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File: 1525338311625.jpg (202.01 KB, 483x725, 07-tall-and-short.jpg)

No. 81513

What are the pros and cons of being short/tall?
Are you happy with your height or do you wish you could change it?

No. 81514

imo, both have their pros and cons, but specifically short girls with long torsos/generally stumpy builds may as well fit in the same ballpark as being average to start. when they've got the length and thickness of an average girl without having the petiteness their height should bely, it's just incredibly unfortunate. lots of cows like that, i've observed, and they always sell themselves as smol beans… the bulkier the bitches are the more they want to be small. tragic

tall girls, though? elegant as fuck when they have the confidence to style themselves appropriately. elven, almost. and petite short girls are for sure seen as adorable- although they do get targeted for a lot of fucking about based on their size if they're (naturally) of the under-100 lb size class, particularly the closer they get to 80, so it's a bit of a tradeoff of whether one wants to be admired and respected or endearing and precious

No. 81529

I’m 5’7-8, not sure which. Before I moved to a larger city I used to think I was too tall and insecure about my height. I now see women taller than me all the time. I still feel insecure about it every now and then, but that’s mainly because due to my height my shoulders are kind of big and my boyfriend is 5’11 so sometimes I wish we had a bigger height gap. Besides that I’m starting to really love my height. I can fluctuate 10 pounds and it’s hardly noticeable, I can wear practically whatever I want, and I’ve got legs for days. I can look stylish with minimal effort just cause of my shape, and I can easily command attention. I do, however, think there’s something undeniably attractive about petite, feminine women. I used to be disgustingly jealous until I started gaining confidence.

No. 81533

I'm 5'2", not really happy about it. If I were taller I could become underweight and model, but as it is I'm underweight now and just sort of look like a little kid with a huge head that's as big as my waist.

It pisses me off so much to see tall fat girls. What a waste.

No. 81535

I'm 5'8, not really happy about it. If I were shorter I could become underweight and be cute, but as it is I'm underweight now and just sort of look like a lanky man.

It pisses me off so much to see short fat girls. What a waste.

No. 81536

I'm 5'7 and I wouldn't mind being a little taller, wouldn't want to be any shorter tho, I feel like shorter women aren't taken very seriously.

No. 81537

Tall "fat" girl here, I'm 1.78m/5'10

>being scolded for "not behaving my age", thinking I'm a lot older than I actually was, while giving my same-aged friends a pass
>getting asked if I'm a nurse at 8
>being mistaken for a teacher in elementary school
>being mistaken for being my Dad's wife at 10
>old men making creepy comments thinking I'm 16-18
>teacher telling my mother I'll never get a man when I was just a 5th grader
>teacher thinking I repeated class, since I have to be older
>unrealistically high expectations in sports
>started developing an ED at 13 to feel smaller
>not participating in prom dance since too tall for any boy
In conclusion: many of my childhood memories revolve around negative experiences because of my height.
Dating is a problem, since even though I'm living in a rather tall country I'm still a bit taller than the average guy, meaning my dating pool is small. And just because somebody happens to be my height or taller doesn't mean he also wants a tall gf. Short guys have often treated me like shit, e.g. "Why are you so tall?!" instead of "Hi, my name's…"

Since a year ago or so I started liking my height. Like I mentioned before I suffered of an ED and have a generally low self esteem. Sometimes I feel so anxious and self conscious that I'm drenched in sweat while walking through the streets and in situations like that it helps me to tell myself that I'm at least physically "superior", that nobody of these short people could even hurt me, blah blah. Also, looking around and seeing tons of short girls makes me think that actually I wouldn't want to to look like that.
Same when I walk around alone at night, I never need to fear somebody just grabbing me.
After starving myself i gained a lot of weight back, but i guess my tall height helps me to not look completely out of shape.

Anyways, loosing weight is definitely one of my main goals (also because I always dreamed of being a model…)
Unforunatly i don't have gazelle legs like many other tall girls, mine aren't overly long and my calves are strangely bulky. Becaue of that getting long enough pants isn't that difficult, but shirts, dresses, jackets…

No. 81538

5'5" here, which I think is a good middle ground height for women in most places, however I recently moved to UK for uni and it's like I'm a giantess here, even good half of men are shorter than me. It would be fine if I had normal self esteem I guess but I don't.
It reminds me of elementary school when I was the first of my class to start developing and essentially looked the same as I do now from ages 9 onward while the rest of my classmates were puny prepubescent twigs for another 5-6 years. Which came with most of the cons >>81537 listed.
That being said, I wouldn't like to be any shorter as short girls tend to have worse proportions and I am quite happy with mine.

No. 81541

idk why tall women seem to think short girls aren't sexualized as kids??? All women are sexualized as children, and short women are also infantilized for their entire adult life. Men don't consider tall women "unfuckable", they consider short women to be "fuckable" and nothing more. Tall women have the option of being treated like real people. Who the fuck wants to be "cute" or "adorable" as an adult?

No. 81543

Yes, because having the first comment out of someone's mouth be about your abnormal height is "treating us like people". Tall women get compared to giants/monsters/men/basketball players/amazons. Because being held to a much higher standard than kids your age or EVEN KIDS WHO ARE OLDER THAN YOU simply for being tall is so much better than being called "cute",right?

I'm sorry but I'd rather be referred to as "cute" or "adorable",at least those have positive connotations.

Men regard tall women as ONS material,
they regard short women as marriage material.

No. 81544

Wtf are you saying tall women AND short women are regarded as marriage material by men, if they only take you as a FWB / ONS the problem is you, not your height. I can't with the paranoid self hating on this site.

No. 81545

I'm 5'11" and I really like it.
>feeling physically powerful, especially if i'm working out and can be strong+tall
>looks good in clothes
>can coast on skinnyfat for a looong time before looking overweight
>direct eye contact height or taller than most guys around me kek. it's petty but it pleases my inner amazon
>can protect/pick up/shield short girl friends if they're into that
>coworkers don't always have to ask men to reach high up things and similar tasks. they can just ask me
>dating pool is usually open minded because guys who have the personality to not like tall girls because we're too manly or some shit automatically weed themselves out

>tall since early childhood and i think people treated me as older and tougher than i was because of it. i think people didn't realize what a sensitive kid i was and expected me to just handle things maturely.
> i always thought feeling dainty,feminine,and protected just wasn't my thing but no one has ever treated me that way until my bf so maybe I just missed out.
>legitimately difficult to find cute non-maxi skirts and dresses that cover my ass. pants difficult too. tfw you can never wear your bf's tshirt as a cute nightdress.

No. 81546

No. 81549

The paper you linked are arguing that women are 3.9% more likely to report being happier if they're with a taller man or a man who make a lot more money than them, not that men don't view tall women as marriage material. Plus the data were collected in Indonesia, a rather misogynistic country.

No. 81550

my 6'4 boyfriend complains that I am small at 5'6. I think it's all relative.

No. 81552

Because one experience outweighs the study of 22,000 people?

Anyways, short women like >>81541 >>81533 need to accept that tall women's lives tend suck just as much.
But since you were so coddled as a kid you just can't seem to accept that other people have problems too I guess, 's fine.

No. 81554

your study is shite anyway and doesn't support what you're saying.

Height obviously is relative. There's almost a foot between me and my boyfriend. The outliers are usually those at the extreme ends of the scale, like someone 5'1 dating someone 6'6. Scale to height anon. Are tall girls really upset a small bloke might not potentially want to marry them? Go after one of the tall hotties.

No. 81557

>5'5, UK, giantess
Huh? You're only 1 inch taller than the average height in the UK (which is also the same in my country), so I'm sorry to say this, but I highly doubt you were treated the same as I was…

>idk why tall women seem to think short girls aren't sexualized as kids???
I assume your anger was directed at my comment
>old men making creepy comments thinking I'm 16-18
Obviously I agree that kids of all height sadly do happen to be sexualized, but if it happens to a short or normal looking kid this person is a pedo. What I meant was that men thought I'm so much older that it's okay to hit on me:
>Anon, you're cute, do you have a bf?
>No, I'm too young for that…
>Huh, why? How old are you?
>I'm 10.
>Oh shit, I'm so sorry, i really thought you're over 18!

>tall since early childhood and i think people treated me as older and tougher than i was because of it. i think people didn't realize what a sensitive kid i was and expected me to just handle things maturely.
> i always thought feeling dainty,feminine,and protected just wasn't my thing but no one has ever treated me that way until my bf so maybe I just missed out.
I can relate to that, I always tried to act tougher than I actually was simply because I feel like this is what people expect me to be. I never really had any feminine hobbies, don't allow myself to act "weak" or find things cute, because i guess it would look really awkward if a girl as tall as me would e.g. act all scared while watching a horror movie or if there's a spider, etc.

No. 81558

Being average height is nice, ~165cm, because I can find clothes my size and thankfully I look good in almost everything (due to good proportions). The only downside is that it can be a bit boring. Tall girls look confident and striking, whereas short girls look dainty and adorable.

No. 81561

Reading posts by short girls who're seething with jealousy like your's makes me feel better about being tall lol, thank you.
But seriously anon, contain your hateboner for tall chicks.

>short women are also infantilized for their entire adult life.

>Tall women have the option of being treated like real people. Who the fuck wants to be "cute" or "adorable" as an adult?
Maybe you'd be taken more seriously if you actually acted like an adult? Hysterial screeching usually doesn't exactly say "Hey, I'm a mature adult, respect me"…

No. 81562

5'5" anon here, sorry I didn't mean to infringe on your experiences! just most of the things you listed were relevant to my childhood because I looked like a "fully developed adult" early on. I agree I was only ever "tall" in relation to my classmates, it was mostly 2ndary sexual characteristics and my face that made me look older but height did contribute to it as well. Just tried to give some bg for why feeling tall elicits such bad feelings despite being average height for an adult, I know it doesn't make much sense

No. 81563

I'm 5'10 and never dated despite already being 22.
I once spent an evening with a guy am he also wanted to continue meeting me, but he was shorter than me and walking arm in arm with him made me feel like shit… I somehow only get hit on by shorter (and usually older guys) and i know that some people would tell me to not be too picky, but i'm already so insecure about my height that being together with a shorter guy would be a daily reminder of this…

No. 81565

5’11 here.
My height doesn’t come up often. Im slim, I wear nice clothes, I have tall and short friends, and I take care of myself. No one says anything bad to me about my height. People compliment me and say I could be a model. People also compliment my short best friend and tell her she’s so feminine. I don’t know why short girls wanna shit on tall girls, but just do you. I don’t know why some tall girls feel bad about it when it’s been marketed as so attractive for so long. You guys must’ve had some shit experiences as a child. But that’s over now, you’re adults. Obsessing over your height makes you look childish and insecure. No one cares. And if they do, fuck them and find better people. Make friends with short and tall people, don’t judge people for their height, and find people who won’t judge you for yours. It honestly shouldn’t even be a factor in your life outside of clothes shopping and dating.

No. 81566

I'm 176cm which is on the taller side of average. I wouldn't mind being 180 or so, tall+skinny girls look great!

No. 81567

>You guys must’ve had some shit experiences as a child. But that’s over now, you’re adults. Obsessing over your height makes you look childish and insecure.
That's like telling somebody who was bullied to just get over it…
You were just lucky, but many tall girls get bullied as children and/or teens. Just because it's suddenly seen as something desireable once you hit your 20s, doesn't mean you can magically shake off all these years of people telling you that and treating you like you're basically a freak of nature…
And let's be real, being tall is only seen as something positive on a young, attractive and thin women; if you're average weight it's immediately no longer cute.

No. 81570

I am 4’10. I’m happy with being short. I’ve come to terms that stereotypically I may appear “cute” rather than pretty or sexy. I used to envy taller girls or even 5”4 girls who are the “average height”. Since I got made fun of in school. But now that I’m older nobody really gives a fuck other than the occasional “u look 12” jokes. Just accepting it has helped my self esteem rather than trying to change something I can’t. The downside is, it’s very easy to put on weight if you’re shorter. A 100lb girl can seem pudgy on a shorter stature if living a sedentary lifestyle. I noticed I do eat less portion sizes than my taller friends. It’s just a matter of anatomy.

No. 81571

um, what? I work in a male-dominated field and I am taken seriously only when I am 100% consistent about being extremely agressive. If I'm laid back or personal for even a second people start treating me like their daughter. You sound like a very proud person - imagine your boss patting you on the head because you mentioned you bought a car. You'd be fuming too.

No. 81572

>That's like telling somebody who was bullied to just get over it…
If you’re holding on to be being bullied when you were a child as an adult, I definitely would tell you to get over it. Move on with your life.
>being tall is only seen as something positive on a young, attractive and thin women
Kek, yeah? And that’s same for being short or being average. Being young and attractive affect you far more than height. You can be attractive and tall or attractive and short, or plain and tall or plain and short. The thing that is going to matter is the first thing, not the second. Ugly short girls don’t have an easier life than ugly tall girls. Pretty short girls aren’t missing out on how pretty tall girls are treated.

No. 81574

What i was trying to say is, that only if you look model-tier and are also as thin, people are fine with you being tall. As soon as you're normal weight, you'll be called manish or amazonian.
However if you're of normal or short height, nobody will expect you to be that skinny and you'll still appear feminine and somewhat attractive at an average BMI.

>If you’re holding on to be being bullied when you were a child as an adult, I definitely would tell you to get over it. Move on with your life.

It's not that easy, you can't just forget all that. And it's not like getting snide comments a la "i can't see because of the man in fornt of me teehee" at a concert or people asking you whether you really like being that tall (as if that's something i have any control over…) stop once you've hit certain age.

No. 81575

i would love to be at the very least 175cm. tall people are percieved as respectable imo

everyone at my workplace is around 190cm and so is my boyfriend. at 165cm i look like a joke of a human (of course i am far from petite too)

No. 81577

>you'll be called manish or amazonian.
Again, I’m 5’11 and this has never happened.
> "i can't see because of the man in fornt of me teehee" at a concert or people asking you whether you really like being that tall
Again, nope. Where do you live where people are so shitty? Where I live no one would be a dick like that.

No. 81578

Anon you're being a dick. Just because it didn't happen to you, doesn't mean others were that lucky.
I pretty much spent my entire youth trying to get over an ED solely caused by my wish to be smaller, so many people treated me and other anons like shit, hell there are even tall girls out there who slouch terribly in an attempt to be shorter and get permanent damage in their neck and spine, yet all of this can't be true since you always felt amazing…

No. 81584

File: 1525384990217.jpg (64.56 KB, 604x340, cdc.jpg)

How many troll threads of these are we gonna have. OP how fucking new are you? We have like 3 other ones that aren't being bumped for multiple reasons. Use the catalogue, but really this thread needs to stop because it brings out all the jealous tall anons who whine about being called amazons or whatever.

No. 81614

>it brings out all the jealous tall anons who whine about being called amazons or whatever.
Short anon detected. It was clearly a fellow shorty of yours who got all bothered and started this, see >>81533 and >>81541.
>It pisses me off so much to see tall fat girls. What a waste.

No. 81680

I don't have a "hateboner" for tall girls, I'm just jealous of the height and I think I could do more with it.

As someone who also looks fairly young, I get given the kids' menu at restaurants before even opening my mouth. I don't get why you seem to think short women partake in "hysterical screeching". There's no need to be so aggressive.

No. 81685

>As someone who also looks fairly young, I get given the kids' menu at restaurants before even opening my mouth
No you don't, this shit doesn't happen IRL. Idk why shorties feel the need to lie online, maybe it make them feel better about their midget legs?

No. 81686

There's no way I can convince you of what my experiences have been, so I'll let this be. You should try to be less bitter.

No. 81691

> my spechul height makes me look under the age of 15.

Not even that anon but you sound like you are projecting a bit.

No. 81695

Yes it does. I’m 5’11 but my best friend is pretty short. She’s always mistaken from behind as a child, usually by older people. She even gets the child’s ticket sometimes to movies or events. If they don’t have a womanly body and they’re very short, why is it out of the realm of possibility for someone to think they could be 12? Unless they have classic age signs like grey hair or significant breasts or makeup, with a glance they could be mistaken.
Idk why you think someone would lie about that. It’s embarrassing and makes her feel unattractive and demeaned. It’s not a good thing to happen.

No. 81697

>from behind
Lmao ok I believe this happen, but I'm pretty sure as soon she turn around and shows her adult face people stop thinking she's twelve. The only reason she might get child's ticket is because people aren't focused and really don't give a fuck not because she genuinely look like a child.
The only reason I don't believe you guys is because every single person I've met IRL who claimed to look like a child online ended up looking very much their age and even a little older sometimes.

No. 81700

File: 1525512707848.gif (441.97 KB, 500x250, kws1.gif)


I know only one female who gets mistaken for a child. She's short, skinny and dresses like a boy. She does not use makeup.

People mistake her for a kid because she's so socially awkward, looks at the ground and avoids the gaze of others. She barely speaks. Her mannerisms scream an awkward 13 year old.

Unfortunately a lot of spergs that are short and skinny are convinced they are youthful, instead of realising they are radiating awkward teenage behavior. It's not somehow cute or youthful to act like a sperg.

>uwu people keep on thinking I am 12

>acts 12

No. 81701

I've been asked if I'm 12 several times, I don't get why that would be something to brag about? I get wanting to look younger is desirable, but not 12. That is just humiliating.

(To be fair, it is probably because I am non-white that people can't figure out my age, not my height)

No. 81702

>There's no need to be so aggressive.
Come on, anon. Read your original post again and rethink who was being aggressive lol. I only answered those, you were being a cunt even though the posters before you only shared their experiences and never said anything negative about shorter girls.
>As someone who also looks fairly young, I get given the kids' menu at restaurants before even opening my mouth
Even elemantary students already eat adult stuff, what 5-year-old has tits, ass and wears makeup?

Well I also have quite a few very short friends and again, they get treated exactly as I am, they're just shorter, but their figures, faces, styling etc prevents them from looking younger. Maybe your friend just dresses too childish…

No. 81704

Lol, so you not only have such a tiny ugu body that you get mistaken for a toddler, but you also don't crack or raisin'?

No. 81705

I'm like… 5'9'', so not crazy tall, but above average.

I don't know how to feel about it.

I find a lot of people do equate my height to me being masculine by default, and I definitely don't like that. It's not everyone, of course, but it's enough that I've developed an insecurity about it.

I'm also not straight, so me being tall tends to make people assume I'm the "man" in the relationship when I'm with another woman. That's annoying.

I also have trouble feeling cute in general. I feel like cute is a term more reserved for petite women. I feel like if I want to be attractive, I have to put effort into looking mature and elegant, that sort of thing. It's not inherently bad, but it's just not really my style, especially because I'm still pretty young.

But I like having long legs. I tend to carry my weight okay. And it's not like I've got people constantly telling me I'm a man or whatever. So it's not all bad.

No. 81706

No? Just that it can be hard for people who aren't familiar with different facial features to guess their age? If I were to move to a less homogeneous country, people would most likely guess my age just fine.

No. 81707

No women are treated like humans by society, honey. The risk of getting assaulted, the risk of needing an abortion and not being able to have it, the risk of being abused, the risk of earning less, the risk of being objectified or harassed when standards are not met, the risk of being treated as inferior and dumber because of your sex, they are all equal for any height.

No. 81710

File: 1525515831065.jpg (262.93 KB, 933x1400, will1.jpg)

Imo taller girls tend to appear younger more often. If you're very tall and slim you can easily look rather lanky, like a teen who had a growth spurt, whereas shorter ladies really need to watch their weight, just a few pounds can make a huge difference and they therefore also look more "womanly".
Also, the younger generations are getting always taller (i feel like girls who're teens nowadays are already so much taller than my friends and i…), so short doesn't really equal young and tall =/= old.

No. 81712

I'm 6 feet and I didn't really enjoy it until recently. Elementary through early high school was a LOT of bullying.
Now that I'm in my early 20's I'm really enjoying it and have no shame for being very tall (it's especially "weird" since I live in SoCal and take public transit 5 days a week).
Most my friends are about 5'3" and I enjoy being able to defend them. Dating is awful though.

No. 81715

File: 1525519636839.png (6.53 MB, 1932x1606, tl.png)

>I also have trouble feeling cute in general. I feel like cute is a term more reserved for petite women. I feel like if I want to be attractive, I have to put effort into looking mature and elegant, that sort of thing. It's not inherently bad, but it's just not really my style, especially because I'm still pretty young.

I think "cuteness" and "elegance/sexyness" depend a lot less on height than most people are saying here.

Case in point: Taylor Swift is 178cm/5'9, Lady Gaga is 155cm/5'0

No. 81720

I don't have large breasts or very womanly hips. Combined with the fact that kids nowadays present themselves as much older than they actually are, its an understandable mistake to make.

No. 81733

File: 1525535120543.jpg (22.86 KB, 500x669, audrey-hepburn-ballet-funny-fa…)

Audrey Hepburn is also tall-ish (5'7) and I'd still consider her to be really 'cute'. Does being short help with being perceived as cute? Sure, but being tall doesn't ruin your chance of being cute.

No. 81754

But sadly looking cute as a tall girl only works if you're underweight…

No. 81759

I'm white and this is my experience as well. It is not something to brag about and it is an inconvenience in my everyday life. When I order coffee, I get asked if I'm allowed to drink that. It's humiliating. I don't understand why some tall anons get massively triggered over this, I would like to be taken seriously, but I don't go around telling them I disbelieve their experiences.

The only way I've been able to be thought of as a legal adult is if I wear heavy makeup, use a bunch of tricks to make it seem like my breasts are there, and dress as maturely as possible. Even then I get comments like "you still look just 18, tee hee".

In real life, people berate you for this and it hurts.

No. 81761

Eh, I think it's largely subjective.

I think NikkieTutorials is cute and she's pretty big both ways. But, again, subjective.

No. 81763

I'm nearly 23 and still a kissless virgin. My friends tell me i'm pretty, older people compliment me as well and while i think that i'm not super attractive i'm sure that i'm certainly not that ugly either.
My main problem is simply that i'm taller than majority of guys. Some of them are shocked when i stand up or downright say it, meaning my height is what puts them off.

As a child was bullied by older boys and treated unfairly by adults. Even now people still think that comments or even jokes about how "weirdly" tall i am are okay. I've developed somewhat of a hunchback after years of trying to appear shorter(also starved myself, because "omg how can a girl weigh 130?!").
Whenever i sit next to a guy o feel self conscious since my hands are so massive (feet as well, but they're of course not as noticable). I'm naturally athletic so the boys in my class always asked whether i lift, since my shoulders and back are so wide.

When i was still a kid i always imagined just being able to peel of a thick layer of skin all over my body and magically be normal sized. I would give everything to be shorter and finally feel like a normal girl.
I wanr to wear cute stuff, look cute, and also allow myself to do cute things and not pretend to be strong, manly and fearless, because this is what everybody expects me to be.
I just want to feel loved and protected for once. My friends were still allowed to occasionally sit on their parents lap at 10, while i was already too big in kindergarten; truly makes you feel like a monster…

No. 81766

How tall are you, anon?
>taller than most guys
Are you between 6' and 6'5" or so? I'm sorry people won't let you be in the role you want.

It's a pity you're straight, lots of bi and lesbian girls like tall chicks. I personally think tall feminine women are super cute.

Regardless! I'm sure you'll find a nice bf someday, maybe go for short (and buff, since you like the protection thing) men? They probably have similar issues, in the reverse.

No. 81809

File: 1525590037107.jpg (315.93 KB, 798x1200, gemmaandlily.jpg)

the stereotype that tall women cant be cute sucks. sucks that tall women are perceived as old defaulty too. people want tall women to be strong, elegant, sexy, which are all good things but thats not what all tall girls want. it can be discouraging.
some inspiration for cute tall girls are definitely models, both gemma ward and lily cole are at 5'10 and are some of the cutest models of their time.

audrey is cute!

No. 81811

File: 1525594585281.jpg (69.97 KB, 306x923, 331C521900000578-3537437-image…)

It's nice to see some positivity in one of these threads for once!

And now for some love for the short girls who want to be perceived as mature/hot/elegant/sexy!

I can think of so many guys' whose first answer to "who do you find hot?" is Mila Kunis! She's 5'3

No. 81812

File: 1525594692328.jpg (13.29 KB, 240x360, the-avengers_medium.jpg)

Same goes for Scarlett Johansson, plenty of guys find her to be "hot" rather than "cute", 5'3

No. 81813

File: 1525594754225.jpg (49.6 KB, 404x784, Salma-Hayek-Bikini.jpg)

As for looking mature: Salma Hayek, 5'1

No. 81816

File: 1525595666131.jpeg (259.57 KB, 800x1067, 655AD318-4F8E-4F03-9C46-77C95E…)

Can we please make this a height appreciation thread instead? I’d appreciate that.

Here is my contribution, Karlie Kloss is 6’2 and I think she really pulls of sweet, innocent, and cute.

No. 81817

File: 1525595843131.jpeg (213.08 KB, 701x1024, 751F5129-1018-4303-9C8F-56FFDF…)

Erin Heatherton is 6’ and she’s adorable.

No. 81819

File: 1525596096951.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 97.37 KB, 447x481, 5E6A80F2-9FED-478B-99B4-2B91B3…)

Ditto on Selma as well. She’s stunning. Proves short doesn’t equal stocky.
(By height appreciation, I meant all heights, just to clarify)

No. 81820

File: 1525596475500.jpg (209.08 KB, 658x1024, 671358428.jpg)

She seems to be able to pull both off perfectly, she can look adorable AND elegant!

I think Sarah Snyder is a good example for the anons who are worried about appearing older because of their height. (5'8)

No. 81822

File: 1525597021259.jpeg (371.93 KB, 1020x1530, EE9550A4-19CB-48AD-BA9C-CE5260…)

And for anons worried about being short and not pulling off long dresses, Anna Kendrick is only 5’2 and pulls them off like no other.

I love what this thread turned in to

No. 81829

File: 1525600009918.jpg (113.13 KB, 634x916, Image.jpg)

The boots + shorts/skirt + blouse combo really seems to work well.

No. 81830

File: 1525600029026.jpg (55.84 KB, 395x594, Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Rock…)

No. 81831

File: 1525600044353.jpg (59.42 KB, 418x594, Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Step…)

No. 81832

File: 1525600058623.jpg (63.23 KB, 790x1185, 602d2b74d9ec19f37375a2caea0bae…)

No. 81839

5’5 here and I consider myself average height, but for whatever reason appear taller than I really am and always get comments about how ‘tall’ I am by shorter girls. This has actually made me start to dislike short girls, because their comments always come off like they’re trying to put me down. For example, this chick was like “Omg you’re so0o0o tall, you make me feel like a little kid. Anon, did you know I still fit in children’s clothes?” like, ok? I care why?

I literally can’t do anything about it because I live where there’s a bunch of Mexicans and majority are fat little gremlins. It just makes me kek, because I actually genuinely find tall girls more attractive and wish I was taller, but short girls always seem to think that everyone and their mom wants to look like them.

Idk, I just find long torsos and long legs so attractive. I love long necks too, I think it’s such a beautiful feature specially when complimented with prominent collar bones. Short girls don’t really have those features and if they do, their bodies are always proportioned weirdly. I just don’t find stubby little bodies attractive, specially when the hip to waist ratio is the same… they just look like mini fridges to me. The only time I find short girls attractive is they’re thin and have a pretty face.

No. 81849

Short pros:
>bragging about how you're a three foot tall literal big tit loli who wears kids clothes and gets stopped by cops thinking you should be in kindergarten and gets the kids menu when you're in a business lunch, dude at reception desk where you're presenting your doctorate thesis literally tells you the middle school science fair is in another building! can't walk around without old ladies literally asking if you're lost and where's your mom!
>complaining about how tall girls are soooo jealous of the pedofags who like you
>pedofags and insecure faggots fawning over you

Short cons:
>looking overweight above a 18.5 BMI
>sometimes guys don't fawn over how smol you are ;_;

No. 81851

Why are tall girls so triggered by short girls?
We get it, you hate yourself. Stop being so embarrassing.

No. 81852

her natural hair colour is so gorgeous, and she herself is cute qt too

No. 81855

Why are you so salty lmfao

No. 81856

tbf I think the "people mistake me for a little kid!" is more of a cow thing than a short people thing. You could honestly make a thread about rocks and some anons would manage to slip in a story about how they're 30 but look 16.

I always thought she was tiny! Wow.

I think people can pull off anything if it's tailored to them. Clothes are made to fit average proportions to appeal to the most people and I feel like that decieves people that are very tall/very short into thinking they can't pull them off. I don't think height is a huge factor in pulling off clothing, it just needs to fit correctly.

No. 81857

what in the fuck. i'm tall and i've always been glad i'm not short and felt kind of bad for short girls. obviously bad things can happen to tall girls too but i'm pretty sure men are more intimidated by me, take me more seriously, and often skip over me when looking for easy targets to harrass.

You sound like you've been brainwashed by loli anime for a long time or something

No. 81858

File: 1525629910934.jpg (399.07 KB, 1210x1818, natalie-portman-red-rodarte-go…)

did you not get the memo? this is a positive thread now. Fuck off.

I had no idea Natalie Portman was only 5'3. I think she's so elegant and stunning.

No. 81859

File: 1525629990093.jpg (101.5 KB, 600x866, eb95d9f4e2c5d01f6e71df5108b215…)

Brooke Shields is 6' and was adorable when she was younger.

No. 81862

>more of a cow thing than a short people thing.

I think you guys just haven't met a qualifying person so you doubt they really exist. That or you yourself are mistaking them for children. There was a girl at my college who was 4'8 and stick thin. If I had just seen her on the street I definitely would have thought she was a kid. No amount of makeup or styling can cover that.

No. 81871

That reminds me that in the movie Thor (the first one) when she has to kiss Chris Hemsworth she had to stand on a huge box because she's short and he's super tall. Seeing how the scene was shot made me laugh.

No. 81876

>In a 2017 study, researchers surveyed over 8,000 participants and found that there’s a direct correlation between the ratio of a man's height to his wife’s and their marital happiness and satisfaction, meaning the taller you are than your wife, and the more inches you have separating you height-wise, the better your relationship will be.

>Nearly half of men in the study indicated that their tallest acceptable date could be taller than them or their height (24 and 23 percent, respectively), while 53 percent required their date to be shorter than them.

>Small women with long legs are the most sexually attractive to men, scientists claim.
>Females such as Scarlett Johansson, Raquel Welch and Marilyn Monroe with short slender bodies, large busts and slim limbs have the ideal body shape, according to research.
>Dr William Brown, of Brunel University, which carried out the study, said: 'We found that shorter, slimmer females with long slender limbs and larger breasts are more attractive.'

No. 81877


why am I just now finding out how cute Taylor Swift is?

No. 81881

She honestly looks like freak

No. 81882

File: 1525633361226.jpg (182.73 KB, 600x900, lookbook-nicole-kidman-style-e…)

no one cares what men in random studies think or find attractive. And citing Daily Mail? That's embarrassing.

Nicole Kidman is honestly one of my childhood role models. I remember watching Moulin Rouge and falling in love with her red hair. She's 5'11 but I swear she looks taller because she's so thin.

No. 81883

Men are insecure and water is wet.
More news at 11.

No. 81884

File: 1525633561918.jpg (137.8 KB, 634x921, 3866910200000578-3791453-image…)


Reposted cause I fucked up the name of the musical. I mixed up Chicago and Moulin Rouge.

Renee Zellweger is in Chicago and she looked absolutely amazing. She's only 5'3

No. 81885

File: 1525633651111.jpg (499.34 KB, 2500x1618, pri_61800412-e1512295820714.jp…)

She doesn't really look like that anymore, though.

Her style is cute, but - sorry - her beady eyes are unsettling to me.

No. 81886

File: 1525633725512.jpg (42.76 KB, 581x800, Nicole-Kidman-Marilyn-Monroe-A…)

you can think she looks like a "freak" but she's happily married, world famous, in amazing projects, and worth millions. She's built a career around her good looks and acting ability. The majority clearly disagree with you.

No. 81888

I wonder how tall she could've been had she not been so malnourished when she was younger.

No. 81890

File: 1525636884877.jpg (1.46 MB, 1646x2767, gal-5-aeae3802-2c83-4140-9fa8-…)

Sorry to be a bother but who was anon refering to? The post seems to have been deleted

But to stay on-topic: Gal Gadot! She's super adorable imo (she's 5'10)

No. 81892


Nicole Kidman, I reposted here >>81882

No. 81901

File: 1525643299095.jpg (158.28 KB, 1000x664, elsombrero2.jpg)

I remember once I was going on a excursion with my friends in middle school and while we were queuing one of the security guards started separating us into different rows. I just followed his instructions and ended up being trapped inside a bus full of kids younger than me. I felt so miserable I started crying all the way and embarassing myself, they even had me switch to the bus I was supposed to go in first place. I'd say that's one of the cons of being short, looking younger than you are and ending up in situations like this. Also me and my friend didn't get to ride in one of these mexican hats (it had swings) since we were too short and just watched as our classmates had a blast.

No. 81905

Holy shit, so many salty anons on both side kek

who gives a fuck about height?

No. 81907

I’m 4’11/149cm and was always mistaken for way older than my age too. Luckily I’m ok now in my late twenties….but it really sucks, especially since people expect you not to act like your age or make certain mistakes because they think you are way older…so as some other anons said, it’s possible to look up look younger tall and older short

>>and I also hate those “I’m so smol and cute. Everyone thinks I’m 12 but I’m 25!!! I get carded for pg13 movies” girls too. Usually they dress and act like kids.

No. 81908

*possible to look

No. 81946

>hell there are even tall girls out there who slouch terribly in an attempt to be shorter and get permanent damage in their neck and spine
Right here, yup. I have a taller friend who slouches even more than me.
Except we don't slouch in an attempt to be shorter, it's just something that happened over time because we were always taller than everyone else and we tried to compensate unsubconsciently.

No. 81948

Agreed, it just happens when you end up interacting with short people on eye-level


what a word, anon!

No. 81952

File: 1525678529289.jpg (85.94 KB, 634x574, 343DD41B00000578-3592690-image…)

No. 81959

>what a word, anon!
pfff whatever, I'm not a native english-speaker but at least I speak more than just one language

No. 81965

I had a friend in middle school who was 1m82 tall when she was 14 years old and still growing up (I wouldn't be surprised if she had a problem like her body producing too much growth hormone or something similar) and she was slouching so much. She knew it was bad for her and she had doctors telling her to not do that but she was doing it without really noticing until someone told her.

Who cares if people stare if you don't slouch or something, walk like a model if you must (that's actually pretty cool if you ask me) but take good care of your back.

No. 81972

File: 1525701737525.png (78.57 KB, 500x365, HIEeuoP.png)

That reminds me of pic related.
If i go out and we stand in a crowded bar i can either decide between not participating in my friends convo or crouching literally for hours. So sorry for getting tired and then resting my hands on my thighs for a bit…

No. 81985

I think proportions are what matters more than actual height.

Like you can be tall but with short legs, short but with a big head etc etc
If you have good proportions your height won't really matter. Tall girls with good proportions have an advantage of being able to get into modelling way more easier.

No. 82026

File: 1525749004428.jpg (53.56 KB, 625x501, gyFg1dR.jpg)

pic related should be mandatory

No. 82035

>Who cares if people stare if you don't slouch or something, walk like a model if you must (that's actually pretty cool if you ask me) but take good care of your back.

>implying tall people slouch on purpose

No. 82044

I literally said I know you guys don't do it on purpose. It's more about how some tall people know they do it even if it's not on purpose and they should try to notice it whe they do it and get new habits. I know it's easier said than done.

The parts about looking like models is because I've seen some tall girls who don't slouch being shit-talked behind their back and having other people thinking they're showing off and pretending to be hot shit/models. Which is stupid, they're just walking.

No. 82361

File: 1526070161954.png (327.76 KB, 427x393, mufiic.png)

I'm 174cm. Being tall is awesome. Basically everything looks good on you, you don't look ridiculous with oversized clothes.
I have a few friends that are my height and wish they were shorter because it's seen as "cute".
I wouldn't mind if I were even taller tbh. I don't like to look up when talking to a taller person, not used to it, it just feels weird

No. 82362

Tall fat girls scare me. I don't know why. Especially fat girls with massive boobs lmao

No. 82364

Because you know they could destroy a midget like you any second, right?

No. 82369

File: 1526082603632.jpeg (78.9 KB, 750x719, ECDF27AE-D3F6-41A1-B81F-45F462…)

You slim thick tall bitches make my mouth drop, gorgeous ethereal lookin’ ho’s

Sincerely, a jelly average height bitch

No. 82384

No they couldn't, you all people need to stop acting like a 20cm height difference has such an influence on anything. Short women aren't helpless little damsels and tall women aren't people-crushing giants.

It's as if you're talking about actual fantasy dwarves and giants. When in reality there's probably just a one head difference.

No. 82385

I'm >>82364 This was obviously just a joke in reaction to the anon before me shitting on tall girls again…

No. 82386

Actually is there anyone here who suffer from some form of dwarfism or gigantism here? Talking about the medical terms here, not heroic fantasy. If so, what are you opinions?

No. 82388

According to google you're already a giant if you're 6 ft (4'10 for dwarfism)

No. 82430

Nah, I consider myself pretty tall (5'7).
Any, let's say fat/obese girl above my height looks threatening to me.

No. 82431

actually even 10cm height difference might have an influence on a lot of aspects in your life including your salary. it's proven that shorter people tend to make less money than their taller colleagues. NOT saying that's always the case. also 95% of models are tall as shit so tall(and skinny I guess) gils have much higher chances of becoming models.

No. 82434

Not everybody wants to model anon…
That's an extremely unrealistic career choice, that often leaves girl in debt and "unusable" by the time they're 25. (Just because you're tall doesn't mean you're pretty and skinny either.)
Being short is a huge advantage at being in opera, so why don't you sing opera anon??? See, doesn't make any sense either…

And about the money thing, if you've got no confidence (e.g. because you've been bullied) you won't get a raise either. Sometimes happiness, having a loving partner, a family is more important - something that can be difficult to obtain if most guys rule you out because of your height.

No. 82438

File: 1526156645395.jpg (196.38 KB, 568x768, Russian_metropolisA2.jpg)

i'm 5'9 and a half, so I'm pretty tall for a grill. im also very thin, but at least it contributes to my look (spooky 80s the cure style goth, but toned down). something that's negative is that people have always thought i was older than i was, which led to people thinking my dad was my boyfriend sometimes (he's very young looking for his age). it's weird because I still have a baby face even as an adult.

TBH, i wouldn't change it. i like being tall, because people take you a lot more seriously as a woman. but short women seem to be a lot meaner to me than fellow tall girls.

No. 82440

>short women seem to be a lot meaner to me than fellow tall girls.
Tbh same.
I sometimes encountered short guys with Napoleon complex who were aggressive, but usually short girls treated me the worst.

Why do you care if I wear heels?
Why do you have to point out that my hands (or my whole body) are "so huge!!!"?
What gives you the right to tell me that I look too weird talking to that guy who's a bit shorter than me?
Do you really have to point out that your clothes look sooo tiny next to mine, while acting all innocent, totally not two-faced at all?
That's honestly so tiring…

No. 82441

same anon, but i have very small hands and feet for a tall girl. my hands are pretty long and bony though, so i look like a skeleton.

its mostly short fat girls i deal with that are mean. skinny ones know that they're cute, so they don't really need to gang up on tall girls. like bitch, i see you stare at me with hatred, don't think i don't notice.

No. 82458

Maybe it's because I spend way too many time thinking about girls, but as a short girl (160 cm), everytime I see a tall girl I get all excited. I think they are just so cute, and beautiful, and graceful, and cool, aaaaand you get the idea lol. For me, it's like they are gorgeous swans blessing me with their beauty and grace. Corny I know, but I hope it makes you guys feel better haha

No. 82485

File: 1526196670453.jpg (429.57 KB, 667x670, c2f.jpg)

same. a few short girls have told me that it will be hard for me to find a bf taller than me or at least my height. i don't remember how many times I've heard this stupid comment and how "blessed" they are with their short height because "it has more advantages".

No. 82496

I'm average height (5'7) and I'm alright with it. Sometimes I wish I was taller so I could ~model~ (I know alright, it's just a stupid fantasy) but most times it's cool.

I dated shorter girls (shortest was 5'0) and also taller girls (5'10 maybe?) in the past.
They all were pretty insecure about their height which I don't understand because all of them were beautiful, kind people that had so much more to offer than just body height kek

No. 82508

I’m basically a midget as scoliosis basically fucked me up. I’m 23 years old and only recently with surgery I’m 5’2- 5’3 before I was considered 5’2 but barely.

The cons and pros have already been discussed for both heights for the most part, I don’t think there’s much I can add besides if you’re a petite short girl you can shop in the teens section and save yourself a few bucks if money is teight in college etc.

The clear con is 30 plus year old men who very obviously is into barely legal flirts with you. Last week I went to visit my fiancé and I didn’t have my ring because he was getting it resized for me. I’m sitting and a airline worker comes and sits across from me attempting to flirt. Clearly 10 years older(which he later confirmed when asked) then me if not more and he asks for my number, I shop him off. 40 mins another guy this time clearly old enough to be my father as he had greys in his hair, I flat out ignore him. It’s gross because I know I look like a teen when I don’t try, I’m flying so obviously I don’t have makeup and I’m dressing comfortable. It was talked about earlier in the thread but yeah the random men who do approach you are pretty much always gross dirt bags.

No. 82511

This thread made me use a converter for inches and centimeters now more than in my entire life. Also according to google I'm literally as tall as Nicki Minaj and this crack me up so much because I thought she was taller for some reason, so she's 1m57 tall.

I only had friends who look older than they are telling me that creepy old farts hit on them or sometimes worse. I wonder if it depends on where you are or it's just a coincidence.

No. 82607

Have any other tall girls had short men act aggressive towards them before? Im somewhere around 175 cm which isnt too tall but I reached this height at the age of 11 and then stopped growing, so for a year or two I was among the top 5 tallest people in my year group of around 300 people.

There was this one guy in particular who was ashorter than my chest height and he had the most inbred looking rat face Ive ever had the misfortune of seeing. He used to come up to me and start kicking me in the shins repeatedly, start punching me in the ribs, or call me names making fun of my height. This was during our first few weeks at the school so I dont think he could have hated me for anything Id done but idk. Ofc if I dared say anything back to him then hed get mad kek.

He got kicked out eventually over something non related to this but I saw him around town some time ago and he hasnt grown a bit.

No. 82608

i'm 5'4 and my gf is 5'5
i kind of wish either she was taller or i was shorter
just a bigger difference in general but its nice too i guess being close

No. 82609

File: 1526314468086.jpg (12.03 KB, 259x194, imgres5.jpg)

There was one somewhat shortish guy (I'm 1.78) in my class who always wanted to "fight" me. But we were already older and I also did Karate, so I'm not sure if it was my height that triggered him or something else. I always thought we're friends and that he's just joking, but later I found out that he genuinely hated me.

Other than that at least not physically.
Some have attacked me by saying "Why are you so tall?!" when we first met, probably to make me out to be the weird one and distract from the fact that their height actually isn't exactly normal either.
Or something that also happens is them calling me a man and giggling childishly because they can't see if standing behind me at a concert - again, now I'm confident enough to call them out on obviously just being extremely insecure, but back then as a teen…

No. 82623

any other tall girls really not give a shit if a guy you like is shorter than you? i grew up being told i was supposed to want a taller guy but i don't see what the advantage would be for me. i feel like i would only understand if i was actually short and could actually feel small and cute next to a tall guy. even if a guy is a few inches taller than me at 5'11", it's not like i'd actually seem small and dainty, so why eliminate like 95% of men from my dating pool. it's hard enough to find my type for any height and a lot of guys who are significantly taller than me are really lanky and it's just not my thing.
plus it's kind of hot when a guy is shorter than me but more dominant and aggressive as long as it's not too tryhard. i like it when a guy can't just coast on his height to seem manly coughgrocerycough so he needs to embody it from within.

No. 82650

File: 1526357673688.jpg (30.21 KB, 344x317, 1517168086560.jpg)

feels like that dwarf had some serious self esteem issues.sorry to heard that

No. 82660

I'm 177cm (5'10), my husband is a bit taller than me except when I wear heels or combat boots. He says he likes it because he says it's like having a model as a wife.

No. 82663

File: 1526369254073.gif (403.93 KB, 500x281, 1518152239473.gif)

I'm 5'11(180cm) while my gf is 5'3(160cm). Used to be more insecure about my height, especially as a child/teen mostly because I have been the tallest person in my class, kids would often think of you as shemale. I'm not too insecure anymore except telling myself I need to lose more weight to look petite (weight 67kg but wished I could drop to 60-63kg). +often wear 5cm heels not minding the height, good people are pretty tall there so I don't stand out.
Stopped wearing trousers for a long time since many many of them come as too short, in that case tights are more comfy to wear.

No. 82664

tall girls are a gift

No. 82668

girls are a gift

No. 82672

Not aggressive but quite a few guys have tried to shadily neg me over my height. Like, "I don't mind your height, it's kinda cute in a weird way" or talking about how attracted they are to short girls. It's more men that are the same height as me (5'10) rather than really short guys.

No. 82676

true but when youre adverage 5'4 you feel less special

No. 82699

Average girls who can both appear taller and shorter depending on clothes are a gift

No. 82716

File: 1526465622695.jpg (100.59 KB, 477x720, tumblr_n9zvmuROHW1rz28vbo1_500…)

I'm 5'1.5.

Pros of being short
>can wear clothes for children which are cheaper
>can also wear various weebshit
>most men tower over and I think thats cute
>your head usually looks stupid big
>low bmr
>pushed around in crowds
>shorter legs
I have recently become okay with my height and am starting to enjoy it. When I was younger I definitely wanted to be tall, like 6' and think tall girls look super elegant. That isn't to say short girls can't, I just like the look of a tall girl. It also sucks having to eat fairly small amounts, even with exercise, since I have a pretty big appetite.

No. 82717

That's my mother's height! I think that's such a lovely height for a lady, my mom also has big curly hair so it gives her very cute proportions. The only downside is she gets fat really easily.
I ended up being 5'7 but I always had a soft spot for shorter girls.

No. 82722

I'm your height too.
>>most men tower over and I think thats cute
That's something I find cute for couples but personally I'm not very comfortable with guys who are way taller than me, even though I don't have a problem with women who are taller than me at all. Ideally I wish I could be tall and tower over cute guys but that's just my personal taste.

No. 82726

>shorter legs
Agreed. I'm 158cm and when I walk with my friends who are over 190cm with super long legs I feel like they have the seven-leagues boots. I wish I could take bigger strides to reduce time walking long distances, even if the difference is probably not that great.

Weirdly I've never minded being a bit short, but I do think it's more elegant to be tall so I'm trying to get used to wearing heels more. Ideally I'd like to be able to wear 10cm and over heels.

No. 82731

I'm 5'5 and that sounds shorter than it is. Manlets will usually straight up tell me I'm lying about being 5'5 and claim I'm taller.

No. 82732

I’m 5’11 and get a kick out of ruining short guys’ perceptions of height.
>noooo you must be taller, I’m 5’8 and you’re much taller

Sorry buddy, guess you measured wrong? Or those three inches count more than you thought kek

No. 82738

That's one of the things I actually hate the most; I'm a 100% sure that I'm 5'10, yet I often got guys telling me "Haha, you most be wrong, because you're taller than me and I'm 6ft. It's okay, many don't know their real height, anon." Guess I must be a 7ft freak then…
My friends and me once took a pic with an actor who listed his height as 6'2 and he ended up being shorter than me as well.

No. 82847

Yeah anon I'm the same height as you and a manlet I work with claims to be 5'4" despite coming up to my chin. Meanwhile he also says he's not insecure about his height kek.

Men are ridiculous.

No. 82899

I'm 5'3" with the legs of a 5'0" person at best. Not only looks ugly but I either have to jog or my boyfriend has to stop walking every now and then because he physically can't walk slow enough to match my midget stride.

No. 82959

That's literally half an inch shorter than the women's us average. You're not short anon.

No. 82962

File: 1526751233767.jpg (23.4 KB, 540x360, fennec.jpg)

im short (4'10) and i've always loved taller women! i just kinda stopped growing in 5th grade but i've gotten used to it as the years went by haha.

>i'm good at hide and seek
>shielded from the sun by taller people
>able to push through crowds without anyone noticing me
>tall friends use me as an arm rest
>get called a midget/shortie 24/7
>people underestimate me

No. 82965

yesssssss holy shit this. Im 5’11” too, and guys constantly argue “well you have to be over 6 feet tall because IM 6 feet!!”

No. 82969

I'm barely 5'10" and while superficially I'm into taller men, it really turns me on when short guys confidently hit on me or show me off and want me to play up my height with heels (I'm probably being fetishized in that case but idc). Or even if they simply don't give a rat's ass.

No. 82974

i'm 5'8 1/2" so kind of middle of the road, leaning towards taller. i like being big and strong and sturdy, am quite thick and muscular with the height and my ex gf once described me as having a "gladiator" build.
feels good to be a little taller than most women around me, but not lanky.
in a nutshell, i like my height and build cos it makes me feel womanly and strong.

occasionally i would like to feel petite and "girlish" but i know it doesn't fit with who i am.

No. 82985

Anon we are seriously the same height and those pros and cons are on point. You forgot to put this as a con
>constantly mistaken as a child

No. 82986

i cant believe i forgot to put that because it's so accurate lol. people get really surprised when i tell them my actual age!!

No. 83068

File: 1526857181371.jpg (53.68 KB, 421x594, Nicole Kidman Tom Cruise Heigh…)

I'm 5' 1/4" and I hate it. I've always hated it, not even petite and slim. My proportions are ridiculous so I don't even get that 'mistaken for a child' thing. I would rather be petite and flat at my height because I always feel heavy and overweight, I have to be so careful with what I eat, how much I'm exercising, watch every pound because it goes right to my gut. Clothes look so awkward on me, I have to wear petite but then everything is tight on my hips and belly, and I love button up shirts but they look awkward on my chest unless they're huge. I can't wear shorts because my thighs are so chunky and my legs are so short they look bad no matter how much weight I lose, I look fat really easily. I've always wanted to be tall, tall girls look so elegant and regal, can pull off pretty much anything, and just look graceful to me. Nicole Kidman is my ideal for height, elegance, and beauty. I'd be happy with literally 2 more inches of height.

I can only think of a single pro, that my boyfriend is 6' and when we walk together or cuddle I fit into the crook of his arm really well.

No. 83118

4'9 here. I don't get the armrest thing, but I get picked up a lot. Sometimes friends trying to mess with me, sometimes complete strangers at cons or bars. I once worked with a group of cub scouts that discovered they could lift me. Little shits wouldn't listen to me all weekend after that. I get how kids can be amused, but I don't understand how so many adults can think it's okay, especially the ones who can tell how old I am.

On top of everything else in the thread, my kitchen counters are slightly too tall, to the point where I subconsciously go up on my toes or raise my shoulders. It makes food prep pretty exhausting.

No. 83816

>short girl wearing skirt right under her ass
>no problem

>tall girl wearing skirt mid-thigh

>euh….isn't that skirt a bit too short for you, anon?

such double standards…

No. 83833

I've never noticed short girls getting judged less for short clothes, but I fucking hate the fact that a short girl and I could buy the exact same dress and it will only show too much leg on me. I buy clothes for the design, the cut, etc, not the length but it's always a hindrance when I want to preserve some modesty. 99% of the time I'd be happier if it was longer, but it's all relative to your height.

No. 83836

I'm 5'7 But I wish I was 5'5 or maybe 5'6
I was always almost made fun of for being tall
Pretty sure I got rejected once because I was taller than the guy
It's hilarious because I'm not even that tall but I still feel insecure over it
But then I guess that if I were 5'1 i would be just as insecure lol

No. 83840

4'11 here
I don't mind my height but I was always bullied for it as a kid.
One con I can think of that is maybe just myself is the pressure to be thin to be proportional compared to taller people.
I'm 111 pounds and going down, which is a healthy weight but it sucks so bad to have the same leg dimensions as someone 5 inches taller and how much fatter you look LOL

No. 83857

I'm 22 and my height is 4'11. I don't like being short because people don't take me seriously, it's hard to find flattering clothing that fits, short people like me look stubby unless you're 70-80 pounds. I hate how when I do instagram makeup I look like a weirdo midget trying to look sexy and I hate how weebs say it's so great being loli sized, this is irl and that's pretty disgusting.

No. 83859

As a short girl, I've noticed this, and I feel for tall girls.
For short girls, finding maxi dresses that don't drag on the ground is pretty tricky. For some reason they are mostly made to fit women who are 5'6".

No. 83864

Why do people care about tall women wearing heels?

I wore heels last weekend to my cousin's wedding. My aunts made fun of me for wearing them, I was so shocked. Like, one of them is the mother of said cousin. Imagine the most important day of your daughter's life and you waste time making fun of a tall girl wearing heels? I don't get it.

No. 83866

They maybe felt like you were making them look like dwarves or fatter? Short people can be incredibely insecure sometimes. It's true that having a tall girl next too you can fuck up your proportion tho.

No. 83867

It was just really confusing. All the girls my age wore heels too, but for them it's okay just because they're not tall?

No. 83869

Something that really sucks when your short or tall is that looking for clothes your size is a pain in the ass so I'm not even surprised that it happens.

It's because she's an asshole. Or maybe she thought she was being funny for pointing something out.

>Short people can be incredibely insecure sometimes.
What I get from this thread is that some short girls can get insecure over tall women, and tall women get insecure over short women sometimes too. But I sometimes see completely average women (height and weight) making fun of tall and/or short women so it could be that her aunt was being a bitch, who knows.

No. 83871

>Something that really sucks when your short or tall is that looking for clothes your size is a pain in the ass
When I was complaining about having trouble finding clothes, my shorter friend also said that she always has to shorten/roll up her pants and sleeves. But what should I do? Just magic some extra onto everything inches?
I get that it's also annoying if everything is too long for you, but at least you can easily alter it.

No. 83873

Plus oversized-clothing is in, so it'd just look deliberate if they don't alter it.
Try wearing stuff that's too short and passing it off as "it's a trend!!"

No. 83897

They are probably the kinds of people who pick at anyone better-looking than them.

No. 83905

Cropped jeans are a trend bro

No. 84017

File: 1527836872688.jpg (126.23 KB, 580x580, m_58a1296536d594c209094858.jpg)

I have yet to find an oversized hoodie/hoodie-dress that actually looks oversized on me.
>tfw I love this trend but there is no possible way for me to join in.

yay more clothese that are too short on us

No. 84101

If you can find a hoodie-dress from a retailer that sells "tall" sizes, maybe that would work? Also, try sizing up.

No. 84127

>Also, try sizing up.
Maybe even the biggest size is still not long enough?

No. 84132

I’m 5’11 and I’ve found plenty of oversized sweaters. I’ve also found plenty that fit like crop tops. It’s just a matter of trying on a shit ton and looking in unusual places (tourist shops, men’s section, etc).

No. 84190

I've searched for that online and don't seem to find any.
Also we don't have any tall clothes stores where I live.

also sizing up usuall just means bigger but not longer

Do you still remember where?

No. 84193

my favorite was a grey oversized sweater that went midthigh which I got from some tech company event.

No. 84197

also check out cheap online retailer reviews/videos. Some of them are so poorly made their sizes are bizarre or intentionally too long. Watch reviewers who are taller and see how the sweaters or knitted dresses fit.

No. 84218

I am 5’5 and everyone in my family told me I am so tall and pick on me at it, I can’t wear heels etc. but I’m not even that tall, I think they’re all just dwarves.. it’s really annoying. My boyfriend is 6’2 so I wonder what they’ll think when they meet him..

No. 84220

I'm 5'7. I like my height a lot. I'm tallish, but not so tall that it makes clothes shopping annoying or having that be the first thing people notice about me.

No. 84250

They are jealous. Wear heels and tower over them (if you like wearing heels, that is). If they complain you are tall, say "no, you're just petite."

No. 84268

File: 1528176344860.gif (2.56 MB, 480x264, 9C58F5E3-0897-4B68-9E94-28E3F8…)

Like other anon said, it’s jealousy

No. 84271

They're jealous dwarves, 5'5 is not tall.

No. 84287

I'm somewhere between 5'and 5'3" (every time I get measured it changes idk) and I really love being short, but I want to become a flight attendant and they don't hire short people. It bums me out so much

No. 84345

You might be tall enough, depending on your reach and the airline. http://www.careerflightpath.com/flight-attendant-requirements/

No. 84346

>they're just jealous that you're a tall model and they're little dwarves
>but wait, 5'5" isn't tall!
Who's jealous again? C'mon, you salty bitches pull this shit in every thread. It's cringey and hypocritical.

No. 84347

But OP anon originally said
>I think they’re all just dwarves
She didn’t give specific heights for her family, just said hyperbolically that they’re dwarves.

No. 84353

File: 1528244114266.jpg (149.28 KB, 750x1000, pillow.jpg)

>mom is 5'4" with spine problems
>breeds with 6'2" guy
>I'm 5'10" with kyphosis and scoliosis

If one more person tells me to stand up straight I'm gonna lose it. Womanlets should be banned from breeding with high elves.

No. 84358

>Womanlets should be banned from breeding with high elves.
I’m sorry anon but this made me laugh. Breed with another tall person and it might stop your mom’s genes?

No. 84364

5'10 anon here

-can reach things in high places
-kissing and sex with my 6'0 bf is easy and no position is ever awkward
-people don't fuck with me

-don't always feel feminine
-short skirts and high heels make me feel like a sasquatch
-difficult to gain muscle because there's so much of me it has to distribute to
-my car is too small for me

No. 84365

File: 1528253103817.jpg (34.17 KB, 565x575, 1453521382847.jpg)

what disgusts me is when manlets think they have a chance because I am also short

No. 84379

You're one to talk trying to stir shit up here.

>jealous that you're a tall model

lol you jelly bitch, no one said anything about being a tall model

No. 84384

It’s not like they have a chance with most tall women. You’re all they got. They’ve a better chance with you than with us

No. 84403

File: 1528284679460.jpg (72.01 KB, 637x956, pamela_racine_elijah_wood.jpg)

Are you really that shallow?
my husband is exactly the same length as me but I'd love him just as much if he were shorter than me. In fact, he's shorter than me when I'm wearing heels.

No. 84404

>Are you really that shallow?
No, but maybe after getting bullied all my life for being 'soo tall!!!', I want to spend my adult years in peace and not get bothered by the stares and comments from people judging us for not confirming to societies standards…? Also, there are hardly any men who'd be fine with dating somebody taller than them, so quit the damn 'women are shallow and have way too high standards!'crap!

No. 84406

Do you like tall men so you can be treated like you are a child? lol femlets are pathetic

No. 84407

It's not shallow to find manlet unattractive.

No. 84408

nta but
>it's not shallow
>literally talking about a superficial aspect of a person and judging it

That's what shallow means. It's equally shallow for me to say I prefer manlets, which I do.

Although if what you're attracted to is in line with the majority, people will see you as more of a judgemental prick when you're blunt about it. Especially if it's something they can't change, like height.

imo it's fine to have strict preferences, though. Just admit that it is shallow.

No. 84409

Finding someone unattractive is not a judgment lmao, it's just personal taste. Saying "manlet are more insecure and bitter than regular sized men" would be shallow.

No. 84463

>No, but maybe after getting bullied all my life for being 'soo tall!!!'
>waaah waaaah I used to get bullied by jealous people so now I get to be childish about it for the rest of my life.
I'm tall myself you idiot.

>there are hardly any men who'd be fine with dating somebody taller than them

I'm sorry men in your country are so insecure.

>so quit the damn 'women are shallow and have way too high standards!'crap!

Bitch are you implying I'm a robot?

No. 84468

Robot or not, you sound like a complete asshole

No. 84484

Are you gonna make a blog post about being bullied by me too now?

No. 85099

i'm 5'4" and a half, and i wish i was at least 5'3"… i have no idea why, though.
i feel grossly tall in heels and sometimes even sneakers, but i'm also jealous of tall girls because they seem to fit/wear clothes so much nicer.

No. 85103

Do you live in a country people are short? I am 174 (I am baffled by how many people are not using metric system in this thread and not everyone here is american ffs) and lived many years in a country men were mostly shorter than me, people made comments all the time about my height if I wore heels but mostly were just jealous/intimidated.

No. 85105

Why should americans change their measurements to suit people who use metric? Everyone should just use what they prefer and everyone else is capable of converting it if they want to. My country uses metric but imperial is a very universally used measurement for height anyway, it's a measurement discussed so often that it becomes easy to vizualize size based on the numbers. I can't use it to imagine anything but height and dicks though.

No. 85108

>why should americans use what literally the rest of the world uses

Really dinks your dink

No. 85112

File: 1528883043006.jpg (71.6 KB, 600x400, lol.jpg)

>imperial is a very universally used measurement for height
>easy to vizualize size

No. 85113

>I am baffled by how many people are not using metric system in this thread
Really? Who cares? Nitpicking to the max

No. 85118

File: 1528884147814.gif (1.28 MB, 250x198, 1481256743483.gif)

>universally used

No. 85122

File: 1528884563252.gif (784.58 KB, 400x225, F63A3DB5-D259-4EF1-997A-199E5D…)

US centric people confuse me

No. 85134

Maybe not literally 'universally' but it's pretty much used interchangeably with metric where I live for height. It isn't true for many other uses of imperial - we don't talk about weight in lbs etc. For example, every guy on tinder lists his height in imperial.

And yeah I find it easier to visualize because I'm far more exposed to people with their heights listed in feet and inches, mostly because of the internet.

No. 85141

File: 1528888003214.jpg (91.77 KB, 628x276, usa-still-using-imperial-units…)

No. 85144

>Why should americans change their measurements to suit literally everyone on this planet?

No. 85180

>but it's pretty much used interchangeably with metric where I live

You live in the US, Australia or UK. Nobody else uses this shit.

No. 85183

Even in the UK people might talk about height/length/weight in imperial but most businesses/services use metric.

No. 85205

i thought about using the metric system in my post, but i didn't think it was that important to convert.
anyways, most men in my country are tall. most females are a similar height since i'm very close to the average. all of my female friends are taller than me, though.
i guess i think shorter girls are cuter, and taller girls are sexier. + i'd rather be cute than sexy.

No. 85216

>i feel grossly tall
>all of my female friends are taller than me

No. 85218

i said that i felt grossly tall while wearing heels. which usually brings me up to the height of most of my female friends, and my boyfriend.

No. 85219

>"and sometimes even in sneakers."

No. 85223

sorry, i didn't remember writing that part. i probably didn't even mean to put that in, however don't sneakers add a little bit of height? maybe not a whole lot, but enough to appear to be a similar height to a friend that's only 2 inches taller.

No. 85226

sooo, you don't like being 5'4, but you'd be okay being 5'3, but you think the height of a pair of sneakers (maybe 1/2") is enough to make you seem too tall, but it would be okay if you were 1" shorter?

Is this average height logic? Can someone explain this?

No. 85227

it seems like it, anon. she also somehow didn't remember typing that, despite being able to go up thread and fucking look.

No. 85244

I’m rather short (5’2”) and I have a really small build. I’m not super skinny though but people often call me tiny. I’ve accepted my body overall but I tend to get really irritated when people constantly point or how small I am. Although I doubt they mean to, it’s kinda like they infantalize me and don’t take me seriously. I want to be seen as an adult. Not a kid. I get baffled when I see girls like Shoe and Lainey glamorized with being small (and they’re not even that small to begin with, not that they’re anything wrong with that tough) and there’s this really creepy dynamic it brings with their respective Gregs.

When I was a teen, I wanted to be really tall because I wanted to be a supermodel and I was super depressed when it was obvious that I was gonna grow much beyond 5 feet. I’m mostly over it now but 5’7” is still my dream height. My aunt and some of my female cousins are that height. No fair.

No. 86387

>had to play stupid af game today in class
>"stand in order by height"
>tfw you're the 2nd tallest even though there were definitely over 10 guys presesnt
Lately I've come to terms with my height a bit (or so I thought) but this made me feel like shit. Other than me there was only this Asian dude who had to stand in between the girls, but other than that it was really perfectly split by gender.
Then we played another game there we had to grab each others hands and fuck, are mine large in comparison to everybody else…

No. 86394

…are you underage?

No. 86396

No, I study teaching. We have to learn some teamwork building games etc for our future students.

No. 86410

I am 180cm tall. I live in a country where people tend to be small. I bang my head on the top of doors all the time. When I was younger, I wanted to be cute so badly, everything I liked was "cute". I struggled badly with overcoming my gangliness like many tall anons.

But ultimately I realised I was going for the wrong look, and should give up trying to be cute in looks. So now I'm a fearsome giant woman, work as a model (not a particularly successful one, but one that makes money). People don't tend to approach me because I look intimidating, which suits me fine. Every time I bang my head now, I just remind myself that although it's painful and everyone is staring at me, I make money for being tall and skeletal, while they don't.

No. 86412

>we had to grab each others hands and fuck,

lmao anon are you ESL? you need another comma there after hands because currently you're saying you had to grab their hands and have sex.

No. 86415

I'm somewhere between 5'1 and 5'2 (154-157 cm). And in all honesty I'd do anything to be shorter, preferably under 5ft. I admit that I'm strange and insecure so keep scrolling if you want to argue…

I've had dysmorphia since I was a kid, because I was an early bloomer who shot up real quick and was always the tallest and most developed girl in my class until I was 12/13. I constantly got unwanted attention from older men, while simultaneously being patronized by boys and even girls my age. I got accused of being a bully when I wasn't, and my parents were paranoid I'd get pregnant young even though I was socially anxious and rarely left the house. I was told I was going to be a tall, curvy girl with big tits and a badonkadonk butt. Well lo and behold, by the time I stopped developing and to this day, I am a 5'1.5 A-cup with no hips wearing size small everything and my peers accuse me of having an ED.

Also I'm white and live in an area with many Asian and Latina women who are very short (under 5ft), so I seldom refer to myself as being short, much less do I ever brag about being a ~smol bean. My fiance is 5'8" and always reminds me how much he thinks I'm his cute little ~nugget, and I believe it until I see a 6'3 guy with a 4'10 GF in public and I'm just like LOL HONEY NO.

There's something really alluring about small women, and it probably stems from past insecurities and the recent loli ddlg waifu trend… I used to attract a lot of manlets or even just guys under 6ft, who were always obsessed with my height and really petite girls (like, REALLY petite). And I would never hear the end of it. My ex even left me for his friend who was a few inches shorter than me. Sometimes when he was mad at me he'd joke around and say "I should hook up with (X) then, she's probably tighter than you too." Like WTF??? On the other hand, my best female friend in high school who was 5'9" would never shut up about her height and would get outrageously jealous when I got attention from guys, even though she was very beautiul, intelligent girl and I really wasn't that small or special.

Anyways I'll shut up now because I really don't have it bad at all. BTW I have nothing against short guys or tall girls. That's just how human genetics are. It makes me sad though when tall girls and women are made fun of because they a very statuesque and regal, plus they look great in high fashion. Also what man wouldn't want their kids to inherit tall genes?

No. 86420

OT, but what character is this girl cosplaying? she looks super cute

No. 86430

Lmao anon, hard to imagine, but the world doesn't resolve around English! It's actually my third language, I don't study it in Uni and I won't teach it at school.
Sorry that you had to take time out of your precious day to tell a person on an anonymous message board that she forgot a comma.
Btw, I learned that you have to start each new sentence with a capital letter, am I wrong about that as well..?

No. 86431

nta but this is the most passive aggressive reply I've seen on this site today

No. 86433

Same, >>86430 take a chill pill.

No. 86458

>and my parents were paranoid I'd get pregnant young
Unless there's something you forgot to mention, your parents have issues if that's what they're worried about just because you grew up fast relatively early.

>Sometimes when he was mad at me he'd joke around and say "I should hook up with (X) then, she's probably tighter than you too.

You're better off without him imo.

I'm 157cm and I barely fit in a A cup bra too, I don't want to be particularly taller or shorter than I am, but I know it's frustrating how people can perceive you because of your looks, which you can't change very easily at that. I don't really have any advice to give, except that you should ignore people's opinions and beauty standards where you live as much as possible, but that's easier said than done.

I'm not sure at all but this might be Hungary from Hetalia. Correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 86459

so you're a tall cunt with man hands, got it. also you're totally not ESL, just a bitch.

No. 86460

Kinda feel like y’all are overreacting a little bit. It’s not the end of the world if someone makes a punctuation mistake. Yeah, her reply was a little sassy—but not enough to warrant being called a cunt or a bitch. What’s the deal?
>sage for kumbuya bull shit

No. 86461

That actually reads fine, you're just going by the American standards.

No. 86464

>also you're totally not ESL, just a bitch.
Actually, I had to google what 'ESL' even means, but believe whatever you wish. I guess I should take that as a compliment.

It's not the first time I saw anons stroking their ego by shitting on other farmers English. If you didn't like my post or just didn't want to reply, then why bother wasting time by insulting my English skills?
That's guaranteed to piss everybody off; non-Americans spend a huge part of their student years trying to learn multiple languages meanwhile you're probably just some Amerifat (or Brit) who doesn't know anything apart from English and maybe 5 words of Spanish…

No. 86468

her original post sounds cunty and weird. and her reply makes her seem arrogant as hell.

No. 86469

What's 'cunty' about >>86387 ?
You're reaching.

No. 86484

She wasn't insulting your english, she was pointing it out because a) people learn from mistakes and b) it was kind of a funny mistake to make. She didn't say it in a mean or condescending way, her intentions were clearly not bad even if it was unsolicited, you just got your panties in a twist because idk… you're too good to learn from your punctuation mistakes? Too good to laugh at a dumb sex joke??

I know there are people who ARE condescending about non native speakers' english but that post was just not one of them.

No. 86485

Oh but that said, in retrospect anons correction wasn't even correct. It makes perfect sense in your original post because context easily tells everyone that you're using fuck for emphasis.

No. 86486

There should have been a comma before the and in that instance, since it's separating two independent clauses. Whatever though.

No. 86488

get off your high horse. you sound like an insecure twat. you're shitting americans and brits because someone was making a sex joke? it's people like you that make shit teachers.

No. 86491

If the things we write on here (especially that language of yours…) would define our value or talent at our respective jobs, then all of us should be unemployed anon. Now calm down, you sound awfully triggered.

No. 86497

if bitches are going to fly off the handle and profile two entire countries at a sex joke, they shouldn't be teaching anyone about anything period.

No. 86498

>fly off the handle
Honestly, I think it’s just one anon that lost her shit over that chick’s OP and sperged out hardcore. You’re calling this person a cunt and a bitch and claiming she’s flying off the handle because she’s showing a little snark? That’s just absurd.

No. 86500

>it’s just one anon that lost her shit over that chick’s OP

Literally where? The one anon basically said "lel it looks like you said you had sex with someone" and the OP freaked out at it for some reason with this bitchy "not everything revolves around english" shit.

No. 86501

>lmao anon are you ESL?
How is that not rude? If that’s meant to be a joke, it could have been worded in a better way. Y’know, a way where it’s actually funny? Yeah, OP was defensive—but she’s definitely not being a cunt or a bitch.

No. 86502

Sorry about your autism but that part clearly wasn't the joke.

>Is english your first language, because it sounds like you said you had to grab someone's hands and have sex with them.

There's nothing rude about asking someone if they're ESL. Stop being so touchy.

No. 86503


You keep saying OP, when you're clearly her. You over reacted, stop acting like this is a big deal and stop derailing the thread.

No. 86507

I’m not even that small (152cm/5’0”) but have been picked up in public before by complete (drunk) strangers who thought it’d be funny, I guess. Sometimes I wish I was a little taller so clothes would fit me better. I used to find stuff in petite sections with ease but those are few and far in between where I live now.

No. 86511

>There's nothing rude about asking someone if they're ESL.
Saying it's noticable that English is not your native language comes across as calling somebody stupid and that's quite hurtful. And it's not really a question anyways but rather only mocking if you start out with "lmao".

>profile two entire countries
>discriminatory insults
Saying I'm a cunt for getting pissy about being made fun of, but then getting triggered over 'Amerifat and Brit'?

No. 86748

So yeah, back on the topic height… Anyone here curious about genetics and how they affect our height? Or maybe environmental factors? I'm curious about where we get our heights from, especially if we look nothing like our parents or siblings. For example my mother and her family are all average height for their genders, but my father is a manlet and his mother was very short. Which is probably why I'm short. But I know people who have tall parents and are short, or vice versa. Anyone have fun stories about heredity?

No. 86749

My ex was a really big guy, head and shoulders above his parents and siblings. He swears it has to do with being overfed as a child, since he was the youngest and his mom spoiled him with food.

No. 86752

I there is one medical formula that takes your parents, sometimes even grandparents heights and gives the range you should expect. I know it because one of my friends was born with a tumor which prevented him from growing, but they were able to artificially give him growth hormones and used that formula to estimate the height he should reach.

No. 86759

My siblings and I are very tall, my mother is average height, same as her parents. My father is tall, his parents were very stort, but he had a tall grandfather - so genetics do play a big role.

Something really interesting I heard during a history class in Uni was, that Charlemagne was not only called the Great because he was powerful, but also mainly because he was just very tall. In fact nearly all kings back then were already very tall (even for nowadays standards, read 180cm/6ft+) - in stark conrast to the rest of the population. So lookwise there was a huge difference between noble people and commoners and the simple reason for that was of course that the rich were able to always afford to eat as much as they want. So food does play a role as well (and that's why all those trendy "my raw vegan baby!" moms aren't doing their kids any favors… Same as anorexia stunts your growth).

No. 86765

Dang that's cool. I knew people in the past were shorter but never thought of the obvious height differences that would exist between classes, specifically kings versus everyone else. Also I wonder how tall kids and babies are going to turn out in the future with all the recent diet trends being pushed on children now.

No. 86802

i'm a tall girl (tall for both men and women) and sometimes i get paranoid and wonder if it's because in middle school I ate a lot instead of restricting my diet like a lot of my female peers, but diet restricting would have to be so so so extremely prevalent in order to account for the height difference between men and women, so then I calm downl

No. 86846

File: 1530480420529.gif (1.98 MB, 200x150, giphy (2).gif)

lol was he baby sinclair?

No. 86850

If diet restriction was the reason for height differences, all overweight people would also be tall. Most overweight people are average height or short, so yeah.

No. 86851

Not just the amount, what you eat plays a role as well.
Fat people eat a monotonous diet, they stuff themselves with nutrionless junk food all day long so of course that won't help them grow.

No. 86853

I heard they inject mashed up twinkies and lard directly into their bloodstream. Some snort Dorito dust. Not to mention the KFC gravy enemas.

No. 86857

fucking kek anon, I loved that show so much growing up
saged for not the mama

No. 86869

File: 1530500135947.jpg (64.8 KB, 480x411, 1525818035466.jpg)

>tfw 6'4"

No. 87241

My dad is 6'2 and my mom is 5'5. I'm 5'10 (I don't really consider myself THAT tall but I guess it's more than the average girl) and my younger brother is fucking 6'5 or some shit. My brother and I are the youngest out of all of our cousins but I'm the tallest female and he's the tallest male of the family. It's weird because it isn't like our aunts and uncles are exactly short themselves, it's just for some reason most of the girls came out short. We like to joke that the reason my brother and I are seemingly freaks of nature is because my dad was the only one of his siblings to marry someone from outside the country. I guess a North American + Central European combo can churn out some interesting results sometimes.

No. 87261

>The short answer to this question is that about 60 to 80 percent of the difference in height between individuals is determined by genetic factors, whereas 20 to 40 percent can be attributed to environmental effects, mainly nutrition.
I always feel bad for kids who are shorter than they should be because all I can think is that they were malnourished.

No. 87263

Yeah, there were several kids in my class who always only got all super organic, no sugar, fat or meat lunchboxes from their helicopter moms and then ended up being short.
But some looked down on me and other kids who ate "unhealtily" (read normal) so it serves them right lol

No. 87265

Cutting out refined sugars is a good thing and choosing organic produce is whatever. It’s the lack of protein and fats that probably fucked them up.

No. 87273

Did you mean to reply to me? The cousins I was talking about are all from NA and aren't malnourished. They probably eat better than me desu. Though, maybe my mom (and her family in general) would have been taller if she didn't grow up in a communist country.

No. 87275

Can confirm, my dad is 6’5” mom is a homely 5’0”. I was very malnourished until 17 (not anachan but parents were young and unconventional - didn’t really care what I ate, no family meals, etc.) I turned out 5’4” - whereas my sister was raised on a strict athletic diet (protein, veggies, low sugar) is 5’7” and younger than me. So, it’s pretty telling that nutrition from a young age to puberty is instrumental in deciding your end height. Anyway, I’ll get back to crying in my average height corner.

No. 87276

File: 1530824535986.jpeg (472.27 KB, 750x1153, D4F93EE9-CE9F-40F7-8CAD-3A5E66…)

>are all from NA and aren't malnourished.
Kek that’s not how it works. You can look fine but be malnourished, you can be from America and be malnourished. If you’re shorter than you should be, excluding medical conditions or medications, it’s probably because you’re malnourished.

No. 87281

TIL I should've been anachan during puberty to spare me from becoming a giant

No. 87283

Get therapy.

No. 87285

No. 87306

me too anon, but i was super tall at 11 before i even knew or cared what ana was. lets cry together.

No. 87312

Responding to “malnourished kids are short” with “damn I wish I was malnourished” is so fucked up.

No. 87314

>tfw I'm 26 and it's still a struggle to find petite clothing

American petite is short enough but for landwhales, Asian petite is small enough but still too long on me. I know I have to go to fancy stores– so now that I finally have income to pay for this shit, any recommendations?

No. 87449

For nice clothes, it is so worth it to get it tailored to your body. It won’t cost too much more and makes a huge difference. Almost all clothing you see celebrities wear is tailored, for example

No. 87569

What kind of fancy? What kind of clothes are you looking for? What is your budget? Are you a 0p?

No. 87583

I like some of the petite stuff at J.Crew. Top Shop and ASOS aren’t so bad for me, either. I’m 5’0” and 0-2P in US sizes, depending on the garment.

No. 87611

I'm short (5 feet) and mostly don't like it. I sort of enjoy feeling small/cute, but as I've gained weight in grad school I've become resentful of it. Like, damn, just a few more inches and it'd be a bit more spread out and not look so bad.

No. 87622

lol fam you don't have to come here and try to humblebrag. how short are you that asian clothing is too big 4 ft?

No. 87720

In what world is admitting to being short “humblebraging.” Being short isn’t a good thing. It’s anything but humblebraging
>help I’m basically a dwarf
>don’t brag!!!
This site sometimes I swear.

No. 87745

the number of anons that LITERALLY want to be as short and skinny as possible is alarming kek

No. 87750

Im 5'9 and skeletal, sometimes i wish i was shorter just so id be a bit more stubby but over all I like my height and can't wait for my tall children with my 6'4 bf.

No. 87753

Cmon don't torture your daughter just because you hate your height

No. 87760

Im not, if shes is tall and skinny she is going straight into modeling.

No. 87765

Nta but that's not what she said. That was some spoony tier bragging.

>I'm an uwu smol bean who can't even fit into Asian sizes!

>I am gonna go to ~fancy~ stores cause I'm wealthy!

No. 87785

Dude, I just wanted some store recommendations. Don't veer it off into crazy land.

Thanks everybody, now I know where to start. I've always put this off because I used to think about how to make rent more than buying clothes.

No. 87787

What's your malfunction? Did you never go through a point in your life where you couldn't really afford clothes that fit well?

Ann Taylor LOFT is good for work clothes. Land's End, too, but make sure you check the size chart because you'll probably have to go down a size compared to your normal numerical size. Land's End will hem most pants to pretty much any length you want. Uniqlo will, too.

No. 87793

i have to disagree, she sounds like she was humblebragging and now trying to backpedal. she also never mentioned her exact height, just that she was "too small for asian sizes" which is really suspicious.

No. 87794

Did you even read her original post?
>american petite is for landwhales
>asian petite is too long!

She's clearly trying to humblebrag. And like >>87793 said she never disclosed her height.

No. 87796

I had no idea Ann Taylor had petite! My mom buys from there so I always assumed it was Macy's-tier (her favorite) with sizes. I'll definitely check it out, thanks anon.

No. 87799

Why would asian sizes run longer than american ones? The averagr asian height is shorter, so surely their clothing would reflect that?

No. 87802

no idea, she said it though. that's why she's being accused of humblebragging. i agree with the anon who said it's somewhat spoony level. it's just so bizarre and makes little sense. i'm only 5'5 and some asian clothing is short on me ffs.

No. 87803

are you actually like real? macy's is a department store not a brand.

No. 87890

I'm a humble 5'5, right smack dab in the middle haha I felt insecure about it for a while because I suddenly went from 5'2 to 5'5 from 16-19 after I thought I was done growing and I used to get a lot of compliments and stuff about how petite I was and it boosted my ego. Now that I think about it, I don't really want to be petite just to validate men's ego, that's really the only reason it bugs me, and also appearing "big" next to other girls but I'm rather slender framed, so I'm even skinnier than a lot of short girls. I just used to feel bad because guys can be kinda short near me and a lot of the girls are around 5'3 and shorter, so I used to think guys naturally would want a girl who makes them feel bigger. But now I'm dating my 200 lb 5'11 manly man and he makes me feel petite and delicate. And I don't notice my height as much any more. If I'm next to a short girl, I do tend to feel kinda giant but also not all short girls are neotenous kawaii beauties. A lot of them can look stumpy lol. and when standing next to tall or average height people I actually do feel small because I am so thin

No. 87896

Anon, as a average range 5'6" girl, this is not really our thread. Be prepared for someone to tell you off for it.
Regardless, I actually feel the opposite of you. I always wanted to be taller, since I enjoy feeling stronger/bigger than people around me. It could just be cope for me since I have a legitimate wide frame otherwise and had shorter/skinnier friends growing up, so I got used to it.
Luckily, there are many dateless turbomanlets out there waiting for me to literally scoop them up, so hopefully I can live out my dream of being an (artifically) big strong wife. I'm glad you found a big boy to make you feel cute.

No. 87917

Does having a positive aspect be so tall?

No. 87918

i know what you mean about pleasing guys egos. i have dated guys who aren't so tall and my current bf is just average height. they were all obsessed with petite girls and the fact that i'm short(er than them). it's like my primary attractive trait is that i make guys who aren't 6ft+ feel better about themselves. i also compare my height/size to other short women despite being petite and thin.

tbh I'm 5'0" and think it's okay if you share this on here, it's become a general girls height thread and if you feel too tall or too short at times then it's plenty relevant.

No. 87946

i don't know why being short is such a desired trait. i personally really hate being "petite", i'm 5'1 and always feel childish next to other women and where i live at least, being 5'6 or more is the most common height, and that's where your proportions start being better imo. less stumpiness and you carry weight in a more attractive way.

i was very into modeling/fashion growing up and admired how tall most models were, and was genuinely surprised to learn that people viewed tall women as being unfeminine and gross since i see them as quite the opposite. idk where i'm going with this but i don't see a lot of bonuses to being short, my height is one of the things that often makes me feel ugly

No. 87949

I'm 5'1.5 and I wish I was an inch or two shorter. But I'm generally happy. I'm slim thicc kinda, nothin too crazy but the proportions are exaggerated because my height which I like. I weigh like 100lb-ish? 105-110 if I let myself go a bit.

It's funny how women in this thread don't wanna be cute or adorable when their adults. I fucking love that shit. Treat me like a cute lil girl all day. Eventually, you're not going to be treated like that - you're going to be 40+ and when people stop giving a fuck about you because you aren't a cute 18-22 year old anymore, that's when you'll probably miss it. I'm pre-med and know what it's like to be treated like a kid because I'm surrounded by loads of smart STEM tier dudes, but if anyone pisses me off enough I just spit back at them (not literally lol) and it shuts them up. That's kinda fun doing tbh.

No. 87954

20 years old, 4'11 and 110 pounds here

>feeling cute at times
>not weighing a lot so I can be easily carried

>no one takes me seriously
>everyone assumes I'm 12 or under and still sexualizes me
>I've literally been told I look like a toddler multiple times even though I have large boobs
>occassionally I'm told I'm too short to be attractive

I don't mind being short, I DO mind being treated like a child and not taken seriously because of it. This is a problem I've seen for lots of women, so I'm not sure if it is just a short people problem.

No. 87984

It happens to women of all sizes, but I think especially very petite women.

No. 87987


110 if you let yourself go? I'm also 5'1.5 but i'm like 120-125 lbs lol…. That being said I wear size small in most things.

After years of wishing I were taller, I actually don't mind my height anymore. Realizing that a lot of hot people are just as short as me helped me get over it

No. 88455

I'm 1.70 m (5'6"-5'7" depending on the site) and while I know it's only a bit above average, all the girls around me seem so short. Men are short too. I like my height, but other people seem to be against somehow… especially guys, they hate tall women.

No. 121063

File: 1565137810734.jpg (38.66 KB, 711x620, 1564974451487.jpg)

I'm 5'5" (and white) and I hate it so much. I honestly want to rope because of it. I look dumpy at 110 fucking pounds. I swear, all the cute guys want tall girls, and tall women seem to age better, and ironically have more feminine faces. My boyfriend says he doesn't mind my height, but I seriously doubt it. I'm also at risk for having short sons, and they'd probably resent me forever because of it. My mom and grandma are both 5'9-10", so I grew up thinking I'd end up at their height. Fuck being short.

No. 140287

I'm 5'5 1/2, grew from 5'3 within a few months at 22. I like it, but I kinda wanna be 5'7-5'8. I love the thin tall look. Esp. because my bf is 6'4 lol. I wonder if I'll grow more.

No. 140292

tall anon here at 6'0ft/182cm. i can't say i love my height, but i don't hate it either.
pros: >strangers take you more seriously in the professional world
>stand out more in a crowd
>i don't have to watch what i eat as much if i were shorter

>clothes shopping can be challenging. there are tons of super cute dresses/pants/skirts that are too short
>dating pool is more limited - i'm not attracted to guys who are shorter than me
>if i become overweight i'm gonna look like a fucking bus

i admit i'm also a bit jealous of short/average girls with tall guys. i'd love to feel small next to a guy and have that small and feminine vs big and masculine contrast with a boyfriend

No. 140293

sucks you're not attracted to shorter guys anon, i've been taller than any guy i've ever dated, fuck em

No. 140294

Thin,petite,5'5 anon here
I wish I was a bit taller around 5'7 but it turns out puberty failed me years ago and I'm not even a late bloomer at all

No. 140295

I would't class 5'5 as petite or short tbh.

find a 6'4+ bf and be a tall power couple. 6'0 with 6'4 is like 5'7 with 6'0

No. 140297

You grew a few more inches as a 22 yr old?
How'd you do that?

No. 140298

I have no idea. I stopped growing at 16. I just kinda… thought "man it would be cool to grow more, like 5'5" and somehow it worked??

No. 140299

okay 5'11 anon here
>girls tend to tell me i look hot which i believe is largely due to my height
>i'm pretty masculine, loud, outspoken so i feel like it fits my personality
>taken more seriously in professional settings
>carry weight well, get away with eating a lot of junk
>i'm into being taller than guys and guys run short in my country so every guy i've ever dated i've been taller than
>feel safe walking at night because i'm larger
>when i briefly trooned out i didn't have trouble passing to the point where i was asked to leave women's restrooms lmao
>easier to seem intimidating when i need to
>reaching places for people
>feminine guys go for me which is cool because that's what i'm after, again i think due to my height
>long legs, looks cool in skirt/dress, have never been told it's too short tbh but i'm sorry to other tall anons here who have been told it, wear it if it's your thing
>sometimes guys on the street with their girlfriend try to make themselves taller once they see me and it's very funny

>my legs don't fit into the seats for the buses or trains in my country
>weird guys who expect me to be hyperfemme to make up for it
>well-intentioned older women telling me i shouldn't cut my hair so short because i'm already on thin ice
>height comments from guys can be weird. strange comments about "you should be a model" (kek) which rub me the wrong way entirely but can be passed off as just a compliment to my height
>being insanely jealous of girls taller than me lmao

No. 140300

haha damn, that's some freak luck. I stopped growing at around 16 too…guess I'll just continue daydreaming.

No. 140304

I'm 176 cm and I really like it. It's the taller end of average for females, so I get to be tall-ish and all the benefits but not tall enough to stand out. Perfect height imo.

You probably won't read this anymore but a lot of guys prefer short girls.

No. 140305

5'5 isn't short at all. it's just above average. and why would you be dumpy at 110? it sounds thin.

how tall's your bf?

No. 140312

5'9, and i think it's the perfect height. I have a very round face though which throws off my whole dynamic. but i like being taken seriously and having more of an ethereal vibe since i'm pale and skinny lmao.

No. 140314

Is this stormfront

No. 140315

unironically anon yes

No. 140316

Do you think being white and tall makes you look like one of those eunuch drawn by the russian sisters?

No. 140318

I'm tall and I'm okay with that. I used to whine about being tall but eventually accepted there's no point in discussing it because I can't change it. I'm just thankful I'm average tall at 5'9 and not extremely tall like 6'7. Not trying to be disrespectful to anyo e who is that tall though.

No. 140320

i'm nta lol

No. 140322

Ok shawty

No. 140323

kys moid

No. 140360

is 5'3 average or short for an american? i feel tall but tbh my family are hobbits

No. 140363

I'm also 5'3, depends on where you live I think. When I lived in CA I felt average and even taller than most girls/some guys, but since moving to the Midwest I definitely seem short and find myself looking upwards at people more often.

On the topic of height confusion, does anyone else feel like they're a short person built like a tall person? I feel like my bone structure/proportions were meant for a way taller girl–lanky/ruler body type, huge hands and feet, bony even though I'm skinnyfat (emphasis on fat)

No. 140367

5’8 here. Being skelly helps but not a day goes by that I don’t dream about chopping my hands and feet off.

No. 140375

I'm 5'3 and I don't really feel particularly small unless I'm trying to reach a shelf or something. People always assume I'm younger than I am and they tend to assume I'm gonna find it endearing when they try to comment on how uwu smol i am. I do not like being infantilized.

No. 140383

I'm like 5'11 and overall it's pretty nice. I feel like I get more respect/etc. partly due to my height (also my personality hopefully but you know). My posture can be bad because you naturally try to shrink yourself sometimes as a tall woman. I'm also really skinny though so I don't always feel the most feminine but I make it work. We're all different.

Also clothing can be a real bitch sometimes. I have a lot of men's hoodies/flannels because the arm length is usually much better.

No. 140384

same with the posture, everyone i speak to is shorter than me it blows

No. 140395

5'5 anon called herself short (and 5'5 is below average for a woman where I am. I don't know where in the world you all are from but our perspective on what is short and tall is and what height average is, is variable from place to place)

No. 140396

oh whoops i quoted the wrong post in >>140305

I meant to quote >>121063

No. 140410

That's lovely how you're confident, anon

I don't understand how 5'3-5'6 women consider themselves short though. For me it's fairly average. I'd say under 5'2 is short and over 5'8 is tall, everything in between is average, unless you're in some super tall country or something.

No. 140411

*woops, deleted on accident

5'3 chick here!
Pros of being short : I'm considered cute, "feminine", can date short and tall men, can keep my teenage clothes…

Cons : Infantilized, not taken seriously, look like a child, "uwu ur so smoll, so fragile, I cud break u", always being picked on for being a midget, made fun of by my taller friends…

From time to time, I wish I was taller and slimmer, because you can easily look fat if you're slightly overweight, but overall, I feel good about my height. I'm quite chubby on the legs and the belly, but that doesn't stop me from wearing whatever clothes I like. I like to wear cute long skirts, oversized jackets, etc… It makes me look shorter and maybe chubbier, but who cares? I just like to wear what I like. People would say that some things don't look good on me, but as long as I feel cute in it, I don't see how it's a problem. Short or tall, just wear whatever you like and have fun!

No. 140412


I try to always be! Life is too short to worry about something as meaningless as height…
I have many tall friends and people in my family are quite tall as well so I'm considered like a midget here… But yeah, it's average, I'm not tall nor short, it's my relatives who are tall asf lmao.

No. 140413

Ahaha, I'm the opposite. I'm 5'6 which isn't that tall but all my family members are like 4'11-5'1. Even the men are 5'6 tops. I had some tall (like 6'4+) grandads so maybe that's the reason.

No. 140456

I am 5'0

> romantically hardly anyone would be shorter than me
> fitting in cheaper cuter girl's clothes/ shoes lifehack
> I feel like I stick out less than if I were tall? if that makes sense? i like being less noticeable sometimes
> matches soft facial features/ dainty other features
> my body proportions are pretty even for a short hourglass figure? like it could be way worse, I could be a lot stubbier. if it's a photo of just me and I'm in good shape I don't actually look that short

> the fact that 5-10 pounds looks like nothing on everyone I know but will ruin my entire physique
>arms are kinda short/ stubby for some reason
> lots of clothes being too long/ fitting stupidly/ pants are a nightmare
> basic everyday shit not working for my height, like gym equipment being awkward and having to pull my driver's seat ALL the way up just to reach the brakes like a dumb little baby
>can't reach shit in my own home that isn't even that high up
> if I complain about or even enjoy being short i look like one of those "I'm so short uwu" special snowflakes

>do you wish you could change it?

honestly idk, my jerk reaction is YES because I'm shallow and even being an average height would alleviate so many body-related worries and I wouldn't feel so uneven-looking next to my 6'2 bf, that sort of stuff. but I wouldn't want to be too tall either. literally just to be like 5'4 or something would make a world of a difference, why did my goblin family curse me so

No. 140469

I'm the same height and I agree on all points.
Did you also get whacked in the face as a child by women's purses in large crowds? Lmao

No. 140474

>5-10 pounds looks like nothing on everyone I know but will ruin my entire physique

girl, I'm 5'4 and 5 lbs will destroy my physique. so I really feel for you knowing how much more difficult it probably is 4 inches shorter. men have it so easy with the extra height.

No. 140475

170cm (5’7”)

>can reach things easily
>dresses tend to fit nicely / skirt length is sexy
>wearing heels gives me a power rush of feeling like godzilla + weeds out insecure men
> can watch events easily when there’s a crowd of people

>can bash head on things really easily (particularly when on public transit)
>dresses and skirts sometimes run too sexy when you don’t want them to be sexy
>no rompers unless you want major vag-wedgie
> feel bad for people sitting/standing behind me = several years of major slouchy posture

I don’t feel the need to change it at all. Being short is fine. Being tall is fine. But I do feel sorry for short people who are infantilized, and I also feel sorry for really tall people who have to put up people asking them how tall they are all the time. Shit must be annoying.

No. 140476


Sometimes I catch my reflection in public and think I look like a chonk. I'm trying to get over my fear of gaining weight but still be conscious of what I eat and getting enough physical activity.

For the most part I am ok with my height. I once had a boyfriend who's ex was 5'11 and I was a bit jealous lol, I sometimes think about how nice it would be to have long slender legs. Grass is always greener I suppose

No. 140482

172cm tall, and I think it's the perfect height for me. I've been told that I'm rather tall for a woman (don't know what's the average in my country), but honestly, I don't feel like it, I've been small all my life until I finally hit puberty at 14, so I still feel scrawny most of the time.

Ngl, I can't help but be slightly jealous of women taller than me, I've been switching my looks to more androgynous fashion and I think it would look better with some additional centimeters, especially in the torso region.

No. 140518

I'm 5'5, maybe slightly taller by like 0.2 inches… seems like I grew during university -> now (age 25, almost 26).


>most clothes from stores fit well
>easier to weave in and out of crowds
>can blend into crowds
>lots of dating options since most guys are taller than me
>look more youthful?
>looks balanced? that's just me though, I have decent torso:leg proportions


>very annoying to look over people's shoulders in theatres/concerts
>have to get a chair to reach things in shelves
>i dunno. Taller girls look more regal?
>could be a faster walker with longer legs

I wish I were 5'8 only because of aesthetics, really. I'm fine with my height otherwise, since there's no real health issues.

No. 140826

178cm/5'10 and I hate it so much.

>no need to be scared when walking alone at night, lower chance of getting attacked
>stronger, feel like I could protect my shorter friends, mom and sister
>helpful when short old ladies ask me to get them stuff from the upper shelves at supermarkets

>bullied as a child, still get rude comments as an adult, some people unironcally act as if they're scared of me
>everybody always had too high expectations in me, also due to thinking I'm older (been mistaken for an adult when I wasn't even 10 years old)
>what even is dating? no man (even the ones who are taller than me) is interested in me
>definitely not more respect from males, rather hostility
>ugly short and fat grannies: "She (me) will have a hard time finding a husband…" Thanks, needed to hear this as a child.
>having to endure humble-bragging from shorter friends ("omg anon, let's compare, your hand is sooo much bigger than mine! teehee" "well I fit in a size XS")
>no space for legs, knees always hurt while on the train (~2 hours nearly on the daily)
>people complain about not being able to see if they stand behind me (I bet men of my height don't get such complaints as often)
>my father is building and renting houses, uses me as free contruction worker, lumberjack etc, if I was smaller I wouldn't have to do that because I simply wouldn't be able to lift as heavy
>probably don't have a single jacket or coat that's long enough, the recent crop top trend is ony making everything worse
>look bony and manly when skinny, look massive and manly while fat
And whenever I complain short or average women tell me: "Nooo, being tall is nice, because uhm models are also tall!" as if that changes anything. You wouldn't want to trade places with me either.
Despite of course fantasizing about having a taller bf whom I could look up to and look small next to, who feels protective about me, realistically I also wouldn't really want to date a too tall man because we'd only end up looking like some tallass freak couple (and if we had a daughter she'd have an even harder time than me)

No. 140827

Anon, wtf, where are you from? 178 is not even that tall, if you tried being a model you'd probably be among the shortest girls on the catwalk. I seriously can't imagine thinking sth like this is "freaky", unless you really live in a society of very low average heights like Philippines or something like this.

No. 140833

178 cm is literally the perfect height imo for a girl. I'm a few centimeters shorter but if I could add a few to become 178 cm, I'd do it in a heartbeat. It's always been my dreamlength lol. I'm sorry you experience to be a dreadful height.

No. 140840

Well, of course I don't want to think of my own body as freaky but enough people act as if tall women are some sort of monstrosity? The average height for women in my country is 165cm and for males 178cm (supposedly…), so if I, at close to 180, would date a man of let's say 190+ (if I find one) then the both of us together would certainly stand out a lot, even moreso than I already do on my own.

No. 140841

13cm above average doesn't stand out, it's like, half a head length taller? Look at the measurement tape, it's seriously not much. People that are close you probably have to look up a tiny bit so sure they'll make a comment, but it's a super normal height overall for an adult woman. I honestly cant think of any reason why would people react negatively to that except for jealousy. When you find your perfect height bf you'll be everyone's couple goals and if you stand out then even better, make people see how cool you are.

No. 140844

>13cm above average doesn't stand out
13cm definitely is a lot. Would you say the same to a woman who's 152cm? Or to men who are 165cm or 191cm?
Plus like I said before, even if I myself wouldn't mind, that doesn't change the fact that all my life people over and over point it out (in a negative way).

No. 140847

>Would you say the same to a woman who's 152cm? Or to men who are 165cm or 191cm?
I would, these are all completely normal heights. But honestly I see we have completely different perception, I guess I was lucky i never got any comments past ocassional "oh, you're tall" (I'm 177cm), so that does change a lot with how given person feels. I hope you manage to move past it and be happy with how tall you are.

No. 140866

Where are you from, Latvia?

No. 140876

Adding on to the tall woman experiences, I experience men who are (usually substantially) shorter than me to have overall tried to directly and randomly hit on me way more than men who are taller than me. I theorize it might be due to shorter men having to put themselves more out there to get girls overall while taller men can take it more cool? Or is it a fetish-thing lol who knows.

No. 140902

I'm guessing it's both, a lot of short men would feel intimidated by having a taller partner because society standards, but at the same time yeah, they probably do have to try harder than taller men. Idk if any of you anons seen Too Hot To Handle on netflix, so many girls thirsting after that tall australian guy even though he honestly had worse body and face than majority of other guys, but he was just really tall. Bizarre but I guess it's how it is for tall men.

No. 140939

Anon, they want you to pass on your tall genes to their sons.

No. 140940

I've actually, thinking about it, never had a taller guy hit on me. I had a one night stand with a guy about my height once but that's it

No. 140994

I’m 5’4”, average, but I work as a commercial model, and for my industry I am essentially a dwarf. A few observations about being a short girl in the modeling industry, and being a short girl in general. First of all the standard of attractiveness I am held to in terms of face, body, hair, teeth etc is infinitely higher than girls who are 5’10+. Also, in my opinion, even outside of modeling (this does depend on geographic area and ‘type’ you fit in to), the shorter you are the more conventionally attractive you need to be to be considered attractive, whereas taller girls get away with much more unusual features. Being shorter also makes me much more approachable (something I personally don’t like) and I feel a need to dress more conservatively and behave more standotffishly to be taken seriously. My agency keeps me around because I can book lingerie, swim, and some beauty. I also spend part of the year in a city whose market is almost 100% swim. While my height definitely plays a factor in the categories I fit into, my face and body type also play a role. Almost all of the short girls I work with solely book lingerie, swim, and beauty as well.
Finally, I think short poorly proportioned or heavier girls are considered a lot less attractive than taller girls who are slightly overweight or badly proportioned. E.g. my boyfriend and his friends refer to short girls with short legs as ‘smushes’, because they look look like they have been smushed down.

No. 140996

Also, reading through other replies, I think that geographic area has a huge impact on perception of height. In my city tall women are viewed as very desirable, but I can see how in a smaller town it might be the other way around.

No. 141088

I'm pretty fine with being 5'1, i literally don't give a fuck. The only thing that makes me sad is that to be skinny i have to eat less than everyone else and i have to be underweight, even when i'm normal weight i look fat.

No. 141099

you could gain muscle so that you don't have to be underweight and compromising your health. valuing aesthetics more than your health sounds pretty bad

No. 141110

I'm 5'7'' which is average, but I always perceived 5'9'' to be standard height. I always wear flat shoes with negligible sole padding however so there's been some moments where people (both men and women, but often a shorter girl in heels) thought I was shorter than I actually was.

No. 141116

Damn, where do you live where 5'9" would be perceived as average for women?

No. 141118

seconded, asking for a friend

No. 141120


Anon is probably from Scandinavia or the Netherlands, I think those are the countries that have the highest recorded heights with men and women

No. 141123

>having to endure humble-bragging from shorter friends ("omg anon, let's compare, your hand is sooo much bigger than mine! teehee" "well I fit in a size XS")
God I fucking feel this. Almost every single short girl I meet has done this shit to me. I’ve been completely traumatized and now because of it I feel like every guy who shows interest in me is either joking or has a femdom kink. I honestly couldn’t even fathom the idea of having a boyfriend because the thought of him liking short girls makes me want to kill myself because of that type of shit they say to me making me feel so masculine and ugly in comparison.

No. 141128

i’m 4‘8 and it’s shit. my family on both sides are short (father is around 5’5 and mother is 5’0, siblings are same height as my parents) so i basically just lost the genetic lottery and it’s never benefitted me. i know it’s become a thing for shorter girls to boast about how “tiny and smol uwu” they are but i truly don’t get the appeal. i would love to be at least average height if not taller, i envy super tall women a lot but i understand why it’s as frustrating (if not worse because of the stigma/assumptions around being tall as a woman) as being super short

also elaborating kind of on what >>141088 said, being on the shorter side messes up your proportions a lot no matter what body type you have and it makes any kind of weight gain extremely obvious. i stick to cardio because toning/muscle gain on the torso area specifically doesn’t look the same as it does on most people, at least for me anyway. no one ever talks about that for some reason so i’m glad it was mentioned here because it’s depressing having to do nearly double the workout others do just to look an average weight. i think i was around 120 pounds at my heaviest weight on meds and i looked fat even thought that’s standard weight for most people, simply because my proportions are shorter and distribute weight differently

i don’t know if people want to be short because it’s got aesthetic value or it’s ddlg smol bby size kink uwu type shit but it annoys the fuck out of me. it’s embarrassing being treated like you’re not a grown ass woman and it’s not flattering, just patronising as fuck lol

sorry for the sperg. i was nervous about being accused of humblebragging about being short when actually it’s just super depressing and i wanted to vent pls no bully

No. 141148


i'm another short anon (5'0) who also mentioned the weight struggle being worse when you're shorter and i feel you right now because quarantine has made me go from 112 to 120 and it is SUCH a big difference, trying to work on it and not let it bother me because other people don't notice but I fucking do and it's just making me sad. even when I was a tiny 98 pound high schooler I have never in my life looked noticeably underweight, but have to stay low just to not hate how I look or go beyond a size small. my heaviest was like, 135 ish I think?? and that's a totally average and healthy weight to so many girls but on me, yikes, frumpiest I've ever looked and I've tried to stay around 100-110 ever since. as for the anon who said to just gain more muscle so you don't worry about weighing more, my build is already a little naturally athletic and if I gain too much muscle I look like a fucking stumpy bulldog.

No. 141157

i had to laugh, all these poor short anons itt opening up about feeling infantilized and not taken seriously because of their height, only for some other short anon to say shit like “i can’t even reach the brakes like a dumb little baby uwu” i feel like it wouldn’t be such a problem if so many short girls didn’t infantilize themselves

No. 141199

Why do you think so?

No. 141276

I’m 175cm / 5’ 9” and it’s great

>long legs
>weight gain does not show so easily
>more storage space in home
>i got in bars while underage which was cool thing when I was a teenager
>had summer jobs that recuired physical strength and those pay decently because male dominated fields

Also I second >>140826 for the sense of security: I rarely feel afraid when walking outside alone at the night. I live in pretty safe city but some of my friends don’t still want to walk alone when it’s dark outside.
Also, I have defended some random girls from unvanted attention from guys and it’s easy for me to step in those situations because I’m nasty bitch when needed and my size gives me confidence. For some reason the men who harrass women are always manlets kek.

>when I was young and stupid I was insecure because “bohoo I’m never going to find a man” (that’s bullshit)
>big feet so finding cute shoes is hard/almost impossible
>tops are always too short
>mini skirts show half of my butt

No. 141278

They’re just giving a visual example, giraffe Chan

No. 141317

>i got in bars while underage

Damn, I missed out on this kinda shit. One of my best friends is a few cm's taller than me even and she could buy cigarettes or alcohol at any store. I think she has a more mature face. When I tried they'd immediately call my bluff because I have a baby face.

Also what's up with some tall women here talking about being strong? I guess it's a genetic muscle-thing because I've always been skinny and except for some nice stomach-muscles my arms are weak as shit and always have been lol. Literal twigs for arms.

No. 141344

lol did you not read the part where I say that it sucks to be infantilized? how the fuck does not being able to reach the brakes of my own car something you'd consider a humblebrag? that shit's annoying

No. 141406

i'm 5'7 and somehow i still have pretty petite sized knees and twiggy weak little arms, my feet are literally size 6.5/7 and my hands are unusually ~smol uwu~ for my height too. i thank god that i managed to have more "shorter girl" features because i was bullied so harshly by adults and kids for growing really fast and looking like a 16 year old at age 9 that it sort of compensates for the ruined childhood lol.

No. 141445

I feel you anon, this shit makes me so fucking self conscious, if it wasn't for the stupid "uwu I'm so sm0l in comparion to you" shtick they pulled I wouldn't even have noticed those differences. Now I always e.g. worry about my hands being as big or bigger as guys and them noticing, it just makes you feel so unfeminine.

I was ana as a teen and even skelly-me was much stronger than my heavier yet shorter classmates. On the one hand it makes me feel safer against men, on the other hand it also serves to make feel even more like a failure of a woman. Sometimes I wonder whether other girls only pretend to be weak (for example many acted as if me playfully slapping their upper arm genuinely hurt them and I'm by no means a brute), so that they could get guys to do stuff for them or to force me into carrying shit for them.
I guess due to my height I was just always treated as one of the boys and therefore my body was forced to develop stronger?

No. 141446

Me too, but it's not like i work out lmfao. Guys joke about me being strong but i'm just well-built. I can pick some men up and definitely went out of my way to move the chairs the boys were told to as a kid but i don't really subscribe to "my body was forced to develop stronger", i think we just push ourselves a tiny bit when it comes to strength because it seems retarded to pretend we can't

No. 141450

I don't work out either. What I meant is that because of my height everybody always expected me to be strong, like I had to do work in the garden since I was in kindergarten, then later in school everybody always went "You're so tall, you must be able to run faster, jump further, etc", so I just always forced myself because it's not like I was given a choice to do otherwise and now I'm simply used to it. Nobody ever cared that my arms are much skinnier and less muscular than others, because they always only noticed my height. And then additionally all those other girls using their "I'm shorter, that's too heavy for me"-card… Even if I wanted I couldn't pretend to be weak, because I'm literally as tall as most men, nobody would buy that.

No. 141451

>pretend to be weak
Do any other obviously tall and strong anons think this is such a meme during sex? Like fucking kek, no more than letting him pin me down can be funny

No. 141463

Men have more natural physical strength even when they don't try so anyone who thinks a woman and man of the same height should be even close to equally strong they have pretty wack knowledge but what else is new.

No. 141484

4’10” I was raised in a family of shorties and my friends would always joke about how our furniture and appliances were more suited for ‘little people.’
I don’t think about my height unless it’s commented on or I’m at a show and can’t see past the people in front of me.

>can fit in to small places
>I’m proportioned nicely and don’t look stumpy or round
>I love the height difference between me and my bf (6’1”)
>idk I don’t really think about it much but I like my height

>short guys go after me more often
>guys who are in to lolis/pedos are more attracted to me
>feeling intimidated by the walls of people in packed clubs/cons/shows (probably won’t be an issue post covid)
>unable to reach the upper shelves in our apartment)
>harder to jump walls

No. 141488

Sometimes I wish I was not so average when it comes to height, 170cm/5’7” when the average is 3 cm shorter.

Wish I could either be cute and small or an amazonian model but nooo. At least I have long legs.

No. 141513

100% same, I'm one inch/3 cm shorter and there are 0 advantages to it beyond being average, I have shit proportions that only look good when I'm near underweight and my height is neither cute nor statuesque.

No. 141519

>I have shit proportions that only look good when I'm near underweight

Lol, 100% same but I'm 5'5. Someone will accuse me of ana-posting but I legit only look good when I'm quite underweight on BMI. Like, around 95-100 lbs. All my fat goes to my legs so even if my upper body looks skeletal, my legs look chubby. If I were to be the BMI recommended 115+, I'd look absolutely disgusting. My proportions are comical.

No. 141548

Why do you think they do that? I’ve asked this question before irl and I’ve been told it’s because they’re jealous of me cause I’m ~just so pretty~ but if i was so pretty I wouldn’t be so tall with big hands and feet? Like, even if everything else about a girl is super pretty I feel like those things would ruin it for most people so I doubt it’s that. But also if I think about it in terms of them just making fun of me it doesn’t make sense either? If someone is fat you wouldn’t go out of your way to be like “wow look at how big your thighs look compared to mine heehee! You weigh how much!?! That’s 40 pounds more than me wow you’re so big lol whaaat? I wasn’t trying to insult you I was just saying anon jeez stop being so sensitive”. That’s not really something that happens, you know? So I feel hurt when these things happen but also really fucking confused lmao.

No. 141549

People (especially americans it seems honestly social culture-wise) just really like to give their unsolicited comments about how someone looks because they stand out sometimes.
Being tall is mostly a good thing. Idk who managed to break you down, anon but taking into consideration you're tall you don't have actual big hands or feet. You have hands and feet in proportion to your tall body. It's not a dealbreaker for most people at all. Do you think most men or even people in general really think pr care much about your shoe size?
Nobody comments loudly and elaborates about someone being fat most of the time because it's not a positive. Being tall is a positive and stands out in a good way in most cases. As a tall woman if I see another girl taller than me I go "wow!" in a positive, amazed way honestly.

No. 141550

Maybe not the feet specifically but a lot of guys are turned off by girls being tall cause it’s seen as mannish and having larger hands cause they’re “man hands” or something. And when girls give unsolicited comments about these things it’s not I’m a positive way as the original poster said, it’s in a way where they’re humblebragging about how much smaller and thereby more feminine they are
>omg anon, let's compare, your hand is sooo much bigger than mine! teehee" "well I fit in a size XS"
So I was asking about that

No. 141553

I haven't experienced guys being particularly turned off by tall women. Some could be intimidated but men really aren't picky. So some guys sure, a lot of guys? Most guys? I wouldn't say so. Women are much more harsh about height in dating than men.
It's just trying to have the upper hand at a perceived threat probably. Why else would some of them make a big deal about it? Studies show seeing someone taller has a psychological effect on how others perceive you. They typically will view you as superior if only slightly and mostly subconsciously. So these short women who act like this are just asserting their dominance somehow in whatever petty way they can. Women do be like that sometimes.
Some women with smaller hands have short sausage-fingers anyway which isn't a particularly good look honestly. Completely depends on personal anatomy and proportions more than small being good on women compared to big automatically being bad.

No. 141554

But is dominance really the thing these girls want to be asserting if they’re bragging about how little and cutesy they are? And even if you mean dominance as in asserting they’re more attractive than another girl for being shorter why would they even feel the need to do that in the first place if they already view lack of height as the more girly and delicate ideal?

No. 141555

I just can't figure out what else the point would be? Seems the most logical explanation. Most people understand somewhat that beauty is diverse even if it has some rules. Sometimes it can be a positive to stand out which might be a cause for both good and bad reactions from people depending on the situation. As many average height people here have pointed out.
Also; the grass is greener on the other side effect. Shorter women might be perceived as more cute and traditionally feminine/sexy. Taller women hunch down their posture and can wonder what it's like to be cute and dainty. Taller women are often perceived as more elegant and striking (particularly in clothing). Could easily cause jealousy in some shorter women.
In short, socially being tall has the most advantages so it would be more likely to cause some insecure short women to act out.

No. 141560

5'3 with a round face here.

>easy to find someone taller than me for potential romance
>can fit well in trains/busses

>short legs and long torso so I look stumpy af
>long skirts? sure if you want to sweep the ground. short skirts? you'll look even stumpier.
>not being taken seriously at fucking 30
>"owww you're not short, you're just easy to handle" istg if another moid tells me this I'll handle his face to the ground
>recently moved into an apartment with high roofs and shelves and I need to drag a chair everywhere with me to reach something
>"kids aren't allowed here" jokes
>slow metabolism/have to eat less and exercise more because a single pound can make me look notably worse

ffs this country's average female height is 5'5 and I'm not even that short but people must love pissing me off. I wouldn't sell my soul for a couple inches but I would've loved to be taller.

No. 141566

I'm 5'11" and there's only been two real negatives that I can think of.

When I became a teenager I really started to notice that because I was taller people thought that I was older than I was. I started getting attention from gross old men from around the age of 12. Then when I got to 15 there were a few weird occasions where people thought my younger sister was my daughter.

The other thing that bothers me is finding feminine shoes. I'm a UK size 9 so mainly wear men's trainers.

No. 141569

>I’ve been told it’s because they’re jealous of me cause I’m ~just so pretty~
This is so tiring, people always tell me that but it's such a cope, the same old "he only bullies you because he actually likes you!" lie. They're always making those remarks while comparing me with themselves, sometimes even comparing me with guys and I've even had a couple of scrotes giving me the "you must be a man/are you a man lmao" comment, like how is that them just being jealous? They're clearly very happy about not having my body, they're never putting themselves down, otherwise they'd use stuff like "I'm such a midget, my legs are so much stumpier than yours" instead of "I'm sooo petite, even a size xs is too big for me, everybody thinks I'm only a teen!" (with a big grin on their face).
I don't want to wk short men, since they've been often very cruel and passive aggressive to me as well, but I noticed that taller men do that comparison shit to them too, only the other way around, the one with the biggest everything is the "winner", the manliest, the most handsome.

>socially being tall has the most advantages so it would be more likely to cause some insecure short women to act out.
People often use this argument but this is only the case for men. Until not that long ago parents of fast growing girls got treatment to stop their daughters from becoming too tall, being tall as a woman is only seen as positive if paired with being a uber skinny, having a perfect face and working in the fashion industry. No men in any kind of career field respects a woman more just because she happens to be tall. If anything, they perceive her as a threat to their manliness and superiority and as a result treat her even worse. Also, of course not all, but some women do play up the "small and helpless" damsel thing to get male coworkers to do stuff for them or to go easy on them.

No. 141575

Leggy 5'7. Torso of a smol 5'1 girl with the legs of an almost 6'0 person. I'm shorter than most girls sitting down. however when I stand up, people are like 'omg u're so TALL'. I almost always wear heeled shoes just to style on everyone else. ppl legit think I'm 5'10. hahahaha. some scrotelets even thought I was 6 foot just because I was taller than them. bahahahaha. Kinda wish I was taller though cuz i'm a lesbian so don't care about being taller than men. Something like 6'2ish tall with my same face would be great. I'd still wear heels even to the convenience stores too

No. 141584

pros of being short:

- comfy in planes even economy
- more men taller than me
- can buy children clothes (cheap)
- people think I'm younger than I am
- bf can easily carry me
- clothes take less space in suitcase
- shoe size always available


- adult clothes often don't fit
- most things are designed for men/tall people (furniture, cars…)

No. 141597

>boyfriend can easily carry me
I don’t know why short girls always bring this shit up. Any guy can carry a girl with ease as long as she isn’t a fucking fatass.

t. 5’7 and 115 pounds

No. 141598

One of the benefits of being short (I'm 5ft) is that I'm a cheap date.
One beer? Good for the next hour.

Even food is cheap. I could eat like three cups of food a day and be satisfied… Although I often overeat because food is my passion. It's taken me a long time to remind myself that ordering only appetizers is okay.

No. 141600

No, it's not just the case for tall men even though it counts for more in their case. Being tall in general puts mostly positive attributes upon you during first impressions with others. Tall women are more likely to be taken seriously in the workplace. Short women are viewed as more nurturing by men though.

I don't think this is necessarily a height-thing. I'm tall and a lightweight both with drinks and food honestly.

No. 141601

t-that's different anon, I'm a dainty little girl

No. 141605

Why are there so many salty tall girls in this thread?

No. 141609

You’d hate yourself if you were tall too

No. 141614

As tall myself I'm wondering the same thing. It's one thing to have a bit of a complex about it but seems a bit overblown from statements on here.
Reading on lolcow has reminded me how women almost seem to love to hate themselves honestly.

No. 141620

I love being tall. I’m 6ft. I don’t wear heels though because I would break my legs. But seriously I love being tall, everyone is forced to look at me 90% of the time because my height makes me stick out kek

No. 141638

Because it simply sucks to be tall if you're not somebody who's addicted to getting attention - even if that attention comes in the form of insults.

No. 141641

Probably a dumb question, but how are tall girls taken more seriously? The standards for men and women are opposites, so if you're a woman you have more power if you are physically small, because you fit the standard. Tall women are further from the standard so they have less power. I can see how some can be "intimidated" by them but it's out of bitterness, like "wow, this bitch", does that make sense?

No. 141642

It's a lot less easy to do the 'ol "How are ya darlin'" to a woman in the office who is a head taller than you and who has a wider frame. They find it embarrassing

No. 141643

Meh, it's embarrassing because she's not enough of a woman. Replace the tall woman with a tranny and it's the same situation.

No. 141645

kek nice try with the bait but who gives a fuck about being enough of a woman? seriously still holding yourself to standards of males is laughable

No. 141646

Agreed. Just because you're tall, you can't just waltz in there, get whatever job you want and suddenly all men respect you.
>"wow, this bitch"
That's exactly how it is in my opinion. Shorter women might get hit in more but tall women get passive aggressiveness, men actively working against them or shittalking them behind their back.

No. 141647

>The standards for men and women are opposites
Not really. Men don't care about height the way women do, it's not like fat and skinny where 99% will prefer the latter. Most men will be attracted to women of most heights, and fundamentally enjoy novelty so won't restrict themselves to one type.
>so if you're a woman you have more power if you are physically small, because you fit the standard.
Even if being short really was objectively the standard of beauty for women, since when does fitting beauty standards garner respect? Men wanting to fuck you isn't a form of power.

You have a point that men might be intimidated or passive aggressive about it, but height affecting how seriously people take you is one of those subtle subconscious things. Men don't respect women most of the time regardless of height, but they might not automatically see you as physically weaker and lesser when you're not half their size and they're literally looking down on you. It's not even necessarily about men vs women, children are small, sick/unhealthy people are small, it's common sense that it might influence your perception subtly.

No. 141648

>Men wanting to fuck you isn't a form of power
kekekekek so true, anon's been sipping libfem koolaid

No. 141651

Men don't respect tall women or take them more seriously, they see them as a threat and treat them like enemies. And if a man is against you or wants to sabotage you at work, tall height won't help you either, in the end it's still man vs woman.

No. 141652

>Men treat tall women like enemies
anon what the hell are you smoking lol

No. 141653

That's simply how it is in my experience.

No. 141654

I don't believe you, how tall are you and where do you live kek

No. 141655

It's true. They see you as a 'fellow man'(=competitor) but also as a woman who is trying to compete with them (by existing). Two reasons for them to hate.

No. 141656

What men do some tall anons here surround themselves with? I don't think it has anything to do with height if men around you are plotting against you (definitely doesn't sound weird) like what the fuck is going on in this thread.

The fact is that if you go to google and actually read up on this shit being tall even as a woman has more benefits than cons.

No. 141657

>They see you as a man
The delusion in this thread has me dead. You'll always be female to them kek

No. 141658

Then you shouldn't believe all those short anons who claim that everybody mistakes them for a preteen and that all men everywhere always want to fuck them either…
It is how it is anon, you telling me I must be wrong doesn't change the way people treat me. I've been getting shit for my height since I was a toddler and it likely won't change for the rest of my life (unless somebody invents shortening surgery lol)

You can also google that (despite what anons claim) statistics show that close to all men vastly prefer short women when it comes to dating.

They see you as a female who has the audacity to compete against them and men absolutely hate that.

No. 141659

Are you bisexual or something that you see yourself competing with men? For what, other women? Success at work? Men rival with anyone at work lmao, any woman experiences this. Seriously, let it go, just being tall does nothing for being seen as a man or whatever.

No. 141660

I don't know what you deem short because from studies I've read men find average or taller women more attractive than actually short women. The women around average height are obviously the true winners.

No. 141662

You're seen as a man but the lowest on the hierarchy of men (ex. lower than short men) and out of the woman category. Maybe I'm not explaining well but there was a study saying that men don't perceive women who they don't find attractive as women so for most it's tall women.

No. 141663

>You're seen as a man

No. 141664

Is this a cope for not being able to get a boyfriend or something, anon?

No. 141665


No. 141666

File: 1591874866588.jpg (377.6 KB, 1080x1305, IMG_20200611_132400.jpg)

I don't see myself as competing with men but they act as if my height is a threat or an attack on them and therefore treat me hostile. I'm a very shy and passive person, so it's definitely not because I have an assertive personality, it's simply my appearance.

Some men might fap to vs models but when it comes to relationships short women are the winners.

No. 141667

Ayrt, me too. They still don't think you're actually a fucking man and are still treating you like a woman. You are retarded for taking men's words at face value

No. 141668

It's a cope for what I've read online on 4chan and other places. Go to /lgbt/ and convince yourself. "Are you tall? Transition! You are a man on the inside".

No. 141669

It's a cope for what I've read online mostly by men. Go to /lgbt/ and convince yourself. "Are you tall? Transition! You are a man on the inside".

No. 141671

Yeah, men are insecure about their own height. It's not about you being seen as an actual man.

Why do men act hostile toward you? How do you know it's your height? Sounds weird still.

As stated before men really do not care about women's height when they're dating as much as women by far. There's tons of studies that show this. Most men would date an attractive woman taller than them in a heartbeat. Women of average height have the most advantage in the dating scene but tall women do not have a particularly hard time at all.

No. 141961

>short waist
>huge boobs that take up 50% of my torso, making my whole torso look stumpy
>fat thighs
>too stumpy for western fashion
>too curvy for jfash
End me, anons. I don't even want to be that much taller, maybe just like 5'3" or 5'4" to at least even out my torso proportions.

No. 141965

that's their own insecurity speaking lel

>there was a study saying that men don't perceive women who they don't find attractive as women so for most it's tall women
there's also studies saying that smoking and obesity are healthy fucking lol I wouldn't put too much value in some random one off-study

You have to own your height. I have two friends who're 5'11 and 6'1. They're attractive women who radiate self-confidence. Both have and have been in fulfilling relationships with men. The only one who's letting your height bother you and hold you back is you, literally. Grow some self-esteem.

No. 141967

God I relate to this so much.

No. 141968

I'm a short girl in a family of tall people (including the women). Living at home because quarantine and I cannot reach the cabinet where they keep all the food. Can someone airdrop me sustenance like in the hunger games? Time sensitive.

No. 141972

Oh no I don't date men. But they are openly rude to me and make comments. Like who tf you are?

No. 141992

I agree with this anon

Being tall is awesome. Who cares about being uwu smol and cute? If you're tall you can look like a goddess. Just don't get fat because that looks unfortunate and clunky. Thankfully it's easier to be slim when you're tall.

Models are 5'10+ and they're the most beautiful people in the world. I don't think anyone would go "ew no but she's too tall" unless they're an insecure man.

No. 142253

Im a 5'2 girl and i would kill to be a tall girl.
Tall women are so beautiful and stand out. Y'all are so lucky. Please never feel down.

No. 142614

File: 1592906744736.jpg (99.55 KB, 800x621, 1580327850960.jpg)

5'3 womanlette here
Tall women, I love you so fucking much. What I'd give to be one of you. Tall, powerful, strong. I like myself and the way I am too but damnit!!!!! I'd love to be tall. I'd love to intimidate loser short men like that. Your height alone filters the weaklings. You ladies are gorgeous and I love you, have a great fucking night. AND day. Have a great existence.

Fellow womanlettes, reflect. Do better. Buy the boots with the heels-stop letting men look down on you. Throw away the kitten heels, get at least the 3inchers and look him in his eyes. If you see fear, stop wasting your time and leave him already.

No. 142620

5 ft even here. I just wish I could shop in the womens section instead of jrs.
I tried to justify a trade off in fooling myself to believe that atleast I never have trouble getting a man since they are drawn to smaller women. But, fuck that I don't need a man to make me happy. I just want to wear stylish adult clothes and not look like an out of place child.

No. 142645

I'm tall and I'm sad that my dating pool is limited by this fact. I tried dating shorter guys but taller guys are just sexier. When fucking with a shorter guy I can never get over the idea that he's climbing around on me instead of holding me. When I held my shorter ex during sex something odd happened in my head and I was suddenly imagining that I was the guy and he was the girl. It was a bit unsettling. Oh to be a smol bean. But it will never be.

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