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File: 1541183053094.jpg (97.62 KB, 750x882, 41744235_442340432957769_72759…)

No. 725437

Summary of Shoe’s past:
>In her pre-internet days used to be a typical guido looking trash, was a bully in high school
>Discovered internet and got addicted to male attention so hard she dropped her education (film school) and became a Boxxy skinwalker
>Spent her days constantly attention whoring on Unichan, trying to be "the better Boxxy", pretended she's a "shy nerdy gurl uwu"
>Went on a vacation to Mexico with few unichan neckbeards. Obese one named Kenny stole her phone and posted her nudes on the net because she rejected his advances. (Note: The sword and door pics are not her.)
>Befriended a unichan guy (Ian) who would later become first lolcow.farm admin; possibly gains a mod status, uses it to know who is shit-talking about her on lolcow.farm (2014)
>Dated a seemingly normal guy, dumped him because her fanbase didn't approve she is dating a black guy and because he told her that she should get off the internet. Also cheated on this guy with Skeptic.
>Starts a youtube channel "shoe0nhead" supposedly for criticizing feminism - though she doesn't present any valid arguments instead uses her internet "fame" to shit-talk women and present herself as "not like the other girls".

Summary of Skeptic’s past:
>Blamed (still blames) his parents for his intellectual failures and his general stupidity because, in his words, “they weren’t smart enough to raise a genius.”
>Goes to a community college and majors in art. Shortly after he fails out.
>Made a shitty web comic for three years that was on the same level as Sonichu from ages 19-21. (he was willing to make more of these comics in 2015 when he was 31)
>Becomes a Messianic Jew, first cult he joined, and goes into debt from doomsday prepping. Believes in crazy conspiracy theories, like “The Simpsons” can predict the future.
>Becomes an atheist because of Amazing Atheist videos. Joins Atheism+, his second cult. Atheism+ guys can’t stand him and eventually dox him to make him go away.
>Spent loads of money on man-child toys and would hide them from his wife.
>Cheats on his wife with various women (Shoe0nhead, Jenny McDermott, and a catfish who went by River, including a few other unknown women). His wife found out and sent messages to these women telling them to not contact him anymore. Shortly after, he gets a divorce and immediately starts publically dating Shoe.

>Shoe: 27- Still addicted to internet (male) attention- no education other than high school, no career prospects, no skills.
>No real personality either, changes her opinions constantly based on what will make her gain fans.
>Dates an obese guy with intellectual disabilities who treats her like shit and spends all her money on bing bing wahoo toys - Desperately wants to be seen as a young girl.
>Acts like a teenager online even though she's almost 30, can't form an argument worth shit
>Lies about her past, pretends she was a "friendless wallflower shy gothic nerd girl uwu" even though she was a popular guidette with tons of friends who bullied nerds.
>Still obsessed with shitting on women while she coddles men like babies, huge double standards
>Still a bully, now online, sends her fans to attack smaller channels and random people she doesn't agree with (never goes after big channels).
>Huge coward, will block you if you point out her hypocrisy. (She will block your followers too)
>Googles her name all day - finds comments about her that don't even mention her directly. (this includes looking through posts and tweets with the word “shoe” in them)
>Makes everything about her, can't talk about a topic without inserting herself in it.
>Has nothing to put on her resume except "dunking on terfs xd"
>Got dragged by Brittany Venti and some of her former alt-right chan buddies for throwing Lauren Southern under the bus for trans and leftist brownie points. Venti later went and made Shuwu Saga vids, one of which was taken down twice.
>Still never made that video with Lauren Southern because her fans have the memory of a goldfish and she didn’t need to appease them anymore.
>Tries to make an LGBT artist’s suicide attempt about her. Acted like he already died for pity points.
>Goes on to say she was friends with him when she barely ever talked to him and was planning to make a video about him, but never does.
>Goes to Vidcon wearing obvious butt pads and was laughed at online for it.
>Brought up in a ‘would you rather’ video that people believe her bf has Jacob’s Syndrome (aka a retard). However it doesn’t seem like she realizes it says more about her MENSA IQ dom daddy than it does about those who believe that.
>Even though she said she would only make LGBT videos for pride month, she goes and makes an extremely low effort (even lower than usual) video on Gorillaz. In it she “””debunks””” a religious zealot who thinks rock-and-roll is the devil with an argument that boils down to just “yeah.”
>After Vidcon, her bf released a 40-minute long vlog packed to the brim with cringe and disgusting close-ups of his face.
>Soon after, Shoe released a video where she goes to a gun range with Blaire White, and lies nonstop. Claims to have only gone to a gun range once and being afraid of guns in the video despite the fact her gun nut ex took her to gun ranges all the time and owning a gun.
>Threw a few temper tantrums on twitter because people gave her the slightest criticism.
>Deleted her ask.fm, as well as unlisted videos on both her main and side channel. Wouldn’t want anyone seeing she’s not a ~thicc smol pwecious uwu~
>Shits on women who joke about drinking wine, then proceeds to make chicken tendies REEE xDDD jokes
>Posts one tweet that's somewhat pro-woman (criticizes r/theredpill for being manipulative and abusive), gets shit on by her fanbase hard so she quickly goes back to defending MRAs
>Lately has been shitting out bad videos faster than usual, obviously in need of quick beta bux
>It's been noticed that Mister Metokur (Jim) has been avoiding to criticize her and Preg even though he has no problem with criticizing whatever thing skeptic community does.
>Trying to start an internet fight with a radfem church, failing miserably.

Previously on the uwu smol bun and shitty daddy dom trainwreck show:

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Shoe links:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0aanx5rpr7D1M7KCFYzrLQ (shoe0nhead channel)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOrpD6svgE3L3CCnWk52JSg (shoe0ffhead/shoe & skeptic channel)
https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Shoe0nHead#External_Links (collection of old links and accounts)

Skeptic links:
https://www.youtube.com/user/armouredskeptic (armoured skeptic channel)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf1iroepad-o5w2il-06Gjg (armoured media channel)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtb3OOZwXGjwYMIXTu5zMKw (armoured gregory channel)
https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Armoured_Skeptic#External_links (collection of old links and accounts)

Info links:
Shuwu Saga Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpNB9_GDpuo [DL][Archived Copy]
Shuwu Saga Part 2: Electric Boogaluwu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWnk4gkMuzw [DL][Archived Copy] [DL][Archived Copy]
Skeptic’s Autistic Origin Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWuWRsayzCY&feature=youtu.be [DL][Archived Copy] [DL][Archived Copy] [DL][Archived Copy]
Shoe’s ED Article: https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Shoe0nhead
Skeptic’s ED Article: https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Armored_skeptic

No. 725441

Ten bucks says June will have a Twitter temper tantrum over this video.

No. 725442

File: 1541183852117.png (60.45 KB, 859x255, LnonJxV.png)

No. 725444

File: 1541184037825.png (1.66 MB, 2267x811, ghg.png)

still catfishing i see

No. 725455

File: 1541185301646.png (199.82 KB, 1374x695, Screenshot_2018-11-02-14-00-51…)

Oof, those follower numbers. Totally wasn't Shoe's fault, right?

No. 725470

Wow this Magibon-tier catfishing

No. 725501

File: 1541190909349.png (235.07 KB, 576x914, YIojP9n.png)

No. 725503

june is homophobic and trying to hide behind "i'm totes bisexual uwu" bullshit despite the fact shes admitted before shes jealous of women and wouldnt be in a relationship with one. stfu june.

No. 725509

They aren't wrong shuwu, half of your new personality is bragging about how gay you are despite the fact you probably never kissed another woman(or want to) before in your life because if you did, you'd be bragging about it on twitter right now for lib/gay points. Everyone and their mom knows straight women can find other women attractive because it's socially acceptable unlike men, who if they call another guy attractive get questioned immediately.

You aren't fucking special because you can talk about how hot another woman is with your bf, straight couples do this all the fucking time. You just want attention with the bi label, its so fucking obvious at this point, I feel embarrassed and sad for real bi women who have to see you making their sexuality a joke.

No. 725516

File: 1541193060565.png (158.18 KB, 577x405, ZQkoxkI.png)

No. 725517

File: 1541193137956.png (42.54 KB, 595x309, 2DRyt64.png)

this is the most popular reply to this tweet

it speaks for itself

No. 725520

I swear every time she refers to herself as a "bisexual" god kills a gay person out of spite. It's just a retarded get out of jail free card for her. I'm surprised she hasn't decided to be a "demigirl" or some other genderspecial bullshit to the mix.

Shoe, just refer to yourself as a pansexual, that's what all the other heterosexual handmaidens are doing

No. 725530

File: 1541194978376.png (71.53 KB, 616x586, 1531240995687.png)

Shoe has claimed to be ~demisexual~ before.

No. 725541

>has never been in a relationship with a woman
>has (probably) never had sex with a woman - and if she has, it was 100% a cucking with Shreg fucking another woman in front of her
>only ever speaks of "being gay" with women on her public twitter when she has to fish for attention
You're not bisexual, June. Stop.
Even Lainey is better at faking bisexuality, and that's saying much.

I bet Shreg and Shoe have one of those creepy Tinder unicorn hunter couple profiles where they only upload pictures of the girl and only say "Oh, and my bf is coming, too :)" when they're arranging a meeting. Oh, and of course Shreg would be the one who's running the profile and chatting with the girls, because June wouldn't even be able to fake interest.
What a circus

No. 725543

Shoe picked a though opponent to "dunk on". Whoever is running that pussy church account snatches her wig hard every time Shuwu tries to say something.
Her fantards are fighting in her name but it makes them look even more autistic and cringy.

No. 725561

kek shes got shoe pegged to a T gotdamn.

imagine getting roasted by the very sjw you were mocking, and your only response is "omg biphobic much?" lmao. sad june, just sad.

No. 725566

Lauren Southern is literally stupider than Shoe and looks like she's 40. Pick a more aspirational girl crush, June. Lauren Southern would only be picked by a shitfaced middle-aged divorced man with a beer gut at last call in a dive bar.

No. 725571

Ofc she picked Lauren Southern, all for those /pol/ neckbeard points.

She dropped her "crush" now that it isn't compatible with the new liberal image she's trying to project. Now she's into trannies like Contra which are totally real girls™.

(No wonder she stans troons so much, she gets to crush on a man while pretending it's making her bisexual, a win-win situation for her straight ass.)

No. 725594

My divorced dad with a beer gut also loves her so confirmed.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 725604

File: 1541203062574.png (34.43 KB, 589x365, trouble in paradise.png)

Oh dear more burning bridges I see-wonder how long until she deletes the tweet

No. 725614

File: 1541204051602.jpg (57 KB, 608x571, DrCVLR1X4AA3mLZ.jpg)

>tiny man

No. 725616

File: 1541204154146.png (35 KB, 600x364, kkD6vSB.png)

No. 725619

File: 1541204415142.jpg (85.37 KB, 1200x527, DrCVff5U0AAGGgn.jpg)

Another fight incoming

No. 725621

File: 1541204437715.png (91.59 KB, 588x320, huehuehue.png)

No. 725624

File: 1541205455836.png (359.44 KB, 1160x1019, friendstream.png)

No. 725625

File: 1541205701619.png (114.01 KB, 1163x619, friendstream2.png)

No. 725633

can someone give me the tl;dr on the context of these tweets?

No. 725636

No, June. You're not LGBT because you're marrying a man, it's because you're fucking pretending to be bi lmao.

No. 725641

Ralph raised money for St Jude and Youtube refunded it. Skeptic defended him, even though Ralph absolutely hates Shuwu and reads these threads. He's used our images in his streams and mocked her constantly.

No. 725642

File: 1541209005539.png (253.12 KB, 498x1477, oh my.png)

No. 725644


apparently all of his Youtube channels got superbanned, along with his cohosts, and possibly some google drive accounts, gmail, etc.


someone wants a threesome.

No. 725645

It takes a special kind of orbiter to defend Shoe's hot take on pedophilia.

No. 725647


David Sherratt once attempted to hit on Lauren Southern via livestream, and was interrupted by his mom yelling at him for not being able to get it all in the toilet when he pees.

he's special, alright.

No. 725652

File: 1541210135839.png (14.35 KB, 592x132, David Scare-att (@discordspies…)

What a loser

No. 725659

lmao at greg defending ralph who hates shoe but not even batting an eye when all the brittany drama was going down. this can't get any sadder. he literally gives no fucks about her

No. 725662

Well, Ralph is a way bigger deal than hammerhead.

No. 725668

And did he even mentiomed the site?

No. 725670

June constantly made fun of feminists and people going after her for saying yikes now she's jumping on the meme lmao

No. 725675

What happened to the alleged threesome with ol' stinky?

No. 725685

>he literally gives no fucks about her

Lol, I know right.

No. 725702

Great video anon thanks for sharing.

No. 725703

I used to think Shoe was physically out of Skeptic’s league but it made a lot more sense when high quality pics of her started coming out

No. 725730

Wig pretends she is "horrified" over donations being rejected but it's super obvious she doesn't really give a shit and that her real motive is getting on Ralph's good side so he doesn't shittalk her and air her dirty laundry for everyone to see.

Seems like Ralph already fell for it, awww.

No. 725736

She did the same thing with cognitive thought, kissing his ass and apologizing after he made a stream on her.

No. 725748

File: 1541221554160.png (255.88 KB, 845x439, 1540758059211.png)

Just imagine her without all the wigs and face paint. If it weren't for his weight problems, I'd say Greg is out of her league.

>June's spine
fucking w h e r e ?

No. 725755

Some guy: I hate women
June: lol it's ok me too. Need moar sandwiches!
Some girl: I hate men
June: lol butthurt much, TERF? See, this is why people don't like feminists.

No. 725757

This guy is a fucking retard. Definitely deserves his own thread as well imho

No. 725805


Of course, she doesn't give a shit about this Ralph posting revenge porn on his site. She kisses his ass so that he doesn't shittalk her. God this reminds me of my borderline narcissistic aunt that attempted to poison us again lol

But in other circumstances she would say ''I'm totes against revenge porn'' to sound good and reasonable. It just depends on what is beneficial to her and nothing to do with the cause.

No. 725835

We don't have a Kraut thread?

No. 725859

This is actually horrifying.

No. 725865

I was just laughing about this last night. She's fence sitting so hard and a hard-boiled opportunist, she'd lick anyone's boots if it meant more exposure and connections for her. I'm disappointed in Ralph giving in though, the whole Killstream crowd is just a bunch of woman-hating assholes who love doormat handmaidens. Shitrat is an awful person and an incel trying to hide behind a thin SJW veil but shoe isn't any better.

No. 725875

File: 1541250252106.jpg (89.1 KB, 538x769, jkj.JPG)

>Charity doesn't want money from groups with racist ideals

>June the liberal: uh…i guess…

Yeah it totally isn't because you are sucking up to Ralph, Shuwu.

She's such a dumb brainlet. Should've stayed alt-right pandering girl as it doesn't require being able to actually think.

No. 725880

I listen to KS every now and then because they do have hilarious drama with gay ops, but I can very well see why the hospital would've refunded it. If the news organizations found out that they were taking money from a show that has a trump supporter reading "gas the kikes you fucking niggers" superchats even as a joke, they would be in for a PR catastrophe. WSJ is a huge publication, the hospital would've probably lost their other funders if they made headlines in the sense of "Hospital funded by racist white supremacists".

The problem with shoe is that she keeps parroting what the big boys are saying to be more relevant without really understanding the context matter. Which ends up with her constantly embarrassing herself and resorting to blocking people who point out her stupidity. She rarely fact checks and changes side according to the situation.

Her suddenly sucking Ralph's ass is pathetic though. He has shat on her for multiple times, exposed a lot of her shit, made fun of every last detail of her in his stream and called her every name in the book and now that she made a couple of courtesy tweets that's all it takes to have him suddenly there to unblock and apologize. These people have no fucking spine.

No. 725881

She has no fucking backbone to even take a stand on anything relevant. Yet Ralph falls for the whole “uwu plz don’t talk shit about me I’m on ur side hehe~”

I don’t understand why Jim thinks she’s an exemption from the other retarded skeptics when she’s just a spineless “not like the other girls :3 I’m mentally 12~“ “”””skeptic””””.

No. 725884

>If the news organizations found out that they were taking money from a show that has a trump supporter reading "gas the kikes you fucking niggers" superchats even as a joke, they would be in for a PR catastrophe
Exactly. What I don't understand is why he wants his name and stream associated with the donation. What he could have done is get donations through the stream and then donated to it anonymously. I think he just wants attention from this.
>Her suddenly sucking Ralph's ass is pathetic though. He has shat on her for multiple times, exposed a lot of her shit, made fun of every last detail of her in his stream and called her every name in the book and now that she made a couple of courtesy tweets that's all it takes to have him suddenly there to unblock and apologize. These people have no fucking spine.
And he's falling for it because Jim gave her the pass and even complimented her, they all suck his balls and want to be on his side with everything. Shuwu wants to separate herself from the other skeptics with this because the rest of them hate KS and Jim. It doesn't change they facts that she's always been butt buddies with Sargon and took a huge part in the Candid shilling and blocks and flags people even worse than Mudanefatt.

No. 725901

>He has shat on her for multiple times, exposed a lot of her shit, made fun of every last detail of her in his stream and called her every name in the book
Considering her fiancé and the audience she cultivates, maybe she’s into this sort of thing.

No. 725908

Honestly feel like David Shitratt needs his own thread, he is exceptional

No. 725920

File: 1541257227214.png (526.43 KB, 780x435, jeffholiday.png)

KEK Memorie Holiday and Jeff are suspected Little Boy Lovers, of course she'd be the one to make sure she publicly shows a sense of morality.

Exactly, Ralph should've done it anonymously. His retarded fans taint his public image for him to do any moral good under his name.

No. 725958


No. 725965

Why is the triangle circled?

No. 725966

from what I recall of that whole pizza gate debacle, it's apparently a symbol of being a gay pedo or something.

No. 725970

it's a logo used by pedophiles to identify sexual preferences within each other https://wikileaks.org/wiki/FBI_pedophile_symbols

No. 725996

File: 1541268570722.png (104.19 KB, 584x702, 7YU36TL.png)

cow crossover

No. 725997

A lot of cows attack chris because he's an easy target so they can look 'good' in comparison

No. 725999

File: 1541268868890.png (2.01 MB, 2448x1586, jeff.png)

No. 726000

File: 1541268961765.png (1.95 MB, 1126x1318, jeff 2.png)

No. 726001

The fucking PROJECTION! This bitch treats her rabbit like shit and uses it to be "uwu cute smol girl" by proxy fuck off you hypocritical bitch.

No. 726004

Jesus Christ

No. 726010

Doesn't look like it. Or I couldn't find one at least.

No. 726015

There is an anti-sjw/sceptic thread where he is talked about.

No. 726021

Inb4 I-I was just trying to h-help! All I want is for everyone to be happy! Pls no bulli!

No. 726092

Shoe has followed Chris for a while, she should know that he doesn't listen to advice, especially from strangers trying to guilt trip him. This is pure virtue signalling.

No. 726131

Shoe shouldn't be giving anyone advice on how to take care of a pet.

No. 726243

wow picking on chris how revolutionary, let him have his kitty lol

No. 726288

What the fuck? Why is no one talking about this? It's not even subtle.

No. 726367

File: 1541315641539.png (2.63 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-11-04-01-13-38…)

Totes BDSM Halloween couple!

No. 726375


does preg only own one pair of shoes

No. 726376

File: 1541318069745.png (31.58 KB, 524x227, socialblade.png)

Little off topic, but it looks like Preggy has been up to some video deleting according to socialblade. I don't know what was deleted/unlisted/privated recently from his Armoured Media account, but I believe what he unlisted from his Armoured Skeptic channel was his "Does Canada Have Free Speech?" video. What I find interesting about this is it lines up with his twitter drama with Rational Disconnect.
video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVVDQnkqh8M&gl=US&hl=en
archive of video: https://web.archive.org/web/20170614182851/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVVDQnkqh8M&gl=US&hl=en

No. 726386


because Ethan is desperate for legitimacy. He hitched his wagon to gamergate because he thought that would do it but being the huge sperg he is even those losers laughed at him. He's been trying to be hardcore 'libertarian' (alt-right but more muh freedoms tears) since then. This was an obvious trap to do 'charity' get rejected and then cry that it's a media conspiracy. Transparent af and just as nasty as one would expect from the little manlet.

no wonder June is with him, he manages to be even more basic than her wtf

No. 726391

She always dresses up as some kind of submissive sexy slave uwu

No. 726402

Everyone with half a brain could've realized that this is exactly what was gonna happen with the donation and I think everyone saw it coming. It was a publicity stunt for sure and nothing more.

Kind of unrelated but I can't wait until Ralph pulls a Tonkasaw and pisses off Jim by revealing that he's only getting him to streams because it brings in more viewers and money and starts selling Jim-based merch. You just know it's going to happen. Everyone's only using Jim for their own gains, that's why Shoe is sucking up to him so much as well.

No. 726443

File: 1541333329011.jpg (169.46 KB, 810x1094, IMG_20181104_130543.jpg)

But June, in your video you claimed you don't want to be a part of the pussy church just because you have a vagina. (nobody invited you anyways)

Now suddenly you whine how het women aren't welcome?

(even tho they are, it's just that bi-larping handmaidens like Wig aren't welcome)

No. 726447

June is so annoying. Ever feel like without her being constantly surrounded by men she'd get her ass kicked? Like, there are women out there who can properly fight and June is a little bitch who deserves to be punched for all the shit she says/does

No. 726449


if she never discovered 4chan and neckbeard attention, i imagine she'd be getting into guidette slap-fights and losing terribly.

No. 726450

that costume is fucking hideous

No. 726454

File: 1541336251014.png (994.04 KB, 930x590, qiKtoni.png)

she must have deleted her reply to chris chan

No. 726468

File: 1541337169304.png (358.67 KB, 587x587, cd7b5Kz.png)

No. 726470

File: 1541337182997.png (322.16 KB, 582x588, 8WGRn50.png)

No. 726496

Pretty sure it's Cathy Brennan behind the account, which cracks me up. I'm living for this

No. 726500


This is so cringy, I can't believe June is not embarrassed to upload these. It's like she's a proud mom of a retarded fat son, probably says "good boy!!" when Greg makes another borderline retarded dreamworks face.

No. 726522

This is fucking priceless lmao greg just keeps looking more and more miserable with each new picture this bitch uploads. Never thought i'd be rooting for this fat bastard but it really looks like she's sucking the light out of his eyes

No. 726532

File: 1541344777984.png (166.57 KB, 602x632, geRgQnc.png)

nothing seems to trigger her more than sex strikes.

No. 726559

if you take off the collar he looks like the fat Russian deacon at my church

No. 726573

Someone should start a thread, Kiwifarms barely mentioned it, it was once mentioned on a thread on 4chan during the Kraut drama. There really hasn't been much research on this. I'd make the thread but besides the pedo stuff and him being a doxxer I don't have much milk.

No. 726580

The problem with Jeff Holiday is that he's kind of irrelevant, people paid attention to him when the Kaut server stuff went down but that's almost a year ago and most have probably forgotten about him.

No. 726588

The only other milk I can think of for Jeff Holiday would be his wife openly cucks him with other women and at VidCon 2017 he called Preggory a nigger, then proceeded to shout "nigger" several times in a parking lot.

No. 726597

Preg got angry at Jeff holiday because he though he was flirting with June and was like “June belongs to me” and Jeff mocks him a lot.

No. 726604

I mainly brought it up since shouting nigger in a parking lot is sped behavior, but yeah Preg is just as much an idiot as Jeff, especially since he tried getting other people involved behind the scenes to get Jeff to apologize because he was that insecure of a guy saying hi to Shoe. That whole skeptic community is ridiculous.

No. 726667

File: 1541367462928.jpg (660.9 KB, 783x1200, footlong.jpg)

No. 726672

Groceries is probably thinking "That Tiny Man"

No. 726683

File: 1541369026832.jpg (61.13 KB, 533x618, cosmo shoe.jpg)

Not surprising. In shuwu's world wamen are useless unless pleasing men.
The second tweet is in response to a cosmo article on why women shouldn't swallow as well, they deleted tweet though.

No. 726690

why does june have such a tiny, shriveled up non self aware brain? it's so weird. why does she think swallowing cum is such an important thing?

No. 726692

no one likes swallowing though, not even the girls that do. dont know why or how thats controversial, junes so into her uwu cool girl act that she's losing sight of reality

No. 726700

Your bizarre push to put men's pleasure above women's comfort is concerning

No. 726701

"Nothing get lost" GOD she's like a drunk high school girl at a party who's dying to show off how she's number 1 gurl, I love to swallow guys I'm a cumslut lol I'm crazy on bed I'll fulfil all your fantasies, not like the other girls hehe nothing beats swallowing cum!!!! Grow up, June, this is so embarrassing

No. 726706

File: 1541373178721.jpg (32.07 KB, 667x375, 1481178574613.jpg)

If shuwu likes it so much why doesn't she just do porn? It sounds like she really wants to be seen as a pornstar, constantly talking about swallowing cum and doing bdsm.

No. 726707

That eyebrow pisses me off. Does he really think it looks hot when he makes that retarded face? Because to me it looks like someone who had a stroke and one side of his face had nerve damage and is now hanging lower than his other side.

No. 726709

June's triggered when she sees other women fathoming an existence without being pleasureholes to men.
Because that's what she sees herself as, and has thus far done nothing else with her life.

No. 726716

Whatis she even supposed to be

Also his belly is sticking out of that costume im dying why is he allergic to clothes that fit him?

No. 726722

Idk why you guys are so surprise she likes swallowing so much, lets not forget all the dicks she apparently sucked before meeting Preg.

No. 726725

"likes swallowing so much" implying shuwu isn't just saying things like that for preggy points and for neckbeard admiration

No. 726727

I don't think she likes it. Genuinely it's just so cringy the way she talks

No. 726749

I genuinely can't believe she somehow thinks shes above girls who show cleavage online. Posting about their sex lives publicly for their neckbeard fans to jerk off to, wow so smol and kawaii uwu.

No. 726759

best timeline

oh boy stoopid waman not being sex slaves! :333 this makes me look so much better <33
I bet she's actually giddy when this sort of stuff happens, it's why her whole thing is pointing out how stoopid and doodoo feminism and women are. She acts like she's upset but she's actually squirting cause it makes her look like an awesome sandwich making cocksleeve in comparison

exactly, imagine how huge her ego would be by now if these threads with all her dirt didn't exist. im convinced it's the only thing keeping her only slightly humble

No. 726765

dude it's a fucking spiral in the shape of a triangle, chill out. This isn't the illuminati or a conspiracy theory thread, it's a fucking design on a man that has multiple tattoos he's gotten thru out his life. Also isn't this shoe's thread?

No. 726767

maybe open a thread for him when he starts transitioning

No. 726790

Does shuwu have any hobbies other than being an uwu whore?? Like any other form of interest or personality?? She doesn’t play video games, she doesn’t read, she doesn’t really talk about music except “xd gorrilazzzzz girl hehe”, or anything. She is completely void of any sort of personality except “not like other girls uwu I love cummies.” She doesn’t even have any real political views despite being a political YouTube channel.

No. 726814

As far as I can tell the gorillaz thing is really the only "interest" she has. Her time is 100% taken up by shitting on other women on twitter and making dumb videos where she yells into the void. What a life and legacy lol

No. 726833


the only kind of porn she could get into would be the kind of porn that would force her to admit Andrea Dworkin was right about something.

No. 726865

She tried pretending she's a "socio-political commentator" but we all shat on her hard because of that so now she's only a "gorrilaz fangirl who likes cringe xD and her daddy uwu".

No. 726866

File: 1541397753674.jpg (95.88 KB, 810x668, IMG_20181105_070042.jpg)

She really doesn't know what to shit on anymore so she just gets random SJW screenshots and pretends she's horrified.

Her existance is pretty sad. Thrities are gonna hit her like like a rock.

No. 726907

in her mind i'd imagine she considers her hobbies to be fashun and bunnies, but of course she doesn't seem to put much time into either. other than that i got nothing. does she even watch any shows? not that that should really count. imagine being so boring that you don't even have basic bitch interests like cultivating a taste in media, let alone doing something that involves making things or going outside.

No. 726934

She watches marvel movies only because of her fat boyfriend.
I can't think of her having any of "her own" interests, aka something she didn't develop just to be liked by someone else or to gain attention.

Even the Gorillaz thing comes from trying to present as something, not because she was actually that into it.

No. 726936

Oh yeah and she discovered 4chan in her late teens, but never lurked any of the hobby and interest boards. She just went to /b/, /r9k/ and /soc/, posted pictures of herself and was like "lOoK AT ME GUYS!!! im a gurl :3"

That thing is kind of a give-away of how much she lacks personality and just needs attention and wants popularity.

No. 727118

File: 1541447244759.jpg (55.28 KB, 580x456, jkj.JPG)

>current day Europe

Is "Europe" a country, Shuwu?

Also she's back pandering to /pol/

No. 727140

File: 1541451320476.png (296.43 KB, 591x589, Untitled.png)

No. 727142

Oh look, another American who thinks Europe = the UK, France and Germany. For some reason I'm not shocked at all. Thank god shuwu is an educated smart skeptuk wommyn who would never do a dumbass mistake like couple the whole continent consisting of 50+ independent countries under just "Europe"!

I'm starting to suspect that every morning she wakes up, shakes the magic 8 ball and lets it decide if she'll pander to either /pol/ and alt-light or the SJW movement today.

Now that you mention it I've never seen her take an interest in ANYTHING other than internet whoring. She was a loudmouth during GamerGate but admitted that she doesn't play video games. She doesn't watch any shows, she doesn't read comics, she doesn't do arts or crafts or music or gardening or anything like that, and afaik she doesn't do sports or exercise at all. She just sits in front of her computer fighting with strangers on the internet and filming stupid videos of herself talking low hanging fruit topics like she was the female mundane matt. She's a tabula rasa, her personality is made of 100% people around her because she needs that sweet validation. Can't imagine why, being a jobless uni dropout at 28 getting cucked by your boyfriend living in another country should be the life every gal dreams of.

No. 727143

is that watch on one wrist and a fitbit on the other lol? he's doing it ted cruz style

"dear god please let this dumb cunt agree to another threesome"

No. 727168

I'm pretty sure she considers BDSM her "hobby". That's why she can never shut up about it.
She also had a "cartoons list" file on her desktop so I'm pretty sure she watches kid shows because uwu little

No. 727220

File: 1541460618584.gif (2.13 MB, 466x260, canihasjobplz.gif)

Wish I could be a fly on the wall on that day, in the not-so-distant future, when June hands her empty 'resume' to a woman who single-handedly worked herself out of poverty to become a hiring manager:

June: b-but I used to be a big """content creat0r""" on Youtube and Twitter!

No. 727253

if bdsm is her "hobby" and so is "ownin da feministszz" then june's hobby is boiled down to La Serving daddy dom boyfwen~

it's really pathetic that the only fucking thing june cares about is essentially making herself as appealing to the lowest-grade males on the internet she can find, and it has been like that for years. everything she likes or agrees with is whatever can get her the most neckbeard attention at the moment.

No. 727266

I love these idiots who act like certain european countries have no reason to have serious censorship and hatespeech laws. its not like something hasn't happened in very recent memory that led to the extermination of millions of innocent people, no sir! the 40s was like 100 years ago right, who cares?

ignoring how in v for vendetta, being gay was outlawed. of course thats what those pesky sjws want!! not wanting people to treat nazism like a fun joke is just like murdering people for their sexuality.

No. 727324

I usually don’t follow others in the skeptic community or whatever but heard of this guy.

Is he always this strung out looking?

No. 727354

File: 1541478220588.jpg (67.83 KB, 539x744, HFVKQas.jpg)

zero self-awareness

No. 727368

Greg is railing her from behind - POV style, you can't see his dick or her ass under his stomach, probably a good thing. He forgets himself for a second and pulls at her hair, her wig slips off.

No. 727381

It was censorship and hatespeech laws that led to all those problems in the first place.

No. 727388

Are you retarded?

No. 727392

Why so rude?

No. 727400

Yeah this is standard

No. 727402

They literally burned books, dude. It was censorship and hatespeech laws in the hands of tyrants that shut out all informed political opposition.

No. 727410

so in other words you are retarded and you have a very odd take on how that whole thing played out. Please just give up and move onto something you know about, like Pokemon or something.

No. 727414

File: 1541493954466.png (277.8 KB, 749x506, h9Jev4x.png)

Greg's family is rich tho.

No. 727415

File: 1541494117525.png (63.04 KB, 746x254, AAEcal7.png)

Why is Wig being so defensive?

No. 727417


No. 727420

she's salty she hasn't moved in with groceries yet and not getting any of her future in-law's money because of it
she knows shrek's an unstable Tiny Man who wastes his money on star wars toys and camgirls and has to go to june for extra "finances" since his parents refuse to give him any more.
June and Greg will never be able to live alone because of Greg's inability to keep track of his finances.

No. 727421

my sides

No. 727422

burning books = hatespeech laws?

Banning swastikas and holocaust denial is very different to tyrants shutting out all "informed" political opposition, and sending all political opponents to prison camps.

Shuwu is talking about shit she knows nothing about, again, and you're WKing her lazy alt-right equivocations.

No. 727428

NTAYRT but you're pulling a june right now, talking about stuff you really don't understand with "ugggh go play pokaman or smth smdh" sass. Back in the 30's and 40's the reason Hitler got into so much power is that they censored and destroyed every opposing view until they were in the position where everyone believed them and allowed the extermination of millions of people to happen. Afterwards the citizens of the nation said that they just believed the government was doing the right thing. The infamous "kristallnacht" was widely considered an act of heroism in the Germany of the late 30's.

I'm European myself and I honestly agree that the censorship laws are retarded because they're not really meant to protect the people, they're often meant to protect big businesses by claiming humanitarian efforts. Shoe is right in retweeting anti-censorship tweets but I believe that she and other skeptic/alt-light/whatever communities are there only to screech about their right to use the word nigger or be racist assholes in general. They're not worried about big companies and politics abusing the censorship system to prevent people from harming their business, they're only all about m-muh free speech.

For Americans who don't get what I mean, here's an example: A property company starts renting out apartments and spaces to put refugees into, the business is booming because the state pays for the rent and upkeep. Suddenly people start talking about the costs of these services and how the property company is ripping the state off with their business model. The property company starts screaming racism and gets the investigation and criticism shut down with censorship. This is the sorta thing that people should be talking about, not the cringeworthy kekistani "b-but I can't yell nigger in the streets muh freedom!!!!" bullshit.

No. 727430

What is the source that Greg’s parents refuse to gibe him money?

No. 727437

When he got in debt from his first cult his family and then wife had to help bail him out. While they were helping him he was spending their money on bing bing wahoo toys he would hide from them. He's Canadian Chris Chan.

No. 727448

Bet that ex wife is sure glad she helped him out with that, just to get replaced by dollar store boxxy.

No. 727450

I wonder how he can afford his horse if his parents completely cut him off.

No. 727476

He hasn't spoken of his horse in a year now lmao

No. 727479

No, im saying he probably doesn't give a fuck about it and uses it the same way shuwu uses her bunny. Tbch, i think the horse doesn't exist anymore.

No. 727480

Him and shoe have been together since 2015, are you trying to say he had horse money until just a year ago? I truly believe shoe is with him for status. I think she knows he's kinda retarded and not as amazing as she wants us to think she thinks he is.

He said that his ex said that "she was with him mainly to be provided for" and that was a devastating blow to him.

No. 727481

And yeah I think it's the money but also i think she has a weird attachment to him i genuinely believe she enjoys being treated that way

No. 727482

But how did he pay for the horse is what I meant.

No. 727486

Yeah, she does get off on being treated like garbage by men.

No. 727489

Is this Tinder?

No. 727491

nah, instagram.

No. 727497

I would guess he had the horse before the doomsday cult and kept it after because his family and ex wife helped pay off his debt.

No. 727504

you need to pay money to take care of a horse, he doesn't live on a farm.

No. 727511

I get that. I'm saying after his debts were taken care of he could use his money on that. Not to mention it can be difficult to get rid of a horse.
I know his ex had a horse (she even kept it during and after the debt saga) and I believe he has some family members who own horses, so there's also the possibility they helped him find a cheaper place to house his horse so he could afford to keep it.

No. 727519

Probably his or june's youtube money? Or his parents could be paying for him. It really depends on how much it costs him to lease the horse.

No. 727542

File: 1541522877404.jpg (74.91 KB, 640x640, 41798732_420508858476968_45312…)

Hoo boi look what I found

No. 727551

Lmao she's furious

No. 727553

The hover hand is real

No. 727555

>Oh no, a girl SMOLer than me, better make a funny face and pose so people won't be distracted by how much smaller she is than I am! I need that attention!

No. 727573

>breathe in breathe in breathe in i still have disney waistline privilege i still have disney waistline privilege uwu uwu uwuwuwuwuw

No. 727602

She just looks reaaaaaally plain here. You’d think she’d at least get a cute updo wig or something, maybe at least brush this one. She’s doing the least.

No. 727616

Imagine neckbeards and her male subscribers that consider her their ideal girl seeing this picture.

Although her try hard internet cool girl 24/7 attitude probably gives her immunity.

No. 727617

File: 1541531049776.png (149.4 KB, 429x414, 1411339096425.png)

>tfw you didn't bend your knees fast enough before the camera went off and now some bitch looks smoller than you uwu plz send bunz

No. 727622

lmfao i love how literally every female fan of hers is smoller than her.

No. 727623

I just noticed that this particular fan looks somewhat uncomfortable herself. I often wonder how many times she’s disappointed a fan that’s meeting her. I hope she’s nice to them.

No. 727628

She must be on suicide watch whenever she encounters actual short girls with real hair.

No. 727668


she’s servin some real ‘cool mom’ teas here.

No. 727669

she's like every ~quirky~ female comedian she constantly mocks. i get amy schumer vibes from this picture for some reason…so try-hard.

No. 727685

This cheap dress triggers me every time I see it especially knowing she paid more than $15 for it

No. 727696

File: 1541540765011.png (47.11 KB, 586x581, RXqztrG.png)

so she's no longer a "sociopolitical commentator" lol

No. 727714

she's really doubling down on "i don't do politics! i just go after low hanging fruit! trump vid? fuk u gotchu boysss"

too bad these threads have tons of caps of her contradicting herself. if you don't do politics shuwu why do you need the libtard label still? it shouldn't matter anymore if all you're doing is "social commentary". it's almost like you just use the label to argue points and shield yourself from criticism, nah that's crazy.

No. 727733

File: 1541546249882.png (264.49 KB, 598x872, 7u1X0wz.png)

>politically handicapped

No. 727736

shoe is doing that "hover hand" joke because she's pretending to be a nervous male around a female. It's her way of trying HARD not to look miserable. It looks like she had a brain aneurysm deciding how to pose. She ended up looking more miserable.

No. 727743

Serving some Leafy no-chin realness

No. 727747

File: 1541547705376.png (36.41 KB, 210x239, 4228.png)

HAHAHAHA the insecurity is strong with this one

June you fucking idiot, you were saying the same thing as this guy. Now that Blaire came out with a video she's backpedaling like a retard

No. 727748

File: 1541548086671.gif (3.28 MB, 300x231, ray j.gif)

Could someone please make a gif of >>727542 slowly zooming in to the distress on June's face or eyes? Kind of like pic related.

No. 727773

Lol she is so transparent.

Nobody's buying it June.

No. 727800

File: 1541558128480.gif (5.04 MB, 440x440, earthwormjim.gif)

she looks more like an amy schumer groupie than a smol goth gf

No. 727839

I know it's stupid, but I think this is one of the few times a tweet of hers legitimately pissed me off. How would her neckbeard fans (and men in general) feel if they were often expected to swallow semen during sex? What a dumb cunt shoe is

No. 727852

File: 1541568981190.jpg (112.85 KB, 1087x411, shuwu.jpg)

No. 727855

FUCK that file name.
I love how this photo just makes June's fan look even cuter because of her dumbass attempt to be xD so funneh

No. 727856

Ah of course, pander to the furries too.

No. 727867

>but most of the community helped out them.
Helped out who? The psychopaths? June writes at a middle school level.

No. 727893


this absolute idiot is REALLY trying to use comedic as a disclaimer for all the crap she spreads. "You can't come after me with receipts guuyyss i'm totes making jokes but also this is sociopolitical commentary so definitely take my bullshit seriously but only when I want which i'll make sure to let you know via my public meltdowns ok uwu~"

Half of me wants to bitchslap this retard and the other half just wants to applaud and say Never change, June.

No. 727897

I think you have to be actually funny and not take it seriously instead of being assblasted and repeating "OMG I CAN'T EVEN !!!!!" over and over. I know we've said this a million times before but for someone who keeps whining about "pussy privilege" she sure is getting her share of it. If she was a man and doing this shit she'd probably have around 200 people subscribed and 50 views per video.

I think what she means is "I can't form my own opinions because I'm too lazy to actually study the subject and decide it for myself, I need a quick, regurgitated popular opinion as soon as possible so I can make snarky tweets and a shitty video to get youtube dollars and more attention".

No. 727923

She's using "out" as a verb, but yeah it is poorly written and took me a bit to realize what she was saying.

No. 727928

As much as she “dunks” on Onionboy they’re two sides of the same coin. They both claim to be helping people with self esteem etc. and are happy to accept (and exaggerate) praise and gratitude for their content, but as soon as someone criticizes anything it’s
>um lol I’m a comedian why are you taking me seriously??

No. 727964

lets not forget that literally like 7 months ago june was posting "embarrassing sekret lol i ordered a custom made rarity doll on etsy in 2013 XD"

No. 727977

File: 1541602636287.png (738.62 KB, 1200x929, 1541487149137.png)

Speaking of Onion, saw this on his thread.

So we now have two cows named Greg who think they are Flynn Rider, in their 30s, want threesomes/poly with their totally bi fiance/wife and have huge egos regarding their intelligence and looks.

No. 728026

This is what pisses me off the most about this whole cult that calls themselves the "alt right/centrists". Saging for ot, so many of my opinions align with this bunch of idiots and they present every last one of them in such a bad light that i'm almost ashamed and definitely too frustrated to ever get into any kind of a discussion on these topics with anyone. They've just collectively left a lot of similar-minded people with a bad taste in their mouth.
Really no self-respecting person would behave about simple opinions or political discussions in this way that makes everyone disgusted with the whole situation. June is a far bigger SJW than the simpletons she cherrypicks to make herself look cool.

No. 728028

File: 1541609963150.png (267.41 KB, 595x849, pUdMpCN.png)

No. 728033

File: 1541610360635.png (301.02 KB, 584x644, Hm7Sv4B.png)

No. 728044

"o'shaunessy gave me head pats and called me a good girl for at least not seemingly being as much of a psycho as kraut. remember?! :D~"

No. 728048

Theres a rumour shes behind a lot of the skeptic infighting thats going on right now, saging because not sure how true it is but wouldnt shock me.

No. 728058

How so?

No. 728076

>stop trying to fight/dox/gossip with others and let Jim fight/dox/gossip with others

No. 728088

But didn’t Jim make it clear that he had no intention of going after her? Why would she think he would?

No. 728089

The rumour is that shes stirring shit behind the scenes to get other skeptics to attack jim because hes making a video on the whole candid fiasco which shes hoping by doing this she and greg will be left out of.

Shes hoping to get him pissed off enough that he will go after those who have personally fought with him as opposed to others who were involved with candid but haven't fought with him (her and greg). Its also the reason shes playing nice with ralph right now who has been attacking her for years, and why shes playing nice with others she usually fought with on twitter. She wants to be able to play the innocent uwu victim card when shit hits the fan.

Again saging because its a rumour but given the board it came from-who have been right about things before, I cant help but wonder if its true

No. 728091

Sorry I deleted to add info. >>728089
Its not to do with going after, they were both heavily involved with the candid thing and jim doesn't just make videos on people he dislikes. However given previous videos hes sometimes left out details or people involved that havent pissed him off personally (like somebackguys involvement with the whole kraut/rage debacle) shes hoping to deflect. Its not just her there is one other yt who they say is working with her but I forget his name. They really dont want this video coming out-tbh I dont know enough about the scandal to understand the worry but others are saying the skeptic community are shitting themselves over this apparently.

No. 728092

Ahh, thanks. That makes sense… i wonder if it’s Blair White? He’s got more to lose now that he’s gone mainstream…

No. 728102

What scares me is Metokur has such a huge influence, if he makes a general vid on the skeptics and includes shuwu and preg only to give them a pass, even more people are going to be ignorant about their cow status because "if metokur thinks they're ok then they really can't be that bad!".

Idk about the rumor but, it's obvious she's sucking dicks on both sides to be left out of any criticism, what else is new?

No. 728109

Is her fanbase full of furries? Why is she lying about them taking criticism well?

No. 728115

isn't she friends with yourmoviesucks who is a known furry? Maybe that's why?

No. 728126

File: 1541619312508.jpg (156.42 KB, 1200x900, DDJjV82U0AAHFzj.jpg)

Yes they bond over having greasy hair I'm sure. Also adam had a controversy with his fans over saying he doesn't think having sex with animals is immoral. Sicko, of course shoe loves him

No. 728210

so many terrible idiots in one picture, omfg

No. 728216

Remember when June said she was basically a furry because she has cat ears and a tail so furries shouldn't get mad if she makes fun of them?

Same, they present the worst possible arguments for those views and behave just like the people they criticize, yet have the gall to consider themselves superior. What an embarrassment.

No. 728217

But onionfuck looks more like flynn than preggory does and that's honestly hilarious i want June to see this

No. 728265

No he does not. Neither of them look like Flynn at all.
Seek help anon.

No. 728280

lmao, she's willing to throw just anyone from her retarded skeptic block under the bus just to suck on daddy jim's cock. Pathetic.

Going to bet my money on that this is true. She's the bitch who literally had her fuckboy hijack a board to make it into her personal honeypot to collect IPs of the people who talked shit about her. Doing ops like these is absolutely not below her level.

Now, can anyone tell me why /cow/ has literally no mention of le skeptics anywhere? The IBS thread only has people he's currently going after. Lolcow is currently literally the only source for Shoe drama.

No. 728285

File: 1541628218936.jpg (67.84 KB, 564x618, PcfZmLA.jpg)

No. 728414

Am I right fellow boys? XD xb

No. 728416


No. 728417

Hence the "more" part, anon.

No. 728421

File: 1541639227794.png (220.54 KB, 583x538, poopoo feministXDDD.png)

she can make fun of this all she wants but this single drawing has more effort put into it than her entire "career"

No. 728434

File: 1541640865319.png (109.43 KB, 518x515, khkkj.png)

No. 728435

File: 1541640906686.png (94.06 KB, 533x387, aaaa.png)

No. 728454

June your family is upper middle class and your boyfriend's family is straight up wealthy
"we can agree that eating the rich is good" i can't anymore

No. 728457

add vore to her fetish list.

No. 728502

June, you've made the exact same mistake throughout your "career".

No. 728571

This bitch complains how progressives use sweeping terms such as toxic masculinity, yet June she claims that "pedophilia is a side kink, pedophilies need more anime xD".

What a dumb fucking bitch, I know she is trying to make herself seem smart with these tweets but fuck, it just hurts my brain.

No. 728595

June, just because you can't read, learn, change and evolve that doesn't mean other people are incapable of it. Eveyone who wants to find out about white privellege and toxic masculinity can find lots of information to read on the internet within seconds.
Of course, it's just all about what the majority of people likes so that she's seen as likable.
Are there any other ways she can get the sweet attention, but without politics?

No. 728645

>how do you do, fellow men?

No. 728670

Re: Getting attention w/o using politics

I know that was a rhetorical question, however…
Yes, she already does it. Her “sexuality” is what she uses. It also helps that she seems to target a younger audience who don’t seem to know any better and think she’s actually very cool and not a sad, desperate woman in her thirties (at least she may as well be.) Sure, she likes to pretend that the whole “telling my cousins stories so I could look cool” phase was a thing from her younger days and what she does now is different but, it’s not.

Still the same old, lame old June.

Eventually no one will even care about her “sexuality,” then she’ll really have a problem.

No. 728672

>we need to always think of men first!! men men men!!

Imagine living in a world where you hate your own sex, want to be a shitty stereotype and your only existence is to be with men. June is gonna hit 30 soon and then she'll see what happens when greg dumps her ass for a tranny

No. 728675

Is she really pandering to the furry comm like they're some kind of refugee crisis??

No. 728682

>June is gonna hit 30 soon and then she'll see what happens when

I think her breaking point will be when her fanbase starts moving on onto younger girls while she gradually gets ignored.

No. 728819

File: 1541708148114.png (Spoiler Image,2.38 MB, 2000x2000, 1470999 - June_Nicole Shoeonhe…)

People are actually "drawing" porn of her

No. 728827

The autism in this photo is seeping out of my phone screen

No. 728832

hahahahahahaahha oh my god

No. 728881

File: 1541713662244.jpg (48.27 KB, 591x419, DrguliCWkAEmAna.jpg)

No. 728885

File: 1541713933345.png (33.64 KB, 584x308, OGiHcY7.png)

No. 728891

just flip the torso proportions (large shoulders w/small ass) and it'd be more anatomically accurate than even the fucking mess going on with her head/neck

No. 728895


June's backpedaling hard. Suddenly she's all about the "REAL" pink tax not the fake buzzfeed one, duhhh.

As if she didn't spew shit about it regardless, just so she can please her male fanbase and be the cool girl antifeminist.

No. 728929

KEK even Laci Green is getting tired of her shit

No. 728950

>omg y didnt u make it clearer? of COURSE i support this REASONABLE pinktax, not the pinktax everyone hates teehee~
Theyre one and the same june you fucking idiot. It was retards like you and the alt-light that strawman and focus on one side of it so you could circlejerk with your band of """intellectual free-thinkers""" online, while getting paid in the process.

You directly profited from misinforming and spreading lies, but its all totes cool now because youre a woke libfem who "knows better uwu". And libfems will clap for this, lmao.

No. 728951

I love how she's addressing Buzzfeed as if they give a shit. Does Shoe know what "clickbait" means?

No. 728996

Of course she does because her entire fucking channel is based on that

No. 729021

as far as I've seen, shuwu only "debates" with Cosmo and BuzzFeed because she's probably not capable of having a real discussion. Cosmo and BuzzFeed are laughing stock among feminists yet she tries so fucking hard to make it seem like "tHiS iS tHe FaCe oF fEmInIsM!!!!11" she is honestly so embarrassing. nothing shuwu said so far has come off as smart

No. 729028

CAn this bitch EVER stop lying ffs.

No. 729077

File: 1541732525341.jpeg (124.7 KB, 640x640, 18C4AA7A-5D16-48E1-92EF-58F1A7…)

Sage for ot but this reminded me of June

No. 729184

you know this photo was taken right before Greg went up and asked if shes interested in a 3-some.

No. 729276

>calls out BuzzFeed for backpedaling
>Backpedals immediately after being called out by Laci Green
June, never change.

No. 729331

File: 1541742408736.jpg (Spoiler Image,105.82 KB, 480x572, 20181109_184527.jpg)

Is this June? Or just a weird lookalike

No. 729337

no someone just shopped Boxxy's face on it move along

No. 729375

File: 1541744990797.jpg (107.5 KB, 810x693, IMG_20181109_072814.jpg)

After tiring out even Laci Green with her shit, June is bringing up her antifeminist cool girl selfies from 3 years ago and making fun of them. Trying to prove, again, that she has totally changed.

No. 729376

File: 1541745011614.jpeg (48.11 KB, 600x833, BwjPkjsIIAA7wTc.jpeg)

No. 729380

File: 1541745151800.jpeg (43.69 KB, 663x437, Drh6_9iUcAAnB-j.jpeg)

No. 729381

File: 1541745330868.jpg (125.42 KB, 594x655, IMG_20181109_073426.jpg)

Then she went off and sperged about Graham Linehan for like 10 tweets, bringing up stuff he did few years back.

I thought you hated gotcha bois, June? Or is it only bad when your shit gets pointed out?

No. 729402

especially funny when she complains about people digging up old tweets to ruin someone else.

No. 729422

Am I missing something or is she saying that feminists can't write about stupid women?

No. 729441

Yes, according to Shuwu you can't write women characters to be human and flawed or it's antifeminist. Of course I've never seen the show so it could have sexist undertones for all I know, but it's always funny when people think they are doing something by holding female behavior to a higher standard.

No. 729443

the character they're talking about isn't even 'stupid', the joke is that she's the IT manager but she doesn't really know shit about computers. but she doesn't have to.
the show also features a nerd called Moss who is basically a socially retarded robot. also a joke where a male character sleeps with a tranny without realising, then when he figures it out he freaks out

she's just pissed about graham because he wouldn't take some random tranny harassing him on twitter

No. 729475

File: 1541768277852.png (207.28 KB, 584x932, TURrGIS.png)

She responded.

She's such a hypocrite. It's not even funny at this point.

No. 729477

>low hanging fruit rate videos

She only started refering them as such after farmers here called her out for it.

Before it was "humorous socio-political commentary", and "fighting feminism which is taking over the world like a virus."

Also, to present a subject in a simple and humorous way correctly, you actually need to know A LOT about the subject. June just parrots 4chan/twitter opinions and calls it a day.

No. 729479

Anyone finds it funny that out of all the years of rampant male pandering and acquiring a large male fanbase, the best she could get is Preggy?

No. 729483

June is not a looker but she could definitely do better than Groceries. That said he is a great big fat man, that helps with her smolbean image and she probably gets off to being the "pretty" one.

No. 729502

>Pwease forgibe me Laci look at da cwinge!
Every time she gets called out she'll shortly start RTing old pictures of herself "for the lulz"
June is literally stuck in 2008 internet.

No. 729540

File: 1541781575078.png (74.65 KB, 603x645, aVYS6Th.png)

>people are saying girls get more about appearance. but its rare i get bad OR good comments about that

Wait a second she didn't even @ him. What a coward

No. 729705

>gets a 360p camera to hide all her flaws, films herself from the most flattering angles, panders to neckbeard opinion hard and quotes 4chan memes.

>teehee i don't get bad comments because i'm a good handmaiden uwu

No. 729799

This is such a lie. Why can't she stop lying?

No. 729822

Laci doesn't know it, but she kinda roasted June. I bet shuwu is sweating profusely right now.

No. 729823

This is so freakin embarrassing. I know she's going for the 'i've changed' route, but this isn't it. Also, we all know she hasn't changed.

No. 729824

>Not getting the humor of IT Crowd.

June really thinks she's a smart one, doesn't she?

Thank you!

No. 729827

>from my experience. No

>spends her life making videos that pander greatly to men and is a handmaiden herself


No. 729828

Meanwhile, women that make videos that men disagree with get legit rape and death threats, but that doesn't seem to resonate with June's bubble since she never goes outside or does anything outside of pandering to men.

No. 729842

God, look at how skinny she looks here

Where's her most recent pic so we can compare?

No. 729844

File: 1541821697172.jpg (613.73 KB, 1080x1696, 20181109_204751.jpg)

Someone should send her Glinner's take on the pedo tranny Jonathan Yaniv.

I'd love to see her try to argue against that one.

No. 729858

File: 1541823684145.png (194.91 KB, 620x631, armouredfupa.png)

nvm i did it myself

No. 729859

File: 1541823816805.png (1.58 MB, 1879x775, lmao.png)

holy shit that was FAST

No. 729863

This is actually mind blowing. I know she essentially does fuck-all with her life aside from twitter but you'd think this level of scrutiny over social media wouldn't even warrant time for a relationship. I can't imagine her and Greg do much other than sit across from each other staring at their phone/computer screens while they're actually together.

No. 729865

I bet she has this thread open 24/7, too.

No. 729885

Fucking pathetic.

No. 729894

yeah, she had me blocked within 20 seconds. crazy. I wonder how she copes when they go out on their "dates". She's probably obsessively checking her phone and refreshing twitter so she can protect herself from the uwu meanies

No. 729895

Leaning forward? Check.
Squatting knees? Check.
Turning head? Check.
Maximum smollness achieved.

To put it into context it's a sitcom where literally every character is retarded. Like able to be convinced the whole internet is stored in a black shoebox retarded. The Office, but taken to ridiculous extremes. Jenn doesn't know computers, but does have basic social skills. Moss and Roy do know computers, but don't have basic social skills. The weakness of one workmate leads to some wacky hijinks before the strength of another resolves it.

tldr; June is even dumber than the characters on IT Crowd.

No. 729897

holy shit I didn't even notice her bent knees, she really does take the smol act dead serious, how exhausting lol

I still don't have sympathy for her though, she brought this upon herself by lying about her height

No. 729900

June looks so fucking uncomfortable with all the bracelets, choker, and tight clothes. None of these flatter her it just makes her look more pudgy.

No. 729905

Blocked in a little under 2 minutes, holy shit.

She'd be a force to be reckoned with if she put that kind of effort into being productive…

No. 729935

Well she did manage to earn something out of rabid male pandering. It's just that type of career is so short, it will soon "hit the wall".

She should've gone full camgirl. That way she'd earn like 10 times as much and could be financially secure for a long time.

But then again, what she earns now could've kept her financially secure too, but she blows it all away on loccitane meme creams, overpriced chinese shit and Preggy's toys.

No. 729960

I'm sorry if I gonna hurt someone's feelings but ''other girls'' are exactly this way. They care about male acceptance and have internalized misogyny. Plus she IS a basic bitch lol

No. 729961

So there are ''important pink taxes'' and ''unimportant'' ones and June's suddenly an expert. We should all listen to her. Bitch, in my area just cutting female's hair costs at least 2 times more than male haircuts, no matter how inelaborate it is and how elaborate the male one is.
Cows crossover
No, his characters were pretty stereotypical and that's what the humor of IT Crowd was based on. He has much better sitcoms though and they're hilarious.
Oh wow so butthurt lol She's in her crazy narcissistically driven mood again.
I guess June and someone who created this picture are the experts on feminism.

No. 730006

File: 1541856181435.jpg (52.87 KB, 1208x593, 34.JPG)


She made 2 videos about pink tax, but she never mentioned the "important" one, she just shat on it generally.

Hell she can't even argue her original point either. In her first pink tax video, she lists pic related as an example. Her explanation on why this is not "pink tax" goes like this:

>To be fair, I was a little bit confused about this one, took me some researching and got me thinking why pink toys cost a little bit more..SIMPLE! The pink thing is a special unique item! There is the standard one and then there is the pink one and your princess wants the pink one..C'mon mom just spend a little more dough and buy it. Up-selling, marketing 101.

I shit you not, I am quoting her word for word.

The pink one, which is obviously marketed to girls, is double the price and she says it's just little bit more expensive. She pretends as if pink is some expensive dye or limited edition, while it's obvious it's meant to be marketed to girls, and therefore more expensive. That's why it's called PINK tax

Only men who like to shit on women and handmaids buy her shit. Nobody else could take this as an explanation.

No. 730009

I looked it up and it seems like the reason the red one is cheaper is because it's the "original" model (which is now discontinued) and the other one came along later along with some other color varities. She still sounds like an idiot but she's more or less right in this case, and the pink glittery scooter is the same price as the other color varities released alongside it. She just didn't take the five seconds of googling to confirm her theory, which is embarrassing really. Especially given that the original photo is cropped weirdly which I'm sure would lead anyone to think it might be manipulated somehow.

No. 730018

Ahh makes sense more now. She should've have shown other editions that are also as expensive and her argument would hold water. The way she did it makes it seem like tgere is only 2 colors available.

No. 730020

Her movements are so erratic. What was she so excited about? The attention she was gonna get afterwards?

Girls just naturally want to have ''baby skin'' and smell like roses. They shave their entire bodies unlike men because… Just because it is this way. Biology, science. Btw guys look I am this way. I want to be super sterile like a proper girl does. Imagine you're on Greg's place. If you were my boyfriend, you'd be enjoying the smell and smoothness of my body 24/7 cause it's perfect. Despite the gender differences, I don't think it's unfair. So don't be scared, no way I will ever revolt against things like this. Moreover, I'm revolting against this revolt now. Mama June will protect you boys from screeching feminist harpies.

Girls just inherently want to be princesses just like me uwu. That's totally not about their parents' bias. It's not that kids' shops are stuffed with pink stuff for girls with no alternative and even the baby stuff is either pink for girls or mostly blue for boys. It's not that adults that take it at face value dress their daughters in all pink since the moment they're born. There's no gender socialization or any pressure what so ever. Stuff marketed for boys is not actually marketed for boys. The thing is males are default human beings so their products have no gender even though they're marketed exclusively to them. It's gender neutral and somehow kids and their disinterested parents have to figure that all out despite all the influence and marketing. Proof: June wanted ''boy toys'' as a child. She's so exceptional. She was and she still remains one of the guys, the fun one. But wait she's simultaneously the girliest one unlike those freaky feminist harpies. She is this way because it's natural and it's in her girly brain. It was just ''asleep'', but then her natural programming got the upper hand of her as an adult. Everything's right with her, guys, she's a very fertile woman with proper hip-to-waist ratio. She's even more, guys, because she's an anti-feminist and thinks like a man. She's 2 in 1, i.e. super fertile.

I know it's less apparent in this video, but as someone has said it already she's making every small detail from her life/past as her personal ''brand''.

And girls our skin and bodies are so complicated for this world that they naturally need more products and more components in them. It's like we're some kind of anomality while men are originally suitable for the Earth. Listen to June, she has a medical degree in skin care. She was seriously studying that stuff for ages. Look, the lines in the ''male skin'' picture cross each other while they're parallel in the female one. It must prove everything. How do those lines correlate with skin care products and what does that all mean? Who cares? Look at the picture, it's different! Aren't you convinced?

No. 730145

I feel like June's entire youtube persona can be summed up as "spazzy female neckbeard makes sweeping generalization in response to sweeping generalizations." Her points are made completely moot by the fact that she's every bit as lazy and incompetent as the people, media outlets and movements she mocks.

She should have just gone the Jenna Marbles route and picked safer topics to parody. Not sure if she would have gotten as popular as she is, but she might have avoided the ineviatble backlash she's getting now. Her older videos seem to indicate she was considering this route at some point, but the clear lack of effort in terms of editing and camera quality seemed to indicate that she was either just making videos because she was bored, or assumed her looks alone were enough to gain a following. I mostly bring up the latter since her old videos show that she at least cared to some extent about how she looked in front of the camera.

Weirdly enough, from what I can gather, she's actually putting more effort into her videos in terms of editing and skit length since she started commenting on mainstream feminism, yet she's just so clearly inept at tackling the issue in a way that is both comedic and balanced. This is not easy to do to begin with when it comes to any form of criticism. If you're not being faulted for taking things too seriously and not having a sense of humor, you're faulted for being too insensitive.

June's approach is just so disorganized and I truly wonder how much thought she actually puts into maintaining her image. She needs to do some actual research into what constitutes successful branding if she wants to suistain her youtube popularity longterm, because her current schtick is getting stale and wasn't even that good to begin with.

No. 730229

That's the thing though. I don't think she even does want to sustain it as a career. As soon as she marries Greg she'll also get access to his family's resources, and from those she can forever coast off of dunking on clickbait with clickbait.

No. 730270

File: 1541900732603.png (54.46 KB, 588x566, KI0u5WC.png)

She should take her own advice.

No. 730272

File: 1541900809261.png (71.04 KB, 595x565, KkO3NZs.png)

Why is she saying this like her entire channel isn't dedicated to treating other people like pinatas.

And there's no reason she had to post this "advice" publicly. She could have easily sent him a DM, but she needs asspats and attention.

No. 730284

sorry for kind of off topic but something interesting
she said her favorite character of gorillaz is murdoc and i found this

No. 730285

lmao dont take this seriously his character is actually a dick that used to objectify women

No. 730290

It wasn't and it isn't. People with different cultures should live in different countries.

No. 730291

The gorilla man?

No. 730305

How are you getting Internet service in 1800? Those horses are loooooooong out of the stable, go back to Gab.

No. 730312

>Why is she saying this like her entire channel isn't dedicated to treating other people like pinatas.
She likes to pretend that she's not a vicious cyber bully and irl bully. lol.

No. 730315

don't you get it anon? shoe's only an anti-CRAZY feminist, not an antifeminist! she only hates those wacky terf hitler reincarnates and fat buzzfeed sjws. no way she disagrees with her buddies Laci, ranting f, and murdoc. plus she's a lefty so how can she hate feminism? it was always totally obvious…

No. 730368

No. 730378

Because when people with different cultures are forced to live together they just end up being cunts that say stupid shit like that.

No. 730384

File: 1541921746643.png (50.89 KB, 808x613, 20181111_073623.png)

No. 730423

>boo hoo I can't shut up about politics because I hate myself, feel sorry for me
Isn't Boogie over forty years old? Centrist youtube is a nightmare.

No. 730428

He's also an abuse survivor with a host of other issues. That isn't an excuse but it is an explanation.

No. 730440

I dunno, I'd like to think that if I were ever to apologize for having a racist past I'd probably have the presence of mind to not bring out my KKK robes, put them on display and screech "LOOK GUYS!! WASN'T THIS SUCH A DUMB PHASE I HAD like six months ago??? REE"


Pot meet kettle. Instead of boolying him for his "self-destruction" (GOD the cringe, you middle-aged trainwreck) why don't you send some buns his way, Juwune?

No. 730444

File: 1541940833022.jpg (111.81 KB, 809x447, IMG_20181111_135427.jpg)

what about when you send your fanbase to bully people?

No. 730460

he's definetly the most edgy of the characters. he's a satanist and gives off a ~~daddy~~ vibe. no wonder he's her favorite.

No. 730492

File: 1541953450632.png (77.35 KB, 583x356, aaa.png)

No. 730493

so why doesnt she do something about it? she has the financial means to get treated, but oh no, then her manic pixie personality would allegedly change!! adhd is a bullshit diagnosis. IF she has anything like depression or anything (which i believe she recently claimed for the first time after being boolied by venti), why the FUCK hasn't she gotten treated? semi ot but i cannot fucking stand people with depression and shit that refuse to even try to get treated. like, if you're so depressed, why the fuck are you not clamoring for anything that just MIGHT help you?

why would you ever want to open yourself up to abuse and drama after overcoming abuse? as a survivor of child abuse, seriously, your life always feels unstable and feels like you can be somehow thrown back into an abusive situation at any second, so why would you want the unneeded stress and criticism of having a public persona for like… centrist drama and crap that no one needs to make a channel about? like, not even a talent? if june wasnt an asshole that only likes to virtue signal, she'd be telling him to completely retreat from social media forever.

No. 730498

She needs to do the same exact thing

No. 730499

She said she's "extra wordy and fighty on twitter" when she's sad, so that means she's sad every other day?

Take your own advice then, June.

(Even tho she's probably sad because Preggy sent her away and is ignoring her for camgirls again)

No. 730500

File: 1541955524463.jpg (145.35 KB, 640x1136, 1421687820769.jpg)

>shuwu telling someone else that they need to reduce their social media usage
idc if she's trying to be helpful to the talking giant blob, how does she not see the irony in her "advice".

No. 730504

Wow this is so harsh. Why does it bother you THAT much? It's her own mental health. I also think she'd better get treatment if she can afford it instead of ranting about feminists on the internet all the time, but it doesn't make me angry because it's got nothing to do with me or anyone else except for her.

>why would you ever want to open yourself up to abuse and drama after overcoming abuse? as a survivor of child abuse, seriously, your life always feels unstable and feels like you can be somehow thrown back into an abusive situation at any second, so why would you want the unneeded stress and criticism of having a public persona for like…

I'm so sorry you went through that. He's a different person though and you can't know about his motivations. There are plenty of people who for some reason seek to recreate their traumatic experience. He said it's a form of self harm. There's a reason why people do that and it's not for us to judge.

No. 730505

Wow this is so harsh. Why does it bother you THAT much? It's her own mental health. I also think she'd better get treatment if she can afford it instead of ranting about feminists on the internet all the time, but it doesn't make me angry because it's got nothing to do with me or anyone else except for her.

>why would you ever want to open yourself up to abuse and drama after overcoming abuse? as a survivor of child abuse, seriously, your life always feels unstable and feels like you can be somehow thrown back into an abusive situation at any second, so why would you want the unneeded stress and criticism of having a public persona for like…

I'm so sorry you went through that. He's a different person though and you can't know about his motivations. There are plenty of people who for some reason seek to recreate their traumatic experience. He said it's a form of self harm. There's a reason why people do that and it's not for us to judge.

I think she kind of knows that and that's why she's giving such advices, but she's too weak to follow that herself.

No. 730507

Wow this is so harsh. Why does it bother you THAT much? It's her own mental health. I also think she'd better get treatment if she can afford it instead of ranting about feminists on the internet all the time, but it doesn't make me angry because it's got nothing to do with me or anyone else except for her.

>why would you ever want to open yourself up to abuse and drama after overcoming abuse? as a survivor of child abuse, seriously, your life always feels unstable and feels like you can be somehow thrown back into an abusive situation at any second, so why would you want the unneeded stress and criticism of having a public persona for like…

I'm so sorry you went through that. He's a different person though and you can't know about his motivations. There are plenty of people who for some reason seek to recreate their traumatic experience. He said it's a form of self harm. There's a reason why people do that and it's not for us to judge.

No. 730511

Wow this is so harsh. Why does it bother you THAT much? It's her own mental health. I also think she'd better get treatment if she can afford it instead of ranting about feminists on the internet all the time, but it doesn't make me angry because it's got nothing to do with me or anyone else except for her.

>why would you ever want to open yourself up to abuse and drama after overcoming abuse? as a survivor of child abuse, seriously, your life always feels unstable and feels like you can be somehow thrown back into an abusive situation at any second, so why would you want the unneeded stress and criticism of having a public persona for like…

I'm so sorry you went through that. He's a different person though and you can't know about his motivations. There are plenty of people who for some reason seek to recreate their traumatic experience. He said it's a form of self harm. There's a reason why people do that and it's not for us to judge.

I think she kind of knows that and that's why she's giving such advices, but she's too weak to follow that herself.

No. 730519

holy fuck that reply, he had to have been making a jab at her with the "I dont even feel very stronly about most of the shit i say" part lmao.

it's ironic that june says "dont do it if its bad for your mental health uwu!! ;-;" when it clearly has done a number on hers the past few years. I wouldn't even give much of a shit about june if her and greg gtfo of "le political skepticism" sphere on youtube because it's such a dumb part of their image. if they were just some annoying twitter couple that i could laugh at i wouldn't care.

No. 730530

>Wow this is so harsh. Why does it bother you THAT much? It's her own mental health. I also think she'd better get treatment if she can afford it instead of ranting about feminists on the internet all the time, but it doesn't make me angry because it's got nothing to do with me or anyone else except for her.
because she uses mental health and alleged 'depression'/'adhd'/'sadbun uwu depressedgirl' bullshit to actually harrass people and then shirk away and escape accountability for it, number one, but number two, as someone who grew up in poor with treatment resistant depression and very limited access to healthcare, it's pretty bullshit to complain all day and use your depression as an excuse when you have the means to at least TRY to get it treated. june can afford top of the line ketamine infusions, all kinds of unconventional therapy, if she even needed to, though she has never even tried one med. she uses 'depression' as a way to escape accountability and as a personality quirk, as plenty of people do, which is selfish and upsetting. tens of millions of people suffer and go untreated because they cannot afford treatment for depression. if you refuse to treat it when you have the means, don't even talk about it publicly when there are likely countless people (in june's case) in your social media sphere that wish they had the opportunity and access to healthcare.

it's already annoying enough irl, and it happens all of the time, but to do it on a large scale publicly as a 27 yo is embarrassing imo. she refuses to get treated because either she doesn't have it, or she's afraid of losing her 'kyoot personality! uwu', and that's some middle-upper middle class first world bullshit. depression sucks and can be seriously debilitating, and it's just selfish af to whinge about an illness you refuse to even try get treatment for, EVEN ONCE, for no reason other than that it makes you feel special being afflicted or whatever other shit. keep it to yourself then.

No. 730531

>as a survivor of child abuse, seriously, your life always feels unstable and feels like you can be somehow thrown back into an abusive situation at any second, so why would you want the unneeded stress and criticism of having a public persona

I think you need to stop projecting, not everyone deals with abuse the same way. I'm not really buying the "getting involved in politics on YT is a form of self harm", but still. It feels more like he's taking a jab at June and her dumbfuckery.

No. 730534

you're right that people don't deal with abuse in the same way, but i highly, highly doubt that this is his way of coping, c'mon. and it really doesn't feel like he's taking a jab at her. i'd say like, 90% of youtubers are unable to emotionally moderate themselves wrt their social media and do self pitying shit like this at some point for asspats and attention, and most of them aren't child abuse survivors. tbh i think it's just a result of being the type of person that, i guess, is high on themselves enough to seek attention in this way and want to become efamous. plus, social media drives you insane. june is right though that he'd likely benefit from heavily withdrawing from social media, but it's more like 'entirely withdrawing', and she could've done it through DM, obv. same with her criticisms of chris chan. completely fake concern.

No. 730539

File: 1541965726845.jpg (253.54 KB, 1080x836, Shuwu.jpg)

No. 730550

Meghan Murphy was like 32 or something in 2017. She's not even fucking old

No. 730553

Isn't June 30 in literally a couple of years?

I can't wait to start calling her Grandma June out of spite. We should start taunting her about her dusty eggs and crow's feet next.

No. 730556

>bitches about being blocked
>she blocks whoever slightly disagrees with her within 0,00001 sec
>calls a woman in her early 30s "granny"
>is in her late 20s
You don't even know where to start with this autist

No. 730557

Btw, here is the archive of that pathetic tweet.


No. 730568

Yikes. 30 will be hell for her. Especially when greg decides to fish for younger thicc ig tgirls and leave her behind.

Maybe june will end up being another karen staughten when shes older.

No. 730569

What a fucking hypocritical bitch ew.

oh but guysss! she is just sad posting okay??? that was her when she was only 26!!!! now she's 27 and has changed so stop giving her so much shit and send buns uwuwuwuwuwu :333

No. 730595

Whenever she says shit like "I schooled you!" it's always towards working/college educated women and all I see is her bitterness seeping through like "Hahaha so what if i dropped out on an easy major i totally am smarter than all you women with degrees and experiences! me, who lives with my parents at almost 30, knows more then all you self-supporting, highly educated feminists!"

congrats shuwu, you get handjobs from your neckbeard followers for "schooling" a feminist, meanwhile she's outside being a person and making a stable and respectable living while you make money on self admitted "low hanging fruit" videos and bullying and blocking people for having opposite views. Yet here you are, calling someone barely a few years older then you granny for doing what you do probably on an hourly basis.

No. 730746

He openly said why. It's a form of self harm. Some people hurt themselves on purpose because doing so can give them an immediate sense of control. You're right in that the repercussions of it will lead to more stress and self loathing in the long run, but when you're struggling just to hold your head above water you ain't got time to think about the long run. He wasn't thinking about the future when he gained ten million pounds and he isn't thinking about the future now.

No. 730749

Yup. And bitch is so bitter. As soon as sh0e turns 30, her life will fall apart. 30 isn't old. Neither is 32.

But hopefully june will start dying from the inside, obsessed with being a toddler school girl.

No. 730750

Has Karen got a page here yet? I know some of the other Badgers have had their beef with her, but they were functional enough to not air it out publicly.

No. 730768

I don't think so but I'd be interested in a thread

No. 730781

>june will start dying from the inside

This has probably already started given the increasing frequency of her twitter rampages, fights/blocks with randos, & deleting her own content.

It probably started to get worse for her after she threw Lauren under the bus, was attacked, and her fiance did absolutely nothing about it. I mean just look at this
>>>/snow/721171 the lengths she goes to publicly humiliate herself for Greg over one fkn rando tweet. She had tons of ppl going in on her during the venti drama and there was not a single peep from her pathetic bf.

No. 730796

I'm thinking about making a video on a video but from a radfem (terf) perspective. Just a compilation of her hypocrisy. I hate that Venti isn't even a radfem and she made a video on shuwu. She only did it to suck the cl*t of Lauren Southern. stupid hammerhead

No. 730797

She did it to steal Shoe's audience. Lauren doesn't give a shit. She's making documentaries.

No. 730801

Do it but be careful of what your content is. If you start complaining about her ugly eyeliner you're not gonna look very radfem lol. Also I'd say focus on stuff that's happened within the last 2 years, so no one can claim she's ~changed~

No. 730853

>Shoe, in her late 20s, calling someone in their early 30s a "granny"
>Shoe, bitching about being blocked
>Shoe, pretending she could "school" anyone and didn't just get blocked for incoherently screeching in her mentions

Can't wait for June to hit the neckbeard "wall" as soon as she turns 30.

No. 730897

File: 1542022445162.jpg (142.91 KB, 806x708, IMG_20181112_123354.jpg)

No. 730898

>biggest name in esports
It's as meaningless as it sounds.

No. 730901


>no problem i'll delete my angery tweet

Is it… becoming self aware?

No. 730928

Thirding the motion for a Karen and Honey Badger Radio thread.

No. 730940

File: 1542036383528.png (250.01 KB, 602x576, 2MgQ4Mc.png)

No. 730987

Is there milk? I only know them as weirdos who once in a long long while may get more than 10k views on a video

No. 730990

They openly support pedophilia (at least karen does) and claim female children can seduce men. Saging until I can find the clip where she states this it was posted on another board a while back but appears gone now.

No. 730999

File: 1542048367940.jpg (101.56 KB, 960x720, disabled.jpg)

I wonder if she's jealous that the height of her humour is just loud yelling?
Oh, but protect the tranz wimmuns, am I right?

No. 731010

I don't disagree but voicing this opinion anywhere other than anonymous image boards seems to make you Satan himself, apparently.

Depression? I'll believe it when she actually says something tangible about her experiences with depression. If her ADHD is as bad as she says, why doesn't she attempt to control it more?

No. 731038

Actual pedophilia or 17 year old teens with 20 yr old boyfriends? It's predatory either way bad of course, but one is way more messed up than the other.

No. 731048

>If her ADHD is as bad as she says, why doesn't she attempt to control it more?

Because it's a great excuse for her.

Tweeted something bad or dumb?
It's the ADHD

Made a shit video?
It's the ADHD

Didn't do even minimum research before making a point?
It's the ADHD

Let's Preggy tip camgirls with her money?
It's the ADH—nope it's cuckery.

Treat ADHD?
But she will lose her great personality!

No. 731052

File: 1542056438085.jpg (62.67 KB, 475x605, Capture.JPG)

>omg how the fuck did you get here, lmao

Wiggy keeps tabs on everything, Fanya.

No. 731053

What a psycho, she just wants the attention.

No. 731096

Social pressure should still be considered. The fact that the girl version is considered to be the special one for your 'princess' instead of the normal one. This ties in heavily to how gender is socialized and how people are pressured to conform and 'fit in'. For women especially the 'girl' option of any given product mostly ends up as the more expensive one, she basically made the point of the video she was criticizing for them.

No. 731101

and spreading the virtue of white nationalism drowning refugee boats in Italy

No. 731123

So what's your solution then? For the base model to be pink? They went with red because that's a color that boys and girls are into almost equally and then later added more options for the special prince and princesses that were dead set on being special.

No. 731124

If there's any better way to be seen as a serious journalist than pulling juvenile stunts then I'm yet to learn of it.

No. 731139

There is no boys version right? Just the standard and girls one. Women are socialized to (on average) pay more for certain products which sometimes don't even need to be gendered (like a fucking scooter). I'm not sure what the solution is, create a less sexist society?

No. 731140

File: 1542063929443.png (14.33 KB, 614x135, ORHTqs9.png)

>how can i make this person's death about me

No. 731161

This is so fucking tacky

No. 731167

can she ever shut up? like ever? she didn’t even say anything respecting stan lee or his death just, “teehee let me relate this to my fat geek bf for attention” god this bitch is annoying.

No. 731169

lol I wonder if she is starting to realize what a bitch she sounds like.

So she self inserts herself into other people's shit, claims they are the bored ones, and then completely loses it when called out. Made complete by the cringey and disingenuous "lmao" she likes to throw around. God fucking damn she is getting more embarrassing by the day, are we actually worried about her mental health yet?

Just.. fucking shut up you dumbass. Christ.

No. 731173

File: 1542067350193.png (49.66 KB, 578x314, eJ7yOMO.png)

No. 731175

kek i remember when she was arrested for it too. I think the boats were from the non profit Doctors without borders too. So she was pushing away medical help… because they were brown. Girl should just sit down in canada and shut up. Her time to be a tradwife is now and shes blowing it

What is wrong with her. seriously, HOW much attention and how LOW is her self esteem to use other peoples deaths and make it about herself

No. 731290

There was a standard red version to start with, and then a bunch of premium colors that were introduced later. Including a pink one. Including a blue one. None were explicitly marketed to either gender. You could look at it and say that women and girls are being taxed because they're socialized to like pink(as boys are to like blue) or you could look at it like Shoe does and say there's really nothing wrong with the red one. If girls are dead set on paying more for pink then at least they have the option to.

No. 731303

Wow, so Stan Lee passed away?

Normal person: RIP

June: Better go find some bitter old tweet of mine (again complete sardonic emojis) and then retweet myself so I can say "I told you so!" while at the same time sticking it to all those GotchaBois!! That'll show 'em!

Seriously, what is wrong with her lately? She seems more unhinged than usual.

No. 731325

TBH I think shes using it as an alibi so she can say she was sperging over other shit and not involved with the skeptic drama as she was already implicated.

No. 731366


Does this absolute piece of shit ever look at herself and say "man.. i wanted to be a perfect pure lil princess.. how did i end up becoming a sack of shit?" It's not enough that she inserts herself into any online drama in her circle of idiots, she also MUST work celebrity deaths into her personal vendetta against "woke twitter accounts"? Like.. does she stop to think if any of these people give the slightest bit of shit that she exists? If the people SHE knows (cough RantingF cough) just sigh and go Oh man, this bitch is back at it again, when she highjacks their twitter conversations?

If it's really ADHD that she has then it seems to be coming after her with a vengeance these days

No. 731386

Why can't she stop being a special snowflake for 24 fucking hours or so and just post a "RIP" post like any other sane human being?

No. 731387

>LOOK GUYS LOOK!! STOP MOURNING ALREADY! Do I have your attention now??? These twitter accounts are doing that!!! I'm better than them right right right?? Tell me I'm better than them pleeeeaseeee! Praise me!!!!!!!

No wonder Preggy send her back home after like a week or two. She must be insufferable irl.

No. 731390

File: 1542090745153.jpg (134.99 KB, 778x968, IMG_20181113_073250.jpg)

No. 731391

He was actually talking about her. “GTFO of my country so I can fap to e-whores, Wig”

No. 731425

Yes, "actual pedophilia". last time I checked pedophilia referred to children under the age of 11 which was the group she was talking about (specifically, girls aged 6-11 being with men aged 40+). Shes was arguing that girls that age know fully well what sex is and can lead men on.

No. 731429

Oh yeah, I think I might remember that conversation now. She was right when she said that SOME girls know what sexual contact entails are and will try to initiate with men they find attractive(most often ones that were previously abused). Just I don't know if she also said that should somehow count as consent. I'm REALLY trying to give her the benefit of the doubt here but I also vaguely remember her talking about being a young lady with much older boyfriends herself in the same way Milo did. So y'all might be right here, she really might have used it as a fucked up MRA talking point. "Boo hoo men are thrown are jail for victimless kiddy diddling."

No. 731437

>She was right when she said that SOME girls know what sexual contact entails are and will try to initiate with men they find attractive

she was talking about, like, 8yr olds. Sorry but if you are gonna defend that you're as much of a cunt as she is.

No. 731438

There are 8 yr olds that know what sexual contact entails, and that will seek it out with men they find attractive. That still doesn't make it right to actually have sex with them.

No. 731448

8 year olds do not know what real sex is because that's not how their brains work. please stop.

No. 731501

File: 1542121521997.png (59.28 KB, 594x450, UywgbO1.png)

but i thought june changed soooo much so you can't use her past against her?

No. 731504

File: 1542121665786.png (87.09 KB, 598x726, wppx4Hj.png)

No. 731507

>some 8 year olds want it though!
They do not, stop.

>I was a holocaust denier
>You should make a video about your TERF days xD
This is really the only hill she's willing to die on, huh?

No. 731510

I'm sorry but anyone who is a holocaust denying is wtf.. just wtf. Shoe sure surrounds herself with the smartest in the room.

fucking moron

No. 731511

>only ugly chicks want feminism

such a classy bitch

No. 731519

Why is she doing this? She's started to talk about her bitch days at an alarmingly increasing rate. You can shut up about being an obnoxious bitch "in the past teheee", shoe, you still are very much the same.

No. 731531

>i can't remember for the life of me on what shaped my opinion on feminism

Your huge need to pander and recieve male attention maybe?

She wouldn't even have an opinion on it if she didn't notice neckbeards shitting on women. Then her thought process just went like "so if i shit on feminism i'll get attention and popularity right????"

Also even troon Mayu can keep up better with a discussion, unlike June who barges in and is like: "me me ME mE meeeee". Nobody asked you bitch.

No. 731560

>"usually ugly chicks are feminists"
She should've been one then

No. 731577

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is her trying to provide context for the fact that she’s NEARLY 30 now and that the best years of her life were wasted on sperging online and snorting Greg’s fecal dust-filled farts straight out of his ass.

Lol but seriously, I’m sure her coming on here and reading everyone’s honest assessment of her doesn’t help. I just feel sorry for her* because her face is aging really badly and it’ll be hard to hide it soon.

Best outcome? She continues this behavior and finally marries pregory so she at least can get some money out of him when the divorce happens.

*Not really.

No. 731582

A child of that age making sexual overtures towards an adult is actually a very big flag of sexual abuse (they are recreating something that had happened to them with another adult). It is NOT normative

No. 731584

File: 1542135608307.jpg (59.92 KB, 640x1003, Dr1nO2DXcAAYiOe.jpg)

No. 731585

File: 1542135635673.jpg (51.55 KB, 640x932, Dr1nO2FX4AEUzBx.jpg)

No. 731590

inb4 she quickly makes a new bideo in some shitty marvel movie shirt to milk the attention out of his death

No. 731591

File: 1542135787394.jpg (63.68 KB, 726x1110, Drwt7LpWkAAW33J.jpg)

>why did no one tell me to stop
they did

No. 731595

discord anon <3

I fucking hate her pretending to be oblivious
>how the fuck did i have any fans or followers
how the fuck do you think lauren has followers or any other /pol/ pandering. anti-fem attention whore? just stop it, this was literally only 2 years ago. She treats everything that she did like it was centuries ago, jesus fuck.

No. 731597

is june ever going to get her story about herself straight? not once has she maintained one singular opinion or fact about herself besides her steady tweets about how bad terfs are.

No. 731602

pls more. even just her being a pandering-ass attention whore is pretty cringy and milky. literally everything she says is for asspats and i'm surprised she actually has, i guess, redistributed her audience somehow a little? or are these faggots just trying really hard to suck the shit straight out of her ass? bc most of her fans wouldnt even think that pic is cringy bc theyre literally just as if not more cringy

No. 731603

not the discord anon sorry.

june retweeted these caps herself from https://twitter.com/shoe0nheaddisco

No. 731610

File: 1542137875558.jpg (13.3 KB, 640x199, shuwu shumer.jpg)

np, I never seen this account before so thanks for sharing.

Wow, these "memes" are hilarious!

No. 731617

omg this is so bad… she enjoys talking to these retards, too. why she chose gerg no 2, i don't understand. like, plenty of her orbiters kind of have more to offer (though obviously retarded)

No. 731628

>her face is aging really badly and it’ll be hard to hide it soon
To me, I feel like that's the least of her worries. Long term, everyone ages it's just fax. I think she will eventually have a very tough time coming around to the fact she has zero going for her
(situation like this >>727220 doesn't seem too unlikely)
and a deep and unshakeable self-loathing will begin to manifest. Sincerely hoping Preg is up for the task.

Things like this. She can't be in a good place right now. She keeps ruminating on herself and her past.

No. 731717

If she just relaxed a bit in her poses she'd pull it off way better, imo. She tenses up and angles herself to look as smol as possible, and it seems to make her look larger. I know the ana-chans on here go on about her being 'fat'(and I accept that it's in part because of all of the fat jokes she has made about other women) but she looks absolutely fine and would look way better with more relaxed poses and clothes she would be less overly conscious of her body in. I bet she's the type of person to hug her belly when she sits out of insecurity.

No. 731719

Junejune-kun edits when?

No. 731720

gotta love it when pickmes meme in a more misogynistic way than the average normie man. goes to show that it's more about punishing herself and other women than it is about agreeing with the majority of actual men.

No. 731738

they wouldn't drown if they weren't on a boat in Italy

No. 731746

Thank you. That's what I was trying to say. There are rare/tragic circumstances when children will attempt seduction. Just you should still be burned at the stake if you read that as real consent. I'm happy for the people that can block their ears and go "lalala not listening" but pretending there's nothing darker in the world than Shoe's self loathing ain't helping anyone either.

No. 731761

File: 1542154190608.jpg (28.22 KB, 529x435, Dr6znGfXcAcqiL4.jpg)

No. 731762

File: 1542154213936.jpg (32.2 KB, 750x450, Dr6zjIxXgAAiTub.jpg)

No. 731764

File: 1542154243321.jpg (24.32 KB, 750x459, Dr6zjI-W4AAC9Y2.jpg)

No. 731768

>tee hee I like girls too xD

No. 731770

I wonder how this makes preg feel considering he has zero arm muscles.

Also, I just realized, she shits on fit men all the time but, finds a fit woman attractive? Just confirms my belief she secretly wishes preg was the lumberjack/hunk she tries labeling him as all the time.

No. 731779

no milk but this guy reminded me so much of greg, with his undersized flannel shirt about to pop, tooth gap, and creeper vibes

it's like looking 10 years into the future

No. 731785

OT but that's so crazy.. actually just watched this one about an hour ago. Fucking sick how he acts like there is nothing wrong with wanting to marry a damn 13 year old at 44 years old. I honestly don't think Groceries is this fucked in the head.

No. 731786

No. 731876

File: 1542172935517.png (473.55 KB, 810x422, Idris pregba.png)

Shit I didn't get a screenshot before she deleted it.

Shoe uploaded a pic of Idris Elba on the cover of People magazine and captioned it something like "Greg said that Idris Elba is the tanned version of him." She left it up for an hour (with a positive response) until I just uploaded these two pics next to each other.

No. 731901

>hurr dO a ViDeO abOuT yOuR tErF dAyZ xDDD
So in Shuwu's head, having a shallow idea of feminism + disliking trannies = radfem? Yeah… that's not how it works at all. I don't know who or what gives her the confidence to pretend like she knows what she's talking about.

No. 731905

Yeah, this is so weird. Did RantinF mention being terf earlier in the convo and its just not shown in the picture or something? It seems like shoe is projecting pretty hard here

No. 731911

TRAs and panderers use the term TERF for any woman who doesn’t fully buy into the trans narrative regardless of her other beliefs. It’s more of a slur than a descriptor. I bet June has no idea what radical feminism even is, and if you’d ask her she’d just cry about trans people and maybe throw out some popular misquote like “all sex is rape” and something about bra burnings and hairy armpits. The only difference between libfems and radfems that June cares about is the trans issue and the fact that radfems aren’t mainstream and therefore acceptable to shit on and harass.

No. 731915

Do you think rantingF's tweet about being passive and baby talk "yes I ams that" is a parody/dig at shoe?

No. 731921

No. 731923


my sides have left the building

No. 731945

File: 1542189438674.jpg (82.72 KB, 500x717, terf.jpg)

It's also an accurate description though. I know this because I saw a meme Shoe reposted.

No. 731947

June can't even admit she's straight, of course she isn't going to get the story right. Pandering is all she lives by.

No. 731949

Weird, Idris Elba is actually succesful unlike Greg

No. 731975

What is this "Omg step on me mommy xD Shoot me in the fucking face xD" bullshit she's been pulling lately, it's so fucking embarrassing

>Implying Preg and Idris Elba are anywhere near the same level
Kek, of course that comparison only works if you don't actually look at them.

No. 731982

File: 1542202258626.jpeg (100.32 KB, 634x845, 1B53CE23-1356-438F-8507-397CAF…)

I think Grocery bag has reverse BD

No. 731985

Looking at pix of her with her most hardcore fans I wouldn't be surprised if they had yandere & /or femdom fetishes and mommy issues are probably a given.

So, again pandering.

No. 732006

File: 1542207288063.png (150.89 KB, 425x308, haruto_tsukigami.png)

Wow shoe has stated time and time again that she hates muscles (on anyone) and even said that they look like ugly tumors? but now she's like "unf i want to be crushed uwuu"? Just proves the point that June is a social chameleon who agrees/parrots the current popular opinion so she doesn't go through conflict lol.

No. 732009

It's a bit late to jump on the Moosefix bandwagon, Juwune

No. 732048

youre joking, right? i genuinely cant tell with the retards that wander by this thread sometimes. obv radical feminism is only male exclusionary, and males that are trans = excluded, while females that claim to be trans, are not, so it's not an accurate description at all

No. 732096

No. 732097

File: 1542220916403.png (656.39 KB, 610x867, morehairthanshoe.png)

No. 732114

File: 1542223419243.gif (2.95 MB, 390x293, 1408999912795.gif)

Ok they are officially insane. not even armchairing at this point, they are so far into their circlejerk hugbox of neckbeard fans, they have absolutely no idea how crazy and delusional they look to the rest of the world.

No. 732118

Greg has BDD confirmed, it explains a lot really.

No. 732128

File: 1542224369813.jpg (115.71 KB, 343x497, Untitled-1.jpg)

lol peep those delusional asslickers in the replies

why are her fans so cringe ugh "straight man reporting in, can confirm"

No. 732148


Weird, I can't find it on her timeline. Either way they are so delusional its disturbing.

No. 732159

He’s just referring to the title of Sexiest Man and doesn’t actually think he looks anything like Idris Elba, right? I’m assuming he read those words and automatically mentally superimposed his own face onto the cover.

No. 732346

File: 1542252403670.jpg (243.38 KB, 1080x1633, Screenshot_2018-11-14_222206~2…)


No. 732347

File: 1542252448552.jpg (162.11 KB, 1080x1511, Screenshot_2018-11-14_222215~2…)

No. 732371


oh no, june has to make two videos this month!

No. 732375

File: 1542257576639.jpg (138.59 KB, 605x945, she-ra.jpg)

>they might even have gay parents

oh, like jeremy or his fans are okay with that.

No. 732377

File: 1542257880077.jpg (45.89 KB, 580x310, quarterpounder don't want to s…)

>I haven't seen it but it's cringe

No. 732387

June is so afraid of offending someone that she insults and compliments something in the same breath im

No. 732402

Paypal buyer protection is 6 months, how the fuck did he let it expire?

>I've never seen it but it's cringe but gays aren't bad you guys but also fuck the SJWs!!
Pick a script and stick to it, shoe.

No. 732410

File: 1542266027447.jpg (195.05 KB, 810x957, IMG_20181115_080855.jpg)

>Paypal buyer protection is 6 months, how the fuck did he let it expire?

He's so skeptical and smart that he waited for a shipping confirmation from a shady chinese seller for 6 months lmao.

How much mommy Juwune's betabux has been flushed into all these toy orders?

No. 732411

>This is a case of not really paying attention

He just gave $1000 and then didn't pay attention?

June, you better start shitting out videos because if you really get married to fupa, the money will be gone sooner than you think.

No. 732414

greg's toy habits are honestly chris-chan tier

No. 732422

Oh, so this is where the fat, bitter cunts come to bitch about the people who have it better than them. Cool, cool.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 732427

shoe finally tearing her wig off in frustration over these threads and snapping kek

or of course one of her pathetic deluded orbiters from discord chat

No. 732429

honestly this is something skepdick would say

No. 732432

File: 1542270684874.png (538.59 KB, 594x594, nowig0nhead.png)

Hi June!

No. 732439

shitposting on the internet for a living trying to please neckbeards as you rapidly approach 30 is truly a life worth envying, you're absolutely right anon.

No. 732447

Discord anon, we need caps!!! She's breaking

No. 732478

Yes everyone who hates shuwu is totally just fat and wishes they had her disney waistline lol

Funny thing is if any of her orbiters actually read how nitpicky we are about her weight gain, they'd turn around and say we're just jealous of her curves or some shit.

No. 732481

Fuck was BDD again?
Sorry for off topic btw

No. 732482

it stands for body dysmorphic disorder, it's when the perception of your own body is distorted (usually negatively: thinking you're a monster, ugly, etc)

fupa has reverse bdd so he thinks he's a hunky lumberjack instead of a lardass built like a papaya

No. 732498

that's probably one solid reason why juwune defends tranny BDD so fucking hard kek, she's projecting preg's retardation on them

No. 732507

What’s with Juwune orbiters believing anyone who is critical of her must be unattractive and therefore jealous… I might get it if she was some kind of rare beauty, but that’s clearly not what’s going on here.

No. 732508

I don't think I've ever seen Skeptic defend Shoe actually.

No. 732514

Thanks but, Don't insult papayas.
Unlike Pregory they are succesful

No. 732521

Lol, you here too bitching about us…

Why is it so hard to believe that there are people on this board who have fulfilling lives and loving partners that treat June and Greg as a tv show about two sad, mismatched clowns? When will her stans figure out that their fandom is even more pathetic than that of Jake Paul’s. At least those kids don’t know any better and don’t claim to.

No. 732524

Absolute double digit IQ. And so skeptical that he's been scammed by doomsday cults in the past too. Also who the fuk thinks it's a good idea to spend $1000 on Star Wars gear? Seripusly this is why his first wife divorced him.

Hope June likes being a sugar momma to this fat retard for the rest of her life kek. At least she can't feel too bad when he throws her money down the toilet - it's not like she worked hard for it.

No. 732526

>I know this because of a meme Shoe posted
>Can't tell if you're serious something something retards

radfem bs rots your brain, confirmed.

when shit tier bait manages to catch so many. well played.

If he's got the money to piss away on toys, who cares? The lulzy bit is where he tries to explain away his lack of skepticism almost costing him 1k.
It's not going to be that long she has to put up with it … remember the engagement? She cried, he rolled his eyes and said it was for immigration purposes. He'll find some dopey thot to replace her.

No. 732529

What I don’t understand is why bring it up on Twitter in the first place? I get leaving a bad review but then broadcasting your mistake?

No. 732531

KEK they're also roasting you on Kiwifarms, glad to see you're only going after the WAHMENS

No. 732538

File: 1542293995297.jpg (341.28 KB, 2464x660, hey fatty bom bom you aint foo…)

No. 732540

>The item was shipped… So let me look into it… I will get back to you
Amazing. How often does Greg send money to Nigerian princes?

No. 732545

This is something I'd expect to happen to a 70 year old man who orders something online for the first time, these two idiots spend their entire day on the internet and even make a living there but are still too retarded to file a Paypal claim within 6 months of ordering something from a shitty ebay seller? lmao

No. 732550

tfw you make not one but TWO ugly dudes look prettier than yourself

No. 732554

I can promise you a balding unemployed 27 year old FAS looking ass loud mouthed guidette living with her parents and living off handouts and her literal retarded fat boyfriend don't have it, "better than me"

No. 732590

File: 1542300136200.png (120.54 KB, 1320x634, 1514106245247.png)

Let's not forget this gem.

The fact that she was so willing to give her totally 100% real measurements to her creepy neckbeard fans grosses me out.

No. 732591

File: 1542300283195.jpg (25.32 KB, 639x262, riiiiiight.jpg)

also this
>changed chest from 32 to 34

No. 732602

LMAO. He’ll pay 1k for a toy but cheaps out on a $200 cubic zirconia ring for his fiancée. What a dick

No. 732614

I vote next shoe thread going to /pt/. 22 threads and counting seems convincing enough and the milk isn't gonna stop any time soon

No. 732615

wait did greg say she has perfect little measurements? hadn't they already been dating for a longass time and she posted her measurements all over the internet already by this point if it was only a year ago? lol, he isn't quite as bad as onision but he does very little intel on someone he allegedly wants to marry

No. 732627

File: 1542306147150.png (43.29 KB, 720x548, 20181115_132135.png)

I thought he was 6'2"? Also gross, I guarantee he would lose his shit if June "joked" like that.

No. 732647

I agree

No. 732662

It says "1 year ago", but not when this screenshot was taken.

No. 732698

this had to have been back when they were flirting, maybe 2015ish. greg never gave a shit about june, he's always just liked the ego boosts she always gives him because of her low self esteem, so i doubt he even cared to give her much attention. that's probably why he just found out even though she was suuuper fucking Pickme about everything and would display how much of a perfect waifu she toootally was for all the beta neckbeards. imagine pandering to the lowest kinds of males that exist then going for the neckbeard overlord shreg lol

No. 732743

Pandering to betas is very easy and low-effort so it definitely fits her “aesthetic.” I absolutely don’t think pregory is at all attractive but I wouldn’t say she’s out of his league.

No. 732826

File: 1542324965069.jpg (158.04 KB, 845x852, leia's metal bikini and holoca…)

>spends thousands of dollars of june's money on star wars toys
>can't even bother to get her a Leia of Gor costume

such dynamic. very daddy dom. wow.
also lol at the guy who makes them being a neo-nazi.

No. 732872

File: 1542327693296.png (583.83 KB, 600x1160, ny67oNm.png)

june's not in the wrong here for once, but she also films women in public so she can shame them online

No. 732876

File: 1542327753563.png (101.36 KB, 596x379, ltmufT8.png)

No. 732910

File: 1542329761924.png (507.09 KB, 932x558, blast from the past.png)

No. 732939

File: 1542333606886.png (440.45 KB, 568x578, leeEj21.png)

sorry for the double post but oh god

No. 732955

Those creep shots are gross wtf.


No. 732981

File: 1542338407438.png (396.76 KB, 719x729, 20181115_222013.png)

Oof can't get a break from this bitch

No. 732994

There's an idea, how about June redeems herself by sending her army after creeps like this.

Lol wonder what would happen if June was moved to /pt/

No. 733013

im not even talking aesthetics here it was more about shitty men overall, not just shitty lookswise

No. 733023

File: 1542344729044.jpg (34.01 KB, 578x223, shane.jpg)

No. 733083

What's with the pandering to Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson & co?

Is she seriously hoping to join their circles?? lmao

No. 733111

Shane adopted Blaire who is much less popular for some reason, she probably thinks they’re already buds by proxy

No. 733289

File: 1542390973108.png (69.87 KB, 595x289, as.png)

the pandering never ends.

No. 733293

File: 1542391391606.png (132.34 KB, 598x786, Z9YvlCi.png)

No. 733295

What's the point of her taking a screenshot of her comment?

I also remember how hard she used to stan Milo (to the point of calling a black woman a gorilla), but now she's wants to be a part of new group so she's suddenly critical of him.

No. 733311

yeah i'm just counting the days until she just declares herself as a "total left leaning liberal advocate of women's rights guyys" and is collectively kicked in the face by feminists and anti SJWs alike

No. 733318

>Look, I said that first!
June seems like she'd be more annoying as a friend than as an enemy.

No. 733320

ummmm didnt wig and preg have lunch with hbomb, contra, lindsay, etc??? this is hilarious bc it shows june's 'ties' to leftyoutube are so fucking paper thin that they can't even remember her fiance

No. 733331

File: 1542396469888.jpg (192.09 KB, 1200x800, DDBy9uMUIAAtD9g.jpg)

No. 733333

File: 1542396513464.jpg (206.03 KB, 1200x900, DDBzMHYUQAEliEt.jpg)

No. 733337

Because June has to one-up everyone all the time. Like other anon said it's her way of saying "I told you so!"

But wait, I thought June of two years ago is totally cringe and not get at all like her anymore.

No. 733338

File: 1542397094665.jpeg (274.42 KB, 886x960, 1538976406375.jpeg)

KEK his ogre-ass sat right next to lindsay ellis for an entire brunch and she has no idea who the fuck he is. i love it because she always tries to act like "umm i can rag on the left because i'm such a lefty, look! look at how close i am with leftubers!" and none of them know her or preg at all lmfaooooo

No. 733356

most of it isn't milk, though. you could cut out like 15 threads if you cut away the nitpicking, infighting, politics, etc. even a lot of the milk is like 'lol look at her saying something hypocritical / dumb' ~so milky~

No. 733378

Got a true connoisseur here, plain old being hypocritical and dumb isnt good enough

No. 733381

shes milky because she acts like she's changed and better than everyone else who's not shrekory. whenever she's caught pandering to one side by her followers she'll quickly try pandering to her other followers like nothing happened. she's milky as shit!

No. 733386

Lindsey looks like she has her chair turned completely away from shreg lol. I'm not surprised she doesn't remember him, she was probably doing her best to ignore him.

No. 733483

File: 1542424504520.jpg (48.35 KB, 575x488, congratulations, it's a turd i…)

>can't decide if "I'd rather get a package from Cesar Sayoc in the mail tbh." is too far or not far enough
>evil kermit meme: post it anyway
>bottom text

No. 733638

why are wig and hontra making eyes at each other

No. 733646

File: 1542451641162.png (797.31 KB, 1168x1400, ????.png)

Good lord, every time i see one of her "hot takes" i lose neurons
I can't even tell if it's supposed to be a joke

No. 733656

I wish they’d hook up. I know that’s probably what she wants, but they deserve each other and would make each other absolutely miserable so it would be great to watch.

No. 733679

To be fair Lindsay drinks enough to drown a fish. Would be a miracle if she didn't have memory problems.

No. 733700

June is thirsty for contra's approval (and who knows what else), but I don't think it's mutual.

No. 733718

It's not. She's constantly trying to get Contra's attention on Twitter with little acknowledgement. Meanwhile Contra is constantly in Lindsay Ellis' replies because they are actually friends.

No. 733722

File: 1542472027488.png (431.5 KB, 612x1022, contra pandering.png)

tinfoil alert. i think june's desperate for contra's approval not because she's attracted to him, but because he makes a fuck tun of money on patreon. she makes very little in comparison despite having 700,000+ more subscribers than him. all of the other left-tubers she sucks up to have more support than her too.

No. 733725

It's just because Contra is trans. Shoe collects them like they're pokemon in the hopes of being canonized as the Patron Saint of Eunuchs.

No. 733739

I think it's a combination of wanting his audience and wanting a reputation as a nice youtuber who can be friends with anyone.
Contra seems like a special case since Shoe continued to suck up to him after he threw her under the bus and mocked her friend Blair.

No. 733765

When did contra throw shoe under the bus?

No. 733782

You would think shoe would think ahead enough to go for a guy with a college degree or literally any sort of marketable skill set, instead of college dropout, divorced, spends-thousands-on-Star-Wars-toys preggory, but those are her choices, I guess

No. 733789

Wouldn't be surprised if during the meetup she was getting over a massive hangover. Even so pregma and shoe probably aren't annoying in public just really awkward to the point of being forgettable.

No. 733793

When someone asked Contra about interacting with people like Shoe, he said that he doesn't consider her a friend and he only talks to her to change her beliefs. I can't find an archive of the stream but someone summarized it in Contra's kiwifarms thread.

No. 733797

June is basically a next-level version of the classic fag hag. Except she's worse because most fag hags are pretty transparent about what they're doing.

No. 733857

Go to 10:22

Contrapoints doesn’t mention June by name but it’s obvious that’s who this is directed at

No. 733866

I wonder if june knows about this

No. 733877

Oh no doubt. June just can't handle rejection unless it's on her terms.
Friends end up not liking her? She'll try to pander to their likes. We see it all the time.

No. 733904

File: 1542502625539.jpg (40.27 KB, 559x546, merry christmas foar june fwom…)


Contra should do a holiday giveaway.

No. 733922

File: 1542506440421.png (383.1 KB, 596x940, WlgtOay.png)

No. 733925

The epitome of what’s considered sexy is cultural. It went from rail thin and fragile looking to thicc when black culture became mainstream. It will probably be something completely different in a few years.

I think june just wants to believe her body is somehow the epitome of beauty because she knows her face isn’t.

No. 733926

Live footage of a rabbit eating itself alive.

June, you just fucking 1080°'d the entire conversation lol. No wonder you can't have a real job… because your communication skills are terrible.

No. 733938

File: 1542507964598.png (858.69 KB, 1440x1200, Screenshot_2018-11-17-20-23-40…)

And now she's priding herself like her side of the argument was understandable.
Like, I get June's view, but she doesn't know how to get the point across without sounding retarded.

No. 733941

File: 1542508345969.png (244.95 KB, 600x1066, yOZ8OYk.png)

>anime tiddies XDDDD

No. 733943

How the fuck does she think she's in any position to make fun of someone who blocked her while she's blocked people over liking a tweet? Jfc she's such a hypocritical douche.

No. 733951

she's so stupid. no, it hasn't, and it's highly dependent on respective cultures. god i hate her.

"just wanna see them hentai tiddies!! right, my fellow neckbeards???"

seriously can this hoe go five minutes without pandering. she reminds of me of shayna in that she'll be more degenerate and disgusting than what even is necessary to bring in the $$$.

No. 733952

when will she understand that in her quest to make herself likable to everyone, she's just as equally hated?

No. 733958

her waist isn't small and her breasts are rock hard so i don't know what she's trying to accomplish.

No. 733961

Excuse me anon she has Disney princess waistline privilege uwu

No. 733970

she's so weird with her pandering, too pussy/degenerate for the alt right and too edgy for the left.

No. 734051

she'd probably see this as a radical centrist compliment but that's not what it is. plenty of people could technically be described like what you said but the difference is they actually think for themselves about each issue and are willing to hear out both sides, whereas shoe just switches from blindly following one set of established ideals or the other.

No. 734063

Ugh the neckbeards creaming their pants because "June likes hentai" are horrible
Remember how Juwune said hentai was too uguu?

No. 734066

The artist is being sardonic and is making fun of you in the last cap June jesus she's dumb

No. 734068

june has no place talking about things related to art or anatomy considering the fact that she can't even shoop her body in a flattering way that makes sense lol

No. 734085

>this has been a thing for centuries
June, resident history and sociology expert.

Why can't she understand that "sexy" is an artificial concept? Prime example is that tribe where long necks are considered beautiful so a lot of women literally destroy their neck muscles by stretching out their necks with rings until their muscles can't support the head without them. It's based on a fictional ideal image that's not what most women look like, changes if you go to another country and often leads to women who don't fit into it being mocked relentlessly until the next "trend" rolls in.

>Assuming someone who draws nothing but scantily clad women with huge balloon tits is a man is sexist!! xD

No. 734111

she's showing this off because she's proclaiming her totally real (read: faked for attention) love of anime tiddies :3 ima nerdy boob-loving neckbeard XDD

stfu june the only boobs you like are preg's you slob fetishist

No. 734129

>making fun of someone for blocking her
l m a o

No. 734134

excuse me, anon, but foot-binding in china lasted for over 1,000 years so i think you fail to recognize that it's actually, factually, the EPITOME of femininity. it has 'been a thing for centuries' and you ugly legbeards need to understand that men just can't get hard without seeing them high fem 2d lotus feet. checkmate, sjws.

No. 734149

File: 1542545567662.png (28.65 KB, 892x262, fucking ungrateful.png)

I know I'm proving her point here but she's fucking ungrateful, if it weren't for us pointing and laughing at all the stupid shit she does, she would still unironically be posting pics of her feminazi tears mug, being a liddle goil on her public twitter (which her mom looks at sometimes), saying pedos need anime, and fat shaming women her size. you're welcome shoe

No. 734161

Funny because she doesn't use Twitter to have "friendly open conversations with a small group of people."

She uses it to maniacally self-insert her into conversations, desperate pandering for attention and attacking/bullying others so she can seem better than them. She uses it to simulate high school.

No. 734185

File: 1542550950899.jpeg (300.36 KB, 1263x1600, 9562D532-8BC7-4D4A-8357-DCE2D0…)

>small waists and big breasts are the epitome of feminine
>it’s been this way for centuries

not even 100 years ago did the 1920s happen, where the ideal body type was flat chested, tall, and athletic. this body type showed up again in the 60s, but with more emphasis on petite legs and arms. The 80s were all about long legs, broad shoulders and being toned. The 90s saw the heroin-chic skinny supermodel look.

Point is, Shuwu is an idiot who knows nothing about history or what the “feminine ideal” was. She’s obviously never looked at old paintings, she’d she women who she would consider landwhsles presented as the ideal of feminine beauty.

No. 734241


adding to this, it's also a far less universal of a 'feminine' standard than this bitch assumes. in so many countries (including mine) having huge breasts and a skinny waist is considered almost vulgar and women try hard to conceal it. in so many cultures thick-set bodies are considered sexy/womanly and it's not so much about the boobs as it is about the overall endowment (for lack of a better word). in so many cultures coltish/nymphet-ish (ugh) figures are prized above curvy ones.
Point i'm making is that even by all these different definitions of femininity this bitch is still ugly as fuck and can get stuffed

No. 734272

No. 734282

It really just shows that the only kind of men (or people in general) that she interacts with are her virgin neckbeard followers - it's still pretty depressing that she's so uninformed and sheltered that she thinks that 'big hentai titties' has just been the ideal beauty standard for women in every part of the world for hundreds of years though.

No. 734284

Well she hypes their evo-psych "being the most attracted to 16 year olds is NATURAL" bullshit (i believe on her askfm), so of course she says similarly stupid shit like this. she truly is the biggest and most pathetic ball-licker i've ever seen. other the honey badger retards, ofc

No. 734287

so depressing. i wonder if she even knows something like the venus figurines exists, which is straight up evidence towards round and endowed bodies being worshipped as symbols of fertility and by extension femininity. i like to think she's too undereducated to know any of that if she can't even remember 60s' flapper fashions or the 80s' preferred statuesque figures.

jesus christ i had forgotten this. straight up "teen girls are appearance-wise the most fertile and desirable a woman looks" or some similar horseshit, wasn't it? it's horrifying how women can say that about other females, children no less, and feel important and good about themselves.

No. 734288

Not blogposting but the men that I hang around (mostly bf's friends, or friends' bfs) will sometimes talk about the kind of girls they like or even retweet e-girls and they're always the kind of girls that June would probably call overweight and complain about. Personally I found it shocking because I've heard what June said: "full breasts/tiny waist/slim" is the ideal.

I mean when men are alone, June would be surprised at the kind of women they are sexually attracted to lol. Definitely "thicc secret" tier. I feel like June probably just wants to believe the body type she pretends to have is ideal, while her bf faps to voluptuous thicc camgirls on twitter.

No. 734296

File: 1542566656490.png (37.74 KB, 584x325, ZHgs45x.png)

so june stalking and dunkin' on TERF/SJW accounts is her having ~friendly open conversations~ uwu

No. 734298

File: 1542566725993.png (1.08 MB, 730x1366, too depressed to shoop.png)

they keep getting sloppier lmao
cmon june, you're better than this!

No. 734299

File: 1542566782242.png (61.98 KB, 590x293, ds.png)

this sounds suspiciously terfy

>looking to the side to make her eyes look bigger
of course

No. 734300

Why does she think she can give parenting advice when any parent would be depressed to end up with a child like her?

No. 734303

File: 1542567114736.jpg (322.24 KB, 1184x667, june pls.jpg)

rotated the image (my preview edit crapped out on me, sorry for samefag) and…
that bicep is giving me life. june, take a few life drawing lessons, look at actual human pictures, something, anything. even her anachan days of shooping her waist into oblivion was better lmao

also, i can't tell if the part on the right of her face (our right) is just. unblended foundation, or a pathetic saturation effect to improve her corpselike skintone? it looks like she's wearing skin atop her skin

No. 734312

File: 1542568167436.png (1.29 MB, 1184x667, weurd.png)

her bicep looks fairly ok but her deltoid… this is the waviest ass shoulder i've ever seen in my life. what is this? she mustve tried to make it thinner since her very upper upper upper arms are what gains weight

No. 734314

oh the bicep is edited too. for how hard poor fat fuck mcgee is flexing – check out her wrist and clenched fist muscles – there is always going to be a muscle definition/shadow right under the swell of the bicep. for it to not show up at all means that there was no defined swell to begin with, which means she's even more shapeless than we give her credit for kek

No. 734317

File: 1542569380376.jpg (65.27 KB, 819x461, 59654ea71500002300bfd1c4.jpg)

omg you're right. and yet she's still out here talking about how full titties and small waists are the most feminine and have been forever. she needs to stop the delusional tangled comparisons when in light of recent photos of them both, they better resemble this iconic couple

No. 734318

you can see the fucking blur in the dips of her arm KEK

No. 734355

June probably thinks the 50s lasted 100 years.

All said and done, her fanbase consists of the types of dudes who love to talk mad shit about women's bodies no matter what they look like, but would be willing to put their shrimp dicks into basically any hole given the opportunity.

No. 734390

I mean,"teen girls are appearance-wise the most fertile", that on its own is fine and accurate. It's only when she extends it to "and therefore desirable" that it becomes a crazy misogynistic statement.

No. 734409

It doesn't even make sense in that context because a lot of the kinds of guys are interacts with are interested in that IRL loli and/or thicc girl aesthetic. She's literally just projecting her own desires and standards onto both men and women.
Um, no? You sound completely retarded. Teen girls are no more "fertile" than adult women, nor are their bodies at their peak for reproduction. Puberty doesn't begin and end with menstruation and breast growth, and the body isn't fully matured until around age 21. While teenage girls are capable of concieving, their risk of premature birth, miscarriage and other complications is a lot higher than a fully matured woman. This whole idea that teen girls are the best for "breeding" (ew) is a lie made up by men who are ashamed of the fact that they're attracted to children and want to make it seem "normal". The idea that it was accepted in the past is heavily skewed and largely a myth too, by the way. It's really never been seen as acceptable for grown men to want to fuck teens and little girls.

No. 734416

What bicep?

No. 734421

Thanks for the correction. I honesty though that peak fertility was like 17-19, depending on the woman, and honestly bought the argument that breeding often started at around that age as well since we wouldn't have made enough people to survive as a species' otherwise. Still her point still stands as super gross regardless as there's millions of other qualities that can make a woman attractive.

No. 734426

even if it were true (it isn't) that a 17 yo is more fertile on average and naturally more attractive to men than a 21 yo, men can and are being memed en masse into fucking literal men and try to claim they're more feminine than real women. men can be memed into anything and will use claims of pseudo science to defend it. men def aren't catching on to any pheromones when they creep onto and obsess over tiktok 16 yos on the internet. these are all just bullshit excuses weirdos use to justify that men are creeps and can be conditioned into evolutionarily counterintuitive shit with ease.

No. 734431

True dat. Even if it were true that attraction to minors an evolutionary basis that's affected by certain triggers there's still no excuse to act on them.

No. 734461

well, that's not what i was saying, but i guess i agree. i was more saying that men aren't amazingly perceptive hound-dogs so attuned to evolutionary senses that they naturally just are super duper most attractive to the most fertile things. they'll literally fuck other men and never be able to tell, or exclusively want to cum in women's asses, and then try to justify it with some similarly retarded evo psych bullshit that makes no sense, just to justify their fetishes (and it's a field full of bad science populated by biased creeps anyways btw). this teen shit is just a cultural meme. but i guess this is the biologically retarded dumbassery june will embarrass herself over to defend just to get them brownie points, while low-key insulting herself at the same time, kek

No. 734470

Saying you're a woman too infertile to be attractive, to score brownie points from an audience that's jerking off to Blaire White. What a crazy ass world we live in.

No. 734492

According to most TRAs this would make her basically a terf now, woops

No. 734494

File: 1542590087340.jpg (73.41 KB, 606x556, internalized heterophobia.jpg)

june, you are s t r a i g h t.

No. 734500

june is one of the fakest most hypocritical people i've ever kept up with just to see how continually fake and ego-driven they'll be lol, when will she give up the wannabe lesbian act?

No. 734527

Yeah there’s not a universal standard. Otherwise there wouldn’t be such a substantial variety in body types. Just love what you have and don’t preach one body type as the ideal.

Exaggerated sex characteristics will generally garner more attention but you have to think about whose ideal that really is. Tends to be lower class and misogynistic men that focus on these things.

No. 734533

If she starts shooping herself to look fit I’m gonna be so mad.

No. 734537

File: 1542596812298.png (43.01 KB, 487x300, 1513398135986.png)

"they're not sticking around anyway"

Boy you really are in ~love~ with women.

No. 734565

Such a lying tryhard lol

Every picture where she poses like this. Her face just triggers something in me, I just don't understand it. She always looks so smug and inauthentic all. the. time.

No. 734571

More proof that she sees women as nothing more than sex objects, throw it in the pile

No. 734574

her eye shoop is belle delphine tier

No. 734589

posts like this, coupled with her hardcore self-inserting on rantingF's twitter feed, are making me terrified that juwune is going to try inserting herself into feminist circles like "i've always been here!" or "i've been converted!" :|

prepare the collective boot, i guess

No. 734596

Does she honestly think feminism is about hating men?

No. 734599

Do you honestly want this thread derailed?

No. 734638

File: 1542619746946.jpg (120.62 KB, 861x861, IMG_20180805_121741.jpg)

>aNd yOu WoN't eNd uP wItH An InCeL xDDD
>implying that wasn't an incel-tier take
Fucking cringe. Hilarious how she takes dumbasses like this seriously.

No. 734644

Imagine if the original post was inverted and it would be some feminist talking about her child growing up in a ''men's world''. Shoe would fucking lose her shit and call it TERF cringe.

>Incredibles 2 review
I can already predict her talking about how hot and thicc Mrs. Incredible is because remember everyone she has the big gay and loves boobies and ass just like the mens uwu

No. 734762

File: 1542645014479.png (400.03 KB, 578x540, h32hhLP.png)

No. 734764

File: 1542645106995.png (441.62 KB, 588x800, tj0SmFo.png)

>vile mockery

No. 734772

Lmao look at that shooped warped ass dinner plate.

No. 734833

HAHAHAHA this stupid bitch REALLY doesn’t know who she’s pandering to anymore, does she?

No. 734834

shuwu provides so much evidence of her gross hypocrisy lol.

No. 734837

File: 1542651510407.png (45.91 KB, 604x508, cZLaw0k.png)


No. 734839

i know this isn't exactly about shoe but cheese died after like a year of improper care and taylor pretending to know everything about the care requirements? shocker! of course shoe is fully supportive out of stupidity and desperation too.

No. 734852

well yeah seeing as how she's a shit rabbit owner, buys rabbits from rabbit breeding farms and says they're actually 'rescues' lol, then has the gall to do blurbs on rabbit care mags. both of them just use their animals for "look at me!!" points and try to act like they're knowledgeable and decent pet owners

No. 734869

Pathetic hypocrisy.

No. 734871

wait whaaaat… i remember seeing shoe reference lolcow every now and then, i'm so sure she knows exactly wtf is up with taylor, why is she pretending to be buddy buddy with yet another "e-celeb" who doesn't give a shit about her? am i alone in clubbing this in with whatever the fuck she's trying with j* and shane dawson?
jesus christ, to what lengths will her desperation drive her

No. 734886

She saw the writing on the wall with all the drama that’s going on with the skeptics. The anon from earlier that mentioned her stirring the pot behind the scenes is probably on to something.

I think she’s just trying to jump ship before her current audience turns on her.

No. 734941


Wow. Dan "Foldable Human" Olsen with Shoe and Greg.

They either had no idea who the fuck they are or there will be no end to the amount of shit I will dump on Dan.

No. 734952

File: 1542667115387.jpg (131.09 KB, 759x1199, DsWzSZiVAAAW9TF.jpg)

No. 734954

File: 1542667283062.png (259.71 KB, 608x587, NwJgoxN.png)

No. 734958

File: 1542667515047.png (831.83 KB, 819x865, 1414103402970.png)

Ik it's suppose to be rabbit ears but, all I see is Donkey thanks to these threads.

No. 734973

Because "Women have it easy" according to Shuwu, so they can be mocked while men deserve to be celebrated!

No. 735045


Dan's pretty much the only one in the picture who knew it was a bad idea, and admitted to it being a bad idea later. HBomb and Contra tried to blow past it with snark, and Lindsay got drunk and emo-whined about "tribalism." Anyway, it's pretty old milk at this point.

No. 735140

This art style is so fucking obnoxious lol

No. 735179

i get that, anon, but so many ships? is she just.. doing trial runs with every potential cow she could leech off of?
i guess this could be the same as her jumping the unichan ship and latching onto the anti-SJW sphere in the past, but it hadn't been as well observed and documented as this time around. right now everyone's watching juwune, i hope she has fun revealing her hypocrisy in full public scrutiny.
how many months do we give it before it becomes clear to EVERYone it's exactly what she's doing again kek

No. 735203

File: 1542718702121.jpg (130.14 KB, 685x1052, heehaw.jpg)

No. 735206

Lmao this is much better, thank you based anon for fixing it

No. 735215

She truly hates other women, doesn't she?

KEK bless you anon
my fucking sides, you're a godsend

No. 735253

>a god deserves multiple slaves sometimes
Pure cringe

No. 735383

Even if this is a retweet I just love that she claims to care about men's issues so much yet she can only think of the "provider, protector, hard manly man" angle.

No. 735392

File: 1542741212995.jpg (46.52 KB, 1080x281, Screenshot_20181120-141012_You…)

sage because it's not fresh milk but she has the top comment on a gorillaz video and this is it

No. 735432

File: 1542745499235.jpg (339.42 KB, 588x936, vile_hypocrisy.jpg)

No. 735454


No. 735470

File: 1542750681480.png (213.1 KB, 606x387, Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 4.40…)

Dear lord. Her face is photoshopped to shit but that's not new, she tried to make her hips/ass bigger (notice the obvious wrinkle in her arm/elbow that's from an obvious liquify or smudge tool), she shooped both her tits as her right tit blurs into her arm and is all wonky and the left tit fucking bent the plate. Vile mockery indeed to change ones entire appearance, face and body, to appeal to a bunch of random people on the internet that are too dumb to notice the over use of photoshop, editing, and posing. Oh and on international women's day a day meant to honour the women in our lives for more then just having tits and a pussy. Can't believe I once was a fan of this cunt.

No. 735471

people keep talking about this bent plate, and I'm pretty sure its just a square plate with rounded corners, I have a set myself, if not then lmfao that's really bad

No. 735473

So much face tune. Such a literally weak flex, go to the gym Shuwu my 5 year old niece could beat the shit out of you.

No. 735474

File: 1542751017836.jpeg (19.91 KB, 500x481, 26623.jpeg)

Why would the bend be off centred then and not like the other sides? I have set too and all sides are uniform, that plate is wonky as shit and just so happened to be wonky around her tit. She already photoshopped the other tit why not both?

No. 735478

There's noticable blur in the plate, which indicates some editing. Along with that the area in between her arm and side, shadows don't match up and look angled weird.

No. 735480

File: 1542751549104.png (105.59 KB, 336x607, Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 5.02…)

zoom into her face for the lolz

No. 735518

>shoot me in the face if i ever show cleav
literally these two images are so indicative of severe GOTIS, yet her fans claim she's amazing and so much better than every other egirl because she's totally not an egirl like all those other egirls

No. 735530

She always wears that same outfit for these stupid movie reviews, doesn’t she?

I think it ages her, maybe it’s the wig choice or how she chooses to wear really plain clothing. It’s as if Greg is back in the cult and she’s such a pushover that she’s going along with it.

It just looks so drab and her face lifeless. Maybe she saw preg’s toy bill? Lol

This picture is a daily reminder that June doesn’t know how to dress herself.

No. 735553

File: 1542761578529.jpg (34.72 KB, 720x411, FB_IMG_1542761302617.jpg)

An actual image of shoe

No. 735554

No. 735557

File: 1542761794758.png (25.8 KB, 483x231, kdeFyeH.png)

Sucking up to J* yet again.

No. 735559

is she getting fatter?

No. 735562

the outfit is terrible. the collar doesn't do her justice. she'd look better with a square collar dress.

No. 735572

i'm so sick of seeing her wear that fucking cardigan lol

No. 735622

OT but the thought of bubblegum flavored red bull made me gag

No. 735659

She wants to look like a kawaii schoolgirl but she looks 30+ lmfao

No. 735705

i'm dying here lmao

"lumberjack dadbod goals"

No. 735720

File: 1542798602043.png (239.76 KB, 750x1334, 38B0C790-8B62-430C-85E7-A960FA…)

The hull’s been compromised! Abandon ship! Abandon ship!

No. 735730

She would constantly use the whole "feelings over facts" mockery when it came to feminist issues, but now she's suddenly against it.

No. 735739

File: 1542802797130.jpg (846.97 KB, 758x1462, o5hQuZY.jpg)

>now is not the time to own the libs
>international women's day is a meme tho lel
the absolute lack of self-awareness. how is this not just as cringy and disrespectful especially since you're…a woman yourself?

gotta love how she only calls out/criticizes crowder or any other right-wing youtuber when they talk about anything trans related.

No. 735754

She's legit the biggest hypocrite . How is that even a comparison?

No. 735769

Incredibles review

No. 735773

>a whole fucking hour

No. 735786

Why do they think the red letter media people are laughing/would laugh with them? These two are something else…

No. 735794


Apparently “Skeptic and Rich are buddies” according to June.

No. 735838


That probably means that Greg tweeted at him once and got a 'like'.

No. 735844

But anon, the cleavage totally doesn't count because she's le epic trolling those feminists!!

No. 735871


ok i thought i'd grit my damn teeth and trudge through this pile of shit. not a fucking minute into the thing:

>did you watch it in the theaters when it came out?


bitch how far up your ass is your head

No. 735878

File: 1542825878855.png (22.34 KB, 592x175, download (1).png)

Isnt this the same bitch who mocked the girlsday hashtag which was about serious issues facing girls in third world countries but she went on a fucking tyraid over it saying its not needed. We know what you are doing wiggy.

No. 735909

But you just know she’s going to say “but I changed/grew!”

I wish someone used that dumb excuse against her. “I know I called you a FAS-addled, wig-wearing bitch, but that was a week ago! I’ve grown since then, can’t I just change my mind?”

No. 735920

File: 1542831155830.jpeg (181.73 KB, 800x800, 123704562059.jpeg)

>attacking Crowder
At least Crowder is stern in his beliefs, compare that to shuwu who panders to whatever side that will give her more followers and views atm. Like now, all of a sudden she's pulling the "you're just a heartless fact machine!" shit. Congrats, conservative have always been "facts don't care about feelings".

It's so goddam obvious she's just trying to get more lgbtq viewers and use them as a shield against any form of criticism regarding her past, where she's still trying to pretend like 2 years was like centuries ago and that she should not be held accountable for spreading bullshit like in that Trump vid.

No. 736027


>Greg joking that the elasta girl figure helps him jack off

>june's voice cracking and her hurt tone upon hearing this
>june bought it for him

No. 736032

>large eyes

June really loves to lie, doesn't she?

No. 736036

Shuwu implying that she'd never take a long time to make a video
>"Making a video for me takes 4 hours"
That video about being a muslim in a third world country has yet to come

No. 736038

I love how greg was sperging over misses incredible and june says stop it and giggles like he's praising her

No. 736046

Both crowder and june will shit on women or feminism in general until theyre blue in the face. But GOD FORBID crowder says theres only two genders or the mental health, science and biology behind being trans NOW JUNE CARES SHE IS SERIOUS

No. 736126

you can just HEAR her hysterically ugly-crying typing this tweet

anon i will love you forever if you give me that time stamp lmao

No. 736369

File: 1542913991767.jpg (34.07 KB, 750x520, DskRcVnXgAA6BOb.jpg)

No. 736371

File: 1542914012733.jpg (30.64 KB, 998x507, DskRX7DXcAAjmJb.jpg)

No. 736372

File: 1542914044652.jpg (14.09 KB, 499x250, DskRaX6WkAUWNKA.jpg)

No. 736377

Kek how did she reply to that backhanded ass compliment

No. 736383

If Greg knocks her up it'll probably be by accident. He'd make a terrible dad.

No. 736402

>Shoe purposefully not on birth control in hopes to use a baby to keep greg around.

A story as old as time itself.

No. 736536

File: 1542929671504.png (193.23 KB, 588x572, d-4.png)

No. 736537

File: 1542929761564.png (55.4 KB, 632x234, öö.png)


She's still sucking up even though Contra threw her under the bus again and called her a centrist ( >>733857 ). But then she'll go ballistic on other lefty Youtubers (like RationalDis or Creationist Cat) for making a single tweet against her. Very odd.

No. 736539

File: 1542929938688.png (121.33 KB, 624x509, d.png)

No. 736547

6:20 anon

No. 736607

shit video

No. 736645

next thread pic pls

No. 736646

Bleeder is better than menstruator but I'm still gonna stick with woman.

No. 736668

>what word or phrase would you use to describe all the men, women and nonbinary people who menstruate?

how about the word "women"?

No. 736669

>what word or phrase would you use to describe all the men, women and nonbinary people who menstruate?

how about the word "women"?

No. 736671

>what word or phrase would you use to describe all the men, women and nonbinary people who menstruate?

how about the word "women"?

No. 736724

Jesus, imagine building your career around making fun of buzzfeed, feminists and overly sensitive sjws who police language and then unironically defending the use of the term ''people who menstruate'' when they mean women.

>what word would you use to describe all the men, women and nonbinary people who menstruate

My sides are absolutely gone. Mentioning ''men'' before women is a nice touch, too.

No. 736758

thank you! lol i'd hoped for tears but this was pretty much the next best thing

are… are these two serious? "men who menstruate" i'm sorry, people who menstruate are women. Or are these guys desperately trying to make everyone else forget that time when they tried to popularize being dicks to transtrenders? shoe was at the forefront of this whole circle of retards screaming on camera foaming at the mouth about feminists who were SIMPLY trying to be supportive humans, and now look at this stupid cunt pretending none of that ever happened.

also her spelling "menstruate" as "MENSTRATE" twice in a row is making me want to punch her uneducated bloated fucking mug

No. 736801

Robots have always said "females" to dehumanize women, now trannies and their panderers say "menstruators/bleeders". The day has come where robots have been one-upped in their dehumanization of women.

No. 736809

kinda ot, it really makes my blood boil to see mental gymnastics being done with facts and the way you spell them. "a man who can bear children and bleed from his uterus" this is not how things work. at what point in history was it decided that yes, now this is exactly how things will work?! can we go back to calling a spade a spade without giving a shit if it hurts the nonexistent fee fees of these trannies.

No. 736810

also, sorry for samefagging – is this not the bitch who laughed at the term "people of color" because it's just the same as saying "colored people" according to her, apparently? jesus christ, the sheer amount of hypocrisy you put on display juwune has outdone all of my wildest expectations

No. 736915

File: 1543003562281.webm (4.47 MB, 640x360, TPx_iFa74D2-REwb.webm)


No. 736925

>yo is this person fuckin retarded?
But for real, is he? He's that one guy who tries to talk about how 'intellectchual' he is at a party while everyone's trying to just have a nice time.
Stop trying to sound smart ya butter golem

No. 736929

He is retarded and insecure.

No. 736937

Didn't they confirm greg has xxy syndrome which leads to less than average inctelligence?

No. 736943

No, June's story was that he has XYY, because double the Y means double the manliness, obviously. I assume it was a joke on her part, but as per Wikipedia
>[symptoms] may include being taller than average, acne, and an increased risk of learning problems.

No. 736948

>tfw she tried to make a joke but ironically it hinted at him being mentally impaired
with gfs like that who needs enemies eh?

No. 737206

Is June gonna wear a giant black muumuu in every HD video because she thinks it's slimming?

No. 737210


No. 737262

File: 1543076072454.png (31.67 KB, 726x317, 1.png)

jesus their fans are cancer. Still pushing this when shuwu is close to 30 and doesn't even look that much younger than Preg. I get it's a call back to the whole Jenny shit but, the fact that they are talking about having a child soon makes all of this extremely weird and uncomfortable and only they would think that it's ok in their creepy neckbeard hugbox of circlejerking the fuck out of shuwu and preg's totally 24/7 bdsm relationship.

If they seriously want to be parents, they should tell their fans to stop with this dead horse of a joke but, it's obviously they both get off on it hard, shuwu thinking she looks underage and preg thinking he's mature enough to be called a Dad despite the fact he's a manchild who thinks he sounds smart >>736915.

No. 737276

June did not come to me at all as looking “youthful”, no matter her hair or makeup or little fluffy diary thing. She looks her age in the video. This is such a weird meme they love. Jesus

No. 737286

greg tries so fucking hard to sound smart. i like how he just says that the equation exists but he probably just read that on wikipedia and has no idea what that equation actually is lmao.

it looks like june's dad was just walking past to go to the bathroom or something and greg started being obnoxious again and he's stuck with greg as a son in law so he humors him.

it's so annoying how june's entire fanbase treats greg like some intellectual genius. greg does nothing. he is exactly like june, they both sit on twitter all day and are college dropouts.

No. 737289

June just comes off really ignorant of the image that she gives herself, she talks about bdsm and being a little girl and how she's a slut for Gregs cock 24/7, but then want's respect because "no slut shaming silly boys!"

Nobody cares or wants to know about what they do in bed, and she acts like the people complaining are only upset because she has "wacky" fetishes.

Greg is just retarded.

No. 737314

I don’t really read the June threads and have never watched any of her videos, but holy shit they are both the literal male and female human personifications of a fedora

And they look and act more like a brother and sister trying to one up each other in edge points. Not a daddy daughter duo. I’m puking

No. 737437

I’m still cackling over the fact that he thinks his difficulties in school were due to him being an unrecognised and misunderstood genius instead of him having a regular old learning disability. Sorry Greg, you’re just a dummy. And June knows it, because she regularly overcompensates in cooing about his “intellect” like the mom of a child in special education.

No. 737474

I was just about to say june's family look like theyre all making fun of him lowkey

No. 737493

I wonder if the sight of this dimwitted, ex-cultmember, easily-scammed obese moron makes them feel a little better about their almost-30-year-old, uneducated, unemployed daughter who still lives in her childhood bedroom and screams at a webcam for a living. Probably not, if they actually believe he’s ever going to be their son in law.

No. 737513

If Greg doesn't give them grandchildren who will?

No. 737531

has she ever explained why shes still at home? (other than being super immature) does her youtube not payout decently enough to afford an apt?

No. 737532

Junes younger, well adjusted sister probably will considering shes normal, completed college and traveled the world instead of being a dropout, shut-in begging for neckbeard attention on chan sites

Wait when she gets married before june. Since I doubt Greg wants marriage again. Theyll be stuck in engaged/dating limbo

No. 737535

very true, although there is a chance that june's sister might focus on having a good career rather than finding a guy to marry in the next 10 years since she's younger than june aka has more time for everything

No. 737537

I wonder if June resents her siter over all that. I mean she could have gotten all those same things, she chose to be in the position she is so I don't feel sorry for her lmao

No. 737541


Canada did nothing to deserve this.

No. 737548

She claimed since her family is trad in a tweet

No. 737551

well she resents all women for some reason, she's either mocking them or envying them, so probably yes

No. 737564

They're being pretty upfront about it, lmao

No. 737566

File: 1543103001523.png (30.55 KB, 748x302, 6mo0KOW.png)

Her sister moved out tho. not very 100% italian "trad"

No. 737581

June, you don't have a job, that's why you still live with your parents lul

No. 737588

Her mom straight up made fun of Greg's wine snobbery in a video. Timestamp 3:32

No. 737592


I want to hear the version of the "my mom found my leash" story that goes around in her family. (or was it a collar with "daddy" on it?)

No. 737601

>med tradition
Yeah, in the 70's maybe…
As always, she has no idea of what she's talking about. Quit the larping, June: you're American and you live with your parents because you're a womanchild whom I bet can't even cook or do her laundry.

No. 737612

based, her mom made her eat soap once, timestamp 10:18

No. 737638

I come from an even more italian family than hers and this ain't it chief, what year does she think she is in? I mean my family is traditional but that doesnt mean they hold those standars for their children lmao what a pathetic excuse, just admit you don't have a job and you dont want one and you are jsut comfortable living with your parents

No. 737687

She defo makes enough off youtube to move out if she wanted to. Just why the hell should she want to?

No. 737701

So your mom doesn't clean up your DDLG gear for one…

No. 737703


>She defo makes enough off youtube to move out if she wanted to

not when Sir Preggory gets scammed out of $1000 for a Darth Vader mask he could've bought at Toys R Us for $30

No. 737782

June's never going to live on her own, I don't think she even knows how. Even when she's not home she's with a boyfriend or friends. She'd probably have a breakdown if she had to care for herself and place for more than a couple of days.

No. 737907

This but unironically. Just what the hell is the American obsession with moving out and living in a house on your own for seemingly no reason other than to prove that you can? Just because you're perfectly capable of living on your own materially, doesn't mean it's a good idea for the person at all.
If June's parents are annoyed at having to clean up after her, that's their own fault for not instilling that value into her when she was growing up. And maybe they don't even want her to leave; we don't really know anything about them other than what we can speculate. As for June, she def seems like the type who needs other people around, and I don't think that is anything to be ashamed of. Why would she move out just to be miserable in a small lonely apartment?
I'm not American and this thing over living with your parents as an adult is definitely a weird hangup you guys have over there. She's not a NEET in her parents' basement, she is doing fine.

No. 737916

People in America really love this idea of kicking out their children as soon as possible and rather their kids waste every cent they have on rent to prove their "independence" than save for down payments for their own homes. Tbh I see nothing wrong with her living at home, but she admits herself she isn't good at saving, and preg wastes $1000 on scammed ebay Vader masks… She's making bank though considering the no effort though. There's no reason to move out if she doesn't have to.

No. 737922

is there a video on this or a tweet or something, I must have missed him getting scammed

No. 737925

He's claiming to have solved Drake's equation there?

He should be on his way to collect that prize money for it! Because it's on the list of UNSOLVED EQUATIONS.

The other problems I have with this is that, so cosmos refers to the entire universe so saying "entire cosmos" is saying entire entire universe.

Drake's equation is not a "calculation". It's an argument, where the variables just refer to what to consider when looking for habitats that could potentially support life forms. The values are something we don't even know, so it's impossible to calculate.
So where he got that 100k+ answer from?

No fucking clue, unless he has figured out the answers to the four missing values in the equation that no one else has figured.
> the fraction of planets that could support life that actually develop life at some point
>the fraction of planets with life that actually go on to develop intelligent life (civilizations)
>the fraction of civilizations that develop a technology that releases detectable signs of their existence into space

Now the equation has been criticised as being conjecture a lot and being pseudo, but it is recognised to have value as an argument.

How does Skeptic end up sounding so fucking retarded when he pretends to be smart?

No. 737926

No. 737949

The absolute best thing about this is the complete refusal of anyone around him to humor him in his iamverysmart like Sh0e does.

No. 737951

>speaks in a serious, know it all tone about something he's probably just read off Wikipedia
June's dad:
>looks at the camera The Office style with a face that seems to say "Get a load of this guy"
June's sister:
>makes dumb faces to mock him "DUUUUUUUUUH HAHAHAHAHA"

Topkek, this must've hurt Preg's ego so much. June must've worked overtime for that 24/7 cock worshipping just to save his feefees.

No. 737957

June's dad lowkey shading her. "Wearing pads on their butts" makes disgusted face

No. 737972

That reminds me, there is a tweet by shuwu saying her dad was into astronomy, so was preg trying to show off or possibly act like her knew more then him? I can totally see this happening.

No. 738001

OT but

I'm American and I do agree with you on some points, like it's pretty common here for parents to "joke" about their kids moving out at 18 and for most people that's just not feasible. But 27? Come on, that is far too long at home.

.. and is it really an American thing? I just thought in general, once a person enters adulthood they would like their own space with their own rules. Especially in your 20s, where many people start seriously dating. But like you said, June does seem like the type to need people around and maybe her parents are like her best friends.

Also I consider June to be NEET because she is not employed by youtube and fits the definition.

>She defo makes enough off youtube to move out if she wanted to. Just why the hell should she want to?

Yeah, just.. having a hard time understanding why anyone would willingly choose to live with their parents. Especially when they have a fiancé living on their own, this is what makes it really weird.

No. 738031

It might be more of her parents' fault because of how they raised her, but she seems completely irresponsible and not independent at all. She blows all of her money on stupid, overpriced stuff from what we've seen, hasn't worked an actual job in years, lives off of male attention (which is the reason behind most if not everything she does), doesn't clean her own room, etc etc etc. It's more of that she is 27 years old and is still not an adult at all. At least she can drive and has a car. Oh yeah, she complained about having an dirty, old ass car, yet with all of this money she's earned from YT, still hasn't gotten a decent car for around $5,000?

No. 738032

Eh staying at home to save money as much as you can is smart especially in certain parts of the US where homes or just renting an apt are ridiculous. Staying at home because you are shit at handling your finances is.. safe. I think shes doing 1 thing right there. But its pretty fucking tragic to say you cant manage your own money in your 20s. Take at least a class at a local community college on finances at least june good god

Greg is a lost cause. Is he convinced he'll have money from his parents?

No. 738034

I think she can't live with Skeptic permanently because neither of them have leave to stay in each other's respective countries?
If we assume for a moment that the marriage will indeed go ahead, why go through the trouble of moving to your own place if you know you are going to move again soon anyway? It's all the more reason to stay at home.

June's family are upper middle class, she's not cramped-in or sharing a room with anyone. Some people are just close with their families; I'm extremely envious of my roommates whose families visit them often enough for me to know them.

No. 738037

>Also I consider June to be NEET because she is not employed by youtube and fits the definition

She's self-employed and makes enough money to support herself. You might not find it as respectable as an office job, and it may not have the longevity you would want in a career, but she is straight up not a NEET.

No. 738038

Marrying Greg will be the most financially irresponsible decision June will ever make, good god.

No. 738043

When the fuck are her and Greg getting married? I thought it was going to be in the spring?

No. 738048

Whether June's Job is respectable or not is another discussion, but she's not a NEET, if you make a living doing it, it's a job.

It's weird to me that some anons are so hung up on her living at home, rent is expensive and she's clearly comfortable living with her family/has a good relationship with them. I'd understand it if she was well into her 30s, but she's not.

No. 738049

I can understand a single person living with their parents to save money if its convenient and they're still basically independent(cook, clean, drive, etc for themselves). But shuwu not only has a fiance that she can live with for extended periods of time but, apparently her parents still feed and clean up after her. It's obvious she is extremely codependent but, just thinks its a quirky personality trait. And her "job" encourages her to remain like this.

That's why her future is terrifying. Preg and her fans will drop her and she'll end up still living with her parents in her mid thirties with no life skills or education. Even I want to believe she's maybe saving all that patreon money for the future but knowing Preg apparently manages all of her shit and is getting scammed into buying fake expensive star wars toys and she spends money on thousand dollar shit wigs, its safe she's going end up mooching off her mid-upper class parents after she loses her efame.

No. 738075

Imagine for a sec… their joint bank account anon

but honestly I just cant see them married though. Their fans like them together but not bonded, or else it breaks the illusion that june desperately has kept up for neckbeards for years- that cute anti-fem, anti-woman, pro-man, anime nerdy goth gf uwu and buns uwu

No. 738078

I really, really hope for June's sake the wedding doesn't happen, and Preg does something egregious enough that she finally has no option but to leave him. He seems like an absolute nightmare and I wouldn't share so much as a bus ticket with him. It might hurt her to end the relationship now, but I can totally see him leaving her destitute by spending all her youtube money on a lock of Harrison Ford's hair.

No. 738081


this is why i'm baffled at why people are suddenly beginning to think her choosing to stay at home is a normal, planned out, financially smart decision and not just so her mom can continue shovelling tendies in her open maw. we all know june. we have seen her throw her youtube earnings away on unnecessary tickets to canada, cheap knockoff j fashion, and preg's "collectibles". june uses belonging to a trad family as an excuse when it's plain to see half of the real reason she isnt moving out is convenience, not in the "saving to put a down payment on my personal home" sense but in the "my tendies uwu" sense. she doesn't have the skill needed to raise a fucking rabbit without pushing it towards a morbid death, pretty safe to say she can't take care of herself beyond overdosing on starbucks pink drinks.

No. 738091

This. There’s nothing wrong with a responsible adult living with their parents to save up money. The problem is that June is still living like a spoiled teenager at 27. She’s developmentally stunted. I doubt she contributes anything to the household beyond lifting up her feet while her mom vacuums under her computer chair. I think one big reason she hasn’t moved in with Greg yet is because then she’ll suddenly have to be a responsible adult in charge of a household (you think Greg will cook or clean when there’s a woman around to do it for him?) and this would greatly interfere with the kind of lifestyle she’s accustomed to. Most people make this transition in their early twenties as they first move out for college and it’s a normal part of growing up, but June never got to that point and doesn’t want to.

No. 738102

It's a tradeoff. I mean, I'm South Asian-American (as in I was born in the states but my parents weren't), and the extreme fucked up family dynamics and drama that have resulted from centuries of continuing to live with your parents as an adult in South Asia have completely turned me off from the concept, lol. I think there is a happy medium that can be achieved, but independence is worth the price tag for me.

No. 738123

I’d like to think she’d be mature enough to know that’s the right decision, but She seems so infatuated with him at the moment that I don’t think she’d ever stand up to him and even do so much as disagree with him. Even if he did something like cheat on her, she’s so blinded by being with somebody that’s she’d stand behind her “all men need a few slaves sometimes” mentality.

Slightly OT, but why is Greg’s new nickname in the thread “Preg”? I haven’t read the June thread in a while, and I’ve skimmed through but can’t find any explanation.

No. 738139


Pregnant/Preg, Gregory/Greg, on account of his expanding waistline

No. 738140

>why is Greg’s new nickname in the thread “Preg”?

He's so fat, he looks like a pregnant Shrek.

No. 738164

>If we assume for a moment that the marriage will indeed go ahead, why go through the trouble of moving to your own place if you know you are going to move again soon anyway?

But that's exactly their plan. They said June was going to have to move to upstate NY while they did the paperwork for immigration. No idea why but she isn't showing any signs of doing this yet so the marriage really doesn't seem like it's happening.

No. 738364

Just a reminder they've been engaged almost a year now. Since Dec. 31, 2017.

No. 738433

What do you expect? It’s a sham engagement lol

No. 738435

File: 1543239347996.jpg (38.57 KB, 756x703, preg.jpg)


>why is Greg’s new nickname in the thread “Preg”?

he's carrying triplets.

No. 738437

what right does this man have carrying around larger tits than mine ;__;

No. 738493

Do you think shuwu and preg have fetlife accounts?

No. 738580

watch your mouth little boy, he's just stronk!

No. 738593

safe to say if they did they'd never shut up about it, i guess?

No. 738601

File: 1543261615689.jpg (686.12 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181126-124603_Twi…)

catcalling is bad, guys

No. 738604

It's only okay when June does it to other women? Alright

No. 738610

File: 1543262925943.jpg (129.96 KB, 791x804, omfg.jpg)

This is the same person who did a blogpost claiming a woman was "too ugly" to be believed about her catcalling story and claims only hot girls like herself(lol) get catcalled. She also bragged about teenage boys and "ghetto" people catcalling her. And finally has admitted her and Preg "act like 12 year old boys" towards women who just want to go out jogging.

And yet, here she is now, trying to act like she gives a fuck. Amazing.

No. 738615

This is…baffling

No. 738674

File: 1543268707052.png (37.8 KB, 681x330, 0I9mIMN.png)

>not like the other anti-sjws

No. 738676

File: 1543268922013.png (777.36 KB, 734x737, Xts9fjj.png)

No. 738677

File: 1543268948118.png (809.98 KB, 726x732, pEbqmdG.png)

No. 738680

File: 1543269050552.png (945.36 KB, 1451x701, f6kPYrb.png)

No. 738683

They look actually retarded. It's kinda sweet.

No. 738693

Greg looks like he's trying to faceswap with hiithinkimreal, another anti-SJW

No. 738701

god I didn't think mayu could get any more creepy and pedo-baity with his 'selfies' .. but here we are.

No. 738703

he looks so hilariously awkward in those normal people clothes as if he's desperately trying not to burst out of them. he knows his future is gray sweatpants and a greasy tshirt like some fat sitcom husband and he's trying so hard to deny it.

No. 738791

hanging out with a pedophile.. nice.

No. 738800

Imagine hating women and yourself so much that you straight-up deny a common problem that many women complain about but flip your shit when it happens to a fictional dude in a shitty PSA.

>"The shitstains I've been pandering to are turning on me, what's going on??"

No. 738833

can you imagine how much black eye gunk she constantly has in her inner corners

No. 738845

Which one? There's like 4 of them here KEK

No. 738905

Hey he's not doing the "dreamworks" face

Good for him

No. 738913

Why does she have so much shit on her eyes. Almost reminds me of Nigri

No. 739019

>support actual idpol/bigotry
or rather, they're sticking to what they've always done, and it's just idiots like june and her following that are making a permanent home on that fence?

aw yeah. hide that chin shuwu. we'll pretend not to notice.

what the literal fuck is that eyeliner

No. 739082

inb4 white knight but it is a very different thing seeing a person and quietly turning to the person you are with and making a comment to them about how nice that ass was while the person being commented on is none the wiser, and loudly calling to the person themselves and expecting them to be cool with being randomly yelled at.

No. 739113

File: 1543332427359.png (3.18 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-11-27-09-25-22…)

Honestly why is she sucking up to Jeffree Star? He doesn't even know her.

No. 739119

Because shes desperate to be part of the in crowd and popular. A lot of her followers turned on her after trumps proposals to take away certain lgbt freedoms and she started sperging all over the place. She knows she needs to latch onto a new community now like the fucking leech she is.

No. 739134

probably because he's a cocksucking attention whore receiving money for no reason and has a cringey pathetic fanbase of autistic whiteknights just like her. maybe she wants to become a beauty youtuber too

No. 739246

if i were j* i would throw up at the sight of a whore with makeup like this bitch's tagging me in her story.
didn't she also claim she's been doing her "signature look" since high school?

No. 739256


I’ve said this before but… I really can’t wait for her to be canceled. She’s gone and ruined three things I enjoy so far.

Lol, I’m not really going to stop doing things I like bc of her leathery ass. But I could have sworn that Gorillaz was an indication that she was going to join that very niche ship.

I think the beauty community is kinda ambitious for her, I can’t imagine that she’d survive after the first time they exposed her.

No. 739287

She probably feels some kind of bullshit 'comradery' over her perception they've both been oppressed by the 'gotcha police' over past racist/inflammatory remarks.

No. 739312

deets on the first time they exposed her?

No. 739344

Sorry, I meant IF the beauty community ever exposed her (which in all likelihood they probably would).

Judging by the amount of times they’ve been after Jeffree, its not impossible to think that if Ol’ shuwu decides to latch on to the beauty community, she’d have multiple exposed videos made on her.

But the more I think about it, the more I’d like it if she did cross over. Especially since I think the people who follow the beauty community drama are a little more discerning than your average neckbeard who think not knowing how to follow a daily hygiene regimen is cute.

No. 739452

Good to know she's still the same basic bitch from her Starbucks pics days… the same type of girl she mocks. But as we know, June and self awareness are mortal enemies

No. 739474

in the second one you can see him fighting it so hard

No. 739501

File: 1543366506317.png (54.65 KB, 583x661, pls respond.png)


Yeah suddenly she's stanning hard

No. 739743

Anon that was 6 months ago! She's totally grown up now and condemns her past younger self's actions! What, are you actually pulling up AGE OLD DRAMA to point out her hypocrisy?! Retard alert!

This is Sad.

No. 739986

File: 1543438061380.jpg (38.96 KB, 457x405, hjh.JPG)

fucking women again!!! only shuwu is different and special…

No. 739998

I would argue having a divorce over spending your money over a cult, shitty star wars toys and cheating on your wife multiple women is sadder than all of these combined.

No. 740019

This hoe doesn’t even live with her fiancé, how can she even judge? This is coming from the same girl who dumped her internet boyfriend for, literally, an even bigger loser. Because he wanted her to get a job.

No. 740121

File: 1543448664959.png (75.66 KB, 743x578, bHkBuEF.png)

No. 740123

File: 1543448690609.png (601.18 KB, 756x1536, 0g3XAnD.png)

No. 740124

File: 1543448712849.png (184.83 KB, 733x647, FyN4Q5l.png)

No. 740179

>punk style
>no ideology owns it

big thonk

No. 740183

he got scammed into giving away $1000 but june can't spend $4?

No. 740213

so being that this is a woman who claims to spend $1,000 on a party city tier wig and being that she actually buys memetier sunflower oil loccitane garbage for like $118, how much do you guys want to bet she's actually living off credit despite not owning or renting any property and making well over $50,000 a yr?

No. 740267

Greg's upset she's not spending the money on Star Wars toys for him

No. 740358

I mean.
It is sad to see the marriage thing gone to shit because of politics but didn't she broke up with a dude because he basically told her "You should get a job and improve yourself?"
Ain't that sadder?

No. 740377

File: 1543486873318.png (750.65 KB, 720x576, a40.png)

>not attached to a political movement/ideology

No. 740385

Conservatism is the new punk rock.

No. 740387

Conservatism is the new punk rock.

No. 740388

Conservatism is the new punk rock.

No. 740391

Conservatism is the new punk rock.

No. 740392

Conservatism is the new punk rock.

No. 740394

June ffs just dress up like a Gorillaz character 24/7 like you've been wanting to for the past 5 years and quit sucking up to neckbeards, quit dressing up like a Guido instathot

No. 740395

Sage this Paul Joseph Watson-tweet spam mess

No. 740446

June back to larping as an uguu loli waifu again?

No. 740503


do you guys think june pays taxes?

No. 740521

No worries, I get what you meant now. The beauty community and viewership are definitely more cutthroat than the audience of beta orbiters june’s got going on with the ~skeptics~

No. 740550

File: 1543511011625.png (821.4 KB, 1024x1365, Shoe.png)

Fixed her character

No. 740632

File: 1543520212388.png (2.07 MB, 2267x1090, shoe0nphotoshop.png)

i tried my best too.

No. 740635

lmao what app is this?

No. 740637

I don't get it though, why does she think Jeffree and beauty community would pay attention to her? She doesn't bring anything to the table. She's not a beauty channel nor the content she makes is anything similar to Shane's..

Does she think Jeffree and Shane would be interested into her "feminist cringe pwn!!! im not like the other girls xddd" videos? Sorry honey, but they are not interested in associating with incel community.

No. 740664

i think she has said she does

No. 740688

File: 1543523718311.png (24.96 KB, 739x190, StgCSrl.png)

No. 740689

File: 1543523740994.png (108.26 KB, 627x628, mLNflxi.png)

No. 740691

File: 1543523776645.jpg (56.01 KB, 675x1200, UXQivnE.jpg)

No. 740709

I think she wants her and Blaire to be the Girl™ version of Shane and Jeffree

No. 740793

Well the four of them are already lolcows so they are doing it well I guess.

No. 740896

(fire emoji)

No. 740966

File: 1543541150182.jpg (328.8 KB, 720x1280, 9393930302O.jpg)

No. 740987


No. 741017

File: 1543546807051.png (1.76 MB, 1439x1147, Screenshot_2018-11-29-20-57-57…)

TFW June can't even listen to a radfem without going LALALALA TERFS

No. 741085

File: 1543553289628.jpg (159.8 KB, 1200x713, DlfAypwUcAAxHWy.jpg)


somehow I doubt Admin would like shuwu.

No. 741471

nah the waist is too small to be juwune

No. 741480

File: 1543614275883.png (1.27 MB, 1045x1324, 1526167761905.png)

I love this picture.

No. 741492

lol i will never forget this image, june is just steaming over being beside a girl who proves that she's the opposite of the uwu i have a tiny waist, im so thin old ladies hate me, im a tiny 5'2 disney princess waistline girl uwuu image she tries pushing for years and then starts failing even more miserably at it by gaining weight.

No. 741667

File: 1543631421945.png (198.08 KB, 733x790, LCrR2v2.png)

No. 741669

File: 1543631519760.png (674.9 KB, 820x2001, 9h56vO7.png)

we get it, you're not like the other anti-sjws

No. 741699

I wonder if she believes in autogynephlia what do you guys think?

No. 741754

June herself has said and proven time and again that her "beliefs" are fleeting and subject to change at any time, so does it really matter? Only thing she has ever actually cared about is internet attention and asspats.

No. 741787

It’s a thing men do that degrades women, so I bet she supports it. She’d probably call it a “harmless side kink” like she did pedophilia.

No. 741822

Why hasn't June been moved to /pt yet? She's milkier and has been around longer than half of the other /pt cows.

No. 741827

not trying to whiteknight her but most of her actions are just snowflakey.

she's a cow, but idt she's ever been as consistently bad as onion, taylor or momokun.

No. 741831

i think she openly does? if i recall correctly, didn't she put preg's picture through the face app and was gushing like a moron over the resultant crap? "so hot omg cuck me mommy" or some other bullshit. also judging by the way she routinely splooges all over hontra's looks on twitter. might not be a stretch to say she gets off on it…

No. 741886

hahaha, no. tranny ass-suckers like this deny that it exists flat out and she goes out of her way to deny male depravity. anything to wk the mens

No. 741968

File: 1543692384071.jpg (192 KB, 847x1200, juwu.jpg)

No. 741969

: p h i l t r u m )

No. 741986

I disagree shes on the same cow level as onion boy-i mean they both admit they are disgusting towards underage girls except onion was stupid enough to put it in a video whereas june puts it in a tweet so its easier to delete later.

No. 741998

i didn't even realize the wage gap button in her bag until i posted this.

No. 742130

I think she herself has some sort of AGP about being a feminine uwu girly girl, which is why she loves trans so much.

No. 742167

I am convinced Greg is the one that posts most of the stuff online. I almost think she has very little access to her accounts. Greg posting would make sense considering her pro suck cock attitude and her political views and her wants of fanbase. Idk probably way off base but something I wouldnt be surprised to find out is true later

No. 742187

do you see how she types, that's definitely a woman typing
she's also less illiterate than preg who is probably genuinely retarded

No. 742196

Nah this is definitely June typing. Preg types distinctively autistic and shallow compared to shoe

No. 742209

new vid: nice guys vs nice girls

complete with a lainey-esque bi flag in the bg uwu

No. 742211

File: 1543719070307.png (887.49 KB, 744x1592, egTCK49.png)

No. 742291

We'll see - the IRS has been contacted.

No. 742292

I hate that fucking nasally ass voice Preg has

No. 742314

Shoe once again coming through with her oh so controversial statement that probably over 99% can agree upon.

That thumbnail lol. I love the idea that the raging loudmouth guido wants us to believe she actually covers her mouth when she laughs. Puhleeeease.

No. 742331

tbf this is pretty bold of her considering how pathetic she usually is. i will give her credit where it's due. these two are pants-shittingly stupid and interrupting with this extremely obvious take is going to be controversial in this retarded rw circle

No. 742388

No. 742550

File: 1543781800401.jpg (70.19 KB, 626x392, SHUT UP WIGGY.jpg)

Saging just in case because even though this has resurfaced recently because of arielles new video, its pretty old. Here is shuwu trying to score brownie points and show she is so "woke" on the trans issue only to be shut down by both contra and arielle kek

No. 742561

Fucking Hontra of all people being level headed KEK
he's one of the troons who think genital preferences are okay because of his internalized homophobia. it's clear the only people he's into are other males, all the women he's been with, he's only had oral sex with.

No. 742634

File: 1543790816207.png (220.07 KB, 577x660, surejan.PNG)

No. 742635

File: 1543790862855.png (80.96 KB, 573x595, suchdom.PNG)

No. 742637

File: 1543790960779.png (352.73 KB, 536x859, surejan2.PNG)

also sorry for cutting off the top of the test, the idea that shuwu is not materialistic at all gave me a laugh

No. 742644

ew june i'm cringing. also preg, she's sounding more like a dom than you KEK.
>UwU all people are good, no violence
actually this explains why she thinks pedophiles are just kinky and she gives all her money to shreg

No. 742759

File: 1543804356029.png (79.6 KB, 742x501, KIKUO1o.png)

"i dont understand people who plagiarize" - says the girl who built her career on copying boxxy

No. 742774

Lmao June would be so jealous of my body. I don't even have to try, the neckbeards come to me because I look like I'm 12.

For the record I hate it and would never ever brag about it because that's fucked up(no one cares)

No. 742776

Jesus Christ I just can't stop cringing at all of this shit they post publically.
Is this supposed to be cute? Having your boyfriend publically admit he doesn't care if can't have sex with you? Of course he wouldn't care. Sex would require him to move his enormous whale-like body and takes away his fapping and chasing after camgirls on twitter time.

No. 742780

no one gives a shit

No. 742787

>i would never ever brag about it
>brags about it

fuck off

fucking cringe how are they not embarrassed of themselves. 0 self awareness.

No. 742788

File: 1543810817975.jpg (Spoiler Image,15.13 KB, 400x400, open it.jpg)

>I hate it and would never ever brag about it because that's fucked up

No. 742883

She played a dom hand. He called her bluff. She folded.Pushover status maintained.

No. 742890

This is fucking sad

>tries to prove she's not like the other girls because she totally never uses the "no sex until you do this" argument

>her ugly fat boyfriend doesn't care because he'd rather fap to camgirls then look at her (she's a 2/10 to him now anyway because she isn't as skinny as she used to be)

what a sad display of cuckery

No. 742963

Who's she referring to here? Bps or the person who made that video?

No. 742973


No. 743181

File: 1543874043656.png (843.64 KB, 736x1388, yy16MnF.png)

No. 743182

File: 1543874082347.png (527.11 KB, 742x718, rhlsSK5.png)

No. 743245

File: 1543881677597.jpg (4.23 KB, 295x64, DthO-PkWsAAx_SR.jpg)

No. 743252

does this confirm she's into feederism and other shit like that?

No. 743307

Why does she have a book for children?

No. 743351

It's one of the bedtime stories she reads for Greggy.

No. 743402

File: 1543895538611.jpeg (1.49 MB, 2711x1534, 5ED4124A-6337-49FD-B50B-70F911…)

I missed this site

No. 743424

File: 1543898536427.png (222.39 KB, 750x854, 4FZOMDK.png)

No. 743431

File: 1543898919081.png (70.11 KB, 744x582, GILpGUY.png)

welp she deleted the bottom tweet already

No. 743437


No. 743442

not surprised to see shoe defending yet another rapist transgender

No. 743454

probably deleted the last tweet because looking up "eli erlick rapist" bring up this site as the fourth result kek
also the fact he's a uwu troon who is misunderstood uwuuu

No. 743523

File: 1543921773300.png (3.55 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-12-04-05-07-57…)

No. 743532

I've been missing all the quality shuwu art. This is hilarious.

No. 743551

There's a goddamn blog full of testimonials and receipts about him being a sociopath rapist and an abuser. But because it's women attacking a pwecious stron twans woman and evil terves she's pretending like there's "no proof".

No. 743568

No. 743579

when i looked closer at it, i was like, what are the dots on her nose? SHUWU PUT ON FAKE GROSS FRECKLES.

what happened to loving her uwu so perfect ~flawless~ skintone? now she wants it to be ~ruined uwu~ by icky uneven freckles?

No. 743582

love how she just does the "shygrill emo" thing with her hand to cover up the whovian part of her face lmao

No. 743666

File: 1543952573119.png (486.58 KB, 732x894, BUkPdih.png)

not defending milo (because he's worse than shuwu and gurg combined), but these two were all over him not too long ago. to the point of calling a black woman a gorilla to defend him.

also lol @ gurg making fun of anyone's debt

No. 743667

File: 1543952612026.png (521.51 KB, 735x755, tAMrnmT.png)

No. 743668

File: 1543952716678.jpeg (288.89 KB, 694x653, 2826B9BD-1EA8-44E5-8CEC-3E839A…)

Her eyebrows, much like her eyeliner, are exaggerated to the point where they absolutely do not do her any favors.

Also, what the fuck’s up with this eye? Does she wear contacts or something? Or is her camera that shitty?

No. 743671

its just the snap filter fuckin up anon

No. 743697

holy fuck of course pregory would smoke weed out of a fuckin pipe like a Le Gentleman. what a fucking faggot

No. 743708

im just triggered by the fucking drawn on freckles

No. 743734

Ngl it's funny watching the same people turn on milo when he was suppose to be their sheild against sjws. Guess that's that happens when you try to defend pedophilia

Trying to pull a leafyishere and play hide the chin

No. 743738

Didn't June donate to that sham of a scholarship fund at one point?

Now I KNOW this bitch has plagiarized, specifically jokes. Her and Chris Ray Gun recently "repurposed" a Sleepy Cabin joke on twitter, and it isn't even the first time either of them stole that exact same joke.

No. 743858

Imagine how much of COUGHJUNES money he spent on that weed. Because Canada is having a weed problem due to it being legalized. That shit is pricey.

No. 743910

Didn't someone confront her on twitter for stealing their screenshot and playing it off like it was hers?

No. 743923

File: 1543977259170.png (180.74 KB, 633x717, po.png)

No. 743977

>”it’s a lie”
>not even one minute passes
>”I don’t know if it’s a lie”

no one can fencesit like our dear shoe

No. 743986

>Chemical castration
She can't possibly be THIS retarded, can she? Obviously they mean puberty blockers or something along those lines.

No. 743989

june can't admit the word castration is used figuratively, she's in deep denial

No. 744041


No. 744075

File: 1543998809868.jpeg (116.58 KB, 1241x683, BC327A32-521A-44B3-BE67-339A0E…)

One minute in and he sounds like a 12-year old girl explaining her diary to someone who has snooped through it.

No. 744080

>chemical castration
>do they mean surgery??!?!!
Jesus Juwune read a fucking book some time.

Is it even figurative? Chemical castration is also a kind of castration, iirc it’s sometimes used as a punishment/treatment for pedophiles. Puberty blockers and cross-sex HRT aren’t as extreme as cutting a kid’s testicles off but they’re not nearly as reversible as TRAs claim they are.

No. 744268

Greg is 34-35? I can't see how anyone could watch this and not come to the conclusion this man has intellectual disabilities of some kind.

No. 744275

File: 1544039600501.png (191.11 KB, 609x822, booger.PNG)

Cow crossover with Boogie. Shoe really attracts an interesting group of people.

No. 744296

File: 1544041013201.png (527.54 KB, 758x1566, uTpMlTX.png)

No. 744305

File: 1544041296652.png (101.39 KB, 726x850, iCiG1JP.png)

No. 744307

File: 1544041388370.png (636.09 KB, 746x1244, viWn7jU.png)

I guess this is what he's responding to

No. 744325

OK.. "serious question" how did shoe and skeptic become such easily triggered babies?? These tantrums in the face of any iota of real criticism are so embarrassing.

Altho.. he does bring up a good point about people making statements into questions. I know shoe likes to do that shit all the fucking time, probably to act all uwu innocent, so it seems to follow he would too. Not familiar enough with his tweets though to know if that's a thing he does.

No. 744340

i think it's hilarious how greg and june have no real lives outside of social media. even when they're together they admit they spend a lot of time… on fucking twitter. they literally cannot spend a second away from social media, even though they're such a "youtube power couple" according to them.

they need to get off the internet, they would become better people, and they'd be less egotistical. it's obvious these two are starving for attention online constantly, to inflate their disgusting egos. they don't care about politics or want to debate them; they just want people telling them how right they are. they're pathetic, but as we typically see on lolcow, this is now what happens to people who don't go to college, yet want to proclaim how much of an expert they are in everything.

june and greg are to the point where if you bring up an argument against their opinions, you're labelled an evil "gotchaboy". absolutely ridiculous. get your heads out of your asses already, you two.

No. 744398

they seriously can't. i have no doubt every vlog they come out with is exactly how many times they've been out of their houses together.

No. 744408

Preg’s above sperg was difficult to read. You know you’ve lost when you have to type “LMAO” in caps lock, like a suburban mom on Facebook. This outburst coupled with his chivalry rambling video really accentuates his autism.
>Gay culture
What the fuck does he know about “Gay culture”? Does he think he can talk about it because Shuwu is “bi”

No. 744443

Really want to see shuwu sperg about this

No. 744550

File: 1544072917463.png (53.37 KB, 756x446, RFgmycG.png)

She's still bringing up that infamous brunch.

But she deleted the tweet presumably because of this reply?

No. 744569

In denial about Hontra using her kek

No. 744574

"This is a part of gay culture?" Isn't a question, it is literally a statement with a question mark on the end. If he wanted it to be read as a question he would have said "IS this a part of gay culture?" like any other normal person. Or at the very least quoted the article so it's clear that it's not his words. Whether he's being serious or just trying to cover his ass he still sounds fucking stupid.

No. 744579

That's pretty funny coming from the girl who wrote a public apology letter for being friends with Lauren Southern.

No. 744642

God he's such a pedantic child

No. 744656

To be fair Greg is more involved in gay culture than Shuwu due to his love of traps.

No. 744666

>I wasn't defending him, I was just ASKING if pedophilia is gay culture!
Nice save, Greg.

No. 744682

Wait, he asked if pedophilia is gay culture??

>Just for your information, I'm part of LGBT too because I have pedophillic tendencies

Bravo, Preg

No. 744700

They do actually look quite like contacts, even down to the shift when you move your eye to the side. Huh. Guess she wears contacts.

No. 744855

She does wear contacts. It's funny because in one of her old vlogs she was wearing glasses. She explained to her neckbeards that she was too squeamish to use contacts uwu. She totally wasn't doing it to look like a cute nerdy girl teehee. Despite the fact that she wears contacts today. I've also never met a heavy eyeliner user who was contact squeamish. Why would someone who pokes right by their eyes with a pencil every day be afraid of a flimsy little contact lens?

No. 744979

File: 1544144970548.png (76.02 KB, 1039x593, zMxwyCh.png)

She unlisted or deleted a shoe0ffhead video recently. Any ideas?

No. 744995

Her "My Thoughts on MythCon 2018" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwDbKG9swOg), "Telepathy Rape - WGTOW" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4F-18gu314), and "hey everyone" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGgheY9bRMQ) videos linked in the latest archives are no longer listed. They all have comments under them within the past couple of weeks, too.
Posting links from both her and Greg's channels' video tabs for an updated archive for the next time either of them unlist or delete anything.

Slight OT but Mayew has deleted or unlisted all of his pre cat ear phase videos.

No. 745048

Any milk or non-shoe related Mayu posts should go in the shoe0nhead calves thread. It's hard to find in the catalog, but if you Google it, it pops right up.

No. 745083

File: 1544161521053.png (3.09 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-12-06-23-43-12…)

June, please get rid of the raccoon eyes. She's really trying to be a makeup artist…

No. 745092

why the fuck does her bottom eyelid go up into her eyeball wtf

No. 745124

Most people don't have giant buggy eyes that show white on the bottom half. Sure, June naturally has squinty eyes without makeup and camera angles, but what you're nitpicking on is perfectly normal and observable in most human beings.

No. 745128

hi welcome to lolcow

No. 745135

File: 1544166941594.jpg (10.62 KB, 214x317, MV5BMTIwMjA5ODc4Nl5BMl5BanBnXk…)

Don't get it twisted. I'm no newfag, but nitpicks that apply to all non bug eyed normal looking people are retarded. Pic related.

No. 745193

she just released her videos on the influx of MAPs to twitter which…is actually probably the only video she's ever made where she didn't look like an idiot and expresses good points (while being unbearably obnoxious). Bold move on her part since I'm sure a lot of her fans are these crusty internet dwelling pedos.

What do ya'll think about SHE of all people commenting on this as if her whole brand isn't dressing and acting like a small child. Also because she seems totally cool with her neckbeard boyfriend liking lewds of underage character

No. 745195

She's literally called pedophilia a kink in the past lmao I don't trust her opinions on it

No. 745197

She's literally called pedophilia a kink in the past lmao I don't trust her opinions on it

No. 745199

>> 745193

> "only pedophiles support pedophiles" -june

…but doesn't she have a youtuber friend with a boy lover tattoo on his arm? all the sudden she is concerned about her audience having contact with pedophiles?

No. 745203

Wasn’t it also alleged a while ago that she was supposed to have recruited a lot of mostly underaged girls to the unichan forums for her overaged male friends? I’m sure she’s got plenty of experience interacting with MAPs, hence her sounding knowledgeable about it.

What a disgusting person.

No. 745230

It's just damage control holy shit she's into ddlg

No. 745238

It's out of left field to talk about something actually worth talking about

Also, finally jumping on the 80's vaporwave outro music trend

No. 745266

Somebody on Kiwifarms pointed out at 7:03 where she even admits to falling for this shit. It's because you're dumb as a rock Shoe.
"Only pedophiles support pedophiles" KEK

No. 745325


It's here >>>/snow/634342 for anyone interested.

Note: It's a dead thread tho.

No. 745335

if you shoop your face with the blur tool to make your skin smoother, do the same to your neck

No. 745386

File: 1544217453703.png (25.66 KB, 728x99, lol.png)

the top comment on this vid, kek.

No. 745388

correction: curly wig today*
also her neck creases are atrocious jfc

No. 745402

No. 745410

she's trying to be anti-pedophile now all over twitter when she said it was a side kink and defended it lel this is so embarrassing!

No. 745420

File: 1544224309090.jpg (55.57 KB, 538x566, Dc7bzhDWkAAhyB9.jpg)


We've come full circle. It's not in the "in" thing with her fanbase to support it anymore so now she doesn't.

No. 745481

File: 1544232989585.png (97.86 KB, 724x612, DT8CWyn.png)

Sucking up to James

No. 745636

June, they don't care about you. You're such a miniscule person to them.
Dear God, it's like watching a personal Lolcow of mine who's obsessed with this member of some band and she tweets to him every week hoping he'll one day notice.
Maybe these beauty vloggers will notice, but June is just another fan of theirs.

No. 745697


I didn't even know this existed. Ew.

>therapy and anime

she's fucking retarded. As if fapping to loli will make someone want to molest children LESS.

No. 745738


I'm pretty sure she got the "side kink" from Armoured Fupa. He tends to exhibit pedo tendencies

No. 745739

File: 1544274957480.jpg (29.96 KB, 540x233, Capture.JPG)

I have to say that for once she is doing something right and attacking actual sick fucks.

Lmao @ blockbot comment though. Shuwu, you are a living blockbot.

No. 745774

File: 1544283783942.png (169.02 KB, 475x624, ds.png)

Cap from kiwi.

Do they not know by now guys who need their gfs to say how "totally huge their dick is" usually aren't actually big? Plus, doesn't this go against shuwu's pure "i only been with two guys" image and "i didn't care what preg looked like" when she tweets shit like this?

Brittany's interview with one of her ex online friend said she sucked a lot of dick in her teens-early 20s but, if we go by her "i only been with two guys" shtick, how is she so sure that preg's dick is so big if she's only been with one other guy to compare him to?

Either way, this desperate "my bf's cock is huge!" is fucking gross and ironically probably insulting to her neckbeard/mra fans because there is nothing like a woman who totally cares about male equality using their dicks sizes to amount to their worth.

No. 745788

It's not entirely spurious reasoning. If someone already has preexisting urges then fapping to cartoon lolis could help to satiate them. Same as how I'd reckon a lot less pets have been raped since deviant art was started.

No. 745789

Spot on with both observations. Men that need validation about their penis size are seen as beta cucks, and women that value men based on their penis size are seen as being whores. She'd win a lot more fans if her attitude was more "I love it coz it's a part of him, but ladies don't kiss and tell."

No. 745790

Spot on with both observations. Men that need validation about their penis size are seen as beta cucks, and women that value men based on their penis size are seen as being whores. She'd win a lot more fans if her attitude was more "I love it coz it's a part of him, but ladies don't kiss and tell."

No. 745796

"Unsuccessfully" yeah, there's definitely not a rampant pedophile problem in the anime community.
Calling it loli doesn't magically make it something different. You can look at any of the really popular anime related accounts on Twitter to see that pedophilia is rampant in the community. It's just as bad I'd not worse than the furry fandom with how ubiquitous it is.

No. 745800

>went on unichan regularly to pander to pedos and stalkers for e-fame
>laughed at other underage girls that got harassed there
>does DDLG FULLTIME for preg

yeah, gonna have to take her stance with a grain of salt. also the fact that she admitted she fell for their stories….like holy shit that doesnt help your case, how spineless do you have to be to empathize with a bunch of pedos in the first place.

No. 745811

is she putting her bf on the pedo blocklist?

No. 745817

this is obviously just damage control for everyone calling her and shreg out for being a creepy ddlgfag.

this is also june, once again, trying to find a group of people that is disliked by the mainstream to try to go after, just for her own popularity. june doesn't give a shit about anyone but herself and her wittle man gweggy.

No. 745834

yep, some other people she's following are just discovering MAPs and are genuinely concerned about it. she's just jumping on the bandwagon. anything she says is virtue signalling.

No. 745860

File: 1544298084729.png (58.82 KB, 616x282, iuik.png)

No. 745867

File: 1544299338667.png (319.06 KB, 612x753, beta-fucks.png)

Imagine your masculinity being so threatened by fit men that your gf needs to call you alpha and say you totally have big dick constantly to make you good.

No. 745870

This is hilarious because it just makes Shoe sound shallow as fuck. No mention of how he's special to her in any way, you can't take her from him just because he's tall. That's it. What a sad relationship they have.

No. 745893

1. This looks like a camera trick to make him look taller and her shorter (probably not a revelation)
2. The use of the n word and poor attempt at AAVE
3. Shitty haircut

I’m sure I didn’t even list everything wrong with this stupid coupling of tweets. Greg pisses me off bc this is a good example of the type of stupidity that he gets criticized for. What does the use of the n-word add to his intended message of him being tall?

No. 745904

Lol if June wants to squeeze into the beauty community, Preg saying “Niggas” will definitely help…

No. 745914

its so cringe that she pretends shes some pedophile expert.

No. 745920

All the tasteless shit here aside, it is a little sad to see early days of June and Preggory when he still seemed to actually want her and be proud to have her.

No. 746049

Um is he trying to imply he's muscular here lmao?

No. 746052

She's an expert at pandering to them, if that counts

No. 746054

Nah. When you act on a sexual urge it becomes stronger. They will never be satiated, they will eventually want more extreme porn and maybe when that's not enough they might go on to rape a real child. And DA just normalizes and gets people into furry shit so it probably created more pet diddlers.

No. 746068

File: 1544327776315.png (104.81 KB, 740x342, fcWs1Di.png)

No. 746080


maybe it's because june's ex boyfriend is black… he must be threatened by him

No. 746120

sorry i know i'm 2 days late but i'm 99% sure they meant the inner corner eyelid goes up into her eyeball strangely, not the outer part which would result in buggy eyes. it does look weird in that selfie to me

No. 746155