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File: 1569436390758.png (798.16 KB, 473x671, hobbit.png)

No. 67368

Skinwalking cosplayer, known for skinwalking Sailor Moon in the early 2000s and currently Skinwalking Zero Two. She has also been known to abuse multiple partners and is currently "engaged" to a younger cosplayer named "KrookedKev".

>Believes she is the IRL perfect ZeroTwo, that ZeroTwo is based on her and everyone else is copying her

>Suffers from an Eating Disorder and is proud of it.
>She is know for abusing partners including mooching off family, demanding sex at inappropriate times, pressuring into engagement, cheating, stealing, breaking stuff, threatening to cry rape if she doesn't get her way.

She has emerged from retirement to cause drama and abuse her boytoy.

Previous thread updates -
>now "officially" engaged since Kevin "proposed" at Anime Expo.
>the couple came into the thread themselves to take shots at anons, resulting in a ban
>all of Kevin's friends including the guys get verbally abused by Lori for coming near him
>jumped on the Patreon bandwagon to sell lewds and feet pics

Her Links:
Her Old FB - https://www.facebook.com/earthenserenity/

New New FB - https://www.facebook.com/usakou/

Her instagram -

Previous thread: >>54057

No. 67376

File: 1569447066168.jpg (254.29 KB, 473x671, 20190925_172410_138.jpg)

I saved Lori the effort of running this unfiltered pic of her through Snow for her. Maybe she can convince us it's how the image looked all along.

No. 67377

omg I never noticed they included her ass straps until now kek

No. 67405

Wow, they have amazing lighting in middle earth! Just like Lori's apartment! Hashtag no filters.

No. 67409

File: 1569467353045.jpeg (227.39 KB, 750x1192, 061A938D-9E2C-4CE3-8E39-F03BF5…)

She is really hoping on the foot fetish train

No. 67414

Anything for those patreon bux

No. 67451


K but could Lori actually smirk like 002 in her version of that pic or is that asking too much?

No. 67459

She won’t because her age lines will show and that means more shooping

No. 67469

File: 1569535820739.png (4.35 MB, 3240x1228, why.png)

No. 67470

File: 1569535852507.jpg (105.51 KB, 1280x770, IMG_20190926_150516_502.jpg)

No. 67497


Jfc you're right. She is so freakishly obsessed with age and weight. I wonder when she'llll realize, if ever, that we can see past the shoops?

No. 67513

File: 1569597447914.jpg (71.22 KB, 1135x1280, IMG_20190927_081555_122.jpg)

No. 67520

How embarrassing.
Homeboy‘s one Google search away from ten better Zero Two cosplayers on the first page alone and doesn’t realize it.

No. 67546

File: 1569634699713.jpeg (54.26 KB, 750x261, 0A66CBDE-ED38-4CC3-B70A-BFD0CE…)

Con is still 2.5 weeks away and dude is already giving up

No. 67555

Poor ol Kev is burnt out already from working full time to support Lori on top of making all of her cosplay props. Dude hardly has time for his own shit. Can't say I'm shocked.

No. 67571

kek if he ever saw her he wouldn't even recognize her from her pics

No. 67573

Thats what happens when you're a cuck who works 9 hour days then comes home and photographs and probably edits for your patron whore girlfriend. I mean fiancé. Save some time break up you'll be a new man in a week.

No. 67597


I feel a tiny bit sorry for Kev. But I also laugh because he clearly doesn't even want to cosplay Hiro anymore kek

Agreed. Kev, if you're still lurking, it's time to GTFO and cosplay the things you actually want to cosplay!

No. 67611

What's the point in trying to motivate this guy when he's just as much of a narc loser as Lori? If anything these guys deserve each other considering what a shitty, vapid personality Kevin has

No. 67758

File: 1569797345558.png (1.02 MB, 1078x1838, Screenshot_2019-09-29-18-45-43…)


Ah you're right. Don't know why I even bothered.

In other news. Lori out here wit no tiddies posting in a bunny suit.

No. 67792

The top part of that bunny suit is not flattering on her. It looks like she's binding her chest in red colored plastic wrap.
Also kek @ Lori trying to hard to look ""curvy""

No. 67798

Shocked she posted this as it shows how flat her ass actually is. There's no curve after that slight waist dip from pushing her hip out.

No. 67800

File: 1569806419800.jpeg (334.53 KB, 1224x1339, DD43B8F1-6B99-4A26-B8D5-5050B5…)

Kevin has time to make these costume pieces but not enough time to make his own. You know she didn’t do shit for this and is passing it off as her own Set to sell on her nudes website. Flat chested bunny pics are a disgrace. Poor Kevin……

No. 67811

Crap that room looks like a 12 year old lives in it.

No. 67912


The delusion is clearly strong with Lori on the attractiveness of this pose/pic.

No. 67918

File: 1569885792894.jpeg (168.77 KB, 1242x793, D5DD029D-CB8B-466C-B79F-65DF20…)

Does she not know how the flu works? You can still get the flu during summer or while bundled up.

No. 67920

She probably got the idea in her head from anime - I guess in Japan they think colds come from being cold? Or at least in anime specifically it's a trope for sure.
Either way, Lori is retarded (and not in the way she wants to be), what else is new.

No. 67933

File: 1569891665344.jpeg (128.19 KB, 1270x976, 20CA1842-C549-46C0-96E6-2722AA…)


No. 67934

File: 1569891715581.jpeg (588.38 KB, 1512x2015, 3BECB253-7CD0-4124-BD62-3DD739…)

No. 67942

Does anyone else think Kevin is thick? I wish i could make his ass clap.

No. 67944

they think you catch colds from being cold and wet usually. not an anime trope, i unironically have family and friends who believe this.

No. 67958

Kevin looks fine, but no.

No. 67975

he's a lil butterball I want to roll down a hill into my MOUTH

No. 67986

Wow. First of all the contacts make her eyes look bloodshot and uncanny.Second, come on girl no one's skin looks that fake without filters.

No. 67990

Oh good lord… Her eyes are already creepy af without the contacts.

No. 67993

File: 1569940269272.jpg (575.24 KB, 1080x1365, 20191001_092615.jpg)

Who the F is paying to see her flat chest, fat rolls and stretch Mark's? The outfit is trash too.

No. 67994

her stomach looks really weird here, like she's been pregnant before. it's got that weird puckered look. i know she's had a few abortions but i didn't think she carried any to term.

No. 67995


I can forgive the hip-fat knowing that she's anachan and therefore "skinnyfat"… But how in fucks name does she think the tits are worth others money? And I agree, who is paying to see them? It's just sad.

No. 68021

File: 1569956656734.png (1.67 MB, 1569x1280, zerotuesday.png)

No. 68058

File: 1569974958031.jpg (37.2 KB, 1280x652, IMG_20191001_170813_954.jpg)

Kevin isn't allowed to not cosplay Hiro

No. 68136

File: 1570032192986.png (2.73 MB, 2160x1350, moreofthis.png)

>I hope everyone liked their Patreon Tier Rewards ♡ Gonna crank out some extra juicy content this month~ link in bio.

No. 68143

Posting about her "flat chest" is just giving her what she wants, she has a normal small modest chest and wears tight things to bind it down or smoothes it out of her pictures and look younger. There are some pictures where its more obvious.

No. 68166


That's a good point. I didn't think about the smol, young looking aspect of the chest.

No. 68173

I hope everyone likes the same 5 pics of zero two over and over!

She won't ever make the same level as other patreon thots because there's no variety and she deflects people who are too thirsty by refusing them and mentioning her boyfriend everywhere.

Imagine that not only did your girlfriend sell nudes, but she sold them for less than she'd make at a part time minimum wage job. Some loser has her naked pics forever, for like 10 bucks a month. Honestly sad

No. 68194

I know this is supposed to be sexy but all I can think of is the training bra from Limited Too I had in sixth grade

No. 68264

File: 1570105135720.png (712.32 KB, 911x499, 1570032192986.png)

What even is going on here? This is not a flattering suit on Lori… from her flat chest to here. Yikes.

No. 68265

the costume just needs to be a bit wider, to go over her hips. she is bad at making costumes, or buys them premade so they look like shit.

No. 68308

Lori is skinny fat. She's only skinny because she's an anachan, but she's also kind of shapeless or even doughy because she gets little to no exercise because of her "broken spine".

Also, yeah, the suit is kind of just shit. kek. This is why she has Kevin make everything for her or buys online.

No. 68337

File: 1570162224239.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1242x1951, 9FB7A9AA-0901-47D5-8D53-701478…)

I knew it was a matter of time before her “I’m the only perfect zero two” gets worse she had the nerve to talk shit about this other cosplayers “sagging handles” because the poster said the other cosplayers portrayal of zero two was perfection. Lori your fucking hair isn’t even like the characters you are not fucking perfect! (Part one I don’t know how to post two pics at same time.)

No. 68339

File: 1570162286657.jpeg (754.9 KB, 1242x2144, 198244AA-A2B8-407A-BA9F-F093A4…)

Part two the comments.

No. 68341

File: 1570163070879.png (973.42 KB, 701x605, nah.png)

She's straight up delusional. Her suit was bought premade online, her gear is all made by Kevin, whose handiwork is decent, but does not even come close to the quality of the gear this girl is wearing. Also Lori's 02 is wildly inaccurate between the makeup, the hair, and the footwear? Jealousy isn't a good look, Lori.

No. 68342

File: 1570163173512.jpeg (157.22 KB, 828x815, 1562535983993.jpeg)

Another example of the neck piece Kevin made. There's no comparison.

No. 68344

Well would you look at that. The real Lori’s face shows and looks nothing like the filtered version… that hair color it what’s making her look the most haggard. Her outfit doesn’t compare to the other girl at all her suit is way better!

No. 68345

Kek, imagine being this salty whenever you see a young, qt Zero Two cosplayer who's not only cosplaying the character better, but is getting more attention on her professional quality pics than Lori's shitty, oversaturated bedroom pictures. Lori, your comments don't make you look cute or confident, they only make you look insecure, no matter how much you deny it.

No. 68346

File: 1570166603934.png (256.64 KB, 924x724, yikes.png)

She's been spamming that group with video clips trying to get people to follow her on IG and patreon. kek.

No. 68348

to me it looks like the crotch has unfastened …

No. 68349

literally had no idea what i was looking at. this is what she's trying to market? I thought it was a robo catgirl with a giant cameltoe.

No. 68355

She's the definition of skinnyfat, shapeless with no muscle what soever. That's why she obsesses over every pound, if she gains even a little she becomes a doughy mess because she has no tone.

it's a shame because she actually does have good genes and is naturally quite pretty, but she's obsessed with this idea of not having to put in any effort to take care of herself and it only makes her look worse.

No. 68358


No. 68366

ngl i thought this was a dog costume.

No. 68375

I thought she had a broken back

No. 68378

File: 1570212849597.jpg (64.94 KB, 960x720, wtfkevinschin.jpg)

No. 68379

File: 1570212901898.png (1.06 MB, 1010x931, loridoesthemostbasichumanthing…)

No. 68380

God this is absolutely pathetic. He's one of those guys who gets off to the idea of other dudes jerking off to his useless middle aged gf.
Also Kevin since you're lurking how does it feel to share these super edited selfies knowing your abusive girlfriend has the face of a caveman when you go to kiss/fuck her?

No. 68381

I wonder how Kevin feels knowing his gf is so ashamed of how he looks, she edits his face in every pic she posts of him.

No. 68382

He looks like white trash

No. 68386

Giving him a pointy dorito chin really backfired on her because that edit makes it look like she has a stronger/more masculine jawline that he does by far lmao

No. 68392

Their naturals aren't that bad… but their edits sometimes make them look inbred.

No. 68394

They're ugly as sin, especially with how much they lie about their looks and are shallow themselves. Though I'm saying that knowing Lori's personality, and Kevin's too. If I had no idea about either of them in any way I'd say they look average. Either way, they're definitely not as hot as they think they are, I think the edits pay well to Lori's deep insecurities especially about aging.

No. 68396

File: 1570229841606.jpeg (262.2 KB, 750x1142, loriscookingkek.jpeg)

So let me get this straight. Kevin works all the time to the point he's too burnt out to do his own cosplay, or shave, or other basic human grooming. So that he can pay for Lori is sit at home and "fill in" cooking and cleaning when he can't, take lewd photos for the internet, and skinwalk a fictional character. Wow, couple goals!

Friendly reminder that this is what Lori's "cooking" looks like.

Honestly, I'm beginning to think she's just abusing asian beauty editors to the extreme and not bothering to pay attention to what they do to his face as she edits hers? She enlarges her eyes, which makes his bigger too, shrinks down her strong jaw, shrinking his to disturbing proportions, shrinks nose to half it's size, etc. I think she doesn't care as long as she thinks she looks good. Poor Kevin ends up looking ghoulish in every edit.

No. 68397

Yeah, not saying they are "good looking" by any means. I wouldn't pass either one of them in the streets and give them a second glance, but comparing their edits their naturals look better. I do agree, their personality and vanity makes them ugly inside and out. And just the fact that Lori has the audacity to call out other cosplayers… I still don't see how her loyal pets stay loyal. Everyone ages, Lori is going to have to accept that one way or another… even if she goes the route of plastics it'll catch up to her.

No. 68399

Guarantee she calls him fat and forced him on a super restrictive diet. He was on here going crazy calling everyone fat and saying everyone eats at McDonalds every day before he originally made that lettuce wrap post.

Projecting much Kev?

No. 68405

He's just hangry from being overweight and forced to follow Lori's ana diet. Then on top of it he has to be her cosplay lackey and money pig as well. Anyone that spineless would lash out at randoms on the internet, really.

No. 68408

The days of putting down other cosplayers is dead. You cannot compare the two people she is crossing a line. The second has a much better form fitted suit with layering and textured fabric. The back piece and handles look way better than loris. What’s with her shoes? It’s cringe watching her try to slam others and put them down she is 100% abusive. One of these days someone is going to get into her face about this shit in public.

No. 68409

lmao yeah this screams anachan to me. nice "cooking" lori. you know starvation causes aging, right?? no wonder they look so haggard, lack of nurtients really showing in her face. damn shame.
kevin needs to start smoking weed. he'll chill out and drop weight and hopefully see what a retard his missus is.

No. 68412

I thought that too but I bet shes stretched out from loosing and gaining weight. Does look postpartum though.

No. 68413

they do smoke weed. lori has a bunch of weed stuff if you scroll back to before she first watched DitF.

the weed doesn’t mellow these two out at all.

No. 68441

lmao explains a lot, seems like they have the opposite problem where the munchies never go away and they keep stacking it on.
can only hide behind snow and filters for so long dipshits, when you two rock up at any convention for the rest of your lives you're going to be considered catfish. nice legacy. the skinwalking is sad enough

No. 68450

Honestly I’m surprised Lori hasn’t been exposed and blacklisted by someone with a following in the cosplay world for bodyshaming and nasty comments towards other cosplayers. But then again she’s pretty much irrelevant in the cosplay circuit so why bother.

No. 68470

>she's pretty much irrelevant in the cosplay circuit
This is extra funny considering how when she was younger, she used to shit on people over 25 cosplaying and considered them weird and old.

Now no one cares about her shitty cosplay or bitchy behavior one way or the other because she's old and irrelevant.

No. 68473

wasn't she going to call out someone who was a "popular cosplayer" a few months ago and nothing came of it? she probably backed off of that because if she tried to go after someone with an actual following, they'd just end up here and then she would be actually blacklisted.

No. 68485

>because she's old and irrelevant
Yes well, it could be that but on the other hand she's simply not a nice person and she's anti-social as all hell. She could be liked among the older nerd crowd but she puts off this horrible attitude and treats other women like competition constantly.
She and her boyslave are fucking assholes.

No. 68499

File: 1570331890721.jpeg (346.36 KB, 1242x1286, BE8B1AEB-0FC2-48BF-BA0C-0C1DE9…)

The neck looks like goku powering up

No. 68500

File: 1570331947112.png (9.69 MB, 1242x2208, 21EEB949-326A-462E-B563-ADEE37…)

Nice rash Lori, wash your cosplay once in a while.

No. 68502

Would Lori be disordered enough to shoop her fingers thinner? Her digit sizes are inconsistent and they look strange.

No. 68506

If she uses Meitu it just came out with an update that slims every single body part. wouldn’t be surprised if she is manually editing her fingers though.

No. 68528

You can really see her age in her neck and hands yikes

No. 68567

File: 1570383416302.jpg (602.46 KB, 1066x1342, Screenshot_20191006-123514_Chr…)

Garuntee all the sudden followers are pervs and bots. I doubt there's any real fans at all. Yeah..re famous for cheap internet porn.

No. 68568

That's disgusting. Why would someone even post that.

No. 68579

File: 1570391857889.jpeg (179.86 KB, 749x1121, A17F3FAD-106E-420E-B4C1-F4FCE3…)

This caption made me want to barf

No. 68587

>loli body
Bitch you look like someone’s anorexic mom

No. 68592

>the loli body

Damn, she really is delusional

No. 68597

Not to mention how disgusting it is for any grown ass adult, much less a woman in her 30s, to call herself a "loli", putting aside the fact that this puta definitely looks her age beyond the meituificatio–sorry, I mean "bomb lighting uwu".

No. 68600

File: 1570400614270.jpg (1.45 MB, 2560x1920, 19-10-06-15-23-13-811_deco.jpg)

reality vs delusion

No. 68606

I know we're a ways off, but I vote for this to be next thread picture. Holy hell

>"Loli body"
Ok Lori

No. 68608

That neck is horrifying. It looks like she’s straining to stick her neck out so she can have her scary ana-jawline.

No. 68610

File: 1570403691609.png (121.53 KB, 806x778, famousuwu.png)


wonder how much of kevin's money she spends on fake followers. we know she isn't feeding him so it's not going on food lmao

No. 68643

what's the point of this? buying followers isn't going to make people sub to her patreon. is it just for the number?

No. 68695

File: 1570486229109.jpg (100.53 KB, 837x1280, IMG_20191007_151019_956.jpg)

No. 68703

There is no dimension to her body, like she’s just flat (and not talking about her chest) from over shoop

No. 68706

File: 1570487827095.jpeg (165.27 KB, 1242x530, 76C03100-2527-47BB-B0E1-FAD94C…)

People sign up and realize she does the same photo/pose over and over again. Then ditch out? Who would have guessed? Does she realize there are way better cosplayers out there to sign up for lewds

No. 68707

Poor Kevin….

No. 68714

What do you mean "poor Kevin…."?? He likes this. All he ever has to say about her until recently was about how thin and pretty she is. This IS his body type. Don't poor Kevin-nothing.

No. 68725

LMAO!!! knew it

Fake clout for a fake person, she needs those numbers for her delusion.

Bots dont buy, proof is that many followers but no patrons

No. 68768

You guys are right. If you look at the people following her there are quite a few that are bots who have posted nothing, have no profile pic, yet they are following thousands of people. Those are sure signs that they are purchased followers in which it makes major sense of how her instagram went from 1.5k to climbing up at a rapid speed because she will hit 10k at no time. She does not enough idiots on her Patreon to bring in that kind of growth let alone friends. Her lewds are not even creative enough. Looks like Kevin has to spend his check on fake followers which is not going to boost her Patreon. Also that pic compared to her shopped version… YEEESH!

No. 68840

To be honest, she doesn't really look like zero two in any regard, especially in this photo.

No. 68874

File: 1570576857572.jpg (550.29 KB, 1080x1678, Screenshot_20191008-181808_Chr…)

We have a full body edit…someone isnt happy we noticed their saggy stomach!

What the hell kinda shoop is this? Who has red shading on their stomach and back? Pathetic.

No. 68880

covering your throat because we pointed out you turtling to look skinny miss man-neck?

No. 68890

It's too funny to see her SEETHING over a cosplay of Zero Two that blows hers out of the water, so she desperately has to scrape for 'inaccuracies' because she is ThE rEaL zErO tWo. Last I checked not only is her suit inaccurate, plus hair makeup and personality to boot way off too, Zero Two doesnt wear grandma orthopedic grandma shoes for her back condition kek so accurate and perfect though.

No. 68893

Her editing literally hurts my eyes and I can't imagine I'm the only one. You can never make out her shape, everything is an over saturated, highly contrasted, blurry mess. It's no wonder she doesn't have many followers on patreon. I get it though, it's the only way she can hide all the evidence of her real age, but it's so difficult to look at.

No. 68901

I cant believe she's going after that cosplayer for no reason other than jealousy. this is such a trash way to act towards other women. Lori is gonna age so bad because she's a nasty bitch to everyone.

No. 68920

Hmmm while I can see she filtered everything, please enlighten me on the whole saggy stomach? She has never had kids and I just have seen her as just being overly thin, but not saggy…

No. 68935

It looks skinny fat and not toned.

No. 68936

Overly thin as you put it means loose skin which she us clearly trying to hide and edit out in some pics. You dont have to have a kid to get loose skin and it's a common symptom of ANA. She clearly edited her mid section in that last photo too as well as all the others on her Instagram, but that one pic she couldn't shop it out because if that thing around her waist. The way shes hunched over def shows saggy stomach skin

No. 68954

File: 1570636983536.png (103.96 KB, 565x165, belly.png)

They're talking about this pic >>67993

I cropped her stomach and circled it. The skin is weirdly textured and you can tell she tried to filter most of it but can't get too close to the underwear elastic because it would be too obvious.
The skin looks like the stomach of someone who has been pregnant or lost a lot of weight too fast.

No. 68961

File: 1570645289238.png (127.41 KB, 512x768, kevinwow.png)

No. 68971

this is just full of contradictions.

>huur duur stop saying not to give blizzard money

>blame the boss
>implying blizzard isn't the boss

No. 68972

Truly a himbo. No wonder he doesn't want to escape Lori's clutches.

No. 68975

I mean, WoW is probably the last thing he has for himself that he was able to spend money on instead of supporting Lori and buying her fake followers so I guess he doesn't want it to go to waste. It's probably his only escape.

Still an idiot though.

No. 69012

Nice, how did you get this?

No. 69018

I just capped it from this candid (assuming it's a candid) here >>68341

No. 69034

Didn't she play WoW for a long time? She used to skin walk her character by dying her hair blue and wearing elf ears all the time. If anything Kevin is probably paying for her to play it too, so I doubt that's even an escape for him. He's probably saying that because he knows she still wants to play it and he's got to foot the bill for that too.

No. 69072

File: 1570743121985.png (1.53 MB, 1555x1280, loristory.png)

No. 69075

She really does look like shes starving. Honnestly, she looks miserable and if shes not careful shes going to put herself in an early grave. I guess she doesnt care, but the way she looks I bet she'll have a heart attack or stroke by 45.

No. 69077


Anytime someone comments about how "starved" or "skeletal" she looks I assume it's her selfposting. She certainly tries to shoop herself super anachan but those arms/legs and posted candids just look 100% average for someone short/petite.

No. 69078

A shame she can't flex her ribcage and make the bones pop out the same way she can her neck. She's not even close to ana-chan. In her fuckin dreams. Lori doesn't have nearly enough self-control for her spooky scary skeleton to show.

No. 69079

I'm sure eating dry ground beef wrapped in romaine isn't exactly the most nutritious. That's only what Lori and Kev were willing to show us of their meals. Imagine how poor it is on the day to day, probably why when Kevin sperged out at lolcow a month or so ago he projected by saying everyone here only eats microwave meals. I bet they consider that indulgent eating.

No. 69084

File: 1570747094749.jpeg (429.25 KB, 1237x1579, A9B9EB02-FCF6-40D9-9C71-02F049…)

No. 69085

I might be the only one who thinks this, but even with filters I think Lori's age still shows through. She doesn't look like an old woman, but she certainly doesn't look 22, and wrinkles and bad skin aren't the only factor that makes a person look old. She has a very mature bone structure, with a structured jaw and a curved beak nose, and her tiny lips dont fit her face. The only thing that could really make her look more youthful isn't filters, it would be fillers and gaining a little weight. Sorry for sperging

No. 69087

Why did Kevin come ranting in here saying anons are the ones who eat fast food all the time when they’re the ones who are actually eating it? This isn’t the first time they’ve posted about quitting fast food either.

Looks like Lori has him on her “vegan” diet either way though. Oh no, m&ms! Maybe they went from the crappy chicken lettuce wrap to just the lettuce alone.

No. 69090

File: 1570752723580.jpeg (649.33 KB, 2880x3840, 20191010_201109.jpeg)

These shoops have to be a joke, right?

No. 69111

I agree. She needs to hydrate, eat healthy, and exercise to keep in shape, not starve herself. She has sharp, mature features that worked a lot better with when she was going for the fantasy look with the ex husband who was a "blacksmith" or whatever. The kawaii anime girl look ain't it and the filters/editing are just desperate and sad. How long does she plan to shoop herself more youthful?

Casual anachan bodycheck sorta shit. Keep sucking it all in Lori. Her calves are as thick as her thighs? kek.

No. 69319

File: 1570951396369.jpeg (955.33 KB, 1242x2556, 27394D0D-47C2-4451-B692-013BEE…)

Perhaps I’m late with this recognition, but is she literally copying 19 year old belle Delphine?!!!

No. 69351

Yes and yes

No. 69355

File: 1570991133706.jpg (138.36 KB, 1080x1350, 70493341_187603678949685_13809…)

Heh. She even has a tiny bikini like that one

No. 69405

File: 1571024371189.jpg (98.46 KB, 900x818, 2019-10-13-22-38-09.jpg)

Wtf is going on with her leg?

No. 69420

that's a severe photoshop injury

No. 69466

File: 1571097934543.png (1.72 MB, 1080x2034, Capture _2019-10-14-20-03-20.p…)

She's going to AnimeBanzai with Kev. Any other Anons in Utah going? Get us some super-kek candids PLEEEASSSE.

Also, what's the point of shopping when it's THIS obvious.

No. 69475

Kevin has lost a ton of weight, he bleached his hair and got a wig for Hiro instead. I heard him talking about not being able to afford clothes that fit. Maybe if they would stop spending it on stupid stuff and Lori would go full time then they could.

No. 69476

I will be going, last year they pretty much hid in a corner by themselves

No. 69477

….uh, Lori, those fangs are not where canine teeth are supposed to be, unless one of your canines is the missing tooth…

No. 69485

you know, if she was actually has a fucked up spine wouldn't she be able to benefit from some sort of disability?

No. 69487

File: 1571109057279.png (79.75 KB, 359x307, 1566265125860.png)

If you happen by them and snap some candids, then bless you anon.

It seems the canine could well be the missing one. Pic related.

No. 69495

2nd anon going to banzai. im not the pic type but i am excited to see the mess in person.

No. 69502

Her missing tooth is the one right behind her canine on that side. She probably moved the fangs up a tooth so she didn't have to open her mouth wider and possibly reveal the missing one? She seems super insecure about her smile these days. I wonder if it's gotten worse behind all the editing. She lost the one super young.

No. 69547

If she lost the bone density around that tooth from lack of biteforce stimulation, which is a common occurance with tooth loss, she runs the risk of losing more teeth either beside or directly below the missing tooth. How many years has it been since she lost it?

No. 69596

Finally a character that's perfect for her, she skin walks this shit behind that zerotwo crap everyday…ugly demonic succubus!

No. 69599

File: 1571188461479.jpeg (108.12 KB, 750x659, 1F20F0B7-852C-42D8-9C2A-578B7D…)

No. 69600

File: 1571188493291.jpeg (88.08 KB, 750x560, 7B89B517-0AF0-412D-8427-A149ED…)

No. 69609

lol 10k bought followers with your money kev. dumb cuck.

No. 69614

Kevin is so fuckin pathetic it makes me physically ill. Imagine being so much of a kicked puppy that you're bragging about your Gf/fiance/whatever posting her tits for the world to see and how many followers she bought.

No. 69615

The related pic is over a decade old. Assuming she hasn't replaced the tooth since that pic, it's been a minimum of….14-15 years.

She also likely lost the tooth well before that photo sooo it could've been TWO decades that her tooth has been gone.

No. 69646

File: 1571219211486.jpg (61.17 KB, 1280x1043, IMG_20191016_024630_745.jpg)

No. 69649

File: 1571221639324.jpg (223.76 KB, 817x1280, 1571221501617.jpg)

Kevin has proven to be quite the cow himself since he's been with Lori. Never forget the time he bragged about looking like a sexy anime guy and not showering often, in the same paragraph. I can't wait for the con pics

No. 69669

File: 1571243691124.jpeg (458.16 KB, 1242x1920, B54AB60F-86EC-4FDC-B9E2-77F15D…)

Dude save your money, I wouldn’t even pay 300 dollars let alone 500 considering her body looks prepubescent…

No. 69671

>green slimed
>you have great knees by the way
Scrotes are a weird bunch.

$300 for a non nude video though? She's never gonna make it with those prices. She sells her titty pics for a lot less.

No. 69688

File: 1571249931846.jpg (67.17 KB, 500x725, 1564699471974.jpg)

Sage for no new info but felt need to repost pic from previous thread.

Does she not realize that if she charged reasonable prices she'd get more patrons which would equal more money? Also, $100 now would be better than $300-$500 never…like if she'd said $100 dude prob could've afforded it. Now she has no money because she went too high.

No. 69690

kevin doesnt shower evey day of a con? there is no reason to look unwashed the last day unless you literally dont shower the whole weekend. holy neckbeards christ

No. 69716

Lori created the isolation. That’s why nobody reached out.

No. 69720

Another anon going to Banzai. I'm not the type to take photos during a con.. Besides, I doubt I'll be able to recognise her because she won't have all that editing on her.

No. 69723

Why would she post this private DM? the dude wasnt even being rude

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