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File: 1637601354716.jpeg (155.23 KB, 960x983, 1637578079650.jpeg)

No. 3791

ITT: Post screenshotted pink-pills specifically relating to troonism, non-binary and genderspecials

No. 3792

File: 1637601541747.png (58.72 KB, 1314x199, Toxic Masculinity.png)

No. 3794

HSTS? No way, that's a real woman that neanderthal is talking too.

No. 3833

File: 1637679788761.jpeg (344.37 KB, 1169x2077, 5DBA5CCE-1B9E-4533-ABFB-DE11B9…)

A pleasant find on Reddit. This is under a post about JKR getting doxxed and troons showing up to her house to antagonize her. I didn’t expect such GC thoughts from r/entertainment.

No. 3856

File: 1637731447017.png (105.75 KB, 732x677, 1626725090915.png)

Why the Elites support Transgenderism

No. 3857

I hate that I feel happy when I see one or two sane comments when the vast majority is shit

No. 3862

This is literally the dumbest thing I've read so far. Literally all trannies are lefties, but sure blame it on capitalism and the dying middle class.

No. 3865

Lefties aren't capitalists? Ever heard of rainbow capitalism? Companies will repeat lefty shit to get lefty money/reputation.

No. 3866

To add, women are the most purchasable identity. Men are mostly straight, women can choose to be with or without a man and still participate in society unlike in the old days where women had to have a man approve loans and open bank accounts even if they were adults, and modern men can access things like porn quick and easy so they've become entitled, lazy, and believe they deserve/can achieve better then they can because TV/internet/media shows them uggos like themselves getting with people out of their league. They want to believe, they need to, so they do. This means corps can start selling this purchasable identity of women so low value men can get access to women they otherwise wouldn't with hideous looks and personality. This means they have a better chance of getting a gf or can at least have the vague belief that they are sexually desired as a woman (they aren't but media wants us to lie so). They also foster this fetish by lesbian porn for straight men since they see it as there being no male competition, and since men are superior in their minds, they will win out in a woman's choice between a male and female partner. It's just society being sold something that men want to buy, and since men have a lot of money and little peddled to them in comparison to women (women buy all this makeup and jewellery and clothes so you can be beautiful as that is your value according to these sellers), so this opens up many revenue streams to squeeze every last dollar from an untapped market. If it can make money, it will be sold.

No. 3871

is there going to be a gc general thread or

No. 3872

File: 1638168371034.jpg (103.04 KB, 2210x871, oh no no no.JPG)

threadpic reminds me of the troon on You the Netflix show.

No. 3879

File: 1638485083033.png (60.99 KB, 578x738, angry tranny.png)

So I follow this Tumblr account that posts submissions from retail workers sharing their shitty experiences or occasionally good ones. Although a lot of the posts are "I'm AFAB and someone called me miss and it triggered my dysphoria" a lot of them are also really terrible.

I saw this post, and of course it got flooded with replies of "this sounds totally fake" "this is just one of those 'aggressive transwoman stories to make transwomen look bad'" etc etc. Even though there are TONS of submissions of both men & women acting terrible, the one of a trans person just has to be fake, right? It's also not like there are tons of videos of trans"women" behaving exactly like this.

No. 3880

Extremely off topic, but I watched this show when I was depressed and it took me five or six episodes to realize the troon was actually a troon. I only noticed it when he started being shown next to Beck or the other actual females. Originally I thought it was just a masculine-looking woman with the vocal fry that I associate with the Red Scare girls (I have never listened to Red Scare but I imagine that they sound like this guy)

No. 3881

nta but it's funny he reminded you of Red Scare because the troon actor was actually on Red Scare before kek

No. 3887

File: 1638820445279.png (313.39 KB, 2476x992, trand_dom.png)

Not just a great pinkpill regarding TIMs but also on so called "female led" relationships" and how the "female dom" never has any power in the first place, she is merely servicing a male fetish

No. 3902

File: 1638992394984.png (120.58 KB, 846x1016, 1545288465523.png)

No. 3904

File: 1638992482322.png (625.26 KB, 804x842, 1606265123411.png)

No. 3978

File: 1639507585338.jpg (191.55 KB, 742x884, fhghfghk.jpg)

Whenever I post this people tell me it was "debunked" but won't tell me how

No. 3999

as based as this is it doesn't belong here, this thread is specifically for Troons and TRA related screencaps meaning TIFs, TIMs, enbies and genderspecials

No. 4008

The debuking they speak of I've seen people say, is to say that obviously there are more women attackers and men are just afraid to speak up or people automatically believe women, so we should just assume there is some hidden statistic of women being equally violent. These tards think the difference between the sexes makes men superior, but will cope seethe and dilate if you suggest there are any negative differences like the propensity for violence. They will also reee about it being black men, but include women in the statistics, making it seem as if only black men are the problem, when no it's just men not policing other men because they don't want to be policed themselves.

No. 4013

File: 1640167941920.png (39.67 KB, 720x349, Screenshot_20211220-130650~2.p…)

I keep seeing this troon moid posting on lainchan, he admitted that he adds women on imgboard friend finder threads to use for his fetish. His depraved "I want a woman to abuse me and chop my cock off" ranting got the troony lainchan friend finder thread deleted, kek. If you post your details on crystal cafe, here, or other imgboards, (I wouldn't, just because of freaks like him) expect him to add you if you talk about certain things in your post (I am not sure what exactly), ideally use a throwaway so that you can ask women to add you on your main once you know it's not someone like him. I've seen several caps shared of him online, and I'm convinced he'll become a known cow in time. He really makes my skin crawl more than any other online moid I've seen.

No. 4014

File: 1640168970814.png (80.02 KB, 720x678, Screenshot_20211023-010604~4.p…)

Just adding some proof of him adding women on boards. He also seems to dehumanise and they/thems women instead of saying a she/her. Super creepy, please be safe nonnies. (Also what's the bet she was saying she was lesbian then asexual to avoid his troon advances? I can't parse this one but figured I should add it if it means even one anon is spared having a stalker or some shit)

No. 4016

File: 1640198942573.gif (1.99 MB, 480x267, IMG_2065 (1).GIF)

Why can't moids like that just find another crazed man to rape and kill them and throw their body into a ditch. Why don't moids get that women, especially lesbians, want nothing to do with cock stomping some stupid mentally ill waste of space? He should just kill himself.

No. 4032

File: 1640636271764.png (131.6 KB, 623x893, 0a59976a-2a19-5230-86f5-54ce83…)

No. 4033

>I'm allowed to talk
This makes me wonder how she must be feeling (I mean, aside from the obvious), personally I never had strict gender roles or anything like that growing up but I chopped my hair off to "be a boy" as a toddler and always assumed it was because of how I was excluded as a girl (outside of the home). For people that have strict "binary" gender roles growing up, it's easy to see how they fall into this cult bullshit. Sorry that my post isn't all too eloquent, but it is what it is.

No. 4035

File: 1641004648862.png (157.63 KB, 1054x372, lol.png)

No. 4041

File: 1641258655963.png (267.8 KB, 1089x1160, gender studies.png)

I present to you the academic rigor of gender studies journals.

(From https://cienciasdelsur.com/2018/12/02/what-is-going-on-with-gender-studies/ )

No. 4061

I hate to say that I know this guy, he added me from crystal cafe. Maybe my creepdar was poor but he seemed nice at first, albeit a little autistic and weird, until certain discussion subjects were brought up (basically anything related to feminism or incels, he had his own wacky conspiracy theory beliefs on how the world is run by "feminine people" and LCF and CC contribute to "AMAB genocide") and it all went downhill from there, I had to unfriend and block him and change my discord tag. Real freak.

No. 4069

he's my personal lolcow

No. 4070

File: 1642103387932.jpg (81.47 KB, 1001x382, Screenshot_20220113-214635_Ins…)

Not sure if this is the right thread but I am fuming

No. 4177

this moid's head looks like an emoji

No. 4341

Amab genocide is so based kek

No. 5717

File: 1654396736826.jpg (266.11 KB, 741x891, 1654093457764.jpg)

I know this is the OP of the latest MtF thread in /snow/, but it deserves to be preserved and reposted. It's gold.

No. 5740

File: 1654482730233.png (204.4 KB, 1479x686, 1627069697735.png)

No. 5741

File: 1654483114610.png (154.09 KB, 788x1788, 653446w9-d.png)

No. 5742

File: 1654483315008.png (6.81 MB, 4060x3088, 2egmdcj7n5351.png)

No. 5743

File: 1654483349628.jpg (65.25 KB, 501x441, 5ionecmsjkj51 (2).jpg)

No. 6158

File: 1658291797787.png (232.89 KB, 1370x597, 1.png)

posting pinkpills about troonism's relation to pederasty

No. 6159

File: 1658291846920.png (482.68 KB, 1373x1030, 2.png)

No. 6160

File: 1658291979637.png (255.52 KB, 1380x616, 3.png)

No. 6198

File: 1658658514250.png (767.21 KB, 1714x1328, Screen Shot 2022-07-24 at 07.2…)

No. 6813

File: 1668543624146.png (277.54 KB, 1373x1227, 1662.png)

No. 6820

I wish this was actually written by an ex-fujo and not some butthurt moid.

No. 10340

File: 1676716341607.png (154.58 KB, 1397x496, FTM.png)

one of the accurate FTM typologies I have seen

No. 10395

Oh hey I made that post

No. 10409

Why are radfems of all people shaming women for what they like? Straight women don’t want to see pussy in their p*rn. Simple as.

No. 10410


No. 10411

No. 10412

It's okay anon, you can say no-no words here. If they make you feel uncomfy tumblr is right next door.

No. 10421

Most straight women prefer written stuff or their imagination since they are disgusted by the way porn actresses are treated.

No. 10433

shut up tiktoker

No. 10451

This but also typically porn always does some shit that's a turn off. Rubbing their clit (and urethra) like they're trying to start a fucking fire, any sort of butthole stuff, taking out the dick 3 seconds into everything, zero breast play and if there is any at all it's just retarded tight squeezes for like a second. Even in my pickme and pervert days I just couldn't understand porn at all, you'd have to have the emotional intelligence of a retarded koala for it to be remotely enjoyable. And of course there's the moids who watch porn, for what it feels like, to nitpick the woman's body.

I remember stalking married moids reddit accounts to expose to their wives and at least 4+ of them would follow tons of porn accounts and then rip apart the woman's body or loudly go out of their way to make it known it's not their preference. I even had an ex (who likely had a main gf anyway) who would demand nudes and rip them apart and ignore any chances of romance or compliments to point out if I gained or lost weight. Are they THAT obsessed with insulting our body?

No. 10547

>I even had an ex (who likely had a main gf anyway) who would demand nudes and rip them apart and ignore any chances of romance or compliments to point out if I gained or lost weight.
No offense but why did you date him lol

No. 10549

I was young and stupid and came from an abusive family/very little previous relationship experience so I didn't understand red flags or if I did ask about them people around me would just give him a benefit of the doubt for gaslighting

No. 10560

because, hilariously, no woman regardless of orientation is considered acceptable when she desires. you can be partnered with a male and society is cool with that but actually desiring, wanting, having preferences, especially sexually? not cool.
yes, really, even the most heterosexual female.

No. 10568

You’re not straight if you watch porn

No. 10573

I hate that this is true. It seems like all across the board of misogynists and radfems the few things they agree on is
>Women are bad if they have a sexuality of their own and preferences for men
>Women need to take accountability if they get abused
>Women need to look perfect but also show no proof that they did anything to get there

No. 10589

Don't fujos constantly seethe about yumejos on this site and decry the existence of good female characters? Fujos also troon out, which is why you will see them seething in the ftm thread when anons point out aidens transitioning to try and live like in a yaoi.
>muh heteronormative etc.
Cope. Fujo cringe thread is plagued enough. No need to leak anywhere else. If you sperg about female characters you will be mocked. Liking bl isn't feminist, at best it's neutral. It's the hating non fujos which has anons posting such things tumblrfag.

No. 10590

Lot's of fujo stuff has the male characters be women in all but name.

No. 10591

it's very disheartening. how I'm dealing with it is breaking the "rules" (stay with me here). ever notice no matter what there is an unstated correct way to mate, at least for women? to the point where it's basically subconsciously mandated and women are collectively out of touch with their REAL desires? sure, society is cool with me being with a male but when XY acts how XY acts, and nothing is ever on my terms… notice how it's never OK for a woman, regardless of orientation, to say, "you know what? I want to just get pleasured and not have to give any back during fucking."

pretty much everyone would lose their mind and deem her selfish. since noticing XY is entirely selfish and never, ever apologizes for his sexuality… you could say I am channeling that. so long as I/you/anyone is not harming a girl or woman by their sexuality who really gives a fuck what it is - as long as it's in good taste.

No. 10593

Except no one has a problem with fujos liking gay shit, this >>6813 was posted in response to fujos doing exactly what you don't like and 'policing womens sexuality' including reeing about yumejoshi when fujoaidens are brought up >>>/m/264165, and when other anons had a problem with the sperging from fujos about all female characters being bad like scrotes >>>/ot/1425222 >>>//ot/1425233 when that's objectively not true. This behaviour is not feminist and it is stupid to pretend it is. Fujos gained this hate because they displayed this exact behaviour of 'women aren't above critiscism' shtik >>>/ot/1425282 >>>/ot/1425233 in response to anons saying it's dumb to idolize male self insert stuff because it has boys to ship, but hate female self insert stuff because it's 'cringe', which again, is fujos 'policing womens sexuality' which they then like to complain about. No one gives a shit on lolcow about women enjoying shit, just when they shit on other women enjoying shit to justify their enjoyment of said shit, such as sperging about female characters on a women only imageboard.

No. 10594

No. 10595

>so long as I/you/anyone is not harming a girl or woman by their sexuality who really gives a fuck what it is
anyway, time for me to have release exactly how I like it.

No. 10596

Not to mention the homophobic sperging of fujos in the fujo cringe thread. It's well deserved criticism. Most don't care, just hate the coping and trying to pretend every act is feminist to defend a personal interest against criticism >>>/ot/1490358 after gaining well deserved criticism due to misogynistic sperging they have done across the site, a female only imageboard.

No. 10598

No, fagphobic. A real Fujo has nothing against lesbians, although gay men shouldn’t exist outside of yaoi.

No. 10599

this, never understand when pinkpilled women get worried about homosexual/bisexual scrotes.

No. 10600

Literally. Weren’t they the ones trying to invite pedos into the homosexual liberation movement? If it weren’t for lesbians standing up against it, they would’ve been rotting among their creepy brothers in the gutters with no rights. When lesbians get married, they have families with women they love. Gay men frequently pimp out their adopted children and put them in pornos. The truth is that children can not exist without strong mother figures, and that no man can be a matriarch. Faggots have never been oppressed in any patriarchal society, as they could always rape as many underage boys as they wanted to. The faggots in the Catholic Church are preaching that lesbians will never go to heaven. The faggots in science are looking for ways to rape your eggs without actually having sex with you. They have nothing in common with women who have been dragged through hell for simply existing. Gay men have never stood up for lesbians just like their straight brothers. Lesbians spoonfed bedridden faggots when the rest of the world wouldn’t even look their way in fear of catching AIDS. Faggots responded by claiming lesbians didn’t even exist but that they should still suck cock anyway. There are no evil Fujo’s lurking around dark alleyways looking for gay men to rape. They have nothing to fear, so they turn around and call you an evil genital fetishist. You’re rightfully enraged, but you don’t want to admit to yourself that you’ve been conned. So you blame the awkward horny teenage girls. You’re better than this, get yourself together.

No. 10614

>although gay men shouldn’t exist outside of yaoi.
based. Irl gay men are disgusting misogynists.

No. 10625

any day now… any day now! same-sex attracted XY will pay women back for their kindness during AIDS! any.. day… now…
it's always cute when I see any woman caping for a scote when moids will never, ever go to bat for women the way women do for them.

whatever women are getting off to, as long as it does not harm girls or women - who. gives. a. fuck.
why still subscribe to man-made (literally) "morality"? does XY even play by their supposed rules? how does XY operate with regard to morality? what person or what system(s) made up a morality then trained you in it?

if you get concerned by a girl or woman "fetishizing" any XY, especially ones that literally do not exist since they're drawn images or words, you can go ahead and stop using your finite energy to care about such stupid stuff.

No. 10627

The linked posts are sperging about lesbians?

No. 10628

The linked posts being called homophobic isn’t fujos hating on gay men, it’s fujos being homophobic towards lesbians:

No. 10647

I'm not going to take the time to scroll through but any fujo and any woman hating on lesbians needs to get a grip and knock that the fuck off immediately.

as I posted above:
>so long as I/you/anyone is not harming a girl or woman by their sexuality who really gives a fuck what it is
every woman needs this drummed into her skull after we all got raised in female-hating cultures. no more sister wars.
>"bad" treatment toward XY = good/neutral
>bad treatment toward XX = BAD - stop
it is that fucking simple.

why on earth would fujos have issue with lesbians? apparently a lot of lesbians make art or write fanfiction that feature m/m pairings anyway.

No. 10678

File: 1677200634244.png (139.97 KB, 640x2400, basedqueen.png)

EMPRESS' anti-troon rant upon cracking Hogwarts Legacy.

No. 10688

it would be based if she didn't the rant about the "wokes" didn't come across as a pick-me

No. 10692

based and pinkpilled.

No. 10710

File: 1677229806615.png (41.11 KB, 593x264, basedempress.png)

I learned about this pirate recently and read somewhere that it was a troon, so she's actually a woman? That person was so horribly mistaken, Empress sounds so fucking based here and cool too, although I gotta agree and say that she came off as a bit pickme-ish, but maybe she's just edgy.
I just found a post of hers on Reddit from two years ago clearing that up about her sex (pic related). And you've got to see all the coping and mental gymnastics that these pro-troon redditors do in the replies to explain how she's TOTALLY not a transphobic TERF and actually is just shitting on trans chasers https://www.reddit.com/r/CrackWatch/comments/jfxsv3/comment/g9n06jj/

No. 10723

File: 1677242465227.jpg (227.66 KB, 489x830, nm.jpg)

no male can ever replicate genuine female bdp

No. 10756

File: 1677261917708.png (1.83 MB, 1080x1763, 20230223_205815-jpg.png)

People assumed she was a troon because of being in tech and having a name like Empress. She's obviously mentally unhinged in some way (or really good at pretending to be) but her rants are pretty consistent with an angry Russian woman's in my experience.
Plus, a troon would have gotten "uwu gender euphoria!!!!" and sent the underwear. A true woman blocks the degenerate asap and ignores them.

No. 10784

There are still some anons on here that debate the she's a troon, group of elderly men and refuse to believe that she's a woman because of her behaviour and that her NFO is a farce to hide the fact she so deluded that she thinks she's a real woman and not a troon. There has been plenty of evidence that she's a woman and the fact that some anons on here don't think so just makes me sad that they think a woman couldn't accomplish what she has done.

No. 10785

A lot of anons still debate it because they don't want to praise her and claim she's totally a real woman only to find out it's a troon. Her saying she's a woman on reddit and not sending her underwear is not irrefutable evidence imo, is there anything else? Of course a woman can also crack a game, I don't think that's what bothers anons. Men in tech LARPing as women is so so common (pretty sure it's also the case of FitGirl), and a "fully Russian" young woman calling herself "Empress" does sound like something they would make up. But it could also be true.

No. 13756

File: 1681836340758.png (44.9 KB, 1400x720, Troon_cycle.png)

No. 13770

kek i know a troon that's following this exact path. turned ~31? very recently and he's switched from 'all pronouns' to she/her and is desperately trying to scrape up enough cash for ffs. all very depressing considering he's very obviously hsts and thinks pink = woman.

No. 13809

I doubt most women would make their ethnicity their personality and since most incels fantasize about Russian women while also having fetishes of a hot woman dominating them, I can definitely see how an incel would create an identity like this.

No. 13832

They can never tell when women just say things to be nice. This is why I stopped complimenting them even when I was still a TRA. They get carried away with it.

No. 13853

It's such a male thing too. Men always mistake any politeness or interest as being romantic/sexual because they want it to be either because they find the woman attractive or for ego reasons.

No. 13855

File: 1681948395120.jpg (174.46 KB, 1080x1311, soyouagree.jpg)

No. 13883

They're so willfully ignorant. He's even saying that cis people can't decide they're randomly trans as if that's not how all of them decided on their identity.

No. 13885

Rights for me but not for thee

No. 13930

Yup. Women wee mtf as mentally ill gay men and since women feel bad for them and think they're gay men who cant misunderstand compliments, women compliment trannies a bunch.

No. 14113

File: 1682352967104.jpg (97.42 KB, 1080x1452, kek.jpg)

No. 14117

which is a riot because 90% of all of them are "lesbian"

No. 14128

Not yet but its getting close, I was some stat showing that something like 60% MTFs are opposite sex attracted(i.e gay men)

No. 14130

it's funny that they oppose to terms referring to anything biologically male for themselves but they'll happily use it for actual women

No. 14520

File: 1682865620216.png (16.66 KB, 539x454, Screenshot 2023-04-30.png)

No. 14521

That was actually genius.

No. 14643

File: 1683229066894.png (100.83 KB, 1080x3280, inclusive language.png)

No. 14876

File: 1684525092153.png (58.77 KB, 1345x649, transkids.png)

No. 14920

No. 15700

File: 1686440132366.png (109.61 KB, 970x1460, Screen Shot 2023-06-04 at 10.4…)

No. 15904

File: 1687484718027.jpg (332.05 KB, 1080x3020, axes.jpg)

No. 16188

File: 1688662318287.jpg (205.4 KB, 640x1799, Why troons love lain - be your…)

No. 18913

File: 1691993388378.jpg (88.61 KB, 537x668, tumblr_pvzlfpeeKc1qd2pcqo1_540…)

No. 19532

File: 1693082851228.jpg (451.16 KB, 1080x2391, kek.jpg)

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