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File: 1648399436421.png (969.31 KB, 1031x1153, Screenshot_20220209-140220.png)

No. 203591



Lori Cerda, known as Lori Lewd or Usagi Kou, is a 36-year-old photoshop addicted pro-ana costhot and anime fictionkin (otakukin for the oldfags) from New York state. With 20+ years of lunacy behind her, farmers have been working together diligently to stitch together the madness into a coherent timeline. Lots of interactions and receipts have been lost to time, either deleted or made private, keep that in mind as we continue.

Lori got her start as a rabid Sailor Moon cosplayer in the early aughts which launched her into infamy and Moonie drama that lasted for over 10 years alone. In Summary; a well-liked, cute and young cosplayer that wowed people as Sailor Moon had one of the hardest and fastest falls from grace. It’s a story rife with lies, theft, squatting, cheating, jealousy, cult-like behavior and lots of violence. To put it lightly, it blew apart the entire Sailor Moon community in the US and honestly, the news carried across the world. The juxtaposition of Usagi and Lori piqued the interest of many people. Some might call her one of the OG cosplay lolcows. After becoming a joke to the majority of the US cosplay community Lori dropped her Usagi shtick, married a few times and stayed mostly quiet.

2017 changed all that when Lori met Kevin “Skye” Hanft. Once the two cosplayers met and fell in love, Lori quickly reverted to her past behaviors and became Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx. Her current phase she has described herself as “14 yr old boy” and “spicy loli gremlin elf bb succubus” She cosplays mainly as Saber from Fate as well as random My Hero Academia characters to cash in on that hype train. Recognizing her status as a complete has-been, Lori prefers to focus on porn and only does half-assed couple cosplay with Kevin at conventions. Kevin feeds Lori’s delusions and is a whole cow on his own. He serves as her meal ticket and guard dog. At the first sign of any inconvenience or drama, Lori will blow the whistle and sick her dog. If you lurk long enough you will spot a wild Kevin masquerading as anon. Do not interact. He is retarded and he will spend his time trying to track you down. He has a documented history of digitally stalking commenters, accusing them of being anons or Momokun/Vamplette and threatening suicide/murder.

Over the last three years, Lori has amassed over 130k followers (through purchasing bots) and currently is partnered with miccostumes (@miccosgirls) and several dropship scam stores. She is often reposted and hyped up by Dolls Kill, YRU and their sister companies. Her past partners include Bisou Lovely, Rave Wonderland, Ardani Studios and Lewd Complex. Her current “dream” is to become a NEET e-girl, the kind that can bankroll a D-list celebrity lifestyle with the work ethic of Shayna Clifford. When Lori isn’t crashing the Meitu servers overseas or begging online, she can be found at her local Round1 screeching at Kevin to win her pretty princess toys lest he get the hose, again.

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Vintage Milk:
>Textbook ugly-duckling-turned-mega-bitch after high school
>Claimed ‘super abusive’ parents were the absolute most evilest pplz evar and she had to constantly be living on someone's couch to flee the violence
>Known pathological liar, her entire cosplay career was a farce built upon other seamstresses work and props
>Abused partners emotionally and physically, breaking peoples belongings when she throws temper tantrums, threatening rape allegations and suicide
>Mooched off friends and family (living rent free and destroying peoples homes with her trash, indoor smoking, making them buy her things, forcing them to sleep on floors and go without bedding, etc.)
>Manipulated teenagers, mentally ill/handicapped cosplayers and any others she deemed “beneath” her into false friendships
>Had a rap for being a nymphomaniac, or at very least hypersexual, often pressuring people into sleeping with her when she wanted it. Many times it was in public, at cons or restaurants and other extremely inappropriate spaces.
>Held vendettas against better cosplayers, sex workers and artists.
>Used her many livejournals to harass and slander other cosplayers like Zan for existing in the community and cosplaying
>Her ex-husband raped a developmentally challenged friend of Lori’s and when she found out she pressured the victim, “C”, into suicide. “C” then attempted by taking pills and drinking alcohol. Luckily, “C” survived. She never apologized or tried to right this situation.
>Went through husbands like pantyhose and typically only married for housing and money.
>Has only ever worked as a cringe cam whore and retail worker (unkown sex shop in WA then Forever 21 in UT)

Condensed Milk from the 10’s:
>Self-identifies as a Loli, shares Lolicon on Twitter and follows pedophiles back on IG and Twit
>Racist anachan with high-school mean girl tendencies
>Painful failtroll with a history of trying to troll /cgl/ and /w/
>Forced bf Kevin to self harm to prove his loyalty when she found out he had a female friend she didn’t know well
>She cheated on him anyways and used his car to go do it
>Both her and Kevin lurk their own thread and Momokun’s
>They break up and make up constantly, almost every other day
>Kins Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx, truly believes she is her and that the studio copied her to create her likeness
>”vampire blood” “anime features” and ”good genes” something something
>Will relentlessly tear down other cosplayers who do any cosplay better than her
>”Suffers” from an Eating Disorder and body checks in every post
>Queen of fucked up Meitu baby face shoops
>Edits herself skinnier all over despite wearing XS-S clothing
>Panders to pedophiles and degenerates without shame despite having many underage followers
>Spends her life fetishizing East Asian culture heavily, specifically Japan, somehow still butchers Romaji
>E-begs for money and subs EVERY SINGLE DAY
>Abandoned her old terminally ill cat so she could have ferrets. The cat died alone without care
>Claimed her ferrets were seriously ill and couldn’t go to a vet, got money and then ended up buying new DollsKill and a new weed vape cart
>Kevin lost $300 randomly and vaguely blamed it on Momokun’s friends when it was really just Lori
>Kevin has a running delusion that fellow cows Mariah (Momokun) and Vamplette are the OPs of every farm thread and are solely responsible for the surfacing of her past
>Lori undoubtedly sowed this seed to use as a deflection, she continually brings it up and talks to Kevin about it publicly even when it’s not related to anything at the moment

Last Milk Delivery:
>Lori still believes she is the IRL Marin Kitagawa despite being a middle aged grifting "Mexican/latina/Spanish" woman
>She still can't feed herself and has to beg coomers on Facebook for scraps >>>/w/195838
>She's still up to her usual seething and coping at 5 am about how hot and young she is >>>/w/196007
>Apparently the two dumbasses have gone through "the hardest part of their relationship"; maybe he's talking about them figuring out the schedule for who gets to take selfies in the studio apartment and at what time? >>>/w/196274
>Lori thinks every sub a dub dub is a farmer or a troll so, as per usual, she's fucking up her own money and life by being a raging cunt >>>/w/196405
>WARNING: Lori's actual sped loli kiddy porn (NSFL) (EYE BLEACH NEEDED) >>>/w/196412
>Kevin is a YouTuber now! >>>/w/196593
>Being an online whore is like, sOoO hArD aNd dAnGeRuOuS uGh >>>/w/196613
>Since nobody wants Lori in any regard, Kevin is trying to bring home the bacon with his skating videos and Patreon >>>/w/196738
>Attributing all trends and e-girl stylings to herself, Lori says that she loves seeing her direct influence everywhere (in fashion, online, meme culture, etc.) because it makes her haters rage. Okay grandma, that's lovely. Now take your blood pressure medication! >>>/w/196976
>OF and Patreon at an all time low, clearly in the red
>Begging for female friends so she can have other whores be her slaves and sell her work for her >>>/w/197782
>More of Lori's typical cope posting; this time complete with the most wild projection you'll ever see >>>/w/199649
>Lori takes it upon herself to turn the Marin "blackface" drama online into something about herself (cause she's Marin IRL DUH) and talks about how much the haters will seethe and say she's racist when she tans this summer >>>/w/201251
>Everything about Lori is loli anime including her rotting dead teeth and smokers jowls so we just need to cope and seethe >>>/w/201728
>After his 1000th rant about "FUCK THE COSPLAY COMM I HATE YOU NONE OF YOU CARED ABOUT ME I HATE YOU I DONT CARE ANYMORE YOURE ALL DEAD TO ME" Kev goes on to talk about cosplay again >>>/w/202534
>Scott pulls up and the rest is your treat to read >>>/w/203162

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YouTube videos:
>VangelinaSkov's videos
>Buffering Cat's breakdown
>Lori's racism

>Monster Girl Vibes: https://www.facebook.com/iota02/
>Lori’s FB: https://www.facebook.com/LoriLewd
>Lori’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iota_zerotwo/
>Kevin’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adollaskye/
>Kevin’s FB : https://www.facebook.com/kevin.hanft.5
>Kevin’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Krook3dKev
>Kevin’s cosplay FB: https://www.facebook.com/adollaskye
>Twitter: https://twitter.com/iota_zerotwo
>DA: https://www.deviantart.com/kou-usagi
>Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/people/usagikou
>OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/monstergirl
>Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/LoriLewd
>Amazon Wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1K5H3M8IH92VA/?ref_=lol_ov_le

Archived Milk:
>pockybox investigations
>wank about the rape incident https://web.archive.org/web/20130311093424/http://www.journalfen.net/community/fandom_wank/685335.html?thread=63139863
>usagi’s wank page http://web.archive.org/web/20110908004206/http://wiki.fandomwank.com/index.php/Usagi_Kou
>tgtn attesting to Lori's cancerous nature
>Djranma’s site https://web.archive.org/web/20070807233745fw_/http://www.djranmas.net/html/lori_cerda/main.htm
>Lori's psycho response to Scott's confession
>cringe engagement video posted by Kevin
>cringe ED article
>the sailor moon movie

>Lori’s KF thread
>Forbidden Spicy Imgur folder for the lulz

Dead Accounts:
https://usakou.tumblr.com/ (recently found)

What farmers sarcastically call Kevin, stands for Bishounen or “pretty boy”.
>Spicy / Forbidden Spice
This is what Lori calls OnlyFans because she believes her saying the words “OnlyFans” ruin her reach, it’s totally not because it’s her.
One of Lori’s many nicknames based on her short-lived “Lori Lune” phase.
>Sempai / Baka / Onichan
Lori can’t speak or sound out Japanese for the life of her so this is what she spits out, it is always inaccurate and unironic.
>BB / Loli / Gremlin
These are terms Lori uses to infantilize and objectify herself. She has an obsession with being a loli, she is an unapologetic autopedophile.
This is Lori’s dog whistle for farmers. (ex. “Hi MooMoo~” “I’m a cute MooMoo”) It recognizes her status as a cow and she thinks it’s a reclamation that gives the term less power over her. (Spoiler: it doesn’t do anything but make it worse)
Lori’s pet name for her girl crush Momokun
Lori mentally has regressed to a 12 year old, resulting in her using meme lingo from decades ago. She still thinks it is not only relevant but cute and charming.
Anyone, seriously anyone, who has anything critical to say about Lori in any respect. Comments about Lori that are not worshipping her will be blocked or the users will be harassed for days on end by Kevin and Lori.
Lori’s eloquent defense of Kevin’s looks.
>Homie homie macaroni/potato
Psychobabble that dribbles from the witches gaping maw
>Beep Beep Lettuce
Kevin's distress call

No. 203595

OP here, forgot to change the intro. I believe she is now 37-38 and not 36. Sorry, kinda rushed to get it open so Scott and others could post here.

No. 203597

Thanks for the new thread. If it makes you feel any better, Lori is still 36. She turns 37 in a week or two (sometime in April).

No. 203603

File: 1648403807056.jpeg (20.48 KB, 714x129, 04B0B799-575E-49EA-AD6B-C2F669…)

I Kek’d

No. 203607

Great thread op. I can't wait for her birthday posts about how young and loli she looks (with her 100th new face via face tuning). Followed by Cuckevin begging forpeople to look at her lego snatch so they can eat (and by eat I mean buy more ali express clothes while they sleep on the floor of their studio apt.)

No. 203608

File: 1648405835526.png (1.22 MB, 1028x914, Untitled.png)

haters mad over this one truly

No. 203610

Same vibe as when linebacker trannies post Loli characters squee-ing about "OMG literally me on the pink pill hehe~". If you were really her you wouldn't need to nuke your head with Quik Blue from Walmart and spackle on 3 layers of drugstore paint. You'd ~naturally~ have pink eyes and blonde hair and be a teen.

No. 203625

Why doesn’t she try to at least imitate the blush of the anime character? That would make her face look less like it belongs to a corpse.

No. 203650

oh my god the blurred disgusting filmy tongue and the missing tooth/gap is totally visible on the right side. nasty.

No. 203665

File: 1648423593754.png (266.2 KB, 1080x1081, Screenshot_20220327-162452.png)

Found this on the Vangelina Skov video. He's going back to old comment sections defending Lori. She must be screaming at him to defend her everywhere cause Scott dropped bombs. That or he's spending his free time Googling her and fighting in comment sections like a simp. Kek.

No. 203666

File: 1648423669138.jpg (Spoiler Image,84.54 KB, 1024x768, ba8.jpg)

>they think I'm 5'9 when I'm 6'2

No. 203668

Long philtrum from smoking is long. Even with the editing and filters to shrink her tranface. She always posts an angle to hide the missing teeth as much as possible, unlike the character who has a smile.

Called it that Lori is screeching at him all day to defend her since they tried doing it on the threads here and got called out instantly. Massive kek at him pretending to be tall when he's a hunched over ghoul.

No. 203673

File: 1648425938769.jpg (81.63 KB, 720x1178, IMG_20220327_170319_893.jpg)

Lol Lori's got Kevin working overtime.

>your brand

Kevin, Lori isn't a brand and Scott is just speaking his truth after being silent for 12 years or whatever.

No. 203674

You have to be important and established to be "cancelled". What's there to take from you two, Kev? Clout? KEKKKKKKK

No. 203675

>This is why I hate everyone
>But the only thing I want is to be a public figure

No. 203676

never seen lori respond to these claims, its always kevin. lori cant stand up for herself and say the truth because she knows its all true

No. 203680

She tried doing it with that LJ audio calling me a fucking psycho despite the fact that the stuff I wrote for that Pockybox article is 100% true. Her attempts at defending herself never work because her defense never holds water. Making herself out to be the victim somehow in a scenario where she's the narcissistic aggressor and other people are around to witness it doesn't fucking work.

It's funny to think I wouldn't say anything after the way she treated me, my family, and my friends for over a year.

Oh yeah, I can't guarantee it but I'm pretty sure she got on the wrong bus more than once when she was working at Macy's just so either me or my mom or dad would come "rescue" her. The 114 NJTransit bus was the one going to Bridgewater Commons Mall. She'd get on the 114X going to Manhattan.

No. 203692

Can some anon better than me post the cap of the peeing incident, I vaguely recall when it happened but I'm on a break at work and don't have time to search for it kek

No. 203699

He thinks he's a brand or a content creator, when he and Lori have never started or done anything unique in life.

Lori can never defend herself because everything here is true. She doesn't have an army of fans to defend her either, just Kevin's accounts and bots who like her posts on Insta only.

I love that he brought his own peeing incident back to the forefront, especially since Lori never wore the costume after he did it! Maybe he's planning on doing more peeing.

No. 203703

I can’t remember which thread it was, but there was no screenshot. An anon claimed that she saw a post by Kevin, but it got deleted before it could be capped. It seems true though because that zero two costume has been gone since that claim, and we know Lori would never stop reusing costumes

No. 203705

File: 1648431796259.jpeg (438.48 KB, 1125x1619, 2DC5F9DF-B6A5-4B48-A0EF-8A7E0F…)

Also on the Vangelina Skov video, so much for skatetube

No. 203706

File: 1648432636992.jpeg (297.69 KB, 1170x1082, 7AC9B9B6-C48D-4739-AD9F-051DE1…)

No. 203707

File: 1648432679660.jpeg (128.09 KB, 1170x506, EF254D66-F620-4CAC-A9A3-0DEABC…)

No. 203709

Kek kev would never make a response video. He never even made that vlog he said he would

No. 203714

he's so obsessed with followers holy shit i have so much second hand embarrassment for this waste of a human

if you didn't pee on her costume then where did it go kevin? have lori wear it and "prove da haturz" wrong. that is, if she can still fit into it without having to leave it unzipped, kek.

hey kevvy boy remember when she and rikki broke your computer and trashed your room and she made you cut your leg and took your car to cheat on you and they were plotting to kick you out?

can't wait for said video to never come out! kevin will show his failure to uphold his word for the billionth time i'm sure

No. 203717

>because she knows its all true

And so do do plenty of other people. Kevies just mad because he chose wrong.

No. 203718

>this is by far the biggest social problem
so the opioid crisis, homelessness, systemic racism, poverty, the war in Ukraine… all much less significant social problems than people commenting on the antics of "content creators." gotcha, kev.
he's so fucking ignorant it hurts.

No. 203719

oh my fucking god Kev you PLEASE make a video. we wanna see you seethe and spew hate in that monotone soulless voice.

also, Kev, since you forgot, Lori was cancelled in the early 2000’s when she didn’t know what a sewing machine was at a con masquerade and told a special needs minor to kill herself after she shoved a sprite bottle up her own crusty Lego vag. She’s never been un-cancelled she just faded into the background for a few years until YOU brought all her drama back into the forefront.

No. 203722

>I wish you would die you're so jealous of my perfect young hot girlfriend who is the best ever and never abusive
Cope harder, Kevin. We know you don't have a bedroom and you don't get fed regularly. Your Abuela has to beg online for scraps. Vangelina doesn't need your shit, you need actual clout. Bots don't count and Lori is more irrelevant on Instagram than ever.

No. 203723

>People with issues worse than you
Boo hoo Lori literally made every single problem she has for herself. Nobody feels bad for her she spent all her pity and y'all cried wolf for the last time. Make the video Kevin we would love to watch you chimp out and make everything worse.

No. 203725

Crying Kevvy and his death threats are back. He also still thinks he's Lori's fiance. It's been ages since he first started making that claim and they're still not married. Meanwhile Lori is showing her legovag to strangers, begging to do sw in DMs for ramen and still poor.

Sometimes his posts look like Lori wrote them for him, except for the one about height they're always so specific like the spergs, kek.

No. 203728

At least Kevin admits lori is mentally unstable. They’re always the victims, right? Now lori i has a mental disorder meanwhile she told an actually disabled person to Jill themselves and never apologized for it. >>203665
Lori doesn’t work or do anything with any effort including working or contributing to society. Kevin is just as bad, you’re right you cannot hold a candle to her failures although you are failing just as badly. They both need to go for a walk or get mental health help. They’re probably fighting constantly.

No. 203736

File: 1648455931263.jpg (47.69 KB, 1059x601, look at the facts.jpg)

God bless Kevin. He's the best part of this thread always.

No. 203739

I went through old threads and found it! More than one anon saw the original post, and she never appeared in that suit again. Prior to the incident, she wore that suit every single day and bragged about how comfortable it was.

No. 203745

amazing edit, good work nonnie

No. 203749

God's work anon, hilarious that not one but two people saw it before he deleted it.

The fact that she never wore the suit again, right after those posts proves it.

No. 203790

i usually don’t say things like this, but kevin’s constant whining and screeching over his woman, who he of course calls a “girl”, is probably one of the most pathetic perfectly displays of pure cuckery i have ever seen in my life. how in the hell do you reduce a grown ass man to behaving like a retarded 13 year old posting in all caps on old irrelevant videos? i have seen some pretty stupid men in my life do stupid things for some pussy, but this is really retarded. for a while there, it seemed like he was somewhat emotionally distancing himself from her, but nope. he’s right back to acting like she cut his balls off and has a pair of scissors on his dick ready to snip whatever is left of his masculinity. calling it crackhead energy is putting it nicely.

No. 203795

File: 1648483507773.png (495.42 KB, 1080x1309, Screenshot_20220328-090313.png)

Everything must be about Ratfink (part 1)

No. 203796

File: 1648483539231.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1506, Screenshot_20220328-090411.png)

(part 2)

Lori nobody asked or cares!

No. 203816

It’s so classic Lori to try to make every situation about her. No one is making fun of your “medical conditions” Lori. We make fun of you for being closer to retirement age than the age of the minors you skinwalk and your delusions of being a kawaii loli waifu who doesn’t ever photoshop when you’re just a crusty old hag.

No. 203819

Is this about the whole Chris Rock thing? Nobody cares or is going to stop people from shitting on you or your hair. Kevin has no balls and could never. She takes every opportunity to talk about herself and then some. Such a fuckin narc. Lmao

No. 203820

yes. she’s clearly one of the many morons who think will pimp slapping another man in public over his toxic wife who has treated him like shit and fucked around with anyone who will stop long enough under the guise of having an unconventional marriage is “honorable”, since there are obviously many parallels between her and kevin.

No. 203821

Chris Rock is fucking trash, who cares if he gets a slap

No. 203826

>>203821 Let's just keep on topic

No. 203833

Slightly ot but why doesn't she dye her hair blonde and pink like Marin? It would require like $20 and a couple of hours out of doing absolutely nothing every day, I miss the effort she put into her Zero Two skinwalk

No. 203834

eh quite a few anons do make fun of her chest hole

this is indeed her laziest skinwalk ever. she usually at least tried to do the hair right for past ones

No. 203841

She couldnt even dye her hair right for 02 of course she would mess marins hair up

No. 203842

i doubt she can afford even $20 if she’s begging online for someone to buy her a combo meal from del taco. i wouldn’t be surprised if they were stretching a box of garnier nutrisse between them…

No. 203843

This narc is projecting. Oh how she wishes Kev would whiteknight her like a loyal mutt and slap up other men who say she is unattractive while she continues to do shit that humiliates him to feed her ego.
Ofc she thinks violence in the name of love is romantic.

No. 203846

File: 1648496559738.jpg (70.25 KB, 720x1181, IMG_20220328_123628_398.jpg)

Kevin is mad that skate accounts won't promote him for free. He says it's the saddest thing he's ever seen in skateboarding.

No. 203848

Lori’s never called her chest hole a deformity though. She’ll whine about her “bad back”, but hasn’t made use of the concave chest that’s actually a real condition. Every time anyone brings it up she calls it “cleavage”.

No. 203852

He gets mad and tries to troll clear spam accounts. He's an actual sped. Oh my god, just like Lori.

No. 203855

What I'm trying to say is she could at least try to do it

No. 203870

File: 1648501634047.jpeg (Spoiler Image,259.95 KB, 750x939, 1E90A115-838E-4CBD-B95E-7E0F37…)

Wearing two pairs of panties over fishnets is a look, I guess. Look at the tiles under her arm on the left side of the photo.

No. 203871

oink oink, lorena pig.

love the lengths she goes to hide her fat lunch lady arms since we pointed it out in this thread, topkek.

No. 203874

That warping is so bad hahahahahahaha she really tries to say shes naturally skinny and small, please.

No. 203875

god damn she's fridge shaped…. also wtf is with the underwear on the elf ears? some weird fetish i don't know about or is she trying to troll us for making fun of her multiple layers of underwear at all times? like what is sexy about hanging a thong off her shitty aliexpress elf ears?

No. 203877

Topkek! Wtf? Thongs on her elf ears, my sides! These pictures are getting more terrifying every day. I dont know where to even look, the fried hair, warping tiles or those huge thighs, but the thongs are friggin hilarious. Lori really thinks creativity is throwing it in the air and seeing where it lands.

Those thighs though, nothing wrong with being thick but she needs to drop the smol bean shit looking like that. People have eyes.

No. 203879

It's likely this was shot while Kevin was out doing professional skate tricks for his patreon, but I like to just imagine that Lori
actually booted him out of his one safe space for this photo of her with her 4 pairs of cheap thongs.

No. 203883

hopefully i can squeeze in another question before you go but; i’m insanely curious about whether (or not) she had any long term goals for herself? anything she was aspiring to be or do (besides an anime character)?

No. 203885

She may have, but that sort of thing was talked about so infrequently I can't really recall.

I will say this. Towards the end of the relationship she was pushing for marriage HARD, thinking it would solve our problems. When that didn't work, she tried multiple pregnancy scares, telling all her friends and online followers she thought she was for one reason or another only to tell them a few days later: "false alarm!"

I'm still in school, thinking she's pregnant from all the shit she's forcing me to do. She tried multiple angles of entrapment until I finally stood up for myself and told her to get lost, a process that unfortunately took weeks, even months for it to fully stick.

No. 203888

Weird seeing her pose at a different angle. I’m not used to it at all.

No. 203894

File: 1648510218467.jpg (84.41 KB, 720x1132, IMG_20220328_162902_791.jpg)

Kevin really is the gift that keeps on giving. Nobody wants you to change, Kev.

No. 203896

File: 1648510463086.png (18.43 KB, 580x205, lori-facebook.png)

Lori commenting on a FB post from Adam/DJ RanmaS about the Chris Rock/Will Smith slap.

Like Kevvy wouldn't piss his pants and run crying into their pile of plushies if anyone came at him. Remember his FB rants calling the haturz to come for him? Unless he's going to sing and destroy our eardrums I don't think he's much of a threat.

No. 203898

LMAO this is amazing. As if Kevin has ever raised his voice at anyone irl, much less gotten physical. It would be funny to see Kevin get his ass beat.

No. 203899

Brings back memories of his “I’ll kill you, if you don’t like it COME KILL ME THEN” sperg ahahaha meanwhile in the real world he is actually face down ass up crying in his bed aka the cupboard

No. 203900

yes lori we’re all quivering in fear of your soulless brain dead roommate’s hands. girl we saw what YOUR hands could do to your lego labia you could do more damage to the haturz with your press on nails! don’t discredit yourself abuela!

No. 203902

does she not realize that that is assault and kevin would get his ass thrown into jail or, at worse, the shit beaten out of him or even shot by the wrong nut? women like her are the first ones to get a man killed over some dumb shit.

No. 203907

File: 1648516037036.png (6.69 MB, 4096x2424, Untitled118_20220328180552.png)

Cope harder you swine.

No. 203913

Even with the shoop, she still has the shape of a fridge. She must be really wide

No. 203916

Lorena you never leave your house, I'd love to tell you and the dirty q-tip what horrible people you are to your face.

It also wouldn't be hard to overpower the both of you. Kev can be snapped in half easily with how weak and ghoulish he is, and you're so out of shape and lumpy that you'd be wheezing and out of breath after half of a swing. Please.

No. 203917

>Lori claiming to have medical conditions

Lori claims a new illness each week for sympathy and acts like a victim, even though she causes all of her own problems. She'd have to go outside and to a doctor to get anything diagnosed but she can't afford healthcare, so she should stop lying.

>pushing into marriage
>fake pregnancy

Seems she did the same things to Kevin. Wonder if she used fake pregnancy so his religious parents would pay for their apartment.

No. 203921

Jessie Pridemore is a piece of shit herself, and I am still amazed she does not have a thread on here, especially after the Anthy debacle and her trying to shack up with English Anime VA's and then screaming rape when she gets turned down as anything more than a drunken one-night stand.

I've said this in other threads, and I will say it again: I am willing to bet that Lori would abandon ship on Kevin in an instant if it meant she could move in with Jessie. But at fate has it, Jessie herself is a mooch and living off of other people.

No. 203931

She wishes she had full hips, but instead she is a board with a little bit of a waist, no different from most basic costhots and women. She really thinks she's an hourglass lol

No. 203932

Kevvie reminds me so much of Heather Explores sometimes.

No. 203937

I thought that globe was a cake mixer cause it’s so deformed from her shopping it to get it to look like she has a waist line then on the other side the small tile Bricks are completely gone she really has a full lego body

No. 203943

I almost want to fan over Scott.. he is and will always be the hottest guy Lori ever had lol! You were too good for her and had got away! Good for you!

No. 203952

doesn't she live in utah? who the fuck is even there? maybe kev can protect her from crazed religious nuts.

No. 203961

He really is like her right down to talking to literally nobody.
"people asked me this" "people keep telling me that". no they fucking don't Kevin, nobody talks to you, you don't have fans, you don't have friends and at most you get comments by bots trying to sell shit under your posts.

No. 203964

Please tell me this is Scott asslicking his own posts.

No. 203971

Jessie Pridemore thread when, I’ve been waiting for years

No. 203974

does she really think people like this shit? i don't know what's more embarrassing, the shoop, or comparing herself to sexed up lolis.

No. 203983

>I wish people would harass me in person

Kek, calls other people chicken shits! What a joke she is. Anytime anyone even makes the slightest offhand comment she blocks them or runs to mods. She cant take it or the tons of negative comments wouldnt be hidden, deleted and reported.

Come out of hiding and take it if your so confident and if shes so brave why hide behind her roommate. Stop blocking people and defend yourself.

No. 203990

File: 1648566731032.jpeg (13.32 KB, 183x275, 26E15341-BA23-415C-99F9-22C7A6…)

Lori’s actual body type

No. 203995

She keeps doing this in hopes it will get her attention from scrotes who are fans of those characters. She's too retarded to realize that scrotes have no interest in an aged 3D catfish begging for money.

Just realized we never saw that Louis Vuitton trinket she flexed after someone outed it for being a knockoff from China like the rest of her dropship.

No. 203996

Lori and Kevin don’t even go to conventions anymore. How can anyone confront them if they hide all day? Even Kev admitted Lori doesn’t go out much.

No. 203999

She’s just a regular rectangle shaped woman, even if she got a few ribs removed and did waist training, she would never get that figure.

No. 204014

scott when you were with lori did she mention any health issues? and was she diagnosed with borderline personality disorder?

No. 204046

File: 1648587352202.jpg (28.32 KB, 803x229, hes mad.jpg)

JFC Kevin. One person said you should try street, and you should cause there's more style and hype behind that, now you're buttmad.
>park is just as creative as street
Tbh, no. The limitations of a park mean pretty formulaic runs that you'd see anyone at a park doing. Plus you don't even dabble in vert which is like, the main draw of a park to most skaters outside of beginners? Street is more challenging cause you constantly adapt to new obstacles and areas. More dangerous but way more style focused and impressive than doing a Laser flip 20 times and front feebles in a Vans skate park kek. If he did his tricks at cool spots and buildings in Downtown he would DEFINITELY have more interesting content to look at. But he's a scared poser kek he would never. INB4 he sees this comment and fucking loses it.

No. 204059

There's been one anon several threads back who thirsted for Scott. Its not exactly unbelievable that she still lurks. I'd love to see this same level of suspicion for the "anons" who come here talking about how Kevin is able to be saved and is a poow widdle victim.

They'd probably just tell you to go to costhot general.

No. 204125

VERY interesting that Scott shows up here in his ex's thread after doing… something that Heidi described as betrayal (she deleted the post since then, sorry nonnies)… Scott Heidi is so much hotter than Lori, what did you DO.

No. 204127

File: 1648618344108.jpeg (308.22 KB, 1750x1063, 087A31CA-D587-4BDD-8D78-AAF2CA…)

No. 204131

Hope she gets more responses like this for being a retard and spamming her ugly troonfaced edits into places where people were minding their own business.

It's funny how scrotes also think it's a troon with the "buddy".

No. 204144

Hilarious find, anon. What Facebook group is this in?

No. 204151

This is so embarrassing. And unlike Reddit, she can’t hide the comments.

No. 204153

File: 1648638165871.png (1.38 MB, 1439x1948, Screenshot_20220330-040154.png)

No. 204156

found the post but the comment are now filter out by facebook(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 204163

I wonder if Kevin is going to try to pretend that every single account is Momokun again

No. 204206

that’s not really relevant here.

nice try lori

scott if you’re still checking back every so often to your knowledge was lori diagnosed with any mental health illnesses? apparently (according to kevin) she has borderline personality disorder which may line up with a lot of her actions?

No. 204217

Unless he has proof to it, it's no point in asking. He or random anon pretending to be him, could say anything and an anon will take it for fact. Medfag begging is retarded.

No. 204219

They're still there, you just have to select to view all comments instead of most relevant

No. 204220

File: 1648657313960.png (38.39 KB, 644x376, So dumb.png)

Keeps self inserting. Lori never grows up.

Hey Lori, if you're lurking, you do realize what you are doing comes off very much the same way Momokun self inserts herself, right? You look just as embarrassing as Momokun.

No. 204225

File: 1648657954578.png (399.58 KB, 410x450, itsjustafilterguise.PNG)

oh my god does she even give a shit enough to hide it? LOL the warping here is beyond obvious

No. 204226

KEKKKK I hope that all her interactions are like this from now on. This is brutal. Absolutely hilarious. Get fucked Lori nobody wants your legussy and smokers claws.

No. 204253

Secondhand embarassment. How many fb users is she gonna beg Kevvy to perform a Will Smith bitchslap on?

No. 204257

Link? What group is this in?

No. 204258

Split the number of comments between Momo and Vamplette and that’ll be the excuse he vomits up about the hat0rz. Kek, this really is one of her more embarrassing fails. She looks NOTHING like this character.

Do you think she startles herself when she sees herself in an actual mirror not through her phone?

No. 204261

File: 1648665148487.png (72.45 KB, 512x512, 020f2f8a-88ac-4b82-8b57-97ee0c…)

Kek nonnie this is soo much better than the usual "lego vag".

No. 204268

I don't have a link but if you search "marin as a model" in posts it'll pop up

No. 204277

File: 1648668327540.jpg (253.83 KB, 1080x1041, Screenshot_20220330-122317_Fac…)

Lori is lurking Moo's thread and went to the pridemore thread on Facebook about Stella's endorsement of Moo's new studio

No. 204279

File: 1648668821662.png (658.37 KB, 1431x1149, Screenshot_20220330-123303.png)

Lol Kevin's not gonna do shit

No. 204281

if anything moo might eat him.

No. 204282

File: 1648669104449.jpg (298.19 KB, 1080x1863, Screenshot_20220330-213707_Ins…)

Kevin is taking a Haitus

No. 204283

File: 1648669125984.jpg (287.69 KB, 1080x1894, Screenshot_20220330-213714_Ins…)

No. 204286

>Wuh I didn't make a million dollars after 1 month as a YouTuber. What a waste of time.
>Can't have anything to do with my content. I love my content! It's the algorithm's fault!
Imagine that. You didn't even try and you got nowhere. Color me surprised. Please don't give up, Kevvy! Maybe become a vtuber? I bet you'll become rich and famous overnight! After all, you make such quality content and have a great personality! It's only your ugly dog shit face that's stopping you, definitely. I pinky promise to sub-a-dub-dub to your spicy spaghetti. Don't leave us!

No. 204288

youtube is oversaturated, this is no one’s fault and has nothing to do with money.

if this was 2010-12 he probably could have scraped up a small following, that was like peak skatetube. he’s 10 years too late though, as usual.

No. 204290

Kevin literally doxxed himself on instagram. She wants people to believe she was cyber stalked and some hackers who love Momokun who went psycho mode and hacked her accounts to get all her private info. It's pathetic. No illegal means were used, just someone noticing the address posted BY KEVIN on HIS instagram.
>telling companies I work with that i'm RACIST
Well, you are Lori. You have been since the early aughts. There's videos of you doing racist mimicry, saying out-right racist shit about Japanese actresses, even could be argued her usage of seifuku lingerie and butchered romaji is racist in itself. Being 'brown' doesn't make you magically not racist against other people. Nobody cares you're Hispanic, they care that you called a Japanese woman flat-faced and fetishize the culture.
>CHOOSE what they let go of
Yeah. You cross boundaries that are different to each person and certain things will or will not be let go. What is forgiven and what isn't differs person to person. How can she not grasp that some people she's wronged will just never like her or speak well of her? She wants the attention and acceptance of people she "hates" so bad. I think she really just hates she can't leech of off Mariah and use her clout. She's a parasite and seethes about being poor constantly. I can't believe she'd only get under Lori's skin for having known Kevin and been a friend years ago.

No. 204297

Yeah she 100% hates Momokun extra because she's rich, and also because Moo is fat but the fat doesn't stop her from cashing in

No. 204305

>I can't buy skate shoes because I have to pay rent and need an income
Welcome to adulthood finally, Kevin

No. 204306


> theres no room for male youtubers unless you’re already a rich streamer!

> my content is good!

God he sounds jealous and bitter. Your content is not good Kevin, its not even memorable aside from your retard tongue out faces and recording on your sad kitchen floor.

Even if it was good, you still need to post interesting vids that have your unique take regularly, a likable relatable personality, being able to interact with followers, probably by not telling them youll kill them. And even then theres still a low chance of making it. So youre right, both of you need to stop wasting time and get jobs (even though hes claiming he already has one)

No. 204308

try working harder, might be hard for someone like you though

No. 204309

Encouraging a man to be violent to a women. What a great look Lori!

No. 204320

Classic Lori honestly. Love that the short pig can never fight her own battles but she'll never stop squealing and instigating. What a coward.

No. 204321

Her Facebook posts sound just like a bot. Except everyone thinks it’s a troon trying to scam.

No. 204324

Can Lori ever NOT make everything about herself? Jesus Christ stfu dude.

No. 204343

I bet Kevin hasn't thrown a single fist in his life top kek so now he's useful after Will Smith became relevant for defending his vapid wife? No wonder she feels kin with Jada. Both are vapid cunts.

No. 204344

People are talking about an anime while she's talking about her plastic amazon press-ons are a batsignal of how used up her vag is. Nobody wants to interact with her IRL or online bc she doesn't know how to not be embarrassingly retarded. It's funny she's spamming on facebook of all places like a boomer who doesn't know how to use facebook.

Hey Loony, you know who always yells that they aren't racist? Racists. Nobody cares that you paint over your sallow sagging skin in apps. You're proudly on camera making racist comments seething over a famous Japanese girl who will forever be known and beloved as the live Sailormoon, while you're still a bitter and sourfaced nobody.

Considering how much projection Loony did in her sped rant, she's been stalking Moo's business growth and expensive things Moo buys with bated breath. She's probably scratching her vag and wondering why she's never going to "make it" and be able to buy things or have simps like Moo. She might get fat like Moo for her next skinwalk, she's already taking all of Kevvy's meager food.

No. 204347

It was obvious it wasnt just Moos roommate on the DK posts. It was many people with a variety of accounts that were clearly not related and all were well established. She knows that. She's such a liar.

No. 204350

guys, please don't defend moo by accident just because lori is trash.

No. 204352

They might both be trash but moo is rich trash and Lori is jelous poor trash. That's facts.

No. 204356

Also, "when it gets shown to people"

So does he think there's some big conspiracy to keep him/whori down in the dumps? Cause that's how this read to me. As if his half asked "content" is being suppressed by Moo and her evil band of harpies, because clearly she controls Insta, YT, patron etc.
Kevin your content isn't good. It's half assed and unimpressive.

No. 204361

She has no choice but to spam facebook. She got banned from so many cosplay/onlyfan subreddits and her insta is nothing but bots

No. 204368

"no room for males"

bro you can make fun of vtubers but vox akuma (a male) was the highest superchatted vtuber in all of february and has only been doing this persona a few months

sage for barely related but lols

No. 204370

Pointing out all of Loony's lies isn't defending anyone. She copes by pretending this whole thread is Moo and not dozens of anons conversing.

Nobody in the cosplay community today has ever seen or even heard of Lori. She's too ugly to show up to cons and her only relevance is this thread.

No. 204386

"haitus" go back to school kek

Did she forget that she threatened to call ICE like the fucking Karen that she is? TOPKEK my sides. The delusions these two live in. Love how she's only Hispanic when it's relevant to her poor argument and never anytime else.

Moo can just sit on him with her fat ass and disintegrate him. Not much human left in that pathetic sack of a "guy" anyway.

Fucking dying here. Get wrecked, Lori. And if she's convinced that all those people are from here, remember that we here didn't even know about this post until this screenshot was posted. But knowing them, they'll still find a way to blame Moo and Vamp.

No. 204400

some anons were definitely defending moo a bit. but moo also lurks the site so who can be sure.

No. 204420

Kevin, you made like three videos. It takes a while to garner subs and cash flow. Not to mention the videos are boring. You’d honestly get more views and subs if you actually respond to Vangelina’s video or like other anons said, make a vlog w you and Lori. It’s not rocket science. You’d even make money off the haturz. A view is a view. But abuela would never show her real face so gg

No. 204422

Hiatus from what Kevin? Nobody follows you or gives a shit about you, you are not a content creator.

No. 204423

I would absolutely use a throwaway Google account to subscribe to Kevin if he responded to Vangelina via video or did any of his day in the life with Lori/response to the haters videos like he said he would, going back years now. I'm sure a lot of anons would.

No. 204424

File: 1648725601888.jpg (83.9 KB, 720x1186, IMG_20220330_162216_218.jpg)

Oh yeah I forgot to post this yesterday. By the time I looked at his insta story he had deleted the statuses about the "haitus" and replaced them with this, lol.

No. 204455

File: 1648739195887.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1841, Screenshot_20220331-080008.png)

How other women do SW
>tells men to pay off their own large bills and they do so with haste, demands thousands in spending money from paypigs; gets it.
>gO tO tHe SiLlY HoMiE SpAgHEttI WoRsHiP aNd sPoIl mE wItH BaSkEtTi oR sNacKiEs, hOmIe!!! BEEP BEEP !!!

She always sounds like a literal clown. No wonder no one touches this bitch she's like the opposite of seductive.

No. 204459

He's so funny. He's upset he isn't getting instantly popular and famous. He could have actually had a small following if he kept up with his cosplay builds but that's gone now.

No. 204467

He's as much a content creator as Loony is a model.

>Catch Ws
She and Kevin are such a gift. Both probably speak in this retarded way when fishing for quarters to pay for fast food at the drive thru.

No. 204472

File: 1648742939780.jpeg (383.83 KB, 1490x1187, FE9C042C-4897-4A59-A1CB-D27691…)

Not true! Lori has many very impressive and totally-neurotypical followers, like this fellow.

No. 204474

kek is this guy a sex addict with a sobriety app? or just a weirdo incel ? what the fuck this is hilarious the most retarded and degen men follow her. hardly any real followers and the real ones are like that. surprised he's not a troon too.

No. 204479

The "real" ones are always broke and give her empty promises of giving her a few bucks in order to get her attention.

The best is when she pathetically stalks them back, following up and constantly asking why they never sub or buy her anything. It's so sad and hilarious.

No. 204486

Watching her try and retain subs is sad. The frantic desperation and repeat messages… the blatant begging. Her idea of "work" is harassing redditors for a tenner. All while Kev supposedly is out there working a real job?

No. 204491

they would be homeless if someone wasn’t working a regular job.

No. 204497

i think kev is the biggest cuck that lolcow has seen.
>he sleeps in the kitchen
>barely gets food scraps
>gets kicked out and goes skating so lori can film her claw porn
>advertises her OF for her
>let her get away with stealing a car to meet her ex
>lets her talk to and send photos to coomers while he is out working

the list goes on and on. he’s so pathetic and has no backbone.

No. 204504

Yeah but, hasn't kevin said his "job" is advertising for whori? How true that is is up for debate but I remember him saying that was his job. So basically if that's true, he let's his sow "work so hard" showing her trotters to randos online while he does absolutely nothing all day. What a winner.

No. 204505

claiming you “advertise” for your girlfriend sounds better than, “i work double shifts at walmart packing orders”.

No. 204510

This is hilarious, is she blind? Wtf is that white Gumby looking bean pole gonna do to anyone, let alone Moo… I'm fairly certain she could bitch slap him straight into orbit

No. 204511

I think he mentioned his income is buying and trading/selling sneakers or something.
And don’t forget full time stay at home ferret daddy kek

No. 204518

File: 1648753960857.jpg (116.07 KB, 720x1178, IMG_20220331_120834_152.jpg)

False alarm, nonnies. Kevin isn't talking a haitus! Kevin loves social media!

No. 204519

Kevin's parents are paying for the place for sure. He can't decide if he wants to lie about having a job or lie about being Lori's social media manager. And looks like with >>204518 he can't even decide if he wants to "haitus" from doing nothing because nobody cares, kek.

And we'd love to see it. Both Lori and Kevin have never seen a gym and have zero nutrition, with the most vitamins they ever got being from a leaf of lettuce.

No. 204525

moo's too fat. she'll tire out before she can hit him and kev will just skateboard away and cry.

No. 204526

I wonder how many men actually like the way she looks. If she dropped the retarded cosplay and pink eyebrow shit with that horrid hair, and actually dressed like a normal woman and stopped the absolute cringe puffed out face, she just might get more "sub a dub dubs"… I can't imagine any man actually jerking off to her in her present form.

No. 204528

Kevin, it's hIAtus.

No. 204529

Samefag but wanted to add that even Moo, while does cosplay too, also offers normal looking nudes and videos.

No. 204531

>reached my goals
>wouldn't have anything that I have

Um and what is that exactly? You were literally JUST whining about having no followers and no money kek

No. 204533

He means his designer swag and luxury apartment. He's lapping up the life of luxury, obviously. All thanks to Lori and the magical power of being an influencer! Those 3k instagram follows really fucked with his head.

No. 204538

Kek I was just thinking that. I tried to piece together what he might be referring to.
>I wouldn't have met anyone
Has to be Lori, since he has no friends. Arguably more of a mistake than an accomplishment, but she is technically a person.
>I wouldn't have reached my goals
Making a Patreon and YouTube videos, maybe? Although does it really count if you're completely half-assing it and have no patrons or audience? He hasn't gotten Looni any subs. Hasn't made any of the cosplays he talked about. Still terrible at skating and crafting of any kind. But ok, he turned on his camera a couple of times. If you set the bar really really low, I guess anything other than ranting and suicide baiting would count as a goal being reached.
>Wouldn't have anything I have
Fast fashion, ugly skateboards, a cookie cutter shoebox apartment that he can barely make rent on, a 3x3 foot section of the kitchen to play in, some sandpaper, a receding hairline, and a new argument every day with a dollar store e-whore who hates him. Am I missing anything?

No. 204562

He spelt it wrong more than once, so he really thinks that's the word. He's almost 30 and doesn't have a grade 3 reading level.

>3k instagram follows
Just took a look and it seems he has mostly bots as well. He has zero engagement for that many followers, just like Loony. He probably spent money to get followers but stopped after a certain point.

No. 204584

I really wish Kevin would put out the response video to the haters that he's been talking about making since 2019. I bet he would get lots of attention and comments on that.

No. 204591

It would be his best performing video kek

No. 204620

It would be a basic sperg rant video in the kitchen that he would probably delete and reupload 10 times with different stories.

Then he will blame all the men on youtube for his failure to start.

No. 204712

File: 1648835860143.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1887, Screenshot_20220401-104957~2.p…)

Who asked?

No. 204713

File: 1648835960092.png (1.02 MB, 1079x1163, Screenshot_20220401-105510.png)

Also what the hell is this..? She looks deformed and like she made herself darker.

No. 204714

File: 1648836050741.png (Spoiler Image,2.73 MB, 1080x1806, Screenshot_20220401-105532.png)

If you want to peep the horror be my guest.

No. 204721

>>204713 I assume she's trying to go for the darker foundation on the body like in that Marin anime and avoided her face because black'face' but I'm really just confused

No. 204725

File: 1648837133115.jpeg (20.93 KB, 250x192, D76A7F30-5943-4697-BCBC-967304…)

Wtf? She definitely shooped herself darker, the coloring is so inconsistent and unnatural looking on her body. The chest-hole should be darker due to shadowing, but instead the skin is lighter there. And the thigh crease on the right has a thin line of white, where again, it should be darker due to shadowing.

She kept her face looking white though for some reason?? I guess she doesn’t actually want to be dark, huh? This looks so bad. The tone looks more sunburnt and fried to a crisp. Reminds me of picrel

No. 204728

Yes, a tan is totally going to distract from the growing flanks and saddle bags

No. 204731

Of course she thinks that Alabaster 001 Walmart foundation is a look with her tan that's clearly at least 6 shades darker. I think that the tan is exacerbated and pink looking because of her shit editing. At least in her ana-chan days she let her face match her body somewhat. >>>/w/24634

No. 204736

File: 1648839912812.gif (730.98 KB, 245x200, F9D086F1-7B70-446D-9653-16A511…)

girl look how orange you look… and the rolls around her stomach/hips….

No. 204755

The last thing this guy ever needed was "fantasy camp". Not that I believe this bs story since it sounds made up. Who needs an explination for a user name? It's just a random jumble of words that ultimately mean nothing. It doesnt make you some kind of creative genius and its shocking that so many of the same archetypes use stuff from OTHER people's work, and think they can call it "their brand". So creative.

>negating the fact that I'm Hispanic
>Suddenly starts tanning.

That's not a natural tan line either and that tan looks fake as fk but then what a out her isnt. The pic is God awful, like a fake tan would add anything.

No. 204764

Fuck how long are her fingers? Looking like some slender man shit.

No. 204769

It's how you can tell she doesn't have a small upturned nose.

No. 204772

File: 1648854001856.jpg (247.01 KB, 994x637, Screenshot_20220401-175713_Chr…)

That hip tattoo is so ugly, it looks like a Ghastly. Awful choice.

No. 204776

File: 1648855678350.png (2.65 MB, 1416x918, sacvsac.png)

yup, you look like this

No. 204792

Oh god… is she dying the tips of her ratty extensions pink for her Marin larp??? Fucking christ she has no self identity.

No. 204805

That's a bad app job by Loony with shitty "body countouring" to hide how fat she is.

It's starting to look like she still keeps the pink stripe on her face to hide her nose hump. Her face edit is on maximum shrinkage settings that it's warping her turtleneck and manhands more than usual.

The story looks made up, otherwise he would have consistently shared it in the past.

No. 204807

The face looks like its cut and paste more than half the time. I bet this is part of the reason shes such a fail on all platforms. The face edit to me us the worst part, and that's saying a lot since every aspect of her pics are so bad. The waist edit alone if you zoom in is so bad and just like the face the body is different in every picture.

No. 204810

ew, ghe fucking thongs on those plastic ears be turning me hetmosexual

No. 204817

Damn you can barely see it kek, the extensions won't even take the dye properly

No. 204818

Does she think blurring out the tile is hiding the fact that she warped it? Or does she really just think no one notices? Her waist shape is just as inconsistent as her fave shoops.

No. 204819

yes to both.

No. 204823

She's doing it ahead of the Marin cosplay so people don't call her out for tanning her skin when she's white passing.

No. 204834

File: 1648879278617.png (129.37 KB, 341x197, fat.png)

You can really see how her fat belly pooch outstretches, she forgot to blur the everloving fuck out of this fold kek

No. 204838

kek good catch nonnie. damn, she has a fupa now.

isnt kevvy into skinny girls? how does he feel about lori ballooning and sagging like this? he’s a huge cuck for her and yet i wonder if he’s still actually attracted to her

No. 204842

Her facial expression in higher res is serving monkeyface with prolasped anus. Nobody thinks thin lips and sagging cheeks filled with air are kawaii. The wrinkles around her mouth being blurred and looking like bruises is just the icing on the menopausal cake.

Kevvy is acutely aware she's been ballooned up for years now, but won't admit it because she somehow convinced him that being a whore on the internet is what keeps them going, even though his family is paying for everything.

No. 204845

sometimes I wonder what kevin's end game is. This bitch is NEVER going to actually marry him. They're always going to be engaged. He's so delusional and in such a deep sunk loss fallacy he's going to drive the relationship off a cliff. He's never going to get anything he actually wants and she's going to constantly dangle that carrot in front of him and manipulate him into staying.

No. 204848

Kevvy retardedly thinks the empty promise of getting married someday with a serial divorcee is "making it" because deep down he's still a mormon or whatever.

Loony will try anything until she figures out what sticks to manipulate others and for Kevvy she figured that he fears being a foreveralone incel and will threaten him with that. Since Kevvy doesn't want sex with a fatty, he probably fears her leaving him more than wanting any sex, kek.

No. 204880

why does she keep doing this ugly sunburn bandaid nose makeup? it looks more like a skin reaction than anything kawaii.

No. 204882

Murder/suicide lmao

No. 204893

She's had a few "husbands" but I honestly wonder if she's still legally married to someone else and that the reason why she hasn't married Kevin yet. I know she was legally married once but did she get a Lawyer and divorce? Who paid? She cant go to a dentist but she managed a legal action? I kind of doubt it.

He might be a cow in his own right but Kevin's wasting his life here.

No. 204894

She was legally married to Luis. Scott would probably have had more legit info on if she legally divorced him. Her marriage to Steven was just a ceremony. Not legal.

No. 204899

i do think they both want to end the relationship but they obviously stay for their own selfish reasons. lori has no backup man to run to and she would likely end up homeless if she left, so of course she stays for convenience. kevin has to deal with the guilt of knowing he ruined friendships and fucked up any future he had in the cosplay community by defending her and letting her control him, so he stays because it’s easier to pretend to be happy with her than it would be to swallow his pride and apologize to his friends and family about his mistakes. >>204893 brought up a good point and i wouldn’t be all too surprised if she was still legally married to one of her old partners or someone else we may not know of.

No. 204901

Your right Nonnie, she was definitely legally married to Louis and I dont remember Louis being broke by any means. He could have divorced her himself on grounds of abandonment if she flited off on him, but that's just me speculating. I dont know anything about how their relationship ended. Can anyone weigh in? I just remember she suddenly had a new momochan at some con.

Scott if you pop back in here any info on if she legally divorced Louis?

No. 204904

She most likely is still married to one of those guys legally. She has rotting teeth and looks homeless, there's no way she'd have ever interacted with a lawyer in her life.

She can easily keep her being married secret from Kevvy because they'll never go through with it themselves.

Kevvy is going to have a rude awakening soon, the friends he used to have are probably all married and having kids soon while he's just a poser on a skateboard.

No. 204905

File: 1648917266407.jpg (307.88 KB, 1080x1774, 20220402_113107.jpg)

Were down to posting in any ole subreddit folks! Desperation is bad look Loony.

No. 204906

File: 1648917512333.jpg (330.72 KB, 1079x1972, Screenshot_20220402-113757_Chr…)

Is that you Kevie?

No. 204907

File: 1648917750372.jpg (128.48 KB, 1073x717, 20220402_113920.jpg)

All accounts commenting are well established. Looks like Loony yet again gets told to gtfo. Of course they have to argue and make themselves look stupid.

Sad that she cant accept that not just farmers look at her as sad.

No. 204910

i have a feeling he knows, he just doesn’t say anything because muh pride, muh perfect gf uwu. he’s trying and failing to keep a lid on their dysfunction and it’s eventually going to burst at some point. And as cowish as they are, i can see this ending badly/violently for one or both of them unless one of them sucks it up and decides to leave before they end up hurting one another or someone getting thrown in jail.

No. 204922

Lol she's upvoting her own posts

No. 204930

File: 1648926356499.jpg (1.08 MB, 1078x1930, Screenshot_20220402-210542_Ins…)

No. 204931

how many upboats does whatever she posted even have?

No. 204932

>pained expression
>literally snarling
>hair bleached to fuck
>disgusting shirt

totally winning here kevin…

No. 204938

File: 1648929019762.jpeg (62.4 KB, 1000x666, scottish-highland-cattle-1.jpe…)

No. 204940

can’t tell what’s more yellow. hair or teeth?

No. 204942

One of these things is a shaggy musty temperamental animal that seemingly serves no purpose.

The other is a highland cattle.

No. 204952

His teeth match his hair. Also still rocking Lori’s reject phone. Dude at least cough up money to replace the case and pop socket so you can pretend you upgraded.

No. 204953

Her posts get little to no interaction. Her reddit posts are pathetic. Imagine being looked over repeatedly in a list of ethots for over a year while the other girls all exceed you no matter what subreddit you post in. Someone needs to look up the definition of insanity.

He looks like someone is holding him hostage.

No. 204955

File: 1648936229753.png (340.86 KB, 1080x971, Screenshot_20220402-144951.png)

>my real job

No. 204956

Same friending to say you can tell by the lack of punctuation and 'Lolz' that it's Lori.

No. 204957

File: 1648937453587.jpg (541 KB, 1080x1291, 20220402_115107.jpg)

She was pretty butthurt about the entire thing.

Dont worry Lori, it wont get any attention at all.

No. 204958

she's wrong either way she's not even doing ahegao just a stupid tounge out wtf. Why cant she do anything right???

No. 204963

This is the most attention she's ever gotten on Reddit, after being there trying to promote her shit for over a year. Watching them post on Reddit makes me so embarrassed. The only time anyone ever replies it's a mod telling them they broke a sub rule. She barely even gets any thirst comments from coomers. It is beyond sad to witness.

No. 204964

File: 1648940363219.png (1.76 MB, 1080x1770, Screenshot_20220402-155513.png)

This is so sad. She's spending all day arguing with coomers who jack it to cartoons when she doesn't have any actual furniture. Girl, worry about getting a table that isn't the dildo table. TV trays? That stiff gawdy chair? You don't even have a futon in sight. Are they just pulling a Shay and sleeping on a rug in the corner? Get your priorities straight, holy shit. I'm astounded that she posted these herself. The pics are so cluttered and the colors are a mess. She can't even be arsed to use a sheet as a backdrop. Maybe I'm bold to assume they have linens. They probably just sleep on the Dolls kill/Gvapi pile. Sorry, correction; Lori sleeps on the pile and Kevin takes the bunk bed (kitchen cabinets/countertop, he gets to choose!)

No. 204966

Kevin legit looks like a werewolf

No. 204974

File: 1648943726173.jpg (111.3 KB, 720x1166, IMG_20220402_165020_625.jpg)

Kevin, you're a day late on the April fool's joke. Surely he must be kidding about his career being her assistant?

No. 204977

If he has been the one editing her waist or promoting her on reddit, he needs to be fired. What a fucking liability kek, time to get a second job there Kevvy. Has any of the comments on his posts like this ever suggested the shocking, lewd act of handing out résumés?

No. 204978

Now we know why she’s doing the double underwear and fishnets. It’s to tuck in her saggy belly.

No. 204979

File: 1648944754174.png (141.6 KB, 266x226, ensign_warp_9.PNG)

that's probably the most obvious warping she's posted ever. Usually it's slightly warped but the vertical line basically becomes horizontal there. How can kevin continue his narrative of 'it's just preset filters!' lol.

No. 204985

what emergency expenses is he talking about? he is never specific, they never say something is wrong with the car, or they’re having plumbing issues. can’t pimp the ferrets anymore since they’re all dead at this point. it’s just an “emergency”. ffs kevin if you’re going to beg for money for your unnecessary clothing hauls, learn to be more convincing.

No. 204989

Probably late rent or other bills overdue, since it’s the beginning of the month.

No. 204995

Thats a good point, those afterpay charges must be adding up.

Originally I thought they lived in bumfuck suburbia but last I saw theyre less than 30 minute walking distance from alot of bars,cafes, restaurants and shops. Sure those jobs probably pay minimum wage but if they worked a service job Kevin or Lori could make more in tips in a day than shes probably making a month on onlyfans.

Desperate times call for desperate measures Kevin

No. 204997

Kevin has literally ruined any type of brand deal lori could get her legussy stabbing fingers on to. He has posted drama that kicked up this thread from the ghosts of livejournal. He has single handedly ruined whatever “chances” lori had. Everything lori posts is a mirror selfie; she takes her own photos and edits them to oblivion herself, Kevin does nothing. Shilling her OF content to his bot followers when he has zero clout isn’t a “career”. They constantly claim they are doing good but then ebeg a day later. Nothing in their place is functional. If you want to “assist” her go get a real job. >>204518
My god, who fucking cares? They both don’t put any work into their content. Loris is lazy and old photos. Same pose in every photo. Heavily poorly edited. Kevin barely had uploaded anything but “expects” clout randomly and throws a tantrum when he doesn’t get any responses.

No. 205003

That absolute creature. He looks like he’s growing a legitimate neckbeard here.

No. 205004

i believe kevin is working a regular job despite what he says on social media. he’s always kept a job in the past and there is just no way in hell he’s making money working for lori because she cannot pay him. they have no brand deals and it isn’t like she’s signed to an influencer agency. and i have my doubts that his parents can afford to pay all his rent themselves monthly or would even want to with lori leeching off of him. she’s either telling him to lie about working for her or he’s lying to flex that they’re an successful e-couple.

No. 205005

File: 1648957650775.jpeg (120.79 KB, 698x1075, 24857D6A-1C49-45F2-876C-6944E4…)

No. 205006

Omgg anon I am crying

No. 205019

File: 1648967058871.jpg (136.83 KB, 720x1190, IMG_20220402_232245_596.jpg)

Do we think either of them made this?

No. 205022

She's embracing the weight gain more and more I see, probably because it's became too hard to hide it. Her ass and thigs look huge. Knowing she shoops extensively and yet her ass is massive here, I do wonder what she looks like irl now.

No. 205031

kek you know his is the one thats mostly just broth and hers is the one with all the cheese in it. she probably stole some of that broth after the pic too. so smol uwu.

No. 205036

looks horrible, and the mismatched bowls, kek. Much luxury much goals at almost 40

No. 205037

>Assuming these retards can do a job without getting fired
Like >>205004 says she has never got a sponsorship or agency. They buy things on afterpay to look sponsored or relevant but in reality they're bottomfeeder consoomers wearing dropship.

If that's the kitchen counter, it's brown here but looks blue in Loony's pics. Says a lot about her real skincolor editing.

No. 205038

Watery stew consisting of a solitary ball of dry ground beef without a veg in sight! Truly fit for a princess and not void of nutritional value. This is 37 yall

No. 205039

Am I wrong or does that look like a lump of ground beef in a puddle of beef broth?
Fairly sure beef stew is made with chunks or cubed stew meat, carrots, potatoes, celery in a thickened stock.

No. 205040

the more I look at this the more disgusted I feel. Really looking like they dumped cheap dog canned food into that god forsaken bowls

No. 205045

This is epic kekkk

No. 205051

File: 1648991804260.jpg (93 KB, 720x1134, IMG_20220402_232147_295.jpg)

Kevin's career isn't really being Lori's assistant. He does hundreds of things for money. A true jack of all trades.

No. 205053

>I just like to help share stuff
Um no because if he ever dared share another thots post Lori would slice his jugular with her press on nails. Just say you are her cucky little slave dog and be done with it lol

No. 205056

this is one of the most pathetic statements he’s ever made, and he’s set the bar high.

until this one. backpedaling on our begging are we? now you’re a Renaissance man who does 100 things to make money (seems retarded but okay) and everything’s fine?

No. 205068

Kek! Thank you for this

No. 205070

File: 1648999522668.jpg (361.35 KB, 1067x1897, 20220403_102142.jpg)

Kevin has shown up to the reddit party where they continue to now spam the wrong subreddit with Lori's gross pictures. Unironically they are still told to go away and they prove what winners they are by arguing with people in the sub. They're deleting as they go of course.

No. 205071

File: 1648999557874.jpg (309.82 KB, 1059x1970, 20220403_102212.jpg)


No. 205074

This shit looks like a turd in a toilet. Yes, I do believe they made it.

No. 205078

Is he just responding to this thread at this point? He has no idea what the word career means.

He also has zero audience, if there were any humans they are long gone because all he does is shamelessly beg for their money. They can't even build one on reddit, nobody wants to see her ugly pics.

No. 205082

File: 1649005386237.jpg (80.17 KB, 720x886, IMG_20220403_100216_526.jpg)

And here's Kevin, the professional assistant of Lori Lewd LOL.

No. 205097

Thought the exact same. Looks like literal shit in a bowl. Fucking vom.

She has to cover her chin now because she can't poof face since it exaggerates how fat she's gotten and her double chin is really starting to show kek

No. 205099

Is he really referring to a post that got 17 upvotes as one that got more attention? Kek

No. 205110

File: 1649017425226.jpg (Spoiler Image,63.26 KB, 700x631, Slow-Cooker-Beef-Stew-Recipe-f…)

culinary fag here……that is not "beef stew". It is a dried out hamburger patty in a bowl of campbells canned beef broth.

picrel, this is what beef stew should look like.

No. 205113

File: 1649017551312.png (1.25 MB, 1440x1603, Screenshot_20220403-132453.png)

Whori made a YouTube account

No. 205116

File: 1649017656983.png (896.38 KB, 1440x842, Screenshot_20220403-132707.png)

Kevin buttmad over Reddit comments.

No. 205128

“I’ve been called the worst things you can imagine and couldn’t care less.”
We know. You still willingly live with the hag who called you all of those things.

No. 205133

File: 1649022503708.jpg (1.48 MB, 3200x3200, Picsart_22-04-03_14-48-01-245.…)

No. 205136

He's so bothered, especially that nobody thinks Lori is cute, much less a woman underneath all the edits.

Everyone has been pointing out how fat she really is lately, so she's coping with these posts.

No. 205142

"i can't begin to image what you say to heavier people"

that's rich coming from her who has bodyshamed people of all sizes for decades

No. 205143

Her rat brain goes instantly to "u jellehz of my liddol body -_^~" instead of realizing she plasters the Loli label all over her profiles and OF. That's precisely what the commenter was trying to get at but Lori only ever thinks about her body and everyone else being SOOOOO jealous and buttmad she's ~famuz influencr lewd gremlin loli bb~

No. 205151

yep. everyone with eyes can see that even with the filters that she's a fat hag.
lori calls herself a "loli" and has even made cringe comments comparing herself to sexual loli body pillows. that's what the commentator meant by catering.

No. 205160

File: 1649028415746.jpg (341.93 KB, 1061x1828, 20220403_182251.jpg)

It kept going. I capped as much of it as I coould. They were deleting and upvoting themselves in other threads too.

No. 205161

People like cute pictures of women Kevin, real ones. Not fake ass liars who edit the shit out of themselves.

No. 205162

If you search Lori Lewd on you tube you get a shitstorm of videos trashing her.

No. 205163

Samefag sorry it's not playing in browser. I'm trying to figure out why but it plays if you go to youtube. Really weird but it shows that shes gained massive traction for being problematic. What a legacy Loony, you should be proud.

No. 205170

Couldnt care less? Does he not remember the time he was triggered because lolcow said hes probably only 5’9? Or the time he got triggered because everyone pointed out their awful shoops and that hes not an irl anime guy?

No. 205171

Lori, you ARE the "heavier people"

No. 205172

Or the time he said to come at him so he could kill the haturz or kill himself. Or sperged out about having big eyes and a little nose. Also the man baby who quits his hobbies because he isn’t worshipped then starts up again because no one gives a shit when he stops.

Kev is the cow that keeps on giving all year long.

No. 205184

Fat, flat and bald. Her ratty extensions on the most recent pics are a completely different shade from her and Kevvy's shared drugstore bleach.

No. 205197

i don’t usually like to clown people on food pics but this really looks like either a sundried turd or owl pellets. this is the first time i’ve ever seen them post pictures of food that aren’t drive thru junk since the days of those infamous lettuce cup things and i am wondering if someone asked them if they’re eating or maybe told them to cook more instead of begging for scraps. i just don’t understand how they could make this and not see how horrible it looks? goddamn. and i bet they sit up over dinner and talk about how mean people are and how they’re going to prove everyone wrong when they’re living in their big white house in malibu overlooking the sea. it’s just so pathetic all around.

No. 205205

>don't know how to cook

No. 205207

File: 1649051925489.jpeg (114.23 KB, 1024x1536, E973599A-38EB-4039-A6B7-C2A899…)

Reminds me of this recipe. The name of the soup is…telling


No. 205208

at least it looks like ground beef vs unflushed lump of shit floating in a toilet.

No. 205209

This. I dont know what they were going with with that lump. If you want to cook a lump of affordable beef at least pick something appetizing. Hamburg steak immediately comes to mind. Plus its instagramable and immediately comes with weeb/kawaii points.

No. 205211

do you really think she can plate food in a presentable way? it doesn't even look like she seared the meat off at all in the sad pic she posted. meanwhile others her age can atleast struggle through hellofresh.

No. 205212

I guess you’re right anon, its giving them too much credit to think either of them would follow basic food prep steps. >>205019 literally looks like they overcooked some oblong hamburger patties and just dunked them in some broth in hopes of saving them

No. 205213

File: 1649055239361.jpeg (262.2 KB, 750x1142, lettucebeepbeep.jpeg)

lori lewd cookbook when?

No. 205218

Kek imagine the recipes

> healthy lettuce wraps(bacons healthy right?)

> beef stew (with hearty grease bubbles and unevenly cut and cooked potatoes)
> authentic japanese ramen (sub-a-dub for the spicy recipe homie!)
> simple weeknight dinner of ‘run to your nearest bbq sandwich joint”

No. 205225

Remember awhile ago when Kev tried to insult farmers by saying we were all fatties who ate frozen dinners? Well, I've got to say, frozen meals would be way more nutrious and preferable to whatever the hell this collective diarrhea is supposed to be. Like even plating a lean cuisine while passing it off as home cooking would be less cringey than this and look better too.

No. 205236

"Trying to be real adults"
Ah, yes, eating your sad big kid's dinner surrounded by mounds of stuffed animals while your girlfriend records herself having a facial seizure in the mirror behind you. Real adult living.

No. 205237

I've never seen anything like this lmao. The "chicken" looks like fried bacon, no dressing and a sad lone tamato slice. Clearly they can't afford any proper meal ingredients. Maybe not buying chinese sweatshop made crap and getting a job would lead to a healthy lifestyle, huh?>>205213

No. 205242

File: 1649071499212.png (2.45 MB, 971x1732, 1638873381083.png)

>I've been called the worst things you can imagine and couldn't care less

Remember when not even three threads ago Kev made a multiple-post spazfest about being upset that people called him 5'9?

His emotions are as fragile as his bleach-fried dead hair. He oscillates wildly between making posts about how unbothered, blessed and thriving they are, and how his life is utter dogshit because he's not achieving 'cosfame' by sitting on his ass all day doing nothing and shilling out his grandma's low-quality garbage nudes of her fridge body. Then again, I'd also be upset if I was pushing thirty and still arguing with redditors like a ten year-old, with nothing to show for my name except debt, debt and more debt. Oh, and a name synonymous with garbage.

Kevvy boy, dump Lori and get your life back on track. It's not too late, and honestly I reckon most people would forgive and forget your stupid shit if it led to you exposing that hag once and for all. We know you're getting abused and we can tell you ain't happy.

And since I know you lurk, let me ask you a question: When was the last time Lori asked something from you that wasn't solely for her benefit. When was the last time she bought you a gift? Or showed you any sort of affection that wasn't transactional?

No. 205243

… at least her cooking skill is the one trait she has that can help the Marin skinwalk, I guess?

No. 205253

he is so fucking mad people are saying he is 5'9. i can't understand why this thing above all else makes him so mad, but he doesn't mind when anons call him poor or lazy

No. 205261

I think he could garner a small following (just a small one, because no one outside farmers and oldfag cosplayers know about Lori) if he actually made videos telling people how Lori really is and what living with her was like. Exposing the scams and her behavior. Would be more interesting than those skateboard flops and shoe spergs.

No. 205263

kevvy literally has worse BPD than lori supposedly does… dude needs to go back to rehab or wherever his parents had sent him before and do some DBT… i know we all meme on him but honestly if he just acted normal and like he wasn't stuck in 2010, shaved that hays nest he calls hair off, and gained a few pounds he would be better off. could probably get a slightly less unhinged and actually skinny costhot gf who would actually go to cons with him and support his interests. leave whori kev, there's nothing left to salvage but your own dignity. it's not worth these constant mood swings and spergfits to not even get laid and to be with an ugly old fatty. i think he was much cuter when he was chubby instead of looking like an even more strung out kurt cobain. get off the weed or adderall or whatever the fuck makes you so paranoid and eat some real food please. we know you read all this….

No. 205266

he’s never going to leave her voluntarily. he is fully absorbed in this me vs the world mentality and like some stupid teenager, the more people tell him to leave the more he “loves” lori. i am sure there’s a lot more contributing to his decisions than we can see as well; who knows what his family and close friends have said to his face that’s contributing to his hair trigger temper and retardation.

No. 205271

Hey Kevy, here's a checklist to see if your relationship is really as healthy and thriving as you believe it is:

- Has Lori called you names, insulted you or continuously criticised you?
- Has Lori constantly refused to trust you (no matter how small the instance) or has shown to be jealous or possessive towards you when other people have show interest in you (even in terms of pure friendship/platonic relationships?)
- Following the previous question, has Lori tried to/succeeded in isolating you from family and other people? (instances could be like her saying that she 'understands/accepts' you more than other people do)
- Does Lori monitor you =, where you go or who you spend time with outside of her?
- Does Lori punish you for any 'wrongdoings' or 'mistakes' by withholding affection?
- Does Lori threaten to hurt you, your family, your friends, or even herself if her needs/demands are not met?
- Does Lori humiliate you? Or tease you about certain subjects which you've made known to her in the past are genuinely hurtful?
- Does Lori blame you for the abuse?
- Has Lori accused you of cheating if you've spoken to people outside your tiny circle?
- Has Lori serially cheated on you and then blamed YOU for her cheating?
- Has Lori cheated on you intentionally to hurt you, and then threatened to cheat again?
- Has Lori cheated on you to prove that she's more desirable, worthy etc. than you are?
- Are you afraid to talk to Lori about certain topics unless she's in a good mood?
- Does Lori control your appearance in any way? Not just clothes (because it seems that you like your fashion), but also your diet and how much you eat?
- Has Lori used her 'uwu but I'm too small and cute and little!' as an excuse to emotionally manipulate you into paying for her lifestyle?
- Does Lori monitor your spending and has control of how the income in the household is divided, and who is allowed to buy what?
- Has Lori ever told you that you will never find anyone better, or that you're lucky to be with a person like them?

All jokes aside: Kevin, ANY ONE OF THESE is a huge red flag and an indicator that you're in an abusive relationship. And I know we all like to make fun of the shitshow that is your life, but on the other hand, a lot of abuse victims become so brainwashed that they're in a 'wonderful relationship with a fantastic person' that they make excuses for any one of these hugely abusive actions.

Kevin, you're not blameless, but if I had to choose one of the two of you to actually have a chance at a healthy, happy life, I'd prefer it to be you over someone that has shown, time and time again, that they're a bad person incapable of change.

No. 205274

Did he eat frozen meals when still mooching off his parents and that was what made him fat? Both of them look like they're normally heavyset when they can afford it, because they look liket he living dead. This food shows the absolute state in which they are struggling.

He's a grown adult and at this point he's his own reason for being retarded and having no friends. The only way his family can help now is by cutting him off. He's a 30 year old who admits he relies on "birthday money", fucking kek.

No. 205280

He could prove he's 6'2 and not bald in a single photo taken next to a tape measure with what's left of his hair tied into a topknot

No. 205282

they have a textbook codependent relationship. and neither of them have any friends or anything outside of eachother so they have no reason to leave.

No. 205283

i never said he wasn’t an adult or responsible for his own life. but part of the reason he acts so fucking retarded is because people keep feeding into this ass fire, including us. so idk…

No. 205289

>been called the worst things
>his worst things is being called short

No. 205303

File: 1649092961286.jpg (3.89 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_22-04-04_10-21-17-193.…)

Kek color fixed Lori's to match what it most likely looks like compared to Kev's lightly filtered pics on the counter. She looks like shit. So brassy and that pink does no favors. I even turned saturation down and it still looked like this. She's neon it's vom worthy

No. 205307

File: 1649096311236.jpeg (Spoiler Image,130.81 KB, 640x640, 3BC75863-460D-41D4-9A43-AD5A0D…)

From her latest set. The first one, what the fuck is that stupid facial expression? Looks like she wasn’t even ready for her own self timed photo. The second two are taken from the same angle but I guess she can’t decide what shape to make her waist today so she’s gone with two options

Also, that expression she’s making in the middle photo is one she defaults to constantly and has for the past twenty years because I guess she thinks it looks meaningful or something but actually just looks vacant as fuck.

No. 205308

does she expect people to pay for this?

No. 205309

Yes, $10 a month to be precise with tips. Otherwise you're Momokun and a fat jelly hater troll.

No. 205317

The counter is blue on hers while it's brown in Kevin's, and the cabinets in hers have a pink wash over them when they're actually beige or more yellow. Her skin has never been uwu pink loli.

No. 205318

the shop in the third picture is absolutely hilarious, she is most definitely high when she edits this shit or at least just manic. the blurry pillow and how shes covering half her body with plushies or pool toys or whatever the hell that weird shit is. imagine seeing her in your apartment complex pool, i would never want to swim in it again…

No. 205319

I just watched this, did anyone else watch it? The videographer is rough on the editing and his style was weird, but the video is full slam of her mental disorder and history of abuse.

No. 205324

Her fried hair topkekkkk it's hilarious at this point. Along with her forever botched and choppy bangs… abuela needs glasses if she thinks that any of this looks good

No. 205326

File: 1649104441640.jpg (548.46 KB, 1080x1293, 20220404_153017.jpg)

Kevin ignored the warning signs, he's to in denial to answer any of this honnestly.

No. 205330

Genuine question: what kind of money DOES she make from this stuff? Is she making any money at all?

No. 205332

This has been aswered several times in previous threads with deep dives but to answer quickly it's been speculated that shes making peanuts based on her interaction and ranking.

No. 205336

Did she link her you tube? Maybe she took it down. I cant find it.

No. 205344

No. 205346

So she's just going to re-posts more of the same cringe shit? I guess she likes to fail on as many platforms as possible.

No. 205348

She must have a humiliation kink kek

No. 205352

Everything is so strategically hidden and shooped in her pics, this is why everyone assumes it's a troon. She is incapable taking a pic like a normalfag because even the basics like teeth don't exist.

Take a look at her lux afterpay life. Obviously none.

No. 205362

Of course she is. She will never post candid vlogs or anything other than what she can film with her filters on to project whatever version of her face/waist/skin tone she wants to put forth at any given time.

No. 205369

File: 1649117768141.jpeg (525.72 KB, 828x955, 2F1693A9-A2D3-47B4-91A5-D3E55D…)

make as many stupid duckfaces as you want old girl we know what you really look like irl Lori

No. 205370

File: 1649117834046.jpeg (656.41 KB, 577x1573, DE89CB27-755A-4B1F-B9A6-06BBA4…)

Lori Lewd irl

No. 205374

The timing of her making a youtube seems to happen right after all these other accounts are slamming her, and after Kevvy kept whining about his own youtube. Both she and Kevvy posted shitty phone clips, too.

She looks very FAS in candids.

No. 205387

Judging by the # of likes she gets on OF, she seems to have 10-15 consistent subscribers. So $100-$150 per month maybe

No. 205391

This beef stew photo happened after Scott was in the thread mentioning how he was trying to sign her up for box meals. Is she trying to prove she can cook and didn’t need his help? Or is lori love bombing Kevin again because I’m sure the Scott posts caused issues between them. >>205307 “I’m just small. Not pedo baiting” then posts these style of photos.

No. 205392

File: 1649125542468.jpg (557.81 KB, 1080x1487, 20220404_212022.jpg)

I just watched it and it was hard to get through. This shit had me cracking up though.

No. 205407

i’m confused, he seems to be going back and forth about how he has a job and how he doesn’t work just so he can be loris assistant - wtf? if he wants to support her why doesn’t he just get a real job so they don’t have to beg for money on the internet

also i know he’s posted before about being a former addict - wondering if he’s back on whatever he was on because he looks haggard as hell with his combover

No. 205408

File: 1649135577260.jpg (81.36 KB, 720x958, IMG_20220404_220956_972.jpg)

It really makes me mad when she says shit like this. LORI was the one being racist to darker Sailor Moon cosplayers! Nobody ever said shit to her about being "Sailor Moon with a tan." The nerve to pretend like she was racially abused when she was the one doing it.

No. 205411

This you, Lori?

No. 205412

File: 1649138578301.png (3 MB, 2362x1112, lori being a racist pos.png)

No. 205429

Lori, stfu. Weren’t you the same one who made lj posts about black sailor moon players being inaccurate? The sailor moon live action actress being too “flat faced”? “Moonlight terrorist”? Typing in “Engrish “ to mock English speaking Asians. Those screenshots exist, so where are the supposed racial slurs you were called? Never seen them in the two decades I have followed. You’re a racist cunt and you know it.

No. 205442

This interview was back in 2004 and has been showed time and time again. Given that clip is from 18 years ago. Is there any recent milk of lori being racist?

No. 205443

NTA but she literally just lied about being called racial slurs when she is openly racist herself. It wasn't long ago she was talking about ICE.

She's so racist and full of jealousy when it comes to other women. The timing shows she's trying to get sympathy from people because her ego is shattered due to people being sick of her reddit spam.

No. 205452

File: 1649168775947.jpg (288.53 KB, 1080x1519, 20220405_092509.jpg)

No. 205453

File: 1649169178291.jpg (641.74 KB, 1080x1745, 20220405_093205.jpg)

Moos comments are on the most recent post.

No. 205455

If Mariah were genuine in what she posts, how would she of already found this before farmers?

No. 205457

It's been there a long time. I knew about it last year. Theres stuff posted all over about how shitty Lori is. Search her name on various platforms, it comes up. Look at the shitty half hour video someone made about her on you tube last week. She has a rep, not wking moo but there stuff farmers havnt posted here.

No. 205460

Moo also lurks here where ever she's mentioned. She recently responded to dramu in the costhot general immediately after it was dropped here and nowhere else. She's nuts and lives for this shit, though that doesn't discount that lori being a crazy racist cow, they're on the same level as far as I'm concerned.

No. 205465

Nah this Instagram has been posted here and on KF. It's definitely a farmer.

No. 205472

File: 1649181318392.jpg (506.29 KB, 1440x3088, Screenshot_20220405-135243_Ins…)

No. 205474

File: 1649181394874.jpg (429.54 KB, 1440x3088, Screenshot_20220405-135310_Ins…)

Dropped my pic

It's just because I switched up my content guys, I definitely got all of the views and likes before!

No. 205483

but kevvy Lori's legussy has a death grip on your life and wallet already kek past tense coping

No. 205485

I agree anon. These people all deserve each other. No matter what any of them say about the other, they're all always worried about their own best interests. They circle around each other like vultures and they've been doing that for years. These comments >>205452 are probably just to one up Lori, although its smarter to trick people with kindness than degrading others a d publicly badmouthing them like Lori does. It's not like she knows how to promote herself though.

Like this idiot. Yeah f'ck the people you want to sub to your content Kevin. Their all idiots who dont see how amazeballs you are anyway, right?

No. 205488

How is it bullying to post someone’s unfiltered face lol stfu moo

No. 205491

It's bullying cause she knows it's what farmers are doing with her photos. She's projecting onto Lori to look like the bigger person. Also what >>>/pt/872706 said. The timing of her latest twitter meltdown and these comments coincide. Typical hog shit.

No. 205493

Is that pic on the bottom right really what she looks like?

No. 205496

It’s an unfiltered version of her face a farmer put on top of an overly filtered one

No. 205498

Way to give yourself away that you were lurking Lori moo. Or maybe moo owns the account and is trying to deflect accusations by trying to look like she’s so righteous. Either way she is full of shit.

No. 205508

Why does he and Lori keep acting as if they have some kind of following and not just a bunch of bots?

They literally talk to themselves about themselves all day about how awesome they are when they have nothing to show for it, no content or talent or relevance.

It's really strange that Moo is using this account to make herself seem like the bigger (kek) person when both cows are so disingenuous.

No. 205515

File: 1649207118380.jpg (556.03 KB, 1022x1051, 20220405_200413.jpg)

This what she really looks like and this was 3 years ago.

No. 205517

File: 1649207528347.jpg (626.64 KB, 1056x1611, Screenshot_20220405-200651_Chr…)

Lori has deluded herself into thinking that people talking on the farms about how she ruined her life means she has "power". Even in terms of Lolcows she's a dime a dozen. She just has a long history. If her threads disappeared she would be forgotten quickly. She was forgotten too, only because she came back and caused drama with Kevin and someone with more internet presence was involved was she even known about again.

In a way Lori really should thank Moo for all her internet "fame". And to think she had walked away from public for a while. She could have had a clean slate. To bad she's batshit insane.

No. 205518

>The nerve to pretend like she was racially abused when she was the one doing it.

Classic DARVO. All narcs do it. It works on strangers but she has no one constant other than cuck Kevin because everyone catches on and runs. She's stupid for a narc because she's not even covert.

No. 205524

anon, I'm just now coming back into cgl / lolcow culture after 10-12+ years and surprised you guys are still running on about usagi kou. FFS I didn't even realize this chick existed, still. She was never anything special.

tl;dr the people in Washington milk any cow they can until it's fucking freeze dried. I accidentally "know."

If she is into OF now, why do you think toxicity does anything but benefit her, if you guys are still talking about her? Do you know what strip club culture is like?

No. 205526

No cause we aren't retards who made bad life decisions

No. 205531

I find this beyond questionable. the amount of milk around these people spans beyond just the ones in the spotlight, I can speak honestly on that.

No. 205535

Does anyone know who the chick doing the interviews is? She is just fricken hilarious.

No. 205537

>hello fellow farmers!

No. 205549

>anon, I'm just now coming back into cgl / lolcow culture after 10-12+ years

Just coming back and yet you found yourself in an "Usagi Kou" thread after all that time? Big coincidence or small world?

No. 205554

File: 1649239206808.png (270.04 KB, 1440x1372, Screenshot_20220406-025525.png)

No. 205555

>Cope post because Kevin is unable to get fame and fortune or succeed in life

They're eating garbage and sleeping on the floor yet they have such high hopes, kek.

Where do Kevvy and Loony get massive confidence in their success despite a lack of ability or even drive to do anything? He's pushing 30 but just wait, he's going to be important!

No. 205556

He always ends his word vomit posts with some classic animu hero motivational tag line.

Love his excuse cope of acknowledging he sucks ass by saying he never expected to be rich and famous after his constant rage quits of cosplay for not being rich and famous.

What is he claiming he’s successful at? Besides throwing his life away?

No. 205558

File: 1649241038276.jpeg (154.74 KB, 1034x1036, 2DC9DCA0-FFC4-4F84-8187-E68D9A…)

>day #549 cooped inside his matchbox “luxury” apartment, vigorously types Facebook post while sitting on kitchen floor listening to high hopes while 40 year old Lori eats McDonald’s with the 4 bucks she made on the spicy beep beep macaroni site

No. 205571

small world. I live in Washington and have had the unfortunate circumstance of running into the people around this drama. Didn't realize Lori was Usagi Kou, however. Strange.

No. 205584

please go back.

No. 205587

Lori was an absolute nothing nobody in our con-scene at the time she lived there anyway. She really didn't do anything milky until just before she left WA. So no wonder you say you didn't know, but also I get the feeling that you did because here you are. It's giving sus.

Sage for OT

No. 205631

Anon, idgaf what your toxic reasoning behind following Usagi Kou is. /cgl/ talked about her 10 years ago as just as milky and delusional as PT. I may accidentally know things from being in WA, but I had no fucking clue Lori = Usagi Kou when I was talking to people in the last 1-5 years in WA.

But yes, if you were around on /cgl/ 10 years ago then you would understand. But alas, fucker, you weren't. She is only relevant because you dumb shits are brewing like the people I've talked to recently.

No. 205640

>she’s only relevant because you dumb shits are talking about her
Trust me, we know. What’s with the rageboner lmao calm down

No. 205645

>thinking she's relevant

No. 205648

File: 1649280433156.png (183.79 KB, 474x474, tumblr_1ecfce88fa7c08534e3c066…)

She's barely relevant or cared about here. KF doesn't really care either. She's a D-tier cow. If she's relevant by your terms I think you're more invested than you're letting on. If you didn't care why would you be looking into her? Double sus because you didn't learn about her through lolcow well after the fact; you're a seasoned oldfag removed by one (maybe two) degrees of separation trying to stick your nose up at people who have invested probably 1/10th of the time you have into lurking and laughing at this cow back in the /cgl/ days. NTAYRT but you're annoying. no1curr about your reasons or accidental knowledge.

No. 205655

absolute cringe. Imagine trying to brag that you were on /cgl/ 10 years ago like a badge of honor lol you aren't the only person on the internet go away with the gatekeeping it's pathetic

No. 205672

realistically I don't care, but seeing the thread and realizing that the person being talked about this entire time was Usagi Kou is kind of awkward considering I'm almost certain some of the people who troll these threads are people I know or have known.

stop being butt-hurt and read context, idiot.

No. 205679

The OP says her fucking name you fucking retard. Go stab your other leg and pee on her stripper gear.

No. 205683

Sure Kevin. Please go get an education then. Important is subjective but without even knowing what you find "important" I'm sure most would find pointless.

>I had no idea Lori=Usagi Kou
Yet you were talking about her 10 years ago here? Sorry but some people can see through lies that dont add up and your math is pretty faulty.

>she’s only relevant because you dumb shits are talking about her

That doesnt make her relevant at all, but it's hilarious to watch her think she is.

Did you have a good conversation with yourself anon? Is it DID or just pure stupidity? Do you see Looni in a dark corner at night in your room?

No. 205697

you're so mad that I mentioned I went to cgl a long time ago, then put 2+2 together about stories about Lori being Usagi Kou. Do you not understand English or something? Do I have to explain it at least 6 more ways, meanwhile you're going to continue to be angry and vile over nothing. What are you even trying to prove here, moron?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 205702

ITT: toxic native washingtonians still making this girl relevant.

don't you have some fucked off 'ethical' poly relationships to attend to?

No. 205703

Ntayrt but it's so blatantly obvious you know nothing about your precious imageboards if you can't stop giving out random anecdotal information about yourself like anyone asked or cares. Read the room.

No. 205704

no one's talked about her on /cgl/ in years…

No. 205705

NTA but gtfo you smug, reddit spacing newfag. If you don't know why she's running on 15 threads presently and didn't know 'Lori=Usagi Kou' then why the fuck do you want to interject like your opinion is anything but garbage? Read the threads or get out.

No. 205709

"do you not understand english or something"

good one cool guy, it's not like there are literally hundreds of free online translators, dating this kind of insult back to 2002… oh wait.. gtfo dumbass

No. 205725

>reddit spacing newfag.
keep proving how new you are. reddit didn't invent spacing

No. 205764

You have to be literally mentally retarded if you couldn’t put together that Lori is Usagi kou. The names were used interchangeably, her photos were everywhere on threads and drama pages, and I’m sure her massive ego and shit Karen attitude has stayed relatively the same. You’re making yourself look super dumb by interjecting and derailing with useless information that absolutely no one except you cares about. Go bask in your sped revelation elsewhere.

No. 205822

This bitch would sell his left nut for 100k followers and to be acknowledged for the bare minimum.

No. 205832

well he doesn't expect it, he wants it though kek.

No. 205841

The sad part being that he could have actually accomplished that if not for Lori. He was an up-and-coming cosplayer with plenty of supportive friends, and even some very popular ones like Momo. He definitely could've gone places. Now he has no one.

No. 205851

His meagre skills bottomed out as he met Lori but he never did amazing mainstream cosplays to begin with that would get massive attention. None of his work ever held up to scrutiny and there's no way he'd ever get to even 10k without bots.

It's just like there's no way Lori has more than a few hundred followers. They don't have the network or mass appeal because they're too self absorbed. It shows in the pitiful engagement they get.

No. 205852

Moo woulda left him for the reasons >>205851 states he was subpar at best. Why keep him around when recognized trash like Kinpatsu will openly sperg for her.

No. 206007

File: 1649431076765.png (1.94 MB, 1080x1928, Screenshot_20220408-081617.png)

Can't even make 900 likes with her 130k follows KEK Lorena it's over just give up. You don't even have the money for bots anymore.

No. 206022

There’s something pathetic about buying so many cow prints, specifically to “show the haters” on lolcow. Reeks desperate for attention. We are all she lives for kek

No. 206057

Honestly wishing Kevin the best. It won’t happen but maybe he can make goals and leave lori to have a better life for himself. There is no way he can “love” what he’s doing when he shills loris content meanwhile they fight about her being on FB lewd groups. He can’t be happy begging for money online and when his parents stop helping him she will ditch him. >>205517
Lori you have zero power or influence on anyone. They are both so delusional.

No. 206059

File: 1649452551717.jpeg (142.22 KB, 1242x931, 752996A8-342E-42F4-AA15-29F707…)

Pets are such life savers.
Meanwhile she has used them for manipulation for years. Refused to get a job at any capacity to pay their bills. Fed them awful food and let them die without the care they needed. She didn’t save their lives, she bought plastic junk instead.

No. 206063

File: 1649454521109.jpeg (2.3 MB, 1919x1948, 2C8D9130-41D3-46A3-BFEF-BEC99F…)

How Lori looked like to her pets

No. 206075

Says the murderer of three cats and three (the fourth disappeared) ferrets.

Lori can fuck off with that shit. She should be prosecuted for animal abuse.

No. 206078

This is the problem with Lori. She gets pets she can't care for because it's all about her emotions and ~being saved~ by the pet. This is why she kept the ferrets alive in horrible life conditions (described by Kevin in the GFM) instead of letting them go and ending their suffering. Some of the worst types of people.

No. 206091

Maybe she’s talking about Kevin kek

No. 206099

File: 1649463314272.jpg (243.33 KB, 1080x620, Turkeyneck.jpg)

Worse than the likes, it looks like she didn't even attempt photoshopping her face/neck/lips here

No. 206106

File: 1649468504597.png (367.69 KB, 515x514, LoliXJunjiIto.png)

Even worse than that zoom, look at this still from the clip she posted. Blasted her face into a horrific blur and you can see her phone warp as she spazzes out.

No. 206161

Ot but which anime is this

No. 206163

i think she's getting fat on purpose to try to get a figure. if she's skinny she looks like a little boy.

No. 206166


Disagree. Being thin one of the last things Lori can cling to as a measurable sign of being superior. If she isn't thin she's just another washed up nobody LARPing as a model. The weight gain hasn't given her a shape and she knows it, hence the recent attempt to carve out a semblance of an hourglass using the waistband of her fishnets with MULTIPLE pair of underwear over top. Hilarious! Eventually she'll get tired of it and starve herself till its gone, sin that restriction and malnutrition are well known to fast track the signs of aging

No. 206167

well anon, she's trying to attract men. the reason she keeps clinging to being a "loli" is because she wants to be sexual to men in some way despite being an ugly old gremlin. she probably thinks gaining weight will give her the tits and hips and ass she keeps trying to shoop in. she's not shooping herself as a skinny bitch, she's trying to look thicc.

No. 206169

mieruko chan

No. 206195

Exactly. She would never try to gain weight. She’s even called girls thick in the right places fat. She’s definitely not trying to gain because the first place that gets the fat in her body is her belly and it shows. She’d have to try and work out to get a butt at all without a big belly.

No. 206197

She was always fat in her middle area but she's extra fat now because of her age and lifestyle. There are literally moms out there who look younger and have better bodies simply because they don't live in squalor like her.

No. 206214

File: 1649527378894.jpg (116.9 KB, 720x1190, IMG_20220409_110220_424.jpg)

Kevin fell while skateboarding.

No. 206239

Well, we all saw that coming.

No. 206243

As if Kev would actually go to the ER if he broke anything. Surprised he's not using this as a grift opportunity.

No. 206257

a broken tailbone can be pretty serious, better hope it's not broke Kev

No. 206258

I'm sure Lori hopes he's injured and bedridden for real so she can borrow his car to go cheat on him again.

No. 206270

I don't get why she calls herself a "loli" but then is trying to skinwalk Marin. Or any other characters with bigger boobs.

No. 206327

He should probably add some cruciferous vegetables to his diet if he's going to insist on trying to break a bone. I'm no dietitian but I'd wager hamburger water soup doesn't have a ton of health benefits.

No. 206335

Lori has no identity so she has no reason for her choices other than possibly vanity. It's great to try different styles but for Lori it's because she has no real sense of self. Her entire persona is built on a hobby she liked as a kid/teen/young adult with a smattering of copying whatever looks popular with the younger generation and whatever will feed her ego at the moment. So she can be loli, then goth, witchy, kawaii anime girl, or Bb elf prince cow succubus takis queen. She thinks this is all unique influencer style but for those of who see people through a lense of truth we see an identity crisis and lack of sense of self.

No. 206340

Nonna, loli means child porn and sexy little girls. How can something be "offensive to the aesthetic" of CP?
She calls herself a loli because she's a trash person, you shouldn't be in here defending it lol

No. 206345

Absolutely agree. She does it because it feeds her ego about looking young for her age. When she was young she built her identity around eternally youthful cartoon characters. Now she’s just a mess. It’s the dumbfuck baby talk and sped movements that contribute to the age regression or ‘loli’ kink. Gross.

No. 206346

this. she's just trying to pedobait. she also tries cosplaying flavor of the month characters, but they're all attractive and busty, unlike her, so she has no one to cater to but pedos.

No. 206351

Not really. A girl’s 14/16 doesn’t have an exact women’s sizing equivalent. Different brands have wildly different sizing measurements, and a girls 14/16 could be anywhere from a size 00-8. They’re often cut differently too, with less room in the hips and shorter inseams.

No. 206355

File: 1649606295855.jpg (95.82 KB, 720x1052, IMG_20220410_085731_785.jpg)

LOL this isn't the flex Lori thinks it is. Yeah, instead of having a loving family, house, and fulfilling life you get to pose next to rental pools for instabots to like. Sad.

No. 206356

Bold post for a toothless hag with no family or friends to make.

No. 206359

i dunno why NLOGS post this shit as if having a loving family and spouse is a bad thing. thots really have their priorities mixed.

No. 206361

If she had any of the things that the model has, she wouldn’t stop posting them. Where’s the pool? The garden? The actually toned body? And the actually soft and well taken care of hair?.
All she has is the picture of the model posing in front of a pool which honestly looks photoshopped to hell and back making the model look like she isn’t even there.

No. 206362

File: 1649611856176.jpeg (1.76 MB, 2880x3840, 2CE4CA8C-361A-448F-966D-0793FE…)

What is going on with her hair in these photos is that her trying to blur her roots off and why is her hair floating above her head? Why would you post pictures like that and not just one kek

No. 206363

idk if you were really winning you'd be hot and have a loving family, it's not really a "choose one" situation

No. 206364

and she doesn't have either.

No. 206366

She's tip toe-ing into a part in her bangs because she's totally IRL Marin anon. The bangs hovering off her head is what she's always done though. It's probably a mixture of: spill over from when she was LARPing sailor moon, trying to make herself look younger as well as it makes the bangs lower maintenance cause they're less likely to get sweaty or stick to your face.

No. 206378


?? How the fuck doesn't she FEEL that her gloves are on the wrong hand?

No. 206384

Part of me wonders how she would look like she ditched the bangs/or changed to a side bang, and ditched the bleach.
I don’t think her age is an issue for looks in general - There are good looking men/women in their 30s and 40s and so forth etc. Its just that most people her age tend to aspire to having solid jobs/benefits as well as a healthy social life. Both Lori/Kevin are doing the opposite. Kevin dropped out of school/Lori is looking for a quick buck in a career which doesn’t seem to be sustainable for the long term. Both of them have pushed away most of their friendships that they used to have.
Hopefully Kevin hasn’t burned any bridges with his family.
They really need to consider going back to school/trades/upgrading skills. Its OK to having hobbies, it’s just that not all hobbies end up being super profitable.

No. 206391

i think she got big mad about us making fun of her dark roots and shitty dead hair and she's straight up wearing a wig here

No. 206399


I’m inclined to also believe that but we’ve seen Looni’s wig attempts in the past, or at least I remember there was this photo of an Usagi wig she did after she dyed her hair dark in the mid aughts. This work would be way too good for her to have done.

This is still just shitty box bleach and a terrible bang blowout.

No. 206410

File: 1649634195171.jpg (234.67 KB, 300x620, d1mien-20ce80a9-7915-40b7-a4c3…)

Lol was it this wig?

No. 206415

Wow, she truly is bald. Those are sparse roots, if they're roots. We're seeing scalp.

Pure mental illness of her to think she's anything near the bottom half of this meme, or that it's an either or. Everyone has seen her candids and how sad her life is.

No. 206502

File: 1649704499969.jpg (101.11 KB, 720x1154, IMG_20220411_102029_269.jpg)

>I am not 5'9"! I'm so tall I can't even do certain skate tricks!

No. 206505

he's so obsessed with this incel height meme it's hilarious. 5'9 isn't even that bad considering the average height for women in the US. maybe he's referring to his insecurity being through the roof.

No. 206509

File: 1649706649975.jpg (113.22 KB, 539x806, usagikouusagihighschoolcrissyo…)

That was actually earlier/before she started using her own hair for Moon, other anon was probably referring to this

No. 206512

American scrotes think anything under 6 feet is short

No. 206520


Yes it was this one! Thank you! The other is when she was with Kelly but I’m not sure on the exact timeline

It’s so gross lol

No. 206523

She flexed this wig HARD when she was wearing it. Her hair was dark back then. Can’t remember if it was black or that dark red she tried for a hot minute. But she was obsessed with how “accurate” that wig was but it was a train wreck. The back was a mess and the ponytails were so thin. Not to mention it’s not even close to the right color. She would claim it was for a “more realistic look.”

No. 206528

Both wigs are horrendous and even back then she didn't match her eyebrows. She must be blind.

No. 206530

She had the same dead eyes even back then…

No. 206534

the state of her skin here is so nasty, i can't imagine what its like now under all the meitu filters and blur tool. god that brassy wig is quite horrible too. still looks better than her dark roots and dead extensions now tho.

No. 206546


She did. It was when her hair was black and I think we she first got the weird nipple piercing and those tattoos.

If you can ever find the in progress shots it gets worse. Bad hairspray, noticeable pins, I don’t even think there was a part in the back.

No. 206547

The white wig appears again in one of her “wedding Usagi” pics. It always looked super weird on her.

No. 206551

File: 1649723847478.jpg (151.08 KB, 589x486, usagikouesmoon1.jpg)

lol, there is also this one.

I hate Lori, but to be fair, the 00's was a dark time when it came to finding decent cosplay wigs. You either had to know how to make shit via tutorials from Katie Bair's website, or know someone who could. Good quality pigtail cosplay wigs with back parts did not exist.

No. 206554

anon, the rest of her costume is pretty bad. the only thing she had going for her was how vocal she was. she was always infamous, not famous.

No. 206558

omg you're right. rofl

No. 206570

File: 1649737973388.jpeg (698.32 KB, 1242x1395, AAF86A42-2489-49FB-A862-FDF707…)

She really just needs to get rid of the bangs entirely she looks so much better without them even them but you know …

No. 206572

the ~Elsa Era~

No. 206613

What is that hairstyle? She looks like someone’s mom taking a selfie in a dive bar bathroom.

No. 206625

Not wking at all but I think she looks much better here than her pedobait pics.

No. 206632

Literally a decade ago. The makeup and hair were so aging that she had to tilt her head up to hide how sunken her face was but she just looks like a disney villain.

No. 206653

Looks like she tried to edit away her dark roots

No. 206658

This. I don't know how young certain anons are here, but shit wigs were almost always par the course unless you got good or knew somebody. And her costume looks fine, it literally looks like the live musical versions back in the day, so I can excuse the gaudy material.

No. 206663

File: 1649779542562.png (1.57 MB, 1079x1323, Screenshot_20220412-090436.png)

No. 206664

File: 1649779621415.png (474.9 KB, 1079x1095, Screenshot_20220412-090451.png)


No. 206668

Jesus Christ how much did he narrow and elongate his head???

No. 206669

I’d love to know where the fuck he’s going dressed like this. Same goes for Lori

No. 206670

>skates like bricks
Why are you skating in sneakers that are obviously not for skating? This is what vans are for. His hair looks like it will blow off at the slightest breeze.

No. 206671

What #animeirl? Junji Ito?

No. 206693

Probably Walmart, the local fashion square, skatepark. They have 0 shame and really believe that they look cool cause 14 year olds in Utah gassed them up once in a Spencer's Gifts or whatever.

No. 206701

File: 1649784564508.jpg (90.49 KB, 720x1172, IMG_20220412_093732_072.jpg)

Lmao Kevin is the best cow.

No. 206704

File: 1649784939613.jpg (401.52 KB, 1440x3088, Screenshot_20220412-133516_Ins…)

No. 206708

He always has to post a disclaimer about how not bothered he is after he tantrums about how bothered he is.

No. 206713


He writes like Pixyteri, just different topics and obsessions.

No. 206720

>really sick of unfunny comments and harassment so I make unfunny comments and harass before I block to ensure I have the last word
Kevin you are so dumb

No. 206753

>(and you don't skate or cosplay)
Something about this just made me cackle

No. 206763

The whole pic is stretched. Look how skinny the mirror became, too.

The sad floor area with dusty toys and no furniture is also their inflatable bed area, yet they keep walking around that area with shoes on. They're so dirty.

In his mind, he and Lori posting the last word on their haturz is living their best life.

No. 206779

Where on earth is his face and why is he dressed like a skunk?

Why did I come in here knowing Kevin must have had another tantrum since the last I read this thread?

No. 206790

Wait… Is he really stretching himself taller now? Surely the 5.9 thing can't be that deep kek

No. 206799

there was also like only one trustworthy ebay seller (cosplaywig, rip) and then the only reliable US store was Amphigory, and even then you had to do a lot of styling to those wigs. If you had the money or connections, you could also order some amazing stuff from the wig shop Cyperous out of Japan.

Cosplay prior to 2010 was definitely the dark ages, but I think those of us who were part of it learned a lot of amazing stuff. Unless you were Lori, who just didn't fucking care to learn to style wigs or make her own costumes.

No. 206804

dude straight up looks like a pencil top eraser

No. 206817

Kevin you are too poor to be hypebeast even 10 years after and buying all the leftovers on discount because its out of fashion.

No. 206834

We stan a short king

No. 206874

File: 1649863595671.jpg (43.76 KB, 720x488, IMG_20220412_232624_640.jpg)

Kevin updated his insta bio.

No. 206877

>experimental fashion
Does he think he's doing something? Does he really think he's fashionable? He looks like he walked out of one of those painfully bootleg streetwear stores you find in really run down or ghetto areas. K-Momo looking ass.

No. 206894

She is low IQ and can't braid her hair. I'm convinced this is why she acted so superior for putting her hair in twin buns and attaching extensions back when she cosplayed Sailor Moon. That shit was probably near impossible for her

No. 206895

stretching himself thinner, more like. he is wide as fuck in his skate vids, ben swolo looking ass

No. 206914

not wking in any way but with that pathetic "braid" i can understand her claims her mother was neglectful/abusive. definitely doesn't excuse any behaviors but god damn was this girl never taught a braid? i'm convinced here she looked up "elsa frozen" and was like, "well it's just two pieces of hair twisted together", and did this hairstyle.

No. 206915

File: 1649879456383.jpeg (242.97 KB, 1115x615, 9AA059CC-2D96-4AEA-A6B6-277111…)

She did a short lived shit tier skin walk of Elsa the makeup the hair etc. frozen came out in November 2013 that pic is from late December 2013

No. 206917

File: 1649880919489.jpeg (197.35 KB, 1280x1280, BC171577-AF20-4FE7-8262-B31D84…)

He’s clearly developed Lori’s lack of proportion awareness. Looking like Megamind with his giant forehead. My god he’s an idiot.

No. 206926

Does anyone else think that Lori isn't into sex? I really get that vibe from her - that she's not into sex or masturbation.

Wish Scott would come back and tell us if she was sexual with him.

No. 206928

Its common for people with an inability to be emotionally invested in another person to loose interest in sex. She use to be known for her sexual exploits but I think even that was more her desperate personality needing attention. Her constant push to be seen asxsexy even comes off as a selfish desire for attention as opposed to sexual imo. Idk. I dont see anything about her as sexy or sexual, just desperate and self obsessed. Jmo.

No. 206929

he literally said she would force him to come have sex and sleep with her in her bed while staying at his parents although his parents wanted them in separate rooms. but honestly that stuff just seems like normal hypersexual pickme shit… i know girls irl who used to act outwardly super sexual and have tons of sex but now claim to be "asexual" and don't sleep with their bfs. its just weird manic pickme bullshit. they just want attention in any way from any person but once they decide they can't manipulate people with that anymore (cause they get old and fat) they stop "enjoying" sex.

No. 206931

lol someone is abused as a kid because their mom didn’t fucking teach them how to braid hair lmaooooo you sound crazy

No. 206932

Do you know how to read, retard?

No. 206934

yes and that’s what you wrote


No. 206948

Her exes from back in the day (including the female one) claimed she was insatiable and basically wanted sex 24/7. That may have changed with age though.

No. 206953

YouTube existed when this pic was taken, she could have found a tutorial

No. 206965

it's probably because she's borderline. being hypersexual at a young age is a symptom, and would diminish despite her other symptoms still being very strong(all the narc shit and codependency is indicative of it as well) not to armchair but she's textbook.

No. 206990

just a reminder when this unsaged sperg keeps coming in can we not interact with their bait? when they came in talking about "muh lolis" some of you guys replied seriously and it was dumb. just ignore the scrote or whoever it is (cough cough). replies are obviously what they crave coming here.

No. 206991

File: 1649945528963.png (1.89 MB, 1080x1908, Screenshot_20220414-071111.png)

Ew, is this supposed to be a Gantz bunny suit? Why does she pick hot characters just to ruin them? She just keeps humiliating herself I can't

No. 206993

she's really giving herself a whole new lip shape lately. really trying to hide the smokers lines with the super low angle, but it just shows the length between her nose and top lip

No. 206995

That white face and dark body this looks horrible

No. 207000

They seem like someone pretending to be lori tbh
She's the only person I've ever seen use some of the fat insults they use but I really doubt it's lori herself

No. 207001

It's likely a scorned oldfag or Kev

No. 207006

it's probably the retard who "didn't know loli was usagi kou" but also just happened to find the thread or whatever bullshit claim. it started happening after she got told to fuck off.

No. 207007

kek, lori, my b.

No. 207028

File: 1649966245477.jpeg (133.06 KB, 749x321, 87DFF659-6D60-4322-BD18-07B90C…)

it's actually been happening since last thread (they might've even popped in the thread before too? too lazy to look) and seemed to start about 2 months ago. they just come in to post low quality bait about how she's fat in the same annoying typing style every time. i admit i thought it was a bit funny at first but it's just gotten annoying. i can't tell if they're actually retarded or just trying to emulate loris typing style cuz they can barely type.

No. 207029

part of me thinks it's lori going in to post stupid shit like that then saving the screenshot and sharing with people going 'LOOK AT THE THINGS THEY SAY ABOUT ME!!!' even though 99% of nonas here don't even give a shit about that, as a means to deflect? But that's some 5d chess narc behavior and she's dumb as fuck so who knows.

No. 207037

tinfoil: it's Kevin

No. 207047

Would love it if it was really him, the timing always seemed to match when she was chimping out at him. The inner Kevvy full of anger wants to lash out back but can't in real life so he does it here.

No. 207051

to me it checks out because fat is his default insult, and he always seemed much more vitriolic and unhinged than Lori.

No. 207080

no you dumb fucks, you're seriously smoking some conspiracy shit. I haven't posted in a long ass time, because you shits think other people don't exist around this shitstorm. it's too obvious some of these posts include said other shitstorm people around lori.

No. 207081

ya it's you.

No. 207088

tbh I get the vibe rikki's exes lurk this shit, not lori. someone's bitter they got cheated on

No. 207092

Is it just me or do none of these posts by the "I didn't know Lori was usagi kou" person make any sense? They're so weird and I feel like I'm having a stroke whenever I read their posts. I never know what point they're trying to make.

No. 207100

i think they're just schizo and for some reason think this whole thread is people they know or who are close to lori (literally who is close to her lol?). they lack any reading or writing comprehension and their posts are confusing as fuck.
>in b4 i'm not schizo and i haven't even been posting here!!1! sperg ensues

No. 207138

>paranoid everyone in the thread knows Lori irl
>poor grammar
>confusing posts with no point
>fat fat fat
>”if you think it’s Kevin you must be smoking crack”
Yeah, it’s Kevin.

No. 207140

File: 1650019170902.jpeg (251.81 KB, 750x1045, 76FE24AE-280E-4BF4-AB26-6A46A7…)

Is it Lori’s birthday yet? She’s admitted her birthday is a ‘tricky’ time for her. Probably because she’s 37, her meager successes are long behind her, and she has no one to blame but herself. Her fragile narc ego can’t take the
truth though, so she and her flying schizo monkey Kev are out in full force.

No. 207141

Yeah she said it's her birthday weekend. I think her birthday is April 16.

No. 207160

hard to get excited about your birthday when you have no friends or family who give a shit about you.

No. 207182

I'm sure Lori gets butthurt about her birthday cause it just reminds her of when she could still wrangle up retards to take her out and buy her gifts. Now she could never have that again. No slaves on hand and foot to drive her to every mall and anime store. Nobody's gonna pay for her manicures or dolls kill or tell her happy wishes. Nope. Just her and Kev and bot scrotes online commenting "happy birthday my sweetie princess" KEK. Every year she has less and less support and drive in life it's sad. All she has to do is just drop the egirl act and get a job. Instead she's going to turn 37 alone, taking free pics on her filthy floor for companies that don't even pay her bills. If she's lucky maybe Kev will go get her a churro or ice cream cake from Walmart!

No. 207189

File: 1650040486957.webm (1.32 MB, 996x2160, screen-20220415-092439_2.webm)

Lori please watch a YouTube tutorial on how to light a room for photography. You make yourself look awful for no reason. You have all the materials needed to effectively light the space and take better photos. Learn how to use what you own. Also, congratulations to her for not editing her body for once. This is clearly a more natural shape and honestly looks better on video than her usual ectomorph coomer art shoop. Baby steps but it's almost like she's easing up on the body filter abuse. That - or she just gained a lot and it's not possible to hide anymore. Meh either way she should keep going natural it might help her "business".

No. 207191

>>207189 holy shit she looks short and stubby.

No. 207197

>I'm sure Lori gets butthurt about her birthday cause it just reminds her of when she could still wrangle up retards to take her out and buy her gifts.

Good post, anon. I think about this all the time actually. The way she lives now is so opposite to how she used to be. She used to have a small army of minions who did her bidding, was extroverted, went out to lots of places. Now she talks about being a hermit/introvert but I really think she misses the days where she could pretend to be a special girl. Even if those relationships were crappy it has to suck to go from having several friends you hang out with and see to having nobody but crazy Kevin.

No. 207200

IIRC it’s April 17, which I think she was big mad about because it’s canon Sailor Mars’ birthday LOL

No. 207209

AYRT, she absolutely wishes she could be Queen again and have her own hive. They gave her the courage to go out and whenever she was faced with consequences they happily took the blame for her and made a scene. She visibly cannot stand Kevin and he's all she has left aside from empty online support from other psycho try hard thots.

No. 207218

Even with the filter to make the pic distorted longer, one leg up and an upside down phone she's an absolute stump. This explains why Kevvy keeps calling her fat here.

Exactly she is so pathetic and birthdays remind her she's old and behind compared to everyone who used to be in her life.

This is why she had that cope post hating on people who have friends, families and money. She's almost 40 and still a non-starter sw begging for ramen.

No. 207241

>That head shaking, lip blowing whinnying

Giving horsey realness here. I wonder what she's trying to actually mimic?

No. 207260

File: 1650070485423.jpg (76.61 KB, 720x564, IMG_20220415_175324_888.jpg)

Here's Kevin trying out a new "date outfit". I also don't know why he keeps calling Lori his fiance. They're never going to get married lol.

No. 207272

Why the fuck does keep warping his head like that? Looking like the aliens from Mars Attacks. I’d say that’s how I hear his voice when he writes those sperg tantrums but after hearing him talk in that video he’s so monotone.

No. 207274

His hair is like a Party City wig for a MySpace emo Halloween costume. It’s like a caricature of a terrible hairstyle.

No. 207281

File: 1650081702474.jpg (212.61 KB, 720x564, lolwtf.jpg)

the tops of the blinds are weirdly warped and bending towards him.

No. 207301

He might be using a Meitu filter like Lori that makes your head/face smaller

No. 207351

File: 1650143345090.jpeg (694.13 KB, 828x1021, 24260435-A8CE-4662-8ABC-F7BD62…)

she can't even pull the fishnets up to her thighs TOPKEK. squeezed fat is really sexy looni.

No. 207357

File: 1650150895610.jpeg (378.24 KB, 822x1246, 89FAD583-12B3-4C9F-B42D-106C8D…)

>you're one of my biggest inspirations
is 37, jobless, broke, fat, no friends, all her pets are dead, has shitty tattoos, and is "engaged" to a schizo autist, totally an inspiration for all "egirls"

No. 207359

Is this a real cosplay? Frankenstein crotch gotta be the worst outfit up to date

No. 207362

They only know her lies though, the inspiration is false.

Kek! First thing I noticed was those weird metal pieces, what is that?

Notice she say it's her birthday, but she never says it's her 37th bday. Sad.

No. 207367

its a gantz suit made into a "bunny girl" thing. but there was no blondes with elf ears in gantz for sure

No. 207369

I don’t understand this thing she keeps doing where she wears elf ears and animal ears. Is she supposed to have four ears? She also either airbrushed the shit out of her crotch or she learned to tuck because we’ve all see the Lego hand down there. No way that fits.

No. 207370

Delphine did it so ima go ahead an guess that's why

No. 207372

File: 1650158946398.jpg (211.34 KB, 550x800, 71d3f39497a042bb7c663fc8fbf25b…)

big kek, she's wearing the ankle parts upside down.
For reference, this is what the cosplay is supposed to be of/look like.

No. 207373

Lori is such a shit "cosplayer" she can't even put on a Chinese pre-made costume correctly. Goes to show she's never even seen Gantz or even the figure the costume is based off of. Fake ass nerd shit. She's so embarrassing. Almost 40 wearing cheap party city get ups upside down and doing that weird neighing seizure thing.

No. 207374

happy bday Lori enjoy seething over this thread while everyone in your life, past and present, goes about their day not giving a fuck about you KEK. numb the pain with a burger king date and some more amazon costumes

No. 207383

Why is she MS painting over her legs to fake a tan? She's too retarded to realize that bathing suits leave tan lines different from overly hiked up party city outfits.

Lolcow talked about her birthday more than anyone IRL for her. Next thread should be a birthday banner for the cow.

>she's wearing the ankle parts upside down.
Kek just like the backwards glove.

No. 207394

File: 1650171776961.jpeg (376.79 KB, 1080x1920, 3C909F8D-77D3-4569-8534-9EFF5F…)

Happy 37th birthday Lori. Lets look back at all the totally real times people thought you were much younger, and that its absolutely not suspicious that you kept using an oddly specific age each time. I hope your followers scrounge enough change to treat you to a ramen dinner.

Whats sad is, we might actually be the only people besides Kevin who have actually acknowledged her birthday.

No. 207396

File: 1650172598569.jpeg (502.13 KB, 2048x2048, 664DE202-39A8-47B9-B47C-45BCC0…)

Samefag but have a few more

No. 207404

if they think she’s young it’s only because she dresses like she’s a 13 year old weeb using her allowance on edgy shein shit

No. 207416

She and Kevvy are hilarious with their massive cope posts with Totally True Stories. If she looked young she'd just let friends post candids taken in natural light outside all the time but she can't, because her face is haggard and sagging. She also has no life or friends to take them with, anyway. Her face thru angles and filter abuse is as real as the replica she got of an already cheap LV bracelet.

No. 207421

Happy Birthday Lori! She missed an opportunity to bake a cake that looks like something the toilet barfed up. This was a chance to not only keep on brand, but also make farmers nauseous yet strangely intrigued. Now we will have to bide our time waiting for the next culinary treat she graces upon our undeserving eyes.

No. 207425

>let it be
A polite way of saying shut up because she couldnt accept what the person was saying.

In fact, isnt it true that Kevin is a decade younger than her?

So sad she insists she looks like she's in her 20s when she just doesnt. She just looks her age. I bet letting go and admitting that is accepting that she failed at life. If she holds onto "um so yung lookin" then she doesnt have to admit shes an average mid to late 30 year old with nothing.

No. 207431

If she does attract younger people, it's because she is so mentally stunted and immature. If Kevin wasn't also a mentally stunted fuck up he'd have out grown her like what typically happens when a younger person dates an older slacker loser.

No one thinks she looks young, especially in person. People make fun of her online because she tries to act young and abuses filters to the point followers have mistaken her for a tranny, because what actual woman needs to blow out her photos so extremely? Bomb lighting my ass.

No. 207456

Kevin is 8 years younger than Lori.

No. 207472

Another year closer to death with nothing to show for it. The ferrets are dead, the extensions beyond repair, stew's watery, their bed's gone missing and now she's getting fat. Great birthday! Oh well, maybe a coomer will help turn it all around by buying a hat off her wishlist.

No. 207546

damn she looks so squat

i’ve seen her in person and i’d say she looks like she’s in her early 30s so i guess that’s considered “looking younger” than she is. she def doesn’t look like she’s in her early 20s even though she acts like shes 20.

she’s not fat, just has zero muscle definition and isn’t toned at all. she does have a pooch though and has to really pose and work her angles on top of photoshop and filters to really get the body type she tries to portray in her pics.

No. 207547

Lol, beautiful. In that hideous costume from Setsuna Kou that she tried to pass off as her own work, and a wig.
What’s up with her eyebrows? Why is she so determined to fuck up her brows?

No. 207549

A sourfaced Sailormoon who never smiles.

No. 207569

File: 1650291917210.jpg (418.76 KB, 1080x516, 20220418_091846.jpg)

She was in spin also in like 2002, but I garuntee she never told anyone about it. The article was about how depraved the cosplay community is.

Yes, that's DJ Ranma on the right.

No. 207578

this costume was clearly made for someone much taller than her, did she steal it?

No. 207580

It was made by Setsuna Kou, likely for her own proportions or made on a form. Lori 'bought' it (apparently, seems more in character for her to just demand it for a con) and claimed she made it from scratch.

No. 207586

sage for oot but how is it his ass never got a thread, he's been a massive creep in New England since forever. Or is all his milk just too old?

No. 207588

yeah he’s more or less pretty irrelevant, vintage milk.

No. 207603

There's no way she's seen the figure, she's a normie who collects Squishmallows to keep up with the kawaii "aesthetic" and probably has 0 interest in merch. She doesn't seem like someone who's actually into anime, she just buys quirky costumes and larps as popular waifus in hopes of making money and getting attenttion. The opposite of Marin, really.

No. 207604

she doesn't even have any squishmallows they're all just "weeb" plushes she wins with her begging buxx at round1, i don't think she's even got any new plushies in months cuz she used to post her new ones when she got them. she just has a huge hoard of them she rearranges in the back all the time(yes im a squishmallowfag)

No. 207605

File: 1650304517294.png (1.76 MB, 1080x1996, Screenshot_20220418-105400.png)

>I don't buy dropship
Kevin do we need to reverse image search your pants and post the listings of every other scam site?

No. 207627

File: 1650308933801.jpeg (133.26 KB, 600x880, 41F47FBE-77DB-4BE2-B2BA-A4D1CC…)

She wouldn’t have had to see the figure. Miccocostumes has the costume modeled on their website, and the reviews for it go back to February. It’s not like she received this early for a review or anything.

What a professional!

No. 207644

>posts pic of bottom tier dropship
>says he doesn't wear low quality dropship

He's so clueless about fashion and has no idea about the industry or anything in life in general. No wonder he was an easy mark for Loony, now he acts just like her.

No. 207687

Every post he makes he comes across as if he’s on the defensive. Big fucking deal if you buy cheap shit, Kevin. I would hope you didn’t pay much for pants that look like yellow bandanas sewn together.

No. 207695

dumb ass, I responded here: >>207088
at least we know YOU'RE not 'E' or 'MM'

'E' hasn't been in the mix, because she's been posting since she dated rikki

No. 207713

kek does "MM" stand for mooriah? also are you accusing me, a random anon, of being someone around loris circle now? what the fuck are YOU smoking. stop replying washingtonfag you just keep embarassing yourself.

No. 207744

Look at the context, anon.

Moo is a cow and there’s no point to tiptoeing around using her name by using initials.
MM in reference to Rikki’s exes stands for Married Mistress.

I’m pretty sure MM stopped checking Abuela and Kuckvin’s lolcow and KF threads a long while back.
Who tf is ‘E,’ though?

No. 207746

What shame you could have saved another $7 if you bought them directly from alibaba. They're only $13 on there!

No. 207747

Eeby deeby

No. 207811

‘E’, maybe Ender? But I thought Lori was still friendly with them, so maybe not.
Washingtonfag is mildly interesting. Are they Schizo, or trying to talk in some weirdo code only Lori’s old circle would pick up on?

No. 207817

no seriously how the fuck are we supposed to know "MM"="Married Mistress" is this some old otaku-kin secret language that only the oldest of fags know? or are they samefagging? this is seriously some schizo shit.

No. 207818

anon, I can't help if you don't lurk moar. it's just as available to you as it is anyone else, ya dumb shit. if you're just in here sperging without knowing any of the lore, then why are you here?

No. 207819

'E' is who Rikki cheated on and was dating inbetween Lori, during the apartment saga.

No. 207822

>why are you here
to laugh at kevin mostly but i can admit when i'm wrong you nonas got me i really couldn't care much about loris lore, sorry for asking to be spoonfed

No. 207827

So Did Lori not get anything for her bday? I guess when your Simps are all bots you dont get much. No gift from Kevin?

No. 207841

File: 1650384409523.jpg (66.29 KB, 720x797, IMG_20220419_090016_752.jpg)

I don't think she did otherwise she'd be bragging. She did add 3 items to her Amazon wishlist on her birthday. A Hello Kitty toaster, a Hello Kitty makeup mirror, and a pink rice cooker.

No. 207846

She could easily buy that rice-cooker if she didn’t waste her money on Dollskill hooker shoes or those crappy cosplays.

No. 207848

I think it's funny that there are no shoes on her wishlist, even though she loves those the most, because she doesn't want to reveal her shoe size lol.

No. 207850

File: 1650388034373.jpeg (45.89 KB, 250x389, 17827479-B7EB-42DA-8EB1-711F70…)

Oh, I thought it was married mistress aka kitty he dated on and off when he was dating Lori on and off. Lol, there were there more danger-haired weebettes fighting over ugly, under-employed Rikki?

Tbh, I also thought “MM” was Mariah Mallard”, and “E” was perhaps Vamplette‘s real initial, since Kev has a Schizo fixation on them being to blame for all his and Lori’s woes (picrel from last year). Washingtonfag’s reading/writing skill seems to be grade school level and I can’t figure out what they’re even trying to say.

No. 207856

see, i thought the same things anon. i love kevvyboy admitting he was sent to rehab here tho, i really wonder what drugs he was using back then? perhaps sage old milk next time though. i really hope he has another big sperg again soon. we know he can't hold in his tard rage for long.

No. 207866

a lot of theorizing, but 'E' is basically a nobody. MM came first then it was E, but E was involved during the apartment saga with Rikki living with Lori.

No. 207871

That's sad but ew, my 7 year old niece has that mirror.

No. 207873

This post really shows that he is younger than her by a lot. She had years of being made fun of online while he was still to young to be involved.
Wanking Kou was nothing new and certainly not because of Moo and Vamp. It was going on for years, long before any of them were in her life.
Was he not even bothered by all this who was cheating with who stuff? Looks like an awful way to start a relationship. I know he went up to get her from Washington and I cant see why other than being desperate. I wouldnt even have answered the phone.

No. 207884

If he's prone to psychosis like he says it could have been for that instead of drugs. Kevin can't hide anything. If he was addicted to anything at one point we would have heard him screaming repeatedly about him not being a drug addict crackhead. He only ever spergs about the truth that's pointed out.

No. 207891

That’s what I always figured. I’ll spare everyone the armchair diagnosis/ speculation, but schizotypal personality disorder seems to check all the boxes, if anyone feels like googling. Poor social skills and disordered thinking are defining characteristics. I think it’s more likely his parents tried to check him into inpatient care, and he reacted poorly. Only his zerotwo understands him…

No. 207902

Calendar anon here. Lori followed Kevin on insta like 5 days ago (which is rare, she usually doesn't follow him) but I think something must've happened over the weekend/Lori's birthday because she has been quiet on all her socials for 3 days and Kevin is now blocked again. I stopped making the calendars because they stopped blocking each other so often (starting in January Lori allowed Kevin to continuously follow her with only a few blocks these past few months. I guess I shouldn't stop keeping track altogether.)

No. 207967

ot but does ender still even cosplay

No. 207989

File: 1650458909009.jpeg (55.16 KB, 720x960, 232918052_10101897029601219_51…)


Yup im friends with them on FB, they detransitioned and gained weight, then started dating a married couple, then the wife moved out. Literal homewrecker.

No. 207990

File: 1650458953257.jpeg (64.67 KB, 960x724, 167604332_10101826817841149_10…)

The pink haired wife moved out shortly after they started dating

No. 208000

ender could possibly make for a cow. she seems to produce milk about the same pace as lori does.
also offtopic but that scrote’s smug face is puncheable. “poly” are gross.

No. 208006

File: 1650471298605.jpg (505.23 KB, 1440x2532, Screenshot_20220420-121116_Ins…)

Love that Kev is back to shilling her, also noticed he took down his yellow pants posts because they got close to no interaction. Also how he keeps calling her fiancée like they're actually going to get married kek she just might since she's only getting older and getting a new slave to kick around must be difficult with how she looks irl now.

There's a lot to unpack in this post

No. 208007

>her potential is insane when she puts her mind to it
He reminds me of old men that marry bimbo 15 year olds and gloat about how intelligent, kind and motivated they are. Yeah, yeah, we know. You love staring at her tits and pussy. We get it. So intelligent and motivated. She's gonna be the next Nobel Prize Winner for sure. Kek. What has she put her mind to? Can she even emotionally and conceptually handle paying bills? If taking nudes wears her out emotionally and physically then I don't think the cunt is capable of much at all…

No. 208010

its been said before, but the shoop in this particular photo is asinine. he sounds very desperate to be unblocked.

No. 208030

I was just about to post this. Kevin is still blocked by Lori at the time of him posting this LOL. He is such a special brand of pathetic.

No. 208058

That guy looks super familiar but I can't place him. Has he been involved in other cow drama?

No. 208065

yes literally so much potential to be insane, potential to manipulate

def desperate to get unblocked lol this is literally begging lmao. she probably sperged out on him for not posting ass kissing posts about her

honestly he looks like a streamer

No. 208093

Kek she must be big mad. Maybe he screwed up her birthday by not funding her dollskill habit and getting her a 25 dollar rice cooker

No. 208102

>We haven't been feeling that great

Man Lori has been silent for 4 days now (which is bad for an "influencer/model" who posts on a regular basis. Lori only ever disappears like this after explosive Kevin fights.) and Kevin posts this really tense sounding promo for Lori while still blocked. I wonder what sort of horror show went down on her birthday.

No. 208117

lol wtf the shoop on this is so bad. It looks like she liquified her back inwards to make herself look skinner. And her back is melting into that fake stretched “ass” (that also looks blurry as hell) she tried to make for herself.
I initially thought that fuzzy thong was just her outgrown razorburn crotch too kek
She’s probably mad that no one cared about her birthday or made any huge gestures. It fell on Kevin to buy her whole amazon wishlist and take her out to dinner, but he couldn’t do that.

Off topic but I wonder if Kev would ever help Lori make an OF video if she convinced him it would make him money. He seems to get more and more cuck-ish by the day. She already did a full creepy-cringe video with her rashy vag on display, which he was initially against.

No. 208155

File: 1650511000111.jpg (48.33 KB, 1080x1897, Screenshot_20220421-051450_Ins…)

I wonder what happened

No. 208160

Kevin is trapped in an eternal angsty teen phase, such a perfect match for Lori.

No. 208168

I wonder if they had the cops called on them for fighting.

No. 208169

File: 1650515345645.jpg (96.83 KB, 720x1036, IMG_20220420_212741_322.jpg)

Lol that's one way of looking at it I guess.

No. 208171

All I could think about is if kev went apeshit and started a fight at the skate park. He can’t fight back to Lorena the abuela so he had to pick on little kids

No. 208174

File: 1650517927843.png (571.47 KB, 1440x1687, Screenshot_20220420-221120.png)

No. 208175

what a delusional retard

No. 208178

>you're not a real friend unless you checks notes sub to my girlfriend's sexworker account where she shows her uncensored vag

Still shilling that stupid line I see, what a ridiculous and inappropriate thing to demand of your friends. Of course people can't or won't do that, thus Kev stays isolated.

No. 208179

Also samefag, what's more likely, 800 people have it in for you or you are partaking in an abusive, controlling relationship?

I don't feel sorry for him since people have tried to help him, as recently as last year iirc, and he bats them away, but it's obvious that the problem was not the 800 people.

No. 208189


Taking your time to do WHAT? Buy a couch or basic kitchen small appliances? Fix the hole your missing teeth left in your mouth? Or have you almost figured out what you want to be when you Grow Up?

No. 208191

“I keep my personal life separate”

Ummmm making your FRIENDS sub to your “work” which IS SEPARATE just contradicts that statement … the hell.

No. 208197

this actually pissed me off a little. why does the world have to revolve around lori? why do people who have no history with her have to kowtow to her insecurities all the time? honestly, fuck kevin. he deserves this ugly washed up whore and the shitty, good for nothing future they’ll inevitably have together. hopefully he knows how to walk his paisley yellow ass up to the welfare office so they can get food stamps to afford another bowl of doo doo soup.

No. 208207

>sub to my fiancé on OF to support me

This is the weirdest shit. I don't see how he has any followers who aren't just there to watch the dumpster fire. He is so detached from reality.

No. 208209

My question still remains, WHO would want to, and WHY should anyone support a lazy grown ass man who doesn't want to get a job and contribute to the household in any capacity? He's just okay with whori busting open her legussy online and working 'so hard' while he does nothing. He has no shame, just a parasite leeching off of another parasite

No. 208215

kev is basically a simp who ended up in a relationship by accident, now it's codependent and his low self esteem is dependent on lori, who is crazy.

No. 208221

So the fight was about someone baiting them for some laughs? Or just someone dumb enough to try and help his stupid ass?

No. 208224

What kind of psychopath gets mad at sharing memories on Facebook? He says this so casually like its normal for a partner to freak out over harmless nostalgia. Everything he posts makes her look even more unhinged.

No. 208228

Kevin will never leave Lori. Holy shit. If she tries to leave him he will kill her. He's so hopeless. This is going to end so bad.

No. 208238

This, 100%. Who does he think he is to call out other people for supporting him when he won't even try to do shit for himself besides skate around and game like he's still in high school. He has nothing to do all day and still goes online to ebeg money from other people's hard work and effort

No. 208239

I just can't get over the fact that Kevin can't be nice ONCE. He is just constantly whining and being passive aggressive. He has to constantly attack or put down other people, he is so fucking bitter.

No. 208242

This cow is so fucking boring. She managed to be the boring one in her own threas. Kevin' spergouts are funny and his tragic fashion even more.
I'll give this to lori tho: the crackhead burger sewage water stew was entertaining. Sad shit

No. 208249

She's only boring now because she likely keeps her milky posts on friends only. That and she's clearly given up on life, all she does is take selfies and post. Maybe LC got to her so much she doesn't even have the wear with all to be her usual messy self. Kek. Thank God for KevKev.

No. 208256

At this point I think Kevin is more unhinged and possibly dangerous than Lori. She's sad and cringy, he strikes me as a man who could work himself to a murder-suicide.

No. 208266

This! He refuses to address his clear obsession with her. I do think it's Lori's fault for making him this way but yeah. He's going to try and kill himself if she ever leaves. Wouldn't put it past him to follow her if she moved states too. She made him entirely dependent on her emotionally and probably convinced him nobody else would ever love him.

No. 208278

Sometimes I agree that he’s completely obsessed and would crack enough to pull a murder suicide thing (remembering when he stabbed his leg for her).

Other times, and this is totally tinfoiling, but I wonder if he’s desperately schilling her gaping vagina lips in the hopes that she does either make enough money to leave him or finds a simp to run off with and leave him for because he doesn’t know how to get away from her. He used to make all those posts about how much she would scream at him and abuse him so it just makes me wonder if he wants her gone but can’t get rid of her so he hopes someone else will take her.

But he’s also an idiot and basic minded af so I doubt he’s that calculating.

No. 208295

Parking ticket? Kek

No. 208296

You got anymore dirt about Ender? I find the whole former Kou Clan so fascinating, especially the ones still on “good” terms with Lorena.

No. 208306

Can you sage? Also this is Whori's thread. If you want to derail about her literal who ex-Klan then take it elsewhere.

No. 208325

iv got say personally iv done sweet fuck all with my life but iv got more to show for then the both of these two(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 208340

Lori probably screeched for something expensive that couldn't be bought by idiots like them on afterpay.

Lori got the cops called on her for her birthday probably.

They're both selfish and awful people, and deserve each other.

No. 208346

nayrt but I wouldn't mind a "where are they now" Kou segment. Lori's milk is pretty stale at the moment anyways

No. 208354

i feel like it’s the other way around. lori would love to be rid of kevin, she just has no other options and nothing to fall back on, so she puts up with him because he keeps a roof over their heads and she can scream at him/take her anger out on him whenever she gets upset about something. she got mad conveniently right when those pics from the magazine pop up, so of course he hops on fagbook to whine and moan as her personal mouthpiece to try to appease her. he just needs to grow a pair and walk away, which he won’t because he legit believes she’s going to get him thrown in jail for “raping” her or whatever else she’s said to blackmail him.

No. 208363

She's done everything in her power for him to leave her but she can't find an alternative so she crawls back, kek. It seems she crawls back to exes all the time, tried to even while with Kevvy.

It's been 5 years of her trying desperately to get a new paypig but even with full on legovag porn and catfish filters, still nobody wants her. She must be chimping out at Kevvy nonstop because she inched even closer to 40.

No. 208404

Did this even happen? Whose sharing age old memories of Kevin anyway? It's been years since he really did anything with anyone other than Lori and even if he was in a picture with some cosplayers or at some event, was anyone sharing a memory of him or just sharing some crap on their fb memories list that popped up because of the way memories are dated?

I think Kevin is delusional as usual and wishful thinking is at play here.

No. 208423

it really has nothing to do with kevin. notice how he mentions lori being baited into getting mad…which old photos of just himself shouldn’t upset her, that’s kind of weird. she’s been lurking again and probably got butthurt over seeing those old, ugly ass photos from a decade ago as it just reminds her of how hard and fast she’s fallen, especially with her birthday having just passed. they think they’re being coy by not directly mentioning who or what is sharing these memories, since the screenshot will end up on either one of the farms at some point anyway.

No. 208428

Both are codependent and delusional. Lori wants to be an ever-youthful, ever-desired goddess elf queen. Kev wants to be a cool influencer skater boi with a lux wardrobe, who never has to grow up and do any work. Both are desperate to be special and important main characters of the universe without any effort. Both are disappointed in the other, but can’t do better. Calling the other out for being delusional would mean admitting their own delusions to themselves.

No. 208448

it's hilarious because if shes going for an "elven" look i feel like her actual more mature face (with some light filtering) would fit this look much better? yes elves are supposed to be "youthful" but also are centuries old and usually have a more mature look (ie. galadriel in lotr). nothing elflike about baby faced meitu filters and egirl crap clothing. her ~crystal healing~ phase had way more in line with that style. why the fuck doesn't she shop second hand for more vintage/medieval inspired looks? no goodwills out in utah?

No. 208454

File: 1650645967388.jpg (45.57 KB, 720x1204, IMG_20220422_094205_243.jpg)

Kevin posted this last night. It just seems like such a cry for help post. Too bad he made enemies out of everybody who ever helped him. I noticed him and his brother Dan stopped following each other on Instagram awhile back. Kevin made an appreciation post for him a couple years back. I wonder what happened.

No. 208455

Because she has to do what teenagers are doing on Instagram. She hops trends and tries to keep up with Belle Delphine types. She doesn't even care about what looks good anymore it just has to be current and sold by companies she desperately wants to professionally model for.

No. 208456

He probably snapped at him for not supporting the spicy and blocked him OR the brother got tired of watching Kevin hurt himself. Gotta be one of the two cause his family has really stuck with him through everything. I can't imagine it just happened silently without prompt

No. 208457

She literally never was and will never be a model, what kind of level of delusion does it take for her to think anyone would pay her to wear things?

It's so sad that she goes deep into debt, buys shitty clothes, then takes selfies and calls it modeling when real models already exist for some of those products. And those models don't need meitu and shop because they're already young and pretty.

No. 208461


His name is Jason H

No. 208464

File: 1650648315143.jpg (62.57 KB, 720x915, IMG_20220422_102428_611.jpg)

Another try at Reddit and it's crickets again. Shocking.

No. 208492

how sad. even literally whos get more upboats than this. i bet anyone in the thread would be more popular than her(as if we're that pathetic, kek)

No. 208501

File: 1650655499359.jpg (112.61 KB, 720x1178, IMG_20220422_112503_046.jpg)

Kevin is mad today about checks notes women who do cosplaying and skating.

>There is no winning.

Lmao I love when he tries half assing something for two weeks and then when he isn't some instant success he comes up with excuses as to why he "didn't make it."

No. 208505

Maybe cause women skating is a novelty to most men and skaters? Sooo of course they get put on a pedestal. It's not different from Lori. They're all just doing things online for attention from men and money. He's so mad he isn't shit. IDK who would pick watching a middle aged flamboyant q-tip eat cement over a pretty nerd girl landing an ollie.

No. 208508

Her thumbnails even look identical. Once you've seen one Monster Girl pic you've seen them all. No wonder she gets no attention. At least plain costhot shooped pics are typically against a white wall or plain background so you can actually focus on the subject. She'd do better with a white wall tbh. She's so washed out and drowned out with this lighting and backdrop. You'd think she would learn since all she does is seethe over other egirls and their pics. Maybe take a hint Lori?

No. 208512

she can also literally just copy the stockphotos of the aliexpress trash she buys but as always she thinks she knows everything.

No. 208514

>It's not different from Lori
Right, anyone could easily say the same thing about her and he would be down their throat for it in a second

No. 208520

File: 1650663975785.jpg (452.82 KB, 1535x2048, 20220422_144457.jpg)

KEKKK we can see the Meitu camera interface in the mirror Looni. Sloppy, sloppy bovine.

No. 208524

Why is he so focused on women cosplayers and skaters being more successful than him? Maybe he wants to troon out to get engagement.

So Kevvy doesn't help her take her shitty nudes bc she'd probably screech at him for not properly hiding her real face and real body from the camera.

This must have taken her hours to pose and shoop and it still looks like garbage. She's even using her arm to hide her stomach and witch nose. Also you can count her lashes with your fingers.

No. 208527

Reee harder, Kevin. Even if those girls weren't out skating, you still wouldn't get any attention bc your skating skills are just basic bitch shit that you can see at any park.

No. 208528

Can he be a bigger bitch boy? Doubtful.

No. 208537

My latest tinfoil is Kevin shills her onlyfans when they fight because he knows that constantly calling her his fiancee and saying its THEIR onlyfans kills her engagement. All you have to do is Google adollaskye or whatever his reddit username is and you find his socials and him linking her.

No. 208542

File: 1650676168558.jpg (72.84 KB, 720x1154, IMG_20220422_112831_060.jpg)

Here's part 2 lol
>I don't think it's a very fair space for men.

No. 208547

This is so embarrassing, Kev, like the deflection is off the charts
>I'm not successful because I'm male

I mean if your white male privilege is getting you nowhere it's not because you're male it's because you lack skill and passion in every area.

No. 208548

>not about likes or money
How often does he claim that it's "not about likes or money" when those are the only two things he wants in life and begs for all day then bitches when he doesn't get it, kek.

No. 208554

is this retard really trying to assert that skateboarding, a male dominated hobby with a notoriously aggressive gatekeeping community is 2hard4men now because girls exist and are better? rocket power addressed this shit decades ago.

No. 208566

He's also full of shit because it's way easier for male cosplayers to be 'successful' Phil Mizuno and Leon Chiro for example: just gotta be buff enough to photoshop/contour muscles on and show that enough and you'll be thrown company partnerships to cosplay. You also need a LOT less followers to be seen as a super successful male cosplayer. Hell I've seen dude cosplayers who have a smaller following than Kevin, worse cosplays, physique etc get jobs to cosplay for companies at cons etc but no one would want to deal with a crazy person like him. Also he's never learned how to work his face and his wigs have always been garbage so he's not even good as a 'selfie cosplayer'(I think if he put effort in with skin care and learning how to properly use makeup he could truly be above average looks when it comes to the cosplay scene but Lori's got him addicted to her apps now).

If only Kevin would figure out that the scrawny meth-addict scene kid look died a like decade ago.

No. 208577

Oh Kevin. When will your learn? Your fantasies can never be quenched.

No. 208589

Uh oh. Kevy is having a fit over cosplay just like the queen pixy would throw tantrums over not being able to “shine”. Shine on you crazy bastard, you aren’t popular because you’re not liked of offer anything.

No. 208590

If men like manaknight can get popular then Kevin has no excuse.

No. 208592

Do tell us how rough you have it whilst living off your parents. Please tell us how much of an easier time women have it while you sponge off the few beta bucks your "fiancé" gets from showing off her deformed chest and lego hand snatch.
Would it kill you to say "glad to see women getting recognition in skateboarding". Yes, because then you can't be a whiney, self absorbed, insufferable little cunt.

No. 208609

I wish he’d film himself having these tantrums for his YouTube. That monotone voice with his dead eyes. C’mon Kevvy. Tell us how you really feel. Like it or not, we’re your only target audience at this point.

No. 208614

File: 1650728825417.jpeg (140.53 KB, 750x899, F24D503A-6F7D-4AE9-8635-4C39E0…)


No. 208615

Sounding just like an incel, Kev. Who knows, trooning out might actually get Kevin the recognition and popularity that he wants. Trannies can be hideous and say literally anything, and will still have a community (other trannies and handmaidens) that will back them. Just borrow some of Lori’s outfits. Could maybe even make it as a “femboy” and gain more attention than Lori.
Kek this is what I was thinking. Manaknight looks terrible, doesn’t even make his own cosplays, and makes shitty props, but is still invited to guest at small cons. Kevin just doesn’t even try. And while Manaknight is a gross creep, he somewhat tries to hide it. Unlike Kevin, who lets his full insane spergs go unfiltered online. No one is going to want to feature a male who could become a liability. Remember when Kev said he would fight the haters and invited anons to come and try to kill him? Yeah, doubt conventions want that as a guest.

No. 208620

How many times is he going to have a fit over the same thing? Even a little kids forgets what he was crying over and moves on. I can't see complaining about any of these topics once let alone over and publicly for days and months on end.

Lori dresses up like a demented nun and months later posts a poem claiming to have been subjected to people do evil they are likened to demons and her existence to Hell? KEK!
Hey if Lori knows shes damaged then why isnt she doing something about it? People have all kinds of things occur in life, they move on, get help and live better. What are these two looking for that's it a daily "woe is me" fest online when neither of them ever make any move to live better? These posts are pathetic.

No. 208621

File: 1650730083853.jpg (32.23 KB, 652x900, narcprayer.jpg)

Lori's narcissist prayer has an angels/demons veneer.

No. 208622

File: 1650730187628.jpeg (762.85 KB, 728x1101, D1EC43A7-0D14-48BB-AAE7-E80FF7…)

Why doesn’t she do anything about it?! Because introspection is HARD annon, and moon princesses don’t need to, because they are special and the universe will give them things. She posted this an hour before the poem.

No. 208627

File: 1650733200658.png (1.75 MB, 1080x2381, KevinLongface.png)

Who wants to see a hilariously miserable pic of Lori and Kevin? He posted a hostage caption for it too.

No. 208631

KEK Once again, Kevin isn't even touching her. Meekly keeping his hands in his pocket and leaning over to get closer to her, because he doesn't want to/can't stand next to her. I think this is the most awkward selfie of them together yet. Lori must have been really mad, this is the furthest he's stood away from her.
>Last week was her day, Happy Birthday! You deserve to reach the sky.
Yup, something definitely went down on Lori's birthday. This is why Kev has been furiously advertising her again.

No. 208632

>insert leg gash and cries for help on Facebook
He's just posting these to convince himself that he's happy and loves her. That's all it's ever been honestly. He thinks eventually he can gaslight himself into being content but he struggles to keep his stories straight and has increased his amount of excuses for her. Clearly it's not going well. Their body language is as stifled as ever. He leans in like a friendzoned simp, not a husband-to-be kek. Once her piddly income dissipates and he loses his job she's going to be run of there like he's trying to murder her in her sleep. He's such a pathetic fucking loser. I've never seen a woman so blatantly take a man for a ride and watched the man cope and lie to himself to this degree. 5 years is a very long time when you recognize it's all a lie held up by appearances and empty words. What a life.

No. 208635

Aka what I want will be given to me or else you're stifling the innocent dreams of a disadvantaged gang stalked, severely abused, hard working Latina girlboss. God she's unbearable. What's funnier is what she wants and feels she "deserves" for nothing is only cheap amazon shit and a below ground pool. The bar is in the Earth's core it's so low.
It's not my fault I'm constantly baiting you with threats of suicide and abandonment after years of dating and promising marriage! I'm just a broken soul muh trauma… Whatever.

No. 208641

He looks crazy even with all that editing and filtering over the photo, hostage caption is right. Reading between the lines it sounds like she threatens to leave him unless he gets her more subs, nice pointlessly abusive threat when it should be up to her to get subs. Never heard of someone's boyfriend trying to shill for them except for those two. It must cause him distress to do so, so she insists on it - if he does care about her he obviously would want to minimise her sexual access to other men and vice versa, not encourage it. His "advertising" is so utterly pointless and ineffective it must only exist as a personal torture concocted by Lori.

No. 208643

I noticed he's been doing a lot of the "if you support ME then support HER" shit since he's gotten some new skate buddies. I bet they fight about that a lot. It must be so embarrassing when he finally gives in and shills her OnlyFans to his young adult skate friends. They really are so pathetic.

No. 208644

Who wishes their girlfriend a public happy birthday a week later? That so weird. Her birthday is over Kevin.

No. 208645

Okay…Lori wants him to take over as her full time "manager" doing all the social media work. It's so obvious. She's seething that he's taken personal time to practice his only feasible hobby. To her, that's time he owes her and should spend helping her become rich. I feel completely steeled in this tinfoil. She's so incompetent she can't think of anything to say aside from "sub a dub dub!" "you know where to find the spicy" "link in bio" and "homie homie did you sub yet?" She can't even fake anything positive to say about herself or her content, she gives no incentive to the audience either. Kevin can at least produce partial paragraphs about her looks and pictures. She wants to exist strictly on her ass or laying on the ground or dildo table spreading her ass and opening packages so she feels a single drop of serotonin for a split second. I wonder if Kevin will crack and drop skating just to stop the head games. I bet she is sick but no way in hell these shill posts aren't a reaction to Lori snapping like the little rat dog she is.

She wants that Moo lifestyle. She dreams of being a blight, a selfish asshole filling the void with stuff and cosmetics. Flexing wealth out of spite for middle school bullies. No wonder she despises Moo like she's goddamn Hitler. The heifer is living Lori's dream and is a more notable cow for it.

No. 208650

I've been tinfoiling about the Moo thing for a long time as well, things are amping up for a huge chimpout.

Loony is hyperfixated on everything Moo has that she never will, and is screeching at Kevvy to somehow provide it. Then makes dozen of cope posts as to why she doesn't have it.

No. 208653

so does she dress like this all the time, or did she just condescend to let him shuffle in for a quick selfie between bouts of clawing up her pussy for pocket change?
generally speaking, i feel more respected by my friends when they're not actively seeking to see my partner naked, but what do i know?

No. 208658

It looks like a quick selfie between shooping pics for other men. As usual they're both looking at themselves on the phone in the image and Kevvy's face is erased to shit because of the extreme filter settings Loony needs when doing that rarted expression to hide her wrinkles. #couplegoals

No. 208664

Christ he looks FTM from her filters working on overdrive

No. 208666

File: 1650748971866.png (2.5 MB, 1144x1846, Screen Shot 2022-04-23 at 3.21…)

hahah this is really how kevvy is looking

No. 208681

i can't remember which thread it was in, but i think one of the old moonies mentioned that lori used to have a "birthday month" or "birthday week" or something and demanded gifts.

No. 208700

For real if that's what he looks like I can't imagine what her leather blockhead looks like unfiltered

No. 208703

File: 1650766893083.jpg (455.62 KB, 1198x1080, Picsart_22-04-23_19-20-20-291.…)

No. 208707

for a second I thought they took this in a hospital kekk

her poofing can't hide her fat face anymore and it's hilarious

No. 208749

They look like old haggard versions of the kids from Village of the Damned

No. 208774

File: 1650809803086.jpeg (202.44 KB, 749x1123, FA084D29-59DB-42D1-BD05-2AB6ED…)

It is. It’s from November.

No. 208778

I’m retarded but I just saw that that cheap chain is a leash. Kevvy isn’t even allowed to carry her leash kek. This picture is like a look at their relationship. It’s more like Lorena is in a relationship with herself and he’s just left to look in from the sidelines

No. 208800

File: 1650819434001.png (233.38 KB, 465x547, red eye kevvy.png)

No. 208812

Funny s* I pointed out something wrong with her cosplay blocked me on Instagram and people wonder why she's so much of a cow(don’t touch the poop)

No. 208888

Sad Kevvy hasn't had a pic with her since last year, explains his hair changing between pics.

No. 208889

File: 1650849300295.webm (4.92 MB, 720x1280, 279219022_284651350399302_7799…)

Sorry for this horror.

No. 208893

What is that from? Eugh. Someone needs to come get their mom

No. 208895

Omg exactly. Imagine how terrifying this shit is without filters. It's awful enough as it is. I just think of a sucessful 37 year old who is getting ready for work tomorrow and then see this and think how sad it is that she spends her time at her age doing this kind of garbage. It really is like "Hey someone's Mom had 1 to many hard seltzers" Kek!

No. 208896

>>208889 where did her waist go lmao, why would she post this

No. 208900

she really doesn't look sexy at all. i'm not the type to say every flat girl is a tranny, but she really doesn't look feminine.

No. 208912

File: 1650856961922.jpeg (379.27 KB, 622x912, E7568979-897C-47B9-9F70-8535E8…)

Christ, she has NO waistline, no shape at all.

No. 208913

File: 1650857042400.jpg (84.15 KB, 720x1165, IMG_20220424_202024_079.jpg)

Lmao I love when he does this

No. 208914

What the fuck Kevin is more shapely

No. 208921

File: 1650860205514.gif (705.86 KB, 324x250, 6D3C9EFF-D4C7-47F8-A58A-2E3DB6…)

She’s joking right? She Looks like she’s making Superstar moves

No. 208935

at least she didn't whinny in this one.

No. 208957

Not a chance. Molly Shannon was still more passing as a teen and charismatic than lori ever wishes.

No. 208961

The way she madly scratches and plucks at her stockings and underwear straps reminds me of an addict who scratches at their skin because they think bugs are crawling on their skin.

Hey Kevvy, if Lori's holding you captive give us a sign in your next 'fit' post. Make a peace sign at waist level.

No. 208967

Absolute troon. These posts could be Kevvy with Meitu and we wouldn't be the wiser.

No. 208973

No shape at all, completely square and flat.

The only one gatekeeping him is himself. People commenting clearly effects his choices but they are his choices. No one makes him think about or write these sperges.

No. 208981

If I didn't have any context of Lori, I'd think that this is a meth heads OF, battling methmites as she tries to drum up money for her next hit. At this point, you'd think she'd get the hint that nobody is finding this attractive.

No. 208988

does she have a long torso for her height? those bottoms are so low on her they look like they're falling off.

No. 208989

File: 1650892051974.jpeg (846.79 KB, 2712x1467, 2CC4547A-8370-466C-8EA9-5F5FDB…)

she also posted these, in this order? wtf does the middle one mean. tinfoil: she seems a little drunk or something i wonder whats in the pineapple

No. 208992

wtf is this outfit.. She looks crazy. How can she leave her apartment like this(sage your shit)

No. 208994

She looks like someone's drunk Mom borrowed their teen daughters fast fashion and had no clue what to with it. That middle post makes no sense, definitely looks like drunk posting.

No. 208996

100% there's alcohol in that pineapple

No. 209007

Kek before really zooming in, I thought that 2nd photo was a gnome figure with pink slippers on.

No. 209010

It looks like she’s stealing Kevin’s clothes, because all she buys for herself is tacky lingerie. I think Kev wore that tie-dye hoodie once.

No. 209015

Some invisalign and Juvederm and she wouldn't have to make these unflattering faces anymore.

No. 209025

No wonder Loony keeps whining about being unable to afford fillers, much less go anywhere but the public piss pool. Her lip and mouth area is a straight up methhead's.

Is this her real hair length without extensions? It's falling out and she looks homeless even with filters maxed because she combines Kevvy's polyester "fits" with plastic everything from walmart.

No. 209029

>’Don’t worry I won’t swimming this morning’


No. 209034

i also kek'd at the way she posted a video/pictures of her literally at the pool and then right after said "going up for a night swim"…. isn't drinking and swimming alone dangerous looni!?

No. 209041

Explains where all the money goes. I'm ready for alcoholic Looni arc.

No. 209052

Could explain why she's gaining a ton of weight. Why is she drinking coffee in a can and hiding alcohol? Can't afford a starbucks or to go out?

No. 209059

the coffee doesn't look opened. i think that's just a weeb drink? but maybe she's drinking irish cream or kahlua or something tho? kek, the calories.

No. 209061

gotta flex that sugoi japanese coffee cause she's irl anime

No. 209110

>Liar Liar by Farrah Abraham playing in the background

No. 209138

Welp, that outfit pic was from a solid 15lbs and 2.5 inches of hair growth ago. Show us how it fits now, Lor!

Also that shitty, busted up chipped coffee table never ceases to make me laugh.
Credit where credit is due tho, folding a sad dollar store-tier throw blanket over top of it was so transformative, you'd never know it was some cast-off they dragged off the curb on trash day.

No. 209151

wtf is this blonde berries and cream farquaad hair?

No. 209158

File: 1650926938463.jpg (15.13 KB, 236x299, 2b6a4bf62a4689ef76817a794f9fc9…)

She's trying to do a hime cut like pic rel but somehow it came out worse.

No. 209189

Holyshit, is he seriously going off about cosplaying when it was ALWAYS a female dominated hobby even before men invaded? And women dont get taken seriously in sports, especially shit like skateboarding. kevin really wants to play the sexism game here, huh.

No. 209190

Men do the bare minimum in cosplay and get massive asspats. What the hell is he going on about?

No. 209205

He doesn't even do any cosplay, just talks about it. With his unusable face and lovehandles he's crying that he lacks the reach that scrotes who do at least the minimum like shaving or going to the gym get.

No. 209208

what happened to Kev’s props that he was working on in the balcony? Did he just never finish those? Did Lori trash them?
I don’t think we’ve even seen him wear a cosplay since that con. Why aren’t you modeling your “cosplays” like Lori is, Kev? Oh right, because his methhead manlet looks have only gotten worse and now he needs to use a thousand filters.

No. 209229

File: 1650955399766.png (1.41 MB, 1440x2287, Screenshot_20220425-234305.png)

He's been busy going to the skate park and telling his younger skater friends to sub to the spicy obviously.

No. 209289

File: 1650990504112.png (1.56 MB, 1440x2722, Screenshot_20220426-092800.png)

No. 209290

File: 1650990610250.webm (1.28 MB, 996x1562, screen-20220426-091819_2.webm)

Dreams? Try opiate withdrawal induced night terrors.

No. 209293

So a hug or any other reaction aside from a heart no matter context is someone being a "jealous hater"? Sharing consistently without subbing is a no no. Compliments without subbing consistently is a no no. Adding her without subbing is a no no. Flirting is a no no. Share for shares with other pages is a no no. Seems like there is no right way to support her ever. Everything is you being a snake and a jealous MooMoo crony unless you're forking over hundreds every month and making it your life's goal to advertise for her and pay for her whole life. Anything anyone gives is barely enough to her and she demands more. Does she really expect people to put notifications on and heart react everything to boost her? People will do that if you pay them but only MAYBE if they like you. Nobody, especially scrotes with their eyes on thousands of other bimbos, are going to devote that energy with no return. They'll click like with their dick in one hand and move on. She's so schizo she overanalyzes a single like and jumps to her paranoid delusions of grandeur and national sabotage at the hands of Mariah. I'm convinced she doesn't know how to spot how other people operate and can't begin to understand how interactions between humans work. Barking like a dog at people only works when you're really hot, popular and riding momentum that will allow you to get away with a shit attitude. Lori never even had any of that going for her at her peak… I just am constantly baffled by how she survives. How can someone so broken by their own psychopathy and narcicissm make it this long? She has spent more time draining others than she has learning any life skills. Somehow even when she's leeching off someone more retarded and inept, she still makes it just barely. I've never seen a person so lucky in my life. She always ends up finding a way to make some moid or fat groupie that wants to lick her clit do everything for her. It would make sense if she was pretty and likeable but she quite literally has nothing to offer anyone or the world at this point. She's just a trash generator and a waste of space. I can think of many people who deserve their living space and income more than they do. Like remember there's homeless children being sex trafficked likely in that city too, but this bitch gets to eat like a pig and live rent free in gov housing.

No. 209305

File: 1650995618414.png (658.47 KB, 1080x1828, Screenshot_20220426-105249.png)

Sorry, samefagging I guess I'm wrong Lori is so traumatized if she can do it anyone can. I forgot she's #1 victim.

No. 209331

The thing about Lori, is she actually believes all these delusions she makes up about herself so she will never, ever be capable of true self reflection. She's been telling lies and making up all these grand delusions for her entire life to get attention. At some point she began to believe her own bullshit. She will not ever own up the terrible things she's done, she will never admit any wrongdoing. She believes she is 100% authentic as much as she believes her shoops are her real face/body.

Kevin's stuck it out with her longer than I think anyone else at this point so he's been brainwashed into believing it all, too. He's so far gone he's never going to see the truth even when it's literally screen capped in front of him.

No. 209339

What happened to no heart reactions because they messed with the algorithms? She cant remember from one week to the next what she says.

No. 209340

I see it differently:
She was featured in weeb magazines and articles. She had a huge group of young nerds that admired her. She lost every bit of it because of her shit personality and complete lack of talent. She capitalized on nothing that she lucked into, and she will never get it back. She has spent her entire life sponging off of others, fucking for roof and just barely skating by and her prospects just get dimmer and dimmer. She's not lucky at all. The recognition she got was just enough to break her narcissistic brain and the notoriety that she continues to get off of sites like this just feed the same sick fire in her. Her entire life is a sad joke she wrote herself. If she is truly delusional enough to believe we're jealous, thats fine. Let her jump around in her underwear for pennies.

No. 209351

Kek, why does the sad can have a photoshoot at the piss pool?

If this is the only public place she goes all day, chances are we're going to get a candid if it doesn't exist already.

>I've never seen a person so lucky in my life.

Don't fall for the pitiful illusion she throws up. She's barely surviving and beyond lonely buying bot engagement. She lives in a box, sleeps on the floor, begs for pennies, fights all day, eats shit and looks like a methhead. She's bald, toothless and shapeless.

We're just waiting for Kevvy or his parents to kick her out of the dog house. Their money has run out, the rest will follow.

No. 209354

Pretty much but there was no huge group. This shit got so over romanticized by people who weren't there it kinda snowballed over the years to be this big dramatic deal. It was a just some friends for the most part and only some of them were up her ass. Then they all jumped ship as she fucked them over one by one. Typical stuff except this one was a loud mouth crazy bitch who got known for lying about costumes publicly. Those articles were nothing. Lots of cosplayers were printed that way. It's like the equivalent of getting in an article on Kotaku or some other shit website that posts cosplay pictures, when photogs are just shooting then cutting pics and editing to fill an article out. No big deal and if you have the shinniest lame get up at the con (or nowadays the most expensive) that's all the photographers are looking for.

Lori has always been screaming for people to make a big deal out of her and do shit for her. Those friends all ran and no one does it now because shes a 37 year old. Other people her age have lives, jobs, family. Their not fucking around with some narc and trying to "save her" from her like young 20 somethings do with each other.

When you look at for what it is, it's all really pathetic.

No. 209356

This. I don’t think shes lucky at all. And any luck she had in her early she squandered with her cunty behavior, and shes not getting younger, smarter or any bit of successful so its even more downhill

If she were lucky, shed be sitting in a 3 bedroom house with a yard big enough for a ferret cemetery, taking selfies in her real Louis Vuitton bracelet while her white collar husband is off making more money for her to spend on kawaii plushies and jamba juice.

Instead shes in a tense, unhappy relationship with a lazy bum, showing her vag for spare change and in constant anxiety of whether she’ll be able to pay her luxury closet rent.

No. 209359

Her cosplays look average at worst and wildly inaccurate at best. Seems the only reason she ever got attention was the big groups she was a part of. It's telling that even with small placements or web mentions she went nowhere beyond being known for drama.

There are many skilled cosplayers from her generation that went on to get more money and fame. One can easily find videos or legit publications featuring cosplayers of those days, and when you look them up you'll see them having moved onto bigger or better things in life with their talents.

In contrast, Loony is bizarrely still waiting for her time to shine, flashing her vag at forty.

No. 209365

Kek for a second I thought this was Audra with the stumpy build, short blond hair and crooked chompers.

No. 209377

File: 1651016166299.jpg (90.87 KB, 720x900, IMG_20220426_163517_871.jpg)

Lori posting shit from 1.5 years, 2 apartments, and 20 pounds ago LOL. Fucking bleak.

No. 209381

File: 1651017296643.png (1.56 MB, 1080x1886, Screenshot_20220426-165413.png)


No. 209382

Fucking kek. Her eyelashes are real? Isn’t there a zoomed in photo where you can see a partially detached falsie? Also Lori if they’re real then there’s no need to point it out. But cling to your delusions and cope harder, abuela.

No. 209384

Eyelashes where? All I can see is that massive sharpie eyeliner.

No. 209403

SO like, is this the post she's talking about in her Instagram stories?

No. 209406

All her posts are about wanting everything Moo has but at the same time pretending she's "all natural" as if by choice and not because she's a poorfag.

No. 209424

8 hrs later and only 300 likes on the post KEK nobody cares whori. And yeah we can tell when your lashes are natural, fly legs looking eyelashes. Also we know you can't afford filler so why are you acting like it's even your choice? Maybe get that nose and those wrinkles sorted out first

No. 209443

Lucky girls don't need have Amazon wishlists with rice cookers and throw blankets on them. They don't spend years thinking about getting lip fillers "someday, maybe" - they have the $600. They get their broken spines aligned, then massaged by professionals. They sleep in actual beds.

No. 209514

Shiiiittttt, she needs to get that chest crater looked at first. Seconded by researching why the fuck she thinks spazzing like you got popped by a tazer is sexy.

No. 209520

I'll never forget
>Lipo is fine as long as you aren't a bad person
Mariah lives in her head rent free. Funny she always spat on others for getting fillers. Either it was always put of jealousy or she's really feeling the effects of smoking and aging.

No. 209521

So this is why she thinks she's Marin? Because they cosplay the same overdone characters everyone's heard of? Kekkk she's so basic it hurts

No. 209537

File: 1651088253668.png (1.02 MB, 1079x1702, Screenshot_20220427-123507.png)

Are comments off for public or entirely? It wasn't like this yesterday for me.

No. 209538

They’ve been off for people not friends with her. You might have been removed from her friends.

No. 209551

She constantly brags about lashes when she uses falsies and can't even blend her makeup on the lash line. Now it's fillers and lipo that she's screeching at Kevvy to get.

Wonder if she has screeched at Kevvy to get teeth like Moo's considering Abuela needs dentures.

She already pretended to get high fashun or die like Moo with their LV knockoffs, sky's the limit when you've made it!

No. 209557

This serial animal abuser better not get a dog. Good fucking god Lori how many animals are you going to lead to death?

No. 209558

i wouldn’t worry too much, they can’t afford to get one anyway.

No. 209565

What’s really weird about this is the names Shiro and Suki were two of the dead ferrets.

No. 209572

Eh it's a coincidence and not a particularly big one, those are both basic bitch names for weeb pets

No. 209605

File: 1651127870696.png (2.06 MB, 1440x2735, Screenshot_20220427-233701.png)

No. 209614

It says a lot when she cant even afford lip fillers like the other bottom of the barrel whores.

No. 209620

This must be directed at the females who can’t stand her and whom she considers to be beneath her. Because we all know what Lori does in the presence of women more successful than her. She can’t stand it and will talk alllllll the shit to try and bring them down to her level.

News flash Lori, you are bottom of the barrel, and no one is going to learn anything from you other than how to abuse and gaslight people into feeding you scraps off the table.

No. 209621

Tinfoil but I think whenever she refers to being traumatized it’s about Rikki. Because he is the only one who treated her the way she treats everyone else and didn’t give a fuck about her empty threats. She thinks she’s traumatized because she couldn’t force him to love her or feel bad for her. She never posted about da trauma~ until him. It really makes sense with posts like >>208614

No. 209625

Sit her next to a woman that's doing better than her? That's almost everyone. When is the last time Lori was spotted with a female friend? Coworkers don't count.

No. 209633

Lori, Lori, Lori… your fragile ego can't handle a Facebook like let alone being next to a grown woman who has her life together. You're an insecure little girl if a woman with it in check tried to teach you something you'd fucking lose it and screech and cry then Kevvy would have to come save you and tell the woman what a jealous hater she is.

Oh also what if the woman doing better was Mariah? Would that still be doable, Lori? KEKK

No. 209634

Rikki was the smartest dude she ever dated (low bar), he knew she was crazy and only worth some psycho sex and company when he wasn't around other women. Basically he just treated her exactly how she treats men and she was so gobbsmacked she couldn't process how he was just doing it and didn't care. Explains why she was so psychotic and hung up on him. She couldn't believe she met her match for being a sleazy piece of manipulative shit.

No. 209635

it’s directed at us. she has no female friends and doesn’t leave their hovel so it isn’t like she’s dealing with other women on a daily basis. she’s really saying we’re not doing as good as her and that we’re insecure for talking about her and that we’re intimidated by her. cope and seethe from her.

No. 209639

Lori does inspire me. To start moisturizing more and start a 401k because I'm not about to end up a broke and dusty ho like this at 37

No. 209668

Insecure Loony posting this as if she'd ever feel brave enough to sit beside Moo, kek!

No. 209673

Sailor Moon is slated to return 2023. I saw someone post about it and it looks like a continuation of Crystal. Do we think she's going to regress back to Usagi to capitalize on the hype? It would be awesome to see the literal e-hooker be the Usagi cosplayer she despised. Can't remember the name (don't think it was Zan) but I remember her screeching about how that stripper cosplayer was disgusting and it offended her that she dressed up as Usagi multiple times at cons. Said something about how Usagi wouldn't be a ho like her and she's too ugly to be her. Also remembered her beef with the girl's red boots for Usagi's Senshi outfit. The high heel really pissed her off KEK. My, how the tables turn as time marches on.

No. 209680

File: 1651176987724.png (31.16 KB, 685x373, lori-chloe-dumaf.png)

Passive aggressively comparing herself to the Depp/Heard trial and people paying attention to it. Stupidly enough this is probably the most accurate comparison she's ever made except not in the way she wants it to be. Her and Kevin's fighting sounds a lot like theirs.

No. 209683


Top kek at “Chloe”

I only ever see her comment on tranny pages

No. 209684

Why would she drag herself like this? She thinks she's the victim but she resembles the abusers moreso. Like when she was using the Pettito case to threaten people with a blowout. She thinks she's the helpless young woman with her whole life ahead of her but she's the scrotum taking his rage out on everyone. Just a spiteful little crazy coward like him just in a woman's body.

No. 209693

File: 1651184697059.jpg (88.75 KB, 640x550, 1798488.jpg)

That'd be UsagiDumpling who was an exotic dancer apparently/allegedly at the time. She did everything Lori was doing like real hair Odango and just cosplaying Sailor Moon overall, but she did it better. Picrel is UsagiDumpling and Scott from Halloween at some point after he'd broken up with Lori.

No. 209701

Wow. She looks amazing. I can understand why Lori was so demonic about her and Zan. They did Usagi justice while Lori looked like a sped on Halloween, yapping her mouth like a dog about being the IRL Usagi. Wow. When oldfags say nothing changed and she's always looked like absolute crap they weren't exaggerating in the slightest. This pic of them is more natural and pro looking than any pics Lori and Scott took. Those park photos of her in the white dress are laughable. All I can see in my mind is her stupid pissing dog leg pose where she makes the other person hold it up. Wtf was that?

No. 209706

I feel like they didn’t meet and she and her friends loved photoshop at the time but for cool backgrounds for cosplay photos and not weird filter fuckups

No. 209707

Are you saying this isn't real? I'm not a photo forensics nerd but it looks real in full res. Am I just blind?

No. 209711

File: 1651192627125.jpg (Spoiler Image,121.84 KB, 720x1129, IMG_20220428_173415_917.jpg)

Watching Lori and Kevin desperately try for over a year to hook some Reddit simps is so desperately sad. She hardly ever gets any interaction with her posts.

No. 209714

It looks like a fake sky area like The Venetian Hotel in Vegas.

No. 209718

wtf is that sore-like thing next to her vag? ingrown hair or something worse? gross

No. 209723

KEKKKK The blur is so strong her toes disappeared but don't worry we can still make out the nasty ass broken hair stuck in her fishnets and toenails. I can't imagine how revolting she looks in person if this is the best edit

No. 209727

That looks like the inside of the Cesar’s palace mall in Vegas.

No. 209732

Kek, the buttons on the bodysuit make her vag look anthropomorphic and like its contemplating its life choices.

Its definitely the grand canal shoppes in the venetian

No. 209733

oh my god I thought she's got a fucking black tipped strap on for a sec kekkkk

No. 209735

Jesus Christ, I see it kek. Didn't Lori make a post before that implied her and Kevvy used strap-ons?

No. 209736

When Reddit coomers can get a vagina spitting out acid and horse sized rubber object inserted into holes for free at 1440p why would they ever want to look at pictures that look like they were shot with a Motorola Razer camera.

No. 209737

I think it's a shadow from the little rivet thing.

No. 209739

Her manfeet look like webbed appendages due to all the blurring. To need that much editing, her toes must be mangled af.

No. 209741

I do think it is fake. Scott afaik never went to meet her, they were “talking” for a couple of months in the mid 2000s

No. 209746

File: 1651205753380.jpeg (161.16 KB, 1296x1728, 53240887-3EB1-4172-AD8B-EF71BA…)

2018. Lolllllllllll

No. 209747

File: 1651206315513.jpeg (245.37 KB, 750x1234, E44EAD68-5FC5-49BA-9A70-11E453…)

Really? This is the pic with her caption. Her cosplay.com page is up and has pics showing her photoshop skills. if she shopped this, she did a much better job than her other work.


No. 209748

damn, that fupa tho.
and in 2018 too. god knows how much she’s aged and gained weight in the past 4 yrs with a shitty diet and no exercise. no wonder she can’t ever post anything without massive amounts of editing and filters.

No. 209752

>unsaged saying it's fake

That 13 year old pic according to comments actually looks like it was taken 13 years ago or more. The only thing that looks edited is sections of their face and skin that was blurred in ps.

To fake that image back then would be one heck of a pro job. They're together, in the location with reflections on the floor, and her hair is perfectly blended to the background in different places. Even the lighting across the image matches a digital camera of that era with the flash enabled.

No. 209762


My b

I also felt like I had seen those exact poses in other pics for another reason but it’s been a while

Thx for the clarification nonny

No. 209768

Tbh, I get the confusion. It’s such a weird, random thing. I don’t know of any other pics from that shoot floating around.
When Scott was in the thread, I actually posted asking him about the pic, but deleted it immediately. I’m not sure if they dated or not. It seemed too personal and not directly lori-related enough to risk offense. I’m curious about it though.

No. 209782

Anyone else see kitty is going to be on Shark Tank for a kawaii ring light brand she is an affiliate for? Seethe Lorena. Your enemies are all doing leagues better than you. Your jealous, nasty, mean spirited heart can’t take it.

No. 209787


I don’t think they dated but I am certain they hooked up if he went out there

Everyone forgets even with Scott in here, that he used to have a MAJOR wandering dick problem in the scene at the time and pretty much only went after girls that looked like Usagi for “cosplay” at that time to date. Everyone else was fair game for getting his dick wet

He’s got skinwalker vibes too

No. 209797

>unsaged calling Scott a skinwalker in Lori's thread
Walk on. You're either a jealous oldfag or you're not from here and you're talking out of your ass.

No. 209799

She's not going on TV. She just said they're going to be on TV. You lying isn't going to make Lori seethe. It will make you look like you're so pathetic you have to try and one up Lori though. Even if Kitty got on television I can guarantee you nobody here would care and Lori would already know because all she does is watch reality television shows and sleep.

No. 209801

I doubt Lorena even watch’s tv, let alone reality tv. She seems like she does nothing all day but look at herself and trying to sell her Lego vag.

No. 209813

She also swims in her apartment's pool and plays World of Warcraft and complains that she sucks at it because of her long trashy nails.

No. 209814

Getting "rejected by Scott" energy from those posts idk.

Lori probably has never had cable, much less can afford Netflix to know what that show even is. From what it looks like they don't even own a tv, kek.

No. 209815


Kevin plays World of Warcraft. Lori doesn't. She may log in to World of Warcraft but only to try to show off her Spectral Tiger mount.

No. 209820

Not here for all the updates on Kitty or some girl Scott may or may not have dated over a decade ago. I want to hear about Kevin and Lori. But mostly Kevin these days. I need his sagely skater wisdom and floppy hair in my life. I need to know if he gets rich or dies trying. Would the sun even rise in the morning if we didnt get to experience his sweet fits and Instagram monologues? His posts are everything, where Lori is some cautionary tale parents tell their kids to make them do their homework or stay in school.

No. 209823

Really? I've seen her chatting with ppl in her Instagram comments (over the years, not regularly) about it before, like her character type and stuff. I don't play so I don't remember what she said but she seemed like she was into it.

I'm actually curious as to what they do with their evenings because it seems like most of their posting is done during daylight hours and then they disappear at night so I figured they did gaming shit.

No. 209825

Then why would she follow reality tv people and get comments from some of them? If you look at her following you'll see them. She watches that retard shit on TLC to make herself feel better about her looks and relationship. Most of the people she follows that are on shows are on 90 day fiancee. Nonas remember that even poorfags can watch that stuff so long as they have internet and a phone or computer. She probably watches it on YouTube for free or illegal stream sites. Idk why there's doubt about someone as superficial as Lori being engrossed in the most vapid garbage ever televised. Shows like that are more accessible than good shows and stories and for a reason. It's to keep people stupid as hell and reinforce schadenfreude as a coping mechanism. Also hard agree on the Scott comment. Someone's mad the supposed manwhore didn't use them to get his dick wet.
Yeah, VarahLune or something along those lines is her name. Nobody's checked her stats in a long time but she wasn't far or particularly statted up for how long she's been supposedly hardcore playing. Plus, their free year of WoW they got for lying about having covid has definitely expired by now. If there's anything they can't afford is definitely MMO subscriptions. Doubt either of them play anymore.

No. 209826

Why can't this loon just accept she looks like the mother of everyone she stands next to. The shoops just keep getting more insane I don't know how she's going to carry this lie any further. Does she plan on never leaving the apartment ever again?

No. 209827


She used to play in Wrath of the Lich King, and even raided a little. I think since Shadowlands released she hopped in for a bit and said she wanted to do some in-game activities, but she never followed through and let her sub lapse (or just never logs in anymore). She plays (played) Horde blood elf death knight and Kevin is Alliance – and they are on totally different servers to boot.

Lori would never willingly allow people to believe she is a gamer. Years ago when she did some throw-back on Facebook people asked if she was a gamer/played and she responded in a way that is very Lori that she wasn't a gamer. She could be lying though! WoW male players also just don't put girl players on a pedestal anymore so no one would really think she's all that special because she's a girl who happens to play WoW.

No. 209831

The second female WoW players lost their novelty she stopped talking about it entirely. Definitely not a coincidence as her every move is predicated upon male attention, attraction and approval. She had enough wits about her to hop on the current trend of "cosplay". Quoted because it's not cosplay anymore, all anime and video game cosplay aside from very few exceptions, is pornography. The only true cosplayers left are in hard-to-infiltrate communities like Warhammer. Everything else has just become sleazy, talentless fodder. Just like Lori.

No. 209832

kevvyfags unite! checked his instagram but sadly no new milk, anyone have him on facebook? also any updates from blocking timeline anon?

No. 209842

During some point last week Lori followed Kevin again but she stopped following him a day later. He follows her now too. This was after he made that series of posts last week fawning over Lori.

No. 209861

File: 1651268215439.jpg (91.04 KB, 480x640, 47903016581_4b2c985d0d_z.jpg)

Lol @ the thought of her even trying to cosplay as a Sister of Battle

No. 209865

anime expo is coming up in a couple months. wonder if she and kevvy will make an appearance lmao

No. 209870

She got too fat recently, I bet she'd be too chickenshit to show up

No. 209871

God. Thinking about that but with Kevin's kindergartner cut-and-paste foam work is sending me.

No. 209916

File: 1651275089737.jpg (176.4 KB, 1080x641, 20220429_182839.jpg)

Yup, Varahlune ..how generic

No. 209919

File: 1651275196186.jpg (341.92 KB, 1080x2011, 20220429_182815.jpg)

She sucks at pvp, look at that loss ratio. No actual gamer would give a shit she was a girl gamer.

No. 209926

Anon, I get that people here say shit to get under Lori's skin but that woman looks like an MtF right down to the unfortunate jawline and torso. Like if you told me it was a tranny I'd believe you. Everyone's so quick to lay on the flattery just to piss off the lurking cow.

Kevin is just as cautionary of a tale. He's what happens when you're such an insecure, desperate scrote who thinks life is an anime. Its ironic and hilarious that he would be better off living some devout mormon life right now had he not met Lori. No doubt that she's still trying to line someone up to run off with.

No. 209928

God that's embarrassing. Maybe she finally realized she just sucks and gave up. Git gud, Loon.

No. 209929

I'm not scared of a strong jaw on a woman, sorry not sorry. Also if you think she looks like a troon you can't clock for shit. For the time and considering the horrendous flash and angle, she looks very pretty. Both her and Zan have always been beautiful. You can hate yourself and have a pigeon hole view on beauty but it won't change the fact they made very good Usagi's in their prime. If you're shit talking them you better be on Ford Model levels. You sound like a bitter averagefag with scrote level beauty standards to me.

No. 209952

Not to state the obvious here but if farmers were documenting my game character, I'd probably play an alt. Think it's safe to assume even Lori would do the same.

No. 209962

I haven’t played wow in a couple of years, does horde still dominate PvP? If so you have to work hard to get numbers like these since horde wins 90% of all BGs.

No. 210011

Ironic for someone to be crying about mild critique of an oddly proportioned, troony looking woman in this thread of all places which is 45% nitpicking Lori's proportions. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Also you're blind if you think that person looks beautiful. "For the time" like it was fucking 1902 and taking nice photos was an impossibility.

No. 210021

Kek you're so fucking mad chill

No. 210022

NTA but Lori wasn't and isn't even on the same level of the cosplayer linked. They're not even comparable. The other cosplayer has teeth, hair and a body that actually looks great in the other cosplays. Meanwhile it's Lori who calls other people fat and herself perfect when she looks the way she does. That's the point.

No. 210041

I'm the original anon and I never slighted Zan. I think she's lovely, but the stripper moon isn't. I don't know why you're bringing her up.

>scrote level beauty standards

Yep, anon. Everyone who doesn't call some aged whore beautiful just to take the piss from a whole other aged whore must have scrote standards.

No. 210055

Smells like vendetta. This thread is about Lori. No one cares about your decades long beef with someone irrelevant.

No. 210067


Regarding Scott, Dumpling, Zan, and any other old enemy of Lori’s. Pretty much anyone who puts on even the smallest appearance in Lori’s life is going to be a cringy weeb who will act in cringy weeb ways. Like any person, they are likely to have some shitty traits, both psychological and physical.
They are not cows.
All of these people grew up and largely stepped away from the shit show. They have cultivated lives offline. They do not seek out the spotlight or act out their teenage delusions over and over again. That’s Lori and Kevin, the cows.

No. 210112

Aww, did Usagi Dumpling hurt your feeling at a con 20 years ago? Shut the fuck up. You old vendettafags stick out like sore thumbs and you're all so embarrassing. The venom you spit over these literal who's when someone does something as banal as call them pretty is so telling of your grudges and contempt for yourselves. Relax your shoulders, unclench your jaw and breathe. I see people get dogpiled less for calling Lori pretty and skinny and this thread has some of the worst nitpickers. Jesus Christ. Some of you are way too invested in these threads having aneurysms over someone complimenting a 20 year old photo.

No. 210113

Kek it's Lori's thread yet nonas in here act like Lori whenever any of the other Moonies that out did her get posted.

No. 210119

File: 1651334821509.jpeg (716.33 KB, 828x1185, 3B81692B-2F6A-4453-93FE-B8D70B…)

i'm missing the sperg who comes in unsaged to post horrible grammatical errors about how lori is a fat pig right now with all this oldfag cosplay infighting. lets stick to looni and kevvy now please. she keeps posting this gantz cosplay she's wearing wrong still. really trying to pander to what's popular among ethots and weebs right now.

No. 210120

Nobody brought up UD except one of you though. This shitshow is like Shay's thread all over again where everyone's shitting on Vivi, but the moment she comes crying about her own stupid ass mistake of trusting Shay everyone's suddenly spreading the compliments thickly. People don't have to have vendettas to think nitpicking, asslicking and derailing (which you guys did, but feel free to pull a 'no u' on me in the next response) is annoying.

Probably because in any other thread when anons do this they get told to post their shit elsewhere because, like you said, its not their thread. The screeching farmers are the ones who sound like they're pissed off because >>209820 said something or one of the old coswhores themselves are lurking.

Oh wow. Look. The ACTUAL subject of the thread! I don't understand how this is supposed to be sensual to anybody and that pink eye makeup is atrocious as usual. Also are those plushies just chilling on the kitchen counter?

No. 210129

File: 1651337453645.jpg (46.66 KB, 720x651, IMG_20220429_102631_057.jpg)

Gantz is old news. Hasn't been a new movie or anything dropped in the US for years now IIRC. It's been gathering dust on Netflix for awhile. As usual, she thinks she's trendy but she's about 5 years late. Costume is based of a cheap figure that nobody really cares about. Miccostumes needs to stop using the same awful pattern they use for every body suit. The crotch is nightmare fuel. Disappointed none of you caught this and KF beat us to the punch. Maybe if we stopped the derails we wouldn't miss funny moments like this..?
>didn't even Google it bro
She's a joke but she isn't even a funny one.

No. 210132

she also felt the need to "call out" someone for not following her like it makes a difference. she probably hates having to post anywhere that allows public comments.

No. 210147

If she could have it her way she'd only allow 6 of her simps to comment the same bot comments. Unfortunately, the most she could do is limit it to all followers so all they'd need to do to fuck with her is follow her and wait until they have the ability to leave comments.

No. 210148

apparently sony has the rights and is planning on making a live action movie in hollywood. i've seen mentions of a costhot doing gantz cosplay within the terry thread (which i just lurk out of boredom when other threads are dead). i think it's a zoomer trend right now but please correct me if i'm completely wrong.

No. 210149

i think that was a rumor from last fall.

No. 210151

Has she been using the same press on nails since like last year? Money must be tighter than ever.

Her way of begging for subs or followers, is consistent with how she treats everyone.

No. 210172

Those are some mighty thick calves. Monstrous.

No. 210177

Lmao the nitpicking is unreal, that is a normal calf muscle
I guess she should go get muscle atrophy injections like kpop stars

No. 210183

Literally. You realise that's a normal size calf, weird anachan. Lori is a worse person for more than having body parts.

No. 210206

Looks like Kevin is blocked again. That makes two in April. Maybe I'll have to bust out the calendar for May. Lori seems like she's increasing the frequency of blocks again but not weekly like before.

No. 210221

Had to look and yeah, they look normal. I don't know what the issue is.

No. 210230

has she even posted any photos of herself within the last couple of years that’s not a mirror selfie?

No. 210250

She spent her 37th birthday beep booping in the mirror and airbrushing her toenails off. Really not a SINGLE gift or display of devotion, from ANYONE? Woooooooof

No. 210265

>beep booping in the mirror and airbrushing her toenails off

Kek, it seems the blocking lately must be due to the birthday situation. She didn't even get any LV drip fakes from Kevvy.

No. 210302

File: 1651427660162.png (1.43 MB, 1080x1880, Screenshot_20220501-105312.png)

No. 210303

File: 1651427696158.png (1.49 MB, 1080x1883, Screenshot_20220501-105340.png)

>low-key and practical
You mean poor. 4 dollar drinks are nothing.

No. 210305

the state of those grown out nails. terrifying. she definitely hasn't replaced these for months and months now.

No. 210323

File: 1651430911145.jpg (163.32 KB, 720x1168, IMG_20220501_114659_117.jpg)

My favorite Lori pics from her current insta stories are the series of about 4-5 repeat pics of her wearing her stripper shoes at the pool.

No. 210348

File: 1651441013940.jpeg (70.17 KB, 750x1245, E6A920EA-6BD9-4B07-AE75-3ECC50…)

Lori is pretending that the pool at the Hardware Apartments is her own personal pool at her house. Fake it til you make it, I guess.

No. 210349

THE SHOES HAVE LEFT THE APARTMENT! Well, sort of. She's so practical that she's too scared to scuff the soles and lower their resale value. They will never walked on anything but blown out faux fur area rugs.

No. 210357

KEK is she trying to say her HUD unit is the whole wing and that pool is hers? Please. Rich women with homes don't have to beg for subs or food money like homeless hookers on government cheese. She's really trying to gaslight herself into believing she's successful cause she's made chump change equivalent to what EBT cash can give you monthly for zero effort. She works to make negative back when she could sit on her ass doing quite literally nothing and make more than that monthly. Can't expect much from a narc pothead I guess. I wonder if her lies even help her sleep at night.

No. 210360

having a pool isn’t really that big of a deal anymore. the only people who seem impressed by a glorified bleach bucket are landlocked apartmentfags or country bumpkins buying blow up kiddie pools at walmart. the new trend for the rich is to curate a hobby garden since having land is such a ~flex~. for someone who stays on social media all day and night, neither of them seem very aware of current trends.

No. 210361

File: 1651445014099.png (966.21 KB, 622x1117, kevvyboy.png)

i wanted to mention her HUD housing situation recently too. my tinfoil is that could be why her and kevvy were kicked out of previous apartments. if you get a certain amount of police calls in a year to your unit you can be evicted, also weed smoking isn't allowed in these types of housing and could be a reason for eviction. also rent would only be 1/3 of their income, which is why they can manage to afford this apartment (not saying its expensive just that they're broke as fuck). i do believe kevin is working some sort of part time right now, in his recent youtube shorts he's looking sort of tan, maybe some sort of manual labour job or warehouse job? (i would embed the yt video but i'm not sure if it works with shorts, here's a sc). if they truly didn't have any sort of income they would need someone to sign off saying they would be responsible for any missed rent, which would be kevins parents, but i think it's more likely he's working a job he's ashamed of like that amazon job he mentioned before.

No. 210364

>food on the roof of a car
Is truck food her sad birthday food upgrade? She bought cheap kombucha because of the bottle design like a retard.

>it's my pool
>sub a dub
My sides! I've not seen a dirt poor cow pretending to well off, while simultaneously begging for subs in the same post.

It's so sad that she's reduced to sneaking out to the pool when it's empty to take these pics so that candids wouldn't happen. Probably carries the shoes in her bag and puts them on just for the picture.

No. 210367

i wouldn’t be surprised if he was a delivery driver. amazon doesn’t pay all that well (which fits with your tinfoil), but you get weekly deposits which feeds their crackhead spending. i couldn’t see him working manual labor; the men in those industries are typically rough or just plain weird and would call him
what he is and he would get upset and either quit or get punched in the face by leroy jenkins. plus you can’t show up to those jobs in a hentai sweater with your 3 month greasy grown out roots bragging about your fiancée who spreads her vag for other men online.

No. 210378

That is clearly a public pool lol A personal pool has hardscape, not cement. She can lie to some idiot but some of us know the difference and have even enjoyed designing our own. That shit looks so desperate.

This is so true, even middle class families can afford a 6foot in ground around 20 grand with finance.

No. 210387

Guess the bleach bucket is running low, so Kev can’t have any for his overgrown roots kek

No. 210391

This makes sense. He's probably delivering food with Uber to the residents of their apartment.

Kek, not to mention the location and scale for shared use. She doesn't know the difference between residential pools with privacy landscaping and 3 star business hotels beside a commuter street. Beyond retarded of her to shamelessly pass it off as her own.

She's probably going to take dozens of pics to latergram. Now that actual residents will be using the pool more this time of year, it will be hard for her to go there in her clown gear without being laughed at.

No. 210393

>Kevin as your Uber eats driver
>Black rusted beater sputters up to your house and parks like shit
>You peek out your blinds to see what all the racket is and you spot what looks like a used q tip slathered in gold foil from a craft store
>"Hey I'm outside but I'm not giving you your food until you sub to the forbidden spicy and follow my fiancee's Instagram."

No. 210394

You’re probably right about that. Cant load trucks while wearing gold pants and gay winged shoes.

Plus in manual labor jobs the older guys like to “pick on” the younger coworkers, so we’d definitely get manic facebook posts about “muh age opression” and how mariah and vamplette are totally behind it.

No. 210401

>used q tip slathered in gold foil from a craft store
kek anon this is such a perfect description of kevin

No. 210404

File: 1651470005106.jpg (112.76 KB, 1440x902, Screenshot_20220502-013751_Ins…)

Not milk, but I noticed that her followers went down from 137k to 136k. It was sitting steady at 137 for a while there, so not only is her OF stagnant but she's also losing followers. What a loser, can't even hold onto scrotes on her insta.

No. 210411

It's instagram clearing out bot accounts. Loony buys followers regularly.

You can't see her instagram on socialblade but her twitter is there with the follower buying in full view. Maybe the timing lines up with some of calendar anon's findings.

No. 210426

never can understand how such fatties like momo and Lori both who have gunts the size of texas, get 136k followers?! do ppl really like fat better than trim? guess than modernity. they love em da fatties

No. 210430

Anon, take your meds and sage.

No. 210432

File: 1651492330331.jpeg (Spoiler Image,452.23 KB, 1486x1038, 49BD5E0C-331A-418C-AF80-AB4279…)

Does anyone else see something fucky going on with the area to the right of her waist in both pics? The texture/ shape of the smaller octopus plush changes - the area has been liquified. Also, I love that in the first pic, her thigh crease is blurred off her left thigh but in the mirror, her right thigh crease can be seen across her whole side.

No. 210448

File: 1651498428180.png (162.37 KB, 352x334, lol.png)

This was on the local news, made me kek. This is gonna be lori in a couple of years
>The maniac dressed as Sailor Moon masturbating in the park

No. 210476

Uhhh… the 90 degree angle kink in her side that's her supposed "curves" is always edited in so of course the back is warped. She'll make that sharp point to accentuate her waist no matter what angle it is so sometimes it just straight up looks like she's being stabbed by invisible spears in the side or something.

No. 210480

look at the warp in her hair in the mirror on the right picture. she's so delusional with the edits, i don't think even scrotes fall for this shit. it's honestly scary how much she warps and shoops her photos. uncanny valley to the max.

No. 210483


CHRIST her eyes look sad

No. 210488

Why does she insist on opening her squinty eyes as wide as she can? With the meitu enlargening maxed out, it only highlights the sanpaku uwu.

She needs glasses if she looks at this and thinks the monkey anus mouth expression hides the sagging face and no lips. The only thing this passes for is an m2f.

No. 210498

Looks like we've got a detective in our midst, nonnies. Who could ever have guessed that Lori shoops.

No. 210505

>unsaged sperging about lori and momos fat gunts
Is this Kevin again? Kek

No. 210515

>37 and only getting older
>has always expressed a dislike for aging and has a history of making disparaging comments about older women in cosplay
>completely surface level parasitic "relationship" with an actual paranoid schizo manbaby with no liquid assets or salary to drain
>notorious gold digger so she's stuck in a shit position where she has to support herself as much as possible
>working for anything is her nightmare
>Kevin cannot get a good job due to his marks and gaps in work history
>he generally just cannot person or connect with others
>luxury apartment is repeatedly disproven and clowned on
>most non-bot interactions are just men and women pointing out how fake and creepy she looks
>favorite brands only repost and send her discounted stock they need to clear for cheap or free
>can't get a real lewd model gig despite it being her ultimate goal she's been "working" towards since 2017
>losing money at an accelerated pace due to consoomerism and waning subscriptions
>dismal interaction which makes it even harder to break into the algorithm and get traffic to her sites
>only thing she had going for her "business" was that she hadn't had leaks, leaks happened and proved to potential subs that it's not worth even thinking about
>has an extreme problem with self-image and has always been a try hard anachan who can't break her plateau weight
>is gaining rapidly due to age, lifestyle and diet
>Kevin used to be at her beck and call 25/8 but now he actually is doing things for himself
>is quite literally always alone or isolating from Kevin
>Zero real friends, only Facebook friends who she cuts off without warning randomly and pretty consistently due to paranoia
>couldn't possibly find herself work if OF fails because of gaps in history, lack of any meaningful experience even in unpaid labor oh and muh disability
>without Kevin and his parents she would be actually homeless or on the brink of it constantly, she couldn't even feed herself and pay rent alone in Seattle/Renton
>one Google search with or without personalized results pulls up her entire history and all her porn
>has to watch Mariah have everything she wants despite her being just as terrible and hideous as she is
>Seethes that Kevin has known any other woman ever on any level because that means he could one day realize it's not normal to live like he does
Makes sense why there hasn't been anything behind her black beady eyes in decades. She's fucked. Forever.

No. 210522

its honestly probably just a random moid from kiwifarms or something we should probably keep ignoring and reporting. at this point they're ban evading and shitting up the thread every once in awhile. it reads more like someone trying to emulate loris typing style than anything. they just want attention we shouldn't give it to them.

No. 210621

Lori is fat bc 1. Cant see her ribs 2. Her tits r bigger than a b

Aka FAT. She edits and smooths out any celluite but lord knows she has more cottage cheese than a dairy aisle. Try working out 3 hrs a day and try intermitten fasting then shed get skinny

No. 210623

Sage your spergs, Anon

No. 210639

How sad would it be if this was Kevin sperging to lolcow in frustration about Lori because he doesn’t have any other outlet to vent about his banshee roommate? They both must have so much pent up rage since all they have is each other. They really are uwu animu soulmate goals.

No. 210647

Sad attempts at making this thread look unhinged, by someone who doesn't know how to use the board.

No. 210663

I mean, wasn’t there someone who said kev exclusively liked really thin girls? Maybe he’s gotten a wandering eye suddenly.

No. 210665

Kek this.
As if anyone here thinks Lori has big boobs and cares about her rib bones. I've seen healthier looking fat people, Lori needs sun, a job, and a brisk walk outside.

No. 210673

File: 1651598492213.jpg (101.91 KB, 720x1013, IMG_20220503_101838_847.jpg)

Kevin and Lori confirmed as platonic roommates. I guess Lori is telling Kevin she's asexual now, despite being a nymphomaniac with all of her other exes and flings.

No. 210687

Would it fucking kill her to have a real photoshoot? A different location, a backdrop, literally anything. She is so fucking borning.

No. 210714

holy shit kek this is actually hilarious. she hates kevin and is larping whatever this bs is and i bet kevin is too naive and dumb to even question it. lmaoooooooooooooo

No. 210716

This is the best loony can afford. She doesn't even have clothes other than Kevvy's and can't go outside lest people laugh at her real face.

Wonder if this post is related to the timing of Kevvy's little spergout in scrote-speak >>210621 They're on a blocking spree lately.

No. 210734

Maybe you can’t see her ribs because she has a giant dent in her chest kek

No. 210743

So…. having friends that stand by you longer than a year? KEK Retarded. Kev's a cuck.

No. 210755

It could be. Kev thinks they’re still “fiances”, but this post proves that Lori doesn’t even think they’re a couple.

Kev is a real cuck. Lets this hag sit on her ass all day, flashing her rash-y vag online and having private DMs with other scrotes, in HIS apartment (I doubt it’s under her name). Meanwhile, he’s the only one working a job (presumably), and is sleeping in the kitchen. I just don’t get it. They’re not engaged and will never get married, and he probably doesn’t even get so much as a monkey anus smooch from lori. Guy is crazy.

No. 210765

"But what if we didn't" healthy people are able to maintain a close relationship with both a romantic partner and their best friend or sibling, wtf is she talking about? Reverse incel wants people with healthy libido to cut their feelings off, got it. Kev is poofpilled.

No. 210784

>I doubt it’s under her name

The apartment is most likely in Kevvy and his parents' names. Lori has run through her whole life without any achievement to show for it but is acting like she "made it" on OF. It's what makes her so entertaining in combination with Kevvy enabling the delusion.

No. 210787

she might be on the lease because sometimes landlords require anyone over 18 to be on. but i don't doubt kev's parents are guarantors.

No. 210802

I'm high and this made me kek forever

No. 210820

I really wish Lori would go back to being a Looney Moonie. Hell she could even do lewds of SM and probably have a way bigger army of simps than this gross pedobaiting wannabe-loli uwu gremlin shit.

No. 210829

Pretends she made it but posts pictures of food on a car roof >>210302 that looks like it's a piece of crap with worn away paint it's that bad and probably on its last legs. Ironically that junk is her only transportation and she doesnt even own it. She's always doing this "I made it" shit but she clearly has nothing. What's hers? A $90 pink vanity from Amazon, and a bunch of useless chinese clothes? She sleeps in someone else's studio apartment and probably on the floor. She looks way closer to homeless than having made anything.

No. 210830

Because god forbid you sage your non-milk.

No. 210831

I said this a few threads back and other anons said her face suited more mature cosplays, but then nonas got bloody assholes because we dared to say that Lori COULD look decent if she TRIED SOMETHING ELSE.

No. 210833

I think she could probably cosplay a SM villain well. There are some pretty vain villains in the show, as vapid as she is.

No. 210834

exactly, even in the first thread anons kept asskissing and saying she aged well. if she just embraced her age and her looks she could be doing much better. also going back to the SM roots would make so much more sense. hell she could even do the black lady if she wanted. the "loli" schtick makes no sense. i feel like at this point she only clings to it to make "da hAteRZ mad". here's some "OC" ideas she could post to reddit: "MILF sailor moon", "mature eternal elf", "MILF saber". shit like that would go over 10x better with coomer scrotes. grow up lori.

No. 210837

File: 1651686523975.jpeg (39.67 KB, 237x357, 6122475F-77A6-40A4-8E9B-1AD595…)

Queen Nehelenia was just as obsessed with youth. She even has claws, pointy ears, and white hair!

No. 210851

Her being good at cosplay would require effort, money, talent etc etc all stuff she does not have and never will, so it is pointless to speculate

No. 210857

This is literally her, but like >>210851 says, if Loony can't buy it off the bargain bin for a dollar and take crooked selfies with meitu on maximum catfish setting, she won't do it.

No. 210903

And guess what, anon? People in shay's thread talk about how much better she could look if she bought some fucking lotion and lip balm and a gym membership. Short of rule breaking, people can talk about whatever aspect of the cow they want to and that includes speculating. Never seen your ass bitching in kathy, shay, or moo's threads when the same shit happens.

No. 211062

File: 1651775240290.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1897, Screenshot_20220505-102221.png)

Back at her desperate shilling. This time she's asking for a measly 20 subs! That clocks at $200~ which sounds like just the right amount for some new stripper heels and toxic sweatshop bikinis she can stuff up her vag.

No. 211064

File: 1651775436775.png (1.79 MB, 1080x1911, Screenshot_20220505-112800.png)

Dropping more pics. There's no zipper on the cow suit so I'm assuming it's the tip of a pen? Looks like it could be a weed vape which would confirm anons talks of her just smoking and eating like a pig all day on her flat white girl ass.

No. 211084

Nah, I don't think that's a vape pen. It's too thin. That's gotta be her stupid pink eyeliner/brow pencil.

No. 211092

File: 1651783422174.jpeg (74.04 KB, 699x197, F794A754-2ED0-4204-B041-41848E…)

very OT but i think i found our sperg in kathys thread. i really think it is just a weird anachan who can't type? was very surprised to see this as i've only ever seen them in this thread. kevin tinfoil over i guess, unless he's well informed about womens fast fashion?

No. 211112

>>211084 It's a Samsung galaxy note S Pen. I have the same one with my phone

No. 211118

She looks so retarded, nobody wants to sub to a shooped face that can't hide the prolapsed anus mouth.

Considering Kevvy shares his clothes with Loony and they wear nothing about fast fashion, it could still be him.

No. 211128

Wow, that does look like a car roof. I assumed it was the top of a public trash can and didn't even question it because it's Lori.

No. 211152

i mean she’s not ugly, and she looks like she could be in her early 30s which is still relatively younger looking than her 38 or whatever. she could def pull off “mature” looks

No. 211156

She won't do it though, that's the problem with cows. Most cows could turn their lives around, some would require more effort than others, but they won't. Not even simple changes. She will keep taking shitty mirror selfies trying to act young while becoming more and more out of touch with actual young people. And beg for money of course.

No. 211157

I've seen this anon in Ahri and Nicole threads as well, same comments about them being "fat." Wouldn't be surprised if they're something in various threads. It's just some unhinged anachan

No. 211165

>Not even simple changes.

Shay was recently bullied into getting a king bed frame and something else I forget. Kathy has also been lurking her own thread and making subtle changes. It really depends on the cow.

Makes sense that someone who starves themselves can't think clearly.

No. 211240

File: 1651832864225.jpeg (Spoiler Image,110.59 KB, 640x640, 5588E54F-DA26-47DE-97AB-E7AEB6…)

Old girl needs to decide if she has boobs or not.

No. 211259

yeah i guess that’s what makes them cows at the end of the day. too bad she can’t see how embarrassing her behavior is at age 38 to bed using massive filters and editing to look like an uwu anime girl for OF money. glad she hasn’t made any more depressing and horrifying OF videos

she’s pushing her boobs together in the cow pic - jesus i don’t get why she insists on making it look kind she has a rash on her nose

No. 211281

>glad she hasn’t made any more depressing and horrifying OF videos

It's possible she has, or some new stills anyway. The old forum for leaked OF content shut down but there's a new one, if anyone wants to sign up and spread the horror:

No. 211289


The left is completely shopped and gives off m2f vibes. Everyone knows she has lopsided misshapen tits that point in different directions.

No. 211299

File: 1651864355804.png (Spoiler Image,253.5 KB, 300x600, Thotsbay.png)

>>211281I looked into it. I don't think the members of the Thotsbay Pirate Club are very interested in comprehensive archiving, unfortunately. Nothing looks unfamiliar or new. Theres some random pics from different old sets (from her old apartment), and two that look like they were from around the time she took the horrific vid (the nails are the same). And the vid is still the only one posted. I'll watch and post if anything else is leaked. I guess I better update my antivirus software…

No. 211300


the bottom edge of her phone in the cow print is warped into a curve from where she enlarged her tit. kek.

No. 211306

Ayrt, bless you anon, this is a team effort after all. I wondered about that because some of the posts were labeled as "ig" which, who would care about archiving her terrible Instagram pics?

She's been begging for 20 subs now for awhile. It used to be 10. Kevin has been silent for awhile but something interesting happened. He "liked" all of Lori's recent posts except the one where she said "today was a good day" and posted the devil emoji. I wonder what happened on that day and why Kevin didn't like it.

No. 211310

Maybe they finally had sex?
People are likely archiving IG to show there's virtually no difference in content compared to her OF. A lot of coomers on that old thread complained about it being a waste of money and time. They also noted her defensive and snappy attitude about subs and ppv. I hate men but I appreciate these scrotes making "sex workers" jobs essentially moot because it's all up for free. The best way to dunk on wastes of space is take away their easy money and attention. Based leakers.

No. 211349

File: 1651901545904.png (898.25 KB, 720x1505, Aint_Nobody.png)

This is so sad. "No really, you want my low effort porn."

No. 211360

File: 1651914846151.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.48 MB, 2560x1440, 20210710_061918.jpg)

shooped all to shiy and still cant be considered skinny to anyone other than desperate weebs. What a ssd life this uggo obesitard lives. Until u look like this YOU ARENT SKINNY. MAAN I WISH I CLD SEE LORI IRL AND PUT THE BULLET IN. STOP TRIGGERING PPL(unsaged sperging )

No. 211361

lori lardass whishes she looked like that

No. 211365

She could've made a killing if she had stuck with her witchy phase. There aren't many e-thots tapping into that whole sub-culture…at least no one memorable.

No. 211368

Made a killing?! Hahaha u must be a stan. .shes fat unconventional loooking and shoops herself. Her actual look is detestable. Wel it is 2022 and modern moids love them a fatty….its sickening

No. 211371

spergchan why did you post your nudes itt? also can you please learn to sage and use this website? btw your legs look chunky

No. 211372

kek. so do Loris. at least that waist abd chest is tiny. lori is a lard ass

No. 211373

working out 4 hrs a day and im "chunky" wooow…. got some real anachans here

No. 211376

sperg-chan why did you post this scp?

No. 211382

Nobody here wants to see your mediocre nudes but feel free to post all your social media handles so we can laugh at what a dumb cow you are

No. 211383

please, since half the thread lately has been this anon shitting it up or speculation about who it is. i'd rather laugh at this braindead airstarved bitch at this point with kevvy boys dead silence lately. what's your insta handle spergchan?

No. 211385

Ew, no wonder you sperg..

No. 211399


No. 211404

File: 1651939773618.png (3.07 MB, 1440x2793, Screenshot_20220507-110927.png)

No. 211407

Your legs look super fat, way to suck it in fatty. Why are you doing the far girl laying down pose fatties do?

No. 211411

>fat girl tits
>fat girl pose hiding the entire stomach
>extreme suck in
Kek please whoever that is us JUST as average and "fat" as Lori.

No. 211416

Ah yes, Cristy Celaya from Intervention. Inspiring. Water seeks it's level and all that.

No. 211420

if you think you look better than her then prove it

No. 211429

none of us are stupid enough to selfpost, unlike you.

No. 211434

Ah, sperg-Chan, if you can’t just laugh at the cow in anonymity and you feel the need to prove you’re better than the cow, then you are definitely not.

No. 211435

Not even that "spergchan", but I selfpost on anonymous imageboards all the time, there's nothing stupid about it. In fact, it's a good way to receive mostly unbiased criticism (or seethe from 200lb salad dodgers)(embarrassing )

No. 211436

it's a good way to attention-whore and get banned lol

No. 211444

So, you're a histrionic bpd-chan who can't live without constant external affirmation online? May as well be a mini Whori.
Fuck off back to scrotefarms, genetic defects are not welcome here. If you want to see below average looking nudes from mentally ill women just DM any female Kiwi. They literally make mass group chats just to share nudes.
Seriously and of all the threads they chose to bump Usagi Kou's. Makes me tinfoil. What if it was Lori or Kev leaking someone's images because they thought they were posting ITT? I could totally see Lori doing that. She's that bitter and psycho. But idk, maybe anon really just is a sped who can't function without sexual attention like a hypersexual teenager.

No. 211446

File: 1651952162649.jpg (350.25 KB, 465x352, science.jpg)

whoa, cool….

No. 211447

File: 1651952357274.webm (746.09 KB, 996x1240, screen-20220507-123120_2.webm)

I love that she thinks this is an own. Acknowledge your cow behaviors but try to make it a qUiRkY facet of your online e-girl persona instead of just… improving your life. Kek. She will never, ever learn. She will be 45 still posting online in cow print bikinis, squealing in her fake uwu voice for less than a tenner. Thriving moo moo but can't get 10 subs? Super secret spicy but all your images are leaked? Damn. Bet that Mariah money would come in handy right now for some DMCA's! Too bad she's rationing her monthly handouts for $4 soda and fast food. So expensive and luxe! I'm so jealous.

No. 211450

The fact scrotes lurk here for nudes is peak desperation, Lori is a fucking hag. I bet they jerk it to Luna and Moriah too. Zero standards they'd eat Lori's dry ass legussy forever if given the chance. Get some real life women on your dick or jerk off before you lurk goddamn. The roaches are OUT

No. 211452

I see you all over this thread and /meta/ complaining just because someone has a better body than you. Here's a tip: lose weight, fatty!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 211463

Hate to break the news but there's more than two anons on this site at any given moment and every anon hates bone rattlers like you. Go back to /soc/ where people actually care about your sad ass flapjacks.

No. 211525

> What if it was Lori or Kev leaking someone's images because they thought they were posting ITT?

That is a very Lori thing to do since recent posts show there are leaks pending of Lori's own shoddy nudes and she wants to bury the posts.

Whenever Lori and Kev want to derail, the posts have consistently sounded the same as their regular posts, misspellings and all. Plus the posts are always centered around Lori's fatness or saying "prove you are better than Lori".

No. 211526

File: 1651985218413.jpg (65.09 KB, 720x677, IMG_20220507_214343_869.jpg)