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File: 1521982010922.jpg (7.76 KB, 296x170, contra.jpg)

No. 537938

29y.o transbian sjw who gathered fame with videos such as ''TERFs'', ''What the alt right fears'', ''Is Trump racist?''… Is prone to twitter meltdowns. He has called out Kiwifarms in one of his videos despite having a mere 9 page thread.
ig: https://www.instagram.com/contrapoints/?hl=fr
youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNvsIonJdJ5E4EXMa65VYpA
twitter: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNvsIonJdJ5E4EXMa65VYpA

No. 537942

It's a shame he turned into a tranny. He was a pretty cute guy, but not really anymore.

No. 537950

On one hand I think it's about time he got a thread, but on the other I think this thread might be a bit to similar to the gender crit thread because all he does is talk about is tranny bullshit and be a particularly ugly hon. ALL TIMs are inherently lolcows, so maybe they should have one big thread like the fakeboi general?

This dickhead is probably lulzy enough to warrant a thread of his own either way

No. 537958

That was quick! in 10 minutes the account hosting that video was terminated. Got a mirror?

No. 537959

No. 537960

Was the account ran by Contra himself or an anon created it? An hour is awfully fast to catch wind of a thread.

No. 537962

i agree anon but this guy has a cult-like following on the scale of no other tranny at all tbh.

No. 537968

Wow, uh… I don't at the moment, but I think the video could've been reposted somewhere on tumblr. That sucks, I really loved her videos… The video was basically him thinking that a vagina's only use is to be penetrated, therefore a neovagina is no different from a real one and Robbie fucking White of all people calling him out on his retardation.

He didn't make it, a radfem did. I'm willing to bet it got mass reported by troons.

No. 538150

This was an unfortunate transformation. (OP image)

Yep…why is he insane now? Wth happened in between?
A nice feminine, not manly at all opinion he has there.

No. 538399

I don’t get it. He looked okay as a dude. What, was he unable to get laid or something? Trannies are just incels with a dress fetish, so this person puzzles me.

No. 538404

This comment thread is appallingly stupid:

How can these dudes even think this way? I don’t get it.

Highlight: “being an actual lesbian or bi woman must be a blue balling nightmare”.

No. 538473

thank you for this thread!!!

just a reminder that this faux lefty "i'm totally a good guy" tries to shit on feminists and claim that actual feminists aren't feminists, but before he started taking titty skittles or claiming to be "non-binary", he spammed/sent porn to radfems to upset them (i believe it was violent porn, but i'm not entirely positive about it), while claiming to be a "feminist guy". this the misogynist male garbage we're stuck with on the left, that claims we're conservative anti-fems, and that he knows what's in the best interest of women uwu

he admits that he did this in one of his videos and is ashamed about it, and he was basically teetering on anti-fem territory during his atheist youtube days, but the radfem porn spamming was fairly recent and done with the intent of being a good lefty

No. 538500

How recent was it?

No. 538501


Been a while since I watched his TERF video but didn't his guy centre his perception of his womanhood around the claim that he 'makes love as a woman'? I honestly think that's one of the most misogynistic things I've ever heard.

No. 538502

LMAO, yes, he did. He's a huge misogynist, and apparently always has been. He's undoubtedly the worst of all of the dudes in that cringy lefty youtube circle, and they're all pretty big misogynists. Apparently, Shaun was also on the cusp of anti-feminism before he became oh-so-enlightened like Nick. Funny how these men that try to shill for ballsucking, dickmatizing liberal feminism were anti-feminist sympathizers. Strange how the transition is so flawless!

No. 538533

Fuck I didnt know about shaun. Also shoeonhead loves to suck contra's dick, and contra was moaning about anti-feminists so it seemed strange he would be so friendly with her, well until this thread showed what hes really like.


No. 538535


Shaun is also a retard. Who spends half a video talking about how he used to shut women down about feminism and not listen to them, then say he's trying his best to change that, then immediately dismiss all 'terfs' without even discussing their arguments or criticisms? I swear to god this shit writes itself. These morons can't tell their arse from their elbow.

No. 538556

he's not even a transbian, but a bisexual now and has said that his attraction to women and transwomen is different compared to the one he feels towards men. the hell is that supposed to mean??

No. 538610

Before he became ContraPoints and eventually Natalie, Nick used to go by Nykytyne2 (and NykSciPhi) but Rational Wiki has now erased every mention of this. He also used to be an edgy atheist and free speech warrior.

No. 538620

it means it's his fetish

No. 538621

File: 1522075530694.png (83.81 KB, 685x235, pseudobisexual.png)

No. 538630

File: 1522076251345.png (52.35 KB, 453x450, feminine dick.PNG)

it means if you have a vagina, you better learn to love the female dick like nick or you can't LARP with our online group of narcissistic pseudo-marxist individualists

No. 538632

>If you don't like dick you can just reconceptualize it. It's now a FEMALE DICK.
How are people falling for his bs?

No. 538637

File: 1522077163947.png (12.62 KB, 438x127, sdfd.PNG)

Example of 'transphobic' declarations for males: derogatory tone, swearing, etc. Women? Literally just saying you're a lesbian earns you the ire of hontrapoints. "Because I'm a lesbian" is super transphobic. Nick is so clearly homophobic. His "HRT made me magically so attracted to the dick, because THE DUMB LADY HORMONES make you NATURALLY LOVE THE DICK!", is all clearly a cover for the fact that he was too insecure/hung up to admit his secret passion for the penis.

No. 538641

File: 1522077937879.png (22.51 KB, 435x215, vxc.PNG)

His sexuality is 'girly' now after a few rounds of mare piss, ladies. Please be sure to accept this openly fetishistic conservative chauvinism as truly radical, subversive thought.

No. 538704

File: 1522084434779.png (219.55 KB, 695x835, EXj4ZtS.png)

contra sure likes to yell over lesbians

No. 538719

File: 1522087551320.jpg (115.73 KB, 900x1125, DXCWTW6WsAAQv41.jpg)

The irony behind this is that trans activists claim that women are getting feminism wrong all the time. Contra himself complains about "exclusionary" feminists.

No. 538720

Ew, who cares about his sex drive? Why does he have to publicly announce this?

No. 538727

>Man talking about his sexual desires on the internet
>Nobody asked

So far, so still-a-dude

No. 538788

hmmm. idk about you guys but my orgasms have quite the genital locus. just me? am i really a man?

No. 538797

File: 1522096587257.jpeg (46.01 KB, 639x342, buffalobill.jpeg)

I swear to god, contra has always reminded me of buffalo bill. He/she seems crazy enough to skin women and wear their scalps.
Also, from Contra's interview with Chelsea Manning, apperantly Chelsea is running for maryland senate seat. I pray to any deity that exists for Chelsea to lose miserably. Also, in the video Contra says that "when you are trans and have any platform at all it's common for people to say you have it because you are trans"….like honey…your whole fame came from you constantly parading around the fact that your are trans and talking about your trans sexuality…

No. 538798

this is the stream with Chelsea

No. 538816


Your thoughts and prayers are not needed. Her platform is so ridiculous, even Jezebel snarked.

In an interview with the Guardian, Manning outlines her three main platform positions: close all prisons and release inmates, make hospitals free, and open US borders completely. She’s not messing around!


No. 538832

>close all prisons and release inmates, make hospitals free, and open US borders completely.

Sooo…allow the country to fill with criminals who are guaranteed to have free travel and go unpunished for every crime! How idyllic. Chelsea for president!!
(the hospitals better be free to fix all the knife and gunshot wounds inflicted by the released inmates)

No. 538843

>let's turn america into mexico city but 50× worse :)))

No. 538849

Aren't most of the commenters mtf trannies? The same ones who say they're basically the same as biological females and their male socialization doesn't matter?

this is why terfs exist and are very often lesbians. the lesbian mtf trans are almost exclusively predatory creeps.

No. 538881

Bradley proudly punched his female superior in the face while in the military and specifically had hatred for females and females he perceived to be "dykes". These violent, pseudo radical men that advocate for no prisons keep their abuse and violent habits in mind, I'm sure.
Cute how these "leftist" men take unapologetically (AFAIK, Bradley has never addressed or apologized for his weird hatred toward females, specifically lesbians) abusive men happily into their arms, while Contra's fanbase shits their pants and disavows him over him having mimosas with wig0nhead. She's a detestable cow, but hardly as controversial as a violent male with abusive tendencies toward females should be.

"who was recently released from prison, struck his female superior, Jihrleah Showman, leaving a welt on her face. According to Showman, “He had punched me in the face, unprovoked, and displayed an uncontrollable behavior that was deemed untrustworthy at the time.” This incident is reported to be one of several violent outbursts which led to Manning’s demotion from Specialist to Private.

(01:45:18 PM) bradass87: i punched a dyke in the phace…
(01:45:43 PM) bradass87: half the S2 shop was at least bi
(01:45:57 PM) info@adrianlamo.com: you know this personal-like? ; )
(01:46:05 PM) bradass87: it was all female
(01:46:46 PM) bradass87: i got sick of these dykes and their drama… it was worse than “The L Word”…"


No. 539036

I had fun in Mexico City. :/(no one cares)

No. 539323

Okay, I kind of find this degenerate attractive and like to watch his streams, which make him seem more and more annoying every single time. Once he was doing a stream with some vegan chick and said that he would like to be a vegan just to be able to say "I am vegaaan", because it's such a "white woman thing to say" or something like this. WTF.

Or this recent stream with Theryn. It felt like they were making a parody of women's friendships, you know, touching and fondling each other, but most women don't behave like that, not even when drunk. Also Contra was whining about his "muscular arms", I suppose in his perception women can't have any defined muscular tissue on their bodies.

No. 539350

he has made several weird comments about white women… granted he sees himself as one but that barely makes it less disturbing lmao

No. 539435


Honestly though he just doesn't like being white but at the same time uses weird white girl stereotypes to pretend to be the 'muh oppressed' gender

This. He will still state "My name is Natalie. I have always been called Natalie" so to complain about his fame coming from being a tranny is laughable
Just come to terms with the fact and move on, you're only halfway popular because you wear a dress
If you still made videos as a man then more people would kick the shit out of the statements made in your videos

No. 539441

If he wasn't trans people would see for what he really is; an arrogant pseudo-intellectual leftist male. Put him in a dress and have him take a cringy fake high pitched voice and then he's soooo brave and subversive. it's very telling that he debated blaire white and other alt rights but chose to make his video about gender critical feminism based on strawmen. I guess he knows that any radfems would destroy him

No. 539511

but I do see him as an arrogant stupid dude, pls help

No. 543531

File: 1522616739282.png (298.39 KB, 528x336, stalin.png)

He came up with a new character. Transethnic womanface is so progressive.

No. 543535

fucking cringe

No. 543545

did he do something to his face

No. 543559

Probably just photoshop, makeup and lighting. And he's started HRT some time ago.

No. 546533

File: 1522882228141.png (51.23 KB, 575x586, yjJ5dm4.png)

>Reading threads about yourself
Tinfoil but maybe this means Contra has read the thread here. Kiwifarms has been mentioned in one of their vids after all

No. 546537

HAHHA contra has these moments of self awareness, but they're quickly quelled by that hugbox (that def exists, btw, nick). he's so fucking cringy. i wish he'd quit embarrassing himself and the left, by proxy. all of these e-trannies are making such a mockery of the left.

No. 546590

Man this thread made me pretty sad because I enjoyed a lot of Contra's recent content but I didn't know she fucking hated women this much and that ruins it for me a bit. It really feels like you can't escape that shit.

It's a problem that I notice a lot in leftist circles which makes me extremely depressed and displaced feeling. I feel like all the "TERF" hate is just the left's misogyny manifesting itself in a way. Full disclosure, I'm not what would be called a TERF which probably will get me some shit on here, but honestly as much as I disagree with the "TERF" talking points you can't help but notice how the left treats these women. Anybody else noticed how TERFs get more hate from the left than i dont know…the men that are actually abusing and murdering transwomen? Anyone else think that's a bit weird? Almost like because they are women they deserve more hate and abuse than the men who the primary abusers and attackers of transwomen?

I recently became more involved in leftist circles and the 'only slightly more subtle than the right' misogyny makes me want to isolate myself from trying to get involved ever again. They hate women just as much as the alt-right, they just repackage it differently.(blogposting)

No. 546647

He sounds like he's on the brink of self awareness kek maybe he'll terf himself and detransition and start calling out AGP hons, what a redemption arc that would be

No. 546665

File: 1522891357166.png (71.85 KB, 644x656, l7ZckZI.png)

>probably this is all going to end in a lot of cosmetic surgery
that doesn't look likely, anon

No. 546686

wow, he's so stupid. maybe it's just me, but your internal voice of self-loathing is usually the right one. this asshole got into Berklee and Northwestern and he can't figure out that literally NOTHING that these pander-happy twitter leftists clamouring to cater to any bepenised bra-wearers say is going to be sincere? lmao.

it's just about having the ability to ignore your likely accurate criticisms, as painful as they may be, enough to not shoot yourself in the face out of embarrassment, until you can fix whatever it is that bothers you. nick, you look a mess. like a Whitesnake band member that took one too many Quaaludes and everyone is avoiding telling him that he's been walking around with literal shit smeared on his face, for fear of triggering a drug-fulled bitch-fest. no different. you just have started mainlining estradiol, and use slightly less pleather fetishwear in your female cosplay now, in an attempt to come off less like the gross fetishist you are. still a bad parody like 90% of the other porn-inspired trannies.

No. 546720

I love how Ray Ray was unbothered by Nick's AGP video. All of his retarded fans kept tweeting the video to Ray and he didn't even respond lol.

No. 546730

I've always been accepting of trans people and what they go through having to deal with their internal struggles with dysphoria and the outward struggle with the way society treats them. I've meet trans men and women who act like their cis counterparts and are almost indistinguishable, but then comes trans women like contra or the yaoi obsessed gay fetishizing trans men that grind the whole movement to a halt and make you think twice about what you're supporting. Not all of them are like that, there are a few who are generally normal people, but the majority goes out of their way to give themselves a bad image.

No. 546738

Anon, you have to have narcissistic personality disorder to demand anything of perfect strangers to the extent that even the most "sane" ones do, sorry to say. It's only because the rest are complete nutballs that the sane ones seem sane. 90% of MTT are just as bad as contra.

No. 546747

Yeah definitely. 90% percent of trans people probably aren't even really trans, they just picked up the new 'trendy' thing to be and ran with without ever looking behind themselves. The problem is that in order to actually get hormones in the past you had to see a psychiatrist for a long time, and they would sort of whether you actually were born with a brain so fucked up you thought you were the opposite sex. Nowadays therapists give out hormones like candy and you can even buy those things online, so the people who aren't and should never be trans end up transitioning just because they can. Those are the 90% that co-opt women's spaces and demand that they not be allowed to talk about real women's issues. To be honest I feel bad for the small minority of people who legit need to transition because they've had their entire disorder stolen and given a bad name by a bunchy of autists.

No. 546771

even those 'real' trans are getting duped, you shouldn't destroy someone's body and sterilize them to satisfy their psychosis.

No. 553100

File: 1523497937896.jpg (54.2 KB, 734x471, nyksciphi.JPG)


Contra is just the type of person to hurry along and wear shoeonhead's torn out remains on a lacefront
much woman, very female dick

No. 600852

At least he's self aware of his misogyny

No. 600881

Huh, Contra really thinks people like Riley are good? They even made the nab of, "Transphobia is racism!" then tried to make her seem like the better one.
The scene at the end was hilarious. Contra believes it's only right wingers who point out biological reality.
The whole image Contra is trying to push is so flawed, like the left should be more caring to SJWs and trenders but that's only because they are both.

No. 600906

He's fucking deluded if he really believes that the left doesn't care about Trenders and SJWS. You can't even talk about issues specific groups have without someone being like "buh wut bout trans people???". Also lmao at his overly edited thumbnail but in the video he looks like OP pic

No. 600959

Is it possible he was being sarcastic with this comment? I mean given the tone and context of his vids it seems pretty likely imo.

No. 600973


CancerPoints is a perfect amalgamation of some of my most hated online personalities. She's a fence sitter like shoe0nhead, a smug, self satisfied arsehole like Zinnia Jones, a boring, pretentious twat like Lindsay Ellis and head over heels in love with herself like Brianna Wu.

No. 600988

I don't really care wether or not you believe in true trans, but Hontra is 100% just an AGP man. Drop that shit, I saw you doing it in Robbie's thread too.

No. 601113

He's said before that being a women is a feeling and generally believes in gender sterotypes so I kind of doubt it.

No. 601230

the internet left does, the mainstream left doesn't, since they're made to look like fuckwits thanks to this exceptional bullshit.

No. 601240

File: 1528063047690.png (89.27 KB, 640x680, bisexual.png)

He's now claiming that his sexual orientation has changed. He used to be a straight man. Now he's claiming to be a bisexual woman which is typical for AGP. See here: >>538621

No. 601242

why does that happen so often? Is it really harder to live as a gay or even bi guy than as a tranny?

No. 601252

If I'm not mistaken he's saying is that being "straight" is the ultimately right thing and the only reason gay and bi people exist is because something is wrong with them?

No. 601290

I can hardly bear to watch this. His voice and his poor attempt to look like a woman make me cringe. Does he seriously think that putting on a costume makes him a woman? Why does he have so little self-awareness? His jealousy of Blaire is really pathetic too. Why not be honest for once and talk about your real experiences instead of doing parodies of everyone you dislike, Contra? Maybe then people could empathise. But the issue seems to be that he can't empathise with actual women or even homosexual transsexuals like Blaire. It only makes him angry and he has to lash out while pretending to be above everyone else.

No. 601310

File: 1528067377153.jpg (14.53 MB, 851x423, OsfpjZZ.jpg)

No. 601328


'From the self' lol. He gets turned on by the idea of being a woman getting fucked by a man. I get the feeling he's probably obsessed with porn, even more than he's obsessed with himself. Who the hell would think anyone would be interested in the details of his sex fantasies on the internet. Narcissist.

No. 601331

>Is it really harder to live as a gay or even bi guy than as a tranny?
well lots of religious conservatives on the right would rather gay people transition than be gay, and the left is more concerned with protecting trans more than anything else. so, pretty much. in general, all sides of the political spectrum will tolerate trans identified people over gays and lesbians.

No. 601347

That sounds about right and usually when this happens, these are the people who in 5, maybe 10 years de-transition and since Youtube is a big thing, make "Why I de-transitioned" videos.

No. 601349

Just saw the video last and the lack of self-awareness never seems to astound me anymore. It's obviously a nudge at Blaire and Riley Dennis and Riley is a moron. Blaire can be annoying but at least she is not delusional as she has said over and over she knows she's a male and will always be one. People like Riley seriously think that transwoman are the same as biological women. I mean do these people hear themselves?

And only Right-wingers point out biological reality? Bullshit. I'm a leftist and I've been spouting this stuff for years, much to the point it cost me friends because I didn't bend over backwards and accept everything the LGBT tried to push.

No. 601351

I agree. Why can't he just debate or livestream with those he disagrees with? Blaire White seems to be open to debating anyone with a sizeable following and she's debated him before. It's obvious he's jealous of her success. It's pretty telling when he's not open to talking with other trans people who don't agree with the Trans-community's hive-mind like Riley Dennis.

No. 601431

Oh God I really did subconsciously block out for a day that section in the most recent video where Contra pretending to be Riley goes on and on about the difference between man and trans dick.

No. 601440

how does a penis develop a different mouthfeel bc of estrogen and progesterone? besides, if it doesn't get hard, why is it getting sucked? something doesnt make sense, contra. are these guys sucking soft dick? really? maybe it's because it has less of a callous being jerked off slightly less often to your pornsick fantasies, but that's it

No. 601572

I haven't watched him in awhile. How long has his voice been like this? It's super distracting. Couldn't make it past the first few minutes.

I know imitating the opposite sex can be difficult and all, that's not his fault, but he'd be better off using his natural voice.

No. 601695

He doesn't even have to debate anyone. He could just address the actual arguments but it's so much easier to fight his own straw men. Deep down he has to know that he's just a guy in drag and that transwomen can't be lesbians. Portraying Blaire as self-loathing is pure projection. I don't think Contra is quite as delusional as Riley Dennis but he tries so hard to avoid becoming self-aware.

No. 601876

She's been doing this for awhile now ever since she came out as trans. I remember she said she hated how she sounded and has been taking voice training classes but uh… Yeah, it doesn't sound good or natural at all and she's best sticking with her normal voice because unfortunately she's never going to sound feminine at all. It really is distracting and it makes it hard to listen to her at times.

Oh I wasn't implying that Contra was as bad or delusional as Riley lol Riley and Zinnia Jones are like the extreme end of no return. And I think you're right that if anything, Contra's latest video just showcases her own insecurities. I can admit that I think Contra has a pretty nice sense of fashion but whenever I see her, my mind does not register "Woman" at all.

No. 601919

File: 1528141422869.png (1.64 MB, 1080x1332, IMG_20180604_154312.png)

That man body is sad :(

No. 601923

File: 1528141849917.png (53.12 KB, 469x372, sexy.png)

He looks absolutely repulsive. Imagine being such a narcissist that you can say things like pic related and think you're genuinely beautiful while looking like that.

No. 601926

He should pre record a few months worth of videos and get that vocal feminization surgery Eden the Doll had. His affected girl voice is incredibly grating.

No. 601933

yikes he believes he completely passes and isnt insecure at all about his voice now. i could clock that guy blind, deaf, and underwater. still sounds like a dude. most vocal surgeries sound better than that tbqh

No. 601936

This is something no trans person would actually ever say, he's not very good at bullshitting. Most shudder at the thought of their old selves

No. 601937

lmao look up the stats, even in iran 65% or so of mtfs have NPD. they do say this kind of shit all of the time.

No. 601951

This is why he'll never pass. He has basically no hips, extremely broad shoulders, and a very masculine face. The only reason people are validating his feelings is because he's a man and everyone knows it.

Another straw man. No transwoman could ever trick a lesbian.

No. 601986

agreed, she comes off like a parody of herself

you've misread the stats, which are based on small sampling … and 'even in Iran''? wtf? are you OK, anon?

No. 602209

handmaiden gtfo

No. 602270

File: 1528183984903.png (170.98 KB, 1440x622, 20180605_022253.png)

I'm so confused.

No. 602365

Anon said "even in Iran", because Iran is the only country that practices mandatory transing of homosexuals.

No. 602400

File: 1528212684411.png (1.64 MB, 1056x1145, IMG_20180605_113013.png)

He looks like a hot ass mess. His hair is so shitty, he sucks at makeup and has the biggest hands. How fucking deluded are his fans to think he's even remotely Feminine??

No. 602432

>I have a dick and like using it, however, I am a woman and you have to call me that

what the fuck

No. 602518

File: 1528221643411.png (22.63 KB, 640x200, contra.png)

No. 602519

File: 1528221658518.png (37.65 KB, 640x300, points.png)

No. 602521

He certainly has the compulsion to overshare. Also, does he think the female orgasm is a myth?

No. 602524

File: 1528222261476.png (445.81 KB, 663x647, TMltbpb.png)

Did he remove this sticky note recently

No. 602533

He can't help himself. Everyone has to know about his sexual habits and fantasies.

No. 602588

I want to watch a porn vid where Contra is getting ravaged. Is it weird?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 602593


seek jesus

No. 602824

Males really think chemically castrating themselves and coming out with a dead libido as a result is what it feels like to be female.

No. 602871

does he believe only males have the "compulsion to climax" what is this bullshit. Words of a man who has never brought a woman to orgasm.

No. 603198

He actually thinks enjoying orgasms is a male only-thing. Just because you memed yourself into chemical castration doesn't mean you suddenly know what it's like to have a womans sex drive.

No. 603210

nick is so fucking embarrassing. i wish he didn't have a graduate degree to delude him into thinking he isn't an idiot/embarrassing.

i dare you all to watch this. the smug liberal undergrads(?) are enough to put me off my lunch, and nick taking on this authoritarian position as if anything he says has any value, just nauseating and calling it a 'lecture', jfc, how bloated is this man's ego?

No. 603262

I was wondering about that. I mean, I don't go around asking friends and colleagues what their sex life and experiences are compared to mine, but I assumed that the idea that women don't have much of a libido or that they only have orgasms when the planets are aligned is more of a stereotype than the reality, or even the majority of cases.

It might be weird, but this kind of statement for some reason is more likely to make me feel irritation towards trans women than someone who acknowledges that their experience is very limited in time and fundamentally different by that of most biological women. I have yet to understand whether Contra's rant about the female penis was a parody or if it's what she really thinks is normal. But then again, in the video where she mentions it she said that trans women still have orgasms, whereas that tweet seems to suggest that, at least in her case, that's not true.

No. 603390

File: 1528305640067.png (423.59 KB, 600x475, narcissism.png)

Contra manages to make a woman's suicide about himself. Women mean absolutely nothing to him. Our only purpose is to validate him.

No. 603393

so gross

No. 603403

Pretty typical for someone who studied philosophy unfortunately

No. 603418

the unwarranted self importance to actually publicly call that shitshow you've decided to embarrassingly broadcast on YouTube to countless people a 'lecture', yikes. i really thought he had more self awareness/humility than this but just tried his best to dim it with alcoholism/his hugbox in order to satiate his fantasies of being a Super Fuckable Totally Real Girl, but i guess he really is just a cringy dunce

No. 603426

If taking hormones made Contra stop being a man, what did s/he take to stop being well-spoken?

No. 603429

>what did s/he take to stop being well-spoken?
That's simply how we womenz are, anon!

No. 603845

Well yeah, she was a skinny dude and I don't think the hormones are going to give her the curves she wants to have unless you put on weight. And even then, she'll never have a body similar to that of a biological woman.

I have to agree with >>601933 The voice still sounds like a gay guy giving an impression. When I hear about these voice training things, I close my eyes and get a feel for the voice if it sounds like that of a woman or a man and when I did it for her, she still sounds like a guy unlike say YouTuber PrincesJoules (I think her name is?) She sounds completely womanly to my ears.

Of course not lol

Sure they do Contra because of course they would. Transwomen are NOT women and they do things that a normal woman is not meant to do (have a penis and pleasure themselves with it).

She has a good fashion sense, I'll give her that but yeah, she has a long way to go with makeup and hair.

Which is ridiculous because women do have a libido and can crave and desire sex just as much as men. The whole "Women don't care about sex" shtick is an outdated concept lol

No. 603917

that's actually pretty sad

I wonder is it because HRT? She has to little testosterone to have libido?

I know that I sound like stan, but this tweet made me feel sorry for her. I would be put off from anything sexual, if I had a dick

No. 603998

Same, I only have my own experiences to go off but I somehow doubt I'm an outlier among women for enjoying orgasms and having a consistent sex drive. I think this is what happens when a troon only has stereotypes about women to go off of. Just laugh at the fact that he memed himself into his dikku not working anymore and might one day cut it off for that real ~~female experience~~ lmao

No. 607256

File: 1528692743827.png (149.28 KB, 1268x622, zzxwym6.png)

Contra's Twitter has been a mess the past couple of days. Can't cap it all but here's a taste.

Distasteful. Probably wasn't purposely self-centered or anything, but yeah, distasteful.

No. 607847

File: 1528749018557.jpg (26.83 KB, 412x550, right-guard-women-xtreme-fresh…)

Those sweat comments were so stupid. Contra seems to think only men can need extra strength deodorant and that women can just use something weak and barely. Take a closer look at the women's deodorant selection next time you are in the beauty aisle Contra.

In the corset tweets s/he is comparing a synthetic and close fitting corset that has been left sitting unwashed with a loose fitting (presumably cotton) t-shirt. These are not hormonal changes Contra, but bacteria growing where the sweat cannot as easily evaporate, causing you to stink. Synthetic materials are not porous like natural ones. I guarantee if you wear the corset again you will be just as sweaty as before.

How the fuck did Contra even get accepted to a PhD program when s/he can't even do basic research.

No. 607861

File: 1528750042153.png (131.45 KB, 885x805, contra.png)

Other tweets for context.

No. 607899

File: 1528751305644.png (82.03 KB, 881x540, contra2.png)

Looking through some of Contra's older tweets, this sounds like a straight up woman fetish.

No. 608644

Dude what the fuck is going on with her. I can't help but wonder if the HRT is fucking with her brain. And that comment about "toothy vaginas". Is she serious? I have never heard of hetero men saying that about why they wouldn't date a transwoman. I seriously hope she's just joking.

Yeah well tough news for her. She'll never look like a female so she needs to just accept it.

No. 608664


hontra is one of the most transparent autogynephiles ever, there is no need to humor him like this

No. 609334

It's interesting, because the thing that I consistently find is that trans women in particular smell "wrong". I don't know how to put it, I noticed it the first time when we had a (post-op) trans woman posing for our art class and during breaks she would walk around looking at our progress, as models often do. She wore a bathrobe for convenience, and I just couldn't help but notice. I also noticed it with a couple of friends, but initially wrote it off as maybe they didn't shower and just used some deodorant or something, though after noticing it a few more times I started wondering: either everyone doesn't shower, or the smell is just weird.

I agree that men in general smell a lot stronger and really can't go a shower without smelling like onion and armpit soup, but I don't think HRT gives the same "Female Sensation™" Contra is after. It's a bit like vaginas: you can kind of mimic it, but it's still not like the real thing.

No. 611987

File: 1529108509002.png (772.81 KB, 875x809, contra.png)

Women wearing make-up and nice clothes = ornamental

That is just straight up insulting. Women are not objects regardless of how they dress.

No. 611996

Pardon me for not understanding agp, what the fuck is ‘futch’?

No. 611997

>A lesbian, dyke or other variety of queer woman who possesses or displays qualities and identifiers of both butch and femme.
According to Urban Dictionary. Aka a normal woman. I think TIMs are just too afraid to go full butch.

No. 612000

There’s an infamous reddit post from a very regretful post-op SRS guy who uploaded a lot of pictures of his super botched vagina. In one of the images, it looked very much and very grossly like teeth or bone sticking out of his not-a-vag. I’m wondering if that’s where hontra gets his vagina dentata fear?

No. 612003

…link? :/

No. 612010

I’m looking right now anon, sorry one sec.

No. 612019

File: 1529111261546.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.56 MB, 1408x5896, BE7721FF-7AE5-42C4-9038-B0A4C8…)

It took me a while, sorry about that. This is the full thread of post op regret, with images. You can only see it in one of the pictures but it’s pretty bad in all of them.

No. 612021

not to go full gay and derail this thread but a normal woman isnt futch anon

No. 612024

Don't normal women have butch and femme aspects though? I mean, most women can't be sorted into femme or butch, they are somewhere between.

No. 612037

Even str8s express both butch and femme. Come on.

No. 612038

Thanks anon. I'd read that before but without the photos. I don't understand how they can think a faux-gina is anything like a real one.

No. 612040

it's more nuanced! "normal" (aka straight) women aren't futch, butch, a stud, femme, a dyke (in this context, as in, us using them as gay terms) or whatever because they don't like women. that's just it! i don't mean this in a mean way but just because a woman wears a flannel once in awhile doesn't make her butch (but wearing a flannel to pick up her girl's kid from school is). in the same way i wouldn't call a "normal" guy a twink just because he's not buff. sorry if this is confusing and sjw-y

No. 612042

No problem, thanks for explaining.

No. 612043

Yeah, it’s really…not.

No. 612045

Not being mean to you, but in all honesty it just sounds like yet another label for something that doesn’t need one. I’m pretty tired of labels.

No. 612049

the ‘futch look’
fuck off hontra

No. 612128

Okay, what in god’s name is that white stuff? It does look like a row of teeth and I think I’m going to be sick.

No. 612134

could he be any more obvious that this is just some weird cosplay experiment to him? he has zero understanding of what he is trying to emulate, and it's fucking weird.

it is confusing, it is sjw-y, and you should be ashamed of yourself. this is 'demisexual' all over again. fuck off with this ridiculous noise.

No. 612162


What the hell did they do to her in prison?

No. 612175


god this thread always freaks me out when i scroll past it. he looks like any average creep on the left but in the picture on the right he legit looks like a serial killer

No. 612203

Futch was mostly a lesbian tumblr meme and i dont think anyone actually identified that way

No. 612210

File: 1529129733330.jpg (205.96 KB, 962x1792, Ix3NjtA.jpg)

No. 612313

I dated a troon years ago during my dark times. I have 75% belief it's the smell of dried up cum.

No. 612351

it's the stench of unbridled, untreated NPD, swamp-ass, and dehydrated jizz. their narcissism seeps out through their pores. the male entitlement miasma makes them the perfect walking billboard for male cluster Bs that need to be avoided at all costs.

he doesnt need any of that. i'm lowkey excited for him to botch himself though. he has admitted time and time again that he's AGP while attacking lesbians and feminists. kind of can't wait for him to end up with an overly dissected wannabe disney princess proboscis and a chronic case of rhinorrhea.

No. 612413

He was okay as a dude but he’s going to fuck up his face so bad with ffs, when will these losers finally realize that their Y chromosome never fails to express itself? Blair White still looks like a guy, Honker is still going to look like a guy. It’s so funny because he’s almost there with this ‘male skeleton is always going to be around’ but he’s clueless. You’re always going to be a boy. Nothing will ever change that.

No. 612442

I understand what you meant, anon, and it did not sound sjw-y to me. These are all terms that organically grew in the lesbian community and have their specific meanings there, but most lesbians will recognize that the terms never 100% apply to anyone and might use them tongue in cheek or just as a convenient identifier.
It's kind of off-putting when "queer" straights or TiMs appropriate them and actually take them more seriously as labels as they are in the lesbian community.

No. 612447

For some reason this person reminds me of Stefonknee. I can't quite say why. I think it's the age, the gaudy/tacky fashion, and the overtly sexual tones.

No. 612450

Why bother with any of this? The face is still going to be huge and manly, and so is the body. Seems like a waste of money for me. All this person seems to care about is vanity. Is a different hairline really going to fix the obvious manly neck, jaw, cheeks, skull, mouth, etc…? No.

No. 612622

Speaking of narcissism someone at KF recently posted an old video response to Contra. Basically he said 99.9999% of humanity is hideous and annoying to be around. Very different from the image he currently projects.

Looks like that stank attitude is finally catching up to him in the form of self hate.

No. 612623

File: 1529184707572.png (432.17 KB, 642x1006, qrsUoVY.png)

No. 612631

TIL only men have big noses

at least he has some self awareness about his futile ambitions kek

No. 612643

I find it disturbing that he is actually going to transition without having seen a therapist at all (only internet hormones and then pressuring doctors for prescription), especially as he has been diagnosed with several mental illnesses before. And then on top of that, is now regarded as having authority on gender and women's issues.

Seriously, does why does no one else seem to realise this?

No. 612661

These tweets give off the impression he is desperately trying to convince himself he is a woman, more so than anyone else.

No. 612680

this just feels like a year long breakdown. he didn't seem to be going through this much of an embarrassingly public psychotic break before 'transitioning'

No. 612681

Watching his decline has been depressing. He seems consistently distressed in a way he didn't prior to the trans shit.

No. 612688

It's only going to get worse once he mutilates is body. Car crash waiting to happen.

No. 612702

i love how the tables have turned, he's now far uglier and more freakish than "99.99%" of the people he will see on a daily basis.

No. 612714

holy shit this woman is an idiot and so is nick. you can already tell he's super 'fatphobic' with how he has admitted he's bulimic and he admits he's hedonistic and obsessed with being 'hot'/attractive/being slim. people like that are rarely not similarly critical of others, and this is beautiful confirmation that he isn't a non-judgemental, loving, lefty dude like he wants to pretend. he's a super shallow douchebag under his lefty veneer.

No. 612748

I mean, anyone who could come up with that "not insane" segment and then place it in the middle of an otherwise calm and reasonable video DOES seem like someone who needs prescribing pills of some variety.

Also not helping the case for transgender people at all there contra. Literally becoming Norman bates for lulz in your own videos.

No. 612796

Yeah it's sad to see. I don't know why his friends are enabling/encouraging this stuff

No. 612799

This is truly horrifying. I feel so bad for this person. I'm an outlier in this thread in that I don't think that trans people are necessarily fetishists or whatever. To be honest the ones I've met have seemed pretty normal but that's besides the point.

I really don't think trans ppl should get any irreversible surgeries… It seems like such a bad decision. Facial feminization surgery feels like a slap in the face to cis women as well because there are lots of us that have ""masculine features"" and we're still women.

I used to be very "pro trans" but after lurking here I can't really say that anymore… Saged for blogpost

No. 612806

Not all "TERF"s hate trans people. Many just hate the consequences of the legislations and changes in language that they are pushing.

No. 612826

Ah, sorry thanks for clearing that up.

That's how it comes across a lot of the time with all the slurs and stuff.

No. 612913


It's interesting you say all trans you met have seemed normal. Just because I've had the opposite experience with the ones I have met in real life. They all had serious mental illness/suicidality, were inappropriately sexual, came from bad homes, were attention seeking. This is a sample size of like 10 but your experiences do shape your reality. Maybe if I met a transperson who was more normal I wouldn't see them the way I do.

No. 612921

I think it can appear that way as usually their discussions centre around trans people in the news. "TERF"s view trans men as women and fully support them. Trans women have been socialised as men and so share many similar characteristics.

No. 613025


Yeah I think that's true of any group of people. I'll agree on the attention-seeking tho.

No. 613144

I find it funny when Contra or people more extremely "pro-trans"/PC/SJW say that all people not down with their opinions are self-loathing. It feels like projection.

No. 613428

How many of his new, easy triggered trans-fans would stick around if they knew that he really does think "99.99% of them are hideous to look at" and is only pandering to them when he tweets shit like "all transwomen are beautiful except for me"? He really hates these people and the way they look but he needs them because they are the ones who will pay for his trip to Thailand to see dr. Suporn.

No. 613437

File: 1529261169351.jpg (116.08 KB, 872x536, Psychiatry01.jpg)

Here is Nyk a year ago in the comment section under the Psychiatry video saying meds aren't the solution because a lot of psychiatric afflictions are situational. What the fuck happened to this guy in the mean time that he went from being anti-psychotropics after a lifetime of being forced by his parents to take prescription drugs and his later prescription drug abuse as an adult, to taking all the blue pills at once and deciding he was going to give up and become a lifelong HRT addict?

"I certainly think the situational aspect of mood disorders is overlooked way too much by psychiatry. In my own case, most of my major depressions happened in response to breakups, unemployment, etc. So it's a little questionable to dive straight into meds when there are clearly life events that lead to these things. A lot of modern life is lonely and depressing, and meds aren't really the solution to that either.?"


How do you go from "meds aren't the solution" to self-medicating yourself into transness? Was there a breakup? I know he was jobless at the time and doing Youtube fulltime, but what the hell prompted this 360 degree turn? Something must have happened in mid 2017, that he is not talking about, that pushed him over the edge.

No. 613441

When did he quit his PhD? It might have been the aftermath of that.

No. 613445

Looks like it was about April 2016.

No. 613446

He concludes that Psychiatry video saying that he was put "on 8 different drugs", but he only mentions 4 of those in the video.

1) Adderall
2) Zoloft
3) Lamictal
4) Klonopin

So which are the other 4 drugs and why doesn't he discuss those like he did with the rest? You can tell he is being dishonest about the true extent of his psychiatric history because he is leaving out stuff and can't keep his story straight. Just like you would expect with a prescription drug addict or even a regular drug addict lying about the extent of their drug abuse.

No. 613454

All I know is that he was in the PhD department at Northwestern at the time of the Peter Ludlow sex scandal and that this affected him (probably because he is a self-professed manslut and might have recognized some of his own behaviour in Ludlow, so he bugged out of uni because he figured out he was next if he continued his "mansluttery"). He had spoken about this a few time before his transition. He also referred to the female philosopher at Northwestern who inspired the Abigail Cockbane character, a lot of people assume that character is a strawman of a TERF but it's actually a character based on a radfem colleague of his at Northwestern.

No. 613475


Knowing how Nyk likes to invent narratives to cover up, I am not going along with his reasons given in the Why I Quit Academia video. Did you see that black and white video at time that he was at Northwestern saying that he cannot concentrate on one thing at a time? The obvious reason he cannot concentrate is because he is an alcoholic and an abuser of various substances (he has made videos where he simulates the mind-altering effects of doing psychedelics, has filmed himself looking up psychedelics to order on the internet in the "What Makes a Trans Chick Cool" video about Blaire White, and even did a song about doing lines of coke in another) so Nyk is scatter-brained because of all the drugs and the booze. He dropped out halfway into his PhD because he could not function in academia as an alcoholic drug abuser. Coupled with the Peter Ludlow scandal coinciding with his being at Northwestern, and Nyk being a self-professed "manslut" like Ludlow himself was, I think we should look in that direction for clues rather than accept whatever Nyk claims in that Why I Quit video to cover his ass.

No. 613508

>People on youtube are working class and probably not been to college.

He says that his professors are always “impressed” by the breadth of his papers but are always telling him to go deeper. To me this reads that he wasn’t cut out for a PhD. He reads bits of this and that to make himself seem smart but that doesn’t work for a PhD where you need several years of indepth research. Wasn’t his dad a professor at the same university? That couldn’t have hurt is PhD application…

No. 613688

File: 1529278359415.jpg (142.26 KB, 948x480, NykPianoLessonsWebsite.jpg)


No, that was not Northwestern. It was at Georgetown University that Nyk majored in philosophy and psychology. Nyk comes from a long line of psychology professors, all at that school. He did a Livestream about this once, one of the many he deleted to cover up his past, where he admitted that he only got into Georgetown "because of nepotism and my dad was a teacher there", then began slagging off women from poor backgrounds who actually had to earn their scholarships to get into that school, calling them "status climbers". He seems very intimidated by educated women, which is interesting because his mom is a medic.

No. 613699

can't believe he ever thought he was a super attractive guy. he was incredibly average looking.. yikes..

No. 613717

He thinks him having long hair was the attractive part

No. 613726


Tbh I don't doubt that he could pull a lot of girls, I imagine a lot of undergrads would fall for the intellectual musician shtick

No. 613736

That bobbled cardigan…

No. 613738

He seemed very classist in this video >>613475 as well, talking of "lower classes". Amazing that everyone has managed to swallow his SJW schtick.

No. 613742

#pray for straight girls

No. 614287

>>613699 Say what you will, I think Nick was a beautiful boy, one of the most handsome men I have ever seen. Sure he's lanky and nerdy and awkward, "all sharp elbows and knees, beware" as Katharine Hepburn says about her tall body in The Aviator, but he had that smile that cuts right through Antarctic ice, and those wide open eyes with that intense look that burns through you a forest fire, well doesn't that make you smile. I saw the HRT exstinguish that fire in his eyes overtime. His eyes are empty now, there is nothing there anymore. When people describe Nick as an empty husk of his former self, that's what they are referring to, that fire going out. Whenever he posts selfies now he usually has that downcast gaze, he would say it's because he wants to show off his eye shadow but to me he just looks sad and defeated, like he cannot bare to show his eyes and prefers to hide his empty stare behind all the make up and the eyelashes. Even in the selfies with others where he does look up, he tends to look listless and barely able to smile. Seeing Nick smile and being genuinely happy is a beautiful thing that I do not see anymore. And I hate, hate, HATE his trannie voice, he sounds like he's literally draining the life out of himself. I hate listening to that fake strained pained voice of his. Someone compared his trannie voice to "nails on a chalkboard" and that's exactly what it is. It's the sound of pain.

No. 614333

is this copypasta? wtf am i reading? anon, are you drunk?

>Seeing Nick smile and being genuinely happy is a beautiful thing that I do not see anymore.

beautiful thing? he was always an asshole. he's definitely more miserable now, but he was never some timeless man-beauty with a heart of gold and a 1000 watt smile. he was an elitist, sexist, classist, faux-lefty metrosexual dickbag that thought himself special for little reason. now he's just more sad than he used to be because most men look like shit and are expected to look like shit, so it was easier to be a comparative 'knockout' with little effort, but now that he's trying to 'become a woman', he realizes he's never going to be hot like his competition, lel.

No. 614353

Lol, this isn’t even a blogpost, it’s a fanfictionpost.

No. 614461

File: 1529363700253.jpg (32.7 KB, 640x480, tumblr_o99e8iivrB1vxe005o1_640…)

what the fuck

No. 614687

as I said, #pray for straight girls

No. 614693

Some recent livestream Contra was in. It starts at 22:00.

I can never get over the new voice and girlish giggles.


No. 614724

"radical leftist"
Contra, you've got to be joking.

No. 615224

Oh, screw that Livestream with asskisser Philosophy Tube. Half the stream is them talking about going to VidCon and making more money for Youtube exploiting their fanbase by getting all their fans to pay even money than they are already wasting on Patreon to Youtube to meet and greet content creators at VidCon, and the rest of the Livestream is them talking about booze and famous people they want to meet. Nick apparently wants to meet Danny DeVito for some reason. If you want to hear someone really cornering Nick with pointed questions listen to this Challenging Opinions podcast instead where Nick was finally grilled by the interviewer asking him pointed questions about trans activism. Nick hated Challenging Opinions podcast so much he refused to tweet it out to his followers, unlike all the other podcasts he does tweet out, so do give it a listen because Nick doesn't want people to hear it.

No. 615523

Thanks for the link! I didn't think I could make it through because of Nick's grating troon voice, but towards the end he starts getting upset and completely loses the voice lel.
The interviewer is very good and Nick does not come away good in this one.

No. 615563

wew lad. Contra really loses it when asked about valid "TERF" points that he doesn't have a good argument for and when narcissism is mentioned.

He repeatedly uses "TERF" but then complains "tranny" is a slur. "TERF" doesn't even make sense. Gender and sex is one of the major points of radical feminism these days and all radical feminists support trans men for being born female. By using "TERF" it shows that Contra doesn't even know what he is arguing against and excludes trans men (which always happens to those female born).

He's very naive to women's issues if he thinks that allowing bigger and stronger male born people (at any point in the transition) into women's toilets is fine.

He admits at the end that he feels rejected for women not automatically accepting him.

No. 615572

Also, glad to see someone put Contra on the spot about these issues. I asked Contra's friends hbomberguy and Shaun about the same radfem issues on their curiouscat accounts and neither of them answered me, even though I pointed out how ignoring these issues is very male privilege-y. It's weird how their whole gang seem to be mostly sane about current issues, making detailed videos exploring a point but then when it comes to gender/sex it's all

Sage for blogpost.

No. 615903

Hey thanks for that share, was an interesting listen. Yeah Nick was definitely getting pissed off towards the end and wasn't really interested in these discussion points that are likely much tougher than he's used to having.

No. 616194

Okay after seeing >>612019 post, just fucking disgusting. Okay, so it is a thing apparently because woof, that was just unpleasant, so glad I wasn't eating when I saw that.

I get you. There's already a word for people who blend both masculinity and femininity. "Androgyny", "Androgynous". Seriously why the fuck do these people keep making up these new terms that already have been established?

>lesbian tumblr meme

Great, that all makes sense. It has to come from the attention whore site, I should've known lol

Exactly, surgery can only do so much. Blaire still looks like a guy whenever you see her at different angles. She may look feminine from a distance but I notice if you start at her face for too long, you start seeing the male features. Same with Riley "everything is transphobic" Dennis, she still looks like a straight up dude. It's not going to be any different for Contra.

For real, nothing but vanity and they'll never be satisfied.

Because most of his friends are SJWs. For all we know, they may secretly think Contra is being stupid but they don't want to say anything for fear of being labeled "transphobic" or some shit.

Exactly. Be trans but going to the extreme end is just asking for trouble. I think the reason why many think a lot of trans people are fetishists is because most of them always go for that glam, pornstar, Kim K. look and in their opinion, that's the full extent of being a woman which is obviously so wrong. However I have met one trans person IRL who I feel is the real deal as she doesn't care about looking like some sexed up porn kitten and there are some on Youtube who are the same and it's enough to where I can see that not all trans people are the same and covet that porn image.

Oooh… This is gonna be good lol I'll be sure to watch it when I have more time, I've gotta see this. Thanks for the link!

Good because if this person is really grilling him and getting down to the hard questions and points and Contra can't handle them, it just shows how shallow he really is when it comes to this side of the political bend.

No. 616259


Here is a full list of the psychotropic medications from the Psychiatry video that Nick claims he has been on since the age of 8:

1) Adderall
2) Ritalin
3) Zoloft
4) Wellbutrin
5) Abilify
6) Ambien
7) Lamictal
8) Seroquel
9) Klonopin

I looked up some of these drugs on Wikipedia and several have some scary side effects and some others are known to cause forms of sexual dysfunction as a side effect. Keep in mind that he was on some these drugs as a teen and as a preteen when his sexuality was still in development. He of course will deny that his still developing brain might have been affected by the drugs he was put on, just as he denies that puberty blockers might affect a developing brain.

No. 616278

File: 1529538502725.jpg (75.51 KB, 744x960, Polypharmacy.jpg)

Paying close attention to the personal story Nick tells in this Psychiatry video, you can tell that he harbours a lot of quiet resentment towards his parents and especially towards his mother for putting him on psychotropics at such a young age. He says at one point that poor families just let their kids fail, but since he was from a rich family he was not allowed to just fail living up to his parent's expectations. He essentially blames his parents for kickstarting his lifelong dependency on drugs as a coping mechanism, and his moving from one drug to the next through his life. I suspect that going trans was a way for Nick to throw the towel and declare himself a failure without upsetting his parents, who must've expected him to be a certain person and to behave a certain way. By going trans he not only conclusively rejects whatever his parents expected of him, he also provides his parents with a neat, easy-to-swallow narrative for everything that has happened between them in the past. It's like he wants them to think: "Oh, THAT's why Nick was so crazy all these years, it was because he was a woman trapped in the body of a man, NOW his crazy behaviour all these years, it all makes sense looking back knowing he's trans!". That way he can just sweep everything under the carpet and never have to mention it again, so that he won't have to confront his parents about what they did to him and maybe make them question their blind belief in the validity of drugging unruly kids. By going trans Nick becomes a medically, legally and socially sanctioned drug user for the rest of his life, but a drug user who is celebrated by society for his "bravery" in transitioning and whose continued access to drugs is guaranteed. No one will question Nick's continued reliance on drugs as long as it is seen as part of his being trans.

No. 616284

I agree with this

No. 616415

I think on Kiwifarms they said he had very Christan parents who wouldn’t have accepted him as gay.

No. 618521

Nick wrote an essay about this when he was a young atheist, saying:

"Like many others in my generation, I was nebulously “spiritual, not religious.” In my childhood and early adolescence, I had attended extremely boring (and decidedly not very spiritual) Presbyterian services for 15 years.". https://ffrf.org/legal/item/13615-atheism-in-the-face-of-beauty

I also remember a comment on Youtube where Nick said that he never received any proper sex-ed until the age of 20, and that the public school he went to in Virginia as a kid provided "abstinence only" sex-ed. Doesn't sound to me like Nick grew up in the kind of environment where being gay would have been considered normal or OK, quite the opposite. In the Psychiatry video he claims that his parents put him on drugs because he spent too much time "playing with himself" in the shower as a kid. Sounds to me like a totally backwards reactionary Christian environment where even normal healthy childhood exploration of one's own own body was considered pathological.

No. 619377

"I was not required to take any science courses after high school and (not having learned much in high school science class) I was quite ignorant of science. If I had known more about psychology or biology or neuroscience"

Yeah, it was definitely nepotism that got him into psychology at Georgetown.

No. 619551

File: 1529807225269.jpg (155.3 KB, 1200x900, TUZ4vpY.jpg)

No. 619888

Contra looks like he has been faceswapped onto a flat chested woman (part of his body being hidden helps).

No. 619924

literally why do these people dress like a person opposite of their personality. if Contra were born a legitimate woman, he'd be dressing more like Lindsay Ellis is. He's dressed up like some California mom who spends $12 on a bagel and chips.

No. 620052

File: 1529862588958.png (851.48 KB, 900x600, claws.png)

No. 620085

What’s it with trans and those horrible fale nails

No. 620291

>>619377 When you've screwed up your own child by drugging the life out of them when they were a teen and a tween and their brain was still developing, potentially having caused irreparable damage and a livelong prescription drug addiction, you gotta pull some strings to make up for the damage you've caused them. Remember what Nick said in the Psychiatry video, when you are from a rich family you are not allowed to just fail. Rich parents with university connections will pull whatever strings they can to cover up the damage they've caused to their drugged up kids. "No son of mine is a drug addicted alcoholic dropout narcissist. I drugged the daylights out of mah boy because I didn't like the idea of him playing with himself in the shower, but MY good wholesome Presbyterian son is going to be a professor like dad, and like grandad was before that.". When your rich
controlling parents have planned out your life for you, I guess becoming an addict and then going trans is a kind of desperate rebellion against that.

No. 620294

Damn this post is so real.

No. 620332

What >>620294 said, that is some pretty deep stuff and it seems very plausible to someone like Contra.

No. 620428

I actually feel bad for Contra if this is the case. It makes sense he would drop out of his PhD but I don't think he is on the right track yet. He needs some serious therapy, though unlikely to happen.

No. 620752

File: 1529906003364.jpg (108.07 KB, 768x1024, DgQ40MRUYAAzaOG.jpg)

No. 620767

Well I've gotta say I'm surprised Contra is seen with Ella and Miss London as they or at least Ella anyway, are conservatives.

No. 620773

File: 1529907821156.jpg (161.39 KB, 1080x1080, 9e6baf6f041b4f824c24db39dd8306…)

this ella dude looks like onision

No. 620809

No, Lana del Rey.

No. 620837

File: 1529924132020.jpg (17.7 KB, 240x280, e88c8e1e79460a0fb3293ae54214c0…)

>nobody has pointed out the shitty photoshopping
He looks like he tried to turn himself into a storefront mannequin

No. 620841

File: 1529925002458.jpg (139.6 KB, 1200x901, DgaGo8OUwAAZpS2.jpg)

No. 620843

I wonder how many of his viewers realise that the pink light isn’t some stylistic choice, but him trying to look better. Dita von Teese always uses a pink light in her shows as it is the nost flattering.


Also helps that he has it half dark.

No. 620852

no he doesn't. not without shoop. that pic with contra is from his twitter and is shooped.

No. 620855


I'm sure she'll be quick to disavow if pressed on it. I seriously don't know why so many conservatives and centrists that I follow are friends with her. To me she seems no different to Wu and Zinnia.

No. 620893

Contra imagines he passes so well yet it takes less than 1 second to tell who's the real woman from this pic and who's the sad man in dresses

No. 621074

Don't do Lana dirty like that. She's beautiful while Ella looks like a droopy old man.

No. 621117

File: 1529948137878.png (402.11 KB, 500x500, tumblr_neyv6iAdDY1txcr2io1_500…)

Come on, there is a little Lizzie Grant in there, before she became Lana.

No. 621218


The reason why Nyk was trannie-chasing Ella and Miss London around VidCon is because these are two up-and-coming young transwomen Youtubers who are fans of Blaire White and sometimes adopt and adapt her arguments because they both see Blaire as a positive trans role model. They both have their own personalities of course, Miss London is funny and spunky in a way Nyk surely envies, and Ella has that cinematic sensibility that made Nyk so popular when he started ContraPoints v. 2.0 having scenes with a cinematic look. Nyk sees both of them as competition. He also worries about Blaire's influence on the next generation of transwomen, who will surely grow up to hate extremists like Nyk for wrecking the trans community with their devisive bullshit. Blaire did a Livestream a while back together with Miss London where she was very candid about her dysphoria during her transition. Nyk must've watched it and gotten really jelly, because it was the kind of emotionally honest and candid Livestream that he himself wanted to have with Blaire, but which will never happen now that he and Theryn dumped Blaire from the Vancouver event and Blaire realized just what a fucker Nyk is. Nyk figured that Blaire trusts these younger transgirls in a way she will never trust his weirdo ass, so he now wants to use Ella and Miss London to help dig up shit about Blaire. If it were a 30 year old man chatting up to 18 year old girls at VidCon to find out shit about a woman who said no to him, people might have raised an eyebrow at this venturing into Onision territory, but because it's a bunch of trannies no one says anything. This is why Nyk is trans-LARPing, so he can get away with exactly this kind of shit. Miss London has been active on Youtube for over a year but Nyk only began following her on Twitter after the Livestream and after he saw her tweet at Arielle Scarcella, who is a lesbian Youtuber who is a friend of Blaire's, who has been dogpiled by Nyk's and Theryn's followers for imagined transphobia after doing a colab with Blaire and a bunch of other non-political transpeople.

No. 621228


Anti-SJWs love Nyk because he is the most disgusting disturbing nightmare of a leftwing person they can trot out before their audiences, who overwhelmingly already hate transsexuals and consider them disgusting monstroids, to prove that the leftwing is just a bunch of alcoholic junkie freaks like Nyk, because look at who they follow and subscribe to, this here reeeee freak. Nyk is mostly harmless to them, which he is cos he knows better than to get in their faces, and therefore they think Nyk is mostly funny to watch, more like a comedic parody of the left. They will never bring out someone from the left who is presentable, and really knows and has their shit together. Only the most shitty caricature of an SJW snowflake they can find who is willing to come on their show, and that's Nyk. What better way to instantly discredit the left before a single word has been uttered than to drag out someone like Nyk? Nyk of course will say that this "respectability politics" and will retreat into his bubble where he is worshipped, but the fact is that he's the most picture perfect leftwing freak that an anti-left pundit could wish for. They want their audiences to think that the left is a bunch of Nyks.

No. 621638

Don't forget Riley Dennis lol But yeah you're right, she'll most likely drop them when her far left audience bitch about it.

But it's funny because with the right lighting and angling, Ella does look a little like this woman only with red longer hair.

Oh right, I almost forgot about that livestream between Blaire and Miss London (it was very nice, very civil). I think you may be right on the money. While I'm not the biggest fan of London as she's a bit too loud for my taste, she does have this good energy for those who like that and she speaks common sense most of the time. And Ella is just witty in such a charming way and also, speaks common sense. These two are examples of positive upcoming transwomen and since Blaire is a big influence on them, this might be making Contra jealous and so she's trying to play nice to keep relevant but she'll more than likely dispose of them when her audience starts bringing it up. So far most of the transwomen on the left are just… Kinda out there with Contra, Riley, and Zinnia leading the helms of that circus so it's no wonder London and Ella are gaining traction.


I've mingled a bit in the anti sphere and I'm a leftist myself and I've surprisingly had a mostly positive venture as most of the people were nice and didn't hate trans people, just the "Non-binary", other gender snowflakes or at the most, just dislike people like Riley and Zinnia.

But in saying that, there definitely can be an echo chamber among the super conservative ones who think all the left are pretty much what you said and it's pretty annoying if I had to be honest. Not all of us are batshit insane lol

No. 621842

File: 1530014536145.jpg (84.22 KB, 876x534, GetThePoisonOut.jpg)

>>616415 This is from his "erotic history" in the AGP video, where Nick compares trying to have penetrative hetero sex with women to "getting the poison out" and having to dissociate while having penetrative sex, that sounds to me like typical Christian "abstinence only" sex-ed about sex being a "poisoning" or a heinous defilement of the sacred "pure" body. Either that, or he was already closeted gay back then and was forcing himself to have straight sex with women despite not really wanting to, hence the dissociation.

But instead of saying "I though sex with women was dirty because I went to an abstinence only Christian school where sex was presented as a poisoning the body" or "I didn't want to have sex with women, I was forcing myself to do it because I thought that's what was expected from me and I was too ashamed to admit I wanted to have sex with men", he presents his dislike of penetrative hetero sex as evidence of his being trans.

No. 621845

File: 1530015074906.jpg (86.42 KB, 886x535, KindOfPhysicallyIneptSissyGirl…)

>>616415 There is also this other part in the AGP video where Nick says that he was "physically inept" as a child, which I guess is Nick's way of saying that he was kinda "sissy" or stereotypically gay as a boy. Now that he's trans he would reinterpret this as evidence that he already had that "girly clumsiness" as a kid, and that this is supposedly proof of his being transgender at an early age. But isn't it far more likely that Nick was clumsy as a kid because of all the psychiatric drugs his parents had put him on? Which is the more likely explanation here?

For those of you studying philosophy go ahead look this up (which Nick was too busy getting drunk to look up and read at Northwestern), a boy being physically inept is no proof of someone being trans: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Throwing_Like_a_Girl:_A_Phenomenology_of_Feminine_Body_Comportment_Motility_and_Spatiality

No. 621853

File: 1530016246901.jpg (78.32 KB, 876x540, ContraPointsBisexualityAGPv.jp…)

>>616415 Nick was put on medication supposedly for "spending too much time in the bathroom doing they-dared-not-imagine-what" and "spending too much time styling my hair", which to me sounds like an 8 year old gay boy playing gay hair salon in the shower, if he had come out as gay he would have been stigmatized, pathologized and drugged even more by his Christian parents, so he kept it secret. This would also explain the OCD, because closeted gay men are known to constantly check themselves, check their hand gestures, check their voice pitch, etc, so that they don't express gay behaviours that might give them away. Now that Nick is trans he can freely post on Twitter about having anal sex with men on Tinder hookups, he also tweets that this anal sex is the only kind of sex he is currently interested in despite coming out as bisexual, but then he can rationalize it saying that he is having anal sex with men "as a transwoman", so "it is not gay sex, technically, but straight sex, because those men think they are having anal sex with a cis woman" (or so Nick hopes). I think Nick was waiting to burst out of the closet and have gay anal sex his whole life. Nick rationalizing his current anal sexlife with Tinder men - claiming that it's the estrogen that turned him into a bisexual who goes on to have anal sex with men exclusively - is such a copout, it has homophobia written all over it.

No. 621878


Ah, so she's a useful idiot then. That works for me. Lol.


I used to be left myself but have drifted towards the center over the past few years due to the far left being allowed to dominate the narrative. In my experiences I've found it to be the same. As a troon it's nice to have voices besides the cautionary tales you mentioned above. Lol.

No. 621892

Their main reference of “womanhood” is often porn.

No. 621941

oh my god i cant stand his pretentious stylizing. i know everyone kisses his dick for it, but it's so annoying. ive heard a lot of troons say "the estrogen made me straight!! (gay)!" and troon endos say the same thing to appease them or whatever, but i really think they're mostly bi men that were too worried about coming out without the cover of mainlining estrogen and wearing nipple pasties

No. 622298

File: 1530049997147.jpg (67.07 KB, 878x537, NickDefendsAnalSex.jpg)

Ever since Nick began HRT and began having sex again it's been anal sex. It's all a matter of public record, he disclosed everything on Twitter about how he enjoys being the bottom/insertive partner to these Tinder hookups. But he is having anal sex as a transwoman so in Nick's mind that's not gay sex, it's a woman having anal sex for lack of an actual vagina (which is bullshit because born women usually do not resort to having anal sex as a replacement when they don't feel like using their vagina). In one of the deleted Gamestreams (back when he was playing Pokemon Blue) he said that he already enjoyed anal sex pre-transitioning as a straight guy, only back then it was anal sex with a woman pegging him with a strap-on. He also alluded to this in one of the ContraPoints videos, saying that if he had a studio as his disposal, he would be making videos of himself "getting pegged by a giant woman in a lizard mask", and in another video ("Everyone's a Little Bit Racist Sometimes") complaining about the hashtag #butthurt because getting it up the ass is a positive thing in his mind so he doesn't like the idea of someone getting "rekt" being a metaphor for anal rape. There was also the story that his friend Dick Coughlan told in yet another Livestream (that Nick has since deleted) about Nick getting drunk and trying to stick a bottle up his ass during one of the Blogtalk Livestreams where he would openly masturbate (for those of you wondering how Nick really feels about his "pendulous nuisance"…). Nick has always been into his ass, but he is trying to make it seem like he discovered his love of anal sex only yesterday as a transwoman. It's pretty obvious he has always wanted to have anal sex, and that he first experimented by asking women to peg him because he didn't have the nerve to ask for anal sex from men as a man, obviously because of his internalized homophobia. I think it's really sad and pathetic that Nick wasted his life away being so conflicted about anal sex because of his internalized homophobia, when he himself now admits that people will line up around the block to accomodate him. In his crazy mind he of course thinks it is because Tinder hookups want to have anal sex with him as a transwoman, when it's far more likely these hookups are just horny people who would have assfuqd him anyway. Why does he have to go and make things so complicated?

No. 622306

What THE FUCK. god, all of these trannies are so degenerate. men on the left honestly are so degenerate in general, wtf. nick sticking a bottle up his ass and masturbating on stream? disgusting. who does that??? wow, such a nuisance for him that he had to make his masturbation a public affair. these men are all five fucking seconds from being sex offenders.

No. 622514

Don't worry he's also 5 seconds away from catching AIDS due to his love of anal sex with strangers

No. 622911


I guess you people have never seen any of the old Nykytyne2 videos. These videos are all over the place. Here is an old video of Nyk at an Atheist gathering (back when he was still hanging out with Youtube Atheists), you can see him in a short red dress with nothing underneath and his "pendulous nuisance" visible from underneath the dress, then he lies on the floor in a public space with all of the other atheists around him taking pictures and filming him, mouth drooling and laughing, and you can see his girlfriend sticking her hands under his skirt where she appears to be "manually manipulating" his "pendulous nuissance" in front of all these non-consenting strangers. All you people who missed out on this need to understand that Nyk is an exhibitionistic narcissist and he has always been into crossdressing and showing off his sexuality in public for kicks. He lied when he said that he only did it in private with his girlfriends because they asked him to. He crossdressed in public because he himself enjoyed subjecting non-consenting strangers to his sexual exhibitionism. Nyk doesn't give a fuck about comfort levels or consent or other people's feelings.

No. 622924


Here is another video from the same Atheist gathering, in this one he sticks his crotch, sorry, I meant "pendulous nuisance" in his girlfriend's face in front of everyone. Later you can see the two of them in their hotel room with a third girl, Nyk being sick and her nursing him, he also becomes paranoid about drowning when she offers to give him some water to keep him hydrated and suggests he should take a bath. When Nyk said in that AGP video that he enjoys having groupsex, what he actually meant is subjecting non-consenting strangers to public scenes like this. All new people who only know the ContraPoints stuff and weren't around to see this need to understand that he doesn't give a fuck about getting consent or comfort levels or anything "feminist" or "SJW" like that. Nyk just does whatever the fuck he wants, the non-consenting public be damned. Trans is a great opportunity for Nyk to brag about his sex life in public under the guise of it being an expression of "LGBT pride", when it's really just a continuation of his old exhibitionism.

No. 622929


I thought Nyk already had herpes? In this commentary video, at the very beginning you can clearly see that the side of his mouth on the left is bleeding. He doesn't even seem to notice it and doesn't even bother to wipe away the blood. It's definitely not lipstick because it's like a thick glob of blood at the side and the rest of his lips have a regular lipstick colour. I thought that might be a bleeding herpes sore, I could be wrong though, it could be a residue of food or drool or whatever.

No. 622930

Were you a part of his faggot atheist friend base, anon? He has always seemed like such a try hard. God, he's so gross. He wasn't even cute then. All of these fetishistic trannies are so high on themselves, christ.

No. 622931

Not surprised, but glad to have this all affirmed with his old vids. There is no bone in his body that is pro-female. He's just a faux lefty fucktard that hates women and is not beyond violating women's boundaries for his sexual benefit.

No. 622939

From watching those youtube videos, it seems that Natalie has always been pretty pained and honestly it could be due to gender dysphoria. I mean, in those videos of her pre-transition, I basically saw her as a woman with a little beard. There's no question that this is a damaged and pained person who drowns their pain in substances, but can't we have a little empathy for this person? They are just trying to figure out how to live.

No. 622946

kek, no. he's a classist misogynist that thinks "99.99999% of people are hideous and annoying to be around". wow, so pained! lmao, he's just a self-pitying, narcissistic dickhead. who cares.

No. 622976

Don't forget the cultural appropriation…

No. 622977

How many women do you know who put their crotch in the face of other women? Would you still think he was a woman if he wasn't wearing a dress here? Clothes are not a gender.

No. 623007

File: 1530131097731.jpg (75.61 KB, 633x512, ContraPointsCondoms.jpg)


Ah, but Nyk likes condoms for his "pendulous nuisance". He went back into his timeline and deleted these two tweets because nowadays the word "condom" brings out the gender dysphoria he doesn't have and has never been diagnosed with.

Obviously he deleted these tweets because someone reading them might conclude that someone who a mere two years ago didn't mind using condoms probably doesn't mind using his dick either, and probably doesn't mind having sex with a vagina either. Nyk believes that this latest deletion spree (yet another one, one of many over the years) will render his statements about being dysphoric about his dick and wanting to have bottom GRS as soon as possible more believable and less delusional. It's like he is trying to erase any evidence that he once really did have a dick, that he was using condoms and that he was enjoying having penetrative sex. These deletions are part of the make-belief narrative he trying to put out.

No. 623011

i really think the only reason why he dated this ghostindayperson was because she looks like the more female version of him. essentially what hed look like as a woman. he has said how in love with himself he is and that he'd fuck himself if he was someone else. the resemblance is terrifying.

No. 623012

File: 1530131359414.jpg (81.49 KB, 781x621, ContraPointsCondomsAnimalIntes…)

>>622514 The mere fact that he went back and deleted his tweets about condoms shows that he is trying to retroactively manufacture a narrative. Please do not give me any bullshit about how the mere word "condom" supposedly brings out the dysphoria he doesn't have and has never been diagnosed with. He deleted these tweets to cover up his trackrecord. A trackrecord that abundantly shows he was NEVER dysphoric about his dick and was perfectly happy to engage in penetrative sex using an "animal intestine" condom.

No. 623013

No. 623019

why is his voice SO different here?

No. 623027

>>623019 Probably because he was already drinking, also his voice naturally goes lower when he's depressed or upset about something. Even now with him doing the shitty trannie voice, when he gets upset about something his voice goes down, it's like he can't help it, it just happens. On the other hand when Nyk is content, or when he's into a girl and feeling aroused, or when he feels comfortable around someone, his voice goes up. It's like a gay man who tries to hide his gay voice to pass and only reveals his gay voice to other gay people he trusts. Nyk's voice already did that thing before he went trans and adopted that earsore of a high-pitched trannie voice.

No. 623030

Is he really that thick?

Condoms have a poor (comparative) failure rate, most are made of a common allergen (latex), some contain a spermicide (nonoxynol-9) that can make HIV transmission higher, they can slip off if not sized correctly, have holes poked in, tear, upset vaginal balance, can get stuck inside, can break down if used with the wrong type of lube (petroleum jelly)…

Doctors do not recommend them for a monogamous couple's sole birth control. Also, if the couple wishes to avoid condoms, their only choices are vasectomy or female contraception. It's very unfair that women be forced to carry the majority of contraction, especially considering how awful most female centered contraception methods are (nausea, depression, mood swings, internal bleeding AND more).

No. 623034

sounds like he is trying speak deeper than normal

No. 623036

i dont know how this man got into northwestern. i really dont. one of the most selective unis in the country let this moron in. has to be nepotism because i dont find him intelligent at all.

No. 623042

File: 1530133426620.jpg (80.3 KB, 881x539, ContraPointsCrotchInFaceVeryFe…)


Oh yeah, very feminine, I see women stick their crotch into other women's faces in public places with non-consenting strangers walking by being forced to watch it, I see that all the time.

No. 623043

I think he must have had very good letters of recommendation, likely through his dad. Maybe he did well in the classes where he didn't have to do independent research much either. He seems to be seriously lacking in research (probably why he chose philosophy over psychology) and focusing on one subject.

No. 623045

poor Nyk, even after sinking to this level of attention whore, everyone is still turned away from him

No. 623048

Speaking of Northwestern, here is Nyk talking to his friend Oliver/PhilosophyTube about being a PhD student teaching undergrads at Northwestern:

N: "When you are a professor or whatever, your class is so submissive to you. It's, like, hilarious. It depends on where you are teaching, of course, but a lot of students I've had, oh my gosh, they suck up to you, just how desperate they are… "

O: "If you were a grad student, you would have been teaching in classes."

N: "Yeah yeah, because undergraduates are desperate for grades. Especially the really ambitious ones, who want to get into med school or whatever, they'll just walk into your office and they just, like, "professor, is there anything I can do to improve my grades?". And you are like, OMG!"

No. 623052


Real reason self-declared "manslut" Nyk quit academia and left Northwestern? Who knows. Fact is, he was at Northwestern when the Peter Ludlow thing happened. He must've realized when the Ludlow protests began that this university is not the kind of place where he can shove his crotch into a woman's face in a public space and get away with it easily, so he got out.

No. 623055

wow nick, so you're telling me that people that are paying $50,000 a year for their degree are hoping it'll advance them in life and are trying to maximize their investments that are going to be chained to them for the next 20 years?? god, he's such a pretentious, privileged asshole. yeah, people are desperate because THEIR LIVES HINGE on it, unlike you, who apparently gets to go to northwestern for free so your parents dont bitch at you, and then shits on people who are in higher education out of necessity. god, i hate him. he's such a myopic asshole.

No. 623058

He's so insufferable. I can't wait until his fake trans life crashes and burns.

No. 623149

File: 1530145116918.png (171.97 KB, 579x501, VdDJpfS.png)

Ikr? And this spoiled snob somehow managed to convince everyone that he's some #woke socialist feminist. Amazing.

Anyway looks like he'll be speaking at some event soon.

No. 623609

Wow, anon, I really appreciate your contributions to this thread and thoughtful analysis, but you seem to spend awful amount of time thinking about this dude!
Anyway you managed to really make me hate him

No. 623643

File: 1530209995773.jpg (69.61 KB, 1488x131, WhatAtheistsSayAboutNyk.jpg)


This lionization and veneration of Nyk on the left is only possible with the collusion of the old Atheist guys who knew him and followed him back in the day. They know this is all fake but are keeping quiet about it, and their silent makes it possible. There is a guy on Youtube, whose alias I will not mention, but he has backups of all of Nyk's old videos, Livestreams, everything. He has been asked repeatedly to make a compilation or to just make this stuff available, but he hates Nyk so much that he refuses to feed into his narcissism by uploading it, so Nyk can exploit it for more drama. Nyk was a fan of TJ, that's how he started out in the Youtube Atheist community and is still TJ's ideological offspring. The idea that being an exhibitionist weirdo not giving a fuck about anyone else is cool and edgy originated from the Youtube Atheists. Nyk has divested himself from Youtube Atheism (he can dump them now that he no longer needs them), but he has certainly not divested himself from that aspect of it. These old fans will now occasionally post on 4chan shaking their heads at his demise, or pop in and out of his comment section to let him know how perplexed they are. He always ignores them because he no longer needs to court them now that he's a big lefty Youtuber, and also because he knows that they are the keepers of his secrets. These guys know that Nyk is not trans and that this is all a LARP. These guys have seen the Blogtv Livestreams where Nyk would pull it out, they know exactly what Dick Coughlan was referring to when he brought up the Livestream with Nyk and the bottle (Nyk remembers it too, because he laughed and sheeply responded with "I was a good cam girl back then."). They know that Nyk has never had a problem with his dick, that he was into his ass, that he is an exhibitionist and that he would use any opportunity to bring up sex, he would post Youtube videos with titles such as "Eating Women", "Lesbians Are God's Chosen People", etc and other videos about being a manslut sleeping around. It was pretty clear from his behaviour at the Ohio Gathering that Nyk doesn't care about consent or people's comfort levels, but people would allow Nyk to get away with it because they thought it was cute and disarming that such a young man was so sexually forthcoming, and for some people (men and women) it was libidinal to watch a pretty androgynous boy who was sexually uninhibited. No one is willing to talk about this lack of sexual inhibition actually being the result of Nyk's polypharmacy and his being diagnosed with bipolar disorder at one point, which led to fullblown exhibitionistic narcissism. The old Youtube Atheism guys could come out and talk about "Crackergate" (look at one up on Youtube for a laugh) and other pointless drama Nyk was wasting everyone's time with. I don't know why they don't, it's like almost they sadistically enjoy watching Nyk's downward spiral from a safe distance, so they can come out later and say: "This was a long time in the making, he had it coming.".

No. 623650

very interesting stuff, anon. thanks for all your input. it is clear he has fetishized women and lesbians for a long time. really pisses me off that he's making a living off of it now and people are actually buying his socialist feminist bullshit just because he read one book of kollontai's writings.

No. 623657

File: 1530210976109.jpg (90.29 KB, 1134x393, ContraPointsSomeonePushing30Th…)

This is a typical example of a comment on 4chan from someone who was around at the time:

"You don't know the half of it.
She had a nervous breakdown after one too many drunken streams then quit academia. Someone pushing 30 thinking it's cool to be an alcoholic edgelord is kinda sad."

The stuff you will not be reading in Current Affairs, Boing Boing and VICE.

No. 623692

File: 1530214225971.jpg (96.91 KB, 748x446, SubstanceAbuseAsCopingMechanis…)

I have had enough of people claiming that Nyk has gender dysphoria. Nyk does not have a gender dysphoria diagnosis and he was not diagnosed before his HRT. Nyk has a million different problem and gender dysphoria is not one of them. (And if it were it would be the last of his worries). Nyk told the whole story in his Livestream with Milo Steward, in the AGP video, in private Livestreams, he was cadit about it himself. He self-diagnosed, uploaded that stupid video titled "Gender Dysphoria" that is not about gender dysphoria at all and was only meant to fool everyone, ordered HRT from the internet, took that for a month, then went into an informed consent clinic in Baltimore and demanded prescription HRT as "harm minimization" which means he was essentially threatening to self-harm with the internet HRT he had ordered if the informed consent clinic did not agree to give him prescription HRT. He admitted he COERCED his doctors into giving him HRT through the harm minimization protocol without getting a gender dysphoria diagnosis or a referral for HRT first. FFS stop claiming that Nyk has gender dysphoria, you are just going along with his LARP like his doctors do. At least those doctors are getting payed to play along. And stop claiming Nyk became an addict and an alcoholic because of the gender dysphoria he doesn't have, and use this to justify his selfish refusal to go sober. Nyk was already an addict long before he decided to trans-LARP. Nyk is trying to associate himself with the trans community because that community is already full of drug addicts and narcissists like him and he has correctly deduced that pretending to be trans is the most socially acceptable way to get away with narcissism and drug abuse. Nyk is using trans as a dodge.

No. 623696

File: 1530214448005.jpg (44.47 KB, 878x540, WhoIsDrLydgate.jpg)


Here is the catch, the thing no one noticed about Nyk's Gender Dysphoria video. Do you know who this "Dr Lydgate" is? Go look it up right now. It is not Nyk's doctor, so much is certain, because he was never diagnosed. It is just a fictional character from an ABC series based on Alice In Wonderland.

"After Alice is admitted into the asylum, Dr. Lydgate interviews her about her claims of traveling to Wonderland and falling in love with a genie. During the conversation, Alice repeatedly lapses into a daze and doesn't respond, although she does make weak admissions to those recollections as lies. Dr. Lydgate does not believe Alice because she still calls out for her lost love in her sleep, and he instead offers her a medical solution that will take away all her pain. After she gives her consent to the procedure, Dr. Lydgate begins making the necessary preparations and later encounters Alice in the hallway as she is fleeing from the asylum. He hastily tries to stop her from going, but is stunned into silence upon seeing a talking rabbit. Recalling his disbelief in her "delusions", Alice smugly asks if he, too, is seeing things."

Why did Nyk put a thank you to a fictional character at the end of the Gender Dysphoria video (more specifically, the fictional doctor who after wanting to cure Alice of her delusions eventually colludes in letting Alice escape from the asylum with the rabbit he initially assumed was just a delusion of hers)? TO LET YOU KNOW HE IS FUCKING WITH YOU and has not been diagnosed by a real doctor. Nyk wants a doctor who will let him escape from the asylum with the rabbit (this is why, when he talks about transitioning in his tweet, he calls it an "escape"), not a doctor who will cure him of his delusions. Damn, all these people watch these ContraPoints videos and don't even notice how Nyk is just fucking with them and letting them know he is doing so.

No. 623750

A lot of trans people (and "sex workers") suffer from mental illness. I don't mean this in a derogatory way, many of them say they have depression, are suicidal, etc. I hate that society has made it acceptable to coddle and praise their self harm and self mutilation. These people need serious help.

Look at the case of Nyk: OCD and whatever else he was diagnosed with resulted in medication and therapy. Gender dysphoria, however is encouraged and he is prescribed medication that will harm his body. WTF?

No. 624198

File: 1530269381259.jpg (42.71 KB, 478x430, NatalieHeartsHeart.jpg)


Nyk is into petites brunettes with androgynous features, that's why he's into Blaire, Natalie Portman, this girl, it's a type of woman Nyk is into, but in his spare sober moments he has to know he can't pull it off. When he began the HRT last summer he bought a large Heart poster on ebay that he showed off during a Livestream. He said: "This is the height of femininity", and I think he would like to look like Nancy Wilson from Heart as a more realistic goal for him as a tall blond girlman. Though knowing how much he loves Stevie Nicks, another tall blonde, I kinda like the idea of Nyk walking into his LA plastic surgeon's office with a poster of Stevie Nicks saying "doctor, please me make look like this!", and then the LA surgeon, who has probably operated on Stevie Nicks' face himself, trying not to laugh.

No. 624202

File: 1530270438677.png (658.91 KB, 927x561, Cf6C89L.png)

>into Natalie Portman
Wait a second… did he name himself after Natalie Portman? I know Natalie is close to Nicholas, but so are names like Nicole and Natasha.

No. 624207

>>624202 Yes, he has legally and officially changed his name to Natalie. He never explained why he picked the name "Natalie" but the most likely explanation is because he is obsessed with Natalie Portman in the movie Black Swan, he has referred to it in his ContraPoints videos (specifically the end scene where Natalie Portman's character says that she was "perfect" just before dying), he has tweeted about Black Swan being "one of the movies that has defined me", also the movie Black Swan is based on the manga Perfect Blue (Nyk is a Satoshi Kon fan, and has repeatedly referenced his manga features), so everything points to Nyk picking the name Natalie because of his obsession with Natalie Portman in Black Swan. Natalie is also a Jewish female name (Natalie Portman is Jewish, was born in Jerusalem and also knows Hebrew) so Nyk gets to piss of the Natsees by adopting a female Jewish name for himself.

No. 624236

this is such a weird reach but then again so is pretty much everything that gets posted in this thread. natalie is an explicitly christian name, it means 'born on christmas'

No. 624250

I don't know where you are getting your bullshit from. "Natalie" is the female derivative of the male name "Nathanael" which is a Hebrew male name, and it is a Hebrew name from the Old Testament, so it's a undeniably a Jewish name. It means "God/El has given", not "born on Christmas" like you claim. https://www.behindthename.com/name/nathanael

No. 624251

>>624236 Here, every site I look at says Natalie is derived from the male name Nathanael and it's a Hebrew name meaning "God given" or "Gift from God". http://www.biblical-baby-names.com/meaning-of-natalie.html

No. 624253

File: 1530280403168.jpg (185.67 KB, 868x536, NataliePortmanAppropriation.jp…)

I find it frankly hilarious that an atheist who purports to be against cultural appropriation and attacks everyone else for being racist/white supremacist/natsees would give themselves a Jewish name meaning "the gift from God", LMAO! Maybe it's subconsciously meant to reflect his narcissistic Messiah complex?

No. 624268

These are so ugly and gawky that only a man could have gotten these. How does he not see this?

No. 624269

File: 1530283429581.jpg (54.02 KB, 305x516, NatalieSaysUghNo.jpg)


I love the serendipity of Natalie Portman in that Black Swan thumbnail appearing to turn away from Nyk's Butlerian eye-gouging witch claws on Instagram right above. It's the perfect juxtaposition.

No. 624273

File: 1530283955838.jpg (22.72 KB, 310x410, e9d98ffb6a59f47bbae5aaef56054d…)

i knew butler was dumb as hell, but she didn't actually say that, did she??? also kek at that nail shape, yikes. that nail tech shouldn't be allowed to touch acrylic powder. they look like fucking boats and he's showing them off.

he seems very impulsive. also, obviously delusional. ann was and still is very feminine in the face, so he's positively delulu if he thinks he could ever get close to pic related. plus, even at his most waifish he has always had a manly frame. no matter how much he lives on alcohol alone and avoids eating, he'll always have a hulking dude bod

No. 624279


Saged for nitpick but ackshyually Stevie nicks isnt tall she's like 5'1

No. 624296

>i knew butler was dumb as hell, but she didn't actually say that, did she???
nah it's from a dragqueen. except the original lyrics weren't even all that bad

"If you're not wearing nails
You're not doing drag"

No. 624304

Whoever this is, she looks unmistakenly female and has very feminine features, almost exaggerated in a way because of the roundness of her face and softness of her features. whereas Nyk does not look womanly at all and never will, he has a male face that has angular, sharp features that will never look truly female no matter how much bone he shaves…

No. 624317


Stevie Nicks talking about her addictions and how these affected her looks: "Geez, could you have just laid of the brandy, and the coke, and the pot, so you didn't look like your eyes were swimming in water? Everybody else thought you looked beautiful but that's cos everybody else was stoned. You didn't look beautiful. You looked high and unattractive. So unattractive. And I went to a plastic surgeon and he said, you have a really big hole in your nose and it's very dangerous."

What Nyk doesn't understand is that when you're an addict getting surgery to cover up the visible effects of living a junkie lifestyle (under the guise of turning yourself into a 20 year old woman, which in Nys' case is just a bullshit excuse he made up to get a shitload of surgery), you are just going to look like a junkie who has had surgery. There is no shortcut to looking youthful and healthy when you're not actually living a healthy lifestyle. That's the truth and he doesn't want to know it.

No. 624320

File: 1530289418570.jpg (33.93 KB, 343x479, TheHeightOfFemininityAcc2Nyk.j…)


That's Ann Wilson, one of the Heart sisters. Nyk could not possibly pull off an Ann. I think Nyk would like to pull off a Nancy. Still an unlikely goal.

No. 624363

File: 1530293222238.jpg (47.1 KB, 594x331, main-qimg-f4858d7ad39987b51e02…)

I'm just amused that this is supposedly the height of femininity while the men around that time looked exactly the same

No. 624372

No. 624464

>>624363 For sure. Nyk loves the 1980s and the poofy big hair that was in fashion at the time. I LMAO at one of the comments posted above where Anon said that Nyk looks like a Whitesnake bandmember, because this song is one of his favourite 1980s songs, he has played this on Livestreams and also posted it on Twitter when he dramtically "broke up" with his audience(?) after the Blaire White/Vancouver drama. The problem is Nyk's belief that you can't get away with that look anymore as a man without being considered ridiculous or quaint. Basically men were able to be more androgynous in the 1980s and part of the 1990s, but since 9/11 gender expression has become more regimented and binary. I think Nyk feels that men's fashion has become more conservative and masculinity more restrictive/less diverse in our day and age, and that for Nyk to be the man he wants to be, Nyk has no choice but to become a woman. He once said on a Livestream that if he had been born in the 18th century he "would have been happy to have been a really frilly man", so Nyk feels like he was born in the wrong period and that since this era is hostile or unaccomodating of his kind of man, it's better to be part of the future and to go trans like all the cool kids are doing. Which I think is just internalized homophobia on his part, but his mind is stuck in that pattern of illogic unable to break free. I cannot believe how Nyk can be so stupid to not see that these things fluctuate (sooner of later if will be cool to be androgynous again, and then you've transitioned for shit) but there you have it.

No. 624545

>but since 9/11 gender expression has become more regimented and binary
u wot m8

Ironically, before he decided to be trans, he was a great example of gender non-conforming. Now he is just a trans sheep. Pre-trans he was defying gender norms, wearing a leather corset and having long hair, yet still clearly being a man. Now for some reason he's decided that only women can do that so to continue exploring flamboyant dress he has to become "she" and reinforce tired old gender tropes.

No. 624610

>>623011 Her name is Aurelia and she looks NOTHING like Nick.


She is an amazing artist in her own right:


She was already incorporating Nick into her paintings before it became a thing amongst social media artists to draw fan art of ContraPoints:



No. 624626

sorry but she does look like him tbh, but she is very talented.

No. 624799

she has a strong jaw, I think that's it

No. 625726

File: 1530385452715.jpg (105.21 KB, 853x530, JohnsHopkinsHospitalBeverlyMan…)


A few words about Nicks family (NO doxxing, just some general observations to help people understand some things). Nick's family are not exceptionally rich and are just a bunch of upper middle class normies, mostly doctors, lawyers, IT people, teachers, etc. One glance at these people and you can tell that Nick has always been the black sheep of the family and the odd one out. Looking at their timelines it's like they have expunged all pictures of Nick, like they have erased him completely from their lives as if he never existed. It's kinda sad to realize that he's alone with his demons. I suppose this is why he takes to Twitter to rant to the masses, because he has no one in his family to talk to or relate to. He must've driven them crazy over the years with his various episodes, constantly reinventing himself, relapsing, recovering, rinse, repeat, they are probably just tired of his drama. Nick's mom is very Christian. One of Nick's family elders in fact is a Greek-Orthodox priest, which might surprise you because Italians are supposed to be Catholic and not Orthodox but there you go. Nick became an atheist to rebel against his religious family background, and he has been rebelling against his background ever since. His mom is also a member of something called The Johns Hopkins Club. Note that the Gender Dysphoria video was shot at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, which Nick cleverly renamed "Beverly Mantle Gender Clinic" after Beverly Mantle, a derranged gynecologist character from Cronenberg's horror movie Dead Ringers, one of Nick's favourite horror movies which he has mentioned during Livestreams.


If you know anything about the history of transsexualism the name Johns Hopkins should ring a bell. I don't know if it was Nick's mom who arranged for Nick to shoot the "conversion therapy" scene from the Gender Dysphoria videoat Johns Hopkins, but it's possible that the reference to "Dr Lydgate" at the end of the video is a veiled reference to Nick's mom, thanking her for making the shoot at the Johns Hopkins hospital possible through her connections at the aforementioned Club. It's kinda interesting that someone who was put on psychiatric drugs from the age of 8 onwards, whose mom is a member of the Johns Hopkins Club, that this person would come out as transgender, no? I am sure it's all just a coincidence.

No. 625771

I'm not sure it has anything to do with 9/11 but for sure gender expression has become more binary. I would say it started already in the 90s with grunge as one of the last rearing up and simultaneous phasing out of gender play in mainstream culture. Emo had a short stint in the late 2000s as did the "metrosexual" trend, but those were also widely derided.
tbh I am so tired of this era when it comes to this, so if this is what's going on in Contra's head I'm feeling him. It's a damn shame he can't be brave enough to be the (most likely gay) gender-nonconforming man he would like to be, and instead drugs himself up more to be a second-rate tranny.

No. 625875

>>625771 Agreed. Who is a mainstream gender non-conforming role model for feminine boys in this day and age? Just type the term "androgynous artists" into Google Images, almost all the examples that pop up are pre 9/11. Also, look at what happened to Trevor Moran, a gay androgynous artist on Youtube. His audience tried to pressure him into going trans and he only barely escaped giving into that pressure. You can only be a mainstream genderbender if you present yourself either as a drag queen or you have to go binary and you become trans. You cannot be a gender non-conforming man as your own person with your own unique expression. You cannot have a Prince in this day and age, or a Marilyn Manson or a Boy George or a David Bowie. All of them would have been pushed to transition in this day and age. Look at Eddie Izzard, he was gender non-conforming for decades yet he too gave up and went trans. Someone like Alan Cumming wouldn't even have a acting career in this day and age, he would've been considered boring and insignificant by todays sensationalistic bullshit standards. Adam Lambert is considered outrageously androgynous only for wearing guyliner, he would've been considerd just a guy with eyeliner pre 9/11. There is a lot of gender experimentation, sure, but it's all in the fringes. To go mainstream, you have to either go trans or go drag, and drag nowadays is just looked as a in between stop on your way to trans. You are not allowed to be your own man expressing feminine aspects while remaining a man. Go to the trannie subs on reddit and look at how they shit allover crossdressing men. There has never been so much hostility towards and pressure on feminine men to transition. It is worse than ever before to be a man expressing your feminine side and especially if you are gay or closeted gay like Nyk, because gays only want straight passing partners, so femininity is even despised in the gay scene itself. Even the gay scene has become more rigidly binary and anti-faerie.

No. 625983

nick is italian?

No. 626558

>>625983 He said on Livestreams that he is part Irish-Italian by way of Philadelphia and part "Southern", which I guess is a shorthand for the mongrel mix of German, Irish, Native American and WASP in the South. Nick is a mutt.

No. 626710

So not really Italian

No. 626877

Wow, what a smug asshole. It sounds like he’s mocking students who care seriously about their education/studies, This post and other posts in here have made me realize that ContraPoints is really more of a self-serving AGP than one of the more progressive and sane MtF personalities I’ve come across. I feel stupid for subscribing now that I’m more aware of his cringey behavior off of his channel.

No. 627377

>>608644 The remark in his tweet about "toothy vaginas" is in reference to a comment that has been posted elsewhere on this site (which can only mean one thing, he is masochistically reading along with everything posted here):


This was a response to someone posting a medical picture of the interior of a neovagina that was busy fusing shut. Anon thought that the cavity trying to fuse shut looked like there were teeth growing out of the neovaginal lining.

No. 627442

File: 1530579037474.jpg (58.77 KB, 396x397, 1328268295_cdd01c0cc6.jpg)

jeez anon, those photos are not safe for life

No. 628050

>>627442 Tell that to Nyk who got upset at Blaire White for lecturing him that a neovagina is just a wound that you have to dilate daily to keep from closing. Nyk apparently doesn't even know the internal anatomy of a real vagina to now the difference, yet he claims he wants one. Those are the pictures Nyk doesn't want to see because it might be too sobering. Though I have to point out, Nyk said in one of the Livestreams that he doesn't necessarily want a neovagina, he said he doesn't want anything, that he wants it to be "smooth" down there. There is an indie horror movie American Mary that came out in 2014 that was directed by these twin sisters, it that had a character who is human Barbie Doll - exactly the kind of person you would see featured on that Barcroft TV channel on Youtube that competes with VICE and has profiled a whole slew of these people ("I’m A Living Art Doll", "The Real Life Kawaii Princess", "I’ve Spent $60,000 Turning Into An Elf"). This human Barbie goes to see the protagonist of the film, a med student who is given the nickname of "Bloody Mary" by her clients for being one of the few doctors willing to perform underground surgeries for the mob and people in the body modification scene. The human Barbie asks Bloody Mary to remove her nipples and to cauterize her vagina so that she no longer has a vagina but nothing in order to better resemble a sexless Barbie doll. I have long wondered if Nyk has seen American Mary. Maybe he wants to get a neovagina only to have it fuse shut so that he can be smooth and sexless?

No. 628078


He sounds completely deranged. His Twitter and yourube content is just depressing to see and I cringe when I come across it because I'm convinced this is someone who needs to get the hell off the Internet and into therapy. Combine self loathing, hatred and envy of women, mental illness and then extreme narcissism and you get this guy. Really not pleasant to watch.

No. 628209

>>601331 I found the pre-transition stream where Nick said he was straight, that he had never given a blowjob, but that he was wondering about how straight he really was because of his interest in anal sex. This is from January of 2017, a mere 6 months before he started HRT:

"What is my sexual orientation? Well, the honest truth is that I am pretty much straight. I mean, people assume that I am gonna be gay because of the crossdressing thing, but it's actually a misconception that crossdressers are mostly gay. In my experience, actually, people who crossdress not as drag queens but for their own enjoyment are more often straight. And… I don't know. Sometimes I wonder how straight I am, because I do have like weird, like, fff… I don't know, I don't share a lot of the interests that regular straight guys have. I mean, being gay would be a good thing for me, I think, because gay men like me. But, I don't know, I just can't deal with dicks. I wish I could, but I just can't. I don't know. I just don't know what to do with a dick. I HAVE NEVER GIVEN A BLOWJOB. It's not that I am against it, like morally. I just don't know that I am up for it. I don't know. Maybe I just need the right motivation. Because, I put a raw octapus in my mouth [for the Psychiatry video, a month before this video], that was pretty terrible. I could probably put a dick in my mouth. I just need, the right time has to come. … The comments are just gonna be about dicks for the next hour."

There you have it, "I am pretty much straight, I can't deal with dicks, I've never given a blowjob.". A year later he is on Twitter bragging about having anal sex and giving blowjobs to flacid transwomen on Tinder hookups, and he expects us to believe that he magically developed an appetite for anal sex and blowjobs only because of the HRT. How do people believe this crap? He is obviously self-loathing gay homophobe who most likely wanted to have anal sex and do blowjobs his whole life, who was asking women to peg him because he didn't have the nerve to ask men for anal sex, but who STILL cannot accept the idea of having sex with men as a man so he LARPs that he's a woman to somehow justify his desire for anal sex and blowjobs to himself.

No. 628215

Jesus that's a lot to take in LOL But hearing all this, all I'm seeing is a deeply repressed bisexual who couldn't handle being thought of as "gay" and thus, hid that portion of himself by only getting pegged by women which eventually became not enough and thus, transitioned to accept him homosexuality tendencies because in his mind, it's not gay if the person getting it looks feminine which is just laughable.

Agree, why do these kinds of people make things more complicated than it needs to be. It's 2018 people, no one cares if you're bisexual or gay anymore (at least not most people anyway).

I hope for his sake that he's using condoms.

Very true. As someone who also dresses in GNC ways, despite not really liking Contra even back then, I admired him for wearing what I assumed he liked wearing. I thought that was so neat and it was great to see another person doing that. I even felt the same way about Riley Dennis back when I discovered her in 2014. Granted I didn't watch all her video, I only watched one ("Can men be feminine") and it was just so nice to see more guys breaking the masculine shackle. But then they become trans and it just paints a very concerning thing to me as a GNC person. It makes it sound like those of us who are GNCing are just trans in denial and I just don't like that assumption…

Thanks for sharing this, I really liked this video because he was real and didn't pull any punches. And this is why I try to be myself being a GNC. I'm not a drag queen and I'm not trans. I want to show people that it's okay for guys to be feminine and androgynous just like how some women can be masculine. My personal hero was Pete Burns from Dead or Alive. He was a feminine man and he owned it. I still remember in an interview he did around I believe 2009 (I'm not entirely sure, it was the late 00s though) and how he made it very clear he was not transgender. He's just "Pete", a guy who loves looking the way he wants and I had so much more respect for him because I had a fear he too would jump on the trans train. And as someone who has been asked if I'm going to transition just because of how dress, Pete Burn's interview was something I needed to hear at the time because it felt like many feminine men were just going trans and it made me feel like something must've been wrong with me. So people like Pete Burns and Prince are such big inspirations to me and show that it's okay to be a feminine, androgynous man despite what some naysayers say. And it's too bad Contra couldn't do the same, as insufferable as he is.

LOL That's quite the assumption but since this is Contra, it could be possible lol

No. 628622

File: 1530713205537.jpg (85.11 KB, 879x503, CPRUBoyOrGirlLastPretransition…)

From Nick's last pre-transition Gamestream. The Pokemon Blue game he was playing prompted him to choose between being a boy or a girl for the game, he blinked twice at the prompt, shouted "triggered!" and then burst out laughing. I haven't Nick laugh that free and spontaneously in ages. Fuck trans, fuck dysphoria, fuck Youtube, fuck homophobia, fuck polypharmancy and fuck that POISON HRT for killing this in him.

No. 628631

i think the gay thing is a very plausible theory, but nick has never actually seemed gay to me. i think hypersexual men are prone to developing paraphilias, and i think his 'biness' or newly found gayness is basically a fetish. i think he has just always been a pervert and it's easy for many of them get off to anything, really. which is why on the chans men are said to get progressively more gay as they're sold the idea of 'traps' being hot, and i've read plenty of accounts from them about their sexual tastes getting more gay from there

No. 629014

>>628631 "He has always been a pervert". Sure, but what do you expect from someone from a conservative Christian family who who has internalized the idea that it's wrong to play hairdresser in the bathroom when you're 8 or that it's "sick" to play with yourself in the shower as an 8 year old? And then is essentially punished by his parents for this behaviour by being dragged to a shrink, being made to confess everything (ie, he is made to feel like he has no right to privacy or bodily autonomy) and then given drugs to snuff out this innocuous behaviour? Such a person is going to interpret any spontaneous bodily expression/proto-sexual expression in themselves as potentially crazy/sick/punishable and will be drawn to the "taboo" or "fetish" aspect of sex more than anything else. Add to this his Christian abstinence-only sex ed and you have a clusterfuck of sexual confusion and repression creating a lifetime of perversion. Anyone who grows up thinking that it's crazy or wrong to play with yourself or to play with your hair in the shower as a kid is going to be sexually fucked up or a "pervert" for life. There is of course no way of knowing for certain if Nyk would have been happily gay/bi/straight if his sexual development wasn't already warped by his parents' psychomedical interventions - several of the drugs he was put on affect sexual functioning as a noted side effect of such drugs, and recall that he was put on these drugs as a teen/tween whose sexuality was still developing. But Nyk's statements in the AGP video about not wanting to have penetrative sex with women, how he dissociated while doing it and how he associated it with "poison" all sound to me like he was forcing himself to have sex with women without really wanting to, and it frankly makes sense that he drifted into fetishism because it was a way for him to explore the gay aspects of himself in a heterosexual or "safe" context (asking women to peg him, or allowing them to feminize him because "it brought out aspects of myself that I like" as he tweeted). I know that Nyk had sex with transwomen before he decided to get on hormones (he has tweeted about this and also mentioned it on a stream, it's a matter of public record), and that he now kinda dances around this fact when he talks about his pre-HRT sexual experiences with transwomen, the fact that he first had sex with transwomen as a "straight" man and not as a "transbian", and definitely not as a result of HRT magically "altering" his sexual orientation like he now wants everyone to believe. If Nyk got into the idea of sex with traps because he fetishized transwomen, I still think that was a way for him to explore gay sex in what seemed like a "safe" context, ie without being confronted too overtly with the fact that he was having sex with men, just like asking his girlfriends to peg him was before that, it was a "safe" way to explore an aspect of gay sex. I don't think it is at all coincidental that the kind of sex Nyk tweets about now - and, most importantly, attributes to the HRT - is homosexual (blowjobs and anal sex).

Consider this for example: when Nyk identified as a straight man on Youtube on his Nykytyne2 channel, he made sure to mention his love of breasts in his Youtube profile as a hint to his audience that he's straight and not gay (many people wondered back then). Do you ever see Nyk tweeting about enjoying transwomen's breasts now? Or his own breasts? Never. This "straight" man, who previously announced himself to be such a lover of women's breasts, interestingly has no breast eroticism at all now that he has a pair of his own, and he doesn't seem to be very interested in other transwomen's breasts either! (Contrast that to the generally strong eroticism of born women, both straight and lesbian, when it comes to their breasts). IMO this is more proof that the trans-LARP is just an excuse for Nyk to have gay sex, but a "safe" kind of gay sex, ie without coming out as gay and with the very convenient option of blaming everything he does on the HRT.

No. 629031

Nyk likes boobs… but not his own boobs now that he has them? (Or other transwomen's boobs for that matter?) Maybe because his trans-LARP was never really about getting boobs but rather about getting all the other Bs (buttsex and blowjobs), which are typically the Bs gay men are more interested in?

No. 629046

oh god, the cringe

No. 629132

You should keep in mind that Blaire is less of a positive model than you'd think, and is probably worthy of a thread if she doesn't already have one. Blaires issue is that she's essentially a cuck slave to her audience at this point, and in some interviews you can clearly see how soul crushing it is for her to be around people who don't think of her as a woman.

Her videos initially started out decently enough in an amateur way, with her seeming to seriously believe in the talking points she was pushing and having serious passion about the issues of free speech and such and how the far left tends to shut that down. Over time though, she's devolved into clickbait that's purpose geared to appeal to her mostly right/alt right audience. There was a point at which she could have turned things around in the way Theryn did, but that point has passed long, long ago. It's a fucking pain too, because initially she claimed to have libertarian type views but who knows what she actually believes at this point, cause she sure as shit wouldn't say it for fear of hurting the audience. I just want one damn libertarian and trans person who makes videos that I can related to.

No. 629143

>I just want one damn libertarian and trans person who makes videos that I can related to.
This is the cringiest sentence I've read on this site in a minute. He does already have a thread, go look for it instead of derailing this one. Or don't because it sounds like you're an MTT, which means you should just fuck off.

No. 629190

Fair point. Should have checked the catalogue first.

No. 629443

File: 1530806967491.jpg (86.4 KB, 1528x218, WhatTranniesSayAboutNyk.jpg)

>>628631 I have read so many comments online from transwomen who are not buying into Nyk's transition at all. "He doesn't know how transwomen live", they know it's a LARP. I think these transwomen who have dealt with chasers their whole lives, they might have enjoyed it at first but they just got sick of these guys after a while, I think they can tell a chaser when they see one. Their comments usually have nothing to do with Nyk passing or not. It's like these transwomen can pick up the bad vibes and the bad chemistry, they can tell there is something wrong. They write about Nyk giving them "the creeps", as if they can tell he's not genuine and is a chaser-wolf in trans-sheep's clothing, a fox in their hen house. I suspect that even if Nyk got all the surgery in the world and become the most passing transwoman Barbie doll ever, these transwomen would still perceive him as a creep because surgery does not take away the bad vibes and the bad chemistry, a misanthropic narcissistic personality will always creep out from behind the most "perfect" mask.

No. 629459

Do you have more of these?

No. 629474

In the future please state your trans-ness at the beginning so me and my sisters (this is a radfem board) don't have to waste time reading your stupid tranny thoughts. Trannies are extremely low IQ as reflected in this post

No. 629477

>>629459 Too many to post, from all over the net. Twitter, Discord, Facebook, Youtube, other boards, from people all across the political spectrum. For example, go through the comments here
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2VZUxmiU-s here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bO_dv8KUzEY and here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiAOsZaHdho. Half the comments are Nyk's fans defending Nyk's transLARP, the other half are right-leaning LGBT people saying they don't buy it, do not perceive Nyk as a woman, that they were attacked by his fans for misgendering him, etc.

No. 629484

off topic, but interesting that all the forums on the internet populated by women are either radfem or have a large radfem voice. almost as though this whole "transwomen" thing is a made up male idea…

No. 629490

File: 1530811684394.jpg (121.92 KB, 821x570, ContraPointsHatesNatureEveryth…)

>>539441 He is not a leftist. He is one of those live fast die harder/"My politics are filth & eat shit" accelerationists who believe that only by everyone becoming more capitalist than a globalist capitalism will somehow collapse under its own weight, that if men become more womanly than a women sexism will magically collapse, with everyone becoming global nomads nationalism will collapse, etc. and then we will have the Zeitgeist utopia of Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism. But if he really believes that accelerationist bullshit and since he doesn't like fascism, why then doesn't he advocate that everyone become more fascist than a fascist in hopes of fascism likewise collapsing on itself? If he really believes in accelerationism he should be celebrating people like Donald Trump, Richard Spencer and Milo Yiannopoulos as accelerationist icons.


No. 629496

to be fair, these trannies are 100% just as creepy and stupid as nick.

No. 629520

File: 1530815418359.jpg (51.32 KB, 531x669, NykLookingLikeA20YearOldGirl.j…)

>>629132 "she could have turned things around in the way Theryn did", the only reason Theryn turned things around is because she is lonely, she is in love with Nyk with whom she identifies because of their mutual snob elitism (upper-middle class narcissistic misanathropic classic music snobs from uptight Christian families, Theryn fears mostly non-white foreigners like her best friend Lauren Southern, whereas Nyk is more of an egalitarian elitist and only hates 99.99999% of all of you hideous fugly monkeys) and she desperately wanted to bring Nyk to Canada to do that transbian Livestream with him where they made out on the couch and alluded to blowing eachother ("Theryn sucks", "Natalie sucks harder and faster"), while parading her American SJW side-bitch for everyone including her Korean NO CUCK fiance. I can honestly see no other motivation for that highly controversial speaking gig at the UBC. I also suspect the reason Theryn booted Blaire from the bill at the very last minute, much to Blaire's surprise, was so Blaire would not be the annoying "third wheel" to Theryn's public making out with Nyk. Theryn knew that only way to bring Nyk to Canada was to have a come-to-Jesus/come-to-Nyk moment where she pretended to renounce everything she said before and retire from Youtube in shame to prove her devotion to Nyk. As for Nyk, Theryn was his first public catch as a chaser turned transLARPer, a great opportunity for Nyk to prove that he's a #trutransbian and then he did with Theryn what he probably originally meant to do with Blaire, which is converting rightwing trannies into SJWs one "harder and faster suck" at a time, or so Theryn claimed on that Livestream.

No. 629525

wait they made out on livestream? holy shit theyre such cows

No. 629563

Why are you still calling them a "she"? Gtfo you trooon.

Also Theryn sucked Blaire's cock until recently but only quit because Blaire made fun of him on his Shapiro stream.

No. 629574

what's the blow-by-blow on what happened with contra/theryn/blaire in vancouver

No. 629580

>>629563 Blaire has been making fun of Theryn waaay longer than that.

No. 629589


There is no blow-by-blow account.
Only a blowjob-by-blowjob account.

No. 629762

>>620809 Looks like Ella has been reading the comments here about her looking like Lana del Rey. People claim that this is a radfem board but the actual audience is all the trannies coming over to read everything about themselves.

No. 629769

>People claim that this is a radfem board but the actual audience is all the trannies coming over to read everything about themselves.
Given how overly bitchy some of the threads can be im surprised this is new to people. I discovered from social media trannies are the bitchiest group going.

No. 629772

Which is funny because male posters aren't even allowed on this site

Troons, fuck off

No. 629783

Yeah, I'm the anon that said she looked like Lana. I thought the long chin was just the weird face he was making in the photo. Lana does not have a man jaw. Besides, it was her awkward Lizzie Grant era I meant, she wasn't even Lana then. I take it back.

No. 629785

(And yes I know her real name is Lizzie Grant, I mean marketing herself as Lizzie Grant the singer).

No. 629874

Plz explain how you know for a fact that Theryn and Natalie fucked

No. 630323

>>629874 This channer trannie said they had, ask them how they know >>629443 Personally, Theryn strikes me as exactly the kind of trannie who would brag to everyone and anyone who would listen about having gamed a big SJW Youtuber for a side-bitch. That's because Theryn has a very public trackrecord getting into bed with big famous Youtubers and making her business with them public.

No. 630329

File: 1530900607608.jpg (49.42 KB, 835x322, Nykytyne2NewAge.jpg)

>>612622 This video puts an end to any discussion as to the kind of person Nyk really is versus this larger than life avatar that he has created in this "Natalie" woman he wants to become. Nyk is just a vain shallow egocentric narcissistic misanthrope who only sees ugliness in other people. 99.9999% of his personality is hideous to look at and no drug, no surgery, NOTHING is going to fix someone who is so fundamentally contemptuous and misanthropic. He wants people to think that he is transitioning because of self-loathing but Nyk is not self loathing. Nyk is in love with himself and is completely full of himself. He feels that he deserves to transition because he is so fucking awesome and becoming this "Natalie" Barbie doll is going to be his reward at the end, the cherry on the shitcake, the crown of his self-creation. When the fact is that he will just become a hating judgemental arrogant monster of a woman, emotionally stunted and numbed drowning in a sea of drugs, incapable of seeing the goodness in others.

No. 630564

File: 1530923941086.png (108.74 KB, 913x749, Untitled.png)

But Nick, I thought you had always been a girl…?

No. 630571

guess being a girl = performing stereotypically feminine activities in a way that men find attractive

til i'm not female

No. 630579

No. 630585

Yep, he just confirmed that his entire concept of womanhood is based on sexist stereotypes. Typical tranny shit.

Very weird that he refered to himself and women as a girls too… he's a 30 y/o man.

No. 630603

None of this even makes any sense.

Pretty much

No. 630607

I can't sing or dance, I must be a man! All these years I've been eating and drinking like the men around me too.

No. 630672

Honestly, the fact that he’s saying he likes dudes now makes me care less about the whole thing. He’s always come across as a misogynist to me, so as long as he’s not trying to be a transbian I’m like okay do your own thing

No. 630858

You don’t care that he’s trying to change the meaning of what it means to be a woman and to speak for women?

No. 631086

Blaire has a thread here but I can understand what you mean. When I discovered Blaire back in 2015, I thought she was a breath of fresh air because most of the trans people I came across on YouTube were just… Either depressing or "Die cis scum" people. Blaire was just what I needed to see because I knew there were decent, normal trans people out there. And this isn't to say that the depressed ones were bad, I totally understand why they are depressed but sometimes it's good to run into positivity you know?

But yeah Blaire has since become more of a slave to her viewers. Not all her viewers are right-leaning conservatives or full on Alt-Right nationalists but it's obvious the /pol crowd found her and use her as their representation.

I'm glad that she hasn't changed her view on "non-binary" because it really is ridiculous but it's clear that sometimes she does clickbait and not be 100% truthful in some of her recent videos. The biggest drawpoint for me was when she talked about her opinions on the Trump administration's work so far and how she conveniently left out the Trump vs Kim Jong-Un incident. I mean yeah, it wasn't as big as the Syrian Missile thing but the thing Hillary Clinton got criticism for was her No Fly Zone and how she'd only goad other countries but yet Trump is kinda doing that and yet it's not wrong when he does it? It's just hypocrisy.

But uh yeah, back on Contrapoints. In comparison to Blaire, she's just a nutjob who seems to only be losing her mind as she continues her HRT and I doubt that the majority would ever take her seriously.

It just makes sense because before she started transitioning, she seemed relatively level-headed albeit condescending at worse. She just came across as a dude who liked looking feminine (and there's nothing wrong with that, it was actually kinda endearing). But when you look at her posts, they just scream of red flags of a Autogynephilia. That it's more of a fetish for her if anything. The few trans people I do know don't act anything like her…

Reading all that was just hilarious, seems like a plot to drama comedy but I mean hey, this could be true lol

Ella is an interesting one. She looks quite pretty in videos but after seeing her photo in the ShoeOnHead thread where they met up at Vidcon, she definitely looks different off camera.

Well remember, she said the epitome of femininity was "Press on nails" lol (I know she was most likely joking but still lol)

No. 631415

all mtf trannies are autogynephiles, save for the small majority of gays that are pressured or forced into transitioning

No. 631503

Some of them actually do have dysphoria but it’s a mental illness. That’s why their brains show differences in the part that is related to body image.

No. 634036

File: 1531348714386.png (276.68 KB, 580x399, WqSH6eu.png)

No. 634037

File: 1531348723508.jpg (126.15 KB, 1200x675, Dh1sEvoWAAEoGBk.jpg)

No. 634039

File: 1531348777732.png (29.46 KB, 539x208, hot takes.png)

No. 634049

Cursed image

No. 634054

No, Nyk, it's just the trendy thing to do now

No. 634233

File: 1531384743092.jpg (38.8 KB, 716x567, Dfdfe6tWkAY6_fO.jpg)

Straight/Bisexual MTF trannies are autogynephiles because they're aroused by the thought of being women, homosexual MTF trannies transition to attract male sexual partners. At least get Blanchard's theories right.

No. 634235

>>….gooodbyeeee hooorrrrseeess….

No. 634253

Kek he's sucking in so hard, it's still fucking obvious that he has quite a bit of fat under the skin

No. 634258

gay children don't transition to attract men.

No. 634360

No, their parents either can’t stand the idea of having a gay child or think that only girls/boys can like girl/boy things.

Transitioning children is just the new gay conversion.

No. 635696

>thinks only boys play Age of Empires 10.05
>alcoholic story 13.50
>wants "female parts" 15.12

rest of the video is a snooze

No. 636181

His fake voice sounds ridiculous.

No. 636397

it gets worse with each video

No. 636931

Wtf, I can't believe I actually truly liked him and his content just a few months ago. What happened? Can hormones lower your IQ or something?? Why won't he stop taliking about how much he is into penises? Why does he act like a parody of not even a woman but of a human being in general?
Damn, Natalie, I bet you read every single thread on every single image board on the internet, get it together. Maybe all of it is just an internet persona and he's not like that irl, but even if it is just a character or something it's not funny or entertaining, just annoyingly cringy.

No. 638958

File: 1531825522860.jpeg (97.66 KB, 635x645, 3DAF7BDC-9030-44DE-9F61-FA6C46…)

>only men can make dick jokes

wow, really breaking down that gender division contra. why do trans people always have such rigid ideas of male and female? then complain that no one accepts them in a dress.

No. 638971

Because being trans literally couldn't be a thing without those rigid ideas about how males and females should behave.

No. 641386

You know considering how contra only finds herself attractive, that's totally accurate lol
"Would you fuck me?"
"I'd fuck me"
"I'd fuck me hard…"

No. 641388

Sad but true. To some parents, with this glorification of transgenderism in the media, if they find that their kid breaks traditional gender norms, instead of wrongly thinking of themselves as failures and possibly having a gay offspring, transgederism is the next best thing to have a "normal" kid. Instead of having a gay son, they can have a straight "Daughter".

No. 642854

File: 1532134871462.jpeg (204.8 KB, 640x925, E54DD565-F135-426A-8CC9-75AA63…)

Contra deleted his tweets but looks like he was talking about us.

No. 642857

File: 1532135027972.jpeg (130.51 KB, 640x854, 90D40CDD-4623-4BF3-871B-ABBD12…)

Also did some damage control about being fake trans.

No. 642861

i like harris' stuff so much. (imo he's much more talented than nick, i can't believe ppl even fall for contra's overly stylized, unnecessarily pretentious vids)

why does he have to be a fucking chauvinistic cockbag on this issue? why are men on the left such complete fucking failures?

No. 642898

Because they think TERFs only hate trans people and do nothing else. They don’t even know what they are arguing against. Their points always centre around TERF = bad and nothing more.

Funny that for all their reply videos to right wing channels, none of them have done a direct TERF reply video. Guess you can’t argue against facts.

No. 642914

Because men on the left aren't any better than men on the right or liberal men. And never have been. They all hate women. If they can advance a group at the expense of women, even better. If they can release their misogynistic tendencies under the guise of hating 'TERFs' and pretending that their real problem is not with women but with bigotry, even better. Because then they think you can't call them out on it.

No. 642959

Well said. That and male privalidge allowing them to be ignorant of the effects the trans narrative has on women.

No. 643114

File: 1532162255820.png (75 KB, 581x431, 0McXIbU.png)

Going off this tweet, I think Contra was talking about some subreddit and not us.

No. 643224

r/GenderCritical only care about his trans related stuff. They didn’t have a post on his boring West one. I think Contra is talking about everywhere that discusses him, here included.

No. 643367

File: 1532194439561.png (48.78 KB, 563x544, v8WxiQG.png)

No. 643376

Not only that, but they can make it a mark of their success as parent how well their child can pass.

No. 643377

Lmao, yes he doesn't read any and all threads about himself, how very believable.

No. 643408

so he's saying to separate them into "attracted to men" or "attracted to women". the common experience isn't being attracted to men or women though, it's being shunned by straight people.

trans really does need to leave LGB. despite being a small minority, trans have taken over LGB spaces and shout ridiculous demands (accept lesbian penis!).

LGB was about accepting who you are. trans is about accepting who I am. the two are incompatible.

No. 643653


I have to agree, especially with the trans taking over Lgb spaces. I was looking at a forum board directed for lesbians and I saw so many posts by transbians and not very many lesbians. One thread even mentioned how she was confused why the board was turning into a trans board and she got dogpiled on being called "transphobic".

No. 643670


Apparently Harris ditched some friend because she admitted to him that she got sexually assaulted by one of his best friends. He's just another woman hating pig who masquerades as a feminist to get woke points.

Basically these lefty pseudo-intellectual self righteous youtubers have got themselves an all boys club and if you're a woman who speaks against their ideas/behaviour then you're a bad mean evil lady and to defend yourself is just 'not up for discussion'.

Seriously these people are complete tossers, they're so narcissistic and devoid of self-criticism.

No. 643681

there are screencaps of it on Kiwi Farms

No. 643716

are you serious? ew. god, what a fucking loser and a disappointment, and the twitter left (inc handmaidens) is too busy attacking 45 year old single moms that are worried about their daughters beint ousted from female sport, scholarships, etc, than cleaning fucking house of these disgusting dipshit douchebags

No. 643744

he calls himself a "game critic". what did you expect

No. 643748

Wasn't that a tranny?

No. 643893

It was a trans dude

No. 643918

>Basically these lefty pseudo-intellectual self righteous youtubers have got themselves an all boys club and if you're a woman who speaks against their ideas/behaviour then you're a bad mean evil lady and to defend yourself is just 'not up for discussion'.
Completely accurate to pretty much any community containing mostly men. And they have the gall to claim they don't hate women or they're superior to right leaning men on this issue. Nah. Sounds like the fucking Chapo subreddit. Leftist men continue to be just as misogynistic and vitriolic towards women as literally any other kind of man. Biggest disappointment of my adult life.

No. 644534

File: 1532302718077.png (74.55 KB, 700x700, hbomberguy.png)



#I've spent my whole life placating my own feelings and life for rapists because that's what good girls do

#well fuck you I'm not a girl and I'm not going to take it anymore.

No. 644561

thanks, harris is a fuckhead, and i really hope he's exposed for this pathetic display of predictable misogyny, but wew, dat cognitive dissonance

>exposes him on women's day but "isn't a woman"

>harris says he's a feminist so why doesnt he care??? (but i'm totes a guy and women aren't harrassed and targeted based on sex!)

like, obviously this needed to come out, and i'm glad she's doing it, but how can you have these experiences and write all this shit and still try to pretend your gender dogma means anything at fucking all? if anything, it just gives asshole men like harris an excuse to handwave away predatory men that are obviously still targeting women by ignoring the fact that they're female/women

also, how many fucking times do transmen need to be assaulted, groomed, and raped, before they realize their 'identity' matters fuckall? for fuck's sake, cherno biko raped a transman. wearing a bowtie doesn't erase your oppression, just as wearing a skirt doesn't make men oppressed, either

No. 644565

doublepost bc i cant delete since i use incognito to hide my gossip addiction from my SO, but also, this letter is pretty TERFy. again, i'm glad this came out and that she is strong enough to admit it, but it's pretty clear that most of these troons expose their 'TERF' ways of thinking that they try to condemn women for once something happens to them

No. 644592

It seems like she's trying to cope with the abuse she endured as a girl by becoming a man. She needs help but instead she's got "friends" like Hbomberguy who would rather support her transition than help her fight back against her abusers. Hbomberguy is a pathetic virtue signaller and liberal feminism is patriarchal garbage.

No. 648717

I came across this dude a while back, and honestly, he makes a lot of good arguments. I dont agree with everything he says, but it has spurred me to do personal research into feminist topics.(I'm a male traditionalist liberal, who, admittedly, is prone to not really examining all sides)
His transformation was surprising, but idk, these people usually have their quirks, I expect nothing less(male here)

No. 656554

>>642857 It is damange control because more and more people are coming out saying he is not trans. Just look at the comments underneath this latest video questioning whether Nick is a transtrender, more and more people now openly say they suspected him of being fake. Nick´s brain was first fried by the psychiatric drugs his parents put him on and later from the drugs he took himself. He has repeatedly referenced his abuse of psychedelics in his videos and has made reenactments of his bad trips showing how the psychedelics were making him psychotic. Add to that the alcoholism and you have a human wreck like Nick who is drawn to the trans community because of their tolerant attitudes towards junkies, users, addicts and narcissists.

No. 656558

File: 1533411651101.png (12.71 KB, 507x87, oh.png)

No. 656564

>>642861 Because dismissing women who truly challenge the medicalized gender binary as an oppresive patriarchal system allows these pretend-leftists to pop off the hook with their own unexamined sexism. The fake left has to sneak the regressive notion of gender back into progressive politics because it gives them a handy escape clause for when they need to claim essential/innate masculinity to absolve their sexist bullshit. Harry has to virtue-signal about his undying hatred of radical feminists like the rest of these dick-worshipping brocialist fuckheads, because being a shill for Big Pharma and the psychiatric establishment pathologizing and drugging kids is so fucking progressive bro. I bet Harry has never read a single book or made a single video about commercial medicine. Uncritically supporting the medicalized gender binary as a valid system of oppression used to police the supposedly innate "expression" individuals is how you sneak capitalist atomization back into the fake progressive left. Because gender is always presented as a personal thing that ONLY capitalist consumption of medical products and services can help you manifest in yourself, and since it is personal it is beyond reproach or criticsm. These leftists will look at everything through a collective lens except for gender because to do so would cut right into the heart of their internalized sexism and they are not willing to go that deep. Everything has to stay at the surface level.

No. 656580

>>643224 >>643377 He lies. Of course he reads reddit, lolcow, KF, everything anyone posts about him anywhere on the internet. Why the fuck did he make a new video joking about dicks and about wanting bottom surgery? Because he read the previous posts here about how he went from saying that he was straight and has "never given a blowjob" to now pretending he only developed an appetite for Tinder-dick because of HRT, which is such obvious bullshit. He has always wanted dick, he was just too much of a self-hating homophobe to admit it to himself because of his repressive Christian upbringing.

>>643376 Yet he lacks the courage and self-reflection to talk about that. He made a first step in that Psychiatry video, but that too was too superficial and noncommittal to really get to the root of the matter. He is a coward who wants to absolve his normie parents for what they did to him, because otherwise he would have to critically examine the actual nature of his relationship to them, and the fact is that he is now completely estranged from his normie family, and this is largely their own fault for not accepting the fact that he was different as a child and wanting to correct or at least suppress him with drugs. This drugging away of his "gay" behaviour too was arguably a medicalized form of conversion therapy, but he doesn't want to see it for what it was. Instead, he wants to make up excuses to to retroactively absolve everyone and sweep everything under the carpet. It is typical male cowardice, this refusal to see things for what they really were and to really honestly deal with familial repression in these upper middle-class white conservative Christian families that will happily drug the fuck out of their kids to uphold public appearances of being a normal and well-adjusted.

No. 656937

He did a video about soy where he referenced a paper that was 20 fucking years old. Yes it was a meta-study but it was a 20 year old meta-study. He, like the rest of his crew, aren’t as smart as they think they are. It’s not hard to make teenagers from Reddit think you are smart with a flashy video. Ultimately, most of these “youtube essayists” are all style and no substance. Contra is no different, failed PhD or not.

No. 657812

>>656554 This guy accusses Nyk's fans of turning him into a trannie. That is simply not true and is really unfair towards Nyk's fans, many of whom are sincerely concerned about him. Nyk became a trannie because he was and is a trannie chaser by his own public admission, who figured out that he had better chances with trannies if he became a trannie himself and infiltrated their community. Nyk admitted on Livestreams that he had sexual experiences with transwomen before he began HRT, and I always wondered whether this was in the context of prostitution because Nyk aggressively defends prostitution in his videos, and I cannot imagine a transwoman volunteering to fuck Nyk - unless they are depressed and lonely like Theryn, who admitted that his claims about being bisexual are bullshit and that he's just a gay boy who has never actually had sex with a woman. Nyk transitioned barely a month after Blaire whooped his ass during their Livestream debate where she was far better informed than Nyk. Several people have pointed out in comments since that Nyk on the one hand attacks Blaire while at the same time trying to become Blaire. I think that Blaire saying no to him despite him lusting after her was the trigger for Nyk to transition. If he could not get the trannie he would become the trannie himself, if only to save his ass from embarassment because he knew all the trannies would be watching Blaire's debate with this silly chaser with the pink wig who attempted to chide a transwoman on neovaginas being open wounds while having no fucking clue about anything. At one point during that debate Blaire shot back at Nyk, "Do you know what dysphoria is like? It's a bitch!". I think it's significant that it was after this debate that Nyk came out with the Gender Dysphoria video, suggesting that this video was a response to Blaire shooting that question at him - which she obviously only did not pose as a literal question but as a rhetorical question or an expression of exasperation because it was apparent that Nyk was just regurgitating SJW talking points and was completely uninformated about anything, and was just using the Livestream as an excuse to get close and person with this transwoman he was lusting after even despite being put off by her politics - because he wants his lust and his politics to align, apparently and can't stand it when they don't.

So we have a video from Nyk that is really a response to Blaire without directly addressing her. Instead of coming out and saying: "I made this video in response to Blaire asking me if I knew what GD is like. Here is why I think I know what dysphoria is like.", he pretends that the video was not prompted by Blaire's. All in all, Nyk's GD video was meant as a desperate attempt to convince Blaire that "I am one of you! I am just like you Blaire! I know what GD is like! Look, I too have GD just like you do! Blaire, I am for real!".

But of course, this video is not about Gender Dysphoria at all, it's about his narcissism, and he is so delusional he thinks no one can tell the difference just because he takes a stupid tick-box approach to Gender Dysphoria in his video: "Do you fear male pattern baldness and losing your hair? (Check.) Do you fear getting wrinkles? (Check.) Do you dislike bodyhair and obsessively groom yourself like a little parrot bird pulling out all its feathers in frustration at living in a guilded cage? (Check.) Do you lust after yourself, are you completely obsessed with yourself and fantasize about going on a date with yourself instead of your actual date? (Check.) Do you stare at yourself in the mirror asking yourself if you would fuck yourself? (Check.) Are you no longer able to have sex with women because you only date younger women -because women your own age will definitely not put up with your bullshit, only naive young people will- and end up envying your younger dates for their youthful looks? (Check.) Do you lie to women and tell them you can't have sex with them because "it makes me feel like a man", rather than telling them the truth, which is that you are growing older, that you date them for being younger, that you envy their youthful looks so much that you can't even begin to hatefuck them because you are so consumed by envy and jealousy? (Check) If you answered more than one of these questions with a yes, then you must be trans!". That's the stupid tick-box approach he takes in his GD video, and that's why that video comes across as false and untrue, a narcissist misinterpreting some cherry-picked symptoms of his narcissism to misrepresent these as supposed evidence of gender dysphoria.

No. 658629

File: 1533644227485.jpg (139.69 KB, 960x833, WhenYouRegretItWillYouAdmitIt.…)

>>656554 As for the other question posted in this video, what will you do if Nyk detransitions, Nyk will never detransition because that would mean admitting being wrong and that's something this narcissist who still believes he is smarter than everyone else will never admit. If he did he would not delete all of his old videos under the false pretext of being dysphoric about them in order to cover up his past. I he ever detransitioned I imagine he would just delete everything to cover up having ever been trans (like he did with his Nykytyne2 videos and his old ContraPoints videos), he would then withdraw his Patreon savings and disappear on the next train/boat/flight out of town, like, byeeee suckers! That's what sociopaths do when their lies catch up with them, for example cult leaders when they realize that people are figuring out their fraud, they just up and disappear leaving their cult following behind confused and wondering what happened.

No. 658774

stop bumping this dead thread with your novels it's annoying and there's no milk

No. 659944

File: 1533769852666.jpg (38.38 KB, 323x477, YesYouAreADrunkCP43_Margret_Li…)

>>658774 STFU, there is plenty of milk.

No. 663869

Our new trannie regulars here on the forum, Ella and Miss London, got themselves into some major internet drama featuring Nick's trannie crushes Blaire and Theryn. Enjoy the trannie catfight! Theryn comes on at the beginning and says: "I just hate seeing friendships end"… right after she ditched her fiancé Louis and cancelled her wedding plans for Nick. Then she says that ending her friendship with Blaire "hurts so much, it hurts like shit, we're all fucking trannies here" and tears up, when everyone knows Theryn ditched Blaire from the Vancouver event at the very last minute so she could have Nick all to herself and Blaire wouldn't be the annoying third wheel getting between their public courtship. Everyone knows the speaking gig was just a ploy to get Nick to Vancouver for Theryn to make out with him on the Livestream and parade her famous Youtuber side-bitch for all to see, so this melodrama about missing the friendship with Blaire is only for the instagram, because Theryn ditched both Louis and Blaire for Nick. Whatever, marvel at these Youtube trannies backstabbing one another for the social media clout.

No. 663870

>>663869 Miss London isn't copying Blaire's look, but rather the two of them are both copying Lily.

No. 664240

File: 1534241231582.jpg (70.14 KB, 946x499, WTFTheryn.jpg)

I can't believe Theryn dumped this guy Louis for Nick. I can understand having a trannie as your fuckbuddy to spice up your gay marriage every now and then, lots of gay couples are in open marriages like that where they agree to have casual affairs on the side every now and then, but WTF Theryn, you dumped the Korean guy and cancelled your wedding plans for someone like Nick? What a dumbass.

No. 664250

Who tf are any of these guys and what do they have to do with nick? >>658774 was right and I'm starting to think you're a tranny orbiter or a chaser or something. That would explain why you care about this petty shit and why you're using she/her pronouns for any one of these busted hons.

Only bump this thread for his narcoid meltdowns, newfag

No. 664260


London comes off as a massive cunt in all this. Posting a friend's deleted tweet to publically call them out, getting butthurt when she dumps your arse and then doing live stream where she and Ella brag they're gonna do a takedown video of Blaire and somehow her orbiters think she did nothing wrong. Blaire's copycat claim was probably uncalled for (but not necessarily wrong) but fuck London. Good job alienating someone with a channel 20 times your size and the free exposure that comes with being their friend.


Contra was photographed with London and Ella recently and just like Shoe and Theryn before then they a more conservative friend under the bus. Just sayin'.

No. 664287

Okay, who cares? This has basically nothing to do with him. Go make a thread about those other guys if you want to talk about them or post about it in the youtuber thread. Also, don't call TIMs gendered insults aimed at women like "cunt," they consider it validating.

The newfaggotry and pettiness itt seriously does smell like troons gossiping about eachother. No one else would give a shit about this, let alone give enough of a shit about it to bump the thread with walls of text on the (ot) subject, furiously respecting le pronouns throughout. Like, not even female handmaidens.

No. 664655

Oh wait, so it wasn't a joke? She actually left her fiance for Contra? Just… Mind-blown lol I honestly don't think Contra would ever go for an actual relationship with her, he seems to self-absorbed to do so.

I want to stay on topic and I think that the stuff involving Blaire, London, and Ella should be said on Blaire's thread as like >>664287 said, it doesn't really have anything to do with Contra.

No. 665068

File: 1534332271561.png (510.48 KB, 720x1130, Screenshot_20180815-201627~2.p…)

Are they seriously supporting James Gun after he was outed as going to a pedo party?

Also, Contra officiated Lindsay's wedding?

No. 665084

Oh nooo Lindsay why

No. 665097

wait how was he going to a pedo party? you mean with all the weird pedo jokes or was there more to it? and kek, nick looks like a fucking monster truck in a wrap dress ESP compared to lindsay (is that lindsay? she looks different. tacky af rosegal dresses all around tho.)

No. 665104

No. 665105

idk if that was a pedo party, but his behavior is fucking disgusting. creep. of course ellis and her ilk would be totally fine with this. they don't actually care about girls.

No. 665116

lmao, being next to her makes his manliness even more obvious. Literally man-in-a-dress tier, he doesn't even "pass as a transwoman".

No. 665123

Pedophilia themed party. No idea if actual pedos were there but still pretty icky. Seems like the sort of thing someone with dark humor would suggest as a theme. But actually doing it? Wtf?

Wouldn't be surprised if Contra and Lindsay were OK with adding kink and pedophilia to a LGBT+

No. 665657

Don't "think" about it, bet on it hon.

No. 665665

>>664655 No joke, Theryn openly admitted being single on Nick's last Livestream that he tweeted for everyone to see, so the planned wedding with Louis has definitely been cancelled. Nick is just stroking his homewrecker ego that he managed to seduce a far right Youtube pundit like Theryn into cancelling a wedding and ditching the husband material.

No. 665710

>Far right
Kek Theryn wishes he was even though he denies it. He's one of those ex-SJWs turned anti-SJW pretending to have right wing views for attention then going back to being an SJW when their getup tires them out. He started his career being another "I'm not like the OTHER trans girls!" Then as soon as Nick comes in, he started backpedaling on almost all of his previous views.

No. 666226

>>664287 GTFO snowflake, you're on a forum called LOLCOWS, what did you expect to find here but faggotry, pettiness, gossip, LOL >>612019 about a trannie's botched surgery, more LOL >>622514 about the prospect of someone having unprotected anal sex catching AIDS, etc etc? Quit bumping this thread with your crybaby whining.

No. 666228

>>664250 STFU man and stop telling women what to post here. This is typical mantalk, this is what men always say about women researching their patriarchal homophobic trans racket and exposing their trans bullshit. That these women are crazy, obsessed, a chaser, an orbiter, etc. I see you, manly man.

No. 666244

I said to only bump the thread for his narcoid meltdowns, not yours, sperg.

No. 666612

>>664287 In response to your trolling and content policing I was gonna post that video of two cats fighting with the third cat looking at them then throwing up, but to stay on topic here is video of Nick throwing up in the bushes behind a parking lot.

No. 666626

File: 1534463998873.gif (595.02 KB, 240x184, 500C0C12-3797-4648-A5C7-544BA4…)

No. 667105

Figures the troon would blog about "bone structure"

No. 667185

File: 1534535368418.jpg (170.72 KB, 1278x479, Contrapoints_Annoyance_wants_t…)

>>602209 Speaking of handmaidens, in the last Livestream there was one of Nick's handmaidens, this woman "Annoyance" who manages the chat while Nick gets drunk/high, who was telling Nick's subscribers in the chat that she too broke up with her lesbian girlfriend, then she demanded to speak to Nick about this because apparently he had something to do with it. More breakups and abandoned wedding plans because of Nick?

No. 667186

File: 1534535440695.jpg (160.86 KB, 1262x445, Contrapoins_chat_no_social_con…)

>>602209 Here's the part where Nick and Theryn were talking about getting bottom surgery. Annoyance joins in saying that she (lesbian cis woman) hates her vagina and wants "a robo-vagina" (vaginoplasty) like transwomen do because of bottom surgery. Then the other chat moderator, zombiedrea, joins in saying she wants vaginoplasty too. Totally no social contagion happening here.

No. 667189

File: 1534535574682.jpg (158.76 KB, 1267x449, Annoyance_not_as_beautiful_as_…)

>>602209 "I'm lonely and single and not as gorgeous as Natalie is.". I want to mutilate my vagina too, because social contagion is totally not a thing amonst queer women who hang out with trannies and end up being brainwashed by the trannie culture of BDD and surgery addiction.

No. 667318

Does no one know how sex works? Genitals are for sex. Sex ain't going to feel good with half your genitals lopped off. That includes labia.

No. 667408

this. I don't care if you have the meatiest meatflaps "roastie," labiaplasty is a TERRIBLE idea.

No. 667455

He looks like the guy from Oingo Boingo

No. 667457

I swear to God, his tranny voice got even more annoying. Had to stop this video.

No. 667459

Danny doesn't deserve this slander.

No. 667460


You assuming these people had sex?

No. 667462

wooow, that is some serious internalized misogyny. and we're supposed to take these women seriously, jfc. praising an inverted cheesedick over your own perfectly lovely vagina is some seriously superhuman levels of handmaiden

No. 667472

Kek he sounds like Wheezy from Toy Story 2 more than a woman

No. 667497

This. Men complain about cicumciscim but then tell women go cut their genitals. Wtf. Labia are pleasurable but you never hear about because women's pleasure is always overlooked. We're only here to be pretty fuckholes.

No. 667522

lmao he sounds like a gay Mickey Mouse. It's hilarious.

Handmaidens are all about internalized misogyny and that's why they love to lick tranny boots. They honest to god believe they're the inferior gender and socializing with all the woman-hating groups who tell you that men are better than women even at being women isn't making it better.

No. 667572

File: 1534588834003.png (3.49 MB, 1920x1080, contrapoints.png)

LOL. Of course he would sympathise with incels. Relevant bit is from 17:00 to 31:20

No. 667606

All the makeup and lighting stuff and you can still tell he’s a man very obviously. Sucks for him

No. 667634


I mean he looks fine as he is but he doesnt look female. He never will and that's the case for the vast majority of male trans people. This is why he'll whinge and moan about TERFs (never debate them of course, cause they'd wipe the floor with him) and spout his high and mighty hot takes on what women are (it's definitely not biology) - because there is no way he will ever make to his desired standard of appearance. He wants to be a dainty beautiful little female - it's never going to happen. Plastic surgery can only go so far when it's up against a 30 year man who is at least 6 foot tall.

I don't have an issue with most transsexuals who just quietly go by their lives and get the surgery and don't demand everyone drop everything in their lives to cater to their delusions. But I really despise people like contra and Riley Dennis - they're just rich, white, self obsessed western dudes crying about being rejected by women and then throwing thousands and thousands of dollars into paltry attempts at making themselves look more feminine.

No. 667777

Why is it that if we call Contra a man it's transmisogyny but if he calls 4chan tranners men it's okay?

No. 667783

contra sounds like shmorky.

No. 668085

Because Contra knows he is a man playing dress up and that putting on a dress makes you suddenly turn into a woman. He slips from time to time from the "always been a woman" narritive.

No. 668090

>He slips from time to time from the "always been a woman" narritive.

yup. like the "my orgasms are all girly now uguu" bs. how can you claim that you were a male with a ~female mind~ when you also claim that taking hormones that attempt to approximate the hormone ratios created by a female hormone reproductive system make you act like a typical female. you're basically admitting the hormone ratios from sexually dimorphous reproductive system account for much of the non-socialized behavior differences between men and women.

No. 668140

I'm calling it now that ContraPoints will be dead before 50. Probably even 40.

No. 668248

I just interpret it as egotism. He is only concerned with his own shit, and has never given a fuck about anyone else.

No. 668251

probably. i'd bet on it. between the day drinking, drugs, and DVT risk associated w estrogen, yeah

i think he's too narcissistic to kill himself, but he'll probably take some kind of uppers for his kinky poly sex sessions or something and it'll combine hideously w his estrace or whatever the fuck they take

No. 668577

LOL, I just saw Nick privated all of his pre-transition Commentary videos where he appeared to have a bleeding herpes sore at the side of his mouth, including the one where he comments on his What Makes A Trans Chick Cool video about Blaire White. Is he trying to hide his STD status or what? Why would he otherwise hide all these videos that were public all this time? More proof he is reading along with this forum. Whatever, people got back ups in case he thinks he can cover up some serious shit.

No. 668599

The fact that 2500 men were willing to fuck a tranny like him on Tinder is depressing tbh

No. 668795

>>667572 The cognitive dissonance in this video… If there is one death cult online it's his troon cult "complete with an omnipotent enemy" in the TERFs he hates so much. What the hell is he even implying with this stupid video? That he was an incel himself before he trooned out and thus became a fuckitem on the internet? That incels who don't like their facial bone structure should go and get their foreheads and jaws broken and stapled with FFS like these troons online do? And dude, stop telling incels to get off the internet. I don't want these creepy fucks out in the streets in the rain or on the beach harassing women. Let them stay online where they are mostly harmless playing WW3 or whatever the fuck they do on their /r/womenhatingjerkcircle subs

No. 668797

File: 1534767142305.jpg (133.18 KB, 870x532, ContraPoints2500BaltimoreIncel…)

>>668599 He claims that there are 2500 other trannie chasers like himself in Baltimore. Nyk outsmarted the other chasers and beat the competition by trooning out and getting the chasers to chase him, which is genius really. But he is not going to swipe through and actually show your their faces like Onision would do, because you can basically guess what 99.99999% of them panty sniffers in Baltimore look like.

No. 668798

>>668795 LMAO, Incel Encounter In The Rain ASMR. Ephemeral Rift where are youuuu.

No. 668799

File: 1534768040512.jpg (190.75 KB, 759x559, Troon_deathcult_no_life_after_…)

>>668140 Troons are a death cult themselves, they leave hate comments such as this under the Youtube videos of older trannies telling them there is no point in being alive after 50. Link for those who want to read it in context https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yz_8A8yo0pM&lc=Ugw0-EAHVX-RIOpdE6l4AaABAg.8_3JhnSlt6v8_5PfMYc0_m

No. 668815

File: 1534772167451.gif (2.78 MB, 435x250, 1523725600524.gif)

From what basis are his arguments coming from?
Is it purely anecdotal? Because I could say the opposite knowing people in my life.
It feels like they fetishize and distort women's earlier years (obviously this guy wanted to say below 20 as well…) without asking a single woman what those years were actually like for them. Not every woman's teenage and young adult years are filled with endless worrying and creating twitter posts about what to wear or what knee-highs look best…
It's also as if women have varied and unique experiences just like men do. But no no, it's easier just to fetishize about "youth" and superficial physical appearance than to think about that.

No. 668826

Can you please learn to put a line break after post number, use greentext for quotes etc and stop posting massive, unbroken paragraphs? More than half the posts in this thread are obviously you and they're totally unreadable, poorly formatted novels and it totally ruins the anonymity thing we have going on.

No. 668840

>>667572 He says in the video that his Tinder profile got leaked. Does anyone know where?

No. 668841

File: 1534777474106.jpg (70.7 KB, 822x960, NicksProfileOnTinder.jpg)


Here is William (aka "Bill") Nicholas' Tinder profile.

No. 668843


Quit your passive aggressive attempts at content policing. If you have a problem with "novels" it's only because you suffer from the same alcoholic brain damage and drug abuse induced lack of concentration as Nick. There is an AA meeting out there waiting just for you.

No. 668844

This, that anons newfaggotry is so annoying. They never sage either.

You need to learn how to fucking sage too. Both of you need to integrate and stop getting triggered when people tell you how stupid you look.

No. 668896


If you are under the impression that half the posts here were written by a single person you have already been successfully fooled by the anonymity.

No. 668913

Two people (you and the anon she was talking about) are very clearly the most frequent posters ITT. Your posting styles are incredibly obnoxious and we can always tell when a post is made by one of you.

btw LEARN HOW TO FUCKING SAGE, jfc… You dickheads bump the thread with infighting or other non-milky posts every 2 hours.

No. 668921

Okay salt-chan calm down. There's nothing wrong with a long post, just learn to fucking format.

Only someone who has never used an imageboard before this one doesn't line break after post number, because it greentexts the text after it on every other imageboard. It's as bad a faux pas as typing your email in or putting sage in the wrong field.

You might want to try out using sage yourself, it's fun I promise.

Samefagging is against the rules.

No. 671605

Someone found an old video of Hontra apparently.

>i'm sorry, i still find him so insufferable, even here. i don't know, but he has such an inescapable air of smug, upper-middle class white-dude-dom that can't help but sniff his own farts all day, IRL and online, despite being such a clearly creepy and pervy dude with an embarrassingly obvious case of NPD

This comment is so spot on.

No. 671611

File: 1535062124570.jpg (100.38 KB, 640x1138, pUQ_a60X1B9lPdALPLuaqNN4i9_Xv4…)


Someone posted a screenshot of his profile on /r/Destiny 4 months ago, but it's not really that interesting.

No. 671616

>+lola lemon I remember seeing an old video where he was defending fgm. To me he sounds like he was just a very spoiled child…as is typical of certain American classes.

Did he really do this? What the fuck, dude. But yeah, he does seem to think he's better than everyone and everything.

No. 671624


Nitpick but a 29 year man calling himself a girl is just gross

No. 671824

But being a trans woman would mean he would have to face the realities of being a woman: harassment, misogeny, etc. and no man wants that. Being a girl only means looking cute.

No. 672840

No. 672846

I love how Contra thinks he's so influential to the left when I've only seen maybe… 2 leftists ever mention Contra. The rest are more center leaning and it's by a large margin.

No. 672849


I am kinda relieved he is stating that he is trans. He looks like the kind of person that don't agree with saying you're trans even in dating.

No. 672907

Tbh it's not like he could ever pass as a woman in real life. So he's better off stating he's trans right away.

No. 672956

Could be because he passes so poorly that a lot of people wouldn't even know he was trans. They'd assume he was just a normal dude in a weird outfit unless he outright stated he was a transwoman. Most transbians are like that honestly.

No. 673577

Kinda OT but does anyone have any dirt on Shaun&Jen? I know he's part of the faggy three and I find him fucking insufferable.

No. 673873

Another one who complains constantly about radical feminists but if you challenge him on curious cat about radfem points (e.g. male sex offenders in women's prisons) he won't answer.

No. 674696

File: 1535419171195.png (83.88 KB, 599x559, RyldZN2.png)

This tweet thread is waaaay too long to screencap:


No. 674873

File: 1535442768612.png (360.54 KB, 1070x1536, Screenshot_20180828-024041~2.p…)

Nyk is a white, straight (at least mostly straight, pseudobisexual?), man raised in a middle - upper middle class household whose daddy helped him land spots in prestigious universities. The only injustice he's ever faced in his life is his parents fucking him up on psychiatric meds since he was a kid.

Also can transwomen ever make a point without making it out like they have it so much harder than real women? As if society considers a woman's testimony more valuable than a trans person's. People like Nyk wouldn't have nearly as big of a platform if that were even remotely true.

Also if it were true, women would be allowed to criticize transwomen's bullshit without becoming social justice pariahs.

No. 675283


The only time I see people mention Contra is to make fun of her.

No. 675627

File: 1535560787014.png (131.21 KB, 712x924, Screenshot_20180830-013549~2.p…)

So close Contra. You know you were not born a woman. Now just admit that putting on a dress and mutilating your body does not make you turn into a woman.

No. 675689

LOL He thinks he's an "abnormal trans person". Contra is a typical autogynephile. Nothing unusual about him.

No. 675731

It's truly amazing how he can still deny his autogynephilia at this point.

He's never felt a desire to transition until the last couple of years. He still considers his past self a man and not a closeted transwomen. It's had a direct impact on his sexuality. And he literally admits that gender for him is performative - literally admitting that's he's just playing dress up as a woman and doesn't think of it as being his inherent state of being.

I just can't believe we're actually expected to recognize this creep as a woman when it's clear as day that this is all just him actualizing a fetish. It's gonna be hilarious years from now, if he actually goes through with the surgeries, when he regrets ruining his face/body and sterilizing himself just for a big game of play-pretend.

No. 676154

It's a travesty he's transitioning he was a cutie.

No. 676282

I've never heard any man that isn't a muslim or african tell anyone to do that

No. 676287

Never heart of "meat curtains" or "labiaplasty"?

No. 676308

Wikipedia says that 2/3rds of them are done for functional reasons, and that it is mostly done as a form of genital mutilation (muslims and africans)
Sorry for OT but I have a large labia and I have heard nothing but compliments from guys on it

No. 676484

Wikipedia… Go ask on a male dominated board what they think and I guarantee they won't be as nice as your boyfriends.

No. 676622

>Go ask on a male dominated board
what, like /r9k/? You lot really have a distorted idea of what men like from the internet. Even on 4chan, some of the more ""normie"" boards like /int/ a lot of them aren't really that bad.

No. 676634

why the hell does he have a wiki entry? he's not that well known


No. 676663

File: 1535673376618.png (95.68 KB, 586x656, EXsJk9C.png)

No. 676672

are like 90% of his tweets about tranny shit now? i feel like they are

No. 676719

File: 1535675553071.png (411.29 KB, 1440x1746, Screenshot_2018-08-30-19-31-48…)

The people editing his wiki are completely delusional

No. 677115

>he does seem to think he's better than everyone and everything
…It's a skit you fucking dolt, how can you even come to that assessment?

No. 677118

go away tranner, males aren't welcome here

No. 677319

It's not hard to come to that assessment when he says stuff like "99% of the population is ugly and annoying"

Wasn't really a reference to the skit in particular, just to Contra as a person in general

No. 677716

>not that bad
Wew lad. Men are responsible for 99% of the world's problems.

You sound like a man

No. 678294

You sound like an r9k'er/incel using different nouns

No. 678363

im trans and ive had dysphoria since i was 8 and im extremely normal so please don't confuse all transpeople with retarded lesbophobic transtrenders

No. 678370

i honestly feel really sick when i see all these transtrenders who have never experienced actual dysphoria in their lives bully people and try to coerce other women who aren't interested in male parts to have sex with them and shit. it's really gross. i really hate the image transpeople have now because of the tidal wave of insane troons that came out of the internet

No. 678403

File: 1535880404200.jpg (329.83 KB, 1200x1168, ht.jpg)

a man trying his best dressing as a woman, crying about another deluded man who's trying his best to dress as a woman

our world is fucked up sisters.

No. 678453



No. 678458

you are literally all the same. take your retarded trucum blogposts back to tumblr and get out.

double get out if you're MTF because men aren't allowed to post here.

No. 678531


what's happening with theryn and nick?

No. 678755

If only women who were born female are allowed to post here maybe there should be some indication of that on the site.

No. 678784

>only women who were born female
wtf? those are the only women. if you were born male, you are a man and men are not welcome here. there's indication of that in the rules, dumbshit.

No. 679477

File: 1535942039240.jpg (78.42 KB, 1305x257, 1IEuIqH.jpg)

No. 679481

males are allowed to post but aren't allowed to bring attention to the fact that they're male. it's very much in the rules.

No. 679517

File: 1535945537949.png (90.09 KB, 721x519, dfk.PNG)

nick admitting he never felt his 'tranness' was inherent and that he wasnt a 'trans child'.

of course not, nick, because that shit isn't real, number one, and number two, you're a perv.

No. 679683

This was already posted

No. 684776

File: 1536529759270.jpg (133.09 KB, 1200x831, Dmm_U4PXsAAXdqg.jpg-large.jpg)

No. 684777

File: 1536529771354.png (1.36 MB, 1144x1286, Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 5.54…)

No. 684778

File: 1536529824066.webm (4.03 MB, 640x360, v6bq8v_iaPPB49bq.webm)

No. 684796

has contra ever actually sat down by himself and reflected upon about fucking anything or does he only ever "try to sort out thoughts" in public or on twitter?
i swear most of these people would figure a lot about their conflicts if they talked to themselves in private for at least a half hour every couple days.

No. 684905

It makes me sick to my stomach just scrolling through this thread, how can you guys watch entire videos from this guy without vomiting?

No. 684908

oh my god I CANT with this voice, it's getting so mfuch fucking worse over time, holy hairy balls he's losing it

honestly, almost all people would benefit from this, but ESPECIALLY nick. holy shit.

No. 685097

File: 1536559591746.jpg (139.02 KB, 1200x1200, DmsimQHU0AALuXs.jpg)

No. 685098

File: 1536559686901.png (793.13 KB, 584x594, Untitled.png)

No. 685109

smug and nauseating

No. 685110

Tbh if he got his eyebrows a bit thinner, got a nose job, and some bangs to hide that hairline, they could pass. In carefully filtered and angled pics i mean

No. 685134

oh no you're right. he almost looks like a busted woman in that pic. but it's pretty sad that a nice looking feminine man feels compelled to force himself to look like a busted woman at best

No. 685407

Nominate it for deletion. And keep nominating it for deletion.

No. 685411

Where? He really just looks like a busted white guy in makeup to me. Nothing about his bone structure is effeminate and that lack of fashion coordination is very unmistakably male.

No. 685412

Imagine how greasy the bangs would be tho! His roots always look bad. Are troons not aware of dry shampoo or like…?

No. 685583

Probably not, because they don't grow up female and don't know how to deal with having nice feminine hairstyles. Even men who have long hair typically don't do anything other than wash it and let it air dry every day. Troons just get caught up in living out their sexual fantasy so little details that a real woman usually worries about don't matter or even occur to them.

No. 689878

File: 1537143373157.png (439.75 KB, 588x498, cD206wg.png)

No. 689880

File: 1537143389807.jpg (91.22 KB, 1200x675, DnP3TIUW4AAnxLG.jpg)

No. 690008


This is what shuwu sees when she cums.

No. 690054

File: 1537169619829.jpg (8.52 KB, 275x274, 1536120691325.jpg)

its funny bc its probably true

No. 690199

That chin HAS to be shooped

No. 690342


My God, his eyebrows look absolutely disgusting. All his makeup looks are sad at best.

I used to be a fan of his, until I saw how he exploited his fans in his livestreams, and eventually ended up playing into the parasocial desires of his followers … Disappointing.

No. 690401

File: 1537215120644.jpg (896.03 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_0362.JPG)

I've never felt compelled to draw a cow before but this image is so interesting

No. 690417

Kek I love it. Oddly tho, nicks face is even puffier in the real photo. Is he gaining weight or did he get some botchedass fillers or something?

No. 690528

Legit thought this was KrainaGrzybowTV for a sec

No. 690582

I'm betting a high sodium diet with not enough water, or maybe fillers to try and look like a woman. either way, failed miserably

No. 690820


beautiful, and by that I mean horrid. Good job, Anon.

No. 691329

File: 1537308104497.png (569.95 KB, 593x602, Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 2.58…)

old pic but i noticed he has a lot of wrap dresses like this and it gives me schadenfreude because they're really only flattering on women with relatively wide hips compared to their waist and at least fairly big boobs. otherwise, if you have no hips or bust, wrap dresses highlight that in the worst way. a drag queen could probably figure that out.

No. 692108

No. 692142

tired of this tacky narcissist. it seems like all of the videos recently have been about playing charicatures of women (or even other trans women) to make himself feel better

No. 692144

sorry for the double post, but i'd like to add that his facial filler looks very obvious and terrible. his lips look lopsided, and his mid-face looks even more masculine due to how broad he made it

No. 692152

Why does Contra try to pull the narrative of the less friendly character being the one who says the "good" points? The commie with a catgirl fetish is sooo relatable!
It was like that with the Blaire parody too, Contra made the buzzkill with no friends turn out to be the hero of his video.

No. 692158

I don't get how someone can get a following from caricaturing opposing arguments and acting out a fictional debate. Get some mates.

No. 692283

This one was really boring to be honest. If you're only mildly interested don't waste your time. Half of it is just Contra trying to bait complements with posing

No. 692404

UMM are we not going to talk about that godawful filler???? holy mother of god is he already botched. he literally just looks like a bloated ass alcoholic man in tacky makeup, though theyre obv fillers

No. 696620

you ever hear of plato?

No. 696634

File: 1537898867357.jpg (91.76 KB, 1280x720, big_1506126029_image.jpg)

Funny thing I noticed, that Philosophy Tube guy always commenting and flirting on Hontra's videos looks a good deal like pre-transition Hontra.

No. 696658

kek, he does. notice how he also stands by his bookshelf. that is the cringiest shit. all of these 'academic' yters standing by their bookshelves. you're gonna tell me you have nowhere else to stand but 3 inches away from your collection of books – so close that we can read the spines of?

No. 699451

Why is this a thread on lolcow? I know trannies are easy to laugh at in general, but I feel like she (he) gets too much criticism for what she (he) has done. I'm honestly a fan, but the posts on Kiwi Farms and here are making me re-evaluate that. inb4 whiteknight ban.

No. 699459

I though hontra detransitioned when I first saw this pic while scrolling. Got all excited for a redemption arc and then I read your post.

No. 699460

Are you male or a literal retard?

No. 699461


No. 699462

keep in mind mtf trannies are male too.

and if you are actually female, yet you still like hontra, clearly you are a retard.

No. 699465

ok, but you don't have to rub it in. I feel like there's nowhere I fit in. not tumblr, not reddit, not 4chan, not here. whatever

No. 699468

well, it's certainly not here since male posters get b& on sight

ty for outing yourself, hon! maybe you'll fit in on /tttt/ or cc, there are more guys like you there.

No. 699472

No. 699474

men aren't welcome here please leave

No. 699484

Aren't you special. Leave.

No. 699505

no one cares about your feelings, hon. men aren't allowed here so get lost.

he just sits in his room with his mood lights and larps as strawmen in these busted wigs. that's honestly really sad.

No. 699506

>Contra's done so much
KEK fucking what? All I've seen him do is make up scenarios that never happened and act like this is the ultimatum. You're either with him and his fetishization or you're a fascist.

No. 699510

>You're either with him and his fetishization or you're a fascist.
that sounds like most SJWs. Contra is a bit more nuanced IMO, although I preferred him before he transitioned because he wasn't so black and white.

No. 699518

What the fuck about hontra is nuanced? Are you that tranny wk?

No. 699519

you literally have the /lgbt/ board on 4chan, its run entirely by tranny MtF's while lesbians/real women are shouted down regularly. they like contra too, you'll fit right in :^)

No. 699526

He's nuanced compared to most SJWs. Look at his older videos (before he transitioned). Even his second to last video showed a good degree of empathy compared to most SJWs.
I'm a straight lesbian (female.) Only some of them like Contra. I don't want to fuck trannies, but I don't hate them.

No. 699549

i thought you said you were MtF though?
and most of us dont hate trannies, we just recognize theyre wrong, and point and laugh at their delusion and desperate attempts to be "better women" than actual women. as if its a contest, as if anyone chooses their sex, or is 100% happy with the gender stereotypes put on their gender.

No. 699557

>i thought you said you were MtF though?
No, I implied I was a retard

No. 699559

I meant cis lesbian aah

No. 699576

lel sorry the way you phrased it sounded like they clocked you over the internet.
also, you know this is a gossip site for internet personalities, and contras a literal eceleb. criticism and pettiness is all part of the fun

No. 700462

>look at his older videos (before he transitioned)
you mean his wiped BlogTV videos where he casually played lesbian smut and tranny porn "for the lulz"?
the true voice of male feminists

No. 700876

yes lmao and that bookshelf is rather small for someone trying to appear "cultivated" and academic

some of his vids are good but it quickly becomes so cringey. He's full of milk as well with his constant reminders of his perverted sexual life. No one cares abour your catgirl fetish, nick.

No. 700877

he showed empathy towards incels, is that really what you want to defend him for ?

No. 701831

File: 1538418166870.jpg (777.25 KB, 1152x1200, bimbofication.jpg)

It bothers me that even his radfem strawman character is getting a slutty instathot makeover like all his other "characters". He now refuses to be on screen without being slathered in makeup like a prostitute.

not pictured : the grating vocal change that, of course, has happened as well

No. 701850

did anyone see the unlisted video that was posted on here last night that was quickly deleted? it was a link to an unlisted youtube video and someone wrote "kinkshaming" - i tried opening it but it was copyrighted. if it was your post, please repost it

No. 701853


I think it was this actually. It won’t play for me but it’s a Nyktyne video or w/e (contras old blog tv name)

No. 701857

god he's such a narc to think he was so gorgeous. dude was not even cute. everything about him reads "annoying try hard" and not attractive at all. nick has such a serious case of erotic target location error, as almost all tranners do, really

No. 701858


This is a response video to Contra, it seems like he used to be anti-feminist.

No. 701859


Abigail Cockbane apparently is based on one of Nyk's IRL associates in the philosophy PhD program at Northwestern. How sick.

No. 701862

File: 1538420022842.png (45.37 KB, 637x155, what.png)

I can't make heads or tails of what this tweet is supposed to mean.

No. 701866

he's saying we're oppressed because we look like women, but not because we are women or have vaginas or wombs or anything. i love how they just stop short of actual analysis. god, he's such a retard. who footed the bills for his education? what an absolute waste and embarrassment.

No. 701887

I don't actually see anything wrong with this tweet, link for context?
Women face (certain aspects of) misogyny because they are perceived as members of the female sex class, not because of their gender identity.

No. 702080

Sorry this is so long but…

It's not necessarily wrong on its own, but his overall line of thinking is wrong. He's kinda right in the sense of yes, it does not matter how a woman "identifies". If she is perceived by others to be a woman, then she is subjected to misogyny because the world at large does not care about how women perceive their gender.

However, the problem with that thinking is that it would mean that transwomen are subjected to misogyny as well, as long as they are perceived to be women. Which…eh I'm kinda iffy on. Firstly, they are rarely ever genuinely perceived as women. And even id they pass, men might say misogynistic things to them or treat them as they would an actual woman, but personally I do not think that means transwomen actually experience misogyny truly.

For example, I'm white but I guess some of my features are somewhat ethnically ambiguous. So, when I was a kid, some of the other kids would make fun of me and call me racial slurs pertaining to the race they thought I was. Does that mean I experienced racism in the same way an actual member of that race would? imo, no. I'd actually find it kinda funny that they actually thought I was Asian or Native American or whatever. Would an actual Asian or Native American person find it so funny? There was a certain degree of separation from it for me that wouldn't be there for them.

If someone is attacking your race, and you actually are that race, you'll take it a lot more personally than someone who is not. And it would have a greater impact on the way you feel about yourself and relate to others of the race that is attacking you.

I feel like that applies to the divide between real women and transwomen as well. They will never understand girlhood, or the effects of misogyny on even the most basic thoughts and behaviors of ours. They were never raised with female socialization. They were never brought up with the belief that the world views them as inherently inferior and only existing to serve the needs of the other sex.

They're just putting on an elaborate act. And it doesn't matter how convincing a part they play, they will never be the real thing.

No. 702090

this blogpost is fucking stupid and makes no sense.

No. 702095

Sorry. I know it's obnoxiously long but I was just trying to use an example to put into words why I think his line of thinking that "if it looks like the thing it experiences the same oppression as the thing" is wrong. Because at first glance, it seems like what he's saying is in support of "cis" women, but he's only using it to argue that transwomen experience misogyny too because they "look like women"

No. 702096

You're acting like people who discriminate against others are saying anything valid. Discrimination has little to do with how someone perceives themselves and more to do with how others perceive them.

I think TiMs will never experience girlhood, nor will they ever understand how misogyny affects other women but they are indeed experiencing misogyny if men are treating them like shit because they assume they are women.

To add, your narrow views of who can and can't really feel certain discrimination is just wrong. Especially in regards to racism and your personal anecdote about it makes it sound worse!

No. 702102

this is exactly what makes you incorrect.

i agree with >>702096 with how discrimination works. like, look at it the other way. historically, women who pretended to be men were treated like men, of course it's going to work the other way.

does that mean that all mtfs experience it? no. does that mean they are going to understand it the same way as we do? of course not. but a man who thinks a mtf is a real woman is going to treat them the same as they would a real woman. the misogyny is how the man is treating them, not how the mtf or woman feels about it.

i personally don't care about being called a cunt, but does that mean it's not misogyny? no, that's stupid.

No. 702109


I don't think that the discriminatory things are valid. I guess I think people will experience them differently based on whether or not they truly belong to the group being discriminated against.

I have to disagree that transwomen experience misogyny. They more so…witness it I guess?

Do you really think a cis woman and a transwomen are going to be affected in the same exact way by the same misogynistic sentiment coming from a man?

I probably shouldn't have brought up the race comparison, but it was the best example I could think of to try to explain what I mean. I personally do not feel that I experienced racism. I witnessed it being targeted at me, but I don't think that's the same experience as someone who actually is of the targeted race being attacked for who they are.

Maybe the misunderstanding comes from what we mean by experiencing something.

No. 702112

i literally said they aren't going to experience it the same way, but the misogyny isn't about how they experience it, it's about what it's intended to do.

a man treating someone he thinks is a woman like shit because he thinks they're a woman is misogyny, it doesn't matter how you think the person experiencing it feels.

ffs, stop this unsaged blogging.

No. 702114

You guys are acting like the majority of TiMs aren't actually just treated like shit because of homophobia. 90% of the time it's homophobia that they try to claim is misogyny. Lel, they don't pass that well. Regardless, the way we're treated is all rooted in our reproductive utility/cability. Trannies famously deny that.

No. 702122


Sorry for not sageing but I'm genuinely confused as to what the disagreement is. I agree that men can act in a misogynistic way towards transwomen, but because they are male they cannot truly experience it as misogyny. So when they claim that we should join forces because we're all women and we all face misogyny, I don't think that's entirely accurate. I guess my main gripe is that they try to frame misogyny as a shared experience between us but I think the experiences are made too different by pre-existing conceptions of self to be comparable.

I don't understand why you're angry about me saying this? I swear I'm not trying to be combative.


I agree that much of the oppression against transwomen is straight up homophobia, especially considering how many of them are very feminine gay men.

Like my previous thoughts with misogyny, I don't think the straight ones are experiencing homophobia exactly like the gay ones are though

No. 702123

that's fine, but anon is still fucking wrong about how she's categorizing misogyny/racism as a personal experience rather than something with, you know, a real definition.

good for her that she didn't feel that bad being called slurs, but that's not how like 99% of the world feels about anything.

No. 702126

It wasn't so much about me feeling bad about the experience, so much as whether someone could categorize me as a victim of racism.

I don't think that racism and sexism are confined to personal anecdotes, but I do think that since they exist as large scale hierarchies, certain people are not going to be able to experience certain things. I do not think a man can experience misogyny. And I do not think that I as a white person can experience anti-Asian or anti-Native American racism.

No. 702128

>main gripe is that they try to frame misogyny as a shared experience between us

this i agree with, but the rest of what you are saying makes you sound like a fucking moron.

that's not what you said though, you're describing systemic discrimination, which, you know is fine.

the issue though is you're acting like the intent of the insult doesn't constitute discrimination.

if someone calls you a dyke as a homophobic insult, and you're not a lesbian, it won't affect you the same way, sure, but it was most definitely intended to be a homophobic insult. it doesn't stop being that simply because it doesn't actually apply to whoever is being insulted.

No. 702130


I'm not disagreeing with you though! Sorry, I'm not expressing myself as well as I'm trying to.

If someone calls you a dyke and you're not a lesbian, I do agree that their intent is homophobic and they are being homophobic by saying that to you.

However, if that person who is being called a dyke then tried to use that as an example of them experiencing homophobia, I'd question that a little because I don't think that's really an "experience" they can have as a straight person. They got a little glimpse into what homophobia is like for gay people but it's not the same imo.

And I'd definitely side eye them for using that as justification to call themselves gay or a part of the gay community for experiencing that like transwomen try to do with their "experiences" of misogyny

No. 702134

you need to chill.

No. 702334

>There was a certain degree of separation from it for me that wouldn't be there for them.

this. if you get called a dyke and shoved around because you have a buzzcut and a flannel, but you're straight, you've obviously really suffered abuse, and even discriminatory abuse, but it doesn't have the sting of being abused for something that you really are and can't change. it's not going to wreck your self worth and confidence the way it would if it was about something that truly applies to you. "they hate me because i look like X" will never be as bad as "they hate me because i'm X and they all think X is a disgusting thing to be."

passing troons can be hurt by misogyny in some ways but it's a case of mistaken identity and deep down they know it. they can distance themselves from it, even if they don't consciously see the distance. they never have to worry that maybe the pricks are right and they really are the inferior sex, they're not going to be ashamed of their female body because of what people project onto it, they never have to feel embarrassed or afraid to exist as a woman and they don't have to draw attention to it if they don't want to. the things they like about femininity they freely chose, and the things they dislike, they can safely hide away.

feeling completely defeated and sad about being a woman AND being proud of it and truly rising above the bullshit are both things that contra will never understand.

No. 703925

The man treating someone he thinks is a woman but isn't like shit because of that is a case of him (the aggressor) being misogynistic, but th victim is NOT experiencing misogyny. I think that's what other anons are saying too.

But as someone else said, as if they pass well enough to be mistaken for women 99% of the time. Which bring up another thing- as straight TIMs are making up more and more of the trans population- straight trans women are attacked on the basis of homophobia in a similar way. Aggressors will be homophobic towards them but they will not and cannot experience homophobia.

It's kind of like if I poked fun of someone for, I don't know, being a redhead because the light made their brown hair look red for a second. My attack would be misdirected, and they might be offended that I attacked them at all but it wouldn't be the same as if they were an actual redhead.

No. 703944

This. It's why troons love to squawk about how they are "better" or "more feminine" than actual women. They know they aren't women.

No. 714569

File: 1539740614682.png (374.33 KB, 2358x1048, virginshoe.png)

sage for no milk but I've been thinking about making a version of this meme but with Contra "the virgin AGP hon" instead of shoe "the virgin anti-feminist", I have some ideas for the text but I'm open to any suggestions

No. 720141

I don't want to make any accusations. I have no evidence that this guy has done anything like this but I get a strong "feeling" that he might have sexually abused a girl. He sounds like someone with poor impulse control and an obsession with sex and combined with a hatred of women that doesn't paint a rosy picture.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 725588

No. 725643

Those eyes are too bulgey to come from a sane person. Hontra is literally living his life as a character and can't separate fiction from reality. I mean duh we already knew that, but it's showing very well in this video.

No. 725876

it's a video. a performance, you judgemental hoagie

No. 725896

Why are so many of his fans socialists or commies? He is loaded and comes from money that he in turn wastes on luxuries and gives nothing back to the actual working class, are people really this stupid?

No. 725903

He's very likely making 200k+/year from Patreon.

No. 725906

What a waste.

No. 725910

because a majority of the socialists/commies are upper middle class rebels who don't want to hold a job

No. 725914

Eh, whatever. Let him enjoy the money and e-celeb fame while it lasts, as long as he stays the fuck away from women I don't really care what he does.

No. 725921

it's not going to be long until he starts doing that, though. he's becoming less of a popular youtube. his peak was when he first announced being trans. once the fame dies down he'll do whatever he can to try to stay relevant, including going after women.
take a good look at his twitter. every few retweets are aimed at women-only groups.

No. 725922

Other than the terf video what do you mean?

No. 725930

anon are you retarded? also please sage. read the thread.
do you need posts to refer to as well? >>674873 >>623643 >>700462

No. 725975

I was bored so I counted how many names he showed in his credits to get an estimate how much he's earning. He has 5,554 patrons.

There are five patron tiers, $2, $5, $10, $15 and $20. I'm assuming the $20 patrons are shown in his credits first under "Patrons", displaying 10 names per frame. $10 patrons are shown after that, displaying 40 patron names per frame.


>$20 or more per month

>You get all the other rewards plus your name featured more prominently in the credits.
92 pay more than $20/month - at least $1840.

>$10 or more per month

>You get everything in the $2 and $5 levels, plus immortality in the credits of each new video.
2143 pay more than $10/month - at least $21430.

This leaves us with 3319 people who pay less than $10/month and are probably in the $2 or $5 tier. I don't think many people pledge less than $2/month, as this wouldn't get you any benefits. So let's just assume those 3319 people all pay at least $2/month - $6638.

This makes a total of at least $30k per month, at least $360k per year. Probably more like $400k-450k. Yeah. A ridiculous amount. He's the 37th most popular creator on Patreon according to graphtreon.com. What the fuck does he do with all this money? And why isn't he more transparent about how much he earns, especially since he's supposedly a leftist? (The leftist podcast 'Chapo Trap House' for example have their very large patreon income of over $100k/month public.)
At this point he could employ other people to help him make more videos, which I doubt he does. This guy seriously earns more than $30k for making one 20-40 minute video per month. I bet he's going to blow all the money on surgeries. He's already had lip fillers (I think) and said he wants to get FFS (>>612210). A guy with unlimited funds desperately wanting to look like an attractive woman. This is probably going to end bad y'all.

By the way, to be in Hbomberguy's or Shaun's credits you only have to pay $5/video, or $5/month to be in PhilosophyTubes credit's. He really doesn't have to charge so much.


No. 725978

rich like a true American communist lol he definitely has the money to get any surgery he wants. does he donate any of his income to charities?

No. 725993

He makes soo much money but he will still never be a woman lol

No. 726069

How he makes that much money from his weird, unfunny videos….

I watched a video linked in another thread and h3h3 make around 20k+ PER podcast (2x a week)

Everyone needs to stop paying these drongos

No. 726107

File: 1541281689800.png (15.26 KB, 728x285, which contra.PNG)

No. 726111

File: 1541281995397.png (640.41 KB, 486x704, hontra.png)

those eyes, jesus christ.

No. 726778

His voice somehow gets more annoying every video

No. 726922

Does he not get pay gap dysphoria?

No. 727247

Old video but it gives some insight into his psychology

>I was always pretty progressive on race issues, but it took me a while to warm up to feminism

>At my lowest point, I uploaded a YouTube video called 'Questions for Feminists'. It was a condescending and disingenuous Gotcha! type video that I'm now thoroughly ashamed of… Actually my real low point was when I got suspended from YouTube for uploading pornography to troll radical feminists. Oopsie doodle!

Posting porn to pwn the feminazis, how very male of him.


No. 727352

Maybe I'm a bit evil for thinking this but I can't wait to watch him butcher himself and chop off his dick. For all his narcissism and woman hating he deserves it. After all that jerking it to porn and promoting degeneracy he wont be able to experience pleasure ever again and will look like such a monster women will run from him. The best part is he's doing it all himself its amazing.

No. 731502

jesus fuck he's unbearable. his XOXO "i wish i were at TED" talk

No. 731515

damn that body is so unfortunate

No. 731598

well he's a man, so… i mean it's a pretty typical man body. he's pretty fortunate in that he could be metro and appealing to all kinds of people but instead chooses to be hideous to everyone except fetishists kek

No. 732799

File: 1542323188437.png (3.43 MB, 300x766, outfit.png)


ContraPoints commissioned these from the nail artist for Ru Paul's drag race, meaning that CP probably spent around $100 on a pair of custom made, stick on nails for 1-time use for a video.

The dress he wore in the video was designed by Roberto Cavalli. I can't find a link to the exact dress, but even on the OutNet (discount retail) a RC dress is $600-1000. A newer one is anywhere from $1500-3000.

Honestly, I have never seen a left-leaning Youtuber spend money so brazeningly. But it makes sense because he makes at least 250,000 a year now.

Anyone else find it funny how he used a nail artist for drag queens?

No. 732805

where's this cap from? god he looks dumb

No. 732807

The recent video

No. 732809

champagne socialist

No. 732817

I don't want to double post, but according to this recent stream he did (shortly before the recent video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZUNmox0N7w&feature=youtu.be

>He got a forehead lowering/reduction surgery to lower his hairline

>Hates Jeffree Star/Shane Dawson for being the "gay aristocracy" of youtube, and being "gay reactionaries"

No. 732893

>He got a forehead lowering/reduction surgery to lower his hairline
His face is still way too long.

I can't bear to watch this. Not even a minute in and he claims that womanhood is an "established cultural role". How are leftists falling for this guy?

No. 732903

I think it was a graft he got so it'll take a few months for the hair to grow?

but I agree, its his midface thats the main problem. don't know how to fix that (it is kind of hard)

No. 732927

It's impossible for him to pass as a woman. He's extremely tall with broad shoulders and narrow hips. I don't even know where to start with his face. The reason he's so jealous of Blaire White is because Blaire has a lot of features that he will never have. But even with a round face and small height Blaire doesn't pass so there's no chance in hell that Hontra ever will.

No. 732952

He looks nervous as hell in that video, I feel bad for him really.

No. 733100

I thought Shane had a girlfriend?

No. 733250

He did. Either contra doesn't know about that, or just considers him gay because he has a boyfriend currently. Shane considers himself bisexual

No. 733322

File: 1542396006764.png (226.15 KB, 780x440, barockdress.png)

No. 733692

Mildly OT, but I don’t get these kinds of looks at all…do enough women actually like this style enough to justify that price tag?

No. 733694

Just replying to myself but apparently this designer also created the sand-blasted look for jeans, a look that I have never understood and frankly find kinda gross. Maybe I just dislike him

No. 733768

tbh i love intentionally tacky shit but i wouldnt pay more than $50 for it. the fabric looks incredibly cheap, too. it also would look better, imo, on a pale, thin woman woman with dark hair, rather than an autogynephilic barrel bodied weirdo with naturally mousy hair and bleached tips

No. 733947

i think its mostly 45+ year old women who want to be sexy cougars that dress in roberto cavalli shit… like nigela lawson tier i think. like >>733768 said they look good in it, in a trashy-tacky kind of way. but not for people like contra

No. 733949

File: 1542509795933.png (62.67 KB, 632x223, a.png)

here is a post from contra, https://twitter.com/ContraPoints/status/1063341822922100736

he is complaining about the rumours spread about him after the "aesthetic" video, because people think he takes on a performative view of gender. ie. his own trans followers are eating him alive.

No. 733953

i love it. he's like five seconds from a breakdown. seriously, this trans shit is going to end him and his $250k a year patreon paycheck. it's delicious.

No. 735078

File: 1542688497188.png (641.89 KB, 1172x498, Screenshot_2018-11-19 The Styl…)

No. 735081

KEK how?? You think Nick paid Andrew Marantz a few thousand for this article?
A majority of his videos don't even get pass the 500k mark. While other Youtubers can easily get 1m views in under a few hours.

No. 735121

whoever took, edited, and chose that photo, is an undercover terv and i appreciate them

No. 735146


No. 735199

File: 1542716759785.jpg (79.36 KB, 1023x682, eww.jpg)

Has he finally stopped pretending to be a woman? Can't believe people buy him as a socialist or a woman when he looks like a second-rate drag queen.

Also does this dress >>733322 remind anyone else of Kero's fursuit?

No. 735208

I will never got over how absolutely awful trannies dress.

It's either always some 'kawaii' look with striped thigh highs, an ill fitting skirt and 'cutesy' accessories (if they watch too much anime) or some 'sexy' secretary look with tight dresses that show off their men bodies and crusty make up (if they watch too much porn).

Even if these people were able to pass more successfully on a physical level their clothing styles would still always give them away kek.

No. 735401

Oh my god, fr. An acquaintance of mine has recently decided to transition and seems to be under the impression that being a wimmin is wearing stockings, doing makeup and sucking dick. I find it so hard to take someone like that seriously, why can't you wear cute socks and makeup without mutilating your body?

No. 735409

I guess he realised he was never gonna pass so is trying the drag queen look now kek

No. 735567

Seems like trannies have stereotypical images in their head for how women dress. They have no idea how real women wear.

No. 735568

honestly he should've just stuck to being your run-of-the-mill crossdresser/drag queen. wonder how much $ he wasted on hormones and surgery

No. 735591

In the article, he claims it's "luxury-car amounts of money". Should have gotten the car instead.

No. 735655

File: 1542783455033.jpg (14.39 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)

No. 735709

Bizarre-ass flex, bragging about all the money he's poured into mutilating himself.

I mean. I think what a lot of FtMs don't understand is that women can wear literally anything. This isn't the fifties, we wear things other than dresses and red acrylic nails.

I would be interested to see someone do a study of how trans people view women vs. how cis people view women, because to me it seems like trans peoples'view of femininity is comparatively more stereotypical and narrow-minded. I mean, you get tomboyish fujoshi thinking not being an instahoe makes them boys, and beta guys thinking not being a gym rat makes them women.

No. 736113

They're more likely to be more socially influenced types of people maybe? Like if I listened to every girl in high school that told me I wasn't pretty or feminine enough I would transition if I cared what other people thought. I don't though, I know I'm a woman and people can say whatever bullshit they want that wont change that fact. Listen to yourself and not always to others.

No. 736114

Contra looks like candy darling the drag queen, seems like he's always been a gay man in denial

No. 736125

I thought candy darling was trans? Isn't that lou Reed song about him?

No. 736143

Nvm then I didn't know

No. 736194

File: 1542884975409.jpg (234.53 KB, 1200x800, DskElsGXcAA93wz.jpg)

yup, this is how a real womun looks like, totally not a weirdo pervert

No. 736195

File: 1542885095029.jpg (165.41 KB, 1200x800, DskEkvwWkAAd-0G.jpg)

i just can't fucking believe it

No. 736197

Why do such extreme drag queen make up if you're trying to look like a woman?
It just makes him look more manly.

No. 736215

>Then, around 2014, “they started posting videos about how feminism is cancer and Black Lives Matter is going to destroy us all. Before you know it, some of them became straight-up Fascist sympathizers. I was, like, ‘What is happening? Is no one else seeing this?’ I wasn’t living as a woman yet—I wasn’t even really a feminist yet—but I knew enough to be alarmed.”

Yeah Nick, you were so "alarmed" that you posted hardcore porn to YouTube to troll the feminazis.

What a fuckin liar.

No. 736235

KEK Contra, stop trying to act like the savior of marginalized groups. You ain't done shit, you're a nobody to us.
You're just providing pity porn for upper middle class white kids who think they can change the world by using us like accessories and saying edgy woke shit to "own" the right wingers.
He loves throwing around the word facist when there's left wingers who are fascists as well. It's not exclusive to one side.
Literally half of this stuff he's bragging accomplishing about never happened. Big whoop, you broke 1 million views on ONE video.

No. 736246

Why dont these ugly men just become crossdressers or drag queens? they'll never be real women.

No. 736291

Because they're money hungry. It's more profitable to be trans on social media. Troons will shill their GoFundMe, PayPal, and Venmo for surgeries and hormones and they'll get a flood of thousands of dollars from dumbasses who think they're saving a life.

No. 736361

File: 1542913540830.png (421.12 KB, 584x523, N8YYPeD.png)

No. 736370

>I can still be a very normal and real woman
Pictures not related?

No. 736401

what even is it that he thinks "real women" do? cuz it sure isnt this. anyone can tell hes a man at first glance. sorry contra but you still cant sit with us.

No. 736620

File: 1542941602578.jpg (467.11 KB, 2048x1365, cth4c7pkjxw11.jpg)

No. 736661

This picture replying to the tweet makes it look like they're laughing at it in embarrassment KEK

No. 736876

Haha, that wasn’t my intention but that makes it funnier
I just saw the pic somewhere and it reminded me of just how male these mtf youtubers look outside of their videos when they’re sitting next to women in normal lighting

No. 736889

Because forcing other people to play along with their woman roleplaying 24/7 turns them on.

No. 739357

He was never ugly, though not nearly as hott as he thinks he was. His personality is a huge turn-off though he's a blowhard know it all upper class snob.

No. 742350

No. 742373

I take back what I said in the blair thread, hontra doesn't even pass as a drag queen. he looks like a man who dressed up as a drag queen for Halloween and got all the components for his costume at party city.

No. 742397

holy fuck the first couple of seconds were uncomfortable. he's blinking like a toy story character.

No. 742407

couldn't even watch 5 minutes, he's acting so righteous and condescending. and who just lashes out on a person who doesn't eat meat, is he projecting or something?

No. 742408

>>742350 some fucking climate change denying retards on KF (and probably here in a few hours) are letting their dislike for contra enhance their denial. it’s fuckibg disheartening as hell because we all know it’s a big problem for everyone on the planet. we can’t afford to have even more people out here muddying the truth.

No. 742422

>climate change denying retards
i see none. the one "denying" it states they're open for scientific evidence that proves it's real since all they know is they've been surrounded by climate change deniers their whole life.
tbh, this video was shit. contra only focuses on climate change deniers rather than climate change itself. it just screams, "I'm better than the deniers because…. I don't deny it's real." like, congrats contra, do you want asspats?

No. 742456




He can't be fucking serious

No. 746100

Definite KFer here
I once saw a guy use the word "asspats" four times in one paragraph there
As for global warming KF notoriously despises environmentalists, especially in the political threads. Contra's video itself is still very weak

No. 747021

Sage your spergs if they don't include new milk. You can sage by typing the word sage in the email field.

No. 757134

the extent to which nat's increasingly (over a period of over a year) SJW-pandering tweets remind me of my shitty, serially abusive they/them male ex is stunning. you meet these people often if you frequent ~qweer~ circles irl - disingenuous champagne socialists who are just trying to climb the social ladder. my ex was just a raunchy edgelord underneath the uwu crap and we already know contra is too. i only bring up the specific example because trans acceptance is only really about the surface level, that's why passing is so important and such a controversial topic in qweer circles - you know, the kind of topic cis people should be banned from knowing about, men and women alike.

No. 757164

File: 1546323304534.png (430.35 KB, 616x613, Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 1.13…)

I'm aware that i follow natalie but how do we feel about this look ladies

No. 757181

Absolutely terrifying.

No. 757265

File: 1546354882246.jpeg (63.39 KB, 443x960, E1FA4220-AB5F-4BE3-AD54-218E4C…)

Hontra was somewhat recently on the leftist podcast Chapo Trap House (E 264). His voice was so grating and he continued to defend incels.

Why couldn’t the people hosting Chapo Trap House pick a different lefty youtuber. Like someone more exciting. I suppose hontra is so popular because he posts so much compared to his lefty buddies.

No. 757268

he needs to be stopped

No. 757630

This is straight up drag. Good job Contra, not a woman.

No. 757729


What is it with troons and leaving their gobs hanging open. He looks like a drag queen, and not a cute one.

No. 762436

Maybe not milky but someone in the Hontra thread on Kiwifarms brought up that the singer P!nk and Contra are cousins, or rather he likes to state this is a fact.

No. 762534

Who would you rather they picked?

No. 762973

This is honestly tragic.

No. 763569

I think Nick/Natalie was making shit up. If confronted and proven false, he will likely pretend it was a joke.

No. 763638

all the guys on chapo worship contra/troons in general. their subreddit is fucking fuuuuull of delusional trans anime incel types, its kind of astounding. Good for a laugh but also extremely depressing, ain't a single leftist space that isnt engulfed in this fucking nonsense

No. 763653


a lefty cow i can laugh at and not feel disgusted with

No. 766074

I'm sorry whut? I hope "she's" being sarcastic becauuse there is nothing in that photo that screams "looks like a real woman". "Her" nose is a dead give away, just look at that bridge. I know we're all born with features we can't change without surgery but I'm just being honest here that "She" doesn't pass and "her" friends who tell "her" otherwise are just lying.


I have to agree. "I'm so smart" smugness aside, he wasn't a bad looking good. He was decent looking but had a gross personality.

But isn't that the irony with Drag too that the queens look like circus clowns and they don't mind it because they know they're not real women nor are they trying to be?

Yeah that's pretty much why I avoid LGBT spaces where I live because I remember going to one local event and while it went okay, I can tell that some of the people there were SJWs and it would only be a matter of time before I say the wrong thing and get dogpiled on.

No. 767201

No. 767212

This video was awful, and the fact that I saw commenters calling his arguments “air-tight” was disheartening.
It was literally just,
>transwomen are women
(already wrong)
>so it’s not gay!
and then him going on about how the fact that his dick is permanently flaccid and hormonally-imbalanced makes it somehow “feminine.”
I hope someone makes a takedown video.

No. 767271


I can't get past that collar with 'Contra' on it. If that's not narcissistic fetishism…

He cites porn stats, goes on a tangent about how he tucks his penis, and then really tries to make the assertion that "My penis is flaccid and my cum is clear so I'm a woman uwu"

Nah man.

No. 767449

He is the most despicable person on youtube for me, I can't fucking stand him and his degenerate fans wgo eat his shitty opinions up. Every time I see this retard trying to pretend he's more than a fucking fetishist I wanna vomit.

No. 767453

As his transition progresses, he looks more and more like a drag queen doing an ann coulter routine.

No. 767546

Christ, it doesn't even seem like he wants to be seen as a normal funcioning woman in a society, he just talks about his fetish of wanting to be penetrated all the ways by straight and only straight men particularly.
And why nobody talks about how traps are obviously bisexual, because some people are attracted to them because they like features of both sexes on one person?? Is it so hard to accept even for a goddamn thirty year old person who has a masters degree in philosophy?

Also the fact that he feels the need to broadcast to thousands of people about his flacid small penis and spermless semen and that he percieves it as a good and feminine thing frustrates me furiously.

Maybe he's actually doing all of this for money, as he hasn't got any surgeries yet, but it has become hard to believe that, he really seems that insufferable.

No. 767734

>drag makeup 3 vids in a row
>playing up a love for dick when he's really transbian
>defending "feminine penis"
he's really gone off the deep end lel

No. 768250

File: 1547916936303.jpeg (68.54 KB, 909x889, FBE6414C-3026-4A30-9009-2B6681…)

> feminine
> penis

No. 768701

It’s like a contagious mental illness. They would have been laughed off the internet 10 years ago.

No. 768722


It’s just the fact that hontra continues to spew this bullshit out and his fan base eats it up. It’s disgusting to talk about such topics out publicly on the internet. Does he even care for his future reputation? Forget that, does he even care about anything but his limp dick? Ags are such losers.

No. 768987


someone on kiwi has a theory that he's not really trans (in the sense that doesn't really experience disphoria) but is just doing this for money and is porbably a closeted gay man instead, and I agree with them. I used to be a fan, actually but the more I see of him the more I realize he's just BS and doesn't believe most of what he says. Even he himself has openly said that in many of his videos or streams when he agree that it's all about the propagand and the feels over facts or whatever. I think it's very obvious he hasn't got any FFS yet or the nose job he said he would: because he knows he isn't for real and ina few years will probably go back to being a regular cis dude (closeted or not remains to be seen) and he is not stupid enough to permanently mutilate himself just to keep up this delusion. There's also o way in hell he'd ever get the sex surgery.

He got the hair grafts as more of a youth thing (which is his real obsession and dismorphia) and probably what triggered this whole early mid life crisis thing, as he himself admits in his dysphoria video, which as pointed out by the kiwi farms poster is nothing about gender dysphoria but about his fear and obsession with aging.

No. 768992


lmaooo where is this from??? OMG he looks so male here xD(xD)

No. 769124

I got it off his subreddit lol

I guess it’s good that they love him in all forms, though the rest of the time they go off about how ~beautiful~ and ~feminine~ he is…so either they are in the hugbox or really delusional

No. 770290

>Straight and only straight men particularly

Oh honey, I can assure you no straight guys are fucking Contra nor "traps". These men are just bisexual and in denial. Here's what I want to know after reading some of the comments on that video. Even if the person is not straight just because he likes feminine looking males, why is that a big deal? It really isn't and it's just funny how a lot of these deluded fools try to play mental gymnastics to justify their attraction to femininity even if it comes in males.

The sooner he comes out of the closet, the healing for him can begin lol.

Considering how much money people throw at him to make these vapid videos, he probably thinks he's set for life.

Yeah I also remember gay YouTuber Prince of Queens talking about this as well thin king that Contra only transitioned (and I use that in the loosest way possible) because of fan demand. I just have a feeling Contra is just raking in all this money and stashing it away and then when he hits his 40s, he's going to make some grand video where he talks about de-transitioning, slowly disappear from the internet and live a life of luxury with all the money suckers donated to him.

>Beautiful and Feminine

Reminds me of the "Stunning and Brave" comments towards Caitlyn Jenner kek

No. 774416

He's preparing a video on gender critical feminism.

No. 774475

Good.Radfems deserve to be taken down. They're like a broken clock that's right twice (porn + troons) but wrong about literally everything else. Contrapoints has at least tried his hand at talking about race. Radfems will never do that they just cop out and say uwu all men r bad instead of addressing the elephant in the room

No. 774478

kek anon i think you're on the wrong forum.
>Contrapoints has at least tried his hand at talking about race
and he thinks he's entitled to be the voice of a non-white person because he's a #progressive leftist?
also your radfem theory is a strawman.

No. 774500

Contra has at least tried to talk about race and he has at least addressed the alt right and race realism in many of his videos. Radfems are too scared to even touch that topic and instead resort to "uwu all men r bad" and they never take into account race because that would require being brave. Look at the GC thread in ot. Those pansy women are scared to even "come out" as being a "terf" lmao. Say what you want about Contra but at least he tries while radfems don't. And I'm not straw manning anything. Radfems' inability to discuss race is literally your guyses archilles heal. Contra goes there at least, you guys are scaredy cats. The only people on youtube who have beat Contra are race realists and they would beat radfems too

No. 774503

We used to have race threads but they were banned. No one is "scared", you faggot.

No. 774504

feminism's focus isn't about race. that's taking away the focus of the entire movement. race issues are for racial movements, not feminism. kek. feminism is about women's issues. if you want to discuss race, don't go looking into feminism for your help.
yes, there's feminist issues in different countries, but it's not because of race. it's because of cultural expectations.
i'm saying this as a non-white person, intersectional feminism is a curse. it only brings in virtue signallers who just want to get off on having a pity party about women with darker skin in third world countries.

No. 774510

Focusing solely on gender is just dumb because it assumes every race of man as being equal when they clearly aren't. Look how fast you will be banned on the reddit GC when you want to talk about race and crime (black male crime) or Jewish male pornographers. I tip my hat off to contra for discussing race while radfems sit around and go uwu all men r equally as bad. Intersectional feminism is way better than lazy ass radfems. what have you guys even accomplished lately? Thats right. Nothing at all.

No. 774513

holy shit, I WISH I could discuss race here but it's againts the rules. Stop assuming just because we hate Contra's ugly ass that were radfems.

No. 774514

literally none of that has to do with feminism except for the pornographers part, which is a cultural thing. lmao.
please go "tip your hat off to" contra somewhere else, he's done nothing for feminism or race.

No. 774522

Why has no radfem addressed race in any major public way? YouTube? FeministCurrent? Reddit GC? JEWISH MALE PORNOGRAPHERS SHOULD BE FLASHING NEWS to you psychos but you all want to look the other way even when presented with evidence. I'm telling ya contra has at least addressed black crime and jq.

Anon, who or what creates culture? The different races. You Dumbfuck.(racebaiting)

No. 774722


I just told you I'm not a radfem…? Why the fuck are you lumping everyone here in with them? Psycho.

No. 774776

What do you even mean by addressing race? I can't tell if you're annoyed that radfems don't acknowledge that men face racial oppression or if you're annoyed that they don't single out specific races for their particular brand of misogyny.

I've seen several radfems acknowledge that certain men face oppression on the axis of race, but none of them face it on the axis of sex. They acknowledge that racism exists, they just don't think it excuses misogyny.

You seem to be annoyed that radfems don't consider men's racial oppression, but then go on to cite examples of misogyny carried out by particular races of men. Like what do you mean about Jewish pornographers? Are you expecting radfems to call that out as a Jew-specific form of misogyny, or are you expecting them to justify it or say it's not as bad as a non-Jew doing it because Jews faced oppression? You won't see them do either because neither of those options make sense. Too many pornographers are non-Jewish for it to be a Jew specific issue. And even if 99% of them were, so what? Just because you've been oppressed in some capacity doesn't mean you have a free license to oppress somebody else.

What exactly are you wanting radfems to say about race?

No. 774777

A reminder to not take the bait people.

No. 774788

I have no interest in watching this video to figure out where he says that (lol) but I’m interested to see what that video would turn out like. The video he did on terfs in the past was shitty and didn’t address any actual GC arguments, just a bad straw man version. I’m starting to think people who aren’t women just don’t get feminist GC arguments because they don’t have the lives experience. Interestingly enough contra said some things that were kind of GC in that one video she did that was considered controversial and piled on by a ton of viewers (can’t remember the name but it was the cat girl one). So even contra can understand GC logic sometimes

No. 775013

Nah, Contra just doesn’t understand trans logic. He still maintains he was a man and now is a woman. He doesn’t even try with the ~muh brain gender~.

No. 775014

Nah, Contra just doesn’t understand trans logic. He still maintains he was a man and now is a woman. He doesn’t even try with the ~muh brain gender~.

No. 775019

Nah, Contra just doesn’t understand trans logic. He still maintains he was a man and now is a woman. He doesn’t even try with the ~muh brain gender~.

No. 775374

I don't understand from where you're pulling this race thing? On radfem blogs, books, media in general, radfems talk about gender/sex/mysoginy etc because radical feminism is about those subjects and not about race. I'm a radfem and I have specific racial views that I'm not affraid to discuss and that are probably different from another's radfem views on race.

It's like saying "ugh this geologist isnt brave enough to talk about neurology!"

No. 775548


I think i understand where op is coming from. A problem with radfems is that theyre usually not intersectional (in the original sense of the word) and their analysis is therefore short sighted when it touches on woc and how theirs struggles and experiences differs from white women.
In my country the stereotype of radfem is that theyre all white feminists who think their experinces are the universal experiences of all woman . But Sex opprression isnt this univeral abstract thing .

Thats why i prefer black feminism its usually more complex and sharp.
Feminism should be both gender critical and intersectional.(derailing)

No. 775599


>Thats why i prefer black feminism


No. 775606

Didn't you just talk mad shit about Jews and Blacks?

No. 775644


what? I'm relatively new to this thread, that was my second post and I have never talked about jews or blacks. I know a lot of you tards probably come from pol and that's why you think it's hilarious the notion that black feminism is smarter, more complex and nuanced than radfem but if you actually read the texts you'll know it's true. If there's something I can't stand is the feminism of white upper middle class women who think their experiences is THE female experience. Btw i'm not even black, nor white either but there are many of your types in my country, unfortunately>>775606

any way, the point was that OP was right, despite gender critical being CORRECT, redfem's achiles hill and why they'll never thrive is that they refuse/are not able to incorporate race analysis. On the other hand a lot of intersectional feminism's fail is that it caters to gender identity nonsense.

i'm actually really curious about Nik's video about gender critical feminism, i think it might be wroth it because i have seen him say in streams that he actually agrees with some of the arguments from GCs, i think if he did somehting like what he did with The esthetics, with portraying both sides fairly, it might be a good video, unfortunately i really doubt he will and will probably have lots of strawmen instead. All his fans and platform is about pandering to the trans agenda and i doubt he'd jeopardize his monies by being too critical(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 775678

will you shut the fuck up, you absolute sperg?

No. 778172


Hey guise Monsters INC called lol(off topic/this is an imageboard)

No. 778432


No. 778983

Is that Jenny Nicholson? I'm extremely dissapointed if she hangs around with this loser

No. 792448

No. 792449

He made his inner “radical feminist” a witch. Real classy considering that millions of women died because they were falsely accused of being witches.

No. 792498

Doesn't contra and his kind also consider witches a Jewish stereotype?

No. 792528

This may be a bit tinfoil hat but do you think contra planned this video to come out around tdov to make anyone critiquing it look bad?

No. 792544

LMAO I can see it. Of course he'd make a video focusing on TERFS. So anybody who criticizes it is automatically one themselves. I can def see someone going "She doesn't deserve this hate on TDOV!"

No. 792552


Anyone got an overview of this? I don't want to listen to his voice, it grates so bad

No. 792610

all i want to know is how did those boobs work? are they real?

No. 792658

Drag queens often push their pecks together and pad to make it look like they have breasts. I suspect he did something similar

No. 792867

there are cosplayers that use fake/prosthetic ones. belle delphine has a picture like that. belle's looked super obviously fake but with lighting and most of it covered up it doesn't really matter

No. 793905

No. 797595

That shit reminds me about how neocons got mocked, and rightfully so, by their "female presenting nipples" censorship horseshit.

No. 799141

taking estrogen grows boobs

No. 799143

Taking estrogen gives men gyno, it does not give them actual boobs.

No. 799144

Yeah but have you ever seen the infographic on how estrogen causes boob growth in TiMs? it basically just turns into a tiny cone and never fully bottoms out and is basically like a breast that doesn’t fully develop. that’s why so many of them get plastic surgery - because otherwise, they’d just look like men who have some type of hormonal imbalance

No. 804174

File: 1557444079841.png (195.5 KB, 1216x738, past point of no return.png)

No. 804499

I bet he has done his face and not genitals. I can't wait too see the results. I hope it will imrove his self confidance. TiM are the funniest when they get to the point of blieving they look like real women

No. 811329

I can barely see a difference but he does look more uncanny valley if that was the look he was going for

No. 811332

"accepting the way you look is transphobic uwuwu" are you kidding me lmfao

No. 811340

honestly can't tell the difference lol. how much did this shit cost?

No. 811341

It looks like he was going for the girl next door look, but came out looking like a sex doll
Good job Hontra, you're really showing your AGP

No. 811351

SOPHIE didn't deserve to be used in this video. One of the talented troons co-opted by one of the hackiest.

No. 811355

File: 1558574098428.jpg (134.85 KB, 1144x684, 1558570053471.jpg)

what did contra even do?

from the front, looks like nothing. even the nose looks the same from the front. i guess the eyebrows look more botoxy and "surprised"

from the side (pic related) the nose looks more piggish? but the jaw looks the same. also picked the most unflattering before and the most flattering after.

No. 811356

He still has lizard lips, nose is still bumpy from the front, still terrible at makeup, brow bone is still manly as fuck because his eyebrows look fucked. Like maybe he looks like a woman but definitely a below average one, and the second he opens his mouth and reveals his faggy ass bimbo voice the illusion is shattered. I would have saved my money, Contra

No. 811358

File: 1558574322663.jpg (359.91 KB, 911x988, 1558567861212.jpg)

It was never about the face, it was about "her" body. She won't pass with any face attached to this skull/body combo. Waste of money.

No. 811363

there are women who have more masculine features who still look like women eg more prominent brow bone and nose and a defined jaw. Too bad he will never be one of those

No. 811393

Maybe it's nitpicky but I hate how he characterises women in academia who choose to not wear makeup or dress particularly femininely. It's this weird libfemmy attitude where they automatically assume negative intentions or some kind of sense of superiority from gnc women. They write them off as "cool girls" (completely missing the point of that monologue) or that they think they're "not like other girls". He didn't even mention these women saying anything degrading about feminine women. He just assumed that about them based on nothing other than them not participating in common beauty rituals.

He conceded that maybe they feel the need to eschew femininity in order to be more successful in a male dominated arena. But why the insinuation that hyperfeminine styling is so much more natural for women that avoiding it must be a deliberate, political choice? Not every gnc women is repressing some true part of themselves in order to be accepted by men/put down other women. Did he ever consider that maybe these women in academia he knew who didn't wear makeup or acrylic nails just didn't want to?

No. 811394

i didn't watch the video but did he actually say that? if so, then why did he go and get surgery?
it looks like he got his adam's apple shaved down, is that possible? the chin now looks more pronounced lol

No. 811398

he more specifically said telling a transwoman to accept themselves as they are is transphobia. He's trying to justify getting unnecessary surgery lol you're a narcissist contra

No. 811402

it's not nitpicky that annoyed me too he has no idea how much pressure women face to conform to femininity. He has no idea how gnc women are actually treated

No. 811415

He's a man who fetishizes femininty, it makes sense that he would in turn believe that women who forgo anything he deems "feminine' to be deliberately doing so in order to send a message.
It's extra stupid because in my experience both men and women treat you with more respect and take you more seriously if you wear makeup, style your hair and dress effeminately. That's the societal ideal of a "professional woman". Being bare faced and dressed androgynously or in masculine clothing is often seen as low class and only appropriate for "unattractive" blue collar women.

No. 811419

Yeah exactly. Women who aren't feminine don't get treated better in academia.

No. 811431

Okay but FFS sounds fucking gruesome. Imagine being such a sexist pervert that you would literally have your skin peeled off and your bones shaven down for your fetish… Jesus…

Imagine how much $$$ surgeons and hospitals/pharma is making off trannies' mental illness.

No. 811433

new here and ootl apparently, also a contrapoints fan. why so much hate? do y'all not thing gender dysphoria is a real thing? genuine question thx.

No. 811440

Yes I believe sex dysphoria exists no I don't think that means you're literally the opposite sex. If someone wants to transition for their own comfort fine but I don't think the best way to treat both body dysmorphia and sex dysphoria is to enable it. We don't let anorexics continue to starve themselves we treat them for their condition

No. 811442

Also this lol. There are transexuals that are allies to women I don't have a problem with them

No. 811448

ahh okay cool. I still disagree (would explain why but I doubt this is the best place for that lmao), but thanks for explaining where you're coming from as respectfully as you did! Didn't know about the MRA thing though, time to research her more ig haha(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 811454

tbf most women don't have beards and chest hair, maybe that's what he meant?

No. 811462

A lot of the hate also comes from the fact that he's intellectually dishonest. He may be able to win debates with himself but if you watch him debate with blaire he crumbles

No. 811483

actual woman in stem here, most stem women don't wear makeup because they are your stereotypical nerds, I don't think half of the girls in my group even know how to do makeup

This whole video comes off as incredibly self-obsessed , holy shit how do you even talk about your looks for 30min+

No. 811502

I don't think he as any actual female friends

No. 811505

File: 1558595907113.png (669.06 KB, 1293x704, 4i9h2mioe0vz.png)

I thought he was friends with Nostalgia Chick.

No. 811506

I mean like….real friends lol

No. 811513

Super OT, but that is the cutest mugshot I have ever seen.

No. 811519

Yeah she looks really pitiful and huggable.

No. 811559

I see a bloated drunk woman with rosacea but you do you.

No. 811616

File: 1558624691856.png (245.55 KB, 1078x987, Screenshot_20190523-101352(1).…)

What a hypocrite

No. 811666

Most likely $45k-$50k

>>811355 >>811358
Contra's passing but they're things that FFS can't fix. I don't know what she could do to get her to cis-passing but I think/hope that Contra knows that. I just don't want her to go crazy in a few years and kill herself over it. Not even someone as insufferable as Contrapoints deserves that fate.

No. 811676

nah, he pretty much deserves it

No. 811683

anyways I think he absolutely is delusional enough to think he'll ever "pass" and I hope that if/when he realizes he won't, he will an hero. it's what >she deserves.

No. 811699

contra unironically looks much better from the surgery imo, the only issue is his mid face is either long - if it were more compact, his face would pass completely. Impressive for someone who transitioned in their thirties.

No. 811725

he can get all the world's plastic surgery to change his face but there is no fix to that 6'1 man body of his or his fake voice.

No. 811727

there are surgeries to fix the voice but yeah the body is unsalveagable

No. 811748

she looks better in her drunk mugshot than in videos where she is trying to look good I'm shook

No. 811750

Hontra pisses me off because his early videos were actually interesting, if visually unappealing. Now he does 30 minutes of ree'ing about foundation whilst dressed as a cat girl surrounded by purple and red lights. Is this what he thinks women do? The misogyny couldn't be any more obvious.

No. 811752

Not to defend contra but he is most likely going to get VFS next and a BBL after to better balance out his 21 inch across shoulders and baritone voice. Honestly this is going to make him even more uncanny valley though lol.
I wonder how hard Hontra seeths that he will never be Nikita or Gigi.

No. 811781

Gigi looks terrifying the fact that he finds Gigi gorgeous is hilarious lol

No. 811782

Can you speak English? What is VFS? BBL? Nothing will stop him from being 6’2 and big boned, and I doubt shoulder surgery exists

No. 811787

nta but vfs = vocal feminisation surgery (makes voice more high pitched) and bbl = Brazilian buttlift (makes your ass bigger)

No. 811791

I think they have confirmed they are okay with their dick and use it sexually which is weird. Maybe they just realized they don't want to dilate a puss and blood filled axewound for the rest of her life lol

No. 811793

>Contra's passing
I don't know where you are, but here in reality, Contra is not passing.

They were interesting topics but uninteresting videos. He was always an intellectual lightweight and a shitty producer. Now they're both uninteresting topics and uninteresting videos. I don't think his previous work did that much Youtube legwork for the left. He has always been embarrassing.

No. 811797

It's a fat transfer to your ass and hips that's mostly gotten by actual women and not trannies
and vfs is vocal surgery that trannies think will make them sound like women.
They are over a foot taller than me if I saw them in the changeroom at the gym I'd be terrified.

No. 812014

are you 5'1??? i'd be scared if i saw you at a gym too.

No. 812108

File: 1558687032494.png (678.18 KB, 675x525, ew.png)

30 minute video!? Does he say anything worthwhile or is it all just a rant about how surgery and makeup make him a woman?

No. 812127

Implying these guys would allow honest pictures like that to be posted in the first place. They're probably submissions from the patients themselves and not taken at the surgeon's office.

No. 812130

fuck he looks 15 yrs older

No. 812152

This just reminds me of what riley did to his face, these "facial feminisation" surgeries dont really make them look more feminine but just remove the human nuances of their face, they look the same for those who go for the "genderless alien" surgery (im not even joking apparently its become more popular in recent years) guys who "pass" tend to be the ones before they had surgery.

No. 812153

Whatever they did to his jaw looks weird

No. 812170

Nta but 5'1" is only 3 inches below the average height for a woman, tranny-san. It barely even scrapes womanlet territory.

No. 812175


He is such a idiot. Stop trying to subtlety shit on women who don't try to look girly but still look way more female than you'll ever be.

No. 812176

File: 1558705407274.png (67.48 KB, 521x321, FastandFuriousHeights_Vulture.…)

nta but 3 inches is a pretty decent difference. a guy that's 5'11 vs 6'2 is pretty sizable. a woman that's 5'4 vs 5'7 is a large difference. it's a decent difference visually.

No. 812180

there isn't THAT much of a difference, stop shitposting with irrelevant bullshit

No. 812181

It's still not frighteningly short midget/womanlet territory to normal women.

No. 812185

5'1 women are normal short women, 6'2 women are normal tall women. there is such a difference between tall men and women. 6'2 bloke hontra is never going to be the same as a 6'2 woman.

No. 812214

the biggest source of dysphoria is having a dick, hontra is AGP.

No. 812236

this fool really has the audacity to claim that all the women around him are dying to know his makeup secrets when he highlights so much he looks metallic

No. 812294

Was he going for the haggard 36 year old going through early menopause look?

No. 812322

these troons are obviously imitating gay men and drag queens with the way they speak yet don't take any of their makeup tips. it baffles the mind. is it because of their pride that they don't take "cis men"'s advice on gluing their eyebrows, using tape and contour to give an illusion of female features?

No. 812333

Haven’t you heard? Contra totally debunked the existence of AGP! It’s not a thing anymore because he said so.

No. 812458

Yes I'm 5'1 but that is only a few inches under average in my country so I'm not that short, you are probably European.

No. 812570

Why can't he just be a mediocre drag queen instead of a "woman"

No. 816443

he has all these beauty products and he still looks like shit, amazing.

No. 816702

whyyyyy Jenny

No. 835015

File: 1562782436012.png (318.43 KB, 1041x519, 66114531_475116636387070_70357…)

Hontra is under fire on sjw tumblr for selling lizard people themed t-shirt with the caption "David Icke was right". People say it's antisemitic and while it's obvious Hontra is doing it ironicly, Hontra also condemned ironic use of racism in the past so it makes him a hypocrite.

I personally think it's bullshit and in no way a proof that he's an antisemite BUT I'm really really happy that a part of his audience is turning against him. Lately, many (leftie) people tried to cancel him and although everytime it was over some stupid shit, I really hope he's gonna end up actually cancelled.

No. 835024

hontra doesn't need enemies with this braindead personality, he'll be the end of himself.

No. 835056


but why are they saying its antisemitic idont get it???

isnt it just a reference to the reptilians??

No. 835064

Yea, the reptilian tinfoil is based in antisemitism. Basically, reptilians = jews because they descend of the Elders of Zion and feed off blue-eyed blond people.

No. 837423

And he was so attractive before, what a waste

No. 837476

girl get some standards

No. 838921

A neutral take down of ContraPoints

No. 843522

I highly doubt you look any better.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 843615

He's just an AGP. Look that up, nothing to talk about.

No. 843618

even the most average real woman looks like a goddess next to him anon

No. 850506

File: 1565295812850.jpg (569.67 KB, 1638x2048, IMG_20190808_152047.jpg)

Hontra and Theryn putting on their best act. These poses look uncomfortable.

No. 850814

>dem literal fridge bodies

No. 853023

No. 857866

No. 857871

File: 1566750287560.png (556.53 KB, 1080x1869, sketch-1566749998120~2.png)

Comments are particularly exceptional on this one.

No. 857889


What do you think happens when you click the dislike button on YouTube comments?

No. 857912

>When you're a man in public you're more likely to be treated as either invisible or dangerous

So he's literally trying to say that men are disadvantaged because they don't get unsolicited attention from women. This right after he admits he gets off on pretending to be too weak to put his carry-on in the overhead storage so a male will come help him

No. 857916

He's a textbook autogynephile. How are his libfem followers not creeped out by him wearing lingerie for half the video? Judging by the comments they're MRAs anyway.

No. 857919

The video was like 2/3 talking all about himself and the rest was surface level insights that I can read on reddit or any other social media site. I thought he was capable of providing some new/deeper thoughts on this subject but perhaps I was mistaken or he's just lazy. Did it really need to be 30 minutes and did it really take almost 2 months to produce?

No. 857955

he's so mediocre and i can't stand that everyone eats his ass when none of his content is good

No. 857956

Same here. Contrapoints is the definition of all style, no substance. I can admit that his videos from a cinematography perspective do look good but the message within them just reak of narcissism and a whole lot of nothing. My friends are all super obsessed with him and I'm just like "Why?"

No. 857962

…what the fuck kind of mental gymnastics did you do to reach that conclusion. that isn’t even implied in the video. jesus christ you GC fags have a containment thread for a reason, apparently even basic concepts that have been said ten million times over by people of varying genders must not mean the same thing anymore when A Tran (tm) says it.

No. 857986

he literally flat out said that lmao where's your brain, girlie ?

No. 857996

where do you think you are

No. 858040

Haha nothing but I dilike things anyway out of spite. It's pointless , I know.

No. 858214

tbh, not really. from a cinematographic perspective, he's EXTREMELY derivative and boring. his style is horrible. people with no creativity are the only ones dazzled by his very dated and stale videographic styling tbh.

No. 858645

Normally this thread isn't my bandwagon but this last video really fucking did it for me.

It's all about how men's problems are women's responsibility, as usual, and yet it's presented and praised like it's a new idea.

These ex-alt-right douchebros that testify that they are cured by contra surely are just being encouraged to move their shitty attitudes to new parts of the political spectrum. As if we didn't have enough shitty brocialists to begin with. As if they're that much better than MAGA incels.

No. 858671


>It's all about how men's problems are women's responsibility

The point of the video was that it's up to men to save men.

>These ex-alt-right douchebros that testify that they are cured by contra surely are just being encouraged to move their shitty attitudes to new parts of the political spectrum.

That was explicitly stated.

I thought the video sucked overall; those are just odd things to say about it.

No. 858692

Because the libfems watching have grown up believing that visible lingerie is the sign of an empowered woman.

No. 860144

Well I personally think I'm creative but okay, fair enough. I guess the reason why I find his videos somewhat nice looking is that out of all these kinds of channels, he's one of the view who attempts to try to up the look of his videos instead of just sitting in average looking room. I'm mostly talking about his set, not his looks. His looks are… Not really my thing.

No. 864452

Great job MeidoGhoul, you bullied a mostly reasonable person off of social media by overreacting to a non-derogatory expression of hurt. Hope you’re proud of yourself.

No. 864476

What about Nyk is "mostly reasonable"? Is it the way he denies biology is a thing, or the way he responds to critics by bombarding them with pornography in their DMs?

This was always going to happen to him because super-woke spaces always cannibalize themselves when they get bored. He's done this same shit to others. They survive off of taking comments out of context and then attacking them. Nyk just can't take his own medicine

No. 864485

He’s mad that people ask what his pronouns are? That’s because you look like a guy, my dude

No. 864511

So, like, what are women who actually entertain the whole "trans" thing supposed to do?
People like Nyk complain about not being acknowledged and accepted as stunning and brave trans women all the time, so what do they expect? For them to not ask his pronouns and half of the room to just assume he's a run of the mill, average man who's crossdressing for fun? That'd actually be preferable, because then we wouldn't have trans-women throwing shitfits about being discriminated over stupid, unintentional things all the time.
This is a problem proudly created by his camp in their insatiable hunger to browbeat women into accommodating their mental issues, so what the fuck does he want? He said the sports bar treats him better, so maybe woman-oriented "woke", "trans-inclusive" communities should be taking a page from the men and dropping their pandering and coddling altogether.

No. 864520

Nyk was being retarded, he actually thinks when women hang out with each other, we only refer to ourselves in a group as "Ladies!" and "Women!" and "Sisters!" it's a typical male fantasy, he probably hopes we all break out into pillow fights too. Saying "guys" has been the norm for years. Nyk literally thinks we just focus on the fact we're women at all times.

No. 864521

Especially at a convention where gender bending and crossplay are encouraged, obviously it’s going to be a space where pronouns are asked. Not just for non binary people but for any “cis” person who just wants to dress up as a girl or guy…

Nyk is revealing how hyper conservative he is with this shit. He wants the world to be super degraded based on gender and women to be hyper feminine. Any man that cross dresses like he does MUST be a woman. He’s really playing his cards.

No. 864633

File: 1567728951605.jpg (90.14 KB, 1005x809, EDvXkuuWwAYC7Q3[1].jpg)

mister metokur posted this. kek
obviously not a real headline

No. 864669


No. 864724

Nyk is a giant misogynist and this shows it better than anything. Does anyone actually believe Nyk would be treated better by a bunch of drunk men at a sports bar than a group of woke women? He just hates women, saw an opportunity to pick, and it backfired. It's hilarious.

No. 864817

>sporty douchebros recognise my "gender" with the correct pronouns
>could that be because this type of guy can't separate female and feminine

No. 864853

He probably went to a sports bar in full glam, the bar was full of wasted people and was dark and dimly lit. Some dude probably wasn’t sure but didn’t want the confrontation, saw a dress and called him her. Was too drunk to bother finding out what he/she/it really was.Thus forever deluding contrapoints into thinking he passes as a woman, when he doesn’t even pass as an ugly woman.

Meanwhile at a con, people probably unironically don’t know whether this is a cross dressing man or a troon, so of course they ask.

No. 864911

Contra is never ever ever going to pass enough for people to assume his gender to be female. Furthermore, LGBTQ+ people came up with the "misgender me and I'll literally burn your house down" shit so even if people can tell the tran is trying to pass as female, they don't wanna assume their pronouns and get shit on. Can't be mad at the world for adhering to a really fucked up set of rules your own community set up, Nat.

No. 864952

This. Not to mention, people who work in a sports bar get paid in tips. Of course they'll be nice to the man in a dress and call him ma'am.

No. 865102

he gave Blaire so much shit but sounds exactly like "Tiffany Tumbles" in the tweets that got him trouble. unlike Blaire he couldn't stand by what he said and deactivated under pressure. live by the sword, die by the sword


being passable and being fuckable (to men) are one and the same in his book. it's the only thing he cares about

No. 866792

File: 1568095349042.jpeg (162.46 KB, 750x653, C86C1BCD-45ED-4021-B27A-5EA805…)

Someone is apparently putting hontra's dox in the CC inboxes of other annoying twitter trannies

No. 866956

>she has too much clout and is too critical of TRAs and ANTIFA
Is that… a self dox? Sounds like the "threats" that Yaniv got where the hater described him as a "woman who's too powerful and too important of a LGBTQSAHSH+ member"

No. 867002

I don't think it's a self dox because no self respecting leftoid troon uses "TRA" or spells antifa in all caps. Unless that's false flagging or something.

No. 871456

I dont even like hontra, but imagine doxing someone because they're critical of TRAs and the violence of antifa.. wow. that logic. They are self imploding

No. 871946

slightly offtopic but god I miss magdalen

No. 872143

And "terfs" wouldn't call him a "she" either.

No. 880436

New vid

No. 880448

File: 1571165745253.jpg (203.34 KB, 1200x900, IMG_20191015_093237_919.jpg)

Which one is his gay bf

No. 880455

I heard he went to Lindsay Ellis' party. I'm assuming he went to her wedding as well then?

No. 880460

I thought that was indigo white on the side lmaoo

No. 880478

That is a pic of Lindsay's wedding

No. 880485

That's what i figured. I wonder how close they are?

No. 880539

Why are they all unironically soy-facing

No. 880682

If this is my only pic to choose from my bets are on Kyle BrowsHeldHigh hands down

him and his gf radiate uncomfortable poly energy and you know she's been getting some

No. 880989

Lol, all this work done, still fugly, stil cloakable

Seriousy, when i saw her after ffs on her youtube channel i thought that her face actually looks feminine. Apparently it was just angles/makeup. Silly me

Hontra, your surgeon may be an artist, but you need a miracle worker

No. 881502

The greasy balding rat named Hbomberguy standing beside him.

No. 881575

this picture is old like a year old+ way before contra got ffs. actually post milk if y'all are gonna keep bumping this thread.

No. 881647

Lindsay and Contra? Super close.

No. 891975

Posting info in his thread so people will stop asking in others, Hontra left the internet because enbies got mad he got upset about being called "they" in woke spaces.

No. 892888


No. 912767

After throwing a fit and got off Twitter, Hontra is back to educate the masses on cancel culture.

No. 912813

Clicked away immediately when is saw that it was almost as long as a fucking movie. I'm not going to watch 1 hour and 40 minutes of a pseudo-intellectual troon presenting half ass arguments while using theatrics and costumes to obfuscate the fact that most of his commentary is vapid af

No. 912835

>click to random point in video
>"cancelling is essentially psychological rape"

No. 912843

I'm fucking cackling. Hontra wasn't cancelled. He was being retarded and not catering to the audience he tried to create and please to almost every side. He's upset he's not making 300k a year anymore and calling it fucking rape? Cry me a river… Hontra made himself into a public figure and can't handle criticism. That's not cancel culture, it's him feeling entitled to his own opinion, which is his God forsaken right, but not whatever he's trying to say. Kek.

No. 912989

jesus christ. timestamp?

No. 912993

It was agonizingly funny watching that peabrain running skirt-in-fists away from a bunch of stocky, fluro, teenage girl they-thems. It was one of those brilliant fights where you cannot read a single opinion put forth that doesn't induce some degree of nausea, and yet you can't look away.
No one would pity cuntra if xe was not transgender.

No. 913019

File: 1578032973112.png (855.81 KB, 921x586, conquote.png)

he was quoting jo freeman some old school feminist activist. come on he has genuine flaws to criticize but you can't even bother to look.

No. 913076

>that eyelash

No. 913089

i know what it's from, it's still ungodly stupid. like here let me just grab the most melodramatic possible quote from an established figure to describe twitter shit solely because i am the victim of it this time

No. 913164

I believe it's retarded enough that he thinks a radfem talking about culture wars (race, class, lesbian separatism, lib vs rad) has anything to do with him. The arguments she and the other rads she was involved with were making tended to center around whether or not wanky self-expression is in any way effective politically. Contra's complete disinterest in talking about anything other than himself, his feelings and his sexy decisions puts his politics squarely at odds with pretty much anyone but Ayn Rand.

He looks like a damn fool accusing a bunch of dumb internet kids of 'raping' him, even if in the ~metaphorical~ sense.

No. 913482

He only quotes feminists to either further his own victim narrative or to mock them. When their writings aren’t useful to his current situation it’s “lel what are they complaining about I’d rather suck dick xDD”

No. 913494


NTAYRT, but 1:13.

No. 913548

Yeah, why did he come back to the internet anyway? He should be off sucking dick, because apparently that's more important than everything else to him.

No. 914314

Hontra has gained over two thousand Patreon subscribers since the video released. I can't believe this rich asshole is getting even richer for fucking up. Breadtube(?) is a disease.

No. 914730

He only came back because his sucker money (Patreon) was starting to go down. But obviously as >>914314 pointed out, people are fucking idiots and will kiss his boney man ass just for his self-absorbed whinefest. 2,000 Patreon subscribers, are you kidding me? lol

No. 914805

No. 914904

The KF thread is guestimating Contra is bringing in at least half a million a year at this point.

No. 915137

he earns around 450'000 $ a year from pateron alone but if you add in his youtube revenue, merch sales and anonymous donations he could likely be earning over a million dollars a year

No. 915496

I'm dead lol He barely produces videos, his fans are suckers but eh, it's their money.

No. 915618

I really don't understand why so many breadtubers, and youtube personalities, think heavy drinking is a quirky personality trait. "Haha, I'm so sad, let me just drink straight from this bottle" is the sort of glamorization a teenager would make of alcohol, thinking he's some deep byronic bohemian for drinking heavily. It's not the behavior you'd expect from someone in his 30s.

He's done it in several videos now, substance abuse is a weird way to flex.

No. 918948

>xrumer test
Oh boy, wonder what this could be.

No. 932763

No. 932781

Fixed that for you newfriend.

tldw Natalie fell in love with Theryn (I assume) who did not reciprocate because two trans women dating is an abomination or something, Natalie is now a trans lesbian and is ashamed of it.

No. 932803

he has no charisma and every single video is about tranny shit. i dont know how anyone enjoys listening to 42 minutes of this slackjawed donkey drone on about his cumbrained misadventures just because he's lit in pink and surrounds himself in dollar store polyester wisteria

No. 932810

Have you guys seen Quinton Reviews now unlisted video of him sucking contrapoints off?

No. 932817

Oh god this video made me cringe so hard. I really used to love quinton reviews, but now he's trying his absolute best to become a breadtuber and I don't buy it. It's fucking embarrassing and I can't watch his videos anymore after shit like this.

No. 932866

this video just proves how much of narc contra is. he cant go one second without assuming everything is about or relates to him. he cannot see past himself.
at least he addresses he's a huge attention whore, but the way he describes his feelings of emptiness is pure narc.

No. 932927

Thank fucking god someone else noticed this. idk what Quinton is trying to do lately but whatever it is he's trying too hard and everything is coming off cringy. Has he ever even met contrapoints? Or any breadtuber for that matter?

No. 932928

LOL I really don't know if I want to watch this