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File: 1608673843623.jpeg (178.07 KB, 1241x1236, 1591924468382.jpeg)

No. 164082

What's a weird thing about someone that turns you off.

Unusual and nit-picky things.

No. 164083

Mine is finding out someone is a kpop Stan.

No. 164088

I just recently found out the dude I've been pining after is a full-cringe stan army on twitter and I'm just…so fucking disappointed. He's tall and hot too, it's such a shame. I'm trying to rationalize that at least he keeps it online and doesn't make his personality about it but it's just not the same anymore. The worst part is that two years ago I was also a ratmy, if I'd met this dude sooner he would have been perfect for me.

My turn-off would be ear piercings on men. I actually think they look good but as soon as I start thinking about it I just assume they don't take good care of them and they smell and I don't want to get close enough to find out. Hypocritical because I have multiple piercings on each ear.

No. 164091

I second the ear piercing on men. Also any type of necklace; dog tags, chains, you name it.

No. 164097


No. 164099

This and guys who full on don't eat anything other than meat and frozen foods. Like seriously, dudes who never drink water or eat vegetables, even a damn fruit!!…have the dirtiest toxic cum. Straight up nuclear waste.

No. 164100

Men who never learnt a second language or are just ignorant swines unable to be able to learn about new shit, that makes me want to run away.
Also men who are way too into femdom and want to be pegged while wearing women’s clothes like, ew, no, that’s not how it works, at least pretend to be somewhat normal.

No. 164102

My bf does this thing when we’re warming up, like asks me “why are you such a naughty little giiirl? What’s happening down there?” Etc. And literally pauses and waits for me to answer. It sends me spiraling. Usually I laugh it off and he’ll add “why are you so giggly, silly girl” and he says this all in a tone that sounds similar to talking to a little child. I mean we have a 22 year age gap, but it really grosses me out

No. 164103


No. 164104

File: 1608683533162.jpg (83.92 KB, 1029x1005, 7e3f6870-aa74-4dc0-8a0c-139e4f…)

No. 164105

When women wax/shave their pubes. Trimming is fine but when they're bald it weirds me out because neoteny is gross, and shaved gets too stubbly and rough.

No. 164106

File: 1608683689575.jpeg (48.68 KB, 1100x825, 57ec29fa077dccf2018b8c62.jpeg)

Why are you doing this to yourself? Honest question.

No. 164107

Weird body odour. I don't mind some body odor in general (my oneitis smelled like a dead pigeon rotting in the summer heat), but there are a few guys that have a particular strong smell, a mix of horse and leather, that disgusts me to the core. Also rotten teeth fucking stink.
Slow talkers are fucking annoying. I know it's unfair, but it really makes them sound retarded. Also, hyper talkative funny guys are so just unbearable.

>22 years gap

No. 164110

File: 1608687983201.jpg (30.06 KB, 640x379, Epp6qtVUYAEIqc5.jpg)

No. 164111

Noticeable blackheads, kind of hypocrital as I've dealt with them but they make me feel anxious, seeing all that dirt under the skin…

No. 164115

I find people to be a general turn off. Is that even weird?

No. 164118

Being way too into astrology. I can take light jokes like “lol what a Leo” but anyone who knows their charts beyond that first one (sun?) or genuinely thinks the time and place they were born determines their personality just screams to me that they’re narcissistic and not very smart

No. 164119

a lot of people have mentioned things i don't like already, but i don't like guys who have dogs. i don't hate dogs, but i know they are a big commitment and i don't want to date someone who either 1. is committed to a dog or 2. neglects it because he's not because that's awful. dog owners are a big no for me which eliminates a lot of otherwise fine matches.

No. 164121

Chewing gum

No. 164123

Getting really angry at video games

No. 164125

Fat agree, no bigger turn off for me than a man raging over a video game.

No. 164127

mouth breathing and itching their face roughly.

No. 164129


No. 164130

Being outgoing.
People who regularly speak to more than 3 non-family members and/or attended gatherings pre-'rona are just unattractive sexually and romantically. I can't understand the lifestyle and so it inspires low-level fear in me.

No judgement as people. Extroverts are awesome, just very far from how I think.

No. 164133

Weird sounds?? Like dad noises…..

No. 164142

Moles. It's fine if it's small ones here or there and they're re flat and look like freckles. But if they're are raised or large in diameter or there's a ton of them on their body then I'm completely disgusted. Skin tags too also disgust me.

No. 164146

Facial & body hair, pretty much anywhere that men would judge on women, I judge on men. I just hate the texture and I think skin looks prettier when it's not hidden under hair. The only time I don't mind is when the guy has blonde hair and is reasonably tall/athletic, the combo of dark body hair on a short/skinny guy is my ultimate turn off.

Also guys who are muscular in a really lean, vascular way, including popular traits like adonis belts and ripped abs. It's a visceral kind of disgust rather than thinking it's unattractive though? Like I just don't want to touch those body parts even if they are a conventionally attractive fit guy. I'd still easily pick a body like that over a fat/skinnyfat guy ofc, it's just one of my weirder turn offs.

Also some traits I find obnoxious in men for various reasons, mostly for being pretentious/boring: musicians, outdoorsy types, wannabe philosophers and "intellectuals", hippies

No. 164157

I find blonde and redhead males ugly. Fine with it on women. For men I only like brown or black hair.

No. 164158

Back hair. If a guy has back hair he has tons of hair everywhere and I was looking to date a human, not the sasquatch.
Also, chewing with his mouth open. It's the most disgusting thing.

No. 164172

People who don't like animals, I'm not saying they should be huge animal lovers like me but jokes like "I love animals especially on my plate" turn old very quickly. Also people who are not vegetarians, the possibility of finding chicken bones in my garbage can grosses me out. Ironically I'm also turned off by vegans.

No. 164176

men with blue eyes. also, people who don't wear socks at all times outside of showering or swimming

No. 164178

It's not at all weird to be repulsed by bad body odor and rotting teeth ffs.

No. 164179

Long hair, especially on men but on women too. Most men have really fine hair and they know jack shit about taking care of it so it just kinda hangs there all lifeless and disgusting. Women with long hair look amazing but it's just cumbersome, I guess? It just gets everywhere.

No. 164181

if a guy has a mustache and no beard

No. 164186

Porn addiction, reddit faggot

No. 164187

Those aren't weird at all, anon.

No. 164188

If they walk weird. I don't know what "walking good" though

Also high body count or flings, and the type of people they used to date mean a lot to me. I feel like these days it's too common to excuse it with "it was in the past" but your past partners say a lot about you, so I am very picky in regards to this..

No. 164189

People who are way into animals and are "pet people"

No. 164190

if they are a stoner, i would rather hang out with a meth head than a stoner who just stares at the wall and says 5 words in 10 minutes

No. 164191

>liking star wars or the mcu too much
>overly invested in politics (male only)
>owning at least one funko pop
>hating small dogs or cats
>computer nerd (again, male only)

No. 164192


samefagging but i just remembered

>into philosophy

>too much into football (soccer for y'all burgerfags)

No. 164193

YES! as soon as i see a guy's bare fucking feet just tromping around, i lose 99% attraction to them.

No. 164198


>presumably straight male

>stanning bts


No. 164199

>talking about how school/high school was as an adult
>posting stories on social media that are uptades about life
>general big social media presence
>using phone when we're talking
>leg bouncing
>scratching ears on the inside, with one finger
>runny nose
>men wearing briefs instead of boxers (I'm ESL so I hope I got the difference in terms right; you know, tight undies vs loose boxers)
>men talking how tiny and skinny I am (I'm a little above average height and normal built, so I guess they want to feel big and make me feel small around them which for some reason enrages me)
>men into history
>men being ignorant and mean about cosmetics

No. 164206

>men into history
Really makes me get drier than a desert, those men are always fucking pretentious and tiresome to be around.
>men into religion
Those weirdos who will unitonically say shit like “I hate all religions! I’m agnostic or atheist! Let me explain you all of the religious texts that have ever existed since the beginning of society!” it’s an enormous turn off, I’m glad they always have to bring shit like that up so it’s easier to weed out the lame ones.

No. 164211

>22 year age gap
God I wish I could kill some of the posters here

No. 164224

File: 1608738023478.png (29.49 KB, 512x512, no.png)

>blonde hair that's translucent
>light wash skinny jeans
>oversized puffy coats
>visits nightclubs
>gets excited about soccer matches on tv
>thinly plucked eyebrows
>shiny ear studs
>too popular with girls
>changes his voice depending on who he talks to
>faded, old, stained clothing
>wears flipflops that go in between the toes

No. 164230

No idea why, but
>men into history
are always fucking terrible. Always.

No. 164231

Because they're not actually into history. They're into one time period where they would've been allowed to abuse anyone they wanted and no one bat an eyelash. They could rape and pillage, take slaves, etc. It's a sort of power fantasy for them.

No. 164232

>being into superhero movies
>being into arthouse too much
>being all about success and ambitions, watching and reading all the lame stuff for "self-improvement"
>bow-ties, to be more specific - nerdy doctorwho-like style
>being too focused on clothes
>being tediously rational and sceptical about everything, including religion, astrology and supernatural stuff (and I'm not even into religion and astrology myself)
>being too picky with food, fragrances etc., unaccepting of "weird" colors for hair, makeup, nail polish

No. 164235

>constantly using quotes from movies and books
>when memes substitute personal ability to joke
>overusing internet slang, especially from russian imageboards and the like
>swearing too much
>being social media active
>having retarded male friends and admitting they're obnoxious etc., but still keeping in touch and not calling out on their stupid shit

And most of all
>believing that men can't and don't have to be visually appealing and seductive, like it's a gay thing or something, inability to be playful in sexual context

No. 164241

File: 1608748390539.gif (7.68 MB, 389x225, 98F3C9A7-0835-485A-90C9-C777A8…)

Oh my god you stupid fucking bitch

No. 164242

this has to be some form of elevated bait

No. 164244

Guys who wear apparel/have tattoos from shows, movies or videogames. So embarassing and immature, it screams lack of personality imo

No. 164245

Playing videogames every single day

No. 164246

Samefag, also vaping. Vaping is a HUGE turn off.
I hate the artificial fruity scent & how they think it's cool to blow FAT CLOUDS. Eugh

No. 164247


tattoos are even worse, at least it's easy to get rid of regular merchandise

No. 164248

Not only turned off by guys who have or have had a beard at some point but I'm also turned off just by seeing the stubble when it's growing back even just after a day. I prefer guys who have no facial hair or have really sparse like 5 hairs total so at least you know they won't even attempt to grow cause it looks so lame.

Also, if he has any social media other than some type of messenger app.

Oh and the biggest turn off has to be guys who don't read books at all or only read shitty fantasy.

No. 164251

Gonna piggyback off of this one, men who pride themselves on having a beard are fucking cringe

No. 164252

File: 1608751851856.jpg (122.65 KB, 1000x1000, Cat_and_Pizza_TS_1024x1024.jpg)

Guys who wear shit like this.
To me this announces that you are a millennial who peaked when you were in highschool in 2010.
Also guys who are super into raves

No. 164253

I don't like guys with facial hair either ! Even if it's 'well kempt'
I hate it when men are rude under the guise of being playful, it's annoying and not sexy or cute.
I also hate overly apologetic men, my ex would say 'sorry' at random intervals but never specify what he was apologizing for. It made me feel like if he ever actually made me upset it'd be harder to forgive him

No. 164254

Where do you live that people still wear shit like that?

No. 164255

Bodybuilders. I'm fine with fit and toned guys, but the ones that are "bulking" seem to only ever fucking talk about it and what they're eating. I was talking to a guy and he was constantly messaging me about what how much he was eating, and one day I had a thought - "This guy must shit a LOT. All he eats is meat and powders, so he his shit must be extra stinky too". It's immature, I know, but after that I just couldn't take him seriously, because I always had this mental image of his spending all his time on the toilet stinking up the place.

No. 164257

The Midwest smh

No. 164259


No. 164262

No. 164264

Men who have the diet of toddlers: exclusively eating highly processed crap; no vegetables; ‘doesn’t like’ things they’ve never even tried; and in worst cases only eats like 5 different meals.

I’m not the most adventurous eater in the world but I’ll give most things a go, I like different flavours, and it’s annoying being held back by someone with the mentality of a child.

No. 164268

Guys who do voice impressions of Rick, Morty, the Joker, etc

No. 164272

Hypochondriacs and any sort of dramatic behavior, jealousy. Excessive worrying just really turns me off in general, i dont like being reassuring and comforting, or “babying” anyone. I hate when men are insecure, nervous, or overly-critical of themselves, its just ugly.

No. 164276

sounds like my bf. hes wonderful, he's a qt, but when it comes to food, he's a child. he's self aware about it at least. still more annoying than i initially thought. a bad diet, especially one high in sugar, is as disgusting to me as smoking tbh

No. 164277

I don't fucking get it either, anon. I guess he could be bi?? I cannot see why a straight man would stan a boy group to that degree.

No. 164283

>hairy buttcrack
>playful rudeness
>plays videogames more than occasionally
>doesn't read or only reads comics/genre fiction
>calls consumers of more "highbrow" fare pretentious
>eats mostly processed junk, is squamish about meat with bones/visible animal parts
>has social media/takes selfies
>likes things "ironically"
>can't drive
>has female friends he sees regularly
>has a pet (usually a turn off)
>has a lower bmi than me
>worries too much, takes safety precautions, carries a weapon
>vanity, especially when combined with bad hygiene (yes, it's a thing)
>judgemental about superficialities

No. 164285

File: 1608761946352.jpg (63.69 KB, 532x741, c1e68d90-0d60-4cb3-aaa3-6a010a…)

big penis

No. 164293

why is having a pet a turn off for you, anon? genuinely curious

No. 164295

..ru…russian imageboards?

this is oddly specific anon… please explain..

No. 164298

>has female friends he sees regularly
Why, you can't handle him having female friends?

No. 164299

nta but its a major red flag when a guy has so many female friends

No. 164300

Anon didn't say "majority female friends," just "female friends he sees regularly."

No. 164301

Nta but I agree, I've experienced myself & witnessed friends get played by guys who fucked their female friends during the relationship. Wouldn't make that mistake again, unless the friendships are very clearly platonic

No. 164302

lmao elevated bait, cant wait to sprinkle that one into conversations

No. 164303

Sorry to hear that, I know guys can be shitty. But like you said, if they're truly just friends, then it's fine.

No. 164308

if he sees them regularly like once a week? no i don't want to deal with that bullshit

No. 164310

how about if they were guys?

No. 164315

>has female friends he sees regularly
That's more of an insecurity than a turn off, surely?

No. 164320

>Getting drunk and being loud and obnoxious especially when I'm sober.
I love drinking with my bf and getting tipsy with him but somehow I can't stand him being like that when I'm sober.
>bald thumb-headed guys
>Shitty taste in music
Only listens to metal, reggae, or some atroshous niche EDM
>Going to the gym is their entire personality
>runny nose
That sniffling noise they make every few minutes when they refuse to blow their nose. It drives me insane.

No. 164331

When they're horny all the time.

No. 164333

nah. the thing is, i've been with this guy who made it clear, that he disliked most people. didn't have any close friends except for his ex. somehow managed to only accept and be friends with her friends who were his type. i don't think i need to say any more

No. 164334

that's fun though. especially if you don't always give them what they want

No. 164344

Guys who brag or front being a male-feminist. Idk why but it gives me sex pest vibes

No. 164357

Same. I immediately assume he's the sex (read: prostitution, porn, kink, hook up etc) positive "feminism is for men too! >:(" kinda guy who's probably realized he can get libfem pussy that way.

No. 164362

Litterers. Had a guy who left his used condom on a tree branch. Fucking disgusting. Now a birds gonna end up drinking that and having humoncoli babies.

No. 164370

I hate people who whistle. Like it makes me wanna punch them and I want to dip real fast. Like Jesus I want to listen to the song not your dumbass whistling it or trying to mimic a bird. Its so common too

No. 164376

My experience is way different, men don't (GENERALLY) have orbiters the way women do. All the guys I know with a ton of female friends are way more likely to treat women like people and respect them because they regularly interact with them on a nonsexual unromantic basis. I will say that this mostly applies to generally outgoing and friendly men – if a dude ONLY has female friends and doesn't seem interested in befriending men at all, and especially if he avoids older/ugly people in general, then he definitely has bad intentions.

No. 164385

This but with men, and it applies to all body hair for me. Makes me think of plastic Ken dolls. Paradoxically, all facial hair longer than stubble is a massive turn off, but not being able to grow facial hair is also a massive turn off.

Also, additional nitpicks:
>being light haired, bald or having a receding hairline of any degree
>hair cut too short or that generic man haircut with the sides shaved
>tryhard 'dom' men
>dom men in general
>high pitched or excessive nervous laughter
>short nailbeds
>thick sausage fingers
>hair in between eyebrows (ok, I lied, this is the one exception where I approve of hair being removed)
>dry skin, but dry lips especially
>being more than 15cm taller than me

No. 164387

It turned me off if they know how to play the ukulele

No. 164389

I have a few.

>Collecting toys/figures is a big no-no. My ex did it and it consumed his life. He dropped £500 on a to-scale action figure vehicle when we were meant to be saving up to move in together. He didn't understand why I was pissed off he spent that amount on a piece of plastic with light up headlights. If I walked into my ideal man/woman's home and they had figures in cases, I'd immediately walk out. I find it abhorrent. No offense if you collect them, I'm just done with dealing with that being in my life.

>Loud dad sneezes. Why do you have to make it so loud and bombastic? You've sneezed - well done. Same goes for farting. Fart all you like, but fuck off if you're purposely cracking them off like it's a sport.
>Facial hair
>Hairless body - a shaved dick/vag looks horrendous. I'd rather deal with a bush.
>Wanting to be a Dad
>Unable to tidy up after themselves
>Will only watch movies they want to watch and isn't willing to give any genre a try
>Doesn't have tattoos/piercings
>Posh accents
>Middle Class (UK standard)
>Dad bods

No. 164395

agree with you on that. men should be able to be friends with women casually. i just don't believe a close friendship with regular one on one meetings between a man and a woman can ever be completely platonic unless the man has 0 physical attraction to her

No. 164396

a nasal voice & mouth breathing

No. 164397

This is the sad truth. I don't believe men are capable of caring about a woman unless they want to fuck her or she's related to them in some way. They don't value women as people enough to be friends with them, they don't find them interesting enough etc. I tried to have male "friends" many times and I was always genuine, but sooner or later they would ALWAYS make some kind of sexual/romantic move on me. They can be your colleagues, but never close friends. Being friends with boys is only possible before they hit puberty and I genuinely miss the times when I was 5-10 kek.

No. 164398

>Being a bukowski stan
>drinks beer but looks down on pot smokers
>thinks their funny or interesting enough to do a podcast (males never are)
>any man that calls himself a feminist but watches porn
>picky eater
Ladies, I wish sexuality was a choice because I feel like most male traits that aren't dick turn me the fuck off.

No. 164404

> being more than 15cm taller than me
Why such a specific number? Not even 16 cm taller?

No. 164407

When men talk about their ex on the first date. Like wow thanks for letting me know there's another woman for my anxiety to fixate on already.

No. 164409

>Having a moustache
I dislike any kind of facial hair but if a man shaves his beard and keeps a patch of hair above his mouth I find it infuriating. Why do that?
>Baggy trousers, dressingly slovenly in general
Guys who wear skin tight jeans are frequently fuckbois and/or hypebeasts but at least they're cute and sometimes have decent hygiene.
>Won't shut up about how "weird" and "not like other people" he is.
His taste in film is every cult flick popular with and often misinterpreted by moids, that features an antihero they idolise and aspire to be like. His taste in music is one playlist full of the most popular songs by the most popular alternative bands. He's soooo different and complex you just wouldn't understand.
>Admits to using imageboards
Why would you ever tell anyone that?
>Plays videogames, or worse, considers them to be "art"
>Spends a lot of time on the internet
>Jordan Peterson fanboy
>Considers himself to be an intellectual after reading 1984, calls everything he doesn't like socialism. Doesn't know George Orwell was a socialist.
>Doesn't have thick, luscious hair.
Hair loss is a common side effect of steroid usage, which just goes to show how laughable it is that scrotes think being a big roided out meathead is attractive.
>Into star wars or funko pops or other reddit tier shit
>Posh or has more money than me
Wouldn't date a scrounger and pay for all his shit but I'm not going to a rich boys house to meet his parents and talk about theatre either.
>Has went out with/had sex with more people than I have
>Has a penis
I'm genuinely attracted to males but not their genitals. I don't want to see it or touch it or even know that it's there. Also
>Expects me to give him head but won't go down on me
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what pussy is way less gross than dick what is wrong with scrotes I don't understand

No. 164412

I have some platonic boy friends but I've known them all since elementary school. Something about growing up together I guess.

No. 164414

File: 1608839970846.png (366.07 KB, 500x586, 420132CE-95ED-4D7C-B92F-8DECFE…)

Excessive body hair only the “excessive” part includes normal and usually unnoticeable shit like knuckles, toes, facial hair outside of eyelashes and eyebrows, but also notable hair near the nape, calf & shin hair, forearm hair, chest hair, stomach hair, and asscheek hair. Especially if it’s got a curl or is a different color than head hair. For this exact reason I’m generally turned off by redheads.
I second this. Picky eaters are fucking annoying. It also turns me off when there’s no adaptability and they can only eat processed foods or they choose to eat that regularly. Especially canned foods. And ranch. I just imagine ranch eaters have the most rancid breath and instantly never want to kiss them again. Or just food in the fridge that I don’t agree with.

>>>Listening to mostly male singers.

>>>Liking popular anime but not when it was only a less popular manga.
>>>Big interests in history, especially of Western and Asian nations.
>>>Watches vtubers, dudebro type vloggers, or comedy channels on youtube that I don’t like.
>>>Guys who own figurines of human female characters.
>>>Any funkopops at all.
>>>MHA/KNY/Star Wars/Star Trek/Marvel movie fans.
>>>Guys with long nails
>>>guys who hate any common pet animal make me feel disgusted. Why should I care that you hate your childhood dog.
>>>Guys who feel “grossed out” by period talk.
>>>Liking porn.
>>>Porn or “lewd” imagery in their likes on social media.
>>>Using the word “lewd” in any way, including literature.
>>>Making lipsync tiktoks unironically.
>>>Being on good terms with people I don’t like at the moment. I’ll get over it eventually, but once I find out I lose at least 70% interest.
>>>Couch isn’t facing the TV. Makes me want to leave.
>>>Didn’t do chores growing up. Usually makes for a very unreliable state of cleanliness in the home.
>>>inability to be shown pixyteri (or adjacent cows) posts and laugh, citing anything along the lines of “we should feel bad for them and not laugh because they seem unwell”
>>>saying “based” or anything else that proves they spend time on the internet like meme references
>>>Lack of interest in the arts

No. 164417

>Big interests in history, especially of Western and Asian nations.
I agree with almost everything you said and oh God, this. Sadly I like history somewhat but guys who like history have bad vibes… I guess it's a certain type of guy with a certain type of history. The vibe is "racist"
Before you say I can't only go off a vibe, it's from experience.

No. 164419

Fair enough, it's an approximation, could work with 16cm I guess. Basically around half a head taller is the cutoff. More than that just turns it awkward for me, I don't wanna have to look up at them when I speak. It starts evoking 'parent figure' in my head instead of 'hot'.

No. 164420

won't let me suck on his nibbles

No. 164424

That one voice guys use when they talk dirty. I can't tell if it's on purpose or from pleasure but it's sooo cringe and awful,ew.
>Good girll-uh, keep sssucking my dickk-uh. ~optional creepy chuckle~
Drawing out consonants might be why but I'm not sure. Women online said they loved audio porn so I looked it up and holy shit, the cringe. I hope it's forced and not the way all men sound talking dirty, but even my ex did that voice. Disgusting

No. 164427

Ironically I know a guy who studied history in undergrad, big history freak, but he's also the biggest anti-racist leftist I've ever met.

No. 164435

I'll hook up with women with dyed hair if it's at their place, but I won't date them. It's purely a functional thing, my ex had blue hair and she left blue stains on all my pillows / towels / the part of the wall above the couch the rested her head on lol. It's a cool look, but more trouble than it's worth. Other than that:
>Long nails
>Knife collections (it's not a fear thing, they're just obnoxiously try hard imo)
>Militant atheist
>Can't shut up about politics
>Thinks loud = funny

No. 164446

Bitty & face tattoos. Social awkwardness, being emotionally unavailable or a brick as I like to call it lol.
Biggest turn off is laziness

No. 164473

If a guy has a white collar job like a lawyer or a businessman

No. 164486

Same. As soon as a man dons a suit, they turn into an asexual drone in my eyes.

No. 164488

guys with big beards, guys who wear glasses. whenever i see a guy wearing glasses, i just wanna punch them in the face.

No. 164493

no lips

No. 164494

no eyebrows

No. 164496

no dick

No. 164502


No. 164504

no coochie

No. 164507

>guys who wear glasses. whenever i see a guy wearing glasses, i just wanna punch them in the face.
This one killed me lmao it's so petty and I love it. Mf is just trying to see.

No. 164509

>Men with no facial and body hair
>Wannabe philosophers
>Men who are blonde and skinny with a pinkish skin tone
>Men who are taller than 190 cm

No. 164510

>imageboard posters complaining about potential dates spending "too much time on the internet"
i see a lot of self-loathing ITT

No. 164535

>hair sticking out from nostrils

>long shorts (bonus for cargo shorts)

>guys who are too insecure to do "girly" stuff like watching a Disney movie, using a selfie stick or dress up for a costume party because they think it makes them less manly.

>Doesn't care about style, wears ugly clothes.

>Excessive gaming. Bonus points for FPS and MMO games.

>Doesn't like traveling

>Doesn't like leaving the house at all

>Doesn't eat fruits and vegetables

>Obsessed with politics

>Hates religion/astrology/spirituality and takes pride in being rational.

No. 164540

>>Wannabe philosophers
Yes. I don't like when men think they are the most profound beings ever. It's insufferable.

No. 164562

Glad I'm not the only one. Suits are such a sterotypical turn on but I think they immediately transform a man into a boring, middle aged salary man. Youthful urban fashion >>>

No. 164689

using the word "comfy" or other meme'd internet degeneracy. i shudder. it creeps me the fuck out.

No. 164720

bald white men who aren't agent 47. especially balding men, they remind me of my dad

No. 164727

>being too religious, especially if muslim
but also
>being a "rational" militant atheist
>intentionally converting to some unusual/rare (for their backgroud) religion

No. 164728

guys that spit on the street, I don't think there's anything that I hate more.

No. 164730

Body hair. Chest hair, armpit hair, leghair, ballhair etc, I hate body hair on men so much. I don't know why but body hair grosses me out, especially when it's dark and long or curly. If a guy is really handsome and fit but he has chesthair I just want to look way, it's that bad. The only pass I'll give is for hair on his arms if it's blonde or not too offensive.

I want them as prim and perfectly hairless as women. Big plus if he doesn't grow facial hair either.

No. 164735

Chads and in general conventionally attractive men. I don't like ugly men either but I want them to have some weird striking feature, I'd choose Adam Driver over Ryan Gosling anytime.

No. 164746

Ryan Gosling is pretty weird looking, too, tbh.

No. 164748

>I don't like ugly men either
>I'd choose Adam Driver

No. 164750

Presence in social media. I can accept an instagram account with a few pictures posted ages ago, like I have, but I don't like men with twitter accounts shouting their opinions or sharing irrelevant information about themselves. Even more if he has a tiktok, youtube, reddit account, it's going to dry me up so fast

No. 164755

Yeah but among normies he is constantly pushed as this sex symbol.
AYRT and what I meant were objectively gross dudes like the fat bastards in hentai. I don't find Driver particularly hot, he was just the first name that came to my mind when I think of "unconventional" (this is going to turn into one of those driverposting infights right?)

No. 164756

What about Benedict Cumberbatch?
I mean some people also call him ugly.

>this is going to turn into one of those driverposting infights right?

Or Jannies be pissed

No. 164777

I second this, general presence in social media within reason is fine but being with someone who tries to keep up an "online presence", overshares about everything in their life would be so weird. Tiktok being especially unimaginable, I guess I'm a bit of a boomer about this one especially; but while others may be more or less excused as "staying in touch with friends" or "engaging in hobby circles", tiktok feels like pure narcissism.

No. 164783

I HATE when guys have hairy butts. It's so gross.

No. 164788

UGh yeah. some of them look like they have shit, instead of hair, terminally stuck in their cracks.

No. 164826

AYRT and he looks weird, that's for sure, but he's definitely not the garbage pail kid some people make him out to be, I think he looks fine as Doctor Strange, I'd place him in the same unconventional category as Driver. I'm barely attracted to men though, maybe that's why most attractive men do absolutely nothing for me.

No. 164890

File: 1609206556495.jpg (361.41 KB, 1477x1600, BillProfile.jpg)

i hate this style of beard SO much and i hate how so many people love it and it's a trend now. they never take care of them properly.

No. 164891

I don't give a shit how many oils they douse these things in, they always end up smelling like earrings that have been left in too long. They're gross.

No. 164899

I fucking hate all beards. They make guys’ jaws look weirdly long and they all look like grotesque pubic hair

No. 164913

Amazingly accurate description anon

No. 164914

Apologizes too much

No. 164915

That or doesn't apologize at all

No. 164917

It's a general one for women I think, but "gaming" as a personality or god save us all, a profession. I like videogames, but I play like the same few games over the years on and off. People who MUST buy the most "photorealistic" graphical new games the day they come out weird me out.

No. 165072

File: 1609358181416.jpg (146.08 KB, 1067x1700, depositphotos_161099892-stock-…)

i don't find this type of body attractive. i can admire the work put into it, but it's almost too perfect? i like my men to have some body hair and to maybe skip the six-pack.

No. 165080

Hairless men (or men with very little body hair)
Too muscular men
Men with broad faces
Men who care about their height
Men with poor hygiene
Men whose natural stank doesn't smell good to me (I care about poor hygiene for the practice of it; truthfully, the right stinky man will smell good to me)
Men with big asses
Men with too thick eyebrows
Men with ungroomed eyebrows
Arrogant men

There's more. I should compile a list for the ladies next

No. 165082

File: 1609362803076.jpg (925.53 KB, 2448x3264, 4e01005d25fa3260eeb36275f331d8…)

Women with this hair. I just imagine they smell like hairspray and expired makeup and have no personality. Probably because I usually see girls with this hair style in groups. Plus I assume they are aggressively heterosexual lol.

No. 165087

> Plus I assume they are aggressively heterosexual lol.
99 of the time the ones with the same or similar hair I met were proud pickmetradthots

No. 165099

I never knew how to word this, blessed post anon!

No. 165116

> dad bod, pot belly and man tits
> mouthbreathing
> dry elbows
> cringy-ass "dom" men
> hairy, black hole-like buttcracks

No. 165122

File: 1609384967939.jpeg (480.08 KB, 1001x1001, ECD2247A-C938-4DCA-8ADF-AB7FC5…)

All tennis shoes. I just don’t like the “S” shape of them. They look especially horrid with jeans. Sneakers with a flat bottom look way better imo.

No. 165129

>plays video games regularly
>follows e celebs and talks about them irl
>Has social media and posts on it
>Doesn't know how to cook, only orders food
>Irrationally hates any girly thing - the color pink, pop music, etc
>calls women bitches, even as a joke
>Has an immense hatred for their ex
>Laziness - isn't responsible for things like budget, healthy diet, going to bed on time

No. 165130

I swear there was a meme on 4chan years ago about them being 'autism shoes' which was 100% accurate. They were always paired with ugly baggy jeans and worn by teenage boys who would probably die virgins.

No. 165149

Well defined asses and bubble butts, I have a visceral disgust of it, like when people couldn't stop calling Steve Rogers America's Ass or something. WAP's music video really grosses me out for this reason.

No. 165150

How are these weird, especially the dadbod

No. 165153

I can't stand body hair on guys. Most guys just don't groom/tidy the hair properly so it just looks like an unkempt mess.

No. 165164

narrow waist makes them look fragile and weak.

No. 165178

File: 1609424178289.jpg (65.8 KB, 500x480, original.jpg)

>wearing snapbacks
>wearing tracksuits all the time, especially when pants are skinny and shortish and there are garish socks peeking out
>making stupid poses like pic related for photo
>when he loves being melancholic and just everything melancholic in general
>when he gets easily upset with some petty chagrins
>using loud phrases when expressing his feelings. like saying he's dying without you, or even just talking about love too often. bullshit that doesn't mean a thing, but he probably thinks it must be impressive

No. 165188

They use the phrase “my dude”

No. 165212

anon please never say this around men, it'll just reaffirm mediocre chubby white men in their conviction that women akshually like barrel-shaped dadbods because it makes them feel like liddle girls uwu

No. 165217

Thicc waists are acceptable with muscle and maybe a layer of fat over their abdomen but still a flat stomach. Dad bods are out of the question because they always have a nasty beer belly regardless of their waist size.

No. 165244

Telling me to "take my medication"

No. 165251

No. 165258

>picky eaters
>slobs, guys with wrinkled musty clothes, basically iffy grooming in general
>guys who stalk your SM but can't reply to a messgae with anything but "sup" "wyd" "same" "lmao haha"
>guys with Adult Swim/animetext/ringtones
>obsessive interest in any entertainment media originally aimed at an age group younger than the one they belong to
>long nails that are only long bc he doesn't trim or clean them
>guys who wear shoes but no socks

No. 165284

-very light and/or sparse body hair, especially arms
-being picky about food, especially vegetables
-not believing in friendship between men and women
-piercings, though I guess that might not be considered a weird turn-off(?)
-cares a lot about clothes and style
-surfer boi hair
-being a huge extrovert
-being a fotographer
-riding a racing bike

No. 165285

>being a huge extrovert
Agreed. There was this guy at my work who always tried making small talk with me. He told me how he used to be “shy” like me when he was in high school and how now he was “making an effort to open up more.” I just thought, “I don’t give a shit, it just makes me like you even less.” Ofc I didn’t say that, though.

No. 165287

Damn, why do people like that think that others are in need of their stupid tutorship? Like, who told you I want to be "open" or why do you think it's something everyone should strive for?

No. 165289

Holy shit that's so patronising, he might as well have just said "I think there's something wrong with you, let ME help you!"

No. 165300

File: 1609512899873.jpeg (174.12 KB, 1920x1080, 6D99C5B7-E66F-4AE8-9A6A-92A7B8…)

Ikr lmao. I remember once I also mentioned that I’m a homebody, and he said something like “I gotta get you out into the world!” and I was just like “haha no thanks.” It’s so painful when a guy doesn’t get the hint you aren’t into him…

Also, to add to the thread, guys whose favorite movie is Fight Club

No. 165387

agreed. stubble is cute, but beards are so fucking hideous. all styles.

No. 167579

Any form of activism in a man. Nothing angers me more than going on about political shite or veganism. This is difficult for me because I want both a kind man, but also a strong willed, non BS type. Unfortunately they're either saps or outright racists.

>long hair or facial hair beyond stubble

fucking shave

No. 167596

Back when i was still dating scrotes I fucking hated any facial hair and pubes on men but on women pubes/armpit hair etc is cute.

No. 167597

I can't fw hiking lesbians. That's too much. I can't walk them I just want a house trained indoor one

No. 167658

Males turn me off

No. 167663

File: 1610962268063.jpg (106.36 KB, 800x800, Valencia-VC103.jpg)

guys who play this type of guitar

No. 167668

Left handedness is a huge turn off for me

No. 167669

>unsolicited advice
This happens so often and pisses me off so much. I remeber talking to a guy about work and him being like "just brush up your cv", "just get that extra cet :)". Like wow thanks you really think I didn't already try the most obvious shit?

>casual sexism

>not being aware how careful women have to be while dealing with strangers and other situations like walking at night

Had dudes be all "haha I can pick you up, no problem!" we exchanged four sentences and then wonder why I don't want to get in your car.

No. 167699

This is so funny and specific, anon is the reincarnation of some roman from the third century.

it's irational but I do agree that lefthanded people have a different vibe so I can understand

No. 167708

What vibe is that? Asking for a friend

No. 167709

NTA, can't describe it but I know what she means

No. 167719

I actually meant it in a positive way, I know it's probably stupid and based on nothing scientific but litteraly all the left handed people that I have met where really really creative and also a bit unhinged. Love those weirdos

No. 167721

What's wrong with activism?

No. 167730

It's annoying. Always looking for reasons to preach to me about something. Even if I support whatever you're going on about, I don't want anyone so fired up about it.

No. 167734

baby i'll go rightie for you. brb writing an unreadable love letter

No. 167751

can confirm

No. 167756

Rooting for a rival team in soccer

No. 167760

Pleb taste.

No. 167762

This is going to be awfully specific, but my ex had a lot of these traits.

> Pretending to be gangster (throwing gang signs for no apparent reason as there is no gangs in my country)

> guys into making rap music or beats
> guys into street fashion
> guys with too long nails
> belittling attitude towards women
> women or men that are waaay too into anime. (99% of the time it’s a bad sign)
> men with piercings
> car guys. They’re annoying and many times doubt my ability as a mechanics student.
> boys under the age of 25 annoys me a lot. Not all of them of course, and not all men above 25 is okay.
> guys that are too hairy.

And this one is PARTICULARLY annoying
> when men use too much space, or pushes women away by taking up space that is already used by a woman or several women. This happens to me regularly at school. I’ll be standing somewhere, and suddenly lots of guys are standing around me, which makes me uncomfortable, so I have to move.

No. 167765

when they do a big gasp before they speak in that childish voice to say "i LOVE you~~~" or something. i don't want to feel like your mother or like we've been together 30 years.

maybe this is just specific to me lmao

No. 167780

Seeming too much into a certain game, like completely revolving their life around said game, bonus points if the userbase is toxic and full of pedophiles like DND and league of legends

Not taking care of themselves

Bad money habits
Calling women "females" or being that guy who always has to mention that his ex girlfriend is hot

No. 167881

thin turtle lips. sorry but i'm thinking about my children and don't want that

No. 167891

Playing online multiplayer video games on a regular basis

No. 167904

There’s a very specific body odor that reminds me a little bit of cooked broccoli.

There are two guys who I’ve been attracted to. Had a good time hanging out. Then I smelled them as we are kissing and there was literally something in my body that is like, “Leave and never talk to him again.” It happened like that both times.

It’s so weird! I tried to get over it with the first guy because he was a great dude. But it’s like his scent filled the room for me when he was around.

I think it’s just something happening at a biological level.

No. 167915

I’ve experienced the same with an ex, but just with a garlic adjacent smell.

Also my boyfriend is a chef, it’s annoying when he comes home from work and smells food lmao

No. 167916

Strange as this is, it reminded me of when I was younger and visiting other peoples houses. There was always this vague smell like they had cooked onions and the smell was just sticking around forever and turning stale. Nearly every house had the exact same smell.

No. 167936

People who put their political beliefs in their dating app bio (no matter what they are). Automatic turn off/dealbreaker.

No. 168022

File: 1611121706812.jpg (30.98 KB, 308x315, 1584104215411.jpg)

>'asks me “why are you such a naughty little giiirl? What’s happening down there?” Etc.'
>hahaha wtf
>I mean we have a 22 year age gap

No. 168036

sarazanmai, poggers

No. 168086

Have quite a few strange turn offs so here we go
>if they make their own music when they aren't well known/famous
>if they do youtube/streaming when they aren't well known/famous
>overly romantic
>if they have social media
>if they have any form of muscular physique
>watches any anime like jojo, mha, dn, aot etc
>if they are european

No. 168087

Samefag but forgot some of my major ones
>if they use reddit
>if they are an activist
>if they are antifa
>if they are left wing
>if they are alt right

No. 168093

So you want a guy who has never used the internet and doesn't intend to

No. 168096

Yes, but sadly i can't find one

No. 168100

>if they make their own music when they aren't well known/famous
But some people can do artistic hobbies just for themselves. This is even more likely if they're anti-social media.

No. 168101

>man buns
>men who won't fuck if you're on your period
>women with layers of clown makeup
>polyamorous straight men

No. 168105

A weird turn off for me it's men that work as software developers

No. 168130

bad experience with one?

No. 168131

I feel like a lot of these are super reasonable/common sense turn offs. I'm trying to think of one that's actually weird. Maybe wanting to be a dad? I know a lot of women see that as ideal/wholesome but as someone who's been childfree since I was a kid myself, I find it gross even if a guy's intentions are actually good. I also had an ex who tried to entrap me by saying we should have a kid together when I'd told him from day one that would be a dealbreaker and years later he kept pushing for it, even the month before I had my fallopian tubes surgically removed kek. Now I get triggered even when males I'm not interested in bring it up, because I feel they want to use it to lock down a woman's presence in their lives. I have a friend with an abusive (of course) narc ex as well who is literally stuck communicating and interacting with him for the next decade due to them having a baby together, so it creeps me out.

No. 168140

>I feel like a lot of these are super reasonable/common sense turn offs.
tbh and no offense to OP, but it doesn't make much sense to have a 'weird turn offs' thread when we don't even have a normal turn offs thread. That would be interesting enough on it's own, makes sense people are just chiming in with whatever turns them off rather than weird things specifically.

No. 168146

I'm a software dev and I feel the same about software dev men. It's all they talk about, even after work. They all have hard ons for Elon Musk and "fun" for them is picking up some stupid esoteric programming language to make a dumb project they think will change the world once they toss it on github.

No. 168155

No! Guess that's the weirdest part
Yeah, they seem insufferable. I think women in your field are cool, but not men kek

No. 168158

>if they make their own music when they aren't well known/famous

so you'd be ok with a famous musician? everybody has to start somewhere anon

No. 168171

I've wanted to join in but I can't think of any specific weird things that turn me off. Unless crooked/chipped teeth but I think that's normal too.

I like feet but hate when men have weird toes. Lol I told a guy I liked feet and he sent me a photo and they were awful. I went off him so maybe that's mine

No. 168176

Men being vulnerable and pathetic. I try not to be so judgemental but it generates sandy vagina no matter how much I try to sympathise.

No. 168186

Can confirm.

It works out in my relationship. We work on side-projects together + we want to start a business down the line. But our work is a huge part of the relationship.

For me that's kind of the ideal, and there's always something we are excited about building together. But I know for most people it isn't.

No. 168188

This tbh I get being turned off by a cringy soundcloud rapper or somebody who is clinging to a desire for fame to an unrealistic degree but someone having a creative hobby for themselves especially if they don't try to get attention for it online would be pretty attractive imo. Actually weird turnoff I guess.

No. 168195

Idk I kinda get where anon is coming from.

I dated + hung around musicians in my early 20's, and these are your options:

1. Good musician who doesn't really care about "making it." They just want to live the bohemian party life indefinitely. These bf's are extremely fun, but also, nothing serious. All they care about is their freedom, and you're a loser if you try to tie them down. Sometimes they grow up tho, but usually it takes someone dying or an accidental pregnancy.

2. Good musician who is trying to "make it" despite the odds being stacked against them. These bf's are pretty much all egomaniacs, workaholics, narcs. Their work will come first 100% of the time because they're aware talent alone isn't what makes someone famous. These BF's expect you to primarily care about THEM succeeding. Then if they do succeed, you will lose even more priority in their lives.

3. Bad musician. Uhhh nobody wants to be with this person whether they are trying to make it or not. They are embarrassing and annoying. Nothing worse than sitting there saying, "You were great babe," when the last thing you want to do is encourage this behavior in any capacity.

Imo the only acceptable musician to be with is the one who doesn't identify themselves as a musician because it's just a hobby. Maybe they are in a band with their friends, but past age 24 that gets embarrassing too.

No. 168208

Being into anime.

Maybe I don't understand it because I didn't grow up with it. But it's boring, exaggerated, really can't see the appeal, and a grown man watching it is just weird to me.

No. 168233

>I like feet but hate when men have weird toes. Lol I told a guy I liked feet and he sent me a photo and they were awful.
This actually made me giggle, thanks nonny. Just imagining you being all, "I'm into this!" Then the guy sends a gross picture and internally you're going, "Uhm but not like that." Kek

No. 168324

Men who use emojis

No. 168326

I'm glad you laughed! I remember feeling extremely stressed after receiving that photo. We were having a flirty back and forth and then that just stopped it dead but I didn't want to be rude and say you have ugly feet and am disgusted so I we still are friendly lol

No. 169329

Men working in software or automotive engineering. Also add any job that has to do with cars.

No. 169339

Men's selfies. Men do not know how to take a good selfie and I honestly don't get it. Like half the time they make a stupid serious face/don't smile, or they take the photo from below so it looks like you're looking up from being forced to fellate them or something

No. 169342

Conventionally attractive guys. It makes me kind of uncomfortable

No. 169344

I think I get what you mean. It's like a reverse halo-effect. I don't find hot people more likeable or kind, I actually assume they're secretly assholes because they can get away with it.

No. 169346

I was at a fair in a cosplay costume once and this dude comes up to me "can I take a photo with you?" and stands next to me and raises the camera a meter above us. Wtf man it was so hard looking so high up I doubt anyone looks good from that giga myspace angle

No. 169348

This made me laugh hard because I like feet too. It's sort of like how you're straight so they assume you like all dicks, of course you have to like all feet too. Gross.

No. 169351

When I realize they're an actual living and breathing human

No. 169383

File: 1611875464528.jpg (31.95 KB, 800x533, bingo.jpg)

No. 169414

“hunter eyes” my ass. looks weird and like you’re squinting like a retard.

No. 170497

>What’s happening down there?

No. 170538

File: 1612571902498.jpg (536.75 KB, 1080x1080, tadr5tg8j9sz.jpg)

>picky eaters
>hates cats
indifference is fine with me but I've met way too many men who are downright hostile towards an animal that mostly just minds its own buisiness.
>beards that are longer than a five o'clock shadow
I don't care how much he says he upkeeps it beards just unhygenic to me. I can't help but think about all the grease from foods he eats that leak onto it. Plus there's a huge chance he's hiding his no-chin

No. 170559

people who wear those big, plastic, clunky ass watches

No. 170561

Men with a large social media presence. They're always super full of themselves and/or a coomer

Men who self-identify as "feminists" they're usually just fake woke chauvinists

No. 170572

God, yes. The squinting is so offputting. It makes them look idiotic and try-hard. So many hot model pictures ruined by them pulling that retarded face.

No. 170586

Tbh I only consider it a red flag when the female friends are clearly annoyed by my existence (they're preying on him) and/or the man doesn't want me to get to know them (he's fucking them and hiding it). If the girls are nice and cordial to me and he is fine with me interacting with them it's usually fine.

No. 170621

Guys who can't be bothered to speak in complete sentences or talk to me like I'm their dude bro. I swear if I get one more "ye" or have a guy call me "fren" or "dude" again I will lose it, especially if they proceed to flirt with me later. They seriously wonder why they're alone when they come off as incredibly trashy.

No. 170624

Mine are redneck boys who deck out their trucks, and have highschool education but brag about how much they make despite that.

No. 170632

Not using things like chapstick/lotion. My ex had massively chapped lips and dry hands but insisted he “didn’t like the feel of lotion” or whatever.

No. 177425

File: 1617269269306.jpeg (35.34 KB, 236x330, DAA7DC49-E553-4109-966E-D5A298…)

Guys with light hair and/or eyes. Even when I can recognize that they’re conventionally attractive (picrel) they’re still just not attractive to me personally. Hazel eyes and light brown hair are the absolute lightest I can go, but I prefer brown eyes and dark brown or black hair.

No. 177430

>red flag for paedo right here

No. 177456

I'm the same. I can't get behind light hair and eyes, there have been exceptions but in general I'm all about dark hair and eyes. brown eyes are my favourite

No. 177457

I can't picture this, not heard of 'hunter eyes', example?

No. 177458

I would rather take the dudebro talk than spamming emojis and calling me pet names ew. Or just talking to me like I am stupid I hate that shit.

No. 177476

Nurses. I can't stand nurses.

No. 177499

Bald heads and green eyes . No thank you

No. 177509

Men who think they have a sense of humor. Any guy who is relatively outgoing usually believes he's a comedic genius because he's been rewarded for reciting generic, tired and vaguely offensive jokes and women have giggled in response because of female socialization and masked discomfort. The scrote then leans into it harder believing he's successfully dazzled the group. These types suddenly get very uncomfortable when you don't fall over yourself to laugh with them one on one, thinking you're just a stick in the mud rather than the only person being honest about their idiocy.

To me the only acceptable form of humor from men is self deprecation because it means they realize they're shit and actively invite others to laugh at their inadequacy. That and Mitch Hedberg's style because his absurdism is endearing and pure.

No. 177543

people who act like they're attractive. doesn't matter if i find them hot or not in the first place. if they post thirst traps, make "look at me now" tiktoks or say anything that sounds too conceited i'll immediately stop finding them attractive.
when philosophy tube started getting bold and acting conceited in his videos i regretted ever thinking he was kinda cute, lmfao. (it's even worse now, barf)

No. 177552

Same boat anon! I hate those type of men who rely on ""dark"" humour theyre overdone, disgusting and gives off bad vibes in general.

Another weird turn off is when dudes cant dress for shit but make fun of women who like chunky sneakers, crop tops, etc. Another one is if they have blond hair and blue eyes.

That combination always scares me for some reason

No. 177557

>guys obsessed with the gym/ lifting, they are usually weird/incel/gay/overcompensation for having an ugly face
>beards - they almost always overcompensating for something like weak jaw/no chin/bald/manlet
>obsessed with history, they mansplain everything and are very supremacist/sexist
>hairy guys - so disgusting - back hair, belly hair, chest hair - all so nasty
>muh dick guys - all they talk about is how big their dick is but have no idea how to find the clit
>guys that bash women for having a career but if you expect them to pay for dinner and cover your bills they call you gold digger - an insecurity that they can't provide and be truly masculine
>coomers - dont need to explain this

No. 177566

File: 1617376341619.jpg (33.22 KB, 500x750, haircut.jpg)

Pixie cuts. I like my women with long hair or a buzzcut, no inbetween.

Also, men with long hair. And beards.

No. 177618

File: 1617398815841.jpg (159.41 KB, 1600x1156, No Thanks Denial Refusal.jpg)

I'm sure some of these aren't particularly weird but

>being indecisive or socially submissive

>blonde hair colour. I'd say eyes too but that only applies to very light blue
>unfunny but doesn't realise how everyone around them isn't enjoying their 'jokes'
>overly groomed. 'manscaped' facial hair, removing their body hair
>strong colognes/aftershave smells
>peircings and jewellery
>boring or basic taste in music, movies and tv

No. 177619

>hairy guys
send them my way lmao

wholly agree about beards though, I much prefer scruff. I feel like a bitch for saying this but I want to immediately see what they look like without because beards really do hide a multitude of sins

No. 177658

They recommend on pickupartist forums to grow a beard if a guy has a weak jaw or underdeveloped chin. A guy with a good profile usually wouldn't hide it behind a heavy long beard.

No. 177674

Men being vulnerable or submissive during sex.

No. 177676

>being indecisive
This. Even worse if they insist I choose and refuse to make a decision

No. 177770

>blond hair (weird how unpopular blond guys are in this thread)
>ever talking about pooping, poop or other body functions
>wants to try porn shit like watch it during sex, film it, pegging…
>too many female friends - they absolutely have them to feed their ego, badmouth you to them and use them in case you break up. Never had a good experience when my bf had a lot of female friends.
>dudebro friends
>can see head skin through short hair
>eczema, pimples, dry skin
>wears onesie or "dress" pajama, always only wears pajama/old clothes with holes when hanging out with you at home
>sleeps during the day
>snoring, moving during sleep
>waking up in the middle of every single fucking night to pee loudly
>forces you to cuddle during sleep
>eating food with too strong odor
>eating food before they try to kiss you, fuck that shit, vomit-inducing to me
>extrovert or introvert that tries to be extroverted with a lot of friends - always tries so hard to please and call attention to himself, pathetic
>lawyers - manipulative pieces of shit
>doctors - ego too high, it's such a turn off
>dick picks, jerk off vids

No. 177828

>blond hair
>too much body hair or not enough body hair
>beards, though stubble is ok
>skinny jeans, tight fitting clothes in general
>wears gold jewellery/watches
>leftist, liberal, Conservative (apolitical with a slight lean to either side is ideal)
>too muscular or has bmi over 23
>atheism. he must be Christian even if not practicing properly, there's nothing worse than a male atheist
>feminine nose, I like Roman/aquiline noses
>vapes. smoking is fine, I smoke sometimes, but vaping/juuling is so emasculating, lol

No. 177845

>>feminine nose, I like Roman/aquiline noses

this. a small, dainty feminine nose is the worst. give me a big honker

No. 177864

It's probably not "weird" at all, but I'm really turned off by having to take care of a man. He immediately ceases to be a sexual being to me and gets sorted into "dumbass offspring/burden" category. I firmly believe this is why le dead bedrooms exist. Men don't understand that women aren't as into incest as men are, and we're either sexual/adventurous or doting/caring, not both.

I'm also really repulsed by the way dicks look and smell, and I absolutely hate the huge overstretched balls. Tight, dainty and perky balls are much less of an eyesore.

No. 177865

My ex turned into this. I played along for a while, but then it really started taking over the relationship. I couldn't handle it any longer.

No. 177889

being an actor. i don't care how hot or cool someone is, if they're an actor i dislike them

No. 177898

No. 177913

Nta but actors are notoriously manipulative alcoholics, megalomaniacs who want to be famous, people pleasers or tortured "artists". I've never met a normal actor.

No. 177918

Selfies with filters on them, or just any type of photoshop. Being silly with selfies is one thing. But using them to make yourself look better is cringe imo

No. 177936

File: 1617620578362.jpg (134.99 KB, 2000x1333, hairstyles-for-men-with-fine-h…)

I think I'm realizing I just don't like most modern male hairdos, especially those for straight hair. Doesn't really help that men usually don't take care of it, so it just looks brittle and weak, curly hair at least usually has some natural volume.

No. 177978

same anon. actors are professional liars after all.

No. 177980

Jewellery. don't like it on men or women.

No. 177985

That's me with politicians. If you're a politician I automatically do not trust you.

Yes. Or in general guys who pose/set up a photoshoot/dress-up for their social media shots. That screams high maintenance to me, a woman who doesn't even take selfies.

No. 177989

Besides the obvious of simping over other girls, bad hygiene, poor sexual performance, being rapey etc
>Loudness, like talking loud, moaning loud, etc
>Trying to do things from porn like fingering from the back, just fingering in general is done pretty shitty by men, I only ever genuinely enjoyed being fingered once by a man
>Grabbing boobs from weird angles
>Trimming body hair too much or trimming it wrong
If I hook up with a hairy man and he shaves or waxes his body hair and it grows back sharp it will irritate my skin
>When they get poop stuck in their butthole hair like a dog
>Expecting you to cum on command or expecting all girls to be squirters
>Driving obnoxious cars, I appreciate a man with a nice truck but having like hundreds of mods on it unless you live in the mountains or something is useless and comes off as attention whorey
>Weed breath, dip or tobacco breath, menthol breath

No. 178004

Wait is
>fingering from the back
porn stuff? lmao

No. 178055

No. 178106

I mean men never did it much until porn made it more common

No. 178147

Well thank god for porn in this case because fingering from the back is awesome as long as their technique is right.

Come to think of it, most men's techniques for everything is horribly wrong.

Anyways, guys who have "the boys"- kind of humor just make me cringe. Just comes off as so juvenile and you just know he's gonna make sexist jokes eventually.

Also, men who are a normal height but complain about being short. 5'7 is not short, Tyler! Actually short men complain less about their height.

No. 178159

File: 1617745122302.jpg (35.02 KB, 320x290, poi.jpg)

Showing off.

greentext for keks
>ex was picking me up from work in the middle of nowhere at night for our 3rd date
>weird light in the distance where we're supposed to meet
>get closer
>he was literally swinging fireballs like picrel

No. 178727

Men with pasty,white skin (I'm dating a man not a ghost)
Ugly,gross feet (says a lot about their hygiene)
Men who Wears those awful slide sandals especially with socks (absolutely trashy,wear normal shoes please)
Facial hair
Obsessed with Sports or Video games
Watching anime
Hairy (reminds me too much of The Sasquatch)
Listens to rap (come on now)
Watches porn
Men who have a Twitter account
Uses a lot of slangs
Speaks in a ghetto manner
Being fat or having a dad body
Being chubby
Having a grotesque muscular body instead of a natural one(stop it with the steroids,you look awful)
Men who smoke marijuana or men who are stoners (smoking smelly grass won't make all of your problems disappear,also these types of men are lazy and have very short tempers)
Men being too tall (fucking giant)
Long hair
Men who take selfies

No. 178731

File: 1618017257914.jpg (51.71 KB, 1500x671, abibas.jpg)

>Men who Wears those awful slide sandals

No. 178734

Yes (it also irks me how guys wear those out in public,really sloppy.)

No. 178754

>facial hair
Same. I don't care it's natural, thank Gilette for razors.

No. 178761

>people who are grossed out by cigarettes but smoke weed
>people who are grossed out by cigarettes in general
>people who watch poverty porn tv shows
>men who collect ww2 memorabilia
>people who are really into true crime. it always comes off as some kind of fetish.

No. 178762

>Obsessed with Sports or Video games
This 1000%

No. 178809

>people who are grossed out by cigarettes in general
Isn't that everyone

No. 178812

Being male
Cargo shorts

No. 178934

spelling the word thick as thicc

No. 179116

I find those pics of men wearing lingerie disgusting, it doesn't suit them at all and it looks like a step away from troonery (then again I find 99% of men ugly, I just might be a lesbian after all).

No. 179192

>no facial/body hair
>straight hair
>too muscular
>weirdly opinionated about religion
>talking a lot about non mutual interests
>round faces
>trendy clothes
>eating fast food more than once a week
>not eating fruit, not drinking water
>this is a no brainer, but acting disinterested because they think it makes them cool. what kind of high school shit is that

No. 179416

>guys with no friends at all
>expects his mum to do all the work for him (cleaning.. etc)
>still lives with his parents
>has no future
>when he is very close friends with an ex
>smokes and drinks excessively

No. 179631

If they watch pewdiepie, man or woman.

No. 179647

shh you're gonna awaken the resident pewdiepie simp lol

No. 179683

people who can't laugh at themselves. most of the time it's because they have a low self-esteem. i fucking hate it when you make a small joke about someone and they get all defensive. it's literally not that important and i don't actually care, i just like joking around

No. 179703

>actively using social media
Being an internet attention seeker can ruin the appeal of the hottest person to me.

No. 188394

that's just farts anon

No. 188400

people who constantly insult others and then hide behind the "but I was just joking maaaan!" excuse

No. 188485

People that take pictures of their food. It's so annoying taking someone out, making a point of putting my phone down to give them my attention, only for them to photograph and post their food online, LIVE IN THE NOW! Also literally no one cares. I hate getting pictures of food or seeing them on people social media it's BORING. Your dinner isn't that special, you're just pretentious.

No. 188493

nta i love banter. so many girls can only give it and will really dish it out but can't self-deprecate whatsoever and it's so lame/a red flag to me now: clowns others about things they've never been through and refuses to clown themselves. they're insecure assholes whose "jokes" are real digs so they get hurt by your counter jokes. banter eludes bitches

No. 188531

cannot stand a man that thinks he's smart, all they do is patronize & mansplaine & "well actually" you. my husband thinks he's way more "no thoughts, head empty" than he actually is which makes him pleasantly humble, unlike any man ive ever met who's been to college

No. 188540

I broke up with my kid’s father early last year and I was having a hard time getting over it. And then he became a Q-tard during the pandemic and I was instantly over him.

He told me kids were being sold on wayfair and I literally laughed in his face. He was dead serious and I was like oh. Aaaaand that’s that.

QAnons are an instant turn off.

No. 188542

wait some straight/bi women find men in lingerie attractive? it's really fucking weird to me. total turn on a major red flag as you said, sounds like a stepping stone on the path to full on trooning out

No. 188543

samefag I meant *total turn off and major red flag

No. 188587

nta but when other women say that I go ahead and assume they are weebs who saw 2d men drawn in lingerie and think it translates as well to real life. (it doesn't, and yes, many do troon out, if there's any portion of the ones who don't that can also look good in it it is probably very very small)

No. 188609

Men who haven't been to college are sometimes even worse. My ex was a NEET who didn't graduate college or HS. Yet he thought he was super intelligent and would blatantly call himself smart. One time he said "you're the only woman Ive met who is as smart as i am".

He was insufferable.

No. 197938

When moids call something "badass" it automatically makes it not so. I don't know why but men describing anything as "badass" makes me feel visceral disgust towards them and that thing they're talking about.

No. 197991

men who type in all lower case

No. 198039

men who type in lower case are texting other women

No. 198053

File: 1626408228512.gif (44.87 KB, 650x450, 74F387BD-2893-4C0D-9FC8-EAC2B2…)

No. 198209

flirting by insulting someone, male or female this behaviour is so pathetic to me

No. 198245

>preferring to drive to places that we could easily walk to
>preferring to use the elevator instead of the stairs

No. 198252

Men who say bro all the time.

No. 198264

>Men who daydream about stupid business schemes, try betting, read stupid self-improvment books, do stuff like crypto ot trading

Just find a real job,lol. Those kind of people are really annoying and I don't know why. I mean, if they are actualy good at it than fine, but most guys like this just think that they can do jackshit all day long and make mad money

No. 198265

Basically my best friends ex kek. Glad she ended things with him.

No. 200627

File: 1628005064683.jpg (65.3 KB, 640x638, god_I_wish.jpg)

I am in an uncomfortable situation.
Just got a new job and one of my new coworkers definitely has a crush on me. The guy is probably autistic though (got hired with special government contract dedicated to "special need" people).
I told him I am married and I never acted in a way to encourage him, but he constantly stays around me, he tells me I am "so cute" and he also finds ways to touch me.
Since I am new and I don't wanna act rude or bitchy, I always am polite but I am afraid this will embolden him.
I didn't tell my husband yet because he is in the middle of a real stressful time of his life+he's having health issues, and I don't want to bother him with additional stress right now.
What do?
Pic semi-related.

No. 200647

Yeah, you don't want to be too nice about it, that typically just emboldens them. Be firm yet professional and tell him you would prefer he stops touching you/making those comments. If he doesn't get the memo, escalate to HR or something.

No. 200779

>escalate to HR or something

I really want to avoid to make the environment unpleasant, it should be logic by my reaction that I don't want to get physically approached but his autism doesn't help and now I am forced to reprimand him like if he were a child.

No. 200783

You’re married and have no obligation to coddle him. If you can tell him straight up “stop touching me” next time he tries it. He’s not allowed to, you’re saying no.

No. 200785

Being assertive and making your (very reasonable) boundaries known =/= making the environment unpleasant. In fact I'd say you're being kind on him by warning him and giving him the chance to adjust his behaviour instead of going straight to HR to file a complaint. Which is what I would've done because finding ways to touch you is crossing a boundary that shouldn't be crossed. Don't let him get away with it because of ~work environment~, that's how men get away with sexually harassing women at work.

Like >>200783 said, next time calmly tell him you don't want to be touched. That's not nasty, that's not ruining the work environment.

No. 200861

You are right, I definitely will do if this will happen again.
Today he asked for my phone number in case of "emergency communications" about office stuff, but I told him there was no need to and he reacted indignant.

No. 200894

Good for you! Not giving him your phone number is definitely the best thing you could've done, he sounds like a creep. I hope he gets the hint and backs off.

No. 200980

I hate these professor types so fucking much
This. The haughtiest and most pseudo-intellectual guy I know barely finished highschool but mansplains the most basic shit whenever he traps you in conversation. Telling him "I know" doesn't help, men like this always think they are the smartest guy in the room, so it doesn't matter what you say

No. 201820

When they use retarded internet lingo like "based" irl

No. 203010

Saying weird shit in bed
I was going down on a guy once and as I was kissing down his bare chest he says "mmm om nom nom"

No. 203013

I'd throw up on his dick

No. 203020

File: 1629816696301.jpg (34.57 KB, 600x443, not tha mama.jpg)

stubby little fingers. too many moids have baby sinclair hands and it's gross

No. 203028

Preppy guys. I don't know why I seem to attract them and I also don't know why they turn me off so much. I guess it's just that they're so normal and bland, even the less "normie" ones. I live in New England now though so I guess I'm fucked.

No. 203224

Guys who talk about their emotions and show their emotions and show how vulnerable they are.

No. 203226

I'm in a relationship with a man like this and the pros weight out the cons but there really is nothing like pining after someone aloof lol

No. 203227

Any kind of random screaming or crying
It's extremely disgusting when a grown man acts like a baby, and also makes me fear violence

No. 203228

You just know they're doing it to be praised and coddled

No. 203240

I don't get the appeal of men acting aloof/distant, it's always turned me off and makes me realize they're not worth my time

No. 203286

I feel like this is a especially common among men who are in their 40s right now. Constantly stressed, sad and vulnerable while being just as selfish and assertive as older generations, only in a more passive-aggressive, backstabbing manner. Apparently nobody taught them to suck it up.

No. 203807

Oh god same. Low whispers and "you like that?" or swearing is hot, but the stupid shit you hear in audio porn just makes me cringe and laugh. How am I supposed to get off from that. The first one I listened to was on reddit and the guy had a lot of awards for it, but it just sounded like he was gay.

No. 203808

Literally my bf

The leftie thing annoys me the most. My hope is that he's young so he'll stop being so leftie as he ages, and that my conservatism rubs off on him

No. 203811

He could very well be thinking the same about you, hoping that with time you change to better suit his views. Not a good situation to be in. Too many people waste years waiting for these massive belief changes in their partner when that's just not realistic and tbh it's not a fair expectation.

No. 203813

He probably does think the same. It doesn't bother me so much because it doesn't threaten me, his views are very unrealistic. As long as he doesn't harp on about them

No. 203817

I was into this dude at the start of college and now I wonder why I was so desperate to date him, he had so many horrible traits and for some reason I didn't see them.
>Obsessed with Spider-Man (used a SM hoodie at least once per week)
>Would constantly reference Minecraft
>Favorite show is Rick and Morty
>Would say XD out loud
>Didn't trim his nails
>Bad orthography to the point it seemed like he had never read a book in his life
Seriously what the fuck was I thinking?

No. 203820

I've tried to put only the weirdest things I could think of.
>converse shoes
>skinnny jeans, specially above the ankle
>doesn't enjoy nature, not even parks in the city
>goes to the cinema to watch comercial films despite not actually caring about them (if he already know they are shit why does he spend the money??)
>tattoos (leg tattoos mostly) and piercings
>big pouty lips
>sloping narrow shoulders
>constantly smiling while talking
>wears one of those fuckboy perfumes
>almost unexisting eyebrows
>drinks energy drinks
>doesn't smoke nor drink and will be very judgemental if you do it on a rare occasion just by yourself

No. 203833

>Would say XD out loud
what the actual fuck?

No. 203834

I would like to excuse him saying he was only 18 years old, but I don't know how much of a good reason that is when he acted like he was 10 all the time

No. 203835

Well, that makes sense. 18 is incredibly young. I once dated an 18 year old at 21, who when we were laying on the beach at night, told me some Calvin Harris music would really spice up the moment.

No. 203840

Pining after aloof men is fun but crushing on an aloof man who gets bubbly when you're around is the best, people who have tried to be his friend for a while cannot get close, everyone can see the effect you have on him, and it makes you feel really special. I met my bf at a shared retail job years ago, we became work friends because of shared interests, I already had a crush on him but my heart turned inside out when this tall reserved intimidating dude chased me down across the store because he remembered the name of the funny song he was going to share with me earlier and he knew my shift was ending and he just had to show me before I left. Snatched him up real quick after that. Stoic men who won't even bend to you are the real turnoff for me.

No. 203841

It sounds like too much effort tbh. If someone acts aloof i'd assume they're not interested in socializing/relationships in general, how could i know if they'd make an exception for me

No. 203843

That's a very very fair point, I was not interested in actively pursuing relationships at the time and was just happy having someone cute to relate to and flirt with, so having a crush reciprocate so hard was enough to make me actually start evaluating him as relationship material. If you are already looking then I can understand how you would want a man to reciprocate right off the bat because you're not hoping for an eyecandy friend that happens to become something more, you're hoping for a partner.

No. 203872

what perfumes would constitute as fuckboi perfumes?

No. 203887

Brass hardware in someone's home. It's a shitty trend, get those brass faucets and door handles away from me you basic bitch! You were on muh rose gold too a few years ago I can tell.

No. 203970

This thread was a blackpill.

No. 203977

Every fuckboi I've met wears it and any lacoste stuff as well

No. 203981

>skinny jeans
>high voice
>liberal/leftist/any kind of autistic political ideology
>avoidant behaviour
>men into dumb self improvement
>being into degenerate youth culture
>being a hardcore atheist
>over emotional men
>wearing joggers/exercise type stuff all the time
>men who aren’t jealous/protective (to a normal extent)
>non virgins

No. 203989

you are insecure about your own body, so you obviously dont want someone who looks better than you

No. 203992

Nta but 1) why are you responding to something from 8 months ago and 2) that’s a pretty big jump to presume anon dislikes her own body just because she isn’t into a certain type of man. I’ve known some very attractive and fit women who also don’t like ultra lean guys and they certainly aren’t crying over their slender yoga bodies at night.

No. 203996

Armpit hair. I'll forever be traumatized from when I had a crush on this guy, and summer came and he lifted his arm and there was a whole ecosystem there, a literal bush. I couldn't masturbate for 2 months afterwards.

No. 204018

This. I don't mind trimmed hair but a whole bush is disgusting.

No. 204019

I didn't know that was a trend but ackshually brass door handles are good because brass is an alloy of zinc and copper and copper kills bacteria. If I could I'd have every doorknob in the world be brass

No. 204020

Wouldnt you get like heavy metal poisoning from the tap water

No. 204046

Short or thick necks, I just can't do it, I like elegance on a man. Same with wrists they can't be too thick.

No. 204047

being a streamer

No. 204137

big penis hurt

No. 204138

*guys who play guitar in any setting other than the privacy of their own home

No. 204141

File: 1630753626422.png (683.42 KB, 507x600, diskearring.PNG)

Ear piercings on a guy.
I've never known a guy with pierced ears who wasn't a complete tool, and gauges make me want to vomit. But these fucking black disk earrings are an immediate red flag. They just look so tacky and scrotes being scrotes you know they aren't washing them properly and are a constant infection risk.
Idk if it's a cultural thing but my ex was Indian and he wore these all the time. Even nights when he was just coming to my place to fuck which he had to take them out for.

No. 204144

>he wore these all the time
They're supposed to be in all the time, the hole shrinks when you leave them out too long. Were you asking him to take them out when you fucked? Because unwashed plugs smell even worse when you take them out lol that seems so counterproductive

I find the black disk type timeless but I'm also only attracted to clean smelling men. It's sad how only a small subset of these guys know how to wash

No. 204212

lmao what? projection much? most women know not to date down since ugly guys get a huge complex over it, but there's nothing wrong with not liking ultra-chiseled male bodies. they're on the same level of kim k bodies for women. it's just unnatural and not as cute as something fit, yet normal

No. 204569

Thinks Myers Briggs is real

No. 204594

Unnatural? This >>165072 looks like your typical ottermode body that can be achieved through diet, exercise, and discipline. Really don't want to know what your taste in men looks like.

No. 204597

Yeah, I'm tired of women calling ottermode or fit bodies unachievable or unnatural. This is how a man looks when he's not sitting at a desk eating junk food the entire day. My bf looks similar except all he does is climb a couple days a week, has a job where he's constantly on his feet, and eats in moderation. He doesn't count calories he eats until he's full, doesn't live at the gym, doesn't do roids, etc. This is just how men look naturally, not the skinnyfat or dadbod abominations that are pushed as natural and healthy.
Not to mention even if a woman is skinnyfat or chubby, she holds her weight infinitely better than a moid. There is no need to aim for an ugly unfit guy unless her self-esteem is in the gutter.

No. 204601

Right? When I went up the reply chain I was expecting to see some gross, roided out bodybuilder. The vast majority of men can probably achieve ottermode aesthetics if they're consistent with diet and exercise. Their bodies are literally built to gain more muscle and store less fat.

No. 204614

retarded question but why is it called ottermode lol?

No. 204616

-likes Sam hyde, Jordan peterson, or anime
-goth/emo/alternative fashion
-no body or face hair
-large (not fat, just big)
-lots of female friends, no male friends
-"im fucked up, okay?" Type guys.
-smokes too much weed
-plays too many video games
-tech guys

No. 204621

-extroverted and likes to party, drink and do drugs
-sexual deviant/hyper sexual
-beta male / not assertive
-Kevin Samuels simp or whatever manosphere cuck is popular right now
-Predatory feminist
-Tranny lover
-High body count 2+
-fag shit
-No handy man skills whatsoever meaning we can't build fun shelves or something
-fat/ skinny fat
- more than 6'. That shit is scary. I'd honestly prefer a short king
-gym rat, i like some muscular definition, but not the type you get from the gym.
-hardcore athiest/ or any religon. I dislike extremes of anything
-too much body hair
-social media person

No. 204622

men who wear hiking shoes everywhere or just general ugly sneakers. massive red flag, usually means they're autistic and have issues

No. 204640

Turn offs in moods, not only "weird"

-watches porn or supports the industry
-is a right winger or a left winger
-doesn't have a job or is very poor
-is ugly
-sexual deviant
-lacks intelligence
-lacks a sense of humor

No. 204641


No. 204647

Reminds me of another one, mine is guys who wear baseball caps all the time. Typical fuck boy/frat boy "fashion" (although many of the scrotes I knew were well outside that age range) and they act like it too. Many even wore them at night. Why. It's seriously more triggering than fedoras to me now

No. 204657

My fiancé keeps calling his junk eggs and bacon and it’s really turning me off more than he can comprehend

No. 204711

there's nothing weird about being turned off by that, anon

No. 204721

Surely telling a guy that something he's saying is making his dick way less enticing.. is going to be one of the very few things they actually listen to and pay heed to?

No. 204763

Absolutely anon.

No. 204766

Oddly specific but I'll keep a lookout for that combo I guess

No. 204769

>I feel like they are weak, failed men and I like my men to be strong and traditional

no woman says shit like this lmao, especially the first part. Either you're a scrote or have been groomed into using their lingo for coolgirl points. cringe

No. 204775

She's right though in essence

No. 204788

she’s really not, anon.

No. 204845

>I want a strong, hardworking, conservative man
anon you sound like Christian Walker, I wouldn't date a conservative man but I get what you mean

No. 204850

fucking KEK at this anon

No. 205228

This post is so important. Dudes who like anime always have something severely wrong with them. Tbh same goes for watching any cartoon period, even without the sexist porno aspect. Unless you're watching a classic cartoon like Beavis and Butthead or King of the Hill, no one over the age of 7 gives a fuck.

No. 205500

eyes too close together (e.g. markiplier)

No. 211616

I know a man in his 60s who's diet is literally only banquet microwave meals bc he's so lazy, he refuses to cook. Saddest human being you can imagine and such a giant loser. He stinks real bad all the time and anytime he heats up this shit, the entire place smells like cat food or literal shit. Like…you had to buy microwave mac n cheese at 65 and eat it? You couldn't even boil up the ones that come in the box? C'mon. Also I don't believe mashed potatos or mac n cheese should be smelling like someone sharted all over the fucking walls. Imagine putting that shit in ur body. Men are pathetic as sin.

No. 213160

Idk why but men using emojis turns me off lmao

No. 213161

men using emojis turns me off lmao


I hate conservative/trad men but I also hate liberal man, like they are either pro-tranny pro-porn or they are rightoids who think abortion is murder and are against minimum wage. it's like there's no in between anymore.

No. 213630

shit I mean to delete this lmao, I just had like 50 tabs open and forgot. anyway carry on and ignore my dumbassery

No. 214125

>Referring to themselves as alpha or sigma males and taking that shit seriously. I'm lucky to have only observed this from afar
>Extremes of anything. Religions and beliefs, body type, etc
>Adhd traits
>Giving me nicknames too soon
>A lot of objectively hot dudes make me uncomfortable
>Being a shitty texter, or just being incapable of engaging in written conversation
>Wearing hats on the daily. Most men's hats are uggh
>Hunting and fishing
>Light blue eyes
>Thick redneck beards
>Expecting women to do all the emotional labor and relationship maintenance
>Not bothering to ask about my interests/likes/hobbies
>Being hairless
>Hates reading
>Too obsessed with capeshit, Harry Potter, Star Wars

No. 214128

Yes to everything but hunting and fishing and beards. I don't mind a beard as long as it's well-kept and groomed. And I'm not into hunting (unless it's to keep deer from getting more CWD), but fishing is fun as hell.

No. 214129

Men who rage at video games especially making screeches and weird noises and getting into a bad mood from games
I'm dating one of these right now and I'm about to break up with him because of it

No. 214130

>Too obsessed with capeshit, Harry Potter, Star Wars

same, except I've never met a man who even liked HP

>Referring to themselves as alpha or sigma males and taking that shit seriously. I'm lucky to have only observed this from afar

if a man does this he is 100% listening to those "redpill" type channels like fresh and fit, entrepreneurs in cars, kevin samuels etc. stay far away

No. 214146

>not a weird one but smoking is a huge turn off, weed or cigarettes, anything
>beards and excessive facial hair (a little stub is ok but not full on beards, mustaches)
>dry texter
>cringy frat boy personality
>engages in hookup culture excessively
>owns an android not iphone (i know it's stupid don't get offended)

No. 214147

KEK they failed as men because unlike the rest of the male population they actually have a hint of compassion and critical thinking skills

No. 214151

lol no they don't, they just pretend they do to seem less threatening to women

No. 214154

>they actually have a hint of compassion and critical thinking skills
If that's the case then why do they constantly turn out to be sexual predators, support prostitution, porn, and defend troonery? They're the same as conservatives just with a mask.

No. 214170

>doesn't know how to be candid about certain things within the relationship, must spill everything to family members and friends (red flag)
>monkey emojis (wtf are u a girl)
>shit at texting. can only say basic shit like good morning and how was your day, wyd today
>being the only person to take astrology seriously by constantly bashing it and saying it's stupid. literally anyone whos into astrology is just mildly into it for entertainment, esp since its trendy rn. these are the only people making it into something serious. also indicates they hate shit that is popular amongst women.

>light blue eyes
Lmfao I don't get this. I think this depends on who it's on and if they're attractive period. You know…like their actual facial features. I did go out dating a guy with light blue eyes recently and they were ugly bc he was ugly.

No. 214172

>literally anyone whos into astrology is just mildly into it for entertainment, esp since its trendy rn. these are the only people making it into something serious.
idk sometimes i see astrologyfags non-jokenly, genuinely use it as an excuse for shitty behavior irl

No. 214173

Yeah Ik there's a few nutjobs but majority of ppl I've seen into it are just into it for entertainment. I guess I don't run across ppl who are hardcore into it bc I'm not. I just find it fun to read in cosmo mag or whatever. It's still just as annoying to constantly take it seriously by bashing it. I even came across some chick who bashed it but she was into reiki. Literally retarded.

No. 214181

I immediately get turned off with men when it comes to debating. I personally love debates, but so many men can't handle things like that in a relationship. They either don't want to engage whatsoever or get pissy when they think they're "losing" (which is a really unhealthy mindset in my opinion). So many men say they love the idea of dating a smart girl, but hate when she has thoughts and opinions that oppose them.

No. 214183

It's been 12 hours, nonny, you done the deed yet?

No. 214184

Extremely dumb but I hate tan lines, it's an instant turnoff.

No. 214188

Once I went over to this guy’s house and it smelled like chicken and I was so grossed out. I really like chicken but this smell was just…ugh I don’t know how to describe it, just fucking gross. I kept on thinking why the hell wouldn’t you air this place out before I came here?? Very entitled, I know, but it was so overwhelming that I gagged in my mouth.

Also when guys take pictures in the mirror when they’re looking DIRECTLY at the mirror and do this :D. I think it’s a millennial thing but since I’m not a millennial it weirds me out.

Guys who wear tons of jewelry, like the gay edgy silver chains and stuff, and also super skinny hairy guys.

No. 214190

I once ordered an item from wayfair for about 80 pounds, instead of 80 pounds the charge was thousand, I then got notification of them refunding me before I knew the cost. So i thjink there must have been some kind of glitch.

No. 214196

Guys who listen to rock, there's something mentally unstable about them

No. 214200

You vs the anon who's turned off by men who listen to rap. Who will win

No. 214202

What makes you think they aren't allies?

No. 214203

Guys who flirt with every girl in the room for no apparent reason. Just screams desperate cheater/insecure/creep. On another if a man acts suspiciously distant while communicating with women or practically glues themselves to random women. I use to work with a guy who would glue himself to random girls he works with and it was so embarrassing and disappointing to see since his pregnant gf who he moved across the country with also worked with him and he got obsessed with like two other girls simply because they were nice to him. Couldn't be me

On another hand guys who act distant while communicating with women and act almost like they're disappointed to be in the same room as a woman is suspicious and annoying. It just screams entitled and like those men who lead on women but blow them off and brag about how many women throw themselves at them

No. 214211

men who try to sound "manly" in bed and do male pornstar sounds instead of natural moans during sex. drives me up the fucking wall like nothing else. also men who comment on the looks of actresses in movies. stfu you look like a can of spam, you cannot have an opinion on the beauty/ugliness of random women. also male picky eaters. mongoloid babies who can't even boil water but will for some reason go out of their way to pick paprika out of a perfectly good meal.

No. 214304

When a guy is super popular, superficially charming or conventionally attractive. To me the energy comes off like some squeaky, shiny customer-servicey, stockphotoesque vibe. I've never responded well to those types. They're like hyper-palatable in a sense, but human instead of food. Person equivalent of IKEA. Makes me feel weird. I don't want to call them 'normies' or 'npc' because that's some cringe shit, but I can't deny those terms somewhat get what's going on.

No. 214307

As soon as I read this the first thing that came to mind was Ryan Seacrest kek.

No. 214323

Holy shit I know exactly the type and are very unappealing to me too. What kind of person is compatible with these IKEA guys?

No. 214324

Yes :) fuck men(:))

No. 214332

>men who try to sound "manly" in bed
this, as well as "dirty talk" during sex, BUT also when a man is grave silent too

ffs just let it out dude, moan

No. 214341

I have to agree with this, the WASP horror movie type is scary to me and overly pretentious. Nothing is uglier than men who are unable to express their emotions in good ways

I work with a guy who's polite and smiles a lot but he doesn't overdo it and it's weirdly attractive since he's classically polite but not customer servicey polite? Idk how to explain it

No. 214347

can you elaborate on this? i'm in nursing school right now and i hate the male students but idk why

No. 214348

Male nurses tend to be horribly misogynistic

No. 214353

long nails, fruity or musky perfume, ratty shoes, leather jacket, winged liner, dog owner, niece/nephew obsessed.

No. 214359

What about doctors? Or dentists?

No. 214371

why do I get the feeling you're thinking of one specific person who has all these traits

No. 214372

Who is she and can I have her number

No. 214405

Are you mad that you can't pull off/do winged liner or…?

No. 214446

NTA, but I agree with her, winged eyeliner is ugly

No. 214472

Imagine looking at Audrey Hepburn or classic looks from the 60s and thinking this.

No. 214492

>niece/nephew obsessed
omg so true. didn't even know i hated this trait

No. 215105

File: 1638108271824.jpg (284.56 KB, 1080x1600, average winged eyeliner fan.jp…)

you do realize most women who do winged eyeliner don't look like audrey hepburn

No. 215121

Uh that's such a cherry pick. No one's makeup even looks like that anymore, especially when youtube and beauty guru tutorials exist.

No. 215125

yeah and lots of women are still bad at makeup because makeup is complicated. shocking.

No. 215127

so…you are mad that you can't do makeup as well as other women? shocking. this is not the thread for it. go froth at the mouth while googling more amy winehouse lookalikes to make yourself feel better abt it

No. 215128

nta, why are you so offended one or two nonnies dislike your shitty eyeliner lmao

No. 215129

why is she so offended that the original anon likes winged liner is what im wondering. it's off topic

No. 215130

the original anon >>214353 doesn't like winged eyeliner either though, it's this one >>214405 that came with tiktok level arguments

No. 215131

yeah because continuing to sperg out because some anons like it and taking the time to google an amy winehouse fan to continue infighting totally isn't tiktok levels of retard. no one cares

No. 215147

you are the sperg here, aspie-chan. go do your tumblr-tier smokey eyeshadow and "lipstick bold enough to steal your dad!"

No. 215163

no wonder the hot chick dumped your boring weeb ass. you sound like a child. i'm sure you're really ugly as well which is why you're so focused on something so looks based.

No. 215167

i'm not the original anon you tryhard

No. 215168

that's even more hilarious.

No. 215172

>it's even more hilarious that multiple people in this thread agree how much of a spastic i am

No. 215196

Someone said this before but:


Absolutely avoid dev dudes. Most are either incel and/or weeaboos, self aggrandizing feminists, or weird tech bros who party non stop. No matter the category they are all weird

No. 215202

Absolutely this.

No. 215203

This. Also engineers.

No. 215251

Girl I've met scrotes who combine all those fucking categories, kill me it's all the men I see around me jfc

Major turn off for me? Men who are left handed, I don't know why I just hate them automatically

No. 215304

Dick bulges, especially when you see the perfect outline of the dick through the underwear.

They also have a high probability of trooning out.

No. 215310

Adding mine
>picky about food. Especially food from other cultures
>doesn't like veggies
>breathing loudly for no reason at all
>fake tan
>likes to smoke
>likes to drink alcohol
>likes drugs
>the "if it doesn't affect me why should i care?" mentality
>rise and grind mentality
>""male"" feminists

Thats it

Lmao anon so true I dated a programming student years ago and he says the most stupid shit about politics.

Also male game developers. Those motherfuckers are sexpests in their own ways lol

No. 215322

File: 1638220414280.jpg (32.81 KB, 500x375, 9d2a8f59360b13b7572b22f507efe1…)

These fuckboy gangster-looking type of guys. Just something about them dressing and acting all cool and shit makes me cringe. They remind of the time when swag and yolo were a trendy thing. They probably date only Stacys, drink, smoke, do drugs and flex their money and expensive stuff.

No. 215390

Moids with dangerhair are an instant red flag, they are either on the way of trooning out or are a sexpest.

No. 215487

I find these guys hot but I grew up upper middle class and went to church where most people white/latino/everyone dressed like that especially sporty ones. I associate more with the 2000s more than a subculture at this point although I admit I had a super sheltered childhood.

No. 215505

Silly anon these men don’t have any money

No. 215516

>fake tan
>Horribly dyed hair, I can make an exception for girls who are obviously going for an alternative look, but fried bottle blondes and fake gingers ain't doing it for me
>Horribly done eyelash extensions, acrylics (seriously why would you even date women if you have acrylics??)
>Egotistical attitude or obvious fake voice
>Showing off, anytime we're around people and you talk about how great you are
>Large buttocks, large breasts, especially if either of these things is due to obesity
>You introduce me to your husband on the first date and talks about how he's "cool with her dating girls"

No. 215519

Afraid to ask this but what is danger hair

>Major turn off for me? Men who are left handed, I don't know why I just hate them automatically


No. 215563

honestly, applies to women too. they're usually ultra sex posi liberal feminists with "kinky poly kweer" being their only personality

No. 215564

Hair that's dyed in bright unnatural colors and shaved on the side(s)

No. 215568


And curly also for some reason

No. 215584

File: 1638387591774.jpg (223.55 KB, 800x1077, hamm_shadow.jpg)

I don't know how weird this is but when men have this really dark, nasty beard shadow like picrel after shaving. Shit's disgusting.

No. 215593

Homer Simpson

No. 215598

I always wonder if it's actually impossible for them to shave completely clean without waxing or if they just don't try. It irritates me.

No. 215599

Doesn't this happen to every pale guy with dark hair?

No. 215605

What's that called? The dark shadow. It's pissed me off since I was a teen.

No. 215638

five o'clock shadow

No. 215670

men who are like mid 20s to early thirties and still look 16. like the guy from that netflix chess show. so creepy

No. 215700

t. tom holland and timmy chalamet

No. 215705

File: 1638476325560.jpg (45.48 KB, 824x500, FB_IMG_1634609785461.jpg)

>the smell of cologne/perfume
>refusal to try a new food (barring any allergies)
>refusal to use lotion, even when skin is dry and cracking (90% of men i s2g!!!!)
>being physically lazy (needs to get the absolute closest parking spot, standing still on the down escalator, hates having to get up and get their own things when they need them)

aside from hating the smell of cologne i think all of the above are just signs of immaturity, and now that im in my mid 20s thats the kind of shit im pickiest about

No. 215712

ordering dessert. having sweets as a snack in general actually

No. 216018

>>the smell of cologne/perfume
stinky bitch

No. 216058

abs/defined muscles

No. 216158

>standing still on the down escalator
how is this laziness? sometimes you just have nowhere to rush lol. you sound insufferable.

No. 216348

Himbos, I'd rather date a pretentious guy who's at least on the same intellectual mindset as me than a dude whose main hobbies are soccer and cars.

No. 216369

Yes. Men who can't intellectually stimulate you at all are so boring. Standing still and looking pretty when what comes out of your mouth means nothing and doesn't pertain to my interests at all? Forget about it

No. 216377

I dislike both tbh. While himbos are kind of boring, smart men act too arrogant and talk down on others like they're children.

No. 216381

>Men who can't intellectually stimulate you
I've never met a man who was capable of this. "Intelligent" moids either try to debate constantly by nitpicking every little thing someone says or play devil's advocate to be a nuisance. Moids with a huge ego are the worst.

No. 216443

Wrong. I've never met a moid that has intellectually stimulated me, they only vibrationally devastate me.

No. 216484

if you say things like "vibrationally devastate", you don't have an intellect to be stimulated in the first place

No. 216491

>plays videogames
>Likes capeshit

No. 216504

Male hands typed this post

No. 216520

you probably tired yourself out from how much brain function it took to come up with that

No. 216521

Overtly hypercritical and rude behavior. Eye rolling, saying shit like “duh”, being overly obsessed with working out, (like 2+ hours a day), having no hobbies outside of video games, suicide baiting, not taking care of their mental and physical health, expecting to be babied, minimizing/belittling comments or behaviors, criticizing hobbies or calling things cringe

Like I told a guy I was listening to a band and he was like “haha of COuRSe you’d listen to them” like okay bitch? You listen to folk punk. You don’t have room to judge others for their music tastes

No. 216524

scrotes that test your knowledge and gatekeep bs that doesn't matter like classic rock or the names of ninja turtles

No. 216569

add anime/manga

No. 217777

My older brother is like this and it fucking annoys me. It's like an ego and superiority thing. Also he's gay and thinks women are emotional, weak, and stupid.

No. 217937

- guys who has it super easy in life, they always say some really dumb things about people and success
- guys who believe everything governement says
- guys who don't see any problem with society and the world bc they are on the winning side of it.

No. 217943

File: 1639737102517.jpg (145.48 KB, 1080x1058, 1637430779263.jpg)

nta but that such an obvious joke. I will start using it kek

No. 217980

>those fashion sneakers many guys seem to wear
>short hair
>ankle socks
>watching porn
>liking rap
>owning apple products
>star wars (other nerd stuff is ok as long as not a consoomer)
>guy who straightens their hair/dresses in all black/is alternative
<(my ex of several years used to, he turned out to be a real pedo into 3 year olds)

Not so weird after reading this thread:
>being into any marvel movies
>being picky with food (who the f hates all fruits huh? a psycho)
>using social media to engage with strangers publicly

No. 217986

>owning apple products
Kek. Would it be ok if he just had an iphone or would that automatically disqualify him?

>my ex of several years … turned out to be a real pedo into 3 year olds

Ew, please tell me he's either in prison or dead

No. 218024

>light wash skinny jeans
>oversized puffy coats
>visits nightclubs
>gets excited about soccer matches on tv
>thinly plucked eyebrows
>shiny ear studs
>too popular with girls
>wears flipflops that go in between the toes


No. 218028

Political activism of any kind

No. 219454

I find bromances annoying so anyone whose ride or die is a male friend is a hard pass. Lots of guys out there whose deepest emotional bond is with their homies and their criteria for a girlfriend is built around how their friends will perceive her. Anyone who is overly concerned with pleasing, impressing and getting the attention of their male friend has the potential to turn me into a third wheel that's being perpetually being sidelined in her own relationship. As for the guys who let their buddy take advantage of them and leach off of them without ever having the balls to confront them FUCK NO

No. 219457

guys who are really strict and obsessive about having a certain physical type and a line up of all their exes would look like an in vitro octuplet accident
among those, the subset of guys who have a thing for blondes are guaranteed to be obnoxious, dumb, porn addicts, basic, untrustworthy, obsessed with the mainstream and the approval of their bros/getting a trophy wife and would legit fuck anything that moves as long as it's bleached

No. 219466

I've known so many guys who are into dark hair specifically. But then when I was blonde for about 6 months.. I've never had so much male attention in my life. I had a pixie cut so it's not like I even had long blonde hair. I was suddenly hot stuff and confused as fuck by it lol . Where I live I think there's a whole thing though where men want to fuck blondes but want to seriously date brunettes. It's based in some catholic thing of wanting to marry the good girl and their view of blondes being pornified women. Makes me feel bad for natural blondes.. they must attract real some shitheads in places like this.

Kinda reminds me of how having tattoos attracts perverts who automatically assume you're crazy sexual based on just one thing. Like I know your fave porn star has tatts (or is blonde etc) but it doesn't always signal what you think it means guys

No. 219485

File: 1640548871540.png (131.06 KB, 512x512, sc.png)

idk or care how weird or rare these are, a lot probably aren't, but i want to vent

- red-headed males. they gross me out

- guys with dogs. i don't want to take care of your dog. if we enter a relatioship i know i am going to have to take care of your dog at some point.

- most beards, because very few men actually take care of them

- any man who wants to have anal sex with a woman. absolutely disgusting power-trip, and the woman gets nothing out of it. i would peg a man but i would never allow a man to fuck my ass and i would honestly break it off with him if he even suggested it because i know the root of it is a psychotic need to dominate and cause pain to a woman

- guys who are afraid of bugs

- guys who can't watch horror movies

- "spontaneous" guys who expect you to just drop everything and do stuff with them on a whim like you don't have a life

- guys who use social media. no one cares about your fucking follower count or "genius" tweets

- guys who get elitist about coffee or some other stupid shit like beverage/food choice

i think i just really hate most men in general and hate being sexually interested in them. i have very few turn-offs when it comes to women lol.

No. 219497

My bf is a vegan leftist woke man and on one hand I hate it because I want to talk shit about lefties and think veganism is ridiculous, but on the other hand I like how he's genuinely kind and scared of harming anything. Like I think I'd rather date a radical leftie than a far right man.

I think it helps that he's tall and strong, wouldn't be able to take him seriously otherwise.

No. 219502

if he is genuine in his beliefs, pls give me your boyfriend. there are more men who aren't left wing vegans than there are left wing vegans.

No. 219511

Lefties and reddit soyboys are definitely my main turn-off. Especially if they are men who call themselves feminist. I didn't think this was weird enough to post ITT tho since I think it's a very common turn-off.

No. 219513

I find it nice that he's respectful and kind like he genuinely believes in equal rights and shit, he's not just doing it to get laid.

But then he starts talking about awfully cringe shit and using words like privilege, visibility, carnist. Anything that isn't super left wing is murderous to him. And then I just feel like he's making backhanded comments about me.

No. 219515

>he genuinely believes in equal rights and shit
Yeah I just don't believe that any scrotes truly believe that women are their equal. I think they just repeat what they think they have to say. I think men by default are conservative, some are just honest about it and some pretend to be leftists cause they think it will get them laid and accepted in their environment. I think if you moved any of them to a conservative area they would quickly change their views to fit in and attract conservative women. I have never met a man who genuinely cared about women's issues and all of human history kind of proves it.

No. 219517

I wouldn’t be vegan or date a vegan but it’s a real sacrifice and if it is done out of concerns for animal welfare I can respect that choice. In terms of politics my ideal man is a griller, men who have really strong political opinions either way are unattractive.

No. 219518

Maybe. In a way that you'd never view a weaker animal as your equal no matter how much you love it.

Maybe he just treats me respectfully because he finds me hot and I give him attention. It's kind of depressing to think about.

I respect his choice I don't respect how he believes in some health things that have been proven wrong or rely on junk science, purely to try and justify his diet. Also I agree, I fucking hate politics. If I had to date someone new, I would NOT go for a political vegan.

No. 219519

Men who drive like assholes. Tailgating, cutting people off, accelerating too fast once the light turns green, everything is everyone else’s fault on the road, anything road rage-y.

And I mean all of that as their general attitude while they drive(once in a while
Is normal). I’m convinced anyone who drives like this, and speeds exceptionally, is a sociopath.

Just sit in your car and drive. It should be a relatively easy non-event.

No. 219540

Picky eaters, partner's who don’t floss or keep their mouths clean, guys who are obnoxiously close to their mothers, men who cower over dumb shit, anyone who says “r u mad at me” via text

No. 219646

Refusal to use sunscreen +++

No. 219854

When a guy refers to his dick as he/him and acts like it's a sentient being or says things like "he's a good boy". Every guy I've dated has done this. Massive turnoff.

No. 219862

Men who only had brothers, only-child men are on thin ice, I can only get along correctly moids who have a decent relationship with their sister.

No. 219869

Wtf men do this? Ew

No. 219879

People who talk about their past sexual experiences

No. 219904

What I find even worse is when they call your pussy she/her. I had this happen and it was the biggest turnoff, it makes the person sound like they have mental deficiencies. I'm feel horrible thinking about it even now

No. 219914

>quoting pop culture lines and thinking that's the peak of comedy
There are times where reference humor can be funny and play into that specific situation in a clever way. What I'm talking about is using pop culture quotes as a reaction to pretty much anything. Stuff like Monty Python or adult cartoons is most common but it doesn't even have to be reddit-tier media for it to be annoying. This is also usually a sign that someone is incapable of actual witty banter.

>eating loudly

With some foods like sloppy pizza or popsicles this is just unavoidable so I will try not to blame them. But most of the time eating quietly is perfectly doable and making disgusting noises while eating will make me instantly lose my attraction.

>road rage

This goes for men especially. I understand being stressed on the road but when a man gets overly angry behind the wheel I can't help but see him as pathetic. I just associate it with a general lack of chill and a fragile ego.

>overly touchy

This is obviously bad when you're not dating but even in committed relationships I hate getting touched and groped all the time. I like physical affection and cuddling but it needs to be on my terms. Squeezing my ass every time you walk past me isn't cute, it's objectifying and makes me think of you as a gross coomer.

>neutral facial expression while jacking off or having sex

I can't explain this one very well, I guess some people just aren't very expressive sexually, but I feel repulsed when someone's face barely changes during sexual actions incuding masturbation. Maybe it's because it makes it seem like it's routine and nothing special.

No. 219935

>neutral facial expression while jacking off or having sex
I hate this and it made me kek

First time I had sex with my bf his made noise and facial expressions and it was hot. Then he stopped lol. Maybe he had gone so long without sex he couldn't hold himself back, and after that he could. sucks

No. 220385

>pale skin + black hair combo because they always look hairy and gross to me
>walks around in his underwear at home instead of like idk sweats
>dadbod (especially if he describes his body as such on his own)
>beards and moustaches, sideburns are ok though
>active on social media (as in, browses ig, updates his stories and so on and so forth, just posting pictures from time to time is fine)
>edgy self proclaimed doomers which I somehow always end up attracting I want to kms

No. 220389

>neutral facial expression while jacking off or having sex
Ah, the thousand coom stare. Truly repulsive

No. 220612

>large muscles
>large asses
Large features in general really, they look grotesque except for eyes and noses.

No. 221253

File: 1641311883729.jpg (251.43 KB, 720x675, 20220104_104553.jpg)

>bad hygiene
>bad fashion taste
Its doesnt have to be a fashionista just dress decently
>bad taste in general
>rad left/righ wing
>obsess with social media
>blue eyes
>no social skills
>too sensitive
>no aspirations or hobbies
>watches anime
they are usually creeps
>proclaims themselfs as feminists
>porn addict
>follows porn actresses or too many ig models
they are usually porn addicts or coomers
>no artistics interests
>too clingy
>imageboard user

No. 221328


Every single one I've ever met had rocks for brains.

No. 221342

>he drinks wine and I'm having a harder drink (whiskey) than him
Gay or what? I don't want a little bitch, I want a man. If I'm drinking something heavier than you, something's up.

No. 221375

blue eyes is a turn-off for you nonita?

No. 221454

Nta but it's the weird turn off thread after all, I'm personally turned off by people who like One Piece.

No. 221547

>Men with red hair
>White or white looking girls with dark features (hair n eyes)
>talks about themselves excessively
>Long straight hair on anyone
>edgy dudes who base their entire personality on horror movies, resembling a hot topic caricature
>bitches about people who have any sort of faith and think they're the supreme and all-knowing for being atheist

No. 221550

They're a turn-off for me too on men. Light eyes are really cold and intimidating.

No. 221566

they are scary too me, im sorry

No. 221567

>>White or white looking girls with dark features (hair n eyes)
what the fuck is this turn off? like over 50% of white people have dark hair and eyes

No. 221678

Who cares? Did you want me to be attracted to you? The percentage is A LOT higher than 50%.

No. 221723

>Men with red hair
Men with red hair are ugly and don't deserve love or human rights

No. 221746

NTA imo this is most definitely a very common turn off . I've noticed whenever a scrote is into white girls it's always the blonde blue eyed ones. If they decide to go for anything else they pass up the dark hair/eyes white girls and go straight for the east asian women. The struggle is real

No. 221751

File: 1641471042312.jpeg (76.47 KB, 669x404, C6DACA95-22E8-42A0-9FD1-AEB831…)

NTA I don't find blue eyes ugly but people with striking blue eyes are usually utterly average in terms of facial features but most people don't have an eye for aesthetics so they overrate them heavily. Meanwhile all the brown eyed people need to have top tier features to be seen as being on the same level. That's all fine and dandy until you see the dark eye people competing to breed them and then they usually produce the opposite of what they hoped for- a kid with the blue eyed parents underwhelming features and the other parents brown eyes. I'll never forget this one ugly balding manlet whose entire life and pride were his striking blue eyes and married and bred a much younger arab woman. Kid turned out looking like him with but with brown eyes and he was so pissed that it didn't inherit his free pass to be ugly. Nowadays when I see a man with striking blue eyes I visualise them with brown eyes to evaluate their true attractiveness and I'm almost always disappointed that 90% of their appeal hinges of that

No. 221759

I've been thinking and noticing this all my life. Blue eyes are very pretty, but they're so striking that it gives the illusion of a beautiful face.


Some looked good or better with brown eyes as brown eyes seem to make the rest of your features look smaller. Like if I put blue eyes on myself, my nose looks bigger. And Alexandra Daddario is beautiful but so fcking terrifying lol

I also don't think dark blue eyes have these benefits, I prefer brown over that

No. 221809

That’s like saying
>you’re not good looking, you just have this one nice feature
Which doesn’t make sense. Of course having a nice feature makes you better looking.

Also, it definitely depends on where you live, in regards to how your features are perceived. Growing up in a slightly cut off village, I was mad jealous of my friend’s chocolate brown eyes, they were pretty rare there, and would make you look ‘exotic’ compared to having common blue eyes.

If you live in an area where blue eyes are less common, then I guess people would celebrate blue eyes more, but in that village, having brown eyes is rare like ‘wow so pretty is she italian or what??’ Plus, brown eyes look big and gentle, they also soften up the face, so over there brown eyes would’ve been your ‘striking’ feature. But I love my blue eyes because they have different colours inside, they look bright in the sun too. I would be happy with both.

No. 221959

>fade haircuts
>styled eyebrows
>"dog dad"
>sending selfies
>using emojis
>video games beyond casual 1-2x a week
>trying to have conversations over text instead of just using text conversations as a way to meet up
>being into instagram/tiktok
>worships one or more of joe rogan, jordan peterson & elon musk
>muh crypto
>drops quantum buzzwords & conflates metaphysics w physics
>city boys who rant about feminism but can't even operate a chainsaw
>'daddy' shit
>likes face tattoo rappers
>likes eminem or any other rappers that glorify violence against women
>political sperging from either extreme

Online dating is full of such low value men. It's pretty much a blackpill into how stupid & unmasculine the average scrote is.

No. 221967

when he brings out his stupid guitar. especially when he does the dreamworks face at me when playing it.
im not one of your stupid whores from the beach.

No. 221968

Being good looking means having many nice features. Eye color is just one. Anon is saying people with light eyes are perceived as having better features than they actually do. I don't get your comment.

No. 221977

Instant swipe left @ having other women in dating profile pics that are obviously party friends/fuck buddies and not female relatives/normal female friends. Idk why men seem to think that being a huge whore is something attractive. Men posing with party thots in bodycon dresses is the male equivalent to that Piper Perri pic where she's surrounded by black dudes. Players are degenerates & not husband material.

No. 222091

I agree with 100% of these

No. 222144

this guy seems like he has a lot of qualities i like and similar life goals to me but he likes Rick and Morty

why???? why why why why why did he have to tell me that.??? oh man. well i asked him if he liked funko pops and he seemed neutral so i feel a little better now

No. 222163

seriously, the amount of dudes i've seen with women hanging on their arms at what seems to be parties in their dating profiles. why would you pick that picture? i really don't get it. maybe they think it makes them look cool or something.

No. 222167

Maybe it's a secondary filter. I have swiped right once on a dude with girls in his profile pic because I sized myself up to them and felt better. However I hated him when we talked

No. 222183

File: 1641642931837.jpeg (55.5 KB, 1200x601, 7A96D6A0-0E8D-4591-BBFB-71A854…)

Men with small eyes that does that soyboy squint makes me irrationally angry

No. 222192

That way of writing online like it's still the mid-aughts, using words like "epic win/fail".

No. 222201

I'm very pro androgyny but I need certain traits to be decently masculine. I get turned off by a

soyboy high pitched nasally voice
pencil neck
chicken legs

Testosterone levels of men nowadays are horrendously low and lots of young guys nowadays with these traits and a spacey zero sex drive vibe about them. So much potential going to waste
Also no cigarettes, excess alcohol and NO WEED. Pot addicts tend to get really spacey, low libido and soy boy-ish

No. 222212

it sounds petty but it's absolutely imperative that I enjoy the way he communicates during sex. He doesn't necessarily have to be good at dirty talk, but if his voice/demeanor causes me to cringe at any moment then it's immediately over. I like sexting but nothing turns me off more than getting a cringey voice message

No. 222270

-dyed hair/piercings/fringe bangs
-history of poor decisions (sex work, drug abuse, etc.) If sw was done out of desperate circumstances that's excusable, but if it's some rich suburban girl doing it for anonymous coomers online?
-wants me to do porn shit to them in bed (even 'light' shit like choking/spanking i hate doing but so many girls are into this, i think more than men honestly)
-doesn't take sex lightly (views it as a vulnerable act of love instead of just some retarded hedonistic desire)
-comments on if something is un-masculine/rails on a man for not being "manly". Growing up in America, constantly was hearing fat suburban mothers tell their sons what is and isn't manly, how not to be a pussy, etc. When girls talk about lack of masculinity in men I can't help but imagine them becoming some fat, sunburned suburban sow lol.

No. 222272

>-doesn't take sex lightly (views it as a vulnerable act of love instead of just some retarded hedonistic desire)

The way you phrased that makes it sound a bit confusing like do you want your partner to take sex seriously or not?

No. 222274

Yeah I just realized I made a mistake here lol. Women who don't take sex seriously = not attractive to me. A lot of men do I think just cus they think it's an easy lay

No. 222359

>unirionically parroting the "low test" meme
please, the test levels of men today are functionally fine. your entire post reeks of your preferences being not-so-subtly politicized

No. 222383

I really hate stan penis

No. 222408

across the board for all genders here
>shit diet & hygiene
>projects insecurities onto partner through nitpicking their self expression
>incapable of critical thought, parrots in deep conversations
>savior complex (extremely unattractive if they're just as, if not more pathetic. at least make it believable)

No. 222409

Weirder to NOT have these as turn offs imo

No. 222411

what the fuck is stan penis?

No. 222415

File: 1641727249857.jpeg (25.55 KB, 520x393, A4CE60D6-E6A0-4221-A9A0-433063…)

No. 222416

File: 1641727375036.jpeg (18.54 KB, 732x458, 3100B9B5-3AAA-4236-AAB8-C9F56F…)

No. 222418

File: 1641727561871.jpeg (496.14 KB, 4022x1464, C27C26D7-2AAF-4ECE-AECA-40AD03…)

No. 222421

>predictable taste in media while acting superior about it, especially films (sees one tarkovsky, self-proclaimed cinephile)
>long hair on men
>facial hair except stubble
>soft/chubby fingers on men
>very extroverted
>overly polite with everyone, to the extent that it doesn't seem genuine

No. 222442

They literally have half the sperm count of men 40 years ago

No. 222462

lol yeah i think it's a male larping but maybe I'm just paranoid
222270 sounds like a male too but I'm open to being proven wrong

No. 222497

Good, mother nature punishes coomerism.

No. 222502

It's always funny when men bitch about western women not being fertile goddesses and then go find a mail order bride and wonder why they can't produce healthy babies after they chug beer and watch porn

No. 222531

i can’t decide if arrogance or extreme self flagellation is more unattractive in men omg why can’t they be normal

No. 222541

i have never seen one self flagellate

No. 222830

>being into FPS/MOBA video games like CS:GO, League of Legends, DOTA
>being into superhero-related media
>being into anime where the characters are mostly girls in high school
>has any kind of tattoos/is not looking to cover up existing tattoos
>has piercings that are anywhere outside of the ears
>uses hard drugs, alcohol, and marijuana regularly and solely for recreational purposes
>not having a single female artist as one of their favorite artists
>exclusively listens to hip-hop and/or metal
>involved in any kind of organized religion
>has a strong preference for people with light-colored eyes and hair
>obsessed with a particular culture that they had little-to-no exposure to growing up (like being a white American guy who is obsessed with Japanese culture as an adult)
>regularly makes public (not private) posts on popular social media sites
>expresses any form of disgust in giving oral sex but none when it comes to receiving

No. 222845

I am sure you did. Tons of people go around on "oh woe is me" "I am sooooo alone boohoo". It's especially annoying when it's moids doing so.

No. 222848

that's self pity not self flagellation

No. 222854

File: 1641908246571.jpeg (267.67 KB, 673x1416, 75918DC0-634E-46D8-8561-C553AA…)

I don't generally give a fuck about a guys height as long as he's not shorter than me (face is the most important thing to me) but I've been looking at male bodies lately and I have grown an appreciation for the bodies of some of the upper-range manlets (5'7-5'8)
broad shoulders nice muscular calves pleasantly proportioned waists sexy forearms
And they're usually the ones jogging outside and making an effort to maintain their physiques (for obvious reasons)
meanwhile 6'3+ men tend to either have the lanky slender man body with thighs thinner than my arms or are built like a fridge (rectangle shape with no discernible waist line and narrowish shoulders), doughy and with a horrendous posture

this type of proportions and body shape turns me off

No. 222878

You sound insecure ngl

No. 222886

how many boxes did you check off from her list?

No. 222887

agreed with all of these, don't get what the other anon's problem is.

No. 222888

No. 222891

good stuff

No. 222895

>is not looking to cover up existing tattoos
Cover them up with what? More tattoos?

No. 222920

What makes you say that?

No. 222923

With laser removal or tattoos that at least come across as better-looking than other tattoos. I get that laser removal can be expensive so I’m more lenient with people getting cover-up tattoos to particularly bad ones.

No. 224496

not having a higher education and not planning on getting one, no matter how attractive the man is my pussy get so dry when I learn that he is uneducated.

No. 224745

Manchild behavior. A poor physique. Badly groomed and dressed. Lack of adult interests. Obsessed with muh childhood. No goals. All major turn offs for me. Sounds pretty normal, right? Yet believe it or not, we have reached a point where this is considered weird to be turned off by, like it's somehow normal for men to be giant sloppy messes with major cases of arrested development, and us women are just supposed to put up with it. People seem to genuinely believe a woman who has her life in order is beneath a neckbeard weeaboo in social standing and that's how you know something is deeply wrong with this clown era we have all found ourselves trapped in.

Ew this reminds me of the time I dated a tall guy with birthing hips. Kek. Well put.

No. 224754

Men with piercing gazes. When I was a kid, and my body stepdad would fight with me, he'd always give me this hole-boring stare to intimidate me. Only it never intimidated me, it pissed me the hell off.
What intimidated me was the fact he was twice my size, and would shatter plays, and break electronics in his chimptantrums

No. 224755

My BPD stepdad pos autocorrect

No. 224873

>Small pudgy hands
>Sickly pale skin with blue undertone
>Porn sickness
>Reddit humor/personality
>Woman hater
>Bad music taste

No. 224874

>not misogynistic
Pick one

No. 224879

>zero muscle mass
>posting on instagram stories
>being active on social media in general
>sending selfies
>being a mcu fan
>liking stephen king

No. 224941

Women that want religious men are playing themselves lmao.

No. 224999

I like how 90% of the posts here are just normal standards. Like girl, there's nothing "weird" about being turned off by a porn-addict without any ambition or sex appeal.

No. 225010

extremely true. i can't imagine dating a religious man, horrible

No. 225155

> buys expensive dog breeds for aesthetic reasons
> has social media/dating profiles that cater to male attention
> thinks any inch of self-care is oppressive

No. 225174

Men who cry a lot. My last boyfriend would cry every time we would get in an argument and it would be my job to calm the baby down.

No. 225208

Men crying is so gross

No. 225318

I don't have a problem with men crying but what you describe is a manipulative tactic, glad he is an ex.

No. 225328

to be fair when I was a bit younger this happened to me, I hated it and tried to hold it in but I couldn't control it. People would always assume i'm trying to guilt trip and manipulate them. Nowadays it only happens to me in an argument when things get really bad

No. 225331

I get it, but if you constantly have to comfort your partner after arguing, something is wrong and one-sided.

No. 225339

actually my family and long term friends were used to it and didn't react/comfort me kek. But I can see it being jarring and stressful for a who hasn't been around for so long

No. 226119

Awful nail care and hides it behind sexuality. I understand nail-biting isn't a choice but I can offer many ways that helped me with it through the years. Also, open wounds are way more likely to be bad to our health than my nail polish so who's the most valuable lesbian here

No. 226336

When he asks permission for every little thing or never initiates physical intimacy. I want to feel desired! If were together you don't have to ask to kiss me. I know it's a good thing but sometimes I feel like consent culture has gone too far when guys are too afraid to actually take initiative.

No. 226793

t. seething moid

you have to go back

No. 226794

Nah. You should go back to /pol/ you arab shitskin tranny, before calling me a fucking moid lol!(back to 4chan)

No. 226796

my skin isn't dark and i'm not a troon either, you however type like a seething 4chan faggot. sad. now go back to tonguing /pol/ scrote asshole like a good little tradthot.

No. 226816

Men who eat a lot of meat. I know I might be biased because I'm vegan and I really don't care if they DO eat meat, but there's something insanely off-putting about a man who needs to have a big slab of meat with every single meal. It makes their shit smell worse, their farts smell disgusting, and I've noticed their dicks don't work as well either.

No. 226818

It is pretty damn brown you nafri cunt, I'll doxxxx your ass slut.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 226819

ok male

No. 226911

whatever the behaviour above is. very unaroused rn

No. 226914

No street smarts. I find it very unattractive when people, especially men, can't navigate the real world/are too naive and sheltered.
I was a shut in for years and managed to figure shit out by observing and putting myself out there, no moid is excused.

No. 226931

This + being unable to make your way through a crowd

No. 226973

>shows off their music taste
>has a lot of female friends but claims no girl pays attention to him
>makes every minor thing public on his social media
>brags about how nice he is to everyone, basically nice guy syndrome
>overexaggerates problems, throws tantrums and/or victimizes himself
>simp behavior
this last one is a really personal one but I just dislike it a lot lmao
>being really submissive, clingy and needy

No. 226979

I hate artsy dudes. Never met an art guy that was emotionally well adjusted or didn’t have some awful sexual perversion.

No. 230436

Having social media of any kind, even if it's some normie-tier instagram or facebook. I guess YouTube is fine, as long as they don't post videos and are just a watcher (comments are on very thin ice, depending on the content). Worst offenders are TikTok and Twitter, obviously, and reddit definitely too.

No. 230441

Agree, especially musicians. Most women swoon over men who can play an instrument but I really hate musicians.

No. 230448


No. 230471

Indecisiveness. In men it's even more annoying, you're a grown man and taking an entire hour to decide what to eat, or what to do? Grow up honestly. Pick something either way, it's not hard and when people are super indecisive it just comes off as lazy and undisciplined to me, or they remind me of children when they take forever swinging their arms about deciding what to do.

That, and being a picky eater. Unless you have some sort of condition where it alters your taste buds, you're just immature and lazy. Grow up, experiment a little and eat a fucking vegetable.

No. 230560

what if i only eat vegetables and nothing else

No. 232687


No. 235168

pet names. i hate em.

No. 242538

if he owns a pulp fiction t-shirt

No. 248732

light hair and eye colour, wears those loose silky boxers yuck, smokes weed, being shit with money is a big one, unambitious, social media user, talks to their ex lol "but it's just once a year to catch up!" idgaf block her cellulite ridden ass

No. 248745

I know at least three men just like this kek they're a plague.

No. 249141

being a picky eater is so unattractive to be honest like just eat the damn carrots and broccoli you will not die

No. 249214

men who look older than 30

No. 249252

Grandma said that if he is a picky eater then you can be assured he won't eat pussy. Don't be fooled if he's willing to do it early on because he's planning to stop forever once you're hooked.

No. 249292


Tried to think of 'weird' ones:
>'poets.' or anyone else who thinks they're a deep, tortured soul
>subscription to streaming services
>talks badly of their mum (yes, some people have genuinely bad parents, but trashing on their mum unreasonably is really bad sign to me)
>hypebeast, spends way too much money on clothes, cares deeply about designer shit and the 'newest drops'
>idolises aggressive male rappers
>there isn't a single thing in their life they'll talk passionately about
>obsession with butts, buttstuff
>enjoys killing animals for sport
>spends a lot of time on their hair
>interests are based off friends or media idols, no original thoughts
>uses reddit, tiktok, posts selfies on any platform
>thinly veiled misogyny, any sort of 'you're special', 'you're not like other girls' comments
>takes himself too seriously
>doesn't ever change his pillows, doesn't use duvet covers, etc.
>unironically uses internet terminology to describe their worldview
>mainly wears sports shorts, track pants, etc.
>wears a bunch of jewelry
>pays attention to any sort of celebrity, influencer, etc.
>2nding 'dom' stuff, esp 'daddy' shit or wannabe 50 shades stuff with no prior discussion, expect you to be woo'd

No. 249311

Even worse, Rick and Morty

No. 249314

Or any cartoon shit actually

No. 249319

I dated a pretty picky eater once and he'd go down for hours. Ngl it definitely crossed my mind that dude hated slimy food and certain textures.. it was that tisty kind of food pickiness. He was also very submissive tho. Maybe he was suffering just to please.

No. 249329

>Weak minded people in general.
>Afraid to try new shit.
>Afraid to torrent stuff on the internet.
>Don't know how to fix things.

No. 249333

If he watches porn. I can't believe I used to tolerate this. It's so depraved and disgusting and makes them cucks by default.

>inb4 b-but all men do

No, my boyfriend actually doesn't and he even said, that before we got together all he did was sometimes do it to hentai drawings but now obviously has no need for such

No. 249351

Any positive feelings towards Rick and Morty is a red flag

No. 249355

No. 249399

>hentai drawings

No. 249428

>Mature/grownup wannabes
>The group self-proclaimed "mom/dad"
>Doesn't ever join games, take part in a more relaxed conversation or any kind of playful interaction for it being "too imature"

I used to tolerate that shit when i was a teen, but that was 10y ago. Being 25 today, nothing for me is a bigger turn off than this, epecially beacuse this person is usually not only incredibly imbalanced, but also the one who is always seeking validation from being an "responsible adult" in a non-formal environment.

No. 249470

For either gender:

>neon-dyed hair

>gauges in ears
>septum piercings
>over the age of 30 but still dresses like a teenager
>over the age of 30 but still goes and gets blackout drunk on a weekly basis
>way too into Instagram or TikTok
>rants/whines on public social media
>shit diet
>too much self-deprecating humor
>screaming in public

No. 249474

File: 1647232624338.jpg (23.47 KB, 336x474, 38383932828.jpg)

>polo shirts or khakis not in a job setting
>cargo shorts
>into football or sports
>smokes constantly
>littering/doesn't care about the environment
>doesn't like pets
>gross unkempt nails
>doesn't at least trim body hair
>breathes and chews loudly
>complains about doing basic chores
>orders take out or fast food more than once a week
>on Twitter or reddit
>cares about retarded internet arguments or fake internet points
>Y chromosome

I think I just hate men

No. 249515

He is watching porn behind your back, god stop being so insecure

No. 249519

Nta but pretty sure it’s more insecure to believe porn is so irresistible that nobody can not care about it. Plenty of people don’t watch porn. Going behind someone’s back to do it is reddit moid levels of sad addiction. lol at you trying to convince anon otherwise, I bet you think bdsm is healthy too.

No. 249522

Legos, excessive use of gifs or the emoji specifically(don't use emojis)

No. 249526

red flag if they use that emoji 3 times in a row

No. 249528

2D men > 3D men always

No. 249532


I do believe that i read some text about this, i think it was Zizek Violence but i can be wrong, that this exchange of the male-female position and this "acceptance" of this type of posture is an unconscious decision of the current establishment, so that practices and institutions can be conserved the way they are for many more decades, since instead of a metamorphosis or revolution, what would happen is simple maintenance via gender switching and secondary intentions hidden in empowerment.

No. 249533


Does anyone really uses this emoji after le ironic meme era of 2017?

No. 249536


No. 249540

File: 1647279844736.jpg (103.66 KB, 850x774, galko and otako.jpg)

>Women who are very beautiful.
I don't know what it is, but when a girl is waay above my league I'm not interested. Also girls who seem flawless and perfect, I can't connect with them enough for it to develop into an interest. It's good though, usually those "perfect girls" are het and even if some were lesbians they would never like me, so I'm glad that I never had an interest in any of them because it saves me the disappointment of being rejected.

No. 249542

Saying “I love you” after pounding your cervix for three minutes. But you only agreed to be FWB.

No. 249591

File: 1647299276928.png (Spoiler Image, 45.58 KB, 1200x1200, smirking-face.png)

For me it's this fucking emoji in a sexual context, biggest turnoff of my life.
Also shit sexting skills (trying to sound too ERP-y like "oh yeah I'm fucking you baby" instead of… idk anything more natural than that)

No. 249595

Wow looks like bdsm is too spicy for someone

No. 249733

butch women who only dress in frat boy attire. they act the same too despite being female. no thanks

No. 249735

Masochism, which is what’s usually sold to women, is inarguably a negative trait and an unhealthy disposition to have. You know this, ballsack.

No. 249737

Not true. You’re categorising people based on a couple style choices any lesbian could have. If it’s that you don’t find the mainstream trendy way to look attractive that’s fine and good, but don’t go for people you think are unattractive under the guise of ‘sticking to your league’, it’s actually very disrespectful. Find out if someone is gay, befriend and impress them, date them. The straight girls you consider out of your league have ugly boyfriends

No. 249738

"You like that cock"
Romantic foreplay
Saying I love you during sex
Fake black metal fashion like broken promises
Hand face and neck tattoo but no leg arm or chest tattoos.
Telling me that they're a very sexual person.
Guys giving bad head but acting like they're giving amazing head.

No. 249772

>Guys giving bad head but acting like they're giving amazing head.

90% of men unfortunately and none of them seem to know how to suck on a clit without chewing on it like it's a piece of bubblegum

No. 249808

That's why it's a wierd turn off. Don't try to dictate who someone dates just because you find it "disrespectful", twitterfag.

No. 250010

>Romantic foreplay
what do you mean by that?
>Saying I love you during sex
what is it about it that you hate? Personally I think it's hot if you really like each other, but that might be just be my coomer tendencies and in reality it's not that normal?

No. 250096

Men who wear nothing but tshirts with a logo on it and jeans

I don’t like when women do this either but I feel less judgmental about it and just want to help their closet

No. 250105

When they like me. It sucks but whenever I can tell that someone is becoming genuinely interested in me, I start getting turned off.

No. 250109

File: 1647446070299.jpg (31.92 KB, 480x480, maddy-and-nate-1562704430.jpg)

Dramatic height differences, especially of the tall manly chad and the smol bean uwu variety. Picrel is so aggressively heterosexual it makes me want to barf.

No. 250112

I hate this too. A lot of height difference couples use this as their only personality trait too, like uwu he's so big and I'm so small, blergh. I am 5ft and dated a 6ft 2 man in the past and it felt awkward as fuck, like I was a child or something.

No. 250114

Agree. It weirds me out. So she has to stretch up and he has to bend down to kiss her? How would that not get annoying as fuck after a while? Also how do you have serious conversations when your boyfriend is like three feet taller than you? Imagine him bending down to hear you better lmfao that is so embarrassing.

No. 250117

I don't mind height differences but this guy looks hit in the face. He looks like a foot and looks like he smells like one too

No. 250127

>too pale
>uses internet terms in real life conversations
>doesn't like to gossip
>owns more than 3 stuffed toys and/or sleeps with them
>bad sleeping schedule/stays up late
>types 'haha'

No. 250136

I hate it when men curse at all, or speak with any sort of slang. It makes them seem trashy. Also a guy who can't type more than 5 words in a message and uses abbreviations like "hbu", it's usually a good sign they have room temp IQ.

No. 250150

Kek this is more or less my type

No. 250160

>doesn't like to gossip
what's wrong with that

No. 250174

this reeks of self-loathing your own traits

No. 250179

Oh no it's me haha

No. 250347

none of those traits apply to me, i'm just nitpicky. i want basically the male version of me, only cuter.
aw kek, if i see someone fitting this, i'll send them your way.

No. 250353

having social media is already a point against you for me, but using it every day is really going to make me question if we're a match. i find social media, especially places like instagram or twitter, attract a certain kind of person and i just know i'm going to find them annoying even if they seem cute.

No. 251470

>'funny' guys
I just had this realization and by funny I don't mean men with a sense of humor but guys who are known for 'goofing around' and making people laugh.
If they're not annoying or unfunny (which most are) we get along well and I have no problem befriending them but I would never even consider them dateable and I'm a person who's constantly joking around and would also be considered to be the 'funny' person in the group kek

No. 251487

I can’t stand “woke” performative activist men. like the kind that are getting their political takes from left-wing twitter and reddit or breadtube youtubers. I don’t want to be with someone that’s constantly virtue signaling at me, or will correct me whenever I say something politically incorrect. The absolute worst is if they support troons, and will argue that they’re still straight for liking them because “trans women are real women.”
I can also often tell that they spout those beliefs because they think women will respect them for it, which is a massive eye-roll for me

idk maybe it’s because I live in an area where men like this are common, but I personally find it to be more of a turn off than right-wing edgelord types

No. 251490

Anon YES I was just with a guy like this and he had the worst takes. He was one of those ironically racist people who thought calling a black person black was racist. I thought that was a horrible thing to call me, bonus points bc of me being mixed race and my background. It always seems to be white hispanic dudes who are like this too. I agree it is SO much more of a turn off than some right wing men (although that's shit too). This guy pretended to be for women's rights but still watched and supported porn and he used the word "bitch". He would talk shit about older men hitting on me and calling them disgusting. I just thought what a hypocrite. Lefty men are scum of the earth. They aren't for womens rights but will be quick to call you out on hurrr racism when nothing racist was even actually said. It is beyond fucking annoying to be around. I noticed the average man is like this nowadays. Quick to screech about racism but not for womens rights at all when it comes down to it.

No. 251562

lol sounds like my ex. I will say I haven't peaked, I just don't care enough to do so, but god this guy would be enough to turn anyone against trans people.
>self described 'trans-femme' but presented completely male
>Would watch the majority report every single day
>severely autistic with an AGP hairline
>Constantly liked to believe he was the pinnacle of wokeness, that he was totally and completely free of misogyny and racism
>Came from a cop family
>A well off cop family that sent him to an expensive private school for all his schooling
>Only ever watched male-focused media
>Only ever listened to white male podcasters talking about wokeism
>Pick and chose when he wanted to identify as a woman and believed he was truly as oppressed as I was, seemingly thought because he called himself femme it meant he understood what it was like to grow up and live as a woman
>Asexual, still fucked me but emotionlessly
>Constantly mansplained but when I told him he was mansplaining he'd get mad that I even referred to it as that because he's totally not a man!!

Other things he did which are now turn offs for me:
>Had his earphones in pretty much every second of the day because his ADHD was so severe he needed constant stimulation
>Owned no lamps, just the ceiling light
>Always had to have 5 things playing at once
>Never liked sitting on soft surfaces he preferred to lie his 0% body fat skeletal figure on the hard wood floor
>A high pitched, feminine voice and he never spoke in complete sentences.
>Tacking "boi" on the end of several words i.e. spicy boy (a spicy dish), cat flappy boi (yes, that's an actual example), and he'd never use it to refer to a being, always inanimate objects
>we'd planned to have sex once and he spent 30 minutes, without warning, doing floor exercises with a blank stare. Didn't tell me why, or what for. Pelvic thrusts, kicking his legs around. All while I sat there and just…..watched. No context given. Nothing. He asked me later if I found it sexy.
>Has the worst even more high pitched voice when talking to his cat.

There's definitely more, but I can't even begin to remember it all. You're probably wondering why I dated him to begin with, and I couldn't give you a solid reason other than I was really, really lonely.

No. 251565

>we'd planned to have sex once and he spent 30 minutes, without warning, doing floor exercises with a blank stare. Didn't tell me why, or what for. Pelvic thrusts, kicking his legs around. All while I sat there and just…..watched. No context given. Nothing. He asked me later if I found it sexy.
I'm so sorry but this took me out

No. 251574

I had an epiphany that I just don’t like manly, masculine, adult male faces.

No. 251576

>Feminine hands
>Extremely skinny
>Long hair
>25+ and still dressing in goth/alternative fashion (lmaooo)
>British, Scottish, or Australian accent
>Into anal sex and "kinky stuff"
>Smoker, drinks casually and becomes handsy when drunk (yikes)

No. 251591

>above 5'10
i am very short so it instantly feels like weird ddlg shit if i am with a man far too tall for me
>long fingernails and toenails
>bad teeth out of choice
as in, if they don't brush their teeth and tongue 2x a day and just neglect them even though they have the opportunity to get dental work or just brush. fucking gross, im willing to look past not being taught how to brush your teeth as a child (happened to me) but a lot of men are just lazy
>spends all of their time with their "bros" and seemingly can't exist without them
>long-term unemployed.
>shouting/getting angry at video games
>hypocrisy in terms of men and women
for example expecting me to shave anywhere whilst his ass looks like a cavernous spiders nest.
>weaponized incompetence. men know how to do the laundry and where xyz goes, don't pull that shit on me
>skinny-fat or just generally low muscle mass dad bods
i actually don't mind larger men as long as there's some sort of muscle there, even if they are a bit chunky. you're a man, you literally have 100x the testosterone of a woman, there is no excuse for you not to hold even a slight amount of muscle on your body. if your love handles and belly are softer than mine and there's not even muscle underneath you would be a genetic failure in caveman times and you probably spend your time wanking to oiled wrestling and playing league of legends. you also have no excuse not to get to a local gym considering the gym is still very much a Mans World compared to being very uncomfortable for most women
>not moaning even quietly or making some sort of pleased noise during sex
what is this, a 1920s silent film? start grunting or get out my house retard
>obsessed with the gym
not talking enjoying or being disciplined but protein farting 20x a day and their only personality trait being whether they're bulking or cutting (despite always being on a dirty bulk cos they are fat pigs who eat 7 eggs a day kek)
>watching porn
>being obsessed with kink/unable to have vanilla, normal sex
experienced this with my abusive ex who surprise surprise, was (and still is 5 years later) a porn addict who cheats on his now-gf
>being into ass stuff
you put your mouth near my asshole and i will kill you in real life
>unable to do literally anything without smoking weed beforehand
>thin thighs/thin legs
it only indicates that i can deadlift more than them
>won't even try and attempt new foods, ESPECIALLY on vacation
if we're in greece and you expect an english breakfast or chicken and fries i will literally kill you in real life (again). grow up
>comparing me to other women even if it's meant to be a compliment
i dont care if you think im a Cool Girl because i like sports and dress like a tomboy, all women are great and your dick stinks. get a job

No. 251602

>douchey diamond earrings
>facial piercings
>party lifestyle
>alt clothing
>high body count
>dyed hair/zoomer haircuts/fuck boy haircut

No. 251625

I am a nerd myself but based on my decade long experience in fandom spaces men who are into nerdy shit are the worst kind of human being on this earth.

So yeah. No gamers, no scifi nerds, no fantasy nerds, no d&d players, no anime fans etc

No. 251630

Same, I will always be a weeb but there's no way I'm dating a nerdy dude, maybe vaguely alt but normies are way more tolerable. Nerdy women are okay though.

No. 251661

imo >>249023
tl;dr nerds are worse for some reason in the US and while most of them worldwide are still pretty bad, I think you're more likely to find nerds who are decent people in other places.

No. 251709

>start grunting or get out my house retard
Very much a mood. A guy moaning is such a turn on and it's only porn rot scrotes who think they need to be dead silent while the women shrieks like a howler monkey from having her boob touched

No. 251745

Imo fit, normie dudes who happen to have some nerdy interests > dudes that personally identify as nerds and center their whole personality around geek consumerism.

No. 251756

You havee dated so many awful bri'ish men and I want to console you I know them

No. 251782

I can thank my ex for defining what I hate in men:
>significantly taller than me
>really into videogames, especially competitive FPS
>software developer
>does not know how to dress and/or wears primarily mismatched branded athletic clothes and jerseys
>road rage
>changing the subject frequently so that they control the conversation topic
>vocal TRA while also a misogynist
>similarly, being overly invested in online leftism
>watching Twitch streamers regularly and using Twitch emotes/memes in irl conversation
>lives in squalor but splashes out for gaming PCs, massive TVs, motorcycles, etc.
>totally silent during sex
>expects physical affection to lead to sex
>neglects showing any other form of affection

No. 251817

Men who flick their tongues out.

No. 251832

>dad bods or significantly overweight
You don't have to be a bodybuilder but at least work out a few times a week and eat decently.
>chewing loudly or always humming when eating
My dad does this and it annoys tf outta me
>Obsessions with any media but especially anime and capeshit
>spends large amounts of money on merch of any kind
>doesn't pick up after himself and expects me to do it
>can't cook basic meals
>pretends to be stoic when he's really just an asshole
>blasé attitude to things that affect other people but not him ("why do you care so much about trannies in ur bathroom anon? They've never bothered me")
>expects porn performances in bed or tries recreate some porn he watched
>likes anal
>says he doesn't want kids either when u say it's a deal breaker for you, only to try to change ur mind once you've sunk alot into the relationship
>says he wants us to go 50/50 with everything which means I pay half the bills but he doesn't do any domestic work
>taller than 5"10
>doesn't take care of his skin, hair or nails
>watches porn regularly
>into any kinks that involve degrading women
>quiet during sex like another anon mentioned

No. 251862

I love you nonnie, you’re so right. Amazing! Lots have been said about anime/gamer guys (ewww), they ALWAYS tend to have some form of misogynistic views. So much has been said about p0rn and lazy fat guys too. To add on:

>Delusional/Narcissistic Artsy Ambitions

I went on one date with a guy who kept bragging about wanting to become a fantasy writer and how passionate he was about it. Date went horribly and he was likely a sadistic narcissistic. His body was kinda hot though, that’s why I went out with him heh.


Guys who give out unsolicited advice on crypto/finances/investing with no one asking. One minute they’re quiet and the next they’re suddenly the crypto Bill Gates. They’re likely seeking validation for their wealth and can never stfu. Will likely judge you hard on your wealth/career too.


Guys into history or philosophy (especially World Wars, Roman History or any part of history/morals upholding males as superior beings, Nietzsche is a instant warning sign) tend to be insufferable. They read history and adapt philosophical frameworks to look down on others for not being “cultured’. They will also pretend to be more “”logical”” and “”rational”” than you and hate on liberal arts lmfaooo. Tends to have a chip on their shoulder, specifically feeling inferior to other normie guys and trying to compensate with knowledge.

>Any guy who uses social media excessively, especially 4chan

You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with, and these guys pick up on the misogynistic hiveminds like moths to a lamp, forming their core identity and values. Big red flag.

>Guys who hate on body hair on women (leg hair, armpit hair, facial hair etc)

99% have double standards (“err but she’s nasty!!”) and are sexist as hell. Also having such an intensive hate for such natural, minor things shows his true character and need for control.

Damn this is like 95% of guys.

No. 251876

Any man who wants to hurt a woman during sex (or at anytime really, but so many people think it's normal for sex in particular and act like you're weird or hate sex altogether for disliking it), doesn't matter how """lightly""" he does it, it's just a recipe/excuse for abuse and in some scenarios possible death. Actually the more I think about it most so called "normal" sex acts in general seem bizarre and harmful to me.

No. 251886

When they own rodents as pets.

No. 251888

Very specific

No. 251890

You’re just insecure

No. 251899

you meant to say reptiles, rodents are fine.

No. 251912

nta but how is that post insecure? social media is cancer.

No. 252135

When they crumple the plastic water bottle as theyre drinking it

No. 252220

Maybe it's not that weird but small hands on a man. I don't care for whatever the hands can do sexually etc etc it's just the nastiest trait to me visually tbh.

No. 252233

Men that listen to Joe Rohan and watch UFC

No. 252241

Taking selfies and posting them on social medias. Bonus point if they use any kind of filter.

No. 252549

Manwhores. Tired of the idea that a man becomes more desirable the more women hes fucked. Its the opposite for me and gotten a few salty replies from men who were stunned to learn this.

No. 253418

what is it about it that you hate? Personally I think it's hot if you really like each other,

what do you mean by that?

It's probably because my abusive ex really like that stuff and I didn't like it all he tried to be romantic when sexually abusing me

No. 253424

Sperging about Vikings or how they have Viking ancestry. Being into "paganism".

No. 253433

>prefers dogs over cats
>listens to violent or aggressive music regularly
>wants kids
>watches violent movies
>has social media at all
>is particularly interested in porn or has a high sex drive
>not left wing
>blue eyed
>judges me or others for occasional drinking, smoking, drugs, etc
>won't do any drugs at all whatsoever
>has never experienced depression
>has a pre-occupation with masculinity at all
>on the other hand, has an interest in specifically being feminine - both are red flags to me
>at all interested in fashion or appearance much beyond basic grooming and hygiene
>doesn't cry or express emotions often
>barely speaks or communicates little with me
>doesn't comfort people
>doesn't have any interest in volunteering or helping where possible
>speaks in absolutist language within the relationship about relationship struggles specifically or interpersonal issues (dramatic, dishonest)
>doesn't have foresight or any anxiety at all
>has an aversion to soy, plant based products, etc
>is at all religious
>is a philosophyfag
>talks about "the downfall of western civilization"
>too stupid to understand or too dishonest to recognize dogwhistles

major, major red flag

No. 253436

File: 1648906654807.jpeg (45.1 KB, 640x640, 11F49A08-2D2F-45A8-A11B-7FF5D4…)

>mfw some parts of the first half of these are my preferences for men

Though I do agree with a lot you said in the latter half

No. 253506

>at all interested in fashion or appearance much beyond basic grooming and hygiene
is that a bad thing? i wish more men cared about their looks

No. 253577

Based, I feel the exact same way and I'm tired of the narrative that we should be falling over ourselves for these nasty walking STDs
>gotten a few salty replies from men who were stunned to learn this
kek what did they say?

No. 253580

You need to communicate with your partner instead of shit talking him on the internet. This is literally your fault.

No. 253582

Stop being a dickhead.

No. 253589

NTA but I think it was a bait post anyways, why would any woman date a guy 22 her senior and be shocked he's a pedo?

No. 253592

oh girl you’ll prolly die alone

No. 253886

Genuinely cannot see how porn rots peoples brains, thinks being anti porn is anti sex. The modern internet understanding of sex positivity in general… Brain rot baby!

No. 253968

Not even here for the thread, just wanted to say you're fun anon

No. 254068

taking selfies
being a humanities student
talking about their feelings

No. 254091

Can't cook for themselves, and I don't just mean the standard fare of steak and potatoes. If he can't cook something outside of his culture/nationality, he sucks.

No. 254679


No. 255051

Men being nice when they do not need to be

No. 255131

>when they do not need to be

No. 255561

>types 'haha'
Wait, is ''lol'' better? What am I supposed to type? Help

No. 255618

I might sound insane for this, but loving cheese. It's just gross, I hate the smell and taste of cheese. I don't want to be intimate with someone who regularly touches cheese.

No. 255620

Sorry for even telling you this but I remember stumbling across a category of amateur porn before where men are aroused by their own dick cheese.. letting it build up and filming themselves playing with it.

No. 255626

ironically i love cheese but i feel exactly this same way about people who like ketchup and mustard

No. 256434

When he lets his fingernails get slightly too long. I'm the type that always keeps my nails super short so when a guy's nails are longer than mine it disgusts me. Like what the fuck is wrong with you? Clip your talons, nosferatu

No. 256444

I think scrolling on your phone/using social media in bed with your partner or on a date is rude and offputting to me. I'm trying to have a no phone in bed rule myself. The only way it would be acceptable to me is of they were showing memes

No. 256452

I feel you nona. This guy I used to work with always drank milk during the coffee breaks and it disgusts me to this day. I kind of liked him but that was such a turn off. I know it's retarded but the idea that someone drinks cow juice for their own pleasure.. I love cows but that's so fucking disgusting. I kept the guy as a friend though, we lived on the same block so I went to his apartment one time and when we went to his bedroom (his brother came in and brought retarded friends so we got out) I saw about 5 or 6 packs of milk on the side of his desk, like up against the wall. I asked 'what are those for' and he said he filled them with water and used them for shooting targets (he was really into guns) and it just clicked lol. Still fucking gross, if you drink dairy milk you're fucking disgusting.

No. 256458

Would it be different if it were a plant milk, like almond milk or something?

No. 256467

Absolutely! If he drank oat milk or something I wouldn't care but milk gives your such gross sour breath and that fatty film that comes on it when you warm it up, hell even typing this is giving me shivers. Give me a soyboy, I don't give a fuck.

No. 256472

That sounds like bad milk. If it gives you a sour taste and smells bad, it's probably contaminated. I heard that in America they treated cows so bad and they all had their udders infected so the milk was full of pus. Disgusting.

No. 256476

Ew what the fuck! Thank god I'm a Eurofag (I guess it's not much better here though) and haven't drank milk since I was like 5 lol.

No. 256479

"milk breath" and thickened phlegm are normal with all dairy. uk/europe still have pus allowances but they're lower than the us. kind of feel like that's a "pee in the pool" situation, though

No. 256486

Beards. Ngl if it was a really short trimmed beard (like the minimum to be considered a beard) I wouldn't mind, but men who grow out their beards these days usually have more than that. A part of the problem for me is that a lot of men grow beards to hide their weak jaws and nonexistent chins, which is repulsive. I don't want no chinlets. And also the weird obsession men have with making their beards a part of their personality, or pretending like just having a beard will make women more attracted to them, it's so fucking cringey, plus these guys usually have a complex about their masculinity which is another turn off for me. And of course from a hygiene perspective beards are terrible, I remember reading a study about E. coli being found in men's beards.

No. 256509

saging but nah nonnie youre the retarded one, fortified milk / dairy consumption improves your vitamin d levels which is important when the deficiency is so common. thinking someone is gross for drinking the most ancient and traditional form of human nutrition is indeed weird and stupid

No. 256510

First world problems, you should like an asshole. YTA

No. 256511

No. 256515

File: 1649980676989.jpg (29.92 KB, 600x380, 0f9.jpg)

Some of us just don't like the taste and know that milk is for babies, but you do you, nonnie.

No. 256517

Date a manlet, who does not consume dairy at all. You all are being babies on here too

No. 256522

nah nonnie i kind of agree with you against the other anons even though i personally like milk from cows and almost exclusively drink water and milk. I have to do extra work to get rid of the milky film after milk, and we all the know the cleanliness standards of men. even if you do potentially get stuck with a manlet

No. 256577

what level of retardation has led you to believe height has anything to do with dairy consumltion

No. 256580

>for a normal on topic post that you disagree with
nta but posts like this should warrant a infighting ban lol what's the point

No. 256585

I actually like manlets, I'm 10 cm below the average height in my country so I kind of like it when they're short, it's like you can actually talk to them. (I'm 1.60 cm and know plenty of guys who are 1.90 or more, I just feel like I'm talking to my dad or uncle or something. Imagine a bigger turn off kek.) And idrc about the other anons (sorry), I'm a vegan so that doesn't help much either. I just let my autism fly a little bit, I'm still friends with him though so I'm not that much of an asshole I don't think lol. But seeing people drink milk makes me want to throw up.

No. 256595

>most trad nutrition
>most of us can’t even digest that shit

No. 256597

Haven't you ever heard of calcium to help you grow?

No. 256624

>Actually believing dairy industry propaganda

No. 256631

hard agree, idg why that other anon is pissed

No. 256653

come on grandma, time to take your dehydrated soy mince and b12 supplements before you go to bed.

No. 256681

File: 1650058216282.jpg (52.87 KB, 750x774, 145zj9khjja41.jpg)

>t. triggered chinlet

No. 256682

fact that i cant tell whether its a scrote or a tradthot shows how retarded she is

No. 256688

They also make a guy look significantly older. I've seen men that look 40+ with beards but look early-mid 20s clean-shaven. It is like some sort of black magic. Beards make most men look old and ugly.

No. 256709

I like stubble depending on the guy, and I don't particularly hate actual beards but I don't find them attractive either.
However, I fucking despite hipster beards, as it seems that every male who wants to "look good" has one nowadays. Literally every man I see these days in real life who has a beard, has one of those abominations. At the barbershop, they're all getting hipster beards. Disgusting.

If you really believe a poster is a moid then report the post.

No. 256729

Strangely enough that's a reason why some men grow beards, judging from what I've read online. I don't understand it and I think it's retarded, but apparently men think it's better to look older.

No. 256737

Naked ankles in winter. You know the style.

No. 256768

When their life revolves around their gender/sexuality/political view/religion/astrology/whatever the fuck else and it's the only thing they talk about

No. 262087

It'd kind of make sense if he was Asian tbh. If he's white then that's sus

No. 262201

bad hairline

No. 262302

Same, balding/bald men are a HUGE turnoff. I've never been attracted to a bald man ever, not even the ones who are touted as examples of attractive bald men. A good head of hair is extremely important to me.

No. 262325

honest question, how red flaggy is it? I know a moid who went Norse Pagan only recently, he sounds insufferable when he talks about it, every time he does I’m convinced he found some kind of cult in his area since apparently he was taught by ‘elders’ to be ‘rune keeper’ who can give people Pagan marriages and tell their fortune, fucking lol. How bad is a guy who’s been this for years?

No. 262328

>guys with gross sasquatch body hair, it’s like pubes sprinkled all over them
>baldness or shitty head hair
>long beards or moustaches, this isn’t the medieval ages
>being insufferably ‘passionate’ or dedicated to some hobby of theirs because they desperately seek attention or self worth (see: annoying artists/poets who think they’re intellectually hot shit or nerds into tech consoomerism)
>bad fashion. If they want a date they need to know how to attract women and having an undeveloped dress sense is not gonna cut it.
>no manners or sense of politeness, I hate dudebros and younger guys who swear every five seconds
>guys who grow beards not just out of preference but to hide their disgusting weak jaws. I’m not getting with a mouth breather.
>Liking anime. I was a weeb too but male weebs are red flags for being porn addicts, pedos or mentally stunted, or they just have shit taste kek
>chunky square sausage hands, I’ll be so pissed off if I get a decent boyfriend but his hands aren’t hot and elegant
>ugly squinty/small eyes or, conversely, some Steve Buscemi shit
>Lisping. The greatest and only cure for lisping is learning to talk without one. SO JUST DO IT.

No. 262369

this, I would never ever fuck a guy who’s implying to be into that. Also telling people who aren’t your close friends about sexual stuff is a major red flag for me. stay the fuck away from me you weirdo, I don’t want to hear what turns you on lol fuck outta here

my personal redflags:
>oversharing about sexual stuff, major redflag and often the tip of the coomer iceberg
>oversharing about personal issues in general
>shitting at other people for cool points/talking. nitpicking about strangers appearance in public while they are right next to you, get a grip you rude fuck
>fawning over the latest buzzwords and trends while not having an agenda on your own, virtue signaling. stfu, just engage in activism if you care about these causes so much.
>constant complaining about things
>being loud and annoying and unable to respect or even recognize personal boundaries
>compulsive smart-assing/big ego, wanting to have strong opinions on topics you barely know anything about
>bad teeth, lack of personal hygiene
this could be countered by a great personality to some degree, but:
>ugly stick legs, no ass no arms etc skinny prettyboys turn me off

No. 262399

this has to be written by a moid

No. 262402

NTA but how

No. 262447

doesn't seem moidy to me

No. 262502

> hairy backs, body hair in general
> wannabe rappers
> people who get their whole personality and humor from tiktok
> moles on the face specifically disgust me, but I hate them anywhere in general
> Youngboy and Carti fans

> undefined/flat asses

> Receding hairlines/ being bald
> people who’s only idea of fun is drinking and partying
> Really broad shoulders and no hips, on either gender
> Bright icy blue eyes
> doesn’t know how to dress
> Trustfund babies
> caveman browbone

> Very flat face

> spray tanning
> musical fans
> Noses that are too narrow
> Drag Queen makeup
> EDM fans
> Gamer weeb males
> being obsessed with status and wealth
> skinny with lack in curves
> Multicolored hair
> half shaved head
> bashing slang, extremely snotty and boring people. They ALWAYS think they’re more intelligent just because they don’t use it too

No. 262508

>Really broad shoulders and no hips, on either gender
men with wide hips look weird imo. ..boyega-chan?
also what does flat face mean?

No. 262934

Why do Indians have Dirty skin?(racebait)

No. 262972

If he's an Apple fanboy I'm out

No. 262978

>moles on the face specifically disgust me, but I hate them anywhere in general

Okay, you can pay for all my mole removal surgeries

No. 262998

Nta but I like moles on faces, as long as they're not hairy.

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