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File: 1560902012850.png (334.44 KB, 389x424, Lori's face of youth.png)

No. 54057

Usagi Kou/Lori Cerda/Lori Lune

Skinwalking cosplayer, known for skinwalking Sailor Moon and currently Skinwalking Zero Two. She has also been known to abuse multiple partners and is currently "engaged" to a younger cosplayer "KrookedKev".
>Believes she is the IRL perfect ZeroTwo, that ZeroTwo is based on her and everyone else is copying her
>Suffers from an Eating Disorder and is proud of it.
>She is know for abusing partners including mooching off family, demanding sex at inappropriate times, pressuring into engagement, cheating, stealing, breaking stuff, threatening to cry rape if she doesn't get her way.

She has emerged from retirement to cause drama and abuse her boytoy.

Her Links:
Her Old FB - https://www.facebook.com/earthenserenity/

Her instagram -

ED for a basic rundown on Lori

Previous thread: >>24583

No. 54063

Her current Facebook: https://facebook.com/usakou

I also noticed that both her and Kevin changed their Instagram profiles to say they enjoy spending time with their fiance, where it used to say boyfriend/girlfriend before. They must've changed that in the last couple weeks or so.

No. 54064

So it is official then! Lol I knew that ring was an engagement ring. Probably a forced one too!

No. 54071

She's talking about Reddit anon I'm pretty sure, but tbh the plural I think verifies that she doesn't actually know who it is. Whether Kevin doesn't or does and isn't telling her, who knows.

No. 54072

No. 54083

That entire page needs a redo tbh

No. 54084

Her page sucks. Also why does it knock on her having an abortion so much? We should always encourage abortion for people like her.

No. 54165

Has anyone noticed the pro ana undertones in some of her instagram pics? Calling herself "smol", displaying her thigh gap and drawing herself emaciated.

No. 54171

>>54165 she always does that though I saw her at AX last year. She isn't nearly emaciated as I thought. Dunno if she's gained or lost weight this coming AX since angles and filters lie.

No. 54179

Wow some of her nudes are on there…

No. 54208

old news anon. They were posted in the other thread too.

No. 54341

I love how she admits in her latest Instagram post (and previous posts) she bought the suit a d shares credit for making the horns. Yeah..so.. she did nothing to make her cosplay? It's like overgrown Halloween.

Also she skipped mietu app, trying to prove shes oh so young uwu!!! Looks old and def not Ana, just struggling to be thin.

No. 54347

no meitu means she won’t take pic with her face showing

No. 54366

This is an image board, please post pics/receipts. I don't see which post you are referencing. All her recent posts look filtered to hell and back.

I mean, she's with Kevin for multiple reasons. He's her prop maker, photo taker, emotional punching bag, and meal ticket.

No. 54631

File: 1561248329917.png (17.44 KB, 453x218, 1cc240dcd5064390a1a9b68f8a1fa6…)

He's so desperate to prove to everyone he's not

No. 54643


With all this manic passive aggressive FB posting, is there a possibility it's Lori doing it? She did the same thing months ago when her weight came into question on here and conveniently she spammed her IG with pictures of herself calling herself a "smol bean."

I've known several people who have been in abusive relationships and a lot of the abuse included the passwords and control over social media accounts. That said, it could very well be Kevin considering he's digging in his heels to prove everyone wrong that it's totes normal for a partner to systematically cut them from their friends and threaten to accuse them of rape.

No. 54671

He's a grown ass man. He is responsible for himself and no amount of 'uwu abuse' excuses him at this point.

No. 54702

Is this a man in his late 20s or a high schooler trying to stick it to the boolies? Find something better to do dude, no one here checks this thread as much as you do. He's driving himself crazy lol.

No. 54716

Are they both photoshopping the fuck out of their faces? Both of their eyes look really big and there jaws and noses look sharp and tiny, but then you look at their pics at cons or pics others took or posted and they look nothing like they do in theirs… I bet they call each other their character name in sex or Lori is screaming darling L.O.L!

No. 54723

She def is, I use to know her irl and her jaw is huge and square.

No. 55019

She's using beautycam and snow. She claims she "doesn't know how" to use any of that stuff but it doesn't take any skill to download an app.It's why her pics always look potato quality.

No. 55166

File: 1561612242418.jpg (129.75 KB, 1080x1350, kevinshoop.jpg)

wtf how did kevin think this shoop looked good or was convincing in any way?

No. 55171

All that shoop and they still look busted. The huge eye edit looks creepy and it looks like he shrunk down his jaw too.

No. 55177

Yikes! The jawline looks way too high up compared with the rest of him.

No. 55183

real life anime characters

No. 55184

File: 1561627380921.png (296.58 KB, 458x495, 291501832061211.png)

Kevin out here shooping himself into this. >>55166

No. 55194

He’ll go to his FB and whine to prove he is real life animu and jaw is naturally like that.

No. 55226

can someone hook him up with one of momo’s shoopers? squarenoodles knows how to sculpt a lump of fat into a chin digitally…maybe he can help?

No. 55228

File: 1561651365807.jpeg (189.36 KB, 750x1000, C98C218F-E3A7-43F2-9826-254D4A…)

No. 55229

File: 1561651443454.jpeg (268.9 KB, 750x975, 7FFD4A8B-C894-4640-97B0-D5609A…)

No. 55275

It's so obvious where her crispy hair ends and her extensions begin. bitch, just get a wig

No. 55280

“Staying cool is important”

because you aren’t gonna roast in this suit?

No. 55328

Lori needs to chill on the exposure, my eyes are burning.

No. 55339

LMFAO!!! You guys are funny af! Literally Kevin has a thick neck in that pic and then this almost non existent jawline. Both of them take is for fools lol they are going to get to that con and people are going to have to do a double check. If anyone is going please post their pics here!

No. 55559

File: 1561834537631.jpg (336.32 KB, 1080x1253, Screenshot_20190629-114701_Ins…)

Genuine question: does Zero Two ever have her foot showing through her suit like this? I'm a little confused by the way this looks…

No. 55594

Well that suit's feet has hole on the bottom so you can wear any shoes you want with it. It's kinda wonky in my opinion but it works?


No. 55602

I think you're nitpicking anon. I'm trying not to defend her too much but her costume is really good I think

No. 55603

it's a boot cover, yes but i think it's suppose to be an eva style plug suit.

No. 55611

Lol now she just did a either nude or bikini shoot at her house to sell the pictures to get s zero two action figure…. yet Kevin can have no girls as friends on his Facebook.. smh..

No. 55612

File: 1561869792668.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1242x2143, 9CAC7DDC-3BD1-4234-8306-DBAD3E…)

Showing her shit for a toy… smfh

No. 55613

>I look good and they arent edited at all
>blurred skin
>enlarged eyes
>slimmed jaw
>obvious filters

Whatever you gotta tell yourself, wackjob.

No. 55619

That's how you know that she's stuck in the 00's.

No. 55785

File: 1562017681462.jpg (128.39 KB, 1280x912, IMG_20190701_164356_522.jpg)

What a trouper <3

No. 55788

a lot of people that hate her (and by proxy him now) are going to AX including Moo. Wonder how all those people factors into the "minimal complications" of the good trip.

I don't know either of them in person. Does lori get up in people's face or does she hide from people who don't like her?

No. 55799

Moo meanwhile hides from everyone who might hurt her big bad bitch feelings or otherwise come at her, so the change of an encounter with Lori and Kevin is very low.

No. 55816

Better be good drama. I’m bored.

No. 55824

>>55788 Lori get's into people she doesn't like faces so I wouldn't be surprised. Shes always threatening to jump girls she doesn't like

No. 55826

would be funny if she tried to jump someone and got banned from the con. imagine loony lori getting arrested during the con and kevin still singing her praises after.

No. 55835

She's the size of a 10 year old, who would she be able to jump effectively? She's all talk.

No. 55870

File: 1562095611683.jpg (71.61 KB, 1113x1280, IMG_20190702_142335_160.jpg)

She posted this on FB. It's an animated gif of a penguin attacking some guy, then it has a fake explosion. I think she does this before every convention though? Telling people not to mess with her or whatever.

No. 55875

She does but she's also lurking here, so she probably saw the last few posts and felt she had to compensate the same way she did when she made sure to point out her latest photo set was unedited.

No. 55882

They were edited.

No. 55884


anon is saying she said they weren't edited as a selling point when they obviously were.


No. 55886

>cleans the house while I'm at work
I thought Lori had a job at the mall? Is that a thing of the past now?

No. 55890

I don’t know if she still has a job or not. Either way, cleaning the house and making your living conditions you share with another person nice and tidy should be an unspoken thing anyway. Most couples do chores for the other when they live together because it’s a normal thing. Kevin is really grasping at straws when it comes to positive things about Lori if he has to mention cleaning the house.

No. 56222

File: 1562386743612.jpeg (163.75 KB, 750x670, 37413F4E-A679-4AAF-9D12-3B107E…)

Kevin finally went public. Screen recorded the video but it won’t let me post. She has like no reaction in it, probably because she forced it

No. 56223

File: 1562386814168.jpeg (243.5 KB, 750x941, 46B2CCAA-3EBD-4ECF-AC3E-147B69…)

No. 56225

No. 56227

File: 1562387847579.jpeg (374.8 KB, 750x1026, CFA7324F-50AC-4580-B2A6-7A1AA0…)

A pic from AX that wasn’t obscenely filtered by either of them

No. 56228

Well that was awkward to watch. This was legit cringey, and felt super forced… Fastest "will you marry me?" Video ever.

No. 56229

their IG already said engaged before this tho? why the big publicity stunt?

No. 56230

Attention seeking at the con, maybe? Trying to gain notoriety as the Hiro and Zero Two who got engaged at AX?

No. 56234

I don’t even know what to say about this “proposal.” He didn’t even put a ring on her. He just grabbed her hand and held it and they both had gloves on.

On top of that all she did was ask if he was “really sure” and then “then yes.”

Super super awkward especially considering what other anon said about them already being engaged. There wasn’t a need for this aside from attention.

No. 56237

File: 1562398684896.jpg (77.38 KB, 930x1500, 61E3foqg lL._SL1500_.jpg)

So busy cleaning the whole apartment and sewing his suit that she forgot to fix the open back shoe situation.

No. 56238

That's the most unromantic "I'm not being abused I swear" bizarre engagement text I've seen. Who announces their engagement with a "fuck the haters" message at the end?

No. 56250

>>56223 as a person who seen proposals in public before (that are very heartfelt and cute), this one has gotta be the most fake looking proposal I've ever seen in my life.

No. 56252

Is the video posted the entire thing? I couldn't hear anything they were saying. I love these two.

No. 56253

that was the least romantic thing i've ever seen in my life. Asking 'are you sure?' twice is so…wtf. Also, no ring?? okay, it was just super weird all around.

No. 56254

That’s the whole thing. “She says are you serious several times?” and “are you going to be nice?”

No. 56256

Haha what?? She says, "Oh boy," as Kevin gets on one knee, with no actual emotion to it. This was so weird and fake
also would it fucking kill him to lose the stupid emo fringe and style his hair at least remotely close to the characters hairstyle if they're not going to use wigs?

No. 56259

It’s “are you sure? Like sure sure? Then yes. “

y i k e s

No. 56263

Is it just me or does Lori somewhat resemble our Queen here?
twice the engagements = twice the attention

No. 56265

I mostly think their fighting and abuse is all talk and they won’t actually hurt each other, but something about this just made me so damn worried that one of them is gonna wind up dead by the time Lori hits 40.

No. 56271

They have hurt each other several times, physically they post about it and then delete later. I would post proof of conversations I have had with one of them but I don’t want them to know who I am. But Kevin has hurt Lori’s jaw before, not broken but badly hurt. They punch and kick each other all the time along with smashing stuff. There is other crazier shit but if I say they’ll for sure know who I am because I’m not sure who else has been told about it.

No. 56277

Honestly if any cow is going to end up in a murder/murder-suicide situation, it's going to be one of them.
>There is other crazier shit
Is anybody around them trying to intervene? Why isn't either one of them in jail or court-ordered therapy or something?

No. 56281

They were in therapy at one point. Didn’t seem to help though.

No. 56286

That's because in order for therapy to work, you have to not only admit you have a problem, but actually want to fix it.

No. 56292

I don't believe they were ever in therapy. I think Kevin said that during one of his posts addressing his concerned friends in order to convince them that him and Lori were ~working on themselves~ I think he only ever mentioned that once or twice. I think it was when Lori moved to Utah after he had to be rescued from Washington but I might be wrong. He has made so many of those posts trying to assure his friends that everything is fine, that I feel like he would have​ brought that up more often if it were actually the case. I think if they did go to a therapist it was probably only for a session or two before they stopped for whatever reason. Also, it may not be this way anymore, but back when I was in therapy it took quite a long time to get an appointment with a therapist as a new patient.

But I'm not friends with either of them so you may know more than I do.

No. 56295

File: 1562465182170.jpeg (287.47 KB, 750x1077, 3A56486D-14F4-4430-B3C3-DE69B4…)

Looking haggard af lmao

No. 56298

Holy shit she looks like a tranny here. What a nasty ass looking bitch.

No. 56299

>>56229 So a semi popular cosplay couple got engaged today at AX in front of a crowd at the league meet up, there are videos of it around, a cosplay couple that Lori has beef with because they are semi/ex friends with Kevin. The dude posted about planning something at AX a while back which means Kevin and Lori could have done it just to spite them.

No. 56302

Aging hasn't treated her strong features well at all. That aside, I don't get why she went with such a neon pink color for the hair when Zero two has very pastel pink hair? >>56237

Best part of the whole cosplay is the suit, which she bought. Kevin's foam work is usually pretty good, but in all honesty, the back piece looks pretty wonky. >>56227

Anything for clout, that doesn't really surprise me if it's true. Lori is a super petty bitch.

No. 56305

I saw around 3 proposals today at AX and none of them were as awkward as Kevin’s.

No. 56309

How are you finding pictures of Lori? I keep going through the anime expo tags on Instagram and can't find her or Kevin anywhere.

No. 56310

File: 1562474054814.jpg (126.63 KB, 1280x941, IMG_20190706_213319_328.jpg)

Nevermind, I looked at the tags in the pics you found and I was in the wrong tags. I just found one

No. 56313

Woah!! Huge difference from the non existent chin, slim face, button nose and giant eyes that we usually see. She edits the living fuck out of those photos! I thought she had finally gotten the hair color right, but nope guess that is edited too! For her to critique being so accurate she sure fucks up on hair colors. She did the same shit with her sailor moon two toned extensions. It’s better to wear a wig if your too lazy to get the color right!

No. 56318

File: 1562480571262.jpg (115.03 KB, 908x1280, IMG_20190706_231920_740.jpg)

This is at least the third time they've gotten engaged lmao

Every single reply is "Congratulations!" too. Kev must have removed any of the "haters" off his FB already.

I wonder what his family thinks.

I was wondering: is he/his family Mormon? I only ask because Utah. I know there are non-Mormons in Utah too but I am just curious.

No. 56319

Kevin is not Mormon as far as I know. He never talked about religion at all ever.

No. 56320

Well it would've been truly spiteful if it was done at the same day. However the difference between the two proposals was quite staggering. One was heartfelt and was very cute, the other seems so rigid and awkward af.

No. 56323

I don’t think the two proposals were related tbh. Probably just the timing since it’s most weebs dream to propose at ax. Surprised they didn’t do it at a franxx gathering though. Looks like it was just on the sci fi set next to the cosplay repair.

No. 56324

He is not Mormon and I doubt his family is because they allowed Lori to live with them and sleep in his room when they are not married

No. 56325

Lori did have a separate room in I think it was the attic though. Not sure if they slept in the same bed all the time.

No. 56359

I agree. There’s a clear difference between her and the other Zero Two cosplayers at the convention (and online). Her hair basically blends into her suit and her bangs have way too much volume.

No. 56373

File: 1562535983993.jpeg (157.22 KB, 828x815, B3D09F79-B11B-489F-98A0-D79498…)

No. 56378


He's looking a lot more haggard in comparison to Lori.

No. 56380

Is that lighting/makeup or does he have a scar on his left cheek?

No. 56381

Do they not feel a twinge of embarrassment when their real selves get posted after they've spammed >>56222 and >>55785?

No. 56382

File: 1562544011218.png (946.72 KB, 981x439, irlanimu.png)

It's the lighting, he does have pretty deep set laugh lines for being as young as he is though.

He looks okayish tbh, if they were the same age at least. I think the startling thing is that he is so much younger than she is, but they both look to be in their 30s in candids. The difference between her edits and candids are pretty hilarious though.

No. 56390

The eyeliner is fucking lol He would look so much better if he’d get a fucking modern haircut

No. 56394

File: 1562548197254.jpg (12.84 KB, 200x269, edz.jpg)

Lori definitely did his makeup, her winged eyeliner looks absolutely horrendous in the candids.

As much as I'd hate to admit it, because his personality is absolute trash, he has potential to be cute? He's not an awful looking guy, but the kawaii tiny anime boy thing doesn't work for him at all. Neither does the terrible emo haircut. It's a shame he doesn't take constructive criticism well, instead he's just going to keep screeching on about how much he looks like an anime boy irl, while lori aggressively shoops their pics and he rapidly ages into the emo dad meme.

Kind of curious what Lori is going to age into though, she already looks awful in pics like >>56295 and OP

No. 56398

File: 1562548452536.jpeg (1018.91 KB, 1547x2580, 006E41AD-4863-486E-AF31-1A827C…)

Thought you’d guys like another candid

No. 56400

They might be referring to the line above where laugh lines are normally. In this photo it almost looks like it reaches his eye

>Dat shoop though

No. 56403

This is tragic lol

No. 56404

tbh I think the pink hair washes her out. It only looks decent in her over the top filtered pics. Im kind of curious how she would look with a more natural look, given she is in her midish 30s now. She would look a lot better if she tried a look that suited her age. A few of the candid pics arent bad. But moreso just shocking since they are so different than what she posts herself.

No. 56406

I’m willing to bet she’d look a lot older if she had a natural hair color and a more professional style. There are 30-somethings that are babyfaced and can pass for being in their 20s. If she changed up her style, she wouldn’t be one of them. She’d just look like someone’s mom.

No. 56412

I actually really like this photo because I've never seen Lori make this expression. She has 2-3 expressions in all of her pics, from the early 2000s to now. At first I thought maybe the photographer caught her in a candid smiling moment but it also looks like the sun was in her eyes and she's sort of grimacing.

Keep the candids coming. I have a hard time finding them.

No. 56413

I'd be interested in seeing what she looks like without those stupid bangs she's been wearing for over a decade. They've always made her look like shit, never understood why she's so attached to them.

No. 56414

>She attempts to smile
>It looks like a grimace

Ok now I know why she only has one expression

No. 56421

Ok the pink hair has to go. This shit is literally dark pink like a fucking Halloween cheap as wig! It does nothing for her skin tone and instead ages her worse! Kevin needs to go back to blonde this black hair washes him out because he is too pale for it! I’ve seen several zero twos that had the right pale pink hair that put hers to shame.

No. 56423


Not everything is aging. She has really low body fat for someone with such a small frame. That and she is probably low in a bunch of nutrients.

No. 56497

File: 1562638536644.jpg (310.8 KB, 1815x640, candids.jpg)

More candids

No. 56499


How tall is Kevin? He looks like he would be, but then I see pics of them next to each other, and he has to be like, 5'8 at most.

No. 56501

File: 1562642780469.jpeg (108.84 KB, 296x430, 9BD23A7C-318B-4AB4-A55D-28740E…)

I truly hate to ask but I’m pretty sure it’s shown before…is this is dick just chilling?

No. 56502

File: 1562643785956.png (257.08 KB, 277x414, welp.PNG)

No. 56513

Her body is aging even if you can't see it outside the shoops. She's thin, sure, but she's probably not staying slender in a healthy way, which is definitely showing in her face.

He's pretty tall, definitely over 6"

Hiro is such a poor choice for him to cosplay. He's way too manly in the face and far too tall to pull off a tiny shota boy character, it just looks bizarre. He looks pretty decent as Bakugo though.

Lori's stupid ass shoes are still the worst. I don't get why she didn't just wear real shoes underneath instead of stapling down the boot cover to a platform shoe base. A pair of red wedge heels would be more accurate?

No. 56519

File: 1562655036805.jpg (92.07 KB, 1080x540, third_engagement.jpg)

Lori posted pics of the proposal on Instagram

No. 56521

Shooped and over exposed per the usual too.

No. 56548

File: 1562675945244.jpg (75.15 KB, 1080x1079, IMG_20190709_053125_291.jpg)

This is hilarious. Here's another

No. 56550

would it hurt her to make ANY kind of expression that could fit the character instead of this angry hag face?

No. 56562

I wish I could see and find the post where he got upset over people mass sharing a post about wearing dance belts or compression garments to keep things smooth and attractive.

No. 56563


As an Ex Friend of Kevin’s, I vividly remember this. I don’t think the post exists anymore. He was throwing a shitfit and saying he wouldn’t wear dance belts because girl cosplayers are romping around without bras and so their nipples were poking out or something.
Thing is, at that time I think he had been to very few out of state cons, and most cons in Utah require family friendly attire (IE no visible or bare nipples even on men) so I’m not sure why he was going apeshit over it when most cosplay girls in Utah don’t even show anything off like he was ranting about.

No. 56576

That’s because Kevin and Lori are above Utah cons. They hardly go to any of them and when they do they bitch about having to go to a local con because they can’t afford the big cons anymore. It probably doesn’t help that when they do go all of Kevin’s ex friends are there.

No. 56580

Did Kevin hang out with anyone else at AX or just Lori?

He said he saw some friends but I’m assuming he’s not allowed to actually hang out with them and it’s just in passing.

No. 56583

He took photos with a couple of cosplayers, have no idea if he actually hung around people for more than a couple of minutes.

No. 56587

Why do nasty ass male cosplayers wear spandex without a dancer's belt?? they should be banned from cons at that point. it's disgusting

No. 56589

His bakugo cosplay sits on him so bad. Does he not know how to craft for his own body? his torso is so short.

No. 56605

It's surprising that Lori allows him to go out and risk the chance of other women looking at his pecker

No. 56633

It's cuz he has hogbody and is in denial about it.

No. 56729

File: 1562774755791.jpeg (2.09 MB, 1536x1534, 1CBF0D3B-B0E1-4FF4-B3DA-C3B947…)

Original shot vs what they posted. I guess she figures she doesn’t need the right hair color because when she exposes the photos to oblivion she can get closer

No. 56734

Clearly she knows her hair isn’t right because she lightens it in pics, so why not just… do it right to begin with? Or better yet: GET A WIG

No. 56744

Well. She didnt use any of those filters to pinch their faces in. So progress?

No. 56832

Kevin posted the proposal video on his Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BzwvIZGD9My/

"So something special happened last weekend. I proposed to the girl I love more than anything @iota_zerotwo

Dont mind the awkward gestures, its difficult in a public setting for someone like me (shy, introverted) to work up the nerve, on top of having strangers film it. It could've been in a crowd, it could've been at home. But we both absolutely love this show and walking past a fitting set, in my favorite place with my favorite person seemed too perfect to pass up for something ive been wanting to make official for months. Even in anime costumes it felt right to me and I'd like to think that's what's important. I didn't present a ring because I was terrified of losing it + rings and plugsuits dont mix"

No. 56859

Still lurking this thread and feeling like he has to to explain himself to everything posted here I see.

No. 56863

I’m shocked by how positive the comments are on the Instagram video

No. 56864

He should then explain why they have been engaged on social media ages ago…

Because it just seems like a stunt esp with that proposal being shitty on both sides.

No. 56867

i don't see any cosplayers in the comments. could be bots? they also spam hashtags and that's a good way to get tons of comments and would explain why they're positive. the people commenting don't actually know them.

No. 56868

what's the proposal people are comparing this to? at least four couples got engaged at AX this year so it's not uncommon for this to happen at a huge event. just the way these two did it is super rushed and awkward, which kevin once again excuses by saying he is introverted. lmao.

No. 56891

File: 1562882185733.jpg (118.14 KB, 1280x788, IMG_20190711_145433_113.jpg)

I guess Lori sold enough of her nudes because she got the Zero Two figure(s) she wanted from the con

No. 56896

i don't understand their relationship dynamic AT ALL. Kevin isn't allowed to talk to girls/look at girls/comment on girls stuff/have female friends but Lori can freely post and sell nudes to neckbeards to fund her skinwalk figures?

why doesn't Kevin stand up to the hypocrisy? he just lays down and takes it and accepts it.

No. 56902

When you’re being abused, sometimes it’s hard to stand up to the abuser. He’s probably wound so tightly that he doesn’t see what she does as abuse. Or he is afraid to leave. Hope he gets sense to wake up and get help before the wedding bells.

No. 56941

File: 1562901639112.png (4.28 MB, 2287x1350, different.png)

Here's another picture of them. Original on the left. Lori's reupload on the right.

No. 56943

File: 1562901937864.jpg (213.8 KB, 1080x1035, 20190711_202036.jpg)

Saw this in the comments of a friends post. Yikes Lori what's your deal you didn't even make your cosplay??

No. 56945

File: 1562902686220.png (420.73 KB, 469x596, lol.png)

Of course she's being super passive aggressive on a cosplay that is better and more accurate than hers.

Meanwhile Lori got on whatever the hell these things are >>56941

No. 56953

File: 1562905163017.jpg (146.01 KB, 1280x937, IMG_20190711_200502_224.jpg)

Kevin didn't like this photo. Probably why they smoothed out his skin and under eye bags in the version Lori posted.

No. 56977

File: 1562915632856.jpg (163.81 KB, 816x1280, IMG_20190712_001045_770.jpg)

No. 56979

HAHAHAHAHAH!! She hasn’t changed one bit what does she think they are gonna do? Tell the kids to go to bed and their husbands to watch tv while they furiously slam there thumbs typing coming to her aid at the ages of 35 to 45?! Gtgo with that shit this is not 2004 livejournal people have actual lives and most all grew out that shit! I have second hand embarrassment for that. She just sensitive that she had her hoods hanging out.

No. 56980

File: 1562916362651.jpg (375.72 KB, 640x3260, zerotwoshoedrama.jpg)

I'm hoping this is all legible. I combined all the screenshots she's showing in her FB post into one image.

No. 56989

Lori is 34 years old. 34. Imagine being in your mid-30s and still pulling the same shit you did as a teenager. She is literally coming after people that are most likely a decade younger than her.

I've been following her since the early 2000s and am still shocked. Lori has not and will not ever grow up.

No. 56993

She seeks out this girl's cosplay, acts passive aggressive in the comments, and then flips the fuck out when someone defends the girl? The cosplayer was so sweet though, it's really only making her look better.

I do love that Lori has resigned herself to ranting and raving about "kids these days" though. Really showing her age, kek.

No. 56994

Also, broken spine? disability? Is this a new or old claim, it's the first I recall hearing of it, but I may have forgotten. Shouldn't she not be wearing a big weighty cosplay piece that's supported by her neck/upper back? Foam or not, something of that size for long periods of time can feel heavy. Especially for someone with a "broken spine".

No. 56997

you don't grow that much when you never have to do anything that's hard ever.

No. 57009


Lori does't seem like she was particularly snarky, more so reactive. It's the other comments that were childish.

No. 57013

This stupid bitch is 34 years old… arguing about shoes on IG. Holyhell, never change Lori.

No. 57018

File: 1562933590712.jpeg (192.74 KB, 749x932, CE0ACF08-68B9-452E-B701-B0B2DF…)

“Broken spinal cord”

No. 57045

File: 1562948655075.jpeg (200.08 KB, 747x1097, 9338D00E-5B7B-4F4C-A31F-1E98FF…)

No. 57046

File: 1562948680352.jpeg (119.66 KB, 741x839, 208EA3A8-85CB-4241-877A-CBEF11…)

No. 57047

File: 1562948707010.jpeg (134.98 KB, 747x826, 408A2485-B04E-48FF-901C-AA627F…)

No. 57048

What a mean way to talk about a girl that stood up for her after her unsolicited criticisms. The way she speaks to all her friends sounds disrespectful and mocking. How does anyone justify being friends with her?

No. 57049

Agreed. It didn’t take long for her to reveal her true nature on this one. She did the same thing to other Sailor Moon cosplayers back in the day and apparently it’s not a trait she’s grown out of.

No. 57054

Broken spinal cord? Honey, if your actual spinal cord was broken you would be a vegetable. If she means the bones of her spine, sure, but this leads me to believe she is lying if she doesn't even use the correct terminology. How could she walk around with that on her back all day if her spine was "broken" ?

No. 57060

I think she means scoliosis? Broken spine just will get more pity but I think I remember seeing somewhere that she has scoliosis and chronic back pain.

No. 57061

>do a collab
Ugh, what a burden that would be on that other cosplayer. She'd have to keep the peace and do her best to passively fend from Lori's high key jealousy and seethe.

No. 57101

File: 1562967325801.jpg (67.93 KB, 1280x798, IMG_20190712_143205_037.jpg)

Lori either hid this FB post from public view or deleted it.

And this comment thread is no longer on that girl's Instagram post.

In other news, Lori already had her engagement ring and this was an attention grabbing proposal for the con.

No. 57104

it was posted earlier up in the thread that they've already been engaged for months. even pre-AX they both had "FIANCE" on their individual instagram accounts. before this too, kevin had proposed a year ago but then they broke up and got back together.

I think they just wanted to be known as THE cosplay couple that got engaged at AX so they did it Friday to be "first" but then there were a bunch of others that were bigger on Saturday.

No. 57150

Could be Lori-speak for degenerative disk disease and the spinal cord problems that come with it, given her history of scoliosis and sticking her ass out way too far to make it look bigger it's plausible that she does has spine damage that makes it uncomfortable or inadvisable to wear heels.
She could have a spine problem; some of the most common ones that affect the spine and incidentally the spinal nerve only have a crippling effect if you 'activate' the problem some how, e.g. by twisting your back the wrong way. If she is in that position then she isn't currently suffering from any major pain or mobility issues because that would put her in a world of hurt if she was even able to get into it to begin with

No. 57171

The fact that the cosplayer was IMMENSELY nice to Lori when she had mo reason to be, yet Lori even now is still being nasty towards her and insulting her cosplay speaks volumes. She's so intimidated by anyone else who could possibly cosplay her skinwalking subject better than she does, that even though the girl did literally nothing, she's still focusing on bringing her down instead of the people in the comments. What a miserable, jealous hag.

No. 57178

File: 1563016365636.jpg (292.02 KB, 1296x1728, 66373935_10217403637421979_911…)

Friend posted them in their photos for AnimeExpo. I swore I walked by them, but I was working the show and as such didn't stop myself. Enjoy the candid.

No. 57194

Lori's hair is so… Magenta. It's such a bad color on her too. I'm sure it's hard to get the right color on your own for self dye… But she keeps getting it wrong with each touch up lol

Poor Kevin looks so uncomfortable in his outfit. Why is he doing that weird semi squat back bend pose that really just looks like he's trying to secretly touch his genitals on someone without them knowing?

Since their engagement went public, I really want to know how Kevin's family is taking the news… Or what his other friends who may not have known think.

No. 57197

Dudes do that pelvic thrust stance to minimize their paunch.

No. 57202

File: 1563035338006.jpeg (76.14 KB, 750x390, D339131C-CE09-4E9F-98BD-59C7AF…)

No. 57205

Dude needs to just accept he went from chubby to skinny fat and put on some shapewear and a dance belt already. Hiro is definitely a super unflattering cosplay on him though, leave it to the fakebois Kevin.

Imagine throwing all your friends away for a psycho who has been outted for abusing you, just cause you like her "small waist" and "nice butt".

They look so frumpy outside of the filters. The costumes are okay, but their shoes and hair both look super shitty. Ngl, Lori also looks a lot less "smoll" than in her self shots. Not in a bad way, but there's definitely a difference.

No. 57214

When was this posted? If it was recent, Kevin appears to have deleted it.

No. 57232

This morning! Looks like he deleted it

No. 57233

File: 1563058333483.png (1.59 MB, 2160x1350, lori_edit.png)

Is it normal/common to take photos taken by photographers and then edit the lighting (and whatever else) on them this much? Lori and Kevin do this with every single photographer shot taken of them

No. 57234

Most photographers forbid others editing their photos. I am a photographer and am friends with many cosplay photographers and it’s a big no no to edit on top of a photographers photo unless you have explicit permission from the photographer

No. 57235

Ok that's what I thought but they post the edited pics to Instagram and credit the photographer in the post, which is why I am able to get the originals from the photographer's pages

No. 57240


She shooped her nose noticably smaller when she was doing the lightening.

No. 57243

Weirdly the before of this one actually looks way better

No. 57256

I think every single one of her candids look objectively better than her edits. Her editing makes all the images look like they were taken with a low quality camera. Her natural face also looks better than whatever she is trying to photoshop herself into. She isn't an ugly person, just a bad person.

No. 57257

She’s not an ugly person, but she’s also not nearly as attractive as she thinks she is. She’s treated a lot of people really, really badly on the sole basis that she thinks she’s cuter than they are.

No. 57258

Again with the over exposure. She just kind of washes everything out, I suppose to "soften" her face? It makes her nose look smaller and makes her hair look less magenta too. Looks like shit though in comparison to the original. There's actual depth to the original image.

I don't think Lori is "ugly" necessarily. I do think she doesn't have a hairstyle and style in general that is flattering to her features, however. She has strong face with sharp features, a prominent chin, high cheekbones, etc. She has a very mature face that doesn't suit the whole kawaii anime girl shtick, much like how Kevin looks dumb trying to look like a tiny kawaii anime shota. The style just makes them both look older/haggard in a way.

No. 57273

Lori isn't ugly and this is probably a good reason why she's been able to get away with things for literal decades. Even Kevin's list of things he likes about her are all physical.

Her personality makes her horrendous though and no amount of beauty makes that worth it imo.

No. 57274

Speaking from a photog standpoint, the one on the left is actually a very good photo in terms of lighting/pose/mood. I don't know why she needs to edit it into a snow filter that destroys all the color of the original. She actually looks great.

No. 57277

the original photo is really nice. The edit makes it look like a cheap cosplay+everyone is too familiar with editing now to view glowy blurry photos without bias. She doesn't need to shoop so much especially with actually good photos like this.

No. 57312

File: 1563123906079.jpg (40.72 KB, 604x697, uh what kind of pose.JPG)

So she posted this on instagram. Did she edit the coloring on this too? It kinda looks like it. I feel like she forced the darks to be brighter than they should be.

Also, what is with Kevin's pose? he literally looks like he doesn't know what he's supposed to be doing, or that he was caught in mid-movement playing red light green light.

No. 57314

She has edited all the photos from Gil which is very unfortunate because it’s clear he chose the lighting and colors to reflect a certain mood and it looks really good just for her to destroy it. Maybe I’m just sensitive as another photog but I would be livid

No. 57315

File: 1563124987500.jpeg (69.97 KB, 960x960, 63B5C460-EA35-4A53-B78F-AF4635…)

Here is what Kevin posted which I’m assuming is the original but with a boarder added for Instagram

No. 57316

File: 1563125153239.png (600.69 KB, 750x1334, AE8D65DC-DCDA-4585-88D5-42010C…)

From Kevins Instagram story, guess they both edited the photos. Should have known because Kevin made his jaw tiny and high up again

No. 57319

File: 1563127800348.jpeg (81.23 KB, 600x722, 9FBB1AAB-927F-4C87-91CA-08BC47…)

he always does this awkward pose with hiro and I don’t get it because…hiro doesn’t have a “pose” you have to do yet he always looks like he’s caught walking. reminds me of pic related kek

No. 57322

File: 1563129608688.jpeg (847.48 KB, 2048x2048, 792DFE71-DF74-453C-AC41-BAED48…)

I honestly have a feeling that he knows nothing/minimal about Hiro and he’s just cosplaying Hiro because Lori wants him to skinwalk her dahhhlinng. Most of his other cosplays look like he at least knows how to pose as that character. I mean nothing extremely mind blowing and creative but at least SOMETHING more than “squat pelvic thrust with bent elbow”.

No. 57332

he was accused of this before and posted something about how he “does actually really like Hiro!” like he was being forced.

I think it’s in the last thread somewhere.

kevin always used to cosplay pretty flattering characters for his height/build and they were totally things he was interested in like LoL and zelda and monster hunter. Hiro is the one that stands out the most as a super odd choice.

No. 57348

File: 1563142207348.jpg (70.92 KB, 1080x1080, 66670599_2344646835774605_6390…)

Lori uploaded this

No. 57353

Did she fix her bangs to be more Zero-Two ish?

No. 57355

She usually curls them to have that weird volume. They look trimmed and flattened here.

So yes.

No. 57357

The left image and upper right image are absolute nightmare fuel. Who told her this looked "kawaii" because they clearly lied

No. 57365

File: 1563149047933.png (538.83 KB, 680x684, 11c.png)

Her shoop looks like when someone ran the "momo" meme through some filters. kek.

No. 57402

File: 1563161734207.jpeg (72.9 KB, 1210x464, AB2F3A24-7935-4393-B1A0-C20D43…)

No. 57403

File: 1563161760891.jpeg (171.59 KB, 967x1307, 84E83F77-EF22-4D61-8692-3FD1C7…)

No. 57404

Omg they're doing this again.

Here's a 7 second video of Lori flirting with/winking at the camera: https://streamable.com/dolar

No. 57405

Is Debra Kevin's mom?!

No. 57406

No, that was my initial thought too but his mom's last name is Hanft as well.

Can't wait for them to pull the "we go through hard times like everyone else but it makes us stronger than ever!!" bullshit again.

No. 57408

I know his family. That’s not his mom. No idea who that is.

But don’t worry guys, they’re working on it and they make each other happy!!!

No. 57409

Oh ok. She must be one of his friends idk. I was thinking the same thing. Except Lori doesn't ever really make those posts. It's always Kevin writing the screeds about wanting the support of his friends and how him and Lori have ups and downs but always come out ~stronger~ in the end. I wonder what the situation was this time.

No. 57411

I mean, she has literally threatened to accuse him of rape falsely if he doesn't bend to her will. This might be something similar to that, making a scene to make her look like the victim and getting him to back down from whatever he found her lying about. She's gaslighting him.

No. 57412

Kevin said she’s the one who keeps “keeping secrets” but she is definitely trying to make people come to her rescue.

Maybe she cheated again like she did with Rikki. Wouldn’t doubt it.

No. 57415

File: 1563167288674.jpeg (165.84 KB, 750x1019, 3C31A2D3-57F9-4DFB-9E12-A2B3A9…)

No. 57416

File: 1563167312100.jpeg (154.36 KB, 750x1001, 8D3BCE6B-48AC-40FF-B47A-297F56…)

No. 57422

File: 1563170993624.jpg (150.18 KB, 1000x800, 966494_10152880474515431_11064…)

Really wish she would move on to another character.

No. 57424

File: 1563172951208.png (1.56 MB, 958x768, s002.png)

I never noticed that she shoops a bump out of her nose. Also, why does she seem to put blush/contour on her cheekbone? Is that just natural skin discoloration or is she that bad with makeup? It ages her face a lot and makes it look weirdly sunken in, in some photos.

I wonder which character she'll skinwalk next? I have a feeling she's going to drag zero two out a while longer while she's still with Kevin. He did just make her most of that costume after all.

No. 57431

>is she just bad with makeup

dude, look at her eyeliner. she's fucking awful at makeup.

No. 57445

File: 1563194225947.jpeg (107.76 KB, 827x424, 010AC383-7FF5-4B0E-9FC3-D8817B…)

No. 57446


This hurts to look at. Wow.

No. 57449


Did she delete this already? Or how quick did she delete her post about his yelling?

No. 57450

Imagine being an adult in a relationship having to explain how you upset your live-in gf by using caps lock. Oh my goodness.

No. 57453

This is onision-relationship levels of cringe.

No. 57462

File: 1563205347785.jpeg (108.01 KB, 712x1024, 997AB965-986B-49A5-9461-C84333…)

And in the middle of all this she still finds time to skinwalk. My guess is that she gets so attached to these characters because it’s better than being herself. Look at how shitty her dead end life and relationship is and tell me this hag wouldn’t rather live in a fantasy world where she’s a young anime girl.

No. 57469

she looks like an airhead. who told her the D: face is attractive?

No. 57478

All I see is a skinny Pixyteri.

No. 57488

>>57478 not quite…least our Queen would never be abusive like her.

No. 57504

File: 1563228476665.jpg (89.52 KB, 1080x1350, 64697066_810359842671739_27873…)


No. 57505


Right, Pixyteri is selfish but she isn't abusive. She just wanted to be loved.

But the level of cringe is at the same level as Pixyteri. I'm just waiting for the pooping pose.

No. 57520

So basically Kevin sent her two texts in all caps, which resulted in her pity posting on fb and tagging friends in that he "won't stop yelling at me!". Bitch, it's capslock, you'll be okay.

She's what, 34 years old too? I wonder how long she's going to keep this up.

Just imagine if she ever put on weight, it would probably be the end of her world.

No. 57561

are we taking bets as to how long it'll take her to try dye her hair silver and force kevin into skinwalking whatever the MC of Re Zero's name is?

No. 57563

No idea, but her hair is gonna be so over processed and dry if she goes silver suddenly.

No. 57565

She might have had this costume from back when she did have her hair silver/blue for a while before going full blown Zero Two obsessed. I'd be kind of surprised if she did go through a Re:Zero phase given the hype for that series has died down so much. Even Darling in the Franxx is kind of old news?

No. 57569

hdu compare this dollar store ripoff to our QUEEN.

No. 57643

File: 1563316378966.jpg (112.11 KB, 1080x1350, 65968623_3049600535080894_3377…)

Kevin posted this. Wtf did he do to his nose?! A+ face edit

No. 57644

File: 1563316746322.jpg (93.56 KB, 1280x809, IMG_20190716_153547_658.jpg)

It feels like he always ends up replying to this thread with the stuff that he posts. He was going for "crazy, disgruntled, adult looking" Hiro.

No. 57646

He is definitely lurking. That’s why he always feels like he has to explain himself.

Kevin, lurking here isn’t going to do you any good. It’ll just bring more bad attention to you.

No. 57651

He needs to stop this shit. Hiro is like 15?? he looks too old to cosplay a teenager character like him. and it's obvious he's only cosplaying Hiro for Lori's 02.

No. 57671

“angry homeroom teacher” Hiro is more like it

No. 57682

File: 1563345341512.jpeg (2.72 MB, 2048x1534, 1A7E7D7D-A99C-431C-BB76-DB111F…)

Original VS her edit

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