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No. 584427


Previously on the uwu small bun and shitty daddy dom trainwreck show:

Summary of her past:

>In her pre-internet days used to be a typical guido looking trash, was a bully in high school

>Discovered internet and got addicted to male attention so hard she dropped her education (film school) and became a Boxxy skinwalker
>Spent her days constantly attention whoring on Unichan, trying to be "the better Boxxy", pretended she's a "shy nerdy gurl uwu"
>Went on a vacation to Mexico with few unichan neckbeards. Obese one named Kenny stole her phone and posted her nudes on the net because she rejected his advances.
>Befriended an unichan guy (Ian) who would later become first lolcow.farm admin; possibly gains a mod status, uses it to know who is shit-talking about her on lolcow.farm (2014)
>Dated a seemingly normal guy, dumped him because her fanbase didn't approve she is dating a black guy and because he told her that she should get off the internet.

>Starts a youtube channel "shoe0nhead" supposedly for criticizing feminism - though she doesn't present any valid arguments instead uses her internet "fame" to shit-talk women and present herself as "not like the other girls".


>Almost 27- Still addicted to internet (male) attention- no education other than high school, no career prospects, no skills.

>No real personality either, changes her opinions constantly based on what will make her gain fans.
>Dates an obese guy with intellectual disabilities who treats her like shit - Desperately wants to be seen as a young girl.
>Acts like a teenager online even though she's almost 30, can't form argument worth shit
>Lies about her past, pretends she was a "friendless wallflower shy nerd girl uwu" even though she was a popular guido with tons of friends who bullied nerds.
>Still obsessed with shitting on women while she coddles men like babies, huge double standards
>Still a bully, now online, sends her fans to attack smaller channels and random people she doesn't agree with (never goes after big channels).
>Huge coward, will block you if you point out her hypocrisy. (She will block your followers too)
>Googles her name all day - finds comments about her that don't even mention her directly.
>Makes everything about her, can't talk about a topic without inserting herself in it.
>Has nothing to put on her resume except "dunking on terfs xd"
>Got dragged by Brittany Venti and some of her former alt-right chan buddies for throwing Lauren Southern under the bus for trans and leftist brownie points
>It failed horribly, and after June trying pathetically to backtrack, it reseulted in vid related and people on both ends of the political spectrum are sick of her shit now
>Still pulling her hair out while her bf flirts with other girls on twitter, the only defenders who seem to care about her getting roasted are her troon skinwalker fan Mayu and a few of her lolicon beta orbiters

No. 584430

Sorry for not adding anything to the OP. Previous thread: >>579777

No. 584433

Another old thread: >>572499

No. 584436

so in the old threads, what should be dug up further?
Also any new discord caps, any discord anons here?

No. 584440

she just logged on to discord but is talking about blocking fraud cards from patreon

No. 584441

meaning people who used fake cards to pay?

No. 584442

Fraud cards?

No. 584443

That confirms she either is looking at the threads or has seen Brittany's video.

No. 584444

File: 1526441694502.png (8.92 KB, 630x81, shuwu.png)

Nothing really going on.


No. 584445

Is there proof of her being with other guys romantically before 22? I know at the end of the video in the previous thread that she shouted out some guy and said she loved him, who was that even?

No. 584447

ralph retort was streaming about the video and he was taken down for "sexual content"

No. 584448

I've seen some of her fans defending her against Brittany, saying that her old videos were fabricated. But there's proof of her having friends in highschool? Some of those videos/gifs were posted in the vid, so it' s not like they didn't see them/ What did they think Shuwu did? Pay 10 or so people to join in on her streams and pretend to be her friend? Even without that, it's very easy to see that's she's a LOUD, extroverted person.

The vid was good but Brittany should have put more information about June being a bully in the present day. Like how she bullied that schizophrenic guy, or those old women or those young SJW girls. Plenty of people have stories about being harassed by her wks because she posted their usernames on Twitter. Some of her orbiters are handwaving the video because it's filled with old information.

No. 584449

June, it's not having fun off the internet if you're obsessively reading your threads and watching Brittany's video :^)

No. 584450

What source are her fans using for the "she was just doing fake story time videos!"

Also none of them seem to want to acknowledged all the bj gifs and videos where shes hanging out with a ton of friends.

No. 584451

>Brittany should have put more information about June being a bully in the present day

that's actually ok imo. that means there's ammo if june tries to convince everyone that she's changed.

No. 584454

other than the mentally ill guy what else is there

No. 584455

File: 1526441980284.jpg (120.57 KB, 1200x1200, xD5o8PK.jpg)

so what does this mean? i'm guessing they've finally taken their relationship to the next step and moved their leashing from indoors to outdoors. greg's probably taking her for a walk rn

No. 584456

The one time she wants to have fun "outside of the internet" is when she's being exposed as a liar.

What a fucking coward. Doesn't she realize she owes her fans an explanation? It's clear a lot of them are hurt to see they've been lied to

No. 584457

their dicks

No. 584458

the girl from pull who said shoe's fanbase attacked her

No. 584460

She was promoting his vlog channel, so it's a real guy, not a lie like she says.

No. 584461

What are her discord fans saying about the video? Are they triggered?

No. 584465

and magdalen burns who has terminal brain cancer.

she knowingly goes after people (mostly women) who are easy targets because she can't argue for herself. she needs her wks to do her bidding for her. notice how she ~conveniently~ is now having fun outside, despite normally being glued to her computer and latching onto all other internet drama for attention.

No. 584466

I wish, these beta bitches are too scared to bring it up, I think. Hasn't been brought up. Shuwu was off watching Infinity War with Preg, don't know if she's seen the video

No. 584467

No. 584469

>these beta bitches are too scared to bring it up
It's almost like a cult. Don't want to bring up something that might get everyone else to turn on you! Just keep everything squeaky queen for shuwu's safespace discord

No. 584470

fake credit cards. maybe she suspects the people posting discord caps are getting through credit card fraud

No. 584471

File: 1526442589947.png (109.33 KB, 1026x638, 1523584840123.png)

it would be good if we had other examples of june sending her fanbase to attack people who don't have platforms

there was the one older "terf" woman whose videos may have been cringe but she was clearly 50+ with a tiny following

No. 584472

meant to reply to >>584442
my bad.

No. 584473

Lmao how convenient that everything Wig has ever said was apparently a lie.

No. 584474

Alright. So the convenient timing of this is telling me that she’s seen the video or someone informed her that the discord chats were leaked.

Such creamy fresh milk tonight lol

No. 584476

didn't shuwu get pissy magdalen had her patreon link in her twitter bio, too? i know we have a cap of that in an old thread.

No. 584479

4:04 Calls a pretty average looking girl a "fat fuck"
Two years old but more recent than a lot of the stuff being posted. I think she also talks about "ugly bitches" or something using snapchat filters.

No. 584481

That was Dankula's girlfriend, saying she must be a greedy cunt for only having her patreon link in her description. Pretty sure it was in response to June saying Magdalen sucks though.

No. 584482

Why would shuwu be so sensitive about just a few caps? Either she's mad she ain't getting those well deserved patreon shekels from one or two ppl or she talked about things she wouldn't want the direct public to know.

No. 584483

June called mags an attention whore.

I remember because she peaked irony levels with that statement.

No. 584485

>Fat fuck McGee

What the fuck, isn't that the curvy body type that she's always saying that she wants? Jesus Christ.

No. 584486

File: 1526443010962.png (88.73 KB, 170x253, hips.PNG)

this thicc cutie is what june calls a 'fatfuck'. but i thought you loved thicc girls and have always wanted to be thicc, june? that's what you claimed. that you always wanted to be thicc until pregs showed you to how to love your toothpick legs

No. 584489

File: 1526443131826.png (13.75 KB, 434x187, failure.PNG)


No. 584491


Why talk about anything that you don't want the public to know in a discord chat? Did Wig really think her discord chat was some safe-space? lol

No. 584492

File: 1526443176936.jpg (46.51 KB, 707x393, g9dJF2m.jpg)

"fat fuck mcgee" alright june, i thought you liked thicc chicks?

as always, it's funny when she goes after other women for wanting compliments when her entire existence is based around male validation.

No. 584494


What's hilarious is that Preg would love for Wig to have this woman's measurements.

No. 584495

Preg's noodle arms trigger the fuck out of me

No. 584498

File: 1526443516751.jpg (56.36 KB, 648x960, DnxorUJ.jpg)

his exwife was around that size. y'know, the very exwife june is obviously very insecure about :^)

No. 584499

Same I hate tubby guys with stick arms. It's even more annoying shoe tries to push him as having "some muscle" bitch, where?

No. 584501

she attacks women throughout this vid but 2:48 is so telling that preg's accumulation of sex partners was very much not her idea

No. 584504

how old is this video?
june wishes she had that hip/waist ratio, probably why she calls her fatty

No. 584507

Lol, she looks way better than June, not everyone wants to have a 12-year-old boy body with bolt-on tits. Keep photoshopping your waist so you pretend to have a disney princess waist cos you're so smol uwu

No. 584509

july of 2016 so she was skinny at this point, but didn't have the disney princess waist and hips she wants to believe she did. this woman is pretty curvy and nowhere near being a fatfuck. this isn't that old of a vid.

No. 584510

isn't this the video where all she says throughout it is "WHO??"
she looks so different in the thumbnail, did she pull a yumi and shoop her thumbnail?

No. 584511

agreed, greg probably fapped to this chick too, sucks to suck june

No. 584512

File: 1526444173185.jpg (175.88 KB, 881x1280, qt.jpg)


I bet June is seething with jealousy over Brittany's qt feminine body. Will she call her a fatty too?

No. 584516

I actually think its better that she didn't include anything about June's wks going after people. People will just say "well, June can't control her entire audience"

Also, Brittney is known to be quite a troll and people could probably find examples of her audience doing similar things (although obviously not to the same extent) or even Brittney doing things like that. So, her keeping it out kinda prevents her looking hypocritical to Shoe's audience.

No. 584518

Preg def fapped to Britt at one point. He was following her before all this :^) but its ok because its all part of that 24/7 bdsm relationship right shuwu?

No. 584519

Well her sub count is actually dropping, it appears.

No. 584520

kek yes it's legit dropping live


this is so delicous

No. 584522

File: 1526444547863.png (94.15 KB, 3090x300, enlightened.png)

There's a /pol/ thread about this whole thing and the results are pretty funny.

No. 584523

File: 1526444572398.jpeg (317.42 KB, 1122x1096, BD36841A-78A5-4B52-A6AD-C8E874…)

No. 584524


I bet Wig had to tell Preg to unfollow Brittany, not like Preg would willingly give up fap material for Wig's sake.

No. 584525


No. 584526

ahahaha this is glorious

No. 584527

this wench is finally facing repercussions for her actions. feels good

doubt it'll last too long though. all she has to do is shit out another stale "le feminist cringe XDDD" vid and she'll gain them right back and be back her usual self.

No. 584529

File: 1526444805272.png (1.55 MB, 1122x1096, uwu.png)

No. 584532

she's down 5 subscribers in literally like 4 minutes. doubt it'll keep this pace, but it's still hilarious

as long as it loses SOME of her subscribers and she shits her pants/has a crisis of self awareness, i'll be happy

No. 584533

Lmfao, yas

No. 584535

top kek

No. 584539

She's lost about fifty in the last hour or so going by >>584410

No. 584542


When Wig is 30+ and a fatty herself (she's gaining weight fast) will the "look feminist cringe XD" still work to keep her incel fanbase interested? I doubt it.

No. 584543

No. 584546

Wow, she lost a lot on Saturday. I hope she loses more than that tonight.
Anyone remember what happened on May 4th?

No. 584551

>that first comment
eugh, /pol/ is such a shithole. willing to bet the fag who wrote that looks like he could be related to prego

No. 584557

File: 1526446896222.png (16.78 KB, 621x203, O38nbFO.png)

No. 584558

File: 1526447084964.png (71.23 KB, 582x404, takedown.png)

The same thing happened to The Ralph Retort stream on it.

No. 584565

I believe that was around the time her being a cuck and the "pedophilia is a side-kink" ask were posted, so those could be a couple reasons she lost so many subscribers. That, or youtube was doing an inactive subscribers purge on her channel.

No. 584580

>“Whats up w being scared walking alone at night, don’t you have a car?? GET A CAR!”
Holy fuck she’s stupid. Maybe if she goes outside more often she’d understand what an everyday woman would feel in the streets but I guess she’s too busy leeching off her mommy and daddy uwu so smol and secured introvert

No. 584584

and yet she said this >>584282

No. 584594

June BTFO'd

No. 584602

I'm not sure if that is a Sleepy Cabin reference or not

No. 584606

File: 1526451769936.jpg (22.99 KB, 617x500, hitler kawaii desu ne uwu.jpg)

They had a painting hitler painted on the Shoe discord. It's probably more of laughing with June thing instead of a Sleepy Cabin reference.

No. 584608

File: 1526451852616.jpg (36.88 KB, 617x500, "i can see meme potential".jpg)

No. 584616

brit posted shoe's subscriber count dropping and said she was surprised it'd have this much of an impact. lots of losers posting that it's not her that's causing it, but it honestly has to be, because she has gone down by like 150 in an hour. i know these things go up and down, but i doubt they go down so drastically in an hour or so.

No. 584620

The part of the killstream that didn't get flagged and taken down. They say the original stream was mass flagged for having nudity of a minor in it. Those white knights are fighting oh so valiantly for wiguu rn.

No. 584624

Pity her tits are fake. Ruins the whole body. She'd be a godess without fake tits.

No. 584632


Does every not-fat girl with big tits have fakes to you people?

No. 584635


I don't think they're fake.

No. 584638

Do you guys think Wiggy is flagging all those videos?

Is this her idea of "fun time off the internet"?

No. 584640

I don't think so. The guy said he was having trouble with a different group of people unrelated to Shoe.

No. 584662

anons pls help. I am so smol I pretty much look like a japanese school girl uwu!! tho I look even younger than ugly asian cunts obv! like people even mistake me for being a toddler and obvs i dont want this!!! help ;_; what can I do to look mature? ~_o

No. 584695

Ah shit it might not be perfect but, that formspring post where she admits to being a bully to "weebs" could be proof to her fans that the old vids are not "fake story times" because why would she lie about being a bully on her personal faq? Plus it lines up with the scarf girl vid.

No. 584697

File: 1526466900617.png (173.63 KB, 477x699, image.png)

Shuwu getting paranoid and removing Patreon pledges.
She's been lurking in the discord chatroom for some time now.

You still haven't found me ;)

t. discordfag

No. 584701

Or she could just not talk about highly personal shit in discord.

No. 584702

But then she wouldn't be able to boast about how amazing her life and her sex life is uwu

No. 584706

File: 1526467942306.jpg (366.2 KB, 1798x1492, oh no no.jpg)

whiteknights doing the detective work

keep searching faglets :^))) the milk is out anyways

No. 584707

LOL thank for providing so much milk.

what a fucking retard, she's just removing random pledges?? sounds like someone who really cares about her supporters! it also sounds like she rarely goes on her own discord.

No. 584710

File: 1526468496553.gif (3.72 MB, 347x244, 1399816534495.gif)

anon you're now officially a russian spy.

No. 584714

This is hilarious, be careful anon.

No. 584715

File: 1526469039571.png (1.5 MB, 1280x722, shoeoncollusion.png)


No. 584717

File: 1526469385752.jpg (137.37 KB, 1024x768, shuwu discord.jpg)


coughi-it's not like you can manually change your timezone or anything cough

No. 584718

Here shoe confirms bullying story but downplays how vicious she was because of her uwu image.

No. 584720

File: 1526469799027.gif (1.77 MB, 615x413, my sides.gif)

That too lmao, but better yet…
>There are eleven time zones in Russia, which currently observe times ranging from UTC+02:00 to UTC+12:00. Daylight saving time is not used in Russia (since March 2011).

Russia has 11 timezones. They'll 100% sure end up blaming some random russian betamaster on her discord just because they happen to live in Russia.

No. 584723

so is shuwu just going to remove all her russian pledges then?

the guy that sent brittany that creepy letter is from russia.

how funny would it be if he ended up getting boned during all of this? lol

No. 584727

It appears that david alternative facts guy who was defending shoe to embarassing levels has deleted his twitter now, I wonder if its to do with the video or with blowback he may have got from his followers?

No. 584736

In this bideo super shy wallflower shuwu videos while driving, films herself in a store while strangers pass by, makes more fat girl jokes, comments on seeing a "SUPER HOT" guy and wishes she got him on camera. Ends it with sticking her head out the car window and yelling.

Is this milky? Not really but it's just another vid that shows she was not asexual or this quiet awkward girl that she likes to paint herself today.

Are vids like these worth sharing in the thread? Or would you guys rather i only share ones with big milk like the "i had sex with a 21 year old guy" vid?

No. 584738

This is good, like a summary of all her asinine videos.

No. 584739

Samefag. Another thing is she getting a card for a female friend, which is another contradiction in the "i had no female friends!!"

No. 584740

It's fine to share but just note that many of these have already been posted a dozen times.

No. 584741

the rabbit hole deepens

No. 584747

didnt she turn around and claim she lied aka it didnt fit her persona anymore or she told greg she was a pure virgin

No. 584748

Yeah I don't mean to post old milk. Ik plenty of anons have seen most of her exceptionally bad vlogs but, its part of the recent orbiter debate that she was just "faking" a persona. I think vids like these shoe she's being 100% herself

Real quick, can we takr a second and admire how smol™ her mtf friend was back then?

I wonder what he has to say about all this drama?

No. 584749

No. 584752

File: 1526474946481.gif (2.23 MB, 516x404, ddlg.gif)

currently working on a little video
(pun intended)

No. 584753

Lol her calling her actual father daddy is just fucking me up rn

No. 584755

OHmyfuck you actually used the footage from that ddlg vid based anon

No. 584757

Kek I can't stop looking and laughing

No. 584762

File: 1526475600115.gif (1.22 MB, 280x200, 1410127183253.gif)

that fucking gif.

if that's a quick preview of what your vid is going to be like, i can already tell it's going to be good anon.

No. 584763

"Tyra Banks is FAT"

No. 584766

Lmbo 1:50 "if there's one thing i hate being called, it's a liar"

No. 584775

lmao she's such a fucking basic normie in these videos, "i was a shy gothic nerdy asexual!1" yeah ok june

No. 584792

Why the fuck did sherratt deactivate?

No. 584794

Venti’s impact

No. 584798

I wonder how much groceries know about her past and online presence? Is it possible that he was fooled by her 'virgin kissless uwu' stories? part of me thinks that they both created their fake images to appeal to certain fanbases especially that preggo is trying to build his brand for some time (without success, because of course he is misundertood genious)
I hope she would become now a laughing stock, thats the best outcome in my opinion. Sure, Mags could make a good arguments against shuwu anti-feminist content, but shoe is not a sceptic or trying to be intelectual, and it will be easily dismissed by her fanbase as 'evil terf jealousy'. But with venti? It's perfect. They are on the same level. Actually shoe despite being 'chan meme person' is not as good in trolling, so she has no way out. She will try to ignore it and post some stuff to bring attention elsewhere.

No. 584800

deactivate? what do you mean?
I wonder how the canada visit is going? do you think they both watched Brittany's vid together? I wonder if any questions came up? Funny enough one of the comments under that "i fucked a 21 year old at 17" vid was "does skeptic know about this??"

I doubt she was ever honest to him about her past relationships. It's what he deserves though because he's a cheater and probably also lied to her. I can't imagine what it must be like in a relationship full of so many lies to make yourself look good to your partner.

No. 584810

Well, I meant that maybe despite him knowing or not they made up their personas of 'perfect daddy dom' and 'pure little sub' for views. Probably wig came up with it, we know about her attention seeking behaviours… and its trendy.
But I hope she lied and he believed and now his ego hurts like hell. That would be perfect karma for his lies and cheating. And that the outcome will be something spectacular like breaking engagement. Probably nor, but let me dream.

No. 584811

when you delete your twitter you deactivate it for it to be come back to within 30 days without losing your info. doubt he'll be gone for long. i hope he realizes the error in defending wig and i hope his fans turned on him for it. she's not a lefty and legit makes fucking $100k a year shitting on exclusively lefties but then whispering "im a liberal" to justify it, like sargon.

No. 584828

that guy has his info all mixed up, he thinks "nazi alt-righters" leaked her nudes and contacted her family. all that has happened is one of her sjw fans apparently told her mom she was hanging out with neo nazis.

it's crazy how all her whiteknights don't even know her internet history well. it's clear a lot of them just follow her because "5/10 girl liberal debunking feminists!". The ones who are seeing her old vids are just "fake story times" have barely watched any of them and are just taking her word for it.

they all need to learn how to be skeptical ironically enough lol

No. 584834

Buying card for female friend

Guyyyysssss, I always CRAVED female companionship that I totally never had.

No. 584835

I wonder if brittany will mention it as she retweeted a few of his tweets recently which is how i found out he deactivated because they are now all unavailable

No. 584838

Brittany is going to do a stream tonight regarding the shoe drama so I bet she'll at least mention it there.

No. 584839

Can someone with better skills than me archive this? hooktube and y2mate won't let me download it. I have most of the videos people have been posting here over the last few days.

No. 584842

Good I hope so, I was surprised at him tbh.
Im laughing at all the salty comments in brits shuwu video but also the idiots who are like "oh i liked her/was subbed to her didnt know she was like this now unsubbed" more evidence shuwu's followers are as thick as cow shit.

No. 584873

I had been following David for a long time and after he was defending Shoe, I unfollowed him. I can imagine a lot of people would.

No. 584875

File: 1526483272660.png (211.75 KB, 575x388, ham solo.png)

No. 584884

>ham solo
I'm glad people on twitter are finally feel comfortable with making fun of them. Before no one would because shuwu searches her name all the time and would send her neckbeard fans over to anyone who dared shit talk her. now it's a free for all

No. 584885

this needs to be the next thread pic when the time comes

No. 584888


No. 584893

People are calling June out in the comments of her newest video now, too. Finally people are opening their eyes to all her shit.

No. 584898


No. 584900

I cannot find any

No. 584904

I've listened a few times and I can't hear fat fuck, I hear fat butt?

No. 584906

File: 1526485839859.png (33.66 KB, 825x214, wiguu's comments.png)

No. 584908

You are correct.
I still hate her jealous snake ass though.

No. 584909

File: 1526485912131.png (11.5 KB, 263x98, powsehw uwu.png)

No. 584911

how can people fall for the cute shy uwu thing?
Just by hearing her voice you can instantly realise that she is anything but a shy girl.

No. 584912

File: 1526486087920.png (69.68 KB, 555x377, FTFY.png)

if it's useful information for anyone, you can uwu like shoewu with Emilys Candy. https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Emilys+Candy

No. 584914

Of course wittle Shuwu would use a font based on a little girl going to the candy store…

No. 584916

Is the bunny uwu emoticon part of the font… cause if yes, I want to die.

No. 584918


no, just copied from june's patreon.

I didn't know I wanted an uwudings font until now, though.

No. 584921

Yeah I think she kept calling her “Fatbutt McGee”, iirc she used that term on ask fm before as well. Interesting considering she’s she’s ~totally into t h i c c girls~, which I think is a lie at this point, too.

No. 584924

She has this shit on patreon? Jesus, she's pathetic. Trying so hard to be a smoll bun Shuwu.
Uwu windings would be amazing. 50 shades of uwu

No. 584933

I fell for it. When you only follow shoe casually you don't care to follow her every move. And everyone makes fun of feminists, it's not seen as bullying or mean. What woke me up was to see her sperg so hard on terfs, and target small channels run by older women. Something about that bothered me, it was bitchy in a way making fun of buzzfeed feminist articles wasn't. I guess her stabbing Lauren in the back was a wake up call to a lot of people in the same way.

What permanently changed my mind was hearing wig's story about popping that nerd girl's balloon on her birthday, shit like that cuts deep in high school. I hope that girl is ok.

No. 584936

Same exact story here. I hope Scarf Girl is out there somewhere watching the Brittany video, it'd be sweet justice.

No. 584940

Yeah I used to be a fan of shoe also, but when I started following her twitter I was going through my own drama of having a fake ass toxic friend and I was noticing similarities between her and Shoe. Both in behavior, and how they act towards their SO’s.

Then I found this board and it all went downhill from then on.

No. 584950

what kind of person purposely pops someone's balloon on their birthday just to bully them, that's serious fucked up mean girls shit. june seems genuinely mean spirited

No. 584951

I think a lot of her viewers are just casual youtube people. I'm glad to see not all of her original fans are crazy dumb like her rabid twitter followers who want head pats from her.

It's ironic how shuwu is an antifeminist commentary channel but, has a whiteknight fanbase. Her orbiters make fun of male feminists for being betas but, they are all falling for shuwu's lies and are dismissing any facts about her that aren't positive ones. A lot of them are saying she's being bullied. If shuwu were a guy she'd be getting way more flack for all of this but, orbiters think with their chodes and don't want to believe their smol™ wittle wallflower would have probably bullied them in high school.

No. 584954

Hahah anon are you me? I had a same type of fake friend that behaved very similar to June, uwu.

No. 584959

Did you happen to save that one video June made in response to that Satiratician guy? I believe it was unlisted and posted before in an earlier thread, but I can't seem to find it.
I was able to download that stream using keepdownloading, as well as a couple other videos, if you want to try that.

No. 584961

The same one who bullies and makes fun of a schizophrenic or sends her followers to shit on an old lady's small channel..

I know June might try to play the whole scarf girl story as "that was long time ago, i changed uwu" and yes, a lot of people did something in high school that they regret…BUT June didn't change.

She doesn't really regret what she did. She still does it to people, under the guise of "anti-feminist men's rights activist uwuu"

No. 584965

I don't see how she can say she's changed when she called the schizophrenic homeless vet with ptsd a "crazy shitzo guy" the other day. Bitch is fake as hell.

No. 584969

even if she tries to pull the "i changed" response, it still doesn't explain why she lied in her blogposts, tweets, and askfms about being a shy quiet girl who hanged out with nerd boys uwu. We know it's just to pander to males, so it's easy for us to understand why she's a fake bitch but, her fans will most likely keep believing the "the vlogs were just her faking a persona!" shit. because they're that fucking retarded.

No. 584972

yep. her videos are (ironically) buzzfeed tier clickbait trash that attract the most casual of viewers. most people probably find her after going through a anti-sjw rabbit hole on youtube.

she has ~200k followers on twitter vs ~900k on youtube. most people who watch her videos just know that she likes ~dunkin on~ feminists with poorly researched vids and nothing more. they probably don't know or want to know anything else about her

No. 584981

plus brittany has proof of june and scepthicc making fun of fat women in her video. some of those instances aren't even a year old (like the jogging closeup). how are she and her fans going to explain that? obviously she hasn't grown up if she's still pulling that shit and obviously she wasn't fabricating the bully stories when she's still making fun of people to this day. the same goes to the schizo guy

No. 584983

what timestamp?

No. 584988

nta but someone asks her if she was bullied at 1:30. she admits that she was an asshole, but she's still pushing the ~smol goffic emo scene kid mad at everything~ thing

No. 584991

File: 1526491678678.jpg (10.15 KB, 250x250, 1526415651222.jpg)

There still is a pretty good like to dislike ratio,
When do you think the white knights will start the disliking raid on the video?

No. 584992

Same anon. At 3:24 she said she "wasn't a bully except to this one girl" who apparently bullied her back (yeah, right). She talks about her being an anime loving weeb with a Harry Potter scarf and tail, so yeah it's scarf girl.

She says the girl would draw her with a Hitler stache and stab the drawing. According to her that's much worse than bringing in a guitar and singing about her scarf or popping her birthday balloon and humiliating her in front of the whole class.

Not much else was milky. They just admit that they made fun of everyone behind closed doors and that they became friends in the first place because they would make fun of people with each other.

No. 584994

They are putting their heads in the sand at this point and won't except any evidence you have. I've seen a few of her fans saying, "b-but i-it's just circumstantial! i-i-it's ALL out of context!!!1!!1! fuck you for putting words in her mouth!!!!!!1!!1!1!!11!ONE" One person who commented on Brittany's video even dismissed the whole thing because "well she MIGHT have just mixed up what age she was when she started wearing wigs. all the shit you showed me in this video is now null and void." Nothing will change their perception of their pwecious uwiguu~~~* uwu

No. 584995

as soon as either shuwu or one of her youtube "friends" brings it up on twitter

I'm surprised though, nothing from Blaire, contra, chris ray gun etc. none of them are going out of their way to defend her yet.

No. 585008

I was thinking the same thing. Regina George tier. She seemed so proud of it, too.

No. 585021

It's because neither of them are like June, being friends doesn't necessarily mean you have the same beliefs and act the same way, they are probably feeling secondhand embarrassment right now.

No. 585033

nothing from skinwalker mayu either wtf. now that's surprising

No. 585036

File: 1526494148767.jpeg (286.81 KB, 744x860, 96EBA22A-70F2-4584-AAFD-2CC3FA…)

“People can’t bollie cept for me uwu~

No. 585039

File: 1526494370768.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1920x3024, 724BEC29-29C2-4F9B-BF7F-1537C1…)

No. 585048

I'm sure it on this thread somewhere. But, I know sinatra says made a video about it and linked both of their videos and she did have it linked on her "fake" twitter "misandryqu33n" I believe.

No. 585054

Maybe this?

No. 585061

The only one I would expect MAY speak up to defend her is Contra. But, she may not if she actually look into Shoe's actions and realizes basically everything she claims is just to get mainstream approval.

But, I don't see Chris or Blaire sticking their necks out when one of the main things they've claimed themselves is you can be friends with people with different political views. And I believe both of them have defended Lauren before from people claiming she's an actual neo nazi, and shoe was basically trying to claim the opposite.

I really don't see any of them speaking about it, including Shoe.

I would be interested to see if Pear speaks up since she's been trying so hard to be BFF with Shoe for years and desperately wking her and tweeting her in the past.

That's the milk I need. And I'd love to see Brittany BTFO her over it.

No. 585069

That's it. Thanks, anon.

No. 585070

File: 1526495519472.png (10.05 KB, 891x87, scarfgirlbff.PNG)

i pray this is real. found on brit's vid.

No. 585072

Contra might only bring it up because of that "punching a nazi" tweet. Some of his fans on twitter are claiming he was joking

which so far is the only possibly wrong thing brittany put in the video, it still doesn't change the point she made.

No. 585074

oh god she's from Long Island.. I need to know more

No. 585077

b-but i thought shuwu was a shy awkward girl ;-;?

No. 585081

I wish Brittany added a few more recent things to the video.

Calling ContraPoints dumb in her private discord.

Being a mod on Lolcow which was created by her friend, where she was able to hunt down people who were talking about her.

The "shitzo" thing about the schizophrenic man recently.

All of this is recent enough and it points in the direction of her mean-spiritedness.

No. 585084

how is she considered cute her voice is so unattractive

No. 585086

not to mention calling pedophilai a sidekick

No. 585095

Someone asl her to share the details - omfg, I need this.

No. 585096

Yeah but at least it means there is always more material if Shoe makes a response video :^)

No. 585097

>out steps the hottest man i have ever seen in my life. oh my god he was gorgeous
so asexual!

No. 585098

it might be smart to save extra stuff before dishing it all out in case shuwu responds with the typical "those were just old vids!" "why do you care about preg and I's bdsm relationship!" etc, Brittany can just take the recent stuff back in her face.

No. 585100

she didn't feel attraction to anyone until Grocery awakened her inner bdsm loli!!! uwu

No. 585106

her inner goddess is doing the merengue with some salsa moves

No. 585109

>''I'm only emotionally attracted to men uwu''

No. 585111

I wonder if preg honestly believes her "i was just playing it up to be seen as cool!" shit and thinks she was asexual until him. He would have every right to be mad if he ever found out the truth.

It also again shows shuwu is completely forcing the "preg is so attractive" even from her own perspective. The fact that she needs to literally lie about her sexuality to make others and him believe he's totally a husky lumberjack daddy is so pathetic

No. 585112

I've just got a funny thought in my mind.

What if Wiggy contacts Ian the 1st admin to get our IP addresses so she can block us on social media hahahahah

No. 585114

File: 1526497217313.png (10.38 KB, 484x178, asexual virgin waifu.png)

Reminds me of this ask he got https://ask.fm/ArmouredSkeptic/answers/131378765659
I wonder what the story behind that is kek

No. 585116

FUCKING HELL THIS. Maybe this is another reason she tries to push the smol stuff, because her voice is so fucking harsh and manly

No. 585120

She gives trans vibes too, even her skinwalker friend Mayu likes to joke that she went through "transition".

No. 585121

When did she csll contra points dumb link link

No. 585122

I would want shuwu to see how smol i am tbh. I think she'd be jelly uwu.(no1curr)

No. 585125

No. 585126


If he believed ANY of June's bullshit, he would have to change his name to armoured dumbass, because I'm not sure how a skeptic could take anything on face value.

No. 585132

kek I bet that bugs her! I only heard her for the first time today when i watch venti's video but fucking damn, how can people stand shoes videos? Gilbert gottfried sounds downright sexy in comparison .

No. 585136

Brit's a butterface for sure. Her body is great, especially her legs.
Yeah she sounds like a goddamn man. I wish the EY IM WALKIN HERE BADA BING BADA BOOM image had been the OP img.

No. 585150

The video is more relevant rn tho. I do like that Badabingimwalkubg here image tho.

No. 585155

Inevitably though, isn’t June just going to fall back on her “I make comedic content” excuse?

No. 585162

Ah, right, comedy.
I must've missed that improv class on bullying

No. 585188

File: 1526501160098.png (88.7 KB, 476x579, coherentstates.PNG)

coherentstates attacking brittany over the shoe vid. idk why she's trying to downplay that shoe is an absolute cuck and has pandered to right wing chantards for like 10 years w "BRITTANY IS THE ULTIMATE CUCK", like, yeah, we obv know that? obv brittany is pandering dangerous quasi-fascist garbage for $$ too but at least she doesn't attack brain cancer victims or homeless people?? the only reason why june doesn't hop on that train is because she doesn't want to be held accountable for her waivering by participating in more extreme thought. it's also why despite trying to flirt with the far left, she still primarily only mocks the left and makes no jokes about how fascists are going to get kicked out of her utopia – only commies. it's obviously right wing favoritism for cash, just not as extreme. just because june flours tranny nutsack on the daily doesn't mean she isn't an opportunistic fencesitter, lefties.

coherentstates is a MIT grad going to harvard for quantum optics and she's embarrassing herself on twitter stanning for shoe. what has gotten into these leftists?

No. 585191

Surprised more people haven't talked about this. Everyone is always so creeped out by the DDlg stuff with septic, but the fact that Septic looks SOOOO much like her actual father is what makes it so icky and weird to me. Also, she seems to have a perfectly fine/healthy relationship with her father (i.e. doesn't seem like her dad neglected or abused her but also doesn't seem like he was overbearing or the weird type that'd threaten to shoot her bfs). Most "littles" tend to be people who either never had a father figure or people with really cliche Daddy Issues, not people with healthy legit father-daughter bonds. Maybe I'm reading way too much into it, but ddlg becomes infinitely creepier and more disgusting if the little has no actual daddy issues and isn't filling up a void caused by never having a loving male adult present during childhood.

Also any child over the age of 8 calling their dad "daddy" is so fucking gross in general. June doing it is like the epitome of fucking gross, though.

No. 585192

File: 1526501347537.png (26.53 KB, 473x273, venti.PNG)

the irony. brittany really needs to include the schizo mocking, calling troons 'trannies' but never being apprehended for it while shitting on radfems as if she is any better, calling contra 'dumb', and ideally, LC IP farming

No. 585195

File: 1526501510602.png (431.4 KB, 605x1280, rationaldis.png)

Here's another of her lefty friends completely disregarding the video because Brittany is a fashy uwu

No. 585196

guess she missed the part in the vid where june calls /pol/ "delightful"

i guess she's also missed the past 5 years wherein june has actively pandered to the ~alt-right~ and /pol/ and purposely became public friends with lauren in order to please them. it's only now that she's changed her mind and decided to go all faux-liberal

No. 585199

>MIT grad going to harvard for quantum optics

Well, no one ever said wealth and privilege can buy common sense!

No. 585201

>she's just an asshole lol
and june isn't? ngl brittany can be kind of annoying but at least she seems to own it from what i've seen. june hides behind this fake image of being a "smol bean" and "kind mom" to her young fans who'd she happily rip apart and lambaste on twitter the second they even slightly disagree with her.

No. 585202

File: 1526501820482.png (24.71 KB, 631x269, xttHcHK.png)

No. 585204

There has been a lot of stuff around Coherent States lying about where she goes to school and what she does on twitter.

No. 585205

exactly. she pandered to pol purposely, STILL compliments them despite them being so fucking awful, calls MRAs 'usually very nice', is 'pro-mgtow', AND ONLY backed off of the /pol/ pushing when they started shitting on her for having fucked a black guy. these people are so delusional. she has never ever seemed to have any principles. if she was so principled she wouldn't be fighting to maintain a 'friendship' w lauren to still appeal to the right. she literally threw the left under the bus with this whole fiasco, how is that not obvious to these ppl??

>"we naturally separated"

"it's the left's fault we're not friends!"

No. 585207

File: 1526502049942.png (32.49 KB, 580x142, best hot take.png)

No. 585210

Isn't her name on the MIT and Harvard physics page thing as a student tho? I saw it iirc

No. 585215

Since when do the schools list their students? Link?

No. 585219

I don't know, I don't really follow the drama. I just saw people accusing her of lying about it.

No. 585221

No. 585226

She's def still a dumbass tho. Her dad went to MIT too so who knows what kind of connections got her in there, but she's got fuckall common sense.

No. 585228

Ahhh. She's pretty bold acting like that on twitter. Harvard has kicked people for stupid shit being posted on Twitter.

Thanks for the link.

No. 585236

File: 1526502808536.jpg (28.71 KB, 268x390, Capture.JPG)


No wonder she is stanning June, she is also "smol"

No. 585239

smol and goth!

No. 585240

Why do they all look the same

No. 585241

june always shits on her film school peers and brags about doing better than them (which to be fair she probably is, but that won't last for long since she's almost 30 and her fans will outgrow her)

i remember there was a tweet posted here where she mocked a girl for getting her masters in gender studies and she was also mocking her for taking 6 years to complete her degree.

yeah film/gender studies are worlds away from quantum optics, but you still have to wonder how she would react to june sticking her nose up at people pursuing education. or what about contra, who went for philosophy?

No. 585244

It's really annoying to me that despite going to MIT and Harvard for applied physics and shit, shes defending June who does nothing but shit on women who aren't like her, with professional careers and interests and actual proficiency in shit. Like, shoe should be the last person she should be defending tbqh

No. 585245

I honestly wouldn't mind Brittany taking her down a peg or two either. Sherratt is a stan for her too.

No. 585247

File: 1526503042281.jpg (23.27 KB, 551x141, Capture.JPG)

i think she might be autistic tbh fam

No. 585250

LMAO silly anon, contra has a peen. He could get a degree in cryptozoology and she'd kiss his ass

No. 585252

Holy shit does she actually think that could be a possibly?

No. 585255

she's one of those scientists who believes because she's extremely qualified in one field, her opinions regarding all other fields are equally valid

No. 585257

Don't worry anon-chan! By that time Shoe will become a ~uwu housewife uwu~ while her fat daddy Pregory goes back to driving buses.

No. 585258

I'm glad Brittany made the video about Shoe and some people realizing Shoe isn't what she says she is.Sadly it won't damage her "Youtube Career" bc for some reason Shoe is still likable, but then again most of her fans are around the age of 14-18, so they're impressionable kids. The only good thing is, a few years from now, the topic of feminism will die out just like atheism did, and Shoe will have to get an actual job but will struggle bc all she's done with her time is yell about feminism. Plus employers do search applicants up, so she probably won't be able to find a decent job, with that all that foul shit about her thats available online. LOL.

No. 585259

and then he can eat away at her savings to buy star wars toys. a happy ending just like in those disney movies! ; 3;

No. 585266

bpd is a hell of a drug

No. 585268

they're not like the other girls!

No. 585269

>June was NOT a shy nerdy goth because xyz

She was until probably her sophomore or junior year. Until then, from what she’s always said, yes she was pretty friendless. Like a lot of people she learned that being a bully will make you feel better about yourself and make people like you. Then she became friendless again in college and started obsessing on the internet.

And her virginity story was re-told a thousand different times during her unichan days; it’s not really my place to just give out personal info but she basically admitted that she was still a virgin. There was a story where she nearly did lose her virginity but then her parents came home or something of the sort. It wasn’t some big secret. Assuming her ex bf was her first? But they likely weren’t very sexually active and they were long distance.

Everyone wants there to be a conspiracy. Most of these “lies” she supposedly tells are a matter of not using your logic. I don’t want to believe lolcow is this bad at logic.

No. 585280

the wks and beta orbiters have arrived

No. 585283

File: 1526504463872.gif (2 MB, 310x368, BR-ed20bf4.gif)

she literally said that she had sex with a 20/21 year old guy in one of her old vlogs lmao

No. 585287

No but their logic is she was a liar then, but she would definitely never lie to fit in now. Just back then. She's totally honest 100% now.

No. 585288

>Then she became friendless again in college
When she made >>584736 she was in college, right? That doesn't appear very "friendless" to me

No. 585297


Gee, I wonder why she became friendless? Must have been other stupid women's fault because she is not like the other girls and she never, EVER, throws people under the bus for her own gain.

No. 585306

>she became friendless again in college and started obsessing on the internet.

No. 585315

>being a bully will make you feel better about yourself and make people like you
>make people like you

No it doesn't. It makes you aggressive, and makes others AFRAID of you.
June's just an opportunist, always has, and always will be. And she's done a good job of convincing you she had any kind of innocent past since her freshman year.

Anyway, the issue wouldn't be that she had sex.
The issue is that she's a liar and manipulator.

No. 585316

File: 1526505654525.jpg (67.16 KB, 500x500, poster-fragender-blick-1367253…)

Bunny girl? More like hare

No. 585327

she actually looks like this….

No. 585328

>Like a lot of people she learned that being a bully will make you feel better about yourself and make people like you.

I have never met one person that was relentlessly bullied as June claims she was who then turned and became a bully themselves. Most people who are bullied develop some kind of empathy for others and wouldn't want to put that on anyone else. So I wonder what that says about June as a person.

No. 585340

File: 1526506617832.png (14.79 KB, 576x120, rantingf.png)

Here's June's feminist friend completely missing the point.

No. 585342

File: 1526506768995.png (39.46 KB, 433x327, v8JEe7P.png)

No. 585347

I’m betting that June will never respond to Brittany’s video, I mean what can she gain from doing so kek

No. 585349

True anon, like the hare, June can fool the ignorant into thinking she is smol and cute…however once an innocent creature gets too close an aggressive attack is unleashed…

No. 585350

Preg effectively is an armoured dumbass, tho.

No. 585355

Eh she’s just making fun of Jordan peterson’s style of reasoning. I thought it was funny.

No. 585359


Well I'm sure she wishes she had some

No. 585364

Is she though? She believes in demigirl bullshit so she probably does believe there's some evolutionary component to it if she thinks it's real

No. 585366

File: 1526507942885.png (145.64 KB, 672x1168, xKuMlH3.png)

No. 585367

File: 1526507989632.gif (17.59 KB, 340x340, 1513541578530.gif)

Oh you

No. 585372

File: 1526508210680.png (140.15 KB, 453x703, 888D25A3-4F5F-4AF6-9F3C-928FB4…)

Feels like Christmas came early this year

No. 585376

File: 1526508568162.png (74.92 KB, 1186x537, ZCZTKop.png)

No. 585378


they'd added so much to the page finally

No. 585383

>wears a wig and 7 tons of make up to hide the fact she's bald and has the skin of a leper.


No. 585384

Someone tell the admin that's not quite accurate. For sake of her wkers not dismissing everything if it's the tiniest bit inaccurate, we should stick to the facts. Stamina rose had shut down, Ian saw the opportunity probably for June, or June saw herself, but I doubt it bc it's not like she was involved w the cgl community, and was Unichan meant to come here? I didn't see/read that.

No. 585385

File: 1526508977025.png (Spoiler Image, 577.76 KB, 1820x1776, SHUWU.png)

idk if this will be helpful to anyone who wants a rundown on June's history, but here's a (gigantic, I'm sorry) image of "Shuwu: wig0nhead's Origin Story" provided by an anon from last thread: >>>/snow/579777

No. 585389

File: 1526509295201.jpg (64.81 KB, 645x565, smol.jpg)


for whoever is doing the article, this is great. the 3 part plan is so accurate to what she's been doing lately. it's nice to see the person who's doing this has read the threads

if i can offer a suggestion? take down the door nude, it's been confirm not to be her and trust me, she wants people to think it's her. post more recent pic of what she looks like now like pic related

No. 585391

This is glorious.

No. 585399

File: 1526509658729.jpg (679.79 KB, 1359x609, twoface.jpg)

I doubt he would defend her, nothing really to gain there.. he's smart not to get involved.

No. 585401

These are great lmao

No. 585403

Too bad there's no one who cares enough to pressure her into responding

No. 585405

I used to be a fan of Shoe until I started following her on Twitter and saw how she responded to people who don't agree with her and then naturally discovered this site and holy crap does she have a track record.

I watched the Brittany Venti video and while the girl is annoying, she did bring up some key things about how Shoe isn't as "smol" and sweet as she leads on. But what's really annoying me more are her blind fanboys/fangirls. The things they are saying to justify Shoe's shitty actions but yet would metaphorically ream others for is just sickening. Like damn, you can still like her content without acting like she can't do no wrong.

No. 585407

Shoe's just being a liar here. I won't lie, Contra does look a little better than she did back then but I'm sorry, she does not pass at all. Her voice sounds like a man trying to make himself sound womanly and his face still reads manly. She just looks like a very feminine guy than a passing woman, she is no PrincessJoules.

No. 585408

just because people dislike venti, that doesn't mean she's not in the right here
june is just genuinely a horrible person who keeps getting away with it because of her cutesy act
at least venti doesn't hide behind her cuteness when she's being an asshole
that alone makes her a better person imo

No. 585409

hahahhha yesss. has this made it to contra yet??

No. 585410

Good. Her article was extremely lacking.

I read the part about her hating Steven Crowder cause he was making fun of trans and wearing dresses. Didn't her and her ftm trans make fun of Crowder for being fat (or at least his arms)? I think one of his arms was injured in the pic they were commenting on, too.

No. 585412

it's funny because this was in response to contra saying that he was uncomfortable with these kinds of comments because he didn't feel like he could trust them
so june doesn't even pay attention when asskissing, because she isn't really interested in other people's problems, she just wants to be liked

No. 585419

No. 585422

Has June ever said anything about feeling bad for being a bully in high school?

No. 585423

File: 1526510493660.jpg (42.31 KB, 736x412, 33865e3df24e327d28e5163000fc2f…)

>She is also smol and goff
Watch out Shuwu you got competition for the throne.

No. 585425

thats the single most annoying part of all of this. the "she's a fashy" or similar shit that doesn't even dare to try and negate the actual points made in the video. like, yeah, she she does pander to terrible people, but does that mean a stopped clock is never right? because it is in this instance. it isn't going to poison your soul to admit she has points here, leftists.

No. 585426

no, just like she refused to feel bad or apologize for the homeless veteran bullying. she only feels "remorse" when she's absolutely forced to.

No. 585429

brb going to bully people while calling myself a cute leftist who just wants everyone to get along
anyone who calls me out is a fascist

No. 585432

in the original scarfgirl vid, june said she sent a long, heartfelt message on FB about how sorry she was to scarfgirl. scarfgirl only replied with "k."

but according to june here >>584718 the feud was mutual and if anything, scarfgirl was a the bigger bully of the two. why would june be sending a long-ass apology to a girl who bullied her? kek way to keep your lies straight

No. 585434

So is June hiding right now, still pretending she's having "fun" irl, or what's going on?

No. 585437

Brittany's stream starts in like 10 mins.

No. 585438

sherratt called me a fashy for me sending 1 tweet to brittany explaining the mags brain cancer dogpile situation so she'd hopefully cover it, but him rubbing elbows w and staunning obsessively for gamergate pandering, "pol is delightful" wig who has tried for the better half of 6 years to get in with the alt-right without being too polarizing to anyone in the center, who has tried so hard to be friends with rubin, blaire, raygun, warski, sargon, etc, doesn't make him a fashy by association. fuck off. internet leftists are some of the biggest hypocrites, and i say that as a leftist. they need to learn to own their shit and denounce people that taint the movement/are bad optics, jfc. trying to hold onto a fencesitting straggler that makes 6 figures a yr solely by shitting on leftists with the worst case of internalized misogyny i've ever seen, is so counterintuitive.

No. 585439

fellow disillusioned leftist here
i'm very left wing politically but i hate a good portion of the people in online leftists communities

yeah it's just another double standard, brittany is a fashy for being friendly with these communities but when june is friendly with the same people it's different because poor june doesn't know any better and is cute and smol and likes buns

she's probably doing the same thing she always does: sit in a room doing fucking nothing
except this time she's not obsessively reposting old videos of her and preg
so she's currently more tolerable

No. 585454

File: 1526511847072.png (154.15 KB, 582x397, 2.png)


No. 585459

same, i just can't deal with them, esp because they're narcissists, and they're young. it's so weird because it's LITERALLY the exact same situation as sargon w him calling himself a liberal to escape criticism, and they're ruthless when it comes to shitting on him for it (which i agree w), but why does the same principle not apply to wig? she's always up the asses of right-wing douchebags, does videos exclusively mocking left leaning media/leftist movements, but she can cry that it's ok because she's "a liberal"?? i do agree that brittany is closer to fashy status, but one tweet to her makes me a fashy, when june drinks mimosas with a million alt-cons that love trump and she's not a fashy, nor is he, by association? their behavior is legit going to drive people away from the movements. these young leftists are a liability to their own movements. it's just embarrassing.

No. 585461

The music playing is hilarious lmao

No. 585462

does anyone know what game that is on her loading stream? it looks really cool

No. 585469

the most important thing to many online leftists is how you feel about trans people
june mocks feminists, gay people, and black people, but because she also hates TERFs she's considered to be somewhat okay
if it was the other way around and she was very pro-BLM but also gendercritical, they would react very differently and not give her a chance at all
and let's not even start on social class

lmao she's playing marina and the diamond's teen idle
june loves marina
and this song is about being a fake bitch

No. 585471

I hope June is watching lmao

No. 585479

for what it's worth she could TOTALLY pivot into orthodox judaism. she's already got the wig and grocery evidently has experience with the knockoff version, they should try the real deal together!

No. 585484

That song is under used im glad britbrit is on her shit

No. 585486

Hey discord anon, are shoe and her patreon supporters still freaking out and trying to sniff you out? It's interesting that she's apparently enjoying being offline, yet is monitoring her discord to find the mole.

No. 585489


shuwu is online but hasn't said anything. Boring stuff going on in discord.

No. 585490

File: 1526513494348.png (80.54 KB, 783x622, coherentsmol.png)

haha so butthurt holy shit

No. 585492

>totally not butthurt by Brittany talking shit

No. 585496

shoe's not even a leftist. why even go so hard in the paint for her, she'll move on from her liberal phase in the next few months anyway

No. 585501

she's talking about making a second video or entire saga (like chris chan) on shuwu

fitting since greg's drawings are on chris chan's level

No. 585504

i'm really curious how june will be in a few months
she's like a one-woman soap opera

oh god i'm so excited

brittany's really growing on me

No. 585511

im pretty sure brittany wasnt even picked off patreon tho….? is she thinking of someone else…?

No. 585515

it's weird because shoe retracted her statement re: lauren southern and then tweeted about people (in this case, the left) pressuring her to break off her friendships
so … why doesn't this smol goth fucko consider shoe a fashy for still being friends with someone who supposedly murders migrants

you're right
that makes this chick's tweet even dumber

No. 585516

Lauren Southern was, but she hasn't even tweeted today.

No. 585519

Britanny was banned on twitch, that chick probably meant that

No. 585521

This sounds like something coming out of Wig's mouth.

No. 585522

she's dumber than i thought if she thinks donating on patreon is the same thing as you can do on twitch, literally so different

No. 585523

I don't recall coherentstates being this dumb. Seems like white knighting June actually made her stupider.

No. 585527

>brittany is a fashy for being friendly with these communities but when june is friendly with the same people it's different because poor june doesn't know any better and is cute and smol and likes buns

it's so wild how june thinks all women have easy lives because they supposedly get treated like retards, but really it's just that everybody treats her like a retard

No. 585531

literally who

she's probably trying to rub off some e-fame from this shitshow

No. 585534

Well she:
1. Sent a long disingenuous “apology” to scarf girl
2. Scarf girl responded with “k”
3. Raged and made a video
4. Acted annoyed scarf girl didn’t think she was great for apologizing
5. Asked people to feel bad for her for having no friends
6. Later laughed about the whole thing and proudly made fun of scarf girl with Derek all over again in a livestream.

So no. Not really.

No. 585540

i suppose if you were a mgtow wanting to rant about 'the pussy pass' you could easily use june as an example
obviously most women would not get away with this shit but june is one of the few who does
what's weird to me is that even other women fall for it

such apology
much sincere

No. 585561

what is she even trying to say? june and lauren are still friends. june's just as much of a snake and ~fascist~ lmao

No. 585568

>Didn't her and her ftm trans make fun of Crowder for being fat (or at least his arms)

I don't know how she figured she can make fun of anyone for having for fat arms when Skepdick's look like some filled a plastic bag full of lard

So much for supporting dadbods

No. 585569

new to this dramu but why does ham solo want her for a greencard? where is he from/where is she from?

No. 585573

he is from some place in canada
she is from lawng island

No. 585575

He doesn't want to move to the USA. If they do ever get married, ~uwiguu is gonna move to Canada, but he only proposed to most likely shut her up.

No. 585576

File: 1526516146735.png (62.41 KB, 651x483, Dmlcrk8.png)

he's from ontario. idt he wants her for a greencard. june's always going on about moving there, raising her kids there, etc.

No. 585579

well, i think brittany is a lot more antagonistic w her holocaust memorial trolling shit and the africa stream, but june only doesn't pander in that way because she's too scared of being called out. brittany isn't afraid of the controversy. it's not that june is more principled, she's just more cowardly. june has done cryptofascist shit like using the ok sign without being even asked to, just to pander, etc. she's not beyond doing that for attention. like you said though, she still would rather keep her fans and 'friendship' with someone as shitty as lauren, but somehow june isn't a cryptofascist? wtf?

>the most important thing to many online leftists is how you feel about trans people. june mocks feminists, gay people, and black people, but because she also hates TERFs she's considered to be somewhat okay
that's exactly right and it's so pathetic. they call actual leftists that obviously understand reality and don't believe in repackaged sexism "conservatives", "fascists", etc. i'm a terven and i've seen leftists go fucking nuts on ACTUAL marxist-feminists bc they're gender critical, but they'll defend uwu to the death all because she'll suck up to trannies despite calling BLM "racist" like, all of the time. ok. real solid hill to die on.

No. 585581

Who has the cap of that tweet where shuwu said skeptic determines the attractiveness of a women on if they'll give him strong sons and then he responded to saying that she'll give him cute daughters? That shit is fucking gross considering their ddlg shit, but funny as hell considering that was a midkey diss at her.

No. 585583

Does anyone know the stalker brittany is talking about on the stream?

No. 585587

File: 1526516582149.jpg (239.36 KB, 1200x785, DdQW_VwVMAA0FTT.jpg)

this guy, I think

No. 585589

greg is too lazy so makes june do all the work
also why does june always make a huge deal about how ~he's canadian and im american~ shit? he lives 8 hours away from you june, and new york might as well be canada, well most of new england in general

it seems like anything in their relationship she thinks is special she will go out their way to always mention it
first it was height/size gap
then it was age gap
now its muh long distance
and none of these things were even that special at all, her age gap isn't big as much as her uwu ddlg mind says it is, her size and height difference isn't that special since a lot of couples are less than a foot taller, but what annoys me the most is now she's using the canada/new york shit to seem uwu so special and different

No. 585592

thanks! this has been a ride to catch up on wew

No. 585603

No. 585610

wait, when did shaun say it'd be ok to kill right wingers?

No. 585621

>new york might as well be canada

As a native New yorker… the hell we aren't.

Bad enough we have to claim June, don't put Cuckistan on us too

No. 585624

File: 1526517928852.png (13.66 KB, 435x151, avUet2P.png)

couldn't find it, but found this

No. 585625


No. 585626

his weird fixation with having a daughter makes me so, so uncomfortable. it's not like he's not a gross chauvinist, so i'm not understanding beyond something sinister, why he'd want one specifically.

No. 585628

god I hope they don't procreate they'd fuck that child up so bad

No. 585629

>mixture of both

No. 585632

fr, everything about the way she answered it is so… off. I hope they don't have kids, but if they do reeeeeeaallly hope to it's a boy.

No. 585633

It's apparently other internet creep. The guy she was talking about has an afro and took up skirt pics of various girls at some event.

No. 585637

they both look infertile as fuck and I doubt they'd be asked to care for them

june is insane, jealous, pretentious, and constantly putting other women, even her own sister and family down to raise herself up, she would fuck her daughter up with her views, and her unhealthy relationship, when the daughter gets older she will start seeing her as competition, oh lordy and who knows what will happen if her daughter grows up to be curvy and thicc

for greg, after seeing him like incest and pedophilia and all that shit, it boggles my mind someone would be as stupid as to let a little girl around her, especially all that "june will give me cute daughters"shit

they both look like pedos, yikes

No. 585639

it will be exactly like onion and lame

No. 585641

File: 1526518541333.png (437.87 KB, 632x846, kSy8Vgi.png)

still searching. found this gem

No. 585642

sick, just sick. it'd be bad enough for them to actually like this, let alone for public figures to hype this. i hate how normal this proto-pedophilia has gotten.

No. 585645

"from daughter"
requesting the vid where they mocked an article for calling DDLG an incest fetish
lying pervs

No. 585646

If it's a boy preg will dump her immediately

No. 585649

Yeah in fact the specifically got mad at the article for calling ddlg daddy/daughter and complained the person didn't understand the dynamic uwu.

No. 585653

File: 1526519008259.png (37.41 KB, 609x343, rzFcvk4.png)

is this what you wanted?

No. 585655

That's it. Thank you for the find, Anon.

No. 585658

File: 1526519292512.png (22.25 KB, 616x800, symptoms-vomiting.png)

imagine being proud of fucking this

No. 585659

hi Brittany

No. 585662

File: 1526519788802.jpg (81.88 KB, 800x1042, IMG_20180516_211524.jpg)

No. 585664

File: 1526519914511.jpg (39.79 KB, 800x417, _20180516_211830.JPG)

No. 585665

Don't know the timestamp but it's in this one

No. 585667

The autistic energy radiating from this post just cursed me

Sex positivity was a big, big mistake

No. 585668

Why does she think "daddy dom/little girl" makes it any less disgusting? They're both all about incest and pedo rp, if anything the real meaning sounds worse because it incorporates the dom/sub shit.

No. 585669

File: 1526520200753.png (345.25 KB, 619x571, kRbEaAV.png)

yeah why would anyone think they're into daddy/daught–oh wait, what's this? june calling herself greg's daughter?

No. 585672

ddlg is fucking disgusting, but i am not shocked June is defending it because she's a damn degenerate herself who caters only to men.

No. 585673

>how hypocritical to shame someone for their private bedroom sessions

That's the problem, now isn't it, Groceries? You and June post your dumpster fire of a relationship all over the internet and we have to hear about it.

No. 585676

>the kink community is the last safe place to be a dom-male

what planet do you live on, greg? because it sure as shit isn't earth. that might be the dumbest thing he has ever said.

>im a poor oppressed dominant male ;_;

No. 585680

Even worse, preg isn't even a dom or masculine, it's a forced projection just like shuwu's smol™

No. 585685

He has more of the pear shaped body that shuwu wishes she had than her ~uguu

No. 585689

Yeah Preg. Because it just being you pretending to screw a young child isn't disgusting and degenerate, only when you pretend it's your little girl daughter is when its nasty.

No. 585694

File: 1526521904134.png (42.48 KB, 692x377, glXsGuV.png)

No. 585707

Oh my god…she is so cringy, I pray to god that I see this cow in Harvard

No. 585711

you go to harvard, anon? pls embarrass her for us

No. 585714

File: 1526522648486.png (5.85 KB, 355x55, hatter.PNG)

scarfgirl's bff posting in brit's stream

No. 585715

oooooh shitt i need more DEETS

No. 585718

File: 1526522825456.png (7.72 KB, 290x78, NG6pdzQ.png)

No. 585724

Can someone try to contact her for more details about June's high school life?

No. 585727

I don't think she's even truly into it as a kink. She's just pushing it so people will see her as smol and kyoot like a lil gurl.
She's normie af.

No. 585735

Yeah, let's try.

No. 585736

Be careful, we need more proof to confirm this person isnt just faking

No. 585738

File: 1526523852694.png (4.16 KB, 329x33, grjzE23.png)

false alarm

No. 585739

But now she would be fine working as a "chicken nugget taste tester".
Plus she can only make biohazardly grilled chicken breasts.
What changed her mind? lulz

He's an incel so maybe he is preparing to go postal? If so, i wonder what shuwu will say about it.

She goes to harvard? Without a brain?

> author raises a good point by experience
> Shuwu as a gut reaction: "nobody cares"
"Dunkin" dot jaypeg

No. 585740

File: 1526523960468.png (59.88 KB, 640x533, 1505580196858.png)

Friendly reminder uwu

No. 585741

>What changed her mind? lulz
Littles seem to unironically love tendies and nuggets

No. 585743

File: 1526524118099.png (16.79 KB, 487x211, BYQTfTz.png)

what could you possibly be talking about? uwu

No. 585744

Can your neighbour kick you out from your apartment in canada?
Is she that dull?
Is she Amy Schumer?

No. 585745

Didn't she brag somewhere about how the first time her and sucksdic met they broke his bed frame or something and his matress is still on the floor years later?

No. 585747

yeah lol. shes like those girls in highschool that brag about having sex but in reality rhe guy intsacummed in her and asked how she got on the math test

No. 585748

Lol, good lord. All that story would tell me is he has a cheap bed. Or it finally caved since he's the weight of two and a half full grown men and then added her not so smol weight to it.

No. 585751

File: 1526524806214.png (54.34 KB, 669x373, VAUlzMv.png)

No. 585761

>platform bed
Look at her trying to make it sound less pathetic than it really is. His bed is just a matress on a floor, and it's been like that for years because he's too lazy or cheap (probably saves all his money for toys) to get a new bed frame.

No. 585763

Honestly I don't know how people can get into ddlg. The kink is so creepy. A sub pretends to be a younger age, while the dom acts like a parental figure. It's so incest like and gross. Sage for possible derailing

No. 585775

File: 1526527651341.png (183.58 KB, 583x627, this shuwu pegs.png)

No. 585779

>im a poor oppressed dominant male ;_;

If you were actually dominant you cannot be oppressed. Thank god skeptic is so logical.

No. 585785


I agree. The main reason Shoe gets away with it is because she has a crap ton of fanboys who will kiss her ass because to them, Shoe is just precious and cute uwu. That she can't possibly make a mistake or anything and that's what made her get such a ginormous ego and her narcissistic boyfriend only enhances it.

No. 585799

Wrong you normie twit…sceptic is an alpha Dom because he openly spergs about his autistic Star Wars obsession and is oozes confidence, not grease blended Cheeto dust.

No. 585806

File: 1526531333454.png (14.83 KB, 394x152, 945868683395942.png)

where are the wks? i expected more dislikes 24hrs in

No. 585808

Brittany said that it had the bets like/dislike ratio of all her videos, which she was not expecting.

No. 585816

Meh if they just called each other daddy/papi/baby in private it would have been alright. Many couples do it. Sh0e went all out and did a binkyprincess

No. 585868

The very state of that cringe lord. His fucking hair, that stupid face… ugh.

No. 585872

File: 1526538687143.jpg (50.03 KB, 720x528, 1494159155429.jpg)

That nibba wears a girdle I bet. Lay off the poutine, m8.

No. 585902

his second tweet is like two different sentences merged together.

No. 585918

File: 1526545917021.jpg (163.59 KB, 1281x833, beta orbiters.jpg)

Brittani's comment section is suddenly being filled with white knights.

"Shoe-chan is just being ironic!!! She never lied to us that she was asexual wallflower oh nooo she is just playing a character!!"

No. 585921


>This video has been removed by the user.

this is not very uwu.

No. 585922

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand shoe0nhead's videos. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of sjw cringe compilations most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer's head.(lel)

No. 585934

the type of men who would end up being abused by a woman because they refuse to see red flags
and then when they finally get it, they bitch about how all women are like that
completely hopeless
>proof of june being absolutely horrible to other people
>"you just made her more adorable!!!11"
>"I don't care shoe rulezz"
nvm he's 12

No. 585938

the article has been improved with many pictures now
so much better
good job ED

No. 585950

File: 1526551568379.png (160.46 KB, 468x468, wtf.png)


Remember when she recounted the story of her mother finding her dog leash that says "daddys little princess" or whatever it was. Barf.

No. 585951

Oh they even put in the deleted tweets about dave chappelle, I remember that happening in one of the earlier threads. Bless this person, they really took their time going through everything. Now people on twitter have to share this.

No. 585952

samefag, forgot to ask, is preg's article being worked on now?

No. 585954

File: 1526553373133.jpg (448.55 KB, 1393x1866, Screenshot_20180517-063253.jpg)

Oh wow…. So I havent even @ Shoe,directly, at all. I guess she saw my replies to Brittany Venti's recent tweets and was butthurt and she blocked me.

No. 585955

I thought she was having a fun time off the internet?

No. 585959

>I'm having some fun off the internet
What she meant was she's trying to block everyone who's being a big meany poopy heads. Anon you must have really hurt shuwu's feelings.

She's probably doing this so her first tweet doesn't have people who are support Brittany's video replying to it.

No. 585963

>She's probably doing this so her first tweet doesn't have people who are support Brittany's video replying to it.

How fucking pathetic…

No. 585972

My tweets weren't even that bad. She just easily gets butthurt.

No. 585975

Anyone knows why she stopped hanging out with her female friend Faith?
I know they were friends even during June's Unichan days.

No. 585978

isn't it ironic? and yet she "makes a living" off of saying feminist are easily butthurt. she's always been this way, no one just been able to call her out so good until Brittany because
1. going through her old vids is fucking torture
2. her fanbase is fucking trash and will stalk and harass you're accounts for saying one mean/critical thing to their queen shuwu
3. no one want to believe she's a fake bitch because she's been doing the smol persona for a while
4. she deletes things constantly. that's why these threads have been so helpful because of capping
5. whenever she's accuse of things she'll block you/deny it despite their being evidence

No. 585984


I don't get the jealousy accusations at all. Brittany is clearly pissed she disavowed Southern and that is the catalyst to all of this. It's not the most mature reason or whatever but it's not jealousy either. These people are delusional and probably projecting tbh.

No. 585986

It's just a cheap diversion tactic
brittany could have the worst motives as to why she made the video and it wouldn't matter,it doesn't change the content at all

No. 585989

File: 1526556294693.png (83.39 KB, 613x848, 1.png)

rantingf is fucking retarded

No. 585990

File: 1526556722161.png (70.77 KB, 672x663, 2.png)

they are really focusing in on the "wearing wig at 11 or 13" thing as the ultimate proof that the video wasn't good.

how is it none of them have any comments on lying about her sex life and past years to appeal to men?

No. 585991

She’s been going through and limit positive comments on her most recent vid pretty much this entire time.

You would think her 24/7 bdsm life would include Greg ordering her to stay away from her phone while they’re together, but I guess he doesn’t want to deal with her like that.

No. 585992

Her anti-feminist videos made her lose a bunch of friends irl (so she claims)

No. 585994

Or that she lied about being a smol goffic wallflower nerd girl who got bullied by everyone and only had nerd guy friends and no female friends in high school? She plays that part up so much for her fans because she knows that's the kind of person they would relate to. In reality she was a bully who picked on people who are exactly like the fans she panders to.

No. 585996

File: 1526557733898.png (99.45 KB, 632x920, 431414112.PNG)

Her fans are so vicious

No. 585997

File: 1526557829734.jpeg (365.55 KB, 750x881, 7C5E702C-5BC3-4F4A-8B97-9717ED…)

Is this person talking about hack forums

No. 585998

I noticed she deleted three of her asks in the past day or so. Hopefully some anons who went through her ask.fm got to them before that.

No. 586003


>What would happen if a 4chin incel woke up in a female body? That.

Brittany or June? (rimshot.wav)

No. 586005

Shuwu's fans are so normie they actually think Brittany drew all the art in the video. I'm fucking laughing.

No. 586006

Do you know which ones she deleted?

No. 586009

The one where she said that it is okay to bully people who are fat because that makes them lose weight or remove themselves from society so it's win-win.

No. 586014

Of course she did. Hopefully some one does have caps or those. We can always use the wayback machine

No. 586016

File: 1526560540744.png (109.53 KB, 640x556, threedeleted.png)

I'm not sure which ones. I took a screenshot of how many posts she had the last time I checked and it has three more posts on it than what is currently there.

No. 586031

File: 1526562218750.jpg (97.98 KB, 800x356, _20180517_084931.JPG)

This is why I think her gaining weight recently is hilarious.

No. 586034

>no woman would feel depressed about being skinny

No offense anon but this person is dumb as shit.

No. 586040

they are but, I believe the pcos story

No. 586045

File: 1526563669850.png (96.75 KB, 690x871, uwu.png)

No. 586048

I think their statement was worded poorly but you can't deny that society is much harsher on chubby/fat women than on skinny women.

>I hope you're okay, June
Jesus Christ her fans are so fucking retarded. They act like she is being threatened and fearing for her life but the most that happened was some people commenting that they're unsubscribing from her channel. She and her followers are really just as thin-skinned and weak as their beloved ''SJWs'' and feminists.

No. 586052

shuwu is hasn't tweeted in gasp 6 days. better capitalize on this and make a vid about her be "missing"!

her fucking trans "friends" just use her to gain views.

No. 586056

I think 90% shuwu's followers don't now anything about her outside of her current channel so they think everything that's being exposed now is new info just be released when in fact it was always there, they just are morons who don't research who they watch before taking them word for word.

No. 586060

So…there's still silence from Blair, Chris and most importantly, Preg on the drama. I honestly think Wig told them not to respond or post about it in any way - Because this is how she's always gotten away with everything. She never addresses criticism/controversies about herself (unless they're posted by a TERF xD or someone who disagrees with the circle jerk) because then people would see how much of a pathetic liar she truly is. She has built this fake persona of a ''smol ~rational~ gurl who just wants everyone to be fwiends uwu'' and it works with her fans. They freak out if you dare to say anything against her, similar to those insane beyoncé twitter stans.

No. 586068

a week ago they were jumping to her defense whenever someone mentioned that they didn't like her and now radio silence huh…

No. 586070

That's one of her anti-SJW friends, the one whose engagement photo she retweeted. How hilarious that the septic community isn't ever skeptical of anything.

No. 586083

I watched Chris's livestream and Shoe donated him 10 dolars. He said thanks and didn't address the drama

No. 586084

this one is one of her cringiest fans

No. 586085

Hush money lmao
Did she say anything else? How did everyone react to that?

No. 586087

That's what I don't get. They were fine stanning her for all her other shit (like when they helped dog pile that one fan of hers because he thought skeptic liking and retweeting the explicit cutepup tweets was disrespectful to her). I don't believe her "skeptic buddies" aren't saying something because they are embarassed. Maybe she did tell them not to respond.

No. 586092

I haven't seen anyone saying anything about drama. I don't think most people even know about it since Brittany's not very popular and shoe didn't address it herself
I was hoping keemstar will be interested since he's familiar with brittany an shoe's pretty big in skeptic community

No. 586095

File: 1526566660546.jpg (44.18 KB, 875x258, mZZiGSG.jpg)

This is OT but I found this comment on that video. I'd imagine Ella's followers are fans of June as well, so this is really no surprise.

No. 586099

This video is cringe in itself. The girl (trans?) is obviously tryhard trying to get attention from the male alt right community in the same way that June would be criticised for. It's a pretty shoddy attempt at an 'expose' video because it's all me me me. If someone made a video like this WITHOUT making it all about their own cringeworthy self, this would be good but this is just as bad as Shoe if not worse.

No. 586107

June? How is you're time off of internet going on? Are you having fun? Are you being brave? poor thing

No. 586109

It's all about money for these people. If any of them were to really speak honestly they might end up losing fans because a lot of them have the same fans. It's sad because all of this is just trying to show others that they've been supporting a fake person.

For example, Blaire and Chris are boring content creators to me, not as bad as shuwu but, none of them bring anything to the table where I feel I gain anything from watching them. I don't think they're entertaining at all but, I can at least say they are somewhat genuine in their beliefs. It doesn't feel it's 100% money, they are pushing something they at least feel somewhat strongly about.

But shuwu? not at all. It's always depended on what gave her the most attention and that's why she's switch her politics so many fucking times.

whenever she claims to have "learned" or "changed" from the past it's always this forced cookie cutter response that only happens when she sees a lot of people are mad at her.

The letter just broke the camel's back. she's cried wolf too many times. that's why people are finally bring up her past because eventually people get sick of seeing a fake bitch get away with being a chameleon for years.

No. 586111

Typical Juwune fan trying to insult someone's appearance by calling them trans and completely missing the point. But they dunk on TERFs.

No. 586112

brittany > june
>"she's so obsessed with her sex life"
dude you could know all the gross details of june's sex life even if you didn't give a shit, or even didn't want to know, because shuwu is constantly shoving her nasty sex life in everyone's faces

ironically, june mocks normies for not knowing everything that goes on online

june's been pretty vicious to other people online
of course her fans don't give a shit about june's victims

i don't know
claudia (ranting feminist) responded and june seems relatively close to her, if she's asked blaire not to respond then why wouldn't she have asked claudia too

>doing a better job
>just uses more make up and has stereotypical 50s style
like, nothing against ella and she looks good and all, but it's really insulting to say someone is better at being a woman because they are pretty and act more traditional
i'm not even sure if transwomen take this sort of comment as a compliment
not all of them like the pressure of conforming to these gender roles either

No. 586113

Brittany already gets "alt right" male attention lol. also it's funny you complain her video is "me me me" when that's literally all of shoe's anti-fem vids. She always uses herself as an example to make points instead of using facts.

I can't wait for more of these orbiter posters to pop up in threads. They all do a terrible job defending shuwu it's hilarious.

No. 586115

I've been in these threads for a long time. I'm not a June fan, I just think this is just as bad as her or worse.

No. 586117

File: 1526567569472.jpg (44.94 KB, 450x236, surejan.w1200.h630.jpg)

No. 586118

I think that was the point, copying the style of June's videos.

No. 586120

lmao brittany clearly isn't trans, nice try
the point of the video is about how two-faced june is, she manipulates everyone
brittany may appeal to some nasty folks, but she isn't cowardly pretending to be some fragile little bunny uwu at the same time
i don't care for brittany's politics either but in the end she still seems like a way better person just for being honest
plus she doesn't normally go after people the way june does, she only did it now to expose the manipulation and bitchiness

you go brittany

No. 586122

Now you're just bullshitting, because brittany could have had her tits out to pander.

And the "trans?" thing is real cute. You vile terf, when will June come to dunk on you and save us from your vile terfiness

No. 586124

My point was just that this would be better done as an anonymous video, like the Anisa expose videos. This just seems like a cringeworthy attempt to snipe Shoe's alt right fans and dethrone her to have the male attention for herself.

No. 586126

june mocks people for social activism and disagreeing with her, and then pretends to be sweet and innocent
brittany mocked june for being a liar and all round terrible person, and owns her behavior

No. 586128

I'll humor you and take your word for it.

you can have that opinion on Brittany and her vid but, with all the milk we're getting from this vid, what's the point in shitting on it? clearly it's getting people to look more into wig's shuwu's past. it gets the job done.

If you want to shit on Brittany do it in her thread.
the anise video was garbage compared to this. you're a moron if you honestly believe that.

No. 586129


So why the unwarranted trans comment? No one's buying it. Go to Brittany's thread if you wanna bitch about her. Not here.

No. 586133

File: 1526568060735.jpg (22.05 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


It's kind of funny because even though the drama created is not that huge (aka didn't reach broader audience yet), June just can't take it at all. She hides away like a coward and makes "sadposts uwu".

Smol bean loli uwu has a pathological need to be liked by EVERYONE (except villain of the month aka TERFZ XDD) - that's how she can suck up all the attention. She has almost perfected her attention whoring skills but thank fuck this board noticed her.

Also I don't know why she gets so many compliments on her looks. Bitch looks like an ugly cartoon character.

No. 586137


>Also I don't know why she gets so many compliments on her looks. Bitch looks like an ugly cartoon character.

Because being thin and mediocre at makeup is all the qualification you need from incels to be considered hot.

No. 586143


she was obviously taking a moment to mock June's IMAGE, with the hair part, the editting, the cute animal, etc. That's part of what makes the video good. The only part she really missed in mocking June is the random yelling June does.

Stop being a moron.

No. 586150

can we get this fucking straight, again - shoe0nhead does not have any alt-right fans

No. 586153

File: 1526569168284.gif (2.2 MB, 610x350, gif2.gif)

Man if this aint the truth. There have been others who have debunked some of her videos on yt like garrett, but even they have to summarise because she just goes on and on and yeah it sounds like torture having to wade through her excessive crap

No. 586154

her fans looooove calling everyone criticizing her now alt righters meanwhile they use to say we were all just ters/radfems. so yeah, typical they use labels to make themselves feel better.

No. 586155

File: 1526569234264.png (45.46 KB, 604x399, RIP.png)

No. 586156

File: 1526569284972.jpg (156.42 KB, 1200x900, DDJjV82U0AAHFzj.jpg)


Like this anon mentioned >>586112 , June has Twitter friends like RantingF, Ella Grant etc defending her so I don't think she told people to hush.
I'm actually pretty sure that Blaire, Chris and other bigger youtubers don't really want to get themselves into defending her because they don't really give a shit. Maybe some of them can actually see she is an opportunistic bitch so they just act like friends so they can profit off of her (like Blaire did).
Some of them did get to meet her at Vidcon too and experience her personality first-hand so who knows…

I think June would be overjoyed if they came to her defense…It would validate her retarded uwu smol persona more.

Well too bad Wiggy, they all secretly think you are cringe.

No. 586161

This photo makes them both look so cringe with her choker accompanied by the kiddy bracelets and his retarded dreamworks face. y i k e s uwu

No. 586163

even this pic preg can't help but try to do the cringy flynn face for the 50 billionth time and just looks like he has tourettes

the only person I like there is yms but, he unfortunately hangs out with these losers at vidcon. His a edgy furfag but I like his content.

On Blaire, you'll see vids on Jaclyn Glenn's channel of them hanging out together, under one shuwu posted how fun it would be if she joined them and neither responded lol.

No. 586168

File: 1526569832353.jpeg (56.93 KB, 500x347, 658A8EDC-644E-4179-A7A0-981C2C…)

I’m loving all of this milk. Thank you for existing, thread.

I would’ve continued being a fan of Sh0e if I never woke up to her lies.

No. 586169

>sexy deep voice
>and /i/ have a vagina
Hellooo disphoria!

No. 586177

omg lol
Blaire totally grew apart from Shoe. Kinda sad yet funny.

No. 586189

>expecting a tranny to actually be a friend
lol June is a platonic cuck too

No. 586198

File: 1526572036333.jpg (12.42 KB, 300x300, 80601.jpg)

He tries to look like Flynn but he's more related to Shrek.


No. 586199

How did she make such a dumb mistake of going to vacation to a foreign country with obsessive weirdo incels who stalked Boxxy IRL and hacked her computer?

Why didn't she just pander to them from the safe distance? What was her goal in staying in a same fucking hotel room as those creeps??

No. 586202

what happened to having fun off the internet? kek

No. 586205

Omfg the resemblance is uncanny

No. 586206

good thing brittany has enough dirt on june for a second bideo :^)

No. 586209

ya but even after that, she remained friends with kenny because literally men can do no wrong as long as they still want to bang her uwu

No. 586216

File: 1526573538900.png (81.35 KB, 644x512, VsbLQwo.png)

No. 586230

File: 1526574067091.jpg (37.2 KB, 800x245, IMG_20180517_122023.jpg)


No. 586235

File: 1526574166613.png (30.35 KB, 619x417, HcGqVXu.png)

Shreg retweeted this today. Still no word on his little gwirlfwend

No. 586240

how does someone delete someone elses tweet wut

No. 586243

lmao with a support system like this, who needs female friends, right, wig? great idea pinning your life on this tool.

No. 586244

No. 586246

actually it looks like even more stuff was added
damn, it's a big article now

No. 586247

And June looks like Donkey tbh. She even kinda acts like him.

No. 586250

can't wait to see what they do with preg's article.

No. 586251

grocery has probably been scammed by clicking on the fake hot singles ads on porn sites and giving out his personal info

No. 586254

File: 1526575235568.jpg (56.02 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

>that'll do, donkey
>that'll do

No. 586255

wow, i'm super impressed with the men on ED criticizing ddlg and loli shit. I expect less from internet men, generally, and esp ones that frequent shit like ED. well done, guys.

No. 586260

File: 1526575389029.gif (1.07 MB, 255x192, 1402406425598.gif)

thanks for the nightmares

No. 586261

yeah, and the article is actually super thorough with lots of screencaps
now all that is needed is for this article to be shared around
are there any anons here who also post on kiwi farms?

No. 586271

i honestly don't think there are that many men into DDLG shit, more that they just go along with it. even trawling tumblr, you see that it's mostly an attention whore thing for nasty pedo women.

No. 586273

I see a lot of men that are apologists for role playing not being gross, and for lolicon and shota on the internet though. That's why I'm super surprised.

No. 586276

also I think a lot of men are into it but keep quiet about it/or dismiss it because they know its bad

No. 586281

did you find the timestamp

No. 586285

They laugh at "daddy/daughter" at 19:00

No. 586287

That's not an "anti-SJW" friend anon. That's Count Dankulas fiance. He may make similar content but his fiance is not him.

No. 586288

She does tweet/RT a lot of anti-SJW stuff though, if I recall, often in support of June. Unless you meant youtuber since I don't think she makes any content.

No. 586293

is there evidence of June not neutering her bunny?

No. 586298

Yeah. She's posted about it a few times. I can't post the caps rn, but Shuwu says the main reason she won't get Ollie fixed is because her last bunny, Theodore, died during its neutering surgery.

No. 586303

File: 1526578563702.png (72.84 KB, 606x809, ollie.png)

These tweets and here's a video of Ollie humping a stuffed rabbit https://twitter.com/shoe0nhead/status/821563997090697217

No. 586304

>so i just deal with ollie being a rapist
damn, she never fails to make everything about her. when people are asking about ollie being neutered, they aren't worried about you, june. they're worried about the rabbit

No. 586308

Didn't she buy like 20 head rest pillows because of ollie humping all her shit?
She also bought her bunny from a bunny mill and says that she rescued him.

No. 586309

>Didn't she buy like 20 head rest pillows because of ollie humping all her shit?
yup she said that on the ollie birthday stream uwu.

it also shows how terrible she is with her money

No. 586312

she can buy him hump pillows, but she can't buy him a bigger cage.

No. 586316

File: 1526579578291.png (335.11 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180517-095204.png)

Apparently June is friends with Lauren again. FYI. If this is already on here I apologize.

No. 586317

wait let me get this straight.. so one of june’s friends or whatever creates this site? that’s fucking wild.

No. 586319

I am tempted to make another vid highlighting the most recent things she has done: the "shitzo" scenario, ContraPoints, being a lolcow mod and IP farming/stalking people, deleting her own threads while bragging about "laughing at lolcows" for years on twitter, the girl from PULL that was bullied as well as all the trans people on twitter, her idolization of incels and Elliot Rodgers…etc

Should I bother, or will Brittany address this in a second video?

No. 586320

When she takes her bunny to Shreg's place she probably leaves Ollie in that cage for the majority of the time, too, what with his cat and her having to worship her god's dick 24/7.

No. 586322

she rather save money on a bigger cage for herself
you're slow. doubt they are or were ever "friends". she was just using lauren's face for when it was useful and lauren is just chill about it because she doesn't play the "pity me" game like shuwu does.

No. 586323

At the end of her stream last night Brittany said she's going to make a second video because there deserves to be a Shuwu Saga. We should compile the rest of the milk she can use for that.

No. 586324

eh, even if you'd end up talking about similar things, it just means she's more likely to be exposed
so go for it i'd say
i'm sure you wouldn't have the same style as brittany anyway

No. 586325

It really doesn’t hurt if multiple sources are saying it imo. Especially if you did it in a different way than Brittney does.

No. 586326

Let's let Brittany do a second vid and then back her up with our own vids. She's the best way to give it more attention right now, we can she expand on anything she misses because there is a shit ton to cover.

No. 586327

you should post it, the more videos showing her true colors the better. i’ve thoughg about making a “shoe0nhead lying for five minutes” video lol

No. 586329

samefag. I am conflicted though because this also might be the best time to start posting vids, we don't know how quick shuwu is going to be pushed under the rug again like with candid. we might be better off taking advantage of her being "offline"

No. 586333


Thanks. I just hope that Brittany makes her 2nd video towards a leftist audience, because it is clear right-wingers and centrists are done with Shoe. The only fans she has now are neckbeards who pretend to be progressive but really just hate women.

Brittany should focus on highlighting all of the stuff that would piss leftists off because it is clear that they are the only ones left deluded by Shoe.

No. 586337

since you watched the stream do you happen to know where around she says that?

No. 586338

>Brittany should focus on highlighting all of the stuff that would piss leftists off because it is clear that they are the only ones left deluded by Shoe.
I agree but that might just because it's Brittany who made the vid, sjws hate her in general. The trans side of her fans are def the most cancerous next to her neckbeards. It's a match made in hell

No. 586339

Most leftists I know dislike shoe.
Or at least the tumblr tier ones. They usually hate centrists/skeptics as a whole.

No. 586341

I think this kind of vid is much needed. People see commentary coming from another girl and they call it “jealous” or “obsessive,” but they can’t do that with a video that lets June do all the talking.

No. 586342

you'd be surprise. she has quiet a lot of dumblr fans after getting big on "pwning terrrfffs XXdDD"
i don't remember but she definitely says it.

No. 586343

File: 1526580801447.png (590.42 KB, 549x807, 4z9oLWS[1].png)

can you show me where she says she got her bunny from? I looked on her Twitter under the keyword rescue and didn't find it.

No. 586344

Leftist kinksters like Shoe, so you have to leave out the sexual part of their dynamic to appeal to them.

No. 586345

If we do it now, we might be able to extend her "break" because she won't want to come back while there's still hate, but she'll just wait until it's quieted down and then everything will be swept under the rug when she returns and starts uwuing again. It's probably better to do it over a period of time so she can't hide or ignore it.

No. 586346

yeah, exactly. normally june's actions would get her burned at the stake by the left. if anything there's more dirt against her for the left to turn against her than the right.

No. 586347

She got it from a mill and made up a story about rescuing it, check the last few threads

No. 586349

odd I thought they made up a huge stink when a tumblr famous artist drew Blaire and Shoe together.
Guess you learn something new everyday

No. 586350

File: 1526581056328.png (57.62 KB, 387x455, 1524804870940.png)

No. 586351

I've been looking at all the threads especially the last three (I've been following) and I don't recall seeing it

No. 586352

a lot of leftists do dislike june and rightfully so, but for some reason she's brown nosed her way into the hearts of a few leftist youtubers. look at contrapoints. he really doesn't seem to care about her, but he's still friendly-ish with june on social media. his fans threw a huge fit after the picture of the two at brunch surfaced

No. 586353

oh thank you

No. 586360

I'm trying to follow the "Shoe bullying a schizo" drama, I read the ED bit about it, but I'm still confused. I've looked at the caps posted in the threads recently as well. I only see the retorts of it but not the actual bullying part.

Is it because she deleted the tweets and no one archived it? What was the schizo's name? Some of the images posted had no context. Can someone dumb it down?

No. 586363

I'm loving the fact that when you search "shoe0nhead" on YouTube Brittany's video is the third result

No. 586364

File: 1526581751952.png (46.81 KB, 1622x264, vSg9pT1[1].png)

Can someone expand on this from ED? Is this related to that photo where she drew a swastika in the sand at all?

No. 586365

He deleted all the tweets from it. I don't think any of it got archived because at the time people were still debating about if she was even a lolcow or not and that no one really payed any attention to what she was doing at that time. You can try checking one of the early threads from around late October of last year.

No. 586366

…did you try using control+f? it took me literally less than a minute to find it. it was in the first thread in the OP >>563416

No. 586368

File: 1526581968029.png (55.38 KB, 755x481, 1.png)

i'm glad the true and honest preg is letting her fans know she's ok uwu
>inb4 they all call this 'creepy' despite this is exactly what shuwu and preg when they're together

No. 586369

the only thing there I found using ctrl f was the thing that was posted (the Instagram post) in the other thread.

So now in this thread there's evidence of her saying ollie was from a mill, but no receipts on her making up an adoption story.

No. 586383

File: 1526582625398.png (389.92 KB, 629x868, 2.png)

>replying to a tweet 6 days old
none of these people get that it's less about them being friends and more about shuwu being a fence sitter fake bitch

No. 586390

I'm convinced that they're intentionally ignoring those parts because they have no way to defend them.

No. 586393

Yeah I meant she's not a content creator. And I only know she talks to June because June is always tweeting her and so far up her and Dankula's ass as if anything she's ever done compares to what he is actually trying to do. He makes videos too, but, he also backs up his principles and is trying to make positive change, and June so desperately wants to be lumped in with him.

People may not agree with him, but at least he has firm views that don't flip flop depending on who he's talking to at the time and she will never be that.

No. 586395

This, although it shouldnt be a surprise coming from shuwu followers as she uses those tactics in her video all the time-making out its one issue when in fact its another.

No. 586403

Leftist aren't going to take anything Brittany says seriously. Atleast not the "twitter leftist" that will automatically discredit anything coming from right winger or a troll like Brittany.

Personally, I like Britt because atleast she owns her shit. But, look at Ranting Fem, she got 3 seconds in to Brittany's video and was completely ignoring her points and tried to say Brittany wanted to sleep with her.

Kind of ironic that the "feminist" types are the ones calling it jealousy when those are the ones that hate that stereotype.

I think the more vids the better. Especially those "shoe0nhead lying for 5 mins" type.

Plus, the age restricted Brittany's vid so a lot of people wont see it in suggested.

No. 586404

She says in the zine cap that she viewed giving money to a mill as saving a bunny.

No. 586408

Wig wanted to pull a laci green but it backfired. Also aren't venti and lauren close friends? She's calling out a person who was shitty to her friend, something wig would never do for a female friend.

No. 586414

shuwu being stuck with mostly libfem fans would be the best result because they will be the ones whining and complaining about her not being pc enough.

this whole thing started because one of her sjw followers. it's poetic justice that her less left leaning fans are the ones who are actually listening

No. 586418

You consider that fabricating a story about adoption?

No. 586425

i mean, she purposely leaves out that ollie is from a bunny mill nowadays because she knows they're bad and her money doesn't help. maybe not fabrication, but lying by omission

No. 586428

I view that as her claiming she rescued him when in reality she just helped perpetuate a cycle that puts more bunnies in that situation.

No. 586429

i hate that. it's so weakminded and childish and does a terrible disservice to the left. i can def understand not wanting to associate with the right or whatever, but you can't disregard all of their arguments when they happen to be correct SOLELY because they're right wing. wtf. no one is asking rantingf or sherratt or whoever to be fucking friends with brittany, just listen to the arguments.

No. 586432

File: 1526584506030.png (23.65 KB, 594x298, k731Z8J.png)

from rantingf

No. 586434

This. I feel the exact same. Especially when they could find out that shuwu is not at all liberal, she's just using the title so she can be critical of feminism without having any fall back.

No. 586435

File: 1526584622516.png (362.36 KB, 1584x949, bdnNEqe[1].png)

So tell me if I'm getting this right:
-Shuwu develops internet crush on guy that rejects her because he's volcel
-this SAME guy is the one who created lolcow.farm and gives her mod power to terrorize those who criticize her

No. 586436

who is rantingf or what is it?

No. 586437

Yupp! isn't she just the sweetest person ever and not at all a stalker bully narc?

No. 586438

june's friend and a "feminist"

No. 586444

if she wanted to rescue abused animals, why didn't she call the authorities and report the abuse instead of benefit from an animal abuse situation and put more money into the pockets of abusers? and to make matters worse, she didn't even fucking report them after she 'saved' ollie. goes to show how much she was impacted by the abuse and how much she cares about animals. the least she could've done was report the bunny mill after the fact. what a tool.

was ian really volcel though? he was trying to fuck farmers and mods from lc. my tinfoil is that he wasn't actually that into june or had a type physically that she didn't fit, or he was put off by the fact that she's such an attentionwhoring husk of a human being and he preferred her as a friend

some dumbass libfem that rubs elbows with socialists but is apparently a huge moderate what with how she's willing to crawl up june's ass to defend all of her shortcomings and completely inexcusable behavior

No. 586448

I need to make sure this is accurate. What's the creators full name (or alias)? Trying to play catch up here. Google doesn't answer this surprisingly. And who is the owner now of this site?
Also my question is do you think she was really pretending to like him as it says on the ED screencap? The letter she wrote him seemed genuine. If she was pretending, what would be the motive?

No. 586451

Her and june suck eachother off on twitter all the time

No. 586453

File: 1526585316212.png (59.64 KB, 1197x256, DWcafSq[1].png)

Is this saying that June cheated on black bf with preggory? Is this accurate..? Too many he's an she's it's confusing me.

No. 586460

File: 1526585843981.png (29.51 KB, 1189x149, EIKhoqK[1].png)

who is the guy being talked about here, is there any proof?

No. 586461

In another thread I posted a an old boxxysphere tinychat log I found and in it June was posting as eevee and Ian (verye) was sticking up for her hard when someone called her an attention whore. Proof of Ian our former admin having a close relationship with her way back. I think Ian also doxxed people.

No. 586463

rob kaufman. he still talks about her and she tweeted recently on one of his tweets about her or something

No. 586464

There was a skype chat that was posted on /b/ where shuwu was talking to preg and took a selfie of herself and in the back, it was gmaster's bed. It's somewhere in one of the old threads

However, it could be very likely be fake. The only confirmed thing that isn't cheating but, sleazy is on gmaster's old askfm someone notified him that shuwu "already started dating some married/divorced guy" and he comments "already?" or something. I'll go find it for you.

I do know that she supposedly broke it off with gmaster in spring of 2015 and started dating grocery early summer same year

No. 586465

idg why he didnt get with her then esp when it's not like he was shy about embarrassing himself. he humiliated himself to all of lolcow with the way he was trying to fuck everyone

No. 586468

would you mind linking the post

No. 586469

what's his @

No. 586470

This is a crucial find, I am going to dive for it but if someone finds it before I do, post it ASAP.

No. 586471

oh one more thing, is there a photo showing gmaster's bed for comparison?

No. 586472


It makes me sick that Ian made a poll to know farmers better, like whats your age group, hobbies, etc

No. 586474

No. 586475

No. 586476

yes there was. we have to find which thread it was.

right now i'm cropping some interesting stuff for you uwu

No. 586477

what is all this for, anon? just to quench your curiosity or are you doing something w all this info?

No. 586479

she's a russian spy

No. 586481

i'm guessing this is for the ed article

No. 586482

File: 1526586896479.png (135.17 KB, 1366x901, rebound.png)

No. 586484

so here shuwu was still tweeting at gmaster by the end of may, already moved on to preg by mid june

No. 586486

why else is she frantically blocking people from brittany's twitter threads, and posting nothing herself?

No. 586488

russian spy anon would've posted the discord in chaos with june freaking out on her wks

No. 586506

File: 1526588108764.png (19.81 KB, 497x212, GF1Ut3k[1].png)

this is the only interaction I see anon

No. 586510

it was on a photo he posted of her shooting at a shooting range. she may have deleted bc of pregs.

No. 586513

yes I do plan on doing something with this info that will provide milk for days

No. 586517

File: 1526588436900.png (8.54 KB, 595x151, A8ZyEkA[1].png)

is the person she's @ing gmaster?

No. 586520

Oh I see it is now, I guess he deleted his account or changed his @ then!

No. 586525

is there anything else showing that this is the guy she went /pol/ over as her new persona, as stated on ED?

No. 586526

his accounts are all dead now but, if you use advance twitter search you can see some old stuff. I mostly just wanted you to see that was her last tweet to him, very close to when she got with preggory who was also talking to multiple women and still married.

I'm still trying to find the possible cheating proof. just give me a sec

No. 586531

godspeed anon

No. 586534

The whole article is a grammatical mess. It was written pretty hastily though. After reading it I’m going to go in and start editing. If any other grammar friends want to assist, please help.

No. 586536

File: 1526589331342.png (212.14 KB, 1391x476, oops.png)

Ok here you go.

No. 586537

File: 1526589392714.png (74.93 KB, 668x648, lol.png)

Shreg talks like an old man leaving comments on Pornhub

No. 586539

that's a parody account.

No. 586540

he really does
>i'm in bed now by the way, which means i can touch my cock freely. please send me nudes of that goddamn figure!

No. 586542

obviously. i was joking.

No. 586544

Is there a pic with the photoshop of kfc and chain around them?

No. 586546


No. 586547

With or without? That one has them.

No. 586550

Without* typo

No. 586551

File: 1526589965278.jpg (14.48 KB, 306x408, 1521751372664.jpg)

No. 586554

ikr, such a daddy uwu

No. 586557

I bet June thinks this unironically.

No. 586559

where did the skype leaks originate

No. 586564

When did preggory get a divorced again? Any FB leaks about that..?

No. 586566

It may have been that she gotten “hacked?”

I remember her shit got “hacked” all the time in her CC and then things would be leaked about her. Like some provocative but not quite nude pics. I always suspected it was her doing it for the sake of attention but that was never kosher to say.

No. 586568

I remember the discussion about this in one of the old threads, somebody said that she sent pregory an old picture of herself because she was too lazy to make a new one or something, I'm not sure though.

No. 586571

Mayu, if you were truly a fan, you would be part of her Discord so you'd know she hasnt completely disappeared yet.

No. 586572

File: 1526590990091.png (92.7 KB, 680x699, 1.png)

Just adding to the possible cheating, shuwu was with gmaster until some time between late may-mid june of 2015

you can look it up on twitter, preg and her have been tweeting at each other as early as 2014. I might need other anons to help but, caps like pic related I have seen preg and shuwu tweet about "how awkward our flirting use to be!!" but, that was when she was still with gmaster.

in the infamous 100k vid, preg and shuwu claim this is their first time talking but, that was on June 17th. they might have meant vocally talking to eachother, it stills strikes me as fishy

it was posted on one of her old thread with no source. that's why i'm skeptical of it.
yes I'm trying to see if that pic was on her instas at all. that's another reason why i'm on the fence about it. someone could've just shooped it

No. 586574

It feels like Mayu is incredibly dumb tbh.

No. 586575

lmao of course it was her

>oh noo i got hacked againn uwu ;ω; guys please don't look at these carefully posed pictures in my lingerie, i'm so smol and insecure :333 tee hee

No. 586576


She wasn't at Gmasters house when she sent Greg that photo, she just sent Greg an old photo and claimed that she just took it. That photo used to be on her instagram but she deleted it along with all of her other Gmaster-era photos.

No. 586577

If you watch her videos that feeling gets stronger

No. 586584

June has always striked me as a cheater, she's beyond obsessed with male , and we all know skepdick isn't giving her barely any time of day, knowing june and her constant need for attention which she even herself brags about being an attention-obsessed nympho, there definitely HAS to be another guy in order for shoe not to have gone nuts and begged for attention from skeptic, which may be why she acts so okay with skeptics cheating as well, I know girls like her too well and they're almost always cheaters

No. 586585

That's because he is. How smart can a fucking furry AGP who orbits shoe0nhead be?

No. 586586

File: 1526591947079.png (141.28 KB, 321x208, bald.png)

ahaha was this recently added

No. 586589

That's kind of a low blow and not really funny.

No. 586590

it's ED. get over it.

No. 586593

"a low blow", lmao. claudia and/or david, leave lolcow.

No. 586598

File: 1526592500196.png (233.66 KB, 1129x567, hxcQS7K[1].png)

anyone else have the expose video come up as result number 3

No. 586599

>Low blow
No shit

No. 586601

aren't there sites to show deleted insta photos?

No. 586604

No. 586607

Yes. It helps that shuwu is lazy and doesn't post much so there are not so many recent videos to show up.

No. 586610

Where the fuck is that video/the logs where she said that she didn't' want to admit she liked skeptic at first? I recall (I cannot remember where for the life of me need anon help) when she said she liked him from the start but just wasn't open about it later.

That would MEAN she wanted his dick WHILE she was in a relationship

No. 586611

yes it's in the same spot and I'm not even signed in rn.

No. 586613

yeah that's my point and I swear she's mentioned these old tweets before and said they were flirting on twitter back then

No. 586614

That means that it shows up for other even with the age restriction, good to know.

No. 586615

we're about to solve this conspiracy anon

No. 586616

I tried searching while logged out and while it does show up, it's below a bunch of June's own videos. But it is there.

No. 586617

File: 1526593240175.jpg (51.73 KB, 1306x354, Capture.JPG)

Anyone noticed her Youtube banner

>very ok person

No. 586618

Can you take out the word nigger and maybe replace it with.. anything else really?
I know it's ED and everything but shit is that really necessary?

No. 586622

how old are you fucking people? it's ed, the point of the site is to be as harsh as possible. get over it

No. 586624

I'm trying to find the tweet i'm talking about but, still nothing. I hope someone else could maybe try searching.

No. 586627

>Looking like im going to a funeral as usual

No. 586630

for 'ok' read 'fake'
that part in her bio always annoyed me
bitch, you've made a career out of bullying people online, how the hell are you even a slightly decent person

No. 586631

File: 1526593866365.png (55.07 KB, 1088x476, cheatig.png)

here is the image without the edit in case it helps with finding some kind of archive but, if you reverse image search it just brings it back to that old thread where it was posted.

No. 586632

this shouldn't be a hard find let's look for when she talked about how they met

No. 586634

that must mean that
1)it's fake
2)shuwu or pregg got hacked
3)one of them posted it

No. 586635

I know for sure that June confessed to Preg by saying "I have a schoolgirl crush on you ;3;" but I can't find it. Pretty sure she's deleted a lot of those tweets by now.

No. 586636

nta but I think I'm just mostly offended that it's such a terrible shop.

No. 586640

Tinfoil: maybe Andrew saw it and took a screencap

No. 586641

File: 1526594033559.png (28.42 KB, 477x297, 85PFaHe.png)

No. 586644

nah he said he had no idea on ask fm

No. 586646

great so she waist/hip catfished him as well as telling him she's goff (I look like im going to a funeral as usual)

probably why she keeps insisting she was a goth for wearing black things

No. 586647

File: 1526594230297.png (1.65 KB, 144x37, sdndQfO[1].png)

his 100k stream says it's only 2 years when their relationship is 3…isn't it going on 4?

No. 586648

there goes june ~appropriating my anime culture~

No. 586650

File: 1526594290615.png (14.68 KB, 361x158, 10qIgRM[1].png)

No. 586651

File: 1526594300165.jpg (16.23 KB, 423x370, skype chat.jpg)

while looking for >>586635 I just want to share that they've always used skype to chat with each other. so we at least know that lines up.

No. 586652

File: 1526594311138.png (261.24 KB, 498x608, cSz1OqT.png)

No. 586654

yeah but ask fm doesn't help with dates

No. 586658

I am about 90% sure June cheated on Gmastered (Andrew), also sending the sidepiece a pic of you in your current SO's/ex's bedroom is beyond tacky.

No. 586659

File: 1526594424199.jpg (273.37 KB, 1391x551, i get to touch his peen uwu.jp…)

No. 586660

know the date from that?

No. 586661

No. He cannot. ED tries to be as offensive as possible and he can't change how the entire site is written because you dislike it.

No. 586662

no it's going to by 3 years in june/july
i'm looking for a tweet where they talk about this old tweet >>586572 and comment on how they were flirting.

she was still with gmaster in april, that's why

No. 586663

it does if you hover over "over one year ago" that ask was posted in 2016

No. 586665

it's when they were dating, I'm just showing they use skype to talk.

No. 586667

oh I didn't know that

No. 586673

Brit remember to throw in the gmastered cheating allegations in the next bideo :3

No. 586675

>while greg was married and june was with gmaster
oh yikes june, this does not look good on your part, cheating isn't very uwu asexual innocent schoolgirl kawaii virgin of you

No. 586677

File: 1526594938189.png (142.93 KB, 588x412, 1.png)

I found this but don't know the date

No. 586678

File: 1526594971462.png (30.71 KB, 478x348, LgnTXfy.png)

this ask is from 3 years ago in july and she said she's not dating him. unless they were openly dating at this point and she was just kidding around

No. 586679

File: 1526594974830.png (964.44 KB, 846x594, dre.PNG)

speaking of that, i just found this photo of her unshooped waist and hips from her old insta. a perfect illustration of 34-23-26 measurements if i do say so myself

No. 586681

I'd wait on the cheating until we confirm more stuff.

What she can do is show how quickly she went from him to flirting with preg when he was still married and talking to other women

You know, just like in Tangled!

No. 586682

I'm 90% sure june never changed her cheating ways either
with the combination of junes obsession with male attention and how little attention skeptic gives, and how she doesn't seem to care nor be taking the relationship seriously hence her cuckatry, she definitely must be cheating on him or else she would have lost her shit begging for his attention, she even admitted herself shes wants a lot of attention and love and shit

No. 586683

No. 586684

this, knowing how against cheating a lot of her fans are she would definitely lose the vast majority of her orbiters, and going after a married guy too, it ruin would her image, when someone like june is outted for cheating they lose all their shit

No. 586685

File: 1526595133210.png (108.75 KB, 607x587, 2.png)

Now this one has definitely got to be from while she was still with Andrew.

No. 586686

File: 1526595153169.png (74.17 KB, 1280x1000, hahaoddb,oy(1).png)

Alright boys, this is your friendly ED admin oddguy/EZPZ.

I am more or less finished with the article. I might put some final aesthetic tweaks on it tomorrow, but I don't think I'll find anything new to add, aside from maybe a subsection about her fanbase. You can go ahead and read it. I usually do more through work, but I can't wrap my head around all the millions things she lies about, so forgive me if I don't add all the evidence about her lying about her hips/waist/hight/sex life etc. Anything in that article you think is wrong or don't understand is probably stuff I found in one of your threads, but don't ask me to go looking for it because I mostly just skimmed them. At the bottom of the article you'll find a list of her old YT channel that my friend dug up. I think some of them are ones you are not aware of. Have fun digging through them, I couldn't handle watching that shit. You'll also find a couple of links at the end of the "June bullies guy with PTSD" section that I haven't seen posted here. I'll also rewrite the Armored Spastic article soon. Sorry both of the were shit for so long, but they were created during GamerGate when anyone who was in any way involved would have an article created about them, and theirs was made by some edgelord who didn't do any research and never fixed (also the guy running ED at the time discouraged negative articles about GG fags because he wanted to stay on their good side so that the ad revenue from their clicks could keep providing him with money to buy cocaine, but that's a whole other story).

Anyway, I'm going to sleep now. Thanks for the info and enjoy.

No. 586688

not early june, mid-late June look at this >>586482

No. 586689

ew doesn't june run this account herself? i think she runs another one about herself too. what a narc.

No. 586690

Thank you for the hard work!

No. 586696

so shuwu ends her relationship with gmaster sometime last May/early June an began dating Preg only a few days after

No. 586697

thank you for putting in all that effort and sifting through their autism. the article is excellent and i am very impressed/thankful abt the fact that you are critical of her disgusting pedo apologia.

No. 586702

>"everyone is always totally saying all men are rapists, seriously guise"
>"preg is a good boy and treats me well except he kinda doesn't but oh well lol i love it"

>"it feels like we've known each other 1000 years"
didn't she say on discord that they pretty much only talk about feminism and not much else?
such a deep relationship, wow

No. 586704

I'd bet 0.012 bitcoin that you are the only boy in this thread.

thanks anyways though, gj

No. 586705

wow she looks just like marilyn monroe

No. 586706

how dare you! shuwu is employed by the youtube! lol :^) if only she never banned you

thank you for making a good article and not half assing it.

No. 586710

you're doing god's work
10/10 would worship your dick 24/7

No. 586712

You're probably right but Brittany's video is getting quite the number of views each day. On the day she uploaded, I saw she had like 16,000 views. Today I checked and now it's at 39,000+ views. I don't think Shoe can pretend like it doesn't exist for long.

No. 586722

File: 1526595877535.jpg (63.25 KB, 427x1200, CyQcBuKUkAABqOS.jpg)

This image was posted on the @lewd0nhead account. If she really does run it herself that's fucking disgusting.

No. 586723

Tinfoil: what if her ftm friend is the lover?
Think about it. Shuwu always LOVES the things her SOs are obsessed about and Derrick (or who) always tweets about trans things.

Am i seeing things?

No. 586732

File: 1526596089473.png (69.84 KB, 490x497, gross.PNG)

kek, i meant to say "34-23-36" but that's probably the most fitting typo of my life

also, gross for the millionth time
>wHy dO yOu MeNtIoN wHaT tHeY dO iN tHe pRiVaCy oF tHeIr oWn bEdRoOmS???

No. 586736

I thought she was pretty back when she dressed her age before the whole cutesy anime girl look thing she's trying and failing at. Not that anime fashion is bad or anything but it doesn't flatter her at all and she can't pull it off. But I mean, a lot of her fans are anime fans/weebs/otakus so I'm not surprised they eat it up.

No. 586737

Agreed, but it's obvious that she wanted attention and sympathy while still being an 'uwu smol bean'. She was trying to show that she was hotter than the PCOS girl while still pretending she could sympathise

No. 586738

wtf that's disgusting

i find this hard to believe
but if it is true she should just go for derrick
he's way cuter than pregory despite being biologically female lol

>"it makes me feel good about my life choices"
it shouldn't, you pathetic manchild

No. 586740

File: 1526596213727.jpg (31.14 KB, 512x512, 018[1].jpg)

No. 586744

File: 1526596277367.png (181.17 KB, 463x623, ew.PNG)

i hope you ladies havent eaten too recently

No. 586745

She was totally just a fangirl that explains why she will bend to everything he wants. This is becoming so much like Gerg and Laim

No. 586747

I don't even get how people think he looks like Flynn Rider. Flynn Rider is actually hot (for a artificial computer character lol), Sketpic is… Average at best.

No. 586750

>wHy dO yOu MeNtIoN wHaT tHeY dO iN tHe pRiVaCy oF tHeIr oWn bEdRoOmS???
it's funny how her fans are using that against Brittany.
1. Shuwu and Preg blast their sex lives all over twitter, they have little personalities outside of their bdsm ddlg roles
and 2. her own fucking fans are the one who get off on it and exploit it.

They sound more mad that we see their gross lusting over their ddlg relationship is fucking cringe. It makes it worse when shuwu's fans like to copycat her.

No. 586753

File: 1526596520072.png (102.42 KB, 1440x492, Screenshot_20180517-172623~2.p…)

Is there a short way I can respond to this to debunk this comment?

I understand June apologized, but I know because the girl didn't start licking June's feet June had a sperg on stream making fun of her again.

No. 586754

I basically just want to confirm this before I respond.

No. 586755

the skeptic community is a bunch of trollish looking neckbeards so shuwu and preg look like celebrities to them.

Preg would just be regulare fugly but, combined with his personality and obesity he's really unattractive.

No. 586757

absolutely vile
libfems will defend this

he'd look all right if he worked out a little, stopped doing the dreamworks face and changed his entire personality
as it is, he's gross

and reminder: most of her viewers are underage

basically you should respond with what you said here
it doesn't matter if she apologized if she started bullying her again right away for not licking her ass
an apology needs to be sincere

No. 586758

despite all of her TERF dunkin june still sees transwomen as "men in dresses" (her words), so that means she sees transmen as girls in pants. we all know june is straight as an arrow so we can eliminate that possibility right away.

she's just desperate to be liked by everyone because she has no sense of self.

No. 586761

scarf girl didn't accept shoe's apology and shoe called her bitch for it, at least I remember an anon saying that

No. 586763

File: 1526596714013.png (178.92 KB, 840x208, wow.PNG)

she was bragging on twitter in like july of 2016 about her responses to ppl accurately calling her and the marshmallow-man out. legit groce.

No. 586768

File: 1526596841584.png (26.13 KB, 863x123, vagina nails.png)

>posted 1 day ago

LOL the irony, how's that block brigade going Shuwu?

No. 586770

nta, but you can hand over him the money. XY here.

above it was posted… the stream with derrick. almost at the beginning of this thread.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 586771

don't forget that june makes fun of people without kinks and calls them ~vanilla normies~ and ~salty betas~

she also makes fun of other kinksters like findoms

but of course it's fine when june does it because she's such a smol yung lil bean who doesn't know any better ;w;

No. 586772

Keem hates Brittany. Brittany make a video exposing him of paying someone to hit another person in like 2016 or something, around the time she was also feuding with Anisa.

The skeptics all know Brittany and they know about it for sure. They are just being quiet. I don't think they want to bring attention and also don't want to get Brittany's side pissed at them either because they are more the "internet bloodsports" or whatever that hate the skeptics and have been bashing them for awhile.

Paul Jospeh Watson commented within 30 mins of it being uploaded, people know. They just aren't willing to put their necks on the line for Wig.

No. 586775

i almost think it's a shame now
weird as it sounds, if june were to work on herself i think she and derrick would make a cute couple

>"that's how relationships work"
lmao guess you're not in a relationship then since he's not coming to your defense at all

did not expect any men here


No. 586776

gross. "guy here" posts against the rules too, get out.

No. 586777

Don't forget about the fans that straight up ask her and her tub of lard boyfriend for threesomes. The cap of that one naked tranny on twitter that was asking to be Shuwu's and Shreg's fuck buddy still gives me nightmares.

No. 586778

look for the q&a vlog she did with her ftm friend. it was posted earlier in this thread. basically june said that her bullying against scarfgirl (she calls her that in this vid too so you know it's her) was justified because scarfgirl had a crush on her ftm friend. she also said in the most recent video that scarfgirl was a worse bully to june than june was to scarfgirl, though funnily enough that's missing from her old video. the new vid with her ftm friend is recent too so nobody can say she's chanhed.

No. 586780

got the cap for it?

No. 586781

>"still gives me nightmares"
you're obv just jealous, uwu

>"scarfgirl was a worse bully to june"

No. 586782

-shoe admits to bullying, brags about it, still does it to this very day
-believing fake apologies mean anything
-Brittney pointed it out
-"Brittany made her wook wike a buwlly :("

No. 586783

>lmao guess you're not in a relationship then since he's not coming to your defense at all
it's true though, if she loved him she wouldn't coddle and mommy his stupid shit

No. 586784

I saw PJW's comment, yeah I think you're right. But also in the case of the women (namely Blaire), they may be afraid that Brittany may make a video on her that could expose some hidden things that her fans may not know.

I mean I remember when Blaire got really nervous when another Skeptic (I think) who went by the name "No Bullshit" called her out on the whole MAGA hat incident where he pretty much said she was lying and during a livestream between those two, Blaire quickly joined in and tried to quiet down the rumors.

So while I'm not sure about Chris Ray Gun, Some Black Guy, or the other guy anti-SJWs, I feel that Blaire may feel that if she defends Shoe, she'll get put on blast. That or she really doesn't care which could also be a possibility.

No. 586788

if this drama was only about preg, shuwu would be all up on twitter doing a billion tweets defending him.

It's funny tho, because she's the main focus of this drama, she doesn't even protect him during this herself despite claiming she's 'the most defensive girlfriend evar". priorities much?

No. 586791

File: 1526597637973.png (36.43 KB, 475x292, sherratt.PNG)

preg tweeting to sherratt at his old handle. he really does sound like an ancient fuck. he's so fucking skeezy and disgusting

No. 586792

Does robbie even interact with june that often? They don't seem to be close, in a lot of ways lauren seemed closer tbh.

No. 586793

more evidence of female friends

No. 586796

every time i think he can't get more disgusting
every time i'm proven wrong

i get the impression that blaire's outgrown june

No. 586798


They are probably worried that this is Candid all over again. Most of the big names in that community except Ray Gun and Sargon where also all shilling that app and made defense videos of the app after it got exposed.

"Skeptic" community is basically a joke now especially after that Kraut and Kilroy situation that completely ruined those involved with that.

June's literally always been "the bully" or on the right side of any big skeptic scandal except candid. (But, she was just so smol and cute uwu to be thought of shilling for money).

It's interesting to see now where she is actually the one being bashed and the butt of the joke online and she wont respond.

She really is a coward isn't she.

No. 586800

File: 1526597972512.jpg (10.58 KB, 240x233, 1409008207336.jpg)

No. 586802

thanks but there was more than that from what i recall I'm going to run a twitter search

No. 586805


there was also an ask where someone wanted shoe to fuck them and their SO

No. 586807

Yeah I'll sift through it

No. 586809

No. 586810

Ian or something, it was posted in previous threads. I haven't really been keeping up. His name was Ian though, and he left because he "developed a crush on one of his mods and she rejected him" which was years ago. I think that the mod he developed a crush on was June. After this falling out, he gave the site to someone else - we don't know who.

I don't know the answer to any of your other questions, sorry.

There are threads about him on other sites if you want to take a look at those.

No. 586813

File: 1526598382251.jpg (149.74 KB, 720x944, 70711057d8b9b9e8ca77396e14f59d…)

I'm not sure if we're allowed to discuss this drama, but this is what the admin wrote when he left lolcow. He said that he developed personal relations with a mod, and that everyone hated him.

We didn't know June was on the mod team at the time or that they had a rocky personal relationship, so all of this coming to light makes a lot of sense.

No. 586814

File: 1526598444659.png (9.22 KB, 463x115, hips.PNG)


i love that brittany took her down because she tweeted to her as recently as april 23rd and has had a pretty long history of tweeting to her. same with margaret.


pic related is more bonus hip lying despite having boy hips

No. 586817

yeah but didnt someone else say in the townhall threads that he was being creepy with OTHER mods and farmers? im almost positive of that.

No. 586818

actually I think I posted the wrong picture, the post I meaant to post was here:

If anyone knows more please post. I have a strong feeling that June was the mod in question.

No. 586820

File: 1526598695734.png (12.74 KB, 456x167, that happened.PNG)

the evil womz booling her again just because she was a shy, 'hot', virgin basement dweller w a disney waist. please bois, sweep her off her feet with your cocks!

No. 586821

What the fuck was that shoe tryna become the next dan schneider?

No. 586826

Brittany, music suggestions for next vid

No. 586837

So she lied to all her real life friends and the entire internet about being a virgin but she totally told some randoms at work right?

Sure, June.

No. 586843

20 bucks says she told them that just so they would fuss at her, if they even fussed at all lol

No. 586846

File: 1526599605158.png (41.62 KB, 465x358, truth.PNG)

so the scare quotes would indicate that she really doesn't think people who call troons 'trannies' are transphobes? ok june. great ally.

No. 586847

Lol she worked in makeup stores all her life, why would she tell her coworkers she was a virgin anyway? What a lie, both her being a virgin and the story

June, you were a thot and now you're trying to redeem yourself and claim other thotty women are meen to you

No. 586850

This is gold coming from june who spends her online life obsessing over terfs and lying about who she is

No. 586851

If she brings preg up again the next vid, this show play in the background

No. 586852

File: 1526599944098.png (475.54 KB, 592x829, ew.png)

>wHy Do YoU cArE aBoUt ThEiR sEx LiFe?!?

No. 586853

File: 1526599956550.png (21.88 KB, 488x218, 6ZsVlyX.png)

it's because she uses the word tranny herself and a renowned terf dunker such as june should never be considered a transphobe.
(link before she deletes it https://ask.fm/shoe0nhead/answers/136645175286)

silly anon, it's okay when she does it. it's just that no one else can! the same goes for bullying and making fun of people's sex lives

No. 586854

Bad post june
No wonder trans hate them, she sexualizes them, she probably only sees them as a fetish

No. 586858

he's trying to do the flynn rider expression again. What flavor of autism is this

No. 586859

File: 1526600275963.png (177.23 KB, 579x334, she retweeted it.png)

Btw, Shuwu retweeted it. I wonder how Blaire felt about that?

No. 586861

File: 1526600369954.png (27.97 KB, 473x257, boobjob.PNG)

no wonder she gets so upset when ppl call troons men. this is the first parallel she comes up with. it must be a reminder that she'll always be a flatchested linebacker

No. 586862

blaire's boyfriend is 10x hotter than preg lmao this is why blaire and june aren't friends anymore

No. 586864

Can someone archive brit's newest stream it's unavailable now

No. 586866

She’s going to upload highlights

No. 586872

I know she usually uploads the full stream and gumroad.com after she's done with them but Idk if there is a time limit or any cost

No. 586875

i think you have to pay like $5 a month to access past streams

No. 586904

In b4 the anti boob job anon comes in claiming junes boobs are 100% real and if you don't think so you have saggy boobs, oh and the few pixels fag

No. 586905

He's like trump except with a shitty taste in women and a childish, mentally ill dipshit who doesnt know how to manage money

No. 586914

Is it just me or is gerg's hair thinning? Lolll

No. 586925

File: 1526604665534.png (167.12 KB, 438x341, romance uwu.png)

No. 586926

UNCANNY, what the fuck.

No. 586929

It's kind of disturbing how much they resemble Shrek characters. I wonder when they'll buy dolls of Shrek and Donkey so they can post about how much they look like them.

No. 586931

File: 1526605024868.png (152.14 KB, 348x334, 9xoR0sK.png)

good job anon

No. 586932

It's a perfect match holy shit

No. 586933


Leftist kinkster who knows a lot of other leftist kinksters, none of us like shoe

No. 586935

Holy fuck. This is glorious.

No. 586938

this is fucking me up

No. 586943

File: 1526605738235.png (183.92 KB, 1440x1337, Screenshot_20180517-200318~2.p…)

This is the state of June's fan boys.
His response to the "Scarf girl will see this and finally have the last laugh" comment at >>586753
Completely delusional to their perfect Waifu.

No. 586944

Terfs are worse than people who actually rape and kill troons. Got it.

Shit, now we got two Shregs. Hope one day we'll get a 3rd cow called Greg just so we can have a battle of the Ogregs.

No. 586945

File: 1526605833416.png (4.52 MB, 4197x1367, canadia.png)

No. 586947

File: 1526606163904.png (266.38 KB, 598x313, shreg and june l'âne.png)

Friends… how is this possible.

No. 586950

yes, people grow up but june obviously hasn't. she still bullies people.

disregarding that fact, a major part of her identity is based around her fabricated highschool experiences. she screeches "i was bullied, pity me" and "shy mall goff wallflower" every chance she gets in order to pander to her audience. if she didn't bring so much attention to it, people wouldn't comment on it. that can be said for her sex like as well, which she also bases her identity around.

No. 586951

anon from earlier, i’m working on my “shoe0nhead lying for 5 minutes” i found some pretty good stuff but can some of you list some things? i don’t want to miss any milk

No. 586953

Have any anons made a video yet discussing shuwu?

No. 586955

>sperging about Mumkey calling her hot as their first interaction and saying it was creepy despite saying women who are catcalled should learn how to take a compliment
>giving an entire rambling speech at MythCon about how you have to try to understand the other side and listen to them, yet going all Shuwu Shives on anyone who actually tries to talk to her
Would those be good examples of what you're looking for? Don't think anyone has mentioned them for a few threads now. Or are those more examples of her hypocrisy rather than outright lies?

No. 586957

Lol yes we need more meme vids on this someone should also make a montage video on her thottery with this song

No. 586959

I'm dying. Wig threads have the funniest posters

No. 586960

blaire is hotter and more feminine than shuwu, hell, even his voice is higher.

No. 586965

kek good one, nonnie. let's not unironically dip into tran-pandering a-log terriory, now.

No. 586992

When is Brittany gonna upload "shoe's funeral" on gumroad?

No. 587015

Holy shit. I just read the updated ED page. I did not know that Greg has a child with his first wife. He will gladly opening talk online about every part of his disgusting sex life (which his child will go online and read one day) but never ever speaks about his child. Does he ever see the kid? That's true trash. And for June to be with a man that she is going to marry and not care or not push him to be part of his child life is just as trash.

Just when I thought I couldn't be shocked by anything else from them.

June, are you really dumb enough to think that when you have a kid with him that he wont do the exact same? The second you push that kid out he'll be done with you because you there isn't room for a baby in your sex dungeon.

No. 587018

He doesn’t have a kid that’s some rumor started on kiwi farms

No. 587023

>Greg has a child
Holy shit is this true? What the fuck? This is a whole new level of shit from Greg.

No. 587029

It isn't true.

However, Greg was apart of a cult where he doomsday prepped his ex-wife and other family members into debt. He also spent a lot of money on toys. Greg would hide them from his wife so she wouldn't get angry at him for plunging them further into debt.

No. 587038

File: 1526613885029.png (358.37 KB, 664x804, DinCVIU.png)

on the topic of kids, greg definitely shouldn't have them

No. 587040

>Hiding toys from his wife

What an autistic manchi- I mean splendid Daddy dom

No. 587041

No. 587054


No. 587060


I wasn't around for the Candid thing so I'm not why it's a big deal but I keep hearing about it so it must've been pretty bad if they're so quick to pretend like it never happened.

And yes. normally Shoe comments on any video that mentions her name yet she hasn't commented on Brittany's video to even attempt to rebuttal like she usually does. Looks like something is up.

No. 587062

Ham Solo

No. 587064

File: 1526616709793.png (14.51 KB, 989x98, irony.png)


No. 587066

this is earth-shattering levels of irony. has she spoken at all on there, discord-anon? like, since the patreon fraud shit?

No. 587068

File: 1526617007511.png (176.74 KB, 394x457, disc1.png)

yes but just about stupid shit, probably to detract from the drama, nothing milky

but someone in the discord @'d her with the video lol

No. 587070

What a stupid response. It couldn't possibly be that some of her fans will pause the video and look at the posts to see what Shoe wrote. And how is that any different than Shoe's mega White-knights who kiss her butt for the hopes they'll one day get to have sex with her?

People can read and think for themselves.

No. 587071

I'm at a loss for words at how utterly ironic this is. They aren't self-aware in the slightest.

No. 587072

I hope she doesn't ban me for posting the video in discord…

No. 587074

kek pretty hard to avoid it then. what else are her wks saying about the vid?

No. 587078

File: 1526617709156.jpeg (146.97 KB, 1125x909, 690AF7B1-62AF-4855-B5F6-40058C…)

this sounds a bit too specific, doesn’t it wallflower goth lonely june?

No. 587079

File: 1526617737741.jpeg (125.2 KB, 1125x961, DF6BCFE4-1789-49CB-8C97-28D752…)

No. 587081

>Replying to @WeWuzMetokur
gee, how liberal

No. 587084

sounds like scarfgirl, the popular anime loving girl who bullied shy wallflower june.
>high school
her kikichanXD character, who was totally not based on scarfgirl don't get it twisted, was made in 2010. that means she was making fun of weebs even after highschool. hmm, what could this possibly mean

No. 587086

File: 1526618249535.png (29.15 KB, 1589x100, JePh4tp[1].png)

anyone know what the proof is for these three doing this

No. 587092

i'm gonna edit this vid by playing the audio over screenshots of her fans tweeting her while she's gone LOL

No. 587093

and i'll splice in her saying her own name instead of "boxxy" and "catie"

No. 587097

File: 1526619823434.png (418.15 KB, 1101x2405, brittany.png)


that comment about the fake name is her wks doing mental gymnastics about which user in the discord brittany could be

>some ironic meme from early internet days

like "shoe0nhead"? :^)

No. 587098

is the purple name a mod?

No. 587108

Yeah shes up there with Chris Ray Gun as mod

No. 587109

File: 1526622141399.jpg (235.22 KB, 1920x1080, 1515124794807.jpg)

lmao attacking Brittany for her looks
she has goblina fan art of her as subscriber emotes

No. 587113

gotta admit, brittany don't give a fuck. if shoe knew she was this sensitive to criticism, it's on her for not growing the fuck up and at least not continuing to bully people. there is no reason or excuse for it, esp if she knows she can't take the heat like someone like brittany can.

No. 587115

Why do June's fans think the mole is Brittany though? It's like they think she's some all powerful being. They seem to have a very high opinion of Brittany and see her as an incredibly competent person. Meanwhile June's fans defend June by saying she's too retarded to understand anything she does. I hope June isn't too sad about that.

No. 587122

File: 1526624013674.jpg (31.95 KB, 652x247, be yourself.jpg)

No. 587125

Can't be yourself if you're an empty boring shell.

No. 587127

I'm gonna guess it's been mostly radio silence from him as well? Also, thank you for the great milk.

No. 587138

File: 1526627705997.jpg (64.84 KB, 638x468, trash.jpg)

No. 587156

Kinda hard to flex when you have no muscle.

No. 587177

His arm is so flabby and undefined oh my god

No. 587183

If they had a daughter, June would definitely turn into a Margaret. She would be too flabby and old to be a loli on the internet herself, and would prop up 5-year-old June Jr in front of a shitty web cam to yell about feminazis. She would have a night terror and accidentally scare Ollie to death and June would never ever forgive her. When they went out, they both would be in a harness with Preg walking them. Euggh

No. 587184

As someone who loves men with toned muscular arms, this triggers me.

Shuwu's kinda evil making Preg actually think he has any muscles, it's clear he's borderline retarded at this point and will believe anything she says about him even when it's clear to everyone else he's just a fatlard.

Thanks again russian spy.
Why is she always like "at least I got laidd!!" u aren't fooling anyone shuwu

No. 587186

june participating in online bullying with metokur
please don't bully shuuw though guys, she's smoll and will die in a culture war
let's just gang up on zoe quinn, steve shives and anita sarkeesian instead to make shuwu feel better

No. 587187

shoof can't follow the video because he's so distracted by brittany's glorious breasts
and then projects by claiming everyone else is the same
what a hoser

wow arm fat so hot
pulverize me with your adipose tissue daddy

No. 587191

File: 1526639622950.gif (5.44 MB, 398x290, patrick.gif)


ew him posing like that made me think of this scene

I'm betting he actually checks himself out during sex eugh, narc

No. 587194

Kikichan is also a crappy boxxy expy lol

No. 587196

File: 1526640026486.png (49.91 KB, 623x674, 1.png)

No. 587198

File: 1526640077955.png (48.98 KB, 628x634, 2.png)

No. 587199

File: 1526640128267.png (77.43 KB, 617x809, 1.png)

No. 587200

File: 1526640187964.png (73.76 KB, 543x769, 1.png)

No. 587201

File: 1526640267043.png (60.73 KB, 560x702, 1.png)

No. 587204

Oh man. I got fooled by the article I guess and it really wouldn't be too surprising if it were true.

No. 587207

If she her future kid like she treats her videos, that kid has no hope.

No. 587209

File: 1526640977888.png (121.16 KB, 1109x658, 2.png)

tinfoil: I think she did all these askfms because she deleted a ton of older ones and wanted to hide it by keeping the post number high.

No. 587210

"… But teeth grinding can also signify discomfort or pain. Grinding due to pain is often louder and more frequent than grinding due to contentment."

Poor Ollie

No. 587211

Evil wymyn using their breast sorceress powers to confuse their victims, the menz

No. 587214


There is so much untrue and over exaggerated shit on these ED articles. I know it's funny guys, but ultimately it just makes everyone here look like retards.

No. 587216

I agree. The child thing def needs to be taken off at the very least. because shwu will go on twitter and be like "LOLOL they think you have a child i wonder if they are referring to me daddy :3!!" or some shit.

No. 587218

File: 1526642030391.jpg (46.01 KB, 471x551, lauren collab.jpg)

Greetings from Russia.

Shuwu hinting at collab with Lauren.

No. 587221

Lauren is a fucking idiot for letting shuwu shit talk her and now doing a vid collab to clean up her image.

Is Shuwu ever going to have to take responsibility for anything? People are seriously just going to coddle her and agree she was "just sadposting"?

Either way, her libfem fans are not going to like this.

No. 587223

I knew Lauren was stupid but hot damn.

No. 587226

i think they mostly did a great job on the article, but it def needs to be cleaned up a bit

No. 587229

File: 1526643645425.png (54.27 KB, 824x279, Screenshot_29.png)

I really enjoyed reading this comment

No. 587231


I doubt that it will be a collab with Lauren, I mean, she says "vs conservative", meanwhile Lauren promotes people who say that the jewish question is legitimate but you shouldn't talk about it that much because it is bad promo. That is not really a conservative position.
Maybe Blaire?

No. 587233

considering she hadn't answered questions for about a month before today, you might be right

No. 587244

File: 1526645933613.png (163.83 KB, 1060x1138, lifegoals.png)

couldn't help myself, anon

No. 587249


That kid is doomed from the start, coming from genetic swamp water.

No. 587250

File: 1526646399707.png (213.28 KB, 600x336, A6J5DBJCMAAHwXX.png)

fucking incredible

No. 587251

Wig is trying so hard to gloss over the Lauren drama it's embarrassing. She thinks if she'll collab with Lauren, everything is just going to go back to normal. I'm praying Brittany makes a part 2 or farmers decide to publish a video. She can't get away with her blatant lies and vile behavior this time.

On a side note, I've always thought Lauren was fucking stupid but she's even more unintelligent than I thought. How humiliating to be publicly dumped by your friend and then meeting up a week later because Wig can't handle the bulliez ;_;

No. 587253

shuwu's fans that are lurking these threads right now probably

I'm so happy we have such funny art anons.

No. 587254

Ik Brittany is reading these threads now, idk should she pretend not to know about the discords chats? If I was her I'd get working on that second video before they publish the collab because if she does it after she'll just get a bunch of dumb comments saying "whoo caaareess they are friendss!!" More so if she did it before because if the second vid is good enough, a good chunk of ppl shouldn't care whether they "made up" they'll be too distracted by all the other shitty things shuwu has done

No. 587257

samefag. Brittany you should also use the new ED article as a "reference" so ppl will stop making these retarded claims that you drew all the art and did all the caps. That way you don't have to cowtip and it at least stop some of the "your obsessed" comments. Apparently a big chunk of her fans don't know what image boards are lol

No. 587258

File: 1526647454921.png (556.34 KB, 1098x665, wig0nhead video banner.png)

So I just wanted to do another Donkey shoop, but when I applied Shuwu's wig and make-up onto Donkey, it looked just like her video banner.

So I made a typical wig0nhead video banner.

No. 587265

These two swamp birds have got no business talking about children when they haven't even lived together for a full year yet.

Shreg doesn't even seem to want children? Since when does he ever seriously talk about it? "Hurr I want cute daughters I can molest." It's just like that wedding ring he gave June but neither of them have talked about an actual wedding. Another toy. It's something Shreg says to Junkey to appease her, poor Junkey actually believes this man is serious.

What would they do if their child was born less than perfect anyway? Would Shreg leave and would Junkey be humbled? Who knows. I don't see their relationship going that far if not to spite folks on the internet at this point.

No. 587266

I hope the posters over at the onion threads don't mind us using shrek and donkey to represent our cows as well. Onion and Lame are very similar to Preg and Shuwu after all.

No. 587268

anon… same. when i first got on lolcow i skipped june's thread thinking "oh she's not problematic" and now i feel enlightened

No. 587269


They were talking kids within a few months of dating.
Which would honestly be concerning with anyone else, let alone these two that have no business procreating

No. 587272

File: 1526649988393.png (Spoiler Image, 185.66 KB, 473x474, 1521733929323.png)

Pretty OT but, since shuwu like defending sargon so much still and he's part of the skeptic™ community(and that thread is kinda dead), does anyone here happen to know more about him cheating on his wife with trannies?

I just find it hilarious because shuwu is now trying to be this pro trans crusader and preg cheated on his wife multiple times.

It just seems like there is this weird phenomenon with the skeptic community, trannies, cheating and divorces.

No. 587273

Wtf this is a fake, isn't it? Right?

No. 587274

File: 1526650387398.jpg (33.9 KB, 630x361, 1526604818886.jpg)

idk i found it on /pol/ where they were talking about how his wife caught him flirting with trannies, pic related. I'm just asking if anyone might know more on it because they didn't go into much detail.

No. 587275

It is from this stream, about 2 mins in. Don't know anything more about it though.


No. 587276

why would he answer something like that while streaming? what a piece of shit.

No. 587280

samefag. forget this image it's a fake. sorry i posted it without doing more research.

but this is real >>587274

No. 587281

File: 1526651318408.png (11.2 KB, 353x99, ImmvkgN.png)

No. 587282

File: 1526651467093.png (443.71 KB, 640x773, daddy and his princess.png)

i KNEW this cursed image i'd saved would be useful one day

No. 587284

File: 1526651561402.gif (203.52 KB, 500x278, 1389740364466.gif)

No. 587285


>red and black means antifa are actually nazis

fucking sargon. with antifa, red is for communism, black is for anarchism. the University of Georgia's colors are red and black. red, black and white have meaning in alchemy. "red and black" is a song from Les Miserables. playing cards use red and black for the suits. oh wow, nazis also used red, black and white. big fucking deal carl.
sage for OT and being triggered.

No. 587286

semi-related: the smol bean video reached 50k views even with the age restriction :^)

No. 587287

she just answered that she doesnt believe in white privilege at all. again, why is the left stanning this ignorant dumbass?

No. 587292

it's especially fitting because this shreg looks like a smash mouth cosplayer

No. 587293


Is Lauren trolling Wig at this point? Lauren's fanbase consists of the alt-right and Wig is a liberal Jew. She will not be well-received lmao.

No. 587296

Ditto! I went past it every day because I honestly though the thread would be more about her politics that I mostly agree with ( but now I see she doesnt even believe anything she claims and flip flops worse that "sjws" that she supposedly hates) and I really saw the thread bumped a lot when she got engaged so I thought it was maybe just petty shot on the thread.

Which, I really should of known better and actually read the negative points of her because all cows claim their thread is just "haters".

I really know better than to doubt LC.

No. 587298

Most of the real alt-right hate Lauren as well. They hate any woman really and Lauren has publicly dated a half black (I think he was black) man and Lauren's views are more on "traditional values" than just white skin or a white ethnostate so real alt righters hate that she's so popular and isn't fighting for a white ethnostate like they want.

No. 587299

It's so accurate it hurts. We have the best art and meme fags in this thread

I have a feelings that she's baiting with the Lauren thing? I mean, why would she suddenly come out and announce that? She is pretty manipulative after all. The only thing is that I don't know what she could be aiming for?

No. 587300

>I honestly though the thread would be more about her politics
That's why I like when the threads don't derail into posters fighting of politics/beliefs because I think part of what makes shuwu's threads great is we all align differently but, know when we see a fake bitch trying to capitalize on groups by being a fence sitter.

No. 587301

I bet the conversation went something like:

shuwu: im sorry for all the drama
lauren: its fine
shuwu: maybe we can collab sometime?
lauren: yeah
shuwu: ill get back to you
lauren: k

And she's blowing something like that up.

No. 587302

File: 1526653132821.jpg (16.63 KB, 275x275, CJba3j8.jpg)

>skepdic & i are exactly like rapunzel & flyn :333 uwu
I'm fucking dying, The resemblance is uncanny. 10/10, anons.

No. 587304

maybe she thinks it'll stop brittany from making a second video? also will send her little discord minions onto twitter to screech how her and lauren are "tots bffs noww!!11!!1!"

No. 587309

File: 1526653519265.png (4.91 KB, 247x204, images.png)

Why is no one talking about juneky projecting herself on Rupunzel

No. 587317

Another music suggestion for brittany

No. 587318

you mean the irony in someone who wears wigs believing she's exactly like a character who has magical long hair?

No. 587319

it's the eternal delusion of wanting to be anything but the bald jealous girl with a fat asshole

No. 587321

The only thing she has in common is that she's sheltered as fuck and needs a man to get her to come out of her room.

No. 587322

pfft idk about you anons but a totally #relate to this song uwu

someone needs to redo the lyrics so if fits shuwu's life

No. 587333

both gurgs being shrek is weirdly perfect

No. 587342

Three p.m., the usual time I wake up
Start out on Twitter and block ‘till my timeline’s clean
Eyeliner and wig, get Starbucks and neglect my bunny
Block again, and by then it’s like 10:15!

And so I’ll read a Cosmo article
Or maybe two or three
I’ll add a few anti-TERF tweets to my Twitter feed
I’ll be little and smol uwu
And get ignored by Daddy
And wonder when will my life begin?

No. 587343

File: 1526655985651.png (10.96 KB, 485x129, LN2mVSr.png)

poor june. he didn't give her a rock to be ~*sentimental uwu*~ he wanted to save his patreonbux so he could spend them on camwhores and star wars toys

No. 587351

this is perfection. thank you for the laughs

No. 587353

File: 1526656614652.png (30.09 KB, 564x234, 26cmbU0[1].png)

Start giving questions to ask.

No. 587355

ask him about her old videos and how her fans want to believe she's doing "fake story times". How much of that is honestly true or is she just lying to cover her ass?

No. 587357

Hey guys.
Dude from ED here again. I added a tom more links to the article at the bottom of old accounts of June another one of my friends dug up. I can't stand to watch her shitty videos, but I thought you might like to know.

No. 587358

Yeah he can fact check of lot of this stuff to prove if she's lying or not start the list

No. 587361

Thanks for putting in so much time to make a good article on her
>I can't stand to watch her shitty videos
lol none of us can. even with everything that's coming out now, i still can't force myself to watch her old vlogs because her voice legit hurts my ears.

No. 587362

also ask about her relationship with gmaster? or is that too early in the timeline?

or any other possible exes she's trying to cover up.

No. 587363

Tempted to draw shuwu and preg as left 4 dead zombies.

No. 587365

that's after rob.

No. 587368

ok n/m. then maybe ask if she ever dated anyone around that time or something. I want the "I was just making up sex stories to look cool!" to be debunked if possible.

No. 587370

Please make armoured dumbass a boomer, and shoe a jockey/spitter

No. 587375

Of course Preg is gonna be a Boomer! I might make Shuwu the Spitter. Seems fitting with the dark brown pigtails.

No. 587380

>stays in her room
>chooses not to work
>doesn’t want to do anything that requires effort
>delays leaving her room to get on a train bc “2 sad” over internet drama

“I’m just like this girl who is being held captive but wants to see the world for herself”

No. 587383

yo Brittany if you’re reading this, talk to Lauren about not doing the video with shoewu. it’s only gonna be hard by shoewu to seem like she was attacked by you for no reason. plus it makes Lauren look like a huge doormat. seriously

No. 587388

File: 1526659155070.png (57.41 KB, 677x684, 1.png)

I love seeing these tweets. The irony is hilarious.

Imagine if shuwu was a guy. Do you think anyone would be watching her today either? At least Brittany actually likes anime and video games and doesn't just use the aesthetic to be seen as an "awkward neet nerd uwu".

No. 587389

That would make Brittany sound obsessive and weird. It's none of her business that Lauren Southern is a dumb bitch doing dumb bitch shit. Anyone with eyes can see that wig's only doing it for damage control anyways.

No. 587392

wouldn't doubt it tbh, plus isn't there speculation she's cheating on skeptic currently too?
once a cheater always a cheater

No. 587393

Was she a shy goffic nerd wallflower with no friends like she claims?
Was she asexual until she met Shreg like she claims?
Did she always find "dadbod" attractive?
Was she putting on an act for those old videos?
Does he know anything about her unichan days?
Did she ever do anything two faced, and if so what kinds of two faced things did she do?

No. 587397

>plus isn't there speculation she's cheating on skeptic currently too

when? there is more that he's cheating on her because he's also a past cheater and convinced her that being in "24/7 bdsm relationship" means it's ok to openly flirt with other girls on twitter.

not like shuwu cares because she's that much of a cuckqueen

No. 587400

I don't think she ever claimed that she was asexual until she met preg. She claimed that she was asexual until she was in her 20s and that that's where she started getting boyfriends.

No. 587402



does he mean leniency?

No. 587403

>plus isn't there speculation she's cheating on skeptic currently too?
not in these threads, no. the most that's implied is that she wants to fuck (a pre transition) contrapoints. otherwise it's just shreg doing the cheating around here

No. 587408

Rob is it true that Shoe tried to get with you or flirted with you at all?

No. 587412

File: 1526659979286.png (26.96 KB, 689x294, asexual uwu.png)

No. 587414

She does say that skeptic was her sex god who enlightened her and opened her DDLG third eye though uwu

No. 587415

We have caps of her saying she was asexual until she met Gag. We also have caps of her claiming she is bi, demi, sexually attracted to females but emotionally attracted to men.
Ask if she was ever attracted to women and her opinion of fat people to Rob, Brittany.

No. 587424

just realized June would write similar long rambling love letters to any guy she fancied which is telling tbh

No. 587426

He literally just described metokur. Way to kill his own point.

No. 587427

Just curious, what's telling about that?

No. 587428

apparently she used to anonymously shit talk herself or pretend to be other people talking badly about herself. ask him if he know anything about that.

if not ask him if he knows about her MySpace cat fishing days

No. 587439

That she's a bit unhinged

No. 587440


Sage for no questions but I just love how ruthless Brittany is being. Obviously, I'm on this thread so I'm gonna be bias about her continuing this but, I also think it's great because June has never really been called out and there is SO MUCH that needs to be brought to light.

Can't wait until she turns her attention to Pear again.

No. 587447

I'm impressed she managed to get someone willing to talk about it. There has to be something this guy has always wanted to say but, couldn't because no one would listen or shuwu's fans being cancer. Good job Brittany!

No. 587451

If you're a girl imagine if a guy you were casually friends with wrote you a long rambling love letter out of the blue, huge red flag. Or a guy you just started dating is super obsessive, clingy and talks about having a gf and getting to have sex with you all the time. It's creepy af, it's what June does and idk why she gets a pass on being labeled creepy for how obsessed she is with her own relationships

No. 587457

Did she ever get caught lying? If so, what did she do or how did she react?

No. 587466

Juneky trying to be the next ke$ha

No. 587467

I use to date a guy like that,he completely changed his personality, anytime he fucked up and I was on the verge of dumping him he would do what june does and mention shit like "all I ever wanted was a girlfriend!"

when he cheated he would lovebomb and always publically brag about me, he was adhd as well and sexually harassed other women while dating me

No. 587473

sounds like a cluster b personality.
…Orrr he’s just a huge dick hole. Regardless sorry you had to go through that

No. 587484

File: 1526665591147.png (349.02 KB, 627x904, n-words.png)

No. 587491

File: 1526665946272.png (6.98 KB, 632x50, uSzNupX[1].png)

which channel was this?

No. 587496

Would this Rob guy lie about the answer to any of these questions to stay on June's good side? Or has he completely stopped caring about June at this point, so many years later? It seems that he still tweets at her or about her once in a blue moon, like when that woman killed herself at the YT headquarters.

No. 587497

I feel like if he's willing to talk to Brittany after watching the video, it means he's open to say something that can back up what's being exposed.
what's this from?

No. 587498

Is this channel hers?

There was only this video on it from her lamily video.

She also has a channel with some of her old videos called June Smith

Playlist of her old videos.

No. 587510

That's definitely Juneky voicing over.
Can't mistake her "HEY, I'M WALKIN' ERE!!" accent.

Anyway, yeah. How dare toy makers offer variety for children to choose from. If I were still a kid I'd love dolls like that because I had about 10 dupe blonde Barbie dolls with slightly different outfits. Should have seen me sperg when they started to make dolls with red and brown hair, and even more when I discovered Sailor Moon dolls.

I don't think Juneky played as a child. She came squealing out her mom's vagoo with a loud mouth that complains about non-issues 24/7.

No. 587513

In another video she admits Kiki Chan weeb character was based on a weeb girl she hated in HS, it’s in a three part ask video

No. 587515

Shoe was in on the jesse slaughter mess? She made a song about her.


No. 587518

ik i'm going to get hate for this but, out of all her videos, this was by far the best one(not saying much obviously).

of course it's unlisted now cause you got to make those dumblr binary trannies happy. right shuwu?

No. 587522

How has Shoe's personality/politics changed over the years?

Does Rob know anything about the lolcow.farm drama?

No. 587525

Here at 51 second she admits Kiki Chan was based on scarfgirl

No. 587526

so she's deleting everything quickly? farmers should go through the stuff the ED guy posted in the article to find any milk. it's so funny how hard she is trying to cover this up.

No. 587528

Can someone comb through her ask.fm and archive any milk? I'd start on it but I'm at work

No. 587530

hope you guys downloaded the videos

No. 587533

Can someone record the Kaufman interview? I got things to do and she’s been not uploading streams Gumroad.

No. 587534

File: 1526669252231.png (157.17 KB, 1441x859, 1.png)

I searched the old link of that channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1jg_eYyvY2o9XdmhZ1Mi8Q) on google and kiwi popped up with this post.

So it was her old June Lapine channel. anyone remember what was on there?

No. 587535

n/m i didn't even read the cap lol

why would she delete that?

No. 587536

I would also like this as well. or at least a summary of all the questions and answeres

No. 587542

File: 1526669598831.jpg (187.97 KB, 1378x1669, u wish preggory.jpg)

No. 587544

sorry samefag again. all that was on her personal channel was the ldr tips vid that sh reuploaded on she 2nd channel.

nothing milky about it.

No. 587545

What a lie
Theyre sexually unappealing and smell bad, which is a turn off
A lot are selfish and dont know how to fuck and get exhausted easily, what fat shit made this?

I wouldnt take advice from people who obviously dont love each other

No. 587549

No. 587550

File: 1526670219691.jpg (8.35 KB, 354x352, kermit.jpg)

>when you are an introvert like me
not even close june

No. 587552

>im an introvert!
>i can't live without attention, im like a bunny who needs affection uwu

Which one is it june

No. 587555

omfg he's wking her. i figured he would do this bc he still tweets to her.

No. 587556

Rob is basically whiteknighting her saying the friends in her videos are "family friends"

lol why are men so pathetic

No. 587557

Even though I found her annoying in this, the quality of her videos has seriously diminished.

No. 587558

>she's not a political commentator
"i currently do comedic socio-political commentary on things such as feminism and women's media." kek
even if she wasn't the most popular girl, she's still obviously extroverted and outgoing. anyone with half a brain can see that, so why lie?

No. 587559

it's bullshit. grace and her sister and stuff sure, but all the guy friends are family friends? fuck off.

No. 587561

"i'm not here to talk negatively about her or expose her" gtfo with your thirsty dick, rob

No. 587562

"she doesn't remember things. her memory is hazy."

jesus fucking christ

No. 587563

'thats her quirk that she dont remember things' kek

No. 587564

"she was so inexperienced that she had no reference point to try and get into a relationship which is why she's like really happy that she's in one"

No. 587565

this Rob guy is kinda annoying.
No wonder he and shoe were good friends lol

No. 587566

>that goes for most girls that age
she's 27, rob

No. 587567


No. 587568

Literally “my moms handbook on how to manipulate people”

Jesus christ do these people hear themselves when they talk??

No. 587569

This rob guy is pathetic

No. 587570

>some women feel that way!
rob how would you know how we feel. fuck off

No. 587571

"she really was a loner. if she wasnt at work then she'd be on the computer if she wasnt at a family function." yeah rob because she was lusted after and stalked by males online when she was given less attention irl, and no, there's no way she was as big of a loner she wants to claim, soz

No. 587574


No. 587575

"she didnt have sex but she would give blowjobs to boyfriends." ok rob so you're telling me she'd habitually give bjs in her teens but didnt have her first kiss until 22? k

No. 587576

what a great excuse, i might've used it if i were a psychopath

No. 587577

>she was asexual
>she did have bfs that she'd give bjs
excuse me? lol

No. 587578

>a loud mouth that complains about non-issues 24/7
Ironic isnt it? Given this is what she complains others of doing. Great discription of her.

No. 587580

she did not have sexual relations with these guys
getting bill clinton flashbacks
>"oral sex isnt sex lol"
fucking americans

No. 587581

File: 1526671324785.jpeg (34.12 KB, 400x400, 9CAF8641-F4C1-4ACE-B3E5-461D6A…)

Brittany truly looks like she’s tired of this guy’s long winded shit.
Me too Brittany, me too

No. 587582

"she''s becoming sexual for the first time in her life"

holy fucking shit are you serious dude

No. 587583

>she's becoming sexual for the first time in her life
>she had boyfriends that she'd give bjs

No. 587584

Yeah, not political. That's why she posted that pic flipping off that cop car, or writing for a libertarian website.

No. 587585

"She's becoming an adult now…"

Dude she's 27.

No. 587586

>"becoming sexual for the first time in her life"
well yeah except for all the blowjobs
holy shit this guy is pathetic

No. 587587

Why is he talking about her like she's 18

No. 587588

lmao we all had the same thought

No. 587589

File: 1526671421207.jpg (40.24 KB, 634x650, laugh.jpg)

>she's becoming sexual for the first time in her life

No. 587590

Indeed, reminds me of the recent dj khalad story

saged for ot

No. 587591

This guy is useless so far he repeats phrases like 'we were teens!', 'some girls are like this and that'.. 'i think…I believe…' really boring to fish for milk so far. Don't let us down Rob, you are wasting everyones time.

No. 587592

gifs of her showing underboob, multiple bj gifs, sexual gifs, etc, and admitting she fucked a 21 yo at 17 sure isn't sexual at all

No. 587594

i'm just happy we confirmed she had many bfs and she did sexual things. That conflicts with sooooooo many things she has said.

No. 587595

>Doesn’t agree with transgenderism
>Believes in the “Asexuals can still be ace and have sex” meme


No. 587596

File: 1526671517442.jpg (43.21 KB, 1000x282, very wild person.jpg)

>ten years after she sucked a lot of dicks, she's finally becoming a sexual person


No. 587598

About bullying scarf girl:

"she used to think things like that were funny… i still think things like that are funny… especially if you are a teenager going on shitty websites…"

No. 587599

new thread pic?

No. 587600

she's not a teenager anymore though and she's still doing that stuff.

No. 587601

shuwu confirmed bully and previously sexual
he can try to white knight all he wants but he isn't really disproving anything, just making excuses because he thinks a 26 year old woman is basically a young adult

listening now, rob says she always hated star wars lol

No. 587602

We did get confirmation on the bj thing now, so I don't think it's a complete waste. But dude is giving a lot of bs otherwise.

No. 587605

… and now he's saying she liked it when her friends did.

and she never cared for video games

No. 587606

"she hates star wars" 3 seconds later "she liked starwars"

No. 587607

What’s so funny about the hazy memory comment is that I legit made a reply to someone on Brit’s video saying “Unless she has short term memory loss she’s probably manipulating you”

Why are these people so predictable lmao

No. 587608

>"she hates politics but she's all about mocking feminism"

No. 587609

"she doesnt care about politics… but she talks about feminism so much!"

No. 587610

ik this guy is fucking retarded.

she hated star wars and pretended like she had know idea what it was when she started dating preg and now totally likes it.

No. 587611

>she doesn't care about politics but she made an entire youtube career out of politics

No. 587612

confirmed for pretending to like what her bf likes
no identity of her own

No. 587613

Kek she liked guns when her bf did

No. 587614

>there is a type of gf that does that
fake girls

No. 587615

>"there's a type of girlfriend that does that"
yeah they're called borderliners and it's a part of love bombing you dolt

No. 587616

not into 3somes confirmed

No. 587617

>"maybe she's lying the whole time and she was lying to me too"

No. 587618

I like the questions Brittany is asking. She's tripping him up.

No. 587619

"maybe she's lying to me too and she fucked everybody idk" smartest thing your dumbass has said all night. You weren't even a fucking irl friend and never met. You should be questioning every word out of her lyin ass mouth, fool.

No. 587621

yeah he's contradicted himself several times now

No. 587622

I mean, I thought BPD Shoe was a meme but..its starting to look more like a reality now. lmao

I have BPD ex friends and they act all uwu smoll/have the same make up style as Shoe also.

No. 587623

"she made a fake profile for her fake boyfriend on myspace"

why are all these cows the same? peter coffin did this too

No. 587624

i'm not a fan of playing an e-psych but this is pretty typical bpd behavior
having no identity of their own, love bombing, and no space between relationships

No. 587627

"she likes to make fat jokes"

she's never made one about fat men you fucking idiot. it's not fat PEOPLE, it's fat women.

No. 587628

>"fat people can be the butt of a joke sometimes"
oh right it's okay to bully people who are already being bullied anyway
that makes it not bullying

and this

No. 587629

Why is this guy so desperate

No. 587630

>"maybe it was just ironic"
oh she's bullying people ironically

No. 587632

>it was an ironic thing "she's so not fat so I'm calling her fat"
yeah that's why she said swordgirl had no waist while bragging about her own waist

No. 587633

maybe her commentary on terfs is ironic
shuwu radfem confirmed

No. 587634

Yeah I hate arm chair dianosing also, but if it looks/quacks like a duck..

No. 587635

Where tf is this Rob guy? I want in on this

No. 587637

No. 587638

not to mention overt daddy issues

No. 587639

the letter ian is the same guy who made lolcow

No. 587640

crush on Ian confirmed. "they dated or something… or she wanted to date him. i think that was one of the guys she met (in real life)"

No. 587642

>she was on a fansite where she was a moderator with this guy. some message board

No. 587643

File: 1526672633136.jpg (21 KB, 358x511, 1409405563025.jpg)

it's not a different guy and it's not a different website
fuck off rob

No. 587644

Someone needs to clip this part because he sounds really nervous and like he screwed up and Brittany caught him up now.

He is adamant about the "website" she was on Ian with, was NOT lolcow, despite previously he said he doesn't know what lolcow is. So if he doesn't know what lolcow is why is he so sure that the site wasn't lolcow?

He was stuttering and saying it's a different website, or a different guy. He's so nervous. He's acting like he is her PR person.

No. 587645

"i would clean up her online image if she asked me to" HOLY SHIT

No. 587646

>He's acting like he is her PR person

No. 587647

anyone else notice Brittany getting increasingly more bored with this joker?

No. 587648

what a fucking doormat

No. 587649

He really isn't doing a good job of that right now though lol

No. 587650

so rob is confirming that june is trying to play a character that people want her to play

No. 587651

>a leave of absence
he says like she's taking time away from her job because a family member. she fucking shitposts on the internet for money, dude.

No. 587652

shuwu has it so hard

No. 587653

>"she just wants to please everyone"
>"good naturedly"
no such thing as lying to people for their own good, rob
it's only to protect one's own image

No. 587654

she asked him about the lolcow thing and he's lying so hard. i'm laughing. oh my god these mental gymnastics

No. 587655

>"it wasn't that website"
>"wait i don't know"
>"it's a different ian"
>ians everywhere
>"i didn't know what a lolcow is but i know what a lolcow is"
>"it could be the same ian"

No. 587656


No. 587657

KillDeer ​I'm pretty sure that Shoe was involved with a site called ChanSluts

^ anyone know anything about this? from the comments.

No. 587660

Yeah these manipulative people really know what types to befriend. JFC what a cuck

No. 587661

>"it became a big mess"
>"we would mess around with her fans, say mean things"
>"we were assholes to her fans in good fun"
>"i don't remember the name of the website where we were fucking assholes to her fans"
>"definitely not lolcow though"

No. 587663

Brittany his name was ian verye. he was on unichan as verye tooo.

No. 587664

File: 1526673138920.png (20.03 KB, 641x326, chansluts.png)


>KillDeer​@Brittany Venti after Boxxy became popular Shoe was posting on a site called Chansluts about 4chan camwhores.

No. 587665

File: 1526673204713.jpg (20.2 KB, 280x210, toki280.jpg)