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File: 1506793962623.jpg (237.7 KB, 695x500, spoony.jpg)

No. 25706

>Tripfag who posted tit and ass photos for r9k to jerk it to.
>Known for spamming boards (4chan, /cgl/, etc) with posts about herself yet claims to want out of the "spotlight".
>Likes to send robots after boards who ban her.
>Permabanned from lolcow, had over 10k posts at the time.
>Even moot hates her.

Latest drama
>Banned from Crystal Cafe and of course robots have invaded the site
>Anons have found her social media, but since she's watching the threads she's closing them as soon as they're posted

Previous thread

No. 25707


Is that really her??
They look like mother and daughter, really. Not a day after 50!

No. 25708


No. 25709

Wtf this bitch got me good I really thought she was kinda cute. She is a fucking monster IRL. She looks like the homeless woman that I see everyday at my bus stop…

No. 25710

For someone that went on and on about her knowledge of beauty products, she doesn't look like she takes care of herself at all…

No. 25711

Oh shit I was always like "eh spoony is alright", dunno why everyone gives her a hard time but DAMN.

No. 25712

File: 1506796935233.jpg (167.2 KB, 720x960, grad3.jpg)

missing a tooth?

No. 25713

dying that this vain bitch got elf ears when the rest of her looks like that. her teeth are jacked. is she a ukfag or something?

No. 25714

File: 1506797214316.jpg (160.64 KB, 720x960, grad4.jpg)

No. 25715

File: 1506797535451.jpg (212.67 KB, 720x960, grad.jpg)

No. 25716

Same. I thought she just liked to talk about herself a lot but she's crazy as shit. It's hysterical Mystery felt threatened by her.

No. 25717

File: 1506798245679.jpeg (55.14 KB, 400x531, 34B9F69E-C1C3-4CD6-8C71-0827E6…)

i’m not terribly familiar with spoony lore but looking at pics of her, how did anyone think she was attractive? not only are her style choices questionable (those fucking brows) but she is genuinely homely as fuck with a lazy eye. her face looks like someone de-aged a grandma. mystery is no looker but it’s fucking hilarious she was insecure over spoony of all people. holy shit

No. 25718

to be fair, elf ears are fucking ugly. huge turn off. i know she wanted them to be mystical n shit, but she'd have to be waifish as fuck to pull them off. with the rest of her she just looks like a fat side character from zelda.

No. 25719

File: 1506798795025.png (512.67 KB, 831x495, IAuvj8y.png)

She did cosplay at one point and looked somewhat decent years ago. The thick eyebrows and weight gain did her in.

No. 25720

Honestly i think her /fa/ days (2009) were her peak, /cgl/ was her declining years.

No. 25721

ho-ly fuck, this girl is an ogre. how recent are this?

No. 25722

these* fuck

No. 25723

File: 1506799389180.png (469.94 KB, 465x614, grad5.png)

July 2016

No. 25724

Jesus she looks the same age as my mother…
And she's 48.

No. 25725

Can someone redpill me on the spoony vs Mystery thing?

No. 25726

her face still looks pretty plain. her body is ok, but i think thicc girls are cute.

this, i can’t find anything documented about this.

No. 25727

Same. I didn't know who she was, only thought farmers hated her just because of her attentionwhoring, which is annoying but not very milky. But what she did to crystal.cafe is extremely petty and immature and ruined it for some people who went there to find a comfy board. And knowing that it's not even the first time she does it, but a consolidated habit of hers, makes me understand the true reason of the Spoonyhating.

Also fuck me, I thought she was cute before seeing the candids.

No. 25728

here’s the mystery thread


from what I can recall, mystery.jpg was a batshit crazy, super insecure girl who hated all women yet also wanted to be them. Very similar to Spoony herself in that she tripfagged on 4chan to get attention and validation. Mystery.jpg got copious amounts of plastic surgery in order to try to fix her body dysmorphia. Mystery fixated on many girls as objects of obsession, and was particularly drawn to Spoony (my guess is that she unconsciously detected their similarities.) mystery was afraid that she would be forsaken by her boyfriend for Spoony, who she thought was beautiful and better than her (which is mostly due to her insecurity and BDD.)

When mystery.jpg was revealed as a poster on lolcow and discord and was shown to be a lolcow herself, Spoony took it upon herself to act the victim about all of this and was afraid of Mystery.jpg basically becoming her skin walker. What Spoony does not realize is that she is not the first, nor the last, girl that Mystery will objectify, deify, and obsess over. Spoony is just something for Mystery to project her own insecurities and unhappiness with herself onto. I don’t know if Mystery is reading this but please gurl, I understand what you’re going through, please get therapy.

But again, Spoony chose to play the victim through all of this, because it’s the only role she knows how to play. Spoony has put herself out there on the internet for years and still hasn’t learned her lesson to just stay out of it. It’s possible. But Spoony is mentally ill and doesn’t understand how to move forward with her life.

If I got any of this wrong please feel free to correct me guys. It’s just what I can remember without going back through Spoony’s thread, Mystery’s thread, and /cgl/‘s archives at the moment.

I think a lot of posters here find it ironic that Mystery was so obsessed with Spoony’s “beauty” when Spoony’s real appearance is that of a 45 year old auntie. Karma hits hard.

No. 25729

File: 1506810455791.gif (1012.28 KB, 245x251, pQu1Pbd.gif)

Summary of the crystal.cafe drama:
>Spoony joins a new and obscure imageboard
>fills an already slow and boring site with TL;DR humblebragging about her nosejob, richfag boyfriend who pays for everything, complaints about roommates, veganism
>instantly recognizable by her holier-than-thou attitude and writing style which she refuses to change up despite being so scared of internet attention
>repeatedly recognized as Spoony, spergs about "keep this lolcow shit out of here" in response despite being the most active lolcow user of all time
>whiteknights Mystery in the lolcow thread
>gets a job interview at LUSH, a company she adores for their products and ethics which she is very knowledgeable about
>blogs about each interview stage excitedly
>gets to work a trial day
>rejected for not doing enough demos
>spergs out about LUSH being greedy retail jews who are fucking evil and predatory for encouraging sales
>they sell literal acid that will melt off your face
>Anons criticize her for being naive about retail work
>"My entire existence is funded by my partner, I never actually needed to get a job in the first place, I just thought a part-time at my favourite overpriced soap repositry might be fun and something to get me out of the house."
>"Damn fucking right I'm comparing the manager to a greedy Jew stereotype, what she did was actually reprehensible and I'm ashamed of myself that I didn't tell her to stick her job up her arse then and there. If you genuinely believe that decieving innocent customers into harming themselves physically is an acceptable practice, regardless of your financial situation, then you're just as bad. idgaf how hard up you are, that's just fucking evil."
>decides to go volunteer at an animal shelter instead, more virtue signaling
>Anons realize it was Spoony all along
>more sperging
>Spoony gets banned
>the same day, crystal.cafe is mysteriously raided by 4chan /r9k/
>to this day, robots are spamming shitposts, dicks and gore on crystal.cafe https://crystal.cafe/b/res/461.html#4698
>Spoony comes to an unofficial crystal.cafe Discord to clear her name with another rant even though users tell her to let it go and move on because she dindu nuffin wrong
>her lolcow thread is revived
>Farmers discover that she uses the same "real life" name everywhere contrary to her insistence she's trying so damn hard to keep a low profile
>Spends all night doing damage control, spamming lolcow with emails and reports and deleting social media profiles mere seconds after them being posted in her thread
>Admin-senpai notices her >>>/snow/394577

No. 25730

I just hope we get a Spoony tag for her posts, similar to Mystery and Kiki. Crystal.Cafe should consider the same, I wanna see what she's typed.

No. 25731

tbh I don't get why Mystery was outed but spoony wasn't. spoony seems way more annoying. maybe bc mystery was spamming the mods with fake reports?

No. 25732

I don’t get why Spoony doesn’t have a name tag attached to her posts. Maybe because there’s so many of them, it would take too long? I don’t know. I feel like she deserves to have her posts outed. Also, I’m extremely curious to see them.

No. 25733

Probably the workload. It was 10,000 or more posts when Spoony first got outed here. And who knows how much more…

No. 25734

At least when she was first banned here, Spoony had a lot of fucking posts. Marking them would have been a lot of work for a few moments of keks.

No. 25735

File: 1506810906615.jpg (141.51 KB, 1330x595, Screenshot_12.jpg)

crystal.cafe Admin already said she won't do it.

I want to see Spoony's posts too but marking ten thousand posts sounds like an inhuman feat.

No. 25736

>bad precedent
How? I mean, it's not exactly abused on lolcow even. It's reserved solely for people who bring chaos to this website, selfpost, false report, and piss people off.

That's really lame.

No. 25737

They seem to want crystal.cafe to be a safe space where you don't have to fear being officially outed.


No. 25738

you can see her reddit posts at least, before she deletes it

No. 25739

10000 posts, and I think lolcow was around for 2 years by the time she was banned (maybe even less than that?)

10000 / 730 days = ~14 posts per day

that means she'd been posting on average about 1 post per waking hour every. single. day.

No. 25740

c.c is a kawaii uguu hugbox, only us vile bitches on lolcow would out our sugoi sisters.

if spoony has such a perfect life with a perfect boyfriend who "funds her existence" then why is she still such a miserable attention whore? despite the boyfriend she must be incredibly lonely if she needs internet strangers to validate her. her and mystery are so fucking pathetic. jeeeeeeeeeesus.

No. 25741

Isn't it enough that she was banned? A ban shouldn't mean complete exposure. If she ban evades and keeps stirring shit then I'll be all for it. But even on lolcow exposure doesn't happen unless you did something extreme.
The Admin has said it's not intended to be a safe space and has allowed Spoony to be roasted as well as a lolcow thread which was only locked when users abused it by posting dox and death threads (which is forbidden on lolcow too) with the promise that a new one could be made as long as there is no dox or threats.
It's not an anonymous board if you get outed for everything.

Saged for whiteknighting crystal-chan.

No. 25742

>all these posts on fat subs
>berating fat people when she's obese


never change spoony
actually wait please change, you're fucking annoying and pathetic

No. 25743


archived the first page for when she deletes, ill archive more in a bit if it's still there

No. 25744

File: 1506812119994.jpg (65.74 KB, 881x185, Screenshot_13.jpg)

>why has Lush forsaken me

No. 25745

File: 1506812324721.png (230.75 KB, 1103x597, spoony on fat shaming.png)

Well Spoony has grown to have a better respect for fat people, now that she herself is a fat vegan. Pic related.

No. 25746

This is genuinely fascinating.

She’s also the living stereotype of obnoxious vegan. As a vegan myself, I’m kind of embarrassed by her behavior.

No. 25747

File: 1506812404960.jpg (116.16 KB, 906x316, Screenshot_14.jpg)

So much for her fanfiction of her boyfriend buying all-new furniture, "and none of that flatbox crap either"

No. 25748

File: 1506812451682.png (217.78 KB, 1198x524, spoony explains her veganism.p…)

One for you, anon.

No. 25749

File: 1506812909729.jpg (783.53 KB, 1920x5218, ilSCP2l.jpg)


The subreddit she posts the most comments in is Random Acts of Amazon (124 comments), but most of her karma is in /r/Overwatch.

Her most upvoted comment is "Ooh, scary!". Quality posting.

She's complaining about still getting new bans from 4chan boards, pic related.

No. 25750

File: 1506813035337.jpeg (220.98 KB, 750x1038, B70C4C01-7F8C-46CC-B579-14B9D3…)

>I’m not going to chew your balls off
>Oreos and potato chips vegan

No. 25751


>probably because you were living on a diet of oreos, chips and soda

geez, projecting much?

No. 25752

File: 1506813071736.jpeg (183.28 KB, 749x801, 4C01FE3A-B878-4E15-A150-8AA9C6…)

No. 25753

Wow I think I remember seeing this argument too. I'll have to find it on rebeccablacktech just so we can see the whole thread and look at what actually went down.
>arguing with people about vintage fur

No. 25754

File: 1506813113627.jpg (38.39 KB, 892x129, Screenshot_17.jpg)

>did I mention I answer phone calls in Japanese to troll cold calls?? lololol

No. 25755

File: 1506813538607.jpeg (305.64 KB, 750x1251, 6C86B5A3-A6EB-4424-9040-9AA410…)

im Just going to be dropping whatever I think is relevant.

No. 25756

File: 1506813565491.jpeg (301.05 KB, 750x1252, 884CDF11-F690-4D89-80A4-2480B7…)

No. 25757

File: 1506813579787.jpg (67.82 KB, 1038x288, sad.jpg)

me too

No. 25758

File: 1506813589210.jpg (231.75 KB, 949x558, sad2.jpg)

No. 25759

File: 1506813594334.jpg (89.49 KB, 863x347, sad3.jpg)

No. 25760

File: 1506813607895.jpeg (387.38 KB, 750x1253, 9D62BAF8-4F6D-41F5-A559-3C17F1…)

Spoony talks about her depression.

No. 25761

File: 1506813614845.jpg (38.64 KB, 1024x111, Screenshot_16.jpg)

No. 25762

File: 1506813623911.jpg (16.19 KB, 525x218, Screenshot_15.jpg)


No. 25763

File: 1506813659130.jpeg (375.93 KB, 750x1257, 9CB738B4-E3C0-4863-ABCD-F3196C…)

No. 25764

File: 1506813704793.jpeg (278.72 KB, 750x1255, 7451A316-2B0B-48FA-98FE-07A186…)

No. 25765

Omg is that really her?

I didn't ever remember things in she's got only one sameface angle, which is what some girls do to hide shit.

No. 25766

File: 1506813759606.png (184.52 KB, 750x1334, 2F32F530-6AD6-4686-97EC-29CB57…)

More Spoony vegan rage. She could give Kiki a run for her money.

No. 25767

No. 25768

File: 1506814074894.jpg (12.12 KB, 428x328, we meet again.jpg)

No. 25769

I wouldn't be surprised if they were in an open relationship.

No. 25770

Remember to use the web archive! I feel like all OP posts should have an archive link somewhere: http://archive.li

No. 25771

I’m unsurprised. I tried to cap as much as possible, but I didn’t think she would delete so quickly.

No. 25772

File: 1506814618501.png (665.45 KB, 1366x4090, screencapture-reddit-user-vene…)

If you still have your tab open, you can go back and still see everything you looked at. I ran a screenshot extension just in case.

No. 25773

File: 1506814629575.png (648.3 KB, 1366x3803, screencapture-reddit-user-vene…)

No. 25774

File: 1506814641409.png (544.64 KB, 1366x3622, screencapture-reddit-user-vene…)

No. 25775

File: 1506814663401.png (463.04 KB, 1366x3126, screencapture-reddit-user-vene…)

No. 25776

They've been dating for 10 years, I wouldn't be surprised if he's a cuck since he's letting her post her nudes all over imageboards.

No. 25777

File: 1506814846779.png (23.36 KB, 1018x147, 2005.png)

She's been using 4chan since she was 13/14

No. 25778

bless you archiving/screencapping anons, i didn’t think she’d delete in the span it took to take a shower.

>maintaining my aesthetic veneer
>many would assume I’m a healthy, happy, relatively attractive young woman

the delusion is real. and it’s fucking hilarious she makes her bf out to be rich and spoils her rotten but she was sleeping in a sleeping bag in her unfurnished apartment. she really lives some sort of illusion online, it’s sad.

No. 25779

File: 1506815021101.png (195.79 KB, 684x544, perturbed.png)

No. 25780

Googling "Veneaux Overwatch" you can find her battle.net profile that used to be under the same name. She changed it to VREVLISM, another name she seems to go by.


No. 25781

File: 1506815500545.jpg (155.06 KB, 1043x458, apathy.jpg)

No. 25782

File: 1506815527479.png (635.43 KB, 719x301, 5520006.png)

kek she's a 9/11 truther

No. 25783

#1 This proves she hasn't been dating rich whoever for 10 years.

#2 What kind of partner is she dating that wouldn't be questioning her silence and seeming public disappearance as of March of 2017?

Holy shit.

No. 25784

she looks really, really, really English in these photos


No. 25785

File: 1506816133140.png (39.46 KB, 1327x299, r9k post edit.png)

Found this while looking through r9k archives.

>goddess who deserves all the adulation she gets

yeah ok Spoony

Boyfriend's name checks out as well.

No. 25786

File: 1506816237871.jpg (252.63 KB, 872x1548, 1425593042959.jpg)

once upon a time she wasn't quite the hambeast she is now

No. 25787


when you try so hard but you won't succeed

No. 25788

This is just shooped looking, doesn't prove anything insofar as weight. She always looked chubby even when she first started self posting on cgl. She doesn't look thin there.

No. 25789

>Mei main

it fucking figures.

No. 25790


they wouldnt think she was a goddess if they saw what she looks like now

No. 25791

File: 1506818327870.png (185.31 KB, 971x434, veneaux.png)


only has some weird skincare rant

does anyone remember that SkincareAnon(?) tripfag from cgl a couple years back? I'm wondering if that was spoony

No. 25792

File: 1506818460349.jpg (30.5 KB, 678x369, Screenshot_6.jpg)

Isn't it 2 am in the UK? Take Admin's advice and go to sleep Spoony

No. 25793

Spoony never sleeps, especially not when someone is talking about her on the internet.

Real talk, I do feel bad when I see her talking about her depression. I feel bad that she has to construct this persona on the internet that is the opposite of who she really is irl, just to get some sort of validation from absolute strangers.

I get the feeling that Spoony is actually a very lonely person and she doesn’t have any real life social interaction, which is why she feels the need to seek it out from the internet.

No. 25794

haha holy shit she looks like a fat brianna wu here

No. 25795

Holy shit I never really knew who Spoony was prior to this thread. But after what she did to Crystal.cafe it's sooo nice to see her ass get roasted like this. Thanks for summing all her bullshit up clearly girls.
Also, Spoony go to bed. It's 2am lmao

No. 25796

oh my god she literally posted a snippet of this photo on i think it was r/femalefashionadvice the other day?? about her stomach pooch being over her stomach instead of being a fupa.

No. 25797

No. 25798

File: 1506820971748.jpg (186.44 KB, 1019x523, Screenshot_7.jpg)

That's not her.

No. 25799

that's not her or the same picture, sorry anon

No. 25800

>mouth belly
i am deceased

No. 25801

i'm not sure if any anons have her fb link but i reported it and it looks like she had to change it?

No. 25802

I think she just deactivated it

No. 25803

Her boyfriend made everything private too.

No. 25804

yeah it looks shoop'd kooter style.

No. 25805

fat or not, her face is still pretty fuckin ugly. and that's WITH shoop. and the one nice feature she has (eyes) are ruined by those brows.

No. 25806

>dat poorly applied heavy winged liner

she got a face only robots could love.

No. 25807

this coming from a chick who gave "healthy and cheap" tips on 4chins like eating toast with jarred marinara as a snack. i've never seen someone speak like they know what they're talking about while continuously fucking up like spoony manages to do. she is unreal and clearly mental.

No. 25808

uhm wtf is going on with her hand?

No. 25809

obviously, she is super allergic to toads, but being the vegan mother theresa to all living things as she is, she is willing to overcome in order to save a poor creature from idk, being at a pet shop, or an office/school pet or something.

No. 25810

File: 1506874336481.gif (2.56 MB, 322x178, sopranos.gif)

>me reading this whole thread

Wow spoony, it must have really been worth making that r9k thread, huh? kekekekekekek

No. 25811

…that's spoony? Holy shit.

Not to blog but I've been a vegan for 6 years and there's nothing worse to me than people who have been vegan for 5 minutes and think they've suddenly gained moral absolution and superiority for their ~100% cruelty free~ lifestyle. Yeah the bandwagoners are annoying but just let them be, fucking hell. Be glad that almost every place has a vegan option now because more people are interested in veganism.

Sage for vegan sperg

No. 25812

She thinks 9/11 is an inside job. Good god.

No. 25813

I love how she bitches about robots and keeps the site a secret like she's "one of us" and then when she gets mad at us calling her out, runs right over to r9k to make them act as her minions. And of course anyone who still browses 4chan is only 14-16 years old discovering edgy babby's first imageboard so they're too retarded to do a little research as they bitch about women while they're doing the woman's bidding of raiding a small, very slow site. Spoony deserves to stay over there with them and roll in her misery.

She was pretty ugly and goofy looking before but now she just looks like a fat, greasy 1800s cartoon witch. I guess date night at mcdonalds every day and splitting the 1 dollar kids menu counts to her as her man "taking care" of her.

No. 25814

No. 25815

>I guess date night at mcdonalds every day and splitting the 1 dollar kids menu counts to her as her man "taking care" of her.

I lol'd.

This anon >>394240 was so right about her.

No. 25816

ebony darkness dementia raven way whyte


holy fuck these are such underrated posts. i kek'd

No. 25817

File: 1506966392594.jpg (124.39 KB, 1349x620, r9k.jpg)

No. 25818

KEK i hope they all find out what she looks like now and refuse to keep being her sperg army

No. 25819

>fembot board
why is everyone who uses 4chan now so retarded? I mean they've always been retarded but now that it's so popular, all these newfags are mixing up basic imageboard site terminology.

i can't tell if they actually meant femanon site or if they genuinely think a "female robot" board exists somewhere lmao

No. 25820

Honestly I think she's looked like this for a while and was just good at shooping and working her angles.

No. 25821

Do you guys think her body ever looked this good, or jus shopping?

No. 25822

I think it was angles/clothing choice combo. I've seen closer pictures of her old body and she had a belly pouch

No. 25823

Fucking good. Her attention whoring was always annoying, but the ass kissing and worship from robots was even worse.

No. 25824

Shooping and angles.
Spoony's been fat for awhile. In fact, I think the main motivation for her going vegan was a bid to lose weight. Women who have weight issues and EDs are known for switching to 'healthy' diets where calories and fatty food groups are heavily restricted.
There's a name for replacing an ED with "healthy dieting," but I don't remember what they were calling it.

No. 25825


No. 25826

She sold the "NEET" lifestyle so Robots would notice her more. That and robots are so stupid they'll fall for any photoshopped cow that beaches on their shore.

It's not even Spoony's fatass that's unattractive. She looks haggard. Her skin is really bad and her jowls are on the floor practically. Unflattering glasses, horrible eyebrows and a haircut that doesn't flatter her fat face. She's a mess. I love how much spoony tries playing skincare expert when you can tell her skin is thirsting for sunscreen and moisturizing.

No. 25827

her teeth are jacked but it's because she has a phobia of the dentist or some shit. The rest of us have good teeth because free healthcare. There's a big thread on the /g/ board or whatever it is where she posted a fuck ton about it. It's on my spoony spotting bingo sheet.

No. 25828

Link post that you suspect are spoony please.

No. 25829

>His mother always disliked me and I don't know why

Hmmm.. maybe she's resentful that her son is dating a greasy NEET who hasn't worked in 10 years and his leeching off his money… idk tho it really is a mystery

No. 25830

It would take me literally all day long, given she has over 10,000 posts on the site, but there are a few things she consistently always posts about that I pointed out in the old thread about her, I can't find it right now but will link when I do.

and I want to say I have felt like one of those doomsday guys preaching about spoony for years whilst everyone ignored me. If you let her on your website, she will systematically ruin it, there is no other choice than banning her as soon as you know she's there. She's a fucking psychopath and will not stop until there are real world consequences, which is why I'm considering contacting her uni (believe it's Leicester) with some of the anti-Semitic shit she posts, (I am joo) now you've all given me actual account with this shit it's possible because they'd probably ignore anon posts.

Her real name is either Ebony Butler or Ebony White/Whyte, she goes to Newcastle university and is either studying east asian studies or film studies. She constantly brags about her uni's status as a russel group uni

No. 25831

It's university of Sheffield and she doesn't even go there anymore

I really doubt anything would happen anyways. A guy at my old uni got busted on /pol/ and nothing happened. Granted, his comments were much more tame.

No. 25832

>east asian studies
Can you actually get a job with this degree or is it just for living out weeb fantasies?

No. 25833

File: 1507080963270.jpg (543.01 KB, 1228x2304, ZFkLvOD.jpg)

She used to look like pic related, you can tell the distorted grain in her elbow/waist area, but definitely not the hambeast she is today.

No. 25834

File: 1507081105246.jpg (146.51 KB, 1132x1060, 1d9LeBw.jpg)

No. 25835

File: 1507081129418.jpg (Spoiler Image,94.07 KB, 922x1148, Y5slSeW.jpg)

more camwhoring

No. 25836

File: 1507081188387.jpg (Spoiler Image,155.63 KB, 1600x1200, rCb8Cok.jpg)

RIP these tits

No. 25837

File: 1507081286544.jpg (89.18 KB, 845x1121, mE8DOUJ.jpg)

No. 25838

No. 25839

Looks like she was trying to channel kooter's photoshopping in that one.

No. 25840

she posted nudes all the time.

No. 25841

>I have felt like one of those doomsday guys preaching about spoony for years whilst everyone ignored me.

anyone who has seen spoony in the past knows how she operates. if anyone denied you it was more than likely spoony herself.

No. 25842

i almost feel sorry for how she looks. she shoops herself so plain.

No. 25843

i know that, those two pix are just so jarringly different . her tits are so far apart they look like 2 cupsizes smaller

No. 25844

The pierced ones were from when she was younger and thinner.

No. 25845

File: 1507233284061.jpg (68.94 KB, 900x900, photo.jpg)

Yo why she lookin like Mr Telomeres here?

>I want to say I have felt like one of those doomsday guys preaching about spoony for years whilst everyone ignored me.

that's how i feel about another cow that's been busted on the site before for posting then DMCAing her old pictures.

anyway unless she's got her full name literally next to the post, like FB or something, it's gonna be a tough sell. i think most universities won't care

No. 25846

File: 1507236105244.jpg (Spoiler Image,71.8 KB, 456x810, 1424153241305.jpg)

considering her penchant for body modification and spending money she doesn't have, it makes me wonder if the bigger breasts are just her getting fat

No. 25847

File: 1507236138225.jpg (149.66 KB, 1150x647, 1506903991169.jpg)

No. 25848

That's what lonely loser guys on r9k love. ~kyoot n naturaal~ obtainable gurlz.

No. 25849

didn't several girls they fanboyed over have plastic surgery or anorexia? kek

No. 25850

just fat, anon. god her ears look stupid. and her hair looks fine as fuck almost like it's thinning.

No. 25851

What's her new reddit name?

No. 25852


I feel like she's fucked off for good now and will do a better job of hiding herself. I doubt she'll want to resurface now that we have these lovely candid photos kek

No. 25853

Damn, I remember her from /fa/

Used to post as a tripfag

No. 25854

This chick legit pissed me off back in 2009 because she had nicer shit than I did. And I was jealous, I remember an antec 900 cased gaming PC that the case was worth more than the one I cobbled together from Craigslist.

While fucking being broke as shit in college. I graduated and got nicer shit since I managed with no debt but damn I was so fucking.poor.(learn 2 sage)

No. 25855

She probably paid for it with her grant money

No. 25856

Learn to sage.

No. 25857

Fucking England and their welfare, this bitch earned a college degree, has housing, and has shit paid for and hasn't worked a day in her life.

During college I was literally one car repair away from poverty. While working and studying then stressing out over getting a job after graduation…no saftey net for me. I'm pissed again

No. 25858

File: 1530189207153.png (322.81 KB, 708x464, am.png)

is this spoony?

No. 25859

no anon

No. 25860

I suspect spoony and a few other chan cows still post. like the anon that polices the lolcow farms. read the soundclout, venus, marge, and whites in japan threads. that's a cow trying to police the boards. chan cgl is unreadable. I think a cow is a mod.

just fyi and sage. in most usa states a tenant would go to court and put the money in an tenants escrow until repairs are made. now the parking and lunches would be settled in landlord/tenant court, arbitration, or just cut a deal with the landlord. If she just stops paying without an agreement than they could give her the boot.

No. 25861

spoony is still all over crystal cafe. what idiots.

No. 25862

File: 1545642457200.png (50.72 KB, 1887x570, thenameofporn.png)

No. 25863

considering that site is a dead echo chamber now i don't even feel like that's a problem anymore, but it's hilarious that she's STILL going

No. 25864

Holy shit shes so embarrassing. She belongs with the trannies at cc so its not a problem at all.

No. 25865

how embarassing. after getting outed as a lying fat sperg she's still obsessed with herself. homegirl is shameless.

No. 25866

It's truly astonishing.
You think that growing up with 4chan, you'd become MORE anonymous as you age and care MORE about your privacy but she just keeps spreading her personal information out there.
Maybe it's because she started on /cgl/. I feel like they had a higher proportion of tripfags and attention whores from day one.

No. 25867

It's amazing that despite the fact the internet is the only place she seems to get any social interaction or fulfilment out of life in general, she can't resist outing herself and ruining it. It's like she wants to be victimised at this point - why would you spell out your name like that with such private information otherwise? What compels her to behave like this? I've never seen someone so utterly committed to sabotaging themselves.

No. 25868

There's a self-hating black girl posting in a lot of threads, I think it's her rather than Spoony

No. 25869

Yeah okay, spoony.

No. 25870

Yeah lmao why would having a stereotypical black name be a problem unless you weren't black.

No. 25871

File: 1545677219679.png (7.86 KB, 1157x102, naive.png)

c.c admin's response to the possible spoony posting.

i somehow highly doubt that. maybe spoony is traveling for the holiday, good for her!

No. 25872

Yeah last I heard she was leeching off her bf's dad's money (and complaining about how his stepmom didn't like it kek), I wouldn't be surprised if she's having a Christmas vacation with them right now

No. 25873

the fact they say proxy and not vpn makes me dubious that they would know whether or not she were using one anyway.

No. 25874

I’m not spoony although for some ridiculous reason she calls herself “Ebony”. I think it’s pretty clear why I don’t like the name. But besides that very personal matter it’s also bad on job applications to have a traditionally black name. So most people know me by my middle name only.

No. 25875

Youd also be surprised at the number of terribly intrusive and inappropriate jokes people make because of my name.

No. 25876

She's a black girl who used to trip on /r9k/ as Ebony, not Spoony. With the rape story in mind and the part about only not being embarrassed telling her name to white guys who fetishize it/her, it actually makes more sense.
>Yeah lmao why would having a stereotypical black name be a problem unless you weren't black.

No. 25877

She's a black girl who used to trip on /r9k/ as Ebony, not Spoony. With the rape story in mind and the part about only not being embarrassed telling her name to white guys who fetishize it/her, it actually makes more sense.
>Yeah lmao why would having a stereotypical black name be a problem unless you weren't black.

No. 25878

Why are you here then my dude?

No. 25879

Because several anons there called me spoony and I didn’t understand what they were talking about

Yikes I didn’t think the internet would remember me to this extent

No. 25880

glad to know c.c has two girls named ebony who are total spergy attention whores shitting it up.

fuck off out of lolcow now thnx.

No. 25881

Stop oversharing online, these things will come back to bite you on the ass. Try to focus on just reading the content and not replying with personal details that will allow others to figure out who your are.

No. 25882

@ you

No. 25883

The ridiculous reason is that it's her legal name you idiot.

We're talking about interpersonaly, not in a job application sense. It's not as embarrassing as being a white person with a stereotypical black name which comes with all of the bad shit black people get with the added cherry on top that when people see you're white they think your parents, and therefore you, are actually retarded. Double if also wrong gender.
t. someone who's name may as well have been Tyrone

No. 25884

I dunno, anon, when you've literally been raped and then told "You deserve to be raped with a name like that, this is what you were born to do" from a very young age, I think the mild embarrassment and occasional raised eyebrow someone like Spoony might get pales in comparison (no pun intended).
I don't think this is worth arguing, anyway. There are two Ebonies on LC and CC. One is some annoying white British chick who's obsessed with Dakota and shits up every board she touche, the other is a self-hating black American girl with a depressing history. Case closed.

No. 25885

I’ll do what I want you stupid bitch.

Well she has a retarded name. It sounds like a stage name. And no, I really doubt that the mild confusion as to her name, given she’s white, really compares.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 25886

No. 25887

just change your name my dude. case closed.

No. 25888

Same to you, Tyroniqua-but-white.

No. 55217

Where is she now?

No. 55260

Looking like a gremlin and smearing poop on her brows at a retail job.

No. 69224


Lol where does she work? Have a pic of her? She's nearing 30 now right?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 69249

Was it necessary to bump the thread?
No one gives a fuck that Spoony is working at a retail job.
No one even cared enough to stealth pics of bigger lolcows like Pixyteri at her peak when she worked at Home Depot. Get over it.

No. 69284

I'm curious, considering her last big spergout was about how she was too good to work retail, didn't need a job because she's a kept woman, and only wanted to do it as a fun hobby. More info pls

No. 104614

i'm sorry to rez a dead thread but i'm someone who recently logged into a old-ass tumblr account and found a message from this person. i made a contribution to them several years ago & they sent me a message with sincere thanks that i don't think i ever responded to because i no longer was using the account. if anyone has any additional information about this person (i very much doubt it but i figured i would try anyways), if they could respond or reach out to me via the attached e-mail, it would be appreciated. thank you for your help, and again, apologies for resurrecting the thread.(necro)

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