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No. 175556


Previous Thread (#11: >>>/w/169213 )
#1: >>>/w/24583
#2: >>>/w/54057
#3: >>>/w/67368
#4: >>>/w/84714
#5: >>>/w/132036
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#10: >>>/w/161851

Lori Cerda, known as Lori Lewd or Usagi Kou, is a 36-year-old photoshop addicted pro-ana costhot and anime fictionkin (otakukin for the oldfags) from New York state. With 20+ years of lunacy behind her, farmers have been working together diligently to stitch together the madness into a coherent timeline. Lots of interactions and receipts have been lost to time, either deleted or made private, keep that in mind as we continue.

Lori got her start as a rabid Sailor Moon cosplayer in the early aughts which launched her into infamy and Moonie drama that lasted for over 10 years alone. In Summary; a well-liked, cute and young cosplayer that wowed people as Sailor Moon had one of the hardest and fastest falls from grace. It’s a story rife with lies, theft, squatting, cheating, jealousy, cult-like behavior and lots of violence. To put it lightly, it blew apart the entire Sailor Moon community in the US and honestly, the news carried across the world. The juxtaposition of Usagi and Lori piqued the interest of many people. Some might call her one of the OG cosplay lolcows. After becoming a joke to the majority of the US cosplay community Lori dropped her Usagi shtick, married a few times and stayed mostly quiet.

2017 changed all that when Lori met Kevin “Skye” Hanft. Once the two cosplayers met and fell in love, Lori quickly reverted to her past behaviors and became Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx. Her current phase she has described herself as “14 yr old boy” and “spicy loli gremlin elf bb succubus” She cosplays mainly as Saber from Fate as well as random My Hero Academia characters to cash in on that hype train. Recognizing her status as a complete has-been, Lori prefers to focus on porn and only does half-assed couple cosplay with Kevin at conventions. Kevin feeds Lori’s delusions and is a whole cow on his own. He serves as her meal ticket and guard dog. At the first sign of any inconvenience or drama, Lori will blow the whistle and sick her dog. If you lurk long enough you will spot a wild Kevin masquerading as anon. Do not interact. He is retarded and he will spend his time trying to track you down. He has a documented history of digitally stalking commenters, accusing them of being anons or Momokun/Vamplette and threatening suicide/murder.

Over the last three years, Lori has amassed over 130k followers (through purchasing bots) and currently is partnered with miccostumes (@miccosgirls) and several dropship scam stores. She is often reposted and hyped up by Dolls Kill, YRU and their sister companies. Her past partners include Bisou Lovely, Rave Wonderland, Ardani Studios and Lewd Complex. Her current “dream” is to become a NEET e-girl, the type that gets paid to “model” rave gear and shoop themselves into oblivion. When Lori isn’t crashing the Meitu servers overseas or begging online, she can be found at her local Round1 screeching at Kevin to win her pretty princess toys lest he get the hose, again.

Vintage Milk:
>Textbook ugly-duckling-turned-mega-bitch after high school
>Known pathological liar, her entire cosplay career was a farce built upon other seamstresses work and props
>Abused partners emotionally and physically, breaking peoples belongings when she throws temper tantrums, threatening rape allegations and suicide
>Mooched off friends and family (living rent free and destroying peoples homes with her trash, indoor smoking, making them buy her things, forcing them to sleep on floors and go without bedding, etc.)
>Manipulated teenagers, mentally ill/handicapped cosplayers and any others she deemed “beneath” her into false friendships
>Had a rap for being a nymphomaniac, or at very least hypersexual, often pressuring people into sleeping with her when she wanted it. Many times it was in public, at cons or restaurants and other extremely inappropriate spaces.
>Held vendettas against better cosplayers, sex workers and artists.
>Used her many livejournals to harass and slander other cosplayers like Zan for existing in the community and cosplaying
>Her ex-husband raped a developmentally challenged friend of Lori’s and when she found out she pressured the victim, “C”, into suicide. “C” then attempted by taking pills and drinking alcohol. Luckily, “C” survived. She never apologized or tried to right this situation.
>Went through husbands like pantyhose and typically only married for housing and money.

Condensed Milk from the 10’s:
>Self-identifies as a Loli, shares Lolicon on Twitter and follows pedophiles back on IG and Twit
>Racist anachan with high-school mean girl tendencies
>Painful failtroll with a history of trying to troll /cgl/ and /w/
>Forced bf Kevin to self harm to prove his loyalty when she found out he had a female friend she didn’t know well
>She cheated on him anyways and used his car to go do it
>Both her and Kevin lurk their own thread and Momokun’s
>They break up and make up constantly, almost every other day
>Kins Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx, truly believes she is her and that the studio copied her to create her likeness
>”vampire blood” “anime features” and ”good genes” something something
>Will relentlessly tear down other cosplayers who do any cosplay better than her
>”Suffers” from an Eating Disorder and body checks in every post
>Queen of fucked up Meitu baby face shoops
>Edits herself skinnier all over despite wearing XS-S clothing
>Panders to pedophiles and degenerates without shame despite having many underage followers
>Spends her life fetishizing East Asian culture heavily, specifically Japan, somehow still butchers Romaji
>E-begs for money and subs EVERY SINGLE DAY
>Abandoned her old terminally ill cat so she could have ferrets. The cat died alone without care
>Claimed her ferrets were seriously ill and couldn’t go to a vet, got money and then ended up buying new DollsKill and a new weed vape cart
>Kevin lost $300 randomly and vaguely blamed it on Momokun’s friends when it was really just Lori
>Kevin has a running delusion that fellow cows Mariah (Momokun) and Vamplette are the OPs of every farm thread and are solely responsible for the surfacing of her past
>Lori undoubtedly sowed this seed to use as a deflection, she continually brings it up and talks to Kevin about it publicly even when it’s not related to anything at the moment

Last Milk Delivery:
>Dead ferret begging didn’t work as planned so Lori and Kev have stooped to alluding to starving unless you sub to the extra spicy >>>/w/169472
>Calendar-anon marks the day Kevin is freed and allowed to re-follow the woman he “dates” and lives with >>>/w/169599
>IMMEDIATELY after begging for Shiro’s funeral funds and overdue bills, he buys Air Jordans and posts about it. Yes. Air Jordan 6 Retro. >>>/w/169661
>Lori is still blaming OnlyFans as a whole for her failure, pleading for subs like a bottom feeding BPD camwhore >>>/w/169783
>100 lb soaking wet little loli body uwu cope comes back >>>/w/169813
>Aaaaaaand he’s hard blocked again >>>/w/169856
>Mad at the farms he comes to piss and moan, defending Lori in hopes she will unblock him and fuck him again, making sure to body shame like the not bitter, hateful and vapid person he is >>>/w/169888 >>>/w/169895
>Disgusting OF leaks are dropped confirming she half edits herself and posts literally whatever she didn’t use on instagram/bad shots she doesn’t want on main >>>/w/169998
>For some reason Ender is now promoting Lori’s porn? >>>/w/170359
>Kevin sees people dissing Bakugou so he goes full retard, taking every last word personally and snapping at people >>>/w/170467
>Writes a literal manifesto of 10 reasons why Bakugou fucks and you’re a bully for not liking him and giving Kev’s cosplay attention because HE’S WORKED SO HARD FOR ALMOST 7 YEARS BEING THE BEST BAKUGOU YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND BRO HE’’S MISUNDERSTOOD AND NOT AN ABUSER PLEASE BRO >>>/w/170473 >>>/w/170490
>Of course, he gets dragged by everyone for his sperg out, many remarks about his attitude and aggression towards all people over nothing >>>/w/170484
>Backpedaling begins when that shame hit >>>/w/170509
>After writing a book on why everyone is in the wrong and calling everyone a bully and shitty people, he proceeds to pretend to be big man and laughs at everyone being “exactly what they hate about Bakugou” in an attempt to pad his ego and get more attention because thats how down bad the fag is >>>/w/170542
>Proceeds to shamefully dirty delete/private it all a day later
>Kevin is pissy still and now he’s upset that his early access Jordans didn’t make him any money or Black friends so he takes to IG to complain. Didn’t you beg lying and saying you had to pay bills so you could buy them? Get rich or die trying, big guy. >>>/w/170559
>Still seething about getting his ass roasted in Anime Bonzai’s group he takes to ANOTHER group to bitch about MHA fans hating Bakugou and posts his little cosplay pics begging for any interaction >>>/w/170604
>Lori is planning skype dates with other men then ignores them as to look detached >>>/w/170664
>KEVIN POSTS HIMSELF AND A RANT AGAIN IN THE MHA GROUP this man is permafried >>>/w/170730
>Someone accuses Kev of grooming and reminds everyone he used to be a momokun WK KEK >>>/w/170751
>Kevin’s swaggot wigger Kaworu post made him real friends? Maybe? >>>/w/170820
>Don’t misrepresent Kevin, hippocrips. >>>/w/170950
>Kev reveals they’re moving soon, but is it planned or the eviction we’ve been suspecting? >>>/w/171286
>Reddit isn’t liking the spice and Kev is not bothered or poor, especially unbothered by being accused of pretending to be animu irl >>>/w/171519
>Lori says we anons wouldn’t be begging for food if we weren’t bullies https://lolcow.farm/w/src/1631328805668.png
>Didn’t know I was starving, thanks
>Kevin starts posting to youtube >>>/w/171641
>The two finally stoop to bottom of the barrel grovelling despite being so successful >>>/w/171703
>Struggling but dripped from toe up cause real hustlers never sleep on the wave #animeboy #kingdomhearts #evangelion #driptoohard >>>/w/171937
>Kevin heard some trash said he was pretending to be anime irl >>>/w/171966
>The two found awesome apartments but don’t make even a quarter of one months rent and have terrible rental his- I mean, they just didn’t like it and it’s onto bigger, BETTER things (: so you better sub >>>/w/172006
>Kevin is losing sleep over a mongolian basket weaving forum and japanese cartoons for children >>>/w/172075
>Kevin pulls a Lori and outright says he deserves more attention than another because of his Bakugou cosplay >>>/w/172213
>Kevin deleted the reposted about his Bakugou post again. >>>/w/172266
>Another antibaku slander troll post triggies Kevvy’s jigglies >>>/w/172274 He’s fucking fashion royalty respect the drip, abusers >>>/w/172273
>Kevin unironically thinks his haters infiltrated the massive MHA facebook group to fuck with him on main >>>/w/172276
>Seriously, read it
>Lori blogs under an Urban Decay post about how bomb their products are and how she’s bullied mercilessly online >>>/w/172340
>Someone isn’t having any of that >>>/w/172358
>Kevin mass deletes his spergs again
>Someone on FB puts Kevin on blast for e-begging then splurging >>>/w/172376 and of course he blocks them >>>/w/172374
>He then takes to their inbox to tell them he hopes their dog gets cancer? (????) #selfemployed >>>/w/172700
>Kevin runs to r/SexWorkers cry about aboose and a hate blog >>>/w/172988
>They’re basically Kimye >>>/w/172989
>Hey meanie, Kevin would cosplay if you gave him fucking money >>>/w/173019
>Lori shares the same “imagine bullying me, then me hotter than u” status to gloat to all the jelly hi skool bitchezzzzz >>>/w/173108
>What the fuck >>>/w/173457
>Reddit slap fights, you know the drill >>>/w/173523
>Lori shares a post about Gabby Petito (R.I.P) and makes it about her, of course >>>/w/173621
>Lori was denied for plasma donation >>>/w/173668 30 mins after a Kiwi teases her and sarcastically implies her positive contributions to society include donating blood and plasma >>>/w/173671
>Lori debuts her new MHA cosplay and outs herself shooping unintentionally >>>/w/173823
>After reading >>>/w/173824 Lori was totally laughing and so not triggered by it that she had to remind everyone she basically identifies as a 14 year old boy inside and out so you can’t hurt her feelies calling her a tranny >>>/w/173828
>Daycare boner reply guy… why does Lori entertain this >>>/w/173886
>Hevin royally fucks up his toe in another “accident”, it’s bad enough to keep him from skating >>>/w/173948 Blink twice if she’s beating you, Kev.
>Click this to instantly die >>>/w/174398
>Kevin got a whole $2 on his Ko-fi. Get rich. >>>/w/174529
>Lori and Kevin allegedly landed a luxury condominium >>>/w/175170
>But it looks more like them taking pictures during a tour >>>/w/175301
>Kev is blocked again! >>>/w/175371 Wonder why?
>With Kevin blocked so there’s no way he can set the record straight, Lori takes to her comments and avoids the question of whether or not she is in a relationship. Typical yes and no answer >>>/w/175399
>Luxury apt confirmed >>>/w/175426 How? Who knows.
>Newsflash: Lori works harder than you and your fav cosplayer, hater >>>/w/175528

Yeah girl, this thread right here goes out to all the baby's mamas' mamas mamas, baby mamas' mamas and baby mamas. Whether your ass is smooth or rough, raise your funnel cakes and prepare to storm the CSL plasma centers. We gettin’ that $100 gift card. Thread #12 begins.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

YouTube videos:
>VangelinaSkov's videos
>Buffering Cat's breakdown
>Lori's racism

>Monster Girl Vibes: https://www.facebook.com/iota02/
>Personal FB: https://www.facebook.com/LoriLewd
>Kevin’s FB : https://www.facebook.com/kevin.hanft.5
>Lori’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iota_zerotwo/
>Kevin’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adollaskye/
>Twitter: https://twitter.com/iota_zerotwo
>DA: https://www.deviantart.com/kou-usagi
>Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/people/usagikou
>OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/monstergirl
>Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/LoriLewd
>Amazon Wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1K5H3M8IH92VA/?ref_=lol_ov_le

Archived Milk:
>pockybox investigations
>wank about the rape incident https://web.archive.org/web/20130311093424/http://www.journalfen.net/community/fandom_wank/685335.html?thread=63139863
>usagi’s wank page http://web.archive.org/web/20110908004206/http://wiki.fandomwank.com/index.php/Usagi_Kou
>tgtn attesting to Lori's cancerous nature
>Djranma’s site https://web.archive.org/web/20070807233745fw_/http://www.djranmas.net/html/lori_cerda/main.htm
>Lori's psycho response to Scott's confession
>cringe engagement video posted by Kevin
>cringe ED article
>the sailor moon movie

>Lori’s KF thread
>Forbidden Spicy Imgur folder for the lulz

Dead Accounts:
https://usakou.tumblr.com/ (recently found)

What farmers sarcastically call Kevin, stands for Bishounen or “pretty boy”.
>Spicy / Forbidden Spice
This is what Lori calls OnlyFans because she believes her saying the words “OnlyFans” ruin her reach, it’s totally not because it’s her.
One of Lori’s many nicknames based on her short-lived “Lori Lune” phase.
>Sempai / Baka / Onichan
Lori can’t speak or sound out Japanese for the life of her so this is what she spits out, it is always inaccurate and unironic.
>BB / Loli / Gremlin
These are terms Lori uses to infantilize and objectify herself. She has an obsession with being a loli, she is an unapologetic autopedophile.
This is Lori’s dog whistle for farmers. (ex. “Hi MooMoo~” “I’m a cute MooMoo”) It recognizes her status as a cow and she thinks it’s a reclamation that gives the term less power over her. (Spoiler: it doesn’t do anything but make it worse)
Lori’s pet name for her girl crush Momokun
Lori mentally has regressed to a 12 year old, resulting in her using meme lingo from decades ago. She still thinks it is not only relevant but cute and charming.
Anyone, seriously anyone, who has anything critical to say about Lori in any respect. Comments about Lori that are not worshipping her will be blocked or the users will be harassed for days on end by Kevin and Lori.
Lori’s eloquent defense of Kevin’s looks.

No. 175593

File: 1633354866843.png (598.2 KB, 1200x1200, 1633308302305.png)

KEK the other farms is doing an inktober and today is "the spicy" someone wrote a rap about Lori I'm screaming

No. 175597

"I had no fuckin idea who she was before I started this shit"

I nearly died when I heard this shit anon, thanks for the heads up. I know this is an image board but really head over farmers, the kiwis pumped out some gold today.

I searched kiwitober and it was page 7 in the thread. Topkek!!

No. 175610

File: 1633363843965.png (1.75 MB, 828x1792, BFE44888-0C79-42A2-8016-1B7C7D…)

THE RAP “I’m gonna carve the best like it’s Kevin’s leg” holy shit!!!

No. 175620

I uploaded the Lori spicy rap to streamable. Credit goes to SilenceIsViolence on kiwifarms.


No. 175626

This is autistic and embarrassing

No. 175631

NTA, I agree. I do hope Kevin drops a diss track response though.

No. 175632

yeah, are kiwifags just trying to selfpost their cringe shit to generate interest? None of this fanart is funny and the whole "hehe Lori ugly/old" joke gets tiring seeing it for the umpteenth time.

No. 175641

Thank you anon! This made me cackle.

No. 175644

god kiwifags are never funny, what a gay little retarded song.

No. 175645

I opened the kiwi thread yesterday and it was like reading PULL, full of fan theories, excess information (nobody cares about Kevin's parents and when they moved house ffs) and one person even posted a green doll repaint and said it looked like Lori (it did not)
They seem obsessed and I have no idea why.

No. 175655

Tinfoil but I think all the oldfags and ex-Kou's moved there because they get laughed out of here.

No. 175659

This rap was amaze-balls. Anyone who didn't like it…I'm calling wk. Sorry but that was to well written. Kek

No. 175660

Why's that anon? I'm sure their still here and dont give a shit what anyone think. They know the Loon better than most.

No. 175663

Yeah, I have feeling they're all the nitpickchans who keep getting told that we all have eyes and can see Lori shoops but have to take it upon themselves to keep reminding us that the fucking ayylmao edits where her skin lacks any texture is very obviously a shoop.

No. 175664

I don't really understand these comments. A ton of the main contributors to the KF thread are the same contributors to this thread. The recent "fan theories" have floated around both farms because Lori and Kevin have moved into new place and everyone's questioning as to how this happened. Sure, there are some dumb posts sometimes (like the doll one mentioned) but those are either ignored or voted on as dumb/TMI. I did notice that at the beginning of Lori's KF thread, looks nitpicking was discouraged and thought of as a lolcow thing and the focus was more on Lori's behavior, but people nitpick her looks all over her KF thread now.

No. 175665

It's easy to nitpick this bitch. Everything about her is hilarious, from her shoopy face to her fake apt angles. We all do it cause she's so obviously obsessed.

No. 175672

The "carve Kevin's leg" line sent my sides into orbit. It's still more creative than Lori's sad selfies.

She's literally begging to be nitpicked because everything she and Kevvy do is such a farce.

No. 175674

File: 1633399026027.png (1.29 MB, 663x806, ladyloony.png)

I just saw this character in a game I play and I am dead. It's 100% intentional, down to the pink eyeshadow, tattoos, and chunky platform boots that don't match. Mega props to whoever did this.(sage your autism )

No. 175678

File: 1633400844695.jpg (582.85 KB, 1080x1538, 20211004_212608.jpg)

Two distinctly different faces here and both are terrifying

No. 175682

Another empty bathroom picture? When do we get to see Lori's new room filled with all her Amazon junk, dirty under garments and crane machine plushies?

No. 175683

She posted 3 Instagram stories tossing her plushies onto a couch.

No. 175700

File: 1633419921237.png (313.57 KB, 1080x1675, 153608.png)

Love how she just exposed herself yet again.

No. 175706

More fanart, it seems her content is hitting the spot with a small segment of autists. This is quite a complimentary character despite the name.

No. 175707

Well, new threads officially infested with aids

No. 175712

>>175620 top kek!

No. 175713

>>175712 I clicked new reply before I was finished… It's cringeworthy but that's what makes it funny, or at least adds to the keks. Someone literally took time out of their day to think of the lyrics, add a track in the background etc. I mean… idk, the thing as whole made me laugh anyway

No. 175718

The thought of how it made Kevin rage is what really sold it to me. You know it triggered him.

No. 175737

Probably just a coincidence, she has no fans

No. 175772

It's a game so most of the character models are attractive. It's harder to make an unattractive
female humanoid character. I'm positive it's a jab for a few reasons
-character name
-they used the old usagi kou hairstyle (this is famously the closest in the game to it) and not her new hairstyle
-the chunky platform boots and the pink eyeshadow. All the armor is mismatched and it's not from the same set, the pink eyeshadow is a mask I didn't even know existed so that's a pretty clever choice
-the magical girl staff they chose also points to the old usagi kou persona
If this person was really a fan or coomer there are much more flattering armor and character creation choices they could have made. It's definitely tongue in cheek. They also picked an older mannish looking face, again they are limited by the game, but there are far more flattering and younger faces that would match her uwu pics. They picked an older looking one on purpose (the game doesn't really have old people faces either so again they were limited there with what they could do)
I guess it could be a coomer or fan, but my knowledge of the fashion choices in this game leads me to believe it's intentional. The coomers usually go for different revealing armor skins

No. 175776

File: 1633454958899.webm (3.73 MB, 1080x1910, screen-20211004-231119_2.webm)

You need to post video of what you're talking about. This is an imageboard. Convert the video to a WebM. I did it for you but, come on. Learn how 2 board.
Her face is melded with her hair, kek. How many filters do you have to have on for that to happen? Also, will respond with her saggy belly skin spotted in this post. Really breaks her illusion of a tight, taught loli girl with no wrinkles cause she's a perfect vampire anime girl.

No. 175777

File: 1633455193309.jpg (904.58 KB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_10-04-11.13.36.jpg)

Dat belly fold! The loose hanging skin is fucking real and she tries to tuck and edit it away KEK. No wonder she loves coming for people's extra skin and rolls. She's probably the most insecure about that. I'm shocked she even posted this.

No. 175778

So is it a genetic in your family to be so retarded?

No. 175780

Is that in WoW? Did you make Lori in WoW hoping eventually she'd see it cause she still plays? I can't imagine a random person unaffiliated just has a Lori hate boner and decided to parody her Instagram persona on WoW. I'm all for funny inside memes and coincidence but this whole thread has been nothing but KF and Facebook autists pissing and shitting everywhere cause they wandered out of the tard pens. I can understand being obsessed with cows but at least keep it over on KF where they entertain this kind of autism. Lolcow is very different. I'd be really disappointed if dumb shit like this is what caused Lori's threads to die at her peak milkiness. Why can't you autists just find juicy drama and things we may have missed instead of rap songs and WoW avatars? She's an abusive, aging lolicon hag not a pop star. Don't give her literal fan art.

No. 175781

Weight loss and gain on repeate plus age. Pretty soon that stomach will be hanging.

Retarded toddler games as usual.

Oh please anon, did you make this stupid shit?

No. 175784

It's not me and it's not wow, it's an MMO called guild wars 2. I would just say if it was my character. I was shocked someone made a cosplay character of her in this game. I've seen people make Belle Delphine, but this is way more obscure. I kind of thought it was a farmer but I guess not.

No. 175788

She looks more meth head than usual. When the extreme blur filter dropped, her eyebags and nasolabials were super dark, even with the colour filter on top.

No. 175789

Not that anyone cares but I did a little more digging and this Lady Loony person is apparently semi known as a trans bimbo fetishist. So I guess it was a coomer after all.

No. 175798

It's the tooth rot, skin damage and harsh lighting detailing every wrinkle and fold forming/formed. She's never going to fix that dead tooth so she's going to become more sallow and cheeks will be more sunken in as it progresses. The eye skin is so thin and dull from all her smoking and inadequate skin care. Some of this is just part of aging, but objectively Lori looks worse than most 35 year old women because of her sedentary weeb lifestyle & choice of self care products. The tweaker face is real.
So what you're saying is it could be a coomer fan of Lori's? KEK her entire demo is tranny coomers and people's grandpas.

No. 175799

The eyeliner is slowly going back to complete shit, glad she decided to adopt the Belle eye dots but gave up on basic wing eyeliner techniques

No. 175801

Honestly I can't help but wonder if they have been dabbling, both of them show similar physical and behavioral warning signs

No. 175805

That would be hilarious. Freebasing in the empty luxury apartment, stumbling around in lead-filled bikinis throwing plushies and making anime noises to herself while Kevin cuts and glues foam randomly at lightspeed.

No. 175811

File: 1633465025719.jpg (123.95 KB, 587x993, 3 haters (1).jpg)

We are all Momokun, Vamplette and Soni.

No. 175815

>like my pool

Lori’s pretending she owns the pool now, talk about pathetic and delusional. You mean the pool that public to anyone and their little brats that live in the apartments, right Looni? Hope she takes lewd pics in the pool and gets kicked out

No. 175817

No. 175818

Dont be fooled about the apartment. It has high ceilings which from certain angles looks ver big but the 1 brms there are very small.

It's just another way for Loonie to play pretend.

No. 175819

Wow well they were way off the mark. Flatty doesnt look anything like that.

She's in full denial. She only wishes it was 3 people. If she knew who some of the anons were she would be seething to death. Lots of randos came to dislike her too and she made tons of enemies over the years online. Not even getting started with the cosplay community.

Aside from that, she has no subs and gets no likes outside her fake Insta bots. A total fail.

No. 175824

It's not based off of Lori, it's just some anon being retarded

No. 175826

Nta but as someone who has dabbled in gw2 I get what that anon is getting at. If it was satire they wouldn't be able to make it look more like Lori than that, because the game has a limit on what you can customize and all the options are still attractive; this is just the "least" attractive choice you could pick. Which, if it is a tranny coomer vs someone making fun of loony, still adds up, since tranny coomers have no sense of cohesion or style.

No. 175827

Instantly flexing on her totally own pool that she totally owns now I see

No. 175828

Taking bets on how long the stupid plushies stay in that exact arrangement.

No. 175841

they’re paying $1.7k for a 714 sq. foot apartment. that’s like the size of a closet lmao

No. 175842

Loony copes so hard. Deep down she knows she has never looked like uwu anime and has thousands of randos who laugh at the circus that is her pretending to have a decent life.

Imagine being middle aged and pretending you have your own house and pool, when it's just a shared apartment amenity paid for by your paypig's parents.

No. 175845

File: 1633479274214.png (4.9 MB, 3125x3206, PicsArt_10-05-05.13.28.png)

She's trying so hard to hide that gut. Kek at the zero gravity hair warping around her hip and her trying to clone tool out her roll.

No. 175846

Wow that's very different from her typical anachan body kek. Must be eating lots of burgies and funnel cakes.

No. 175848

Why did she choose to double post the same set instead of just waiting until she was set up? These are even worse quality than her front camera android selfies from 2017. It's not like she's losing momentum, it's been gone. She only gets like 1k-4k per post now. This is just gonna make it worse. She would have been better off setting up her set and room and then taking photos. Even the plushie couch would have fit her feed better. She's so retarded and bad at this. How has she not absorbed anything from the hundreds of of e-girls she follows and copies?

No. 175853

Exactly, small with average rent.

If it was so great she would have shown it off. It's all just smoke and mirrors with her.

No. 175854

>choice of self care products

Genuinely curious what she uses because I assumed she has zero skin care whatsoever. Even big lots has a fucking vitamin e cream she could afford.

No. 175861

File: 1633483796150.png (904.21 KB, 720x1739, BeenOnTheVibe.png)

Lol just found this from 2 weeks ago. Lil Nas X copied Kevin! He had been on his gold vibe months earlier!!!

No. 175863

he looks like he been on the fakeboi vibe just as long

No. 175864

If >>175700 from >>175776 is anything to go by, she isn't doing anything beyond drugstore. She doesn't seem to be using any makeup beyond the clown paint and is relying on filters.

No. 175866

Forgot to mention this is the Anime Expo Fans fb group.

No. 175868

>HEY STRANGER, have you seen my SHOES yet?

No. 175869

Is no one going to comment on the absolutely baffling photoshop fail going on in the right hand picture? That weird lump below her tit which I’m assuming is meant to be her ribs, though it looks more like a roll, and I’m assuming that’s a PS’d flat stomach that caused it. Absolutely bizarre that she’d rather look like she has a cancerous lump on her chest than let on how much weight she’s put on.

No. 175873

Gold has never gone out of fashion, you're just another basic trend follower Kevin you didn't start shit topkek

No. 175880

“People say things when they’re hurt. Talking on the internet is tricky” Kevin messaged someone and told them he hopes their dog gets cancer. Lori posts all the time being critical of other peoples cosplays when she is not accurate and walks around with half her hoof hanging out at conventions. Both of them are literally so tone deaf. They haven’t admitted and taken responsibility for their actions and continue to gas light everyone by Kevin changing his self attested posts. Why hasn’t Kevin posted anything about the apartment yet. Maybe he’s still setting up his computer area in the closet.

No. 175883

File: 1633494879741.png (530.13 KB, 526x778, beepbeep.png)

My fav part is how you can hear her unloading them from a garbage bag before tossing them across the room. kek. That Loony jump scare at the beginning nearly gave me a heart attack though.

No. 175893

File: 1633502284146.jpg (45.28 KB, 530x927, 7647248264296.jpg)

Kek you're right, nonnie. A peek into the real her. Fuck I hope we get some candids soon.

No. 175903

that fried and broken hair kek

No. 175917

Omg anon, kek I was wondering what that sound was You can here that her voice is deep from the weird noises that shes making.

Also, some layout context: From the angle that large mirror is leaning that's her livingvroom and its leaning on her kitchen Island. Her sink and stove are to left of her. Imagine that shit being in your living room. I hope that's not the couch Kevy has to sleep on.

>>175903 Her hair is gross. You know its mush when its wet but the color cut and style are bad too for someone who claims to have money she would know women get their color done at a salon. No skin care and no haircare with bad cheap clothes show they really have no funds no matter what they say.

No. 175921

The bangs are so crooked, it's obvi she cuts her own hair. It's hilarious because they are so hard up for cash in every way but try to pretend they shop at LV.

No. 175922

Those bangs look like shit. She doesnt even point cut them, she just cuts them blunt and that side fring is so 2006.

No. 175924

Lori and Kevin are stupid in the sense that they think they can afford LV but have to cut corners to get it. Babe, if you have to forsake basic necessities like haircuts and food to have the money to buy designer- spoiler alert- you can’t afford it. If the LV is fake like anons have speculated, that’s even more pathetic. Either way, she’s broke.

No. 175927

Even with Loony's funhouse filters distorting everything, someone found tells on the chain and logo proving it was a replica >>156566

It's sad because the real item was already designed and overpriced for low income aspiration.

No. 175930

"Lolcow is very different" oh wow i guess this site means sm to you nonnie kek
Plz go outside u have to be seriously retarded to think lolcow is not infested with the same autists from the other farms or is "better" in anyway.

No. 175933

Kiwi is a literal cesspool that doesn't have milk 99% of the time and a bunch of scrotes, edgelords, and autists posting bad memes and schoolyard insults. This site doesn't have to do much to be better.

No. 175940

AYRT, It's culture is different, retard. Kiwi is a free for all with accounts, null tolerates the most bullshit cause it's all the excitement in him and his moderators lives. Here we don't follow the same rules and the etiquette is different. That's the point of what I said. Most of the anons here are women, you can tell who's not from here and a kiwi fag just by the way they sound. It's like night and day.

No. 175945

Its definitely fake, that charm looked like crap.

This thread is not about kiwi but why would we trash a site that's just another version of lolC makes no sense. Culturally different yes but same shit at it core. Either way both sites give us a freedom of speech which we get to exercise in threads like this one and marvel openly about the horror that is Loonies life. Come together peeps.

No. 175946

nta but Kiwifarms definitely has a more dedicated breed of autist (and males) compared to here. Having user accounts creates a different vibe and behavior than a bunch of Anonymous posts one after the other, the attitude here is a lot more laid back as a result.

No. 175954

File: 1633540429667.gif (3.16 MB, 480x270, sensible-chuckle.gif)

He's got to be sleeping in the room. If not, he has literally nowhere else to go and is on the floor or in the bathtub. She's making her shooting area the living room because there is physically not enough space for them to have the previous set up. They lost 86 sq. ft. moving into Hardware. They thought paying a few hundred more for the same box layout meant more luxury. Turns out they moved to a worse unit. The only nice things about it are the kitchen appliances, but those idiots can't cook so it's pointless. They would have been more comfortable buying a townhome or something with at least 2 beds. If you both cosplay and one makes porn, you need at least two bedrooms in your home. Otherwise someone is always going to be put out of a space and in the living room which is basically the other half of the apartment divided into the kitchen and bathroom. Right? Like, I can't imagine her making the living room like that if it wasn't her plan to invade the entire space and make it her hovel and photo center. Plus it would make sense if she made the photo area outside the room cause she never let Kevin put his shit up in the bedroom where she took pictures. It had to be with his stuff in the living room. The only things of his we ever saw in there were his props randomly and the gold shoes he got Lori.
>This thread is not about kiwi but why would we trash a site that's just another version of lolC makes no sense.
Somebody needs to brush up on their internet history, you silly little goose.

No. 175956

Best part is the "lolcow is different" anon shits up the thread with a baseless accusation about me harassing Lori in WoW when the game clearly looks nothing like WoW

No. 175958

>Somebody needs to brush up on their internet history, you silly little goose.

No. I dont. But some of you posters need to brush up on the rules and stop derailing so stfu about kiwi already.

No. 175961

I cant imagine them owning. Plus,they cant buy even if it would be smarter at her age. Buying a townhome is same process as buying a house. It requires a lot of paper work. They wouldn't get past the initial stages and have nothing to put down or pay with. No one would want to work with them as an agent for the sale let alone to sell to. Agents check to see if you even qualify to buy before they agree to work with you. Imagine looking at her in one of those dumb outfits while she inquires about buying something she cant come close to affording. Probably wouldnt make it past reception.

This one definatly is worse, it's just newer but much much smaller. I'm sure Lori uses the entire place like it's all hers and Kevin liv4s more like a a squatter than s resident.

No. 175964

One thing I noticed about the place they are supposedly moving to is that it has really short lease options. You can get a five month lease there.

No. 175967

It's not supposed, they are in the unit. Lori has the keys. The videos are taken in the Hardware unit she posted pictures of. I get that we all hate this bitch but anons need to swallow the fact Lori and Kev found a shitty realtor and complex to grift from. They live there now. Keep up.

No. 175968

With how many equality and discrimination laws have come about in the last decade, even trannies with porn accounts linked to their real names can rent and own without discrimination. Doubly so if the person is on state assistance or disability. They probably could buy a home and a good one at that if they saved. I don't think its a matter of being denied, I think they're just too stupid and impulsive to ever make it that far.

No. 175974

Yeah we all know they livr in Hardware but in a shit apartment in the complex. I'm sure you would like us all to believe they live in that nice unit but they dont so stop trying to lie for these losers wk.

If they lived in that nice place she would show it. She never will cause shes a liar who edits her pics, all if them to look like something their not.

No. 175977

I don't know why you think they're so nice. The last units they lived in were labeled as luxury too. I never said it was great or luxurious. To think they'd look like the B.S photos on the listing is laughable. Every apartment polishes their turds and saves the actual effort for the 7k+ units, clearly nobody here ever thought these two doofuses were going to get a penthouse suite. We doubted them even living there, but now theres photos of her literally holding the keys and the flooring, trim, layout and size of the place that we've seen so far matches the place in her videos. Why do you feel the need to foam at the mouth in here and say we're white knighting? Why are you this worked up over Lori's shoebox? This is why redditors and kiwis should get the wall and be banned from here. Absolutely insufferable and you continue to try and lie. At least on kiwi you'd get ratio'd with fucking top hats or whatever and be bullied by anime pfps. Fuck.

No. 175979

Come on anon, the videos show nothing but a wall.

It would take them years to qualify, I know how buying works very well.

It's nothing to do with discrimination and it takes more than money to buy. Maybe they could get an FHA loan but they wouldnt get a private loan and they would still need payment history. They moved to many times in recent years, which means cutting off and restarting utilities which is not a good sign to creditors. If they got evicted, which they likley did or they wouldnt have moved that many times within the same area over such a short period, they would not qualify for a mortgage.

No. 175983

Your talking to the wrong anon. I said the apartment was a shit little apartment. Honnestly, it's a fucking apartment with average rent.I could care less where she lives, never saw her or any pics of her in that big unit, only pictures of her in the little shit apartment with her sitting in front of the kitchen counter. Is there pictures of her showing herself in a big apartment? Were are they? Sounded to me like >>175967 is claiming they are in that nice upscale unit. Well they arent, so me replying to them and accusing of wk is logical since I think there's a little loonie follower in here and I'm not trying to hi c.o.w so fuck off.

And I've been here since thread one asshole.

No. 175986

Kitchen / living room has the same lampshades, counters and flooring. The only defining feature we haven't seen yet is the tile pattern above the stove.
Why lie? Why argue she doesn't live there if both her new and previous apartments are shitty? Stop pushing the tinfoil when there's literally pictures of them in the living room. She posted her holding the keys. She's posing in bikinis on the floor. Are you telling me she just dropped trou and took lewds with the management there giving a tour? Like they'd just let them in and give them keys then take it all back and send them home? Why is their shit on the counter then? What world are you on? Take your meds, anons. Nobody cares as much as you, its been put to bed and I'm sure Lori will see this and post more angles to prove to spergs that she does live there because her whole purpose in life is proving foaming retards like samefag above wrong so they seethe more. Move on.

No. 175991

She doesnt live in that big unit. She lives in the small one. If she lived in the big unit she would have taken a distance pic showing how big it is. She would be taking shots on the spiral stair case. She showed corners because shes deceptive. Shes the liar. That's why she took pics in front of the kitchen counter, an empty bathroom, showed a wall, etc.. even if They have the fire place in it, it's just a space heater in the wall, it's not a real fire. Those are cheap. I bought one and threw it in my bonus room. Wall trims and ceiling lights are bought in bulk, they probably used them in all the units, big or small because its just an apartment, not a custom home.

You sound really mad. It wouldnt be uncalled for to say you are by far a WK looser.

And hmmm….I recognize that burst of anger and typing style…Thanks for the laugh.

No. 175992

>This is why redditors and kiwis should get the wall and be banned from here. Absolutely insufferable and you continue to try and lie. At least on kiwi you'd get ratio'd with fucking top hats or whatever and be bullied by anime pfps. Fuck.

Kiwi and lolcow users: the deathmatch

No. 175993

Anon, that photo of the unit is the smallest, cheapest east wing apartment. The east wing is the shit-end side. That photo is of the small apartment you are talking about. It is taken to make you think it's larger. It's 714 sq ft. I can't tell if you're confused, autistic or indignant. Does that make it clear enough for you?

No. 175994

Only a retard who isnt a regular would keep talking about reddit and kiwi. Poster is sus. Report them.

No. 175997

The confusion could be that both properties look really similar on the inside. Greystar properties across Utah and other states look distinctive outside but typically follow the same boxy, cookie cutter layout with wood laminate because it's less of a hassle than carpet. It doesn't help that they took a box concept and not a corner unit that is kinda distinctive to Hardware. The slapfight is over nothing! They just look alike and Lori is a liar so some anons doubt her. Jeez.

No. 175999

File: 1633553536078.jpg (583.39 KB, 1080x1065, 20211006_154751.jpg)


No. 176000

File: 1633553615195.jpg (78.06 KB, 615x627, 20211006_155152.jpg)

Theres no confusion. It's the only apartment on the hardware website that matches her picture.

It's a shit small apartment


No. 176001

It's probably one of the ones that says "call for pricing" and if you click in it says
>please call the leasing office on xxxxxxx for more information on availability

Ergo, it's one that's rented out and unavailable. Unless they're slow to update the website.

No. 176004

Blows my mind that they sell units even smaller than that. Smallest was 450 sq ft. or something like that. I think what you labeled as the closet is actually the front door though.
How is 714 sq ft. big to you? I feel bad for you.

No. 176006

They only have 2 rockwoods in that design available right now, the rest are rented and in a building that size they probably have a ton of them. Not surprised since that is a cheap apartment and with online applications its easy to rent from places like this.

No. 176008

Shit anon your right!! Its the front door. Wow very upscale, walking into your fridge by the front door.

No. 176010

It's so luxurious it's right by the TRAX. Nothing screams comfortable, upscale living than being a spit away from annoying public transit and randoms wandering around your complex. Note the shitter and closet conveniently located on the other side of the door.

No. 176012

Totally Lori's style to think living in a doghouse-sized apartment on Kevvy's parental money was an upgrade. Bet she's going to take a ton of pictures and slowly release them even after they are evicted once again.

Kek, just realized that the dirty dildotable made it into the OP art and was in the plushie methface video.

No. 176019

Completely OT but this thread is giving me whiplash, I know nothing about american apartments and where I live 714 sq would be considered huge for a one bedroom apartment. What kind of mansions do you guys live in if that's "doghouse-sized"?

No. 176020

File: 1633557326116.jpg (48.75 KB, 983x429, Screenshot_20211006-165047_Duc…)

No surprise it's by the trax, its actually HUD housing which is government from US dept of housing and urban development. It just gets more luxurious by the minute and hud explains a lot. Lower requirements to rent for sure.

No. 176021

Lori and Kevvy are in the scam state of Utah, not New York.

No. 176023

Well, the U.S builds out and expands on untouched land no matter how far from cities it is. Other places are smarter and build upwards, its more efficient and keeps people closer but it comes with sacrificing McMansion space. Burgerfags could never do that so they have homes that are 2-7k sq ft of pure tinder. Also I think it has a lot to do with how it's priced given the space when compared to other apartments around it.

No. 176025

What's not smart about building out anon, cause some people cant afford to buy outside of the sububrbs? In my area average house is 28 to 32 hundred sq ft, no build is on top of another with property lines running around 1 to 7 acres and it's not a new build complex either but about 15 years old. Theres no shops around but new centers being built up and down closest main road and surrounding all the new apt complexes which are all starting to build upward in a place that never had that just as you mentioned. Something for everyone.

Let's put it this way anon, yes 714sq ft is a doghouse to some.

No. 176027

I'm just gonna say it, just this once, to break up all the autistic sperging over her fucking apartment dimensions. . .

I actually think she looks a lot fucking better with this "fuller" body than when she was an emaciated stick. Her body looks way better now.

No. 176028

Can we ever say she looks better when nothing we see is what she actually looks like? Shes definitely bigger now and with all the editing who knows. That waist nip is definitely photo shopping. We all know shes build like a square.

No. 176030

File: 1633562144692.png (1.19 MB, 1315x2048, Screenshot_20211006-154548.png)

There's that closet front door combo, also her newest pic is so funny she has a shrunken ass head

No. 176031

Agreed. Aside from shoop fails, her body looks fine. Some people on this site are just as psycho as she is when it comes to her physical body. Her personality is dog water and her actions are mostly reprehensible but other than bad editing, she has a normal person body.

No. 176032

File: 1633562229056.png (1.44 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20211006-154512.png)

the chin…

No. 176033

File: 1633562610003.webm (2.4 MB, 1080x1758, screen-20211006-161910_2.webm)

No. 176034

Legit surprised Lori hasnt spend lots of $$$ on breast implants but I guess Belle Delphine who the skin walkers want to be is an A cup too

No. 176035

Yay we now get edited pictures of cutting her kitchen out too! Makes me wonder if they got the studio and not even the 1 brm??? TOPKEK

Why the plushies in the LR and not the br? Wheres Kevies stuff?

Yes please beat up that already beat up hair, I'm pretty sure its going to break off any second anyway.

No. 176036

File: 1633564538713.jpg (191.5 KB, 294x946, 20211006_184955.jpg)

Does every thread need a reminder if this womans true self? Yes, ber body if normal but it's not the fake one she filters and posts. She doesnt look like that at all. I cant see why anyone comment on her body in edited images. Yes, she looks fine, for a 36 year old woman who clearly is 36 and hasnt taken care of herself.

If this picture was maybe 2 years ago then she looks even older now.

No. 176037

Looks like an ape on crack.

No. 176039


I think it’s that she’s notorious for crowing about how teeny tiny skinny she supposedly is, and that one of her go-to insults is to call others fat. She looks better now than when she was #under100lbs with nothing but bone for an ass, yeah, but it’s funny that she’s “fat” by her own standards now.

No. 176040

Her rAnDoMnEsS reminds me of Kiki and her tryhard reels on instagram. Both cringe as fuck middle aged women trying desperately to stay cute and relevant, or at very least try to stay crystallized in whatever age they were most popular at.

No. 176042

Not even her youtube videos from 2006 are this cringe-inducing. Where exactly did she pick up this retard behavior? I miss when she would just scream random Hitler jokes and slurs and pull her eyes to slant them saying "I SEE YUU, FAGGOT". This is just like watching a fish flopping around out of water dying.

No. 176044

Is she on drugs? Who acts like this? She looks like she's on something.

No. 176045

>I'm sure Lori will see this and post more angles to prove to spergs that she does live there because her whole purpose in life is proving foaming retards like samefag above wrong so they seethe more. Move on.

Yup she proved it alright, that she lives in that shit small apartment. Good job Loonie. Your not homeless. Yet.

No. 176046

Tinfoil but I'd say if anything it's probably legal meth from Kevin cause I could see him having ADD/ADHD meds. He shakes like crazy and is tweaky online too. I'd imagine why we aren't getting addy fueled spergs on facebook is because that tard energy is being channeled into throwing toys around their living room and rearranging everything. Unrelated question though, posed to all; Are they pet friendly at Hardware? Where'd the surviving ferrets go? Last picture we saw of them was definitely taken at the last apartment because it was Lori's old computer set up. They took apart and moved everything…

No. 176048

it completely depends on where in the country you live, as housing costs differ wildly. You could get a 900 sq ft 2 bedroom apartment in a smaller town in the midwest for cheaper than a 400 sq ft Studio apartment in a larger city on the East of West coast.

No. 176049

Her hair looks so bad kek really breaking off there huh lori

No. 176052

Is that the garbage bag the plushies came out of? She filmed this at the same time she threw the plushies on the couch. She was wearing the same truckstop stripper outfit. She's so lazy.

No. 176053

This video has such violent energy. You can sense her frustration with herself. Crazier still she probably spent so much time meticulously filtering, posing, and editing this while thinking she looks good.

No. 176055

File: 1633570953408.png (981.73 KB, 1129x2048, Screenshot_20211006-184158.png)

The leprechaun is loose

No. 176058

Her balcony is on the other side of that curtain and this picture is zoomed out. That's why she looks so blurry. Really pathetic she thinks people cant see past her stupidity.

No. 176059

File: 1633571656339.webm (8.74 MB, 1080x1404, screen-20211006-184507_2.webm)

She looks like a little man in egirl clothes. I'm dying.

No. 176060

>With how many equality and discrimination laws have come about in the last decade, even trannies with porn accounts linked to their real names can rent and own without discrimination.

You definitely don't know what you're talking about.

Is she having a sweatpants are all that fit me moment? Surprised she posted this.

No. 176061

I remember a lot of anons posting that her feet are the size of her legs and they aren't kidding, her feet are massive.

Someone needs to make the monkey hair slapping thing into a banner gif.

No. 176062

>she would have taken a distance pics
Proves it's a sad ass small apartment by posting shitty video of tiny living room attached to kitchen with no dining area.

I got the you died banner earlier. It's a fucking Topkek everytime.

No. 176069

what game is this kek

No. 176079

she is almost 40 years old and still decorates like she is a 14 year old. Like, I can understand if you have one room dedicated to weeb shit, but she is making her main living room like that. Get a fucking basket for the plushies, or a net, or something.

No. 176083


People are assuming they are in a 700sq place, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were in one of those smaller units, or even a studio. She'll probably keep pretending she lives in an luxurious apartment anyway

No. 176096

I started thinking shes in a small unit or studio too. Her pictures dont make sense and shes trying to film or shoot from weird angles to hide the rest of the place. She'll keep pretending because she lives in denial.

No. 176107

>They wouldn't get past the initial stages and have nothing to put down or pay with.
Shoes is money. duh

>other than bad editing, she has a normal person body.
You too have a massive chest crevice and feet the length of your calves?

No. 176117

I've seen methed out bums on the street act less retarded than her.

No. 176118

File: 1633599716086.jpg (37.47 KB, 900x900, W-S1.jpg)

I'm wondering if it's one of these west studios instead, it explains why every photo is facing the other wall, the angle that hides the area where the bed would be

No. 176123

Her photos are so pixelated and low quality. They’re almost as bad as the photos from 20 years ago.

No. 176133

Yup that could be it. Still fits edit >>175999 but minus the br. If its that small they must have really needed a place to live. I can see her balcony curtain next to her mirror. That's as weird place to hang a mirror but if theres no where else she put it there to cut out the view of the kitchen.

So where does Kevin live? Did he loose his space to all this nonsense and have to sleep amongst the plushie rubble?

No. 176147

File: 1633616528561.jpg (432.22 KB, 782x1042, 20211007_082737.jpg)

Lori posted this set again and with much worse editing. She really gained some weight. It looks like you could grab a big handful of fat from those thighs. You can see it in her stomach and back and the head shop made her head way to small for the body.

What happened to her bomb lighting? Why does this look so grainy and over exposed? Her picture quality was always bad but this worthy of being erased, not posted.

No. 176149

Her hair is crumbling, her weight is increasing, her eyebags are showing.. karma.

No. 176150

I think this one is it. Why else is she only taking photos by the kitchen? She has no room. There at the end of their rope.

No. 176151

Dang..is that the 460 sq ft one? They might be able to afford that without handouts

Are those sweats too tight? Her fat is spilling out of the sides. That body suit is trying its best to create the illusion of curves, but it ain't working

No. 176152

God, her hair is like straw. Glad her disgusting inside is matching her outside. She looks more like a witch every day. She has weigh at least 120 now. Must hurt considering how much she prides herself on being 99 lbs like a real unicorn.
Even the sweatpants are too tight now. Regina anon was right, it's all that fits her. She hasn't been wearing any of the clothing she got from dolls kill that isn't shrugs and adjustable sweats or things. She doesn't fit any of them anymore! Hahahahahah. Wow, loony, you worked so hard to get that Dolls Kill and now your 120lb loli ass can't squeeze into it without massive spillage? That's too bad.
Why else would Lori's bedroom shit be in the living room if that wasn't the bedroom? Those two were never going to get that 1 bed. They're too poor. 400 sq ft in the cheapest and worst "luxury" building sounds more like it. They live in a little shithole but they have pigeon brains so they think the rooftop heated pool and other buildings they can't afford to live in makes it "luxury". How does it feel to be the crackhead neighbors surrounded by people with jobs who can afford the 1 and 2 bedrooms, Lori? This arc keeps getting funnier and funnier. She really was lying trying to convince people she lived in a bigger unit. Pitiful.

No. 176153

Wonder if we'll get candids at this rate. Even the filters are getting tired of her, kek.

Where's Kevvy? I can imagine them constantly fighting now that they're in living in a tiny box without walls. Explains why she did a few "photoshoots" in the toilet.

No. 176156

Skate boarding on insta last time I saw

No. 176162

File: 1633625844970.webm (955.71 KB, 1080x1078, screen-20211007-094746_2.webm)

>implying Kevin isn't busy unpacking and setting up everything they own while either working or looking for work on top of selling his clothes for money while Lori sleeps all day
You know what he's doing. Everything the hag doesn't. Which is most things.
Yeah, he's skating for like an hour while Lori tries to flirt with teenagers and films Kevin doing the same two tricks over and over. God, imagine seeing Lori at a skate park in those stupid platform shoes and bikinis, 40 years old just tweakin around in tranny garb filming her handicapped son do a laser flip. My sides. I bet she's only there so she can loom over him after 45 minutes and demand to go to the mall or go home. I'm shocked Lori let him go and even filmed for him. It's a rare sight to see Lori going along with activities that don't revolve around her. I'm shook there's even other people there filming him. Does he have, dare I say it friends? amazing how even with Lori brain rot he can still interact with people whereas Lori never has any friends or anyone around her but Kev. I wonder how long it'll be until whatever new friends Kev finds come here and spill about how absolutely batshit psycho Lori is and how Kevin is losing his mind. Kek.

No. 176166

>It's a rare sight to see Lori going along with activities that don't revolve around her.
she's probably dressed in stripper garbage and showing off her chest hole and long ass back, so, no she's definitely always trying to take the attention. lol. this is lori we are talking about. she probably only went to show off, she could give a shit less about skating and kevin

No. 176175

Is it her filming or someone else at the skate park? I see a guy filming from the other angle.

These two are the weirdest pair. I cant see what either one sees in the other, except for using each other. Hobbies are great but how can a grown man who says he engaged skate during the day while people his age already graduated college and are at work? What do these two have to offer each other?

How embarrassing, he's going to feel so weird in the next few years with her hanging around in those close at 40. People irl are getting the real Lori, not the filtered fake face and body but the average 36 year old in stripper clothes. I just imagine people staring at her. She thinks they're all checking her out or jelous when they actually are thinking she looks like a crazy person and wondering what's wrong with her.

No. 176177

The noise at the end sounds like Lori's natural voice going "WHOA" or "WOO" but it's cut off. I think they are all filming here. I wonder if they posted stories of it. If we could see Lori from another angle I would DIE.

No. 176179

File: 1633630477725.png (724.69 KB, 1166x2048, Screenshot_20211007-111019.png)

Nope. It was some dude. Lori would never go outside where anyone would see her unfiltered. Pulled this from some kids account that liked his clip he posted. Kid was there. Has to be around 17-19. Of course Kevin can't be friends with people in his age range.

No. 176180

File: 1633630705963.png (790.17 KB, 1080x1891, Screenshot_20211007-111010~2.p…)

No. 176181

I doubted she went there to film Kevin. If there's guys there 17-19 then sometimes theres girls there too. Imagine Lori being there with those kids, yuck.

No. 176182

Oh, I was way off. Well, Lori sounds like a man anyway so can't blame me. I'm glad she wasn't there being a pest though in lingerie, scarring teenage boys forever.
You just know she would try to get them to look at her instagram and follow her "spicy" to "support Kevin's skating".

No. 176185

File: 1633632005490.jpg (92.26 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20211007_113736_066.jpg)

A lot of blocking going on. Kevin only lasted 2 days this time.

No. 176192

I am so jealous of their financial stability and perfect relationship. Their relationship must be so strong because Lori is so small or something something perfect finger nails, or something…

No. 176195

It's probably cause he took time for himself to skate yesterday. I can't imagine Lori with her broken spine and neurological disabilities kek is moving or arranging anything in the apartment beyond her underwear and stuffed animals.

No. 176202

That's insane, I cant believe he puts up with that. He might be his own special breed but what did she unblock long enough to finish moving the boxes?

No. 176203

entirely tinfoil but imagine Kevin's family footed the bill/cosignership for their apartment and gently are coaxing him to go outside and indulge healthy hobbies (getting away from lori)


No. 176204

why does she even bother? he can just log out and see what she posts? im so confused. Is it just the privilege of being allowed to follow her or what?

No. 176206

The phone was too steady for it to be Lori, anyway. Also no stupid filters.

Lori never wore her bikinis and fetish gear outside, her fridgebod would be exposed and she's incapable of walking in high heels. She always wears tons of cheap outdated sweats and knockoff boots or tacky running shoes with platforms.

Seems the blocking is getting more frequent. It probably is because they're in one room and fighting each other.

No. 176207

File: 1633640524740.jpeg (81.93 KB, 828x319, 1590057086888.jpeg)

One can only hope his family is finally putting him back on the tard leash. Guy needs some serious alone time, to dump her and make new friends. If Lori is off the lease and it's just Kevin (he probably has no/better credit) and his parents, then they can kick her out if she's being crazy. Subletting is meh in Utah so if the nice Mormon family had evidence of her being abusive and psycho, they could easily win a court case and evict her clown ass. If he cosplays he needs to get a restraining order so Lori can get nailed for trying to mess with him. (you know she will!) 100% doubt he would ever take good advice like that but, who knows maybe his parents are planting seeds for him to get out. We know they care.
Probably because then he can't message her. I'd assume he gets blocked on her phone and Twitter, etc. so any communication that could be screencapped is cut off. Lori knows he would run here and to Facebook to expose her during fights so she keeps it face to face. Of course he could always record them arguing and fighting if he wanted to, but I'd imagine she probably takes his phone and would know. He has no life outside of her. No space, nothing. He's just barely getting a taste of outside again now. Sigh. Her abuse is so blatant.
She absolutely wears it outside. There's pics of her in a bikini like posing next to a cool car in a parking lot but I can't find it in threads. She wears harnesses and lingerie bodysuits under cropped hoodies and shrugs all the time. She thinks it's "her" thing.

No. 176209

He also cant read her messages on her posts with other men. She probably deletes certain things before she unblocks him. Also, it a tinfoil but it's really common for narcissists to use the cut off silent treatment to punish, manipulate and control.

No. 176211

File: 1633641588477.jpg (80.47 KB, 720x1026, IMG_20211007_141937_640.jpg)


No. 176212

Is it true that his parents left Utah? I cant believe that they cosigned because there's a lot of evidence that they have been evicted before. It seems unreasonable to move so many times in such a short few years all in the same area. Moving costs more than staying in one spot. A cosigner would be responsible for monies owed and why would his parents do that for her to have a place to live? If they wanted him to leave her, they wouldnt enable it unless their insane people but it's my understanding they weren't thrilled about their relationship.
Considering the apartment they moved into had hud house info listed at the bottom of the sight, I suspect it has very low criteria for renting. It's right in the middle of what's basically the downtown tourist area by the tracks and places travelers would visit. The area if filled with apartments complexes that are all similar. I can see Kevin maybe getting enough to cover their rent and deposite but doubt the parents put their name on it. I still suspect he has a shit job someplace and isnt talking about it because renting without any stubs is nearly impossible. If I were his parents though I wouldnt give them a dime. Eventually he would have to go home when they get evicted again.

No. 176213

File: 1633641907716.gif (3.42 MB, 480x468, giphy.gif)

>lil peep
>kurt cobain
Okay, bud. Just like Lori with her "i'm told how amazing I look every time I leave the house. Every stranger I've ever met thinks I'm 22" cope.

No. 176216

I love that the only interaction he gets is with that tranny ghoul cosplayer Whitt and family.

No. 176219

File: 1633645285822.jpg (483.33 KB, 1060x1080, 20211007_172031.jpg)

Eh, I can kinda see a younger crowd calling him Kurt

No. 176220

She's a dogshit person but the other anon is right about the weight gain being better than whatever she was previously. As far as "normal" goes: People have feet in all different sizes, anon. Do we want the bitch to stop lying about being a teenager sized bint and accept that she has big ass feet or not?

Mods, for future threads can we please stop this body sperg shit? Its like anons can't make up their fucking minds about what this retard should do.

No. 176221

File: 1633645774730.jpeg (127.47 KB, 650x1153, 7ABB7069-6CC2-4957-887E-EDEEC2…)

Reminds me of this

No. 176222

Kevin and Lori are the bargain bin version of Kurt and Courtney. And that's saying a lot, since Courtney is already bargain bin.

No. 176224

Would LOVE to see her be a laughing stock wearing her clown gear while "shopping" being a people of Walmart.

Is he in a different apt?

No. 176229

>Sperges about Lori's body
>Asks Mods to stop it in future threads


No. 176232

Theres a hilarious picture of them "playing" in Walmart and Loris wearing some hideous shit, but it's like sweatpants and a hoodie with some costume dinosaur heads. Lori still manages to make the clothes look like trash. Not sure if I can find it but it's by far a people of Walmart picture.

No. 176233

>Is he in a different apt?

I saw his computer chair in this video >>176059 I think hes in the same spot Lori took pictures sitting on the floor in front of the kitchen counter sitting in that chair.

He definitely tried to keep the background ambiguous. I'm not totally sure but I think I might be right.

No. 176234

File: 1633651370220.jpg (60.94 KB, 528x960, 33806420_10155286812372330_202…)

Found it for you.

No. 176235

Good job anon. This shit is hilarious. They really are the kind of people you switch isles to avoide. Wow, that outfit is so confusing.

No. 176238

Wouldn’t this be an old pic since he recently dyed half of his hair to skinwalk lil peep? >>174918 but the caption does make it sound like it’s a recent picture.

No. 176240

I think the lil peep hair might have been the old picture

No. 176241

File: 1633654980506.png (1.28 MB, 1080x1350, 244638675_222041733246035_2134…)

LOOOL he's been relegated to the kitchen counters.

No. 176243

Good Lord!! There must be no place to go in there but pick a different friggin corner! What's he going to do by next week when that counter is full or crap?

No. 176244

With the tags still on? It's not a fitted new era, why the hell is he doing that? It's aliexpress garbage.

No. 176247

Take your own advice. It's a valid complaint just like vag sperg in Shay's thread. It's also highly retarded to have to read anons talking about how Loony should drop the act whilst simultaneously screeching about how unacceptable the shit they want her to accept (weight, feet, chest) are. Pick a narrative and stick with it. Otherwise, shut the fuck up and lurk.

Kevin's just going to take this as a compliment.

No. 176248

He really does resemble Kurt, it's more funny because he wants to look like an anime character and Kurt is quite grizzled and manly in comparison

No. 176249

His adidas boxes carefully piled up in the kitchen, tags still on the clothing, it does seem like they got the apartments with the bedroom/living room and kitchen in the same room since nobody has shown a bedroom yet.

No. 176250

Seems Lori isn't the uwu smol anachan she claims to be, just looking at how the dingy clothes are sitting on her.

Kevin setting up a tripod and ringlight in the kitchen then posing like this is too much, kek.

No. 176251

Aha this guy who tagged him included a Nirvana song in this post, yeah it sounds like his new irl skate pals are the ones calling him Kurt. Lori's probably scared about him making some irls instead of being solely her little pet forever.

No. 176253

Take my own advice? I have no problem with anyone saying anything they want. I just dont have to respond. Your the one who wants to control people. Pick a narrative? Whatever control freak. Sorry you got butthurt that I pointed out what a hypocrite you are.

It might be different but I bet he could go back to a normal life with new friends and people if he just walked away from her. The sooner the better. I bet he liked being called Kurt, he had to post it.

No. 176254

>tags still on the clothing

Is he buying clothes then returning after taking pics or something?

No. 176256

He might be, poor people do that all the time. Guapi has coupon codes, I found them easily so theres that.

I didnt know high fashion had coupon codes. Kek.

No. 176258

Dear god…

No. 176260

File: 1633660286398.jpg (205.69 KB, 1000x1000, H757563bd72fc476dbe19248d249c8…)

>big handful of fat on her thighs
I know this is edited, but she's hardly fat here anon. Her hair looks like it's made out of fake halloween spiderwebs though. festive!

That moment when a full blown heroin addict looks healthier than you. Kev looks like a methed out Kurt at best.

No. 176264

Nah, I bet she's thrilled. Gets him out of their shit hole apartment so she can focus on finding a new target to mooch off of and get her out of Utah which is definitely her goal. She'll claim Kev abandoned her and neglected her to play the victim. She'll only screech if there's a cool sk8er chick who ends up as part of his new crew.

No. 176265


Kevin is likely never going to dump Lori. Has way too many incentives to stay and probably likes being treated like a dog. Best scenario for him would be moving on from her and pairing with someone else with half the sanity she lacks.

He is a grown ass adult who has already made his own decisions. Also not sure how well a relationship like this would be litigated it might be aimply because domestic violence is often not prosecuted or proved unless there's immediate and clear physical harm happening then and now. Even then poloce and court systems are shit to victims

No. 176267

The OP specifically says not to nitpick and that's what some of you faggots do. This discussion is over.

No. 176270

God, he's sucha faggot.

No. 176271

And she knows that people can refuse her entry based on lack of clothing, too?

No. 176272

Looks like a better set than Lori's ugly ass room.

No. 176274

Omg they are actually in the studio. That's insane, just to live in a more upscale building to flex on the haters. They are going to kill each other.

No. 176275

That's a massive kitchen for a studio. It's not even showing the fridge. I think you guys are a little too obsessed with where she might be living and it's a bit creepy.

No. 176276

Lmao what kind of logic is this…

No. 176279

You know it doesn't even look like >>176059

No. 176290

They might be living in less than 500 square feet anon. Do you have any idea what this is going to do to their already volatile relationship?

Besides Lori was the one literally trying to flex from the lobby of a completely seperate building. And the pool too? She made it milk if anything. kek

No. 176295

>massive kitchen

Massive kek, they don't even have a bedroom or living room which meant Kevvy was relegated to a corner of their tiny kitchenette for selfies. At the same time, Lori is blocking him on socials while squatting 2 feet away.

No. 176296

Take into consideration that a lot of studio apartments only have like 2 counters

No. 176297

The narrow counters aren't even as deep as his shoe boxes. Kevin hanging off the edge of it while trying to pose is so milky.

No. 176309

If Kurt cobain was a faggot
LOL why! Kevin, you’re reeeally flexing by posing with sneaker boxes on the corner of your kitchen counter. This is worse than when he was relegated to the hallway.

No. 176311

Hearty kek, this is absolutely hilarious. Thanks for posting it anon.

No. 176313

>"Learn high fashion or die!"
>coupon purchased polyester with tags still on for ez return
Kevin is really a priceless cow

No. 176316

Her desperation made it to funny.

Three boxes? Where are they going to put themselves in there with the place filled with clothes and shoes and all the other junk. A small place calls for minimalism to be comfortable. Their going to need a storage unit to keep all that shit.

It's not upscale anon, it's just regular.

No. 176319

Ofcourse his dumbass would think lying about looking like a depressed grungy junkie is a flex, and I'm sure it happened infront of a LV store.

No. 176357

Why flex the Adidas boxes? Adidas is in every outfitter/shop in the US except Walmart and Target. They're not expensive or rare. Even the ones he "collects" are super easy to buy and cheap. Is this how poorfag he is? So poor he feels the compulsion to brag about having mid-range, reliable shoes?
Ahh, yes. good times. Crazy to think she still looks like that now except she ditches the shirt, leaves the jacket open and wears 8" platform stripper heels over the sweatpants.

No. 176364

I truly wish Kevin would follow through and start his YouTube career. I would watch every video. Just think Kevin! You could flex on us haterz and simultaneously earn money off of us if you get enough views! The milk would be milking themselves! Grand house tour when???

No. 176374

File: 1633719134164.jpeg (97.1 KB, 719x900, FBHqd6MVcAEtxIK.jpeg)

New pic in the apartment.

No. 176376

Hilarious shoop job and fried hair aside, this mirror pic shows how pathetically tiny the new place is. I hope nonnies will stop sperging about her luxury apartment just because the finishes are newer. She couldn't fit her stuffies, mirror, or spicy photoshoot coochie rug in the bedroom because there is no bedroom. They moved into an adidas shoe box of an apartment and it's cheap as fuck to bling a tiny room out kek.

No. 176377

not wking but if you look at the specs of the cheapest 1bedroom, the bedroom is extremely tiny and probably only fits the bed itself and POSSIBLY like 1-2 tiny bedside tables. So you you're right in the sense they probably couldn't fit ANYTHING in there but the bed and shit but it doesn't mean they aren't in the one bedroom.

If they were in the studio, we'd see the bed somewhere in the 'living room' area where she's taking this photo too, right?

No. 176378

You're right about them having a bedroom, my bad. The one bedroom apartment is ~700 SQ ft. She's taking photos in the "great room" off the kitchen, her mirror is in the corner of the wall that separates that room from the bedroom. The bedroom looks the same size as the room she's sitting in, so no room for much more than a bed. I mistakenly thought it was a studio because there's no reason a one bedroom room should be that tiny in Utah. Housing is ridiculously cheap there and you can get a lot of space for very little money. I guess they couldn't get approved for anything else because of their income situation.

No. 176379

I'm not really sure why they're living there. They could get much bigger places for cheaper in not complete shit areas. My guess is most likely kevin's parents wanted them to live somewhere nearby places for work and so moved them to this place. There really isn't any other reason than maybe them trying to brag they live in a nicer place?

Looking at these apartments, these aren't really the type they give out for subsidized housing, but I'm unsure how utah is with those kind of things.

No. 176380

I don't think it's subsidized. Renting a house typically requires proof of ample and steady income and a good rental history. They have neither. Apartments tend to be more lenient. This place is too small and overpriced for the area because they didn't consider the only people who would be looking for a room that small wouldn't be willing to pay extra for the higher-end finishes they invested in, so they're probably having a hard time finding renters. I live in a state with low cost of living and these places crop up from time to time. They will try to get people in by offering a month or two of free rent or something like that because they're hemorrhaging money. Getting anyone in to pay rent for any amount of time is better than leaving the place empty.

No. 176381

File: 1633722432647.jpg (108.26 KB, 720x1102, IMG_20211008_124459_141.jpg)

Why does she do this? In another tweet she says she needs more subs because she wants a pedi. Nobody wants to see your feet, Lori. This is such a weird pic of them too. Not even foot fetishists would be into this.

No. 176382

If it's a studio, the bed could be on the side that isn't showing. If I were them, I wouldn't want anyone to see that my bed is in the livingroom either lol. Makes me think since kevin took a photo of his shoeboxes in the kitchen. You would think Lori would take the bedroom and set up her "photoshoots" in there too. She also took a photo in the bathroom.

If they actually do have a bedroom, maybe it's filled to the rim with junk so they can't use it. Who knows? There's also 1brs on that site that range from 550 - 650 sq ft or smth like that.

No. 176383

She looks like a little boy in a shake and go wig. What the fuck.

No. 176387

Its HUD (Government urban development project)anons, it says so on the bottom of the website. Someone posted about it up the thread. The complex has low rental standards to drive people into the area. Look at it on google maps, it's in the worst possible spot, right next to the tracks and all the major tourist attractions.

Given the angles of the pictures they posted, their definitely trying to hide what the place really looks like. This >>176374 is the only angle shes let us see because theres probably nothing else to see.

I dont know anon, I think she would have proven already theres a brm and we haven't seen anything but one angle. I think it's the studio.

No. 176388

The washer dryer hook up is on that side too. I doubt they have one so it probably looks ugly.

No. 176394

Did Lori always wear that fake ass engagement ring?

No. 176398

Something about this pic looks like Momokun and I can't figure out what.

I agree, based on her only using one angle after dozens of images, she's simply hiding that they don't have a bedroom or living room.

No. 176399

my tinfoil theory is Lori has found some dirty foot fetish whale who gets off on her extra large clompers and is responsible for 95% of her income
also lol at her immediately begging for subs bc she’s too poor for a fucking pedicure

No. 176400

Nobody is paying for her, that's why she keeps begging. If she was doing well she'd simply get a pedicure and post that.

No. 176401

Pedicure is probably the least of her problems but she just focuses on the shallow stuff, especially to try and keep up the facade about her life being so good when she's clearly barely scraping by.

So now that they might be sharing a bed again is Kevvie getting the nookie or is he still just a cuck?

No. 176403

I had a friend who lived in a similar apartment building with an income subsidized unit. It looks like a carbon copy of their place, down to the light fixtures. Everything looks new and shiny from a distance, but they are built with cheap materials and have a lot of issues you need to call building maintenance for.
Unsubsidized units are larger with better layouts, but aren't exactly luxury apartments. I knew someone else in the building who made like $70k a year and lived on the top floor in a 1 bedroom. Nothing fancy.

No. 176407

File: 1633740318680.png (2.75 MB, 2048x2039, Screenshot_20211008-174444.png)


No. 176408

File: 1633740513145.gif (18.71 MB, 551x929, ezgif-3-cce4f6460ca1.gif)

>I post so much bullshit that you thought was gonna be porn, you can find it if you're dumb enough to pay to see this

No. 176409

She's not fooling anyone with those pulled in frames around her topkek chubby bitch oink oink Lori

No. 176411

This is an alien trying to copy human facial movements unsuccessfully, you can't convince me otherwise

No. 176412

There is no way she isn't on hard drugs.

No. 176413

Is that Kevin in his underwear behind her on the right side of the video, fucking lol. Neither of them has literally any space to themselves.

No. 176415

Anon holy shit I didn't notice until you pointed it out

No. 176416

Abuela stomping around in baby clothes for 2 hours straight for her onlyfans while Kev rummages through boxes in their living/bedroom in dingy boxers for a high fashion fit to match his adidis sneakies. You can't make this shit up.

No. 176417

Long time lurker here but I have to correct this post. No this is not a reference to lori. Lady Loony has been a player in that game for years. please dont reach.

No. 176418

Speaking of which, how many years has it been since Kevin proposed? Why haven't they actually married in all this time?

No. 176419

Anon I am fucking crying. That is indeed a shirtless Kevin in his boxer shorts trying to get changed while Lori spazzes out in a dinosaur costume right next to him. This is beyond funny.

No. 176420

File: 1633747572631.jpeg (128.04 KB, 828x1404, 544EAE8E-5E2C-45F5-9C37-5E3D73…)

A thicc boi kek

No. 176421

Loving this era of them tarding out while living in a shoebox!

Imagine Loony's spicy with Kevvy in the background.

No. 176430

Gross my little brother has a dinosaur kigurumi just like that. Yuck!
>>176413 omg that's to friggin hilarious!! Now shes going to be telling at him to get out if her shots all the time.

No. 176434

I hope she meets a new paypig at the pool Kevin allows her to go to alone. It seems like they are in a studio, even if they’re not it’s a small unit and seemingly are on top of each other. That’s going to make fighting worse. I can’t believe he accepts her constant blocking and denying they’re in a relationship after years of being together.

No. 176451

rofl omg Kevin. He is the definition of cucked and pathetic

No. 176453

At least he doesn't get holographic underoos

No. 176458

The picture quality in her new place is really bad. Those blaring lights are to much and if she turns them off its probably to dark. I actually thought the bedroom she had created a better layout for her pictures as gross as they are. The high ceiling changes the vibe, even if she sets up a corner I think she'll have a hard time creating a good vibe.

No. 176479

Muffin topping in elastic waistband boxers. Sad. Kevin reminds me of a fatter more effiminate fake-hypebeast Smeagol; they have many overlapping qualities but physically and emotionally.

No. 176480


There is absolutely no area for Kevin to devote to the things he likes. That apartment space screams 100% "this is Lori's space". I would be embarrassed to ever have company/family over if that's what the main living space looks like…

Lori will never leave Kevin unless she is able to find someone who is more financially stable AND willing to put up with her spazzy toxic shit. She got Kevin young enough where she could essentially groom him to stay and accept her behavior. Kevin, why is it okay to be with someone who can't meet your needs?

No. 176493

>he got Kevin young enough where she could essentially groom him to stay and accept her behavior.

Kevin is MAID.

No. 176495

File: 1633826962525.jpeg (112.78 KB, 705x1107, 5474F38F-CE88-4B26-82C1-E73113…)

a rare sighting within a filter glitch

No. 176496

That caption is fucking perfect. TOPKEK!

No. 176506

File: 1633837006369.jpeg (135.63 KB, 731x1351, 2E0BB084-2BEF-4D4F-BA69-27CD96…)

A “live” featuring her baritone voice “sugoiiii” in the middle of their dollar general apartment building’s lobby toppest of keks

No. 176537

Is no more "bomb ass lighting" her excuse this time?

No. 176549

What does this even mean?
This has to be so confusing for what followers she has as they seem to be mainly ESL

No. 176552

File: 1633896300903.png (309.84 KB, 1288x2048, Screenshot_20211010-130333.png)

Except she depended on a harem for like 10 years and is a parasite in relationships cause she's fucking lazy and just manipulates everyone around her KEK. She's so weak she has to bark the loudest about being so strong and independent

No. 176554

Is this stupid puffer fish face when shaking her head from side to side supposed to be attractive? Nothing sexier than a 40 year old hag larping as an anime character

No. 176560

I don’t understand why she always does that head shake thing I’ve never seen anyone else do that it makes her look like a pissed off horse

No. 176564

File: 1633907639786.jpg (69.62 KB, 720x1166, IMG_20211010_161205_169.jpg)

>Blocks Kevin
>Doesn't ever acknowledge their relationship on her socials
>Pretends to be engaged to a skeleton

No. 176566

Funny to see rings that look like they came from a gumball machine on an older woman's hands.

No. 176567

she’ll wear this dinky ring but hasn’t worn the engagement ring kevin gave her in over a year lol

No. 176568

im noting going to say she has but if we havent seen the ring in a year she probably pawned it

No. 176573

It's supposed to be like a loli character pouting/throwing a fit from those japanese animes but, with a lori spin to it. She just lacks the self-awareness to realize that trying to translate anime shit to real life always looks retarded.

No. 176578

She's pretending to be engaged to the skeleton because he's skinnier than Kevin

No. 176603


. . . does anyone else get "opiates addicts" vibes from them?

No. 176611

I'm on >>176046 tinfoil ngl, but it's something. even if it's just them both smoking cannabis with varying mental problems on top of staying inside fuelling each other's insanity in a small space and fighting not only IRL but online.
kevin needs to go home and unplug. lori is irredeemable. drug wise, time will tell. wonder if there is a habit and they're paying for that and rent (doubt) how quickly they'll go downhill and get desperate.

No. 176614

Lmao everything they do is the direct spazz opposite of opiates, but I agree with >>176611. Honestly I think if they were on any hard drugs they'd be skinnier, the two of them wouldn't be able to afford a habit ontop of their lazy tub lord diets and still sneak in their latest AliExpress & medium quality sneaker afterpays.

Personally outside of weed I don't think they do any drugs at all, I think they're this cringe and unstable on their own.

No. 176616

She wasnt even wearing it on this hand. In this picture >>176374 she was wearing it on her right hand. I wonder if she saw it ask here >>176394 if she always wore it but it was a mistake realizing later it was actually on her right hand and not an engagement ring. Suddenly it turns up on her left hand the next day. Shes always lurking and adjusting to what people think.
Anyway, now that she posted a close up it's just a fake opal with some zirconia around it. More Amazon junk.

No. 176617

They absolutely aren't cool enough to have drug connects anon. First of all that would require them to have friends. They're crazy all on their own

No. 176619

Thinking of all the starving heroin junkies in my hometown who look and act like zombies and questioning your "drugs are cool" stance, attaining drugs does not require social connections or any other skillset other than some spare cash.
Lori is just trying to look like an anime character/Belle Delphine/erratic movements to look less human and more interesting, also a hefty slice of autism. I wouldn't be surprised if they are both highly autistic which might explain their inability to communicate properly.

No. 176620

I agree because long before she was trying to rip off Delphine and the like she randomly did videos of herself making strange movements and sounds. She also always spoke with non-words. Those behaviors are not normal. I can see acting that way once in a while but she's beyond that. The copying of other ethots and downward spiral if her life has only made it worse latley. I also noticed all her communications on her socials are brief broken scentences with non words and symbols. Children with autism do that.

Also drugs are expensive. People who do drugs need some way to pay for them. Even marijuana costs.

No. 176627

Nonnie, it's a leap implying I said heroin was cool. They'd be too scared to shoot anyway. Those starving junkies you mentioned definitely have friends they buy their shit from, though, which is a thing Lori and Kevin don't have. You need to know where to get it before you can actually buy. There is absolutely no way they know any dealers, they're way too isolated.

They wouldn't do H but I can see them doing coke for bougie points but again, they'd need friends already into it to get any drugs besides weed at all. You don't just like walk down the street flashing cash or something. You actually have to talk to other humans first lol

No. 176628

Times have changed, anon. You can buy drugs on your computer.

No. 176640

File: 1633985851279.png (1.96 MB, 1172x2048, Screenshot_20211011-135646.png)

She's playing off the apartment lobby as her living room I'm screaming this bitch is so stupid

No. 176641

That's pathetic. Who hangs out in the Lobby of an apartment complex? She really wants to keep pushing that "this place is so nice" bs.

No. 176642

Weebs who live in an apartment with no living room. That's who.

No. 176644

File: 1633986978450.png (2.28 MB, 1314x2048, Screenshot_20211011-141609.png)

Ran it through Remini oh my god KEK

No. 176646

this is actually still flattering compared to her actual looks too. It made her skin smoother and her lips plumper

No. 176647

Kek!! Thanks anon, I love a good October fright, yikes!!

No. 176652

File: 1633989156454.png (535.71 KB, 1080x1595, Screenshot_20211011-142011~2.p…)

Looks like the Amazon rings you can buy lol

No. 176654

File: 1633989789989.png (475.52 KB, 1819x2048, Screenshot_20211011-150129.png)

No. 176655

What a strange development. I added it to the calendar. Lori very rarely follows Kevin. It's probably been close to a year that she last followed his account.

No. 176656

Those vampire loli genes, kek. But for real, how fucking bleak.

No. 176657

File: 1633990259439.png (164.4 KB, 2007x2048, Screenshot_20211011-150307.png)

Did he just get unblocked or? Is he done with the game lol

No. 176659

I'm sure he just got unblocked and hasn't re-followed her yet. His account will be following her within a few hours, I'm guessing.

No. 176661

File: 1633990757636.jpg (538.07 KB, 980x1391, d7volv6-ecdc734c-5ccd-4d8c-bcc…)

Damn, that's actually pretty close to the least PS'd pics of her face. I know this is old and she was way younger but the structure matches up.
Probably just happened, give him time to notice. I'm assuming he coughed up money a little earlier than expected.

No. 176664


It's because they're so broke-ass that I suspect opiates.

No. 176666

Like they wouldn't be the kinds of retards to snort Suboxone or something, kek. Highly doubt the H tinfoil, permafried brains from weed and addy seem more likely especially cause Kevin has talked about being actually coo coo bananas crazy.

No. 176678

File: 1633998031369.jpg (238.97 KB, 591x697, 20211011_191917.jpg)

I thought so!

Yeah glad he found that 10 dollars!

Kek Heres a more recent shot of the jaw and nose unedited since even her moonie pictures are edited.

No. 176680

Tbh, and pretty sure another anon said this already, but if she did the lewds with a witchy look instead of this loli shit, she would prob make better money. Loli has been done to death by every egirl out there. It a long shot Lori but get your witchy look and you will get more subs guaranteed.

No. 176682

I've never seen this candid, anon. Good find.

No. 176685

> playing off the apartment lobby as her living room

That's so sad. She's in a lonely corner of the lobby trying to take selfies while people are coming and going so instead she does this instead of just going out and having a life.

The staff and other people living there are all probably wondering what this old woman in walmart gear is trying to do.

I don't think this is truly a candid, it's clearly been run over by a few filters.

No. 176686

or if she did bitchy femdom stuff. she has the perfect look and attitude for that. kawaii/loli shit doesn't suit her at all

No. 176690

The rusted band is making me kek

No. 176691

File: 1634005938075.jpg (166.99 KB, 1152x1728, 73014929_1365076936949532_3908…)

Just found this. Haven't seen this one either!

No. 176692

I kind of hope Lori is dumb enough to try to film a shoot for "the spicy" here kek

No. 176693

File: 1634006279998.jpg (89.99 KB, 640x853, 2xclqfigjus71.jpg)

This certainly is a loooooooooong foot.

No. 176694

kevin's tiny bulge gets me every time.

No. 176709

Their drugstore makeup is so caked on but manages to not cover anything. It even looks like they both used the same foundation.

No. 176710

Oh my god I never noticed the dad sneakers before

No. 176727

that butterfly is a meitu emoji, more proof she uses that app to edit

No. 176730

Tinfoil but shes following Kevin so she can read his comments. Now that he's going out again he's meeting other people as nd it makes her worried.

This cosplay just isnt good and the neck/back piece isnt Kevin's best work, the white part looks like its buckling. Loris hair looks thin but it also looks dry and greasy at the same time. Her skin looks off and the makeup is a mess. Theres just to much wrong with it imo.

Zoom in and check the major blur around her jawline. Shes always edited her face. I use to think some of these old moonie pictures were decent but now I realize their as fake as all the rest of her picture. She just didnt feel the need to edit her entire face at the time since she wasnt a hag like she is now.

No. 176739

File: 1634048407818.jpeg (585.02 KB, 1242x1991, 8F3F53AC-4404-4F94-A065-557482…)

Really Kevin? Trying to pawn off an old cosplay for a whole 1k? He’ll be lucky if he gets 200 for this thing

No. 176745

I agree, especially with local pick up only. The chances of selling are just about 0. That can be shipped Fed Ex in a box. Take it and get it weighed. Why not offer it to any location if you want to sell? I'd say at most 300 and add shipping.

No. 176747

It's not even a popular character, it's a skin that came out years as go. Most people wouldnt even know who it us. I bet it wont sell.

No. 176750

File: 1634052172345.png (1.33 MB, 1117x2048, Screenshot_20211012-081854.png)

Lori, you would be burned for stealing from everyone and giving their sons incurable STDs back then. The persecution complex with this one is absolutely astounding cause you know she never publicly shares anything unless it directly has to do with her and she wants everyone to know LOL. Looking forward to geriatric Lori just sharing these dumb Facebook posts in between posting granny thirst traps in the psych ward

No. 176753

Tell me you’re actually poor without telling me you’re actually poor.

No. 176758

Do they not have a vehicle anymore? "I have to arrange to get it out of storage if it sells" and "local pickup only" make me wonder. Do they just take Ubers to the Round 1 and Burger King? Sounds like they're pretty desperate for cash and also have no room in their shoebox apartment for bulky cosplays.

No. 176759

Lori’s fucking shoes kek. I still can’t believe someone like her who harps on other peoples cosplay accuracy had the audacity to wear those clunky ass sandals with the toes of her costume stapled down like that. It looks retarded. Kevin is not far off with his New Balance 624’s. I have to ask though, how is Kevin’s eye makeup significantly better than Lori’s? That wing is tragic.

Also, nice eye bags loon. Your age is showing.

No. 176764

File: 1634062235234.jpeg (219.01 KB, 828x666, 9D400A44-133D-4C53-B270-EB82F2…)

No. 176766

>screams about haters all the time
>if you support us it seems overbearing and like bait
So what do you want then? Make up your mind, Kevin. If you think people are just going to throw money at you online for doing nothing and never talk to or interact with you in any other way, you're delusional

No. 176769

Probably don't have gas money or insurance or tags.
Wigs and lenses are haram but the clogs are halal? Hmmm.

No. 176772

This idiot believes that she's being "persecuted" and it's because shes so special. She genuinely believes shes a victim with no fault. Her delusional thinking is a serious sign of mental illness.

No. 176776

>We have been on our own so long
>makes us bad people
Make it more obvious all your accounts are micromanaged by Lori, kevin.

Maybe when the blocking/unblocking happens it's simply because Lori demands his phone for the 17th time that day and he says no. Him using his account without Lori watching is aboose and cheating!!
I find this kind of unofficial joint account creepy, like you don't know who you are really interacting with. I bet he has secret chat conversations sometimes which he deletes before Lori unblocks and delves through his accounts again.

No. 176780

Nah, you two unfriending people doesn't make you bad people. Because that would be implying that you aren't bad people to BEGIN with.

No. 176789

That status didn't stay up for very long.

No. 176790

File: 1634072662724.jpg (104.21 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20211012_140224_339.jpg)

Kevin followed Lori back.

No. 176792

File: 1634074338814.png (1.44 MB, 1018x2048, Screenshot_20211012-143014.png)

Kek that editing isn't fooling anyone cerda

No. 176794

Where do they even sit down? All those garbage plushies have taken over the only living space they have. Interesting that this is now her photoshoot location. Guess her bedroom doesn't have that bomb ass lighting.

No. 176802

File: 1634075844292.png (353.18 KB, 2048x1443, Screenshot_20211012-145520.png)

Only comments on that post. Brunch is too much for her apparently, but Burger King and funnel cake for dinner isn't?

No. 176806

I wish they would at least get a goddamn net for them. There is plenty of ways to neatly arrange plushies and cheap stuff to buy to put display them in. She would rather they collect dust on the ground for some reason

No. 176809

It's highly suspected that there is no bedroom. Choices of seating include the clear plastic chair from Hobby Lobby, Kevin's computer chair or the hard floor with no area rug.

It's to funny that her already limited photo sets are now even more limited and boring since she'll only show herself from that one angle to avoide showing the apt. The beige walls and floor are just blah and her edits of herself are more fake looking than ever.

No. 176812

File: 1634081814722.jpg (255.08 KB, 1018x2048, 1634074338814 (2).jpg)

I look a bit like what Lori pretends to look like, so with that in mind I changed the colours on this image to look more like what it should actually look like irl in indoor lighting+phone camera images.
I can't speak to any(!) warping she does in meitu/snow but the real life colours and lighting must be something more like this.(do not post fan art )

No. 176813

Not even a week each time, it's like the milkiness is speeding up due to them living in cramped conditions with less money to work with.

She will probably start staging a fake bedroom for sets of pics then slowly release them over time to hide that there is no bedroom.

No. 176817

OP exists for a reason. Learn to sage.

No. 176820

Sage goes in the email line so you don't bump the thread.

No. 176821

File: 1634083083100.jpg (102.73 KB, 720x910, IMG_20211012_165611_415.jpg)

Kevin sounds like he's about to cry in this status. "Not sure if we'll be going to Anime Banzai lol" "my birthday is tomorrow, life is moving too fast"

Also where was he working on his cosplay if not the new apartment? The storage facility?

I wonder if Lori will give him an old free shirt for his birthday like she did last year, kek.

No. 176822

Omg that was to funny anon, I remember that. It was from Lewd complex and they dropped her too which is even funnier.

No. 176827

File: 1634084836887.jpg (56.37 KB, 720x541, IMG_20211012_172421_988.jpg)


No. 176846


No. 176871

It's because she can't afford brunch topkek

No. 176879

kek looks like shes using the same snow filters as cafebeef now

No. 176883

absolutely this though. looni was kevvys first real girlfriend and his friends have admitted he was a virgin before. he's been a willing victim but this kid is a retarded late bloomer who got groomed. he was a 23 year old virgin. kek.

No. 176885

>our place is way to nice to work on this here.
-references where he is while showing a pic he claims is someplace else
-claims it's to nice but really he just has no place to do it because there no room inside and Looni turned it all into her "studio"
-probably out on the balcony again as the shadows on the floor would indictate hes clearly outside

>probably wont be going to Anime Bonzai. I just found out it's this weekend

-admits he's not that into anime or cons anymore by stating he doesnt even know when his local con takes place
-wastes money on cosplay anyway to hold on to the shadow of his former life. Sad.

No. 176890

Don't forget he grew up mormon. That really puts his late bloomer-ness into perspective

No. 176905

don't you know anon? plushies = money

No. 176912

Damn, she really groomed a mormon man baby into a gold-foil wrapped ATM and plushie dispenser. Inb4 anons scream about how he wasn't groomed; he was. Anyone can be. Man's had no experience or prior relations. That's fucked.
She ever given him gifts that weren't her scraps or free?
Happy Birthday, Kevin! Have fun driving your nonna to arcades and malls so she can buy herself toys with your money and hand you her least favorite find of the day.
She would love to get black out and binge eat a sugary brunch, just not with that troon. He's been trying to suck her clit for over a decade. I found him pre-trooning on her old accounts and other people's posts about her on LJ and Facebook. He's made long spiels about forgiving Usagi and moving on, how people should love and accept her and subscribe to her, etc. It's on his current Facebook too if you look you'll see what I mean.
Sounds like he's shit talking people choosing to take space and not pay him for…. whatever he "does" now? Is this proof they're alienating the final people in their inner circle? Who owould they even have left besides the troon cosplayers, Kevin's family and the kids he played skateboarder with?

No. 176921

Anon, he was definitely groomed. I agree with you. He was much younger and inexperienced and this crazy manipulative woman, 9 years his senior with a history of running from one life to the next every time the jig is up latched onto him and groomed him into what she needed. She has him convinced she's the victim. It's actually very sad and incredibly sick.

>He's made long spiels about forgiving Usagi and moving on, how people should love and accept her and subscribe to her, etc.

Did they really meet by chance then? Or was he victim before he even met her?

She's sicker than most people realize. Her evil goes beyond editing her pictures and silly lies.

No. 176937

File: 1634160775444.png (1.02 MB, 1303x2048, Screenshot_20211013-143125.png)

New skating vid on IG, glad he found friends at least. He's a pretty good skater too.

No. 176938

File: 1634160807543.webm (1.35 MB, 640x640, 244791585_133808932311055_7722…)

Here's the video.

No. 176939

He looks like a different person when he goes skating.

No. 176940

File: 1634162295151.jpg (98.5 KB, 720x926, IMG_20211013_145643_646.jpg)

Lori lives in a huge luxury penthouse apartment with tons of space and we are just jealous haters. She needs more nanos! Because there's SO MUCH ROOM!

No. 176941

I think the fact that he grew up Mormon contributed to it hugely, it's such a sheltered way to live whether you are a man or a woman

This is really not bad, skating is his least laughable hobby. Shame he's too egotistical to improve at anything, he could be really good if he got his head out of his ass.

No. 176942

Yeah that corner between the balcony and the kitchen counter looks huge.

No. 176945

File: 1634164871893.png (2.43 MB, 2160x1350, KevinsBirthdayPhotos.png)

Lori allowed Kevin to take these couples photos for his birthday. He also says he's going out later with Lori to celebrate. I'm sure it's to a place of her choosing.

No. 176946

KEK she's seething we know they're crammed in there and mad about having to sacrifice the 100 extra sq ft they had prior. Cope harder, Lori.
Ooh, Red Lobster? Olive Garden? Garbage mall Chinese food? Maybe they'll go hard and split apps at the Cheesecake Factory downtown.

No. 176947

She looks absolutely miserable.

No. 176948

Agreed, but we're not allowed to say anything like that within threads lest that one anon rises from their cave to screech at us about how we must be Kous or have bad eyesight because we so obviously are not seeing the flesh just melting off of this girl's face.

No. 176951

Edited to oblivion as usual. Of course a tacky embarrassing outfit must be worn if their going out. I wonder if he ever sees other women dressed elegantly or even just in regular clothes and then realizes how ridiculous she always looks.

She does, more miserable than usual.

No. 176953

File: 1634167174641.jpg (313.74 KB, 1080x987, 20211013_181734.jpg)

So he knows the lighting looks like shit? No wonder Lori wants more nanos like that's going to help. Did they really use their closet to display plushies so they could take pictures from a different angle? Kek.

No. 176955

It looks like he’s scared to touch her. His hand is so weird in the second pic, like hoverhand

No. 176956

they are going out and celebrating his birthday and she's wearing pajamas? so tacky and cheap

No. 176957

File: 1634168644544.jpeg (79.29 KB, 812x805, 5B973E55-3932-48AE-AC4C-A169F9…)

TOPKEK it’s the timid little baby hand reaching out so delicately to try to touch her for me

No. 176958

Oh jeez, he is really hover handing it

No. 176959

Both of them look so awkward here. Kevin’s timid hand placement and how he made sure to jut his leg out so that his shoes could be included lmao. He looks like he has to ask for permission to be near and touch her. Lori looks pissed and unenthusiastic, staring at herself on her phone screen instead of being in the moment with her “fiance”. I wonder if she’ll block him for uploading this.

No. 176960

Folded over sweatpants like it 2002.

I wonder if he does that so it's easier for her to shop the pictures. They always pose the same way.

No. 176961

Isnt that one of Kevin's sweatshirts she's wearing over that ill fitting bodysuit? Are they so poor she's now cutting up Kevin's clothes to try and make new outfits?

No. 176962

His face in the left photo pisses me off for some reason. Its more punchable than hers for once.

No. 176963


A fuckin' novel could be written on the body language of these pictures. Yeesh.

No. 176964

TOPKEK. it's not even the closet, i think this is the edge of the bar/counter and they set all these plushies up above and below it to take a pic… i just imagine them manically moving all the plushies around the apartment with her screaming frantically at kevvy like "WE NEED MORE ANGLES WE HAVE TO MAKE IT LOOK HUGE!11!!1" "PUT YOUR HAND BELOW MY HIP SO I CAN SHOOP MY LOLI WAIST XD UWU"

No. 176965

File: 1634171359586.jpg (122.58 KB, 720x1168, IMG_20211013_172800_932.jpg)

I forgot to post this the other day. My first thought was "Wow that's messed up she's taking pics of other residents in the pool," thinking that was some elderly lady. But that's Lori in this pic.

No. 176966

If his beaker neck and jawline are any indication, Loony's real face must be a wreck to need the app on max sliders.

The amount of effort Loony put into staging their kitchen with toys while forcing Kevin to pose awkwardly so she can edit it is sending me.

Bet we're going to see more unintentional candids of him trying to live without a bedroom in their "so much space" unit.

Looks like random trailer trash.

No. 176967

File: 1634172543270.jpg (53.46 KB, 720x616, IMG_20211013_174830_273.jpg)

HOLY SHIT KEK. This person didn't recognize them because they look nothing like their edits. I am DEAD.

No. 176971

And… at Spencer's

No. 176974

So affluent.

No. 176975

Right, as Kevin said, learn high fashion or die. Everyone knows high fashion comes from Spencer's, after all.

No. 176976

High fashion 30yos going to Spencers to get new drip using mom and pop's money. Watch Loony block Kevin over that post.

No. 176977

Probably went to buy Lewd Complex tees since they've been "used for clout" and dropped by them. Hopefully Looni replaced that damn dildo.

No. 176978

They really are living like a couple of teenagers on an allowance. It's ever sadder for Lori than Kevin when you look at it that way.

No. 176980

Unpopular opinion I'm sure, but this is the most "healthy" I've seen these two since I started these threads. Lori posted a photo without extreme photoshop and Kevin is doing things outside his apartment that aren't 100% Lori-centric.

No. 176984

Kevvy is only outside because Loony took all his space, again. He has no bedroom or even a livingroom or a hallway to retreat to, so he goes outside.

It's either that or get exposed while in his underoos because Loony is taking awkward selfies of ~the spicy~ in the same room.

No. 176985

File: 1634185776914.jpg (579.77 KB, 1628x1346, hoodie.jpg)

Lads, this anon is right. I just went back through a couple of threads and it's definitely Kevin's pink hoodie that Lori cut up and made into a crop for her to wear. You can see how jagged and uneven the unfinished hem is, like she just took a pair of kitchen scissors to it.

Photo for reference - it makes me actually really sad to see this. Kevin posted about this hoodie less than 3 months ago, said it was his favourite hoodie AND was feeling it enough to have that whole photoshoot with it. It might have been egotistical at the time for him to do, but the guy has so few things that are his own, and Lori had to steal it and turn it into a cropped abomination for herself.

Dude, just get out before she takes everything of yours for her 'kawaii loli aesthetic' already. Imagine going out to celebrate your birthday and your loli waifu has butchered one of your favourite hoodies to wear. What a spit in the face.

No. 176986

Kevin dug his own grave. He is an adult man who hasn't matured beyond highschool.

No. 176987

And he made the choice to continue staying with her. Can anons stop coming here to sperg about what a victim he is.

No. 176988

you can see how much her filters effect his ugly ass face just between these photos

No. 176989

>I look a bit like what Lori pretends to look like

No. 176990

she's built like a college mini-fridge.

No. 176991

Where did her engagement ring go?

No. 176992

I thought this was a photo of a withered trailer trash grandma at first. >>176985
Why would you cut this, only to wear a ugly leotard under it? The rolled down sweats with boots combo looks so ridiculous and tacky. Why wear sweats into public but then pair it with uncomfortable shoes? I thought she had “back issues” >>176945
The plushie thing was something kitty was into, lori is deep skin walking her still. She needs to get a new hobby. >>176821
I hope they go and people get new candids

No. 176999

>You can see how jagged and uneven the unfinished hem is, like she just took a pair of kitchen scissors to it.

Just like her attempt at cutting her own bangs. She can't afford to get her hair done and looks like the aged trailer trash she is.

That hoodie is going in the garbage now because she tore it up and it won't handle a washing machine. Not that they wash their clothes beyond peeing on them anyway.

No. 177006

KEK I didn't catch the self diss I'm so sorry for that nonnie

No. 177007

>without extreme photoshops
Are you new here?

Good find anon, kek. She really did just chop it up, it's so uneven. Maybe next time she can get someone to cut up kevins shirts for her and then tell everyone she made it herself.

No. 177017

File: 1634221472389.jpeg (53.4 KB, 480x270, lori.jpeg)

No. 177039

File: 1634232279904.jpg (130.55 KB, 510x690, BPD isn't even real retard.jpg)

No. 177040

File: 1634232366299.jpg (54.43 KB, 763x544, lol.jpg)

They keep getting deleted off subs for breaking rules about self promo and other things, they're so thriving but now even reddit is "shadow banning" them. Must be Mariah pulling strings, damn you MooMooKunt!

No. 177042

File: 1634232873463.jpg (108.56 KB, 493x903, Untitled (2).jpg)

>two anime shirts / $24.99 ea.
>mini logo bearings / $12
>orbs specters / $26.95
>grand total of haul = $89~
Lori's whore shoes cost like, $90 minimum. The ones she loves and wears are upwards of $200. Woof. Cool gifts, Kev. Sucks about your destroyed sweatshirt that retailed for like $75.

No. 177044

Is Lori admitting by posting this that she's aware she has mental health issues?

No. 177045

Oh nooo is she starting a BPD larp next?

No. 177047

It went either back into her ziplock bag of fake jewelry or shipped back to Anazon for her $14 refund.

No. 177052

She’s trying to get sympathy points for her shitty behavior. I highly doubt she has BPD, she’s just an asshole looking for an excuse to continue acting like a cunt with no repercussions.

No. 177055

I agree she's aware of what a piece if shit she acts like but theres something wrong with her too and it might not be BPD but she's not right in the head.

No. 177057

Lori is too self obsessed to have a FP let alone have BPD

No. 177058

OT but wtf is a FP?

No. 177059

I hope it's a YouTube video and not just a review in an IG caption. I really wanna see it.
Every narc that wants to get away with shit behavior claims BPD. If she was a zoomer, it would be DID. Who cares? She has never received any help mentally so she definitely was never formally diagnosed. She probably saw a Facebook infographic about BPD and decided she had it. She's snakey like that and will do and say anything to always be a victim.

No. 177063

"Favorite person," it's lingo used to describe the people who BPD-chans become extremely attached to. I think it's pointless to armchair about whatever is happening in her head that makes her the way she is though, it's not like anything she says can be taken at face value.

No. 177082

File: 1634247442147.jpg (3.33 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_10-14-02.37.01.jpg)

Fixed that for you Lori LOL

No. 177084

File: 1634247763653.jpeg (206.69 KB, 1800x925, 093A201B-F721-4B24-9826-059112…)

god, she really hates him doesnt she? why would you shoop your boyfriend to look even more inbred

No. 177086

Mini logo. Tell me you're poor without telling me you're poor. Peralta endorsed but not that good good Powell/Peralta. Oki.

No. 177096

>I made it this far

kek, this new fiction of overcoming mental health issues when she's just been a piece of shit person her whole life.

No. 177097

the way they both stare at their reflections on the phone instead of looking at each other or even the mirror. they are supposed to be a loving couple celebrating his birthday and they can't even smile

No. 177101

She posted a long time ago on FB that she thought she had autism so this is just another chapter of her labeling herself. I have no doubt she's mentally ill but she's also just a selfish shit stain of a human being.

No. 177104

File: 1634257381963.png (1.3 MB, 1188x2048, Screenshot_20211014-172149.png)


No. 177106

Holy shit Kevin is so retarded lmao

No. 177108

is he planning to sit on the floor or…?

No. 177109

so is he gonna shove his hands under the entire table to use his keyboard lol it doesn’t even slide out
rip his wrists

No. 177110

They're weebs, anon. Ofc he'd sit on the floor because that's what they do in glorious nippon.

No. 177112

Why does Lori insist on covering every square inch of her tables and floors with old musty throw blankets? Like, buy table runners and seat cushions? Buy a real rug that isn't plastic off Amazon? She decorates like a dirt poor 7th grade girl in a ghetto. Just throw blankets and shit all over and no one will notice your section 8 apartment riddled with cracks, stains and mold! It's so weird. They're so fucking weird and only getting older and worse.

No. 177113

Can we all agree she is not a cosplayer anymore? She keeps posting her lingerie shots on cosplay groups and she gets next to no interaction. When will she realize she's a has been? Once a year miccostumes cosplays don't count.

No. 177116

File: 1634261279090.jpeg (72.6 KB, 675x900, FBnhJoBUYAAfDRC.jpeg)

From Twitter. Is that her real hair sticking out by her neck? So much for her naturally long anime hair.

No. 177118

Presuming that >>176940 is the bed and it's in the background of
It really is the one room living room/bedroom apartment huh

No. 177125

You can see the bed in the mirror in Kevin's coffee table pic too, guess they gave up on trying to hide it

No. 177126

i miss her skinwalking. she abandoned 02 pretty fast

No. 177127

>keyboard drop

Kek, does he know what either of those things are?

Seems the inflatable bed with a dip in it made it over to the tiny room they live in.

No. 177128

Dont worry, anon, she will find another character to skinwalk. I think saber is her next target. Not like she has any personality of her own. Almost forty and just a wrinkly pile of cartoon references in polyester.

No. 177129

I said this before and anons got pissy, but I miss her Usagi skinwalk. I'd rather see that, but she said that moon isn't her "jam" anymore. Even that 02 shit was incredibly boring. Lori trying to be Sailor Moon well into her twilight years was so much more fun.

No. 177138

File: 1634290966869.jpeg (27.86 KB, 284x320, FFA5C1E4-2FB3-4566-8FAE-60F523…)

Funny as it would be to think that's their bed, it looks more like that coffee table Lori's dirty spicy blow hole was posing on with the dildo, just with a blanket over it.

No. 177139

I think the ferret(s) and bed are taking up the whole very small bedroom which is why we haven't really seen it yet except for that one photo with the space heater.

No. 177140

File: 1634292216983.png (5.14 MB, 2241x2416, 1633143572847.png)

Gonna repost anon's compilation from last thread for ease of comparison. Empty bathroom, shared outside pool, and that photo with the ferret and the tv.

No. 177156

In that compilation pic post from another anon, you can see in the bathroom pic what seems to be a standalone shower, and on the apartment site, all the 1 br floor plans have a shower plus tub. There are a few studio floorplans that have just the shower

Until they slip and show the bed and bedroom, I'm still leaning on them being in a studio

No. 177159

File: 1634306527462.png (116.95 KB, 297x341, Screen Shot 2021-10-15 at 10.0…)

good catch anon, that does look like a short patch of hair around the neck!! the whole ponytail honestly looks like a clip in or extensions? like WTF is going on in picrel whats that circle thing on the back of her head?

No. 177160

you retards, that ram pic is old as fuck and reposted. that's the old apartment, the lights aren't even set up the same way. also that's not the bed, it's her ugly ass table covered in a blue blanket. i don't doubt its the studio they just don't wanna slip up because the farms document everything they do.

No. 177163

Lori has posted that stupid video of her dancing around in that dino costume with Kevin hanging out in his underwear to her Twitter and her Facebook. She also posted it a second time to her Instagram story a few days after we pointed it out. She really doesn't give a shit if she embarrasses him.

No. 177166

That's definitely a clip on ponytail. I've used them many times at work. To long, to straight, to thick and the ends are to even.
It doesnt even look like hair growing out of her head.

No. 177167

Any time I see her fucked up, choppy and dead hair I always think about her wig spergs and "how perfect" her hair is. I love it. 40 year old skitzo copes online every other post saying she's small and super soft with virtually perfect hair and skin, porcelain even. KEK fuckin delusion.

No. 177171

She always claims to never use wigs but doesn't think her clip ons and extensions are fake.

She must be legit blind because her amazon clip in extensions never match her drugstore hair colors. On top of that, the texture on her clipons is always shiny, thick and healthy in contrast to her own fried sparse hair. She relies on heavy filters taken through a mirror to hide that she's bald as hecc.

No. 177172

File: 1634315964159.jpg (21.7 KB, 155x148, 20211015_113640.jpg)

Compared to her hair balled up in the pool picture, it's clear that's fake hair.

I noticed when I zoomed in to this picture she blurred out her back tattoo. I guess she's ashamed of how shitty it looks.

No. 177173

File: 1634316049457.jpg (57.89 KB, 1202x634, Untitled (3).jpg)

She's getting dragged on coomer forums for her shit content. I wonder how abysmal she's really doing. She always begs between the 1-15th of the month. I can't imagine ANYONE has a long-term or renewing sub. Plus the coomers don't even know she isn't a troon. They bought her porn expecting a troon… Imagine being a woman, trying to retain your youth and be a sexy young girl, just to be mistaken for a late twenties tranny hooker. I can't.

No. 177174

Work that greasy $12 amazon pony clip in, mama. A true TJ Maxxinista. She's been juggling varying exte for awhile now. She has ponytails in different thickness and then her invisible band clip ins for when it's down. They're all ratty and yellow to match her hair pre-filters.

Same. I think once Belle is out in the US she'll start a more age-appropriate skinwalk. Hopefully she drops this trash she's doing now and goes back to pink, wears scarves, long dresses and festival makeup and stops showing her flat ass and chest hole. Pink hair at least made her photos more interesting to look at and her whole Renn Faire Chic thing was kinda cute and suited her body and face more. I can't imagine that her girl downstairs is very appreciative of being crammed into toxic cheap undies and tight clothes all day long.

No. 177176

I agree the renn faire look was better and can it also works for any age but I doubt she'll go back to it. She has no personality of her own. She just adjusts herself to who ever shes with and at the moment it's a younger guy so she's larping younger uwu waif. The renn faire stuff was probably Steven's doing.

No. 177190

Does… does the coomer who posted that think she's a troon?

No. 177191

>>177173 i know the site member in picture she a total waste of time he ended up asking me about her and i point him this way and that was that

No. 177194

Why doesnt she just donate the plushies? a few plushies are fine, but when they are 1/3 of your apartment, that shit is embarrassing.

No. 177197

File: 1634333357379.png (2.77 MB, 1656x2048, Screenshot_20211015-142723.png)

I'm mortified by the pretty princess hoard in the back. Anxiety inducing. What if there was a fire!?

No. 177199

can we really blame him? she's built like a little boy and has a lego hand crotch

No. 177201

Can y'all stop posting pics of the old place like they're new?

No. 177208

Nobody said it was. She posted that today. It's relevant?

No. 177209

I wonder if she waits for Kevin to leave their shack before squatting her dirty blown out butt hole on their Amazon plastic house rug like the bitch that she is.
“Lori works ten times harder than anyone” meanwhile she has only been posting pictures by the poolside, the lobby and watching shows. She hasn’t posted any new sets or better content but a few horrid selfies that are still over exposed.

No. 177210

There's no need to compare, I'm pretty sure everyone knows what a real ponytail looks like. Her real hair length is visible in the 2 pics in >>177140 , note how she's leaning her head back in the bottom row pick to make her hair look longer. It's also very visible in her other pics like >>177197, midway there's choppy shorter hairs that give away the extensions.

No. 177213

It's just so funny that her actual "sub-a-dub-dubs" paid because they thought she was a man

The ram pic was the only old one and nobody was even talking about the new apartment with regard to that one but the newer pics, chill

No. 177216

File: 1634344392554.jpg (101.24 KB, 720x1175, IMG_20211015_173246_995.jpg)

Kevin showing off his "desk."

No. 177218

File: 1634345169680.jpg (568.92 KB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_10-15-05.46.16.jpg)

I can't tell which one it is

No. 177220

so he’s really gonna shove his entire arm under the glass to type and play games huh. have fun with that kevin

No. 177221

i don't think the keyboard and mouse are meant to go there. how does he think that is practical?

No. 177223

Nice toys ya got there.

No. 177228

this desk is something a 40 year old woman stuck in a pyramid scheme selling essential oils would use. That fake wood veneer is so very "live, laugh, love".

No. 177229

File: 1634354702829.jpg (117.8 KB, 1080x1350, 245809477_909804449952464_2464…)

No. 177230

All the musty junk and fake flowers in their place is such a tragedy.

They probably got it for free.

No. 177232

It’s such a trip to know this man is almost 30, has no career and dresses in hentai clothes. Lorena really does suck the life out of people she encounters.

No. 177240

The place looks really nice, good for them.

No. 177242

No. 177248

File: 1634377367245.jpg (39.63 KB, 310x296, Remini20211016104134629.jpg)

her shoulders wide af(nitpicking)

No. 177253

Is there as need to keep running her pictures through remini and reposting them?

No. 177255

I'm convinced the nitpickers are Lori. Because only mild criticisms of her body are ever posted like she is "fat", long feet, old, wide shoulders now lol?? Then she can call out the haydurz for bullying her or whatever.

My other more tinfoil theory is that it's Kevin acting out when he's mad at her.

No. 177257

The hand me down phone KEK

No. 177258

That tiny sliver of his face you can see is like depression.jpg

The thing the anon >>176985
pointed out about Lori needlessly cropping that hoodie he likes, which doesn't even fit her or look good, I bet she does so many petty nasty things like that every day

No. 177259

Anon your probably right. Pretty sure they were in here in a couple weeks ago too trying to throw people off over the apartment. I recognized it right away. I find it really weird too that the reposter keeps editing her pics and isnt even smart enough to rename the files. Pathetic.

No. 177260

Of course they're in here shit talking each other and trying to gaslight us into thinking they're thriving.

No. 177261

Cant fool people with their pics or their bullshit. Makes me wonder if any if her possitive comments are just her responding to her own posts. Lori use to do it on Livejournal too when she would make posts asking people to leave anonymous comments. Sorry no caps, even those are a tinfoil since theres no proof but it was so obvious.

No. 177264

File: 1634399996092.jpg (92.3 KB, 1758x409, Untitled (4).jpg)

It's not tinfoil, anons have listed her many LJ accounts and emails and knew the reason for creation was to defend herself and see things she was filtered from seeing. Yes, we lost caps, but anons who were alive to bear witness know endymion and other aggro moonie LJ accounts were absolutely her. I think on KF someone made a full list of the usernames too but it's deep in the thread. I guess she got tired of namefagging and acting like she matters?

No. 177282

He didn't even change the popsocket on it, the irony of both phones and the shit on them being bought with his parent's money.

By the sounds of how he's been relegated to hallways and closets for years, unable to have his own space even when changing it's believable she'd do things like that to remind him she's in charge.

It's basically a guarantee that skinwalkers have multiple accounts to defend themselves and pretend they're liked or popular. They're too thin skinned to take criticism while also too stupid to realize that randomly having people defend them on specific things is ridiculous and unbelievable.

No. 177294

File: 1634438834793.jpg (90.71 KB, 720x1152, IMG_20211016_194614_712.jpg)

Guess they aren't at Banzai.

No. 177297

Of course their not, they're broke.

Her candids from 3 years ago look like shit, imagine what her next candids will look like. Would love to see an old lady Saber sometime soon sans filters.

No. 177298

Wow her hair is so broken and those extensions are so obviously a different color. The hair on one side of her face is worse than the other and it looks like it just broke off. No conditioner could fix that. Yuck.

No. 177301

She's been bleaching it for years and it's all split or falling out. There's no way she'd show up to a convention without wigs and with her real face.

She hasn't taken any pics with her face in a normal expression because this expression hides how droopy and old she looks after tons of filtering.

No. 177317

The most shocking thing about this photo is that she actually posted something with Kevin in it of her own accord. He's usually the one who posts photos with her.

No. 177348

Did literally a single person even entertain the idea they'd be able to afford it, kek..

No. 177350

can someone explain why she keeps the pink brows even though she doesn't have pink hair anymore

No. 177353

I'd rather someone explain what the fuck expression her face is supposed to be. Its punchable as shit and never looks cute.

No. 177355

So many candids of kevvy unknowingly I n the background. Imagine if he did that to her?

The expression is “accidentally took a photo the moment I sharted myself”

No. 177362

File: 1634483585964.jpeg (337.88 KB, 997x1450, B4FBD3B6-08F7-46DC-874C-27A6B0…)

It’s funny you ask that in these new photos you can see they are photoshopped on in that ugly hot pink like why?

No. 177364

Oof you're right, the eyebrows and the blush are obvious shoop

No. 177365

That makeup is horrific. What the hell? She leaves the house like that? Her eyebrows and under eyes look like they're covered in liquid lipstick smears.

No. 177373

I don't think it's photoshop, her edits would be a lot better if she used a desktop program or anything other than beauty apps. She just dialed the brightness+contrast up of her normal pink makeup in the previous image.

No. 177374

File: 1634489819964.jpg (254.77 KB, 997x1450, 1634483585964 (2).jpg)

Gonna get le ban for this, but another edit where the colors are changed (nothing else) to look more like reality.(LE USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 177375

Anon…you can literally see where the pink brush for the eyebrows goes over her lashes lol

No. 177380

She's so boring. Posts like 7 stories about food and how macaroni is better baked (context of this image.) At least when she spergs about candy and dessert for breakfast she is playing into her disgusting pedo shit. She can't even stay on brand and keep up an illusion at this point cause she's just a pastiche of a person, no substance, all aesthetics. Shite ones at that, too. I can't imagine being 36 and talking into the void while begging for subs everyday only to be noticed by the same 12 people who feel bad for me and want to see me 'succeed' (aka become functional.) It's so pathetic. Kevin is even worse cause now his only friends are kids and his only escape is skating with said children. How can he be almost 30 and like, skating with teenagers in hentai shirts and gold pants? I get that you don't just stop having hobbies and interests at 30 but why not try to refine your individual style at least? It's so bottom of the barrel gaudy. When they had the money (credit card) to buy nice stuff they just opted for low quality in abundance. It's just boggles me how stupid and silly these 30 year olds are. So embarrassing and cringe to just be running around a god forsaken state like Utah like that. They think they're hop hot shit too, you can tell. They moved to the ~urban hipster condo complex in downtown~ to live their best lives as desert influencers. Keks all around, I hope these two get it together but also pray they never do because these are my favorite little people to laugh at.

Also, where's those ferrets?

No. 177384

How is it possible she is still terrible at drawing a proper wing?

No. 177387

She thinks it's what gives her big animu eyes like Zero Two. That and she refuses to let go of this exact eye look cause it's all she can do and its "her signature style" oc donut steal. She thinks looking like crap makes her stand out in a good way. She unironically thinks she's a living anime doll.

No. 177389

Her like always looks like (sorry to use emojis) the ‘’ emoji. She always looks retarded and mid stroke(don't use emojis)

No. 177400

File: 1634496626499.jpg (124.37 KB, 720x1028, IMG_20211016_030128_142.jpg)

LOL they know her scam

No. 177402

Ever since that anon posted that those coomers thought she was a guy it's seemed even sadder, like she's just ebegging to the lowest common denominator of internet porn consoomers for pennies

No. 177404

She needs to change her makeup style. For some reason especially with the filter, she looks so old and outdated. She doesn’t do anything all day and can’t watch a few makeup videos to help her haggard face.

No. 177409

I don't think anyone actually thinks she's a tranny, that guy is probably ESL since he used she then switched to he, but it's true onlyfans coomers are the lowest common denominator.

No. 177410

This, she'd probably abuse him further if he posted a candid that she didn't meticulously edit.

>I hope these two get it together but also pray they never do because these are my favorite little people to laugh at.

Same anon. Kevvy still has hope of escaping even if he's now as shitty as Lori is because he has family that bankrolls them.

Loony is a lost cause but without Kevvy the thread wouldn't be the wild ride it has been. Maybe the next person she latches onto will give us the candid leaks we need. Who knows about the ferrets though, this one room situation doesn't look pet friendly.

No. 177411

I don't think there's any hope for him at all tbh, he's proven to be a bigger asshole than her at this point. Plus he's so far up his own ass he would never take the L and admit he made a mistake putting all his eggs in Looney's basket.

No. 177416

If he keeps going to the skate park it'll be easier for her to cheat on him. Time alone, in a more centralized downtown area. Its like he is asking her to fuck some other guy

No. 177429

>he has family that bankrolls them.

Not wk'ing but I see this all through their threads. Is there evidence of this? It seems more likely that they get public assistance. If his family was against him being with her, would they still pay their way?

No. 177430

She's looking for a sugar daddy no doubt kek

No. 177432

When anons say "photoshop" they don't literally mean photoshop, they're just saying it to mean the photo is edited. She def uses apps like meitu and facetune

No. 177437

Probably because they wanted Kevin and her out of their house. They don't approve of their relationship but that doesn't necessarily mean they cut him off

No. 177445

There are seriously still anons here who think Kevin is a victim?

No. 177457

File: 1634532490342.png (372.39 KB, 1935x2048, Screenshot_20211017-214334.png)

Her highest number of likes is like 8 on OF now LOL and she thinks anyone believes she's ACTUALLY a top seller on OF or even worthy of a sub. Bitch nobody is paying you more money to see your censored selfies. This one wasn't even touched. Bet it's from the old apartment cause this lazy ass ho only shoots like once a month when she has her roots done and nails on. Maybe don't do sex work if you can't keep up maintenance xD You look like shit Lori <3 Get a real job and stop bleaching your thinning hair.(XD)

No. 177465

File: 1634537700571.jpeg (196.49 KB, 1080x1440, FB71_4VVgAQPXH3.jpeg)

I know this is still meitud and everything but Lori looks so much cuter without that horrific makeup that she does with the jumbo jet sized winged eyeliner, red undereye shite, and bright red lipstick. She should post more pics with minimal makeup like this.

No. 177469

Ya know it’s only after someone points out her lack of likes that magically one pops up, I assume it’s Kevin coming to the rescue every time

No. 177478

Well that's not her face so even if she she looks better without the makeup, it still doesn't look anything like her. It's all filters.

No. 177480

could someone tell me what her phone is so i know not to buy it ever, because that photo quality is terrible even w.o filters

No. 177501

Looks like a Samsung Note 20

No. 177514

File: 1634571204511.jpeg (588.82 KB, 2164x2353, 5C437E24-8264-40CC-862C-ED7A0E…)

Yeah she would fly to your tiny studio just so she can swim in a 3ft public Pool does she not realize in LA they have lots of pools?

No. 177516

File: 1634571563341.png (550.77 KB, 1604x2048, Screenshot_20211018-083726.png)

you literally wear a women's US 10.5 while being 5 feet tall but okay

No. 177517

File: 1634571757964.png (750.19 KB, 1343x2048, Screenshot_20211018-083736.png)

Jessie was just visiting friends. She's been travelling. She's so fucking dramatic. Lori is probably bitter that Jess didn't stop by to see her ThRiViNg on her trip. She has nobody to gloat to in person so she's begging old friends to come entertain her shtick.

Love this cope. Being ill-prepared with zero life skills isn't the whimsical fairy trait you think it is, Lori. You're just a walking cautionary tale for weebs.

No. 177531

I think they’re in a studio and that’s the only reason he’s been in photos because they’re living on top of each other otherwise she would be hiding in her room all day again. >>177465
She only takes photos in this room at this angle or in the mirror behind her. So the bed would be to her left hidden between mirrors.
They both need to get actual jobs or she needs to start posting actual content. They’ve got to be in debt or sweating it with the bigger rent payment and Kevin’s mommy and daddy signing the lease. This is the only reason she’s with him otherwise she would have kicked him to the curb a long time ago.

No. 177564

Aaaaand Kev’s blocked again kek where’s the nonita with the calendar

No. 177566

File: 1634600939144.jpg (110.99 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20211018_164743_603.jpg)

Calendar anon here. I'm really confused because I still see two likes from Kevin on Lori's page, which means he isn't blocked. I guess they unfollowed each other???

No. 177572

File: 1634601410235.png (Spoiler Image, 3.24 MB, 1652x2048, Screenshot_20211018-165404.png)

What the fuck is she doing to herself

No. 177574

Because passion has nothing to with responsibility. If you make good choices you choose a life that doesnt feel like your lost. Lori's to dumb to accept she hates her life and its her fault she fucked it up. She's running out of time to fix it beyond settling for someone and whatever comes with them.

No. 177577

File: 1634602812269.png (409.98 KB, 2048x517, Screenshot_20211018-165434.png)

No. 177578

File: 1634603392576.png (414.74 KB, 2048x517, Screenshot_20211018-165443.png)

No. 177581

Her feet are literally orc-sized and ape tier. She can't even afford pedicures.

Kek that weekly ban until Kevvy coughs up his parent's money.

No. 177582

Her feet are so blurred and blown out from the filters you can barely make them out. Pretty sure foot fetishists actually want to see a clear photo of your feet. Why bother trying to cater to them if you cant even do it correctly Lori

No. 177645

File: 1634655142614.jpg (73.85 KB, 436x489, Screenshot_20211019_105128.jpg)

Zoomed in from her latest stories, wasn't she just advertising her feet and saying they were super hot? She could swim across the Atlantic with those flippers…

No. 177646

Damn she's got some Hobbit feet! I've never seen someone so short with such long feet, is that a deformity?

No. 177648

Stepsister feet I guess that also matches on how she acts jealous, Lazy, Delusional

No. 177650

see, on a tall person (over 5'8) those feet would look normal, but on someone short they are horrific. Her foot length is like the same length as her lower leg.

No. 177651

sidenote: whent he fuck is someone going to make a Jessie Pridemore thread?

No. 177652

I think she's talked about in the cosplayer general.

No. 177653

File: 1634658697600.jpg (45.52 KB, 432x477, Untitled (5).jpg)

When she does anything beyond just being whiny. I don't think anyone knows about her BS beyond really old cosplay stuff and being Lori-adjacent. You got milk?
It literally is.

No. 177680

Yikes! That's Nightmare Fuel

Thise carpets! Do they ever buy anything nice?

No. 177688

how could they afford something nice lmao

No. 177694

The birthday photos of Lori and Kevin have been hidden on Kevin's Instagram, kek.

No. 177695

I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THEY FIGHT ABOUT SO OFTEN gahhhhh to be a fly on the wall just once lmao

No. 177704

File: 1634683287432.jpeg (59.21 KB, 450x254, B21FC58F-59AC-4DCF-A7B2-B97C09…)

Bro she really do be having stepsister feet and their self obsessed delusional attitudes. This would be her most effortless and “all natural” cosplay, since she claims to be all about that- aka lazy

No. 177710

This is eerily accurate.

It can only be money. Wonder if Kevvy got a new job and has a weekly paycheck that she is blocking him over.

No. 177713

How can you live in a studio on top of someone else and constantly block them on socials? I would feel uncomfortable if even a room mate did that. I almost feel bad for Kevin but then remember it’s Kevin. >>177517
Follow your heart and be a degen. Contribute nothing to society and abuse your partners. Good advice lori. Don’t be like everyone else in their 30s and have a job, kids, family support, a savings, a car, a healthy relationship, physical health. This also smells of “not like other girls” behavior funny coming from somebody who shrieks that people copy her when she is very unoriginal (her content is the same photo 100 times).
I’m guessing they fight about money, loris “career”, lori is jealous of anybody Kevin talks to. Why does Kevin allow her to block him and pretend to be single? There’s been proof she contacts other men at conventions or for meetups behind Kevin’s back. I bet she’s irritated he’s in the same room 24/7.

No. 177715

She went live half an hour ago, we gotta start screenrecording them lol

No. 177719

If you go back to when their relationship was much more public and Kevin actually acknowledged Lori’s neurotic behavior, Kevin often posted on Facebook about how secretive and manipulative Lori was and how she’d break his stuff or hurt him when she didn’t get her way and how she would talk to her exes behind his back. I doubt her behavior has changed, especially since she’s had nearly 2 decades of this behavior logged by ex friends and roommates, and people who have known and lived with Lori have spoken up about this exact same behavior on both Farms.
Kevin probably just gave in to it all and decided to treat her like a widdle pwincess instead of coming to terms with how bonkers she is and leaving her.

No. 177731

Lori's FB posts are such a cope over how she hates her age and not thriving like other ethots or cosplayers half her age while life passes her by.

She's so behind and has nothing to look forward to other than buying more bot followers.

What does she do on live?

No. 177772

Somebody get screen caps !

No. 177786

File: 1634722193065.jpg (81.94 KB, 720x954, IMG_20211020_014344_349.jpg)

This is so dumb. Sure, you're old for an e-girl but that's not the reason you don't engage with or retweet anyone else. The reason for that is because you are lazy. Seriously she's so bad at this.

No. 177803

Is she trying to be humble? She sounds like such a try hard idiot.

No. 177804

Oh lord, i’m blind and for a moment thought this was a cropped picture of Kevin lifting Lori and them having the same sized feet. Which is probably not too far off, but Loru would never let Kevin get so close to her

No. 177823

File: 1634744736521.jpg (114.36 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20211020_084138_971.jpg)

Busy month for these two.

No. 177829

Imagine being in an emergency and your only contact is your fiancé but you've been blocked on everything so you just have to brave it alone and call emergency services if you even can… It's moments like that that come to mind when I think bout how they cut each other off and treat each other. Seriously messed up in the head to claim you love someone so much you want to marry them then you block them on everything every other day and keep them in the dark.

Remember when she posted that thing about Gabby Petito and said something like "you want more people to end up like this? Knock it off" or whatever? Was that a threat?

No. 177836

File: 1634750599396.jpeg (181.6 KB, 1242x555, 1E5B5CB8-5557-49BF-B97A-68F144…)

Screencap that was sent to me randomly by another farmer. They know the Spencer's worker Lori and Kev saw on Kev's birthday and asked her what they looked like. INB4 Lori tries to get this girl murdered for saying she looks her age.

No. 177838

I am literally 9 inches taller than her, and almost a full shoe size smaller.

No. 177839

i had the same kind of rug in highschool, and it was impossible to vacuum and would get gross super fast so I ended up throwing it out. Unless you are willing to literally shake out your rugs outside once a week, you shouldn't get one like that. Even worse, she chose white….so it will show dirt even faster.

No. 177844

File: 1634753820003.png (336.42 KB, 2048x1447, Screenshot_20211020-111449.png)

If she gets $700 she can live her dream? What, camming again? Buying new platforms? Paying your rent in full for once? I can only imagine how hilarious it is. Hope she goes live again today so we can see her chimp on crack act in real time.

No. 177845

70? Shooting big eh? You'd be extremely lucky to even get 1 keep dreaming topkek

No. 177846

>Remember when she posted that thing about Gabby Petito and said something like "you want more people to end up like this? Knock it off" or whatever? Was that a threat?

To me it sounded as if she was baiting that haterz online were how she was going to end up like Petito or some shit.

No. 177848

This is so hilariously dysfunctional. I can't imagine being close to 40 and using my social media to punish my fiance. The time it takes alone, to block and unblock and even care about that in the first place, is ridiculous but I guess it's not like either of them have anything else more important to do, you know, like work.

No. 177852

It's so pathetic to see almost 40 and fiance in the same scentence. We all know they're never getting married. They should drop the fiance shit. If they wanted to they could gave gone to the city court a long time ago.

No. 177860

File: 1634764182978.jpg (122.41 KB, 720x1187, IMG_20211020_140725_751.jpg)

"This girl" You mean your fiancée? I can't believe he's trying to promote her monkey toe stuff. She got so many comments along those lines.

No. 177861

File: 1634764232447.jpg (105.62 KB, 1080x1350, 246342970_415307956976790_3839…)

Samefag but here's a Kevin fall outfit lol.

No. 177862

>P-please subscribe for at least one month so I can get new clothes and eat food please she's so cute isn't she amazing and perfect click the link in the bio
That's all I'm reading here KEK
So she hides herself? But I thought she got compliments on looking 20 years younger than she is every time she steps foot outside? Which one is it? So much for irl animu.
Nope. She's probably waiting for him to make a living before the tie it officially. He has nothing to offer her now.

No. 177863

Lmfaoo it's so painfully obvious that this is the other side to their studio. Lori poses in front of that window I'm sure of it

No. 177867

File: 1634766291813.png (3.8 MB, 3312x1440, mirrors.png)

They have two different full length mirrors set up in the living/bedroom. A white one and a silver one. I combined 3 images. Left shows the white mirror, middle shows both mirrors, right is the silver mirror. You can kinda get an idea about the layout of the room.

No. 177869

File: 1634766488674.jpeg (713.37 KB, 2048x2048, BA1ED741-185B-4D60-8424-5BD7B3…)

Kek why is he posed like a distressed pepsi bottle?

No. 177871

Kevin, wash and change those pants already. He wears them almost everyday lately, so much for being so rich and so passionate about his fashion.

No. 177872

She has nothing to offer him either. A match made made in uwu heaven. And since men can age better than women when hes her age she'll be in her mid 40's pushing 50. Fun.

No. 177874

Im pretty sure that silver mirror is leaning up against their kitchen counter. Such Luxury.

No. 177876

I cant see any reason to take pictures of these "outfits". He just wears the same boring stuff that almost all guys who skate or like anime wear. I dont see anything special or share worthy in his pictures. He's as vanilla as she is.

No. 177877

the plushie vomit everywhere is so cringe. i wonder if kevin will ever make new friends and bring them back to loonie’s funhouse

No. 177878

Another dead giveaway is that they haven't done a house tour or taken pictures to show off the bedroom and living room to "flex on da HaTuRz" kek. You can also see the kitchen lights on the ceiling

No. 177882

Why does she constantly use 'homies' yet doesn't bother to go full wigger.

No. 177886

File: 1634773035290.webm (1.86 MB, 640x1138, homiehomiemacaroni.webm)

Speaking of homies, here's Lori's latest "Homie homie, macaroni" video.

No. 177888


No. 177890

kek she's lurking

No. 177891

That's the dumbest shit. She really is a stunted moron.

No. 177892

Hope the girl stays safe from Loony. It's tremendous that anyone who sees them IRL says the same thing. That she looks old and dirty, hides behind big glasses and nothing like her pics.

>70 more
Pretending she ever had 70, kek.

This sounds like Lori posting on his accounts begging and complimenting herself again.

No. 177897

File: 1634778021623.jpeg (19.08 KB, 383x329, 96085340-CAC2-426E-931D-F5077A…)

The difference between her face and neck color. holy shit Looni it looks like a straight up mask

No. 177911

omg it does! she looks like jim carey in the mask

No. 177916

File: 1634787342170.png (444.32 KB, 497x723, tty.png)

Absolute state of these titties

No. 177917

File: 1634787412162.jpg (118.26 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20211020_203525_649.jpg)

I just checked Instagram and Kev is blocked. All his likes are gone from Lori's page and his follow from this morning is gone. Lol.

No. 177918

Jfc can she even talk like an actual human being? Has she ever said an actual real sentence on video? AI bots talk and move more convincingly than her. It's no wonder she gets 0 interaction wtf would you say to this shit?

No. 177919

God's work anon.

Can imagine Loony tearing her hair out over the fact that someone on Kevvy's insta pointed out that this homie macaroni is not uwu vampire loli IRL.

No. 177932

Looking like a closing parenthesis

No. 177935

File: 1634802606814.jpg (75.02 KB, 720x1007, IMG_20211021_004751_506.jpg)

Beep beep Lori is starting trashy drama with ppl on Facebook lol. All the comments are ppl kissing her ass.

No. 177937

File: 1634803004781.jpg (63.78 KB, 720x740, IMG_20211021_005546_671.jpg)

No. 177945

Coming from the dumb bitch who stayed w Rikki when he was cheating with Kitty. She also cheated on Kevin and every other ex she’s ever had. You’re not any better cunt. Step down from your pedestal and stop projecting on strangers to make yourself feel better uwu

No. 177946

She should be aware that many scrotes using OF are cheating. She wasn't doing it as a favor. She only felt compelled to reach out because she was insulted.

No. 177949

Shes so low. Bitch your a self proclaimed sex worker and then rat people out. Love that his girlfriend clapped back. She deserved it.

And to answer his question, no she's not got no boobs, shes so flat she's concave. Literally.

No. 177952

Does she not realize how burned this makes her look? Topkek.

And there are couples who don't give a crap if their significant other is looking at or following SWers online, Lori. Not everyone is as batshit as you. Poly couples are also a thing. Jfc she's retarded.

No. 177962

Seeing her run her hands through her hair I can tell how destroyed it is. There's a clear difference in her actual hair and extensions. It looks awful and would probably take a few years to grow out.

No. 177970

Her actual hair barely touches her shoulders and is so thin and choppy at the ends topkek karma's a bitch eh

No. 177973

File: 1634829597093.jpg (81.1 KB, 720x1192, IMG_20211021_081839_310.jpg)

She posted this yesterday too. "Luxurious"

No. 177974

>>177973 wait so now shes suddenly ok with saying she has extensions? But she has real ~perfect anime hair~

No. 177979

Lori has always said "It's my real hair… (butalsoIhaveextensions)" as far back as at least that one infamous video from 2004. She brags about her actual hair all the time but also has extensions. Just more Lori logic I guess.

No. 177980

lori x lillee jean collab coming sometime soon? two sad fuglets against the entire internet

No. 177984

Regardless if it was a "joke" I'd still be pissed as hell if my man was trying to oggle non-existent tits on a camgirl. Hopefully they were truly in on the joke together cause otherwise, yikes sis.
Buuuuuuuut Lori only told her cause it was an insult. I'm sure if he had messaged her with flattery she wouldn't even had bothered to hate-stalk his profile to see if he was in a relationship first before she'd link him to her OF or whatever. Since when does Lori care about cheaters? She is/dated one.

No. 177990

She must be lonely and sad nobody is giving her drama so she's starting her own for no reason. Should have just ignored the message and tried to trap someone else's partner into paying for her chest hole pics. I hope the next person she fucks with is way younger, attractive and x3 as brutal with the comeback. I want to see Lori get told by her antithesis, a cute, socially integrated woman between 18-25 with real blonde hair and sex appeal would probably make Lori kill herself in her luxe pool. Bonus points if said woman is engaged for less than a year or actually married to someone. Until then I guess shitty middle school one liners from troggys of facebook is fine.

No. 177996

The hair is fried Lori, just cut it off and start over. It's not even able to blend well with the extensions anymore.
You can't be blonde and that's OK.

No. 178000

Ah what a sad little fuck. She must respond to everything, she cant let anything go. It was only days ago anons were calling out her shit extensions. Guess she needs to cope hard over her destroyed hair. She's such a dumpster fire. Topkek Looni.

No. 178003

So she can have a fiancé and show off her tits but other people with SOs can’t look at her? This logic just explains how dumb she is.

No. 178018

She only got pissy because he didn't sub a dub dub to the ~spicy~

No. 178023

She's just salty he didn't ass kiss. If he had money and praised her she'd be in his DMs asking to rescue her from her abuser.

She doesn't get it, noone wants to sub to non nudes from her concave chest and autistic spazzing.

No. 178024

I'm starting to think Lori is legitimately mentally retarded

No. 178026

She's also showing that she'll actively stalk people and expose men who are DMing her. Yeah that's a great look if you're trying to get their dollars, narcing on them to their SO's.

Shot yourself in the foot but then again, look at how big that target is.

No. 178032

This is actually most embarrassing for Beth, standing up for her pathetic scrote who DMs women
>it was just a joke
ok luv, he was still DMing a sexworker, console yourself with that. She beats Lori on the moron scale with this one.

No. 178033

>Shot yourself in the foot but then again, look at how big that target is

Top KEK Nonnie

No. 178034

Hi WK, So were do u know Lori from? Gtfo

No. 178035

Samefag, Beth Wagstaff, I hope you google yourself one day and see this thread show up. Absolutely embarrassed for you. I look forward to when you catch your scrote with his dozens of Onlyfans subs open and talking to camgirls/other women online. He was still looking at her profile, and since you're both filtered to shit I can say for sure Lori is still better looking than you. Calling other women cunts while standing up for your cheating scrote, the low IQ pickme is off the charts.

No. 178038

>tried to trap someone else's partner into paying for her chest hole pics.

This is the actual situation and it backfired.

Loony never gets any interaction from humans other than insults, and this guy reminded her that she looks like a concave and bald troon.

Loving that this situation has hit a nerve so much that a wild unintegrated WK appeared.

No. 178043

File: 1634849292905.jpg (45.96 KB, 480x486, 7crva.jpg)

No. 178051

Let me get this little DARVO act straight for you >>178035

>Lori posts her flat tits and asshole all over the internet

>gets offended by some guy who probably saw it scrolling through a thousand other e-hookers
>starts shit with his gf, who was sitting right next to him also scrolling through the dregs of FB
>Gf responds after Lori contacts her in a way that makes Lori yet again defensive and she tries to reverse the shit on the guy who insulted her

>A Looser(you) comes to insult this girl Beth on Lori's thread? Reaks of a Lurker

This is Lori's thread, not Beth whoever's. Lori is a stupid bitch who thinks she can say and do whatever she wants without any repercussions. Lori looks dumb as fuck like always.

No. 178053

File: 1634851184848.jpg (25.51 KB, 480x360, 1402538474867.jpg)

Are you offended on Lori's behalf? Take your lithium. If you haven't laughed at people online with your partners like that then you wouldn't get it. You're acting like she's foaming at the mouth triggered and threatened by the hobbit with a spoon chest? Please. She dragged her ass and Lori clearly felt the sting.

No. 178059

>If you haven't laughed at people online with your partners like that then you wouldn't get it.

Got some bad news for you nonny about those people, particularly if they are sexworkers/thots

Beth reminds me of a particular kind of bulldog-like moronic woman from my country, idk if they exist everywhere but they are the absolute worst. Lori is genuinely preferable by a longshot.(whiteknighting)

No. 178060

>Lori is genuinely preferable by a longshot.

This is Lori's thread, not Beth's, and you didn't even know who the latter was until Lori dragged her into an unnecessary mess. Stop shitting up the thread.

No. 178070

File: 1634854804838.jpg (42.85 KB, 400x225, 3245543645738.jpg)

If they don't message them and you watch the trainwreck then it's not an issue. I laugh with my partner at Shayna and Lori all the time. I think you're a little too invested in shredding this random couple for someone who presumably isn't Lori or a friend. Kinda weird. Not everyone gets cheated on by cheap e-whores like you and Beth, anon. Some of us know how to vet partners. Go seethe over her profile now, hell even start a thread if you're that twisted about it.
>Lori is genuinely preferable by a longshot.
Why are you like this? Please stop.
I really don't understand why these people cap for her. She's almost 40, how has nobody just told her "Hey, ever tried not caring and just laughing and blocking them?" That's what any adult would do. Maybe they'd send a quip before dropping it, but messaging a 20 year old and telling her to "watch out" when you were banking on him buying your porn is… backwards. She's 16 years younger than her she needs to just let it go. This is so embarrassing and everyone entertaining her ego trip is even more cringe. She's got quite the assortment of e-calfs.

No. 178074

can hear Kevin shuffling around in the background lol. it's a studio apt for sure

No. 178077

sage for tinfoil but anyone else think there may be something else driving her trips to round 1? dont they all have bars and serve beer? maybe she goes to day drink and thats why she's blown up so much lately, they have fried food too (maybe that beloved funnel cake of hers kek)

No. 178082

Your reply pics are retarded and your "not my Nigel" stance even more so.

No. 178083

Lori is only preferable if you're a questionable scrote who is into balding chubby troons topkek

No. 178087

nta but shut the fuck up already. Looney isn't compensating you to cape this hard for her.

No. 178095

This is some real femcel energy you are showing.
>Not everyone is as batshit as you. Poly couples are also a thing.
How can you say these two things together.
I like how it's not even simps coming to defend her, its just other lower hanging girls.
What do they get out of this?

No. 178100

File: 1634869942399.png (321.94 KB, 332x538, ABB26479-6118-42C7-BE5E-A43AD2…)

Just a reminder of loris broken fried hair, that even extensions can’t help. Old pic is old, probably way worse now.
Yes because that’s how you market yourself professionally as a “sex worker” >>177917 this is just shameful. How can you live with someone who constantly blocks you Kevin?

No. 178101

Lori cheated on Kevin even drove his car to rikkis place. Lori was texting to meet up with a random guy while with Kevin (behind his back) she has no leverage here and pretending like she does makes her literally insane.

No. 178133

Coming from the dumb bitch who stayed w Rikki when he was cheating with Kitty. She also cheated on Kevin and every other ex she’s ever had. You’re not any better cunt. Step down from your pedestal and stop projecting on strangers to make yourself feel better uwu

No. 178140

I always thought this was the ugliest picture if her hair and wondered why she posted it. It's even grosser the second time around, and why the f would you repost a picture that's so old? Her desperation is so pathetic.

No. 178150

This is super old and seconding what >>178140 said, is the ugliest picture of her.

I didn't mean that I like or necessarily support polyamory. Just that it exists and those kinds of couples wouldn't give a shit if their significant other was looking at or talking to other women, which could have been the possible case with that couple.

No. 178155

Damn I've never seen this pic. I don't think Lori is ugly but she really does look like a man in a wig with this hairstyle. It's so bad on her. She looked so much better with the dark brown wavy hair. The crispy white hair with blunt bangs is so awful with her facial features.

No. 178158

File: 1634920654922.jpeg (488.39 KB, 1575x2100, 6E6FCEFF-2C95-4238-8963-368C06…)

I was curious to see how many likes Lori has been getting on her IG cause they are hidden now. I counted them all on her last post from two days ago I’m sure she will be buying likes in a hurry now cause she lurks but she only got a 105 likes in the last post
I didn’t check any others cause it takes time is there a way to check hidden likes on IG that is quicker? the last and first person is the same to show the count better

No. 178159

They’re not real likes anyways anon. Most are bots.

No. 178165

Even if she hides likes, comments will reflect the engagement a little. She really thinks we won't be able to tell she only gets 1k-4k likes per pic while boasting almost 200k. She's so stupid. We know you'll never thrive, Lori! No point in hiding anything, just makes your content look even more suspect and strange.

No. 178173

File: 1634928398455.jpg (2.09 MB, 2048x1935, 10_22_18383737374888.jpg)

She does nothing all day. Kek. So busy. Also loving her pretending the apartment Halloween invite is an invite to some super cool influencer Halloween shindig. You wish, Lori. You have no friends. Nobody wants your jarring, stank ass at their house.

No. 178175

My 3rd party app shows likes, so FYI:
3 days ago: Happy Mooo caption, 5347 likes, 61 comments
1 day ago: More of this sweet outfit 3960 likes, 51 comments
33 minutes ago: Meow meow 406 likes, 6 comments

Not sure why IG is hiding the likes or only showing a hundred (I don't use the official app) but that's what it's showing for me.

No. 178178

Super fancy on a white dollar store envelope sitting on the edge of her bathtub! God Loonie, the kek's never stop!

No. 178179

when she wears her pants like this i feel like it makes her feet look even more giant and disfigured looking

No. 178181

Does she own any real clothes? Everytime I see her wearing those sweatpants I think she looks like a lazy bum. The caption is hilarious. I highly doubt she has anything of importance to do and if she does where are her actual clothes?

That wax stamp looks like one of those sticker seals from Amazon.

No. 178194


Is that an H on the stamp because it's Kevin's last name, and his parent's names are on the place?

No. 178202

>Hardware Apartments

No. 178212

There seems to be a lot of speculation about Kevin's parents renting their place but I looked up their previous address and it was in Kevin's name and Kevin's name alone. Generally after usps and the state have your info reported you can get anyone's address for free just from looking up their name and state, Like a digital white pages. If the parents were a co-signor, their names would be on it, unless they signed as a gurunteeor, which is generally only for loans.

I highly suspect Kevin has a "secret" job.

Lori however was not on their lease, and doesnt have any public records since she lived back home in Long Island. Basically, she's never had anything in her name and leaves me questioning if she even has a valid driver's license. If she had car insurance, it would register to a specific address. She doesnt even come up as having lived in Seatle. Lori is probably worse off than we thought. It's pretty sad but she's clearly a grifter and sticks to whoever's can give her a place to live if they have a name that can sign a contract.

At some point their new info will get reported and I'm sure she's still not on it.

Does Kevin have a brother a few years older? He may live in their new vicinity. If so it was smart for Kevin to move near a family member.

No. 178214

File: 1634939153121.jpg (257.48 KB, 1080x1282, 20211022_163206.jpg)

Sorry, the image didnt attatch.

No. 178216

US are pretty bad with data security huh. In the UK all you can get for free is essentially a list of people who've lived at an address sometime in the last ten years, (often incorrect) and an estimated age range of those people, but nothing so specific like this where a name and age is tied direct to a confirmed current home address.

No. 178223

Kevin's parents could be sending him money sporadically so that he's not homeless. Even if the place is in his name, they're barely scraping by.

What happens when Lori gets in trouble with the cops or government and has two decades of no records? It also seems like she has no credit or bank accounts of her own, since she was stealing from Kevvy.

No. 178224

She's really sent herself up shits creek without not only a paddle, but the whole boat. Its been evident for a while that she's unhinged, but I don't think I've ever seen someone so addicted to self sabotage. There are junkies who possess better survival skills, this is truly wild to me that this woman can be as old as she is and complacent with having no income, no qualifications, no assets, etc. I'm starting to believe that she's Chris-chan levels of delusional and out of touch with reality.

No. 178225

It takes 3 seconds if your smart and you can find every adress, phone number and public record like arrests, divorce, eviction etc..

They probably send him money, which is pathetic. Hes 28 and it's not his Birthday everyday but I dont think they rented the place in their names.

I didnt look up legal occupancy laws but he can technically tell Lori to leave if he wanted to. It will definitely be harder and harder for her as she gets older without someone helping her. Even financial aid would be difficult if she thought about getting a licence at some kind of trade school or something. Not that she would, shes so lazy.

No. 178226

File: 1634942351219.png (738.7 KB, 1438x2048, Screenshot_20211022-153703.png)

She has no subs but is begging for multiple shoji screens and more nano leafs, she wants 4 now. Guess they really do have the studio. She's desperate to hide the fact shes poor as fuck in HUD housing. Imagine being this pathetic. All this work to feign thriving when you're clearly washed all the way up and psycho. Can't wait until she starts camming and we see granny face in real time. She's got webcams up on her wishlist.

No. 178227

Tinfoil but I think Lori adds things to this wishlist and since only Kevin is the one buying off it, when those items arrive he gets unblocked.

That is, until she wants more junk a few days later.

No. 178231

Screens because they can't stand each other topkek

I'd imagine that they pay for his new place because he refuses to leave Lori and they don't want her back at their house with Kevin kek

No. 178242

She's probably desperate for some backgrounds in her boring ass pictures and she can use them to block off the ugly areas on her studio, like the washer dryer hook up that probably have no washer dryer. At least her previous ugly bedrooms had some look to them. What a 2aste of time and money to buy stuff so you can further stage your fake photos

No. 178243

I imagine she'll probably set up the screens to try to make it look like she's in different rooms. What a sad existence, and she totally deserves it.

No. 178245

The screens are to give her privacy from Kevin so he cannot see who she’s talking to 24/7. I wish somebody would draw a layout of their studio as it is. >>178173 they don’t have friends and there is a global pandemic, why would they “party” when I’m guessing they’re not vaccinated. Even if it’s their apartment having a party it’s so lame that she setup this photo to look “important”. Somebody needs to go to this complex party and get candids.

No. 178248

File: 1634959552934.png (111.54 KB, 900x900, lulori.png)

best guess of their apartment layout

No. 178298

Keep your political bullshit out of the thread

No. 178309

A pandemic isn't political, it's a fact of reality. Go touch grass and stop derailing.

No. 178317

imagine thinking vaccinations are political. Never change usa

No. 178357

File: 1635014823514.jpeg (9.86 KB, 190x266, 1633639865655.jpeg)

Girl, it's not politics you just can't go anywhere without it.

No. 178387

File: 1635029343000.webm (1.32 MB, 640x800, meow.webm)

God this is horrifying.

No. 178389

I think this layout is the most accurate

those dusty ass plushies in the background as their only furniture never fail to make me laugh

No. 178390

what is it about her voice that is so…jarring? I cant explain it it just feels so off?

No. 178391

It's completely forced and fake. She sounds like a regular Jersey chain-smoker when she isn't pretending she's a loli.

No. 178393

She looks incredibly troony here.
Troony Looney.

No. 178394

>meow! (seizure noises)
jesus christ

No. 178395

It would make sense if they’re just guarantors though. I can’t imagine they would actually be on the lease as an occupant so they wouldn’t show up in records. I know when I got my first apartment out of college the housing company wanted me to have a guarantor because I didn’t have a paycheck to show yet. As long as you have a guarantor you don’t need to show other proof of income in my experience. I know things can vary from state to state but I can’t imagine how they would have been able to get a place with little to no income otherwise.

No. 178397

This is literally Lori but still…. at almost 37. Kill it with fire.

No. 178399

topkek knew it was a studio

No. 178413

File: 1635045881737.webm (4.21 MB, 720x1280, sohateful.webm)

No. 178414

File: 1635046135545.webm (2.55 MB, 720x1280, correction.webm)

Part 2. From Lori's Instagram story earlier today.

No. 178415

she's so pressed lmao. Sounds like Mariah when she goes on her "be nice, peaceful warrior" rants.

No. 178419

Ew..wtf. I expect this from tiktok kids, but she's in her late 30s. This is really fucking spastic. None of that was cute, but she sure can make a horse sound with her ugly horse face.

>Waistline? Who gives a fuck? I like everybody.

Lori, stfu. You literally go for someone's looks, specifically their weight, the second you get the chance if someone bothers you.

No. 178423

she's too old for this, good grief

No. 178424


It's so easy to visualize how bad she really looks without all the filtering because of the candids. No wonder people are calling her a crazy old catfish.

Seems they don't have a table or kitchen stools for the counter, just weeb shit. They probably eat off the floor.

This makes me wonder what the story was from the anon who knew someone who saw their old apartment..

No. 178428

Yeah cause she’s so nice! everything that comes out of her mouth is some way actually complaining about her self lol

No. 178462

Lori, shut up and get a storage trunk for your dusty ass plushies. That shit is embarrassing

No. 178471

Kek!!! We all know shes obsessed with her size and a mean little bitch. Everything about Lori is fake as can be. Who is she even talking too? Are any of the actual people who check her page supposed to know what's she's referencing? So stupid and the rocking makes her look like a druggie.

No. 178472

File: 1635083613465.jpg (612.18 KB, 1080x1333, 20211024_085240.jpg)

>No wonder people are calling her a crazy old catfish.

And this picture is 3 years old already! Look at the Mom face, yikes!

No. 178478

That creepy kid scared the shit out of me kek. They got some shatna eyes but yea she looked haggard then and looks just as haggard now. Her hair looks worse now than it did before since she’s trying to get it as light as possible

No. 178484

anon don’t be rude, that’s all unflattering con lighting and that picture wasn’t taken with her consent!!! of course it’s going to look bad!! kek

No. 178498

The guy is clearly making fun of her not looking for boob pics. Still scrote behavior though

No. 178513

None of what she's saying would be that unreasonable if she hadn't spent decades being as cruel to everyone who comes in contact with her as possible kek

No. 178516

Did she ever explain why she wore that really heavy red lip with her Zero Two getup? Lori has always been so viciously nasty to other cosplayers about accuracy yet I've never seen any 02 pics where she has red lips.

No. 178519

the spastic way she moves is making me feel nauseous

No. 178523

File: 1635106988120.jpg (106.22 KB, 720x808, IMG_20211024_132058_761.jpg)

Lol I'm dead. I really don't know wtf Lori is bitching about on this fine Sunday but it appears as if she has some grievances with Bank of America and is choosing to air it out under a tweet about schoolchildren receiving laptops. LOL never change, Lori.

No. 178528

God she's so shitty. Truly just a shitty person.

No. 178529

She went from "I like people who are nice" to trying to scratch her itch to go off at customer service workers (albeit in the wrong place) pretty fast

No. 178531

She getting jealous of little children that are poor that got a donated computer lol gosh she can’t sink any lower! bitch needs to stop what happened to being nice? I’m thinking cause it’s BOA it’s got to do with unemployment maybe?

No. 178535

What a psychotic bitch, only someone like Lori would see a picture of children in need and still be thinking of herself and post something toxic to them.

She probably attempted to get a credit card through Kevin's credentials and got denied.

No. 178539

She probably got overdrafted. Grow up and get a better bank Lori, BofA have been terrible since you were actually young and attractive

No. 178540

File: 1635111404259.jpg (208.72 KB, 1080x1099, 20211024_163604.jpg)

Unironically the photog left a message letting her know he was going to edit the pictures topkek!

No. 178541

File: 1635111669764.jpg (104.71 KB, 1073x566, 20211024_163539.jpg)

He also didnt recognize her when she commented on her own picture.
Might be a little old but it's still sad and hilarious.

No. 178544

Let's see, her recent public outbursts include kids with cancer, hospital workers, blood banks and underprivileged kids..next up kicking blind people and stealing old people's jewelry because "I'm uwu beautiful and I deserve it all despite being a dour little asshole".

A new low for this one everyweek.

No. 178552

>this bank doesn't care about its customers
Retard. Does she think she has sway like anyone will say "You know, I saw Lori Lewd say Bank of America doesn't care about its customers. That's kind of cringe of them."

No. 178555

I'm surprised most of these brands haven't blocked or reported her disgusting posts because they're in extremely inappropriate places.

No. 178570

File: 1635130932569.jpeg (376.98 KB, 1284x1261, 5E616871-02EE-45D8-A2D6-8850AB…)


“Send then my way so I can edit them into the oblivion”

No. 178574

File: 1635134818384.jpg (12.8 KB, 720x131, IMG_20211024_193646_653.jpg)

This is a reply on Lori's latest Instagram post which has 4 "catgirl" pictures and the video of Lori meowing and then neighing >>178387

It truly is incredible how absolutely unsexy and off-putting Lori really is. I've shown Lori's videos to guys before and they've all asked why she does that puff face while shaking her head back and forth really fast. Every single one is just really incredulous as to wtf she's trying to do/portray. None of them think it's cute. None of them think it's sexy.

It's a real feat that she's able to confuse and horrify men while trying to be sexy. There's no way Kevin finds this appealing either. Wtf is she doing?

No. 178594

File: 1635140092449.png (192.75 KB, 450x300, eti-topkek-cake-with-strawberr…)

My fucking SIDES

No. 178618

she acts just like the junkies who hang around Vancouver's DTES, like seriously why does she shake and sway constantly like that

No. 178637

She tries so hard to be this innocent but sexy ball of energy with a saccharine voice hut she only ever ends up looking thwacked off pills or H and sounds like a fuckin psychopath making kawaii noises to herself. She seriously can't be cute even if she tried. PT level uggo and awkward. Kek.

No. 178639

File: 1635176071121.jpg (113.32 KB, 720x1113, IMG_20211025_082909_624.jpg)

"Hey guys I've been fighting with Kevin and could really use a few more dudes to talk to."

No. 178641

>I reply to actual subs
No, you don't. You don't respond to anyone and if you message anyone it's to beg them to pay your $60 PPV charge. She has nobody in her community. They all come and go by the end of the month. She has virtually no simp base which is a feat. Never seen an egirl without simps. Lori sucks so bad she takes the cake with literally 0 community. Even Aqua Delphine or whatever had reoccurring simps. Lori has nobody anywhere LMAO no family, no simps, no love, no friends, no job, no interests, no skills, no way out and not even a care to. Absolutely abysmal. Almost 40 begging people to care about you naked… Quit it Lori. Get a real job (if you can now that all your threads and nudes are tied to your legal name)

No. 178642

Imagine being an aging pick me weeb psycho trapped in an abusive relationship and your only form of self esteem comes from being an ewhore who gets free money…. and not even people's rapey dads and husbands want to see your naked board body… I would kill myself. Bottom of the barrel doesn't want you anymore, girl!

No. 178652

File: 1635180092680.jpg (1.08 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_10-25-09.39.28.jpg)

Buy clothes that fit you. You're not tiny anymore. You keep gaining but think you're an Asian S on a bloated day. Keep dreaming, nobody likes seeing people stuffed into clothes and lingerie like meat spilling out of a sausage casing. Worst "model" EVER

No. 178653

I don't want to whiteknight her because I legit think she's a bad person but the skirt is not in the same position as the model's photo (meaning the strings that connect to the long socks is too short, and instead of resting on her waist it's on her hips/buttocks) and the "tiny asian model" is photoshoped as fuck, even more than what she shoops. Like, it looks like a weird plastic sex doll, not an human.

No. 178654

I think that is a sexdoll actually, skin texture and lack of detail. Those things are child sized (info gained from gimgirl's thread since she bought one) so gonna have to join you in saying it's an unfair comparison.

No. 178656

The stock photo does look almost exactly like gimpgirl's doll, amazing

No. 178658

>likening an asian woman to a literal sex doll
Seethe that you aren't petite, I guess. Uncalled for. The model is a person and other people have worn that. When worn correctly and in the correct size it is ruffled and loose enough to keep its poof while staying on the hips. You can say "not WKing" but it's like typing out sage at the end of a post. she keeps gaining weight but doesn't change what size she buys. You can nitpick the comparison but that won't make Asian women less skinny or Lori any less porky.

No. 178660

why does she still take pictures like she's a teen in the dirty family bathroom in 2005? is she literally mentally retarded?

No. 178661

Anon chill out, no one is praising lori and no one is saying asian women can't be skinny. But that pic really looks like a weird asian sex doll, not an human at all… it even looks like an underaged kind of doll, it's creepy. Like there's a clear difference between a real asian person who has normal skin and pores vs the picture posted which looks overly smooth, plastic, and lifeless. Thinking this sex doll is anything like a real adult human female might be the harmful thing here, actually. Specially because it looks too young.

No. 178662

File: 1635184220260.png (171.42 KB, 500x371, 0F67553B-5BBC-4322-9CAF-55C30A…)

Lori and all her glory

No. 178666

Edited pictures of Asian women are still real women. Nobody is denying an edit or saying its an average frame. The model has thousands of pics in various poses and accounts, shes not a doll. Stop comparing this model to a child sex doll, you freak. Move on. Your racism is showing and its embarrassing to watch. Skinny women =/= children. Now shut up.

No. 178671

what a sperg, the skin texture looks like sex doll material and the breasts look like a breastplate, it's not racist it's that every cheap asian lingerie is edited to look like it's being worn by a real doll

No. 178674

Says the one continuing to argue? Gotta have the last word to feel like you won the interaction!

No. 178675

"I like everybody who is NICE"
She literally bullied random other cosplayers for a decade who did absolutely NOTHING to her. Claimed zero two cosplayer copied her poses and made fun of other women for years. You can't just post something like this and expect the slate to be cleaned lori. How about an actual apology or taking responsibility for your shitty actions to others. People have tried to be "nice" to both of them even suggesting how to make their content better and they shit on them sperging and threatening them. I think telling someone their dog should get cancer isn't very "nice" behavior. Retweeting a bank's post about children getting a laptop and making it about you also isn't very "nice". Blocking kevin on socials isn't very "nice" either

No. 178678

Nta but that's not a sex doll, just shooped to hell and back. It still had to fit the model initially though. Even if Lori moved the back up a couple inches so it's worn at the same spot as the model, it'd still be too small. That string is elastic and even the garter is straining. Everything is too small and she needs to size up.

No. 178680

>gotta have the last word
i'm not even the anon you replied to you sperg

No. 178682

Seems like this product only comes in one size so it wouldn't ever fit Lori, anyway. Just looking at her candids she never had a chance, like when Moo spills out of her too-small clothes but shoops herself smaller.

The only thing Lori can fit into in recent years has always been sweats and Kevvy's clothes, kek.

No. 178684

Lori is definitely the type of woman who is so insecure about her weight that she strictly buys XS and XXS clothing even if it doesn’t fit because if she finds out she fits in any size larger she’ll have a mental breakdown.
Also her foot to leg ratio is bonkers. Did Lori not cook properly in the womb or something lol

No. 178688

File: 1635191486877.jpg (177.76 KB, 1080x2021, Screenshot_20211024-022600_Chr…)

I know this is supposed to be about her giant feet but it also looks like her waist in this body suit

No. 178689

This might be the spergiest and most retarded anon I've ever seen in these threads, yes Lori and Kevin included

No. 178690

Kek, shes hardly fitting small imo but she so flat it can work and probably 6/8 Jean's, regular sized but no tiny princess like she pretends.

Oh I'm sorry she doesnt own clothes, she only own cheap strips of fabric from china.

Definitely has some porky love handles she tries to shoops out tho. Kek

No. 178691


Let me know where your opinion was etched in stone as facts anon.

USA is filled with brainwashed idiots.(derailing)

No. 178693

you must not be around that many women if you can't tell the difference between a sex doll and a real human being. Creepy.

No. 178700

The model don’t have under arms anon. She’s a doll. This is not an average asian woman body either, Asian girls starve themselves to achieve this look. Chill, no one is seething because they aren’t as skinny. It’s unhealthy af, there is no muscle tone and with this body type women will experience health issues after 30.

No. 178701

The “model” (the doll) has shoulders like Angelina Jolie..

No. 178728

File: 1635205915535.png (Spoiler Image, 6.7 MB, 1242x2208, 1635199521279.png)

Here you skanks go since you think the comparison is bullshit. A real person. Lori is double the size of Ariana confirmed KEK(this is the lori thread)

No. 178729

>>178728 and again this person is wearing the skirt thing further up than lori

We dont know the size of this person either she could be tiny af

No. 178730

Omfg no one cares about the model/doll/WHATEVER


No. 178732

Nta but a you retarded? She's an equally pathetic sw cow from /snow/. Check her current and past threads for reference material including candids. She's not tiny.

No. 178733

yah i dont read her thread lmao
Shes still wearing it higher than lori.

No. 178735

File: 1635209662113.jpeg (276.14 KB, 1080x1440, FCgimGQVEAIBwXH.jpeg)

You guys are really shitting up the thread with this crap. Have a new Lori picture instead. This one is particularly weird. Sitting on a dirty beach towel with plushies in front of her vag. Chest cavity "cleavage" on display.

No. 178738

lori doesn't really have a waist without photoshop anyway so I doubt it would make much difference

No. 178747

Ngl, your sperg is far milkier than Lori putting on a few pounds. It ain't that serious anon. It's been acknowledged multiple times in thread already too. lmao

Isn't this their old place? The set up looks exactly the same.

No. 178753

It is I think, new place doesn't have carpet. I wonder how long she can kept the ruse going that they aren't in a studio?

No. 178778

Is she trying to force cleavage by squashing her tits down into her chest hole deformity, just to spite that scrote who asked if she had boobs? Lmao! Also it looks like she's dicking down the dog plush. Not helping the tranny image.

No. 178780

it's recycled from the old place. they lurk and post in reply when they've fixed whatever it is, i.e. popcorn ceiling (kevin started blurring it) and I specifically remember myself and others pointing out the LED strips only reach halfway around the room and dirty blanket/towel she was sitting on. she remedied them eventually.
other examples of recent lurking/reacting:
anons points out lori's bleached mess, boom luxurious hair

anons mention makeup, boom makeup change

speaks for itself. i love her copes
she's practically radiating heat her presence is so obvious on these boards. she's an old lj/cgl fag, we're her only audience like >>178641 so nicely worded.

tl;dr damn she lurk tho

No. 178783

File: 1635242131053.jpg (24.74 KB, 720x253, IMG_20211026_025158_588.jpg)

Something is going on with Lori and she is reaching out for support. It's been a few days since she posted any new pics to Instagram, she bitched at BofA on Twitter for "not helping their customers" (bank/money issues maybe?), and made that semi cryptic Reddit post about dealing with bullshit and wanting more people in her community. And now this tweet begging simps to send her messages.

No. 178811

Kek this post came just after the one pointing out copes but this is a cope in response to everyone noticing she has zero simps and never had any OF fans.

How sad is it for her that even with nudes that are filtered to high hell and constant begging that still nobody wants to see her horseface or to interact with her.

All her other social media interactions show the ratio and quality of comments Loony, why pretend.

No. 178820

She's so sad. She tries so hard to immediately prove us wrong and fake being popular but it backfires harder every time. I wonder if Kevin is chimping out and shes ready to pull the damsel in distress act with the first man that bites? I can't imagine the whole blocking him until he pays her thing is going well. Crazy how she spent all this money on big girl brands and followers just for it to hurt her in the end and do nothing. DK and other brands dropped her cause her photos are creepy as fuck and too fake looking. All she has now is mic costumes and those other chinese lingerie scam sites. Sooooo thriving, queen. Cosplay lewd model of the world. #1 famous come to Brazil.

No. 178823

She isn't even a model though, she's a bottomfeeder customer. She just buys dropship at a discount then takes a few shitty pics and believes it's a "collab". She's truly in the cycle of poverty.

No. 178855

Her feelings must be hurt by anons ITT or they're fighting. She hasn't posted on gone on OF at all today.

No. 178856

This saga is so boring. I wish she'd steal Kevin's car and run off. His lame outfits and her stupid shoops and faces aren't milky.

No. 178866

Ikr? She's done it before. If she's this depressed, alone and he's fully whipped… nothing would even come of it. He'd just forgive her in a day after she throws a fit about muh BPD. Lori pulling some GTA to get railed by Rikki again or some orbiter from FB would be a ride.

No. 178869

It'd be great. Hell, its what I was expecting when the first thread was made about the fabled, infamous Usagi Kou and her shit instantly took me back to my LJ days. I actually miss when she was that batshit. Now its just

>kebins sneekurs haha high fashun

>sub a dub dub homies!1!11

May 2022 bring something more exciting.

No. 178878

File: 1635297365506.png (3.14 MB, 750x1334, 3DC2F627-0701-4C65-A9F9-FBCEB9…)

this looks less filtered than normal.

No. 178881

It sure does. Hopefully she gets out of the loli weeb shit and does witchy looks like anons suggested or something which suits her more. I'd even take aged, chainsmoking grunge sailor moon over her neon stripper gear.

No. 178885

I can't with the beep beep homies spicy gremlin uwu shit anymore. It gets exponentially more cringe every time.

No. 178890

Her skin and hair is still lightened to max settings and she's still using meitu to elongate herself so much that everything looks like a super long funhouse mirror.

Other than wearing sweatpants all the time, she can't seem to figure out how to work with the lighting in the current place. It must lack natural light or something.

Is it possible their balcony in >>178248 faces a wall? Or they don't have one?

No. 178896

Green suits her so much better. I hope some sense comes into her.

No. 178897

I really think it's the minimal makeup making her look better. Her everyday makeup with the hugely thick eyeliner wing, rash blush, red bottom eyeliner, and garish red lipstick is so ungodly hideous.

She also covered her feet in this photo.

Also this looks like a Kevin outfit that she cut up again lol.

No. 178898

Samefag as >>178897 but I just noticed her pink eyebrows are gone. That helps A LOT.

No. 178902

>Also this looks like a Kevin outfit that she cut up again lol.

I bet an anon can go back and find how many clothes she's actually stolen of his or destroyed. Wonder if she unblocked him lately since she cut his shit up, kek.

No. 178913

Beep beep uwu smol homie homie macaroni gremlin telling you to sub a dub dub to the spicy!

No. 178919

She looks like trailer trash.

No. 178931

Anybody know exactly why she stopped being Usagi? Her obsession was intense, weird that it just ended one day

No. 178951

This is filter as fuck anon. That's not her face at all. The says edits aren't just smoothing her skin and nipping her waist. She literally filters an entirely different face over hers. No picture from her is less filtered unless it's a candid she didnt take.

I noticed too. It's probably a reaction to so many people telling her how stupid they looked. She cant make any decision on her own. It's all based off what posters say about her.

No. 178952

>This saga is so boring.
Agreed. Lori is just your basic pathetic middle aged pick me. Theres no milk anymore, just nitpicks. This thread is literally just posting her Instagram pics and complaining about them. Sadly, she thrives ofc the infamy. She thinks any attention is good attention because she wrecked in the brain. These two are just your average everyday nobodies. No one knows them and most of her followers are bots. She lurks here because shes obsessed with knowing someone is actually looking at her. She's just pathetic, not really milky.

No. 178956

IMO its the desperation and miserable life she leads that makes her a cow. Its funny watching people pay to play and still fail miserably, then get mad at younger people who made their internet presences work for them. Its not as milky as two years ago but Lori is on a downward spiral so its only a matter of time before another huge thing happens. A lull in milk is normal, to act like Lori and Kev arent still entertaining to laugh at, at all anymore, is sus. I swear Lori is the only cow that people want to immediately put out to pasture forever once she stops being absolute batshit. But other boring cows like Moo and other sex workers threads will continue to fill with nitpicks and worse memes despite them being dry as ever. I don't get why theres so many anons specifically just in here, saying she sucks and theres no drama, thread is dead, anons are retarded, etc. But then nobody touches the other threads or fills them with posts about them needing to drop the cow or how shit the milk is. If you don't think its entertaining then don't look? People are weirdly defensive of how "boring" they are despite them being a hoot this entire year. I'll never understand people waving away Usagi Kou like shes another camgirl nobody, shes a cosplay cow with a rich past full of bullshit that continues to entertain newcomers to her threads. Pul a lil respect on the lil retards name okay. Give them a few months and I'm sure we will have a new saga. They can't keep it together for longer than like, two months, kek.

No. 178972

Kevvy and Loony consistently deliver milk while busy WKing themselves and pretending their bullshit or abuse is normal, and they're totally rich while begging for spare change.

If this thread was just posts of the calendar with them blocking and unblocking each other constantly it would still bring the keks.

No. 178974

yeah I agree, something will happen soon especially with them living on top of each other. two people in a studio apartment is asking for domestic abuse lol

No. 178975

The only person who seems defensive of how boring they are is you considering you typed up a novel. All I said is that compared to her Kou days, she's pretty stale and so is Kevin. I don't really give a shit that she's lying about being in a luxury apartment and wearing shit clothes when I was there when she was sperging at people for just talking to her on LJ.

>I-if you don't like then don't look!

Hate to break it to you, but anons can be bored and simultaneously check up on cows. The two aren't mutually exclusive.

No. 178995

NTA but it's something that's been said often in the last few threads, it gets repetitive. If you're bored you don't have to announce it?

No. 178997

All anybody said was that they wished she'd do something crazier and then >>178956 took it so deeply and personally that she felt the need to cape the cows. You can ignore the post, the same way autismo should've been ignored, and go on with your day. Its not against the rules.

No. 179008

>Pul a lil respect on the lil retards name okay.

Internet Kek of the day anon.Respect for what? I dont think their milky either but I do think watching the moron show is hilarious but I cant see why anyone would respect these idiots. For what? Most (not even) famous internet loosers? Kek

And they'll make it public like the dumb asses they are

No. 179010

>waving away Usagi Kou like shes another camgirl nobody

She's is a nobody. Who knows about this person other than people like us who read about drama on the internet? She hasnt changed the world in anyway and she walks out her door, noone knows who she is. The amount of people who've encountered this bitch is minuscule in comparison to some other cows or even just public personalities.

Shes literally the definition of a cam girl nobody.

>rich past full of bullshit

Is Looni in here wk'ing her own thread. I bet that looser would.

No. 179011

Did she get permanent eyeliner tattooed?

No. 179012

Don't be silly anon. She can't afford a tattoo.

No. 179015

I wouldn't put it past looney to reverse engineer since she's realized we are the only ones who give her the attention that she craves.

No. 179032

File: 1635398945667.jpg (92.04 KB, 720x1183, IMG_20211027_191427_252.jpg)

Spoke too soon. Those eyebrows are still pink. Dammit Lori.

No. 179035

She has to be making her hair look awful on purpose now. Use a brush Lori.

No. 179036

Looks like she's letting some of her real skin color peak through

No. 179104

If i didn't know better I'd absolutely think this pic belonged to the mtf thread. She does herself no favors

No. 179106

She's trying to make her hair look thick since farmers pointed out that's it all thin and broken. She looks like 1980's hooker in this picture.

No. 179127

File: 1635432236130.jpg (146.49 KB, 720x1114, IMG_20211028_074045_115.jpg)

Kevin launched his YouTube channel.


No. 179136

His 1 video is awful. Theres tons of fully developed higher quality channels posting skate videos. What is going to gain from doing the same thing Lori does, which is sub par already been done low quality knock offs that add nothing to any specific community? They just xant accept that they have nothing to offer.

No. 179140

WTF that video of him changing wheels is so weird? His movements are exactly what I would expect from a manchild who spergs out online and believes he's the real Bakugo, so erratic and awkward.

Also kek at him having to do this in the kitchen, wonder if Lori makes him sleep there.

No. 179143

I don't know if she's starting to look like Kevvy or Kevvy is starting to look like her, but in the 80s. Thought this was him.

Both of them move the same way, they look like tweakers in a documentary. And you're right, the kitchen seems to be 'his' room now. Bet Looney encourages him to go outside more so she can cheat on him, and that's why he's bounced back to skateboarding.

No. 179146

Omfg lol he didn't even edit him adjusting the camera at the beginning. Its just straight off his phone

No. 179152

File: 1635440606139.jpg (108.94 KB, 720x950, IMG_20211028_100204_647.jpg)

Don't be a jealous hater. Kevin did that on purpose so it wouldn't take away from the take.

No. 179156

File: 1635442579136.png (551.93 KB, 804x809, Screenshot_20211028-103225~3.p…)

sexy anime man

No. 179157

looks like a junkie ek

No. 179158

This image is so cursed, why is he so ugly. Looking like a bleach blonde onision

No. 179163


You can't convince me that they aren't junkies.

No. 179172

christ he looks every bit as old as he is, and more

No. 179178

Shit he's haggard! I knew he must look older than his edits but he looks like life has kicked his ass.

No. 179187

how many times is he going to show every fucking item jesus christ

No. 179189

he looks like pixyteri in a blonde wig…..same crazy eyes, ducklips, and massive chin.

No. 179192

File: 1635449700088.png (67.35 KB, 1080x633, Screenshot_20211028-123306~2.p…)

Saged cause nobody cares but Lori is jealous we keep focusing on how busted Kevin is.

No. 179193

File: 1635449909757.png (491.47 KB, 1408x2048, Screenshot_20211028-123603.png)

Yeah shes sperging. Shes mad. Gunning hard for that reality TV life, maybe you should message Barcroft TV and get yourself a short documentary like poop-chan and other cows!

No. 179195

>>179193 Im all for this. Please someone star lori in a documentary. She dont know how to make shit. She had a cult of minors. I just want to see her unedited face while ahes pretending shes a real life loli. Please god

No. 179197

Your not cute and I laugh at you daily while sitting in my office with the door closed waiting for my lunch. Your a loser and theres nothing for even the most basic bitch to be jealous over.

Wrinkle free my ass. Nobody gives a shit what kids running around in costumes did to each other ten years ago enough for any company to sink money into that. Keep hanging on to that past Lori. Btw, it's nothing to be proud of.

No. 179198

Is she legitimately brain damaged? People would google her en masse and find these threads, the pockybox, etc and learn what a piece of shit she is. The last thing she should be wishing for is attention on such a scale.

No. 179204

I'm fucking praying for Lori's dream to come true. I would love to see her prattle on about how jealous the haters are in a documentary kek.

No. 179208

Does she not realize if this happened how negatively she would be portrayed? What a delusional piece of shit.

Also, top kek at her saying she's wrinkle free but I guess that's bad con lighting.

No. 179209

She can barely handle this thread, what makes her think she could deal with the inevitable fall out of her making a narc documentary throwing people under the bus? What does she have to say besides her sob stories? Anything relating to the scene back then would be surface level at best and scraped from a google search. She literally just wants to start a real cosplay housewives type video. Something to legitimize her past she prizes so much. Something that could potentially be misconstrued as a bio piece of someone important in the cosplay comm. As fucking if, hag. Moo deserves a doc before your tweaking ass does. Someone like Nigri or Han would be first up to bat for a big doc from Netflix. Shows how highly she really thinks of herself. Like >>179198 said, they'd find her past immediately and see how well-adjusted her "abusers" are vs. Lori's insane arrested development ass. She assumes most people would write off the farms as hate sites for losers instead of what they are - forums and imageboards for various things. Praying she gets what she asks for from some crappy youtube channel that profits off weebs and other cringe personalities. That's absolutely the kind of framing she deserves and she'd never even realize she was the joke.

No. 179211

The fallout would be insane. Imagine how chaotic things would be once tons of people found out about the "C" situation in particular. Lori's done a lot of things, but that's something which people would latch onto very quickly and it would be making rounds everywhere. She also makes no sense because if she's so obsessed with her past "glory", why not return to cosplaying Sailor Moon? Why skinwalk shit waifus and walk around looking like Tijuana does Amy Brown fairy art? Zan's not around anymore and I don't know any other prominent Usagi cosplayers, so she could just as easily make a return.

No. 179215

Usagi Lunnaya is a Ruski who does Sailor Moon stuff pretty often and has had group shoots. She looks good as Usagi because she actually smiles and has a sweet face. Don't care for the zoomer additions like chunky glitter and the huge lashes but it's cute. It probably deters Lori from trying cause she'd look like a Roblox character next to her. Don't have pics of her but this is her instagram.
Her and Lori are mutuals and comment on each other's posts often. don't think they're close friends but probably tangentially aware and kept at arms length kinda thing. I can't imagine Lori doesn't seethe over it though. She looks about 10 years younger than her, kek.

No. 179220

You really can't make retardation (sking walking and acting like an anime character) look cute huh
Imagine Lori speaking in her fake voice puffing her cheeks and spasming on TV saying she loves everybody who is nice but without the meitu filters that would be glorious i would pay to see it

No. 179225

Netflix is a stretch, maybe she could do Barcroft like Poopchan did or something. Then again, she doesn't really have any unique topics to discuss that wouldn't just make her look worse, so maybe not.

No. 179228

Nta but this girl does look cute. She's not gyrating like Loopy and her wig is better than any of the ratty extensions we've seen. She's also generally calmer and it fits the Serenity character.

It would def be Barcroft. She'd cause such a stir that they'd have to turn comments off kek

No. 179229

Are you talking about her or Lori? Afaik she's never claimed to be a 'kinnie' or IRL Usagi like Whori. Just has a cosplay group and likes the IP a lot. Doesn't seem particularly unhinged, at least not more than your average grown otaku cosplay women. But, yeah, I totally agree. Your intent with cosplay shines through no matter what you do to hide it. If someone's an attention whore or skinwalker, it emanates from every pore. They look scary no matter how pretty they may be. If you just like doing it and have fun, it makes for better results. Skinwalkers never reach equal status with their objects of affection but they'll die trying.
Imagine how many oldfags would rise from the dead to go "Oh hell no."

No. 179240

yo kevin how come you spend so much time simping and advertising for your ~fiance~ but when you try to make yourself known she won’t drop an ad to her following to promote you?
hmm makes you think huh

No. 179255

File: 1635463036790.jpg (58.75 KB, 720x875, IMG_20211028_161214_422.jpg)

I don't know why r/cosplaygirls hasn't banned her yet. Putting on a headband with ears and some underwear isn't cosplay. Maybe it's just a free for all in that subreddit. Who knows.

Also lol at
>quality images

Such a liar. Multiple people have confirmed that her OnlyFans is just her Instagram feed with a couple more pics.

This is a good point. If Kevin seriously tries his hand at making content for YouTube and his cosplay Facebook I guarantee Lori won't ever give him a shout-out or promote him in any way. They will fight about it. She might reluctantly do it once in awhile but she'll delete it like an hour later.

No. 179256

Reddit cosplay is all porn. Hell, most cosplayers are just porn stars now. The norm is mostly boudoir at least if not full blown porn. the best you can get nowadays on the surface is weird ecchi photoshopped abominations. Lori probably fits perfectly there; lack of effort, beauty, basic photography skills and all.

No. 179262

>most cosplayers are just porn stars now

Largely why some of us left the hobby and its amazing how years ago when we complained about it ruining the community, we were called jealous bitches and told to get over ourselves. There's not a place for oldasses who like to dress up is there?


This post is nothing but the truth. I'm tired of anons showing up to wk for Kevin's ass, as if he isn't a grown man who makes his own choices. He knows better. He just doesn't care.

No. 179268

File: 1635466798468.png (1.77 MB, 1447x2360, AnimeSkateboard.png)

The positives of putting anime on skateboards outweigh the negative, Kevin bought "made to order" lewd stuff he's going to show off once it arrives, and art is unpretentious. I love story blogger Kev.

No. 179288

Want to make the haters rage? Get a real job lori. Contribute to society.

No. 179289

Nobody gives a fuck about you lori. You literally got banned from conventions for lying about your costumes. Your hair has always been ratchet and you have no friends. There are so many other elder cosplayers who are seasoned and talented than you are, you washed up hag.

No. 179290

that's a fucking naruto skateboard. the cringe

No. 179292

Seeing the unfiltered reality of a nearly middle aged Lori squealing "homie homie macaroni" and neighing into the camera would be truly delightful. All the while Kevin is somewhere in the background trying to get into the shot to show his "fit" while looking absolutely soulless. kek

No. 179308

She think she's Yayahan or something even with her absolute lack of impact on the cosplay community and lack of legitimate cosplays?

Lori in front of a camera with her crusty real face skinwalking and saying her tarded nonsense with her manvoice would be a sight to behold though.

She'd probably think the portrayal was a total win even if she was put in a bad light.

No. 179326

File: 1635507086602.jpeg (283.64 KB, 1242x1150, 151591E1-4AAA-4923-BF46-17DB50…)

Saw this comment on her latest pic before she swooped in to delete it.

No. 179347

File: 1635525520438.png (413.28 KB, 2048x517, Screenshot_20211029-093523.png)

LOL she left those ferrets to die ain't no way in hell they kept them. We would have seen them by now. I can't imagine these idiots can pay for three ferrets if they cant even pay bills where they are now without begging profusely every day. Evil bitch at it again, watch her jump to prove their alive by posting pics of them all greasy and shriveled in blankets…

No. 179348

KEK its only beginning. People will start talking shit on the egirl forum again if they cant bring it to her page or OF.

No. 179349

File: 1635526203080.png (848.05 KB, 1820x2048, Screenshot_20211029-094733.png)

I love her woke act because she'll sperg about loving trans people then share this meme tjats basically
>tranny hole, i don't care what you call yourself, just put on the socks and maid costume
Classic case of her being so retarded she cant realize she shared a heckin' "transphobia"

No. 179350

Her # of pics and followed list went down on IG i think shes archiving and deleting a bunch. Probably old pictures if i had to assume cause she has pics from 2017 up that show her real face

No. 179373

Not to WK Lori but what you described is exactly what those skin suit wearing fetishes want to be thought as lmao, that's what they think women are. None of them would think it's transphobic, that tweet appeals perfectly to their live in fetish. Even a broken clock is right twice a day… Hate to say it, but Lori accidentally hit her target audience perfect with that one kek

No. 179375

Is she going to dress the human q-tip up like this?

No. 179387

Yaya's a cow herself and had a thread on here years ago. Can we not have zoomers pretending that all of these women didn't collectively help to ruin the hobby by making it about tits and lip gloss.

No. 179391

That's a waste of time. Her Instagram is archived by many. That's just giving people a reason to post them.

No. 179411

Nobody WK'd yaya stfu we know they're all cows we just mean those dumb cows deserve it before Lori

No. 179412

Trannies are the biggest paypig coomers, you pander to them with some rainbow pride shit it's easy money.

No. 179422

File: 1635566668422.webm (2.41 MB, 640x800, araarasempai.webm)

It's the "Homie homie macaroni!" video with "Ara Ara, Sempai!" tacked on. It's evolving. She sounds so weird trying to do this voice. Imagine how many times she did this.

No. 179423

The Ara Ara voice is a million times better than homie homie macaroni voice. Both are still fucking awful, but I much prefer Ara Ara voice and wish she'd stay in that octave.

No. 179425

End my suffering

No. 179432

>kevvy reeeees on and on about how hard lori works
>lori spends her all her hours stiffly posing on their studio apartment floor reciting the same tired one liners and twisting her lips into a weird pout
it's really no wonder her scrotes are unsubbing and complaining. It's the same shit different year at this rate.

No. 179434

Shes gone full junkie status, I bet on my life that she abuses Adderall.

No. 179438

Adderall is so hard to be given now. There are other alternatives doctors prefer to use first and I doubt she has money to see a psych to prescribe her anything. This is just her.

No. 179454

"I'm Adderall"

No. 179458

>homie homie macaroni
Lmfao I was just thinking about her saying this recently and how weird it was and she actually did it again

No. 179459

Another retarded video. I wonder how many people crack up watching this shit.

No. 179463

The two different voices are really unattractive. It makes her seem so fake. How many times is she going to post videos saying the same thing? Even her bot follower likes are fading.

No. 179464

File: 1635609888186.jpg (31.63 KB, 435x303, clamp_chobits_1.jpg)

I feel like she thinks this somehow 'owns' the haters because people itt complain about it so much, but she just looks mentally unsound. Also, again with these stupid "outfits" which make no sense. It feels like she tries to channel Chobits era CLAMP style with the ribbons and knee highs and random lace, it would make sense given how old she is, but nothing about the outfits is cohesive. Its just stripper gear slapped onto her and it looks awful.

No. 179465

God, even her fake anime voices are shit. She HAS to be tweaking. The level of delusion you'd have to he on to think this is sexy or post worthy is insane.

Sometimes I wonder how bad shes going to get with the dysmorphia from her constant editing. You know she only ever looks at herself through her phone. I can't imagine how intense her depression and self hatred about her looks must be. Her obsession with it is 25/8.

No. 179468

File: 1635612242526.jpg (125.77 KB, 320x422, SadSetup.JPG)

Imagine being suck a cuck to your loony girlfriend that your hobby is relegated to four square inches on the kitchen floor with nothing but your crusty hand-me-down phone to film yourself with.

No. 179474

>40 year old still trying to sound like her teenage animus

No. 179503

There's no way they both aren't on something. They can't function like adults and they look physically haunted by the ghosts of their past lives with the dark circles and sunken faces.

If pics of their place and >>179468 is anything to go by, Loony probably spends her day screaming and destroying Kevvy's shit.

No. 179504

File: 1635626894103.jpg (747.9 KB, 1080x1473, 20211030_105510.jpg)

Shes lost on how to make an outfit look right. This is the worst use of lace I've ever seen. Is that bathrobe something she bought in the walmart clothes kids section? This is putrid.

No. 179506

File: 1635628061558.jpg (442.64 KB, 1080x2000, foto_no_exif.jpg)

That lace dress is from Amazon and comes in several colors. I can't believe she bought the exact one I've seen so many times over the years kek

No. 179512

Considering you and everyone else has seen it, it's not really surprising she'd also own other trends of clothing. The layering is wrong too. It's sheer, but that's all it has in common. She probably got this off of aliexpress. Even Ross sells stuff like this. It doesn't look as layered as the one you posted. Looks pretty extra cheap quality.

No. 179521

That dress is old. Theres pictures if her wearing it years earlier. It looks awful layered like that and that robe is tragic.

No. 179539

isn't this a free people dress from 10+ years ago? Unpopular opinion but it's nice, poorly styled but cute bohemian witchy vibes otherwise.

No. 179554

It's never been proven it wasnt a knock off. It's ok, I think it looks dated and it reminds me of some weird Victorian nightgown.

No. 179568

I don't know where you are from anon, but Adderall is still given out like candy where I'm from in the midwest. Legitimately have known people in a couple different states here who have gone into the doctor and get prescribed almost immediately. It's kind of absurd tbh. I don't know if that's what she's on, but wouldn't surprise me if she did for the weight loss benefits. She seems like the type to snort it too.

Ngl, it looks super cute styled on the model. On lori it looks like a whole dirty old lace curtain.

No. 179578

File: 1635658157559.webm (631.99 KB, 720x1280, 250693647_597005531494493_8434…)

I promise you that nobody finds this cute. She's probably scaring away customers. I don't even understand what she's trying to emulate, if anything? She just comes off as an old lady trying to be hip & off her bipolar meds.

No. 179580

Is that an over flowing laundry basket in the oven door reflection kek
Kev may literally be living in that kitchen nook for real

No. 179581

File: 1635658349040.jpg (29.88 KB, 559x567, wtf.jpg)

flat face with just two holes for a nose KEK the editing is hopeless, she's never coming back

No. 179582

Lmao that looks frightening
should be in the next thread pic

No. 179588

File: 1635669593169.png (1.02 MB, 825x1454, FreePeepDupeWhite2.png)

Lori has definitely had this dress for nearly a decade. Wish she would dress now like she did back then, it was WAY more attractive on her than the bullshit she does now.

No. 179591

Her ren faire wench phase was definitely her most flattering phase.

No. 179592

agree, the only time she's looked half decent and her age. she'd go way better with the witchy succubus occult style (like felice fawn, another cow but you get the idea) and lean into the femdomme style. less submissive cause she can't fake it, she's dominant as fuck. dunno why she doesn't use that side of herself more.
don't wanna give her tips but it's weird to see a narc like her try so hard in the complete wrong direction while if she was self-aware enough she'd have leagues of simps (sorry, homies), even at least on the level she did back in the LJ days. even dumb as a plank sssniperwolf and momo have utilised their toxic sides for simpbux

No. 179603

You know your life sucks when your 36 and your dilemma is to pick between colors of lighting. These kinds of random outbursts that she thinks are funny are really sad. Everyday she proved how sick in the head she really is.

No. 179606

File: 1635685198281.jpg (62.43 KB, 1059x380, 20211031_074901.jpg)

Lori is as stupid as the come. A hot tub does not hydrate you! Anyone who actually owns one knows it acts like a sauna and your suppose to drink water when you get out. No matter what shes ever posting about, she proves she has zero knowledge about it and always looks stupid. Look it up Looni.

Watching that like count rapid decline continue.

Did she post more of this ugly shit because farmers pointed out how hideous it looked? She loves to spite herself.

No. 179608

Dont get me wrong abuela is a retarded puta pero she didn't say anything about the jacuzzi making you hydrated kek

No. 179610

She clearly did and no offense but your sentence structure indicates your probably not the best source for evaluating writing.(nitpicking)

No. 179614

That's a tilde (~) so because of the way she wrote it she made it read that the jacuzzi would be hydrating. She may not have meant for it to say that or maybe she did but grammar anon noticed it.

She always writes like shit and comes off as illiterate.

No. 179630

>>179614 nta but a lot of girls just use that to make a sentence look cuter, I doubt anyone knows what its supposed to mean. Its just a cute icon to them

No. 179646

She grew up during a time when that was used online amongst weebs to be cute and quirky, but to also convey excitement. Most of us didn't know what it was or what it meant, but I certainly used it back in my mIRC days. It's also a little weird that she keeps flaunting a jacuzzi like they're as uncommon in homes as they were in the 80s or something. Most people with a master bedroom have one and one shower stall.

No. 179651

Yeah most people with a master bedroom do not have hot tubs but go off I guess.

No. 179661

there was a knockoff made on shein (I think it was shein? or one of their sister sites) and it was cheap but good enough quality to last a while. I still have mine and it's OLD. I wouldn't be surprised if that's where she got it.

No. 179699

Blue or pink lighting, it doesn't matter. Lori over saturates her photos to where you can't tell where the walls end and her skin begins. She is the last person who should be talking about that. The previous video is disgusting pedo bait shit with her "ara ara" shit

They're obviously living in the same room I wonder if kevin sleeps on the floor there is now way himesama lori allows him to sleep on her bed. They have to be fighting 24/7 poor kevin QQ
Lori needs to get a real job.

No. 179700

The dress is OLD AF and "fine" on her but it doesn't match the robe or fuzzy sandles on her giant hooves. I hope somebody spots her from their apartment complex in the pool that would be hilarious. I bet she's lurking there trying to get a new paypig.

No. 179714

File: 1635738173781.jpeg (338.24 KB, 1239x1675, 6F0F0EEB-69DB-4363-B544-FF05D5…)

Says the person who terrorized traumatized, bullied and villainized every person they ever have been in close contact with especially back then. When is somebody just going to beat the shit out of either of these dense con artists?

No. 179715

Take your meds and stop looking for a reason to infight, jfc.

No. 179718

It's hardly a hot tub anon. It's a big tub with a few jets. It really isn't that special in new builds. Definitely funny to have in a tiny studio apartment however.

No. 179721

It must have been so traumatic to piggyback off any man you could fool into fucking you. Must have been so difficult lying and stealing other artists work. Must have been dehumanizing to be the ringleader of every outing, every shoot, every fucking day of all your "klan"'s lives, telling everyone where to go and what to do. You must have been so traumatized from your then husband raping a teenager you left cause you thought she was a lame retard who made you look bad. Must be so shaken from all the times you cheated on every single partner, some even with their own brother's on their own beds, then getting a taste of your own medicine. Can't imagine how horrifying and traumatizing it is to face consequences of your actions. Must be grueling to wake up every day and remember how you got everything you ever want handed to you, at any time, by people that truly cared for you and wanted to protect you. Must have been so draining to have lied to all them for a decade while you turned them all against each other and literally stole their belongings like the ghetto rat bitch you are. I can't imagine how nightmarish your life is every day, waking up, eating candy and being a lazy pig all day in lingerie while you make your bitch boy do everything for you. Must push you to the brink of suicide every day to have to remember all the trauma, like you being told to move out and fuck off, being told off for being a cheater, being banned from a con for stealing and lying about your costumes, being dumped for being a psycho bitch. Wow. Poor you, Lori. You pitiful, delicate littlething. So helpless and scarred. It's truly amazing and inspiring to see you stand so tall and proud after going through hell and back again and again. Truly, a warrior queen. Shut the fuck up you wrinkled ass bitch and neck already.(calm down)

No. 179722

I was almost impressed she spoke an actual human sentence then she ruined it by cat barfing out of no where

No. 179724

That disgusting and weird BLEEEUUUURGHHH sound she makes out of fucking nowhere, she doesn't even take a breath between her normal speaking words and that cringe sound effect. None of this is cute or quirky or kawaii, it's just bizarre tweaker actions.

No. 179726

Probably the sound she made when she ate her ferrets. RIP ferrets.

No. 179730

Only if you're poor as fuck. It's a tub with water jets not a hot tub…

No. 179752

she sounds like she's about to throw up a hairball, kek

No. 179753

sweaty you have autism, ask me how I know

No. 179759

She's always trying so hard to fake being good. Just like she fakes everything else.

Oo the autism insult. Yeah I'm still right. What she wrote implied the hot tub was hydrating and shes implied the same about the pool in past post. Read the threads.
Really original insult though. Your an idiot. Ask me how I know.

A lot of standard homes are built with those jetted tubs now.

No. 179767

not any of the prior anons, in europe, or anywhere where all the homes are old and not mcmansions/new apartments made from cardboard, any kinda bath that isn't a shower cubicle or standard tub is considered unusual. Apartments and new builds tend to have better bathrooms but still quite simple and low tech.

No. 179824

File: 1635785861277.png (1.71 MB, 1169x2048, Screenshot_20211101-095524.png)

Kevin is working his way out of that block on insta lol. Love that he doesn't mention the site or link anything. Also love that Lori never uses swipe up despite her hundreds of thousands of totally real followers. Theyre so funny. They think they have clout.

No. 179826

File: 1635785897005.png (123.48 KB, 1686x2048, Screenshot_20211101-095236.png)

No. 179834

I noticed he in-archived his pics on Instagram with whori again kek wonder if they had a real blowout recently, on whori’s OF one of her posts mentions a giant bruise on her side from being “clumsy” makes me wonder

No. 179842

Wouldn't put it past Loony to pretend she needs saving from Kevvy while he's slumming it in the kitchen. Bet he probably can't even see her OF and is banned there, too.

More likely she bruised herself on the dildo table while living in cramped quarters, kek.

No. 179853

File: 1635791847513.png (3.79 MB, 2500x1406, Lori calf.png)

Oh my god, nonitas. Lori has a calf, I repeat, Lori has a skinwalking calf. Look at this. Prior to constantly retweeting and replying to Lori she was a normie goth Halsey stan who pandered to the alt boys and weird cartoon/anime coomers. Now, she copies Lori's faces, poses, lingo, even tags. It's so creepy. It's becoming more apparent and shameless as time goes on. Literally copying a facebook status verbatim and copying her shoe poses. Not trying to say Lori is original by any means, but this is so clearly biting her. She's horrifying. Twitter is NSFL. Pissing vids, weird porn with her twink "Daddy". Weird wiggle videos reminiscent of Lori's cracked out loli seizure posts. It's like she's combing through her entire digital footprint as iota and copying the things she doesn't really do anymore aside from the lingo and poses. Even has the same outfits and tries to coord like her. It's freaky. Links are here. Not a self-post, I swear on my stupid life. I found her through replies on this tweet from Lori.
Calf's twitter is disgusting. Seriously. should I post? I don't want to bring her links into it and give her traffic unless we're all trying to inspect closer.

No. 179856

Bottom 3 pics of her on the fence, working out and the horrific disney pic are all from September before she started only RTing Lori's pics. The rest are from only October. I know we can see her name through the replies but I was worried maybe name dropping or linking would make her come up via SEO and it just doesn't seem important enough to plaster her user all over the thread. Sorry if I fucked up by linking her indirectly, I don't know how accepting mods and admin are of bringing new people into cow's threads under these circumstances.

No. 179857

File: 1635792467217.jpg (241.07 KB, 1920x512, almost verbatim.jpg)

Here's her OF bio. What the fuck. Shameless.

No. 179861

wow kek, I can't believe Lori's attempt at being hip with the kids actually got through to someone in that age group. Let alone enough to get her her own skinwalker. Pls link the irony is too juicy.

No. 179868

File: 1635794490270.webm (Spoiler Image, 453.82 KB, 480x918, harlow.davina.bones_1635794343…)

This is the same coked out shit Looni does I'm dying

No. 179871

Looni hated when people "copied" her back in the day and I can't imagine that's changed now. She's going to seethe when she sees this, if she hasn't already.

No. 179873

her apartment complex has a communal jacuzzi and pool, she already "flexed" her joy of having a pool on social media. This jacuzzi shit is the same.

No. 179876

I honestly think she's taking it as flattering. She's tagged Lori before in tweets and she responds to her so I can't imagine she didn't scope out her Twitter. She only got mad because she became the ugly Usagi in shit dresses very quickly once better Usagi's cropped up. She didn't seem pressed about those she considered "ugly" aka bigger, copying her. She just made fun of them.

No. 179879

Kek the autism "insult" is because you are apparently incapable of discerning the contextual and social clues (already stated by other anons) that show she did not imply it was hydrating. Either you can't admit you're wrong in the truly cowest of ways, are delusion, or you're trolling. Pick one, two or all three if you're feeling "spicy", "homie".

No. 179883

You type a lot like Elaine, though I don't remember if she also doesn't know the difference between "your" and "you're". I want to believe you're simply ESL, but why is someone ESL acting so unabashedly sure of the nuances of English language/common use grammar… Suspiciously baity either way.

No. 179886

File: 1635799266842.png (1.74 MB, 2048x2029, Screenshot_20211101-133836.png)

I knew Lori overlined her lips but I didn't think they were entirely drawn on. How are you gonna try and make porn without the three features men only see and coom to? No ass, no tits, no lips. At all. KEK. Lori, you unironically look like a ghoul. Put the lipstick back on please. You're horrifying.

No. 179912

Can she not afford makeup anymore? How long until their lights go out? Kek.

No. 179915

The content is disgusting and it’s pathetic somebody is copying and pasting loris lazy statuses/bios but somehow that girls photos look better than loris and at least she does actual sex work and doesn’t photoshop her asscrack on sideways like a dirty diaper.

No. 179916

At least she has sex with her partner instead of leading them on out of manipulation.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 179917

Do coomers actually like this tweaker mannerism thing? It's so unsettling

No. 179918

>at least she does actual sex work
>At least she has sex with her partner
Kek what the fuck are these weird ass flexes? Derailing over some random sw fan in Lori's thread is retarded but no one with taste would fuck Kev with a ten foot dildo either and being an actual sex worker is not something to brag about, sex work isn't real work.

No. 179919

She's been using an app to paint over her skin for what seems like years now. Other than the candids from ages ago with heavy drugstore foundation, she probably doesn't bother beyond the heavy eyeliner and pink smudges.

The most amusing bit is the possibility of some random person getting all the actual subs Lori was desperately trying to get.

No. 179920

That bit I can agree with. Lori's onlyfans saga is hilariously pathetic. No matter how much she begs the homies they just won't give her a taste of that sweet, sweet macaroni.

No. 179921

Sounds like we have a lurker, imagine those being defenses sincerely posted on lolcow.farm (the place that unsubtly hates and bans men on sight, and shits on sex workers constantly)

Jog on, Lori fan, your content is shit and embarrassing.

No. 179923

We'll that was quick. I refuse to believe anyone would actually write weird flexes like
>at least she does actual sex work
>somehow that girls photos look better than loris
>At least she has sex with her partner
After seeing this abomination's porn and tweaker shops. Somehow, some way, she actually manages to make Lori look less deranged.

No. 179947

File: 1635829584433.jpeg (238.79 KB, 828x1399, 3ADBA1F8-0DAB-4179-A143-E34B68…)

Gotta appreciate how she’s getting less and less interaction on her posts

No. 179952

Probably can't afford those likes anymore! It's sad, all of Dolls Kill's sister brands liked the pic but not them, at least not yet. I wonder if they know her bullshit.

No. 179954

Kek, she really did just copy paste. Right down to the misspelling of "senpai".

Right? As if having sex with an ugly man is anything to brag about. Let alone resorting to selling videos of you fucking him. lmao

No. 179959

File: 1635837981465.webm (3.63 MB, 640x1138, WhispersInTheKitchen.webm)

Wow, Lori really does have him imprisoned in the kitchen. Check out this "skate clothes tip" video from Kevin, barely audible above a whisper (probably because Lori was trying to perfect a neighing video 10 feet away).

He sounds like the voice of the guy who announces "it's mime time." on the original Animaniacs. Same level of enthusiasm.

You see Kevin's legs splayed out on the kitchen floor as he tells you about Guapi pants.

What luxury.

No. 179972

resident nonita here to say yet again kevvy was a dateless virgin before lori kek

No. 179986

That filename kek
Stop the presses! You're saying the ugly awkward spaz who is always fighting and making up with his older partner that openly said she hates him was a kissless virgin before? Who'd have guessed, that never happens.

No. 179988

its almost like you didn't even read what it was replying to, people keep trying to make it out like kev is some sort of ladies man or something lmao, i think its a specific vendetta poster who keeps coming back and trying to say kev has been grooming young girls and using girls (honestly sounds to me like a girl who was scorned by our lil tard lol). kek it's all a load of shit especially when you remember he literally grew up mormon in utah (i think most aren't allowed to date, ig i only know jehovahs)

No. 179992

I just thought it was funny that you have to keep pointing it out to those anons because it's pretty obvious based on his relationship with Lori. I think Mormons are allowed to date as long as they don't have sex, but Kev is a weeb and has public meltdowns over anime characters so the girls probably found him insufferable.

No. 180014

Mormons can date idiot

No. 180021

File: 1635876666327.jpg (323.02 KB, 1080x1756, Screenshot_20211102_140929.jpg)

Lori's voice caption

>Do you guys ever get harassed by people that are like "you're too cute to be real"? Ohhh shit

No, and I don't think you ever have either Lori. The harassment you seem to amass is about how old and embarassing and photoshopped you are

No. 180022

You forgot the part where she tweaks then sticks out her tongue in some sort of deranged complication of her last two videos. Does she genuinely think reading here and posting that is sticking it to the ~haturs~?

No. 180024

File: 1635877625113.webm (2.66 MB, 1080x1854, screen-20211102-112100_2.webm)

Post Webm or don't post about it. Imageboard.

No. 180025

Sorry for the last bit that flashed lol i didn't trim it as well as i thought.

No. 180026

Based was gonna say that but couldn't be fucked recording it myself

No. 180028

Oh my god her movement and facial expressions from the horse-with-Parkinson's face to the tranny slug tongue looks like she's having an actual tard meltdown. I'm begging some tech savvy anon to make that into a banner or gif.

No. 180031

But only because we think she's too cute to be real!!!

No. 180032

File: 1635878970673.gif (913.31 KB, 245x183, 1450113631963.gif)

super cute!!

No. 180043

Utah anon here. Mormon kids aren’t supposed to date till they’re 16 but nobody gives a shit about that rule. From what I’ve heard Kev was an actual creep in the years before he met Lori, and he actually did groom an underage girl, but I’ve got no screenshots to prove it so believe what you will(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 180046

I honestly don't see it as copying Lori specifically. Looks more like an amalgamation of every thot to exist, but also specifically focusing on pink and blue pastels which most people relate to pastel goth. Even the harnesses aren't original between the 2 of them. Belle was doing it.

No. 180053

She copied her bio and captions and uses the same bullshit ugu spicy macaroni talk that she does. No other thots call their OF spicy macaroni stuff, they just say its their OF. again, nobody is saying Lori started this whole style but this woman is directly biting Lori who is already a copy. You can have an opinion but objectively, she is copying her and its apparent. Can't be argued.
I would love to see her delusion through her eyes. Every day she must be like the IRL snow white just so adorable and loved, everyone has to fawn over her and follow her around, telling her she's too cute to exist, being recognized in public for being famous online, etc. I bet the people who work front desk clap every time she comes out half-naked to loiter in the foyer.

No. 180073

How can Kevin look at her posts and honestly think she gets money for posting this. Unless you post your asshole no one cares. She is fucking guys for money, dealing drugs, etc. Money doesn't appear from nowhere

No. 180078

File: 1635893528412.png (828.16 KB, 1067x677, afterpay.PNG)


Because she most likely doesn't actually buy anything upfront (if it is her actually pressing "pay" through the checkout). AfterPay doesn't do any external credit checks; you still have to provide your debit/credit card when checking out so they can deduct the amount from that card for your installments. With AfterPay it's just $22 bucks each month for four months! What a steal!

She could also be bribing Kevin with sex since someone said earlier that Kevin probably has a secret job. We all know Kevin is Lori's #1 simp.

No. 180096



I posted an image, you tard lol
Not everyone here actually cares enough to record this shit

No. 180097

This is actually the first time I've ever heard Kev's voice. He sounds as soulless as he looks. Holy shit.

No. 180101

File: 1635899924775.jpg (11.14 KB, 250x350, 1635048523098.jpg)

that's not how it works faggit

No. 180120

>>179959 who knew using your clothes less made them last longer. Wow

No. 180124

File: 1635909543123.png (1.18 MB, 840x1411, boomjedi.png)

She literally uses Lori's misspelling of "sempai" and copied portions directly from her bio. Did you even read?

kek. my thoughts exactly anon. It made me think of ProJared's fashion tip of "if you layer a vest over your hooded shirt, make sure you untuck the hood!"… fucking life changing tbh.

No. 180126

Meanwhile all the people who saw them at the Spencers or the mall dressed like clowns have been saying she looked old and dirty, kek.

No. 180134

Please take this sperg shit somewhere else. You sound like a newfag trying to sound seasoned in front of other anons.

No. 180141

File: 1635925365450.jpeg (377.67 KB, 828x1467, BD643AE5-97EC-411E-AB0F-665171…)

Y’all are sleeping on the pics Kev posted of her, cause woof

Even with editing she still looks like a haggard “cool mom” posing with her sons skateboards

No. 180142

File: 1635925389839.jpeg (307.05 KB, 828x1466, 2C2C2EB7-B0BB-4998-BABB-D2574C…)

No. 180143

File: 1635925444840.jpeg (337.15 KB, 828x1389, 6D75651D-6C86-4582-882C-4A9ADB…)

And the caption for posterity

No. 180145

She looks sooo washed up and tired. And even though she's joined in, Kevin's things are still banished to the kitchen. Here she is just tiredly laying on a kitchen floor blowing up her cheeks to try to hide her jowls. She could at least hold up one of the boards and try a dynamic pose or try to look interested in it. Bless Kev, his sad milk is so revealing.

No. 180148

I was just coming here to post these. I found them on Facebook. Exact same thoughts as you, down to her trying to look like a cool mom/aunt. I really cannot believe that she agreed to this! I wonder what Kevin had to give up. Lori probably made him pay her for this "modelling shoot" kek.

She's wearing the cut up pink Kevin hoodie again as well.

No. 180149

This clip in particular just makes her look like she's having a seizure. I hope for her sake that there are coomers with a fetish for epilepsy.