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No. 300321

A thread to talk about everything related to your menstrual cycle and ovulation! Please don’t be creepy or make any sexual posts about period “fetishes” that’s gross however discussion of sexual feelings during different times of your cycle is acceptable as long as you’re not being egregious or overdescriptive

No. 300324

Made this thread because I’m suffering from ovulation libido really bad and don’t know what to do because my husband is at work! Literally makes me want to scream how badly i just want to be at least smelling him

No. 300350

Can you explain the diagram? Are those two different cervix opening shapes? Or is one doing that because of menstruation? Is one bad? I'm guessing you just chose a random image.
>le google it!!!!

No. 300353

I think they’re the different ways your cervix can look throughout your cycle? That was how I interpreted it but I could definitely be wrong. I apologize for my lack of knowledge

No. 300354

Why do so many of you talk about ovulating like you are a literal animal. You do not need to smell your musty husband that badly!

No. 300355

File: 1668996873939.jpg (307.35 KB, 1440x1800, a2618dd898f9c4fe53f5060cf8bacf…)

Nulliparous or nonparous is the cervical opening of a woman that hasn't given birth to a child.
Parous is the cervical opening after a women has given birth.
The type of cervical opening is just an indicator that show whether or not a women have given birth and doesn't have any affect on the body afterwards.

No. 300356

we are literally animals, Nonique, wtf are you talking about

No. 300362

just venting but my period is due to start in a few days so i've broken out all over my chin and jaw. i fucking hate hormonal acne so much. acne patches are a life saver but i go through almost 48 patches (2 cosrx master patch sheets) in a month. :( i really hated taking birth control and i don't want to experiment with spiro so i guess this is my life. i started using tretinoin last month so i'm hoping i'll get some improvement but it's still discouraging seeing these little pustules cover my face. i hit my second puberty at the start of this year before i hit 25 and it has not been fun. why does being a woman suck so bad(:()

No. 300371

spiro is the only thing that ever touched my hormonal acne and it cleared up in weeks (comes back if i skip too many doses though). i take it without bc because i would sooner take stomach ulcer medication for horses than have a baby. anyway highly rec experimenting with the spiro, wish i'd tried it at 25

No. 300379

I hate the smell of men so I cannot relate

No. 300389

File: 1669017948421.png (876.31 KB, 738x509, cup.PNG)

Funny how this thread was created at the exact hour I started my period. Cheers nonas!
>Please don’t be creepy or make any sexual posts about period “fetishes” that’s gross
why tho

No. 300394

I don't think there's anything to do but wait it out, I just wanted to say I relate hard to this anon. As a straight woman who's never been on hormonal birth control I've always been very affected by ovulation. I low-key can't wait to hit menopause so this obsession will end kek (jk).

Also I am obsessed with the way my bf smells. By now I think he is used to me nuzzling his armpits, but he hasn't been with a lot of girls so I'm afraid he thinks I am just a weirdo lol. Yesterday I sat down and leaned in to smell him first thing in the morning because he smelled so good, but sadly he became self-conscious and went to change his shirt because he thought he was a bit sweaty. To make things worse I was compelled to ask him if I could have his old shirt in my backpack so I could "smell it at work haha jk". He didn't give it to me.

No. 300396

Joe Biden typed this

No. 300397

Thanks that is very interesting

No. 300401

you are a weirdo

No. 300419

I don't think it's related to your cycle, I am obsessed with smelling my gf at all times of the day, every day.

No. 300423

anybody wanna share any helpful ways to naturally regulate your menses? i don't even know what's wrong with me, i've been to the gynecologist multiple times…there was this pill that i had a prescription for from a general doctor that gave my periods back, but it also gave me the absolute worst body oder and then my body got used to the pills and stopped giving me my periods, so i had to change up when i took them, so in the end i just stopped taking the fucking things

No. 300431

Did you have any blood tests done? Did you get your hormone and thyroid levels checked? What about a physical exam? Ultrasound?

No. 300454

It’s actually very healthy to be attracted to your husbands pheromones, or something like that. I don’t know the actual science but I do know that it is completely normal to feel that way when your reproductive system is trying to get you to reproduce kek

No. 300455

I have no idea why people try to share when they have thoughts like that

No. 300456

My cycle lasts for eight days. Heavy bleeding at the first to third day along with immense stomach and lower back pain on the first day and second. The bleeding will lighten up halfway however it gets to the point where I think it is finished and then oops you're still on your period, sorry about underwear!
I get envious when I hear about other women having their periods only for three days.

No. 300457

Getting off any pharmaceuticals they give you in an attempt to “regulate” your cycle is the first step! The second step is tracking and regulating your circadian rhythm, eating a steady healthy diet made up of foods that aid in hormonal health (carrots, protein from all kinds of animals, root vegetables, aromatics, lots of ginger, red raspberry leaf tea, saturated fats), and instead of imprisoning yourself into some kind of strict workout routine make it a habit to walk as many extra miles as you can daily to shake up your guts a little. I hope this helps!

No. 300461

Anecdotally, I've always adored my husband's scent, and it certainly played a role in being attracted to him. When we started trying for a baby, we got it on the first try.

No. 300462

just want to rant. i'm back on birth control, because my hellish periods gave me anemia, and this time round my body reacted so differently to it. i have had heavy "breakthrough bleeding" for almost 3 weeks now and severe cramping. i'm speaking to the doctor about it but seriously fuck this. the reason i went back on the pill was to bleed LESS to stop my anemia and have a break from the horrible period pains i get. has anyone else had this breakthrough bleeding bullshit? how long did it take to stop?

No. 300504

I used to get breakthrough bleeding every once in a while when I was on the pill and it drove me crazy. If you just started the pill then it's normal to have break through bleeding in the first few months. If it's nonstop and doesn't go away after your the placebo week, then maybe look into a different pill.

No. 300543

>on my period
>use a menstrual cup
>go running before work, temperature is below zero so I wear long underpants under my gym shorts
>cup leaks massively, fml
>back home i try to empty it, hands are still too cold to grab it properly
>sit several minutes with hand up my cooch trying to get the damn cup out
>finally empty it and shower quickly
>i need to get dressed but have no other warm underpants than the ones I bled into
>"they're under my regular pants, no-one's gonna see them"
>wear the bloody pants to work
I have reached a new low but idgaf anymore.

No. 300549

Ayrt. I hear you, I meant I relate to anons other feelings regarding ovulation libido, I'm sorry I was a bit unclear. I'm glad you dig your girlfriends scent! I think it's important. There's been some research on body odor's part in mate attraction, but I think it's often overlooked when people talk about attraction in day to day life. Maybe because there is some stigma around having body odor. I've posted about it on lolcow before, but I used to have a bf who had no body odor, and it was hard on me. He was very good looking and I loved him a lot, but my body just wouldn't respond sexually to him.

No. 300557

This is a weird question but my mom is menopausal and is having withdrawal from her HRT running out (there’s a national shortage now, probably due to all the trannies, because incel scrotes should get priority for hormones over actual women ofc)
Does anyone know where I can buy oestradiol/progesterone pills for menopausal older women online? Preferably in europe or Russia. She’s really suffering with arthritis pain and I’m worried about her mental state, the only thing that helps is hormone therapy (oral/pills only, the patches don’t work for her at all).

I don’t know if any of you nonnies may have gone through early menopause and could help.

No. 300561

this is why i cannot deal with menstural cups. so fiddly, uncomfortable and prone to leaks and spillages. sorry, environment. and especially if it's below zero… no, fuck that.

No. 300562

Idk the regulations for your country but I have been able to buy prescription drugs from other countries through various online pharmacy sites and I'm sure hrt is one you can get that way (unless the shortage is THAT bad). I even bought a tube of antibiotic ointment off Etsy once because the shipping was cheaper. It feels very sketchy but I haven't been burned yet.

No. 300569

Ah that’s great to know thanks nonny. I found some Eastern European pharmacies that stock it but they only accept crypto for foreign customers, I guess I’ll have to keep looking. It does feel pretty shady but she really needs it. I just hope they don’t seize it at customs.

No. 300570

No. 300578

Try India

No. 300604

ayrt, avoiding the ones who only take crypto is probably smart. when i got the antibiotic through etsy the seller was in my country so those kinds of sites might be worth checking out for that reason if your customs is a big hassle

No. 300648

nonnies this is a dumb question but how the fuck do i put a period cup in. ive never had sex before so idk if thats why im struggling. i bought the cup for women who havent given birth too so i know its not the wrong cup. i tried folding it and pushing it in but it feels so uncomfortable and i feel like its going to fall out. is that normal?
I did try this towards the end of my period when my flow was lighter so im wondering if thats why it was also hard…. I don't want to wear pads anymore. I can insert tampons most the time and it doesnt hurt but putting the cup in sometimes hurts so idk if its just a matter of getting used to or what.

No. 300814

I got Covid and now my period is messed up. In the early days of testing positive my period came a full 2 weeks early. My period has ALWAYS lasted only 5 days with the majority of the bleeding being on day 1 and 2. It’s now been 8 days and I’m still bleeding. It’s not heavy like a day 1 or 2 but it’s still moderate. Wtf? Has Covid done anyone else’s cycle in?

No. 301067

Any nonnies here get blood clots with their period? I noticed I started getting them this year but it was a gradual thing, not suddenly passing them. I've heard that it's normal when your period is heavy and mine is for the first 2 days which is when I get them. After those 2 days they just disappear. My periods are slowly changing when I get older, slowly getting heavier but it's not extreme and I'm not going through lots of pads.
They're not bigger than a 20p and they don't hurt when they come out but god damn does it feel uncomfortable. It feels like I'm sliding jelly out of there but it's also weirdly fascinating to see it.
I'm wondering when/if I should see a doctor about it though - like what are the warning signs that it's a problem vs just normal clotting. I guess I'm a little concerned because I never got them until this year, but apart from the clots there's nothing really unusual or new about my periods.

No. 301073

Do blood clots ever mean anything negative? Anyway it sounds like you're normal. I don't think it is unusual to not get clots each time you have your period; maybe getting them recently indicates a change in diet/hormones/activity idfk. Nothing dangerous probably

No. 301090

My cup has been in for the past 24 hours. I can't get it out! I'm pinching it but the seal doesn't break and I can't pull on it, it's like it's glued to my cervix. What do I do ?? The more I try the more my vagina gets irritated. I want to yank it out fuck

No. 301091

The whole "size 1" "size 2" thing is kinda bullshit it just has to do with how active you are, how heavy your flow is, and most importantly, YOUR BODY. Theres no way a T-chart will be able to tell you for certain what size is best for you. If its "falling out" it may be that its too big? Dont worry about whether your a virgin or not. Its a learning curve, I'd say give it about 3-4 periods to get familiar with, and if it still doesnt work, try another brand/size. Depending on the brand you got (or if you bought it on Amazon), you may be able to get your money back.

I really recommend the Period Nirvana Youtube channel, she has a lot of videos that address newbie questions. Also it may just be that the cup isnt 100% your thing (but dont give up so early in the game!!)

r/menstrualcups is also a good resource to talk to other women trying the same products as you: https://www.reddit.com/r/menstrualcups/

Menstrual discs and period underwear are also great options. I notice you said you wanted to stop using pads, I found period underwear to be the best substitute, and its not as gross as people think tbh. I usually use it as a backup to my disc/cup. I hope you can make these products work for you cause they can really be life changing when you figure them out. Gl

No. 301099

I’m not the OP who made that thread and I started googling it but maybe this helps?


>The size and shape of the cervix vary widely with age, hormonal state, and parity.

>In the nulliparous female it is barrel shaped with a small circular external os at the center of the cervix. (fig. 2a).

>In parous women, cervix is bulky and the external os becomes slit-like (fig. 2b).

(page 6 in the PDF)

I also got a feeling the image for the thread was chosen randomly.

No. 301101

And I’m not a native English speaker but just found out that “parous” means “ having produced offspring”, so looks like the difference is women who haven’t give birth vs those who did (different shape).

(samefag for second post + sage)

No. 301106

I've been getting them since puberty, usually whenever my cramps are extremely bad then once they come out the cramps decrease a little. My doctor said it's normal apparently.

No. 301139


No. 301140

nonnie did you have a bath yet? or try aternating temperatures to tighten/expand and break the seal? try some freeze thaw action on your vag

No. 301141

oops forgot to tag >>301090

No. 301372

A few months ago I started getting vaginal cramps during my period; it sucked, but the internet said it was normal. Now the cramps are happening outside of my period and I've had them today all day, non-stop, alternating between very sharp jolts of pain and an overall soreness. I have no other symptoms at all (no weird discharge, no pain during sex, no spotting, no bloating) so I have no clue what's going on (I do have a lot of PCOS symptoms and would like to ask for an assessment but I'm reading that it should give you pain in the ovaries, not the actual vagina itself?).
I'm calling the doctor tomorrow if it doesn't stop by then, but getting appointments and then tests done takes so long. Painkillers don't work, a hot water bottle only helps a little, walking/stretching helps temporarily but my college classes require me to sit all day.
Do any of you nonnies get weird vaginal cramps? Do you have any advice on how to alleviate them?

No. 301385

Someone here told me to birth my cup when this happened to me, and it was good advice. Push out, and use one finger to press the whole cup against your vaginal wall, then drag it out.

No. 301469

I ended up going to ER kek, you can read about my experience in the vent thread >>>/ot/1422511 I don't want to scare anyone from trying the cup but be careful if you have vaginismus

No. 301574

I have problems with the start of my period. Most of the time I sleep through the first hours fine but the few times I wake up right when it's starting, I get extreme cramps, nausea and fainting symptoms when I stand up (weakness, black vision, muffled hearing).

No. 301669

Suicidal thoughts, nightmares, night sweats, crying, binge eating. Then I realize my period comes in 3-4 days. When I finally start bleeding I feel such a relief, like I was drugged and my mind's suddenly clear and rational again. But then I have terrible cramps for the first 1-2 days of my period. I've finally found decent meds that numb the pain for the most part, but they leave me foggy, tired and drugged to the point where I can only manage laying in bed meaning I have to skip work 1-2 days a month.

Without meds the pain is so bad I'll literally cry and howl curled up on the floor for hours during "attacks". It's so intense I start sweating and there's been a few times I've unironically prayed for god to kill me. Yet, the suicidal thoughts are worse. It's so so heavy even though I know it's just hormones. If I ever kill myself it'll definitely be one of the PMS days that finally sent me over the edge.

No. 301897

i really need some advice. how do you all keep yourselves under control emotionally while on your period ?? i feel like my emotional state during my period is a rare case just because its so fucking bad. to the point where it has caused actual issues within my social life because of how much lack of control i really feel that i have. my self sabotaging tendencies get 10x worse, i feel suicidal, i lash out on everyone and then go to ridiculous lengths for attention and comfort that i crave like a drug. its fucking embarrassing and i am hurting not only myself but my poor friends as well. i really feel like i turn into a completely different person and i hate it, and i dont know what to do, i dont know how to fix it. for my friends and family's sake, i want to fix it, so fucking bad, but im really at a loss about where i need to go from here. im on antidepressants right now which help me generally but havent been successful in helping with suicidal thoughts during my periods. should i try birth control ?? would it help with my mood ? is there something else i could try and get a prescription for ? what do i do :(

No. 301898

File: 1669959724371.jpg (656.41 KB, 1800x1200, poland-forest.jpg)

Honestly, I know you're saying that you're craving attention, but my best advice would just be to lay low and sort of stay away from everyone during your worst days. Just have some cozy days at home if you can, with your favorite soothing things (movies, tea/snacks, music, lil creative hobbies). Just ride it out while minimizing harm to yourself and others.

No. 301905

Wanna give some general tips that I wish I knew earlier. Hated that I was a woman for so long because of PMDD symptoms :(

Certain supplements can help with regulating your cycle: Vitamin B6, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, and Vitamin D
Learn about the menstruation phases and start tracking them. When you are on your period focus on low impact workouts (long walks, swimming, dancing, etc…)
Eat for your cycle. High nutrient food, aromatics, and protein are all great when menstruating. Raspberry tea is helpful for a lot of women. Tea with tumeric, ginger, honey, and lemon is good. If you don't like ginger normally consider getting ginger pills. Avoid cold food.
Sleep more and learn how to sleep quickly. Muscle relaxation techniques are helpful, if you are paranoid about blood stains get some designated period sheets and a mattress pad. Consider a weighted blanket and heat pack. Learn to do 10-20 minute long power naps.
If weed is available try CBD I like to place a couple drops of CBD oil on my stomach and inside my vagina. If you need additional pain management drugs naproxen is better as an anti-inflamatory med.
Orgasms can help reduce period pain.

If nothing helps and your period feels unmanagably painful, causes depression, and actively harms your work and personal relationship then go to your doctor. They will be dismissive or try to immediately put you on birth control. Advocate for yourself as hard as possible. Menstrual disorders like PMDD, Endo, and PCOS are more common than you think. Your period might suck but it shouldn't push you to suicide.

Give yourself the kindness you would give a friend. You don't need to be at 100% when you are in pain

No. 301918

I started getting pain during ovulation a few months after my period came back postpartum. Kept getting worse and worse and now I’m getting mild cramps randomly every single day too. Finally went to the doctor yesterday and apparently you can just develop endo randomly as an adult! What the fuck! This fucking sucks!!

No. 302013

this is a lifesaving post, bless you noni

No. 302970

It took almost 15 years, with almost three years of not having them, but for the first time in my life, I think my periods are regular, not just back. Three months in a row now like clockwork, this can't be a fluke. It used to be once in a half year or nothing for years.

No. 302986

I don't know what has changed but I leak out of my pads without fail every single time. Every. Single. Time. Meaning I have to wash bloody underwear every day for the duration of my period. I don't know what I'm doing wrong because it's not that my flow is heavy, it's moderate. The pad doesn't even 'fill up', it just leaks out of the sides while the center is almost pristine. I've tried different pads, different underwear, different ways to fuckin' sit but it doesn't help. I'm so tired, reeee. It wasn't like this before. I can't do with things that I have to insert, so should I try period underwear or something?

No. 302998

Thank you nona, very appreciated. I want to add: Dong Quai. I'm not one to believe in natural supplements and all that woo stuff but Dong Quai does wonders for me, it basically gets rid of all of my PMS symptoms and makes my actual period less severe. The only problem is built up tolerance, I need to stop taking it for a few cycles for it to have the desired effect again.

Another tip I wish I knew sooner: Take your painkillers before the actual pain starts. Especially if they are anti-inflammatory and anti-pyretic. They are more effective that way.

No. 303004

This started happening to me too anon. Period underwear helps a lot but be aware of how much it can hold or else you'll overflow those too. They're a good investment either way. I just sit/sleep with a towel underneath and let the inevitable happen now.

No. 303136

thank you nona, also thyroid issues can mess up your cycle. I have an underfunctioning thyroid and take levothyroxin (my doctor at the time figured out I had it because of my far apart periods) if you are taking thyroid meds make sure you're taking them right. levothyroxin has to be taken on an empty stomach and wait at least 30 minutes before eating and take it at the same time every day, I had been taking it at different times every day and it messed up my cycle among other things

No. 303140

>Another tip I wish I knew sooner: Take your painkillers before the actual pain starts. Especially if they are anti-inflammatory and anti-pyretic. They are more effective that way.
NTA but ime this never made a difference, even though I've been doing this method for years.

No. 303229

I bleed properly for two or so days, which I don't mind, but then I get horrible brown sludge for a week after. I wish it would end properly instead of being drawn out like this.

No. 303237

NTA but this only works with muscle relaxants for me.

No. 303664

Weird one but I woke up a couple days ago with really intense tailbone pain. Spent 2 days having to be careful with how I sat, lay, got up etc. Couldn't move without having to carefully plan it lol. It was as if I'd had a really bad fall on it but I hadn't.

Thismorning I wake up with it feeling better. I stood up out of bed and my period started. While I was googling causes of tailbone pain alot of it was talking about it as a pregnancy thing. I'm obvs not pregnant but can tailbone pain be a hormonal/pre menses thing? I might just be reading into the timing too much but thought I'd ask.

No. 303674

My period is so heavy that I have to use overnights daily and sometimes even those leak. I've even gone as far to try adult diapers for people with bladder issues just to make sure the blood doesn't get on my pants at work. It's been this way forever and it's a real medical issue, yet the doctors claim there isn't anything they can do because "no hysterectomy since I haven't had kids". It also doesn't help that I have a septate hymen so I cannot use tampons without worrying I'm going to rip my hymen upon removal.

No. 303719

same here nona (including wearing the incontinence pants). I bled so much once I had to go to hospital and whilst I was there they gave me some tranexamic acid and told me to ask my doctor for a repeat prescription. i highly recommend it. basically it promotes clotting (you only take it the days you bleed) and results in a much lighter period. I still get the worst cramps though.

I've never heard of the separate hymen before. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of problems we face due to our reproductive systems. So many things can and do go wrong, it's a nightmare.

No. 303748

Samefag, I just passed a clot where in twenty years of having periods I've never seen anything even close to this. I'm not usually squeamish but fuck me I wasn't prepared to ever see something like that. I guess my inability to move the last few days makes sense now.

No. 303927

Tysm for the tranexamic recommendation. Next time I go to my physician I will ask about it. Hopefully it'll make life easier.

No. 304030

Hey, anons, I need help. I went to the ER on Tuesday because I was having period pain that was so bad that my over the counter meds wouldn't help. I used to never have pain during my cycle, but I've developed it in the last year or so and it's gotten gradually worse. The ER said I MIGHT have PID, because my left ovary kinda looks inflamed, but the doctor didn't want to diagnose it because I'm a mega virgin and wouldn't touch moids with a ten foot pole. The CT scan notes say that my uterus has a "very shaggy appearance" and I have a lot of free fluid in my cul-de-sac. I'm a bit worried that I might have endometriosis since the rest of my examinations were clear (no cysts, no STDs). I've been bloated 24/7 since October and my entire body just feels like something is off. I see my gyno tomorrow. What do you guys think?

No. 304036

sounds like it could be endo. if they offer an exploratory laparoscopy, please do it. Healthy organs can be damaged by untreated endo

the surgery is done outpatient and i recovered quickly from it. they only make 3 tiny cuts and hide them well. i can barely find mine anymore.

No. 304037

samefag but the bloating is common for endo. My story is similar to yours - increasing pain, feeling off - things escalated much more before i got real help. i should not have waited.

No. 304046

See an endometriosis specialist and get an MRI. Don't get a laparoscopy so soon, if you don't have endometriosis they'd be cutting you for nothing. I have endo too and they could see mine on both an ultrasound and an MRI.

No. 304068

just so you know, they couldn't see mine that way, but I have stage 4 endo

No. 304404

My period is almost a week late, why might this be the case? It's never been this late in the past few years. It isn't that I'm pregnant, nor is it stress, everything in my life has been rather normal. I'm getting a lot of cramps today so it might start, but even so, I don't get why it's happening so late.

No. 304596

Update, it still hasn't started. I've been drinking turmeric tea, using a hot water bottle, eating berries and peppers, etc. Sigh

No. 304604

Changes in your diet or excersise perhaps? I've noticed that when I eat less sugar, my cycle gets extended.

No. 304776

Update again, my period started today! Very relieved.

Oh it might have been that, I was eating less recently without realising.

No. 304920

I can't WAIT to stop bleeding!! My period is a fucking curse. I woke up the other day horny and checking my calendar to see how many days I have until I get my period. I was so excited until I got up and used the bathroom and the blood showed up on the toilet paper.
My emotions have been a wreck this cycle. Horniness turns into frustration turns into shame. I woke up my boyfriend crying laying over him trying to say goodbye to head off to work. Even little stressors during the day I started tearing up. I cried while at work because my friend spent $20 on something useless. I came home from work crying because I tried doing too many things at once and I got frustrated and I was thinking about my future as a mother and the thought of me being a neglectful mother had me crying. I guess it's just one of those months. Thank God, it's almost over.

No. 304953

I can't be the only one who gets intracranial pressure during her period, right? And it's cold af outside so I'm chalking this shit up to barometric pressure. It's like I've got a migraine but I don't.

No. 305123

Does anyone have experience taking pregnancy tests before you've missed your period? Google says you should wait until you miss your period but I want to know as soon as I can. I had unprotected sex which was so stupid and he pulled out but I feel like my boobs are sore and bigger than usual and my period's not due for another two weeks. I don't know if there would be changes to my body this early anyway. Pls advise!!!
Not sure if this is the right thread but "Baby Talk" seemed like it was all mothers and women who want to conceive and /vag/ seemed kind of dead.

No. 305124

I should have mentioned it's been 8 days. I didn't take plan B.

No. 305202

Does anyone else deal with emotionally terrible PMS? My life is pretty stable and my hormones are normal, I'm healthy and diet and exercise, my actual periods tend to go smoothly. But like clockwork every month, I get suicidal and hopeless about life before I start my period. I tend to cope by distracting myself with my hobbies and basic CBT/DBT techniques, I really don't want to take birth control or medications (even when I was on heavy antidepressants I still had this problem) for this one thing but it gets overwhelming sometimes.

No. 305223

I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant via ultrasound before my missed period but I also have long cycles (35 days)

No. 305224

Yes. Before and during my period I feel like im losing my mind, I feel like a completely different person.

No. 305232

What did you do

No. 305253

AYRT. I wish there was a way to treat it without screwing with hormones/brain chemistry, when I'm otherwise in decent health. My "tells" for PMS is if I try to hurt myself. My other coping skill is sleeping, but I can't always take a nap when I have a full work shift.

No. 305255

Simply start expecting when your period is going to come. It gets hard because you're trying to push away the feelings rather than allowing them to come and go. You're aware the feelings are present, but you're focusing too much on trying to keep them in the back of your mind, yet you are doing the complete opposite and giving them too much of your time. It's a lot to understand what I mean. Claire Weekes does a pretty good job explaining.

No. 305260

Was supposed to have an ultrasound anyway for unrelated reasons and there was a baby in there. If you're in the US there's pregnancy clinics that offer free ultrasounds for 1st trimester but some will give you it anyway even if your test was negative. Ultrasounds are the only foolproof way since pregnancy tests never work for me for some reason and I've been pregnant multiple times

No. 305289

I've never had any menstrual pains all my life and I'm 30 already so I've been through many periods and suddenly today I'm in so much pain, for hours now… I took drotaverine medicine but it didn't help at all, is there any chance it's still just menstrual pain, maybe brought by bad diet and stress i'm in lately as opposed to anything serious??

No. 305300

AYRT. I do, but the reason I manage with "pushing it away" because sitting in them leads to being more suicidal. I 100% know that it's irrational, hormonal, and temporary, but before I used my other coping mechanisms I've self harmed or missed work. I wonder if I have PMDD, honestly.

No. 305301

Is the pain located on one side, front or back?

No. 305310

Front… I guess if it was side we could suspect appendix? Doesn't seem like it though

No. 305347

It's more likely to be your appendix than one strange painful period out of nowhere. Get it checked out, even if the pain passes. A burst appendix is no joke.

No. 305350

Hopefully not too late but I would get that checked out, just like other anons said itt it might be your appendix. Sometimes intense pains might be symptoms of a cyst popping and you would have to get an ultrasound to see if you have anymore. I found this out the hard way while ovulating and having a sharp on my left ovary.

No. 305360

Nona did you died? Are you okay?

No. 305368

What happens to the uterus when you have amenorrhea? The lining just stays the same? Or is there no lining at all?

No. 305375

Still alive, was still in a lot of pain after the night but then later in a day it passed (roughly 24h since it started); I'll get it checked nonetheless, thank for your advices nonnas

No. 305733

Do any of you keep an excel spreadsheet to track menstruation and symptoms? I want to make one but not sure of the most efficient way to organise it.

No. 305760

from /2x/ how to make your own period tracker http://www.alizaaufrichtig.com/period-tracker

No. 305790

amazing. exactly what i needed thank u

No. 305936

So, update, I just started bleeding. It is way lighter than how my periods usually start, and my period isn't due until I think mid January. How do I know if it's implantation bleeding, a miscarriage, or my period coming early?
I feel so weird using Lolcow for medical advice haha but I have no one else to turn to! Thank you to the anon who responded to my earlier post!

No. 305947

Is your period otherwise regular? Did you have the usual symptoms like sore breasts, moodiness, etc?

No. 305948

did you find out what it was?

No. 305949

Implantation bleeding is usually very light and lasts 1-3 days. It should happen a few days before your missed period. I had an early miscarriage recently and it was like a more painful period, except it started with 3 days of light bleeding and ended up lasting 10 days. Everyone's body is different though. I'd suggest testing when your period is actually due as pregnancy symptoms are so similar to PMS.

No. 305971

Ok so I misread my tracking app and apparently it would be early but not crazy for my period to start today and it's definitely not implantation bleeding, feels like a period, so either it's that or I'm miscarrying lol but either way not pregnant!!! Thanks everyone <3

No. 305973

What do you do when you get sudden sharp abdominal pain? It's the worst kind of pain tbh especially while walking. I just hate it is there anything you can even do about it?

No. 306064

I've had all of these. Implantation bleeding is usually watery and thin (for me), it almost feels like freshly cut blood. Miscarriages are extremely painful, clotty and you can barely walk. If you're curious about a miscarriage it is possible to get tested in a hospital if that option is available to you

No. 306573

File: 1672998878087.jpg (83.47 KB, 564x802, 32f985d7a534b73c1d2664c4fd7f7e…)

Good morning nonnas, I'm a bit worried mostly because this hasn't happened to me before:

So, on 21st December I got my period but it was super light and had no cramps, which is unusual for me. Usually my periods are a bit heavy for the first 2 days including manageable cramps and some clots, then they drop off and my period usually clears up by day 4. However, this December period was barely one at all, and it was very short. I assumed this was just a one-off and carried on with my day, I didn't have any unusual pain or felt extremely weak or anything.

But then this morning I woke up bleeding pretty heavy. I woke up naturally, not because I was in pain (I'm still not) but I'm obviously concerned as I don't know if this is just my period finishing itself off/starting again or another problem. The blood is quite dark so it's fresh, not that bbq sauce old blood stuff. I've already tried to ring the doctors but there's a massive queue atm. I don't know if this is normal or something I need to go to the hospital for? I don't feel like I'm about to die or anything kek, nor am I in pain or dizzy or anything, I'm just bleeding as if it was my period all over again.
Thank you nonnas.

No. 306593

is it possible on the 21st you ovulated? (it's not out of the question for me to bleed during ovulation - for a couple days even) That would mean this heavy bleeding is your actual period.

Sometimes women get follicular or "functional" cysts in the ovary. These are normal and tend to just go away, but occasionally one can cause some bleeding and period-like symptoms at ovulation when it resolves itself.

I used to be really alarmed at ovulation bleeding but then I learned many women have it.

No. 306596

Is it on one side? Could be an ovarian cyst, feels like a rock stuck in there esp when walking. Real sharp pain

No. 306695

It's 100% ovulation bleeding like >>306593 said, it sucks but it's normal. It's suprising to me how few people know this can happen, not criticizing you nonita, please don't take it the wrong way, I'm just once again dissapointed at the lack of education on women's health.

No. 306758

Thanks for responding nonnas. It might be that, I was just confused because the 21st december was when my actual period was supposed to come, not this light short bleeding stuff. It just didn't feel like a period at all, although it was due. I guess it could have been a late ovulation, then? God it's confusing.
I'm still bleeding today but it's slightly less heavy. I spoke to a woman through the NHS last night and she has arranged for me to call a doctor on Monday if things don't start to clear up by then.

I really hope it's just a hormone fluctuation that's fucked my cycle up - I get really traumatised just thinking about people inspecting my vagina/cervix etc so I'm hoping it's nothing. Fingers crossed and thanks for your answers nonnas.

No. 308192

I've been spotting for 20 days and I'm not on birth control. I'm so scared

No. 308327

Take a pregtest! Its scary but better to know now. Idk what your choice is but for abortions in some places you have to be before a certain gestation.

No. 310381

My period's been going on for almost a week now. This isn't normal for me and I'm drinking gallons of ginger tea but it's still going strong. I've had to cancel plans I've made for this week because it's so heavy that pads are made pointless. I'm beginning to feel worried and a little scared that something's wrong

No. 311128

I want to buy a menstrual cup, but I'm a virgin and I'm afraid that it would hurt me. I'm not brave enough to insert anything inside me. I guess I'll just get reusable pads instead.

No. 311367

my periods are always super short like 2-3 days of bleeding max. i just found out i have high Testosterone and i wonder if that's the cause, maybe i have PCOS

No. 311371

trying different birth controls and then going off them has fucked up my cycle, so now I have heavy bleeding for a few days, then light to no bleeding. one of them completely got rid of my period and the other made me bleed lining. I was on the former longer. I take after my moms side who has bad hormonal issues, but not quite pcos.

I'll worry about birth control when I break my celibacy streak again. till then I'm poor and what's the point

No. 311387

Apparently women who don’t use hormonal birth control are attracted to different “mates” depending on where they are in their cycle, and using hormonal birth control can also affect partner choice. I feel like this is true in my case. I don’t use birth control and I am attracted to my bf all the time, but in the part of my cycle leading up to ovulation I am extra attracted to him. He is so ALPHA, masculine, perfect, smells delicious, I just wanna jump on his dick 24/7. Then leading up to my period I’m still attracted towards him but he is also a bit annoying, emotionally unavailable and maybe we should just break up because we might not be such a good match after all kek. I don’t get horrible PMS or periods or anything, but it still sucks to feel like my sentiments are so influenced by hormonal fluctuations.

No. 311390

I used a period cup when I was a virgin, it is possible. If you want to try insertable products maybe just tampons first?

No. 311414

File: 1675541708088.jpg (167.73 KB, 1024x689, low-and-high-testosterone-leve…)

High t doesn't always mean PCOS. I'd ask for a copy of your hormone level tests since a lot of doctors label women has high t when their testosterone isn't even close to being high

No. 311444

File: 1675560801192.jpg (75.13 KB, 540x527, d.jpg)

i'm so tired of hormones. my face was fine two days ago, and today it looks like an exploded landmine from all the acne. decided to also pick at milia with a (sterile) needle, cause why the fuck not, it's not like any more redness will make a difference kek. day 2 of your period is the fucking worst in all aspects tbh.

No. 311450

>my periods are always super short like 2-3 days of bleeding max
i'm jealous tbh

No. 311474

Mine are the same, afaik it's just kind of genetic for me. It was the same for my mom and my gramma. The difference is that our menstrual cycle is shorter(read: we get periods more often). I know for a fact I don't have any hormonal issues. Obviously go to a gyno if fertility is a concern for you though.

No. 312203

Does anyone know a way to speed up the end of a period? I started two days ago and seem to be reaching the end of "active" bleeding but I know old blood tends to linger for a while. With Valentine's day next week, I don't really want old blood left and getting in the way of sex. I did period sex with my boyfriend once and we agreed to not do that again.

No. 312237

Are women really expected to be horny during pregnancy? Wtf

No. 313425

does anyone else's period cramps manifest as back pains rather than stomach pains? I have talked to a few doctors about it and they all say that while it isn't the norm it isnt uncommon either and it's nothing to worry about but I have never meet another woman who get cramps in her back during her period and I never hear anyone being it up when the discussion of period symptoms comes up. I do on rare occasions get stomach cramps but I always get back pains every month

No. 313481

I get pain in both areas (and in legs and joints too)

No. 313482

I just got my period today and I feel awfully lonely. I haven't had this feeling before when on my period, did anyone else go through a similar phase? Like i feel so sad and dissatisfied

No. 313484

I get both. However it's always the first day and rarely the second day were I feel like I'm dying and am often toilet bound because of constipation.

No. 313486

ayrt my legs and joints cramp too. My cramps usually also only last the first two days

No. 313563

I must ask, does anybody else need to piss excessively when they are on their period? When i last had my period, this was the case for me for my first day, which is also the day i have cramps.

No. 313569

yep on all the days, and also the week before it starts

No. 313577

Yes I also have terrible poops

Yes. I probably have PMDD because on top of my mental issues and not being medicated properly (not my fault, can't afford) my hormones flare up and I literally feel like sappy, horny death who is constantly sullen and lonely and affected by everything around me

Pain everywhere

No. 313585

yes. It can last as long as over a week for me before I get my period and then it becomes less, it sucks and you’re definitely not alone with this.
same my doctor offered me hormones to threat it but I‘ll try with sports etc and stress reduction first because I have no idea how my body will react to such an intervention seeing that pms/pmdd is an issue with the way your brain reacts to hormone changes and not necessarily the hormones itself if I understood it correctly. Wish I knew about it earlier. anyone else here has bad PMS and didn’t notice it for a long time? I legit thought I was insane before I started to track my cycle and recognized the pattern.

No. 313599

has anyone heard of this white and red cycles thing? if u have a red moon cycle, you bleed during the full moon, and ovulate during the new moon. the opposite is for the white moon cycle

No. 313612

Anyone elses lips peel and bleed during period? My cycle is a bit irreguar, so thats how I know I'm getting my period that day, if my lips suddenly start flaking and cracking. I wonder if its the same hormones that releases the lining in my uterus that affects my lips and makes them shed as well

No. 313615

yep. my bladder can't hold much when I'm on my period. getting my period on long car trips is a hell because I always have to pull over at every gas station

No. 313616

File: 1676919641012.jpg (148.96 KB, 300x370, KegelExercisessm.jpg)

No. 313687

Spiro helped because me and the women in my family have imbalanced hormonal levels to begin with, not quite on the level of pcos but pretty damn bad. Even during my skinny, crunchy, post anachan healthy years I still had awful PMS and periods. Now I'm a lot more reckless and unhealthy with the added bonus of no meds. I'd like to return to a healthier lifestyle one day. You shouldn't introduce your body to anything you're not comfortable with, but it's also not bad if you eventually do want to try spiro either

No. 313931

Tips/experiences for taking a bath on your period? First day for me and I’m on my period and have a bad cold, so I’m going to do it. I’m not afraid of bathing in my uterus lining, I don’t see what would be unhygienic about it. I’d love to hear your thoughts though

No. 313936

I have it too, it has something to do with more weight being in that area during your period and your lower back muscles being dominant as opposed to your abdominal

No. 313945

I always takes baths on my period, I've never had issues. Never heard of it damaging the uterus lining, how does that even work? It's the same level of people saying not to use soap on your vagina, yeah obviously don't scrub inside but use soap to wash the outside of yourself. If you aren't purposefully directing water inside to clean yourself it should be fine.

No. 313967

File: 1677117235074.jpg (30.5 KB, 444x444, 962f8847807b5af84f887ff63fe448…)

Will night sweats from progesterone cream ease up? I am in my early 30's, nonmenopausal. I got some progesterone cream because my libido has been zilch for 10+ years and I was suck of it. It fucking works but I'm sweating buckets at night. Am I going to die or get cancer bc I did this without a doctor? Will my hormones level out after this inital period of time? I don't want to go back nonnies

No. 314055

Update: saw my OB today and she prescribed me some progesterone in the form of the "mini pill" birth control. I noticed that the progesterone cream has 21mg, while the pills only have .35 mg. Huge difference. I also fuckin forgot to ask about the night sweats but there aren't studies (that my doctor was aware of) on women in their 30's taking progesterone supplements. Obviously the pills are nice because the dosage will be the exact same every time; the cream comes out in pumps and I can never be sure exactly how much is in a pump (product settling, etc.).
Also sorry if this isn't the correct thread, I'm not using this for birth control so this seemed more fitting.

No. 314304



Yeah same. I don't get stomach cramps at all. Only discomfort in my lower back. Sort of a pressure. I guess I'd call it a dull pain maybe. And yes, it's totally normal. The way we experience period pain and/or discomfort really varies.

No. 314402

Do orgasms during your period really help it end faster? I've noticed that a lot of blood comes out at once right after an orgasm.

No. 314411

Mini pill is a birth control method givento women who are 40+ or have recently given birth. It has less side effects than normal birth control and has low dosage so you probably will have lesser symptoms, though I don't know if it'll do anything for your libido. Have you gotten your hormones checked? Do you suffer from any gyno illness that

No. 314461

I have had my hormones checked & everything seems normal. My doctor literally said that it's not worth going over & that hormones have very little to do with this. That sounds wrong but ok… I do not have any gyno illnesses or complications aside from some cysts on my ovaries that I've been told are normal and nothing to worry about.
Side note, when I had my bilateral salpingectomy, the doctor gave me photos from the cameras they used for the surgery and I was able to see the cysts which were tinyyy, I was shocked. I thought they would be bigger even though mine are apparently not bad. I also got to see in the pics the process of burning off/removing the fallopian tubes which was cool, and I always wondered what my uterus actually looks like- a small round organ, not like the perfect triangles you see in medical diagrams [which is normal, obv it's gonna be perfectly flat & laid out in a diagram]. Was super interesting. Anyhoo thatks for the reply nonna

No. 314679

I was on birth control for most of the years since I got my period and my hormones have only recently gotten back on track for me to have regular periods after coming off of it. I've recently experienced some nipple discharge and I think I'm about to have my period. Could the two be related? I'm going to my GP tomorrow anyway to be safe, but I'm still worried in the meantime. Any thoughts?

No. 314809

It's always made my cramps worse tbh

No. 315092

File: 1677848480311.png (610.59 KB, 1360x1338, 1674243344575.png)

Why am I getting my period twice a month? This is hell on earth. Now I can only go 1-2 weeks without ibuprofen because the pain is that bad (both during and before the period). Is it because I'm eating more burgers lately? I can't think of any other huge lifestyle changes.

No. 315103

I don't need a reminder app because it always happens right after the full moon, I can just look at the sky to see when it's that time again. Life is pretty good sometimes.

I'm sorry nonna that sounds horrible, I'm not sure what to say except quit the burgers and see if it makes a difference? Otherwise go to the doctor, it's not normal to have it twice a month and I imagine awful as well. Hope it gets better nonnie

No. 315116

Go see a doctor, having a period twice a month can be caused by a medical issue that needs to be adressed.

No. 315688

I have endometriosis and a really strong hormonal cycle, like I can easily spot the differences now in my 20s when my hormones are making me feel sad, but I feel like in the research world everyone dismisses that and doesn't want to call women "hormonal" because of these shifts.

My usual "symptoms" are feelings of guilt, insecurity, increased anxiety and worrying, it doesn't affect my job or interactions with people but I just feel awful for a whole week and birth control doesn't completely remove these feelings, it just softens them by like 30%

No. 315704

I've missed my period. Either that, or it's really really delayed. I'm not pregnant so I'm not sure what's causing this. My uterus felt sensitive as you'd expect before A period starts, nothing has actually happened. I've felt this way for about 2 weeks now. My period didn't come last month either.

No. 316777

File: 1678710517801.jpeg (13.18 KB, 498x216, periodt.jpeg)

HELP nonnies my period makes me a literal incapable retard
>get first period 5 years ago
>epic, i am now a certified and licensed Woman
>my Woman license comes in the post, I get 69 xp and get a new rank and extra buffs for my character, very happy
ffw to now
>just before period: depressive and reclusive, hopeless, intermittently horny and then depressive/anxious
>during period: incredibly fatigued, want to nap every day, no energy to hang out with people, don't do as well at the gym
>look clapped: face is puffy
>feel sad and hopeless
>i feel mentally 'slow'
Does anynonny here have any way to combat this? Any supplements I need to take, any lifestyle changes? I don't want to be btfo by mother nature any more. I mean ONE WEEK per month? That's ridiculous. I can't slay only three quarters of my fertile life. I want my energy and mental stability back.

No. 316800

>woman license
>69 xp
>slay only 3/4 of fertile life

Begone scrote.

No. 316803

I've been on my period since february first and i'm getting kinda sick of it now. I wish there was a way to make it stop.

No. 316815

not a scrote, just retarded
please help. i am fatigued and mentally unwell during this phase of the month
anon…wtf? how can you lose that much blood? please see a doctor. i hope you're ok. if it's endo or pcos so many people go through it that you will be understood and helped.

No. 316817

I don't know if I'm just spotting or what. I ended my period a week ago and three days ago I started cramping. I thought I was bloated from eating too many Brussels sprouts until I saw brown blood after 12 hours of cramps. From then, I've had a little brown blood accompanied by dark brown chunks mixed with discharge only when I sit down to wipe. There's no release of blood in between and it doesn't leave behind marks on my underwear. I have to keep sticking a finger in me to check if I'm still bleeding or not. Anyone else had this before?

No. 316823

>5 years ago
did you start late or underage…
It's natural, your hormones fuck things up, I'm sure you know about PMS.
Just make sure you're getting enough iron I guess.

No. 316842

Ok retarded anon. All of what you're experiencing is very normal, but if you have it quite severely you may have PMDD. I find what helps me is a generally healthier lifestyle. Eat more nutritious food, cut down on your alcohol consumption, stop smoking. Time your exercise with your cycle - do more high intensity exercise when you're in the first phase of your cycle and have more energy, transition to chilled exercise like walking, yoga and pilates with your luteal phase. As for supplements, if you have some kind of vitamin deficiency you'll definitely feel worse during your period and PMS so it may be worthwhile looking at your vitamin D, iron and B12 levels, even if just for your general health. Otherwise, you can look at taking magnesium, omega 3, evening primrose oil. All of this won't eradicate your pms, but it might help lessen it. You have to learn to live in sync with the shitty effects of your cycle and be mindful of it.

No. 316849

When you menstruate, not only is estrogen lower than in other phases of the menstrual cycle (and this affects your energy and mood as well), but since you lose a lot of blood it makes you iron levels drop, which obviously makes you more fatigued. It's completely normal and if you don't eat enough foods with iron in your regular diet to compensate, you can get anemia over time. Of course, if you already have an iron-rich diet (complemented with vitamin C), then you could be bleeding more than the average which would cause even more fatigue, but if your symptoms are truly unbearable to the point every time you are about to have your period you literally can't work or go to school, you might have PMS. Just being aware of these hormonal changes and how your period affects your vitamin and mineral levels can prepare you to deal with the effects of menstruation and make it more tolerable and easier to deal with.
I don't know how you haven't learned or noticed this in the 5 years you've allegedly been capable of menstruation, or how you're posting here when you're obviously pretty young, but I'm choosing to believe you are an 18 year old woman who started to menstruate at 13 and had a really shitty sexual education or whose female family members were absent or just ignorant/prudish.
Now promise you'll stop posting in such a retarded way

No. 316926

Ah anon…this was so helpful. I don't drink or smoke but I will try to pick up omega 3, iron and b12 supplements. I'm going to start tracking it, and living in sync like you said
Alright, I'm going to get more iron in. Nawww i didn't really hear much about periods, was embarrassed to talk about it.
>Now promise you'll stop posting in such a retarded way
n-no…sorry senpai…

No. 317069

How often do you guys change a cup out during heavy flow? I never had a problem until now but I guess I've been having heavier flow recently because I can't go more than like 4 hours without it getting super full and leaking. Or maybe I'm not inserting it correctly…? I'm not sure whats happening. My last 3 periods were fine and it worked like a charm. Its difficult for me to change it constantly while im at school because I either have long classes back to back or the bathrooms I can use are fucking mixed gender (thanks university.) So I get uncomfortable using it. Should I just switch to pads or something for heavier flow days?

No. 317075

Three times. When I wake up, around mid afternoon, and when I'm going to sleep.

No. 318717

File: 1679936252376.jpg (34.15 KB, 570x428, il_570xN.3047896631_15qf.jpg)

I just bought some boob tape and I'm literally salivating at the thought of THE RELIEF of taping them a certain way during PMS breast tenderness. I swear, SALIVATING.

No. 318726

Wait…what do you get out of taping the tatas…how does this help

No. 318831

does anyone during an ovulation or period cycle notice their nipples change color or white spotting around them? i'm googling up down and sideways. the things I can find related to small white spots are mostly regarding pregnancy and herpes, neither of which I am, but it also said white bumps can appear during your cycle

No. 318847

nona they're called montgomery bumps or something like that, they supply extra sebum to keep the nips lubricated when breastfeeding, so whenever your breasts swell during your cycle, the bumps can get bigger/start showing up. i've had them since puberty and had to see a doctor bcus it freaked me out since i had no idea what they were but they're harmless

No. 318848

File: 1680022382467.gif (1.67 MB, 275x275, 1645073618076.gif)

samefag but i'm on my period and i am raging inside. i have a literal fire going inside me and everything is pissing me off. it makes me think about how much worse the world would be if men ever had such huge fluctuations in hormones like this, because women are capable of being self-aware enough to not take it out on everyone around them, i think men would go on violent sprees a lot more often than they already do if they had to deal with a monthly cycle

No. 318895

File: 1680052468815.gif (7.79 MB, 480x360, 1443819757-giphy101.gif)

I've once read somewhere during certain parts of the cycle testosterone peaks and makes women more aggressive and angry aka acting more like men. Men just can't control their fucking violent emotions like animals

Slightly related: Has anyone here gone through the process of being diagnosed with PMDD? Im seriously considering going get tested for this, even though it only affects like 5% of women. I've never gone to a gyno or had taken birth control never needed a reason to, sad kek and have the usual pms symptoms the week before my period but never thought my depression/mood swings the rest of the month outside my period could be connected to this. I lived for years like it is normal to just be really depressed and think about suicide daily for part of the month and be (somewhat) more stable for a few days. Is this something I'd go to a general doctor for or have to see a gyno about? I know I will have to see a gyno eventually anyway, should I bring this up as something I'm possibly dealing with or will they assume I'm just trying to diagnose myself?

No. 318899

>I've once read somewhere during certain parts of the cycle testosterone peaks and makes women more aggressive and angry aka acting more like men.
Testosterone alone doesn't make you aggressive and angry though. In fact it's supposed to lead you to engage in activities that increase your social status. Men chimping out has nothing to do with them having high testosterone (and in fact, you see many low test men who chimp out), XYs are just defective by default.

No. 318905

You should go to the gyno, nona, especially since you have never gone before. Just go get checked and ask the gyno all the questions you may have.
I went to the gyno a few months ago for the first time and I don't regret it one bit. I discovered that I have polycystic ovaries, and that has helped me understand my body and menstrual cycles a lot. The woman was very kind and made sure I was comfortable through the entire process. She also answered all my questions about anatomy, pms, etc. If you can, try to ask for a female gynecologist, since I've heard some horror stories about male gynos. All the best luck to you.

No. 318908

okay nona thank you, gyno never pointed out they were harmless when I went, maybe my hormone levels are weird

No. 318909

If I get the flu during my period again I might kms for real this time. This is the third time within a couple of months, wtf did I do wrong? I literally drank more oj the weeks before it happened each time. Years ago this flu-period combo only happened every once in a while.

No. 318961

Are you a smoker? I used to get the flu and other respiratory illnesses all the time when I smoked. Stopped smoking and stopped getting sick.

No. 318962

Nope, never smoked.

No. 319068

I was ok for so many months and now this period I started throwing up again. It's not even nausea I just feel pelvic pain and then I puke.

No. 319088

Do you just have weak pain tolerance or does it really hurt? The only time I ever felt like puking from pain it was kidney stones.
sudden changes = doctor etc.

No. 319143

Don't think you're doing anything wrong in particular. Or I'm doing it wrong as well. A dip in my immune system is one of the telltale signs my period is coming. I will at the very least get a slightly sore throat, if not worse, the day or so before I start bleeding

No. 319490

does anyone else get intense sexual thoughts, fantasies, and baby fever around their ovulation or period? i find myself incredibly down bad for no reason when I'm ovulating

No. 319499

Yes this is 100% normal. It's when you are fertile so evolutionary speaking it makes sense. I don't get baby fever, but am extra horny leading up to and during ovulation. Despite not wanting kids ever my body is telling me to go get knocked up lol.

No. 319523

I start fawning over kids more when I see them, it's this insatiable desire to want a baby. I'm nowhere near ready or responsible enough yet kek

No. 319595

File: 1680418419697.jpeg (256.92 KB, 1137x1500, 1665282601744.jpeg)

anyone else get the most unhinged and insane thoughts right before the period? like having a full mental breakdown and convincing yourself that youre suicidal and telling close people about it weeping but then your period starts the fucking next day…
and now youre not sure which part was the messed up hormones or your actual feelings?… happened to me but also happened to my older sister so i felt a lot less retarded when she told me lol trying to do the same for a nona who needs it…

No. 319599

I get a really strong feeling of hopelessness with suicidal thoughts. I also have random crying fits throughout the day. Weirdly enough it took me literally years to realize that my mood swings are connected to my period

No. 319602

Not really but I hit people

No. 319616

That's got nothing to do with your period, that's just you being a prick

No. 319988

First day of my cycle and holy shit, I haven't pooped this bad in years. Going on 8 times today. My asshole is crying, it's so sore. I'm afraid to drink or eat anything more because it's going to make me poop and I can only handle so much. I think I have a hemorrhoid. Is there any remedies to this?

No. 320017

I get so incredibly horny while PMSing which lasts like 1-2 weeks, to the point of frustration because nothing satisfies me and it happens several times a day. It takes too long to feel satisfied and I usually "lose it."
Then my period finally hits and it's so excruciating I'm stuck in bed for a week, or else I risk collapsing from the pain or being a burden to whoever I go out in public with. I have to wear pads too because some fucky shit happens with my vaginal muscles, or I'm just too tight, and I can't fit a tampon or cup in there, so I'd take the bleed risk over very bad vaginal/cervical pain any day.
I'm suffering and will continue suffering because I'm on week two of PMS and know the worst pain ever is gonna fucking destroy any chance I have of enjoying this week (and maybe next week)

No. 320059

yep. the pmdd is crazy, i've been aware of it long enough that i can feel it creeping in a few days before my period. all my deepest most irrational insecurities start to reappear, i get extremely irritable and get very unhinged thoughts about myself and others. i get a lot of vivid thoughts about various ways i could kill myself and it tends to keep me up at night in that period of time. i bother my boyfriend a lot with paranoia and have been very close to self harming while it's happening. but the day my period starts, my mind feels fresh and fine and i am always incredibly relieved

No. 320336


I've had worse pains unrelated to my period. I have only ever puked in my life when my period starts.

No. 320369

i know sore/swollen boobs are a thing before/during your period but does anyone else get it intermittently? one month I’ll barely feel a difference and then the next it hurts to run, and they ache to touch. I’m about to be on my period soon and my boobs are so heavy and sore this time around that, I’m worried it’s something else?

No. 320465

File: 1680807335413.png (227.74 KB, 640x560, BB_Attorney_at_Law.png)

there is a settlement about pfas in thinx underwear, settlement covers purchases from between November 12, 2016 and November 28, 2022. have to submit by the 12th of april, so six days from now.
>Dickens, et al. v. Thinx Inc., No. 1:22- cv-4286-JMF

figured id share in case any amerinons want to make a few bucks back. technically you need to have purchased but you don't need to provide proof, you just gotta be ok with lying that you 'attest to purchasing under penalty of perjury' kek

>Cash reimbursement: You may receive a $7.00 refund for each purchase of up to 3 pairs of Thinx Period Underwear reflected in Thinx's records, or for which you provide a valid proof of purchase (for a total of up to $21.00). Your Claim Form will indicate whether Thinx has a record of your purchases or you need to provide proof of purchase.

>Cash reimbursement without proof of purchase: You may receive a $3.50 refund for each purchase of up to 3 pairs of Thinx Period Underwear that are not reflected in Thinx's records and for which you do not have proof of purchase (for a total of up to $10.50), but which you attest to purchasing under penalty of perjury.
>Voucher: You may choose to receive a voucher for a discount of 35% off future purchases of up to $150 of Eligible Voucher Products in a single purchase transaction on the Thinx website (thinx.com) (maximum discount $52.50). Please see below for a list of Eligible Voucher Products for which the voucher can be used:

No. 320843

I've been on the minipill for almost exactly a year now and haven't really had a period the entire time. Haven't really had any other side effects either. This monday I started spotting/got a (very light) period/idk either way I bled out of my vag, it went on until thursday, stopped, and started again today (sunday). Anybody else had this happen? Google says any new symptoms after being on the pill this long is cause for seeing a doctor, so I suppose I'll make an appointment, but idk how worried I should be.

No. 321574

i know it's common but why is my period black as tar with the lightest flow ever right now? so random, this hasn't happened to me since the first day i had my period when i was 12. today's the second day and barely anything has come out, like it's not over a quarter way covering my pad. usually i'm overflowing kek what's going on? is there a reason for my blood to just randomly be old and oxidized? at least it's painless

No. 322075

What's it mean when you're period is three days late, but you still have some minor period cramps here and there and pregnancy tests are negative? It feels like it wants to drop, but then decides not to.

No. 323567

same anon as this, my period fully ended literally five days ago and my boobs are already swollen stiff and painful. wtf is going on?! they weren't like this yesterday and now they are so uncomfortable i'm actually in pain. this only happens to me before i get my period so i'm wondering if that was spotting that coincided with my cycle and that my real normal period is near. who knows anymore also i'm technically an exercise bulimic if this helps, like maybe i fucked up my hormones by working out to malnourishment?

No. 323592

Should i be concerned that my menstrual flows are now lighter than usual? It used to have a heavier flow and I had a lot of cramping but these pass few months I didnt get my usual symptoms. I dont have sex whatsover so pregnancy is out of the question kek

No. 323627

It's normal for your cycle to change over the years. When I first got my period it was heavy and a full 7 days and now it's lighter and 5 days but more painful. You should be fine as long as you're still having it regularly.

No. 323636

normally my period is very heavy and lasts over a week, but this month I've just had incredibly light infrequent spotting for a few days? And it actually sucks so much more like just start the torrential flow already

No. 330182

My period has been due for a very long time now, I'm cramping really bad like I'm on it, but my body is not bleeding. I bled a very, very small amount three days ago, it completely stopped. It happens again today, and there's no blood an hour later. None even got on my pad. I have all the other period symptoms, it hurts excruciatingly like I am, but nothing. I had all the premenstrual symptoms, and it's fucking up. They hurt. I want to know what the fuck is going on, because my ultrasound came back completely normal, and my previous vitamin D deficiency is now at a normal level. Does anyone know what might be the problem? I'm a lesbian and a virgin, so it isn't pregnancy.

No. 330273

Have you had your hormones levels checked? You can have PCOS without having large ovarian cysts at all, for example. I have it and my pelvic scan was completely normal but I get weird period-like cramps and other symptoms weeks before my period actually starts, especially when I'm not on birth control.

No. 330335

No, I haven't, none of my doctors are willing to do a hormone test, and my other bloodwork was seemingly normal, unless they did the hormones with everything else, which also seemed normal. Weird either way

No. 330349

>none of my doctors are willing to do a hormone test
demand it from them

No. 330356

I keep seeing all those "I'm ovulating owo" posts, and they weird me out. Is it common for ovulation to have zero effect on libido?

No. 330360

I will at my next appointment. I refuse to take estrogen if they suggest it, however. I will never take it, was prescribed estradiol once and had a rather bad mental breakdown on it, on multiple occasions, which stopped after dumping it

No. 330413

Can you share some of how you were diagnosed with PCOS? I haven't had a period since October. My newest doctor actually seems to care about it but my bloodwork was normal

No. 330481

Sure! I mentioned I thought I might have PCOS to a doctor while I was being tested for something else that might be connected. Doctor was reluctant at first since I'm not overweight/don't "look" like the type, and since I'm on birth control I had to go off of it for a while to let my hormones levels go back to whatever is their natural level. I waited three months, made the request again. I got two separate blood tests; one at a random point in my cycle that showed elevated androgens, then a second one on the first day of my period to compare with the first one. That came up too high too, so I got the diagnosis.
I did get a pelvic scan later and they only found very small cysts, but I was told PCOS is no longer diagnosed from scans since women can have it without having large cysts/overly large ovaries, especially when you're on the pill.

Overall it sucks and most doctors do not take you seriously if you're not visibly obese/extremely hairy (and the male GP who referred me for the scan made things up in my letter saying I'm not hirsute and don't have painful periods, despite never meeting me or asking me about it). I think a lot of doctors that are well-meaning also just don't know much about it as PCOS is still very underdiagnosed, so it's possible they missed something.

No. 331709

I've got the PMS shits right now, at least I'm no longer bloated though. I literally look like I've swallowed a ball when it gets to the bloated phase of the cycle, makes me spiral so much thinking I've gained loads of weight. Also my cycle is all over the place since I started eating meat again and exercising a lot more, but it's no longer cripplingly painful so I guess you win some you lose some.

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