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No. 169213


Previous Thread (#10): >>>/w/161851
#1: >>>/w/24583
#2: >>>/w/54057
#3: >>>/w/67368
#4: >>>/w/84714
#5: >>>/w/132036
#6: >>>/w/140775
#7: >>>/w/119140
#8: >>>/w/146474
#9: >>>/w/155617

Lori Cerda, known as Lori Lewd or Usagi Kou, is a 36-year-old photoshop addicted pro-ana costhot and anime fictionkin (otakukin for the oldfags) from New York state. With 20+ years of lunacy behind her, farmers have been working together diligently to stitch together the madness into a coherent timeline. Lots of interactions and receipts have been lost to time, either deleted or made private, keep that in mind as we continue.

Lori got her start as a rabid Sailor Moon cosplayer in the early aughts which launched her into infamy and Moonie drama that lasted for over 10 years alone. In Summary; a well-liked, cute and young cosplayer that wowed people as Sailor Moon had one of the hardest and fastest falls from grace. It’s a story rife with lies, theft, squatting, cheating, jealousy, cult-like behavior and lots of violence. To put it lightly, it blew apart the entire Sailor Moon community in the US and honestly, the news carried across the world. The juxtaposition of Usagi and Lori piqued the interest of many people. Some might call her one of the OG cosplay lolcows. After becoming a joke to the majority of the US cosplay community Lori dropped her Usagi shtick, married a few times and stayed mostly quiet.

2017 changed all that when Lori met Kevin “Skye” Hanft. Once the two cosplayers met and fell in love, Lori quickly reverted to her past behaviors and became Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx. Kevin feeds Lori’s delusions and is a whole cow on his own. He serves as her meal ticket and guard dog. At the first sign of any inconvenience or drama, Lori will blow the whistle and sick her dog. If you lurk long enough you will spot a wild Kevin masquerading as anon. Do not interact. He is retarded and he will spend his time trying to track you down. He has a documented history of digitally stalking commenters, accusing them of being anons or Momokun/Vamplette and threatening suicide/murder.

Over the last three years, Lori has amassed over 130k followers (through purchasing bots) and currently is partnered with miccostumes and several dropship scam stores. Her past partners include Bisou Lovely, Rave Wonderland, Ardani Studios and Lewd Complex.

Vintage Milk:
>Textbook ugly-duckling-turned-mega-bitch after high school
>Known pathological liar, her entire cosplay career was a farce built upon other seamstresses work and props
>Abused partners emotionally and physically, breaking peoples belongings when she throws temper tantrums, threatening rape allegations and suicide
>Mooched off friends and family (living rent free and destroying peoples homes with her trash, indoor smoking, making them buy her things, forcing them to sleep on floors and go without bedding, etc.)
>Manipulated teenagers, mentally ill/handicapped cosplayers and any others she deemed “beneath” her into false friendships
>Had a rap for being a nymphomaniac, or at very least hypersexual, often pressuring people into sleeping with her when she wanted it. Many times it was in public, at cons or restaurants and other extremely inappropriate spaces.
>Held vendettas against better cosplayers, sex workers and artists.
>Used her many livejournals to harass and slander other cosplayers like Zan for existing in the community and cosplaying
>Her ex-husband raped a developmentally challenged friend of Lori’s and when she found out she pressured the victim, “C”, into suicide. “C” then attempted by taking pills and drinking alcohol. Luckily, “C” survived. She never apologized or tried to right this situation.
>Went through husbands like pantyhose and typically only married for housing and money.

Condensed Milk from the 10’s:
>Self-identifies as a Loli, shares Lolicon on Twitter and follows pedophiles back on IG and Twit
>Racist anachan with high-school mean girl tendencies
>Painful failtroll with a history of trying to troll /cgl/ and /w/
>Forced bf Kevin to self harm to prove his loyalty when she found out he had a female friend she didn’t know well
>She cheated on him anyways and used his car to go do it
>Both her and Kevin lurk their own thread and Momokun’s
>They break up and make up constantly, almost every other day
>Kins Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx, truly believes she is her and that the studio copied her to create her likeness
>”vampire blood” “anime features” and ”good genes” something something
>Will relentlessly tear down other cosplayers who do any cosplay better than her
>”Suffers” from an Eating Disorder and body checks in every post
>Queen of fucked up Meitu baby face shoops
>Edits herself skinnier all over despite wearing XS-S clothing
>Panders to pedophiles and degenerates without shame despite having many underage followers
>Spends her life fetishizing East Asian culture heavily, specifically Japan, somehow still butchers Romaji
>E-begs for money and subs EVERY SINGLE DAY
>Abandoned her old terminally ill cat so she could have ferrets. The cat died alone without care
>Claimed her ferrets were seriously ill and couldn’t go to a vet, got money and then ended up buying new DollsKill and a new weed vape cart
>Kevin lost $300 randomly and vaguely blamed it on Momokun’s friends when it was really just Lori
>Kevin has a running delusion that fellow cows Mariah (Momokun) and Vamplette are the OPs of every farm thread and are solely responsible for the surfacing of her past
>Lori undoubtedly sowed this seed to use as a deflection, she continually brings it up and talks to Kevin about it publicly even when it’s not related to anything at the moment

Last Milk Delivery:
>Our princess made it very clear the only reason she needs simps is to make the heifers over at the farms mad! >>>/w/162514 Nevermind paying bills, that surely will not become an issue later!
>In other news, Lori finally is pissing off the scrotes by not showing enough hole >>>/w/162521
>That sexy oral thrush is in full swing >>>/w/162872
>Shockingly, while spending their (rent and vet bill) ‘extra’ money, Kev was ripped off on Mercari. No more wings for you, bishie~ >>>/w/163311
>A triggered Kev recounts the horrific events of three years prior, where Mariah Mallad ruined his life with her own two rat paws >>>/w/163325
>It’s super hard for him to talk about, you guys >>>/w/163326
>So hard he’s been editing statuses all day >>>/w/163336
>Some cowtipper really rustled Kev’s Jeremy Scott brand jimmies >>>/w/163408
>Cowtipping retard earns her and her friends some lovely Kev interactions, a reminder of why we do not touch the shit. >>>/w/163417
>Lori decides it’s time to end lives by harassing the cowtipper’s friends who aren’t involved whatsoever beyond laugh reacting a status… >>>/w/163418
>Lori sees a happy marriage between two contributing members of society, loses it and wants to speak to the manager of Google HR. >>>/w/163481
>Surprise; Nothing fucking happens.
>tfw you a-log your insecurities and get owned >>>/w/163751 by someone definitely not fond of Lori
>tfw you don’t learn high fashion and you die >>>/w/164405
>Kevin is NOT mad we called the Louis Vuitton fake >>>/w/164406
>Everything IS fine Lori IS GREAT >>>/w/164409
>Kevin takes a moment to gather himself and properly address the new YouTube videos out about his love >>>/w/164481
>You just have to read it, so eloquent >>>/w/164482
>Abuela is back for blood and this time she’s going straight to the top to name some names >>>/w/164686
>Turns out she was attacking the wrong person at the wrong workplace! The person of interest quit a while ago, leaving Lori looking batshit as ever >>>/w/164782
>Kevin is really struggling due to the “shadowban” and he sets the record straight on his behavior >>>/w/165100
>Farmers catch Lori openly flirting with a friend on facebook and discuss Lori wanting out >>>/w/165126
>Without missing a beat, Kev and Lori stage a couple’s pic. Not weird at all. >>>/w/165161
>Kevin finally realizes he’s been doxxed and does flips >>>/w/165284
>Then he called the police and everyone was really scared, I mean remember that one time he had ALL 7 of our IP addresses? >>>/w/165291
>Kevin presumably printed off a word document with Moo & co.’s names on it and told the police “that’s the gang stalking me” >>>/w/165306
>BLOOP! All the posts are gone. Then, this lovely status of ~posi vibes~ >>>/w/165341
>Clearly the cops were taking too long in his opinion so he took to confronting his ‘abusers’ directly on FB messenger >>>/w/165362
>Accusing randoms of doxxing him while not realizing the one responsible had done so months prior >>>/w/165376
>Following his FB rage, he takes to Reddit to argue with past subscribers >>>/w/165559
>Then he tries to convince himself that he’s happy on IG >>>/w/165700
>Lori pre-emptively blames Kevin’s suicide on her “abusers” and “stalkers” >>>/w/165966
>Anons suspect this is an account Lori made herself to fuel the harassment claims she cries about >>>/w/165967 to this day the account is inactive and was only active leading up to her tantrum
>More of that account here >>>/w/166174
>Surprise! The ferrets are back and you know what that means. Get your tissues and wallets ready! >>>/w/166198
>Clearly Kevin is upset about the state of Shiro, you can tell from his fit pics >>>/w/166316 and his ‘gentrified clothing’ rant >>>/w/166346
>Very, deeply upset. All his time is spent preparing and mourning. >>>/w/166478
>Lori looks positively shattered and stricken with grief >>>/w/166480
>Remember when Lori was on that hospital’s FB page being a Karen? Well, she’s taken to twitter to make sure someone loses their job before her ferret dies! I mean, sleeps. >>>/w/166498
>Kevin just can’t take it anymore, coordinating fits and posing like hieroglyphics is too much right now. >>>/w/166582
>Just kidding the fag is back >>>/w/166604
>Shiro is now playing Kingdom Hearts in heaven. >>>/w/166894
>Lori joking around the day Shiro died. >>>/w/166921
>Lori begging for subs the day Shiro died. >>>/w/166923
>Kevin is legitimately more upset than Lori ever will be about Shiro >>>/w/166927
>Didn’t last long though, narcs always bounce back fast >>>/w/167038
>After begging again to help cover costs for Shiro and her other pets, Lori posts herself in a new tracksuit, looking positively dour >>>/w/167499
>Back to the grind moomoos, warm up that broken spine of yours and put on the loli socks! >>>/w/167685
>”Don’t Get Too Close . . . I have ptsd” >>>/w/167769
>Kevin is so allergic to work he might fucking unironically die if he has to >>>/w/167777
>Fully owning his bullshit, Kevin uses his full name in his IG bio and links his ko-fi where you can “support him”…doing… What was it, again? >>>/w/167815
>Lori, knowing someone would post a cap to the farms, tried to bait people into giving her subs so they could see her and Crissy back as Usagi and Mars. Must be extraordinary down bad if you need to beg your “trolls” for money and passively like this to boot. Welfare girlboss moment. >>>/w/167888
>I can only sum this up as ”Hi my name is Kevin. Everything I love is dying. I have nothing and Basically, I need your money. Now.” >>>/w/167988
>This is more like “Hi my name is Kevin and Basically I’m Rich And You’re Stupid #Gucci” >>>/w/168029
>Anons found Kevin planting seeds of pity in an Anime Bonzai FB group that was actually about a known predator being banned, hijacking anything and everything to make it about him and Lori being Extremely Slandered™ on the internet by haters. >>>/w/168200
>Old girl got a new sponsor (@miccosgirls) and of course the company is sketchy >>>/w/168658
>Kevin needs you to know that he can still hang with the kids and use the slang >>>/w/168665
>Lori posts a hella deep ifunny image and vents about her life being fucked up >>>/w/168788
>She moved her granny porn to fansly >>>/w/168866

R.I.P Shiro, you deserved better. This thread is dedicated to you. Your mom’s a hoe.
Ready those poof pouts for thread #11!

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YouTube videos:
>VangelinaSkov's videos
>Buffering Cat's breakdown
>Lori's racism

>Monster Girl Vibes: https://www.facebook.com/iota02/
>Personal FB: https://www.facebook.com/LoriLewd
>Kevin’s FB : https://www.facebook.com/kevin.hanft.5
>Lori’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iota_zerotwo/
>Kevin’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adollaskye/
>Twitter: https://twitter.com/iota_zerotwo
>DA: https://www.deviantart.com/kou-usagi
>Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/people/usagikou
>OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/monstergirl
>Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/LoriLewd
>Amazon Wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1K5H3M8IH92VA/?ref_=lol_ov_le

Archived Milk:
>pockybox investigations
>wank about the rape incident https://web.archive.org/web/20130311093424/http://www.journalfen.net/community/fandom_wank/685335.html?thread=63139863
>usagi’s wank page http://web.archive.org/web/20110908004206/http://wiki.fandomwank.com/index.php/Usagi_Kou
>tgtn attesting to Lori's cancerous nature
>Djranma’s site https://web.archive.org/web/20070807233745fw_/http://www.djranmas.net/html/lori_cerda/main.htm
>Lori's psycho response to Scott's confession
>cringe engagement video posted by Kevin
>cringe ED article
>the sailor moon movie

>Lori’s KF thread
>Forbidden Spicy Imgur folder for the lulz

Dead Accounts:

What farmers sarcastically call Kevin, stands for Bishounen or “pretty boy”.
>Spicy / Forbidden Spice
This is what Lori calls OnlyFans because she believes her saying the words “OnlyFans” ruin her reach, it’s totally not because it’s her.
One of Lori’s many nicknames based on her short-lived “Lori Lune” phase.
>Sempai / Baka / Onichan
Lori can’t speak or sound out Japanese for the life of her so this is what she spits out, it is always inaccurate and unironic.
>BB / Loli / Gremlin
These are terms Lori uses to infantilize and objectify herself. She has an obsession with being a loli, she is an unapologetic autopedophile.
This is Lori’s dog whistle for farmers. (ex. “Hi MooMoo~” “I’m a cute MooMoo”) It recognizes her status as a cow and she thinks it’s a reclamation that gives the term less power over her. (Spoiler: it doesn’t do anything but make it worse)
Lori’s pet name for her girl crush Momokun
Lori mentally has regressed to a 12 year old, resulting in her using meme lingo from decades ago. She still thinks it is not only relevant but cute and charming.
Anyone, seriously anyone, who has anything critical to say about Lori in any respect. Comments about Lori that are not worshipping her will be blocked or the users will be harassed for days on end by Kevin and Lori.
Lori’s eloquent defense of Kevin’s looks.

No. 169217

My fucking sides I can't get over the middle bottom, it looks like an immature, exaggerated taking a nasty fart pose. The level of second hand embarrassment I feel as a human being just knowing he thought that was good is beyond imagination…

There's nothing that can convince me kev doesn't secretly use Lori's dildos up his ass. His body language is so weird and pathetic. The troon out will come the fucking second they break up, I feel it In my ancient chan lurking bones

No. 169223

The fried split ends and his facial expressions, kek. The top middle and bottom right poses are so feminine, even if he wasn't dressed like Lori.

No. 169225

Top right looks like a POV of being kidnapped by Kevin and being forced to hear his wigger IG captions

No. 169226

I like that Kev has a starring role in this OP, well deserved with all his recent hilarity.

No. 169229

A theory I have is that they're trying to file for bankruptcy by doing fraud. People who do that usually go out and get credit cards and drain them as fast as they can. Might explain all of the recent (ugly as sin) clothing, if they're real. Which I doubt since they're so cheap looking (or they're getting hella ripped off), but hey it's a theory that I wouldn't put past them.

No. 169233

Wow great OP truly. The added vocabulary lesson and archiving of the "spicy" imgur album is a great touch.

Hard agree. He's been equally cowlike as Looni lately

No. 169243

>hieroglyphics edition

No. 169251

File: 1629836907560.png (2.88 MB, 1211x2048, Screenshot_20210824-132510.png)

How can she not be embarrassed to post her L's like this. Apparently shoes is money. This would be painfully cringe even if she was like 19, she just gets worse lol

No. 169256


She’s doing that ugly toe fishnet thing again lmfao

No. 169257

She better hope her old saggy pancake ass and ""broken"" spine can handle those platforms while street walking if they're getting evicted. I will not lie I'm praying that's whats gonna happen.

No. 169266

File: 1629840122810.png (4.15 MB, 1869x2048, Screenshot_20210824-132525.png)

Just scuttling around her hovel throwing all her shoes in a pile and doing coomer poses while she's probably in the process of getting evicted KEK cope Lorena. All you'll have to show for your 30s is photos of you being materialistic and your statuses begging for money.

Just noticed how absolutely massive her feet are. Those shoes are like a US 9-10 and she's 5ft. Curling her toes trying to look smol too.

No. 169267

the fucking pink eyebrows make me irrationally angry lmao

No. 169268

Who is she even marketing to? Simps don't care about her shoe collection. Women don't care about her agehao face. This appeals to absolutely 0 people.

No. 169270

She's trying to flex on us by proving she's an influencer, can't you tell by her "free" shoes everywhere? It's sad but true cause you're right, it appeals to no one. It's a one up.

No. 169271

I don't think any banks would give them more cards, especially with their credit histories.

It's hilarious that she sees this sea of smelly plastic as a flex or worthy of being posted as content. All this cheap crap is going to be in the bottom of a dumpster in a few months.

No. 169272

Banks won't but credit card companies most likely will

When you're middle aged and your only accomplishment is cheaply made plastic shoes kek

This is the most embarrassing picture why would she post this topkek

No. 169274

Something about this is disgusting. She looks like a moron, who prays to a pile of plastic shoes and what's with the cheap dollar store wings? These pictures are getting worse.

No. 169275

Why the fuck is she wearing what seems to be a regular long sleeve shirt under her lingerie. Why do both of them fuck up their fashion choices so badly

No. 169276

Imagine a day in Lori and Kevvy's pre-eviction crib. Talking like wiggers and fighting each other before rearranging their tacky shoes in front of a tripod for self aggrandizing posts to the spicy.

All that effort, all that debt, just to get laughed at by the few actual humans watching.

No. 169280

I need her to stop wearing that Ali express blue harness thing with every single outfit. I don't even understand what's going on with her clothes here.

No. 169281

It's almost like a commentary on consumerism. Woman with nothing in her life surrounded by the only thing that matters to her: cheap, trendy garbage that she doesn't even wear out of the house. The picture is both a flex and an attempt to beg for more. Truly bleak.

No. 169297

When it's described like that it almost sounds like some post modern avant garde art piece.

No. 169300

“Which do you like best?” It doesn’t matter because if anybody asks she says “got it at the mall” “got it online somewhere” she refuses to tell anyone details which is the entire point of being an “influencer”. Why does she have so many shoes of this style while claiming to have severe back issues? getting a job and not becoming homeless is more important than posting your foam garbage shoes Lorena.

Who would rent to them? They’re in serious trouble and aren’t taking this seriously.

No. 169303

File: 1629858899673.jpeg (98.05 KB, 742x686, 4AB0F808-ED87-43E1-A1B4-21D6A0…)

How can Kevin be okay with a serial cheater self obsessed narc spreading her ass cheeks online? Fansly makes it easier for Lori to communicate with potential new wallets. If they’re being evicted lori won’t want to be forced to work again by Kevin’s parents (didn’t Kevin’s parents move away?) she must be panicking and messaging any man she can as an exit plan. I almost feel bad for Kevin posing in his gold shoes in the other room while she’s doing this.

No. 169307

Not to mention a quick Google search of her legal name by a landlord or whomever would pull up these threads and kiwi farms. Then there's all the fandomwanks, archived livejournals and Tumblr posts. They probably wouldn't even read any of it they'd just see her photos and see her infamy a reject her. She screams liability Karen and she has a public record of financial insecurity which is a no-go.

No. 169308

I like to think they share a tripod. Kevin coming into Lori's room "uhm my super smol bean, can I use the tripod. I need to post some pics of my shoes to flex on the haterzzzzzzzzzz"

No. 169315

Kek it really does. She prays to the internet in hopes of a simp miracle to take her out of her life as a poor in Utah.

Looks like a chimp that got shocked by what its face really looks like.

No. 169358

File: 1629886790059.jpeg (136.83 KB, 567x555, 430A3BDE-093B-4375-AF07-49B938…)

So lazy she can’t be bothered to buckle both shoes completely onto her hooves.

No. 169403

Yes Anon. Kevvy's parents sold his childhood home and moved into a new house. They used that as an excuse as to why they had to get an apartment so they wouldn't have to admit the Hanfts hated Lorena and her being there probably jump started their plan to move a lot sooner.

No. 169405

Proposed changes for Onlyfans terms starting October 1st are gone. Their terms are no longer changing. Wonder what her excuse will be now?

No. 169410

File: 1629908887867.jpg (2.75 MB, 2500x2171, PerfectFeet.JPG)

Got bored tonight and went back through a few threads to make a collage of smol bean's uwu perfect feet, since she seems to be so obsessed with them. Watch her angrily sperg and make a post about her frog stompers in reply.

On a related note, woof, our buddy Kev got real haggard in only three years.

No. 169429

I'm dead. Those things are huge. I don't know why she insists on wearing massive platforms that make her hooves look twice as large when they're already so disproportionate. She really is a Hobbit lol.

No. 169452

Lori and Kevin are proud of their dropship fashions but they can't actually wear it because it will fall apart.

No. 169464

Her surviving ferrets, rent moratorium being lifted, her chronic "disabilities" (aka the consequences of her terrible posture, shoes ruining her spine and her eating disorder), "stalkers", lack of money for clothes and shoes, etc. She's running out of sob stories and soon people will press her about taking care of herself and she'll sperg out about how she can't because aboosive family and boyfriends/husbands ruined her life and it takes all her energy in her body to put on new Dollskill and platforms for the gram. Not like OF kicking her would even be a problem. She barely makes any money anyway. She'd lose $200 bucks, if that.

No. 169472

File: 1629931090989.jpg (159.78 KB, 720x952, IMG_20210825_153624_185.jpg)

New desperate Reddit posts. If you don't pay for Lori's lewds, she doesn't get to eat. Kevin still downgraded to "bf" lol.

No. 169479

These are so obviously written by Kevin it's insane

More like MonsterFeet amirite

No. 169480

They didn't make half that shit it's from amazon. Post pics and I bet you all I can find the listings in less than 24 hours for everything. All her props are from party city (literally) or amazon. I've seen them myself and gone "That's the Lori succubus special" KEK. She's so full of shit it's pathetic. Not an ounce of talent in that skinny-flab body.

>the reason i get to eat

Like she doesn't post her eating out at Burger King and empanada shops? Buying massive boba smoothies and teas? Eating red lobster? Like, bitch the NERVE. "Starve" ho.

No. 169487

File: 1629935061982.png (905.66 KB, 1769x2048, Screenshot_20210825-164331.png)


No. 169488

File: 1629935103119.png (593.62 KB, 1203x2048, Screenshot_20210825-164250.png)

Lori's reply

No. 169494

little potato? she tries so hard to be flirty and sweet but it comes off as weird. painful to watch.

No. 169499

>handmade by me

>lost so many subs

So many lies.

Her drugstore makeup, tacky sets and same position shoots are so dated when compared to younger girls. Nobody ever had interest in her monkey faced filter pics.

All the begging and excuses got her a bunch of broke simps who are getting free interactions by using promises of a sub, kek.

No. 169504

File: 1629942920836.jpeg (552.64 KB, 1242x1683, 4A15E22E-8A32-43E1-8139-3FEA6A…)

“Look at these shoes” yes the shoes = gold? Shoes don’t equal roof over your own fucking head or being able to pay your vet bills. They flex about the dumbest shit.
She doesn’t use the current ring lights she has no correctly. They’re not supposed to go BEHIND you dumb ass.

No. 169516

I can see it now
>8 different ring lights and none of them are facing her behind the camera
>not even a shoe rack just her dingy coffee table covered up top with more stuffed under it to look like a shoe rack she's too cheap to buy
>to spite anons she wears both her pink and blue harnesses at once
>Unironically starts saying shoes is money to own haydurs

No. 169517

It doesn't even make sense to have lost subs over this because sub duration is 30 days and it's been like 5 since OF announced the changes

No. 169553

this is so cringe and pathetic omg

No. 169555

File: 1629976740879.jpg (96.39 KB, 720x1165, IMG_20210826_041739_512.jpg)

I went and had a look and the comment thread is even worse than we thought. #simpforlori

No. 169578

Wait until the scrote finds out she hates fatties and racists. He's an infinifat republican football scrote. He'll pull his money the second he realizes Lori isn't a white teenager. Congrats to her though, that's the first time I've ever seen someone promise to sub to her. Now she has like what, 3 subs? That's $30/mos baby, work it!

No. 169580

File: 1629991278748.png (959.48 KB, 1593x2048, Screenshot_20210826-081826.png)

Okay. You can't pay your bills or buy your own clothes without getting discounts or free stuff or you know take care of your ferrets (one of which you let die), but sure. You're so thriving, Lori. That's why thousands of strangers laugh at you and your boyfriend.

No. 169591

Then stop ebegging and making OF your only personality trait.

No. 169596

But like… Lori doesn’t even eat? Lettuce is like a dollar.

No. 169597

I guess that's enough for her afterpay charges.

No. 169598

love that she has to pretend to give a shit what this scrote has to say. it must kill her inside she has to entertain these loser moids in chat, call them homie etc.

she's never hidden her disgust for other humans, especially ones she thinks are old or ugly or fat.

No. 169599

File: 1629999259027.jpg (101.55 KB, 1280x966, IMG_20210826_102912_712.jpg)

Congratulations to Kevin on today's unblocking and being allowed to re-follow Lori. I wonder if there'll be one more blocking before the month ends lol.

No. 169603

I thought Kevin made an OnlyFans but that was only a dream, I had to double-check the old thread.
Maybe it's a prophetic dream so I'm posting this just in case.

No. 169604

He posted once or twice about maybe starting one, asking his 0 friends what kind of content they'd like: cosplay props, gaming, some third option I forget? Of course those posts went nowhere and got no feedback. Just like for the last year and a half he's "going to be starting commissions soon." Pretty sure he's said that 3-4 times now. He also put in his Instagram bio that he'd be starting a YouTube and twitch channel that never happened. I'm also still waiting on the "truth" video he said he was going to make that will own all us haters. Basically Kevin is just a Lori 2.0 now. He just wants to loaf around and have other people give him money for it and collect shoes.

No. 169635

File: 1630012770179.jpg (348.06 KB, 1080x1341, Screenshot_20210826-134147__01…)

Lori uses her finger to push up her top lip and make it look bigger but it just looks like she's sniffing her finger. Never change Lori.

No. 169654

Kek, great work, anon. It seriously seems to line up with a paycheck.

Even through filters you can tell everything in this picture including her face is dingy IRL.

No. 169657

File: 1630020589465.webm (890.24 KB, 1080x1428, screen-20210826-162517_2.webm)

Nobody posted the fansly vid so here's the preview. Skinny fat as fuck. Look at that potbelly jiggle. I hope she goes full Shayna if she ever makes more money and just gorges herself on doordash and wax. She's going to start being unfilterable here very soon. Oink oink moomoo~

No. 169660

File: 1630022880392.jpg (11.71 KB, 245x188, pucklaugh.jpg)

>More like MonsterFeet amirite

No. 169661

File: 1630024106010.jpg (65.84 KB, 720x1184, IMG_20210826_172506_537.jpg)

Kevin bought new shoes. He still has his ko-fi in his profile bios on Facebook and Instagram. The begging/flexing with shoes cycle is absolutely shameful. Usually e-beggers keep up the pitiful act for more than a day but these two jumped straight into buying more crap and shilling Lori's failing OF a day after begging for money for the dead ferret.

Also I can't understand Kevin's caption here at all. What's he saying?

No. 169665

this video is disgusting cringe pedobait vomit, like all her videos, but I don't see the point of calling her fat when pretty much anyone's skin would jiggle in that position

No. 169671

I'm assuming feet means wear and sale means reselling for higher. He's a shit bag who's taking donations and buying shoes to flip them for double or as much as possible. Fuck Kevin.

No. 169672

File: 1630027991810.jpg (118.87 KB, 720x1129, IMG_20210826_183156_727.jpg)

Sorry to all the anons who get triggered by this.

No. 169673

What about having to move and the ferret vet bills? Agree with anon. At least keep the act up for more than a week lazy ass scum balls. Lori buys Kevin shoes to keep him from spazzing online about her.

No. 169677

Her ugly feet need spoilering tbh.

I hope we can get unfiltered pics from her soon. I wonder if Kevvy is holding some as leverage for whenever she leaves or blocks him, kek

No. 169694

Epileptic seizure is the new sexy

No. 169698

Agreed, her feet need a spoiler. This made me nauseous.

No. 169745

God her hair is just as fried as Kevin's. Not really much to brag about.

No. 169775

File: 1630120014890.png (8.56 MB, 1242x2208, D1370FA9-6B66-418B-9BB3-333169…)

He was just begging for people to “support him” financially again while offering nothing in exchange (he doesn’t cosplay, doesn’t post content) how lazy can you be?

Can’t wait to see where will rent to two people without jobs and bad rental history. Maybe Lori will finally escape. Kevin’s been real quiet lately.

No. 169780

Where will Lori escape to? She has just as much creditability as Kev. Also, Lori has been trying to get with fuck boys for almost a year and no one is taking the bait. Even guys with red flags are appalled by her which is hilarious. They’re stuck with each other.

No. 169783

File: 1630125915851.png (141.79 KB, 632x703, Screenshot 2021-08-27 9.45.06 …)


I'm guessing she lost about 10 subs because before the announcement of the ban she kept posting on FB "get me 20 more subs!" and now she's saying "30 more subs to survive"

No. 169792

Well today the eviction moratorium was officially ended so they're both fucked and it makes sense why she's begging

No. 169797

This is a lie. If people were subbed, they wouldn’t unsubscribe to her over this. The proposed new terms of service would’ve banned explicit sexual acts- y’know, actual porn. It said nothing about middle aged women playing dress up in neon raver trash. Nudity was still going to be allowed, and she doesn’t even post nudes so…

No. 169808

>to "survive"
>Kevin still buying ugly sneakers

No. 169812

It's always the websites fault KEK When will she just realize she's ugly and nobody is trying to see her body or face? Her crying about shadowbans and now this is so funny cause the only people who take hits from things like that are actual influencers and celebrities who take in real traffic and clicks. Lorena with her dusty ass 1-6k likes with her 130k+ followers.

No. 169813

File: 1630159981936.png (814.91 KB, 2048x1656, Screenshot_20210828-071122.png)

>100 lbs
My fucking sides. In your dreams, Lori. Do we need to whip out the skelly pics from when she was actually 100lbs to show how chunky she is now?

No. 169833

this doesn’t make sense? like previous anon said, OF subscription is monthly so she wouldn’t have lost any money from people dropping subs yet

also if a handful of subs is the difference between financial stability and instability for you then you’re not really making bank on OF like you say, huh?

No. 169840

She faked being a top OF and now faked having subs, she doesn't know what it's like to have subs.

The lies of shadowban or no subs are showing. Her instagram is all bought and bot activity, there never was a followerbase for her no matter how she pretends.

No. 169855

It's actually pretty easy to be 100lbs when you're 5ft, especially if you have absolutely zero muscle like her

No. 169856

File: 1630199211324.jpg (109.36 KB, 1280x966, IMG_20210828_180213_290.jpg)

That was fast.

No. 169858

I can't even imagine having this type of relationship. They're both insane and pathetic.

No. 169859

File: 1630200287095.png (1.73 MB, 1215x2048, Screenshot_20210828-101156.png)

Don't lie for the cow. This was her at/under 100.

No. 169864

Exactly. There's a reason she doesn't pose from the side anymore and only from the front. If she posed from the side all her belly pudge would show.

No. 169867

File: 1630205342081.jpg (3.61 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_08-28-07.47.14.jpg)

She's so insecure about it she's been editing her crease out this whole time and no one posted about it. The older pics to the left are when she forgot to edit the lines out. She never gets better at shopping despite it being such a major component of her life

No. 169868

File: 1630205791977.png (9.37 MB, 1242x2208, F66AD24D-888C-49AF-9F75-04751F…)

You can “survive” by not buying shoes and fast fashion. You can both survive by getting a real job. >>169856
Lmao that was fast poor Kevin. She must be commenting stuff she does want him to see hence the blocking.

No. 169870

File: 1630207371737.jpg (147.64 KB, 722x1280, IMG_20210828_194730_824.jpg)

Kevin is still buying clothes from Guapi. So much for destitute. I seriously can't understand it. They can't even beg properly. They just HAVE TO show off their ridiculous unnecessary purchases. They can't even pretend to struggle in order to keep up the act and get people to feel sorry for them.

No. 169872

Dollar store quality ugly rhinestoned pants and a mop on his head to cover his sunken dead and red eyes from crying. Pathetic

No. 169873

Is this pose a bodycheck?

No. 169874

Probably. He lost a lot of weight since 2018 when he was a dumpy Hiro with a double chin. He seemed really affected by farmers' comments about his weight seeing as how he would focus on that in his Facebook rants about us.

No. 169875

It's funny because they pretend to struggle but also pretend to not struggle. No matter what they say, the reality is they're dirt poor and desperate.

Tinfoil here but maybe Kevin's parents have been sending him money. I wonder if the blocking Lori does isn't just to hide she's begging scrotes to take her in, but it seems to match whenever he gets money, buys whatever dropship and didn't give her any of the money yet.

No. 169881

Maybe Kevin actually has income (parents or whatever, it’s still income) and splits the bill halfway and is saying fuck Lori. He has his side of the bill covered and spending his “rightful” surplus and is flexing infont of Lori while Lori suffers and wants her to see. Maybe he’s the one trying to get rid of Lori rather than the other way around this whole time. Just a thought.

No. 169886

Exactly, I just don't see Lori ever buying him anything with how cunty she is. The ferret thing and Ko-fis was both of them competing for money with the same sob story and coming out broke again.

Lori can barely afford actual clothing for herself while his stuff seems to cost more, stupid as it is. The apartment is probably in his name with his parents cosigned.

No. 169888

Learn high fashion or die, faggots.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 169894

Awwwww he lurks and still cannot integrate. Enjoy being homeless with grandma, kevy-poo!

No. 169895

Ummm she's definitely small. I don't think her saying she's 100 is that much of an exaggeration. Why is it so hard for Anons to accept the fact shes just small? she isn't fat and she's reeeally short. Get over it fatties. ;3(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 169896

>high fashion
Still waiting on Kevin's upcoming Dior photoshoot in his dirty living room/bedroom, because what he is wearing isn't high fashion by any definition

No. 169897

Because we've seen her small and she doesn't look like that anymore. She's the definition of skinny-fat and now she's crossed into pudgy territory. She constantly has to contort and stretch herself all crazy in order to look slim, she edits out her rolls and pudge, etc. She's turning into a butterball. Nice bait tho.

No. 169898

>Don't say it… Don't say hi

Sage you fucking retard, you're bumping the thread for no reason. We all know she's not and you coming in here to whiteknight isn't going to change that. You may live in delusion but like >>169897 just said, she's skinny-fat. Just look at that tattoo jiggle in >>169657 kek

No. 169899

File: 1630245723655.jpg (35.48 KB, 550x616, 1608240134781.jpg)

It's 7am and all they have to do is this. Cope, Lori. This is what you actually look like.

No. 169911

There’s only one retard stupid enough to capitalize the word “anon” every time he posts….

No. 169913

Agreed, only things that feel like Lori to me are
>reeeally short
She stretches her vowels out and says fatty/fatties. The 3 face though, kek. There's not that many rules here but these retards still can't figure out no emojis and sage your shit.

No. 169931

Kevin, eating disorders and body checks are female traits

No. 169944

hilarious if this is actually Kev or Lori stopping by and not some assblasted white knight because they both sperg out on social media about harassment and slurs and when people aren’t PC, but then they turn around and do the exact same shit they get upset about. kek

No. 169962

the overly styled and teased hairblob is hiding something, i think

receding hairline??

No. 169967

File: 1630271102660.gif (5.17 MB, 275x156, 1610887637467.gif)

It's probably them. This is one of the few places where they're reminded of their harsh reality and faces.

No. 169972

Jfc.. those harsh lines.. so much for loli vampire anumu girl genes.

No. 169976

throwback to the anon upthread who thought she just "has masculine features" and doesn't look that old big kek

No. 169980

Imagine looking like that and acting like you're hot, absolute topkek

Aww, did we hurt some nerves? Cry harder, porky and baldy.

No. 169981

File: 1630278789202.png (309.22 KB, 1915x2048, Screenshot_20210829-161119.png)

I guess neon Leg Avenue lingerie and cheap fishnets is very DND. Don't even need to see it to know. Her engagement is dead.

No. 169993

File: 1630296915825.jpeg (80.62 KB, 817x817, 578C9C46-8DBC-4383-AE4D-F9F2C8…)

They both need to get a job and off the internet. Flexing their garbage and ebegging days apart. Degens

No. 169998

File: 1630307188865.jpg (Spoiler Image,261.76 KB, 820x1052, GwsGK8lYPKk.jpg)


No. 169999

File: 1630307233423.jpg (Spoiler Image,224.19 KB, 802x1044, bI36GRzBEYI.jpg)

Exposed as fuck with that crimson chin

No. 170000

File: 1630307284619.jpg (Spoiler Image,189.19 KB, 834x842, 0hVVlBzv-XU.jpg)

Who jerks off to this sped rolling around?

No. 170001

File: 1630307414501.webm (Spoiler Image,1.16 MB, 792x1044, 2026902-d83f1db07bed5b1008ae1a…)

Spoilered for Lego vag

No. 170005

Fucking vom. Was feeling kinda shitty about my own body today until I saw these. Thank god I don't have a lego vag like her.

Kevin must be reeling.

No. 170006

The quality of >>169998
>>169999 compared to her IG feed is shocking. I mean, we knew she wasn't making anything good but she's really not trying. These are old but I can't imagine newer posts are different aside from maybe a ring light behind her. It's so clear she cares solely popularity, it's not even about being a hoe or e-girl influencer. If she cared about that she would put effort into her hoeing. Jesus Christ this is sad. Its like looking at a troon larping as a bored, promiscuous teen girl. Feels like deep web shit. I need whiskey and a shower, nonitas.

No. 170008

I wonder if it's like a hard block of lego because she's been ran through for over 2 decades.

No. 170011

I don't want to rewatch this again to figure it out: why does it suddenly gape all fucked up like an alien mouth opening at one point? Is it filters fucking up? Did she unironically try to filter her pussy less wideset?

I want to believe it's just my eyes seeing shit wrong but it's creeping me tf out. I don't think it was just the labia adjusting either it's like her entire pubic area suddenly becomes twice the width then goes back ?

fuck normally I think it's shitty to make fun of this stuff because so many women are needlessly insecure about their bits, but this is nightmare inducing to watch.. And I've seen shays threads lmao

No. 170012

I don't think it's filters, it seems like it's wider because of how she's moving. She's just got an unfortunate situation going on down there. It's really wide and looks like puffy but normal labia until it opens and it's like she has no inner labia. Its just open like a sinkhole. I genuinely have never seen a vagina like this and it's almost making me feel bad for her cause I would be really insecure kek

No. 170013

can finally see why she thinks she's a real anime girl, she has some fucked up cheap plastic looking vagina.

No. 170018

That busted brown butthole omg

No. 170022

I'm surprised Kevin allows her to do this. What a whore. This is so sad….having to degrade yourself like this for a couple dollars kek instead of getting a normal job.

No. 170030

It looks like she has a red rash might want to get that checked out

No. 170032

incoming Kevin spergout claiming leaking Lori’s OF is illegal and that we’ll all be hearing from his lawyer kek

No. 170040

What the fuck…Eating disorders are not just a female trait and effect both men and women you fucking idiot

No. 170043

I don't think real men are afraid of food and post body checks on Instagram, female trait.

No. 170044

Don't be that faggot……

No. 170046

File: 1630344197100.png (295 KB, 1187x2048, Screenshot_20210830-101956.png)

She literally looks 40+ but she's so delusional and rabid she can't accept the fact shes aging at top speed. Lori you look old as fuck. Your lifestyle is catching up with you mamas and it shows

No. 170051

File: 1630344822189.png (1.98 MB, 1711x2048, Screenshot_20210507-090111.png)

Lori looked over 25 when she was under 25. Why even lie when anons have so many pics of her looking busted and old from like 2000-now

No. 170052


No. 170054

File: 1630346032738.jpeg (600.45 KB, 1125x707, 2B7316DF-AF0B-4261-99FE-8AF079…)

So much truth!

No. 170056

no anon remember all those con candids were actually edited to make her look older and taken in harsh lighting on purpose to make her look bad!!! and they were taken without her consent!! kevin confirmed this!!! she’s an eternally young smol bean uwu don’t be a jealous hater

No. 170064

File: 1630351169544.png (3.66 MB, 2048x2019, Screenshot_20210830-121659.png)

So candid. They look so surprised and like they weren't ready at all. So evil that someone would just take such an intentionally slanderous photo and edit it to make them ugly like this! KEK

No. 170072

>Monkey face
Damn, I'm new to these Lori threads and I was wondering what her dumb wannabe anime face reminded me of. That's exactly it.

No. 170073

“Slanderous candid” lmao bitch you’re just ugly

No. 170075

Kevin’s pores :((lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 170077

The delusion kek… She looked like she was 37 when she was 16 cosplaying Sailor Moon

No. 170083

Wow a bunch of cheap plastic shoes that will fall apart after a year of use, how impressive.

No. 170092

File: 1630365816444.png (10.56 MB, 1242x2208, 955EBC67-2E7A-4C6F-888F-C0E949…)

The dark blown out asshole is very high fashion lori. I can’t imagine Kevin being comfortable with this in any circumstance. She has cheated before, she will again. Nice “back injury” poses too. Lori is 100% able to work a part time job but does this instead. They don’t even make enough money and constantly ebeg. It’s not worth the stress on Kevin and Lori does it anyways. >>169967 you can tell she really thought she did something in this video but looks sharp and ugly. >>170051
She looks so batshit insane here. The times have changed and just liking anime and having moderate hygiene doesn’t make you “hot” anymore at a convention. I can’t wait for them to be homeless.

No. 170104

File: 1630375675117.jpg (67.58 KB, 720x529, IMG_20210830_190554_108.jpg)

Kevin got his new sneakers.

No. 170106

these two are shameless. fuck. how does kevin have the gall to post stuff like this.

bitch and whine about having money problems, beg for donations, and then turn around and spend hundreds of dollars on retarded fast fashion shit.

these sneakers are $260? lmao

No. 170107

how does Kevin afford this stuff if he’s unemployed? do they share a bank account or something and he spends Lori’s money? does she buy him shoes to keep him docile?
it seems out of character for Lori to spend so much money on someone else, let alone someone she doesn’t seem to really care about.

No. 170111

File: 1630379621620.jpg (94.21 KB, 720x892, IMG_20210830_201255_859.jpg)

Lori, you are not tiny and your feet are extra large. Please.

No. 170114

She thinks if she gaslights people hard enough about her being a micro loli, it will just become true. You can clearly see where the toe is turning white from circulation being blocked. All her tights are tight on her now since she bloated up. She's so hyper aware of it she can't help but always make it a point in conversation. Sad.

Weird. I thought he needed to pay for Shiro's memorial and vet bills? Guess that was all bullshit! Fuck these two. I can't wait for someone to call them out publicly for this bullshit

No. 170116

Why is she lying? This happens to anyone who wears fishnets wrong. You can put it on someone whose 200 pounds and it’ll still happen. She has to lie in hopes others believe her.

No. 170117

Why doesn't she directly link to her OF on twitter? Thats one of the few places you actually can

No. 170119

Because she's unironically retarded and truly believes if she links her OF that she will be reported or "shadowbanned".


No. 170126

I’m pretty sure he is using pay in four apps such as after pay, quad pay, and PayPal. He literally was on Afterpay or one of those pay in four stories that he shared himself. So it turns 260 to 65 bucks every two weeks. It’s the only way he is able to do this considering none of them work.

No. 170130

New theory: Kevin's "job" is promoting whori and he gets blocked when he doesn't get her enough subs to afford his sneaker afterpayments (being allowed to buy them at all is his salary)

His parents are definitely helping them with rent/other bills

No. 170153

I just don't see his parents supporting him at this time. I think if was on good terms with them, he would have had a moment of clarity and briefly escaped during one of the blockings. His family can see what he posts and anyone with a braincell would cut off this clown seeing him alternately beg and "flex."

No. 170159

His mother still heart reacts on his posts sometimes. That doesn't mean they're on speaking/good terms but there's some interaction there.

No. 170173

Does she heart react the pics of Lori’s blown out butthole? Lmao

No. 170179

His parents probably cosigned the apartment. There's no way Lori or Kevin would be able to get one with their lack of credit history.

I wonder if they're really moving tomorrow or what.

No. 170182

This. tbh I can see them couch surfing at kev's parents with the stipulation being that the two get jobs again or find their own place after a few months.

No. 170187

I hope we get to see her film her porn in his parents attic like the sad sack she is. Can't think of anything more embarrassing.

No. 170207

I heard that Kevin's parents moved to Idaho after selling the childhood home Kevin and his siblings grew up in. I'm not sure if Idaho would be worse for Kevin and Lori than Utah or not.

No. 170214

File: 1630448581662.jpg (787.75 KB, 1181x3464, PicsArt_08-31-02.00.34.jpg)

I love that the only guy to promise her still hasn't subbed

No. 170215

He is probably fishing for freebies using his neat meme making skills.

No. 170219

File: 1630451458493.png (1.61 MB, 1173x2048, Screenshot_20210831-160811.png)

When has she ever even mentioned Evangelion. She's too retarded and narcissistic to even understand the series. Like genuinely she's that dumb. Any Eva fan would shit on DitF but that was her show and zero two was her kin… Who is she capping for? Scrotes do not care they just want to see her naked.

No. 170225

Lol granny has no idea what happened in that movie plus DITF is just a worse Evangelion. Her double chin is becoming super apparent.

No. 170228

Goodness. Lori forcing herself to be moderately polite (although still short and vaguely rude) to random scrotes online is so cringe. You know she’s loathing every moment of this interaction because it’s deemed beneath her. Lori likes steak? Great, if you had a real job or put any effort into saving money you could have steak dinners all the time loser. I want somebody to confront them IRL so badly. When will they be homeless? Was that yet another lie for ebegging?

No. 170229

Wow nice “NERD CRED” DITF was a Eva knock off and was absolutely horrid. Why don’t they watch anything new that’s not retarded?

No. 170232

File: 1630461534614.png (1 MB, 1100x618, screen_shot_2016-07-12_at_11.0…)

This proves that nobody subs to her. Random scrotes promising a sub gets that much free desperation out of her fishing for more.

What she looks like without the extreme filtering, but with smaller eyes.

No. 170234

Anon, how could you…

…the ape is moderately attractive compared to Lori

Where were you before this when they literally lived with and mooched off his parents? What reason do we have to believe they aren't on good terms? They might not agree with Lori or her butthole pics but they seem like pretty big push overs, especially if they had to use the excuse of selling their house to get these two leeches out the first time lol

No. 170241

She needs a new look asap. The makeup is tired and that blonde ages her. Is it just me or does her skin look super dry here? Or that it's caked on with makeup

No. 170242

NTAYRT but he’s Mormon and cohabitating with a whore that’s not his wife so I doubt he’s on good terms with them.

No. 170251

you leave Dr. Zira out of this anon, Lori could never

No. 170262

Those shoes look tiny. His feet are smaller than loris fred flintstone stompers.(learn2sage)

No. 170290

But they were literally doing that, while living with his parents lmao. His mom and aunt both like his Facebook stuff. I see 0 reason to assume they are not on good terms and even more evidence they can't afford things without outside assistance. I very much doubt either of them qualify for many government benefits being physically able adults with no dependents.

No. 170321

File: 1630520257697.png (1.56 MB, 1561x2048, Screenshot_20210901-111514.png)

Saged for no milk but I found someone referencing Lori and Scott's engagement ring meltdown in their fan fic. So weird.

No. 170338

At first I saw Kev here and though "kek they're finally wearing decent clothes. How do they do that if Lori and Kevin never works?"

But then I remembered having an OF even if it's terrible probably makes more each month than I ever will.

Still the setups are tacky and expressions dull while Lori becomes another Belle Delphine skinwalker. Uhg.

No. 170359

File: 1630533735616.png (1.09 MB, 996x928, Screenshot 2021-09-01 at 22.58…)

I'm friends with Ender (who Lori dated and abused in mid-2000s) and even they are shilling her OF. Reckon she begged big time for this!

No. 170378

Why is Kevin still with this psycho? I thought she made him cut himself. He's really young too

No. 170379

He's just as unhinged as her at this point. And he's almost 30, he's a grown man.

No. 170380

I must have been following them for too long I thought he was 20 or so

No. 170383

he behaves so immature and just plain crazy that its easy to forget hes not 19.

It seems he jumped from teen loneliness straight into the hands of a manipulating lunatic and now hes become one.
The cut story was covered like a thread ago but yea he cut himself to prove he loves her or some shit. Big yikes.

No. 170386

Either that or all her Kou's are still doormats desperate for her approval. Wouldn't put it past Lori to just straight beg in ender's DMs though so it looks natural.

No. 170398

>tons of work tons of content

All of it is the same chimp face and fake as hell kek.

No. 170402

late response but i knew lucinda from /snow kinda reminded me of loris real face, but god it really shows in this one

No. 170407

I feel deep pity for you, anon

No. 170410

File: 1630559189110.png (1.13 MB, 1800x2048, Screenshot_20210901-220223.png)

I just want Lori to kick Kevin in the ass.

No. 170414

File: 1630563935021.png (50.47 KB, 618x215, gghty.png)

Sorry if it's old milk, I haven't really kept up with these two… But since when does Kevin have this they/them in his bio? lol

No. 170415

The anon who predicted a troon out saga was right!

No. 170421

It's been there for a while

No. 170430

>she puts tons of work into poses!
posts two photos that are nearly identical

No. 170464

File: 1630596965140.jpeg (27.2 KB, 278x602, 99CC0208-67ED-4119-BD6C-F495BE…)

No. 170465

Lmao blurring out every fold and wrinkle around her nose and my god those disgusting rat teeth, rotting out of her skull. I guess years of juice drinks and gas station snacks are catching up to her.

No. 170467

File: 1630599217176.jpeg (474.86 KB, 1011x1665, 81727E56-89F9-485F-A429-CA645D…)

Kevin is now attacking people in the Anime Banzai Fb group over a meme about not liking Bakugou. He’s so attached to this fictional 17 year old that he’s going ballistic on people for posting their thoughts on a fucking anime character.

No. 170468

Clearly Aaron Yeager struck a chord with Kev, whether Kev consciously realized it or not. MAYBE Kev is upset because Bakugou and Lori are narc AF. Also Kev becoming narc AF by being with Lori for so long.

The person who posted the SpongeBob meme deserves a cookie

No. 170473

File: 1630603382032.png (1.15 MB, 1440x2275, Screenshot_20210902-101337~2.p…)

Kevin posted his retarded anime sperging on his FB and shared it to that Anime Banzai group. Sounds like an excuse to post a cosplay photo. Go outside and get a job Kevin.

No. 170474

File: 1630603418730.png (658.93 KB, 995x1777, Screenshot_20210902-101357~2.p…)

No. 170476

File: 1630603515904.png (1.12 MB, 1604x2048, Screenshot_20210902-101412.png)

No. 170477

File: 1630603659249.png (1.07 MB, 1531x2048, Screenshot_20210902-101437.png)

No. 170478

He thinks he's Bakugou 100%, Kev you're just an snarling, abusive faggot in spandex that no one can stand. So, actually maybe you are Bakugou.

No. 170479


Doesn't this manchild need to find a job?

If he put half as much effort into sending out applications as he did with this skinwalking essay, he could afford to get his hair done by a professional.

No. 170480

File: 1630603842838.png (1.58 MB, 1384x2048, Screenshot_20210902-101451.png)

No. 170481

>actually go bully people in real life cause they don't enjoy a character
Kevin talking to a FB group member 5 mins ago:
>self righteous, sanctimonious
>disgusting people
>all cap rage

No. 170482

Your past is a collection of your actions. Kevin is full retard. I repeat, Kevin is full retard. We got a snail eating a rice krispie in place of where his brains should be.

No. 170484

File: 1630604142517.jpg (483.82 KB, 2048x2048, InFrame_1630604124248.jpg)

No. 170485

File: 1630604314988.png (974.02 KB, 1118x2048, Screenshot_20210902-103823.png)

No. 170486

File: 1630604395417.jpg (117.48 KB, 720x1139, IMG_20210902_103931_553.jpg)

Kevin is going full schizo in this post.

No. 170490

File: 1630605205138.png (861.05 KB, 2048x1719, Screenshot_20210902-105141.png)

Lol he added a "1.5" point to his sperg

No. 170491

File: 1630605257396.jpg (64.41 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1630605086614.jpg)

Omg I was in Banzai looking for Kev's posts and I found these KEK

No. 170492

File: 1630605292575.jpg (77.3 KB, 912x1600, FB_IMG_1630605078527.jpg)

chubby wubby

No. 170493

Oh my god he's a sneakerhead now? He wants to be black so bad it hurts

No. 170494

>>170492 I feel like she just got a Kevin look a like for this con. I cant believe its actually him lol

No. 170495

Why is he acting so aggressively retarded

No. 170496


It’s easy to write a 20 page novel on Facebook as to why an anime character isn’t as shitty as you think when you don’t have a job or any real life aspects to put your energy to

No. 170497

File: 1630607491220.jpg (65.6 KB, 720x721, IMG_20210902_113102_950.jpg)

He thinks he's like this anime character.

No. 170503

He's so much like Lori it's hard to watch. Much like her, the lines between fiction and reality have been obliterated. I can't wrap my head around being this upset about someone not liking an anime character. It's a cartoon? The more I read, the more I realize he's probably just 100% isolated and using this interaction as a foot in the door to start venting. He clearly has nobody to really talk to and he hasn't fully internalized what he's got them into now. He can't help but fall apart at the seams and let the word vomit flow. Especially if he knows a lot of eyes will skim over his tantrums. Legitimate cries for attention and help masked by him saying he's just really autistic and enthusiastic or just venting a little. Before, he could hold it in and save it for his friend's statuses and Lori's page, but now it's just happening in public groups and pages at the drop of the hat. Everything will always circle back to the Mariah incident and lolcow no matter what the starting point is.

No. 170507

i love kevin’s word salad stream of consciousness

how astute of you, kevin. people disliking an egotistical, loud mouthed, unhinged and immature character and people disliking you for displaying similar traits does have some overlap. wow!
that doesn’t mean people suck, kevin. it means you suck. kek.

No. 170509

File: 1630612072717.jpeg (131.2 KB, 678x733, C2B596D7-C148-4B9A-8FA8-6AF94D…)

Backpedal time

No. 170510

Tbh she looks gorgeous here

No. 170511

Someone used remini

No. 170512

STOP this is one of the funniest things he's ever posted. I'm fuckinf dying

No. 170514

dat hippo crispy though
Yes, the original was posted about 4-5 threads back and an anon ran them through remini last thread I think. OG is pixelated but basically the same. If anything remini smoothed them out more.

No. 170515

>has spergout
>gets shut down by rational people
>um actually my entire rant was a test and i wasn’t being serious. you were all being tested and you all failed :)

???? what makes a person behave like this

No. 170516


Hey I totally spent 30 mins of my time crytyping, but it was just a prank bros!! You're the stupid ones here!

No. 170517

>>170497 So now kevin is a full on otaku-kin? Loris heart must be broken because he didnt chose Hiro, tho i guess shes done with 02

No. 170520

30 mins? Try like 4 hours LMAO he's been going since around 8am like when he woke up.

No. 170522

The fact that you can barely see her face kek

The second hand embarrassment from these post.

No. 170523

File: 1630615708981.jpg (47.69 KB, 810x987, bakugo_in_streetwear_by_veewuv…)

I think he has been for awhile. As soon as Lori dropped Zero Two he went bleach blonde to match Bakugou and tries to only wear things in his palette (camo, olive and dark greens, silver accoutrements, red, black, etc.) and only recently did he start not wearing the boots he used with his Bakugou cosplay. It's like he's trying to be a Gangster SpongeBob sneaker head version of Bakugou. He's got the Lori brain worms. It's what happens when you're around that batshit bitch.

No. 170526

This makes me feel bad for Lori. Imagine what it must be like living with this man child and floating his lifestyle off of her low OF income.
If she were to start another GFM to get her out of Utah and back East, I would low key contribute. Mainly to help a woman out of a bad situation regardless of her past, but mostly to witness the online nervous breakdown on Kevin’s FB.

No. 170527

don't bother. Knowing her, she'll probably just fall back to him at any point because she sees him as the ultimate back up plan.

No. 170528

I guarantee your money would go to clothes and/or shoes while her next meal ticket packed her belongings up and paid for everything on the spot to 'save' her. If 20 years of this tactic being documented on the internet and confirmed by dozens of people she knew in real life isn't enough to make you steer clear, I don't know what to say to you besides you must be yoinking my fuckin' doink. Anons who openly admit to wanting to help cows are so weird.

No. 170530

Have you not read other threads? She's a fucking lunatic as well. Just remember this is the same woman who laughed another girl who was raped by her ex and pushed her to kill herself.

No. 170535

Literally how like 12-13 year old kids act when they get on the internet for the first time

No. 170540

Even if this claim was true (him trying to backpeddle is even funnier), he looks just as pathetic because he should be spending his time looking for a job instead of sperging about anime characters on facebook.

What a loser.

No. 170542

File: 1630622643571.jpg (101.23 KB, 720x937, IMG_20210902_154309_300.jpg)

LOL the edit. Literally "I was just pretending to be retarded," Never change, Kevin.

No. 170545

He transcended skinwalking just like like Lori.

Much hypocrispy. They're both shitty people and although she created him and can leave anytime, she didn't. She wants to keep grifting off his parents and pretending she gets money from OF. She already stole from Kevin a few times and blamed people in California kek.

No. 170546

Why does he talk like everyone in this random Facebook comment thread knows who he is or cares about his drama? I’d look up his name out of curiosity after that. I swear he sends more people to this thread daily

No. 170549

File: 1630625466944.png (734.83 KB, 888x1335, TheMemeThatBrokeKevin.png)

This is a Kevin comment from before he posted the spergout status to the group. I put the meme underneath. This is what broke Kevin today.

No. 170550

Kek Kevvy mad he's inherently unlikable and his kin is even worse

No. 170551

File: 1630627062104.png (1.03 MB, 1152x2048, Screenshot_20210902-165539.png)

Her crusty makeup is so kawaii. I wonder how much fun she's been having trying to wrangle her tard and read this thread

No. 170559

File: 1630633098503.jpg (180.46 KB, 720x1190, IMG_20210902_183258_357.jpg)

Kevin is upset that his shoe post didn't get any likes LOL.

No. 170561


This is not bad for once, she looks decent in more mature poses/faces– except the RED EYEBROWS and the awful chonky eyeliner and the nose rash. But if she kept this sort of expression and learned to do eyeliner and quit the weird eyebrows nose rash it might? Be better than the seizures?

No. 170566

God Kevin is such a tard. I'm surprised that he didn't claim that they're all Moo or Vamp on sockpuppet accounts commenting to "booly" him or claim that they're all "haturz" from LC.

He projects so much of himself onto Bakugou because he has nothing going for him irl so he takes any attack on Bakugou as a personal attack on him. Especially when people brought up abusive partners, it seems like that's really when he flew off the handle. Did these randos hit a critical spot Kevvy boy?

Wonder if he'll take some of the things these people said seriously since they're legit strangers to him and Lori and made the same comments we make here without even knowing their history. But, knowing what a fucking brainless twat Kevin is, he probably won't.

This is fucking hilarious. Imagine the number of likes on a hideous pic on the internet holding that much value in your life. What a sad, pathetic little boy.

No. 170568

File: 1630638668408.jpg (8.38 KB, 233x216, 73c.jpg)


No. 170569

But i thought the sneaker community was better and receptive to your “content” Kevin? The shoe money could’ve gone towards that vet bill or finding new housing.

No. 170570

Says the man who spends hours cyber bullying randos on every social platform possible daily.

No. 170574

She rarely posts her full face or it's obscured even after all the meitu, must be that bad huh.

No. 170576

this genuinely looks like a proud mum taking her autistic son to his first con. also how are they so chubby?! kevin's the only one who looks like hes actually lost weight. he's getting more feminine looking/acting as time goes by so I personally tinfoil he's male anachan/has a trap kink.

fuck what the fuck kevin oh my god this CHILD
humbly requesting we say hypocrispy instead from now on, just to rub it in when he lurks. lovely
imagine being so much of a weeb you think you're a character. imagine having such a black hole for a personality you skinwalk this hard let alone at all. jfc

No. 170600

File: 1630665122556.png (706.59 KB, 2048x1063, Screenshot_20210903-032914.png)

At least she knows she's old?
Why does she constantly beg for 20 subs?

No. 170603

File: 1630665692474.jpeg (110.93 KB, 1016x1178, doboth.jpeg)

He deleted these posts.

No. 170604

File: 1630666087731.png (1.03 MB, 1056x2048, Screenshot_20210903-034323.png)

Noticed this was posted 1 hour ago which is 3AM Utah. Go to bed Kevin

No. 170605

So is he trying to troll da haturz again?

No. 170607

This is great. I really love the idea of 3am Kevin Facebook thoughts and I hope he does this regularly.

No. 170608

I don't know how Moo was attracted to…this. Cosplayers are all the same eventually the crazy will jump out and blind everyone with pure faggotry. Standards must be in hell or something

No. 170610

Here's the link if anyone wants to look at the comments. Some ppl are taking it just as seriously as Kevin: facebook.com/groups/MyHeroAcademiaTV/permalink/943575232916943/

Not sure how long it'll stay up before he deletes it.

No. 170619

He's 26 and posting this shit. I cringed so hard my uterus hurt.

No. 170620

He's actually 27; turning 28 next month in October lol.

No. 170629

Tinfoil here but I wonder if the guy has Aspergers and should be put on meds. Know way too many that fixate like this and exhibit same hostility. Fortunately, their spergs aren’t this frequent or amusing.

No. 170634

It's gone, anyone got caps of the spergout?

No. 170643

Nothing really noteworthy. Comments noticed that he could be trolling/ "lol calm down it's just a drawing", and MHA discussion. Kevin didn't even reply to any comments.

No. 170645

Most of the comments talked about how Bakugo is an arrogant, edgy, ungrateful, obnoxious, shallow, rude, and exceptionally special snowflake. We all know Kevin skinwalks him so he probably got so triggered that he deleted the post.
I was surprised he didn't reply to anyone too.

No. 170659

File: 1630706473581.jpeg (145.88 KB, 1202x1254, buymyshit.jpeg)

I just know Lori hates making OF "content" because it's so much work for her. She's a real lazy cunt.

No. 170660

File: 1630706777722.jpg (705.42 KB, 1530x880, EXIF.jpg)

I'm really sick and tired of them refuting the fact she uses Meitu and photoshops. I know we all know this but I just wanted to put the final stake in it. This is one of her newest sets run through a free public exif stripper (https://exif.tools/) that proves the photo was run through Meitu then posted after. even if Lori caught onto this and started double saving in different apps or screenshotting, the exif data would show that. So to any newfags, random passerby's and of course the cows themselves; here you go. Try it yourself with any of her photos or Kev's. There is no way to lie out of this. Tools like this do not lie. Unless, you know, the person who figured out how to strip exif was a Lori hatur and secretly MooMooKunt. Totally plausible to these lunatics, I'm sure.

No. 170661

I love that she's been sweet talking him and liking everything despite him not subbing for a whole year. Bitch puts in all this effort to milk men of money and even the most desperately obsessed of basement dwelling coomers won't cough up a tenner for her. Must hurt her ego.

Samefagging to say it's newer not the newest, also this was pulled from her Monster Girl Vibes page.

No. 170663

File: 1630708321771.jpg (Spoiler Image,581.19 KB, 2681x1046, Untitled.jpg)

Beyond lazy. She makes Shayna look like a hard working girlboss.

No. 170664

File: 1630708517905.jpeg (96.8 KB, 750x287, E8EF502E-3612-42B4-8BD2-FF239F…)

abuela-chan privately setting up skype dates with paypigs? uh oh kevkev

No. 170665

The fact that she addressed her age and said please kind of makes this one of her most sensible posts ever, meanwhile Kevin is just getting worse

No. 170666

Yikes. Wish I could be fly on wall when Kev sees that.

No. 170667

File: 1630708953415.jpeg (155.3 KB, 1024x768, 8645C604-073B-474B-958D-651303…)

Now I know who she reminds me of. She has Tarzan calves and feet

No. 170668

>>170660 no they claim she is only putting on colour filters and stickers/text

No. 170669

File: 1630709619693.gif (1.27 MB, 334x424, the-grinch-evil-smile.gif)

This is going to go well.

No. 170670

File: 1630710128942.jpeg (383.98 KB, 1122x1800, 298F49B6-6355-4637-BE36-6927CB…)

is kevin still blocked? either way, soon to be found crying and shitting his pants. this guy has kevin’s fake job making costume pieces, but for real!

No. 170671

The worst part imo is how shameless she has to be to keep up the lie knowing full well how many have known her in person over the years and how many think less of her than ever before and all for zero dollars. She's so sick in the head though she'll lie till the end, even with all different forms of evidence.

No. 170672

Welp. He's into kink and a jeweler. Kev's fucked if this guy coughs up enough money. He's a man that can actually give her a nice ring, even custom if she wanted. Kek. Glorious milk.

No. 170674

>Is Kevin still blocked?
Calendar anon here! He is still blocked lol. Since August 28. I already started a new calendar for September (with August's recap on the top left).

No. 170677

File: 1630715903926.jpeg (76.14 KB, 690x320, 18DE49AD-5629-4C08-9540-ED24A4…)

No. 170679

Bet they met when she was trying to make her own jewelry before she got with the turbo autist.

No. 170691

On today’s news: man yells at moon. Nobody gives a shit if you’re “quitting” cosplay. Kevin you haven’t produced any cosplay in like two years bruh. You actually don’t have ~anything~ productive to show for the last few years. Even the last sneaker posts got no response. He complains about cosplayers and then goes into cosplay groups and argues with people over a cartoon character and wonders why he has no followers anymore.

No. 170692

Lori will play this off saying it’s all business to get OF money or a sub. But it seems personal to me, she’s totally encouraging the comments and begging scrotes for attention/money instead of working. Kevin i would check her phone or browser history before she deletes it. I call bullshit.

No. 170700

I seriously don't understand how these two don't see how astoundingly embarrassing they come off to everybody. I live in Hollywood and see the most cringe people on the street on the daily but these two easily take the cake. The people on the street don't even come close to Lori and Kevin.

Imagine being middle aged and only having a cheap shitty plastic shoe collection and a cringe edgelord manchild boyfriend who embarrasses you on the regular to show for it. Fucking yikes, "homie".

No. 170705

i wonder if Lori would ever date a guy she can't dress up as whatever anime moid she is obsessed with at the time

No. 170730

File: 1630754986556.png (930.24 KB, 1470x2048, Screenshot_20210904-041858.png)

This post is back up.
Kevin made a second post in that same FB group. Still no replies in his previous post and this one. Again, still just another excuse to share his skinwalk cosplay.

No. 170732

File: 1630755056287.png (2.64 MB, 1064x2048, Screenshot_20210904-041924.png)

No. 170733

jesus christ, kevin. staying inside all day watching shit tier anime and cuddling your sneakers is rotting your brain. it’s a cartoon character. go get a job.

this man can’t even form a coherent argument. it’s pure stream of consciousness.
there’s a reason nobody likes this character. leave it to kevin to defend an insufferable, narcissistic abuser, though.

No. 170735

I don’t watch this cartoon so I don’t understand anything about this post other than the fact that Kevin is 100% sped.

No. 170743

Neither do I but even if I did, I'd just see the tldr as some idiot looking to spam his shitty cosplays.

No. 170748

>kevin husbandofagging for a side character in your average shounen shit
kek. wouldn't be surprised if his current meltdown was because he caught Lori texting dudes on the side again: >>170677 or because she's getting ready to pack it up and leave after their recent eviction.

No. 170751

File: 1630765378886.jpeg (143.29 KB, 647x811, DEBDE8AD-0452-4643-A2CD-D13C4E…)

locals have posted on their personals laughing about the thread. For context he first posted about it in a local con group but then after it was muted went off in a MHA group. These are comments on a locals thread about the meltdown in regards to Kev

No. 170758

>as some idiot looking to spam his shitty cosplays
That is 100% how everyone sees these rants he posts with his cosplay pictures attached

No. 170759

Can you please give more context or provide a link as to what you are talking about? Kevin groomed an underage girl?

No. 170760

this was just under a post laughing about the bakugo sperg, there is no other context, this is all they commented. like I said it's on a local's personal so can't provide a link, it's privated

No. 170764

God. I know MHA fans were homeschooled autists. But Kev rly drives that point home

No. 170767

This is a 27 year old man

No. 170768

Did they fickle up photoshopping his love handles? He has some weird dip on the left side

No. 170814

He really needs to be 5150'd

I too would like to know if anyone knows more about this

No. 170820

File: 1630804315585.png (1.19 MB, 720x2106, Bordeaux6.png)

Kevin made a new fashion/shoe post and it shockingly got replies from some new friends of his in the shoe collecting community! Good for him.

No. 170823

Kevin call Lori his fiancé, but Lori has been only referring to Kevin as her boyfriend, even as recently as her Reddit post from 10 days ago.

No. 170825

File: 1630808072490.jpg (764.73 KB, 1080x1306, Screenshot_20210904-211409_Bra…)

Kevin showing off his "Sexy Anime Guy" side.

No. 170826

How can they act better than everyone when they have the most pitiful lives. Not only do they not contribute to society but they are both obviously deeply troubled and unhappy. The money spent on these shoes should have gone to the vet bills or finding new housing. Since they didn’t neither of them should be ebegging.

What bothers me is how backwards loris “marketing” is. Shrieking for subs constantly isn’t how this entire content thing works. She has to actually put something out with some vague effort and won’t. Sits there and shrieks for her juice and subs on her “broken spine” posting the same photo everyday. I hope somebody tells them off IRL

No. 170827

File: 1630809446280.jpg (249.65 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210904-223551_Gal…)

Those are the eyes of a broken man. Can't wait for troon saga, fuck. I feel it coming in my bones.

No. 170829

The net shirt has unexpectedly launched my sides into orbit.
10/10 Kev, I legitimately salute you.

No. 170831

That outfit doesn't even go with those new kicks he's so proud of. Those stupid winged ones in black would've been better as awful as they are.

No. 170832

The fact he tagged this as a Kaworu cosplay. I can't with him anymore, he makes me want to die

No. 170833

Lori should match Kevin and cosplay another Evangelion character. I had to think about it for a while but I really think Fuyutsuki not only makes sense with Kaworu but suits her face and body. She's just a shorter version.

No. 170842

troon saga would give lori easy way out their relationship or make her more speshiul because she's in a 'queer' relationship now.
Kev would also gain more attention from fellow creepy weebs with a shitty sense of fsahion if he does join the tranny community, he'll fit right in.
I really had hopes onision would troon out last year at the height of the milk but he didn't I can't wait for Kevvy.

No. 170844

File: 1630821515167.jpeg (53.82 KB, 720x1473, 1630809446280.jpeg)

No. 170847

Kek I love you anon, this made my night

No. 170856

I'm not caught up. Has anyone called him out about his shoe purchases after his ebegging and admitting he has no job?

No. 170857

Nope, nobody has. I think farmers are the only ones who really pay attention to him. I doubt his new shoe friends know about the begging.

No. 170858

I'm not going to cowtip but I hope someday he has to explain himself. At least Lori has some amount of income, even though I can't begin to understand the men who want to look at that.

No. 170860

File: 1630836764205.png (8.98 MB, 4314x2622, BordeauxCollage.png)

I made another Kevin Kollage.

No. 170861

He looks like some cracked out version of a Gorillaz character.. And not in any good way

No. 170862

The part that's funny to me is that he's trying to do streetwear but none of his pics are ever outside. I don't know anything about streetwear but I do know that everyone else I've seen showing off that style has done so outside in different sorts of city environments. You know, the "street" part of it? Kevin just poses in front of his shoe collection, inside his popcorn ceiling rental apartment. Heck it wouldn't even make sense to be posing indoors most places while modeling streetwear. Maybe inside a convenience store or something lol.

No. 170867


No. 170882

Why this nigga wearing a winter jacket in the summertime???

No. 170883

File: 1630857191572.jpeg (52 KB, 632x548, 264571C7-906E-4C33-99B6-36BED2…)

tfw abuela-chan realizes you took her tripod for your indoor fashion show without asking

No. 170889

there’s something both sad and hilarious about the fact that Kevin doesn’t even get his own room to take photos in. he has to drag his props and “set decoration” out to their fucking entryway. doesn’t even look like he has a tall surface to set his phone on, all of his pictures are taken from the ground.
if anything, his new photo shoots only strengthen other anon’s predictions that they have a 1 bedroom apartment and he sleeps in the living room…meanwhile Lori has her own room kek

No. 170896

Kevin unironically better at getting organic interaction with his shoe posting than Lori is with her ethottery

No. 170909

Thank you for your hard work anon!

No. 170912

honestly, aren't we all just here for kevs spergs tbh? if they break up lori's threads will probably just be vendettas from the moonie days/a few farmers who care… if theres a kevin only thread i certainly wont be checking loris to see her abuela 'spicy' pics. excited to see his cow future, he's way milkier than looni at this point and it's probably why she has clung to their relationship so long. it at least gives her some relevance here.

No. 170921

It's because he tries at least some form of variation and the focus is the clothes, not necessarily him.

Eventually those few people being nice will tire of how repetitive and sad his pics look. The pics give off signals of a man still living with his parents.

No. 170949

He looks like he touched a static ball here.
I fully believe Kevin groomed someone. >>170912
He has embarrassed lori in literally every way possible and ruined any chances she’s had recently for her “dreams”

No. 170950

File: 1630899409294.png (293.38 KB, 1452x482, 6yjH0u0JsMYxZXE.png)

Kevin changed his Instagram bio. He took out the ko-fi link and put that he's a public figure. Before on the left, current on the right. For some reason the pronouns in his bio have never showed up for me.

No. 170953

>Don't misrepresent me
Don't worry Kevvy

No. 170956

I don't see the pronouns either, but last time I looked they were there. He probably saw all the troon predictions here and removed them. Don't be scared Kev, we want you to be yourself!!! You are valid!!!

No. 170957

Do these two even get out of the house? There's been no conventions (and they couldn't go anyway because mean people would want to take unflattering pictures of them), neither of them seems to have a job or any friends. The weeaboo version of Laur and Lillee Jean?

No. 170958

These recent allegations had me thinking… do you guys think Kevin doesn't mind that Lori withholds sex anymore because she's not ana-chan anymore? We all know he was attracted anorexic chicks before Lori and she's skinnyfat now…. and him being into Lori's questionable lolibait content makes sense if the allegations are true

No. 170961

No, surprisingly I don't see Kevin as the type to be after barely legal's. I think he just likes the idea of being with someone his age instead of lori but, his ego prevents him from ever admitting this bc it'd 1.) prove us right 2.) Lori would go nuclear on his ass for even thinking she's old and ugly so he instead copes with "muh eternally young irl waifu".

No. 170962

>Public figure
The only public place these nobodies go is walmart, kek. He must really think he and Lori are famous.

No. 170975


I think that's the plan tbh, she waits until we only care about kev so she can cut loose and escape into the dust with what's left of her reputation

No. 170976

Did we forget Kev's friends admitting he has a thing for really petite girls? Paired with him and Lori's loli obsession? He's 100% a creep. Just wait and see. Someone already blew the whistle on grooming. Don't think Lori is gonna get off easy either, she's got a new generation of "haters" who love watching the trainwreck.

No. 170996

Hobestly I don't think she's been withholding sex anymore. Kevin has been defending her and promoting her so hard for months now, I think she put sex back on the table as a manipulation tactic to keep him hooked and loyal

No. 171001

I thought his bio said “don’t misrespect me” … and some how that makes more sense than what it actually says.

No. 171032

did we all forget kevins a turbo autist incel virgin who's first girlfriend was lori at like 23? any "grooming" that happened was probably online and mundane, everyone and their mother calls "grooming" now because "if it's online its still valid". anyone posting about this is either a vendetta or twitterfag. proof or gtfo

No. 171034

Underrated comment

No. 171042

File: 1630966648283.jpg (1.86 MB, 1279x2048, kev.jpg)

More of Kevin's "Kaworu".

No. 171050

what fucking adult has the time to sit there and write actual huge bricks of text about one anime character? this dude needs a job so bad. i thought he needed to dedicate all his time to his elderly ferrets… how does he have time to argue over a fucking anime character lol

No. 171056

Blatant animal abuse via neglect. All they do all day is do glutton shit (eat out, spend money on toys and clothes, take hundreds selfies), beg for money and fight.

No. 171058

Yeah you're right. She probably HAS to use sex now since she's gained weight

No. 171074

File: 1630991449176.jpeg (13.09 KB, 244x231, 7085831E-06A5-484D-8BCA-A78FD4…)

“Don’t misrepresent me” meanwhile everything anyone has ever said or referred to (the leg cutting) was source from he himself. He’s the one making false claims constantly or telling the truth and then taking it back. He’s such a narc. He misrepresents himself apparently. Go get a job.

No. 171075

File: 1630992313675.jpg (161.33 KB, 720x916, IMG_20210906_222325_362.jpg)

These titles are getting longer and worse.

No. 171080

has eny one seen she only had one patreon sub XD(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 171094

his hair really looks like a used q-tip now

No. 171096

Also wondering this esp since these broke shitstains can only afford to run their single solitary window ac unit at night. Maybe he used his faggy puffer jackets as sauna suits to sweat off his love handles and bitch tits

No. 171191

I feel like she's so obsessed with this fake face that she must be ignoring how unattractive it is. For someone who spent so many years screaming about gorgeous she thought she was, I'm shocked Lori thinks this face looks good. It's not pretty, cute, sexy…it looks stupid.

No. 171215

She's too busy trying to skinwalk Bell Delphine. One can imagine how ugly this looks without the filters.

No. 171216

It’s the saggy neck for me. For someone screaming about their appearance 24/7 and two decades later you’d think she’d take care of her skin better.(sage)

No. 171275

File: 1631123132200.jpg (60.87 KB, 1080x1920, 241480959_319194306661232_7891…)

Her nasty ass teeth… she just doesn't brush her teeth or tongue ever imagine the absolute stench of her breath paired with her crusted lingerie in that basket on her dresser… stank ass ho

No. 171276

File: 1631123254774.jpg (269.33 KB, 1069x1987, Screenshot_20210908-121545_Bra…)

No. 171280

File: 1631124612076.jpeg (166.3 KB, 1242x1863, received_1442690429426754.jpeg)

Suicide bait??

No. 171281

Yeah, because sperging out about haters, people who don't like your favorite anime character, and Moo on fb every week must be a laugh riot. Lori must be blocking him on a regular basis because she can see how much fun he is having and doesn't want to interrupt, clearly there's no other explanation!

No. 171283

>Yeah, I look dead inside and my abusive girlfriend I quite literally work for runs my life and makes me sleep in the living room but at least I dress up in my little outfits and go bling bling. Broke people should never laugh, minimalism is evil and you won't have fun. Be yourself by looking like everyone else and begging for brand recognition! I'm totally fulfilled and DON'T want to kill myself! I'm going to ENJOY MY LIFE until I DIE, by consuming as much trending garbage as possible and deluding myself into thinking they're financial investments and long term gains. Shoot for the stars. Take out that credit card in your name. Buy everything you see. Beg others to donate to you. Refuse to work. Rinse. Repeat. Do that grind until you're successful. Of course, as always kid… be yourself. Be who you want to be and disregard the damage done to your public image and government name.

Amazing. He's about 30, right?
They looked like absolute shit here. This was when we got the iconic candid's that outed her and brought new people to the thread. He's in so much denial about being outpaced and left behind by the comm. If it wasn't entirely him and his Abuela's fault and he was just getting old and discouraged, I would feel bad. Fuck them though, lol. Lookin like late 30's swingers getting ready to film seedy cosplay RP porn in a hotel. Literally.

No. 171285

>suicide bait
lmao no. he's just being an illiterate retard and saying "Life's short so, I'm living my best life! Fuck what the haterz say, be who you wanna be!"

No. 171286

File: 1631130602907.png (941.23 KB, 1653x2048, Screenshot_20210907-192053.png)

Eviction arc soon? Didn't feel like sharing the rest of this post due to shoe and skate sperg/non milk.

No. 171292

They've both been mentioning moving for a few weeks now offhandedly but no real info on what's happening

No. 171297

The lease is probably up or close to, though an eviction would come as no surprise. I feel like if that's what was happening, they would have started milking it by now since they got nothing for the ferrets. We'll see, if they're out on or a little after the 26th, their 30 days eviction notice period ended. As per the UT court's website: https://www.utcourts.gov/howto/landlord/eviction-tenant.html
>The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) moratorium (ban) on evictions has ended. A federal court decision ended the moratorium on August 26, 2021.
>The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) requires some tenants to be given a 30 day notice before they can be required to leave their units. You are entitled to a 30 day notice if; your landlords has a mortgage backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac or you are facing eviction for nonpayment of rent.
They live in apartments that go for $1.2k-$1.6 for 1 beds so it's likely they scammed their way out of paying rent during moratorium and are late or have been. That would give them protections since their complex is not backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Doubt they've really thought about it though. It's also likely his or her family could be putting down on a new place. We'll see where, I doubt they want to stay in Utah or at very least the city they're currently in. He sounds confident in the move which makes me think someone else is supporting them while they beg and Lori does hoe shit for shoes.

No. 171301

Prob were told their lease won't be renewed. Complexes do it when you're the problem tenants but not worth going through the eviction process.

No. 171305

They do argue a lot and probably beat each other if things are still like they were when they got there. I can imagine they've been complained about a lot also they smoke indoors and have ferrets which are so smelly, so you're probably on the money.

No. 171306

File: 1631140958085.jpg (773.33 KB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_09-08-03.41.37.jpg)

Kek she gets nothing but empty promises and kickback I love it

No. 171309

Shanyna gets more attention from her coomers than this sad bitch

No. 171324

Successful people don't have to beg, much less on a daily basis.

It's like they're aware of what fucking loser trash they are but just continue to be them instead of trying to get better kek

No. 171331

I think she genuinely thinks this is promotion and not begging

No. 171351

File: 1631160200222.jpg (112.59 KB, 720x1055, IMG_20210908_205652_731.jpg)

A few things with this picture: first, the comments about her (totally normal) hip lines got to her because they are completely shooped out of these pics. You can see a small divet on her left (our right) side where the line should be but isn't there. Second, something weird happened with this series of pics. I don't think any of Lori's posts have ever gotten over 9k likes. I've been paying attention for awhile. She gets over 6000 if she shows butt/buttcrack. Usually around 5000 if she's showing a lot of skin/belly, around 3000 for the weirder stuff like cow cosplay and stuff that doesn't show as much skin. Maybe this is a glitch or something.

No. 171353

She either bought likes or paid to promote it somewhere. The photos are identical to her last post so it makes no sense. She must be getting insecure about that 130k to 1k-8k like ratio. It's pretty abysmal. She should be clocking at 9k-15k average with that following.

No. 171361

I wonder how crispy her hair is. She's naturally, what a 2 or 3 and she lifts it to a 10. From what I can see she doesn't allow the roots to get beyond a half an inch. Does she atleast foil her roots or does she straight scalp it every time? Even with the photoshop her hair has no shine, the cuticles look so damaged that it wont lie next to eachother. It looks like flat ironed straw.she needs to buzz it off, wear wigs, and start over.

No. 171371

Now he’s even posing expressionless like Lori. What a gem.

You mean this post was even longer?

No. 171372

File: 1631188589853.jpg (150.02 KB, 452x1280, IMG_20210908_153516_109.jpg)

Yes the post was about Kevin coming to terms with accepting Nikes. I'm being serious.

No. 171378

being the stay at home dad of a ferret gives you plenty of free time to think about the important things for sure

No. 171379

She has more roots than we can see, her low angles and bangs conceal it. She just takes photos in a session and then likely doesn't wash/only dryshampoos it for the rest of the week.

No. 171400

I've seen some shoddy unstaged OF pics that turn me on 10 times more than this why is Lori so cringy?

No. 171406

Kevin going for the lifeless ball jointed doll look, appropriate for Lori's toy

No. 171453

but she's skinny pale blushy spicy waifu!! that's sooper sexy!!!

No. 171460

I vcouldnt write an essay this long about shoes if my life depended on it. This is deranged.

No. 171466

Keep a damn journal or something Kevin, not every inane thought and essay over shoes needs to be posted to Facebook just to get no interactions anyways?

No. 171492

God she's so boring now. All the hag does all day now is just post about her OF without ever directly linking it. She would get more subs if she even put a swipe up link or something but I forgot she's a lying hack and she doesn't meet any of the requirements for influencer tools on IG. She probably thinks she's made it cause she can view analytics. It's sad when Kevin is more entertaining. I'm sure that pisses Lori off a LOT that he's getting most the attention and even her most loyal nitpickers don't care anymore, they just want to talk about Kevin.

No. 171518

Honestly that's probably why she stays with him. He gets more attention than she does. Even though she was "calm" and more "normal" when she was off the grid married to Steven she was bored as hell and unhappy because no one cares what she was doing. That's why she went back to blonde hair and started cosplaying again. Rikki gave drama but he didn't put much of it out on social media so it dried up quick. But Kevvy has kept the attention going for years now. She won't leave.

No. 171519

File: 1631300331716.jpg (165.84 KB, 1008x1270, Capture910.JPG)

No. 171523

File: 1631301437559.jpeg (196.01 KB, 828x862, 7E270C22-6579-4AA7-8373-12DF39…)

Not the same Anon. Priorities, Lori.

No. 171537

Fuck this is such an eloquent and succinct description of Lori's M.O. for the last decade.

Sage for literally no contribution.

No. 171559

That didn't last long. This is gone already lol.

No. 171573

having favorite shoes makes kev emotional
I laughed for a long time after reading this, thanks anon

No. 171585


They've been mentioning the "move" for 2 months so it sounds more like they had warnings and an eviction was looming.

It's possible they took a bunch of pics before they get tossed out and are slowly sharing them, considering all their pics look the same and they repost old content.

It's so obvious when Kevin misuses words he saw and is hoping to look smarter than the gradeschool level reader he is.

He says he earns money now, I thought Lori buys him everything even though they're both broke and begging on multiple websites. He keeps making things up.

No. 171587

Wow he sounds exactly like Mariah

No. 171592

File: 1631328805668.png (46.79 KB, 635x321, Screenshot 2021-09-10 7.53.35 …)

No. 171594

This about Shayna? We already have seen Lori lurk her threads in the past and be called out for it.

No. 171595

Is she for fucking real topkek. Somebody pull out the receipts for when Kevin was begging people to subscribe to the hag's saggy body pics so they "can eat"

No. 171596

Are her big girl panties the ones that ride her up Lego hand vag?

No. 171597

> quick my job

No. 171600

>we both earn money
Yeah, I guess $5 qualifies as "money". How much is Lori shilling her lego-hand on OF for again? kek

No. 171602

Shes the only one begging for food? They're both projecting so hard it's so fucking funny. You're not being bullied you fucking twats. You're in your thirties being a whore posting your entire life online, being batshit. Lmao. She's so miserable she can't even hide it anymore they're both cracking.

No. 171604

Read this as the thumbnail on mobile and legitimately thought it was Kevin. Didn't even question him saying he's wearing big girl panties, I was more impressed he apparently had a job… Standards are low.

No. 171607


All she does is beg for money and subs and nobody is paying. Even when claiming she needs subs so she can afford to eat, nobody cared kek.

Can't wait for her to get evicted.

No. 171612

File: 1631351269754.png (692.97 KB, 4096x3072, 934204567657.png)

>bullying people online
>constantly beg for food.

that's all she does, though. that's all she's known for. hello?

No. 171614

>put on your big girl panties and pedopander on onlyfans!
Also these two are the ultimate beggers and are constantly fighting with people online yet she complains about someone else acting like her? If you have to beg and nag everyone to subscribe to you then you're just a begger with extra steps, and they already begged for subs "to eat."

No. 171618

what job

No. 171629

their hypocrisy is truly astounding. they’re both so far removed from reality. she was literally just begging for subs so she could buy steak. lmao. and pretty sure they’ve both said they need either subs or donations in order to eat/survive. if i can find the time i’m going to go back and make a master post of all their hypocritical behavior bc this shit is ridiculous.

No. 171630

I begin to think she put that up for herself to see and to read over and over

No. 171632

He's so incredibly boring. holyshit

No. 171636

Seriously. Can see why Lori most likely doesn't put out for this loser and has phone call dates with her coomers.

No. 171638

What job? She takes boring pictures in her cluttered apartment for nobody.

How much do you think she's wasted on purchasing followers for instagram and twitter? Every penny spent on that is a waste because she's never going to achieve what she's attempting, becoming an Influencer.
What bitter irony that Kevin basically was an influencer and she sucks so bad, her failure spilled over his achievements. Now instead of being a lonely, boring loser by herself, she dragged Kevin down like a literal ball and chain. That's how lame she is, everything she touches turns to shit.

No. 171640

File: 1631386414571.webm (6.85 MB, 540x720, Bordeaux-6-fit-ideas.-_evangel…)

Kev makes youtube videos now

No. 171641

Dropped my link.

No. 171642

Why are they so fishnet-obsessed?

No. 171648

Holy fuck this is hilarious lmfao I can't stop laughing at him. God I love this site. Great place to get your bad entertainment fix

No. 171651

A two second closeup of his weird holographic jacket and fugly purple pants, and then another three second shot of him hiking his pants up and tucking his socks in.

Twenty views and already more dislikes than likes, I’m dying of laughter.

No. 171658

>evangelion vibes
… What? Because of the purple?Kek, Kev. If that's the only reason, you could say this outfit has Barney vibes as well.

No. 171662

His fucking hair. This is so awkward, plus the 100 gecs. He's three years late to everything

No. 171703

File: 1631410868147.jpg (110.21 KB, 720x1110, IMG_20210911_183905_121.jpg)

They aren't doing well at all.

No. 171709

They can't even keep their lies straight.

No. 171716

If shes down that bad she should make amends with Moo so she can get in that new studio and clout chase. I'm sure Moo would get sick satisfaction out of slowly controlling their relationship and Lori would be blinded by money and clothes. Would be more entertaining than homeless saga.

No. 171727

Weird fantasy anon. Moo might have low standards, but she'd never bother with Lori. Kev on the other hand? She's already been paying uglier dudes for sex, so maybe.

No. 171729

I don't think they meant to date I think they meant friendship for clout

No. 171741

i would

No. 171757

File: 1631461191403.png (2.55 MB, 1434x2048, Screenshot_20210912-083757.png)

Tacky ho strikes again and her nose edits are getting more extreme

No. 171758

File: 1631461363428.png (2.97 MB, 1597x2048, Screenshot_20210912-083817.png)

Pedobaiting with the whole new edited on face

No. 171759

File: 1631461444153.png (1.53 MB, 1220x2048, Screenshot_20210912-083541.png)

Her real jaw is shining through KEK can't believe she goes outside like this. I wish I could see this in person. I bet she really does look like a haggard prostitute on the street next to normal people.

No. 171760

what the fuck is that outfit? plus the elf ears…?

No. 171767

Would it kill her to swap the cow print for a lowkey black on black print or like, a red bodysuit? If she insists on wearing Amazon garbage that's fine but why can't she coordinate? Is it the brain damage or is it indignant and intentional just to "trigger people"? I hope she realizes that she looks like she lost a dare or bet.

No. 171793

Wow, it’s been a hot minute since she let anything close to her resting face out over the obnoxious puffed cheeks, and it’s still not completely natural ofc kek. Those clashing patterns though. My eyes are fucking bleeding.

No. 171808

This fuels my thoughts for the eviction saga topkek

No. 171813

Wow she looks tragically depressed. That's the closest I've seen to her real face in ages. Still filtered though.

No. 171815

Wouldn't you be if you were a pedobaiting freak with a ruined reputation, retarded boyfriend, financial instability and nothing in life to look forward to besides clothing?

No. 171816

Is Lori referring to Kevin bullying people online and begging her for food? (Since she’s the bread winner)
I wish it could be illegal for either of them to own animals. They don’t have the money or empathy to have them. “Quick my job” it’s not even a real job, go ahead and quit. She doesn’t exactly “get paid” as it is or they wouldn’t be constantly begging for subs. If she actually wanted money she would put more effort into her sets and stop using photoshop. Both of them are capable enough to get a part time job anywhere. Everywhere is hiring. I can’t wait to see the eviction saga unfold nobody should rent to them.

No. 171821

File: 1631502082710.jpg (78.54 KB, 720x880, IMG_20210912_195534_146.jpg)

Lori: Wow I have so many subs I'm so popular

Lori 3 hours later: P-please sub a dub dub to the spicy. I need to get back on track…

I actually feel kind of sorry for Lori. I hope she ditches Kevin soon.

No. 171827

File: 1631507495526.jpg (25.85 KB, 706x221, Screenshot_20210912-212659_Fac…)

Sage for non-milk, but, my God, it never ceases to amaze me just how lazy she is. This comment was on a friend's post about reselling thrifted clothing online, and apparently that's just way too much work for our abuela. She'd much rather beg for pennies online instead of lift one of her chubby fingers.

No. 171831

She takes the same selfie all day every day but taking a few pics of clothes and slapping on a caption is too much work? She probably feels entitled to her dollskill crap and thinks making sacrifices is beneath her.

No. 171832

Again, moo would never. Lori doesn't bring her anything she doesn't already have (wig styling, making cosplay/props, photography) and would backstab her in a heartbeat. Besides moo was always clearly only interested in getting ol Kevvy out of there. He's kind of her type and was a decent on the rise propmaker. All Lori has is poorly shooped mirror selfies, there's literally no clout to be had.

Ngl, wish she'd pull some Heather Explores sort of shit and find herself a new man. Must be hard when you're rapidly approaching 40 and catfishing as hard as she is.

No. 171847

Other than that one time Moo tried to help Kevin, have we seen them ever interacting since? Kevin and Lori don't have any real friends and as funny as these ideas are, Moo has no use for them.

No. 171858

Nothing about this is pedobait. They don't sell harnesses for children and thongs. This is just ugly all slapped together and she looks nothing like a kid.

No. 171865

What blows my absolute brain about the "I'm thinking of streaming but not until I get more subs" but simultaneous "I needs moar subs so I can has moar money" mindset Lori presents here is that Lori is an absolute fuckwit and doesn't realize streaming would prob boost subs and money quicker.

No. 171880

File: 1631529740558.jpeg (169.46 KB, 1349x1192, 13071FCB-53E9-4852-9502-4B3E22…)

Girl, this was not for you. You were like 16 when blues clues aired. Give it back to kevvy.

No. 171910

I mean it aired in 1996, so she would've been 11 or 12.

No. 171912

File: 1631547215748.jpg (724.46 KB, 2896x2896, vl7ukaT.jpg)

I could see Moo maybe giving Kev a second chance just to hype herself up as such an amazing and forgiving person, rub Lori's nose in it, and because she's heinously desperate for a man she isn't paying for. kek. But otherwise I agree with you 100% anon.

I think anon is referencing the fact she's nearly 40 and shooping her face to look like a teenager. It's very much so like coconutkitty who have also been called out on how creepy it is.

No. 171925

>it's not pedobait
>edits new face on her own using the likeness of pictures of people as teens (young Belle and her skinwalkers)
>uses teen filter on faceapp
>wears brands that teen e-girls wear and tries to talk like a terminally online teen porn star
>repeated use of little or smol or loli throughout the last 4 years to describe herself
Listen semantics-chan, take it back to the moo thread and argue with people about how Mariah isn't an autopedophile for making porn sets where she's a teenaged school girl. Goodbye.

No. 171926

She can call herself a loli all she wants, but none of the editing or anything she does makes her look younger than 25 tops. you can't pedo bait when you aren't even pedibait.

No. 171927

The fact shes coming up on 40 is visible in her dead eyes KEK how long until she just an heros because she can't scam her way into a million dollar home by skinwalking lolis?

No. 171937

File: 1631555168099.jpg (53.26 KB, 720x528, IMG_20210913_104415_246.jpg)

Gangster Cloud Kevin dripping too hard and doin too much lmao I can't get over his captions and hashtags.

No. 171941


I like his baby diaper pants.

No. 171946

He keeps posting the same set of pictures because those are the only …euh… fancy? (Kek) clothes he has. He's been flexing that jacket for months now.

Also I think he's mirroring / competing against Lori by collecting shoes. He clearly puts sm validation on her items by how much he brags about them to the HATURZ, i wonder if he would still be with her if she didn't have them.

No. 171950

>>171937 Is he trying to find his audience with Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts now?

No. 171954

Just because she can’t look under 25 no matter how many filters she uses doesn’t mean she’s not pedobaiting.

No. 171964

He looks so embarrassingly retarded. Honestly wonder how many pics he took that day kek.

>I like his baby diaper pants
My sides are in orbit oh my god.

No. 171966

File: 1631574173782.jpg (92.05 KB, 720x857, IMG_20210913_155028_931.jpg)

Kevin got mad because somebody told him he was pretending to be an anime character, lol.

No. 171967

>gangsta cloud
i'd love for him to explain, in detail, exactly how this is the case

No. 171968

christ he is the human embodiment of cringe.

why doesn't Lori just find some old guy to leech off of already? she obviously doesn't like Kevin at all.

if this is about relevance, she could achieve way more by having money to spend on being a pretend influencer. look at Anisa, she can drop loads of cash on all the plastic surgeries and whatever other dumb shit she wants.

Lori that could be you! you could fix your teeth, get real plastic surgery and take pics in a nice looking home instead of a dumpster.

No. 171972

So, is Kevin's new thing posing with a toy katana?

No. 171974

>No human taught me to stick to my goals
>Only anime did
No wonder he’s an inept idiot kek

No. 171977

can someone translate this, what the hell is he trying to say
that second paragraph is some serious stoner stream of consciousness shit my god

No. 171980

Jfc his hair looks like dishwater

No. 171984

It's him trying to rap, legitimately.

No. 171985

even sucked in you can't see her ribs, she's gaining lol
looking more troonly by the day
i dont know if the wig or his hair is worse. he looks like a scene kid nonce

No. 171986

Wow she actually took a selfie outside her room and it's fuckin awful

No. 171988

What about it is pedobait though? She didn't edit her face younger, just smoothed it and doing her usual retarded expression. Honestly, she's doing DD/LG stunts, not pedobaiting. If anything, she's following clueless bimboisms at the same time. She has no idea what she's doing, but watch her try to walk the babysitter route soon too.

No. 171995

The FF community will shred this used qtip to bits topkek can't wait to see this trainwreck

He looks like ugly trailer trash who got electrocuted, nothing even remotely close to Cloud.

No. 172000

>she's doing DD/LG stunts
>not pedobaiting
same shit different name

No. 172002

DD/LG literally means "dom daddy/little girl". C'mon anon, you can't actually be that dumb.

No. 172005

This pic might a well have been taken inside with a blue screen. With the amount of filters and blurring of her face, everything is barely visible.

No. 172006

File: 1631590051872.jpeg (117.54 KB, 599x1280, 6E018B33-8633-415C-9773-65505E…)

They found a place to live but it didn’t pan out. Who would actually rent to these morons.

No. 172008

>super difficult work
Kev, buddy. Your abuela thinks reselling 2nd hand clothes is too much work. Her flopping around on the floor/bed for a few minutes a day and laying around poorly editing the pics she takes on her phone is in no realm of the words "difficult work".

No. 172009

What exactly does he do to "help" her? Everything he does has resulted in the opposite of successi for whori, not that I think she'd manage much even without his dead weight.

Get a job, spergtip

No. 172010

Calendar anon should have not only when he is blocked and unblocked but when they are begging and saying they're rich in the same breath.

No. 172011

Lol speaking of the calendar, Kevin has been blocked all of this month, since August 28th, so I haven't even posted a September yet because the only thing on it so far is a recap about the Aug 28th blocking.

No. 172012

All the whore does is sit on her flat ass vaping and playing video games, listening to youtube while she plays dress up and opens her new clothes. What's hard? Figuring out how to put on a cheap harness? Buckling stripper heels? All there is to do for online sex work is spread hole and post. She posts the same things over and over anyway so there's even less effort apparent. She's laughable and calling her miserable day to day cope "work" is fucking creasing me. Keep peddling your loli waifu's "modeling career". I'm sure one day she'll make it big and won't have to do porn anymore. Same for you Kevin, you're on your way to running the fashion game, lightyears ahead of the curve.

No. 172014

Worst time of Lori's life? Like, worse than all her divorces and shit? I can't imagine what that could even be

No. 172016

Kek the most hilarious part of this all is that, that's STILL more than Kevin does…

No. 172023

Is this pixelated or is their hair truely that fried despite all the smoothing filters?

No. 172035

He realizes that he himself has told people she sleeps most of the day right? But regardless of her own laziness, if he really wanted to help her be less stressed out so badly, he would get a fulltime job instead of ebegging for other people to give her money or facebook reacts. He's an awful boyfriend, they really do suit each other.

No. 172038

File: 1631619188224.png (1.16 MB, 691x749, BCE3DC43-3786-4964-A646-EC0AD1…)

>what if you’re pretending to hate me?
>anime is made by humans, so what are we again?

No. 172039

They look like a tampon and a pad together.

No. 172051

Their hair is beyond dead.

No. 172075

File: 1631633798318.jpg (114.21 KB, 508x1280, IMG_20210914_081620_390.jpg)

>my pages seem to stay shadowbanned, likely due to my alternative white bread look.

Kevin is so milky lately.

No. 172076

Pls link/download the video LOL

No. 172077

Where is he posting these and why is he still going? What a fucking sped.

I think it's safe to assume cosplay communities don't want shitty skinwalkers like him and Lori inserting themselves constantly for attention.

No. 172078

It's an old video from 2019. Here's the link to the FB group post: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MyHeroAcademiaTV/posts/950636125544187/

No. 172080

File: 1631635715470.jpeg (243.76 KB, 1242x618, B63C2270-6381-4955-92DA-ED2DBC…)

Looks like someone’s awake and lurking. Also it’s crazy you can def see the difference in how he used to talk online to now. He’s so autistically aggro now.

No. 172081

It's still up I think you're just blocked

No. 172082

File: 1631637012836.gif (15.31 MB, 600x590, ezgif-3-ef9782d0538a.gif)

Kek here's him and his faggot blaster in gif form

No. 172084

>shadowbanned, likely dude to my alternative white bread look
This is a real thought he had in his head and shared with the internet

No. 172085

The way he pauses to look at his toy before he pulls the pin makes me kek

No. 172088

>>172085 He's supposed to be the biggest fan of this character yet doesn't even know how his weapon works

No. 172106

File: 1631640935665.jpeg (501.58 KB, 828x1418, 62D5CAB1-4AF7-4797-978A-FD55EC…)


No. 172108

Lol oh no. Kevin is going to threaten that girl with a lolsuit and send her dms for weeks now.

No. 172118

And it's gone lol.

No. 172121

Of course you’d be apart of Bakugous friend group. He told deku to kill himself and give up on his dreams while abusing him because he was jealous. Those are things Lori has done as well funny enough. He sees Lori and himself in Bakugou and thinks being against him means being against them. He probably hates Deku because he sees him as the people Lori and him has harassed in Deku lmaooo

No. 172130

Can we not sperg about cartoons in the thread? This is annoying and irrelevant. No one cares.

No. 172136

her likes are plummeting, over a whole day she only got over 2k on her last pic when she averages like 6-9k. here comes the shadowbanned boohoos and buying likes to inflate herself, anything for them free shoez and panties, stingy ass ho.

No. 172137

File: 1631657745917.jpg (Spoiler Image,121.86 KB, 720x1255, IMG_20210914_150644_811.jpg)

Lori had a rough day yesterday so she posted an old ass pic on r/cosplaygirls Reddit.

No. 172142

Pointing out why they see themselves in these characters isn’t sperging. It’s on topic.
Just keep scrolling if it bothers you.
This is just getting sad at this point.

No. 172143

What's with her slapping on the most basic Amazon shit and calling it an OC and giving the most generic name? She's just lazy and desperate as fuck to rip people off and get a bigger, better apartment. She wants to flex on Mariah and everyone else like she ever could. Her bar is on the ground and she can't even meet it. She's gone from decent cosplayer with an attitude to begging reddit simps for serotonin and change. What a switch-up. Guess thats what happens.

No. 172150

Any normal adult would have read a negative comment , and moved on. Kevin reminds me of 14yro who started freaking out because you said their neo pet has a dumb name

No. 172174

File: 1631686231178.png (1.54 MB, 1112x2048, Screenshot_20210914-230906.png)

No. 172177

Considering how much nonsense this is and he had time to think about it, I can only imagine what speaking to him irl would be like.
As far as I can translate, he feels validated that his gold themed everyday clothing was photographed months before the absolutely identical gold knight's armour that Nas wore yesterday, and doubly validated by the anime reference Nas made, therefore something something inspiring post

No. 172178


Are all sneakerheads this insufferable? jesus christ. It's just shoes and not even really nice looking ones like how heels can have many different styles. This is puff and stuff sewn onto the sides like a kid playing Flash.

No. 172181

He has worse word salad and delusions of grandeur than a budding schizophrenic jfc

No. 172182

anon I like and agree with your post but you should probably know Nas and Lil Nas X are different people

No. 172196

They've both been posting old pics for a while now.

Now I really think they've been evicted and are covering it up.

No. 172204

Nas is slightly less gay, but only slightly

No. 172210

Trying to figure out what he's saying here. Does he think the designer copied him? Is that why he's feeling validation? Like how Lori believes Zero Two's design is based off her because of that stupid red eyeliner? Fuck's sake, the delusion is next level. Biggest takeaway is that as of a few months ago this idiot is still using Lori's old phone.

No. 172213

File: 1631704722241.png (905.83 KB, 720x1796, whataboutcosplay.png)

Kevin keeps acting like the main character over on that MHA fan club Facebook group. This person posted their Photoshop art and Kevin's actual reply was "That's nice but more attention should be given to cosplayers like me." He's such a nasty person. This post got 15 replies and he's bitching about "more attention" going to Photoshop over cosplay.

No. 172219

He really just doesn't get that his specific photos, especially recent ones, aren't that good and that's why they don't get attention. His props and costumes used to look good, but >>172082 is just such a clear example of why that isn't enough if you are acting and posing like a cringey 12 year old with no eye for your backgrounds or lighting.

No. 172228

File: 1631716178610.jpg (132.22 KB, 702x1280, IMG_20210915_072740_433.jpg)

I bet he kicks himself sometimes that he alienated Moo and the other cosplayers. Here she is in 2017 (before the fallout i guess) promoting him on her page and he easily gets over 1000 likes and new followers.

No. 172231

Just like Lori when she lost her shit at Zan getting more recognition. Always gotta go to someone you view as "one upping" you by existing and measuring your noodle dick to theirs like anyone cares about you, Kevin. You get no interaction because you suck. You and your girlfriend's photos are fucking horrid from an artistic and cosplayer standpoint. Both of them have sunk beyond their lowest but still believe they're god's gift.

No. 172234

He would be famous by now and the shit he would have to deal with would always be waved away by Moo's money and lawyers. He would be free to angrily sperg about how rich he is and honestly in that situation he would be right about that at least. Makes me do a rich, creamy kek when I think about Lori's bitter broke ass seething watching Kevin be a popular dripped up himbo with Moo and her gremlins.

No. 172243

it's not even a cosplay group, just a fan group. why does Kevin think cosplays are the only legitimate way to show you like something? photoshop/manipulation is still a skill. he just wants to whine that he's not getting attention.

No. 172245

He truly became Lori. Lori is always stalking and harassing younger girls who cosplayed characters she tries to skinwalk. Now he's doing the same thing.

They both are past the point of no return with their reputations. They will never make it in cosplay or anything.

I'm probably late to this but did Moo financially support him or was something implied here? Why would she offer him money or make him famous?

No. 172246

The praise some farmers give Moo in this thread is wild, he would of ran off screaming the moment she tried to force him to fuck her. Moo is just as shitty as Lori, she was just able to force her way into being a spank bank for the lowest moids on Earth.

Which makes Lori's failure at it downright hilarious!

Kev, never stop being so assblasted about everything.

No. 172247

I'm the anon who posted the moo screencap. All I was implying was that she is already popular and that he would gain followers and popularity by hanging around her. She promoted him at least once and would've probably continued to show off his cosplays to her large audience. I don't believe anything further than that (her supporting Kevin, etc.) because I don't follow her or know anything about her other than that she's a popular cosplayer.

No. 172254

And a rando FB group at that. Kevin really shows how deluded he is by thinking someone who has no idea who he is posted a meme directed at him in a group where memes are getting spammed all friggin day long.

Agreed anon. I seriously think Lori couldnt even give her shit away for free at this point.

No. 172255

Do you think Michael’s comment is the reason why he makes the spergy constipated faces? Kek

No. 172256

File: 1631726884996.jpg (21.12 KB, 720x230, IMG_20210915_102716_824.jpg)

Funny you asked. I think it's a combination of that comment, plus this one actually! We have these people to thank for Kevin's Bakugou face.

No. 172260

File: 1631729000384.jpg (81.64 KB, 720x1187, IMG_20210915_105436_427.jpg)

I wonder what is going on with Lori.

No. 172263

This idiot doesnt know what bamboozle means.

So how's life tricking you Lori? Did you get tricked into being a broke ethot with no customers or were you tricked into being a mega bitch with no where to turn? It's called poor decision making.

If they get another place to live the first thing they need are real jobs, the second is the local community college.

No. 172266

File: 1631733081265.png (1 MB, 720x2152, trolled.png)


No. 172269

>Waaaahhhh nobody is willing to pay me hundreds of dollars per person for nothing, Zuckerberg himself won't let me become the loli model I've always been, omg life is so cruel I can't believe people hate me cause I'm an awful cunt whos entire life and body is fake as fuck! Feel bad for me! I get no breaks and am literally struggling to live. Literally like starving. More subs so I can haz my first meal of the month and little girl underwear. Beep beep!
Unironically die.

No. 172272

And one more person just found the farms! God Kevin is stupid.

No. 172273

File: 1631741958000.jpg (325.7 KB, 2048x2048, InFrame_1631741885872.jpg)

Kevin, I mean Bakugo, does not buy knock offs!

No. 172274

File: 1631742000460.png (1.79 MB, 1280x2048, Screenshot_20210915-133728.png)


No. 172276

File: 1631742175566.png (712.73 KB, 2048x1688, Screenshot_20210915-133808.png)

Kevin really has nothing else going on other than to rage on FB groups and shill for Whori.

No. 172277

File: 1631742273828.png (2.01 MB, 1328x2048, Screenshot_20210915-144417.png)

No. 172280

Friendly reminder this man child is in his late 20s lmao

No. 172281

>in the drip
>antibaku memes
God he's so fucking dumb. I can't believe he talks like this

No. 172282

Kevin got a job? Good for him.

No. 172285

Don't be too shocked if "to work" means to the computer chair to shill whori

No. 172286

does he wear two outfits to work?

No. 172294

holy shit this moron really thinks the world revolves around him, huh?? no one knows who you are, kevvy!!! get over yourself

No. 172307

I really hope he went and got an actual job. He might’ve been forced to for rental company applications. Now lori can message random men online behind his back while he’s gone again. >>172174 i wish they would stop talking about spending any money with the ebegging posts happening. Save your money and take care of your selves instead of buying garbage. >>172213 he really needs a break from the internet and to stop posting for a while. I doubt anywhere will rent to them without a co-signer or proof of income. Rent has been going up everywhere too.

No. 172308

>Lori couldnt even give her shit away for free at this point.

They're begging for even a like or any kind of engagement on OF, and have to pay for bots on instagram.

All that effort and people still don't want her. People who are interested will do a google search a nd quickly realize she looks like a dumpsterfire outside of the specific angles and over-shooping.

No. 172309

Most fly cart pusher out in UT on god

No. 172322

"Cult" bruh I only check this thread from the toilet. Don't think too highly of yourself topkek

No. 172324

Why does he simp for this character so hard? It's insanely pathetic. Like, he's actual mad about an anime character.

No. 172330

Why does he look like kidd rock tho

No. 172335

Calm down, son. It's a cartoon.

No. 172337

How are they all so dumb they don’t understand the meme they posted? It’s not about what the character buys, it’s about the quality of how well the character is written and their development. It takes 5 seconds of critical thinking to get that.

No. 172338

File: 1631762531722.png (210.38 KB, 2048x517, Screenshot_20210915-202206.png)

The denial. She's so desperate to not get caught for being a complete catfish. Tick tock, whori. Keep talking about how your skin creasing gets you "shadow banned" so you have to edit every centimeter of your body.

No. 172340

File: 1631764153477.jpeg (221.15 KB, 1004x1384, B8A7D625-5F70-4787-AF2E-FC593E…)

Why are you buying expensive setting spray when you’re begging for money? Lori can’t even do her basic makeup properly and uses a setting spray? Get a job.

No. 172341

Milani or NYX would work just fine. Why does she need UD?

No. 172342

I don't think anyone is outright praising moo, but she is pretty notorious for paying for friendships and for men. All Kevin would have to do is string her along like tattoo senpai or participate in a few lewd cosplay shoots. Most of her scrotes never actually end up fucking her before they dip out with a cuter cosplay girl. It's not like Lori is fucking Kev as it is. kek

The weird fantasies of Moo taking either one of them at this point is dumb, but it's pretty obvious the dude chose wrong.

No. 172351

She's crying about bullying on UD's facebook as a 36 year old, hoping she'll get attention and put on PR lists bc she's a diamond in the rough boolying victim TOPKEK

New low for her in terms of lies to cover editing. I'm guessing that nobody bought that.

No. 172354

Maybe he thinks taking pics at home like Lori for OF is work. I'm having a meaty kek thanks to the original anon who pointed out that the mirrors in his pics keep changing because he is using Lori's and moves them around.

>shadowban copium
She must think that person is really stupid if she's trying to lie about her bad shoops and poor engagement in one post.

No. 172358

File: 1631773342664.jpeg (564.15 KB, 1242x1186, 476F6876-18FD-4C4E-89E4-F88B95…)

Looks like someone is calling Lori out.

No. 172359

File: 1631773381459.jpeg (869.73 KB, 1242x1935, BA4FD07F-EDB0-49E0-B642-CDEDFB…)

No. 172373

File: 1631779570101.png (2.17 MB, 1217x2048, Screenshot_20210916-010414.png)

lol he edited the post

No. 172374

File: 1631779675191.jpg (48.96 KB, 720x868, IMG_20210915_175149_733.jpg)

No. 172376

File: 1631779754956.jpg (73.01 KB, 720x883, IMG_20210915_173326_736.jpg)

Before Kevin removed the comment/blocked them.

No. 172389

I swear, the both of them are quite literally fucking retarded. Imagine embarrassing yourself on a daily basis. Fucking yikes, dog.

And I know it's not just us. Look at all the people who jumped ship on being friends with them since they got together without even knowing about these boards. A hearty topkek.

No. 172397

He really is becoming more like her, he acts like he thinks he is that character. I just can't imagine taking an anime character this seriously in your late 20's.

No. 172399


Anymore, it seems Kevin is more like Lori than Lori is. She isn't even actively skinwalking a specific character at the moment, just being an e-girl/e-thot on a general level and occasionally shitty cosplaying Saber.

No. 172433

You know she cried herself to sleep after this. I love how tough she tries to act like she isn't suicidal over it and losing her housing.

No. 172446

Shitty clapbacks dont compare to photo evidence. I'm sure shameless Lori is still unaware of how embarrassed she should be.

No. 172454

>this shitty meme is bait
and you took it, you idiot!

No. 172458

She's seething kek she has no clap backs just begging for sub.

No. 172460

Just a heads-up, it looks like there's a FanX convention going on in Salt Lake starting from today to the 18th. Anyone think Lori and Kev will attend?

No. 172464

Nah, they're too poor right now and don't have anything to wear. If they DO go it just proves they do have the money to take care of things and they'll piss a bunch of people off.

No. 172468

Seconding this. 2 poor.

No. 172471

File: 1631814529481.jpg (120.54 KB, 1080x1350, 242064364_243403164375259_3113…)

What the fuck is that hair? It's literal hay.

No. 172472

I’m just wondering, we’re all aware that snow has video filters right? Is she aware that we’re all aware? Because her and Kev seem to act like her videos are evidence when… like snow literally let’s you make filtered to fuck videos. I just wanted to be sure cause her and Kev throw her videos around like some big “gotcha!” when people post her real face.

No. 172475

She fails to realize that taking the crease out of her thigh actually makes her look weirdly really big/huge

No. 172484

Not one thing about this photo is appealing. The split fried to shit ends of her hair really nail the trashy aesthetic along with the hoarded mess. She has shooped herself into oblivion now. She just looks like a lump.

No. 172487

File: 1631819769775.png (3.82 MB, 1591x2005, 無題.png)

all i had to do was follow the creases and shadows left by them in better software. she's retarded and sad she's getting fat finally after all those years of starving herself and smoking lmao. it makes her baby face shoops from 2018 look natural. seriously what do coomers even get out of this? does kevin jerk off to this?

No. 172488

same fagging i also readjusted her figure cause she warped the fuck out of this

No. 172516

File: 1631830382829.png (3.16 MB, 828x1792, 801CF7FC-4995-4121-8EFB-631B00…)

I guess posting her real face got to her and now… this? What’s she proving with this? Puke

No. 172517

“Who said i needed money” maybe the constant public posts Kevin and Lori make about needing money continually? >>172374
God stay the fuck away from the EVA fandom.
>>172358 she could buy a cheaper setting spray. For what she does she doesn’t need setting spray anyways. The post saying she’s a victim of bullying was very cringy. Maybe she could apologize or go to therapy and stop pretending to be a victim constantly. >>171592 it sounds like lori is complaining Kevin is begging her for food?

No. 172519

Does she ever smile…? Or take an actual photo of her face like a normal picture of her smiling and being a normal human being or is the only meaning in her life to be a 40 year old failed loli princess

No. 172520

She can't smile, her missing teeth will show.

No. 172522

Jfc Lori, the contrast between your detailed eyeballs and blurred-to-hell face is uncanny. You might as well brush out your eyeballs to makes it look even.

No. 172523

This was the criticism that always made her lose her shit in the early 2000s with her cosplay because Usagi is such a happy character most of the time. She would screech at the top of her lungs that she was the manga version and she doesn't smile as much.

Tl;dr previous anon is correct it's because she doesn't want to show her missing tooth

No. 172536

Scene hair? also wtf shes just walking around in lingerie?

No. 172538

File: 1631834946265.png (2.76 MB, 1504x2048, Screenshot_20210916-162755.png)

kek looks like shit, perfect quality for Abuela's dark web granny porn. Love the sweatshop look

No. 172539

She erases and edits almost everything on top of the shitty filtering, but why erase basic anatomy? Absolutely retarded that she thinks this looks good.

>Lori is complaining about Kevin begging

It's possible, what with him being banned.

No. 172540

Dude bitch went quack bloodshot eyes them overgrown nails the mile-long roots I’m shocked she shared that photo

No. 172541

Aww she's doing that thing tubby girls do where they hide one upper fat arm and push the other one far back to make it look thinner. You're not fooling anyone Lorena

No. 172542

Right? That, the hip crease edits and her posting about being 7 stone is a red flag. She's not fat by any means but is certainly insecure and wants to be emaciated. Hope someone submits her scary hips to r/instagramreality - again. KEK.

No. 172543

dat peach fuzz tho, lol. her eyes look yellow and bloodshot. she's never looked this rouugh.

No. 172546

I dont think choosing a metallic for the undereye area was a good idea… but then again, has she ever had a good idea and executed it?

No. 172547

File: 1631837078299.jpeg (105.27 KB, 1242x840, 2F125D40-1351-4E29-9E87-C68F70…)

what the FUCK is going on with her peach fuzz

No. 172551

She forgot to edit it out/shave it off. Its not that deep, nonita. The bloodshot eyes and nearly disintegrating clothing are more noteworthy.

No. 172569

Ok besides the extremely obvious shoop this outfit actually looks cute for once. Finally, no clashing patterns and weird neons.

actually it'd be cute if not for the PINK EYEBROWS AND NOSE RASH jesus christ

No. 172595

What the actual fuck is up with that hair teasing. Didn’t think it was possible for it to look even more fucked up than it already did kek.

No. 172611

Anon, you need to re-evaluate your every life choice if marked up aliexpress garbage bag cut into shapeless fetish wear translates to "cute" to you. This looks like something an autistic troon would wear as their idea of "uwu sexy cat girl". Yikes

No. 172615

AYRT, I meant what is going on with the uneven growth/the weird gap in the middle of the fuzz. It’s confusing me lmao

No. 172631

She's using an app to clone and erase all the wrinkles or shadows around her face. Her actual skin must be god awful.

Since the bottom of her monkey mouth has a gnarled finger in the way, she couldn't bother to do do a proper job removing the wrinkles under her lip.

No. 172637

The pointed end of the heart on her shitty bottoms disappears into her skin. I guess that was originally a skin crease she smoothed out but now it looks like her underwear has become one with her shooped body.

No. 172645

Even then she could at least do a closed mouth smile instead of that tired expression. Maybe she's scared it will show her fine lines kek

No. 172661

File: 1631893149716.jpg (82 KB, 626x1280, IMG_20210917_083827_197.jpg)

Who is Bre Bader? A former Kou?

No. 172667

>Some kind of hobby other than…
Yeah hun, remind the shit stirrers they could be bringing receipts of all of whoris shit behavior and slapping that down everywhere instead of just making fun of her aged ass. That'll show em!

No. 172672

sage for absolute retardation but I know that Trevor guy IRL. I'm not friends with him on FB, but I am positive it's the same guy. Hilariously small world. He's unfortunately too autistic to realize that lolcow does contain a lot of truths about the likes of people like Kevin/Lori, but…

No. 172673

Does Lori not realize we have an archive of her real face via these threads? Like the oldfag anon two or three threads ago that dumped all those rare high-school-age-Lori gems?

Granted they're old, but they're still her real face. Which looks absolutely nothing like her current face? We have so many more than "3 bad lighting" pics.

No. 172677

She is so retarded she doesn't realize posting Meitu edits as a response literally just confirms what the people are saying.

No. 172678

>3 photos with bad lighting
>bad lighting is just not having every filter turned up to max
Also even in that video she posted her chin and jawline are different than the meitu'd photos she posted, cope harder Lori

No. 172682

I'm surprised Lori is friends with any black people (Bre). I don't think that she's a former Kou though?

No. 172683

I was just curious because her page appears to be a thirty something cosplayer. I find it interesting that Lori has a handful of oldfags who defend her.

No. 172685

Oh wow, good to know the next time I want to look 20 years younger in a photo I just need to find good lighting. SO WEIRD!

No. 172690

Oldfags defend other oldfags they see themselves reflected in. No wonder all these trash ass Karen cosplayers come to her defense with Disney Channel level moralfagging. I bet to those that know her, she's living out the dream they imagined and they're retarded enough to believe Lori looks like her edits in real life. I see former Kous and other middle aged cosplay women asking her for tips and shit, they totally eat it up and probably still have the same feelings they had for her 20 years ago. "Wow Lori is so pretty and literally looks just like an anime girl. How does she always stay so smooth and skinny? She's such a good cosplayer." KEK. Goes to show none of these 30 year olds could get over peaking in the 90's and being left behind while they kept being emotionally stunted weaboos.

No. 172700

File: 1631904802214.png (1.5 MB, 3464x1232, PicsArt_09-17-11.52.25.png)

Kevin just casually talking to a lady wishing her dog got cancer and she can't pay for it or whatever. He's a fucking psycho.

No. 172701

Pulled from Kiwi, the woman made a throwaway to post the messages he sent since she found Kiwi by googling his name and then saw he did it to others before. He brings more people to the farms than I think I've ever seen. He gives us more nonnies every day.

No. 172703

kek the fact that he left the chat and then went back to the chat to send more messages is sad

No. 172704

>self employed guy
So there it is. Kev is still unemployed and is trying to flip sneakers online when he isn't spamming reddit with his girlfriend's photoshops. It's no wonder they can't find a play to move to, neither of them will pass a credit check. Homeless saga when? kek

No. 172712

>Self employed
I knew he didn't have a real job

No. 172715

Oh, he's working overtime on the couch trying to push bootleg Nikes on depop, got it. Great job. Must have good benefits. He's a funny little man, seeing people with normal lives and living animals and marriages makes him rage like Lori. That's what happens when you fuck up.

No. 172727

Awww he's just jealous that their "crappy" day job allows them to easily cover producers… I mean procedures for their pet or any issue that arises in their life while he has to work hard for both him and granny doing what exactly?

No. 172737

>by the way look into sneaker culture

No. 172739

>You have 48 hours before I reblock you immediately.

No. 172746

Absolutely fucking slayed me. The second hand embarrassment and cringe reaches new heights every time he posts. I can't even conceive how you can be this retarded, I feel like you must have to have a naturally low IQ in combination with the emotional stunting/immaturity to ever reach anywhere near his level

No. 172751

He buys them and keeps them… he’s literally not flipping anything. What a moron. Get a job.

No. 172754

Again someone was just asking a question (although personal, however he posts everything publicly constantly) and he could Just delete the post, or answer the question. Instead he goes off the hinges and messages people actual harassing statements about their physical appearance or their dog dying of cancer. He is a disgrace.

No. 172756

Narcissists and people with narcissistic tendencies have such low self esteem. Bitch will lie and lie, she will never let someone post like this about her without a full blown gaslighting. Pathetic.

Yeah but they know it's all lies and I wonder if they secretly cant stand her but cant let go of the old cosplay days.

No. 172775

He literally is batshit retarded if he thinks that everyone who has something to say against the two of them are "sent" by somebody. What a paranoid twat topkek.

The fact that he unblocked her to talk more really shows that she hit a nerve huh? You mad, Kevvy boy? Cry more. We love when you cry because it gets posted here eventually and we have more cringe content to laugh at. Thanks for being such a joke of a human being!

I hope that SHE reports HIM for harassment because this is literally harassment and he's threatening her, and she has evidence of it straight from his account. He's so fucking dumb I can't. "Cyberstalking" KEK. You posted about needing money to eat and live not too long ago YOURSELF on YOUR PAGE and then immediately followed it up with posts about expensive clothes/shoes/etc. I'd ask if you're fucking retarded Kevin but we all know that you are without a doubt.

"There I was nice instead of mean" what kind of delusions does this guy live in, really shows how fucking mentally lacking being a sheltered mormon makes you huh

I don't even want to talk about the dog part because that speaks volumes on its own. This guy just needs to be thrown in a padded cell and restricted all internet access, it's rotting his already lacking pea brain.

No. 172787

Funny thing about that, doesn’t Facebook still have a rule if you unblock someone you can’t reblock them until 48 hours? Kek

No. 172788

What's even funnier is that his Kofi is still at a whopping $0.

Why have a Kofi even if you "don't need money" Kevvy?

No. 172789

Holy kek, what a rollercoaster of cringe. He and Lori will never integrate into a society. They think they can punch upwards at normal people who are doing just fine.

>self employed

So this explains why he lied and said he has a job. He's not even going outside and is too retarded to realize that he's actually losing money on every transaction.

No. 172793

Yeah and then he changed his outfit twice while working at home to flex? What the actual fuck.

No. 172799

He isn't making shit off resale cause he scuffed and creased every god damn pair. You don't wear what you flip.

No. 172801

I think he's copying Lori and try to be an ethot himself. I can't imagine them making dinner looking the way the look trying to make a living out of their "outfits" and "spicy content" (in Kevin's case, his shoes)

No. 172802

This. He's basically Lori at this point, even surpassed her in some ways. They both talk to each other and she has influenced his thinking, but she's at least smart enough to not mention certain things online.

No. 172803

Remember when Kevin tagged and was reposted by Klarna (an afterpay service) and he was excited about it? They can't afford any of this stuff. They're just collecting a massive amount of debt. Top it off with not paying rent for who knows how many months.. these two are screwed. Homeless saga soon I'm sure

No. 172807

They definitely can't get housing or pass a credit check at this point. It's no wonder Lori was crying out into the void for someone to save her. kek

Do you think they'll end up moving back into Kevin's parents attic room out of desperation? I vaguely recall anons talking about his parents not liking lori.

No. 172810

If they can or not get housing is just a tinfoil, but at this point Lori just saw some stupid men pay some money to any woman who show some skin on the internet, disgusting. That's why I think she suggested to kev to do some "shoots" or to try to be an "influencer", maybe that's why he thinks he has material, i bet if he get subs (which I doubt because Lori would try to manipulate his content and we know that would be a trainweaker) they both would try to make OF money.
But they're definitely desperate for money, no one with a good income would go to the internet and ask "support". Even desperate normal people without money wouldn't do that, and would get any source of income instead of taking nudes in stupid outfits for the internet, what?. BUT THEY DEFINITELY DONT NEED MONEY. I knew a lot of cases of people struggling but they never beg on the internet? Like wtf? Trying to sell a service but asking to give you money to "support you in difficult times"? Ew, that's a new level of low.

Everyone moves, everyone has bills Kevin, a lot of people goes through loss of pets because of cancer, but not everyone begs for money or shows their ass to pay for that.

No. 172815

>If they can or not get housing is just a tinfoil
Where the free housing at, nonny? Neither of them have a job rn

No. 172816

Aak Shayna, some ethots can get an apartment with the helps of parents (Kevin's maybe), i don't know. Some of them are still breathing for some reason.

No. 172827

So his "work" is believing some reddit dudes that he can be a ceobossdude by reselling sneakers online and ending up even more broke, cool. I bet that looks super good on rental apps along with her "sex worker" pages where she brags about someone saying she looks 8 (regardless of if it happened or not) and has 5 different types of chin

No. 172828

>wishing her dog gets cancer
Kevin is reaching new lows. He really is a piece of shit and him and Lori deserve misery and each other. Hope they end up homeless

No. 172856

File: 1631981335740.png (1.4 MB, 1088x2048, Screenshot_20210918-090400.png)

This is rich coming from the bitch who begged for shoes and clothes money during the last 3 months of her seriously ill ferrets life. Maybe if you didn't buy Chinese sweatshop panties and get your nails done your ferret wouldn't have died. You let that little thing just perish slowly, getting greasier by the day until it started having seizures and refusing to eat. You watched that while you larped as a little teen egirl, telling "simps" to buy subs so you can get outfit to make your "haters rage". While your ferret was literally dying in front of you and you knew it. You have killed every pet you have ever had with neglect. Again, YOU HAVE KILLED ALL YOUR PETS WITH NEGLECT. THERE IS DOCUMENTED PROOF OF YOU ABANDONING AND NEGLECTING ANIMALS SO YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT. Fuck you, whori. People can excuse whatever they want but any good human draws the line at animal abusers like YOU talking about animal wellness and saving animals. Fucking witch.

No. 172857

Between Kevin wishing cancer on animals and Lori pretending she isn't an animal abuser I'm ready to become an a-log superstar. They seriously are such despicable people the more the curtain is pulled back.

No. 172869

Esp not in the salt lake valley, there is a housing shortage here so landlords and complexes are only renting to those with good credit, no evictions, and actually have jobs.

No. 172912

File: 1632005470230.jpg (90.16 KB, 720x954, IMG_20210918_154843_937.jpg)

Desperate Reddit begging again. Also the "100 lbs" makes an appearance again lol.

No. 172923

Kek it's funny she doesn't even get downvotes, just no interaction. No one is interested

No. 172932

Ayrt, actually, one guy in the bottom post complimented her use of parentheses. That was the only comment though lol.

No. 172978

File: 1632016234477.jpg (461.7 KB, 1074x1526, 20210918_204946.jpg)

Shes so pathetic, she locked the comments.

No. 172984

Awful people are the ones who always crow the loudest about their virtues and how nice they are.

I'm certain it's not lost on Lori that nobody thinks she's attractive. Both IRL with her real mug and online with extreme shoops, nobody wants her shit.

No. 172988

File: 1632019150453.png (601.21 KB, 1505x2048, Screenshot_20210918-193845.png)


No. 172989

File: 1632019226790.png (940.77 KB, 1738x2048, Screenshot_20210918-193959.png)


No. 172990

Except for the things you post yourself Kevin… half of the drama wasn’t even from the leg self harm post. It was continued on by Kevin himself with his insane antics. Always passing the blame off on literally anyone else. I hope they both end up homeless.

No. 172993

Wait wut lol I want to see the Tumblr blog about Kevin.

No. 172997

Right? Like wtf is he talking about I can't even find it when I search her name

No. 172998

>We've slept in the same bed together for 4 years

Congratulations for achieving this life goal Kevin, along with every other long term couple ever to exist

Also why is he posting this on the sexworker subreddit?

No. 172999

File: 1632020798603.png (507.7 KB, 1384x2048, Screenshot_20210918-200512.png)

Already gone. He's so stupid.

No. 173000

File: 1632020902238.png (607.04 KB, 1196x2048, Screenshot_20210918-200741.png)

Samefagging to show I'm not blocked it really is gone from the sub.

No. 173002

Given how he's willing to lose his entire mind because his anime skinwalk gets some memes made on him. I'm betting she screeched at him to delete. All his sperging only brings more here and kiwi, can't risk what pedos aren't wise to her get curious to look her up.

No. 173004

File: 1632022395479.png (338.06 KB, 750x1334, 6B0FD433-6437-4851-9E11-668651…)

i just searched lorilewd and it showed up on tumblr for me

No. 173008

>Kanye and Kim

Kek, so many levels of delusion on this post, even funnier because they're divorced.

No. 173013

People who make these accounts are so cringey. Lori is a piece of shit but she's an actual nobody. They are wasting their time.

No. 173016

LOL only Kevin would threaten to call the police over a cringe exposed account like that.
He really thinks they're the headlines like they're not low tier cows on this slow ass website and they're nonexistent elsewhere.

No. 173018

I mostly agree with this but I think it’s important to document content in several areas. Otherwise stuff gets lost to time, like a good chunk of Onision history.

No. 173019

File: 1632027646808.png (1.23 MB, 1099x2048, Screenshot_20210918-215945.png)

That salty ass status.

No. 173020


Oh shit. I sure want him to cosplay more… I will give them money </sarcasm>

No. 173021

If you want to cosplay so bad why don’t you get a fucking job and support your own fiancé/cosplay? Funny that he uses fiancé and she still has him blocked on IG.

No. 173022

Bro literally nobody cares get a fucking diary to physically write in and stop boohooing on the internet

How hasn't he realized by now that THEY'RE the problem? God, what a fucking moron.

Remember when he was like "who told you I need money?" and now he's like "boohoooo cry cry support my hag and I" y'all are never going to make it fucking give up and get normal jobs

No. 173023

I love this, keep giving us nothing Kevvy. It's a fucking hobby and the only thing stopping him from cosplaying is his and Lori's own lack of talent at it even though people at Lori's age have become master seamstresses or prop makers by now. All he and Lori are capable of is wearing aliexpress/amazon polyester and counterfeit goods to walmart.

No. 173024

Get. A. Job. Why is it that thousands of people around him can get up everyday and go work to provide him and his Abuela with their burgers and juices and clothes but these two absolutely cannot go get real jobs that pay reliably. They think self employment will work when they have no work ethic or drive.

No. 173027

Did he get any 3rd degree burns working on this like he mentions here >>160133

No. 173060

>we just want to make our money
Get jobs!

No. 173075

How do they even make rent? I doubt Lori is getting anything good on her patreon.

No. 173083

I honnestly think we'll see this nonsense they call "self employment" come to a screeching halt when they loose their apartment. They can call it a job all they want, reality will catch up to them.

No. 173095

He looks like a 10 year old wearing his Halloween costume around the house. Who does this.

No. 173108

File: 1632063032042.png (508.88 KB, 1427x2048, Screenshot_20210919-074923.png)

Cool now address the things that did happen that you have done from high school up until now, you fucking bully.

No. 173112

She reshares this exact status every like two months. Get the fuck over it you're not over it Lori. You're almost 40 you haven't been in high school for like 20 fucking years you're OLD

No. 173125

They can barely afford food and buy stupid trinkets with the afterpay delusion that they can afford it, but really they're poors that are deep in the hole.

It's almost certain that rent was coming from Kevin's parents up until a certain point, otherwise Lori would have moved out long ago or got a place in her own name and kicked Kevin out.

No. 173153

Lmfao he is acting like no one is as talented as him and that he is one of a kind so give him his money!!! There are plenty of cosplayers who are way more talented and willing to show off for FREE. Because they don't treat the hobby like it's just a job and they actually want to have a good time with it. Kev is so miserable and think everybody owes him something.

No. 173164

He’s still on that “same seven people all from the same IP did this to us” spergout I see

No. 173186

>everyone thought I was pregnant

Aka I was pregnant but killed it quickly

> mentally unstable

We know, glad you finally admit it too

>no kids

No family no friends no job no house noone to give a shit about me

>smooth ass

Pancake ass no curves …with hard cope word vomit

No. 173188

File: 1632081857278.jpg (105.13 KB, 720x1130, IMG_20210919_130017_929.jpg)

Huh. I wonder what Lori's alt is.

No. 173190

She has a bunch and uses them to upvote herself.

No. 173194

File: 1632084091077.jpg (74.56 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20210919_133730_649.jpg)

Kevin finally got unblocked and was allowed to re-follow Lori. I wonder which acts he performed in order to earn this.

No. 173197

File: 1632084953428.png (1.35 MB, 1000x912, waaambulance.png)

lol this status is the sort of shit you posted on social media when you were like 11, he is way too old to be posting this pathetic shit

No. 173214

>i, monstergirl,

No. 173224

You went to HS 20 years ago and haven’t done shit with your life lori. She wants to pretend to be an underdog/victim so badly but she is the monster who told someone else to end their life and has abused people for over a decade without remorse. She has no self awareness it’s abhorrent.

Let’s say lori and Kevin are actually making money (aka someone’s parents are helping them pay rent and they’re not working real jobs because what lori does isn’t “sex work” or full of any effort). Let’s say they’re rich and thriving financially, they don’t act like they are and constantly ebeg of demand support like its something owed to them. They’re not investing money into anything substantial with longevity. If he wants to claim they don’t need money he should really stop asking for support. I was hoping Kevin actually got a real job. Working for lori hasn’t helped her “career” at all. If anything it’s made her potential worse.

No. 173225

There is absolutely no way they sleep in the same bed.

No. 173229

File: 1632101140944.jpeg (85.48 KB, 445x1280, 2FFAD38C-FA38-47E7-BDFB-D53052…)

She is still waging a war against wigs and yet her extensions look fried and they’re not even real hair.

No. 173230

File: 1632101217561.jpeg (113.5 KB, 584x1280, 258B80AD-9131-40C5-A866-129CC9…)

Someone telling Lori to clean her room on Reddit. I like Kevin’s wing gold ugly shoe in the closet. Very nice way to store “valuables”

No. 173234

Lmfao at the reply with the link. Nobody wants either of you dudes

No. 173241

Is she hitting up the Halloween section at Walmart?

No. 173246

Complete sidenote but I just found out that the kids are calling the male counterpart of a Karen, a "Kevin" and I thought it was just so perfectly fitting for Kevvy boy.

No. 173248

Kek. Perfect.

I wondered, doesnt puffing your cheeks make them loose elasticity and be more saggy?

No. 173252

KEK at the "100 lbs" part. Aww, did us noticing your weight gain her bug you? "Oink oink" Lorena Pig.

No. 173260

>smooth ass

This is such a specific cope.

She just told on herself that she's got cellulite and now everyone notices that always wearing tights or erasing shadows on top of over-filtering.

Probably the fake reddit accounts he made >>173188

No. 173261

It's so funny you know he thinks it's the same 7 haters, they wont understand that nobody cares until they stop getting interaction altogether except from the same 6 coomers who never subscribe or buy anything. Even then they'll find some way to blame it on everyone else though. Kek she's never gonna accept that she's a failed ewhore who was never going to make it. Lori, Kev, you're both doomed to working at Ross and Forever 21. Get used to it and get ready to go drop applications!

No. 173269

File: 1632112607119.jpg (77.86 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20210919_191311_421.jpg)

I really can't believe it but I checked and he's not following Lori anymore lmao.

No. 173276

so if Kevin's prized shoes are shoved in the closet, does that mean he pulls out his shoes and sets them up out in the hallway so he can post in front of them for every picture? god what a loser

No. 173307

They never wore their shit outside. When they go to walmart or wherever, the stuff would fall apart and they know it.

They've been wearing things that are a bit more functional even if weeby because they know people would laugh at them.

No. 173338

No anon, they have matching pairs. I remember seeing a photo of them both wearing those gay gold wing shoes together matching. We can see how much Lori gives a fuck about her pair. Never seen them on display or worn aside from that one photo. I think it was last thread or the one before that.

No. 173359

File: 1632120442720.png (5.12 MB, 828x1792, 9FF5376A-3460-4AA9-8597-8D1454…)

The autist in me went through 4 thread to find this but yeah, she doesn’t give a shit about the designer wang shoes Kevin absolutely would die on a hill defending.

No. 173381

I’m so curious what her 401k situation is. She probably has a couple hundred bucks sitting in random accounts slowly being drained to nothing because she’s being fee’d to death letting them sit there with no contributions. She probably doesn’t even know where they are.

No. 173384

Just look at their day to day and lifestyle. She does not have any savings. They're in perpetual credit debt.

No. 173421

You can see tell from her edits that her body is loose and has no muscle tone, she definitely has cellulite.

Definitely a weird cope. Childfree is a choice, most people with kids love and want them and kids doesnt mean a bad body. I've seen women with kids who look much more toned than her.

No. 173428

File: 1632146256179.png (839.35 KB, 720x1192, -Ch9Lj348ip90ftPz.png)

Yeah she's starting to get nitpicked by random mean anachans on Instagram too.

No. 173439

She's just so ugly in every way, she literally has nothing to offer

No. 173441

Just goes to show how Lori views women as lesser when they choose to settle down and she thinks pregnancy destroys your body and makes you a hag. Why else would she punch up like that talking like their lives are over? Also goes to show how badly Lori needed to not drop out of high school KEK. She's retarded. How is she almost 37…

No. 173442

That's what she gets lmao. They're right about her being skinny fat, I hope the anachan kids drag her ass

No. 173450

File: 1632151687249.png (1.76 MB, 1178x2048, Screenshot_20210920-082236.png)

>posts this expecting to see the dudes on her TL jump to send her $20-50 for nothing before gushing about how hot and little and sexy she is
>shares it thinking "I'm so cute and silly"
>only gets laugh reacts and one like from the same 3 people
>might get a pity share from a middle aged cat mom she friended
Lori, this doesn't even work for cute young women. Why would being a demanding whore work for YOU? If the only people liking and sharing are your high school friends maybe it's time you quit and go get a real job.

No. 173453

I also think Lori says this because although she got married a million times, it was never with someone who wanted her forever. If any of her relationships weren't a total fail, she would have a kid by now.

She is feeling jealousy towards all women her age having moved on, and her having to serve them in shitty retail jobs if she could be lucky to get one. At the same time, she has jealousy towards young women for obvious reasons.

>happy with herself

Literally everything Lori does proves she's a deeply unhappy person, especially with her own looks.

No. 173455

True. The way she forces everyone into engaging is weird. She's so desperate to keep down a man and run up his books. It's like it's all she knows how to plan for. I wonder who from the Moon days is bothering her so much with a nice life? She's gotta be seething and vague posting about someone in particular.

>happy with herself
No woman that loves herself does any of this. She's not even a person anymore, she's an avatar. Nothing about her is even close to her real being. That person has to be a child or a moid.

No. 173457

File: 1632153814357.gif (819.51 KB, 368x486, RDT_20210920_09013531832688271…)

Look! Kevin got to help! She let him throw cheese at her!

No. 173458

Kev after he sees this:
>I love my girlfriend A LOT. We have slept in the same bed for 4 YEARS. She is LITERALLY PERFECT. She lets me do everything I want and she lets me help. I help her shoot her content so no I'm not a "CUCK". YOU'RE JEALOUS I MAKE MONEY. I SPEND MONEY. I SPEND MONEY ON VELVEETA AND THROW IT AT MY SEXY PERFECT GF AND YOU'RE POOR AND UGLY.

No. 173459

All I see is white blur. I can't imagine having to pay for "spicy" noodz, when you have to strain your eyes to make out body parts

No. 173460

So quirky and edgy and totally not some lame attempt to copy Belle

No. 173464

She needs to stop with the "blowing up my cheeks to look uwu" thing because it looks so forced.. jeez..

No. 173465

>i'm skinner than you and u have backfat
It's about time lori got a taste of her own medicine, I wonder if younger anachans make her rage.

No. 173466

File: 1632157344844.gif (905.51 KB, 278x278, ohnoez.gif)

Since she said she watermarked it so it couldn't be stolen/edited.

No. 173467

Ohhhh how many outtakes must exist of this gif. Lori breaking her serious animu posing to berate Kev when the cheese lands on the floor behind her, occasionally getting slapped in the face with a sweaty kraft single. The cows milk themselves.

No. 173468

My vote for next thread pic

No. 173469

She wasn't capable of connecting with people IRL and now she can't even properly engage with people online. It's just "give me money" to her imaginary homies.

What is the deal with funnelcake? Is that the only food her stamps can afford? Her aggressive copium posts must look insane to any normalfags.

But then how will walmart Belle hide her sagging jowls?

No. 173474

>who from the Moon days is bothering her so much with a nice life?

Maybe Zan? I know she hasn't been active since 2015, her website is defunct, her Twitter hasn't been updated since aforementioned year, and her IG is private. It seems like she saw the cosplay community becoming ever more toxic and up and left considering she seemingly had her shit together offline anyway. She's likely homesteading somewhere (was one of her passions) and I can totally see Lori "checking in" on people she hated ages ago to see if she's doing better than they are (in her delusional mind).

No. 173477

That's so cool that Zan is into homesteading. I hope she is living her best textile making, chicken raising, peaceful life in a beautiful area. Very fitting for someone graceful and Serenity-like to end up with a life like that, where as Lori is… rolling around in her neon hovel (she's getting evicted from) in cheap lingerie, begging for change and seething online about other people having lives and people who actually love them. Hahahaha. My, my what karma.

No. 173478

This would make so much sense, considering how she goes out of her way to harass and stalk superior cosplayers when they forgot she even exists.

Topkek, you know they did this multiple times, I couldn't even tell what the image was of because it looked like post-its after all the filtering. She's so bad at this, Kevvy is a better e-girl than she is.

No. 173479

Her waistline on the right side is literally bouncing bigger and smaller kek

No. 173480

was the eviction confirmed? And they life in a shitty part of town right? How much of an annoyance do you have to be that even places that generally turn a blind eye are like "No get the fuck out." But, i'm still of the opinion the complex is doing the roundabout and just refusing to renew lease.

No. 173482

>sucking in hard as she can, barely any bones show in her chest hole
>flickering waist
>bulging neck from sucking in
>hands cover jaw
>stuck in her one and only allowed facial expression
>clearly rehearsed
>so overexposed you can see anything
>not funny
>aesthetically ugly
>cheap costume under bad lighting
>fried hair
>even more fried extensions
>expensive nail set that looks like ghetto ass press-ons
>jagged cheap headband of sweatshop quality
>spiders den of stuffed animals and distracting backdrop
>more filters
>bubble overlay
And this is her "advertising". Sad. I see 18-year-old autists groomed into this shit that do a better job and their content looks like snuff. God. Sex work was a mistake.

No. 173483

NTA, not confirmed but I mean, they scream at each other and might still hit one another so that would be possible. The apt complex has reviews within the last 4 years complaining about domestic disturbances and bad management.

No. 173491

File: 1632170267200.png (679.1 KB, 1238x2048, Screenshot_20210920-133711.png)

No. 173513

>more effort than whatever you do for money

Loonie is so out of touch.
They go to their job dumb ass, maybe sit at a desk, teach, are an accountant, foreman, work in logistics, etc…work.

I see "sex worker" in a lot of her stuff, is she maybe secretly stripping or hooking and that's where they get money from? Why suddenly say sex worker, I thought she was claiming to be an influencer or Instagram model? Those are two totally different categories IMO.

No. 173514

I honestly don't know if I believe it is her writing this and not Kevin when he seems to be the one who gets more pissed about reddit and is more likely to harp on "the rules" like that

No. 173515

i think at this point if she did show her self as she is with not filter not bull shit she would crack it seam to me there running out of rope to pull and it a matter of time till there homeless and then she would most likley start hooking

No. 173518

Then maybe the vocab switch is because she knows that might be a possibility or a necessity.

No. 173519

File: 1632179554624.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x1246, 33AB0BE6-1EFB-4EE9-8312-77552C…)

I don't think so but another reason Lori hates Zan (which I haven't seen mentioned and don't know why) is because Zan got into a relationship with Kelly (they've been broken up for a long time though, around the time Zan disappeared from the internet). Kelly and Lori dated a long time ago, too. Photos of them cosplaying together are few and far between these days but here are a couple from Crissy's website.

No. 173523

File: 1632182696102.jpg (137.91 KB, 720x986, IMG_20210920_170406_658.jpg)

No. 173526

>>173523 this is just kev larping as lori right? Why dont they have different accounts?

No. 173529

>>I wonder who from the Moon days is bothering her so much with a nice life?

Probably Sonnya. Lori likes to call her out thinking she is one of the "trolls". When in reality, Sonnya is living her best life, earning her Masters, making money, and traveling the world. She is very much removed from the entire Lori ordeal.

No. 173530

Hasn't Lori had several abortions as a fucked up form of birth control? I could've sworn I read about this in days of yore, around the time that Sprite bottle story came out.

No. 173531

Eating sugary deep fried shit for dinner isn't the flex you think it is, Lori

No. 173532

What? Anyone can eat funnel cake and she has a Hank Hill ass, just not as wide as Momokun's. Damn, she's embarassing. I can't wait for her to be out of the scene when she's 50 and people from her work Google her

No. 173540

People have been saying she probably won't attend cons anymore since she can't use filters but what if she just walks around with her cheeks puffed out like that at all times

I didn't even notice the cheese at first and was super weirded out because it looks like she's smelling her nails and she smells something funky on them

No. 173555

File: 1632189997321.jpg (60.88 KB, 960x789, EoNiCI4WMAAcG5f.jpg)

Don't act like Soni wasn't up in these threads like, a year ago. She loves to do the same thing, check in on her to use her as a marker for her own growth. She was dumb enough to namefag even. Not any better than Lori, IIRC she leaked one of the Kou's nudes or something in the early aughts. It was just overshadowed by everyone (including Lori) being racist towards her.


No. 173561

That is totally Kevin. It has his misuse of adverbs and punctuation that give him away.

No. 173565

File: 1632193028691.jpg (441.35 KB, 1080x1840, 20210920_215537.jpg)

No. 173569

this dud is losing it iv seen the nude there been leaked online there not worth buying they need to leave the internet get help and jobs

No. 173571

go to bed Jessie.(hi cow)

No. 173572

Yeah her nudes are always just her in her underwear and the real half nudes are always blurry and low quality.

Every sub of hers should leak her PPV so we can cackle at Lori pretending to seduce. I want to a-log myself because I actually want to see it. Kill me. Ugh.

Kevin and Lori are my favorite spergs.

No. 173573

NTA but who? Pridemore?

No. 173574

I'm not Jessie, you autist. I just was re-reading the first two threads. It was mentioned way back then. Soni has been popping in consistently, don't need to be a Koufaggot to know that. These dumbasses can't hide their footprints. Now, take your meds.

No. 173575

>dropouts, can't spell for shit
>claims to be educated
>claims to be a sexworker
>insults people and calls them abusers
>begs the same people to pay

Imagine being this retarded.

No. 173577

File: 1632197870644.png (424 KB, 499x709, Screenshot 2021-09-21 12.17.35…)

what in tarnation

No. 173578

Hiding the arm fat again I see. But this time hiding the growing double chin too. You ain't slick Lori. We see how hard you're trying to suck in.

No. 173581

This is not the move she thinks it is. This isn’t funny or cute. Also that cheese probably smells just like lori does everyday. Her nose is super flat and bent in this. >>173491
You were mean, that’s against the rules boohoo. He literally just messaged someone wishing cancer on their dog. >>173450
Real cute. Just encourage people to have a crush on you and send money. Like Kevin doesn’t matter at all. >>173428
She needs to stop doing her makeup like this. It looks horrible.

No. 173582

File: 1632199610684.png (201.41 KB, 600x513, CC705CD5-4A43-4C5C-AFF6-E638BD…)

No. 173583

File: 1632199641396.png (17.08 KB, 600x121, 08F813D8-DB50-4C00-8AB2-821ADF…)

They have a point.

No. 173584

this dud is losing it iv seen the nude there been leaked online there not worth buying they need to leave the internet get help and jobs>>173572

seen it it ant worth thw watch there a leak forum that has alot of her stuff im not sure if im aloud to put site up here so i dont want to piss the site off(sage)

No. 173586

cowtippers gtfo

No. 173587

redditors too

No. 173592

We've seen it already newfag. Keep up

No. 173593


Why this guy picked such an ugly name "Adolla Skye" to go as online is beyond me, like at least Lori lewd is descriptive and catchy, Adolla makes him sound Turkish or something

No. 173598

File: 1632211454792.png (95.92 KB, 236x594, Rumi_Usagiyama.png)

Cosplaying the tan and buff bunny hero from my hero?

No. 173601

The glitching is so bad on both of her sides topkek

No. 173605

i know nothing they do makes sense to any normal person but i am really lost on the inspo for making a clip where cheese slices are thrown at her body. is there a trend i’m unaware of or is she truly just scraping the bottom of the barrel?

No. 173606

It's hilarious that Kevin goes off every time he sees someone else breaking some internet rule or term yet has zero problem with Lori or himself doing the same thing

No. 173608


>begs the same people to pay

Kek! So their money is more valuable.

No. 173612

The new sanrio character Hello Fupa

No. 173619

LMAO that scoliosis curve she edits can't hide the fact we know she's shaped like a brick and doesn't look like that. Oink oink, piggy. You're getting fat!

No. 173621

File: 1632231779314.png (1.33 MB, 1076x2048, Screenshot_20210921-064157.png)

This caption just sounds like she's preemptively blaming us for when Kevin goes crazy and kills her. Not our problem KEK

No. 173623

Leave it to Lori to make another woman's gruesome murder about her and the haters she gets. It's totally her alluding to the internet, she made it public. It really does seem like she's just saying that Gabby was killed cause the internet made the moid do it? Which of course isn't true. She probably doesn't know anything and is just projecting their relationship on these people like they're some TV true crime and not real fucking people.

No. 173624

Shes so sick she takes a serious situation and tries to use it to her advantage. She's getting desperate but I garuntee it's really about her ego.

No. 173626

They just found this poor woman's body yesterday and Lori is already on her bullshit. Great. Stfu Lori if you die cause Kevin chimped out on you, that's his fault and nobody else. Wtf?

No. 173628

Is Lori suggesting that Kevin would kill her? Well if she thinks that and stays with him that's no ones fault but her own.

Always blaming others for her problems, the internet didnt drive anyone to anything, she had a horrible past and wanted to move forward like it never happened and when her boyfriend couldnt handle it she kept going anyway. Whose fault is that?

No. 173629

It's funny because Lori is the narcissist.

No. 173630

I was just going to say the same thing.

No. 173631

Yeah now that you said that it reads like she's threatening to kill Kevin, KEK. I bet she really feels called out whenever narcs get spotlight for killing and everyone starts shit talking them. She's probably mad she isn't a dude so she can't get away with letting her tard rage fly 100% unrestrained.

No. 173632

Pretty sure she is. Unless she meant "you want more people to end up like this" as like a general call for society to do better, she's probably talking to us. And if it's directed at us the only context that makes sense is her blaming us for one of them snapping and killing the other. Lori is making it seem like Kevin is a wildly wicked abuser who's ready to dump her body and she's acting like the victim who's gonna get chopped up cause the girl chan said she has belly rolls and a retarded moid.

No. 173633

And she's going to stay sitting there and do nothing about it because she doesn't really think Kevin will kill her, and I doubt she would imply she was going to kill him.

It's just another narc call for attention.

No. 173634

Yep. Everyone's backed away from their crazy cause they see what's happening. Even if her peers don't believe what is said they still see the messiness and steer clear. She's tired of people not being up her ass, asking her about her business, spilling the tea to her, coddling her, etc. Now that she has no Rikki to text at 3 am like "he's fighting and abusing me :/ can I come home with you tonight?" and there's no fangirls or idiots in her inbox DMCA'ing the farms for her and telling her she's a pretty princess, she's all fucked up and desperate. No money, no pity, only has the same 3 friends she's had for the last 20 years and no future. Just a life of crying wolf and sicking people on others like they're dogs. Wouldn't be surprised if she escalated if this didn't get her the attention and action she wants.

No. 173635

Lori is a vapid bitch who is attention seeking through a young girls tragic death. Keep her name out of your dirty whore mouth Lorena.

No. 173636

File: 1632235363832.png (109.3 KB, 1417x687, f_u_kev.png)

The sperg is up and at it again, say hello to Kevin everyone, I mean, Momokun!

No. 173639

File: 1632235959994.jpg (248.01 KB, 1622x796, SharedScreenshot.jpg)

Kevin, leading little birdies to the trough since 2018

No. 173644

File: 1632238107257.jpg (2.13 MB, 3457x2332, PicsArt_09-21-08.20.21.jpg)

Alright, one of you needs to shut the fuck up. Maybe be smart and switch accounts before you start shit stirring, go back to the tuna threads. The other two accounts are new and/or those are all their posts. It's weird. Seems like people just sat on their reddit accounts til they were ready to shit talk. These may all very well be farmers, if not the same person trying to break their typing style. I'm all for dissing Lori and laughing at Kevin but you guys are becoming pathetic with how hard you push it. It seriously doesn't take anything to set them off, you don't need to cowtip. I feel bad for everyone doing this shit cause imagine actually ending up being served with something cause you didn't cover your tracks KEK. Imagine Kevin Hanft successfully taking you to court over you being technologically illiterate and brazen with your harassment. I'm not capping for these tards by saying that either, this is just straight intentional harassment that makes them look good. It's not doing what you think it does. Stuff like this makes all the instances on Facebook and reddit before look like intentional trolls when they were actually organic interactions (barring Nony/Billie skinwalkers) that showed how delusional they were. Don't give them fodder, get a fucking hobby. Also, if you're going to do this you need to be smart. No one can stop you but remember that some nonnies here are unhinged and/or OSINT sleuths that can find everything about you using only part of your personal email. Don't end up fucking yourself, ladies.

No. 173645

Disgusting that she used the post to turn it into something about herself. Lori truly sees herself as the bf in this situation.

From what Kevin leaked, it's documented that Lori did all the same tactics that abusers like the bf do: remove the support group, victim blame, threaten with leaving or saying he raped her.

No. 173647

>imagine everyone being served with something

TOPKEK, Looks like we have a visitor, here to threaten no one with Lulsuits again

No. 173648


Kevin isn't taking anyone to court over reddit posts. Calm your tits. The cowtipping is annoying but so is your sperg about Kevin being some mastermind sleuth. If you're so terrified of him, maybe stop posting on lolcow.

No. 173649

Kevin is out in full force today, thinks he's getting better at disguising himself.

No. 173650

File: 1632238800418.jpg (117.5 KB, 1080x1920, 242381296_982272162329417_6139…)

>UwU new maid outfit eksdee teehee
>Look at these new Jordans they're fye
>please consider tipping me on ko fi to support me and Lori
>I need more subs like 30 more subs PLEASE I still need memorial funds for Shiro
>I'm struggling so much I'm having the hardest month of my entire life I need help I have no money and need to move please
>posts this
This geriatric loon must shuffle around Round 1 in her ghetto ass mall, like, 5 days a fucking week. Those games are $3-$5 per play which doesn't mean you win per play, sometimes those things take like 10 tries. Imagine how much they piss away on those $100 point cards for these fucking ugly knockoffs just to go in her spiders nest. And you still need money and subs, right? Can't pay bills?

No. 173653

Cowtip-chan pls it's not that serious, this place is crawling with them and Kevin won't do anything. He can't even figure out how to check IPs.
Definitely not Kevin, the whole Tuna excerpt has to be a farmer or someone at least good at lying. Kevin could never. Lori maybe. Doubt it though, KF is still dealing with DDOS so those idiots could be coming here momentarily. There's some spergy people in her thread there.

No. 173656

It doesn't read like Kevin, maybe Lori.

Claiming whatever that screen is of was cowtippers from here, saying "you guys" and believing Kevvy in all his pennies has a court case isn't integrated behavior. Nobody is reading through that slab of spergtext.

No. 173657

File: 1632240462830.png (425.92 KB, 2048x954, Screenshot_20210921-090416.png)

Found two comments that made me cringe. Honey, posing is not supposed to be on par with contortionists. If you hurt your back you're doing things you shouldn't to your spine and hips. Good to know you're quite literally breaking your back to look like you have a nice body instead of doing the workouts and dieting properly. Old girl gonna be shaped like an upside down L in 10 years.

No. 173659

File: 1632240563091.png (385.18 KB, 2048x517, Screenshot_20210921-090259.png)

This is just… This is who she appeals to but even they don't pay her. This is her demo. Him and trannies who "cosplay" (skinwalk loli characters as 18-30 year old fat rapist moids) are the only people who compliment her aside from the typical groveling costhots that think Lori has real clout.

No. 173665

File: 1632242504417.jpg (92.69 KB, 720x1134, IMG_20210921_094021_408.jpg)

They deleted all the Reddit freakouts lol.

No. 173666

Too late, everyone got their caps in. Don't understand why they do that every time like someone isn't going to drop the pics the next time they say they never said any of that.

No. 173667

Kevin kinda has a point about the weird stalkers, but with exception of archive anon on lolcow, who made the unnecessary kiwifarms thread after endlessly spamming this thread with her million Lori pictures, most of us aren't that invested other than finding it mildly amusing. The reddit spergs crying about being ScAmmed because they bought a subscription to Lori's lame Onlyfans are a beast of their own, idk if it's just the same scrote on multiple accounts, but someone is very pressed beyond the very low actual risk Lori and Kevin offer newcomers.

No. 173668

File: 1632243645410.jpg (83.44 KB, 720x1107, IMG_20210921_095832_342.jpg)

So Lori tried to sell plasma. Sure she's making big OF money.

I wonder what happened though.

No. 173669

Does she always just complain on social media? Jfc she’s fucking insufferable

No. 173670

What discrimination? There’s no context?

Regardless, she’s such a fucking Karen. Is she that desperate for attention??

No. 173671

File: 1632245287593.png (960.71 KB, 1711x2048, Screenshot_20210921-102711.png)

Are you kidding me

No. 173672

If she didn't do it cause she saw it on Kiwi and raged then that is a creepy coincidence. Wow. Not even 30 mins later she's on it.

No. 173674

So Lori managed to take 2 sad posts today and make them about her? She needs to be banned from the internet. What an asshole. I'm sure that kids Mom, who will look at this post, because it's her kid posted in a public place doesnt need this shit from a looser like Lori. Bitch has no perspective.

No. 173676

There is nothing unecessary about Lori's Kiwis thread, it's an awesome archive of her past behavior that's laid out really well. People here shit on Kiwi but if we had user names we'd see how many anons are here on the daily too.

No. 173677

IIRC you have to be at least 110 lbs to donate blood or plasma, so if she IS that small, that's why she got denied. Otherwise, maybe she is sick? Another possibility is that she honestly answered the STD / Sexual History questions and they had to decline because it's dirty. To my understanding the protocol for choosing blood donors is the same as plasma according to the Red Cross. Also even if you don't say you have STDs but you don't have recent screening results, they can deny you. I really feel like she got denied cause of her terrible sexual health and now she's going to blame it on them turning away a "sex worker" cause they hate whores or whatever. You would think she'd know these rules since you learn them in US schools when you're introduced to blood drives in elementary.

No. 173678

So which one of Lori’s old friends is this?

No. 173679

People keep bringing up Jessie Pridemore, I don't know what she would get out of this but that's one old friend that we know defend her on main. Doubt it's Sonnya cause she would just call her ugly and laugh at them being roasted. Kayla seems too retarded to function and Ender is pretty removed. Could always just be a retard in the wild, too.

No. 173680

…or she has high blood pressure. Given everything and the stress she says she constantly feels she probably just has insane levels. That will have you immediately rejected. Good job exposing how much you hate women who have sex though.

No. 173682

No one cares if you're STD ridden like Lori

No. 173684

You also are not supposed to donate after smoking or taking edibles, and we all know she's a pothead. Sex workers are also not supposed to donate, so knowing her, she told them she was a ~sex worker~ for clout and they turned her down. She also could be iron deficient, which makes the most sense since she eats like shit.

No. 173686

considering she said it was "discrimination" I would be its because she said her job is onlyfans.

No. 173688

Ahh fuck, I know Ophelia and she’s a lovely gal. A bit of a thot but a kind person, sad to see her kissing up to Lori of all people

No. 173689

Let's be real here she walked in and was refused right away cause she looks and sounds like a ladyboy that lives in an alley. That's how you get HIV 2.

No. 173692

Is this the sub who told her she looks eight? Because that shit needs to be on a watchlist

No. 173695

I also remember reading about that as well years ago. Alas, I can't find the thread I read about it though.

No. 173699

Someone posted telling Lori to donate blood, then Lori tried to do so the same hour for money? Then complained on social media like a fucking Karen that nobody wants her tainted shit?

What's with her harassment of health social media lately? She did this before on some other facebook account last I saw. Insufferably selfish.

These are likely reasons, on top of looking like a crackhead. She likely weighs more than enough but right now she's too busy pretending to be ana.

No. 173703

“You need to check your nurses” was probably turned away for a perfectly reasonable issue such as her weight, sexual history, medical conditions, age related conditions, high blood pressure or pulse, iron level, lifestyle choices. And I’ve never heard of a center that will let you donate if you’re under 100lbs so IF she is truly 100lbs then there’s a perfectly good reason. Another thing that will defer you is if you’ve had sex with a man who’s had sex with another man kek who’s putting bets on power bottom Kevin?

No. 173704

I've known bisexual women denied by the cross cause of their sexual history despite being clean on tests. Sometimes they deem you more at risk for pathogens and they just don't take the chance. Taking tainted blood can kill so many people. Of course, Lori cares more about the $100 plasma card and her ego.

No. 173708

>I D O N A T E my plasma to sick chillen, but discrimination ! !

Ok. I used to work for a pharmaceutical that processed blood plasma so let's clear up a few things.
One, you receive money for the plasma. You're not really ""donating"" plasma so much you are agreeing for a company to pay you a meager sum for plasma which they in turn sell for a worthy sum to an even bigger company. That company quarantines and processes plasma to turn it into pharmaceuticals where they charge those sick children's health insurance/parents giant sums for the medical products.
It's not a fucking charity, there's financial incentive. They pay people for the plasma because there's so much fucking money to make off the products these pharma companies produce with that plasma.
Because the incentive is so tiny, it's typically not worth the average person's time unless they feel particularly strongly about donating plasma. Therefore the types of people these plasna companies usually attract are people who are in tight financial spots–no shade, we were all broke college kids once except for Lori–or, lying drug addicts. Which brings us to the next topic
>but muh discrimination ! ! !
Lori got deferred as a plasma donor and is pissed about it. She wasted her time and didn't get the comp she wanted haha.
Honestly I doubt it was Lori's weight (btw let's not fluff her ego and act like she's less than 100 pounds, we know she edits herself smaller). More than likely something was wrong with her medically, like low blood iron, low protein, blood pressure, or maybe a recent infection. And if she was honest about her sleep patterns, she could have been rejected for lack of sleep as well. She could have also foolishly admitted she does a form of sex work. The fact of the matter is center staff are trained to smell bullshit and have the right to kick out anyone they deem unfit. Having to test and quarantine plasma from a new donor costs time and money. Lori is unhealthy and useless, she can't even help herself, so no surprise she can't even help other people even when there's pay to.

And the fact that she'd blame staff who are just doing their job and not take some introspection to look at herself and some choices is just classic Lori.

No. 173722

File: 1632270591749.jpg (84 KB, 720x1132, IMG_20210921_172505_433.jpg)

Lori updated her Amazon wishlist. Underneath this is a second pink laptop and a whole bunch of rugs because she got sensitive we pointed out her filthy carpet.

No. 173726

They're literally a Karen and a Kevin. The perfect, dysfunctional, loser match.

No. 173727

Jessie is the kind of friend who will defend you on her main where you can see it's her and then shittalk you behind closed doors, so I wouldn't be surprised if this is her. I'm friends with somebody who was close with her in the past and he has told me what Jessie is like so I wouldn't put it past her to do this.

No. 173736

> She could have also foolishly admitted she does a form of sex work. The fact of the matter is center staff are trained to smell bullshit and have the right to kick out anyone they deem unfit.

It's likely due to her saying her job is SW, that's why "discrimination". It matches Kevvy's recent spergout about saying she has a job as SW.

Centers are used to turning away strung out people who are showing up for a few bucks. She looks and acts unhinged, no fucking way a nurse is giving a tard like the time of day for her taint.

No. 173737

It sounds like you have had a buffer between yourself and the desperately poor. In these fentanyl times if you live in a state where plasma collection is a thing, the bar is underground for who these places will take and it's actually incredible and hilarious that Lori's homebody ass would get rejected. Like you have to be next level smooth brained to honestly answer the clear iv drug use and gay sex screening questions in the year of our lord 2021.

No. 173739

Knowing Lori she probably showed up in one of her Dollskill outfits looking like a proper ho and pridefully boasted about how she makes money with her body kek. Anyone willing to dress like she does then admit to sex work would probably be throwing out additional mental instability and drug abuse vibes which staff absolutely don't want to fuck with.
I mean it's gotta be rejection due to lifestyle, right? If it were something medical related I don't think she'd be in such a tizzy about discrimination, and we all know if she weighed too little to donate then she'd be humblebragging about it up and down lmao.

I like how she has to buy new shit just cause she's too lazy to clean the old shit. Does she even own a vacuum? If they sold pink vacuums would she finally buy one? Lol

No. 173745

>we all know if she weighed too little to donate then she'd be humblebragging about it up and down lmao

Exactly. We'd never hear the end of it, if it was about being too smol uwu. This confirms that it was about her lifestyle, and that she's also lying about being 100lbs. We've seen how she is really shaped in candids, kek.

On top of appearance and occupation, she probably has a rude attitude when dealing with staff and probably wanted more money for her premium ~vampire blood~.

Imagine being so shameless to publicly complain about nurses, the frontline workers during a pandemic on social media of all places. She deserves the worst.

No. 173748

So the Alienware died? she had an aurora I'm guessing she bought from Bestbuy then which is the base tower and doesn't include any of the cooling it needs.

No. 173775

The most hilarious part of her possibly telling the staff that she does sex work is they would never know she means showing half a crusty asshole and nip slips.

Remember when Kevin asked her if they were ever gonna do it again and she said no?! I wonder how he feels sperging about how his "fiance" is a sex worker when she wont sleep with him.

Sorry but the sex worker thing is just an excuse to have a label cause shes a little lost sheep. Everyone gets to be something, a student, a mom, a specific career title and she's got nada! So she came up with the sex worker crap to feel like she fits somewhere. Unless shes legit doing something under the radar, but she's to stupid for that and I doubt it seeing her failed OF, Patreon, etc..

No. 173776

File: 1632319461315.png (537.89 KB, 2048x1467, Screenshot_20210922-070245.png)

Brave and bold take for someone who does not get laid and only gets flirted with by chomos

No. 173778

Funny as hell coming from a somatic narc who's obsessed with being fuckable and needs to always be reassured she is fuckable and the prettiest princess in the world. Never known someone to put more emphasis on sex than Lori. She's a nympho but not in the cool way, in the destroy your life and end up pregnant way.

No. 173782

If shes a nympho whose she sleeping with? Being a nympho and having a huge ego are very different. Granted she was a slut when she was young but now it looks like she just wants people's money. I'm sure some of it has to do with her hanging on to her obsession with her looks but I think shes a fraud and hardly as nympho.

No. 173784

File: 1632325414261.jpg (54.3 KB, 720x698, IMG_20210922_084108_788.jpg)

I keep laughing at this. Kevin accidentally followed the call-out Tumblr. The Tumblr that nobody from either farms knew about until Kevin posted about it on Reddit.

No. 173787

>she came up with the sex worker crap to feel like she fits somewhere

She spams the label in hopes of sounding like she's sexually desirable online. It's karma that she faces the consequences of using it IRL, without any of the monetary benefits either online or off, kek.

NTA but she cheated on Kevvy whenever she can and is still trying to. She's a certified catfish now and even with all the shooping, nobody will take the bait.

No. 173788

He's so fucking stupid. He always brings attention to things that otherwise would fade into the past. You'd think if Lori got that then he would, but no. Not sperg-san. That tumblr brought up some great moments I forgot about. >>>/w/158458 in particular sent me. All I envision in my head is a man-faced, sugar high little sperg stealing people's Sailor Moon shit and jewelry like an actual goblin. Picturing her in a full tard rage swinging her arms and screeching because they called her out for ashing her smokes on the carpet and stealing food. That was 2014 and it sounds just like the infamous PA house stories.

No. 173789

Rikki and god knows who else? What do you mean. Did you forget when he and Lori pulled up on Kevin and broke his shit with bats and the cops came?

No. 173791

Took a look and got a meaty kek from >>158463

>we get lots of comments every day about how model like we are

Totally true story from Lori and Kevin with their meth head looking asses.

No. 173800

File: 1632336006630.png (1.61 MB, 1035x2048, Screenshot_20210922-113627.png)

Why does Lori follow random old moids?

No. 173812

Trying to ditch Kevvy and probably thinks the older the better because $$$

No. 173816

File: 1632342623003.png (2.34 MB, 1552x2048, Screenshot_20210922-132636.png)

She looks fucking terrifying. Crunched from the Meitu app, couldn't be bothered to shoop muscle since the character is really fit. No, alter your whole face, skull and waist but leave your skinny fat arms and legs just flop around. Totally doesn't expose you for shoop! It's just the ~setting spray~ right? Also scary cheap contacts return! Get ready for those terrifying bloodshot sanpaku eyes again. Hag is more repulsive by the day.

No. 173818

I wonder if she is using eye enlarging in the app as a filter or if she manually taps to enlarge the eyes afterward. In the last few of her photos one of the eyes is artificially enlarged more than the other and it makes her look like an image from a creepypasta

No. 173821

If the filter is obscured by hair or a phone it will read the photo and tell itself to only edit the most visible eye, usually the one closer to the camera. It's likely it messed up or she manually enlarged and messed up. Her edits always look rushed.

No. 173823

File: 1632345400047.png (2.46 MB, 2048x2027, Screenshot_20210922-141450.png)

She exposes herself in her own post top kek. Square ass head and no curves, bent the shit out of that waist piece.

No. 173825

File: 1632346676964.jpeg (298.19 KB, 1170x1382, D0C241AA-3862-4719-BFEF-936B7E…)

No. 173828

File: 1632346834985.jpeg (165.02 KB, 1170x671, AED84507-B3FA-4920-AE6F-237336…)


No. 173830

I seriously cannot fathom why she can't just clean her room. If I was a brand sending her "free" shit to post I'd be so put off if I saw a piece of clothing I sent her crumpled up in a chair behind her. She's such an idiot.

No. 173838

Of course she's fine with being compared to men wearing porn stars skins exhibiting offensive stereotypes of women. She likes and replies to furry pedos and lolicons. She herself is a lolicon. Can't have troons without pedophilia. Imagine thinking that calling yourself "a 14 year old boy" is a W. That's a fat fucking cope Lori. You've always likened yourself to the mature, beautiful, popular girls which never looked like traps or 14 year old boys. They were hyper feminine and shaped like women. Acting like you've always embraced looking like a man in a wig isn't going to cover up the 10+ years of you pretending to be Usagi Tsukino. Not to mention the last Zero Two skinwalk. Nice try. Glad my comment made you that buttmad, cry yourself to sleep and eat everyone's leftovers you pig. Stuff your face and squeal.

No. 173839

kevin is confirmed a gay pedo who is into girls that look like and act like a 14 year old boy, according to looni

No. 173840

File: 1632348952343.gif (343.67 KB, 549x376, 250.gif)

Soooo not offended. That's why you edit your waist into an hourglass and try so hard to be a little feminine fairy elf. If you liked looking like a trap you'd have the Bieber cut and wear programmer socks and piss in bottles.
But he is tho. All his old friends attest to his type being small women that look really young. It's why he was drawn to Lori anyway. Flat and short, no self esteem and she dresses tacky like a teen in teen porn vids so it's his dream. Doesn't matter if she's old just hit it from the back and think about 16 year old cosplayers, lol. Never change Kev.

No. 173841

She tries so hard to be woke, but as a former TIF with troon brain rot and respectability politic brain worms, she's doing a heckin' transphobia by calling TIMs "traps" and not "women" or "trans women". Also everyone knows she's a woman cause her vag has been posted everywhere since 2005. Goes to show how performative and out of touch she is with her own supposed "community" since she's "bi" or whatever.

No. 173842

File: 1632350198498.jpg (102.06 KB, 720x1115, IMG_20210922_153515_362.jpg)

Idk why they haven't given up on Reddit yet. Nobody wants her shit lol.

No. 173844

Are you angry that she gets more shares and likes than you probably do? You people are sick narcicissts who get your fun out of hurting someone you dont even know. Thats pathetic. You're probably fat and look like a man too all you anons act like your all hot and under 30 but youre not and you can be bitter she is 36 and rocking it. And before ou say hi cow i'm not lori i'm just someone tired of this harassment everywhere you guys are so evil and do this to people you know are nicer and better than you. They work so hard on everything they do and you sit here working hard to edit her uglier and make fake accounts to write lies about them GROW UP YOU FUCKING LOSERS

No. 173845

Yeah and thats why she gets hundreds and hundreds of upvotes and subs on her fansly and only fans totally. A bunch of crap(whiteknighting)

No. 173847

Begone, white knight.

No. 173849

Kevin don't you have Bakugo memes to have meltdowns over.

No. 173850

She will never fuck you. You're probably a moonie oldfag. That's embarrassing.

No. 173851

>all you anons act like your all hot and under 30 but youre not

No. 173853

> you look like a man too
>you edit her uglier
so you agree she looks like an ugly man?

No. 173854

File: 1632354583204.png (581.31 KB, 2048x1564, Screenshot_20210922-164912.png)

You don't fit XS but that's cute, you tried!

No. 173856

File: 1632354921852.webm (6.76 MB, 1080x1904, screen-20210922-164856_2.webm)

Why does she do that fake voice? She sounds like a nasally mouth breather

No. 173857

Kevin is just mad Lori is cheating on him.

How else can she afford all her clothes and shoes? She doesn't post that she got stuff for free or sponsored anymore, and she has no subs.

She is getting gifted money and sending nudes / sexting with guys behind your back.

No. 173858

Her videos are even worse than her pics. She doesn't do anything except twitchy movements while bugging out her eyes and puffing her cheeks. And she always insists on doing that face shake thing like when a dog has a floppy toy in its mouth. She will then do the same face shake but with her hand next to her chin. She never even tries regular "sexy moves" like gazing at the camera, lip licking, finger sucking, blowing kisses, nothing. Don't get me wrong, it would be horrifying to see Lori do these things but she would at least be trying to be seductive and appealing.

No. 173859

You don't know anything about them. What, are you in their phones? I'd love to know how any of you know anything. "not works of fiction or falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as false" Literally everything you guys say is never backed up by evidence but okay

No. 173860

Post face and then talk(whiteknighting )

No. 173862

File: 1632355659376.jpeg (24.38 KB, 334x250, AEC325DC-E535-459A-A89F-1CD0BA…)

>post face
how bout these, faggot?

No. 173863

not even close to what i said but thanks for proving that you're a shitty person too. She looks normal>>173862 Yeah she looks pretty in both you guys use the same 3 pics of her in hallways like everyone looks bad in con hallway pics fuck OFF.

No. 173864

Call me Kevin all you want but even he will tell you the truth. Yore all really stupid stupid and think everyone is the cows

No. 173865

she been shopping her self for years it just out of hand at this point if she act her age instead she basically going know where hell it like she not really trying sure u say the same 3 picture but there tons of them any any picture any one took of her at a con get taken down due to her >>173863

No. 173866

File: 1632356159351.jpeg (207.8 KB, 711x1011, C1172215-43C1-498C-B0D4-03C370…)

stop shitting up the board and integrate if you’re not bishie

No. 173867

File: 1632357236211.png (1.58 MB, 2048x1902, Screenshot_20210922-173329.png)

Just report the WK. Here's the kind of degen troons Lori hypes up. Love how she talks like she's an actual model, kek.

No. 173868

File: 1632357625526.png (384.56 KB, 2048x700, Screenshot_20210922-173930.png)

No. 173869

Why are you lying for Lori lmao I’ve taken many photos of people in the hallway at cons and tagged them and they don’t look completely different from their Instagram because they don’t photoshop like Lori does.

No. 173870

wow graced by Kevin yet again, love to see it. This is obviously him because he’s brought up the satire lolcow tagline in multiple spergs (he thinks it’s real for some reason) and always focuses on calling us ugly and fat while defending Lori.

No. 173871

>bleached whale
My sides. The milk are milking themselves.

No. 173873

File: 1632358647048.png (743 KB, 1460x3291, 62ED882D-8099-4229-AB94-85FB9B…)

Well youre literallly quoting this post so hi kevin(hi cow)

No. 173874

>tales from sleeping on the couch

You know it's hitting a nerve when Kevvy and Loonie sperg out and project everything they're insecure about in one go. There is a lot of talk about fatness lately, guess she's gotten fatter than we thought again.

>but with her hand next to her chin
She does that to hide that a filter shrinks her jowls.

No. 173876

Kevvy boy is triggered. Found out she's cheating with Rikki again eh? Better hide your knock off bitchboy shoes and dollar store clothes, or else they'll both destroy those too like they did with your computer…

Or if it's Lori, triggered from us seeing through your edits, chubby hag? Go stuff your face with some more funnel cakes and cry because you're going to be on the streets soon. You're just jealous that we're successful enough to have some free time on the toilet to laugh at and be entertained by your milk. Karma for being a grade A cunt throughout the years is so sweet to watch.

No. 173879

Probably because, like you said, photos of them are far and few in between and I assume that goes for milk, too. Is Kelly still online or in contact with Lori? We all know that Lori is the same as Shayna when it comes to pretending to be sexually attracted to women.

No. 173881

I love that their only defense every time is that we're jealous
Jealous of what exactly? Some bought IG followers and dollskill trash?

No. 173885

Obviously were jealous of their luxurious popcorn ceiling apartment, tinfoil pants, plastic shoes and Loris smooth, saggy ass.

No. 173886

File: 1632365547946.jpg (53.17 KB, 720x789, IMG_20210922_195016_982.jpg)

Fucking gross. She replied to the scrote that said he had a boner at a daycare. She also replied to the girl who defended her from the girl who said she had back fat.

No. 173887

I know this slightly off topic but is there way to prove she buying followers as that against term and service on Instagram

No. 173889

She is a pedo dude she's obsessed with lolis and identifying as a 14 yr old and then replying to people like this… Like come on

No. 173891

She replies less harshly to the pedo freak than she did to the person who said she is thinner lmao. Insecurity projection indeed.

No. 173892

File: 1632367049101.png (2.42 MB, 1193x2048, Screenshot_20210922-200217.png)

>be 36
>be so delusional you're practically schizo
>hyper fixate on youth and beauty
>become a lolicon after years of a somewhat wholesome attraction to young female characters as a young woman
>become porn addicted and a sex worker
>cope with trauma and struggle with aging by pretending you're younger than you are
>cope with your lack of curves by calling yourself a loli
>lolicon normalized by your boyfriend
>paint yourself as a pastiche of a little girl from an anime
>be stupid and bubbly but snarky and sexual with childlike innocence and a baby face
>whole personality is sugar, stuffies, clothes, shoes, anime, being small loli
>you don't interact with other humans so to pass the time you dress up and stare at yourself, prance around eating sugar and bumble through responsibilities in the daytime
>you're sitting alone in your hovel in the evening, going mad, obsessively checking to see if you've gotten any more subscriptions or had any new requests or lolcow posts
>sees Facebook ad for lucky charms marshmallows
>ermergerd! Like, I'm a little sugar loli elf gremlin spicy baby succubus anime princess space mahou shoujo trap mommy moomoo silly pony girl!!
>add marshmallows to Amazon wishlist
>oh fuck. I have no money and they won't even take my plasma at the bank, fuck.
>Kevin never makes any fucking money fuck he's useless
>Share to Feed
>stares blankly into the glow of your phone
>You deserve this, Lori.
>pic rel
Almost 40 LARPing as a little girl e-begging for marshmallows while she's getting evicted. The absolute state of the woman. Gag.

No. 173895

imagine being so god damn poor you can't afford a marshmallow. she keeps posting her L's

No. 173925

>Kev begging us to show proof of her cheating

Just look at her phone.

No. 173926

I thought they were supposed to be above asking for food

No. 173928

I read that Kevin begging for receipts post like this:

>y-you guys don’t have proof! r-right? Losers! You aren’t in their phones so how could you know? Y-you aren’t in her phone, right?

Dude was triggered hard. I wonder how’s it feel she doesn’t follow you but she follows rich old randos?

No. 173931


He must know on some level all her income is from selling feet pics and nudes privately to people she messages through OF.

All online whores do this unless they're stupid or their OF profile alone nets them money (rare, this is for Trisha Paytas level cows only).

But then he still comes on here and triggers himself about it

No. 173948

File: 1632412451575.jpg (59.61 KB, 720x443, IMG_20210923_085252_909.jpg)

Ok but WHY does he keep severely injuring his feet?!

No. 173952

Clown feet. As an anon with big feet, you run into everything a lot if you don't pay attention.

No. 173954

She just doesn't want to use her own money for this stuff. She values herself in how much people want to give her stuff for free. She bases her likeness on how many hearts she gets in a photo. I can see wanting the charms and I don't see it as beig too poor, she just wants someone else to spend the money. She's probably hoping Kevi sees this, buys her the charms, and he will try to wiggle his way into her good graces, only for her to do the whole "Thanks, now go away" bit again. She's such a cunt.

No. 173956

Oh, good job, Kevin. Call potential sponsors "just fucking stupid" when they don't sponsor you or give you free merch. Great way to want them to work with you.

>lolcow is an anon hate website were people post "dirt/milk"

Kevin can't even get it right. Dirt? kek

He's so hellbent on it being a cosplayer thing. They post everything publicly, have public fights, say vile things to commentators if they don't like what is said, Lori has a long, un-doctored history, eve before Kevin, of harassing people online for not being light-skinned enough, pretty enough, or skinny enough in her own opinion. There's no miscommunication.

No. 173957

I thought he done done with the cosplay community. That was short lived. >>173776
Yes lori like everyone else’s personal choices that you flame. >>173828 insulting people by calling them “traps” >>173621 her own comparison to this tragedy is disgusting. Especially after telling someone else to end their life and harassing people online for a decade. How tone deaf can you be.

No. 173958

He has to post old photos because he hasn’t done any new projects since meeting lori.

No. 173960

>pedo saying he had a boner at a daycare

>calling Lori fat


This bitch is fucking crazy. Anyone would have been grossed out and reported him but this freak just entertains these pedophiles hoping to get their money. Can't wait for her to go full Homolka with Kevin and just start snatching up little teenagers like the fucking creeps they are. Seriously their attitudes around pedophiles and the way they call her a "loli" makes me more uncomfortable with each new post and thread. Put these clowns on a watchlist.

No. 173961

Yep! He's done nothing but fiddle with his Bakadouche get up. He knows it too but wants to act like it was only a year ago that he was cosplay famous and he thinks he still is.

No. 173962

This is actually disturbing. and the way she is playfully going along… I hope she meets up with one of these nasty pedos and they see she's a fucking hag so she's ditched and stranded. She's so beyond help

No. 173966

This nigga always hurting his feet

No. 173968

I mean she's not even above bragging about people saying her heavily filtered costume photos look like kids, so it's clear that more than just putting up with it she actually enjoys it on some level. So much worse.

No. 173971

Kevin, if she’s not going to swerve a pedo with a boner at a daycare, she’s not going to swerve some dude disrespecting the boundaries of your relationship. Really stop and think about that. She’s never had a solid moral compass. Once a cheater always a cheater.

No. 173974

She definitely gets off to kids then. If you enjoy being perceived as a little girl in sexual get-ups, you're an autopedophile, Lori. She really thinks the worst things she is facing is people saying shes a scammer? Wait til someone shows all the instances of her calling herself pedobait basically, calling herself loli, saying its the nickname "her family" gave her. Shes a pedo. Full stop. You're so right. This sick bitch even alluded to cosplaying Rini "Mini Moon" after she did "Sailor Moon" in the holographic micro seifuku. She's so disgusting. Who diddled her to make her this way? Like, what the fuck is with this hag? Why can't she just call herself a woman and do adult characters?

No. 173975

Check her phone, Kevvie ;)(emoji)

No. 173982

File: 1632422751167.png (1.96 MB, 2048x1231, Screenshot_20210923-114018.png)

You don't have a place to live, you're begging for money everyday but you need things off your wishlist? Also posting while driving? Fuck off. Nobody buys you shit for a reason. You buy things off your list and act like you're being spoiled by men. You're not. You're a e-begging whore and you're rapidly declining in organic numbers and interaction. We know you're likely just posting this so that if Rikki or whoever you're currently cheating with buys you $10 bikinis (so you shut your screeching, gaping maw) Kevin will suspect it's just a sub. The men who buy your subs don't even pay for your PPVs after they realize the first one was a rip off. Why would they buy you laptops and candy? Get a retail job and seethe like every other faildaughter that's dropped out of reality and chose to be a costhot online.

No. 173985

What a punchable face.

No. 173989

File: 1632425332158.jpg (75.37 KB, 720x564, IMG_20210923_122629_585.jpg)

Looks like another moving saga. Kevin won't be able to do as much this time, if we are to believe him about his foot. Lori also changed her Instagram bio. It used to say "NYer in Utah" but now it says "Salt Lake City" and instead of asking for dms for collabs she changed it to "Let me model what you make."

No. 173997

Didn't one of the guys she cheated with show receipts here?

All Kevvy does is get triggered and go back to Lori every time anyway.

Should we be looking forward to the eviction saga when October hits?

No. 173998

Wow they made it to the big city that is SLC! Big time, baby. I love that she says it's awesome quality but all I can focus on in the other photos is the sock's screen print cracking from her sitting down. Also the amount of loose threads in the previous posts of her in this is funny. Could also be from her forcing on these XXS/XS costumes to appease her delusion. Congrats on finding another tinderbox in your eternal cycle of renting and pissing money down the drain.

No. 174000

Kevin is going to come out of the wood work and say this is proof the haters want them dead or something

No. 174001

Anons have tried to run her through socialblade and other things like it but she's on a personal account, not a business/creator so you can't check those, at least with free sites. Sage your non-milk next time.

Yeah, it was some guy talking about how Lori was wanting to meet for a quickie at AX when Kevin was there. He did immediately go back the next day, kek.

No. 174004

Yeah iirc it was about a year ago. He provided screenshots where Lori wanted him to visit secretly, without Kevin knowing, and then told the guy that they "wouldn't be sneaking around" lol. It definitely seemed to me like a guy she's known for awhile, who Kevin also knows about, because he mentioned to Lori that he thought she was mad at him because she won't add him to social media and she said she can't because Kevin would freak out.

No. 174008

File: 1632431827889.png (758.77 KB, 1280x1470, tumblr_bb0efcca805fbfd7e4558f4…)

No. 174009

No one's going to buy you robes, Lori, you stupid bitch. Get a job.

No. 174010

"i'm not going to sneak around wtf"
"obviously i wouldn't tell him"
she's such a dumb bitch

No. 174013

Bet she's getting robes because she can't fit into her clothes anymore.

No. 174015

File: 1632435216553.gif (865.11 KB, 430x221, ezgif.com-gif-maker (2).gif)

Probably. If you never wear real clothes you can totally skate by buying XS bikinis and cheap lingerie, fooling yourself into believing you're pocket sized.

No. 174023

Kev's been quiet since this was posted and anons told him to check the phone.

No. 174029

That gif is gold, anon

No. 174033

Lmfao and I guess the constant statuses Kevin makes saying "LORI IS ABUSING ME!!!" Just never existed either

No. 174047

No, that's not how getting off to kids works. It's LG mentality. You don't dress childlike because you're attracted to kids and she doesn't dress like a child, pretty much she wears rave and lingerie gear. That's not confusing the two and she looks nothing, at all, even with editing, like a child.

No. 174048

>t. pedo

No. 174067

Anon, are you blind or making excuses because you also fetishize kids? Does Lori look 8? No. Does she look like a disgusting degenerate 40 year old retard who thinks she looks 8 and peddles her shit towards people who also fetishize children? 100%. There’s an overwhelming amount of caps of her encouraging and following pedophilic content while also enabling and exhibiting pedophilic tendencies and behaviors. Fuck off.

No. 174070

And yet she feels the need to brag that her "simps" tell her she does. It's possibly totally made up that anyone would say that, but at the very least she is proud of the idea of men who sub to her seeing her as a little girl. I get she especially doesn't look like that to us because we're a bunch of women who have known of her for years, but scrotes who look for pedobait on onlyfans don't think like you and I, and it's clear Lori wants to attract them with that shit or she wouldn't post about it. One time she posted about someone saying they couldn't believe she wasn't a kid, and another time that she was mistaken for being a literal child. It's at the very least something she is fantasizing about and it is fucked. It is all in these threads if you lurk for it.

No. 174078

Anon, she's a lolicon. Can't get more pedo than that. Don't be weird.

No. 174091

File: 1632495463174.png (Spoiler Image,1.15 MB, 1174x2048, Screenshot_20210924-075100.png)

Please explain why she reposts and likes drawn CP? Please explain why she calls herself a loli. If it's not about an attraction to little girls and acting out trauma in problematic ways, please enlighten me. It really just seems like you're partial to DDLG kinks and don't want to admit you're complicit in replicating pedophilia and perpetuating it. She shares lolis, calls herself one and models her entire aesthetic after being a small, innocent and corruptible thing that has the sex appeal of a woman while looking ambiguously young. Just cause she isn't pasting kids faces on hers doesn't mean she isn't pandering and skinwalking little anime girls for her and others sexual satisfaction. Nobody dresses themselves in sexual attire they find unattractive or gross. She is confident in this aesthetic cause she genuinely likes and regularly consumes this degenerate weeb porn. So does Kevin. They literally nicknamed each other after Riku and Shuvi from No Game No Life. Shuvi is one of those "body of a 7 year old but I'm 100000 yard old" types. How is that not pedo shit to you? If you forgot or don't know the extent just read this and then try defending it again. https://lorilewd.tumblr.com/post/663162360402444288/lori-the-lolicon

No. 174096

File: 1632496779332.jpg (309.65 KB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_09-24-08.17.50.jpg)

Aaaaaand he's blocked again for sperging or he blocked her for cheating KEK

No. 174098

I hope we get new candids of them soon, the fact that this pic is years old means this was her sagging face at her 'best'. Their lifestyle got worse and a quick look at Kevvy's unfiltered pics gives us an idea of their progression.

No. 174104

It's funnier than that. He had been blocked for over 3 weeks, got unblocked and re-followed Lori Sept 18th, then 3 hours later the same day he was blocked again lol. Been blocked ever since.

No. 174109

Now that she knows we are waiting she's gonna run from photogs like they're the Devil himself. Any pics anyone posts will be attributed to Mariah and Vamplettes evil, slanderous minions being paparazzi to purposefully take the ugliest photos with zoom lenses and edit her to be ugly. I bet she'd even go as far as screaming about sexual harassment or stalking if someone tried to get a photo of her and Kevin. She has no qualms accusing fake employees of stalking KEK.
KEK I wonder if he hasn't to pay Lori to be unblocked. It seems like every month it happens in-between what we'd assume to be a pay out cycle. He's admitted to being blackmailed by her in the past. If anything it's smart on her part cause a retard like him would absolutely pay his "fiancee girlfriend wife" to talk over Instagram and sleep in the same bed. He's so fucked up and broken by Lori.

No. 174116

No, I just don't see fiction reflecting reality desperately. You can't skinwalk fictional children, especially when you aren't even dressing as them and wearing lingerie instead. Kids don't pose in fetish poses either and cosplaying characters doesn't make you a pedo either. That's a line people use for Momokun too, and that's just not how that works. She fetishizes herself and her calling herself a loli, I don't know about that one, but I didn't say she doesn't bait the uwu innocent thing, but calling her the pedophile doesn't make sense.

No. 174117

She looks at lolicon, nonnie. You the same anon in there capping for that fatass Moo when she dresses as high schoolers and does porn shoots? About how technically since they're actually of age and just pretending to be under 18 makes it not gross? How thirsting over child characters isn't weird either? How does looking at drawn CP not make her a pedophile? Is lolicon fine to you? Your moral compass is fucked and you're a weirdo. You're not making the intellectual take you think you're making. You sound like a fucking scrote. Get banned for your pedo apologia, freak. Every anon will crucify a scrote for even liking a single image of an anime girls and call them pedophiles but when a woman retweets lolicon and identifies as what is literally defined universally as LEWD DRAWINGS OF CHILDREN suddenly the semantics jump out and she's really just a LG kinkster coping and she's totally not perpetuating pedophilic imagery. That's why she uses loli tags and lolita right? Cause Nabakovs book is totally not weird and didn't spawn a totally pedophilic aesthetic that influenced so many teen girls. God you have fucking brainrot.

No. 174119

All I said is labeling her a pedophile is stupid when she isn't. That's not something you just throw around regarding someone's reputation. It's Lori, she's shitty, but that's a false thing to toss around. Stick with the pedopandering, anon, and maybe walk away from the computer for a little bit.

No. 174120

I don't know how some of you anons are so quick with this, but I'm loving the day to day blocked/unblocked updates. Kevin reading the thread and seeing it documented probably makes him so paranoid.

No. 174122

… Anon, do you think the book lolita is what spawned the lolita aesthetic? The dry ass book that literally tells you at the start you should hate the protagonist? Because the rest of your post makes sense but this just makes you sound like you copy and paste talking points from tumblr radfem blogs

No. 174123

Dear God, thank you for saying you know about the book. People only think it's about romanticizing pedophilia when the entire book paints him as a monster and even his internal monologuing explains the rose-colored tint he sees the world when the opposed has her crying and screaming and trying to get away from him the whole time once she realizes the grooming shes become accustomed to because of her unchecked sexual discovery from camp as an adolescent, not to mention the lesbian aspect. Anons have no idea what they are talking about when they bring up Lolita. Saging because it's a bit of a derail, but I hope this shines some light to anons that the book isn't romanticized. That's mostly the public opinion based on just knowing the basic plot of the book. He even has a breakdown when he realizes the old impotent creep he might become when the old man dies because he sees himself in him.

No. 174124

TIL being a lolicon does not make you a pedophile, the moon is cheese, men can be women, more at 11.

Nah, radfems would excuse Lori and claim she's not an abuser or creepy cause women can't abuse men or be pedophiles, they're all victims and anything can be explained away using their logic. They're retarded.

No. 174126

She rarely follows and unfollows so when her following amount drops it's pretty noticable after being stuck at a set number for so long.
NTA but she has cosplayed underage characters and made them naked in the innocent goods and clothes they wear in the series. That's the definition of dressing as them, fictional or not they're kids? Idk why this has to be an argument, if you drop the word pedo we can all agree it's messed up and creepy. Can we move on? You're all gonna get this locked or autosaged.

No. 174127

I still don't agree that dressing as fiction is the same as looking at drawn lolicon/shotacon, but dropping the pedo thing, I agree. It doesn't make us look good to say that liberally when it's not true. She's just a gross incel panderer who has a crisis about getting old and it showing unless she edits her skin smooth as if this was new 1980s digital technology. She smoothes like she went to Sears to get photos done, but she's old, so that makes sense she clings to it.

No. 174128

Lori is a troglodyte masquerading as pedo bait to appease scrotes but that doesn't mean she has a sexual inclination towards children. Some of these anons border on being twitterfags or pull transients, the walls of text about the intricacies of pedo pandering give it away everytime.

No. 174129

I feel like this pedo sperg is tumblr anon is just kicking up dust to bring eyes on the blog. They just posted that recently and then an anon posts it here. It's all proof we posted here so integrated anons wouldn't bother, they'd just quote the /w/ posts to back up whatever. Report and move on. Just another nobody trying to piggyback off this drama. Tinfoil but I'd put money on it being Nony since she's probably still bitter about being outed as an Onion stan and bullied out of here.

No. 174130

Exactly. She does what she does for money, I think for the art she probably likes the art as is, but also the cute aspect that a lot of people do like in lolicon/moe art. As an artist I see it from the art standpoint, I don't like indulging in it, but some of the art is very nicely rendered. So might like it because of that and not specifically because she wants to fuck the photos. Also add in the fact that its RelatAble for the scrotes.

No. 174135

File: 1632510610681.jpg (129.32 KB, 720x1049, IMG_20210924_120642_924.jpg)

Literally nobody has ever thought that your long, flat ass is fake, Lori.

She reminds me of Victoria Bella Morte and her claims that women get surgery to look like her but she's all natural.

No. 174138

She's trying to make herself sound better than fatties who get BBLs to have an ass and a waist like hers. Lori is such a funny cow. If they were going to want to look like her, they would just lose weight and never workout.

No. 174139

Is this less filtered? You can see her actual face shape more

No. 174140

You know, yeah I see it. She might be trying to see what the response is to unfilting the chin edits.

No. 174141


Imho it’s an improvement but she gotta stop making that pout and relax her face. It’s gonna make more wrinkles as she ages. These expressions not cute!

No. 174143

Yeah, it is the chin that looks the most natural compared to usual. She kept the brightness and saturation along with the eye enlarging but maybe turned down whatever slider in her app is for the chin. It really does help the uncanny valley vibe a little

No. 174152

Maybe she hooked a new fuck and is testing to see if she can ease the poor sap into what she actually looks like. Given how unhinged Kevin has become I'd believe her desperately trying to get the fuck out.

No. 174153

She's gotten comments before about her editing. She might be realizing thats a massive reason why her stuff doesn't sell more than once before simps bounce.

No. 174154

>Some simulated child porn is really well rendered
Oh look the scrote army has arrived.

No. 174158

Seriously. Nothing about it is cute the intention is to get scrotes off to simulated children with anime faces so they don't immediately go to prison cause they can just tell Mom "it's a JAPANESE cartoon and the style is MOE and ECCHI and she's not naked mom, she has pasties and a tiny thong on. I swear she's 9000 years old now get the FUCK out of my room". They can keep pretending that their attraction to drawings of little girls with their pussy lips showing through underwear is totally wholesome and just cause they're well drawn. Glowies won't care KEK. Clearly the disgruntled redditors have made themselves comfortable.

No. 174159

>scrote made book of scrote creepin on a little girl to make a statement he literally says pedophilia bad in the book it has merit, it was totally necessary for him to talk about a man wanting to mack on a little kid for hundreds of pages bro there's a moral bro
Sounds just like people that argue in support of rape revenge movies that serve as scrote fodder cause it teaches "rape bad woman angry get revenge be sexy". Society has progressed past the point of needing anons to suck Nabakov's shriveled cocktail weiner.

No. 174160

Saying the rendering is good on some pieces people come across, isn't the same as saying you agree with pedophilia. Stop derailing about it and move on.

No. 174161

>3 hours later the same day he was blocked again lol

Topkek, the constant fighting between these narcissists is par for the course with how they're both self obsessed.

The timing matches a payout that's probably from Kevin's parents or something, which is immediately spent on more afterpay garbage for them to take sad selfies in.

No. 174166

File: 1632524245546.jpg (123.77 KB, 720x931, IMG_20210924_155430_661.jpg)

Damn her thighs are just begging to be released from these way too small stockings. You're going to have to size up, Lori.

No. 174170

lol these look photoshopped on. how did she even keep them on her leg? surely they would roll down

must have a gallon of sock glue on

No. 174181

Absolute topkek at the hair warping by her waist on the left. A+ editing, hag. You're not fooling anyone, we know you've gained

No. 174184

yawn I didnt even notice the outfit was different, every selfie is the same

No. 174185

She's still trying to scam independent artists of their hard work? Cow hasnt changed in 20 years

No. 174186

File: 1632544472715.jpeg (143.88 KB, 994x924, 9C3F708A-3C35-4B91-8F6F-E9CA3D…)