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File: 1636737787755.jpeg (188.28 KB, 742x795, 1636066787500.jpeg)

No. 181700



Lori Cerda, known as Lori Lewd or Usagi Kou, is a 36-year-old photoshop addicted pro-ana costhot and anime fictionkin (otakukin for the oldfags) from New York state. With 20+ years of lunacy behind her, farmers have been working together diligently to stitch together the madness into a coherent timeline. Lots of interactions and receipts have been lost to time, either deleted or made private, keep that in mind as we continue.

Lori got her start as a rabid Sailor Moon cosplayer in the early aughts which launched her into infamy and Moonie drama that lasted for over 10 years alone. In Summary; a well-liked, cute and young cosplayer that wowed people as Sailor Moon had one of the hardest and fastest falls from grace. It’s a story rife with lies, theft, squatting, cheating, jealousy, cult-like behavior and lots of violence. To put it lightly, it blew apart the entire Sailor Moon community in the US and honestly, the news carried across the world. The juxtaposition of Usagi and Lori piqued the interest of many people. Some might call her one of the OG cosplay lolcows. After becoming a joke to the majority of the US cosplay community Lori dropped her Usagi shtick, married a few times and stayed mostly quiet.

2017 changed all that when Lori met Kevin “Skye” Hanft. Once the two cosplayers met and fell in love, Lori quickly reverted to her past behaviors and became Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx. Her current phase she has described herself as “14 yr old boy” and “spicy loli gremlin elf bb succubus” She cosplays mainly as Saber from Fate as well as random My Hero Academia characters to cash in on that hype train. Recognizing her status as a complete has-been, Lori prefers to focus on porn and only does half-assed couple cosplay with Kevin at conventions. Kevin feeds Lori’s delusions and is a whole cow on his own. He serves as her meal ticket and guard dog. At the first sign of any inconvenience or drama, Lori will blow the whistle and sick her dog. If you lurk long enough you will spot a wild Kevin masquerading as anon. Do not interact. He is retarded and he will spend his time trying to track you down. He has a documented history of digitally stalking commenters, accusing them of being anons or Momokun/Vamplette and threatening suicide/murder.

Over the last three years, Lori has amassed over 130k followers (through purchasing bots) and currently is partnered with miccostumes (@miccosgirls) and several dropship scam stores. She is often reposted and hyped up by Dolls Kill, YRU and their sister companies. Her past partners include Bisou Lovely, Rave Wonderland, Ardani Studios and Lewd Complex. Her current “dream” is to become a NEET e-girl, the kind that can bankroll a D-list celebrity lifestyle with the work ethic of Shayna Clifford. When Lori isn’t crashing the Meitu servers overseas or begging online, she can be found at her local Round1 screeching at Kevin to win her pretty princess toys lest he get the hose, again.

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Vintage Milk:
>Textbook ugly-duckling-turned-mega-bitch after high school
>Claimed ‘super abusive’ parents were the absolute most evilest pplz evar and she had to constantly be living on someone's couch to flee the violence
>Known pathological liar, her entire cosplay career was a farce built upon other seamstresses work and props
>Abused partners emotionally and physically, breaking peoples belongings when she throws temper tantrums, threatening rape allegations and suicide
>Mooched off friends and family (living rent free and destroying peoples homes with her trash, indoor smoking, making them buy her things, forcing them to sleep on floors and go without bedding, etc.)
>Manipulated teenagers, mentally ill/handicapped cosplayers and any others she deemed “beneath” her into false friendships
>Had a rap for being a nymphomaniac, or at very least hypersexual, often pressuring people into sleeping with her when she wanted it. Many times it was in public, at cons or restaurants and other extremely inappropriate spaces.
>Held vendettas against better cosplayers, sex workers and artists.
>Used her many livejournals to harass and slander other cosplayers like Zan for existing in the community and cosplaying
>Her ex-husband raped a developmentally challenged friend of Lori’s and when she found out she pressured the victim, “C”, into suicide. “C” then attempted by taking pills and drinking alcohol. Luckily, “C” survived. She never apologized or tried to right this situation.
>Went through husbands like pantyhose and typically only married for housing and money.
>Has only ever worked as a cringe cam whore and retail worker (unkown sex shop in WA then Forever 21 in UT)

Condensed Milk from the 10’s:
>Self-identifies as a Loli, shares Lolicon on Twitter and follows pedophiles back on IG and Twit
>Racist anachan with high-school mean girl tendencies
>Painful failtroll with a history of trying to troll /cgl/ and /w/
>Forced bf Kevin to self harm to prove his loyalty when she found out he had a female friend she didn’t know well
>She cheated on him anyways and used his car to go do it
>Both her and Kevin lurk their own thread and Momokun’s
>They break up and make up constantly, almost every other day
>Kins Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx, truly believes she is her and that the studio copied her to create her likeness
>”vampire blood” “anime features” and ”good genes” something something
>Will relentlessly tear down other cosplayers who do any cosplay better than her
>”Suffers” from an Eating Disorder and body checks in every post
>Queen of fucked up Meitu baby face shoops
>Edits herself skinnier all over despite wearing XS-S clothing
>Panders to pedophiles and degenerates without shame despite having many underage followers
>Spends her life fetishizing East Asian culture heavily, specifically Japan, somehow still butchers Romaji
>E-begs for money and subs EVERY SINGLE DAY
>Abandoned her old terminally ill cat so she could have ferrets. The cat died alone without care
>Claimed her ferrets were seriously ill and couldn’t go to a vet, got money and then ended up buying new DollsKill and a new weed vape cart
>Kevin lost $300 randomly and vaguely blamed it on Momokun’s friends when it was really just Lori
>Kevin has a running delusion that fellow cows Mariah (Momokun) and Vamplette are the OPs of every farm thread and are solely responsible for the surfacing of her past
>Lori undoubtedly sowed this seed to use as a deflection, she continually brings it up and talks to Kevin about it publicly even when it’s not related to anything at the moment

Last Milk Delivery:
>Kevin being Kevin, on his goldfag vibe, breh >>>/w/175861
>Here’s him skating and hanging out with his new friends 10 years his junior >>>/w/176162
>Kevin has friends? BLOCKEDT >>>/w/176185
>IRL Kirko Bain, every day. These two just can’t leave the house without being assaulted with compliments and celebrity comparisons >>>/w/176211
>The beginning of Lori’s never ending pool brag >>>/w/176381 by the way did you know she has a heated pool and you don’t? Cause you’re poor and jealous of her?
>JUMPSCARE filter glitch >>>/w/176495
>Embarrassed by her studio, Lori takes to the foyer to act like it’s part of her home you can’t see >>>/w/176640
>For the low price of $1000 you can own a moldy cosplay set made by Kevin! It’s only old and rotting in storage, should be fine. 1k OBO >>>/w/176739
>Meanies online are why Lori and Kevin don’t have anyone but themselves, of course >>>/w/176764 guess how fast THAT was deleted
>Rare sight of Kev looking like a person enjoying himself >>>/w/176938
>baby touch >>>/w/176945
>Some person unintentionally calls out Lori and Kev for their shoops saying they didn’t even know it was them despite having just seen them in their workplace >>>/w/176967
>Coomer forum replies grow >>>/w/177173 the scrotes are not happy >>>/w/177400
>Having a crisis? Feeling isolated? Dejected? Dating got you down? Well, just fly states over to go to Lori’s apartment’s public pool….. cause… i honestly think she just wants to say she has a pool every time she opens her mouth >>>/w/177514
>Farmer got dm caps of the worker describing what the two shitbirds look like irl >>>/w/177836
>homie homie macaroni >>>/w/177886
>beep beep, a scrote didn’t want to buy Lori’s nudes so she harassed his wife who was also laughing at her and got BTFO, ran to facebook to gather more people to harass these random people that found her public profiles >>>/w/177935
>In a pathetic attempt to fool people into thinking anybody talks to her, Lori flexes a Halloween party invite >>>/w/178173 given to them… by the apartment staff… for the complex’s Halloween Party….
>Little leprechaun man dons the cat ears and whinnies >>>/w/178387
>Lori can’t fathom people being hateful, specifically about other people's bodies. She doesn’t care about anyone's waistline or face. She’s above that. She’s nice >>>/w/178413
>Lori screeches at Bank of America’s twitter for helping children get school laptops but not helping HER out so she can buy more shoes and funnel cakes >>>/w/178523
>She’s increasingly more desperate for a sucker and a way out of UT >>>/w/178639
>Kev FINALLY launches his YouTube >>>/w/179127
>Sexy Anime Guy returns >>>/w/179156
>Lori felt left out now that anons were roasting Kevin, so she cried about teh haterz being jelleh while she glows up >>>/w/179192
>The jelly sperg continues, Lori thinks she should be cast in a Netflix special about cosplay so she can spill all the milk >>>/w/179193
>An example of some of the comments Lori has been wiping immediately >>>/w/179326 and >>>/w/179347
>homie░homie░macaroni░Λ░R░Λ░Λ░R░Λ >>>/w/179422
>Lori has a …..calf!?! >>>/w/179853
>Kevin exposes Lori in his board pics, looking ghoulish and greasy as ever >>>/w/180141
>whener whinner chicken tdhinner >>>/w/180225
>God Anon unearths this cow’s Official Anthem; Sitting In The Stars by Kevin Hanft >>>/w/180354
>Holy Shit, is that Christopher Lloyd doing a fucking boardslide right now? >>>/w/180941
>HeY hOmIeS dId U kNoW tHitH bIkInI izMaDe fRoM WadDerBodlEs?? >>>/w/181170 her sad attempt at advertising Towers Swimwear for DollsKill
>The psycho admits she hates children, legitimately >>>/w/181523
>Halloween is over, get off our front porch you freaks >>>/w/181629 oh sorry I guess that's Legend of Zelda “cosplay” >>>/w/181659
>Ferrets are still nowhere to be seen, by the way. Take note of that.

Tuck your love handles back into your sweatpants and ready your twitter fingers, the begging, seizing, skating and neighing resumes now on thread #13!

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YouTube videos:
>VangelinaSkov's videos
>Buffering Cat's breakdown
>Lori's racism

>Monster Girl Vibes: https://www.facebook.com/iota02/
>Lori’s FB: https://www.facebook.com/LoriLewd
>Lori’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iota_zerotwo/
>Kevin’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adollaskye/
>Kevin’s FB : https://www.facebook.com/kevin.hanft.5
>Kevin’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Krook3dKev
>Kevin’s cosplay FB: https://www.facebook.com/adollaskye
>Twitter: https://twitter.com/iota_zerotwo
>DA: https://www.deviantart.com/kou-usagi
>Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/people/usagikou
>OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/monstergirl
>Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/LoriLewd
>Amazon Wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1K5H3M8IH92VA/?ref_=lol_ov_le

Archived Milk:
>pockybox investigations
>wank about the rape incident https://web.archive.org/web/20130311093424/http://www.journalfen.net/community/fandom_wank/685335.html?thread=63139863
>usagi’s wank page http://web.archive.org/web/20110908004206/http://wiki.fandomwank.com/index.php/Usagi_Kou
>tgtn attesting to Lori's cancerous nature
>Djranma’s site https://web.archive.org/web/20070807233745fw_/http://www.djranmas.net/html/lori_cerda/main.htm
>Lori's psycho response to Scott's confession
>cringe engagement video posted by Kevin
>cringe ED article
>the sailor moon movie

>Lori’s KF thread
>Forbidden Spicy Imgur folder for the lulz

Dead Accounts:
https://usakou.tumblr.com/ (recently found)

What farmers sarcastically call Kevin, stands for Bishounen or “pretty boy”.
>Spicy / Forbidden Spice
This is what Lori calls OnlyFans because she believes her saying the words “OnlyFans” ruin her reach, it’s totally not because it’s her.
One of Lori’s many nicknames based on her short-lived “Lori Lune” phase.
>Sempai / Baka / Onichan
Lori can’t speak or sound out Japanese for the life of her so this is what she spits out, it is always inaccurate and unironic.
>BB / Loli / Gremlin
These are terms Lori uses to infantilize and objectify herself. She has an obsession with being a loli, she is an unapologetic autopedophile.
This is Lori’s dog whistle for farmers. (ex. “Hi MooMoo~” “I’m a cute MooMoo”) It recognizes her status as a cow and she thinks it’s a reclamation that gives the term less power over her. (Spoiler: it doesn’t do anything but make it worse)
Lori’s pet name for her girl crush Momokun
Lori mentally has regressed to a 12 year old, resulting in her using meme lingo from decades ago. She still thinks it is not only relevant but cute and charming.
Anyone, seriously anyone, who has anything critical to say about Lori in any respect. Comments about Lori that are not worshipping her will be blocked or the users will be harassed for days on end by Kevin and Lori.
Lori’s eloquent defense of Kevin’s looks.
>Homie homie macaroni/potato
Psychobabble that dribbles from the witches gaping maw

No. 182208

Nice job with the OP.

No. 182210

File: 1636912558829.webm (2.98 MB, 998x1820, screen-20211114-084428_3.webm)

Kevin skating, posted today.

No. 182212

These are the types of tiktoks most people literally swipe down on. Bad editing, bad music, bad shot. It's so cringe, I clicked the hide option.

No. 182224

Great job OP. We need more farmers like you

No. 182287

He sure seems to spend a lot of time trying to get these shots and they still suck, kek. Is his phone on a tripod or on the floor?

No. 182289

File: 1636949957516.jpg (417.89 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20211114-230630_Chr…)

So much more space in her new place yet no room for a "homie" to stay over and visit?

No. 182324

In Lori's defence I creeped this Chloe person and she (him? it?) is fucking massive. They're probably just online friends and this Lori's oh so subtle way of telling them to get lost

No. 182353

>Lil Uzi
He's really radiating zoomer energy with this one

No. 182355

File: 1636998020106.png (1.69 MB, 1526x2048, Screenshot_20211115-091836.png)

She looks weird here. Also no belly button ???

No. 182363

Her hair is in the way, but also most people don't have massive gapping, belly buttons.

No. 182364

Hey Lorena, why the longgggg face?

She’s been shrinking her head on meitu so often than when she posts her real head it looks abnormally horse like.

No. 182389

She really does have a middle tooth. There was discussion about it last thread, and there aren't many photos showing her teeth because she only has three expressions, blow up jowls with anus lips, vacant closed mouth stare, and con hall resting bitch face. Well here it is, a recent one straight from the horse's mouth.

No. 182390

File: 1637010249133.jpg (13.73 KB, 720x165, IMG_20211115_140140_771.jpg)

They're buying nudes that actually appeal to them? Nobody wants your weird ass nudes, Lori.

No. 182392

I still will never understand how she treats people is it funny to her to make these comments hoping for another e-famous person will crack jokes with her? or she thinks men like to be called pay pigs and simps?

No. 182395

She has zero game. Couldn’t pull a decent paying man if her life depended on it. Lame ass filtered pics. Not sure who she thinks she’s fooling but judging by her constant desperation not many. Everyone is tired of overly edited pics. They’d rather see real pics, with real bodies. No one finds this shit appealing. Also most men like women with some meat on their bones. The whole men like skinny women has been proven to be completely blown out of proportion

No. 182396

She must be struggling lately, she keeps begging for “ramen money” on her OF and insta the last few days. Whew Whori, ramen ain’t even expensive and you can’t afford that? Sad.

No. 182399

Lmao pay pigs seek out women and teens that don't remind them of (this is how they probably view them) their old, harpy wives with shrill voices. Lori looks her age even with filters and is unbearable to listen to. Not a snowballs chance in hell. Better start strippin.

No. 182401


They know each other irl and go back to the LJ days and Chloe is a cow themselves.

No. 182421

She couldnt get a dude when she was young to pay her way, impossible she'll get one now. Even if someone fell for her fake pictures they would run screaming once they met her and saw her old lady face. I doubt even some average dude with average income would want her. She has nothing to offer, doesnt want kids and has zero instinct to care about anyone but herself.

No. 182422

File: 1637032439300.jpg (558.77 KB, 1062x1339, 20211115_211226.jpg)

Theres something gross about the thigh area in this pic. I love how she caved and finally showed how freaking tiny her place is.

No. 182448

She already tried everything and failed her whole life. Using sex and marriage didn't stop men from leaving her.

Her catfish troon grift is on its last legs, on her way to 40 and begging to eat dollar ramen.

She has no thigh gap but ties everything tighter to make one. Seems she rearranged the furniture for this shot from Kevvy's spot because the background is a mess.

No. 182452

File: 1637044636316.jpeg (262.63 KB, 1242x1855, 8E8AA5FD-F08B-4CD9-A276-57A3DA…)

Lori is not self aware at all and it’s embarrassing. Most of the milk said about her has proof or Kevin posted it himself, is this a diss at Kevin?

No. 182460

She’s completely skinnyfat with no muscle tone whatsoever. She thinks being skinny makes her hot but sad flabby dough bodies are never attractive no matter their size. Healthy humans who look like they actually move occasionally are attractive. Hilariously, she posted a video of her “swimming” the other day - she does a sad doggy paddle from one side of the hot tub to the other (who “swims” in a hot tub?).

I also can’t believe that this is the home of a woman who is nearing 40. No television, nowhere to sit and eat, just a couch that she herself admitted is too small to even lay down on and is covered in plushies, an ugly coffee table that she spreads her ass cheeks on, and a cheap pink vanity that should be in the bedroom but it’s doubtful at this point if they even have one. This is so pathetic.

No. 182461

where do they sleep lol

No. 182464

She's not even skinny with her unhealthy lifestyle in middle age. Candids of her and Kevin prove that she's been contorting herself into a noodle with Meitu for some time now.

No. 182470

She's either doing an Alythuh and rearranging the furniture every time she takes photos, or there is a bedroom but it's literally like one of those Japanese hotels or sleeper coaches where the only thing it has room for is the bed itself.

No. 182471

File: 1637055873415.jpg (121.31 KB, 962x634, iuRDU9LCJ9.jpg)

(like so) This is from an article with a title "Japanese bleak capsule hotels…" kek

No. 182517

I saw another picture of this outfit with her sitting and she looked so doughy and you can see she really edits the body. It didnt look like the same body as the rest of the set. She looked really thick.

This is so Lori telling herself she's fine and everyone who hates or dislikes her has a problem. Your right though, she's so unaware she doesnt think someone nearly 40 posting fake pictures in a room fit for a toddler isnt weird and sad instead of living an actual life with career, friends and family.

I'm certain there is no bedroom at this point. The area we dont see is a washer/dryer hookup and the bathroom door. With the ceiling sloped the room looks much smaller than I thought too.

This place looks so uncomfortable. A real couch with a pullout bed and wall mounted tv makes more sense than this crap. Then instead of pilling junk on the counter 2 kitchen bar stools and a little wall art. Her taste sucks. The coffee table is farmhouse, the vanity is amazon cheap teenagers room and that "couch" belongs in the garbage.

No. 182524

File: 1637066398759.jpg (496.8 KB, 1080x1295, 20211116_063711.jpg)

Samefag, found it. Obviously not fat but definitely skinny fat and compared to >>182422 the body is much poochier in the lower half, proportions of the upper and lower body dont match and the hideous ruffle is hiding some love handles. She doesnt have an awful body by any means but to me she looks like a middle aged woman and the filters dont hide that.

No. 182640

>Her taste sucks.

Implying everything wasn't just defective or found at a garage sale. The randomness of the garbage in their place is the same as their dropship china clothes, it's all they could afford.

No. 182646

File: 1637083448522.jpg (120.56 KB, 720x1074, IMG_20211116_102232_631.jpg)

>lots of new unedited stuff on the feed
>steak fund
>you give sub

Jesus this is sad.

No. 182701

‘Good redditors’ lmao. What a try hard. Watching her struggle on there is incredibly rewarding. It’s the easiest social media in regards to getting upvotes. The bar is low and she’s floundering like a chubby little fish out of water

No. 182737


Yeah I'm gonna go way against the grain here and say this is the best she's ever fucking looked. This body size works waaaay better for her.

No. 182762

That red meat and sugar american slop diet is starting to show. Shes going to balloon here pretty soon unless she starts purging or starving kek, even then shes fucked. Approaching 40 with the diet of a tween anachan. Nothing but grease and empty calories and tons of sugar milk and soda. That paired with marijuana and cigarettes? Ohoho, cant wait to see that catch up. Cant filter out the signs of organ failure and dehydration!

No. 182770

The outfit looks surprisingly good quality and expensive for her standards, maybe she really did find a new paypig afterall

No. 182791

Pay pigs are part of the findom kink, which is extremely competitive and probably the only kink that is full of thirsty women rather than the other way around. It takes a lot of time and dedication to dom a pay pig. Can't imagine Lori putting the effort.

No. 182821

Anachans ITT need to stop wishing fat on her, it will never happen or she would have been fat already, she knows how to calorie control clearly.

However she WILL become lined and haggard soon (if she isn't already, hard to tell with filters) because she smokes and smears makeup on her face every day and probably doesn't take vitamins or eat real food.

No. 182866

Looks like the same garbage she always wears. The straps are so tacky. Why cant she ever pic an actual outfit? Oh why does her bikini area always look so weird?

She doesnt look thin or ana anymore. She looks easy 135 here >>182524 That stomach looks round. This >>182422 looks so blurred around the thighs too. I dont think shes fat, or thin but I think shes fatter than she filters herself.

No. 182880

File: 1637124482891.jpeg (605.34 KB, 828x807, 1567807937114.jpeg)

Exactly, people are getting confused by her edits.

No. 182927

Did I say she was ana? No I didn't

Who cares if she gained 10 or 15 pounds over a few years, the fact is she will never blimp out like Shay or Moo so I don't know why you tards always nitpick. Literally focus on anything else about her, you only out yourself when you talk about how fat she is when she is clearly of normal weight.

No. 182932

The irony of "outing yourself" when you talk a certain way….

You gotta do better than that if you're going to attempt to blend in

No. 182933

Who said she was fat or outed themselves? In what way? Calm down anon. It's not like your her (??) and know what she can and cant control. 10 to 15 pds? That's a lot, it shows. Shes not ana, that's not a nitpick,its an observation and nothing to do with her future weight or wishing anything on her. It's a nitpick for someone you disagree with, but it was fine for you to comment shes normal weight? Chill.

No. 182939

Look if you want to think I'm Lori that is your problem.

All I am saying is that this thread is filled to the brim with people constantly nitpicking her weight when
1. there are way more milky things to talk about and
2. it is obviously more about trying to knock her down a peg than it is about documenting real noticeable weight gain

This is a massive problem as a whole on this site and it is just embarassing and weird at this point. If you want to make fun of real fat people why not just make a thread about an actual fat person?

Yes I am mad, because this is one of my top tier cow threads and you guys constantly fag it up all the time.

No. 182950

The only reason it's talked about so much is because she puts so much value on it herself when her past two decades have been an I'm smol uwu Anachan gremlin campaign and anyone bigger than my xs size 00 is fat and gross, then of course anons are going to harp on her for putting on 10,15, or 20 pounds

No. 182958

Exactly! That's why it's a topic of interest in the thread.

Well you can just not comment if you dont like it instead of carrying on. So the threads filled with nitpicks? It's also being filled with complaints about nitpicks, that's pointless. Your complaining about people mucking up the thread while your doing the same. Read and move on makes more sense.

No. 182959

File: 1637164031983.jpg (403.23 KB, 1066x1272, Screenshot_20211117-094020_Duc…)

Apparently Kevie always hated his voice. He didnt hate it enough to post his vocals on sound cloud though. Maybe recent uncovering of his "music" has him feeling 8nsecure.

No. 182974

his speaking voice is normal, what a weirdo. now his singing voice, that's terrible lmao

No. 183003

Sounds like a personal trigger on your end, and this thread ain't about you (unless you are Lori or Kevin).

And seconding what >>182950 said. It's discussed because of what Lori "prides" herself on and the fact that she's constantly calling others fat. So yeah, it's gonna be discussed.

No. 183004

I dont frequent this thread that often and when I do it's about her voice anons are laughing at or how she has enlarged her tits in a photo or her bad outfits. Her weight isn't as brought up as you wish it was.

No. 183005

I get that anons talk about her weight because Lori is the one who brings it up constantly but when some people start saying OMG HOW FATT LOOK SHE HAS A TINY FAT FOLD NOT SO ANACHAN AFTERALL LOLOLOL it just comes off as try hard and it's honestly embarrassing. Girl is skinny fat yes but she's still skinny especially considering her height stop lying to yourselves. The only thing she's good at is maintaining her weight all these years ig and she must be putting real effort to do so since she likes to flex on others so it's not natural for her

No. 183009

It's because she leaves those comments on people's profiles then acts like a saint as if she's never publicly fatshamed someone just because she doesn't like them. She lurks these threads, we have proof of it in the past. Doing the same to her, considering how hyper fixated she is on her body, is a good way to hopefully give her body dismorphia imo and I sure as hell hope it does. Skinny bitches don't get to not be talked about because fat girls should turn a blind eye to the abuse they get from people like Lori. You also see in countless videos and photos the waist and chin filters move. That's why she tries to keep her hair covering both sides of her face [less chance of warping in the background] and barely moves in her videos. She's been caught before. For someone so skinny and proud of their body, she sure still uses all the filters possible. She is not #bodygoals or even humanity goals. She's trash and your take is trash. I never call people out as a whiteknight, but you fit that description perfectly. I love that someone who 'maintains their weight' still uses mass amounts of waist slimming editing.

No. 183014

I’m with you Nona. The milk on Lori dried up five threads ago. It’s just regurgitated nit picks on her filters and the same comments on her “tacky” plastic clothes over, and over, and over again.
I only come to this thread to laugh at the long term posters that still sperg out each time Lori posts to IG. The autism and mental illness in this thread is milkier than than the cow herself.
This post will also set them off. They can’t help themselves but to reply and accuse me of being Lori. Grab some popcorn and watch them reeee Nona. It’s where the real entertainment remains on this thread. Their day to day is reliant on every tiny move Lori or Kevin makes.

No. 183029

I don't even post here regularly but just because you're butt hurt you've been accused of being Lori before, doesn't mean you have to intentionally bait and shit up the thread. She's her most interesting when her/Kev come here or have public sperg outs, which granted is becoming few and far between. But if anons wanna kill time laughing at her tacky plastic get up, let them. You don't have to read it. If you're here strictly for entrainment purposes why contribute to the very mental illness you're observing? Btw you're clearly responding to an anon who's specifically offended by the nitpicks due to their own insecurity. I can understand or even relate to the logic, but I don't see how the sentiment has much merit given that.

No. 183031

If you call most of us checking this thread while on the toilet for keks reliant, then you must have a really boring life and/or need to brush up on the ol' dictionary quite a bit lmfao

No. 183034

Choosing to feel personally attacked from a generalization and replying within minutes is very telling.(infighting/derailing)

No. 183039

What is going on with her hand here

No. 183047

It’s called perspective. An object that is not fully in view can create a skewed appearance to the viewer. Especially captured within a still frame when motion is involved.

No. 183103

This. Loony has been meticulously editing herself and is easily triggered by the reality of being fat and old. It's she who constantly spergs about her body and youth while in the same breath shitting on younger and skinnier girls as a cope.

People need to stop being personally triggered over what's fat or not and shitting up the thread. It's about what Lori thinks is fat and what Lori nitpicks on others being used against her.

No. 183140

I haven’t been around since the earlier threads or LJ days, but I’ve only ever seen her call people fat or ugly in retaliation to negative comments left on her insta by people starting fights with her first. I know that there’s documentation of her doing this10 years ago, but even then, reading the screen shots, it’s always in retaliation. She’s guilty of being mean in her replies, and she should be mature enough to just ignore mean people, but she doesn’t seem to be the instigator.It’s been a long time since I’ve seen her retaliate against an attack on her insta, so maybe she’s growing.

No. 183143

There are multiple screenshots in previous threads of both her and Kevin attacking female cosplayers for no reason other than they felt threatened by them. In her peak ZeroTwo days she was constantly harassing other ZeroTwo cosplayers. She also vagueposts on FB and Insta about people’s appearance.
You’re right that she hasn’t done it in a while, but you’re wrong that she only does it in retaliation.

No. 183167

File: 1637203579746.jpeg (83.76 KB, 1242x489, BF2CBA0B-CACD-4F2C-A252-ED79A7…)

“For shit they did to me”
She has literally abused every “friend” she has ever had to the point where they drop out of her life entirely. She has also cheated on Kevin, planned to meet up with another person behind Kevin’s back, treated people with arrogance and manipulation. Nobody has done anything to her. She doesn’t even have friends anymore. The grudges people hold against her are because of her own shitty actions she won’t take responsibility for. She is retarded. Get an actual job Lorena.

No. 183272

You forgot about the part where every anon here is either Mooriah or Zan holding a grudge. In her delusion, everyone here is jealous and washed up oldfags like her, being bitter we arent super successful models like she is. Don't forget: the only people who dislike Lori are her villainous abusers who all deserve prison time for aboose and other nefarious Lori centered hate crimes. Bitch is completely dissonant.

No. 183339

This is so right anon.

Lori is also so deluded she thinks people from her past or strangers care enough about her to hold a grudge instead of accepting people are only commenting on the behaviors they see. Seperate from any interaction she has with others, what she posts online prompts comments that she thinks are "jealous hadurs". What would you expect when you post your failed life online? She created her own circus and she's a sideshow for sure. If she stopped posting noone would think about her or talk about her. She's a literal nobody.

No. 183383

File: 1637275335958.jpg (70.05 KB, 720x1027, IMG_20211118_154046_342.jpg)

Lori really thinks Netflix would care about her dusty cosplay drama from the early 2000s.

No. 183387

File: 1637276589776.jpg (140.74 KB, 720x1030, IMG_20211118_160043_066.jpg)

Somehow I missed this. Lol. New Kevin blog about muscle tone, skating, and anime.

No. 183394

Cope much? Her side of the story? Multiple witnesses would stand against her just like anyone who has encountered her always has. Generally if your left with no one, the problem is you. It's well known what a liar she is so as anything she would say couldnt be trusted. Even if Nflix was remotely interested she would be the shady antagonist everyone would speak against. More delusion. People remember all her antics for what they were because they didnt need to change the narrative.

Is all these two do all day is take shitty pictures and skateboard? I'm already wondering where they will move after their next eviction. Funny he suddenly started skating again after they moved into the studio.

No. 183466

Every time he talks, he also talk shit about something and how he’s totally not like the other normies. He just comes across as bitter.

No. 183496

'Without getting too bulky' the guy is a total ghoul lol I don't think he has to worry about accidently getting bulky muscles. Being active may help stave of the skinny fat 'bulk' I guess.

I thought he was borderline skin walking Bakugo? Bakugo is muscular for a MHA kid.

No. 183503

Kevin is what skaters would call a "kook." He would get clowned out of any skate park if he mentioned skating to build muscle tone or for the aesthetics. And especially if he showed up with a cosplay deck.

No. 183510

I’m sure people have more screen shots of her disgusting behavior to prove otherwise. She is not the victim in any of these situations and she never has been. If she does have screen shots to exonerate her from the decades of drama why doesn’t she post them to clear her name? Because they don’t exist She would have tried to pawn off the blame for any of the situations if she could have. Netflix doesn’t care about washed up broke ass has beens. There is far more negative things to be said about her she is Chris chan level batshit.

No. 183512

File: 1637299875022.jpeg (73.31 KB, 1242x388, 43C0372B-CD53-432A-9A24-24264A…)

“Help me out homie” because she cannot properly Market herself and somehow it’s other people’s burdens to share her disgusting pedo bait photo shoopary content? If she was doing so well, why is she constantly e-begging?

No. 183516

Why does she talk like this?
“Spicy spicy site”
“Homie macaroni”
Do her subscribers actually like it lmao

No. 183526

Absolute delusion

No. 183544

She's forever stuck in that mid 2000s "lol so random, awkward turtle! DOOM!11!!" phase. In fact I think she thinks she invented it.

No. 183559

Lori, you actual retard, no Netflix producer is going to be remotely interested in your screenshots and lols from 20 years ago. The absolute delusion.

No. 183579

She'll really do anything to try and stay relevant, huh?

No. 183608

She was never relevant.

No. 183609

This is her second time posting this. She seriously wants it to happen and is delusional enough to think Netflix would check tags and personally approach her. Shes insane. Tweaker level grandiose delusions.

No. 183610

It's a thing a lot of OF creators do so they don't get reported. I know Instagram for example will take down anything they deem explicit so a lot of people talk in code. It's weird and annoying but it is at least for a reason.

No. 183618

she will do anything but get a job. i wonder if kevin tells her not to get one bc she will cheat on him with the first loser that will show her any attention

No. 183632

Lmao somehow I truly doubt that would be what keeps Lori from getting a job. She would just block him kek

No. 183641

Again, she should just try Barcroft. The milk would be hilarious, and the Netflix thing will never happen

No. 183642

File: 1637358643803.png (2.54 MB, 1941x2048, Screenshot_20211119-134843.png)

Never seen someone edit their ass and still have it be flat kek

No. 183648

That ass unattatched to her edited face looks like a mom butt. Theres something about the fat deposit that cant be shooped out.

No. 183919

File: 1637516205445.png (2.5 MB, 1644x2048, Screenshot_20211121-093426.png)

Why does she keep shrinking her head like that?

No. 183948

This perspective is so off, shrunken head included. Mirror image pictures always look wrong.

No. 183980

File: 1637531832731.jpg (100.41 KB, 720x1025, IMG_20211121_145420_283.jpg)

>Muh broken back

No. 183992

if she wasn't such a massive sperg she could have a sit down job at an office by now. she could even coast by on being pretty and thin and could have been an executive assistant to some dickbrained moid. instead, selling porn to no one.

No. 183994

Teenage mcdonalds managers make more money that Lori will ever see in her life, hilarious that she has settled on begging as a job. Kevin must be unable to provide shit if shes still choosing to hoe instead of badger him for money and do streaming for games or something. Coming up on 40 with literally nothing to her name or a life is really inspiring me to never get comfortable or use materialism as an escape. God. What a wreck.

No. 184010

This spinal chord injury is a blatant lie. There has never been a story, explanation, nothing. Just more made up BS from a lazy woman who still believes shes good looking and smart enough to grift. Her status as broke middle aged lady with filter face proves her wrong.

No. 184015

Starting to think she's still with Kevvy because she's too fug IRL to get anyone new.

She's been trying her best for years now and other than that one guy from before, seems she's had nothing pan out.

No. 184018

I believe it. I think if anyone met her irl after seeing her fake pics they wouldn't want to be bothered with her. Her actual face and body >>182880 are not as advertised.

No. 184027

Me and my spinal injury UWU, then poses in weird unflattering positions in the mirror. She wears horrible shoes for that injury and hasn’t worked a real job a day in her life. Why doesn’t she get benefits?(sage your shit)

No. 184028

File: 1637548647450.jpeg (261.94 KB, 1242x1846, 4F64C501-D13F-4313-84CE-F50714…)

Wow wasting Kevin’s parents money on garbage you don’t need yet again.

No. 184054

Reasons they live in a studio apt.

No. 184062

Is she still trying to convince everybody that her $5 Amazon press-ons were done in a salon topkek

No. 184065

Is it normal to filter a picture of a hand to that extent to show nails? She can't be having her hand match her age lol

No. 184091

File: 1637603883975.png (3.05 MB, 828x1792, 869A8A97-AAF1-41E0-B111-41EAEC…)

I-I’m the ONLY cosplay sk8er boi and if you other POSER cosplayers don’t like it and keep unfollowing me then I don’t care!

He really makes any reason up in his sad delusional little mind for why he has no following and other cosplayers ignore/unfollow him. Definitely not because he’s a psycho and is nothing but bitter and drama constantly. Nope definitely because he’s the OG versatile cosplayer. What a loser.

No. 184103

File: 1637606097927.jpg (45.02 KB, 720x1149, IMG_20211122_113300_493.jpg)

He posted this yesterday too. I'm not really sure what the green dot part means but he's pretty butthurt about not having a following due to his one month of shitty skating content.

No. 184115

File: 1637610251189.jpg (1.97 MB, 2841x2335, PicsArt_11-22-11.42.23.jpg)

weird back and chin edits going on. looks like a wannabe roppongi whore

No. 184126

People unfollowed you because you're insufferable and have the personality of an 11 year old, kevin

No. 184130

Kek, I thought the hand shoop was hilarious

Oh Kevin, no one cares.

She's so boring anf I'll still never get why if she's going to edit her face so much she thinks this looks good.

No. 184176

Isn't this a reference to the Great Gatsby? Or am i being too generous>>184091

No. 184209

who is this for, her simps? it's not even ~spicy~. like, if she was in a community I'd get posting pics like this but she's digging for dollars so hard you'd expect her to at least market herself in a specific way. this throw it all at the wall and see what sticks spaghetti-method* is bizarre to watch. just shows she thinks she's above showing pussy when it's the only way she'll realistically make anything.
this pic reminds me specifically of tryhard 2012 tumblr where dressing up in your room for likes was fine.
nobody wants this lori like what

*homie-macaroni method?

No. 184215

If she wants money, she will have to actually start performing. Either do porn like Mooriah or do something other than these stiff, nonsensical, wayyy over edited short clips. She actually needs a personality. Her persona right now makes her seem fake, like she's a scam. Which from the reveiws of her paid content she is. There is nothing deeper to her paid content, there is no 'spicy', just the same fake pictures in trashy clothes and no deeper personal connection either. She's dead in the water.

No. 184233

Imagine having to go to great lengths to take two pictures that you deem ok enough to post and then still editing them to hell and back.

The lengths she's going to hide her chest cavity, her long jaw, her extensions, fried hair, weight gain/side fat, etc

She even edited her hand but forgot to edit out the back rolls in the first picture topkek

No. 184244

I want to see Kevin sk8 videos blasting off in full bakugo cosplay. Complete with dumbfounded Mormon housewives dropping off their 15 year olds for skate4christ

No. 184257

I like how her hand and face are somehow way lighter than the rest of her body

No. 184273

Noticed that too. Think she put makeup on her hands? Her other hand is lighter too

No. 184284

I want someone to make a Kraft cheesy macaroni commercial with Lori in it. I'd even pay to see it.

best ads in embedded vid are at 1:11, couldn't timestamp it for some reason

No. 184285

forgot to say why, but obviously "homie homie macaroni"

No. 184286

Whats on her hand? A wound or cheap jewelry rash?

No. 184287

looni is such an old timer fucking kek she totally ripped it off from these old kraft commercials? specifically that mario one? she says homie homie macaroni with the exact same cadence!

No. 184325

File: 1637719906461.jpg (1.56 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_11-23-06.10.54.jpg)

Didn't see this posted. That ogre tranny seems insufferable.

No. 184326

Note that shes made it all about her and how famous she would be if she made an expose, but she doesn't wanna make any haters famous so shes going to go swim instead like a girlboss

No. 184333

she's trying so hard to make it about herself that she's answering questions nobody asked

No. 184335

Lori it's not even your pool, it's the building pool. And who are you going to schedule a massage with, your dollar store Kurt Cobain in-between his sloppy kitchen skateboard videos? We all know that neither you or Kevin can afford a professional one otherwise you wouldn't have moved into a tiny studio. You just keep embarrassing yourself, get a grip.

No. 184344

>cheap jewelry rash?
Loony's high fashion LV, kek.

Homeless Loony larping as someone with more than a dollar to their name is so milky. Someone needs to make a compilation of how many times she says she's super rich while in need of money for food. It's as funny as that calendar of her blocking Kevvy.

No. 184355

Chloe has serious mental health issues and is an attention seeking trainwreck but Adam/DJ Ranma S is an abuser who thinks going to therapy means he's excused for his shitty behavior. It's wild that BOTH of them are so far up Lori's blown out butthole they're coming out of the gap from her missing tooth though.

No. 184377

File: 1637753146077.jpeg (69.49 KB, 780x520, D900337F-0994-4459-AAAB-F9BE21…)

The first ad gave me an epiphany. Kevin and Lori are Pinky and the Brain, respectively. It makes so much sense! Lori is a short, plotting ugly rat who wants to take over the world (e-fame) and Kevin is her dumb as rocks lackey she can’t stand that ruins everything.

No. 184410

>Calling people out for their abuse

This bitch has never kept her mouth shut about anything so who would believe she kept some kind of secret about being abused? Who? Friends? Is she claiming the roles were reversed and she was the abused? To many witnesses to say otherwise. A guy/husband? We all know how she treats those and we know the details of all her relationships she made them all so public. Family? To little to late. With such a history of lying it would be hard to prove unless someone in her family knows she was abused by someone but if they kept their mouth shut all this time why would they speak up now, especially since she's clearly estranged from them. If she ever went to visit she would post about it, but she hasn't.

Looni posts new BS almost daily. What kind of person says their thinking about outing an abuser and follows it up with but "I'll just go in my pool". Someone who's full of shit. She's such a looser.

No. 184431

File: 1637791267737.png (2.36 MB, 1671x2048, Screenshot_20211124-135354.png)

Leather toes ten times darker than her 100 ivory fae pale drugstore foundation. Sexy. Hacking at her socks with scissors to show them like anyone actually likes that shit… She doesn't realize she could do blackface and become obese and the same coomers licking her asshole in the comments would call her beautiful and perfect and sexy. It's satisfying in a twisted way to watch people egg on this look because it's perfect for her: tacky malformed middle aged whore. Dead fish eyes and white tongue included!

No. 184432


Her body looks so fucking good though.

No. 184439

File: 1637794884224.png (655.58 KB, 2048x1952, Screenshot_20211124-145747.png)

Box-chan transforms into a butterface with the heavy aid of Meitu, sure. Don't delude yourself though because there's plenty of photos exposing her actual fat distribution and shape. She's not curvy without tying her bikinis right under her ribcage KEK. I'm sure compared to other middle aged smoking women who are equal trailer trash are worse looking but we're talking Lori is marginally better with digital and cosmetic enhancement. Unless you're just busted as fuck and have your bar that low.

No. 184441

So are you Lori or the troon obsessed with her? Lol

No. 184463

Lori, nobody is jealous of you. I live in a paid off house and have enough free time from work to check this thread for entertainment and keks. I don't envy your life at all, in fact it's fun to laugh at all the bad happening to you only because you and Kevin are such shitty people that you deserve this karma. Sweet justice from all the horrible things I watched you do to others spanning all the way back from the livejournal days.

No. 184468

This is so funny. It’s basically Lori with Moo Moo. Constantly bringing her up. Saying Shes out to get her when Moo actually owns a house while Lori rents a small apartment, gets more likes , more money while being BIGGER than Lori. Kek Moo can actually afford a real indoor hot tub while Lori has to fake she has one. Must eat her up inside.

No. 184473

>When I was underage
Fucking 20 years ago?

No. 184480

Lori Turpin is hoarding toys and polyester at middle age while racking up debts on Kevvy's afterpay. All that work just to act like she's on Moo's level, kek.

No. 184490

Ah, the classic “jealuzzz” cope. Jealous of what exactly? Lori ur ugly, ur live-in simp is ugly, I make more money than u. Truth is I’m an lj old fag who remembers what an absolute delusional train wreck you are and it’s funny to see literally 0% growth from you almost two decades later. I can’t wait to see what happens over the next ten years when she’s pushing 50 with no savings, no retirement plans, no job experience and decaying looks. She has nothing I envy but sure Lori, you have this thread because we’re all sooo jealous! Lmaooo get real.

I appreciate this reference, true crime-chan.

No. 184494

She looks ridiculous.

Same here anon, paid house with property and free time from work, passive income and worked my rump off for my degrees. Still young and when I say I'm going in the pool I mean my pool, that I paid for and lay out on my deck that I paid for.

>>184490 I knew Lori back from the early 2000 con days and LJ too. It's no surprise she has a terrible life now. She's always been an obnoxious little bitch and the irony of how she thought she was so much better than everyone to being this reduced.

No one is jelous of her. If she believes that it's because she cant accept that so many people see what joke she is. You would think she would be motivated to change something before it's to late but watching her repeatedly do the same shit every day shows how limited she is in her ability to progress. I cant help but wonder if she sees the cliff ahead where she can no longer fake her body with edits or worse really winds up on the street because she has no legitimate income.

No. 184495

No. It doesnt.

No. 184499

meh I agree. I'd love to be slim and super short but I also know she's obviously editing herself lol. I'll pass on the paddle feet though

No. 184500

Lori really traumatized some of you that you still come here to keep tabs even when you are much better off than her (the bar is so low, but still). Stay strong anons

No. 184506

File: 1637859846594.jpeg (8.7 KB, 259x194, 1629125528967.jpeg)

Gotta say, having been an anon who found her through LC, the LJ anons that come here to get their shot of superiority are saaaaaad. Girl, its Lori. Theres not even a bar for you if you think shes one to compare your life to. Should have seen this coming for her a mile away cause shes clearly always been a mess and allergic to work.

No. 184517

Couldn't agree more, what is going on here the last couple days with these cringefest brag posts? If you guys knew about and followed her since the LJ days that must mean you're all close to, if not over, 40 years old, so like congrats for owning homes and having careers like the rest of most people your age??? Fucking kek

No. 184549

Probably going to catch a ban or be called Lori or one of her wk's, but I agree. Her threads really haven't been milky and the last time anyone said that we had an anon aping about us having an opinion as if we were trying to get it shut down or some shit. I still stand by my statement that if she went back to the Usagi larp she'd be a bit more entertaining, but as it stands all she does is roll around in a new apartment all day in the same shit outfits while Kevin acts like a retard yet anons bust a gut over it. She's boring as shit now and anyone who knew her back in LJ days or from the tri-state area saw this coming from a mile away or her mouthing to the wrong person and getting shanked somewhere in NYC proper.

>b-but anon!1! the NEW APARTMENT that KEV'S PARENTS PAY FOR!1!1

Yeah, and? She's always used people and will continue to do so until the day she croaks. She used to flex a shitty moonstone ring, you people think she wouldn't flex an apartment?

Also, I thought anecdote posts about how much better we are than a cow weren't even allowed so why aren't anons doing it?

No. 184557

File: 1637889094811.png (2.18 MB, 1179x2048, Screenshot_20211125-171020.png)

Flexing a hickey?

No. 184558

You can tell from her facial structure that it's a mom-aged woman under all the filters and warping though. It's funny watching her tag brands that are targeted to girls half her age.

No. 184559

I thought she looked more like a teenaged boy.

No. 184571

File: 1637899605070.jpg (69.02 KB, 720x1019, IMG_20211125_210227_479.jpg)

>Coffee Cowgirl

Did Lori steal someone's Starbucks apron? Maybe Kevin got a job there.

No. 184575

It’s not a real starfucks apron.
Her mouth area really gives away her age. She has the mouth of a older woman who smoked a lot and has that dry smokers cough when they laugh. The fat is all gone around her mouth. So it gives it that weird skeletal old lady look. It is really funny tho that they seem to not spend any time together now that she’s in the pool, and kevvy is at the skatepark like a child. Thriving.

No. 184583

The distance between her mouth and nose is very long, maybe because she also has no upper lip. Her whole face just droops in general, maybe that is due to smoking.

I wonder if she and Kevvy have given up on trying to find greener pastures in life and this is it for them, buying cheap useless things until his parents' bank accounts run out.

No. 184587

>Her body looks so fucking good though
Does it though? All the editing and filters aside. I'll give it to her that she has nice legs and a decent enough waist/tummy tbh (even if her hip/waist ratio is always edited). It's a real shame she has a very concave chest, weirdly disproportionate flipper feet, and her entire back is covered with blown out scribble vines and rose tattoos. Even the filters can only do so much.

No. 184597

Actually still under 30 here, and found these threads through a reddit post. I'm one of the few anons who recently posted about the LJ days; never interacted with her back then or had her interact with me/anyone I knew (and still haven't to this day), just followed the drama back then since it was funny. Same as it is now. Like a bad TV show you watch to laugh at.

Don't take things too seriously anon, or it'll make you sound like we hit a weak and sensitive spot.

We're not comparing out of nowhere for superiority, it's a response to her calling us "jealous haturz" all the time. There is literally nothing of hers to be jealous of when we have so much more than her. She really doesn't understand that we're laughing at her. I'd pity her life if she wasn't such a miserable cunt of a human.

Everything posted about her from her (and/or Kevin) is a response to nasty things she has said to others in the past, or present still even. That's the reason why people document her hypocrisy here, please understand that with your minuscule WK brains.

Last post I'm making about any of this. Now, can we stop the infighting and get back to the entertainment from her? Unless either of these posts are from her or Kevin, that'd be really funny.(derailing)

No. 184608

Why is she just holding the apron like that and not wearing it lol. Finally, she's actually doing something that's at least a little 'spicy'. Like holy fuck she's the most boring wanna be thot ever.

No. 184621

I can see it kek

No. 184624

New pose. Countdown til she posts real porn initiated.

No. 184696

Obvious who this is.

Same age Lori, and actually knew her. Yup love laughing at her. What's your excuse if your so young? Shouldn't you be finishing your semester or are you another broke ass who lives in a shit apartment waiting for hand outs from Daddy government? It's not a comparison to Looni, she couldn't compare to me if shre tried but a reflection on how little someone changed and how much other have done while she did less than stay stagnant. And no one was bragging but pointing out that she doesnt own her shit so its retarded to say "my" in reference to anything.

No. 184697

File: 1638021580947.jpg (483.32 KB, 573x1728, 20211006_184813.jpg)

Clearly not the same person.

No. 184699

I will never not laugh at her resting bitch face in allll the con pictures uploaded by other people. She is afraid to make any sort of expression and risk lines and creases showing up on her face. The bitch face and heavy makeup ages her too though so it's a lose lose situation.

No. 184700

I really cant see her ever doing Usagi again with that face and even this is edited. I'm sure that's why she said no to Crissy for a reunion cosplay, it would have been terrifying.

No. 184718

sorry you think everyone is lori nonnie.

That other anon is hilarious though. They admit to not even being involved with her in her prime cow days, but they still feel like she is calling them a hater now kek

That would look even scarier than her “monster girl” get ups..

Do you think she will? If she is that desperate for money and still refuses to work it would make sense, but it’s Lori we are taking about..

No. 184766

she has walked back her own bullshit before, she used to say all cosplayers over 25 were sad and old. she used to shit on cosplayers who were "inaccurate" aka lewd cosplayers doing shit like sexy pokemon gijinka just to get their ass out (like Nigri).

No. 184771

Thought the resting bitch face was to hide her middle tooth and missing teeth.

No. 184810

File: 1638076708419.jpg (1.79 MB, 1886x3441, PicsArt_11-27-09.16.44.jpg)

Shes getting roasted and her likes are plummeting. Posting this before she deletes it lol theyre clearly making fun of her sucking in and poofing

No. 184820

The pink horns are so ugly with the ugly costume. Why not red or black ones?

No. 184821

So her desk is in the corner of their living room. Just adds credence to the micro unit everyone tin foiled they were in.

No. 184840

File: 1638104283027.jpg (100.94 KB, 1036x451, 20211128_065404.jpg)

She has an average of 2500 likes on most of her recent posts and we know most of those are bots. She's really dead in the water. What a waste of time buying this crap and taking ridiculous pictures for nobody to care. I didn't cap it but her OF has an average of 4 to 6 likes per post. What a fail.

No. 184846

How is she still this bad at doing eyeliner

No. 184855

File: 1638117588445.jpg (68.65 KB, 640x854, c5bid2jqn8281.jpg)

I can't understand how she's still this bad at taking sexy pics. The puff face and dead stare isn't sexy to anyone. She doesn't know how to make enticing faces.

No. 184858

The thing is that most guys do not the selfies, the upclose photos. They are getting used to curated, scene photos with your whole body. Not just these leg bent, arched back looks. Even the normal budoir sets people do are more cinematic looking with good lighting. She doesn't have good lighting, refuses to invest in actual rigs or lighting setups or props/backdrops. She isn't going anywhere because after 20+ years she still hasn't gotten better. They don't care if you're full nude. When you're boring like Lori, you never gain numbers like other girls. Even with cell phone camera quality, there are fatter, uglier girls who actually make more fans because they actually look like they put in effort with their lighting and editing. Meitu and skimpy clothes don't just cut it. She has no personality.

No. 184864

Shes got the sex appeal and fat face of a Cabbage Patch Kid. Her costumes look like cheap JAV shit. Her dead beady eyes and limp mouth on top of all of that just make it stiff and weird. Nothing behind the eyes or in that brain and shes never known how to be alluring or sexy. All shes ever done is hop on people like spider monkeys and badger them into sex, trying to convince them her pussy game is God like. Erm, no. I would say she looks like one of those sex dolls but like even those have more shape and look lively. At least you can pose sex dolls into more than 4 poses KEK.

No. 184874

I think there needs to be a certain realness, something to relate to. Some personality or emotion needs to shine through. There needs to be some intimacy. There isn't much relatable about Lori's overedited soulless mirror selfies in unflattering clown costumes. Lori could be way more relatable if she moved around her house in like she actually lived there. She's like a cardboard cutout.

It doesn't even take that much effort. Cuddle up on the couch to watch anime looking cute, then act turned on and pull pjs down to reveal panties, or go further, in sequence of a few pictures. Easy, no clown clothes required.

She is also incapable of being friendly to her followers, another strike to her relatability. She's just like was in the old livejournal screenshots I saw. She won't talk to anyone and she is rude and dismissive when she does. This is poison for her engagement and subscriber count. There is a way to be neggy or trolly without totally shutting your followers down. She fails big time. Like, Moo literally does it better.

No. 184892

I bet all she does is ask Kevvy if its good and he says something to the affect of 'wow babe that's so sexy, the sexiest pic ever' and then posts it without consulting someone without loli porn brainrot. She really needs to go touch grass and look at other models and what they do. Shes unnerving to look at.

No. 184893

File: 1638133262627.png (1.15 MB, 551x539, Screenshot_20211128-130015.png)

Literally looks like some Silent Hill shit, creature claws

No. 184906

Her face is so crooked, even her eyes are two different shapes and sizes on the iris. The hairline is also looking strange, we saw that her roots are almost black but she lightens them in her pics so everything look greyish.

If it takes this much fakery, posing and editing to still not look good, and still need to pay for bots, she needs to realize that her dreams of being a middle aged e-thot are just that.

No. 184909

She has to puff her face otherwise it looks sunken in and haglike, and her double chin is starting to show even through the poof face. There's no hope for this chick.

She used to be able to surround herself with worse looking fangirls to gain attention and praise, and she can't even find that anymore because she's fallen so low and her average looks have faded completely away. Sad

No. 184921

The natural lighting is so good it's blurred out all signs of knuckles and cuticles.

No. 184922

Ew this looks like a weird old school porno pose. So strange and not remotely sexy.

She's broke, good lighting is a ring light from walmart with the budget she has. It wouldnt help anyway, she's not attractive. Her fakery is so obvious, that's her real problem. I think a lot of guys can see through what's she's trying to sell them.

No. 184923

File: 1638149750862.jpg (176.23 KB, 720x1177, IMG_20211128_183348_798.jpg)

She looks really bad with heavy makeup. That garish red lipstick does her no favors. She posted a couple of pool selfies that are still filtered to shit and she still has the pink eyebrows but she looks so much better without the heavy red lipstick and horrendous winged liner.

No. 184924

She looks like a tweaker. The eyebrows make no sense now that she wears mostly whites and blues. They distract from everything and make her skin look really yellow

No. 184927

She would do much better if that was even her real face, but it isnt because all her pictures are edited to the max. It's hard for me to consider her make up knowing the entire picture is a fake and I'm really looking at >>184697 this Lady and how retarded she must look in a kids shrug and hat at the apartment complex pool.

No. 184931

She keeps covering herself in walmart hats and shrugs at the public pool because she knows she looks terrible. Even the awkwardly cropped and edited pics tell the story of someone constantly taking pictures in a pool where strangers swimming might see.

No. 184951

That hard zoomed in stare reminds me of Pixyteri stopping her weeb dance and just staring as people drove past her yard. I can see Lori doing the same as she attempts to take'spicy' pics at the public pool and people come near her. Kek

No. 184959


How can this be her job, professional photographer and model, and her pics are this low res and grainy??

No. 185007

File: 1638214604591.jpg (81.07 KB, 600x456, 0f9.jpg)

Very hyperbolic way of saying Lori buys fast fashion and contorts herself for phone selfies. She doesn't get paid for this, she only scrapes up income by begging for subscribers who then sign up and unwittingly pay to see the same selfies on Instagram. Bait and switch is a grift, not a job. You flatter her too much.

No. 185022

I think it's funny that for the past week Lori has been promoting DollsKill and their Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals (in the description on her insta selfies) and she isn't even sponsored by them. Just promoting them for free lol.

No. 185037

I noticed that too and I thought it was pathetic. I didnt see her posted on their page, I'm pretty sure back when they sudo defended her after she got shit on by the internet that they were really just covering their own asses.Unless I missed something they dropped her and she kept buying their junk, that's just desperate.

No. 185038

She's not making any money, just spending on cheap clothes and bots to look like she's thriving, kek. Otherwise she wouldn't be love bombing Kevvy for his scraps.

Where's the anon who tracks their banning each other?

No. 185042

File: 1638247584434.jpg (105.11 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20211129_214332_559.jpg)

Calendar anon here. I think there have been 4 additions since I last posted this.

No. 185050

this is such a bizarre dynamic, I don’t understand it. how does Kevin justify this? do they do it to fuck with us? have they found some way to game an algorithm? i just don’t understand how Kevin can be in a relationship where both people are constantly blocking each other

No. 185094

the only couple I know that does this sort of shit at this extreme are both alcoholics and fight CONSTANTLY. I really don't understand how lori and kevin do this and don't drink heavy or do any drugs (that we're aware of). How does kevin not look at this calendar and realize how toxic the relationship is lol it's basic math there.

No. 185104

File: 1638302641369.jpg (81.98 KB, 720x939, IMG_20211130_130237_887.jpg)

Lori you don't have a fanbase. Why would new subs want to watch you eat? Nobody is interested in you.

No. 185105

Who wouldn't love to watch the witch use her talons to daintily peck at her slop, she totally doesn't shovel grease into her maw like a hog off camera. For the low price of $20 a month or whatever, you too can watch an irl fae deer succubus elf bb saber zero two waifu queen eat grease bombs through 16 different chin filters! Sooooo sexy! Slurping chow mein takeout in plastic underwear while bouncing around like a crack addict, mooing and giggling. If she does have a fan, its 100% a psycho male with a plethora of disgusting fetishes. Probably a pedo diaper fur trans woman. Those are seriously the majority of her commenters.

No. 185107

Kek! Thanks for the visual anon.

This look so trashy with zero sophistication. Even if shes trying to pedo bait, what's her draw to looking cheap? It's not like cheap equals young. Even the horns look like junk, no surprise shes begging for subs. Who would pay for this?

No. 185129

Well she should because one look and you can tell shes not young. She looks like shes trying way to hard, there's something unnatural. Comes off either as a very very fake pic or a trap.

No. 185156

File: 1638326299362.gif (1.51 MB, 463x498, crying-happy.gif)

Tremendous, thanks anon for the chuckles. These meth heads are 100% abusing each other while stuck in that tiny box apartment and not having any friends. Doubly hilarious with them both gloating about how happy and unbothered they are.

Kek, I can almost see the video but just like Kevvy she's never going to even try because nobody cares. Kevin's shitty music got more views than her lifetime on OF!

No. 185245

File: 1638376901175.jpg (260.01 KB, 1069x860, Screenshot_20211201-102348_Duc…)

1/2 and saged for old news
Has it ever been questioned why Lori stopped sculpting? So she could sculpt fairly well but stole credit for Cosplay she didnt sew? That makes no sense given the detail in these sculpts. I know it became well known she didn't have any sewing skill and never got better. That reeks of suspicion. I wondered what she had sold so I looked at her etsy store for the first time and I highly question if she actually made these. I looked on line and found dozens of stores, especially in the uk that sell nearly identical items. Anyone have any proof she actually made her jewlery?

This one was on her etsy page

No. 185246

File: 1638376927783.jpg (156.52 KB, 513x557, Screenshot_20211201-103625_Duc…)

Made by someone else along with tons of others that all look the same

No. 185258

File: 1638383342341.jpg (40.87 KB, 720x460, IMG_20211201_112725_473.jpg)

More ferret grifting incoming. Kevin has been really quiet on all socials for about 10 days but I'm sure we'll hear from him about this too.

No. 185261

Why does she out herself as a shit owner? If you can't handle vet bills why do you have multiple ferrets? Selfish behavior and clearly lends to anons theories about her neglect and outright abuse. Might be a hot take but being in a position where you can't afford care but choose to cling to an animal is abusive. One sided and the poor things health depends solely on the graces of others, if at all happening.

No. 185264

That or rent is due and mama and papa Hanft aren’t paying up. I also agree though that you shouldn’t have animals that you can’t afford. Can’t stand when people cry “pOoR pEoPlE dEsErvE aNiMaLs ToO” no they don’t. Those animals deserve owners that can afford the best healthcare for them yet here we are with scrubs like Looni who can’t afford a CT scan for this ferret let alone the last one. Tick tock Lori, one after the other as they get older you’ll be spending more and more and clearly the spicy isn’t meeting ends.

No. 185270

>>185264 agreed
Pets, like children is a privilege not a right. Fucks me off so bad when people feel entitled to another life just because tHeY wAnT oNe

No. 185276

> rent is due and mama and papa Hanft aren’t paying up.

That sounds more plausible. They haven't posted any photos of the ferret since they moved, and we’ve pretty much figured out the layout of their apartment noticing theres no room for the cage. That things long gone.

No. 185294

Ferrets are totally gone since the move, both probably died so expect to see some older pics of them filtered to shit as a grift.

Kevvy's parents are only giving so much money and Lori has been using it all on her cheap nails and aliexpress.

No. 185295

Lori you never have had savings in your life, you're not fooling anybody with that topkek

No. 185334

File: 1638429537644.jpeg (954.9 KB, 1242x2204, AB1DAE7E-D606-4EA3-BC3E-044FCB…)


This is why she should get an actual job! She seems to have no problem paying for loads of dolls kills, fake LV bracelet, and other junk but then she reverts to being broke anytime her pets are sick. Give time to someone who will take care of them!

No. 185342

I don't understand how someone can see that their offered content has failed and still desperately beg like this for a year (has it been 2 years now??). If your content fails this hard for this long, it's time to CHANGE it.

The anons who have suggested Lori switch to femdom or MILF type content are spot on, she would take in far more subs with that. But she refuses and chooses to keep doing the same old shit, constantly failing and resorting to begging instead. I don't get it.

No. 185351

Because if she caved and did MILF content she’d have to let go of the delusion that she’s still in her teens. She’d crack. To her, clinging to her youth and projecting a youthful illusion is more important to her than her pets well-being or making money to live and eat with a roof over her head.

No. 185359

I’d like to see the time stamp on that receipt. Wouldn’t put it past her that it’s an old one and she dug it up for the grift. What a scumbag. Just get a job! You weren’t anything special in the moonie days and you ain’t special now Whori. Time to grow up!

No. 185362

I vote she just gives up and goes back to being UsagiKou. Harness 5he infamy. Also Usagi was a better fit for her than this dumb lolicon shit.

No. 185363

Agreed, she fakes everything. Looks like a basic Word template printed in their apartment's shared business area after googling for what a vet receipt looks like, kek.

Could see her faking bills to steal more of Kevin's money while he goes to work at his lil amazon job he claimed he's above having.

No. 185369

I feel so bad for her poor animals

No. 185394

How about you show a video of your ferret being blatantly in your new apartment, Lori? Nobody believes you. She's going to try to post a video or picture with carefully curated angles and try to pass it off as her ferret in their new apartment. Crock of shit, Lori.

No. 185397


The $300+ charge looks like it's referring to a distended abdomen (DA). I feel bad for the animal. I don't know much about ferrets but I would imagine stomach/abdomen issues could be potentially prevented if the owner invested in quality food. Unless it's cancer, then who knows.

No. 185403

File: 1638469889911.png (463.68 KB, 1079x1618, Screenshot_20211202-102948.png)

Kevin didn't like the status so i can only assume he's blocked

No. 185438

No way he would have the balls to like this anyway.

No. 185448

i like how they always try to imply and convince others that they’re rich and rolling in cash and have a luxurious lifestyle but need to beg for steak/ramen dinners and $1k vet bills. if she was actually a top 3% OF earner wouldn’t $1k be less than a week’s worth of payment?
griftmode: activated

No. 185456

The worst part is that there should still be three left. Shiro passed, but that still leaves Suki, Puck, and Pan.(learn2sage)

No. 185476

You anons that are trying to get her to go back to sailor moon needs to give it up lol. As the last anon said it’s not going to work due to her face being overly aged her once “natural long blonde hair” is white fried and horribly broken off. She doesn’t put the effort she did back then because she doesn’t have her tuxedo mask and scouts to leach off of. Kevin offers her nothing hence why she doesn’t even sit on that boys d*ck anymore and does nothing with him unless he has money. She needs to do a character that is an adult not 14-19 year old teens.(sage)

No. 185478

File: 1638506307788.jpeg (472 KB, 1536x2048, FFpK_sBUYAQ7Zm-.jpeg)

Wtf Lori, really? A chocolate donut over your asshole?

No. 185485

Wow, very sultry. Half goatse with the plastic talons. I see shes still posting shoots from a year ago like a lazy shite.

No. 185487

Ngl this looks similar to my vet receipts.
It is very easy for ferrets to look sick because such a large majority of the pet ferret population in the u.s. is inbred if you buy them from a big box store or adopt from a shelter (from a big box store originally) so they have adrenal diseases and look physically bad because of it.

No. 185491

She could also have dug up old ferret receipts from before. We haven't seen the animals since the move.

No. 185493

File: 1638518826152.png (5.14 MB, 2241x2416, B605187F-86C7-4D50-971B-2C77D6…)

Pic from previous thread, she posted this shortly after moving but the ferret picture looks to be from the previous apartment. You’d think she’d have shown off how much space the ferret has to walk around in their ~luxury apartment~ by now.

No. 185524

Funny how the only time we see any of her ferrets its old pictures after they've died. KEK. So performative, really gotta sell you being a good ferret mom to the men who want your nudes. They care so much.

No. 185525

File: 1638553427378.png (729.97 KB, 1080x1550, Screenshot_20211203-094137.png)

Dropped my pic like an asshat.

No. 185530

Also when she’s begging she suddenly whips out the ferret pics

No. 185534

Learn to sage your shit because it isn't milk. Nobody's trying anything, it's called an opinion, get the fuck over yourself.

No. 185580

sage for nitpick

she’s making a surprised face, but she’s added a loving heart emoji AND an angry/stressed forehead vein bulge (that’s also placed off and up over the side of her head, i guess not to cover the horns…?)?? at least the cheek blush stickers make sense, but the others don’t.

lorena, adding more stickers to your photos doesnt make it more kawaii nor appealing to coomers. this photo is cluttered and your chocolate donut butthole sticker is tacky.

i like how she edited this photo enough that her teeth look like one amorphous blob and you can barely tell she has tom cruise centre tooth syndrome… but you CAN really tell how much weight she’s gained since the Rikki era from the way her thighs look in this… and she’s only gained more since this photo was taken, but uh, yeah, “smol 5ft loli gremlin bb” indeed

No. 185847

File: 1638733857663.jpg (134.25 KB, 720x1195, IMG_20211205_122507_261.jpg)

They must be ok on finances and the ferret must be doing ok because Kevin just spent a bunch of money on new anime skateboards and Guapi shit. He just got a new pink skull hoodie to replace the pink hoodie that Lori cut into a crop top. Here he is posing in the kitchen again. Will Lori cut this one up?

No. 185848

Is guapi even pricey? It looks like the cheap tacky shit they sell at run down gift shops in seedy parts of vegas.

No. 185850

It's pretty overpriced for what it is, he's paying like $80 - $150 an item for these things which isn't as "high fashion" as he says by any means. But still extortionate for the product

No. 185851

when are they going to wake up and get it together

No. 185857

File: 1638737475915.png (1.36 MB, 720x1923, ISprainedMyAnkle.png)

Well Kevin thinks Guapi is crazy high quality with unique fabrics at a fair price, anon!

No. 185877

Nobody thinks you're spoiled with your anemic skin, single intact pink hoodie and rental kitchen backdrop, Kev

No. 185898

>screw my pets!
>(and if they're already dead, screw helping Lori with her grift)
>i just spent a bunch of money
>am i a cool anime guy yet

No. 185953

why does this read so fucking mormon kek

also "a few people probably think I'm spoiled" who kevin? nobody cares about you. clawing your way to e-fame will never work and the only people who are even half interested in your narc word salad is us farmers. to laugh at you.

No. 185990

I'm sure Pan, the ferret you're trying to push as sick, thinks you look FAB, Kev. Parenting win.

No. 185993

Ikr? The mormon really jumps out in the way he romanticizes everyday things like shopping for clothes

No. 186004

By the look of their lack of kitchen appliances and their faces it seems they're still subsisting on a diet of kraft dinners and ramen. So spoiled, kek

No. 186027

File: 1638830289955.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1760, Screenshot_20211206-142826~2.p…)

Lori looks well fed by the looks of that pooch spillage. I'm sure all her money goes to take out and toys or plushies.

No. 186108

I was thinking that the kitchen has looked absolutely immaculate in the few photos of it posted. Agree they e probably made/eaten KD Ramen, maybe microwave food in there.

No. 186114

not to trigger anyone lmao but for lori standards, this is fat. if she saw a girl she was threatened by at this weight she would call or consider her fat. just sayin, it must hurt to be a failure who is also chubby, fs in the chat

No. 186122

I usually would disagree with anons saying she’s fat but, she has actually fat spilling over the waistband kek. Looks like Lorena is gaining the weight her cuck bf is losing. Also why does he always stand like an autistic duck with his two fingers like that >>185847 I would hold off on sex too if this came lumbering at me crying that he’s not street and is instead a huge faggot.

No. 186126

File: 1638873381083.png (2.45 MB, 971x1732, supertall.png)

No. 186133

I cant believe out of everything being said about them, his height is what makes him sperg lol

No. 186137

Probably because it's the easiest thing to sperg on since the abuse stuff and money-spending actually hold water, and he'd have to confront some demons and break his delusions to sperg on those points. Topkek either way because, really, 3 insta stories to sperg about his own height? What a life he leads.

No. 186139

His height is the only thing grannychan and sustained poverty can't take from him.

No. 186147

He's really mad that people notice his crispy hair shedding huh? I swear he has some kind of reverse body dysmorphia to think he looks like a hot anime guy and not just an unkempt tweaker. Also whenever he says he is spoiled it just makes it sound like he's admitting to getting handouts from his parents, sad

No. 186163

Why is she talking about vet bills in her whore posts? I don't think anyone wants to hear about this shit, they're buying a sexy fantasy

No. 186164

File: 1638889268780.png (32.48 KB, 357x611, Screenshot 2021-12-07 145954.p…)

Lol it's me who posts the balding comments. Knew this faggot was bald under that hair.

He also is 5'9, he can't change my mind. Kevin, look at the image. This is the height difference between someone who is 6'2 and someone who is 5 foot even. So one of you is lying here and for once I doubt it's Lori as there are plenty of historical pictures of her online.

No. 186167

It's the easiest thing for him to defend because everything else we say about them is true

No. 186168

File: 1638890220915.jpg (98.78 KB, 720x1149, IMG_20211207_073658_190.jpg)

I love that Kevin finally found the KiwiFarms thread and that's what he's mad about lol.

So here we have Kevin promoting Lori's "work" while still blocked on Instagram lol. Maybe she'll unblock him later today for this. I have December's calendar ready to go but Kevin's been blocked since November 22nd so I've had nothing to add yet.

No. 186172

Kek this, he's fixated on the one thing that might be real. He's so hunched over and malnourished though, his height looks under 5'10 with the posture.

Why does her left leg look like an MS paint arm with a bruise on the shoulder? The right leg shows off her cankles.

No. 186175

She previously addressed this leg bruise (in an Instagram caption iirc) and said "I'm so clumsy, holy moly." Maybe her and Kevin are beating each other again.

No. 186182

>vet bills
Or maybe she shouldn't have pets if she cannot afford them so frequently, that is if she's not just emotionally manipulating people because she can't pull simps for her content anymore.

She's a stubby hobbit with cankles because she never walks more than a dozen paces a day in that sad womanchild apartment. Kinda sad that I've seen obese women with more shapely legs than her solely for the fact that they actually go outside.
Kev has skin in the game because regardless of how she treats him, he knows she's got to make money somehow.

No. 186186

File: 1638900169765.jpg (27.59 KB, 500x425, tumblr_m1hfee3Fg81qjm55w.jpg)

>her work
>flat hag ass in the McNuggies pose
Very loose use of the term, Kevin. Verrrry loose.

No. 186190

Lol this is some manic shit.
>Skateboarding is such a physical thing, no one could ever take away this feeling or call bs.
Wtf does this even mean lmao.
>They also said $70 primitive skateboards are 100$
Just, top kek. How dare they.

>>186168 Lori looks less like a hobbit with her feet facing away from the camera. It also hides her ridiculous faces so this really is her best angle. Shame about the cankles

No. 186200

Not into gender roles, but this is her man? Taking selfies in the corner of their kitchen pretending to be a sk8rboi, wearing sweatshop clothes he got as an allowance off of her few scraggly cuckbucks? Spending his time hate scrolling LC and KF thinking that people making fun of them somehow equates to fame? Puffing up his kentucky fried hair like he's some kind of animu? Makes my clit shrivel up just thinking about it.

No. 186201

File: 1638903769235.jpg (105.52 KB, 720x1146, IMG_20211207_082507_707.jpg)

He's also sperging on Reddit because people keep reporting Lori's pics for not being cosplay in r/cosplaygirls lol. "Support my work"

No. 186202

"I'm not in cosplay but let me post in the cosplay reddit!"
Seriously she needs to stop and go to the random onlyfans promotion reddits, come on granny

No. 186204

She's so butthurt she's kicked from cosplay. Nobody is ever going to give her the time of day and doubly so when they find out who she is. This is her last fight to hold water in a space she feels she used to reign over. Reddit and Facebook groups are the only places she feels comfortable because she can edit out her real self and hide her bitchy attitude through emoticons and childish LJ speak. Reddit moids hate women ESPECIALLY beggars and repeat rule breakers so this is likely another nail in the coffin. We really are just watching them speedrun poverty AND reddit bans.

Also, I bet they stopped going to cons solely cause nobody gives a shit about her or Kevin anymore. I'd put money on them trying to hide at the next one they go to. Abuela will glue those huge glasses to her face the whole time, kek. They've been MIA and low quality for so long they're just "remember _____?" at this point, if that. I'm sure that hurts when all you have to show for in your life is playing anime dress up.

No. 186234

Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and believe he’s 5’9 as well since he’s sperging so much about it.
He needs to focus on saving money for the poor ferrets instead of buying ugly boards and ugly dollskill shoes. Basic adults with priorities do that. We already know the ferret will die so I’m gonna go ahead and say R.I.P early.

No. 186257

File: 1638920407276.png (831.12 KB, 720x1688, thisisatest.png)

He's pretending their new studio has unusually high ceilings and taking pics from the floor to look taller. Lol.

No. 186278


Is he wearing a wig now? It looks like an Amazon wig on his head.

No. 186280

I know anons have said it before, but goddamn kev really be looking like a used q-tip.
No. He's just bleached his hair so much that it looks like fried plastic. Hence the balding and emo dad combover.

No. 186282

File: 1638924592188.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1747, Screenshot_20211207-164853.png)

…….right. trees are like 40 bucks at target

No. 186300

But she can buy dollskill and Kevin can buy weeb skateboards with an ugly hoodie lmao

No. 186307

I'm so glad my used q-tip comment stuck because that's exactly what he is, topkek

Lori they sell christmas shit and tiny trees at the dollar store. Quit your begging and get a real job.

"lighting in here" kek this man be living in the kitchen.

We've had much better insults, but you refuse to address them because you're too pussy and it would mean acknowledging the shitty people that you are.

No. 186308

Kek, I can see the ceiling in the picture. Its an average elevated ceiling which is a trick to make rooms feel bigger. When you live there and have no place for your stuff, it wears off.

No. 186313

File: 1638937390112.jpeg (59.65 KB, 1400x700, 95AB8513-08E9-472C-BE58-7F8978…)

is this what Kojima wanted all along?

No. 186317

Kevin just dropped a couple hundred on shitty skate stuff and goopy clothing, you seriously trying to guilt over not being able to buy a 6 inch plastic tree and some tinsel.

No. 186338

File: 1638951974163.png (533.43 KB, 642x427, borisj.png)

same hair

No. 186339

I thought it was funny he sperged about the price of a skateboard and sperged like people were trying to take skating away from him or some manic shit. He conveniently doesn't mention the ferret vet crisis. He's dropping hundreds on Black Friday skate fashion, not just one board, while Lori is begging for ferret donations. He doesn't need any of that shit to skate. Not even the board because he has one already.

If they even still have the ferrets they must be living with Kev's parents or something because no way are they in that apartment. Unless they are in the bathroom.

No. 186374

I bet she put the crate in the washer dryer alcove. I doubt they have one so its probably empty and then they wouldnt have to be in the "living area".

No. 186385

has she even posted a photo of this allegedly sick ferret? I don’t think they have them anymore.

No. 186392

Supposedly there was 3, so maybe there's one left?

No. 186395

Some people still know what a red light means Looni, and it isnt Christmas.

Just go to walmart, you can but a 6 foot tree for 22 bucks. I can imagine these two waking up Christmas morning and theres nothing under the tree but chinese lingerie and Guapi pants.

No. 186424

Most people own a tree and reuse it. But ok. Guess they threw it out or left it behind like trashy tenants? They had room to pack the ridiculous plushes. Or they never decorated for Christmas before? Love that people can see their apartment window lit up with a red light >>186395 she's not a great whore but still

No. 186448


Most people own a couch lmao

They can stack the shoeboxes into a pyramid and throw a set of lights over that instead

No. 186473

File: 1638998033314.jpg (32.42 KB, 250x444, 2784057-fd0136d2f6a8a6bb709600…)

Found this on KF, Topkek Kevin!! Sorry but not all your haters are that young. Plenty are Loonies age and "hated" her when you were like 10! This post is such a hard cope my friggin sides!

>worked a job for less than I was worth

Worth in the job market is based on varifiable experience and education, of which Kevin has none.

>focusing on her

Why? No one else is. She's dead in the water, admit it.

No. 186474

>cosplay martyr
Holy shit KEK another one for the books

No. 186475

Bending over to hide his shortness topkek

"Everything I do is literally just for fun" is that why you bitch about it not bringing you money constantly on social media?

"Vet paid" why is Lori still begging like a bum prostitute then

"Cosplay martyr" please can that be the title of the next thread lmfaoo

God I've never cringed so hard or felt as much second hand embarrassment for anybody in my life as I have for this fucking loser. Lori, this is your man? How embarassing.

No. 186486

File: 1639004713103.jpg (144.33 KB, 720x1163, IMG_20211208_152304_556.jpg)

Part 2

No. 186493

So then why are you posting it? Is he saying his posts are arbitrary? Someone saying your flexing doesnt mean they think you have something to show off, it means they recognize that you THINK you have something to show off. I love how dumb he constantly proves himself to be.

>I'll respond to anything as I see fit.

Like a toddler having a little tantrum, we know.

No. 186496

Gross, those candles were on the bathtub in some shit pic Lori took a while back. Bet they didnt clean them or the counter before they made food there. Nasty.

No. 186500

This is doubly hilarious when you notice the hand-me-down phone KEK

No. 186501

>made food
Anon they live off of frozen dinners and Burger King burgies and ramen from takeout places when they can afford it.

No. 186508

File: 1639015528055.jpg (117.32 KB, 720x1181, IMG_20211208_160806_523.jpg)

This was on KF too! I can't believe Kev is brain dead enough to post a pic of the ferret wearing Gucci when Lori was just begging for vet money and lamenting over not having any Christmas decorations. But maybe he never saw that because she has him blocked.

No. 186510

Oh God. even the ferret is forced to wear cheap knock offs. What's next, a Guapi collar?

>break the silence

I guess he means prove to us the thing is still alive and yeah anon from >>186374, probably in the washer alcove. Where else would ugly grey tile be in an apartment that small.

No. 186518

Whori is begging cause it drained her savings, which tbh if your savings as a 36 year old is only $1000 and you claim to live so lavish then that’s fucking pathetic. Lavish living but no savings kek okay. Also

>rent paid

Yeah Kev by your parents must be a proud moment for you two bums. No better than Tuna at this point.

No. 186520

Didn't Kev say that he was going to make a vlog on the 'haturs'?

No. 186541

Kev is so much more embarrassing than Lori good god

No. 186550

Kevin has said several times, for at least a year and a half now, that he is going to make a vlog for the haters. He's never done it. I hope he's just working really hard on it.

No. 186570

Kevin is back! I missed him and his posts so much. I am legit so happy rn omg

No. 186583

Honestly I’m surprised he’s this level of triggered by the kiwifarms thread. Like he knew they were around but he must have thought he had a “gotcha!” moment on the height thing. Imo even if he is the height he claims like so what? He’s still pretty ugly and cheap/tacky looking. Plus he makes himself an undesirable, embarrassing lunatic every other day publicly so what does he think being 6’2 gains him points in? Oh what I would do to even understand an iota of what’s going on in that bird brain of his.

No. 186584

He and Loony are so much fun to watch. Always both begging for money and boasting about money in the same day.

They're such delusional nobodies in Utah who look and dress awful but think they're strutting in high fashion when they emerge from the doghouse apt.

No. 186591

I won't believe that all their ferrets aren't actually dead until they post photos of them. And not shitty close-ups where the location could be completely ambiguous so they can fake using old pics - I'm talking photos of them in their new apartment where we can see they're actually alive.

No. 186602

All ferrets will be dead by mid 2022 I'm calling it now, she's going to use it to get rent money because she's a lazy cunt and she will let them die like she let the last one die and spent all her money on dolls kill and miccostumes

No. 186615

>my focus is on my fiance's work

What does that even mean, Kev, how is focusing on someone else's work helping your own career? Obviously it is literally unavoidable since she does her work right in his eyeline, but this paragraph makes no sense.

No. 186655

It's pretty obvious both of them firmly believe they are above working peasant jobs that pay better. He's pouring his time into spamming her photos and up voting her posts because that OnlyFans is all they have to live off unless they're getting hand outs from Mommy and Daddy. Looking at her other paid membership accounts, it's clear OnlyFans is the only one she gets paid from. Even then it's the same 3-8 people over and over. That's nothing when you account for whats lopped off the top by the company for "server costs" and other bullshit. She would likely make more doing camming. With enough money any scrotum could pressure her into drinking piss and other disgusting stuff on cam and that would be funny to watch, Shatna and Tuna level low is where she's headed in terms of her "work". Hard to call it work when you barely live off what you beg for.

No. 186668

>She would likely make more doing camming.

Never going to happen, anon. Nobody wants to see Abuela without filters. Even Abuela herself.

No. 186678

There's live video filters for streaming, anon. Are you a grandma?

No. 186684

File: 1639090281543.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1751, Screenshot_20211209-144853.png)

She's posted this exact set like 5 times already and even more on OF. Is she that fat and busted now she refuses to film until she's fasted?

No. 186721

They are below working peasant status because they dont even work. They're just shitty grifters, basically they scam money from people in exchange for falsely advertised services or flat out lies such as "my poor dying ferret". They're pathetic.

No. 186747

>thinking a filter would work on grandma Lori

Lori tried this grift on patreon multiple times and nobody wanted it >>158586 All her videos are short because her filters keep glitching, so she'd never go live.

They're living off Kevvy's parents for rent at this rate. The few dollars she makes goes towards her amazon and other dropship and she lovebombs Kevvy while blocking him so she gets to stay free.

No. 186826

It's so funny that it's only friends and family and like a random sprinkling of 4-5 men that like her half naked pics on Facebook. It's like if you posted lewds and your family and friends liked it. She thinks she's winning but her entire "career" has been one long participation ribbon ceremony where she's recieving and handing it out KEK. Soooooo fucking sad. Cami/blue Belle Delphine and Shayna the literal shit goblin make more than she does and have simps. Lori doesn't even have real simps that show up, all they do is comment the same comments over and over. It's shocking at this point. Never seen anyone fail so badly with so much at their disposal.

No. 186827

File: 1639154324859.png (1.42 MB, 1443x1153, PeopleAssumeImSomeBabe.png)

You don't have women friends because you are a horrible friend, Lori. Not because women are intimidated by you. What the fuck lol.

No. 186828

>People are mean im too simple for that nonsense
You sure are simple, that's true.
>I'm really weird like i dress liek a girl but i'm like totally one of the boys
I see she has NLOGitis and its terminal. These exact kinds of posts are why she has ZERO friends. If a 14 year old said this shit, they would be bullied nowadays. But when you're almost 40?! Jesus Christ, Looni. You will never grow.

No. 186829

She doesn't have female friends because she wears bikinis? Kek this bitch comes up with the craziest excuses. Couldn't be that she's generally unlikeable to everyone and men including Kev only interact with her in the context of cooming. No, it's her love of ugly fast fashion bikinis that prevents the mean women from realizing what a heckin cool tomboy she is!

No. 186840

Speaking as one of the few legitimate female friends she had, she ditched me. Period. Unfriended. Unfollowed. Not even a word. We were friends since LJ times and nothing.

No. 186848

Oh wow, nuclear level cope Lori. You know there's a good reason you have no friends lol

No. 186865

Lori is nasty to any female who is relatively attractive and perceives them as a threat. She doesn’t miss having friends, she misses having attack dogs and meat shields. She misses having a harem that she deems lesser than her. Kevin is all she has and we all know how good he is at owning the haturzzz.

No. 186878

Like all narcs, Lori isn't capable of maintaining lasting friendships. She prefers a merry band of sycophants to serve as supporting actors and production hands in the theater that is her life, in which she is the star. On the rare occasion she bestows someone she deems above her with "kindness" it is nothing more than a calculated move she hopes will serve her in some future capacity.

My current tinfoil is she needs someone in her life she can use as a means of escape, if not directly through them then at least as a way to lie to Kevin about where she is and with whom. Hard to cheat when nobody will cover for you and you never go anywhere, ain't it Lori?

No. 186890

Why doesn't she try befriending that one copycat from twitter?

No. 186899

File: 1639173508012.png (1.54 MB, 1079x1829, Screenshot_20211210-135651.png)

shared public pool and hot tub, got to see weather #blessed

No. 186910

i looooove the fact that he took a picture of the bush instead of the pool because you just know there were others there that he couldn't show or else his life isn't luxuary

No. 186989

>like looking a certain way
Which way is it that? The fake filtered version or the fug irl version?

No. 187072

I've never seen two people so obsessed with an apartment building swimming pool. I guess they didn't get to go swimming often growing up?

No. 187092

They're being tards trying to pass it off as their own pool in multiple posts.

They're the kind of tards who would fake selfies in a private jet wearing aliexpress to look #blessed while begging for their next meal. Manifesting for this to happen rn.

No. 187119

She's paranoid anon. She thought you were posting her shit here so in one of her sad attempts to "get rid of the haters" she unfriended you.

No. 187130

File: 1639247428161.webm (1.27 MB, 720x1280, tiiiimetogoswiiiimming.webm)

My poor ears.

No. 187167

jesus christ she sounds unhinged

No. 187170

not just you, she unfriended a group of ppl recently on fb

No. 187187

She sounds mentally challenged and her weird obsession with that pool is so odd. Why would anyone post this?
Yeah she's definitely unstable.

No. 187190


Isn't it kind of not a sign of paranoia that she deleted someone who posts in her lolcow thread? I don't like her but it's kinda funny.

No. 187191

Maybe anon didn't post here until afterwards, a common cow move is to actually generate haters by randomly unfriending/being rude to people, lori is known for this. If anon was already posting here though lori was right with that one, kek

No. 187262

File: 1639341441955.jpg (95.85 KB, 720x1106, IMG_20211212_133557_746.jpg)

>Catgirl Saber

Lol they're now removing her posts for not specifying which character she is cosplaying as and now she's just making shit up.

No. 187270

Works better than old bitch with concave chest

No. 187298

I was hoping we would get an escape/cheating saga after Lori posted her "he can't see this" post or whatever it was

But so far nothing. She'll have to stop being so picky about her men if she wants money. No 20 something emofag has a decent job

No. 187302

We all know she's been trying. Unfortunately for her, way hotter looking costhots and instahoes with better personalities are around every corner, so nobody wants her anymore. She's also aged like milk and doesn't work anymore, so she can't find some schmuck in person to con either. She's shit outta luck and stuck with cringey Kev boy and his embarrassing tantrums that make her look worse. At this point I think it's semi-sabotage so that she CAN'T leave him. Pot meet kettle, it's what she deserves.

No. 187313

He should instead write “Sophie Hatter cosplay”

No. 187388

Anon is right. She's stuck. Irl she's middle aged with nothing to offer and average looks. She has no real way to start a relationship without massive sneaking. She's stuck. It's amazing she thought she was so beautiful was to mentally deranged to land herself a man that would have paid for her. Theres busted women everywhere her age who played their cards right and now live really well. She screwed herself.

No. 187391

Not a single man over the age of 18-22 wants some e-whore as a wife. They know it entails her being naked for other men, never working or contributing and all their money would go to "cosplay". She's lucky she found Kevin honestly because he's the same, so he will never call her out or be mad for being a hoarder obsessed with looking cool for the haterz. That's what matters more to her than anything. More than the ferrets, the onlyfans, everything, she just wants to wake up every day and do something we said she wouldn't/couldn't so she feels like she's making some sort of difference and doing the impossible KEK. Any time someone here mentions people her age having nice homes and pools or careers or whatever, she ALWAYS has to how she has the equivalent. Career? Her "work" is OF. Home? Rental property in a section 8 area. Luxe lifestyle? Lori goes to a heated pool and has acrylics, cause she's rich. Cosplay? She still cosplays it's just OC you don't understand/haven't heard of yet. Life plan? She's obviously going to be a millionaire off OF just like Bella Thorne, she's just not there yet!

There isn't anything in her life besides us and her past. It's all she talks about and it motivates her every action. It even motivates Kev too. He's now just an extension of her defending herself lmao.

Never gonna stop Looni from thinking shes basically a sexy, irl anime 21 year old loli queen. Can't wait til she starts hunting again, her next clown will be even more milky than Kevin. He's starting to lose his purpose for her. They aren't moving up anymore. It's all flatlined. His parents have probably done all they can in terms of paying for their lives.

No. 187408

File: 1639423132489.png (1.82 MB, 1440x2363, Screenshot_20211213-111519~2.p…)

No longer posting in the cosplaygirls subreddit because she's tired of getting her cheap lingerie "OC" photos reported

No. 187409

The more she tries to hide her man jowles, the more obvious they are.

No. 187410

>i am going to charge you money to see these same exact photos out of spite, reddit jannies is meanies and deletes my hard work

No. 187412

claiming it's 02 but with blonde hair? Doesn't even make sense

No. 187413

sorry for me it the horns and the hair the hair is way off and the horns are a joke

No. 187416

File: 1639427777487.jpeg (312.21 KB, 828x1456, 3C648FB6-920F-4711-8081-ABC6C6…)

YOOOOO what did he think he was doing with this one? Thin af hair, special needs pose, what does “doubt me I love that” even mean lmfaoooo Kev is really trying to be an unbothered king and missing the mark

No. 187419

File: 1639427860442.jpeg (145.82 KB, 828x1440, 3249E528-9BE8-4006-81FC-D250CA…)

You’re just boring Kevin. But a good laugh sometimes.

No. 187420

So true and through all the threads on her you can see how she's hanging on for the sake not letting go admitting she is older now, her past is gone, her content is no good and her fancy life is a lie everyone can see through. Someday in the near future she will find herself in worse condition and as always her circumstances will be self inflicted. She's her own worst enemy and to deluded and proud to see what's so obvious to onlookers.

Oh that's sad. Yes I doubt he will ever amount to a grown man with an actual job, home and accomplishments because he's throwing his life away. Why not take some online classes from a local community college or get a trade? Spending all day skating and taking dumb pics when your broke and posting it publicly is why people doubt him.

That's hilarious since they post nothing that isn't ripped on, let alone anything that implies they have happy healthy lives and are sucessful in anyway. Who is he even speaking to?

No. 187428

This is a good summary of Lori and Kev's impoverished lives and dehydrated faces with fried hair. There really is nowhere to go but downhill for the both of them.

His posts and poses look like he's going to troon out really soon.

No. 187478

I don't get it. All he does is play dress up in a tiny kitchen, and skateboard sometimes. Those things are OK things to do I guess, but he always approaches them with this epic, dramatic, good vs. evil energy. Like he's really achieving success, despite insurmountable odds. It's really annoying. They're just lame hobbies.

No. 187494

What is there to doubt, Kev? You already said all you're doing is focusing on Lori's failed e-whore career. There's nothing left for us TO doubt, and that's even more pathetic. Also since you lurk, please start using some volumizing shampoo and take some Biotin to get back on that hair game.

No. 187528

He looks like a bottle of pepto bismol.

No. 187537

Kev never bothered me and I always thought Lorena was much more worse than he was. But jfc, he’s now worse than her in terms of cringe. Who wanna bet he’s in one of those creepy discords with troons and they call him an “egg” kek

No. 187546

he looks like he's balding and constipated

oh you mean how you pick and choose what to respond to from the boards because you know that if you addressed any of the more serious things that it'd show the two blind remaining people in your life that you guys are loser pieces of shits?

No. 187556

Could possibly be their next grift: Kev begging for transition money because he wants to look like an anime girl or else he'll cut himself.

No. 187577

This shit is so hilarious that they think an apartment pool is a luxury. Many low income apartment complexes have pools

No. 187593

Same here anon. I was on her friends list for years on lj and Facebook and she deleted me off. No reason, no reaching back on out notta.I beg no one plus it’s not like how it was fun on lj it’s just down right sad now.

No. 187598

>He looks like a bottle of pepto bismol.
Yeah, but one that kathy harlow poorly badazzled

No. 187610

Most houses had pools, at least where I grew up. It's not a flex, this isn't the 80s or some shit. They're deranged.

No. 187611

>way hotter looking costhots and instahoes with better personalities

She does have a terrible personality, but let's be real if a guy is trawling around instahoes specifically he's not here for their personalities. That's of <5% importance to the kinda scrote she will find with her current activities.

No. 187615

I mean it does seem like a nice pool, for an apartment complex but it's still so weird how much they're fixated on it

No. 187616

Hell, lot's of people end up filling in their pools unless they have kids or grandkids. Up keep is a hassle and folks get bored of the small home/ apartment building/ hotel pools. Happens a lot.

>>187416 He poses like a little kid pooping his diaper while staring right at you pretending he isn't.

No. 187640


They're soaking in filth and piss chlorine bc it's a shared public facility.

It seems like they both never had access to pools or tubs in their whole lives so they're fixated but have no idea how it works.

No. 187660

I wish we had Utah anons that could give us more info into actually how poor these turds are. They flex this shit apartment next to the light rail and mountain range like it's a chateau. Sounds like rape city to me.

No. 187666

When I think public pool this is exactly what I think too, nasty over chlorinated water I wouldnt want to swim in. I think their well aware their box sized apartment sucks so they obsess over the pool thinking people are impressed by at least that. It shows how poor they really are, not realizing how gross people above their level of living actually think it is.

No. 187667

Utahanon here. Hardware Apartments are, in fact, luxury apartments. I posted when they first moved about how I have no idea how they’re affording rent there unless Lori is actually making decent money. Have a techbro friend who pays absurd rent to live there. They have a ton of amenities and host a lot of parties and events. It’s like a giant club lol. The only downside to them is the noise from the nearby trains, but you have access to public transit and such I guess.
Also SLC is extremely safe and clean. Very few “bad” parts of town and you rarely see druggies wandering about and I think the city does a decent job hiding the homeless population.

No. 187671

File: 1639501245772.jpg (521.98 KB, 1057x1361, 20211214_105622.jpg)

All apartments advertise that way. It only takes eyes to see they live in one room with their bed next to the kitchen. What's luxury about that?
Anon, sorry but some parts of SLC are a dive. It has really high levels of homeless people on opioids living on the streets.They weren't hidden when I went there and it didnt look clean at all and is covered in graffiti. Some areas looked ok but a lot of it was just an average city, nothing special. Maybe your not aware that people dont have that high of a regard for the area. Lori and Kevin live by the train and a bunch of colleges. These pictures are the Hardware apartments from the street. Their's nothing Luxury about it.

No. 187672

File: 1639501271416.jpg (553.04 KB, 1079x1300, 20211214_105557.jpg)


No. 187675

They pretty much live like animals.

They probably don't even have a surface or place to eat in their doghouse other than the dildo table.

The regular units may seem luxury for Utah's scale but they're in the smallest possible room on Kevvy's parent's money. They also constantly cover the one window, it probably faces >>187672.

No. 187700

I guess so. I will admit the location of Hardware is trash and the exterior looks like a giant warehouse. I’ve only been inside a couple of times and it’s not exactly my aesthetic but it is “nice” looking and the tenants have access to a lot of amenities. That’s what makes them “luxury” or whatever. Lots of amenities and easy access to the city and public transit.

I don’t know what areas of SLC you visited but that’s not my experience there at all. I’ve lived out here in Utah (not SLC but I have family living downtown) for over a decade and it’s always nicely maintained and clean. Any area near a temple or public park is almost certain to be well kept bc the church is obsessed with outward appearances. There has been a huge spike in homeless and druggies in the last few years, though, true. I’m not saying it’s perfect, but compared to most cities and capitals it’s pretty quality.
Yes you’re correct. These apartments are probably only luxury by Utah standards. Anyone with a brain and decent income in this state saves for a house, though. There’s really no excuse for paying what they pay for an apartment. They could easily afford to rent a townhome or maybe even a house outside of SLC but they want to be in the city so they’re paying out the ass for it.

No. 187706

God, Utah is so gross. Why would anyone willingly live there?

No. 187710

Kek, amenities means public use and hardly cleaned by a minimum wage worker. I've never called anything I owned an amenity, I call it my property. Huge difference.
Some of the gentrified areas are nice in SLC, but the central area is shit.

No. 187711

Kevvy's parents might have chosen the 1person apt in hopes that Loony would leave. Instead, Kevvy gets kicked out to go skating while she tries to find a new grift.

Mormons, LDS, tax evasion. Usually by not having any better choices.

No. 187716

Ntayrt but wow, this place looks like shit. Maybe because I'm from Europe, but this looks like the shit buildings they fast build en masse in the outskirt of the city to speculate. Such luxury. The anon who referred to that as rapetown was right

No. 187728

Undesirable areas like Utah have shitloads of these cookie-cutter "luxury" apartments and homes that often sit empty because no one wants to live there. Development companies keep throwing them up because they're stupid cheap to build in those areas. Only the dumbest of hicks fall for it and will pay top dollar to sit in a tiny shoebox room on worthless land as long as there's a community pool, but a handful of morons is all it takes to turn a profit on these Ikea ass developments. They advertise them as luxury and walkable but you're really in a shitty town you don't want to walk around, with some nice fixtures that are either bought in massive bulk to keep the costs down or scrap parts from larger development projects bought on the cheap.

No. 187738

Yeah my 300$ apartment has a pool. I don’t understand how this is such a big deal to her lmao. It’s so common it’s not even a thing to bring up. It’s like saying you have running water . Who cares .

No. 187740

I don’t understand why she wouldn’t buy a house if she was so well off. According to her anyway. Why would you still be renting if you’re a successful ethot brining in so much money? They obs are staying in Utah if they chose to stay there when they moved . They don’t have actual jobs so why didn’t they move elsewhere? Like a big city ? What’s keeping them there? Nothing (Kevin’s parents)

No. 187746

Didn't Loony say she was just passing through Utah (and Kevin)?

She was supposedly on her way to elsewhere, maybe LA or Florida? Would have been amazing to watch her attempt that, kek. Instead she's stuck for years now with whatever Kevin's parents can afford.

No. 187752

Of course, I know that. I meant it as in most of them don't reply with shitty passive aggressive comments like she does, that's all.

He poses like this because if he were to take pictures from below in a poor attempt to seem tall, his receding hairline would show topkek

No. 187771

I laughed too fucking hard at this

No. 187825

TBH with how much Lori posts about swimming I wouldn't be shocked if she was going to start mermaiding like a freak. She hasn't started the Belle kin and leans towards more water-themed aesthetics. Like, constant bikinis, blues, greens. Maybe I'm retarded but it looks like she's moving away from the pink and tulle and into more metallic and mermaid/fae aesthetics. I hope she dawns a tail and starts flailing in public pools, that shit would be hilarious.

No. 187878

File: 1639605796008.png (3.59 MB, 2061x2187, morevetbills.png)

More vet bill begging, from Lori only. Kevin has been blocked for nearly a month now and he seems to be doing ok, spending money on skate stuff and clothing.

No. 187879

Lori belongs in Florida oh my god she would thrive

No. 187882

More grifting I see. If she really had vet bills and cared about that thing she would fill out job applications or at least rehome it if she's going to refuse to work. She's so lazy and insincere. Honnesy, if she had any brain she would just rehome it, get a job and pay her bills. Then she can play dress up on the weekend. I know she wont though. Everytime she posts something like this she looks so desperate and sad. I imagine her real old lady face in the mirror begging for money and think she's one step away from a cardboard sign.

No. 187886

Wtf is that big black thing in their kitchen? Their apartment is fucking tiny. I’ve also never seen the door that would lead to a bedroom, just further proves the tinfoils that they are crammed in a studio.

No. 187890

the big black thing is a box light and i really dont think it has a bedroom or if it dose it just filled with all there other stuff

No. 187893

I was thinking it was Kevin eating the last food in the freezer
did Lori just photoshop her hand smaller cause that oven looks bent

No. 187899

I don’t even think they got a bed tbh

No. 187916

I thought this was a horrible inu yasha cosplay at first.

No. 187925

The "Florida woman" headlines would write themselves with Lori.

No. 187975

File: 1639669720352.jpg (29.93 KB, 390x330, df.jpg)

Ms. "Natural Ice Blue Eyed Latina IRL Usagi" has the beadiest, black eyes I've ever seen. Straight up serial killer glazed over eyes.

No. 187986

Her weave looks like it's crumbling apart at the ends. cute of Kevin to match his own fragile nest in tribute

No. 187987

Does anyone else think she might get disability payments for her back? Since neither of them work, it might explain how they afford their place.

No. 187990

If she does, there's lots of evidence online to prove otherwise that can land her in hot water.

No. 188005

More like rent assistance and food stamps. Her back thing isnt legit and if she went to the Dr for anything they would be more concerned about her pectus excavatum than some phony back injury.

No. 188858

That's no ferret, that's a stuffed toy

No. 188895

File: 1639753840728.webm (948.42 KB, 1080x1670, screen-20211216-161553_2.webm)

Why does it look like that tho

No. 188896

God shes such a lurker. She opened the curtain like a day after an anon pointed out they had kept it closed. Shes so reactive, its pathetic.

Good question anon, it looks like something's wrong with it. But she had to prove she still had them, so here they are.

No. 188898

I thought three had survived and only one died, am I remembering wrong? There's only two. So she still hasn't really proven that they're all there and in good health. I imagine they're all on their way out with the looks of the one closest to the camera. Shows how they're treated despite being very needy and gentle creatures.

No. 188901

I thought ferrets were supposed to be balls of energy when they were awake, or at least have more movement and be more squirmy, or am I wrong? Can anyone who own ferrets/knows more about them please let us know if this is normal movement for them?

The one at the front closest to the camera looks like it's fighting to stay alive. I genuinely felt upset watching its movements.

No. 188909

Wow she really did only start posting the ferrets once we accused her of them being dead

There were 3 total and 1 died. There's always been 2 left

No. 188911

Oh no, she taught it to tweak

No. 188913


Seems they don't have a bed. Are they using that inflatable thing or sleeping on the floor with those dated polyester shag rugs filled with bacteria?

No amount of filtering can hide how dirty and cluttered their little room is.

No. 188914

as a ferret owner myself, her cinnamon ferret looks and is behaving like it's very ill. Even though they sleep most of the day when you take them out they get very excited or generally like to run around/hide under things. Hard to really say what's going on but it's fur looks greasy, it's eyes are not open wide but look labored, and it looks out of it.

No. 188918

Anon, in your opinion, why wouldnt a vet suggest putting it to sleep? I haven't owned ferrets but I've owned chins and the vet always suggested putting them down if they reached an end of life stage. I ask because seeing it this way makes me question if they really took this one to the vet. Looking at this vet bill >>185334 they made sure to show only a cost, now I dont blame her for that but she made sure to cut any and all diagnostic info or dates. This bill could be anything. I hope she's not just leaving that poor thing to die without actual care.

No. 188931

I'm pretty sure that the vet probably did suggest putting it to sleep. Usually for ferrets especially older ones, a lot of vets give you the suggestion of putting it to sleep, or having the bills for w.e the issue is be 1k-3k. I've had bills around the 2k range before for cancer related issues and they almost always suggest it as an option since 2k can be a lot for some people.

I'd be very angry if she decided both not to pay for it's care, or not to put it to sleep if she couldn't pay for the care. Cruelty to the max.

No. 188943

This is the same Lori that dumped her sick, life long cat, Isis (iirc) that she "loved so much". Those ferrets were bought immediately after. She does not care. They are accessories. Her black cat was her cosplay photo accessory and once she was done with cats and planned on moving, she opted for new trinkets. She had been eyeing ferret accounts the entire time right before ditching Isis. She still follows some of the same ferret accounts and breeders on IG that she did in the 2010's. She's a narc cunt with dead animals to prove it. Don't forget about the rats she bought too when she felt left out that her friends had some.

No. 188945

Like clockwork. I had a feeling she'd post a video after >>188858 accused her of using a stuffed toy. I don't know anything about ferrets, but they both look matted and the darker one looks like its wheezing and struggling to keep its eyes open, the fuck.

No. 188965

No, there were four. Shiro, Suki, Puck, and Pan. Shiro passed. There should be three.

No. 188968

Then obviously another died until Lori totally-not-suspiciously shows us otherwise.

No. 188976

It's fur is matted like it can't clean itself. It's breathing is labored and it looks blind. This ferret is barely alive. How dumb do you have to be to post your animal in this state of neglect?

No. 188980

File: 1639797059479.png (431.18 KB, 850x1070, The-ferret-grimace-scale-Photo…)

Ferret owner
These two look like shit
Matted fur
Rounded nose
Low activity
Eyes barely open on the front one is a bad sign
Here is a chart

No. 189006

Long time former "friend" she recently blocked.

She's dumped three cats and they all died right after. Luna was her first black cat accessory, she dumped her and the cat died. When she was married to Steven, they had a cat named Lena. Then she got Isis. Isis and Lena didn't get along so she dumped Lena. Lena died VERY soon after. Then she got Shiro and Suki while Isis was still with her. This was during the Rikki saga. That's when she got her third ferret Puck. She was with Kevin by the time she ditched Isis (who then died shortly after), and then got the fourth ferret, Pan.

I feel so sorry for all the animals that have crossed her path. Undoubtedly those remaining ferrets don't have much time left.

No. 189012

I hate that it feels like there is no comeuppance for people like her.

No. 189033

What are you talkiing about? Shes 30+ years old with no looks or personality, no savings, no education or career, no home or assets. No hobbies or talents. No true friends or anybody to even truly love her.

Her only valuable quality was maybe her body and even thats going down the shitter real fast.

Id say her comeuppance is fairly on track.

No. 189037

Yeah, the term comeuppance tends to mean there is a peak she is at, or has gotten away with something. None of that has ever been true. All she shows is a very controlled small part of her life. With how little of even her living space we see, it seems to be sad and vapid.

No. 189041

File: 1639825510367.png (21.27 KB, 275x88, AE46F470-FBA5-40A4-BBE1-D63CD0…)

Guys stop talking about the ferrets or Kevin will kill you!!! Legend has it if you say the names of the dead ferrets into a mirror with the lights off Kevin will appear, choke you with his fried hair and fly off to the Nether realm with the aid of his gold shoes, your soul in tow. Please. I only care about your safety.

No. 189042

Is this a repost or did he really use that line again?
He has the personality of a 14 year old boy through and through, literally nobody has ever said they want him to commit sudoku, literally! ever! He's the only person who is coming up with that shit.

No. 189045

What an unhinged lunatic. She posted the ferrets in response to comments here and then he flips his shit with threatening death on himself and others? If you post your life publicly you get all kinds of opinions. You put yourself in the public eye looser. Deal with it.

No. 189048

Anon is clearly reposting to make a joke you spergs. Even if you're incapable of detecting blatant humor, the sage should've tipped you off that it wasn't new content

No. 189052

This entire thread should be staged and it specifically says no reposting in the OP so "joke anon" broke board rules.

No. 189055

Chill out you fuckin thread nazi my god

No. 189057

I love when people tell you off then get pissed when you point out they are actually the one that's wrong. Reposter broke the rules and caused the sperging. Stop derailing the thread.

No. 189078

It's a rule for a reason. The last 4 threads just turned into the same screen caps and edits being reposted over and over. It was bad and jannies handed out a good amount of bans over it. Lori spergs just don't know when to stop and they love reposting the same 5 pics of her and 2 pics of Kevin sperging about farmers. Making jokes is fine, honestly at this point you could have just greentexted it and anons would have gotten the joke. Only reason why they didn't is cause they thought the old cap was current and saged due to it being a small little fit on facebook. Relax, sweet nonnie. We still love you and you can still hang out with us.

No. 189089

>fly off to the Nether realm with the aid of his gold shoes
Your entire post has me in tears but this part absolutely sent me

No. 189119

she's so absorbed by herself and the fact she OwnEd tHe JelLy FaRmeRz posting this pathethic video of the "alive" ferrets she did not realize how bad the poor ferret is doing. Why would she care anyway? Now that we pointed out maybe…

No. 189121


No. 189122

you wrote "staged". You are wrong too

No. 189125

Phone typo and your pointing it out makes you pathetic.

No. 189127

File: 1639860494983.png (2.21 MB, 1080x1915, Screenshot_20211218-121216.png)

A love that can only be summed up by Juice Wrld. I'm jelly.

No. 189128

Wow they look like they belong in a psych ward Kek

No. 189131

Sorry, I should've specified that I wish she had been charged legally with animal abuse, among other things.

No. 189134

where is her neck!!! she literally looks like a deformed goblin here, it looks like her head is growing out of her shoulders

No. 189146

Guess they're still in the mode of Kev not knowing how to touch her while also looking like a stalker sniffing her hair and Lori being more obsessed with staring at herself in her phone.

No. 189149

OT but I am creeped out that I also had a Luna and Lena, and I worshipped those cats, who both lived long, long loving lives.

No. 189173

File: 1639868809685.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1856, Screenshot_20211218-150444~2.p…)

>my ferrets wahh wahh they're dying I need money please help us my babies are sick I'm so concerned
>beep beep macaroni send me money fucking simps so I can get my nails did
NJ cunt for life, neglectful hag.

No. 189174

Why doesnt she just move to press ons? Poor retards can't afford acrylics every month.

No. 189177

If she got press ons she would just be proving us right that she's broke and tacky. Remember Lori ~deserves~ her champagne tastes no matter how poor she is, in her mind she deserves the acrylics and probably deems it self care and a "business expense" like all other e whores do.

No. 189178

KISS makes perfectly good press ons and so does clutch nails, a lot of the designs are cute. She's so retarded with this nail shit and the ones she gets never look good on her.

She looks like 12 year old boy here with FAS.

No. 189187

File: 1639877811888.jpg (211.93 KB, 1080x1440, FG7JMViVQAEUcSy.jpg)

She looks better without the shitty makeup, but still pretty ratchet. Also what the fuck is going on with this bikini?

No. 189189

Out of all the versions of her face that she edits, this one is the worst. This is the farthest from what she looks like.
Never forget the truth >>182880

No. 189190

My theory is that she does wear press ons, but shills them as "salon nails" as some weird attempt at a flex. Because they usually look like filtered shit and don't even fit her fingernails.

No. 189191

File: 1639879001892.jpg (310.14 KB, 807x1744, 20211218_195346.jpg)

How many years ago was this? Try again Looni. No one is buying it

No. 189192

Is she using the enlarge button to make her eyes look rounder? On top of all the stupid things to do this looks awful. One eye is higher than the other.

No. 189193

Like I said, it still looks bad, but it was nice not to see the pink liner she had been doing for ages because that shit somehow looked simultaneously chalky and runny. Her hair also looks fried to shit but I admit I know nothing about bleached or excessively dyed hair.

No. 189237


The PINK EYEBROWS though jesus christ why

No. 189251

Did anyone notice it says ‘subscribe’ on her underwear loooool my sides

No. 189253

The no-makeup is a vast improvement over the ugly cake she's been piling on her face for the last decade. Granted she's shooped to high heaven in this pic, but it's still light-years better than anything she's posted in a while as far as her face goes. The stupid bikini really is infuriating though.

No. 189255

Why’d she photoshop the bottom of her eye lids to droop in the middle?

No. 189266

Agreed. It’s not her face, but anything without the tacky eyeliner is a plus at this point.

No. 189273


The hair looks like an old ratty furry tail buttplug

No. 189277

File: 1639930150136.jpg (1.02 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_12-19-08.06.27.jpg)

Cool, another ferret is clearly dying and suffering immensely and here's another $300+ pair of ugly hooker boots she absolutely bought instead of taking her pet to the vet again to be put down. She's an evil fucking cunt and I hope she is left to suffer in complete agony when she's old, since she doesn't mind making her "babies" wait and cry. Poor things can barely stay awake and look so wet and sick but of course she doesn't care. She never did. We are watching animals die in real time with commercial breaks for Lori's narcissism and materialistic bullshit. I feel sick to my stomach, this is much more egregious than when she grifted with Shiro's death

No. 189279

Her caption should say stripper heels rather than shoes since they literally are, based on the packaging and literal dollar signs on the front. They're supposed to encourage punters to give you money while poledancing/stripping presumably, not sure if they'll have the same effect online, especially as she doesn't dance (has she ever posted a video walking in any of her heels?)
Her taste is getting worse, unless these were freebies

No. 189280

YRU has no reason to give her free shoes. She is not a model nor an ambassador. If she was, it would be plastered all over her profile and by law and contract she would have to disclose posts as being ads. I genuinely think she bought them like most the other ones. They would only give consistent freebies to someone with a very large organic reach and active audience with lots of money. Kids don't follow her, it's mostly broke coomers who lap up freebies. They won't make the company any money. She can lie all she wants about it being PR but we all know that's as real as her ~luxury condominium~ and "hard work".

No. 189310

This. She's not even the target age or market for the stripper products. Loony's just an old hag stuck in the cycle of poverty, collecting junk for proving the hayturs wrong.

Her toaster quality pics and follower bots signaled long ago that nobody will buy what she's wearing. She and Kevvy keep buying from dropships in hopes that someone will acknowledge them with a repost then calls that modeling, kek.

Interesting that she's suddenly posting a bunch of pics of the window. Are they living on the ground level or something?

No. 189313

These are the tackiest shoes I have ever seen

No. 189356


I mean if that what she likes, that's what she likes. I don't care what ugly shoes she wants to wear, but I think she should stop lying about what she "needs" to put her money towards. Lori, do you need to pay vet bills or do you need shoes and your nails done. Do you have a savings account? Kevin says you're making so much money that he focuses on your career – are you saving for your guys' future or are you living for today and those costume heels?

No. 189357

File: 1639963124402.png (865.12 KB, 2262x1314, h89879987.png)

they even say 'TIP ME' on the soles lol. literal stripper wear

No. 189358

She wants to be one really bad but her spine is shattered or whatever and her gibmedats are easier than working in her mind.

No. 189360

These are ugly as fuck and so is her taste.

“Tip Me” - here’s one - maybe you’d get actual subscribers if you didn’t dress like some reject out of a cg “Monster High” tv flick

No. 189362

I mean she can always get a pole job at one of those off the highway joints. They'll let her spazz out on stage to whatever mid 00s anime opening she wants.

No. 189411

And she'd probably make 100x what she's making now doing that at one of those places. Sure it still wouldn't be a shitload of money but at least enough to live on for real.

No. 189413

Just give it time. She thought she was above doing onlyfans, remember? She talked so much shit about it for a while before she crumbled and started begging for subs. It wouldn’t shock me if she started dancing or doing full on porn eventually. She’s at a dead end.

No. 189422

You're all forgetting Lori is awkward, has no rhythm, no sex appeal and can't talk to people. She can't even walk in the heels she buys, she never wears them out in public. She never shows her walking in them cause she's always about to fall over LMAO.

No. 189424

Agree. Porn on onlyfans is more likely than striping. If Shayna is able to make some cash off there, then abuela could make some as well.

No. 189435

This. If she had a chance to make money doing something she'd already be doing it.

She knows that she's not good enough for even bottom-of-the-barrel places so why try.

No. 189443

It's why I said an off the highway joint. Places like that could care less she's as sexually appealing as a plank of wood

No. 189447

You also forget strippers usually gotta pay to have a spot on the lineup and you have to be self motivated to make money. Lori took over five months to take new pictures despite spending all her time just staring at herself and buying clothes. Girl would never make anything.

No. 189499

File: 1640048327745.png (1.19 MB, 1080x1413, Screenshot_20211220-145329.png)

Youthful face wow she looks 22!

No. 189501

Looks like someone’s bring back her steampunk era clothes. She gained too much weight for her shein dollar tree stripper clothes.

No. 189502

Again Lori shocks us with her (non)sense of style. I shouldn't be surprised and yet here we are.

The outfit is so shit. Nothing goes together. The reflective jacket clashes with the lacy layered skirt and huge platformed shitkickers, HOW does she think this looks even remotely good/cohesive?

Does she leave the house in that? What the fuck.

No. 189506

Absolute tinfoil here, but…

I wonder if she dresses like this for attention in that area? An outfit like this is sure to get a few looks if nothing else in a more religious/conservatively dressed/homogeneous type of area. Even if the outfit itself lacks cohesion or style as a whole, it gets Lori her favourite thing: attention in any form.

No. 189507

Do you think she's ever out by herself? I thought she'd always have Kevin orbiting her.

No. 189517

We saw that they wear unwashed walmart or weeb sweats when outside and huge glasses to obscure their faces. There was someone who worked at a store who couldn't even recognize them too.

No. 189529

File: 1640066548361.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1685, Screenshot_20211220-220000.png)

This is how she advertises her OF, then she has the audacity to e-beg. Bitch, git gud. That's your own fault you're slacking. Everything from the composition to the outfit and face is dreadful and ugly. She can't be bothered to even YouTube a tutorial on self portraits to improve lol.

No. 189549

We have never seen this angle of the apartment before, but now I’m even more convinced that they don’t have a bedroom. All of their furniture is in this one room, and there isn’t even a a door that could possibly lead to a bedroom. Where tf do they sleep???

No. 189554

I can totally picture her defending this lewk on a tlc makeover show before the stylists come and light her entire wardrobe on fire

No. 189585

Aside from no sex appeal and that you normally have to pay out the club to work as a stripper, I doubt she even had the physical strength to do it. Pole is freaking hard and takes a fair amount of muscle which we all know abuela does not have.

No. 189588

Everything she does is so fake so it cant be good. 50 layers of edits are going to prevent picture quality then add all her stupid crap on top and its garbage every time. Lori is lipstick on a pig.

No. 189592

I think it's a t shaped apt. The bedroom is behind her to the left or right, right before the open space kitchen/living room.

No. 189599

How the fuck she this far into onlyfans and doesn’t even have a fucking backdrop to hide the background. Cheap ones are like 25$. But if she’s actually trying to making quality content to please others and make money, why not put in A LITTLE EFFORT. The ones making the actual money rent photo areas for shoots but this bitch doesn’t even TRY to hide her hoarder lifestyle.

No. 189604

Clearly there is no bedroom otherwise we would see it. If Lori had her own space with her computer and gawdy accessories we would know. So much of her stuff is out in that living room and all of Kevin's computer stuff can be seen behind her, the way it's set up only makes sense if it's a studio. Otherwise all that crap would block the entry way to the bedroom and bathroom. They've taken photos in ever room so unless they're just hiding how ghetto the room is, these clowns sleep on the floor on an air mattress in the studio just crammed between her princess hoard.

No. 189608

Their place is so cluttered

No. 189612

That sad little tree between the vanity and computer desk, KEK.

No. 189613

Both of these look like a desperate suburban mom in her late 40s - hitting the club scene by raiding her teen daughters closet.

Ironic cause she’s already got Kevin - who likes his ‘ladies’ tacky and in denial kek

No. 189617

Kek, nice notice anon. Not surprised but even her tree is tacky.

No. 189618

Theres no bedroom. The apt is a slight rectangle and that's it. The floor plan is posted in the previous thread. Behind her in >>189529 is a small washer/dryer alcove and the door to the bathroom. That's it.

No. 189629

So they just blow up and deflate an air matress every night? That's grim.

No. 189632

Bold of you to think they're reinflating it every night, nonny

No. 189635

A newer air mattress would be luxe for them. Lori's been using the same disgusting bed, clothes and linens for decades and she is very grimy. Wouldn't be shocked if they slept on one of her musty, sunken mattresses on the floor. She'd rather buy $500 shoes than shell out the same for a new warehouse mattress and basic frame or something.

No. 189643

If there was a bedroom Kevin would have let everyone know when he sperged out

No. 189654

JFC that ferret looks really sick like it can't even stand without pain or issues, she is absolutely disgusting for discarding her animals and not properly taking care of them while getting more and more. >>189173 Weren't you just begging for "vet bills" lorena? >>189277
These shoes are tackey even for her and they are not something she "NEEDS" to survive like food, her rent, the vet bills, therapy. >>189529
She took our advice and got a dollar store xmas tree. Nice gifts wrapped up under it, i'm sure they cost money that you should have uses for the ferrets you sick tormenting bastard.
They're for sure in a studio guys, and it's decorated like kitty's room (skinwalking again). They both need to get actual jobs, the e begging is getting old. Kevin has a car he can do grubhub or pizza delivery, literally anything instead of posting lori's butthole in the cosplay community on reddit 24/7. The posts don't even seem to be working because she's constantly begging for more subs. saged for old news just saying: use your money to help your animals you cruel witch, they are both a blight on society.

No. 189670

a ratty basket stacked on top of a dated pleather cube

No. 189685

File: 1640141598904.jpg (914.98 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-12-22-02-52-05…)

Poor kevvy in the background

No. 189686

I would assume they just stuff in the laundry alcove or a closet every time they take selfies without bothering to deflate. Must do wonders for her totally injured and broken spine

No. 189688

She can't even stand up in the stupid shoes so she has to lean on the chair, kek.

The boots really emphasize how she has stubby legs, if you look at where her ankle is. Her foot is bigger than her lower leg.

No. 189689

I spot the same pink skirt crumpled in the back here >>189499
Did she take these photos in the same day or is she so lazy she couldnt bother to put her new purchases away.

Also love how as soon as a farmer pointed out she cant even stand in her platform shoe collection, that she immediately began posting photos of herself standing

No. 189691

Takeout container on the computer desk, where he dines

No. 189696

the absolute sizes of these flippers

No. 189708

Somebody just plaster saying she probably can’t stand in those style of shoes and she had to post and prove the haters wrong. She’s leaning on a chair and the shoes look stupid. I like the takeout box and the piles of random garbage bags behind her. Their studio has got to smell so bad between the ferrets, dirty clothing, old takeout boxes and the dildo table.

No. 189711

With his arms shoved under the fucking glass tabletop kek

No. 189743

Holy fuck I didn't even remember this, what an actual fucking tard.. my sides are in orbit

No. 189751

File: 1640190718993.jpg (110.39 KB, 1080x1350, 269684405_1103555333741624_731…)

Kevin made this hood.

Here's his caption: "Quick cosplay wip post cause I've been in the dark for a bit. I can't go skate cause it's winter but I've been keeping up my flatground. Making this wha hood gave me so much conceptual trouble. I didn't even know how to make it so I just put the project on hold until last night. This is not the cleanest way to make it but it was an easy way to do a hard sewing thing without sewing. I didn't want just a floppy cloth hood either, it's pretty sturdy. ^^"

Whenever he works on cosplay he always bitches and moans about it.

No. 189757

I'm still so confused on where they sleep. Not a bed in sight

No. 189791

Fucking kek, forgot that he had a table that's not meant to be a desk. No wonder his posture is shit.

Looks like they put the inflatable bed in the kitchen or bathroom for pics then drop the bed in the middle of the room, where the dollarmart rugs are.

No. 189792

File: 1640201966163.png (2.13 MB, 1458x1195, NewNails.png)

Hopefully the vet bills are paid. New set of nails.

No. 189814


I cant really tell for sure but I think she might be lying about getting her nails done because these look a LOT like polygel nails which are usually a 'diy' kinda thing. I'm mainly getting this from the edges of the nails seeming very thin for acrylic.

No. 189816


Yeah, these just look like cheap press-ons to me.

No. 189818

The color also looks very flat, like it would be drugstore pressons. She uses drugstore makeup so it wouldn't be a stretch.

It's sad the things she does to try and not look homeless and without a penny to her name while begging for ferret money.

No. 189858

This guy drops monthly payments on "high fashion" and skate board scraps but still can't pay for a new phone case and pop socket to hide that he's using Lori's reject phone.

No. 189873

I've been saying this for weeks on the threads… the fact that the acrylics don't fit her nailbeds right gives it away immediately that they're cheap $3 Amazon pressons.

No. 189881

i can't imagine flexing all this plastic trash, fake nails, stripper boots you can't even walk in and you don't have a BED.

No. 189887

Do you think they will try to get a bed to cram into the studio to stick it to the hatwrz or selectively ignore it like the rest of the things they can’t clap back on kek

No. 189981

Kevin is such a ghoul. Gollum lookin ass.

No. 189993

I can't imagine the looks when people see a nearly 40 year old woman with a bag of toys around her neck, plastic sun glasses a d fake press on nails out in public. Why not some gold or black glasses, a slim black puffer and brown leather bag? She has no taste for someone yelling a out money and style. She's a bargain bin Hot Topic reject.

No. 189994

File: 1640267458241.jpg (227.2 KB, 720x805, Screenshot_20211223-093954_Ali…)

It's totally polygel or she's gluing on tips. No apex was built, edges very thin, exposed cuticle on the ring finger.

it was probably done in classic Lori style AKA bottom barrell aliexpress products like what I've attached

No. 190114

File: 1640301928495.jpeg (760.24 KB, 1640x1709, E233EF97-97B5-47BA-BBF7-7A3017…)

When even a dog has the sense to avoid this sped at all costs

No. 190116

that looks like a pitbull it could rip her to pieces if its not wanting her near it

No. 190151

I just noticed the pile of presents stacked up on the left. She just bought 500$ tacky boots can't wait to see what wish/amazon crap she bought for herself. Cause we all know Kevin is lucky to get anything before she destroys it for herself.

No. 190189

File: 1640327102401.png (906.3 KB, 1440x1916, Screenshot_20211224-002012.png)

No. 190190

kek she wants farmers to sUb To tHe SpIcY!1!

No. 190193

She's DYING of depression, better sub a dub dub, homies!

No. 190221

A varied, nutrient-rich diet, fulfilling social life and financial stability do wonders for depression, Nanny!

No. 190222

File: 1640351006725.jpeg (269.85 KB, 828x1204, 2D364A98-9A70-4449-987D-1E9CFE…)

i know we hate lori but god damn the chinese factory shoes she buys really aren't that fucking expensive YRU boots are like 140 on the high end… you're playing into her game anons lol its plastic garbage not even worth 40 dollars. sick of seeing you repeatedly call them 300-500 dollars, reeks of the same anon whos always trying to say kevvys a groomer and a player.

No. 190223

YRU shoes have shitty reviews, but considering she never walks around in them so they don't go through the usual paces of shoes.. they should last her.
I do wonder where they are keeping everything. Anons say there is no bedroom, despite apartment complexes having multiple floor plans for apartments. Its probably a very small one and it's packed with her clothes and shoes.

No. 190230

That's so sad! Wow must be a hard life I feel so bad! Somebody help that small hag. She's literally dying right now of depression cause she needs 30 more macaronis at the spicy beep beep. And you're all laughing?

No. 190280

> She's literally dying right now of depression cause she needs 30 more macaronis at the spicy beep beep. And you're all laughing?

Kek anon I’m dying

No. 190285

I meant in total really combining all the boots she's gotten is well over 500$ in a short time span.
I think anons are right on the money and it's a studio Lori would never miss a chance to remake her kawaii loli vampire princess room. But she's staying in the living room and everything is just tossed everywhere. Which fair on par for her but she loved doing her spazz poses infront of the dingy bed

No. 190295

I noticed those presents too. Nothing like buying yourself a bunch of junk and then telling your beta cuck boyfriend to wrap it all. Fun times.

No. 190296

It’s definitely expensive if you have vet bills to pay and you’re getting multiple. That still doesn’t mean she’s rich or anything. People who are broke buy and collect Jordan’s all the time. They just don’t have their priorities straightened out. She’s just wasting the little money she has on ugly shoes to flex.

No. 190299

Kevvy mentioned a dingy storage where their cosplay shit lives so that's where their extra stuff is now that they have a smaller place. Also, we saw how Lori just piles things unwashed into a closet.

It's all small things in cheap wrap around a sad tacky tree, high fashion inside for sure.

No. 190312

How ghetto is her area that they pitbulls running around leashless? gross

No. 190313

rofl This is amazing

No. 190317

File: 1640388005385.png (688.63 KB, 2048x1713, Screenshot_20211224-171503.png)

Sell that Chinese shit you keep buying and openly admit your relationship is a charade you fucking hag.

No. 190322

>I'm very very sad. Buy my content
kek incredible

No. 190323

File: 1640390942105.jpg (1.04 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_12-24-05.02.11.jpg)

>I'm just a form of entertainment
Yeah when you constantly overshare your life and all relationships for 20+ years online, you become entertainment for people to point and laugh at. They're able to watch your sweet, slow decent into poverty and sped porn by googling two words. Usagi Kou. The name you plastered everywhere demanding that you be the centre of the universe. You wanted to be popular and a known cosplayer, so here you go! Monkey's Paw, bitch. Go cry to Kevvy about it I'm sure he'll go win you a plushie and some ramen, Abuela.

Also more sobbing about animals she literally neglected to death. Again. This fucking bitch. I feel worse for the animals than anyone else in this situation. Those ferrets deserved happiness and love. They deserved a large play space and caring owners. Instead they got these two fuckheads and a shoebox full of plastic fumes from her clothes hoard and smoke… And she will still cry about how it was natural or something totally so unforseen and tragic she needs $900 immediately and then some. I hope you cry yourself to sleep in your sunken mattress every night, Lori. You deserve nothing less than abject suffering for causing all your "fur babies'" preventable deaths.

No. 190327

>You deserve nothing less than abject suffering

Who pissed on your cornflakes nonny?
Not saying she's a good pet owner, but I hope you are vegan since birth since you are projecting a lot of moral outrage about some old dying ferrets specifically.
>The name you plastered everywhere demanding that you be the centre of the universe.

See also: every cow and every thot and every egirl and every dangerhair and every they/them and every queer youth in 2021, her being an attentionseeking drama queen is not novel or unusual anymore, she's one among many thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of similar people. Gotta wonder why certain anons are so pressed about a nobody pg-13 onlyfans thot with some ferrets.

Kevin on the other hand…that man is unintentionally funny and worth documenting in this thread. Lori is pretty boring all things considered. (inb4 hide the thread if you don't like it)

No. 190329

I don't think a day could pass where she would have to be with her own thoughts and not post anything for validation online.
All people need do to avoid being an online spectacle is to stop posting every bit of word salad that comes to mind.

No. 190331

Kek is she unhappy with the lack of funds and polyester presents for xmas? Every post is another chance to beg for cash.

No. 190362

People have tried to explain how OF/sex work/ modeling/ content works to them for years and they don’t listen. They threaten people consistently. People have donated money many times to help with whatever “pet bills” or “car shitting the bed” issues (her old grift). People had honestly tried to be her friend and she betrayed them or treated them very poorly she has no room to post anything of this nature. She has never apologized, changed behavior, addressed publicly posted issues, she doesn’t do anything to make herself “better”. She refuses to work, abuses kevin, her poor animals and sits on her ass all day.

No. 190363

File: 1640419366024.png (1.26 MB, 1422x2271, Screenshot_20211225-020209.png)

No. 190399

WKing Lori even against a sperg anon is cringe KEK
She learned that autistic is the new hip diagnosis with the kids, now she's gonna attribute everything to her tism instead of her being a non-autistic spoiled brat.

No. 190432

Lori isnt autistic. Shes just a stupid selfish lazy insensitive asshole. Getting an autism diagnosis back when she was young was rare and she didnt get one as an adult. We already know theres no way she's been evaluated. Posting something implying she has a neurological condition when she doesnt should be added on to the list of egregious behaviors she's insulted others with.

You show no class as always Lori.

No. 190442

I'm curious. any of Lori's former friends try to reach out to her since being recently unfriended?

No. 190451


I mean what do you think is in all those kitchen cabinets? DISHES??

No. 190452

File: 1640486292290.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20211225-193621.png)

I love that she'll drop how sad she is in her captions and the comments are always just ignoring her kek

No. 190466

Hey remember when she abused an autistic person her ex husband sexually assaulted and then told the autistic person to self harm? Lori still hasn't "corrected" that as a fake story and never will because she did it. She never leaves her house and so who is "Acting weird" around her for claiming to be autistic? She also is not properly diagnosed as anything because she refuses to get therapy or mental help. Claiming to be autistic when you're not is disgusting, along with this being posted in yet another victim mentality roll. She is constantly the victim of every situation however there is over a decade of proof stating she is the abuser. TBH I wish somebody would beat her ass one day or at least scare her i am so sick of her online posts.

No. 190467

BOOHOO you are almost 40 and complaining about having a "not so great" xmas. Get a job. they both need to literally do anything else with their time/lives than they are now. she just spent a bunch of money on herself while that ferret looked like it was in major pain. disgusting.

No. 190482

>narcissist with an existential crisis over money

Loony spending her days editing stupid selfies and still getting no money is hilarious.

She's just copying other thots with actual followings who use sob stories and wondering why it doesn't work for her.

No. 190485

No. I beg no one. If she felt she needed to do that then good for her. This isn’t 2004 where she would always threaten to do a mass friends cut and people would lick her pussy with internet words to stay which was highly pathetic. We are adults and in my world you would talk to your friend if you feel some type of way.

No. 190488

Just saw this pic on instagram and directly above it were Vamplettes' pics from her sponsorship with bisoulovely, the very same jewelry company that dumped Lori. Can't help but wonder how Lori is taking the news, kek

No. 190518

Very fitting KEK. At least Vamplette is interesting and does real cosplay. She'll probably actually sell the jewelry.

No. 190519

No, we don't. But some of us are salty because we thought the friendship was mutual but instead we were kinda just being used until we no longer offered anything (e.g. money to help her, platform to advertise her OF on, etc). I don't really have a desire to speak with her but sometimes I wonder how karma is working for the woman who uses friends/people like they're toilet paper so here I am. I hope she gets the help she needs.

No. 190522

Did you Google her before making friends? Or did you choose to ignore the dozens of sites and people over the last couple decades calling her out for that stuff? I really do not understand 1.) Why any of you wanted to befriend her 2.) How you didn't sense her being batshit, look at her… and 3.) How you didn't come across all the shit she did to others. It's amazing you people gave her money and fell for it. I forget how easy it is to really just scrape off vulnerable people and fake it till you make it. Hope you all learned to never trust a batshit bitch like Whori again. Sorry you got dumped

No. 190524

Nta and these are valid points but the fuck anon what kind of schizo googles people before becoming their friend…

No. 190529

It amuses me greatly that she doesn't even have ONE simp. It's the most socially acceptable time of year to flex that you've been spoiled by friends, family and admirers. She is not cherished enough to be worthy of thoughtful generosity from ANYONE and it's all her own fault.

No. 190539

I concur. I didn’t argue or ask why I was unfriended. But I absolutely feel used since I thought we were friends for over a decade. Hopefully she gets help but it doesn’t look like that is a possibility, at least any time soon.

No. 190543

I'm not sure what kind of person adds an old filter face named "Lori Lewd" and is shocked when all they want is money or subs. 100% of their content is demands for cash. I think there's something wrong with anyone adding this and thinking actual friendship is anywhere on the table.

No. 190545

Those are clearly friends from back in her cosplay days, anon. Her current Lori Lewd persona is only like, 2 years old. If even that

No. 190568

As someone who also knew her a long time Anon, you know she is no ones friend. Did you only know her online? If you ever knew her in person you know she's even worse than her online persona lets on. What did she ever do for you other than bitch, grip and act nuts everytime you were with her? How about her ever famous "stomach ache" that ruined every convention meal you ate with or near her? How about the continuous problems she had or the fact that she never shut the fuck up long enough to let anyone else have a moment that didn't revolve around her? How about turning every city trip, convention and hang out about her needing someone to "take care of her". She's so selfish. She makes it clear she's no ones friend. I never knew why any of the Kous or as anyone else hung on her to get shit on then complained about. Her unfriending you should be no surprise. She always wiped people like they were nothing. She has no real relationships, only acquaintances she dumps when they dont do for her or fall into line with distorted view of the world.
Keep in mind, I was never her friend. I was just around in the same circles. I couldnt stand the bitch and fortunately she disappeared from my circle a long time ago. I had a mutual send me a link to one of the older threads a while back. Its no surprise to me that what she's living now was going to happen because of her choices. Could have seen it coming a mile away, even back then. .

No. 190584

Not one friend and not one simp because the only people buying her OF were doing it to leak her shitty pics for being a fraud.

Sounds like you got some interesting stories anon, please spill!

"Hope she gets help" anon sounds like Lori talking to herself. She's only recently begging for money with the new fake autism story for sympathy.

No. 190590

File: 1640561365400.jpg (117.13 KB, 720x1122, IMG_20211226_120345_532.jpg)

Imagine spending your Christmas begging to talk to redditors via OnlyFans dms.

No. 190593

Her desperate attempt at editing her hair, such Zero Two spicy. She's shit at this posting the same set over and over. Even posting old sets intermittently brings some variety.

No. 190598

That photo set really shows off how massive the crater is in her chest.

No. 190629

chiming in to say that I'm another person who thought we were friends until we weren't. But,I'm not about to chase after her like I might've when we were younger.

From what it seems, the group unfriended, myself included, predated even the pockybox drama. Pretty sure she even unfriended Adam.. wasn't she his "sis" at one point?

No. 190637


Echoing the others in no, I didn't approach her either. After all these years it's not like we were close but we weren't on bad terms either until she just randomly unfriended a bunch of people. It was actually good to see people in this thread (looks like there's at least four of us) that happened to too?

When you know someone for a long time you still hope for the best even if time and time again there's never any hope I guess.

No. 190658

What sad existence. She can’t even have Facebook friends from real world encounters because they’re all here capping her posts. At that rate, why even bother making personal posts? Clearly she does not have a single genuine friend and it’s all her own doing by being a shit tier person. Imagine going to post something mildly personal and having to second guess it because you can’t trust a single person on your “friends” list. What a pathetic existence. She can’t even mourn her dead ferret online for ass pats because no1curr and it will end up on this thread for lulz. Her online presence has been flushed down to solely flashing her asshole to ugly middle aged men and begging for pennies. Winner winner chicken dinner!

No. 190673

She's holding out for more suckers. She knows all she has to do is find fresh meat and cue her wailing and pleading in the DMs. She'll continue to do what she's always done and she thinks we are the friendless, pathetic lowlifes who do nothing but use and bully people. It's as easy as linking this thread, saying "see! I'm being stalked and murdered via cyber bullying! I'm poor and a sex worker and struggling so hard!!!!11! Please help but like only if you care…" and then waiting for money. In fact, watch how fast she reverts to accepting any requests and sub DMs because she's that dry now.
I agree. I can't imagine seriously not having a single person on my side. All she has is that one troon who wants to fuck, Claire's pity and Jessie's occasional react and comment back. Everyone else like you said is just waiting and watching. She's a digital side show, for free you can see a ghost of your past suffer the way she made others suffer. She was so shitty to people for so long, now she's shocked and depressed because her just desserts. Sucks to suck. I hope this is the start of the homelessness / breakup / cheating arc. Whatever happens, what's currently going on cannot be maintained another year. "Loli" over here gonna be hooking for that forbidden spicy income while Kevin glues together EVA pads like "Babe, Look what I made!" KEKKKK Thriving. Grinding, even.

No. 190684

Truth be told, I'm waiting for Kevin to snap and seriously harm or kill her TBH. Morbid thought I know but she took an already unstable guy isolated him, and made him a perfect little obsessed monster. Now she's trapped with him because she has no job skills or people that care enough to check in on her. The only ones I feel for are the animals suffering.(alogging)

No. 190715

The thing is, she still thinks she's relevant because of these threads. She's had threads like this following her for twenty years. Cosfucks, SM Pockybox, all those other wank sites she had pages on. She thrives on this. It fuels her pathetic ego. As someone who was in her circle for years and recently dropped, I can tell you that she gets off on the attention, even when it's blatantly pointing out how pathetic she is and what a cesspool her life is. She does not care. She is incapable of it any sort of real emotion. None of us were ever her 'friends' except probably Crissy and Kayla. We all just watched the trainwreck from a closer seat.

No. 190720

>I'm waiting for Kevin to snap and seriously harm or kill her

Jesus Christ anon, the people in Lori's thread are truly deranged. I don't see this kind of ill wishes anywhere else on lolcow.
I'd ask what she did to make you all so crazy, but as it has just transpired it's unfriending longtime mutuals without explanation + being shitty in person in the distant past.

Wishing someone's partner kill them is fucking deranged though, and I'm not a whiteknight for saying it. Seek help. The thread description even says this in bold all caps:

No. 190721

Exactly, she sees people as suckers. She use to consider people her fans online, not friends, even if she called you a friend. She's only in it for what you provide her, if its admiration, attention or money your good but outside of that and your useless to her. I bet she'd even be done with Kevin by now if he wasnt providing her a roof and a roommate.

This is so true, she lives for this attention, like a true narcissist. She sees her name on the same pages as Delphine and the like and she thinks shes still fresh and in. If these threads all went away then she would be really aware of how no one cares or is interested. She thinks any attention is good attention.

Eh, I can remember watching her sit alone in the floor with Kayla and one of her Momchans at some way back con. A huge group of people sat on the couches and no one ever looked over at her, no one liked her and her group hadn't formed yet. That wasnt the only con I saw that at. She had a period of terror where her group and her drama were known but even then, it was all bad attention. Ultimately she was always a nobody. It's likley that her denial is more external than internal, and in some moments of clarity she's aware that she's publicly humiliated herself for nearly 2 decades. Eventually she really will just be an old lady with nothing and even these threads wont mean anything to her because she'll have to face reality whether she wants to or not.

No. 190724

In defense of that Anon, that's not what they said. No one wished her to be killed. They implied that Kevin has become crazy and may do something drastic. Read what they wrote again. And no one cared that she unfriended them, they were all commenting on how she tosses people away, which is a personal characteristic worth noting.

No. 190729

>And no one cared that she unfriended them

Four+ people commenting on her gossip board thread kinda suggests they do care, if they didn't care they either woulda not noticed or moved on.
People unfriend/unfollow others all the time, usually doesn't result in them joining a shitpost gossip thread about them in the aftermath.
And that anon was clearly not concerned for Kevin's mental health, it was very clear alogging.
>Truth be told, I'm waiting for…((alog))
and then finishing the post by clarifying they have no sympathy for anyone except the animals.
>The only ones I feel for are the animals suffering.

No. 190732

The only thing clear is this "anon" had a nerve struck.

Anon, your making a bigger deal than anyone so you must care the most.

Go roll your computer chair to a different corner and take a breath.

No. 190748

Reading comprehension isn't a Lori skill when she's trying to self-WK though. She will reach at anything to make herself a victim. Kevin has been unstable for years due to her, not some thread on the internet.

No. 190782

Did another ferret pass away? She should be arrested for animal cruelty. She spent money on herself instead of the ferret and then has the balls to beg for money.

No. 190783

I never gave her money lol.. I found her when she was sailor moon and immediately jumped on the band wagon but I started to notice she had shit behavior and how she used her popularity to utterly destroy anyone on the internet who didn’t lick her ass. I wish I could remember the password to my photo bucket lol I have lots of old photos that haven’t been posted before I think. After I was unfriended most likely for not sharing her pedobating OF I found these threads and noticed nothing has changed lol and never will from what it seems.

No. 190825

Consider yourself lucky to be rid of her anon.

No. 190826

File: 1640704218660.jpg (706.92 KB, 1080x1337, 20211228_090954.jpg)

Is it just me or is she wearing a padded bra under that saggy bra top? She looks so doughy and out of shape here.

No. 190833

Disgusting. She literally looks like she's wearing a grany set of underwear and bra. Nothing fits, she looks like a chubby toddler wearing her granny's stuff.

Has she never considered buying a $5 tripod off Amazon and a bluetooth clicker so she doesn't always have her ugly hands holding her phone? Literally nobody wants to pay for mirror selfies. But I guess the prospect of spending that money on more cheap Chinese polyester is stronger than actually making anything of quality.

No. 190835

Why leave the fat rolling over the stocking unedited if you're going to airbrush the rest of it to filth??? I'm genuinely confused, is it just too difficult for her to manage?

No. 190842

is she ever going to do actual cosplay again? or just this "oc" elf/succubus stuff forever

No. 190844

Jesus Christ, that pectus excavatum of hers is horrifying.

No. 190860

File: 1640720783133.jpg (466.43 KB, 1080x1755, Reddit.jpg)

Another angle of her granny look

No. 190864

She’s so out of touch with cosplay and fast fashion trends - even for a “closet cosplay” this is just desperate and lazy - just wears a pair of Amazon costume ears and slaps “Zelda” into the title.

Way to project that “I’m not like other girls - i play video games/watch anime” pick me vibe.

No. 190897

Her setup looks like shit

No. 190926

It's the return of the eye-melting-off-face and overall facial elongation into horselike structure for me. Why would anyone purposefully edit themselves this ugly?

No. 190999

>It’s not the vibe STOP!!!

No. 191003

Greasy eyelids, deflated granny top, wrinkly outdated shrug and grown out press ons. That upper lip looks wrinkly too but sadly this is closer to her actual face than usual. She looks older by far. That shit around the coffee table must be a joke, right?

No. 191005

File: 1640824665291.jpg (408.21 KB, 1080x1584, 20211229_183708.jpg)

Kek as usual they down vote negative comments eith their fake accounts.

No. 191006

It’s sad that they both live here (supposedly) yet there is not a single Tracy of kev in the living room. Living rooms are usually the shared space, she’s completely taken over their space. That massive cosplay prop he used to proudly show off on the wall is shoved into a storage unit with all his ugly shoes.

No. 191010

I do find it strange that people their age do not have an apartment with literally any functional furniture, kitchen utensils (mixing pot, crock pot etc) nothing is practical in their space and none of its Kevin’s. Their space doesn’t work as a back drop even for her pedo bating schtick either it just looks dirty, cluttered and unorganized. It’s a shame at their ages they don’t have a function comfortable space. They spend their money (from grifting) on useless shit.

No. 191011

i think there more to the apartment i really dont think they both live there

No. 191013

There isnt more to it. This thread has shown multiple pictures of what's she's posted and compared to the layouts available, it's just a studio.

Kevin's computer desk can be seen here >>189685 and here >>189529
And loris desk is right next to it.

No. 191024

Definitely thin they're in a studio and just don't have a bed or it isn't permanent. At this point we've seen just about every wall and based on the floor plans from the site we would have seen doors to a bed room by now. Plus we make fun of the apartment but I really do agree that they would have shown the bedroom by this point. Especially with the way they have to use the kitchen if they're both making "content" at the same time.

I don't think they live separately because they can hardly afford this place unless Kevin has some secret well paying job behind closed doors.

No. 191028

File: 1640840949636.png (398.57 KB, 549x1019, Screenshot_20211229-220013~2.p…)

Just fucking awful. Letting this animal suffer this much instead of putting out to sleep and then having the audacity to beg the internet to prolong its suffering. Fuck them.

No. 191029

Nobody cares about your decrepid, limp, dying ass house rat, Kevin, nor do they care about Puck

No. 191030

'keep our socials seperate'
Except that anyone with half a brain can figure out lori and her socials… Especially because you keep naming her in this post. If you really cared, you wouldn't even bring her name up. This entire post screams 'Lori screamed at me for hours and I wrote this to calm her down and make her feel good about herself' with a b plot about puck, lol.

Also, guess 3 ferrets died? Now she has one left? They didn't even talk about the other two, just named one.

No. 191031

File: 1640841648104.jpg (84.83 KB, 720x1110, IMG_20211229_221924_975.jpg)

4 people cared to donate $310. Do you think Lori will let Kevin get a pair of shoes for this?

No. 191033

There is nothing anyone can say that can convince me that they aren't drug addicts. This is such addict behaviour, of the highest order.

No. 191034

>Please help my ferret
>"Lori goes through so much visceral suffering"
>"If anyone deserves anything for New Years, it's Lori"
They obviously do not care about the wellbeing of their pets. Those ferrets were suffering far more, as with all of the animals she has owned. Once again, it's only ever about Lori. So selfish. This post reeks of her hovering over Kevin while he typed this out.

It was not long ago that Lori posted a video of two ferrets together, one that looked like it was struggling. I wonder if that was an old video, and if that ferret's been gone for a while.
It seems like she saves these dead ferret announcements specifically for when they need money for rent and tacky plastic.

No. 191037

This is the most white privilege thing I've ever fucking read in my life. Holy shit.

No. 191039

File: 1640842810534.jpg (38.54 KB, 617x379, YecQ6S0.jpg)

From the gofundme page kek

No. 191040

File: 1640842872726.jpg (45.56 KB, 617x422, chiXTJR.jpg)

Kev's saying that she only had 3 ferrets when they met, but aren't there 4? Which is it?

No. 191041

“I can no longer do it on my own” says the adult man without a job that is physically able to work. If anything his “job” promoting lori has only ruined any promotional deals she was able to get. Lori doesn't “work hard” she literally reposts the same old photos constantly and unfriends people who might have supported her. Why didn’t he save this “family money” towards the other ferrets who are obviously sick/old? Why didn’t he save any extra money because they don’t have real jobs and already buy themselves random shit. He had to quit his job to take care of lori and ferrets. Well 75% of the ferrets are dead now so he’s obviously not taking care of anyone properly. Him hoping people will pity them is disgusting they both have zero empathy for anyone else and he told someone he hopes their dog gets cancer and mouthes off at people 24/7. They should not be able to own animals.

No. 191042

Right, it's crazy. I was trying to make a long screenshot of that insane novel he wrote but it looked like shit on my phone so here's the link to the gfm for others - https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-lori-catch-up-on-vet-bills

No. 191043

She literally constantly posts a go fund me or begs for money.

No. 191044

Repairing his car brakes costed “him and his family 1,800” aka his parents are paying for everything. They don’t make shit.

No. 191045

why did kevin have to quit his job to watch the ferrets when lori is at home all day anyways…..
the "humble brags" all through out are a really nice touch kevin

No. 191046

There were four. Shiro, Suki, and Puck were the three she had before Kevin. Then they got Pan (Pancake) together. I'm not sure why he didn't mention Pan, unless he died and they don't want to cop to a third death.

No. 191047

Lmfao this made me cackle out loud anon

No. 191049

If shes so hardworking and independant why does he state here >>191028 that he HAD to quit his job to take care of her and the ferrets? Which ones the truth Kevin?

Not everyone gets to live out their dreams. And when those who do try to and end up failing, the world doesnt owe you anything for your failures. Cut your losses and work a “bullshit” part time or 2. “Bullshit” income is better than zero income.

No. 191050

File: 1640847585582.jpeg (325.06 KB, 828x782, BB1A6AE5-DB34-453B-8987-4A5604…)

Wait so the GFM is actually for their rent? Lol well I'm sure they're hoping they'll have a little money left over to bring Puck to the vet to be put down.

No. 191052

File: 1640847865492.jpg (33.06 KB, 484x292, 7daysago.JPG)

Hang on. Hang on. Kevin's written that Suki died December 23rd. It's December 30th now, so their ferret died 7 days ago.

But 7 days ago Lori got her fancy nails did and posted about it on her story. No news of ferrets dying. And every day before that was just her usual pooping-posing in her cheap plastic clothes in front of the mirror.

So which is it? Did the ferret actually die on the 23rd and they pretended to live their lives like it never happened? Or did the ferret die a while back and they're just posting about it now for sympathy bux? Considering how much both Kevin and Lori harp on about the ferrets being their 'babies' and how much they love them, either way seems super fucking sketchy. The timelines don't match up.

No. 191053

he could EASILY resell his shit on Mercari or a local Buy-Sell-Trade group and get the money he needs. He is greedy and lazy.

No. 191054

it bee good if some one pulled the go fund me this doesn't need to be there they should go out and get jobs already

No. 191056

Kek anon, that's all there is to it. At least before Kevin can sleep on the couch. Now they share an inflatable bed in the middle of the room.

Kevvy's hands are stuck in a coffee table thinking it's a desk in that same room, beside Lori's with the plastic chair. Literally nothing functional and Kevvy is stuck making videos in the kitchenette area.

Agreed. The way they keep asking for specific amounts on a regular basis with such fervor suggests an addiction.

At least this proves once and for all his parents are paying for it all.

No. 191057

I looked on both Kev's and Lori's Instagram and I can't find any pictures of the ferret Pan. Are those photos elsewhere or did they delete them? Does anyone have photos? Pan was the youngest ferret too.
Not sure why they would hide Pan's whereabouts, since Lori likes to use animal deaths to grift. Those poor ferrets.

No. 191058

File: 1640857010642.jpg (428.77 KB, 631x589, 57yfYjG.jpg)

This is the only mention of Pan. The post was made June 12. A fourth ferret did exist, but they only want to mention three.

No. 191065

Being financially stable means you don’t ebeg for fucking pity handouts. Being financially stable means you can afford your regular bills while simultaneously building a savings. And yes Kevin, you daft retard- having pets = having money for the vet should be considered as a bill you should anticipate. At least get a credit card, Jesus Christ. OR A FUCKING JOB.

No. 191066

Why is he going into such great detail about lori when the gfm is about their ferrets????

No. 191073

She blocked me on Facebook, but I remember posts being made there with all four ferrets as well as a post she made when they got him. Pan existed. He was white like Puck and Shiro.

No. 191076

bitch is meltin'

No. 191084

Have to agree, it's seemed that way for a while with how they've been acting but this is just too overt

No. 191085

but noonie, lori’s back is injured. she can’t do anything else besides going to her totally not shared pool and take bad edited photos.

serious though, that one line made the least sense out of all the nonsense post. they both dumb and don’t want to work is my guess

No. 191087

>I quit my job in april to take care of Lori and the ferrets while she works

When Lori's "work" is shooping photos and doesn't prevent her from caring for her pets.
The death references I wish my babies were alive are making me think they all died and there isn't even the one left.

No. 191091

If you read the whole thing from start to finish, he admits his family has been helping them financially which we suspected, he blames their evictions on having ferrets (but words it as not being told they can renew their leases), and then can't seem to decide if the money is for vet bills or rent.

He starts off saying the amount is for Puck's current vet bill, then says they can't afford their rent, then says they can pay rent but then have nothing left over so it's a dire situation, then says the money is for the vet bill and their rent.

Also, top kek to Kevin saying they moved to Utah because of a "rough patch." The rough patch being him stabbing his leg, his parents coming to get him and Lori driving to Utah to stalk him and move in.

No. 191097

I'm confused, how is any of this a surprise? The animals have been sick since before the Black Friday spending spree, no?

No. 191098

There's a bunch of newer leaked Lori OF content on that leak site but I'm not a member. I know there's a few anons who signed up here in order to view:


No. 191105

I love Kev coming out with all of this so soon after his massive sperg against the haters. >>186473 He's contradicted everything he said. Guess the haters were right Kevin. The biggest audacity is that he still thinks he is above working a part-time job and has all of these excuses, including 'caring for the ferrets'.

The ferrets would have been better off euthanized instead of prolonging their suffering. Kev and Lori clearly weren't willing to pay for regular treatments. Weren't willing, because they both could have gotten jobs and stopped buying bullshit they don't need. Obviously the ferrets weren't that high of a priority.

No. 191106

File: 1640886920489.jpg (152.25 KB, 640x651, ut3UOr6.jpg)

You haven't been nice to animals, Lori.

No. 191107

If it's the Facebook that's linked in the op, there's no Pan in the search results for "Pan" or under "Ferret", alone or with other ferrets. I guess they were deleted?

No. 191117

She harassed people endlessly and this is not an apology or taking responsibility for that behavior. She has fat shamed people for years too. I wouldn’t call what they’re doing as “being nice to animals” like the animals she ditched because she didn’t want them anymore or the sick ferrets and ebegging instead of getting a real job with stable income. Nobody owes them anything. This post is disgusting.

No. 191119


Lori's waist above 25inches confirmed lmao. You'd be less tired if you exercised, and less "disappointed in people" if your life wasn't such an empty wreck that you end up constantly projecting

No. 191121

Oh the classic admit to everything without saying you're guilty or apologizing and just project. Then she wonders why nobody helps her musty ass. Kek. Cope, seethe and work harder.

No. 191126

Wow! They are huge liars! That's a ridiculous spin on their lives. How shameless and pathetic to say any of this and beg for money. Get a fucking job losers. I cant believe their hanging on so tightly to her "working" and calling it a "modeling career".

I dont think they could afford the place they moved into, even if it's a studio, it was to much. They figured they would work it out and didnt since they dont work, no matter how much they pretend they do. Same mistakes, over and over. They need some reality already. >>191106 Start with not living a retarded life online and then wondering why people are laughing.

No. 191136

100% full on addict behaviour.

No. 191138

How does some amount of people disliking her explain that she has no subs?

They need to face it, even if she didnt have a poor past, the subscribers who know nothing about it just aren't buying what she's selling. She failed all on her own, some people disliking her didnt prevented her from getting subs.

No. 191142

>Her Family
No, their animals. Yes pets are part of the family, but they aren't "babies" or an actual family.
>I cant look at the clothes or boards I bought
Take them back retard
Since when are their pet ferrets part of a buisness? Were they breeding the sick ferrets? Someone call the aspca on these two or the local animal control in SLC.
>please the internet
So they admit she jumps through hoops for the "hadurs"? Such low self esteem

These two are the most shameless con artists. To bad more people dont know what chumps they become if they give these two any money.

Get a job you fucking losers. People dont quit their jobs to take care of sick pets.

No. 191144

File: 1640904101371.jpg (149.66 KB, 1080x694, Screenshot_20211230-143854_Goo…)

>Since when are their pet ferrets part of a buisness?
He's just being "cutesy" by using this term, but it's confusing because nobody knows what it means. Picrel.

No. 191145


Eve is a huge cow of her own, nice to see she didn't even bother hiding her identity here to troll Lori.

No. 191147

>visceral suffering
Oh my god she's like 36 getting trolled on Reddit and farms. Shut the hell up, you babies. People are literally dying.
>spent some family Christmas money
Did you burn through your rent and food money already too? Poor you.
>can't look at clothes or boards he got
Return them x2. You have 30 days typically, especially with mall stores. Kev can't brain. Also he just doesn't care enough to part with it.
>take care of Lori and the ferrets while she works
What work? Texting other men? Bending over and spreading cheek for two hours? Fake fucking herself and heaving like an anime catgirl? Like she couldn't care for them in between that. No need sugarcoating it, everyone on God's green Earth knows that bitch is lazy and an uwu victim. Never been through shit so she floats from person to person just leeching and cheating and stealing. Sucks to suck and reap what you sow!
>It's embarrassing for me to ask for help
But sperging about killing yourself, other people, calling the cops and being cyber gang stalked isn't embarrassing enough for you? Schizoposting is fine but asking for money to make up for what YOU lost being retards is over the line. Clearly you feel fucking stupid and guilty as you should. Those ferrets are dead cause of both of you. Your negligence and narcissistic tendencies placed materialism over your "family" like Lori has always shown. You're her spitting image except somehow tackier and dumber. God. I hope she never has children, I hope she's sterile. Crazy ass crackers.

No. 191151

So what are we all guessing they're addicted to, nonnies?

I think Lori is addicted to opiod pain meds, it's why she has to edit her face so heavily because she looks ragged IRL. It also checks out about her back being "in pain" or whatever

I wonder if their lease wasn't renewed at the old place because they had dealers come around

No. 191154

I guess it kind of proves that Kev's parents must either be co-signers or a guarantor on the lease. Most apartments need a guranteed amount of income when you apply and since Kevin hasn't had a job since April and there's no way Lori makes enough steadily to pay rent they have to still be backing their baby boy.

No. 191156

his parents are most likely paying for there place them being on drugs i dont think that the case as you need money for it

No. 191160

Woo boy you leave the thread for a day and suddenly there's a lot to catch up on

putting Kevvy down for meth

>she works so hard for her money
Bitch, where? She doesn't put in any effort into her photos, outfits, makeup, backdrops, edits, etc. Even you yourself have said previously that she "clicks two buttons" on an app to edit it. Doesn't sound like a lot of work. Get your story straight.

>I get a lot of hate mail

One message here and there that get posted here isn't "a lot". He's so desperate to be famous, it's fucking hilarious.

>I honestly can't even look at the clothes or boards I bought

Like other anons said, return them instead of begging then.

>I have receipts and all if anyone thinks this is a cash grab

Ok, then post them. Full and clear with at least your first names showing.

>I wish my fiance had the cushion she once did

Forever baffling how delusional they are. If they had cushion Lori wouldn't have been begging for "spicy subs" just to eat topkek.

>I had to quit my job in April to take care of Lori and the ferrets while she works

A.K.A. I had to quit my job to be a bitch boy house maid banished to the kitchen while my fiance who pretends I don't exist online and has me blocked most of the time takes pictures of her asshole in cheap lingerie then sits on the couch and shoves food down her throat while she edits her pictures into oblivion.

>part time nonsense

Laughing at him for thinking he deserves more with how tarnished they both are, both in person and online

>This is why I haven't bought any shoes

Maybe you haven't Kev, but didn't Lori just recently buy those cheap, overpriced, hideous stripper boots recently? Or did you conveniently forget and/or leave that out

>I only bought a few things for xmas on sale

If this was truly dire you wouldn't even be thinking about buying anything unnecessary like that.

>even my "popular" exfriends in the cosplay community
Topkek he's never going to get off this is he?

>because watching her work so hard and have all this happen in one year is breaking my heart

Aww, y'all are butthurt about the karma coming back around your way

I feel so utterly bad for these poor little ferrets having such shit parents. Insulinoma is caused in ferrets by their surroundings and food they eat. He's trying to cover his ass by saying that they were feeding them expensive food, what about before? We all saw how shittily these ferrets lived in your dirty ass apartment. Another thing though, as sad as it is… if they're dead already, you don't need this extra money. "Future vet bills" my ass, get a fucking JOB and start saving.

Funny how she suddenly starts speaking this way only when she's packed on the pounds topkek. Getting harder to edit away that extra fat, Lori?

No. 191161

Typical cope. Now that she isn't skelly she wants people to be nice and fatshaming is so evil and low to her. What ever. A year or two ago you called a 16 year old girl fat and oinked, making points about her belly rolls. Piss off, hag. Your own medicine is being IV pumped and you have to woman the fuck up. Nobody is going to save your ass and nobody will ever want to. You're snakey and a bitch to all women once they serve no purpose to you, so you'll never be treated how you want to be. You don't treat anyone with respect. You can cry and run to your fan club full of freaks and has beens but you're still going to have to walk back into a cold world that couldn't care less for or about you. Tough, huh? Lmao. You finally got your just desserts, Lori. Lick it up.

No. 191162

So wait, wait. One ferret was sick and "fought" for eight months, and another for six months, and the third is still fighting now. And you didn't think in all that time maybe you shouldn't be buying all the garbage shoes and sk8torboi clothes over the last eight months? Maybe Lori could've skipped her manicures or bought less cheap ass bikinis and stripper shoes? If you know your ferrets are sick and need vet care, and they are THAT IMPORTANT to you as you say, why the hell are you not saving money knowing full well you're going to need it for their care as more and more issues arise?

Bullshit. Blow it out Lori's wasted butthole, Kev. You want money for rent and drugs.

No. 191163

>>opioid pain meds

I have long suspected Lori of this and it just seems more and more likely. As someone who has had addicts in their life, both of them seem like addicts. Kev writes precisely the way my addict did, and plays the victim in the exact same way.

"Ohh I need money because uhm my ferrets all died and we have vet bills but I work really hard but I quit my job and I don't have any money but I bought several skateboards and clothing recently and like uhm, it's so embarrassing to beg for money but I'm doing it anyway instead of being a normal human being and I didn't even go on vacation or eat nice food lately so like, there is a lot to feel sorry about for me."

It's soooo fucking triggering reading it quite honestly.

No. 191168

Based on where they live/the tweaking movements/long rants/just how Kevin has been looking for a while I was thinking speed

No. 191169

Back to Twitter

No. 191181

He and Lori post like absolute tweakers. Selfish, no coherent thought, tons of lies and a strong helping of cope.

Hope his parents cut him off completely. Why are they sending a grown man "Christmas money" other than for drugs? His spergouts over being cut off from buying landfill items with Lori jumping ship would be amazing to witness in real time.

Who are the people actually giving money to the GFM? His family?

No. 191184

File: 1640927408643.png (135.33 KB, 720x879, Screenshot_20211230-220754~2.p…)

>Who are the people actually giving money to the GFM? His family?

Good question. Gfm up to $395 now, 6 donors.

No. 191198

File: 1640940990291.png (Spoiler Image, 1.26 MB, 720x962, D8ACC541-7CAE-44E1-AD15-73792F…)

Took the hit and registered. Most photos are the same boring reposts from her Instagram, but this pic left me truly horrified. She looks like a cartoon villain who took a punch in the chest from Superman. Her sternum be touching her spine. Spoiler for Lego vagine.

No. 191199

One nip points north, the other south.

No. 191202

Jesus Christ that looks bad. She's going to die from leaving that unchecked. Can't you like, get surgeries to make it easier on your heart and lungs? Her organs can't be doing well especially with her ana-chan diet. She is legitimately painful to look at.

No. 191204

File: 1640945327993.png (221.12 KB, 374x376, 010.png)

the fuck!!?!??!?
I did not understand her condition was so severe. How can she post this shit? Is she delusional? Does she really think this is good to look at? Or is this some humiliation festish? I don't understand…

No. 191208

That's the spicy? Well, some people do have a deformity kink…..

No. 191209

Horrifying, people would pay to wash their eyes after looking at it.

Imagine carrying the mirror to the bathroom to take a pic like this..

This reminds me of an old post talking about how she brings so much garbage into a home and leaves cheap junk in the bathroom. Looks like nothing has changed.

No. 191214

Her nudes have been online for years and her chest never looked that bad, it's getting worse. She wants to get it fixed or she's going to have problems swallowing and breathing soon if she doesn't already.

No. 191215

tbh her only solution rn seems to find some desperate european scrote to grift off from so she can go live in Europe and get access to normal helthcare to get it fixed or something. This is not normal.

No. 191219

she has no excuse, she's just lazy. she for a fact qualifies for state medicaid insurance that will fix her for basically free because she's extremely poor, even in backwater utah.

No. 191220

Are those her fried extensions on the counter under the two pink rubber duckies?

No. 191221

then why the fuck doesnt she fix this shit????

No. 191223

she's dumb as hell, so it could really be anything. but honestly she probably uses it to control kevin and victimize herself more. the two of them feed on eachother.

No. 191224

I'm guessing because she couldn't do onlyfans while she heals, and doesn't want scarring.

No. 191225

I've seen anons say that she thinks the chest dent is her 'cleavage'. If that's true and not tongue in cheek I don't know what to say.

No. 191226


Sharp eye! They look like tufts of matted dog fur taken out of a brush

No. 191237

This. If she fixed her chest it would help her back and spine alignment, if she did that she would have basically no visible disabilities (aside from being an insane crackhead) which means less pity bux and excuses. She will let it kill her before she takes away her money makers. Especially now seeing that she neglected all those ferrets to death.
They look like animal skins or something. That's horrifying. So spicy and thriving with perfect hair except it looks like she pulled those from the garbage outside.
Her body makes me feel really, really good about my ribs, chest and vulva. Eugh. Nothing could fix any of that mess. Glad my mom wasn't on drugs when she had me! Could have been sinkhole-chan over here.

No. 191239

Did not know it was possible for tits to make ahegao eyes yet here we are

No. 191247

>Her body makes me feel really, really good about my ribs, chest and vulva.

Bit of a weird comment to make, maybe don't compare your body to random shooped ethots or literally anyone, sounds pretty unhealthy. And someone with a visible deformity making you feel good about your undeformed torso? Yay I guess? Can't imagine the elation you feel when you walk past someone in a wheelchair.

No. 191252

lol ok fatty

No. 191256


We were acquaintances many, many years ago in the early aughts. I’ve seen her in bathing suits. She was just as much of an exhibitionist in her youth and would flash us at times, especially after her nip piercings. Her chest NEVER looked this bad. There was only a little divot, nothing noticeable. And her tits were symmetrical. This is a severe decline. I now believe that she does indeed have a spine injury. She may be far well past a state where a safe surgery can be performed.
If she’s not already collecting benefits, she definitely qualifies. It looks really painful.

No. 191257

You little snowflake faggots completely miss the point. Lori is fair game. She is the first to shit talk anyone for any minor flaw or deformity and constantly gloats about how perfect she is. Lori deserves to have her overcompensated ego kicked down a couple notches. If you don’t like it just keep scrolling, no need to white knight.

No. 191258

File: 1640979430490.jpeg (69.07 KB, 400x400, AF2055C4-F8D5-4734-BBCA-82930F…)

Jfc I didn’t know it was that bad. Looking at her makes me wonder how she breathes

No. 191264

Hamplanets have a more appealing body than Lori does. No wonder she's so hard up.

No. 191270

>Did not know it was possible for tits to make ahegao eyes

Fucking kek, they are going in completely different directions.

She is getting fatter with Kevvy's parent funds feeding her. So now she says body shaming is bad despite partaking in it at the same time.

It's becoming clear why she hates cows like moo. Used to think she was just jealous of moo's money but it's probably because people were actually paying to look at moo.

No. 191275

She's the one who said that few threads ago as an answer to a girl who asked her what was it she said: some girls have cleavage. The audacity. The delusion.

No. 191277

File: 1640988099233.jpg (Spoiler Image, 37.62 KB, 471x599, Usakoutits2.jpg)

this is one of her old nudes for reference. she maybe is using her hair to hide the PE but even the position of her breasts is a lot more normal in this.

No. 191278

ferret anon here. I know we all know this entire post is horseshit, but to add to that, that special 'carnivore care' food is total crap. Everyone who has ever had a ferret KNOWS that ferrets need special food that is very high in protein, more so than cat food. They get very sick if they eat food that isn't high protein %. You should of been feeding the ferrets that type of food from the VERY START of OWNING A FERRET.

So they're either lying out of their asses her and hoping people don't understand/know, or they are that retarded and were feeding the ferrets food that were not meant for ferrets. I've heard of people giving ferrets cat food for their whole lives and the poor things get massively sick over time…

And another thing, why would you own not 1, but 4 fucking ferrets if you have a hard time paying bills? Don't own pets you can't easily afford, vet bills included. Especially ferrets which easily get vet bills more expensive than cats/dogs and more frequently.

No. 191279

Just curious, Kevin listed that basically all the ferrets had some sort of chronic medical problem, is that common for ferrets?

No. 191280

She said the ferrets like to cuddle in her chest hole. Does anyone else remember that?

No. 191283

You're such an amazing disability activist, thank you nonnerino. Sorry you're a hot wheels or whatever.

No. 191286

At the point you think mocking (hypothetical, I'm able bodied, not everyone is an empathy-free sociopath like you anon) people in wheelchairs is fair game I think you gotta admit you're the asshole.

No. 191287

Was going to reference that too, Anon. She made a post after Shiro died on her IG story about how she thought the reason she had a gaping hole in her chest was specifically for Shiro to lay in and that they were made for each other.

No. 191288

Never said I was nice. Do you know where you are? Kek

No. 191289

Considering the moralfagging you (your posting style is obvious) do ITT about uwu the ferrets while mocking the disabled, genuinely seek help for your personality disorder. You are no better than Lori.

No. 191291

hotwheels-chan is upset

No. 191310

File: 1641011884916.png (101.82 KB, 1250x279, scam.png)

getting dejavu

No. 191311

File: 1641011937464.png (874.44 KB, 1184x925, 1530078532171.png)

samefag, here's the actual image

No. 191312

File: 1641013193924.jpeg (75.8 KB, 827x388, 1619112250776.jpeg)


How funny would it be if Kevin made the GFM, gave the money to Lori and she used it to bail on him and start a new life lol.

We already know she hates him after this post

No. 191313

Wow she's deformed. I was seriously shocked to see this picture.

She's such a con artists. Scams people with fake pictures and fake go fund me accounts but that will run out soon enough.

No. 191314

Kevin probably made the GFM because nobody wants to give money to Lori in her circle, so she needs to use his family.

He's probably stupid enough to have connected the GFM to her bank account and she's already taking the funds.

No. 191315

I wear this tinfoil too anon, pure consooming can't possibly be all there is. It's the perpetual downgrading and lack of permanent stability with the chronic unemployment that stinks of junkie to me. No tracks do no needless but I wouldn't be shocked if it were pills or something like smoking/lines of downers like fent. Would also explain her having to sleep all day and the inability to have a real job. When you run out of your shit you have to be able to get more and neither one of these clowns would sit thru a shift or even a second of being uncomfortable. Watch then both be on Peterson levels of benzo bought off the street. Kev would also not want a job because if he was out at work, lori would be looking for a replacement or blowing the candy man for a few get well pills he won't get his cut of. I know it's a tinfoil but it fits too good.

No. 191319

But where would she go? Lori's a leech and I doubt she could handle being on her own. She's always had a moid by her side to use. Unless she has someone already lined up from her OF or Instagram, I can't see her running off and living independently.

No. 191341

This. If she had someone new on the horizon with money she’d be gone. Kevvys mommy bux keep her around. Imagine what will happen when his allowance stops?

No. 191342

Go back to kiwi or pull

No. 191350

The GFM link and other dumb shit Kev posted lately makes it seem like he has no job, only Lori "works" so if she is paying all the bills already she would be better off getting rid of him.

No. 191352

That's the thing, Lori isn't paying the bills. Kevin's family is funding their lifestyle. He said so in his latest blogs. If Lori was footing the bill for everything she would not be staying with Kevin.

No. 191353

File: 1641054757865.png (17.51 KB, 621x179, Capture.PNG)

So… Is the GFM for the vet bills, her rent or her getting even pudgier?

No. 191355


Yeah ferrets get health issues like no tomorrow, it's something like 50% chance for them to get cancer, their first year mortality rate is pretty bad I'm sure too.

There are a lot of breeding issues in USA ferreting but they are predisposed to getting adrenal issues and basically diabetes if they eat even a little bit too much bad food

No. 191356

I like that she always says "more" giving off the impression she got how ever many she asked for last time. We know your raggedy ass can't even get one in a day, Lori. Maybe try the street corner? Take them hooker heels out for a spin.

No. 191360

It's sad but those poor animals are better off passing than suffering at the hands of these morons. Pets with high health issues already have enough on their plates. And lori can't even be bothered to pretend the money she's getting in the GFM is for them.

No. 191384

Kevin tries to make it seem like he has no job but he's been reselling shoes on Ebay or something and called it work. He wants Lori to look successful but he admitted his parents are paying for everything. His parents probably got the tiny apt knowing she can't fit in it and hoped she'd leave.

They pay rent and food for only one person so it's not enough for Lori and drugs, that's why they look like ghouls living off ramen and cheap takeout. Lori's only money is the OF which is just enough to get fake trinkets from aliexpress, fake nails and drugstore hair dye.

For whatever reason, Kevvy still wants to pretend they're rolling in money and wearing high fashion off her deformed tits while begging on GFM.

No. 191390

File: 1641078627759.jpg (92.08 KB, 720x1082, IMG_20220101_160837_020.jpg)

Who are these people who are donating?!

No. 191392

She's likely begging in animal groups and other private fb groups that wouldn't know her and would believe her stalker sob stories. They can't be relatives and I haven't seen a lot of those names on her friends list before. I could be wrong though, just tinfoil.

No. 191400

If you were struggling enough to need a gfm, you wouldn't be spending extra $ on snacks instead of essential foods, Lori.

No. 191402

she most definitely is. I backchecked some of the names that donated, and some are randos who also own ferrets from across the US.

No. 191404

Too bad they won't realize they're donating to scammers.

No. 191407

Can you see the # of subs she has, anon? Or the amount of likes/comments she gets there? Is it a significant amount?

No. 191414

I wonder if the gfm is reported if it'll be taken down since it's a bunch of lies. I won't do it, but just wondering.

No. 191423

My tinfoil, they don't come across as drug addicts. More like shopping addicts. The haggard appearances seem to be from two grown adults that don't know how to adult. They are both getting older and live like they're 15. Eating crap food, staying up, no exercise. (No, I don't count flailing on a skateboard 2 times a month in the summer as exercise, nor bending your poor "broken" back for pictures as exercise either.

No. 191431

They are addicts of some kind. Just looking at any disturbing videos of Lori were a huge tell.

No. 191440

Nah it’s just kind of like a thread. Only difference is you have to register to post or see content posted by other users. There are only a handful of posts by the same few users and most are reposts of crap she posts on Instagram. This was really the only x-rated set roosted from onlyfans and apparently the user had to pay out the ass for it in addition to the sub.

Tldr; even her leaked shit is 99% the same shit she posts on Instagram and twitter despite paywalls and she has no loyal subs.

No. 191466

I agree, her face is bloated and she looks haggard even though only a few years ago she was normal looking and posted unfiltered pics of her and Kevin.

She has addict face, and behavior

No. 191476

File: 1641172509169.jpg (75.83 KB, 720x1032, IMG_20220102_175428_525.jpg)

Lol, sure Lori. She's in the comments saying the person doing this trolling is just trying to get her to say something bad about others' bodies and she's just so above that.

This whole shtick where Lori pretends that she wasn't a raging psycho cunt who bullied others maliciously for their looks and bodies for 20 years and she's just "tired" and over people treating each other poorly is laughable. This is like the third time she has posted something like this.

No. 191478

Maybe people wouldn't obsess over your body if you didn't use it as your only asset, weaponized within an inch of its life, babe. The last blush of youth fading off the rose isn't so pressing of a concern for most. The truth of the adage "by 40 you get the face you deserve" looms ever present for Lori and those like her. Utter vapidity

No. 191490

Chloe at this again? Not a very clever username when it's similar to the old one

No. 191492

Chloe who?

No. 191495

perhaps anon is referring to the great poet and icon Chloé, who once famously said "learn high fashion or die, faggots"?

No. 191497

As a rando who just visits lolcow for general amusement I have to admit the haters who have consistently commented on her stuff for bordering two decades are a special level of unhinged, she's not even interesting. When's the last time she even sperged out?
Her longtime haters hold onto milk from 15 years ago and deny she's changed despite her not posting anything super bitchy for a while now. She is bad at replying but gets very low quality comments, naturally.
They're just as deranged and cow-like as her if not more at this point.
Not saying the person making these pathetic school playground insults is a longtime hater, but they certainly seem uniquely pressed.

No. 191499

Idk why but somehow this reads like Lori arguing with herself. Normally she deletes anything bad and blocks. Why take the time to respond unless it’s to make herself look like she’s so uwu body positive? The autistic typing gives it away.

No. 191501

Agreed, it's a lazy setup by Lori to make herself look good when she has to defend herself from imaginary haturz. Nobody would bother to comment on her socials, all she gets is bots.

Kevvy does the same thing when making up strawman arguments or fixating on certain things like height, kek.

They're both dumb as shit.

No. 191507

The account is also less than a month old. Kinda sus.

No. 191508

She's so retarded, both her and Kevin have come to Lolcow to call people fat on the regular. She is not above namecalling

No. 191523

Lori really tried to sell it as a farmer but she can't even mimic her 'haters' correctly. Turns out the super evil stalker haters excuse doesn't work unless you have comments like that everywhere on your profiles. Guess she's getting to work to convince people of her sob story for more money. Pathetic.

No. 191524

Kevin and Lori aren't even good at sockpuppeting all day.

Lori is so spineless that regular begging doesn't work anymore, because she has no friends. She resorts to making comments at herself in hopes that some stranger with a few shekels would take pity on her animals and hopefully her.

No. 191527

Imagine being that bored that they sit around making fake accounts to argue with themselves. They must be going crazy in that tiny studio together.

Get jobs, losers.

No. 191528

All Lori needs to do is just have Kevin get a job at a skate shop. If the man-child can go to his own playground for 6-8 hours a day and feel like a cool guy, he'll take the job. Or she could work at some consignment place that wouldn't give her the same intense physical labor as chain fashion retail. They'd be able to get a better place and keep a steady flow of fast fashion garbage… Instead she's hellbent on proving the haturz wrong and being an irl anime model. Does she think eventually Dolls kill will pity her and let her be a site model? I'd imagine the only reason she's in UT is to be close to California because that's where all her favorite brands HQs and major storefronts are. Colorado doesn't really offer anything unless she knows some schmuck online that lives there. Arizona is worse and New Mexico is the worst.

No. 191529

Kevvy and Lori likely have already tried to get jobs for years but nobody wants them, even in a shortage. They don't even know how to interact with humans or stay off the internet.

At this rate they can't get a teenager's summer job even if they tried. Lori's peak experience being F21 is beyond laughable.

No. 191611

File: 1641310532159.png (1.94 MB, 1080x1307, Screenshot_20220104-073139.png)

It just gets worse every time she posts, she's so late to every trend. The red and the contacts really age her and those nails look like literal play doh claws. I'm in awe at the fact she doesn't realize how terrible she looks. So so unbelievably cheap and crusty. She desperately needs a makeover. She needs her Free People boho aesthetic more now than ever.

No. 191618

Her chest is so dented in it looked like she has completely different cup sizes.
Anons are probably right that she isn’t getting it fixed because she needs it as leverage for begging, but tinfoil what if she’s just waiting for it to kill her? It would be slow and painful, but she’s got nothing going on in her life and has got to be miserable

No. 191621

The app didn't know what to do with the hands near her chin when slimming her jaw, so the hand on the left is busted.

No. 191623

Nice catch. It shows how much she blows up her cheeks and widens her face to look more youthful and full of buccal fat. Funny considering how sallow, droopy and sunken her face is IRL from all the cigarettes and years of anorexia. Must be pretty jarring to see her pics then her real face. I wonder how Kevin copes. When she does reluctantly let him hit so he pays bills, does he make her face the other way or does he use his schizo powers to project her edited mug on to her head mid-sex? inb4 butthurt 30's anons come to WK, Lori is fair game. If you constantly flex your edits as real and call yourself a sexy succubus loli when you're a busted, chain-smoking lunatic midget who gets off on secretly and not-secretly bullying teens and women your age… You're going to be dragged accordingly. Don't want to hear any of that girl support girl nonsense. This is a gossip forum. Saged for mini rant and snark.

No. 191630

What gets me is how every photo is almost the exact same now - same pose with the phone out front and centre - like her laziness is so overpowering she can’t understand how truly boring she is.

She looks like she just finished sobbing - looking at herself in the mirror through the phone. Just fuckin’ bleak.

No. 191631

No one said she wasn't fair game to drag and the anons you're referring to out of nowhere are likely newfags, not anybody who has known or known of Lori since her Usagi days. The only people who seem to bitch about how to "properly" gossip about her are the ones who think she doesn't need a thread in the first place because 'oh her last meltdown was sooooooo long ago! how bad did she hurt you guys' like >>191497 over here and several others I'm too lazy to go search for again.

Probably Krissie or any leftover Kous she managed to con into defending her still.

No. 191642

Exactly. Her flopping is always someone else's fault. It's haters and trolls who are stealing her subs and taking her life away, not the fact that she sucks at her "job". If you've seen one of her photos you've seen them all, give or take a flash of her Lego labia. She can't get it through her thick skull that even the dumbest of men will see her scam and avoid her. There's so many other women and teens who do much more for less (sadly) but Lori thinks her face and body is really that sought after. You would think she would realize how much she's failed when she bought bots and comments, but no., The delusion lives on forever in her head. She totally does look like she just bawled her eyes out over some fast food lmao. Probably did if all she's done over the holidays is stare at herself through Meitu and funnel burgers into her pie hole all alone. That's sad even for her. No family or friends, just Kevin and his shitty gifts, burger king and smelly plastic clothes.

No. 191648

Whenever Lori comes into the thread she attempts to deflect by saying that someone else, like that girl she skinwalked or all the posters here, are worse cows than her.

Considering she has no friends to give her money and has resorted to random animal FB groups and sockpuppeting all day, it's safe to say it's herself since she uses dated terms like "haters" every single time.

No. 191652

Thought the same when I saw that post but I ignored it so she could seethe topkek. 100% sounds like her or the used q-tip coping.

This picture is so terrible, I don't even know where to start. You covered most of it though, my eyes went directly to her dollar store press-ons that aren't even shaped to fit her nail beds. Her unplucked pink brows look horrendous as well, her fried and choppy hair doesn't even blend in with her ratty extensions anymore, and she's really porked up. The hiding your fat upper arms trick isn't working anymore Lorena, we see the fat in your face and fat fingers. Gloves and poofing your face up are only making it worse kek. Slimming apps and changing the vertical tilt on the picture aren't doing much anymore either. Her chest looks awful too, still baffling that she thinks it's attractive and that people want to see that.

The entire photo itself is a disaster. Bright red on pastel blues? No wonder you have no subs Lori. Ever heard of backdrops? No effort whatsoever in her content. And Kevin has the nerve to call it a job. KEK

No. 191654

Soon she's going to start shopping her waist to be as small as her thighs. She thinks the shop she does now is convincing when we all know she looks like a Kleenex box in person. Never thought I'd say this but her pictures from Seattle with Kev are better than these. It's rock bottom now.

No. 191655

Do either of them even own normal clothing at this point?

Their place must look like the locker room of a cheap strip joint - plastic costumes and tacky shoes littered everywhere.

Except strippers actually get paid kek

No. 191659

Yeah if you count sweatpants as "normal clothing."

No. 191660

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who caught that post. That shit reeked of them.

No. 191693

At top of thread:
ITT: obvious moonie vendetta posting from people who make references to being ex friends or people from that era
ITT: tons of chest nitpicking but some sympathy as well
ITT: at least two old screenshots reposted along the lines of "probably how they're feeling now" in absence of an actual post on the topic
ITT: screenshot posted of some Instagram tard calling her a fattie who is almost certainly from here
ITT: One person wishing grevious bodily harm on Lori

Really running riot in here while there's low farmhand moderation over Christmas/New Year.

No. 191697

Fuck off.

No. 191700

Then apply for farmhand. Bye.

No. 191703

File: 1641360658018.jpeg (378.14 KB, 1242x1616, 49B09CE9-6616-40FA-934C-433C11…)

More pedo bait pandering, cluttered background, same pose as usual. And only 18 likes

No. 191704

Putting the horns on does not make this cosplay. It’s so lazy. >>191655
I think it’s bizarre at their ages that they don’t have normal clothing, normal kitchen supplies, savings, functional furniture. >>191611
The pink eyes/nails don’t match her outfit at all. The styling is so lazy she didn’t even put the second glove on

I can’t believe people actually donated to the go fund me. They are con artists. They’re both able to get jobs they choose not to.

No. 191705

i would kill to see the pics before the edits. i can sort of approximate it based on her looks, but there haven't been any new candids in 2 years.

No. 191706

I’m convinced the farmhand for this thread is one of Lori’s early aughts vendetta chans. I bet they’re also in their late 30s and living a similar life to Lori spending their entire days jobless and lurking this board.
If I get banned for this post then we know it’s true.(shit, you got me)

No. 191720

The gif where she transforms from real to meitu needs an updated version, kek.

This thread was never relevant until Kevin came into the picture. It would have died out if Kevin wasn't sperging and she wasn't using his accounts as sockpuppets for self promotion or grifting. It's on him now to drop a candid.

No. 191728

File: 1641380176944.jpg (92.05 KB, 720x1076, IMG_20220105_035445_907.jpg)

This is just pathetic. She ties anything and everything to her onlyfans.

No. 191730

what the fuck is going on with her eyeliner on her lid right before it transitions into the wing? cant tell if thats editing fuckery or just how the dumb bitch did her eye makeup today.

No. 191735

If the rumors are true about him pissing on the suit, I wonder why he doesn't do more shit like post her candids. It's a free way to piss her off.

We know you read this thread Kevin, just make a facebook post about your kawaii uguu girlfriend who you love so much, and post a candid of her bloated face with no makeup or edits. Then a farmer can screencap it and you can appear blameless.

No. 191736

So now magically she's so brutally traumatized and broken she's forgetting everything within a week of it happening? When's her DID larp going to start? Full of shit, Lori. You don't have memory issues from trauma you have them cause you're a piece of shit stoner who does nothing all day. You aren't uwu traumatized so badwy. Get the fuck over yourself, you did more damage to the people around you than vice versa. What a joke.

No. 191767

File: 1641402709774.png (3.2 MB, 1440x2323, Screenshot_20220105-091128.png)

No. 191774

>posts a catgirl

Your elderly girlfriend has dementia, Kevin.

No. 191776

I agree with most of what you said but don't expect any human really to look at her nudes and not point out her chest cavity. We know she has it but it's still shocking.

No. 191777

The story matches up with their typical tweaker actions but most tellingly she never longer wore the suit he peed on again.

No. 191784

I'm just glad to see that gofundme gimmes is going to their two ferrets Aliexpress and Taobao. The poor dears.

No. 191785

god I know. I was pretty skeptical of the anons who posted about this fb fight until I realized that the suit disappeared without any explanation at all

No. 191787

I wouldn't be surprised if they lurk and that suit mysteriously makes a comeback because of this post.

No. 191788

That's a neko Gal… She better stay the fuck out of my comm. Glad she's finally embracing her race though. The whitewashing app does her no favors.

No. 191799

What a stunted looser. What's she sad she wasted all her young cosplay time on crap cosplay so she's sticking in an ita phase that should have happened 20 years ago?

This looks like shit.

>When's her DID larp going to start?
When her autism/traumatized phase gets boring to her… but she'll still wear the horns.

No. 191809

The peesuit story and ensuing antics is what got me paying attention to the thread.

Without Kevvy, Loopytits was just an outdated skinwalker, griefing popular cosplay girls half her age while begging for dimes.

No. 191849

File: 1641460857961.png (1.21 MB, 1440x2268, Screenshot_20220106-011331~2.p…)

No. 191850

File: 1641460964707.jpg (55.14 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1641460839213.jpg)

No. 191852

I like how he had to specify he found it in storage instead of possibly buying it. Best Jeanist wears denim, I struggled to figure out wtf he meant until I realized he was referring to the high collar. It's a snowboarding jacket what do you expect? He couldn't just make a post about his wip he has to be dumb lol.

No. 191857

He looks like a corn cob

No. 191874

>anime is boring and rehashed
>got to have extremely good writing and animation
>lists the biggest pieces of shit to float to the top of the toilet bowl in the last 5 years
His taste in everything is literal shit and I love how cool he thinks he is for it. He has the media taste, style, vocabulary and emotional maturity of a 12 year old boy.

No. 191875

File: 1641486112111.png (612.92 KB, 1080x1029, Screenshot_20220106-082104~2.p…)

What's with his face? Why are his cheeks like that wtf they're so sunken

No. 191876

I thought he was going for Shadow the Hedgehog.

No. 191881

junkie face

No. 191891

They're cartoons, Kevin

No. 191894

Also, it got much worse or she got worse at hiding it.

No. 191895

How old is this creep again?
I swear Lori epanded her forever-a-teen delusion to him.
Fucking kek.
They are gonna look as "howudoinmahfellowkids" as raven in a couple of years

No. 191905


Someone should compare his appearance to before-Lori pics if they exist. They both look legit like those science studies of meth or sun damage.

No. 191908

Her race is white. I doubt she’s actually Latina kek

No. 191912

it looks like he has a gut despite having skinny legs. It's off-putting. I kind of tinfoil that they are both on drugs and fight whenever the stash gets low

No. 191925

I believe this 100%

Has a gut, bald and on drugs. I wonder if Kevin realised that men hit the wall in their 30s and he will soon be too ugly and old even for Lori.

No. 191960

File: 1641547915965.png (755.88 KB, 1440x1277, Screenshot_20220107-013113.png)

No. 191982

Take care of your actual rodents instead of being one Lori.

No. 191996

Lori be in the news! crazy crack whore bit a lady in wall-mart today

No. 192014

? You realise there are white Latinas, right?
Anyway Lori is Latina, she's half Cuban if I remember right. Her natural skin colour looks better than the snow filter bleaching

No. 192030

Her dad is Chilean iirc.

No. 192078

Cuban and/or Chilean…so probably 90+% white.

No. 192079

can we not? who cares, she's latina.

No. 192090

Her dad is Chilean and mom is Irish.

No. 192105

In the few pics where she has her natural black hair (it was some Naruto cosplay I think) her latina features look a lot more obvious

No. 192117

The issue with that isn't whether or not she's Latina. Her father is Chilean. If you see pictures of him and her brother, the features are even more prominent. The issue with it is that she white washes herself and does as much editing ad she can to hide it and has never used it as any part of the representation of who she is - then you have Kevin sperg about her and use her being Latina as a reason people are trying to cancel her. No one cares if she's Latina or that she tries to erase it, but Kevin listing it along with her being disabled and and a sex worker as pity points for why people should respect her and not hate her is the problem.

Yet again it all comes back to Kevin being a massive idiot.

No. 192119

Kevin referred to her as Spanish, not Latina, which is pretty funny.

No. 192151

File: 1641659408777.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1823, Screenshot_20220107-210414~2.p…)

Beep beep homies she got a HAT from a scrote! We were WRONG she does have homies and subs. She showed us. Clearly she's supported and very successful and Jeremy is very real and not potentially made up for an instagram story.

No. 192163

if this was real Kevin would absolutely go crazy and cut himself again. I hope it's real lol

No. 192164

File: 1641663209131.jpg (100.62 KB, 720x1040, IMG_20220108_103112_024.jpg)

No. 192178

It's almost impossible to make anything out in this picture and the excessive filter with the glitter makes the mirror look filthy

No. 192182

kevin can't even buy her anything because he uses his allowance from his parents to pay all the bills and they still have to beg

No. 192183

Bruh you can't whitewash yourself if you're already white, she's a white latina, as >>192078 said, she's probably 90% white or something, her editing makes her look like a ghost but that doesn't mean she's less white in candids, she's just a regular-ass white girl with tan skin and her features don't scream "mixed" to me at all.

No. 192220

Does she mean that like she's being 'bad' and not working? Does she not realize baddie means like, hot girl? You'd think with how much rap they listen to she'd know what an outdated word like baddie meant. She's so cringe like a wine aunt it's unbearable.

No. 192223

File: 1641681449187.png (1.57 MB, 1080x1077, Screenshot_20220108-143542.png)

Kek now she's made a new face entirely, can't even keep up with her own shoops. Love that she's clone tooled the pudge lines and creases off her stomach to make it creepy smooth with no dimension or shade. We know you're pot-bellied, don't need to lie to kick it, cerda.

No. 192254

The new face is hilarious. Even though she smoothed her body into uncanny valley, she looks 100x better than her anachan shoops.(sage)

No. 192265

File: 1641699012304.jpg (459.57 KB, 1065x1420, 20220108_212815.jpg)

The hat and Lori's face not as shopped, looking very mature. Vids posted over on kf.

No. 192282

File: 1641714345851.jpeg (144.13 KB, 1088x1440, FInTmOHVEAEHyUn.jpeg)

Maybe she's trying to look horrifying on purpose.

No. 192312

At first glance I thought that was Kevin

No. 192314

I was also going to post this. They're truly the same person with the dead expressions to boot.

No. 192328

i get second hand oh bee city whenever i see this bitch. whose she fooling with the shooped to death photos and ill fitting outfits? shes barely a size 4 and trying to fit a 2. puhhleaseee. ppl on IG must be chubby fetishists(learn2sage)

No. 192334

Did she purposely put the cloud there to try and trick people into thinking she is censoring her bare chest when we’ve already seen other images with her wearing a bikini top? Pretty slimy if you ask me.

No. 192335

Yes. Her whole "job" is scamming like that. She really never gets naked nor does actual sex she just gets high and flaps around like she's on crack, makes ugly faces and then puts watermarks and stickers on her shit like anyone is gonna take it or care. The stickers are 300% to trick you into thinking she's nude when she really never is.

No. 192341

File: 1641750995232.jpg (79.32 KB, 720x1183, IMG_20220109_105421_762.jpg)

Dunno who she's trying to fool with this "cleavage."

No. 192355

Imagin squeezing your tits together like she is and having a 1 inch gap between them. This bitch is beyond tragic.

No. 192396

She's also trying to add her new arm fat. Same as here >>192341

She's not fooling anybody with those fat cheeks and her poofing her face is only making them look even fatter topkek

Living up to her Cerda (pig) name.

When oh when will this bitch learn to do even semi decent eyeliner

No. 192412

Why would this be appealing to anybody. Crackhead energy.

No. 192425

The desperation in her face . . .

Who is she trying attract now? Her outfits are getting worse, and way she stares at her reflection through the phone screen is psychotic.

Why not use a tripod? Why have the phone in view? What are these pics for at this point, besides to feed her personal delusion?

No. 192489

You nailed it. It's only to feed her delusion. What would she have in her life otherwise? Remove Instagram and playing dress up from her day to day. According to Kevin, all she does aside from that is eat garbage fast food and sleep all day. She would probably end up slipping into some tweak or alcohol and just give up entirely. If she didn't have "free" shoes and clothes coming from scam shops, Kevin's parents and Jeremy with his hat money, she would be homeless, filthy and hooking. She has nothing to show for her entire 35 or so years on this planet. Literally nothing, barring her threads and ED pages. This is her light at the end of the tunnel. Waking up and gazing into the eyes of what she thinks could have been or still could be. That app and her sucking in are the entire backbone of her self image. Without it I think she would legitimately kill herself. The weight of aging and never doing anything meaningful are beating the absolute ever-living shit out of homegirl right now. Meitu is saving this woman's life single handedly, kek.

No. 192507

It must be disheartening deep down for her to realize all the highly fabricated pics she puts up are still not good enough.

On top of the pics being fake, she has to pay for fake engagement to feel good. Literally no friends or community, no "simp" homies either. Bet the person who bought her a cheap hat is herself again, everything she ever buys maxes out in the $20 range. Beyond paltry for this stage of her life.

No. 192568

She's going to be 37 in 2 months. Beyond sad that she wont just let go of all the fakery and build herself a real life. Imagine her in this scenario when she turns 40, not long from now.

No. 192588

I came across this ugly hat looking for litter boxes on Amazon. It’s only $8.

No. 192592

>Why not use a tripod?
Rather, why not have Kevin take pics?? He has no job and is there with her 24/7. Free photographer right there

No. 192607

As the wise philosopher Megan thee Stallion once said, “ I better not ever catch you talkin' shit if your bank account still attached to your mom's”
And yes Lori, Kevin’s mom counts. You’re middle aged hon.

No. 192609

She celebrated that 8 dollar hat more than her 20 dollar "LV" bracelet.

No. 192678

File: 1641937523119.jpg (685.22 KB, 1079x1633, Screenshot_20220111-154018_Duc…)

This picture is beyond unusable. This should be deleted, not edited into oblivion, then shared.

And the fug Hobby Lobby clear plastic chair is back. Tacky, like everything else she owns.

No. 192685

What the fuck is going on with her hips? Did she purposely shoop herself to look like she got butt implants? This is one of her worst yet.

No. 192693

File: 1641948659920.png (1.7 MB, 1080x1824, Screenshot_20220111-164849.png)

On top of that she can't be bothered to even use auto correct, literally illiterate. What the fuck is danger spaghetti? The worms growing in her old cheap pink dildo?

No. 192694

I thought the tuft of weave in the light was a ferret ghost! Spooky stuff

No. 192704

This is the one where you can see how short her actual hair is. It's all broken and barely shoulder length. Real life anime princess.

No. 192715

"danger spaghetti" she posting kevvy's baby pencil dick now?

No. 192722

File: 1641960364902.jpeg (230.36 KB, 1080x1440, FI3GW6zVEAUop79.jpeg)

No. 192727

At first glance and before zooming in, it looked like she had a diaper on.

No. 192771

she'd probably be more successful doing fetish shit, honestly

No. 192785

But she has the MooMoo complex of "I'm too good for porn" remember this is her "lewd modeling" it's not XXX cause Usagi Kou is way too good to do that. So she will never do kink because that requires admitting you're nothing but a has been making fetish porn for freaks. Doesn't exactly align with her modeling dreams.

No. 192796

>Pop on over to the forbidden spicy for the danger spaghetti of you're brave~
>danger spaghetti

No wonder she isn't getting any subs, nothing about this caption makes any sense. How is anyone supposed to know to go to her OF?

No. 192799

File: 1642005576077.jpg (185.68 KB, 1154x1200, D0gsnAWU0AAYsh8.jpg)

>Hey MooMoos, feeling crunchy? Me thinks you should wiggle on over to the forbidden spice for the danger spaghetti, good uwu homies may even get some exiled ravioli if they're good simp up homie homies! Boop beep! Little homie tingz! Wubba lubba dub dub winner winner chicken dinner wiggle wiggle burgie babi~
Bitch, I can't take this spicy baby talk.

No. 192823

Her ass is almost as long as her feet.

No. 192828

All this new dollskill shit, and a plz pay our bills gofundme. Okthen.

No. 192839

Reads like an ESL AI-generated post.

The gofundme is carrying their bills now.

Wonder if they blocked each other again over it.

No. 192850

Since you asked, Kevin was blocked the entire month of December and was allowed to refollow Lori on January 2nd lol.

No. 192866

This is the saddest relationship dynamic ever - do they just not speak to each other in person?

Then again - what the fuck would they even have to talk about? Considering Lori apparently cuts up Kevin’s hoodies - and Kevin pisses (literally) on her costumes.

But you guys are “in love” and “working so hard” - right Kevin?

No. 192867

File: 1642036960613.webm (3.92 MB, 640x800, homie_moo.webm)


No. 192870

Kevin gave a couple of hints in his GFM spergout. He says over and over how hands off he is with Lori's OF and how Lori is an independent boss babe who does this content without his help and he said something about keeping their social medias separate so I think Lori spins it as "this is my work account, let me do my thing" and it goes back and forth.

No. 192871

Idk why this made me laugh but you can hear Kevin in the shower in the background lol

No. 192875

They've been "engaged" for so long and yet they have no interest to actually tie the knot. Lori makes no mention of being engaged, while Kev used to make it known but it looks like that's gone too now. I don't think she even has the ring anymore. And Lori made an Amazon wishlist that included dividers, no doubt to separate Kevin. She really is more like a squatter and Kev enables it and avoids her.

No. 192878

> homie homie, macaroni!
I’ve only ever seen this from her. Is this really her being SOOOO random!!!! /holds up spork/?

No. 192879

File: 1642045019206.jpg (108.41 KB, 720x1101, IMG_20220112_203555_582.jpg)

Who is Morrigan? I doubt the character looks like this.

No. 192880

File: 1642045130837.png (116.11 KB, 258x386, Morrigan(Darkstalkers).png)

Like this. Not even close

No. 192882

Disturbing. Like those hobo grannies on crack you see on the sidewalk

No. 192884

File: 1642049097967.jpeg (240.19 KB, 1242x936, 7DD0E167-11E2-4AB5-9987-8A791F…)

I’m sure literally not a soul told her she resembled this character. The hair color/make up and style looks nothing like lori. And the screen cap about cosplaying is ironic because Lori doesn’t even actually cosplay anymore. Her shitty tacky put together plastic garbage outfits are not cosplay. She is so full of herself for no reason. Maybe instead of trying to skinwalk you could get an actual job or hobby to pay your vet bills/rent instead of whatever the fuck this is.

No. 192887

Same poses as always - same costumes as always - same amount of effort as always.

Went through the effort to show off the tripod - still can’t learn to use it.

It’s getting old Lori - like you.

No. 192889

No one will ever convince me that this woman has an IQ within the normal range. This is either a very low intelligence, mental illness or drugs. Doing this in a mirror watching yourself, let alone allowing others to see it is very telling. She looks so ridiculous, I almost feel sorry for her.

Delusional. She looks nothing like that character.

No. 192902

No Lori, you do not look like Marin from My Dress up Darling. Nothing about you screams “gyaru” or “teenager”

No. 192907

Nothing about your long and square double chined horseface, middle tooth, rashy hag nose, pink jagged brows, shitty eyeliner, choppy brows, or fried short hair comes even close to any of the cuter anime girls. Honey, we know that you spend all day in front of your mirror, who are you trying to kid with this? Nobody is going to fall for it. You look more like the Witch of the Waste from Howl's Moving Castle.

No. 192922

>I’ve been getting comments I look like this character
Sure Jan. Why lie?

No. 192923

Why can't Kev do her talons? Isn't he a multidisciplinary artiste with hands capable of small detail work? A builder gel kit is like $20 on her beloved aliexpress

No. 192924

TOPKEK she's really trying Morrigan? Baby, don't even bother. This is painful.
Literally sounds like a Chucky doll. She's on drugs.

No. 192925

Her mom is not Irish, she’s Latina. It’s been a lie she’s been saying for years

No. 192927

They probably are still fighting every day and worse in the tiny room. This is why Kevin is always outside. Or in the shower like >>192871 noticed.

That makes sense because her name is totally Latina. Her candids look like a different person in skintone as well.

No. 192931

Hate to say it but Mariah did succubus cosplay better. At least she had wings and made some part of it. Lori can't do jackshit.

No. 192938

every costhot is copying another costhot doing it.

No. 192949

Thanks for the glaringly obvious observation, u tard. That wasn’t the point of >>192931
The point being Lori is so fucking lazy she can’t be bothered to incorporate anything having to do w a succubus into her succubus “cosplay.”.

No. 192950

Because she's a liar and her entire life is a lie. These "little ones" probably dont even register in her brain anymore.

She's so lazy she just try's to add any character name that could in any way be associated with her garbage pictures because she's so desperate to hang onto cosplay and even more desperate for a place to post on reddit since she got booted from so many subreddits. Its pathetic.

No. 192957

if she actually starts to skinwalk this character, maybe we’ll finally get a new candid of her “uwu forever young” face at a con.

No. 192963

File: 1642104444296.jpg (517.71 KB, 1130x1280, morrigan-blonde-hair-teppen-ar…)

She can't even be bothered to put on a corset or any of her pleather outfits for Morrigan? She's debatably one of the easiest thot cosplays aside from Super Sonico. She wears pink and kept her hair platinum when she could have just left it yellow and that would be canon. She has a lot of outfits that would go with this character enough to make it actually Morrigan cosplay to a degree. There's like a hundred color variants but platinum hair, striped and pink is NOT one. She easily could have done the nurse variant of her in white. Retard doesn't know ANY of the characters she cosplays, it's so annoying. You're not a cosplayer, hag. You haven't turned out a real cosplay with effort in 20 years. Even in your prime you were grifting and propped up by photoshop. She fails at every character she tries cause she can't possibly do .003 milliseconds of of scanning the first page of Google. I hope she does go gyaru and try to do that kogal character. She's going to look like a middle aged Latina troon hooker in a school girl uniform. (Like she would even wear anything besides that awful strawberry lingerie seifuku and the reflective Moeflavor set. Who am I kidding?) At this point I wish the bitch would just go away forever and never bring her or her slave's raggedy mugs to any con ever. Do "elf bb" milf porn on MFC and just go full rock bottom. You'll make more money that way, Lori. Give up on your model dream, you're chasing a ghost you never had the chance of catching even as a teen. Lmfao.

No. 192996

I think the only reason she said it was a Morrigan cosplay was because that sub reddit requires you to be cosplaying something to post she wasn't going for Morrigan it's just another thrown on mismatch of clothes from her ever-growing aliexpress pile

No. 193008

File: 1642120356390.jpg (110.58 KB, 720x1032, IMG_20220113_173022_605.jpg)

I love that Kevin threw a like onto this post from Lori about how she's bummed she doesn't get to talk to other men enough LOL.

No. 193012

I was legitimately too lazy to put into words how retarded that anon's reply was, so as a random lurker, thanks kek.

No. 193013

I want to know what her end game is.

No really - she’s close to 40, dresses like she’s grasping to her 20s, types like she’s a teen stuck in the 90s, lives through filters, and is constantly fishing (and failing hard) for the replacement for Kevin - aka. Another dumb ass who will pay for her food/ clothes/ rent

What’s her plan? Continue to put out low effort and outdated content well into her 50s? 60s??

No. 193026

The real end game has yet to begin when his parents cut him off, kek.

Nobody would take Lori unless they're a visually impaired sped like Kevvy on the fast track to poverty.

No. 193037

What's preventing her from talking to her homies? She doesn't have a job and never leaves the house. So either it's Kev being a cock block or she doesn't have any macaroni. She also advertises that she talks to her subs as one of the benefits to sub-a-dubbing to her spicy. So she just admitted she doesn't have any homies other than I guess Jeremy the hat giver.

No. 193057

What's preventing her? The lack of their existance. You see her brag posting about her OF percent number anymore? Homie homie gonearoni.

No. 193104

I can't imagine that Lori can hold a conversation with an adult. Maybe a weeaboo child. Not men though. The whole begging for money in between ever breath thing really pushes away any and all men with money. She got no game.

No. 193130

My guess is what ones would talk to here are too into the pedobait she aims for and she can't show her haggard face. From what we've seen even coomers got tired of the same shit she'd post on insta just with a tit out. But to be fair, it is an achievement to be so bad at sex work that even desperate coomers won't look your way.

No. 193235

File: 1642218235067.webm (4.08 MB, 640x800, onemacaroni.webm)

No. 193236

she has to be on something

No. 193239

100% on coke or smth wtf is this??

No. 193247

Time to put abuela in a home, Kevin. Her dementia is getting really bad

No. 193248

I’m late, but what?! She is full Latina and not mixed? How embarrassing that she is running around faking to be a white girl! Is her grey eyes even real? I know Latinas can have different color eyes, but you never know with her!

No. 193250

I feel like this could be a shitpost or featured on a cringe comp.

No. 193251

File: 1642223788050.jpg (263.87 KB, 844x881, Lol2.jpg)

Horrifying to see a woman in her late thirties is still acting this way. Do we know for a fact she isn't special needs?

No. 193256

I know men are degenerates and all but I do not believe any man finds immitation of mental retardation to be fap worthy

No. 193258

This has the aesthetic of those cheap late night ads for phone sex lines from the 90s / early 00s.

No. 193260

She's probably the oldest skinwalker we've seen. Lying about heritage and being inconsistent about lies is skinwalker 101, kek.

Her skin, hair and eyes aren't whatever color you are seeing. Her candids are a different person completely.

No. 193262

>”Call now to join the spicy party - chat with all the hot, local homies in your area - beep beep talk to you soon. Call now!”

No. 193266

when she shows her teeth and shakes her head, all i can see is a retarded horse lmao

No. 193273

I doubt she could afford it.. maybe some bad speed

No. 193289

I'm just trying to figure out who thinks this is sexy. It's not even cute.. It's cringy bordering on special needs. Like, is she trying to sexualize retardation?

No. 193294

sage for blogpost
I've seen multiple act this way throughout my life
One was a middle aged lady at my first job who went off her meds
The others were all street junkies

No. 193295

There isn't a single angle that can successfully hide the ever-pathetic hoard spillage in the background. The misappropriated tables, matted unhemmed "fur rugs" and piles of useless stuffed animals never fail to remind me that her life is so…small

No. 193298

Horseface looks like a homeless junkie, now we know why she insists on having bangs while balding. It's to hide her receding hairline the same way Kevin is.

No. 193302

Does Kevin just have to go stand and hide in the bathroom when she takes these videos?

No. 193324

File: 1642272222333.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1304, Screenshot_20220115-104158.png)

The ass comments are getting to her lol the edit on her waist to make her butt look big. Also the hair looks like straw. Granny panty special is not it

No. 193326

The quality is so bad that it hurts my eyes. They legitimately feel like they’re straining to make the image clearer. Looking at her photos literally causes physical discomfort omg

No. 193327

File: 1642273888949.jpeg (37.29 KB, 512x547, 1614463473126.jpeg)

>doesn't have any macaroni

No. 193334

File: 1642276152359.jpg (20.88 KB, 393x375, nicehairline.JPG)

>The creepy as fuck fake laughter with her cheeks stuffed full of air
>'One macaroni please' as she puffs her mouth like a blowfish
>Rocking back and forth with no coherence or purpose
>Manic head shaking at the end showing off her receding hairline from all that bleach

Woof, I don't know how she expected any of this to be anything other than demented and bizarre. Not even the neckbeardiest of men would find any of this crackhead behaviour appealing.

No. 193339

The fact that the phone is an attached accessory to some tacky hand bag makes her come off even more retarded.

Blurring the background doesn’t hide that you’re a pig Lori - put down the lipstick and crack.

No. 193344

I just also noticed - her 'real' hair is the one that's moving with her head shaking, and her fake extensions are laying down flat. So this is a pretty good view of how short and broken her real hair actually is right now. It's barely chin-length.

No. 193350

I'm absolutely certain homegirl has an adderall prescription she's abusing at this point. Ya'll talk about her being on drugs, well adderall is legal meth. You snort two or three pills you will be zooted out your mind

No. 193352

She is the type of retard to snort Adderall IR lol

No. 193355

Yeah if there's any drug tinfoiling I'd bet Kevin has a script for Adderall. Can see his parents paying for health insurance and maybe some of their follow/blocking has to do with Lori demanding his pills.

No. 193363

I think this is most likely the case

No. 193365

I've always suspected this, some kind of cognitive disability.

Maybe state insurance, but possibly some other way of obtaining it, if she is using anything like that. I highly doubt she keeps up with a primary for her own prescription.

No. 193367

She's obsessed with being skinny and adderall kills your appetite plus it just feels awesome ngl, so I would bet she'd do what it takes to stay on it. I would be surprised if she's not on disability (which would grant her state insurance) along with his parents helping out with money.

No. 193369

It's easier to get state insurance than disability. It's hard for legitimately disabled people with even profound issues. She would be carrying on if that was the case.

No. 193373

File: 1642298071253.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1297, Screenshot_20220115-175213~2.p…)

I love that she embraces the cow because she thinks she's a troll but instead she literally just writes our jokes for us. Another cheap ass hat probably from Jeremy or maybe Kev got jealous and coughed one up with next day shipping.

No. 193374

Pink cow print is really fashionable with gen z because of tiktok so it might not be that deep

No. 193375

Noticed all her pics have her twisting and angling her waist to make it look slimmer. She's a built like a fridge.

No. 193376

Her fucking attempts at ‘uwu’ expressions kills me.

It’s like if Buffalo Bill looked in the mirror and said:
>”Would you fuck me? ‘Cause I sure wouldn’t.”

No. 193383

Most people her age would have a career, decent job or a spouse. But she's here on the floor, unemployed and pretending to be kawaii with a cheap phone bag. She has to be mentally unsound. Her creepy giggling is sone fatal frame shit

No. 193394

Nah. If you watch videos of her from the moonie days, she acts completely normal. Bitchy, but normal. This uwu retarded loli shit is on purpose.

She's actually been married and divorced a couple times already, so she's ahead of the game there

No. 193409

I guess Marin from My Dress up Darling is her new subtle skinwalk since she keeps wearing those ugly pink contacts. Like how she painted dots on her face when she skinwalked Belle from that anime movie. The pink contacts don't suit her at all and make her look more sickly.

No. 193418

File: 1642344361358.png (2.4 MB, 750x1334, 191F17AA-F8EA-4706-AB29-2A571A…)

she posted another picture of the Marin girl on her insta story.

Correct me if im wrong, but i thought she said at one point she didnt like wearing contacts? I know she didn’t like wearing wigs because “cosplay should be comfortable.” I’m just surprised by the frequent use of the contacts she’s wearing to really convince herself she’s Marin.

No. 193423

File: 1642348139951.jpeg (123.23 KB, 681x665, EB635AAA-4C52-41F5-887E-5D638A…)

She better grow some tits cause most of the shots I see are mostly on this girls assets

No. 193426

You can see her age here. She don’t look in her 20s. Filters are failing.

No. 193443

File: 1642354976544.jpg (42.32 KB, 904x531, 186b73.jpg)

>She's actually been married and divorced a couple times already, so she's ahead of the game there


No. 193449

The PreMenopausal Urge to use digital subterfuge to combat the effects of a decade worth of hard living

At this point, the level of midfacial malar wasting and orbital fat loss are too prominent to disguise, let alone reverse without surgical intervention. We'll NEVER see her at another Con again, she'll die before she'd ever risk a candid being taken of her

No. 193507

File: 1642371389155.jpg (90.37 KB, 720x1198, IMG_20220116_150640_784.jpg)

More of this "spaghetti" nonsense.

No. 193509

That’s not true lol. In her interviews at cons she is Kiki level annoying and not self aware

No. 193515

File: 1642378691198.jpg (103.76 KB, 720x1156, IMG_20220116_151524_348.jpg)

According to Kevin, some guy sent him these shoes.

No. 193517

File: 1642379109249.png (679.11 KB, 754x649, wtf.png)

Do scrotes even know what any of this means?

No. 193529

File: 1642383866187.jpg (92.78 KB, 930x553, bowlcut-930x553.jpg)

I've finally figured out why her hair looks so trashy. She cuts her bangs/fringe waaay too far to the sides, so it then looks like a hybrid mullet/bowlcut straight out of a 1980's trailer park. She then throws those shitty extensions on to try and add some length back to her fried hair.


No. 193532

carryover from her moonie days

No. 193533

File: 1642390194423.webm (681.78 KB, 1088x1440, wtf.webm)

Wtf… this is even more strange and off-putting than her last video.

No. 193539

You never go full retard, you can't get paid for sexy pics if it's just full retard. God abuela, you're so fuckin dumb n ugly. How tf she thinks "oh looks good let's post this"?

No. 193540

It’s funny that she’s shooting herself in the foot by comparing herself to Marin. She has none of the features of that character, like where’s her boobs? What about the wink and wide smile? It will be fun for Lori to post a side by side comparison to show people how much she looks like Marin!

No. 193543

can't imagine the shit she does for kevin during sex, if he gets any still.

No. 193544

when i watched this without sound i could hear the horse lips flapping just looking at her face.

No. 193546

Yeah I'd say bad speed, meth or street Adderall. Or she is just acting like "omg im so random and quirky like im on drugs xD" Because of the internet era she is from.

No. 193555

It's the crackhead eyes

No. 193564

I think she used to say that about false lashes and tried to convince people she didn’t wear them until nonnies posted close ups of her terrible lash application >>84874

She hasn’t bragged about how perfect her “natural“ lashes are since.

No. 193568

it looks like adderall to me. probably cheapest as well kek.

No. 193569

File: 1642429943966.jpeg (109.31 KB, 775x775, 47270CFF-343F-4657-9BBC-4CA17C…)

Bitch be time traveling

No. 193595

I maintain that I think this is all natural spergery and not any kind of uppers or hard drugs. Lori is INCREDIBLY self righteous, I can see her turning her nose up to "drugs" and thinking she's above all that. She smokes weed though, she might just be high?

No. 193598

High on her delusions for sure - what almost-40 year old looks at a teen anime character, that bears no resemblance in style or personality or even tit size to her, and think “omg this character is a carbon copy of me!! Isn’t that so quirky ma beep beep homie bolognas???!!”

Wonder if she ever forced Kev boy to call her Zero-Two/ Usagi/ now Marin during the few times she allows his dick in her vicinity - kek.

Bet Kevin wishes she’d call him “Bakugo” in return.

No. 193618

She really needs to fix her orange roots, they are like 4 levels darker than the rest of her hair. I wonder if she did them herself?(sage your shit)

No. 193619

This feels like an excuse so no one can say they're using their go fund me money for other things- pretty sus that they both just got a bunch of new shit tho

No. 193626

that's exactly it

No. 193632

Yeah I went to the guy's page and he sells a lot of shoes so Kevin probably just bought those and then said he was "sent" them, implying that they were a gift. Hopefully all those ferret ppl who donated to Kev and Lori enjoy the pics of Kevin in a new yellow and black outfit.

No. 193638

You don't understand, having same hair color and style totally makes her literally the irl version of said character. How long until she starts saying Marin was based on her?

One of Marin's main traits is her love for her fav character and I don't think Lori could show genuine love towards a character no matter how hard she tried

No. 193639

The funniest part will always be that the hair is not the same style at all nor is the color the same.

No. 193641

Marin is just her Umaru 2.0. Attractive, very young, popular, sought after by all men and a "secret nerd". Only difference is she's gyaru. Pathetic cope for a 37 year old freak who can't move past peaking senior year. Obsesses daily over underage characters seething that she isn't 15 anymore so she can't cash in on pedophiles. Must be pretty gut-churning to hate yourself so much you digitally and physically manipulate yourself beyond recognition to cater to men (mosty trannies) who would 100% fuck a kid if given the chance. She probably can't remember what her real face looks like anymore as she's full-blown delusional with her reverse BDD. Convinced herself she looks like a loli succubus when she really just looks like a Meitu'd mid-40's sissy troon. Pair that with a faggot bf who will drop her once she's well beyond passing as mid-20's with his eyes squinted, that's straight sui fuel. If she wasn't such an unlikeable cunt with a loli complex, I would probably feel bad for her.

No. 193645

She's been doing her and Kevvy's hair with the same drugstore bleach for years, anon.

Looks like someone who sells dupes of shoes, shady for sure.

No. 193647

File: 1642459062026.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1762, Screenshot_20220117-143623~2.p…)

Guess she guilted Bisou into posting her cause shes uwu struggling model