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File: 1520825356428.png (111.97 KB, 722x656, totally not a cuck.png)

No. 526816

Internet cuckquean and cheerleader for men's rights. Now engaged to ArmouredSkeptic, the unfunny pear-bodied divorcee with an extra chromesome that she met on YouTube.

Previous thread >>>/snow/509237

>Anon reveals lolcow was originally created by one of June's Internet friends so June could personally moderate all conversation about her and stalk users who shit-talked her, see >>509267

>ArmouredSkpetic continues to humiliate June by flirting with camwhores publicly on Twitter
>June pretends it's because they're too BDSM to live and not because her boyfriend is preying on her shit self-esteem
>Despite being engaged and unemployed, neither have moved in with each other
>Greg sends her home for a couple months with visits lasting about a week
>Both are to appear at Mythcon 5, this time
>June is listed as a "special guest" meaning either the the event coordinators or she realized what an embarrassment her time on stage was and there won't be any live footage of her speaking again
>Old video of June shit talking fat people posted, anons laugh at the irony as June herself swells up with a 20+ lbs weight gain
>June has resorted to blocking anyone who disagrees with her or criticizes her on Twitter- as is typical with most bullies when they are challenged


No. 526836

File: 1520826264663.png (13.33 KB, 528x147, niceguys.png)

I wish someone other than that insane Cecil dude would reply to her nice guys finish last video, because she ends up blaming women for using the line, "You're nice, but…" when breaking up.


Like if it's fair to blame all women when some men confuse, "I don't want to date you but you're nice," with, "I don't want to date you because you're nice," then it's also fair for those men to look at their "ideal" girl dating a guy that comes off as an asshole and to blame all women for liking assholes.

No. 526849

lmao what's funny or sweet about admitting to the whole world (foolishly, btw – have fun with that spousal visa getting denied!) that they only are getting married for immigration purposes??? so sweet, june. every girl dreams of the day she's humiliated on twitter by their fiance right after publicly crying/beaming over the proposal!

if only us terf harpies could be so lucky to harpoon ourselves a limp-dicked landwhale that doesn't even love us!!!

No. 526854

And don't forget how girls absolutely want a man who routinely flirts with camgirls publicly on Twitter while said camgirl is wearing merch that features you being used as a human footstool by your dream boat of a man. Why, thinking of a guy like Groceries would make any woman swoon!

No. 526869

Shoe has to be the biggest tryhard faggot the internet has ever seen. Holy shit guise this is really bad. D: just imagine what is she going to be in 10 years lmao(D:)

No. 526874

oh yeah, not to mention he has more hip/waist ratio than he does, the think he swoons over women having
but oh wait june loves fat guys, despite several videos and pics of her hating fat girls but it only applies to women apparently

such an alpha, I'm sure all the ladies flocked over him

No. 526884

June will be irrelevant in ten years. I give her internet career five more years at the very most.

No. 526907

This may be a bit irrelevant, but it's something I noticed and wanted to share. It ties into something I remember from a few threads ago when a bunch of MGTOWs/redpillers were in June's mentions and a farmer mentioned "it's like she forgets that these people actually fucking hate women and 'feminists' aren't just screaming misogyny at nothing" or something along those lines…

In this video, this guy kind of hints at June and her dumbass feminism response videos, albeit not directly. She commented a few things on the video and I'll post them below this. I almost suspect that she is backing off her anti-feminism a bit and going soft. Not because she actually gives a fuck about any other woman aside from herself, obviously. But because maybe the misogyny and screeching about evil roastie whores that takes place in her circle is finally getting to her a bit. She also mentions Roosh here and that makes me think these people are more on her radar now, and MAYBE the anti-woman (masquerading as anti-feminist) rhetoric is starting to bother her.

Or maybe I'm reading too much into it, idk. Feel free to call me a sperg.

No. 526908

File: 1520835890949.png (47.27 KB, 880x245, Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 1.23…)


No. 526909

File: 1520835924385.png (51.09 KB, 813x190, Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 1.23…)


Also her comment is pinned to the top if you need more context.

No. 526917


Its so bizarre that she's still trying to push this "Gerg is a dominant daddy" bullshit.

Every single time I've seen him featured on someone else's channel he's a timid little fence riding bitch.

No. 526919

I hate that you used that image for the OP. that's not something I'm going to enjoy seeing on the front page of /snow/ for the next few weeks.

No. 526925

You can hide the image by clicking the hide by file

No. 526991

So is she still riding that antifeminism wave or is she slowly changing her tone towards "I don't hate feminism, just pop-feminism/TERFs!"

>inb4 June drinks that feminist kool-aid and leaves Gargamel when he inevitably cheats on her

No. 526995

Honestly their market for "feminist cringe" videos is oversaturated. If she wants to stay relevant on youtube, she has to change her format a bit.

I bet she is also making those changes in an attempt to seem like a more legitimate "social crtic". Like, if her and her Ricky Bobby bf are beig paid public speakers, a casual youtube search can ruin their credibility. It is always the samsung lowhanging fruit, over and over again. I couldn't even tell you the "point" of her channel.

If she wants to play at being an IRL public figure, then she has to do something different online.

No. 526997

She could just be trying to rock the boat for views. In her and skeptic's area of the internet, shutting on roosh or laura Loomer will probably get more views for breaking away from the typical fanbase.

No. 527016


> 'talk about TERFs more'

> hasn't made a single coherent argument against gender critical feminism

> retard

No. 527023

>If she wants to play at being an IRL public figure, then she has to do something different online.
She will never have a shot at taking what she does with youtube into real life. Mythcon is different because they intentionally seek out controversial people since it creates buzz and they know sperges like shoe are great drama whores.

She has made way to many things public, i know not all femininst keyboard warriors(compared real life activist and social workers who are actually making a difference) have perfect internet history but, at least most of them know what to put on their social media and what to put on their tumblr. Then there is the skeptic community,, which will go out of their way to reveal embarrassing information about their personal lives that don't have any relevancy to their content.

It's so unprofessional, and I think June at least is kinda aware of it but, thinks it wont matter after she totally becomes Grocery's trad housewife. Grocery is delusional. Just look at his sad attempt of the armouredmedia site. He's going to eventually have to do real work again and it's not going to be easy with what is up there for anyone to find.

No. 527032

The thing is that the skeptic community online is a modeling themselves after a skeptic community of academics. It should be a sign to them that the academics want nothing to do with them. You don’t really see Phd’s at mythcon (I believe I only saw one, and he’s not even a speaker)

Often times the morons spouting the academic’s ideas online have a poor or incomplete understanding of them.

I mean look at Armoured Skeptic giving June a stack of Dawkins books lol. He’s stuck in 2006. He’s not even a part of the modern Atheist conversation which is less focused around evidence against religion (most of which is already well understood even by religious people at this point) and more centered around ethics- which btw is a subject I’m sure Greg knows nothing about.

No. 527041

Why do people have such a huge problem with intersectional feminism?i never understood why.

No. 527048

The "armored media" rebranding is hilarious. I see that and think oh, he is a film maker now?"

But no. It is the same old shit, but with occasional, cringe movie reviews in a room decorated like his velvet jackets.

Do you thjnk they know that they are tanking their own PR? I always wonder how these people see themselves. Do they think they are a social media power couple?

No. 527055

Honestly theyre just oldies pretending to be little kids play pretend

No. 527062

File: 1520865050031.gif (1.77 MB, 284x229, whstn.gif)

Intersectionality makes sense but it was hijacked by SJW/identity warriors for whom you're only allowed to have an opinion if you check several axis of oppressions (poor, disabled, gay…), although for some reason it doesn't apply to Men of Color™, or transwomen (oh but wait, transwomen are both trans and women so that's two axis of oppression).

No. 527089

File: 1520866214413.png (20.04 KB, 761x134, because i'm sure grocery never…)

>Do they think they are a social media power couple?
Yes. They literally call themselves "the Gayest straight couple eveerrr" and say they're a perfect example of a healthy "24/7 bdsm" relationship. They forced themselves into a shallow stereotype and are profiting off of their relationship just like every other youtube couple.

That reminded me how ironic it was when the SR and JG break up happen and June was so excited to attack him for cheating(btw im not defending that piece of shit) despite her relationship being a result of a man cheating on his wife. So June, you are dating a cheater and in a youtube relationship, chances of you guys lasting are not high at all.

And despite all of this, she'll try to compare their relationship to a pure fictional one like Eugene and Rapunzel. It's obvious she secretly wanted something way more respectable and innocent but, just ended up selling herself to a manchild who likes to play with bdsm toys to feel alpha and strong.

No. 527104

I always find it hilarious how there's a separate internet community of rationalists who are mostly academics or just approach things from a more academic perspective, and they completely ignore that these youtube skeptics exist. They know they're morons who understand nothing and have no importance. Basically little kids playing pretend. I hope they try to be real life activists and fail horribly and embarrass themselves.

God I can't wait for the inevitable breakup.

No. 527119

>They literally call themselves "the Gayest straight couple eveerrr"

fuck for real? Kek I remember seeing pixie locks gets shit for calling herself and her ex bf "queer gay couple" I hope she gets shit for this they usually do this to deflect critisism, they probably think they are gay because ~uwu pedo kink shits are oppressed aka us we are part of the gay letter salad community~

No. 527129

june and greg are literally alternate universe lame and gerg. it's amazing how many parallels there are.

intersectional FEMINISM, specifically, doesn't apply to men because feminism isn't about anything with a dick. not hard to get, anon, really. males aren't oppressed by virtue of being male, and transwomen aren't female (you can't be a woman without being female), so no, intersectional feminism doesn't apply to them.

you're complaining about the wrong people. the phrase 'intersectional feminism' was hijacked by genderists from a black feminist who was primarily referring to disabled women and women of color.

and i love how june is embracing sex posi cosmo tier liberal feminism as being the "one true feminism" (lol) as if it isn't LITERALLY the pop-feminism she complains about. the feminism she's now espousing IS pop-feminism. she's trying to embrace a distinction that doesn't fucking exist.

No. 527141

This, I don't know it shes playing pretend or purposely deluding herself, she's almost 30 now so she will never have her ~loli innocent kinky relationship with a manly man~she wants so badly, she lies to herself until she actually believes it
I don't even feel bad for her, she had a great man but cried abuse when he told her to stop attention whoring on chans and to be a fucking adult and move out, he even offered to help pay for trips unlike skeptic who she has to mommy and treat like a little boy but in the same second uplift his pathetic ego that hes some manly alpha, like hunny he lives in a shitty apartment, cant buy decent shit, eats like shit, sits in a greasy room youre not even allowed in to fart cheetos and make atheist videos all day while you funnel money into his account and embarass yourself being a cuck as he messes around with girls cuter than you all the while her pathetic desperate ass is defending him just like she defended kenny when he sent her nudes because she didnt give him secks on command, if thats not pathetic, white trash, level shit I don't know what is

No. 527165

>there's a separate internet community of rationalists who are mostly academics or just approach things from a more academic perspective
There is? Pls point me in the right direction.

No. 527206

File: 1520875390801.jpg (25.23 KB, 720x480, 1410387510557.jpg)

>she's almost 30 now so she will never have her ~loli innocent kinky relationship with a manly man~she wants so badly
I think that's why she forces the "Grocery looks and acts like flynn rider!" shit because they have an 8 year age gap but, it's actually significant because Rapunzel is barely 18. She wishes she was in that sort of relationship.

Meanwhile, 25 year old June got to talking to Grocery when he was still married barely a month after her breakup with Gmaster which last 4 years(making that relationship still the longest one she's been in lol) and started their totally natural bdsm dynamic within weeks of them dating and then suggesting poly and threesomes within a year.

Reminder, June loves to point out how asexual she was before Grocery, so we're suppose to believe within a few days time she was completely down with all of this and went to her own realization that she's a totally chill trad bi sub little who likes to be cucked by a obese man. So healthy and not at all forced.

No. 527213

>intersectional FEMINISM, specifically, doesn't apply to men because feminism isn't about anything with a dick. not hard to get, anon, really. males aren't oppressed by virtue of being male, and transwomen aren't female (you can't be a woman without being female), so no, intersectional feminism doesn't apply to them.
I know, Anon, you're preaching to the choir. And most intersectional feminists see men of color and transwomen as less privileged than white women so I don't see how what I said was wrong.

>you're complaining about the wrong people. the phrase 'intersectional feminism' was hijacked by genderists from a black feminist who was primarily referring to disabled women and women of color.

Genderists and identity warriors are the same group of people.

No. 527239

>Genderists and identity warriors are the same group of people.
not necessarily. there are a lot of 'skeptical' genderists/anti-fem genderists that complain about 'identity warriors', but don't mean 'identity' dumbasses like transes – they actually are just trying to condemn black people for speaking up, and are claiming civil rights are 'identity politics'.

>And most intersectional feminists see men of color and transwomen as less privileged than white women so I don't see how what I said was wrong.

none of these idiots that believe this, that are hijacking intersectional feminism, are actually intersectional feminists. maybe it was just the phrasing but imo, it sounded like when you said "although for some reason it doesn't apply to Men of Color™, or transwomen (oh but wait, transwomen are both trans and women so that's two axis of oppression)" you were sincerely defending transwomen being seen as less privileged but I can see how it could've been sarcastic. because you said 'sjw/identity warrior' in conjuction with that last setenence, i got the feeling you were a token 'anti-sjw' gendershit that earnestly defends troons.

No. 527256

She has so many asks and shit of her talking about how such and such qualities get her wet, how hot this and that is, etc, but we're supposed to believe she's never been hot for anyone but the greaseball? Pls June. This is just embarrassing. She has too much of a cyber trail to weave this thread of lies.

No. 527262

File: 1520879179259.jpg (36.29 KB, 472x451, Capture.JPG)

No. 527263

She just likes to believe everything about him is hot including his last name being derived from the German word for hallway bc it shares some letters with fuhrer.

No. 527275

File: 1520880269145.jpeg (238.93 KB, 746x688, 868F668E-4197-4152-AC56-6B8880…)

This is honestly the Twitter equivalent of engaging a schizotypal person muttering to themselves on the streets, June. Might make you look cool to some of your followers, but to the rest of us, it looks autistic as fuck.

No. 527281

Same thing @ Grocery.

There’s a reason you don’t see people like… professors getting in debates with alien conspiracy theorists, because it’s a waste of time and there is nothing to be learned or gained. That would be absolute madness. Can’t believe June takes this guy seriously.

No. 527302

This so much. I really think he just does it to make himself feel smart because it's the easiest form of disproving. He can't even make his videos funny despite only the easy material he covers.

His views have been going down a lot despite June's increasing. Every now and again he'll go on tard rants on how he can't get ad moneys and "that's no way to treat your employees YouTube!" on twitter.

No. 527349

>maybe it was just the phrasing but imo, it sounded like you were sincerely defending transwomen being seen as less privileged
Nah I read it the same way as you, anon. Oh well! Glad it got cleared up.

>It is always the samsung lowhanging fruit
This autocorrect gave me a laugh

Yeah tbh I can't really decipher the word salad she retweeted except that someone is very angry.

No. 527415

She's mentioned roosh for years as I remember. She's not changing anything, she's always been wishy washy and will say whatever she thinks makes her look best at any given time.

No. 527501

as disgusting as Roosh is he has a point about these "tradthots"

No. 527507

OT but I just listened to Lily Allen's "URL Badman" and it reminded me of Skeptic.

No. 527534

Dumb bitch couldn't hold an argument against TERFs for a second, so she resorts to taking screenshots of tweets made by random people. Trying to prove a point that TERFs are "so cringy and insane xD" to her neckbeard fanbase.

Look what happened with Magdalen. Wig kept going after her and it resulted in getting her ass handled to her. Oops, quickly block!

Wig, your tweets tend sound way worse and incomprehensible than that tweet, but I guess it's your ~aesthetic~ and you are somehow more special than other girls so it's fine.

No. 527551

i dont even know if that's real.

she keeps a few screenshots of fake screenies in a 'best of terfs' twitter set/collection thing (like where you have a public list of tweets/images?), and despite the fact that it was a fake account, and being told that it was a fake account making the tweets she quoted/capped, she keeps trying to pass them off as real and doesn't care to clarify or remove them because the bottom line is just making her opponents seem insane.

muh skepticism and intellectual rigor tho, right?

No. 527575

This bitch probably found out the difference between all of these forms of feminism like… last week, and she’s going to make horrendous strawmans each step of the way. As if she wasn’t already spewing enough uninformed shit from her ass. How the fuck does she get away with this without anyone correcting her? She is so goddamn dumb.

No. 527608


Because she's a moderately "attractive" anti-feminist on the internet. You can get away with being stupid when you're pretty, just look at Lacey.

No. 527667

I've seen a lot of big name YouTubers (mostly male) talk about her and follow her Twitter. June has also referred to JonTron as "a friend" before and tries to get the attention of other bigger YouTubers. She does get away with a lot just for being decent-looking and it's sad. No one will ever call her out on anything, so her ego is pretty huge at this point.

No. 527864

Might seem that way anon, but as you said, her ego is huge at this point and it's gonna get bigger.

But the skeptic community is starting to become a joke in the youtube community's view and June is making dumber and dumber tweets. She is bound to get called out.

I think June is also afraid of getting called out for all the shit she does. That's why she constantly deletes her tweets or laughs at her "past cringy self" while still doing the exact same thing.

No. 527866

File: 1520934215968.jpg (329.39 KB, 810x1251, IMG_20180313_104211.jpg)

>it's blatantly anti-male!! how dare they??

lmfaooo, dumb handmaiden

No. 527872

Literally every google search I'm pulling describes the term as being inclusive to all women, regardless of biological/assigned sex. Is she reaching just cause there's an 'X'? Like double X chromosomes?

I get she needs to appeal to her sad neckbeard MRA fans, but this is such a reach.

No. 527877

She’s starting to really come across like a nitpicky SJW.
>hurr a misplaced letter is so anti-male and transphobic
Don’t you have more important shit to worry about?

No. 527886

Because June lives on the internet constantly and doesn't take the time to develop a hobby or have any other interests that aren't sucking Grocery's dick or sperging about terfs. She should really log off and go outside sometime, it would probably help her feel less antsy.

But yeah, June's antics lately have been very sjw-y. I hope someone whom she looks up to will call out her childish, egotistical behavior soon to take her down a notch.

No. 527900

June "HA HA TERFs Am i Right boys!?" LaPorta

No. 527902

File: 1520944657575.jpg (35.42 KB, 400x210, tumblr_ov1nf2XcbM1trlf6po2_400…)

>you're complaining about the wrong people. the phrase 'intersectional feminism' was hijacked by genderists from a black feminist who was primarily referring to disabled women and women of color.

intersectional feminism was coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw, and it included trans women as well, here's an article by her where she talks about it and mentions trans women:


No. 527907

>"Intersectionality is an analytic sensibility, a way of thinking about identity and its relationship to power. Originally articulated on behalf of black women, the term brought to light the invisibility of many constituents within groups that claim them as members, but often fail to represent them."

She says it right there in your article. Crenshaw will be crucified if she doesn't swallow their bullshit and publicly accept that it's "for" twansies now too, even though it was initially intended to address the struggles of females of color.

No. 527909

Yes, the article says it was started about including women of colour in feminism, and now the term includes disabled women, trans women, women prisoners, lesbian women, etc. straight from it's creators mouth. It wasn't hijacked at all.

No. 527910

It "includes" them now because it was hijacked by queer theorists for male benefit. She said nothing about men on thromboembolic hormones and tights many decades ago.

No. 527921

File: 1520948931552.jpg (24.67 KB, 333x333, let-it-go.jpg)

no-one cares, triggered terf. (why do the threads for this cow always derail so bad with this shit?)

No. 527922

Hi June.(don't do this)

No. 527924

Can I just say how sad it is to me that June shows of Greg but he gives barely any reciprocation of that lol

No. 527926

meh, it's more likely to be someone who hates june merely because she's a more successful attention whore than they are, like that girl who accidentally outed herself on the anisa thread a while ago.

vanilla TRAs don't have any reasons to hate her.

No. 527937

It's both sad and hilarious to me that as much as she shows off her boyfriend, no one is jealous of her having a fat manchild who treats her as a footstool.

No. 527939

File: 1520952175484.gif (1.15 MB, 320x180, A832FA06-1F70-422D-98A4-AB02E9…)

it’s blantly anti male!!!!!! oh the huMANity!!!!!!!!

No. 527954


Not the anon you're replying to, but nobody likes TERFs. Hating them is like the only thing I agree on with June, for example. So chances are it's just some normal person who wants less derailing

Saged for more derailing

No. 527960

Apparently Greg has control of June’s twitter too lol. Not complete control obviously but he has access to her account. She’s been open about that previously. I can probably find a tweet about it later.

No. 527963

It's not just TERFs who post in these threads, June pisses off a lot of different people for obvious reasons, it goes way further than she's just an attention whore. I'm sure she wants to believe we're all just terfs because they're the few groups actually challenging her(which good on them, even if don't agree with the completely).

There is no point in fighting over different believes on here, let's just enjoy the shit show that is wig0nhead.

No. 527966

wow and they are the same people who bitched that other couples must have trust issues if they had a problems with porn watching. him needing to have access to her account shows he doesn't trust her, maybe not in the cheating way but, probably doesn't want her posting embarrassing shit about him(she still does and deletes it probably after being yelled at).

that or is make him feel like a big boy alpha dom daddy uwu

No. 527968

File: 1520954506816.png (110.47 KB, 1200x464, lol.png)

I know people have been discussing the parallels between June & Greg/Lainey & Lainey's Husband so I laughed at this old tweet. Your boyfriend is exactly the same, June.

No. 527971

denying that onion is a pedo? no wonder she denies that grocery is a pedo too

No. 527972

I remember her twitting that onion boy was trying to be friendly with Grocery at one point and it bugged her lol.

No. 527975

File: 1520955169434.png (379.62 KB, 1150x792, june1.png)

I'm also looking for where she says that but he has access to her YouTube. I wouldn't be surprised if he had access to every single one of her accounts.

No. 527976

File: 1520955245759.png (68.63 KB, 1154x192, june2.png)

Also, she's let other men have access to her accounts before. This is embarrassing, why would she tweet this like she's proud of it?

No. 527984

Sometimes I'm afraid she might really end herself once she hits 30. This, or will disappear from the internet completely because of the shame from "hitting the wall".

No. 527985

Defends onion, even. Like I said, lads, this fool will defend anything with a dick. Anything. Any minor complaint leveraged at a male comes with a mile long dicklicking clause of apology. At least gerg actually puts in 20% tho when he lovebombs his technicolored tardass of a wife, though. Something even grocery can't be bothered to do.

Wrong. Lmao, you have the wrong thread and wrong imageboard. Get back to your ideologically incoherent ivory tower before your flat ass gets BTFO'd by "terfs", Aiden.

No. 527989


June hit the "Wall" a long time ago, she has nothing going for her aside from feigning YouTube fame. All that's really left for her to do is come into the crosshairs of the Internet Bloodsports crowd and be done with it. Warski already doesn't like Groceries

No. 528000

If that's the case, I'm sure you have no room to talk shit about june.

Anyways, we're not on tunglr. Go be a faggot somewhere else.

No. 528019


No. 528042

She hates ''terfs'' cause she's a borderline histrionic woman whose whole personality is built around male attention and ''terfs'' are last women to care about male attention. So their existence made her inner world collapse and now she's having some inner psychological conflict that makes her go after them and ''learn'' about them and make videos about them. Cause you can't live without good, kind, powerful men and center your worldview around evil woman bitches which just reflects the family dynamic that she had in childhood, I suspect. She probably unconsciously hates her mother for the lack of care she provided to her and adores her father who replaced her mother by giving her some kind of attention she needed.

No. 528049

File: 1520960973649.png (160.25 KB, 1188x658, twitter.png)

Oh my god. Her poor mother. The things she's seen.

No. 528062

Vietnam flashbacks of her "I worship his dick 24/7" tweets

No. 528149

I wonder if June's mom agrees that transwomen are women after pushing June out of her vag. I'll pray for her mom, must suck to have such a public embarrassment for a child, just like the parent of any SJW.

No. 528150

I feel so sorry for her mother. She had to see her failure of a daughter's nasty leash in real life, and also live with the fact that she brags about her gross kinks to the entire internet. What an embarrassment.

No. 528158


I'm not gonna link/screenshot for privacy reasons/against the rules but from her parent's Facebooks you can tell they think she's a disappointment. Her mom posted a pic from her sister's graduation saying something like "I'm so proud of you! You are my sunshine." They went on vacation to see her in Italy too and took a lot of nice pics there. There's not a single mention of June on either of their profiles aside from a single profile pic of the four of them. (Sidenote: her mom announced one of her friend's kid's engagement and nothing for June and Greg's, lol.) It's really so sad. At least one of their daughters is successful.

I really wonder how June turned out the way she is. Her sister seems very active in sports and did really well in school from a quick search, and now she's graduated and working/living abroad. June still lives at home, making shitty YouTube videos and tweeting 24/7 about her pathetic boyfriend. I wish she would dump him and go back to school or get a job… just do something outside of the Internet.

No. 528159

File: 1520971500972.jpg (28.74 KB, 450x450, c43.jpg)

Except this "TERF" view that dick is dick and vag is vag is the default for the normie majority, hence why you guys are triggered in the first place. Feminists may be retarded, but trannies are a meme to anyone whose armpit hair isn't blue. You out-tard them at every step, hands down.

Sorry fam, keep coping.

No. 528181

Thanks for the info anon. I'm uncomfortable with sharing anything regarding her family as well because they seem like decent people and I feel bad they have an embarrassing daughter like June.

No. 528185

Yeah, I really enjoyed that Q&A June did with them. They seem like very sweet, down-to-earth people.

Sidenote: I went through Greg's Twitter likes again, and how the hell is he finding some of these girls? A lot of them have <500 followers and seem super normal.

No. 528194

>I really wonder how June turned out the way she is.

I remember in her "Draw my life" video, she said she got jealous when her sister was born because her sister was receiving more attention than her. Possibly could be true that her parents focused more on the younger sister.

No. 528199


that's really telling especially since they likely spend a lot more time with June since she still lives with them

I can't imagine her mother's thoughts about her daughter openly posting about her uwu bdsm daddy dom relationship that must be heartbreaking.

also not sharing screenies/info of her family is based anon they really do seem lovely.

No. 528221

There's nothing inherently wrong with living at home if you don't have the means to move out, but clearly June isn't in that position. She's just a lazyass neet who doesn't want to grow up and is taking advantage of her parents' hospitality. Hopefully she gets pregnant and groceries leaves her, a grandchild would be a gift to her mom and june would finally be forced to grow up and take responsibility for her life like her sister has.

No. 528229

File: 1520975216406.png (297.56 KB, 570x612, stop.PNG)

it's a huge mystery why she doesn't ever move out even if she can afford it and has no reason to stay home, especially now that she's engaged. maybe it's because it helps with her pedo molestation fantasies.

No. 528237

Ugh, I hate how people keep perpetuating the whole "June is totes 16 because she's so smol, Skeptic is her dad!!! XD" shtick

No. 528244

>Yeah, I really enjoyed that Q&A June did with them. They seem like very sweet, down-to-earth people.

Made me sad when her mom described her first meeting with Grocery. He just barged throughout their house into the backyard. June's mom offered him wine to drink and he acted like a pretentious asshole.

No. 528245

File: 1520975708445.png (26.81 KB, 588x242, STOP.PNG)

yeah, it's gross. he even liked these replies to a different tweet ("June is a teen confirmed").

No. 528247

>skeptic retweeted
>june depicted as a 6 year old anime girl

doesn't septic fap to loli porn?


No. 528251


Please no. I don't want her to procreate. If she's not gonna get a job she needs to go to to a community college and get an Associate's degree at the very least. YouTube is NOT going to last forever, or even be feasible in the next few years.

According to Patreon, every video she makes she gets ~$2,300 (her rewards aren't even that good what the hell). She uploads once or twice a month, at best… so she's making decent money, and she's almost to 950k subscribers. She can absolutely afford to move in with Greg and live comfortably (he makes about $800/video from Patreon). I'm gonna guess most of their income comes from Patreon because YouTube's ad revenue deal right now isn't the best and a lot of YouTubers are struggling.

But in 5 years even, when she's peaked in popularity, ad revenue is down, patrons are gone, how's she gonna get by? Employers will search her name and find everything she's done. Her resume will have a huge gap in it and making shitty videos on YouTube isn't gonna impress anyone. She needs to get an education or get a job now so when YouTube's over she can support herself, especially because Greg might not be around much longer with his wandering eyes.

She needs to learn to be independent. Without her parents, Greg, and her audience she'd have nothing, no skills, no education. She isn't planning ahead for the death of YouTube and her relationship. She absolutely cannot live like this forever and it makes me so sad that she thinks she can. Why can't she just get another job like her makeup one? She doesn't do ANYTHING all day and she acts likes it's so difficult to make videos like… once or twice a month, at best. All that free time she could use for improving herself and securing her future. But nah. Tweeting about how kinky uwu she is is much more important.

No. 528258

This actually all started like barely a few weeks into dating. Some people honestly thought June was underaged or did it to fuck with them and would call grocery a pedo. Unlike normal people, instead of disregarding it and being disgusted, they totally milked the situation and made it into an injoke among their fans.

If you look o twitter there is a lot of their fans posting anime lolis and comparing it to June, i'm might find caps later. I honestly think that's when they started getting into ddlg.

No. 528262

File: 1520976383910.jpg (58.54 KB, 758x1078, IMG_20180313_142256.jpg)

She posted this a couple days ago, but imagine being a patron of hers and seeing that the next video she uploads is another drinking one or Cosmo Cringe ep. 3. This is what you have to offer twice a month after just sitting home all day, everyday and doing nothing? Her YT "career" is a joke.

No. 528266

In her kink interview she said her fans asked her "are you in a 'blahblahblah acronym' relationship?" and the way she said it implied that "blahblahblah acroynm" was bdsm, but I bet it was actually ddlg. So either they really didn't know and only just got into it after the fans pointed it out, or Grocery was into this from the beginning and tricked June and their fans.

No. 528267

If only the feds would bust for loli porn, I bet his harddrive is full of it ugh

No. 528270

it's illegal in Canada…

No. 528315


>she got jealous when her sister was born because her sister was receiving more attention than her

And thus began her crusade against every other "vagina haver" as she would put it.

No. 528320

just adding this here to again show how their relationship went from "our age gap isn't big" and "he doesn't date me cause i'm younger" to now where June projects how much of an 'old man' grocery is and them parading their ddlg dynamic.

No. 528332

Even in this video she goes on about her "loli getup" and groceries comments about how hot it is.

No. 528338

I mean, honestly I think her mom kinda failed her even though she seems like a nice woman. I don’t have an examples of how growing up, but look at June’s bad cooking, the lack of respect she demands from her partner, her attitude towards men as infallible… even the way she presents herself without modesty seems like something girls with emotionally/physically/mentally absent mothers do.

Could be analyzing it too much tho

No. 528344

LOL @ June responding to the screen caps of Grocery’s convos with other girls WHILE HE WAS MARRIED and June being like, “Why would I be upset? He didn’t know I existed yet.” Just… wow.

No. 528352

I'm sure her mother doesn't give a fuck what she says on the internet as long as she's making that youtube income.

The same parent who allowed her daughter to travel with strange boys she met on the internet to Mexico.
Would your parents, dear anons, ever let you do that without question???

June has weird shit posted all over the internet about herself and both parents are in on it. Remember that dorky Q&A she did with them a few months back?
They don't care. They encourage it because they know this is the peak of anything June will ever be.

Meanwhile, they're cheerleading her younger sister and hoping she turns out to be a normal, functioning adult who doesn't embarrass them.

No. 528355

Sounds like her sister might've been a do-over/golden child. Or maybe her mom did try her best and June's unsupervised Internet access and addiction from a young age led to all this. (But then again, a good parent would restrict it more, but I think June's attention-whoring online didn't start until her late teens anyways.)

No. 528358

I mean she was an adult when she did it. Short of using actual force it's not like they could stop her.

No. 528360

do we know who paid for the trip?

No. 528361

If she was doing her makeup job then she might have paid herself, or the guys might have paid her part.

No. 528363

She was only 20 years old. That's barely an adult, and we all know for how immature she is now she was doubly so back then.

I don't know how many parents would let their 20 year old travel to Cancun with three guys she's never met. Unless she lied to them about who she was meeting.

Well she sure as shit doesn't/didn't pay a rent or any bills so they might as well have funded it, really.

No. 528365

Yeah but she was living in their house at the time. Maybe even using their money, who knows. I think she was 21, and most parents couldn't have stopped their daughters from going on a trip with a bunch of boys at that age either. But anyone who had a clue would heavily discourage their daughter from going to a foreign country with a bunch of guy she met online…

No. 528366

We don't have any idea if they discouraged it, or how they feel about anything she does besides embarrassment.

No. 528367

We do know they didn't really enforce their positions, or set up any boundaries or ultimatums.
Hence we have June, the NEET.

Most parents generally have the expression "Our house, our rules," and I know plenty of parents who would've started demanding their kids pay rent or move out if they wanted to freeload yet somehow afford gross trips to foreign countries staying at a hotel with three gross neckbeards.

No. 528373

Some parents are just really free range especially after the child turns 18.

It's like Anisa's mom. Despite her continuing to show her entire ass online by treating her twitch stream as a therapy session, her mom's still there modding and encouraging it.

Maybe June's sister achieved things despite their parents shitty and lax parenting, not because they tried any harder for her.

No. 528400

File: 1520986274271.png (13.35 KB, 616x251, 1.png)

Admits to being not confident in her looks but, is totally cool with her bf disregarding that and flirting with camgirls way hotter than her. Relationship goals everyone!

No. 528409

>"i-it has nothing to do with greg cheating and dissing me and treating me like an ugly side hoe I promise"

maybe a stretch but I'd put my money in on skeptic making jabs at junes body, he does seem like the type

No. 528412

it's always cringey to see a woman who looks like a fucking mall retail manager or owner with a full face of makeup trying to look like a loli, it looks so out of place and awkward

No. 528413

he's made jabs at her weight like "your eating too many nuggets" in their messages she shared on twitter. Plus, she's always trying to push the notion that he's better looking than her when it's clear no one thinks that

No. 528414

"If you aren't these exact measurements (that she no longer is, if she ever was), you'd be a 2/10 to me" doesn't seem especially complimentary.

No. 528416

yep not to mention she isn't those measurements either, no wonder she's insecure

No. 528426

>no wonder she's insecure
but anon there is a difference, she just loves being a doormat uwu it's part of their super healthy 24/7 bdsm dynamic.

No. 528431

Skeptic pretending to be insincere in his comment on this video

>Armoured Skeptic

>2 years ago
>This is the hottest video ever.
>I'm sorry… all I see is the loli getup!!!

No. 528450


LOL Meghan Murphy would hand June's ass to her in an argument probably even moreso than Magdalen. Wow ok June I'd love to see any dumb ads video you try to make on her.

No. 528460

Honestly, June doesn't even look like a teen though. She looks her age, maybe a little older. About 30.

No. 528466

when did he say this?

No. 528500

ikr? I think people believe she's younger because she acts like she's still i high school
I remember it was posted on one of the threads and it was a comment june made under a youtube vid stating he's said that to her.

No. 528503

It's in the comments of the "loli getup" video. Someone asks her hip to waist ratio, she replied and said "skeptic said if I wasn't these exact measurements I'd be a 2/10 teehee"

No. 528504

that explains why skeptic isnt attractive to him
she h/w ratio catfished him

No. 528537

File: 1520995432183.png (96.71 KB, 594x824, sluts.png)

searching this chick's twitter is really bizarre…

here she is talking about how bad it is for men to sleep around. at what point did it become ok for armouredskpetic to look for other people to sleep with?

No. 528538

It's different because she totally consents, it's just part of their BDSM roleplay so it just count as real infidelity!

No. 528541

File: 1520995705847.png (39.84 KB, 600x345, only been with a man.png)

also, evidence the colorado chick posting on 4chan was a troll. if wig had a threesome it was in the last ~8 months or so.

No. 528542

He hasn't actually fucked anyone behind her back (that she's aware of) so she thinks it doesn't count

No. 528543

I mean she could be lying but I feel like she wouldn't be so shy about talking about a threesome she had, considering everything else she says.

No. 528548

File: 1520996275152.gif (852.51 KB, 400x250, tenor.gif)

Oh the irony, she's a literal walking contradiction
does she even care if she sounds pretentious or dumb? or is she still lying to herself or twisting things around to make it okay?

she's a slut herself anyway so

No. 528549

>believing a word she says
she lost her v card to the black guy and now shes denying it

No. 528550

She's never explicitly denied that, she always just sort of words it carefully to de-emphazise it. Like she won't outright lie about it since everyones seen the "coalburning" images but she likes to minimize it and say how bad the relationship was.

No. 528551

Also I think she'd wear it like a badge of pride of she actually lost her virginity to skeptic, but she only ever says "I lost it in my 20s"

No. 528556

well true, as much as her followers like to stroke her pedo seducing ego, behind her makeup and shitty camera she is almost 30 and looks 30, unless she's one of those girls where all her boyfriends thought he took her virginity

>Like she won't outright lie about it since everyones seen the "coalburning" images but she likes to minimize it and say how bad the relationship was.
I've noticed this too, but the only reason why she claims it was bad is because he told her not to go on unichan and move out her parents house and offered to even help her, he's a million times better gf than skeptic, all this time she ranted about how she ranted about how she liked nice guys and other girls should too but girls like assholes and she's not like other girls, like lmao june you are one of those girls who cries about being with a nice guy but loves being with an asshole

No. 528560

Also she always makes it sound like it was a short relationship. Before I started looking into her I assumed it was less than a year kind of thing. But no, they were together even longer than she's been with septic.

No. 528579

tbh i dont think she looks 30. i think she looks like 23 or so, and i really dislike her. why do you guys think she looks so old? i don't really see it. like, what about her face looks old to you guys? just curious

No. 528582

I don't really think so either, but honestly sometimes its that awful makeup she cakes on.

No. 528584

I think she looks about her age (she's still 26) or maybe 25. I think a lot of anons here just get annoyed at all of her fans saying she looks 16 when it's blatantly untrue. There's nothing wrong with looking your age, but June is obsessed with coming off as a teenager.

No. 528589

her eyes and thin lips as well as her cheeks, it tends to age people, keep in mind 30 yr olds don't look ancient or anything, most look just like they did at 25 or whatever but she isn't ~youthful~ as people are saying she is, also look at pics of her without shitty cameras

Also keep in mind it could depend on the type of people you're around, my family tends to look 18 until they're 50 which could have a lot to do with it, and the syren cove effect plays in, she and everyone strokes her ego about how young she looks, especially since the jenny thing, you see her without the shitty cam and she looks aged but because of all her exaggerations, peoples brains will amplify her aging

No. 528594

Not defending this dick worshipping cow-hag, but I don't think I would consider June neet.

I'm sure making that kind of money she has to be filing a 1099 and reporting self employment income. Not really neet in the true sense of the term.

sage for nitpicky

No. 528596

File: 1520999529804.png (312.36 KB, 436x351, ugh.PNG)

i dont see it. i think her cheeks and lips look youthful, especially now that with her weird fat distribution she's nearing chunktarded moonfaced linebacker status. i think she looks rather youthful, tbh. most 19 year olds, even, have slimmer faces. i don't think she looks 30 at all tbqh.

No. 528599

she looks her age in higher-res pics and younger on the potato cam. i can see why some people say she looks closer to 30 tho just bc wearing clothes that are "too young" tend to age you by contrast.

No. 528608

Either way, being next to Grocery makes anyone look 10 years younger and hotter in comparison lol.

No. 528612

File: 1521000386211.png (636.21 KB, 617x773, 1.png)

This is so typical every "i'm no like the other girls" think they're aubrey plaza lmao

No. 528615

File: 1521000504214.png (465.63 KB, 532x428, kjh.PNG)

maybe that's it. how old do you guys reckon she looks here? got this in one of the fan videos from like last year i think, at vidcon. it's in 1080p. she looks older here to me, but maybe she's not as fat here.

No. 528618

she looks cute here maybe skeptic should buy better lighting

No. 528627

File: 1521000943919.png (454.38 KB, 440x436, jhgjg.PNG)

kek, true. i was combing for stills of her in grocery's HD cam and caught this masterpiece. don't get too wet, ladies. this hunk is just for june! (and whatever canadian camwhore happens to catch his wandering eye this week)

i just wish i could wrap my lips around those hairy breast buds!

he literally looks like the fat autist from middle school that wore a male bra and smelled like shit, but tried to mask it in entirely too much TAG body spray, that had a weird obsession with nautical knots or civil war guns

No. 528633

he looks like someone who produced videos on tgwtg.

also those tiny hands and wrist for such a dom alpha daddy

No. 528634

The extra fluff on her face definitely helps, but if you zoom in it's low quality image with low definition.

Now this >>528320 is most surely someone who looks about 30. Not that there's anything wrong with that since it's around her actual age.

No. 528635

She would have been like 24 in that video. She looks older because the pigtails are so unflattering.

No. 528636

Ah really? Dang, my mistake.

No. 528648

File: 1521002515965.jpeg (111.38 KB, 600x1067, EF06D91B-12B7-4B03-9493-74C0D5…)

She says she hates jeans but I think she looks super chill in casual attire.

Sage for nothing ventured, nothing gained.

No. 528652

so… has it been explained why her irl face shape is nothing like her webcam face shape? It's like she squashed a 16:9 webcam picture to 4:3 one of the early days and thought it looked more like boxxy or someshit so she had to keep doing it

No. 528667

Her face looks more squarish in this pic than her usual long horse face in her videos. It looks nicer. Also second that casual attire is an improvement compared to dressing in her usual J-fashion shit.

No. 528668

Does she have to state that she’s bi like every other tweet? It’s like she’s trying to convince herself more than other people.

No. 528718

You're a slut, June, so maybe you should leave it to non-tinder threesome bisexuals to complain about that. Fucking a girl for your bf's creepy fetish does not make you bi, it makes you a piece of trash.

No. 528791


See, this is another example of June‘s spineless pandering.
One moment she pretends to be a ~kawaii nympho that worships dick 24/7~ and posts a gross amount of tweets about her sex life, and then, when it’s convenient to her, pretends to be ~soo totally not promiscuous uwu~ in order to pander to her male liberal fanbase but also conservative men.

June ‘I Used To Be Sooo Socially Awkward and Lost my Virginity In My 20s, Even Though I Clearly Had Boyfriends Before And Sent Nude Photos Of Myself’ LaPorta: pick a side. You can’t have it both ways. Her pandering is so obvious in her views on feminism/etc as well, I just don’t understand how her fans don’t see through it….are they that blind? Or do they just conveniently ignore it because she’s a conventionally attractive woman who agrees with them?

No. 528795

man i just feel really sorry for her parents. imagine your damn near 30 year old daughter squeal and giggle in a fake baby voice while her piece of shit boyfriend puts her on a leash and gets off to cam girls. not to mention that everything is public. at this point i don’t think even makeup counters would employ her again, kek

No. 528807

the first result on Google for June laport is one of her lolcow threads, but I feel like an employer wouldn't bother to read all this shit. she's probably still employable, if you ignore how long she's been out of the workforce. if she's fumb enough to put YouTube down on her resume, she's just digging her own grave.

No. 528821

She looks 25-30. People just have a skewed idea of what women in their 30s look like because of "the wall meme", that tells everyone we all turn into elderly grandmas on our 26th birthday.

No. 528822

she's still a mod! run!

No. 528823

She looks like someone's 32 year old mom wearing her 10 year olds daughters clothes

No. 528842

yeah but i clicked on the video and she says straight up that's what she's going for, like for a joke or something idk

No. 529060

not trying to discredit you or anything, but if someone were to play her, Aubrey Plaza would be a very close lookalike.

Though i’m hoping she’s not using her because of her and Andy’s relationship because Greg and Shoe are nowhere on that level.

No. 529073

>Though i’m hoping she’s not using her because of her and Andy’s relationship because Greg and Shoe are nowhere on that level.
I wouldn't put it pass Grocery thinking he's as attractive as Chris Pratt. His ego is that high.

No. 529095

File: 1521050193753.jpg (108.42 KB, 810x667, IMG_20180314_185558.jpg)

She reblogged this today. Is she unaware she's doing exactly tze opposite of this? Except maybe the third one, though her "love" doesn't love her back.

No. 529100

wow she is delusional. since when does she ever look anywhere other than at low-hanging fruit and since when does she work more than a few hours per month.

No. 529130

wow such thicc 35-23-37 hips june

No. 529136

He's got that fat noodle body a lot of men with developmental disabilities and autism have, because they can't develop muscle definition and sit around all day.

No. 529185

File: 1521056250210.png (618.75 KB, 767x862, look at those muscles.png)

I'm still confused of how Grocery and June think they can get away with saying he has muscular arms. Have they ever been around a fit person before? I guess that's expected when the people you meet up with are fat neckbeards and edgy mra's.

No. 529311


He's got them fatceps.

The only thing he's beating with those is his dick, june.

No. 529427

june has more muscles than him kek

No. 529455


here's a video with skeptic attempting to do a tricep kickback with 25 lbs. he has horrible form (back curved, head slumped, not doing a full extension, uses his shoulder to lift the weight) probably because they're way too heavy for him.

here's what it looks like when a buff guy does it and 30lbs is light for him- which he does intentionally so he can actually get something out of the exercise, but i've seen guys at the gym doing 50-80lbs with this exercise.


i mean honestly june pretending greg's arems are strong is an insult to men who actually work hard.

No. 529457

I could probably out-lift him wtf.
This is the guy we're all supposed to believe is an uber alpha macho chad?

No. 529463

What weak little manbaby. Why is it all guys who are into bdsm and want to be doms are always these tiny hand noodle arm lazy fatasses? Like I can't imagine this guy inflicting an real pain.

No. 529476

File: 1521075820193.png (182.43 KB, 1024x535, Posing-101-with-Lindsay-Adler-…)

No. 529477

File: 1521075933716.jpg (173.48 KB, 800x1003, _20180314_210227.JPG)

There was another tweet where she says "TJ has the mind of 14 year old boy" or some shit but she deleted it.

Again, she's still fucking defending anything with a dick.

No. 529485


No. 529492

File: 1521077251623.png (357.4 KB, 708x710, 1.png)

She actually believes this is one huge conspiracy. I'm fucking laughing. Also, where are those shocking tweets that were way worse than what TJ said? She always claims shit without backing it up.

No. 529520

File: 1521080071659.jpg (46.54 KB, 820x430, lara croft.jpg)


the real crime here is that Alicia Vikander's chest is not a wedge.

No. 529642

so she won't date a slut because of red flags like "can't commit" and "loose morals" etc, but she will date THIS missing link:
but fails completely to see the blaring red flags like "man child", "disrespects his own body", "clearly a lazy fuck", "too stupid to look after himself", "no taste", "no impulse control demonstrated by his obvious addiction to twinkies" etc
gg june

No. 529694

Greg is giving me some serious Chris-chan vibes here.

No. 529700

I dunno, the "wall" thing is stupid imo, but that's another discussion for another thread.

No. 529701

Why do you ask that?

No. 529704

it is stupid but june purposely caters to neckbeards who are psychotically obsessed with womens "walls", even going out of her way to bash rando women for no reason, she acts as if she has the same mindset of the dudes running around screaming "the wall!!!!" at women, which purposely she put an expiratory label on herself, especially since shes with greg and enables him

No. 529714

Ah, I see. What a hypocrite.

No. 529762

File: 1521119872667.jpg (75.35 KB, 750x806, DYS_sg5U0AArU-t.jpg large.jpg)

One of their fans used them as example in a class presentation. This is so embarrassing.


No. 529770

I hope this person included information on lawsuits and how useless bdsm contracts end up being (even those that are written) when someone feels abused or gets hurt in these kinds of relationships.

Also the unspoken element of emotional damage that is usually kept internalized by submissives. Or the hospital visits that sometimes happen when things get too extreme.

Like… idk, I’m all for doing whatever you want in the privacy of your relationship but advocating for it is dumb and frankly 50 Shades of Grey doesn’t even scratch the surface of how bad these relationships can be.

No. 529779

I would actually love to see how she did the presentation for laughs. Giving June and Greg as an example of a good BDSM relationship is hilarious to me.

No. 529781

Why the fuck is someone doing a presentation on BDSM in the first place? Never mind that they even used wig and fatass as a """healthy"""" example.

No. 529788

Also Grocery doesn't even compliment and or thank her, he just replies "Ayy that's me" like you can't even acknowledge a person's actions, all you care about is that someone promoted you, not your relationship but, you.

No. 529790

File: 1521122798967.jpg (406.91 KB, 809x1708, Screenshot_20180315-070619.jpg)

For anons too lazy to click link

No. 529810

what the fuck
this is extremely embarrassing

No. 529850

File: 1521128326283.jpg (140.78 KB, 720x397, 818a08affe6199d37b000102dc5cb9…)

>Making a presentation on BDSM in front of your class
>Making a presentation that looks that shitty

No. 529856

i would have just packed my things and walked out of the classroom

No. 529866

Honestly, this. Like it’s fine if you want to talk about how 50 Shades of Grey promotes an abusive/unhealthy dynamic and tie it into the cultural implications of the movie or something… idk what kind of class that would be appropriate for. But then framing it around “healthy” BDSM dynamics of a couple YouTube personas seems so not necessary in an academic setting. I’m cringing.

No. 529878

File: 1521131297612.gif (1.96 MB, 400x225, nxMBqb4.gif)


i mean it's bad enough they used wigs and groceries review in the first place but they even added their 'best moments video'…jesus

No. 529903

File: 1521133234111.gif (650.81 KB, 500x422, 1336932895658.gif)

I was thinking she just used the thumbnail of that video in her slide…please tell me that's all she did. No one should have to watch that video.

No. 529904

How unaware do you have to be to make a presentation like this, and then use fucking youtubers in it?

No. 529907

Uhh the girl wasn’t unaware because she even said she was nervous to cover the topic like… yeah there’s a good reason for that.

No. 529908

She was "nervous" and yet still did it.

No. 529910

I'm more wondering what class you'd be in where this could be a topic. Her profile says she's an english major(lol).

No. 529919

what class was this anyway? do they have bdsm courses in college now? ugh I hate edgelords who feel the need to shove a kink in everyones face

No. 529923

Probably public speaking.

No. 530012

File: 1521139140159.jpg (153.34 KB, 668x1300, whyudodis.jpg)

Looking at this girl's >>529762 twitter, she seems like a nice, normal college girl. For some reason, she's also an über fan of wig and grocery, the cutest couple on Youtube.
I don't understand.

No. 530026

kek the inadvertent mouthbreathing posture

No. 530035


>she seems like a nice, normal college girl.

Proof that you can be nice and normal, and still be stupid

No. 530064

This is kinda sad. Many of grocery and wig's fans hold their relationship so highly. Would they still if they knew about things like grocery was married and talking to other women when he started talking to wig?

It's gross how youtube couples glamorize themselves as healthy to an audience only to eventually break up. It's especially bad in this case considering most of wig and grocery's fans are single and lonely(just based on reading comments and tweets) and wig says she's made couples through her discord.

How will these people feel when Grocery ends up cheating on her with some camgirl?

No. 530083

absolute state of the person who made that

No. 530315

>seems like a nice, normal college girl

just look at those drawings, girl is still mentally twelve years old.

No. 530369

Seems pretty average "girl who likes drawing but has no skill or ambition to gain skill" to me.

No. 530426

A lot of colleges have some form of Human Sexuality course. I had to do a book report in mine, but went with something far more educational and handled it with maturity.
I'm guessing/hoping this was for a Human Sexuality course.

That aside, this girl does seem a little unhinged and obsessive. >>530315 I agree with this.

No. 530482

isn't human sexuality based more around psychology and biology of human sexuality rather than kinks? I could see it though, must suck to pay a bunch of money and time for college for a fucking human sexuality course and learn about bdsm

No. 530498

File: 1521158314340.png (353.16 KB, 701x630, 1.png)

Yeah June you sure are showing those radfems by blocking, responding with "your mom lol" to arguments and sending your minions to small innocent old lady channels. You go girl!

No. 530503

>dunking on radfems
>blocks Magdalen Berns

pick one bitch

No. 530506

what an overinflated ego for doing shit all

No. 530515

Kek. She really thinks her playground insults and le ebin trolling xDDDDD is enough to take on their ideology. Someone soon needs to knock her down a peg. She's getting far too arrogant.

No. 530544

Its kinda funny because Sh0e is bald irl lol

No. 530545

since when has she ever even engaged with radfem ideas other than tweets from insane people
perfect understanding of their ideology June, you really showed them

No. 530547

does this chick think of herself as some sort of jesus christ sent down from the heavens to protect all men from the evil, ugly feminists

No. 530549


The average h0e fan doesn't know that.

No. 530552

Radfems aren't "crawling out of their holes" because they think it's safe. Radical feminism is coming back because liberal feminism has failed so badly. Most radfems are either older women who've been here since the second wave or former libfems who recognise the problems with the third wave. Meanwhile, June has supported Gamergate which has given us a lot of angry white guys who couldn't get laid to save their lives.

No. 530571

Kek exactly.

It would be a miracle if wig0nhead ever engaged with an intelligent thought. Shes like clickbait in human form except even more disappointing.


No. 530572


sage but i'm taking human sexuality to fill my required elective hours, can confirm there is a chapter/lecture/guest panel on bdsm/kink

No. 530704

June cherry picks radfems to use as "lol look at this idiot" posts on her Twitter. She strawmans the hell out of them without once having a civil discussion with one that's sane and rational. And her fans are probably none the wiser and actually believe that all radfems are crazy due to this, but then again her fanbase seems pretty slow and unable to do research about anything and take everything at face value.

No. 530851

It's fascinating to her that women can centre female perspective and rights within their own movement. Attention whore's head exploded after she found out it's possible.

No. 530854

>these harpies say that men's opinion doesn't matter UM excuse me??????? how else do you get attention and praise???????

wig0nhead's brain when reading radfem posts

No. 531060

File: 1521225271848.jpg (27.16 KB, 478x193, Capture.JPG)

But what if
>Incel-only island opening somewhere
>June comes swimming fast

No. 531088

From experience, you could probably give a presentation on this in a basic speech class because typically the first type of speech they have you do is an 'informative' one and basically give you no boundaries unless it's something offensive.

Case in point: my dumbass Tumblr self gave a speech over Benedict Cumberbatch when I was in my freshman speech class. As long as it meets the grading criteria, professors don't really care.

(sage because blogpost).

No. 531181

Apparently normal women can't have anything without this thot bitching about it. Yet she totes doesn't have any internalized misogyny.

No. 531189

Yep-but then again she is an attention whore, she has to make everything about herself. Not hard to see why she has so few female friends, she cant stop inserting herself into everything and making a fucking big deal about it (thinking about that make-up app hoohah)

No. 531242

she needs to make herself ~not like other girls~ any chance she gets

so ofc when there's a female only island, if it offended victim complexed men it offends the pretentious liar hoe who needs to baby men every step of the way and enable their victim behavior

No. 531371

File: 1521348444109.jpg (606.69 KB, 1079x1539, Screenshot_20180317-035129.jpg)

June defending poor, innocent men against those evil, crazy harpy bitches who attack them routinely and unprovoked. Smh, when will women learn?

No. 531383

the "Rad fem" essay was right though… why is june acting as if it's a bad thing then completely ignores it to boast about how she knows what bihet means

No. 531392

god i cant wait til her fupa'd 'fiance' shits on her heart and leaves her out to dry. i cannot WAIT to see her eat crow on how much she's banked on him/their 'perfect' relationship. i think when it does happen, she'll recognize/see that radfems are right, but will never have the dignity and maturity to admit it.

No. 531401

I hate June but
>heterosexuality is a choice you can stop making
WTF? That's BS.
Being gay or het isn't a fucking choice.

No. 531404

File: 1521350333913.jpg (115.53 KB, 800x590, IMG_20180318_011423.jpg)

She doesn't talk about race because it's not 'luzy' like gender. Because I guess gender isn't a serious issue to her.

Also, >implying the 'alt-right' only just focuses on race
This bitch doesn't even know her own shit.

No. 531409

Wow Grocery was such a hot lady killer back in the day.

No. 531412

I don't necessarily agree with everything radfems say, especially some of the ones June cherrypicks, but it's just funny to me how obsessed she is with them to the point she feels the need to sperg out about them at least once daily. She also has a weird savior complex with men too.

No. 531416

‘My dumb brain, tee hee!’

Neck yourself, bunny.

No. 531417

They're talking about bisexual women who can choose to date women but date men instead. Not whether strictly gay or straight is a choice..

No. 531418

June, savior of the incel. Way to go, girl.

No. 531420

We know the real reason she doesn't talk about race-its because a lot of her audience is alt right and she would get into hot water no matter what she said about race because shes put herself in a stupid position.

Even twitter recommends her along with other alt rights because of the shit she posts. Also everything you said.


No. 531421

Easy targets, easy to make money off.

No. 531428

File: 1521352234778.jpg (115.27 KB, 800x841, _20180317_002947.JPG)

>Did i mention I'm bi!? Cause I'm totally bi!

Also, Grocery is another retard who judges without having played the recent games and knowing nothing about her character.

No. 531431

>gender debates interest me
Lmao, is this the same woman who refuses to engage with rational radfems and have civil debates with them? Fucking priceless.

No. 531519

She doesn't talk about race becuase she could get under a lot of fire for that, while shitting on women (and especially radfems) is always easy, socially acceptable and in vogue. Also her main audience are mostly mysogynistic alt-right neckbeards, co obviously she's going to pander to them playing "a girl who's not like the others".

No. 531521

lmfao, as soon as you try to "debate gender" with her, she calls you an attention whore!1!, posts some old /b/ meme and blocks you.

It's so sad that this is all what a 26 year old is doing in life.

No. 531522

He looks ugly and fat but his personality seems so much more likeable in this vid??

I guess because he isn't doing that retarded smug face

No. 531527

File: 1521361879658.jpg (520.17 KB, 809x1891, Screenshot_20180318-012822.jpg)

Damn, those terfs are at it again.

No. 531560

Yeah we all know why. Because attention whore's brain exploded after she found out a woman can be like that and live like that. ''Women as a collective'' Wow, never heard of that. But what about constant competition for male attention and approval, especially when I made it my only focus in life?
She seems to read radfems on the internet daily. This girl just got an identitiy crisis for sure.
Btw she claims to be bisexual and she never dated a woman. She learned to look at herself and other women through the sexualized male gaze, especially after spending so much time around neckbeards on the internet. Must be that she's bisexual.

No. 531569

File: 1521367380554.jpg (454.61 KB, 1074x1031, Screenshot_20180318-030115.jpg)

God, that expression he does gets more obnoxious each time he does it.

No. 531571

File: 1521368644424.jpeg (29.7 KB, 375x375, 7823E3A3-0F66-4E1C-8C3E-B6B6D7…)

Careful ladies, it appears that weight gain and greasy hair is contagious with this one. And lord knows what he may have caught from the random Twitter chicks.

No. 531574

Ahh, samefagging, but I accidentally cropped out June's handle, Twitter name and profile pic. But tbf, would any sensible woman post something like this except for June?

No. 531576

Why is she so butthurt over TERFs not believing into trans agenda.

Like majority of her alt-right followers and /pol/ like to exclaim "burn all degenerates!" (and that definitely includes trannies) but she hardly brings up anything they say. She is only focused on shitting on other women just because they accept biological reality and calls it "agenda".

No. 531578

>detransitioners r jus a lie made up 2 push le terfz agenda huehue xDDD
She sounds like a whacked out conspiracy theorist.

No. 531581

The irony is June herself used to call others transtrenders before she came out with her RE: Milo Stewart video last year and said that she wouldn't do any of that anymore. I don't remember her being as anti-TERF as she is now, but it's gotten increasingly worse the past few weeks where now a good chunk of her tweets are aimed at radfems/TERFs

Tbh I'm surprised she still has as many right-wing followers as she does. She whiteknights trans people hardcore and as anon said here, her right-wing fans are generally against transgenders

No. 531592

Wig tweeting about radfems 24/7 is getting obnoxious. She really needs to turn off that computer and do something productive…

No. 531617


I think they mean being in a het relationship, not heterosexuality itself, is a choice. I think if you read past the cutoff the post explains that lesbian radfems aren't discouraging het relationships because they secretly want to date straight women, but because they feel the relationships are unhealthy. It's a controversial point that I don't agree with myself, but it's not a conversion therapy angle.

Which kinda ties into "political lesbianism". I think June is strawmanning the ideology by implying this is a core tenent. Many radfems find the idea offensive because you're orientation is not political, but natural. They may encourage celibacy if you're straight or exclusively female relationships if you're bi, which I get is extreme, but they don't typically want people to "switch" orientations. They often state that straight women "switching teams" simply to escape men is offensive to the women they would be using, which is true.

Lots of radfems would even say discouraging het relationships is too much because all women should be able to find love even if they should have much stricter standards, something which June clearly lacks in regards to her fuck face fiance.

No. 531628

I know, it's weird. tranny bs is inherently sjw, I'd go as far as to say it's the most sjw-y thing there is. I know real alt-righters don't like her because she's a coal burner, so I guess her whole audience is female market failures and edgy neckbeards who are liberal mostly because their ddlg kinks, NEETdom, and all the trap porn they watch would contradict their political beliefs if they said they were conservative.

No. 531629

what's with june deleting new shit from ask.fm all the time

No. 531634

saying dumb shit and immediately deleting it is the only thing she's good at

No. 531641

File: 1521380746955.jpg (60.61 KB, 810x266, IMG_20180318_144323.jpg)

No. 531649

>little girlfriend

No. 531654

this is so sad. remember your first boyfriend that was so functionally retarded that you felt pity for him and would try to hype the shit out of his accomplishments, except you were 16 and not 27? this is what that is, but so public, and 10 years too late. this is so embarrassing.

he's supposed to be the ultra competent daddy dom, but he's like quasi-retarded with a low-test bitch tit bod. all i see when i look at this dynamic is june as a mother cat too deep into this relationship now to dip, massaging and tonguing the shit out of her fat baby kitten's asshole.

No. 531663

>I'm starting to feel more established
Um, that's rough you feel this way now considering the skeptic community peaked in like 2016. The only reason anyone watches your movie channel now is for your "little girlfriend".

You can't even access his gay little armouredmedia site anymore.

Will he ever acknowledge that his main channel's views have been complete shit as of late? Not even being shoe's neckbeard bf is helping him anymore. In fact, shoe gets more likes for posting his stuff than when he does.

Shoe will never know what it's like to be with a man who's the breadwinner and get to be in that 50s trad wife lifestyle she wants.

No. 531684

why are these anti feminist women so narcissistic? ‘me…me…my dumb brain’ it’s all about them. if you watch that red pill movie, the director is always talking about herself. they love to slam feminists for being ‘selfish’ for not babying men but these anti fem women really think they are the center of the universe

No. 531695

That is a really good point. It's kind of ironic especially those who support mra related shit. It's always about their journey in being the "few women who recognize men's rights!" not about the actual men.

You get women like June who use language that hurt men daily like calling those who don't agree with her betas, manlets, cuck etc. shaming them for not living up to a certain expectation which is what can lead to a lot of men being insecure about their identity and sometimes leads to them thinking they should be women instead of being themselves.

Just from her answer it's clear she doesn't really care about any social struggles face on men or women, she just wants to shame others for not sharing her way of life, which is really disgusting to me.

No. 531703

holy shit this
not to mention she is putting some chubby little asshole on a throne and catering to him and letting him cheat and whatnot despite the fact it clearly bothers her than calls her ex abusive for wanting her to move out of her parents and stay off of unichan

she is literally what MRAs hate and what she's preaching against
one second
"go for nice guys girls so what if they're chubby, girls today don't like nice guys!"
next second
"okay so he is misogynistic and if he cheats on me its ok because hes a god and he yells at me and doesn't allow me in his fart space and it totally is so hot he puts me on a leash and does nothing while he plays cod, hes an asshole but I love him! you're all just betas who are jelly you can't be fat and alpha like he is!"

No. 531721

File: 1521389347936.png (86.97 KB, 733x764, 1.png)

It's really funny she projects Grocery as the ideal male, not even in a joking way. She would do the same thing if she ended up with someone who was fit or skinny, she just wants her version of something to always be right.

What makes this all hilarious is Grocery is a hard selling point. Trying to make him seem alpha, she needs to literally go out of her way to call him that and EXPLAIN in great detail WHY he's a totally a daddy. While for most men, you know by just looking at them. Anyone who sees Grocery just thinks he's any other obese loser who just sits at his computer all day. They don't think "Wow look at the hot dadbod!" like June wants to pretend actually exist.

But, the last and most important thing is insulting men who don't look like him. And that is what makes Grocery the most insecure baby, he needs his gf to do all of this to feel comfortable with himself.

No. 531730

File: 1521389798386.png (18.17 KB, 750x130, 2.png)

Sorry double post but, also want to add this.
>grocery thinking he's a manly man
Also, while I can understand using words like beta and cuck as emasculating insult, I never get what their beef is on short guys besides grocery thinking being 6'3 = MANLY. Again, not really helping other men by forcing that stigma, there are plenty of guys 5'7 and shorter that could kick grocery's ass.

No. 531736

All they do is stay inside and use the internet all day. Greg is not a "lumberjack", he's a slumberjack-offer.

No. 531751

So, she's an "MRA," yet she thinks it's okay to insinuate all men who aren't ~alphas~ (so, her bf and her entire following) are worthless?

Like, it's 100% true, but when you're an MRA and you're dating a beta male and pander to beta males for a living, you shouldn't say it.

No. 531757

File: 1521392202170.jpeg (168.79 KB, 816x821, D00A135D-7A86-4FEB-AF5B-CA7949…)

>50’s lifestyle

No. 531758

File: 1521392299943.jpg (89.69 KB, 561x631, Untitled.jpg)

lmao wig, you literally wear nothing but YesStyle shit

No. 531771

Lol, it's always women she judges the looks of. Your fat man shops at the Men's Warehouse, June.

No. 531773

File: 1521393033958.jpg (13.38 KB, 136x152, 1410040591955.jpg)

holy shit i'm dying
so where are all those anons white knighting on us criticizing June's appearance? Because here she doing the exact same thing she's always been doing on other women. Women who have hair and don't wear cheap knock off j-fashion.

>But it's ok cause they are fatter than me uwu it's not like i'm slowly getting more chubby as each year goes by as I get older. BUT I ALSO TOTALLY AM BI FOR THICC GIRLS

she's all over the place.

No. 531780

>so where are all those anons white knighting on us criticizing June's appearance?

I'm here. I think it's shallow and stupid both ways. It's the same thing regardless of who does that. Plus people here cross the boundaries with their nitpicking and write the most ridiculous shit I wouldn't except even a shallow person to write. It's like the whole new level.

No. 531787

it really isnt. criticisms of june's fassy face, cueball head, and fridge like body are wholly karmic. no one is going to baby her when she offers up any normal women that do nothing to her as sacrifice to fat, baby-balled manchildren so her wallet, and primarily, her ego, can benefit

No. 531793

>Plus people here cross the boundaries with their nitpicking and write the most ridiculous shit I wouldn't except even a shallow person to write
That's literally the point of the site. You still haven't learned how to sage either. Get off your high horse. Now I regret my post because now we'll get another billion posts of you project your insecurities onto other people.

Also, there is an extreme difference in the nitpicking done on here to June's. June is doing this on a public account for all her followers to bandwagon on. People on here do it simply to point out the hypocrisy of someone who looks like her doing that so openly.I could give two shit if she made fun of someone's appearance in private, it's the fact she thinks it's ok to do it on twitter with her name attached and for all her gross neckbeards to circlejerk to it while they remain oblivious to how much of a fraud she is.

No. 531803



No. 531805

File: 1521395189755.gif (528.83 KB, 250x150, 08834ED3-FCA2-4A57-9846-E3824F…)

june is gonna get fat as shit in the next five years cause she eats like fucking garbage and absolutely no one will feel bad for her lmao

No. 531815

I'm fine. But if you spend your time doing that then that's what you think of other people and yourself too which isn't healthy at all.
I only read this page because of her and it's you who just can't accept a different opinion. Now let's end this conversation. It's not high school anymore. Just accept some people have opinions different from yours and they can express it sometimes. I don't really care that you discuss it. It's just that there are things that are more legit to talk about. Maybe something more productive idk
Do you realize you do the same thing she does instead of having a different perspective?

No. 531821

>It's just that there are things that are more legit to talk about. Maybe something more productive idk

Like what, wk?

No. 531824

>it's you who just can't accept a different opinion
No one would care about your opinion if you didn't take every opportunity to sperg whenever an anon talked about her appearance. You can feel the way you do, just don't derail the thread with your moral bs because your basically not respecting anyone else's opinions on here when you do that
> I don't really care that you discuss it
You care enough that you wanted to get the last word in.

No. 531830

What she does instead of what she looks like or her ''fat distribution'' or whatever subjective little thing you find on a certain photo lol
If a few times I voiced my opinion ''derailed'' the thread then maybe your opinions are not that strong because you feel so uncomfortable finding out someone can disagree with you on something. So you want all the people in the group say exactly the same thing and verbally punish those who don't or who criticized something you said. It's so high school.

No. 531834

>If a few times I voiced my opinion ''derailed'' the thread then maybe your opinions are not that strong because you feel so uncomfortable finding out someone can disagree with you on something.
More like no one wants to see posts like this when they go into a thread. That's why you sage but, you can't even bother to do that so why should any of us respect your shitty opinions anyway?

No. 531839

>What she does
>no specifics

We do talk about what she does. I don't see you in other threads doing this so I think you are pretending to be "body positive+" just to derail.

No. 531865

The butthurt whiteknighting in this thread gets unreal at times. Maybe June really is still a mod here. :^)

No. 531871

I told you guys that she's low-key dissatisfied with her cucked ass incel pandering cockhole position, but she went in too deep to go full libfem (which is something she no doubts wants to do but can't for meal ticket reasons). All the anti-terf stuff is her trying to get cozy with them though. Testing the waters, if you will.

No. 532125


Wtf June, they look like normal women. Are they supposed to look like skinnyfat Guido post-emo bitches like you??

The woman in the green sweater is really cute, too.

No. 532139

File: 1521418386749.jpg (195.93 KB, 1920x1080, Aladdin3192.jpg)

Sage for shitposting, but June has compared Grocery with Flynn Ryder from tangled when he honestly bares a striking resemblace to the genie from Aladdin. Same pointed nose, eyebrow raise and body type.

No. 532170

junes probably scared greg is fapping to the thought of the thicc qt in the green sweater so she's trying to convince them they're ugly feminazi terf harpies

No. 532178

File: 1521420308107.jpg (114.27 KB, 661x700, Genie5_mr1521420147300.jpg)

I see it, but ultimately genie has a slim stomach and loving proteccting dad arms. This is greg in true Disney format. Hes the perfect combo of Robin williams' greatest hits, actually: flubber, and the genie

No. 532513

Lmao the earring!!!

No. 532515


where are you guys seeing cute at? June's a bitch but there's no need to lie.

No. 532529

File: 1521438846318.jpg (392.4 KB, 1080x1042, Screenshot_20180318-225253.jpg)

Wow, June is really destroying those terfs by blocking them

No. 532537

I wouldn't say she's stunning, but her face is cuter than junes and she has way better fat distribution/curves without resorting to silicone so I think that's what those anons meant.
wig is probably triggered especially knowing that grocery store hallway likes em thicc

No. 532541

lmao so-called terfs have GIVEN her opportunities to try and beat them but she blocks or refuses to debate. unless that person means june's self-hating female existence is his fodder against terfs. Like, when terfs complain about women's degradation, just throw your friend june at them, a woman who totally loves being disrespected and degraded! Checkmate!

No. 532548

Lmao hey June why don't you come here to le epically pwn some terfs? Why don't you flex your debate skills seeing as your arguments are so airtight? We already know you used to be a mod here so I'm sure you're aware of how many evil terfs need to be proven wrong :^)

No. 532557

I'm probably tinfoiling here, but if June reads these threads do you think she's making all these excessive anti-radfem posts lately to rile everyone here up? I mean, she used to be a mod here, so she obviously knows of this site's existence. And a lot of the userbase of Lolcow aren't particularly fond of trans folks.

No. 532564

I think you're giving her too much credit, she's not that smart, also we have more than enough dirt on her already if I were her I would try to avoid drawing lolcow's ire

No. 532627

I think that, if she's reading this thread, she is too much of a coward to actually debate us (this thread also reveals all the dirt she hides). She focuses her pent-up frustration to tiny channels and random people because she can't take on actually popular terf commentary channels either.

Cowardly bitch who is addicted to bullying. No hobbies, no job, no higher education and a fat boyfriend was with ego as big as his gut - that's what she tries to present as an awesome life.

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