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No. 140775

Before Posting/Lurking: All things featured in this breakdown are factual and documented through public web archives. If you are posting old cosplay photos, please check previous threads to avoid reposting. No tit/chest hole nitpicking. No cowtipping. No doxxing of ex-Kou Klan or anyone else related to Lori or Kevin. Yes, we’ve seen the pockybox, dj ranmas site and the con interview. Archive your links & sage when applicable.

Previous Thread: >>>/w/132036

Lori Lewd (Lorena Cerda) is a 35-year-old costhot and batshit kinnie from NY. With 20 years of lunacy behind her, farmers have been working diligently to stitch together the madness into a coherent timeline. She got her start as a rabid Sailor Moon cosplayer which launched her into infamy and Moonie drama that lasted for over 10 years alone. Lori has since dropped her Usagi shtick and settled for a short-lived Zero Two skinwalk. Over the last two years, Lori has amassed over 100k followers and secured brand partnerships with multiple online boutiques and jewelers. She is currently clawing her way into a Dolls Kill partnership by running herself and her lover into debt. Our story follows the lunatic hag and her bishie prince, Kevin Hanft, a 27 year old BNHA cosplayer and general douche.

Vintage Milk:
>She is known for abusing partners emotionally and physically, breaking peoples belongings when she throws temper tantrums, threatening rape and suicide, mooching off friends and family (living rent free and destroying peoples homes with her trash, indoor smoking, making them buy her things, forcing them to sleep on floors and go without bedding, etc.), manipulating those she deems “beneath” her into false friendships, obsessing over better cosplayers, sex workers and artists and lying about nearly everything under the sun.
>Her ex-husband raped a developmentally challenged friend of Lori’s and when she found out she pressured the victim, “C”, into suicide. “C” then attempted by taking pills and drinking alcohol. Luckily, “C” survived. She never apologized or tried to right this situation.
>Goes through husbands like pantyhose and typically only marries for housing and money.

Condensed Milk:
>Suicide baited Kevin and demanded he cut himself to prove he didn’t like another women all while she cheated on him
>Both her and Kevin are admitted lurkers of /cgl/ and lolcow, often responding to comments made about herself on all forums >>>/w/69649
>All of Kevin’s friends HATE her >>>/w/59614
>Her current kin is Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx, truly believes she is her and that the studio copied her to create her likeness. Thinks all cosplayers are copying her >>>/w/71344
>photoshop and snow filter abuser >>>/w/69405
>”vampire” and “anime genetics” >>>/w/67231
>Will relentlessly tear down other cosplayers who do Zero Two better >>>/w/56943 >>>/w/68339
>”Suffers” from an Eating Disorder and is proud of it, flexes the “loli” title >>>/w/68579
>Undiagnosed Cluster B / NPD behaviors out the ass

Previous Thread's Bounty:
>Lori’s real face made a rare appearance and brought joy to all the farmers >>>/w/132948 >>>/w/133134
>Despite the pandemic, Lori is still stomping her way into all the nail salons and ranting about how terrible the technicians are in her true Karen form >>>/w/132948
>Anons pointed out how similar Lori and Kev’s looks are to her new friend @bassdrip and her bishie >>>/w/133137
>Noticing this, Kevin randomly and immediately decides to dye his hair half black due to a nebulous “influence” >>>/w/133259
>One of Kevin’s burner insta accounts he made for talking to Lori when she blocks him was found >>>/w/133268
>Anon runs Lori’s twit through SocialBlade and pulls some questionable stats >>>/w/133378
>One of Kevin’s retarded “fans” reached out to our other cow Mariah (@momokun) to plead for Kevin’s safety, Mariah drops an unholy amount of screenshots between her and Kev >>>/w/133577
>Kevin’s damning messages pull back the curtain even further to reveal a worse situation than any anons thought previously >>>/w/133588
>Typical showing off for the farms to prove everything is fine and Kevin IS allowed out of his cage >>>/w/133654
>The witch hunt begins; accounts being sprouting across Lori’s feed to press her about the drama she’s desperately tried to conceal >>>/w/133945
>The pair continues like nothing ever happened, posting more e-begging statuses
>Anon found (presumably) Kevin shilling Lori’s OnlyFans on a sexy e-girl leak forum >>>/w/134092
>Kevin, noticing Lori’s bullying, steps up to defend the princess >>>/w/134581 not a single person cared or liked it. Sad.
>Kev does some soul searching and cans his influencer dreams because there’s only enough room for ONE celebrity in the ghetto apartment >>>/w/134736
>Lori is troon handmaiden confirmed; the only way she knows to cope with this burn >>>/w/134779
>Anon points out something interesting, Mariah can be seen in the back of Kev and Lori’s DitF photos from AX. Strange. >>>/w/134834 >>>/w/134839
>DollsKill and their affiliate brands are posting Lori more often, begging the question, is she getting paid? >>>/w/134928
>Lori’s meltdown on the farm arrives right on time >>>/w/135016
>Here’s where everything went off the rails: Vamplette (a calf of Mariah’s) decided to speak out against Lori and her abuse on a DK post >>>/w/135509
>Kevin is quick with the defense >>>/w/135510
>Lori continues to humblebrag about her anorexic body while Kevin cleans her messes up >>>/w/135774
>VangelinaSkov made a Lori primer video, introducing a whole new wave of people to her lunacy and lies >>>/w/136067
>Oldfag comes through again with some vintage Rikki flavored Lori posts >>>/w/136223
>Kevin’s whiteknighting continues…. And is promptly cleaned right after >>>/w/136241
>He just can’t stop >>>/w/136273
>Congrats! You have just “survived” your first “witch” “hunt” >>>/w/136338
>Kevin is still sperging out >>>/w/136375
>Lori’s conspiracy theory begins here >>>/w/136397
>Convinced that Mariah and Vamp are ringleaders in this shit circus, she takes to facebook to post screencaps and shit talk in her typical high school mean girl fashion. The projection is real.
>The hate keeps coming! >>>/w/136485
>Kevin outs Lori as a lazy bitch and he whines about boolying >>>/w/136496 he really SHOULD stream that!
>Kevin, I hope you’re insured cause defending Lori is a full-time job for you at this point >>>/w/136523
>DollsKill takes notice and responds by cleaning Lori’s mess for her and pinning all her comments to the top, to nobodys shock >>>/w/136533
>They lowkey dissed her and insinuated she was 43 years old >>>/w/136537
>More of DK’s random comments defending Lori blindly >>>/w/136545
>People went to DK directly with reciepts, of course, to no avail because why would DOLLSKILL care >>>/w/136551
>A suspected WK appears! >>>/w/136662
>VangelinaSkov gets blocked by Lori and posts a pretty lackluster video about it >>>/w/136835
>More of Kevin’s moping bullshit begging people to care about him in any way >>>/w/136842
>the WK rolled their fat ass into /meta/ just to complain about all the “cowtipping” (aka the comments people made on instagram) and DEMANDED the entire thread be auto-saged >>>/w/136942
>Clearly that went over well
>Kevin posts a follow up to his mopey bullshit, this time it includes horrific Lori stickers >>>/w/136975
>More of him vague posting for the farms >>>/w/136979
>Lori even posts a vague cow post to show she is always watching, moomoo! >>>/w/137201
>Anon reminds us of why she will never stop playing farmer peek-a-boo >>>/w/137394
>Attempting to own her cow status and meme herself, Lori creates…this. >>>/w/137551
>Lori begins kissing more Girl Boss asshole, this time its everyone’s favorite queen Doe Deere >>>/w/137570
>Wake up babe, Kevin bought another pair of beat-ass JS wings >>>/w/137618
>Not posting it here, but someone on KF absolutely doxxed them and found their apartment within <5 hours of Kevin accidentally posting the address >>>/w/137728
>Anon made a lovely V-Day edit of our anime royalty >>>/w/138273
>Another anon points out how similar Lori’s feed looks to that of her ex’s past fling, Kitty Varney >>>/w/138312
>”Anon” is really mad that anyone would insinuate Lori is copying anyone else >>>/w/138487 >>>/w/138504 >>>/w/138506
>But, the evidence begs to differ >>>/w/138633
>Even Kitty comes clean about how she’s had to duck Lori due to her actual stalking >>>/w/138678
>Lori is “unbothered” by all of this by the way >>>/w/138721
>Totally unbothered and not struggling with aging and failing at being everything she wanted to be >>>/w/138838
>”Anon” is definitely bothered though >>>/w/138974
>Kitty takes a stab at Lori just to add salt to the wound >>>/w/139052
>Immediately “Anon” returns to revel in the sweet cream >>>/w/139078
>A farmer decides that the existing videos on Lori aren’t enough and makes their own (it’s the best one so far) >>>/w/139095
>Lori decides it’s time to jump ship and find a new character to skinwalk, someone with power and grace, someone who is respected and revered. Truly royalty… you know, very fitting for Lori.
>It begins here >>>/w/139423
>Lori who? I’m Saber now. >>>/w/139651
>She is literally Saber though >>>/w/139751
>Uh oh, “Kevin” found the farmer video and “he’s” mad >>>/w/139761
>His WK comments didn’t last long, in typical Kev fashion he defended Lori aggressively, insulted everyone and then deleted it all and walked away with his tail tucked like a bitch
>Emo naruto posting from Kev >>>/w/139778
>Kevin sounds like an “anon” we know….. >>>/w/139782
>The full spread of “Kevin’s” youtube comments >>>/w/139784
>Fate skinwalk confirmed for the next little while >>>/w/140110
>Lori is setting up to start streaming soon >>>/w/140249
>”Kevin” posts about poor little Lori and how misunderstood they are. Practically begging for protection, he takes to FB >>>/w/140349
>The comments asking Lori to come clean are back >>>/w/140377
>Lori decided to double down on her conspiracy, name dropping people who couldn’t care less >>>/w/140379
>Kevin recently had to receive medical treatment (he could barely afford) for his third round of kidney stones, >>>/w/140502 he was unable to take an ambulance and was advised not to by EMTs; of course he had to take care of himself while Lori was shopping and flexing her new rings at the same time >>>/w/140397
>Anons think Lori is chatting up a young Chad on insta >>>/w/140460
>Kevin clears his photos and bio randomly, removing mention or Lori entirely >>>/w/140580
>Lori unfollows Kev on everything even after he returns and refollows his own “fiancee” >>>/w/140637
>Lori probably forced Kev to put her back on display and name drop Mariah in his psychotic posts about the ~urutametu konshipirashii~ to destroy Lori >>>/w/140668
>Kev continues his autistic self-hype posts >>>/w/140687
>Lori begs for subs like the failed camwhore she is >>>/w/140698
>She held Kev at claw point and made him do the same everywhere >>>/w/140727
>Lori is too retarded to realize doing branded content without a creator account goes against FCC guidelines as it’s not clearly listed as an ad or promotional post with affiliate links. God only knows what legal fallout is coming if she keeps gaining popularity,
>Kevin outs Lori and reveals it was sent to Lori to shill >>>/w/140737
>Realizing the mistake he’s made, he quickly reposts with a new caption, feigning ignorance >>>/w/140738
>The begging continues >>>/w/140743 >>>/w/140747
>Lori is screeching about Mariah to literally anyone and every one that will listen in a sad attempt to slander an already cancelled cow >>>/w/140749 totally not desperate looking!

As Lori’s mind continues to unravel and regulations poke holes in her influencer dream, the world spirals around our anime royalty. The end is only the beginning. 20 years have led to now and the second fall from grace is bound to be a spectacular show of horrors. Strap in, sip your juice and get your cheeks puffed because we’re going full speed ahead.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

>Monster Girl Vibes: https://www.facebook.com/iota02/
>Personal FB: https://www.facebook.com/LoriLewd
>Kevin’s FB : https://www.facebook.com/kevin.hanft.5
>Lori’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iota_zerotwo/
>Kevin’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adollaskye/
>Twitter: https://twitter.com/iota_zerotwo
>DA: https://www.deviantart.com/kou-usagi
>Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/people/usagikou
>OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/monstergirl
>Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/LoriLewd
>Amazon Wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1K5H3M8IH92VA/?ref_=lol_ov_le

Archived Milk:
>pockybox investigations
>wank about the rape incident https://web.archive.org/web/20130311093424/http://www.journalfen.net/community/fandom_wank/685335.html?thread=63139863
>usagi’s wank page http://web.archive.org/web/20110908004206/http://wiki.fandomwank.com/index.php/Usagi_Kou
>tgtn attesting to Lori's cancerous nature
>Djranma’s site https://web.archive.org/web/20070807233745fw_/http://www.djranmas.net/html/lori_cerda/main.htm
>Lori's psycho response to Scott's confession
>cringe engagement video posted by Kevin
>cringe ED article
>the sailor moon movie

>Lori’s KF thread #2

Dead Accounts:

No. 140784

File: 1615318338608.png (816.81 KB, 1080x2186, Screenshot_20210309-112904~2.p…)

She's shilling Sugar Bear shit now, not surprised. Funny she's promoting it but never shows her natural hair EVER. She's ALWAYS wearing those Bellami extensions.

No. 140785

Damn that nail growth. It's time to get them filled in, Lori…>>140784

No. 140786

File: 1615320629351.jpeg (396.65 KB, 1242x2070, EB172A83-DA59-47FD-B489-9585E5…)

Still obsessive about people using wigs when it’s been proven she uses hair extensions often? Yes your hair is natural, but the makeup and the background of the photos aren’t accurate.

No. 140787

those nails are so fucking nasty looking

No. 140788

File: 1615320695819.jpeg (138.92 KB, 1242x642, 190B86A3-7D28-44E5-8202-735437…)

Autistic sperging about shoes yet again. Shouldn’t he be more worried about his health/kidney stones/ doctors bills instead?

No. 140789

File: 1615320758976.jpeg (431.62 KB, 1242x2017, F9C2E7FD-16B5-46E2-BE98-D316C8…)

Back to regularly scheduled programming. Kevin has no reach to be sharing her content. It’s just sad at this point. He has such an ego.

No. 140790

She's so autistic, nobody cares about your real hair Lori, this is not a thing

No. 140792

File: 1615321108799.png (352 KB, 2048x979, Screenshot_20210309-121635.png)

Okay yeah that totally happens

No. 140794

Doesn’t he have a cosplay Facebook account with slightly more reach? Why is he sharing on what appears to be his personal page with family members on it. Of course nothing is going to happen there. He has no one left!

No. 140795

Who??? The old ladies at the nails salon??

No. 140796

>sitting in free plastic donut

No. 140798

Bisou is a bit of a cow herself but wow, that's gross she didn't even bother to look into Lori's past before sending freebees.

No. 140799

Context pls

No. 140800

What no she's not? So making shit up. I've been following her from the beginning and nothing scandal wise has ever happened. Its not even a case of reselling aliexpress stuff. Don't derail with fake bullshit, anon.

No. 140804

File: 1615329398466.jpeg (39.82 KB, 823x297, 40F7B062-E478-42DD-8782-AC0BBB…)

No. 140806

Yet another post by Kevin with zero interaction lmao

No. 140807

the only thing bisou has against her is her products looking like costume jewelry and her weird ass sizing on her lingerie. if you have proof of other things feel free to share but otherwise there's nothing on her.

No. 140813

She's definitely DMing that dude.

No. 140815

How do you know? Also where?

No. 140819

File: 1615348085795.jpeg (762.56 KB, 2400x1769, lori new guy.jpeg)

nayrt but I think they're referring to this pic in the last thread.

No. 140822

Do you think Kevin will ever make a sex tape with Lori? I could see her pressuring him to for content cause she can only post the same pics for so long

No. 140841

Nah. She’s too much into herself that the camera must be on her at all times plus it’ll show her face unfiltered and in unflattering angles. Plus she would never have sex with Kevin as he’s too weak in her taste.

No. 140844

Don’t hold that anons hand and clog the new thread w reposts. They should know better and find what they’re looking for on previous threads if they need context.

No. 140846

Probably not because even though Lori is doing "Lewds" now, she still seems to think like she's too good to do actual nudes/full-on pr0n.

No. 140847

How is she going to hide or photoshop where her chest caves in?

No. 140849

They're not holding my hand faggot I just asked cause so far it's only tinfoil, there's no proof they're DMing.

No. 140855

wow this bitch is still around?! I am the same age as her and I remember ALL the livejournal drama. I am pretty sure watching the way she treated overweight people is the reason I grew up with an eating disorder… fuck this bitch!

No. 140856

File: 1615390903762.jpg (239.46 KB, 1080x1920, 158836265_452890062726604_2218…)

Uh oh Lori's pulling out the big boy BDSM gear. Guess who will never hold the key to that gorget, KEK.
Wouldn't be surprised if she mailed it to a secret pay pig or an ex. Speaking of paypigs, how long until Lori finds her Jason Womack? Her comments are filled with men of that caliber, white trash dads with profile pics of them in in trucks.

No. 140858

Sage for no screenshots (was not smart enouf) but the place she buys her ears from - Aradani Studios have removed her from their stories on facebook and Instagram. I have been following aradani for years for my own cosplays

No. 140862

File: 1615395247527.jpg (48.3 KB, 960x936, 1610332486243.jpg)

I'm guessing they finally caught on? Good for them. No respectable brand should ever give her a platform. I expect some apologies from some brands. (not dollskill or lewdcomplex, they'll suck Lori's clit while watching her abuse someone lol) It's not because I think it does/means anything, but we know they'll inevitably have to for financially supporting a well-documented serial abuser. The public wouldn't let that fly if they had full Looni context. Ardani should be like Miccostumes and just completely ignore her outside of transactions.

No. 140868

File: 1615399589460.jpg (363.96 KB, 1080x2232, Lori Google results.jpg)

It's absolutely possible they googled her. Her popularity is growing, so more and more people are finding the other farm's posts. She's had over 20 years to piss people off up and down the east coast. I'm sure there are more stories out there, more victims that will come forward.
I don't blame Aradani for not knowing, they're a small family run company.

No. 140870

File: 1615400021667.png (1.89 MB, 1183x2048, Screenshot_20210310-100729.png)

Wear it OUT? OUTSIDE? That?

No. 140873

Clean your room Loony oh my god

No. 140875

That dress looks like it would fall apart if it rained

No. 140876

I gotta wonder what she expects to happen. She can't blame Kevin's spergouts on milk like the youtube forever.

No. 140877

surprisingly that's her real nose, weird she didn't bother to shrink ir

No. 140879

File: 1615406771190.png (190.92 KB, 278x316, real shnoz.PNG)

Nope, still edited

No. 140881

File: 1615407505130.png (2.18 MB, 1159x2048, Screenshot_20210310-121031.png)

Yeah like you're doing this for any other reason than trying to get under Mariah's skin, Lori. Lurk harder and clean your playpen, hag.

No. 140882

That brightness and lighting she does to her pictures to the point the dress doesn’t look red anymore makes me often wonder why she does that is it cause of her hair color?

No. 140884

I never really noticed how huge her feet are until this picture, holy shit

No. 140887

Hair and skin. She's hiding so much texture and wrinkles with overexposure and smoothing filters.

No. 140890

File: 1615410399777.jpeg (556.91 KB, 828x1224, AD720241-D91A-48CA-9265-7A8D5C…)

Damn those are some stompers. They’re as long as her calf. I think this has been brought up in previous threads though. She has huge feet!

Anyway is she doing all this Saber stuff just to try to troll Mariah? When has Looni ever shown any interested in Fate since before she started staying Mariah was jealous?

No. 140892

saging for my autism but I know she bought that dress because it was likely labeled as 'saber'. But that's Nero, not Artoria, like who she was dressed as before. It is A saber but not THE saber she likely wanted to use to get under momokun's skin

No. 140893

yeah for sure she is, btw this man is a bit fascinating because he is so attractive but he also discounts himself to random egirls including 30 something lori and reblog erotic pictures on tumblr as a hobby in the year 2021

No. 140894

I legit thought it was Kevin in a wig and a dress.

No. 140895

I'm laughing so hard at her old lady hand here, even though it's overexposed, you can see the signs of ageing

No. 140896

File: 1615414107727.png (29.74 KB, 143x121, Capture.PNG)

The comments from >>140792 got to her, kek.
The angle of her eyeliner and placement is higher and sharper.

No. 140902

File: 1615418911054.png (2.4 MB, 1166x2048, Screenshot_20210310-152734.png)

No. 140903

File: 1615419405059.jpeg (695.75 KB, 2617x1961, E236D11E-FE19-4B96-B13A-367337…)

What I don’t understand is why would Mariah be jealous of a cosplay she already did? and didn’t Mariah make hers? To get a cosplay dress handmade cost a lot of money I’m sure Mariah's not wishing she had the cheep 50 dollar dress that Lori’s bragging about

No. 140908

She's gotta look so bizarre IRL. People see this slim nosed, big eyed, jawless, dorito chin, pasty skinned dainty girl in the pics. Then comes Lori, crooked nose saggy square faced jowles, beady rat eyes, latina skin tone, sunken in chest and paddle boat feet on a 5 ft frame. She really does look like a gremlin. Kek

No. 140910

Nice wobbly totally not edited eye Lorena. Must be her ~genes~

No. 140911

File: 1615427380485.jpg (3.44 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_03-10-05.48.46.jpg)

Tried to edit her to look more like her actual self, saged b/c non milk

No. 140912

Kek it still looks grotesque, seethe harder Lori. Will she ever put the same amount of effort she puts into shooping her pictures to do literally anything else?

No. 140914

File: 1615428513608.png (611.77 KB, 2048x1800, Screenshot_20210310-180802.png)

She's pissed

No. 140915

File: 1615428959709.jpeg (204.12 KB, 915x1164, EwDpT6eVEAIj26Y.jpeg)


No. 140916

This is one of the least sexy butt shots I've ever seen and I don't think her body is hideous like some here. It looks like when a guys pants sag too low and you see his ass.

No. 140917

PT's I'm pooping pose.

No. 140918

I keked, thanks Lori

No. 140919

Moo pays for her shit it never looks great but it is better than this nylon shit
Mmm nothing says sexy like plumber ass shot. I wonder if the catfish guy asked for it.

No. 140923


No. 140924

Sage for nitpick but nice extensions you just bragged about not wearing yesterday.

No. 140928

This looks so uncomfortable. It's like she's trying to put the outfit on and stumbled over one of the million plushies she shrieked at Kevin to win her out of a claw machine then accidentally took a picture. Ffs, Lori clean your damn room. So. Much. Clutter.

No. 140929

File: 1615437926759.jpeg (212.08 KB, 915x1164, shark butt.jpeg)

omg the shark

No. 140932

She does this one leg up pose all the time and it looks like a dog taking a leak.

And like others said, these >>140890 are huge and ugly, especially because she can't afford pedicures. Why does she keep calling them "smol and perfect"?

No. 140936

File: 1615442378130.jpg (114.84 KB, 1280x924, peeing on kevin pee pose 15983…)


yes, that pose is ridiculous

No. 140937

It’s so filtered her hair is melted into her face

No. 140938

It's the only pose that gives her an illusion of an ass

No. 140941

I can’t decide if she actually researched the character and found out that her buttcrack shows (although it’s supposed to have a cutout where the white fabric is that shows it, the skirt isn’t just worn low) or if she just thought this was sexy for some reason.

No. 140942

The fuck does she mean by "speculated age"?? This bitch is a living fossil and has the nerve to try and deny her actual and factual age. Truly pathetic.

No. 140943

She looks like she’s about to piss on him

No. 140944

dang lori you need some toner, your roots be lookin' like piss. >>140882 was definitely right

she looks like a granny in a retirement home ready for her ass shots. nasty. she looks like she smells honestly

No. 140945

File: 1615456511879.jpg (60.45 KB, 1080x1269, 1569186712814.jpg)

It has and was one of the reasons someone shooped her into a hobbit for one of the old thread pics. kek

No. 140946

File: 1615456540725.png (520.96 KB, 482x632, 1569217945837.png)

Bonus pic from old thread.

No. 140947

Why did she namedrop nigri? She’s not an egirl. She’s only 31, making her closer to 30 than Lori who will be 36 in a few weeks. And she doesn’t wear cosplay or tacky b rate egirl club trash out in public. Nice try Lori but you’re way off the mark.

No. 140963

I was going to say the same thing she is still a lot younger than Lori and googled her looks like she does voice acting and doing some things not just taking selfie’s in a room calling it a job

No. 140967

I don't know if it's just my app, but her Reels tab is gone and the only videos up are posts she made to her main feed. She wouldn't have taken them down for no reason because she was just bragging about 200k views on one of them, if they are gone something is up.

No. 140968

I know my comment is late as shit but
>Lori is having a mental breakdown
comedic gold Kev

No. 140971

File: 1615491809168.jpg (218.19 KB, 1080x1080, 65965882_425554991365193_66406…)

Does Nigri even know she exists? kek

They're both too stupid to live but Kevin is more stupid because he's just a host for the parasite.

You can tell Lori was screeching at Kevin to fix it, then Kevin starts shouting into the abyss that is his 0 followers FB for help.

No. 140978

This is one of the funniest things she's ever posted oml

No. 140984

File: 1615508858997.png (178.22 KB, 1440x1225, Screenshot_20210311-162604~2.p…)

No. 140986

god he sounds just like lori in the worst way.

No. 140987

New public Facebooking Kevin is my favorite. I love how he just posts these statuses to the wind. You know he's looking for engagement but he gets none because he has no more friends and nobody wants to be his friend.

No. 140991

Kevin you could be making handmade props and being funded by Momokun right now, taking trips to Japan not having to work. Bet she would even buy you a laser cutter.

No. 140993

At this point, he could be going to his Apt laundry room talking to himself and the same amount of people would hear him as this FB post. He should also take a good look at his girl cause nothing that she wears is hand made unless he makes it. at least most people are painting the crap

No. 140994

This, he would have so much designer drip and would probably eat for once too

No. 141002

At least Kevin cares about crafting. Lori got into cosplay a decade too early. She never liked having to do hard stuff like pretending to make costumes or learning what a serger is.

The current ethot climate is much more her style, she's just the wrong age for it by about 15 years.

No. 141005

weird thing out of nowhere to be mad about. which ex friend of kevin's/lori uses 3D printers?

No. 141006

I think Vamp uses a 3D printer for some of her cosplay accessories I wouldn’t put it passed him to be focusing and trying to shit on her and Momo however he possibly can. Even fixating on something to mundane as laser cutting cosplay shit.

No. 141012

None of loris cosplays are hand made, nice rant Kevin. You haven’t made cosplay in over a year so what are you even complaining about? You’re not a part of any cosplay community and your GF got banned for using others hand made costumes at conventions as her own. He really is dense.

No. 141013

Just say you don't have the money for a printer lol

No. 141014

tbh he could probably afford one of the cheaper 3D printers if he wasn't paying for everything else for Lori.

No. 141016

I swear everything that they bitch and moan about are things that are better than them. People more successful than them, items they can't afford, etc.

Sounds like bitterness and jealousy to me.

No. 141019

File: 1615531093385.png (2.07 MB, 1866x1198, Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 10.3…)

YRU shoes promoted Lori today on their official Instagram. They either didn't vet her or did vet her and don't care that she's an abusive psycho.

No. 141020

I heard their shoes fall apart quick so I don't think they care about their customers.

No. 141021

Kev is obviously just salty that he can't afford the equipment needed ,or rather Lori won't allow him the funds for it. Also funny as fuck that he's shit talking actual crafters in cosplay while his middle aged unemployed gf orders in cheap chinese costumes off the internet. kek

big foot strikes again

No. 141022

File: 1615539261923.jpg (69.85 KB, 750x1000, plastic.jpg)

The photo is so blurred and filtered to erase wrinkles that the shoe's details and stitching are completely gone.

Suffice to say I'm so curious as to how awful Looni really looks unshooped if this much detail is removed from all her pics.

No. 141024

I have some and they've held up fine, but I've never had to deal with their customer service. Sage for who cares.

No. 141027

Kevin hid the Valentine's photo of him and Lori on Instagram again for some reason. I am not sure if there are other couple photos missing. She also hasn't followed him back since he reactivated all his accounts several days ago.

And he still hasn't removed his unboxing video where he doxed himself lol.

No. 141032

File: 1615558761323.jpg (53.35 KB, 1280x823, IMG_20210312_071421_213.jpg)

… Did Kevin build that baby pink dresser for Lori?! This is such a weird reply from her. Why would she tell someone it's easy to build one if she purchased it from somewhere?

No. 141035

based on how it looks, i always assumed she just took a wooden dresser and painted it pink/changed the drawer pulls. which is pretty easy, she's right. even her lazy ass could do it

No. 141036

Ok that makes more sense if she just gave an old dresser a "makeover." Still not sure why she would tell them to build one but Lori is stupid and doesn't know how to interact with her followers.

No. 141052

It's how she responds to anyone asking a questions. In her mind she's an autist whose knowledge makes her speshul, so she never gives a straight answer.

Truth is all her stuff looks like it comes from a dump and she messily spray painted it.

No. 141056

This is why she sucks at being an “influencer” and will reach a dead end in her “career”.if you influence people, they’re going to want to know where you bought X/ how you made X. If you’re giving vague nonspecific answers people will lose interest in you. It’s like that time she told someone who asked where she got a chair she had in a photo and she replied with “a store”. Why she couldn’t just say Walmart and retain what little interest she has is beyond me.

No. 141057

Wow, they not even the same color they are purple! they look Pastel lavender in her photos wtf and they used her photo with this big color difference

No. 141074

Going by the comment, it doesn't sound like a reputable company that cares about showcasing the quality and detail of their shoes.

No. 141084

I think this is just a silly intern thinking egirls/cosplayers with instagram followings = good thing. I wouldn't blame them too much.

No. 141085

File: 1615585111572.jpg (2.34 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_03-12-01.37.28.jpg)


No. 141088

File: 1615587608812.jpeg (27.33 KB, 241x320, 4D3851DE-A692-4712-87A8-0A468D…)

The way she has her room set up Lori reminds me of the The Junk Lady from the Labyrinth lol!

No. 141089

rofl omg this is perfect, Just gotta shoop Lori's head there and some pastel junk

No. 141116

No. 141117

File: 1615596399696.png (158.47 KB, 239x319, best genetic vampire trash hag…)

didn't mean to bump thread and can't delete cause apparently wrong password But here's my take

No. 141118

The fact that she's not more self conscious about how trashy the background of all her photos look…it's just astounding

No. 141119

Omg hahahaha Kevin in the background that’s perfect!

No. 141124

all it’s missing is her big inflatable donut!

No. 141126

I had it but it'd cover kev and I wanted to keep him in the background

No. 141149

She truly lives up to her surname."Cerda" means "female pig" in spanish.

No. 141150

“Broken spine” spends hours a day in awkward poses, she is able to work Kevin she chooses not to.

Part of getting “promoted deals” is being polite to people when they ask the origin of products. She is literally incapable of “influencing”

No. 141151

Using that as a reference someone can probably unshoop her pics into the dingy colors they are IRL.


No. 141156

File: 1615621154980.png (1.16 MB, 595x838, kawaiitrashuvi.png)

you inspired me, anon.

No. 141157

You made it so much better anon ty for taking my vision and improving it!

No. 141158

File: 1615624007126.jpeg (192.44 KB, 1242x2110, bisoulovely.jpeg)


No. 141160

can’t wait to see Kev sperg out and say this is Momo/Vamp ruining Lori promos again

No. 141166

Based costume jewelry lady is based. But also doesn't this count as cow tipping although you didn't actually contact said cow or?

No. 141172

not the same anon but does it even count as cowtipping anymore if said cows have publicly posted about this site on their socials before and have posted here? kek

No. 141174

File: 1615643906960.jpg (181.48 KB, 970x1104, Elf ear ppl.jpg)


No. 141175

File: 1615644049785.jpg (99.59 KB, 1080x674, Context.jpg)

No. 141177

She's gonna lose her mind when she finds out anons messaged companies. She JUST landed that Bisou deal too LOL. We're gonna get you and your little dog too, Lorena!

No. 141179

Good I don’t feel sorry for her at all. She has gotten away with murder and continues to. While I don’t believe in cancel culture she is an exception. Why make money off being an influencer who looks at her followers as “peasants” “simps” and “oinkers”. She doesn’t give a shit about anyone she abuses and they just sit there and allow this 5 feet bitch to keep doing it I’m surprised no other girl had punched her in her face yet!

No. 141181

She wants to have the attitude and sex appeal of a dominant succubus type sex worker but doesn't want to do the dirty work and actually be a whore so she tries to keep that energy while being a cookie cutter rave "influencer" but look how well that's going… She needs to decide whether she wants to keep chasing brand deals (which will keep falling through because of her abusive past) or if she wants to chase real money doing work she's only a degree removed from. Lori still hasn't even done full penetration or anything remotely close, she doesn't want to either you can tell. Dumb idiot thinks she can LARP as a sex worker just to get free stripper clothes but eventually her simps will demand real content and sex and she'll be backed into a corner and forced to do it to keep her clientele. She's honestly already painted herself in a corner. Nobody is going to want to work with her, doubly so if they hear/see what happened to her deals with brands before like Ardani and Bisou Lovely. Dollskill is pretty much going to be her only support and they're gonna drop her too once the cat is fully out of the bag and being talked about beyond the farms. Her "more royal than thou" attitude is more than enough to put off a good brand from working with you, add a nasty attitude, being a Karen and being an abuser to the mix and well…. You're an undesirable and untrustworthy try hard begging for free shit and people see right through that

No. 141182

File: 1615651133984.jpg (160.58 KB, 1174x849, CLOMP.jpg)

Lori going around talking like she's a 'uwu smol bean' without mentioning the fact that her extraordinarily giant clompers are as long as her entire lower leg. Keep truckin', Bigfoot.

No. 141191

So basically your proportionate. I'm 4'11" and wear a size 6 and I can not fathom having big ass Paris Hilton feet on my body like Lori. How embarrassing lol.

No. 141200

Smol bean with cankles and all. She’s skinny fat kek. Karma huh?

No. 141203

Inb4 Lori comes in here on anon screeching about how she doesn't have cankles, she just has short squishy ~Loli legs~ and she's totally anachan

No. 141205

I'm waiting for Lori and kev to have a meltdown over the fact that Lori's sponsors are dropping like flies. Do you think kev will contact these companies and tell them that he is not the victim and that he isn't being abused?

No. 141206

File: 1615658285961.jpg (163.81 KB, 929x1280, IMG_20210313_105633_674.jpg)

Kevin has posted this depression comic about Covid. The last panel says "death means nothing" like his caption.

No. 141207

She has a weirdly proportioned body. Her feet and hands are gigantic, she has a hole in her chest, and she's wrinkly as fuck kek. She ages like a corpse.
Here's the fotoforensics on her latest Twitter post just for fun

No. 141208

File: 1615658626775.png (420.71 KB, 480x600, f722bb7cc679f092260d71c7bd71f9…)

Forgot the attachment

No. 141212

File: 1615660105331.jpg (64.14 KB, 1280x1076, IMG_20210313_111656_206.jpg)

Fucking gross. I thought this person was referring to lolcow/kf "milk" so I expanded the comments. No it's just Lori engaging with a disgusting coomer.

"Most people do"

No. 141216

Lori, they probably do on your online persona only. If they saw you in person, they'd gag and vomit 100%. The only people with granny kinks are disgusting basement dwellers, and pea-brained Kevin.

No wonder Kevin is so depressed all the time. Imagine having sex withheld from an ugly, saggy, flat granny and being trapped from outsourcing? Woof I'd pity you Kevin if you weren't such a walking dumbass.

No. 141217

File: 1615660535699.jpeg (25.48 KB, 540x304, 8E52A81F-60D7-4C82-89DA-2A41B1…)

No. 141218

You guys report her all you want, I like to see her rage over losing jobs.
But don't fucking post it here and reveal yourselves as lolcow users because lolcow doesn't particularly have the best reputation and Lori can just cry that people reporting her are cyber bullies mocking her age and appearance. I know you want a trophy you stupid kid but fucking stop.

No. 141219

Yeah, honestly. He's trying so hard to shield her and dismiss everything but all it takes is like, 2 mins of google searching to find that Kevin is one of many victims. He can only cap for what he brought up and said, he can't do shit about her past behaviors she refuses to even acknowledge. He can try and play this forever but she only looks worse the more "damage control" he does (i.e making it worse and leaking sensitive information like her mental break and their address)

Knowing Kev he's probably going to DM companies with Mariah's info and spin the same "look what these mean girls did to my innocent fiance who's just humbly trying to cosplay and be a good bean" story. Nothing screams batshit and guilty like someone's on-off again sockpuppet pleading that it's the Boogeyman's fault and not the one person surrounded by the catastrophic fallout of 20+ years of abuse.

No. 141226

File: 1615666112016.png (2.24 MB, 1201x2048, Screenshot_20210313-120510.png)

Remember those mutated looking knockoff barbies at the dollar store? The ones wearing really weird plastic dresses and neon shoes? This is the Nero cosplay equivalent.

No. 141227

Her Nero makes no sense. She doesn't even do the most characteristic thing about both sabers which is their "ahoge", also why she insists on doing this 02 makeup if she's cosplaying Nero? Nero doesn't have pink brows. Is she trying to be like Belle delphine where her "cosplays" it's just the Belle persona wearing a costume?.

No. 141229

Why she always makes everything look like a cheap stripper/hooker is the character she’s cosplaying have a lot of fan service? To be sexualized reminds of them sexual cheap costumes that no one asked for

No. 141231

File: 1615671311207.jpeg (34.02 KB, 449x468, 0D83C2DB-30B7-45FF-9927-A7A307…)

Her left eye is slipping off her face

No. 141235

You just made me notice the filters she uses removes her alar crease on her nose so odd like why? makes her looks like the people who got botched

No. 141248

Well, yes? I'm pretty sure that rule exists so the milk flow is organic and not disrupted by forced drama…

No. 141255

I’m surprised nobody has gone to their apartment after Kevin doxxed himself.

No. 141256

I enjoy seeing the justice prevail. The claims are archived posts of her own nasty behavior coming back to haunt her. If only she would feel empathy for the people she’s abused (including Kevin) and just stop being such a horrible cunt to the world.

No. 141257

Her legs must be absolute stumps on top of her cankled feet being absolute units.

Botched snow filters aside, what's going on under her lips?

No. 141260

I didn’t see that at first. She liquified it upwards. No ones lip does that. Look at it compared to the rest of her lower lip and how close it is to her teeth.

No. 141261

Jesus and look at her upper lip on the right side. That’s just not right

No. 141263

Why would anyone go to their apartment? the fuck.

No. 141269

File: 1615700697956.jpg (37.54 KB, 680x550, Unsettled-Tom.jpg)

Why would you say that? Lori and Kevin might be bottom of the barrel types, but they don't deserve any sort of visit. That's… creepy, anon.

No. 141270

Stupid bitch completely removed her nostril

No. 141271

I'm sorry, are you implying anyone has any reason to stalk these two? From a creeper perspective even that would be so boring and fruitless, you'd have to like tap their whole apartment to get anything interesting. Not worth a stalkers effort and also, ew.

No. 141273

All you'd hear is screaming (Lori) and simping (Kevin) on a loop, with silence every so often when Kevin takes a break to update his Instagram or write a desperate Facebook post.

No. 141277


This comment is ridiculous. Either you're a complete fucking freak or you're a Lori white-knight trying to plant victim seeds for sympathy points. Lori is the only person I could see doing such a manipulative thing.

"But I'm the REAL victim here! See? A person on this mean website said they thought of going to my apartment! OMG people are so jealous and obsessed with me that I'm being VICTIMIZED. I'm such an smol innocent bean whose obviously being STALKED! Let's focus on poor little me instead of the trail of victims I've left in my wake over the past 20 years" - possible future Lori

No. 141285

Nta but calm down kek

No. 141286

File: 1615735218911.jpeg (242.24 KB, 827x1312, 88795D7B-AAEC-4800-B01A-C2A7EC…)

She didn’t get the memo

No. 141290

So that cheap looking red ring IS her engagement ring. Yikes. That's funny. Every time Lori screeches at someone to marry her, she gets an uglier ring

No. 141291

She doesn't even wear her engagement ring. I would think this seller would see that and know Lori is discourteous.

No. 141298

Lol does she mean the "engagement" that has been baking for what, 2 or 3 years now? With lots of unfollowing each other on social media sprinkled throughout?

No. 141299

File: 1615747274904.jpg (184.06 KB, 868x1200, Tumblr_l_3849393273418.jpg)

I don't understand why she doesn't do something like this instead of tacky hooker Saber. This is sexy but still very true to character and aesthetic. Why does she have literally 0 taste? Is it cause she worked at forever 21 and seethed over her co-workers ten years younger than her? Has she always been this tacky?

No. 141309

She worked at f21? Kek. Does anyone know what jobs she’s had? We’re they all retail?

No. 141310

nta but if you lurk her previous threads on here there are pics of her in 2018 or so posting "work" selfies in a mall bathroom with a F21 employee lanyard on

No. 141311

File: 1615756360961.jpeg (295.63 KB, 750x2218, sexshop1566139538062.jpeg)


she's worked at Forever 21, a sex toy shop, and a few other low-end retail stores (not sure of exact brands)

No. 141314

When she was married to Steven that style of dress was her aesthetic. She probably would have done it back then. But now it's back to cheap trashy cosplay instead.

No. 141315

File: 1615757573859.png (808.15 KB, 1000x560, Krang_Opens_Kraang_Portal.png)

Shoop savvy farmers, I have a special request.

I really really really want to see a shooped picture of Krang from TMNT - Lori's face shooped onto Krang and Kevin's face shooped onto Krang's "human." But I suck at shoopery.

Please work your magic, shoop anons. It'd be so delightful and horrifyingly appropriate.

No. 141317

All retail, short lived. She stopped right as she started dating Kev irl. She was never management either IIRC, just sales associate. She despises work and seemed to only work at places she wanted stuff (mainly clothes and shoes) from for free or discounted.

No. 141318


Wait - it might be even funnier to just shoop their hair onto the characters. Lori looks like Krang so that's perfect. And please keep the magic sparkle pyramid - it's so exploitable.

OK, that's enough with my nitpicking - I'm being greedy. If anyone can deliver this masterpiece, I'd be so grateful.

Krang with Lori hair would be amazing.

No. 141320

File: 1615759047004.jpeg (1005.66 KB, 828x1101, 0681BF7F-F3BF-4448-8D1B-74EE6F…)

Just looking at her pics from this era (2019). Mostly cosplay then and no “influencing.” She looks genuinely happy and the poses and editing aren’t as awk. no aheago or poof face to be seen. Ik we all hate her, but she should go back to that and drop the e-thot and shoes BS.

No. 141321

because she doesn't as ctually know anything about fate lol

No. 141323

I think I found she worked at Kohl's but I could be confusing her with someone else

No. 141324

>she looks genuinely happy
There isn’t a single smile in any of these lol

No. 141328

Agreed. I’ve never seen her genuinely smile even back in the old days. Considering how toxic she is, I don’t think she’s even capable of feeling genuine happiness. Just look at how defensive she gets with everyone, I can’t imagine being this hateful constantly. It just shows how depressing her life is. Even if she gets all the sponsors she wants, she’ll never stop comparing herself with others and being happy with herself. Plus, who would even want to smile with missing teeth?

No. 141329

You’re right, I’m wrong lol. Maybe not “genuinely happy” but I can detect a bit more human-ness in the old pics compared to the forced poses/faces/twitching that come off as hostile and tryhard. Looks a lot less trying to be young as well. Sorry for no milk and such, just observation

No. 141330

File: 1615766391103.jpg (564.01 KB, 1078x1420, No light.jpg)

She looks dead behind the eyes in this one especially. There's no light, no spark. Lori is an empty husk of a person, frantically trying to cram things in the gaping void that is her heart. She's unhappy, abusive, and she lives in a different reality than everyone else. She looks lifeless.

No. 141331

it's because she's embarrassed of her missing tooth lmfao otherwise she would have "proven us wrong" by now.

No. 141333

It's called contact lenses

No. 141335

File: 1615768734502.jpeg (237.3 KB, 1000x1000, karlakollage.jpeg)


No, it's called sociopathy. Lori has the same dead-eyed predatory stare that many people without empathy have.

No. 141336

File: 1615770558258.jpeg (435.53 KB, 828x943, 825308CE-6163-4012-9B06-DE596E…)

Found on Reddit browsing

No. 141337

File: 1615771202677.jpeg (136.8 KB, 1080x1848, ring red engage engagement kev…)

Apparently she got an engagement ring? Bisoulovely ghosted her and are not engaging with her Twitter post either, lol

No. 141338

File: 1615771722513.png (1.46 MB, 1976x1101, mahsmolbeen.PNG)

No. 141339


AHAHAHAHAHA Thank you so much, shoop anon - this is a masterpiece

No. 141340

I used to like this thread. Now it's just embarrassing to read the flood of sperging here. She looks like she is posing for bad pictures, not getting ready to murder someone.

Maybe I am alone in this, but I hate reading people sperging about someone's "dead eyes" or "stare" in true crime forums too. Most of the examples would not stand out if the person were not the suspect or convicted perpetrator of a crime.

Lori sucks but can we cool it with the constant insults about her age and appearance? It's not milky.

No. 141341

trash people really start to show their ugliness when you find out that they're abusive pieces of shit, so no. it's what she deserves. Besides, the milky stuff is left unsaged. Everything else is a conversation about her shittiness. If people weren't saging, then by all means, call them out on it. Otherwise, no.

No. 141344

File: 1615774423313.jpg (42.64 KB, 500x536, exploitable cosplay serenity m…)


lol no

Moving on. Here's another exploitable picture of Lori.

No. 141346

Normally I would agree with you, but her appearance is her job. It's not like we are poking fun at someone who barely posts their face online. There's also plenty of fresh milk, people are wise enough to sage appearance posts.

No. 141355

Found the 30 something who feels attacked

No. 141356

For someone who calls others peasants and claims to live in luxury, it's a shame that she has yet to secure a bag or real jewels.

>it's not milky that Looni pushes her false persona of how she's perfect and young while she looks like shite and is old af

Hard disagree. That is exactly why she's milky.

No. 141358

File: 1615793344951.png (1.59 MB, 1476x841, 54645646532.png)

>simps better praise

No. 141360

File: 1615795691373.jpg (31.87 KB, 622x479, fb1206643a170b22c7a207a833759a…)

Why is she doing this face in the 3rd pic

No. 141361

ntayrt but this kind of post is retarded. I reread anons post and didn't see WKing about Lori's age or busted face, so why stir shit?

No. 141363

File: 1615797816771.jpg (47.22 KB, 750x750, ij9l7Pp.jpg)

she thinks it's bottom lip bite but just ends up looking like this meme on it.

No. 141380

Yep. And you just KNOW that if she were younger and somebody cosplayed one of her skinwalk characters miles better than her, that she would bring up age and looks

No. 141385

In before WK and hi cow, but what is your end game in going out of your way to try and ruin Lori? This is seriously fucked up. Seek immediate help Anon.
I honestly doubt it’s because you care so much for Kevin and his safety. Don’t bother saying that you’re taking it upon yourself to warn people about shit Lori did twenty years ago, or that it’s because she’s abusing her mentally stunted fiancé. You do it because you enjoy harming people, but are rebranding it as justice. So scary.
Also, cowtipping.

No. 141386

Project harder, freak

No. 141387

Let her suffer? She's a cow? Why are you capping for a sociopath

No. 141388

File: 1615823738185.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1008x1134, 25609EDA-4F89-4B32-97F7-96BE2C…)

God that butt must smell bad cause if she can’t clean her room I’m sure she never cleans her self also why pay for this I see the full butt with the sticker she put on it free show for all the gross pigs of men to see

No. 141389

The cow and a few of the participants here are sociopaths

No. 141392

Bleeding heart anon, nobody on this website is anything less than absolutely neurotic at the least. Someone emailed a company directly with a kiwi link, they didn't send fucking mail bombs. These companies would have found out regardless. Kiwi and lolcow are the third and fourth links that pop up when you google Lori Lewd or iota_zerotwo. It takes someone really hating another person to do something like ruining business opportunities, sure. Lori has had it coming though, she's only getting worse as time moves on. The things people have sent to companies are all true too, it's stuff from here. Not sure why you're pearl clutching unless you've never seen people be mean online before?

No. 141393


No. 141394

If you’re into defending bad behavior, that’s on you.

Sage for my useless spurging and showing anons that their behaviors are mirroring the bad behaviors of the cow they worship

No. 141395

How is she getting worse? Wasn’t that horrible thing she did to “C” 20 years ago peak awful? Explain.
And don’t use the Kevin cutting his own leg to prove his love for Lori story. He’s not a reliable witness.

No. 141396

Being mean, and going out of ones way to destroy a person are completely different. Are you okay?

No. 141397

>wat did she doo

Retard-chan, you are on a thread with numerous caps of her being a problematic cunt almost in real time, with links to other farms that have caps as well. Fuck off wk.

No. 141398

I agree with you, anon. I'm also fucking sick of the Kevin cutting himself story. He's such a drama queen that it was probably his own idea. I highly doubt she told him to do that to prove his love.

Don't misunderstand, Lori is pure trash. She is an arrogant, rude bitch. She is a liar. But these two people fuck around with each other. I won't view Kevin like some victim, because I see no evidence that he is.

Other people, yes. Kevin, no.

This thread is getting insane and anyone who slightly disagrees is insulted and accused of being some washed-up Kou or WK.

No. 141401

KEVIN HIMSELF LITERALLY WROTE “she made me do this to stay friends with Jade”.

Holy white knight Batman. Where are these retards coming from?

No. 141402

kevin himself is a tard and a manchild

why must you psychos call white knight für every little thing?

No. 141404

It’s so they can feel better about being such pieces of shit themselves by spending every minute hoping that Kevin will hurt himself again and blame Lori for it.

No. 141405

These threads have been full of cowtippers since #5, I don't really know what you're so pressed about. She still has partnerships and will continue to make more because capital doesn't favor good people… It just favors those who learn to game. She's learning, she'll have people who want to see her fall. You're being weird, sperging and clearly samefagging. If you're so pressed maybe just go to meta and squeal about how this needs to be autosaged or how cRaZy and TwIsTeD anons are being? If you know you'll get pegged as a WK because this is what Kev and Lori do….. Maybe don't do it and just circumvent the whole deal. Anons are so weird in this thread lol

No. 141406

How are the cow tippers "ruining her life?" Oh no, she doesn't get free rings or tacky ears anymore, boo fucking hoo. She has a place to live and TONS of shit laying around all over her room. Explain how her life is ruined for not getting free tacky shit anymore? And don't say "for her job" because she doesn't have a job.

No. 141408

Where has anyone ever a-logged Kevin? Nobody wants either of them to harm themselves or the other, nobody is advocating for anything other than her to be held accountable. Scroll up and see how fast people shut down the weird comment about people visiting their apt. We aren't about that.

No. 141410

I suggest you go back a few threads. Everybody was appalled that Lori made Kevin cut his leg open. Nobody wants that again.

Stop trying to discredit these threads with your fake rhetoric.

Exactly. Shitty people like Lori don't deserve freebies or a platform anyway. She needs to work for her shit just like everybody else. She's been using people and sucking them dry for far too long. Besides, it's not like that anon messaged the neckbeards who pay for her OnlyFans and told them to stop or anything.

No. 141413

ok, I'll bite

how does an adult make another adult cut their leg open? Is Kevin legit slow? Self harm is SELF harm. That's what I don't get. And don't assume this question means I'm white knight. I haven't posted in this thread to my knowledge, I just lurk.

No. 141415

Exactly. If anons are going to cowtip (which is dumb as fuck in the first place,) don't post it here. It makes the nonces come out in waves and spoils the organic milk. Lori has barely posted anything good since she was tipped.

No. 141418

If you're seriously asking, consider, how does any abuser make their partner do anything in an abusive relationship? Usually manipulation, gaslighting, and degradation of their self esteem, which are all things Lori has been archived doing to people for years and years and years. Is it really so hard to believe she is manipulative after the "make the rape stop" messenger pic? With enough constant degradation, people will do things they would not do in their right mind, even if they are not slow. I don't even like Kevin, he's an asshole who uses a fake giant ego to cope with the fact that his life is falling apart and that he's an insecure mess, he makes awful choices and seems like a shitty friend. But Lori has very visible patterns of doing the kind of thing that could cause this, she even degrades random strangers online to boost her own ego

No. 141430

Don’t give the cowtipping retards any new ideas

No. 141436

Can you guys just stop with the retarded infighting? Hide the saged posts and move on, Jesus.

No. 141437

Nta but she's threatened suicide and harm to the animals before against Kevin so that's two possible reasons why he would have hurt himself instead

No. 141438

Psycho much?!

No. 141439

I saw the suicide threat, but when did she threaten the animals?

No. 141440

File: 1615845783819.jpeg (410.94 KB, 949x1703, pet threat.jpeg)


page 10 on KF

"They have pets and the pets have been threatened with harm."

No. 141441

Thank you for that quick delivery archive anon

No. 141455

The unintegrated person defending Lori sounds a little too pressed about very specific things. I'm guessing Lori and Kevin are fighting and bringing it here.

No. 141456

File: 1615853787092.jpg (Spoiler Image,42.74 KB, 400x545, fanart-stars_in_the_dark.jpg)

I think you're right. There's a ton of samefagging. That being said, if Lori ever did anything to better herself- a part time job, being kind to her fans, if she was the slightest bit grateful… she wouldn't be as milky as she is.
The chances of her changing are the same as her smiling. Get it? She never will because she's missing teeth and she's 35 and wrinkly kek also some of her old shitty art

No. 141457

Usagi's arm lmfao I can't

This was Moo right? I kinda want her to post more screenshots of his messages with Lori to shut them up real quick.

No. 141465

File: 1615860210349.jpeg (152.38 KB, 1125x586, 542E129A-AB2F-4D8A-85E2-CED6BC…)

No. 141467

File: 1615861981197.jpeg (506.51 KB, 1636x2020, 99080CAC-E32F-4E75-B2BE-689DA4…)

love how Lori can do no wrong she is allowed to add any randos to her friend's list of people she never met aka firefly path and also add their husbands lol good thing JoEllen is nothing like Lori cause you know how Kevin can’t have a girl as a friend on his account. I'm sure it's cause she's been asking for a wedding dress from her or maybe she's hoping to be the next kelly Eden and get to model her dresses haha I’m waiting for it cause I’m sure these pictures would be a blast to see! Cause in the real model world you don't take them in your room and you don't get to pick out the photos unless you pay the photographer for your own private set lol

No. 141472

Lori and JoEllen got known in the cosplay world around the same time. The community was much smaller then and, even if they hadn't met in person, many big name cosplayers like Yaya Han, Miyu, FranDan, etc. were acquainted with one another via social media like LJ for social and professional connections. But why even bring JoEllen into this conversation?

Back to Lori, here she is karen-ing it up on Twitter about not getting sauce on her chicken from Buffalo Wild Wings.

No. 141473

File: 1615869251503.png (1.04 MB, 1180x1012, karenlo-nosauce.png)

No. 141474

File: 1615869705381.png (239.89 KB, 293x397, ahegoaway.png)

Can't be bothered to tag all the cowtipper related posts, but just report them and move on. Same with the WKs. Lori is a shitty person, but don't post your cowtipping screencaps here for asspats. It's against the rules and drumming up these wk spergs on top of it.

No new milk in the meantime. She hasn't posted in a couple days now which seems rare for her.

No. 141476

I wasn't trying to bring Joellen in it like that!
I was trying to say she's a better person I was just mentioning that Lori belittles people who try to add her like she’s some some self made famous person and how other Cosplayers behave about adding people It just made me question it is all and I find it odd sorry

No. 141478

She is probably licking her wounds about losing some free shit. It seems things are starting to slowly open back up her eventually she is going to be seen and the real face will be plastered over the internet.

No. 141485

Lori and Kevin are both shit. Unfortunate that Kevin decided to hop on her fucked train, but that’s his decision. Just waiting for the moment she moves on towards the next boy toy.

No. 141506

This has been posted before in thread #5

She absolutely is doing what >>141478 said, the only times she doesn't post is when she's chimping out and crying over her extensions being tangled, being called out or losing brands. She'll probably post today or tomorrow, it will be old photos she posted months ago and she'll act like nothing ever happened. Rinse and repeat.

Not advocating for tipping but Lori is the kind of cow where it doesn't stop her. She's not smart enough to know how to disengage and avoid feeding trolls. The Mariah screencap anon situation kind of proved that. They could have easily ignored it since all the caps were spoiled milk but she just couldn't tuck her tail and take the high road. She's incapable of stopping her milk flow because that's how NPD/BPD psychos are. There's no brakes. There will always be milk. But I agree that anons from now on should just report instead of trying to get remarks in.

I have a feeling this engagement is on its way out despite Kev hacking up that bloody booger of a ring for Lori. She took pics in it once then took it off and if their Valentine's day posts were an accurate window into their romance…. Well there's literally nothing there. Two husks of humans pretending to care about each other. The real Q is will it be a young simp from insta or an old flame?

No. 141510

File: 1615913006868.jpg (2.52 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_03-16-09.42.06.jpg)

No. 141511

What a bad nail design, the pink makes them look like they're already grown out

No. 141513

How embarrassing. She obviously knows about >>141158 and is overly interacting and posting with them as a desperate attempt to stay in good graces with them. Sad but also hilarious because it's Lori

No. 141514

She’s so desperate to not get dropped by bisoulovely, but it’s already too late. There’s consequences for being an abusive, evil person.

No. 141515

Nails are awful, knowing what we do about her she probably would have had better nails if she didn't micromanage the person qualified to do nails and design them. It's probably exactly what she wanted and the technician couldn't be bothered to try and convince her of a better design. She is a screeching harpy of a Karen

No. 141516

File: 1615914339588.jpeg (18.17 KB, 450x450, 5ce16aab-26dd-40f4-8f3b-6f6948…)

Let's play spot the difference

No. 141517

How much do you want to bet that she goes in the nail shop and asks for a discount because she is an influencer and if they do it she will share it on her Instagram.

No. 141519

Oh absolutely she has to at least try it, she thinks she has reach

No. 141520

This is seriously psycho stalker shit. Is this the same vendetta Chan that’s been writing to the other companies Lori has “collabed” with? You do realize that by attacking her like this, you put her into the victim role right? I used to enjoy hating on Lori’s wacky bullshit and public over sharing , but some of you have taken this to a scary place by attacking her in real life, creating your own stories for her, and hyperbolically reiterating stories from her past on repeat because the milk dried up and you’re bored. I now find myself defending this fucking cow and feeling bad for her when you psychos push it too far and dance the line of being abusers yourself. Why are the mods sleeping on this dangerous cowtipping?

Inb4 “omg how is stopping her from getting free stuff dangerous you autistic white knight”
Because this kind of slander is the first step in what could be more serious crimes against her. Her retarded fiancé already doxxed their address.

Inb4 “omg she’s really evil though”.
Aside from being just a generic, facetuned, cunt that writes snarky shit to her simps, and is in a mutually abusive and fucked up relationship with a retard, she is not evil.

Inb4 “omg she told “C” to kill herself”
That was 17 years ago and while Lori was in an abusive relationship with a MUCH older man when she was still an idiot teen. She had made a vague, half assed apology publicly about this. It’s appears she does have some semblance of empathy.

So, Vendetta Chans. What is your goal in going out of your way to harm Lori like this? Are you hoping this will drive her to stop posting completely? Or are you hoping for something more sinister to happen? Be honest.

Inb4 autistic spurging
Saged for autistic spurging(autistic sperging)

No. 141522

Wait so that's not grown-out nails? It looks like she got this design to hide when they've grown out. Or she added pink after it grew out.

No. 141526

I think it's a fill, weren't her last nails pink? They just look so bad, what an awful color choice.

No. 141527

More than anything I think we all just want her to stop posting and trying to gain social sway. The second she has actual influence she's going to be a tyrant, she's already awful to people who ask her benign questions and other cosplayers. Her behavior hasn't changed and that's why people are pushing for her to be excommunicated from every community she tries to infiltrate. People like her use others and cause harm to gain things they want and flex. The last thing she needs to do is start her second attempt at establishing herself as a "career" cosplayer. People don't want a second cult forming, cosplay community is overflowing with impressionable teens who would love to be taken in by an older cosplayer who would let them do group cosplays and gain clout. That's what Lori capitalized off of until she was forced out of the comm in her twenties. If given the chance, she will manipulate without any hesitation. Even if she has a semblance of empathy at times it doesn't excuse her patterns of behavior and the messes she makes and drags others into constantly. She hasn't changed and that scares people, it especially irks other cosplayers who do NOT want to deal with her being at cons and events where she WILL cause issues. If I saw her at a con with other people or forming a group, I would definitely say something because …. Why the hell would anyone just ignore someone with a reputation like that being in a space where they have been known to predate and cause big problems?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 141529

Don't interact with cows. Doesn't matter who she is, follow the rules. If a company is supporting, let them find out in comments. DMing them isnt okay and posting here to brag about it is embarrassing. No amount of reasoning makes that okay.

No. 141530

Samefagging, forgot to add I'm NTAYRT, different anon.

No. 141531

Oh no, poor Lori, she won't be getting free trash anymore and might have to pay for it instead!
Nobody is taking food out of her kids mouths lmao

No. 141532

You’re giving Lori way more credit than she’s worth or capable of

No. 141533

Walking up to a group of people you don’t know and never met to warn them about a girl you don’t know or never met is a psycho move anon. Don’t do it.

No. 141534

Learn to sage faggot

No. 141535

It's common practice to tell staff when people who shouldn't be at events are there. Did you forget she's literally banned from conventions and that's why she had to move across the country? Also it's a hypothetical. I guess hypothetically I'm psychotic but I'd rather be a precautionary person who cares about people's safety than the kind of psycho that hates someone and bitches from afar and stands by when they should stand firm.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 141537

This isn’t true. She was banned from one con for lying about sewing a bought costume, and she moved cross country for a boy. Stop being a revisionist and switching facts.
So if you see her at a con (spoiler alert: you won’t), you’re going to warn con staff about the 90lb 5 foot nothing skin walker who sometimes writes nasty shit to her Instagram followers? Are you insane? You’ll be laughed out of the con you autist

No. 141538

Or you’re the kind of psycho that spends their free time writing to Lori’s sponsors to ruin her sponsorships because you rebranded your crazy stalker abuse as “justice”

No. 141539

Underrated post

No. 141540


> the kind of psycho that hates someone and bitches from afar

Do you know where you are?

No. 141544

Agreed. This post is on point.

No. 141553

Omg, you do realize we live in a world of cancel culture right? She has been a public asshole for a long time. People have the right to say we dont anymore, thx! If it was an actual celebrity and they breathed the wrong way the media would be all over them. Shouldn't be any different with social media. She's a super shady, documented asshole. People have the right to feel however they want, including hate her. She dont like? Get off the net. Instead shes still out their flashing for free shit.

Hey WK, what makes you think any specific anon never met her?


No. 141554

That specific anon is too young to have met her.

No. 141555

Can we all collectively agree to ignore the idiot white knight? It’s super obvious who it is and it’s just making the thread a mess. IP ban plz

No. 141557

File: 1615930568431.jpg (74.53 KB, 540x540, broken spine.jpg)

you would think someone with a broken spine wouldn't wear stripper platforms known to fall apart almost immediately once actually worn in

No. 141558

Again, to many people hating that bitch over 20 years, hence the use of "any specific anon", wasnt referring to just one anon.

Besides, How do you know how old the anon who posted >>141527 is? You probably dont.

>>141538 IG or utube users comments may be seperate from here, but WK here seems to think the group of haters is smaller than it actually is. Assuming their one in the the same is a major cope.

>>141555 Sure anon, I'm done.

No. 141559

File: 1615930877363.png (220.1 KB, 548x537, heels.PNG)

cheap shoes like this are going to give her an actual spinal injury if she didn't really have one already, she's so retarded


No. 141560

>hello fellow farmers, I too hate this cow but don't you think you are going too far? Aren't you only hurting yourself?
Typical lolcow

No. 141561

Funny how Lori's last IG posts were posted <4 hours ago, just minutes after >>141520

No. 141562

Note the inclusion of ferrets after potential pet abuse commentary here

No. 141563

People can hate her whilst also following the rules of this site… Judging by the way you type and references to cancel culture you're most likely underage and shouldn't be posting here anyways. Btw, this is the first time I've posted during this argument, I'm nta, and I think both/all the users who got banned were mega autists.

No. 141566

Putting on a tinfoil hat rn but it looks like she's giving herself slimmer ankles in response to the cankle mentions. There's something strange happening on the carpet as it bends towards her ankle.

No. 141569

File: 1615935652744.jpg (2.64 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_03-16-03.56.31.jpg)

I looked into this and noticed two things. Top two photos show pixels around her ankles, the one that curves is the bit on the left side of her ankle. I looked a little bit to the left of that spot in the top right photo and noticed it was straighter and less "smudged" in appearance. The bottom two are from the right side of her ankle and calf. Bottom left is the lower most part of her calf/ankle and the bottom right is the calf just above the ankle. The red line of pixels is slightly distorted when compared to what is presumably an untouched portion of pixels. We could only really tell if we had the original file since screencaps produce their own noise and lower the resolution considerably.

No. 141570

We know she edits everything. We don't need a forensic breakdown over an ankle.

No. 141572

Yeah no shit I just wanted to see if I could prove that she did see the comment and immediately correct it. I think it's funny and a new addition to the long list of things anons have commented on that made her start shooping more heavily. Shooped cankles seem more interesting and silly than commenting on her acrylics, Sue me.

No. 141576

Good work anon. I'm PS challenged and can't always pinpoint exactly where the editing is.

No. 141580

I for one love when anons point out how exactly it was edited and what mistakes were made. It’s funny to me

No. 141581

Hey Kevin/ Lori fan. Let’s just make it simple you came on a gossip site to WK a mentally ill woman who does nothing to get help, but continue to abuse people. If you don’t like what people are saying simply remove yourself from the forum. This sounds like Lori brainwashed you and has you fighting her battles as usual. No one cares about your opinion.

No. 141590

You are all fucking pathetic….forget about Itoa and Kevin and get lives ..go outside and do something besides analyze every detail of this poor girl…the level of abuse from this site alone is horrific…you act like she is the perp, meanwhile she is being trashed on her and her accounts daily I bet…and she is still kicking ass, making money, and she is still pretty …filters or not I bet if she asked to have sex with some of you, you would say yes…sure act like you hate her…but you are all fans…you are just jealous she still does good and she might have taken advantage of some people…well, that is life…move on…

She is doing what she loves and you can all keep pissing and moaning cause you ain't her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 141592

Hi Kevin!("hi cow")

No. 141593

lmao this is kevin("hi cow")

No. 141599

File: 1615960007310.jpg (426.17 KB, 1536x2048, EwokDW4VoAErHz6.jpg)

Cowtippers and "hi cow"s alike, please read the rules. I get that we all are here to rag on Lori and Kev, but this thread is becoming a shitshow real quick. I haven't seen this much red text in a Lori thread in a while. kek

Her backdrop here is giving me strong Shayna vibes while the editing screams Micky Moon.

No. 141605

Not a chance in hell she's 90lbs. Her gargantuan roided out feet are probably a solid 30lbs on their own.

No. 141607

Thanks PS anon. I noticed even from the thumbnail that it was off looking.

Agree, I doubt she was ever even 100, she's naturally a chunker in the unedited pics.

No. 141613

She is going crazy buying loads of shit lately.
Looks like Kevin is eating more lettuce for dinner.

No. 141622

Definitely reminding me of Shay too. She looks like a dollar store sex worker. This is gross and those shoe's scream 90's porn.

She had to include the ferrets. It was a response to someone's recent post on kiwi.

No. 141630

men would have sex with a hole they punched in the wall don't be too flattered topkek

why does her head look photoshopped on lmfao

No. 141635

File: 1615994419832.png (362.68 KB, 2048x881, Screenshot_20210317-081801.png)

It's safe to assume Kevin has done most of her networking and submissions now. This is the third time I've seen his reddit account pop up saying he's submitted photos of Lori to various coomer subreddits. They get no interaction, like one upvote. Really fucking funny to see him spam her and nobody cares. It's cause she's fucking UGLY and looks OLD and PSYCHOTIC with all that editing and face filters

No. 141637

This is very likely Loony herself posting as Kevin again. The posts read like her own posts.

No. 141642

My question for you, Kevin and Lori, is why do you keep trying to be e-famous? Hasn't it been made abundantly fucking clear to you that people hate you? Try as you might, people hate you. These threads are not going away. For as long as you try, these threads will persist because your personalities and anti-social behaviour cannot be shooped away. Neither of you are EVER GOING TO MAKE IT. You are incredibly unlikable people and I am really surprised that you haven't come to terms with that yet. You are never going to be truly e-famous. Neither of you have got "it." Grow the fuck up and face the facts.

The longer this carries on, the more it impacts your ability to make something of yourself in real life, unless you change your damn names. It's your own senseless, idiotic behaviour that will follow you. Give it up. The internet doesn't want you. And that's fine - you don't NEED to be internet personalities. Why you think you should be is truly beyond me.

No. 141643

There isn't much text but the last photo caption does read as Lori's typing style. Her emoticons are a dead giveaway. I'll leave this here so we can periodically check up on the account. Pretty sad how they get no traction or comments. Maybe posting your gf's grainy SNOW filter pics in groups with good photos isn't the best idea. Most cosplayers actually care about what they put out so, it's not doing her any favors to have her low quality uncanny valley photos next to professional shoots of pretty cosplayers in better costumes.


Lori wants to prove she's "still got it" and thats it. She's driven by her love for staring at herself. Kevin just wants to make up for all the opportunities he lost when he dropped Mariah as a friend. They both envy other cosplayers because they have fun, friends and make money. Kev and Lori sink more money into pretending than they do actually making anything worth showing off. It's all just a fat cope. The fame ship sailed for both of them now we're watching them frantically try to brave the waters and catch it. Hopefully that helps because I'm sure Kev and Lori couldn't answer that question. That would require introspection, like on a real level.

No. 141645

File: 1615999556078.jpg (694.64 KB, 1079x1176, 20210317_113400.jpg)

Anon your right on.

I dont think it will ever get through to them. I really believe they think they're just being picked on and that Lori actually looks like her fake pictures. If they had any common sense they would realize that passing a 36 year olds fake pictures off as a modeling career was lunacy cause it cant go anywhere. Let alone how much negativity has been attached to her over the years, which Kevin is in denial over. Who could blame him, he was a kid when she started her bs and has only really heard her lies about it all.

Looking at her pictures this was posted 3 years ago, in 2018. People must scroll her stream and realize she shooped her pics even if she wont believe it. Imagine what she really looks like now if she looked this old 3 years ago! I know it not about looks alone but it just proved how deluded they are about her "career".

No. 141650


It's all so pathetic. I'm sure everyone in their personal lives (if they have anyone) thinks it's pathetic and have told them as such.

Kevin and Lori: why do you think we keep coming to these threads and posting? Why can't we just "leave you alone?" Have you ever watched reality TV? We fucking love watching pathetic losers scrounge around in the dirt trying desperately to muster up some scrap of fame by any means possible. It's entertaining as shit to watch delusional, brain-dead creeps try and make something of themselves in the most obvious way possible - by publicly whoring out their bodies. When you have nothing else to offer, show your fucking titties.

Real good life you've got there, Kevin and Lori. Such visions of success and beauty. Isn't it funny how the whole world can see what losers you are. And why? Because you choose to broadcast yourselves every single fucking day, and everyone can see you for what you are. You can't shoop that out. You can't scrub the desperation out of your eyes. You will never, ever escape it.

No. 141651



You people are not 19 years old. You do not have your "whole lives ahead of you." You do not have your beauty and youth and a promising future. You have WASTED YOUR LIVES.

Lori, you are 36 fucking years old. Whatever delusion you think is going to happen is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. It's certainly not going to happen by having your pathetic little leech posting on Reddit using his commonly known username. What kind of a strategy is that? You think you have anything on the current 19 year olds with money, support, tech-savvyness and youth? No, you don't, that window of opportunity closed for you over a decade ago. GET OVER IT. If you don't get your ass into the job market as soon as goddamn possible, you're going to experience ageism in a whole other way. Not that you have any marketable skills as it is. YOU HAVE FAILED. FACE THE FACTS.

No. 141654

If Lori had even an ounce of intelligence she would have used her scheming and using to marry someone with some money while she was still young. Bitch is so stupid she grabbed whoever rolled by and now she old and broke with a public record of every dude she laid and every person she screwed over. Even if she doesnt realize her life is busted, it still is.

No. 141655

She's gonna be turning 40 working the backroom of Forever 21 cause she can't do customer service and seethes over the teen girls that come in to shop. She's absolutely going to be permanently relegated to service industry jobs that will barely pay her bills and destroy her body and "broken spine". How sad. She could have had a career selling her art and pendants. That would have given her the confidence she needs in herself and it would help her express herself in a healthy way, but no. God forbid Lori acts her age and does something productive. At this point I feel like she's so broken she couldn't help herself. She's a walking, talking trauma response with 0 personality or respect for herself. She's only ever been enabled by everyone around her and those people probably don't realize that they nailed her coffin shut. She's fucked. Trying to start a professional life is off the table now that her asshole is everywhere. Even if she did try, she has so many posts and accounts to wipe before she can even think of starting that journey. I don't think she will ever try to make her life better and leave the internet. It's the only place where she is recognized and treated like the princess she thinks she is. If she leaves online, she's just a haggard middle aged mooch with no skills or equity. No life goals, no friends, no family, no hobbies, no drive to do anything worthwhile. She hates being reminded of how abysmal her life is so she escapes on Instagram LARPing as a 20 year old thot. Lori is the most depressing cosplay cow. She makes Mariah look like a motivated girl boss unironically. And that's the saddest thing I've ever heard in my life. Lori you make Mariah look good. Think about that. KEK, GOD.

No. 141658

y’all need to write TL;DR I ain’t finna read all dat

No. 141660

A tl;dr would've been a huge bro move, anon.

I made it to the part about selling her art and pendants…. I do agree she could've continued honing her sculpting abilities and made a modest income off her jewelery. Nooooooot too sure about her ripoff drawings of Chiara though.

No. 141663

File: 1616012750755.png (1.92 MB, 1209x2048, Screenshot_20210317-132454.png)

Well she clearly read it in full and the princess comment struck a nerve, get a hobby hag

No. 141667

Honestly it's weird because I feel like Lori could be pretty if she'd drop the cringe "loli animu waifu" bs and dressed her age. She's no model and she definitely looks her age, but if she knew how to dress herself she could be kind of cute (big ol stompers and missing teeth aside). I don't know how she plans on trying to keep this up into her 40's. kek

I suppose she's really no better than a catfish though. Except she has Kev as her minion and facetune to warp herself into her own simpbait.

Just realized she forgot to edit her ankles here.

No. 141668

File: 1616014002571.jpg (Spoiler Image,837.36 KB, 1080x1805, 20210317_154555.jpg)

In other news…Kevi wants to promote his squatter by giving pics of her floopy ass away for free…not that anyones really buying.

No. 141672

The cankles confirmed! I agree with what you said before. She would look good in things similar to what she wears now like bodycon cocktail dresses, strappy or lace rompers, etc. They're flirty and youthful but age appropriate and flattering. Plus she can stay colorful but have it be cohesive. This 19-year-old weeaboo stripper look is terrible, she just throws on every thing she owns at once. It ages her without the facetune.

No. 141677

Sauce on this? People don't get banned from an entire con for a cosplay faux pas.

No. 141682

She was banned from the mascaraed portion of the con, not the entire con. I think it was 2003/04 Anime Next . Technically she was no longer allowed to submit costumes since she had lied the previous year about sewing a dress that someone else sewed for her. Never a full ban.

No. 141688

File: 1616019322421.jpeg (253.28 KB, 823x1052, 7DF6F395-CC42-48BE-9C77-12540D…)

Anons may have missed this after locking warning on the last thread but reads exactly the same as wk anon post cough cough Kev

P.S. Samefag, sorry for “hi cow” mods, totally impulsive

No. 141689

It could be or it could be Kayla. Lori tags her (@snoozeberries) to back her up on Instagram when people say shit. I wouldn't put it past her normies friend to do that on Lori's behalf cause she thinks we're all jealous bullies who want her to burn because we envy her.

No. 141690


This is the only thread in the farms where the farmers are milkier and cowier than the cow. I love watching you all sperg out and obsess on this relatively boring cow. One of you are going to end up killing her or yourselves one day. kek
Keep it coming retards

No. 141691

Anon I think that's just the same person

No. 141702

She thinks gaining followers is going to make her successful which will UNTIL brands want to collaborate and meet in person for a photo shoot. When they see her walking in looking haggard they will be horrified assuming they got the wrong person and she will be ruined. People will see her real face because they won’t be able to photo shop random pics or interviews. So Lori enjoy your time of hiding in your room eventually someone is going to unmask the mask your hiding behind.

No. 141705


Duh. Observant anon is observant. This is just my favorite ocd forensic files SVU monologue sperg outs in a while. All the milk these farmers are producing this week has been Whole Foods organic grade A pasteurized.

No. 141709

>This is the only thread in the farms where the farmers are milkier and cowier than the cow
You must not read many threads then cause this is sperg lite tbh.

No. 141719

>This is the only thread in the farms where the farmers are milkier and cowier than the cow
Big disagree, there's plenty of sperg level threads, especially in /w/

No. 141725

I was one of those people who were accused of being a friend of Lori because i said cowtipping is cringe in the other thread (never was into cosplay &never heard of her until recently so that was stupid) -especially begging a horrible company to drop a horrible person like Lori, it just came off as desperate. That's why i didn't believe that she had any friends to defend her here and shit up the thread.
But holy shit I can't deny your conspiracy theories now that some people unironically said "she told som rape victim to kill herself ten years ago gise get over it she's changed" when she proved us over and over again that she's still the same pos she has always been. Narcissists never change and never learn to be empathetic to others.
If anons wanna report her to these companies I can't stop you (and I don't care enough to do so) but don't post it here.

No. 141730

>Obviously things aren't that bad or the guy would have killed himself…

Lol, poor Kev. Lori and her sycophants write off his misery just because he isn't threatening to blatantly rope himself. That's so grim.

No. 141736

This. Their go-to defense is always "okay but has Kevin slit his wrists? Is he dying? Is he killing himself right now? Didn't think so, obviously he's fine and you're all psychotic."

It's insanity. Lori and her loyal dogs have and always will excuse the most disgusting of behavior. It's the abusive gf version of "but did you die tho?"

No. 141737

This. Didn’t he make a suicide-note insta in the previous thread? Still not enough of a red flag for the wks.

No. 141743

NTA, It wasn't a suicide note account but just a sock for him to message Lori on after she would block him on everything. Anons took "skyeslastwords" too literally. He just meant last word like in an argument. He has expressed feeling suicidal due to their issues in the past.

No. 141744

File: 1616091740527.png (2.83 MB, 1659x2048, Screenshot_20210318-111400.png)

That middle aged unkempt body is really showing here. It's weird how she goes from extremely curvy with bubble butt and toned legs to skinny-fat love handles and cankles with a chest crater the size of her fucking head. Try to imagine how terrifying and decrepit she looks without any ring lights or filters(autistic nitpicking)

No. 141746

Hey Kevin… we all know it’s you..(hi cow)

No. 141747

>love handles

Anon where?? She isnt skinny fat like Venus. Shes actually skinny. Thats literally just normal skin and LH dont even start that high up, retard.they are literally where that ruffle covers. Its hip meat,not lower side stomach meat.

No. 141748

I'm not Kevin. I was just correcting anon. We only know this cause he said it in screencaps a couple threads back. I believe he is telling the truth and isn't trying to cover up a 'suicide note' account or whatever.

No. 141754

I read that as 'she was banned for the massacre at the con. ' oh man
I think it was AN as well. I went there a big portion of the early 2000s and she lived in NJ for a bit, so that was her closest con. I wonder if she'd ever enter a masquerade now?

No. 141761

He created an Instagram to have the last word in an argument… when they LIVE together…. sure Jan.

No. 141762

File: 1616104611120.png (1.21 MB, 1209x2048, Screenshot_20210318-145506.png)

Guess she replaced her lost sponsors with Rave Wonderland, basically a direct small business competitor with DollsKill and other rave clothing brands.

No. 141763

File: 1616104746911.png (735.25 KB, 1905x2048, Screenshot_20210318-145800.png)

No. 141764

Seems like bad marketing to share an image of your product that’s so filtered and blurred you can’t even make out what the outfit even is

No. 141765

File: 1616105383223.webm (Spoiler Image,167.49 KB, 480x642, 4h_1JRGRJT1IXZeL.webm)

God this is sending my sides into orbit. Spoilers because ass.

No. 141769

Wow, people really hate it. I looked at their page and most comments are negative.

No. 141773


Hated it so much the post was removed. Kek.

No. 141776

Kek. This would make an amazing banner.

No. 141780

File: 1616114075296.jpg (123.01 KB, 1080x1223, Screenshot_20210318-162055__01…)

Some more comments before ravewonderland removed it. There were also people pointing out the childish face was cringe and gross

No. 141783

Imagine being hated so much a brand has to delete your post and post your stories as compensation for being driven off their feed.

No. 141791

I bet that anon who bitched about cowtipping thinks they’re all vendetta chans too
Normie ravers and webs don’t usually mix

No. 141796

File: 1616118953266.jpg (877.39 KB, 1078x1861, Screenshot_20210318-185532_Ins…)

She must be pissed. First off, you can't even see the bikini in the stories and they replaced her with a fatty and she haaates fatties! Lol

No. 141806

I’m fine with it. It’s not cowtipping or blatant corruption. I’m here for this kind of organic milk flow

No. 141808

She is most definitely seething over that. I don't think she realizes how retarded and creepy she looks to everyone. She only sees herself through the uwu coomer gaze and that's only going to alienate the average consumer from a brand. If people wanted to see soft core hentai type stuff they would follow lewd accounts…. So cringe on every level for Lori and that company

No. 141809

The best part is that the commentors had no idea of her age and thought she's a weird kid. There would have been a LOT more negative reactions if they knew.
It's pretty interesting to see what regular people think.

No. 141814

I don't think these are sponsorships, I think they're just more of the same "discount code collabs" where she's scammed into buying their junk and posting it with 100 filters.

That same person insists everyone here and elsewhere on the net is somehow just a single anon. It's Loony coping for sure.

No. 141817

I mean, there were anons literally posting their cowtipping caps here earlier. There's a reason it's against the rules. If you are going to do it, just don't post about it.

Ngl, it does feel good seeing non farmers hating her content as much as we do. Lori is only popular with brainless coomers. kek

No. 141819

I don’t think that at all. I think there are many of you stalker retard cowtippers contacting her collaborators. I’m not the only one complaining about the cowtipping. The sperg anon I agreed with got banned it seems, but I’m probably the more vocal about stupid cowtipping.

No. 141822

Seriously, cowtipping is cow behavior. There's zero clapping for the anons doing it.

No. 141823

Nobody is talking about or praising the cowtippers. They're talking about your wk blogposts.

No. 141825

Just report cowtippers and move on, it’s not difficult.

No. 141831

This new post has gotten far more positive reception than Lori's.
There was one comment about the girls weight but it was removed, either by the brand or the person who posted it.
And another commentator actually bought the clothes the girl is wearing.
Compared to the reaction Lori got it's a stark contrast

No. 141833

This picture is better received because, like it or not, that kind of body is more representative of the average consumer of this egirl junk. Truth is they're all a little pudgy, but unlike Lori they actually have the integrity to not lie about what their bodies look like with ridiculous shoop and filters.
Lori edits herself to fit the niche of weeb coomers and doesn't have the awareness to realize most people actually don't want to look like her. But acknowledging that would break her delusion that most people are jealous of her.

No. 141845

She's simply not representative of young scenekids and ravers who actually go outside.

An over-filtered cringetard spazzing in a gamer chair does not an influencer make.

No. 141851

Also because the model isn't making stupid cringy faces like Lorena does 99.9999% of the time and has decent makeup

Serious cringe with those faces she makes and her godawful makeup that looks like a preteen doing a five minute face with their mom's makeup and thinking they look amazing when in reality they look like shit kek

No. 141861

Even tho the the girl is big, you can at least tell what she’s wearing, the quality and what material the clothes is she’s wearing. Where with Lorena whatever the fuck she’s wearing got blurred into oblivion. People want to buy what they can see.

No. 141865

Yeah, idk why she put the pink mesh suit over the pink bikini. Even in the clearer parts of the vid you can't make out the sequins or cut of the bikini top. I know she was selling both but she should have at least made an effort to make the post about the clothes and not herself.

No. 141894

What these companies that are posting her don’t understand is, she doesn’t give a fuck about their products. She’s selling herself and her body and trying to get people to sub to her onlyfans but no ones biting. Kek

No. 141973

File: 1616282841394.jpeg (550.36 KB, 1242x1650, 55CAAEFB-5C47-41A7-B841-D26C07…)

Gotta make that duck face at all times now.

No. 141986

when you can't afford lip fillers

No. 142000

Lip filler, cheek fillers, botox*

Gotta fake a soft and cute babyface somehow when you are 35+ and can't afford cosmetic procedures.

No. 142002

Why does this look like it was shot with a gameboy camera?

No. 142008

File: 1616329622610.jpg (548.11 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210321_082605.jpg)

I see no difference in quality here. Topkek.

No. 142011

>buys the most expensive phone to teach haters a “lesson”
>still uploads blurry pixelated potato quality selfies

No. 142035

File: 1616354816892.png (1.51 MB, 1622x1194, Screen Shot 2021-03-20 at 10.4…)

Did Lori post this comment as Kevin? Sounding too desperate for money.

No. 142037

this is fucking sad. he is so retarded he doesn't realize he could make his own youtube, his own patreon, his own onlyfans (with no nudes) and post his content with making props etc.

No. 142042

And his props aren't bad. He's wasting the fact that not many makers use lights too because they commission and not build their own, so that's a price hike.

No. 142048

I don't understand their marketing strategy of
>basic, nonsexual question about item
>yeah you gotta sub to my girlfriend's/my porn channel if you want to know the answer to this basic question!

It continues to make no sense and I'm sure work on 0% of people.

No. 142055

Kek, they listened about Arthur and Artoria being the same person since I peek Gil's weapon. Too bad this is the wrong version of Gil.

Is Kevin not allowed to have his own kofi/patreon? Wouldn't having separate donation accounts get them more money in theory?

No. 142063

Financial control. She probably keeps all the money in her accounts and wants all the internet money coming into her OF since it has to be linked to her real idenity and bank information. Kevin probably can't make one because he doesn't have a standalone account.

No. 142071

It’s so obvious that they’re poor. They rent in the ghetto of Utah and consistently flex knock off apparel. Nine times out of ten the people who flaunt are the people who have no money. Your Chinese cosplay with loose threads speaks volumes hunnay. Enjoy driving to Red Lobster for date night with your knock Louis Vuitton masks in your shared 2007 Camry lmfao such a flex!!!

No. 142082

I knew lori years ago from living in seattle area. My partner at the time was into doing adult films and I remember her asking him lots of questions and wanting to get into doing porn at the time. she will start doing actual porn soon. when she makes money doing that she will leave kevin in the dust.

No. 142083

they deleted this lmao

No. 142089

I want to hear more about this

No. 142091

She can cash in on that GILF money but we all know she'd try to go the Belle Delphine route and be a "barely legal" larper kek

No. 142095

She's not confident enough to do actual porn imo

No. 142098

At first it reads like Lori sockpuppeting his account for OF follows.

But then I realized a girl asked, and it's 100% Lori trying to scare off a girl who is young and doesn't need to bot her account for follows.

There's so little interest in her OF that I don't think this will take off even if she tried. Are people into concave chests with tourettes?

No. 142118

I honestly don't see how that would work for Lori in the current year, if she was in a porno directed by someone else then it wouldn't have 8000 filters on it with Meitu eye enlarging

No. 142119

File: 1616418202107.jpg (58.73 KB, 1074x417, 20210322_210337.jpg)

No. 142120

She’s been hinting she wants to move to some place “warmer”. Not sure how you get some place warmer then a desert tho

No. 142121

I feel like they're gonna move to Arizona or California. Both have decent cons and house some of the the largest cities on earth. Also they're both hotter than Utah. ooh, or maybe they're picking up and moving to Nevada.

No. 142137

Um… CA barely has some of the largest cities on Earth. The US barely has the largest cities on Earth, New York barely on the list because it bases their volume alone on resident count.

No. 142138

File: 1616434731868.png (1.24 MB, 1508x2048, Screenshot_20210322-103738.png)

She posted these… Why do cows always out themselves on their own accord?

No. 142139

File: 1616434778507.png (1.16 MB, 1227x2048, Screenshot_20210322-103718.png)

No. 142140

AYRT, I meant the country. I'm retarded. Thank you.

No. 142145

Not even the country. Lol The US cities are small compared to a lot globally.

No. 142147

Hasn't she been there for years and wasn't she engaged to Kevin?

Probably trying to sound like she isn't living on the poverty line because reality is, Utah was her only option..

No. 142150

This. She couldn't afford the apartment she was in and it was leased in Rikki's name so as soon as that lease was up she was hosed because she doesn't want to have a job to make actual money. She had no choice but to get in her broke down car and drive to Utah to invade Kevin's family's house because the alternative was actually having to work for a living.

No. 142155


If they are renting of the ghetto of Utah because they cannot afford a nicer neighbourhood, they definitely will not be able to afford anything in California …

No. 142156

Is she… Literally stuffing her cheeks with something?
This looks like way more than just air in those cheeks. What the fuck.

No. 142163

File: 1616445957333.jpg (89.99 KB, 1270x1280, IMG_20210322_083436_746.jpg)

Saw this earlier

No. 142165

Looks like someone's backyard cam got a blurry shot of a squirrel stowing nuts for the winter
Does she have an entire subway footlong in there or something?

No. 142166

Grandma doesn't realize this isn't a co-ed imageboard. Nobody from here except that one anon threads ago is or has subbed. Guaranteed. Nobody leaves this thread going to her OF to give her money. They go to Kiwi then watch the youtube videos and cringe. She's so delusional it's astounding.

No. 142167

Not only did she expose her waist but her jaw too. She's angling her chin down to give it a more anime v shape but you can tell how prominent her chin is. This angle gives her a long horse face and the cheeks don't do anything. How can she jump from shaving half her jaw off in an app to full crimson chin like nobody will notice?

No. 142170

File: 1616448072093.jpg (429.69 KB, 1080x1341, Screenshot_20210323-081328__01…)

What does this remind me of and why is it so terrifying anons?

No. 142172

I think she's kind of giving off Momo vibes because she's smiling but it's not reaching her eyes at all. Also at a glance it looks like her hoodie embroidery says anus

No. 142173

This is some Shayna-tier color crash. My eyes hurt.

No. 142177

Whoa she does have the middle front tooth Tom Cruise issue. Wow.

No. 142179

This is some sort of promoted post for Dolls Kill, because they sent her free shit, right? She has never done this type of smile in any of her posts, much less 4-5 pics in a row like this. I'm wondering if Dolls Kill requested that she smile for the photos? This seems so forced and unlike her and I wonder if they got sick of that stupid poof face that she does and told her she needs to smile in the final images.

No. 142180

Another face, shes so inconsistent.

No. 142181

They are so scared to think nasal lines make you look old kek Normal fucking faces create these lines when making expressions, but all they see is "this makes me look old" when even babies have those smile lines when smiling.

No. 142183

Yeah, I agree! This egirl obsession with never having lines is so retarded. Everyone has lines when they smile, there's no point in blurring it out. It makes you look plastic and creepy.

No. 142184

There is something unsettling about her face… I can't really put my finger to it. It's almost as if she used the smile feature on face app

No. 142185

Dead eyes and a smile devoid of actual joy or kindness. Serial killer vibes

No. 142186

Or she wanted to show anons here she infact can smile without her missing tooth showing.

No. 142188

File: 1616454357818.jpg (58.97 KB, 480x360, unnamed.jpg)


So much plastic in one picture and none in her face, where she needs it most.

Her expression has finally reached hide the pain harold levels.

No. 142189


Giant feet and all.

No. 142190

File: 1616454614855.jpeg (Spoiler Image,756.87 KB, 1267x1317, FFB60606-06E5-470D-B1B6-092F66…)

Dropped pic

No. 142191

File: 1616455620591.jpg (328.99 KB, 1600x1000, toof.jpg)

Faceapp smile leaves a distortion where there's a line across the middle of the added teeth and her pic has it.

No. 142192

Immediately thought that she used the smile feature too. It's just so easy to spot.

No. 142200

i rarely take pics of myself so how does she take these? a tripod and timer? or is it kevin that take them? also those earrings…

No. 142201

cows collide kek, wouldn't be surprised if these narcissistic cows have a group chat bawwwing about the mean online bullies uwu

No. 142202

File: 1616476922807.jpeg (123.99 KB, 750x942, 676A59A1-B057-4FA5-9082-EBC69E…)

No. 142204

Remote clicker, bluetooth

No. 142207

who is the other one? i saw that she is shooped as fuck but is there a thread or something on her?

No. 142208

Genuinely surprised that Tweedledum and Tweedledee don't abhor each other but I suppose birds of a feather flock together.

No. 142209


Uncanny Valley Aerith?

No. 142211

What's the bet they're all farmers sperging in the egirl thread? This site is such a small corner of the internet I find it hard to believe these ethots just coincidentally know of it, and find the need to advertise as such. It's obvious Looni selfposts, that's for sure.

No. 142216

“I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom”

No. 142217

File: 1616497493751.jpeg (264.06 KB, 827x1167, 689005F2-BD94-43F7-A2F2-AC386F…)

Kitty roasting Lori’s life away in the kiwi thread, pic related. Love this.

No. 142218

Loony couldn't afford matching accessories or shoes when she copied the outfit. What's the dollar sign earrings supposed to mean on Zerotwo?

They're totally sperging on each other's threads while pretending to be friendly. No woman here would sub to them unless in jest, what a cope.

No. 142219

Potato Kitty cow needs her own thread

No. 142221

>What's the dollar sign earrings supposed to mean on Zerotwo?
$0.02, the total worth of everything in the picture

No. 142222

File: 1616509091574.png (929.02 KB, 1109x828, adollaskye.png)

pic from kiwifarms
he set the stove on fire and spilled so much hot oil on his foot he can't even wear shoes.

do you think lack of braincells, or abuse fellow farmers?

No. 142224

Kitty acts like an egirl and is generally cringe, but at least she owns up to her shit. Not really a cow. Written just like Lorena Pig herself too.

No. 142225

Nah man I love her posts dragging Lori. It’s so funny because typical Lori reaction is to fight fire with fire but in this case she has nothing to clap back with. Lori has no rebuttal and it’s crystal clear judging by her silence. Lori will call out (or send Kevin to call out) the most insignificant faceless sock puppet account and obsesses calling out moo despite moo saying nothing about her for like a year or maybe more? but she stays being silent when it comes to Kitty despite kitty’s rapid fire drags on kiwifarms. It’s so funny because you know she’s ree-ing in her ghetto ass apartment because she can’t say shit. I personally hope Kitty continues to post and expose. She seems pretty on track to breaking Lori. You know she’s big mad lol

No. 142226

Ok Lorena, seethe more

No. 142228

I think he's stupid enough to do that. Knowing Lori she probably made him make her empanadas or something and the dumb fuck probably threw frozen food in a vat of boiling vegetable oil.

No. 142230

It surprises me the woke egirls haven't torn her to shreds for wearing stripper brands and pleasers when she isn't a dancer. Those types love to attack anyone who wears microkinis and stripper heels because it's "appropriating" sex workers uniforms and struggle. Is it that nobody cares enough to call her out or it just hasn't happened yet? I see brands she follows even call out other influencers for wearing their stuff when they don't do sex work.

No. 142231

File: 1616516540082.png (1.44 MB, 1157x2048, Screenshot_20210323-092153.png)

Dropped my pic.

No. 142234

File: 1616517024148.jpeg (44.03 KB, 828x301, 3A9E079F-93EF-4CC3-A515-39C876…)

Mo’ money mo’ problemz

No. 142237

Idk who the retard on the left is, but in general, I'm tired of these stuck up bitchy cosplayers acting like they are the most original people in the world. Ngl, at least Lori was around during JC tracksuits being in fashion. I don't doubt she probably got the idea, but also she wears anything pink she can find too make it into this cosplay and she's always been seen being a lazy fuck in these before 2020 (not meaning the pink one specifically). For all we know, Kitty copied some fanart for christ sake. Considering she is on kiwi, she's as much as a joke as Usagi. These thots are pathetic and think they own certain looks.

No. 142238

I thought it was just a stupid concept when I saw it on Lori, but it actually looks cute on kitty. Lori is really giving off a dollar store knock off doll vibe.
Gosh I just hate sex workers

No. 142239

KEK how could someone steal money? He would have had to either share his banking info/bank app info with someone, put his info in a phishing form or bought from a shady company. Honestly I wouldn't put it past Looni to steal the 300 and blame it on another ex-friend of his. She probably just wanted new shoes and ran out of simp bux.

No. 142240

It's ravewear too, anon. Those pieces you described aren't sex worker only and it's a culture look and has been for over a decade due to rise of conventions and how the night club scene has been thriving (which is funny since it dipped in the early 2000s until all the lates 80s-90s kids turned 21 and it started getting big again late 2009)

No. 142242

Every look Lori pulls is dollar store Bratz in sweatshop seifukus. She's the only person who could make even the cutest pieces look like Aliexpress garbage.

No. 142243

Yeah but she buys from stripper made brands along with the rave places. I know ravers take the look and make it more festival, but Lori is straight buying stage wear and throwing DollsKill over it like it's casual wear. That's the exact thing that post I posted is about. Lori is the casul raver karen buying up sex worker outfits just to LARP. Lori's been biting strippers since 2014 and she even put up poles and stripper gear in her Amazon wishlist. I would brush it off had she not expressed interest in skin walking as a stripper despite never working as one a day in her life. She still follows pole dancers on her socials too.

No. 142248

>>142243 She has the awful fake wannabe 'Y2K' aesthetic that is just lingerie layered over tacky expensive textured tops bedazzled with some crafts store rhinestones spelling out "princess cumslut" or some shit.

No. 142251

I'm curious as to what you call a stripper brand. The fact you think fishnets and sexy wear is exclusively for strippers, including dancer (not exclusively stripper) leg bands that have been a thing since the 80s, boggles my mind.

No. 142252

Just to add, the same thing with pole work. Having a pole and using it doesn't make you a stripper. That's like saying every guy who owns a motorcycle must be in a gang.

No. 142253

Nobody cares whore

No. 142254

Hello newfag/Lori it’s a personal vendetta. No one is claiming Kitty is being original. If you knew anything about Lori you’d know she’s a notorious skinwalker. The retard on the left is a girl 10 years younger than Lori who stole her ex boyfriend. Lori started copying her ~3 years ago. This is just another example of Lori copying her or trying to troll her. Please read the previous threads and catch up before making dipshit comments.

No. 142257

lmao who are these "people in cali" he keeps blaming for everything? why is it always someone else's fault? nah kev you probably got phished buying bootleg shoes.

No. 142261

Yeah this is news to me. Don't a lot of women do pole dancing as "exercise" (however questionable that seems to me) or a kind of art?
Stripping or burlesque is something anyone can do - at home, too, for one's partner. I don't think it's possible to appropriate anything from sex workers. They wear fetish stuff or trashy clothes men like.

No. 142263

I think it's just salty anons who think anything showing too much T/A is "street walkerwear".

No. 142264

Just swinging around on the poles is fun too and it takes massive amounts of arm strength to hold yourself up on it. People really think poledancing is easy lol

No. 142268

The brand I posted a screencap of self-identifies as a brand for sex workers, specifically dancers. That shop and a couple others Lori follows are very forward about being made FOR and BY strippers, they don't like people outside of that clique buying up product. I'm not just calling random shit stripper wear, read the insta brand pages dumbass

No. 142270

Anon, no sexwear brand is gatekeeping their clothing kek what?

No. 142271

But she literally posted a brand doing that

No. 142273

Which one? Ravewonderland, Dollskill?

No. 142276

this is so fucking retarded. they wont be able to tell if every single client of is a stripper/sw/e-thot. if a random wanted to buy it they could.
and gatekeeping sw clothes? really?

No. 142277

It's a thing, it happens. They do have the legal right to refuse service if they find out the customer isn't a sex worker but like you said I don't know how they would find that out exactly.

This. He probably wants to pin it on Moo's calves and acquaintances to avoid posting about his self-inflicted L (too late Kev, you're an idiot)

No. 142278

I see lingerie passed off as swimwear all the time. Also, why is the convo flipped? This seems like this store sent this to themselves from a seperate account.

No. 142279

Lol who the fucks asks "are regulat girls". This is definitely a fake message the store sent or had an employee send.

No. 142281

OT and shot in the dark, but does anyone know what wig Kitty wears?

No. 142285

Just look on amazon for pink zerotwo wig.

No. 142375

>Calling non-sexworkers civilians
I can't believe this is the time we're living in

No. 142385

>and if you live in Cali you know who that might be
What does that even mean lmao

No. 142400

Kitty posted on kiwi that, by total coincidence, Rikki also had $300 go missing once!
The story makes no sense unless Kevin is sharing his bank account with friends, honestly either way he's kind of an idiot so he either did share his bank account or he believes Lori's "hacker" stories.

No. 142403

I wonder what lori is buying that costs $300.
$300 is a decent sized haul from cheap shops, I don't do it often but once in awhile I but from cheap places like DK and seem to end up spending $150-$300 to get a good variety.
Or maybe she's buying bisou lovely jewelry to pretend like they didn't drop her.

No. 142405

YRU shoes that Looni buys go for $150-300 even on sale. Not a doubt in my mind that she used that to buy new platforms and she's going to lie to him saying it was a PR package. Cause Lori would never lie or steal!

No. 142419

File: 1616614416520.png (1.94 MB, 1169x2048, Screenshot_20210324-123146.png)

Trying to show up Kitty for comparing her last post to Kitty's Zero Two post. Pathetic.

No. 142420

File: 1616614499707.png (169.85 KB, 352x529, Screenshot_20210324-123101~2.p…)

Wtf is with her eye? It looks like she shooped a girl's face on her own or gave herself fox eyes with liquify tool

No. 142423

I think she uses the "young" filters in faceapp

No. 142424

I have questions about what she's stuffing in those cheeks. It's more than just air, looks like a jawbreaker or something.

No. 142426

I think it's just the way her puffing then works with her face structure. They do look low, huh? When I do it the air does fill out the bottom pocket, so maybe its just her hair is covering the tops of her side gunline, so it looks super off. The sideburn cuts can make anything look uncanny because of the way they shape a face.

No. 142430

>that one person talking about the patriarchy on an account selling sexy bikinis for sex workers

Self-awareness is well and truly dead in 2021

No. 142432

File: 1616617410337.png (715.04 KB, 836x944, JIk5pcY.png)

I like how the filter just straight up gave her yaoi hands

No. 142436

File: 1616617958510.jpg (49.79 KB, 1280x796, IMG_20210324_133141_430.jpg)

I FUCKING KNEW IT! She isn't answering his DMs anymore because we all correctly guessed that she was chatting this dude up and now she has to be more stealthy.

No. 142449

File: 1616625989178.png (588.87 KB, 1107x2048, Screenshot_20210324-154304.png)

She responds to randoms but won't even like her own fiance's comment.

No. 142456

doesn't reply to him, won't have sex with him, and now that i think about it he is her first BF she didn't make dress up like Mamoru

does she even like Kevin as a human being lmao

No. 142459

She knows he would look mega retarded as mamo. I bet he’s offered to before kek

No. 142460

She looks like some cross between Carol Anne in Poltergeist and the lead child in Village of the Damned

No. 142461

Nobody ever doubted it was her. She went on a spending spree right as it happened.

Loony discovered Coconut Kitty now that we were onto the fake teeth.

No. 142462

File: 1616634191588.jpg (35.33 KB, 1280x443, IMG_20210324_180205_973.jpg)

This is the only time she has EVER replied to one of Kevin's comments on Instagram. And it's because lolcow was dragging her for interacting with randos and never Kevin. Amazing.

No. 142468

I don't think she has ever worn pleasers? I do remember he talking about buying a pole once but never said anything about it again.

No. 142469

KEK fucking pathetic loon

No. 142470

File: 1616642272613.jpg (406.53 KB, 1080x1394, Screenshot_20210324-200225_Ins…)

She got dropped by Lewdcomplex and is making Kevin REEEE for her

No. 142473

Kevin, if you're going to pull the race card, learn the word latina. Spain is in Europe, Spanish people are straight up white or mostly white with ancient north african sprinklings, hispanic people are from spanish speaking countries, latinas are from latin America, and can also be white and/or racist.

No. 142475

The way the Lori and Kevin confuse race, ethnicity, and languages as if it’s interchangeable is Hilarious.

No. 142481

I wish Kevin would just shut the fuck up about race. Read the dozens of racist shit your hag said over the last 20 years!.

No. 142482

Kevin, dear idiot; I don't know if you're aware of this (probably not with that pea brain), but you can be racist no matter who you are, your race doesn't give you a get-out-of-jail-free card

No. 142483


No. 142484

Remember loris ice comments to bully her ex friend? Super not racist… riiight

No. 142486

File: 1616661445973.png (321.17 KB, 1440x2394, Screenshot_20210325-013341~2.p…)

Kevin raging on FB too lol

No. 142487

File: 1616661577536.png (699.98 KB, 1440x2376, Screenshot_20210325-013257~2.p…)

No. 142488

File: 1616661847265.png (751.25 KB, 1440x2629, Screenshot_20210325-013327~2.p…)

He reposted this with more crying

No. 142489

The funniest part is that if anyone other than us read his spergs he'd be burning more bridges for her lmao

No. 142490

He uh
knows he’s not the only “victim” right? There’s over twenty years of documented Looni crap at this rate. It could be about literally anyone.

No. 142491

Isn't Lori Portuguese? Doesn't that make her European and not a minority? I can't ever remember what she actually is since they always refer to her as just "Spanish". lmao

No. 142492

Her dad is Chilean

No. 142493

He does know that… this isn’t about him at all? It’s about her well documented history or racism, hate speech, and manipulation NOT JUST of him either. He’s always so far up his own ass for a dude whose face is shaped like a shovel and can barely break 50 likes on Instagram, and hardly gets more than 2 likes outside of his family on FB. Like Kevin her shit was bound to catch up with her. The problem is that she is KNOWN for this shit past AND present, and he also tells on her because he says “to say they didn’t know her history” so you admit it then Kev cool cool way to play her and yourself.

No. 142494

Ngl, that's funny considering the majority of Chileans have European heritage and identify as white. No wonder Kevin defaults to using "Spanish".

No. 142495

Because we all know minorities just cannot he racist. I mean screw all the screenshots of Lorena saying racist things, bullying, etc. No, all the hate comes from people picking on the poor widdle hispanic uww girl.

Between him lurking here and discovering she's dming atleast 1 guy and her screeching at home for him to stick up for her, he must be in a hell of his own making. Such goals. As attention whory as he is, when they split, the milk will flow.

No. 142496

Good job, lewd complex. You did the right thing.

Looks like they removed all of her tagged posts and posts Lori tagged lewd complex in. That was fast.

No. 142497

Didn't Lori spout some bullshit nonsense defending Dollskill for being problematic because it didn't concern her? Now she's puppeting Kevin into having tantrums claiming she's being targeted over the same shit (even though it has nothing to do with her ethnicity which neither of them can be bothered to state accurately). In Lori's world it only matters when she gets screwed.

No. 142499

Lori laughed and scoffed at a black sailor moon cosplayer.

Totally not racist.

Stupid cunt.

No. 142500

They have gained me as a patron and a follower for doing this.

No. 142502

Gotta love how when these brands are working with her they can't shut up about how "fashionable" they are, but the second the freebies are over it's "yeah well, anyone could make that stuff!" He isn't wrong that these clothes are cheap shit targeted at consoomers, but he was more than happy to "flex" about it before

No. 142503

It’s so fucking funny that hes being manipulated into posting about thow he’s otally not being manipulated. Kevin knows Lori is a spitfire, we all do, but for some reason she always sends her lapdog (Kevin) to reeee at the brands dropping her. Gee Kevin, maybe it’s because she knows it will make her look bad, and she’d rather let you look bad for her than do it herself. Nothing like sacrificing the person you “love”! I guarantee they are only together at this point to “prove the haters wrong”. Their narcissistic tendencies would rather them stay in a loveless toxic unhappy relationship Than to swallow their pride and find actual happiness elsewhere.

Also, spoiler alert kevvy- you weren’t the only victim.

No. 142509

He posted 4 of those crying statuses on Facebook and only got a single laugh react from 1 person.

No. 142510

Does kevin forget Lori called a japanese actress in Sailor Moon flat-faced and ugly? Kek that's racist as hell

No. 142511

Lori is somewhere malding, ripping chunks of white straw from her head screaming and sobbing like a fucking child over free tshirts. Watch her keep posting in their clothes and tagging them like she does Ardani. She's a fucking psycho. I'm so tickled that she was dropped by them finally. Kev and Lori, listen close! It's all snowballing so now people don't need to DM anyone, brands just have to Google Lori Lewd once to see everything we know.

I'm sure if you cry to Shitty Lynn at DK about the ageist boolies you'll get some free stripper shoes for your broken spine, hag! KEK

No. 142514

All the Kevin Facebook posts are gone/hidden now.

No. 142515

>Up and coming

He's an ignorant retard living with a open racist and he doesn't have enough brain cells to google the difference between Latina and Spanish.

I wonder why Loony doesn't correct him. Maybe whenever he calls her a 'Disabled Spanish Granny' it's a conscious move by Loony when sockpuppeting on his accounts.

No. 142516

Yeah, she's definitely ranting on his accounts to make it look like him. She either realized the damage she's done and deleted it or Kevin did because nobody cares and he got a laugh react. I'm calling Looni posting a sob story post about it now. She's gonna call out "lolcow haters" "jealous womyns" and Mariah for "ruining her job opportunities". Extra $5 says she'll end the post with an Only fans shill and post a lewd selfie along with it.

No. 142517

I'm trying to understand their fixation on Moo. They must super jealous of her money while Kevin's wallowing deep in debt because it seems Moo and money is all they ever ramble about.

No. 142518

Kev and Lori hate fatties and they hate fatties with money even more. Add that she does the exact job Lori wants and Moo actually can pay her rent alone… You can see why they fixate. They probably think Lori deserves that money and fame more. Lori also still thinks Mariah was trying to "steal" Kevin from her before they stopped being friends.

No. 142519

It's because during Kevins first big suicide bating Moo and Vamp made public posts and sent private messages asking him if he needed to be rescued from Lorenas abuse. That's how she is aware of their existence. Why she pins EVERYTHING on them is because even mentioning Moo gets his/her posts tractions by name association alone.

No. 142524

The only traction it really gets is here and on Kiwi. Kevin has been steadily losing friends and followers for weeks now, more than he did before his weekly sperging on Lori's behalf. Their fb friends don't count because who ever is left will always vouch for them because they're brainwashed like Kevin. They're clearly convinced that name-dropping her enough will bring them clout, in a way they are right because more people are hate-watching their accounts now. Don't think that's what they intended on happening though.

No. 142525

EXACTLY! How does he not realize that he is being used to fight her battles which is killing ANY opportunity for him to even gain followers instead it’s killing it! She doesn’t say anything for a reason and that’s because she knows that all it takes is to search her name and there would be no way she could talk herself out of 20 years of actual proof of everything that company accused her for. The writing is on the walls Kevin. You are dwindling every single chance you have on this woman who is only using you as a meat shield.

It’s not even about him and it’s sickening to use the race card when it has nothing to do with that which will definitely make people not want to work with her or him… BAKA!

No. 142527

>anyone can

Damn, way to make sponsors not want to work with you. Good job trashing them, Kev. Lol Doing that easily allows sponsors to blacklist you for that twofaced behavior because most companies warn other companies.

No. 142528

Moo only reached out because she saw a free prop maker after her ex left her. Thinking she actually cared is funny.

No. 142533

Did not expect to see somebody I know irl on a Lori thread lmfao. Gen is almost always on drugs and a big mess/problematic af. Her ex recently died of an OD too and she made a posting crying over her when all she would do is talk shit about her ex and her ex's new gf. She could have her own thread honestly and it'd flow.

As for Lori, what a laughing stock. She's so desperate.

Hey Kevin, did you not just openly admit in this >>142488 that you guys got free shit in exchange for promotion? Isn't that against the law since you weren't tagging it as an ad, js. You stupid fucking idiot topkek

No. 142534

Yep, that heifer was after a slave and possible dick, she doesn't do anything for other people unless it would benefit herself. She's the one who leaked the pics of Kevin slashing his leg open for Looni and other private conversations, as well as the last private DM dump.

Moo and Loon have been beefing for awhile now accordingly, Looni is just too much of a hasbeen for Moo to bring up while she's busy deleting comments from her own mean old h8rz.

No. 142535

Can't wait til con season starts again and we catch photos or Lori and Kev lurking around hate stalking MooMoo and her calves. She's talked a big game about coming back to conventions with Kev, hope she can afford all the face lifts and botox she'll need to match her photos.

No. 142536

> I _like_ Lori


No. 142538

downgraded from love oof

are they even in a relationship anymore kek or is she only just her simp that she lives with now

No. 142542

He's the live in simp KEK. Nothing more than a car, ATM and body to placehold until she finds someone with more money and a bigger dick. They probably don't even sleep in the same room as each other.

No. 142551

File: 1616694702078.png (1.53 MB, 1621x2048, Screenshot_20210325-104741.png)

Sage for no milk but I love that without fail every time there's drama and she isn't posting, she's on OF begging people for money in DMs. She doesn't post consistently to her feed at all so she has to be going directly to people and pushing them to buy more PPV. Kevin could be dying in the hospital and she would be in some drive thru getting uwu juice and posting on OF…

No. 142552

I went through her OF today and she gets about 9-13 "likes" on average. Her pinned posts have more but the regular feed posts get such a small handful. Barely anybody comments either. I really don't think she has that many subs.

No. 142562

That like though, shit. Say how you really feel, Kev.

No. 142566

She probably makes $300-$400 a month (and that’s being generous) and thinks she’s making bank because all she’s ever worked are shitty 20 hour/week minimum-wage retail inconsistently.

No. 142569

>More stipulations for having him as a fb friend
Are there even any demographics left? I feel like he writes ultimatums like this every other week, it's hilarious.

No. 142571

Why was this deleted?
>Lori, who is usually rude to people who reach out to her for collabs, is now quite desperate for collaborations. A few hours ago she expressed interest when this random contacted her even though she doesn't know anything about the brand they represent. I went to their Instagram and yikes, this is their latest post. Quite messy.

Image file is also gone?

No. 142573

Pretty certain the subs are her own and Kevin to make it more active looking. Comments across all her accounts rarely have signs of real human life.

I can't think of anyone who would pay other than to leak it for the keks.

No. 142577

File: 1616713295331.png (1.04 MB, 1280x2359, IF7GoCcETCF29d.png)

I just didn't like the way I combined the images on top of each other instead of to the side. Here it is again.

No. 142580

I know this has been said, and the reply is always "you dont have to look starving to be ana" but that ain't no ana body. That body is a regular ole eats everyday body that's slimmed down with shoops. That waist is thick.

No. 142581

File: 1616714369108.jpg (69.43 KB, 1280x888, IMG_20210325_161729_670.jpg)

beep beep

No. 142585

Is he trying to convince us or himself topkek

No. 142586

The fact she replied to something this dodgy looking. The man even talks about his schitzophrenia medication in the post.

>kevin realizing you literally can't change history

No. 142587

She responds to anyone who isn't a bot because it's so rare KEK

No. 142588

someone pls make a banner

No. 142589

Sexy anime boy coming in guys don’t forget. He’s the hero in his own shonen show.

No. 142591

I really hope he's going to go through with making a video exposing the haters like he mentioned a couple weeks back. I hope this talk about proving the world wrong is regarding that.

No. 142595

Unless you have the DMs, we don't need extra tinfoil. The count up top has nothing to do with PPV content.

No. 142597

>I wonder why Loony doesn't correct him.
Probably because she's only half Chilean at most and Chileans are majority European. She might be half Mestizo via her father which means she'd still only be like 15% indigenous at most? Basically by using a vague term like "Spanish" they are trying to make her appear more like a POC than she actually is.

>958 pics, 238 videos, 4.2 likes
This ratio of content verses likes is pretty sad. That's only 3.5 likes per post. I can't imagine she's actually making that much off OF at only $10 a sub.

No. 142600

Probably the same sexworker from the Belle thread who is obsessed with tinfoiling about every other sexworker's PPV activities (Belle hasn't posted since Feb so that anon invented a whole narrative about her secret PPV content)

Lori is lazy af, you know all she makes is the same stuff on her Instagram with maybe 2% more titty.

No. 142601

so you lied then? About all of the abuse and threats? He is ruining everything for Lori (good) but god damn both of you get a real job and stop mooching. His “we both grind” for what they have is laughable at best. His posts ruin whatever she could have going potentially and his sperging ruins brand deals for her. Yikes. He made everything up? Lori is known to be racist.

No. 142604

File: 1616726259616.jpeg (952.86 KB, 1125x1107, 86148568-4E26-4A80-A88C-2E3295…)


No. 142607

You’re on target anon.
Lori and her drama were quiet for years before Kevin came into the picture and started publicly sharing their dirty laundry. This thread probably wouldn’t have even been made if it wasn’t for his public sperging. I wouldn’t have even known about lolcow if he didn’t complain about it constantly on his Facebook.

No. 142610

hold on, is Lori pulling a Hilaria Baldwin here? How is she Spanish? she's the whitest woman I've ever seen.

No. 142611

He’ll prove everyone wrong? Vlog series about Kevin’s happy home life coming soon?

No. 142613

Kind of. She's half Chilean which is in South America, but most Chileans have European heritage as said in >>142597

Chile is like 60% European, 30% Mestizo (which is something like a 75% European/25% Indigenous mix) and 20% Indigenous. The odds of her being anything more than 15% Indigenous is highly unlikely. She's basically one of those white girls who pull the "I'm part Cherokee" for POC points.

No. 142618

Best part of all this is she got exactly what she thought she wanted for years. He's completely dependent on her and sperges on her behalf and because of this, her years of bullshit is being pushed into the spotlight.

No. 142621

This. Most people wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for Kev's constant public screeching. And now he wants to "prove the whole world wrong?"

But they're not wrong? The only thing that will do is get him even more negative attention. Okay Kev, you're not a victim anymore. Happy? Now what about the others?

No. 142626

File: 1616738137260.png (8.2 KB, 685x248, eg-chile.png)

I just realized how off my % were thanks to my dumbass rounding up. kek

No. 142638

File: 1616752303401.jpeg (380.77 KB, 2400x1430, EEB15821-7242-47FC-ACB2-BB7D29…)

softly plays Goodbye Horses in the background

No. 142639

Shes only 35. calm down faggot its not like she was 80

No. 142640

im impressed at how she manipulated him but shes still retarded. Why cant she just give up cosplaying and get a degree and a job?
Why do people think e-begging works?

No. 142644

nta but she definitely looks older than 35 w/o the shoop to be fair lol

No. 142650

You got an audible cackle from me anon

No. 142659

File: 1616771184583.png (1.01 MB, 1140x2048, Screenshot_20210326-080412.png)

More of Kevin's ex-friends are coming out of the woodwork basically confirming what we all think of Kevin again and again. Pulled from Kiwi Farms.

"Man, I’ve been following this drama since Kevin’s huge meltdown on Facebook years ago. I’ve known Kevin for probably over 10 years now but we were really only close for maybe 1-2. We hung out irl a couple times and played games online together for a while.
Since it seems like Kevin is becoming a cow himself I thought maybe I could vent about what he was like before this whole Lori thing.

He honestly never seemed like a bad guy. He had a ton of passion for skating and eventually cosplay and it was awesome watching him pour himself into those hobbies. Dude had ambition. He was nerdy and weeby.. and yeah, definitely awkward. Looking back, he seemed really desperate for a girlfriend or female attention. This is all totally normal behavior for a 16-17 year old or whatever we were so it’s a huge bummer to see he hasn’t really grown out of it. Or at least he seemed to be ~normal~ until Lori came along and his mental state regressed to being a dipshit teenager again. Now he’s obsessed with e-fame and is super vapid and empty, just like she is.

Hooking up with Lori has pretty much destroyed this kid and any potential he had. When he got into cosplay it really seemed like he was going somewhere and making a name for himself, and then she came along. Words cannot explain how sad it is watching him try to convince himself he’s making a good decision and that he hasn’t wasted the last few years being her lapdog. Like, I don’t want to excuse Kevin because he is kind of an idiot, but Lori has brainwashed the fuck out of him. It’s just sad.
I personally think he’s just terrified of admitting to himself and his friends/family that he’s made a giant mistake and also terrified of being alone/starting over. Lori fits his girlfriend preferences perfectly (appearance wise) so I think he’s convinced he can’t do better.

but anyways yeah tldr Kevin has always been awkward and nerdy and kind of retarded but he was a perfectly capable and talented/passionate young man before he got involved with Lori and he’s been spiraling down ever since. Sad to watch as an old friend but it does make for good entertainment I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also I see a lot of people thinking Lori types some of his replies/statuses because of the way he talks with weeby emotes and poor grammar and stuff (reminiscent of early 2000s era forums) but that’s honestly just how he talks lol. He’s always been very xD ^_^ in text. I do think she probably manipulates him into sperging out over stuff but I don’t think she uses his account to post.

I might be able to answer some questions about him but we were really only close during our teenage years so idk if my information would be relevant. I wish I could talk about some of his old spergouts without outing my identity."

No. 142660

File: 1616771370077.jpg (182.58 KB, 683x1024, shysv.jpg)

He used to cosplay female characters a lot. Here's his full Shyvana from that time (2015)

No. 142662

File: 1616773616827.jpg (162.61 KB, 823x1280, IMG_20210326_084643_194.jpg)

Holy fucking shit Kevin is losing it.

No. 142663

Something I don't get about these morons is how they don't understand that all of these threads are a direct result of things that THEY THEMSELVES have posted. Do they not remember all of the statuses that all of their friends and family read that they posted WITH THEIR OWN WILL? Or are they going to claim that they were hacked for every status and comment?

Kevin do you not remember posting about how she's yelling at you or how she destroyed your stuff or how she posted that you're yelling "WITHHOLDING!" when she wouldn't jump on your baby dick? Or your claims that she cheated on you and was scheming with her ex to kick you out? Does that sound like a healthy relationship or a person that cares about you?

When is he going to realize that she doesn't give a single fuck about him and only gives the tiniest effort so that he can continue paying for their place and her plastic shit? I doubt that she shares any of the money she makes with him on ANYTHING but expects him to spend all of his money on her.

Imagine buying knockoffs and used shoes while your rotting granny is stealing $300 and spending it on poorly made cheap plastic shoes that she's never going to wear outside or at all after just a few selfie shoots.

Does he really not realize how fucking stupid and embarrassing he looks to not only strangers, but also to his entire friends and family? I am truly baffled by how ignorant he is to reality.

No. 142666

Does he still think that we're Momo and Vamp topkek. Is that the only way he can cope with the fact that everybody hates him and Lori? Promise you Kev, I'm neither of them nor do I know you personally. I'm just a farmer who browses threads when I'm bored for entertainment and stumbled across this one a while back.

Lori is being "witch hunted" because of M&V? Let me laugh. She's been problematic and called out for 20 years Kev. And it sounds like deflection to take blame away from him starting all of this. We were posting even BEFORE the whole leg cutting situation because of posts that Kevin made himself.

Panic attacks are a result of abuse from a narcissists hun, you should take a step back and reflect on your relationship with a manipulative cunt before defaulting to blaming others.

"Defaming" riiight. With literal receipts. I don't know if you've noticed Kev, but we call out people who don't have receipts. So everything literally has proof here. You're just mad that it's been documented.

And Lori didn't "become" fucked in the head. She has BEEN fucked in the head for decades and just dragged you down with her. Js.

And now he's pulling the mental health card. Have we not been trying to get him help since thread 1? Lmfao his brain is totally fried.

No. 142667

>crackhead rehab where I don't belong
Sounds like Kev is in denial!
>I'm tewwing youw pawents youw buwwy me

I love that he's pinning all their PTSD and issues on the farms and Moo. I forgot that these two are locked in a white padded cell and are only allowed to read their own lolcow threads. So fucking stupid. Cry harder, Kevin. The thought of you two hyperventilating and screeching at each other over what LORI has tried to hide and lie about for TWO DECADES is gut-bustingly hilarious. Pissing up into your own eyes and screaming about victimhood isn't going to save you from anything that's happening. Lori is the cinder blocks tied to his feet and the one pushing him into the ocean. Retard could just get up and leave at any time. How far are you going to let her push you, Kev? How long until your psychotic ass shows up to Moo or Vamp's houses trying to pick a physical fight?

No. 142668

Omg, I hope he does contact momos parents, cause I am totally here for momokun meltdown and a full blown cow war

No. 142669

Who is he even directing those posts at? His brother? His aunt? He has ZERO online friends anymore because Lori made him cut off contact with nearly everybody he knew. He's just shouting into the void for help and then lashing out at supposed people staying silent. Any friends he has left are staying silent because he's the boy who cried wolf.

Also, he has said a ton recently about how people shouldn't have trusted things that he posted on Facebook when he was upset. That there's no abuse going on, he's just fucked in the head and exaggerates things for Facebook.

But now people are supposed to believe him when he (very clearly upset) makes these posts begging for help against Momo and Vamp the bullies?

But I thought we weren't supposed to take his Facebook posts at face value. Which is it, Kevin?

No. 142670

If Momo calls them out publicly with receipts, I think it'll be permanently game over for them. Especially since it can get legal real fast and Kevin and Lori will be fucked since there's documentation of a lot of their doings.

Kevin is just stupid and is probably thinking that Momo calling them out is going to gain them followers and "e-fame". That's all he cares about at the end of the day, let's be honest. Doubt he actually cares for Lori aside from her being an "ana-chan senpai" and doubt she cares for him aside from being a provider that she can take advantage of. What a fucked up "relationship". They can't even say that they love each other topkek

No. 142671

These are all adults right? What is telling Momo’s parents going to do? Seriously. Imagine he does contact her parents and they get led to Lori’s trail of shit.

Kevin, Momo came to “save” you and contacted your parents because YOU posted publicly about being abused and Lori stealing your car. All of this is the result of you posting public fights. The only thing Vamplette did was comment on Lori’s dollskill post. But she wasn’t the only one. What about all the other randos? Gonna contact their parents too?

No. 142672

Kevin just called my parents and told them he was going to change history and report my social media for harassment and bullying.

Jokes aside, he must be developmentally stunted. 27 years old going to a 25 year old woman's mother… To complain about… Her not being "nice"? I'm sure her family knows about the rescue mission and old tea. All that would accomplish is getting him blocked by more people.

NTA, but god I hope so. Moo and Vamp could absolutely take them to court over this. I think they should privately hit Kev with a cease and desist and then ramp it up if he refuses to stop chimping out. It does count as slander and harassment and it's very clear that it's all a smear campaign made by desperate, guilty people. Lori and Kev can't even afford good quality clothing, let alone a fucking lawyer. It would be such a beautiful sight to see.

No. 142673

Oh god Anon, that's hilarious!

No. 142674

I fucking love this thread.

No. 142676

Seriously back in the Long Island days, girl looked typical mixed Spanish for the area. There was alot of ethnicities all just typically all called Spanish or Portugese because there was a ton of Portuguese in the area too. The farther away from there she got the easier it was to dump that part of herself but now that its convenient she's reclaiming it. It's seriously pathetic though, who cares what her family background is. She sucks and pulling a race card now seems, well..kinda racist.

No. 142677

Oh my god he's off the deep end. I don't know if Mariah is still keeping tabs on this but I would fucking love to see the clash of cows.

No. 142678

is anyone else concerned by this? this seems to be some revenge fantasy shit. i know if i had 2 crazy ppl who thought i was stalking and ruining their lives, i'd want to know if they were trying to enlist the help of the internet to go after my PARENTS. i understand not cowtipping and have never contacted any cow but he's talking about how it's "his turn" to talk to their parents WTF. should someone tell them about this??

No. 142679

Can't speak for Vamps situation but Moo's parents are too rich to give a shit. Imagine him going to a McMansion to taddle to Moo's mommy about cyberbullying. He'd be laughed away or escorted away by police. He's too scattered and naive to be a genuine threat IMO. What's he gonna do, bring a prop LED sword and wear his black Wings to look more powerful? Complain to the BBB? Write to Dr. Phil? He's rarted.

No. 142680

I can’t decide if he’s this delusional/ autistic/ straight retarded enough to seriously think Vamp or Moo have time to be writing to these companies JUST to spite Lori for Kevin. As if there aren’t a ton of anons between here and Kiwi that have all the time in the world to contact brands and try to fuck with them. As if the internet isnt LITERALLY FILLED WITH TROLLS who just want to fuck with people. He’s seriously disturbed and when he said him and Loony are fucked in the head that must be the most clarity he’s ever had since he got involved with her, but he’s laying the blame on everyone else instead of looking at the glaring truth that EVERYONE else around them can see: it’s them, not us. Jesus Christ I can’t imagine the screeching going on in their apartment. Maybe Loony realized this has only gone this far because of him airing their dirty laundry so often and he’s trying desperately to clutch at straws to convince himself and her it’s the ~big baddie cosplay bitches~ faults. Demented.

No. 142682

Hey does anyone remember when Kevin was freaking out over Lori doing lewds in the beginning and was very much against it and now shills her OF at any chance he can get? Topkek.

No. 142683

The only thing I remember is him freaking out that she wanted to join a private lewd group on Facebook that he couldn't join. She said he was preventing her from networking. All of us have suspected that he hated it when she started a Patreon and started selling lewds but I can't remember him freaking out in the beginning.

No. 142687

They both know Moo and Vamp haven't done shit to them, they're just hoping that either will take the bait and stir up a drama that will give them some spotlight and sympathizers. Losers.

No. 142689

I don't understand why anons asking for proof of what subs would have access to is whiteknighting.

No. 142691

Yes Kevin, contact the parents of two grown women who haven’t spoken to you in 2+ years to try to convince them that their daughters are secretly campaigning to ruin your Spanish grandma’s influencer “career.” That’ll really show the haters you don’t belong in a mental hospital.

No. 142692

Lmao pretty sure moo’s parents have bigger things to worry about like their daughter doing porn and groping strangers. Her parents sure as fuck aren’t gonnna care about Lori and Kevin’s delusional cries of being buwwied. So funny that they want to tattle to the parents of grown ass women though. Hopefully moo slaps them with an actual lawsuit for slander. Would be hysterical.

No. 142694

i read the "Lori fits his girlfriend preferences perfectly (appearance wise)" thing at least 3 times on here already and what does it even mean? If he likes thin girls with bleached hair there are plenty outside who are his age and not compltely insane, I really don't get it
she isn't anything special physically if anything she makes herself look uglier by trying to dress like a retarded teenager (and she had no particular talent either the only thing she does is taking horrifying pictures for her instagram and the few creeps who care, he could find a much better cuter cosplay gf easily)

No. 142695

At this point Lori has him convinced he can't do better. If that wasn't the case, he would have found a different cosplay gf closer to his age. Add to the mix that she probably watches him like a hawk because shes a serial cheater, he's got 0 chance of escaping her grip unless he moves out and changes all his social media/email/bank info.

She's got a grip on him in nearly every aspect. Financially, emotionally, socially and sexually. They up and move at her whim, he pays the bills and buys her "necessary items" for being an influencer (ie. Lighting, plushies, clothing, shoes, extensions, nails, etc.), he chauffeurs her when she's not using his car, he styles her and helps take her photos every day, she makes him defend her online, he spends most of his free time shilling her pages, god the list goes on forever. Dude is working two full time jobs at this point. Only someone who was brainwashed would put up with what he does daily, the guy has hollowed himself out entirely to allow Lori all the space she demands. He's nothing more than an extension of her at this point. So, I think Kevin would rather die than date anyone else. The only way their relationship will end is if Lori ditches him (which she will totally do and will do it at the drop of a hat.)

Kevin wants his own fairytale anime redemption arc and trophy costhot waifu more than he wants an actual life and loving partner.

No. 142696

sure, anon. he could find someone but the thing is he also said Lori was his "senpai" so not only did she fit his "type" he also probably thought he could use her so called clout to become more well known.

well, it happened. just not in a positive way.

No. 142697

Kevin removed the post asking for Momo and Vamp's parental info.

No. 142698

File: 1616796724841.png (80.35 KB, 988x616, Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 10.1…)

Did you or anyone else catch any other comments?

No. 142701

File: 1616797357716.jpg (95.49 KB, 1246x1280, IMG_20210326_150652_638.jpg)

This was the only interaction and he deleted it ~10 minutes after I got this screenshot.

No. 142702

Not even any likes or other comments. Up for 6 hours. Pathetic, Kev.

No. 142704

Wait, don't Lori and Kev read here? Do they really think everyone in these threads is moo or vamps?

No. 142706

Indeed, he thinks anyone posting in here is in cahoots with them. This was all some scheme to derail an "up and coming Spanish cosplayer" out of jealousy, don't ya know?

No. 142711

Ill pm you hun 2 many snakes on 'ere xoxo

No. 142714

>Spanish grandma
Fucking KEK

No. 142716

Even if they did care about the mess that is Moo, her intervening to “save Kevin” was one of the more respectable things she ever did. She’s got his self-harm pictures he sent to prove that he needed help. Like… I’m pretty sure her trying to help him is one of the few things Mariah’s parents even can be proud of her for.

No. 142718

Petition to rename Lori to la abuela so I can read it in my head in a stereotypical mexican accent as if talking about el chupacabra in an old movie

No. 142719

File: 1616810063455.jpg (123.52 KB, 825x1280, IMG_20210326_185326_739.jpg)

LMAO Kevin

No. 142720

>what does it even mean?

Going off what he's posted in the past, he's primarily into anachans. Somewhere in a pile of puke-coated plushies, Ashley Isaacs waits for a DM.

No. 142723

damn the construction is so good imagine what he could be if lori didn't catch him

No. 142724

"the goal is to be rich, not look rich"

Did you tell lori your philsophy kev? Is that why she's wearing dollar sign ear rings and dressing "rich" "Flashy" ??? da faq

I hope moo gets legal action against them for actual harassment and defamation, there is plenty of proof. If moo got a restraining order that would make going to a convention harder for both of them.

No. 142725

I love Kevin's chimpouts, he's the true MVP of the thread. He exposes his abuela more than she ever did on her own.

You can just imagine them screaming at each other all day in the hikikomori apartment filled with plushes and stinking of rodent feces. That is, when they aren't taking thousands of tacky selfies and editing them.

I want a lawsuit because it's what they deserve for slandering cows of means in hopes of stealing a piece of their clout.

No. 142727

What other ones though? Syv is a girl, but also a dragon, so I wouldn't really read in to that. Girls crossplay way more than guys usually, but no one really bats an eye that its a gender identity disorder. It's just a cosplayer cosplaying.

No. 142728

Imo tardlord is going on about vamps/moo boogie man so viciously because it's easier than admitting he did this all to himself.

I agree with him on one thing, too: he's not a victim. He actively chose and participates in this shit. Their relationship is toxic af but it's not just Lori brainwashing him or whatever with her narcy super powers. He's a complete mess of a cow in his own right, and at this point offers infinitely more milk than abuela because his pissbaby tard tantrums are so reveal all and hilarious.

No. 142731

File: 1616820619261.jpeg (42.23 KB, 236x353, CE991908-761C-4B26-9C7E-9932E7…)

Isn’t this him too? Sejuani from LoL

Sorry for shitty pic. Fuck Pinterest

No. 142732

File: 1616820765977.jpeg (85.02 KB, 640x960, 8773636D-F25C-4209-BECE-1F78D8…)

Samefag. Also found him as Diana from LoL. Seems like a lot of female LoL cosplays were his thing at one point.

No. 142733

Troon arc when?

No. 142734

These are pre-Lori. So probably never. Sucks because his armor and painting work is pretty good!

No. 142737

mfw kevin looked cute once and even smiled sometimes. Hard to believe this is the same miserable guy who keeps telling us how great he's doing while showing 0 evidence of that.

No. 142739

File: 1616829810687.png (104.7 KB, 621x639, Screenshot 2021-03-27 12.22.55…)

"She"… Soni? Pretty sure Soni hasn't been here in ages.

No. 142742

Nah probably referencing Momo again

Also isn’t Jessie Pridemore an ultra mega anti-abuse SJW? Somehow she’s okay with being friends with Lori still?

No. 142743

She’s honestly so furious still days later like girl. You BEEN racist this isn’t new news, like they stated your history as in previous behaviors and the fact that you haven’t changed a bit since then and continue to show your ass to this day. At least Loony has a few orbiters on her page that will give her ass pats unlike lonely ass Kevin.

No. 142747

Jessie is a whole mess herself so I wouldn’t put it past her to look past things for clout with “friends”

No. 142748

Soni is here every day

No. 142749

Lori is seething, every time she posts a status acting unbothered we give her a new wrinkle.

No. 142750

Pretty sure Jessie was the one who did Anthy blackface? Not surprising that she would be friends with Lori.

No. 142751

Let’s be real here. It wasn’t black face. It was bronzer.

No. 142752

Underrated comment

No. 142753

Lori you literally are on VIDEO making a racist jab at the actress who played Usagi in the live action Sailor Moon series.

No. 142756

File: 1616858819281.jpg (50.87 KB, 487x650, jessie-pridemore-lionboody.jpg)

Bronzer or not, she's white and she covered herself in brown powder to look more like Anthy who is canonically of Indian descent. Technically brownface if you want to get into semantics. It's racist regardless.

No. 142759

Beyond vamp commenting one time on Instagram & momo reaching out that one time, I sincerely doubt those two selfish idiots are thinking of Kevin & Lori. Like this is so pathetic it's kind of hilarious. I never thought someone would look more pathetic then those two but here we are.

Sage because this is unrelated to this thread but she was so fucking stupid about this when she did this at the time. She made this big stink about how "she was doing it the right way" and how painting your skin was actually ok. Only to years later have to walk back and make a big dumb apology post. Jessie is irritating, so I'm not surprised she's still friends with Lori.

No. 142760

Dropping this here in response for the keks and the newfags who may not have seen this interaction.

No. 142762

Oh man.
Why would anyone say that during an interview

No. 142763

Totally out of left field. I get times were different and you could get away with a lot of passive aggressive racism but that stuff isn't even passive, that's bold faced racist. You can tell it made everyone really uncomfortable and they didn't know how to get past that moment. Props to the interviewer, she was insufferable and they handled her with grace.

No. 142765

Bless you anon.

No. 142766

Its probably Soni
Jessie and Soni used to be roommates before falling out

No. 142767

Yeah times were different and racism & misogyny was rampant back then but come on.. this is a convention for people who are supposed to be familiar with Japanese culture on a minimum level.
“She has bLaCk hair teheee” like wow it’s almost like every Japanese person has black hair

No. 142768

If she wasn’t insufferable she would have posted a formal apology at this point to save face and accept her past behavior. It could have helped her influencer career.. With the receipts of her toxicity plaster over the internet for decades she will lose every brand deal she gets.

No. 142769


I love that interviewer so much. She is such a sharp woman. Her utter contempt for Lori is barely concealed on her face the whole interview.

No. 142773

>>142734 Agree. His cosplay work is nice. Is very sad to see the images of Kev before Lori. He had friends, his hobbys and he looks genuinely happy, now all his pictures look like he's dead inside.

No. 142774

The jealousy and seething in abuela's facial expressions and voice is palpable. Her racist answer and the way she looks, considering she has naturally dark hair and a witch nose makes this video fantastic.

Looni has had no growth since that clip other than getting wrinklier and becoming even more of a poorfag. Best is she probably can't even afford to shop at walmart.

No. 142780

Omg this delusional bitch really thought they should have picked her to be the live action sailor moon. Lol I miss this lori

No. 142788

Funny thing is a lot of these racist insufferable girls have adopted the SJW persona by 2020 and at least pretend that they care about minorities.
This one on the other hand…..

No. 142800

File: 1616896833543.webm (1.91 MB, 320x432, boobie.webm)

What the shit

No. 142801


Lol what the actual FUCK
In what world is this sexy

No. 142802

Is this abuela in some kind of medication? She's always trembling.

No. 142803

There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with her! This is not normal even for someone as awful as her, this is over the edge.

No. 142805

File: 1616904285508.jpg (384.02 KB, 828x1282, 1564156273779.jpg)

Lori would never be racist or cruel! She would never say anything a sponsor might find objectionable! Not her!

Oh wait…

No. 142806

Anytime she does these jarring videos she looks like an animatronic from Five Nights at Freddy's

No. 142808

yeah this makes me legit sad because damn his sejuani is so fucking cool. but now he has nothing and he insists on having nothing. boy please get out, look what you had, you were cute (because you were happy) and has good craftsmanship. girls way prettier and not crazy will be fawning over you at every corner

No. 142809

You can't be serious. I don't think any sane woman would fawn over that pathetic, skinny fat, effeminate, mentally ill, bitchmade, penniless, dicklet. What does he have to offer? How is it even possible for someone to bring literally nothing to the table?

No. 142813

anons are letting their lori hate blind them, kevs no catch and there's a reason he was desperate for a gf prior to finding la abuela

No. 142814

well that's how he is now and he refuses to change. if he came back to his old self and exercised a little girls would go after him because they can't see a cosplayer has average beauty and good craftsmanship without wetting their panties

No. 142815

samefagg from >>142814 but i didn't know this >>142813

No. 142818

This bitch.
Please Lori, you hag, post more voice videos. Please make it worse. Just fuck your shit up. Just post all the baby voice goo goo gaga fuck me videos you want.

No. 142829

File: 1616943031497.jpeg (44.67 KB, 385x604, EB625831-FB57-4CDE-A81D-E196CD…)

Just watched the “engagement” video and I can’t stop laughing at her real face. Those jowls. She also edits her nose into oblivion omg

No. 142834

File: 1616949072606.png (3.32 MB, 2048x2022, Screenshot_20210328-092450.png)

She edits her nose into oblivion, same with her jawline, eyes and cheeks. She still hasn't figured out how to not warp her iris when she drags her lower lash line down and enlarges the whole eye area. The cheek and jaw edits make her face look way too long. I don't know why she does all of that if all it takes is scrolling through her tagged or googling her name to find her real face.

Clearly her editing went from regular touch ups to full blown dysmorphic editing to keep her fragile ego intact, it's kind of pitiful to watch.

No. 142842

Her nose and lack of lip volume was like this in >>142760 as well.

That was probably 20 years ago so her nose cartilage is more witchy now and her lips even thinner. Super unfortunate.

No. 142846

She looks like a 45 yo divorced mom of five wearing her daughter's costume.

No. 142849

I was just watching the engagement video too, I've seen it but she really looks so old in this video.

She always brags that she's so ageless but she actually looks like 10 years older than her age.

>Clearly her editing went from regular touch ups to full blown dysmorphic editing to keep her fragile ego intact, it's kind of pitiful to watch.

Indeed. If you scroll her Instagram she looks like a different person everytime she changes her persona, getting younger as the years pass too. Like anyone cant tell she edits the crap out of every detail.

In what world would anyone look at this boob poking video and say "Yes! This should go on the internet!" This is so embarrassing!

No. 142853

i wonder what these cows who edit heavily feel while editing their photos? because they have to look at their real faces while editing.

No. 142857

She probably thinks she's editing herself to look more "like she actually does irl" because the camera adds ten pounds and wrinkles or whatever. She seems the delusional type to think her facetuned image is more representative of her appearance than her actual appearance.

No. 142866

File: 1616968993238.jpeg (27.25 KB, 444x339, EE83CA56-B807-4107-BAC4-A4A951…)

ayup. love it. here’s a shitty shoop from that era

No. 142868

File: 1616969746025.jpg (Spoiler Image,5.51 MB, 250x313, 2033893-86199d66af0d12a6010028…)

Guys this is hilarious! I'm pretty sure she's giving us the middle finger and saying a silent fu with the way her lips are moving.

Warning, it's the usual seizure in a hideous outfit.

No. 142869

File: 1616970250757.jpeg (230.62 KB, 750x1333, 4355BEFA-DFA7-4C7E-A216-B2536D…)

keep tagging the brands that dropped your ass, Looni

No. 142873

At least she's clued in enough to cover that horrible chest cavity with wigs and shirts most of the time.

I don't normally rag on people born with defects but this abuela really thinks it's cleavage.

Makes you wonder if Kevin needs glasses but can't afford them due to her

No. 142874

what the hell is going on with her tongue

No. 142878

That thing around her chest looks like a medical device, not sexy. I guess shes pretending she didnt get dropped.

No. 142900

File: 1616984722354.png (267.3 KB, 353x414, 10290193202.PNG)

She's doing this edgy e-girl tongue edit trend that died months ago.

No. 142934

Observation: Lori’s spastic seizures look a hell of a lot like Britney Spears’ strange reels when I watched them last night. It hit me that Lori’s age shows with the way she interprets current trends (a tad too late) and her whole approach to her online presence. She’s a LJ gal (no tumblr era, right?). Totally outdated

No. 142942

Her eyes and diaphragm must hurt like a bitch with how much she tenses in photos to look young and skinny. She tries so hard to be 19 and slutty it hurts. The cringe is never ending. She truly must not have a single voice of reason around her if she thinks what she's doing is anything but acting out a pipe dream she could never fulfill. Is this what mid life crises look like?

No. 142943

The way she types and emoji use is so prehistoric I think it predates even Livejournal.

No. 142950

this, kek. she types like shes on AOL chat rooms

No. 143078

>spaztic midget jumping
>hyper poking her boob while bleating like a goat
>peddling an invisible bike with her hands
…Is she autistic? Someone shoop one of those dunce hats with the spinny top onto her head please

No. 143079

She acts like she needs to be in a mental institution. She just oozes that energy.

No. 143114

Ha!!! I thought she was peddling an invisible bike too. She looks crazy.

No. 143122

She looks like she's trying to mimic the girl in the Blurred Lines video.

No. 143146

File: 1617075497624.png (332.81 KB, 707x798, meitu.png)

Late to this but even with maximum Meitu filtrage her mouth looks like the muppet Beaker.

No. 143212

File: 1617128886366.png (1.06 MB, 1167x2048, 20210330-111946.png)

I'm not into Fate so I'm not keen on weapon types, but are the swords clear? I looked at Type-Moon Artoria or whatever and the swords look like plain steel. There's one that looks like it might be clear, but it glows yellow. The hilt looks different though.

I think the acrylic looks cheap every time Kev uses it. The material choices paired with his sloppy handiwork makes some of his weapons hard to recognize at first. Lori modeling them in her piss poor lingerie Zelda and Saber cosplays don't make it any better. How has he gotten worse over time? Lol

No. 143221

This pic is so heavily edited/filtered that I couldn't even tell there was a sword there at first tbh.

Can't wait to see how much more blown out/contrasted these pics get as she heads into her 40s.

No. 143236

It’s just mind blowing to think that this woman is closer to 40 than 30 and has nothing to show for it like most would. No husband, no kids, no degree, no career, hardly any job experience, no money, no home. I could go on. And even if she WAS making SOME scratch from her OF, it’s not much and even thots like Belle fade into obscurity so… what does she truly think she’s going to do? Eventually blow up to Belle or Momo extents? Live off of disability when she eventually reaches geriatric territory and screeches at the government “MY BROKE BACK”? Like I truly can’t believe this woman is real. What does she think she’s going to lean on to survive? Even Kev doesn’t have anything to speak for but at least he’s still kind of got time. Not that your life is over but she has achieved NOTHING to speak of by now.

No. 143245

this is what happens when you turn couch and homie-hopping into a career. you just bounce dude to dude, steal their money, drain them entirely and play dress up until you're ready to find a new host. she's a parasite.

No. 143246

Fatefag here, Saber usually conceals her sword with wind magic, so it doesn't give away her identity. It is drawn like a hilt and some air ripples where the blade would be.
When she uses her ultimate attack, concealment is blown away and the sword glows gold, so that's the led color I guess.
Now, if she uses it with the red dress, then it will make no sense, since they are different characters.
Sage for fate sperg

No. 143259

File: 1617155261103.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1125x2161, E0F09FD5-6585-485B-B673-73F347…)


No. 143261

He literally looks homeless. Nothing matches.

No. 143264

But anon, she has 100k followers on Instagram! Her vampiric good looks! Almost a dozen dollskill shoes! And a human punching bag.. I mean "fiance" to do her bidding. What more could a girl want? You must be jealous just like Momokun and Vamplettes!

>Nothing matches
How cute, he and Lori even dress alike.

No. 143267

File: 1617159638989.jpeg (597.09 KB, 2880x1777, 33E2801B-F9FA-48F5-A618-69CB55…)

No. 143268

Is it though. Is it really.

No. 143271

Aw cute she's stress shedding.

No. 143276

This pic looks like Lori cosplaying Kevin.

No. 143283

this is how you know her real hair is super damaged or she has trash tier extensions. or both.
way to tell on her, kevin

No. 143297

Girl clean out your brush! Gag

No. 143299

Love the hairbrush full of hair. Ew.

No. 143301

You can actually smell this photo.

No. 143305

Why… is this an anime trend?

No. 143306

File: 1617196571321.png (2.86 MB, 2616x1576, Unbenannt.png)


nta but Artoria/King Arthur (blue) and Nero Claudius (Red) are entirely different historical characters and use different weapons entirely. Yes, Artoria conceals her weapon/noble phantasm with because Excalibur would immediately give away her identity and therefore her strenghts/weaknesses. It's made of steel when unconcealed and starts glowing yellow when battle ready (she collects mana from her surroundings hence the magical glow). Nero's weapon is Aestus Estus (just her weapon, not even her noble phantasm/special attack) and it's nowhere near identical looking to Artoria's Excalibur. (pic related)

Excalibur's blade being transparent in Kev's build makes no fucking sense. If it was COMPLETELY made of plexiglass it'd be more lore accurate than… whatever that's supposed to be. Would be really cool looking, too. Or if they really wanted that fancy schmancy glowing look he should've gone for translucent EVA foam so the light would be properly diffused.

saged for fatefagging but god, bitches like Lori really get on my fucking nerves.

No. 143318

Am I the only one wondering when they’re going to have their wedding? They’ve been engaged for quite a while. I’m dying for wedding content! Will they have the first e-girlhood ceremony? Will she twitch down the aisle wearing pleasers? Will she make the poof face in her wedding photos and edit them to hell and back in Snow? I have so many questions. Y’all need to give the people what they want!!!

No. 143321

They will never get married. It’s pretty obvious that Lori is embarrassed/ashamed of Kevin and hates living in Utah and is just waiting for a more well-off simp to take his place.

No. 143322

Did she ever want to marry any of her “husbands”? I wonder.

No. 143328

If they do elope, it will be some unofficial anime con wedding or something equally cringe. She doesn't care about actually getting married, she probably just wants a tacky cosplay wedding photo-op.

Realistically, it probably just won't happen. She doesn't even wear the new engagement ring he got her. She wears the Bisou pieces more, kek. Hell, she probably chucked the thing after an argument or already demanded something better.

No. 143333

I can't wait for the Mrs. Hanft saga if it ever happens.

No. 143334

She probably sold it to pay for more plastic junk kek

No. 143335

At least in previous relationships she seemed to be vocal and posted on social media about them. Often uploaded pictures including them and gossiped or talked about day to day life together.
It was like this with Kevin for the beginning of their relationship but lately it’s like he doesn’t even exist to her. She rarely makes any mention of him online anymore, nor her living with him. From the outside looking in, she’s single and has some creepy guy who claims he’s her fiancé on Instagram and Facebook.
She also often posts or alludes to not belonging in/hating Utah which makes me think she’s just dying for a way out of her entire situation, but hasn’t found a simp with the funds to babysit her 24/7 like Kevin does.

No. 143336

This is my take on it as well. I've pointed out her asking Instagram dudes to buy her a house, she tells people she's "just passing through" Utah.

She's obviously miserable with Kevin. Who wouldn't be? Don't get me wrong, Lori's abuses towards Kevin have been well discussed but from her perspective she's in a shithole state where she can't even smoke weed legally, and her boyfriend is messy as fuck and keeps sabotaging any efforts for her to be a professional e-girl. I'm sure she fucking hates him lol.

No. 143337

She follows cannabis stores in Colorado. I feel this way too. Tinfoil: she's planning to hop states to smoke weed and find someone new.

No. 143339

She definitely gives off the vibe that she’s embarrassed of Kevin and is just using him for his money/apartment/prop making.
I would be embarrassed too if my “fiancé” constantly sperged out like a dipshit 15 year old on social media and pretended he was some hot shit hypebeast e-boy with zero fashion sense.

No. 143340

File: 1617225771142.png (311.61 KB, 564x500, Screenshot 2021-03-31 at 22.22…)

damn, she really do got fat cankles her shoe strap is digging in so bad

so much for smol LOL(nitpick)

No. 143351

>fat being squeezed
Strap isn't on the last one either, not so smol huh.

In her mind she's just "passing through" and stuck with Kevin for now, but reality is he's the only person left who would deal with her ugly IRL self.

No. 143356

She was obsessed with posting photos of herself and Steven when they were "married." I don't think it was a legal marriage but I'm not 100% on that. That was also during her cool off period where she wasn't as problematic and just smoked weed and dressed like a weird elf creature.

Rikki never wanted to pose with her so she rarely posted photos but she sure as hell posted about him non stop. With Kevin she was over the top about taking photos with him in the beginning and now it's like they're just roommates or something.

No. 143362

That's also what shoes like those do when you're smashing your foot into the ground at that angle?

No. 143366

lol he is pretty cringey and looks like a pathetic myspace emo fag stuck in 2010s. So embarrassing. Lori is mad that she can't find some sort of alpha sugar daddy to simp for her.

No. 143369

She wants a rave daddy with money to entertain all her dumbass endeavors. Kevin's toast once she finds one.

No. 143370

Agreed. Kevin is stuck in his own little world. It’ll be interesting to see how they end up once Lori is ready to move on to her next boytoy.

No. 143375

I've been saying this for a little while. Lori isn't amazing by any means but men are dumb and will put up with a lot of shit. But I also think Lori will mostly behave herself if she finds a semi normal guy who makes a decent salary who will entertain her and provide for her. I really don't think that's impossible for her to achieve at this point, especially as she grows her following and does more sex work on OnlyFans. We know she chats to other men because she has offered that as a reward since back in the Patreon days and she constantly directs even the most innocent messages and questions to private message on her OF.

Kevin acts, looks, and dresses like an impulsive high schooler, has a typical highschool job, the guy is such an embarrassment. He's been my fav cow for a long time because of his long Facebook updates.

It's no wonder Lori hides him.

No. 143377

What on gods green earth makes you think she could ever organically grow her following? This decrepit bitch has to purchase followers because her content is so mediocre that smooth brain coomers don't even want it.

No. 143384

I don't doubt Lori has no loyalty to Kev and would jump ship if the opportunity were to arise, but I think those days are pretty limited at this point. She's in her mid 30's, no real job, lives in Utah, looks nothing like her pics. She might be able to catfish some guy into feeling bad for her, but I don't think she'll be able to find anyone quite as pathetic as ol Kev here. She'd have to drop her standards somewhere along the line whether it be looks, age, etc. for the new dude and I can't imagine her doing that. Kevin is unfortunately a decent match for her considering she brings very little to the table.

There are some coomers that seem to like her just fine and so does a small percentage of similar costhots. (Jessie Pridemore included apparently) Though again >>142597 she's only getting a few likes per OF post. Sure she gets a few thousand likes on each of her IG posts but at the end of the day only a small portion actually bother to pay for her "content". I'm sure there's some organic growth via the coomers, but for the most part yeah, it's bullshit.

No. 143385

She absolutely is over Kevin at this point.

She used to beg her FTM ex Ender for sex and she refuses to have sex with Kevin.

No. 143386

Do Kevin and Lori even sleep in the same
room? It really does look like they’re just roommates at this point and they’re too proud to announce their split online. Kevin’s “I like Lori” kinda made me start questioning if they broke up. But then again there’s no way they’d have a peaceful separation and be able to live together without raging everyday.

No. 143387

File: 1617273517338.jpg (116.29 KB, 813x1280, IMG_20210401_033726_989.jpg)

The only interaction on this photo is a single "like" from Kevin's aunt.

No. 143389


Oh, what could have been. >>142731

No. 143392

I don’t like Lori but here is a list of what she should do with her onlyfans money:
Stop wasting money on garbage and save
Fix her teeth
Grow out her natural hair
Get skin treatments, or Botox if necessary
Find a guy who will provide for her

It’s a realistic exit plan at this point

No. 143397

She could also put that money away so she can get her own place and do whatever/whoever she wants and stop being a mooch but what do I know.

No. 143398

My dude is dressed like a knock-off rick owens ninja… what is he trying to express..? That his brain stopped developing back in 2010 when that shit was in style?

No. 143402

The best part of this photo is that this simp is STILL using Lori's reject phone.

No. 143413

For someone who screeches into the void that ‘likes’ are everything, he gets absolutely none. Not even from the “love of his life” who values them just as much as he does. Pitiful.

No. 143417

File: 1617297691099.jpeg (207.34 KB, 828x1016, B7FE61CC-96C5-4147-A693-2AACEF…)

>>143387 I was looking to see if they had Tripp pants on Amazon and look what I found! Kevin’s drip for $22-$25! Hahaha!

No. 143418

What an absolutely retarded thing to say. Grade schoolers know that dressing yourself is a form of self expression. Kevin is a weak chinned manlet and Lori is the crypt keeper, sucking money and cheap costhot shit up like a Dyson.

No. 143419

I don't think she has a chance in hell of finding someone who would want her IRL. She's put so much effort and Kevin's money into making herself look available for so long, yet she's not getting leads.

I don't think she makes any money from OF to do any ONE of these things because if she did, she'd already be on it. She whines about wanting fillers from what I remember.

No. 143421

This is something that baffles me about Kevin. He goes out of his way to like every single post she makes. He constantly comments on her stuff and talks about her. He has her up on some pedestal like she’s fucking royalty…and he gets nothing in return. At all. She never mentions him. She never likes his posts. As far as anyone is concerned he’s not in her life at all. Yet they’re engaged? And living together? What the fuck is their dynamic and how is he justifying staying with her? I don’t get it. He’s like the ultimate simp.

No. 143423

Their dynamic looks like a caretaker situation from the outside. Kevin says Lori helps him with everything but we honestly only ever see him talking about helping her shoot for insta and taking her everywhere and brushing her hair, etc. Sounds to me like Obaa-chan has convinced him to be her assistant and affection dispenser. It's really weird and reminds me of the kind of creepy dynamic you would see on 90-day fiance. Controlling abuela micromanages twink to get to e-girl stardom.

No. 143427

She's a narcissist so there's no doubt she love bombs him and manipulates just enough to keep him hooked and loyal. Poor idiot

No. 143434

File: 1617310004409.png (2.25 MB, 1199x2048, Screenshot_20210401-134237.png)

New sponsor, it's apsanil_fashion. They make lingerie and ita garbage. All the cancelled or try hard egirls get scraped up by this company, they sponsor anyone with a pulse.

Her looks are so fucking awful. I really don't have words. Holographic reflective platforms with a mesh maid "dress" and ahegao bikini underneath with large fishnets? She doesn't try. She must pick items in the dark at random and just throw them on. A trainwreck I can't rip my eyes away from KEK

No. 143437

Wondering why Lori and her totally legit 100k totally-not-bot followers would bother to collab with such a small brand. Unless her totally-not-bot following is in fact bots? You’re so transparent Lori.

No. 143440

I don't think she cares if they are small brands, as long as they're willing to send her free shit that she thinks is cute. I've only ever seen her turn down stuff that isn't her style. She really looks so bad in all the neon and pastel shit.

No. 143448

>dumpy backdrop with bedding just kinda flopped over her bed
>cheeks puffed out to maintain a normal facial structure because her face is so sunken in from smoking/being an anachan
>ugly shoes that don't match the equally ugly outfit
>nose rash that looks like a pink bandaid at first glance

been said a million times but lori just looks every part of a dumpy middle aged woman trying to LARP as a kawaii uwu egirl

No. 143450

She wants so bad to be a rave girl but can't even try-hard a cohesive outfit. You're right, so does pick at random because she thinks she knows the aesthetic

No. 143452

Does she think this shit is cute or is she just desperate? I'm going with desperate. I think she would change her look in a second if someone legit came along and it was different from her usual "uwu" bullshit.

No. 143454

This looks like a pos halloween costume from party city.

No. 143458

She is a BPD hag who changes her entire… everything to fit her current beau's fantasies. She's never not been a desperate pick-me who will toss her wardrobe and hobbies at the snap of a man's fingers. It's one of the saddest things about this cow honestly, it's like watching a 14 year old girl try to find herself lmao.

No. 143460

No. Don't diagnose her when she's only just a shitty person. Shitty people exist without mental disorders. She's just a pos like Moo.

No. 143461

Shitty people exist with mental disorders too. Lots of people take responsibility for themselves, Looni never will. I think she's sick and fucked up. 2 different problems rolled into one puffer face.
Saged for armchair.

No. 143470

File: 1617329758410.jpeg (55.31 KB, 612x612, D9247F14-B4D9-47DD-ADE5-9BB697…)

So nobody has yet pointed out her fat giant toes are slashed through those stretched out holes in the fishnets?

Me it is.
It’s not like fishnets are pricey things either..

No. 143474

are you really nitpicking over her toes sticking out in fishnet? lol that happens to everyone, including me. stop sperging over normal bodies, you fucking retard.

No. 143475

it looks like a fucking backpack kek

No. 143476

Yeah because the nets have holes and its not a full covered toe fishnet either. That's how that fabric works. Even a fishing net would do that.

No. 143481

File: 1617338307698.jpeg (688.29 KB, 1242x1978, BF311CED-82A7-4E8D-B404-2520AB…)

Did ender have to “heal himself” from lorenas years of fuckery and abuse?

No. 143482

She is skin walking kitty, it must have bothered her deeply that rikki dropped her for kitty and now she’s trying to skin walk as her.

No. 143485

Pls sage this shit. Kitty is a cow too. She’s over on KF if you wanna suck her clit.

No. 143487

They are all carbon copies of an exusting aestetic. You guys don't know what real skinwalking is.

No. 143492

This. Shit reminds me of petty girls in high school.

No. 143495

No one cares. Kitty also claims she’s the first person to drink coffee while wearing plastic clothes in her cow selfies. My eyes burn from how hard they’re rolling. Kitty is working hard to have her own thread.

No. 143497

Think you struck a nerve bc the extremely poor grammar and spelling in:
all sound like granny and her simp topkek

Especially the "shit reminds me of petty girls in high school". Totally sounds like a Lori comment reply js

No. 143498

Agree. This has been discussed numerous times in the thread that Lori skinwalk s Kitty as a personal vendetta. No one here ever said Kitty was the original e-girl. Either the other anons aren’t familiar with Lori or are Lori trying to deflect. Bitch copies Kitty-not the style- specifically for her own fucked up personal reasons. If Kitty was into a completely different aesthetic Lori would be doing that instead. THAT is skinwalking.

No. 143500

Every time I or someone else here opposes your Kitty petting bullshit you accuse us of being Lori. Learn to accept that people aren’t always going to agree with you and stop sperging about it you clit licking Kitty fag.

No. 143501


No. 143503

Did we say that we like Kitty? Did we defend her? No. But when there's a sudden surge of attacking her hard multiple times in a row on this thread, it's super sus. Especially since we know that Lori and Kevin have posted here before and lurk hard. And that it's a Lori behavior. So it's not outta pocket to assume that "clit licking Kitty fag" is something that would come out of L/K's mouths. Don't you have some seizure videos to be making? Better get to it, chop chop.

No. 143504

Calm down Kitty. This is a Lori thread. When you come up in here making this about yourself we get annoyed and try and shoo you away. Go drink coffee out of pink cups and get back to folding boxes.(hi cow)

No. 143508

Could not be more transparent you're not accustom to lc board culture, jfc…

No. 143511

Hey Kevin. She's got you working overtime for more BLT wraps I see.(hi cow)

No. 143512

Kek what? I’m one of the ayrt and you’re an idiot to think all of these anons mentioned are Lori or Kevin. I wouldn’t doubt they lurk and post, but nice bait. You tried.

I’ll never get enough of their shit cooking or lack thereof

No. 143515

I've been here for years, and specially itt since the first.
Nice larp zoomer, but just because we think Lori's a cow doesn't mean we're suddenly compelled to speak of Kitty in only a positive light. Unlike twitter, LC is not a hive mind.

No. 143524

Can y'all stop filling the thread with this bullshit again. I could not give less of a shit about Kitty. If you bring her up to talk shit for no goddamn reason, make a thread about her if you are so pressed. Or let her know how you feel on KF or IG. Stating that is not wking.

It's not wking to acknowledge yes Lori has and does copy her specifically. It's not wking some random, tangentially related to the thread person to find it sus that a bunch of posts in a row bringing her up for no reason. No one cares, stop derailing.

No. 143540


Is she in the middle and in a polypod now? Does she still say she is a guy?

And she's still friends with Lori right? That is pretty telling about her personality.

No. 143548

File: 1617388039698.jpg (89.57 KB, 570x1280, IMG_20210402_112435_995.jpg)

Is this the same Claire from the fellowship of the rainbow? Have her and Lori always been friends?

No. 143552

Her giant feet aren’t normal for her size. Nobody cares if you also are too stupid to pay attention to what you buy and make excuses?

Learn your actual body shape and how to dress for it, Lori clone.

No. 143554

Yeah that's the same claire. I think they met through kevin?

No. 143556

File: 1617392527341.jpeg (257.82 KB, 821x1153, FD976E4F-E302-4AC0-93B6-3EDF26…)

No. 143558

I thought she posted this until I saw it was his account. She might as well be single. Does she ever post photos with him anymore?

No. 143559

Nope! And never will again probably. Only kevin does and it's pathetic.

No. 143561

lmao I thought he edited himself into her photo he looks even faker than she does

No. 143564

Love how his hair fades into his skin. And what’s up with his mouth? Why does he make that face? He only makes two, this one and the retarded overdone Bakugo face that he always does in cosplay pics. Tired ass same face syndrome.

No. 143565

Kek he looks pasted on. Also his head is shrunken because of the ten layers of filtering Loony uses to make herself look young. Absolute disaster.

No. 143570

LOL!!! I love how it's that same side smirk he always does. He looks SO uncomfortable. You can tell it's just two people desperately trying to look good as if it were a solo pic. They aren't posing together as a couple at all.

No. 143579

"#couplegoals" almost made me spit out my water. And the fact that he hashtags his shoes in like every post is fucking hilarious and pathetic lmaoooo he's so desperate in every single way

No. 143583

I love the leg grab posturing, totally convincing everyone that you guys are healthy and love each other. If Lori has to turn the skin smoothing and chin reduction up THAT much, I'm dying to see her HDR ass crater face and man jaw. Truly never seen someone with so many filters.

No. 143584

Their bed is shiiiiiiiiiiiiitttty. Look at how low it drops from his fatass sitting on it. They really are 2 broke fuckups.

No. 143585

Ayrt, I don't necessarily disagree but you fail to acknowledge this unsaged retard restarted this discussion >>143482 and she doesn't copy her to the level that would warrant all Kitty's sperging. Egirls are all shallow imitations and they're both obsessed with each other.
t. Anon with a different opinion

No. 143590

It might be an air matress

No. 143592

I would side more with Kitty if she went on the farms to say her piece and let that be that instead of constantly checking it, throwing in her unfunny attempts at "shading" Lori.
Don't get me wrong though, it's still telling and pretty funny that Lori hasn't said anything about it

No. 143597

>egirl eboy

Why do they expose themselves like this. I'm chuckling at the thought of them taking dozens of photos in Lori's room with a timer and then Lori taking some by the mirror surrounded by garbage, and this was the best they could do after hours of edits.

No. 143602

No wonder they’re so miserable. Perfect for her ~scoliosis~.

No. 143604

Because Lori knows the copying is true lol. Funny no matter what or which anons sperg. We all know loris pulling her hair out over it and it’s funny to me.

No. 143605

File: 1617413238088.jpeg (998.47 KB, 2499x3716, 94AF7AF8-5BEC-4F51-B29E-696361…)

No. 143606

I don’t think Lori thinks about Kitty at all or there would be some reaction. Kitty is such a forgettable nobody that I doubt Lori cares at all about the lengthy Kitty spergs.
I do enjoy the Kitty spergs when they appear here or at Kiwi. She’s so painfully desperate for likes it’s embarrassing kek.

No. 143609

She's using these for sure, the concave chest pics upthread already show how flat she is.

>Lori doesn't care

Literally everything Lori ever posts is in reaction to anons or Moo and Kitty.

No. 143617

This is so actually sad. She always talks about loving her loli tits but does this…. Clearly secure in herself.

No. 143644

File: 1617451094473.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.19 MB, 1242x1662, 77EE4EB1-CF0F-47FB-97CA-7FC156…)

To answer the question for you all, she does penetrative videos already. Poor Kevin, wonder how it feels to get cucked.

No. 143645

She does those picture with the dildo near her ass as ll the time. Where and when did you actually see a video of her doing penetration?

No. 143646

Is there a way to actually see her videos without paying? and no I'm not simping, I'm curious and I want to laugh a bit.

No. 143647

File: 1617453144186.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.51 MB, 1242x1996, 52FA38CE-9ACD-4C9A-8E3F-EDF31B…)

This was uploaded on March 29th, in the video she is actively fucking herself and moaning.

No. 143653

Holy shit, looni is actually doing porn now? Legitimately thought I'd never see it but it makes sense, she has about nothing else left to try and I'm sure her subs on OF are sick of her just crossposting her IG posts

No. 143655

File: 1617458510872.jpeg (Spoiler Image,365.98 KB, 1242x1614, 3806713B-01D2-4F47-BDD4-CE19BA…)

Yes it appears she’s been doing it for some time. Nudes as well.

No. 143656

She hasn't been doing it for some time. If she's doing penetration now that's 100% new

No. 143661

Kek she's so desperate, she'll never be what she wants to be, no matter how hard she tries

No. 143662

File: 1617462747427.jpeg (462.13 KB, 1242x2115, 10A8305F-FE3B-4812-B740-EF5472…)

She gets hardly any interaction with her OF posts, no comments, only averaging around 5-10 likes

No. 143663

Eugh. Part of me wants to see and laugh and the other part of me needs a boiling shower. I can't imagine how cringe it is kek

No. 143665

Probably because her porn videos are 1-7 seconds long and riddled with filters. She used to average more not even a month ago. Sucks to suck, Looni. She's honestly the worst sex work cow. At least the other slags make entertaining porn that is memeable and memorable.

No. 143666

Interaction on OF is low to begin with but these are truly abysmal numbers. No comments too..yeesh

No. 143682

Lori would have to actually be able to develop "relationships" with potential paypigs but we all know that 1) She's lazy and thinks they should just pay for her low effort lewd stillpix with no interaction from her at all and 2) Kevin would never allow it. We would all get to hear his crying if that happened lol

No. 143685

It’s very obvious Lori cares. Especially when Kevin mentioned how people are jealous Lori has him after Kitty called him cute or some shit. Let’s not pretend our stalker Lori that harassed other Zero 2 Cosplayers for cosplaying, doesn’t care.


So Anon saying she wanted to actually do Porn was right? Her forcing herself to have an ass kek

No. 143692

Wow only thing left is to prostitute herself and do porn with other people. How long till that happens?

No. 143694

Woof, don't know if it's her boobs and nipples being mishapen or the amount of filters distorting it.

No. 143717

Lori does still sperg about Kitty, she has posted a few times about people being mutuals with her "abuser" linking to Kitty's profile when asked who it was.

No. 143718

something about the wasit and hips look really edited, did she widen her hips, pinch her waist, or both?

No. 143720


No. 143724

That was like over a year ago

No. 143727

File: 1617499099311.webm (Spoiler Image,2.2 MB, 888x1226, FullSizeRender 2.webm)

I’m really sorry if it seems that I’m splurging, but I got it in video form

No. 143728

File: 1617500550744.webm (9.57 MB, 888x1184, FullSizeRender 3.webm)

Sage for same fagging, but if anyone has wanted to hear her voice, here you go

No. 143730

LITERALLY A CRACKHEAD, JESUS CHRIST HAHAHAHAHA. No better than a coked out woman downtown with random body shakes and shit. This is funny.

No. 143731

>coked out coolmom from Jersey with tourrets

There is no way she's not on some hard drugs.

No. 143733


It's definitely not my place to say how someone should take care of themselves, but this content is super awkward to watch because it doesn't look like she's enjoying herself at all with that "one trick" (horse) face. Do her simps even comment on her stuff?

No. 143734

Jesus what the fuck I'm legit terrified

No. 143735

Excuse me is she fucking drugged out of her mind??

No. 143736

It's hilarious watching that filter dance trying to keep up with her putting shit in her face kek

No. 143737

File: 1617502099871.jpeg (99.42 KB, 1242x562, D5FEC8F8-55EF-47E5-93F3-CC5563…)

The video only has ten likes and one comment. Hardly anything.

No. 143738

Her jaw must be meaty.

The lines and blur distortion of the rainbow top she's wearing as it melts into her chin is topkek.

No. 143741

I think she is wearing a breast plate there's a raised edge before the halter. But can't tell with the filter hearts. Not that I really wanna see that. What creeps me out is you just know she redid this a bunch of times to make sure her filters and her aheago face were how she wanted it. I wonder if this is the most sexual contact with her Kevin gets.

No. 143743

How do you get the video to play? It won’t show up and when I download it won’t work

No. 143744

Omg, the kaweewee movements along with her totally normal, deadpan voice. It really can't be overstated how weird this video is

No. 143751

Damn I almost feel sorry for her

No. 143755

JESUS is Lorena okay? This is disturbing. Her body appears to be moving involuntary. Why is she giving a speech about how much she likes her IG interactions but then comments rude shit to people when they do comment on her posts. Maybe if you had a better attitude you’d get more interaction than bots.

No. 143758

Could be that she is just super awkward on video. But I couldnt help but cringe. While her actual voice is more on the normal side.. That noise she makes when telling others shes happy when they sub… her random face cuts…And how she shows off those ducks make her seem like a child and mentally off. Quite unnerving.

No. 143767

It's disgusting how she acts like a child. A 30+ year old woman who manages to barely stay afloat by behaving like a 5 year old cumslut. Absolutely sickening. Lori is the type of person who'd knowingly allow her children to be sexually abused.(weird tinfoil)

No. 143772

I think she has the same issue as Moo, all her social cues come from anime. Anime uses audible noises when characters are to react in a certain way but frames are static or still, as well as jarring motion to convey emotions. She thinks she's as adorable as her precious loli characters she's trying to emulate.

No. 143777

Ew, wtf anon.

No. 143778

File: 1617535251468.jpg (400.42 KB, 1064x962, 20210404_061723.jpg)

Those filters suck! You can see multiple different faces as you pause the video.

This is some sick stuff. She just gets worse. She really is pedo pandering. I cant see any sane person watching this sick shit and thinking it's hot. Dont even get me started on >>143727. Discusting.

No. 143787

File: 1617546272259.jpg (2.58 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_04-04-07.23.25.jpg)

Lord Farquaad jaw looking ass.
This video makes her come off as a legitimate tweaker. Has Lori ever been up front about drug use aside from weed? I could see her being a coke whore.

No. 143792

She's too square for coke imo. I'd sooner believe she got an adderall prescription to help her be ana

No. 143793

File: 1617551502744.jpg (35.65 KB, 1024x1024, 3fffff329d45d9f410376364b80158…)

>it makes me really happy when you guys pay attention to my instagram posts and sub

No. 143795

File: 1617552472757.webm (9.98 MB, 888x1174, FullSizeRender 4.webm)

She seems to be very aware about her jawline, I had to laugh at this one because she said she has titties

No. 143800

Does anyone actually fap to this? Like, I can't even imagine the most desperate incels getting off to this… Unless she had a bag over her head

No. 143804

GOD this is so weird ahhhhh
She's trying not to smile but…why. her having 0 facial expression makes it so robotic

No. 143806

File: 1617559098106.jpg (18.94 KB, 292x326, 1km.jpg)

Oh man, her cleary adult voice clashes so much with her e-thot looks and retarded cheek pouts. Dumb hag.

No. 143810

I generally just lurk this thread instead of post but it has to be stated how bizarre these videos are? If it's not drug use it has to be autism or something else. I have such a hard time believing she watches these before posting and thinks they look good. Does Kevin see these and tell her to post them anyways? I have so many questions lol

No. 143813

Everything about her is so uncanny and entirely rehearsed it's scary. Patrick Bateman level acting. The UwU poses and Melanie Martinez in the back almost makes it feel like a bit she's really committed to. What in the everliving fuck.

No. 143814

It's not drugs it's 100% her filming the 100th take and pretending to be a person lol

No. 143821

She thinks nasal lines make you look old when even babies have them she's just a stupid oldfag who is scared of getting old

No. 143824

These should be included in the next thread's pic so they come up when you google her name topkek

No. 143825

It's funny bc she'd never be able to afford coke, she's just naturally this horrific

No. 143827

The distance between her fish mouth and hook nose is huge. Is her philtrum super long or is it the filter?

This is why it takes me out. She probably did a million takes and these are autism tic ones the best clips.. combined with the mom voice.

No. 143829

The way she talks and shakes reminds me of Mother Grandma from Liam Sullivan's skits.

No. 143830

You just awakened some nostalgia in me I had no idea I had. That’s it exactly!

No. 143835

Did Kevin delete this photo already?

No. 143843

Agreed kek

No. 143851

File: 1617579246709.png (1.66 MB, 1232x2048, Screenshot_20210404-163404.png)

He's lurking.

No. 143855

Well if he’s lurkin then he should prob know his girl unfollowed him again on IG

No. 143856

File: 1617581728285.jpg (26.65 KB, 397x407, breastplate.jpg)

right on the money this is defs the edge of the breastplate.

No. 143857

Like Kevin doesn't obsess over her 24/7. He probably scans his followers every hour to check. He's still got his last words acct up too.

No. 143859

>and some of you guys know what i have down there winks

mom come pick me up i'm scared

No. 143860

Why does she do "anime uwU" poses/sounds like its a tic? And she has tourettes?

No. 143861

Is his IG gone for anyone else? I checked on my backup and nowhere to be found

No. 143862

Gone for me too

No. 143863

Do you think he didn't know she was doing insertion ppv until he saw the thread (I'm not watching the clip but I gather that's what it is) and they had a fight over it?

No. 143865

File: 1617584575190.webm (Spoiler Image,3.63 MB, 887x1460, FullSizeRender 5.webm)

New Looni “porn” video. I honestly have no clue what the fuck is going on here

No. 143869

This is probably right. Considering he didn’t even want her joining lewd groups in the first place. Either way, an argument happened.

No. 143872

I can only imagine “so you won’t fuck me but you’ll fuck yourself for your 3 simps?” Kek that must be the basis of their fight, since it’s now public knowledge that she won’t fuck him thanks to Kev running his mouth as per usual.

No. 143873

Maybe la abuela made him close all his accounts so he won't air their dirty laundry

No. 143874

The edge is visible on the left side and is a totally different color from her skin too. Good catch.

Looking forward to Kevin's overdue sperging about how his money, both stolen and given, is being used for her to do this online kek.

No. 143878

Does she speed these videos up? It's so spastic

No. 143880

Here’s my take on it I think. Kevin’s been sexually frustratered for god knows how long because Lori probably refuses to sleep with him due to being a terrible in bed compared to her other men. Frustrated Kevin sees thread of her doing full on penetration while he’s a work probably. He’s assmad because he can’t even get laid while she’s doing this on her onlyfans that’s he’s also being jaded to think it’s mild nudety and lewd photos. He throws a shitfit an deleted his Instagram, probably seething an thinking of a way to make some passive aggressive Facebook post he will sit on for a day or two, then post an then we have the ever going cycle that is Lori and Kevin fighting an making up. Just my thoughts anyways.

No. 143881

God I hope you're right anon. I love Kevin freakout posts so much.

No. 143882

Do you think the whole “the rape has to stop” is because when she DOES give him the puss, she considers it rape cause it’s for his benefit only/she can’t stand sex with him so that’s why she blackmails him with it? I always kind of thought that personally. But then I also remember him saying “you’re using our event to blackmail me” sooooo yeah I’m not sure, thoughts?

No. 143883

i just wonder why she doesn't have sex with him? ok he isn't as good as other men she had, but by past receipts she looked like someone who wants to have sex all the time. maybe him disgusts her in some way?

No. 143888

Maybe he has fetishes she doesn't like. I get the feeling he likes being pegged and wearing women's clothing or cosplay. Just a gut feeling.

You're probably right. When she posted her penetration previews she cropped them so you can't even tell what she's doing with her body but posted full ones on twitter where he isn't. She probably didn't anticipate a farmer subbing again and leaking it where he could see. If he doesn't baleet his Facebook we are very likely to see a trademark Kevin meltdown. Just wonder if this time he'll ask to be saved again.

No. 143890

>ask to be saved again
I'd laugh my ass off. Especially since he gets 0 engagement as it is.

No. 143893

I’m guessing it feels like she’s being raped because Kevin is so rabid with sexual frustration of finally getting the puss, he treats it like such. The event could have been maybe Kevin did something she wasn’t okay with, or requested something fucked up, an now she uses that “event” as a blackmail towards him. If only we could be a fly on the wall for just one day to see the shit show that happens with both their melt downs.

Kevin sperg outs on Facebook bring a type of joy to my day that others lack because he tries so hard to make it feel like he’s unbothered but wants interaction that no one with a brain will do because he acts as if everything is “fine” and this is what couples go through he just needs someone to talk to about it..but has to air it out in the only platform he has left that isn’t in shambles from his own doing. Meanwhile I can only imagine to type of cheap plastic shit being thrown around loris room once she sees what her stand in Riki is saying about her. Trust us Lori we know you still want him back or something close to his masculinity in your life you’re just waiting for the right paying guy to bail you out of that dumpster fire relation ship.

No. 143894

Lmao Kevin’s probably is into pegging, while being in his favourite cosplay. Which I don’t think the whole having sex in cosplay would turn Lori off completely - until he asked to be fucked in the a with her toys.

Kevin has cried wolf too many times for anyone to take him serious, he’d have to provide some self harm photos again probably to even get the lowest tier of interaction. It’s sad to say but when moo was ready to help get Kevin tf out.. he should have taken it. He’d be spoiled right now probably, and he’d have all the designer shit he cries about wanting an can totally afford but Lori’s money is contributing a lot to their living.. can’t imagine being Kevin, broke as shit because you bought your uninterested girlfriend more cheap shit to pose in, while wishing you could buy more 20$ jeans for yourself.

No. 143899

This. Plus in this hypothetical timeline where Kevin jumps ship from Lori to Moo, can you imagine the seething Lori would go through seeing Kevin living the good life AND being one of Moo's many cucks? All while she has to prance around in cheap aliexpress shit and hop from dick to dick just to have a place to live.

No. 143911

She doesn't have sex with him becau she gets bored easily. She doesnt love him so sex serves her no purpose.He already pays her bills and has shown her he's not going anywhere. She says she loves sex but shes really just an insecure person who uses sex and doesn't ever have a good healthy relationship. There's currently no gain for her in sleeping with him. She's slept with so many dudes she probably cant have a proper attatchment. Sex long term requires so much more than a fling does.

No. 143915

Moo would have loved to have someone to make props for her. And she isn't picky about quality or she wouldn't wear Umbran's crunchy wigs

You reading this Kevin? Momokun would have funded you, brought you to Japan, given you loads of time to work on your propmaking, probably bought you a 3d printer and a whole ass workshop etc not to mention loads of real designer shit.

Instead you have to work for a living paying for your crazy gf who won't even acknowledge you on social media much less be intimate with you

No. 143916

Adding to this, even if Moo eventually dropped him, how many of her e-thot friends or just e-thots in general would want their own personal prop maker? Kevin really fucked himself over lol.

No. 143917

The Moo ship has sailed so why bother speculating on it. Maybe she would have or maybe she wouldnt have done things for Kevin but by his own words they weren't that close to begin with. Yet she tried to help him and he blew her off. The only reason her name came up again was because someone contacted her about his "last words" page and then Kevin kept accusing her and Vamp of being the ones trying to "hurt Loris career" after she responded with some screen shots of old convos. I think its pretty safe to say Moos probably not that interested in any kind of relationship with him, or at least not one where shes spending big bucks on him.

No. 143920

File: 1617630201665.jpeg (94.87 KB, 827x516, 2BCD5AB2-E6F3-498D-8A6B-69467C…)

Lori’s edits be lookin like this and she upload them anyways… I don’t understand!!!!

No. 143931

This is why it's funny to talk about. Because Kevin thinks about Momokun every single day, so you know all these thoughts run through his mind when he no doubt stalks her on social media while trying to tune out Lori's tantrums

No. 143933

IDK anon, she still seems to keep tabs on him and so does Vamp. If they didn't care anymore they wouldn't have stuck their noses in and made comments about him and Lori.

With how much Lori rages about Moo, it makes me wonder if Kevin has ever reminisced his friendships with her circle in front or Lori. It would explain why she's so rabid about hating her. If Kevin really didn't care, hated her guts and didn't value the friendship she would probably not be vendetta-chan level mad. She only ever gets publicly mad at women who have been given praise or affection before from her past partners or fuck buddies. Kitty is a good example, even before she popped up on Kiwi she was posting randomly in the past about Kitty's abuse and her butthurt over not being picked. Kitty wasn't even interacting with her at that point, IIRC Kitty blocked Lori a bit after that and then the skinwalking started.

No. 143935

Vamp is a farmer for sure, she's been caught once regarding Moo but she probably thrives on watching Lori self destruct. But Moo only leapt to share because it made her look good. She was in it for the ass pats, Kev is too broken/low in cosplay community for her tastes. He doesn't offer her anything she can reap the benefits from anymore.

No. 143936

Moo absolutely reads this thread and has even posted a few times in past threads, going by her retarded writing style.

Probably makes her feel good that Lori is living in poverty in comparison, you know she never passes up a chance to oink about how much wealth she has from flashing her udders.

All three women are trash, I know it is hilarious to watch Kevin flail at Moo and Vamps, but blowing smoke up Moo's ass about how she'd be so much better for that shitty little simp isn't the way, fam.

No. 143937

File: 1617643513970.jpg (2.3 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_04-05-10.21.01.jpg)

Since Kevin is gone and presumably back on the outs with Lori, she's followed this random programmer guy. They don't live near each other or have mutuals so 100% he's one of her only consistent buyers. She would never follow a guy like that if he wasn't a devoted simp. He looks the type too since she mostly pulls brown neckbeard weebs. If Kevin is stuck in a lease with her and he has to watch this unfold he's probably gonna kill himself. Kek. The fucking cuck.

No. 143940

There is no way Kevin will stay offline. The internet is everything to him. He will either reactivate once he’s done with his tantrum or start a new social media page and try to keep it hidden. Don’t see the point considering his only irl contact is Lorena.

No. 143945

Sounds more like Lori just cant let go, which we know she cant and Moo and Vamp are enjoying watching the bitch seeth. But at this point would Moo be dumb enough to pay Kevin's way? If she did manage to pull him off Lori would it be about Kevin or getting back at Lori? With all the shit Kevin talked I can't see her still liking him much. Unless I'm giving Moo to much credit but she does appear heads above in the intelligence dept than Lori or she would have lost her Simps a long time ago and she clearly still makes bank.

I get the feeling Lurkie Loonie is considering some Anon words and trying to snag a hubbie wubbie, I mean pay pig before she gets to old and if Kevin chucks her ass out she's gonna need a place to go. If that pic is the dude, well trekkie programmer probably got a roof she can fuck for.

No. 143947

Loony is consistent in skinwalking the women that her paypigs or exes are being attracted to. Since she skinwalked Kitty and now Moo with Saber makes me wonder who else she's copied or is copying.

Her screeching on this thread every single time her Walmart level skinwalking is proven with screenshots is great though.

No. 143953

I'm not buying the breastplate tinfoil, she has boobs in her older photos and the nipples in >>143655 look too unfortunate to be fake. I think she likes looking flat the same as she likes looking skinny because it adds to her underage/loli larp so buying a breastplate doesnt fit her agenda.

No. 143955

Am I the only one thinking that Lori probably threatened Kevin and that's why he deleted? You know he'd be making a million posts by now

No. 143964

No woman will have a wet V for a man that lets you run all over him period. I could never fuck someone like Kevin because he is too much of a simp and seems like he would slow stroke and cry. She has no respect for him, no love, or anything else for him he is literally just some guy that pays her rent and gives her all his money. It’s like an 80 year old dating a 20 year old girl. She is only there for the money until something better comes along.

No. 143965

Lmao that picture is months old, do you not see the massive jump in cup sizes in the recent photos? Please.

No. 143968

On top of the way the plate reacts to her poking, she's missing the wide cavern deformity between her breasts that's in every photo of her ever.

Plus she wore a stupidly specific outfit in an attempt to cover all the parts that would out it as a breastplate.

No. 143969

File: 1617673936840.jpeg (1.93 MB, 2880x3840, 525685A5-A46D-411E-934C-09A40B…)

If it makes you feel better to think Lori has tits that’s ok cause she believes she does also

No. 143970

File: 1617674111305.png (1.36 MB, 1111x2048, Screenshot_20210405-183850.png)

He's back already

No. 143973

File: 1617675560017.png (113.02 KB, 191x253, 832746y.png)

She's definitely trying to do the weird "Poppy" kind of persona crossed over with anime girl bullshit.

This angle regardless of all the filters is really revealing her true face. Her eyes are a third of the size of what they are in all her shooped pics, her nose is double, and her teeth look entirely too big for her mouth here. kek

This is spot on. B.. but anon, it's just her apartment's incredible lighting!!! ur jelly!!

No. 143980

File: 1617678456256.jpeg (8.27 KB, 236x195, 6A64857A-DF40-41A5-88D4-E60BE5…)

Them long teeth

No. 143982

File: 1617679820008.jpeg (1.04 MB, 2880x2566, FD299DCB-23B2-406B-8F04-66DF83…)

Lori also made made a story an hour ago about her ferrets

No. 143984

The fact Kevin has been shilling her Only fans despite the fact she won't fuck him is so funny. He was most likely unwittingly pointing people towards more Looni puss than he ever gets being her fiance. King cuck

No. 143985

I mean there's nothing wrong with smaller/no tits but it's her denial and attitude about them that makes me want to cackle at her about them kek

No. 143986

God why is she doing those fucking weird face movements

Feels like I'm watching a fucking horror video

No. 143987

what the actual fuck why does she move like that??

No. 144018

A KF anon says she moves weird to keep the video filter from glitching. If she were to just stay still apparently it would be more obvious when her face stops being changed

No. 144058


Kevin you're a gnome dick ultra cuck holy shit.

No. 144097

File: 1617800486162.png (452.99 KB, 1046x768, kek.png)

Forgive me if this has been documented already (which is why I'm saging), but every time she posts anything with her face in it, I just remember this insanely on point comment that somebody made to her that made her rage a while ago. topkek "doll genetics"

No. 144102

File: 1617803805698.jpg (39.42 KB, 500x639, 0b71690a77d51148f661f3d8aae457…)

>my genetics make me look like a doll
I mean, she's not wrong I guess?

No. 144116

Anon you just sent meeeee omg

No. 144198

How is Looni going to tell ANYONE to hit the gym when she’s literally skinny but flabby? Not an ounce of muscle tone to be found. Meaty jaw no neck head ass.

No. 144213

I remember this. That girl was like 16 or something and ended up privating her Twitter because Lori wouldn't stop attacking her.

Iirc Lori tried to get minions to attack this girl but Lori doesn't have minions anymore so she just lashed out at this girl herself. I wonder what that feels like for Lori, whose thing used to be having a friend group she could manipulate and sic on people she didn't like. She must've felt very betrayed by the Kou group after that happened. She always talks about being a hermit now but it seems like having a bunch of friends used to be really important to her. I also wonder how she still manages to have a few leftover Kous in her acquaintance group. I know Ender still replies to her posts often.

No. 144224

>40yo attacking a teen

Lori is off her rocker because even at her age she never had a gym membership herself. Her only accomplishment is that she can't afford to eat well and looks like shit.

No. 144234

File: 1617838558790.jpeg (146.49 KB, 495x828, 13BFEB29-2BFC-459F-9B54-746268…)

Easy way to tell when Lorena has money because then she can afford to eat.

No. 144238

File: 1617838741393.jpeg (316.4 KB, 1242x1592, 65477EDA-2505-440E-B488-CA1F91…)

Any anons wanna take bets on how much longer it’ll be until he troons out? I give it another year of lonicy.

No. 144247

Honestly it’s a matter of time. He loves to dress as a woman and get pegged and she hates manly men.

No. 144256

At this point, by the end of the year. Trooning is easiest way to to become uncancel-able kek I assume Kevvie will be stretching out Loonie's extwa smol rags from DK in no time

No. 144258

Even in a hotel bathroom there is so much garbage on the floor. They truly live like pigs.

No. 144259

Cosplaying LoL characters isn't exactly a gateway. There are straight drags too. We don't need this to turn into a GC.

No. 144266

Sorry anon, you're right. We should focus on important things: their pigsty ass apartment for one. How much useless shit has Lori lugged with her from 2002 until today?

No. 144277

I unironically thought I was I'm the mtf thread, he already looks like a "transbian" lmao

No. 144316

This isn’t recent is it?

No. 144317

I wonder why kev is at a hotel while lori is at home fingering herself for OF subs?

No. 144319

File: 1617888845407.png (1.14 MB, 1015x622, uhhhhh.PNG)

Sage for nitpick, but the vid compared to the pic lol
ik you're gonna look heavier because the shot is more front-on, but come on lori where's your waist gone

No. 144321

She wishes she didn't have to contort herself to have an ass and curves. Box shaped head ass with a meaty jaw. I swear she's gaining weight. She looks worse, maybe we're getting her goat kek.

No. 144322

>The breast stuffing tissue on the floor
>Fuckboy fuck me face
>Virgin killer dress

Hey, everyone, this guy's a fucking faggot

No. 144333

Lol fridge lookin bitch, don't pull your back out posing Loony, the geriatric osteopath has a waiting list miles long

No. 144335

File: 1617895140215.png (797.23 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210408-081922.png)

One of the non-bot followers that looni has recently complimented her so KF fags decided to see what was up, turns out it's a trans pedo kek. She's seriously scraping the bottom of the barrel even compliments from literal child porn artists will be accepted by this fucking hag

No. 144337

File: 1617895193841.png (Spoiler Image,758.57 KB, 1058x2048, Screenshot_20210408-081829.png)

Be warned. It's not graphic but it's disgusting. Only posting for proof. Here's an example

No. 144344

WTF? WHY? What's with the hotel room and Kevin being dressed like this? This seriously makes me wonder…

No. 144361

Hi guys, former Kevin friend here. This photo isn’t recent or from a con. It’s just a selfie of him in a sweater dress he wore to meet up/hook up with someone’s couple years ago. Hope this helps to clarify.

No. 144399

someone's couple?? kev does threeways? more action than he gets now kek

No. 144400

Pretty sure that was a grammatical mistake anon but maybe not all surprising if he was interested in that stuff.

No. 144405

If this is not at a con, was this during or before he was with Loony?

No. 144411

The KF comparison to MOO wearing the same outfit was golden.

I can't wait for cons to see them in person. I saw Lori once outside at Sakura con and she was being a hag to her friend. Hope anon gets candid pics if we have a con season!

No. 144418

They've been dating for about 4 years so they would be together if it was 2-3 years ago, if not at least in consistent contact before dating.

No. 144423

File: 1617924046457.png (2 MB, 1181x2048, Screenshot_20210408-161846.png)

I'm loving the velour Cool Mom tracksuit look she keeps pulling. If she keeps it up it's gonna be all that fits kek. She's so boring, same look every time. Horns or crowns, every dolls kill thing she owns, a million layers of socks to hide the old lady legs. Worst influencer ever like where is the personality? Saged for non-milk.

No. 144430

I dont know Anon, those glasses seem to be newer and he's wearing them in his current Instagram profile pic too. He had that blonde hair this year in Jan and while he was blonde a year ago too he looks much more hagard now and he does in the pic too.
Plus he was going to meet people in a hotel a year ago? During covid?

No. 144441

sage for tinfoil but kev/lori seem like the type to book fuck hotels in a pandemic

No. 144446

>same stupid pose

Looks like she's missing a foot.

No. 144449

I agree except he’s been open about how she doesn’t fuck him. Kek

No. 144458

maybe there's another ana-chan with in driving distance that gives kevin that strap

No. 144462

Good call Anon.

Idk, this picture is suspicious as hell and Kevin's "ex friend" showing up with info about makes me wonder what, who and why he was/is really up too.

Either way he looks seriously sickly, gaunt and starving.

No. 144463

File: 1617935938152.jpeg (398.84 KB, 1242x2172, BD96420F-3AD6-410A-B503-9A7182…)

Sry nonnies, it was a few months before lori showed up. This was in April. Lorena didn’t show up til later that year on his Instagram but the first post was about him flying out to meet her. Never says when they became official.

No. 144469

wtf where's her foot

No. 144472

Definitely has put on some pounds. Moo, Lorena. We see you hiding your forming double chin. Trying to be more like Mariah? She does transform into her enemies topkek. No wonder she and Kev have probably been fighting recently due to his deactivating, we all know he only likes anachans.

No. 144492

It's a pity the pounds won't go to her chest cavity where she needs it

No. 144515

She's been hiding her feet and hands more and more. Her feet are half the size of her legs and her hands look like the Crypt Keeper's, even when she jacks the brightness up. Hands will always betray your age, Stega Nona! Might as well start wearing gloves constantly kek

No. 144517

This. The total lack of fatty tissue and the massive veins make her look mid thirties no matter what filter is on her head. I've been suspecting that she is desperate to cover her leg's spider veins and tendons for this reason. Teen baby face won't make up for scary ana-chan grandma digits and skin.

No. 144518

File: 1617983418013.jpg (Spoiler Image,674.64 KB, 1080x1626, Hand sperg.jpg)

Sage and spoiled for semi OT, but hands are the second most noticeable sign of age. You can always get a fat transfer to bulk those frito fingers up, lol.

No. 144637

File: 1618017221649.jpeg (365.26 KB, 800x489, A5170D0A-571A-402B-8E9A-C0D430…)

Did anyone else happen to think this was the front of her pants? I actually never seen a butt look so flat in a pair of sweatpants

No. 144638

Yes kek. She really outed herself by showing how truly flat she is. No ass, no tits, just a plank of wood

No. 144640

Wait. That's not the front?????
Is this edited?

No. 144641

Ew you can see the bag it came in on the dresser

No. 144653

File: 1618028396919.jpeg (800.99 KB, 2815x2109, E8E2FF17-3D8F-4FFF-AF98-6F419B…)

Nope not edited for someone that goes on how big her butt is to see it in these photos/videos makes me laugh she trying to wiggle that sagging skin trying to say it’s a butt

No. 144657

Nope! All her curves are thanks to the liquify tool and precise posing.

No. 144670

>Still excited for her birthday
She mentioned her birthday a couple weeks ago too, I don't know if it's just me but I side eye people past like 21 that have this big lead up to their birthday like it's a big deal.

No. 144697

She's been posting about her "birthday month" several times since April 1. She just wants people to buy shit for her.

No. 144698

Considering the lifestyle that Lori has lived up to now, she probably should be excited for her birthday. It means she's somehow still alive after everything she's put her body through. It's a bloody miracle she's made it to 36, Kek.

No. 144709

Some people like celebrating their birthday?? how is that an issue? Lori is a cow in her own right, but 36 isnt old or dead.

No. 144718

I mean Lori isn't like most people she's a lot more selfish and neurotic. Anons over 21 in this thread need to stop taking everything personally kek

No. 144732

NTA Anons under 21 really need to stop with the 'we're better because reasons' bit. We're a gossip forum here to laugh at cows no one cares you're too cool for birthdays like the edgy teens you are. Just laugh at her grandma track suit and move on. sage for non contribute

No. 144741

Making a big deal out of your birthday for a month as an adult looks desperate, and it's on-brand for Loony to use it as an excuse to ebeg.

No. 144756

I think the only reason it makes her look desperate is because he relies on others to fund her birthday month. Most adults over 25 stop looking for presents from others but instead usually have money to buy themselves whatever the fuck they want as a gift to themselves. Lorena can barely buy food for herself. Her birthdays sound bleak and lonely since she just spends it with her doormat and eat lettuce leaves.

No. 144769

I'm not a teenager, I'm just saying it's not cause she's old. If the 30+ having a birthday week shoe fits that's a personal problem nonnie. Back to Lori.

No. 144770

File: 1618090755841.jpg (2.03 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_04-10-02.37.44.jpg)

The ass comments hurt her feelings so she warped the fuck out of this lollipop. Kek. You're still a board, hag.

No. 144791

I can feel the desperation coming off her in waves lol

No. 144808

I want to be Lori's friend so I can convince her to not wear the rash blush on her face anymore.

No. 144812

Look on the bright side, if she didn't do this cringe stuff she'd probably have more simps and make more money. I find her kind of hard to watch sometimes bc of the cringe but it's better this way.

No. 144845

File: 1618149823192.jpeg (161.4 KB, 827x1407, 210BBDAF-629E-4922-BE22-84D47B…)

I can’t pinpoint why, but this picture is sending me. Kevin looks like he is having flashbacks of the war hahaha

No. 144875

The "get you a maid like this" pic made me laugh my ass off because he's doing that Zoolander smirk while awkwardly holding Lori's leg. My bf, who only knows about Lori and Kevin because I tell him about them sometimes, thought Kevin was shorter than Lori until a few days ago because every pic he's ever seen of them has Kevin beneath Lori in some way. I thought that was interesting kek.

No. 144897

TFW when you shrilled obachan gf's OF only to find out she'd gone further than lewds and gives random scrotes more attention

No. 144905

File: 1618169697480.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1242x1557, 7CC5CDC7-DE86-488B-9994-E36C2B…)

This is my favorite photo of them. Kevo looks retarded, he’s looking right at the camera instead of at his “love”. Such great cosplayers.

No. 144906

File: 1618170003796.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1242x2129, 750C0C4B-7820-4184-8552-EBFE06…)

How do Instagram tags work? This is some random cosplayer and she’s tagged onto her????? She has lots of zerotwo fanarts on her tag but this stood out to me.

No. 144909

His face has been shrunken down and his eyes enlarged so much it's not even remotely passable as real. I love how she edits herself to how she thinks she looks "better" and then just does whatever for his face. kek

No. 144911


Because she made the headpiece. A while back she was making/selling that headpiece (horns with the flowers).

No. 144916

File: 1618175390506.jpeg (45.42 KB, 211x275, 1563425758804.jpeg)

This is also my all-time favourite pic of Kev. He just looks so terrified

No. 144919

File: 1618179082584.jpeg (320.51 KB, 1535x2048, EyuawD6UYAMe1oE.jpeg)

No. 144923

File: 1618180509001.jpeg (83.85 KB, 1242x356, 314347D1-FFFF-4259-A174-4F7C69…)

Ty nonny. I did see she used to make stuff back in her steampunk days. Wonder why the girl didn’t say anything about lorena in the post. Wonder if she gave up crafting after Kevin she never posts about stuff she does, just shoes. Speaking of which this comment made me lol. Pink boats for feet.

No. 144930