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File: 1478100347767.jpeg (88.73 KB, 600x800, image.jpeg)

No. 192045

What do you guys think this tranny?

>caters to her alt-right fanboys despite them misgendering her and voting against her rights

>is blatantly racist but denies it
>is an MRA

Some things she says I agree with but she's mostly an edgy /pol/tard.


No. 192054

Honestly I love her , cause she makes good points and ripped onion boy new assholes at least twice

No. 192064

Love her too. Just because you disagree with her doesn't make her a cow.

No. 192065

i like her a lot!
i disagree with some of the things she says but for the most part she talks a lot of sense.

i don't like how she tries to be ~edgy~ though lol

No. 192068

She is just like those edgy sjw tumblerinas - they have some good points, but are mostly annoying. I can't stand her because it hurts my brain to watch most of her videos, but to each their own I guess. I don't really see why she should have a thread, tho

No. 192069

She seems pretty chill. I agree with a lot of what she says, but not all. I don't think she's racist. I haven't seen her say blatantly racist things. She disagrees with BLM and the Islamic religion, but that doesn't make her racist.

I agree that she can be edgy at times, but what YouTuber critiques the extreme left isn't these days.

No. 192071

File: 1478103847927.jpg (28.57 KB, 450x450, IMG_1588.JPG)

I hope op pic isn't supposed to be an example of her racism because it's just an exfoliating mask.

Don't think she's milky, though. She has a lot of cow crossovers and alt right people are inherently cringy but she doesn't chimp.

No. 192072

i know them personally.
they are an extremely shitty person irl and tries to appeal to fetishicing trannie chasers and hates cis women. i could go on and on. but most of it could give away who i am so i can't say much more unfortunately. but i hate how people praise them when they're actually full of shit.

No. 192073

I think she tries way too hard to be edgy and is just trying to cause drama so she gets attention. Her video thumbnails are really cringy clickbait, and I find her really irritating. Not sure if she's a cow, though lol.

No. 192076


>caters to her alt-right fanboys despite them misgendering her and voting against her rights

>is an MRA
All true ^
Not sure about the racist thing though.

I don't think Blaire deserves a thread, he's not a lolcow imo. I also loved the Onion video. The only thing I really dislike about him is his awful makeup.

No. 192088

Just gonna say it, I have the feeling OP is more of a lolcow.

Because Blaires drama is all basically people getting offended by her saying the edgy stuff, making a bigger deal about it than is even remotely necessary.

No. 192094

File: 1478105745818.jpg (49.49 KB, 1200x675, 46456.jpg)

I don't mind him, but I don't get this weird trend where some trannies are so blatantly non-PC, like just to say, "Look, I'm not like those OTHER trannies." Shit gets old.

Also, I wish he'd learn to do his makeup better. I hate that shit colored lipstick he always wears and the general lack of depth. He looks like a corpse most of the time.

No. 192100

Meh, she's just as annoying as a far-leftist… other than roasting Onion, she's boring.

No. 192161

>Blaires drama is all basically people getting offended by her saying the edgy stuff, making a bigger deal about it than is even remotely necessary.
So no tumblr snowflake should have a thread either, because that's all they do, too.

Basically, because they're MRA and ~alt-right~ they're exempt from being made fun of for being as cringey as your far-left tumblr flakes?

Far it anon, extremists on each side are stupid as fuck and funny to laugh at. Your precious MRA tranny isn't excluded.


I think the funniest thing about them is the try-hard "I'm not like other girls! teehee" act when, well, of course you aren't, you're a male, trying to appeal to a group that consists mostly of other males lol. No different than a snowflake trying to be the most oppressed to get tumblr points.

No. 192165

face it**

No. 192176

Kat Blaque is 100x better tbh.

No. 192246

i get that you don't like her but SHE is a girl lol… she's transitioned, she's on hormones. she's not like one of those fakeboi's (w/e the opposite equivalent is) at least

No. 192269

OP didn't do a good job explaining the reason for this thread just sounds personal and vendetta based. Should be moved to manure imo.

No. 192278

I tend to agree with some of the things she says (I've only seen a handful of her videos though). It looks like the same stuff all the other Anti-SJW youtubers do: clickbait "reaction" videos. By reaction I mean they usually reply to some dumbass buzzfeed article or the video of some 18 year old college student who's had her first gender studies class. It's not exactly the most intellectually taxing feat is what I'm trying to say.

Drop a couple of cunt, tranny and retard bombs to trigger the SJ crowd and please the antis.

And there you have your video.

Having said that, I don't think she's a cow.

No. 192288

Being edgy doesn't make someone a cow. Shit thread is shit.

No. 192289

Her extensions and makeup look terrible and I think generally she's a tryhard with the offensive alt right shit. She's one of those rare passing MTFs and I think that's about all that's notable about her.

But if I had to pick between an alt right tranny and a far left tranny, I'd pick the former. At least they know they are abominable sins against god.

No. 192299

A far-right YT'er that basically has the opposing views of Onision but shares the same kind of shitty content for cash.

Seems a bit more informed than Onision, but that's saying a lot really.

Unless they've done some lulzy shit regarding their personal life all over the whole course of their internet presence, they're not really of any interest.

Just another cock-hungry transgender fame whore, who wants to impress the far-right demographic with their totally "non-liberal-unless-it-benefits-them" views.

These fucktards (trans or not) are all over Twitter and You Tube, so unless they have a well-established lulzy history like Onision and the rest of the cows on here - they're not really worth talking about.

No. 192310

Sorry, I don't encourage mental illness. He's a dude and will always be.

No. 192313

I think alt-right trannies are more interesting to discuss than tumblr trannies.

Alt right trannies want to be popular among a demographic that usually hates them. so if anything, they are the bigger snow flakes, they want to be edgy and try hard to prove to MRAs that they are "different from the rest!11!" so that they can be the most special tranny and be used as a token. It strokes their egos basically, to be "accepted" by a group that usually hates them. Pretty narcissistic. They'd rather be the one of the few MRA trannies than one of the many tumblr trannies.

No. 192315

That's a pretty spot-on explanation of this stupid trend among alt-right trannies.

Accurate but kinda pathetic and sad.

No. 192320

She's such a whingey bitch. I can't understand how anyone can stand more than five minutes of listening to her.

No. 192322

Exactly, as one of the few MRA trannies, they can get way more attention than if they were one of the many many tumblr trannies. Both are attention whores, but the alt-right trannies come off more pathetic imo because to me it is so transparent why they do it.

It's like the gamurr gurl phenomena, why be a normal girl when there are too many normal girls to compete with when you can be a rare and special ~gamurr gurll~ and get all those beta cookies.

No. 192323

He's no better than girls who claim "I'm not like the other girls!" to suck up to men. We get it, "Blaire", you're desperate for cock. Calm yourself and walk away from the computer, your testosterone is showing.

No. 192324

Also, gamurr gurlls and alt-right trannies both do the same thing: throw the other category under the bus, so they can feel more special. They have to constantly show how they are DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHERS!!!

No. 192325

>she's transitioned, she's on hormones

so he has mutilated his male genitals and pumps estrogen….

that's not being a woman, that's being a delusional man with body modification fetish

No. 192328

I like her. I don't necessarily agree with everything she says but she seems pretty smart and considering "she" is really a "he", pretty hot too.

No. 192331

I thought Blaire knew that he was male, and wouldn't be triggered by being called as such, being such a ~logical~ tranny. Or are alt-right trannies just as sensitive and validation seeking as their liberal counterparts?

No. 192339

File: 1478114612866.jpg (34.53 KB, 451x559, oage.jpg)

I don't think she's that much of a cow but I'm really morbidly curious to know what she looked like before transitioning.

Also lol she edited her waistline so sloppily here.

No. 192342

Radfems pls go.

No. 192347

how many women's panties did this tranny jerk off to before deciding it makes him a woman?

No. 192352

go finger your tranny dickcheese front hole

No. 192353

And radfems are a problem…why?

No. 192357

Because they don't validate sensitive transgender fee fees and that makes them literal murderers.

No. 192360

File: 1478115661089.png (351.93 KB, 450x448, image.png)

>I'm really morbidly curious to know what she looked like before transitioning.

A fag.

No. 192363

lmao is that really him???? Looks awfully tumblr. I believe my theory is correct; he didn't want to compete with a bunch of tumblr trannies for attention so instead became the token MRA tranny.

No. 192364


if he really was a fag he just shot himself in the peen by transitioning. no fag wants to fuck a castrated man with chest implants

No. 192365

Homosexual males that transition do so for a lot of reason, but mostly because being an effeminate gay man is socially looked down on. A LOT. They mostly hate the fact they are gay, so think presenting as a woman makes them not gay.

No. 192367

It's the same for butch lesbians.

No. 192369

File: 1478116213013.jpeg (52.83 KB, 564x564, image.jpeg)


Guaruntee she's hotter than you.

No. 192372

I have no doubt a straight man would fuck that. Straight men fuck everything from animals to dead people, including the severed head of a pig like that British politician.

No. 192373

you sound SO bitter, get outta here lol. blaire is a girl whether you like it or not. yeah she's an edgy cunt but she's still a she

No. 192374

It's funny how people on this site try looking down on the mentally ill whenever they think it helps them.

This site is basically like a giant mental hospital with all the delusional anas and every third person claiming to be bipolar.

No. 192375

No "she" is a male, son.

No. 192377

A butch woman is still a woman and an effeminate man is still a man. The effeminate man can have their jaw shaved, implants, inverted dick, trachael shave, electric hair removal, but it doesn't change the fact that he was born male.

Blaire is a male that has had surgery to resemble a female. That doesn't make him a girl.

How is that person looking down on him? All they said was Blaire was mentally ill. You're the one that takes that as a negative, instead of the value neutral statement that it is. Transgender people are mentally ill. That is not a mean statement. It's a fact.

No. 192378

I haven't seen too many of her videos, so I can't really comment on the racism thing.

While I do think she makes some good and interesting points, one thing I can say that really struck me was one video (sorry, I don't remember exactly which one) where she was talking about abusive relationships and said something along the lines of, 'if you were really in an abusive relationship you would just leave, otherwise you're just doing it for attention.' Clearly she has no idea how emotional manipulation and abuse work.

idk maybe I just took it too personally, but it really bothered me because I've known good and sensible people who've been in very emotionally unhealthy relationships and were scared to leave because they were afraid of what the other person might do.

No. 192379

I'm imagining a hambeast dyke with hairy armpits sitting behind this post.

You just mad a biological male looks more like a pretty girl than you.

No. 192380

This biological male got lots of surgeries to accomplish that, too, which kinda negates the fact he's a girl; a girl never needed to have a dick removed in the first place because she never had a dick to begin with. That's what male and female mean. Alt-right trannies are addicted to validation of their delusions as tumblr trannies.

No. 192381

What is this trend of adult male trannies calling themselves girls? Do they identify~ as underage too?

No. 192384

Who the fuck invited Tumblr to white knight for this ass-kissing tranny?

No. 192385

Why are you so angry? Do you have roast beef pussy lips or something?

No. 192387

How did I look down him just for stating a fact? I believe that it does more harm than good to encourage transitional surgeries for people who have gender identity issues. They should be given alternative therapies to cope.

Before you think I'm talking out of my ass, I've had Gender Identity Disorder for as long as I can remember and recognize from personal experience (something you don't have, I'm sure) that it's not something that needs to be treated with invasive procedures. Rather than trying to mold a dick out of my own thigh meat and cut off my tits, I'm in therapy, which is obviously the smarter approach than becoming a mutant.

No. 192389

Because they are men trying to become what they think the ideal woman is: young and hot. I can't wait for them to all get old. Nobody likes old women. They won't be able to handle it lol

Why are you defending a tranny so hard? You know most of them hate "cis" women, right? Because they hate that we got to grow up with the """girlhood""" they were robbed of and they """"chose"""" being a woamn which makes them more of a woman than you. You really think a man cutting his dick off makes him a woman like you? You been drinking that tumblr trans kool aid.

No. 192390

I like how your only defense is to attack the looks of everyone disagreeing with you but the fact of the matter is a plastic pussy isn't gonna beat the real thing. Hot or not, most dudes aren't gonna want to touch a tranny.

No. 192391

You're crazy if you think the average guy gets hard thinking about sticking their dick in a WOUND.

No. 192392

Maybe if you were raised by pig-fucking hillbillies in the south you might think that. Conversion therapy doesn't work for anybody, gay or trans. If you really think that's going to help you then you're an idiot, sorry. Gender identity disorder is not a delusion, it's a birth defect. It doesn't go away with therapy.

No. 192394

It ain't even a plastic pussy. It's a loose pouch made out of intestines sewn together with scrotum and penis skin and pushed into the body. Along with rectal bacteria and balls hair and penis smegma that's constantly infected and in need of scooping dead skin out and dilating because the body is trying to heal the artificial opening.

No. 192396

File: 1478117473761.jpeg (90.95 KB, 500x688, image.jpeg)

All vaginas look like infected axe wounds even if you were born with one.

Trannies are sought after more by men than whiny feminists ya know.

No. 192397

Who said anything about conversion therapy? Do you not understand what talk therapy is?

You clearly have no idea what the fuck you're even talking about. Instead, you're just parroting the shit you heard from other morons on Tumblr.

Are you going to start speaking up for and talking over minorities too now?

No. 192398

>Trannies are sought after more by men than whiny feminists ya know.
As a fetish porn category, sure. Lol. But guys will watch beastiality too, so you know… They like it because it's gross.

No. 192400

And you say this because you are trans yourself or because you are addicted to that sweet sweet male validation from MTF?

No. 192401

No woman aspires to be sought after by men like that, son.

No. 192402

If that were true then why are men the ones busy killing and assaulting trannies? lmao.

No. 192403

Yes, because there's no such thing as female pornstars.

No. 192405

Niggers and hillbillies don't count.

No. 192407

every single time there is a story of a dead male tranny it comes out that the tranny was sexually harassing the guy and the guy had to defend himself.

No. 192408

Have fun killing yourself after you realize what an idiot you are.

You can't talk a biological female with no gender dysphoria into becoming a man. Same with trans women. They are mentally female like you.

No. 192409

But I thought male trannies were sought after by men as per >>192396 why oh why would male trannies feel the need to hide the fact they have a dick from a guy in a bar?

No. 192411

I know trans people in real life and heard from their experience. I used to talk out of my ass like you until I read up on it.

No. 192413

You used to think you were a woman until a man explained it to you that you are actually a uterus holder and men are the real women because they say so.

No. 192415

There's that tumblr kool aid again. Brain sex isn't real you silly twat.

>You can't talk a biological female with no gender dysphoria into becoming a man. Same with trans women. They are mentally female like you.

You call a regular woman a man, what will she do? Laugh and get over it. You call a tranny male a male, what do they do? Threaten to kill themselves. that don't sound mentally female or for that matter mentally sane.

And yet here you are not listening to this trans anon >>192397 because it doesn't fit the narrative you like ie the Brain Sex line they have been feeding you which, again, is disproved.

No. 192416

Seriously, what the fuck are you talking about?

I accept that I'm a woman and will never become a man. Talk therapy is about accepting that and finding ways to cope with how I feel.

So no personal experience then? lol Let me guess, until you read up on it on Tumblr instead of legitimate medical studies?

No. 192418

if you care about the tumblr trannies so much you should go through the detransition tag and listen to the folks talking about the reality behind the trans dogma.

you would find out that its prime targets are gay and lesbian children who make up the overwhelming majority of gender non conforming people and it is their homophobic parents who force them into transition so they can have a "normal child" instead of a nasty dyke or fag.

No. 192422

>legitimate medical studies
Please share with me.

>inb4 Breitbart or some radfem's wordpress blog

No. 192424

File: 1478119620884.jpeg (61.52 KB, 550x545, image.jpeg)

No. 192425

Women and trannies are not competition to one another because men who like trannies don't like women and men who like women don't like trannies. But trannies don't accept this and stay delusional running after men that don't want them.

No. 192427

Those were Tumblr idiots who bought into the "gender is a social construct" bullshit made up by 16-year-old transtrenders.

Gender dysphoria is a real condition that you don't just suddenly snap out of unless you were a transtrender.

No. 192429

They're not hard to find, you know.

I'm not going to bother finding more for you, because you don't actually want to read them and possibly reconsider your position. You'd rather just argue, which I'm getting tired of.

If you really cared about people who consider themselves trans or have gender identity issues, you'd be willing to look at all of their different perspectives to understand them better. Instead, you just side with them ones who fit your narrow minded ideas. It's really sad, and you're not helping any of them who decide not to transition or are unhappy and want to detransition.

No. 192430

Yeah: Brain sex isn't real, you twat.
Nice job linking one study that had such a small sample size as to be completely meaningless.

Here's a paper that's a review of
>76 published papers, involving more than 6,000 healthy individuals.
And guess what they found?
>"Many people believe there is such a thing as a 'male brain' and a 'female brain,'" Dr. Eliot said. "But when you look beyond the popularized studies – at collections of all the data – you often find that the differences are minimal."
>Meta-analyses by other investigators have also disproved other purported sex differences in the brain, Dr. Eliot noted. There is no difference in the size of the corpus callosum, white matter that allows the two sides of the brain to communicate, nor do men and women differ in the way their left and right hemispheres process language.


>brain sex is real hurr durr cus a shitty study says so

Come again? :^)

No. 192431

yes, it is a real mental condition, and like all mental conditions it is not cured by cosmetic surgery.

all it does is leave the patient with the same mental issues they had before only made worse because the surgery didn't actually change their sex and they don't measure up to real women or men and on top of it all they have an x amount of additional health issues and organ damage caused by pumping their bodies full of wrong hormones.

No. 192435

I will have you know my vulva is immaculate. How dare you.

No. 192440

holy shit so much derailing shut the fuck up and stay on topic

No. 192456

As i said before, I know Robbie/Blaire personally.
• I knew them before they identified as trans and always just said he was a super gay guy.
• they don't experience dysforia and they don't mind being misgendered. i honestly don't think they actually identify as trans…
• also, they looked just like this for years before ever identifying as a woman or taking hormones. they've always worn extensions, makeup, dressed feminine, and talked the way they do.
•they haven't has any surgeries either. it's ALL photo manipulation, tricky angles, and butt/hip padding. irl they appear much more manly and have a strong jawline.
• I can confirm they are racist. they just know better than to go spouting ignorant shit like that because they'll lose credibility points.
• "blaire" loves the attention they get from trannie chasers, people who just look at them as a sex object and a fetish. i believe that's why they identify as trans now more than actually feeling that way. they cheated on their ex boyfriend with a trannie chaser as well.

believe me when i say they are a shitty fucking person and extremely narcissistic, and an attention seeker. that's all they care about. being the center of everyone's attention and getting famous for everything and anything. this is not the first time they have tried to gain e-fame, they only just became semi successful at it. there have been many attempts to get noticed on tv and the internet.

No. 192460

So he still has his dick? Has he had breast implants?

No. 192465

>>192460 you can see his whole dick in >>192369 photo

No. 192468

None of that comes as a surprise to me. He has a really narcissistic air about him.

I doubt any of his fans would give a shit though since they're either tranny chasers or too blinded by an alt-right tranny to care.

No. 192469

Lmfao!!! where are all you anons that were defending him like hes a "real girl". Hes literally got a cock. No girl is jelly of that.

No. 192470

yes they have a dick. no they don't have implants. it's just boob contouring and hormones

No. 192471

Kek. Think he will ever invert his dick? Also how did he get his ID changed to female if he still has a dick? Or is that a lie?

No. 192474

You can legally change your gender before undergoing sex reassignment surgery. A lot of trans people's end goals are not surgery.

No. 192476

i can't remember if they wanted to ever go through with srs but i doubt it honestly. and i have no idea about them having their ID changed because i haven't talked to them for a while now so i can't confirm or deny this.

No. 192478

now days men just need to say they're women and everybody bends over for them, no need to chop the dick off.

No. 192479

So… A dude with a dick can be called female? Lol. Also why wouldnt it be the end goal, only males have penises, doesnt it trigger them? I thought they were "born in the wrong body" and all.

No. 192481

being female is a sex fetish to them, they need to keep the D so they can keep jerking off to hight heels and lace panties.

No. 192482

Yep true that. This thread is proof, the tranny defense force went all out to defend someone who still has cock and balls. But somehow they are 'more woman than u jelly hater roast beefies!'

No. 192486

No. 192504

Every one of these articles states that there are differences, just minimal.

One even says that being nonbinary trans is real. "Tumblr" much?

>le trans suicide meme
I guess we should stop giving cancer patients chemotherapy since it doesn't save everyone.

And yes, there are risks to just about every medical treatment imaginable. HRT/SRS is not an exception.

I'm not going to bother arguing with you anymore, either.

But since you guys are so keen on calling trans a mental illness, you ought to read the ADA's opinion (they wrote the DSM-5):

Until there is a better method to treating gender dysphoria, SRS is the way to go. Sorry other people's medical problems bothers you this much…

No. 192507


My bad

No. 192527

None of the people you quoted said anything about SRS? The argument was about brain sex, which there isn't.
>Every one of these articles states that there are differences, just minimal.
Wrong. Actually, the conclusion to be drawn is
>as we explore multiple datasets and are able to coalesce very large samples of males and females, we find these differences often disappear or are trivial.
The differences between male and female brains are either not there or trivial. Brain sex isn't a thing, anon. There are slight differences between the spleens of males and females, does that mean there are Male Spleens and Female Spleens? No.

The point I, and the other anons, were making is that brain sex is not real, thus, a transgender person can surgically and hormonally alter their body, but that does not change their sex. Nothing can.

If a male having breasts makes him feel better about his body, sure, whatever, go for it. Does that make him female? No. Only a mental illness can explain why trans people get suicidal over being "misgendered".

No. 192530

>tranny detected

No. 192537

Anyway, can you all get back on topic?
Take the mental illness talk to /b.

No. 192539

what's the point of being a MRA tranny???

it's just annoying, like saying you're different than other trannies. idk, it seems like a special snowflake thing like MRA girls, but even worse since you're a fake girl. lmao

No. 192543

Lol this thread. The irony is real.

>fans of an alt-right transgender getting butthurt when said trans person gets misgendered.

They are just like any token alt-right nut or crazy sjw; only in it for the attention and money.

Laci Green, shoe0nhead, etc… two sides of the same coin. When will people learn these people don't really care about the causes they champion, but for the benefits they reap for having a impressionable audience.

No. 192545

Was he as shitty of a person before he started IDing as trans?

No. 192551

they have always been a shitty person.

No. 192560

this is the topic. the man is literally introduced with female pronouns as if he were female, we are just commenting on that.

No. 192562

how'd you meet them/how long you known them?

No. 192565

So he dresses as a woman for fetish reasons? K tumblrtards, you can stop calling him "she".

No. 192575

they all do it for fetish reasons.

No. 192580

can't say how we met to keep me anonymous but i knew them for years

No. 192584

Np, thanks for coming and sharing. If you got any other juicy stuff post away!

No. 192620

Only for guys who watch way too much porn.
Stay away from 4chan for a little while, it's not very common outside of there.

I just wanna know why Blaire's face looks so crooked all the time, and why the upper lip always looks so stupidly big in comparison to the lower…it's honestly all I look at while watching

No. 192629

i don't want to spill anything too personal about them because that isn't my place. so nothing really juicy i can share. all i can really say is they are just a bad person. the kind of person who yells and swears at employees, starts fights with random people in public, ect., for example.

probably won't be posting in this thread anymore though, talking about people you actually know is kind of nerve wracking and weird. so i'll just stick to my regular threads.
but my 2 cents is 'blaire' is fair game for a thread and no better than onision.

No. 192673

>What do you guys think

kill yourself

No. 192675

I love seeing SJWs shit their pants over him, it's great.

His voice sounds exactly like a girl I used to hate back in high school, so thats super hilarious to me

No. 192685

This is not the place for transgender discussions. Take those to >>>/b/113748.

No. 192698

You're full of shit anon. Either for lying or being an attention seeking cunt that throws some bait and then says ~I'll never tell~.

No. 192700


As a bisexual I'm not fussed

id take that for sure

No. 192704

Dude was in college putting his dick in a dead pig's mouth. Yeah that's fucking debacherous but it's not like he was treating it like his gf. Guys do disgusting shit with their dicks (and other shit) for the lulz, not to get off.

No. 192705

I would agree, but just knowing what that opened wound looks like, knowing that they can't produce the natural and necessary lubricant for sex, and how they don't have the same sensation there, makes it easily rejectable.

No. 192712

blaire before transitioning…

No. 192713

File: 1478134797984.jpg (31.13 KB, 500x622, 1471098597747.jpg)

No. 192716

OMFG the problematic alt-right

You're so right OP

It's time to launch a moral crusade due to her evil evil views! Ugh it's 2016 after all!

No. 192720

File: 1478134836138.jpg (84.25 KB, 500x666, 1471098904551.jpg)


No. 192721

>old youtube name was Robbie Faggotron

No. 192722

>Insults her for having views you disagree with
>Still uses "tranny" to describe transgendered people which is a slur

No. 192723

File: 1478135052713.jpg (143.5 KB, 1280x853, 1471098689598.jpg)

No. 192725

File: 1478135166722.jpg (26.27 KB, 480x360, 1471101899418.jpg)

blaire has 100% had surgery

No. 192730

The same reasons inspire threads about tumblr snowflakes, so what's the difference? People like to laugh at extremists. What's wrong anon, don't like the fact people are making fun of your favorite MRA tranny?

I thought the point of the alt-right was to fight against political correctness. seems ironic they'd get triggered by a ~slur~

No. 192733

File: 1478135440424.jpg (13.87 KB, 248x297, 1234723987.jpg)

I don't even like Blaire White but y'all sound like a bunch of single, bitter fatties.

No. 192735

that doesn't work when talking about trannies
no one is jealous of them but other trannies who look even worse

No. 192737

no ty, wasn't a part of this thread until now but he's nasty

No. 192738

What's the problem here exactly? This is genderfuck, and it's been around for a long time.

No. 192739

i'd rather be an ugly fat girl than a hot tranny

No. 192740

>This is genderfuck, and it's been around for a long time.

This is a faggy scenekid

No. 192742


No. 192743

Lbr, if you could become hot but grow a dick, no girl would take that deal. Not worth.

No. 192744

Outta here with your transphobic shit.

No. 192746

There's literally nothing wrong with being right wing.

Such witch hunts over political views are for tumblr

No. 192747

This. There are these anons (or only one) that have been all over lolcow saying transphobic shit without ever saying anything actually related to the topic. Just gtfo.

Also >>192685

No. 192748

I wonder which one of you would die sooner as a result of the health complications.

No. 192750

lucky for me i'm not ugly or fat or a tranny lol.

No. 192751

>inb4 "lol ur jus alt right and triggered XD"

No. 192755

>is blatantly racist

Blacks and Muslims are some of the most homophobic/transphobic people there are

It makes more sense for a lgbt person to be racially aware in the sense of self preservation, than to not be

No. 192765

All this muh transphobia bullshit in a thread about an edgy MRA tranny. Wtf?

No. 192766

being fat is not worse than being a tranny lmao literally only a fat person would make that claim.

No. 192768

So what did you want to do? Shit on someone for having politically incorrect views you disagree with by insulting them with other politically incorrect views you do agree with?

No. 192769

*is not better

No. 192774

That makes no sense anon. Anon is not insulting the other party.
They're commenting on the fact that these anons are defending this guys decision to live his life masqueraded as a female(liberal shit) while also defending men's rights (alt-right winged nuts).

No. 192776

The Alt right is as cringey as the tumblr radical left. Hide the thread if you are so trggered. It is funny to see how this narcissist was just a total scene fag before becoming a laydee. Get over it. it is embarrassing how hard you are white knighting this tranny and getting so worked up over ~~transphobia~~ in a thread of someone who is decidedly not PC.

No. 192778

t. tranny

lmao you were right the first time
fat people are literally disgusting and I'd rather be fat than destined to a life with manface, manhands, manshoulders, big feet, hair everywhere, fag voice, having a dick or a disgusting post op "vag", etc.
all trannies who look decent at 23 will be thrown in the trash in 10 years
only a tranny would say otherwise

No. 192779

File: 1478138584400.jpeg (79.07 KB, 500x433, image.jpeg)

Really made me think

No. 192780

It's like I said hombre, why complain about someone being racist if you're going to be use words like tranny (OP)

That would be like saying, "this porch monkey was being transphobic guys"

It doesn't make sense

No. 192782

So you see nothing ironic about invoking SJW tier defense "muh transphobia!" for a person who is an MRA and regularly makes clickbait vids about how cringey they find SJW. Ok. Stay mad people are making fun of your token tranny.

No. 192784

this entire thread reeks of samefag. admin please confirm?

No. 192785


It's just banter, calm down

No. 192787

>implying we are all the OP
I havent commented on the supposed racism, in fact, it has only been mentioned barely.

Im just loling at you guys getting triggered over people not being PC enough when discussing an alt right tranny.

No. 192791

Are we holding a raffle for whoever can say "triggered" the most times in this thread or something?

No. 192794

Anon, the other anon did not specifically discuss details concerning Blair's discussion about race, so idk why you're bringing that into the fold.
It's apples and oranges.

No. 192795

Well seeing as how bootybothered you guys all are about ~*transphobia*~ id say if the shoe fits…

No. 192796

This thread is weird. Starting to smell like a self post or bait thread.

No. 192797

Kek. I have to agree with this. It's like going around in circles, but I guess the liberals are bigger for accepting and defending those that vehemently disagree with them.

No. 192798

The autistic arguments about trannies that make up most of this thread seem sincere, but posts like
are suspicious. Weird how the thread instantly got replies from people who know all about some youtube tard with a handful of views

No. 192799


That's why it seems like a self post.

No. 192803

File: 1478140471826.jpg (139.91 KB, 1111x597, gold lel face [uncontrollable]…)

>I guess the liberals are bigger for accepting and defending those that vehemently disagree with them

Hahaha, holy kek!

Your post made this thread worthwhile for me anon

No. 192862

>being this autistic

No. 192899

File: 1478154379240.jpg (88.84 KB, 1200x654, gold lel face [WARNING-CRITICA…)

The hits just keep coming

No. 193033

i think this is a self-post. i've been seeing other awkward posts about blaire on lchat and other anon comms i frequent, that are written in such an awkward way that it's obvious they want attention>>192796
. just another way for blaire to get hits for their youtube channel and make money.

No. 193045

"Every time"? Yeah no I kind of doubt that.

Pick one anon.

But yeah, back on topic. >>192360 Looks kinda like Milo Yiannopolis lol.

No. 193061



>Pick one anon.

Shoe0nhead is the stereotypical "haha MRA I'm alt right xD I hate femisms!! I'm unique" girl. She is also a "LOL /b/tard so cool ;D

No. 193103

File: 1478195600244.jpeg (3.34 MB, 3421x2000, image.jpeg)

if you need more proof that liberal """"people"""" are vicious little shits, look at how savagely they turn on any other women who don't support their narrative.

It's almost impossible for a woman to disagree with neoliberalism without being attacked by a gaggle of insecure loonies.

No. 193137

>look at how savagely they turn on any other women who don't support their narrative.
And that is exactly what Blaire and shoe0nhead and any other alt-right MRA women/tranny does. They throw other women under the bus because they are lel so enlightened MRAs tee hee silly boys I'm one of the guys xDDD narcissistic attention whoring.

>It's almost impossible for a woman to disagree with neoliberalism without being attacked by a gaggle of insecure loonies.

Then you can say the same thing in this situation. Apparently alt-right/MRA retards are immune to criticism even though they do the same click bait bullshit tactics that neoliberals use.

Your bias is showing.

No. 193143

And I'll add: show me an example of Blaire or Shoe0nhead or any other MRA attention whore talking about 'neoliberal' girls in a way that isn't insulting and/or patronizing and I'll agree with you. But you can't, because their whole gimmick is shitting on other girls who don't suit their narrative because it gets them delicious MRA attention and it shows how different they are from other gurlz!1 So I call bullshit.

No. 193158

head size, hand size and feet size tell a lot

No. 193164


what are you even talking about? I don't care if someone isn't 'neo liberal' (wtf is this even) but that's not the reason I don't like her. Blaire and Shoe0nBtard just pander to the lowest common denominator neck beard for attention and money which sometimes involves throwing women under the bus (funny considering Blaire is not a bio woman) .

No. 193339

that's an economic term lmao, so unless we're talking about capitalism, just saying liberal or radical liberal would suffice.

No. 193426

File: 1478245952809.jpg (32.64 KB, 600x475, proportions.jpg)

I agree there's distinct marks of sexual dimorphism visible on trans-folk, Blaire looks great but is lacking the nuances of femininity in anatomy.

- The face is still very masculine, much improved from the pre op but still not feminine.
- the ears are quite large and look disproportionate, mens hands, ears and heads are larger on average than women this is notable in Blaire.
- the waist looks full and muscular as opposed to a women of that sizes which would be much less pronounced in the abdomen and navel, there is notable volume around the ribs where a fine curved supple area would be present instead for females.
- The legs lack as much fat as a woman and appear quite lacking in volume as many ectomorph male bodies.
- The hair just doesn't look right, the positioning of it looks strange it may not be Blaires fault it could be because it is extensions.
- Arms are indiscernible from the photo
- The chest area is indiscernible as well it's almost completely covered perhaps Blaire is self conscious about it, it appears very feminine compared to most post op mtf transfolk though.

Even still in general Blaire has managed a good transformation probably the best I've seen aside from androgynous Thai lady-boys that can put wigs on and appear feminine.

I think the main thing that helped is the obvious ectomorph body and composition of fat and muscle that he had.

I also noticed the arms are very long and extend very far in the photo as expected male arms are much longer than females sitting at about the mid thigh region, females arms are much shorter it is notable in this photo that the arms extend very far past the length of a womans, male and female proportions are very different regardless of body composition.

I don't agree with all of Blaires content but it seems to be well communicated and thought out rather than just baseless ramblings, I can't scratch this feeling that it is an obvious attention grab though, they dress provocatively and overly flashy like all trans people which causes me to think it is a self-gratifying fetish.

No. 193532

have you ever watched anything other than her feminism videos? she mocks the right (including alt-right) also. and has described herself as more left leaning. you sound like an upset feminist.

No. 193537


>say shoeonhead is attention seeking "mra" xD so special!1

>must be upset feminist


No. 193561

I don't agree with everything she says, but I agree with a lot of her points on BLM.

No. 193665

I've lurked shoe0nhead's askfm and she's basically admitted that she's mostly only had guy friends her entire life and that girls bullied her during her school years. She's subtle and it's hard to tell since she makes a point of being "fair" by mocking just about every ideology and group, but I wouldn't be surprised at all to learn that she genuinely hates females and as a result, only seeks validation through men.

No. 193667


shoe0nhead is that you

No. 193674

I thought shoe and blair were friends?

No. 193681

>is racist


No. 193884

the timing is right for a self-post, seeing as Blaire got some discussion for a video in the Onision thread.

No. 193897

"All vaginas look like infected axe wounds even if you were born with one."

wew lad, have you ever seen a vagina in your life

No. 193908

have they ever seen an axe wound either, I guess not

No. 193926

Well this threads quality certainly went downhill fast

I think their may be some milk from Blaire but that milk may only be their pre op stage and their cardboard cut out imitation of what they think women are like since all trannies are embarrassingly living out their fetish of what they deem is a woman, I want to respect, lament and sympathize with them as people with mental illnesses but the way they present themselves is an embarrassment to women they are almost always overly sexual and proactively obsessed with fetish as with Blaire, they seem very vain in every video I've watched in body language and I can't help but despise that behavior.

No. 193928

I was so distracted by the vagina axe wound red herring shit going on ITT I scrolled straight past the important shit from this anon, you should dish anon tell us everything I knew something was off about Blaire they are just so goddamn vain and outspoken, I never would have guessed they were still pre op thanks for the insight feel free to share any milk you may have the threads getting pretty dry.

No. 193929


Not only that but at the time
Were posted suspecting self post, the thread (which was receiving something like a post every 10 - 20 minutes sometimes every 2-3) pretty much died.

No. 194853

File: 1478511221506.jpeg (203.33 KB, 886x1425, image.jpeg)

And this is what's really disgusting about them.

They will viciously attack and dismiss any woman who disagrees with "lol ur edgy and dumb" and talk down to them on one hand, and then cry "abloo bloo bloo why are you so biased ;_;"

I don't know if this double standard liberals always pull is done out of maliciousness or stupidity.

Probably both.

No. 202896


Hanlon's razor, anon.

No. 202908

this thread was pitiful. those posters claiming "she's a woman" better be fucking 16 years old, because nothing is cringier than grownass, bill-paying women indulging mentally ill cocks in frocks with glorified paraphilias.

that having been said, he is a cow and his padding jobs are the stuff of nightmares. cannot believe this faggot thinks sharp angled hips are feminine. he'll do anything to suck up to his smelly MRA fanboys.

No. 202929

Unfortunately many grownup women now claim these mentally ill dudes in dresses are women too. I don't know if they just wanna be ~politically correct~, if that's a new equivalent to the old gay friend or if they are really that stupid.

No. 207397

ur ticking my insides anon, the edge is strong

No. 207399

No. 226701

So many bitter fat radfems in this thread. Stop talking about brain sex you fucking retards, if you knew anything about personality psychology you'd know there's biological differences between men and women

Just because its hard to find obvious differences objectively when viewing brain scans, doesnt mean men and women are identical

fucking fatties really reach. go back to the 70s with your dumb ass ideological insecurities

fat cows

No. 226704

blaire doesn't have any milk (unless you count her dorky pre transition photos where she's doing some flamboyant gay boy ke$ha fan impersonation but everybody has dumb old pictures of themselves.)

you all sound like a bunch of man hating dykes jealous over a mtf that's hotter than you. jesus christ.

No. 226709

File: 1483430467050.jpg (693.6 KB, 1274x715, the rants of a bitter incel.jp…)


(sage for off topic kek)

No. 226720

He's not hot. No one's jealous of his dick, man body, and shit colored lipstick.

No. 226728

I doubt anons are jealous, but I agree that there is no milk here. This thread is mostly fighting about transvestites, and I doubt opinions are going to change because of it.

No. 226730

has he mutilated his dick yet?

No. 226732

half the responses in this thread are just edgy people misgendering someone barely anyone has heard of (or only knows through the onision thread)

you say blair is the edgy one then you do this shit? she/he/whatever is pretty uninteresting and not much can be said about them other than they use a bad lipcolour and they tried to call out that pedo onision. kudos to them.

No. 227309

Nothing more pathetic than minorities shilling for alt-righters. Subhuman attention seeking morons tbh.

No. 228805

Calling a man he is edgy now huh? Rip western civilization.

No. 228808

What the fuck are you even trying to say?

No. 228889

terrible thread all around. i hate blaire, she just spouts stupid reddit shit to make neckbeards like her. her views are just the views of the frontpage of reddit on any given day. shit like BLM and feminism is only given a time of the day on tumblr, on facebook or literally anywhere else on the internet people would agree with her views because they hate the SJW boogeyman so much. y'all itt acting like he/she/it is actually super smarts is the ultimate circlejerk of all. congrats on liking low quality tumblr fuel for fedora types.

No. 228908

Why does Blaire White have a thread, and not people like Lauren Southern or Shoe0nhead? They're all obnoxious.

No. 228911


This. Blaire's alright. Shoe is the one who deserves a thread.

No. 229090

agreed. i'd be interested in a shoe0nhead thread

No. 232847

you're downplaying the impact of SJWs on society. academia is full of these people and its a serious concern for a lot of people because children are being indoctrinated with this ideology by teachers in schools and thats… dangerous

i dont really care about blaires videos but i dont think theyre bad and not like her videos arent serving a purpose. its quite likely that a lot of people are learning from her videos. she's at least giving something to the people unlike most of the other lolcow narcissists who are manipulating for self indulgent reasons

No. 235030

because hes an idiotic tranny

No. 235053

>Why does Blaire White have a thread

Because a trans person whoring them self this hard for the alt right is like the most retarded and sad thing ever.

No. 235054

this thread is like the most retarded thing ever. People who are acting left misgendering someone because they are right, and the worse thing is that Blair is also advocating for your human right and freedom of speech to do so. Reality is, if the left had it their way, half of you would be in jail for misgendering a trans person lol. You're a bunch of hypocrites!

No. 235073

>using male pronouns on a male is violence against males!

No. 235077

Me too, i heard she started off trying to get attention as a bargain basement boxxy clone, shes sound pretty lulzy.

No. 235078

Fucking kek.

No. 235090

im sure Blaire uploaded many videos stating she wouldnt care if she was misgendered
Nil edge points 4 u

No. 235095

File: 1484495737714.gif (496.98 KB, 500x236, giphy.gif)

>>228911 Same.

No. 235639

File: 1484589021195.jpg (56.96 KB, 640x813, image.jpg)

I personally don't even like Blaire White that much because reasons but:

>she caters to her alt-right fan boys

How, because her stances on LGBT things are moderate-leaning conservative?

>is racist

[citation needed] my social justice friend

>she's mostly a /pol/tard

Except her and little friends on youtube hate /pol/ because /pol/ are actual nazis. I'll never understand how the skeptic community on youtube gets lumped in with /pol/, both sides absolutely hate eachother with a passion.

No. 235752

Never heard of her until now but she reminds me of a slightly not as bad PatriarchyPrincess.

No. 235755

Blaire is probably the only trans I don't despise. He is still a man though. Always will be.

No. 235757

Same. I appreciate Blaire for being able to take a joke, unlike most trannies and actually fight for free speech, saying shit like words that hurt you are not the same as assaulting being physically assaulted. Sjws and feminists hate her. Even she admits no matter what she does, she'll always be a man biologically.

No. 236513

>she'll always be a man biologically

No. 236547

not the same anon, but I don't have a hard time using female pronouns with Blair because she passes. I also think that she will always be a man biologically.

No. 236557

Agree, and I can't help but say "she" to some thing I've briefly glanced at.
Blair will never be a woman, and I don't feel pressured to consider him one, but I'm naturally inclined to say she because he's so effeminate, even though he's a man. Guess that's gender play for ya.

No. 236937

Do you call gay men she too lmao this is so fucking retarded

No. 236939

You're just being stupid if you know its a man but call them she. Long hair and caked makeup don't make you a woman. This is some twilight zone shit.

No. 240071

mad tranny detected

what is it like, living a lie? it's kind of like faking an accent for your whole life, people will be able to tell and at some point you'll get tired because it's pointless. are you planning on stopping or just offing yourself?

No. 240073

maybe every 2 out of 1000 trannies agree with blaire and the rest would be fine throwing people in jail over misgendering

No. 250705


In Blaire's defense, she has stated that she was born a biological man and will die as one.
I like Blaire though, she seems genuine and honest about her feelings and thoughts even if they are non-politically correct. I like how she came out and talked about the ridiculosnoess of the Nonbinary nonsense. I mean,'m not saying that it's bad for a guy to be feminine or a girl to be masculine, it's awesome but when you have to take it further and call yourself some new gender, that's where you've crossed the line into stupidity.

I appreciate Blaire's candidness and telling it like it is a lot of the time.

No. 262976

If crazy ass sjws didn't exist and everyone was alt-right people like her wouldn't be allowed to live the way they do and would be considered mentally ill

No. 263032

This bitch is histrionic, edgy, mentally ill and caters to the more lowest scum in earth. The same who hates the fuck out of trannies like her.

She is not different than the ddlg tumblr sjw, and you guys can only talk about her having a dick? She is doing her best to be a skin-head's wet dream.

What a shallow cow, she lives only for male attention.

I fucking hate TERF's this thread is forever ruined thanks to you.

No. 264842


right? dumb bitch. he's getting $$$ so i doubt he cares

No. 265736

File: 1489018703427.png (3.7 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_0115.PNG)

I don't agree with Riley Dennis but the nerve of Blaire to constantly refer to Riley as a man when Riley prefers to be labeled as "she". Blaire acts like she wasn't a man in a wig at some point in time. And coddling up to alt-right keks who consider her mentally ill for being transgender is insanity at its best. Blaire constantly bitches about growing up in a liberal city, when that liberal city is the reason why she was allowed to be a feminine dude in wigs and dresses before transitioning. Let her grow up in Bumfuck, Alabama and she'd still be living as a dude, scared to come out. Blaire's days are numbered,like Milo. Shit will hit the fan for Robbie.(namefagging)

No. 265769

>has stated that she was born a biological man and will die as one.

No. 265795

Oh fucking please. Riley isn't on hormones, nor does he even attempt to look like a woman. he's pathetic.

No. 265799

I disagree. Blaire's doing a pretty good job of convincing people who would otherwise want to execute trannies to tolerate them.

she realizes that we're still at the "learn to tolerate" stage, and that "I'm a biological woman you shitlord, sex is a social construct" is not a productive argument

No. 266386

Trans women feel like and label themselves women before they even start on hormones. From my understanding, being trans starts in the brain before any kind of physical alterations take place. Think about the trans people out there who can't afford to pump themselves full of hormones and surgery, or a shit ton of makeup like Blair. And when you have manly looking or androgynous looking biological women who exist, is there really a certain way for a woman to look? Of course people who wanna kill trans people tolerate Blaire because she bashes trans people just as much as they do themselves. It's this obvious "get them before they get me" attitude.

No. 266412

>cant afford makeup
wut makeup is extremely cheap.

Sounds like a tranny excuse for not passing, like the trannies who have facial stubble but still REEE when they're misgendered.

Androgynous women don't look like men, because of their traditionally feminine features. If you try the "andro" look with masculine features, as a woman, you will be called a dyke.

If you're happy with the way you look, not passing, good for you. But don't expect people to pretend you pass, or call you a woman.

No. 266452


>being this reddit

no, she's the tranny Milo. When edgelords need to prove that they're right they will say "HEY BUT THIS TRANS/GAY/WHATEVER PERSON AGREES WITH ME SO I'M NOT A BIGOT!!". she's just circlejerking them.

No. 266454


>makeup is extremely cheap

Are you retarded or do you just get your makeup from the dollar store?

No. 266694

if it's any consultation I'm in a pol discord and more than half the men there want to fuck trannies more than real women, "theyre women without the emotional instability." I think Blaire would be fine, but he'd have to suck dick to get his fem&ems and daily meal.

No. 266695

Lets be honest with ourselves. If we lived in a time before internet and sjws(the 1950s and earlier)blaire would be dead or in a nut house.

No. 267318

File: 1489202102944.jpg (172.1 KB, 630x1200, MV5BMjExMTg3ODEzMl5BMl5BanBnXk…)

>the 1950s and earlier
>there were no transgenders in the 50s

bitch pls

No. 267344

the main people who like trannys are sjws and perverts. Most real conservative alt right dudes would have Blair and the like gassed if they could. She's very lucky that she does live in such a liberal country full of sjw because there are a lot of countries where she would be beat to death on sight.

No. 267401

File: 1489209939781.jpg (58.23 KB, 859x1014, XCqGPjc.jpg)

No. 269469

Robbie's dad didnt die from cancer. He died from a broken heart, knowing his fag son was planning to masquerade around as a woman. ?

No. 270535

File: 1489632950064.jpg (79.64 KB, 888x499, drag queen .jpg)


No. 272290

File: 1489867451811.jpg (85.34 KB, 850x400, 1484016884723.jpg)

why are we acting like nazis in the 1930s were anything other then autistic failsons like they are today.

No. 272295

lol ew. i hope they enjoy their weird, bony asses. trannies have the worst asses w/o a bbl.

No. 272297

kys the "terfs" were the funniest and most poignant part of the thread

No. 272299

I feel bad for Goebbels. I wish they had won.

No. 272301

That's not what they said. They said Blaire would be put into a nut house or dead, not that there weren't any around, just that there was less tolerance for them.

No. 273150

Bisexual here, I'd fuck that in a heartbeat

No. 273264

you're bisexual, so what is that comment meant to prove, exactly? he says he has a tiny dick, for what it's worth

No. 273267

File: 1489969250293.png (1.53 MB, 1400x1138, blaire.png)


No. 273291



No. 273366

Honestly, Blaire's fans are worse than Blaire. They're all straight dudes in denial about wanting someone with a dick. 'omg, traps don't make you gay. they're hotter than a real woman' etc bullshit

No. 273367

That top lip looks awful. wtf

No. 273442

he's still shit tho. he just attracts shitflies that happen to be more obnoxious and can't come to terms with their rampant homosexuality

No. 274976

We need more milk on her. She doesn't talk about her personal life in her videos except the livestreams. In her last one, she said she got drunk and a lesbian fingered her asshole

No. 276919

^^^ that's disgusting. Of course "she" doesn't talk about "her" personal life. Trannies make up a new character and become that person. Their old personal life is dead and they try to forget the days of living as a fag. I know Blaire's parents have to be crushed.

No. 277001

robbie, his name is robbie

No. 277967

What happened to her adsense?

No. 277994

Blarie really looks like shit here. I'd say she passes as a woman, she just looks like a ugly woman.

No. 291431

A glorified drag queen with mental health issues.

No. 291434

Looks like she just walked out of a burning building or slapped some mud on her face

No. 291441

So we know for sure her top lip is nonexistent and she overlines it to heck

I'm just not sure if Blaire's long hair is a weave or not, tbh even if it is she's still a 6/10 imo cuz decent face proportions

No. 291478

So this whole thread is literally no milk and people either a) bitching about trannies or b) people bitching about her politics.

I didn't realize we were on reddit.

No. 311755

you can choose to be trans, you can't choose your race.

No. 311769

Def looks like a drag queen here… there's people out there who would lie about being fully transitioned, and would only get surgery done to look feminine, but never actually Taken hormones , or even gotten their dick fixed.

No. 313034

holy shit looks awful and completely different
nose job when

No. 313170

bumping this shit with no milk and no sages, gj kids

No. 317503

I watched a couple of her video's. While I agree with most of what she says I hate the way she brings it. It comes across very forced, 'edgy' try-hard attitude. Same reason I don't like Andywarski who are always siding with Blaire. The only youtuber in the same sphere I like is Roaming Millennial, at least she's capable of bringing her opinions in a calm, organised manner.

No. 317514

no one cares if you like her videos or not, if you haven't got any milk sage your blogposts

No. 330132

File: 1496762592333.png (450.49 KB, 940x528, Screenshot 2017-06-05 at 2.48.…)

blaire stop doing this now, your upper lip is ridiculous.

No. 330133



No. 333976

It's drag queen makeup….it's the only way he knows how to do his makeup.

No. 334054

also, riley doesn't like going by she, THEY like to go by THEY cause THEY are non-binary and totes won't conform to your gender roles~

I thought scrolling through this thread I'd see a ton of sjw's freaking out that blaire doesn't agree with them. But I'm surprised to just see a ton of people that don't think trans people are a thing and are simply taking pot shots at her make up/misgendering her (oooooooh the edge) rather than addressing her points.

Why is there no middle ground on this site? It's either sjw's screeching about problematic behavior or (what I hope are trolls) random closed minded people that are just trying to piss people off and be oh so edgy.

I will never understand this site, and yet I will always love it …

No. 337689

Jesus this thread is all over the place…

Sage for ot over bad thread quality

No. 366275

Robbiefaggotron is getting plastic surgery. Don't know if the dick is getting chopped though. I guess being a shitlord on YouTube paid off. My money says now that he conned his YouTube audience into giving him money for surgery, his content is probably gonna be less anti-sjw political crap and more basic bitch "story time" type drama. I should quit my job and do some anti-sjw channel….seems like that realm has a lot of gullible fucks that fall for anything.

No. 366279

he doesn't want to get srs. maybe because he's literally just a gay man

No. 366280

Her points are so dumb it's very obvious why she's wrong unless you're missing chromosomes or something. Also trannys are just men who took their crossdressing kinks too far and acknowledging them as anything else normalizes this creepy shit.

sage for replying to a month old post like an autist

No. 366284

*his, lol

No. 366287

have you guys seen my waifu's videos on her

No. 366288

other vid

No. 366290

magdalen is my waifu please back off
but really I'm glad to see someone here who watches her, I wish she was more popular

No. 366295

two people mentioned her in the females you'd fuck thread in /g and only one of them was me

No. 366303

I know he wanted to, but if he doesn't maybe he got scared off of it for a while? I know when he announced it(?) a lot of people responded to it how it's the most painful process, especially when healing and if you don't do what you need to do you basically ruin all

No. 366354

I wonder if she lurks here, I feel like she does. She loves attention more than anything else. I wouldn't be surprised if she made a video about her thread.

Also this cringey fucking video… Yikes. His reactions are annoying af. P.S. Even more pre-transition photos for those interested.

No. 366361

it feels like he's just pretending to be shocked by the photos
mate you're fucking a dude and you know it

No. 366438


The way she sucks on the water bottle and sticks out her tongue every time she waits for his reaction is infuriating.

No. 366466


you anons think every cow lurks here ffs

No. 366473

Her bf looks totally homo lolll

No. 366509

Yeah, obviously he is gay (or bi at the very least) if he's literally dating a guy.

No. 366548

She did the exact same thing during the Onision debate, she sipped her 'vodka' in this 'oh snap' fashion after every sentence and it ended up amounting to like 400 times.

She was trying to be cute and slick but it just ended up making her look nervous and dumb, like a nervous tic.

Why do so many trannies all have to adopt the same affected sassy black woman personality. And with all their weird blue haired fans going 'yassss queen slayyyy' they start believing their own hype.

No. 366913

he's just a typical bitchy misogynist gay guy. they really hate that they aren't women

No. 375495

Blaire took about three weeks off to get her facial feminization surgery and breast implants done. I personally think they did a good job.

No. 375508

what the fuck is wrong with her lips they look awful. her profile looks slightly better though

No. 375523

So, gigi gorgeous basically?

No. 375526

She said her surgeon worked with mostly trans people and it shows. I think she looks great.

No. 375564

She looks amazing. Honestly I thought she had already had breat implants all this time?

This is probably really shitty of me to say but I hate when trans women end up being more attractive and feminine than me. It makes me feel like a failure.

No. 375571

They have a surgery. You could also become gorgeous with a surgery.

No. 375582

yeah but it just hurts that much more when a biological male is better at being a female than you.

No. 375612

they only look good when they can control the lighting and angles anon
plus their voices are awful 100% of the time and they all have fridge bodies

No. 375762

File: 1503209828328.png (3.28 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_1358.PNG)

Looks like a busted Roman Reigns post surgery. I honestly don't see much of a difference in the "new " look. I'm not gonna hate and say Blaire is ugly because I don't think that…. I just don't see a dramatic change.

No. 375771

I guess she didn't want anything too dramatic or too obvious

No. 375775

I don't think she was looking for anything dramatic. It's more about the subtle changes that makes a masculine face more feminine. Robbie was a twink anyway, so it didn't need too much to be feminine.

No. 375847

all lighting and contouring. hell, plenty of biological women who are "titty streamers" or more "ordinary" things contour themselves some cleavage.
men obviously fall for it consistently.

No. 376232

It's not dramatic at all. I couldn't tell much difference, although she was gorgeous before anyway.

No. 376245

Her face won't be fully settled for a few months Anon

No. 376263

I'm just impressed she's healed this much in two weeks?

No. 376375

Dont be that kind of self degrading person. You're still a real woman and can also do things like makeup + surgery, but you dont need as much as a man trying to be one. come on. I hate when biological women put themselves down and compare themselves to drag queens and transwomen. That shit needs to stop. Love yourself, anon.

No. 376467

I don't think she was going for anything dramatic, she still wanted to look like herself, just with few small changes.. and if you look at her profile before and after you can definitely see a change in her nosetip and her eyebrows, she looks alot more lifted and "open" in the face now.

And getting boobs are a pretty big deal for transwomen.

No. 376505

Never realized how ugly she was before

No. 376515

why's everyone calling him "she"?

No. 376518

File: 1503326778103.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, 1503173721561.png)

Here's a pic of her without makeup.

No. 376565

This is probably a very stupid question, but she gets lip injections, right? I honestly can't tell if she gets her top lip done or it's just constantly overlined.

In this picture it definitely looks like she has that typical ducklip that people start to get when they go overboard on injections, but I've always been a bad judge of whether someone has work done or not.

No. 376579

This tbh
Bob White has all these anons cucked

No. 376668

Stop. Don't start derailing the thread with your opinions. She is a she. Get over it and stop acting like cows yourself.

No. 376673

Nah, he is most definitely a he. Let's not validate his delusions/fetishism.

No. 376733

I swear there's something off about her new boobs. I can't tell if its the shape, how far apart they are, or if they're just contoured too heavily.

No. 376750

just said in a livestream (referring to his penis) "my dysphoria doesn't come from that part of my body, it comes from other parts"
he is fine with being a feminine man
I don't blame him for not wanting to invert his dick, really
but it pretty much confirms he's just a glorified crossdresser if he's totally okay with that body part and doesn't really care about being ""misgendered""

tranny detected
you can't have a penis, inverted or not and be a woman, it's really that simple

our ancestors would be laughing their asses off at this shit

No. 376863

>>tranny detected
It's funny since I'm literally on my period rn but kay lol
Gender is fake and society is a lie and I love having existential crisis' and all, but let's stop derailing as I've already said.

No. 377713

Blaire looks like Jack White in that side view. Being serious here.

No. 377724

why so triggered, anon? you'll find someone who thinks you're attractive one day. probably.

I can't stand Blair personally, but the surgery has really worked out well for her. She looks gorgeous.

No. 377925

Theyre brand new thats what. Gigis boobs looked just like this at first. They go down with time.

No. 378287

Just remember that they will NEVER be a woman, no matter how much money GiGi, Blaire, and other digusting fakelife trans through at surgeons. The can NEVER give birth.

No. 378311

Lmao you are so triggered for no reason

No. 378640

Plenty of cis women can't give birth either, child-bearing isn't the sole criterium for defining who's a woman.

No. 378688

Like many anons have already said, trannies had surgery - you didn't. Plus, only very few of them even manage to be attractive and feminine even after surgery and make up and lighting and hormones. They can't make their skeletons and voices feminine, and thoae usually give it away. Also, remember they'll never have good functioning vaginas lol. Don't feel bad, anon.

No. 383565

Sorry if this has been said before (I'm new), but I don't see how saying she >is an mra is a bad thing.

No. 383573

File: 1504157950659.png (68.74 KB, 600x466, 48d.png)

Are you baiting, mate? At least sage it.

No. 384608

Blaire being an mra makes sense, since he lived most of his life as a dude.

No. 384622

Dude stfu, you have no clue what you are talking about. Go ahead and tell women who are infertile or who have had ovarian cancer they are no longer real women.

No. 384642

being mra and trans at the same time is a little questionable

No. 384888

Basically. The alt right is as weak as their dick. They'd fuck anything that'd actually sleep with them.
That nose, though.

No. 385223

File: 1505180903220.jpg (49.83 KB, 562x557, ffs.JPG)

She had FFS and got a boob job. I think she looks good. The overlining is bad but mostly I wish she'd fix her eyebrows.

I also find her new vlogging channel with her boyfriend cringey. I feel like he saw her rising star potential and latched on.

No. 385272

That Michael Jackson nose and giant upper lip is so off-putting

No. 385446

Maybe it's a personal insecurity that Blaire has , but I don't see a difference. It looks like the look was achieved by lighting,angles and poses. The titties are obvious though, but a lot of boob jobs look horribly fake unless you're a major celebrity and shell out a ton of money. I saw her boyfriend once on her regular channel , and I agree, he was pretty cringy….pretending like he's shocked at her boy pics. LOL Like dude, you know she has a dick…stop playing dumb. lol I get gayish vibes from him….pansexual most likely, because straight dudes would be hesitant to fuck a woman with a dick no matter what she looked like on the outside.

No. 385457

Shaved her brow bone, lowered her hair line, did her nose, did her chin and I think raised her brows… I think that was it but I can't remember. I can see the difference and she seems more confident now.

No. 385506

It's subtle but I bet it makes an enormous difference for her because she has to look at herself in the mirror every day.

She looks a TON better without the tranny makeup. Maybe she should take a makeup class or something.

No. 385569

Some of you are cows yourself. Post your sms. Cause blair is a man and him and his boyfriend are homosexuals. Whats the point of creating this thread if its going to be policed. Blair is a liar who has tons of milk but since he claims to be trans his wk are defending him.
Blair is just a homosexual man who hates women. Mra indeed.

No. 385604

It's mad embarrassing watching you sperg about her not being an actual woman. No one cares. You can't seem to handle someone seeing the situation differently than you. It really has no bearing on milk.

No. 385884

You prove it and miss the point. There is no milk cause you are policing the thread. Go away. No one is going to post if you homothugs wk are hanging out.

No. 386295

if there's milk then post it you child.

No. 388539

Does anyone else get a really disingenuous vibe from Blaire? The constant hair fluffing looks like a nervous twitch. I get the sense that she is REALLY uncomfortable in her own skin. Watch any of her guest appearances on other peoples' shows– Whenever she isn't 100% in control of the lighting/angles/content she looks incredibly anxious and uncomfortable, and it's distracting. when she talks about having a dick she's so clearly uncomfortable but she can't change the subject because she has to be "not like the other trans," so she says stuff like "I'm considering camming tehe" on Gavin McInnes' show when he asks to see her dick. But in the same breath she also claims to be trad/conservative. I don't really get her persona and I find it confusing and rather fake.

No. 389246

i really wish there was a place to make fun of blaire white that was exempt of idiotic backwards ppl trying to debate the validity of her gender.

No. 389707

Yeah, I get a phony vibe too…almost like a Valley Girl parody. The mannerisms come off as slightly drag-ish. I saw older videos when Blaire was Robbie…and it's like a brand new character now. Whatever pays the bills.

No. 389709

he has a dick. he's a dude. :/ sorry but that's facts.

No. 389710

XX chromosomes are what makes a woman a woman dude. you can't just say you are a woman when you were born with a dick and balls even the insides and bones of men and women are different.

No. 389715

I hate that every thread about a trans cow has to be full of people arguing about gender. Who the fuck cares? It's boring, it's repetitive, it's pointless, you won't change anybody's opinion.

No. 389716

That Dave Rubin interview was awkward, looks like she's gained a shit load of weight or she's always been that large but had no control over the camera angles.

No. 389762

Must be the oestrogen. Isn't that what they give chickens in the meat industry to get fat?

No. 389791

Yeah she's talked about how she gained a fair amount of weight after going on hormones, which makes sense. Kind of blog posty but I was once prescribed something for hormonal acne that I found out was also occasionally used for transitioning and hormone therapy, and I was googling people's experiences with the drug and a lot of women said they gained weight in their hips/breasts/thighs exclusively. I don't know what drugs Blaire is on, but if it's similar combined with estrogen then that would make sense.

No. 389804

anyone knows what happened with the military guy she used to date?

No. 389874

of course dudes wanna be women until they have to actually experience the downsides of being one

No. 390136

Yea lol they are extremely arrogant and narcissistic and idealize the 'other' gender as an escape from their problems without realizing that they're only going to create a whole new set of problems. The fakeboi transmen do the same thing.

I wonder if this is why so many trans folk kill themselves.

No. 390172

what drug was it? I'm asking for a friend

No. 392280

>I wonder if this is why so many trans folk kill themselves.
Well, yes. Once they realize they've mutilated a healthy body forever and it didn't help with their problems, they spiral into a huge bout of depression and sometimes end up killing themselves.

No. 392316

I was somewhat(?) pleasantly surprised with this video
Was fully expecting Blaire to be like "teehee it's not gay please fuck me straight boys"

No. 392358

Spironolactone. (I didn't end up taking it because of the weight gain possibility so I can't tell you how it works or anything, but I think a lot of people have a good experience with it.)

No. 392773

File: 1506417981759.jpg (133.41 KB, 438x566, Screenshot_20170926-051742.jpg)

No. 392774

File: 1506418011843.jpg (148.65 KB, 627x566, Screenshot_20170926-051450.jpg)

No. 392775

File: 1506418053337.jpg (160.92 KB, 602x573, Screenshot_20170926-050428.jpg)

No. 392776

File: 1506418076048.jpg (158.25 KB, 581x566, Screenshot_20170926-050450.jpg)

No. 392777

File: 1506418104267.jpg (147.08 KB, 546x566, Screenshot_20170926-050540.jpg)

No. 392779

File: 1506418156474.jpg (158.95 KB, 555x566, Screenshot_20170926-051659.jpg)

No. 392780

File: 1506418222054.jpg (153.29 KB, 515x513, Screenshot_20170926-051720.jpg)

No. 392781

File: 1506418295785.jpg (158.32 KB, 583x566, Screenshot_20170926-050515.jpg)

No. 392784

^^^the point is to not get so down on yourself, because all that glitters is not gold. It's the power of makeup and lighting.

No. 392827

Is it? Because I have seen quite a few transwomen say they are mra's, they are not as rare as people think.

woah, guess I am offically stupid because i didnt realise how much makeup could change a persons looks, thanks for the illustration anon.


No. 392852


She honestly looks pretty cute without makeup. The feminization surgery turned out really well

No. 392897

Is this before or after the facial feminization surgery?

No. 392911

No. 393308

well transgenderism in biological men is obviously more of a male issue than a female issue, so i can see why this is a thing

No. 393310

cursed image

No. 393935

Remove the long hair and makeup and Blaire is obvious in these new pics. Saw the vlog with her boyfriend. He seems like a total yes man cuck. I find it funny that after Blaire made enough money for surgery, she started doing vlogs like a "normie". She's not that insufferable in the vlogs the way she is on her regular channel when she's trying to be a trans Tomi Lauren.

No. 393964


The loop sided nipples showing through her shirt, yikes

No. 393985

Came to enjoy bitching about Blaire.
Got the fuck out straight away to escape toxic raging TERF cancer.

No. 393990

Bitch, you're still posting. That's not how past tense works.

No. 394140

…oh. I expected her no-makeup post-surgery face to look better than this, since she looks good in makeup.
Without makeup she looks like a 14 year old boy.

No. 394176


kek it looks like Denny from the room but with an overdone nosejob

No. 394178

>weh weh trans people aren't mentally ill weh weh biological sex is a construct, but i can totes be the other one~

No. 394192

sorry, tunglr

No. 395987

Not a fan of Blaire but I did really like her most recent video about rape and victimhood

No. 396019

Should I be shocked that her audience isn't questioning her, asking for proof, or saying that they her rapist is innocent until proven guilty? I guess that's only for those whorish biological women.

No. 396031

I don't think so. I have a strong feeling that it'd be the same thing if June came out and said she was raped the same way Blaire has.
Since it was about how she learned from it and how she doesn't victimise herself, I can see why her fans aren't harassing her with questions and demanding proof.

No. 396033

I love Blaire. I don't see why she needs a thread here aside from giving radfems a place to bitch about muh womanhood. She's good and pure.

Anti's harass trannies who cry rape too and blame it on them being mentally ill. They're obviously letting Blaire slide with this because she isn't pulling a victim card or trying to make some pointless #killallmen message out of it.

No. 396038

>she isn't pulling a victim card or trying to make some pointless #killallmen message out of it.

But plenty of other rape victims don't do those things either…and they still get harassed and told they are liars.

No. 396041

If you scroll down far enough in the comments, you'll see a good amount of shitposts attacking her for being trans and "ur fault for being a fag who fucks dudes hurr hurr".

The video is fairly new so it's mostly her subscribers who have seen it. Just wait until it circulates /pol/ and Twitter a few times.

No. 396061

>Complaining about radfems
>…on lolcow
Kek. Bonus kek for calling an MRA edgelord "good and pure."

No. 396445

She was ok in her new video. It's like 2 different Blaires. I have a gut feeling that this is closer to the real Blaire as opposed to the one pandering to conservative bigots.

No. 396447

File: 1506913489827.jpg (85.09 KB, 640x742, 7673658463486385r7.jpg)

No. 396490

I don't wanna watch the video cuz I just really hate her voice but can anyone summarize what she says in this??

No. 396559

Her voice is pretty valley girl drag queen, but she basically said that you can't let rape define you and keep you from happiness. She said she went through a period where she was emotionally numb after it happened, like it took her a while to be intimate with guys. She said she even went through a period when she didn't trust any men after it happened. It happened at 18. To go from not trusting men to being an mra is kinda extreme. Reminds me of that Rage against Storm chick on YouTube that used to be a hardcore leftist that turned into an alt-right sweetheart. lol Blair was bearable in this video. Even if you hate her, there's hard to find anything wrong with this new video. It is a little hypocritical of her though to generalize other demographics, but not men. I'm not trans but I'm wondering how much of a factor does hormone replacements and being trans affect your feelings regarding rape.

No. 396655

Blaire has never self-identified as an MRA lmao. She's said she doesn't side with either feminism or MRA.

No. 396664

Okay, then he's just an edgelord with racist and sexist beliefs that often align with those of MRAs and /pol/fags.

No. 396681

I wonder what her views on Skeptic's comment on rape from yesterday was.
Did she tweet about it or something?

No. 396731

Wait what did Skeptic say about rape…?

No. 398158

As someone who watches Blaire regularly and likes her channel, the reason why I don't badger her with questions about it is because I don't know her that well, I'm not a close friend or anything like that so I just don't think it's appropriate to get into it.

I don't see why she'd lie about something like that, she even mentioned it in her debate against Laci Green a long while back.

Again, maybe she is lying. Maybe she isn't. It's not really up for me personally to decide unless I was like on a court jury or something lol.

It's just one of those moments. I know it's bad but what can you do?

No. 398160

Well she feels more confident now so it makes sense why she feels more comfortable with the camera and showing her day to day life. I think we all know that Blaire just plays up an entertaining side for her normal videos just to keep audience attention but in her vlogs, we get to see how she really is which is more chilled out and less valley-girl'ish.

It's like watching Shoe0nHead's vlogs. In her normal videos, she's loud and spastic for entertainment but in her vlogs, she's much more relaxed and goofy.

No. 398162

Blaire's pretty much a realist about her trans situation so I didn't think she was going to pander to get approval. I liked that she was honest here.

No. 398430

Yes that makes perfect sense and I understand what you mean. But my point was that portions of her audience are the same type of people who will pile on some woman on the internet who manages to open up about her sexual assault and call her a liar, a whore, or insist she is just trying to ruin a man's life without knowing the details. These are women that they also don't know that well, and are not close friends with.

I don't believe that Blaire is lying at all. I was more so making a comment on her audience and internet anti-feminists in general rather than attacking her. They almost automatically assume that any woman who says she was raped is a lying whore, but they suddenly change their tune when a woman they like and agree with discusses her own rape. They don't question her at all, they offer support and empathize with her instead of publicly trying to discredit her. This is good for Blaire, bad for other victims.

No. 398471

>A woman they like and agree with
I think it's more because Blaire is a man. These people are vehemently anti-female, they probably only support and believe him because he's a male.

No. 398764

I noticed her fans are sympathetic about her rape but was the opposite about the women in that Slut Walk video. They clearly don't know rape has nothing to do with looks. Are they forgetting Blaire's rape happened at 18 before hormones and the fancy makeup. Granted, I wouldn't go to one of those Slut Walks, but Blaire acting like they're freaks while being transgender is sheer hilarity. I don't care how "normal " she tries to be to please the majority, she'll always be trans.

No. 398769

I think it's more because she looks decent. They are true retards when a decent looking woman comes into the picture.

No. 398790

I think it's more an effect of people's tendency to see those they identify as part of their in-group and those who are in the out-group. Most people have an instinctive reaction first and rationalise afterwards: she's part of their tribe and therefore more trustworthy, while the other women you talk about are probably in some way at odds with their beliefs.

It doesn't help that in recent memory a few high-profile cases (UVA, the GoT actress, etc.) made a certain portion of the media look like they'd believe anyone who cried wolf without checking their story at all. That sort of shit makes people feel justified in generalising whole swaths of the population based on their perceived tribe.

No. 398932

very true
almost every time a young teen or young adult girl gets raped/sold into sex trafficking/gone missing etc
people say the most repulsive shit

IE comments under this video, one even said that it's better her to end up dead because no one wants a daughter who has been fucked by thousands of men, and what's worse is that anti fems go out and claim "WOMEN NEVER GET BLAMED FOR RAPE WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT THIS ISNT THE MIDDLE EAST" but fail to realize that it's their own kind doing it to women

No. 398933

File: 1507301719206.png (218.75 KB, 1920x1080, disgust.png)

needed to attach pic related, this is just the tip of iceberg

No. 399036

This is fucking vile…

No. 399087

Holy fuck man. Just…holy fuck.

This is how some people feel. This is what some people think about women. And you know the upcoming generation is going to be so much worse because they've grown up with the type of sentiments pictured here. Not even counting places like 4chan, twitter, all of the psychotic anti-feminist youtubers.

Women are going to be fucked over.

No. 399090

File: 1507319635191.png (20.37 KB, 502x90, Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 2.52…)

And then there's this kind of shit that excuses it. People are rightfully disgusted that a bunch of fuckers are saying this 18 year old girl deserved to be sexually assaulted and whatever else happened to her because she was promiscuous? They must be triggered!!!1

No. 399128

I also hate how they're always going against 'white sluts'; whose incels come and comment how all white girls are hoes and than a bunch of 'poc' woman write how always white girls falsely accuse somebody of rape and even if it's true, nobody would care i she was black…
Just imagine how the parents blah blah, i'm sure they don't give a fuck whom their daughter fucks,they only care about her well being, so imagine how they feel when they read all these degenerate comments!

Whenever i get sucked into this part of youtube with videos about those poor woman, i'm always fuming inside about how most commenters seem to be literal shit!

No. 399134

oh boy, funny how people like this claim we don't need feminism and mock them, then give the perfect reason why we STILL need feminism today in 2017

given there are people such as blaire who claim "they're just asshole trolls you can be anti fem and being against this" but not one anti feminist has spoken out about it, if blaire was some girl on crime watch daily and she was biologically female and wasn't outspoken right-winged, the people sucking her dick would be the ones saying shit like "haha she's a slut she deserved it thats what being a thot gets lmao at triggered feminists"

No. 399169

everytime this channel posts a story of young girl who got raped/assaulted/ etc, people ALWAYS want to blame her, it's disgusting, and then it's the same people who claim that a 17 yr old who got in a sexual relationship with his teacher willingly is nothing but a poor little victim and the teacher is a child molesting pedophile and that if she was a man she would go to prison for life
sage for OT btw

some of the repulsive comments:
hasani hall
6 days ago
sorry no proof, her hymen just ripped.
they were both drunk and having sex.
also this is just a story that you heard and now you're taking side because she's female.
eat a dick, cry more, feminism will get no where and you women will probably commit suicide to put your craving for dick to an end."
Hafsa Abdulwadood
2 weeks ago
Drinking under age went to this guy house willingly why are the guys always to blame?!"

a lot of them were deleted too thank god

No. 399224

>Hafsa Abdulwadood

really activates the almonds

No. 399272

>women will probably commit suicide to put your craving for dick to an end.

This dude needs to stop projecting lmao. It's men who act like it's the end of the world when they can't get laid. There's entire movements revolving around men being angry because they can't get laid. Come on dude.

No. 399275

agreed, all that just because someone thought it was fucked up to say a girl deserved to get raped? plus they act like it's women who crave dick as if men don't whine and have hysteria then harass, cheat, or go insane if he doesn't get his precious dick wet

No. 399292

Responder here. Yeah, I understand that some of the people who watch her do this but I find that they're mostly trolls who try to get rise out of people. Well that or those annoying MGTOW extremists who blame women for everything wrong in their sad lives.

I don't consider myself an Anti-feminist but I do align with their general ideas and I don't believe Blaire just because she used to be a man. It's just that knowing how she is, I don't think of her as someone who would lie about something like that. I'm the same with women too though, I will have a bit of skepticism but open to hearing the story.

The main reason why I am this way is because an acquaintance of mine (who was a lesbian) had a situation like this where her ex-girlfriend claimed she was raped by their friend. She of course told everyone in their friend circle and they ostracized the guy but it was later learned that the ex was lying to save her own ass because she got caught (my acquaintance walked in on them and found her girlfriend hiding in the closet and a few days later, she was on her phone and discovered her text messages where she actually had their sex date planned). And she got knocked up too… lol

But yeah, it was after that where I learned that sometimes it's okay to be a little skeptical on rape claims unless there is solid evidence/proof. The only reason I'm giving Blaire the benefit of the doubt is based on what I've known that she's shown of herself and she doesn't seem like someone who would lie about something so traumatic. She may make attention-grabbing topic names but that's about it. I'm more inclined to believe her over someone like Tana Mongeau.

No. 399297

She'll always be trans but those women will always be idiots. The reason why I think this is because most of the women in that video couldn't string a coherent sentence nor could they answer the questions, one of them even said "I don't know how to answer this honestly".

No. 399307

>>I find that they're mostly trolls who try to get rise out of people.

Okay, and who gives a fuck? Stop making excuses for this piece of shit behavior. These 'trolls' are influencing an entire generation and propagating ideas and theories that promote hate towards women and the belief that empathy is the absolute worst trait a human being could possibly have. Fuck em all. "Trolling" is no longer an acceptable excuse.

Anti-feminist is an acceptable way of saying anti-women now. They go after women indiscriminately, not just women who consider themselves feminists.

No. 399534

Yeah, the women in that Slut Walk video were cringed, but you know they chose to put the worst ones in a short video to make their argument look good. I'm surprised her fans aren't smart enough to catch on, or either they like their bubble. Funny, they always accuse others of living in an echo chamber, but you know your skeptic community is going downhill when Theryn Mever has to call bullshit on things in their community. Takes balls (no pun intended) to go against the hive.

No. 399549

File: 1507395537183.png (2.23 MB, 1116x740, etf.PNG)

The population is too fucking stupid to recognize that many people enjoy stirring the pot! they don't have weight to anything they say, except for the fact that it is offensive. Anybody with a tiny bit of empathy and an ability to think outside of their bubble of existence would recognize that the edgy behavior leeching into mainstream conservative communities is simply there to stir the pot and further that pot-stirring agenda. Who cares about how things effect others when a bunch of people can be pissed off? Fucking shit.

love how people nowadays still screech about how useless feminism is to them while failing to acknowledge the ongoing birth control and abortion debate, in addition to child brides and incels swimming about

sage for fuck my entire fucking life

No. 399552

Anon, what….. is that picture? Gave me a fright tbh
Sorry for derailing

No. 399558

No. The internet has always been a very cruel place and you either deal with it or you may as well stop using the social side of it all around. People can bitch and bitch and talk about "morality this" and "morality that" but it's pointless because people will say whatever they want at the end of the day on the internet. It's called free speech for a reason.

Oh I'm sure she did cut out some of the sane ones and I am grateful that Theryn Meyer shed some reality of how the Anti side can be just as echo-chambery (yeah I know it's not a word) as the SJW side but I laugh at the femininst thing because most people in my life who identify as feminists are kinda the ones in the video where if you ask them a question, they can't answer it completely, use out of date examples, or don't even have an opinion altogether and just think that everything is offensive and hateful if it has something to do with a woman.

But I know there are rational feminists like Christina Hoff Sommers. I haven't watched many of her stuff but from what I've heard of the few videos I've seen, she's very rational and reasonable and I enjoy listening to what she has to say.

No. 399560

Abortion and Birth control is always going to be a controversial thing that won't have any definitive answer.

I personally don't care if a woman gets an abortion but if she gets them as often she changes clothes, than hell yes I'm going to judge her (and her boyfriend/husband, wrap it up you knob).

No. 399563

What is often, anon? Who do you actually know who gets abortions like they change clothes?
Sounds like stupid robot propaganda to me.

No. 399567

Yeah, antis can use their freezepeeech to be a raging cunt, and everybody else can use theirs to call them out and tell them to shut the fuck up. But they should start owning up to their shitty opinions instead of hiding behind 'trolling' and 'satire.' Otherwise you look pathetic. Half the time they can't even answer what they're satirizing.

No. 399571

"Free speech so stfu about morals"
Go back to 4chan, since when is having basic human morality an insult? No, no ones saying to be uptight,but ffs if you resort to blaming girls for being sold into trafficking, telling girls they deserve assault for being thots, saying repulsive stuff such as "its better for her to be dead who would want a daughter to be fucked by millions of men" its not just about morals, its about basic human decency, if you use your free speech to do vile stuff such as that you don't deserve it, even anonymous the group the advocates for free speech is against nasty shit like that

No. 399577

Please give me some concrete examples that many women get multiple abortions, please. Because clearly if a deranged person abuses a medical procedure, we should take that procedure away from the majority of women that need it. Do you even know the process of an abortion? Do you know how difficult that would be for a person, unless severely mentally ill, to go through?

No. 399578

sorry, not fucking multiple abortions, but as many abortions as she changes clothes, so to speak.

No. 399580

Right? I'm quite sure that isn't even healthy. Anecdotal, but I've never known a woman who has had more than one abortion. I wonder if there are any stats on this?

I sure as fuck have never met or even heard of anyone who "uses abortion as birth control", like some people like to say. I know it's a popular opinion that women are dumb and irresponsible these days, but they aren't that dumb and irresponsible.

No. 399795

No. 399800


>gets them as often as she changes clothes

what the fuck, anon. you know damn well you're talking out of your arse here. this does. not. happen.

stop that, it's embarrassing

No. 399803

>"uses abortion as birth control"

that's the thing, though. it is. abortion is absolutely birth control. and that is a value neutral fact

No. 399841

I was referring to the idea of women not taking any precautions while having sex, ending up pregnant over and over again, and using abortion as their form of birth control over and over again. And STILL never taking precautions. Not "oh no the condom broke and I'm pregnant." I know that technically it is a form of birth control.

It's not common. Nobody gets abortions as often as they change their clothes.

No. 399918

I honestly prefer Blaire over shoe, in some of her videos she comes across as annoying and I use to hate her. However watching her recent vlogs etc I've warmed to her, she's able to admit when she's wrong, was at least respectful to the women in her slut walk video (I couldn't see shoe doing that as she gets salty if a fat girl is even in her presence)

saged for blog and slight white knighting.

No. 400025

No I'm being serious here. I remember I had a friend, well we're not friends anymore but I digress. Anyway, she had a grand total of 7 abortions, on the last one, she barely made it through because she couldn't get enough money that time (Her mother helped pay for the first 4).

After she had her 7th abortion, I asked her why she doesn't use condoms (because she gets knocked up by her on/off boyfriend) and in her words, she said and I quote "Because I trust him." Do I even need to explain the stupidity in that?

And I've read a few stories similar like this. Not the "I trust him" thing but just some women who use abortion as their get out of free jail card when having unprotected sexcapades and I just find that very reckless.

No. 400026

This here. In the year of 2017, there's no fucking excuse for these unwanted pregnancies.

No. 400027

How do you know Shoe would lose her shit if she tried an interview style video like Blaire did? She's never done one before so you never know, she may be reasonable.

The Slut walk video was hilarious though.

No. 400089

Fuck off with "muh free speech!!", you can't get arrested for being a piece of shit on the internet but that doesn't mean you should be, and calling it "trolling" doesn't make you any less of a cunt. Anti-fems and MRAs are purely reactionary movements with no goals of their own and if you think they're any more coherent or intellectually honest you're fooling yourself.

No. 400129

Lol whatever you say dude

No. 400136

thank you for proving everyone's points
incels are idiots

No. 400165

It's true. They want to blame feminism for them being alone but no father would want to marry their daughter off to a jobless shitposter who cries like a bitch on the internet.

No. 400192


No, there is. There are still ignorant parents who won't provide birth control or teach their children about safe sex, and still many neglectful parents that allow unsafe behavior to fester in children, aka teen pregnancies.

There will always be excuses for where there is ignorance. To think that people getting abortions should be scrutinized because we have the "tools" to prevent pregnancy is naive. You assume that there aren't active forces preventing people from making intelligent decisions.

I'm not the first one to roll out excuses for irresponsibility, but if you see the fucking people that are raising these irresponsible kids / young adults, it becomes pretty apparent the question isn't "why", but "why not".

No. 400193

I don't think she'd lose her shit as in start yelling at them, but there's instances in her thread of her making fun of fat women who are doing nothing to her, so I doubt she'd be able to resist being catty doing a video like that.

No. 400196

I think she would choke, personally. Whenever steps out of the internet and into a public space, she stops being the aloof/funny personality she is on Youtube. She seems meek and insecure. I first saw that during the debate between Contra and Blaire when Shoe moderated - she had no backbone. Then her appearance at Mythcon or whatever solidified it for me.

I doubt she would be able to call a feminist on her shit. She would just be too uncomfortable and not outspoken enough.

No. 400448

^^^yes, a lot of people hide behind their internet personas. Like that "macho " white supremacist tough guy that broke down on camera and started bawling like a baby when he found he could possibly be arrested. lol Andy Warski is another one. Someone should run up on him….he'll probably start stuttering like the tard that he is and shit his pants.

No. 400994

You do know that the reason he stutters is because he was molested as a child, right?!

No. 401091

who is "he"?

No. 401390

Andy's stuttering doesn't stop him from being criticized as an asshole. I saw videos of him before he turned into this "anti-liberal " channel and he was nothing like the incoherent ranting jackass that he is now. He constantly calls others snowflakes, but his whole channel is bitching about some random sjw b.s. I mean petty shit that no one cares about. He rarely researches the shit he rages about, misleading his viewers. Or he'll use a couple of tweets from some random sjw and blow it out of proportion, thus causing his followers to flip out along with him. And they're too stupid to Google shit to verify Andy's videos. I remember one video of him defending Beauty and the Beast's gay character, and that video got a lot of dislikes. That fact that Andy was surprised that he had shitlord bigots as fans is amazing.

No. 401463

You obviously can criticize him for his content, but writing "he'll probably start stuttering like the tard that he is" is absolutely uncalled for and makes you seem not an ounce better than these poltards jumping on a female rape victim.

Him making a video defending gay couples in movies and than being surprised by the negative response, just shows that his views aren't as extreme as a lot of his viewers…

No. 401482

Because he knows he can make money by being a cute minority who agrees with white nationalists, I doubt he's really anti liberal. Also, when he came out he was under the impression that people being nice to him is because he's a woman but he doesn't understand he's only getting treated like that because he was an ok looking white girl. I can't wait until he starts experiencing life as a 35+ woman and it's going to be even harder for him because he's not biologically female. It's really going to hit him hard because his whole concept of being a woman is just being pretty. When he starts losing his looks, doesn't have any kids or a serious partner when he's older he's going to see being a woman isn't all a walk in the park.

No. 401502

Just imagine how a male posing as a woman after years of taking hormones will look while aging. Plus being as focused on looking as much as a feminine, real woman (=bimbo) as possible will make it even harder for him… not that i feel particulary sorry, but you can bet that these aren't his last surgeries.

No. 401652

Wait are you guys talking about Blaire here? I'm lost.

No. 401670

Pretty sure they are.

I get that some anons refuse to say she/her but it's unnecessarily confusing.

No. 401748

File: 1507677775206.png (159.98 KB, 275x274, 1478115661089.png)

I mean, no shit Blaire is treated better now that when she was Robbie. Helloo….a flaming gay dude is gonna be treated worse than even homely, dumpy looking women. Blaire/Robbie just used that b.s as a talking point to get MRAs on her side.

No. 401752

^ meant to add that Blaire not being treated well before transitioning had to do with him being "seen" as a flamboyant gay dude. It was more his perceived sexual orientation than gender that played a role in how he was treated.

No. 401775

I think it's more confusing when people do say she/her

No. 401814

Just stop. I get it you hate trannies, whatever, but she looks like a woman thats why its confusing.

No. 402473

I came across a Mark Dice video mocking the brand Dove for featuring a Transgender mom in one of their commercials. This was back in April. I didn't even know about the commercial, but apparently thanks to Dice, some Conservatives got offended by it. Surprise, surprise. Dice is pretty much mocking the idea of a Transgender woman being a mom. I brought this up, because Blaire has stated that she wants nothing more than to be a mom someday. Mark Dice is part of her "tribe", right? I'm curious to know how Blaire feels about this? Tbh,a lot of people I've seen on "that side" have similar views to Dice, which is why it's so mind-boggling to see Blaire a part of that community. I'm not saying that she should be shamed into going to the left. I'm just having a hard time understanding what's the appeal of a group that doesn't fully accept who you are?

No. 403052

Where did you get those pics?

No. 403576

those pics are from Blaire's more recent vlogs on her other channel.

No. 406202

god I really got my hopes up when I noticed this thread because blaire annoys the shit out of me with her intellectual dishonesty
instead it's just filled with ppl arguing about the validity of her gender(idc tbh but it is boring)
and also derailing about other shitlords
why don't we talk about blaire sperging out about her google image results for "white people history" (being mad that it was all black people in the results even though some were quite literally fucking white people in black face lmao)
or how she constantly criticizes click bait titles w/o reading/watching the content (e.g. implying trannies deserve to get beat up for not disclosing they are trannies)
I'll try to dig up screenshots later but she is way milkier than this thread portrays imo

No. 406248

Ehhh, don't know if this is tea or not, but I saw a screenshot someone posted where Blaire said she hated most "trannies" cause she was stabbed in the back by some of them. It was from her FB a few months ago. Don't know if it's still there or not. I don't know if her and Theryn Meyers are still friends or not either. It was like this long ass Hallmark rant about how she felt bad about it, but couldn't help how she felt. That's a flawed logic. If that's the case, wouldn't she hate men too since one raped her. Non trans people outnumber trans people, so I'm pretty sure someone who isn't trans is gonna screw her over at some point in life…especially the shitlord Youtubers she considers her friends. I'm assuming it's self hatred and insecurity to feel like that about your own. This was pre-surgery. And I have seen her videos before and after surgery, and she seems to be in a better place now. When people garner feelings like that, there's no way one can be truly happy. And when you make statements like "I hate most trannies", it's no wonder so many people who generally hate or mock Trans people see Blaire as an exception. When her fans are like "You're the only Trans person I like", then there's something really wrong with the picture.

No. 406257

Dude. From what I've seen, all trannies hate each other. They act like middle school mean girls, envious of what the other has. They constantly size each other up when it comes to "passing" and Even drag real women into it by claiming that women are actually jealous of them. Trannies fucking hate each other.

No. 406272

It's like trannies have their own form of #notlikeothergirls syndrome based more on narcissism rather than insecurity.

No. 406343

Does anybody know if there are other candid pics, besides that shane dawson podcast?

i just came across it now and people in the comments are defending "her" by saying that this was before the surgery…

sage for no contribution

No. 406859

File: 1508581050644.png (527.78 KB, 1080x858, a deluded broad-shouldered you…)

do u mean pics like this?

No. 406863

He might still be swollen from FFS (kek), but even then, his jaw is massive and he should've gotten it shaved down.
I bet he forced himself to allocate more money towards the boobs than the face, cause:
1. Trying to feminize a man's face costs way more than fake tits.
2. He didn't have tits to work with; just estrogenic fat on a man.
But I guess a flat chest causes more disphoria than having a male facial structure.

No. 406868

those large shoulders, though
it must suck, it's not something she/he/whatever will ever be able to change

No. 407086

But something he could change would be for example that bra showing from pulling his shirt down too much! Now just imagine how his fans would react if an actual girl did this - "slut!"

No. 407109

My favorite part of this interview was every time the host would talk about surgeries he would assume Blaire chopped his cock off and Blaire never bothered to correct him. Whilst I don't believe he has to divulge such a thing (even though the interview is about being a tranny), I find it incredibly funny that you can usually see his dick bulge in videos/pics.

No. 407195

Since when is this board so transphobic? I get calling Laineybot she because she's a transtrender, but an actual transgender person?

No. 407204

Wtf guys?

No. 407205

since "not being tumblr about stuff" started to make normies feel edgy.

No. 407221

If Blaire was actually a nice person, who respects women, maybe they'd return that respect, but now no, we don't have to

No. 407225

File: 1508628616975.jpg (73.26 KB, 638x479, doubtstandards.jpg)

i dont think they misgender robbie cause they think he's a man, they do so because he's a vile piece of shit, utilizing his trans identity to act ~SpeCiAl~ #notlikeothertrannies. also pic related

this, if he was i'd have no problem calling him, her.

No. 407233

Some of us aren't fucking stupid. All trannies are crazy, if anything Bob's worse because he's an MTF.

No. 407257

I like how "tumblr plz go" this site is until it's an mtf then suddenly everyone respects him. Only if it's an mtf though. I guess the user base of this site is like June in that the only women they approve of are men.

No. 407280

I guess it's the people who only lurk /snow/ or /pt/ (which makes sense; some of the posters here seem to be particularly spiteful towards other females). There are active mtf, transgender, radfem, etc. threads on /g/ and /ot/ though and no one complains.

No. 407433

Those tits look like tennis balls glued on a poster board.

No. 407470

I mean, it's not wrong to call a bio male by his male pronouns. I cannot resolve the cognitive dissonance it causes if I don't call a spade a spade. Deciding not to drink the cool-aid doesn't make you edgy.
But it's funny that anyone would bother to care about calling him a "he" when he wouldn't pay the same respect towards Riley J. Dennis for the longest time. And yet he still says that at most it only annoys him if someone "purposely misgenders" him.

No. 407487

>claiming that women are actually jealous of them

lol so true and it's embarrassing as hell

No. 407526


why would a bio woman be jealous of a tranny?

No. 407693

This is just the logical conclusion of the sexual revolution. Back in the day when most people waited until marriage, a woman would get raped, she would tell the police/her family etc. and there would be no doubt in anyone's mind that she was telling the truth, because she had an innocent reputation as most girls did back then; it was unheard of for a normal every day Christian girl to go out every weekend, get drunk, slut it up with 4 different guys and then deeply regret it the next day. Nowadays this is a common occurrence. False rape accusations/regret sex/blackout drunk sex/hookup culture etc. is the norm for a large percentage of the female population, particularly college aged. It's no longer possible to take a girl for her word because we know what the average modern day Western girl is like, and the words innocent and integral do not apply.

An extremely unfortunate side effect of this is that true victims of rape and sexual assault are scrutinized and put under the microscope, as we can no longer simply assume a girl is being truthful. When we so often see "So and so was falsely accused of rape and lost his college degree/committed suicide etc." articles in the news, or when we hear feminists talk about how virtually any type of unwanted human interaction is literally rape, it throws these real victims right under the bus.

No. 407700

Just because you typed out more than one sentence and tried you're best to not sound like the complete subhuman that you are, doesn't mean that anybody on here would disagree any less with you…

Alcohol is something that both males and females consumed since centuries;"slut it up with 4 guys" and those guys are not as much of a hoe as she is, or what?

Do you know who really hurts a rape victim?
The man who did it!

No. 407701

File: 1508699461011.png (351.97 KB, 425x709, fashioncurrentyear.png)

>Alcohol is something that both males and females consumed since centuries
Your point? Drinking alcohol does not imply promiscuity. One can drink alcohol without sucking 4 dicks in a night. Only since the sexual revolution has the latter become a normal part of our culture.

>"slut it up with 4 guys" and those guys are not as much of a hoe as she is, or what?

That's not what the issue is. These guys aren't the ones going around making false rape accusations because they regretted what they did last night.

>Do you know what really hurts a rape victim?

*alleged rape victim

No. 407706

No idea there you're from but sucking 4 dicks a night is not part of my culture…

No. 407720

Get out of there, robot. Nobody drinks a bloody Mary and go on to suck all the clocks in the bar. That shit only happen in porn. Go out a little, ffs.

No. 407725

Sage for non-con but sucking 4 dicks in a night is not a normal part of anyone's culture. I was pretty promiscuous as a teen and I've never done that… don't know anyone who has in fact. You seem to be confusing "it happens at all" with "it's common enough to be considered normal".

No. 407730

>Back in the day when most people waited until marriage, a woman would get raped, she would tell the police/her family etc. and there would be no doubt in anyone's mind that she was telling the truth
[Citation needed]

No. 407740

>False rape accusations/regret sex/blackout drunk sex/hookup culture etc. is the norm for a large percentage of the female population

Do you know how big the female population is, dude? If false rape accusations were the norm you would see a hell of a lot more of them than you do, so many that it would no longer be a big story or scandal because it would happen every single day.

Like most robots, I assume you are focused on a certain type of woman because these are the only type of women that you care about and want to fuck. And you are actually upset that these extremely attractive, sexually active women are not fucking you, but someone else. Sucking four dicks every night and accusing men of rape if they regret doing so is certainly not the norm. If you want to claim that it is, you are going to need more than anecdotal evidence. Because we all happen to have that too, and most of ours says that it is not common.

You choosing to discredit rape victims because they may have been sexually active prior to being raped says more about you than it says about them. Just because a woman has had sex before doesn't make her fair game for rapists now.

You're making a judgment about large swaths of the population that you have no facts to back up. It almost seems like you are referring to a specific case, but you aren't. However robots are not known for their logic and are prone to hysteria so I shouldn't be surprised.

No. 407758

File: 1508704957897.gif (1.82 MB, 357x296, clap.gif)

No. 408066

I hope your response was rhetorical because I was laughing at the fact that a tranny would think a bio woman was jealous when that is obviously unlikely.

No. 408077

>when we hear feminists talk about how virtually any type of unwanted human interaction is literally rape

this isn't a thing
stop pretending this is an actual thing

No. 408078

this! all of this

yeah I'm 1000% sure women were believed less "back in the day" and that rape in marriages was at one point not even legally considered rape

btw dude I actually IRL witnessed someone lie about a rape once but I still think your entire summation is some next level neckbeard bullshit

No. 408309

tbh it's depressing to see this kind of picture posted here as if it's a gotcha or something. god forbid some women don't conform to your idea of what women should think or behave like, or they're internalizing their self-hatred. not even trying to get political, it's just sad seeing this sort of PC shit on lolcow of all places. the bitchiest site on the entire internet, where entire threads are just women calling other women fuggos.
miss me with that gay shit, anon.

and why is everyone in this thread incapable of saging? did the rules change suddenly that you can just not sage derailing arguments like >>407693 and >>407700 and >>407701 and >>407706 ?

No. 412614

File: 1509483590047.jpg (343.81 KB, 756x624, Screenshot_20171031-163217.jpg)

Blaire's anti-trans rant. Wonder how many likes are from non-trans people. Also, that Conservative site, Chicks on the Right posted Blaire's "Are traps gay?" video recently, and the comments from followers of that page are atrocious towards trans people. I'd like to know why Blaire continues to align herself with a community that doesn't accept her kind. Bonkers.

No. 412618

"I'm not saying I'm #notlikeothertrannies, I'm just saying I'm #notlikeothertrannies"

No. 412728

Maybe this isn't quite comparable, but in the video where Blaire discusses her rape she talks about how she had to work to not see all men as evil because of what that man did to her. She had to realize that it wasn't healthy or logical to view all men the same way because of what another man did. (She words it better than I did obviously.)

But I guess that doesn't extend towards trans people? What makes that different?

Also I feel like there is some major shade at Theryn Meyer here. They were well known friends and then suddenly they weren't. I wonder what Theryn did?

No. 412797

I don't know. I was wondering about that too. Maybe still some self-hate going on there. From what I've seen from Theryn…she seems more stable than Blaire. I think Blaire is the problem imo.

No. 412802

I don't think I've ever met or seen a trans person that wasn't a complete attention whore. Everything always has to be about them.

They just vary in the way they go about it. Some are more malevolent than others. I stay faaaaaar away from them, they are like a black hole just sucking in attention and pity and compliments.

No. 418361

Blaire and Candace "RedPillBlack"/"Social Autopsy" Owens scream at each other for an hour+ while Dave Rubin attempts to moderate.

No. 418386

This was such a shitshow I ended up just skipping around before backing out completely. I feel like this debate shouldn't have been held in any kind of public sphere. I haven't been subscribed to Rubin for about a year, but why would his audience even care about this? What was the point of it? It was just two people who clearly have a personal issue with each other airing their personal grievances and getting hostile.

I also don't get what Candace's little quip at the beginning about this not being a 'catfight' because it wasn't between two women was about. So women can't have a reasonable debate, it has to be a cat fight? Was she planning on it turning out that way or some shit?

And since it DID devolve into a cat fight, which it certainly didn't have to, there's tons of "this is why women shouldn't politic get back in the kitchen lol" in the comments. Thanks Candace!

No. 419351

I don't know much about this RedPillBlack woman, other than the fact that she's the hot topic of EVERY anti-sjw channel. I know, they're all sooo original, right? I do know that Blaire is a shitty debater from what I've seen on previous debates. Her followers are of average to borderline low intelligence, so she appears smart to them. That's the crappy thing about this "anti-lib" movement, you get a lot of people hopping on the bandwagon just for the sake of being a popular YouTube personality. Apparently, this RedPillBlack person conned her way into the "community", which doesn't seem hard to do. Seems all you have to do is screech "I HATE SJWS" and "MAGA", and you're in the club….no actual intellectual substance needed.

No. 419355

If the info is already public, then it's not doxxing. It just means they're better at Google searches than you are. lol

No. 419356

Another annoying thing about Blaire is the constantly touching her fake hair. It's so drag queen-like.

No. 419394

I saw someone on Twitter refer to Blaire as an intellectual. I mean Blaire isn't some dumbass, but….an intellectual?

I'm not even trying to be an asshole, but what has she ever said or talked about that would lead people to associate her with the word intellectual?

No. 419446

>"I'm not like the other trans girls!!"
I get why her and June are friends.

The reason she doesn't have decent trans friends is probably because she associates with MRAs and anti-SJWs, many of which openly hate trans people, so they stay far away from her.

Also fuck the raging transphobia in this thread, I know this is lolcow but fucking hell you guys. Blaire is an idiot, but you don't have to be a decent person to be trans.

No. 420131

File: 1510295973074.png (623.99 KB, 1567x699, realfaceofRobbie2.png)

Yeah, Blaire an intellectual is a far cry.

No. 420145

File: 1510297024067.jpeg (43.59 KB, 500x281, F8315035-5F08-4415-8E87-71335D…)

reminds me of freckle from the gay and wondrous life of caleb gallo for some reason.

No. 420155

Blaire does not look bad at all, better looking without makeup than most of women. Very uncanny valley looking, but transpeople often have a lot of work done. Surprise, surprise.

I am surprised that I have to agree with her here a bit, transpeople are very mentally ill most of the time. Being trans in itself is a mental disorder, so co-morbidity prevails. Blaire mixed up mentally ill/co-morbid people being messed up and acting messed up with all transpeople being shitheads. But, Blaire has a fair point that is based in reality, a lot of transpeople have bigger problems in their head that are unaddressed and act it out without repercussions due to their own social circles enabling it.
Not all people going on tangents like that are special snowflakes. Sometimes, albeit rarely, they provide context based in reality.

"Of the 298 transgender women, 41.5%of participants had 1 or more mental health or substance dependence diagnoses; 1 in 5 (20.1%) had 2 or more comorbid psychiatric diagnoses. Prevalence of specific disorders was as follows: lifetime and current major depressive episode, 35.4%and 14.7%, respectively; suicidality, 20.2%; generalized anxiety disorder, 7.9%; posttraumatic stress disorder, 9.8%; alcohol dependence, 11.2%; and nonalcohol psychoactive substance use dependence, 15.2%."
(Psychiatric Diagnoses and Comorbidities in a Diverse, Multicity Cohort of Young Transgender Women. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4882090/)

I would argue here as a devil's advocate, that very few men rape and only sick people rape. Meanwhile, as provided above, trans is a mental disorder and is one with a lot of co-morbidity, and Blaire did recognise the limitations of her argument within the first argument, she is aware there are decent trans people. But, she has yet to meet more than a few of then.

sage for random autism rant.

No. 420199

Can agree my bro is a ftm transgender with a slew of mental health issues even before he transitioned and tries to use bein trans as a way to excuse his shitty behavior/write off said issues. I have only met one decent trans person so far myself.

No. 420338

I seriously cannot stand this any longer. Blaire must be one of the most women-hating things on this planet; don't his fans get that he's basically a caricature of a female?!
Do they think being feminine means being plastered in makeup with bimbo fake nails, runnung around in a tank top (read: bra) thoughout the year, no matter what occasion? The other 'real' woman and the guy are wearing much warmer and appropriate clothing and yet she's the 'feminine' one…
That's seriousl so gross, i want all those ftm tumblerinas to run aroud with a huge ass belly in a sweaty muscle shirt, not showering for days with a can of beer in each hand, how would they react than?!

No. 420349

You guys can correct me if you think I'm wrong but with all these debates the past week, I feel like the tide is turning. Before I explain what I mean I just want to be clear that I in no way am happy about this.

But people like Theryn, Roaming Millenial, and to a lesser extent Blaire, are now seeing what 'their side' really thinks of them. Whether they intended to or not, and whether they want to admit it or not, they have cultivated an audience of conservatives and even far-right loons who hate women, minorities, and trans people. Now you can see people like Edgy Sphinx calling them 'degenerates' and misgendering them on purpose, and Nick Fuentes subtly trying to say that they should be subjected to shock therapy in the LS stream. Not yet, but soon, the women of the movement will get more than they bargained for I think. They preach that women should be seen and not heard, stay home and raise kids, and yes I believe that people like Lauren and Roaming truly do want that. But you KNOW that Lauren wouldn't give up her career for anything. Actions speak louder than words. However we are getting to a point where the alt-right/alt-light/whatever you'd like to call them, are really starting to scoff at the idea of listening to women and giving them airtime. It's getting more intense by the day and people are starting to lose respect for them and call them out on not being 'trad.'

It's unfortunate but I have a feeling that a large portion of their audiences are going to come back and bite them in the ass (Blaire's audience isn't as bad as some others, but with each day it gets worse). Of course they still have the moderate, more sane portions of their audience, but let's be real, they are a minority. Even repeating their talking points won't earn you respect, won't earn you a seat at the table. They're been tiptoeing around the alt-right for over a year now, slyly giving them legitimacy by repeating their talking points, laughed as if everything was a joke, and I have a feeling they are soon going to realize they made a mistake.

Sage for overthinking/dumb theory.

No. 420543

No i don't think so; there's not a single comment that isn't kissing Blaire's ass.
But hey, let's face it, Blaire will always be better, because he's still a man and therefore can have an opinion.

No. 420859

File: 1510398529581.jpg (18.31 KB, 446x343, CRAZYcow.JPG)

you guys are jumping all over the place here

>that community doesn't respect Blaires gender identity

>It' doesn't matter because only mens opinions are considered valid, and Blaire is a man

No. 421516

Well, I don’t know about the very few decent transgender people. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that the trans you’ve come across have not been pleasant. At the end of the day, no one except for transgender people will truly know what it’s like to be trans. I can’t imagine how lonely it must be despite the fact that their issues are being brought into the spotlight. To go back to Blaire….I’ve noticed that she’s been awfully quiet about her support for the Right and Trump. After Trump won she rejoiced making cliche statements like “Build that Wall!”, praising his every move and calling him “Trump Daddy”. Honestly, I’ve only heard gay men refer to other men as “daddy”. I saw a rant on YouTube where Blaire was still milking the RedPillBlack bullshit by stating that Conservatives are so eager to have someone black on their side that they were blindsided by RPB’s intentions. As if she’s not deemed the token Anti-lib Conservative trans. Yes, these women are really starting to realize that the anti-lib/sjw community doesn’t have much respect for them regardless of how much they think they’re exempt from their judgment. TL;DR (Teal Deer) , male YouTuber who’s a part of that community blamed the skeptic community’s problems on the female YouTubers in that community. He sounded bitter and envious of the fact that female skeptic YouTubers seem to get “popular” overnight because “boobs”. I do agree in the sense that you have a lot of copycat content creators that use the same skeptic channel formula with limited substance. Doesn’t hurt to be a pretty woman. lol

No. 421537

They don't respect his gender crap, but they still respect him and his opinions more than they would a woman('s) because he's a man.

No. 421539

>muh transphobia
grow up. sorry some people don't respect men larping as girls lmao

No. 421605

I see some sugar coating. blaire and her crew went after trbp horribly because she is black. blaire makes fun of black people constantly. her and her fans are racist. the first blackwoman they saw they attacked. ive never seen them attack someone with such flimsy excuses.

No. 421610

This is very disappointing. Makeup is apparently tantamount to witchcraft.

No. 421618

Blaire looks better than most women without make up tbh? I don't see what a few unflattering pictures without make up are trying to prove. You're being petty.

No. 421634

This blows my mind. Does Blaire just have that much cognitive dissonance to ignore it or has she found some secret loophole to faulty right wing logic to exploit and manipulate them with?

No. 421642

Ohhhh, shit. We got Blaire's gay ass cuck boyfriend in here trying to come to her rescue. Those pictures are the real Blaire AFTER surgery. Stop the b.s , if you saw that on the street you wouldn't look twice. And yeah, the bitch comes across as a plastic manufactured woman.

No. 421652

File: 1510497411016.png (330.05 KB, 762x393, blairkek.png)


If you wanna expose Blaire's "True face" it makes more sense to post candids from before his surgery

No. 421654

Candace is on her venting and samefagging or what lol? I don't like Blair and I hate the "Skeptic Community" and the way they gang up on people but, the fact that someone tried starting what they say an archive site and call kiwifarms 'the deep web' lol.

No. 421659

File: 1510499008687.png (Spoiler Image,592.25 KB, 500x632, barfight.PNG)

blaire broke her nail on a pull tab or something and is now blaming it on male feminists? I figure it's kind of hard to ask for clarification on someone's position on feminism while they're beating you up… either way that hand is notably unfucked up for being stepped on.

No. 421663

File: 1510500097294.jpg (180.91 KB, 1280x1280, 1510325393432.jpg)

>Blaire looks better than most women without make up tbh?

No. 421668

Maybe he had blue hair and so they assumed he was a feminist. They seem to think that anyone with a nose ring or short hair or any shit like that is a rabid ~sjw.~

Or maybe they had a conversation beforehand that she isn't mentioning (yet.) I find it hard to believe he just attacked her out of nowhere, unless he knew who she was from online and has a serious problem with her content. That nail looks incredibly painful though. I feel bad for her.

No. 421674

lol the reach. I won't be edgy and misgender her but she does not "look better than most women." stahp
why does she look so smug about it? is it because this is supposed to signify that all feminists are bad? plenty of shitty people subscribe to every ideology. can I start saying that a thot like lauren southern represents all trads now? lol

No. 421678

that guy should've ripped the rest of those tacky-ass nails off smh

No. 421717

I don't believe her story. Sorry. She loves attention.

No. 421771

I don't know you guys, I find it very hard to believe Blaire would just rip off her nail and pour water on herself in public just for a video, however I don't know how she would know the attacker was a SJW.
Either way I don't condone violence even when it's against a person I don't like.

No. 421788

Her new video is so fucking dumb. It's like going to the hood and yelling the N-slur, sure its not okay to get attacked but what are you really expecting?

No. 421809

I wonder how long she’ll talk about what happened to her, seeing as how she tells people not to play into being a victim too long or how dangerous it is to not disclose being trans. “Don’t put yourself in dangerous situations” rich coming from someone that wears a trump hat at a trump protest.

No. 421823

I like how she says social experiment….bitch you were trolling. Stop trying to dress that shit up. I still don’t buy this shit. There was no sign of her hand getting stomped during that “scuffle”…if it was she sure didn’t show any sign of it. I think the nail got broken some other way…not someone stomping the shit out of it as she dramatically puts it. Why was the cop so calm too. Like if a legit assault happened, I think Blaire and gay ass boyfriend would either put up a better fight or file a police report. The first thing you do is take to social media. And c’mon a fat male feminist in a pink pussy hat….how cliche can you get. This bitch mocked that lady that got ran over at that Virginia Neo-Nazi rally….so fuck her. All of her brain dead followers are all sympathetic, but where’s that sympathy when other transgender women are beaten or killed just for being trans.

No. 421831

People defending her are saying that people who think it's justifiable are the same people who say "if you wear a short dress you deserve to be raped". Its different just living your life (wearing a short dress) and being hateful on purpose (wearing a trump hat at a very liberal part of town)

No. 421833

Debatable tbh. Considering who he is and what he does, I think he deserved it. Karma ♪

No. 421907

It’s like that time she tried to claim “BLM” was stalking her or doxxing her and she “feared” for her life. Who knows who was really stalking her…I highly doubt someone in BLM would go through the trouble wasting time on her. It could’ve been anyone but the blame was placed on that group. She plays this shit up to go “seeee, I told you black ppl were bad”. This Trump hat shit is her “seeee, I told you liberals were bad” moment. Like Milo Yannopolis….her act is gonna backfire one day.

No. 421934

I don't think what happened to her at the anti trump protest was justified at all, seriously I wish liberals would stop physically attacking people they disagree with.

However, I think it's ironic her audience is angry about this as her audience are the same people who say women "put themselves" in dangerous situations when they're raped. I don't know if Blaire has ever claimed something like that so won't say she has, but I know for sure her audience has.

No. 421966

No. 421976

sorry for nitpicking but i absolutely hate her intro with the little wind chimes and anime portrait bullshit, it looks so amateurish and she would have more crediblity with a better intro or even no intro at all

No. 422205

File: 1510530718880.png (322.76 KB, 1567x699, uglycunt1.png)

Dude in the pussy hat is said to be at all of the anti-trump rallies. Sounds like a paid protester to me. Hmmm.

No. 422220

An amateur theme for an amateur person. I mean, they're YouTube "stars" if you wanna call them that. A couple of years from now who is gonna care about the same tired rants against "pink haired SJWs".

No. 422686

File: 1510567159673.jpg (145.12 KB, 756x363, Screenshot_20171113-045426.jpg)

Investigative……wrong use of word. I'm thinking back to when someone called Blaire an intellectual. Lmao.

No. 422687

>i wish liberals would stop attacking people they disagree with
conveniently forgets a fucking nazi drove into a crowd of liberals and killed a woman

No. 422696

just noticed her index finger nail is broken in the beginning of the video..weird

Anyway, it's hard to feel sympathy for someone who intentionally wants to stir up animosity during an already hostile enough time.
I understand that she wasn't going out of her way to be an antagonistic cunt (or that's just what she says) so I DO feel for her in that respect,
but she obviously wanted this reaction so she could post about it in her echo chamber and somehow vindicate her problematic views. (It really doesn't prove anything, Blaire, notice that actual conservatives hate you and call you a degenerate, while people who would normally be on your side hate your #notlikeothertrannies bullshit.)
She is doing nothing of substance. Not adding to the discussion in any constructive way, not even explaining how her political views would be good for Americans(lol guess why), and to top it off she and her buddies constantly fan the flames while yelling about how not triggered they are. Doesn't she realize how played out and transparent this all is?
Again, I feel for her because I wouldn't wish that nail shit on anyone as it hurts like hell, but I'm very minimally sympathetic to this bitch. I could make a video about how rude conservatives are to me while I wear a "pussy hat" but that doesn't suddenly make me 1000% right ideologically.

Yes, I realize she didn't actually say any of this stuff in the video but it's pretty obvious what her goal is by even doing the "social experiment" in the first place.

sage for autistic blog rant

No. 422706

feminization surgery is a rip off. his face looks fatter and that's it. these drs are just milking these people. i guess the brow ridge is smaller but its still noticeable.

No. 422707

is it just me or did literally /everything/ Blaire’s boyfriend say sound super scripted and poorly rehearsed? it was hard to listen to the last half of the video after she got splashed with the alcohol because his “concern” didn’t seem genuine at all.

No. 422791

Yeah, that was weird. I mean Blaire said it was burning her eyes. Any normal person would go get something to rinse it out, and a more impulsive person would run after the culprit. Joey did NOTHING….oh wait, he was filming.

You’re truly asking for trouble when you do stupid shit like that in these times. When you’re purposefully engaging in annoying behaviors & expecting a particular reaction from particular people, you really are just trolling. To his disappointment, he didn’t get that attention from the gays, which is why he probably transitioned too.

No. 422808

i don't think blaire necessarily deserved what happened in the trump hat video, obviously physical violence is never justifiable when it comes to differing opinions. but when you go out and purposely provoke people like that just to prove a point it doesn't really make your "side" look any better. thank god there were no injuries that would require hospitalization but the video was honestly an awful idea, given how violent the left has a tendency to get

No. 422813

there's also dylan roof and countless other racist, sexist, and/or homophobic hate crimes

No. 423252

nose is definitely different though.

No. 423256


What's Blaire's stance on victim blaming?

No. 423291

Probably depends on whether the victim is a woman or not.

No. 424140

>given how violent the left has a tendency to get
lol stop drinking the kool-aid anon

No. 424243

Blaire really loves having his ass kissed huh?
"Wahhhh poor me she called me a man"
"Wahhhh I wore a maga hat in public for attention and got the reaction I wanted"

No. 424400

It's funny how 2 years ago Blaire was basically RedPillBlack. An "sjw" leftist with colorful hair who went to the "other side". I think Blaire loves attention so much that she'd do anything to stand out. In the liberal city that she grew up in, she's just another "tranny", but this new conservative anti-liberal view makes her stand out as the "cool tranny". I really would love to know if she'd ever move to a red state since she just loves their views so much. I'm not holding my breath.

No. 424401

File: 1510739700384.jpg (110.82 KB, 641x320, Screenshot_20171115-044609.jpg)

So Snopes is talking about the "attack". That NoBullshit dude called bs on it from the jump. Lol. I thought the same exact thing. The gays were too nice and made for a boring video. So she provoked by crossing police lines to get some "juicy" footage for her narrative.

No. 425293

File: 1510815253462.jpeg (159.33 KB, 1242x553, 306573CF-2FA1-49A2-B8A4-C28A44…)

Why did Blaire delete this tweet? I’ve noticed that she deletes tweets quite often. Either her fans started calling her an sjw or people who don’t like her called out her hypocrisy since she purposely misgenders other trans people. I think the bitch has a screw loose tbh….and thrusting yourself into internet stardom isn’t going to help the situation.

No. 425384

I had to laugh so hard at Andy Warski titling his video attacked by "male" feminist. They're truly crawling up Blaire's ass; oh poor Blaire, a woman!, got attacked by a man!…

Also, that video with Jaclyn Glenn is so disgusting; just because it's Halloween, doesn't mean that you can go out only wearing underwear (especially if you're a stumpy midget like Blaire…)

No. 425426

I used to watch him here and there to hear their talking points, just for some care free keks as well, but I can’t stand the tired and lazy schtick anymore. Also waited to see if any of these morons could objectively and logically admit that the current US administration is full of fuck ups. But of course they can’t.
Much like Blaire can’t stand to realize that he’s getting a taste of his own medicine here >>425293 . On snap he tried to sic his followers on that person because he was ~misgendered~ by them repeatedly. Blaire must’ve already forgotten what it was like to get death threats by keyboard warriors.

No. 425460

I think a lot of them know the current administration sucks ass, but because their content is always anti-liberal, their subs are mostly conservative Trump fans. They don’t wanna bite the hand that feeds them, especially since YouTube is slowly demonetizing their vids. They now rely on subscribers to give them money to pay the rent. I think it’s stupid in the end because eventually they’re going to have to get a real job. This YouTube shitlord thing will only go so far, and who is gonna wanna hire these people in a professional business.

No. 425466

Of course she has a screw loose, she’s trans. Dysphoria is a mental illness and is comorbid with other mental illnesses.

I imagine she deleted that tweet because it conflicts with her agenda to pander to redpillers. Her entire schtick is being an edgelord untouchable tranny who can laugh at herself, and not condoning misgendering is too sjw for her fanboys.

No. 425966

I find it ironic how she's known for misgendering so many people.

No. 426557

Blaire now:
>misgendering is wrong you guise!!!

Blaire a few months ago:
>you don't have a rich family to pay for your transition like I did so you're still a boy lol

She always brags about how she paid for it without doing sex work and there is no way in fuck a 20 something college student had thousands for hormones and doctors appointments on their own and in los angeles at that
I'm also talking about her transition pre-youtube and pre-facial fem surgery (which btw totally neglected her jaw)

No. 426940

Right, she conned dumbasses to give her money for her surgeries. Her case is rare. And didn't Blaire start dressing feminine at a somewhat young age? To have parents who allow her at age, what 14-ish to dress as a girl is pretty liberal, so I really don't understand her disdain for liberals so much.

No. 426986


It is possible to be socially liberal and fiscally conservative, anon.

No. 426989


Blaire looks fatter because he drinks too much and his face is bloated af.

No. 427004

Blaire’s dad died before he transitioned, so only the mom had to deal with it.
Blaire is in college?

No. 427059

just sad

No. 427544

^^^probably won't be bothered to watch, but I can imagine it's the same circle jerk b.s we've all heard before.

No. 427629

of course it is anon but you've missed the point. the social liberalism that allowed him to be a femmeboy teen and then transition is now his favorite target to attack.

No. 427945

in her earlier vids she talks about being in class and being annoyed w/ da evil sjws at her school
ironic and true

No. 427946

still needs to shave the jaw

No. 428003

sorry for being off-topic, but what game is that picture from?

No. 428008

File: 1511135482209.png (5.82 KB, 395x79, Capture.PNG)


No. 428028

The hormones also do it.

No. 432275

bitch no you fucking weren't

No. 432281

> today we’re going to talk about something that trans activists and social justice warriors don’t like to talk about that much…

Yeah, right. jfc

No. 432298

Trans activists talk about this shit all the time, where is she at?

No. 432300

I constantly see trans activists discuss this subject and the fetishization of trans women….where has she been?

I hate doubting people but I REALLY don't believe she wasn't condescending and bitchy towards the other trans people who were sex workers.

No. 432337

I don't believe she was "pushed" into it. There's something untrustworthy about Blaire in the attention where sense. What kind of bullshit is Blaire gonna come up with when she starts running out of fake stories to tell on YouTube. Her fan base only knows one trans person and that's Blaire so they take to heart everything she says. I like how she mentions that her 2ND vlog channel is her "real life"….compared to what? Being fake on the main channel for views?

No. 432339

She always has her tits out and acts in a way her audience would eat "cis" women apart for. I'm not saying having your tits out etc means you'll automatically do sex work, but there is something about her "i'm sew innocent" act in that video I didn't buy.

No. 432364

File: 1511731844361.jpg (64.28 KB, 788x344, 1506418076048.jpg)

saged but I think its funny that so many alt-right guys claim blaire is so attractive when all I see is nigel farage.

Actually come to think of it they all have a hard on for nigel too…

No. 432371

She doesn’t run in any tranny circles, therefore if he doesn’t know about it it must not exist. The only other one she seems to know is Theryn Meyer who holds the same MRA & bullshit ideologies.

No. 432428

That Nigel comparison……LMAO. Some "straight" dude tried to argue with me on Facebook when I showed him Blaire with no makeup. He thought this was before surgery. No, bro….this is what Blair really looks like. You've been fooled.

No. 432498

File: 1511749060972.jpeg (605.88 KB, 3152x1778, 60BB9749-35E5-4E3A-AC10-CB48F1…)

I’m new to this thread but Blaire looks like JoySparkleBS

No. 432519

pretty cute tbh

No. 435065

File: 1512069103643.jpeg (115.46 KB, 1240x984, C6A7E682-5B3C-47E8-A1DF-20093E…)

I lol’d when Blaire made a “joke” that her boyfriend was a bottom. It’s not a joke. He’s gay af.

No. 435066

File: 1512069185767.jpeg (72.76 KB, 664x806, 95065198-AC69-4E86-9281-989A18…)

No. 435070

File: 1512069279457.jpeg (88.46 KB, 777x798, 0C26086C-FF0A-408B-A715-041F61…)

Why so serious.

No. 435103

he looks like my bf in eyeliner. hes not ultra femme looking at all even after all that surgery. a mess

No. 435147

He legit just looks like an obnoxious fat guy who thinks he's hot shit. Man should sue his surgeon.

No. 435200

I look at Blaire and see a boy more after her facial feminization surgery than before it

No. 435292

Me too. I also feel the same about riley j dennis.

No. 435293

File: 1512087157496.png (1.33 MB, 1079x761, broad white.PNG)

facial feminization is expanding the facial planes, depending how bad you have it you can just look like a more boy-ish (younger) version of yourself.

No. 435299

Yeah blaire looks like a chubby 12yr old boy in the face. Not a good look. Riley looks more uncanny valley-ish.

No. 435325

File: 1512089904989.jpg (34.33 KB, 344x471, Shrek's_human_form.jpg)

Kind of reminds me of Shrek in human form

No. 435340

File: 1512091258497.jpg (49.25 KB, 612x347, round.jpg)

Hmm shreks human face looks a bit too rectangular compared to blaires. I would say shreks actual face is a better fit.

No. 435364

I think part of it must be her weight gain. I have the same problem where even if I gain a little bit of weight I lose all facial definition and just look like a fucking sagging blob with no cheekbones or jawline. That's Blaire looks like to me, but she didn't before.

If she lost weight/debloated a bit, her face would slim down. Then you might be able to see her wide chin/strong jaw more, but her face would also look smaller and thus more feminine. Plus tons of women have strong jaws, doesn't mean she won't still pass.

If it isn't the weight gain, I have no idea how she came out looking less feminine than she was before. That's tragic.

No. 435454

>tfw you finally get surgery on your man face so you can make a vlog channel filming from different lighting and angles you were too scared to do before
>this happens

No. 435567

File: 1512124890914.jpg (154.5 KB, 521x513, Screenshot_20171201-053634.jpg)

Riley has come a long way though. Blaire can't really talk too much shit anymore. lol

No. 435569

Y'all are crazy…..Shrek?! Seriously? lmao. I get the Nigel comparison, but Shrek. Just no.

No. 435584

So Riley put on some fake eyelashes and now suddenly you think she looks good? Come on man, everyone looks better with makeup. Riley still looks like Sarah Jessica Parker had sex with a foot.

No. 435585

He still looks like the creepy, masculine pervert he is. I think the shitty makeup makes it worse.

No. 435590

Her face is way too long

No. 436076

Yeah, Riley still has a long face, but I think where Riley started from to now is a huge improvement. Blaire on the other hand is the opposite imo. Blaire looked more feminine in before pictures. I guess I’m less harsh on Riley because unlike Blaire she doesn’t go out if her way to be a petty bitch who panders for fame and money. Riley’s views may not be for everyone but at least she seems more sincere.

No. 436147

As someone who fucking hates riley…I agree.

No. 436354

Literally what even changed about his face? He just put on some eyelashes.

No. 436355

Riley looks like a drag queen. Blaire could at least pass for a woman now. Effeminate gay men make better women than autogynephilic heterosexuals.

No. 437687

File: 1512411319728.jpg (129.53 KB, 499x750, blaire.jpg)

Looks like an aging twink in shitty makeup. Sorry, but no.

>Blaire can't really talk too much shit anymore. lol

Blaire mostly points out what a retard he is rather than insulting his appearance like she used to.

>Effeminate gay men make better women than autogynephilic heterosexuals.
This pretty much. I don't know what it is but straight transwomen always pass better and tend to be small/effeminate before transing (pic related). Why do transbians always look like blatant men with long hair? Riley looks a bit better than the average transbian but only because he's young and skinny. Just wait until that horseface turns 40.

No. 438242

I had the exact same thought.
And in the pictures with Blaire outside, she looks like Momo (without makeup obviously).

Can't really adequately compare pre-surgery makeup-saturation in controlled lighting (aside from that podcast pic we have) to post-surgery little-to-no-makeup in poor lighting.

I don't like Blaire most of the time, but the fact she's willing to show herself without all the makeup/lighting tricks says a lot.

As for the weight, hormones definitely do that. As long as she doesn't gain more weight, her face doesn't really look fat imo, just average and more approachable.

Also I'm too lazy to go back and find the post, but in the "Are Traps Gay" video of hers, her tits are way too shiny (highlighter and/or maybe bad lighting choices?) and distracted me throughout the whole video. Looked like those rubber cleavage cutlets you can buy with how shiny they looked. Also the distance between her tits is a bit unnerving too (I think she'd probably benefit from tops that aren't so low-cut tbh), but that's likely due to the broad shoulders.

This on the other hand just looks terrifying. Idk if shooped but everything is SO. NARROW. Super uncanny valley vibes from that. Though I supposed it's an… improvement…

No. 438467

File: 1512511546650.png (14.24 KB, 484x157, Capture.PNG)

No. 446889

File: 1513631024397.jpg (268.45 KB, 1280x1280, rd.jpg)

No. 446906

Blaire I'm a 34A. I can't.

No. 446973

jesus the space between her top lip and nose is so long. should have gotten a lip lift while she got her other surgeries

No. 447423

Riley would make a cute dude though

No. 447426

he's still a dude and he doesnt.

No. 459459

File: 1514879005801.png (451.87 KB, 450x433, magafail.PNG)

No. 459933

File: 1514931962565.jpg (32.91 KB, 494x285, DRWjchTWAAALfzP.jpg)

idk how this never made it here, but blaire was supposed to do a panel with contrapoints and theryn meyer and dropped out right around the time the organizers announced that all proceeds would go to a charity for LGBT kids and she realized she wouldn't make money off it

No. 459941

She also really hates trans kids so that might be another factor.

No. 460231

That's one of the few things I agree with him on. Transgender children is a horrible idea that needs to die.

No. 460383

I always knew Blaire was only doing this for money. Her subs are fools to not see this.

No. 464978

File: 1515416039039.jpg (116.33 KB, 470x560, 560.jpg)

>makes video about traps being gay

>knows that his fanboys disagree and will 100% buy this shirt with his ugly mug on it

No. 464981


Or maybe she just doesn't want little kids sterilized and abused because tommy plays with dolls/susy plays with trucks and their parents wanted to be trendy and have a trans child

No. 464985

What racist things has she done? Besides disagreeing with BLM, a movement built on racism against whites and false information that wants to bring back segregation, and being against Islam (a religion, not a race), I fail to see what she’s done. Unless it’s the retarded choice for OP image that consists of her wearing a Boscia skincare mask.

This entire board seems to think that any girl who’s right-wing and/or disagrees with radical feminism is an male-crazy attention whore though so maybe it isn’t so weird.

> women are only allowed to agree with me or they probably belong in the kitchen because muh female empowerment

> any woman whose views don’t align with mine only exists to please men
> muh feminism

No. 464998

>This entire board seems to think that any girl who’s right-wing and/or disagrees with radical feminism is an male-crazy attention whore
It's pretty much a fact that they are, but I don't see how it relates to Blaire since he's a man.

No. 465154

This looks shitty and fake af. Source?

No. 465185

From what I've seen, a lot of people on this board don't like meme feminists. Lauren, Blaire, June and other anti sjws types constantly shit on other women, not even particular women they just scream other women are thots, fat etc (Blaire isn't actually so bad for this though) and hint that women should shut up, that they're too emotional etc. It does come across like they're thirsty for male attention considering they degrade themselves constantly, they're essentially cam girls who talk about politics instead of fucking themselves with dildos.

saged for sperg.

No. 465323

I don’t really watch any of them besides Blaire because I find the others you mentioned too grating/insufferable. I don’t recall her ever shitting on women as a group - only transtrenders, “nonbinary” creeps and radfems (the last one not too much compared to other conservatives)… Could you give an example? I haven’t watched her earliest videos though; was it back then?

No. 465654

Its bullshit, Blaire never did any of the things shes being accused of(racism, sexism etc)
lolcow has turned into onision “i think this therefor faxx”.

No. 465925

That’s what I thought; OP is a biased retard. I also find it so funny bc people on here rage so much about everything trannies (usually trans trenders) do wrong wah wah wah but when a trans woman comes along who does none of those things they get butthurt because they can’t find an excuse to hate on her so they settle for making shit up and going “hurr u trans lmaoooo”. They’re like the anonymous lolcow versions of onionboy lmfao.

>It's pretty much a fact that they are,
That’s all the confirmation I needed. Wyminz aren’t entitled to their own views unless they align with the radical left and radfem psychos. I should’ve known better. Learning so much about myself today!
>but I don't see how it relates to Blaire since he's a man.
She’s in the same category as all the other girls you shit on- popular, conservative, have tons of drooling fanboys who insist she’s so much better than other girls because she agrees with them etc. Unlike the others, though, she doesn’t shit on other women unless they’re radfems or libtards (who deserve to be made fun of anyway) but she’s trans so you need every reason you can scrape up to hate her amirite?

No. 465963

It's real
Shows @ beginning of this video

No. 466028

Except that does not actually happen anywhere, children don't go on HRT or SRS, hormone blockers just delay puberty.

No. 466100

I hate to say this, but to me Blaire looks LESS feminine after all those surgeries…I used to think she was really pretty but something looks off now. She still passes, but her features are just less small and delicate like they were before. I think it's the nose.

Anybody else see it?

No. 466109

I've thought about this too and it makes me feel bad because I really like her. I think she seriously needs to chill on the lip plumper/injections/overdrawing because that stuff instantly makes any girl look more masculine since it's so over-the-top typical of drag queens. I haven't watched her earliest videos but from the thumbnails she looks so pretty and girly. Hopefully she'll go back to that once the drag lip trend fades. When she showed the before-after of the surgery you could see how much everything had gotten smaller/daintier (her nose included) so I think it's the lips that throw everything else off and thankfully that stuff isn't permanent.

No. 466131

Oh you are right, it is mostly the lips now that I look closer. She's filled them so much that she no longer has a Cupid's Bow which looks a little strange.

I also think a different texture/color would make them look better. I know it's personal preference, and a lot of people love the matte gray-ish nude look, but it doesn't do her any favors imo.

No. 466613

>literally said Blaire herself doesn't bash on other women that much.

My point was people don't like a lot of these anti sjw youtubers because thy're annoying attention whores, not because anyone is lel triggered. I don't actually mind Blaire that much compared to June, Lauren etc but she is luzly at times hence why I read this thread occasionally.

No. 466926

>Wyminz aren’t entitled to their own views unless they align with the radical left and radfem psychos
Unless a woman hates herself, is too lazy or stupid to get a real job, or is desperate for attention, there's no reason why she'd follow that rightwing bullshit. This does not apply to Blaire because he would benefit from those politics.
>She’s in the same category as all the other girls you shit on- popular, conservative, have tons of drooling fanboys who insist she’s so much better than other girls because she agrees with them etc. Unlike the others, though, she doesn’t shit on other women unless they’re radfems or libtards (who deserve to be made fun of anyway) but she’s trans so you need every reason you can scrape up to hate her amirite?
The fact that he's a man (an MTT at that) is extremely relevant to his alt-right/MRA politics. Don't care enough to try and find other sexist shit he's done, but being trans is extremely sexist in itself. Don't even need to say anything about le meninism and the excessive bashing of feminism. Can you stop stanning your husbando now? Go worship his uwu girldick somewhere else, it's embarassing. I swear, handmaidens make me cringe more than the troons themselves…

No. 467038

>unless a woman hates herself, or is too lazy or stupid to get a real job

Are you sure you have the right group? Sounds more like communists and radfems…

No. 467221

Are you joking? Most radfems have real jobs, unlike trad leeches. They literally can't do anything but suck cock. People who don't hate themselves wouldn't speak positively of the people who think they're subhuman.

No. 467309

Haha…..one of Blaire's fans must've gotten offended. Lol. And yes, Blaire once joked about blacks being unemployed and on welfare….and that it's normal to judge based on race. The bitch is crazy….must be all those pills he's on. Blaire probably deleted those posts by now…..he often does.

No. 467316

Just suck his dick already, faggot.

No. 467342

Lol this thread is a total waste of space. There is nothing milky about Blaire. She's an average conservative. At the very most, she might fit into a broader alt-right thread, and that's stretching it. This entire thread is a vendetta post by one butthurt radfem that is trying to find a way to criticize a tranny. Sorry, Hun. You won't get far with this one.(wk)

No. 467348


Taking care of children is a lot of work, which is why so many women struggle with a work/home balance. Even if you are a stay at home mom, it definitely isn't eating Cheetos on the couch all day. Especially if you go full trad and homeschool your children and cook all of the meals. Not saying people like shoe and Lauren aren't cows, but those people are in this for views and money, they aren't actually traditional women or wives. Some women simply find more purpose in dedicating their life to their children. I sure hope you don't consider yourself a radical feminist, because a big talking point of radical feminism is how much unpaid labor women have to do through housework.

No. 467381

>Unless a woman hates herself, is too lazy or stupid to get a real job, or is desperate for attention, there's no reason why she'd follow that rightwing bullshit.
ISTG you loons are the exact same as the misogynist creeps on all the manboards across the web. You howl about the patriarchy and how wyminz are all oppressed victims uwu but the second a woman happens to have a different view than you you resort to the same exact rhetoric as the misogynists you claim to hate so much - women are lazy, stupid, gold-diggers, can’t survive without a man, need men’s approval for everything etc. The difference is that you only attack women who disagree with you but they don’t deserve respect in your mind do they?
This might blow your mind but there are women out there who don’t want to pay sky-high taxes in order to sustain and pay for shit they disagree with, believe in stricter border control, value the military and disagree with abortion. This might blow your mind even more - you might want to sit down just in case, since you’re so considerate and for #womynempowerment and all - but there are also women who run their own independent businesses who also have a lot more to gain from conservatism than leftism. But it seems to be a consensus amongst your category of people that women who disagree with you don’t deserve their equal rights and deserve to be ridiculed and demeaned for thinking differently so I imagine arguing with you any further about any of this would be a waste of time.

>This does not apply to Blaire because he would benefit from those politics.

Have you really deluded yourself into thinking this? Do you genuinely think this is how the world works? Blaire has legally changed her name and gender and presents as female. Your black-and-white fairytale idea of the evurlz men where they have this inherent privilege regardless of if they literally transition into women and risk being slaughtered in the fucking streets because psychos like yourself hate them so much reeks of the same exact idiocy as the oppression olympics that the SJWs love diddling themselves to so much. So many people such as yourself view trannies as freaks and view them as pretty much sub-human and the hatred of trannies is arguably far worse on the right. Blaire has literally nothing to gain from being right-wing since a lot of conservatives hate people like her but yeah, sure, because she was born with a dick she has all these mythical privilege superpowers.
Also, apparently thinking you shouldn’t laugh at male rape victims makes you an MRA. Got it.

>Can you stop stanning your husbando now? Go worship his uwu girldick somewhere else, it's embarassing. I swear, handmaidens make me cringe more than the troons themselves…

Yes because failing to see what someone has done oh so wrong and questioning your methods of demonizing them means you’re a diehard fangirl. I suspect if someone had been attacking one of your TERF idols it would have been a completely different matter.
I’m cool with Blaire in general but even if I didn’t care for her my questions on the matter would have been the same. I know you like to think that someone being a tranny is reason enough to despise them and that you never need to worry about having to defend your points because anyone who questions you is just a thirsty widdle fangurl uwu but reality doesn’t work that way. Screeching about how being a tranny is inherently sexist doesn’t really cut it when you attack one of the few who encourage ungrateful men in dresses to step down from trying to speak over women, who respects the fact that certain spaces such as women’s changing rooms aren’t for her and who is grateful for what she has. Actual genuine trannies with real gender dysphoria are going to keep on existing after the man-in-dress trend dies down whether you like it or not so you might as well stop getting triggered by the few who respect the limitations society has put on them and show gratitude for what they have.

Woo another triggered TERF who on top of that is too retarded to know how to sage. Color me surprised.(infighting)

No. 467400

Oh my god, I'm not reading this great wall of autism. Lol @ "everyone who disagrees with me is a yucky, triggered terf" tho. Also, did you know white trannies like ya boy Bobbie here are significantly less likely to be murdered than white women? http://www.lifeisgoodmakeitbetter.com/2015/03/the-appropriation-of-black-and-hispanic.html?m=1 ;^) keep going on about le oppression though. You guys are subhuman freaks.

Hey mods, isn't whiteknighting against the rules? Is this all one person or multiple autists?

No. 467408

I'm not that poster but lol @ "Haha I don't know how to react to this well thought out response so I'm just going to call you an autist!"

no one cares about this thread sweetheart, and your calling out imaginary samefags is a huge projection. It's easy as fuck to be able to tell that the pointless blaire hating posts one after another are all (you). You are the cow in this thread.

No. 467411

I've made about 5 posts in this entire thread, holy shit. Say I don't know how to respond all you want, I'm not reading all that shit you typed out. I don't care that much about an argument with a wk on lolcow.farm to spend 8 hours tackling that mess.

>no one cares about this thread sweetheart

It honestly sounds like you're robbie. I don't know why anyone else would be this buttad over an asshole like him.

No. 467413

*buttmad, fug I'm tired

No. 467420

I didn't type it out, are you blind?

No. 467426

ii,,'m s so .sssorrry i, s saidd; "you" in'st,;ead of "they" an.dd cal,edd som,edeone a.n a'utis,,t on t'hee, int;;erne.t

No. 467570

I'll probably get attacked for saying this, but the worst thing about Blaire is her audience. Blaire is relatively tame and not shitty as far as her whole community goes, but her audience is unbelievable. I've never really seen her say anything misogynistic (I also haven't seen her saying anything racist but apparently she has? I can't speak on that though). But her audience is fucking terrible towards women. Calling us all worthless whores, laughing at female rape victims, saying we need to repeal the 19th and get back in the kitchen.

I know there are conservative and right-wing women, but can't we be honest and say that most of the right is extremely hostile towards women. Therefore, a lot of us don't understand why you would ally yourself with people who want to remove your right to vote, think you're incapable of contributing to the workforce and thus shouldn't be in it, only good for childbirth and any woman who chooses anything else is a feminazi whore, exc.

Now, it isn't fair to judge Blair on her audience because although they consume her content, she can't necessarily control them nor does she have a responsibility to, and there wouldn't be much she could do. I'm just trying to explain where I think most of the criticisms of Blaire in this thread come from. People are confusing her with her audience and the shit they've said, not just things Blaire herself has said on record. I think we are kind of projecting Shoe and Lauren Southern onto her, when she isn't nearly as outwardly shitty and hostile towards women.

*Not defending Blaire, I hate pretty much anyone who runs with the "women are worthless bangmaids and nothing more1!! too dumb 2 vote!!1" crowd and caters to them, I just don't think she is nearly as bad as some of us are making her out to be.

No. 467608


I think you're right about Blaire's audience, but I don't think it's entirely representative of the right. The right is much more traditional, obviously, but they usually don't go so far as to say we shouldn't be allowed to work or vote. It can seem that way online, but in real life conservatives are much more reasonable. She seems to attract the far right and alt-right, especially as she can be a token tranny they can point to and say "See? We aren't bigoted. We just don't like trannies because they're crazy, unlike Blaire". She's a part of a larger "edgy youtube" base.

No. 467618

I disagree about real life conservatives being more reasonable in regards to women. It hasn't been my experience, personally. I mean both Coulter and Roy Moore are mainstream, everyday conservatives who have advocated for removing the vote for women, though Coulter hides behind that being a 'pipedream.' I grew up in a conservative town in a conservative household, and even my father wants to repeal the 19th.

I know everyone is different, so you probably know some more reasonable ones. Largely the conservatives I know either advocate against women's rights (such as voting) and want women to only be housewives and mothers (and demean those that choose differently), or they are passive about it. They aren't actively against women's right to vote, but if the 19th were repealed they would see no problem with it.

I understand there are conservative women out there, tons of them in fact. I don't agree with leftist women being hostile towards them, and saying that they are only pretending in order to get the approval of men, especially since like I said I grew up in a conservative environment and know plenty of women who are ride or die conservatives. But I do understand how other leftist women are baffled by them. For us on the outside, it appears as women working against their own self interest (and fucking over other women as a result, which I think is where the hostility really comes from). But that is their right.

No. 468953

>I also haven't seen her saying anything racist but apparently she has?
She hasn't, unless you consider calling out BLM racist (it's not, it's common sense). OP used a pic of Blaire wearing a skincare mask to try to pass it off as blackface.

>But her audience is fucking terrible towards women. Calling us all worthless whores, laughing at female rape victims, saying we need to repeal the 19th and get back in the kitchen.

Oh my god that's disgusting; I've never seen that? Even with her male fans, most of what I have seen are just them complimenting her or asking if traps are gay (lol). They poke fun at SJWs like she does but besides that I haven't seen anything. There is some unnecessary crap about how "lol blaire is way hotter than most bio girls xDDD" but besides that, nothing. Maybe I've just been lucky while scrolling through them?
I know she's only slightly right of center but it sounds like she might have some of the worst alt-righters in her fandom…

No. 477677

wew lad that's quite a longpost for you to be calling anyone triggered

No. 477726

File: 1516640243462.jpg (48.04 KB, 250x250, noblewomans-laugh_6978.jpg)

>muh evil roasties want to recruit me into leftism
>muh why can't assjews understand that not all conservative women are nazis REEEE
>but all women who laugh at trannies are extreme communist feminazis tho
>posing as antisj while unironically cryshilling the murdered in the streets meme
>thinks preemptively REEEing about imaginary triggered TERFs will hide how absurdly triggered he is
>muh blanchardian trutrannies
>muh male rape victims
>all that projection of lunacy
>all that white hot analpocalypse

This kinda sounds like edgelord Robbie when he lets it slip that he's a rabid assjew when it comes to a few pet issues, but then deletes the tweet to prevent his neckbeard orbiters from clocking it.

No. 481153

File: 1516904733027.png (4.93 MB, 1242x2208, 34A70B4D-1DD2-47F9-A4A9-948797…)

Confused on why Blaire still looks like a drag queen even months after surgery.

No. 481211


Because she’s biologically a male…? Like we can cut up and off any piece you want, but her entire DNA was designed around a certain chromosome.

No. 481299

Yeah, this. Biological sex exists, he's never going to look like or be a real woman. Surgery, HRT, and bad makeup don't actually help that much, if anything they seem to make it more obvious.

No. 481813

File: 1516966485909.jpeg (37.35 KB, 560x319, 92B45DAF-DB73-421D-8589-21FAD9…)

I mean, there are some men that are small and have prototypicaly Female features.

But that ain’t t Blaire. I just wanna know why trannies get this horrible look and how bad does it hurt? There is literally no tissue to support that sack.

No. 482145

I really don't think she looks that bad, I know a lot of people take the piss out of the way she looks. Like the other anons said, she's never going to fully look like a woman, and traits like her stronger jaw are inherently masculine. To me she kind of looks like SSSniperWolf.

No. 482588

File: 1517058993868.jpg (224.22 KB, 1080x1541, _20180127_140546.JPG)

Why would you ever post an unflattering pic like that?

No. 483749

you guys falling for weak bait like "get back in the kitchen in 2018"?

Maybe Feminisms gotten too soft to be helpful anymore

No. 483754

Those tits look so sad and almost tragic. If you're going to get surgery to try to emulate a woman, why not get natural-looking ones instead of those?

No. 483833

File: 1517141391787.jpg (64.6 KB, 451x627, rileyj.JPG)


Not only does she have the most fake and terrible looking tits, she also contours and face tunes the fuck out of them and constantly wears shit that shows them off (barlettes, low cut dresses, bustier tops, etc). I'll never understand why trannies insist to get huge D-cup fake tits when they look THIS bad. Like, wouldn't it be more feminine looking to get smaller implants or just work with whatever grew from taking hormones? If you're trying to look like a women, I'm not sure getting huge alien looking tits is doing you any favors.

ffs, I've met more real women with the body of Riley Dennis than I've met women with a body anything like Blaire's. Blaire's body looks so gross, like, not even fake, like, so abnormal that it just makes you feel weird…like an uncanny valley effect or something.

No. 485365

It isn't bait though, that's the point. Some conservatives say that unironically, and mean it. There is a large chunk of present day rightwing/conservatism that believes women only belong in the home and are incapable of doing anything other than cooking/cleaning/raising children. So, not sure how it qualifies as bait when people legitimately believe that and are upfront about it.

No. 485660

how do you know whats bait and whats not?

Besides, there have been people who think another group is subhuman since the beginning of time. It's like having a mental breakdown because billions of people throughout history have died in wars or raped or tortured. You aren't doing yourself any favors worrying some idiot you'll never meet thinks you are shit.

No. 485881

> how do you know what’s bait and what’s not
How do you? I’m not talking about high school boys telling girls to get back in the kitchen. I’m talking about actual ideologies and groups of adults who believe these things. Nobody is having a mental breakdown, I’m just acknowledging that it’s a very prevalent thought, particularly among conservative or right wing men. Are you trying to say that anyone who says something shitty is baiting? That just isn’t true for most cases.

And yes, plenty of groups have been seen as subhuman throughout history. The difference is that normally society eventually realizes how wrong they were, and the humanity of those groups begin to be acknowledged. Misogyny and hatred of women is ridiculously widespread and there is nothing that can be done about it. Hatred of women is something that all groups, across racial, ideological and cultural lines can bond over. I mean just look at present day “white nationalists” for example - the only thing they hate more than black people, Muslims, and Jews are women. It’s always going to be the last acceptable form of bigotry and hatred. Sad for women, but true. There’s nothing wrong with realizing this and pointing it out.

No. 485917

I also forgot to add: I think the reason that a lot of women take this so hard is not because they worry that some dude they’ve never met thinks they’re worthless - it’s that if enough people think this way, it could eventually impact policy. Sure, things like #repealthe19th is just a shitty joke now. But with the way things are going, and how these ideas are spreading to the point where it seems like every man I meet holds them, and it’s perfectly socially acceptable to share them, then it could get a little worrying down the line for women.

No. 486051

blaire literally wears makeup on his tits

also yes uncanny valley as fuck, seeing him walk around with his weird man body, bolt on tits and high heels legitimately makes me feel uneasy

No. 486520

Blaire looks like one of the robots from the Robots movie. The man thighs underneath that skin tight plastic leather dress..not a good look honey.

I'd like to mention that "Traps aren't gay" is hypocritical of Blaire since she likes saying theres only 2 genders…so that means a male liking another biological male must be gay..so how can liking "traps" NOT be gay?

No. 486618

File: 1517295426214.jpg (79.24 KB, 649x650, 7SEurfLc.jpg)

Her body looks so fucking weird. I'll never understand why she posted this photo. She doesn't even look human.

Personally I think she dresses so slutty and tacky (other than that being a common thing trannies do) because her alt-lite incel fanboys need fap material.

No. 486719

It is weird she has merch that says that but made a video saying very explicitly that liking traps is indeed gay.

No. 486839

If any biological woman posted pictures like this, she would be called a degenerate whore/thot/slut by Blaire’s fan base, yet when she does it she gets a pass. It’s really proof that they all hate women. Period. It’s like Blaire has an honorary man pass or some shit because she was born as one.

And, as we all know, everything they complain about is actually fine if it’s a man doing it.

No. 487093

Yeah her body is weird and unprapartional. I get she’s trying to go for the thicc or curvy female look but it’s not working for her. She’s got broad shoulders and no waist (a male waistline) lacks a lot of other nuances of femininity (the small things like having longer arms and a bigger head). It’s like she has a boxy man body with fake tits and weird square hips added onto it. What do U guys think of her New “New Jersey” tacky cheap style? (Black hair and tan)

No. 487098

I don’t think she’s bad looking but she’s definitely not hot or hotter than an attractive biological woman. You said she gets a lot of shit for her looks but i disagree, she gets overly complimented on her over rated looks. And I think that’s why some ppl point out that she’s not that hot or point out her obvious physical flaws, its because her and her fans think she’s hot shit when she’s not. So is she bad looking? No. Is she hot with a nice body? No.

No. 487104

Uh her face looks like a dudes here and I see plenty of women with way better bodies than this everyday. You need to get out more.

No. 487597

That “traps aren’t gay” would be such an embarrassing shirt to wear. It would let everyone know the person wearing it was bi and delusional enough to thing they were straight. Also embarrassing because it would let ppl know the shirt wearer was into trannies. And having Blaire’s long obvious tranny face on the shirt with her rock hard fake tranny tits, I can’t.

No. 487888


It's especially weird because traps are pre-op trans women, so if you're into pre-op trans women specifically, that is pretty fucking gay. I'm sure it's for her male fans with such fragile masculinity that they need someone to validate their dick fetish as not gay.

No. 488078

Exactly. It’s gayer to date a trans than it is to just admit your gay or bi (if that makes sense) so idk why they’re so defensive about being straight or why they have to announce it all the time.

Idk how a “straight” guy would be able to keep a boner while seeing a tiny half flacid dick hanging from their “girlfriend”. I also wonder how the fact that Joey could smell his gf’s ball sweat sometimes doesn’t turn him right off.

No. 488265

I agree, her neck beard fans have a double standard with her and biological women. Remember the Lacey/Blaire debate where tons of men where coming for Lacey for angling the camera downward to show off her cleavage yet they didn’t call Blaire out for taping her boobs together and wiggling them side to side every 5 seconds?

There were a lot of comments that said Blaire had nicer boobs than Lacey too and that blaire’s looked more natural. It’s like, are you kidding me? How is Blaire taping the fat together from her male chest fat natural?

No. 488882


Yeah I don’t know why she posted that photo. Aside from her body looking weird her face really doesn’t look good here.

No. 489956


I think she resembled sniper wolf before her ffs. But the Walmart trans more average looking version of sniper wolf. I don’t watch sniper wolf but she looks like an actual hot chick whereas Blaire looks more average. When I first saw sniper wolf (which was only a year or so ago) i thought “wow a pretty and female looking version of Blaire!”

No. 491830

"Idk how a “straight” guy would be able to keep a boner while seeing a tiny half flacid dick hanging from their “girlfriend”. I also wonder how the fact that Joey could smell his gf’s ball sweat sometimes doesn’t turn him right off."

Lmao….dead. I'm a straight biological woman and I feel the same about transmen. I've seen some that are attractive on the outside, but once I find out they have a vag,all sexual fantasies are over. I feel bad for saying that, but I can't help that I don't get turned on by that. So, yeah Blaire's bf is in denial about being totally straight.

No. 491841

Blaire and Magdalen were tweeting each other about a possible debate the other day. Blaire deleted all of her tweets, but you can still see Magdalen's replies and retweets from it. I wonder if it'll actually happen.

No. 491842

File: 1517684782965.jpg (17.66 KB, 256x400, 86638804-256-k934514.jpg)

I don't see the Sssniperwolf comparison, but if Blaire starts gaming next then we'll know who she's "trying" to rip off. lol And the dudes complimenting Blaire's titties have fetishes for trans women. I'm not a fan of Laci Green, but her boobs are nice, bouncy, and natural.

No. 491846

Who's Magdalen? Must be someone Blaire is scared of. lol. Not surprised Blaire deleted her tweets. She does it all the time….hopefully people start screen shotting her shit.

No. 491852

> who magdalen

No. 491877

Same here! Ty turner is an good looking trans guy but I feel no attraction whatsoever knowing he’s a biological woman.

I hate the “buck angel example” Blaire constantly uses to prove liking trannies isn’t gay. Saying men wouldn’t have sex with buck angel even though he’s a biological woman. Well as a straight woman I wouldn’t have sex with buck angel or any passing trans guy either! And just because a guy wouldn’t have sex with buck angel doesn’t mean that automatically means they’re attracted to trans woman just because they’re not into trans men. Its like uh Blaire most straight men would want to have sex with neither! (Neither a trans man or woman) it’s not an either or option.

She also said all the guys she dated were straight (they’re not) but especially her ex geeky beta army bf (is it me or are all army guys bi?), how is he straight if he dated her before hormones etc when still had a man body (she still has a boxy man body but had a even more of a skinny man body before, now she has broad shoulder line backer
look but atleast has ((terrible)) fake tits) she was literally a trap with a man chest and body and a man face (just did hella contour w makeup) but just had long hair and makeup, excuse me how was he straight Blaire? She had a mans body naked! Makes no sense. She also said when he asked her out she had to explain to him what transgender was because he didn’t know what that was. I smell BS, who doesn’t know what transgender is?! He was just pretending not to be a tranny chaser and playing dumb (dumb as hell).

No. 491898

Agree (not a fan of Lacey either) lacey’s boobs are way better than Blaire’s. You can tell Blaire’s fans just have a trans fetish if they think her gross hard mile apart boobs are nice. You can also tell her fans have a trans fetish because they think she has really feminine feet! Hint: they’re not, they look like teenage boy feet. They’re really square and she has big wide toes. So if these guys think Blaire has feminen feet they have a low standard of what’s feminen or just view literally any thing on Blaire as feminen (due to their obsession) even though it’s not.

I think her resemblance to sssniper wolf is the stronger jaw (except Blaire’s jaw is obviously a lot stronger than sniper’s) the long hair and big black glasses that Blaire wears sometimes but that’s it. Sssniper wolf looks like a natural beauty (like she just wakes up hot) whereas Blaire looks like a charicature of sssniper wolf and has to have lots of surgery, makeup and lighting, wardrobe and makeup tricks to do so.

But back to the boob job, there’s a trans YouTuber called “Rae Quinn” and Blaire should have taken pointers from her about the kind of fake boobs to get. Rae atleast got a nice soft natural boob job for a man

No. 492062

Oh my gosh Blaire really resembles this person at the beginning of her makeup tutorial on her vlog channel. Especially when she closes her eyes and looks down. Also I don’t think we’ve ever really seen her w no makeup, even when hiking, I think she was wearing high coverage foundation the
whole time since at the beggining of her makeup vid she’s wearing foundation already and has the same look as her “no make up” vids. If she looks like freckle or joysparkle with high coverage foundation, what does she look like without it?

No. 492170

Bleh White does a makeup tutorial. Very OTT.

No. 492529

I really don’t get her hype. Shes not hideous but she is really not all that cute. I bet her comments all say “omg hotter than a biological woman!” 😂 as they usually do

No. 492605

File: 1517750070160.jpg (29.96 KB, 505x462, BITCHWHATTHEFUCKKK.JPG)


Look, I'm by no means a makeup artist, far from it, but seeing Blaire lining her waterline with liquid liner made me cringe harder than I ever have in my life.

Also why the fuck do her eyebrows go from straight across to straight down? I hope she doesn't pay to get her eyebrows done, they look terrible. Why is it a common theme for trannies to have terrible skinny ass eyebrows? Men tend to have the thickest and easily shape-able eyebrows ever, so why do they choose to ruin them that badly?? Holy shit, who was her brow-spiration? Gloria Swanson?

No. 492656

It’s called the kinsey scale.

No. 492694

File: 1517762277955.png (17.54 KB, 277x96, Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 10.3…)

> I bet her comments all say "omg hotter than a biological woman!"
Lmao yep. Pic related.

I don't think Blaire is bad looking at all, but I mentioned this upthread - she looked way more feminine before her FFS and I'm not sure how that's even possible. I wonder if she's happy with the results? Has she said anything?

No. 492933

It’s called being bi. Kinsey scale says no one is 100% percent straight or gay so that means ppl willing to do a trans are more gay than straight on the scale.

No. 492935

I don’t think she’s bad looking at all either but she is definitely not hotter than an attractive biological woman. I actually think she looks better after her ffs (she looked really average to me before it) but she’s still not pretty and has some weird stuff going on, like the big space between the upper lip and nose and the long horse face.

No. 492939

same fag but it’s literally all the average looking chicks and dudes who can’t hang out w cute girls who say “hotter than a biological woman”. They should say “hotter than my average looking ass” not hotter than a biological woman cuz that is far from the truth.

No. 493138

Someone who is a 1 or 5 might not identify as bi though. Sexuality is very complicated.

So people who are attracted to Blaire might still consider themselves straight, if she's the only person who isn't biologically female that they find attractive.

No. 493168


I noticed the Blaire fans, where Blaire is the only trans person they find attractive is because that’s the only trans person they know of. They’d be attracted to other averagely attractive/almost passing trannies too if they knew any. For instace, there’s new anti sjw trannies gaining momentum and “straight identifying” men like them too. They’ll say “Blaire and names other anti sjw trannies are the only trans I would date!”

No. 493330

Yeah if she goes out to do her hair and makeup I don’t get why she can’t do something about those brows. But I think her hair is too thick looking, she should not put in extensions because it gives more of a thick wig look and it adds to her tranny uncanny valley vibes.

Did anyone see her livestream where she said gay men didn’t like trannies because they were jealous that they didn’t transition sooner? And that they were just mad that trannies date “straight” men. I think gays don’t like it for the same reason as everyone else, because they see it for what it is, a homosexual relationship, and they don’t like the delusions of it.

I also don’t get what she means by gay guys were jealous because they didn’t transition sooner? So is she admitting she’s just a gay guy who transitioned for some dick? She’s implying all gay guys want to be or pretend to be women just to get “straight” men.

No. 493346

Same fag here. I also think gay guys may not like trans women because they see them as more annoying and delusional gay men (who are in denial about being gay men), not women. I don’t think they’re jealous that they’re not trans at all. Why do trans think everyone is jealous of them?

No. 493437

File: 1517802360033.jpg (103.92 KB, 1200x675, DVNSmqWVQAA_09G.jpg)

Blaire ruined her lips, holy shit
like a combination of terrible Beverly Hills plastic surgery and drag queen

No. 493454

No. 493461

Yeah, I've met a lot of gay guys who are into transwomen sexually, but think they're too crazy and annoying to date. They think everyone is jealous of them because being trans goes hand in hand with cluster B personality disorders.

I guess /snow/ and /pt/ are full of tumblr/pulltards who feel the need to respect le pronowns

No. 493469

Yeah she’s looking more and more like an aging drag queen even though she’s only 24. She should be on one of those “housewives of insert name of city here shows”. She’d fit right in looks wise.

No. 493475

Lol yes that’s what I thought too. Gays just don’t like trans cuz they’re crazy and annoying gay guys. Not because they’re jealous that they’re not trans themselves.

No. 493481

that's a man, anon.

No. 493482

trans just think everyone's jealous cause of projection. fuck tons of trans men say they look more like women before SRS

No. 493507

I agree, they’re jealous of hot real women because that’s what they aspire to be. Yet they call women jealous? Backwards thinking much… they’re the ones trying to be women, women are already women, and most young women are attractive these days, what is there to be jeolous of.

No. 493508

> why do trans think everyone is jealous of them?
Seriously, this. For some reason all of the trans people (#notalltrans) are really aggressively defensive or something and think everyone is jealous of them. They think women are jealous because trans women “are better at being women than biowomen are” and gay men are jealous because…I’m still not sure why.

I’m not sure if they’re being defensive because they might be used to being treated like shit so they have a chip on their shoulder or what….it’s strange though. It’s almost like they’re trying to convince themselves that they’re better women or more attractive to men than other demographics are, rather than convince anybody else.

No. 493536

idk why people criticize blaire's looks of all things. it's not even a low-hanging fruit, it's just reaching.

like her style is def trashy, but she looks good otherwise. but w/e just my opinion.

more interested in talking about how her boyfriend is 100% a closeted gay man. blaire goes through his instagram every night and blocks trans girls who follow him. she's hinted several times that she tops him as well. plus he unironically listens to abba despite coming from a prototypical southern conservative family that shoots guns to celebrate christmas.

No. 493556

I think ppl criticize Blaire’s looks because all her fans only talk about how great she looks and it makes her looks the “the main thing her fans care about” Blaire also puts down ppl’s looks all the time.

It’s not reaching. She looks good to you but her disguise doesn’t full some ppl. She honestly looks average and like a tranny
and I genuinely think that. I’m not just saying that cuz I don’t like her (I think she’s ok) I just think the hype about her looks is annoying since it’s not true.

No. 493558

Same fag. I agree with your other point though. Her bf is definitely gay! Ppl who met him at vidcon said he was a gentle and sensitive type of guy. Gentle sensitive guys are usually the type who date trannies as a lot of trannies themselves claim, they think that men who date them are not straight because they’re all super sensitive. You can also tell if a guy is gay by the music he likes. If he likes only pop, Cher, Barbara Streisand etc. he like ABBA you say? Definitely gay

No. 493569

Everything people have said about Blaire’s looks here have been true. I’ve seen people say she has broad shoulders (she does) a man body with big tits (true) a big head (true) man chin (true) list goes on and on. I don’t see any teaching here anon.

I noticed that biological women, even attractive ones, their looks get torn to shreds on lolcow. I’ve seen real reaches about the looks of other biological women on this site. Pages and pages of reaches. But Blaire’s looks get defended a lot on here, just like they do in her comments. Why is that? Is it because she is trans?

No. 493585

>Is it because *he is trans?
Yeah, duh. Handmaidens always go out of their way to defend male trannies, there were even people calling Chris-chan "she" in his thread. Those same handmaidens are usually pretty cruel to real girls, which is why there are so many on here.

No. 493588

Because most people hate women. Blaire was biologically a man, so for some fucked up reason she gets a pass on everything. As pointed out earlier in the thread, if a biological woman dressed and acted the way Blaire does, blaires fanbase would call her a worthless thot/whore who deserves any bad thing that happens to her. Because she’s just a worthless woman, after all.

But Blaire gets praise for those things instead, because those types will extend respect to trans women, but never bio women.

No. 493616

Did you see her in her makeup tutorial before her makeup? She looks like a boy with long hair. But after her makeup she looked decent.

No. 493650

Do you still remember when he said that he tops his boyfriend?
How could anybody be delusional enough to call this not gay?!
Maybe a lot of his fanboys secretely want to get bum fucked…

No. 493654

I think they do. All straight men love pussy and to have vaginal sex sometimes (even the ones who prefer anal). So her fans saying ‘it’s ok if she doesn’t have a pussy because there’s always the butt!’ Are def not straight. A lot of stories I’ve heard of anal (I’m not a back door betty so I don’t know first hand) are pretty gross too. Let’s just say poop stories. So if Blaire has anal ALL the time every time there must have been some poop stuff happening atleast one of those times.

Men are also biologically grassier and way fartier than women. Even the clean ones. So idk how a straight man could put up with Blaire’s smelly man farts. And her natural man smell. She’s always hot (temperature wise) in her livestreams and says that’s the reason why she wears tank tops. So basically she sweats like a man so must smell like one. Idk how a straight guy would like that.

No. 493656

If Blaire blocks all the trannies who follow her bf social medias then that means she must know deep down that he has a tranny fetish or else why would she block the trannies? She must be threatened of them since Joey is probably into them. Let’s not forget he started going after Blaire knowing full well that she was trans. Gay.

No. 493672

yes, and if you read the bodybuilding forums (misc), where a lot of young 'chads' (muscular, socially well adjusted, not internet weebs) hang out, basically all of them admit that anal sucks (countless threads about it) and the only good thing about anal is psychological (that is, getting women to allow you to let them fuck them up the butt, and knowing it causes discomfort, but them still allowing men to do it). they say that beyond the spincter it's totally hollow and doesn't envelope and grip the cock the way the vagina does (after all, the vagina is all muscle, whereas the rectum isn't). only incels and gays prefer anal. even these 'chads' admit it, and they have 0 reason to lie, whereass these proto-gay NEETcels play down how good pussy will feel/does feel, just to pretend they're not flamers.

No. 493675

Yes exactly! I noticed all the men who want to do Blaire are weebs, gamers, or alt right trolls (the nerdy conservatives as oppose to the socially well adjusted kind). They’re either tranny chasers or men who are too nerdy to get a woman so they’ll take anything.

No. 493679

how does that work bc blaire says his cock is really small? the boyfriend is definitely, without a doubt, gay, though he could be bi.

No. 493687

They need to take it easy on the PS, they're straying into Gigi Gorgeous territory..

No. 493697

Maybe he transitioned because he had a small wee wee

No. 493803

Use the trans general thread in /ot/ instead of derailing this one. We don't need the same repetitive discussions in every thread about trans flakes.

No. 494134

I like to read comments while watching YouTube vids and I have seen comments on Blaire’s vids from ppl who have met her, who were disappointed with how rude she was to them.

There was one comment in particular where a girl from Chico said she was put off by Blaire because she saw Blaire at a grocery store or marker when Blaire used to live in Chico. And there was a conservative outside the store (you know how ppl have stands in front, when they have a certain cause, idk what those are called, the girl said it but I forgot) and Blaire came up to him and started yelling and arguing with him. The girl who witnessed this was put off because it seemed like Blaire went up to
him only to argue, the girl was also confused because the guy was fighting for something that Blaire supposedly agrees with politically on her channel. So is she a fake conservative? I believe what the girl said because it is in line with the other person on this thread who claimed to know Blaire and who claimed Blaire is the type to yell at sales ppl, cashiers and waitresses.

Anyone else think it’s weird Blaire suddenly calls herself a conservative? Before identifying as such she called them retarded or something on the Ruben report, said she doesn’t align with anything politically to avoid ideology then a week later she has “transgender conservative” on her social media descriptions. Seems like she’s just calling herself that to get more views for being a “tranny conservative”

No. 494781


I agree with this. I bet if Blaire was a biological woman ppl would REALLY make fun of some her weird features but because she’s a man “she looks good guise”.

It’s a meme how Kate Upton has no waist but for Blaire, few ppl point that out. I know Kate is much more popular but if Blaire was a biological woman much more ppl would be making fun of her bulk and square body.

Blaire is kind of cute but come on, she is not the hot bombshell people act like she is. Has anyone seen the clip of her shooting a gun with Joey’s family? She literally looks like lanky man in a wig.

No. 494913

>Has anyone seen the clip of her shooting a gun with Joey’s family? She literally looks like lanky man in a wig.

Can you give a link please?

No. 495257


I believe it. I think she instigated that bs at the anti-Trump rally too to make it seem like liberals were the ones attacking her. She stated about how she is constantly "growing" in terms of political opinions….but that's just her way of giving a disclaimer if anyone calls her out on her contradictory bs.

No. 495288

Yeah she totally instigated because there was no footage before the attack happened. Unpopular opinion but I think she wanted the kind of reaction that she got or else why would she do it. She said she would have worn a Hillary hat in a red state if she could, uh yeah right! She also said her hand got stomped on. Her hand was totally unscathed aside from her broken nail (which did look bad) so either just stepped on the very tip of her nail or she hit it on the pavement while grabbing her hat but she definitely didn’t get her “hand stomped”. I don’t think she’s a conservative and shouldn’t identify as such. She’s just an anti sjw classical liberal not a fucking conservative.

No. 495304

It’s in the beginning of one of her recent videos, sorry I don’t recall which one. It’s only a few seconds but it gave me uncanny valley vibes.

No. 495308

She also had a clip of one of her fan meet ups. Her fans all looked like neck beards or lord of the ring fans type of ppl. Basically they looked how you’d think they would. So those are what the guys look like who say “women who criticize trannies are just jealous because trannies are hotter” lmao. I don’t think women even want those guys to find them attractive, jk.

No. 495334

On her Joey and Blaire channel? Might’ve been an Xmas vid if family is involved.

No. 495346

I think it was on her main channel not the vlog one

No. 495657

>Unpopular opinion but I think she wanted the kind of reaction that she got or else why would she do it.
Don't worry, that's not an unpopular opinion. It's obvious.

Also I totally agree with you about the hand. Maybe "stepped on my nail" doesn't have the same woe-is-me ring to it.

No. 499497

A lot of Blaire fan boys find Ella Grant hot (she’s underage too) who is also a right leaning anti sjw trans. She’s also averagely attractive like Blaire with male give always, so I think that’s proof Blaire fans would crush on any tranny who is right leaning. There’s another right leaning tranny they have a crush on too (forgot her name) not Therryn but a new one who kinda looks like Blaire. So I think a lot of them do have tranny fetish (or the taboo aspect of a man dressing as a woman turns them on) but don’t realize it yet cuz they’re so sheltered and don’t know other trans.

No. 499507

I think someone mentioned on here that Blaire would stop making “political” vids after she got money from her fan boys to get surgery. Seems kinda true. There’s a lot of things happening in CA that she could be talking about or advocating against. Things that all right leaning ppl in CA care about that she seems to not. Like the Katheryn Steinle case, sanctuary state, the homeless ppl problem there. I’m surprised she has not made a peep about those things. Prob doesn’t care about them since she’s not actually conservative.

No. 499701


Yeah, I didn't know who Ella Grant was until I just looked her up after you mentioned her. The other one that pops up on her twitter is Miss London. They're like vapid clones. They know that this edgy tranny shit is in right now, so that's the route they're going to make that money. They're all buddy buddy now, but Blaire mentioned that she didn't like other trans, so I predict a fallout once the other ones start stealing her shine.

No. 499752

Yeah they’re just trying to hop on the anti sjw trans band wagon since they see all the attention it gets. There’s a few other anti sjw trans I see pop up on my recommendeds some times (forgot there names). They all say the same shit too. I’m surprised ppl subscribe to them for that boring repetitive content. But they have the same-ish fan base as Blaire. Nerdy guys, tranny chasers and teen girl who see transwomen as the new gay best friend with all their “yaas queen!” “Queen!” And “slaaaay” comments.

No. 499754

But yes, vapid clones is right.

No. 501911

I saw this recently, i forgot wether it was on an interview or on a livestream, but Blaire told the story of how when she was a teenage gay and went to a Jeffree Star concert that she beat up some gay guy and his fat female friend because I guess the other gay guy started the fight. (Was prob a scrawny gay if Blaire beat him) but Blaire was so proud of it and it’s like wait u beat up a woman??? Blaire should be ashamed of that as a man. It’s not difficult for a guy to overpower a woman especially a chubby chick. Very disgraceful to me that he beat up a girl. I don’t care if he was a flaming queer, that doesn’t make it ok.

No. 507438

File: 1518983609405.jpg (149.31 KB, 899x899, a young gay guy with cheap hai…)

Hi guys, it's Robbie! So…

No. 507579

Hi Robbie! Why are you wearing high heels in a swimming pool?

No. 507603

That looks like a swimming pool at a cheap motel.

No. 507672

Another video about transgenders from Blaire. Is this the only thing she posts about? She gives other trans youtubers crap for only posting vids on trans stuff but she does the same… I haven’t watched this vid but I’m pretty sure she’s made a vid on this exact topic (bang me or you’re a bigot) like two times before?

No. 507676

Blaire trying to be sexy but that pose looks so unnatural and awkward. Men just can’t contort their bodies and pose sexy naturally the way women can.

No. 507684

Same fag. Oh actually I think the pose looks so stiff and awkward because she is pushing her hip out to the side to make it look as if she has a waist curve. She for sure has no waist. I’ve seen that in vlogs.

No. 507697

Or she could be trying to cover the penis bulge with her knee, that’s why her leg is so ridiculously far over to the side. That material looks unforgiving and like it shows
every contour and cranny

No. 507710

Baire’s face always looks more heart shaped and pretty with her features a bit more delicate in her pictures. But in vids her face is long with non-delicate features, and she looks more average and u could see the man in her face a lot more. Girls got a photogenic face (not body though, still looks awkward and unpraportional in pics).

No. 507720

Like on her merch that says “dissapointed but not surprised” she looks so pretty. She would be pretty if she ACTUALLY looked like that picture. But she doesn’t.

Also the merch that says “don’t tread on me” uh why is she using super conservatives phrases from the outlaw country song? Those are the kind of conservatives she thinks are retarded. It’s kind of dumb that she used that phrase because those conservatives sure as hell wouldn’t want one of their favorite catch
phrases used un-ironically on a shirt with a tranny on it. Since her fans aren’t real conservatives I’m sure they’ve never even heard of that phrase and are confused by it. Stupid merch all around.

No. 508228

File: 1519023120285.png (157.73 KB, 500x359, 1470273933613.png)

>“don’t tread on me” uh why is she using super conservatives phrases from the outlaw country song?
>don't tread on me
>from the outlaw country song

fucking kids today, I swear to god

No. 508354

File: 1519046809520.png (79.81 KB, 900x600, Gadsdenflag.png)

>Don't tread on me
>outlaw country song

I hope you're not American, then you're a little less dumb. Just a little, I'm not an Amerifat and even I know that it's the Gadsden Flag from 1775.

Anon, the Gadsden Flag is the symbol of American independence from the British Empire.

No. 508693

Yeah but it’s a conservative phrase now. eye roll. Yes I know that snake flag. I’m sure Blaire meant it in the conservative phrase way and not in the America gaining independence from Europe way. Pretty sure Blaire likes Europe.

No. 508705

Amerifat? Are u one of those tranny chasing fat nerds who loves Blaire?

No. 508727

Oh I misread. Lmao you’re not an american! No wonder u had no idea conservatives adopted that phrase now to use against liberalism. You’re the idiot.

No. 508810

Well she hates women, so it's certainly on brand.

No. 508876

Yeah I’ve seen comments from ppl who used to know her on vids saying that she hates women. Blaire even admitted on stream that she used to feel salty about women before she transitioned. So turn out trannies are jealous about hot real women. So much for the neckbeard’s delusions that women are jealous or trannies. Maybe just unnatractive women are, but I seriously doubt that even they are.

Tangent: I’ve seen cute fresh (not much makeup) young women who were more attractive than Blaire complaine that Blaire was “hotter” than them. If those girls just wore push up bra’s and more makeup they’d have the same kind of look as Blaire (the look that they’re jealous of). But I doubt they’re actually jealous, I think they’re just trying to gas her up

No. 508971

File: 1519085736146.png (45.26 KB, 1159x318, 1519085711.png)

kill yourself, retard(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 508986

Look at how the pool tiles behind her waist are warped. Doesn't look like it's because of the water.

No. 508987

You absolute idiot. Yes I get where it’s from. Conservatives use that phrase now, meaning don’t tread on me towards liberals. is what I’m saying. Do u not comprehend
that? I’m not talking about the phrases fucking origins. I’m not sure about internet culture but out in the real life conservators use that all the time and have it on their stuff. I’m sure u wouldn’t know that cuz u prob dont interact or see ppl outside the internet.

No. 508992

Oh yeah the pool tiles on the right side are lower than the ones on the left (on my left). The ride side of her waist is straight though and not curvy. She should’v edited that too to make it even.

No. 508995

File: 1519086434726.jpeg (569.85 KB, 1242x1148, 418A1541-2888-47DB-BADF-B3014A…)

Blaire pushing the envelope again.

No. 508998

I agree with her but the word “cringefuck”? Her twitter feed is so cringey I swear.

No. 509016

She has a flag in the background? It’s annoying how she tries to insert herself into being Americana and conservative. Being a tranny and “straight” (aka men on the down low) and wanting to have sex with a tranny is the total opposite of Conservative values which a lot of it is traditional values. Honestly if that’s what conservativesm is now I want no part of it. They’re just as delusional as the left.

No. 509024

There's a thing called "log cabin" conservatives, which are LGBT people with right wing beliefs but still support their own rights.

That being said I think Blaire is definitely more moderate/center-right but calls herself conservative because that's the edgy contrarian thing to do when you're trying to stray away from SJW activism.

No. 509039

Yes I totally agree. Blaire only started to identify as a conservative a few months. A week before she started identifying as one she was calling them “retards”. So I think she just calls herself a conservative because “tranny conservative” catches ppl’s attention more and would probably get her more attention.

No. 509160

>leg conveniently covers her dick

No. 509371

>Independence from Europe
No, BRITAIN. The Gadsden flag represents independence from the BRITISH EMPIRE. NOT EUROPE. They hung it
as here,
as a Maritime flag on the navy whom's job was to stop British supplies from reaching Brits. That was their sign and still is used by moored navy due to their maritime history. Not EU, their only significance was rebellion against the BRITISH EMPIRE, which reached through Asia, Oceania and Africa and all the way to America.

It was obvious you have no fucking clue what you're on about the second you mentioned "Independence from Europe way".

You're so retarded, Libertarianism is the one that uses the Gadsden Flag, not LIBERALISM THOSE ARE A DIFFERENT THING.

Blaire's using it for Libertarianism, which is Blaire's political demonition – which is not the same as a conservative. Libertarianism is a middleground ideology that usually leans to the John Locke European style left.
>Libertarianism is the group of political philosophies which advocate minimizing coercion and emphasize freedom, liberty, and voluntary association.

You're so dumb, it actually hurts. Could you stop making arguments that make zero sense? We get it, Blaire likes to cater to neckbeards, but you have zero clue what you're talking about.

No. 509397

I knew someone was going to give me crap and post snake picture flags. Ooh I said Europe instead of Britain who cares stop being so technical.

You are the idiot, are u the one who’s not
from America? Conservatives use that phrase here in a different way then what it oringally means. U just don’t comprehend that? and I’m sure Blaire is using it in that
way.Blaire identifies as a conservative now idiot! You’re calling me dumb because I said Europe instead of Britain and you’re getting info wrong yourself lmao. I don’t know much about internet culture or how the term don’t tread on me is used on the internet, but in real life, conservatives use that phrase now. I’m talking about the way tons of conservatives use it, which I’m SURE is the way that Blaire meant it.

When I keep saying conservatives use that phrase now, I’m sure you have no idea what I’m talking about and have never seen the
way they use it because u don’t know any conservatives irl.

No. 509408

“libertarianism are the ones that use that flag not liberals”

Wait what? I’m not saying liberals are using the flag I said conservatives use that phrase now AGAINST liberalism. It’s clear you have no idea what my point is, if you’re misenterprering what I said that badly.

You’re saying my argument doesn’t make sense but I’m just saying conservatives use that phrase now (I keep repeating this) and you’re so stuck on the origins of its meaning. Can u actually argue against what I’m actually saying? So u don’t believe that rednecks and conservatives use that
phrase now? (Please argue my actual point) And if it’s about freedom etc yes basically against liberalism. Let’s not get so

No. 509477

I think they meant conservatives just use the quote not the actual snake flag. I’ve seen them use it too but on American flag stuff.

And honestly who knows all those little details that you named off. If you didn’t just google that now, that’s kind of random to know all those details…

No. 509504

Mostly googled the dates, but I love history. My point still stands, Blaire is a supporter of Libertarianism, who use the Gadsden flag as their symbol quite commonly.

I have no idea why the other anon seems to go on about conservatives, when the point is that if you follow Blaire's posts at all - it is pretty clear that it's a reference to the libertarianistic beliefs Blaire has.

No. 509553

Blaire has recently been identifying openly as a conservative for several months now.

Check Blaire’s twitter description. It says transgender conservative not transgender libertarian.

No. 509565

And my point still stands. Blaire identifies as a conservative now and conservatives and red necks commonly use that quote themselves regardless if it has libertarian origins and regardless if it represents something else. I do think Blaire was using the quote in the conservative way to appeal to the rednecks who use that quote. What the other anon said was right. Conservatives don’t use the flag with the snake on it, that’s not what i meant. They use the quote on American flag things and in their own way.

No. 509568

And I honestly haven’t seen any libertarians use that quote irl, even if it’s there’s. Maybe on the internet but irl rednecks and conservatives use it all the time. And my point is I think that’s why Blaire was using it, to appeal to those types.

No. 509575

Sorry to keep posting but again, I wasn’t talking about the flag I was talking about the quote. And Blaire doesn’t use the flag on her shirt that says don’t tread on me. It’s red white and blue and it looks like it’s in the style that conservatives use that quote in when they have it on their stuff.

No. 512695

File: 1519413909182.jpeg (340.34 KB, 1242x894, 87AC743F-B64D-4341-AA21-E513A1…)

Blaire defending the second amendment.

No. 512713

Fuck both of them, ugh. How am I just now noticing that the only thing trannies [who think they are] in politics know how to do is regurgitate the same retarded, generic arguments from whichever side they're on?

No. 512726

She’s only saying this to pander to her redneck conservatard followers, unless she’s really stupid enough to not realize how many trannies are killed by gunshot every year kek.

No. 512735

I mean, less trannies are killed per capita than regular people, both male and female. That's especially true for the white ones, so he doesn't have much to worry about. Not hard to believe he's an idiot though.

No. 512746


Most libertarianists are socially conservative. That's nothing new. Sage for irrelevant fact.

No. 512760

Blaire doesn’t even seem socially conservative though. She is not even half as right leaning as other libertarians who are socially conservative. She just seems
center and anti sjw. To me, she is just using the conservative label to get more views and for shock value. She is not conservative at all, even socially.

No. 512774

She has a merch mug that says “straight white male”. I’m sure that will sell out fast as all of her male fans, the ones who want her sexually atleast, always have to point out that they’re straight after mentioning they want to have butt sex with “her”. They will buy the mug to reassure themselves and validate their straight-ness, as they’re
always desperate to prove that they’re straight. Blaire fans: “man i’d have sex with Blaire, but i’m straight. Did I mention I was straight? I’m straight”. Maybe if they mention it constantly that’s how they convince themselves.

No. 512782

Blaire is so obsessed with Riley Dennis.

No. 512788

I don’t think most of her followers Are redneck or conservative. Most of them just seem anti sjw, leftists who make the exception for her “I disagree with your views but I love you though” (she gets that comment often), or ex-sjw’s. Whenever she’s on a popular conservatives YouTube channel as a guest there is a ton of comments with “can you stop having this man Blaire on?” with hundreds of likes.
But yeah she does try to pander to that crowd, I’ll agree with that.

No. 512792

Yeah she only regurgitates talking points. I’ve never seen her add anything interesting or new to the argument. She made that vid “I won’t apologize for being white” so late in the game. She prob just made that vid as a quick cash grab. No Blaire you shouldn’t apparently for being white but you should apologize for being a tranny, that kind of cancels out your “white privilege” to the types you’re trying to appeal to.

No. 512894

Yeah this. Admittedly it’s kind of embarrassing because Blaire is constantly yelling at Riley but Riley completely ignores her existence so their fighting is all one-sided. I wonder if Riley even cares about anything Blaire says because I have seen him/her get angry at other YouTubers like Jaclyn Glenn, even tweeting angrily at them but at the same time acts like Blaire doesn’t exist. Cringe.

No. 512910

>Calling someone cringey for criticizing rapey j. penis
Literally the only redeeming thing about robbie. Please choose literally anything else to insult him for.

Has this thread just turned into the same two or three handmaidens samefagging or what?

No. 512966

I don’t like Riley either or agree with Riley’s views but yes it is cringey that Blaire keeps talking and obsessing over him imo. Just because she’s right about Riley doesn’t mean vids about him aren’t cringey or obsessive. I’m tired of Riley j Dennis videos being made, from anyone period. Who cares what wacky things one sjw (Riley) with hardly any subs has to say. Blaire is obsessed with him at this point.

No. 513005

No one is defending Riley or his views you retard, just pointing out Blaire’s one-sided obsession.

No. 513225

Rapey never responds to any arguments, he can't debate for shit. He's a huge cow and bob hasn't even made that many videos on him, I don't see the problem.

No. 519946

In Blaire and joey’s new blog it was mentioned that Joey used to work for Rupauls drag race. I bet that’s when he found out that men dressing up as women turned him on.

Also Blaire’s head is the same size as joey’s. She looked really monkey-ish in that video. I think it’s because the large space between her mouth and nose and the ffs.

No. 519992

She needs a chin implant or something. He head is wide but short somehow?

No. 520032

That’s funny, I think that Blaire has a long horse face (like most trannies). I think it’s her forehead that looks short. I actually think her chin is quite masculine, i was surprised she didn’t get it shaved to a more feminine shape when she got FFS.

What’s with Joey overly using the word “girl” friend, woman or girl for Blaire? It’s like he’s trying to make a point that she’s a “woman”. Men who date real women never overly use those gender terms. It also doesn’t sound right when he calls her his “girlfriend”. For obvious reasons.

No. 520321

File: 1520155455943.jpeg (198.95 KB, 1101x741, EF0DC74C-91FE-48A7-B7E1-35CD75…)

Bahahahahahahaha….Geico needs a new caveman mascot.

No. 520351

Yeah, I've noticed that also. So odd. Did he call Blaire a little girl too? At least it seems a little less forced than some. Like if you've ever seen albinwonderland and her "WIFE" emphasis.

No. 520401

Even though he’s in denial about being gay, I think Joey is sweet to Blaire. I’m kind of jealous of how he spoils her with surprises and gifts.

Also he may be overusing those words to help Blaire with her gender dysphoria too. He seems like a supportive partner.

No. 520403

Yeah Joey seems like a good guy but it’s annoying how he’s in denial about being gay. That’s what annoys me about him I don’t think he’s a bad person or anything. Not jealous that he’s sweet though cuz I’ve had bfs who were sweet to me. I don’t think it’s that rare? But idk

No. 520406

Same fag. I don’t think he’s doing it to help with her disphoria. Have you seen the vid where he see’s her boy pics and pretends to be so “shocked” and “grossed out”? I think he emphasizes gender specific terms to convince others and himself, not necessarily to help her.

No. 520411

Blaire fan spotted.

No. 520423

Lol Joey looks more feminine than Blaire in this pic

No. 520447

Joey’s face is kind of feminine in a way. The slanty eyes, tight skin and plump lips.

But yeah Blaire looks so bad idk why she chose that thumbnail, she’s just begging for ppl to tell her she looks like a man.

No. 520775

He's very clearly a tranny chaser though. Seeing as how they got together. And also like in the boy pictures video his reactions seem so fake and forced, he's not good at pretending to not be gay kek

No. 520781

I’m with >>520775

I think he’s overreacting to give the appearance that he is straight

No. 520824

I agree I think he’s a tranny chaser. He went after Blaire knowing she was trans. I think he has always had a thing for the lady boys.

He could also only be doing “sweet things” for her, for the camera. Like for content. Because why would he record all of it? Also I’ve only seen him surprise her with gifts for her bday and the flowers when he tried to prank her. Maybe I’m missing something?

Also most unnatractive/average looking guys like Joey do sweet things for their gfs if the gf is higher status. They have to. Also if I was into she male dick I’d act like a supportive sweet bf to a tranny too, just to
keep them and their dick around.

No. 528774

Don’t get why people think she’s attractive. She looks like octomom and very plastic surgery-ish. When Heidi montag got all those surgeries it was seen as weird but when Blaire does it (and looks the same amount of plastic) it’s fine.

No. 528776

Yeah if Heidi was transgender I bet people would consider her smoking hot lol

No. 529854

Blaire is claiming that the entire sjw world is out to get her with threats. Her fans are crazy to be so sympathetic when a couple of random people send empty threats…..yet remain silent when other women (non-trans/liberal/feminist) get legit rape and death threats for having an opinion. Blaire likes to instigate then play victim. Bitch, bye.

No. 529881

>local melodramatic tranny makes himself out to be a victim due to his npd
>in other news, the sky is blue

No. 529929

Oh my gosh every YouTuber gets threats! Especially political youtubers (if you can even call Blaire a “political YouTuber). She must have ran out of video ideas. I didn’t know SJWs were still a thing. It’s funny because she had images of weird looking ppl on her thumbnail (I know what she was trying to do) but she also looks weird in that trans way. Not as weird as them but still has that weird trans look to her.

Her fans are always so over the top with their sympathy and kiss ass comments towards her. She seriously has the cringiest fan base ever. Like in her “I was wrong video” yeah it’s good to show humility but they acted like she was soo virtuous for that. It’s like uh tons of skeptic and anti sjw youtubers and other youtubers in general have made vids like that, calm the F down with your kiss assery.

No. 529930

Yeah, She instigates then plays victim like the trump hat video.

No. 530568

In her new vid she’s sitting slightly behind Joey to make her big ass head appear small. Trannies have unending appearance and camera tricks up there sleaves.

And of course more Joey talking about how he’s not gay in the vid. If you have to announce you’re not gay all the time you probably are.

No. 530822

I used to be subbed to her but unsubbed from both her channels. Her comment section is too annoying and delusional. They constantly tell her she looks better than biological women which annoys me so much because it’s not true, a lot of real women are hot these days. I honestly think the people who are saying that are average or unnatractive biological women who get jealous of hot real women so they like to put them down by saying that trans are hotter. I know a girl who thinks trans are better women than women and she gets very jealous of hot real girls all the time. I also think it’s mostly incel men too saying it.

No. 532350

What’s weird is Joey implying he’s not gay because he’s into hot girls and Blaire LOOKS like a “hot girl”. I feel like it wouldn’t be that easy for a real straight guy, like “oh he looks like a hot girl so that’s fine”. A real straight guy wouldn’t want to date a biological man who used to have a penis or a “woman with a penis” no matter how hot they looked. And Blaire’s not hot enough to go gay over. So he’s def gay.

Also why do men who date trans always say the main reason they date their trans “gf” is because she’s hot. You notice men who date hot biological women would never say that? They name personality characteristics (she’s a good person etc.) not physical ones. Whenever a guy tries to date me only because he finds me physically attractive I am immediately put off. But for trans I guess that’s a compliment and they like it? Kind of sad.

No. 543213

Her nose looks weird in the new vid. She’s rivaling Michael Jackson. She also says she hates attention yet has oil slathered all over her chest. Her chest looks like outline of all implant with skin stretched over it, no breast tissue at all, ouch!

No. 543345

File: 1522602068517.jpeg (93.76 KB, 1242x238, C51B9EA6-FDB9-40C0-A069-58F953…)

Why do gay men and trannies always post “lol I’m pregnant xD” on social media? Like ”hurr get it? I don’t have a womb lol look how funny I am!1”

No. 543429

File: 1522609007854.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1242x1567, 60A844EB-3DB4-405B-B259-51F682…)

It happened lol

No. 543446

How do we know this isn't an april fool's

No. 543448

It's April Fools

No. 543450

File: 1522610492586.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1242x1840, C3270E6C-DD01-40B0-B72E-FBD2C0…)

There’s a paparazzi photo with Blaire in the background.

But it could be really skilled photoshop, who knows.

No. 543458

I feel like Blaire would do better in longer dresses. I get that she wants to go full trophy wife or whatever, but her giant leg muscles and huge man knees really don't help that aesthetic.

No. 543469

fucking gross. Two shitty men who pretend to be women just to be bash women's rights.

No. 543538

She’s made that “I’m pregnant” joke so many times now. It wasn’t clever the first time Blaire, just stop.

No. 543647

Yeah her hips are not too feminine either. They’re like weird and square as opposed to rounded. Usually women with wide hips have a small waist too, so her having wide hips yet a wide male waistline doesn't help that weird look. I wonder if her hips are fake since they’re oddly shaped. A lot of trannies get them done but keep it on the DL yet are open about fake boobs. Maybe because those are more obvious.

No. 543778


Yeah I have noticed this too and it's very odd. I mean, we're in 2018 and there's no reason to be ashamed of dating trans people. But the way he sometimes gets all nervous with the gay label, it makes it very funny. Like I wouldn't say he's necessarily Gay but I wouldn't call him hetero neither.

No. 543892


Yeah it’s ok to be gay or bi these days so
Idk why he insists so much that he isn’t. Pretends to be disgusted at Blaire’s boy pics. Maybe men who date trans do this because they know trans would like to think their men are straight, and would be put off if they find out their bf is gay or bi (since the trans likes to think they’re a real woman, who attract straight men not bi ones).

I think the act of dating a trans is more gay than just saying you’re gay (if that makes sense), so why not just admit you’re gay or bi when the act of dating a trans is more gay or by than just having the label. So ridiculous. Homophobic in a way.

No. 544005

>I think the act of dating a trans is more gay than just saying you’re gay (if that makes sense)

no, that doesn't make any sense. at all.

No. 544026

let me try to re-word it. The act of dating a trans is gay, so you might as well just say your gay because what difference does it make. Even if you say your’re straight dating a trans is not straight, so you might as well admit to being gay or bi.

No. 544029

That’s Eden the doll next to her. Blaire has always said Caitlyn was creepy (Blaire might be creepy too when she gets old like Caitlyn, with all those surgeries) so I’m kind of surprised Caitlyn would meet with her if that’s real.

No. 545729

Blaire looks obvious in that paparazzi photo. It's like when she's caught off guard, her man features show. When taking her own photos or knowing when the camera is on her, she knows what angles and poses to do to fool people. And she's full of shut as usual. There was a post she made back being disgusted by Caitlyn Jenner….now all of a sudden, she's a fan. I think the bitch is either bipolar or so fake she can't keep her stories straight. A lot of posts that have probably been deleted now contradicts a lot of what she says. Her "tranny" lifestyle will never fly with true Conservatives of the South, where I live. So, I don't know why she tries so hard to be accepted by them.

No. 546011

Yes! I agree with everything you said. She looks even more manly when caught off guard. The legs,shoulders,face always look manlier. Her legs look manly in that paparazzi photo, they’re big but not thicc or curvy in the way a woman’s legs are. And you are right, she used to bash Caitlyn all the time. Calling her ugly (Caitlyn is old what do u expect Blaire, Bruce was a lot better looking than Blaire when he was young/Blaire’s age anyway), weird, creepy, a fake tranny. And yeah, her fans don’t seem to be real conservatives. They’re the “new conservatives” which are just ppl who are anti-sjw and ppl who voted for trump. I’m not a conservative yet I’m way more right leaning than Blaire or her fans so I think it’s silly they identify as conservatives just because they’re anti-sjw.

No. 546012

same fag, I was also surprised to see that eden was taller than Blaire in Blaire’s pics of them together. Eden is more proportional so she looks like she’d be smaller/shorter and Blaire’s proportions make her seem like she’d be big and tall.

No. 548032

Blaire said on Shane Dawson’s podcast that Caitlyn is a creepy crossdressing pervert, lol. Probably only decided to pose with Cait for the couple minutes of fame that would follow rather than actually respecting the she-man/woman/thing.

No. 548926

Yeah she has said that in a different interview too, said Caitlyn was a transvestite and she could tell by how she touches all the dresses in her closet. Funny coming from someone who claimed gays are just jealous of trannies since they want “straight men” (Blaire the ugly guys who u date ((Joey and the beta male military ex)) aren’t straight ok?) like trannies can get and are also jealous that they didn’t transition earlier themselves. She’s basically just outing the fact she’s just a gay dude who dresses as a woman to date “straight” men.

No. 556109

File: 1523796655148.png (2.04 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20180415-143744.png)

Not sure if this had been posted before, but he looks like a legit bodybuilder in this video. Always nice to see candids lol

No. 556134

Man, those are some manly ass arms/hands.

No. 556140

this is a reach, it's a fisheye lense.

No. 556141

That's not even remotely how a fisheye lens would work, Robbie.

No. 556145

How tall is he? He looks huge.

No. 556160

File: 1523803555946.png (137.46 KB, 540x960, tweet-about-blaire-whites-heig…)

That's midget-tier for a man.

No. 556165

>dat porn star profile pic
For fuck sake. No wonder incels love him.

No. 556179

I genuinely don't get her or Cait Jenner. You're literally appealing to the people who insist you're a man.

No. 556218

>5'5/165cm doubt tbh


>She looks even more manly when caught off guard
yeah and low foreheads really does not help.

Eden the doll is supposedly 173cm/5'8. They both wear heels that look to be the same height and somehow Eden just looks a little taller. Idk tho, they might look similar in height because Eden is standing further back and seems to be standing on something. Anyways it reminds me of Gigi who says her shoe size is 6.5/EU 37, which is one size smaller than me and I'm a 175cm female lmao.

Both Gigi and Eden must lie about their weight, so I bet that Blaire lies about her height.

Also can we take a moment to see the tan difference between Blaire's face and legs?

No. 556229

File: 1523809258414.jpeg (226.19 KB, 1200x1200, 2E773096-29A2-49B7-A429-784AF6…)

For context, Maddox (center right) is 6’2” and Rucka (far right) is 5’6”. Blaire is clearly shorter than Rucka, so a confirmed munchkin.

No. 557722

That’s not a fisheye lens… if you see Blaire in the background of other youtubers videos at vidcon, she also has hugs arms and shoulders.

No. 557723

That’s midget tier for a man but that’s tall for a woman. I know avg. height for women is 5’5 but I question that statistic, most women are so short (5’2-5’3) these days. So is Blaire a midget of a man? Yes. But is she kind of tall and bulky for a woman? Yes.

No. 557727

How is 5’5 a munchkin? Are you comparing her height to men or women? I feel like the ppl insisting Blaire is tiny and short when being 5’5 and bulky is far from short and tiny are just Blaire fans. If anything she’s more avg height then “short and tiny”. I have some tiny friends they are like 5’1. Now that is tiny.

No. 557990

Yeah I’m a 5’5 woman and I’m not considered short or small in height at all lol. So Blaire’s no munchkin.

If u guys saw Blaire when she was on Ruben report by herself she had a big upper body. She pretends it’s swelling from surgery but who’s arms and shoulders swell after a boob job? Plus she had a big upper body before, as I’ve seen a vidcon interview vid of her before her surgery and she was still big. So her “I gained weight after my surgery” is a bunch of bs. She should have skipped the boob job, ppl who get boob jobs when they have bigger upper bodies always makes them look even wider up there.

Eden is much more passing than Blaire,
She’s had no FFS either.

No. 565431

I mostly meant munchkin for a male. But I’m 5’10” so either gender is a munchkin compared to me at 5’5”, sorry if that offends your little-person feels D:

Anyway Blaire decided to live as a man for a day. Kind of looks like a lesbian rather than a man in all honesty.

No. 565440

Blaire passes as an ugly girl in both pics. Which is great, most transwomen don't pass at all.

No. 565465

File: 1524684754950.jpg (97.48 KB, 875x549, ladybrainz.jpg)

Ah, yes, pumping gas. Only something the most manly brains can achieve. As a single female and car owner, I feel more and more masculine every time I pump gas.

No. 565699

Yeah I think Blaire passes as a woman but a masculine bodied broad shouldered bodied big faced woman. The fake tits and square hip padding doesn’t help. When I first saw her channel I thought she was a woman with a super long face and male upper body (this was before her fake boobs). So I agree, she passes but very awkwardly.

I’m not subbed to her anymore but did her content switch from anti-sjw, or as she calls it “political content” (kek), to lifestyle content? Someone mentioned that once she got her surgeries from milking money from her anti-sjw incel fans that she would stop pretending to care about “politics”, they were so right.

No. 565711

Is it just me or does Blaire look like an obvious tranny in her American flag profile picture?

No. 565716

Joey acting shocked and laughing when Blaire dressed as a man, can u imagine how he must act when he sees her dick? Jk the dick prob turns him on more.

I think Blaire passes more/looks girlier when she wears boy clothes cuz the bagginess hides the male aspects of her body.

No. 565723

It’s kinda funny that her fans always say ppl who dislike Blaire are just ugly and jealous but when u see her comment section (which I just looked at) all the men and women complimenting her are all ugly, nerdy or have an anime pic. Projection? It seems the ppl who like her are just ugly? Even the muscular guys in her comments are ugly.

No. 565802

File: 1524707117668.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1242x2055, EF9CE9BA-8E11-4805-AD1F-FF2972…)

You’d have to be way stupid to believe bio women would ever be jealous of a tranny, which unfortunately a lot of people are.

But if you go on /tttt/ all the transbians there have a raging hateboner for Blaire and it’s pretty clear it’s out of jealousy.

If she filled in her eyebrows, wiped off the foundation, and found a short wig rather than stuffing her hair in a beanie then maybe she could pass for a 15-year-old boy, but not a 24-year-old man. So for the most part the transition was successful.

Anyway sage for sounding like a whiteknight.

No. 565849

File: 1524710550347.png (523.04 KB, 558x834, 918376578483931.png)

It's not just you. Blaire looks especially masculine or drag queenish in any videos that she doesn't film/set up herself. She's honestly one of the least convincing trannies out there, especially with the exaggerated blow-up titty and overdrawn lip look. That's why she looks more natural in her dressed-down "boy" getup.

No. 565892


Geez the space between her nose and upper lip, it’s so extreme. Not a good look.

No. 565898

I agree with this, I’ve seen a few vids and pics that she didn’t set up herself and she looks more masculine. a lot of people have this false idea that most transgenders look like straight up men with dresses (especially her sheltered latent bisexual fan base) so to them Blaire is super passing for a trans. But she is actually less passing than a lot of them.

No. 566064


This video seriously disgusted me the way he acts in it is fucking gross, typical men fetishize women and oversexualizing them to a level of obscenity.

>Walking like a autistic flamingo

>talking with latent valley girl accent
>covering face being over obsessive over every little superficial thing
>flipping hair x10
>acting stupid as if no women have never heard of nor drove a car in their lives

They have an image of what femininity is and dial it up x10 to just look like over inflated caricatures of real women. Because pumping gas and eating jerky is so manly.

No. 566079

To be fair, Blaires boyfriend seemed to be the one who picked the "Manly things".

Not saying it's right but she even seemed to think the whole thing was ridiculous

No. 566081

His boyfriend seems like he's reeeeeeally trying hard to convince himself that he's not gay lmao. Robbie isn't even interested in getting his dick cut off, right?

No. 566084

>her dick
Jesus, the whiteknighting ITT.

No. 566089


Tries hard to portray how he is actually a woman by acting ditzy, weak and dumb- yet that's how misogynistic men think about women.

No. 566091

kek the vegan tattoo

No. 566093

File: 1524735968928.gif (11.52 MB, 818x564, le real woman.gif)

wow, what a woman!

definitely passes, yup

No. 566095

File: 1524736556572.gif (9.91 MB, 800x518, le real woman2.gif)

this naturally womanly lady is definitely not a flaming gay man

No. 566159

OMG IM CRYINGGG HAHA what a faggot

No. 566276

this is how girls walk right? He walks like he has cerebral palsy

No. 566326


When I saw this part it was obvious she was trying to walk super feminine but it honestly just reminded me of how flamboyant gay men walk. Fail

No. 566331

Blaire has anterior pelvic tilt the way that gay men do. She sticks her stomach out and butt out and over arches. Idk how some ppl say she acts more feminine than a real woman. Do ppl seriously want women to start acting like flamboyant gay men? That’s not very attractive or feminine to me for a woman.

No. 566353

Eden the doll is way more passing than Blaire in their pics and videos together and I saw a Charles Gross blog of him and Eden at beauty con and Eden is so clockable in that vid! Like obviously a tranny. So if Eden is an obvious looking trans in real life (in pics and vids that aren’t her own) then how much more obvious must Blaire look, since Eden is more female looking than her?

No. 566521

Yeah I’d say she passes half the time (she passes more in the boy get up actually) I just don’t think she’s that hot the way her fans make her seem. She doesn’t hold a candle to a hot real woman. If anything she’s a 7 (good looking in a normal way) she’s not smoking hot the way her fans make her out to be.

No. 566524

Same fag, for example she’s no Lucy Pinder, she’s no Mars Argo. She looks like a poor mans Lana del Rey at the best of times. Or she looks like the trans version of the youtuber Coco Lili mixed with some big Ange.

No. 567047

Mars Argo is your example of a 'hot, real woman'?

No. 567080

where did this influx of fucking tards using 'she' come from. this is a man.

No. 567086

Hmm! I wonder if Rob posted this just to hear his fanboys say “wow a true woman so feminine and bad at being a man XD”
Really not obvious at all.

No. 567126

Yes, Mars Argo is objectively pretty and girly looking. A bit too skinny but very pretty. If you actually believe Blaire is prettier and more feminine looking than her than we have very VERY different ideas on what pretty is.

No. 567136

It was obvious to me that that’s why Blaire did it too. Pretending not to know how to do man things/purposely playing up being bad at it was too much.

No. 567139

I think she looks pretty enough in more recent pictures where she doesn't have bleached hair or does that hideous doll eye make-up, but I wouldn't put her in the same list as Licy Pinder

No. 567140


No. 567206

Autistic screeching over pronoun usage is annoying from both sides of the spectrum.

I just say she because it’s less confusing. Blaire passes great for female so I feel like I’d be going out of my way to say he, and I’m too lazy. You’re free to say he yourself but don’t shit up the thread because others’ free speech offends you.

No. 567420

Agree, it’s annoying from both sides. I don’t think it’s confusing to call or hear Blaire be called a he but I just say she because I don’t mind using people’s prefferred pronouns. I will say I don’t really understand the “it’s going out of the way” argument ppl and Blaire use. Like for me
it would be easy to call a trans their preferred pronoun even if they don’t pass (and to me Blaire passes but not super well and I still got her a she), it really doesn’t take that much effort the way ppl make it seem.

But anyway I know and think Blaire is a man, I don’t see her as a woman, I think men who like trans are bi, I just don’t mind using the correct pronouns.

But I also see the other side and can see why ppl call her a ‘he’ (she is a man after all that just dresses like a woman and has fake tits) so I agree that it’s also annoying when ppl are like “it’s she!!!!”.

No. 567587

I saw that Asia Andy video where they run into Blaire. Her shoulders and back are male-ish. She doesn’t look pretty in that video either (since it’s candid and not hitting her ok angles). A lot of ppl in the comments are noticing too.

No. 567591

Anterior pelvic tilt can affect anyone and is not specific to gay men. Lack of exercise, large amounts of time spent slouched over a computer and poor posture all contribute to its development, behaviours not exclusive to either sex.

On the flip side, anterior pelvic tilt is also frequently found in female gymnasts and dancers, who are far from inactive couch potatoes. This is in part down to the more pronounced curvature in the female lumbar spine (lordosis), in part due to women generally having a greater tendency towards joint hypermobility, and also in part because of the muscle conditioning from their training that strengthen the hip flexors.

Now THAT is what you call mincing. Women's hips sway because of the wider set femurs and shallower angle, whic Blare will not have as a biological male.

No. 567625

I mean he didn’t even bother trying to hide those tits. And didn’t fill in his true eyebrows because then he would look too manly, so transparent

No. 567642

Yeah I know anterior pelvic tilt can happen to anyone but a lot of gay men have it and so does Blaire who is a gay man. It just reminds me of gay men when I see her standing like that. I never noticed it on a female dancer, they all still look normal to me (even if they have it, it’s not noticeable the way it is on a man’s structure)

No. 567644

Yeah blaire was still wearing foundation and bronzer too. She didn’t even try. I bet if Blaire really tried to look like man she could have.

No. 567710

Blaire looked straight up and down in that video with Warski. Blaire must have stopped padding his hips, it’s for the best, it looked wonky as fuck when he used to do that.

Notice everyone else looks the same/normal in that vid at diff angles but Blaire always looks even weirder at diff angles. So when ppl defend Blaire by saying “it’s cuz it’s a bad angle!” no because everyone else with him looked normal/the same at diff angles even the other woman with them.

No. 567845

Blair honestly looks more feminine and like a woman there than regular. The blow up doll look isn't working.

No. 568622

Couldn’t agree more with you that a lot of people are stupid, since so many believe a biological woman could possibly be jealous of a tranny. About the transbians being jealous, yeah I could see that, transgenders are probably jealous of other trannies all the time. Even Blaire since she blocks them from following her bf.

I think men just like to say women who make fun of men who are into trans, are just jealous as a defense mechanism. They can’t handle the fact that a woman is actually disgusted and turned off by that fact so they would rather believe they are jealous as opposed to just turned off by the guy. Since a lot of women would not want to date a man who has dated trans women before, straight women want a straight man.

No. 568625

Yeah they can’t handle the fact that women think they’re gay so they call them jealous instead.

They do that defense mechanism w men to. If men make fun of them for it they will say those men are just mad that they don’t date trans. The delusions and defense mechanisms are very strong from men who have a crush on Blaire.

No. 569688

Yeah, pretending women are jealous when you couldn’t get one to date you no matter how hard you tried so you had to date a man is funny but sad almost kek

Yup, they also say that dominating another man (trans) is the straightest and most alpha thing you can do, unironically.

Side note Robbie and his bf are so degenerate, I really feel like he is only a glorified crossdresser. They are both so into the fact that he has a dick which doesn’t scream dysphoria to me.

No. 569717

Oh my gosh I’ve seen men say that in her comments to try to rationalize that they are “straight”. That “having sex with a smaller man and dominating him is alpha so it’s straight”. And that comment had hundreds of upvotes. Yikes.

Yeah when those nerdy ugly fan boys of Blaire call girls who disagree w Blaire jealous and ugly, it’s so ironic because I bet those girls that they put down would never even date those guys in real life if the guys asked them.

So the question is do they really think they’re jealous or are they just salty at women cuz they can’t get one. So white knighting a tranny makes them feel better cuz trannies don’t remind them of real women who turn them down.

No. 569722

I’ve seen a comment on Blaire’s channel with a lot of upvotes that said “men who date trannies are actually straighter than men who date biological women. Because they are so into femininity and will do anything to chase it even if it’s on a biological man”. The mental gymnastics! I can’t believe so many people agrees with that nonsense. Why is it so hard to admit your gay or bi? It’s accepted these days no need to be so ashamed of it.

No. 569818


Agree about Robbie being a glorified cross dresser. When I used to watch him, he had a stream where he revealed how disgusted he was with vaginas and how he thought they were so gross. Lol you know what’s grosser than a vagina Rob? A “woman” with a penis! Now that is nasty and I don’t see how that’s a turn on at all. It’s disgusting. Shouldn’t he want a vagina if he really wanted to be a woman?

No. 571834

I dont think she hates deformed creatures with axewounds between their legs, just that she pity those incubators.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 571836

Someone is bitter because she wasnt hot even when she was young. Too bad …

No. 571846

blaire is a man with plastic surgery. i honestly don't get why you idiots care so much about these troons, they're not going to fuck you, they chopped their dicks off.

No. 571872

Did you really just reply to a year old post? Seems like you're the bitter one here, anon.

No. 572175

I highly doubt she is bitter, Blaire is not even that hot at all and is a man to boot. I don’t think that person is old either I think she is just saying most trans women don’t look good after 30-35.

Tell me, are u one of those nerdy men who can’t get real women, who pretend that women are jealous of trannies to make themselves feel better, or are u one of those average looking women who thinks Blaire is hot for a woman because they themselves are ugly for a woman?

No one is bitter or jealous of trannies, ppl like u are as delusional as trannies.

No. 572177

Yep, that person is either a tranny, a guy who can’t get a hot girl so he has no choice but to turn to trannies, a tranny chaser, or an average looking female Blaire fan.

I noticed hot women who are fans of Blaire simply compliment Blaire but never say she’s hotter than real women or call others who disagree with them ugly and jealous. It’s ironically the ugly men and women who say that, hmm interesting…

No. 572202

Well Blaire already looks old for his age. He doesn’t look 23-24. More like 28-29.

No. 572421

They knew her pesonally, I think they would know if that she hated them, not pitied them. Why would she try to be a woman if she pitied them? That makes no sense. and she has admitted on stream that before she fully transitioned she did hate on real women out of jealousy.

And Yeah because Blaire’s broad shouldered man body with fake tits is so much more normal looking than a real woman’s, who actually have curves/look naturally feminine with no surgeries/paddings or appearance tricks. An “axe wound” (vagina) is much better than a hormone induced, plastic surgery-d up man with a tiny shriveled up dick that can’t even get fully erect anymore due to hormones. That is just creepy and gross.

No. 572650

File: 1525355854506.png (300.53 KB, 822x468, bout to strangle a hoe like a …)

his hands are G I G A N T I C

No. 572651

itty, bitty
blaire has a nose like,
missy piggy.

No. 572743

>you may not like it, but this is what peak femininity looks like.

No. 572894

This is sarcasm right?

No. 573547

File: 1525441491513.jpeg (Spoiler Image,99.22 KB, 620x1102, 987BC264-52A9-4E92-BE6A-7F2115…)

I saw this and couldn’t help but think about how this is what Blaire’s probably going to look like at 60

Bad fake tits, fridge bod, blowup doll lips. Just photoshop a spray tan and black hair on this thing and you’ve got grandpa Blaire

No. 573643

File: 1525450716903.jpg (Spoiler Image,31.57 KB, 640x596, this-is-the-ideal-male-body-yo…)

It's a meme

No. 573870

Definitely, Blaire is looking very plastic surgery-ish already. He’s already starting resemble this person. This definitely looks like 35-40 year old Blaire (Blaire will look like this way before 60 by how he is aging now). Blaire’s appearance already reminds me alot of big ange after Blaire dyed his hair black and got a tan.

No. 573874

I bet this picture would turn on Blaire’s fan boys. The idea of a man dressed as a woman w awful fake tits seems to drive them crazy.

No. 573904

That walk……lmao. Yeah, I don't know any real woman who walks like that. Blaire is like a parody of a woman…..it's ridiculous. Maybe this is why Rad-fems don't want them apart of their group.

No. 573925

Yeah women have a natural feminine walk to them but Blaire is forcing it (as men don’t have hip structures the same as women) so it just looks ridiculous. Blaire probably comes off like a caricature because natural womanly ways don’t come off natural for him so everything is forced or with a conscious effort.

TERFS actually make more sense than feminists do about trans. I don’t get how feminists are ok with trans because trans try to represent the type of femininity that feminists are fighting against. So it’s contradictory to the movement. TERFS actually don’t contradict in that sense. Not a feminist or terf by the way, but the way trans women act/the woman they strive to be (and fail at as they just come off as flamboyant as opposed to hyper feminine) is totally contradictory and hyproctial for feminists to represent. Atleast TERFS are in line with the principles of their own movement, I’ll give them credit for that.

No. 573928

Same fag but I also don’t think any of the women here are TERFS the way that other anons further up have suggested. It’s just common sense to know trans aren’t part of women (u don’t have to be feminist or terf to see that). I’m right leaning so not a leftist or feminist. Just because u don’t hate women doesn’t make u a feminist. Just because u know Blaire is not a woman and refuse to put Blaire in that category does not make u a terf. It’s just common sense, nothing radical about it.

No. 574264

Yeah Blaire is most likely going to look like this. They have the same face shape. And body shape.

No. 582114

I’m not sure how ppl can find trans sexually attractive. I’m not into trans at all. As a straight leaning woman, I would much rather hook up with a real woman than a trans woman. I would much rather hook up with a cute real guy than a hot trans man. Pumped with hormones and lots of plastic surgery is gross to me. I guess I’m just wired different.

No. 583266

I noticed that Blaire wants to have his cake and eat it too.
Blaire: “if you are trans and don’t look like a woman, it’s ok to refer to you as a man or he, for practically reasons. It’s inconvenient”
Also Blaire: gets super butt hurt when people call him a man or a he
If it’s for practicality reasons Blaire, than why are your FEELINGS getting hurt? He just wants all other trannies to be referred to as he and a man except him. What a dumbass.

No. 583550

She isn't accusing anyone so there's no innocent until proven guilty party to defend. Plus compared to many others where a motive is obvious her story isn't really suspicious in the slightest. I'm sorry we don't hate women as much as we do in your head.

No. 583555

What makes her racist again? That she sees negative aspects Islam and BLM? Islam is not a race, it's a religion that was started by a pedophilic warlord. BLM is not a race either. Only an organization that claims to represent one.

No. 583564

For better or worse(usually worse)everyone has an idea in their head of what a woman looks like, and what a man looks like, so of course a man that did everything he could to look like a woman would be slightly cut up by still not being seen as one. She also largely retracted and apologized for having the first opinion(that probably only existed because of insecurity)after learning Riley Dennis sought surgery as well.

No. 583566

Lots of people just like boobs no matter who they're attached to.

No. 583577

Even Blaire knows that Blaire isn't a woman. She just also explains that it considerably helps with her mental well being to be called by certain pronouns regardless. To me it's a simple enough request when she's done so much to make it easy for us, but w/e, you do you. As for whether or not those that identify as women while having XY chromosomes should always be allowed to enter women's spaces that's not even something that Blaire argues for so it doesn't fit the thread.

No. 583581

It's not really that weird. Lots of women hate vaginas. There's no law that says you need to love your genitals.

No. 583587

what's the point in replying to 7 month old shit to wk blaire?

No. 583588

It only really annoyed me because I see pumping gas and buying cans of paint as less man things than basic life skill things. Meaning I also saw it as Joey trying to project what a tough straight alpha he is; totally not just an insecure gay man.

No. 583598

Missed the date when I started replying and then didn't see the harm in continuing. It's not like posts being older makes them any more valid.

No. 583763

goddamn it sage this bullshit

No. 584093

Blaire fans are so annoying. They all say the same unconvincing come backs over and over. If u read far back up, u didn’t notice other Blaire fans have already said what u just did?
“Even Blaire knows Blaire isn’t a woman” ok and? So he agrees with me, is that supposed to make me change my mind? Why do all Blaire fans say this. Yes we know Blaire says he’s not a real woman and i agree. He still wants to be called one and seen as one even though he knows he’s not one. I don’t care if he has dysphoria, or if he tries to look like one (and fails). Take that lame argument somewhere else.

Blaire always makes fun of other trannies for not passing (even though he doesn’t either to anyone with common sense) he doesn’t care about their disphoria does he? (And yes he still does it, what recent apology are u talking about?)

I hate when ppl say “but Blaire has disphoria!” they say it as if anyone cares. Ohh boo hoo. Do u or Blaire have such sympathy for ppl with other mental ill-nesses? Probably not, I already know Blaire doesn’t, seen him putting down other ones like anorexia.

Not gonna reply if u respond, cuz I know you’re just going to repeat some other unconvincing repetitive Blaire fan arguments. “Blaire’s not a woman but we should call ‘her’ one out of respect!!”.

No. 584130

Ugh yeah. They get so moralistic when it comes to “Blaire’s” dysphoria. Do they really give a fuck about it or any other mental illnesses for that matter? They don’t care when an ugly tranny has dysphoria (even though Blaire is kind of weird/ not good looking to me but her fans find her attractive). Blaire certainly doesn’t care if an ugly tranny has dysphoria. To her they should be called he and him if they don’t look the part. I have literally seen a comment that said “I don’t care about an ugly trannies dysphoria” on one of her latest vids that had quite a lot of likes.

I notice her fans have two conflicting arguments. “We should call Blaire a she cuz she has dysphoria! How terrible!” And “we should only call passable trans she for practicality reasons (like a previous anon
mentioned), if they look the part they’re a she, if they don’t too bad I’m calling them a he.”

Even the Blaire fan here did that. “We should call Blaire a woman cuz she has dysphoria!” And then “well we should call her a woman cuz she puts in a lot of effort and tries to be one!” . You know damn well they wouldn’t cry dysphoria with an uglier tranny lmao.

No. 584134

Same fag, sorry I forgot to mention why the arguments are conflicting (if it wasn’t obvious enough, but I know someone will be confused). They’re conflicting because a non passing tranny could also have dysphoria. So do u go with “oh let’s refer to him as she cuz they have dysphoria!” Or do you go with “well it’s not practical to call him a she if he doesn’t look like a woman”. One can have dysphoria and not pass at the same time, what then lol. Well I already know the answer, at that point to Blaire fans, then the dyshoria doesn’t matter lol.

No. 584165

Don’t forget the argument “the other trans don’t put in the effort so I’ll call them a he”. It’s like, u dumbass, they do put in the effort (dressing like a woman/wearing makeup/a wig/heels) they just don’t pass! Regardless of how much effort they put into it. Or they put the unpassing trannies into the same category as the sjw’s who want to be referred to as whatever they want with no efforts. Basically if you’re an ugly tranny you get accused of not putting effort and of just being a man in a wig. Ironically Blaire seriously looks like a lanky man in a wig to me as well, especially before the surgeries.

Un-related but I also find it funny that Blaire blames getting too thin at one point on veganism. You know he did that on purpose to look less bulky and manly. To lose the male bulk (that he has gained back). Most trans have anorexia for that reason.

No. 584326

That Blaire fan..Blaire honestly has the most annoying/cringiest fan base. I wonder if Blaire is aware of that herself but just goes along with pretending to like them to make money.

No. 584369

Remember when ppl would make fun of black ppl for being into trannies. Saying “oh all black men are into trannies” it was considered gay then. Plot twist, It turns out white men are waaaay more into trannies (atleast the beta ones), her fan base for example. Mostly beta white guys. And now they say it’s straight. Oh so it’s gay when black men like them but as soon as they do “oh it’s straight now”. I think it is bi for the record.

No. 584392

You are an idiot. Blaire thought a vagina was gross because she doesn’t want one. She’d rather have a penis. She didn’t mean it in the way that u meant. Why are trans allies so obsessed with thinking ppl who prefer to have the genitals that correspond with their sex, or ppl who want their partners to have genitals that correspond to their sex and gender, are genital obsessed/only care about genitals? I’m a woman and I prefer to have my vagina/am
not totally repulsed by it or by the idea of
having it. That does not mean I am obsessed or am in love with my genitals..what is wrong with you?

No. 584570

Yeah, if you say you don’t want to date a man with a vagina or a woman with a penis, or that u want to date someone who isn’t trans they will say that you’re just obsessed with genitals lol. No I just prefer someone who is their biological gender (aka a normal person). Or they’ll say genitalia isn’t important and if u don’t think so than you’re obsessed with genitalia. It’s like um what? It kind of is important! I’m not obsessed with dick but I only date biological men with dicks, I don’t want a man with a vagina and no that doesn’t mean I’m obsessed with genitalia.

No. 584591

So if he can admit that it's a mental illness, doesn't shame straight men or gay women into dating him, and will only get annoyed whenever he's called a he what exactly is the fuss? So long as he's not hysterical about and isn't calling for anything to be written into law it's hard to give a fuck. She DID always make fun of some other cows for not passing but has apologized and reformed so that's not an issue either.

Now putting people down for having anorexia, THAT is fucked up. Let's talk about that instead.

No. 584614