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File: 1550145834844.jpg (49.9 KB, 350x500, 57c79919aefc4330b1f495876e017e…)

No. 381271

previous thread >>78217

Post women you find overrated or ugly when they're shilled as beautiful and #goals
Is it because of her nasolabial folds? Is it her face without make-up? Is it her awful personality shining through? Is it her weak bone-structure or weird thumb? Is it her money or cute bf you're jealous of? Is it her PR team brain-washing the whole planet into worshiping her? Tell us here

No. 381272

File: 1550150441537.jpeg (673.17 KB, 1125x849, 7E4062F9-84D1-4719-AF8F-0730AB…)

I love her music but I wish she styled herself better

No. 381273

This girls baby girl lana del rey asthetic is annoying…

No. 381274

File: 1550169643296.jpg (573.85 KB, 1078x1711, Screenshot_20190214-123615.jpg)

>>381273 oops forgot the pic!

No. 381275

File: 1550175991800.png (1.23 MB, 768x1024, CDE7885E-D361-4B6A-B5E8-C70E54…)

I feel like this one will be controversial but idk I just find her head really long/foot like

No. 381276

It's because of the five head she has

Which is why I like her, got one too kek

No. 381277

File: 1550190822708.jpg (268.99 KB, 820x1154, selena-gomez-at-grammy-awards.…)

(posted this to oldthread in a hurry like an idiot…)
I don't hate Selena but she has no talents and she looks like a kid in the face which makes the it-girl image so absurd for me. her voice has ten years on her face, too

No. 381278

File: 1550305068582.jpeg (17.39 KB, 370x210, 30D5E37E-1125-4F52-94D7-FD82B5…)

Kiko Mizuhara. Still don’t get why she’s so famous. She looks cool with bold make-up but there are way prettier hapas models out there imo

No. 381279

File: 1550305187579.jpeg (156.66 KB, 967x1200, FBBFE008-33AC-413C-A978-FACFAB…)

And when she’s smiling with a more natural-look, she really doesn’t come off as a well-known. Her mouth’s really big and she’s still cute but way more Plain Jane.

No. 381280

I think she's pretty but definitely not with that haircut.

Same, my fivehead is as bad as hers

No. 381281

I find girls with big mouths cute, but jeesh that smile.. it doesn't even look like her own mouth

No. 381282

She got a nose job a few years ago and she still doesn't look good.

No. 381283

File: 1550350261340.png (1.57 MB, 1440x993, Screenshot_20190216-155001~2.p…)

Oh, Kiko. I have the same position as you in which I do think she's pretty but very overrated. She wasn't bought into the industry, probably just got very lucky.

Also sorry I'm combining two different subjects because I don't wanna samefag, but I can't believe Jeff Bezos' mistress (pic related) is considered attractive among most people I've seen comment on her looks, dafuq?

No. 381284

File: 1550350961675.jpeg (220.69 KB, 958x1198, E18D9EC0-9742-4391-A00D-80DF99…)

Another girl is this one Instagram personality I found with 800k+ followers. There’s just something about her eyes and how far apart they are that I don’t find attractive. https://www.instagram.com/chaileeson/?hl=en

Interesting that you’ve heard people say that about Jeff Bezo’s mistress. His poor wife that got cheated on is so much prettier imo

No. 381285

File: 1550351073470.png (391.62 KB, 640x1136, 99D06636-E31D-43F5-9376-0B5DBB…)

There’s also a notable difference in how she looks with less make-up on. Idk maybe it’s because I’m a weeb who lives in a community with lots of Asians but I’ve seen wayyyyyy naturally prettier Asian girls

No. 381286

File: 1550365543118.jpeg (67.81 KB, 660x400, CE2AF7D8-6E94-4443-94E5-502344…)

I feel like she is just very average and has a kind of rat like appearance

No. 381287

File: 1550365570121.jpeg (39.04 KB, 300x300, 00A24EC9-E2AF-4C01-A98A-E6F58C…)

No. 381288

She may not be the most beautiful and perhaps not as much as the wife but within her age range she is an attractive woman. Remember most people don't age well.

No. 381289

File: 1550388285226.jpg (324.9 KB, 2048x1902, AP_100131028175_s2048x1902.jpg)

I dunno, she looks a little like a Bogdanoff to me.

No. 381290

I don't know why """thick""" asian women are seen as all that now. Imo their features suit more of an androgynous look.

No. 381291

wtf is that smile? botched lip injections? she looks creepy as.

No. 381292

File: 1550412297519.png (521.28 KB, 473x592, Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 9.03…)

romee strijd has a completely normal face. absolutely nothing special about it

No. 381293

File: 1550412651852.jpg (25.25 KB, 411x411, 25008207_373223956436059_70368…)

this girl too

No. 381294

File: 1550413029178.jpg (80.83 KB, 960x540, p01bql6d.jpg)

Victoria Beckham lol

No. 381295

she's 16

No. 381296

I also find her unattractive and there are absolutely better looking ladies in her age group. Bezos is a billionaire and he still chose her instead of a 20 year old bimbo. She must have other qualities if you know what I mean

She has small beady eyes, idk why people find her attractive. She looks creepy

She's gorgeous imo. A well balanced face with a million dollar smile

No. 381297

the veeners don't freak you out?

No. 381298

File: 1550435638156.jpg (237.21 KB, 1999x1333, gettyimages-927403324.jpg)

I think his exwife is cuter, but her gums freak me out.

No. 381299

File: 1550444747862.jpeg (908 KB, 1125x1276, 389AAC32-81DC-4F7C-9D31-EF43F7…)

Oh, she's a personal favorite cow of mine.

She's only 18 and looks quite a bit older than she is, but I guess that's what happens when your life's pretty shit. (Kidnapped by a pedo at ~15, rumored to have been a pretty hardcore addict for awhile, bouncing around from couch to motel to couch for the past year, mom dying before you get closure over her being kinda shitty, etc. Not to mention her habit for home lip injections kek)

Her PULL thread is interesting but sad.

Ellie only looks good from certain angles and her eyes are small. She still looks a like a 10 compared to her pal Emma Chamberlain.

No. 381300

File: 1550446013926.jpeg (97.7 KB, 1862x1048, B28AB5F6-8DE5-4FBB-802F-A5B866…)

Especially for a 21 year old

No. 381301

She looks like she's playing dress up with her moms' clothes and doesn't look older. I thought she was 16/15 here >>381274

No. 381302

File: 1550446530157.jpeg (763.78 KB, 1242x1860, AB654B2F-58A9-42A2-865C-C8D14F…)

Yeah exactly. OT but i’m confused how/ why she ended up becoming a model when she looks average at best and from a lot of angles not cute at all

No. 381303

Seriously can't believe this girl is a model signed with Next. To be fair I feel bad picking on a 17 y/o girl and she seems to have some YouTube clout but it really shows anyone can model nowadays.

No. 381304

File: 1550447770722.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1125x1401, 8EBCFA34-8E4D-4AF9-AD87-39F694…)

Out of all those teenage girl Youtubers that orbit Emma, Hannah Meloche is probably the best-looking but she's still nothing special. I guess that's part of their appeal, the girl- next-door looks.

No. 381305

File: 1550448595016.jpeg (341.2 KB, 940x1298, 5061E049-E665-4B79-A003-A77456…)

Yes I agree about Hannah, even if she isn’t striking to everyone she’s objectively pretty at least in a girl next door way

Do you think that YouTube clout would be a factor in her getting signed? I guess if so that kind of explains it because other wise I just can not wrap my head around it.

I also think it’s weird that so many of her followers will constantly comment how ‘perfect’ She is and how much they wish they looked like her etc… I don’t get if they genuinely think that or just say it because they think that’s how they’re supposed to feel? Like do that many people actually find her flawlessly beautiful or are people just brainwashed to think that

No. 381306

How do you get rift wrinkles on your temples like that? Why are people moving their foreheads enough for wrinkles to form anyway wtf

No. 381307

File: 1550449290571.jpg (173.29 KB, 1024x1024, gDm8orkS.jpg)

She's definitely not ugly.. she's more cute than pretty though. she's also so young she probably needs to lose some baby fat

No. 381308

She definitely looks better in her IG pictures but I feel like everyone doesn’t look ugly in photoshopped/ filtered pictures. Any videos/ snapchats of her I always feel like she looks unattractive

No. 381309

>people look better in photos of their choosing than in unfiltered pics/videos

That's true of literally everyone. Idk I think it's kind of weird and wrong to bring teenagers into a thread of people we find ugly.

No. 381310

I'm guessing you are pretty young and that you (like me) don't move your forehead much. Pay attentions and you'll notice how people are expressive in different ways; people not only have different body language styles but even how they move their face can vary. Some people scrunch their noses, some people smile so strongly they squint, some people have very expressive hands and lots of people scrunch up their foreheads a lot.

Once you start noticing you'll never stop noticing but other people scrunch their foreheads a lot and I'd just never paid attention. Its kind of weird once you realize.

Agreed, teens aren't done cooking and often look weird because of that. Not fair to criticize, I don't think. They often can't help it.

No. 381311

Yeah I guess when you put it that way I agree with the age thing, but I think a lot of the people who even know about her/ post people like her are very close in age to her, at least that’s why I personally didn’t really find it weird

No. 381312

I don't know why they are pushing this girl so hard. I think she is super sweet though (just watched the Vogue 73 questions, video related)

No. 381313

Now everybody comes off nice and sympathetic in this series kek. That's the reason why the celebs are doing this. Don't be naive anon.

No. 381314

she looks like what asian people get surgery and use make up tricks to look like, when they aren't trying for korean sameface.

No. 381315

Whatever. she genuinely seems like a nice girl and not bitchy like the other vogue questions ones. It's just she has a joker mouth and she sort of looks like a doberman dog. no offense to doberman dogs they are good dogs lol. She is not ugly per say but she is not a looker. I guess that's normal for top models?

No. 381316

She's so boring and average, I almost wanna believe she is a beard. Hillsong match-making 4 lyfe. I'm not particulary fond of Selena and she's an ex now but at least she was somewhat interestingly.

No. 381317

Hailey Baldwin looks good in some photos but she looks so mannish most of the time. Idk why she’s often pushed as being so beautiful. Her and Sofia Riche.

No. 381318

Whats up with those weird lips tho and that chola lip liner

No. 381319

File: 1550531481097.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1242x1529, 075A6B54-8D42-4B3F-9F3E-EF64B3…)

I always felt like stassiebaby had a really manish/ long face and the lumpy botched lip fillers just made her look worse

No. 381320

File: 1550531531066.jpeg (68.75 KB, 619x761, 49AAB2E9-6AE7-466B-A2D4-A0D14F…)

It’s easier to see in motion but you can see the lumps here. I don’t get why people with money have fillers that look like this nor why you wouldn’t just get them dissolved

No. 381321

File: 1550540623150.jpg (72.4 KB, 720x707, mdkeyia40wd11.jpg)

how is this the same person holy shit

No. 381322

That pure look before was cuter. Now she looks like every other ps blow up doll looking for the ~LA life~

No. 381323

That lipstick is a really nice color.

I think she looks very pretty but the lip fillers are too much, I didn't know it was possible for them to look lumpy like that.

No. 381324

File: 1550573453103.jpg (1.09 MB, 1334x2000, Kendall-Jenner-Runway-Versace-…)

she was so cute with just some surgery but now she looks completely plastic like the others. Surgery addiction is real. Part of me hopes she will stop here but probably not. I'd kill for her body, too

No. 381325

File: 1550590591482.jpg (79.94 KB, 700x1049, funny-ugly-people-pictures.jpg)

No. 381326

I love watching kuwtk and its pissing me off there has not been an episode were Kylie bitches at Kendall for her being so mean about her fillers when she looks a mess now. I need this addressed. Kendall always bullied poor Kylie lol

No. 381327

I feel like no one addresses Kendall's completely different face bc of the "chill" image she had compared to her sisters like 5 years ago. Obviously she's always been a dumb superficial bitch like the others but there used to be this regurgitated shit like, "Kendall's the only bearable one because she's nice unlike the rest of them."

She's such an attention whore with basic looks. I mean honestly all of the Kartrashians look way worse now but I absolutely hate how Kendall gets no shit for it.

No. 381328

Samefag but maybe her "nice" image is bc she used to get like 5 seconds of screen time. Idk if that's still the case but she's obviously had a fucking nose job for a while now.

No. 381329

I agree. I symphatise with her a bit because it's probably hard to grow up in this narcissistic family without absorbing it all. And all she had to do for her brand was to be a little more reserved than the rest of them, that's true. I don't think she is a supermodel but I found her really pretty with a bigger nose and smaller lips and a more flexible face. But she's just as bad as the others and it was only a matter of time until she fucked it up

No. 381330

Kendall was shy growing up, she didn't want the screen time. Kylie was always amping it up and they even got little gigs at teen vogue and Kylie had to take the lead from her big sister. And I also think Kylie was always prettier. Maybe not as tall and waif like since she had a fuller figure, but even their childhood photos Kylie was an adorable little girl. Kendall looked frogish or something in comparison, she got a nose job at like 16 or something.

She's not outgoing and she showed an interest in modeling she wasn't even keen to do runways and now she boasts that she's selective over her deals. Kylie put herself out there and now she's sitting comfortable with nearly a billion dollar networth that's she's now bought her privacy. She hid her pregnancy. She's basically not on kuwtk anymore. The older sisters have stated that the tv show is still a big income maker for them. They still need the show to sell their name. Kylie could retire.

Kendall will probably be chasing her looks for the next few decades. I'm sure her face will keep changing

No. 381331

File: 1550632376102.jpeg (68.1 KB, 634x609, 0BA28F51-B5B4-49A4-AF1A-EE5622…)

Another ‘model’ - Natalia Taylor

No. 381332

I think she still looks pretty, but she's almost to the point of no return. And she definitely looked better before.

No. 381333

File: 1550728164056.png (162.52 KB, 492x245, ou-th-kylie-jenner-kylie-jenne…)

No. 381334

File: 1550759985623.jpeg (52.5 KB, 750x552, 790552F5-A0AB-4B90-8A65-B1F848…)

I don’t see Charlotte D’Alessio as attractive at all. Her face looks plastic and she fake tans wayyyy too much. I dunno just don’t see the aesthetic appeal of her

No. 381335

this is just scary but people be blind sometimes

No. 381336

File: 1550804325765.jpg (77.07 KB, 401x600, Jordyn Woods Bella Hadid x Tru…)

This has to be the fiftieth time she's been posted in these threads, but I just do not get the appeal of Bella Hadid's appearance. She looks like an old drag queen.

No. 381337

Its the very long face and nose

No. 381338

more like YOU fucked up.

No. 381339

I actually think she does have nice features but those lip fillers are unfortunate.

No. 381340

she looks striking and beautiful with good styling. she just does not suit bangs at all.

No. 381341

Nah shes ugly without bangs too

No. 381342

I always thought she was pretty in a conventional, natural way. She has a lot of drama though iirc.

No. 381343

ot but is the body of the woman on the left considered fat?
On my recent photos, that's pretty much how I look. I'm comfortable with my weight but if others perceive me as a fatty, I'd rather lose a few pounds then.

No. 381344

Nah, You're good.

No. 381345

Thanks, anon!

No. 381346

this is the most oddly heartwarming exchange I’ve witnessed on lolcow

No. 381347

Same tbh

No. 381348

Maybe chubby, but not fat

No. 381349

File: 1550937430710.jpeg (50.55 KB, 480x480, 9A1ABF49-D389-4D60-B0B2-70C6B8…)

Ily anon thank you for being nice on this unholy place

No. 381350

File: 1550937503343.jpeg (252.48 KB, 1080x1080, B8E9E977-A8B6-4279-9DD0-FD1446…)

Her profile on Instagram is more photoshopped than a monolingual shoot

No. 381351

That’s the same person? Her face looks completely different. Shooped the nose a lot, jaw, forehead length, chin, face width, bits of the mouth, …and she photoshopped her godamn tear ducts, I will never understand why that’s a “thing” to shoop in pointy tear ducts.

No. 381352

Nope I totally agree. I love her style and confidence, but I don't find her face pretty, edgy, cool or anything.

No. 381353

she's likely had tons of plastic surgery in addition to using photoshop excessively

No. 381875

File: 1551455079666.jpeg (183.3 KB, 696x1044, 3B0A8E8A-1E42-44F4-B4DD-543A48…)

I think she’s been posted before but I’m over Emilia Clarke.

I vaguely keep up with pop culture and celebrity gossip just out of curiosity, and I’m kind of tired of how Clarke’s PR team keeps pushing her in the tabloids as though she’s somehow different from other actresses in her group because she acts goofy and isn’t a size 4. I feel like she’s sometimes marketed as the British equivalent of Jennifer Lawrence because they have the same media persona and are meh, so-so actors.

I thought she was really pretty a few years back during the first seasons of GOT and but idk what happened between then and now, she just lost that spark or something now that she’s all up in Hollywood.

No. 381908

Whoa, never realized how rough her skin is for 32… Girl, get some moisturizer.

No. 381914

Looking at her instagram, the first thing I notice is how ridiculously old she looks. They must really pile on the makeup and special effects to make her look the way she does in GoT.

I also find it funny how she had to chop of all her hair after frying it, now she looks even older. She must've gotten sick of not being recognized and tried to go blonde

No. 381916

The british genes had to show up at some point

No. 381957

File: 1551466843463.jpg (86.26 KB, 857x481, Emilia-Clarke-Stars-Dolce-Gabb…)

She's beautiful but the D&G ads everywhere are so eerie, it's such a warped veneer of what she actually looks like they leave the bare minimum resemblance, just enough for people to make the connection to her being the dragon lady

No. 381960

whoa did they really need to throw a couple of expired hambeasts in the background to prop up her 'beauty' even more?

No. 381963

They're going for a "diner with a your lower class family in rural Italy" aesthetic.

No. 381968

uh, what?

No. 381969

She's always been a bad actress, but the writing in early Game of Thrones was good enough she got away with it. put her in anything else, or even recent GOT, and it shows though.

No. 381993


Sometimes I think her acting wouldn’t bother me so much, if she wasn’t marketed as being on par with with other British actresses. She just doesn’t have as powerful of a persona on screen. If she wasn’t as beautiful as she is, I don’t think she’d have been as popular as she is now.

No. 382002

File: 1551473332188.jpg (47.91 KB, 497x750, e0e60302fc935574e6d0acbfed88b8…)

i dont think she's "ugly" per se, but naomi campbell's body is so overrated to me
id say its similar to kate uptons except kate upton had a bit more fat and naomi is pretty slim

No. 382005

nta but they're right british people are ugly as fuck on average

No. 382032

i don't really get it when people say entire nationalities are more likely to be ugly but i guess some people really go in for that kinda thing.

No. 382052

It's called insecurity.

No. 382106

I've never understood why men find her so hot. do boobs count for that much or am I missing something

No. 382116

File: 1551483319354.jpg (59.87 KB, 920x584, GettyImages-689027928-920x584.…)

Nothing against her but do not understand the fuss over her looks

No. 382123

File: 1551484066424.jpg (26.63 KB, 500x580, 936b22943d129e6136e45c570de121…)

She was cuter when she was younger but aged badly imo. The droopy eyelids kind of took over her face. But yeah she was never drop dead gorgeous

No. 382136

I do not understand the fuss over her acting, tbh.

No. 382144

She’s pretty but rather unconventional looking. I think the fact that she has green eyes and super dark hair helps.

No. 382166

File: 1551491074161.jpg (21.11 KB, 220x327, 220px-Cara_Delevingne_by_Gage_…)

Even during her peak popularity I always thought he was hideous. She looks like a gremlin in the face.

No. 382169

File: 1551491668491.jpg (30.4 KB, 798x407, article.2338871.1A3D6A0B000005…)

No. 382189

File: 1551494565467.jpg (809.87 KB, 1067x1600, Redhead-Black-Gianna-Michaels-…)

>do boobs count for that much
this used to be one of the most popular porn stars and i dont mean flavor of the month or anything like nowadays
she was a staple for a lot of the men in the last two decades of internet porn

men have no standards

No. 382193

I think it's more to do with the fantasy of attainability.
Ever notice men neg or get really irritated at women who are too pretty? Probably because it's obvious even in fantasies the men couldn't have those women. And too ugly women are just plain beneath them.

No. 382224

it's her tits + accent

No. 382236

>Ever notice men neg or get really irritated at women who are too pretty?
What do you mean, example?

No. 382300

File: 1551520307137.jpeg (59.49 KB, 590x788, 5CCED5D4-8D53-4D3A-9E88-C9110C…)

holy shit, i’ve only ever seen her on tv and in ad campaigns, i didn’t realize how old she looks in real life. she could easy pass as 50-55 in pic related. the forehead wrinkles i understand since her eyebrows are the only thing she ever uses to emote, but for someone so incapable of acting with the rest of her face, you’d think it would be a lot smoother.

No. 382303

File: 1551520813010.jpeg (55.73 KB, 620x413, EF7000DA-6184-49B1-A689-9F42FA…)

I imagine she’s so well received because of her sexy Bambi look in GoT

Can’t believe she’s only 32 in the photo you posted, that must be a lot of sun damage

No. 382309

File: 1551521365403.jpg (97.03 KB, 1024x682, emilia.jpg)

>Can’t believe she’s only 32 in the photo you posted, that must be a lot of sun damage
Yeah, she has youthful facial features so if anything she should look younger but her skin is very aged.

No. 382343

Emilia Clarke irl doesn't even look like Dany unless she's doing the wide eyed doe expression.

No. 382353

She needs to start trimming and shaping her brows, they looked really well-groomed in early seasons of GoT (like in >>382303) and now they're just slugs on her forehead.

No. 382355

File: 1551526976535.png (399.16 KB, 396x590, Kstew.PNG)

she used to be cute in Twilight, what happened

No. 382360

She was my biggest celebrity crush last year, I think she's just going through a rough patch atm

No. 382367

Wtf is this hair?

I always thought she looked awesome with the joan jett haircut

No. 382368

I think her eyebrows look fine tbh, thick brows suit her and compliment her other youthful features. It’s just a shame about her skin

No. 382375

We all age, anon.

No. 382378

No. 382397

This thread and lolcow in general is full of girls who think that aging is somehow going to just skip them personally.

No. 382408

These two are shilled so much in the lesbian community but I will never buy it. I don't know, maybe I'm the weird one, but I don't feel attracted to them in the slightest.

I don't know how did it happen so quickly, 32 is still young. She's always pretty pale so she doesn't tan, and celebs seem so obsessed with skincare I find it hard to believe that she's never grabbed a moisturizer. Maybe it's really just genetics.

No. 382415

British celebrities don't tend to get fillers and botox as often as American ones do. Aging gracefully is much more of a thing, and stuff like fillers is very looked down upon in Britain, it's seen as low-class and tacky.

No. 382417

Average 32 year olds don’t have such weathered skin, it has nothing to do with ‘aging gracefully’. That’s also a crock of shit, plenty of UK celebrities get work done.

No. 382418

Basically every nepotism spawn. I know we are talking about woman but the most absurd case is jude law’s son lmao. Look up his runway shots

>Kate Upton
Now that, without her career bought for, she can only be a camgirl at best. She wont even be a swimsuit model with that 2 door fridge of a body.

No. 382419

There's a difference between "tacky" UK celebrities like Katie Price and "high-class" celebrities like Emilia Clarke wants to be seen as.

No. 382421

the skarsgards are the worst for this. stellan skarsgard has about a million sons and all of them are trying to bankroll his name to success.

No. 382422

File: 1551539831384.jpg (14.77 KB, 300x300, tessathompson.jpg)

I don't get the appeal of Tessa Thompson at all.

No. 382430

there is a thread for men, too, but I understand you were mentioning it in a reply. And the other thread is not as "busy"
Idk, the threads both are pretty slow. Would it be a bad idea to merge them at some point to something like "celebs shilled as beautiful you find ugly"? OT I know and has its downsides. Might ask on /meta/

No. 382435

I agree that age signs often get nitpicked too much but this thread is about sharing your personal nitpicks of and aversions against rich celebs who make bank on their looks and are shilled as beautiful. It's just a matter of opinion / preference

No. 382461

I honestly don’t think this is a nitpick, Emilia Clarke makes way too much money to be aging 10 years in 5. Her entire job revolves around her appearance (let’s be real, it’s definitely not her acting that got her this far) so you’d think she would take better care of it.

No. 382462

I hate her but Katie is a good tease and flirt and tons of men and women just fell for it when she was most popular. The boobs help, too

I love her but I respect your opinion

I kinda get what you mean about similarities but Naomi's body is tight and really thin. I personally like it a lot but I get why it wouldn't be someone's preference. Kate Upton's body is just an inconsistent, odd mess and completely different

No. 382463


With Eva, she plays really off the cuff roles some actresses wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole, so she’s built this niche of being the mysterious, green eyed witch-goddess type that some people find unusual. She reminds me a bit of Winona Ryder who did lots of eccentric parts in movies with Tim Burton, etc.

Plus she’s pretty busty for a white woman in the film industry, so I think there’s the stereotypical male fetish going on there. Couple that with the fact she’s European and she gets billed as being a ‘femme fatale’, like Marion Cotillard.

She’s from a family of actors in France, her mother was/is in the industry so she’s got some connections to pull her along I’m sure. If she didn’t have the power of her family, I don’t think she’d have done so many risqué roles.


No. 382600

Sounds like a good idea to me. The other threads similar to this benefit from being separate but this topic in particular doesn't actually need to be segregated.

No. 382767

I know that, im specifically talking about her face which I assumed the thread is about but I maybe wrong given some replies. Shes touted as this incredible beauty.
Marion cotillard, while not my type I get why people think shes pretty face wise, with eva, again, no disrespect to her fans I just don't see it.

Thank you anon, you're a rarity on here lol.

No. 382784

her boobs look fake to me. am i the only one that thinks so?

No. 382969

File: 1551637920084.gif (Spoiler Image,1.78 MB, 300x343, 58057B24-CCA7-42B7-83AD-680B6C…)

yes. fake boobs don’t look/move like this.

No. 383096

File: 1551669339600.jpeg (37.46 KB, 277x258, 9175DD19-B007-4F9E-95F5-AA6674…)

I feel like it was more universally accepted she was unattractive ‘before’, but now she’s shilled as ‘the ugly duckling who became beautiful’ or something and it’s just not true at all? Like she still looks really bad if not worse. If you just saw her on the street I don’t think anyone would think she was beautiful or anything other than average at best

No. 383102

wow i never noticed how large her areola are. i have big areola too but i love her breasts and this actually makes me feel a lot better about my boobs

No. 383105

same. she's deadass ugly.

No. 383112

They don't look fake there but you're 100% wrong if you think fakes can't mimic the physics of real boobs. Good fakes that are appropriately sized to actual breast tissue and have had time to settle move naturally

No. 383116

I always thought she looks like she has downs syndrome or something

No. 383124

wtf these don't look fake at all.

No. 383125

> ‘the ugly duckling who became beautiful’
Come on, you don't honestly think anyone genuinely thinks this? Maybe that's what her PR angle is, and maybe some people feel bad for her so they bullshit, but I've never seen anyone legit praise her looks.

No. 383142

Her face is so… Wonky. It's all shifted. Kek. Imagine paying all that money to look so strange.

No. 383212

Iirc she got a boobjob later, to lift them up (and reduce the areolas if I remember it right), in her most recent movies you can see it

I feel bad for her, she's clearly very unhappy with the way she looks and the media absolutely tear her apart while praising all of her sisters.

No. 383281

the only person whos putting out the "ugly ducking turned beautiful" articles is kris kardashian

even her siblings constantly make fun of her and call her ugly and fat
she and robert were close growing up because the two of them were constantly shit on and bullied by their siblings and family

No. 385924

File: 1552412287104.jpg (117.17 KB, 1024x768, media.media.5ae04e51-7b0b-448a…)

I don't understand the hype either, she looks weird to me. Lately she looks even worse and she's not aging well imo.

From yesterday's premiere of Dumbo

No. 387232

File: 1552709836035.jpeg (34.7 KB, 300x300, 2DDAA83A-804E-45A2-958C-A3C138…)

Lauren Southern. I don’t know if she’s shilled as sooo beautiful because her demographic is just so happy to have literally any female validate their opinions or if people genuinely find her that attractive

No. 387238

Lol my boyfriend finds her and Anna Kendrick hot and I'm like Eva is attractive in some movies but looks like a tired crackhead most of the time and Anna Kendrick has a witch face with a pointy ass chin.
Also inb4 I'm jelly, we talk about how hot celebs are all the time, it's just the ones he finds oddly attractive I'm like no thanks.

No. 387242

It's probably PR. She's average but the media has always shitted on her as the fat ugly sister. She didn't deserve that tbh.

No. 387245

I don't understand the Kardashian trend of sucking all the fat out of your cheeks. I mean, sure, structured cheekbones give a modelesque look, but it only works if they're natural. They way they've done it just makes them look old and gaunt. It needs a little balance

No. 387250

File: 1552715822847.jpg (29.01 KB, 480x481, annakendrick.jpg)

I just can't see the appeal she has such a ratty face and her eyes are weird, but all dudes I've spoken to think shes hot.

No. 387251

I think she's funny and I've met her in person. She's so tiny/small. She's cute, but average. I wouldn't call her hot.

No. 387292

File: 1552733527039.jpeg (2.11 MB, 1500x1498, C346E22D-0917-440F-B2AF-CBE10C…)

I always think this!! I always thought it was just due to volume loss from aging though? I can’t fathom why anyone would prefer to have this skeletor/Jeffree Star type face shape - it makes people’s face look horsey and gaunt

No. 387298

Wow is that what Kourtney looks like these days? I always thought she was the best looking one…

No. 387299

She has the girl next door vibe going for her, plus she has a funny personality.

No. 387300

File: 1552737045236.jpg (25.97 KB, 330x330, 29-julia-roberts.w330.h330.jpg)

No. 387342

omg thank you. She's fucking hideous and genuinely do not understand why she's obsessed over so hard. She has great eyes but the rest of her face his terrible and her mannerisms while acting are all the same and really really annoying. The whole package together is so ugly. Especially when she smiles and her horse teeth jut out of her skull.

No. 387349


I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that she is younger than I am. I remember the very first time I came across her I legit believed that she is a woman in her late 30s. I thought I misread something when I saw that she was born in 1995 what

No. 387494

File: 1552780687336.jpeg (1.97 MB, 1600x1198, 5120FFC0-4580-41EB-8612-C0767A…)

Obviously I would at all say she looks ‘ugly’ now but what’s going on with Ariana Grandes face? I feel like she used to be so beautiful but this year looks really different. Is it just weight gain? It seems like more than that because her face looks kind of square now but I can’t pin point it, like in tlic video she looked so different around the mouth/jaw area like she had an underbite or something?

No. 387508

Just going off that set of pics, her eyebrows are darker and shorter, adding weight to her face. Her eyeliner is thicker which narrows her eyes, making them less child-like. Her foundation is much heavier, and she's using a lot more bronzer. Her lips look overdrawn in the left, and moist, which gives her a botched botox look. And, again, just going off of this particular set of photos, her nose is much smaller (upturned) in the left; it looks like she had work done (even though it could just be angles). Her smile lines look deeper now as well. All of that makes her look like she's aging.

No. 387516

gonna backpedal off this and also point out the camera lenses in the two photos are different. the more recent one is most likely in the 300mm range and the older one is in the >200mm range. her face appears wider now, but also what other anon said, heavier makeup and more bronzer.

No. 387540

she's def had more work done. sad because she's always been so pretty and she's just gradually wrecking her looks with PS.

No. 387550

Well I know she got jaw shaving and nosejob, eyebrow lift. This just looks like different makeup
Otherwise she looks average.

No. 387689

I'd say a big factor to her looking different here is weight gain going to her face, different styling and make-up and different angles, maybe lenses, too. Can't tell of anything else for sure personally

No. 388170

>Aging gracefully is much more of a thing, and stuff like fillers is very looked down upon in Britain, it's seen as low-class and tacky.

Source: my ass
Some of the most well known celebrity plastic surgery horrorshows come from the

No. 388192

File: 1552961138079.jpg (52.36 KB, 1000x614, 57a13a94e22a1_b88207534z.1_201…)

gemma ward lost everything that made her look good alarmingly fast

No. 388255

I can't stand her either. Those teeth and that mouth give me literal nightmares

No. 388352

File: 1553008795869.jpg (161.75 KB, 780x1170, gemma-ward-saturday-night-make…)

She was so pretty but she aged so bad.

No. 388353

File: 1553008847129.jpg (130.75 KB, 634x953, gemma.jpg)

She's only 28 in pic related.

No. 388386

did she develop a drug addiction or is gaining weight sometimes just really aging on tall girls or something? no offense to tall girls. i'm just genuinely shocked

No. 388399

Gemma looks like a real person with flaws now, nothing wrong with that. In her prime >>388352 she literally looked unreal and perfect like a doll. People still idealize her beauty and are shocked to learn that she's just a human being.

She had/has depression and obviously weight gain and aging.

No. 388412

File: 1553020355912.jpg (59.54 KB, 600x400, Gemma Ward 2017 Australian Fas…)


Could it be that her face symmetry is off? She always had a slight asymmetry but now it's pretty apparent

No. 388480

Was this after she had her kid? Pregnancy changes your face and people don't talk about it. It can effect your nose, complexion and hair. Maybe pregnancy was really hard on her?

No. 388485

Yes, it was 2 years after she had her first kid.
>It can effect your nose, complexion and hair. Maybe pregnancy was really hard on her?
I'm going to sound super vain but shit like this makes me afraid to have kids.

No. 388565

sage for late response but she looks like Stell Bell lmao

No. 389020

She's still pretty imo. Her individual features are beautiful, she appears to have some undereye circles in that pic but it's all. Of course some years have passed but that's normal.

See, that's why I say that excessive beauty is a curse. Brooke Shields was held on such high standards until she hit 25 and started to change, then suddenly people were shitting on her and calling her "manly". The higher the pedestal you're put on, the more pressure you will receive for something you can't control and the more painful will be the fall

No. 389172

File: 1553197135837.jpg (69.32 KB, 1024x759, JenniferConnelly.jl.062013.jpg)

>See, that's why I say that excessive beauty is a curse. Brooke Shields was held on such high standards until she hit 25 and started to change, then suddenly people were shitting on her and calling her "manly".
On the other hand, you have Jennifer Connelly who was seen as extremely beautiful in her late teens/early twenties but is still seen as gorgeous in her 40's.
I can't point precisely what is it that made Jennifer age so well but Gemma and Brooke less so (not saying they're ugly of course, just less good-looking), does anyone have an idea?

No. 389693

>Brooke Shields
Go away pedo.

No. 389769

File: 1553289563541.png (216.85 KB, 500x368, 1549078458002.png)

Are you okay, anon?

No. 390256

Can pregnancy really change you THAT much? Idk why but she looks so… haggard now even though her face mostly looks the same, she doesn’t have any increased wrinkles or fat or anything. Why does she look so weird now?

No. 390621

Lighting and shadows can really have a dramatic effect.

No. 394301

File: 1554206408124.jpg (79.31 KB, 744x1005, Screenshot_20190329-235621_1.j…)

I think Miranda Kerr is not ugly but extremely overhyped especially in Asia since they value young looking features but to me she looks like a baby grandma. She's aging very bad imo.

No. 394302

File: 1554206437351.jpg (74.22 KB, 700x797, miranda-kerr-hairstyles-256507…)

No. 394310

>She's aging very badly
??? I don't see a wrinkle on her face other than natural creases her face makes when she's smiling, is every woman who doesn't look like an anime character aging badly to you?

No. 394326

File: 1554212227458.jpg (64.39 KB, 600x590, audrey.jpg)

Aging badly is not always related to wrinkles. Celebs use fillers and botox to counteract wrinkles but you can't say that all of them are aging good since they have no wrinkles. It has more to do with the structure of your face. For example Audrey Hepburn aged beautifully although she had wrinkles. Madonna on the other hand has very little wrinkles but she looks like a melting globster. Same will happen to Miranda since you can see her natural feautures disappearing because she uses too much fillers and botox.

No. 394327

File: 1554212267576.jpg (9.16 KB, 292x173, madonna.jpg)

No. 394393

File: 1554226965537.jpg (56.42 KB, 618x410, chrissy-teigen.jpg)

I don't understand how Chrissy Teigen ever became a successful model. Especially now, she looks haggard and incredibly puffy in the face even though she's not THAT fat. She can never smile well in photos either because it constantly looks like a grimace. She's completely average in every way and looks much older than she actually is.

No. 394394

File: 1554227094551.jpg (43.65 KB, 510x600, chrissy-teigen-.jpg)

This is from a 2016 Sports Illustrated spread. You'd think professional photographers would be able to make her look better, but she looks like an absolute retard in every picture.

No. 394406

She manages to have big breasts while being skinny and has a nice skin tone = model material apparently

No. 394411

>She's aging very bad imo

i dont see it. she looks at least 10 years younger than she actually is if not more.

ive always disliked her tbh, shes a horrible person. didnt she beat her housekeeper and other employees? i think shes beautiful, but at the same time her face has always looked a bit haggard to me.

No. 394432

I think she looks good, I don't see what's wrong with her face

No. 394458

I kinda get what you mean with the down-facing toothy smile & her face looking a bit stiff & the fierce look and the pose is a mess. She looks like a normal, pretty woman here imo, not like a model.
She looks a bit like Vanessa Hudgens in Spring Breakers or even Kate Upton.
I like it when magazines push boundaries but why they gotta be fap-material thots? Also wasn't aware Sports Illustrated was this bad

looks like a long lost Kardashian in a black fancy potato sack straight-jacket

No. 394478

File: 1554247023251.jpg (274.57 KB, 1280x1920, kate-upton-swimsuit-cover-mode…)

That look is exactly what Sports Illustrated loves the most.

No. 394577

If I put my hands here maybe nobody notices I have no waist!

No. 394697

File: 1554309706460.jpg (124.38 KB, 980x653, cardi-b.jpg)


Both surprised and thankful Cardi B wasn't already posted, since it means either not as many people found her attractive in the first place as I thought or people have finally got over her

Probably 99% due to her fame but I've heard people refer to her as the hottest woman of the year, sexiest female in the rap game, etc, I just… don't see it… at all

No. 394699

i always thought her eyes looked dead and the raised eyebrow look she always does doesn't help

No. 394707

Who is calling her "the sexiest female in the rap game"? When she's up against people like Megan Thee Stallion and Saweetie? There's no way.
Even Nicki Minaj honestly looks better in the face, holy fuck.

No. 394729

She's only desired because of her music videos. I hadn't watched them before and saw one and finally understood why she gets so much traffic and clout. Her music videos are soft porn, not even that soft but just not full frontal I guess.

She's a weird face.

No. 394750

File: 1554314396874.jpg (117.58 KB, 600x600, 25b0fd79-783a-49c2-ac17-75b9be…)

haha I had looked up Sports Illustrated and thought exactly this when I saw that photo

No. 394751

File: 1554314497159.jpg (169.78 KB, 1300x867, 54caa8c6b624d6910575d57c_image…)

also what fresh hell is this?

No. 394754

File: 1554314823892.gif (1.33 MB, 300x172, hrcn4.gif)

No. 394818

File: 1554333655102.jpg (138.49 KB, 674x1024, miley-cyrus-feb-28-2019-b-bill…)

No. 395216

that horse smile

No. 395340

File: 1554474358615.jpeg (326.69 KB, 1125x1377, 9D0BC507-F10D-4ED4-9957-EDD7D0…)

Her dumb smirk makes her look like she has nerve damage

No. 395346

i don't know what it is but her face just looks stupid, like she's constantly making a face like she just saw a giraffe squat down and poop in front of her while trying to do her best miranda sings impression
engnengnengenngen okurrr

No. 395352

I have nothing against her but damn something about the way she smiles pisses me off

No. 395370

File: 1554480366253.png (67.18 KB, 832x281, Screenshot 2019-04-05 at 17.05…)

She does have nerve damage lmaoo

No. 395395

File: 1554487484950.jpg (6.68 KB, 183x275, download (3).jpg)

can't believe Amanda Seyfried is not in this thread

pic related, I can't be doing with Elizabeth Debicki, although she was decent in Widows.

I would also vote for Natalie Portman, who I find bland and annoying in that kind of Cindy Crawford/Salma Hayek way, where symmetrical features just means boring

No. 395414

File: 1554493008452.png (55.81 KB, 1538x308, Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 3.34…)

No she doesn't, she has said that it's a family trait

Did you even read that "source," it's barely makes sense…

No. 395427

>posting Debicki in this thread
Jk, you're entitled to your opinion

No. 395481

haha, I felt the same outrage when I saw people posting Eva Green, to me the most beautiful woman in the world…


I have a wonky mouth too, one side just won't turn up. I think it's a family thing, it's not damage as such anyway. thank goodness for Natalie Dormer and Katie Holmes, they make me feel better about it tbh

No. 396193

File: 1554681263501.png (793.66 KB, 480x768, Untitled.png)

i used to think cara delivegeghe whatever was gorgeous but something about her face pisses me off now. i think it's her mouth. she's got a terrible shape of lips.

No. 396241

File: 1554692998717.jpg (564.73 KB, 1514x1996, laura-harrier-09-2018-ss03.jpg)

I don't get the hype for Laura Harrier. Also is there a man version of this thread bc I got a whole list.

No. 396248


yeah, right here >>77493

No. 396264

Squared faces tend to age pretty well. Lots of bone for the skin to hang onto, rather than rounder faces that rely on fat to look structured. The fat hollows out as you age and your bones start to lose density too. Bony faces are gonna win the long game.

No. 396288

File: 1554705200971.png (72.24 KB, 346x422, girl talk catalog.png)

Oh shit, sorry about the wrong link

the thread is in girl talk

No. 396292

File: 1554707421576.jpg (41.04 KB, 600x400, Alexandra Daddario Baywatch Ph…)

I agree. She's seriously so average looking that I was surprised to find out she started her career in entertainment as a model. Don't get the appeal at all.

Anyway, I also don't get why Alexandra Dadarrio's looks are shilled so often. She's not ugly and she has a striking eye color, but her other features are kinda witch-like to me. It Also looks like she has an unsettling thousand yard gaze sometimes.

No. 396295

she has big boobs and odd colored eye, das it. that's why

No. 396342

No. 396361

File: 1554739406940.jpeg (335.59 KB, 1242x1249, 9A7C79C5-B7E7-41C5-9924-286763…)

Soooo many male youtubers seem to find her extremely beautiful but I’ve always thought she was quite unattractive

No. 396367

her head doesn't look like it fits her neck

No. 396368

File: 1554740716650.jpg (196.3 KB, 600x840, slick.jpg)

Slick Woods. this spongebob looking bitch has been booking big modeling gigs all over the place and i dont understand

No. 396372

Models aren't booked because they're attractive but because they look unique, which she does.
I find her ugly as well but just go on Zara's website, plenty of girls modeling their clothes have shit like unibrows, buckteeth, bushy leg hair etc.

No. 396375

She isn't where she is right now for being conventionally attractive.

No. 396377

shes still ugly as fuck though

No. 396378

This reminds me of that salty Twitter post that one tradthot made about Slick Woods, lmao.
I think it's because her face is symmetrical and conventionally attractive, while the buck teeth and short hair give her unique, eye-grabbing characteristics.
She's getting jobs for similar reasons as Kelly Mittendorf and Lindsey Wixson (though, I'd argue from a purely facial standpoint, both those models are far less conventionally attractive than Slick Woods). Modelling isn't just about being pretty.

No. 396379

Who is she? I tried google reverse image search but didn't find her.

No. 396383

Nta but I think Andrea russett

No. 396386

It’s Andrea Russett

No. 396404

File: 1554747883520.jpg (612.65 KB, 2243x3000, e01b1a0ac240de62698fbd62146f14…)

why'd you have to star in that Oldboy remake, Elizabeth? Now you're in a thread on lolcow

No. 396406

File: 1554748089711.gif (2.53 MB, 500x209, tumblr_p01ymdPT3s1s7xfipo3_500…)

I thought she was one of the sirens in King Arthur before I googled her just now

No. 396409

File: 1554748636517.jpg (72.36 KB, 590x807, miranda-kerr-590.jpg)

I'm with you on this. She also looks like a pin needle to me. It's not helping that she seems super shallow and fake and dumb to me either and that she's successful and rich lol. I think she wrote a lame book, too. I much prefer Gemma Ward to her.

No. 396411

she's pretty but her nose is too small for her face. people act like a woman having too small of a nose is an impossibility but elizabeth olsen really proves that your nose can't be too small or else you look so, so off

No. 396414

File: 1554749428052.jpg (306.18 KB, 800x1200, jennifer-lawrence-teen-vogue-y…)

I find her face doughy and I hate her relatable girl next door schtick. Her behavior screams huge narcissist to me.

No. 396418

Looks much better tan and brunette

No. 396421

I used to find her so beautiful and thought she had so much potential but she became very embarassing very quickly and not in a fun relatable way. Feel bad for her that her nudes were leaked though

No. 396426

OT but I love the button placement

No. 396438

huge blue eyes and huge boobies

No. 396440

File: 1554752286509.png (180.35 KB, 339x384, mrs-potato-head-png-file-mrs-p…)

No. 396476

I love her witchy/vampire look, she is absolutely stunning to me.

No. 397869

File: 1555078328768.png (134.8 KB, 357x337, TS.png)

She looks like a goddamn mole rat.

No. 397870

this song and music video was awful

No. 397886

File: 1555080831585.jpg (188.98 KB, 926x1200, DuQj-r9WwAAQejk.jpg)

I think she can look really cute from the front, but I always found her profile to be kind of unfortunate

No. 397910

she really does look like that fish dude from Hellboy.

No. 397927

File: 1555087253835.jpeg (64.64 KB, 634x1133, 3F663E6E-B043-4736-ABFB-1C01D0…)

She has a great body but from the neck up emrat looks like an absolute goblin. Her fake lips look worst everyday, and time has no been kind to her poorly thought out nose job resulting in an ever growing beak tip that looks totally out of proportion to her face. Idk how men can find this attractive

No. 397937

She is cute. Idk if her face is anything remarkable but it’s not really ugly enough to put a lot of people off. Her body is what does it for people though. You have to admit it is nice

No. 398024

I once read a comment that said she looks like a cross between an ostrich and a little Indian boy, and that describes how I feel about her face perfectly

No. 398030

Comments like these make me wish we had some sort of award system or equivalent of reddit gold that I could give you.

No. 398049

Men find her attractive cause she has huge tits that she exposed in the blurred lines music video.

No. 399693

File: 1555522979776.jpg (214.54 KB, 1400x2036, member everyone hated these tw…)

>she had so much potential but she became very embarassing very quickly
She kinda faded away nowadays with Brie Larson becoming internet most hated actress instead of her but I can see her having a comeback a few years from now. I used like to her so much when I was younger but you know the drama and backlash from her schtick got old.

No. 399697

Unrelated, but Anne Hathaway was always ridiculously pretty IMO, especially in The Princess Diaries. I've never understood the people who called her ugly.
I don't think Lawrence is at all, though. She's so…bloblike. Her face gives non-descript "daughter of your local potato farmer/goat herder who enjoys the taste of buttermilk, tending to her baby brother Jedediah and, every once in a while, impishly taking off her bonnet and going for strolls in the rolling countryside fields" vibes.
She did look pretty in an "old americana" way in this one photo I can't find where she was holding a juice box(?), though. Maybe the issue is that her stylists are constantly trying to make her Hollywood glam when she doesn't have the features for that.

No. 399754

File: 1555535182111.jpg (41.95 KB, 618x800, Sulli-618x800.jpg)

i just think she has weird features

No. 399793

File: 1555542855358.png (557.13 KB, 636x421, who.png)

Has anyone said Priyanka Chopra yet?
Because Priyanka Chopra. I think she got a lot of plastic surgery too, and it didn't help. She has the worst fashion sense too. I feel like there's a lot more Indian actresses that are better and should be recognised more in the west.
She just looks like an utter tryhard and seems like the type of person who calls trashy news places for exposure but acts like they're talking to her on their own accord.

No. 399826

File: 1555551938220.jpg (67.18 KB, 634x1024, rs_634x1024-180621134156-634-j…)

tbf her being average-looking face wise was kinda the appeal of her when she first started getting buzz. Even when I was into her; I always thought she wasn't that pretty but it just gives her this attainable and local vibe that made her somewhat cute at times imo. I agree with you about Hathaway though.

No. 399857

Priyanka suffers from dreamworks smile.
I'm tired of hearing of her.

No. 399859

it’s just a matter of opinion, that’s all. personally i don’t think anne is that great looking, her eyes are kinda buggy. but she’s successful as fuck and me thinking her eyes look funny isn’t gonna make her any less successful so i’m still rooting for her

No. 399878

File: 1555579039828.jpg (59.79 KB, 1136x568, 5bb4a6ee94750c29ee14fef3-1136-…)

This deformed woman.

No. 399909

File: 1555597150654.png (638.58 KB, 700x569, Untitled.png)

idg why people talk about mary-kate and ashley olsen being beautiful still when they look so gaunt, haggard and depressed all the time. i also have always disliked their "faux-ho chic" style where they wear rags and drapey shit as if they aren't millionaires who can't afford nicer clothes. ugh, i used to love them, they're shells of what they were.

No. 399929

Wtf happened to Mary Kate? Did she get some botched plastic surgery or did drugs and bulimia take a toll on her?

No. 400023

tbh i like the boho chic but it's not a good look when you look like you're dying of a combination of drug abuse and anorexia.

No. 401168

File: 1555944392745.jpg (20.5 KB, 394x394, gal.jpg)

I really dislike Gal Gadot's sloped forehead and big brow bone. I don't get why everyone finds her so attractive.

No. 401177

they look like accidentally mummified medieval corpses

No. 401194

She looks like the most generic white girl ever

No. 401224

Lol what are you on about?

No. 401256

I find her beautiful but at the same time her forehead reminds me of Pepper from AHS.

No. 401285

File: 1555963286200.jpg (77.18 KB, 920x584, sky2.jpg)

i don't get sky ferrerira's status as a "sex symbol" or hot woman in indie. something about the bone structure and the smudgy grunge vibe.

do you?

No. 401286

whoever said she was? i love her but she looks like gollum

No. 401513

File: 1556018894324.jpeg (49.57 KB, 350x350, 081F069D-82D9-4DDD-95F6-E6F76E…)

Sky was pretty in the early 2010s, especially when she had curls, she looks so pale and hollow now. Her ex boyfriend and her were booked on coke possession I think so it wouldn't surprise me if drugs have aged her.

No. 401682

File: 1556046450300.jpg (73.77 KB, 800x1202, anne-hathaway-the-new-york-tim…)

I googled Anne Hathaway and sorry for going off-topic, but they're making Princess Diaries 3?! I'm slightly excited.

I think Hathaway looks a lot better when she doesn't have that boy hair like in>>399693 and doesn't smile with her One Piece propositioned mouth

No. 401683

I think Anne hathaway is really beautiful. But princess diaries 3?? why??

No. 401841

File: 1556070674114.jpg (66.84 KB, 682x1024, d6f88d46832fbc9b653d58f43bc6f9…)

I don't find her ugly just really plain.

No. 404938

what is that shit on her chin??

No. 408422

File: 1557420788349.jpeg (309.27 KB, 959x1280, F4E83AE2-BBBA-40B4-8378-C28D54…)

she’s not exactly ugly but something about her is just so punchable. she looks like one of those people who’s always condescending even when she doesn’t know what she’s taking about. i admit this is pure projection though, i know nothing about her.

No. 408459

File: 1557428295024.jpg (60.54 KB, 790x395, clairo.jpg)

Clairo for me. I know boys who absolutely worship her and call her their wife, but idk I think her face is just very homely and plain, and she kind of looks fourteen.

No. 408465

Very flattering Pic you chose. She does look literally 14 so those men are creepy

No. 408466

File: 1557428720136.jpg (38.64 KB, 720x480, thread.jpg)

I could never understand how people think Laura Harrier is pretty. Sure, at certain angles anyone can agree she's stunning, but most the time there's just something about her facial proportions that throw me off

No. 408471

File: 1557429831724.jpg (137.54 KB, 1000x1500, 625a205f12e27d54ead974ad72958f…)

I can see where you get at as some looks of hers are less than flattering, but Tessa can be absolutely drop dead gorgeous with the right stylist. Having all her hair up off her head/face for a bun or something of the sort definitely does not look good for her and it ticks me off whenever she goes for another interview styled like that, but she really can be absolutely stunning.
This I can absolutely agree with 100%. Her nose has no dimensions and she looks like voldemort. Her eyebrows are shaped so badly for her face and her eyes throw me off. It also feels like there's too much space between her nostrils and her lips.
I swear all the olsens look like they're banshees or some shit. would fit in perfectly in a witches coven.

No. 408472

She looks like a run of the mill high school girl. I guess that's what they like about her?

No. 408476

On their own her features are all fine, but all together it looks wrong. Everything on her face is big, there's no balance.

No. 408511

File: 1557436805336.png (1.32 MB, 600x1200, 56877ADA-BF17-47AF-A49A-CD0E0E…)

No. 408523

Yes. Karlie's body being ana-tier also contributes to me not liking her, she's just… ugh. Not ugly in the face necessarily but not pretty either, her body is what completely ruins her for me tho. She looks skelly next to taylor swift of all people

No. 408533

She's pretty but she tries so hard to be trendy, relevant and look smart. I washed my hands of her after the whole "kode with klossy" schtick

No. 408602

I think she's very pretty, I wish I'd look like her

>I know boys who absolutely worship her and call her their wife
I hope those are really boys and not some disgusting men bc she looks like a child


No. 409003


she looks like a cuter version of pokimane to me

No. 410177

File: 1557896157315.jpg (874.13 KB, 1927x2967, Zendaya-Coleman-2015-Billboard…)

Don't get the hype. Face is average-looking to me at best and her body proportions seem a little off (big head, thick arms, and twig thin everywhere else).

No. 410178

File: 1557896274093.jpg (100.02 KB, 500x436, Zendaya-Without-Makeup-1.jpg)

Even more apparent without makeup.

No. 410201

I think she looks cute in a girl next door kind of way.

No. 410206

I agree but the media always pretends she has something high fashion about her when she doesn't. It's the same with Gigi Hadid. They don't have the look.

No. 410679

there's nothing high fashion about either of those outfits

No. 411676

File: 1558157582142.png (1.48 MB, 1138x1146, Rosario-Dawson.png)

I always found Rosario Dawson incredibly unattractive, her uneven nostrils, her bulging frog eyes and her square man jaw, I never understood why people think she's hot. Plus her body is shaped like brick

No. 411687

File: 1558158576604.jpg (167.31 KB, 634x918, 23A6DB7100000578-0-image-82_14…)

Scarlett Johansson's head is way too big for her body, she has a bulbous nose that reminds me of a mushroom and is aging like milk. Not to mention she's boring and has zero charisma

No. 411690

File: 1558158837457.jpg (212.19 KB, 1600x1200, scarlett_johansson.jpg)

Her face really wasn't made for this dyke haircut, it's too shapeless. I was always amazed that she managed to look so attractive while having very pudgy features, I kinda knew it wouldn't last long.

No. 411694

i didn't say the outfits were high fashion. i said the media acts like there's something high fashion about gigi and zendaya, physically, when they don't have it.

No. 411756

I think she's beautiful in that hot Greek mum way. More of a strong beauty than delicate beauty.

No. 411770

You chose the most unflattering photo possible. Yawn, hater. Rosario is makes me weeeet

No. 411781

On what planet is her face pudgy? It's skinny as fuck and heart shaped.

No. 411796

What's with the darkie white-knighting?(racebaiting)

No. 411827

No, there are uglier pictures of her out there but I chose that one just because it shows her fucked up nostrils better

No. 411840

Learn how to read, I said pudgy FEATURES. She has a big shapeless mouth and a bulbous nose.

No. 411882

>>381272 In case you didn't know Rosalía styles like that because she's trying to achieve a "gitana" look (Romani from Spain), a lot of gitanos complain about her appropiating their culture (she tries to imitate their accent, music, fashion sense (jewelry, makeup (trying to imitate Romani features), clothing), etc)

No. 411910

Wtf Kourtney looks like Yzma

No. 412558

This. This so much!

No. 412802

File: 1558423774773.jpg (20.18 KB, 543x390, http___www.marathi.tv_wp-conte…)

Tbh I think I don't like her face mostly because she looks almost identical to a girl I know irl who is annoying as shit and I can't help be associate the two.

No. 412811

File: 1558426037584.jpg (240.03 KB, 2100x1471, jacinda_ardern-hijab-aftermath…)

No. 412866

oh yeah i was just backing up what you said

No. 412867

"dyke haircut" wtf lol, i hate scarjo but what anon?

No. 412868

File: 1558448614696.jpg (59.71 KB, 790x395, Grimes.jpg)

i feel like grimes is shilled by nerd dudes as the ultimate sexy manic pixie dream-girl type when she looks nasty. all the time. "grimes" is a great alias for because she looks dirty and like she smells constantly. i've grown to especially hate her now that she's banging elon musk and has turned into a good little republican mouthpiece and advocate for being a rich selfish cunt contributing to the decline of the earth, laughing at the poor.

No. 412870

File: 1558449001532.jpg (58.15 KB, 450x550, 16-Scarlett-Johansson-Short-Ha…)

No. 412874

She's a 30 year old woman who's still obsessed with lolicon hentai. DISGOSTANG.

No. 412875

Where do people say she's pretty? Everyone on /mu/ says she's ugly, most people who talk about her online say she needs a shower.

No. 412944

Looks good, doesn't belong here.

No. 412962

File: 1558462958289.jpg (77.84 KB, 638x960, Scarlett-Johansson-short-hair.…)

How does this not belong here when the thread title is
>Women shilled as attractive that you find ugly

No. 412975

File: 1558465904277.jpg (16.08 KB, 480x270, 030043002350.jpg)

I find her very bland looking and I'm so butthurt that my bf is into her.

No. 412976

I think she's hot tbh

No. 413005

You're missing the point of this thread lmao

No. 413010

File: 1558471277933.png (653.59 KB, 552x686, shakira.png)

It's a shame she made blonde hair her trademark when she looks so much better with her natural black hair.

No. 413011

File: 1558471283323.jpg (449.89 KB, 946x946, 115572354.jpg)

she's fucking amazing

No. 413042

I thought she was gorgeous enough with blonde hair but wow the black looks amazing. I think the volume and texture are what really make it great either way though.

No. 413046

File: 1558478006050.jpg (18.88 KB, 277x400, 73dc8c4dd0d0618e911f9abb0b7f02…)

Definitely prefer her with black hair, with the blonde you can just see the roots growing in, it's too big of a contrast. Obviously she likes blonde because it differentiates her from other Latina singers, her face has a few average features. I did like her when she briefly had red hair.

No. 413070

I will never understand wtf happened to shakira. Not only her looks, but her music and her entire persona.

No. 413509

Music and persona-wise, I've always felt that she just stopped trying when the She Wolf album flopped. The way she spoke about it at the time, it seemed to be a passion project for her.

No. 413889

Shakira is so fucking boring. She’s the plain-ass vanilla of celebrity crushes. She’s like thinking Brad Pitt is hot. There’s nothing exciting about her.

No. 413899

I think she looks really hot with the dark hair in >>413010, but while she's blond, I have to agree. She just doesn't stand out by media standards (just ugly normie NPC ones, I guess, lmao).

No. 413975

Shame about the racism in Hollywood as she definitely looks better with black hair. I always thought she was white when I was younger. Just another uninteresting white pop star.

No. 414019

Delete it and post in the right thread

No. 414213

nerdy white guys on the internet, as i said
>grimes is shilled by nerd dudes as the ultimate sexy manic pixie dream-girl

No. 416392

File: 1559260423420.png (362.18 KB, 672x556, 1559246075891.png)

this bitch

No. 416449

File: 1559293493547.jpg (37.87 KB, 696x464, kiazekiaziuahaz-696x464.jpg)

This cross eyed racist bitch. Even left leaning men want to fuck her and I'm over it.

No. 416450

Jennie kim

No. 416455

She's not racist though and she's a really good orator. It's a shame that so many focus on her looks, and I can't see the appeal, when she makes a good politician.

No. 416458

>She's not racist though

She is though. You just have to look at how close her party is with generation identitaire.

No. 416463

It's really ridiculous that just wanting stricter immigration laws anywhere in Europe makes someone a racist. You throw that word around and accuse her of being that, when she's clearly not.

Her party on the other hand, has some issues that they need to sort out but you were specifically accusing her of being racist and her party having ties to GI doesn't make her one.

No. 416465

>just wanting stricter immigration laws anywhere in Europe makes someone a racist

Nah being close to an openly racist and fascist group, shilling for the great replacement theory and advocating for remigration makes you one.

No. 416634

>She's not racist though
Stop playing by the rules of retards. You'll get nowhere. The correct response is "So what?"

No. 416642

>So what if she's racist xD
This only works with other racists, nice try.

No. 416648

Speak of the retard. What comes after then? Nothing comes after because you have nothing after your memes are dismissed. I have zero interest in winning some debate with you, or trying to recruit you to my point of view. I just hope you see how toothless you are.

No. 416649

Really? She’s pretty cute but definitely frumpy. I get that Japan (and East
Asia in general) has different beauty standards than the west but even she looks plain compared to it.

No. 416650

She looks like an 'ugly' movie character who gets a makeover and becomes beautiful when she takes her glasses off. Which happens to be every lonely nerd's dream - an approachable 10/10 who doesn't know how pretty she is.

No. 416656

Not at all, she looks like a plain jane, "approchable 10/10" oh i am laffin

No. 416657

I wasn't saying she's a 10/10, I'm saying those movie characters are. But she's got a pretty face, especially for guys with yellow fever which obviously applies to guys who like yanderes.

No. 416663

I wasn't even involved in your stupid argument, I just saw your embarrassing attempt at reclaiming racism with "Oh yeah? So what??".
What's next, reclaiming scat fetishism?

No. 416887

lol i mean shes not really ugly, but shes not exactly beautiful either. shes just plain. i also feel like something about her facial bone structure is off, but i cant quite put my finger on it.

e-boys have shit taste, remember when the whole of 4chan had a collective crush on natalia poklonskaya who's pretty plain looking, at least imo

No. 416969

File: 1559441589360.jpeg (447.95 KB, 1800x2232, 31765D1E-2307-4252-A0E7-65DAC1…)

Farrah Fawcett, she’s definitely not ugly but I don’t know how she’s such a goddess when there’s plenty of women who are more beautiful imo

No. 418313

She's kind of like >>413889 this. Just a very generic sort of "one size fits all" attractive yet not so incredibly hot she seems unapproachable.

This person looks deformed. But then again Japan prizes childish features which tend to look retard-ish on adult women.

No. 418323

File: 1559746685477.jpg (104.01 KB, 857x1200, 29fy2hqmd1y11.jpg)

i dont think she is ugly but i dont see why people think she's the prettiest blackpink member. she looks kind of old for her age

No. 418407

I thought people say jennie is the prettiest

No. 419136

It's usually either Jennie or Jisoo. Speaking of Jennie I've never understood why her looks are so hyped. she's very plainfaced without makeup.

No. 419809

File: 1560041628981.jpg (804.87 KB, 1975x3000, c8dd75934de3236c20a43bc6f29328…)

god i'm glad we moved away from "pamela anderson is the hottest woman alive" as a society. hate kim k all you want but at least now we've gotten more open about what kind of skin color, hair color and body appearance is sexy. not just some basic blond bitch.

No. 420271

Kim K is a white woman and had lots of plastic surgeries to receive her fake curves and filler-filled face just like Pamela. The only visual difference is her brunette hair. This doesn't help diverse beauty standards at all.

No. 420300

how is she white? she is half armenian.

No. 420520

I didn't know she's Armenian. Oddly enough she looked white to me. Either way Kim K isn't better than Pamela Anderson.

No. 421134

File: 1560369942271.png (273.84 KB, 483x601, tswift.PNG)

Did taylor get work done recently or something? she looks like she's on drugs holy shit. i mean, i never understood how people think she's pretty anyways, her face is just so unrecognizable and unmemorable

No. 421146

Pamela Anderson is surprisingly eloquent and writes pretty astute political commentary on twitter. I didn't think I'd ever be able to say that with a straight face but this is our weirdest timeline yet.

No. 421147

She hit the wall.

No. 421148

Can't be, her nose looks completely unrecognisable.

No. 421154

she doesn't look old - just different, scrotoid.

No. 421158

Most white women wall at age 30. She's going to smash into it.(Racebaiting)

No. 421164


No. 421165

Black don't crack, sweetie.

No. 421166

Lol yeah right. It's obvious you're not even black.

No. 421167

File: 1560374128780.jpg (7.06 KB, 252x200, focul lenght.jpg)

It's just focal length and harsh light.

No. 421186

I don't even think taylor swift is good looking but why would you use a still from a video taken with the front camera of a phone to support your opinion….

No. 421207

File: 1560380606432.jpg (162.66 KB, 1600x800, landscape-1455294603-gigi-bell…)

im sure these two have been posted before but gigi hadid is nothing special and i'd go so far as to say bella is unattractive, she looks better in this pic but most of the time when i see her she looks like a 36 year old receptionist, gigi looks like a high schooler

whenever people say stupid shit just ignore it
the mods dont care about banning people unless it suits their personal agenda

No. 421212

it was just a video that showed up on my twitter feed that shocked me so i thought to post it…..

No. 421261

>the mods dont care about banning people unless it suits their personal agenda
lmao this

i was banned like 3 times in a week or so for pissing off some scrote-sympathizing mod by insulting men in non-pink pill threads. it was fucking yikes.(take this to meta.)

No. 421360

I'm mostly sorry for these two, especially Bella. They have a stage mom who caused Bella's BDD and pushed Gigi in the spotlight since she was a child.

No. 423102

File: 1560836660890.jpg (979.38 KB, 2000x3003, image.jpg)

the fact some of you wk for her makes me concerned

No. 423111

File: 1560839608282.jpg (127.46 KB, 1000x1000, selena-gomez-justin-beiber-riv…)

THIS. SELENA GOMEZ IS 10000%. Any time someone goes on about her being beautiful I don't see it. She is legitimately so plain looking and average in every dimension, even in body, aura, and (below) in talent, so I just don't see it. Her face is a doughy pudgy mess and doesn't have any angularity or bone structure to it at all. My gawd.

I think women like Selena Gomez and other plain Janes are promoted to make really mediocre looking women feel better about themselves as a marketing ploy.

No. 423118

File: 1560840912110.png (895.99 KB, 997x779, farrah.PNG)

I didn't get the appeal of Farrah until I looked at her on the Dating Show. She was very, very pretty in her early 20's.

She does look very conventionally attractive in a kinda boring way but at least something stands out.

No. 423177

>Her face is a doughy pudgy mess and doesn't have any angularity or bone structure to it at all.

Selena has lupus, an auto-immune disease. The medications she takes will cause her face to swell and bloat up, which will give her this pudgy appearance.

I think she's cute but overrated as well regarding her talent.

No. 423207

I don't know… Like she's obviously not conventionally pretty but there's something really sympathic and attractive about her. She looks like she's fun and nice and there's some beauty in her "ugliness".

No. 423299

she looks like squidward to me i cant explain it

No. 425236

File: 1561280958525.jpg (402.2 KB, 1920x1080, zooey-deschanel.jpg)

teh only time shes good looking is when she dresses up like this
its her real style and attitude. her whole singing bullshit persona is completely 100% made up

No. 425356

File: 1561301835180.jpg (23.09 KB, 568x346, 6f6e5ad9-1362-4fa5-8343-ee804c…)

she's cute aside from that horse smile. that all-gums gross smile. eugh

lol that's katy perry you're replying to. but they both look like the same breed of QuIrKy white girl so you're forgiven

No. 425448

It's a bunch of marks from her pushing the microphone onto her skin lol
Her mouth is so wide it looks almost fake

No. 426040

File: 1561452709052.jpg (90.09 KB, 580x600, tonCnL9.jpg)

while I dislike both i'd wager the pamela anderson beauty ideal is less damaging as the Kim k one, as it's easier to dye your hair than grow yourself huge breasts hips and ass.
I also preferred Kim's face before the surgeries, she looked more memorable and less whitewashed (so forgettable now by the way that I almost put a picture of natural Kim next to a picture of a random ps'd celebrity thinking it was a before and after, lmao)

No. 426041

Why are there so many American celebrities that look exactly like this though

No. 426051

>pam anderson
>kim bad because big ass and tits!

i’m sorry but have you ever even seen a picture of pamela fucking anderson? she has enormous fake tits which was absolutely a coveted body type in her heydey. i’m so fucking sick and tired of people using kim k as a scapegoat for their own pathetic insecurities when she’s far as fuck from the first person to sell an unrealistic body image. give me a fucking break. tHe yOuTh aren’t so desperately retarded that they believe bodies like hers are natural and if they do, it’s their and their parents’ fault for not having any brain cells, not some random celebrity for existing and marketing themselves.

No. 426063

anon was specifically talking about basic botox blondes while praising Kim for being not blonde I guess, my point is that Kim is just a basic botox brunette with even more ridiculous proportions. I do agree with teaching children to look at these ppl with a critical eye tho.

No. 426087

OOF she looked so much better here and human but I'm sure she wouldn't have gotten popular looking like this the GP wants weird plastic women

No. 426094

Nta, I'm not claiming that Pam Anderson's beauty ideal isn't harmful, but the Kardashians have far bigger outreach thanks to instagram and co, which definitely makes it worse.

No. 426153

>drugs aged her
Or you know, maybe the 9 years aged her…
I swear this board is completely overrun by 4 year olds that believe in "the wall" and think you are a fossil once you become of age.

The Kim K hate is unreal across the world. She's drawing the kind of vitriol that Twilight did, out of every sort of person and not even just bitter incels or uglies. They both have being unabashedly liked by young women in common, shocker.

Like yeah Kardashian shit is vapid as fuck but the reasons people give for hating them are always extremely wonky.

No. 426165

>the reasons people give for hating them are always extremely wonky
Kylie Jenner is a billionaire because her older sister got famous by leaking her own sex tape. Their father (who once paid his way out of getting punished for killing somebody) decides he no longer wants to be a 70-year-old man and instead turns into "Woman of the Year".
I don't know what's not to hate about them, they're the personification of everything that's unfair in this world.

No. 426192

They're not any more ridiculous and annoying than most of the other celebrities and actors people respect. Most of these people didn't get to where they are by virtue of their merits as professionals. They slept around and were born into families with connections.

No. 426215

the kardashians are depressingly mediocre and untalented save for their mastermind mom who knows how to profit off of everything, and she's not the one that's idolised, her daughters are and for the worst reasons.
I understand why average people living their average life and trying their best with the little they have are frustrated with these women being shoved in their faces.

No. 426432

File: 1561518609203.jpg (149.86 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9237.JPG)

No. 426444

Kim and Kylie have different dads. Kim's dad is Robert Kardashian iirc. He was on OJ's council and they were buddies.

No. 426446

I wonder how the majority of Armenians feel about them. On one hand nice to have "famous representation" but god they must be fucking embarrassing to them as an ethnic group, imagine having them as your ambassadors. Cher was better, at least she can perform and has talent. Kim is a good businesswoman but other than building a socialite media empire/brand, nothing to really be proud of. Being famous for your ass and not your talent or intelligence or personality sounds like shit.

No. 426447

whoops double-post, I just realized you were talking about Kris. I guess Kim plays a big part in the media empire though too

No. 426555

File: 1561556230596.jpg (567.64 KB, 1200x630, amber heard.jpg)


idk i find her really striking. but i can see how some people don't find her attractive. her face is kind of wide

No. 429906

File: 1562193168446.jpg (85.89 KB, 1024x545, biticon2-1024x545.jpg)

Justine Mae Biticoin. She has a really nice body but her features are a little too exaggerated.

No. 429911

That has to be a troon lol

No. 429914

File: 1562194552819.jpg (94.73 KB, 1000x667, https___hypebeast.com_wp-conte…)

She isn't but she really does have super masculine features. I've seen way prettier Asian models who don't have as big of a following so I don't get the appeal.

No. 429915

unrelated but oh how i wish her surname was bitcoin. so close and yet so far.

No. 429951

bella's weird lookin as fuck. the tip of her nose looks strange (surgery?) n her face is too long. you're right about her being nothing special. her sis is cuter but i always see bella's horseface plastered on everything

No. 430023

i remember reading somewhere that the reason for why bellas nose looks so weird is because the surgeon took too much out of the cartilage

No. 430495

I can understand why someone wouldn't be into her, but she is absolutely stunning to me. I love women with more "handsome" features

No. 430500

File: 1562330922823.jpg (285.76 KB, 1000x563, chastain.jpg)

People have found out that I love Julianne Moore and then act like they can't comprehend why Jessica Chastain does less than nothing for me.

No. 430543

Idk why people obsess over gingers in general. It's not a bad color but I don't see why it's so popular.

No. 430553

It’s only really popular with nerds from what I can tell, they go full autist over it. Maybe because of the stereotype that they’re promiscuous so in their mind it means they have chance lmao? They also have an obsession with pale skin which redheads tend to have

No. 430559

Losing your shit over color has always struck me as stupid. I'd look at how healthy and thick the hair is rather than color. Eye shape, placement, and size would matter more than color. Skin health and clarity over color, etc.

But I do understand some people literally will be with a goblin if the goblin has the colors they like. Not that Chastain is a goblin. She's fine.

No. 430588

The ginger from Riverdale is another plain jane deemed attractive. Take away her nice lashes and noone would look twice at her. She just looks like a kid with too much lipstick on.
Like whoever does her makeup on that show needs to be fired. They make her look like Miranda fucking sings.

No. 430874

File: 1562406848042.jpg (301.14 KB, 720x873, 20190706_114600.jpg)

She kinda reminds me of Kylie Jenner, both their faces give off that "40y/o desperately trying to stand young with fillers" vibe.

No. 430875

File: 1562406924725.jpg (830.67 KB, 2613x2074, kendall-jenner-kylie-jenner.jp…)

And here Kylie Jenner giving off that same vibe…I just don't see the appeal.

No. 430882

File: 1562409926834.gif (2.19 MB, 268x350, original.gif)

To be honest, I always found her kind of weird-looking and hard-faced. The makeup she wears in Riverdale seems to be made for soft, dolly faces, but her features are a bit more broad, so it makes for a sort of uncanny valley "40 year old MILF" effect.
The lip fillers don't help, either.
Honestly, half the teenage cast of Riverdale itself look aged. The guy who plays Archie is far worse in this regard, but this thread is for women, so I'll refrain.

No. 430883

I fucking hate this self centered perspective people keep giving about the 2000s beauty standards. For GOD SAKES not everyone is fucking white or has the genes to naturally fit the blonde hair, blue eyed, aesthetic.

No. 430884

People obsess over blondes or at least used to imo. People can have a weird hatred for redheads I find stupid considering its prettier and more intense looking than the often dried ratty hair or rapidly aging aesthetics blonde women natural or dyed tend to have

No. 430888

I don't find Ariana ugly, but I never was a fan of her. It just seems like she tries way too hard for the innocent uwu look and big dolly eyes.

No. 430890

>trying to instigate infighting by replying to an 11-day-old post in a furious manner
News flash: white people in white countries can (and will have) have white beauty standards! Nobody gives a fuck that not being blonde and blue-eyed hurts your feefees. I bet this >>430884 is you as well, judging by the raging jealousy-induced hateboner you seem to have for blondes.
>dried ratty hair
>rapidly aging

No. 430894

have you ever heard of hair dye ? it's in every drugstore everywhere. blond hair is literally an afternoon away for anybody who wants it, which thigh implants are not.
by the way, a standard, by nature, is an ideal, it selects and excludes, so that goes for both blonde bimbos or Kim. I don't get why people are so butthurt, neither of them look like ordinary people and that is the point.

No. 430901

The US is about easily almost half non white and most so called white people in the US have indio or black DNA, congratulations for pretending you have anything in common with the actual white European countries you mongrel.

Also le jealousy argument is overdone and tired and also some fake female competititon thing youre trying to force due to your autism, I find types of women sexually attractive and blondes are not one of them. Why is that a problem?

No. 430903

Imagine being a indian or chinese girl wearing blonde hair lol lets see how that goes

No. 430907

NTA, but america at least is far from a white country.
why not just look to european countries pop culture instead of demanding the us pander chiefly to only one aesthetic? it's def. doable, koreaboos do it all the time and they're not even asian most of the time

No. 430908

she didn't say anything about the US, the US is not the whole world. I agree the jealousy argument is stupid though.
the insecure/entitled attitude and typing style makes you sound like you come from PULL.

No. 430911

but wasn't this about kim kardashian vs pamela anderson as examples specifically? they're both american. if that anon meant other countries, it was weird of them to hop on >>430883 talking about "white countries"

No. 430912

Pamela was and Kim is very much an influence where I live (that's called globalism / American cultural imperialism), which is why, btw, this suggestion >>430907 is kind of uninformed.

No. 430913

Theres no insecurity or entitlement, Im just tired of anons thinking only their people exist and these idiots have the nerve to be typing from the USA most of the time which makes it even more pathetic

No. 430914

i'm not american either, lol. every country still has its own homegrown pop culture, despite america forcing itself everywhere.
just don't see why people would want america to only really glorify one race when it's not a monoracial country to begin with, seems greedy

No. 430915

Blonde Hair with Blue eyes and a pale face IMO is the most coveted beauty look. I disagree with the anon that implied a box dye is all it takes. To me, fair clear skin, big blue eyes, tiny rosebud mouth and long blonde hair is the genetic lottery.

No. 430916


OT but getting blonde hair is actually more of a lengthy and time consuming process if you’re, for example, Asian and have black hair, or have darker hair in general.

No. 430917

if you were not blonde as a child, the chances are you won't look good as a blonde as an addult.

No. 430920

I actually envy you if you feel like you still have a pop culture clearly distinct from the US one - over here with the internet it seems ours is dead or at least dying (which is kind of slowed down by the fact not many people understand English, but even that is changing).
long live your pop culture anon, and I say that unironically.

No. 430924

I disagree. High cheekbones and a symmetrical face with radiant skin and striking eyes is the standard for both sexes. Basing beauty on a specific coloring is lame imo

No. 430925

I agree USA beauty standards is OTT but pretending non white girls wouldnt be entertained elsewhere is silly. Especially when white american guys…. yeah.

No. 430928

that's all down to personal preference. but for your list of universal characteristics for both sexes I would also add something about the jaw/chin that has to not be nonexistent nor pushed backwards.

No. 430934

File: 1562418139268.jpg (139.32 KB, 817x1024, 333578efdf9fab924927e2f1e3a7cb…)

You're totally wrong, it's about undertone more than skin shade

But blonde hair can easily look washed out on even natural blondes, there are definitely beautiful people with lots of different 'looks'. 'Beauty standards' aren't going to motivate someone to find an obviously pretty girl ugly, they're just trends that work off a natural template of biological beauty.

No. 430935

I feel like I need to clarify, by high cheekbones I dont mean the gaunt, super angular face Hollywood likes to shill but just any type of prominent cheekbones that gives the facial structure support. I noticed for decades in Western countries these faces were always considered particularly desireable.

Funnily enough in populations where this trait is really common, like India and China, they prefer lower cheekbones. I agree with your jaw comment too.

No. 430938

That's interesting, I'm from the UK, so no language barrier, and I feel like we definitely have a good sense of what our own pop culture and its specific appearances (tropes, humour style, format) are and how they differ from American media. Where are you from?

No. 430939

She isnt wearing a full blonde color on her hair and besides, everyone knows blonde hair is the most common in European populations despite also showing in MENA people and some Australoid races.

I feel like when white girls complain about the current US beauty standard obviously favoring multicultural features, despite many East and South Euro women also having those aesthetics naturally, its understood but like the features that obviously favor North Europeans are supposed to attainable and normal for everybody? Im not attacking I just dont really get it

No. 430943

Depends on what those multicultural features are. It's simply mechanically easier to change a hair colour than it is to change a body type (I guess fillers have changed things for easily acquiring particular facial features, though I don't remember a time when European small lips were ever glorified). Yes, not everyone's going to suit it, but at least it's more possible to obtain than an instagram body.

No. 430958

I'm French. i thought about it and old people definitely still have their pop culture, but here young people almost only watch American series and movies, the kardashian-jenners clearly inspire a lot of the trashy celebrities we like to jokingly quote, many slang words (woke, bae) are imported as well as non-slang words (binge, spoiler). teen girls dress and wear makeup either like instathots or art hos, and this is especially apparent in big cities. my sister's friend even told me she has a "cool French girl aesthetic", which is a typical American stereotype (this is kind of funny and endearing tbh, bless her heart).
the whole liberal feminist thing which defines this end of the decade is also directly imported from Anglos and macron is just trudeau (canadian but still American technically !)but repackaged frencher and with more crooked teeth. by the way, teeth whitening is also making its way to here, which I find really crazy and weird.
I feel like music is just a little bit safer, bc people here are bad at English and because of francophony quotas radios have to comply with, but American artists are still big though. ppl living in Corsica are less affected by American tends, or at least adopt them a few years late, idk whether it's because of their strong identity or their insularity.
I feel like my ideas haven't fully matured on the matter, but that's my take for now.

No. 430966

File: 1562423736783.png (1.4 MB, 1192x1192, blnd.png)

NTA, but tbh that debate can go on forever.
In the early 2000s, it was all about bigger breasts, blond hair and blue eyes. You still had to change your body, just in a different way, and you were also considered fat if you had weight anywhere but your chest ("Does this make my butt look big?"). It was either the sterotypical porn star body, or the heroin chic one, with no in-between, and many girls and women suffered over this. This isn't even touching on the fact that not everyone is white and/or capable of pulling off that Northern European aesthetic like anon said.

Now, both small and large breasts are socially accepted, there's more leeway for thick thighs and asses, and there's no pressure to look super white. Hell, even then, I'm pretty sure the Kardashians have gone blond before, and there are still famous blonde bombshells, so I don't get why some people think it's pale blondes vs swarthy brunettes or whatever.
Even if you're rectangular or super-thin nowadays, you can just stick to skinny supermodel aesthetics, or Asian fashion.

I honestly prefer today's standards. There's way more variety and beauty standards for everyone. Pic related, Joanna Kuchta is a skinny, blue-eyed blond and literally IG famous. The only reason to really be upset IMO is that she's not the only type we're seeing in the media anymore, and I think that's kind of silly.

No. 430970

what you say is quite interesting, it seems there actually is more variety nowadays due to there being more subcultures.
I guess what I miss about the 2000's is the low maintenance high impact looks (however cringy they may be), for example if you liked Avril lavigne you just had to throw together crop tops baggy pants your dad's tie and raccoon eyeliner, and that was it. now everything has to be high end and perfect looking.

No. 430973

File: 1562425469903.jpeg (475.42 KB, 800x1200, 2292954.jpeg)

That's a really good point. There was more of a naivete back then in the realm of fashion and self-expression.
Now, we have moodboards and aesthetic pages that literally tell you how to do [x] look, and if you deviate from the tenets, you're doing it wrong.
A personal style isn't accepted as valid if it doesn't have a patron saint in the form of an IG user with at least 500k followers, and a tag on weheartit.
Even the realm of alt fashion has been invaded with the advent of Dolls Kill and Killstar. There's so much less mixing and matching, DIY and trial/error going on in communities. Everything must be hyper-polished and from the same few stores.
It really sucks the fun out of things, but I think it's up to us to reject it and do what we want.
I still miss Avril Lavigne's older "punk style" too tbh. We may never see tacky yet iconic charm like this in mainstream media again, RIP.

No. 430975

File: 1562425593750.jpg (176.49 KB, 611x933, vintage-35mm-slides-70s-busty-…)

personally from my perspective on this debate about beauty standards during eras black american beauty standards were better back in the day because it wasnt super cartooonish and extreme. Literally all the complaints about women having to look like cartoons is 10x worse in the black community. If black women doesnt have her hair super laid and flat, with beat makeup, and a snaaaatched body she cant be a gorgeous no matter what. women in this pic would not be thicc enough for young black american guys in 2019. They would need to have smaller waist lines and fat asses with really wideset hips, preferably be less athletic too.

I had a conversation with my cousin who wanted a BBL because she wanted to make her big ass bigger instead of working out and getting trim because guys like jiggle and not hardness. My mom was a top heavy hourglass with an athletic build in the 70s and 80s and was considered thick and sexy back then but now it seems the only women considered thick and sexy in the black community are women with very pear shaped bodies and extremely low waist to hip ratios.

This got really bad in the 2010s…

No. 430976

I meant to type cant be a bad bitch not gorgeous idk why I typed that

No. 430977

File: 1562426051426.jpg (45.56 KB, 408x612, rkdJQCS.jpg)

Can't believe nobody posted Lana ITT. She's so botched, her nose looks like it's about to collapse.

No. 430989

File: 1562427131850.jpg (42.24 KB, 584x520, wh.jpg)

I just want another ethereal beauty like Donna Summer or Whitney Houston. The whole Lil Kim-inspired Nicki Minaj/Megan Thee Stallion thing is tiring. Rico Nasty could've been a refreshing break from that, but she chose otherwise.
The closest we have right now are probably SZA and Janelle Monae, but they're not exactly full-on divas or glamour icons.

No. 430996

I'm a fan of hers but she does look pretty busted. I think she was a lot cuter presurgery. Her lips and nose are fucked

No. 431015

Damn, I never realized she was fucking adorable lol.

No. 431022

File: 1562432927155.jpg (218.34 KB, 683x1024, 1545172742910.jpg)

God yes, I wish so badly I had higher/larger cheekbones. I have a Russian friend with them, her facial structure elevates her looks so much. I'm insanely jealous but deeply appreciative of that kind of beauty. This pic was posted in another thread, love this type of structure.

No. 431026

get some self esteem and stop chasing trashy men ffs
your pic is conventional model beauty no matter what decade we're in

No. 431031

File: 1562434342171.gif (998.09 KB, 500x372, original.gif)

I think she has nice features aside from her botched nose. The injectables she gets give her an odd look. I know this gif is about a decade old and obviously people look different at 23 than they do at 33, but she was a lot cuter when she could still move her face enough to emote.

No. 431033

ok, NTA, I see her mouth is crooked and frozen but how is her nose botched ? im kind of bad at detecting whether surgery is low or high quality and her nose to me looks pretty dainty and ideal.
please open my eyes and disenchant me…

No. 431035

Nta but I’ve always noticed a weird flat dent in the front of her nose that looks really fake to me? Like it just looks quite obviously sculpted instead of having a natural rounded/sloping edge to it.

No. 431036

File: 1562435913805.jpg (36.12 KB, 453x604, CG_11_8.jpg)

Same. She used to be really cute but she fucked up her face, at least compared to how she looked before (pic is from 2008)

No. 431041

Don't be too hard on natural gingers/people of the red haired diaspora. Majority aren't taught how to take care of their skin from an early age.

No. 431042

I mean, redheads use to literally be killed for being "witches" and are still killed in parts of Africa.

No. 431057

Learn to blend in here, retard. And her nose is wayy too small and pointy. Not good looking or ideal at all unless you're looking for a michael jackson effect.

No. 431081

It's the same in Germany and that's also why I think the beauty trends of the 2000s were less harmful. Looking like >>426040 might be more inclusive or whatever for mixed places like the US, but in a nearly fully white country hardly any girl will ever be able to meet that ideal. The amount of teen girls I see every day, with way too dark foundation, overdrawn lips, hair dyed black and breaking their backs to look as curvy as non-white women is enormous. I really feel for them, when I was a teen my skin and hair colour were considered okay, but now only looking "exotic" is trendy, their natural traits are seen as plain, boring, ugly.

No. 431084

Even within music, a lot of especially black artists idolise American rappers and try to imitate them. Otherwise young people here wear and do everything Americans do, and I live in Brittany which is by no means trendy.

No. 431135

>tfw have that type of jaw and cheekbones but feel ugly as fuck for it
You lifted my spirit a little bit, anon

No. 431236

File: 1562480636708.jpg (121.18 KB, 872x839, C3StPUDUMAAchgm.jpg)

she doesn't have lip fillers

No. 431239

File: 1562481712357.jpg (49.37 KB, 540x540, tumblr_inline_pjpde94wEY1s9on4…)

Her face is very ape-like…Tati Westbrook is another one who gives off the same vibe, it has to do with their long philtrum. Also Lana is becoming more Joan Rivers-esque the older she gets.

No. 431263

Im chasing trashy men because I point out a pattern? Okay idiot
You dont even sound black so I know youre utterly in the dark about what im talking about LOL

No. 431284

File: 1562499051604.jpg (22.77 KB, 300x399, scary spice.jpg)

i feel u. scary spice was the perfect mix of beautiful and quirky and didn't have any crazy body type.

No. 431287

The fuck kinda apes have you seen

No. 431307

Her philtrums not even long. It's normal. Damn bitch you got some fucked UP body dysmorphia lmfao

No. 431340

File: 1562516823701.jpeg (59.73 KB, 960x540, DCC0B830-DE89-4461-ABF8-FDC529…)

Are you serious? That’s a childhood image she posted herself, no? There have definitely been stars guilty of Photoshopping childhood images in order to excuse their post-surgery appearance. Here’s another image of her when she was younger. He lips look a little smaller here and I think it indicates that she’s gotten filler or overlines her lips.

No. 431352

They were even putting this harsh makeup on her in her teens. Girl, I…

No. 431362

Ironic since Pamela Anderson is Canadian

No. 431406

that’s not fake, sadly

t. anon with the same weird nose indent

No. 431409

Yeah I don't know why anon said that. My mother has the same indent. It's the only real looking part of Lana del rey's nose lmao the rest is the part that looks fake.

No. 437851

File: 1563807819850.jpeg (40.58 KB, 680x413, CroPs8DUEAArDrh.jpeg)

i don't know why some people say shit like "all she has is her looks!!" when she looks like leafy's head got smashed from the sides by a sledgehammer. even ehen i used to like her i never found her good looking, she just looked like a walmart boxxy.

No. 437881

File: 1563811311766.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1056, Screenshot_2019-07-22-08-56-01…)

Kiernan Shipka
Not sure what it is about her face but it seems so off to me.

No. 437884

Looks a bit downy

No. 437889

she looks even worse in candids where she did not get to doctor the angles at all. she's even worse in greg's videos too. if she took off her wig and her eye makeup she would look even more like donkey from shrek tbqh her body is not cute either. she tries to look all uwu smol but she's a very average woman, nothing special or ~smol~ about her.

No. 437899

She's thin and has nice tits, that's pretty much all it takes for people to think you're pretty. I have never found her attractive myself and her obnoxious guidette voice makes it worse.

No. 437913

She looks very old and dry for a young person

No. 437923

File: 1563817266006.jpg (65.96 KB, 500x682, c520f903a7b96aafc9e12196df460c…)


Maybe its her upper lip not being in proportion with lower and red lipstick only makes it more apparent. Anyway I think that it also can be unfortunate photo, with a lighting that makes her look older.

Anyway I find her much prettier with darker hair.

No. 437926

File: 1563818064902.jpeg (2.23 MB, 1591x2048, B3BA278E-78DF-41E6-973A-087677…)

The blonde hair and styling in the show are horrid for her. Imo she’s not gorgeous but I think her face is interesting and cute

No. 438095

File: 1563837302621.jpg (71.09 KB, 1600x600, MM_710_qa_kiernan_shipka_L.jpg)

Wow she looks beautiful with brunette hair. I wonder why she's regularly cast as a blonde when it really doesn't suit her. I remember her from Mad Men and always thought that her blonde hair looked blotchy, fake and yellowish

No. 438288

ITT: why is this thin lady with huge tits considered hot??? why is this young blonde girl considered hot???

that's just what scrotes are into because they're simple; any bi/les farmer who has talked to men about women knows that we have pretty different standards for what's considered hot.

No. 440318

Are you from a large city or a more rural area? I somewhat disagree if only because I live in a large city where we have a lot of upper-middle class white uni students who look like they're copying American fashion and speak the internet bootleg AAVE slang.

No. 440355

always thought she looked like a nerdy lil bitch that smelled like hamster

No. 445082

File: 1565140713033.jpg (37.95 KB, 391x612, lana.jpg)

Lana Condor. Like, it's nice they had an Asian-American girl be the star of a white boy fetish fantasy and all, but she is built like a FRIDGE.

No. 445086

this is gonna sound mad bitter but asians tend to get away with things white/black/latina women get absolutely drilled for (small tits, no ass, no curves, acne, saggy breasts, square butt, big nose, small eyes, being loud/hoeing or a party girl, aging, having manly features,deep voice, fupa, chubby arms etc)

no clue why but it's no surprise when there's a sudden wave of girls trying to literally claim to be asian, they're allowed to have flaws and still be worshipped

No. 445088

I agree completely, I didn’t want to voice that opinion since it comes off racist but after looking a lot of Asian actresses in holly wood it’s laughable how ugly they can be. I mean Lucy Lui literally looks like an ugly Asian man in a wig yet she’s considered hot. If she was in China she wouldn’t have a career.

No. 445092

idk who this is but that dress is not doing her any favors, jeez. better styling would definitely help

No. 445111

She's skinny with big tits and visible hips even if they aren't a super exaggerated waist trained hourglass, honestly wtf do anons expect from a woman's body that she's not good enough?

No. 445112

don't bother. this thread is filled with insecure cunts.

No. 445124

Are we looking at the same chick? Her body definitely isn't what comes to mind when I think "skinny, big tits, visible hips"

No. 445125

I find most women itt cute and attractive myself, but we are on lolcow. Some threads aren't for some anons.

No. 445128

She is pretty young so I feel a bit bad but, whatever, she won't see this
1. She needs to moisturize.
2. She looks like tranny with that styling.

What really annoys me is her attitude. She is so annoying in Sabrina and made the show beyond unwatchable, on top of the poorly-written script. Can't act at all.

It's just something that comes with how Asian women are fetishized as hyperfeminine. It's the opposite of how black women are seen, which is hypermasculine. The bar is definitely very low for Asians but the bar is pretty low for white girls too.

No. 445144

>The bar is pretty low for white girls
Eh I'd have to disagree, depends on who you ask of course however, like the average white guy can look at someone like Cameron Diez and point out a thousand and one things wrong with her but worship an Asian woman who has the very exact features they just said made Cameron unattractive. To black,Indian, Arab, Mexican, etc type males who just chase any white woman they see that isn't a hideous beast, I guess it's that way for white guys to Asian girls, let's not forget the "ugly western white roasties" memes either

White women are often easy targets because they're hated by the left for being white and hated by the right for being women. Of course that's not to say white women are being oppressed or anything like that, I'm just saying there's a weird stigma for white women being attractive compared to women of other races

No. 445149

File: 1565163866358.jpg (239.05 KB, 1024x1535, 1477715594775.jpg)

What about Chloe Moretz and Kate Upton? They are a combination of mediocre faces, flat asses, broad shoulders and rectangle bodies but they are held by lots of men as the non-plus-ultra. Black women definitely have it the hardest to get the hot status by men than any other race.

We love being petty cunts

No. 445150

Are you kidding? Men memed hard about Chloe's fridge body, poor girl.

No. 445153

Really? I don't care about memes at all to be honest with you. I only read about men drooling over her in some forums. Didn't mean to hurt her even more.

No. 445158

It's fine anon lol, I think only 4chan made the edits, not mainstream sites, so it's normal not to know about it. And I hope she doesn't let anonymous posters get to her anyway

No. 445159

oh my god, she's like a reverse butterface, I had no idea that's what she looked like.
I definitely think white women have it easier IRL, but for celebrities and e-thots the standard of today lends itself more to mixed girls (brown skin, black hair, full lips and curvy body).

No. 445163

Asians tend to be very popular in the US, and have a lot of people like this behind them in AUS and UK too. If I ever recommended the best dating market for an AW, it would be North America.

Ehh I think it depends on which circles youre in. If youre in circles where hypersexuality and coolness in women is the focus then yeah, its mixed women with promixiation to black features and thats the only time sadly lol. If youre in circles with a lot of weebs or geeky people then its asians. Normies seem to lend themselves mostly to whites and occassionally mixed, then other groups. IMO just by my years observations.

No. 445165

>Chloe Moretz
literally anytime you search her almost all twitter memes are making fun of her body, for me at least anytime I say her name the first thing people mention is her body
it's the same for Kate Upton

No. 445166

>If I ever recommended the best dating market for an AW, it would be North America.
they're popular but sadly most of the men who meme hard over asian girls tend to be always scummy and cheating on them and stuff, I've never seen a mentally stable man who preferred asian girls, it makes me feel bad for them especially mail order brides who get trapped in miserable bitter marriages

No. 445170

I just noticed they tend to be autistic as hell and I dont understand it. what about asian girls say its okay for autistic spergotoid men to be attracted to me?

No. 445173

desperation and revenge fantasies
they don't even try to hide this as the reason either, it says everything when literally none of them can mention their attraction to asian women without some kind of "japan is a magical world where asian women chase you down the streets and beg for sex from you and are willing to do anything for you" type things, or if it's not that they'll autistically sperg and tinfoil about how all asian women are perfect feminine porn goddesses who are also pure housewives unlike evil manly western white women and anyone who has an issue with that weirdness is just jealous, it's sad how insanely OBSESSED some incels are with this topic and trying to taunt white women

No. 445191

File: 1565171888128.jpg (84.14 KB, 1024x683, 1484241614756.jpg)

Poor girl. The Chloe memes are hilarious though

No. 445194

File: 1565172275347.jpg (11.53 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

>tfw Slav girls only get gross white supremacists who want to use you as a broodmare
>tfw even they go on about how we all "become babushkas after 30"

I just want one day when nobody shits on me or my entire ethnicity for one thing or another

No. 445197

pretty sure this pictures photoshopped but still an unfortunate angle omg

No. 445211

>be hailed as the most attractive group of women, along with the japanese and kpop idols
>still whine

No. 445279

File: 1565192201045.jpg (229.15 KB, 640x425, 20032017-nata-05.jpg)

Natalia Vodianova is Russian and 37 years old. She has 5 kids in total and looks like their sister instead of their mother. If you don't do drugs, drink alcohol or smoke, then you'll be fine anon.

No. 445555

File: 1565237483080.jpeg (237.8 KB, 1080x1920, F5C79DD1-A189-45B7-8443-0A6C23…)

Chantel Jeffries… even after all the procedures I just don’t see it. I find her face shape really moon like and non of her features really stand out to me

No. 445557

This is so genuinely scary why’d she turn her face into an iron

No. 445586

Ok that’s how I feel but realistically I get why she did it as she obviously has benefitted hugely from it, she’s gained wealth and career and lifestyle opportunities and all of it is based solely on her appearance - as is true I guess of many IG models but it just confuses me that people find this look so attractive, I’m like frustrated that I don’t see it

No. 445623

My best friend is Asian and refuses to date men who prefer Asian women. And after meeting some of the guys who say they prefer Asian women, I can see why.

No. 445638

She doesn't want to date someone who fetishizes her race? Shocker.

No. 445786

File: 1565290279120.jpg (316.94 KB, 749x1157, Devon.jpg)

Agreed. The white cunts on this site who BAWWWWW about shit like this >>445194 when non-white women (yeah, even Asian women) have to deal with worse instances of sexism and racism make me roll my eyes.

Her body's fine. Chloe Grace Moretz is a prime example of a female celebrity with an actual fridge body. But yeah, she has the same thing going on with Lucy Liu that >>445088 pointed out. They're not that attractive facially by many standards but get away with it because they're Asian women and will always be hypersexualized in Western media for those qualities alone.

>pic related is also my contribution to the thread and relates to what I just said.

No. 445789

the one thing about devon aoki is she does not age

No. 445791

File: 1565291060451.jpg (20.66 KB, 306x423, article-2548097-1B071745000005…)

This is what she looked like before for reference… she was arrested for stabbing another girl kek
I'm confused on her race?

No. 445792

File: 1565291292251.jpg (902.41 KB, 1078x1834, Screenshot_20190713-073355_Sma…)

Her only redeemable feature is one that anyone can get surgery to replicate. How she's a model is beyond me. I like her personality and sense of humor, but she's seriously ugly.

No. 445795

> The white cunts
Seriously, fuck you. Why is this allowed? Reported for racebating.

No. 445796

I think she's cute but I don't get how she's so famous. She isn't a conventional beauty and she isn't high fashion either.

No. 445799

scrote refugees

No. 445801

You can't say that "white cunts" are complaining too much while claiming that asian women - the most desired race atm - have it the worst.

No. 445803

True. She was the ugliest in the band.

No. 445807

File: 1565293290150.jpg (15.66 KB, 216x340, 77b179f7d6d4e03e1fb8665b34a462…)

Hall Berry any timeline

No. 445809

Assuming this isn't b8, I never said that Asian women have it the worst anywhere in my message–just that women who aren't white or white-passing in some way have it worse. Also I don't know what reality you live in but, yes, white women or white-passing women are seen as the most desired race by many beauty standards in the world. Most models and sex symbols you see will see in the media will have "Euro features" and even in Asian media, fully-Asian celebrities are prized for having them and half-Asian/half-white people are fetishized for having them.

Looking back maybe using the word "cunts" was a bit much and came off as scrote-y, but I still stand by what I said.

No. 445816

File: 1565294369538.jpg (113.75 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Might get banneroo'd for this but,

I've never understood the butthurt for white women complaining about beauty standards. "It's always catered to you." No, it fucking hasn't. Most women will never look like the ideal, no mater what it is, even if it's ethnocentric. It's designed to be difficult to obtain, to lower your self esteem and make you buy products to "correct" made up imperfections, and even hold you back as a woman. Read "The Beauty Myth" by Naomi Wolf.

Red and blonde hair are still minorities in most white countries. Poor brunette women weren't "pretty" when the Avril look was in, and they're still not pretty now that the Raven haired Kim look is in. Fuck, I have "blonde hair and blue eyes" (when they're really almost grey) and the only people who have ever told me I was pretty were other women.Some guy who told me he preffered blue eyes, told me mine weren't really blue, but grey. When a man says he likes blonde hair or blue eyes, He's referring to near white hair, husky sky blue eyes, paired with a tiny face and non-existant nose seen in porn (which only seems to be prevalent among eastern Europeans, and even there it is not the norm). Pic related… And I don't feel jealous for eastern women, because they'll be the target of an entitled scrots next gunshow.

I don't deny the horrid experiences women of color have, but for the love of Aphrodite, don't become angry at white women. They're victims of a system created by men, and they only perpetuate it because they're not aware. Wake each other up. Please.

No. 445817

nta but are you joking? Firstly, using the word "cunt" to address women of any race is despicable. The fact that you're using it for white women shows that you have some issues that is definitely not the fault of white women.

Secondly, this isn't victim olympics here. Anon can complain about being slav or white without having to apologize or worry about triggering you because you think her experience isn't valid.

You're definitely a scrote or no different than one thinking that one group of women have it better because of their skin color (life on easy mode, amirite?). What a disgusting, vile person you are. Fuck off to whichever cesspool you came from. /r9k/ may be more up your alley(stop)

No. 445821

I feel like beauty standards in general got hella pornified after porn became common place tbh. You can really, really tell starting by the 2000s.

No. 445823

Even in the 2000s thick sausage lips weren't that common in the media. Compare the "ideal woman" in the 1900s, the 1920s and now though and the current ideal barely looks human.

No. 445892

I always feel like I have whatever the reverse of this thread is for her, like women shilled as ugly that I find beautiful? I know she was a model but I’ve never met anyone from the general public who finds her pretty and most people find her actually unattractive it seems but I genuinely find her to be one of the most pretty celebrities

No. 445930

Just curious, what do you think is her only redeemable feature?

No. 445935

Totally agree with this for the most part, except when it comes to hair texture, seems like straight or wavy hair is considered the standard and women with black textured hair are expected to make it more white looking to be considered attractive.

Yes, they definitely did. Or men's expectations did anyway. All though it is some what paradoxical how the most popular type of porn is the "teen" or barely legal genre, with women who look underdeveloped, petite etc looking super innocent and wearing pigtails, braces etc yet the main stream western idea of a beautiful woman doesn't really look like that. I really don't understand what men actually want, they are way too complicated.

No. 445939

Agreed, it has to be extreme as well, there's no in-between with men
If you're skinny you have to be extremely skinny, if you're curvy you have to look like a ridiculous cartoon character, if you're fit/athletic you have to have cardboard abs and thigh muscles bigger than your head, no appreciation for natural ladies despite men spending the past few years claiming that's what they want while fapping to women who shoop and plastic surgery their shit up

No. 445941

I mean, are you blind? Those melons on her chest have been a standard of desirability for quite a long time.

No. 445944

File: 1565324766525.png (107.78 KB, 620x670, 1-pornhub-insights-2018-year-r…)

>most popular is teen
Milf is more popular than teen with stormy daniels as the most popular star.
Lesbian is most popular though. Cringe, men.
But 35+ women also doesn't fit supposed western beauty ideals so you're still basically right.

No. 445964

Ebony and Japanese as the most popular racial categories, LOL.

No. 445978

That's just the most searched for pornhub, not all porn sites. I believe teen porn is the most popular because literally every time I have ever been to a porn site the top videos are things like "tiny teen pussy gets destroyed by stepdads huge cock" and "dad ducks teen daughters best friend while daughter sleeps" (the second one was an actual title I saw). And banners for sites like "18 and abused"- yes, that's a real web site. And not to mention those "fuck horny teens in your area" ads. I still believe the teen genre is more popular but I can't find analytics to prove it.

No. 445984

I thought porn hub usually doesn't release it's statistics?

No. 445985

As I figured, no reputable source behind these other than (literal) meme sites

No. 445989

I found this site to have good, cited info. It's a Christan site I believe.


No. 446005

*fucks, not ducks. Ugh autocorrect

No. 446374

she looks like she has a mustache here !if she looked like that when she was younger I guess there's a chance for every ugly duckling.

No. 446436

File: 1565443865268.jpg (97.68 KB, 1024x1541, 15320073795758.jpg)

Looks like a bird, excessive plastic surgery on both face and body so a completely artifical beauty. Also mainly because she looks like a bird and stupid as fuck.

No. 446440

who even is that? raven symone? if so, it's funny that she looks like a bird and is also named after one.

No. 446442

Draya, lol.

No. 446528

File: 1565458067548.jpg (120.07 KB, 567x700, camila-cabello-1z-z.jpg)

No. 446536

Oh wow she looks cute. Her eyes seem kinda dead though

No. 446557

File: 1565461359418.jpg (98.11 KB, 634x953, 15760420-7223603-image-a-278_1…)

what is it about her that you find cute? i chose a filtered and posed photo because even then she looks so boring to me

No. 446561

i really don't understand the point of this thread. if you're all calling these women ugly, what does a beautiful woman look like? they're all pretty in their own way, and i don't mean it in a cheesy way. the nitpicking here is really sad. and what do y'all look like?

No. 446563

and wasting your time telling anons what they should and shouldn't discuss is even sadder. this is lolcow, retard. yes there are nitpicky autistic threads, this site is to my knowledge the only online space that's completely female and not uwu asepticized. so go whine in the vent or the annoying thread, stop derailing and let us be bitches that vituperate mercilessly about celebrities through our nasolabial folds, useless mediocre moralfag.

No. 446568

leave then lmao no one cares

No. 446571

NTA but jesus christ, with anons like you no wonder the site is gone to shit. Please control your fucking autism. Don't respond to annoying OT whiteknights especially with this type of maximum cringe post.

No. 446604

I don't think I can pin point any one feature that stands out, they just work super well together imo, very conventionally attractive features.

Though I get where you're coming from with the "boring" aspect, plenty of women look like this, so it could come off as bland to others.

No. 446606

File: 1565468923327.jpg (20.32 KB, 500x333, large.jpg)

I found Ariana so gorgeous when she was younger on Victorious, and even more so when I saw a picture of her natural hair (although she's really young here). Not a fan of her new look, especially now; it ages the hell out of her, and not in a good way. She's still very pretty, but I honestly find the makeup detracting from how naturally pretty she already is.

No. 446610

>naturally pretty
She’s had tons of work done now though. Barely anything natural left. She’s essentially an off-brand Kardashian at this point.

No. 446611

She looks like a donkey an has an oddly sloppy body despite being thin

No. 446613

I feel like beauty standards for women has gone up and lowered at the same time. Up because ig thot or lolita is basically the only archetypes women have to fit into now to be considered universally hot, lower because people like Ariana and Selena are considered facially gorgeous.

No. 446621

I think the only standard now is plastic pornstar. Standards of beauty are cyclical though. I’ll be happy when people are getting work done to look more natural instead of vice versa.

No. 446863

File: 1565541143205.jpg (15.54 KB, 300x300, emma-watson_gettyimages-619546…)

She looks like a plainer version of Emma Watson.

Speaking of Emma Watson, she's not ugly, but only slightly above average to me. She's the kind of girl who looks better with casual makeup and clothes, whenever I see her all dolled up, it underscores how not-gorgeous she really is.

Same with Daisy Ridley, only she's just average.

Holy shit, she should fire her stylist.

No. 449757

Emma Watson is the definition of plain looking in my opinion. I never found her even slightly pretty

No. 452739


she is still average but she looks great with short hair

No. 452742

File: 1566572471605.png (420.18 KB, 424x532, screen-shot-2018-08-29-at-10-3…)

Her forehead is so weirdly round, it freaks me out whenever I look at her profile.

No. 452782

File: 1566578007515.jpeg (40.66 KB, 407x612, AFB15462-02C0-4039-BB5A-0A81A7…)

forgot to sage this the first time but when it comes to doll-like models i prefer gemma ward

No. 452783

Gemma had the most perfect doll face ever in her modeling prime but I like Vlada too even though she looked sickly a lot of the time.

No. 452812

Offtopic, but these video titles are why men should never be left alone with children of any gender

No. 452871

>old for her age
>22 years old
jesus christ kpop fans are mentally ill

No. 452912

they're saying she looks older than 22, anon, not that 22 = old.

No. 452917

yeah exactly… how does she look old for a 22 year old lol

No. 452918

She doesn't look old for her age either. 100% agreed with that anon that kpop fans are mentally ill.

No. 452997

File: 1566618797548.jpg (787.81 KB, 2500x1664, ZLJPaoq.jpg)

Bella Thorne. Wouldn't say she's ugly but she's gotten a lot of plastic surgery since her teens and her makeup really ages her. Can't believe she's younger than me…

No. 453012

She has always looked older than her age but she looks even older here, if I didn't know better I would think she was 35

No. 453116

File: 1566645888268.jpeg (89.45 KB, 594x419, F590A034-F2E9-46EC-9CC8-AB9AD3…)

Megan thee Stallion her nose is too bulbous and her jawline is weird. She has a hot as fuck body, butterface!

No. 453127

Anons have had their standards warped by instagram, surgery, photoshop, and low self-esteem. That's why they think women without over-exaggerated features are shaped like a "fridge."

No. 454886

Kate Upton is just so fugly in general and her boobs look like pancakes. I really don’t understand men

No. 455022

I honestly think daisy is gorgeous. I hate emma watsons face though, its just annoying

No. 455729

File: 1567160724263.jpeg (958.96 KB, 1236x1321, 1F2C3F44-84EF-46BF-A5CA-29855E…)

No. 455730

she looks like joan rivers. her face is so 'done'. i dont know why people thought she was so beautiful in the height of her popularity. not that she looks like she has aged any except weight gain, but when she was popular people were really goo-goo over her looks

No. 456443

File: 1567309364202.jpg (183.78 KB, 1007x794, lana_del_rey___lana_del_ray__a…)

She was so much prettier before her lip fillers. She looks so weird now.

No. 456773

File: 1567376255359.jpg (1.55 MB, 1441x2005, Karen_Gillan_(28379045130)_(cr…)

I don't think she's ugly, but she's definitely not as hot as the people who sperg about her in her interviews say. She looks like a stock western Euro, but with a unique shade of red hair and hazel/green eye color.

No. 456818

File: 1567382928334.jpg (263.49 KB, 905x1222, emily-ratajkowski-hailey-biebe…)

failed nosejob, sausage lips, strange hyper defined muscle/texture on the stomach while arms and legs remain softly skinny and feminine (aggressive lipo?). Never understood the appeal of this weird stick insect looking person.

No. 456823

all you need to have a "toned" looking stomach is to have low body fat tbh. I don't think it's lipo.

No. 456840

she has a great figure but her face is not pretty imo. she'd be pretty with normal lips

No. 456846

This is not a good stance or outfit, her arms look ridiculously short for her figure

No. 456851

depends on the person, I have a high body fat % and was blessed with ab lines and I don't even workout much, just depends on how you store fat

No. 457112

I dont understand why ldr got uncanny valley ps in the first place when she was much prettier before

No. 457115

File: 1567452570366.jpeg (696.28 KB, 750x959, 65F9D33C-EE38-4DDC-972B-6991FB…)


If that was true my skinny fat self would have magical abs, but I don’t b/c I barely exercise. Her definition is very extreme in like a weird way that doesn’t look totally normal, yet the rest of her body doesn’t follow plus huge boobs despite having zero body fat on her arms and torso. I’m not an expert on fitness or biology but I really don’t understand how that’s possible naturally.

No. 457123

Those abs look freakish, never seen anything like it naturally. Probably lipo since she's had other cosmetic procedures done as well.

No. 457136

File: 1567456818651.jpg (34.85 KB, 660x371, maxresdefault.jpg)

Honestly, she's cute. Plus, she can pull off being bald and has a nice figure as well. I mean, people in the UK are super average to begin with.

No. 457210

She has a really appealing personality, which probably makes her more beautiful in real life. Plus very tall so she will look like a model in many settings.

Never conflate a Scot with a Brit though. Entirely different gene pool, Celts and Brits generally avoid each other.

No. 457222

What are you even talking about. Her body is superb. Great abs and boobs. But her face is damn ugly like an ostrich or rat.

No. 457239

OT, but English people are Celtic as well, with just a small admixture of Anglo Saxon. When the Saxons invaded Britain, they pushed celts into Wales and Scotland. Those Celts who stayed, were captured, raped, etc. mixed with the Germans and became what we know as the English.

No. 457252

Her body is funny

No. 457266

Scots ARE Brits. And there is an absolute ton of Celtic people in England.

No. 457324

File: 1567514483660.jpeg (620.7 KB, 1600x2400, D487E13A-8D91-40CF-98A1-1B2F95…)

No. 457334

She looks like his mom going to the principal's office to complain about her son being bullied

No. 457344

File: 1567516343598.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1242x1280, 71EC33B6-70E9-4EEB-924D-5658E9…)

She’s alien looking imo

No. 457347

Why is she dressed like she's naked under a business smart jacket? I hate this kind of fashion, she would look nice if she was not dressed like a 30's noir movie mistress.

No. 457363

Her boobs are implants.

No. 457454

I thought this was Stef Sanjati, holy shit.

No. 457578

who is she?

No. 457587

dove cameron
her eyes are in different zip code but i still think shes pretty cute

No. 457619

that's your opinion, a lot of people like this kinda fashion

No. 458518

File: 1567744310516.jpg (53.46 KB, 622x350, 041118-miranda-lambert-lead.jp…)

No. 458529

File: 1567749004053.jpg (83.45 KB, 720x699, q4supn2urea21.jpg)

this girl is all plastic. Watching her in motion is a trip

No. 458530

it's always americans they say this shit about europeans kek like have you seen the people of your country

No. 458533

its because americans are used to seeing their celebs/new people full of plastic surgery and looking like a soft core porn stars. they get confused and think theyre hotties to the rest of the world and not bloated fat messes. its why their movies are so shit too, they dont cast uglies/normals just hot people who cant act for shit

americans are for real the uggos of the world sorry but if youve ever been to any grocery store there its undeniable

No. 458540

Average as in, not having had plastic surgery to hell and back? I guess you think the kardashians look georgeous and natural lol.

American stars also always have ridiculously perfect teeth wich dont look natural at all. Like they're teeth are cgi or something. And natural teeth they call crooked and ugly not realising there's no need to adjust each little "flaw"

No. 458542

*their teeth

No. 458544

smells like fetal alcohol syndrome to me

No. 458554

I work in an extremely touristic place and americans are always stupidly tall and fat, they remind me of oversized babies, facially they're very similar to germans, but uglier.

No. 458555

All the Americans I’ve ever come across have always been stubby

No. 458558

> She’s alien looking imo
Face like one of those silicone sex dolls

No. 458562

Being tall is not an indicator of uglyness, sorry that you're a midget

No. 458563

> Chloe Moretz
> They are a combination of mediocre faces, flat asses, broad shoulders and rectangle bodies but they are held by lots of men as the non-plus-ultra

I've never heard a man mention Chloe Moretz in my entire life, I doubt most of them know who that is. Most of the women in this thread have an audience of just women and gay men.

No. 458579

>hating on tall people for no reason
>thinking tall people are ugly while all models are tall
Spotted the bitter midget

No. 458624

America is one of those places where the media doesn't match up with real life in the sense that they'll only put the hottest people out in the public eye. It makes Americans think they're untouchable when it comes to attractiveness but it's actually just because they're drinking their own koolaid. In America media, even the "fat, ugly, unpopular girl" will be reasonably shapely, facially attractive and with flawless skin. This isn't reflective of real life.

Compare this to media from other countries where you'll see uneven teeth and acne and wrinkles and you might think "oh, America is more attractive" but it's really just because they've weeded out anybody they don't deem attractive enough.

I wouldn't say Americans are ugly though. In every country most people are average-looking. That's the point of "average". Plus a lot of the countries that fight over this shit are descended from the same people and/or share similar features.

No. 458628

File: 1567768758477.jpeg (69.66 KB, 900x750, FAFF8921-50DD-4EA8-986A-3D8A37…)

I swear she must be lying about her age no way in hell is she 23. She looks so old

No. 458631

File: 1567770722097.jpg (48.46 KB, 600x710, 057c24d5de2304b88de0a58a0234e8…)

Whoever is her stylist, they're doing a bad job. When her hair is a certain way, mostly parted down the middle, it gives her a caveman look. Maybe this is also because they fill in her eyebrows.

No. 458632

Damn, been watching the vid for Juicy lately and just assumed she was early to mid thirties

No. 458634

Half the time she looks blessed with quirky-model looks and the rest of the time she looks absolutely god awful, there is no in between and I find it fascinating

No. 458636

I only ever heard people make fun of her.
And nobody likes Kate Upton anymore, I swear no one in my friends group even knows who she is

No. 458638

Her height helps her a lot, if it wasn’t for that she’d be a nobody. Height + interesting caveman face = modelesque

No. 458641

Only time I knew and heard of Chloe Moretz getting attention was when she was in the First Kick Ass film, I think I've saw the second one can't remember. But it was mostly like 30yo men talking about a clearly underage girl and how badass she was and how hot she was in her schoolgirl outfit, when she was schoolgirled aged. I was only out of highschool at the time and thought it was weird as fuck. Since she's actually turned of age I haven't heard much about her. Didn't she date David Beckham's son for a while and it fizzled out?

No. 458669

I noticed that veneers are very popular among Americans, even though they're supposed to be a last resort when you have super damaged teeth like methheads. Never understood the obsession with those fake perfect teeth that look like dentures.

No. 458738

I love Zendaya and I think she's sooo beautiful and stylish but tastes are different obviously

Wow she has a great plastic surgeon. I think she's very pretty

No. 458746

Well said anon. I'm american and agree with this
Good god how I hate this eyebrow makeup style trend

No. 458825

File: 1567799262218.jpg (78.21 KB, 400x600, Chloe Grace Moretz 2019 Film I…)

>Chloe Grace Martinez
>Mediocre face
maybe if you never leave your house or something and just look at beautiful women on the internet all day, she has a pretty and feminine face and there's no denying that, definitely not Mediocre, she's underrated IMO

No. 458826

She might have an unflattering body type but I've always found her face to be really pretty

No. 458838

Yea I couldn’t even finish reading your post. Her face is hideously plain and her body fucking ruins her.

No. 458849

File: 1567802279429.jpg (70.12 KB, 720x720, 60735009_312694706291468_18357…)

>high cheekbones
>big eyes
>baby face
>good nose
>plump lips
>hideously plain

where the hell do you live where her face is considered plain? what women do you see on the streets that look like this? she has traditionally feminine and attractive features, what more do you want? what even is considered attractive to you?

No. 458853

The kardashians all look like trashy freaks to me. Can't understand how someone can have so much money and still look like a 2$ guetto hoe.

No. 458859

ignore him he's trolling

No. 458860

File: 1567803484240.jpeg (288.99 KB, 1080x1440, ED432DCA-9CE3-4B83-97FB-3B8F44…)

No. 458861

File: 1567803596876.jpeg (198.06 KB, 686x960, 725B4A0A-620A-4224-BE3F-BD07F9…)

No. 458864

unflattering styling but you can still tell she has a pretty face… again what do you consider attractive? every woman on the face of the planet has unflattering photos of herself

No. 458867

probably a /tv/ scrote who's mad she had the audacity to go through puberty.

No. 458870

Lmao I live in a very decent sized city and I see way prettier women every single day. Wether they’re beautiful because they’re odd/interesting looking, older women who
look great,whatever tf it is, even “basic
prettiness” that would put her to fucken
shame. She’s not famous for being pretty it’s cuz she’s a decent actress. You don’t hear anyone say Chloe G Mortez o she so pretty, and that’s if anyone even talks about her. You’re only posting pics from a certain
angle it’s not me carefully picking pics. Those were the first 2 to pop up. And that second pic of urs she looks fucking underage so gtfo here w that puberty bs

No. 458871

I’m a female

No. 458872

>Lmao I live in a very decent sized city
what city? also different definitions of attractiveness, other women being beautiful doesn't make her hideous or plain, you sound oddly bitter

>You don’t hear anyone say Chloe G Mortez o she so pretty

People rarely talk about female beauty nowadays unless it pertains to ass and tits, she has a pretty face and many people agree

>You’re only posting pics from a certain

angle it’s not me carefully picking pics. Those were the first 2 to pop up. And that second pic of urs she looks fucking underage so gtfo here w that puberty bs
literally some of the best models out there have unflattering pictures, she never did much modeling so of course most pictures will be candids which are often unflattering, she also has always had a baby face which is considered a desirable trait for women

No. 458874

Not that it fucking matters a city in central NC assume wherever u want but that’s all I’m saying on this anonymous board.
And I’m not bitter just very passionate about my opinions and I come off strong.
And since when don’t people talk about beauty in the face? Literally what were talking about. I see people online EVERYday, hear people everyday, I do, my friends do often.
Many people also agree she not cute that’s why she was posted here in the first place.
It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t model there
are plenty of actresses that don’t model and are attractive and have a couple bad shots, not most of them being bad shots. And fuck tht baby face bs she has hella lines and her “such defined” cheekbones, man jaw, and deep set eyes ruins it.

No. 458876

File: 1567806611432.jpg (278.85 KB, 1100x1650, Chloe-Grace-Moretz-Cute-Smilin…)

>Many people also agree she not cute that’s why she was posted here in the first place
again, every woman who's at least average
a lot of people will find her attractive a lot of people don't

>And since when don’t people talk about beauty in the face? Literally what were talking about. I see people online EVERYday, hear people everyday, I do, my friends do often.

are you a high schooler or something? most adults barely talk about female beauty unless you're in some ghetto hood or trailer park, even then a woman with decent feminine features and fairly good skin would be considered attractive to most, which chloe has

>hella lines

not really, unless you're going off the nasio fold memes, most people have wrinkles around their eyes and lips with they smile, it's physics
defined cheekbones are considered attractive, her jawline isn't manly, she just actually has a jaw unlike kpop stars who shave off most of their jaw, angelina jolie and jennifer anston have manly jaws but most people would agree they're attractive women
deep set eyes are considered attractive too ffs in fact a lot of women use eyeshadow for the very reason of making their eyes deeper, why? because it's attractive

>are plenty of actresses that don’t model and are attractive and have a couple bad shots, not most of them being bad shots

most of them aren't bad imo

No. 458878

Okay I want to stress on the fact that alll of this is “IMO”

No. 458882

File: 1567807191386.jpg (92.05 KB, 1080x1080, 56816157_270703427205348_33382…)

then why do you keep trying to pass it off as fact?
she's objectively good looking in the face by most peoples standards, not mediocre and definitely not hideous, I really doubt if she was a normal girl at uni or something that people would keep on sperging about how she's a hideous beast

No. 458886

And I highly doubt if she were a normal girl at college she’s be the hottest one there
There’s over 8 colleges/universities in my area she’s not that great compared to the girls I see in person on a daily basis and to then put her in a celebrity category?
TW: my opinion
she’s very boring and that makes her unattractive af then to look at her body is the kiss of death

No. 458890

File: 1567808684948.jpg (67.1 KB, 824x508, Relaxed-college-life.jpg)

>And I highly doubt if she were a normal girl at college she’s be the hottest one there
I didn't say that, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, just that if she was in a more average setting and surrounded by a diverse group like fat people, people with unfortunate features, hairy people, people with birth defects, people with skin issues, nobody would be on the internet crying about how a skinny blonde white girl with a feminine face is the ugliest thing in the world

>There’s over 8 colleges/universities in my area she’s not that great compared to the girls I see in person on a daily basis and to then put her in a celebrity category?

here's what most normal American college students look like, also your area thing isn't very trustworthy considering I've seen anons claim all women in their towns have 20 inch waists and 40 inch hips and other anons claim all LA girls are slim with 28D bra sizes, you probably just have weird standards

>she’s very boring and that makes her unattractive af then to look at her body is the kiss of death

we're talking about her face now, correct?
she has a unique face, if you mean her personality eh she's average but I kinda like simple and friendly she seems, rather than one of the same four or five personalities all girls nowadays have while believing they're different, it's actually kind of refreshing now that I think about it

No. 458910

LOL stop trashing the thread. this entire space is just for shitting on celeb's looks left right and center, so why is mentioning this particular one crossing the line?
seriously, what are you trying to prove by defending this random celebrity's looks on an anonymous site? do you resemble her or something?is that why you're mad? or do you think she'll find this thread, appreciate your efforts, track you down and become your lesbian gf? or maybe you actually were her WKing herself all along.
just accept some people will find her attractive but others will think she looks like a fridge-shaped cavewoman from an ancient tribe of hominids once thought extinct. that is life. post a celeb you think is proper ugly or just hide the thread, you can't convince other people to change their tastes.

No. 458913

File: 1567811658015.jpg (1.25 MB, 2432x3000, emma-stone7.jpg)

For fuck's sake stop sperging about whether or not Chloe Moretz is pretty, that's not the point of this thread. Anyways here's my contribution; great actress with a good sense of humor, but painfully average looking. It's no wonder she dyed her hair red when she moved to LA, she's utterly unremarkable with her natural blonde haircolor.

No. 458914

>what are you trying to prove by defending this random celebrity's looks on an anonymous site?
I could say the same about the person sperging about how ugly she is

>LOL stop trashing the thread. this entire space is just for shitting on celeb's looks left right and center, so why is mentioning this particular one crossing the line?

ignore me if you're bothered
I simply just have an issue when attractive women are now considered average or ugly

No. 458915

to YOU

No. 458918

>I simply just have an issue when attractive women are now considered average or ugly

Then why the fuck are you in this thread, retard?

No. 458920

>to YOU
I was mostly talking about her facial attractiveness, why are feminine baby faces with good skin now considered ugly/average? that's the issue. But hey if you wanna jack up the beauty standards until literally women are ugly that's on you

I can agree or disagree with some of these, why are you here?

No. 458922

>>458878 included you too

You’re right though the hideously plain was an exaggeration lol she’s just really plain, has weird proportions, face and body(we’re always talking about both), or whatever idk really just all of her combined makes her unattractive and boring (esp. face on). She may not have objectively shit features for societal norms but all of it together including fridge bod looks weird/unattractive, whatever u want to call it and other people think so too, get over it. I’m not trying to pass it off as fact or cry about how hideous she is on the internet you just don’t seem to understand why I and other people would think or say these things
>maybe if you never leave your house all day
so I’m explaining why (w my supposedly nonexistent irl experience since that what you seem to think anyone that thinks she unattractive never leaves their house and just looks at pretty celebs or “women on the net” there are plenty ugly women there too. I.E. most cows…). That’s the whole point of the thread.. and idk shit about her personality tbf but seems boring too going off you. Maybe my standards are high maybe yours are low, who knows? But that “relaxed college life” photo looks like 30 year olds getting paid to looking young, hip, and smart for a college stock photo shoot not ur average 18-22 year old. She’s not underrated I understand why you feel the opposite though and honestly that’s great. Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder. And I love that there’s someone for everyone. But she ain’t it for me and a lot of people hence again why she is in this thread. But that’s the point of this we’re not gonna agree you told me why, I told you. Ima just have to agree to disagree w you and end it here cuz nothings gonna get thru to you as you’ve proven above lmfao sry I shit up the thread I’m out

No. 458923

File: 1567812478572.jpg (60.79 KB, 750x749, JawcLpO5im49z8JGeI-tOLraCt7cwH…)

this is you right now, but with attractiveness lmao. beauty is subjective, that's the point of the thread.
there is no card you fill to get points and then you're officially a 10/10 and no one has the right to ever disagree or call you unattractive. someone finding chloe moretz ugly does not have larger implications for all women ever bc she does not represent us all. she is an individual.
some people think chloe moretz is ugly, and some people think kelly mittendorf is a goddess. some people think mayonnaise is the best condiment, and some people prefer ketchup. you will live through this.

No. 459052

She looks funny and has something wrong with the projection of her face, particularly her jaw and that distance between her nose and mouth. She is by far less attractive than 20th century beauty icons

No. 459053

Having a babyface doesnt automatically make you beautiful, what is supposed to be this stunning person other than the fact she has straight blonde hair and a so called baby face? Her limps arent even plump lol. Shes just averagely attractive like every 21st century star shilled to us at best, shes no supermodel or envious standard of beauty.

No. 459054

Indeed strange a half black woman at 23 would look this old. I think she is lying too.

No. 459055

The irony of this person saying we dont get out of our house but the fact I get out of my house makes me not hype those types as beautiful lol

No. 459370

File: 1567892383483.png (681.67 KB, 1200x672, B405E74E-4E28-4549-88B4-F5351F…)

I think part of it is that she could be lying about her age but the other factor is her tendency to wear heavy makeup and that ages her, she looks younger when she's wearing less

No. 460009

She has a similar look to my 29 year old monoracial bw sister. Still looks older imo

No. 460061

i loooove her cat eyes and square face i find her v striking

No. 460226

>The kardashians all look like trashy freaks to me. Can't understand how someone can have so much money and still look like a 2$ guetto hoe.

Just wait a few more years and an other body type/type of woman is considered beautiful. The early 2000s were dominated by flat-assed Paris Hilton clones, the 2010s are dominated by cheap baboon asses and lips and in 2020 we will hopefully celebrate a more natural type and kick those Kartrashians into the trash.

No. 461575

File: 1568321481573.jpeg (405.67 KB, 1211x1189, CA6FA2D3-1A4B-453D-9464-B3552F…)

Blac Chyna, even more so after the recent facial procedures she got

No. 461583

File: 1568322225521.png (5.2 MB, 1125x2436, E95A9C3F-5B9B-4DC2-8F78-BA64F6…)

it’s weird bc it seems like all of the pictures she looks young in are ones like this that are provided by her herself and taken with a shitty camera. Meanwhile in pictures she didn’t take she could pass for 40… I know that sounds dramatic but damn wtf

No. 461586

+ I know my icon is showing but idgaf it’s a burner

No. 461588

File: 1568322305692.jpeg (247.65 KB, 1177x1303, 1E61CA89-2FA2-4004-9E04-0D2781…)

I feel like it’s a combination of the nose and the fact like she always looks like she’s kind of scowling

No. 461622

this is legit 1st girl I've ever seen with a nose like mine, FUCK.I'm overall uglier tho kek

No. 461628

I think she's attractive. Nose and all. She just makes unattractive expressions and chooses unflattering styling with her hair and eyebrows

No. 461719

fucking y i k e s

No. 461740

File: 1568349459702.jpeg (2.22 MB, 2048x1534, 8232BA0E-5A2D-4887-A31D-BBE9AE…)

Her forehead transformation is crazy to me. She went from one extreme to another and neither looked good

No. 462725

File: 1568584244606.jpg (33.21 KB, 800x533, 0732be28013467b9cbd25b10c93b87…)

Hailey Bieber

No. 462726

File: 1568584402363.jpg (36.18 KB, 405x607, haileybaldwin_glamour_19sep18_…)


No. 462729

File: 1568584573544.jpeg (230.37 KB, 1280x1920, 6f588db505f9bdb81213d57e5e7b8b…)

No. 462731

File: 1568584675449.jpg (67.39 KB, 545x821, story_wide.jpg)

Ireland Basinger-Baldwin

No. 462733

File: 1568584787596.jpg (868.55 KB, 2000x2000, Ireland-Baldwin-Hailey-Bieber.…)

No. 462738

someone said it. I figured justin went down hill when he turned into an ugly gas station heroin addict and quickly married some bitch who looks like the child of the old JB and ivanka trump

No. 462739

I still think she's a million times better looking than Justin and can do better, but maybe that's because I personally know what a shit bag he is. The media isn't exaggerating when they cover him.

No. 462743

how is justin so terrible?

No. 462750

idk about Justin or care. Hailey just falls into the same boring It Girl category as the Kardashians and Hadids and Selenas Gomezes of this world. But most of these families are really weird, they probably get drilled into and addicted to the spot-light.

No. 462762

I had a friend who worked for Nickelodeon and had to be a security guard for Justin. When him and Selena got back together, they rented out Disneyland just for themselves and some other personal guests. While she was guarding for them, she overheard Justin apologizing to Selena, trying to rectify their relationship, but later saw Justin make out with another woman while Selena was on one of the rides.

They had a personal party at an apartment too; security was allowed to bring friends. Justin and other celebs were doing coke lines and getting drunk, picking fights, touched a girl's ass when she told him to get off, etc. Typical degen behavior.

You can all take this with a grain of salt since I'm a stranger on the internet, but the news has reported him pissing in buckets, getting a DUI, etc, and he's very much the guy he is portrayed as in the media.

All I'm saying, is even the "ugliest" of women don't deserve to be wed to such awful behavior.

No. 462795

why would someone who works for nickelodeon be a security guard for justin bieber

No. 462844

She was a security guard for Nickelodeon, and in Hollywood, everyone knows and works for each other.

No. 462921

we have fatties in murca but i can always like, tell when some average person is british. they have weird inbred-looking features. there's a lot of sameface in UK

No. 462963

Americans in general tend to value perfect/straight teeth way more than Europeans do, I’ve noticed. Not trying to trash either group in this regard but I do find it interesting. Although sometimes Americans can get ott with it though. My elderly great aunt recently dropped a lot of money to get top notch dental implants. It’s one thing to do if it makes it easier to eat but doing it for cosmetic reasons at that age (which I was told that was the case) seems silly. It’s her money but still.
Kek. Smug eurofags on lolcow act like their shit doesn’t stink are hilarious in their own delusions.

I get annoying and obnoxious American tourists exist, but as an American who works in a tourist trap, I can guarantee that obnoxious tourists come from all the world. Especially the ones who refuse to learn how we do things here.

Plus American isn’t an ethnicity (unless we’re counting Native Americans, but that’s a whole nother cans of worms) so there is no such thing as “looking American” facial wise.” Nice try though.

No. 462970

>Americans dish out thousands for straight white teeth that most people don't notice
>Getting a dermatologist or weight loss aids is too vain tho and they should just learn to love themselves uwu

No. 463011

>Getting a dermatologist or weight loss aids
Not her but skin doctors and weight loss things (surgeons, supplements, meds, gym memberships, special diets) make big bank. Just because Americans are fat and pimply doesn't mean they ain't trying.
Teeth only require a few procedures, skin and weight are ongoing maintenance that can't be fixed in a few sessions.

No. 463018

I have clear shiny skin and yellowish teeth by us standards and white teeth by eu standards. 20 pounds overweight and physically active sadly

No. 463427

File: 1568792837085.jpeg (68.4 KB, 675x450, 7663DD0F-215B-4361-903E-E01DA6…)


No. 463441

Once they're adults though. You wouldn't believe how many parents have an issue with throwing out thousands on braces but getting their acne covered kids a dermatologist is too much and too vain. Same with weight loss help

Plastic surgery is also taboo in America but plastic surgeon make millions, America is backwards

No. 463455

>You wouldn't believe how many parents have an issue with throwing out thousands on braces but getting their acne covered kids a dermatologist is too much and too vain.
You can't really compare those two. Getting your kid braces is an investment for life. When my mom was young getting them wasn't really a thing, so now she's super insecure with her teeth. Acne is something nearly all teens have, but it will go away naturally as they turn older. Plus braces will guarantee straight teeth while acne treatments can fail (or in my case make it even worse).

Bleaching teeth like many americans do is stupid, but there's nothing wrong with trying to correct your teeth and jaw, it's not solely done for aesthetic reasons.

Seems like Diane Kruger doesn't bleach her teeth and all americans are commenting on it.

No. 463459

File: 1568806400054.png (246.68 KB, 534x468, never forget.png)

kek she's such a catfish

No. 463465

Nta, but…
>Getting your kid braces is an investment for life.
Investment into… slightly improving your appearance, correct? It’s not like every other person in the US is born with serious jaw deformities. A lot of orthodontic treatments are done to achieve that Hollywood straight look on otherwise perfectly functional teeth. And there’s nothing wrong with that, improve your teeth all you want.
But it’s kinda ignorant and dismissive to say “eh, it’s just zits, it’ll pass” in regards to acne. It’s a serious condition that leaves permanent scars and can ruin a teenager’s self-esteem for years to come. Even more so than crooked teeth because at least you can hide those by smiling with your mouth closed.
I’d say treating acne is also an investment for life, because why not save your kid from years of humiliation and in worst case a permanent pock-marked face? Those things can be fatal to a persons self-worth during their formative years.

No. 463479

I think Pokimane it's soooo cute but I never knew she had such a big nose. She's really good at hiding it. I wonder why she doesn't get plastic surgery because she has more than enough money.

No. 463687

File: 1568898724182.jpeg (235.7 KB, 817x1222, 0EEA29C4-ADCC-429F-B0F1-A8770C…)

I don’t think Madison Beer is ugly but I think how attractive she is is really overstated

No. 463691

Agreed anon, people don't recognise the relation between the two because crooked teeth are something you're born with whereas people with chronic acne are routinely called dirty and told to 'wash your face more and stop eating sugar' like it's that simple.

No. 463703

She was born with a pretty face but her body looks like a fridge

No. 463713

i legit thought this was blaire white when i scrolled by too fast

No. 463714

Honestly no sure where you're getting that anon. She clearly has well defined hips in the above pic

No. 463715

everyone on this hellsite has BDD, anon, if you're not a 22" waist-chan then you're built like SpongeBob

No. 463726

What I wonder why is she doesn't just own it. The way she always presents herself it's like she's ashamed of being Middle Eastern.

No. 463738

She is no ig hoe but I actually like she looks natural and still looks feminine. Most women aren't ever going to have 22 inch waist and 39 inch hip naturally, she just looks like an average sporty woman

No. 463756

Plastic surgery is becoming more common and normalized in the U.S but it’s still very taboo here. Blame American celebrities like the Kardashians who insist that they’re natural despite the obvious evidence pointing otherwise. I don’t have very positive opinions on plastics surgery as a whole but I much more respect those who will admit they did it rather than the ones who straight up lie.
Huh. Didn’t know she did that. Although to be fair, I heard that continually bleaching your teeth can be damaging.

No. 463761

You don’t have to be 22”-39” to not be built like a fridge. You can be 115 pounds or 195 and not have definition between your waist and hips. There is not much difference between her waist and hips. Even with high waisted clothing, especially that tight, it’s supposed to enhance your waist.

No. 463765

Initially I was going to agree standards are too high but yeah you're right, that particular woman is rather skinnyfat and apple shaped with an unusually large waist for her body size. Not really a big deal though IMO, she is pretty anyway.

No. 463774

File: 1568926744761.jpeg (158.69 KB, 1470x2107, 2B8AA08A-4A62-48C8-B03E-94B6D4…)

I think unless you’re really lucky with a big hip to waist ratio workout leggings are unflattering.

No. 463775

>tfw your sister looks like she could be your mother

No. 463784

lol look at those eye wrinkles, how old is she?

No. 463797

Not really, if it's compacting her hips and not her waist of course she is going to look more boxy, do you not know how fat works?

That being said, if you socialize with enough women you'd know her body is perfectly normal and attractive for a young healthy female, most college cheerleaders and sports players have body's similar to hers, most women just don't have extreme shapes as anime, art, surgery and porn made us believe

No. 463811

“AlL yOu LoOk At Is AnImE aNd InStA HoEs N p0rN!!1! NO REAL WoMEN>”
Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they don’t get out, get some new lines.
You don’t know how high waisted anything works. It may compact hips but it compacts the waist A LOT more. Nobody is talking about fat or saying she’s not average she’s skinny as fuck and not ugly but doesn’t have much definition between her hips and waist, so boxy. Lots of average people are, and LOTS aren’t.

No. 463818

22 apparently. She must have a dry skin type that they put dry foundation on or something since she doesn't even tan so it would be strange for her to have real premature wrinkles.

No. 464925

Agree, high-waist pants, especially leggings are just not for everyone. i think her body is really cute, and lower pants look better on her.

No. 470254

She looks like a bootleg version of her mother. Bruce Willis daughter has it even worse. I always feel bad about kids of famous people who come out looking unfortunate, it must be shitty to live with all that media attention and feeling like you failed at something you don't have any control over. They're basically a living proof that two good looking people don't always equal good looking children.

No. 478062

File: 1572258332739.jpeg (165.34 KB, 750x1183, B2E1D5B3-D184-44FD-AB2E-5BDA5D…)

Elle Fanning. I don’t exactly think she’s ugly, she has a proper baby face and cleans up well in photo shoots / formal events. But when I look at her candids, the way she styles and generally carries herself is so off putting to me.
Like, she has this subtle gross energy about her.

No. 478063

so many salty cunts in this thread lmao.

No. 478066


I find her cute but she dresses like a toddler. No wonder Japan loves her alas for being blonde and white.

No. 478067

Her face is cute but her hair is naturally the color of piss which is not cute.

No. 478069

Nah, her natural color is darkish blonde, she just bleaches it. One has to wonder what kind of stylist lets her run around with this brassy mess on her head though.

No. 478081

File: 1572261971131.jpg (34.01 KB, 407x612, gettyimages-935450240-612x612.…)

Both her and Dakota have this super bleached, untoned blonde look. Based on older pictures, it also looks like they've been dying their hair since childhood to keep their "baby blonde" look, which probably darkened as they got older, so maybe they think it looks fine because it's been dyed so long.

No. 478082

That's what I was going to say. Like when you have money there's no excuse to look like you tried to bleach your own hair with box dye from a drug store.

No. 478118

I think it's sad how quickly Dakota was replaced by her younger sister, she's barely in the news anymore compared to a couple years ago. Meanwhile I think that she's actually prettier (Elle's features are oddly small), but I guess that doesn't matter in jailbait obsessed Hollywood.

No. 478121

Dakota's features setled in a oddly normal woman look you don't see a lot on TV or in movies. I was shocked to learn it was her in The Alienist.
I'm guessing she wouldn't be casted at all if she hadn't already played in some stuff.
It's sad. I wished we would saw more of this type of features.

No. 478158

They're living proofs that reproducing with ugly men is a bad idea.

No. 478230

File: 1572298886837.jpeg (144.05 KB, 1242x497, 9E841433-1541-4F7A-B983-E45475…)

Lol seeing this post reminded me of this tweet. I can’t lie and say she doesn’t have a nice body though.

No. 484137

File: 1574035862588.jpeg (96.99 KB, 1080x1350, sydney sweeney.jpeg)

I just don't get why everyone raves about how beautiful she is, and how talented. She's also an awful actress. I thought her boringness was part of her character in Handmaid's Tale, but in Euphoria she's even worse

No. 484181

File: 1574043804913.jpg (269.8 KB, 930x1174, elle-fanning.jpg)

They're both looking better as brunettes. That piss blonde is really ugly imo

No. 484193


The brunette really brings out her eyes in my opinion. Blonde just washes them out and makes them look like marshmallows.

No. 484241

Oh, this color is much better.

No. 484512

wow it's like night and day! that's a great color for her

No. 486000

I didn't get the hype about her either. She's super average looking. There are tons of women in Japan that are cuter.

No. 486007

Wait, so she's not a natural blonde? lame

No. 486056

I honestly don't know who would find her attractive in particular except weebs or nerdy asians

>e-boys have shit taste, remember when the whole of 4chan had a collective crush on natalia poklonskaya who's pretty plain looking, at least imo

yes i always thought the same. Honestly normie men have far better taste then dudes who spend their time on reddit and 4chan. I don't think I've ever been attracted to a girl the latter collectively liked.

No. 486060

You gotta remember Western standards for Asian women are lower than the depts of hell though. I've seen weebs thirst over acne covered fridge shaped Asian girls with horrible facial structures

No. 486065

File: 1574442423935.jpg (43.25 KB, 480x547, IMG_20191122_180631_335.jpg)

I think Irene is plain looking.

No. 486072

I mean yeah, but that's a particular group of men doing it not Western society in general which favors plain white girls over anybody else still. Also a lot of American men are thirsty for skinny women and will larp any skinny body is a "good body" (which wasn't a thing before in the 20th century/early 21st century for obvious reasons since thinness was more common in US society) no matter its shape or way it looks since they're tired of the obesity epidemic in their women (despite them being even more obese and twice as ugly). All the Asian and Hapa celebrities the West have the same attractiveness as the other non white women.

No. 486122

This but for men as well.
America is ridden with fatties and if you don’t like that your dating pool shrinks.

No. 486281

File: 1574509144019.jpg (58.65 KB, 749x988, EF0HRzmXkAMwOKc.jpg)

Imo she's really pretty with this look.

No. 486285

I think it's fascinating how she still looks 14 at 27. That's incredibly lucky

No. 486291

In what world is it lucky to look like pedobait?

No. 486343

Damn, she looks scary but not ugly though

No. 486344

shes pretty cute, a nose job would make her beautiful actually

No. 486345

nah its just because the space between her nose and lips is a mile long

No. 486350

omg yes

No. 486420


She looks sooo much cuter here but in an average-cute way and not a stunning or striking way. I find the current crop of celebrities too fucking basic-cute or basic-pretty, man.

No. 486421

File: 1574546224049.png (608.14 KB, 1200x800, Tinashe.png)

Another "basic-cute/basic-pretty" celeb

No. 487977

How's she basic? I would turn my head if she walked down the street for sure.

No. 497405

File: 1577056263472.jpg (48.04 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I don't like the way Kate Bosworth's hair is the same shade as her skin.

No. 497412

Flat cheekbones and not enough facial maturity.

No. 497433

Haha what the fuck?
Facial ma- bish just say that there's plenty of women who look like her if you wanna sound mature

No. 497434

So you think she has an amazing bone structure? She's more attractive than the average fugly but is not fucking with the pre-10s singers/actresses/supermodels

No. 497444

File: 1577075691334.jpeg (55.65 KB, 500x500, 682D67F1-5336-4D56-96CD-F4FCDA…)

Gabbie Hanna just some stupid youtuber but I always thought it was only her fans telling her she was pretty but she recently got into drama and even the people criticizing her would say she’s pretty and can sing when neither of those statements are accurate. I honestly think she’s so ugly that people are only saying that to be nice and don’t truly believe it.

No. 497455

She's not ugly, she just has a big nose. She looks okay otherwise.

No. 497472

File: 1577087931949.jpg (114.83 KB, 720x1280, original.jpg)

>that jaw

No. 497473

you mean her chin? her chin only sticks out when she smiles and honestly she has a really nice jaw

No. 497494

File: 1577092736856.jpeg (28.11 KB, 348x376, 3862D840-AE7A-407E-B84E-8CC205…)

I don’t mind large noses, hers is just also shaped really weird. Also she would still be ugly if she had a perfect nose like it’s her entire facial structure that just isn’t pretty.

No. 497499

She's had a nose job, not that it did much.
Anon, it's not good yt etiquette to criticize people for their looks even if they look like an edgy Sid.

No. 497503

No it’s not the nose, I think it’s the fact that I’ve heard her voice lel It’s so heating and it ruins everything else about her.

No. 497504

grating * not heating

No. 497539

Jesus, poor girl. I think she'd be pretty with a normal nose.

No. 497616

a strong jaw/chin is infinitely better than a weak rat-like one though

No. 497635

lmao what an incel post

No. 497638

i think jennie kim's looks are incredibly overplayed like

No. 497640

File: 1577129127687.jpg (Spoiler Image,215.64 KB, 953x1200, 7ed22bf03324dc9ec871c29f872293…)

there's nothing special or striking about her

No. 497641

File: 1577129150493.jpg (76.43 KB, 600x900, 5bce0efbae0158fdb13823ad3b164f…)

No. 497653

go away incel

No. 497656

what's preferable? she has an ideal jawline. her chin is a bit too pronounced imo but her jawline is ideal.

No. 497666

it might be ideal by whatever standards but i personally disagree and that's what this thread is about.
>what's preferable?
honestly idk, rihanna for example

No. 497669

Honestly I agree. Ariana has too much of a PS'd face to be beautiful to me. Something is always uncanny about multiple procedure'd faces like hers that they will NEVER be on my "beautiful" list.

No. 497676

reminder westerners keep playing up to east asian standards of beauty by saying these faces that lack any bone structure or any kind of facial definition is "beautiful". we see this with how people keep pushing billie ellish non striking ass as beautiful. It's disgusting.

The funny part is Korean models and actresses and singers looked gorgeous in the 2000s and before that.

No. 497681

File: 1577134199072.jpg (264.83 KB, 1600x1200, Rihanna wallpapers 2.jpg)

rihanna's jawline is nicer than ariana's to you? odd

No. 497683

File: 1577134553651.png (920.47 KB, 720x864, Ariana Grande.png)

NTAYRT but whats your point? She has a more feminine and structured jawline, as well as more stunning and head turning. Ariana looks square as fuck despite trying to be a lolita (but her natural bone structure wont let her)

No. 497684

She's not that square but she certainly's got bigger temples, lower cheekbones, and less prominent eyes, and a wider face without having a more a thinner chin than Rih. Certainly a less striking face overall

No. 497686

File: 1577135122885.jpeg (66.63 KB, 630x727, 5cd5abb22500005500a28700.jpeg)

that's hardly square. lay off the kpop. and you chose a picture where she's much heavier than the original pic. rihanna has no jawline to speak of, is my point. a nice jawline is very pretty. it's why hepburn still stands as a classic beauty. jawlines aren't really what make women look masculine. it's the chin that tends to look masculine. idc about ariana's look in general but youre on some korean shit if you think a defined jawline is masculine

No. 497687

I corrected myself, but irony if you accusing me of being a Kpop fan when it's people who like Kpop who goes hardest about Ariana's "stunning beauty" lol. Also, a masculine and feminine jawline/chin is not a big deal and there's plenty of masculine women more attractive than Ariana Grande. I didn't say she was masculine it was just a little more masculine's than Rihanna's which isn't a problem in itself but that kind of jawline sticks out more with higher cheekbones and more angular bone structure imo. Ariana is only like what, 120 pounds in that pic? Seems weird she has to be sub 110 to have a defined jawline.

No. 497690

if she was actually attractive she wouldn't have to rely on her fake black girl gimmick, anon.

No. 497691

File: 1577135964910.jpg (57.9 KB, 348x376, re1577092736856.jpg)


The best I could do for Gabbie on PS without changing her features.

No. 497693

square jaws are more favored in the fashion and beauty world, people need to stop knocking on us angled bitches

No. 497697

I'm telling you she just needs higher cheekbones and the apex of her cheeks bigger. I swear higher cheekbones makes 90% of people more attractive

No. 497706

So fucking sad how much better gabbie looks when she doesn’t have that huge beak stuck to her face. Too bad she can’t get plastic surgery on her shit personality, she’s probably come off less ugly

No. 497711

File: 1577140929828.png (370.15 KB, 480x480, emiliaclarke-square-1552083436…)

Not trying to be hateful or anything but everyone had always acted like she's super sexy and gorgeous and I just don't see it

No. 497713

File: 1577142118873.jpeg (22.51 KB, 678x452, DCE80D2A-934C-4647-A2E2-211285…)

I’m shocked by how she looks typically, I think she was gorgeous as Daenerys

No. 497716

What do you mean? On most chan boards and Reddit she's seen as overrated, men point out her ""man jaw"" and claim she has no figure

No. 497717

>Arianna tries to be Lolita

No. 497729

Totally agreed anon. It's the label pushing her as the star of the band; she is easily the most boring looking of the four. imo Jisoo is the prettiest.

No. 497730

Its probably her french heritage, a lot of french people I've seen have big noses.

No. 497756

nta but for a nonfan lisa catches my attention the most lookwise

No. 497758

I didn't know that. I just remember having a male friend who was obsessed with her and thought she was the sexiest woman ever and a bunch of other people saying the ssme thing. I don't really lurk Reddit or chan boards much, they're bad for my mental wellbeing. I don't have anything against her though.

No. 497760

Not everyone looks good with cheekbones that can cut glass or severe jaws, anon, kek.

No. 497762

File: 1577153830862.jpg (113.04 KB, 640x756, original.jpg)

NTA, but it's kind of true

No. 497766

Filler cheekbones look like shit but naturally angled bone structure almost always looks good.

No. 497774

File: 1577155198418.jpg (183.37 KB, 1047x1047, Yours-Truly-By-Ariana-Grande-A…)

Another pic, since that one is from a Hairspray act (though she was purposely styled that way and had the photo taken like that, so it still applies).
That's just kind of been her "thing". Lolita/nymphet mixed with kawaii mixed with IG baddie.

No. 497791

>thinking the only high cheekbones are only those

C'mon, high cheekbones come in all sizes and shapes, not just those super high angular type. My personal favorite are the ones that are big at the sides and full like Vanity (of Vanity 6) or Halle Berry..

No. 497866

Leave the queen out of this you cunt

No. 497873

Nah, that welfare-leeching hag with the pedo(s) in her family and the stolen jewels in her crown is indeed hideous.

No. 497883

She isn't ultra thin like most hollywood actresses, she's shaped like the average woman, has no work done, and is a sweetheart and a genuine actress. That's more than most the people posted here.
She's also survived 2 brain aneurysms and started a charity for it.

No. 497892

I agree with all of this, plus her personal style is more quirky english lady than hollywood ingenue. She's conventionally attractive but she doesn't style herself for the male gaze on her own time, which is why she looks so different as Dany.

No. 497896

Not to derail, but the Queen's merchandise and tourism to her properties makes way more than she recieves from the government. So she actually turns a profit for the English government.

Also yeah she's ugly but I've never seen anyone shill her as attractive. Maybe that's just because I'm Murrican though.

No. 497917

Literally where. Incels are crazy

No. 498192

File: 1577298832324.jpg (38.78 KB, 920x690, DaCWi1h.jpg)

>Emilia Clarke
>man jaw
anyone who thinks this is what a "man jaw" looks like is a lost case, seriously. absolute brain rot.

No. 499755

File: 1577803441480.png (1.77 MB, 1057x1773, Screenshot_2019-12-31-22-42-52…)


Dove Cameron. Her features are nice on their own, but put together they creep me out.
She also seems to be looking more alien each day.

No. 499757

File: 1577803781301.jpg (37.24 KB, 640x640, a0ee259702138fa76f43dcb46286b5…)

to weeb scrotes any girl with a jaw bigger than anime character's = tranny

No. 499936

File: 1577860762050.png (113.64 KB, 500x293, 1532043621718.png)

lmao just because y'all have man jaws doesnt mean you're ugly like those famous people getting criticized.
i hate how this thread is a bunch of people with their panties in a wad because they either think they look like that famous person or someone told them they looked like said famous person so yall take it like a personal attack.
i'm sure you're all pretty so don't take it so seriously when someone doesn't like a feature you may have.

No. 499938

I find people with underdeveloped jawlines to be ugly or alien looking, having defined cheekbones/jaw/chin is essential to being attractive for both sexes. Then again its just my preference and opinion.

No. 499943

tf are you even talking about? Anons are saying that she doesn't have a manjaw to begin with, not taking some weird personal offense to celebrities they look like being insulted.

No. 499953

Sounds like such a scrote response that post you quoted tbh

No. 499954

File: 1577866202876.jpg (39.42 KB, 720x547, c42u5eluodaz.jpg)

it's because she has alcohol fetal syndrome
She's gotten a lot of work done to pass as 'normal' looking

No. 499955

Oof, she looks like Trisha Paytas in this pic.

No. 499975

File: 1577875499800.jpeg (64.98 KB, 720x547, 8BB8E291-7A78-4E46-B259-F52DF0…)

Do you have a source on this? I disagree although I can understand why you’d think that. IK it’s a spectrum and all.

No. 500067

File: 1577912828967.gif (4.78 MB, 640x360, EuphoricImmaculateGopher-size_…)

I believe Charlie XCX is supposed to be attractive here but she's so fucking ugly to me. Her face and styling makes her look like a village bumpkin. She's fit and all but I legit find Lizzo prettier than her in every way possible

No. 500069

File: 1577912870933.jpg (60.66 KB, 615x946, Charli-XCX-in-concert-at-the-D…)

and here she looks like a poor tranny. what the fuck

No. 500074

Yeah, I think this is mostly the styling…the colourful and garishly sexy look doesn't suit her perfectly.
She might look nice in darker colours in a more classy style. That wouldn't fit her music though so shrug. W/e she's having fun it seems.

She also has a big nose, but that's just the hand you're dealt sometimes.

No. 500085

Is she actually shilled as attractive though? Ofc they do their best to make her look hot in a music video, but it seems obvious she got famous by writing good songs rather than being particularly good looking. I don't think she's ugly, just average.

Lizzo has a very pretty face imo but her body is unfortunate. Not the weight really because it can make her look soft and feminine when styled right, but her ass is disproportionately flat.

No. 500104

File: 1577921180743.jpg (35.71 KB, 618x410, charli_xcx_portrait_session.jp…)

She looks pretty when she's not styled like a manic pixie chav girl.

No. 500218

humbly disagreeing with you about her anon, but I can see how much styling makes a difference, jesus christ she truly does look awful in these what era is this from?!

tbh i thought she was so fucking hot in this i unironically still crank this video just to look at her in the gayest way possible so i might be biased

No. 500576

Gal Gadot and her weirdly shape forehead
She's just another basic brunette celebrity with an accent

No. 500578

>>500576 she can't act for shit either

No. 501178

File: 1578153994575.jpeg (31.12 KB, 170x259, CF9C2F61-E78A-4840-B432-717CA7…)

Florence pugh is a slightly talented chloe moretz with british accent and the exact moonface fridge physics. Also, her shitload of abbreviated name suggests that she came from a well off family

No. 501191

thank youuuu for saying this

No. 502228

File: 1578486524107.jpg (53.12 KB, 720x618, S00108-105012(1).jpg)

She looks like she's made out of plastic at this point.

No. 502229

i didn't recognise her at first holy shit

No. 502236

Who is that?

No. 502240

I think its Marzia with a nosejob, pewdiepie's wife

No. 502252

I thought she was Lana Del rey

No. 502267

It is. Is there any source on her getting plastic surgery? I couldn’t find anything.

I think she’s very cute. Wish she’d stop with the pigtails tho.

No. 502273

She hasn't admitted to anything outside of her nosejobs, but there's some obvious filler goibg on.

No. 502299

Her lips used to look totally different, nose jobs aside. So she's clearly topping them up.

No. 502301

I'm sad to hear she went and got a nosejob and lip fillers actually. She looked great to me and tons of others before. I was really overjoyed to see someone in the public spotlight who was so beautiful and also had a slightly unconventional profile with her aquiline nose which suited her face perfectly and made her stand out. I understand the pressure completely and hope she's happy now, it's just a shame.

No. 502302

I wish Italians like Ariana and Marzia would embrace their natural med features and show off that curly hair and big noses are cute! A face should have character damn it, why does everyone want to look the same?

No. 502306

File: 1578506414843.jpg (265.94 KB, 1365x2048, ANePZ3k.jpg)

She's still basically a kid, but is Millie Bobby Brown thought of as pretty or as someone who will grow to be so? I've just realised she looks like if Lena Dunham wasn't fat, very unfortunate face.

No. 502307

File: 1578507070579.jpg (43.56 KB, 500x375, hjklöö.jpg)

>>502306 i don't think she has the most unfortunate face but she does look quite old as fuck, imo she looked the best with short or even buzzed hair. Ot but she somehow reminds me of kate beckinsale too?

No. 502312

She looks like a teenager, which she is. She isn't ugly, I think she looks nice. she's just styled like a thotty wine aunt by whoever the hell is in charge of her wardrobe.

No. 502313

They didn't have big noses originally though, especially Ariana.

No. 502316

Mad respect to barbara streisand for not getting a nose job, i wish there were more celebs like her

No. 502318

How many years you think till she gets her lips done?
She’s pretty the way she is imo. Hope she turns out to be a stable adult.

No. 502326

a lot of Italians have very characteristic and sometimes big noses, that's what I assumed Marzia got a nose job for. I think there are plenty of beautiful women with big noses though I don't get the shame.

No. 502356

Bella is really beautiful IRL, fake but beautiful

No. 502362

I honestly don’t get Jordyn Woods appeal either. There are a million Instagram girls that look like her.

No. 502477

File: 1578543636827.png (88.79 KB, 184x288, uJLl99F.png)



No. 503486

File: 1578875712462.jpeg (57.75 KB, 480x480, 13EF5E38-61A0-49B7-9535-D90D0C…)

She seems nice and all, and she’s definitely not ugly af. Her features strike me as off tho and I’ve never understood how she’s always been cast as the PYT of old movies

No. 503487

File: 1578875801077.jpeg (32.14 KB, 220x334, 7A812E7E-D807-47D5-B3F3-FF549E…)

She always looks like she is smelling caca and just overall unpleasant aura idk why

No. 503489

it’s because they both have really short noses and widely spaced brows

No. 503490

I think any 15 year old girl would look strange styled professionally/maturely with red carpet makeup. She's recently being portrayed as being way older than she is because she definitely has had way cuter age appropriate looks not too long ago.
OT but after looking at her IG it creeps me out how she has these pics of her looking her age and acting silly combined with looking like a cookie cutter IG baddie with a scandalous outfit/pose

No. 503491

It's the thin lips and eyebrows next to a big nose. She looks quite like an old witch.

No. 503493

she has extremely harsh features but is cast in the most childish roles. haven't seen one movie of hers where she isn't completely intolerable or fake

No. 503505

She's charismatic, also she was hardly cast for her looks. It is mostly talent, charisma, and box office draw

Also nepotism helps, Barrymore is a legendary name in Hollywood

No. 503520

File: 1578889210352.jpg (50.49 KB, 1024x682, Madeline-Brewer.jpg)

really unfortunate bone structure. I don't understand how she's been cast in leading roles, she's not particularly talented or anything

No. 503529

This is the same chick spergs meme over online that she's so "beautiful". I mean yeah she's an attractive woman but you're fucking kidding if you don't think her (redacted) isn't boosting her attractiveness in the eyes of these people

No. 503530

sage bc I'm way behind but my friend once told me he thinks she looks like a female Jake Paul in the face and I haven't been able to look at her the same since lol

No. 503537

omfg i can't unsee this

No. 503588

You ruined it nooo

No. 503952

File: 1579028183520.jpg (43.46 KB, 440x726, 068ea993d3bd7e0258b6b164faaee8…)

I think she was so much prettier during her True Romance era. Both her look and her music were really unique and genuine. Now she just feels…off?

No. 503954

File: 1579028389186.gif (999.7 KB, 500x363, tumblr_myl97f6oXC1qev31co1_500…)

Her new chav sporty spice look isn't doing her any favours. Maybe I'm just nostalgic but she pulled off the Tumblr Goth look SO well.

No. 503990

File: 1579038183472.png (596.97 KB, 518x641, 1.png)


i miss her old look, longer hair suits her way better… she looks like an auntie from certain angles with her current awful/unforgiving bob, which seems to make her nose look bigger and lips look thinner/smaller…. her mother is indian iirc and it feels like her stylist or MUA try to downplay some of her more "ethnic"(?) features. i think she's going back to longer styles now tho, pic related

No. 503995

She was cool for about two seconds when she was reffing 90s movies in her videos, everything else she's done seems just like characterless sellout collabs.

Fucking hell though, at least she's not Rita Ora, the biggest sham in pop history.

No. 504003

File: 1579041594223.jpeg (470.88 KB, 750x926, AB99AD20-7516-4EE3-A35C-F0A340…)

Sherliza/Michelle Moé

No. 504006

I honestly like her more as she ages. She’s turning out to be a really beautiful older woman. There’s just something comforting about looking at her in her older years. I like her a lot.

No. 504079

I think she's pretty but she just looks stupid, like a big dumb baby?

No. 504119

This styling is so bad…

No. 504125

The way she does her eye makeup should be a crime. It makes her look like a cross-eyed alien stung by bees.

No. 504132

I don't mind her videos but her eyes are disgusting.

No. 504136

File: 1579070856679.jpeg (76.77 KB, 1300x650, 498C9CB5-F3C7-4E02-AA82-5D4EC3…)

i know natalie dormer has already been mentioned, but her face is just… weird. it’s not even her smile that makes her look off, just her entire face in general.

No. 504138

File: 1579071468706.jpg (Spoiler Image,12.11 KB, 300x225, shkreli.jpg)

Unfortunately she suffers from an overly-expressive "smug" face that people want to punch. I empathize, I too suffer the same problem with having a dopey face. It's like a bitch face but in some ways worse.
Pic related is obv not a woman it's just the only example I could think off the top of my head.

No. 504168

File: 1579079771810.jpeg (883.7 KB, 1500x1000, 2B304780-2447-41DB-B6E2-60E481…)

Bella hadid is an ascended femcel

No. 504170

her new nose is awful… she was prettier before, not femcel at all.

No. 504187

Yeah to me she looks very pretty on the before picture. Right picture is more striking but not prettier.

No. 504193

Yeah, I hate her new nose. I've seen a lot of people gush about what a "glow up" her nose job is and how they're so jealous of it but to me it looks hideous and botched. I don't understand why people with her kind of money get shitty surgery like that, like you can afford the best doctors but still end up looking like that?

No. 504195

Her nose looks like it could collapse in 5 years time, wonder who did it? Her parents are loaded after all.

No. 504290

File: 1579123205898.jpg (9.49 KB, 660x400, 1579122830316.jpg)

Always found her face quite ugly and never could understand the appeal. She looks fine in some rare photos but overall resembles a female Cucumberbutch. Thanks to her Galadriel's beauty was a purely informed quality. Elves are not meant to look like deformed aliens (not that Elrond was better, that's a topic for a different thread).
You cannot embody an ethereal elf if you have a manface tbh.

No. 504315

Why are the children of what are essentially oligarchs at this point even allowed to be supermodels? We need to reward natural beauty and not $$$ beauty.

No. 504362

yeah elves are supposed to look like hyper neotenous things who look oldest at age 14! also all women are manfaces if they dont have porportions similar to my anime and disney cartoons!

No. 504363

*who look age 14 at oldest
lol shit

No. 504364

My queen. She's perfect.

No. 504379

File: 1579133837673.jpg (174.41 KB, 700x393, alicia-vikander-tiff.jpg)

Alicia Vikander. She has a pretty smile but her eye shape is unappealing and her nose makes her whole face look plain.

No. 504380

File: 1579133942291.jpg (414.38 KB, 1428x2048, MV5BMjIyMzYyMjQ5OV5BMl5BanBnXk…)

Aubrey Plaza

No. 504381

I really hate her eyes. She always looks dead inside

No. 504415

She had a stroke that made her face muscles to be partially paralyzed anon. That's why.

No. 504433

I thought that was just a joke she told once on a talk show.

No. 504471

File: 1579165805002.jpg (125.66 KB, 1920x1363, 1579165752984.jpg)

pretty sure they shouldn't look like pic related. she just doesn't fit imho

No. 504491

File: 1579177473527.jpeg (1.42 MB, 4096x2304, 278C89BC-5CFB-41B5-B5D5-1747E8…)

some of my pet hates, kinda popular among my peers (we're gen z), male and female

No. 504492

File: 1579178071848.jpg (71.76 KB, 720x838, edb64d63d0ec4bca0036056ef12876…)


BillieAllish was borne from one of Bieber's farts… I swear, -she's the most annoying new pop idol we have seen in modern times.

No. 504504

apart from the top-to-toe ugliness i just think she's the ultimate not-like-other-girls girl… except she is exactly like every other girl, 'my family is my team' is just code for 'nepotism cuz mummy and daddy are in with the industry'. she's exploiting fringe culture to promote low-effort pop ditties. i hope her fame would be the nail in Soundcloud's coffin because if rich-white-suburban-homeschooled-american-lady doesn't kill the 'alt' 'indie' euro/homebrew reputation of Soundcloud idk what will…

No. 504512

File: 1579185144765.jpeg (62.88 KB, 755x1280, 7B7B13D6-B5A0-4F36-BDAD-14D11F…)

She is cute, sings nice and at least doesn't teach girls to twerk your ass around like your generation did (Nikki Minaj? Rihanna? I don't even know lmfao).

No. 504519

anon… she is my exact age… and your argument is that she's not bad the same way that older pieces of shit are? plz.

No. 504530

please Billie Ellish is soo ugly cause it's funny how the standards of what's a pretty white girl keeps going down every decade. 80s Madonna absolutely mogs the f out of her.

No. 504549

I don't care about Eilish but that's such a shitty message to get after being lulled into a sense of security.
Hating her is pointless, she's just another young talent that goes wherever her handlers point her. It's no surprise that teenager in the limelight has said problematic things.
Half the people bitching about her will be acting like they were always stans after she has her adult child star breakdown.

No. 504555

>Half the people bitching about her will be acting like they were always stans after she has her adult child star breakdown.
This is so true. A lot of people love to blame the industry for destroying celebrities (especially child stars), but refuse to acknowledge that they are literally part of what drives these kids crazy.
Some people just turn into complete animals the moment they're given leeway to dehumanize someone (whether they're a cashier or customer service worker, or a well-known public figure).

No. 504581

Lmao get your underaged ass outta here

No. 504635

How old are you to even bitch about one's age on imageboards? From my decade and more long experience on imageboards I noticed that the only ones who are obsessed about other posters' age are recently turned 18 year olds or literal underaged ones. Anyways, most adults don't hate her - I hope.

No. 504788

Masculine women ave feminine men is perfect casting for elves. They’re all weird and androgynous.

No. 504789

File: 1579276217595.jpg (105.22 KB, 796x647, lizzo-truth-hurts-juice--5-156…)

it's nauseating the amount of positive press she gets just for being fat and obnoxious

No. 504791

File: 1579277765084.jpeg (8.65 KB, 175x288, images.jpeg)

Because we've never had to put up with celebrities who were thinner and obnoxious, huh. They are ALL there for attention.

No. 504794

Yeah, she's not ugly but her personality is trash and she is overall annoying (I see her on pretty much every site related to pop).

No. 504796

androgynous women aren't beautiful tho because men are ugly af. maybe interesting or unconventionally attractive if you are a lesbian. all elves are beautiful so they should look feminine.

No. 504803

Miley was heavily criticized for these antics, it was not shilled as attractive or sexy. lizzo's press is the exact opposite.

No. 504805

So brave and stunning

There was a lot of criticism against her for years when she was this persona

No. 504808

elves are mythical fictive creatores, they can any way a creator wants.

No. 504810

But Lizzo is.. 'a goddess'. Beyonce was always called a goddess in her less than classy stage outfits too. Or sometimes she was a queen lol. Everyone else is whore though.. logic

No. 504835

File: 1579288820967.gif (2.96 MB, 268x300, beyonce tumblr_p7i8ymS2Vd1w8xw…)

NTA, but at least Beyonce had the body and dancing skills to pull off the stage outfits.
Neither Lizzo or Miley can say the same.

No. 504858

Lizzo is more interesting than Beyonce because she allows people to see her flaws.

I don't like pop music, but I also find Lizzo's songs to be less obnoxious than Beyonce's. Plus Beyonce fans are annoying.

No. 504888

I do find Lizzo more tolerable than Miley and Beyonce. Both Miley and Bey basically had fame set up for them in the music industry because of their parents. Liz basically got her way in there by actual skill. I do think she can be a little over the top at times and she's trying to outrageous for the media and her fans, but she's definitely… Better than most rappers out there. Unless I hear news she's supporting pedophiles and rapists, she's alright.

No. 504899

jesus christ just say you’re envious and go. this over the top sperging about a kid who literally just turned 18 is so fucking sad, especially considering she hasn’t even done anything wrong. she makes music and she’s good at it, i’ve only ever heard like two of her songs but jesus christ the hate people have for her is so unfounded. calling her head to toe ugly? damn bitch. you’re miserable.

No. 504900

also… nepotism? ha. her parents aren’t famous musicians, they were literally like, dive bar players. you sound like those grown men on reddit who make up conspiracies about her being a secretly old-money industry plant.

No. 504949

lol she doesnt look like that at all, weirdo

No. 505270

File: 1579432166476.jpg (22.46 KB, 728x408, 1579431996298.jpg)

truly a pinnacle of beauty

No. 505275

You know most white women have features like that than little tiny button noses and heart shaped faces right? Self roast.(racebait)

No. 505281

She looks adorable, this is some pointy elbows bullshit

No. 505289

read the thread title again.
she looks wonky and masculine to me but different strokes for different folks

No. 510230

File: 1580770453981.jpg (52.89 KB, 600x360, helen-mirren-t.jpg)

Might be too easy, but Helen Mirren.

If you are looking for a beautiful old woman, Catherine Deneuve and Peggy Lipton (RIP) are both better picks. Helen Mirren looks like Ian Mckellen in a wig. I guess part of the appeal is she still seems kinda in shape?

No. 516480

File: 1582209119785.jpg (2.44 MB, 500x281, CrbXR3S.jpg)

Fuck, you're not wrong.

No. 518100

File: 1582653188558.png (1.13 MB, 778x990, sissel.png)

This koreaboo youtuber's forehead disturbs me. I honestly find the rest of her face pretty but her forehead is. FUCKING. HUGE.

No. 518117


Oh my god I never noticed that before and now I can't unsee it. Bitch got a fivehead

No. 518131

How did you not notice..? Her whole face is literally below her ears.

No. 518168

File: 1582668008763.gif (2 MB, 500x379, tumblr_53bd932533526e95b6870cb…)


She's trying as much as possible to look like Olivia Hussey. She was in the 60s Romeo and Juliet. Koreas love her as well as Audrey Hepburn. Japan and Korea are obsessed with these actresses. White, classy and doll like and thin.

No. 518173

They both have slightly slanted eyes as well

I feel like Westerners like this face more than ever because of the influence of East Asian beauty standards. I see more people online praise Hepburn than Monroe these days. Westerners usually liked more angular or taller faces on women in the past. The e-girls, albeit much less attractive, autistic Western moids lust over online look similar to this.

No. 518175


Exactly. If you're white and look like this and was always considered geeky or unpretty in the west they're got a scapegoat now. Appeal to Asian standards.

Ironically, that actress Olivia Hussey got with a Japanese man. She's got a son to him. So the asian / white fetishism was well and long there before any of this kpop bullshit.

No. 518194

you were banned in the kpop critical thread over the same post and now you're back here with this again?

No. 518197


No? Different anon here

No. 518220

i forgot this disgusting thread existed but you just had to bump it, you bastard

No. 518318

She looks 10x better with bangs. I have no idea why she doesn't get them.

No. 518350

She doesn't have much hair and it's very thin. That's probably why.

No. 518525

File: 1582746070420.jpg (123.56 KB, 595x889, 14933457z6.jpg)

Anya Taylor-Joy's eyes are just a teeeeny bit too far apart

No. 518526

kek. you're welcome

No. 518551

File: 1582751034286.jpg (282.02 KB, 1200x1800, Anya-Taylor-Joy_-SPLIT-NY-Scre…)

No. 518554

she's pretty but ngl they still look insane

No. 518646

She's a little beautiful, but her styling is ugly. Damn, why is styling so shit for celebrities now..

No. 518652

Praise be to you anon. I've waited to see this one for so long. I thought I was crazy. Her eyes are apart a bit too much and she does have a strange face.

No. 518654

Is it me or she's sucking in her cheeks in a tad too obvious way ?

No. 518656

She had some coma shit / brain injury between season 2 or 3 and 4. Apparently almost lost her ability to speak after a brain aneurysm.
You can see her looks became a lot more "rough" after this happened. She looked a lot more tired and older.

I always thought her hair color did not do her any favors either. She looks fresher and a lot better in blonde (targaryen blonde kek). She could stick to blonde.

No. 518702

File: 1582794432062.jpeg (41.79 KB, 495x619, 9C8049FA-F511-4EBC-8EAF-CFC3FD…)

am i the only one who thinks beabadoobee’s freckles look fake as hell? they just look very unnatural.

No. 518798

this is whatever but we were watching this movie from the seventies in the dorms that was like some softcore out of sweden and while the lead actress was naked constantly, stellan skarsgard didn't even take his shirt off once and i got irrationally angry lol
polite sage

No. 518881

Asians usually sont ger freckles so probably fake, and yes they look very fake regardless

No. 518962

Lol anon there are plenty of Asians who have freckles. Normal Asians don’t look like idols with their blemish free pale-as-milk skin. No doubt that girl’s are fake though.

No. 519021

File: 1582872080571.jpg (61.23 KB, 312x400, Emma-Stone-2.jpg)

I think emma stone used to be kinda cute but she looks terrible these days, not sure what happened

No. 519027

PS? i barely recognize her here, looks like she got something done

No. 519029

File: 1582874719582.jpeg (39.83 KB, 615x409, 450270D6-2090-4978-8F0E-C1DE12…)

I need someone to confirm that Lady Mary and Regina George are not pretty and I’m not a crazy weirdo for thinking most of the other girls were way prettier

No. 519038

Thought she was cute playing Gwen Stacy in Spiderman, the blonde hair and fringe gave her face a softer, younger appearance.

No. 519045

File: 1582880419071.png (180.33 KB, 270x485, 5a1c2308bd28afb6e72c24347abdc2…)

This just randomly popped into my head but I really disliked how Tina looked in the first fantastic beasts, she was so punchable imo. Can't pinpoint why but the fringe she got in the second part made her look a bit cuter. There's still something very annoying about her face.

I never watched Downtown Abbey but from seeing pics of Lady Mary she just seems to have a very manly jaw. Don't know how she looks in motion though.
Regina was my girl crush when I saw Mean Girls, she's not extremely pretty but something about her face makes her super cute to me idk why

No. 519077

File: 1582892413993.jpg (42.08 KB, 407x612, lauracarmichael.jpg)

the most attractive characters were definitely sybil and the mom but tbh the ugliest was edith. the period appropriate clothes and styling did the actress no favors, and shes definitely prettier to me in a modern styling context compared to mary's actor, but in show she was definitely was appropriate as the frumpy sister

No. 519187

File: 1582910489772.jpeg (382.56 KB, 1275x1600, 13235068-049F-4ED8-AE5F-F74622…)

I don’t think so at all! Edith is adorable, and IMO makes a lot more sense as the most beautiful sister, she literally looks like she stepped out of one of those old paintings . She’s beautiful in a classical sense

No. 519281

yes we asians have freckles but i don’t think i’ve seen someone have it like that. i know a lot of people who just put on fake freckles and it’s exactly positioned on their nose bridge and cheeks. i have no doubts hers would be fake and just tattooed on.

No. 519283

I'm convinced both Newt and Tinas are aspie AF which is why she is styling herself so ugly and acting so cold with everyone (and why Newt acts like a turbosperg in general).

No. 519289

their positioning is very sus. I kind of want to tattoo fake freckles because I like how they look but UV exposure is a no-no.

No. 519388

Apparently that was made on purpose, they wanted her to be the ugly/bitter sister so "uglied" her up with terrible hairdos and clothes. As her character progresses, she gets more stylish clothes and better looking hair.
Sybille was definitely prettier in show though the actress is a bit bland in any modern context.
Imo Laura Carmichael (Edith) is the prettiest of the bunch in modern style. None of them look ugly though - I find they all have their own charm to be fair, and there is always an episode when one of them will pull off looking better despite the times requirement for little maje up and strict hairdo (somebody tells me how Lady Mary keeps this perfect, 0 flaws skin please btw).

No. 519389

She looks super pretty and cute on this pic by the way !

No. 519398

Didn't she also wear a fake nose for the role of Edith or am I wrong?

No. 519404

File: 1582960421028.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1242x1505, 8C149918-0CF8-45CE-B5E0-4B5A0C…)

Impressed by her wig glow up.

No. 519407

File: 1582960889210.jpg (538.91 KB, 1057x1271, 20200228_232109.jpg)

She used to look so different

No. 519409

She looks pretty good in her other pictures. Not sure what’s going on here >>519404

No. 519411

I don't think it makes her ugly. I'm tired of people ruining their faces with plastic surgery to look white or ideal. Lana del rey wasn't ugly but now she has a fucked up nose and lips. Let's not even bring up the nose jobs in the Jackson family.

No. 519412

File: 1582961520351.jpg (614.27 KB, 1079x1008, Screenshot_20200220-015204_Ins…)

Samefag but I don't think Doja is ugly or anything. Her wig game has improved but the amount of makeup makes me cringe sometimes (that nose contour). I respect that she's all about being confident about yourself and not starving herself.

No. 519413

File: 1582961917265.jpeg (513.87 KB, 1070x575, 2C9DC2E3-34C2-4252-B961-750F44…)

I totally agree. Sadly, Summer Walker looks like she’s apart of the Jackson family now. It’s a shame because she was beautiful before.

No. 519414

What the fuck this is horrific

No. 519417

this is so weird because her nose before is cute? wonder why she felt the need to botch it like that

No. 519441

Well she got older, her eyebrows got fatter (I hate this trend) and her makeup got worse. She looks really 80s here with that overly blushed face. Plus she is styled like an auntie nowadays. Same with Scarlett Johansson and Margot Robbie. It's trendy to be styled ugly because they want to be perceived as sErioUs actresses and not as fashionistas or sexbombs

No. 519442

File: 1582978937065.jpg (68.1 KB, 720x698, 2a22a02054165a08c6ebd04020d91e…)

God I hate her face, she looks like she was drawn by a shitty tumblr artist

She's gorgeous imo but I also wish she would stick to natural makeup

No. 519448

File: 1582981272055.jpeg (12.45 KB, 229x220, Download (4).jpeg)

This painting is the definition of butterface, she looks like a young version of Susan Boyle. Old portraits often show rich aristocratic people who were breeding within their own line and the incest shows in their face a la Habsburger lips or the Windsor genes kek

No. 519458

no one else agrees with me that she has the most uncomfortable, weird-looking face. i don't like looking at her

No. 519507

File: 1582994413966.jpeg (34.97 KB, 400x400, 2BEB9B4C-C09C-4BE4-A997-26AAF9…)

Mia Khalifa…very popular in the porn world…ugly bolt ons and a dorky face

No. 519512

her forehead is ridiculous

No. 519513

I never got her hype, she really isnt that attractive
Maybe it was the hijab vid that rlly took her off
It was nice to see her talk about her time in the industry and what happened though as like the most recognized porn star

No. 519529

She's genuinely so unattractive to me and I tried watching a video of hers out of sheer curiosity and man, it was so fucking bad. Her face is a solid 4/10, her tits are so botched and she's basically famous for no reason, but of course porn fanatics will literally worship her, because uwu quirky lebanese queen made hijab porn.

No. 519532

Mia has a very average girl face but drones love unrealistic anime proportions (stick thin, huge ass and tits). She starting getting the ball rolling when she got her breast implants and ass surgery

No. 519534

I never understood the hype either. I find it childish how coomers will compare any brown girl wearing similar glasses to Mia. It must be annoying.

No. 519535

File: 1582998700550.jpeg (556.53 KB, 528x1164, 6A4335FA-5980-48F1-B7BD-A24987…)

Riley Reid
Another porn star that’s overhyped.

No. 519538


No. 519539

she literally admitted to raping a boy when she was younger and blowing him in some cinema stall when he didn't want to and kept telling her no

No. 519541

No. 519554

agreed, never understood her popularity

No. 519556

File: 1583001811723.jpg (233.98 KB, 1200x1600, taissa_farmiga27fn59463n56372.…)

she's a great actress but not very pretty

No. 519562