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File: 1612573916956.jpg (469.56 KB, 2500x1667, all products.jpg)

No. 170544

New makeup thread as >>72061 is being locked at last. Great job throughout the last one, anons! So many posts were informative and helpful.

Feel free to share reviews, videos, infographics, questions, etc as long as they remain on topic about cosmetics.

Are there any new products you've purchased recently? How do you feel about them?

No. 170552

File: 1612578356899.jpg (1.08 MB, 1920x1306, ophelia.jpg)

Are the etude house bb/cc creams good? what are the best bb/cc creams out there?

No. 170553

I used their cotton fit and the mineral fit years ago. The mineral fit doesn't do the patchy/cakey shit that cotton fit does, but the lightest shade of it is still too dark for me. Cotton fit gets patchy and transfers and it seemed like using a primer actually worsened that.

Some good brands are Tony Moly, Holika Holika, Mizon, Lioele, and Skin79.

No. 170554

File: 1612579031100.jpg (19.75 KB, 640x640, laneige_snow_bb_cream_50ml_spf…)

Doubleposting, but there are also some decent Japanese bb creams on the market. Bison Baby Pink BB Cream is super popular, but its only really useful if you don't have acne to cover and are looking for that flushed complexion. Its translucent. Canmake's bb creams are in the same vein; Good for if you already have near perfect, blemish free skin to work with.


A Korean brand that I forgot to mention was picrel. I got it in #02 for the shade and while its still a bit too dark, mixing it with shade lightening drops from The Body Shop helped. Its actually pretty heavy feeling on my skin though, so I don't use it often.

Have you looked into bb cushions? I've only tried one by Sulwhasoo.

No. 170556

Thx so much anon! i'll check all those out now, you must have super pale skin like me, i find korean and japanese brands to be the best for me because i am super pale with yellow undertones so they usually suit my face. i haven't heard of bb cushions before, i'll look into them now!!

No. 170564

cushions have barely any product honestly. i wonder if it would be ok to resoak them with another foundation/bb cream

No. 170566

This is just a pointless rant, but I wanna complain that decent makeup in my poor country is just too expensive. Local cheap brands are just completely shite, local average brand is often still worse than international drugstore brands, and expensive makeup is just pretty expensive. Importing even drugstore brands that you americans/europeans consider really affordable (like $15-20) can already get to almost 1/5-1/3 of what a middle class young person in their first jobs earns monthly…
This jsut sucks honestly

No. 170567

samefag, but sorry for bad English and late night rant.

No. 170571

That sounds like it blows, anon. Where do you live?

No. 170588

Is the risk of getting fucked by import fees high? There are websites where people exchange things internationally. It works as long as the taxman doesn’t notice.

No. 170589

Anons can you recommend me an eyeshadow palette with mostly pinks? I like smaller ones like 6 or 8 shades ♥

No. 170591

File: 1612610185168.jpg (58 KB, 640x640, ef17a35683e3164b2b644346961e65…)

No. 170593

seconding the other anon that those colourpop palettes are good, i also like the huda beauty neon pink obsessions

No. 170601

File: 1612616592831.jpg (17.91 KB, 300x283, IMG_2016-300x283.jpg)

There's the Venus XL with a lot of variety on pink shades, and there's Venux XL 2 for more "dusky" colours.

No. 170605

Looks do cute thanks anons!

No. 170637

I'm not the anon who recommended the venus palette but I'm just gonna let you know that I don't own much makeup and I got that one and I love it and use it daily

No. 170653

Those colours are so pretty damn. I don't need new make up cuz I'm not going anywhere with covid but I wants it

No. 170659

for bb cream, i like drugstore nyx or elf. cc, i like itcosmetics. idk if it counts but my favorite skin tint is neutrogena hydro boost hydrating tint!

No. 170670

Ugh, the newer Jill Stuart products in here look so cute, but I know they haven't lived up to the hype. The featured Chanel blush also looks really pretty, but this seems like yet another thing I could find at a drugstore for cheaper. Plus, I'm pretty sure that shade would just make my face look dirty.

As for Amplitude, I'm a bit interested in those palettes.

No. 170826

No. 170852

I haven't tried much of Kiko Milano stuff. I only had a skin care serum a few years back. Have any anons tried their makeup?

No. 170891

It's generally kind of trashy and not good, but their micro eyebrow pencils are god tier. It's a really thin pencil with a really hard formula, so not greasy or too dark. Probably not everybody's taste but I miss them so much, all their stores are closed.
(i can just buy online but my hair colour has changed and idk what colour I am now, I need to physically test it)

No. 170933

Does anyone know where to get cute makeup brushes?

No. 170940

Thx anon i was actually considering one of those pearl or crystal palettes. How are their shadows?

No. 170956

BH Cosmetics or elf

No. 170957

File: 1612828433308.jpg (73.64 KB, 513x655, 9804311-2.jpg)

spectrum cosmetics
luxie brushes
it cosmetics

No. 170965

File: 1612834857593.jpg (75.45 KB, 660x825, Review BUXOM Power-full Plump …)

does anyone else use lip plumper, or lip products with a plumping element? i like to combine it with like a lip stain or something light under, or gloss it over a lip butter for a natural look. my lips are full but i have a weirdly small mouth and i find that my facial proportions are instantly like ten times better when i get them to be a tiny bit bigger

pic related, i've been using buxom in "big O" and it's the best lip product i've ever had, it plumps/ moisturizes/ has a custom color-changing element that is a really nice peach-pink on me. i'm obsessed, they should hire me for promo at this point

No. 170966

Does it actually plump though? I used Soap and Glory's plumping stuff years ago and it sucked. How does it compare to Lip Venom?

No. 170967

my first lip plumper was a buxom lip gloss. it didn’t feel like i was giving myself a chemical burn and it smelled absolutely amazing. buxom kills the lip plumper game.

No. 170971


it plumps instantly for me, but it doesn't make them huge or anything like if you were to use those scary lip suction plastic things. I have lip venom, i tried it once hated it and never used it again, it's too spicy and sticky without actually plumping. my other favorite is the NYX pump it up gloss (the one with the syringe design) which is less effective than buxom but is a good gloss to have when you want shine and a tiny bit more volume

No. 170976

Thank you so much!

No. 170978

Damn anon I was gonna order this in Dolly cuz you got me hyped and they don't ship internationally! Lame.

No. 170979

I might have to try this. The Too Faced plumper I used was horrific. I thought I had done damage to my lips.

No. 170986

oh no! i actually got mine off of amazon because it was cheaper there than sephora, maybe look for a different resource than the site you found it on

No. 170987

feeling hopeless because my parents were super strict about not using makeup in high school, now im 20 and i have no idea how to even start :/

No. 170988

Michelle Phan's early, early videos have always been really good for beginners, drama and bullshit aside.

No. 171167

File: 1612963369758.jpg (25.65 KB, 300x300, e8a.jpg)

> Find a cute blush
> Color is really light, might finally not look like a clown wearing one
> Decide to wait
> Discontinued

No. 171191


NO! A literal nightmare, i'd like cry… what was it?

No. 171198

I’m so sorry anon I hate when they discontinue products!!

No. 171214

Yeah I used another UK site! I hope it's as nice as you say Anon. They didn't have dolly but I got the fiery in the balm and the lip stain in Smooch. Hopefully they aren't too heavy a colour.

No. 171223

I dunno why but I still don't get the Korean makeup look, it's all the craze lately, and (at least where I'm from) they mostly sell things that only cater to the look. It's difficult for me to get the kind of makeup I want cuz I lean towards alt makeup styles and a little frustrating when u only see coral/orange-y makeup everywhere kek.

No. 171230

Don’t you have some conventional shops near you like sephora?

No. 171267

This is perhaps only makeup adjacent, but how does one go about fixing chronically chapped lips? It seems like chapstick does nothing and lipstick looks awful if it's not on a soft smooth surface…

No. 171268

Do you use a lip scrub twice a week or so? That could help.

No. 171270

Im thinking about buying a set from glossier, the lash slick, boy brow, and cloud paint. Ive never bought anything from glossier before, is it worth it?

No. 171275

I tried it a while back but eventually stopped since I didn't see quick results. That was probably a mistake on my part, I'll give it another go with something like sugar and honey

I personally really enjoyed boy brow and definitely want to try cloud paint.

No. 171287

No. 171293

File: 1613031387363.jpg (201.2 KB, 1000x985, revlon.jpg)

Any advice for similar lightly tinted lip balm products? These aren't discontinued, just not sold at drug stores in my country anymore. Not a fan of the Burt's Bees tinted lip balms because they feel weird and thick.

No. 171297

are these scented? they're so cute..
you could try maybelines babylips! the red cherry one is really nice imo.

No. 171300

haven't tried boy brow but the lash slick and cloud paints are great

No. 171304

Nta but I have been using these for three or four years now and they are BOMB! They're scented, but I've used them on very chapped lips without any irritation.

Have you tried Nivea, Chapstick brand (they make tints now), Buxom, Clinique, Sunbum, Laneige, or Revlon? They all make tinted balms now.

No. 171394

File: 1613082524496.jpg (117.46 KB, 1200x628, FB.jpg)

let me know how you like it! I only have Big O, i've been meaning to try another shade or maybe one of the stains

oooh next time i'm at the pharmacy I'll have to look for these, they remind me of another revlon product I used to use all the time in high school.

another really great one that I love are the revlon colorburst lip butters, I think they must be discontinued because I literally had to hunt them down on random websites to stock up on them over the years. 'candy apple' red and the coral orange one are my fav shades. I also really love glossier cherry balm dot calm, I only bought one tube and it's lasted me years now. also etude house color lip balms, and if you have a sephora where you live they have a similar slightly colored/ scented balm line, I have pic related in goji berry and it smells SO good. I'm basically just a sucker for light effective coverage that's moisturizing and doesn't take a ton of effort/ won't fuck my entire look up if it fades off like a harsh lipstick or liquid lipstick (i've tried to get into these SO many times and can't bring myself to like them, the only one that was semi okay was OCC cosmetics) the only lipstick I like are the moisturizing ones by Estee Lauder

speaking of, what lip stains do you guys like? I used to use lip markers all the time just for an under layer of color and top it off with a balm or butter, but I kinda want to look into trying a new one

No. 171421

Those Sephora lip balms are great, I loved the watermelon one but I don’t think it’s available anymore. They weren’t quite as hydrating as I would’ve liked (my lips are dry as fuck in the winter) but they work better than most tinted lip balms.

No. 171427

No. 171581

File: 1613243867412.jpg (38.88 KB, 640x640, rimmel_scandaleyes_kohl_kajal_…)

Does anyone know of a good light/medium taupe eyeliner pencil? The one in picrel used to be my favourite until they stopped selling it where I live. I've been using an eyebrow pencil out of desperation but it sucks lmao. There's a fuckton of brown ones but it's so hard to find a nice taupe shade.

No. 171605

urban decay has really nice creamy eyeliner pencils. i was obsessed with the gold one in middle and high school but i have a dark brown one now that i'll use for like a subtle smudgy dark eye look when i don't wanna just do the standard black wing liner look

No. 171627

I know essence has a really nice one and nyx aswell

No. 172861

sorry if necro, but have any of you guys tried any products from the colourpop animal crossing/sailor moon collabs? i’m interested in the purple palette from the ac collab, the blotted lips from the sailor moon palette, and maybe a cooler toned blush from either, but i’m hearing mixed things on the quality and shipping to where i live is a bit expensive so i don’t wanna buy if i’m not sure!

No. 172976

No. 172985

I got both blotted lips from Sailor Moon, and for some reason, they just aren't as good quality as the ones from their main collection. I found that the Sailor Moon ones had a weird, patchy application compared to the normal formula. Doozy from their main collection is more red than pink but I find it very similar to the Sailor Moon ones and I like it a lot, it's one of my go-top lip products.

I would skip the Animal Crossing eyeshadow quads. They're not worth the price. They have a warm pink/purple 4-shade palette called Amor for cheaper, but also for 2$ more you can get one of their 9-shade palettes like Lilac You A Lot, which will give you much more utility in my opinion.

No. 173182

Where do you girls get makeup inspiration from? I love trying new looks

No. 173237


No. 173621

File: 1614614054285.jpg (211.29 KB, 712x400, rag-and-bone-bbt-s14-0121.jpg)

What are your fave drug store orange lipsticks? Can be red oranges too but I am looking for mattes, I always wear lip spf so satin stuff just slips off.

No. 173623

File: 1614614604184.jpg (36.14 KB, 425x376, 51s3CdfYikL._AC_SX425_.jpg)

anyone knows how long the colour stays on? and does it fade away after eating/drinking?

No. 173625

I used to put it on the night before, it stayed on for at least a full day and a half unless you scrub. Proper staining power.

No. 173626

arent these chinese aliexpress stuff tho?
Asking because I'm interested in the real deal

No. 173629

I only got mine in korea and thee don't look like them

No. 173671

So, where is there a reputable seller for these online that isn't aliexpress?

No. 173689

the Korean brand is called Berrisom and you could find it on korean sites or amazon

No. 173833

I can attest to the Berrisom tints. Don't buy a random chinese brand, they don't work as well. Exfoliate with a good sugar scrub before and make you apply a highly moisturizing balm or gloss after peeling because it will DRY your shit out if you're careless. I put mine before bed, just like the other anon, and it'd last for a day or two. They're great, do get them.

No. 176115

File: 1616354478936.jpg (1.17 MB, 1502x1433, 20210321_201431.jpg)

I need help finding my undertones. Here are lipsticks that I think suit me (pic related)

No. 176116

File: 1616354574751.jpg (1.36 MB, 1786x1549, 20210321_201532.jpg)

And here are lipsticks that don't.

What I don't get is that there are (imo) both cool tones and warm tones lipsticks that suit me or that don't. So how can I find out my undertones?

No. 176117

All these lipsticks are very similar looking yet some suit me and some look awful. I am confused please help out! I need to get good at makeup.

No. 176122

Pretty sure you're warm. I only see cool tones in the 'looks bad' picture.

No. 176136

You look better in warm tones and cool tones make you look sickly. You're welcome.

No. 176350

File: 1616544403474.jpeg (317.14 KB, 1528x1529, B77E008D-0A60-4734-8B92-A9F49D…)

Does anyone have tips for covering flaky healing pimples like this? My spots are even redder than this though (not my pic) and it seems like no matter how much concealer or foundation I use they don’t get covered up and it just makes my skin look cakier and flakier

No. 176354

Okay, maybe I'm wrong for doing this, but I use a little bit of scotch tape and loop it around my finger to pick up all the random flakey bits without harming the skin that's still healing. The concealer/foundation usually do the trick just fine after without caking onto any dry spots.

No. 176363

mederma speeds up the healing process for me and keeps them from lingering as brownish red spots. I put it on the spots at night

No. 176382

I usually cover it overnight with a heavy healing moisturizer or ointment. If that's not possible then I do it for at least 30 min before putting on makeup and wipe off excess and then pick of the crusties with tweezers IF it's not going to further fuck up the area. You should probably color correct if concealer isn't covering the redness, a tiny dot of light green/yellow will counteract redness. Blend only the edges a bit (I like to use a small shader brush or a smudge brush). Set that with a bit of powder and apply your concealer. I use Wet'n'Wild Photofocus for zits, it has pretty good coverage without being super dry. It's probably still going to look slightly crusty though, maybe look into moist healing acne. You basically treat pimples like a wound and use drying treatments very sparingly or not at all.

No. 176390

I would use a chemical exfoliator or toner and put a pimple sticker on it overnight, it’ll get rid of the dryness. I have oily skin so I wouldn’t over moisturise cause it would make me break out. Hope that helps!

No. 176479

what are the best drugstore mascaras that aren't over $10CAD? not poor but I hate spending a lot on mascara because I toss them after 3 months as I am prone to eye infections. I wish there were good eco friendly/refill options that are actually good, waterproof and not $$$. in fact all makeup should be refillable imo

No. 176501

File: 1616668092376.jpeg (27.2 KB, 655x655, 3C115791-DB46-4E7C-9499-90C4B6…)


No. 176512

Pretty much any Essence mascara! They're so cheap you can buy a couple and see which you like best. Lash Princess is great but so is the extreme volume one.

No. 176514

thanks! that's a cute mascara

No. 176558

File: 1616699203454.jpg (95.33 KB, 900x900, Sleek pigment booster 900 x 90…)

Has anyone tried this? Is is a good dupe for Inglot Duraline? I need something to mix with my eyeshadows to use them as eyeliners and this is significantly more affordable than Duraline. But for some reason I can't find any reviews on it.

No. 176571

File: 1616705283125.jpeg (84.81 KB, 717x706, 62A8EA8F-2572-43F1-826C-5F5006…)

Calling all oily hoes out there, hit me with your best long wearing matte foundation.

No. 176736

File: 1616796659673.png (712.58 KB, 2048x2042, Screenshot_20210326-150639.png)

This is my go-to matte. If I'm feeling baller I get the soft matte complete foundation by NARS. Both last me at least 10 hours before I need to blot it with a beauty blender, blotting sheet or some translucent powder. I find that the Infallible matte does last longer but by hour 15 it's a little…. melted. Especially if you're super oily or it's humid. Oh, and both are very full coverage so be careful with that.

No. 176779

Oilspill-face anon here. I'd say that primer is more important when it comes to staying oil-free. Clinique's Superprimer is great

No. 177223

I have never worn make up before, I'd like to start now but only for certain occasions. I have no idea what would look good on me though, what shades and colors match with my skin tone etc. Any tips?

No. 177225

I don't wear makeup myself, but every time I tried I looked like a clown. But I realized that its not what I put on my face, but how. This vid kinda helped me realize this. You should look at your face and really think about facial features to accentuate and highlight vs features you want to hide. Example, I have a squarish jaw, so I would prob bronze/contour my jaw so that it gives a softer look/illusion.

No. 177274

After years of buying many products I finally found a foundation and concealer that match my skin color enough. And now I'm scared that I will tan in spring/summer and that I have to buy dozens of products again to try to find the right shades again. What do I do?!

No. 177276

File: 1617192318566.jpg (196.18 KB, 1650x1275, c93a29350ab9ad570032e62e63c185…)

use a foundation adjusting product like picrel. You just mix it with your current foundation to make it darker

No. 177293

Use sunscreen.

Can anyone recommend a vegan cream foundation please?

No. 177294

God, living like this sounds like hell. I couldn't be arsed to do all this makeup shit in the morning, and that's another step to take (even if it's small).

No. 177296

This might belong in the skin thread instead, but I'm having such trouble finding a foundation that doesn't cause flaking on my skin when applied. Now I know it sounds like I have dry skin, but the thing is my skin looks absolutely fine (no noticeable dryness or flaking) when I go bare face. I use a daily cleanser, moisturiser and suncream and it's happy. But if I try to apply a foundation for a little bit of coverage, around the mouth and forehead it doesn't sink in properly and leaves me with flakes. Is this my skin, or am I using the wrong kind of foundation? I'm a amateur with makeup, I'm just looking to even out my skin tone a bit, nothing heavy. Any products to recommend?

No. 177303

Oh I have the same issue. It's both skincare and makeup, I can't stand matte foundations because of this.

Have you ever tried using an exfoliator in your skincare routine? It helped me a lot with this.

No. 177311

Glad to hear I'm not the only one! I do use an exfoliating scrub twice a week. Maybe it's not strong enough? But my skin seems fine without makeup so I'm nervous to use something more abrasive because I do have sensitive skin prone to redness..

No. 177472

The foundation I got is a powder foundation lmao. But wouldn't those change the shade as well anyway?

No. 177474

seriously, I can never get past just the basics because a full face seems like a whole can of worms to be opened

No. 177479

Have you tried using BB cream instead? There are some moisturizing kinds, works amazing for me, used to have similar issue in the past.
Something that also helped, even with regular foundation, is moisturizing the skin before applying foundation, locking the moisture with a little bit of oil / squalane. Usually that means you'll have to wait like 20minutes before proceeding to applying foundation, but if you have time, may be worth it. Another thing is the way you apply it, I can see a difference in the way my skin behaves with it depending whether I've used sponge or a brush (sponge + gently pressing technique is much better than smearing with a brush)

No. 177533

File: 1617336840972.jpeg (59.62 KB, 512x341, skin tint and stretch conceale…)

Some products aren't compatible with each other, for example using a silicone primer underneath a water-based foundation will cause the products to "pill" (flake off and sit on top of the skin). Oils and oil-based moisturizers can break up foundation in a way that makes it slide around the skin and look patchy, mattifying products tend to have this effect too.

If you're looking for your-skin-but-better coverage I recommend the Skin Perfecting Tint by Glossier, it's my favourite. I know some people think its bogus because it's extremely light coverage but to me it makes a noticeable difference and the texture was incredible. Personally prefer it to any of the BB creams I've tried. They make a concealer and tinted finishing powder too that some people really like.

No. 177553

File: 1617365828952.jpg (21.22 KB, 234x203, Screenshot_20210402-131309_Gal…)

So I've never really done proper makeup before (just lipstick + mascara for nights out) but today I was randomly like hmm I wanna try out some eyeshadow so I looked at some yt tutorials & what tha fuck, are y'all really using 839473 products for 'simple natural daytime look' or whatever.. I'm not trying to act superior I am just astonished, how do ppl have the time / money / energy for this shit omg

No. 177554

Like damn, maybe I was better off when my BDD made me think people would laugh if I attempted to perform femininity in any way, it seems like so much work

No. 177558

This is a result of beauty influencers being sponsored to jam as many products they can into one video. Real people don't do that, it would look like shit anyways without all the filters. All you need is a neutral palette (Wet & Wild is good for drugstore, Tarte for higher end) and a blending brush. A light or sparkle shade goes on the lid, then a darker one in the crease. Use the darkest one to line your eyes and blend it up. I also had to learn how to do makeup online so I feel your pain.

No. 177621

File: 1617399293827.jpg (71.35 KB, 700x700, red.jpg)

how can I find out what kind of lip colour would look best on my skintone?

I've bought a few over the years but nothing looks right. I think the red taylor swift was known for was my worst look. I felt like it brought out every little imperfection on my skin.

No. 177622

File: 1617399402149.jpg (52.67 KB, 1052x740, 1521225794_4.jpg)

No. 178430

File: 1617891788163.jpg (27.04 KB, 87x1600, essence-long-lasting-szemceruz…)

I'm looking for a cheap but good eyepencil, is this Essence one good?

No. 178436

Idk if you’ll see this but try cliniques black honey, it looks super dark in the tube but goes on like a gloss and looks soooo flattering on everyone

No. 178438

That particular red is cool-toned so if it didn't look good on you, you're probably warm toned

No. 178446

Is it possible to be a blend of two? I'm pretty sure I'm neutral leaning cool but I'm not sure if that's technically a thing.

No. 178447

Yes it is

No. 178482

File: 1617911990751.jpeg (112.61 KB, 1280x720, kiehls.jpeg)

So late but I'm a big fan of Kiehl's tinted balms! They are extremely flattering, literally every color looks good.

Do you have Bite Lip Lab in your city? They offer custom lip colors where they mix it for you at the store which can get kinda pricy but they will find a shade that looks perfect.

No. 178564

i'm so curious about black honey. the pics online look great! apparently burt's bees red dahlia is a dupe. but that colour looked awful and too dark/brown on me (neutral muted olive). at this point I stopped looking for the HG and am using clear balm

No. 178987

Anon i'm literally you and I'm above 20. Last year for the first time I decided to buy some eyeshadow because fuck it and now I do single or two color
looks from time to time, whenever I have time and want my eyes to match a fancy outfit. There's no need to overcomplicate things and I haven't looked
at a single mua video, I'm just winging it, using my fingers, one brush and having fun.

No. 179521

I got a superthin upper lip and lipstick looks like shit on me, help nonitas.

No. 179525

any recommendations for long lasting eyeshadow sticks? especially for hooded eyes. i find that powder eyeshadow fades away over time, or maybe i'm not applying it right? ugh. i just use brown eyeshadow to contour my eyes and make them more lifted and i want it to last more than a couple hours.

No. 179536

how thin are we speaking? typical british thin or 90 year old granny thin?
first use lipstick in a light natural color, smudge it a little so your lipstick softly blends with your skin tone and then use the second lipstick in a darker tone
or use lip liner, but don't overline on the whole length of lips, just on the bow

No. 179629

Thank you. I watched the videos you linked and the first one looks amazing, even tho her lips are fuller than mine. My upper lip is the problem, it looks ridiculous near my full bottom lip. I didn't know about outlining with the pencil only on the bow and I thank you again for that. I'm gonna try and let you know!

No. 179695

Are you using anything to prime your lids? Even a bit of concealer set with powder is going to improve the longevity and pigmentation. or maybe the shadows suck?

No. 179696

No hate but the second vid is gonna look like shit irl. Unless you have a super flat cupids bow I wouldn't overline it that much, it's super obvious in that area. Lisa Eldridge has a few videos on overlining, i prefer her approach.

No. 180837

So I bought a contouring kit for the first time in my life but it just made me look like I smeared dirt on my face…What am I doing wrong? Are there rules to applying/choosing contour? Also, what's the difference between bronzer and contour? Should I try a bronzer instead?

No. 180839

btw, I'm super pale with yellow undertones

No. 180906

File: 1619129694118.jpg (7.86 KB, 236x236, 81b6d5f7d0c18b413f506027a06f64…)

i want to change my daily makeup and incorporate colored eyeliners like picrel, i was thinking of getting those jumbo liners from nyx but they're not as pigmented as i want them to be so i was thinking of getting water based face paint? what do you think? can i achieve a similar look?

No. 180909

i like to use the white nyx jumbo liner and layer eyeshadows on top of it, but im not too sure if that is the most effective method. my friend uses liquid lipsticks and an eyeliner brush to create looks like picrel and it lasts all day. i feel like water based face paint would be too messy and it would easily crease + spread around a lot. good luck though anon!!

No. 180930

thank u angel that is so clever i never thought of using lipstick i have a lipstick in similar shade!! do you like the nyx jumbo eyeliner? i never actually bought it i did a swatch in the store and wasnt satisfied but if you like it i'll give it a try, you use the white liner as the base right? does eyeshadow stick well onto it? cuz i'm very bad at blending so i never experimented with eyeshadows

No. 180944

For pale people i think a taupe-ish contour works best. Use a fluffy brush with a bit of shape to it (or even a fan brush) and blend blend blend. Bronzer is more for warming your face up and you apply it where sun hits. Contour goes where the shadows would fall on your face. If I used contour I would apply on the sides of the nose, a curve under the cheekbones, and right under the jawline to define it. Just tap your brush into the pan to start and then if you want it darker you can build up color.

No. 181047

The other anon is right but for a newbie i wouldn't rec nose contour. honestly nose contour is pointless imo, just sweep a tiny bit of bronzer/blush instead. Applying too much to the jawline can also look like you've got a beard lol.

No. 181049

File: 1619196116941.jpg (158.49 KB, 1500x1500, Scrunchie_SinglePot_1500x1500_…)

You can do it with eye shadow no problem, just get a good sticky primer and pack on the shadow. You can then make the actual shape by cleaning it up with concealer or makeup remover and a q-tip. There are water activated shadow pigments out there though, pic rel.

No. 181060

Contour is to 'shape' your face, bronzer is to make your skin look sunkissed. I'm as pale if not paler as girl in vid and I think it just doesn't look that good on really light skintones, even when applied skillfully.

No. 181062

File: 1619199328218.jpg (1005.74 KB, 1488x989, c1 (1).JPG)

Samefag, to further illustrate why I think contour doesn't look good on very light skin. It just looks like a smear, which makes sense because it's dark(er) colour applied to basically white. On darker skintones it looks like it could be actual shadows when applied well.

No. 181063

she needs to use contour that's made for very pale people. her natural skin shadows don't look brown, so it really just looks like a bunch of dirt smeared on her face.

No. 181064

What colour would that be though? Her skin is basically literally white

No. 181071

something more taupe. i once saw a really pale korean girl contour her nose with a taupe eyeshadow and it looked perfect. i'll admit most brands aren't making contour for paper-white skin, though.

No. 181077

something purpley-grey, or taupe/greige. absolutely no bronzer

t. palefag with blue undertones

No. 181078

contouring in general looks like shit irl

No. 181113

File: 1619214838100.png (Spoiler Image, 141.67 KB, 459x144, ungabungaassbrows.png)

I've had a hard time finding makeup advice for brows like mine. Is there a name for this shape, where the top part grows down and the bottom part grows up and the inner edge of the brow is a narrow point?

Usually I just wear long bangs to cover my eyebrows because looking at them makes me want to kms, I look like a fucking man. Is there any way to shape/fill these to look nice? They're pretty sparse but look thicker where the hair directions meet and overlap. I don't know much about brow makeup, I've tried filling in with dark powder before but I felt like it just added to the caveman vibe. Any advice would be appreciated.

No. 181123

you do not look like a man.
women's eyebrows also often don't look "feminine" without plucking.
i suggest you look up how asian girls draw on their eyebrows, they usually have sparse eyebrows at the ends and end up plucking them entirely. filling them in isn't very flattering for eyebrows like yours.

No. 181126

The absolute brain rot, your brows look normal. Of course they're not the perfect instagram ultra feminine arched brows when you don't shape them, almost no one has that naturally. Get them shaped, don't use a dark powder but something that matches them or is slightly darker and get a brow gel to brush them up. If you want to make the inner part a bit wider you can draw on individual hairs with powder or a thin brow pen.

No. 181131

i feel you, im on the opposite end mine are thick and super dark but there is a bald spot on one eyebrow, i used to fill it with eyeshadow but i realized it just makes it look darker which i dont like, i'm actually quite jealous of yours cause you can give it any shape you want with eyebrow shadow or tints, it looks more feminine than prominent eyebrows imho

No. 181141

File: 1619222550991.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.09 MB, 2742x548, 438954.jpeg)

samefag but while on topic what can i do to soften my eyebrows? they're thick, round and uneven, i also wear bangs to cover them because they make me look so harsh and angry, my face is very round so it doesnt go well together, i look like the angry birds like a teacher was surprised of how much my expression changed when i first got bangs, i was thinking of bleaching them but im afraid it will grow back even more patchy than it is rn how should i thread them to make them look not round and thick? (this is plucked and threaded btw theyre bushier normally)

No. 181142

So sorry to be unhelpful but holy shit what a perfect shape and density.

No. 181148

I feel you anon, my natural brows look very similar to yours. My tried and true method is a combination of trimming and shaving. Trimming the hairs with scissors makes a huge difference and makes my brows look much sleeker, and shaving (mostly I just shave the top part, I hate having those awkward stray hairs at the top) gives them a defined, clean edge and it really helps to shed a lot of the weight so your brows aren't as thick.
Also, another thing that really made a difference for me was changing the tails. I used to be way too afraid that I would fuck my eyebrows up so I only did the bare minimum and never strayed too far from the way my hairs naturally grew in, but when I started experimenting and taking off a small portion of the tails I realized how much better it looked. My natural brow tails would curve pretty far down around my temple because there was just so much hair lol and I felt like it overpowered my face. I don't even remove that many hairs off the tails but I guess it comes down to personal preference on how you want to shape your brows.

No. 181201

goddamn you have good brows. just pluck the stray hairs and trim them with scissors, they're amazing as is.

No. 181240

thank you anons you made my day

i never thought of trimming you're right, i'll also try to shorten the tails maybe i can make them appear softer that way

No. 181643

Thought I would post this video to potentially help out the anons who like me, were confused about their undertones. For the longest time I thought I had warm undertones because in certain colors I'd look visibly yellow, but then when I would wear certain warm colors like mustard I looked downright greyish-greenish. Going down the 'olive undertone' Youtube rabbithole made me realize that I have olive undertones (which makes a lot of sense because I'm half Italian)

No. 181644

This is another video that I found helpful (her voice is also relaxing af)

No. 183157

File: 1619979937805.jpeg (71.29 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpeg)

Anyone got some good waterproof eyeliner recommendations for sensitive eyes?

I currently use Glossier's and I love it, it's the only one that doesn't make my eyes sting (EVERYTHING else does except their products), but I hate how it wipes off easily and especially how it gathers at the inner corners of my eyes. I love pic related type eyeliner look but it never stays for longer than an hour or so.

Bonus points if I can use it on my waterline, pencil is a no go, any pencil makes my eyes burn.

No. 183237

File: 1620009306443.jpg (294.62 KB, 1440x1080, 1618084716378.jpg)

i have tremors and its really bad in my hands, so how the shit am i supposed to do eyeliner? its way too punishing for me to be able to anything with it, should i just invest in an eyeliner tatoo? I'm not shooting for super big flawless wings just basic

No. 183265

I hope someone has a good answer for this, because I've been looking for something to use on my waterline that won't eventually turn me into a raccoon for ages

No. 183293

The most smokey of smokey eyes.

No. 183299

File: 1620038041495.jpg (43.29 KB, 479x259, 52251.jpg)

hey anon you could always try one of these eyeliner stencils from aliexpress, i've neer tried them but theyre dirt cheap and if it doesnt work you havent lost anything, pic related but its shit and small sorry

No. 183309

Draw on with pencil then go over with eyeliner. Makes it easier to wipe off and you have a guide. I use wet wipes to shape it because I can't draw on wings well at all

Literally just do the best you can then shape it. Mine looks like a total mess at first

No. 183349

is glossier worth the price and hype? there are a lot of brands that are apparently dupes but I'm lazy and would rather just order from one place if the products are all good

No. 183367

I have a problem with my eyeliner causing my mascara to flake off. When I apply (liquid) eyeliner some of it inevitably gets on my lashes and any mascara applied on top of it starts flaking off in a few hours. Is the only way to prevent this to carefully clean my lashes hoping I don't ruin my eyeliner in the process before putting on mascara? Does anyone else have this issue? Both the eyeliner and the mascara work well on their own so it's not because they're shitty products. I've never heard of anyone having this problem though so idk if I'm just retarded?

No. 183368

Imo, absolutely. But it depends on what you want from it. It's light coverage.

I think their skincare stuff (moisturizer, lip plump which I use for any area I want to appear smoother) is great, and their cloud paint/blush is very easy to put on and pretty. The eyeliner is great too, the highlighters, the vynilic lip things etc. My entire routine is Glossier lol, and they're especially good if you have sensitive skin (everything else feels like shit on my skin).

Buy one thing and see if you like it.

No. 183371

thanks for the tip, I have really sensitive skin actually. I've got a solid skincare routine already but I might get myself some cloud paint, trying to decide between beam and dusk for a soft autumn…
I wish they carried more eye makeup, too bad they discontinued the colored pencils

No. 183457

File: 1620122493889.png (310.58 KB, 337x638, Screenshot 2021-05-04 at 11.00…)

If it helps, here are the 6 I have on my skin. I'm soft autumn too.

From the top: Dusk, Puff, Dawn, Spark, Storm, Haze

I use Spark the most, it has a lot of color and is warm. Dusk is quite brown, I know some people use it as a contour rather than blush. I don't have beam but it might look better for a blush than dusk.

I follow this girl called Esther Itterly on Instagram, she wears them a lot and can show you how it'll look

No. 183459

And forgot to add, yeah I was looking for the pencils too. It sucks they discontinued them because I really want some colored pencils and only Glossier doesn't irritate my eyes.

Don't try Pixi's Endless Silky Eye Pen or Marc Jacobs pencils if you have sensitive eyes. They're beautiful but hurt like a bitch

No. 183511

File: 1620142318159.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14.57 KB, 453x143, Screenshot_5.jpg)

anon i'm really not a pro with eyebrows so i invite other anons to correct me but the first step to shaping them is plucking this part i highlighted!
for the rest I'm not 100% sure as I'm struggling to shape my brows properly due to them being weird as hell too

No. 183513

I actually like your brows and they look like they're a really good base. I love these types of brows. Just brush them and fill them in. They'll look great.

Don't use powder lol. What I do is use a bar of soap and a spooly (is that the name?) to brush them a bit, pluck or shave at the ends where it's too curled or slopes too much (which can make your face look bigger at the bottom), and then fill with a pencil and finally a brow pen.

No. 183533

Woah we have almost the same skin tone! Thanks!

No. 183591


Never found a brow gel that's as good as Boy Brow. It's a bit waxier, like it almost has a pomade type of formula, so it keeps your brows in shape all day. Really small product though!

No. 183607

nta but thanks for this swatch. I've been considering getting a cloud paint from glossier. I really like puff and spark, I like the pinkier ones.

>I'm soft autumn too.

how do you find out what season you are? I've never found a good resource for finding out. is it like kibbe and really hard to decipher? all I know is I'm white kek

No. 183613

It’s much more objective than kibbe, you just need to determine if your skin is warm/cool/neutral, muted/bright/deep/light and a wear similar colours

No. 183618

Has anyone found any good sunscreen that you can spray over your makeup to refresh it while you’re super busy all day out and about? One that doesn’t leave a weird oily sheen?

No. 183701

>how do you find out what season you are?

Look up images of the different color seasons, they'll have some examples and just match yourself to it.

No. 183815

File: 1620253678040.jpeg (57.22 KB, 600x800, 384C1B92-77BE-448F-9C3A-FF275C…)

I’m sorry about this but the nail thread is dead, what do you call the nail polishes that look semi clear like jelly? Similar to the polish she’s got on here.

No. 183818

Jelly/sheer nail polish. I believe jelly nail polishes are typically gel though, so if you get them make sure to get a UV.

No. 183889

File: 1620290547667.png (850.49 KB, 704x2535, ezgif-3-3000ea2ac181.png)

Try the 4 season thingy before you try the 12 season if you don't want to be overwhelmed. To be honest I'm not sure how necessary going from 4 to 12 even is. I know my type out of the 12 but just the basic season out of the 4 pallette stands largely true. Finding out what your season is, is pretty easy.

Here's a good guide:
(at the bottom you can click through the next parts)

No. 184060

Thank you!!

No. 184211

are there ways for eye makeup to look good and polished without using liquid eyeliner and false lashes? I feel like people are so snooty if your makeup look doesn't incorporate them but I honestly think that they look silly on me. but I also don't want to look like a child who just broke into her mother's makeup bag and I'm worried about my makeup looking too juvenile and unkempt without liquid winged liner or lashes.

No. 184213

thanks nonny!

No. 184214

Haley Kim has a lot of very light makeup looks that can work with no lashes/liner.

No. 184216

Samefag, here's one that's more dramatic. If you just search up "no eyeliner makeup" there are a ton of looks that also have no lashes.

No. 184313

File: 1620496801585.jpg (97.16 KB, 1049x509, asdfggfh.jpg)

No. 184315

just bleach them for 4 minutes. i have similarly thick brows to you + theyre black (my scalp is brown) so they naturally look strong but bleaching them softens my whole face.

No. 184429

File: 1620578031772.jpg (68.93 KB, 1148x429, 1618626559091.jpg)

I wasn't really sure where to post this, but this thread seemed to be the most fitting.

I just bought this set today, after reading the feedback on the product and doing my own research/what to avoid/tips etc.
I'll let you know how it goes when it arrives/I tried it.

I have long but straight lashes with very light coloured tips, so maybe I'll dye them black after lifting.

No. 184466


I bought some bleach for my eyebrows, but didn’t go through with it after reading “horror stories” online about the regrowth being super patchy and looking unnatural because the dark hairs don’t return at the same time.

Has this been your experience, nonnie? Do you still recommend?

No. 185874

Is there a drugstore or affordable mascara that coats your lashes really thinly? I have lots of densely packed but kinda short lashes I feel they look really caked and stick to each other too much. Honestly they look best to me when they're just wet like a defining gel would be ideal if that even exists

No. 185875

You can get clear mascara, it's underrated! I have a tube of drugstore "brow and eyelash gel" which is just clear mascara, most makeup stores should have something like it.
Also if you like an understated look you can try using a separate mascara brush to just apply a little product with instead of using the brush that lives inside of the tube. Ignore anyone that tells you too use brown mascara as most brown just like black anyway.

No. 185888

So I bought the Glossier cloud paint in Beam and it lasts like only a few hours on the skin, which is annoying at a middle price point. Do the more pigmented versions last longer? Am curious about Spark now but I also don't want to waste my money. I tried a sample of Storm and it looked way too brown and muddy on me, and I don't think it lasted much longer. Starting to think Glossier is just the Emperor's New Clothes of makeup

I use essence no more panda eyes, it's a tubing mascara that's removable with water. I think Maybelline snapscara is similar.

No. 185895

I like several of their products like their serums and skin tint, but cloud paint is one of their worst products imo. Their eyeliner sucks too.

No. 185896

Anons, I love lip gloss and I am searching for some new finds!

It'd be great if theres is some strong gloss out there, that would last a long time instead of melting away in an hour or so, but afaik, there's no such thing as "long-lasting lip gloss" or maybe I am being lied to.

I thought of trying out:
- MAC Lip Glass;
- Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme, but the "it will make your lips fuller/bigger" part sounds like a scam to me, but I sadly never tried anything from Too Faced yet;

What do you think?

No. 185910

I looked at before and after pics of skin tint and it literally looked like nothing was applied (the before pics didn’t have terrible skin btw). What is it that you like about it? I’m interested because my skin is so dry every foundation looks bad

No. 185999

I wanna buy it too, did you use it already? how did it go?

No. 186321

I like it because I have combo skin
with some texture weirdness and every foundation and bb cream I've tried exaggerated those issues. The tint is just enough to even out redness without flaking or looking oily in my problem areas, so basically it ends up looking just like my skin but better. I also prefer a really natural effortless look with just a bit of emphasis on my eyes but I wouldn't recommend it if you like to look more dolled up. Pretty retarded that they demo it on models with perfect skin since you can't see it doing anything.

No. 186526

File: 1621407678526.png (414.54 KB, 1024x703, 21E010A0-3860-4699-8A2B-7FE623…)

Mac lip glass are great but kinda hard to work with, some shades tend to apply streaky. I’d recommend buxom lip glosses, smell amazing and has that “firm” texture

No. 186529


Yes, I used it already!

It went really well for a first try, if you look really close it's not completely symmetrical, but ya kno, my lashes/eyes aren't either shrugs

You have to clean your lashes and lid beforehand, then use the included cleanser, try to not get the silicone pads oily (with your hands etc) before using the lash glue to fix it to the lid and fixing the lashed onto the pad.
Wait a bit before fixing the lashes, so the lash glue is half-dry, it'll stick better.
I did a little try-out with my right eye to get a feel for how to stick the lashes onto the pad, I highly recommend you do that, too.
The plastic-wrap on the eye during perming/fixing was a bit annoying, I actually pressed my fingers on it during doing it on the left/second eye so it got warm and more "dramatical" then my right eye/lashes - but it's nothing anyone notices.
tl;dr: I'm very happy with my lashes, I dyed them, too. I look so much more put together when I'm not wearing makeup and when I do, my eyes look HUGE.
Highly recommend!

No. 187101

I alternate between wearing a full face of make up, no make up and light make up (foundation, mascara, lipstick). It depends on how I feel that day. I'm the only person I know who does this so I wonder if there's anyone else who does this? Lol.

No. 187605

Non-liquid eyeliner recommendantion? Obviously I need something that stays on well and doesn't smudge. Looking for brown colour. Some Korean one I got off YesStyle was bad

No. 187710

File: 1621971238696.jpeg (405.99 KB, 659x836, 4083A642-5859-4F68-AE17-C4E45A…)

the two faced power plumping lip gloss is the best imo. it gives you a nice plump and is not sticky. plus, the colours are gorgeous. they leave a nice stain afterwards too.

No. 187726

Maybelline has a gel eyeliner that also comes in brown (if you can find it, I could only find the black one but not the brown one in stores but it does exist)

No. 189142

File: 1622583521145.jpg (75.53 KB, 590x820, 1775fef7221eaeb6e859e43da85a1c…)

How the hell do I figure out where to stop plucking my monobrow? If I don't do anything to my eyebrows they'll happily go full cro-magnon, but if I try to line them up with my nostrils like so many brow shaping guides recommend then that spaces them way too far apart. Plus, I've noticed women with "strong" faces like Eva Mendez, Jessica Alba, Liv Tyler, etc seem to get their brows done so that they come in closer to the nose bridge, which should work for my caveman-tier mug but I just can't seem to get it right.

Pic related is the type of advice I see most often, but I've also seen a few guides recommend taking them to the edge of the nose-hole/nostril that might work better? idfk anons, I feel like a baboon with a pair of tweezers sometimes

No. 189143

I fill/draw mine in and pluck around that for the most part. I over plucked in high school because I had huge bushy brows and that was a big no in the ‘00s, so I have some sparseness. But anything that grows outside of that area I pluck.

I don’t know if you draw in at all but maybe buying a brow pencil and making your own template on your face could help.

No. 189145

Monobrows are so gorgeous imo but I know that's a statement not every woman wants to make. That image you posted is a general guide to help get you started but it really depends on how it harmonizes with your other facial features. For example if you have wider spaced eyes it may be more flattering to keep your eyebrows a little closer together. Also where your arch sits can make a big difference in how your brows look so if you feel like you look to surprised or angy you may have tweezed your arch too far in or out. You can fill them in with makeup if you accidentally overtweeze.

No. 189156

File: 1622588107520.jpg (250.13 KB, 1080x1512, Screenshot_20210602-005036_Chr…)

I find that lining up the start of your eyebrow with the inside of your nostril is a lot more flattering on most faces. Same for the arch, inside of your nostril, through your pupil.

No. 189161

oh damn making a template is a great idea, since I'm still trying to figure out what eyebrow shape even works for my face

tbh I kind of like them too, but only on people with much darker brows than mine
with my lightass slav brows it just looks ungroomed unfortunately

holy fuck, that girl has almost exactly the style of brows I'm after/was trying to describe
the guideline is super helpful too, thanks anon

No. 189338

Just keep in mind if you don't naturally have that kind of spock brow shape/tilt, you won't be able to recreate it. Stick to your natural shape and just clean it up.

No. 189614

>tfw have that brow shape naturally but am trying to pluck it to make it straighter and less arched
I feel like the tilt makes me look angry.

No. 191409

File: 1623373479628.jpg (102.48 KB, 1080x714, 72f753f3ddb997ecae0428b9fed952…)

can someone help me find a dupe for kat von d's lolita II lipstick? it's my favourite lipstick color but i'm looking for a cheaper/better option

No. 191427

I wish my eyebrows would grow that far in, but they’re super sparse in that area so it looks like my brows end at the corner of my eye. I don’t even pluck them or wax them or anything. What’s worse is you can’t fill in that part without looking like a lunatic so I’m stuck with my far apart brows

No. 191432

File: 1623381437438.png (505.35 KB, 480x480, 54abcd342eb43_-_elle-01-cara-b…)

I feel like I'm weird. I like when they match the corners of the eyes.

Long caterpillar eyes work on some faces, but for the most part this is better to me.

Cara's kind of a bad example for this because she has a huge forehead.

No. 191448

You can tho. Use a small super thin angled brush and powder/pomade, or one of those brow markers. Draw in little individual hairs and it'll look good.

No. 191461

Nyx comes to mind

No. 191477

File: 1623399271716.jpg (229.16 KB, 1398x688, NYX-soft-matte-lip-cream-Istan…)

not sure, but how about these?
Nyx in color Cannes, right one. and Maybelline Superstay matte ink in Self-Starter

No. 191496

Anyone have suggestions for a black eyeliner I can tightline and waterline with that does not smudge, and is okay with sensitive eyes?

No. 191511

That’s high level skill that most don’t have unfortunately. I might give it a go but I fear the results

No. 191534

Nonna I assure you makeup just takes practice, it's not rocket surgery.

No. 191569

Agree. I was pretty awful with makeup until I decided to do a full face every morning until I learned. I went from looking clownish to being able to do it very well. What would take me an hour now takes me 10 min, maybe less. Just do it every day until you learn.

No. 192563

File: 1623882649305.png (170.97 KB, 817x490, screenshot-edition.cnn.com-202…)


Another day, another industry using dangerous compounds.

No. 192602

File: 1623897293212.jpg (29.03 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f…)

No. 192628

File: 1623917582744.jpg (489.56 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210617_101141_com…)

Do any of you care about this kind of stuff? What do you do? Just accept you might be giving yourself cancer?

No. 192636

Basically yeah. I'll be avoiding liquid lipsticks and waterproof anything from now on though.

No. 192637

I wear little makeup to begin with, use cake mascara and mostly natural organic products. I do use lots of skincare though.
However, if you use any L'oréal product and live in the EU you're probably safe on this front, which they mention in the article.

No. 192643

because nothing natural can EVER be bad for you, right? anyway, my new arsenic foundation came and it's GREAT

No. 192645

FFS that's not what I said at all? Obviously there's cosmetics out there that are natural and also bad for you. But I live in the EU, and organic makeup with the green leaf label has to pass stringent criteria that conventional brands don't, plus I'm not an idiot and look up ingredients before I buy anything regardless.

Kindly go back to reddit with your kneejerk reactions.

No. 192646

I'm in Sweden and been part of a campaign to mail companies to stop using PFAS in their products. It's been very succesful with the following brands promising to stop using it: https://www.surfejs.se/nyheter/listan-de-57-sminkmarken-som-lovat-att-sluta-med-pfas/
I don't know if they are sneaky and use it in other countries though, such things happen.
It's worth mailing them and asking.
Fuck companies who thinks we should put cancerous ingredients all over our faces.

No. 192654

Have they released the full list of makeup products they tested?

No. 192656

The issue here is PFAS weren't listed on the labels. For all we know, most makeup could contain them.

No. 192657

No, they're probably afraid of getting sued.

No. 192661

Yeah, but so far it's only been found in mass-market makeup which is why I switched. I used to wear foundation and had the Naked 3 palette which sadly does contain PFAS and PFAS-adjacent ingredients (idk how to translate this in English) but now I have found some products that are rice starch-based, have a minimal ingredient list and are highly unlikely to contain PFAS. They all happen to be Ecocert/green leaf organic certified.

No. 192663

Could you share the name of the brand that you use now?

No. 192665

I use several - PuroBIO is my go-to for eyeshadow and mainly what I was talking about, Benecos for eyeliner/lip liner/lip colour, Boho Green for cream concealer and brows, and Hurraw lip balm. I don't know if all of their products are good or safe but the ones I use seem to be okay. I also have some Catrice brow pencils in the back of my drawer which are alright.

Basically I threw out some liquid lipsticks and palettes with synthetic ingredients like polyvinyl-something and nylon-12, they just turned out to also contain PFAS later which I didn't know at first. So for now I'm just avoiding those altogether.

No. 192677

Well this is alarming. I hope they release who uses it in their stuff. Luckily due to covid I haven't been wearing much make up but man. I've bought some for 'when things go back to normal'. Hope it's not stuff I've grabbed.

No. 192683

No. 192704

The swedish site anon linked earlier has a list of brands and specific products known to use it. Ewg also has a good database, even if they're otherwise shady. The researches probably won't publicize the products from fear of getting sued.

No. 193389

anyone else totally evangelized by the power of rare beauty? i used to hate wearing foundation/concealer etc but every single one of rare beauty’s products i’ve used (in total: foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter, eyebrow gel, primer) are so great. soft, buildable, velvety, NOT heavy, easy on the skin…: can’t say enough to describe how good these products are. selener should pay me for the endorsement because i’ll scream it from the rooftops i Love This Product

No. 193397

Is bareminerals a good brand for someone starting out with makeup? I think their tinted moisturizer or the loose mineral foundation sound kind of easy to use. My sister tried getting me into makeup before with urban decay liquid foundation but I didn’t really like using it and wound up wasting like $40.

No. 193413

Idf if people forgot but you can diy your own makeup.

No. 193419

Is anyone else a fan of the Lime Crime Venus palettes? I got hooked after I bought the first one and now I have like 5 kek. I only bought them after Doe Deere stepped down of course.

No. 193425

BareMinerals was on the list of PFAS contaminated brands, so

No. 193431

Fug, thanks for letting me know

No. 193454

No. 193666

I have Venus Immortalis and I love it. I’ve wanted to get another Lime Crime palette but don’t know which. Do you have a favorite?

No. 193679

File: 1624322005404.jpg (51.6 KB, 498x750, 2642b14b2a6f8c62e203f41100f72c…)

What are you nonnies' favourite black powder eyeshadows? Many of the ones I've tried just aren't pigmented enough and/or have some fucked up bluish cast to them. Right now I'm trying to use up my ancient pot of Maybelline Color Tattoo in their black shade, which looks okay but is a huge pain in the ass to apply because of the tacky texture. It seems like it would work better with a powder eyeshadow layered on top, although ideally I'd want something that could be worn on its own, too.

Also, I know it's probably dated as hell at this point but I'm an absolute sucker for tonal red looks like picrel. Posting as inspo for my fellow vampire LARPers

No. 193684

I use black eyeshadow as liner a lot and my go to has been a makeup revolution palette for my black. I haven't noticed any blue hues to it, so they might be worth checking out? They're also pretty cheap yet quality is nice.

No. 193686

File: 1624323351157.jpg (395.39 KB, 1080x1044, IMG_20210622_015447.jpg)

This palette specifically and it had a few blues in it which might be why they opted for a real black eyeshadow since they covered their blue tones. It's a nice palette I think I actually got it free with a superdrug order.

No. 193693

i already have over a 50% chance of getting cancer someday in my life due to shit genetics so this doesn't really change much to me when i will likely be dead before im 60 either way lol

No. 193695

File: 1624325093177.jpg (180.88 KB, 1080x1501, IMG_20210622_022347.jpg)

This palette might be good for you, it's also got a red and only £6 lol

No. 193786

File: 1624383649849.jpg (82.46 KB, 1280x720, c9bcaa2293deee51ed0e9d41d88cc9…)

I don't want my skin to get darker (naturally olive skin color) but I don't leave the house so I still look kinda washed out and sickly. I have a lot of scars and stretch marks I want to even out as well. If I get a self tanner in a shade that's the same color as me, will it work kind of like foundation? Or will it just be a waste of money? Also, does the whole contouring with self tanner thing actually work?

No. 193789

The self tanners I've used gradually darken, they don't work like a foundation and won't offer coverage without darkening your skin. A tan can help hide unevenness a little though. Contouring with self tanner can be iffy especially if it's not one that you use often. Some self tanners can look orange on lighter skin and if you screw it up you're stuck covering orange patches for a few days until it washes out.

No. 193804

No, selftanner stains the skin, doesn't cover it. Plus maybe this isn't the same for everyone but for me selftanner doesn't even out my stretchmarks, if anything it makes them more visible because of the heightened contrast.

No. 193864

Oh I have that one too anon and I’m also head over heels for it. I think that one is actually my favorite along with the first one I don’t have a Venus XL palette but I don’t know if it’s worth it to get either of them.

No. 193966

Has anyone tried henna freckles? It looks so good but I’ve seen some disasters from people who used black or red henna. Is it possible to mess it up if you used the all natural body art grade henna?

No. 194069

Just purchased some kbeauty from yesstyle. Got the rom&nd rosebud garden and went ahead and got the mizon collagen curling mascara while it was on sale!

Anyone order from yesstyle before? I’m hoping everything comes in pristine. I’d like to order more Korean and Japanese makeup from there.

No. 194100

I order from there for Korean facial stuff cuz I think western skincare is a bit too harsh and it's good. Prompt. I accidentally sent a package to my old address and they sent me a new one which was nice of them.

No. 194451

Do any anons have recommendations for a really good bb/cc cream? I have lupus so my face is often red as hell and there's really nothing to be done about it, skincare wise. I don't like how foundation looks and don't wanna have to spend ages every morning contouring, I prefer a more natural look so I know I'm not gonna get full coverage, just ANYTHING that will tone the redness down would work.

No. 194467

File: 1624766508045.jpeg (678.72 KB, 1242x1280, 8B826E3A-EC46-4049-AF05-E70401…)

This one is a lifesaver anon. It’s lightweight but has nice coverage without being heavy. I don’t know how dark you are though, this is a Korean beauty brand and they often don’t go too dark. If you want a better range I suggest maybelline dream BB

No. 194474

What websites can I order japanese/korean makeup from other than YesStyle or Amazon?

No. 194478

Thanks! I'm Irish so the shade range won't be an issue lol

No. 194482

No. 194486

Has anyone tried Rare Beauty yet? It's the brand Selena Gomez made and I've seen a couple ads here and there but I'm not sure if it's worth the price point.

No. 194506

File: 1624787830897.jpg (9.53 MB, 2889x3525, cf27a10.jpg)

How do you tightline without it running into your eyes and burning?

My eyeliner always looks like crap because I can't put it close enought to the lashline so there are visible ugly gaps. Also, eyeliner recs? I want to try the makeup revolution one but idk if it's really worth the money.

No. 194507

i always do it kinda wonky and it doesn't burn, maybe you are allergic to your eyeliner?

No. 194510

press on your lid a bit so your lashline sticks out and thne you can use a pencil to line very easily. pony shows how to do it in this video i think.

No. 194513

Possible, I have sensitive eyes and blepharitis so every makeup product is a gamble


No. 194551

just jumping on your comment to add a question about tightlining.

how do you tightline without the line on the top tranfering to the bottom or is that impossible?

No. 194559

If you're tightlining correctly there shouldn't be transfer. You have to get the liner in between the lashes, not on your waterline.

No. 194567

As long as the liner is waterproof or at least liquid. I’ve had transfer only when I used dark eyeshadow or a eyeliner pencil.

No. 194593

File: 1624832969997.jpeg (248.46 KB, 650x650, 092431A3-793D-4881-BD95-A7FF88…)

Any anons in here who like pan porn or follow up with project pans? I find them so satisfying personally even though I have trouble finishing my makeup when it’s not a lipstick, eyeliner, a pencil or mascara. I think I should start my own project pan for some makeup I’ve had for a while

No. 194612

>pan porn
I don't understand the appeal, to me hitting pan needs I need to replace a product soon which is annoying and depending on what it is, eats a bit into my budget for the week.

No. 194617

SokoGlam or iherb.

No. 194618

File: 1624852921445.jpg (1.17 MB, 2000x2000, Barbie-Full-Collection-Badge.j…)

This. It was initially used during black and white era films to help actors from being washed out by lights so they didn't look like the moon emoji. It doesn't translate well outside of that and I don't understand why its still pushed as if it does.

OT how does everyone feel about this collab? I only like the Malibu Sunset lipstick. I can't see myself using that palette.

No. 194627

Same poster from before, I just think it’s good to see me getting my money’s worth out of makeup and not have something collecting dust. There are too many instances where people throw out perfectly usable makeup

No. 194629

This, I've never even seen pan on any of my friends' makeup. Most of it gets replaced when they get bored with it or they start using another product that doesn't work well with it. Makeup is a scam in general.

No. 194635

I feel this way too. But I pretty much exclusively stick to what works for me and buy the same stuff again when once I run out.

No. 194648

Any tips for small, hooded eyes?

I already use white eyeliner, mascara, curler etc. They're just… small. I also tried falsies but they hide them more than anything else

No. 194709

Maybe try eyelid tape or false lower lashes, and apply winged eyeliner in a half, so don’t connect it all the way along your lid

No. 194731

Is it possible to do semi permanent contour makeup using self tanner? Or would it just become a mess.

No. 194732

You could do a simple black smokey eye, if your eyes look more adult-like then embrace it anon.

No. 194733

I wouldn’t trust it. Just use a good bronzer, I love Milani bronzers

No. 194736

File: 1624916316389.jpeg (139.88 KB, 800x800, F8256F06-5147-4447-A40A-FAE4BB…)

Try flared false lashes, anon. These will still show off your lid and make your eyes look bigger.

But remember, small eyes aren’t ugly— at all. Just make sure you know what flatters your eyelid type. With hooded eyes I notice bringing a lot of attention to the actual lid part under the hood with some bright highlight eyeshadow in contrast with a dark shadow on the crease is great. Or like the other anon said, you can smoke out your whole lid. Eyeliner is not your best friend however, you should do half wings or bat wing eyeliner.

No. 194737

File: 1624916436790.jpeg (208.72 KB, 606x561, BCBD0ECB-7AC1-440B-A177-469279…)

Samefag but smoking it out like this looks amazing on hooded eyes and even monolids.

No. 194755

Does powder eyeshadow ever go bad?

No. 194761

It can, depends on the quality of the makeup you’re buying and how much you’ve used it.

Other anons can call me gross but I really haven’t had any issues with using my expensive and used eyeshadows, I’m not throwing away $40-$60 eyeshadows until they start growing something, smell bad, or lose pigmentation and quality

No. 194764


does anyone have more examples like picrel for makeup for hooded eyes? I am excited to try this, also does anyone know what colors goes with light eyes

No. 194808

File: 1624979000816.jpeg (116.99 KB, 1280x720, 515C044D-4C15-42F9-9487-B4ED89…)

No. 194809

File: 1624979092221.jpeg (962.56 KB, 1242x992, 0D2E0217-FB80-4F64-BFB1-F376C9…)

No. 194811

Blue eyes look great with browns, bronzes, and golds

Green looks great with reds, purples, and warm browns

But of course all eyes can wear any colors

No. 194833

Can any (EU) anons PLEASE recommend me a BROWN liquid eyeliner?

I bought two so far and they were absolute shit. The essence pen one had bad pigmentation and the tip kept removing any previously applied liner, the alverde one had a hard af brush that I had to replace but the liner was like watercolors and kept seperating. I don't want to waste more money.

No. 194846

why are you trying to convince anon to wear makeup like she's an 80s prom runner up?

No. 194855

All these examples look pretty and ok to me imo

No. 194856

do you guys have nyx over there? i've had their brown pen for 2 years and it's stayed very inky and sharp

No. 194862

Artdeco and Makeup Factory have all kinds of different brown liners. I think Naj Oleari does as well.

No. 194868

It might be useful to look at korean bgs, I've noticed they do more looks like that (albeit with much lighter colors) because it's very flattering on monolids. It's super simple though. Just grab like 3 mattes, blend the lightest one in the crease and above, the middle one a bit below and the darkest on your lid. Think horizontal, not the usual dark outer v + light lid.

No. 194873

File: 1624997374212.jpg (30.82 KB, 800x700, essence-essence-liquid-ink-eye…)

If you can find it, the essence liquid ink one is a solid budget eyeliner. But where I live I can only find the black one, not the brown one unfortunately. It's not waterproof like it claims to be though.

No. 194882

File: 1625000424166.jpeg (433.75 KB, 1932x2576, 9302B69E-0D79-4472-BCFC-17A2BF…)

Lmao I also hate makeup looks like that. I wish more fun graphic looks were in rather than this boring 50 shades of brown (and briefly red) thing.

No. 194892

The way this was applied is ugly

No. 194893

File: 1625003682548.jpeg (60.17 KB, 1063x1063, 7C955FEA-6654-495E-B1F4-202DFF…)

No. 194894

File: 1625004098450.jpeg (104.13 KB, 960x540, 00C82219-C490-460D-8178-A9AC91…)

No. 194907

File: 1625006947909.jpg (85.88 KB, 1024x768, sophie.jpg)

I like it when done well (picrel)

No. 194946

I'm sure I can order it online, thanks

I saw it just yesterday but didn't bother since I had so many bad experiences with brown eyeliners lol. I'll pick it up today and see if it will work, thanks anon

No. 195026

Does anybody know good liquid lipsticks for someone who is new to them? I mean, I’ve used some before but I eventually didn’t like the matte look on my lips. But I’m kind of sick of the glossy and shiny look I’ve been wearing for so long, I’d appreciate some recommendations. I’ve been longing for a pretty mauve nude matte lippie for the past few months but I don’t know what I should get, I’m afraid of them being sticky and crumbly.

No. 195029

revlon have good ones, get the satin finish it still dries quite matte but doesn't feel dried out & crumbly.
& I did snag a good one of Primarks own a couple years ago

No. 195175

i hate to be the one to inform you but that looks nothing like the prev pic and isn't done well either.

No. 195177

YSL tatouage couture mate stains have the best thin matte formula I've ever tried. Pricy but so worth it. Korean lip stains are also good, rom&nd has a few different formulas.

No. 195278

File: 1625170981089.jpg (26.85 KB, 300x300, example.jpg)

what exactly are these dark streaks under the eyes called and how do you deal with it
they're not exactly bags under the eyes but when you google dark streaks you only get explanations for eye bags

No. 195279

Anon asking the real questions. I need to know this too

No. 195280

Tear troughs/hollow undereyes?

No. 195282

It literally says in the picture she got filler for it. It works, I got it too but it's expensive and needs to be refilled yearly. Yes they are called tear troughs.

No. 195283

I doubt anon is blind. It’s pretty obvious she interpreted her post as ‘fun eyeshadow colours done in a style I like’. Be a condescending autist elsewhere this is a nice thread

No. 195364

They’re called dark circles kek. They can be caused my stress and allergies. Eye bags are different

No. 195422

File: 1625231275314.jpeg (148.68 KB, 567x404, DDA7A6D8-F3B6-4D01-AEFB-CEB44E…)

The Nars soft matte foundation is absolutely beautiful. Highly recommended to all oily anonettes out there.

No. 195425

Thanks nonny. I might have to look into this one, but I’m more of a bb cream and tinted moisturizer gal myself.

No. 195500

File: 1625284891883.jpeg (426.34 KB, 1242x1590, 42F93E5B-3049-485A-95B7-3F9FFB…)

Anons, this will sound dumb as shit, but I really want to buy the canmake eyelash curler because of how adorable it looks and how much it is recommended by my friend and others. The thing is, I have 3 eyelash curlers already. Should I give into an impulse or put that $10 towards something else?

No. 195503

It's 10 bucks, just do it. I find that making sure my mundane everyday items cute and pleasing to the eye is totally worth the money even if there's no difference in function.

No. 195514

What a waste, learn to save your money for better and smarter things instead of consuming for instant but temporary gratification on something you truly do not need because you already own 3 curlers. I know this may sound harsh but you'll only benefit from it on the long term if you learn not to jump on useless consumeric impulses that are created to drain you of your money on things you don't need, even if it's "just $10" at a time.

No. 195520

Don't buy it.

No. 195526

Don't, you have 3 already ffs

No. 195587

If you’re going to talk down on a smoky eye at LEAST provide a better example of what u like better..

No. 196011

File: 1625360423699.jpeg (116.15 KB, 1000x1000, C1C33750-FE35-437A-A0FC-2076A8…)

I’m actually really good at saving money. It’s just very cute and I’ve heard Japanese eyelash curlers work great.

I didn’t get it though, I instead got a new mascara I’ve been wanting to try since I’ve been running out. I got the dolly wink mascara and I’ll try to update on it soon.

No. 196013

stop being a consoomer, that's just sad

No. 196016

This is a makeup thread, it’s just mascara. This whole thread is full of makeup products.

Quit with the tism

No. 196017

I don't care about the rest of the makeup thread. You're the one who wanted to buy shit you don't need just because it looks a certain way. If you didn't want to catch shit for it you shouldn't have mentioned it.

No. 196019

Nta, but what's wrong with buying stuff because you like how it looks? I agree that anon doesn't need to buy another eyelash curler, but if she's running out of mascara and wants to buy one that's cuter then I don't see the big deal.

No. 196020

Anon said they were running out of mascara. It’s probably good too, no reason to go full retard in a nice thread.

No. 196021

>muh consoomerism
What’s even more sad is seeing someone sperg over a tube of mascara and an eyelash curler. Buying products for the cute packaging is common and they already decided against the eyelash curler and bought something they’ll actually need. The previous thread was full of anons who gushed over cute makeup, why are you so mad?

No. 196026

Imagine being this pissed off at what someone else does with their own money.

No. 196043

Am anon you replied to, I still stand by what I said but good for you that you're actually good at saving money. The mascara seems nice.

No. 196058

File: 1625403425272.png (395.51 KB, 592x322, 1.png)

>get money
>buy make-up and shit

No. 196343

So does mascara and fake-lashes pull out your actual eyelashes or is that all a myth, if so is there anyway to use those products without the possibility or lessening the possibility of eyelashes falling off.

No. 196349

Only if you do everything wrong.

You can avoid it with mascara by: washing it off gently; avoid sleeping with it on (this will cause the lashes to stiffen and fall out); not over doing waterproof mascara

You can avoid it with false eyelashes by: not getting glue on your lashes (sounds difficult but it doesn’t happen that often to me); avoid sleeping with lashes on

Also if you use an eyelash curler, make sure you curl them, not crimp them. There’s a difference. The key point here: take care of your lashes and do everything correctly and responsibly, and your lashes will be just fine.

No. 196576

Is it worth going to places like Marshall’s or Ross to find high end makeup there for a discounted price? Anyone have any good finds from stores like those?

No. 196714

I never found anything good at Ross, but I guess it depends on the location. Marshalls and Tj maxx have been more reliable for me.

No. 196715

I don't know about fake lashes/extensions but mascara is fine.

No. 196719

Ebay is excellent, especially if there's been heavy looting recently.

No. 196911

Any Brits remember Dainty Doll? Vidrel for nostalgia. Her foundation was the only one that matched my skin and didn't create any issues grr.

No. 196950

lmao psychetruth amsr

No. 197130

If I were to try Charlotte Tilbury what products would be recommended?

No. 197139

I have a few products. The magic foundation is, in my opinion, over hyped and I don't think it blends well or stacks up to other products which I've used. The lipsticks are nice and so is the mascara along with the brightening youth glow.

The palettes really depend on what you're looking for. There's dupes of nearly each of them and its mostly shimmery shades, so I can't justify paying so much for something other brands have had already for less.

No. 197176

Does anyone know of a pigmented matte turquoise/blue eyeshadow? I've tried some from drugstore brands but they were all shit

No. 197181

File: 1625874892609.png (850.15 KB, 1123x896, ScreenShot2020-04-29at3.55.53P…)

Sugarpill Kimchi

No. 197188

File: 1625881328477.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x1810, 2F2FF67F-7E26-4D9B-A69F-52963E…)

Makeup Geek’s Code Blue single

No. 197347

Marc Jacobs gel eyeliner pencil is amazing

No. 198023

Can anybody recommend some good tinted moisturizers and anything similar to a tinted moisturizer. I'm kind of going for a dewy, not-so-cakey look this summer

No. 198028

File: 1626389268416.jpeg (278.91 KB, 2048x2048, 1DF0D1A4-9498-42D8-B2CB-4BACDD…)

I never found a tinted moisturizer I liked. So I’ve been using this combo(I use a facial moisturizer to mix the tanning drops) and a small amount of nars radiant consealer. I like that natural look/dewy finish and this works great. The consealer is buildable. My make up style is pretty minimal. Mascara and I fill my brows so it works for me. If you’re more into glam it might not be your cup of tea.

No. 198106

What brand of blush are Japanese girls using to get that super pink colour?
I have pale skin with neutral undertones bc slavswine

No. 198232

Canmake, CEZANNE, Jill Stuart, 3CE, etc.

No. 198272

cringe, love yourself

No. 198274

what the fuck is wrong with you

No. 198281

what's wine got to do with being pale? if anything you probably should not need blush anymore after drinking it

No. 198304

From the thumbnail it looks like she has pink eye

No. 198321

kek I think she meant slav swine, not slav's wine

No. 198437

File: 1626635373798.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 650.76 KB, 680x3549, CDEC7ADF-14A3-4593-AFC6-0FBD70…)

Etude house lovely cookie blusher

No. 198702

Any recommendations for natural looking mascara?
I can't stand the look of normal mascara because I naturally have long, light coloured lashes and I think the super long, cakey and black look that most mascaras give me doesn't work at all.
For a while I've been mixing a clear mascara with a little bit of black mascara to make a grey-ish one. It works well enough, but it has some issues and I'd much prefer to use a product that's made purposely to look somewhat natural!
Can anybody help me out here?

No. 198705

I have light eyelashes also. The most natural mascara I've found so far is Covergirl Clump Crusher (in the green tube) once it starts to dry out. There is an actual "brown" shade, though it can be tricky to find since not all stores seem to carry it. Don't get black-brown or black, the brown is much more natural looking. Also, it gets better as you use it and it dries out a bit. After that it doesn't clump at all and looks super natural. Closest I have gotten to mascara that looks like actual dark eyelashes instead of obvious mascara lol.

No. 198710

File: 1626837752749.jpg (368.37 KB, 494x659, 024.jpg)

I have the same problem. While it's not waterproof, I highly recommend the Just for Redheads mascara especially if your hair has a red hue. Colourpop has a decent brown mascara too. If you're feeling desperate, putting eyebrow mascara on your lashes should be fine if it's eye safe. Also, as for fake lashes, Ardell has some brown ones that I personally think look great. You can also always have them tinted too I think!

Unfortunately, I don't know any gray mascaras, but if another anon knows about any please feel free to share :)

No. 198726

No. 198733

i use the longcils boncza cake mascara and it looks super natural, they have it in brown.
it holds a curl really well too.

No. 198746

I don't know if it's natural enough for you since it's a regular formula but I use a grey mascara by Kiko and it looks so much softer and harmonious than black does (on my complexion). It's called smart colour.

No. 198767

File: 1626871487125.jpg (600.37 KB, 1072x1067, Screenshot_20210721-144016_Fir…)

Did anyone try eyebrow tinting/dying? Is it even worth it if your brows are sparse?

My brows are such a mess but it seems like the only option to make them look nice would be microblading which is expensive as fuck so I'm looking into alternatives. They just don't look as nice as I'd like them with just makeup

No. 198783

I thought it was super worth it. when I was dyeing my hair dark i matched my eyebrows with an eyebrow dye, it was really easy and it was like wearing mascara for the rest of my face? Lol i mean that it made all my features stand out a little bit more, while being very natural. Highly recommend it. You may find also that your brows are a lot less sparse when you dye them since pale hairs get dyed too and are now part of your eyebrows.

No. 198790

I dye my eyebrows and think it's worth it, makes life so much easier in the morning. And eyebrow dye isn't that expensive, I use refectocil and a tube of dye + bottle of developer costs about 10-12 euro and lasts a long time.

No. 198870

I did but it barely made a difference for me, maybe my eyebrows are too sparse or the dye was too light. I'm going to try henna next

No. 199083

This is exactly what I was looking for thank you

No. 199368

File: 1627237205595.jpg (15.07 KB, 319x358, E4WBoz0WEAAHnGB.jpg)

can you contour your face if you dont wear foundation? if so would you go with cream or powder contour? also what type of eyebrow gel is best for super dark black and thick eyebrows?

No. 199381

>can you contour your face if you dont wear foundation
Sure. If you don't have an especially uneven complexion it will still be noticeable and look nice so long as you don't go overboard. The best type of product depends on your skin type. I prefer cream contour since I have drier skin, but if your skin is oily then a powder would likely be better.
>what type of eyebrow gel is best for super dark black and thick eyebrows
Pomades are typically the most pigmented so would be suitable for dark brows. I like Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. It's a popular/common choice but for good reason in my opinion.

No. 199391

File: 1627248654792.png (3.25 MB, 1384x1368, fdsfsfsdfs.png)

thank you so much nonita this was very informative, i will look into powder contour my skin might be a bit on the oily side for cream, another question, can i achieve this type of eyebrows with pomade? idk how to describe this not super fleek eyebrows but clear and doll eyebrows looking? i guess she's brushing them upwards or something

No. 199392

I'd try eyebrow soap/wax for this brushed up look. If your eyebrows are thick and stifd gel might not be strong enough to hold them up for long. I've seen people swear by ABH wax thing but haven't tried it myself

No. 199447

How can I find which red lipstick shade looks most flattering on me? I’m very pale, I think my undertone is neutral, honestly can’t tell what color my veins are.

No. 199449

Soap brows! Get a spoolie and some bar soap and look up a visual guide.

No. 199460

how do I prevent transfer of mascara under my eyes throughout the day. I try not to touch my eyes but I always end up rubbing them even a little

No. 199470

You can try using an app like makeup plus to virtually test different red colours as a starting point.

If your skin is truly neutral, then a pick a neutral lipstick that isn't particularly cool or warm. Another way to check your undertone is to see whether you prefer warm brown eyeshadow or taupe eyeshadow.

The type of red depends on your hair colour too - if it's dark then a dark lipstick, if it's blonde or light then go muted/lighter, if it's red or a strong dyed colour then go more saturated/bright.

No. 199471

I had the same problem nonnie, the mascara smudges because of oil from the eyelids. Waterproof mascaras aren't necessarily better because they're just waterproof, not oil proof. Try tubing type mascara, using a clear brow gel on top or putting powder on your lower lid.

No. 199496

Has anyone tried that ‘madluvv’ brow stamp thingie? I have very shaky hands and struggle with my brows. I don’t have those big Instagram brows, just straightish natural ones. And I hate doing them. I have used stencils before with pencils and other brow products, but the stamp seems good? Just wanted to see if anyone else has it or recs?

No. 199508

Use setting powder and/or primer to control the oil that causes smudging

No. 199582

What’s a good high end brand? Or rather, what are your favorite high end brands for makeup? I want to treat myself and get some nice things to try out. I’m kind of sick of all the drugstore stuff I have (which isn’t bad, I just don’t wanna constantly look for dupes in Walmart or CVS).

No. 199617

Pat McGrath for eyeshadow and liners
Charlotte Tilbury, Armani for foundations
Dior for mascara
YSL for lipsticks (gold rectangle tubes)
Guerlain for bronzers

No. 199634

Looking for a BB cream/CC cream/moisturiser that is extremely, extremely light, the kind that still gives the texture of your own skin through it. Light enough that I can still only use water to wash my face at the end of my day to take it off.

No. 199637

A significant minority (I'd wager a 1/4) of white women in the UK are literally bone white yet most of our foundations and concealers in their lightest shades are too orange or dark. Why the fuck is this still happening? I'm trying to find something other than Illamasqua, which I've never been able to make work and breaks me out, most so-called pale skin blogs and vloggers I'm coming across have average, untanned Northern European caucasian skin, they're not pale ffs lol. The odd pale ones are wearing foundation way, way too dark and ruddy but seem to be blind and can't tell. Someone help me kek.

No. 199654

I've heard good things about Viseart for their eyeshadow palettes! I've been eyeing a few for myself but haven't committed yet

No. 199657

Marc Jacobs eyeliner is lovely, Pat Mcgrath lipsticks have unique shades and formulas, also love her new blushes. & Estee Lauder makes a good full coverage foundation.

No. 199658

File: 1627399122987.jpeg (292.32 KB, 1125x1423, B527DDF4-20FB-41F1-BC5D-EA7AC6…)

Nars, nyx & fenty go pretty pale. Have you tried using something like picrel?

No. 199659

omg i noticed that about a lot of cloudier countries. some Finnish girls wear orange tans and it just looks hideous. I will never understand why people try to make themselves look dark and orange, just be the shade that you are

No. 199661

I tried the elf camo hydrating concealer and after it dried it just looked like a bunch of dots.
It is realistic to get makeup that would hide my dark circles and acne spots yet look like my real skin?
Also, my face is whiter than the rest of my body. Can I get “pale” makeup or will it looks weird with the rest of my body?

No. 199663

>gatekeeping being pale
kinda weird tbh. I do feel you though as I am (ethnically) irish living in a southern European country. I don't wear foundation anymore but I know fenty goes pretty light and is available at sephora. Juvias place and morphe both have huge shade ranges and are more affordable

No. 199665

For all the ghost pale girls- Fenty goes the lightest I've seen although I hated their original formula. Havent tried the hydrating one. If Finnish brand Lumene is available for you its goes v light too.

No. 199666

> I will never understand why people try to make themselves look dark and orange, just be the shade that you are
Nta but I'm from a "Cloudy country" and all my life I've been told or asked shit like "Did you spend all summer inside?" "You should get a tan on the beach" "You look so pale, are you okay?". I'm papersheet white and people won't let me pale in peace. I 100000% get why women selftan.

No. 199673

Thanks and nope, but I think I am going to have to use some sort of white mixer. I have a cool undertone btw, forgot to mention that. Most pale foundations are quite pink ime.

Uncharitable reading, but thanks for the recs. Imo it is ridiculous for them to pretend to be some sort of pOrcElaIn pRiNceSs (they are cringy like that) when they're fully aware they're darker than 80% of the population. I see black bloggers do it too re much needed dark skin foundations, it's annoying tis all. It's clickbait, that's what I meant.

It's a regional phenomenon in the UK, my area isn't obsessed with tanning at all, but the orange faces are still fairly prevalent because mainstream stores just don't cater to the average woman's skin tone, it's frustrating. Young British girls in particular tend to have hilariously bad foundation cos all they can afford to buy is the cheapest drug store foundation available. Some girls I went to school with who had skin issues began fake tanning their bodies just to get their face to match and not look ridiculous anymore, I am not joking.

No. 199674

Also here to recommend Mizon snail bb cream to pale anons. It's been my staple for six years.

No. 199756

Literally any cushion foundation or Korean bb cream is what you are looking for

No. 199877

File: 1627520975743.jpeg (96.26 KB, 649x1093, 1E4C8AEF-95DF-4E13-A1A8-5744B1…)

Got this concealer to replace my maybelline fit me which is running out.
That one is very nice, I just wanna see how this one will work since a friend recommended it to me. Any one have any experience with Armani products?

No. 200179

File: 1627710475610.jpeg (643.48 KB, 1242x874, 99E5CD2E-DBCB-4089-82F7-C52E7F…)

Does anybody know of any lip products that look just like this color? I saw she used an IT Cosmetics lip liner in the shade ‘romantic rose’ but they don’t sell lip liners anymore.

No. 200184

Perhaps nyx or even essence

No. 200349

Any tips on how to use gel eyeliner? I used to use a liquid one but I have a hard time with the gel.

No. 200365

Using a really small bent eyeliner brush like Morphe M217 is better than an angled brush in my experience

No. 200498

Are you guys using mascara daily? I'm addicted to it and use it daily for over 10 years, now imma thinking if I should try it without

No. 200500

I stopped using it daily when I started tinting my lashes instead. Since they're invisible (blonde) naturally I just need something to make them visible. Before that I used mascara daily for a good decade or so, pretty much ever since my early teens on.

No. 200501

Only on special occasions, I really can't stand wearing it anymore. You get a similar but more natural effect from tinting + a lift/curler + lash serum, honestly it feels like a bit of a flex when you have nice eyelashes with no makeup on.

No. 200514

Any tips on stopping makeup sinking into lines under eyes. I have tried many things like different primers etc. But it makes me feel about 40 when it happens. I repeatedly use sponges or cushions to press and blend it out, but often it always comes back.

No. 200515

putting moisturizer before the concealer/makeup helped personally

No. 200523

What this anon >>200515 said. moisturizer -> concealer -> powder to set it

No. 200544

What do you use to tint? How do you do it? I have long full lashes that are practically invisible until I use mascara

No. 200545

Best concealers I’ve used for fine lines are the Maybelline Fit Me and Tarte Shape Tape. Both are great

No. 201134

Any underrated brands that can be recommended to me?

No. 201135

What type of product are you looking for?

No. 201141

Nothing specific, just wanna uncover some brands that aren’t talked about much. Cruelty free and non cruelty free brands are welcome.

No. 201286

Does anyone have any good recs for a drugstore liquid eyeliner? Preferably something that won't smear easily.

No. 201290

Catrice, essence, nyx and makeup revolution

No. 201378

What is a good long wearing lipstick that isn’t a liquid lipstick?

No. 201379

Nyx matte lipstick. Matte lipsticks stay on longer in general but can be drying and stick to dry flakes, so make sure you exfoliate first.

No. 201382

Hourglass brand.

No. 201383

Colorpop bullet lipsticks, the matte or blur ones

No. 201526

Chanel, Estée Lauder, bareMinerals, kvd, L’Oréal

Tired of anons recommending essence and nyx over and over kek

No. 201542

I need your bestest advice/recommendations. I don't want to, but I need something to cover my undereyes. The skin is so pale and thin there than my veins show up underneath and from a distance it looks like smudged makeup. So I'm looking for a concealer than doesn't crease, stays well and comes in very pale shades. What are some good options I can look into? I'd rather spend more money and get a reliable product first try than to keep spending money on various budget friendly options.

No. 201568

I think the NARS creamy concealer is a good fit, and maybe Fenty’s concealers as well

No. 201570

Is there a bb cream for a pale skintone with a neutral undertone? Sometimes I think there is something wrong with my undertone. Every bb cream I have tested so far was either too pink or too dark and yellow. The only thing that matches my skin tone perfectly is the nyx can't stop won't stop concealer in shade 1.5 but it is a little too dry and heavy in coverage for me. I am looking for something light coverage.

No. 201573

Not a bb cream but I use glossier's skin tint which is light coverage. I'm a pale-ish neutral as well and have the same issues matching my skin tone, but I'm happy with how it matches. I use g10 but if you're really pale you might try g11.

No. 201615

Mizon snail bb cream or Laneige snow bb cream. Skin79 also works.

No. 201616

Because the last time anybody tried to suggest department store brands they got chimped out on by rabid anons yelling about the ethics of the brands. No one feels like dealing with the grandstanders who come here from r/makeupaddiction.

No. 201617

It’s ok anon, the average everyday makeup consumer will buy anything they see in store or hear about being good. The ethics of a brand are quite subjective in the makeup world. It’s best to ignore when nonnies screech over a Jeffree Star or Ofra recommendation.

No. 201622

You could just mix a few dabs of your concealer with a few drops of moisturizer

No. 201627

Some of us are poor, sorry lmao

No. 201630

To be fair there are plenty of other affordable brands than essence and nyx

No. 201639

I'm new to make-up and want to make sure I'm buying colors that work for me rather than against. I heard stores can color match you for foundation and what I'm wondering is if it's possible to get a hex number/code that I could then use to possibly plug-in to a website to generate a complimentary palette. Do those even exist? When they match you, do they even specify your color with a universal code or just give you bullshit names from whatever product they're trying to sell? If they do give a hex, I could possibly research it and hopefully find colors that work for me that way. I'm aware there's warm, blue, and neutral tones to skin that could help me figure that out but my veins look like an in between of green/blue/whatever so it's hard for me to say.

No. 201646

Dae find that tightlining with a liquid eyeliner stings their eyes more than with a pencil?

No. 201649

There's no such thing as an universal colour system. Some brands use more intricate colour systems that differentiate between undertones for their own products though but most are fairly randomly named. If you get 5 foundations from different brands named "sand" you'll have 5 different shades. If you go to a cosmetics store to have yourself swatched and matched, the salesperson will pull foundations from their collection and find matching one(s) and those could be named whatever the brand named it. You could ask for your undertones though for future reference.

No. 201675

If I have a long and wideish nose, should I or should I not be using bold lipstick? Should I be foregoing color to my lips? My eyes are my best feature and my lips are full but shapelessish. I feel like using lipstick draws more attention to my lower face making it look off but I’m not sure if my nose is the issue or something else I’m not seeing? would it be because my lip shape isn’t nice? I use brown burgundy or dark purple usually

No. 201701

No, it’s best to use a waterproof eyeliner in either form though so it doesn’t bleed or flake into your eyes.

Depends on the look you’re going for. Makeup is used to enhance your best features and yes there should be balance, but you can’t help the size of your nose and that’s okay. You could contour it if you like but honestly just do the bold lip. Pretty and full lips shouldn’t be turned away from just because you’re self conscious about your nose.

No. 201730

Tips for contouring a round face and smaller forehead? My forehead isn’t a small dirt patch kek but it’s a little smaller and I’m scared of making it look nonexistent or Neanderthal-like if I use contour. My face isn’t really chiseled either and it’s been a struggle.

No. 201757

What are some good eyelashes that are dramatic looking but don't have that stiff thick band thats impossible to glue?

No. 201759

I need recs for bronzers that don’t look orange on the skin

No. 201785


Not sure if you're referring to eye & lip color palettes to match your skintone but if you need to match your foundation shades this is site that recommends different foundations based on a ones you already have (color included) - https://findation.com/

If you wear more obscure brands they may not be in the search engine but if you own 1-2 popular ones you'll get results with similar shades from different brands.

No. 201788

Why would you contour your forehead if it's already small?

I've always liked Eylure's lashes but I haven't tried the really dramatic ones. At least the more natural ones have really really thin, bendy bands.

Try a more neutral color. If you don't like your lip shape you can try drawing on a nicer shape by over and/or underlining but be really really subtle about it so it isn't so obvious. I always round out my lips for a more romantic, soft look because I hate how sharp and angular my natural shape is.

No. 201816

Eylure’s lashes have thick af bands, what are you talking about?

No. 201817

Kiss lashes and dollar tree sells ioni mink lashes that have really thin bands

No. 201979

wow anon you described exactly what it is I dislike about my Cupid’s bow, i hadn’t been able to narrow in on it being the sharpness of it
I’ll have to find a color that matches my upper lip since that’s the neutral color that compliments my skin tone best, although it’s hard
Thanks nonita

No. 201980


No. 202288

File: 1629218618784.jpeg (181.64 KB, 816x672, 95D1BBB3-4736-4831-8251-E7409C…)

So you guys do your lipstick like this? Kek. Sorry but people are gonna know… better to just accept you have a prominent Cupid’s bow because no amount of overlining and making it look ~soft~ will help.

No. 202295

File: 1629221117398.jpeg (69.4 KB, 640x633, 7BC8BDCD-6C23-402E-9D08-5FB34A…)

And? Do you see blue eyeshadow and think it’s real? It’s makeup anon, it’s not that serious.

No. 202305

File: 1629224471840.png (208.07 KB, 624x534, A8157C6D-9C80-4C00-95A8-FB85B0…)

>Do you see blue eyeshadow and think it’s real?
What is this Jaden Smith tweet type of shit

No. 202307

Anon literally no one notices your cupid bow or how it affects the look of your lips. Ask the person closest to you and they won't be able to tell you it's shape from memory unless you complained about it to them.

No. 202312

Anyone who is pale has Kylie Lip kits and can recommend me a colour that’s not too dark? I have a few but they all seem rather dark on me

No. 202319

I'm also a super pale brit with a cool tone. NYX's Cant Stop Won't Stop is good for me - they've a very yellow pale shade that works well on my skin. The only issue is that if I'm not careful, the pump gets clogged. On the days I don't want full matte makeup I use Chanel's Water Fresh tint in the palest shade.

No. 202329

I'm sickly pale and I use the Boots Collection concealer, which is the closest I can find to my skin colour. It works quite well for what it costs! That being said, I'm new to makeup and still looking to find a better product to use, so if any other super pale nonnas have recommendations that would be great!

No. 202351

I liked the collection one, too.
Revolution's dupe for shape tape is really nice (matte, opaque) and comes in a range of pale undertones, and I also love L'Oréal's fairest concealer (luminous, more sheer).
I'm really surprised how nicely Rev's C3 matches my undertone. I've never had such a good match before.

No. 202838

File: 1629665729178.jpeg (360.67 KB, 750x912, 8CBD75AF-801F-4A5F-9FEE-B653B6…)

can any sweet anon ID these circle lenses? Thanks in advance!!

No. 202876

Anons I'm gonna kill myself. I had some lipsticks, on tube of mascara and two highlighters that I used on a regular basis before the pandemic stored in one of my drawers right next to my bed. I haven't touched them in over a year but last week I noticed only the mascara was there. I have no idea where the rest is, I checked my room thoroughly and they're nowhere to be found, and I have no idea where else they could. Keep in mind that I live with my family so maybe someone took some of my stuff for some reason because I have absolutely no privacy at all. It's all expensive stuff I didn't even have time to use that much or limited editions, I'm so fucking mad.

No. 202885

File: 1629732483356.jpg (63.93 KB, 700x370, CdEg-ElUUAATabE.jpg)

Closest i could find

No. 202886

File: 1629733315163.jpg (2.42 MB, 4032x4030, MOONZI-shine-brown-contact-len…)

Or these. Moonzi shine

No. 202889

I wish I could wear circle lenses but muh astigmatis makes them expensive.

Are there any reputable eu stores that sell them with prescription?

No. 202937

Wrong thread to be venting here

No. 202974

File: 1629800404835.jpg (80.09 KB, 800x800, GradientStar-_Grey_2000x.jpg)

No. 203001

File: 1629811879029.jpg (163.23 KB, 1001x1001, 5bc2c83dda3ffb0177a0aedf305824…)

Anons, which of these shade would work best for a very pale olive? I'm thinking Accepting a dare because it's not too warm and not too cool but not sure

No. 203002

of course I fucked up the name of the lipstick. It's Accept a dare, not Accepting a dare haha

No. 203003

I'm olive skinned but more on the tanned side, but I think accept a dare would give a good pop to your complexion. Other than that I think the top two would be fine too

No. 203018

File: 1629816550034.jpg (40.63 KB, 500x604, glitter.jpg)

are there any liquid eyeliners that are just glitter like pic related?

No. 203049

What is a geniunely good eyeliner, preferably with brush tip? I try, and I try, but all eyeliners flake off of me so badly, even on highly rated ones.

No. 203060

live on the edge, it has warm earthy undertones which compliment your olive skin. I'm assuming you have warm undertones?

No. 203063

File: 1629846127755.jpg (1.35 MB, 780x2314, BBIA_0049_detail.jpg)

Urban Decay heavy metal liners
Bbia glitter liners
Peripera sugar twinkle liquid glitter
Holika Holika eye spang glitter

No. 203066

Ladies I need some advice on how I can make my makeup looks more soft, refined, and “natural” looking.
I’ve gotten into a rabbit hole of doing my makeup heavy handed, like drag/insta baddie makeup.
I’m ready to move on from this type of makeup, so any tips on soft, cute makeup would be greatly appreciated. I like experimenting with colors and shapes.
What I need help with:
>Natural eyebrows, no idea what to do with mine since I drew them on for the longest time. I grew them back and my brows are pretty thick.
>Dewy foundation, would love tips on a natural looking base
>Neutral glam/everyday eye makeup

No. 203067

I've used the following and never had any flaking personally, but ymmv
kvd tattoo liner in trooper and…whatever the brown one is called
flow fushi UZU liner in navy-black
wet n wild breakup-proof liquid eyeliner
la girl jetsetter liquid eyeliner
dolly wink liquid eyeliner
heroine make impact liquid eyeliner

good luck nona!

No. 203078

You can try to look at korean makeup tutorials for natural eye-shadow looks, they usually involve using a few beige and brown shades (from one tone lighter to two tones darker than your skintone) matte for everyday and sparkly gold or rose natural tones for the evening. If you want to be ridiculouly basic just a wash of your skintone shade all over the lid can be enough. If you have an eye for interesting makeup,you can try doing the same placement you do for heavy looks with a very light hand and natural shades.

Lisa Eldridge is a must watch of course, she is a professional artist that can do extraordinary makeup from natural to very experimental and she works on various models of different ages and skintone, really gives great advice on how to do makeup that will suit your natural features. She IMO really makes all her models look absoluterly gorgeous. This is super colorful but still refined makeup for example :


I am not so good at foundation but I have friends that swear by her advice for natural skin makeup. Don't know about dewy specifically.

For eyebrows, if they are thick then my best advice would be to lay off the makeup for a while and follow and adapt this grooming routine, you may not even need any eyebrow makeup at all. If you do lightly coloring in any uneven part with an eyebrow pencil that suits you should be enough.


No. 203084

Use clear eyebrow gel/soap to brush your eyebrows. You could also use a tinted eyebrow mascara if you feel like you need some filling, a very natural one is Boy Brow from Glossier or Essence Make Me Brow. Make sure you groom them well.

For the dewy look you can either purchase a dewy foundation (Glossier or pretty much any korean BB cream/cushion), use a dewy setting spray (I love the nyx one) or apply sunscreen 10-15 minutes before foundation. Sunscreen always made me look dewy, if applied properly. Ditch contour and apply a faded blush, you will look a lot more natural.

No. 203087

Thanks for recommending Lisa. She is phenomenal.

No. 203098

Any tips for keeping your lashes curled all day? My lashes still seem to fall quickly after curling with heat, letting them cool then applying waterproof mascara. Am I doing something wrong? Missing a step? Is there a specific mascara you might recommend?

No. 203099

I use a fiber mascara and apply a thin coat, then kind of pinch my lashes to get the excess mascara off. Then curl them until they're dried. You can repeat this 1-2 x more if you want it to be heavier look.

No. 203100

File: 1629874389124.jpg (38.39 KB, 250x498, 51gmx8DWLnL._AC_SY780_.jpg)

Btw I use this one: KISS ME Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara

No. 203102

Get a lash perm, my lashes are also super stubborn and nothing else works.

No. 203115

Try cake mascara, it changed my life. Waterproof and tubing mascaras made my lashes fall out, this one doesn't but it still holds a curl like a champ and washes away with normal cleanser

No. 203155

Hey what’s a good oil free matte foundation that has light to medium coverage? I’m not into heavy makeup at all but I want something for my oily ass skin and that covers up just enough.

No. 203219

I've tried the breakup proof liner by wet n wild and it flaked so bad. But I noticed that maybe I need to store it so the fluid is falling into the brush area (if that makes sense). I will try your other suggestions! I have a whole life ahead of me, I'm determined to find an eyeliner that works on my eyelids.

No. 203249

i feel like such a fucking idiot. how the fuck do i do makeup?
what the fuck is foundation?

i'm in my early 30s, i didn't have a mom to teach me this stuff and my upbringing led to a lot of problems with insecurity and confidence that i'm still trying to deal with. i've rejected femininity throughout a lot of my life as a result of these issues and i just want to be more feminine now. i went to sephora thinking maybe someone there could teach me the basics. i told the lady there i have no idea about makeup and she kept asking me what looks i liked (i don't know any looks) or if i wanted foundation or something else (i don't remember what it was and i don't know what foundation is) and kept asking if i wanted this or that and all these other make up items and terms that i don't know. when i told her i don't know any of this stuff she just said "well you're going to have to work with me." i got so frustrated that i just left because i'm clearly in over my head going to a makeup store in the mall. where do people go to learn make up when they don't have moms to teach them? i tried buying makeup at cvs but its all obviously shit quality, the lipstick isn't the same color on the lips as on the label, it all runs and gets everywhere. i look like a fucking kid or a clown when i try to put it on. so i thought maybe sephora would have a bit more knowledge and better product and be able to help but instead they just made me feel even stupider.

i don't know what the fuck i'm doing or how to learn what the fuck to do. i'm so frustrated and embarrassed that i'm this old and i don't know how to put on fucking makeup.
there is clearly a wealth of information on the internet and tutorials on youtube and stuff but every time i try to watch one i feel like i'm in over my head. like someone who doesn't know what a pencil is trying to learn how to draw. even coming into this thread is really overwhelming. i really just need someone to show me and answer any stupid dumb idiot questions i have without making me feel like an even bigger stupid dumb idiot, but i don't know where to find that.

No. 203252

Try "makeup for beginners" on youtube or something? There are also old-school makeup books if that's more your thing.

No. 203263

I didn't have my mom to teach me since you didn't like make-up, I learned from the internet. Blogs (at the time) and youtube and my own experimentation. I'd be careful with just picking any "beginner makeup tutorial" video from youtube though, most of them will expect you already know what the basic/most common products are and do and a lot of them still cake on like 10 products. Vid I added may be useful for you. It's by a FtM troon sorry about that, but she actually goes through most of the common items with an explanation of what it does. Definitely don't think you need to use all of that though! I've been using make-up for over a decade and I'm down to a really minimalist daily routine of three products (mascara (makes your lashes dark and stand out), blush (to well, make your cheeks blush) and something to fill in my brows.

Here's also a good written resource that explains most common make-up products if you prefer text: https://www.makeupartistessentials.com/an-introduction-to-makeup-types-of-makeup/

I'd say, if you want to buy a make-up product and you have no idea where to start, go get one single product and it should be a mascara. As I said it's a product that enhances your lashes (makes them darker and thicker, some specialize in for example more curling or enhancign the length). It's subtle and hard to mess up. And probably the most basic make-up item there is, no one who wears make-up doesn't wear mascara. Don't get a waterproof one, you'll find it difficult to remove. Try and experiment with it in the comfort of your own home until you're condifent to wear it out and/or move on to another product.

No. 203275

>i didn't have a mom to teach me this stuff
You overestimate how common/important having someone to 'teach' you makeup is. My mum didn't tell me a thing, I learned through trial and error, emphasis on the error. That means years of wearing disgusting orange dreamy matte mouse in high school, and wasting hundreds just to try foundation that didn't work for my skin at all. Most people don't have the luxury of being proficient at makeup from the start, the difference is you probably have more self awareness than a teenager and can tell when your makeup is the wrong colour or too heavy or whatever. And even if tutorials and guides are overwhelming, at least they're there and you have plenty of resources once you can handle the information overload.

I lost interest in makeup long ago so anons can give you better specific advice about learning but I'm just saying you shouldn't expect to be great at makeup without being shit at it first, most of us went through the same thing.

No. 203282

my mom didn't teach me either, I learned from youtube. Like the other anon said look up some beginner/everyday looks. Don't feel like you need to use every product youtubers use in their videos though, I remember for a while as a teenager I wore foundation and powder every day because all the vloggers told me to, even though I didn't need them at all. Also keep in mind most product recommendations in more recent youtube videos aren't genuine.
What the other anon said about mascara is true however depending on your features I'd recommend you also consider an eyebrow pencil and/or a lip product. I have small eyes but full lips and sparse eyebrows so learning how to do lips and brows made a much bigger difference for me than eye makeup, and I regret not realizing this sooner

No. 203283

Makeup is to add color and definition to your face, as well as bring out features and even out your skin tone. Find out what you wanna do; what facial features do you like the most? Do you have nice full lips you wanna blush up with lip color? Big green eyes you want to stand out? Blemish or skin imperfection concerns?

No. 203288

no ones mom teaches them how to put on makeup, get a concealer, blush, mascara, a tinted lip balm, a big brush to put blush on your cheeks, a beauty blender to dab concealer under your eyes and blemishes until it melts into your skin(very intuitive) and you'll need a moisturizer as base before you put your makeup on, I use sunscreen. As you feel more comfortable you can move on to eyeshadow, eyeliner, highlighter, setting powder and bronzer since they're harder to execute but it takes like 3 minutes of watching youtube to get a hang of it. You do feel like a clown going out with makeup when you're not used to it but it gets better you have to practice every other day and it becomes automatic at some point and you become really good at it. Foundation is not necessary, I wear full face of makeup without foundation almost every day.

No. 203313

Thank you so much, anons! Appreciate your replies

No. 203363

File: 1630093887795.jpg (86.97 KB, 960x960, 14555803_10209506156223419_213…)

I'm thinking about picking up a black lip color, since much of wardrobe is goth/alternative. My lips are pretty thin, so I'm very self-conscious about bold colors looking strange on me. I normally wear a little bit of NYX butter lipstick in Root Beer Float and spread it around with my finger. I could use some tips on going for a darker, bolder color, and some product recommendations if you have any!

No. 203365

File: 1630095568488.jpg (125.07 KB, 720x720, 922490.jpg)

I have small lips as well and dark matte colours make them look even smaller. My favourite formula is Catrice demi matte lipstick, shade 080 reckless love (picrel) works well for my skintone (light with cool undertones). I do the same thing as you, spread it around with my fingers. It stains my lips a bit so the colour doesn't completely wear off. You could try using a clear gloss over matte black lipstick (or black eye pencil lol it works well enough), that might make your lips look a bit more plump. Essence glosses are nice and also really cheap.

No. 203366

File: 1630096354185.jpg (104.65 KB, 640x800, Dior-dark-purple-lips-IRL.jpg)

Don't go solid black like in your pic related because a solid lipstick colour without will always make your lips appear a little smaller and flatter.

The best thing to do is a subtle gradient. For example, if you want to go black, get a jet black lip liner and a slightly sheer black lipstick. Outline as normal, add in some extra liner in the least plump parts of your lips (corners and sides mostly) with the very dark black and then apply the sheer black all over your lips. The slight difference in colour between the outline and the plumpest part of your lips give the appearance of fullness. A glossy lipstick will also add to the effect.

picrel is the effect with a purple colour

No. 203396

Can any makeup anons help me determine my eye shape? Is it just deep set/round? I hate how much of my eyelid shows, it accentuates my weird uneven eye especially when I smile. The only "good" eyeshadow look I've found is using a very subtle brown as the base and a slightly darker one on the outer lid, any more than that and I start to look crazy, it just makes my eyes look too big like I'm a bug kek
I have been doing my makeup for over 12 years and never stopped to consider my eye shape and always wondered why some days I felt I looked way better than others, i know it has to do with my eyeshadow and eyeliner shape/application but I just don't know what looks best until I've finished it and I can never really recreate it..ugh lol
Spoilering cuz autism, any suggestions would be appreciated

No. 203397

File: 1630141429365.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 134.75 KB, 750x957, 6B9402B6-5799-45CE-A789-DC7E33…)

>forgot pic like a retard

No. 203405

Maybe try something like krysten ritter does

No. 203406

definitely deep set/round which is the envy of people like me with deep set hooded. you've got all that real estate to do what you want with so make the most of it gal. Most anything would look good on you so do what you want!

No. 203408

I think your eye shape is beautiful anon! I have really small, wideset eyes, so perhaps I can recommend doing the opposite of what I do with my makeup lol. Darkening your waterline would probably look good on you. It adds intensity and makes the eye appear smaller. You can add a lighter shade on the inner corners of your lids while doing your usual eyeshadow look. I'm wondering how you do your eyeliner because that can make or break the whole thing.

No. 203426

I need recs for a matte lip color that has a moussey texture. I’m tired of matte lipsticks dragging my lips and feeling sticky and gummy after application

No. 203434

Nta but your eyes are so pretty they're like in a victorian painting.

No. 203448

Anon your eyes are so beautiful! If you want them to appear less round (which is probably why they look buggy with a lot of eyeshadow) try something like vid related

No. 203449

Bourjois velvet liquid lipstick is the nicest (and also cheapest!) one I've ever tried. Feels soft while it's drying and once it's dried it feels like you're wearing nothing but the colour lasts and it's matte.

No. 203451

This styling is so fugly

No. 203455

I want to try out polygel nails but all the kits online are super expensive save for amazon and even then idk what I'm looking for really. Just a kit that comes with everything including the light. My nails are so short and just..weak I hate it. Been trying to take care of them but there is no change after months so I decided I wanted to try polygel.

No. 203459

Your eye-type is called protruding. My bf has that type, and they're even more protruding than yours. I love them, they're so pretty. Anyway, the reason why you have trouble wearing makeup is because that is a prominent feature already. Anything you do to it will make it stand out more. That can be a pro or con, depending on the look you want. What look are you going for?

No. 203460

Your eye shape looks a lot like Brittany broski’s and she usually does 60s style makeup that looks amazing on her

No. 203461

File: 1630192115996.jpg (17.84 KB, 300x300, sarai-cruz-5.jpg)

Those are deep-set eyes, not protruding. Protruding eyes, as the name implies, protrude out of the eye socket and brow bone, pic related.

No. 203466

File: 1630196717508.jpeg (141.77 KB, 1000x1905, AC574941-1512-4B7F-8EDA-2ED8B0…)

From every result I’ve seen you have protruding eyes.

No. 203467

This is so ugly I hate it

No. 203476

those charts are usually wrong btw

No. 203481

Anon you have protruding eyes. I also have them. Look at these celebrities: nicole richie, mila kunis, sarah hyland, emmy rossum

No. 203483

Samefag sorry. They are also referred to as “prominent” eyes. Might help you more when searching for looks

No. 203491

File: 1630225771591.jpg (75.84 KB, 1280x720, I04t3XL.jpg)

You have deep set eyes with a prominent lid. Or maybe protruding with a very strong browbone which throws things off. Advice for deep set eyes will help. There's also small amount of tutorials for deep set prominent eyes that'll be useful.

No. 203492

File: 1630227427328.jpg (Spoiler Image, 75.19 KB, 783x820, IMG_9243.jpg)

Thank you anons for these suggestions, particularly for Krysten Ritter and Brittany Broski, Brittanys look quite similar to mine. Her style is a bit dramatic but I like it, I'm gonna try all of the suggestions and hope somethin sticks out to me
Grass is always greener I think, I absolutely love how hooded/deep set eyes look, they look mysterious and so, so pretty to me.
I definitely like darkening my waterline, it makes my eyes look alot smaller and less round, but I've found that using a lighter color on my inner corner tends to bring attention to how close set my eyes are unfortunately. I tend to do my eyeliner in a pretty standard "cat" wing, not too extremely long and usually pretty thin. I always feel 100x better about my appearance with just concealer, mascara, and eyeliner wings lol. I usually skip waterline eyeliner bc it tends to..migrate to my inner corner and looks gross if you aren't checking it constantly
That may be the greatest compliment I've received, thank you anon ♥
I've been watching youtube videos of people describe deep set eyes vs protruding eyes, and it's still hard for me to determine even after staring at my face and photos of my eyes.
My brow bone definitely sticks out more than my eyes, but I've got a shitload of eyelid space similar to protruding eyes
I think they are deep set but with..prominent features? Like >>203491 said. I think the combination of features is why I struggle with following tutorials for specific eye shapes. I'm gonna search for videos that specifically fall under deep set and prominent
thank you to everyone who replied, it is somehow comforting to know that I am no longer the only person confused about my own eye shape. KEK
like in this photo, I feel like my eyes look most similar to protruding, but in youtube vids for protruding eyes, they look so much different than mine?
i wish i could just find a makeup artist do my makeup in the most attractive way possible, then i could copy it forever. i would never have to worry about this shit again kek

No. 203506

No, you’re usually wrong kek

No. 203546

No, the other anon is right. "Hooded" by itself isn't an eye shape for instance. Neither is wide set (Kate Moss has hooded wide set upturned eyes). And whoever they used as an example for almond shape doesn't have almond shaped eyes.

No. 203572

File: 1630321161534.png (102.02 KB, 540x250, 34BB6FD1-2587-4D70-A1D3-AD2578…)

The sheer incompetence of Sephora annoys me. Are all their staff just thundercunts or even trained in makeup? Like they could’ve just asked anon about her features or what she wants her makeup to do for her like a professional makeup artist would smfh

No. 203582

Eyelid shapes* so you’re still wrong kek I know it’s just you again.
I agree wholeheartedly. But be careful nonnie, someone will start sacrificing tooth and nail to stand up for Sephora employees.

No. 203637

The chart you're defending literally says EYE SHAPE CHART though.

No. 203645

Why are you still hung up on this, it’s a makeup thread
This mascara is good but a bitch to get off. If it’s for all day wear then I’d be too tired to spend all that time taking it off afterwards

No. 203665

File: 1630386974791.png (3.33 MB, 750x1334, F00BC286-71C8-4B69-8073-895282…)

any tips on how to do eye makeup on my eye shape? all I know is that i have double eyelids, different from monolids. when i do eyeshadow on my lids it gets weird n oily n bunches up in the crease area (hard to explain). picrel is how i usually do my makeup

No. 203682

File: 1630404794905.jpg (23.46 KB, 600x398, 612cd609dc8860002a58d17452d8b4…)

sorry anon if this is your eye, please fix your eyebrow in the first place. I don't mean to be nitpicky or mean, eyebrows like yours would make anyone look worse. Let your natural eyebrows grow or watch a tutorial and learn how to make them look a little bit thicker and natural.

The white on your lower lid is too much, use a more natural highlighter there, something less proeminent. Don't wear eyeliner and put a darker shade in your crease. Make your eyelashes thicker at the end of your eye or wear a couple of fake lashes there.

No. 203753

your eyes are so pretty nonny! you have such a pretty eye shape.
i think you could benefit from sort of extending the area where you apply eyeshadow a bit higher up and also on the outer lower part of your eye. i'm not very well educated on eye shapes so someone correct me if i'm wrong but your eyes look a bit hooded while also having a double eyelid, so i assume that's why you're having issues with eyeshadow getting oily in your crease.
i found a few videos that may help give you some ideas of what i mean particularly about the eyeshadow location.

also, i dont think the shape of your eyebrow is bad, but i do think you could benefit from extending your brows and thickening them a bit with a greyish toned eyebrow pen. i prefer eyebrow pens to pencils or pomades because they look more natural. the tolymoly 7 day eyebrow is good: https://tonymoly.us/products/7-days-tattoo-eyebrow
and so is the nyx eyebrow tint (my fav by far)
they even have a greyish shade which looks really nice and natural and less…over the top/instagramish

No. 203768

Anon…that’s a really 2012 weeby style of eye makeup. The frosty white on your lower lid looks really out of place. There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube that would help with downturned eyes, especially Korean tutorials

No. 203802

Sadly us unlucky fuckers with hooded eyelids have to extend eyeshadow up to our brows if we want it visible, but that tends to look too dramatic for daily use imo
I like to use eyeshadow below my eyes, especially corals, light purple, maybe even red if I'm feeling extra emo. I keep the light eyeshadow only in the corner of my eye, I don't totally extend it like you do but I think that's cute too, even though like other anon said it's outdated (who cares though!).

No. 203853

I've recently realised that I should probably be colour-correcting my super dark circles rather than smothering them with concealer.
Any recommendations for correctors (especially peach ones for really pale skin?)

No. 203865

Kek this will sound stupid and very strange as fuck but have any anons ever tried mixing stuff into liquid lipstick to alter the shade before? I got a milani liquid lipstick and the formula is amazing, but the shade is just a tad strange on me. I don’t wanna give anyone used makeup, and I certainly don’t know anyone who would wear the shade. Not to mention I don’t want to toss it or let it sit unused until it goes bad either. If it was slightly more pink or peachy, it would be the perfect nude. Please tell me if you know any ways to change it with another pigment or something. I’ve thought of using one of my redder/pinkish liquid lipsticks to mix into it but I’m scared of changing the formula too much. This is all a worry because I don’t wanna waste my money and buy a new one and have a tube that I throw out or just let sit in a drawer. I need to save money and I really like how it applies.

No. 203870

You could try mixing a bit of each lipstick together on the back of your hand and applying it with a lipstick brush.

No. 203890

File: 1630551141907.jpeg (70.95 KB, 900x675, BD293D5F-BA40-4AC7-BF25-A48FFF…)

Your eyelids look like a mix of double eyelids and monolids. Sadly it looks like you don’t have enough of a crease to do regular makeup like for hooded eyes and double eyelids, you should look for makeup that’s geared towards monolids.

No. 203891

Pixi beauty under eye corrector.

No. 203898

Skinfood corrector is amazing and one jar will last you FOREVER

No. 203918

i was using nyx color corrector for a while but it didnt do anything, it actually made my undereyes worse, could it be because it was very orange? stuff you guys are recommending doesnt look orange. but im not pale so maybe i'm supposed to use orange? how do you apply this without blending the concealer and corrector together making a mush?

No. 203919

samefag i'm not the same anon fyi

No. 203925

The key is to not use to much and let it dry down

No. 203944

Thanks so much for your suggestions nonnas!! I've gone for the skinfood corrector because it was easier to find in my country. I'll give a little review as soon as it arrives!!

No. 203983

What color of blush works best on darker skin tones?

No. 203988

Darker blush colors kek

No. 203999

Wouldn’t work because liquid lipstick dries down.

No. 204011

…it doesn't dry down instantly the moment it touches your skin. You can mix liquid lipsticks on the back of your hand with a brush and apply them just fine. You can even mix them with other formulas it works good.

No. 204086

File: 1630709720463.gif (1.06 MB, 320x175, 052CF60C-ACB2-4826-9958-7E7686…)

No. 204380

Is it worth going to a professional makeup artist? I feel like I look weird as hell with makeup (that's more than brown eyeshadow) but it's probably cause I have no idea what suits me kek, I'm curious what a professional would make of my mug

No. 205043

Twice in my life have I been to professional makeup artists and both times I felt really disappointed. It's was still sort of fun to try it out and feel pampered, I just didn't like the results. I think I'm just ugly and nothing truly suits me lmao

No. 205347

To be fair anon beautiful women don’t use lolcow or any anonymous imageboard/shit talking forum. I get you

No. 205609

Nonnies, I have oily lids/ sebum around my eyes, so Mascara tends to move around and I always end up with mascara under my eyes.

The Ssaem used to have a mascara that worked for me and didn't do what I described above, but now it's out of production so I am looking for recommendations for a new one.

No. 205613

to be frank i dont like the way make up artists do my makeup either not that it looks ugly, to me it does because i like manipulating my eyes and face a certain way that makes me feel beautiful, everyone has a different perception of beauty, i guess if you instruct your mua on exactly what you have in mind in detail it is achievable, regardless trust me you can definitely make makeup work for your face its literally the point of makeup, you just have to test what you like on your face biggest mistake of women who just get into makeup is that they try to recreate some super glam instagram look and it turns out gaudy because they lack the skill or they follow a checklist of makeup products instead of studying their face and forming their make up routine around it, blush doesnt suit some people, some people dont need foundation but use it regardless and it looks cakey, dont get disheartened ladies there isnt one person on earth that cant benefit from makeup its painting your face at the end of the day, all about technique and knowing your canvas.

talk for yourself i'm a stacy

No. 205622

File: 1631661764591.jpg (137.97 KB, 1900x1900, 99240000373_1.jpg)

No. 206059

I'm looking for a cool-toned eyeshadow pallete. Preferably with muted neutrals, greys and blues. But most importantly cool (to neutral) toned. Does anyone have suggestions? For some reason it's really difficult to search for eyemakeup specifically by undertone.

No. 206063

What does being beautiful have to do with gossiping?

No. 206096

If you're conventionally attractive you're more likely to be a normie. And don't pretend that going on here is the same as gossiping with a group of friends irl kek

No. 206097

Have you looked at Nyx Perfect Filter Gloomy Days or Marine Layer?

No. 206163

What are some ways I could make my face - which is long - appear more rounder?

No. 206165

blush makes a huge difference in terms of how your face looks. this video is extremely helpful. for example i used to apply my blush in the middle of my face and all over my cheeks the way someone with a long face might but it made my face look droopy and gaunt, i watched this video and tried applying it much higher than i normally would and it was night and day in terms of difference.

No. 206215

The gloomy days one looks good, thanks!

No. 206217

Nta but for a lot of people it very much is the same thing since the average person (esp over the last year or so thanks to quarantine) has been doing more social interacting online vs offline. We've also been in the 2.0 age for a while now where its not unfounded to have friends you met online and have kept for years and eventually met up with, etc. Can whatever pick-me anons who have been coming to this thread, skincare, fashion, and perfume generals please fuck off already with this mindset.

No. 206218

I like this for a clean work look even if straight across brows don't flatter me in the slightest.

No. 206221

the asian pink around the eyes does not look good at all. it makes people look sick/tired/like they have an infection/pink eye

No. 206225

Autists can be conventionally attractive too, anon.

I like peach/pink eyeshadow okay for casual wear, but I think taupes look a lot more professional and grown-up.

No. 206234

i think that's the point

No. 206242

I think it’s cute. Asian eyes are typically smaller in appearance and a puffier look helps them look bigger since their eyelids lack definition.

No. 206243

>im a stacy
Yeah sounds like a dumb bimbo name since you can’t learn to use a period kek
This is so useful anon. Thank you!

No. 206246

Why would someone want to look sick on purpose idgi

No. 206250

File: 1632095702280.jpg (273.42 KB, 780x780, HOLIKA-HOLIKA-My-Fave-Mood-Eye…)

nta but I don't think it's sick exactly, so much as slightly sleepy/languid. Kind of a just-got-out-of-bed type of cuteness. The pinks used in the video are a little peachy for my tastes, but I think it's nice generally.

On a related note, does anyone have a good rec for a high quality palette with colors like picrel? I love the mauve undertones, but I own the palette that the picture is swatched from and it's really chalky.

No. 206252

File: 1632096585569.jpg (446 KB, 1500x1500, A1xVMuiJf-L._SL1500_.jpg)

This reminds me of this palette in picrel.

Nta but.. do you not actually know the meaning behind what a 'Stacy' is? Why the fuck are you being so needlessly cunty towards an old post which was otherwise non-aggressive? You sound like a miserable NLOG zoomer, eat shit and fuck off.

No. 206254

Colourpop's Amor palette? I think there's an Etude House one that is also similar.

No. 206256

koreaboos stop being embarrassing challenge

No. 206259

i also think it's cute when it's a cooler pink! peachy pinks just look odd

stop whining and learn to scroll, misery guts

No. 206278

No one was talking about Korea?

No. 206430

File: 1632171377679.jpg (50.28 KB, 580x819, givenchy2.jpg)

How does that have anything to do with what I said? And how is it pick-me? I stand by my statement. Going on lolcow and nitpicking random e-whores to death isn't the same as having online friends or simply communicating online. An average person will at most visit reddit for gossip on the latest beauty guru drama.
Of course, I was speaking very generally.

No. 206451

I have this palette and it’s a lot more warm toned. It’s pretty but I barely use it, mostly because it smells like old juice someone left in a hot car for three days.

No. 206485

nta but love the pic

No. 206593

I'm just going to throw this tip into the wind, something I picked up from Liv Tyler, but clear eyes or any anti-redness eye drops do wonders and it shocks me I don't see it talked about more often. It especially helps reducing the skin bunched in the inner corner, which became more prominent for me after a bad bout of too much crying.

TLDR; try eye drops.

No. 206681

File: 1632395948276.jpeg (101.71 KB, 640x640, D3210C15-3221-4505-BB7F-06CBD7…)

anons, how can i do a colorful waterline like picrel? i’ve heard that you can put eyeshadow primer on your waterline, then pat pigment on top, but when i try that i get a bunch of pigment in my eye and it doesn’t look good. should i mix the pigment with the primer before putting it on my waterline?
would also appreciate if you guys could tell me what to search for to find tutorials for this, i’ve tried searching youtube but i can’t find tutorials for this specifically, just for entire eye makeup looks.

No. 206682

Pencils and gel liners are your best choice. You could use a white pencil and try patting shadow on top but in my experience it doesn't really stick. Best wait for a colourpop sale, they have sets of colorful gel pencils and liners.

No. 206865

I can't even get black to stay on my waterline without turning into a raccoon within minutes, even the supposedly waterproof liners… wish I could do fun colors like this

No. 207631

File: 1633109297195.jpeg (55.5 KB, 700x700, B41F4246-E518-46E5-B227-6CE9B1…)

Any recommendations for affordable dark reddish brown lip gloss/cream? Similar to picrel

No. 207656

Try nyx lip lingerie or soft matte lip cream, they're not super cheap but still affordable and really good

No. 207917

I feel like eye brows fall more into make up than hair so I’ll post here.

What do you use for brow lamination after care? My brow lady gives me oil that does nothing to make the hair happy and I break out around my brows so I stopped using it awhile back. But now I’m noticing my tails aren’t as full as they used to be.

I’m thinking of trying castor oil but wanted some other input. I have naturally dark brown hair and my brow hairs are thick but a little sparse. Thanks nonnies.

No. 207919

castor oil 100%. it works wonders for brows and lashes. just buy a spoolie with a cap or a little screw-on bottle and use that. unless you wanna splurge for an expensive brow/lash serum castor oil is the best

No. 207997

I’ve been out of touch with new makeup for a few years because quitting it altogether was the only thing that cleared my skin.
Any recs for someone very acne/irritation prone if I really just want to cover under eye darkness and redness around nose/laugh lines and occasional spot concealing? A priority would be looking as natural as possible in natural lighting, ie avoiding chalkiness or over brightening

No. 208017

how do you prevent foundation from settling into fine lines as the day goes by?

No. 208201

are you wearing primer anon? i don't wear it too often but i imagine it would help since its creating a base layer that forms a smooth surface for your foundation

No. 209292

Any tips for looking best on webcam for meetings? I've noticed webcams tend to wash my features together so maybe I should lean more heavily on contouring?

No. 209625

What's a good pink lipstick for a cool/paleish skintone? I'm getting married soon and want something for photos, but can't go to a store right now to look. All I have no is ancient lip tints and dark red lipstick that I would never wear out of the house.

No. 209631

Fever by hourglass
Girl about town by mac
Schiap by nars
Exotic pink by besame cosmetics

No. 209649

File: 1634374123454.jpg (54.16 KB, 791x791, cremebrulee.jpg)

I know it's a wedding so you want long lasting, but for photos I think a gloss finish is always the way to go, applied right before (make sure one of the bridesmaids has a touch up kit with a hand mirror for you: powder, lip gloss, concealer, mascara). Nothing worse than having crusty crumbling liquid lipstick in your framed photos!
When I was at the counter NYX creme brulee butter gloss was so good on pale girls,pink and pretty without being Barbie.

No. 209695

File: 1634397135391.jpg (476.92 KB, 1080x1246, Screenshot_20211016-171151_Sam…)

Yesss, creme brulee is great. It has been my go-to lipgloss for years. MAC lustreglass lipstick in syrup is also very good as far as cool toned, wedding appropriate pinks go.

No. 209756

Really? I'm pale with neutral undertones and I've found that this shade made me look like a corpse, so I had to go darker.

No. 210073

Personally, I have very pale lips (on top of being pale in general) and light peach toned pinks give me an appearance of slightly enhanced natural lip. Maybe your vermillion border is naturally darker and that's why it washed you out?

No. 210104

File: 1634662320307.jpg (86.27 KB, 1200x675, DnymcDKXsAMeXbx.jpg)

I have like 4 boxes of fake eyelashes, including singles and half ones, but I swear my hands I retarded. I can't fucking put them on reeeeeee
Is it just training? Does your natural lashes also bother you when trying to put the fake eyelashes on?

No. 210108

it definitely gets easier with practice, it also helps to trim a few chunks of eyelash off the inner corner parts of the lash strips.
some people curl their lashes first to blend them with the false ones better, but i’m too lazy for that personally. i honestly just slap my lashes on, i really do not give a fuck

No. 210109

It gets much easier with practice, but you can try half lashes if a full strip is too finnicky for you. Try applying them with hands or tweezers, and maybe draw thicker liner to cover up mistakes. Also like the other anon said trim the band but on the OUTER corner. You want take a chunk off from the part that's longer.

No. 210313

File: 1634756327872.jpg (84.57 KB, 976x517, foto_no_exif.jpg)

Not sure if anyone was looking for something like this, but my campus still requires masks indoors and I had been getting frustrated that so much of my bb cream would smear off onto my mask. I went looking for solutions, found this from an article, and its been working great for me for two weeks. The only minimal transfer I see is some blush, but it isn't much and I give myself an extra spray after foundation and powder are applied. I hope this helps!

No. 211230

File: 1635383018645.jpeg (123.65 KB, 1280x720, iu-40.jpeg)

My eye shape is like picrel (I have less prominent eyebags though). How can I make them look more almond shaped without doing the retarded fox eye thing?

No. 211231

You can’t

No. 211232

Idk face tape maybe? Why would you want to? Wtf is wrong with zoomers, no one is paying attention to your eyelid shape.

No. 211233

>Why would you want to?

My eyes look beady as fuck lol and makeup just emphasizes it

No. 211234

If your eyes look anything like the picture I wouldn't call them very beady at all.

No. 211247

Do all non-Asians have sharp inner corners in their eyes?

No. 211318

File: 1635445905063.jpg (44.89 KB, 800x800, 2529590.jpg)

Not sure if anybody was looking for a new foundation, but I've been taking a break from my usual bb cream which I've used for years and picrel is great. I have oily skin, neutral undertones and a fair shade, and this hasn't broken me out. A little goes a long way.

No. 211325

Besides the tape like another anon mentioned, you can probably create the illusion with eyeshadow. But honestly, your eyes are probably fine irl.

No. 211517

File: 1635606815963.jpg (48.6 KB, 570x428, il_570xN.945415392_k70k.jpg)

Picrel arrived yesterday and I can't wait to try it out. Possibly going to order their liquid rouge.

No. 212230

Where's the best place to put together an eyeshadow palette for a reasonable price? Maybe 10 shadows' worth, decent quality? Thanks noñas

No. 212250

I thought east asians have sharp corners because of the epicanthic fold

No. 212258

have any anons tried any clean concealers? i'm trying to decide between kjaer weis, alima pure, and rms beauty. i have light olive skin and cannelle by nars is my perfect match.

No. 212273

This brand always sells out of their stuff pretty quickly. I haven't gotten a chance to try their concealers, but their eye cream is nice and so is their fruit tinted makeup.


No. 212297

Other races can have the epicanthic fold, anon.

No. 214287

To anons who wear Korean cosmetics: what do you use on your lids to make the color of the eyeshadows pop more? I tried eye primer and concealer set w powder and it does the bare minimum. I know Korean eyeshadow usually has little pigment but I find that the color flies off when I go to blend?? It’s frustrating because I see other makeup bloggers get such nice pigment. I’ve tried using applicators, my fingers, and brushes— nothing is working. I want the same results as others! Please help

No. 214289

I know this doesn't answer your question but why not just buy regular Western eyeshadow? Why bother with subpar Korean eyeshadows when you can get any colour and finish you desire here?

No. 214301

I mean, I stopped purchasing Korean cosmetics for this exact reason, anon. I think they just pile it on or apply a bit of foundation (not concealer) underneath, but I didn't see the point in paying for basically shimmery mica with a grainy texture to it– I could go to Lancome if I wanted that. I won't go back to Etude House palettes or even Canmake (Japanese, I know, not Korean) because its a fruitless endeavor. Which brand are you even using? 3CE, Etude, Face Shop, etc? Western "dupes" exist for nearly all of those.

No. 214319

Etude House and Holika Holika. I don’t wanna give up using my palettes but I’ve heard that other ppl recommend different higher end Korean brands instead of those if I want pigmentation (though I also don’t wanna risk purchasing another dud). I have western eyeshadows but I just adore the glitters in Korean palettes better.

No. 214426

Western shadows also have really nice glittery shades. MAC's new holiday collection has gorgeous singles. Huda does beautiful metallics. Kiko and Pupa are two italian brands with very glittery "wet" looking shadows. If you're hell bent on making the korean palettes work, I'd recommend using a mixing medium or a glitter glue(Pixie Epoxy, Inglot, MAC, NYX) for the metallics/shimmers and the Wet n Wild shadow primer for mattes.

No. 214429

File: 1637690622503.png (1.25 MB, 1000x1500, fac08b5bb0986e5595cb2859549caa…)

Tom Ford and Charlotte Tillbury palettes, too.

No. 214459

Does anyone have any advice for flat lashes? I've tried so many different mascaras, but most don't seem to last long or get extremely clumpy/spider legs look.

No. 214467

Just get a lash perm. If your lashes don't stay up with a curler and waterproof mascara there's no hope.

No. 214491

What’s a good pink hue highlighter?

My toddler destroyed my Jeffrey star one I bought forever ago(peach something) and I have refused to purchase from that goon for the last couple of years. It was the only one I used and I liked it a lot.

Ulta/Sephora in my state/county don’t allow testers so I’m kind of in the dark.

No. 214495

No one here gives a shit about muh ethiks as explained upthread >>201617 just go buy the last one you had if you enjoyed it that much. If you're that pressed about using the site, look on poshmark or something.

No. 214496

>expecting me to read a 3 month old post
Kek why so sandy? Go breathe some fresh air nona. Talk about being pressed jfc

No. 214500

No one asked you to have read a three month old post? I was referencing it. Take your own advice before you go around accusing others of being aggressive.

No. 214521

File: 1637729504778.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1125, 636BF897-3653-42FB-BD37-5559C8…)

Ok, thanks anon. I’ll look into the products and your ideas.

Does your country carry any of these?

No. 214534

File: 1637738757297.jpg (59.87 KB, 937x522, Screenshot 2021-11-23 232337.j…)

Does anyone have a good recommendation for a liquid eyeshadow with extremely finely milled shimmer? I'm going for as wet-look as possible. Bonus points if it's white/pearly with a blue shift like picrel, but I'm open to suggestions. Has anyone tried Laura Mercier's Caviar Chrome Liquid Veil? Ty nons

No. 214558

I find myself liking the Stila liquid eyeshadows. I mean, they’re well known for a reason.

No. 214581

Can any of u anons help me find a foundation line that’s yellow toned? No orange or pink tones please

No. 214586

Try Canmake or Missha.

No. 214587

If you can't find any of >>214521 then I don't see why you wouldn't buy the JS one again.

No. 214650

Bourjois, Shiseido, some Maybelline Matte and Poreless shades, Guerlain, NYX, some MAC shades in the Face and Body line.

No. 214694

Does anyone else like Wayne Goss' videos or am I going to get screamed at because he's a dude giving makeup advice? I liked this video he has on blush placement.

No. 214698

I don't wear makeup anymore but I remember he made a lot of videos criticizing instagram trends for popularizing drag makeup techniques on women. I think he's okay and knows what he's talking about most of the time.

No. 214704

I can never understand these face shape things for the life of me like how can someone be heart shaped when you can put any other shape there and it would have similar outline??? Like a lot of their faces don’t even seem to fit the shape so it’s confusing unless it’s explained plainly like oh your forehead is wider than your jaw or whatever shit so that means you’re a fucking rhombus

No. 214716

I don't know anon, I've felt between a round face and a heart shaped face so I just try shit out from whatever I think is closest and go with the best result. Its not that deep.

No. 214750

I liked his vids, they were more technical and "how to apply stuff" which was helpful, since most beauty gurus just slather everything on and put a filter over.

No. 214765

He’s a makeup artist that actually got educated and works professionally while James Charles and MannyMua just followed trends and didn’t actually understand why you contour or fill in eyebrows… they’re sheep that like to cake on makeup.

No. 214766

I'm not knowledgeable on makeup so I can't say how technically good he is but I respect how he does a lot of videos aimed at older women.

No. 214787

Where is his portfolio then? His shoots? His runway work? Editorials? Anything? I don't buy that he only works for a super uber secretive and private London clientele.

No. 214822

wayne goss always looks like he's right on the verge of chimping out in a rage

No. 214825

Anyways back to makeup.

Can someone recommend a really baby pink blush? I have really fair but warm skin

No. 214843


It's a makeup thread and sometimes video recs get posted, why are you being passive aggressive?

Dior backstage or nars for your blush.

No. 214927

Dismissing it isn’t “passive aggressive” kek

They can take their conversation to the beauty guru thread or something. Recs aren’t the problem obviously, it’s when it turns into a makeup drama related discussion. There’s already a thread to talk about it

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