba4ea811c5e507d75ac4fcf5…)

Lady Gaga looks like this,her face and head are too small for her big features.

No. 376963

File: 1706899523917.jpeg (330.54 KB, 874x1164, IMG_5311.jpeg)

Sabrina Carpenter, I don’t think she’s unattractive but I don’t see the appeal either, she’s just so bland

No. 376964

File: 1706901107441.jpg (28.03 KB, 375x375, img_23205_lady-gaga_widelg.jpg)

I always thought she was extremely pretty in her earlier carreer (fame monster/born this way era), her make-up then was also perfect for her "unique" (by singers/actors standards) features. Even in her weird period during artpop she looked ethereal even if she had procedures done on her brows.
Then she got a nosejob, a chin implant and tons and tons of botox on her cheeks and lips and imo it ruined her face balance. She even got rid of her teeth that had a cute gap to get veneers that stick out of her mouth. All the fillers and implants on the mid/lower side of her face make her forehead look tiny, and her head looks big and wide. She looks like a bobblehead.

No. 376969

Shes sexy

No. 376976

Nah that looks like Grimes

No. 377036

Her face has a really uncanny valley look to me. Something about her lips and eyebrows on the same face creeps me out.

No. 377068

She was soooo stunning back at the time of your pic. It makes me sad that she uglified herself

No. 377086

Anons that post 8-9/10 women on here and then conclude she isn't pretty because her eye to eye distance or nosehump is too distarcive then go and simp for 2-3/10 men in other threads and fight over how their loser male crush is super hot. Really shows how some women really are overly critical of other women yet aren't consistent when it comes to men.

No. 377088

there's no way to know if those are the same posters or not. there's probably some who only use one thread but not the others, some who criticize both sexes and some who defend both.

No. 377099

There is the exact same thread for men on here you know. And if you used your brain you'd know thyr have to fight to defend their male crushes bc surprise, most women here are just as critial of men

No. 377116

Anon, the entire point of this thread is celebrities that other people find attractive but we don’t get the appeal. It’s not something to get so offended over. I also don’t see many “8-9/10” women posted here anyway, it seems to be mostly average looking celebrities who some people fawn over, and a lot of the time they’re posted because they’re botched

No. 377141

File: 1706983681475.jpeg (94.19 KB, 667x1000, IMG_3571.jpeg)

she has a kind of long egg shaped face with very unflattering features imo. i feel like people hype her up for no reason? i just don't get it. her mom was so beautiful in the 70s though.

No. 377144

She is Todd Rundgren's daughter, you can't convince me she's from Steven Tyler, she looks so much like Rundgren (face shape, eye color).

No. 377172

Nah you’re right, anons are saying it’s an unfair comparison but this happens on other boards too. Women’s appearances are held to higher standards even when they’re 8s but it’s rare you’ll even see a man that’s an 8 being dragged, and you’ll regularly find men who are 4s being simped for. Sad that women internalise misogynistic ideals without realising it.

No. 377212

>but it’s rare you’ll even see a man that’s an 8 being dragged
This happens in multiple threads here and sometimes on /ot/

No. 377214

Oh, what 8s, pray tell me? What men that you think are 8s are getting dragged?

No. 377216

Number scale rating is such a male thing to do

No. 377244

Some of the guys posted in the attractive men thread and ideal bodies thread. I mean they're not men that I'm personally into, but who have features that are considered conventional and universally attractive.

No. 377666

File: 1707187230294.jpg (554.54 KB, 2657x1772, GettyImages-458899486.jpg)

There something about her and her face I hate but I can't put my finger on it

No. 377668

It's the two-faced, fake nice "relatable" attitude and being stuck in 2010.

No. 377669

I think it’s the fact that Taylor fits the beauty standard too much you know? She look like the pretty mean girl in a high school movie that we all hate. The fact her audience are mostly basic teenage girls doesn’t help either. I don’t think she has any major huge flaws

No. 377671

File: 1707190450848.jpeg (646.83 KB, 778x1112, IMG_4040.jpeg)

Her face is way too small for me. Lack of facial harmony

No. 377675

>She look like the pretty mean girl in a high school movie that we all hate
she probably is one going by the way she interacts with other celebrities and from what some people who attended the same school as her said

No. 377687

This is exactly the vibes she gives. Basically the overgrown mean girl nurse vibes. Like they just give out underhanded insults left and right or try to low-key ruin lives of people because they don't like them for some superficial reason. If she hadn't got into music she'd probably be a bitchy country nurse who accuses all of her patients of having medical problems for attention or something

No. 377692

this might make me shallow but I can’t bring myself to watch the new mean girls movie because she’s just not pretty enough for the role

No. 377705

Looks cross eyed

No. 377714

For me, her eyebrows just really bother me. I saw a picture of her with thicker eyebrows and thought she was so much prettier

No. 377715

Renée Rapp looks like an inbred cheerleader who would be the second prettiest girl in the class in a small town. I'm guessing they removed the "I never weigh more than 115" line from Mean Girls 2024

No. 377716

File: 1707213880715.jpg (375.81 KB, 1536x2048, FKMVoKyVEAUBvLg.jpg)

I don't care for her at all besides liking some of her songs but I saw this photoshoot of her one time and I was shocked that it was actually her. She looked so stunning here. But yeah, she usually doesn't appeal to me looks-wise. Her usual styling is very recognizable but I don't think it looks very good on her.

No. 377717

I actually like her body more than her face. They did not do her justice in mean girls though

No. 377718

She looks like Andy biersack trooned out in this

Her best look was her country era, likely because the huge curly blonde hair was a distraction from how harsh her face can look. I can understand her getting rid of it though it look like a pain to maintain

No. 377719

They did remove that line KEK. Changed it to "That filter you use looks just like me"

No. 377722

They photoshopped her face too much here, it doesn’t even look like her. They shortened her face and made her jaw narrower, her cheekbones are more defined, her eyes stand out more, they made her face more cute looking and more striking at the same time. This is the same level of photoshop they do to Florence pugh in her photo shoots

No. 377733

Maybe its just me but am i the only one who noticed that girls with this type of face-phenotype have people worship them and can get away things easier.
I know girls with this type of mouse face and they always get handed out things to them or ate given more compassion.

No. 377752

File: 1707232881953.png (530.37 KB, 435x759, mank.png)

why is her neck so long and wide but head so small and shoulders so narrow. Proportions so fucked instantly reminded me of picrel

No. 377794

Yeah, i do not get the taylor shilling either. She is not attractive to me.

kek, my sides

No. 378172

File: 1707431943456.jpeg (246.01 KB, 578x596, 30EC71F9-A669-48D0-AFC3-5ABC11…)

She looks retarded

No. 378175

File: 1707433127729.jpeg (103.47 KB, 716x765, 1686039873041.jpeg)

she reminds me of a muppet in the worst way

No. 378176

She has shay level of dead eyes, she's so very average in every way.

No. 378179

Not denying that because she looks vastly different, but a part of it is the fact that she finally had her makeup done by someone who knows how to do it. She usually wears eyeliner on her upper lid and shit ton of concealer on her under eyes, thus making her already small eyes smaller (the brighter your undereye area is, the more narrow your eyes look); here she has thick eyebrows with smudged out eyeshadow on her upper and bottom lid but with some definition, that’s how you actually make the eyes look bigger.

No. 378292

File: 1707505202291.jpeg (32.58 KB, 736x414, IMG_3602.jpeg)

the styling is good but otherwise ugly, idk if she had work but her nose looks so botched

No. 378294

The anons who say people here are too harsh on objectively pretty women have a point…

No. 378302

She looks kinda intimidating, she's very sharp and angular.

No. 378305

there is no objective beauty, otherwise this thread wouldn't exist lol. god you're annoying

No. 378317

this thread is just a copy of the man thread

No. 378325

Oh please. And at least the male thread actually has ugly men in it, most of the women here are slightly above average at worst.

No. 378362

in a way there is. Clear skin, proportional features, nice figure and feminine facial features, healthy hair are considered attractive in all cultures, which she has. The only point anon has is that her nose is kinda wonky

No. 378363

I don't think she's ugly but idk why so many people get the most unflattering styling possible. With the obsession with color seasons why would she choose possibly the most unflattering hair color on her? her venners are also uncanny valley

No. 378365

Kek my thoughts too. At a certain point a lot of posts about how "ugly" certain women are just sound like cope/self-hate.

No. 378397

>feminine facial features,
Nta but even with this, anons cannot agree and will call obvious feminine women 'manly' if their jaw is bigger than a turtle's.

No. 378432

Basically according to lolcow, all women have
>Small and saggy boobs
>Fat arms
>Flat butt
>Manly jaw
>Just "looks dirty"(derailing)

No. 378440

I’ve never seen anons call a celebrity’s boobs small and saggy, what are you talking about? I do see their poor arms get called fat all the time though

No. 378446

any celeb with nude scenes basically, at least modern ones. Sydney sweeney, Florence pugh, etc

No. 378479

just remember that this is the most defended woman in this thread kek and all the manly jaw posting makes sense >>365161

No. 378483

I always thought the feminine features argument so fucking retarded. Some anons really need to spend some time looking in the mtf thread and learn what a man in drag actually looks like, it will help you show how powerful sexual dimorphism is and it's far more subtle than things like how big your jaw is, i don't even think many of the trannies there have been bullied for their mainly jaw more so than having wide necks and obvious andro characteristics, ones that not a single woman has, even the most ugly of women. The fact that you can recognise a woman being a woman without being told means that she obviously doesn't look like a man, regardless if she has features that are considered ideal in a man. If anything, the main thing making celebrity women ugly is those awful plastic surgeries trends they get pressured to jump on to.

No. 378545

Florence Pugh has a genuinely ugly body and weird face though. She’s not even a representative of what an ‘average woman’ looks like, she looks like Tweedle Dum on cortisone.

No. 378559

ntayrt and maybe my view is biased since i'm in burgerland, but i really don't see what's so unusual about her body. she's just chubby which is common among average people

No. 378565

But she’s also short with weird proportions her head is like as long as her arms like back yard French bulldog(Florence chan please)

No. 378577

She's weird looking for sure but most of the things anons insult her for are not even close to the thing wrong with her. Her tits and jaw is fine. I feel like her proportions just make her look weird on camera similar to Camilla Cabela

No. 378579

>her head is like as long as her arms like back yard French bulldog
KEK what does this even mean

No. 378582

No. 378583

She has a really large bone structure, both her body and head. She’s always wider than everyone she’s standing next to, even males, and she has short stubby limbs which makes her look wider >>372834

I noticed recently that her nose looks small because her face is so big, her rhinoplasty made it a nice shape and her giant boulder head makes it seem tiny. A lot of women really covet button noses which I think is part of her appeal.

No. 378598

Attempt at azealia banks comeback = failed x

No. 378603

calm down florencechan kek

No. 378604

I wasn’t trying to sound like azalea, I’m sorry I disgraced your stubby grandpafucker.

No. 378605

File: 1707668871540.png (1.5 MB, 1180x1043, CA839FDD-43D8-485A-A681-441702…)

No. 378612

Ok that’s disgusting. Looks just like her.

No. 378618

No. 378630

Florence is the only famous woman I genuinely loathe. She takes herself so seriously and is not even attractive, also is a pickme for post wall fucks. Decent actress, I’ll give her that.

No. 378631

she just looks like a normal person

No. 378633

I agree but I don’t think she’s even a good actress. I did like her in midsummer, but that was very dramatic so her overacting worked well with the plot. In everything else she does the same exaggerated expressions and weird frowny face

No. 378634

If by “normal person” you mean brick wall or barge

No. 378635

That's not a good thing though, most people you see on the street are ugly. Not Hollywood actress material.

No. 378680

>A lot of women really covet button noses which I think is part of her appeal.
100% this, as someone who's pretty open minded about the kinds of bodies that I find attractive but who's really drawn to adorable, feminine, cute features, I think she and her nose and her nice eyebrows are Lea Seydoux levels of cute cute cute.

No. 378682

File: 1707697521842.jpeg (261.49 KB, 1028x976, 46D75499-7B4A-4748-8D01-6F1732…)

she used to be pretty, but she’s gotten so much surgery in the past 3 years that she’s began looking a little… non human? she doesn’t even look like the same person.

No. 378686

>gets everything done except her long ass philtrum which is the only thing she actually needed

No. 378687

Button noses are gross and I’m tired of pretending they’re not. Big nosed girl supremacy.

No. 378701

Has she ever been shilled as attractive? She always gets hated on for her looks and is regarded as the ugliest Aespa memeber.

No. 378736

File: 1707720062237.png (130.61 KB, 275x275, F96CF0B9-64A6-4913-92C4-759DFD…)

Not cute.

No. 378740

as someone cursed with an actual long philtrum, how the fuck would she fix it anyway? the options are to cut the entire nose loose and move it down on the face to where it has no natural support, or to inflate her lips so much it makes the area look shorter - both options look like absolute shit on anyone. Last option is to cut the skin open under the nose and pull the lips up that way, if you attempt that one you will at the same time expose more gums aka ruining your smile, while also making your chin look larger in turn. There is no "fixing" a long philtrum, and the girl posted doesn't even have that long of a philtrum to begin with, it looks perfectly normal.

No. 378754

Calm down philtrum-chan

No. 378784

File: 1707746664545.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1170x2002, IMG_5853.jpeg)

Her lip filler looks so bad kek. I honestly feel bad for her having to stand next to Zendaya all time, almost everyone looks bad compared to her

No. 378805

florence looks like a horse

No. 378820

Strangely the most flattering picture of florence.

No. 378877

She looks so typically British and Anglo kek.

No. 379482

File: 1708023018400.jpeg (48.69 KB, 452x678, IMG_9047.jpeg)

I don't get it.

No. 379870

Wide face, strong jaw, short & round nose with big lips? Yeah so Anglo!

No. 379923

Same appeal as Taylor Swift, tall light haired and eyed, all American girl. Leighton Meester outshone her in both terms of looks and acting in their breakout roles but for some reason Blake was the one who blew up after Gossip Girl

No. 379932

Her lips are stuffed with filler, which is stereotypical for British women. She has the face of a medieval peasant so I agree with anon.

No. 379944

There are two types of british faces. The inbred posh alien and the bulldog faced chav. Think cumberbatch vs yungblud. She fits into the latter category.(racebaiting)

No. 379948

God, shut up.

No. 379951

No. 379958

This is the fourth time I’ve seen her compared to a pug or bulldog

No. 379982

File: 1708134410263.jpeg (361.23 KB, 625x415, IMG_8646.jpeg)

It's not like she needed filler in the first place

No. 380062

File: 1708177413387.jpeg (42.13 KB, 700x400, F0BFDFE1-DE28-4182-B48F-AF43B1…)

She looked so much better before. Unfortunately she’s always had a very large head. This slinky hooded dress did not suit her it made her arms look very doughy. She needs to stop trying to be sexy and wearing statement pieces because they really don’t suit her, she’s more of a classic/neutral type.

No. 380065

File: 1708177589420.jpeg (92.42 KB, 825x619, AC414D48-A3A1-4E89-899D-3635FB…)

Also I feel like Florence is trying way too hard to look like Scarlet Johannson and skinwalk her. I think she really believes that she’s her doppelgänger or something. Scarlet’s red carpet style used to be very nice and feminine before she started her weird tattooed dykey arc which wins and was hideous. Florence needs to stop skinwalking Scarletts worst looks.

No. 380069

She overlined her lips in the first one, she’s didn’t have big lips naturally. I agree that she didn’t need filler and looked better without it though.
I agree and I think she also thinks she looks like old hollywood actresses, because of how she dressed here >>372834 which didn’t suit her in my opinion. If she stopped trying to be sexy and glamorous people would probably stop making fun of her, that style will just never work for her

No. 380079

File: 1708185173530.jpg (73.32 KB, 1600x900, mbbb.jpg)

I've always found Millie-Bobby Brown a little off-putting. I've seen her compared to Natalie Portman, which I kinda do see but it's weird because Natalie is one of the prettiest celebs in my opinion and Millie's not even close to Natalie's league. Natalie's elegant and feminine and Millie just reminds me of James Charles

hillary clinton vibes

No. 380080

File: 1708185789716.png (1.36 MB, 1400x759, 1_8jcw3XTwFw5QJOGkaaIFbg.png)

i do think she is pretty but not in a striking way like natalie portman, but it is hard to compare anyone to natalie since she is an absolute goddess. maybe it is the glam styling that is a little off putting. millie looked really nice in the enola holmes movie with the long brown hair.

No. 380091

She looks like her if she was more average looking. People can have similar features but one is hotter/uglier. I don't think she's unattractive though

No. 380095

She'd look better with different styling. Her facial features fit textured, volumeous hair, bangs and bolder makeup. But for some reason they keep putting weird slick hairstyles and pastels.

No. 380096

She looks really pretty there. I think the problem is her styling, she is always done up like a drag queen and it makes her strong face look harsh and mannish instead of elegant.

No. 380122

File: 1708201571951.jpeg (201.56 KB, 1500x1918, IMG_8680.jpeg)

Blonde doesn't suit her and her stylists need to stop treating her like she's a 40 year old woman. Her features suit softer makeup and darker hair.

No. 380158

File: 1708209322223.jpeg (66.35 KB, 1084x694, IMG_6471.jpeg)

I think there’s a resemblance, but that doesn’t mean they look identical or that they’re equally attractive. I thought she looked pretty in the Damsel trailer and I remember thinking she looked like Natalie in this clip

Yeah I look a lot like a celebrity but whenever anyone compares me to her someone always has to immediately scream that I’m not as attractive, as if I’m unaware of that. She isn’t as attractive as Natalie but they look like they could be related

She reminds me of Sandra Bullock here

No. 380197

She looks absolutely adorable here. Another example of a pretty woman who is simply a victim of bad styling, she needs to drop the chavvy fake tan, fluoro shocking pink statement clothing, salon highlights etc. She looks so good in autumn muted shades, whimsical clothing, dainty fairy style makeup, her natural brown hair and pale skin. So sad how many women fall victim to bad British styling and trashy makeup.

No. 380226

how hard is it for celebrities to get flattering plastic surgery? she could've made her jaw less ogre-ish but chose to just puff herself up with filler

No. 380349

I think they don’t have a good idea of what they look like so they fix the wrong things. She didn’t need filler and it made her less attractive, and she didn’t need a nose job and now her nose doesn’t match the rest of her bone structure. If she really wanted surgery she could have gotten her jaw shaved to have a more feminine face. Although someone in celebricows said she did have work down to give her more of a v shaped jaw and chin, maybe masseter botox and chin filler

No. 380501

File: 1708380792187.jpeg (490.41 KB, 808x494, IMG_6661.jpeg)

This was posted in celebricows, and tbh she has to do porny photoshoots like this because she wouldn’t be famous otherwise

No. 380503

She's beautiful.

No. 380512

Sorry but she is my weakness…

No. 380648

I miss the cool anons who left the site kek now we’re left with dumb drooling pickme types. If she were actually beautiful she wouldn’t need to pedopander and do soft porn in every role

No. 380650

Sometimes I think she's beautiful but at other times I think she looks inbred

No. 380653

I feel bad saying it, but she always looks like a mouth breather.

No. 380654

Men like her because she looks like the slow village simpleton who is convinced by predators to do sex acts on them whenever her family lets her roam outside of her cage. It’s quite sad. Mentally challenged women get molested left right and center by scrotes, it’s a common fetish and a huge problem. Sydney knows she looks intensely disabled and leans into it by acting like a pornsick tard, just like ice splice.

No. 380657

you can't be serious. It's literally just the styling of blonde hair and big fake boobs. No matter how much moids will never admit it this is what they prefer at the end of the day. When she was flat and brunette literally no one would even look at her twice

No. 380658

File: 1708464519465.jpg (23.24 KB, 399x620, 399full-sydney-sweeney.jpg)

picrel since I know some anon will deny her being unnatural

No. 380659

That looks like a village tard to my eyes

No. 380666

Isn't she a little girl here? You're not proving anything with this.

No. 380682

She's objectively pretty but she definitely looks like a horse girl. Hollywood is trying to shill her as a blonde bombshell a la Scarlett Johansson but she really does look like the mouth-breathing, cap-wearing, cow milking slightly inbred village girl. I've seen her in tons of movies before she started popping off because of Euphoria and I hadn't realized it even once. Without her body her face and acting skills are extremely forgetful. Proof implants do change your life I guess.

No. 380685

I think her body is great but her face is incredibly off putting because it looks so downsy. I can’t stand her personality either.

No. 380697

File: 1708478889491.jpg (1.05 MB, 3299x2474, hailey bieber.jpg)

Hayley Beiber. it's a secret I'll take to my grave because I am extremely aware it makes me seem like the biggest hater or pickme but genuinely I really don't get it. She's like THE pretty girl when people talk about pretty girls and she's definitely not hideous by any means. But to me she just looks like idk, the mom of the cool girl in highschool. Idk how else to explain the vibe. Just kinda boring but has an expensive skincare routine. I don't get aspiring to look like her and half the women I see that wish they did are 10000% prettier already.

No. 380698

ok crying bc same, in a really literal sense but I never even realized it. I think it's because her nostrils are so tiny, I just feel like she would mouth breath the way women who get nose jobs but go way too small end up doing.

No. 380700

nah I get it. she’s not exactly striking, she’s really proportional but her face is too rounded and lacks structure for me.

No. 380783

I think it’s because her midface is so long but she has a very short blunt chin which throws it off.

No. 380793

she looks super bland and generic to me. not ugly per se but just meh

No. 380805

I don’t like her browbone. I don’t know why so many models have such prominent browbones.

No. 380889

I think she's pretty but she ruins herself with the hot cheeto girl-esque styling. I know it's supposed to be the clean aesthetic or whatever but it makes her entire look boring. shed look better goth

No. 380919

The fuck is a hot cheeto girl?

No. 380955

File: 1708574422096.jpg (121.26 KB, 750x1125, F2jroAaaYAAaqVY.jpg)

Doutzen Kroes is probably the prettiest blonde. Vlada is not in nor is she in the top 10

No. 380956

File: 1708574562478.jpg (45.91 KB, 1000x760, image-ruslana-korshunova-lista…)

Ruslana also

No. 380977

This is an extremely wild take even for this threads standards.

No. 380986

I was sincerely about to alog tf out of you until I read caption >>380956 you as well

No. 381035

nah the whole thread is a mess

No. 381074

File: 1708625901526.jpg (62.08 KB, 750x750, 1000000044.jpg)

It's a style, can be described as ghetto mixed with clean girl. It's nbd on teens or early 20s girls but it just doesn't fit Hayley imo

No. 381077

She looks so much like my mom in the face it startles me every single time. am biased but she’s so fucking pretty

No. 381078

This is so fucking stupid.

No. 381080

kek that’s cute, wouldn’t have guessed it was genuinely a style though

No. 381374

File: 1708744555675.jpeg (89.12 KB, 640x640, ab6761610000e5ebc4902f080d3620…)

She looks inbred,also that infamous ass picture of her made her look like she smells of rotten cheese.

No. 381381

No one has ever shilled her as beautiful literally ever, fuck off(infighting)

No. 381443

Since when has Lorde been shilled as attractive?

No. 381498

No I won't
Cry some moar kek(infighting)

No. 381559

File: 1708821872188.jpg (295.3 KB, 1080x1440, 1306025_v9_aa.jpg)

She looks special needs,her feet are ugly too.

No. 381561

A lot of young actresses look special needs these days

No. 381588

is that greta thunberg

No. 381589

fetal alcohol syndrome

No. 381631

This makes no sense. Hayley has never worn cookie monster pajamas which is a staple in the hot cheeto girl aesthetic

No. 381662

I think she would be cute if her eyes weren't so deep set and far away

No. 381703

I don't like it when women have an overly sculpted, perfect and synthetic look to them. I generally hate this style of makeup because it hides the face too much, i feel like i don't know what you actually look like and it's a turn off. I think youtube beauty tutorials were a mistake.

No. 381712

File: 1708930680118.jpeg (193.06 KB, 1200x900, IMG_8984.jpeg)

Yet another victim of Instagram face

No. 381775

File: 1708968333225.jpg (323.42 KB, 2000x1126, 33town_dimoldenberg-splash-202…)

people who say she's pretty are coping hard

No. 381777

She’s very average but her personality makes her really cute imo.

No. 381819

She has a horrible obnoxious personality and isn’t funny either

No. 381851

Definitely, i think she looks so much prettier in the before picture.

No. 381951

File: 1709060879347.jpg (102.63 KB, 565x700, 7b677867a8eab5a9d076318201b224…)

Kind of a dated example I guess, but I was watching a movie with her the other day and just couldn't help but wonder how she got all those roles of sexy desired women looking like that in the 2000s. She has a nice voice, but her face is just so ordinary to me, and I don't like her downturned eyes and pig nose.
I read her Wikipedia page, and apparently she's considered a "sex symbol" and was making those World's Sexiest Woman lists in the 2000s. Nepo connections worked hard.

No. 381959

She's only called that because she was in the secretary, which had very flattering angles for her. Her nose is really ugly to me, it's a distraction.

No. 381960

I don't know how to describe it but she looks like one of those retarded "how you would look if you if you were black/asian" edits but if it was done to make an asian person look white kek

No. 381962

I hate to say this, but I think it’s the scrote stereotype about plain Jane who is kinky in bed – see her role in The Secretary. Personally I find her attractive because she has nice voice and 'kurwiki' in her eyes – something like a sexual gleam in the eye. Her brother is a piece of shit but they’re both good actors so I don’t mind nepotism in this case so much.

No. 382495

File: 1709308170978.webp (Spoiler Image,199.31 KB, 792x1188, f08fcde3_edit_img_cover_file_1…)

willow. Everybody say she's so pretty and "ethereal" looking. she's just ugly af to me idk, that strong squary face of hers just looks bad and trans looking body just add to it ugh

No. 382497

She looks like she’s about to go on a whole yapping tour about her queer lesbian boyfriend or some shit

No. 382505

>trans looking body
She's just thin like everyone else in Hollywood. Even in the photo you choose her figure is visible.

No. 382511

File: 1709313738058.jpeg (287.59 KB, 1024x1018, IMG_3462.jpeg)

She’s just very skinny and not really curvy, but otherwise she has the body of a model? Some of you are at scrote level of 'any woman that doesn’t have a 17 inch waist and 32DD tits looks like a tranny!!!'

No. 382512

Nta and ot but why is she taking a photot with a gigantic nokia phone?

No. 382516

probably a phone case nona kek

No. 382538

nepo connections in hollywood are very real and a headache. I see so many women be shilled as the most beautiful simply for being popular but a lot of less known actresses, singers, etc get swept under the rug if not ripped apart.

No. 382588

File: 1709338831717.jpg (155.63 KB, 1170x1160, FnPxAEDXkAMgjDl.jpg)

Thirded. She already had a in interesting beauty that read vulpine and mysterious IMO. She really didn't need the bleph or jaw alterations (not sure if that's filler or an actual implant). These changes all unnecessarily age her instead of highlighting and complimenting her unique features.
But at least her PS isn't as botched as some other famous peers are.

No. 382604

File: 1709344594768.jpg (278.84 KB, 1080x1440, 1000003087.jpg)

When I look at her all I see is his goofy ass

No. 382680

File: 1709405754762.jpeg (866.07 KB, 2160x2160, 6EDD3092-26C9-4DC3-B7DF-FF8401…)

So tired of mid boring blonde women

No. 382683

File: 1709407093417.jpeg (1.38 MB, 2640x2640, 893A8E93-52C1-4EFC-8D85-1089B7…)

No. 382687

Half of these are NOT mid wtf… Men never get these disgusting standards placed on them

No. 382688

Her nose job looks awful on her, her nose is long so a curved ski slope bridge doesn’t look good. The natural shape looked so much better. Her mouth is also very wide and getting buccal fat removal and lip filler just made it look even wider. She looked fine before and now she looks uncanny

No. 382689

Nta but look at the thread you’re in and calm down
Those are all industry plants and nepo babies, of course they’re mid. Dying their hair blonde and getting plastic surgery is all they can do to give the illusion that they aren’t mid.

No. 382690

They'd be considered less attractive if they didn't have light hair and/or eyes and the blonde hair serves as a halo. Mid white blonde women have an automatic advantage don't act like it's not true kek

No. 382691

Not to mention becoming a pickme (playboy models and women who get breast implants solely to pander to moids)

No. 382702

File: 1709411077484.png (1.84 MB, 1767x1058, S4262g258.png)

I can't believe how much Jenna Ortega butchered herself. I only noticed her post-Wednesday and thought that she was not that attractive. Imagine my surprise when Lorry Hill showed this comparison with her face at 18! She had lovely features and looked very fresh-faced. Now she looks 3 steps away from death's door. I don't understand how anyone finds her attractive after all these surgeries now. Immense downgrade.

No. 382704

File: 1709411207725.png (668.03 KB, 1002x487, S4262g2582.png)

Another comparison shot.

No. 382708

The casting couch really ages people too

No. 382712

Are you sure she's had buccal fat removal? She's extremely skinny.

No. 382715

File: 1709421827299.gif (4.19 MB, 500x389, IMG_9446.gif)

She looked pretty young in X, I have to wonder if it's just weight loss and makeup or she actually did BFR

No. 382735

nta, but i don't think she had buccal fat removal, it looks like she got some kind of implant. Her face looks somewhat chiseled already.

No. 382738

File: 1709435214699.jpeg (277.29 KB, 1080x1350, IMG_9455.jpeg)

That's so weird if true? There was absolutely nothing wrong with her bone structure.

No. 382755

File: 1709454889590.jpeg (53.92 KB, 780x438, IMG_6369.jpeg)

I find zendaya to be very plain. She’s not ugly, but she’s shilled as this great beauty and she just isn’t.

No. 382762

She reminds me of like a young Rosie Perez which is honestly a compliment bc Do the Right Thing Rosie was so freaking cute

No. 382766

I think you pissed someone off in the post like a moid thread

No. 382767

The Secretary was her cutest, between being quite young at the time of filming, nice outfits, and the flattering angles as you said, but even in that she was still rather unattractive to me. I remember when I saw it thinking that it was nice that they cast an actress who's not too far off the lead male's age. Then later on I found out that she wasn't in her mid 30s playing the love interest of someone in his early 40s, but 24-25 years old. Young enough to be his daughter.
I think what's unattractive about her is that all of her features are unusually low down on her face. Her eyes are downturned. Her cheekbones are low. Her buccal fat deposits are low. And even more unfortunate is the upturned, short nose, which on a face where everything else is placed very low, has the effect of looking like a pig snout.
I think her eye colour is nice, at least.

No. 382771

I am so glad whenever I see someone say Zendaya isn't amazing because it confirms I'm not crazy. I am being continously gaslit about Zendaya being this incredible beauty icon for like 3 years now and I don't see it at all

No. 382775

She looks great with makeup but plain faced without it. Makeup seems to boost her more than it boosts other women, somehow

No. 382779

this is the consequences of nepotism

No. 382780

this batch is hotter than >>382680

No. 382781

proof of plainness. Real hot women don't need it as they have great bone structure and actually ugly women can't be helped with it

No. 382790

But zendaya has great bone structure and still looks ugly. A lot of women with more gentle, less prominent bone structure look beautiful without makeup.

No. 382796

Her chin is too long for her narrow cheeks, it looks so off now! I think it’s buccal fat removal and chin filler

No. 382799

Apparently buccal fat is not affected by weight loss. It's very deep fat tissue that is the last to go.

No. 382870

No. 382964

People act like you’ve come from a klan rally if you say it. Even though I see more beautiful black and mixed women on the bus every single morning.

No. 383203

They look old and young at the same time. Maybe men find it cute?

Most of these women aren't shilled as attractive they're just in the public eye. Americans seem to get really annoyed if a public person isn't hot. It's juvenile. In Europe, some actors and singers are sex symbols but most aren't. I don't see what's wrong with the trend for more normal looking stars in the USA and I don't know why a woman would complain about it especially

No. 383314

File: 1709670698821.jpeg (156.18 KB, 600x900, 1709609016770.jpeg)

She looks like a monkey

No. 383327

>new trend
it's been a trend since the 2000s

No. 383748

File: 1709888709445.jpeg (112.42 KB, 543x543, IMG_6429.jpeg)

She is ugly as fuck. She looks like a witch from a Disney cartoon.

No. 383770

taylor and gwyneth are both extremely beautiful imo. the others you posted i can agree with though.

No. 383780

i never understood why she's been shilled so hard. she looks like pre-botox Zac Efron in drag.

No. 384879

She looks like Brian Draper, one of the "Scream Killers"

No. 385638

File: 1710664635301.jpeg (107.83 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_8484.jpeg)

I can’t stand this creepy pug faced bitch

No. 385688

No idea who this is but if you put the photo through a black-and-white filter you could very easily convince Tumblr radfems this is some revolutionary political lesbian they've never heard of

No. 385713

File: 1710696411476.jpeg (157.79 KB, 1166x1200, IMG_0531.jpeg)

Taylor looks hot when she loosens up a bit more. I'd also like to see her try different hair colors or styles. Darker haired Taylor is actually striking and she should ditch the blonde for a brown or red color

No. 385716

File: 1710697750408.jpeg (148.2 KB, 1415x2000, IMG_1655.jpeg)

I don’t think she’s fugly but i see everyone call her “dollfaced” and i just don’t see it. she looks like a girl next door to me.

No. 385726

I'm sorry but she looks like a rat here

No. 385932

Her dancing in this scene starting at 1:50 made me cringe

No. 385962

she looks mad and mean all the time. she would be good as Griselda Blanco

No. 386909

She looks very juvenile to me, I never got why everyone was saying she's a stunning beauty when she looks like a teenager imo.

No. 387577

File: 1711471802649.jpeg (199.89 KB, 1920x1280, IMG_4167.jpeg)

ugly and her character in the show was cringe af

No. 388037

I think the reason people are hyping up Avantika so much is because the rest of the new plastics are so plain. Renee looks like an inbred small town cheerleader, Angourie looks like any other girl in the crowd, and Bebe is kinda below average. Avantika isn't Angelina Jolie by any means, but she has more features that make her stand out compared to the others, like full lips, large eyes, shiny hair, high cheekbones, and a slim nose proportional to her face. So it's easy for her to seem more beautiful when most people are most familiar with seeing her acting alongside a group of plain Janes.

No. 388260

she's an excellent actress. Did you see Miller's Girl? She carries the entire film

No. 388263

No. 388292

It’s not what you think. The film is all about how old moids are pervs who prey on naive girls. The girl is an idiot and the scrote is a pathetic degenerate. Her acting was top notch

No. 388462

anon, no, just no. i wouldn't qualify her acting as 'excellent' in anything.

No. 388535

it was excellent in Miller's Girl. I've never seen anything else with her in it.
People hate on the acting of Ortega and Sweeney because they are both such boring and unlikeable people who are being relentlessly shilled by the media, but they really are both phenomenal actresses. Anyone who denies that is simply a bad person.

No. 388566

Neither of them are phenomenal actresses, Jenna Ortega was a child actor who clearly kept her fame with the casting couch, Sydney Sweeney bought her career because she and her millionaire boyfriend started a production company which made all of her recent movies so she could star in them herself. Before that she was cast by Sam Levinson who’s a huge creep so it was probably another casting couch situation (which she’s referenced before)

No. 388581

Anon, probably all famous actresses, at least who arent massive nepo babies, have had to go through the casting couch. Most actors as well. The industry is full of creeps.

No. 388612

whatever they did to break into the industry isn't relevant. The point is that they are both really good at acting and yet they have a bunch of haters saying that they can't act at all

No. 388683

both of their "acting" is just playing sexualized teen characters. they'll be forgotten once another pedo panderer takes their place because they have no other acting skills to offer.

No. 388709

HEAVY on third

No. 388728

They can’t act though, and a lot of modern celebrities aren’t talented. They’re just nepotism industry plants who gave enough blow jobs to the right people. The executives and producers only allow people who fuck them to get into the industry, and the people who are willing to do that are insecure narcissists, not actually talented or charismatic people. Once you realize that their fame is completely manufactured you might stop caring. They only get roles if they prostitute themselves to old males, they pay “journalists” to write articles about them constantly, they start their own production companies so they can cast themselves as the lead (what Sweeney has done) they have retarded awards shows where they nominate each other to make it seem like they’re talented and winning prestigious awards when really it’s all meaningless. The ones who perform sex acts are the ones who will win awards that year. And at the Oscars this year their goody-bags cost like 80K each or something, it’s just a disgusting televised display of narcissism. There might be a few talented celebrities all together but the majority of them are prostitutes who get fame and Oscars only if they bend over for the men in charge

No. 388786

Sweeney was brilliant in The Voyeurs and Anyone But You. Both of those films were completely retarded and Sweeney was still able to make her characters work. The sign of a true professional.
Ortega single handedly carried Miller's Girl, even many critics who disliked the film said that they enjoyed Ortega's acting.
You are just jealous that you aren't as good of an actor as them

No. 388950

File: 1712152952786.jpeg (122.76 KB, 1000x1434, 2F3AAA94-7D34-4714-BCBB-0B1176…)

i never got her appeal ever, not to be overly harsh but she genuinely looks like a man in a wig to me

No. 388970

Sweeney cast herself in Anyone But You because it was made by her boyfriend’s production company, and yet it still sounded like she was reading off of a prompter or script, she’s too monotone and bland. Jenna Ortega is a retarded pickme for choosing to be in that movie, I’m not going to watch it so I’m never going to know if her acting was good or not.
>You are just jealous that you aren't as good of an actor as them
You are simple minded

No. 388981

The film contains not a single sex scene, or even a kiss. The moid is shown to be both a predator and a pathetic loser and Ortega's character is shown to be hopelessly naiive.
It wasn't a great film but Ortega's acting was great and she is not a pickme for agreeing to be cast in it. Actually, I think she showed a lot of guts taking the part when she knew that there would be plenty of people like yourself who judged the film without seeing it.
Just admit that they are both great actresses who will be stars for decades to come

No. 388990

>who will be stars for decades to come
nta but kek they're super obvious flavor-of-the-month types, look what happened to other actresses who had similar gimmicks of playing pedobait characters or who's gimmick was just 'boobs'. they'll be replaced in a few years like the rest.

No. 389030

If you’re not trolling, please watch something else than Riverdale or Netflix originals.

No. 389110

she looks like an actual cavewoman kek

No. 389477

>tiny nose
>big natural lips
>thin frame with feminine curves
Trannies wish they had even one of these characteristics

No. 389480

nayrt, okay but they are still not attractive kek.

No. 389504

File: 1712425115553.jpeg (243.4 KB, 1080x1500, IMG_6820.jpeg)

She looks like a bulldog

No. 389508

Ain't this that woman that people are mad is playing Juliet? Since when has she been shilled as attractive kek, she's only known for being cast as Juliet and people acting retarded about it because she's black.

No. 389517

Literally everyone is calling her ugly, comparing her to animals, or saying she's average at best, she's not being shilled.
And over a stage play adaptation at that (that none of them would watch even if she was white)

No. 389528

I feel so bad for her, if you saw her on the street you wouldn’t think twice but just because she’s been cast in a role traditionally considered to be for striking beauties, she’s receiving so much undeserving abuse.

No. 389669

>average at best
She would be lucky to be called that. She’s really, really ugly. People act like if you say that, you think all black women are ugly but that couldn’t be further from the truth. People on Twitter are like “she is a beautiful woman you’re just racist!!” No, she’s not Halle Bailey, she’s ugly.

No. 389740

She's literally just an average looking black woman, everyone is being so awful to her. It's sad she had to shut down her ig comments.

No. 389766

>average looking black woman
You’re being racist. She’s far uglier than the average black woman.

No. 389771

There's nothing wrong with how she looks.

No. 389779

I think I agree with you but also think she's incredibly unconventionally beautiful in the specific way that a lot of anons violently hate: she's got the neotenous, bushy browed, wide-set eye look that rachel zeigler and anya taylor joy have. I prefer women without makeup, but I also find it insane that we are even seeing her like this without eyeliner or lipstick or anything and that her full feminine lips and big eyes would be more obviously pretty to straight women if she were wearing makeup. what a weird styling choice

No. 389782

She's not ugly she's just not anorexic with 10 lbs of makeup, weave, and a bunch of other artificial crap that majority of Hollywood black women need to wear to be considered pretty. Cardi B is objectively so much uglier than her but no one cares since majority of the time she's presented she's dressed up in overdone theatrical crap

No. 389784

>You are just jealous that you aren't as good of an actor as them
Nta but are you okay? Do you think lolcow is a bunch of failed actors or something?

No. 389786

She's very far from beautiful. I can't see how anyone would be jealous of her looks. I wouldn't mistreat people just because they looked like that person but she's an actress so her appearance should be talked about.

No. 389788

>but she's an actress so her appearance should be talked about.
NTA but I think you don't understand how stage theater works. The appearances of stage actresses are not important like with movie actresses.

No. 389790

I mean I get it because beauty is subjective but I really do think that she's got really beautiful and cute features. We just disagree. For example, someone said 'she's no halle berry' but I think she's cuter.

No. 389792

I think it's just people not use to actresses with little to no styling. the same happened to victorias secret when people swore all the new models were ugly when in reality they just didn't use lots of makeup, hair styling, photoshop, etc. No one understood to take "natural is best" with a grain of salt cause no one means what they say when they praise natural beauty anyway

No. 390348

well most people dream of being actors when they are young. I don't see why lolcow posters would be an exception. The only reason someone would ever criticize Sweeney or Ortega is jealousy

No. 390365

>well most people dream of being actors when they are young.
Nta but not really, some but not "most" and majority of anons talk about wanting other jobs if you spent more time here, plus with all the fucked up shit that goes on in the acting industry that turns most of us away from wanting such a job. Nobody in their right mind is jealous of women who have to sleep with disgusting old men and pedo pander to get roles.

No. 390391

not jealous of what they had to do but very jealous of their acting skills and how they are admired by hundreds of millions of people. And the money, obvs

No. 391095

She actually looks good at the 2023 Met Gala

No. 391100

Are you trolling?

No. 391102

I am sorry but Romeo is supposed to die for this Juliet KEK

No. 391114

ugly beast, she belongs in a zoo.(racebaiting)

No. 391186

kek i thought i was the only one that thought she looked like a neanderthal. Its the forehead area

No. 391204

Sus language, but she’s very typical in Nigeria. If her nose was smaller, people woudln’t shit their pants so much

No. 391576

File: 1713226134941.png (739.87 KB, 1080x570, Screenshot_20240415-170819~2.p…)

I knew she looked familiar

No. 391598

File: 1713233410711.jpeg (934.08 KB, 1949x3000, CocoRochaFullLength.jpeg)

Nobody talks about her anymore, but she was very promoted by the media as a "top model" and a "legend". It was so strange. In heavily photoshopped editorials she looked fine, but otherwise looked incredibly average.

No. 391602

File: 1713236949208.png (43.54 KB, 360x826, png-transparent-the-adventures…)

I don't know who she is but…

No. 391745

who is this? She has an extremely Saturnian physiognomy and I want to make a birth chart for her. Probably has Saturn in her first house

No. 391753

She looks like she bites people

No. 391977

Coco Rocha. She was an early 2000s "it girl" model.

No. 393198

Imo she has an average face. I don't know if it's just bad styling or what, but it looks like she has no waist or is chubby.

No. 394156

File: 1714263371459.jpg (150.46 KB, 1200x1200, madison-beer-mtv.jpg)

No. 394165

her facial structure/jaw is so.. weird? does she have dentures?

No. 394199

File: 1714279521894.jpeg (131.65 KB, 1280x720, IMG_2256.jpeg)

Her natural features suited her face better. Not everyone is meant to have huge lips

No. 394216

She’s so cookie cutter pretty that she’s boring to look at, and when she acts sexy it’s so calculated and performative. The shilling when Adriana will no longer be looksmaxing losers ideal and they will take her instead will be insufferable.

No. 394238

Who is this? I think she's really pretty in the first pic. Plain and overly plastic in the 2nd

No. 394317

It's Madison beer

No. 394327

Her face looks painful and pulled. Like she can't shut her eyes or her mouth.

No. 394359

outside of skincare treatments I immediately spotted botox, lip fillers, microblading, possible chin implant? veneers (causes wonky facial structure). In the first pic she looks like a normal teen girl still experimenting with makeup and self-care to suit her face. she should've just fixed her makeup and brows and then continued with hard maxxing if it was needed

No. 394363

'Hard maxxing' for the love of god, please quit the cringy vindicta lingo here.

No. 395172

File: 1714684509145.jpeg (50.33 KB, 602x800, main-qimg-6c430fe7e51f64147c1f…)

never thought she was all that even back when she was everywhere in 2017/2018

No. 395185

I think she’s attractive but her popularity was mostly because her waist is extremely tiny

No. 395186

her mouth is gross

No. 395199

File: 1714704433672.jpg (135.13 KB, 1200x1800, chantel-jeffries-rocks-elon-mu…)

Looks bogged.

No. 395208

She looks like she would be pretty without the surgery.

No. 395376

File: 1714794199801.jpg (71.91 KB, 345x368, manouranth.jpg)

No. 395630

Honestly that's unfair on her because she's on medication that get her bloated

No. 395631

File: 1714922646914.jpg (439.13 KB, 2744x1919, thylane-blondeau.jpg)

She just looks weird to me

No. 395634

She’s also an alcoholic druggie who got bad work done

No. 395799

There is a 98% chance a celebrity claiming to have lupus or lyme disease is lying. It's a cover for self-inflicted shit and addictions.

No. 396620

Wonyoung has a dark back of the neck, that’s pretty gross.

No. 396636

She reminds me of a cartoon duck

No. 396640

at first i thought bella hadid had gone too far

No. 396641

File: 1715311023570.png (102.51 KB, 201x250, image_2024-05-09_201339615.png)

brooke monk, i don't get why moids are so obsessed with the way she looks

No. 396642

what makes her ugly?

No. 396645

File: 1715311667949.png (736.28 KB, 1280x720, image_2024-05-09_202659819.png)


ayrt, she's always looked weird to me especially her attempts to contour her large nose. obviously she isn't like completely ugly.

No. 396648

She's not ugly but in the pic without makeup she looks like a retarded 12yo

No. 396649

Moids probably like her because her face looks underaged, not really more complicated than that. Even with full makeup she doesn’t look older than ~15 to me.

No. 396657

Never heard of her before. I think she's cute

No. 396668

>Large nose
Are we looking at the same person???

No. 396675

i feel so out of touch, i don't recognize any of these people kek

No. 396700

you are blessed

No. 396709

She’s like if Shayna was cute there I said it

No. 396713

It’s because she looks somewhat hapa I guess.

No. 396715

Bingo. Moids like women who look like retarded children. It’s creepy as fuck.

No. 396716

this bitch triggers me, i caught my bf liking her thirst traps and it was a catalyst for our breakup kek. no ragrets tho.

No. 396719

That’s pathetic

No. 396740

Men who jerk off to ethots are pathetic yes. She was wise for dumping him.

No. 396772

I agree, but getting triggered over some rando because your scrote exhibited typical scrote behavior is also pathetic.

No. 396858

I think you underestimate how many relationships have come to an end because of e-whores. Even normalfag women post tiktoks about having mental breakdowns over their man’s following list.

No. 396912

File: 1715411138053.png (733.99 KB, 540x700, IMG_1819.png)

No. 396915

File: 1715412266638.jpg (461.83 KB, 2048x2049, meghan-markle-s-workout-routin…)

She's aight.

No. 396916

Ill never understand why such an average girl has so many fans, men really are a hivemind. Im sorry about your bf, anon. I saw my bfs porn folder which was full of obese asf ugly women which made me feel so disturbed because I was super underweight at the time

No. 396934

Jfc men never ceases to disgust me

No. 396946

I think she's cute but the whole deep tan and bronzed makeup thing does nothing for her, she always looks a bit greasy so I was actually happy to see her naturally pale with the cool-toned hair in your picrel.
Still can't believe she's dating skinwalker Barry Keoghan though. That ugly wax-figure scrote left his wife and child after he got a shred of success and he disgusts me.

No. 396950

She looks so creepy

No. 396963

Her hair and makeup is absolutely awful and ages her by 20 years. She could look youthful and fresh faced but she goes for this weird mob wife daytime glamour look and it doesn’t suit her at all. Also she needs a tan if she wants to pull off that look, the bleach blonde and heavy guidette makeup just looks strange with pale skin.

No. 396977

>because of ewhores
No, it’s not because of ewhores, but because you date a shitty scrote that doesn’t respect you (so most straight relationships really). Many such cases.

No. 396985

File: 1715443505136.png (682.13 KB, 1500x1230, Gracie-Bon-2024-3960ac0a641646…)

She's straight up repulsive

No. 396988

Literally nauseating filler decisions going on here. If you really insist on avoiding plastic surgery while severely altering your looks, just starve yourself until you're skinny enough to pull off non-kardashian features, damn.

No. 397011

>wking for e-whores
Just stop. This isn’t libfem twitter. These women know exactly what they’re doing.

No. 397014

'wking' lmao. I’m well aware this isn’t libfem twitter, that’s why I’d expect that on a website that talks about men’s degeneracy on daily basis and on every board women would be aware of scrote’s nature instead of projecting their insecurities onto another women. What they’re doing is irrelevant, if you feel threatened by them, you are on losing position here.

No. 397032

Why are you defending e-whores on here?Newfag,go back to Twitter.I bet you scream misogyny whenever someone dares criticize women,low-IQ retard.

No. 397033

That tattoo is repulsive,AI-generated ass skank.

No. 397049

God shut up you self righteous retard

No. 397093

Again, where was I defending them? I didn’t mention misogyny anywhere. You are malding so hard you can’t even form a proper sentence kek.

No. 400234

File: 1716493552984.jpg (98.11 KB, 736x1076, 9933a6b7b5628c01542c065fa116f3…)

Not ugly, but I don't really get the hype

No. 400235

the hype: light eyes with a narrow nose

No. 400236

her upper lip is permanently positioned like when tarded moids get angry and make animalistic faces where they curl their upper lip to "bare" their front teeth

No. 400241

You must be jealous, she’s absolutely stunning there’s nothing wrong with her.

No. 400243

those walls in the back are bending through reality KEKKKKK

No. 400245

File: 1716495699910.jpeg (176.92 KB, 500x396, IMG_0846.jpeg)

Holy shittttt

No. 400246

Nta but they didn't say there's something wrong with her, just that they don't get the hype. Not thinking that X celebrity considered universally attractive is all that doesn't mean you're jealous of them kek

No. 400247

The hype: she’s absolutely stunning. I will never understand platonic female negging kek you have a literal aphrodite in front of your eyes and yet anon wants to deny her beauty

No. 400250

nta but at least she is constantly shilled as attractive so does fit the thread. some itt I have never seen been called beautiful elsewhere.

No. 400253

i'm so jealous, i'm so jealous i'm so jealous, she is also educated and funny

No. 400261

I just think she's kinda plain

No. 400266

I don't think this woman is attractive at all.

Everyone grew up in different environments and therefore have different tastes. Not everyone is jealous just because they think someone doesn't look good.

No. 400267

She is plain and has a weird nose.

No. 400295

File: 1716510271944.jpg (152.18 KB, 640x960, Priyanka-chopra-gesf-2018-7565…)

I feel this way about Priyanka Chopra. She's pretty but she's hyped up as one of India's most gorgeous women and I don't see it.

No. 400297

i agree with this one, priyanka isnt ugly but she's not all that

No. 400299

File: 1716510814020.webp (29.42 KB, 515x588, priyanka-chopra4.webp)

I think she just aged, she's 41 now, thats her when she was younger

No. 400306

File: 1716512592296.jpeg (173.69 KB, 720x1280, WhatsApp-Image-2023-07-18-at-1…)

i still cant see it for some reason. her nose job went really well though

No. 401347

File: 1716839453746.jpg (1.72 MB, 3306x3306, lily james natural hair textur…)

she's ok just a little hard faced

No. 401349

all that unnecessary surgery makes me so sad wtf

No. 401474

File: 1716887462493.jpg (2.9 MB, 4253x5400, 1000000267.jpg)

I think barbie is attractive even after her weight gain. Reactions to her weight gain are a paradox though. Whenever she was skinny everyone ripped her apart, called her average, and everything else, now that they can fixate on the past suddenly they treat her like the most beautiful woman in the world just destroyed herself. It's useless, no one treats you better for being attractive or anything else

No. 402828

File: 1717359837593.jpg (79.52 KB, 799x613, Irulan_2024.jpg)

I know she's been talked about a lot, but I'm still so pissed they cast her in the Dune movie. Her character is supposed to be extremely beautiful and her beauty is actually somewhat relevant to the plot, and they cast the definition of plain frumpy milkmaid and give her the worst styling possible. The slicked back hair looks so awful on her

No. 402835

I actually think she looks better than usual

No. 402859

File: 1717366981210.webp (31.33 KB, 384x512, IMG_3916.webp)

I find her pretty, but original Irulan was next level honestly.

No. 402908

File: 1717379431309.jpg (85.55 KB, 640x940, young-tyra-banks-v0-t6qlerxtpi…)

No. 402926

She’s just too plastic and fake to be considered beautiful

No. 403232

File: 1717457982420.jpg (579.37 KB, 1080x973, Screenshot_20240604-001805.jpg)

Came here to post her. I can't believe they're trying to make her the newest blonde bombshell when she's so aggressively plain. Big bobblehead, weird long pointy nose that looks like a beak, Instagram baddie makeup that does not suit her whatsoever, weird brows, dark roots with yellow hair that clashes with her red undertone, overlined lips and a smirk that makes her extremely punchable. She's like if someone gave Shayna a budget

No. 403799

Even though I generally think she's attractive, you're right that there is just something so punchable about her face.

I also can't take her seriously ever since I found out just how short she is. No hate to short queens but I can't take someone trying to be a bombshell sex symbol while being 5 feet tall

No. 404243

File: 1717751015568.jpeg (93.96 KB, 600x900, 8r34a456.jpeg)

>there is just something so punchable about her face.
For me it's because of those obnoxious jigsaw cheeks

No. 404477

File: 1717814713735.jpg (173.07 KB, 800x1421, Bio-Picture-237.jpg)

Putting aside the old controversy, I really can't stand her eyes. They look so beady to me weirdly though I did find her semi cute in the little mermaid movie

No. 404479

This so much. I'm sorry, I am short as well so no hate but you can't be a "blonde bombshell" sex symbol like they're trying to make her if you're 3 inches away from being legally disabled, get the fuck out of here. It's just not for her.

No. 404484

She has far too much filler in her cheeks and looking at her before pictures, she already had big cheeks so i don't understand?? That combined with the filler and the bangs and make her look really bobble headed. I also hate the fake tan she wears, she would look better pale.
I feel like there is a growing issue with celebrity women chasing after aesthetics that don't suit them at all. A lot of women who get posted in these threads with surgery and unflattering haircuts and makeup are guilty of this. If they stopped trying to chase after the same aesthetic, people like Sabrina wouldn't be so rough to look at.

No. 404485

Her makeup is just sooo bad. I don't think she's ugly but every time I see her I just wonder why it's so heavy when her stronger features would suit natural looking makeup.

No. 404492

File: 1717819600883.jpg (47.29 KB, 1200x628, emily-blunt-net-worth-24548897…)

>there is a growing issue with celebrity women chasing after aesthetics that don't suit them at all.
speaking of which
wtf is going on with Emily Blunt's face??
she used to be cute
now she looks so weird, like her face is held together with wires

No. 404495

Look older than she really is and extremely washed up. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was leaked that she’s an alcoholic or on coke, she always looks so greasy, unwashed and exhausted and cakes on so much makeup to hide it

No. 404497

Her lyrics suck so I hope in the future like any other celeb she walls from botched surgeries and/or substance abuse

No. 404498

The Sabrina hate exploded after she made a BBC joke onstage. Methinks some butthurt poltards be lurking.

No. 404499

unpopular but I hate how plain appearences have gotten. She looks like some mom on her way to yoga class or something. And you know she probably spent thousands of dollars on stylists to make her look like an average starbucks customer, I miss super glam makeup and hair

No. 404504

I agree with you nona. Everything is so safe and plain nowadays, barely anyone takes risks with their aesthetics

No. 404514

She must have had a face lift. Her face looks unnaturally tight.
One thing for sure is that i am absolutely sick of flat hair. We need to bring back big hair, perms, hair teasing and rollers. So many red carpet looks are ruined because of the insistence on opting for a boring bun.

No. 404516

If people just stop ripping apart women so badly women would feel more lax to experiment with style

No. 404518

File: 1717826142760.jpg (877.44 KB, 1018x1772, 1000000309.jpg)

Seriously though. What's even the point of paying for celebrity tier hairstylists if you're just going to throw it into a pony? Some kid could've done that. It makes me so jealous of other countries since it seems like most other countries have huge luxurious hair like a movie star, even normie women can have insanely jaw dropping hair for good prices. Yet we have American Karen's paying thousands to look like a soccer mom

No. 404522

what? the hate has been around way before that, have you not seen earlier posts here or older celebricow threads?

No. 404528

what the fuck is that botched ass tummy tuck? do people really think an edward scissorhands failed tummy tuck looks better than a little bit of pudge?

No. 404538

I agree. She's cute but her eyes are unfortunate. They're not only very far apart but they're also so small (at least Anya and Rachel Z have big eyes even if they're spaced apart). I don't like her eyebrows either.

No. 404743

File: 1717915642879.webp (28.67 KB, 800x450, IMG_3342.webp)

zoe kravitz. i really don’t get the fuss about her.

No. 405063

File: 1718037739004.jpg (99.72 KB, 1024x674, 16824560857739.jpg)

Ugh nona I agree so much. Her mother, as well. Don't get me wrong, Lisa Bonet is ok, but she is not this amazing goddess I see a lot of people making her out to be… She looks stoned all the time.

No. 405131

I think she's kinda cute

No. 406563

File: 1718562181392.jpg (253.31 KB, 1333x2000, jso0fY4OOm6rdbF0LuJglCXs7Mh.jp…)

No. 406951

File: 1718669568126.jpg (490.59 KB, 3339x3339, ao5ot8h09zo61.jpg)

No. 406959

Ozempic? It makes people look super weird.

No. 407440

File: 1718823992801.jpg (122.34 KB, 1000x1500, MV5BMTE3YmM0NDktYTI0Zi00YzljLW…)

She looks so uncanny and grotesque,short hair doesn't suit her at all.

No. 407457

She looks cute to me. I don't like her hair though, reminds me of a bad haircut your mom gives you as a child with kitchen scissors.

No. 407469

delete this right now

No. 407482

File: 1718833561497.png (3.12 MB, 1971x1681, Khalisah.png)

I swear to god I've punched this woman in Mass Effect 1

No. 407759

File: 1718924839241.jpg (628.91 KB, 1080x1457, Screenshot_20240620-235810.jpg)

I don't understand why she was considered so beautiful in the 60s. She had good style but her face was honestly below average

No. 407768

same. this wide set eyed phenotype makes everyone look inbred/retarded.

No. 407839

File: 1718942446454.jpg (55.05 KB, 620x460, jackie-natalieportman.jpg)

It's always bothered me that they always choose conventionally attractive actresses to play her in movies or TV. I find it more impressive that she wasn't that beautiful but became an it girl based solely on her style and demeanor.

No. 407842

she was definitely a lovable woman but she looks like a hammerhead shark

No. 407850

Everytime she gets posted I think of this

No. 407939

I vaguely remember a self-deprecating line she wrote about how long it took for her to have glasses made because they had to spend so much time constructing the nose bridge.

No. 408071

She looks like she is going through mitosis.

No. 408074

holy kek

No. 408089

My dad gushed about her to me not too long ago, like telling me how intelligent she was, how she spoke all these languages, etc.

No. 408429

it's mitosis or FASD, can't decide which one

No. 409102

File: 1719335273339.png (2.24 MB, 1080x1347, IMG_2625.png)

i’m just not seeing it. i don’t know.

No. 409541

Same anon, but I can see her appeal since she has a very intense look.

No. 409730

File: 1719503036747.jpeg (71.52 KB, 593x400, IMG_4045.jpeg)

Not beautiful but she had unique and kind of cute face, and obviously great fashion sense, she picked trends from her era easily. I can see what was endearing about her. Besides, First Ladies and royals aren’t supposed to be Hollywood superstar beauties but more average pretty and approachable, Princess Diana and Kate aren’t that far from normal women you see on the street either.

No. 409824

File: 1719516125129.jpg (129.09 KB, 1080x1056, Jeanne_Damas_makeup_routine.jp…)

Jeanne Damas with her turbo jaw, jane birkin skin walking and zero charm or charisma plus reformation but worser fashion brand would never been a thing if americans were not always gagging at anything parisian

No. 409867

She's not pretty at all. I can't stand her face. She has a very masculine jawline and a butt chin. I wish they'd swapped her role with the other actress who played her sister (Charithra Chandran)

No. 409884

it's actually amazing how diverse people's preferences are. I respect your opinion but I thought she was the most impossibly beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life and her little sister was more "hot girl in your high school class" kind of pretty

No. 409889

Large jaws on women can look nice on certain women, but she just looks permanently smug.

No. 409895

I love her jawline.

No. 410012

I hate it when women who are only admired by other women get posted in these threads. She's not being shilled as attractive, literally zero men are into her. A small subset of women who like French aesthetics think she's cool but even then it's more her style not wanting to trade faces with her

No. 410013

Again, only women are into her, zero men
Same for Jackie Kennedy but not even women are into her