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File: 1604470738384.png (995.77 KB, 998x674, nextbishieplease.png)

No. 119140

Skinwalking cosplayer, known for skinwalking Sailor Moon in the early 2000s and currently Skinwalking Zero Two. She has also been known to abuse multiple partners and is currently "engaged" to a younger cosplayer named "KrookedKev".

>Believes she is the IRL perfect ZeroTwo, that ZeroTwo is based on her and everyone else is copying her

>Suffers from an Eating Disorder and is proud of it.
>She is know for abusing partners including mooching off family, demanding sex at inappropriate times, pressuring into engagement, cheating, stealing, breaking stuff, threatening to cry rape if she doesn't get her way.

She has emerged from retirement to cause drama and abuse her boytoy.

Previous thread updates -

>Lori and Kevin score a free year of WoW >>>/w/87404 only at the price of whatever dignity was left in the two of them >>>/w/87532

>Lori continues to be a raging pastel Karen gremlin, leaving no survivors and coming for every brand in her path >>>/w/93894 >>>/w/95957
>New suit came in the mail! Kevin, keep your piss off it this time. >>>/w/94888
>By the way, Kevin totally didn't pee in the suit. >>>/w/102166
>To nobody's surprise, they do the same old dance.
>Honeymoon bullshit >>>/w/101543
>Lori spergs >>>/w/102306
>Lori is over Utah >>>/w/108546
>they remove their relationship statuses momentarily, then it's back! >>>/w/108600
>it goes back and forth about twice more, who can keep up anymore
>SURPRISE: our favorite bishie is screaming abuse on facebook >>>/w/112286
>bishie boy apologizes for not slaving away fast enough >>>/w/112373
>Lori gets her punches in later, presumably for a new bullshit reason, fight ensues >>>/w/112737
>Kevin apologizes publicly and retracts his abuse claims to save the face of his dream gremlin >>>/w/112935
>Lori wants to air ALL the laundry, implies Kevin's past is getting under her skin >>>/w/113616 Kevin actually…. takes the high road?
>Wanting to escape it all, she plans to cheat- I mean- road trip! >>>/w/113617
>Kevin WK's his loli queen, shouts out farmers and whines about COVID. >>>/w/115609 He later changed his caption to remove any mention of lolcow or COVID. >>>/w/115685
>More WK bullshit, Kevin is looking more and more dead inside as time goes on >>>/w/118453

What does the future holds for these two smol liddo gremlins? Potentially some Jamba Juice, on time, that isn't $9 god damn dollars and a new PS5.
Can these lovebirds brave the winter? We shall see…
Her Links:
Her Old FB - https://www.facebook.com/earthenserenity/
New New FB - https://www.facebook.com/usakou/
Her instagram - https://www.instagram.com/iota_zerotwo/

Previous Thread: >>>/w/84714

No. 119141

this is my first ever thread, i hope i did well. if i missed anything, kill me.

No. 119148

Sage for this comment but the truth hurts: both my older sisters are Lori's age and they look so much younger than her [without snow filters]. Hag

No. 119156

Ahaha the new OP pic, nice work anon.

No. 119158

Tbh i think Lori looks good for her age, but that's since a lot of women her age aren't primarily focused on their appearance. They're raising kids or worried about other things like their careers that aren't focused around their looks.

And despite looking good for her mid-thirties she is nowhere near the loli desu little girl she's desperately trying to convince herself she is. People mistaking your age is often not due to height or smooth skin- it has more to do with how you dress, how you act and carry yourself, etc. And she dresses and acts like a teenager.

No. 119165

there were some unshooped pics and she looked mid 40s rather than mid 30s

No. 119168

Because living a sedentary lifestyle where you are full on anachan, while having a shit sleeping schedule totally makes you look youthful. Science has to be wrong.

No. 119169

File: 1604508752174.jpg (95.31 KB, 721x1279, IMG_20201104_095056_112.jpg)

Nice thread anon. The Jamba Juice is a nice touch. I love when Lori rage tweets at companies. Here's another recent one lol. I guess Buffalo Wild Wings didn't give her any sauce. Bummer.

No. 119173

two weeks to return/refund wings? what is she smoking?

No. 119177

File: 1604512546957.jpeg (515 KB, 2275x3056, 478B6836-A21F-4A81-98F4-B00C7F…)

Just so we’re all caught up, he still is not in her bio. They seem pretty quiet. I don’t think he bought her enough bikinis and juice to get back on the good boy list. /s

No. 119184

She's such a Karen. Also, again, they eat out a lot for trying to drag people here for supposedly doing so. Projection much?

No. 119186

File: 1604525705339.png (2.32 MB, 1494x927, justcasualonithings.png)

file name is the pic caption, same tags as usual 1/2

No. 119187

File: 1604526059196.gif (10.12 MB, 392x480, audibly winks.gif)


No. 119191

Guessing she bought the kigu cause uwu cute loli aesthetic? I doubt she bought it as a fan of Monster Hunter, seeing how it's the palico design.

No. 119194

most likely. she just took all the uwu girl clothes and threw them on. nothing about this makes sense.

>sakura bikini top

>peach lace bottoms
>baggy angel mesh crop
>palico kigu
>(craft) glued on horns

i know it's nothing new, this one just really hurts my eyes. she is allergic to co-ordination.

No. 119199

Seriously, like why not just buy a unicorn kigu fits her dumb pastel uwu zero2 theme better then browns.

No. 119206

Laughing at that cluttered weeb den in the background. I love it when cows reveal their rooms in pictures and they're particularly dumpy, my favorite content to watch.

No. 119210

lol same anon.
it looks like a child's playroom, minus what looks like a towel on the ground?

No. 119222

The new thread pic is perfect

No. 119279

What’s funniest to me is how she consistently remains to be off the mark. I never look at her photos and say “well at least her outfit/makeup/face is cute”. Instead it just looks like clown vomit. Even her plushies look b-rate, like she won them att a townie fair.

No. 119281

Reminder that this is a middle aged woman’s room. What the fuck.

No. 119291

She should just go ahead and get cheek fillers, it's unnerving knowing how different her real face shape is to these puffed out cheek pics.

No. 119308

File: 1604592189804.jpg (1.82 MB, 1902x1887, goodforherage.jpg)


>looks good for her age

you seen her under the snow filters or?
okay ichigo kurosaki barely aged over the entirety of bleach, wow guhnetics!!
this toothless bitch is a haggard fuck and she knows it.
and so does kevin and his bishie twink bullshit. snow to cope, the lori and kev show.

No. 119340


I CANNOT believe this is the same person.

No. 119346

File: 1604608004114.png (2.93 MB, 1709x1080, genetics.png)

anon, she spent years smoking cigarettes, still smokes weed, is anorexic & doesn't do shit all day. it shows. she looked 30 in her 20's.

No. 119350

>is anorexic
Just because some farmers rumored it in the past doesn't mean every skinny woman is anorexic. She looks a healthy weight in practically all of her pictures. Her face probably appears more sunken in due to natural signs of aging.

No. 119351

The kigu is Kevin's 100%. kek

Her weight has fluctuated a lot in the past, but it's pretty obvious she has some kind of ED if you've read her old threads. Tons of weight loss posts even when she was visibly thin, body checks, obsession with being small and fragile, etc.

No. 119361

File: 1604612008951.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1242x1978, 1604342162919.jpeg)


She's absolutely alluded to having an eating disorder. She posted body checks, constantly talks about her loli body and being smol uwu. Kevin has also accused her of forcing him to also be anorexic. This is a semi-recent post where she sort of outs herself. Juice and smoothies in lieu of meals is a classic ana trick. The anorexia talk wouldn't persist if there wasn't proof of her gushing about being waifish.

No. 119385

LOL hello newfag

Lori has p much admitted she is anorexic

No. 119405

That blush on her nose that extends to her cheeks + that awful pout, it just accentuates her nasolabial folds and make her look aged

No. 119410

Yeah I really can't understand why she started doing her blush like this. It looks like a rash. I think she's trying to go for a flushed face anime look but it's so harsh and yeah just looks like she has a rash from wearing a mask too tight or something.

No. 119475

File: 1604693697107.png (4.91 MB, 2048x2048, 11 6 20.png)

people sperging about DK

No. 119476

File: 1604693730271.gif (4.19 MB, 386x480, dk.gif)

last part of the post

No. 119477

File: 1604694121684.jpg (79.53 KB, 750x1334, 123849270_841272969969243_3944…)

samefag here, my morbid curiosity wants me to buy her OF just to laugh. Please convince me not to.

No. 119491

If you do, share for the keks

No. 119494

She is so fucking stupid

No. 119496

Did she get rid of the pink in her hair? It looks gray

No. 119501

I think so. She probably saw anons in the previous thread talking about how her hair was too dark for zero two.

That or she’s getting ready to hop skins.

No. 119502

She actually corrected it from a hot neon pink to a light pink after anons nitpicked it a couple of threads ago. I think she just hasn't dyed it in awhile but will soon.

No. 119503

File: 1604715370325.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, 1CE1CD49-1A80-4B87-A56B-05EC42…)

Alright I need her to put on the suit again I can’t take these outfits anymore

No. 119504

Just imagine being a person that comes home to THAT every night after work. Waking up next to THAT.

No. 119515

She wants to be sponsored so bad

No. 119516

This might just be the worst outfit I've ever seen her in, and that's saying something. AliExpress egirl crap is preferable to her dollskill picks.

No. 119534

Ew this gif with the bubbles just makes me imagine a yard farting/queefing in the tub or something disgusting. Fitting vibe I guess, lori

No. 119536

Phones autocorrect

No. 119538

Why doesn’t she ever clean her shit up? Her backdrops are always so cluttered and messy. Guess it goes with how cluttered her mess of outfits look. Like she just picked clashing pieces up off the floor and threw them on.

No. 119555

File: 1604779532683.png (2.59 MB, 2016x814, 11 07 20.png)

No. 119558

She looks like polyester threw up all over her

No. 119561

Imagine your mother going through hours of labor and this being the way you decide to spend your life… buying polyester clown gear to take selfies in your bedroom every day to post on the internet. What a life!

No. 119565

File: 1604785914627.jpeg (279.89 KB, 1224x1189, 0DEC8FD5-ECED-41DB-A177-FA58A2…)

I can’t stop laughing

No. 119567

Lori made an Amazon wishlist for her simps. It's all pastel pink e-girl crap.


No. 119569

And it's all gaming stuff… She hardly even games anymore wtf is the point.

No. 119573

Ikr she wants like 8 pink gaming chairs that are ~$300 lmao. Ok Lori.

No. 119578

why does she want so many gaming chairs and headphones ? what's the point ? I am not familiar with amazon wish lists, but just put your favorite gaming chair ? doesn't make sense to me
btw her instagram comments are always so funny to me, the way she answers them lol

No. 119579

File: 1604792848945.jpeg (116.7 KB, 749x263, ED1906F4-81DD-4441-A804-F553EB…)

Samefag but according to her she experienced racism in the cosplay community

No. 119592

wasn't this bitch making jokes about contacting ICE about someone she doesnt like? also its funny because in her unedited/older pics she actually looks like a Hispanic woman in her mid 30s but she filters herself to look as white and uwu as possible
And now of course she wants to play it up to support Dollskill bc apparently not being white gives someone a passs? Girl just ignore the comments if you really dont give a shit instead of digging a deeper hole for yourself.

No. 119595

Yeah she was telling s0ni, who was her Chibiusa back in the Kewl Kou Klan days, that someone should call ICE on her (s0ni's) family. Proof like two threads ago.

And Lori has RARELY been outspoken about being latina. She tries so desperately to hide it, so on what planet does she get to just whip it out as an excuse and pass for DollsKill?

No. 119597

No. 119600

Bless you anon. Rereading this is gold, especially with this new "latina who experienced racism in cosplay" narrative.

No. 119650

File: 1604836355720.jpg (35.92 KB, 747x589, image.jpg)

what a youthful gaze, such a smol zero two

No. 119659

Would love to know exactly what she has supposedly experienced and see if it can even hold a candle to shit Lori herself has said- if this is even a true claim, that is. I’m betting it’s fabricated so she can try to defend wearing a problematic brand.

No. 119671

It's obvious she just want all that stuff as accessories for her shitty snow selfies. She want to go for the uwu kawaii gamur gurl persona. Or maybe she wants to star streaming? I've been following her threats for more than a year and I haven't seen her mentioning any games at all.

No. 119686

>I have "experienced racism" in cosplay so I can shop at racist stores if I want

Girl what?

No. 119697

She’s talking about the ONE time someone called her a wetback on her (now defunct) ED page

No. 119700

Those undereye wrinkles are DEEP

No. 119705

Everything is so cheap and tacky, I can only imagine how much wrinkly and ridiculous she looks wearing this without all the filters.

This bitch is a textbook Karen.

No. 119720

File: 1604894102065.jpg (24.98 KB, 500x552, TaDvaYG7FSnBHzp66d2UGTrioV5Or5…)

No. 119721

is that a real thing you can buy?

No. 119746

Nice job, anon. Thanks for organizing and updating all of that.

No. 119796

Okay I’ve never heard that recording of Lori before but everything she says actually aligns to Scott as I knew him. He is not a good guy and I believe her on this one because I’ve seen it myself.

No. 119802

Seconding this, asking bc Xmas is coming

No. 119811

They’re both psychotic

No. 119828

Ayrt, unfortunately it is not available or listed anywhere.

He would have to be to play along with her bullshit for that long. I'm glad I found that clip when combing the old threads and cgl. Don't think a lot of people have heard it before.

No. 119902

I just lurked her Etsy for the first time and man, it’s sad to see how passionate she was making pendants and how happy her customers were, and now she’s…. whatever she is now. Serious downgrade.

No. 119965

I agree. Her pendants were really cute. She should have kept to it and gotten better at prop making. Kevin loves to do it and it's a really good way to practice basics. Hell, they might even bond in a real, healthy way. She could elevate her crafting and content if she put any time into it. I guess WoW and begging storenvy drop shippers to send her free shit is more fulfilling.

Tinfoil aside: I think she's ana to stay in the sample size range so she doesn't have to buy clothes

No. 120266

File: 1605235775391.jpg (410.3 KB, 1080x1708, Screenshot_20201113-134659__01…)

Dollskill reposted loony's atrocious outfit. Unsuprising considering how tacky the models are dressed in 90% of the thumbnails on the website.

No. 120283

Holy shit noooooo this will just validate her into wearing more of these abominable outfits!!! But also topkek because DollsKill is just further proving that they're garbage by reposting someone who is both visually and personally as messy as Looni.

No. 120318

File: 1605265355898.jpeg (76.94 KB, 665x592, 4DBB7FE5-2B81-4D08-9AB6-937CE7…)

No. 120325

I mean dolls kill is perfect for her. Tacky shit for washed up mid 20-30 somethings who want to feel WiLd and YuNg. She’s the eternal loli, remember!

Could this spell out the end of the zero two era? She’s lightened her hair and posted sets without the horns and eye makeup. I haven’t seen her refrain from zero two posting like this before.

No. 120330

If she ever bitches about her spine again, it's because her spring mattress looks to be over 20 years old. Sagging worse than she is, believe it or not

No. 120331

Nightmare fuel.

No. 120354

What she actually looks like without filters

No. 120393

Probably moving onto eternal loli with pink aesthetic especially if she's trying to bank on being an influencer for them.

No. 120718

File: 1605467896704.jpeg (71.47 KB, 825x738, AF82BA7B-5817-43C8-91AD-0F6C66…)

Looks like they’re on the outs again. That’ll show her, Kev. He also unfollowed her. Can confirm he had her in his bio just this morning at least.

No. 120743

He removed all the "likes" on her pics again too.

No. 120752

I guess he's sick and tired of putting all his time and money into her "content" aka she probably demanded that he buy her dollskill so she can be a potential brand partner. How pathetic. Them quarreling all the time would explain why her makeup and outfits are subpar even by Looni standards.

I wonder how much overtime he's had to work just to afford those horrific boots.

No. 120753

He’ll be back. Remember, they love each other and them fighting isn’t a big deal and that’s what normal couples do

No. 120754

What would happen if Kevin dropped her ass right now? Does anyone know if she even works anymore? It would be really fulfilling to see her get dumped on her ass finally.

No. 120777

I wonder how long it takes him to remove all the likes only to put it back every other day kek.

Be great if he dumps her but I think she's got a strong abusive mental hold on him and he has nobody else now.

No. 120817

When you block someone it automatically removes all your likes on their pics so it doesn't take long lol.

No. 120831

File: 1605497256270.jpg (77.59 KB, 883x1279, IMG_20201115_201729_035.jpg)

His profile is back to a couples pic of him and Lori now, with no relationship status listed, but it was like this 6 hours ago.

No. 120885

File: 1605521939926.png (98.26 KB, 609x573, Screenshot 2020-11-16 at 2.15.…)

Tells a black man "I have experienced racism" (as a white-passing latina) and then

"colored girls"

No. 120886

“I’ve experienced ~racism~ but Dollskill likes me so they’re okay despite the shitty things they’ve done to other people uwu” fuck off lori

No. 120899

How is she calling herself a "colored girl" while meitu-ing herself into a ghost in every photo?

No. 120911

Genuinely curious but is the term "coloured girls" not considered PC anymore by the rabble or is it just the implications of the situation in general? Regardless, idc if people support dollskill, it's their money to waste. I care more about the hypocrisy of Looni feigning being a victim of racism whilst being notably racist herself.

No. 120915

Yeah its just very not PC to say colored girls or colored folks or whatever. Thats like, segregation terminology. POC/people of color is the term now, and it's definitely embarrassing that she doesn't seem to know the difference

No. 120922

>Coloured girls

And here we thought Lori was born in 1900s and not the 1800s.

No. 120944

File: 1605542295268.jpeg (124.4 KB, 750x646, 1565670088605.jpeg)

Topkek. I guess that explains why she thinks her genes are enviable. She looks decent for being born in 1800.

No. 120950

Kevin deleted his Facebook or something. It says page not found.

No. 120972

File: 1605557194315.png (1.13 MB, 1044x778, well.png)

Whoa, his facebook isn't working for me either. I noticed this caption has changed along with his halloween post, I don't have a screencap of the original. I remember it having more detailed Looni ass kissing tho. Why block someone but keep the photos up with promo?

No. 121021

Been hella outta the loop again. Bakadouche can get rekt again. Lori has been making plans for another visit because Kevin is a limp dick cuck. Does he ever wonder why she always takes her phone with her whenever she leaves the room or goes to the bathroom? Or what she’s doing when he’s at work? Son you got pwned. I have proof but will only post if Kevin asks me to on here. She’s making plans without you bro. It doesn’t even matter that I’m married. Lori i blocked you because ur a nasty ho3. Funny how she luvs the ahego face but never wants to suck anyone’s dick but mine.

No. 121023

Uhh.. lol?

No. 121024

Thanks for the answers anons. I don't personally use the term but it's nearly indistinguishable from POC so I was genuinely confused.

Kek, wtf is this?

No. 121033


Give milk or gtfo

No. 121051

Does she always bend in the middle like that to hide her stomach looseness/wrinkles?
I'm not saying she's fat, I'm just saying she's 30

No. 121067

post milk or fuck off, scrote. nobody cares about your zingers. come back with proof.

No. 121095

Stomach looseness and wrinkles don't automatically happen at 30. You're making it sound like she's 60 with a saggy grandma torso, when she's just an anachan.

No. 121096

Seems like you don't give a fuck about being married either so why block Lori. Let her gum your big ol chode and give her a place to stay (wife and all) when kevin kicks her to the curb in the twighlight zone.

No. 121099

why would she be wrinkly/saggy at 30? Unless she had like a few kids or wild weight fluctuations being 30 doesn't justify something like that. Plus most of the body is last to show ageing if you take care of it. I've seen grannies with great bodies on the internet. First signs of aging appear on face/neck/hands. I think she just thinks it's a flattering pose for her or something but looks awkward

No. 121106

She's an anachan who has lost and gained weight over and over and has also been pregnant before, plus the quality of her skin is bad from smoking/not taking care of herself. In spite of all her talk about good genetics, Lori looks really old for her age because of her lifestyle.

No. 121111

File: 1605630996927.jpeg (158.79 KB, 750x634, F6B777B1-BE14-4B47-B36C-3C54FB…)

He’s already unblocked her and refollowed.

No. 121112

File: 1605631053260.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, 11030681-7216-4475-B8B0-65DD6A…)

also this made me laugh

No. 121113

File: 1605631069893.jpg (116.57 KB, 539x806, usagikouusagihighschoolcrissyo…)

She actually has had some pretty significant fluctuations. She was pretty healthy/average weight when younger like attached pic. After Rikki and with Kevin she's been ana, with phases where she looks to have put a little weight back on and then drops it off again.

No. 121114

This is one of the few photos I've seen where she actually looks kind of cute rather than miserable.

No. 121115

She looks nice here, and I can actually see some of her (Puerto Rican???) features. A vast improvement from the insipid husk she creates in meitu.

No. 121118

Atyrt and I fully agree. She looks decent at a healthy weight. At least she looks like a real human in this one instead of the meitu alien we get now.

No. 121121

Why do u talk like a 12 yo with an Xbox live membership

No. 121128

Why is she so obsessed with juice?? She posts it everywhere I don't get it.

No. 121131

Because she thinks it's a flex to say she "can't eat" and needs to drink juice instead

No. 121133

kek. being racist doesn't count as experiencing racism Lori
ana-chan diet trick. she probably thinks she can get all the nutrients that's needed in a healthy diet without eating

No. 121151

How does she afford over priced juice (that’s full of sugar) everyday? She doesn’t work. She should be nicer to Kevin for all the consideration he gives her.

No. 121167

Her whole obsession with juice seems to go with her "foreverloli" bullshit. Needing her juice cup, or whatever.

Self delusion seems to be a needed trait for cows.

No. 121285

Could you guys explain to me why cows think people are saying “you look like a 15yo” when they say “oh, you look younger”?

Ffs, maybe you look 3 or 5 years younger, but you don’t look like a adolescent. Delusional.

No. 121286

File: 1605747551029.webm (6.86 MB, 640x1230, 125825945_289004165757789_6061…)

No. 121290

File: 1605748557200.jpeg (210.27 KB, 1106x2015, FEE53203-C178-4CB7-9836-742854…)

Reminded me of The Kevin pee suit.

No. 121291

Genuinely horrific like the last swipe of all of her posts lately. I'm so tempted to screen record them all.

No. 121296

Jesus christ this is fucking awful.

No. 121311

I don’t know if she’s trying to be cute or sexy but she’s failing at both

No. 121317

She's so jerky and insecure in all her movements, it's hard to look at. I imagine her all light-headed and delirious, on her floor filming these videos for hours. This is such a new low.

No. 121326

File: 1605762091692.jpg (26.32 KB, 719x960, FB_IMG_1605762011431.jpg)

She got a new computer. All style no substance?

No. 121327

It looks like someone with muscle ticks
So she made Kevin take out a card so she could get a new computer?

No. 121330

world's most retarded animatronic strikes again

No. 121339

looks to be an alienware aurora r9, r10, or r11; assuming an uncustomized r11 (as if lori would know how to replace computer parts lol), it's an intel i7 10700 CPU, 16 gig of ram, and a geforce 2060 graphics card. tl;dr mid tier performance at best, the graphics card is especially shit, probably just bought an alienware because imagined clout and customizable LEDs. the specs are way too low for streaming so we won't be subjected to that. sorry for pc sperg

No. 121354

So a 1k~2.5k pc with shitty specs?.

No. 121359

yup. you could easily build a better one for a fraction of the price, or even find better prebuilts from people who know how, but lori is lazy and impatient.

No. 121367

Those specs sound like shit. Thanks for letting us know. I'm convinced people who buy alienware know shit about actual specs.

No. 121381

Yeah but she only bought it for clout and to post pics "uwu gamer girl come play with me"

No. 121390

Does she not realise she looks nothing like her edited pictures in this? Her real face shape is showing. She would look better like this if the video itself wasn't so awful.

No. 121396

Nice hiding of her face behind her hands in the only part of this video where her face has more than two pixels

No. 121398

ok anon, I'm curious. I get that she had an abortion (or multiple), but are we talking about an abortion at 4-8w or further along? It's hard to say she's been pregnant enough to change her body if the fetus was deleted with a couple pills. Especially since a lot of spontaneous miscarriages occur before 6w. But I don't know where to find this information or who made it public.

No. 121428

Are they buying followers? There's no way that many people are here for granny's toaster shoops.

No. 121438

Holy shit I couldn't watch the full thing, the cringe music just makes it worse. This is giving me ptsd flashbacks to those gifs of shatna tryna twerk or work a pole or whatever… I've seen people with severe muscular cerebral palsy with more flow wtf lmao

No. 121444

File: 1605833004437.webm (7.49 MB, 720x900, Sanpakueyes.webm)

Each video is more frightening than the last…

No. 121455

Lori works hard, but her pistol grip chin works harder.

No. 121476

The autistic shaking is what gets me. Why is she doing %90 of the movements she's making? Especially the serial killer state coupled with violent shakes…

No. 121487

She really do be out here having seizures on camera now. Rule 34 I guess?

No. 121534

Is she malfunctioning? Looks like she's one cringe ahegao eye roll away from a blue screen of death.

No. 121536

It really seems like she's on something harder than weed with this constant twitching and shaking, restless legs

No. 121556

I only ever casually lurked these threads for the nostalgia of the usagi drama but holy shit these sperg gifs have sent me

Even as a cumbrained retard into hentai I don't understand what she's trying to do with this fucked up shaking. It's not cute, it's not sexy, it doesn't resemble any hentai or animu garbage I've ever seen… The weird tenseness of her spazzface is worse than jaw clenched speed addicts I can't get over it. The secondhand embarrassment is unfuckingreal..

No. 121560

The deepest sigh ever…..

She's having spazzing movements to try to "prove to all the haters" she isn't using filters to look like her ahem forever loli looks. And to appear like an immature child. Because aging terrifies her.

No. 121576

I also think she's tensing her entire body HARD to make herself look as thin as possible, sucking in her stomach, tensing her arms and legs, et cetera. Being fully tensed up like that with all your 'muscles' activated can make your movement appear super fucked up and weird.

No. 121581

She is still using filters which makes it funnier.

No. 121586

It would be so funny if these videos could be unfiltered in some way, just imagine her making these faces the way she looked in the AX candids

No. 121603

File: 1605912024878.png (1.13 MB, 942x998, Screen Shot 2020-11-20 at 1.41…)


I legit hope Lori is high in these videos. If not, that means she's (relatively) "lucid" and still churning out this David Lynch freakshow shit. Not that Lori was ever sane but Jesus Christ she seems completely unhinged these days. Who the fuck are her "fans" - creeps who like snuff films, pedophilia, and Brynn Hartman crazy eyes?

No. 121604

File: 1605912468472.gif (1018.91 KB, 300x323, lori seizing.gif)

i can't stop laughing… she's a pastel crypt keeper now

No. 121606


Lori the kawaii krypt keeper

No. 121607

How could you look at this and think "yeah, that's the take I want to post online"? She's delusional. This isn't even remotely attractive.

No. 121611


The dirty ass unbrushed tongue really completes this look

No. 121612

File: 1605914333776.jpeg (905.83 KB, 1125x1486, 2262F3D1-89C1-445B-8E03-01B4C6…)

She loves being a retard also this must be her true cosplay cause it looks just like her

No. 121613

File: 1605914511440.gif (11.36 MB, 600x680, ezgif-5-7cb5e2e9fec2.gif)

No. 121618

I am so embarrassed and I don’t even know her

No. 121631

If she's looking for sponsors, I don't understand why she hasn't invested in a decent camera and some basic lighting equipment. Blurry footage in a dingy, cluttered apartment is not aspirational. Why would anyone support the dollar store Belle Delphine when the actual Belle Delphine has clearer photos and better content.

No. 121635

she cant invest in a high quality camera and lighting, itll ruin her loli facade and expose the fact that shes aging

No. 121637

Same reason Momokun doesn't do videos anymore less on her phone and filtered to hell and back. Ruins the illusion in their mind.

No. 121654

File: 1605927894710.jpg (130.58 KB, 972x552, Untitled (1).jpg)

wtf is with her cripple hand

No. 121664

Nitpick but the empty walls and floor covered in plushies is really driving me nuts. It looks so trashy

No. 121676

This is really what she sits around and does all day.

No. 121716


its so sad but I think she was aiming for the cute anime girl infinite loop type gifs? it can be kinda cute when its a anime girl who's twirling her hair in a seemingly endless loop, and not lori shaking like that… big ageee with her malfunctioning, the new FNAF animatronic is too scary

No. 121786

These gifs are truly getting worse. Her polyester clothes and cluttered room look like they smell of urine.

I think the retarded shaking is her way to ensure the videos never truly get clearly focused on her haggard filtered face.

No. 121789

I'm usually a shameless coomer, but this scares me.

No. 122007

File: 1606086416854.jpeg (185.52 KB, 827x1333, 6A4FF485-6E50-47FD-A66F-731CCB…)

Girl… invest in some Visine. Steve Buscemi lookin ass.

No. 122059

I can't remember if this has been mentioned yet because it changes daily with these two but Kevin is currently following Lori on insta but took her out of his bio. Lol.

No. 122060

File: 1606109218150.jpeg (145.17 KB, 1233x938, 0145A559-C060-4255-A353-46C702…)

Says the person who claims everyone is copying her for over a century.

No. 122080

her ideas:
>wear dollskill
>gamer loli
>weird seizing fits

okay Lori

No. 122106

File: 1606127207275.jpeg (48.26 KB, 1200x628, 9717D0C1-539D-4701-9F37-FC01E9…)

This is rich coming from the birch who would flame anyone who happened to cosplay as the same character and accuse them of cosplaying as HER. Even up until recently she’s reposted other zerotwo cosplayers and accused them of stealing her poses lmfao but copying styles is ok bc loli grandma is copying Belle Delphine amirite

No. 122223

If Lori wanted to be an important person who people would imitate, maybe she should have done more with herself than mooch off boyfriends and be nasty towards other women in her hobbies? No one with two brain cells to rub together needs guidance on which sex work clothes to purchase from Dollskill. I don't think she can trademark sex face aneurysms, they're not even her idea.

No. 122237

File: 1606169038091.webm (2.57 MB, 640x800, 127243040_198467721780658_1072…)

More of this terrifying stuff

No. 122257

File: 1606179670548.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1125x1335, BEA7F18B-AD98-458A-9D58-68C089…)

why is her crotch black? is that a tattoo or pubic hair? Looks nasty like it’s hella dirty

No. 122260

likely bruising, probably from her ED and how poorly she takes care of herself otherwise.

No. 122281

She looks so utterly bored here. This cannot be attractive to even the coomerest of coombrains.

No. 122337

Its just a shadow baked purple by the multiple layered filters

No. 122340

So is our new skinwalk Belle Delphine kin?

No. 122387

Idk you could be right but going by the fact it looks exactly like her tattoos, I'd say it's a bit dark to be an over-edited shadow.

No. 122480

No self respecting person her age would be influenced by this clown and why would younger people? Scroll down her Instagram and there's girls half her age that look a way she couldnt come close too. She doesnt have the money or the age. The girls that show up as suggestions easily have thousands of likes on their pictures, shes lucky if she gets a few thousand at most on a really well edited pic. The proof is in the numbers, this is a dead end for her, she's just to delusional to accept it.

No one sane would be influenced by this, gross.

No. 122520

Influencers in the space she's reaching for need to be funded, look good, be uniquely creative at niche marketing or have help in managing that aspect, plus have actual reach with buyers to build a brand.

Looney has nothing to offer in those aspects and doesn't care to learn. She's going to be one of those dime a dozen bottom of the MLM wannabies who go go broke trying to be an influencer.

No. 122570

File: 1606423900945.jpg (89.96 KB, 750x1096, 128009742_395606951651938_8799…)

she still hasn't added him back to any of her bios kek

No. 122593

File: 1606432847809.jpg (192.6 KB, 1080x1477, Screenshot_20201127-101953__01…)

>I'm an influencer

No. 122883

Lmao she legitimately thinks the horny dudes following her are her adoring fans. Who does she think she's influencing?? It's like, I don't think that word means what you think it means…

No. 122913

>oh I forgot you are an influencer
this HAS to be sarcastic

No. 122992

File: 1606588718105.png (220.27 KB, 750x1334, 8CEC9C57-3653-4866-8B48-ED2A76…)

30 something in polyester trash calling children and teenagers that follow her peasants. Lori, those kids are the reason you can afford your fucking hideous clown clothes, you ungrateful hag!

No. 123106

She really thinks she's influencing anyone when she's just some rando in her mid-30's who wears common basic egirl clothes and poorly skinwalks fictional characters? She doesn't even have any unique traits to influence anyone with, all she does is copy others' ideas.

No. 123172

You forgot to add she takes the same pics n vids. Every day.

No. 123287

Kevin is using her for clout, and it will never worn because she doesn’t claim him. If anything he looks like a stalker.

No. 123289

She has no clout and he gets nothing from her. If anything she's draining this dude and desperately clawing at a taste of relevancy. He most likely buys all the clothes she isn't given for free while she sits on her ass all day playing WoW and then makes him do chores and drive to get her uwu juices. She's a parasite and she knows this.

No. 123293

It would not surprise me if she hasn't touched wow in years and it's purely clout chasing at this point.

No. 123511

File: 1606782451621.jpg (155.02 KB, 799x458, 12432-1347804493-32332.jpg)

she just had to prove you wrong anon! of course she couldn't go a couple weeks without lurking.

No. 123520

File: 1606783752342.jpeg (272.77 KB, 826x1516, 79D54ED0-B46C-43D0-97BC-BDFA7B…)

These are Draenor mounts from three expansions ago. Literally six years old, 100% droprate, probably don’t even have to camp for more than 20 minutes for each of them. She doesn’t have them all either, because she doesn’t have Poundfist, which is the only one that had a decently long spawn timer.

Anyway she only hit 50 on 11/24 after the cap was raised, and she’s only been resubbed for about a month and a half.

No. 123524

File: 1606784449140.png (11.37 KB, 370x222, NoJustice.PNG)

Samefag OT but she got Ashes of Alar after 14 runs and I'm upset.

Her DK is here at https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/us/mannoroth/varahlune to scrutinize and criticize.

No. 123530

She literally just resubbed because she was called out clearly, no Legion or BFA rep and her item level is 20 below most of the basic Shadowlands drops. Like I'm sure no one cares, but just thought it was kind of pathetic.

No. 123537

fucking pathetic she lurks this hard but also hilarious. her hate towards that one anon who complains about her puffing her cheeks out is CLASSIC.
glad to know she's seen some of my edits at least. imagine living like this woman it's actually wild. get a job lori.

are they still actually engaged? I couldn't imagine a wedding but I wonder if she'd pry the camera out of the photographers hands to take home and edit lmao

No. 123543

Well Kevbo called her his fiancé in his most recent insta post unless they fought again and he deleted it. Wouldn’t surprise me.

No. 123547

It's funny to me bc honestly Kevvie could play up the himbo energy he's got going on and make hella more $$$ than Lori on OF

No. 123549

Hilarious she felt the need to respond to my post and then confirm it.

I got Ashes on my first or second. RNG isn't fair, but atleast if me and Looni can get lucky you can too anon. Big kek at only being level 53 on the version of the game that squashed leveling time, and allows you to get full XP from shit you didn't tag yourself. Idk what she thought this would prove…

No. 123570

I don't understand the WoW sperging, though I'm trying to. What is Lori doing wrong in Warcraft? Not leveling where she should be and not having items that she should have?

No. 123574


Just generally not playing current content. Anyone who actually played the current expansion with any sort of interest or dedication could get further than she has. The mounts she posted she got are all incredibly easy to get. Something I could send my gf who's never played to go get with the most basic of instruction. The most recent expansion has been out a week and to have only leveled 3 times shows she's played 5 hours max. And that's going slow, taking time to read quest text, lore, and being fairly bad at the game.

No. 123578

No one actually cares about her sub-par wow abilities. it's more the hypocrisy of acting like she's been a consistent player just because retail is seeing a spike in popularity due to the new expansion. I don't even like that game, I just like laughing at Looni's contrived persona.

No. 123587

All of their wedding photos will be edited to have 25 layers of blur and snow with their eyes enlarged uncanny valley style

No. 123641

omg Anon I didn't even consider that. There is no way she would allow someone to take photos at their wedding unless it was with a phone with snow filter. who would they even invite to a wedding at this rate? how would they pay? i doubt kev would have any accepted input in anythig regarding a wedding. if they're ever going to do it, they're better off eloping, though then kev would really be trapped.

No. 123658

I'm shocked she's not screaming for Shadowlands The cradle mount is perfectly up her new uwu eternal loli aesthetic

No. 123666

There's so many ardeweld mounts that are her uwu asthetic. But she'd actually have to try to get those ones. Instead of run up and 2 shot a rare to get a mount to make it seem like she's doing super well! 3 mounts in one session! Wowzers!

No. 123670

Now that you mention, I'm surprised she's not running old dungeons to pretend she is zomg so good at wow!!

No. 123681

File: 1606865025973.jpg (305.09 KB, 1080x1591, Screenshot_20201201-171918_Chr…)

She lurks everyday garuntee it! Was pointed out other younger girls with content she could touch get thousands more views than hers and and she posts this shit days later, bragging about 50k views, yeah sure views are not watches and gets less than 1500 on her "follow up"…cause she blowin up righ???

No. 123689

File: 1606869671981.png (648.83 KB, 812x564, iota_zero17223.PNG)

Here's more of her proving she's into WoW today. Get a real job, Looni. Sweatshop clothes and discount codes won't carry you to stardom if Bishie-san finally escapes your grasp!

No. 123716

File: 1606881208202.png (683.2 KB, 1080x1910, Screenshot_20201201-195158~2.p…)

No. 123722

Wants to do battle grounds….isnt max level. Like there's not even a point you'd just get decimated right away. Battle grounds are tiered so you would end up with a bunch of people much more geared than you are and get destroyed. It takes literally a day and a half of no life playing to get to max.

No. 123751

The way she refers to herself as an “egirl” unironically makes me cringe. Especially knowing she’s pushing 40.

Speaking of age and income, what does she plan to do for retirement? You can only coast through life on egirl money for so long … and that’s IF you have someone supporting you to begin with. If Kevin leaves her she has nothing. She should be more grateful to him and shout him out at least once lmao at this point he looks like a thirsty fan because she never credits him or mentions him. Show a little gratitude and appreciation for the person you claim to love. God I hope he leaves her.

No. 123796

File: 1606936502295.jpg (39.82 KB, 720x960, 126477126_3432469003547012_158…)

Yeah. She chose the wrong rebrand. Tinfoil but i think she always wears tights/socks to hide her spider veins. Gotta sell that teen fantasy and a middle aged woman, i guess.

No. 123797

Did she overdraw her lips? Lmaoooo

No. 123863

To hide her spider veins and her gnarly toes

No. 124004

File: 1607000626634.jpeg (107.85 KB, 1088x1440, EoQe_GoVgAAPXGP.jpeg)

Why would anybody pay for this 1 pixel shit?

No. 124054

when will ethots realize that this face isn't sexy by itself/without looking like you're getting off/fucked…and tbh it isn't sexy even then

No. 124091

This is so ridiculously unattractive

No. 124100

Did she shoop the tights on? Good Lord.

No. 124110

Nah, she always wears at least two pairs of stockings with garters over the socks and other cheap "ddlg" accessories. She probably doubles down on tights to keep the illusion of ~perfect tiny pale loli thighs~. The amount of consumer-grade retouching filters just makes everything on her look digitally pasted on.

No. 124155

>toe shots because I have perfect feet

Doesn't she have massive whopping clompers compared to her body size?

No. 124185

Her ugly manfeet without pedicures..

No. 124228

File: 1607109389771.jpeg (2.15 MB, 1125x1392, F828015C-0DC4-4356-94CA-186301…)

Is this Kevin? If it is he is much bigger then what he post or is that cause loony but him on a diet?

No. 124232

He looks bigger because he's not being deformed into a downs syndrome elf in Lori's Snow app.

Both of them must shit themselves when they don't have control of the camera like this. It wouldn't even register as bad if they weren't constantly posting fake representations of themselves all the time.

No. 124248

this is at Anime Expo 2017 i believe a year or so before he was with loony. when he actually made cool stuff.

No. 124271

That's him before he was molded to Lori's taste. He used to make cool stuff and was expressive with his cosplay.

No. 124277

Is that Claire Max on the right? They hooked up.

No. 124331

File: 1607141073868.jpg (94.18 KB, 818x1279, IMG_20201204_210232_535.jpg)

Lori added two stripper poles to her Amazon wishlist. The multiple pink gamer chairs are gone because she already got one. It was in her stories 2-3 weeks back. I might have a screenshot. I wonder if she bought it with her Only Fans money or if someone got it for her.

No. 124335

lmao now she can't use the "muh back pain!!!!" shit as an excuse for why she can't work or anything else, not that it wasn't bullshit from the get go

or maybe she doesn't know that pole dancing requires actual effort and body strength that her haggard ED having ass probably has none of

No. 124364

Pretty sure that's Sabrina Nicole

No. 124404

File: 1607200879938.jpeg (937 KB, 828x1362, 20D67B7E-6356-41FC-9112-602153…)

cow ears and caption

No. 124419

Ah, pulling that "i see you lolcows!!" bait out. She must be upset.

No. 124454

File: 1607226564133.webm (693.74 KB, 720x1404, 88459371_136618151334352_32294…)

No. 124460

File: 1607231471385.png (1.73 MB, 1440x1469, 7612.png)

The photo warp did her dirty here, looking like ProJared.

No. 124461

Omg I see it

No. 124465

has she ever matched two pieces of clothing in her life? her outfit choices are downright tragic

No. 124477

POV you are a 6 month old child and your mom has just handed you to Lori and she's trying to keep you from crying …?

No. 124492

File: 1607274323104.png (318.53 KB, 860x740, 486-4860389_0-10-twilight-spar…)

She is so lazy, she posts the same thing every day. I don't understand why she posts pics with no makeup or filter and just slaps on an ugly cotton mask. If you don't want to put in the effort to look good (y'know like sex work influencers are expected to) then don't post. She looks like shit. There aren't dollskill boots shiny and tall enough to distract from her ProJared face and declining sex appeal. Why enter the business of looking good when it takes you hundreds of dollars in clothes and makeup along with maxed out Snow/Meitu filters? She's just setting herself up to fail hardcore. She'll soon be left with nothing but credit card debt and loose anachan skin.

No. 124510

File: 1607281945309.png (495.82 KB, 614x726, 02sreturn.png)

02 is back and even lazier than ever. She has a white suit but decided that cheap stockings and a tube top are adequate. Did kev piss on that one too?

No. 124511

Would just like to point out, she turns the chair/camera to show us that she does indeed have the world of warcraft character selection screen up. At least I think it is, kinda blurry but looks like it.

She's definitely been on here recently.

No. 124517


as soon as anons criticized her for gamer girl baiting, she HAD to post this >>123511 and >>123689 the following day. no way she doesn't check this thread every other day.

this is my tinfoil but i read this >>124404 as her dropping the hint she's watching, she bought brand new clothes and DK boots but chose to post this cow fit? doesn't make sense to recycle costumes when you have new ones every day and want to gain more clout.

i think her and kev haven't been triggered enough to directly reference or post here again. maybe they finally learned that it only makes it worse, kek

No. 124525

Doesnt matter what they try to prove after lurking, the only thing they accomplish is more shit for us to laugh at while they continue to prove what losers they are.

No. 124535

lookin like a bloated hag

have fun with the wrinkles from poofing your saggy cheeks out topkek

No. 124721

Kevin and "Claire" hooked up? For real?

No. 125083

File: 1607541094333.png (125.45 KB, 945x1605, uh oh.png)

Kev unfollowed her again, wonder if they got in a fight cause y'all mentioned his previous hookup? kek

No. 125084

File: 1607541207184.png (730.67 KB, 1197x431, delusion.png)

samefag, just wanted to compare looni's newest pic to her natural face. it's sad to see just how much she has to hide and edit to look youthful.

No. 125095

That one tiny finger tho

No. 125099

She looks so much better in the far right pic. Fucking sad how much she goes through in the editing process to look like overfiltered asshole

No. 125124

i mean she has to know he likely had hookups before her right? did he say he was a virgin?? lmao

No. 125131

File: 1607566240331.png (1.76 MB, 945x1580, 130569943_437595887233876_4789…)

thank you lol here we go


No. 125133

File: 1607566611410.jpeg (302.76 KB, 1242x1519, 10A4ACB6-C823-4FCF-B683-A320CB…)

I’m glad Kevin can spring for loris new nail set.

No. 125134

I hate absolutely everything about this post of hers. And the video that goes with it.

No. 125135

File: 1607567104645.png (278.23 KB, 496x415, hmmm.PNG)

samefag, just want to put this here in comparison. i don't think acrylic stilettos are necessities.

No. 125136

Speaking of her bleaching her roots I haven't noticed them grow more then a inch and I’m calling bullish on that she wears a full lace wig cheep to get on AliExpress cause if you bleached your hair white for every half a inch your hair would be destroyed

No. 125144

PvP is rough for anyone retarded enough to engage in it before hitting cap. Also, horde have racial advantages and a higher proportion of players who PvP… Directly responding to our critism and once again proving she knows nothing about the game kek.

That video is nightmare inducing, especially the "no" where she sounds like big bird. Very subtle Looni, we totally believe you don't photoshop. And proclaiming to be a troll doesn't make your horrifying videos any less uncanny. In fact it shows you're self conscious of what we say here while you embarrass yourself.

No. 125153

I don't understand how she could be leveling so slow. Its not hard to hit max. Even if she's just doing pvp for some reason. And yeah horde typically does better. Except for today in my case. I just don't get why not hit max then pvp so she can brag about all her wins she gets carried through

No. 125184

Her roots are visible, she just takes pictures from very low angles so you don't see the top of her head. Plus the usual 100 lightening and blurring filters.
Roots: >>123796

No. 125201

File: 1607599167898.jpeg (148.45 KB, 827x1534, A0BCAD55-B790-4B7E-BD85-F3E106…)

I wondered the same thing but it appears Looni is friends with Claire on Facebook? Unless she added her to lurk lol it’s weird either way

No. 125202

Her teeth are so yellow, it's disgusting. You can compare them with all the white around her and they're unfortunate, even her pink hair looks lighter, ew.

No. 125204

Bet we'll be seeing filtered white teeth in the next few photos after a series of puffed cheek duck lips until she figures out how to do it.

No. 125211

I don't understand it either. You can get carried from 0-60 just by getting one shot off on enemies other players are killing…

The funny thing is I doubt they're even that yellow irl, it's the saturation filters layered on-top of one another, contrasting with the pale hair that make it look so atrocious. Not to say they aren't already yellow to begin with kek.

No. 125212

She can thank the all those years of cigarette smoking for the yellow teeth she has left uwu

No. 125292

File: 1607646088163.png (676.02 KB, 809x586, Capture.PNG)

No. 125293

File: 1607646124122.png (392.29 KB, 378x535, vomits.PNG)

No. 125294

File: 1607646288960.png (286.42 KB, 336x598, 48325627.PNG)

this is downright insanity. she's skinwalking white teenage girls as a 30 something latina woman.

No. 125297

I am so embarrassed for her

No. 125301

wait toebeanies? isn't that danielle beaulieu's brand? i feel like if kevin wanted to support another costhot she'd have a big problem with it. didn't she make him remove her?

No. 125318

File: 1607654287899.gif (224.54 KB, 109x90, tenor (2).gif)

Why doesn't she realise how retarded she looks? The epileptic shaking isn't cute coupled with the what I assume to be faces only the deaf, dumb and blind would make. What is this shit she's been uploading?

No. 125320

No. 125369

Yeah well far right was 20 years ago
Mid was about 10

No. 125371

kek anon thank you, I now realized that her videos have been reminding me of the gurning rave guy all along
to be honest, the raver dude is way less embarrassing

No. 125400

File: 1607710701448.png (443.69 KB, 454x550, kev.PNG)


Kevin posted the same cosplay, again. Featuring Lori's purposefully shitty camera work. I swear she doesn't want him to get any recognition or attention. He can never look good in pics or videos.


>Bakugou finally landed on a hero name! Or will they revoke his choice again!? I must shoot to commemorate, I did 15minute weartest to make sure he's still in good shape, totally forgot the neck brace lol 😆 when I have time away from Shadowlands I will shoot for real. I'm stoked he picked something and he's popping off rn!

I think the name is a clever homage to All Mights hero name, although ground zero had a super nice ring to it, Dynamight definitely fills the boots."\

No. 125417

File: 1607719163206.png (731.96 KB, 809x590, rat noises again.PNG)


looks like it was taken same day as >>124510 or maybe she is lurking?

No. 125418


No. 125432

File: 1607723381187.png (113.43 KB, 233x275, 1605910024066.png)

i only say maybe cause i wouldn't put it past her to just be lazy and only do shoots 3 times a week and not every day like it seems. if she did post this just to prove anons wrong about her not doing 02 anymore then pic rel

No. 125448

What the fuck is she sitting on? It looks like some old concrete bird bath or something. So aesthetic.

No. 125464

Even without the extreme angle, her feet are ENORMOUS

No. 125465

I can't believe that she started using her personal fb as her sw fb. She has no separation and all this shit is posted for friends and family. Ever other post is her half baked and demanding you send her money or sub to her of. How fucking stupid do you have to not keep business and personal separate?! She has no shame, how mortifying.

No. 125467

if you have access to her friends only posts pls provide anon i'm dying of thirst

No. 125476

Nothing exciting in her friends only posts. Memes and more pictures of herself. The milky posts only stay up for a few hours before they're deleted.

No. 125477

File: 1607749941295.png (1.63 MB, 1120x2048, Screenshot_20201211-210702.png)

No. 125485

what's with the nose rash makeup? can someone explain?

No. 125488

well keep an eye out!! personally i think even these scary shooped pictures are entertaining kek

No. 125491

That and someone desperately needs to adjust the trajectory of her winged liner.

No. 125498

File: 1607754521135.jpg (316.66 KB, 1080x1683, 20201211_222812.jpg)

No. 125501

I still hate this face so much.

>t. anon who hates Lori's puffed cheeks face

No. 125506

Bought the most expensive phone to continue to post potato quality photos. Also I wonder if she’s referring to >>121631

No. 125521

fuck that's pathetic, why would she admit this?
also she only does the puff-cheek face now cause she knows she can't compete with the ahego girls and desperately wants to have her own ~brand
can't decide what's sadder, her hiding her meaty jaw behind the pink hair or the fact that she takes every insult as a challenge. lori you need to get some therapy.

No. 125548

You're not the only one, pretty sure she's gonna get wrinkles making that face so often. I think she should get cheek fillers (Cuck Kevin can pay) so she doesn't have to be making a silly face constantly.

No. 125572

Looni brags about getting a phone on a plan but can't afford to get her face fixed.

This, she's puffing her cheeks out to hide how old and sunken in her face is and thin her lips are.

No. 125573

Her hands always look so clammy

No. 125590

Shows how mentally stunted she is to make this post, it shows a high unawareness of what being g an adult is. She comes off as so desperate in almost every post.

No. 125593

Wow her hands are huge like a guy's. If you cover her face it looks like a man with a wig.

No. 125599

Hair looks like a cheap wig in this one

No. 125601

Her hand is not at all befitting of her photoshopped face kek

No. 125603

No hunny you don’t need a new phone you need a 401k

No. 125604

File: 1607796968046.png (321.94 KB, 332x538, what the FUCK.PNG)

literally fried. i bet if you pull on it when its wet, it just keeps stretching and stretching. you're going to go bald, Looni.

No. 125605

Why would she post this? It totally shatters the illusion of her hair being in decent condition…

No. 125607

probably to prove she doesn't need to wear extensions to have it be long? she's probably reached her max growth length and is insecure as fuck about it. she has a weird obsession with wigs and extensions, she always calls out other people for extensions then lies and says her hair is 100% natural. this is the first time i've ever even seen her admit to wearing fake hair.

No. 125609

File: 1607802565078.png (2.72 MB, 828x1792, B1AFA8EA-B5BC-4DCD-B495-8BBAE7…)

There’s still some suspicious parting towards the front of her head. I’ve always suspected she wears clip-in bangs because her whole head looks synthetic (too shiny) but the bangs especially so with their thickness, shape, and blunt edge.

No. 125610

File: 1607802750918.jpeg (253.28 KB, 828x1047, 61C075F0-4791-46B0-9237-F85B34…)

Samefag, something like this but in a closer color, of course.

No. 125613

File: 1607806161655.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1125x1540, C4913340-5C4A-45ED-9858-9DEF53…)

The fact that she thinks having a wig or extensions is such a big deal no body cares but her. I personally think it’s all a wig but it don’t matter she’s nuts to think that makes you so much better of a person or a cosplayer to have a hair color or have a long hair I seen so many girls that are rad with short hair and they are better then her with cosplay and looks

No. 125695

File: 1607830868460.png (50.58 KB, 154x170, tchtchtch.PNG)



>weird heaving to simulate sexy heavy breathing while curled like a shrimp

No. 125712

The head shaking is so weird

No. 125723

File: 1607836821644.jpeg (152.97 KB, 1242x1119, CA8ED356-02C9-42F0-ACF7-515501…)

Loris FB posts rarely get 20 likes on average. She must be buying followers for sure paying to be popular (infamous) with a paypig suit pissing simp.

No. 125724

Does this imply she is only adding people who pay for her shit photo sets and see her naked? How could Kevin ever be comfortable with that given the fact that she cheated on him multiple times in Seattle and made plans at AX with another dude? Like, wat. But he can’t have any female friends?

No. 125735

This is so fucking creepy and weird to watch, she looks like she's on crack

No. 125752

I don’t understand her mindset at all. Like does she expect to make it as far as Belle? Lori is far from popular compare to those Belle clones, and she’s definitely lacking the advantages to succeed. Even if I don’t bring up the age factor, she doesn’t have the creativity, charisma, energy, etc, that other girls have. Not to mention, she’s as retarded as a vegetable for wasting money on likes. Nobody cares about likes, it’s certainly not going to give you the popularity boost she’s so desperate for. I’m just truly amazed at how stupid she is at the way she markets herself. Even though Belle failed out of school, she knew how to make bank from her 5-minute internet fame.

Yep, she needs to think about her future rather than playing dress up with girls half her age. Lori is so fucked if Kevin realizes she needs him more than he needs her.

No. 125760

File: 1607852899361.jpg (37.39 KB, 606x561, flat,800x800,075,f.u2.jpg)

She barely hit 100 subs on OF, she only averages like 15-20 likes per post. Its funny how she keeps effortlessly climbing on insta, has nothing on twitter and barely makes cash out on OF. Its a literal money pit. I'm assuming she's not going to do her taxes correctly either. I would bet money that she had Kevin or her "simps" buy her clothing and other bullshit, so she can't even claim it as business expenses. She's going to end up owing money cause she's lowkey retarded. Lori can't even do the e-girl grift right. She should just go work at a fucking JoAnn's and steal at this point. Her and Kevin would be better off.

>she needs to think about her future rather than playing dress up with girls half her age
ouch fuckin true i wanna see her flex a retirement plan next LOL

No. 125766

File: 1607854587944.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.41 MB, 326x250, goddess bunny.gif)

holy shit lmao, the head shaking, cramped position and that fucking awkward grinding at the end remind me of the Goddess Bunny tap dancing, pic related, even the pouty face is spot on!

(spoilered just in case someone finds the gif unsettling)

No. 125784

I am fucking crying, holy shit anon this is spot on

No. 125807

topkek just perfect

Granny needs to get a job and work on her 401k before she buys more clip-ins.

No. 125814

I just want to know the point of all this. All of us here knows this isn’t how she looks and eventually someone is going to see her and take a photo without filters and post it. How do you get off on lying yo people? I’m shocked she posted the fried hair because it gave you a glimpse of how old she looks and her face looks like a dude in it and that is still with filters. The truth will come out and she is going to be laughed out of the community…

No. 125835

File: 1607886245711.jpeg (110.16 KB, 827x551, 78297E2C-CDC7-4FB0-9B62-5C94C6…)

Found this under her pic on the dollskill insta very obviously posted by a farmer who must have forgotten that dollskill is racist and fatphobic as well. Looni must be fuming bc she can’t delete the comment like she does on her own posts kek

No. 125846

File: 1607890390932.png (Spoiler Image, 3.49 MB, 1920x1080, iztOF.png)

I have presents for you all. I finally said fuck it and paid for her OF and holy shit… it's worse than I imagined. She constantly begs for subs cause there's nothing different between this feed and her instagram, its just reposts to her OF. She complains about potential bans but never posts any full or partial frontal nudity on either platform, at this point I smell an excuse to scam people. It's all just pics of her flat, clothed ass. She flashed her tits maybe 4 times since she started? The dildo photo is the newest and most troll-y of them all. She's teasing doing actual porn but we all know she won't. She's literally following Belle Delphine's signature tease grift step by step. Don't get me started on the videos…. Dear god. I couldn't bare to watch more than one of her being…….."provocative" I guess.

Also I found a post she made of someone shaking their ass but it wasn't her……. there were no tattoos visible on the person. Could it be an old clip or did she pull another Belle and sell someone else's porn? Either way I gave myself brain damage for y'all.

No. 125847

File: 1607891147182.png (Spoiler Image, 3.08 MB, 1920x1080, ahri.png)

Here's whats supposed to be Ahri? Idk what is going on here

No. 125849

File: 1607891292440.png (Spoiler Image, 1.28 MB, 907x1075, bleach that shit.png)

warning: lori's dirty, blown-out asshole
the closest thing to XXX content was honestly this lol everything else is implied, i bet simps are pissed and immediately cancel their sub when they see whats behind the paywall. I have the twerking video uploading right now. Will reply with it when it's done.

No. 125850

File: 1607891927410.png (196.16 KB, 937x1073, eye bags.png)

here's looni's stripper audition tape
also the closest we might ever get to seeing her real face ever again

No. 125865


in before copyrighting "I twerk yuu" a la "I eet yuu"

I thought the nose rash makeup looked worse in Snow filters but maybe it actually looks worse less filtered like this jfc

No. 125871

File: 1607898106205.jpg (Spoiler Image, 189.74 KB, 1013x1385, 1224276869795.jpg)

I can't believe this bitch is still around. What a hypocrite. She is truly the worst. Its actually so much worse than you guys even think with her. And everyone has seen this bitch's tits. I mean EVERYONE.

No. 125872

Damn anon where did you find these? Funny she doesn't wanna show her tits without a paywall but then this exists and is free kek

No. 125874

File: 1607898703781.jpg (43.66 KB, 986x480, 1221636192235.jpg)

I'm an old school 4channer/cosplayer from /cgl. And I mean like 2004-2009. And this bitch pissed off a lot of people. Literally everyone. She has done some evil, and I don't use that word easily, EVIL shit to people who didn't deserve it. All for the sake of attention.

No. 125876

A lot of that drama has been lost without archival. I'm glad you're here! I used to follow her thinking she was way younger and a good cosplayer (cringe I know) then I found this stuff. Important work, anon. I applaud you! I hope this helps deplatform her.

No. 125878

File: 1607899453229.png (40.94 KB, 994x450, 1221635113843.png)

He behavior was appalling. And dangerous.

Some of the shit she did includes:

1. Sapping people's limited funds for free meals and toys she wanted at conventions on the regular. Meanwhile, she'd make everyone sleep on the floor while she fucked Scott/whichever Mamo-chan she was seeing at the time all night in the bed.

2.Leaving a LEARNING DISABLED GIRL STRANDED AT A CONVENTION. They just up and left without her there despite previous arrangements to be her ride home. This includes her ex boyfriend, Scott.

3. Moving in with people showing her kindness and putting them out of their own rooms while she smokes inside the house and they have fucking asthma.

4. Had an entire section on her "Cool Kou Klan" (yes, it sounds like the KKK…) website making fun of people who called her out on her bullshit at every turn.

5. Actively cyber bullied people who stood up to her for YEARS.

And fuck you when you see this, Lori. No one is obsessed with you. You just need to tattoo a fucking warning label to your forehead that reads 'TOXIC AS FUCK.'

Sick of seeing people get hurt/used.

No. 125881

Thank u chan-anon, appreciate the delicious weeb milkshake. Love reading the older crazy stuff, kinda hard to find caps. Skinwalker is my favorite flavor or crazy. Hope you're holidays are warm and cozy.

No. 125883

No prob. Happy Holidays to you too. I'm half considering doing some funny CDAN style blind items in terms of cosplayers with some funny anecdotes I know considering how long I've been in the hobby and the connections I've made. I won't say any names though, just CDAN style notations.

No. 125884

I can't find that comment. Was it deleted by DK!?

No. 125885

Holy shit, talk about karma.

No. 125886

found this about her ditching a disabled girl at night in the city, dozens of dead links though.


michele and lori's lj's are up and archived for the most part.

No. 125888

Holy fuck she has got to be on stimulants, the only way she can make her flabby sack move is by inducing a leg seizure. Cant wait to see the failure that will be her trying to do moves on a stripper pole.

No. 125891

Ugh anon thank you for these. They are aged like a fine wine. I love her old lj posts. You are the GOAT.

No. 125892


Another oldfag here. Yes, Lori is a psychopath.

Lori didn't "just" abandon the learning disabled teenage girl at a convention in 2004/2005.

Let's call the girl "C." At that con, Lori encouraged "C" to commit suicide after "C" was raped by Lori's then husband Luis.

At that con, Lori and her then much older (possibly ex at the time?) husband Luis were the only legal adults in their cosplay group. As usual, Lori's "kou kewl klan" consisted of all younger cosplayers because she is a predatory narcissist and enjoys grooming minors.

After getting lost/abandoned, "C" eventually found her way back to the group's hotel room. Luis was the only other person present in the room with "C" and he raped her.

After the sexual assault, Lori and her minions returned to the hotel room. "C" was clearly traumatized yet Lori laughed at her and advised her to commit suicide. Nobody else in the group helped "C."

"C" then attempted suicide at Lori's urging. The poor girl washed down fistfulls of pills with alcohol. Again, nobody in the group helped "C."

"C" thankfully survived but charges were never made against Luis or Lori.


No. 125893

File: 1607907207928.jpg (44.86 KB, 477x635, 1218658626599.jpg)

Welcome fellow oldfag. This is the Luis in question, correct?

No. 125898

File: 1607910307141.gif (15.07 MB, 328x240, twerk lik u want it.gif)

i hope this demon of a woman loses everything

No. 125899

That's truly evil, jesus christ. Glad the girl was ok.

No. 125902

My god. What an evil bitch. Hope karma comes and bites her in the ass real good, and real soon. I hope that girl is doing alright and thriving today.

No. 125906

File: 1607912598166.png (1.43 MB, 1948x5563, LuisLJ.png)

Yup, that's Luis. Here's a screenshot of his old LJ. Lori and Luis' marriage ended because they were (surprise, surprise) both cheating on each other. When "C" was sexually assaulted, Lori was around 19 or 20 years old and Luis was in his late 20s.

Sorry, I'm an oldfag with an oldfag memory. The con was between 2002-2005, possibly Katsucon 9 (2003). I'll check my old cosplay journals.

Lori is and always has been a very, very, very bad person. The "C" incident is just another Tuesday for her.

No. 125908

What can karma do to her? She's 35, leeches off a kid, and never leaves their apartment. Nothing is in her name. She thrives from power trips, but is wholly dependent on the pittance paychecks from a boy and what ever 3 outfits once a year she gets from shady merch comp
companies. You never see her smile because she's missing teeth from being a filthy ana-chan. She filters her haggard face because she is too embarrassed by how badly she is aging. So yeah, karma already got her.

No. 125910

Ntayrt but i'd like to interject. Despite this she is managing to make money off those merch deals and discount codes, she has subs on OF, she is amassing a real following and gaining the attention of brands. She may be hitting the wall, but she has this pandemic on her side. She can edit and hide far, far away and still get the same benefits she would have had she done irl modeling for Dollskill or YRU. She can continue doing it after too. Unless she gets exposed and it dissolves her momentum, she could reach a point where it doesn't matter. She'll continue to be enabled. Kinda like momokun. That's whats kinda scary to me. You truly can fake it until you make it nowadays and she is doing that.

No. 125912

Cut to 15:40 to see Lori's segment in here. And the racism that pours out of her mouth.

No. 125913

>she is managing to make money off those merch deals and discount codes

I don't think she makes much, if at all. The cost to keep up this illusion outweighs whatever she gains.

No. 125916

Do you consider that ‘making it’? Getting junk from companies that will end up in the landfill after a year or two? Playing dress up in a room the size (not even) of a bachelor apartment? I would understand if that’s the dream goal of someone in their 20s, but I’d question that person’s priorities if they were in their 30s. This gig isn’t going to get her anywhere in a few more years. What is she going to do in her 40s? She doesn’t have any financial assets or actual skills to support herself. At this rate, I can see her as Raven 2.0. Who needs basic needs and decent living when you have snow filter and kawaii trash?

No. 125920


But I thought Lori had a "bad back" and "couldn't work"? lolololol

But what about Lori's "bad back" that "prevented" her from working real jobs and used as an excuse to take advantage of people over the years?

No. 125921

That’s just it many of these bitches filter and distort their face and bodies and are making millions! She is already getting deals and it’s only going to increase with more followers. Instagram allows people to delete comments. The comment above was deleted by dolls kills who obviously doesn’t give a fuck that the most toxic person is repping their company.. if there was icons on this site Loris dirty ass hole would be mine lol.

No. 125923

OMG I DIED LAUGHING. how could Kevin be okay with this on OF? The butthole looks FILTHY. Lori looks absolutely depressed in the dildo pic, it’s hilarious. Girl you are a disgusting predator abuser leech on society how could you have such an ego? You’re literally garbage. Poor Kevin.

No. 125925

Ayrt, No, but like >>125921 said; we know the truth of her character and situation, but nobody else following her does and the more deals/followers she accrues the less likely this info is to do any good and run her offline. She will find companies that will ass kiss her and ignore the "haterz" and continue her literal succubus lifestyle.

It was a "broken spine" not even a bad back.

Teasing her worn-out holes for random scrotes is all she can do now. She has no skills, no job experience, no education, nothing. This is it for her. Kevin is her lifeline!

No. 125931

You have to be kidding me… She’s not going to get a big break that will make her ‘millions’. All she’s getting is junk that nobody wants besides other trashy hoes. If she really is making much at all, Lori wouldn’t be taking photos in just a dinky little room surrounded by made-in-china junk.

No. 125948

I can’t BREATH I’m laughing so hard from that “twerk”! It’s not even a twerk it’s her legs slightly bending at fast rate trying to make her non existent ass bounce! Didnt someone say she is supposedly amazing in bed because I don’t see it. She doesn’t know how to be sexy nor move her hips and ass to look like she can ride a mans soul out of his body. Kevin… broooo if this is what your sex life looks like I’m so fucking sorry. Putting up with her bullshit to get that is not fucking worth it!

No. 125955

I didn't realize someone could be worse at this than Momokun thank you Lori I haven't laughed that hard in sometime.

No. 125957

Jesus Christ you gotta give the reporter credit for not losing it, Lori tried butting in the entire time. Around 18:40 Lori is trying to interrupt the Uranus's segment and the goth girl kinda just scoots over trying to shut her out. Sure the moment the camera stopped she bitched to the camera person for a good while about what a bitch Lori was.

No. 125959

Wonder what Kevin's wholesome Mormon family thinks about Lori.

Don't waste your pity on Kevin - he's not a victim. He's an adult who knows Lori's history yet STILL chooses her. You are the company you keep = Kevin and Lori are both bad people.

No. 125964

why the fuck would she ever post that ''twerking'' clip….that's so fucking embarrassing. like, shayna tier embarrassing.

No. 125969

I am cackling! This thread gives me life because of anons like you. Thank you.
Lori is far, FAR from making millions. Like the other anon said, she wastes all of her money of shitty made-in-china polyester outfits and toys. The day Lori buys a house or a brand new car (lol) I’ll be impressed. Time is NOT on her side, she’s middle aged. This is not “making it”, this is a sad existence and waste of life.

No. 125974

>worn-out holes
Lori is gross but this isn't any better

No. 125990

File: 1607959302214.jpeg (444.43 KB, 2048x2048, 8877C2BF-37D8-4BD4-8E61-54ABF4…)

photoshop and filters, versus her real face… she is going to have to retire from cons just so she can’t be able to hide behind photoshop…

No. 125991

The pandemic is the best thing that ever happened to her. I for one cannot wait for the candids, but considering she's a nobody anymore.. I doubt we'll get any.

No. 126001

jesus fuck this is evil. I was in her orbit but not in her inner circle since I didn't see these filtered posts on her LJ. Zan was actually fucking talented and Usagi Dumpling was a decent cosplayer and from all accounts I knew, a nice person. how fucking evil do you have to be

anon you must be an ex-Kou to have this dirt

No. 126002

File: 1607966521237.png (149.19 KB, 766x558, 1221637500008.png)

I'm not, actually. But I was friends with at least two.

No. 126003

File: 1607966550307.png (194.97 KB, 970x562, 1221639830749.png)

No. 126007

it's so painfully obvious she is completely jealous of Zan.. anon, were there any comments? did Zan ever find out?

No. 126009

poor kevin? he's an adult. he can kick her to the curb if he wants. If he is capable of working a job and pissing on her stuff, he can also break up with her. But he's pretending that they are both characters from anime. Has probably convinced himself that Lori is a tsundere type.

lori's lewd content gives him life, anon.

No. 126026

LOL I remember this. She was so proud of that UGLY wig she threw together. She was so jealous of Zan it was pathetic. This was around the time her "marriage" to Steven was coming to an end if my timeline is correct. She was missing the attention she got from cosplaying and started pretending to sew again. It was the end of her slightly chill/stoner phase where she just posted pics of pretending to be a WoW gamer all the time.

No. 126040

Where did all this Zan hate even start with Lori? I haven’t seen her in years but I remember being extremely impressed by her cosplay, especially Sailor Moon

No. 126043

Her envy started around the time she dated her ex Kelli and they cos played Sera Myu together.

No. 126045

Is this what made Zan quit cosplay? she disappeared in 2015 or 2016 though

I'd quit too if some fucking skinwalking psychopath sent my photos to creeps

No. 126058

I am so jealous you have unlimited access to all of her über-cunt lj posts. Please share anything ridiculous that you find!

No. 126060

File: 1608052839878.jpeg (603.55 KB, 2048x2048, 9974BBA1-49CC-4DD5-9C42-61E7A9…)

I can see why she’s be jealous of Zan lmao

No. 126067

Wow zan looks like she’s from a live action film and Lori looks like a Halloween costume I guess Lori hasn’t changed a bit

No. 126085

the platinum blonde eyebrows are killing me

No. 126088

File: 1608060720924.png (523.12 KB, 437x478, send help.PNG)

you can see the psionic damage lori does to him as each day passes it's kinda scary how visible both their misery is

No. 126090

File: 1608060803593.png (481.71 KB, 436x490, eesh.PNG)

looks completely dead inside

also did anyone else notice that Lori's newest post included the twerking clip posted here? she probably didn't post all day yesterday cause she was waiting for the farms to come back online KEK

No. 126091

Its so fucking funny that Lori edits him as a kawaii anime boy when he really looks like this

No. 126092

Its so strange, because he looks like a normal dude, fairly attractive but then he has this crazy scene kid animu hairstyle. It boggles me to end. Like I get it, everyone has their styles, I was a scene kid in high-school. But its just so weird to see on a guys with stubble and bags under his eyes.

No. 126093

good god he looks like a lifeless vessel

No. 126100

He looks like a future serial killer. Not tryin sound mean,his eyes give me the creeps

No. 126105

Wow the classic milk has been good. But like, I'm starting to think maybe this bitch is an actual psychopath? Like this shit is increasingly disturbing.

No. 126106

anon pls… there is no doubt. this woman is actually evil. like, unrepentant. she brags about being a demon. her whole "succubus loli/oni girl" shtick is her owning the title of being a pedo-baiting narcissist who depends on young men to survive.

No. 126115

File: 1608067851323.png (16.2 KB, 132x128, l1ZwXui.png)

What is that white thing in her bra?

No. 126117

found some more archived milk:
it's been saved a LOT so most of it is intact and navigable

No. 126121


It's just crazy seeing people say all the same things about her back in 2005. Lori's reputation precedes her.

Ahh, what an illuminating trip down memory lane this day has been.

No. 126125

Likely wearing a Bralet under, not sure why she'd wear it under but looks like one to me. Or is my best guess.

No. 126152

File: 1608077701655.webm (344.75 KB, 720x1280, 75070296_208380787507285_31868…)

why even post this? it's clearly her face filter bugging out & her lighting. i don't know why she wants to expose herself like this?

No. 126156

File: 1608078873339.jpg (167.78 KB, 750x1334, 1564229196095.jpg)

Regarding >>125892
Yeah, it was a miracle that “C” made it to the hospital in time to have her stomach pumped. I don’t know how she’s doing these days but I do remember that she was a sweet soul with a sad personal history. Only a VERY, VERY sick fuck would think of targeting “C” as a victim. Unfortunately, Lori is a psychopath. Predators like her often choose victims like “C” who are naive, young, kind-hearted, learning disabled, vulnerable or somehow impaired, manipulatable, history of trauma / abuse / neglect, from a dysfunctional family, etc.

A lot of the old school Usagi Kou drama focused on her cheating, mooching, and being an overall thundercunt. Yeah, all of those things are incredibly shitty but…pressuring a learning disabled minor to kill herself after your husband raped her is pure evil. Luis sexually assaulted “C” and Lori attempted to kill “C” - they should be in jail. To Lori, rape is just a joke or a threat to blackmail Kevin (“The rape must stop.”)

“im Irish…why am i not out getting drunk…WHY?! because, i cant even go out on a regular day without men being all “mmmm” -_- so what am i going to do in a bar…on like…the biggest drunken day ever…yeaaaaa. your friends can only block you from ugly eyes for so long X_x. MAMO-FACE! come play so i can get drunk with no worries of rape..no wait…POINTLESS!..id get raped anyways…” - Lori

Remember, kids: Lori is a psychopath.

"C" made it to the hospital in time to get her stomach pumped but the trauma she experienced was . Luis raped her and Lori almost killed her.>>125892

No. 126157

File: 1608078977567.jpg (59.74 KB, 419x576, RapeNeedsToStopLori.jpg)

Here's "the rape needs to stop" threat to Kevin.

No. 126162

I’ve only started following this cow since last year, what is is in relation to? The more old stuff that comes up, the more it proves she’s never and will never change. Ty for oldanons bring up this curdled milk

No. 126167


reddit anon posted the cap first >>>/w/52457

reddit breakdown of the situation the caps relate to >>>/w/75165

kevin verifying what happened in this reddit post is real himself >>>/w/75171

No. 126170

Kevin was claiming he was going to sue the Reddit poster because he knew who it was but nothing ever came of that.

No. 126173

File: 1608083441666.jpeg (792.83 KB, 1512x2015, 517EFC98-A77B-496A-AC6D-530F31…)

Was this ever posted? Her 2009 duck lip expression is annoying.

No. 126175

naturally. not gonna happen anytime soon either with him funding Looni's shoe habit. i love a good lawsuit threat, though. very scary.

She does it to hide her smile lines. She's sooo kawaii! Doesn't look a day over 18. /s

No. 126178

Isn't he using her old phone in these pics? I'm one of the people who don't really feel sorry for him anymore but even I think it's kinda sad how he gets her hand-me-downs even though he's supposedly the one working to support them.

No. 126180

yeah anon, this isn't the first time either. didn't she get a sponsored shirt for free that she took selfies with and then gave to him as a "birthday gift?"

how thoughtful!

No. 126181


Oh what fun memories

No. 126187

File: 1608088058837.png (414.57 KB, 1002x1000, iknowimhotlol.png)


lol jesus christ

No. 126195


I had more of them, but I've gone through three PCs since all this shit went down, so it's hard to find them. I may have lost the rest myself, but will continue looking.

However, I do have a decent memory and will share some things.

I do not know Zan personally, but in the brief time I met her and her partner (they were cosplaying together as Sailor Moon, and the "evil" Sailor Moon in the purple fuku together one year at Otakon) and she was LOVELY. Zan was not only very talented (as you can see) but a very kind, mature girl. She had a very anodyne personality, and was very down to earth. She was not a fame-chaser at all, and got the attention she did for being gorgeous and a very good seamstress. She might still be around. One of her other usernames was Sarielchan. I am unsure if she still cosplays, and I do believe she was aware of Lori's unhealthy fixation with her. She was a polite person though who stayed out of drama and never reciprocated Lori's jabs at her. Zan's partner was beautiful too, and also cosplayed Seiya. She looked a lot like Lucy Lawless when I saw her in person.

Lori was absolutely threatened by her. As I've seen mentioned on here previously, Lori will prop up people she feels are "beneath" her, and tear down those who could get more attention than her, and Zan was exactly that.

There was a lot of other shit too. Especially when Lori was inbetween boyfriends and would grab onto any dicks (or vagina) she could. Without giving myself away, she even tried to latch on to a friend of a friend I knew who was a very troubled girl, though VERY nice, but from a VERY wealthy (and I mean legit wealthy) family. That friendship didn't seem to last long, though. She met her through her ex Josh, when he was going to Byram Hills High School in Armonk, NY. (Yes, Lori met Josh either right after or late into high school if I recall…)

And it's funny you mention that wig, because we used to have a picture of it from behind, and it was a fucking MESS. You could fully see the mesh and it was devoid of wefts in the back.

No. 126200

>making millions

Never going to happen. Lori can be homeless tomorrow if Kevin woke up and realized how deep in debt he is.

No. 126223

File: 1608120407451.jpg (29.46 KB, 557x492, usagikouinsane.jpg)

No. 126224

Samefag, for the "paying rent" link, add an exclamation to the end. Sorry it was broken.

No. 126226

The girl on the left's cosplay is amazing even by today's standards. No wonder Lori is jealous.

No. 126234

File: 1608125827842.png (566.48 KB, 482x857, Untitled (1).png)

tinfoil an OT but she's been wearing her weird mesh succubus headband a lot more and liking images of morrigan/lilith on twitter…. i think she's going to actually try it. sigh.


No. 126272

File: 1608136246591.jpeg (168 KB, 1080x1841, 4582B1E5-2F2C-45A1-818A-1A354E…)

Her boobs are actually double spaced kek(Titpick)

No. 126274

File: 1608136372556.jpeg (612.96 KB, 1536x2048, 3F507B74-9608-48E6-A556-2ED38D…)

Can see her nonexistent ass in the mirror

No. 126278

what aesthetic even is this? and clean your room, lori.

No. 126279

It bugs me so much that her floor is covered in plushies it looks so messy and dingy

No. 126281

I don't even know what is supposed to be "cyborg" here

No. 126284

Her ass is dented in as the same as her tits and her hair don’t look pink it looks blonde with pink spots or is it colored in with a app?

No. 126290

“Messy Teen Room” is an actual fetish. Maybe she’s performing for pseudo pedo fetishes, or maybe her room is just trashed like this on the regular

No. 126296

Christ, what an insufferable narc she is.

No. 126301

It is. If you look at the background of her photos going all the way back to her black hair years there's always been piles of clutter and mess in the background or in her closets.

No. 126310

Is this the only face she knows now? No wonder even other low-tier cosplayers are more successful than her lmao

No. 126328

Scroll skimming I thought this was a picture of kevin

No. 126333

File: 1608153551729.png (2.17 MB, 1628x1114, cleavagelol.png)

lol that's just her "cleavage"


No. 126335

File: 1608154003970.png (1.56 MB, 1610x1181, pedobaitddlg.png)


Lori is absolutely pedobaiting with ddlg [daddy dom/little girl] fetish shit

No. 126336

File: 1608154575413.jpg (170.12 KB, 500x375, impersonator.jpg)

I found some old pics from back in the day, enjoy newfags

No. 126338

File: 1608154647265.png (1.47 MB, 1076x862, profile.png)

side profile

No. 126339

File: 1608154725973.jpg (31.72 KB, 308x370, ovo58whbs9.jpg)

no wonder she doesn't smile for pictures

No. 126340

File: 1608155023661.jpg (370.42 KB, 768x663, d20bhbls.jpg)

I think this was taken around the time Lori went to San Diego for vacation, cheated on her partner Ender with Ender's brother, and then justifying cheating with a nasty anti-trans remark
[Ender is/was transgender at the time]

No. 126341

File: 1608155064159.jpg (406.05 KB, 598x892, 927503nbe.jpg)

old princess faggotry

No. 126343

She looks like a completely different person. If I didn't know that was her because I knew her back then, I'd never know that was the same warped shopped alien faced delusional dumbass we see now.

No. 126344

File: 1608155225007.jpg (202.69 KB, 428x640, bow8vho4hs.jpg)

irl anime princess jawline

No. 126346

File: 1608155307386.jpg (52.03 KB, 515x385, wtfderanged.jpg)

I have no idea wtf this is, she looks deranged

No. 126347

File: 1608155372614.png (1.06 MB, 770x688, o2nfb9s.png)

the Kewl Kou Klan

No. 126348

File: 1608155458602.jpg (253.92 KB, 400x509, 49s0gwghs.jpg)

old con shit

No. 126349

File: 1608155510702.jpg (70.9 KB, 768x576, dino.jpg)

a picture of two predators

No. 126350

File: 1608155620943.jpg (234.39 KB, 515x572, gl5wie22lgns.jpg)

old Fushigi Yugi cosplay?

No. 126351

File: 1608155682953.jpg (239.04 KB, 504x597, bl9gl02hk.jpg)

another profile

No. 126353

File: 1608155744342.png (2.52 MB, 1436x1056, 2m3lwuiot.png)

Moon Kingdom faggotry

No. 126354

Lumpy, hunchbacked pooping she-gorilla posture. How on earth is this an acceptable pose?

No. 126355

File: 1608155827699.jpg (40.58 KB, 360x372, o0dksgy3nesp.jpg)

that floor looks filthy

No. 126356

File: 1608155895080.png (1020.02 KB, 1112x822, enbc0472.png)

"friends only"

No. 126357

File: 1608155977242.png (1.46 MB, 1104x984, pyq93yetw4.png)

delicate anime nose

No. 126358

File: 1608156031250.jpg (96.58 KB, 383x257, iseeyuuuu.jpg)

"i see yuuuu"

No. 126359

File: 1608156166392.png (86.93 KB, 1338x631, namelol.png)

Just remembered - Lori used to tell people her "real" and "legal" name was Serenity.

No. 126360

File: 1608156222898.png (1.59 MB, 1928x1108, vampire.png)

dainty vampire nose

No. 126361

File: 1608156271011.jpg (87.96 KB, 640x483, smoke.jpg)

Naruto cosplay

No. 126362

File: 1608156314211.jpg (49.22 KB, 469x407, osowmb7c02.jpg)

good genetics = princess skin

No. 126363

File: 1608156395525.png (653.01 KB, 1430x1228, kkklori.png)

Kew Kou Klan LJ shit

No. 126365

File: 1608156643457.png (818.77 KB, 1624x690, myapartment.png)


"my whole apartment is pretty nice <3"

so nice. who is paying the bills? did Kevin move out?

No. 126366

How absurdly old are these? Don't think they've made 300 lbs televisions like that for the last 20 years. Might be an unpopular opinion but aside from styling, she looks good in a lot of these. How are photos from decades past clearer than her photos in the present?

No. 126368


old but waaaay more accurate in terms of how she looks without filters, shoop, etc.

No. 126369

File: 1608157597231.jpg (6.03 KB, 100x100, batshitLJicon.jpg)

old ass LJ icon about Lori's batshittery

No. 126370

>Haruka impersonator

As if she didn’t force each “friend” to cosplay/go by the name of each character as she saw fit

No. 126371

That would be giving her credit by saying she still looks the same now behind the filters, which she doesn't.

No. 126372

Most people didn't have flat screens in the 2000s and early 10s.

No. 126373


true, true. what I meant is that it gives an idea as to what she really looked like when she was younger. she's obviously hiding her real appearance behind apps and photoshop now.

Lori is gonna have to start deep-faking herself for fetish videos

No. 126382

Like 2005ish I'd say since she's rocking the "this is my hair" look. I think shes a library by the looks of it

No. 126384

File: 1608163511251.png (1.56 MB, 1208x2048, Screenshot_20201216-160240.png)

Sooooo she used a Melanie Martinez song in her new video and I guess is just gonna act like the lyrics aren't about being raped? Tone-deaf coming from the ex wife of a rapist.

No. 126387

Melanie Martinez allegedly raped more than one friend of hers and never faced a single consequence for that, so I would criticize the song choice for that reason.

It's not about rape anyway. It's about objectification/sexualization of women.

No. 126389

the line about the skirt being "too short" and the hook being "it's my fault, it's my fault" gave me that impression.

No. 126391

File: 1608165677305.png (661.97 KB, 1870x1126, qo863eiu2tlzio.png)

From a 2006 anti-UsagiKou site.

"As told by a former close friend…"

"I am not here to bash and destroy her reputation, that has already been done."

"I think about all the hardships and double-crossing she has done to my friends and family…"

"Usagi Kou = Dumbass drama queen still at large."


No. 126393

File: 1608166219263.jpeg (323.24 KB, 1417x2333, 0D895B6B-4BA0-4F8E-8312-371AA0…)

She is so insolence to go to peoples art and say they are all my faces like bitch she didn’t draw you get over yourself

No. 126394

Nah Lori. In order for it to be you, it would have to have
- horrible eyebags
- deep laugh lines
- a flat/caved in chest
- no hips/ass
- a bigger nose
- smaller lips
- hollowed out ghastly face structure

No. 126395

Audio file of Lori projecting about her negative traits and accusing other people of being psychopaths.


No. 126396

"I hope that someday that you [Lori] seek therapy for your problems, because you are not mentally well. I hope the people that you have brainwashed wake up realize the errors of your ways and realize how much you're taking advantage of them."

"All of your cosplay awards that you've won over the years have been REVOKED! You've also been banned from the following masquerades: Katsucon, Otakon, Anime Boston, Anime NEXT, Anime USA, Anime EXPO, Fanime, and NYCC. Just for the record, your 'lawsuit' has no merit, you will be laughed out of the courtroom."


No. 126400

File: 1608169172642.png (709.24 KB, 818x620, Untitled (2).png)

No. 126416

Her hair is so many colors. I remember when she used to shriek like a banshee at anyone who challenged that it wasn't all her real hair

No. 126421

Fucking DjDramas is the biggest two faced, drama sucking cunt I’ve ever had the displeasure of running into at every East coast con.
After jerking himself off and trying to feel relevant through his multiple USA Kou manifestos throughout the years, Lori is actually still friends with this twat.
Does anyone know why they’re still friends? I’m always so confused.

No. 126445


Not a surprise that twats of a feather twat together.

Anyone who chooses to remain in Lori's orbit (esp. long-term) is damaged, crazy, evil, or a fun mix of all of the above.

No. 126448

From the angle it kind of looks like her shirt says "CUNT". Fitting

No. 126454

File: 1608202852054.png (131.87 KB, 264x247, curdledass.png)

what exactly is going on with her ass in the mirror? is it a shooping mistake or is the light string actually curved and her ass concave

No. 126459

Curse you for making me look at this closely but the led light is actually curved because it's in a corner (you can see the corner of the wall below it) and her leg might look extra malformed because of the light from the led light shining over it

No. 126460

They're not really friends. He'll call her his friend because he calls anyone he's ever hung out with his friend/sister but she doesn't give a shit about him anymore.

No. 126463

anon who paid for OF:

are there comments on her pics and videos there? I'm not sure how OF works. Do people like these spastic movements she makes?

She always looks like …. she has watched a bunch of egirls and wants to mimic their "sexy" movements, but she does it as quickly as possible and with a kind of disdain for the viewer. Like "ugh, are you happy now?"

It doesn't feel playful or like she enjoys showing off (which I assume is part of what guys like to see usually). It doesn't look sexy, she looks like she's ODing.

No. 126486

There is absolutely potato faced, ugly as hell women on OF and guys still pay..surprisingly her content isnt nearly as bad as even some noncosplay thots.

No. 126490

Why does she have all these crazy platform shoes? She never goes anywhere (she wouldn't go anywhere if covid were over, either). Are they just for her pervs?

No. 126491

>isn’t nearly as bad
I mean I guess if you have a thing for crackhead spazzing middle aged women who wear cheap polyester clothing

No. 126508

So there was barely any interaction. She only got comments on her dildo post begging her to film, like, any adult content. She doesn't respond though, she only "responds" to "simps" aka people dumb enough to pay her more money than just a sub.

Basically how she set up her account to where she'll post a mostly clothed pic and then says she has a "sexy ppv message" to go with it. All that means is you have to message her and pay more money to unlock photos and videos directly through OnlyFans' direct messaging system. I bet they aren't even actual nudes though.

She sells a specific kind of pervert fantasy I think. She's desperate to come off as younger. She thinks those awkward tweaker moves make her look like an awkwardly sexy Loli. She thinks it's charming in an immature way. immaturity and brattiness are her only tricks in the bag when it comes to selling her teen dream, makes sense that she would act retarded like that to "stand out" and look "uwu so goofy and kawaii"

No. 126520

How is she not incarcerated? This is truly evil.

No. 126532

File: 1608240031599.png (1.95 MB, 1626x1200, loli.png)

Yeah, she's looking for pedo simps and pushing the "loli" theme.

"loli - that's what my family calls me"

No. 126533

File: 1608240134781.jpg (35.48 KB, 550x616, f602937892.jpg)

some more oldies

No. 126534

File: 1608240200784.jpg (84.43 KB, 217x206, narutocloud.jpg)

"sexy" Naruto

No. 126535

File: 1608240352099.png (2.11 MB, 1206x1136, s20895033.png)

another pic from Lori's trip to San Diego to cheat on partner Ender…with Ender's brother

No. 126537

File: 1608240411048.jpg (47.96 KB, 228x275, utena.jpg)


No. 126538

File: 1608240540839.jpg (31.92 KB, 400x527, g2859djg.jpg)

kewl kou klan glamour shot

No. 126539

File: 1608240599374.jpg (51.14 KB, 648x488, e02gjkqng.jpg)


No. 126541

File: 1608240709131.jpg (170.71 KB, 317x375, 8257892.jpg)

u cant see this! XD sorry people!

No. 126542

All her 00s pictures look like they're from the 80s with those giant rolled bangs and bad fashion

No. 126543

File: 1608240905639.jpg (131.41 KB, 1016x762, river.jpg)

oh hey, look - a river of trash

No. 126544

File: 1608241330826.jpg (141.33 KB, 472x302, drama.jpg)

the kewl kou klan says:
"save the drama for joor mama. don't hate – appreciate"

No. 126545

File: 1608241440922.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.95 KB, 640x480, u926530.jpg)

has this one been posted?

No. 126546

File: 1608241613794.jpeg (160.41 KB, 711x918, 4htabqrlg.jpeg)

irl sailor moon y'all

No. 126547

File: 1608241697788.jpg (106.29 KB, 560x746, f3027gjsl.jpg)

back in the day

No. 126548

File: 1608241781496.jpeg (42.13 KB, 250x425, wrinkledaf.jpeg)

ironing is for peasants

No. 126552

Why she lookin like Reba McIntyre

No. 126556

this is so fitting with the trash in the background kek

No. 126557


Thank you anons who are posting all these old pics and history. I've been following these lolcow threads on Lori for the last year or so but I was totally unaware of her messy as fuck past. This has been so, SO entertaining and illuminating. Everything makes sense now.

I kind of love knowing that she's an actual psychopath. You can see it so clearly in her eyes.

No. 126558

File: 1608245262890.png (1.12 MB, 908x681, burninating.png)

From the outside looking in, as a newfag, Lori got off scot-free and no one pressed charges because they thought she had the capacity to change. Everyone was completely fed up, entire fucking STATES even, but the majority held empathy for her and everyone involved. Reading lj's and FW's circa 2010-2014 shows me that a lot of people still kept their distance but they forgave her, grew up and felt that Lori wasn't given that chance due to drama sites/the internet.

Clearly, Lori hasn't changed though. I wonder what all those people would think now if they could see her and have all this context.

Srsly, the oldfags brought the gold. Thank you x2

No. 126559


Until now I didn't quite realize just how fake her looks are, let alone how evil she is.

Oh, it's so much fun.

No. 126562

File: 1608245849131.jpg (Spoiler Image, 122.89 KB, 431x571, Picture008.jpg)

No. 126563

File: 1608246001042.jpg (Spoiler Image, 351.3 KB, 704x528, 1190087498250.jpg)

No. 126565

File: 1608246075440.jpg (Spoiler Image, 198.48 KB, 717x789, tists.jpg)

No. 126566

File: 1608246135612.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68.24 KB, 697x466, titswin.jpg)

No. 126567

File: 1608246242903.jpg (Spoiler Image, 62.73 KB, 511x650, titsbrig.jpg)

No. 126568

File: 1608246584599.jpg (150.66 KB, 571x431, bath.jpg)

Reba McEntire taking a bath

No. 126569

They really thought they did something. Half of them resemble tweakers. None of the hair colors or styles are anywhere near accurate even for back then.

Lori doesn’t have any friends only people she uses from a distance. God she is so trashy the arrogance makes no sense.

No. 126570

File: 1608246748817.jpg (312.75 KB, 514x555, closeup.jpg)

delicate princess nose

No. 126571

File: 1608246808135.jpg (151.53 KB, 350x466, f8ota19pm.jpg)

what a sexy Moon Kingdom

No. 126572

Loris port posts/ comments saying she was oppressed due to being latina in the cosplay community while repping racist brands is only more ridiculous given the old sexual assault situation with “C”. She is literally a sociopath. How can can want to support this?

No. 126573

File: 1608246883489.jpg (359.09 KB, 900x598, kewlkous.jpg)

more Kewl Kou Klan

No. 126574

I think that's enough from your lori folder for now anon, I can't stand anymore bad cosplay pics

No. 126577

File: 1608248471290.png (314.42 KB, 492x520, KarlaHomolka.png)


Stuff like the "C" story is usually buried under "Haha that Usagi Kou and her drama, she's so crazy." Most people don't expect a 5' tall middle-aged woman who dresses like a cartoon to be a genuine threat to their wellbeing.

Lori Cerda reminds me of serial killer and rapist Karla Homolka. Just look at those crazy eyes.

No. 126579

File: 1608249263040.png (1.5 MB, 1628x1188, dogcollar.png)

"Is that a real dog collar?"

"You bet it is."

oh Kevin lol

No. 126580

Is that Yuffie Bunny on the right? Cows collide.

No. 126585

? Her nose is delicate and pretty much perfect

No. 126589

you talking about this honker? >>126351

No. 126590

It’s definitely not delicate but it is a good nose. Big but suits her face well and it’s straight, both head-on and profile. Definitely looks nothing like what she shoops/filters it to.

No. 126591

almost perfect my ass

No. 126592

File: 1608253835489.png (2.44 MB, 1424x1104, a81bype.png)


Wrong. IRL Lori has much stronger, more angular features. She shops the shit out of herself (esp. face) to make it look anime-princess-y. Nothing wrong with her real nose but you ever see her in person? It ain't delicate.

I wonder who would possibly defend Lori on this thread…what a mystery.

No. 126593

File: 1608254031714.jpg (177.5 KB, 400x300, 1kra57.jpg)


Here's another example.

No. 126594

File: 1608254105439.jpg (402.62 KB, 600x646, example.jpg)


one more for the road

No. 126595

File: 1608254254483.jpg (27.15 KB, 500x375, 19037603.jpg)


No. 126596

File: 1608254467447.jpg (21.58 KB, 259x271, 5802sjiow.jpg)

side profile

No. 126597


Absolutely is. Anyone know what she is up to these days? She was horrible back then.

No. 126599

File: 1608255436806.jpg (167.66 KB, 221x409, OHaGifh.jpg)

This is the best reaction to Lori ever.

No. 126600

Nah give us more, she's probably fuming over these

No. 126601

This princess serenity cosplay was so sheer you could see everything. Still have nightmares about it.

No. 126607

File: 1608258518760.jpg (50.25 KB, 400x306, 1675136874042.jpg)


I'm sure the sheerness was intended. Here's some Sailor Moon fanart Lori made and later recreated at a con.

No. 126611

File: 1608258838869.jpg (285.61 KB, 600x425, 6285007032.jpg)


seems to be a favorite pose

No. 126621

Based anon. If you have caps of more LJ content we will love you forever if you keep that milk flowing.

No. 126622

wow she used to be so pretty

No. 126626

File: 1608261242454.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1125x1600, D40530C4-775D-401C-98D3-AF5413…)

No. 126630

How is Yuffie Bunny a cow like Lori? Got milk on her?

No. 126633

With some filters and background editing, this would 100% pass as one of those hilarious 80s mall glamour shots.

No. 126634

File: 1608263229464.jpg (163.94 KB, 337x725, 286036461.jpg)


Nah. Lori is average to slightly above average - not that there's anything wrong with that. Lori's averageness makes her narcissism all the more ridiculous. Knowing what a monster she is, though, destroys any looks she ever had.

No. 126635

are you a scrote or a jelly femcel? not that i defend her actions but she WAS very pretty

No. 126636

These wigs are terrible. Soz for off topic but who even is the girl on the far right in the blue wig supposed to be?

No. 126638

not the anon you're replying to but she IS and WAS very average. Her down turned eyebrows make her look downsy and her jaw makes her look manly and she has a very distinctive latin look in a way that doesn't look good, and she's skinny fat to boot. Nothing about her is exceptional, unique or classically pretty. It's painfully obvious how aware she is about all of that, or else she wouldn't feel the need to shoop the living SHIT out of her photos and pile on the filters.

No. 126639

Is this recent? If so, she’s lurking hard

No. 126643


lol what sort of lunatic would come to Lori's defense on this thread and focus on appearance? especially knowing that Lori was involved in the rape and suicide attempt (attempted murder) of "C"?

what kind of narcissistic psychopath would focus on looks instead of addressing Lori's horrific past behavior?

Remember, kids - Lori is a psychopath.

No. 126645

Yeah, I saw the Facebook version of this pic (same pic, different caption) just today.

No. 126646

File: 1608265344581.jpeg (59.62 KB, 250x425, n9297683519.jpeg)

flawless Sailor Moon genetics

No. 126647

File: 1608265486566.jpg (53.78 KB, 282x571, n295639010.jpg)

my, what soft features

No. 126648

File: 1608265589553.jpg (42.89 KB, 640x480, 1047tngsgy.jpg)

i'm sure this has helped her age well

No. 126649

I agree. She’s self-aware enough to surround herself with ‘uglier’ friends back then. Nowadays, I don’t think she takes pictures with other girls at conventions because the crowd is half her age. These photos remind me of someone’s aunty in their old photo albums.

No. 126650

File: 1608265791193.png (3.76 MB, 1990x1140, 9326502765.png)


no wonder she has flawless skin nowadays

No. 126651

File: 1608265879281.jpg (55.27 KB, 450x528, shittywig.jpg)

here's the church, here's the steeple

No. 126652

File: 1608266053458.jpg (120.98 KB, 408x435, 0pghesltiw.jpg)

Here's Lori and her cat Luna - who she later abandoned when having a pet became an inconvenience

No. 126654

File: 1608266145941.jpg (134.54 KB, 426x614, ahp9467.jpg)

oh wow, a smile

No. 126665

File: 1608267050624.jpg (72.69 KB, 397x768, 1525304220429.jpg)


Cleavage holes, workout lines….

No. 126667

File: 1608267315210.jpg (187.54 KB, 610x457, predator.jpg)

predator and victims

No. 126669

How how I love for her so called followers to see these these photos they wouldn’t even believe it cause she’s not even recognizable cause how she filters her face

No. 126670

She must be seething seeing all her old stuff again. She was average for sure but actually looked young, had dreams for the future. Now she's middle aged having the mid life age crisis and trying to pretend she's loli to escape the knowing she's way past her prime and had no life skills. But cheer up Lori, at least you aren't as busted as Momokun!

No. 126675

nah that's a man

poor kitty. I hope that she went to a good home.

She probably rushed to take this pic and post it, seeing as how she's wearing no makeup and hiding her jaw since she doesn't have time to shoop. We must have struck a nerve kek

No. 126676

Awwww, playing dress up to cope? Precious. She posted about missing home too. I bet she feels so proud of herself reading this thread.

No. 126681

File: 1608271452683.png (1.72 MB, 1622x1194, thehole.png)


good news, kids. the trip down memory lane can continue for a while. waaay too many old hard drives with this shit.

since Lori wants to be a famous e-thot, i'd like to help with some SEO:

iota_zerotwo on instagram is the infamous Sailor Moon cosplayer Usagi Kou. Her real name is Lori Cerda. Lori once laughed at and urged a learning disabled minor to kill herself after Lori's then husband raped the minor. Lori is a bad person with a deservedly bad reputation. Two things you need to know:
1) Lori is a psychopath.
2) she can't show the hole on here fool

No. 126685

The fuck is an elevator collection? thots must be really trying to get around IG's filters lmao
Also homegirl has NO ASS, the fact that it looks like that with her be t over like that/from that angle says a LOT

No. 126689

Help me understand what is wrong with looking distinctly Latin please

No. 126692

Why is she pretending to get banged by the guy from Scooby Doo

No. 126699

Always using her hair to cover her chest wall deformity but oh wait I’m dumb that’s ‘just cleavage’

No. 126701

>very pretty

Even back then this was cringe. She is average at best. Her face is meh, she has the body of a prepubescent boy and her fashion has 100% always been Walmart grade off the mark. I’m not even gonna rip into the hairstyles and makeup, that shit speaks for itself. Get your eyes checked anon.

These photos are so cringe I actually feel myself blushing from the secondhand embarrassment. Ngl tho Scott is hot. Definitely the most attractive guy Lori has ever dated.

No. 126704

Not a single anon said there was anything wrong w looking “Latin” Lori, pls stop reaching so you can try to claim you’ve been discriminated against. You’re just an average pleb with bad hair and bad fashion choices.That isn’t racist lmao

No. 126708

Stop being retarded. No one said that. It's wrong to look one way and to photoshop larp into a different race though.

No. 126709

um…anon in >>126638 literally said "she has a very distinctive latin look in a way that doesn't look good"

No. 126713

That was her boyfriend. I can’t remember his name. She lived with him before she married Steven.

No. 126718

Again, retard, IN A WAY THAT DOES NOT LOOK GOOD. It did not say latino looks are bad.

No. 126719

Flail and spurge away you racist incel. kek

No. 126721

So what does that mean actually? Describe to me from your white gaze what “distinctly looking Latin in a bad way” means.
Because from here, it looks like you guys are saying that she doesn’t look white enough for you.

No. 126722

Report and stop racesperging, this thread is quickly becoming cancer because of you speds.

No. 126724

Are you really reverse victiming this?
•Says racist remark
•Gets called out on racist remark
•Proceeds to to call other people racist for pointing out their racism.

This is the part where you accuse me of being Lori

No. 126736

Yes! Yuffie Bunny on the right and Soni on the left too

No. 126746

File: 1608310593703.jpg (42.92 KB, 640x480, 1209975925425.jpg)

No. 126748

File: 1608310667550.jpg (42.43 KB, 640x480, 1209976159108.jpg)

No. 126750

File: 1608310697698.jpg (41.38 KB, 640x480, 1209975969582.jpg)

No. 126751

File: 1608310807990.jpg (190.02 KB, 778x583, newyears08018.jpg)

No. 126754

File: 1608311098158.jpg (171.22 KB, 778x583, newyears08030.jpg)

No. 126755

File: 1608311128469.jpg (187.56 KB, 778x583, newyears08095.jpg)

No. 126756

File: 1608311173932.jpg (55.26 KB, 640x480, 1209973911085.jpg)

No. 126759

File: 1608311241635.jpg (150.59 KB, 640x480, 1209976075867.jpg)

No. 126760

Kek she looked like Karala Homolka in her usagi days with that ugly blonde hair and dead-eyed stare.

No. 126763


Ahh, the early aughts were such a special time. I'm only a couple years younger than Lori but dang, they were some rough-lookin' years for us all. So very much not aesthetic.

I miss it.

No. 126769

I know, taking her out of the equation and just looking at all these dated photos really bring back an embarrassing but really nostalgic time and its great to see.

No. 126773

Good cosplay Wigs were hard to come by back then lol. I remember lots of cosplayers cutting their hair to resemble the characters.

No. 126774

ngl she looks like holly conrad here. The same pained manic look. Two ugly birds of a feather I guess.

No. 126777

Well we can’t ever expect her to hang out with people she thinks is better looking then her it would deflate her fake frail ego and she also doesn’t know that it would also give her more attention but cosplay isn’t for the beauty but if your trying to get a fan base they won’t recognize her at the next con. The little bit of fans that she's got are going to freak out!

No. 126778

She tried to make a come back into the Sailor Moon scene when there was a cosplay contest for the best Usagi lookalike and she looked so old. She used the excuse that she only does eternal Sailor Moon and Serenity because they're more mature looking and that's why she didn't win.

No. 126792

Didnt she make a trailer once for a Sailor Moon "movie"? I think recall seeing it on yt.

No. 126797

Hag really is built like a fridge isn't she

No. 126805

File: 1608327602179.png (332.98 KB, 346x581, loli toes.PNG)

lol she posted it again
how long til she namefags in here? anyone wanna bet?

No. 126806

No. 126807

oldfag anon, how do you have all these photos?! what a goldmine.

No. 126809

Looks like she shoved her shit to the side too. I wouldn’t be surprised if she already made a few posts in here. Like what kind of dumbfuck thinks she will make millions?

No. 126810

help , HELP

No. 126814

File: 1608330274741.jpg (94.12 KB, 972x1296, 2489307.jpg)


I knew Lori and others in her orbit a long time ago. she hurt people I was close to but never seemed to face consequences.

it's obvious Lori hasn't changed at all but neither has the shit in my attic - lots of old computers, hardware, etc.

hope Lori enjoys these trips down memory lane as much as I do. :)

No. 126815

File: 1608330873965.jpg (106.8 KB, 360x480, a2983602.jpg)

No. 126816

File: 1608330930917.jpg (227.88 KB, 400x602, a0fgrug.jpg)

tired princess

No. 126817

File: 1608331126330.jpg (34.4 KB, 480x640, a0265025.jpg)

young at heart

No. 126818

love how she is being mogged by the girl next to her but totally thinks she is the hot shit herself

No. 126819

File: 1608331990496.jpg (111.51 KB, 218x418, moreattractiveSMgrrrrr.jpg)


pics of Lori with non-Kous and non-weebs are interesting.

I have a few pics of her looking very unamused to be around attractive people lol

No. 126821


I'm starting to feel somewhat sad looking at these pics. Despite everything, she seemed like she used to be a relatively normal 20 year old who did fun things like have sleepovers with friends and attend cons (and possibly do whippets?). Despite everything, it seemed like she had friends around at one time. Lots of them.

Not a friend in sight these days.
Just pathetic simps and a "fiance" she abuses (and everyone knows about it).

Get some help, Lori. You're already 35. The loneliness and your age are going to catch up with you, believe it or not. How will you spend the rest of your life? Filters and simps can only get you so far.

No. 126827

NAYRT but based anon, you are the best.

Do you have any more audio recordings or lj caps? I bet they are milkier than a dairy farm.

No. 126831

File: 1608335846605.png (967.58 KB, 1826x1198, sleep.png)

Lori's normalcy is and always was a facade. Remember - she is a psychopath. She has minions, not friends. Lori "befriends" people who are vulnerable to predators like her. Minions are her personal army, ATM, and narcissistic supply.

In the past, Lori would make her "friends" sleep on the floor of their shared hotel room at a con…because she's an IRL anime princess.

Here's an example of how she usually interacts with "friends":

"i dont feel like explaining what happened since the poor ugly kid isnt worth much of my time, but if you guys feel like contributing and complaining feel free :D assstt. Avian..go bitch her out D: … and crissy, since you had some fun e-mails with her you might want to forward them over to devart XD lets see if they get as many lols as we did." - Lori

Do you think Lori has any remorse for her actions or behavior over the years? Nah.

"How I sleep knowing I haven't done anybody wrong cause I'm actually a decent human who's trying to do good in a cold hearted world."

No. 126836

File: 1608336667411.png (720.72 KB, 489x743, sponsored by sprite.png)

Lori is good at casting illusions. She sold her Moonie fantasy to a bunch of vulnerable people and wreaked chaos until she had dished out more than enough irreparable emotional and physical damage. She sold the image of a real life anime princess, with a court of fellow otakus that all lived the weeb dream. Of course, behind the scenes, it was nothing like that.

Same as what she's doing now. She's larps as an innocent anime waifus to cover up her psychopathy. She wants to flex her clothing, shoes and gamer gear to convince haters and randoms that she's living the successful camgirl/egirl life. ALSO She tried to form another klan of DitF cosplayers for AX >>>/w/57798 but no one was stupid enough to really bite.

No. 126841

In the early 2000s, we only had choices of china/ebay wigs, which were shiny and shit quality. Or Amphigory or coscom wigs, which were overpriced shitty quality. We werent spoiled like the costhots in 2020.

Damn, she's lurking so hard

No. 126850

I'm not even that anon you absolute spaz.

No. 126854

Someone ought to make a “fan page” of all her oldies and tag, tag away!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 126856

I know this will be an unpopular opinion, but I also think that Sailor Moon was the only cosplay that really suited her. Her more mature features actually fit the old style of the anime, and well, SM was a bit of a whiny brat at times.

Her obsession with pedo-baiting made her addicted to editing/filtering apps. It's a little sad because she could do some "haughty queen" or "rich bitch" characters instead. Her stink-eye and stuck-up personality would work for those kinds of characters, and if she did the make-up well, she could actually look pretty.

I don't know what anyone thinks is wrong with her nose. Lolcow is weird about noses! Hers seems ok. Her body would be fine if she weren't obsessed with shoving her bony chest in our faces and pretending she has a butt.

The problem is that she's not really interested in cosplay, is she? She just pretends to be these characters (or now, a generic "egirl"). I don't think she made anything for cosplaying 02. That was all Kevin.

No. 126873

Nice cankles, while shaming others about their bodies.

She looks really old and crusty here. Her skin looks sagging and dark lines.

nice bags for such a “uwu vampire”

Nobody cares about your old inaccurate dress Lori.

God, she is literally the worst. Lori get a job or go to school. Contribute to society. Can’t wait to see her candids from conventions. Going to be a riot.

No. 126875

Kek it would be awesome if this thread makes her reverse into skinwalking Sailormoon again.

No. 126910

Yeah I think a few of us knew this bitch back then. My friends hated her from the second they met her She would never shut up and made it impossible to have a conversation with her around, or she was pretending to have a stomach ache if people were eating. All for attention of course.

No. 126911

Lori wouldn't be a very remarkable cow if it weren't for her past and the pure nostalgia it imparts when it comes up. I wish we had more threads for vintage cows, or at least an active thread for oldfag reminiscing.

No. 126915

File: 1608357339631.png (7.16 MB, 3321x1825, but thats just a thot theory.p…)

i think she's skin walking rusty fawkes and bassdrip now that i'm comparing content

No. 126916

File: 1608357391806.png (5.97 MB, 2954x1817, hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.png)

No. 126918

File: 1608358268987.jpg (730.4 KB, 700x755, morehumpingapparently.jpg)


Nah. Lori was and is a remarkable cow. Have you seen any of her recent bullshit? Her racism? Her manipulation? Her physical and emotional abuse of Kevin? Her pedobaiting? Lori ain't a "vintage" cow - she's an "aging" cow and still an active psychopath. For you to argue otherwise is pretty suspicious.

[If I see a white knight defending Lori, minimizing her bullshit, or trying to divert attention away from this thread, I'll post a batch of pictures.]

No. 126919

File: 1608358483625.jpg (47.32 KB, 500x610, nnnnn307585_10150772269310431_…)


such dainty features

No. 126920

I mean most egirls rip off each other so it makes sense but yeah I'd believe it if she was skin walking them in particular too

No. 126921

File: 1608358854518.jpg (30.75 KB, 640x480, nnnn18221578_10158510985525431…)

"don't tell anyone that I pressured 'C' to kill herself after my then-husband raped her."

No. 126923

File: 1608359751705.jpg (14.64 KB, 288x384, n3578260.jpg)


Wrong. The problem isn't "Lori isn't really interested in cosplay." The problem is that she's a psychopath.

And Lori's idea of cosplay is very, very different from most people. For most people, it's a fun hobby. For Lori, it is literally her identity because she is a personality disordered fuck. Plus, Lori never really made shit for cosplay. Lori can't sew. Even if she learned, she'd refuse because work is for peasants.
She was kicked out of a bunch of cons and had masquerade awards revoked because she lied about making costumes. She famous asked, "What's a serger?" and said Setsuna Kou's costumes were her own.

No. 126926

You seem a little cray to spam so many pictures from your folder of millions of pictures of Lori ( r u ok anon?) and assuming any comment that isn't roasting her is by her…I know because I'm definitely not her yet you accused me of being her along with another three anons earlier itt

People might be enjoying the retro spam of her real face but it's a little weird you have so many pictures from 15-18 years ago saved, and somehow are still posting them after the first hundred itt. Again, not lori, just know mental illness when I see it. Not defending her since she seems like an ass (the thing about "C" and the rape and suicide attempt is seriously messed up), but you gotta admit this is a lil weird on your part.

No. 126927


I notice you also keep bumping the thread with your unsaged "milk" from 18 years ago. Like if you gotta spam all 800 pics of Lori you have saved, at least sage your mental illness. Current Lori is milky enough, we don't need to see another 700 ugly cosplay photos from 2002.

No. 126932

Bless you, anon. I never had a chance to archive all of this from the old days of 4chan. You're a godsend.

No. 126933

This is the best, albeit stale milk we've had all year (save for a few Looni x Kevin blow ups). Lay off oldfag, if I knew this creature irl I'd be a vendetta-chan too.

No. 126937

She’s not into cosplay, she’s into skinwalking. She uses cosplay so she can play make believe that she is a fictional character ‘irl’. It’s messed up.

No. 126940

Agreed, keep the old photos coming. I’ve never seen some of these and they are hilarious. I’m sure Lori is seething. This thread started off as a vintage cow thread anyways so please post away!

Nah. Lori is a hilarious specimen and I am so glad anon archived this vintage goodness. The only person who comes off having a mental illness is Lori lmao

No. 126941

Oh anon fuck off these photos are gold, especially given the fact Lori would nitpick any and all sailor moon cosplayers who were better than her (see nitpick of Zan,s crescent moon placement >>126003 ) when she was far from accurate herself (eternal Neptune boots >>126836 ). You’re the only fag not enjoying this ride down memory lane so pls kindly yeet yourself into the sunset and let the rest of us have a good time.

No. 126942


Lori Cerda tried to kill a vulnerable, traumatized, underaged, learning disabled rape victim who needed help.

Lori never faced legal consequences and likely never will. she's done some bad shit over the years and hurt a lot of people. at the very least, the words "predator" and "psychopath" should be paired with search engine results for her name. actions should have consequences.

No. 126943

Yes, I literally wrote that at the bottom of my post.

I know she's a psychopath, I was just kind of brainstorming what would work for her features if she magically stopped being a psychopath. I guess unlike half this thread I don't think her looks are in general hideous, but in the end, it doesn't really matter. she will keep pretending to be an infantile 12yo jailbait as long as she can. Which is gross.

OK, I didn't know she lied about making costumes in the past. I stand corrected, that's a bad thing to lie about.

No. 126945

It's beyond sick that Lori would encourage a rape victim to commit suicide, but calling it "attempted murder" is too much. Suicide is primarily on the shoulders of the person who commits it.

And does it really matter if this girl had dyslexia or adhd or whatever "learning disabled" means? She was raped, the rapist should have been brought to justice. Lori's part in all of this is abominable. But slamming home this "learning disabled" thing just makes it sound like someone wants to embellish the story further.

No. 126946

Nta but I don't think she's ugly. She was not the prettiest woman in her youth but far from completely unattractive. I think the critism comes from one: beauty being subjective, and two: her delusions of grandeur/level of narcissism doesn't reflect her physical appearance (it couldn't possibly reflect anyone's tbf). Now although I don't think she's the worst case of premature aging I do think her infantile schtick does her no favours, especially when candids are involved. She's an unsalvageable person regardless but I think she has some physical potential if she dropped the eternal loli LARP.

> But slamming home this "learning disabled" thing just makes it sound like someone wants to embellish the story further.
I mean why wouldn't you if that's genuinely the case? What she did is beyond depraved regardless of who she did it to. But if that person is underage, or has mental difficulties doesn't that make it even more deplorable and definitely note worthy information in judging her crime?

No. 126947


yes, it absolutely matters that "C" has special needs because these disabilities impair the ability to communicate, socialize, and consent.

when "C" needed help, Lori urged her to kill herself with alcohol and pills. an adult pressuring a minor to commit suicide is completely different from a typical, consenting adult choosing to end their life by suicide.

an adult pressuring a vulnerable minor with special needs to commit suicide is absolutely criminal.

No. 126956

OK, I didn't know the severity of these disabilities. When I hear "learning disabled," I think adhd or dyslexia, neither of which are crippling disabilities. If the disabilities were severe, it's better to state that.

Yes, an adult pressuring a minor to commit suicide is vile and evil. It's still not attempted murder.

I'm fully on board the "Lori has no morals and treats others maliciously" train. But if you want a credible lasting record of this event, don't call it attempted murder.

Was a police report filed? If not, I wish C had filed one, so Lori and that guy could have been held accountable.

No. 126959

35 and still desperately trying to become e-famous for a career, by skinwalking a pedobaiting 21 year old?

Wow, I've seen some truly pathetic cows in my day, but few have made me cringe harder than this chick.

No. 126960


Old fag here. And though never part of the Kewl Kou Klub, I was in the peripher before Lori got LJ famous. This is my first time hearing about the C incident (both rape and Lori’s suicide edging).
C was at that time threatening all of us with suicide. Her LJ was a long series of emo suicide notes to the world. She was very needy and difficult to be around and needed constant hand holding. She chronically accused us all of not being good enough friends to her. Once we all met up without her in Manhattan because we just wanted a nice day without having to work to make her happy and feel important. She found out the following day and threatened all of us with suicide (per usual). But Otaku were rare in those days in NYC, and she was our friend, so we did our best to try and keep her happy. I didn’t know she had disabilities, other than her crippling depression, but thinking of it now, she may definitely be on the autistic spectrum.
I met Luis briefly, and from my observation, he was the controlling, jealous, machismo, piece of shit type who was a decade older than all of us.
I always suspected that he was physically abusing Lori. For the new fags that don’t know, Lori married Luis when she was a teen mostly to get away from her abusive parents and neglectful parents, not realizing he was a monster himself. And though I’m not terribly surprised to hear that he raped C, I am surprised that this is my first time hearing it. And C being so vocal about every thing that burdened her, I’m really surprised that there wasn’t a detailed 9 page retelling of the incident on her LJ.
Fellow old fag, do you have an accurate account of the rape? Where did it happen and what year? This is serious. If it happened in NY there is no statute of limitations of sexual assault.

No. 126993

Otaku werent that rare Anon, BAAF and Expo were packed back then. She talked about it on one of those Manhattan trips, tried to blame C for coming onto Louis and denied he raped her. She had no remorse for what happened to her or her part in it and shes such a narcissistic person she thought people were believing her.

No. 127002

All of this. The spamming anon (apparently this "C" person?) seems unhinged beyond comprehension. Other people come to this thread to just laugh at Lori's cringy social media posts but this bitch lets her live inside of head rent free for two decades. That's an obsession. If people really wanted to dish the old milk they'd actually write about the drama she had with the Kewl Kou Klan instead of this petty ass "look at her shitty 2006 tier Sailor Moon wig what an ugly bitch!!!!!!" material.

No. 127006

>Looking at literally 80 pics from 2002 of some average looking chick with a nasty personality is a good time

k anon

No. 127007

>but this bitch lets her live inside of head rent free for two decades.

Yes exactly, Lori is an ass, and spam anon deserves to free up some room in her brain for something more useful than holding onto (deserved) hatred for this cow for decades. Doesn't mean we can't continue to laugh at lori's antics, but she genuinely doesn't deserve the dedication.

No. 127018

Different anon here. I don't care about the reason behind the dumps but they're fine either way. It's good to have the pics out in public and archived for people who are curious. Lori's milk is really stale anyways so if you're not interested in her old stuff I'm not sure why you would be reading this thread.

No. 127020

Another different anon here.

I don't mind the dumps either because I've never seen them. I wouldn't have ever known where to start to even begin to find them. Do I think it's a lot of pics? Sure. But it really puts into perspective for newfags just how long Lori's been involved in all this.

No. 127022

This is not "C." I know C.

First of all, C is older than Lori. But she IS learning disabled and has mental health issues. C was born in 1982 and Lori is 1985. Second of all, C is not posting here at all. She has a specific way of typing and would not be able to conceal her presence on here due to how she types. I used to spend more time around C back in the day and she is nice, and I am still in contact with her but we don't talk as much.

No. 127023

Anon that you replied to: Yes it's crazy how long Lori has been around. I know her from my livejournal days of middle school (around 2007) when she gained a ton of infamy for people not even into cosplay. Seeing her thread was a blast from the past!

This is a gossip site

No. 127024

Wait, if she is older than lori how was she underage when the incident happened?

No. 127025

She is not, however, she is developmentally impaired in that she probably seemed and appeared younger to people who don't know her well. She was also quite skinny at that time, which didn't help the perception.

No. 127026

File: 1608413577210.jpg (138.27 KB, 775x1280, IMG_20201219_143033_477.jpg)

His Lori shout outs always sound so desperate and forced. "If you see more fashion stuff on my insta it's because Lori inspired me!" Nobody talks like this. It's so bizarre.

No. 127029

File: 1608414017736.png (2.34 MB, 1142x2048, Screenshot_20201219-133801.png)

Lori's big mad. Hopefully this thread and the one after it stick permanently to her name so whenever you Google any of her fake names, the truth jumps out. Seethe, you hag.

No. 127031

File: 1608414294033.png (2.7 MB, 1566x1206, silvermilleniumstudios.png)

"Silver Millenium Studios is a group of Sailor Moon Cosplayers that perform Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon skits at cons they go to. All the members go by the last name of 'Kou'. The name of 'Kou' was originally used by Me, Usagi Kou, because of my love for the pairing up of Seiya and Usagi. While I know it wasn't Seiya's last name, but her/his first I liked the ring it had when paired up with 'Usagi', so I've kept using it over the years and my friend's/group member's fell into using the last name's as habit. When someone says 'Michiru' a person would think 'Michiru, the character', but when someone says 'Michiru Kou' you think 'Michiru the Cosplayer' so 'Kou' make's it a lot easier to identify us as well, that way you wont ever get confused with the character and the real person ^_^. For now all we focus on are skits and photo shoot sessions to bring the characters to life online for fans of the show, as well as at Conventions on the East Coast." - Lori

No. 127032

File: 1608414424631.jpg (65.18 KB, 350x287, 13691apwm.jpg)

No. 127033

File: 1608414467065.jpg (278.32 KB, 500x682, 572906.jpg)

No. 127034

File: 1608414503496.jpg (38.02 KB, 662x960, 5597257792.jpg)

No. 127035

File: 1608414595045.jpg (92.3 KB, 270x305, 7257892gnbo.jpg)

No. 127037

File: 1608414732879.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 879.24 KB, 1125x1665, 2A7A32BC-F6A6-4C24-A350-EB8F2F…)

If you see me wearing ugly shoes blame it on Lori

No. 127038

File: 1608414756850.jpg (Spoiler Image, 72.5 KB, 364x560, aa06d282b66s33b68609d2a7jcd.jp…)

No. 127039

File: 1608414804650.jpg (203.7 KB, 500x375, comic.jpg)

No. 127041

File: 1608414997272.jpg (41.32 KB, 480x578, n2057bdpiyn0.jpg)

No. 127042

File: 1608415045544.jpg (261.45 KB, 600x512, 0tiqmob795.jpg)

No. 127044

File: 1608415228665.png (2.23 MB, 1624x1158, iknowitlooksgood.png)

I know it looks good on me

No. 127046

File: 1608415352289.png (2.01 MB, 1612x1110, terror.png)

once upon a time. My name no longer strikes terror

No. 127047

File: 1608415519515.jpg (389.93 KB, 900x574, homeless.jpg)

times are tough in the Moon Kingdom

No. 127049

File: 1608416100780.jpg (175.39 KB, 350x467, obmciwo562205.jpg)

No. 127050

Lol Scott looks like he wants to die

No. 127056

"Big eyes" topkek where? Are they lost in your massive chest cavity?

No. 127058

>Do I think it's a lot of pics? Sure.

Understatement-chan, I admire your politeness.

No. 127062

File: 1608419997963.png (2.74 MB, 828x1792, 4264566D-6F9A-4B00-BB5B-B73799…)

No. 127063

I don't think it's "C", I suspect it's JJ Kou. This person is clearly a former Cool Kou Klan member and JJ has a past track record of posting unhinged photo/drama dumps on chan sites, particularly ex-friends and one seriously disturbing thread about a girl who rejected her. It was years since the last one I know of, but she was in her mid-20's, so I wouldn't put it past her to be doing it now given she wasn't that young. Also, she is the only Cool Kou Klan member absent from this photodump, which I find hard to believe is a coincidence considering how many photos Lori took with her. JJ was friends with Lori up until weirdly recently too.

(Deleted and reposted to add: only a couple of the aforementioned threads were confirmed to be by JJ, but several more were very obviously made by her because they centered around how JJ was wronged by the thread subject and the OP would pretend to be a "3rd party observer". With the girl who rejected her, not only was there a /cgl/ thread clearly made by JJ, but she also made an ED article. Keep in mind this girl was essentially unknown, so the odea that anyone but JJ would care to make a /cgl/ thread and ED article centered around how this girl lead JJ on and friend zoned her is unlikely to the point of being unrealistic. Just pointing this out because she definitely has a pattern if behavior in line with this anon's.)

No. 127064


I'm not involved in any of this (I'm complaining anon and not an oldfag) but it's pretty easy to find old pics of her, I just randomly typed in her Livejournal handle from the screenshots above: https://web.archive.org/web/20080725002411/http://sailormoon.livejournal.com/

Here's the link to her info page for that account:

Plenty of old pics all over that account.

She links to her Flickr which is loading plenty of old pics for me:


No. 127065

as if she looks anything like that now KEK

No. 127066

Lurk harder Lori.

No. 127067

Boy I really underestimated anon when they said how sheer this was. Did she at least wear underwear with it? Also given Lori's milk tends to be her tweeking 'sexy' bs and beating Kevin down. I rather enjoy the old milk, like said it serves as an archive. Plus given how old as a cow as Lori is, old milk is needed for context in my opinion. Cause I mean without it, Lori is kinda a dime a dozen of old delusional thots.

No. 127068

Samefag, that flickr account is actually still online and the pics are still there:


No. 127069

to be honest she looks good on this pic even if it was taken absolutely ages ago, since she lurks so much she should take our advice and stop with the awful oni loli aesthetic right now

No. 127071

Can you clarify who JJ is? Pic? Who did she cosplay?

No. 127072

Her Livejournals are still online with some public posts. Spam anon is not posting anything that isn't easily found online either still online or on archive.org:

No. 127073


Different anon here. . .

I don't mind the dumps because this info isn't documented in the older threads. It's all news to me. It belongs in the lolcow collection.

No. 127074

I read that thinking Lori wrote it, which she probably did

No. 127075

File: 1608421695084.jpg (115.92 KB, 550x825, d2vlv1d-81bb8466-78c9-43a9-a0b…)

She was Lori's Neptune and a former Cool Kou Klan member (hence why JJ Kou used to be her handle at one point). Interestingly enough, all mention of Lori seems to have been wiped from her social media, judging by the quick searches I just did.

No. 127076

File: 1608421833824.jpg (39.29 KB, 600x428, full.jpg)

Samefag, but I just remembered her old MySpace URL, which has pics of them together. myspace.com/niphrodel

No. 127079

She was but JJ wasn't the Michiru Kou Lori moved in with (along with Haruka Kou) and seriously fucked up their lives. Just wanted to make that clear since a lot of old milk is surfacing.

No. 127080

File: 1608422282922.jpg (180.99 KB, 1200x800, 1209649391914.jpg)

No. 127081

File: 1608422353343.jpg (138.76 KB, 300x401, 1nigga031.jpg)

No. 127082

File: 1608422418638.jpg (62.98 KB, 640x480, 1209649314050.jpg)

No. 127083

File: 1608422663651.jpg (188.35 KB, 642x396, drink.jpg)

No. 127084

thank you based dump-sama and oldfags, these pics and links will be useful next thread. i have already added a TON in anticipation of this one quickly approaching being locked after being so dead. vintage milk taste so sweet.

No. 127085

File: 1608423102693.jpg (204.06 KB, 500x440, thatsamiamiswild.jpg)

No. 127087

File: 1608423220316.jpg (31.06 KB, 480x640, 820467.jpg)

No. 127089

File: 1608423361209.jpg (262.77 KB, 500x407, royalhumping.jpg)

No. 127090

Is this fucking Yuffiebunny as Rikku? That girl was a classic cow herself. Thanks for all the old pics, anon.

No. 127091

Makes me so nostalgic, we need a thread for old cosplay/weeb pics in general

No. 127092

Always loved yuffiebunny’s cosplay. Didn’t know she was a cow. What’s the milk?

No. 127094

She's actually pretty nice. Was on MTV Room Raider's back in the day. When cos-fame first became a thing, she tried to sell a date with herself on eBay and I think the only bidders on it did so as a joke.

I don't know her too well, but I will say again, she seemed like a nice enough sort, though a bit of an ego.

No. 127095

File: 1608426034550.jpg (69.85 KB, 477x635, 23247.jpg)

No. 127096

File: 1608426105518.jpg (51.29 KB, 477x635, 23249.jpg)

No. 127097

File: 1608426223685.jpg (59.46 KB, 640x480, 186298.jpg)

No. 127099

Jesus is that Adam as Ranma? I can't remember his last name to save me but he's been obsessed with Ranma enough to be included on the blu ray in a special. When cows collide indeed.

No. 127109

poor penpen.

No. 127121

The way Lori's wing is sitting on her Mamoru makes it look like he's wearing a Tutu.

No. 127134

That shiny ass satin..

No. 127141

Lol with roots that color I bet it takes her two processes to get her hair light enough to dye pale pink.
No wonder her hair is so fried she has to wear extensions.

No. 127148

Lori looks 40 here
I feel like i can smell this photo. They look dirty and disgusting

You can see dark lines and aging marks clearly.

Wow, Kevin is so inspired to spend his hard earned money on himself for once? If you want to get into style photos just do it and stop making some dramatic IG post about it. It’s not that big of a deal.
Lori is also the tackiest person I’ve ever seen.

No. 127153

Those shoes should be tossed in a fire and recycled as garden compost

No. 127158

She wasn't, at least when I was connected to Kou Klan things (during/post-Scott era), she was Lori's Kakyuu originally.

I was going to say interesting that Holly is in the side bar now considering she does professional voice acting but I remembered they're friends on FB anyway so.

So besides Ender, Healer on the right there is Sai, PikminLink's ex-spouse. The Kou Klan were less degrees separated than Kevin Bacon back in the day.

No. 127194

Who was the extremely homely girl who was Lori’s Venus for a while?

No. 127197

That was Kayla.

No. 127212

Completely unrelated but that cosfu tshirt is really taking me back

No. 127255

I vaguely recall JJ having her fair share of drama on cgl back in the day. She also used to date Mostflogged, the cosplay world back then was tiny.

No. 127317

Yeah, the drama with her was almost constant in the late 2000's, /cgl/ even joked she was their "queen" because of it. Had lolcow existed back then, she would definitely have a thread or six.

No. 127319

>Sai, PikminLink's ex-spouse

Did they keep that on the DL or something? How long were they together? That is crazy.

Also huh, pikminlink must've been somewhat in Lori's circle too then?

No. 127337


Kinda yes and no but this was post-Kool Kou Klub era around 2010ish when Sai was living in California and started physically transitioning.

I think PikminLink was aware of Lori because………………. who wasn't. But they weren't connected.

They were together for a few years and I've heard several things about why they broke up, like that Sai couldn't physically give her children being ftm but also I knew both of them and in reality Sai is just a bad person and would probably have a solo milk thread if there was anything more recent than the early 2010s. (She has since de-transitioned and is using a female name that isn't her birth name and basically disappeared off the face of the internet.)

Don't do a public engagement to your non-socially adept girlfriend in front of Cindarella's Castle with a bunch of friends involved if you haven't run that kinda thing by your girlfriend first if you don't want her to resent you!

No. 127345

File: 1608514059245.png (435.3 KB, 364x610, utena..PNG)

Lurk even HARDER, Lori. You're a clown.

No. 127346

File: 1608515299681.jpg (116.65 KB, 640x480, zomfg.jpg)

No. 127347

File: 1608515352921.jpg (25.74 KB, 400x284, UsagiKou008.jpg)

No. 127348

File: 1608515467740.jpg (25.59 KB, 300x333, UsagiKou010.jpg)

No. 127353

Why was her go to humor sexual jokes constantly? Such low grade humor.

No. 127357

File: 1608519628285.png (1.08 MB, 1548x489, ieetyuuustory.png)

i eet yuu

No. 127358

File: 1608519740120.jpg (21.98 KB, 500x375, nnnnnnnnn205847803.jpg)

No. 127359

File: 1608519995806.jpg (26.64 KB, 480x640, ff905810.jpg)

No. 127360

Sex and hitler jokes were very 90s early aughts

No. 127415

I wish I could see pics of her Utena cosplay (as I understand it actually existed?). It's like one anime character that really fits her.

No. 127547

Good call. Whenever I see her with dark hair, I wish she'd properly cosplay Tifa. Her face is the exact type of bland-next-door appearance Tifa usually gets portrayed as.
Of course she's too flabby for that athletic a character but at least there is actual semblance rather than her ludicrous obsession with ZeroTwo.

Lori, we know you lurk, why not give characters you actually look like a try. Imagine the asspats when you don't necessary have to shop the living hell out of your images but can instead use it to enhance.

Saved for /absolute/ sperg.

No. 127560

Dont ever compare her to waifu Tifa ever again

No. 127575

All I was saying is that, given her pitiful state today, she would be a fairly generic crazy bitch if it weren't for her past exploits, no need to get paranoid. I enjoyed the nostalgic photodump, hence the desire for more oldcow threads.
>Lori married Luis when she was a teen mostly to get away from her abusive parents and neglectful parents
Do you have any details on her upbringing?

No. 127606

>bland-next-door appearance Tifa
>she's too flabby for that athletic a character but at least there is actual semblance

OT but this old hag looks nothing like Tifa, not even in the ancient photos.

No. 127641

File: 1608645582814.jpg (55.71 KB, 1080x1080, 131454362_193649355733235_9036…)

She's so shitty she wont even accept fan art.
She refuses to be polite to someone who is clearly 1.) not fluent, 2.) actually a fan and 3.) very, very young.

The second comment made me chuckle, Lori's only made that shitty felt "succubus" headband she always wears. Thats literally it. Everything else is made by Kev, dissonance.store and from dollskill/clubexx or those scammy instagram "discount harajuku fashion" sites she shills.

OT but typing this out had me thinking, no one ever mentions how absolutely shady the stores she promotes are. The only legitimate rep she does is for lewdcomplex and I know thats only cause the owners suck her clit and know her and Kev. All the other shops sell that cheap lingerie she wears for 400% markups w/o intl. shipping included. Here's a store she directly tagged in all her cow pics.

No. 127677

Yeah like she needed to put that she put outfits together like it's such a art I guess to her it's so hard to put outfits together I guess she's feeling so proud of her neon throw up

No. 127684

nothing about her is tailored or coordinated, it's so cute watching her LARP as a fashionable influencer with, y'know, actual influence. i guess opening packages and throwing shit on immediately out of the bag counts as being a tastemaker?

No. 127731

File: 1608666467298.webm (267.99 KB, 640x800, 132251849_796816477566122_6639…)

LOVE these reflective shoes, I need to figure out if I need MORE reflective stuff….. Do I?
#egirlaesthetic #egirl #mahoushoujo #magicalgirl #kawaii #kawaiigirl #pastelgoth #pastelaesthetic #alternativegirl #animegirls #animewaifu #weebtrash #reflective #yrushoes #dollskill #pinkhair #demongirl #babydoll #cutie #platformshoes #animegirl #otakugirl #harajuku #harajukufashion #jfashion #fashion #style #ootd #ravewear #festivalfashion

>the caption

Like you haven't already used Kevin's money to buy a bunch of cheap reflective crap and it's not on it's way? Watch her buy the same shit; a reflective seifuku that matches the shoes and more tights to hide her spider veins.

No. 127733

File: 1608666894208.png (422.74 KB, 1596x975, 10019239.png)

Samefag, here's the accompanying pictures. Only posting to point out her phone angle; Lori's heartbreaking attempt to make her ass look "juicy". The bobblehead is fucking real. Can't tell if its just the angle or that + the filters. Looking extra uncanny.

No. 127792


Lori dropped out of high school, never graduated. Back in the day, Lori would tell people that her parents were abusive and her mother kicked her out of the house for being a lesbian. Not sure what the truth is because Lori loves collecting pity points but her behaviors certainly reflect family dysfunction.

Lori was briefly married to a guy named Jeff before Luis.

[I tried to upload more old photos for y'all but got a ban for "non-milky" content.]

No. 127797

Wow. How many husbands is that? At least three?

No. 127819

Do you know what city/neighborhood she grew up in? It sounds like she was living in a NYC satellite city while pretending to come from the city proper, and depending on which one, she could have had a really rough upbringing.

No. 127821

File: 1608696276434.png (1.66 MB, 1720x1953, 00jtrhdd.png)

Port Washington, NY area. Pretty sure she comes from a lower-middle / working class family.

Lori's husbands that I know of? Jeff, Luis, and Steven. Lots of fiances, a few voluntary and several coerced. Lori usually creates drama around engagements, esp. engagement rings.

No. 127834

Her parents were/are neglectful and abusive. Her parents signed off on the early marriage [age 16] to get rid of her as they had their hands full with their obviously favorite child, Lori’s brother, who was/is an avid opiate user and habitual jailbird. A lot of Lori’s behaviors are text book survival instincts/trauma responses. That doesn’t give her permission to still be the mess she is at 35, as she should have worked on bettering herself by now, but it explains a lot of her continued odd behaviors. As someone who once knew her, I had wished better for her, and in a way, I still do.

No. 127843

i wish she'd quit making that face, it looks like she's gonna puke

No. 127850

skims through a few pages Y’all have really been obsessed with this chick for years huh?
insert Michael Jordan gif
Stop it. Get some help.


No. 127851


'this chick' has hurt a lot of people over the years. telling the truth about Lori isn't bullying.

No. 127853

>Didn't sage
>Talks like a retard
>WK'ing Lori
>Link 2 Stop Bullying

No. 127854

File: 1608704222366.jpeg (80.14 KB, 1125x501, 45AA646C-581C-434C-97CD-8634B2…)

Yep I didn’t know filters was face cream can’t wait for the next con lots of people going to wake up

No. 127855

From what I’ve seen here, there has been a lot more than just “the truth” that has been written. I strongly suggest you all educate yourselves on your state and federal laws and find a new hobby ASAP. Nobody is truly anonymous on the internet.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 127857

>Inb4 lawsuit threat
Can't wait to find out who this is! I'd rather go to cyberbully jail than defend this hag and all she's done and continues to do to people.

No. 127918

File: 1608740839263.webm (719.71 KB, 720x964, iqPOwkCJz18JvOVV.webm)

No. 127967

Sounds a lot like Adam/DJ RanmaS tbh. Wouldn't be surprised if he found out his name got dropped a little ways back and came to lurk.

No. 127972

There's some kind of sick irony in seeing Usagi Kou 10 years later, flailing around like a brainless, seizing robot to advertise her homemade porn… in a sailor uniform.

No. 127987

what IS this? is this supposed to be sexy?

No. 127988

File: 1608758164710.png (1.68 MB, 1624x1094, vampiregenetics.png)

its her special "vampire genetics" lol.

No. 127991

i know she's making her mouth look like this because she's missing teeth but this is a legitimately horrifying expression

No. 128026

Old witch hands

No. 128027

File: 1608771754274.jpeg (926.33 KB, 1125x1604, DF73148B-2B39-410D-B2BF-559D29…)

what is wrong with wearing a Wig? Does it make you so much cooler cause it’s someone else’s human hair clipped on your head? I’m sure people are asking cause they might be wanting to buy it aren’t you a hashtag influencer? Like she should show people how she bleaches her hair and dyes it if she’s so cool and people want to be her so bad

No. 128029

Nobody asks that garanteed, her shit is like three different colors and absolutely destroyed.

No. 128035

File: 1608773253899.png (2.78 MB, 828x1792, 43099616-BB25-4B4B-AE08-FC6944…)

Her age really shows when you can see her whole face. No wonder she keeps the tacky bangs aside from skin walking.

Anyone know when she stopped wearing her engagement ring from the totally real and totally not forced proposal a while back at that con?

No. 128036

File: 1608773679013.png (199.83 KB, 966x718, whairstyleeveryday.png)


she's had a fixation on real hair being 'better' than wigs for a long time.

Lori thinks that using her real hair is proof she is the "realest" and "best' irl version of her current favorite anime character [Sailor Moon, Zero Two].

No. 128042

I have a theory that the reason why Kevin keeps his hair styled like that in the front is because he has a receding hair line. Most guys who keep that cringey ass scene kid hair into their twenties have hair loss problems, but it could also be him trying to cover his mega forehead lines.

No. 128044

Lmao the way you can see how sunken in her face is on the other side there
must be those loli vampire genetics!

No. 128045

If someone can't tell your real hair from a wig/fake….that isn't really a compliment
Her hair looks fried to shit and she uses extensions but of course she will never admit that.

No. 128051

They probably called it off again. Every other week they softblock each other and then refollow and he spam likes all her photos. It's so glaringly obvious they just keep having the same fight. Kevin doesn't do (X) so, off comes the ring, some suicide baiting, she blocks him and then she goes and flirts with her simps in front of him, probably. He's complained about all those things before.

Also all her age shows in her forehead. It started to wrinkle in her early 20's and was set in her early 30's. I think she stopped doing Usagi cause the hair would expose her aging marks on her face. Her pink hair pretty much obscures all of her face and the rest she edits lol. She really is starting to look like a crypt keeper with those sunken cheeks and paper thin lips + big teeth

No. 128060

Yeah, in these days she always told people it was 100% her real hair when she used extensions, even lying when there were photos where the extensions obviously did not match her real hair.

No. 128061

I know many anons have said she has missing teeth/a tooth. But has anyone who has actually met her/knows her confirm it? The random pics that anons use from many a year ago arent very clear to actually confirm. SO not sure if it's a rumour or truth.

No. 128071

Easy to see why she puffs out her cheeks now.

No. 128092

Damn that got dark. She is an awful person but needs rehab herself.

There was a semi recent con pic where her teeth were busted, it's a few threads back.

No. 128143

her real face peaking through. Angular, big and boney

No. 128147

File: 1608819294265.jpeg (194.86 KB, 600x450, 316810B8-6593-4267-A9A5-70758E…)

No. 128157

File: 1608831646772.png (142.54 KB, 275x239, d.PNG)

truly obaa-chan hands

No. 128171

I don't think I'll ever understand what's attractive about this

No. 128176

File: 1608840541327.jpeg (304.31 KB, 1920x1723, 774EA7D7-DFFC-4A7E-9781-CE39C7…)

Oh’ sweetie we been warning you about them lip wrinkles your going to get With the blowfish face And now look! it’s getting worse they starting to bubble up(nitpick)

No. 128186

it's supposed to stimulate the monke receptor because; anime rape cum face = instant teen boy boner. that's her demo. kinda creepy the more i pay attention

No. 128494

anon, cut it out

No. 128577

File: 1608981616966.png (Spoiler Image, 1005.21 KB, 1037x1697, lul.png)

>i copy yuu!!!xD
funny how they're both shit at twirking too(micky has her own thread)

No. 128635

File: 1609014265148.png (274.47 KB, 1628x704, halfclothed.png)

sexy without being slutty

"more often than not you see girls half clothed or basically wearing bathing suits on Halloween. X_x"

No. 128636

File: 1609014355680.png (187.04 KB, 1970x440, pretendtobesomeone.png)

"I don't get it, how can your life be so dismal that you have to pretend to be someone else." - Lori

No. 128637

File: 1609014510877.png (1.1 MB, 1416x1067, noncostumepic.png)

"random non-costume shot"


No. 128638

File: 1609014638997.png (1.68 MB, 1626x1116, hideandshoop.png)

hair in the face and shoop in the waist

great anti-aging strategy

No. 128645

File: 1609021663912.jpeg (598.38 KB, 1125x1316, A2B2936B-2205-43A0-A86B-A065AF…)

No. 128662

File: 1609031665823.png (732.95 KB, 1272x1355, daily.png)

"THIS IS NOT A WIG! its MY hair :p

me and mamochan in causal wear^_^

yea…this is what me and mamochan look like on a daily basis…"

No. 128672

Scott is such gd snack

No. 128689

File: 1609036218450.png (1.62 MB, 2048x1840, Screenshot_20201225-133226.png)

And they look like shit

No. 128723

Anon. Love yourself.

No. 128724

File: 1609046970660.jpeg (437.13 KB, 1240x1993, 7A638714-6487-431F-965C-B205A2…)

Says the person who has made body shaming, fat phobic, reps known racist brands and abuses current partner. Simply posting obvious things like this doesn’t equal growth or even an apology for her years of bullying and hazing others in the cosplay community. Sending her friends to cyber bully people over the years too… just what?

No. 128726

File: 1609047335046.jpeg (129.54 KB, 1242x495, 93E6503E-0F0B-468A-B4D9-F0AD27…)

You wouldn’t need the help so badly if Lori actually worked a job.

No. 128728

File: 1609047418676.jpeg (617.42 KB, 1230x2090, B8FE4FB1-8824-4A12-9E52-B07316…)

It seems like Lori just gave Kevin her left overs? It’s sad that he has to feel the need to brag instead of just enjoying the holiday.

No. 128731

He looks like a starving orphan child, buy the poor lad a pizza Lori

No. 128732

Maybe I'm out of the loop in terms of loser lingo, but when I read "copped," I interpret it as "stole." Did she pay for that stuff or get it legitimately for free, or did she steal it?

OK, I looked up "cop" and I guess it doesn't normally mean "steal" but it's still a weird word to use imho

No. 128739

why does he always have to mention his haters or people who think his fashion sucks in every post lol? it’s like he’s trying to convince himself.

No. 128743

For Gen Z it's come to mean "got" but mostly I've only heard it from actual teens.

No. 128747

she only supports others outside of conventional standards cause she hates looking at younger, prettier, light-skinned cosplayers. funny to see her pull this after acting like this >>>/w/68337, >>>/w/68339 just a year ago. funny how empathetic and grrrrl power she becomes after she gets called out for being a pedo baiting, abusive old woman on instagram.

>lori gave me her old phone, desk, chair and everything else also someone else had to buy us silverware cause lori spends all our money on shoes
top fucking kek, kevin.

No. 128765

File: 1609075429312.png (1.41 MB, 1032x2048, 'adventurer'.png)

it begins again, also what does "adventurer" mean?

No. 128810

It means being with Lori is an adventure. Ups/ downs probably lava/ fear for your own life.

No. 128834

I will tonight while I’m thinking of Scott

No. 128941

I agree Scott was the hottest she been with.

No. 128958

I back this too. Does anyone know what Scott is up to these days post-Lori trauma?

No. 128987

He’s pretty normal and well together [from what I see from his fb]. He was living in Jersey up until a few months ago. He just moved to be with his girlfriend in CO. He works in tech so he can work remotely. Still cosplays, sometimes larps, collects antique cars and fixes them up. An all together good, chill, guy. No drama or histrionics.

No. 128988

File: 1609178221649.webm (241.94 KB, 640x800, 133591550_406728163908171_2606…)

She takes any "collaboration" she can get, huh? What is this? The mask looks like a child made it with glow sticks.


No. 128989

File: 1609178272594.png (312.2 KB, 345x602, bjhjkhjkhjhk.PNG)

samefag >>128988
dropping this here

No. 128992

File: 1609180163762.gif (Spoiler Image, 1018.52 KB, 240x160, BBF126F5-5F06-4A90-8FEF-2AEE9E…)

I love how both Lori and Kevin run to the mirror to take a photo

No. 128995

The mask is actually cool, anon. Relax. Its not even like she made it.

No. 128997


Is it weird that I can tell literally everything I need to know about Lori based entirely on the way she moves in her videos? Like, that is all the information I need.

No. 129044

She is such a retard. He erratic movements and the faces she makes. Cringey hag.

No. 129049

File: 1609196201302.png (1.14 MB, 1312x1188, retardru.png)

you're not the only one who thinks Lori is "special."

"R u retard or something like that?!"

No. 129051

Yep, everything about it screams personality disorder

No. 129094

File: 1609208184501.png (1.56 MB, 1002x1176, 133447441_2868363983441374_508…)


shoop? or curved vanity? i can't tell.

No. 129102

Shoop for sure.

No. 129124

That’s actually nice to hear. When I was a lot younger on LJ, I always thought Scott was the only one of Lori’s SM cosplay group that actually gave me Mamoru vibes.

No. 129154

Didn’t Lori recently claim to be autistic

No. 129209

File: 1609268236292.jpeg (612.83 KB, 1125x839, 3B7176B7-97D0-4AB6-B023-C9537A…)

there will be a new movie of Sailor Moon called Eternal I’m really thinking Lori going to pull out more of her old sailor moon outfits soon

No. 129224

File: 1609273109502.png (945.68 KB, 1568x736, iknowimpretty.png)


yup, she hinted at it and screencaps are in one of her earlier threads. btw, Lori is NOT autistic. she does, however, have a personality disorder(s?) that she refuses to address but "i'm autistic" is far more sympathetic than "i'm a severe borderline" or "i'm a malignant narcissist."

No. 129228

File: 1609273412024.gif (1.7 MB, 100x100, batshiticonredux.gif)

wow. you have to be a real cunt to lie about being autistic. it's clear shes got a festering case of NPD and a fat assortment of psychotic delusions.

offensive to autists everywhere.

No. 129240

File: 1609277027123.png (397.49 KB, 1442x810, naokomademangaaboutme.png)

what a great visual summary of who Lori is - a delusional, decrepit, psychopathic loser.

Lori's life is a joke and she's a fucking clown.

yeah, she'll probably prance around awkwardly in her Setsuna Kou costumes again. I'm sure she still believes she's the irl Sailor Moon.

"Naoko [Takeuchi] shouldnt have followed me around and made a manga out of meh XD haha"

No. 129257

she writes like a 10 year old. wouldn't she be in her 20s in 2004?

No. 129271

File: 1609290070473.png (480.19 KB, 2120x1216, specialneeds.png)


I think Lori was 19 - her birthday is April 16, 1985.

Lori writes like a small child because:
1) back in the day, she thought it made her more "Sailor Moon"-ish.
2) she's a genuinely uneducated and unintelligent person - not that there's anything wrong with that. it's notable, though, because Lori has a history of calling people stupid and insulting their iq.

Lori's perfect cosplay is the Dunning-Kruger effect.

No. 129273

File: 1609290470267.png (457.13 KB, 407x559, not autistic just retarded.PNG)

man, at least in her moonie days she put in effort. 14 year old kinnies on tiktok make better zero two's

No. 129306

Damn, even the editing/filters aren't hiding her age here. kek

No. 129308

Please make this in banner format it's perfect

No. 129311

File: 1609308536826.png (7.12 MB, 2430x24612, imtherealusagireeeeee.png)

here's a fun old thread with Lori being a thundercunt to someone who questions her Sailor Moon identity. lots of cameos by Lori's personal army of senshi (Kou Klanners) and the "endymion" is either Lori's sockpuppet or Scott.

"i just happen to look like Tsukino Usagi, can i help that?"

"lol sot he way i did my hair at the age of 4 has to do with sailor moon when it wasnt even created at that time?"

No. 129315

That GIF is nightmare fuel Anon. I wanted to point out the lack of a derrière but those of facial expressions omg.

No. 129347

>Ive been doing my hair like this since I was 4
Yo this bitch is psychotic lmao

>I’ll be doing my hair like this for my wedding

Again, psychotic. Imagine being so delusional you skinwalking at your own wedding

No. 129349

I now understand how a cult functions a little more because of this post…

>Not many people model their lives and physical appearance after what would be considered the most asinine cartoon character of.. all time

Kek, not much has changed

No. 129374

This should be a lolcow banner

No. 129392

lolcow really needs a banner with Lori dressed as a cow! she went so far as to do that for us…

No. 129396

>2004 timestamp

Amazing that it's been almost two decades and she is still like this.

No. 129405

How old was Kevin in 2004? 10? It makes her look even more pathetic knowing her boyfriend couldn’t even use the internet without parental controls when she was onto her third marriage and sperging on lj about being a cartoon character lmaoooo

No. 129414

i think i have brain rot from reading the way she types.
her fabric suggestions of shiny lycra and shiny satin sent my sides into orbit.
thank you for this gem of a screenshot.

No. 129461

Yeah, endymion was Scott and I know bad_cookie was Val, her Pluto. Not sure about the others but from who she was calling them I'm pretty sure LJ some LJ names were changed since this post and currently at least for the non-deleted ones, like I think "Haruka" was just "harukakou" or "kouharuka" back in the day too.

No. 129469

It reads like a bunch of bickering teenagers with a lot of time on their hands because it’s literally that. This was more boring than it was fun. Old fag, it appears that you’ve had a personal vendetta against Lori for 20+ years. You’re not going to find relief posting this old unmilky shit here. Stop spamming this board with curdled milk.

No. 129478

Thank you

No. 129479

NTA but curdled milk? more like context and proof of her acting like this for 20+ years all the while becoming more and more of a danger to people and herself… they should sage for sure but i don't want these screencaps to stop and neither do other anons. We were unaware of her true nature til oldfags brought the archived and previously lost milk. Sounds like you just want everyone to stop posting things you already knew.

No. 129487

How has she been a danger to others than herself and her dumb sex slave? She’s isolated in the middle of North Fucking Nowhere, with no job, no prospects, and no friends or family who have distanced themselves and have moved on 15 years ago. Old Fag Vendetta Chan, you have obviously been burned by her, or have been obsessed with her for almost two decades. She can’t fall farther than she has. What are you looking to accomplish by holding onto a gig’s worth of her LJ screengrabs from when she was 19 for the rest of you life?

No. 129489

File: 1609368518032.png (637.04 KB, 1276x1152, notallowed.png)

"then again yor not allowed to view my journal or the pictures posted ::though there are some on the website that you CAN see…"

No. 129491

NAYRT but I absolutely want to see old LJ caps.

Anon, if you don't like it, you don't have to read this thread, remember? Trying to silence content that is new to a lot of people is pretty sus.

No. 129493

Moved on 15 years ago? She’s wearing the same sailor moon gown like 4 times now recently and she hasn’t changed a bit

No. 129494

Stating that the posts are old and boring isn’t silencing anon

No. 129495

Nah, the cows in this thread are milkier than the actual cow. You all sperg out with the littlest opposition and have a life long dedication to your cow queen. 9/10 entertainment level. 4 1/2 stars

No. 129509

make a thread about it then faggot

No. 129511

ayrt i'm not an oldfag i'm too young to have ever seen this stuff while it was happening, but ok anon. be more defensive. you sound like a familiar WK or maybe even someone who's close to her. accusing everyone in this thread of being vendetta-chan spergs from /cgl/ is a leap and you seem disgruntled. if it bothers you that much, complain to mods about how Usagi is worst cow, her thread is full of old vindictive cuntz with spoiled milk and move on. or y'know….just hide the thread? that's what any other person would do on here…..

No. 129521

yes, agree
it's not spoiled milk, it's mature cheddar.

There's nothing going on irl, the internet is boring, I don't mind reading some old funny posts here or in other threads. It's a fun way to pass time. Don't like, don't read.

No. 129522

Did you already forget:
>Stop spamming this board with curdled milk.

Exactly, seeing their justification is kind of funny. Posting all her cow behavior in one easy to find place is helpful anyway, especially if it spans decades like with lori. If it wasn't of interest to them they could just not read it instead of having a fit?

I personally missed most of her LJ drama, I only read thepockybox testimonials back in the day. So seeing caps of her crazy otakin irl sailor moon larping behavior is fun.

No. 129524

I want the old screencaps to continue because it's new milk to me. People trying to stop the train sound like they are the ones being exposed on the screens tbh.

No. 129532

She has a part thread for that. Unless it's topical so spamming it though. A lot of no content either, just nitpicking to laugh at photos.

No. 129538

Seconded. Her spasms coupled with the cow costume encapsulate the site perfectly.

No. 129564

Is this the same sus anon from the Belle thread or do we have several Aussies on lolcow?

No. 129568

The weird thing here is endymion is also her account, I guess she shared it with her boyfriend at one point.

She came across nicer and cuter while pretending to be Usagi, but I see the Lori saltiness coming through even in those old posts.

No. 129569

>from cgl

Nobody mentioned cgl. Interestingly I just looked up the username in this lj post >>129489
and she's a lolita-wearing tattoo artist from Australia.

No. 129577

File: 1609388733012.png (259.86 KB, 1560x978, getoveryourself.png)

"…were not talking about you..get over yourself XD




No. 129578

File: 1609389401260.png (721.75 KB, 1949x2474, animated.png)

"of course i like the icon! its me and my boyfriend animated! XD rofl"

No. 129579

File: 1609389642903.png (648.84 KB, 2063x2261, dontfeellikereading.png)

"no as in i don't feel like reading your RP thing XD"

No. 129580

File: 1609390133136.png (3.18 MB, 2006x11757, s4il0rm00nthetroll.png)

a troll named "s4il0rm00n" who harassed fellow cosplayers and anime fans?

hmmm…wonder who that could be.

No. 129583

File: 1609391012695.jpeg (319.64 KB, 1242x1696, 75EDBD18-0001-4183-96CB-1F5D27…)

“Don’t friends request me. Simp first”
Poor Kevin can’t even have female friends or keep their relationship status up for more than a week.

No. 129584

File: 1609391094861.jpeg (260.76 KB, 1242x1740, D4D14442-808F-42B0-A116-ACC7EB…)

Her new profile photo has 0 likes.

No. 129586

File: 1609392406452.png (1.45 MB, 1218x1977, currentlyfriending.png)


transactional, hypocritical, and demanding tribute?

sounds like classic Lori

No. 129651

my new interpretation of this is that Kevin allows and tolerates it because Lori is making some money. He may be a simple idiot but he probably likes the fact that random dudes are buying Lori shit so he doesn't have to spend his meager paycheck on it.

So "simp" = "pay"
these guys aren't Lori's friends, so it's "OK" in some way. They feed her ego and her bank account (to some minor extent)

No. 129693

I just don’t understand the appeal. She is so repetitive and just has random spasms.

No. 129772

i just read her pockybox stuff the other day and the tale from the ex pretty much mirrors her relationship with kevin. that's probably accurate, he probably will support anything to get her distracted from abusing him

No. 129782

The endymion account WAS Scott's account but when all the drama went down and they broke up, he deactivated the account, then she reactivated it and reclaimed it for herself.

No. 129892

Nah, imagine people hating someone so much they enjoy 2 decades of laughing at them. She's no ones queen, shes our life long entertainment.

No. 129894

File: 1609543669464.jpg (659.25 KB, 1078x1261, Screenshot_20210101-172423_Chr…)

ALL HAIL THE QUEEN OF SHIT!!! Shit life, shit outfits, shit pictures, shit personality, shit face, shit chest, shit likes, shit brands….

No. 129898

The blush and freckles in only that one spot just looks like a scabby rash at this point

No. 129906

Gross. Can't she just go back to her Sailor Moon cosplays and work on improving those? I seriously don't understand the obsession with the zero two character or any of the other weird outfits she uses.

No. 129916

She’s a SeX wOrKeR anon

No. 129918

I know and its old, tired, and sad.

No. 129920

File: 1609550722390.png (2.39 MB, 1626x1196, sosexy.png)

wow so sexy lol

No. 129922

kek. subtle, lori. couldn't be more obvious in her lurking with the cow bikini and trying to throw it in anon's face that she's making money by wearing those dollar sign clips. hope that only fans check can pay for your broken spine.

No. 129924


You cows never disappoint

No. 129925

Wow. Imagine spending 20 years of your life hating and obsessing over someone who has no idea who you are and never once thought of you. I honestly feel really bad for you right now anon {hugs}(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 129926

File: 1609553264644.jpg (16.45 KB, 485x433, 131454354_491745851803543_3639…)

you're defending the woman who told a developmentally disabled girl that was raped by her husband (which she never atoned btw) to kill herself.

the same woman who threatens to cry rape on people to get her way.

the same woman who bullies other cosplayers (typically a decade younger than her) for dressing as "her" character.

the same woman who made kevin cut himself and had the cops called multiple times for domestic disputes and abuse.

and you're trying to WK her. how embarrassing.

pic rel; it's you

No. 129927

Anon, don't bother and just report. Its pretty obvious that its Lori herself.

No. 129930

It's almost sad that she literally spent her new year's on lolcow instead of with a loved one, and dedicated the first post of the year to dog whistling a supposed hate site.

Cheers to you Lori, never change.

No. 129934

Its the year of the cow. Might want to reel that hi cowing in because every thot is about to buy loads of cow print. There's been nothing but cow posts from mutiple thots for 2 days.

No. 129957

She parades around in a cow print bikini and horns every time she wants to let lolcow know she's lurking (as if we don't know). It's not a new development even if that's a new version of the bikini

No. 129959

File: 1609566746847.gif (1 MB, 245x150, princess-bride-queen-of-filth.…)

This is all I could think about reading your post anon

No. 130043

Holy shit this bitch is 35 and still acting like a teenager ethot? God, that's pathetic.

No. 130058

Lori is the same person now as she was in 2003 when I met her

No. 130078

File: 1609618365311.png (329.9 KB, 339x606, reels.PNG)

she gets so excited but fails to realize 100k+ views with 5k likes is fucking abysmal.

looni, you get ratio'd on your own instagram. everyone is laughing at you except the egirls that kiss your ass to keep up appearances. get real.

No. 130112

File: 1609628251075.jpeg (726.34 KB, 1125x1337, 2878C055-6114-4D70-A7E1-B706FB…)

Yeah it's not much to brag about when you get so many views and you get a lousy 80 likes I'm sure most people that view her videos are pedo creeps cause it’s a free show! and then people that watch it to laugh

No. 130142

File: 1609638676135.png (1.19 MB, 910x1080, Untitled.png)

I'm noticing the more she lurks, the more she reposts old photos. The pink TV picture was posted today. She's trying to pass it off as new content. She's been repeatedly uploading this shit since November 25th. She's so retarded she can't even be a lazy egirl. Pro tip, obachan, if you want to milk a single photoshoot, change lighting and poses. No wonder every word that comes out of her mouth is her begging for subs.

No. 130148

No. 130157

LOL those fuckers are already tinfoiling about her being a tranny. hope this is the fame you wanted looni!

No. 130214

Based on the writing style, amount of pictures posted and emphasis on the events mentioned only by 20-year-obsession-anon I think it's safe to say that thread is written by the same anon.

No. 130216

File: 1609656617657.png (1.68 MB, 1864x1094, nnnnnnnfiieoslghsl.png)

No. 130217

Such an eternal loli, can't beat those amazing genetics we're just all jealous of her.

No. 130221

you hate oldfag anon so much, pls kith

this has been posted before

No. 130225

File: 1609662514359.jpg (56.47 KB, 800x300, image.jpg)

No. 130226

File: 1609663291641.png (1.44 MB, 2354x1158, gottalovethemasians.png)

"this thing was like $35. Mad cheap, gotta love them asians."

No. 130230

File: 1609666654202.png (1.21 MB, 1338x1086, geneticenvy.png)

i'm screaming they used one of my edits in the op, hopefully thinking it's real
you're welcome lori
jfc her ~fame is growing larger and larger, like she always wanted. like how radiation spreads

No. 130283

This is the second Lori thread on KF.

No. 130313

File: 1609713757497.jpg (196.01 KB, 400x547, ahighfive.jpg)

high five for being a huge bitch, Lori

No. 130314

File: 1609714018452.jpg (235.71 KB, 605x401, inhell.jpg)

sailor moon…

(lol sorry this one cracks me up)

No. 130317

File: 1609715807954.jpg (322.01 KB, 700x592, cmonjump.jpg)

"C'mon," Princess Lori whispered to her faithful minions. "Just jump. You know you want to."

Seiya and Endymion looked at one another suspiciously. This was the same bridge where Helios had committed suicide just a week earlier. He seemed so cheerful in the days leading up to his death and the Moon Kingdom residents were shocked by the loss. Princess Lori told the grieving senshi that Helios suddenly went mad during their stroll in the Moon Palace gardens and threw himself from the bridge. Moments before, they were happily chatting about how fun it would be to put his hair in odangos and then tragedy struck.

"Princess Lori, we -"

"Jump, you pathetic fools!" she hissed, her eyes widening as a deranged smile crossed her genetically blessed face.

"But -"

"In the name of the Moon, I PUNISH YOU!" Princess Lori howled as she shoved her servants to their deaths.

As their bodies crashed upon the rocks below, Lori quietly cackled to herself. "That'll teach those peasants to try and copy me - the REAL moon princess!"

No. 130326

File: 1609720503697.png (169.47 KB, 2048x1781, Screenshot_20210103-163229.png)

She hasn't posted at all and Kev unfollowed her again, trouble in paradise? I bet he's tired of Lori spending all day WK herself on forums and shaking her ass for random coomers.

No. 130329

Isn't it going to be another screechfest and him just putting up with it?

No. 130331

File: 1609725271253.jpg (88.29 KB, 1080x472, 20210103_174818.jpg)


Yeah, I was able to grab some screenshots of the latest debacle before she pulled them

No. 130332

File: 1609725371915.jpg (128.82 KB, 1080x845, 20210103_174839.jpg)

No. 130333

File: 1609725463973.jpg (225.19 KB, 1080x1920, 20210103_174854.jpg)

No. 130334

Is Kevin finally waking up?

No. 130335

If you're so done then fucking leave, Kevin. Like, what the fuck is it going to take? He's not stupid, he knows that she is abusive and yet he's stayed and put up with her shit. This shit is aggravating to watch.

No. 130348


He won't wake up anytime soon. He chooses to believe whatever it is that she feeds him after she goes on a rant and unfollows her. She probably just tells him that it's a stunt to feed the trolls on here and he eats it up.

No. 130353

File: 1609731705131.png (209.69 KB, 430x430, p88nxqyiwxs01.png)

Bingo! Figured. She's probably not trying to fuck cause she's fulfilled her needs elsewhere. I keep going back to >>121021 in my mind. I wonder if it's Rikki or someone else. Now we wait and see what Kev decides to do. Good catch, anon.

No. 130362

Kevin puts the boy who cried wolf to shame, honestly. Calling it, as I'm sure other anons are, he's gonna make a lovebomb post "couples fight all the time but I love Lori she's my amazing sexy waifu" for the billionth time.

No. 130363

I missed you fb anon please come more often

>spend all my money on her and rub her back for hours everyday

This is hilarious

No. 130365

>begrudgingly asked if we were ever gonna do it again and she said no

I wonder how long since the last time? Also that phrasing is the opposite of sexy, sounds like a kid asking for candy in the store

No. 130375

That's such an embarassing statement to put out there for the world… and ofc there's Looni facilitating the whole thing for the billionth time. Kevin is retarded, but not retarded enough that he needs to stay with a a decrepit sociopath larping as a teen. He's wasting the best years of his life being sucked dry by a creature that has a track record indicative of having no empathy whatsoever. I don't even like Kevin but the dude could easily upgrade. Anything or anyone at this point is an improvement.

No. 130380

Kevin, Lori is a dime a dozen. You can find a hot girl into cosplay who supports herself, has a savings and a 401k. How can you see a future with Lori? You’re already past the peak of this relationship. She’s GOING TO cheat (if she hasn’t already), she’s going to continue to abuse, and you’re going to be left supporting her broke pathetic ass as long as you are together. It’s super clear every time you post on Instagram you’re trying to reassure yourself that Lori is good to you, but deep down you know she isn’t. Your relationship is a simple cycle of one okay day where you cater to Lori’s every desire, Lori not being grateful, her abusing you for trying to tell her how you feel and making you feel like YOU did something wrong, fight, threat, begin again. She will never change no matter what you do and you know it.

No. 130381

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kevin stays with Lori cause her hobbit bod makes his micro ween look bigger. Maybe he secretly likes being cucked. Maybe he’s actually mentally disabled and can’t function without a caretaker to think for him. Nothing can convince me that Kevin is normal. Nobody would stay in this fucked up relationship unless they’re just as fucked up.

No. 130390

File: 1609772110470.jpeg (591.53 KB, 750x1242, BB60CC6D-6716-4E2E-BAF0-E8ED76…)

The way she eats the sushi in this video is really cringe

No. 130394


Not a wk, but i think i read that it takes a woman 30 attempts (or some wild #) to get out of an abusive relationship so i imagine it might be similar for men

tho, kevin certainly has had much more support to LEAVE from family/friends than a lot of other domestic violence victims

No. 130395

How many times did her previous BFs try to leave, actually?

No. 130400


I'm 99.9% certain that she's cheated on him from the beginning. I saw her running around with Rikki at the beginning of their (Kevin and her's) relationship multiple times. There's still the off chance that they weren't doing anything, but with how much she felt Rikki was toxic, it was odd seeing them just going all over the place together while Kevin was at work or not around.


I don't think he's mentally disabled, but he is definitely very socially awkward and I think she makes him feel somewhat normal. I have no idea how they met, I don't know how he was before he met her, but that's a big reason I believe why he stays. I don't think anyone really gave him the time of day before Lori and he doesn't want to lose that, start from the beginning and believes that she's going to finally change. She won't though. I REALLY thought he was going to break up with her and then all of a sudden they're moving to Utah. I think that he would need to walk in on her riding another dude before he finally has enough. But I wouldn't be surprised if she was able to talk he way out of that even.

No. 130403

Same old cries wolf bullshit. But if there is a grain of truth to him saying she won't have sex with him.. eehhhhh he might kick her out. Doubtful though. He's an autistic cuck.

No. 130408

I'm pretty sure he knows she's cheated on him with Rikki. He spewed that all over Facebook once in one of their many public spats when he found out she was in his car or something. I can't remember the details.

No. 130412

I was only around for Scott and that big breakup and he definitely tried to leave several times to get the expected threats of suicide against him. She tried to get all of us to take sides, "loyal" to either him or her, so that she could take their mutual friends and his support away from him too.

No. 130414


I know/knew Kevin irl and he really wasn’t a terrible person. He has a lot of passion for cosplay/anime/games and used to skate a lot. When he likes something he really puts a lot of himself into it. He was a nice guy. Maybe a little socially awkward, but he was honestly a really functional person until this psycho Lori chick came into his life. It’s really sad to see him stop working on cosplay so much because he had a knack for the hobby and improved a lot in the short time he put his effort into it. Lori came along and fucking obliterated this kid and any aspirations and dreams he had.

I will say that in the time I knew him irl he came off as severely beta and was extremely desperate for a girlfriend. It explains why he’s so terrified to just get rid of this chick. I think he thinks she’s the best he can get and is just stuck in this horrible, abusive cycle.

No. 130426

Sounds like Lori and also not unheard of for people to do something like that when they share mutuals. Still really fucked up. What became of the rest of the Kou Crew? Like, I'm genuinely curious as to how each former member is doing and especially the Uranus/Neptune, because I know Lori hurt them pretty badly. At least Scott seems to have moved on to greener pastures! Good on him.

This is exactly what I've been thinking: He's one of those people who thinks that they can't do better for whatever reason. Like >>130380 said, he could very easily find a pretty girl who shares his hobbies and doesn't treat him the way that Lori does. Its so gross when desperation does this to people. I wish I could feel bad for him, but I'm more irritated than anything because he knows that she's abusive. He's had people point out her red flags and he notices them on his own, this isn't some Francine Hughes shit.

No. 130430

File: 1609796341822.png (3.86 MB, 2048x2037, Screenshot_20210104-133308.png)

She looks different. Either she changed her face filter settings or just hopped to a different third-party editor. It's uncanny.

Kek at this hag in forever 21 sweats wearing the try hard egirl boots. Most embarrassing behavior

No. 130431

It is hard to feel sorry for him, but at the same time being in a relationship with Lori must be fucking insanity. Any time he tries to leave or speak up, she breaks his stuff and screams rape. He’s probably terrified of her…in addition to being scared of confronting the fact that he’s made a huge mistake and wasted literal years of his life and tons of hard earned money on this parasitic bitch. She has so much power over him. I know a lot of his close friends and family have pushed him out of their lives because of her as well. He probably really doesn’t want to be alone.

But I agree. He has talent, he’s not bad looking, he’s a great height (like 6’2”) and in decent shape (at least from what I remember of him) and he really is a compassionate and wholesome guy. He’s awkward and weeby but he’s not a horrible person at all. Lori brings out the worst in him.
If he got rid of Lori and applied himself to his cosplay work he’d have tons of opportunity to date better women. I really think he’s just terrified of her and what happens when she doesn’t get her way.

No. 130433

Everyone in his life would most likely come to his literal rescue - again - if he was really adamant about separating. He really shouldn't fear an emaciated 5'0 narcissist with no family or friends. She has no one. No goons. Even the men she cheats with don't like her. All she has is bots and teenage boys on twitter and instagram. Kev probably pays most if not all the bills. He really needs to wake up and realize he has all the cards in his hand. He will always have the option to free himself and rebuild his support system. I know leaving abusive people you genuinely are attracted to/like is really hard, but he's literally the better half. He's younger, more attractive, more talented and capable of taking care of his needs. Hopefully Kevin realizes that just cause Lori says he's terrible and deserves nothing doesn't mean it's true. That's just how she hooks vulnerable people and keeps them captive in her misery. It's clear from the outside that Kev genuinely feels for her, was moved by her story and really bonded. He really just wanted to love her and be loved. Of course, this was all just a web to trap him. I don't feel bad for him but I definitely relate. He needs to grow some spine and just pack that fucking car and nyoooom

No. 130440

File: 1609801804230.jpg (376.82 KB, 1440x1435, scott_now.jpg)

These days I'm only in contact with one of them, but that person is doing well. Scott apparently moved to Colorado for a girl (Heidi aka CosplayKitten), but I also definitely have memories of someone talking about him walking alone in the middle of the night on a bridge during the breakup. This was ages ago but they were pretty bad for each other especially at the end. Glad to see he seems to have evened out over the years. Or like Kevin she could have brought out the worst in him.

I hope Haruka and Michi are doing well too. Last I heard they had taken down their big callout post and forgiven Lori (and broke up? Maybe?) but so long has passed and really no one in that group is anyone with any influence or clout in the cosplay world these days. Which is probably hilarious considering what everyone strove for in the mid-2000s with name/group recognition lol

No. 130444

He looks great! I also might get torn up for saying this, but when I looked up Heidi she does have a small resemblance to a younger Lori. I wasn't expecting that, but I honestly can't "unsee" it. I hope they're happy together and wish them so much luck.

Even though they may be without influence, I'm still intrigued by them. Its probably because I lived not too far from where Lori and the gang were based (Southern NJ) and during their heyday, I couldn't find anyone who cosplayed and my friends consisted of nothing but guys because similar interests and whatnot. I would have loved to have a senshi group during high school, but it never came to be. I still keep hoping for it at 29.

This, holy crap!

I am so tired of seeing this cow outfit. At least do something new. Does she really do this all day and nothing more?

No. 130452

They (Haruka & Michiru Kou) broke up. I don't think they're friends with her on social media. The Mars still lives in New York and they're still friendly. She got married/divorced and overall she's genuinely a very good person. Lori is still friends with Ender. Seems all is forgiven there.

No. 130462

File: 1609817751453.png (302.81 KB, 343x605, 37483753425624.PNG)

>>127731 called it lol

No. 130463

Thanks for the confirmation on Ruka and Michiru, I thought I had heard that but couldn't remember. Also I completely forgot about Crissy even though she was the #1 person that said when Lori wasn't picked for ACP's Viz Anime Expo Sailor Moon promotional casting that said they were wrong for not picking her and she wouldn't participate (she wasn't picked either, Bandai chose Zan before Zan dropped off the face of the earth and the ACP guys know Lori's reputation too well as it is)

No. 130469

File: 1609820527623.jpg (144.98 KB, 469x696, Phoenix.jpg)

I think it's the same awkward cosplay poses that makes them look similar, other than the jaw I'm not really seeing it with the face

No. 130471

File: 1609820561565.jpg (948.15 KB, 900x1355, 15117-0930f0f084fc772e74d82ae3…)

From 2013

No. 130472

>Glad I got the xs. Fits perfectly
So, so embarrassing. She should be lying awake every night and cringing over stuff like this …

No. 130475

Damn, she's honestly hot. Good for Scott.

No. 130483

Yeah I don't see it either, maybe because I've known both of them outside the internet. Heidi's tall and has always cosplayed to suit her looks/shape/maturity.

This is also some 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon stuff as Heidi used to date a guy named CJ aka sokozureed who drew …oh, apparently still draws… self-insert Lodoss War-inspired bondage fantasy art. CJ used to date WindoftheStars who used to cosplay Sailor Moon and Neptune a fair amount (among a variety of other things at least). Even though it's been 10 or so years since they broke up and she's dated several other guys long term since him Scott is still an upgrade for all of them, especially if he moved all the way to Colorado for her (his Facebook shows their relationship status update before his job in Colorado) instead of her upending her life for a guy for once.

sage for barely related

No. 130495

File: 1609829455052.jpg (61.96 KB, 550x633, 111poisonmad1797432.jpg)

lol yeah she's poisonous

No. 130497

File: 1609829636309.jpg (87.63 KB, 511x635, barefootbride955459.jpg)

she looks like a barefoot bride taking a smoke break before heading down the aisle haha

No. 130498

File: 1609829841776.jpg (53.27 KB, 373x422, ffffffffffff487975.jpg)

the ageless moon queen, a picture of youth

No. 130499

File: 1609830678045.jpg (65.77 KB, 747x471, sears.jpg)

still getting cosplay portraits from Sears 15+ years later.

she has literally not changed in 15 years jfc

really living the dream, Lori

No. 130505

kek jesus fucking christ, Kevin truly looks like a mashup of Shane Dawson and Onision here

No. 130521

File: 1609853000251.jpeg (457.72 KB, 2048x2048, F3A12F01-BE46-445C-BFC9-5424CC…)

They don't use any filters though, right? It's all just the bomb ass lighting in their apartment that completely alters their jaw lines and triples the size of their eyes.

No. 130533

File: 1609856335846.png (2.12 MB, 1251x890, lunacy.png)

are you ~jelly of her total mahou shoujo vampire loli genetics, moo moo?~ can't you see how natural she is? its effortless

No. 130554

Holy shoop, some of these look like a completely different person lmao

Lori, learn how to stop being so insecure that you hide your real face lol

No. 130555

I was going to say the same thing girl needs to work on her self and learn how to love who she is the feeling the need to shoop her face that differently every photo shoot dude that is a problem on top of that thinking you need to tell people your size like that’s your worth

No. 130556

Lori is so delusional though that she'll look at those and think they all look the same.

No. 130557

File: 1609871227246.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1125x1494, 99AED760-1E33-4B5B-B87E-5D8D84…)

No. 130563

I think she thinks if she does video it "proves" she isn't using filters.

No. 130566

I personally love the mental image of her haggard old skeleton witch hands clacking away at a keyboard, desperately searching up "how to use filters for streams"

No. 130568


Not necessarily. Snapchat has a PC app called SnapCam. She can do YouTube or Twitch and keep her filters fancy fresh.


Kevin is in for life because of Sunk Cost Fallacy. I don't think catching Lori in bed with another man would make him leave her.


She sure does favor one side of her face, and as of recent she favors one facial expression with the blowfish cheeks. She's bringing DuckFace back.

No. 130571

>i keep being told it would be gold (by my abused boyfriend who is too afraid to tell me the truth)
also this was mentioned before but her PC is too weak to stream well (especially games like WoW) unless she's trying to stream… like… sudoku

No. 130578

why would she ever try that? for every receipt she has someone probably has 5x that

No. 130580

>Some funny shit cosplayers have said
>Receipts track back a bit

Is she talking about making a video about things cosplayers have said to her? What "receipts"? Kinda just sounds like Looni wants to make a video dragging people kek

Also wasn't Looni some camwhore back in 2013-2015? If she wants to livestream in her stripper rags she should just do that.

No. 130585

Is she going to do that pufferfish face during the whole stream? Even those filters can’t hide some of her wrinkles.

No. 130621

File: 1609902411271.png (328.8 KB, 335x567, try harder.PNG)

teh real usagi is back, can't wait to see her hobble in 2x speed

No. 130634

Is she at least going to do something about this wig? Because it doesn't look cute. Its like Usagi with albinism.

No. 130638

She'll say it's because manga Usagi sometimes has white hair.

It was only a matter of time before she went back to butchering Sailor Moon.

No. 130646

File: 1609908480962.jpg (769.38 KB, 800x1195, 89798-dd5bb0b954ded7bcb3e8aea4…)

It's most likely not a wig. We should all know by now how Looni despises wigs (probably cause all hers were fucked and she got roasted for it even back in the early aughts.) My guess is that she bleached her hair to shit and slapped on these dying extensions from her 2014 Serenity.

No. 130658

I’ll give her one thing, when her Usagi hair was good, it was extremely good

No. 130691

File: 1609932212301.jpeg (104.65 KB, 827x530, CBC6CDEB-C2E1-49F3-9AC6-93721E…)

Tinfoil but I think Lori was trying to get Scott’s attention during this phase. I just found out Scott is/was a brony… it’s just too uncanny.

No. 130696

She had a shit ton of extensions.

No. 130700

File: 1609941237871.jpg (31.46 KB, 380x570, cos-miaka1913266.jpg)


yeah, a YouTube shit-slinging cosplay channel is a great idea, Lori. you should totally make one. man, that sure would teach us haters a lesson.

No. 130701

File: 1609941645807.jpg (75.43 KB, 274x372, strangleseiya213134.jpg)

No. 130702

File: 1609941717664.jpg (347.07 KB, 500x667, sfall_6.jpg)

No. 130703

File: 1609941828965.jpg (42.64 KB, 500x536, ohexploitable.jpg)

oh exploitable

No. 130704

File: 1609941896471.jpg (97.75 KB, 267x390, nnnnnn1899770.jpg)

No. 130707

I think she's been lurking lolcow so hard that it's getting to her. She maybe thought nobody had proof of her shitty and cringey early '00s antics, or at least that people were done laughing at her, but this thread is full of them. I had a feeling she would react and try to "clap back" in some dumb way.

No. 130718

File: 1609953156886.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1242x1902, 34D82CD7-A37F-4548-9101-CBB024…)

This is so ugly please wear a fucking wig

No. 130722

Good I hope this thread makes her cry herself to sleep. I would LOVE to see her youtube channel.

This is absolute clown shit. She looks so fucking stupid with all those filters. To say her Usagi is crude now is an understatement.

No. 130723

I wonder how Lori is liking her KiwiFarms thread so far. The fun's just getting started.


No. 130724

KEK lori is so pathetic she's obviously stalking her thread. She looks more like a haggish karla homolka than sailor moon.

No. 130725

Imagine being her age and acting like a literal fucking teenager. She tries to seem so unbothered but everyone can see how full of sand her ass is.


>She looks more like a haggish karla homolka than sailor moon

fucking kek anon

No. 130729

File: 1609959119734.png (429.67 KB, 391x488, rat noises.PNG)

why does she look like a rat when she does that face, is it the snow filter?

No. 130730

I'll get accept this ban, but did anyone else know Lori's name was Lorena?

No. 130731

Omg she does, except not cute. It’s her visible top teeth.

No. 130736

Yes, she is Latina and experiences a lot of racism

No. 130742

And the hideous makeup adds to the effect…why she thinks rosacea is a trend I'll never know.

No. 130745

File: 1609970362269.png (611.48 KB, 403x573, nice diaper.PNG)

this is her sailor moon cosplay

No. 130746

File: 1609970477078.png (799.41 KB, 794x589, lookin like a reflective traff…)

samefag, idk why bassdrip rims her decrepit asshole on every post, sucking up to looni like this indicates extreme retardation. poor girl must not know she's a lunatic.

No. 130747

They both have the same uncanny level shoop and tacky egirl aesthetic so that might be part of it

No. 130748

you're right she's sugarf4iry levels of shooped

No. 130750

This looks awful though. What is the appeal of a cheap, reflective fuku?


This is such a weird looking lingerie set, what the hell.

I don't know what she thinks she's clapping back with though. Everything is archived (nearly) and call-out/cancel culture is so ravenous nowadays that she'd get torn to shreds within hours of her first video. Seriously, lol. What is she going to do? Pull a Ready To Glare/Creepshow and siphon info from old LC threads for content?