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File: 1530890209348.png (231.91 KB, 500x564, loli uwu waifu.png)

No. 630225

https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Shoe0nHead#External_Links (for anyone who wants to look through her old stuff)

Previously on the uwu smol bun and shitty daddy dom trainwreck show:

Summary of her past:

>In her pre-internet days used to be a typical guido looking trash, was a bully in high school

>Discovered internet and got addicted to male attention so hard she dropped her education (film school) and became a Boxxy skinwalker
>Spent her days constantly attention whoring on Unichan, trying to be "the better Boxxy", pretended she's a "shy nerdy gurl uwu"
>Went on a vacation to Mexico with few unichan neckbeards. Obese one named Kenny stole her phone and posted her nudes on the net because she rejected his advances.
>Befriended an unichan guy (Ian) who would later become first lolcow.farm admin; possibly gains a mod status, uses it to know who is shit-talking about her on lolcow.farm (2014)
>Dated a seemingly normal guy, dumped him because her fanbase didn't approve she is dating a black guy and because he told her that she should get off the internet.

>Starts a youtube channel "shoe0nhead" supposedly for criticizing feminism - though she doesn't present any valid arguments instead uses her internet "fame" to shit-talk women and present herself as "not like the other girls".


>27- Still addicted to internet (male) attention- no education other than high school, no career prospects, no skills.

>No real personality either, changes her opinions constantly based on what will make her gain fans.
>Dates an obese guy with intellectual disabilities who treats her like shit - Desperately wants to be seen as a young girl.
>Acts like a teenager online even though she's almost 30, can't form argument worth shit
>Lies about her past, pretends she was a "friendless wallflower shy nerd girl uwu" even though she was a popular guido with tons of friends who bullied nerds.
>Still obsessed with shitting on women while she coddles men like babies, huge double standards
>Still a bully, now online, sends her fans to attack smaller channels and random people she doesn't agree with (never goes after big channels).
>Huge coward, will block you if you point out her hypocrisy. (She will block your followers too)
>Googles her name all day - finds comments about her that don't even mention her directly. (this includes looking through posts and tweets with the word “shoe” in them)
>Makes everything about her, can't talk about a topic without inserting herself in it.
>Has nothing to put on her resume except "dunking on terfs xd"
>Got dragged by Brittany Venti and some of her former alt-right chan buddies for throwing Lauren Southern under the bus for trans and leftist brownie points
>It failed horribly, and after June trying pathetically to backtrack, it resulted in Shuwu Saga vids and people on both ends of the political spectrum are sick of her shit now
>Still pulling her hair out while her bf flirts with other girls on twitter, the only defenders who seem to care about her getting roasted are her troon skinwalker fan Mayu and a few of her lolicon beta orbiters
>'Debunks' Brittany's video by lying again and trying desperately to cover up. Still no shame in sight.
>Her and her fanboys falseflagged the original Shoe vid in an attempt to cover for her. (Video was taken down twice for the same reason)
>Still never made that video with Lauren Southern because her fans have the memory of a goldfish and didn’t need to appease them anymore.
>Tries to make a guy’s suicide attempt about her.
>Goes on to say she was friends with him and was planning to make a video about him, but never does.
>Goes to Vidcon wearing obvious butt pads and was laughed at online for it.
>Even though she said she would only make LGBT videos for pride month, she goes and makes an extremely low effort (even lower than usual) video on Gorillaz.
>After Vidcon, her bf released a 40-minute long vlog packed to the brim with cringe and disgusting close-ups of his face.
>Soon after, Shoe released a video where she goes to a gun range and lies nonstop.
>Claims to have only gone to a gun range once and being afraid of guns in the video despite the fact her gun nut ex took her to gun ranges all the time and owning a gun.

Referenced Videos:
Shuwu Saga Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpNB9_GDpuo
Shuwu Saga Part 2: Electric Boogaluwu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWnk4gkMuzw
Septic’s Vidcon Vlog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkrNbm7XHnM
Gun Range Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5ivbqib3qM

No. 630232

June has let people use her videos/talking points in educational projects tf she on about "i'm just a feminist rekt channel you see!"

No. 630236

File: 1530890978490.jpg (570.22 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180706-072936_Twi…)

B-but I thought shuwu didn't drink. Drinking isn't Sugoi for our babby shuwu.

No. 630237

Op pic is r o u g h

No. 630238

File: 1530891022342.jpg (543.55 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180706-071919_Twi…)

Shuwu is a hardcore Goff gril.

No. 630240

File: 1530891111767.jpg (205.64 KB, 1071x731, 20180706_073243.jpg)

No. 630242

File: 1530891322088.png (12.49 KB, 423x98, 5DUjmeD.png)

tfw even your fiance admits you're not a goffic metal head princess

No. 630247

File: 1530891927006.jpg (2.79 MB, 4032x3024, 153089194245874388580264036834…)

Made fanart of June as a horse.

No. 630249

Needs more balding

No. 630261

Kek, the BDSM collar is a nice touch.

No. 630275

File: 1530894831158.png (215.5 KB, 572x884, narc rage part 134450389.png)

>you have the biggest victim complex
>easier to play victim
>stop lying
>you absolute drama queen

She could very well be talking about herself. Zero self awareness

No. 630282

She needs some more /exposure/.

No. 630289

File: 1530896206971.png (433.83 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180527-161038.png)

This is one of the funniest ones. She even had wine with her dinner at the restaurant she went to recently. (Pic of her with a mixed drink but alcohol is disgusting)

No. 630292

File: 1530896668964.jpg (610.17 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180706-090440_Twi…)

But that's what most of her videos are…that or just incessant bitching with no point.

No. 630294

File: 1530896748175.png (330.66 KB, 719x892, 20180706_130244.png)

Also, she misspelled hpnotiq she must have been wasted lol except she is a light weight and can't even take a shot of whiskey unu

No. 630295

Wow she really does lie about everything. It's pretty obvious that she doesn't mind alcohol and went shooting before but ofc she has to pretend to be disgusted by alcoholic beverages and scared of gunshots to keep up the illusion of her being a smol kawaii lil sub uwu

No. 630296

She was pretending to be drunk after four shots of whiskey and it was hilariously bad.

No. 630299

Tbh she was probably at a club or bar with that so much for being an introvert uwu

No. 630300

JS, I am easily wasted after 3 shots of whiskey. I don't think that's crazy. She lies about everything tho. She was drinking wine at Disney for her birthday, drinking mimosas when preg proposed, etc. She clearly is fine with drinking.

No. 630302

Interesting, anon. I still think she's pretending tho.

No. 630303

File: 1530897318096.jpg (372.13 KB, 1080x1178, 20180706_091511.jpg)

That's not how depression works Juwune. That's like asking a handicapped man to go for a walk.

No. 630305

File: 1530897702966.jpg (492.52 KB, 1080x1743, 20180706_092218.jpg)

No. 630306

"It's not worth scarring your body over temporary feelings"-shuwu on self harm

No. 630307

She 100% is the type of person that'd say suicide is selfish

No. 630313

File: 1530898700545.png (63.87 KB, 469x492, yHMQoA9.png)

No. 630314

She said she only ever had adhd. Lol someone needs to snatch her wig.

No. 630315

But the reason therapists exist is for the client to talk about problems they're too hesitant to talk about to loved ones…

No. 630328

Maybe the therapist could talk to the kid and find out the reason they "don't do anything"? You know, like they're trained to do
Also antisocial and introverted kids still have hobbies and interests they can talk about, plus you know, the reason they're depressed

No. 630344

File: 1530902175220.png (65.89 KB, 710x420, 20180703_203744.png)

I forgot to post this lol

No. 630358

File: 1530904417012.jpeg (235.78 KB, 750x619, F7E991BF-D57F-41D3-B58F-D2D06E…)

“Tee hee, my ADHD makes me special!!!”

God, those poor future kids.

No. 630360

There are other things besides pills june

No. 630362

I honestly don't believe she has adhd. Her entire shtick was a boxxy ripoff and she realized that men fall for ditzy, random, hyperactive girls. It's magnified even more now that little girl bullshit is fetishized.

No. 630364

>ADHD is a huge part of my personality
Imagine being so pathetic and vapid that your fucking disorder has to become an actual personality trait. god, this is just depressing.
Reminds me of those tumblr sjws who treat their disorders like cutesie, quirky traits.

No. 630366

Lol I was gonna say, diet and exercise (maybe not so much diet but for sure exercise) but June doesn’t even know how to take care of herself. She’d probably give her daughter an eating disorder or be one of those moms you see on Maury that feed you their kid whatever it wants if she has a son.

Neither outcome is nice for the kid

No. 630367

I got ADHD myself and feel insulted that June decided to call her potential kids hyperactive fucks. They would be like "Gee thanks mom." I hope to god she doesn't reproduce. Thanks for seeing folks with ADHD as hyperactive fucks.

It is not just being hyper June. It fucking sucks to have it. It is not an adorable quirk to add to your personality traits you lack.

No. 630369

I feel like she’s extremely misled as to what ADHD entails. Does she think that her “lulz random” meme spouting is a side effect of her condition? I don’t think that’s how it works…
If anything, the only personality trait that’s affected is her inability to progress in life socially and culturally. Is being an adult child honestly an attractive quality to her? Never mind, I just answered my own question.

No. 630370

It's always these retarded irresponsible ignorant people like her who end up being parents and fucking up their childrens' life and psyche, I swear. She does nothing but comments on things. She says everything like it's a fact, more than just an opinion that can change depending on evidence and she never double checks ANYTHING she talks about, she never checks any of her claims. And no, it's not only about ADHD in her case. It's mostly about being moronic and highly narcissistic especially since she has an army of followers who tell her how ''witty''. ''smart'' and ''reasonable'' she is daily.

No. 630372

I forgot to add on, it's not meth. It's a stimulant. Methylphenidate does not crystal meth make.

No. 630373

Guys, it's off-topic but do you know where to find the wig she wears on the internet? I mean the most recognizable one

No. 630381

She “knows” how she could have fixed herself? Bitch, why haven’t you done it yet?!


No. 630383

Maybe she got it from aliexpress? Or whatever cheap shop she orders all her “clothing” from

No. 630396

She liked a wig shop on etsy "NikkiBellaHair"

No. 630398

>I would know how to help them with it.

They're FUCKED.

No. 630399

File: 1530908089075.jpg (329.7 KB, 1000x1000, MORICHY-Loose-Wave-Human-Hair-…)

No. 630404

File: 1530908450853.jpg (7.76 KB, 411x160, Ko5DPap.jpg)

that explains a lot

No. 630413

>legal meth

what the fuck, where did she get this from?

i'm starting to doubt she has ADHD.
she's a poster child for histrionic personality disorder though.

No. 630416

she doesnt. it's all for attention. it's literally an excuse to continue her annoying cutesy PeNgu1N oF d00m bullshit.

No. 630432

kek, glad she's self-aware on this. she literally sounds like the entire cast of goodfellas

No. 630436

I thought she claimed to pay up to 2k on each of her wigs or some shit despite all of them looking cheap and terrible.

No. 630439

File: 1530912604078.jpg (100.18 KB, 493x1285, fsI6czs.jpg)

Old but gold ask.fm cringe.

I am 100% convinced her fans are sad, thirsty incels and have never spoken to a woman in real life.
>wow holy shit you cook too?? marry me
kek. see what i mean

>wide, feminine/baby making hips

She sends these to herself, I swear. I refuse to believe men are this retarded.

No. 630454

File: 1530913743636.jpeg (42.13 KB, 800x450, 7027C5BD-0CFB-40B7-BD45-6281D4…)

imagine being so insecure that chodelings and robots complimenting you was a good thing, lmfao

No. 630459

What kind of self respecting woman would answer those creepy ass questions or comments about her body for the internet anyways???

Oh, right. The kind that only plays "self respecting" online and actually just wants attention.

No. 630478

File: 1530916523152.jpg (14.83 KB, 367x388, 1312291457832.jpg)

"tiniest adult I've ever seen"

No. 630488

Her self-esteem must be reeeeeally low if she takes these kinds of disgusting remarks as a compliment.
It's basically "You would be a good baby-making machine, mmm, let me jack of to your full boobies, mmm, baby-making hips"
Great compliment. It's so fucking creepy. No one in their right mind would not reply to that.

No. 630499

she has to send herself these

No. 630503

I thought that was obvious.

I feel like most of June's interactions are with herself.

No. 630533

can't find that ask fm post where she guilt trips people about making 9/11 jokes "because it's not funny" but then she goes on to defend rape jokes

No. 630543

i mean obviously some of her ask.fm's are actually pathetic desperate ugly men and stupid trannies, but some are so clearly shuwu because almost NOBODY uses ask.fm anymore. so there is no way that all these real humans are sending in asks that perfectly praise shuwu's preferred image of herself like this.

No. 630552

No, you must have never come across those neckbears who have these pseudo biological beliefs and you don't know the way they talk. In their heads she's a ''biologically'' perfect wife and mother because she shit talks feminism and has big tits (I mean implants) and supposedly ''hourglass figure''. This is a textbook neckbeard/anti-feminist. Let's not exaggerate everything. She's got almost a million of subscribers and at least 2/3 of them are thirsty neckbeards/incels. She wouldn't bother to send this crap to herself. Look at countless comments under her videos and tweets. I bet you won't claim she made all those fake accounts and wrote them to herself and they contain the same shit.
She has or used to have a link to her ask. Thirsty dudes won't miss an opportunity to interact with the object of their desire directly.

No. 630553

i used to be a casual browser of r9k and i spent years on /b/, i definitely think she sends herself SOME anons, not all. i understand that the guys she caters to are really weird in that way but some of her asks are typed out so perfectly i have to think that she sent them in herself.

No. 630611

File: 1530930955433.jpeg (457.07 KB, 750x1287, 7CA852C8-91EE-456E-A79A-87303B…)

This looks more like what she’s wearing. And it’s only about 20 bucks!

No. 630615

No. 630624


it's used for ADHD and obesity in adults and children under the name Desoxyn. I wouldn't expect shuwu to know this, however.

No. 630627

it looks a lot more real than hers in this photo…

No. 630774

File: 1530949230172.png (126.69 KB, 677x806, FcECDcp.png)

No. 630777

she has also said autistic and sperg often as an insult as recently as about 10 months ago lol and that definitely wasn't 2015 or even 2016. she's a psycho liar

No. 630779

>"as an autistic person"
>implying retarded is a slur
>this level of sjw bullshit, which she agrees with
Her fanbase really is Oops! All Trannies/sjws now, huh?

No. 630782

I still don't get how she's supposed to be a liberal/leftist if the only political position she holds is anti-feminism lol

No. 630788

shuwu has me lost on what her actual political opinions are. she's so fake. one minute she'e really conservative, the next she's some uwu liberal pretending to be scared of guns as if she hasn't shot them proudly and taken casual pics of a handgun in her home before. she is just a giant flake who has no real political side to her.

No. 630800

To be fair, four shots of whiskey would probably fuck me up. Granted, I am smaller than June but unless she’s amazon big or an alcoholic, it’s not too far fetched to assume that she would get fucked up after four shots. She’s usually full of shit though.

No. 630822

File: 1530957134710.png (27.35 KB, 486x266, WM5m71u.png)

her ask.fm is a goldmine.

No. 630831

File: 1530958955414.jpg (55.04 KB, 467x655, Y8Y57c5.jpg)

It's so fucking good

No. 630836

File: 1530959918232.jpg (16.35 KB, 478x253, kvO3Od2.jpg)

No. 630838

"June what do you do when you're super lonely and no one around wants to hear you"

Junes advice: "Talk to someone close to you."

No. 630840

File: 1530961169713.png (893.05 KB, 900x1016, CCsXU5H.png)

No. 630842

File: 1530961857583.jpg (158.07 KB, 1185x933, fqEJwa3.jpg)

This ''politics'' thing is the one thing that genuinely makes me wonder if June is mentally challenged or just a compulsive liar without any shame.

She makes a living off of ranting about feminism, women's issues, gender ideology…Hell, she made a video on political lesbianism, ''islamophobia'', trump's victory and the political climate of 2017.

Does she not realize that everything she talks about is political/related to politics?

The fact that her claims on whether she's interested in politics completely flip flop when it's convenient to her doesn't help either.
You can't say that you're a liberal/left-leaning and call yourself a ''socio-political commentator'' in one breath and say shit like ''teehee politics r dum cuz i dont understand them :3'' in the next. You can't have it both ways. She's basically proving that she has no idea what she's talking about in her videos.

Shoe thinks that her screaming and spouting le randem epic maymays xD makes her videos ''entertainment'' rather than commentary and protects her from criticism.

No. 630844

File: 1530961948160.png (157.43 KB, 976x910, K7kKHry.png)

No. 630845

File: 1530962037867.jpg (136.02 KB, 590x398, vOCRVDE.jpg)

Samefag but this post basically proves my point. She pretty much admits that the shit she talks about is political.

No. 630857

''Just left'' are people against capitalism, you moron. Socialists, communists, anarchists.

No. 630859

She knows full well that she often delves into political matters, she uses this "lol what is politics I'm just a dumb girl uwu" shtick to try and a) weasel out of any responsibility and b) ensure that all the idiots that kiss her ass don't become alineated
She's terrified of being wrong while simultaneously completely unwilling to educate herself or develope a genuine,fact based opinion. So she uses this lame deflection method to make it seem as though her opinions "aren't serious" or are "just memes"

No. 630860

File: 1530966181272.jpg (62.64 KB, 681x532, IMG_20180707_142247.jpg)

>He looks A LOT like skeptic

Are her fantards blind?
June fucking wishes her ogre looked liked that.
I love how she tries to cope by calling him "twink fagboi".

No. 630861



>dude is full of muscles

No. 630867

File: 1530967042698.png (24.43 KB, 485x243, F8hvhOj.png)

>twinky fagboi

No. 630871

File: 1530967726922.jpg (10.33 KB, 234x275, m0HypuI.jpg)

>I love how she tries to cope by calling him "twink fagboi"
kek I was thinking the exact same thing, anon. june copes with her failure by calling everything she wishes she had ''normie'' and calling good looking, fit guys ''twinky/faggy''.

same reasons why she calls women with very curvy figures (curvy as in full bust, wide hips, big butt) ''fatbutt mcgee'' - she wishes SO bad she looked like that, she even admitted it. it's so fucking obvious and it's just embarrassing.

No. 630872

damn is she really that pathetic of a person where seeing a shirt that says something like "feminist" on it bothers her to the point where she has to run to her neckbeard twitter and complain about it?

No. 630874

She is, the typing style is a giveaway
Even most incels wouldn't make a huge deal about her narrow hips

No. 630877

File: 1530968621744.png (Spoiler Image, 804.56 KB, 900x1165, unknown (3).png)

I would like to humbly suggest a future couple cosplay

No. 630880

File: 1530969015969.jpg (25.69 KB, 452x189, jwO8uC8.jpg)

this shit makes me laugh everytime because
>greg's fat face and lack of bone structure makes him look at least 5 years younger than june
>june legitimately thinks random ass women give a fuck about her relationship
>june/her fans legitimately think she looks like a teen with her 2-inch-philtrum longface

No. 630882

File: 1530969243940.png (22.92 KB, 495x227, OPcclrv.png)

No. 630883

>eww what a skinny normie fagboi i would never want that, my boyfren groceries is so stronk though, look at his arms please destroy me uwu~~

No. 630887


No. 630888

File: 1530970111317.jpg (630.94 KB, 1000x811, YgYYpKF.jpg)

No. 630896


He wouldn't go to a therapist tho uwuwu

No. 630903

File: 1530973048344.jpg (1001.97 KB, 1536x2048, C9U_mjpXYAIR0Lb.jpg large.jpg)

so stronk. Didn't you know being tall automatically makes you a alpha dom? It doesn't matter how weak and fat you are, everyone else is just a bunch of beta manlets. As long as you're fatass makes your chubby gf look 'smol' in comparison you have achieved ultra man status. also it's important to base your entire relationship around it.

No. 630907

Skeptic was in a cult? I missed this.

No. 630914

based off of her calling medicine ‘legal meth’, i could totally see shuwu becoming an anti vaxxer

No. 630915

I'm cringing so hard my butthole clenched. He's so into it.

No. 630917


(AJ is how he used to refer to himself. Wiki article is a summary of what he told in a video that is now unlisted)

No. 630918

yeah shoopy really needs to stop referring to herself as ‘left’, which would imply that she is anti capitalist and when it’s been shown that she is very pro capitalist

No. 630919

Holy shit, same anon here, just realized the part about him joining a cult and spendong his wife's savings were deleted.

Anyone has a link to unlisted video?

No. 630921

Technically he was in two cults.

I know the video was posted in multiple previous threads. Here's his ED page that talks about it.

No. 630924

No. 630931

>june thinks getting IDed means she's a speshal snowflake childlike cherb angel jailbait
This kinda saddens me knowing june will stay with skeptic no matter what but skeptic will most likely leave her if she did anything remotely close to half the shit he does
Why the hell does his bellybutton look bigger than shoes loose asshole and pussy? This is as hilarous as watching fat trailer trash try to look like sexy lingerie models in those weird buzzfeed videos

No. 630942

Both wig and free eyelashes look a lot like hers

No. 630956

This is so fucking weird. Imagine the mindset you would need as a woman to see a shirt say "female" and feel threatened. In the days when I watched her she was obviously antifeminist, but her whole paranoid "feminism is in our schools and laws and shirts I won't buy are subliminal messaging" wasn't obvious. That goes beyond "feminism is dum uwu"

No. 630958

She got some from etsy too.

No. 630966

File: 1530982119040.jpg (1.35 MB, 850x1190, twining!.jpg)


What are you talking about anon they are basically the same person!

And they're both canadians too!!! You know shoe even looks adams girlfriend! Just look at their beautiful hair!

No. 630967

Imagine admitting that you shop at charlotte russe, a store for literal 13 year old girls.
Imagine being so offended by the words female and feminist you have to cry about it on twitter.

June is actually pitiful af.

No. 630969

At some point, her own fans will turn on her for being female since she fuels their hatred for anything related to women constantly. The not-like-other-girls shtick can only last so long or maybe she'll just come out as a trans man

No. 630972

The necklace is almost like her BDSM heart collar too.

>cooking is one of my favorite things to do.

No. 630973

File: 1530983408434.png (16.89 KB, 481x197, mfb5ROb.png)

No. 630974

June is literally a mgtow cockrag.

No. 630977

>>june thinks getting IDed means she's a speshal snowflake childlike cherb angel jailbait

Imagine shopkeepers thoughts when they ID her

>Hmmm definitely looks like she is nearing 30s but she is dressed like a teenager…Unfortunate genes? But she acts childish too, maybe she is mentally challenged…I'll ask for ID just in case.

No. 630978

File: 1530983761361.png (103.9 KB, 1346x1311, Screenshot_2018-07-07 Shoe0nhe…)

No. 630981


Men for the most part were controlling their wives' lives around that time were they not? Didn't women need to have cosigned loans and pre approval of an adequate amount of kids born before birth control? She is so hellbent on downplaying any negative feelings women have even in the past when it was 100% warranted.

No. 630986

File: 1530984661264.png (273.27 KB, 982x960, s1OTLo7.png)

last one of these, but jeff's tweet speaks for itself.

>just look like a generic unfunny girl

it's like she thisclose to being self aware. it's kind of sad

No. 630995

>women thought men were controlling their lives
Interesting wording there, June.

>She is so hellbent on downplaying any negative feelings women have even in the past when it was 100% warranted
This. She is so unbelievably ignorant and has no empathy for other women in general, but especially ones from the past - hence why she hates the second wave as well.

Shoe is a spoiled, sheltered, uneducated upper-middle class girl who has never lived a day on her own at 27 and thinks it's her right to tell others what they are doing wrong and how invalid their experiences are. Let that sink in.

No. 631010

This is so ironic, because she actually benefits from sexual revolution. "Back in the days' she would be shamed for not being married for so long, and mocked for hanging out with divorced fool with laughable job.
She is so focused on tumblr feminism and loves to nitpick silly stuff without any understanding of feminism or just other women lives and concerns. This is so frustrating.
And another thing - I don't belive she doesn't understand that feminism and race are actually often mixed with politics. She just wants to have cake and eat it. Or stay relevant and 'cool' for easy asspats.
I don't think another debunking video about her will help to open her fans eyes. I wish her the end a la Leafy - mocked and forgotten. How she would be able to get positive attention then? Not from her alphanerd, lol.

No. 631018

june is a truly awful human being who is seen as a ‘nice girl’ because she is constantly kissing men’s asses and pretending that they can do no wrong. i really hope karma bites her in the ass hard

No. 631021

but honestly, why does june hate other women so much? severe internalized misogyny? shitty relationship with her mom? not getting along with the other girls?

No. 631025

Other women are competition for her probably? And most women see throuh her cheap uwu tricks and are not willing to play along and take care of her just because she likes to pretend how fragile and special she is.
And she will be probably a shitty friend - look at her advice for someone who don't have anyone to talk to about problems. It's only about her.

No. 631026


She's just incredibly insecure and rightly so, and just loves attention.

If suddenly being super left means she would get a bigger following then she has now she'd do it.

It's been talked about in the other threads. The is the girl that throws her own sister under the bus because her younger sister accomplished, cultured, and clearly more adored (at least publicly) by her parents.

For me I look at it as like girls who try to get attention in an mmo or online male dominated site for below average guys. The girls are too ugly/boring/plain looking to get attention on an actual social media platform but not hideous where they can garner attention online. Which is pretty much what she did on 4chan.

No. 631027

My guess is that she has massive insecurities and therefore feels threatened by other women (especially prettier ones) - to make up for it, she panders 24/7 to men to be seen as “the cool girl”. Which won’t last long considering the type of men her fans are, she has around 3-4 years left before she’ll become useless to them.
Not to mention that she’s been attention whoring on forums and other sites for over a decade now.

Bitch needs therapy.

No. 631050

File: 1530991684165.jpeg (61.06 KB, 550x550, BDC0BF1B-6C5B-49CD-B20B-FAFC13…)

>woman with a peen
I knew she wished she was a tranny..that’s interesting

No. 631054

i refuse to believe anyone, not even the most pathetic ugly beta male or female, would send in the ask about if june gets accused of being black based on her """""""""""huge hips"""""""""

No. 631064


>internalized misogyny

o o f

No. 631065

No anon you're wrong! Don't you know muscular guys only weigh 300 lbs and have a giant pot belly and big jiggly manly soft bear arms!!!! ^_^ uwu~

No. 631070

Holy fuck are you kidding me. This lazy dreamworks-faced perpetually pregnant individual can't even do one fucking pushup and lay off the chips just to make his woman happy? Is he even flexing? My friend works in a pizza place and his arms are like the same size and 5 times as muscular as his. and he barely works out, he just lifts heavy pizza pans and moves boxes. He even has a belly too but it's not a big bulbous thing like preg's. Like greg must really be doing the bare minimum if that's how is arms look, I was giving him the benefit of the doubt thinking he probably has a generous layer of muscle to him but nope. It's all flab. I guess it makes sense, all he does all day is sit on the computer and fap to women who aren't Shune. No wonder June is gaining, they say your diet matches the person you are dating.

No. 631076

File: 1530994397456.jpg (687.52 KB, 1323x411, 3qNaRko.jpg)

>wide, feminine, baby-making hips

No. 631087

i had to stop reading halfway through the first sentence, because not even botox would stop me from cringing as hard as i did.

No. 631088

Jeez, he doesn’t even have “fatceps”, just fat.

No. 631094

it's a very sarcastic mocking fanfic, not actual shuwu delusion

No. 631097

alright, thanks. that's good to know, otherwise i would've lost more braincells than i already have reading half the shit shuwig has said.

No. 631136


No. 631166

The sad part is that the sword pic is readily available on her insta along with the shooped pics of her body

No. 631169

Her waist and hips are the same width looool

No. 631171

File: 1531003484093.png (312.6 KB, 717x648, 20180707_184512.png)

Found this gem

No. 631190

kek she's not very subtle about being a landwhale chaser

No. 631219

She loves attention. Shitting on other women is ome of the easiest ways to get attentions from bottom of the barrel men. She can put zero effort into garnering asspats if she just spergs about muh feminist rekt and muh wimminz are dumb uwu all day.

No. 631294

I honestly think this is to cater to her neck beard audience and not because she genuinely prefers this type. That way, they'll think they have a chance with her. It proves just how much "not like other girls" she is

No. 631295


No. 631301

File: 1531020112471.png (371.59 KB, 620x647, lkgjdlkhdjlk.PNG)

this is exactly what she did like what, a few weeks ago?

No. 631314

exactly right. before preg she was all about the skinny metro still conventionally attractive boys, until she realized there was no attention or asspats in that.

she does this constantly

No. 631430

Is she really turning her whoville ass nose up at people getting into political spats when she shits her buttpads at the word "debate"?

No. 631435

She's really obsessed with black people for some reason. I noticed it when she catfished as some black guy on MySpace and told some dubious story about black women at her job complimenting her. I think she dated a black guy, too.

No. 631495

She definitely dated a black guy, not that weird. I'm not sure the catfishing thing was ever proven. Just used a username Shoe also uses (juneskii or something). She did admit to making fake accounts in the past (like Nikki Narcotik or whatever) so it's entirely possible.
This seems like a bit of a stretch tbh

No. 631497

I think she posts it to pull it later as defence 'see guyz, I was joking, see how ironic about myself I am'

No. 631513

She used to catfish hot scene guys, not random old black men. People in these threads are just fucking retarded.

No. 631517

>I noticed it when she catfished as some black guy

they clearly never said june catfished old black men. no idea why you'd be so hostile over such a little detail anyway

No. 631531

File: 1531050192004.png (247.63 KB, 561x584, BN3ZtYV.png)

she wasn't even tagged in this post and yet she still found it

No. 631533

Nice blurring of name handles Jewn

No. 631534

She pretends she just accidentally bumps shoulder with all these alt right personas, as if she doesn't go out of her way to meet them and make videos with them to pander to the other side of her fanbase.

"Uhhhh I'm sick of all this politics shit, I just wanna be small and cute on the internet but I'm also going to force myself into every political conversation and hang around exclusively with political channels, don't call me out though."

I'm sick of her shit.
Her biggest personality disorder is that she got spoiled as shit as a child and now wants to be center of attention 24/7 just like how she was ehen she was 5.

No. 631540

File: 1531051673325.png (29.95 KB, 546x310, K5Xyk7A.png)

yeah it's almost as if june has a habit of changing her views based on what's popular at the moment. it's almost like she doesn't have a solid belief system of her own

No. 631552

>disagrees with you politically
But I thought you don't understand politics and don't hold political opinions besides ''feminism is gay'', June?

No. 631556

>it's never the other person, it's always meeeeee

what a bitch

No. 631557

File: 1531054138513.jpg (250.03 KB, 810x1382, IMG_20180708_144904.jpg)

Some random cuck from tumblr literally put this picture as their lockscreen

No. 631558

Except it does happen the other way around. What about when Contra's fans had a shit fit he was around Shoe? Or when RantingF got shit for being her friend? Juwune is a perpetual victim just like the SJWs she makes fun of.

No. 631560

her fans are such lonely cucks

No. 631570

Was this Mayu’s?

No. 631574

Damn, who has so little going on in their life that stanning some almost 30 year old womanchild and her obese daddy dom is the most exciting part? Feel bad for them tbh.

No. 631603

Kek. Pretty sure this was the same person who got incredibly butthurt about the whole black dude catfishing thing in the first place lol. Saged.

No. 631605

No. 631611

File: 1531062182379.jpg (73.82 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 631620

Why is she holding her dress? Can't this bitch stand properly for a picture? Sage for nitpick.

No. 631634

to accentuate her buttpads, probably

No. 631645

Lmao he's wearing a shitty AliExpress Choker just like his queen

No. 631648

feels good to see her targeted ~manosphere~ audience talk shit about her in the comments

No. 631649

This is such bad writing. I can’t believe anyone spent time on this. Her fans are so embarrassing.

No. 631650

It's facetious

No. 631652

Her fans? Did you actually read it?

>"Hey, before I cook us up some tendies…"Shoe started.

>"Us?" Skeptic replied, concerned at how she had started to claim his resources even before they settled into a love-less marriage.
>"Sorry, honey. Before I cook YOU up some tendies…" She corrected her egregious mistake.

What about this is not obviously making fun of them?
I swear, there are so many Anons with awful reading skills here, it's almost embarrassing.

No. 631658

I didn’t read through it bc it was rlly poorly written. Lol. That still stands even if it turns out it was intended to be satirical.

No. 631660

So how did you guys take shuwu's nice guy sperg?

No. 631662

Reading these comments, you really get to see how pathetic a demographic she caters to. Lots of them are WK-ing her as "nice/good for a woman" because she's antifeminist, but when you expand the threads even those guys are referring to her being 26 at the time as "not having much time left."

No. 631663

I'm living for this.

No. 631665

I love that June made this video when she's dating fuckin Preggory

No. 631684

File: 1531075627759.png (215.63 KB, 1296x810, discordcringe.png)

pretending to give a fuck about video games again I see

>all those self depreciating comments

begging for compliments again? or have we finally gotten to her girls? :^)

No. 631687

Lol those last 6 messages on the left, was she reading lolcow and having a meltdown regarding her looks?

>I'm not wearing any skin makeup

here we go again

No. 631691

why does mayu actually look cute here? is this a video still? i'm so confused how he hides his massive chin and face shape. sage for being dumb.

No. 631695

Kek, she's def reading here and trying to make it seem like she's cool with having a donkey snout or big hands, like we said. She has huge hands, it's true, but she used to try to claim they were tiny and posed with them as if they were childlike w preg. And fuck off, there's no way she hasn't been wearing foundation recently. You can see it in candids. She really does have huge feet too. Not that it isn't impossible at all, but truly, everything about her seems to make the uwu tiny adult so Petite barely 5'2 bullshit unlikely

No. 631703

june is like an evolved version of the basic bitch, shw just transforms into whatever people like most at the moment for the sake of getting her virtual dick sucked

No. 631714

Are these recent? Are you the russian spy anon?

No. 631717

>my eyes are close together and I have a horse snout
been reading here I see

No. 631718

>i'm excited for kingdom hearts
Excuse me?

No. 631721

>fetlife is for degenerates
Juwune and preg are some of WORST BDSM elitists is2g

No. 631723

File: 1531078162899.jpg (666.23 KB, 600x753, vH2DW71.jpg)

Oh my god there we go again

She really thinks she can pull an idubbbz when someone calls her out/talks shit about her by self-deprecating and get away with it. Not a smart move.
She completely fails on every level and it just makes her look sad and insecure because she's not intelligent enough and has fucked up way too much to use ''self aware'' comments about herself as a shield.

In order to use self-deprecation against critique about yourself you actually need to not be a hypocrite and a liar, june. lmao

No. 631726

Since when did June ever play Metal Gear or Metroid literally what is she doing what is she saying i feel like she is not human but just an entity composed of lies

No. 631727

that completely made up story about undressing a pokemon character and making it "moan" ((i dont think it was a moan probably some weird nose that would happen no matter where you clicked the character)) Highly Bisexual Individual™

No. 631730

is there any more milk being spilled? can you just cap like anything she says when you have the time? curious about how she actually interacts with them. she's super selfish and embarrassing whenever she interacts with her fans

No. 631731

It was the same URL as her insta at the time, weird coincidence? I don't really think so lol

No. 631793


It's even more ironic when you know that 5 seconds ago she was like: "muh big almond eyes, muh perky boobies, muh slender figure, muh disney princess waist, muh perfect skin, muh bubble butt, muh long legs" etc etc

No. 631795

She's talking about Zero Suit Samus and Snake in the new Super Smash Bros game. I haven't read up on it too much, but Snake's now flat ass (it was slightly bigger and a lot better looking in Brawl) was and possibly still is a big thing people were talking about

No. 631796

Correlation does not equal causation…

No. 631799

File: 1531086249930.png (17.09 KB, 451x200, calv.PNG)

she's such a dumb asshole. trying to say how smol and tiny her calves are, but instead of admitting that her legs look practically deformed, she has to use this as an opportunity to shit on women yet again with this male pandering conclusion of "ALL BOOTS ARE MADE FOR FAT GIRLS. EVERYTHING ACCOMMODATES FAT GIRLS BECAUSE ALL GIRLS ARE FAT AND GROSS AND NAGGY EXCEPT FOR ME!!"

no, june, your legs are just spindly and weird, and just because you don't fit in them doesn't mean that anything but your size = fat

No. 631801

aww speshul wittle snowflake uwu~

No. 631802

File: 1531086565295.gif (688.13 KB, 245x165, giphy.gif)

A few threads ago im sure someone posted some caps from her old blog where she was moaning how she hates her legs and wish she had bigger calves and how she wish she was curvy instead of being a stick

No. 631803

File: 1531086589527.png (11.3 KB, 431x178, 5 dr.PNG)

No. 631804

But ass gets tighter and "flatter" the bigger (muscular) a guy is men aren't designed to carry fat in their asses. Saged for no1curr.
Also, how is that a feminism strikes again, June?

No. 631805

File: 1531086820158.png (308.7 KB, 433x450, wow.PNG)

"my tits are too nice for my life to be like this"


No. 631807

her ''muh [insert body part]'' sperging reeks of jealousy and body image disorder tbh because she's always simultaneously putting herself on a pedestal and claiming to be ~so special and different~

her body shape is rather unfortunate or average at best. who is she trying to fool

No. 631812

File: 1531087113162.png (31.14 KB, 441x257, 5'3.PNG)

just realized she recently started saying she's 5'3 again. probs bc she reads here.

No. 631814

File: 1531087600374.png (345.54 KB, 913x405, 5 years old.png)

No. 631816

She looks like a 30 year old trying to cosplay a 2006 middle schooler.

Oh wait, she is exactly that.

No. 631817

She gives off such a creepy vibe-given how many followers she has and the whole daddy dom stuff I would not be surprised her doing this to try and get the pedo's attention

No. 631818

File: 1531087698713.png (737.66 KB, 1038x576, IMG_0662.PNG)

This is the pic I've been seeing a lot. By bigger, I wasn't necessarily referring to fat. "More prominent" would have been a better way to phrase it. His butt appears pretty muscley in Brawl. While small, like a fit man's would be, it's still (in my opinion) a nice butt. Whereas in Ultimate, there is barely the faintest trace of a butt.

Pretty off-topic, but this is what June was talking about

No. 631821

File: 1531087824282.png (36.23 KB, 437x334, small fingers.PNG)

she ltierally said she had "skinny, small fingers" but now she has huge hands and fingers ok june

No. 631822

File: 1531087844904.jpg (49.81 KB, 616x457, kkoXHSj.jpg)

No. 631824

File: 1531087953355.jpg (30.57 KB, 578x284, IXEDbba.jpg)

No. 631830

File: 1531088320936.png (290.76 KB, 468x510, i cant.PNG)

i think i just found my holy grail june tweet. this is so fucking embarrassing and pathetic.

i'm sure she'd love to say this is "jus a joke!!" but she has been caught unironically complimenting her tits on many different occasions and knows how to covertly sexualize herself and get men drooling without explicitly showing her tits

No. 631832

File: 1531088429866.png (237.64 KB, 460x648, saggy ugly tits.PNG)

obviously not a joke given shes saying this, too. so anything more normal than these overly stiff, massively projected 3d tits are "saggy and ugly"

ok june

No. 631834

File: 1531088601805.jpg (46.78 KB, 578x332, xsgqcIc.jpg)

No. 631839

File: 1531088728645.png (36.46 KB, 264x239, 4219.png)

june thinks she has nice boobs

No. 631841

Is she implying a natural teardrop equals "SAGGY UGLY TITS REEE!!"? Is she actually a twelve year old boy?

I have no issues with Cindy's design tbh, but considering she's wearing what appears to be a bikini top, her boob shape does come off as unnatural or "fake". Wasn't there talk of June having had a boobjob?

No. 631844

You recieve $2000 per video for doing shit-all but it's sooooo horrible when a twitch thot does it!!

lmao June, you literally have bolt-ons

No. 631850

File: 1531089314039.jpg (140.48 KB, 597x683, zD3zp0w.jpg)

She always back pedals with the good ol ''it's just a joke'' cop out

why can't she just say something and fucking own it for once lmao

No. 631853

that's exactly what she's saying. any that aren't sat up that high, any that aren't that bulbous, or that projected = saggy and ugly. those boobs are incredibly extreme in all 3 qualities. there's plenty of room for them to be more 'toned down' and still be considered 'perfect' boobs by most people.

No. 631859

Is she retarded? That character isn't wearing a push up or anything just some thin material bikini. No ones tits look like that unless they're literally bolted on.

No. 631862

>thats pretty damn terrifying

Lmfao, why? How is that terrifying? I thought she "supported" sex workers but apparently she considers them evil and scary because how dare they manipulate poor wittle men uwu

No. 631870

File: 1531090370708.jpg (30.73 KB, 570x223, InMSfBS.jpg)

even bolt-ons are not placed on your fucking collarbones lmao is she really that dense?

No. 631872

holy fuck she's horrible. she knows full well that's not how even the perkiest, most fake looking naturals look. she just wants a chance to shill her and her bolt ons as being realistic

No. 631896

She's 5'4 lol

No. 631904

Mocking a schizophrenia sufferer classy stuff uwu

No. 631929

it looks like he probably has one of those face filters on that makes the bottom half of your face smaller and your eyes huge

No. 631938

She's incredibly uneducated. She has lived in a sheltered, middle class family for years and has never had a bad experience with men personally. She thinks women are liars because her personal experiences are every woman's out there. I dunno why any woman would ever pander to men, esp neckbeards who will turn on them the minute they start aging normally.

June is in for an extremely rude awakening. She doesn't know anything about real feminism or the benefits she gains from it.

rofl., why is she so pathetic??

No. 631939

I see people say they feel sorry for her because "really she is insecure" blah blah blah, nah I think this is the real her she really thinks shes the dogs bollocks.

No. 631941

same. it really annoys me because it's obvious that she's really high on herself and doesn't deserve sympathy

No. 631943

Exactly. I've seen people white knight her and give her pity for the same things she not only gives women shit for, but gets paid to do it. The irony makes me laugh-her beta orbiters will complain about women only feigning interest in "male hobbies" to get mens attention and ergo money but then will donate to her patreon for her "bideos"

No. 631964

Plus the potato quality 2007 webcam, just like senpai.

No. 631966

she's right that she looks like she broke into her moms makeup drawer and slathered on makeup similar to a 5 year old however in this photo she looks like a 30 year old woman trying to be a teenage pedo luring 15 year old online with a low quality webcam.

No. 631968


her legs are strangely skinny yeah sure but they are shorter than her large torso and her wide shoulders and extremely square waist and hips are obvious. her waist was smaller like 2 years ago but even then she was a fucking s q u a r e

No. 631971

rofl, bitch, what bikini is also a push up bra to that extreme? She sounds like jnig here.

No. 632056

June knows nothing about human physics or gravity or anatomy if she did she'd shoop more realistically lmao

No. 632059

File: 1531110737462.png (58.11 KB, 720x300, 20180709_003248.png)

I'm a gayme gil lol

No. 632062

Why is her life so.. empty?

No. 632127

File: 1531121043907.png (85.33 KB, 560x584, mYyeG2Z.png)

No. 632128

File: 1531121062889.png (9.54 KB, 257x115, Tdg2Nba.png)

No. 632143

File: 1531122997432.jpg (14 KB, 500x500, septic shirtless.jpg)

oh no indeed

No. 632144

She seems proud of her body by the way she talks about it but like shes ashamed of showing it off because half of her fanbase acts like women who show skin are dirty harlots lol

No. 632155

File: 1531124715064.png (7.67 KB, 362x126, AjrCvdt.png)

>publicizes her 24/7 ddlg bdsm lifestyle on twitter
>wears kink collars in her videos
>constantly brags about her big tits and ass
>markets herself as a ~not like the other girls~ antifeminist dream girl to lonely mgtow
>btw i don't sexualize myself like those dirty twitch thots :3 uwu

No. 632161

File: 1531125714438.jpg (156.71 KB, 667x1000, charli xcx.jpg)


>I wear collars in public, anon

because in uwuworld, nobody wears things for fashion reasons. everyone who dips into the punk rock aesthetic is actually into being peed on by fat guys, nothing to do with looking a little "edgy" whatsoever.

No. 632163

>pretends to be bisexual for male attention and to pander to their sexual fantasies even though she herself admitted that she isn’t into women whatsoever

No. 632173

This bitch literally has fetal alcohol syndrome hahah why does anyone like her

No. 632175

File: 1531132096276.gif (2.26 MB, 275x175, beefcake dom daddy.gif)

No. 632182

File: 1531133912633.png (53 KB, 588x488, Guj6dxS.png)

what female fans? where are they?

she always talks about her female followers as if her audience isn't 99% neckbeards and 12 year old edgelords. just look at her vidcon meetup thing.

No. 632185

Her projection is astounding
>people laughing at weird silicon clevage = ALL WOMEN SHOULD HAVE SAGGY TITS
Does she think theres no inbetween? Probably why she brags so insanely about her implants, she thinks because she had hideous tits and went to fix them,then there's no inbetween for other women either

No. 632186

File: 1531134737494.png (393.19 KB, 574x586, vV2Zfwu.png)

No. 632197

Maybe she's counting her incelous troon fans as females?

No. 632199

To be fair she does have some female fans - women that are literally exactly like her. They’re all into the “smol goth uwu” shit and are the edgy, attention-starved “not like other girls” type.

It’s retarded though how she acts like she has a decent amount of female fans, it’s very obvious that her audience is at least 90% male. Sane women who aren’t narcissistic and self-obsessed see through her bullshit and don’t follow her, it’s only those who are like her.

No. 632282

That's not even what happened. Troons&co were trying to take away their transparents and make them go away so they laid down…

Of course June is gonna spread wrong news. She is a part of the LGBTQIASDFHJK+++ community now!

No. 632285

She's as mentally challenged as Grug, isn't she? Can she even properly read anything that isn't about her, or does she lack the resources?

No. 632303


The start of this gif looks like her abusive step father has just wondered into her room, in order to beat her or something. Like why is she so proud of preg when his style is neckbeard at best.

No. 632433

She has a smol following of impressionable teen girls but not adult women

No. 632452

> feminism is doo doo

Is June fucking 12?

No. 632454

don't flatter her, anon.

No. 632465

File: 1531162202607.png (44.83 KB, 579x255, y9dcZy9.png)

>lack nuance
yeah because no one is more nuanced than ms "feminism is doo doo teehee"

>looks cute
excuse me?

No. 632496

File: 1531164762653.jpg (50.01 KB, 569x718, ogfEx1t.jpg)

How does someone post like this and not feel embarrassed?


Homegirl has the physique of a linebacker and speaks like a literal guidette. Why is it always the most loud and obnoxious people claiming to be ''so shy uwu~''?

No. 632505

File: 1531165124406.jpg (3.99 KB, 266x90, 9JIucDg.jpg)

No. 632547

File: 1531168046792.jpg (48.59 KB, 485x545, deog9m2.jpg)

never fails to amaze me how try-hard and cringe worthy she can get lol every single one of these posts is golden, thanks june

No. 632551

File: 1531168186781.jpg (17.3 KB, 433x146, ocC69L5.jpg)

Her fans take the fucking cake though

No. 632555

Such a cringy narcissist. She's almost on the same level as instagram whores that get shat on by Saudi princes for money, except she absolutely doesn't have the looks.

No. 632562

>shreg buff
I can't get over her forcing this constantly despite pictures show how fucking weak and pale his arms are, even when he tries "flexing" there is nothing but fat.

That reminds me, is there any pictures of super buff Preg lifting wig herself? I'm only asking because that's a very common photo to take between tall guys and short/petite girls and shuwu seems like the exact type of attention whore who would want to flaunt that her "canadian lumberjack" carrying her "smol" self.

I honestly believe Preg can't carry anything over 100lbs and shuwu is what like 130 plus now?

No. 632566

File: 1531168856424.png (25 KB, 354x399, 98oy86Q.png)

don't be mistaken though she's totally grossed out by muscles

No. 632621

>I wear collars in public, anon.
yeah, just like every other teenage girl in 2k18, you're sooo kinky, shoe.

No. 632625

lol june, everyone saw your nudes already, your boobs are faker than your bisexuality

No. 632665

We need a collage of all the times she's alluded to Preg being "muscular" OOPS I MEAN lumberjack,strong,hunky, godlike, beefy uwu

No. 632687


Yes, let's be upset over the evil terfs laying down and not harming instead of the men out there who beat up and kill trannies. Perfect June logic.

No. 632708

Because shes hoping if she repeats it often enough it will come true. Someone needs to tell her thats not how reality works kek.

No. 632767

Wasn't it proved those were not her nudes but of that of a girl she invited over to her house and then leaked pretending they were hers? I remember it being discussed in previous threads.

No. 632800

When did this happen anon

No. 632818

as stated, in previous threads anon

No. 632826

I don't think anyone said she invited anyone over to her house and took nudes. Some people said that the nude with in front of her door was someone else.

No. 632832

Lol honestly, these women were absolutely peaceful at protesting. They had some signs and said some "unpleasant" words… Unlike the troons who got upset at this who literally go out to protests with bats and brass knuckles looking for women who disagree with them to beat up.
But yes June, evil TERFS.

No. 632840

Yeah this is what i remember. Saged.

No. 632880

I believe that was a tweet she made fun of, not her.

No. 632979

File: 1531219425658.jpg (390.07 KB, 585x849, HfQjNJt.jpg)

everything is about MEEE if I can't relate then it's not real and just your personal problem REEEE

No. 632983

File: 1531219989900.jpg (16.44 KB, 485x162, S7l1c8z.jpg)

>pities mgtow because ~teh evil womenz hurt the poor men :(~
>makes a living off of ridiculing radfems/feminists
>openly mocks tiny channels run by 60-year old ''radfem'' grannies

does she not see a hint of irony there

No. 632992

File: 1531221892954.jpg (18.28 KB, 556x170, ad.JPG)

New tweet.

Can't help but notice she turns into a huge activist when it comes to shitting on wage gap, even though her research consists of 4chan screenshots and meme twitter discussions.

It's like she tries to make "wage gap debunking" a part of her personality, pretty sad since she can't even direct to a proper research that she personally has read.

No. 633065

what even
as if many women didn't become feminists because they were somehow hurt by men

No. 633070

File: 1531237221979.png (328.45 KB, 398x599, fucking losers.PNG)

shes now posting caps from her brainlet fans with the target of their harassment obviously not blurred out. she's encouraging them to continue to harass terri, who has 2.7k followers.

No. 633072

i hate being smol so much uwu

No. 633088

File: 1531238180538.png (72.55 KB, 916x508, backpedla.PNG)

kek, all of a sudden all of her yesstyle and bodyline is cheap crap after shilling them for years. june, get off our threads

>3+ years of bodyline bullshit
>short phase

No. 633089

File: 1531238234686.jpg (113.83 KB, 523x1450, AxDBL4t.jpg)

Shoe and her fans making fun of political lesbians has to be the least self-aware, pathetic shit I've ever seen. I can't get over how retarded her audience is.

I've never see anyone pander this obviously to a demographic, hell, even boogie isn't as shameless as she is.

This collage had been posted before but it's very relevant right now, considering how Shoe thinks she's now a spokesperson for LGBT, so I'm bringing it back. This bitch is insufferable.

No. 633097

>japanese korean etc
Has she ever even bought from a Korean or Japanese brand in her life? I'm pretty sure actual Japanese-made "cutesy" clothes are better quality and more expensive than 90% of the shit she wears. Not going to bother naming brands in case she reads this and "suddenly" finds her love for Jfashion.
June, just come out and admit you've been buying Chinese factory bargain bin bullshit from YesStyle.

No. 633099

File: 1531238916297.png (371.12 KB, 760x1208, hypocrisy.png)

she is the slipperiest, most spineless snake i'v ever seen

No. 633109

File: 1531239364047.png (167.89 KB, 608x906, Vzd3JoT.png)

boogie and june are honestly very alike with their pandering and fence-sitting. both of them somehow managed to convince their audiences that they're the ~nicest youtubers ever uwu~ despite being passive aggressive manipulators.

No. 633127

File: 1531240995687.png (71.53 KB, 616x586, 8aWiLiY.png)

samefag but don't forget that she claims to be bi because she met both of her boyfriends online and didn't know what they looked like… despite knowing that they were both men.

she's a political bisexual. she's so desperate to be apart of any and every group

No. 633130

>pretty sure one of them will shoot me one day tho
what the fuck is he talking about he doesn't even have his own thread lmao

No. 633137

Lol She probably finally got too fat to fit in the larger sizes.

Go to Chico’s already.

No. 633139

File: 1531241817780.jpg (60.01 KB, 537x596, EIm7YiM.jpg)

>2015: ''god it's so pathetic to use your tits for clicks''
>2017: ''I totally lov hot girls cuz im so gay n such a nympho xD i totally support girls who show cleavage!!! bc remember im bisexual :3''
>2018: ''god it's so pathetic to use your tits for clicks''

This is so transparent. She obviously thinks using cleavage for views is low, but she doesn't say it openly because she'll lose libfem/liberal brownie points. Instead she pretends that she ''supports'' it while simultaneously saying this fake ''teehee i'm not superior to anyone uwu~ aren't i so nice and humble?'' shit, when she clearly does feel superior. If she doesn't, what's so wrong with showing cleavage on your channel? What's the big problem?

Like I don't care what her opinion is but it just fucking annoys me how she has to lie all the time. Just be honest for christ's sake.

She always claims that her opinions change because she ''matures'' - your opinion clearly didn't change, you just lie in order to pander to as many people as possible.

No. 633142

samefag but
>you hadn't had to sexualize your videos for views
still makes me laugh

No. 633146

File: 1531242299238.png (17.44 KB, 471x154, 33cmmMS.png)

No. 633147


She triggers me when she says shit about fashion, music, or anime bc she’s a total poser. She squanders her time scheming up ways of being relevant and popular at the cost of cultivating actual interests that she can be knowledgeable about.

No. 633150

Its funny because her and her neckbeard following are always bitching about posers and calling these girls thots and attention whores yet shes the epitome of all that-shes the biggest attention whore going.

No. 633153


You just know that once she stops earning enough money, she'll try doing amateur porn videos with septic

No. 633156

lol that's exactly what I was thinking. Shuwu can't fit into those smol asian sizes uwu. I can imagine she might be able for their xl stuff but, I bet ordering larges trigger her.

No. 633157

I think she will do those cringy ddlg/pet videos with him to put on youtube before it comes to that

No. 633159

>I can imagine she might be able for their xl stuff but, I bet ordering larges trigger her.

Given how she creepily films fat people for her followers to laugh at and thinks everyones jealous of "her disney princess waistline"-totally lol. Must kill her there are millions of asians smaller than she is.

No. 633161

Not to mention how her neckbeard audience fetishizes Asian women and try to paint them as superior waifus.

June probably seethes with jealousy when she sees an Asian woman.

No. 633163

Im just waiting for her “come to Jesus” moment where she decides that her size is perfect and the too-skinny wahmen who try too hard are the sluts

Lol, who am I kidding? This bitch will be delusional 4ever

No. 633166

File: 1531243797812.png (389.48 KB, 588x570, 0aZRUBk.png)

No. 633175


that description is so bad and cringy.

"well thought out" arguments. it reads like a primary school review.

No. 633179

>a person who does not experience sexual attraction unless they form a emotional connection
>I’ve only been romantically/emotionally attracted to a man

So she doesn’t feel physical attraction unless there’s an emotional attraction, and has never felt emotional attraction to another woman, therefore has never felt physical attraction to another woman, but somehow she’s still bi because fuck it, words don’t have meanings.

No. 633180

>sociopolitical commentator
>high-quality content
>intricate animations
>well thought out arguments

WHO the hell writes this shit??

actually who the fuck even attends mythcon??

No. 633189

I don’t think she can consider hereself demisexual at this point. She may have had a slow sexual development (then again maybe not because the dick sucking). She all the time sexualizes women though. Demisexual means you don’t have the ability to find sexual attraction without a romance or feeling of love as a catalyst. Yet she can look at any woman and say she wants to suckle the teets and smack dat ass.

No. 633205

Shoe is a straight girl that sexualizes women to hell and back to be like “one of the guys/the “cool gf”. It’s quite simple. She’s as straight as it gets and it’s so obvious. How people don’t see through this is beyond me. Her fans must be on a whole new level of desperation.

She literally sees women purely as sex objects which is why she can’t grasp the fact that people criticise over-sexualisation in the media. It’s not even about agreeing or disagreeing on political topics anymore, shoe literally can’t relate to other women on an emotional level…there’s a reason why she doesn’t have any female friends. Her “friendship requirements” alone prove that she has really fucked up views on women.

No. 633206

They probably asked him to send them a blurb, so he wrote it himself

No. 633208

File: 1531247853338.png (483.9 KB, 576x600, 1530672567555.png)

does this mean shuwu wrote her own blurb?
>very funny
>informed opinions

No. 633218

File: 1531248945370.gif (1.14 MB, 640x360, clap.gif)

This. You have put it so well-and the fact she thinks all of us are stupid to believe her shit (especially as she goes on about tumblr types but then says demisexual lol) is a fucking joke

No. 633241

File: 1531250553851.png (50.34 KB, 682x511, 20180710_150054.png)

Lol no Shuwu

No. 633242

>filthy frank knew me before i knew him


No. 633246


Lemme guess, just like anisa, she’s on a first name basis with him?

No. 633249

File: 1531250996242.png (57.35 KB, 720x479, 20180710_150145.png)

She's not even Anisa tier, anons.
Literally the same shit with Metokur.

No. 633254

File: 1531251215959.png (34.86 KB, 568x414, 3Cxy9WO.png)

>june, who made a career out of hating her gender: you don't have to hate your entire gender. men are pure innocent creatures uwu

No. 633258

why is she so triggered over this. I swear she feels personally attacked and gets worked up over the most random shit ever

No. 633263

File: 1531251745412.png (77.63 KB, 486x768, EWmsMSR.png)

not defending her but that doesn't seem to be the case.

No. 633267

File: 1531252259534.png (189.42 KB, 585x553, Simple-Blank-Bingo-Board-PDF (…)

Inspired from Momokun BINGO, here is Shuwu BINGO.

No. 633269

>I would love to hang out with Ethan and hila
This aged well I see, since she unfollowed them solely because they unfollowed Preg.
Proves again that she has no real interests, only cares about attention/social-climbing and is a literal dog to her boyfriend.

No. 633270

File: 1531252393067.png (12.89 KB, 548x95, ew.png)

No. 633275

Lol she thinks filthy Frank is real.

What is it with her and fictional characters? First 2D and now this

No. 633283

File: 1531252808122.png (77.33 KB, 714x548, 20180710_150121.png)

No. 633284

File: 1531252826899.jpg (266.48 KB, 1024x784, MukDOJK.jpg)

kek anon I had recently made one too.
wig0nhead bingo, video edition.

No. 633286

marry me, anons. i lvoe these

No. 633288

Love you too lol(sage posts like this)

No. 633290

You guys should have added "uses pet as prop to look uwu" or "my bunny loves being picked up"

No. 633291

File: 1531253046543.png (69.17 KB, 718x568, 20180710_150212.png)

Found more

No. 633294

I agree with you anon, she is obviously claiming to be bi so she can win some points from the lgbt community, and also to pander to her creepy asf husband

No. 633302

lol does this cock hungry autistic cunt realize that joji is playing a character and irl he's basically a commie soyboy

No. 633305

She probs doesn't even know his name

No. 633310

File: 1531254395427.png (399.81 KB, 720x748, 20180710_162716.png)

She even bought their merch to be noticed by them/ their fans :33

No. 633319

I know she was “younger” in this picture but she looks older, like she hadn’t realized what setting her camera had to be on to soften her face

No. 633331

she looks like so many of the inceloid traps youd find on 4chan omegle here. freaks me out tbh

No. 633357

Even funnier cause june did 4chan omegle

No. 633367

Btw June's wearing a mega milk shirt

No. 633378

File: 1531259418523.png (42.63 KB, 574x305, 7Qr9uqT.png)

>don't even look in their direction
this june's audience

but don't forget she has small boobs just like rey from star wars :3

No. 633381


why does she baby them so much?

No. 633393

Her fans are legit incels, kek

No. 633410

File: 1531262594016.png (523.1 KB, 1166x764, NYZRXNE.png)

>screeches at vanilla normies for not understanding her complex 24/7 bdsm ddlg relationship

>screeches at SWERFs for being against sex work

>makes fun of findoms for years on end even though even though she's unintentionally in findom relationship herself

she can't have her cake and eat it too

No. 633412

File: 1531262883407.png (130.87 KB, 570x578, T6dkXw5.png)

No. 633423

>armoured skeptic talks over her
>fake laughter or giggle
Next time I want to get trashed I'll put one of their videos on and play this one as a drinking game. Those killer combos.

No. 633432

File: 1531263922212.png (27.6 KB, 432x226, yikes.PNG)

No. 633449

File: 1531265863633.png (56.16 KB, 572x500, Xu7QOmO.png)

No. 633543

File: 1531274676325.png (71.22 KB, 720x514, 20180710_220409.png)

Found another time Juwune admitted to kissing a guy which makes it 3 in total. From her old Formspring.
>have you ever kissed someone in a restaurant?

No. 633548

was this from before she was 22? she claims she never kissed anyone until she was 22

No. 633550

t. sperg bitch who gets insta-triggered by feminists existing

No. 633554

File: 1531275623791.png (182.96 KB, 612x1000, 7d7qP1C.png)

some deleted tweets

No. 633555

She was 18-19 on Formspring lol

No. 633556

File: 1531275776045.png (67.73 KB, 577x241, PsVJ4Se.png)

don't know what she's responding to here, but you can tell she sticks her nose up to her fans with tweets like these. top kek at her acting like she was ever a smol bullied wallflower

No. 633558

Her first kiss was technically at 15 even tho she doesn't count it.

Now there's this restaurant(date cause tbh what else could it be) at 18-19

Then GmasteRED at 20.

No. 633561

File: 1531276251837.png (24.58 KB, 542x300, 20180710_222207.png)

Found more proof of her liking mmuscles. Yup, she clearly enjoys the ottermode look confirmed. Uwu

No. 633562

why do so many men have fetishes that have nothing to do with reproduction, and fetishes that prevent reproduction? anal sex is considered super hot by like 95% of the male population now. how is that evolutionarily beneficial? it's not. it's all bullshit. and why are so many men into milfs and shit? or men into traps after being slowly exposed to them? i literally know plenty of guys into middle aged women who aren't considered "THE MOST FERTILE" like somehow 13 year olds with hips that can't birth a child, are considered. these are ALL paraphilias developed from social conditioning. men's sexualities are highly suggestible and if "THE MOST FERTILE" women are so desired, wtf is she gonna do? she'll be 'aged out' soon, so…

No. 633589

Le skinwalker in action. I kinda hope he get to the point to actually try to carve Wig's skin from her body to wear as a jacket or something and get thrown into jail for it. Imagine what will Juwune tweet after it.
"A tranny… i mean an incel… i mean a covert TERF tried to kill me lol. Don't worry, i'm fine in my domdaddy's BIG arms. Checkmate other wemen! aks-dee!"

Did Juwune not read the fucking blogpost to him?
Youtube is paying THEMSELVES to talk with existing news organisations about what to fix the site so people won't get fake news from youtube.
I know he is retarded but this is braindead level of idiocity.

>quits super well paying job
>for a 100k sub yt channel
Mensa level everybody. BTW being a busdriver does not count as having a well paying job.

No. 633600


Okay Juwune didn't read the blogpost as well.
Also the nerve.
>ms MOJCICKI [dyslexic as well i see] if i may
That woman reached a level Wig will never achieve and yet she tries to speak down to her.

Can Mayu visit her in her home with a knife already?

No. 633607

File: 1531281514993.png (121.46 KB, 1080x770, Screenshot_20180711-005704~2.p…)

No. 633608

File: 1531281548674.png (159.32 KB, 1080x732, Screenshot_20180711-005720~2.p…)


No. 633609

She's only saying this to 250k people to bolster her "I was so lonely!" shy girl image that never existed. Her reasons for doing this were not out of insecurity or loneliness the way her loser fanbase or men would assume, but manipulation and fuckery.

No. 633612

File: 1531282005505.png (155.54 KB, 672x269, ClIXaPd.png)

No. 633616

File: 1531283579504.png (63.02 KB, 227x271, 1517502358731.png)

Forever 12 ™ uwu

Lol she was even younger here tbh like 23))

No. 633621

If I remember correctly Dunnies where kind of expensive YouTuber merch because Hila handmade them. How much money did she drop on this only to completely loose interest in H3H3 cause they unfollowed Greg?

Doesn't she want to have kids with him? Is she seriously delusional enough to think they can support themselves and a kid with their Youtube careers? There's a reason women are attracted to men with some degree of success and not man babies online. Being able to live a financially stable life in their old age and comfortably raising a family are things I would consider important.

If Greg really cared about their future he would try to keep a good irl job.

I like the subtle dig at Groceries tho.

"Ummm Greg and I aren't an example of hypergamy because he's not successful and his only source of income is owning flat earth era online and taking my cuck bucks. :^)"
He's so alpha I can't take it you guys. He just makes me swoon.

No. 633634

I hate when she says this “don’t attack other just because they disagree with you! uwu~” bullshit, as if her first instinct isn’t to attack terfs/swerfs because she doesn’t like their opinions. She refuses to even have a civil conversation with them.

No. 633656

File: 1531291784427.jpg (75.45 KB, 591x1024, DhzT8_6U8AIx_CV.jpg)

No. 633659

File: 1531291956380.png (110.75 KB, 592x321, Ti4Yo5Y.png)

No. 633668


No. 633670


what is this?

No. 633675

Well, the more porn you watch, the more extreme things you crave. There are some dangerous things like BDSM (getting aroused at the thought of hurting someone), choking, ageplay, lolicon and zoophilic shit but MILFS, traps or anal are harmless lol.

People don't strictly run on MUH NEED TO REPRODUCE, HUNT AND PICK BERRIES, we are pretty autonomous about what we like or do. What you said is pretty much the shit incels say.
People can have sex for the fact that certain things make them feel good and for fun and not just for the most basic animalistic purposes.

And I disagree on anal even when taking your reproduction thing in consideration. Anal is not about hurting anyone and it is for pleasure of the woman if done right - if you get hut during anal, you have an unskilled partner.
Doing things that feel good during sex is not anti-evolutionary or something.

What do you mean by middle aged? Porn MILFS are almost always 35-ish so they are perfectly fertile. Until forty, it's pretty much okay for women to give a birth. Generally after 35 you get tested a bit more during pregnancy but the risks are not sky high, just a bit higher. There's a risk for older men too and no one really cares.

And do you want to pretend that only men have kinks and fetishes? That's really ridiculous.

Lol this is such an obvious lie. Who would ever do something as complicated as this for basically nothing.


No. 633676

her genuinely quirky and not at all staged twitter drafts

No. 633677

I wonder if this troon ever feels bad over signaling so blatantly for a threesome yet June and Preg ignore him?
Meanwhile June and Preg have had and openly admit interest in threesomes.

No. 633688

File: 1531297698709.jpg (231.89 KB, 500x564, YzJ7roP.jpg)

>aren't you still 14?

No. 633689

>Anal is not about hurting anyone and it is for pleasure of the woman if done right - if you get hut during anal, you have an unskilled partner.
I'm tired of hearing this bullshit, anal is fucking awful no matter how much lube is present.

No. 633694

File: 1531298856146.jpg (278.53 KB, 578x1051, ZzaazAW.jpg)

So…June spend her entire day yesterday sperging about men who trash talk their own gender for the sake of attention/virtue signaling and she's also made a video on ''nice guys''…

…despite her entire brand being based on
>''teehee women r so dum n fat but I'M different than all these basic bitches, i love being a footstool to my bf uwu!! i love sex and pleasuring my man n im so kinky :3 i lov cooking, cleaning, dressing up and i'm so feminine unlike everyone else ^-^ I'm different i swear! can't u see how special and unique i am?''

She is a ''nice girl''.
I love the fact that she (and her audience) think enjoying cooking and shit like that makes her ''different''. It's really obvious that she and her fans have little to no interaction with women in real life and think every woman is a raging tumblrina.
Considering she has fans that are like this guy >>633378, I'm not surprised.

Maybe I'm reaching a little with this point but I genuinely think her coddling of incels and people like that is somewhat dangerous. She constantly portrays women in a bad light to an audience who already has messed up views on them. Does she not realize how damaging that is, or is it actually her goal?

No. 633697

Lol what the fuck? I am a woman and I love it and was used to doing it to (sorry for tmi) pleasure myself before I even got a partner.
Just because your partner is shit and you can't do it right doesn't mean it's shit for everyone. It is great when done right.
Are you invalidating my experience because it doesn't suit your view?
Stupid women and the things they pretend to like and don't realize they actually hate, right? Nice shuwu/neckbeard moves.

If I remember right, she was lying about that a lot. Her classmate said he doesn't know if she had a lot of sex but that she gave a lot of bjs or something like that in this interview. Not entirely sure though.

No. 633698

You assumed a whole lot just by one sentence. Do you always get this triggered when someone criticizes a sex move that you enjoy?

No. 633700

One sentence? There was a whole post about how vile and only a "men thing" is it before. Just reacting to that. But sure.

No. 633703

>Maybe I'm reaching a little with this point but I genuinely think her coddling of incels and people like that is somewhat dangerous. She constantly portrays women in a bad light to an audience who already has messed up views on them. Does she not realize how damaging that is, or is it actually her goal?

She doesn't care as long as they see her as the one who is different and doesn't suck. She probably lowkey enjoys seeing incels harass "normie" women.

No. 633704

>There was a whole post about how vile and only a "men thing" is it before.
No there wasn't, anal sex was mentioned once in that entire post.

Why do women who are super into anal always get triggered when other women say it is painful?

No. 633705

Lol, what was said was
>I'm tired of hearing this bullshit, anal is fucking awful no matter how much lube is present.

A bit more that just "some women find it painful"
And let's stop derailing maybe? Why do you care so much that someone likes it?

No. 633707

>Why do you care so much that someone likes it?
I don't give shit about what other people like. That poster outright denied that it could be hurtful though. Like saying "Oh no, being lit on fire doesn't hurt. You have to do it the right way."
Like, do what you want to do, but don't have a tantrum because someone criticized something you like just because in your experience it isn't bad.

No. 633709

No. 633717

File: 1531303987905.png (86.96 KB, 785x673, eee.PNG)

She apparently hates the "feminist men are feminists to get laid" yet she is convinced he's saying it to get laid. The hypocrisy is amazing.

To be fair, the 4chan incels and other extreme "blackpill" so of guys pretty much hate her and only talk about how unfunny and ugly she is, even though she tries to appeal to them so hard. I'd say more than dangerous, she's degrading herself. I don't think her nice-guy fanbase watches her for the "content" anyway.

I am gonna stop replying to this because I don't want to get banned for derailing but I don't get why you get so upset when someone likes it and says it feels good, is not "always fucking awful" when done right and feels bad (and painful) when done badly.

No. 633719

>he's shitting on men and himself

So what June? You shit on women and yourself.

No. 633722


Cant you actually make decent money as a bus driver? One bus driver in my home town made 26.00/hr. It's not exec level compensation and power but Greg would be stupid and egotistical not to take the job back if it's the best option he has, since it's still pretty good.


If cable is dying people are still gonna want a reliable and convenient source of news. If your ~original~ (read:poorly produced and poorly researched) content cant compete that's a you problem, shuwu-chan. It's not like people stopped watching dramas and comedies on TV because news channels existed.

No. 633725

nta, but lol @
>I am gonna stop replying to this because I don't want to get banned for derailing but let me have the last word

No. 633726

>women are desired for their beauty

Tbh if June thinks the reason why Preg is with her is because she's bombshell hot, then she's a fucking moron.
Fact is, June does run a successful jewtube scam and she DOES have monetary status she wouldn't otherwise have. More and more, women are expected to be minimally attractive AND have a decent income.
Men are manbabies these days, and feel begrudged and burdened for having jobs.

As much of a stupid bitch that she is, she's definitely making more money than Preg. She's a fool if she thinks she can count on him to support them both without her working if the youtube jig ever dries up. Look what happened to his ex wife the second she criticized his toy habit.
Wake the fuck up Wig.

No. 633728


This is so melodramatic wtf.

No. 633729

this is so OT but yeah if the bus drivers are paid by the government, which they are in major canadian cities, it’s actually a decent job with benefits

No. 633733

He said he had a "government job" on the rubin report so yeah it was a government paid job.

No. 633792

I didn't say anything even remotely negative about anal, even, sperg, just that it isn't conducive to reproduction. You have terrible, terrible reading comprehension. The point of my post was that men's interests are highly suggestible and all of the incel tier misogynistic mantras June defends so men will love her aren't so much backed by evolution, but by their social conditioning. You kink "cool girls" get offended over everything, lmao. I said literally nothing about anal being painful, holy shit.

And nowhere did I say anal couldn't interest women, just that it's NOT CONDUCIVE to reproduction, so men should, by their logic, be uninterested in it. It hinders reproduction. It's not evolutionary beneficial. That's all I was saying.(derailing)

No. 633793

who tf is this maya/mayu girl and why is she all over june n preg?

No. 633821

He’s male.

No. 633847

I ment that he quit a job where he can get roughly 30k USD a year to having a 100k sub channel.
And yes, it is below average median salary in the US (where she is from), so it's def not a "SUPER well paying job".
Although he might had a better contract, than it just proves how stupid he really is.

No. 633872

Because *he's a creepy skin-walker who probably likes june because she hates women just as much as he does, lurk more.

No. 633913

Actually it IS male sexual behavior to seek out female vulnerability. Males didn't evolve to look for high quality females or guaranteed high quality offspring (mediating that is a female task), they evolved to throw shit to see if it sticks. Females who are too young/sick or otherwise compromised are appealing targets, and everything you just listed is an offshoot from that. It's just that MRAs are too retarded to appeal to biology correctly.

No. 633914

File: 1531335226265.png (74.26 KB, 576x548, 2phROn5.png)

more catfishing tales + bonus moomoo reference

>I have no idea who or what this is.


No. 633920


lmaooo bitch acts like she accidentally stumbled upon moomoo
lmaoooo like she doesn't read lolcow every lmaoooo

No. 633950

File: 1531338632069.png (151.07 KB, 578x551, the uwu report.png)


uh-oh spaghetti-o's!

No. 633956

Bingo anon here, and all I gotta say is oooooh shiiiiiiiiit I feel honored.

No. 633958

We can't forget her writing off some poor muslim kid's plea for representation with "sorry can't help ya lol" and then when he kills himself it's "FUCKHOLYSHIT WE TRIED SO HARD"

No. 633963


lol @ her trying to play it cool after her discord message about catfishing on myspace got posted here recently

No. 633967

File: 1531340682699.png (70.82 KB, 268x188, images.png)

The wild June in her natural habitat catfishing people in the good old days.

No. 633978

File: 1531342012706.jpg (460.69 KB, 1062x1522, 20180711_124656.jpg)

No. 633984

Nice selling self-destructive messages on her merch. Predictable

No. 633993

File: 1531344022193.png (78.96 KB, 616x481, ralphretort.png)

She acted like they were super close, too, in order to make his suicide attempt about her. It was all so slimey.
(OT: Thankfully the kid survived the attempt and seems to be ok.)

They're thinking about playing it on stream.

No. 633997

File: 1531344603116.jpg (164.58 KB, 1200x901, Dh2sQ6aV4AAcqLn.jpg)

Making someone's suicide about herself was low, even for Shuwu. She's a master manipulator though I'll give her that.

No. 633999

Thank goodness! I thought he succeeded! Saged.

No. 634002

Ugh this again.

No. 634008

File: 1531345312105.png (118.28 KB, 719x820, 20180711_173848.png)

>Nice guys don't stop being nice uwu I lub you.

Except June has said multiple times on her Formspring "Turn ons" that she's into bad boys and traits associated with them. Also, she's with Preggory.

No. 634011

I hope her sister is aware whose merch she's wearing and doesn't just think it's generic pride merch. I'd hate to inadvertently wear clothes supporting shitty people because I didn't know any better.

No. 634012

why would a 27 yo do this? this is so embarrassing. this is shit i remember my friends doing when we were 12. like, we already got it.

No. 634015

Oh look, it’s her husbando on the cover.

Lol she must be really sexually deprived. I mean she can talk about her 24/7 bdsm lifestyle but frankly I’d be surprised if she could get more than two pumps out of Greg these days.

Saged for tinfoil

No. 634035

File: 1531348489980.png (359.56 KB, 432x720, 20180711_183522.png)

June's been fluffin her ass for a while actually

No. 634044

is it me or does the girl on the bottom look like skebtic. she's even pulling the dreamworks face

No. 634046

Let's hope there won't be any Sargon related bingo 'cause mr Ralph would play that game instead i think.

Just want to point out that her father is behind her.
And his hands are in waist/bra-level. (unless you're a mother your hands NEVER wander to those territories on your matured daughter)
I'd ship them in my tinfoil to explain the "domdaddy douchebag" thing.

No. 634053


I definitely get what you mean but would you really consider her a 'master manipulator'?
The only reason her neckbeard fans still buy her "smol shy uwu bunny girl" image is because they want to believe it. That's why they do Olympic-tier mental gymnastics whenever someone shows them the old videos of her being a loud, obnoxious guidette who bullied her classmates.


I'm 100% fucking sure that Greg uses the ~but I'm the dom~ bullshit as an excuse to be selfish and let June do the work. Haha that's how BDSM works, r-right guys?

No. 634074

It's kinda funny how he's hover handing her now that you mention it

No. 634077

Remember when Shoe mocked and played holier than thou toward actual lgbt people for being scared of Trump and Pence. Pepperidge farms remembers.

No. 634079

File: 1531354711593.png (93.68 KB, 541x883, iluaSu0.png)

here's one for "mocks others for blocking people"

btw she's making fun of candace for criticizing kiwifarms. this is the same june who called kiwifarms a "normal forum" but called lolcow a site full of "seriously dedicated internet stalkers" all because there's active threads on her here

but yeah, she's way better than candace at responding to hate

No. 634095

kek what a fucking idiot she has a thread on kiwi too

No. 634099

File: 1531358276345.png (360.36 KB, 719x1181, 20180711_211703.png)

Her response to that btw man she never makes video responses to people, just passive aggressive text posts. Sage for samefag.

No. 634106


June you weren't ~staying optimistic~ you were rationalizing your Hillary bashing and backtracking on you post election jokes to pander to your LGBT viewers as the über liberal uwu.

No. 634108

File: 1531359484068.png (204.46 KB, 441x265, the purge killer mask .png)

Was wondering where I had seen her face before

No. 634180

ralph is one of the most autistic man-children on the internet. It's not really an honour anon.

No. 634181

are you for real?

No. 634191

She just parrots what men who watch her say.

No. 634195

June the type of edgy wasteoid to like the resemblence

No. 634211

june looks legitimately ugly in that photo.

No. 634213

For whoever ends up going through with making that Shoe0nHead fanbase/Mayu thread, here's some links.

https://twitter.com/hiya_itsMaya (suspended atm)
https://www.instagram.com/mayamewww/ (there’s possibly another instagram account with the username Mayu Selfie)

No. 634224

>Trump wants to protect LGBT people from Muslims

what a dumb claim

No. 634238

Oh god this is just embarrassing, how is it so similar?

No. 634248

File: 1531389312710.png (801.83 KB, 719x1145, 20180712_054839.png)

>>634213 Mayu only has this pic posted on his insta no June to be dound im gone.
LOOK AT HIS FACE.(saged for OT.)

No. 634295

Low key feel like Mayu would actually love the attention and use it as a way to bring herself closer to June

No. 634298

File: 1531398381125.png (29.15 KB, 577x258, rhymes with.png)

he apparently made two other twitter accounts to ban evade that are currently suspended as well


he claims to not know why his original account got suspended but if i had to guess it probably had something to do with him posting something edgy like pic related

No. 634301

He looks fucking scary. Worse than skeptic and his DreamWorks face.

No. 634316

Damn he needs to invest in some good bangs to cover that man forehead.

No. 634319

File: 1531401087257.jpg (14.34 KB, 480x319, 2W4Q2Jh.jpg)

Fuck you're right

No. 634325

New movie review "bideo"

Starts with June doing weird squeaky noises and using her baby voice.

No. 634327

That fake voice is so ugly omg.

No. 634332

If Shuwu-senpai looks like she's having a stroke on camera, then so will Mayuwu

No. 634343

ask and ye shall receive

No. 634374

Fuck, for someone who calls herself a ''connoisseur of cringe'' and spends her entire day looking for le epic feminazi cringe xD you'd think she would realize how awfully embarrassing that voice and the ''cutesie'' noises she makes are.
She sounds like a pig in the beginning.

I guess her natural guido manvoice isn't kawaii enough uwu

No. 634395

Watch out juwune uwu

No. 634398

Skeptic looks like he's sniffing a whiff of that dude's rotten frankenpussy.

No. 634399

I bet shuwu is gonna tell that story of her loving dinosaurs as a little girl and how all the other kids were scared of them!! Uwu

No. 634400

Preg mentioned her loving dinosaurs as a child and compared her to the kid character in the movie because shuwu is just so smol, innocent and cute! :3 bullying people daily and ridiculing the mentally ill is just adorable!

No. 634404

Four seconds in and I had to close it. Went back and skimmed it and they took thirty minutes to say what could have been summarized in eight if they weren't trying to do fake cutesy couple bullshit. Cringe. These are 30 year olds.

No. 634418

Not sure if this has ever been posted before but here's a classic clip of Shuwu defending racism (and just being a bitch in general)

Around 13:42-15:13 [Talking about Leslie Jones]
>''She looks like a man, she's ugly. She's just ugly.''
>''People were sending her pictures of gorillas […]; it's not racist, first of all….she looks like a gorilla''
>''It's not racist though…because…I look like a pony gelfling who. That's not racist against white people!''

I don't know if she was playing dumb or is retarded enough to believe that sending pictures of gorillas to a black woman isn't racist/has a racist intent. Has she ever taken a history lesson in her life?

Also kek @ ''I look like a pony gelfling who''
You look like a horse, June. Not a ~kawaii uguu pony ^-^~.
What a pathetic attempt at self-deprecation.
Reminds me of Leafy's comeback at idubbbz ''I look like an anime character'' lmfao they both look like hideous cartoon characters

No. 634422

Samefag but I'm not even American and even I know that monkeys and apes have been used as derogatory, racist terms for black people primarily in the US in the past. I feel like she was definitely pandering to her audience here.

Also, I love how Shoe of all people told Leslie Jones to ''ignore the haters and rise above their level'' when she was being attacked left and right. Didn't age well, did it? Only Shuwu is allowed to ~sadpost/feelpost~ because she's so innocent and emotional ;-;

Prop to Leslie for telling her to fuck off. Shoe is such a fake cunt and it really shows in this video.

No. 634424

No need to watch the entire video. It’s cringy anyway, but check out 2:53. Lmao

No. 634425

this dopey looking bitch has the gall to still wonder why liberals won't accept her

No. 634426

She looks like she's lost loads of weight tbh.

No. 634446

Nitpick but does it not bother anyone else about how Pyschicpebbles gift art work was butchered-whoops! I mean"edited" by the equally artistic armouredskeptic sama uwu?

No. 634451

File: 1531411115441.jpg (21.4 KB, 479x514, vioQHjv.jpg)

Yeah, didn't he edit the mouth in the picture? I think pic related is the original version

No. 634454

Preg is the one who edited her huge mouth shut?


No. 634460

File: 1531411441948.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.88 KB, 440x661, rare june candid.jpg)

>"I look like a pony, gelfling, Who!"

She honestly thinks these are as bad as being compared to a fucking gorilla.
Notice for the "pony" example she used a picture of cartoon Rarity, not an ugly fucking horse with crooked eyes and large teeth like what she actually resembles.
Kinda proves the point, no?

Gelflings are fictional. Whos are fictional.
Nobody would say either are negative representations or comparisons of white people. It's easy to not be offended by being compared to a fictional character that has no deep cultural roots as being a negative image of one's race.

Someone should clip this from her video and spam it on Twitter. I'd love to see how much she'd get dragged for this.
it probably got overlooked initially because I doubt many people actually listen to 22 minutes of this dumb bitch blathering.

No. 634468

>Notice for the "pony" example she used a picture of cartoon Rarity, not an ugly fucking horse with crooked eyes and large teeth like what she actually resembles
Reminds me of when leafy. tried to pass off comparing himself to a cute anime boy as self deprecation

No. 634470

File: 1531412010230.jpeg (176.93 KB, 2048x1321, her smile and optimism gone.jp…)

He also edited the skin so the shading doesn't blend right and gave her that signature sharp jawline he draws for all his characters.

No. 634472

100 bucks says she told skepdick to do that so her face would be shortened

No. 634473

File: 1531412127503.jpg (71.59 KB, 750x746, FB_IMG_1531412165436.jpg)

Relevant meme

No. 634481

Her baby voice sounds as stupid and fake as contras "girl" voice. And there was literally nothing scary about jurassic world fk. She's such a try hard "I'm a wittle baby, console me with your cocks uwu"

No. 634487

She was sitting and using a notebook to cover also baggy clothes

No. 634501

Yet in her 50 shades review with septic she makes fun of women in college who wear messy buns and sweats…makes sense.

No. 634530

someone give me a June Laporta weight update pls

Is she getting fatter still, or has our uwu shuwu waifu put down the fork for long enough to get her disney princess waistline back?

No. 634558

After a certain age there is no going back, save for getting lipo.

I don’t think she’s realized that the Disney Princess Waistline is harder and harder to maintain as you age. Especially for someone as inactive as she is.

No. 634610

of course it gets harder, but you guys are acting like she's 65. i know so many women that are much older than me with hot as fuck bodies and they aren't slaving to get them. it's just that june lacks discipline and literally drinks starbucks fraps, nugs, and pink starbursts all day. she gained some weight when she was younger, too.

don't absolve her of accountability by acting like she's 90. the truth is that she NEVER had a disney princess uguu waistline. she was skinnyfat af before with a completely average waistline, and it's very achievable with the most minimal effort, she just isn't willing to put any effort into it.

No. 634632

I wasn’t really absolving her but okay lol

The fact of the matter is that she has crap genes, she isn’t active and doesn’t know how to take care of herself. Do you really think she’ll be able to break lifelong habits and become super fit now? Now add that to her habit of deluding herself into thinking her boyfriend is attractive and fit.

Yeah, she’s not 65 going on 90 but with her attitude she may as well be. The best thing that could happen to her at this point is if Greg leaves her and her parents leave her and she’s forced to stand on her own two feet.

Or if she would mature. Hence why I feel like her weight gain was/is an inevitability.

Hell, if the people on my 600 lb life can do it, of course any shmuck can, but we are talkin about shoe here.

Saged for no1curr

No. 634770

jesus christ, her "cutesy" baby voice is so awful, she literally sounds mentally retarded and try hardy in this.
Also, how the fuck are they going to keep trying to make movies reviews when neither have any actual knowledge on what makes a movie good?
ALSO her wig looks like shit here

No. 634804

File: 1531433874836.png (109.37 KB, 719x1137, 20180710_221008.png)

She's been this way since she was 18 tbh

No. 634824

File: 1531434505748.png (8.72 KB, 436x95, goffic skewl girl.png)

>she makes fun of women in college who wear messy buns and sweats
god forgive they dress for comfort and not the appeasement of loli obsessed troons

No. 634860

yeah but when she was thin she was dieting as she admitted, even though she'd tried to claim her string bean bullshit was au naturel

No. 634925

>Gothic school girl

No. 634958

Dude what the fuck, he's her dad barely touching her clothed back. The only one in the wrong is you for somehow thinking that's sexual.

No. 634961

File: 1531439356015.png (133.02 KB, 341x371, uwu.png)

No. 634966

god damn does she not have enough cash to just invest in a decent wig. if she has a condition that causes her to need them then youd think she'd get a fuckin decent one.

No. 634977

thought she was done wearing yesstyle chines knock-offs? lul

No. 634990

File: 1531442239700.png (315.87 KB, 576x1156, LKoZtdq.png)

No. 634991

File: 1531442269998.png (37.23 KB, 592x243, shoe shives.png)

No. 634992

File: 1531442479029.png (61.85 KB, 580x408, FmIujMD.png)

more narc rage. she's so insecure she can't even withstand even the slightest bit of criticism

No. 634999

wow, what a spergfest. she couldn't make it more obvious that she's wrong and pressed af

No. 635002

File: 1531442850746.png (40.53 KB, 546x328, HMVJ168.png)

her inner loud mouth guidette is coming through god bless

No. 635013

File: 1531443836265.png (204.41 KB, 573x579, shoe shives part 2.png)

No. 635015

File: 1531443980839.png (344.31 KB, 1188x814, U4920iK.png)

>issa joke uwu
>btw feminism controls the government, media and the minds of your children. what i do is important

No. 635016

Isn't it strange how the "dumb shit" she makes videos on is always from leftists/libs but never really from right-wingers iirc

No. 635020

kek, she always freaks out the most when lefties call her out. also
>everyone will see how smol and shy i am

No. 635024

>"I don't doubt that you genuinely support and fight for the LGBT community,"
Nah, June just uses the LGBT community to virtue-signal/present herself as some sort of hybrid "woke" anti-feminist

No. 635034

>fight alongside them

No. 635040

She made an entire video basically chiding the fuck out of actual LGBT people because they were scared of Trump doing exactly this. Get fucking rekt Shoe Shives.

No. 635052

File: 1531446839658.png (64.2 KB, 564x766, 1Eb8Fq3.png)

As expected she deleted all evidence of her guidette spergout.

No. 635064


She is not naive but Vadim might be a little bit thinking she actually cares.

No. 635066


Or that she is talented lol

Sorry for double post.

No. 635070

No. 635082

yeah also honestly i'm looking and it seems his hand is actually behind her, not touching her.

No. 635092

I know someone posted something (like an ask.fm or blogpost) where she mentioned spending over $1000 on a wig or something. wigs def can be that much but you can still find a decent lace front for a fraction of that. however, i think maybe in the past she used to wear nicer wigs (some older pics like on her juneskii account i think her hair doesn’t look wiggy) but i think now she def wears cosplay-y synthethic wigs. she doesn’t wear a lacefront, you can tell cuz you can’t see a scalp. maybe she’s not getting those youtube buxx or maybe she’s going broke paying for preggorys star wars toys she’s had to skimp on the wigs

sage for wig talk

No. 635113

File: 1531451607020.jpg (40.69 KB, 425x425, 34e5fa8b73fe9fe8c694c9a8ef6564…)

No. 635165

Lmao someone needs to show this guy the gorilla clip

>Oh no someone is calling me out on my bs they must be OBSESSED WITH ME!

No. 635209


Holy shit that spergout.

Hope she gets called out more, she can't stand it.

No. 635211

These screencaps need to be posted everytime she tries to "gotcha" someone

No. 635254

File: 1531472856028.jpg (80.6 KB, 533x851, sas.JPG)

Look at June being sooOooOo gay at Bella Thorne.
Very queer!!!
Fighting for LGBT!!

No. 635260

She takes the tiniest bits of criticism as personal attacks on her character, she's fucking nuts I swear lmao

Maybe ''pop a xanax'' like you told Dusty Smith to do. Go outside, get some fresh air and stay off twitter for an hour, Shoe.

No. 635262

File: 1531474243163.jpg (21.92 KB, 663x512, utht6RU.jpg)

She unlisted this video a long time ago but she made a 200k sub special and holy fucking shit her make up.
Can't blame her for unlisting this one.

Sage for nitpick, but I just can't get over how this is the same person that laughed at a woman's eyeliner from the HuffPost video.

No. 635264

File: 1531474708541.png (306 KB, 570x421, 0mT4d2o.png)

No. 635273


No. 635276


She used to get huge amounts of praise and neckbeard stanning for years. Unichan was obsessed with her and there were whole threads filled with nothing but how June's perfect waifu.

She's used to that shit, no wonder she has meltdowns every time someone points out that she's not as perfect as she tries to portray herself.
And it's gonna get worse, we are looking at Onision level of possible meltdowns in the future.

No. 635283

shuwu talking about ~open dialogue~, ''buzzwords'' and making fun of people for blocking others again kek

interesting considering she uses SWERF/TERF as a buzzword. what is this holier than thou shit

No. 635303

that nose contour lmao

No. 635304

bella thorne's only 20.. shuwu's really following in preg's footsteps

No. 635314

File: 1531482342449.jpg (75.27 KB, 575x1024, hTbu6Ex.jpg)

No. 635336

Did leafy get fat?

No. 635345

Mayu looks like one of those scary troons that will stab you if you reject them.

No. 635346

Is this chinchan

No. 635347

File: 1531487059600.png (208.14 KB, 1204x666, shoe.png)

Anyone got some tea from her 4chan days when she was trying to go after moot?

I remember Shuwu calling herself "June Poole" on facebook.

No. 635351

>i said i'd fight alongside them, not protest

what…exactly does she think being a gay ally means?

No. 635361

It always baffles me when I see people calling her talented.
I mean, how? What is it about her and her productions that makes them think "yes, this girl is talented"?

No. 635363

Being on twitter 24/24 and calling her straight couple gay.

No. 635364

File: 1531488966923.png (403.47 KB, 544x1372, shreg.png)

No. 635368

File: 1531489480531.jpg (111.15 KB, 810x704, IMG_20180713_154500.jpg)

ogre decided to use this occasion to plug in his shitty merch designed by shuwu

No. 635369

Nah, this is a really old pic of him

No. 635378

look at those expression lines, no wonder she uses 480p camera with shitty lighting on all her videos

No. 635383

What the fuck, is she seriously inbred?

No. 635384

She's so gross and fake. Obv more pandering, but holy shit, Bella's fakes look so bad

No. 635408

1:10, this is relevant

"I didn't like teddy bears so instead I brought a…"

No. 635420

and then everyone clapped uwu
how ironic that she made a video on tumblr-tier made-up stories

No. 635424

>I started bullying those anime kids
In the livestream with derrick they claimed they'd only laugh about these kids ''behind their backs'' and that it was never ''actual bullying'' iirc. I guess she noticed how horrible it makes her look so they decided to lie instead.

Also I never understood how Shoe apparently had braces for 5 years yet her bottom teeth STILL look majorly fucked up

No. 635430

I don't mean to spam videos but June's old videos are a goldmine

some highlights:
>"I can get a boyfriend whenever I want"
>"In most of my relationships, I wear the pants in the relationship."
>"To be my valentine, you have to be…a douchebag. No girl likes a guy that's nice."

No. 635431

The absolute irony of her complaining about feminists for not opening dialogue or accepting criticism, and just jumping straight to hitting block or dismissing someone is wrong. That's all she ever does, she can't even take her own advice when it's half decent.

No. 635442

My b, actually, I've been watching more of her videos, Loca just might be a character she made up, I don't know for sure.

No. 635444

If we're gonna share old June videos, here's one I know hasn't been posted yet.

from the comment's section:
>"omg, lol do you have the 'whut' pear on your bed? XD and you already replaced theodore."
>"i didn't "replace" him. thats fucking terrible. i was going to get another bunny when he was still alive anyway. and yes thats a lolwut pear. lol"

Loca was some character she made for her ripoff of That 70s Show.

No. 635448

idk why farmers don't seem to understand the difference between nasolabial wrinkles/lines and just the skin wrapping around the teeth. june doesn't look 12, but children literally have these. she doesn't have nasolabial lines quite yet, though she doesn't look great

No. 635487

June's a fucking career cow

No. 635491

File: 1531500685247.png (658.25 KB, 798x720, 20180713_124337.png)

Btw when june took off her pads at the gun range she used a sweater to cover up cause she knew they'd be filming wide shots

No. 635523

He's had the same fucking cage since he was a kitten. I'm livid.

No. 635553

Here's the Mayu/wigs fanbase thread if it hasn't been posted yet


No. 635575


"how dare you, a male, disrespect ME! I AM SHOE0NHEAD, and don't you know i'm your cute 15 year old loli dream come true?? you're a male, you are out of line for not worshipping me for my extremely young good looks and my tiny height! i'm just a perfect smol bun, you are OBSESSED WITH MAKING MY INNOCENT LITTLE LIFE HELL :((("

No. 635624

I think this is one of those slimming shirts. They're like, very light compression garments that can be worn out. The fabric looks like it, and it looks ridiculously tight on her spare tire

No. 635660

OT but christ that fucking Demi Lardner chat head Ababa

No. 635887

File: 1531535917664.png (142.05 KB, 581x486, backpedal.png)

I guess she's trying to cover up her twitter narc rage now.


Screech about tervens on twitter 24/7

No. 635889

File: 1531536110115.png (161.52 KB, 595x570, backpedal2.png)

No. 635906

File: 1531540329168.png (15.54 KB, 569x139, amiPbR1.png)

No. 635914

>is there any petitions
>is there
I can't tell if she's genuinely this uneducated or if it's a typo/didn't edit after rephrasing. Would certainly explain why she thinks an illiterate dumbass is a genius

No. 635947

Hey remember when June said she took tons of theater classes but still bombed on stage at Mythcon?

No. 635997

and that velociraptors name - Albert einstein

and then everybody clapped.

No. 636003

File: 1531562768170.png (456.66 KB, 1534x690, tjiSzBi.png)

No. 636005

>taking theater classes for this

hahaha oh wow

No. 636007

File: 1531563225139.png (9.07 KB, 344x96, 547.png)

yeah exactly

No. 636106

>dressing sexy/revealing = femininity
Shoe just proved all the claims of her seeing women solely as sex objects that are in these threads in one post.

Also, I love how she always replies to these posts concerning “hot women” and sperges about “reeee ugly fat bitches hate women that are more attractive than them” - I fucking bet you she thinks she’s that “hot girl” these articles talk about lmfaooo

No. 636110

June’s so dumb. That’s not celebrating femininty, that’s the objectification of women. Ofc the women in revealing clothing probably enjoy the attention, but I don’t think that’s all that matters lol. I’m on a forum where dudes record these games just so they can cut out clips of the “World Cup baes” and watch GIFs of them. The whole purpose of showing those women is to lure in male viewership. Has nothing to do with women outside of that.

No. 636120

they axed the grid girls? and the bikini contest in miss america? absolutely tragic!!! so glad june is focused on the real issues!!!

No. 636122

I'm surprised june didn't pull the feminist card and claim they're just jealous roasties with no waistline

so why does june think stripping down is the only way of celebrating femininity? don't her same followers claim all women are most feminine as modest housewives? good thing most her audience isn't Muslim

No. 636127


June bases her entire identity on stuff like that after all; rampant attention seeking, pandering and sexualization of self.

She'd love if media focused solely on taking pictures of her and sexualizing her, but with those candids it will never happen.

No. 636131

maybe junes the boob sperg who thinks "women are punished for being sexy!!!" because they didn't cast a woman with large breasts to play lara croft

No. 636143

Shoe’s entire existence is based and dependant on male attention; she’ll never see objectification/over-sexualisation as a negative thing in any situation ever.

This cunt pretends to be bisexual (because we all know that men love lesbian fantasies) and thinks pedophilia is a fetish for Christ’s sake. God, I hope she (and Preg for that matter) never reproduce.

No. 636159

To June, being objectified and reduced to tits and ass is feminine and women should just take it that men like them. Remember shes not like other girls, she loves being thought of as a sex doll

No. 636224

Samefag. Not for Mythcon like in general. Which is why it's surprising that she was so bad on stage.

No. 636225

File: 1531587411224.png (364.1 KB, 575x533, 09OM6zi.png)

No. 636227

>picking this picture instead of another picture with the same premise.
Still coding herself as smol and uwu I see.

No. 636233

Hey does anyone notice that June also infantilizes her fans as well? Not to the same extent as herself, but she always goes on about "mama June gon make it better lil babbies", "I'm adopting all of you". It's kinda demeaning tbh. Sage for nitpick?

No. 636234

I hate when shuwu and these other wannabe "social commentary" faggots stick their noses in shit they have no clue/knowledge in. She did the same shit when tweeting about the trans wrestler and of course when she tries to involve herself in video game conversations constantly.

How do they not realize how fucking vapid it is to only care about things when it involves some current controversy? Self admitted "i have no hobbies or interest" shuwu thinks she has any input on talking about how football games should be filmed just because "muh femininity equals hot!".

No. 636235

"Gay shit"
You mean blantantly sexuwual posts for attention.

No. 636253

I think deep down she knows they’re a bunch of sensitive manbabies who need to be coddled or else they’ll throw a tantrum.

No. 636313

i think that was a jab at june gaining weight not leafy lol

No. 636323

how does shuwu get away with constantly using gay in an incorrect and homphobic way? i'm surprised nobody has called her out for that on twitter where there are tons of extreme SJWs. she constantly uses gay to pretty much mock her extremely straight relationship. i'm not a SJW at all and yet even i notice that and find it bad.

No. 636335

Anytime people criticize her for being weird about gay people, her white knights chime in with, "B-but, she can't be homophobic because she's bi!"

Aside from the obvious pandering to straight dudes, I think she pretends to be bi for a get out of jail free card.

No. 636361

i don't understand that because either way, calling her straight relationship gay is still stupid and insulting. i wish someone would really make a big deal out of it on twitter.

No. 636401

Don't we have tons of evidence of her saying/implying she's not bi?

No. 636410

No. 636418

I feel like it saves her that she says so much shit that her followers can't keep track of whatever she spergs out, and also they don't really care anyway. They're happy as long as she actively shits on feminism and women but will never take her seriously, so she's totally getting away with her "i'm not a political commentator i'm just a soft innocent troll uwu" schtick. They won't care if she's not really bi because she satisfies their bi girl fetish or whatever it's called. I can see why other youtubers don't see her hypocrisy either, who would bother to keep up with her shit when she makes a hundred twitter posts every day and all of them are nonsensical screeching.

No. 636442

true, there's some random blogger i follow and he apparently thinks she's fine and considers her hot and bullshit which is very sad but the thing is that her very casual viewers who only watch her low quality 480 pixel vids and who see her photoshopped pics on instagram maybe like once a month don't know the true person she is so they think she's a fine person.

No. 636451

Wait a second… she thinks pedophilia is a fetish??

No. 636454

yes, i remember her saying those exact words awhile back.

No. 636471

yes she said it on her askfm

No. 636474

She called it a side kink too lol

No. 636476

File: 1531607544118.jpeg (77.28 KB, 640x669, 625861BC-BDD4-4B64-BDD8-EB1664…)

Literally typed in Twitter’s search bar “shoe0nhead pedophilia” and found a screenshot almost immediately. That’s sick. Hope she’ll never have kids.

No. 636482

she unironically said that ANIME would help pedophiles.

if she took pedophiles seriously in any way, she would not have said "oh yeah jerking off to animated 6 year olds in hentai is totally gonna help pedophiles stay pedos and that is okay as long as they don't rape a real kid uwu hentai right guys haha i'm a cool girl". any person with a brain would acknowledge that a pedophile who actively jerks off to children animated or real is NOT getting help, they're indulging in and furthering their problem.

No. 636492

I think that was supposed to be an edgy failed joke.
She doesn't understand why it's not funny because she's too stupid to think of that.

No. 636497

>That’s sick. Hope she’ll never have kids.
I remember that creepy screenshot someone posted about pregory gushing how she will give him daughters someday.

No. 636507

i think knowing shuwu, it's a serious but casual statement.

No. 636508

i don't think so tbh. a lot of pedo weebs claim that lolicon and stuff is a coping tool for pedos, which is bs.

No. 636509

she's not joking there, anon

No. 636741

File: 1531628972138.png (276.2 KB, 564x964, buttinginagain.png)

joon's brain 24/7: hmm, how can I make this about me? uwu

god how is she not embarrassed of this shit

No. 636761


>where was your honeymoon?

Uh I thought you had to get married first for that to happen.

No. 636781

File: 1531634420405.png (153.57 KB, 584x990, TpgQP2b.png)

No. 636785

Literally WHAT GIRLS are into dadbods and not toned healthy men? Also, Shuwu is the female equivalent of this guy and she's just so blissfully unaware of it. Amazing.

No. 636790

Oh my god…Shoe literally is the female version of the guy she’s making fun of…
How can someone lack this much self-awareness and get away with it

No. 636792

at least jake is trying to publicly put forward a more respectable viewpoint. she's actively trying to publicly appeal to the literal worst men. i'd argue she's so much worse than jake. jake sees something valuable in at least acting like a good person, whereas june values acting like, and being, a shitty person for contrarian internet edge points and the adoration of uggos

No. 636801

>Literally WHAT GIRLS are into dadbods and not toned healthy men?
Wig is, but she’s totally not a “nice girl”! She’s still not like the basic bitches that are attracted to healthy men though~ uwu

I like how she said in a post on ask.fm that it’s “normal” to be attracted to teenagers since they’re “fertile” looking and that she CONSTANTLY bashes fat or chubby girls, but dad bods are totally hot :3
It’s okay for men to be fat and unhealthy
but “fat bitches are disgusting amirirte xD”
Nevermind that “fertile” looking men are the ones that are not overweight and don’t have a gut like Preg. This is the most obvious double standard and the most obvious pandering. She’s clearly sucking off her neckbeard fans with statements like these.

When she says shit like that to her massive (and very young) audience, it makes me worry.
Men’s standards are on an all time high now and even below average looking guys have the most fucked up, unrealistic expectations for what women should look like and Shoe actively enables these views.
Thank god her audience mostly consists of these pathetic incel kids like Mayu, so Shoe will soon be “hitting the wall” and become useless in their eyes.

No. 636819

>00:58 is literally why Juwune finds dadbods attractive.

No. 636827

File: 1531638754541.png (17.17 KB, 485x222, a0LKVQL.png)

>I like how she said in a post on ask.fm that it’s “normal” to be attracted to teenagers since they’re “fertile” looking
not to be pedantic but that was Gerg's creepy ass who said that, because of course he would say something like that.

No. 636831

File: 1531640236178.jpg (Spoiler Image, 110.94 KB, 334x500, poster-shetland-pony-175264.jp…)

Remember when June called Leslie Jones a gorilla, and tried to make it better by calling herself a My Little Pony? Should have said shetland pony to match her emerging potbelly, and the busted ass wig on her head.

No. 636845

At least that horse's hair is real. June looks more like a mule on chemo w/ some poorly applied revlon colorstay anyways..

No. 636849

Thanks for the clarification, anon. God, he's repulsive in every way.
No doubt Shoe agrees with this though.

No. 636859

File: 1531646758857.jpg (26.87 KB, 588x213, na0g5zT.jpg)

I am at a loss for words. Just when you think she couldn't get any worse, you find shit like this.

No. 636862

File: 1531647056439.jpg (29.83 KB, 588x300, 13iC5vW.jpg)

that's nice coming from the same person who bullied a girl in high school :^)

No. 636863

>other young girls
well if these young girls are like her, I guess that's correct

No. 636864

And where do those young girls get the idea of what's acceptable or the idea of how females should look? God, she's literally the most shallow thinker ever. Also the obv irony is just too much for words

No. 636865

>teenage girls look fertile and strong

Nice conclusion there you pedophilic ogre, as expected of someone who follows and likes shadman.

No. 636867

She supports those dumb sexist evo psych myths about ''indications of fertility'' that men are spewing. She parrots what entitled sexist incels like her bf >>636827 say.

''Victoria secret model with 3x breast size is totally biological and evolutionary''. When it comes to men then it's a diametric opposite. She strokes their egos so much.

No. 636870

File: 1531647662517.jpg (50.25 KB, 562x609, dgd.JPG)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't she make a statement how heterosexual people get attacked too much by gay tumblr whatever?

Now it's suddenly "I'M ONE OF YOU GUYS!! THE HETS!!!"

No. 636872

File: 1531647725737.png (27.92 KB, 494x370, boTMw60.png)

Yeah, why can't all of those catty bitches be sweet and nice like Shuwu?

And continues to make fun of her to this day if that livestream with Derrick was anything to go by.

No. 636873

File: 1531648114514.jpg (62.8 KB, 520x564, sad.jpg)

haha shoe0nhead is so smart because she shits on women haha

No. 636875

>what the fuck is caucasus
did she drop out of high school as well?

No. 636876

File: 1531648385108.png (113.87 KB, 589x489, UZQnhJF.png)

No. 636881

File: 1531649131113.jpg (156.1 KB, 892x1709, shun034.jpg)

>Makes fun of people for using the ''fat girl angle''
>Constantly uses filters or objects to hide her fucked up mouth and mile-long philtrum

No. 636882

Can’t she stop picking on overweight women? I mean, it’s their choice if they want to lose weight or not, but can’t we stop the shaming for once? It doesn’t help that some of them suffer from an eating disorder and shaming them for who they are won’t help them. Actually, it’ll be the exact opposite. June is just disgusting.

No. 636883

File: 1531649528785.jpeg (128.26 KB, 1280x720, F48DD6B1-1E75-481C-94C7-7BAF19…)

Wait a minute…. is this… hide the chin?

No. 636889

File: 1531651875946.jpg (103.63 KB, 1280x720, feD9GOl.jpg)

uwu edition

No. 636955

But Shetland ponies are actually smol and cute, unlike June.

No. 636992

It's her deep seated shame over dating a hamplanet.

No. 637003

Lol i used to remember her saying how French she was probably because she was doing that kawaii/sweet style at the time

No. 637004

Hide the philitrum

No. 637034

File: 1531666353757.png (771.13 KB, 596x550, 1530760166512.png)

No. 637109

File: 1531670422187.jpeg (146.16 KB, 750x979, 680BD4F2-7B86-4E79-8632-63A685…)

So her having French ancestry was just her larping to seem more chic? lol stupid bitch

No. 637166

It's funny how idubbz's body is a lot like hers just needs fatter arms/back and bolt ons

No. 637270

Long hair does not suit her

No. 637278


lmfao don't forget she shilled herself as "june lapine"

No. 637309

this horse is a lot prettier than shuwu let's be real, and it's hair is actually authentic lel

No. 637312

shuwu logic:

"the media and men do nothing wrong ever to girls, it's young girls who are soo mean to other girls :(((( such bitches, i'm just a perfect smol bun"

also shuwu: bullies and mocks overweight girls for no reason and with zero provocation randomly among millions of other times she's insulted other women for shallow physical reasons

can this bitch just fucking die i've had it with this hypocrisy

No. 637320

File: 1531680064209.png (379.66 KB, 720x1080, 20180715_143858.png)

That too lol

Also found this gem

No. 637326

She says that just to please her boo because he probably checks all her posts. Lmao

No. 637347

File: 1531681359046.png (182.15 KB, 720x825, 20180715_150326.png)

And this june sperging over a satirical article because it doesn't agree with her opinions

No. 637358

Wait for people to tell her to calm down and her passive aggressive 'I was just joking lol it's honestly terrifying how many people take me seriously cuz I'm retarded lol'

If the article was something like Girls without perky boobs (or some other feature she claims to have and is smug about)should basically kill themselves, and someone re-tweeted it with the exact same thing she says there she would be the first to say 'People actually think this is serious wow kill me now fam' or some other stupid thing, I honestly hate the way she talks. I can't even type like her.

No. 637360

No. 637372

File: 1531683254792.png (231.12 KB, 657x684, KLUxFMX.png)

No. 637376

Wow probably another joke that will go over her head and will cause another guidette sperg out

No. 637377

She probably deleted this cause Armoured Skeptic wouldn't respond to her.

No. 637385

File: 1531683845121.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 65.38 KB, 811x404, C38EMF8XAAAA3rO.jpeg)

Someone actually made pornographic art of Preg and Juneky before but not sure if Juwune rt'd it.

No. 637388

File: 1531683973957.jpg (31.95 KB, 477x477, Hisoka-2-.jpg)

Yet ANOTHER drawing of slim/ muscular Preg.

No. 637394

File: 1531684203997.jpeg (103.2 KB, 574x1024, ChSozVuU4AAMX4q.jpeg)

the only thing she said to this was "i wish my legs were that muscular D:"
>implying she has that big of an ass and hips.

No. 637401

Tbh I think that's true to a point, obviously not one or the other.
Not in the way she is trying to portray it.
From my experience, you can choose what movies to watch and what toys to like and not be totally saturated by it but you can't escape the bitchy children.
And those girls get it from outside example but also from their mothers! How you raise your kids and the example you set is important.

No. 637403

File: 1531684737482.jpg (16.51 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Yes to all of this, she's such a nasty petty bitch and a bully that never fucking grew up. But she doesn't even get me angry because it feels good knowing how miserable she really is.

It normally wouldn't being me any pleasure knowing someone is depressed, insecure, and generally miserable but I make an exception for June. She's just been such a blatant asshole for so long and was perfectly fine with being a bully until it no longer suited her image and pretends it was just a phase of something.

The karma catching up to her is so nice, she's no longer smug about her looks, she hates herself, her boyfriend is a complete douchebag that ignores or belittles her, her fans are pathetic incels whose love is waning, most of the Internet hates her, she has no real friends or social life, even YT celebs ignore her, no future prospects, and her platform is all about shitting on women which tends to fuck up the minds of the women that spout it and destroy their self-esteem and self-worth, especially as they get older which is just fucking sweet for June thanks to shitting on women for aging, their weight, everything, for years.

No. 637404

File: 1531684754864.png (Spoiler Image, 237 KB, 765x1176, B35076E0-F0D2-404F-8FB3-C14CAE…)

Oh dear god. I’ve found more, Anon.

LMFAOOOO this terrible MSPaint “hentai”

No. 637412

File: 1531685069603.jpg (61.8 KB, 623x627, C4WBJeXWcAAEfy3.jpg)

That's based off of these tweets apparently.

No. 637417

File: 1531685233493.jpeg (19.85 KB, 400x400, LoWtFpad_400x400.jpeg)

Thanks I hate it.

No. 637419

why are these @youtube also, like they want to read this shit

No. 637437

File: 1531687123883.jpg (Spoiler Image, 25.13 KB, 500x500, ba876e9bd9a17aaf7ef0e94f9f7383…)

June looks like Josh Ramsey from Marianas Trench tbh

No. 637439

June is a self-proclaimed Youtube employee anon. She's just sending her daily work report to the HQ.

No. 637442

File: 1531687366752.jpg (96.28 KB, 825x721, da.JPG)

lol @ her liked tweets

I guess she gotta fight her free speech right to call a black actress a "gorilla".

No. 637518

File: 1531693338729.png (317.83 KB, 719x886, 20180715_181245.png)

Sceptic tank responded to this girl who posted a pic of ChrisRayGun's body.

No. 637530

File: 1531694405423.jpg (20.54 KB, 320x401, emo boy.jpg)

why does she look like an emo boy
also i feel like she makes her nose look smoler in a lot of photos because here the tip looks bigger, just an observation.

No. 637533

Post a comparison pic, anon.

No. 637540

i'd say her instagram profile pic is proof, she's not smiling at all in it yet her nose looks smaller in the nose-to-cheek size ratio if that makes sense, yet in the pic i posted above, her nose tip looks substantially bigger even though her cheeks are more enlarged than in the instagram profile pic due to smiling/smirking which makes your cheeks get bigger obviously. sage for nitpicking

No. 637547

Wow I thought his constant need for validation was bad, now he is passively aggressively calling his body better than Chris just because ONE girl fawned over him.
What gets me is preg clearly has a slender frame but got fucking fat, he isn't this big built "lumberjack" dude he and june are CONSTANTLY making himself out to be

No. 637552

preg has a massive round fat unhealthy stomach with smaller legs that are still mushy and chubby. he is seriously just fat. but june is a deluded narcissist and preg is a lazy narcissist so

No. 637567

i feel like this is him trying to covertly hit up anisa. like, "no baby that manlet is weak, get with a dadbod"

No. 637587

This insecure and sad piece of shit is both lucky and unlucky to have someone like June to fuel his delusions about being sexy and smart.

June, is it really worth it?

No. 637616

File: 1531700955656.png (348.98 KB, 576x1376, 5gk3riA.png)

The rest.

>calm your shit boomer

Wonder if she talked like that to all of her baby boomer engagement party guests.

No. 637636

>i'm literally almost 30
Guaranteed she wouldn't have said this without reading these threads

No. 637686

File: 1531704845419.png (71.62 KB, 894x483, 657243.PNG)

God forbid women keep themselves safe from tinder rapists.
Why is she always shitting on fat women anyway, but then goes and posts shit like pictured? "I love chubby women uwu so bisecshual", yeah right.

No. 637703

File: 1531706469925.png (52.32 KB, 375x476, avqTI9p.png)

This is sad.

>H-hey guys don't forget about me

No. 637704

File: 1531706498354.png (59.67 KB, 577x398, v8C7qXa.png)

No. 637722

>when i was a edgelord teenager

lol, she kept saying it even when she was 25-26

No. 637747

File: 1531709122676.jpg (61.3 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

She really think's we're that gullible kek

No. 637750

Literally when has she ever defended plus-sized people??
Oh… Oh yeah, when she deludes herself about her obese boyfriend. I forgot.

No. 637758

Vidibox. This guy is a legend.

I’ve literally seen her only shame overweight people. So… where the so-called body positivity? Oh, yeah, I forgot. Pregory’s dadbod.

No. 637762

"if anything i defend plus sized people!! only time i ever MAYBE insulted them was a decade ago uwu

shuwu in the last 3 years if not 2: "no fat chicks allowed on earth if i got my way!"

No. 637779

File: 1531710503251.png (402.26 KB, 589x577, ZhlgTAf.png)

No. 637780

File: 1531710527624.png (658.23 KB, 801x1023, trNfSVL.png)

No. 637792

Her eyes are so small, ew. She looks just like leafy here.

No. 637795

File: 1531711829100.jpg (25.59 KB, 400x462, 1497432671895.jpg)

…and her dumb fans are commenting "relationship goalzzz xD" under this tweet. Yeah, it's definitely every little girl's dream to grow up and have a partner who publically disparages you in front of an audience of thousands of people to prop themselves up.
As if that person even said that to be a "nice guy." He probably tweeted it because Shrekory looks like Kevin James' ogrish brother.

No. 637799

File: 1531712139567.png (176.98 KB, 298x269, jawshoop.png)


sage for nitpick but her jaw looks a bit shooped here, it's wavy-ish sorta

No. 637802

they really are quite small, she has to extend her eyeliner so far to even try to make them look almond shaped.

No. 637819

Lol i think june is getting played big time "vidibox"

No. 637820

L o n g c h i n

No. 637829

File: 1531714507883.png (38.07 KB, 149x164, 20180716_001440.png)

Yeah that's true anon. She probably shoops her nose some too? I mean we found out that she shoops her lips in earlier threads.

No. 637833

File: 1531714825739.png (Spoiler Image, 199.07 KB, 374x378, 20180716_001303.png)

More big booty Junie uwu.

Tbh, her fans are fucking retarded, evidence of her being an inverted triangle is on her insta, juxtaposed with the shooped to hell and back, smol pear/hourglass pics lmao.

No. 637837

File: 1531715043536.png (655.69 KB, 720x1116, 20180716_001130.png)

Has June ever played Metroid? She used to go on about how Samus was her favorite.

No. 637868

File: 1531719017368.jpg (34.89 KB, 640x648, f2d69c6b052d32ccb6f156cb5aad7f…)

Around gamergate, she got one of her orbiters to try to get her into video games. I doubt Ms. "I have no hobbies" was that she was that much of a fan.

No. 637879

File: 1531721378894.jpg (78.43 KB, 1024x1024, a3211a2a73a7275e61bd1685b5290a…)

No. 637927

i believe that she uses either filters on her nose or that she gently shoops it

No. 637967

File: 1531732704014.jpg (574.49 KB, 1391x3567, xYRtz88.jpg)

>edgelord teenager
She was around 22 in 2012, which are the older posts. Some of these are from last year.
Why does she feel the need to lie all the time?
>inb4 she replies with ''i was just joking''

No. 637974

>hurr I eat anything I want and all my weight goes to my butt

No. 637975

File: 1531733443924.jpg (974.36 KB, 823x1065, YzJUtnd.jpg)

Samefag but we all know that June has always been a major anachan.
She went on a diet in 2012 even though she was really skinny.

So I can guarantee you that lots of these these ''fat bitches'' she constantly talks about are not actually fat. She's gonna claim that ''chubby and fat are not the same'' but context matters here. What she calls fat is very different from what is actually considered fat.

No. 637977

she also equates fat and chubby here.
she's so obsessed with this shit lmao

No. 638006


I think her obsession on shitting on bigger women stems from her feeling of inadequacy towards other women. The only thing she got against other women is her thinness.

-face: whoville fetal alcohol syndrome, beady eyes and fucked up teeth.
-hair: bald with fucked up scalp
-shape: inverted triangle with weird gangly limbs
-tits: plastic bolt-ons
-ass: flat

The only thing regarding her physical body that she could feel "superior" about is that she was thin (and young I guess), that's why she was keen on shitting on fat women.
Now she's getting chubby and not so young anymore. She's not smart either so all that's left is to try her best to whore herself out to the incels.

No. 638116

>stay 96ish 23inch
there's 0 reason to include that measurement except for the fact that she wanted her orbiters to salivate over her "Disney princess 23 inch waistline"

And this woman says "feminism is pure humble bragging". Everything she does "cringe feminist xD" behavior x1000 with a twist of unnecessary added malice

No. 638156

>fat girl pose
She does that pose every picture now lmaooo

No. 638236

She's frustrated about her simian-like mile long philtrum that can't be fixed even with surgery.

No. 638279

>there's 0 reason to include that measurement except for the fact that she wanted her orbiters to salivate over her "Disney princess 23 inch waistline"

That's why her becoming the chubby "fat girls" she shits on is hilarious. Of course she's now going from putting attention on her "smol waistline" to her "big ass" which at least her waist was small back then, her pancake ass doesn't get anything out of her weight gain, probably because she literally sits on her ass all day and doesn't know how to work out.

seeing she falls for diet plans and now probably has a shit metabolism and has no motivation to work out, shuwu is def going be really heavy when she gets to 30 and will keep claiming she just happened to care or think chubby/fat girls are tots cute now and her past self was just an edgy teen.

I wonder how much longer preg will call her "little girlfriend", it's becoming as bad as when she calls him buff. They are both living in delusion and their fans who are just as fat and ugly feed off it.

No. 638314

File: 1531765483931.png (7.88 KB, 310x62, Screenshot_42.png)


"june doesn't have a belly ring"

reminded me of this. she's at least got it pierced

No. 638316

I feel like if one were to do a video exposing June, they’d have to divide it in at least 2 parts just to cover everything. // That’s kind of sad tbh.

No. 638334

yeah she mentioned it in her old vlogs as well, she has her belly button pierced. maybe preg just doesn't know or she's not wearing it anymore since it's not kawaii enough for her uwu aesthetic
sage for irrelevancy.

No. 638354

man, she must have never in her life had any muscle whatsoever, plus her ass has always been flat. i'm 5'7 and my waist is typically 24-25 inches and i don't really look much bigger than her in that picture besides having more muscle from physical training and having more fat on my ass and i weigh like 123 pounds. her 96 is believable i guess but it's because she was a flat, unhealthy anachan. now she's obviously weighing much more but again, that's just pure fat gain, no muscle or anything, plus butt pads of course..

No. 638458

holy shit is that shoeishere?

No. 638479

That's her old video but I can't believe the bitch actually said that (2:18). ''I'm pro lgbt rights. All hot lesbians should make out with me and then be sent to hell where they belong'' How desperate for male approval are you supposed to me to go that low?

No. 638488

to be fair she was joking here, this is the one video of hers that i find kind of funny still

No. 638505

>finding any video of hers funny ever
embarrassing. are you male?

No. 638506

Argument over who's better at blowjob…

I'm aware it's a joke. She says this stuff seriously too as we know. The fact that it's a joke doesn't undermine its attention-seeking comnopent.

No. 638515

Not a funny joke, not a funny video. Funny too how her "jokes" all sexualize herself and other "hot" women. She never makes "jokes" about being ugly and fridge shaped. You have super shit taste, anon.

No. 638517

it's embarassing how upset you >>638505 got. I said how i found one of her videos mildy funny in a few parts, please refrain guys i obviously think she's a horrible bitch i just thought certain parts were shockingly kind of humorous. and to clarify, i wasn't saying i liked the lesbian joke, i just mentioned that she was being very sarcastic in the video. some of the stupidly sarcastic political parts were kinda funny to me lol that's all.

No. 638551

File: 1531783209134.png (126.29 KB, 588x1010, ZjPMY3w.png)

No. 638562

Lol i see that now too she never makes a /real/ self-depricating post

No. 638569

File: 1531784211839.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.98 KB, 720x724, momo.jpg)

has no one done the comparison with her long lost sister Momo

No. 638572

Oh hell what if they do a petuber collab style video?

No. 638582

File: 1531785011888.png (30.26 KB, 587x274, timetostopposting.png)

Please June, just let people enjoy things

No. 638587

god her self inserts are so awkward and embarrassing

what? those posts were made by two different people.

No. 638589

this straight up sounds like fanfiction (because it is).

why must she make everything about herself?

No. 638602

>me me meeee me me me xDDD

No. 638682

lol i don't mind a conwoman getting conned back go ahead, june, see a pyschic(sage posts like this)

No. 638694

File: 1531792058110.png (399.21 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20180716-214418.png)

June badmouths the fuck out of her ex and even tries to pretend he didn't exist and then there's this.
Also, she always pulled the "gay relationship xd" shtick AND the smol bean thing.

No. 638698

samefag/ She also said she barely saw him or talked to him but in this video he says they were at a hotel and go out to eat sometimes. Also, the entire Cancun trip she talked to him on skype while simultaneously entertaining the neckbeards. Kek.

No. 638732

She and Preg are just so so very far away. They grew up in 2 completely separate worlds.
Who would have thought destiny would bring these two who were worlds away, together?
New York and Canada.

No. 638736

File: 1531795387642.png (345.4 KB, 569x605, 3UjHyDl.png)

No. 638737

File: 1531795406209.jpg (135.46 KB, 675x1200, DiRaW0sWAAA6IvD.jpg)

No. 638753

then what a sad, sad life it must be. disgusting.

No. 638758

File: 1531797766814.png (684.15 KB, 576x994, DC4oOXE.png)

She made him thinner again. So much for loving his perfect dad bod uwu

No. 638763

she gave herself a butt too, reality sucks doesn't it june?
did she use the palest skin for herself too?

No. 638780

Doesnt that mean she /purposely/ made him non-comittal in game? In my experiencen, the only sims that get that wedding ring and chain bubble are the ones who are non-commital/ serial romantic. Sage for no1curr.

No. 638783

What made you think I was upset? All I did was rightfully call your sense of humor embarrassing.

No. 638873

She's super pale and soo smol, of course she did uwu
but smolphobic Sims can't even let her be smol in the game T_T uwu

No. 638882

poor juwun. she can't be a smol bun in the game unless she's a teen, and if she was a teen she couldn't be in a sexy sims 24/7 bdsm relationship.

No. 638887

why have you done this

No. 638891

File: 1531812942075.png (220.31 KB, 557x283, CNBXjLT.png)

Yes, she made him non-committal.

Kind of interesting that she chose that lol.

Now if she makes them engaged, her Preggory sim will get sad and have a "trapped" moodlet lmaooo.

No. 638894


she's preparing for her future kek

No. 638896


>mcdonalds bathroom


No. 638909

June needa love herself i swear

No. 638911

how is she not embarrassed lmaoo

No. 638930

>Thinking this manorixic spic is worth drooling over.

Sage for no real contribution. I hate ugly men being celebrated.(sage goes in the email field)

No. 638952

Kek, the portrait looks like Eliott Rodger rather than Preggory.

No. 638978

She probably did that bc of the fact that he was married before. It’s so sad to think about honestly. It’s as if Greg is going through the motions with this relationship. And no, I’m not shitting on people who’ve been divorced in general, I’m just speculating exclusively about Greg. He’s done all the wedding and engagement stuff before so this time around is probably not a big deal to him.

June really is like a dog eagerly feeding off table scraps. How fitting.

No. 638986

pregory feels like victim of divorce rape for some reason, even though he wasted their money on star wars toys and fucking cults.

No. 639025

how shallow/bland is their relationship that him being a divorced/"non-committal" man is a significant part of his personality to her? What else is there to him besides that and youtube, star wars, being fatass, "dom daddy"?

No. 639053

because shoe gets off on the fact that he left his ex-wife for her, a younger woman (and we all know that shoe has some kind of serious mental issue when it comes to her and other people's age).
Does she not realize this exact thing will happen to her once she ''hits the wall'' and becomes uninteresting to him?

The novelty has already worn off. Preg is openly talking and fapping to (much younger)e-thots while being engaged to shoe in a long distance relationship. The man talks to camgirls on twitter for everyone including her and their fans to see. Probably shoe's mom too, kek. But shoe is such a cool gf™, so she probably doesn't mind. The lack of self-respect and the message she sends by encouraging that behavior is so fucked up.

He doesn't take their relationship serious at all and I can already see the divorce coming. Shoe likes to dismiss this as ''wishful thinking'' but it's honestly just the truth, it's not even me being an asshole. Preg is obviously not the type to be loyal to one woman, as he started dating shoe while he was still married.

No. 639055

Every time someone links to that autist's twitter his profile picture is rough because that blazer is CLEARLY too small for him and he's cropped the picture in such a way as to make it seem like it's because he's too large in the upper body when the truth is it's because he's trying to fasten it over his sagging gut

No. 639062

File: 1531838171975.jpg (143.56 KB, 810x769, IMG_20180717_163515.jpg)

>Preggory's favorite camwhore laughing at June

LMAO indeed.

No. 639070

the supreme(ly overweight) gentleman

No. 639078

She made him seriously non-committal. I wonder what other traits she picked for him.

No. 639081

Tbh that looks nothing like him lol
The face is too angular and strong. Where's Preg's babyfat?

No. 639509

how dare you compare my waifu with fucking wigonhead

No. 639695

>claims youtubers are youtube employees
>"if you're not in the mood to make a video you don't have to"

these people really don't know what real employment is do they

No. 639726

File: 1531879680720.jpeg (88.78 KB, 750x739, BDD7A18D-FB0A-4A63-9133-ADED45…)


No. 639731

Is he reading the thread????

No. 639746

Skip to 11:38

It's June lmao

No. 639760

Cow crossover <3

No. 639812

they've both been making harsher than usual jabs at each other
anyone else predicting the relationship ending soon?

No. 639824

In the recent VidCon vlog, they mention how they apparently were fighting about how many guys June slept with. They try to play it off as a joke, but it did not come off as one in the slightest. So the recent drama seems to have put a strain on their relationship. I doubt they'll break up just yet since they need each other for their own parasitic reasons, but it does seem the inevitable has been hastened.

No. 639854

oof I must’ve missed that
do you have time stamps, anon?

No. 639888

File: 1531896138182.png (70.45 KB, 619x569, FcHVyLe.png)

RantingF, who's friends with Shoe and calls cis women nonpassing: lol TERFs aren't real feminists xD

Altrighters don't like radical feminists. How stupid can June be? Is she forgetting that she used to call /pol/ delightful

No. 639889

File: 1531896305050.png (15.8 KB, 583x119, M4XMvgI.png)

This is literally what June does all day. All she does is tweet at and about people who don't like her, so how can she not understand it

No. 639891

File: 1531896427729.png (93.46 KB, 597x450, guidette spergout.png)

No. 639893

>everyone who disagrees with me is a white knight waaah

God this woman is absolutely insufferable and two-faced. For someone who’s always preaching about ~open dialogue and being civil to one another uwu~ she sure is an impulsive, hateful bitch.

No. 639894

Uh oh, that theophobe person is gonna get blocked for daring to question her something rational and logical like that.

No. 639898

june just confessed right wingers are bad lmfao that's like 90% of her fanbase

No. 639906

File: 1531899472607.jpg (364.89 KB, 548x2256, btfo.jpg)

Wig status: snatched

No. 639908

File: 1531899741832.png (225.31 KB, 558x1180, btfp 2.png)


few more

No. 639911

watch her delete this embarrassing guidette sperging in the next couple of hours

Also I love this
>freaks out at someone bringing up an old tweet of hers and calling it “stalking”
>brings up an old tweet by dusty smith
never change, June.

No. 639930

She is still the same person she was in high school. Hypocritical and nonsensical sperg bullying in replacement of a debate, facts, or a legitimate argument. Ironic, since she use to post about “facts dun care about your feelings!” “Feminist use feelings in their debates! Not actually facts or evidence!”

No. 639931

File: 1531905957893.png (90.99 KB, 582x648, W1HtQVp.png)

No. 639967

File: 1531914356747.jpg (415.75 KB, 1295x775, uwu.jpg)

I fixed your sims, June

No. 640004

File: 1531919382964.gif (1.22 MB, 280x200, 1410127183253.gif)

>shuwu linebacker shoulders and toneless bony legs
>preg's obsession with wearing flannel
>keeping the non-committal
this is so accurate, thank you for the laughs anon.

No. 640028

File: 1531922687968.gif (89.4 KB, 250x252, ib.gif)

Thanks Anon, this is perfect.

No. 640053

File: 1531926171025.jpg (69.96 KB, 842x470, kiss0ndicks.jpg)



>unless we're arguing about how many men you're sleeping with.

No. 640057

File: 1531926365418.jpg (52.83 KB, 840x428, this is my happy face.jpg)

>"oh baby I would never sleep with another man"
>Juwune's "I can't say anything about traps" face

No. 640061

File: 1531926602208.jpg (71.35 KB, 844x470, preg takes after june.jpg)

>"dang there's a lot of overweight unattended middle-age men wandering around by themselves"

that's rich, coming from grocery.

No. 640062

>terfs are right wing
>right wing
this retard

No. 640129

Because, according to June, them not accepting trannies makes them right wing by default.
Oh and they are totally into strict gender roles even though they claim they want to actually destroy gender roles. But June's brain can't process that.

No. 640140

Not only her brain, to be fair. It's rather lots of indocrinated lefties and liberals. She's just so spineless and ignorant that she accepts what other people say if it serves her agenda. She irrationally hates feminists, especially those most independent from males and their perspective (radfems). So she will agree with everything that is said against them under disguise that it's their politics that bother her, not something else that is totally subjective and irrational (women's independence, non-conformity etc)
Also when it comes to politics she says vague things and puts an emphasis on populism and emotions rather than intellectual side of it to avoid potential criticism addressing the fact that she doesn't know anything and spews baseless bullshit. Like ''feminism is a totally different ideology from the left'' implying feminism has nothing to do with the left (completely untrue). But she doesn't know what 'left ideology' is about to begin with.

No. 640163

Jesus Christ she looks haggard.

No. 640176

She looks like a frustrated hooker after being shorted for the 3rd time in a row that night.

Lol, saged for no1curr

No. 640182

Did she cheat or something? I honestly wouldn't doubt it at this point, sage for tinfoil but maybe the whole "polygamy" thing, in her head, was that allowing skeptic to sleep with whoever, would allow her to sleep with whoever as well, but skeptic has other ideas

I really doubt any girl who whores herself out and actively enables creepy male commenters is gonna be loyal, especially considering her previous cheating experiences, maybe that's why the relationship is falling apart?

No. 640185

I think he's just one of those entitled sexist men who's all about sleeping around with other women but is super jealous even thinking of an idea that his woman would sleep with other men. That's what he meant here. Not that it actually happened.

No. 640189

File: 1531938228259.jpg (92.18 KB, 1200x627, DiaEUYkX0AA6ndn.jpg)

No. 640230

Anon what traits did you pick for Juwune? Saged.

No. 640247

nta but it's erratic, jealous and mean kek

No. 640257

It's all catching up to her. I'm living.

No. 640263

File: 1531941912397.png (30.92 KB, 590x304, deep.png)

No. 640270

if that's her big mood why the fuck is she still on twitter and making yt content

or is she already preparing for the inevitable end of her ''career'' in a couple of years

No. 640301

File: 1531943006877.jpg (63.53 KB, 500x674, wotyo92p8tl01.jpg)

yeah, lots of the young left likes to leverage that bullshit strawman against radfems because they (kinda but not really) agree with conservatives on one issue. but leftists agree with conservatives (kinda but not really) about hillary, so does that make them conservatives? i mean, this is fucking ridiculous.

also, june is a fucking centrist/neoliberal proponent of capitalism, while radfems are staunchly anti-capitalist, so they're a fuckton further left than you are. ALL of the tenents central to radical feminism are actually leftist, but june checks off maybe 2, so she has no fucking room, especially when she's out here constantly agreeing with conservatives for pick me points

No. 640327

>big mood
but june, how will you use politics to shit on women then???

No. 640342


when babygirl's bolt-on tits and guido voice don't excite your chode so you have to think about shadbase drawings and traps to finish

No. 640388

Tons of people have done this before tbh and it's always waaaay too flattering

No. 640398

File: 1531946454179.jpeg (42.59 KB, 719x409, C264XiqVEAA58Ue.jpeg)

Btw this is the sim June made of herself

No. 640437

File: 1531949205958.png (231.32 KB, 397x334, wigonhead.PNG)

I mean, this part was awfully realistic

No. 640529

Hold on… what traits did she pick for herself?
Also: using Chrome on a Macbook. It just shows that you don't care or you don't try.

Saged for nitpick and for no1currz.

No. 640585

Clumsy, childish, and family-oriented

No. 640623

what's wrong with using chrome on mac

No. 640763

I use it but in recent years it is a horrible eater of ram on macOS. Like the helpers on activitymonitor are out of control. Fuck safari tho.

Sage for OT

No. 640898



>family oriented

so trad! so waifu!

No. 640899

oh and her aspiration is cooking and to be a top chef

No. 640906

File: 1531986008613.png (95.59 KB, 572x898, issa joke.png)

She's been sperging out about this stuff for a week straight now.

No. 640907


I guess sammiches are top chef material

No. 640908

File: 1531986067393.jpg (94.57 KB, 911x1024, DicBolgXUAAyawE.jpg)

No. 640914

File: 1531987163724.jpg (568.99 KB, 557x720, dB35xyn.jpg)

top chef joon :3

No. 640915

samefag but the sandwich gets me every time. like how do you fuck up a sandwich? it's two sad slices of bread.

No. 640916

File: 1531987269145.png (18.08 KB, 484x169, 3fJCBDE.png)

No. 640925

File: 1531989056224.png (80.61 KB, 586x848, Hwl8ep4.png)

No. 640929

Ngl she seems like typical retarded child here

No. 640931

this is how she responds to everyone who isn't licking her ass 24/7
>someone calmly recommends you to change up your content and get some new ideas

honestly every other youtuber would get so much shit for behaving like this but as always she gets a pass.
i can legit hear her screaming whenever she types in all caps.
this is why the ''erratic'' trait anon picked >>639967 fits perfectly.

No. 640941

That (chicken..?) next to the asparagus triggers my gag reflex every fucking time

No. 640967

File: 1531999274744.jpg (605.2 KB, 1146x1502, jersey shore new season.jpg)


I see she went for the trad waifu angle with family oriented and cooking aspiration plus some childish and clumsy traits for extra UwU points.

Meanwhile my June got pregnant with Shreg, then he started to flirt with the first neighbor who visited them which made June's erratic and jealous trait activate, poor young neighbour…
June is currently talking to herself in the hallway.

No. 640970

>continues to shit on 'feminazis', 'terfs' and other outdated buzzwords relating to minority groups
>'trolls' (literally spergs) at people using her own rhetorics on Twitter
>Bodyshaming everybody and their mom whilst not seeing the irony
>everyone who opposes her on Twatter is by default a triggered cringy sperg
>'trolls' events like womens day by slapping together two pieces of bread and jumps on an overweight spazz's lap to take a celebratory pic

>unironically thinks about shit like starting a cooking show

how do you shit on women and to a lesser extent the rest of the populous that isnt neckbeards and trannies alike precumming over you YET STAY SO FUCKING CRINGY

>Cant cook

>Engaged to a fat man w/ a podcast who makes less money than her (men shouldn't by default make more but so much for dat preaching)
>Thinks spartan sandals is the perfect shoe attire while golfing
>Makeup hasnt improved since she was clit deep in boxxy
>NEET (yt doesnt count when the only thing that ever changed was your subscriber count and occasionally being part of OTHER PEOPLES content)
>Thinks making baity negative remarks about herself is enough to trollshield when she shits on other women

No. 640973

Why does she keep tagging Chris Ray Gun? Has he even responded to her cringeyness?

No. 640991

Idk but I remember thinking she had a thing for him a while ago. It’s as if she can’t go after what she likes bc then it would compromise her self-image.
Personally I think Chris is a little bitch.

No. 641086


They are "friends" and bitch out together at those who dare to criticize them, he mods her discord too.

No. 641114

File: 1532016510205.png (472.07 KB, 720x1032, 20180719_120427.png)

No. 641135

File: 1532017368843.jpeg (38.55 KB, 719x404, C264XiqUUAAbQh8.jpeg)

KEK @ how she made Sceptic look
She's either delusional or desperate

No. 641140

Fuck, not Adam too

No. 641145


Aspiration- Knowledge - Renaissance Sim

Traits - Quick learner (lmaoooo)

No. 641161

Most movie reviewers and YouTube commentary channels suck her clit. Shoe is the token “cool girl” in those spaces because she shits on feminism which is really hot at the moment.

Not talking about Adam in particular,
but lots of these people treat girls in their own communities like shit and tear them apart for merely existing (keemstar himself even acknowledged this at one point) - but they’re all fine with June because she’s built her image around being the living embodiment of the “not like other girls” meme and putting other women down.
I don’t get how people who aren’t desperate neckbeards/teens fall for this shit.

No. 641165

File: 1532019244694.png (190.65 KB, 537x421, eJ703X7.png)

she made her sim look more like roamingmillennial than herself

No. 641178

Welp, guess I'm never watching yms ever again. June ruins everything, I stg.

No. 641237

tinfoiling that maybe, just maybe, june wants Roaming to fuck preg in her subconscious mind.

No. 641240

wtf is botton left supposed to be, vomit with asparagus?

No. 641257

OT but it's not the worst, I really like his videos and he ruined them for me when he defended bestiality, so, uh.. yeah

No. 641295

the chicken looks so raw, it's frightening

No. 641363

I cringe every time ralph talks about them. ESPECIALLY in his 50 shades of grey video.

No. 641397

File: 1532034942738.png (221.54 KB, 314x271, 2018-07-19_18-15-25.png)

what IS that? It looks fucking raw!!!
you call yourself a chef and you cant make a fucking sandwich???

No. 641398

>protest/absentee voting

OT of course but I want butthurt pseudo political commenters to stop calling people who voted for who they thought was best as "protestors" just because they didn't vote Shilary. Maybe he should do a video on the 'nonzero impact' of trying to elect a non-electable candidate and the democratic committee throwing actual electable candidates under the bus.
Maybe a 'nonzero impact' study of why "because I'm a woman" won't get votes.
How convenient to use the term 'nonzero' because it's not 'significant.'

For once I agree that this didn't merit an intellectual response, this is a screencap of two standard retards with different methods of trying to make themselves feel superior to others. Nothing more, nothing less.

No. 641544

I used to like Ralph but on his Bigfoot video (I think) he made a nasty unfunny joke about a girl that appeared for 5 seconds, saying she would rather be in college being fucked by tons of frat boys. It was so uncalled for, unfunny and shoehorned in. He gives me incel/mgtow vibes.

Sage for OT

No. 641565

That's fucking disgusting, but what can you expect from a furry. /no1currzles

No. 641566

File: 1532041529007.png (72.79 KB, 713x578, 20180719_190428.png)

More Sims sperg

No. 641575

And THIS is why i know this letsplay must be trolling.
Achieve Level 8 in 6 Skills
Reach Level 3 in 3 Careers
Never in the history will Preg get that far.

And the reward is "Write Skill Book".
SkepTHICC's book must be named "Guide to spend your wife's money on toys and doomsday gear".

OT AF: But Anon, everybody knows there were only 2 options on the ballot. One was the Memeperor Trump, the other was Hilary "Maybe, after i was horrible at everything else, i won't suck at being a prez" Clinton. No third party or anything… and the electorate doesn't have the privilage to put somebody, who is at least SANE, into the prezident's office.
So yeah, how dares this person ask Juwune to make a "VOTE IN THE MIDTERMS YOU FUCKS" video. After she made 2 or 3 videos about the 2016 election. And she is a "political commentator".
I hate the Trump-sperging as much as you (but for a different reason it seems) but the twitter-person actually HAD a point.

Saged for OT and (maybe) tinfoil

No. 641590

What is she referring to here?

No. 641708

She's talking about how it took longer for her sims to fuck than it took for her and Preg irl

No. 641713

There should be a thread for shitty, inceloid youtube movie reviewers. Virtually all of them are unfunny lolcows.

No. 641720

After that beastiality shit i second the motion /saged

No. 641735

i pray to god that she will make a cooking show thing because i will laugh hysterically at her god awful creations

No. 641746

i used to use chrome on my mac and it got a bizarre virus somehow. firefox wins it all

offtopic = sage

No. 641797

saged for ot but agreed. There's way too many people letting all the incel shit they say slide just because they say funny things every now and then. It's worth noting that Ralph went on this 4 minute long joke about about being sexually assaulted as a child.

No. 641848

Was preg really a bus driver??

No. 641877

Yes please! I didn't know about the bestiality thing, but they are all pretty much lolcow worthy

No. 641959

In >>630924 he mentions he use to be a bus driver.

There's so much potential with a reviewer thread. All of them throw the biggest fits at any criticism or opposing opinions. There's some great posts on some reviewers in the first youtubers general thread if anyone is interested in reading.

No. 642108

File: 1532068530615.png (562.77 KB, 580x934, wrSPCki.png)

No. 642117

Tfw you and your girlfiancè have to ask internet strangers to come hang out for your bday.

No. 642122

File: 1532070339282.png (15.64 KB, 405x385, uh oh.png)

Is her ask.fm disabled for anyone else?

No. 642131

Yep, disabled for me.

No. 642135

Maybe haters from this thread started to ask her questions there

No. 642138

I would bet my life savings that everyone who turns up is either under 14, a greasy incel neckbeard, or both.

No. 642140


I think it's also because we were getting so many juicy screencaps of her hypocrisy from there.

No. 642148

File: 1532072949481.png (108.91 KB, 605x816, butch hartman.png)

Not even a week ago she was telling other people to make their own videos if they don't like her content ( >>635052 ).

Doubtful. Maybe if it were Curiouscat, but hardly anybody uses ask.fm in 2018.

No. 642161

She (or greg) lurks 100%. They probably got wind of all the embarrassing screencaps that were being posted in recent threads.

Also the pedophilia defense and lies about bisexuality. That's some pretty damaging stuff and I'm honestly surprised she didn't disable her ask earlier.

No. 642166

is there anything at all that she hasn't gone back on??

No. 642169

File: 1532074944619.png (3.08 MB, 3924x3508, gaymurgorl.png)

I included the cereal and milk part cause a lot of the "conversations" she has are the most inane bullshit like the ANYWAY LIGHTMODE IS BETTERXDDDDD "joke." Her life and personality are so empty. Everything about her is so ~internet~ and not in a good way

also the sims related message was supposed to be next to the second to last message (about her second channel), my bad

No. 642176

File: 1532076374033.jpg (305.61 KB, 1681x2613, pw2vYOv.jpg)


One of her earlier videos was about a doll called Lamily, the ''realistic'' version of the barbie doll.

And lo and behold, she backpedaled last year.
>I think the idea of lamily is cute and sweet
Where? Shoe spent the entire video talking about how the doll exists because middle-aged mom's are projecting their insecurities, how frumpy her design is and how unnecessary it is to make fiction more realistic.

I personally don't disagree with her stance on Lamily - I just find it pathetic how she can't stand by ANY of her opinions, she back pedals on almost every issue she has ever spoken about. She claims it's because ''opinions change'' and she ''matures'' over the years when it's clear as day that she's literally the same as she was years ago. She constantly proves it herself on twitter with her retarded guidette freakouts.

No. 642179

>The Final Boss of Feminism: MEGAMURPH

She's really gonna embarrass herself with this one.

>emotional labor is one of my favorite sayings

She thinks it doesn't exist? No wonder she's stuck in a relationship with an obese retard.


Easy? Why is she pretending modern games can't be played with family?

No. 642184

File: 1532077414785.jpg (110.44 KB, 600x1357, ulR9Zoa.jpg)

In honor of the disabled ask.fm page here are some more gems

No. 642196

>continues building toy
How can you embarrass yourself like this on a public platform and still want to be efamous

No. 642322

I've got a question:

I've noticed she tends to shit-talk Steven Crowder and regard him as a lolcow yet at the same time she defends Sargon of Akkad and considers him her friend.

Both of these men hold very similar conservative, alt-right and misogynistic views. One gets scrutiny from her, another is defended.

Similar thing with Blaire White. June is against trans "gatekeepers" and will often ridicule people who have these type of views. Blaire, even though a transgender, has a lot of type of views that June would challenge and yet doesn't dare to because it's Blaire.

I know she constantly parrots how friends stay friends regardless of political differences, but seeing how much she attacks and ridicules those who do not hold the same views as her (without presenting proper arguments), it's kind of hypocritical isn't it?

No. 642353

No. 642356

i like how "anti-sjw cringe" is unironically in the same list as "CAVORNESS VAGINA ENERGY - Cosmo Cringe 4" and "taking terrible buzzfeed quizzes."

as if she's not the poster child for cringy anti-sjw youtubers. give it up june, you're no better than the rest.

No. 642358

the only reason why she doesn't like crowder is because he's very anti-trans and he constantly mocks trans people

i can guarantee you she doesn't give a fuck about his racist and misogynistic views.

No. 642623

File: 1532118853359.png (381.81 KB, 720x922, 20180720_163315.png)

Found more dad bod apologist shit, girls

No. 642645

Doesn’t pretty much everyone acknowledge that Leo is ugly now

No. 642655

june has no problem with posting articles praising fat, flabby men like Preg but gets triggered when there's articles about fat women wearing bikinis because ''congratulations ur fat xD reeee''


No. 642658

lmao @ skeptic comparing himself to leonardo dicaprio

No. 642663

But isn't Sargon also anti-trans?

No. 642763

Yes. He's aged badly, despite being a teenage/early 20s heartthrob.

The dad bod is never in.

i know, right? Skeptic is clearly obese now

No. 642789

>h0e projecting her insecurities over hitting the wall on the nebulous middle aged mom
kek she thinks she's being subtle

No. 642800

That was an old vid

No. 642849

nope. in fact he cheated on his wife with a tranny.

No. 642855

kek unrelated but june had the biggest boner for him, i'm guessing bc he often pulled the "b-b-but i'm a liberal too, you guise!! my 2928349723 videos on why the left is CRAAAZY just mean i'm trying to help!", same shit she does, even though we all fucking know he's alt-lite, and june is barely 2 steps from it.

anyhow, he recently came out as having joined UKIP lmao

No. 642870

i would imagine most women attracted to leo at this point is for his illustrious career and past achievements rather than his current less than stellar body

No. 642881

Wow his life story is really pathetic.

He must be really insecure since he was diagnosed with a learning disability. All of his online pseudo-intellectual shit must be to compensate for that.

No. 642888

>My body is in fashion
Sorry Preg, but no dice. Maybe if Leo gained another 60-100 pounds.

No. 642941

File: 1532139903296.png (398.67 KB, 574x1247, Untitled.png)

cow crossover

No. 642952

I dont get the point of laurens video lmao and shoe just has to jump into everything jesus

No. 642971

Just reading all these posts where she turns the topic to herself annoys the shit out of me. I wonder if she does this in conversations IRL too. Sounds exhausting

No. 643024


No. 643070

File: 1532154546972.png (60.31 KB, 593x480, new vid.png)

No. 643071

File: 1532154557030.png (33.47 KB, 607x252, roseanne.png)

No. 643078

if this fucking dropout makes a video about how women go to too much school in useless courses or something I s2g

No. 643079

Yeah let the college dropout NEET educate us all on the country’s finances. This is what we’ve been waiting for.

No. 643080

>”it’s okay when we do it”
Shoes entire persona is “it’s okay when I do it”. She really does not have a drop of self awareness in her body.

No. 643083

let me guess, Juwune:

>haha wow all women major in FEMINIST DANCE THEORY or Beyoncé studies haha amirite boys

>women can’t make decisions about courses! unlike me, A Dropout NEET™️
>TERFs and their TERF PHYSICS, get dunked on

Truly insightful stuff.

No. 643090

>go to film school
>switch to liberal arts
>drop out
>mommy and daddy pay off all your debt
>continue living at your parents house for free
>mommy still cleans your room at 26

But other women are sooo dumb amirite my fellow neckbeards????
Imagine finishing uni and paying off your debt like a real adult pffffffffft.

No. 643093

>uses roseanne for example

Roseanne didn't make a tasteless joke 10 years ago, she was tweeting all sorts of embarassing shit on a daily basis.
It was just a matter of time before she got canned.

No. 643113

File: 1532162227619.jpg (986.68 KB, 1920x2560, IMG_2639.JPG)

Shit caps put together since im not by a comp, however you're welcome to take a stab in the dark wether or not Jewu replied once venti got brought up.

(Im loosing count how many times people directly make her choke on her words but the best she can do is maga tier disses)

No. 643115

I like how she conveniently glossed over the actual pedophilia that happened and just kept insisting "JOKES JOKE JOKE JOKE JOKE J O K E S THEY'RE JOKES EVERYONE!!! ITS A JOKE I SWEAR ! JOKE JOKE JOKE"

Pedophiles joking about raping children is okay to june, but joking about the fact she wore a diaper ass to vidcon is block-worthy, which only those stupid coward feminists do, right?

Do her defenders even bother reading any of her responding posts or just read hers and insist that's what it actually says and totally not strawmanning and twisting shit to hell and back? That explains why so many people kept defending her after the Brittney videos, despite it releasing mass amounts of dirt on her, a lot of them are extremely in denial that their pure virgin nympho submissive cuck money waifu was actually a cheating stacy thot who at last minute wanted to trick some fat slob into thinking she was the perfect uwu gf

No. 643118

>caps a tweet a guy made some months back
didn't she call someone a stalker for doing that to her?

No. 643119

She also compared fucking count dankula to being arrested of child porn jfc she never admits she’s wrong, flip flops, hypocritical, etc and will make contradictions to defend herself. Same girl since high school.

No. 643123

File: 1532164253745.jpg (14.82 KB, 320x320, 1531480777972.jpg)

>so "gas the jews" CAN be a laughing matter but pedo jokes can't. okay.

what the fuck, if I see people call this bitch smart and rational again I stg

No. 643124

File: 1532164453795.jpg (40.29 KB, 558x439, 88.JPG)

No. 643129

Thanks for getting that too, I forgot to add it inn jfc . I capped most if she baleets when she wakes up cause she still can't get off the HS schedule of
>twitter sperging late into the night
>delete any evidence of you getting assblasted in the morning

No. 643134

The 1,000 Gender Drinking Game
>NEW VIDEO: we found a document with hundreds of mind numbingly confusing gender identities so we try to make some sense of them. with the help of alcohol. this video is a fucking MESS. it turns into an absolute TRAINWRECK

Forgot hooktube link:

No. 643136

Why does he talk over her in the beginning of every video? It's not cute in the slightest, just cunty and annoying. like it's her own fucking channel

Also hold on: didn't she believe that ~a million genders can exist~ since ''gender is in the mind''?
I'll try to find the screenshot since she deleted her ask.fm

No. 643137

File: 1532166417877.png (216.4 KB, 571x431, n27O4sn.png)

Tinfoil, but Greg was posting about toy shopping earlier today. Maybe his paypig put this video out for some quick betabux so he could buy another $800 Star Wars figure.

No. 643138

File: 1532166496256.jpg (29.3 KB, 468x300, vnQdUvq.jpg)

>i believe there can be a billion genders
>lol 1000 genders let's look at this cringefest xD

pick one. you can't have it both ways.

No. 643142

probably nitpicking here but she seems to enjoy drinking too much for someone who, according to her, absolutely despises alcohol.

No. 643144

File: 1532167015588.jpg (29.97 KB, 640x493, shuwu nintendo.jpg)

"I'm not like those other attention whore"

No. 643147

My manz out here with anime tittie mouse pads, collecting star wars nic nacs the same way he eats fast food, excessively with little quality control.
But shit golden girls memorabilia?
So whack not like its 3+ emmy award winning show or nuffin.

No. 643148

She sings a Sonic song and probably has never played sonic. Constantly pandering, it's the only thing she consistent at.

No. 643155

File: 1532168352300.png (307.59 KB, 477x568, 33333.png)

She's looking kinda doughy.

No. 643162

Her neck is thicker than her thighs, her face, and skeptics neck lmfao

>even her mortal enemy jenny mcdermott is starting to look more slim and feminine compared to her

Karmas a bitch

No. 643163

Jenny has always been pretty tho tbqh. She has much better facial structure than june.

My fucking GOD. How is she not embarrassed? She lies and back pedals literally like weeks and months apart as if she never ever ever held those opinions

No. 643178

ooof she looks like a make-a-wish kid.

No. 643181

File: 1532172249192.png (224.61 KB, 594x974, 8pTvJRm.png)

June saying another woman looks like a man and a gorilla. So nice uwu.


No. 643186

File: 1532172466995.png (57.84 KB, 611x459, zKC79JR.png)

No. 643189

File: 1532173040214.jpg (56.32 KB, 1280x720, puCWIGA.jpg)

she looks like anita here holy shit

No. 643194

>One of the nicer anti-SJWs

Where do people get this from? She's passive-aggressive in every single one of her videos, sperges like a retard on twitter when someone says things she doesn't like and is constantly yelling. Where do people get this 'nice'' shit from?

Shoe is super mean-spirited and feels threatened by other women's existences 24/7, she's just hiding behind the ''smol qt submissive shy gf uwu'' facade she's built for years and uses the typical ''it's just a joke'' cop out.
In all of her old vlogs (which she of course claims are ''''''satire/jokes'''''') you can really tell what a bitch she is and she hasn't changed at all.

She never gets criticized for attacking people because the targets she chooses are people her audience doesn't give enough of a fuck about.

No. 643228

File: 1532178478862.jpg (88.49 KB, 750x937, 1495252460208.jpg)

Idk why is she using that shooped version for her twitter pic, when she could use the original photograph she took to pander to neckbeards.

No. 643245

There was a screencap of her tweeting Dave Chapelle's jokes were not just jokes and shouldn't be apologized or something. These two and other ones about this ''joke'' topic should be one ''compliation'' jpeg file where she says opposite things after some time period.

No. 643247

didn't she also say that it's wrong to joke about 9/11 or something like that?

No. 643249

Is there a new lauren southern thread? She gives me second hand embarrassment and she looks like she's late 30s

No. 643259

File: 1532181282480.png (60.7 KB, 592x394, shoe shives.png)

>people kissing ass isn't funny xDDD
meanwhile june's out there blocking people who look at her the wrong way

she's in the alt-right snowflakes thread


No. 643264

Yup, because it's not funny purely because /she/ experienced it.

No. 643270

Maybe her dumb fans will realize she's constantly doing the same thing she criticizes when she blocks most of them

No. 643278

>Shoe blocked me
>I just retweeted tweets against her

We need to do a compilation where she makes fun of people unwilling to take criticism vs all the people saying she blocked them because they reblogged something criticizing her.

No. 643309

File: 1532185758791.png (246.95 KB, 525x286, donkeyandshrekirl.PNG)

Septic looked so tense when Shuwu did her "but all genders are valid and you can identify as what ever you want~ uwu" disclaimer at the beginning to avoid fanbase rage

No. 643317

File: 1532188009982.png (412 KB, 660x664, 20180721_114458.png)

Found a meme that perfectly encompasses Juwun complete with shitty Jersey shore tier make up

No. 643322

I actually couldn’t watch this… it’s just them reading a Google Doc and drinking. How boring.

No. 643323

her bisexual pride flag is so fucking cringe

No. 643328

File: 1532189115321.png (191.3 KB, 1424x1302, 1491519555291.png)

Anyone thinks she has toned down her DDLG fuckery once lolcow threads about her became more active + Brittany making a video?

She still tries to present herself as "smoll daughterfu :3" but before she used to post shit like this on a daily basis.

No. 643343

And she was friends with some twat called "foreverkitten"

No. 643344

This is beyond fucking embarrassing

The uwu so childish n qt~ schtick isn’t going to work if you tell people to “sit the fuck down” when they disagree with you, bully ~fat bitches~ and have a voice like a trucker dyke.
Anyone who isn’t a retarded thirsty neckbeard can see through that shit.

No. 643403

I know people have mentioned this before but they really are like AU Grease and Lamey.

No. 643415

June kind of reminds me of The Hartly Hooligans she looks like she could be a long lost sister of them taters sometimes

No. 643439

Grease even used to follow Preggory on Twitter lmao.

No. 643458

File: 1532202806908.png (149.45 KB, 720x1154, 20180721_155239.png)

June changed her comment on this

No. 643460

Wait, what was the original comment?

No. 643467

File: 1532203591077.png (171.51 KB, 720x1194, 20180721_160610.png)

No. 643469

Maybe she left two comments? i dont remember

No. 643614

She also unfollowed one of those ddlg educator accounts (specifically said ddlg in the description, not one of those that just says bdsm that she likes to hide behind) when we started talking about it.

No. 643645


lmao she edited her original comment?


No. 643654

Do you have screenies?

No. 643675

Unfortunately not, I should've taken one while she was still following. I remembered the account name though, it was @milkwebs.

No. 643760

File: 1532220211363.png (349.16 KB, 720x790, 20180721_204053.png)

Classy lady kek
>baby lo
Please jesus dont be referencing what i think youre referencing

No. 643761

Hmmm did june ever rt her shit?

No. 643766

File: 1532221002184.jpg (165.62 KB, 894x894, the_slut_box_by_wesker991-d9xu…)

No. 643771

Because shes (thinly) trying to hide she does that, trying to pretend shes a trad girl who would only get naked for "daddy" that pic only confirms what we all know-shes an attention seeking thot. But you have to remember her fans are thick as dog shit so still believe she is ~virgin smol bean uwu~

No. 643793

Was this before or after Preg?

No. 643797

File: 1532223173172.png (177.67 KB, 605x957, 20180721_213113.png)

From her RationalWiki page. Kek.

No. 643822

Her bf is gonna leave her in 5 years after he can't pretend she's a teenager anymore

No. 643825

One of her satirical Tana Mojo vlogs ecks dee

>complains and mocks some kid for having a stuffed animal, and trying to talk to her about yugioh and wolves. Y'know just June mocking people for having interests and hobbies. Usual.

>says she wont be attending vidcon, not because she's a shy gothic wallflower™, but because it looks "lame"

No. 643830

It's pretty clear she thinks she is a cute and edgy anime outspoken loli character who is quick witted and bold but also is just so uwu adorable and tiny and loli. Like she's really creepy about how she wants people to think she's a small delicate little baby when she just looks like a normal-sized 27 year old woman. Oh but she's also an edgy goth-lite intellectual skeptic who is also somehow a liberal who stands up for sjw topics (which she only switched onto the bandwagon because she realised how much of a lulsy cuck she is and that the right is pretty much just racists and sexist psychopaths, aka her fanbase) Now she's trying to disassociate herself with the very opinions and stuff she said as little as a year ago, about feminism and what not. Just because it's really trendy now to be woke and stand up for human rights and defend this sort of stuff, and she needs as much validation as she can gets and to be seen as a "cool girl", so she has to make sure she fits in and people can't call her out for stuff she said "as an edgy teen". Like bish you were anti SJW, it's what your channel was founded on. She so dumb

No. 643848

File: 1532226439380.png (144.22 KB, 260x282, shuwu.PNG)

people are always saying I look 12 and mistake me for Greg's daughter

No. 643850

File: 1532226556844.png (88.02 KB, 176x230, lolff.PNG)

look at how much of a cute, small, ageless, babyfaced petite princess she is

No. 643853

File: 1532226715296.png (92.87 KB, 192x215, literally12.PNG)

I wonder what her anti aging secrets are? Clearly because she is 5'2 that means she looks super ultra mega young, and the fact that she wears schoolgirl costumes and cat ears and a collar just adds to that! She really does look like a 5 year old anime loli gf, like it's so uncanny. I wish I was a kawaii 5'2 princess like her who's boyfriend she can call daddy and climb like a mountain because he is 300 lbs. Too bad me and my regular boyfriend just like to have regular sex where we don't pretend I'm a toddler, because we aren't into that. She must be glad she found someone who is willing to indulge her pedo fantasies, because if that were me I would have kicked him out after the first day.

No. 643862

File: 1532227390451.png (78.5 KB, 310x169, 20180721_224029.png)

Thumbnail from the old video where she bounces on some guy's lap?

No. 643869

i'm starting to think she does some tricks with her nose it looks straight here/not up-turned

No. 643873

Samefag. Found the video!

No. 643951

Just more evidence of an absolutely friendless quiet wallflower ;w; uwu

No. 643971

File: 1532242259492.jpg (77.66 KB, 803x537, IMG_20180722_085041.jpg)

Are these the people she claims were 5 years younger than her and cousins?

In the video someone mentions June being 19. Does that mean everyone else was 12, according to June? She was bouncing on her 12 year old male cousin's lap?

(Btw someone pls download this video since it's still on her channel unlisted, she'll probably delete it soon.)

No. 643988

Imagine how vile you have to be to describe people you've been hanging out and laughed with your whole life as ""friends""

No. 644005

*14 not 12
sorry for my basic math fail, i guess my destiny is to become a skeptic youtuber

No. 644007

The same person who dropped Lauren Southern the racist because her SJW followers gave her crap for it, but then backtracked and went back on her word because she realised she is in no place to be publicly denouncing people and she has few friends, so she needs to keep people around her to feel popular. I think she just wanted to be friends with Lauren again so bad because Brittany made a fool out of her and slid into Lauren's life in place of June and preg, which made her jealous because she is a big sensitive baby.

No. 644087

Yep, it's really creepy!
Why the fuck would she do that? Kek.

No. 644090

Hence her pedophilic tendencies… oh sorry, hebephilic. Lol

I wonder what she would say to an accusation like that? When I was in my early twenties I went out of my way not to hang out with younger people who were still in high school. I just thought it was a bit creepy. Imagine a guy that age hanging out around 14-15 year old girls. I assume June did this so she really could be the cool-girl Stacy of her dreams. And no, I don’t think she was a wallflower or shy, I think people just probably thought she was too much of a creepy weirdo to hang out with. So she had to leech off of her sister’s friends.

No. 644096

>holds up mooing cow card
>if I had a fat friend I'd get her that.

No. 644097

Samefeg sorry @5:45-5:57 lol

No. 644101

Imagine a guy hanging out with 14 year old girls and mock-grinding on them

No. 644111

File: 1532270189523.jpg (5.13 KB, 526x93, 8QTL2rE.jpg)

nothing new but i think we know exactly why she won't ever go on meds for her disorder. it's a convenient excuse for her shitty behavior.
>I zoomed in on a random girl because add
lmao what? did you also catcall joggers with your boyfriend ''because add''? what kind of nonsensical, weak excuse is that?

>i don't know why that clip of us at the park where i zoomed in on the woman was an example of this

I can't tell if June is retarded or really manipulative.
That clip was never used as an example of her fat shaming (the woman was skinny anyway??), it is an example of her weird and really creepy habit of zooming in on random people, specifically women.

i like how she conveniently glossed over all the instagram pictures where she made fun of fat women/tagged them as ''landwhale'' and all the other heaps of evidence of her being a cunt towards fat girls. This woman does nothing but lie through her fucked up teeth.

No. 644117

File: 1532270739315.jpg (83.34 KB, 720x960, 324d.jpg)

It's normal to not want to hang out with high schoolers when you are in twenties. There is a big difference mentally wise and it just feels lame and creepy.

But her hanging out with high school freshmans in her 20s goes with her narrative of being "childish and inexperienced uwu" as if she wants to prove that she is aging slower than everyone else, pathetic.

Going from diddling her cousins to Mexico vacation with anonymous incel creeps and then to being engaged to a fat ugly asshole with cheating tendencies. Amazing.

No. 644120

File: 1532271022330.jpg (50.92 KB, 634x695, DiFoQ8HU0AA3uTe.jpg large.jpg)

A bit old but found this lmao

No. 644124

the funny thing is, she was just making fun of mariah for using adhd as an excuse for sexual assault (see >>633914 ). and she still filmed random fat people in her vidcon vlog after brittany's vid.

it just goes to show how bad her hypocrisy is.

No. 644166

She's really pullin a momo-kun?

No. 644171

That's the same guy from the dry humping vid makes me think he's not really her cousin and she's lying

No. 644184

Well she better be lying otherwise it's gonna get extra creepy

No. 644299

File: 1532283271512.jpg (30.84 KB, 442x464, 1392788696482.jpg)

Holy fuck she looks terrible in natural lighting. Most people look unflattering in natural light but the contrast between this and her vids/pics of herself is jarring.

No. 644318

Back when I was a shitty self-hating 4 chan bitch I used to watch Sh0e (the only way a woman can stand watching June)and when Greg first started coming on her videos, I remember even her fans complaining that he was constantly interrupting and talking over her and that it was her channel and he should back off. The thirst for June was so powerful that even her shitty, sexist fans were bitching that he has his own channel where he can talk as much as he wants and people were watching her videos for her, not for him.

Ever since I got out of the 'not like other girls, feminism is pointless durr hurr' garbage it's amazing how much June transformed in my eyes. It's like I took off rose-colored glasses, I used to admire (vomit) her so much, it was like being completely brainwashed. Now I don't know how I could ever stand her. Any girl that is a fan of June's is insanely insecure and self-hating, that's the only way you could not see how full of shit she is.

No. 644323

>feminists defend burqas kek
> shitty bdsm joke about ballgags
> responded to onion but wont respond to brittany kek

No. 644326

Anon, are you me? I used to watch shoe in my not like other girls phase also, and it was only like a year ago that I saw her for who she really is. I'm so glad this place exists or I would never have seen through her. Sage for slight blog.

No. 644333

I think I stopped watching her maybe two years ago? I'm not entirely sure, it was a combination of starting to see things in a different light, becoming uncomfortable with supporting people that make a living shitting on my gender, and her content becoming so boring and repetitive that I stopped actually listening to what she was saying and realizing how fake and bitchy she was. When I came here I hadn't watched her in forever but thought she was generally harmless, and finding out about her bully past, gross relationship, and hypocrisy it was like holy shit, just how retarded was I to ever like her? How does anyone like her?

I love these threads so much, it gave Venti (who I don't really know because I haven't looked at anti-feminism stuff in forever) the material necessary to hopefully wake some other people up to what hot garbage June is.

no more blog, I swear

No. 644341

>feminists defend burqas
ironically, it's only the feminists that shoe sucks up to (libfems) that defend burqas/islam in general.

>responded to onion but wont respond to brittany

she loooves to respond to ''cringe'' like onision and kevin logan but won't bother to respond to brittany even though she implied that her video was ~cringe material~ as well.
if everything brittany presented in her video was truly incorrect, she would have made a video on her and made fun of her, like she did with that satiratician guy.

she'll never respond properly with a video because she knows that if more people discover her threads here she's fucked. her hypocrisy, cuntiness and lies have all been documented in her threads.
Her ''reply'' to brittany's video on her blog was a fucking mess anyway and consisted of her typing in all caps and ignoring 75% of what she actually said, instead she focused on retarded shit like ''OMG SHE THOUGHT I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL EVEN THO I WAS 20 LMAOOOO''.

No. 644349

Mariah blamed ADHD for groping people, but June is blaming ADD for being a bullying little shit. That’s like, totally different uwu

No. 644386

Lauren is a fucking idiot, her heritage is more than her less than 20% Scandinavian roots. I hate that LARPing bitch

No. 644390

kek, that's hilarious. i love that she went out of her way to gain conservative tuber cred by defending all of these people and approximately none of them defended her or even like her, not even her fiance. it's hilarious.

how can she not want to disappear? i'd be so fucking ashamed

No. 644400

I think she has had a nose job which would explain her abnormally long philtrum. She always had a big one but now it is comical and her nose has changed in shape since her younger videos. Blair White has the same problem recently

No. 644406

>attention whore
>personality disorder that thrives on attention

Isn't that an epitome of June?
And yeah she doesn't respond to someone unless she knows she's gonna be 100% supported and she'll win and the person she responds to will be 100% booed. It's actually the first time I see her responding to someone. The video wasn't even addressed to her. And of course she felt like she was supposed to lick an ass of another man (in disguise). Because due to being histrionic she feels like she gets the power cause men are powerful and women are the opposite in her histrionic mind.

No. 644408

She's responded to Kevin Logan twice and a brony guy who made a video response to one of her videos

No. 644411

File: 1532293596763.png (159.28 KB, 303x352, 20180722_170521.png)

She said her mom has the same nose on askfm. Before her askfm.got BAAWleted.

No. 644414

File: 1532293786021.png (86.72 KB, 301x300, 20180722_170927.png)

Here it looks downturned. Also, she looks like she shaves a mustache? Maybe it's the camera.

No. 644420

>I like wieners in my mouth
>i like having sex
so asexual and virginal uwu

shoe there is nothing wrong with liking sex and having a ''sexual past'', just don't lie about it in order to pander to your fans and put yourself on a pedestal.


for someone who was allegedly ~so repulsed by dicks~ she sure did ''joke'' a lot about sex and hot guys. like…just own it.
wasn't there this thing going on about her lying to her mom about being a virgin in her teens until her mom confronted her about it? it was brought up in an older thread.

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>wasn't there this thing going on about her lying to her mom about being a virgin in her teens until her mom confronted her about it? it was brought up in an older thread.

iirc She said that she lied to her underage cousins how she was having sex etc to seem cooler but was actually a virgin. Then one of the cousins told her mom and her mom confronted her about it and she had to admit to her mom that she is still a virgin..

Though she also sucked dick in high school so I have no idea. She always lies and twists everything about her so who knows what's the actual truth.