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No. 54209

Maybe it's just me, but I feel as though birth control is something that women don't talk enough about despite it being so complex and many people using it regularly. Let's post our comments/questions about birth control!

- contraception
- acne control
- PCOS management
- hormonal treatment
- ring vs. pill vs. non-hormonal
- side effects/benefits
- weight gain/loss
- etc.

No. 54210

I'll start off since I made the thread. I took Alesse for about three months because of acne and it messed up my digestion, I'm bloated all the time now. Anyone have similar experiences?

No. 54211

I don't know about alesse, but I've been taking Spronix for about a year now and the first 4 months were hell. Constantly nauseous.

Since then my nausea has subsided, but I'm still left with emotions and libido that are in the toilet. (I'm suspecting that I may actually have some hormonal or depression that the pills are exacerbating, but I can't check on that until my insurance goes back into effect.) This is the price I pay for being a slut who loves doing it raw I guess.

On the plus side it cleared up the acne between my shoulder blades that I've been fighting with for 6+ years.

No. 54212

Yeah, bc cleared up the acne on my back too (didn't really do anything on my face, though) and left me with no real sex drive either. It did help even out my mood and I was actually much happier on it though I hear a lot of women have the opposite like you did, I think I may have a hormone imbalance or something. The main thing I didn't like was the gut issues and the how it made my stomach all pudgy and flabby.

Do you think you'll keep on it even with the depression problems?

No. 54213

I've mainly been on hormonal birth controls since I was 17. I was on Lo-Ovro, Ortho Tri-Cyclen, and Seasonale. It may just be me, however, when I stuck to one type of pill for a long period of time it really fucked up my cycle and I ended up suffering from bad side effects. I was actually told by my GP to stop taking pills for a while because I was constantly bleeding for three months straight. When I did get back on I decided to try Nexplanon, which is a hormonal implant that goes in your arm. Fucking awesome so far. I didn't have a period for a year and a half. Then I started getting them again but they're fairly regular and easy to predict using a period app. I'll have to get it replaced next year but it's been great since I haven't had to remember to take birth control all the time and there have been no side effects.

No. 54214


Oh my god I fucking hate Alesse. Every single one of my friends thats taken it hates it as well. I'm not sure if it's because its the first time something like that is introduced to our bodies (basically everyone i know starts with it) but it's shit. It made me so moody, I bled a lot, and I gained weight. I'm on Minavral now and I couldn't be happier.

No. 54215

Non hormonal IUD is life. My life is so much better since I've got my Mona Lisa.

Can't wait for men contraception, tho, the IUD give me really bad cramp when I'm menstruating.

No. 54216

Tell us more about the IUD! I am considering getting one and I want a similar one (non hormonal). It it worth the risks?

>Can't wait for men contraception, tho, the IUD give me really bad cramp when I'm menstruating.

Lel, male contraception could totally be a thing if not for the fact that
a) Men have no interest in swalloing hormones and often think contraception is the woman's duty
b) Pharma industry has no interest in marketing something to them, it's easier to sell bullshit to women.
Also, ever heard of Risug? http://techcitement.com/culture/the-best-birth-control-in-the-world-is-for-men/#.UO4xgm93i3P
Can't wait until this shit is on the market.

Honestly I fucking hate the fact that women are expected to take all kinds of shitty hormones and shove stuff up their uteruses while men already often whine about having to wear condomes. The pill royally fucked my hormones, I still have acne all over my face and body, as well as scars. I tried several pills and hated them all. Never doing this shit again.

Tbh I wish my bf would just get a vasectomy. Easy, covered by insurance, reversible anytime he wants children, no hormones or shit involved. He could still go to a sperm bank to save some sperm before the procedure, to eliminate all risks.

No. 54217

I have the Mirena (hormonal IUD). It is a fucking miracle and has vastly improved my life. Before, the only other contraceptives I've used were the pill (Tricyclin-Lo), which really screwed up my moods (in a terrible mood all the time, cried all the time) and pretty much killed my sex drive.

With the IUD, period is totally GONE! I've only had one period the month after I got it implanted and it feels like heaven now. Sex drive is way up, too which is amazing. Boyfriend can't feel the strings when we have sex, I've heard some do, but mine says he doesn't.

I got it done in college last year and it was all covered by being a student and it all worked out perfectly, totally recommend checking it out if you're interested (cause seriously, best fucking thing I've ever done).

No. 54218

I have never taken any birth control and tbh I'm a bit nervous to. Plus I'm not even sexually active.

:/ I always feel sorted left out when I hear about this

No. 54219

File: 1447355855920.jpg (60.61 KB, 500x500, virginpregnant.jpg)

I got a non hormonal IUD because hormonal contraception made me balloon up, gave me horrible headache and transformed me into a huge bitch, I was always angry and extremely tired.

My gynecologist was a crazy butcher bitch, she was supposed to putt my IUD during my period, but since I have very irregular period, it still haven't had them the day I was supposed to get it. My gynecologist decided to do it anyway, so she gave me a medication to dilate my uterus. This little pill made me shit like crazy, and put me in horrible pain, like menstrual cramp but far worse. She then put some sort of white plastic stick up my uterus, to test the deepness. And let me tell you, it hurted like a bitch, I wasn't dilated enough because I wasn't on my period and I've never had baby. At this point, I wanted to report the operation, and when I was about to get up, get dressed and leave, she stick the IUD up my uterus without saying a thing, I screamed, because of the pain AND of the surprise.

So yeah, it was a bad bad experience, please don't get involved with crazy gynecologist. On top of that, she acted like I was faking my pain ! Crazy cunt, now I only go to male gynecologist, they are a lot more delicate and I feel like they listen to me a lot more.

The first few days where nightmarish for me, I had really really bad cramps, constantly.
The pain left after maybe less then a week. Now I'm very confortable with my IUD and I don't regret getting it at all, quite the contrary. You need to know that you will probably have heavier periods and more cramps, simply because you have a foreign object in the middle of your uterus when it's contracting itself.

No. 54220


Non hormonal IUDs make your periods heavier and last longer. Hormonal ones pretty much eliminate your period, just fyi if you didn't know/to anyone else that didn't know.

Sorry your experience was so shitty, glad you got a different one.

No. 54221


Good that you got a new gyno, I mean!

No. 54222

Yeah, you really can't get non hormonal IUD if you have very heavy period, it will ruin your life, I had very light period naturally and now I have normal to heavy period.

Also random brown blood from time to time.

No. 54223

There is even non hormonal birth control??

I have a weird problem. My body cannot handle a lot of Estrogen. I already have problems when I'm on my period with my hormons….So when I was on birth control (tried several forms) I would vomit in the morning, get severe migraines, and even break out in hives sometimes. My doctor took me off of birth control and I don't think we ever talked about it again. She never told me that there was a hormone free option.

No. 54224

File: 1447439994430.jpg (24.97 KB, 500x511, 1439244205014.jpg)

i have gotten a birth control implant in my arm (idr the actual name) exactly a year ago
after hearing my friend rave about how it made her period really light i decided to try it
its been a year now and i still have my period
apparently the side effect of this little shit is that you might end up with a period for a whole fucking year
im getting rid of this little shit next month and i cant fucking wait to do things with my bf without the fucking blood ruining every moment
holy fuck i hate this piece of shit
i dont fucking know why i listened to my fucking GP and didnt take it out after 3months of non stop bleeding

No. 54225

File: 1447440373423.png (451.41 KB, 1024x768, IUD.png)

It does exist.
Non hormonal IUD consist of a plastic core that is wrapped in a copper. Copper is a natural spermicide.

This device is the most effective non hormonal contraceptive device, the failure rate is less than 1 % (0,6 - 0,8 % )

No. 54226

Omg this sounds like my worst nightmare…
I couldn't even imagine. There's no way this can possibly happen. I'm going to have to research this shit.

No. 54227

Has anyone here used BC to just get their period to not happen at all? I've talked to some doctors about going on BC just to not have periods because they make me feel pretty ill and interfere with my work but all of them have said "No you can't do that" with further explanations which i'm not gonna get into.

No. 54228

Personally, I haven't had a problem with my BC. I've been taking Alesse 28 for a year and the only side effects I've noticed are clearer skin and lighter periods. Feels good man.

No. 54229

I've tried three in total. All gave me obnoxious migraines that throbbed continuously no matter how many painkillers I took
and my period lasted two months (and I'm a heavy bleeder, so I went anaemic).
Never again.

No. 54230

I tried the pills (forgot which exactly) and they completely changed my personality for the worse even after I stopped taking them. I swear it's some illuminati mind control shit

No. 54231


Well, not completely, but I was on a pill plan that resulted in me having 4 periods a year. That was better than nothing. My doctor recommended it after she diagnosed me with PMDD.

I don't think I have PMDD and I went back to monthly periods. I'm trying to convince myself to go in and ask for a different kind of BC because, after 5 years of taking pills, I can't remember to take them on time anymore. I also have zero sex drive and have developed tons of skin problems since starting. So done with this bullshit. I'd like to try non hormonal but I'm scared.

No. 54232


I didn't explain well, but I mean I don't think I have PMDD anymore. Being on that plan for a year somehow eliminated my PMDD (if I ever actually had it), so I switched back to monthly.

No. 54233

I'm in my 20's, never been on birth control.
I can't swallow pills well, and not comfortable with IUD as a first time option.

Any opinions on the patch?

No. 54234

I'm 20 and been on Yaz for almost two years now. I love it. It cleared up my skin and I haven't gained any noticeable weight. My boobs are slightly bigger and that's it. I also like that I can control when I have my periods. Only fear I have is developing an embolism but even that isn't very likely.

No. 54235

Patch isn't too bad. My friend had it for like 5 years. You just have to remember to change it thats all. It is a little restricting with wearing clothes (like if its on your arm and you wear a short sleeve people will see it), but if you don't care for that I say go for it.

No. 54236

I can vouch for Yaz too. I started it three months ago and I haven't noticed any side effects other than being a little more emotional? But I'm hoping that goes away after awhile.

I do wonder, have you had a period since starting Yaz? I had spotting my first month but I'm on my fourth month and I haven't had any bleeding. To be fair, I'm a fairly light on the period side but even with the 7 day rest I'm not getting any blood just cramps.

No. 54237

How normal is belly button pain with cysts?

No. 54238

The first couple of months on Yaz weren't that great but not horrible either. I didn't notice myself getting any more emotional, if anything my emotions are more stable on the pill. I've also had my period whenever I've wanted to have it. At most I've kept a three month break. Maybe you should wait it out or change to a different pill?

No. 54239

I've been on Depo for almost 5 years now. Turning 23 next month & I haven't had a period since I was ~19, shit is so cash.

Of all the common side effects all I got was a 3-month long headache (that, tbh could have just been the fault of my pussy boyfriend at the time) and low of spotting for about 5 months before my periods stopped completely.

I had two friends who tried Depo, one gained nearly 50 pounds and became extremely depressed and had to stop, the other didn't have any of the side effects but developed a fear of needles out of fucking nowhere after her first 2 doses and stopped. Depo is extremely YMMV.

>inb4 "Depo makes u fat"

No, it makes you feel more hungry. All you need to avoid ballooning up is some self control and maybe some appetite suppressants.

No. 54240

I'm on micronor at the moment I've been on it for nearly half a year I think, I really can't decide if it's any good. Has anyone else been on this pill?
I'm having a problem at the moment but I can't tell if it's because of the pill or something else, but I had my period for a week or so and it finished everything was clear and then the day after it starts again. This isn't the first time this has happened on this pill, if you forget to take it you have 3 hours until it's too late and then you have a period because of it then you also have your regular period and it's just hell. But this time I haven't forgotten to take it so I'm just confused/concerned, going to the doctors soon anyway but I wanted some suggestions for pills before I go.

My family has a history of breast cancer and there are pills I can't have because of this, I found out micronor is one of those and I'm really annoyed my doctor failed to mention that.

No. 54241


I actually lost weight on depo. 8lbs.

No. 54242

Does your family have the BRCA gene? I don't know about that one specifically, but in general, a family history of breast cancer should not be a contraindication for oral contraceptive pills. Any hormonal-based pill you take will slightly increase your risk of breast cancer (esp as you get older) so if you have a genetic history your overall risk is higher. Actually it's not just pills, I just looked it up and the Depo shot says the same thing about increasing breast cancer risk. The risk level goes back to normal after ten years with no hormonal contraceptives.

I guess if you're really worried about breast cancer risk, you may want to think about other forms of contraception? (Like a copper IUD). This is of course assuming you're taking the pill for pregnancy prevention and not for regulation of your periods.

No. 54243

I do. Doctor didn't say anything.. And I don't see why not?

No. 54244

Depo is nice, I've tried it and the nuvaring and both are good but Depo gets more points for how simple it is. It made my eyelashes grow but also made my hair super oily so eh. It stopped my period after the second injection and my spotting stopped after the 3rd.
Though, I always have painful cramps about 3 weeks before my shot runs out, and I feel like it stops working after a year for me. I'm not sure if it's because I've got cysts or if my body just doesn't accept BC well.

No. 54245

I haven't had my period for years. I just take a low-dose pill every day. My periods on the pill were still fucking agony, had to change a super-absorbent tampon together with overnight pad like every hour. Very rarely I get a little light bleeding for a day or two but nothing a panty liner can't handle. Doc didn't have any problem with it

No. 54246

best birth control: don't have sex

No. 54247


No. 54248

Didn't work. Some guy with wings told me I was pregnant despite my everlasting virginity.

No. 54249

not everyone is on birth control to avoid pregnancy, it also can control acne and make periods regular for those have have irregular ones

No. 54250

Is it OK to ask about condoms here? I've never had sex (of any kind) and there's a chance I'll be having it soon and pregnancy is one of my major fears (also don't want STIs)
Anyone have experience with female condoms (the kind that go into the vagina)? How did you like it? What about regular condoms? How do I even choose one?

No. 54251

Condoms don't feel great and that's pretty much the reason why people forego using them. Obviously if you aren't on bc and are having sex with a new partner, you should use a condom, but don't expect it to feel amazing for your first time. it's going to feel like a big glove is inside you.

Condoms are condoms, in my experience. I've never really felt that much of a difference between your run of the mill freebies from PP and the fancy ribbed for her pleasure ones. It's better to let the guy pick the one that fits him best, because you don't want to get one that's like a trash bag on him, or too tight that it will break, because then it'll be a waste and you won't be protected anyway. I've never tried a female condom so I have no experience there.

No. 54252

Don't care that they don't feel great, rather not get a urinary tract infection or something

No. 54253

UTIs come from not cleaning yourself properly down there after the fact (or at all, you can get a UTI without ever having sex). General rule of thumb is to pee after intercourse to flush out any bacteria that may have gotten pushed in.

But a condom will protect you from any other STI of course.

No. 54254

I recently got the implant fitted, all seems to be going well so far, anyone got any experience with them?

No. 54255

I had the Nexplanon implant inserted earlier this year… I'd been on a hormonal birth control pill called Sprintec for years and years beforehand, and I've never had problems with either.

I've had it for months now and haven't gained any weight, I haven't felt any changes in my emotional state, I bled one time, about a month after the insertion, and it was lighter than my normal period, just lasted a little longer. I think that as long as you remember to keep tampons/pads with you all the time just in case, that it's probably the best birth control method out there.

I hope it works as well for you as it has for me!

No. 54256

Thank you! There's such a varied opinion on it, but I didn't have much choice with it being one of the few contraceptives that can be taken with epilepsy medication! Good to hear about the weight gain not being a problem that was a bit of a worry!

No. 54257

I replied in this thread before about my implant experience
ive had nexplanon for a year and a little now and i STILL have my period every day
it made me hate myself and i cry a couple of times a week because of it
my doctor gave me something to stop it and it didnt work
i want it out

No. 54258

May I ask why you haven't had it removed?

No. 54259

File: 1450996556955.jpg (7.31 KB, 249x212, 1409099352604s.jpg)

bf is paranoid i will get pregnant so he asked me to go to the doctor so they can give me some pills again to stop the fucking bleeding
im giving it another 3 months and then im def getting it out

No. 54260

you're the reason why shit like >>134922 is still a thing.

No. 54261

Oh, I see.. Please don't sacrifice your health for him, though! If you're so miserable, just refrain from sex for a little bit and get your body back to its normal state. Seriously; this man is your partner, a little while without the kind of sex the two of you are used to shouldn't be an ordeal, especially not one that comes at the expense of your well-being. If he isn't understanding of that you have a larger problem. Three months is way too long to keep yourself suffering through that. Again, I'm so sorry you're going through this.. that was my nightmare situation when having the implant put in. Maybe there are some dietary/ lifestyle changes you could look into that may possibly lighten the bleeding for a bit until you can get it out?

No. 54262

General help with PCOS: Ketosis diet which is usually just a fancy way of saying low glycemic index food. Next to no sugar even as fruit, no breads, just meat and veggies pretty much. Testing for insulin resistance, thyroid conditions and a whole bunch of ultrasounds/pap smears. Taking the bull by the horns has stopped my creeping weight gain and a bunch of other shitty side effects.

No. 54263

i heard that theres birth control tjhat can help with skin and make your butt and boobs bigger? what is it called?

No. 54264

There isn't any magical pill that will enhance all the assets you'd like enhanced, I don't mean for that to come off aggressively but it's important to get out of the way.

However, a lot of different birth control pills can help a lot with breakouts because of the way they regulate your hormones. But note that this all depends on your body, it could make you break out ten times worse. There is just no way to tell you how you're going to react to a certain type of birth control.

As far as making your breasts and butt larger, I'd imagine that mostly comes from the fact that a lot of birth control options typically cause weight gain. Maybe some hormonal birth control can cause breast swelling if some other farmers can weigh in on that? I've been on two types of BC and my breasts (B cups) haven't fluctuated much in 8+ years of use.

If you're looking to get on BC to try to regulate skin conditions I'd recommend talking to your OBGYN and maybe a dermatologist.

No. 54265

I have been on every fuckening bc pill out there (well, like, four or five.) The first one, Low Ogestrel, was amazing– cleared up my skin, gave me huge tits without any other weight gain, regulated and shortened my period etc. They discontinued the version I took and switched me to another generic version of the same pill which somehow came with horrifying side effects even though it was supposedly the same thing. I've switched pills more than twice since and every new pill has come with a different issue. Chronic menstruation, horrifying cystic acne, etc… I just can't do the IUDs or arm implant things. Call me an old fashioned pussy but it's to sci fi and it skeeves the fuck out of me.

No. 54266

I heard birth control can make hair grow if you grind it up and put it in your shampoo. any proof to this or is it all just bullshit?

No. 54267

I just took plan B. What should I expect in terms of side effects? I've read the instructions of course, but I'm curious about past individual experiences. Dunno how important this information is but I'm underweight and not very sexually active.

No. 54268

The side effect should be on the box. The one time I had to take it I felt really sick, and I'm slightly overweight, but its different for everybody.

>Plan B One-Step Overview - Patient Information: Side Effects. SIDE EFFECTS: Nausea/vomiting, abdominal pain, tiredness, dizziness, changes in vaginal bleeding, breast tenderness, diarrhea, or headache may occur. If any of these effects persist or worsen, tell your doctor or pharmacist promptly

No. 54269

If that were true, I'm not sure what the disadvantages of taking it orally vs grinding it up and applying topically would be. There are plenty of products on the market for hair growth though that don't require you going to the OB and getting a prescription etc, frankly. I think a lot of people just expect their hair to grow like 2 inches a month which would be a highly unusual expectation. Just keep your hair healthy and trimmed, take biotin or something, use nice products on your hair and don't apply too much damage to it and it should grow a bit.

No. 54270

File: 1452246102845.png (7.38 KB, 240x210, File24.png)

>going to lose virginity to LDR bf
>start Trinessa
>constant thin discharge but i ignore it
>fly over to see him, both of us are super hyped after a year of talking daily
>it's so painful
>like hitting a brick wall
>he couldn't get past the tip and i broke down crying into his chest

5 months later and I keep cycling through BV and yeast infections. I can't use a tampon if I wanted to because the tissue is so damaged from all the discharge. Farmers if you notice something wrong with your BC change it RIGHT away please don't wait so long like I did

No. 54271

You can absolutely do that, I'm going in for an IUS next week but I've been on the pill for about 4 years and you can just take them continuously to avoid periods. The only reason the "week off" is advised is because some women prefer to have periods (believe it or not).

No. 54272


Anon that doesn't sound like it was caused by BC at all. What you're describing is classic signs of vaginismus.

No. 54273

Been on the contraceptive implant (the one that goes in your arm?) for about 5-6 months, first few months were absolutely fine, I'm prone to heavy periods and they lightened up, wasn't getting them every month. This past month and a half have been absolutely hell though, I've been bleeding brown (I'm guessing it's old) blood for about two months in quite heavy quantities and dealing with cramps, I said to my doctor and he suggested it could be an ectopic pregnancy, that I should go home and take a test, call him back as soon as I know the results as I would need a scan either way. This was about 3 weeks ago and I still haven't received a referral for a scan. No idea if this is down to the implant or if I've got some blood stuck up somewhere in my hooha.

It sucks because so many people recommend it and I was absolutely fine the first few months, I just can't tell if this problem is implant related or not.

No. 54274

Is it normal when switching birth control to have a light period that last longer than usual a week before the sugar pills? It was my period week before I switched then on the reminders I spotted like, twice.

No. 54275

I was on that and got the same shit. My vag walls are tender and weird and its painful as hell. I was tested for stds because the examination made me scream and my discharge was/is dark.

No. 54276

Why don't you try a dermal implant?

No. 54277


tbh from my experiences with different variations of the contraceptive pill your period going fucking nuts when starting/switching/coming off is completely normal. I wouldn't worry about it, I've had the weirdest shit happen to my cycle over the years, I wouldn't be surprised if next time I tampered with them I ended up rebirthing David Bowie.

No. 54278

I take micronor every day to not get a period. I would live through 10 days of hell every month. It has no estrogen in it. And I'm sick of fucking idiot women telling me they couldn't do it because they'd feel bad about being "backed up" or not being "cleaned out". Ladies. Learn how your bodies work. No egg, nothing happens. Even women with children say this to me. It's perfectly fine. You don't NEED to menstruate. I have no problems with taking control of my own body but apparently some are offended by it.

No. 54279

Anyone here use female condoms? How's you like it? They're more expensive than male condoms and harder to find (usually have to buy them online) but I'm paranoid and it seems they protect more since it stops nearly all skin to skin contact and are less likely to tear

No. 54280

Any recommendations for birth control to reduce heavy periods and improve mood? I bleed heavily for the first 2 days of my period and get pretty depressed during that time which makes it pretty hard to function normally.

No. 54281

The mini pill. I'm the anon that posted about taking it to not get a period. It's fabulous.

No. 54282

Actually because there is hormonal stuff related to your period, it makes sense for people to feel like they 'need' it. Medication will only stop the actual egg part, not the rest of the process including stuff like if you are hormonal near your period or if your boobs hurt, etc. No amount of medication will override your body's natural process even if we can control one tiny part of it.

The other thing is what you are on is more strict because it has no estrogen. More likely to fuck up then.

No. 54283

I have an IUS. Best choice EVER! I had an Implanon before that, so I took it out as I got my IUS. Holy shit I almost passed out from the pain. I got dizzy and felt like I was going to puke. Totally worth it though!

No. 54284

It has stopped those things, though. No boobs hurt, no PMS (I used to get paranoid and angry) and no bleeding. I'll just end up with a partial hysterectomy.

No. 54285

I know this is a little old… But I also bleed like hell during the first two days and I have an IUD. Have you tried taking high dose iron during that time? It helps me a lot to not feel extremely knocked out.

No. 54286

Copper IUD anons, is it worth getting if I'm not sexually active? (may be in the near future but that's not my primary reason for considering birth control) It's not hormonal so it won't make my breasts grow or anything, right?
My periods are really bad. I often throw up from the pain and the bleeding is bad enough I need to empty my menstrual cup every hour on the first two days. I'm a little squeamish about the idea of something being pushed through my cervix but if it'll make my periods more tolerable I can deal with it.

No. 54287

has anyone taken the morning after pill? what was your experience with it?

No. 54288

Are there any BC options without weight gain or appetite increase?
I'd like to start something for awful pms and contraception but anything that influences weight or appetite is completely out of the question.

No. 54289

Felt really nauseated for a few hours, that was it.

No. 54290

I had one of those plasters on my arm without any side effects, but it was almost 10 years

No. 54291

Has anyone here had an abortion? What's it like afterwards? I'm not pregnant but I just want to know what to expect if I do have to do it

No. 54292

They made me trip balls, i was hallucinating and halfway sleeping at the same time, i was sure that a jet plane was in the room, my boyfriend at the time was a little scared

No. 54293

I felt no side-effects, other than the shame of having to go buy one in the first place. No nausea, nothing.

No. 54294

if you do it with the pill, you will cramp and bleed a lot afterwards. You can't use tampons until your doctor says it's OK. You get a follow-up ultrasound about 3-4 weeks afterwards to make sure everything worked.

I bled for about two weeks afterwards. But it was still better than the alternative.

The pain was not incredibly intense for me but I have very painful periods to begin with.

No. 54295

Copper IUD will not help with painful periods, I'm afraid. The copper one may make them heavier or more painful. Mirena (hormonal IUD) can help with heavy/painful periods, supposedly.

No. 54296


I have an IUD called Gynefix since half year now. While my period is heavier in case of bleeding, my cramps completely disappeared. My period comes like a surprise haha.
But I had some problems after insertion which are not the norm (got a pelvic inflammation. ) After that was cured everything is normal and I mostly don't even notice it's there.

No. 54297

I just started Depo. Couldn't do the pill because my medication that I already take would weaken the effects. Not a fan of needles myself, but I dunno how effective the patches are, the nuvaring didn't appeal to me, and I was iffy on the implant (the one that goes in your upper arm).

No. 54298

I'm back on birth control (alysena) for the first time in about 3 years, and I've been on it for 2 months now. I had some acne on my face that has started to clear up, but I've started getting acne on my back and shoulders. I've never had acne in either places before!
Has anyone else experienced this? Does it eventually go away? I'm so pissed.

No. 54299

So IUDs have that string that sticks out of your cervix right? What if the string gets pushed into the uterus? How can the IUD be removed later?

No. 54300

File: 1455481711570.jpg (62.49 KB, 480x480, 14774544[1].jpg)

I don't use birth control any more due to it fucking up my cycles really bad, but anyone here use spermicides like pic related for sex?

No. 54301

I tried the sponge once, o n c e. It came in a two or three pack and after strictly using condoms forever with this guy we wanted to try something new. So complicated and not convenient to put in because you have to wet this donut shaped makeup sponge (complete with elastic strap on the back) until its foamy. After a drippy and careful insertion you're ready to go. Apparently one of the benefits is you can put it in before~ you go out, literally no idea why you'd want this inside you that long though. I really hated the fact that you had to let it hang out inside of you after sex for a set amount of time. You have this totally weird thing inside you, covered in spermicide which is probably awful to keep inside of you covered in both your juices. All I could think about was how I was going to probably get an infection.

No infection but everything definitely felt weird up there for a couple of days. Boyfriend kept begging me to use the other two but I swore I'd never deal with that again. I did give one to a friend in a crunch.

No. 54302

I use an IUD-type contraceptive, the string sticks out lower or farther depending on where I am in my cycle (so it moves with the cervix). I think if it disappeared in the uterus and didn't come back out, the doctor would still manage to grab it at the removal (open the cervix and pry it out so to speak). Some women have the string cut completely because it bothers them

No. 54303

I've tried the pill and the patch, both fucked with my emotions while I was taking them so now I'm scared to take anything hormonal.


that sounds awful, thanks for sharing

>tfw stuck forever with condoms.

No. 54304

Bumping with this:
Getting married in a few months.
Period will fall exactly on the date.

I'm on the pill. Can I piggyback one month with minor consequences?

No. 54305

There is a newer type of diaphragm you can look into, its called 'Caya'. Older types of diaphragm and cervical cap are still effective and used to be the birth control standard.
Whatever you use you can use with newer types of spermicide like Contragel that don't use nonoxynol-9 (which is irritating). Withdrawal gets a bad rap but paired with a diaphragm/spermicide you should be fine. You can also modify sex, finishing via oral/anal is an option.

There is Saheli (Ormeloxifene), a non-hormonal BC pill that is commonly prescribed in India but I don't know much about acquiring it outside of there.

Lastly there is Paraguard, AKA copper IUD.

No. 54306

What are you asking? I take the pill every day to prevent my period. If I forget one day, I might bleed a little. What do you normally do around the period week dates?

No. 54307

Just start another pack immediately after. It won't cause trouble as long as you go back to the regular cycle afterwards. Well, aside from changing your period date onward.

There are some women who take hormones non-stop without ever taking that 7 day break, but it's not generally advised. Maintaining the 3 week-1 week ratio makes it easier to get off the pill hassle-free and has the benefit of regulating your natural cycle long-term.

No. 54308

You should be fine. I've done this twice (I had periods fall on my birthday and my anniversary and I just wasn't going to have that), and as long as you go back and let yourself have your period as soon as you can you'll be fine.

No. 54309

What is the "consequences" you guys are talking about?

I took continuous birth control for 5 years and recently stopped and my period is back. It is extremely short and light and is on schedule with no spotting which is awesome.

Am I infertile now?

No. 54310

Eh, most likely you're fine.

Regular periods help your vagina remain healthy and bigger doses of hormones can cause problems with endometrium - but modern pills aren't really strong enough to do that.

It's more about inconvenience, like spotting, irregular cycle and lengthened time of recovery from side effects. 5 years isn't that long really.

No. 54311

I'm currently on BC pills that give me a period once every three months. I've been on them for about a year and for the past two packs of BC I'll just start spotting every single day about halfway (a month and a half) into the pills and it will continue until I take the placebo ones that make me have my period. I told my gyno and she didn't really have anything to say about it, she just congratulated me for continuing to take them even when I noticed a problem (yeah, I don't get it either).

Does anyone know what's happening with this or how I can fix it? I either have to wear liners all day every day for over a month or I'll ruin my underwear and it's really starting to bother me.

No. 54312

My birth control kills my libido and I am usually only sexual for like a week on the reminder pills

No. 54313

It isnt a problem, its a side effect of your bc. Spotting is a common one for the type you are on, because your body doesnt like that you are forcing yourself to have less periods. This also can happen if you take normal bc and skip your period to the next pack. There is no fix besides having your period more often like your body wants.

Also the same advice for >>135010, you can skip your period but you may get spotting.


Depending on the type of bc you are on it is normal, as it seems like the ones you get put into you for x years take a few months to get back to normal. Also it depends on he you had your period without meds, if it has been a long time your natural cycle may have changed without you knowing. Having light periods are not a sign of infertility.

No. 54314

Anyone got experience with the copper coil? I've heard some horror stories about insertion, any side effects? I'm getting the contraceptive implant out after three months, nightmare!

No. 54315


Which BC you on?
I'm on Cerazette and had the same problem. Spoke to a gyno about it, she said the spotting is a common problem that is typically fixed by taking a double dose of your BC. After a while the spotting should stop and you can resume taking just 1 a day as usual. It's not harmful and for me it actually worked.

No. 54316

My mom is super against any type birth control except for things like barrier methods/spermicide. Not for religious reasons or anything, she keeps telling me that if I go on birth control that I'll get cancer and die or have a stroke. But my periods are so awful. I'm at college now far away from her and I'm thinking about going to the local Planned Parenthood and getting a quote on various methods and just do it if I can afford it without telling her. I just don't know what method to choose. I'm 18, not sexually active, and probably won't be for a long time. Thinking about the implant but after reading that horror story abput the nonstop period further up the thread I'm scared. And I'm terrified of weight gain…

No. 54317

I'd try the pill first. It's the least intensive and easiest to reverse if you end up not liking it. I've been on it for years and never had problems with my weight.

No. 54318

A lot of people only gain MAYBE 5lbs from the BC they are on. I think really it just gives you false hunger (like you'd get cravings on your period) from the hormones so people mindlessly eat to fulfill those cravings. As long as you have a healthy lifestyle you'll be okay. PP can help you go over the options and side effects of all the hormone combos out there and help you get one that fits your needs.

No. 54319

Chiming in to say that some BC can make you retain more water and thus gain a pound or two of water weight but it won't be noticeable to anyone but you

No. 54320

To be honest, I would never recommend the pill as the least harmful. Anon should do more research on BC overall, ask her gynecologist. There are so much more than the pill.

No. 54321

Never said it's the least harmful, just that it's the easiest to go off of if you start having problems or dislike it.

An IUD cannot be easily taken out, the depo shots last for months at a time, and the implant is also not supposed to be messed with once inserted. With BC pills it's just a matter of being taken off them at a safe rate which is a lot easier than fixing any of the rest of those.

They aren't for everyone they're just the easiest thing to try first.

No. 54322

I think the pill and nuvaring are easier to get on and off of, especially since the nuvaring is meant to be taken out after 21 days. You can just not insert another one.

No. 54323

I had the implant for a year and I bled for pretty much every day of it. When I went to go get it taken out, the doctor said that the implant is popular but also a lot of people end up getting it removed because of excessive bleeding.

I now get the depo injection and it has changed my life. No bleeding! Luvs it

No. 54324

I just found out I qualify for free long-term BC (the implant, IUD etc.) Should I do it? Which one is best? What are some negative side effects of each?

No. 54325

My period just started like an hour ago and the pain is bad enough that I wanna kms
Time to seriously look into birth control

No. 54326

You really should, anon. I used to get cramps so bad that I nearly passed out in school, the pill changed my life and I barely get cramps anymore.

No. 54327

I got my IUD a year ago, and I've been having little sex since then. But I have a consistent partner now who's told me he can feel the string, and it turns out my doctor cut it too short. I'm going to get it replaced or something today, I'm not looking forward to it. It really hurt putting it in.

No. 54328

Is the pill the safest (that will help my period)? I'm sexually active now but that's not my main reason for considering birth control

No. 54329

Had the copper coil today, the procedure is nothing like what you read about online, a couple of groans and it was done, just wanted to let people know!

No. 54330

I have the Skyla IUD. I just recently got it replaced after three years.
The pain almost made me pass out. They are pressing on your cervix, and pinching it, and they hit your bowels too. The most invasive, uncomfortable horrible pain I could think of that not's getting fucked with a rusty iron or s/t

but hey no kids and no/light periods, so worth it

No. 54331

Got the pill recently. I have roughly a week until my period. Can I force start it tonight or should I wait until next period? I'm not sexually active so that's no problem. Also, what's the best time you find to take it?

No. 54332

I have had an implant for a year now and I'm pretty happy about it.
Downside is that my period is pretty random, but it's always very light (but it's that disguting brown old blood). I pretty much free flow it when I'm at home and am happy to not endure the irritation caused by tampons.
The fact that there is no way to forget it and make an oopsie is also very liberating.

No. 54333

I just wanna recommend Gynefix to everyone that has it available near them. It's non hormonal, a great option even for those who haven't given birth and less side effects than the regular copper IUD, plus it lasts five years.

No. 54334

I definitely agree. Best decision I ever made when I was looking into hormone free birth control after quitting that shitty pill

No. 54335

Idk where you live but gynecologists in my country (Germany) are so irresponsible about the BC info they provide… many blindly push the pill, it's disgusting.
Two women close to me who have suffered from migraines with auras almost all their lives were given the BC pill for years despite the pill not being suitable for people with migraines especially with auras, due to the blood clot risk! As a young adult you constantly have to justify to many gynecologists why you went hormone free. I'm so glad I made this choice though and will definitely get another one in 3.5 years.

No. 54336

is there a specific time to take the pill? like if i get birth control, can i start taking it the same day? do i have to follow my cycle or some shit?

No. 54337

Different pills have different rules, you just follow the instructions given in the packaging by the doctor. All pills are best taken at the same time each day but some of them have a "safe" period of up to 3 hours or even 12. Each pill has a rule for when you start it, but most you take after the first day of your period and for a whole day until you are protected.
Don't take your bc advice from Chinese picture boards when your doctor or the packaging has already told you what to do first.


Again, just wait and take it as the instructions or your doctor advised. If you're not sexually active then I really don't know why you were trying to force start it.
If you have you be up at a certain time every day then take it in the morning, if you are a neet then the same time is every night with an alarm but it's different for everyone and can take some practice.

No. 54338

I'm assuming if it's good for those who haven't had a baby, that it would also work fine for women who have? My kid is 9 months now and I need something… He's still breastfeeding so non-hormonal would be best.

No. 54339

I'm assuming you're talking about Gynefix. It works for women who have given birth as well!

No. 54340

I'm assuming you're talking about Gynefix. It works for women who have given birth as well!

No. 54341

I'm assuming you're talking about Gynefix. It works for women who have given birth as well!

No. 54342

I was taking the pill for 7 years and I'm also from Germany but got mine from the dermatologist due to my skin problems who weren't really problems but you know… As a teenager with pimples it's no fun.
I got more and more side effects until I couldn't stand myself anymore. I quit and everything got well. My gun where I got the gynefix asked me shortly why I don't use the pill and never brought up that topic again. I know that many push you to take it or try other brands if you are not doing well on the other one. They have contracts with the pharmacies and it's a real pain in the ass. I feel sorry for young girls tbh

No. 54343

Gyn not gun….

No. 54344

I live in Canada and was given 2 months worth of birth control to try and control my acne by a walk-in clinic doctor (wasn't working, had no insurance to buy prescriptions). I thought it was odd that someone who knew nothing about my medical history would just dole out some BC like that, but took them anyway because I was desperate. Luckily nothing serious happened, but it did mess up my digestion pretty badly and it's only now getting back to normal after more than a year. Even after just this, I would be very hesitant to try any hormonal treatments again knowing how lasting the effects can be.

No. 54345

Not to mention, the effects on my acne were negligible.

No. 54346

I had to take Plan B yesterday. My periods are already very painful and heavy so I'm scared about them getting further messed up and hormonal birth control isn't an option for me because of bone mass issues (and the copper one would just make my periods unbearable).
I might have to take it again next week. Is my cycle going to be totally fucked?

No. 54347

I wish I could go on birth control because my periods are unbearable and I usually vomit, but due to other health issues I can't because it would be too dangerous for me.

No. 54348

Does birth control make you gain weight as much as people say it does? I've been thinking of getting some to help with excrutiatingly painful periods but I don't want to gain loads of weight.

No. 54349

I've been through a few different pills, and no significat weight gain. I'm 118, and maybe fluctuate 5lbs through out the day. No worries.

No. 54350

I've been taking the progesterone only pill for two months now but I can't send to take it the same time all the time and so I'm just bleeding all over the place and I don't know if it's relating but I keep crying hysterically for little reason.
I miss the normal pill, I never had any problems with it.


It doesn' make you gain weight as such, but just increases you appetite (which is why people often gain weight) and tends to increase your boobs. Everyone responds differently and there are so many variations of the pill, you need to just try it for yourself.

No. 54351

I'm so sick of periods and birth controll. I used to have severely painful periods, i'd throw up, cold sweats, felt pain like i was going to birth birth. I got put on birth control, which stopped the severity, but i ended up having heavy periods that lasted on average a week and a half to 2 weeks. At one point i bled for 18 days straight. I switched over to a lower hormone pill this month, missed a day, and my period started. I've been bleeding 15 days now. Kill me.
What's the longest period you've ever had?

No. 54352


Have you talked to your doctor about taking bc continuously to just stop having your period? I'm doing that right.

I used to hear things like women need their period to regulate their hormones or whatever but lately I've been seeing a lot of things saying like you don't need to have it if you don't want kids. And that having a period every month is a modern woman thing, our ancestors or whatever used to only get a period every 3 months.

No. 54353

That's true. If you're on hormonal birth control, you're never having an actual period anyway (otherwise you could get pregnant). The sugar pills just let you have breakthrough bleeding, the same kind you can get randomly while not actively menstruating.

I think a lot of people believe periods = healthy, because amenorrhea can be indicative of a shit ton of medical issues. But periods don't protect you from anything in and of themselves. That's pretty much the reason hormonal birth control is relatively safe (at least as far as medications go).

No. 54354

I'm 6 month post pill
My face is so oily and i have to wash my hair every second day.

No. 54355

Whoa man. I feel so sorry for you! I didn't realise periods could actually be that bad.

I guess I really lucked out. I got mine really really late at 16 and now I get semi heavy bleeding and a little bloating for one day, then light for another and then it's over. I'm not sure if that means I've got low fertility or what?

No. 54356

I just picked up my prescription today. I'm so nervous and I keep clenching I guess so I can't insert it. Do y'all think I could use coconut oil or something as lube? I'm such a little bitch about these kinda things, it took days for me to put in contacts for the first time.

No. 54357

this might be a long shot and not everyone believes in this but try reducing your intake of soy.
i'm not just talking about soy milk or tofu but soy/soy protein is a hidden ingredient in many many foods
when i stopped eating soy i stopped having as many bad period symptoms

No. 54358

Prescription for what? Also don't put coconut oil in your vagina

No. 54359


Agreed. Don't put coconut oil in your vagina. It's safer to use a water based lubricant.

No. 54360

I've been hearing everywhere lately that coconut oil makes a good lubricant for sex. Why is it bad?

No. 54361

No. 54362

Well my period is here. Three weeks too early. Is this supposed to happen?

No. 54363

happened to me too, started like 2 weeks too early the next day i had taken it

No. 54364

Are there any anons here who have had a good experience with the implant? It seemed like the most convenient thing and I was gonna set up my insertion appointment tomorrow but after reading this thread, I'm having doubts
The brand I'm getting is jadelle, if there's anyone who's had that specific implant

No. 54365

Have you taken BC pills before? If so, you'll be fine. The worst thing that can happen is you bleed nonstop for 6 to 9 months, but that's rare.

I was reacting terribly to BC pills before I got mine. My OBGYN put me on the implant saying the estrogen was the problem and I'd be fine on progesterone…but didn't test it with progesterone pills before doing a semi-permanent implant. Was horrible. Nonstop bleeding, so tender I couldn't sit down.

So if you've never used any hormonal methods, try a pill first, make sure you can handle it.

No. 54366

Would BC help my period or make it worse? To explain: I have really, really irregular periods. I thought it would sort itself out once I had my kid, but it's didn't. Mostly I just don't have a period. It's really random when I do. I could go 3 months without one, then have it back to back on schedule for 2 months, then go without for another 2 months. It's just weird. I'm never able to really predict when I'll have a period. I'm having them more often now compared to when I was younger (got it at 13, had maybe 1 or 2 a year until I was 16-17.)
The only birth control I've ever been on before was the Depo shot and I fucking hated it.

No. 54367

Oh, wait, no, I had the Nuva Ring for a bit too and I liked it (even though it wasn't really sex friendly.) But I'm not sure if my new insurance covers it.

No. 54368

By BC do you mean the pill? The pill stops you from ovulating, so you don't get real periods. The only bleeding you get is withdrawal bleeding from the sudden drop of hormones during the placebo week, which you can often even choose to skip if you want to. If you do the placebo week though your "periods" should be more regular, lighter and less painful.

No. 54369

I meant any kind of birth control, besides what I've already tried. I would do the pill, but I would almost certainly forget to take it every day. I've never been on any kind of every day medicine before and I'm just very forgetful in general. Although, it sounds like I would like the effects of it. I need something, anything soon, because my SO and I don't want any more children yet. And I know that just using condoms doesn't cover it.

No. 54370

I don't fuck with taking hormonal bc orally. Pills suck so bad, I don't know how anyone stands having those hormones pump through their system. I have a local hormonal Mirena IUD that still has the same effects but no symptoms. And my period disappeared completely and it is the best thing I've done in my adult life.

Seriously, no pregnancy for years, no remembering to take it, no buying it, no period. It is so ideal and I recommend it to everyone. It's not perfect but no bc is.

No. 54371

I'm on the pill because it cleared up all my acne. I was recovering from anorexia and my body went crazy, my back, shoulders and chest were absolutely covered with hundreds of pimples. It was physically painful and self-esteem shattering, and the pill was the only thing that helped. I don't really like the idea of pumping artificial hormones through my body and I've considered getting a copper IUD but I'm absolutely terrified of the breakout horror stories I've read from girls who got off the pill. Don't know if I can handle that after having clear skin for almost two years… I'm also quite young and have never been pregnant, most doctors seem quite hesitant to consider IUDs for people like me.

No. 54372

Update: I just got my THIRD period this month and I am getting a little concerned. This one is painless thankfully though

No. 54373

Is it normal for the dude to feel your nuvaring during sex? I thought it was but my partner said it seems really low. I don't feel the ring inside me. If it's too low will it not work?

No. 54374

Yeah, my boyfriend did. And once, when he pulled out, it was stuck around his dick.

No. 54375

My bf sometimes felt it, it's normal. You're not suppose to shove it up your uterus, if it's in your vagina and comfortable for you, it's good. The hormonal release is going to work wherever it is as long as it's inside.
If it's really a problem, you can get it out while you have sex, it can be out up to 3 hours a day. I wouldn't recommend it, tho, you could forget to put it back afterwards.

No. 54376

Has anyone here ever taken the pill ginet? I haven't been on any birth control pill yet and I'm deathly scared of weight gain

No. 54377

Is this always the case, or only sometimes?

No. 54378


I have non hormonal IUD and my periods used to be strong in the beginning. Now one year after its usually 5 days and normal bleeding. No cramps at all just a little pinch here and there or nothing.

No. 54379

File: 1470236121938.jpg (172.39 KB, 500x500, 922688977.jpg)

Anyone here ever tried Persona? Is it legit or a scam?

No. 54380

Came to warn people against the pill. My doctor essentially told me it was some miracle cure that would help clear my skin, help me lose weight, cure my depression, help me concentrate, help my period pain…

Instead I've still got all my problems (I still get excruciating period pain, vomit, have to take painkillers until I feel faint) except to add to them I now have no sex drive which is taking a serious toll on my relationship, I'm constantly moody and I've gained half a stone. I'm only still on it because pregnancy terrifies me and I've no alternative.

Whatever they tell you about the pill, it's not some cure-all wonder medication. It actually has serious effects on your body. Your college has struck up a deal with the local pharmacy to advertise expensive contraception and they'll do anything to get that sale.

No. 54381

I dropped the pill because it was making me feel sick and bloated

No. 54382

It sucks what has happened to you, but whilst you have been hurt by someone misleading you, you are spreading misinformation yourself
Different people are affected differently by hormonal birth control, and there are different kinds of 'the pill' and also different brands of the same type.
In the same way that it isn't a miracle cure for everyone, it's also not an awful poison to everyone, it really depends on the person AND the pill. Which is why you will find people in this thread mention different brands or types.
Also, whilst some Doctors are keen to 'sell' the pill for whatever reason, not all Doctors are motivated in the same way.

I don't know if it will help, but you should demand to try a couple of different pills and if none of them work you can try a non-hormal option such as a ring or IUD.

No. 54383

>>135088 >>36184

there are loads of different pills to take some will work some wont I tried 5 different types before i stayed with the one I got now and yes it did help me with my severe acne and horrible cramps (2 of the pills i tried made it worse so i tried another one). I also bleed less I'm one of those people that can have a period for up to a month because my hormones was so imbalanced not anymore though. Its a trial and error process with birthcontrol pills

No. 54384

High tech version of the rhythm method. ovulation tests have been around for a while. If you're okay with a 6% chance of pregnancy with perfect use, I guess it works. Mostly seems to be for cases where actual contraception is not an option (ie for religious reasons). It's probably useful for people ttc.

No. 54385

>They will also point out that there was only one study into Persona and that, while it initially assessed 710 women, it only came up with full results for 358 of those; that the women were selected so that only 15% of the youngest, and most fertile, women were included; and that, since there was no control trial, it was inadequate.

No. 54386

I have been having horrible cramps after orgasms for weeks. It's worse than period cramps, almost unbearable, lasts for about 10-15 mins then stops. I've been reading about women with the same exact symptoms but noone seems to know where it comes from.

No. 54387

I'm not trying to be rude but could it be an std? Either way you should get it checked out at the doctors. It also sounds like one of the symptoms of endometriosis my sister just got diagnosed with that and cramps after sex was one of her issues

No. 54388

I don't think so, I haven't had sex in a year.
I hope it's not endometriosis but I guess it could be, it very localized in the uterus and only seems triggered by orgasms. No pain whatsoever the rest of the time, tho.
Guess I'll wait a week and see if it still happens, if so, I'll give a call to the doc.

No. 54389

When/if you go too the doctor make sure they check for endo they never really did for my sister until she specifically asked for it and most of the people at the hospital had never heard of it before. But i hope its nothing too serious anon and good luck

No. 54390

Hey! I get painful cramps after orgasm sometimes too. Sometimes it makes me wanna throw up and I'll be sat on the toilet sweating trying to have a bowel movement because the pain is so intense.

I recently discovered that I get it when I've tried to go 2-3 months without a period (cheating with the pill). It's like my body's way of saying "look, you need a period, stop delaying it." Remember to take your pill as instructed and maybe the orgasm hell will stop?? Obviously going to the doctor is the best thing to do, but this ALWAYS works for me.

No. 54391

I like to save my period blood and make paint with it

one time I tasted it and it wasnt too bad, now every time i flow i like to put a finger down there and get some(cool story, edgelord)

No. 54392

You never get a period on the pill, only break through bleeding. If you got an actual period, BC wouldn't work.

Whatever the reason for your cramps is, it's not that.

No. 54393

I am p sure I am not pregnant but my period is late. I just did day one of vitamin c and am cramping. Still afraid semen managed to get in me when I went to the bathroom after fooling around.

No. 54394

Yep, it the same, with the bowel movement thing but I'm not on the pill.
I happily report a painless orgasm yesterday. Maybe it's gone, or maybe it only happens at certain times on my cycles? I hope it's not because of the Nexplanon, I've been on it for a year and I love it…

No. 54395

Another anon chiming in to say I have this exact issue, too. Down to sitting on the toilet afterwards. It's miserable.


Based on both these posts, I think it's hormonal. I skip my sugar pills and thus periods for legit 6 months at a time* which seems to be what I have in common with >>135096. I don't know if you have a regular period, but it could be something to do with the estrogen we're all taking.

*I have especially painful periods so I can never convince myself to face the music haha.

No. 54396


Anon from >>135096 here, it sounds like a hormone imbalance could be the cause of cramping?

Okay I just googled it and the cause is unknown, but apparently cramps after orgasm have been known to develop 'alongside irregular periods'. So maybe we should all face the music once a month like we should. I dunno what's worse though, period cramps that seems to last for days, or sharp sudden cramps after orgasm that leaves you sat on a toilet sweating every time you dare to masturbate. Gotta love being a woman.

I've read somewhere that exercising and drinking more water "loosens up the muscles and prevents cramp" but I do that anyway and it still happens.

No. 54397

Well, I'm having periods on the implant (but, well, i'm taking in hormonal doses day in and day out), so I guess it's not the period skiping thing. Maybe it has to do with hormonal build up or something.
It really sucks. The pain is so bad.

No. 54398

What does it mean if a pregnancy test is negative but hours later has half a positive line

No. 54399

Nothing. Take one with the first pee when you wake up in the morning. If that's positive, call your doc.

No. 54400

Has anyone taken birth control to control emotional period feelings?

These past couple of months I've started to cry and hate myself a couple of days prior to my period coming(I'm a pretty optimistic person so this is coming out of nowhere). I can usually control these times since it's just my body doing whatever, but last month I seriously considered killing myself because of it.

No. 54401

Mine definitely help but it can take some time to find the one that works for you. The previous type I took were fine for a few years(started it at 16 as I also had really bad pains) but roughly when I stopped growing(19) they made me worse than I was without it. I was switched to a low estrogen one and that helped. I still get a little emotional but it's a more controllable emotional. I don't get into terrible arguments or lots of crying or anything.

No. 54402

There's no such thing as hormonal build up.

Listen, A lot of things your doctors tell you guys are doctor shorthand. They tell you bullshit because they know you don't have enough of a background in medicine or science to actually understand what's actually happening or what your medicines do, or because they don't know themselves but admiting that would break their patients trust. It's unfortunate, because it results in people believing things like the above, but it also prevents people panicking because they didn't fully understand what their doctor told them, or because their doctor said "I don't know, sorry."

A lot of stuff in this thread is just bullshit that gets circulated because of this.

No. 54403

>have unprotected sex with bf
>he pulls out in time
>try to get plan-b anyway
>store is fresh out and now I gotta wait until tomorrow


No. 54404

Do you track your cycles? When was your last period, do you know if you ovulated or not? Because if you have, Plan B won't help you. It'll actually delay your next period and make you panic more.

No. 54405


last period ended July 17th

No. 54406

There is a very high chance you've already ovulated and Plan B wouldn't be of much help to you.

No. 54407


so that means I'm fucked?

No. 54408

On the contrary. If your last period ended on the 17th, you should be getting it soon. You're less fertile after you've ovulated. There is a chance you could be pregnant, but that happens every time you have sex with or without protection. Get the Plan B if you want the peace of mind, but it will just make you sick and not do anything to stop you from getting pregnant.

No. 54409


god, that's great to hear.. I'll probably still look for it, and actually invest in bc. Thanks so much.

No. 54410

Thanks so much for your reply, I'm glad to hear things are better for you now.

Did you experience any weight gain while taking it as well?

No. 54411

Thank you. That's what I did so I should be good just I looked at the test later that day and it changed

No. 54412

I didn't notice any weight gain but my boobs did get more full/heavier feeling. I'm not sure if they just became more sensitive or actually weigh more since I've never weighed them lol.

No. 54413

I've been reading about it. I'm a US citizen, and sadly Gynefix is not here yet. Any chance I can go to canada and get it there?

No. 54414

I'm the anon who asked about hormonal birth control- I decided to go on a pill that contained the same hormones as the implant. I've noticed I've been slightly moodier and I've also gained about five or six pounds, which I'm trying to drop currently. However, I discovered on my first placebo week that I had actually been pregnant already when I started the pill, because I miscarried. So, Once I finish my box of pills, I'm getting that implant, because fuck that noise. I'm terrified of forgetting to take it now.

No. 54415

Glad for you. The implant have been one of my best decision. The spotting at the start was a little annoying, but damn, that peace of mind is the best.
Plus, it's way less invasive than a IUD.

No. 54416

I warn any girl going for an IUD. I had one and it slipped out after a few months and was causing me pain. Just terrible. I went back to pills. It's lame to have to take them every day but better than having my uterus torn up ick.

No. 54417

Has anyone tried either the arm implant or the ring? If so, how did that work for you?

No. 54418

I have the arm implant
2 year and i bleed everyday
My cousin had it done and it broke idk how but it fucked her up
Please…dont get it
But maybe its just my familys luck idk

No. 54419

You have bad luck. I have the implant and I love it. I had spotting for 6 month, but now I just have normal periods.
I have no idea how your cousin's implant broke seriously. Did she slam the interior of her arm against something? It's really weird.
Anyway, it's like any other form of birth control. It's gonna be great for some people and terrible for others. Only way to know is to try.

No. 54420

I've been using Nuvaring for 6 or 7 years now and I love it. I started on the pill, but I switched to the ring because I hated taking a pill every day. For the first few months it made me have these hormone-induced breakouts on my chin, but I switched my skincare products to help control the breakouts, and it's been smooth sailing since. In all the time I've used the ring, it's only popped out during sex twice. Of course, you can take it out for up to 2 hours I believe, so you don't have to have it in during sex. It's not noticeable for me or my boyfriend, though, so I leave it in.

No. 54421

Coming on 3 years for my implant so it will be changed soon. I didn't get my period for about two years, not even spotting. It's supposed to be the same hormones they use for depo so if you do well on it you should be Ok.

No. 54422

I've had the Nexplanon implant since October and in that time I've had one period and no spotting. I've MAYBE gained 5lbs but that may have just been from my weight fluctuating naturally, anyway. The insertion wasn't very painful at all and in my opinion it's much safer than the nuvaring.

My OBGYN had made mention to me that the women she'd seen have issues with it were all very petite and thin. I'm about 140lbs at 5'10 and haven't had any issues, but if you're particularly small maybe ask your doctor and see what she thinks.

No. 54423

This anon is right. Outliers (very thin/obese) tend to have issues with predose hormones.

No. 54424

Thank you for your help anons! I think I will try Depo first to see how I respond to the hormones, then take it from there.

No. 54425

I've been on oral birth control for like 9 years now (from 16 years old til now), and am considering going off of it… what can I expect?

any anons that have taken BC long term then came off it?

No. 54426

Yep, I started BCP at 16 and took them straight for about 12 years. In the end my doctor recommended I get off of them because I was having constant heavy bleeding that wouldn't stop for about 3 months. It just sort of reset my body I guess? After I stopped taking them it took a little while for me to figure out my cycle but it eventually got easy to track. Apparently my natural cycle is longer than the usual 28 days, but I had no other effects really. My skin didn't suddenly become gross and I didn't gain/lose a significant amount of weight. It was just normal.

No. 54427

see Tao of Sexology by Dr. Stephen Chang for tips on this and many other aspects of sexual health!(no.)

No. 54428

Has anyone used the patch? I've been looking into the different kinds of birth control and this one seems like the most ideal but I can't find much info about it apart from the page on the NHS website

No. 54429

So I'm a fatty (working on losing weight) are their restrictions weight wise with bc shots or implants?

No. 54430

I have. It felt like most hormonal bcp to me. The edges got really dirty and it was really hard to clean after I took the patch off the spot. I stopped it and started taking the pills because my bf thought it was really gross. And it reminded him of smokers.

No. 54431

implants and IUD are the best choices if you're fat. However, you should talk about it with a gyno. Pill and patch are a big no-no. Not sure for the depo.

No. 54432

I can only use condoms, it's unfortunate.
IUD comes out of me because of my tilted uterus, I can try it again after giving birth for the first time if I ever do. Any hormonal BC gives me risk of strokes and/or blood clots. I'm pretty fucked.

No. 54433

I definitely agree with >>135138
However I've personally had a decent time with the patch because the appearance doesn't bother me, and I only have to remember it once a week. Had a friend that tried the patch because I had it, and it was horrible for her because she had very delicate/thin skin. Left her with welts when she took it off, so keep in mind how sensitive your skin is.

No. 54434

Sooo I have the implant in my arm.
I've had it since last November, I don't have to change it until 2018.
I haven't had any negative side effects on it.

Before this I was on the pill.

I was super depressed(like suicidal sobbing everyday), I gained 70 pounds, and had almost a pizza face.

No. 54435

I've been back on NuvaRing for about 3 months now. I've also been stacking them as I did when I used it before, but I've been bleeding for the past 5 days and passed a decidual cast like 2 days ago. Put a new ring in yesterday, but the bleeding and cramps haven't stopped yet. Also, I've been having leg pain. Not really leg cramps, just pain. Should I take my ring out and get something else? I'm scared it's really fucking with me.

No. 54436


Pain in the legs can be a sign of blod clots, get it checked out.

No. 54437

Did any of you ever get pregnant when BC failed?

No. 54438

A friend of mine in HS did, twice. Abortions both times, but she's fine now and has an IUD and everything is going well. No long term issues.

No. 54439

Not exaclty because it failed, but I miscarried shortly after my first cycle of BC because I had been about four weeks pregnant at the time of starting, though obviously I didn't know. It was five days prior to my seventeenth birthday too.

Also, for any anons who are considering the implant, I'm getting mine in a few days hopefully. I'll provide updates if anyone cares for them

No. 54440

It doesn't fuck you up mentally to lose child? I heard some scary stories.

No. 54441

>>135146 if it's an unwanted pregnancy, why would it

No. 54442

situational i suppose. i miscarried early on and it really wasn't much of a thing. i felt like people around me were trying to get me to feel worse about it. but i wasn't expecting to be pregnant so ill admit, i was relieved. i had a young one already and wanted to stay on my anti depressants so being pregnant again would have been a nightmare..

No. 54443

Is there any difference other than shape/size?

No. 54444

Same thing happened to me, I still did put up with it because I paid so much for that shit. About a year of nonstop bleeding/spotting later, all of it stopped and now I have been period free for almost 2 years now.
It's nice because I used to have bad cramps but now I'm worried all the time that if the implant has failed and I'm really pregnant but I haven't noticed it yet.

Still overall, I like it. I don't have stress to remember take pills and stuff.

No. 54445

Most of those feelings are hormone related. Most women miscarry before they even find out they're officially pregnant, and miscarriages tend to happen early on for the ones who do know. I think there's social pressure to think of a miscarriage at the same level as losing a newborn, but most women can parse the differences and realize they're completely different. I have a fb friend who hams up her first trimester miscarriage that happened three years ago, and posts about it like it just happened yesterday. Whereas I have another friend who legitimately lost her newborn in a NICU unit who posted very similarly, but for more obvious reasons imo. Watching a new baby that you carried to term die in an intensive care unit seems way more traumatizing. I know I'd feel worse about that than having a miscarriage.

No. 54446

Had anyone had their birth control make them grow more hair? I started this birth control earlier this year and it's been making me grow more hair on my body and it's really bumming me out.

No. 54447

Any had their tubes tied and had issues with cysts? I'm not sure if it's related to that, or the Mirena I had previous.

>popped cysts are no joke

No. 54448

I've had ovarian cysts pop 3 times now and I'd rather die than go through it again. My issues with cysts went away after weight loss though so I'm not too sure about BC options for treating them.
How old are you? Doctors may be unwilling to tie your tubes if you're fairly young even if you are absolutely set on being child free. It could be more practical to get a Mirena or a pill.

No. 54449

Are there other forms of BC that can do that?

No. 54450

I had my tubes tied about a year ago (bilateral salpingectomy), I'm 29. Hard core cf since 11.

So far I've had three cysts since the operation, but they removed the Mirena when I got it done. So I can't really determine wtf is going on. I was also showing signs of premenopause, but my blood work checked out.

No. 54451

>my bf thought it was really gross
It's kind of weird he mentioned this, considering that most men seem to recognize birth control is a burden and that it falls pretty much entirely on the woman.

No. 54452

I had the Mirena IUD for 6 months and it made me a complete bitch and my periods lasted for like 10 days. I've been off birth control for almost two years now and it's been great. It's nice to have that ~fertile~ period where I look and feel great for about a week, something you can't experience on birth control. My bf accidentally came in me a couple times but I just popped some plan b which I can get for free at the pregnancy/birthcontrol centre.

No. 54453

Lol this is me. Birth control made me moody and feel really hungry all the time. Plus I hated missing a few days and having to start all over.

I've been off the pill for like 3 years now and when I told my bf I was on the pill I actually meant I have like 3 plan b pill packs (I get a deal on them buying a lot at a time, its worth it) in my drawer at any given moment. It's really worked out for me nicely. BC fucks with your hormones, so does a lot of things though so meh

No. 54454

I need to get a new nexplanon implant asap, mine expired in December. Usually you have to wait 1-2 months for an appointment. All this talk about Trump repealing ACA and making it so Birth Control isn't covered is making me a bit worried since I'm not sure how quickly that can be put into place.

No. 54455

I have been on birth control (ethinylestradiol/levonorgestrel pill) for almost a decade now. I started out with a normal dose but I ended up with a terribly itchy cooch and bacne because of it. Now I take 0,02/0,1mg instead of 0,03/0,15mg. It does the exact same job but without the nasty side-effects.

My periods are irregular, painful and can take up to two weeks. Sometimes I'd have 3 periods in a row with only a few days in-between them. The doc told me to take the pill non-stop without breaks because of that.
It's completely safe to skip the breaks (altogether or once every few months). If there's people who also have periods that interfere too much with daily life, it might be a good idea to have fewer to no breaks. I personally go on a break whenever I start spotting, which happens about once every 6 months.

No. 54456

I had to wait 1-2 months for an appointment because they wanted me to get my pap done beforehand. Once it was done they scheduled my replacement for the next week. If you've had your pap somewhat recently they may make the replacement appointment in less time. Either way, you should give them a call immediately. If you don't get it in time before birth control loses coverage ask to switch to a more affordable birth control.

No. 54483

>have PCOS
>get prescribed Yasmin
>take one pill
>feel like shit
>never take again

Why am I like this? This thing can probably fix my life but I'm too scared cuz of side effects.

No. 54518

Sounds like you just give up too easily anon. With any medication you normally have to stick with it for a while to see if side effects go away, but also then you might have to shop around until you find the right pill type/brand for you.

No. 54533

Hi anon! I also suffer from PCOS, have you tried a change in your diet? Changing my diet helped me a lot, I follow keto but you have to be patient with it in order to see results. I can't take birth control because I have a heart condition.

No. 54534


I doubt you're still here anon but if you ever come back, I'd like you to elaborate on your tubal ligation.

I'm wanting to get my tubes tied for lots of various reasons, I wont get into it. I want the exact same type you mentioned where they remove both Fallopian tubes.

I have a long term SO but he is extremely nervous with any medical procedures, to the point where it might be a phobia or anxiety its really bad. If it wasnt for that I would want him to get a vasectomy but I dont want to pressure him into it.

No. 54551

I have the nexplanon and I had spotting for 8 months. So now I am on that and take oral birth control too.

For all the other anons who have super heavy and painful periods, you may have endometriosis! Please get it checked out.

No. 54552

How fucked up can rigevidon make your cycle? I didn't have a period for three years, now all of a sudden I'm getting one every two weeks. It's a fucking nightmare.

No. 54705

I got Paragard 5 weeks ago and I've been bleeding for the past three weeks. At my check-in appointment last week, my obgyn said this was normal and that after 3/4 months I should adjust, but that if I really want it out now, he'll take it out. Is it worth sticking with this?

No. 54970

So, my neurologist told me that due to my migraine that comes once in a while I can't take the pill. Anybody else in the same situation? How do you do? Could I take the contraceptive patch instead?

No. 55025

I was on Microgynon/Rigevidon until this happened, and then they put me on Cilest (I think it was called) which doesn't have the same risks for people with migraines
Aside from suddenly NOT having periods and needing to take it during a smaller window of every day, it was just the same as any other pill in how different side effects are felt to different people, so I don't think anyone can tell you for sure what to expect from any of the alternatives you could try. Patches contain hormones so they might be out of the question for you. Speak to your general doctor about your alternative options, even if you can't use hormonal bc you might consider a IUD.
I've personally been considering a IUD for about 5 years now but so I'm too scared of the installation.

No. 55035

Thank you! Yeah, I've been doing researches… Apparently IUD is a no-no too for people with migraine (mine is with aura so it's even worse), the only safe contraceptives for people like us are condoms, the diaphragm and a specific type of pills, the one that you take all the month nonstop (the one that you mentioned). I wonder how bad does it get when you suddenly stop it and the oestrogens drop though…

No. 55037

Not the anon you were replying to but do copper IUD's cause the same issues? I would think it wouldn't since there are no hormones involved.

No. 55039


The copper one makes your period heavier and increases cramps and stuff though

No. 55043

My bad, I looked up again and copper IUD should be okay. However only the copper IUD, because apparently Mirena makes it worse. But there are also cases of women who got their migraine worsened by copper IUD (even though the copper IUD doesn't have hormones, it does disrupt the regular hormonal cycle in your body). Personally, I wouldn't risk.
So, at the end of the day, if you suffer from migraine with aura the best and safest contraceptive method is the condom, only the condom.

No. 55055

Question: I started birth control for the first time over the summer, and I have had two mild migraines with aura since. I told this to my OBGYN but she wasn't too concerned, but I am very paranoid about this. The migraines were scary but were not as bad as how other people describe migraines to be, so I think they were mild. I've never had an aura migraine before starting birth control. Should I be worried? I think the pills also have risen my anxiety levels.

No. 55072

It doesn't increase cramps. I have the copper IUD for over a year now and I don't feel any cramps at all. One of the reasons why I have it. My period isn't stronger than before. Even shorter with one day heavy bleeding and that's it.

No. 55073

Copper does not mess with your hormonal cycle. It's just causing some sort of irritation in the womb so that an egg can't get 'comfortable' there even if it got fertilized. The only problem could be a copper allergy.

No. 55078

Migraine with aura and birth control aren't a good match. Keep in mind that migraines are small ischaemias

No. 55080

Been on the Mirena for 6 months now. Went 2 months without bleeding, but have been kinda spotting every time I'm supposed to get my period.. my normal periods were super heavy and too painful (endometriosis), but now I'm just kinda spotting all the time. Although I prefer frequent spotting over my period, I just wish it would stop.

Doctor said it might take up to 9 months to stop spotting, so I dunno. Anyone here spotted for months but had it finally stop?

No. 55082

>>55080 This is almost exactly what happened to me with my first Mirena (and I'm now on my second). With heavy periods/endometriosis, it can take a while for the lining to "thin out" via continuous spotting; you can also ask your doctor for a (temporary, usually 1-2 month) lo-estrogen hormonal BC pill that will stop the bleeding until you adjust. I'd suggest going this route if you don't have any health issues the pill could worsen.

Good luck, Anon! Mirena has been a godsend for me, I hope it works out for you too.

No. 55085


It's me again. Yesterday my period started and I took the pill. Today I woke up with the amazing chest pains I had the previous time I tried to do this shit. I took an aspirin and it helped for a while but then it wore off. I don't think I'll be taking the pill again today.

Maybe the side effects will go away eventually as you say but honestly I don't want to try that.

I've kinda been reading about Yasmin and apparently it's the strongest, most aggressive BCP out there? I was supposed to take it for 3 months; maybe my doctor wanted to get me off the pill asap? I'd gladly take a (weaker?) pill for longer (also if I ever stop being a recluse and start having sex I'd like to be on the pill).


I haven't tried to change my diet. I don't know what I should change but even if I did, I doubt I'd be able to keep it up because I('m in uni right now and) can't cook.

No. 55087

File: 1487103218674.jpg (13 KB, 252x252, IMG_3608.JPG)

Not everyone, I love my copper coil, not had any problems with it, depends from person to person, wouldn't say it's painful to have put in, just a really weird feeling for a few seconds! It was my only choice of contraception as my medication means I can't have hormonal contraception!

No. 55118

Should someone who has a history of migraines with aura before starting birth control be worried? Or is it only bad if you begin having them after starting birth control?

I'm not that anon, but I'm curious because my doctor never discussed this with me.

No. 55120

>Should someone who has a history of migraines with aura before starting birth control be worried?
Well, yes. I've had them since childhood and luckily my neurologist warned me right before I started considerating the pill.
Does your doctor know about your migraines? Some of them tend to forget this topic

No. 55140

I've been seeing my doctor since I was 15, going on 9 years now, and have repeatedly brought up my migraines. I get the sense that she just isn't very knowledgeable, though. I try not to assume my doctor is stupid, but she didn't know what tinea versicolor was (it's super common). 90% of my appts end in her saying everything is basically in my head. I could write a novel about that, but anyway…

The fact that she never told me about this stroke risk is frustrating because it seems relevant to me with my migraine history and all. My migraines started in childhood, too, but after a head injury. They're severe and always preceded by an aura (mine is hallucinating the scent of wood smoke). My doctor has had me on a combined low estrogen pill for 8 years and Nuvaring for 1. God knows what has happened in that time. I've had a lot of health problems and there's been times I thought I might have had a mini stroke (lol).

And yes I'm definitely looking to switch to a new doctor. I have plenty of reasons to but this is just like the final straw for me.

No. 55142

Wait, my bad. I was on a high estrogen for 3 years. I complained about thigh cramping and acne and was put on the low estrogen pill.

No. 55172

Damn, sorry for that. Yes, your doctor seems an absolute incompetent… I'd suggest to stop taking the pill now. I know it sucks, but people who suffer from migraine with aura already have a small stroke risk, which raises under the effect of the pill hormones. It's better to be safe

No. 55208

I hate the fact that my IUD makes my periods all ducky because I always feel like it somehow stopped working and I'm pregnant

No. 55209


No. 55291

I wouldn't use it if I definitely didn't want kids at the time, but if I already had at least one, and wanted to space out pregnancies, this (in conjunction with another bc method like a diaphragm) makes sense.

No. 55292

Thank you for sharing that information. Was it bad for the first few months?
Does anyone use a menstrual cup with an IUD, and if so, how much trickier is it than using one without an IUD? I've seen conflicting information on this topic.

Iirc, you also have to watch out for what happens in the rare case that you do get pregnant, and make sure that it never becomes dislodged.

No. 55417

i'm on the pill (mini pill, if that's relevant to my concern.) and i'm scared shitless it's going to ruin my abilities to conceive when im ready to have children.

My mother in law explained she was infertile for a long time even after stopping taking the pill, because according to her, her body had gotten so used to the hormones STOPPING ovulation that the body just continued. Eventually, she did get pregnant.

I've never heard anyone have an experience like this though, am i just paranoid?
I want bio kids, man.

No. 55418

You are just paranoid. It usually takes a month tops for your ovulation to return to normal. Most people who have issues conceiving after birth control, would have had issues even if they had never used it.

No. 55419

Please all to your doctor, because your MIL probably isn't one. What my doctor explained to me (because I heard both "you'll get pregnant immediately" and "you won't be able to get pregnant at all!") is, that your period/fertility goes back to what it was like before you took the pill. So if you'd have had trouble conceiving before taking the pill, you'll have trouble after you stop taking it.
Btw, being stressed will not help you conceive. Don't let your MIL stress you out.

No. 55527

File: 1487748308187.jpg (60.67 KB, 400x248, Liletta IUD.jpg)


FYI, there is now an generic alternative to the Mirena IUD called Liletta, approved in 2015.

No. 56547

so i've tried three stuff

some pill when i was 16 to help w/ acne and it did nothing and i have no memory of it really besides feeling like a Grown Up

mirena iud for 3+ years. it hurt a lot ot put in, but besides that was decent. my period was super light but the cramps were a LOT worse, like curling up in bed crying. sometime after the three year mark i suddenly got pain near my belly button moved downward and became debilitating, it lasted three weeks and got worse until i had to go to the hospital 3x in four days. tests showed i had an infection of some kind but dr's ruled out appendicitis and the ultrasound showed nothing. finally went to the gyno and asked them to take out it and while they were doing a cursory examination we realized my uterus was SUPER painful to press on, and once the iud was removed the pain cleared up in a week. this was at uni in the UK btw

aand now i have the nexplanon. i got it in two months ago, haven't had any changes in mood or weight or anything, just been spotting for over a month now. the blood isn't enough to deter my husband from going down on me soooo no complaints lol

No. 57757

It's worth noting that Liletta only works for three years, compared to Mirena's 5. Depending on your situation, that might be fine or even preferable. This does mean that in the United States, the ACA requires insurance companies to cover both, as they are technically not identical forms of birth control.
I do wish there was an FDA-approved metal IUD that wasn't copper, tbh.

No. 58595

hey, farmers!
yesterday i made the decision to get an IUD put in early next week. i'm getting the mirena, and i was (and still am) super excited about it, but the more i look it up the more fucking horribly freaked out i get about the symptoms and peoples' experiences on it - weight gain, cystic acne, hair loss, depression and loss of libido… i'm 18, i've never used a hormonal birth control before and i've never had children before. should i be as worried as i am? or ask about switching to paragard last-minute? i see that a lot of the reports about it in this thread are positive - am i just being stupidly anxious?

No. 58608

It's no use being so anxious. It's acts differently on everyone. Don't worry about horror stories so much because people exaggerate them anyway.

No. 58610


I'd keep a daily diary for about the first few months. Nothing special, just anything out of the ordinary (Sad thoughts, pain, bloating, etc). If notice a pattern, then talk to your DR.

I'd also recommend this if you're having it removed, because I didn't have my first cyst pop till about a few months after it was taken out.

No. 58613

Has anyone here been sterilised (tube tying/cutting)? I want to know if it's just a procedure or if there's physical/hormonal effects too

No. 58630

Why not go for a non hormonal IUD? There are plenty of other options even for women without children.

No. 58875

look up the gynefix

No. 58889

I got the copper iud about a month ago. Is it normal to have this much spotting? I'm getting brown discharge every few days. I'm not due for a period for two weeks, but today there was bleeding like the tail end of a period.

No. 58916

Yeah that's normal

No. 58918

You'll probably spot for 4-5 months. Sometimes less, sometimes more.

No. 58924

I have the gynefix too and love it! First I had a lot of spotting as well but that's regulated (I have it for 1,5 years now)

No. 58932


Had my tubes removed about 2 years ago via bilateral salpingectomy. I still have my ovaries, so there aren't any hormonal issues I've noticed. Best damn decision I've made.

No. 58945

Any anons have experience with the arm implant nexplanon? I'm getting mine inserted in a few weeks.

No. 58959

Had mine inserted two years ago and I love it. Insertion was painless (the only pain was the prick of the anesthetic), only a little bruising afterward.
I had some random weird brown spotting for a while and it was annoying. Also, my period is pretty random (but it already was before, so I don't mind it).
I love the tranquility of mine it gives me. Apart from fucking up the insertion or being already pregnant at insertion, there's pretty much no way it could go wrong.
I think I'll get another one in a year (if I'm not decided on getting my tube tied yet)

No. 58984

Thank you. So I'm not on my period then? The bleeding isn't continuous, and it's way too early. My period is late all the time, but never early.
4-5 months is a long time. It would be a dealbreaker if all of the alternatives weren't just as unappealing/even worse.
In general, how do you like the copper IUD? After 4-5 months, are periods back to normal?

No. 58985

I personally like it because it doesn't interrupt my natural cycle. I also don't have period cramps anymore. One of the reasons why I love it so much. My periods are pretty normal now. The bleeding lasts for about 5 days and day 6+7 is more like spotting. The first day is the worst although. Other than that, I'm happy.

No. 59014

I started taking birth control (pill form, Lutera to be specific) last Summer. It didn't really lessen my horrible cramps and instead of gaining weight, I lose about 5 pounds a month. I had to start buying meal replacement bars to eat more than once a day along with my regular meals as well just so maintain my weight.

No. 59017

If you are having such problems, why don't you change to another pill? You obviously don't get along with this one

No. 59022

>>59017, this. Ask to switch, it's not helping. Different pills have different effects, maybe another one will help with the cramps.

No. 59040

the main reason I don't switch is because I'm scared whatever I'd take next would make me gain weight. Since what I'm currently taking prompts me to lose weight, it's made me healthier cause now I plan my meals in order to maintain my weight.

No. 61640

File: 1495746437495.jpg (290.68 KB, 1280x1440, kingclarkdespair.jpg)

I chickened out on asking for an IUD while I was at the gynecologist's office. I spilled my spaghetti everywhere, and I couldn't get the words out. I guess I was feeling worried that she'd tell me I shouldn't get one since I'm still a virgin.

No. 61687

I don't think she'll say that. If she does, maybe find a different doctor. I think gynecologists would like to see their patients make prudent decisions before ever having sex.

No. 61697

Wait if youre a virgin you still have your hymen right? SO they would have to break it in order to insert the IUD, no?

I want an IUD too but I heard it hurts a LOT

No. 61698

You know that the hymen is more often than not already gone by adulthood due to moving, tampons, etc right?

No. 61703

I absolutely hate birth control, and my body does too. Any hormonal BC clots my blood which can kill me so that's out. The IUD gave me contractions and had to be taken out. My only option is using condoms but they do not stay on my partner. I am jealous of all the ladies who can use birth control. I'm pregnant now because of condom failure!

No. 61708

If by adulthood youre talking in your late twenties, and older yeah, but if the girl is young then I dont think the possibility is THAT high.

No. 61709

Ever ridden a bike?
Or a horse?
Done gymnastics?
Done cheerleading?
Done dance?
Ridden a pogo stick?
Done the splits a few times?
Had a Pap smear?
Used a tampon?
You really don't know much about hymens. If she's wanting an IUD she's obviously not 8 years old and girls frequently don't have a hymen by their first menses. It's not like a diaphragm made of skin that has to be pierced anon.

No. 61710

So you and your partner should have learned how to use a condom properly and gotten one that fit him. If it comes off routinely you're obviously putting it on wrong every time.

No. 61711

After the pregnancy is over, you could talk to your gynecologist about getting an IUD again, as they are less likely to be expelled in parous women, though if you aren't comfortable with that, it's understandable.
You could try female condoms. You can also pair spermicide with a condom (not a condom with spermicide, but two separate products) for something closer to the effectiveness of birth control pills.
You can also pair a diaphragm with condoms.
Good luck, whatever you decide to do.

No. 61712

Couldn't she just ask her gynecologist if the hymen is still there and would get in the way?

I have the copper IUD. I haven't had children, and my doctor had me come in during my period. I took one ibuprofen a few hours before, and my doctor gave me another ibuprofen when I got there. She used a topical pain spray to numb the area before injecting the area with a local anesthetic. It did not hurt, and was over before I knew it.
The most difficult part for me was nerves, and if I had to do it again, I would have asked my partner to take me, for moral support.
It hurt a little once the anesthetic wore off, like a normal cramp, but that only lasted until the paracetamol I took when I got home started to work.
I took paracetamol and ibuprofen for six days, until that particular period was over. I had to wear pads, and I forgot how much I dislike pads.
My periods since have been more painful than before, but nothing unbearable. I've only had a few, but it seems like they are becoming progressively less painful.

No. 61717


>Condoms don't stay on his dick

Uh. Perhaps find the right size..

No. 61722

This or he is slipping them off. Scummy guys tend to use this excuse when they feel like the condom is affecting their own pleasure.

No. 62244

I don't think Liletta is generic.

No. 62246

Not just for pleasure. It's their own version of lying about taking anti-baby pills. "Whoops, made you pregnant, maybe now you will marry me and stay with me?".
No, fucker. You both get aborted.

No. 62248

How many women actually lie about taking birth control when they haven't? I think it's exaggerated.

No. 62251

Probably. Just like the incidences of guys pulling similar shit are underreported.

No. 62258

Yes. Honestly, I could see someone lying about not being on birth control, if they are in an abusive/unsafe situation.

No. 62467

Got an iud less than three months ago. I get brown discharge sometimes when I'm nowhere near my period. How long does this last?

No. 62578


No. 62668

I'm on month 10, and I still get slightly brown discharge once a month. Can't remember when the random one stopped but it wasn't too long ago. Maybe in month 8?

No. 62674

When during your cycle does this happen? How long does it last?

No. 62676

Before it would last maybe 3-4 days (my period without the IUD was 7 days), now it's only once a day, like I only see it once in my underwear and then it's back to normal later that day.

Mind you, people are different. I have endometriosis and 7 days long periods, VERY heavy flow, so it probably took a lot more for my IUD to eliminate the bleeding, than it would for the average female (at least according to other people's stories). But honestly I'll take frequent spotting/brown discharge over my period. No fun having to change tampon once an hour.

No. 62677

Btw by once a day I don't mean normally, I only mean during the week I'm supposed to have my period. So only once, during that time. It's been an annoying year with tons if spotting, but so worth the wait.

No. 62685

Thank you. If there are any farmers with the copper iud, please share your experience.

No. 62696

I don't remember everything exactly but my spotting lasted for about 3-4 months or so. I have the IUD for 2 years now.

No. 62768

>Having sex before marriage

No. 62771

Yo, that's me! And it's my favourite contraceptive.

Without it:
- periods last only 2 days (I know, I'm special)
- never any spotting outside period

With it:
- periods last 5 days
- spotting when ovulating almost always, even after years (I change it after 4yrs, as is the recommended maximum)

No. 62818

I've always wondered why contraception isn't also associated with marital sex. It's not like all married women want to be the next 18 kids and counting.

No. 62820

Eh, just ignore the robot. He's clearly a weak, low level troll.

No. 62824

I have an IUD because of endometriosis. But you wouldn't know about that, being so ignorant and all.

No. 62830

What are you guys' experience with a non hormonal IUD? really paranoid about weight gain and bc fucking with my hormones.

No. 62843

Are your own hormones causing the weight gain?
Non hormonal IUD's don't really do much with your hormones and cycle.

No. 62848

I got the Paragard. No weight gain, just heavy periods like when I was off the pill. I like my non-hormonal IUD.

No. 62863

Thank you. I can do this for a few more months if it means no hormones and very reliable babylessness.

I think the spotting is happening mostly when i ovulate, but it's only the second cycle, so it's hard to tell.

No. 62865

I love my copper IUD. Only side effects are sometimes I cramp randomly, but it's not very intense, and I also spot mid cycle. It didn't even make my periods heavier, but that may have been because I got off the pill just before getting it inserted so my periods started off really light while my hormones regulated themselves. I really like being able to have natural cycles and have that ovulation libido spike, while also having very reliable protection from pregnancy.

I got mine inserted at 19 never having been pregnant and it wasn't so bad, not like all the horror stories on the internet. It was an intense pain but it lasted literally a few seconds (twice) and was over. Just cramped and spotted the rest of the day. The doctor did however use a numbing cream on my cervix, so that probably helped.

No. 62899

I have a hormonal IUD and I didn't gain weight from it.

No. 62932

who is using NFP? I want to try that but i don't know if it's safe

No. 62940

It's a lot safer than people will tell you, because it does take practice, diligence and knowledge, so it's probably not suited for general public sex ed. It's definitely worth getting to know your body to the point where you can tell when you're fertile or not, regardless of your BC method. There's a wealth of research about NFP.
>~This is all anecdotal evidence and personal experience! This is not a recommendation or a how-to!~
I've been using condoms and NFP for ~9 years and not been pregnant (to my knowledge). I use an app and a thermometer to track my fertile days, although I hear a smart watch or fitness band will help you keep even more precise data.
On three or four days a month (two fertile, two either side), I will use condoms. On days where I don't, I wash any semen out thoroughly in the shower and within minutes of ejaculation, just because I don't like what it does to my pH.

It's probably also worth mentioning, to be fair, that my grandparents were hippies who used NFP and they had five children, possibly all of whom were unplanned…

No. 63959

How are you only fertile for 2 days, though? I use an app and get "the flowers are blooming" (barf) for 6 days. I'd be a little more careful about using condoms during that time, since ovulation is not always precise. The temperature method is more reliable, but there are still variables and sperm can survive for 3-5 days inside of you.

No. 63990

File: 1498489828672.jpg (52.28 KB, 728x546, mother-nature-reproduction-sta…)

Sperm lives for a while, and the egg can live for two days.

No. 63992

I have the implant and I don't bleed heavily like I would on my period every day, but I feel like I'm bleeding just a little bit every day and its so fucking annoying. Plus whenever I have sex with my boyfriend blood gets EVERYWHERE, even if i didn't bleed that much that day, but its not like that because it hurts or anything. It for the most part stopped my regular cycle but like every 2 months I have a period with no other side effects which is great for my endometriosis. I'm kinda torn about getting a new one or not in a year because its super reliable but not very convenient.

No. 64167

Is there any birth control that can make my hips/breasts bigger?

No. 64168

I get Depo-Provera and getting the same weird period. Every two month, very little blood and over a week (normal 4-5 days) its fuckong annyoing.

My breast are larger now. 5 month into and one cup bigger. Maybe because of weight gain?

No. 64170

I had this issue too. I solved it by taking a variant of the pill (Cerazette) that contained the same hormones that are inside the implant. I'm now on my second implant and occassionally forget to take the pill for stretches of time and my period never starts back up again.

No. 64330

File: 1499105743416.jpg (19.19 KB, 500x504, cc17b1bbf05cd5817bcaa2c6d3c46b…)

>all these anons having a bad time with the arm implant

That really fucking sucks, sorry to hear.
I haven't had my period in four years now, just got my implant replaced a couple months ago.
My only gripe is that it made me really dry down there, and I actually suffered a small tear.

Also when I got my implant replaced (the procedure itself wasn't bad at all), for over a month the new rod was fucking poking me on the inside of my arm. Felt like getting pricked by a pin suddenly. Sometimes I catch it doing it every now and then but it has gotten less noticeable over time. I think it's because my doc put it in on the lower part of my arm where the fat jiggles around more as opposed to the topside. It definitely wasn't like this the first time.

Anyway, just something you should be aware of if you do opt to get it in again.

No. 64332

f you still suffer from dryness, get an oestrogen cream. Literally saved the quality of my life

No. 64350

Yep, my gyno told me I could take the pill if I didn't stop bleeding. Fortunately I did though.

No. 64583

I have a follow-up appointment with my gyno soon to check on my iud. I plan on asking if I can start using my menstrual cup again. Does anyone else with an iud use a menstrual cup? Has anyone received their gyno's blessing on this?
I'm not sure if it matters, but I have the Lena cup and I used it before I got the iud inserted, though I never got especially good at inserting and removing it.

No. 64737

Hormonal birth control fucked my stomach up to hell. All my fat goes there now and won't go away. I've been off it for a year+ now…

And I'm going to gym way more, but my stomach will not, not stick out further than my breasts now. Wish I never did it tbh.

No. 64814

This happened to me too! I used to have a completely flat stomach until I took bc and I only took it for about 3 months because a doctor suggested it to treat my acne.

Long story short, it had no effect on the acne, but my stomach started accumulating fat and was bloated all the time. It's been like 2 years and I'm only now somewhat back to normal, but I've never gone back to how flat I used to be. Nothing I ever tried worked except time.

No. 64827

Has anyone gotten hypersexual on the pill? I tried Trycyclen O years ago and my drive went from pretty low to crazy high. It hurt my relationship because my boyfriend started thinking I was only interested in sex and not a real relationship and it didn't really do much for my acne or the severity of my periods (which was the whole point, really). I eventually stopped taking it, but I'm looking for another method of BC right now and was hoping something else would work better. I've looked at IUDs but I'm very allergic to a lot of metals so I don't think I could do the copper IUD.

No. 65939

has anyone had any issues with the Paragard/copper IUD? I got mine inserted about 8 months ago and i have had rapid weight loss, thinning hair, low appetite/nauseous all the time, A LOT of acne (I've never had acne in my entire life, I'm 21). Has anyone had any similar experiences? I take zinc to balance out the copper in my system but I don't know if it's helping.

No. 65941

If you were on BC before and switched to Paragard, the previous BC might have been controlling your acne and now the non-hormonal IUD isn't doing anything to control it.

I have the Paragard and I can't say I've had those issues. I did lose weight a good deal of weight but it probably wasn't from the IUD since I started working out a lot / eating right and I am also on Topamax, which is known for weight loss. The only issues I've had with it was super heavy periods/bad cramps.

No. 66572

try natural progesterone. In some countries it needs to be prescribed by a doctor.

No. 66850

I started taking Alesse and abruptly stopped because of how sick it made me feel while I was taking it. I was only on it for about 2 weeks before I stopped and I got my period a week earlier than I was supposed to. Now this month it's a week late. Is that normal? I haven't had sex since before I got my last period so I don't think there's any way I could be pregnant.. Unless what I had wasn't my period lmfao. Just freaking myself out, really..

No. 66909

where would I be able to find this?
also would this help someone like me?
>fat stomach
>flat chest,saggy small boobs, wide shoulders, lots of arm fat
>skinny thighs no hips
>small butt with concaves on side
>lots of acne and I'm hairy

also i didn't get my period til I was 16, my body didn't start developing til 17

No. 67120

Have you been to a gynecologist? Your concerns seem like they could indicate a medical condition (it could be genetic but normal and healthy, too) and addressing these concerns with a ob/gyn might do more to help than birth control.

No. 67126

I got the copper IUD because I was somehow scared of hormones. It was the best decision I ever took.

No. 67215

for my body I just get the "ooo you're just insecure" talk, I can't really afford insurance atm but it's very clear to me I have hormone issues, I know me being hairy is genetic but no one else in my family has this issue besides me, and i feel like shit i come from a family with big boobs, small waists and big butts, and then theres me, I dont want to go on birth control but I do want to go on natural progesterone if it can help even the slightests

No. 67223

I have hormone issues and recently been put on lo loestrin fe because of it, I've been reading reviews and a lot of people have stated that it caused them to have cystic acne? I already have acne and I'm wondering if it will make it worse or will heal it? has anyone else been on lo loestrin fe and if so what side effects did they get

No. 67226

I don't know where else I can talk about this.
I am so scared to be pregnant, it's been 1 3/4 months since my last period.
I had to switch my birth control pill for 3 months and changed back to my old one last month (same type of pill and I didn't have any problems).

I already took a test after being 2 weeks over due and it was negative.
A week before that I was at my gynecologist (standard check up) and if there would've be anything wrong or out of the ordinary he must have given me a call, anything.
But nothing.

Still I had abdominal pain after sex and in general.
The fact that I gained 2,5 kilos after my finals were over at the beginning of august (went home and just ate a lot) doesn't help (bad body image from underweight to normal weight should be a yay but eh).

I am paranoid.
After my boyfriend fingered me there was blood on his hands but still… nothing no period afterwards.

I'm paranoid.
I feel ugly.
If my period isn't coming next week I probably will get tested at my gynecologist.

However what can I do?
How do I stop feeling so paranoid and shitty…
Is there really anything I can do other than another test and just believing that one?

No. 67227

Tbh, it's probably stress related.

No. 67228


Thank you so much for the reply and for taking the time to read this stupid ass rant. <3
I hope so, I honestly wouldn't even care at this point if I would wake up and ruined some sheets or something.

No. 67229

File: 1504041860641.jpg (889.66 KB, 2400x2400, IMG_2444.jpg)

well depends, if you already have acne, loestrin fe seemed to have reduced or eliminated the acne and for those who had clear skin, it seemed to cause acne
since you already have acne, it will probably clear up

some sites say it causes weight gain though, which isn't surprising because the hormones in it are used for HRT for MTF, it can also cause one to be depressed and fatigued, and like acne, if you are already depressed chances are it will lessen the depression

No. 67237

Do you have to go to a gynecologist to get a BC prescription? This is mildly embarassing, but I've never had a pap smear or any genetalia related examinations and I don't want anyone to touch or stare at me. Are there non-invasive ways to get prescriped?

Also my interest in BC are for acne and my major fear is weight gain.

No. 67238

I got my BC today and they didnt even lay a finger on me except for blood tests and touching my wrists for heart rate, where I'm at if you're not sexually active or a virgin they don't have to do a vaginal exam or breast exams

No. 67241

The only issues it gave me were spotting (never used to happen), and non-period cramps, and heavier, crampier periods.

are you still taking your old birth control? Call/email your doctor, and they can help you figure out what it could be and/or set up an appointment. If you weren't on birth control, an LH test could tell you when you are going to ovulate, so you know sooner rather than later when your period is on the way. Since you are on hormonal birth control, seeing your doctor is a good idea, especially if you are counting on this as a contraceptive to be effective. If your birth control has a generic available, did you switch brands? Did you mention the skipped period at your last appointment?

No. 67242

girl, get over that fucking shyness and get your ass to the gyn. birth control is the least of your worries if you never even had a pap smear

No. 67243

its understandable to be nervous about someone looking right at your vagina, but you really should go for a yearly. if it makes it any more comfortable, just remember, they look at them all day. its routine.

No. 67254


I had to switch my birth control from may to august, my doctor knew about this.
My insurance wasn't covering my usual one during those 3 months but another one with the same substance.
I am back to my old one now, I was never not on birth control just on a different kind shortly.
I mentioned that my period was basically due during my last apointment.
So my doctor definitely knew all the factors.

No. 67343

I have six month left on my implant and I think I'm going to switch back to the nuvaring. I love the implant, it's great but it doesn't regulate my cycle at all. It's all over the place just like when I'm not on BC and it's pretty inconvenient.

No. 67549

I literally just found out I had PCOS which explains a lot…
I dont know how to react, i really want kids, is there any way i can make my hormone levels normal? The doctor gave me birth control, how can I increase my progestérone and estrogen levels?

No. 67570

update, sorry if I'm being dramatic, I just don't know what to do, I feel hideous and less womanly because of it, I'm not that hairy or fat but I am a bit chubby, this is just a shock to me, I just want to feel more womanly, I have a lot of the "inappropriate male features" side effects , I want to fix them without plastic surgery, working out can only go so far, and my doctor refuses to prescribe me progesterone

No. 67601

I've heard good things about saw palmetto for treating PCOS naturally. Apparently it's an androgen blocker so it should reduce hirsutism, acne and other testosterone related problems.

No. 67604

thanks anon, I'll try it, I work at a pharmacy so I can easily get it, I know it's not genetic since everyone else in my family is a fertile pop out 5 kids by 30 type people, thank you

No. 67869

I was put on lo loestrin fe and I have spotting ? what do I do? should I stop?

No. 67962

Contact your gyno. Are you in the first few months? Supposedly, it goes away over time. It's up to you if this is a dealbreaker for you or not.

No. 68127

File: 1506296743987.jpg (623.61 KB, 2848x2848, 77898957-origpic-dd7ae6.jpg)

Anyone have experience with spotting on ParaGard? It's been 6 months and I've been spotting for a week every month. Between that and periods, there's blood 50% of the time.

No. 68154

Depo anons, I'm gonna be away on vacation at the 10-13 week mark on my shot. I plan on doing the deed a lot while away, what's the risk of pregnancy around that time OR the risk of getting the shot at 9 weeks instead of the 12 I usually do?

No. 68166

If you're more than five days late for your shot, you aren't protected from pregnancy. If your shot is late, you need to use an additional barrier method for 14 days. I'd say talk to your doctor about this. It's safe to get your shot up to two weeks early.

No. 68261

I've been on the pill for 2 months and noticed that since the last time I waxed, my body hair is weaker and thinner (my eyebrows and hair still as they used to be). Is that normal? It usually grew back strong after 2 weeks of the waxing, and now it's patchy and weak

No. 68873

I've been off the pill for almost a year and I noticed my periods are, how can I say it, desynchronized? One period lasts 27 days and the next is 29, then repeat. This pattern has been regular tho. The thing is that before the pill my periods used to have the same number of days. Has this happened to any farmer?

No. 68961

It can take a long time for your body to go back to normal, but you should talk to your gyno anyways.

No. 68964

I have PCOS. Are there any alternatives to keeping it under control besides taking BC? Does taking BC for long periods of time cause any negative side effects over time? I've been taking BC for like, 6 years now consistently. (I know there's such a thing as google but still)

I need to get a new gyno, I think mine kinda sucks and is flippant about things. Thanks in advance if any anons choose to answer these questions.

No. 68965

Losing weight helps.

No. 69383

I've had my copper IUD for almost a year now and have spotting also.
My understanding is that it's pretty normal but it's also one of the side effects that's less likely to get better.
That said, I've noticed for the past couple of months the spotting has gotten slightly lighter and there's less time bleeding overall.
Talk to your doctor if you're at all worried, and try to avoid googling too deep. Too many anti-IUD groups who exaggerate wildly.

No. 69464

Is there anything I can do to reduce spotting? I feel pretty unsexy when it happens, so it puts a damper on things.

No. 69483

I have had an IUS for about 8 months now. My periods have been rather irregular since i got it but never early. This month I got my period a week early - it feels and looks exactly like period with blood clots and all. It's never happened to me before and i'm a bit worried it may be implementation bleeding.
I don't have any other preg symptoms or anything. I'm trying not to make myself paranoid but I've read it's actually possible to get pregnant while on Mirena and i'm freaking out. Any anons with the same experience?

No. 69495

Hi Anon, so early and irregular periods(including heavy or light flow and clotting) are generally pretty common with hormonal IUDs, especially in the first year. I’ve had two Mirena IUDs myself; clockwork-like normal menses on the first, and next to nothing on my current. It can take a bit for your uterine lining to thin out. You’re probably just fine. <3

No. 69507

No birth control is 100% effective, abstinence aside. That said, Mirena is 99% effective. Losing your period is a common side effect. Buy some of those bulk pregnancy tests from Amazon or wherever and test monthly if it makes you feel better.

No. 81646

Hey girls! Sorry for this necro, but I need your opinions.

I decided to stop using Nuva Ring (or any other sort of birth control) in order to get my libido back. I've been using birth control since I was 15 and that was 10+ years ago. I have not had any other unpleasant side effects from taking pills (Logest) or using Nuva Ring, so I would recommend it if you're looking for a birth control method or your cramps are unbearable.

I'm two weeks of the ring now and I was fast to notice that my desire for sex came back full force like nothing ever happened and I sure hope to fuck that it doens't go away again.

But I also noticed another thing, for the first week I didn't have any kind of discharge which made me happy snce I had lots of it before. I figured that I was having discarge since there was an object inside my vagina at all times and it tried to get rid of it. But the last two days I'm having slight stabbing pains in my tummy and also some weird fucking discharge. It's like really thick, pinkishly clear slime. I tried touching the slime and it wouldn't even break. What the fuck? I know my body needs to do some weird things now to get me balanced again, but it would mean a lot if some of you would share your experiences with something like this

No. 81649

>having sex for any reason besides procreation

No. 81653

>having sex at all
>being in a relationship at all
>having contact with others
>being alive
>having been born

So dumb.

No. 81801

any girls here use a birth control path? I was on the pill but I have chrons so and It was triggering flare ups and not protecting me at all , so i decided to switch for the path. Anyone uses it? It is good?

No. 81828

i'd like to start using birth control, never have before. is there an effective one that stops your period as well? i'm leaning towards the implant and it doesn't say whether it stops your period or not. if it doesn't, i may go for the pill instead.

No. 81840

It does stop the period for some but not all.
I was on the implant for 3 years. I had only spotting at first then my period came back 6 months in.
You should try but you should know it's a side effect only for a select few and that there's no garanty that it's not just suddenly going to come back.

No. 81847

No birth control is guaranteed to stop your period, and it varies greatly from person to person. You just got to try different options and see for yourself.

No. 82011

I was the same; spotting at the beginning and then a period six months in. It was a month long and I was so grateful when it suddenly stopped.

No. 82184

I got the Mirena IUD in summer of 2013 and haven't had a period since. I'm getting a new one this summer since it's been 5 years. It's really the best birth control I've ever used (I've used pills and shot previously) and I can't recommend it enough.

It hurt like hell getting it inserted but since then I seriously have not had to worry about periods or pregnancy once in 5 whole years.

No. 83783

Alright, so I forgot to ask my doctor a specific question when I went today, so I'm hoping someone here might know. I've been on NuvaRing, but the last time I took it out for sex (6 days ago) I forgot to put it back in. So, I had my period and today went and got some birth control pills instead. Am I going to be protected from pregnancy like, tomorrow?

No. 84117

File: 1527986083399.jpg (30.43 KB, 450x450, vcf.jpg)

Has anyone tried these new vaginal contraceptive films? They're supposed to last up to 3 hours and just dissolve away. I saw some at CVS and was curious, but I'm not sure about shoving them in my vag until I hear they're ok.

No. 84136

Could be wrong but I'm pretty sure they're the least effective form of birth control. Some people say around 90% effective but I've heard as low as 70% effective.

No. 84149

I used those for two years and never had any pregnancy scares but a few things to keep in mind:
-You have to put it directly on the hole into your uterus on your cervix so if you can't reach it you can't use them
-it melts from either the heat of your vagina or the fluid really fast so you have to get it in place quickly. I wasted a few through this
-after you put it in you need to wait around 15 minutes to activate (but it works for a few hours)
-obviously doesn't protect against any STDs/STIs
Hopefully this helps your decision a bit

No. 84163

I've had my paraguard for almost 3 years and the spotting has been constant since I got it inserted. There's maybe one week during my monthly cycle where I'm not spotting or cramping.
Tbh I'm thinking of getting it removed and replaced with a mirena instead cause the pain just isn't worth it for me anymore.

No. 84166

File: 1528053453168.png (297.95 KB, 1650x1275, contraceptive_methods_508-01.p…)

VCF is 94% effective with perfect use, and 72% effective with typical use. It would be fine if used in conjunction with another contraceptive method.
Source: http://teenhealthsource.com/birthcontrol/vaginal-contraceptive-film-vcf-details/
When weighing effectiveness, go by typical use, not perfect use.
Pic related has some other methods.

No. 84167

I was that anon and the spotting is down to one or two days a month, right before my period. I take 400IUI of vitamin E every day, which I think might have helped, but it could just be time. I also expelled my first and got it replaced, and did have spotting for the first month with the new one. Everyone's body is different, though, and you should do whatever you feel most comfortable with.
I should add that once the spotting went away, my periods got heavier than they were pre-IUD.
There was a study done on vitamin E for IUD-associated menorrhagia. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/6134690

No. 94106

Sorry to necro, but do any of you have the copper IUD?

I had mine put in about a month and a half ago and I am bleeding quite a bit. My last "cycle" was 13 days and I was bleeding for 8 days with it. I know the IUD takes a while to settle.

I currently just realised I'm still bleeding after a two day break.

Is this normal for anyone? I'm on the copper IUD.

No. 94116

Wow. So many women willing to be medical experiments for big Pharma. Very sad, but its not my life. You do you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 94122

>Implying women have a myriad of safe, affordable options for taking control of their feminine and reproductive health without big pharma and their healthcste monopolies

No. 94124

Realistically people need to try products in order for a perfect birth control method to be created, there's no other way to iron out faults. I'm willing to bet compared to how many women use birth control, that life changing side effects are rare.

No. 94150

File: 1536044287988.jpg (496.96 KB, 1280x1280, kitty tin foil.jpg)

>medical experiments for big pharma
how? i would've liked to hear more

No. 94162

I honestly regret ever going on birth control. I don’t like what it did to my body, hormones, and metabolism. I haven’t been the same since—and I’ve been off for two years and switched to more holistic, herbal methods.

I wouldn’t ever say it’s evil big pharma tin foil hat shit. It works for everyone else and I encourage people to do what works for their health. Their body, their business. Period.

No. 94163

i think the OP (who probably wasn't a robot) was referring to the history in general being shaky, birth control being somewhat dangerous, using women as non-consenting guinea pigs (stuff like giving low income women placebos even though those women weren't part of a study). women's health has been wrought with insane shit, even just half a decade ago. i too am always worried it hasn't changed much.

No. 94169

File: 1536080538580.jpg (24 KB, 297x174, b6b4978e-409e-4130-9c66-d4641d…)

2.5 years after I had my Mirena inserted, I've been getting painful cramps that last around a week, and then some spotting that lasts days later in the month.
I never had my period in the 2 years prior. Has anyone else had this experience? I'm afraid my IUD might be migrating (but I can still feel the strings properly). Or maybe my period just half assedly returned.
Guess I'll have to book a checkup which should be pleasant.

No. 94215

I think you should call your doctor to be safe. You're probably fine but it's better to get checked out early than end up needing emergency surgery!

Funny this thread popped up because I need advice on this. So I never wanted kids, even as a child I never played with Barbies or baby dolls (I played with stuffed animals and dinosaurs). Even at a young age when I realized what happens when you give birth, mainly from simply watching so much Animal Planet, I was terrified. Now that I'm almost 30 I still feel the same way. I really don't want kids and my boyfriend of over 3 years feels the same way. I was considering getting the copper IUD because it lasts a long time and has no hormones but I'm terrified. Does it hurt? Does it mess with you? What does copper really do in your body?

I am even seriously considering getting my tubes tied because I just feel so strongly about this. I think it's wrong to bring more kids into this world when there's so much bad stuff and also so many kids who are abandoned. I am afraid no doctors will do it to me.

Maybe I could talk to my boyfriend about getting a vasectomy? It is easier and he can freeze some sperm if we ever change our minds down the road…

No. 94243

I'm the same as you anon, same age. I opted for the implant. It's even more efficient than a litigation, and it's way less invasive than an IUD or a litigation.
I was honestly too afraid of the pain of an IUD (specially the heavy bleeding on a copper one)
It lasts 3 years and you don't have to think about it anymore once it's in.

I was worried about the hormones and what you hear about long term use but it turns out the implant is not the same stuff as the pill, so it's ok according to my gyno.

Are hormones totally out for you?

No. 94244

I got a copper IUD inserted two months ago and i'm quite happy about it. The midwife who did the insertion was very nice and helped me relax, it lasted like 5 minutes which were definitely uncomfortable (weird, tingly and kinda itchy sensation in the cervix area). I was expecting to feel a pain on the level of getting stabbed in the womb but I didn't, and it was over before I knew it.
I had a lot of spotting the whole month which was a bit annoying. Then I got my period on the usual time I always do, and I had tiny cramps for a few days (I usually get no pain whatsoever) so I think it does make period cramps worse. I didn't notice a bigger quantity of blood and I was able to use my cup normally.

Anyway that was my experience. However I chose the IUD because I know I probably will want children in a few years. You can probably find a doctor who can tie your tubes I think, just look it up online or call beforehand to check.

No. 94246

sharing my experience… i got the mirena put in.. IUD i guess.. it was the worst pain i had ever experienced i my life, not gonna lie. i shat on the floor when i gott up from the sheer shock. i had it in for 3 years and it was okay, and then got stabbing pains reminiscent of some kind of super period (i didn't bleed or have periods while it was in) and then got it removed because i felt like my body was crying for a period. my doctor was RELUCTANT to take it out!! and it hurt SO much, again. so glad it's gone. i will not be pushing babies through this cervix i don't think. it had pushed my copper levels sky high and contributed to a lot of mental anguish, i'm still working on reducing them. it did control my testosterone levels a bit. i'm thinking of going back onto a progestin pill because my testosterone levels are steadily rising and i am sick of acne and pcos hairloss. it's been 9 months without contraception now and besides the testosterone it's been okay. i don't have a sex life tho, mainly just use contraceptive for hormonal junk.. the implant made me moody as fuck. had it in twice.

No. 94247

i had same thing, posted above. they checked my strings and it was in place. i think you're probs experiencing what i did

No. 94263


Taking high doses of synthetic hormones has always urked me. I had a bunch of journal article links saved on all the ill effects of it. Which herbs are you using? I've heard high doses of vitamin-C works like a morning after pill. I've also heard that having somebody else do a Heimlich maneuver over your uterus will do it also.

Did you know that if guys strengthen up their kegals they can hold in their semen just like holding in pee? Why don't more guys do this? It must be the same feeling a wasp gets when wants to sting you and inject venom.

No. 94278

I say this as someone who does not like or want kids - if it's YOU who doesn't want children, then it's YOU who should undergo the surgery unless he suggests he should do it. Don't try and coerce someone into undergoing a surgical procedure that he may one day change his mind about. Look after your own body and do what you want with it. If you can't deal with hormones then the copper coil is your only real option. I am shit with hormones but I have an implant. Mine, however, causes me to bleed for nearly 2 and a half weeks at a time whenever it decides I need to have a period (usually when I least need it!). However, it has never failed me in the 6 years I have had it and it's easy to fit. I have recently look into IUDs but I cannot for the life of me stomach the idea of having something jammed in my cervix. I will be asking my GP about tubal ligation once I hit 30.

No. 94286

First paragraph: black cohosh, mainly. It flushes you right out. Evening primrose oil helps regulate my hormones a bit more.

Second paragraph: what the fuck, anon?

No. 94289

Just got my mini pill today but I finished my period 2 days ago. It says to start on your first period day but googling said it doesn't really matter as long as you wait 7 days. The brand is cerelle. Should I just take it?

No. 94290

anon the second thing is extremely dangerous and will kill you.

No. 94298


No. 94559

Has anyone ever had your doctor try to "argue" (too strong of the word), that generic BC pills are identical as the particular brand? I was on Previfem, and they randomly switched me to tricyclone-something without telling me. I was told they didn't carry it anymore at my pharmacy so I had been given a generic. I thought, ok well the main ingredients seem to be the same so I think I'll be fine". But it was noticeable within a few days that I got super emotional, had extreme breakouts, and overall felt pretty crappy. I literally cried a fit because I dropped a spoon, I don't know wtf was in that generic. When I told my dr, she said they're literally the same active ingredients, and said she'll try to find my previous brand at a different pharmacy, but no guarantees. I wish I knew what really caused the difference in effects if they're really as similar as my doctor claims.

No. 94568

Hormones aren't out for me on the basis of like, health issues. But I would prefer something without hormones. I looked into the implant and heard a lot of mixed messages. Lots of ladies said they had non stop bleeding/spotting for months. Which is not good for me because I had hepatitis C. It's cured now but I still don't like the idea of my blood constantly coming out of me.

Yeah this makes sense, but he told me he doesn't want children either. I didn't even ask him straight up, we were talking about that tranny furry that got fired from NASA (lmfao) and how fucked up everything is becoming and he casually said he never wants kids. We are planning on getting married hence why I thought maybe it would be easier for him to get a vasectomy. But if things fall through with him or he doesn't want to do it I definitely will get my tubes tied. I don't expect a man to look out for me.

No. 94569

maybe you should look it up? brand names are basically meaningless. if they are the same % they are the same drug. ortho-try-cyclen isn't even a generic, just another brand.

No. 94589

As easy as that sounds, comparing the two ingredients is a lot like a puzzle. It’s hard to say what each ingredient does to the body if there’s lack of studies or so many ingredients that aren’t hormonal related yet caused changes in the effects of the bc

No. 94677

That's been my experience. It diminished with time, taking vitamin E, and having the first one expel and be replaced by one that was placed better.

No. 115489

Bumpu bumpu

Any anons with copper IUD who had heavy periods beforehand? I hear it gets heavier so I want to know if it's like a murder scene in your pants with a device.

Cramps are average (mild, only one day, go away with ibuprofen) so I'm not too concerned with that. Every other period is a 4 day waterfall though.

I'm not getting sex atm (sad) but am thinking of the future.

No. 115502

The issue I had with copper IUD is that I bled/cramped at random times throughout my cycle. Got annoying ruining all my underwear.

No. 115512

I've had paraguard for about 5 years now.

Cramps were worse than the bleeding imo. I don't remember if the bleeding was worse in the beginning but I can say that now it is very light. I think I would remember if it was an abnormal amount.

I use a mentrual cup with a panty liner or lite tampons (reg size at most).

No. 116636

I've been using the pill for the first time. I started about 4 months ago. (I'm not a teen, I was just never very sexually active)
Now I've had some troubles and I don't know if this is normal.
Month 3: I had some random bleeding in the middle of the month but I looked up that it can happen the first 3 months
Month 4: Apparantly I forgot to take a pill halfway the month (really stupid, it slipped through my fingers while taking my other bigger pills at the same time and I didn't notice it lying on the the ground until the next day) so I just skipped that one pill and continued the package. Apparantly you're supposed to check the booklet and I probably had to start a new month….
My period started and I continue having it, it's very little bleeding by now but my hormones feel like I'm having my period, it's horrible!
I don't think I should be worried about being pregnant though, we still use condoms because I'm paranoid (and
apparently with good cause)

What should I do now? Do I wait a week and just start a new month? Or do I start a new month immediately? I'm almost finished with this one, I know I shouldn't have ignored this…

No. 116640

A.) It's normal to have some spotting or a light period in the middle of your cycle, especially as your body continues to adjust to the hormones.
B.) If I miss a pill, my period also comes. I usually continue taking my pack as normal as I am not on a triphasic birth control.

What type of birth control are you on?

No. 116641

If you’re sexually active just finish the pack. You’ll have spotting the rest of your pack, and then your period. You can try taking 5 aleeves twice a day for 1-3 days (BUT NO MORE THAN THAT DUE TO STOMACH ISSUES) and see if the stops the spotting
Make sure you eat with that or else it’ll wreck your stomach even harder (tip I got from obgyn when I had spotting for 6 mo straight)

No. 116671

If you only missed one pill then you take it the next day when you remember along with your normal pill the same day. You are fine. It's also not likely you would get pregnant if you accidentally skip one, you still have enough in your blood stream to make up for it. Do not start a new pack. If you are having spotting mid-month it could mean that you need a higher dosage of bcp. Tell your doctor about the spotting next time you see them.

No. 116694

ah yes the spotting! I heard of it once but I totally forgot it's a thing when you're on the pill. So annoying though because I have to continue wearing pads, I hope it wears off soon.

>What type of birth control are you on?

I'm not sure (I should care more about this stuff) but it's the one with the sugar pills that you continue to take. My doctor probably gave me these because she know I easily forget things.

Thanks for all the help, I feel more at ease now.

No. 116718

Are there alternatives for pcos aside from the pill? Like do any of you use other ways of hormonal contraception as treatment for pcos?
I'm going to the gyno soon and i want to suggest a different treatment because pills here are $35 per package and i'm looking for a cheaper alternative ($35 is a lot of money in my third world shithole).

No. 116797

Guys im a complete retard, when does ones fake period arrive when on bc? I took my last pill 2-3 days ago

No. 116819

it should start within the placebo week before you start your pills again. you're not taking the placebo right? most of us don't take them.

No. 116821

Okay phew, the ones im taking doesnt contain placebo pills

No. 116822

ok then yeah. it should start before you start taking the new ones. if you usually have a light period it sometimes takes longer. if you don't get your period though you probably aren't pregnant, and it's likely just due to the amount of hormones. if that happens go to your gyn and you can get a pregnancy test there just incase but also discuss the issue more.

No. 116826

Alright, thank you so much anon i was kinda freaking out

No. 116921

>you're not taking the placebo right? most of us don't take them.
Can I ask why?
>complete pill noob

No. 116940

Yeah, hormonal IUD's or shots. More cost up front but cheaper in the long run since you only get them once every few years. Talk to your doc about it…

No. 117010

I had bee taking Min-Ovral (the pill) for around 8 years and with me moving over seas I eventually had to switch to a new brand. I was absolutely terrified since I had a bad experience once with going off brand. I took the generic brand of my regular and for 10 days straight I felt as if someone was hacking away at me with a meat cleaver. It's been 4 days so far and only slight discomfort if not, barely anything. I asked the walk in for something similar and she gave me Evelyn. So far so good!!

No. 117056

Anyone here have pmdd and tried stopping their period with bc? Is it any different than taking the pill and stopping once a month? I want to ask my doctor about it and already made an appointment but am curious about other's experiences.

No. 117074

I don't have PMDD but I took Mirvala for about 2 years. I was initially prescribed the one that has the week of placebo pills. I have extremely heavy periods that cause me to be anemic, so my main goal of taking birth control was to stop my periods somewhat.

I started off taking the placebo pills at the end of my pack (so, taking 7 days off), but I ended up taking the pills continuously instead and was prescribed the one without the placebo pills (after asking my doctor about it, which he said was OK for me to do). When I took the placebo pills, I still had a monthly period. Once I started taking the pills continuously, I got my period about once every 3 months, give or take.

However, for PMDD, I don't know if I could recommend taking the pill for that. I actually had to go off of the pill because it made my moods extremely bad. I was constantly bloated (I literally could NOT lose weight), had weird milky-smelling sweat, my occasional periods lasted for weeks (they were extremely light, but the blood was very thin and almost black), and I just felt horrible overall. I was constantly irritated and felt sad all the time.

I ended up getting a hormonal IUD which is a bit better, and my body is still getting used to it. The high(er) dosage of hormones that are typical of the pill really did not do me any favours mental health wise.

Now for my question: I had a Kyleena IUD inserted around November of last year. Ever since then, I've had serious pains in my pelvis, specifically near my tail bone (so, at the back). I can relieve the pain somewhat by massaging the spaces between my tailbone and my spine. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this any cause for concern? I don't really have any other terrible symptoms, just cramping (is it normal to still have mild cramping almost half a year later?).

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