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File: 1582936454742.png (472.21 KB, 757x554, darlingpeesuit02.png)

No. 84714

Skinwalking cosplayer, known for skinwalking Sailor Moon in the early 2000s and currently Skinwalking Zero Two. She has also been known to abuse multiple partners and is currently "engaged" to a younger cosplayer named "KrookedKev".

>Believes she is the IRL perfect ZeroTwo, that ZeroTwo is based on her and everyone else is copying her

>Suffers from an Eating Disorder and is proud of it.
>She is know for abusing partners including mooching off family, demanding sex at inappropriate times, pressuring into engagement, cheating, stealing, breaking stuff, threatening to cry rape if she doesn't get her way.

She has emerged from retirement to cause drama and abuse her boytoy.

Previous thread updates -
>now "officially" engaged since Kevin "proposed" at Anime Expo.
>the couple came into the thread themselves to take shots at anons, resulting in a ban
>all of Kevin's friends including the guys get verbally abused by Lori for coming near him
>jumped on the Patreon bandwagon to sell lewds and feet pics
>continuing her long-time habit of accusing others of copying her just because they're cosplaying the same character
>trying to be Belle Delphine
>Kevin turned out to be just as big of a cow as Lori who couldn't stop posting embarrassing shit to facebook, still thinks he "looks like a sexy anime guy"
>Lori ruined Kevin's headphones so he peed on her Zero Two suit… the suit has not been seen since

Her Links:
Her Old FB - https://www.facebook.com/earthenserenity/
New New FB - https://www.facebook.com/usakou/
Her instagram - https://www.instagram.com/iota_zerotwo/

Previous thread: >>67368

No. 84716

File: 1582936613092.jpg (76.84 KB, 640x800, 85220547_142193703656370_43036…)

She's still trying to pretend like she's cosplaying Zero Two as usual… but no sign of the suit other than a likely latergram. Big difference from the constant, unending photos of her in the same outfit over and over

No. 84744

File: 1582964864669.jpeg (101.3 KB, 720x960, EFD2DF01-102E-4237-BFDD-042462…)

Glad someone made a new thread, I’ve been waiting to post these.
Horrifying photoshop and still doing her zero two makeup/eyebrows even though she’s cosplaying Rapunzel and it makes no

No. 84745

File: 1582964898798.jpeg (75.6 KB, 467x960, 904E128E-B4C1-454D-AAC8-FFDA6E…)

>>84744 nightmare fuel

No. 84749

Never realized she was lining her eyes with that white/silver glitter as well as the red shadow. That looks like shit.

No. 84761

Looks like “I’m so perfect I don’t wear lashes” Lori finally caved and wore falsies. You can see her natural lashes layered under the falsies in that closeup. At least curl them and put mascara on them so they blend!

No. 84833

Wow she sure enlarged the eyes as much as possible, then saved the photo, reopened it, and enlarged them again.

She looks like an insect

No. 84835

Where’s her nose?

Too bad she abuses those editing apps. She’s pretty irl imho. No point in making her face look featureless like that.

No. 84836

I’m confused. Is she cosplaying Zero Two cosplaying as other people?

No. 84838

Her excuse is that pink hair is "her thing" so her eyebrows have to be pink as well, which makes all her other cosplays look like shit. It would be very easy to just cover them with makeup when she's cosplaying other characters but I guess catching sight of herself in a mirror without pink eyebrows might destroy her irl Zero Two fantasy.

No. 84846

Ot but thank god someone made a new thread, bless anon.

Yes, kek. That's how you know there's a level of insanity and compulsion behind her skinwalking. Looni is a true skinwalker if I'd ever seen one.

No. 84856

kek. She maxed out eye enlarging, skin blur, and nose resizing for sure. She looks like a creepypasta at this point.

I like how despite all the extreme editing, you can still make out just how shoddy her makeup application is, the lashes are coming up off her inner eyelid, and her lips look chewed up/dry too.

That warped neck shoop from her shaving down her jawline is really the icing on this zero two cosplaying Rapunzel shit cake.

No. 84865

There’s a booger chilling in her left nostril

No. 84874

File: 1583074844943.jpeg (322.83 KB, 1947x1947, 90B3474F-630A-47EE-A65D-7FB0E2…)

No. 84889

That is the same rapunzel costume she has had for years which was purchased also. She took pictures with it on her cosplay.com account a long time ago it looks like she just added a Chii wig to it. And her eyelash claim is the same as her 'real' fake hair extensions.

No. 84940

lori lurking again confirmed
also that eyeliner is SO SAD. or maybe that dollar store caked on shit is just natural, almost forgot to envy her genetics this is lillie jean level of makeup skill my sides

No. 84946

I can’t get over how shitty that wig is

No. 85009

This is literally a photo of fake lashes. No one's real lashes have that very specific spacing. Nice try, Lori.

No. 85014

You can see where the lashes are disconnected from her eyelid. Try harder next time.

No. 85017

This is just like Steph/SparrowSong lying about her shitty elsa wig being her real hair while her real hair sticks out from underneath it. You can literally see where the cheap lashes are coming unglued at the corners. Cosplay skin walkers are on that next level shit.

No. 85034

Kiki and Dakota loved to claim their eyelashes were all real too. The Koreans noticed Dakota's falsies on that one show - you could see them in the extreme close-ups if you looked carefully.
Must be a cow thing. Can you imagine wearing lenses and falsies in front of people while claiming you're all natural? I wonder how they get up the courage to claim these outrageous lies.

I also enjoy the cow tradition of the "no makeup" pic, in which eyeliner, concealer, foundation, mascara, blush, and eyebrow are visible.

(yes i saged)

No. 85056

File: 1583208772007.jpg (438.83 KB, 1080x2066, IMG_20200303_051040.jpg)

didn't know she cosplayed Chii. Looked it up and holy shit she looked so different before Meitu filters were a thing. She has a very average face.

No. 85057

File: 1583208809714.jpg (409.79 KB, 1080x1730, IMG_20200303_051102.jpg)

also kek at this. Of course she has Mary Sue eyes

No. 85073

Those are fucking contacts what is WITH this bitch.

No. 85079

she reminds me of KT, the arin from GG stalker lmao same energy

No. 85106

Do we have to go back over a decade to find pictures of this bitch that haven't been edited to cartoonish proportions?

No. 85107

File: 1583265511300.jpeg (230.13 KB, 1242x861, 00DF5057-AAC3-46F6-84D2-13548B…)

So close to self realization….

No. 85119

Was about to ask if Kevin is still posting things on Facebook or if he’s learned his lesson to shut up finally after the pee suit debacle?

No. 85154


She lies about a lot of things yes, but her eyes are real

No. 85255

They're real until she enlarges them four times their actual size.

No. 85284

File: 1583448979693.png (2.62 MB, 1280x2631, redsuit_gone.png)

>Bringing back red suit

I wonder if it will be a new suit or if she/Kevin cleaned the pee suit?

No. 85286

File: 1583449495744.jpeg (3.38 KB, 300x300, resize.jpeg)

Who cares about the red suit looni, like wtf are those eyebrows?

No. 85287

File: 1583449926125.jpg (309.83 KB, 550x739, work075.jpg)

No. 85288

File: 1583449952545.jpg (199.49 KB, 550x291, rainboweye.jpg)

No. 85289

File: 1583450033812.jpg (262.27 KB, 600x800, normal_IMG_7369.jpg)

No. 85295

shes getting a shitty latex one commissioned

No. 85338

Lori, no one gives a fuck about your speshul eyes. They’re average. Goodbye.

No. 85599

File: 1583858574173.jpg (331.43 KB, 1080x1841, Screenshot_20200311-033842__01…)

Tfw you accidentally shop your head smaller than your supposedly petite animu gf. Also thirsty anons are in luck, he took our advice, the fugly black is gone.

No. 85603

File: 1583860269968.png (1.09 MB, 1746x1456, guhnetics.png)

im so envious of those genetics dude wow zerotwo irl

No. 85629


No. 85633

Lori wishes her chin looked that small/her lips looked that big from that angle kek

No. 85728

HOLY FUCK!!! LOL!! That’s the real her is what’s sad and it’s huge compared to her heavily filtered self! Kevin looks sooooooooo much better with that blonde hair compared to that inky ugly ass black hair that washed him out, only issue is his actual hair style looks like the 2006 scene emo hair LOL!

No. 85763

She claims she doesn’t use apps like snow or beauty cam but the fact that the text on their shirts is backwards is a dead giveaway lol. Those apps mirror your photos because most people find that more flattering.

No. 85858

Or a bogan who works at McDonald's and can't let go of his teen years

I never realised that was why, thanks anon. Ot but I feel like there's somet uncanny about mirrored pics, but I don't doubt what you said.

No. 85909

File: 1584136035654.jpg (177.42 KB, 1024x1280, IMG_20200313_135737_773.jpg)

Why does Lori have a rash on her body, especially in the crotch area? Allergy from the latex suit?

No. 85915

Could be color bleed from too much editing

No. 85922

File: 1584140620928.png (2.16 MB, 2048x1280, rash.png)

You might be right. Here's the other two pics she posted.

No. 85969

She really be looking like a troon in these shoops. Her body be looking like a whole dude.

No. 86022

No lies detected. Also I can't imagine abusing filters to the point where I look radioactive and then thinking "this looks good enough to post!"

No. 86026

She has no breasts? Just nipples?

No. 86082

She has anachan level boobs, but the hip to waist ratio of twink. If those straps weren't cutting into her sides so strongly, would there even be any definition there? Makes me think back when Kevin was sperging about loving her "tiny waist". She's pretty petite, but also built like an actual plank.

Her face definitely looks painted on in these. Can't tell if she just washed her haggard face out as much as possible, or if she is legitimately wearing makeup three shades too light.

No. 86110

File: 1584248740903.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.91 KB, 545x600, 1526955637131.jpg)

Found this pic in the 1st thread, spoilers because NSFW boobies. Even at a healthy weight Lori's breasts are unfortunately small for her frame.

No. 86273

File: 1584408655969.jpg (197.51 KB, 1080x1329, Screenshot_20200317-121710__01…)

The most uncomfortable game of leapfrog ever played

No. 86274

File: 1584408707413.jpg (244.34 KB, 1172x1912, 20-03-17-12-27-39-959_deco__01…)

Samefag but the simplord in the comments is gonna be big disappoint kek

No. 86326

Can’t wait for all the unedited candids and for her to blame the “unflattering con lighting” lmao

No. 86378

Unless the con gets cancelled. Then we're stuck with another year of blurry Instagram reality edits or pictures from 10 to 20 years ago.

No. 86384

File: 1584492288483.jpeg (292.64 KB, 1220x1988, EB5937E0-04E3-461A-B1F4-84DCC9…)

No. 86385

File: 1584492318415.png (8.33 MB, 1242x2208, 62AA433A-A9D5-4912-9692-02509D…)

No. 86386

File: 1584492380075.png (5.81 MB, 1242x2208, 7D062265-7FC9-4706-9F28-84ED7D…)

No. 86393

He looks like he’s having lots of fun…….

No. 86405

Kev is simply a husk at this point. The pic confirms it.

No. 86419

>his smile and optimism gone

No. 86492

This is hilarious. He looks like a sad potato wearing glasses.

No. 86498

I admittedly chuckled a little too hard at this

No. 86501

Ive never seen a bigger cry for help in a mans eyes

No. 86544

Her patron has fallen a lot! Last time I had looked she was close to 25, but now she is down to 12. She could so much further if she would do multiple cosplays as well as not dressing like a 12 year old. A lot of her lewds are of child characters and it’s cringe.

No. 86557

People got better shit to spend their money on right now, not some lazy bitch who sits around in latex all day micromanaging her captive boyfriend.

No. 86567

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if she got more patrons just by going back to Sailor Moon cosplays and doing lewds of that. The shit she does now is stale and didn't have a huge, lasting fanbase anyways.

No. 86624

The anons in this thread are on it. Kinda ot but I love how it took her until her getup was beyond stale to perfect her Zero Two hair. That being said we haven't seen any recent candids, so my backhanded compliment may still be misplaced.

No. 86677

File: 1584757050370.jpg (76.69 KB, 777x1280, IMG_20200320_172815_683.jpg)

She's pretty desperate

No. 86684

how in the world would that realistically change how often she clicks on "hey" messages? it's not like they get a "patre♡n" flag

why do people pay any attention this egotistical bitch lmao

No. 86706

File: 1584801994701.jpg (180.99 KB, 1200x800, 1209649391914.jpg)


She should do lewd photosets with the old Kewl Kou Klan, assuming there are any of them who don't despise her now

I think JJ does lewds now?

No. 86719

File: 1584813779237.jpg (229.78 KB, 1024x1280, IMG_20200321_105743_409.jpg)

Her caption for this post says that her "cronic" nausea usually keeps her from enjoying the outside world but now she doesn't have anywhere to go.

Lol since when does she have chronic nausea? I thought it was her chronic back pain that makes her unable to work.

Well, enjoy this gross Lori pic.

No. 86814

chest wall deformity on full display here yikes

No. 86840


No. 87087

File: 1585082214390.jpg (87.11 KB, 1280x1155, IMG_20200324_133339_626.jpg)

Looks like if you pay for Lori's lewds you get to "chat" with her. Imagine Lori sexting thirsty Indian dudes online while Kevin sits at his computer playing WoW and trying not to cry.

No. 87116

That's exactly what I always imagine anon. Also, kek at how she can't stop spelling Patreon super retarded. This is the dumbest I've seen so far. You're talking to someone who's first language isn't English Lori, they don't get it…

No. 87120

not defending at all but the reason she spells it like that is Instagram will ban people for promoting their patreon. still retarded but that’s why. lots of costhots spell it differently to get through IG blocking it.

No. 87139

she writes like a bot, very endearing

No. 87225

Honestly thank god she has a reason but the tree emoji, I just can't.
Big kek, very accurate description anon.

No. 87227

File: 1585218777430.png (693.14 KB, 755x941, lbl.png)

So I found this…

No. 87256

File: 1585259974230.webm (678.16 KB, 480x720, Wiggle_Wiggle.webm)

Lori posted this to Twitter. It said "Wiggle wiggle join my patreon"

No. 87257

File: 1585260527206.jpg (58.25 KB, 943x1280, IMG_20200326_150550_717.jpg)

Lori also has a new foot fetish Patreon tier. She is up from 12 patrons, to 14.

No. 87264

File: 1585274771857.jpeg (229.38 KB, 1242x1365, 115F1B26-8F8C-401B-8DE8-E721EF…)

No. 87283

That's not her. Lori has a giant tattoo of a rose garden on her back. It's in her ED page. She's stealing others videos.

No. 87284


JJ is pretty milky herself, but she definitely hates Lori

No. 87285

omg why tho? Her feet aren't even "small and cute". Reminds me of Lilee Jean trying to show off her gross feet

No. 87288

>>87283 thats such bullshit. Anyone know whose clip she stole?

No. 87290

File: 1585324295640.jpg (481.11 KB, 1454x2048, ELZ_bNpVUAEXkRN.jpg)

its not the best shot but you can clearly see her back tattoo. its large. It's hard to cover up that's why she poses the way she does. it's huge rose garden she got done for fucking one of her ex boyfriends. it was for free.

No. 87291

That's the same blanket and wig. The tattoo is partially covered by her top/hair and either edited or filtered out the rest of the way.

No. 87294

You know she may have shopped out the rest because that tattoo is nearly her entire back and looks badly faded now.

No. 87299

It's also some of the same BS shes wearing in this pic>>86719

No. 87303

File: 1585340262606.jpg (10.28 KB, 489x438, FB_IMG_1585340183142.jpg)

Here, these are better

No. 87304

File: 1585340296036.jpg (8.52 KB, 237x328, FB_IMG_1585340190615.jpg)

No. 87308

I miss her non-shooped photos. Don’t think the woman has reason to be so afraid of appearing human in her photos. She’s pretty without the snow imho

No. 87318

That tattoo is atrocious

No. 87321

Those photos are like 15+years old and she doesnt look anything like that anymore

No. 87325

Kek at the weird extra garters she's using to differentiate her ass from her leg. It manages to make her small booty oddly saggy looking.

Thank you anon. This is precisely why she's a snow addict. She's competing with women nearly half her age and she actually wants to make money. Not to mention she's a narc and at this point she probably believes her own shop.

No. 87327

She's definitely shooping it out of pics/clips then. What an unfortunate looking tattoo. It looked faded already even back then.

Not that anon, but I do think she could be some kind of pretty. She has a mature face and an awkward teen boy body, but she looked pretty cute back during her ren faire phase. The look suited her and she didn't have to shoop herself into an entirely different person. It's pretty obvious that she's insecure about aging and her looks with how heavy she edits everything these days. Probably doesn't help she's desperately skinwalking a teenager anime character. Makes me wonder if she'll still be at this at 40. kek.

No. 87404

File: 1585464318801.jpeg (419.12 KB, 1242x1377, 286FDA40-9113-433F-9F14-BC8476…)

No. 87405

File: 1585464355028.jpeg (420.75 KB, 1511x2015, 301D4F76-E9B6-418E-B419-258F51…)

No. 87409

>I’m just glad I know generous people

lol did she use her neckbeard bux to pay for kev’s WoW?

No. 87410

How about you two move the fuck out of Kevin's parents house?

No. 87415

Imagine using your unemployed mid 30's girlfriend's cuckbux on a year of free World of Warcraft and being completely proud of it online. kek.

No. 87423

Typical Kevin move. Ot but both versions of that game have gone to shit, so I wouldn't exactly be bragging about being blizzard's bitch either, kek.

No. 87427

File: 1585495283134.jpg (659.41 KB, 1080x1329, 20200329_162111.jpg)

Didn't someone say Lori was part Mexican?
That's a shame she doesn't appreciate her natural looks, i'm also hispanic with blue eyes and it's hard to find that representation

No. 87436

She's cute but her personality ruins her.

No. 87441

I believe she’s Chilean

No. 87454

What the fuck kind of outfit is this?! This is why she will never sell big because all of her outfits are horrendous plus she cosplays three characters at once. Why doesn’t she just do sexy lingerie as herself and maybe as other anime characters. She is not 16 not many men go for the pedo look .

No. 87455

File: 1585525073846.jpeg (496.75 KB, 1536x2048, 78872297-6B1A-4FFE-A352-3F9C39…)

Imagine paying for looneys patreon when you can get a much better and mature zero to representation of a girl actually looking sexy. I’ll just leave this right here.(offtopic)

No. 87456

Who cares? They're all classless dirtbags pandering to the lowest of the low for a buck.

No. 87458

Agreed, can these dumb bitches go back to being regular porn thots instead of trying to cosplay teenager anime girls with their ugly tattoos and botched implants/fillers? kek

No. 87460

Anon you should be embarrassed for posting this and calling it sexy.

No. 87464

Compared to Looneys? It’s sexy. Is it my cup of tea? No, but if someone held a gun to my head and said I had to choose I would choose that chick because I wouldn’t feel like I’m looking at a chick who is a grown ass late 30s trying to be child. That shit is sickening.

No. 87488

She's a 10 though

No. 87497

Her eye color is fake Anon, like everything else about her

No. 87505

>fake tits
>a 10

ok coomer

No. 87517

her eyes are blue tho. you can see in her old pics they're blue/grey

No. 87525

bolt on tits, trashy tattoos and a pound of makeup are a 10? yikes. even lori is a little classier than that.

No. 87528

This has already happened. I imagine its why Lori doesn't work anymore. As soon as Kev's parents weren't around to force the issue, well…

No. 87532

File: 1585630013270.png (124.91 KB, 567x627, dfjdjfklfjdkfljdkljf.png)

It's actually worse than that. Someone on her friends list was giving out free codes, intending them to go to people who are sick so they have something to distract them. Lori claimed she "knew someone with a confirmed case" but apparently just gave the code to Kevin.

No. 87533

File: 1585630922447.png (755.91 KB, 1226x746, Untitled.png)

No. 87538

And Kevin's out bragging about this? These two make my skin crawl.

No. 87539

Good catch anon, she's disgusting.

No. 87544

Ot but her real face is in the cosplayers thread on pull. Have fun with that coomer.

No. 87552

Are you fucking kidding me. Lori you’re a piece of shit.

No. 87572

If this is true this is the shittiest thing she did in a while. Not cool.

No. 87611

File: 1585689188825.jpeg (162.97 KB, 1242x685, B8B594D8-0541-412B-8998-89B008…)

No. 87616

Bitch is retarded. She acts like she has any authority over who can and can’t be a sw’er yet she was the biggest slut shamer. No one wants to see her ugly man body either yet here we are. Fuck off Lori.

No. 87619

Lori, let me lay some truth, you're ugly as fuck.

No. 87620

I also love how on her sex Twitter she retweets larger girls to try and look body positive but on her private Facebook she body shames.

No. 87628

I would wonder what all the "fluffy friends she loves so much" think of her never ending fat shaming. Maybe they are ok with it if they can tell themselves she's talking about other people. Everything that come out of this old crone is either cruel, stupid or self-serving so I don't get why anyone puts up with her.

No. 87642

OT: anyone think of signing up for her patreon?

No. 87646

for what? No one on here is interested in seeing her size 13 feet and her endless same-faced zerotwo selfies. It's the same crap she posts on social media anyway, just "uncensored"

No. 87652

Anon above is absolutely right.

Not to mention the old leaked nudes of Lori are better since she actually had tits, which she does not have now. Tits/attractive body would be about the only reason to pay for the "uncensored" version of what she's already posting to Twitter.

Secondly, I'm sure most anons don't want to donate a single penny her/support her by signing up for her patreon. Not even for the lulz.

No. 87653

Begone Scrote.

No. 87657

No. Wouldn't pay for low quality snow pics and don't find her cute.

No. 87675

Like you haven't wasted enough money on stupid shit already

No. 87682

File: 1585732769260.jpg (107.12 KB, 760x508, seekuushii.jpg)


Why? 15 years ago maybe
But you're just paying for overly photoshopped images that make her look like an alien

No. 87683

I dare Lori to post an unfiltered makeup free photo of herself so we can “envy” her genetics. But she won’t because she is, in fact, ugly.

No. 87692

WTF! Shes such a psycho, doesnt even hesitate to lie. So pathetic. Not to mention anyone with asthma would probably be hospitalized. She fucking stupid too.


This!(hi cow)

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