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File: 1470199116577.jpg (65.05 KB, 644x362, 1466537563060.jpg)

No. 162725

Old thread saged >>145728 so new thread

Sharla is still busy being ~began~ and is slowly trying to transform into Taylor 2.0

Taylor is daily vlogging away and living with Tripod-san.

Rachel is lovin' life with her new nose

Kim is laying low after her Racism in Japan vid. Can be seen playing pokemon go and now lives with her MTF roomie

Mimei's hair is still as greasy as ever

Continue spilling milk and bring your jacket because heavy snowflake fall is to be expected with ~jvloggerz~

No. 162727

jfc I always feel depressed after watching Mimei's vlogs shes always crying or looks like shes about to cry. her apartment is reaching hoarder status as well

No. 162728

Is BiiBiiBeauty actually MTF or are you just making shit up?

No. 162735

LMFAO i was wondering the same fucking thing

No. 162740

File: 1470208100473.jpeg (167.24 KB, 750x1089, image.jpeg)

What I don't get is why she got a temporary Botox jaw shave which actually makes her look like a woman and doesn't upkeep it or get a permanent one and instead spends money on gross lips and balloon tits.

No. 162749

she's starting to look like Bom or some other cut up kpop girl…..
I don't think she looks manly, she looks a bit androgynous and personally I don't think it's a bad look, more mature imo. Just my 2 cents though

No. 162773

File: 1470219581989.jpg (36.12 KB, 746x167, audrey.jpg)

I miss Audrey-sama. She would have been a lulzy Jvlogger.

No. 162776

I think her lip size is nice but whats with the weird indentation on the upper lip… Fail.

No. 162782

She'd look so good if she halved the size of her eyebrow thickness, and made her lips more feminine.

No. 162823

It's called a philtrum… everyone has one

No. 162826

Poor anon probably doesn't… like Suzy.

No. 162828

Answering to >>>/snow/162658

I know about 2 of them I think? At least they're not cringy weebs who pretend they know more about japanese than japanese people. They only share their experience. That's why I rarely watch white jvloggers. But.
But they have stupid dramas around them which makes it interesting to follow.
It's all about the milk.

No. 162836

Not having a philtrum is a sign that the mother drank too much alcohol whilst pregnant. I should hope she has one.

No. 162848

the philtrum is the part above the cupids bow
im talking about the weird line above her entire upper lip line

No. 162851

That's how lips are on normal people with normal lips….?

FAS anon please

No. 162872

She is pushing her lips out slightly (duckface) to accentuate her cupidsbow, is that what you mean?

No. 162890

I know what you mean, her upper lip has this weird seam all around like the rim of a beer can. A hallmark of augmentation.

No. 162913

why do girls think fillers look good it looks like wax lips

No. 162988

Maybe Mimei is the "ugly duckling" in a sense that she isnt as glamorous as her cohorts thus would rather hoard things and be with Duncan.
It's funny cause a couple months ago she watched a documentary about fast fashion and cheap labor in regards to consumerism and swore off buying shit she didn't need. It didn't last long, as you can see…

No. 163055

Does Taylor actually make money off her Youtube videos? She uses copyrighted music all the time.

No. 163057

Stop shitposting

No. 163061

Won't her channel get locked or something if she keeps getting copyright warnings? She's uploaded the same workout video about 3 or 4 times now because of the music.

No. 163064

Jvloggers are my favorite ppl to go to for cringe n general funny.. Its like instant gratification

No. 163068

I think three strikes for a YouTube partner can get their account downgraded to a non-earning one or something. Don't quote on me on that one, I just thought they'd have more privilege than a normal YouTuber with no partnership…

She's paying the artist after she gets caught using their music for her YouTube video. Uhm… why can't she just look for royalty-free music on incompetech or some other site like that?

No. 163072

Stop being a nitpicky bitch

No. 163076

Mimei is not ugly btw

No. 163079


That's what happens when you get too much filler along the lip line. It's supposed to give a more "refined" look to the lip but it just screams "I've had filler done!". Should have put more filler in the body of the upper lip (specifically left and right of the centre where it looks weirdly shallow).

No. 163084

i dont 'get' mimei…
is her only appeal living in japan?
she's not as boring as brony (biibii) but her humor is only slightly better than that of a wet sock

No. 163085


She looks like a granny m8

No. 163090

that's subjective, I personally think she's just average

No. 163118

File: 1470339605463.png (61.31 KB, 776x168, h78er8wohdlj.png)

No. 163122

Which video was that on?

No. 163167

Something recent
I think homeware haul

No. 163177

>Haven't gotten money from him in a long time

There we have it. He probably gave all his kids a bunch of money on their accounts already, so technically she's not "receiving" anything from him.

No. 163198

Oh man Taylor did the stupid weeb cut again.

No. 163216

I honestly dont understand folks probkem with Taylor. sure she does those stupid ass shots but shes very charming and goodlooking.
Most of this shit is mountians out of molehills.

No. 163247

Good, her hair was starting to look awful.

No. 163253

>her hair is stupid and weeby!
>it looks good!

Ya'll…some catty bipolar ass hoes

No. 163255

Yeah…it's almost as though it's two different people posting!

No. 163256

I'm also pretty sure her boyfriend lives with her, so he probably helps contribute to costs as well. But yeah, it's very obvious she's getting help from somewhere.

No. 163257

Fucking summer.

No. 163258

She slipped in her video and said "our house" when talking to her bf

No. 163260

Only the most clever comebacks on lolcow.

No. 163275

I don't understand either.
The only thing I find really annoying is that she is really, really slow at grasping Japanese even though she is in the perfect environment to learn it. I know that people learn differently, but she just has so many opportunities to practice it and all she's doing is making excuses.
Putting aside "an hour a day" to learn a language that is (now) essential to her livelihood doesn't give good points to her character, imo.
Also I guess her really big eyes and tiny lips kind of wig me out, but I can disregard that most of the time.

No. 163287

My only problem with her is her makeup. I really hope she realizes soon how bad this style looks on her- the eyebags, the matte dark colored lipstick, ugh. I'm pretty sure she still wears circle lenses too, those also need to go.

No. 163288

I find that annoying as well. I get that speaking another language can be really scary and embarrassing, but I don't get why she doesn't get Sharla or her bf (I'm assuming even if he isn't Japanese, he can at least speak the language considering he's working there) to help her with it.

No. 163292


I don't really blame her since everybody spoon feeds her everything. She probably doesn't need to speak japanese at all because she has enough money to go around without it, english speaking doctors, vets, agents, home concierge etc. If you're rich it's easy to live in Japan without knowing an ounce of japanese. If she weren't that rich, she would have to get a real job, a normal house, and would have to deal with normal life where you cannot survive without knowing japanese.

No. 163297

"pretty sure"? kek
It's pretty obvious, she herself said she wears the biggest lenses possible.

No. 163298

There's also the question of everything leading up to her modeling career. It's a job that requires investment unless you are specifically scouted (sometimes even then).

I'm not salty but most people's parents don't even pay for education. We take out loans or work ourselves for the money.

It is frustrating that she really can't understand how her family's wealth allowed her to "follow her dreams."

I wonder what she has in mind for the future. Will she ever finish college?

No. 163300

I've known people who've lived here for a long time (12 years), weren't rich and still didn't speak Japanese. :( If you have someone who will do all the annoying stuff for you, no need to speak the language. I just wonder what kind of advancement this brings to her life? "I lived in Japan for X years!" "Wow, you must be fluent in Japanese" "…Nope, sorry"

No. 163301

I don't mind Taylor I think she's ite but with all that money you'd think she'd get a decent wardrobe. Her style… its so korean fashion forced? The oversized things are what you'd see delicate tiny koreans wear on Taobao ect dodgy shopping sites. It doesnt suit Taylor… casual but… not in that sense.


Lol so many give up learning it

No. 163303

she only cut her bangs unfortunately.

nice catch
but she has lived in the same place for 2 years i believe so i guess he just moved into her $3k/month apartment

No. 163304

That can't be good for her eyes, they can't breathe properly- she wears them all the god damn time.

No. 163310

She'd look so cute with shoulder-length hair. Too bad she only keeps it long because it's the only thing people notice about her, and she's too insecure so she wants to hide behind all that hair.

No. 163311

She reminds me a bit of Gala Darling who is trying to flog a book about how to ~live your dreams like her, while conveniently missing out the first and most important step, #1 Have a trust fund.

Sharla has more followers and views than Taylor yet her old apartment was a bit of a dump, and her new one isn't much better even though it's in the middle of nowhere. So it's really silly for Taylor to try and claim "youtube money" pays for her lifestyle, and there's no way she earned even close to enough from the bit of modeling she did in HK to cover the rest. Even if it's not her Dad, she's obviously getting a lot of support from somewhere.

We don't know how long they've been together for though. She said in the video announcing his existence that it "wasn't a new thing" or something along those lines. Also, if you look at her older videos, say the Paris one, which is from pretty much exactly two years ago, it's obvious she's there with someone.

No. 163313

>Taylor thread locked
>shit posts in Jvlog thread starts
truly the cancer of this site

No. 163316

Why does everyone assume that they know everything about her financial situation?
Fact: We only know what she tells us.

Based on what I know about the HK market and east Asian one in general it is easy to make good money there. In fact agencies often send new girls there to build their books and pay off their debts.
Ex-ANTM contestant Elyse Sewell used to write about it.

Taylor did a lot of high end commercial work in HK including campaigns and TV. She was pretty in demand.
If she invested well, I could see it paying off to the point where she could afford her current lifestyle especially combined with her youtube money and whatever her bf makes.
In HK she was living in a model apartment with a bunch of other girls. If her father was funding her lifestyle, why wouldn't she have her own apartment then?

That's not to say she didn't have an easier path into modeling than someone who wasn't upper middle class, of course she did. At the start of her career, she could probably pay for her own test shots and didn't have to go into debt to her agency (and that's where a lot of young models are sunk). So in that sense she had advantages, but to act like her entire existence now is footed by "daddy's money" seems deliberately disingenuous, simplistic, and petty.

No. 163318

You're deliberately disingenuous, simplistic, and petty for implying it isn't considering he paid for her entire plastic face.

Your excess of words doesn't make you right, or smart, btw. You come off like a massive douche canoe.

I don't even read this thread but you Taylor retards are just that annoying.

No. 163319

she posted a pokemon go screenshot from her home and if anyone knows tokyo well they could easily map it out

No. 163324

Fuck you sperg chan

No. 163327

i kove how instead of reading anything that anon typed you just whined about how long the post was. first if all fillers=/=entire plastic face and if you dont read the thread then continue to stay out of it or learn to hide threads you dont care about moron.

No. 163331

What well adjusted individuals you Taytards are with your disproportionate rage.

Calling someone out for their shitty tl;dr on a chan isn't whining, how new are you? Bet you came here from PULL.

No. 163333

Ironic when you came from pull sperg chan

No. 163336

Elyse also wrote that it really wasn't that much money. Certainly not enough for casual purchases of nunerous luxury handbags.

No. 163366

If only she'd made some vague "investments" like Tay.

No. 163369

People hate admitting they were privileged when it doesn't follow the underdog narrative they created.

You can't make any investments with huge return unless you already have a sizeable amount of money to begin with.

No. 163375

>assmad to this extent
>replying this fast to call someone else a sperg
>"no i didnt cum from pull u did"

OK assburgers PULLtard, learn to sage your shitposts pls

Do you think she'd look less alien baby without the lenses? I was thinking about what she used to look like & how she de-aged like Dakota, and then I was wondering what she plans to do when she's 30+ and has a weird puffy baby face.

No. 163376

>implying one person knows the entirety of how modeling works

anon pls

No. 163377

>has a weird puffy baby face

fucking get over this this is all you taylor tards ever talk about.

Bitch do you keep bringing it up because you have a gaunt skelly face?

No. 163383

Yes i am assmad sperg chan, you are shitting this thread up with the same old "hamster ew" "shes so skinny!!", its fucking boring, move the fuck on, go to pull where everyone hate Taylor and join them in their circlejerk where you belong.

No. 163384


No. 163395

Look at the post I replied to. I thought bringing up Elyse was stupid in the first place.

No. 163397

You don't even need to know Tokyo, you just gotta look at the map.

About Taylor's investments/savings: If she was smart enough to make investements, she wouldn't blow it on rent. No one is that stupid. It's obvious she doesn't use her savings like that.

Another idea: She lives with her bf, who has the apartment paid or party paid for by his job. This is actually common for workers who earn a lot or have high positions in companies.

Sage because this thread is cancer now, and no chemo can save it.

No. 163400

>You don't even need to know Tokyo, you just gotta look at the map.

Do you seriously think you can find that location from a vague map from pokego? Do you know how many small streets there are in Tokyo? You funny anon

>If she was smart enough to make investments, she wouldn't blow it on rent

Are you suggesting she buy a home? Do you know how much buying a house costs in Tokyo? Why would she lock herself down with a mortgage if she plans to move in the future. Did you know the regular salaryman can't afford to pay off their mortgage for even a low-tier home so they commit suicide so that their family could pay it off with the life insurance that comes from it? Renting is obviously the smarter choice for the short term.

No. 163402

Hi Mimei
Maybe if you dressed your age and didn't act like a retarded 5 year old on camera, people wouldn't think you're fucking ugly.

No. 163419

Fucking hell

Thats some news to me tonight! Sounds as terrible as the housing market here in the UK.

No. 163425

>Do you seriously think you can find that location from a vague map from pokego? Do you know how many small streets there are in Tokyo? You funny anon

Cool story, bro.

No. 163433

Then maybe don't buy above your income level. The Tokyo housing market is shit, especially if you want to be in a somwhat good location. It just won't be possible for most people to do that, and maybe people should readjust their expectations instead of offing themselves. (Insurances usually pay, but actually they do not have to)

No. 163438

Guys please dont post such personal info about people that havent done anything personally to hurt others…

No. 163444

Meh. It's quite vague. But anyway it can't be deleted unless a mod deals with my report.

No. 163447

File: 1470451496030.jpg (29.38 KB, 887x559, hi.jpg)

Hi Blake

No. 163457

nice file deleted bro

No. 163458

You taylor anons are obsessed as fuck

No. 163461

The wig bromwyn had on was gorgeous I'll admit, but $100+ for synthetic wigs you can't even style? lolnothanks

No. 163485

Looking awfully Taylor today, Sharla

No. 163487

File: 1470466597281.png (109.03 KB, 277x281, Screenshot.png)

sharla's chin/neck area is so gross looking when she turns her head

No. 163488

File: 1470466663109.png (126 KB, 290x301, Screenshot (1).png)

No. 163490

The fat from under the chin comes from years of poor diet choices, she's still relatively young so she still has a chance to salvage it

No. 163495

damn she really looks like a soccer mom

Dat chin skin

No. 163498

I have no idea what you want. I got a report about the entire thread, and the reason was "taylorfags".

Be more specific if you see a rule violation, and report that specific comment.

No. 163499

I did and it was taken care of, thanks

No. 163505

File: 1470469416026.jpg (97.35 KB, 674x908, QcFawtT.jpg)

No it doesn't. Some people genetically have squishy necks. Like teen Liz Taylor here.

Sharla's neck is turkey wattling already like she's 50 years old

No. 163509

You guys, shake those wigs out first, don't just jam them on your heads straight out of the package. At least Mira shakes hers out even if she never washes or powders them,

$100 is a low average price for a synthetic white girl wig and too much for those things. Those partings, bumpy tops look like those cheap New Look or Forever Young wigs. Streaks going all the way to the root?? Fuck no.

No. 163572

File: 1470484816546.jpg (153.29 KB, 547x679, ImGNNH8.jpg)


A better pic for you, she is not perfect, bid deal. I she plenty of girls with that kind of chin.

No. 163575

Yeah, like my grandmother

No. 163577

calm down vendettachan

No. 163583

I literally have 3 posts in this thread and all of them are just me responding to you angry retards lol!

Is it really that hard to believe that someone scrolling by would find Taylor's face kinda freaky, because that's literally what happened here. I almost feel like I should nicely explain to you and ask you to chill out because I didn't realize there's a problem with some kinda Taylor hateboner. But seeing your autismal rage over such minor commentary makes it pretty hard to 1) want to cooperate with you and 2) not bait you some more. You should probably get that in check.

No. 163602

No. 163616

It's ok anon I agree, Taylor has a puffy ass weird hamster face and needs to stop with the injections because otherwise has a pretty face, and I don't post on this thread

No. 163623

>calls someone a retard
>fucks up their own post

No. 163627

why are literally all people on lolcow so unfriendly lmao (not the anon you responded to)

No. 163644

Go back to PULL or tumblr if your feefees are hurt

No. 163651

Taylor needed to stop before she started, back when she was still cute.

No. 163653

your life must suck if you rage over such small things, it doesn't hurt to reply normally, doesn't even have to be friendly
besides, it's a trend rn on tumblr to act like a sassy bitch, so you belong on there asw , hun

No. 163661

File: 1470516507886.jpeg (51.51 KB, 625x626, image.jpeg)

No. 163666

File: 1470518482889.jpg (7.28 KB, 250x250, 5tGibrM.jpg)

No. 163678

Omg i feel so sorry for sharla i didnt realise it was that bad its like a grandma chin.

No. 163825

File: 1470570698732.jpeg (210.01 KB, 1871x897, image.jpeg)

No. 163826

File: 1470570790920.jpeg (51.89 KB, 750x483, image.jpeg)

Tay r u ok

No. 163839

File: 1470575219739.jpg (48.01 KB, 586x354, Capture.JPG)

don't hurt yourself reaching
she seems happier recently so im pretty sure she's ok.

pic unrelated. someone made brony mad

No. 163841

looks like she's just tensing her neck, like a certain banned cow

No. 163861

why wont she realise that what she does to herself makes her look like a tranny?
she used to look more feminine before

thick eyebrows + big fake lips on wide mouth = looking a bit tranny-ish

No. 163862

Probably because her mouth is bigger than her face, and those unarched eyebrows do her close-set eyes absolutely no favor. She needs to thin out and reshape her eyebrows, they don't look good on her.

No. 163897

Anon when you move your arms it tenses your muscles. Taylor is holding her phone up for a selfie, therefore her collarbone etc is more visible.

No. 163898

What an awkward situation to be in LOL

She honestly just needs to chill it with the make up or change her hair style to flatter her face shape. She looked amazing with dark hair in that sharla wig video.

No. 163904

This. Her lower jaw is super strong and masculine but she still wouldn't look like a tranny if she didn't do everything to make her look worse.

If she fixed her eyebrows, stopped getting terrible lip injections and stopped dying her hair ash blonde which clashes horribly with her coloring nobody would think she's a tranny.

No. 163966

Taylor looks cute in motion.

No. 163968

LMAO DAMN, I thought you guys were being serious when I kept seeing you all call her trans, oh my god. I didn't even think to question it either since she legit does look like someone in the midst of transitioning from mtf. I feel kinda bad but this is sort of hilarious. She needs to chill the fuck out with her goofy ass make up.

No. 163975

You're right anon. It's definitely genetic. Like most physical traits. She would need surgery to correct it if she chose to.

No. 163989

File: 1470633753035.jpeg (185.58 KB, 996x1131, image.jpeg)

Everybody is so fashionable and then there's Mimei and Taylor….

No. 164003

Are you kidding me? All of them are a mess with their outfits.

their site is so broken and their products look cheap as hell.

No. 164015

Well but you got to admit those two stand out especially Mimei… Oh lord when's she gonna learn…

No. 164017

tbh taylor looks the worst to me cause those shorts look like she's wearing a diaper (u can especially see it in her new vlog, which is super boring as usual)

No. 164018

I agree they all look pretty embarrassing,
I actually think taylor looks the best because she's casual, the others are trying way too hard

Mimei got dressed in a dumpster in 1996 and not in a cool way

No. 164020

Taylor and that girl in the middle don't look too bad

No. 164028

I don't know why everyone is always talking ill about Mimei. IMO she is the most interesting one of all these jvlogger girls. I really like her, and i think her style isn't as bad as everyone here seems to think. She also comes off to be the most real one of the bunch; not faking a perfect life in glorious nippon - but actually being real about problems she has.

No. 164032

File: 1470654038283.jpg (119.29 KB, 500x500, pic1418335_md.jpg)

everything is fake take a closer look

No. 164033

File: 1470654166804.png (650.53 KB, 599x600, Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 09.0…)

she wants money and cock just like everyone else on this planet duh

No. 164035

laura looks good and all but good lord that website is awful and cringey. the name… bambiluna… reminds me of a 14 year olds tumblr blog from 2010

No. 164036

i think the name is nice but the websites like.. what are you? 17 year olds handing in an art project you started on your lunch break and didn't finish?

No. 164039

Air out that vagina. Taylor looks fine for casual.

No. 164100

she's married….

No. 164112


Does her husband not have a cock?

No. 164118

Mimei's skirt is kind of cute, and taylor's outfit is okay-ish. The bambiluna girl looks like a tryhard tumblrina. They all look awful together tho

No. 164121

Do you guys think Taylor didn't film the opening of the pop shop because nobody came

No. 164157

4000¥ for basic white tee, 2500¥ for a basic black choker lol why would anyone buy that shit. So unoriginal, I'd be embarrassed to sell those

No. 164168


Possible. I mean the video didn't give the impression that the shop was overflowing with people.

Give me a tshirt marker, a basic white t by h&m and a home made stendil amd i can make the same for under 15$.

Not that anybody needs boring shit like this in their life.

No. 164217

File: 1470692171611.png (11.17 KB, 1018x355, 1470691945166.png)

How are you going to launch a store and not have any products

The fuck is this idiot doing

No. 164259

Same tbh. I didn't know she wasn't actually trans from the way anons kept talking about her being trans, kek.

She might've sold out. Taylor said in her video it was a limited collection so maybe her stans bought the chokers after her video came out?

No. 164260

Yea taylor actually bought a shirt and necklace
Shes also abusing the #girlboss hashtag so it definitely seems like she will start something too (of course itll be much more successful because she has more money to get it going and a huge youtube fam to buy it all)

No. 164264

laura needs money for her vegan crap funds

No. 164351

File: 1470755280876.jpeg (50.77 KB, 750x392, image.jpeg)

Wow must be nice not having to worry about real life
Isnt she embarassed to be this addicted

No. 164355

reach harder

No. 164364

Honestly, chill the fuck out. It's not that uncommon to have 4 hours to spare.

No. 164366

Im also so sick of seeing kim play pokemon, but maybe thats because everytime shes in taylor or sharlas vlogs shes got her nose in her phone swiping pokeballs.

Sharla is not better, staying behind while the group goes up a tower to see a really cool view because there are pokemon on the first floor that you want to catch isnt major snowflake behavior or anything, but just enough to male me roll my eyes. Of course all the jvloggers dont spend any real time talking and just spend there time looking at phones and cameras when they get together

No. 164367


Kinda agree…then again…she's a fucking youtuber…your 4 hours are 12 hours of spare time for her lol

No. 164368

As much as i can't stand Tay, at least she is not annoying me with that pokemon stuff. I find it very annoying in the vlogs of the others and very distracting. Don't get me wrong, i have nothing against pokemon go but i honestly don't want to watch others play it in vlogs. It's not like it's interessting.

No. 164375

4 hours straight is a lot, not something a grown adult would have time to do nowadays

No. 164381

not really
does she have a job? it's not an uncommon occurrence for me to spend up to six hours, occasionally twelve on my days off, on bike trails or walking around the city, and usually playing ingress during part of it.

No. 164390

taylor's videos are really giving this like, virtual bff vibe lmao. like those video games where you date a virtual waifu? her videos are about the kind of thing you talk with your friends about there's never really a topic, it's just her speaking very genuinely into the camera and talking about her day and her posture and getting a chair lol. it feel like she's actually talking to you and not vlogging if that makes sense. i guess because irl she has no friends. she's got everyone in the comments talking to her and replying as if they're actually speaking to her and having a conversation. everyone comments in second person. i've seen people comment about how they watch her videos in the morning or the minute they get home for work. so i guess her fans have no friends either lol. so they get to have this feeling where they're best friends with a blonde dollish model living in japan with a tiny poodle. i mean it feels very cartoon-y she's already sort of a character.

it's weird but in a way i get it. i doubt it was intentional but she's definitely found her strong point with these vlogs.

No. 164407

I quite enjoy Taylors vlogs and i'm unsure why.
She's grown on me and even though she looks like she's a little dolly i get the feeling that inside she's just as insecure as many other girls and that is why she's always so uplifting to her watchers and tries to help them better themselves too.
She seems rather genuine in the things she talks about and i quite like how she cares for her little dog a whole lot.

No. 164438

From Laura's blog it looks like her pop up shop was a bust lol

No. 164464

She's copying Casey Neistat's style of vlogging which is like that. She said in an earlier video that he's a big inspiration and you can definitely tell. Watch one of his videos and one of hers and it's extremely similar. It's not really a bad thing? Practically every vlogger is trying to be him right now, but he makes great and comfy content so it's nice.

No. 164474

oh wow i can definitely see it now that i looked it up. like with the propped camera recording traffic sped up and even the music. at least she admitted he's her inspiration. i guess she'll mold it into more of her own thing as time passes. she was a kota clone for a while before branching out into her own image.

one thing i have to give taylor props for is that she credits and sites literally everything. she even has a link to the camera she's using in her videos. i can't stand when people refuse to tell you where they get anything or just flat out lie.

No. 164477

There was a vlog where Sharla was whining like a small child to Taylor to go to the park to catch pokemon with kim and tranny instead of shopping like they planned to. And Taylor shut it down kek.

No. 164481

Well half of the stuff taylor links are unattainable by normies so… shrug emoji
That 10k camera set-up…

No. 164482

I agree and she tries to be as real as possible to followers

No. 164492

File: 1470795994485.jpg (137.31 KB, 1080x1080, 13696934_1629751777335051_1733…)

No. 164493

This baby fetish is the absolute creepiest thing ever why would someone want to fuck that and why would you want to fuck someone into that?????

No. 164497

It's a shit snapchat filter pal, sue snapchat for jumping on the awful Melanie Marteethnez bandwagon.

No. 164503

who said they wanted to fuck that? lol anon youre gettin reeeal offended by a shitty snapchat filter

No. 164504

10k? What are you talking about, I looked up her camera and it was 1k at most, which is pretty cheap for cameras.

No. 164507

Oh man I thought this was Koot's new shoop job. It's unsettling how this isn't even that far off from her newest creations.

No. 164517

I think it's the total of like the camera, tripod, light, lens, etc.

No. 164520

in what world does a lightbulb, a tripod and lenses add up to 9k. half the time she's walking around anyway.

No. 164521


No. 164524

it's called snapchat you nonsocial sperg

youre reaching if youre critiquing a pic with a filter meant to make users look goofy

No. 164525

Hadn't heard of him until now and ugh, just when I was getting comfy witg tay and her "new thing", I learn it's just another rip-off act.

No. 164528


Well her drone alone is over 1k.

Not that anon but i guess anon wanted to point out that it's an expensive set up not EXACTLY 10k worth of cam equipment.

I really like how Taytay is keeping herself out of all the rather weeby-ish, immature-ish stuff sharla and kim are doing. Don't kill me for this, live and let live but i really couldn't care much about jvloggers vlogging about catching pokemon fot example.
You could literally exchange Japan with, say, america or canada or whatever, and her vlogs would still be kinda cool and laid back and interessting. Whereas Sharla and Mimei and the others define themselves solely with japan.

No. 164529

It's not exactly 9/10k but it's comfortably up in the thousands. She even links to some of her setup in her latest videos and it adds up to around $4k. PLus if you're completely starting out, a macbook/computer with decent editing software is also kind of pricey.

Obviously she didn't get everything all at once. Plus her setup is pretty normal for vloggers I think. The only outlier is the drone and didn't she say it was her boyfriends?

No. 164533

Any pro photographer and video maker would tell you that 9/10k is a normal amount of money for an equipement set for an aspiring professional. If you want to create good quality content (and get your income from this) you'll need to invest in a good camera, good lighting, extras, gadgets, etc. Plus she has stated many times that she loves making videos; when you are passionate about something like that you get interested for more props, gadgets and equipment as you get more into it. So I don't get what's the big deal with Taylor building a decent and semi-professional equipement.

No. 164541

Everyone knows it's snapchat, fuckin summer.

No. 164542

apparently fucking not from these posts

No. 164560

just watched biibiibaps new vlog and damn did laura really sell her bambiluna chokers for $25 to her friend? they're not even worth $10 and bronwyn said she accidentally broke the one laura gave her before because she pulled at it too hard which means they're not even good quality

No. 164575

Damn the chokers are literally a piece of string with a charm
If they were $5 i would buy a few to support a friend but not $25 when i could make my own for like $2

No. 164578

Huh? All I said was at a glance it looks like the shoops Koot is trying to present as her real natural self. No shit it's a filter. Reading comprehension, god damn.

No. 164586

overprotective-chan, stop

No. 164638

Really got to hand it to Taylor for dropping like $50+ to support a friends shitty work

No. 164647

I feel like Taylor does so much for her "friends" and gets next to nothing in return. Watching her videos, I get the impression she tries so hard to please them, like buying lots of gifts and organizing sleepovers and parties (like Mimei's party). Like another anon said in this thread, maybe she grew up lonely and now she's trying her best to keep these relationships. Too bad they all seem fake. I die a little when I see their hangouts, that's not true friendship. She really should meet some new people and hang out with people like Alexa instead of youtubers.
I realize I sound like a huge Tayfag but I guess she grew on me, with these daily vlogs she's been making. She comes across as a genuine person. I hope it doesn't take too long for her to find her own style (I still like the Casey-esque vlogs though) and do what she truly feels like doing.
Sorry for the long post.

No. 164655

alexa seems like such a sweetheart and the tru mvp in tays life/'friend circle'
she should ditch the ungreatful jvlogger circlejurk (esp sharla like all that landwhale does it uses up all her bathbombs/makeup)

No. 164657

Oh my, I'm glad I'm not the only one who notices that every time Sharla sleeps over at Taylor's she uses all of her clothes, makeup and other stuff. What kind of person brings one outfit for a 3 day stay?
Also, what's up with Sharla lately? She hasn't been posting many videos. I can't be bothered to follow on her social media…

No. 164659

I totally get that vibe too when watching everyone else's blogs. They give off this vapid uncomfy vibe whereas taylor is chill. The most admirable thing I like about taylor is she vlogs her bad sides(no make up/acne face) and shows her fuck ups (plenty of times where people bumped into her or awkward stuff happening).

Remember when Taylor bought all those gifts for her friends from Korea and Sharla just got her anti-acne packets? lol

Sharla lives in the boonies of Japan now so she doesn't have clickbait material to work with. I also think the Racism in Japan video started a falling out with Shine so she lost another friend with a big following to vlog with.

No. 164663

Yes, Taylor shows us the bad and the good things in her life. Sometimes I feel like she shares too much for a youtuber. But that's what created this familiar comfy feeling we get when we watch her videos. And if she's happy with things as they are, then I think it's fine.

Yeah, I cringed so much at that "gift".

>Sharla lives in the boonies of Japan now so she doesn't have clickbait material to work with. I also think the Racism in Japan video started a falling out with Shine so she lost another friend with a big following to vlog with.

Good, that means less of "hai guys! look at this awesome japanese thing in JAPAN! awwwwwwww it's soooo cute! i can't believe how adorable this is!!1!" ugh.

No. 164668

i loved it lmao

No. 164674


No. 164675

I especially hate when Sharla says
"OMG THAT'S SOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOD" pretty much instantly as she bites into something

No. 164676

I was rewatching Taylor's vlog for Mimei's birthday and holy shit Taylor bought the entire cake on her own and none of the other girls pitched in.

You can argue that she's just doing it for views but home girl drew, planned, and researched that shit. I tried doing something similar when I was still living in Japan and finding a specialized cake artist on such short notice is so hard. Not to mention Taylor isn't that proficient in Japanese so it was that much more difficult.

No. 164681

i can't count how many times people have brought up the fact that the jvlogger crew are leeches who only wanna mooch of taylor's fame and that she should ditch them. really you can tell taylor is 100% fine living on her own and basically not talking to anyone for days at a time. it feels like they're the ones constantly asking taylor to hang out with all of them and she goes with them to be nice honestly i feel like she'd be fine never seeing them again. we all would be. but then again if she ditched them it would probably create animosity and things could get ugly. i wonder if tay is paranoid about that.

i feel like…. everyone agrees to bring back alexa lol. she's sweet and complements taylor's chill personality. plus she has a cat that could be besties with rosie the whole pet thing would work out nicely. also alexa is just nice to look at especially since she dresses like a normal human being. the jvlogger crew are a fucking eyesore all at once. tay's new chill aesthetic vlogging thing reeeally doesn't fit with sharla and co. we've got 2 trannies and a kindergarten teacher all trying to be the star of the show while being obnoxious and loud about UGUU NIPPON KAWAIII~~ meanwhile taylor is making mushy pasta and showing us how she washes her dog. but it works. so good for her. i think the nice thing about taylor's videos is that she's always alone. it creates a very pleasant relaxing atmosphere.

No. 164683

They're all fucking losers honestly you don't have to be a fan of Taylor to see that her insecurity drives her to go above and beyond what normal people do in friendships. These girls never put an ounce of that same effort back. It's not even just the money put in they're all just weirdly dismissive of that. Dude at least be appreciative I'd kill for a rich friend who WASN'T stingy with their cash.

No. 164686

Same here. I don't if it's because she's a weeb, but some anime girls do the same. They barely taste the food and go like "OISHIIIIII!"

I hope Mimei at least thanked her properly. I don't know Mimei well enough, so I don't put her together with the others yet.

I had never thought of that. Yeah, maybe it's the fact she's alone most of the time that makes things relaxing. She also has a chill personally, which helps a lot. Even if Sharla's by herself, for example, she's obnoxious as hell.

No. 164687

All Sharla does now on her own are unboxing videos, she's becoming like suzy

No. 164693

I agree with everything said here. Taylor really seems insecure and I think i remember her saying in a video something about how she's not much into going out being social and she prefers staying at home. She has that introvert feeling to her. It's funny because I never quite liked Taylor before. Or more like- I found her to be boring and never bothered to watch her videos. Instead i liked most of these other jvloggers. But ever since she is part of them and i saw more of her i began really liking her personality and instead finding others boring or even annoying.

No. 164705

File: 1470868778274.png (34.23 KB, 611x342, Untitled.png)

Found this comment in this vlog:

While all the other jvloggers were publicly shitting on Venus and Margo, Taylor actually responded like a sensible human being wow.

No. 164708

technically taylor is a really boring person she stays at home and does nothing and lowkey doesn't have a personality. that's why no one liked her at first because she was just a model who did nothing but widen her eyes and post outfits. but the truth is that she's a very introverted, chill, and simple person. so really it's her sincerity that's the charm in her videos. you have this aesthetically pleasing introvert talking to you about her life in a very chill way in her house in her pajamas. like i said it's like she gives off the illusion that you're her friend. but i get the feeling she does consider her followers her friends. so that's probably why her vlogging thing is actually working for her. she talks to the camera like she's talking to a friend. i think she gets her fulfillment from that. i mean it's hard to fake. v pleasant conversation. also the fact that she's consistent and so professional about youtubing reeeally helps her. it keeps you engaged. nothing worse than when bloggers are like "wow sorry i haven't uploaded in 37 years lmao i've been busy here's a shitty video"

No. 164712

This. If Taylor's vlogs have another jvlogger in the thumbnail I will skip it unless I'm really bored. They are so cringey and unaesthetic (I like to watch pretty things) and makes me feel bad when they take advantage of Taylor.

Didn't Taylor have to spend 72 hours straight with Sharla while she used her stuff and probably made her clean up after her? This theory makes me feel sad if Taylor secretly doesn't like them very much. Because that would be awful.

No. 164714

Idk i feel like although taylor could definitely survive on her own, she doesnt mind being motherly … Why else would she cook soup for alexa and give sharla all those bath bombs and cook for her etc

No. 164716

I agree bit i do feel a little creeped out sometimes
I find myself watching her vlogs but gotta step back because she gets almost too close, when she says things like "love you guys! See you in tomorrows vlog!!"
And therein lies the charm

No. 164719

didnt Tay say she was bullied when she was growing up? She probably hasn't had that many friend growing up, and spent a lot of time with her rich family. Maybe she just doesn't know how to show affection without i being about buying something, or making some extravagant dish to prove something to people. It's a little sad to see, because I can kind of see a bit of myself in her when she does this. I do hope her friends regularly thank her, because otherwise they are just shitty people.

Sharla has the worst asthetic i swear to god everything she loves is either super weeby or super tacky

No. 164724

File: 1470874225925.png (500.4 KB, 1045x787, tumblr_o4dchph7QB1r6hbrlo2_128…)

it's an insecure fatty habit. you try to overcompensate for being ugly and fat and boring in your friend group by being an extreme doormat and doing everything to please people. because you want to be accepted. this was has been me all my life. i end up being way too nice to people who don't deserve it and i don't realize until i'm in my bed about to fall asleep and think jesus christ why the FUCK did i do that. it's impulsive like, honestly you just think the best of people and are way too optimistic. in the moment you feel really good like, wow they think i'm such a great person! they like me! wow maybe we can be best friends because i'm a gr8 person and proved myself worthy! but then they prove themselves to be shitty people who really don't appreciate you. but ultimately you're stuck with them because you don't want anyone to dislike you.

it's weird to see your ugly awkward self in this blonde pretty model. but i guess that's why she's becoming more successful and is probably what her fans are thinking too. take away taylor's pretty clothes and thin figure and she's the oh-so loyal sentimental fat friend everyone's totally okay with taking advantage of. it shows.

No. 164725


i used to think she was lying about being bullied in elementary school because honestly she wasn't that fat. but then i realized her family is super rich and she probably went to a really high class private school with a bunch of snooty rich kids who were rude as fuck.

No. 164736

ooh shit that hit way too close to home

No. 164756

Dangit Bobby this is the realest shit ever

No. 164762

File: 1470885306780.png (122.32 KB, 303x374, taylor1.0.png)

Taylor was so pretty back when she was modeling in Hong Kong, her poor swollen cheeks are just too much now

No. 164763

File: 1470885793548.gif (129.04 KB, 300x232, dead-horse.gif)

No. 164768

>snooty rich kids who were rude as fuck

H-how old are you?

No. 164769

there's plenty of fat ugly kids in public schools it's not a big enough deal for anyone to face brutal bullying for it. i imagine a pricey private school in the early 90's didn't harbor the kindest alumni nor the most accepting of girls who weren't glamorous and thin, just because that comes by influence of the parents. kids are mean. taylor was fat and butch-looking wearing hoodies. she probably rejected femininity because she didn't think it suited her which happens a lot with fat girls. which would make sense why once she lost weight she immediately decided to look like a doll aka the most hyperfeminine image you can project even though she stayed just as insecure. the fact she's so content with spending her entire day alone and finds ways of entertaining and enjoying herself shows she's been used to solitude since she was a child.

No. 164776

She looks so good with her hair up or in braids, idk why shes letting it all hang down in a streamy mess in the humid Japanese summer heat

No. 164779

She wasn't fat, her mum said so in a vid and the pic shows it's just puberty fats.

No. 164781

>she wasn't fat
>puberty fats

It's not like her mom is gonna brag about how her daughter was fat. And it's mostly her insecurity that points to body issues from childhood in the sense that it explains her behavior now. Plus she loves to eat big meals and has a general passion for food lol. She eats big portions it's just healthy things that don't make her fat since she exercises. Idk though it ain't like I know the girl !

No. 164784

It's like you've known her all your life or something

No. 164791

File: 1470894644825.jpg (46.11 KB, 437x635, fdsfs.jpg)

Hi Blake

No. 164806

didnt she get fat when she got older.

No. 164823


I don't have anything against this kind of videos but I think Sharla has done too many of them, time to make something new.

No. 164824

It's how she makes money. Viewercount isn't really enough to make a lot of money anymore, that's why so many youtubers do sponsored content nowadays.

No. 164848

doesnt mean people wont make fun of you and doesnt mean it wont fuck you up in the head

No. 164849

its sponsored
she got free shit and probably money too, so she has to talk about how awesome it is

No. 164866


When something is sponsored, Sharla usually write it down in the description box.

No. 164930

I honestly hope that obsessed Taylor sperg keeps at it because it's turned me into a legit Taylor fan just to spite them

No. 164956

Sharla got another new cat
What ever happened to miko ?

No. 164968

No. 165097

I'm not a hater but there are some weird stan-ish comments about Taylor in this thread
she basically said she would not even reach out to Venus. Venus would have to contact her and ask for help. How would Venus even know that Taylor would be willing to talk if Taylor won't even send her a message? It just seemed like a comment Taylor made to show her fans she is Nice and Above That Drama.
idk I wouldn't assume that no one else did anything just because it wasn't explicit. But yeah, if one person in a friend group is rich, they tend to do more. It's clear that some of the others are trying to make ends meet or (e.g., Alexa) trying to help their families.

And some people just like to host, so they will do everything for you even if you don't want them to. Taylor also knows that everything she does for Sharla (or whoever) is going into her vlog. It might be sincere but regardless it helps her Nice Jvlogger image.

No. 165098

MOST people dont butt into other people's business if they arent involved? Taylor probably has no idea who Venus is and they've never met so WHY should she message someone?? They probably dont even live that close to each other???

No. 165111

>Taylor also knows that everything she does for Sharla (or whoever) is going into her vlog. It might be sincere but regardless it helps her Nice Jvlogger image.

Ngl I thought about this too and I'd agree if any of the other girls had done the same lmao. Even if it's small gifts. They all want attention for their channels it's why they're all even friends but you don't see them actually splurging on each other because they don't want to blow major cash on people they don't really care about. Which they don't. Including Taylor none of these jvloggers give a shit about each other and are complete hypocrites about their friendship so actually spending a lot of cash on each other is stupid and out of the question.

That's why people who are also insecure speculate that what might drive Taylor to spend too much money on people she doesn't care about is impulsiveness driven by insecurity since it's something we can relate to. Granted she's got a lot of cash so she goes way beyond what's appropriate for the situation. But that's basically what we figure.

Seconding this. It'd be weird as fuck for her to meddle uninvited in the personal life of someone she's never even spoken to.

No. 165114

did laura and her bf break up? she never posts him on snapchat

No. 165132

I guess so
As did kim and biibii with their bfs probably

No. 165138

>but you don't see them actually splurging on each other because they don't want to blow major cash on people they don't really care about.

I do think it has more to do with it being fucking rude than being cheap. If you buy someone an expensive present you're putting them on the spot and they'll feel pressured to give you something equally big in return even though they may not have the money.

No. 165141

I don't think Taylor really expects anything in return though.

No. 165168

biibii's video intros are so bad+sad, just pouring coffee slowly into a mug without any music ugh I don't even know shit about youtubing but this is just awkward

No. 165169

also what the hell is this start, so awkward… nothing even against the girl but ugh I don't get why ppl would subscribe to this
//samefag sorry

No. 165177

I also why the fuck she is in japan
she doesn't speak any japanese and doesn't have a job or anything really
I feel like she's just there because 'jvlogging is so cool'

No. 165178

*I also don't know why ………

No. 165181

they don't give off the impression that they feel pressured to give taylor anything back tho. and it's not just gifts she puts too much effort into planning things perfectly like her sleepover with sharla. and ultimately sharla just kept using her shit and then gave her like one gift in return. so really they don't even return the effort she puts into being this oh-so likeable super friend. which works they all love her and getting free shit from her and it's like….

it just goes back to us saying that taylor should stop hanging out with them. if she's prone to spending too much money on friends then she should be around a crowd actually worth all the shit she gives away and effort she puts into catering to their interests, even if she gets nothing in return.

No. 165196

jesus christ have her videos always been this boring or is this just her 2/10 attempt at being an aesthetic lifestyle vlogger. one minute of her making coffee with no sound and then another of her talking about coffee. there's no dynamic to it it's just a single endless shot of her rambling for like 7 minutes straight. god.

also what the fuck is her makeup her face is pink/grey while her body is fucking yellow.

No. 165220

If i wanna watch biibii videos it HAS to be on 2x speed … She talks too damn slow in a whiny monotonous voice

No. 165221

And dont forget her whining and asking for money

No. 165222

Anyone watch that amadofu guy? He hangs out with kim a lot… Idk hes kind of weeby and annoying

No. 165228

Just playing devil's advocate:
I don't think that just because the sleepover was at Taylor's meant she planned everything. There was probably some discussion beforehand about what to do, what would get good views.

How do you know Taylor doesn't get something in return? Maybe the extra views from the collaboration are enough. Maybe she wants female company. Don't you think that Taylor would be uncomfortable if someone not even close to her level of income were to drop a bunch of money on her? I sure would be and I'm not a rich bitch. I like sharing & buying gifts for friends even when my budget is tight, just saying.

Friendship is not a ledger where you are supposed to give back exactly what you get from it. And business partnerships (if that's what Sharla and Taylor have) are usually not ledgers either. One person brings one kind of thing to the table, the other person brings something else.

Maybe Sharla licks Taylor's toes at night to repay her. You never know.

No. 165230

samefag but also: everything Taylor does bolsters her image as a sincere, nice, kawaii gaijin in Japan (who doesn't know Japanese lol). That is what she is selling. People know she has a lot of money. It would be weird and "not nice" if she didn't treat her guests well.

No. 165233

Maybe Taylor is Sharla's sugar mommy, kek.

They're just using each other…

No. 165234


Who's older than who? kek

Oh man

No. 165235

You raise a realy good point
And now you got my giggling imagining vloggers as fetishists, exchanging kinks things for video collabs

No. 165240

I love this discussion lol

Imo if that were true Taylor wouldn't be snubbing them on yet another day of Pokemon Go and squealing. If any of them discussed video content too seriously it would expose themselves to each other that none of them really give a shit about their friendship and once that illusion is gone their whole dynamic falls apart. Their hypocrisy is taboo between them all honestly. Their videos are too crap for any of them to actually discuss content beyond "so we're gonna go to the Pokemon cafe you guys wanna come so we can film it?" and they go on being cringey and fake from there.

It's like. They're fake but not in a vaguely professional partnership way. Maybe if they got more than 1k views on their videos then that level of input/effort would be believable. But they're just a bunch of weebs in their late twenties climbing all over each other for fame while making shitty videos about eating at cat cafes. Taylor being insecure and Sharla being moochy is as shallow and trivial of an explanation as they all are. Your theory makes them sound smart and calculated which they either a) aren't or b) are but fail miserably at it so they're just sneaky and stupid.

No. 165259

I just figured that Taylor is the mommy because of the money and luxury she can provide Sharla. I mean, Sharla is too broke to sugar Taylor. Like, imagine her giving Daiso/Donki items to Taylor, lmao. She can't even afford half of what Taylor shops for her vegan diet.

No. 165261

>Sharla is too broke to sugar Taylor
she doesn't have to be rich to be thoughtful. a bunch of stickers and some pastries would be enough to return the hospitality if she's sincere enough about it. i'm broke as fuck but occasionally buy shit for my friends because i'm thinking of them. sharla's anti acne packets to taylor were like… dude. lmao. at least mimei gives taylor shit every once in a while like that gudetama bath bomb in her latest video.

No. 165264

Right? Like get an extra bag of ~vegan gluten free pasta~ on iherb or pick her up a little bit of fruit or smth. on the way to her home. It doesn't take a lot of money to make a nice gesture. Especially if you are staying at their house using up their stuff all the time.

No. 165265

File: 1471059542600.png (Spoiler Image, 1.64 MB, 1334x750, image.png)

Her lip fillers both me much. The fuck is going on with the top lip?

No. 165269

She totally looks transgender in that pic.
If she doesn't want to be mistaken for such, she needs to stop whatever she is doing to herself.
Maybe less is more when it comes to her looks.

No. 165274

File: 1471065774376.png (180.35 KB, 339x384, image.png)

I'm getting mrs. potato head vibes

No. 165277

what did she look like before?

No. 165278

it's her style choice. she has VERY prominent features and the fact that she dresses so glam from head to toe makes it look like she's experimenting with her newfound womanhood. personally i like her features and find her v pretty i've seen runway models with more unconventional proportions it's all a matter of styling. if she had dark hair and ditched most if not all her makeup she'd look a million times better. but her current look doesn't suit her features. if looking like a trans woman is something she finds insulting then she needs to change her hair, makeup and clothes. otherwise stop being a whiny bitch and accept the way you look.

No. 165280

It's weird because it's like she gets lip fillers to try to downplay her nose or overall facial shape? But instead it just makes her whole face look really bizarre. She'd be better off just leaving heeer face natural or getting a minor nosejob. She has potential to be cute/pretty, but instead she just looks bizarre.

No. 165293

apparently she got lip fillers and had her jaw shaved, and I'm convinced it's also what's throwing her features off (plus her beady, too close eyes).
that combination is redundant imo. bigger lips give the illusion of a smaller jawline (i.e kylie Jenner).

she retouched every feature but the one that's causing her to look trans-y.

No. 165297

Her jawline seems alright now, her nose is a little strong, but it's not awful. Her lips are just gross. Definitely her worst facial feature. Can't even imagine spending all that money to look that fucked up.

No. 165301

If u compare her old photos vs now she looks definitely better in old photos. Why?because she didnt have the fucked up lips

No. 165362

A combination of many things make Brownwyn to look a little androgynous, I don't think is so bad to the point of asking her if she was a man before but that androgynous look is there and she probably knows it.

No. 165365

Yes he is weeby but he seems like a nice guy, I like him

No. 165366

she was kinda pretty before she got fillers and now she's just a mess

No. 165673

sharla has mentioned several times recently about moving back to canada
wonder when that will happen and if she will continue youtube

No. 165679


Lol mate the jvlogging crew use Tay for her cash and Im pretty sure Taylor would use Venus for more subs.

No. 165684

They always say that because people tell them they're obsessed with Japan and criticize their click bait shit in their titles "here washing dishes in JAPAN #kawaii #JAPAN.

No. 165689

Lol and Venus will never accept an invitation from them, even if Taylor has good intentions Venus has more subs and probably believes she'll try to take advantage from that. Venus is as greed as the rest of the community, the only girl who met her was Anastasiya and it didn't end well. Venus is just as the Jvloggers, they think in numbers not in friends. Best example : Sharla doing videos with Ashiya, then she criticized her and mentioned she didn't want other Jvloggers to help her.

No. 165690

not to mention venus stans are a different crowd than taylor's …

No. 165702

Venus is more like Dakota in that way, they will never accept an invitation from jvloggers, and Venus would look retarded in a different format. Plus most of jvloggers are like 30, while they're 20. It was pretty stupid of Mimei to try to be friends with Dakota who is like 10 years younger than her.

No. 165709


Exactly and yet people keep praising Venus's ass. She should just stick to herself but I bet half her fans WISH she got with the other weeb bloggers. At some point I think she may collab with them at least once. It'll be a eye sore and drama waiting to happen because we all know it'll fuck up. Someone will fuck it up.

Anastasiya met Venus and she said something was off about her. Not the mother but Venus was a bit odd. Probably barely any friend/human interaction so obviously she will be weird.


I don't blame Dakota

I wouldn't get involved with them either

No. 165730

Ugh but now Venus is pretty much untouchable, PULLtards invading Lolcow and many anons are fully whiteknighting her it's almost impossible to question her behavior these days. She finally managed to escape but still acts all odd, calling her husband "boyfriend", saying he finally "confessed his love for her" wtf after marrying him and living with him in the same house for about 6 months? That man is a weirdo, and pretty much the only human she has contact with, sad. The only reason Jvloggers will contact her is for the current Palermo drama and what that represents in numbers, imagine the amount of views in a video and all those subs for the first Jvlogger to befriend her and make a video with her binging gross junk food.

No. 165734

She's playing a yandere character and that makes sense since she says she loves japanese horror and yandere are rather common tbh. Venus has a weird sense of humor and can finally be herself without mother dearest screeching at her about 'but views tho'. Venus isnt perfect but if you cant catch obvious jokes/non-serious posts (or seemingly read the entire posts) you really could EASILY ignore her.

No. 165740

Who is talking about her jokes? Anons if you are going to praise her ass don't come with non sense shit no one talked about. She's no longer with Margo so you can't blame her lulzy mother for every stupid or weird shit she does from now on. We are talking about Jvloggers intentions to meet her and probably collaborate with her, which I'm not sure it's going to happen since Venus probably will never accept an invitation, i don't blame her tho.

No. 165741

What you said about "no one is perfect" can be applied for every single person in Snow then, so why don't you just ignore what you don't like instead of getting butthurt and defend her in a Jvloggers's thread? No one is stoping you to bitch about what you want, follow your own advice.

No. 165761

venus's apparently hidden dark humor is making me question how much margaret was being truthful about when she talked about venus being abusive back. it was sort of unimaginable considering she's always shown herself as a kawaii cupcake sweet angel. but seeing that she had a "dark" side she's been hiding this whole time kind of makes you wonder how much of her is a fad. it's like taylor swift being exposed for being a snake you just lose trust in them. venus is giving off weird vibes and it's definitely something she's had for a long time. you can't grow up attached to a terrible abusive person and not get some of it yourself. that's how all abusive people are spawned anyway, from their parents.

No. 165769

the thing about her boyfriend confessing his love was a yandere joke.

No. 165781

Or you could drop the armchair psychology

No. 165785

Yeah.. You can tell she has that weird vibe since old videos and from what girls who actually met her in real life said. after 6 months of living with her man she still makes the same weeb vids and her style is worse than ever, those are her choices now no one is controlling her so no excuses. Not sure if Sharla dress better than her now, probably not haha Sharla is unbeatable.

No. 165811

Taylor's "vegan" but bought a leather couch? More proof this lolcow is a tired whore

No. 165815

No, she clearly states that she is not vegan. She just eats plant based most of the time. Also, she bought the couch a while ago and is looking for a new one without leather.

No. 165817

That makes me happy because i hate vegans

No. 165820

Shes not ethically vegan….
Just eats plant based but hasnt talked about "omg i watch all those documentaries about the meat industry and im horrified !!"

No. 165823

Get the sand out. Taylor eats more greens than you so what. Shes just does the diet.

No. 165868

Taylor eating mostly vegan is more to do with health reasons for her than anything. She's never once claimed to be 'ethically vegan' so please reach harder. Also just because it's a 'leather couch' doesnt mean it's real leather? geez

No. 165875

get out WK
yeah when someone says "leather couch, custom-made in Italy" I assume it is real leather.

Taylor sure makes it sound like she is ~vegan at heart~ when not at her job. Who else would be buying "vegan butter"? (is that not just margarine??) She also used the word vegan to describe her diet when talking to Sharla. "I went vegan / started to eat vegan."

Note that she never mentioned what was in the hotpot her boyfriend made, though it looked meaty to me. I think she just doesn't tell/show her followers when she chooses to eat meat.

No. 165877

yeah she is a pseudoscience "vegan" not ethical

No. 165889

who gives a fuck? she's stated that she eats a mainly plant based diet because she likes the nutrients & the goodness in her body. you're allowed to eat vegan without being ethically vegan. stop being salty about such unimportant things

No. 165905

who gives a fuck? vegans are all delusional retards anyway

No. 165917

>Taylor bought a couch
>more proof she's a tired whore


No. 165932

>shitting on someone for buying a couch

You are reaching so hard please stop, you're embarrassing everyone

No. 165960

This. Most do it to hide they have an ED and wish they were skelly anas. It has shit all to do with health.

No. 165988

Idk if I'm late to the party with this but it sounds like Sharla is moving back to Canada? I wonder if she'll give up vlogging as her only selling point is she lives in Japan.

No. 165996


I think she said she wanted to move back for only 2 years. But at the moment she is planning to travel to Canada, Korea and somewhere else? idk, almost sounds like it's time to renew her visa.

No. 165997

Has Taylor ever mentioned how much she weighs? Any guesses? I've been raw vegan for six months now and I run four times a week but I've stayed at 114 for a month. Not that I'd particularly like to be skinnier, I just think her weight says a lot about her eating habits.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 166008

She said she would rather raise her kids in canada so maybe its her biological clock really ticking

No. 166009

Shes about 5'7 or 5'8 so id say shes around 110

No. 166010

idk about weight specifically but she said she used to be skinnier while she was modelling and especially starting out, and that she had eating disorder-type habits because she was insecure and had body image issues. so she's actually gained weight on a vegan diet which isn't uncommon since a vegan diet doesn't necessarily equal weight loss. she also said she doesn't count calories. so her weight basically reflects her old eating habits.

No. 166011

Nice diary, good for you. Now gtfo.

No. 166020

lol chill

No. 166033

not the same anon but weight sperging and personal blogging are not allowed here. anons are within their rights to report it.

No. 166062


She is moving permanently not for 2 years and she said on twitter she may not be able to have kids because her busy life… I guess she already knows she will be very busy in Canada?, I don't know Sharla is so random with the things she says.

No. 166083

Maybe her "busy life" in Canada will be having an actual job instead of whoring out Japan for internet views.

No. 166092

the weeaboo moves back home. character development.

No. 166095


You can still work and have kids, she is going to be living in the same city where her mother and grandmother lives, she will have plenty of help if she chose to go that way in her live, but maybe that's not what she wants for her future. I think is a personal choice anyway, there is no wrong or right answer.

No. 166157

Wow i wonder how expensive it is to take a taxi to ikea

No. 166162

The milk in this thread has expired

No. 166163

Everyone ITT genuinely just sounds salty about these girls living in Japan. Their vlogs are boring? So don't watch them. They're ugly? Don't look at their photos. I don't see how they're cows if they aren't doing anything bad or lolworthy.

If you stopped worrying about strangers on the internet maybe you could also get a life and move to your glorious nippon. Go hate on actual cows instead. The milk here is none existent, dried up so long ago if there was even any to begin with.

No. 166172

Do you even know where you are right now? Nearly all threads are like this atm.

No. 166175

File: 1471357902831.png (3.94 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0729.PNG)

No. 166176

Rachel looks like Bella Thorne in this

No. 166179

Rachel looks so much better with that nose job, I just wish it wasn't so small for her face.

No. 166188

Some of us do live in Japan but ok.

No. 166196

yeah, i agree. Honestly I browse these threads, especially on /snow more because i don't have the stamina to keep up with everyone, and lolcow conveniently package most updates of what is mostly… a modern internet reality show? I mean, I grew up on chans and i get it. people like to bitch, but this isn't 4chan. idk if i'm making much sense, but it would be nice to be able to critique and discuss without the whole
>>taylor bought a couch and therefor is a whore

aspect of it.
and no, PULL isn't my cup of tea, and i don't agree with the whole "don't have anything nice to say, say nothing" thing either. man idk, i just sometimes get a bit tired of the extreme saltiness we see here from time to time.
Take the ashley thread in /pt, morbid curiosity, yes, ash is a bitch, yes! but the anons who froth at the mouth posting about how much they hope she dies and favorably in a horrible fashion. it's a bit sad. i'm rambling. maybe i'm getting old.

No. 166218

I know where I am, I don't read all the threads but out of the ones I DO read, this one is the pettiest saltiest. I'm all for bitching about cows who are actually being cows, but these girls are literally doing NOTHING. They're boring, uninteresting, not hurting anyone or scamming or lying. That's why I don't get it or agree with it.

Well congratulations. Love how you had to throw that in there weeb-chan

No. 166237

Well an anon said we are salty about not living in Japan when some of us do …

No. 166247

Kimdao is the definition of butter face

No. 166248

The milk is so dry on Taylor I really don't know why people are obsessing so much over her. The only thing people have are she /might/ have cheek fillers(who cares, really) and who her boyfriend is, again not much to be honest.
She just has boring vlogs, that it.

No. 166250

The current milk for jvloggers from what I've read in the past threads:

-foreigners accusing Japanese people of racism in Japan
-native Japanese people pointed out the recording of Japanese people 'talking shit about them' was not about them at all
-calls into question:
-these jvloggers Japanese level
-their reasons for being in Japan

No. 166251

Zzzzzzzzzz go on Facebook and dig into any other white person living in Japan tbh this is all so generic lmao

No. 166257

Aside from that crazy obsessed Taylor person a while back, I doubt anyone here cares beyond "I'm kinda bored, time to browse lolcow for a while".

People just casually point out stuff now. Tay is boring, but she's involved with other flakes and cows, so that makes her "interesting" enough to talk about as a timewaster.

No. 166260

Is that really them? Dang

No. 166276

>not scamming or lying

The entire reason jvloggers started being discussed on lolcow and PULL was the mira/sharla/rachel sockpuppet drama, which granted was two years but in the last few months there's been more milk revealing 4-5 of these girls to be liars with proof caps.

Idk Sharla is the most popular and brings most of the group together and we've recently learned that she is 100% without a doubt a snake who uses and shit talks all her friends. That reveals just as much about the rest of the girls. They have been outed as being petty back-stabbers as a hive-mind and it's hard to respect any of them because of that.

No. 166278

please dont type like you're on a shitty forum like PULL

I was simply replying to you with possible reasons why there is discussion about these people, whether or not I agree on it was not expressed. You seem personally invested in this though.

My advice to you:
Chill the fuck out

If you're attempting for this thread to die you might as well give up, people will talk shit regardless of what you do. Save yourself your time and words and hide the thread.

No. 166291

I keep seeing anons talking about this, but i can't find the "100% proof" you mention. Could you please elaborate?

No. 166356

File: 1471405096521.png (1.63 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0735.PNG)

Saw this on miceala's twitter, ouch

No. 166421

File: 1471435500271.jpg (78.31 KB, 612x612, 2012.jpg)

No. 166422

File: 1471435749782.jpg (75.98 KB, 612x612, gyaru makeup.jpg)

No. 166434

No lips is better than translips

No. 166453

This is honestly her best look

She looks so great with brown hair but tbh most girls dont admit that because they wanna be blonde abd speshul

No. 166460

Wishful thinking that there's actually an exposé of these jvloggers sleeping with each other for views. I wouldn't be surprised if Sharla has flicked the most beans. ^_^ Vegan beans, right, Taylor?(^_^ )

No. 166495

She looks so much better here! At most she could use a nose job to balance her features. Her lips look fine.

No. 166525

It's true though, her voice is not pleasant. The other girl is nice though, kinda wish she'd be the only one singing.

No. 166528

yea and it was even auto-tuned…

No. 166530

legitimate question
why is it that white girls often have very thin upper lips?
(white girl here. asking for a friend.)

No. 166532

uh, that's a pretty broad assumption, there's plenty of 'white people' with natural big upper lips. Like everyone else it depends on their ethnicity/genetics. I notice British girls tend to have tiny lips.

she looks a million times better here.

No. 166542

She's not white. She's mixed with native which is why she looks so fucking bad as a blonde.

No. 166543

Nice job of bleating out maggotpalermo's "Venoos is LYING TO HER FANS/hiding her TRUE ABUSIVE self/blahblahbaaaaa!!" script there, anon. Word for word.
~~slow clap~~
Take a bow.

No. 166557

If you want to talk about venus make a thread

No. 166558

Jesus dude not everyone has the same opinion about her, and this is JVlogger's thread not that weeb's fanbase, the only reason anons talked about her here is because Taylor commented something about the drama but we all know her bestie (Sharla) and all her friends make fun of her and call her "the queen of weebs", and even if they wanted to make a video with her for the views and subscribers Venus will never accept an invitation from them to make videos because she's as greedy as all of them.

No. 166561

You make a fan page, we don't care. Fuck off this is Jvloggers's thread.

She looks better with dark hair and bot so thick eyebrows, please Taylor ddon't even try to make her lips.

No. 166562

Nice picture, I thought Rachel was very tall! Kim is pretty short so I was surprised Rachel doesn't look that tall standing next to Kim.

No. 166574

>You make a fan page, we don't care. Fuck off this is Jvloggers's thread.

bitch did you even read

No. 166576

That's what bothers me about Taylor most, she's just using the term "vegan" for the views because it's hot to be vegan / gluten free right now.

She's fake as hell.

No. 166598

Kim is standing on her toes..

No. 166599

Shes asian, fucknugget

No. 166600

lol what, no she isn't. She says she's Native American in her website FAQ.

No. 166613

She says in one of her videos that she is not vegan, but eats vegan sometimes. She mentions this a lot. Why are you so offended by her using the word 'vegan' when she's eating vegan…? How is that fake?

No. 166614

Found the butthurt vegan.

No. 166616

Pretty sure she said she is Gluten Intolerant multiple times, and as the other anon said she just eats vegan sometimes and when she can. She changed her diet to try and help her skin get better also.

No. 166630

Lmao wtf shes from canada and has a super french name

Also who wears a full face of makeup to go rock climbing lmao

No. 166637

There's a subset of Native Americans in Canada descended from Natives and French Canadians, they're called Metis, so even with the French name it's possible she is, in fact, Native and not bullshitting.

No. 166639

Is being Native supposed to be ~exotic and cool~? Why would anyone lie about it? Seems true to me

No. 166649

Her old lips and eyebrows looks like she could have been part Native. It's a shame because she looks awful chasing asian aesthetics, it never suits faces with so much definition.

No. 166652

>Also who wears a full face of makeup to go rock climbing lmao

It's almost as dumb as Olympic runners wearing false eyelashes, full makeup, face glitter, weaves etc.

No. 166676

>At most she could use a nose job
I love how getting a nose job is treated like it's as trivial as getting your ears pierced on this board.

No. 166681

I said "at most", as in I don't think she needed a ton of work done. Sorry about your beak tho.

No. 166691


well to be fair they probably do it because they know they're going to be on television.

No. 166695

literally lmao. it's a worldwide television event. obviously none of these girls are wearing makeup when training back home.

No. 166700

Yeah she said in the past b4 vegan that she was gluten intolerant. And i think she mentioned in a video being plant based, wanting to go full vegan but her job as a model prevents her from doing so (no control over makeup n clothes she have to wear and sometimes have to eat stuff with animal in it if she is meeting agents or something)

No. 166717

Yeah, then she ate macarons and other gluten-containing food in France. I think it's another way of restricting her diet tbh. I'm sure all the noodles and stuff she ate in HK were not gluten-free either.

The reasons behind her not going full vegan are bullshit. Why doesn't she just say "I don't want to be a lifestyle vegan" or "I want to eat fish sometimes"? She buys non-vegan stuff herself all the time - her agency isn't forcing her to buy YSL or leather dresses. She had posted recipes for chicken soup and pictures where she is happily eating fish on her own time (not on a job). Why suddenly claim that she would totes be vegan if it weren't for her job when these things are her choices? That's the part that is fake and retarded. No one cares whether she is vegan or not. She just wants the trend cred of being "vegan". I'm sure it helps in keeping herself underweight too. All that "I don't have an ED!!" talk sounded really defensive btw.

No. 166718

that's something a lot of girls do to look better in pictures, Kylie Jenner also does it, it's only one leg

No. 166719

Macarons dont have gluten
Theyre made of almonds

No. 166720

File: 1471563780575.jpeg (53.98 KB, 900x586, image.jpeg)

No. 166721

that's sh00ped as hell, Koreans don't publish photos without editing them and that's her photoshoot for the plastic surgery clinic

No. 166729

Native ameicans are asiatic

No. 166732

"Weaves" is incorrect. It's just weave. i.e. I think she's wearing weave. It's not like a wig, it's hair that you weave in, kinda like extentions.

just fyi..

No. 166734

She actually does look transgender to me

No. 166735

Yeah, she looks like a Thai ladyboy here tbh.

No. 166740

No. 166741

No. 166742

Have none of you ever seen a native before? She clearly has significant native percentage.

No. 166743

File: 1471568428584.jpeg (69.2 KB, 750x534, image.jpeg)

No. 166744

Uh no that anon was correct….
If multiple people are each wearing a weave, then they are wearing weaves

Heres some candid kimdao

No. 166745

It's not "a weave," retard. Weave is already plural, like the word deer. Saying "those girls wear weaves" is like saying "They have deers in the woods."

No. 166747

No yea its "a weave"

No. 166749

What the fuck? Weave isn't the same as a wig, it's, like, separate strands of hair that you weave in. Fuck.

If you're trying to piss me off, it's working and I don't care. It triggers so much when people say it wrong.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 166777

U ppl need some dick in ya life haha

No. 166998

File: 1471664773114.jpg (56.77 KB, 960x638, micatatsu.jpg)

This is Micaela's bf, isn't it?

No. 167079

Aw hes showing how tiny is dick is

No. 167082

They make a cute couple

No. 167098

yes and whats the point?

No. 167113


I hope she is having a good time because her last video and some tweets were a little sad, she looked a litle lost with what to do with her life.

No. 167115



No. 167150

Micaela, leave Japan and go exploring the world. Find your identity, I believe you can be your old self again.

No. 167196

File: 1471734629879.png (1.13 MB, 1334x750, image.png)

Taylor's makeover of sharla makes her look like a 40 year old hooker with a ton of makeup on.

No. 167204

you're overreacting, relax

No. 167212

She looks like she could be Tay's mum

No. 167222

That looks frightening.

No. 167233

That's what a ton of makeup looks like to you? Aside from her lips looking a bit stupid being overdrawn like that, the rest of it is fine. That foundation makes her skin look really nice.

No. 167235

Your right if anything she looks like an overweight 40 year old drag queen

No. 167238

She needs mascara

No. 167239

Yeah, that's not a great picture, but her makeup isn't the worst. I'm not a big fan of shiny makeup myself but it's not like she looks disgustingly greasy or cakey.

No. 167240

File: 1471747638629.jpeg (92.68 KB, 1060x801, image.jpeg)

No. 167242

Well now we can see how taylor does her eyebags
Seriously why does she still do that shit

No. 167248


She looks like a million times better without makeup at the beginning of the video.

No. 167250

she's so burned out

No. 167252

she's grooming sharla to become a taylor clone

No. 167255

2 Kooters is enough, we really don't need anymore.

No. 167257

Hmmm, yeah now that I can see the aegyo sal, that's a little much. But the rest of the eye/face makeup isn't too overdone. If she'd just done normal lips and no aegyo sal she'd look pretty good.

No. 167258

Lol that aegyo sal has her looking like an old ass lady

No. 167279

tbh she's just too old for this style and her nose is too honky plus that camera so close to her face lol. reminds me of when middle aged women did the anastasiya shpagina living doll makeup. is she even wearing circle lenses? aegyo sal is supposed to be for people with deep set monolid eyes, not people who already have eyebags.

No. 167308

honestly think she only eats vegan for YouTube and any other time she eats meat. Being vegan in Japan isn't easy even with how rich she is. It's fine not to be a lifestyle vegan, but using it for views is bs. She obviously doesn't give a shit about animals, she bought a teacup poodle which is cruel as fuck and buys leather.

She's not genuine and her saying that you need to work hard to accomplish your dreams is funny since she's just a rich girl living off someone else's money. she copied Kota for how long, this is just another phase she's using since the Kota style got her nowhere. Japan threw her out like yesterday's trash.

No. 167315

Sharla is confusing, early this month she said: "…pretty sure I'm never going to be able to have kids", now she said "when I have children…".

Are you going to have them or are you pretty sure you won't?.

No. 167319

Do you even makeup anon

Every woman with a bit of makeup must be a slut to you

No. 167326

Isn't Sharla almost like… 40. I wonder if she'll still be doing those cringey weeaboo videos into her late 30's/early 40's lol. how awful

No. 167328

She said she wouldnt be able to have them but was implying wouldnt be able to properly care for them because of how busy she is. But she is only busy because of youtube as a career which, if she goes back to canada, will no longer be an issue

No. 167329

Joneslty its not that hard to be a vegan in japan
You sound like one of those people that heard japn is ridiculously expensive so you pepetuate the rumors

No. 167335

Lived in Japan so nope. It's not easy when you have a social life, if you sit at home all day and cook like she does and go to expensive vegan restaurants in taxis then yeah it's pretty easy.

No. 167336

Kota?? Oh Right! The irrelevant balding fatty with clump feet!

No. 167342


Still makes no sense when you said "never". She is out of Japan in 1/2 years so makes zero sense to have a kid in Japan with that in mind, so what is the point of saying that if she was talking only about Japan?.

No. 167344

File: 1471782245436.jpg (33.69 KB, 505x343, nick-young-confused-face_jfeqa…)

No. 167347

inb4 Sharla got aegyo sal fillers, just like what they claimed Tayler had lol

No. 167352

File: 1471785446680.jpg (188.34 KB, 893x753, sharla1.jpg)

No. 167353

File: 1471785496945.jpg (148.08 KB, 863x765, sharla2.jpg)


This look is haunting on her. Makes me look older.

sage for double post

No. 167354

she like a fun house version of her. but yea the makeup does make her look a lot alike

No. 167356

File: 1471786772253.jpg (126.89 KB, 747x472, 2dc98wh.jpg)

did anyone notice that sharla talks about micaela and taylor looking similiar at about 14:45 and says: "yeah your face shape is originally very similar" and her facial expression after she says that is just priceless. like she just outed either micaela or taylor as having had some kind of surgery to change the face shape…
sharla is the biggest troll ever

No. 167358


Ah, another teenager who thinks there's a magic cut off age where you have to stop liking stuff.

Please enlighten us with a list of what stuff and ages that you are allowed to like stuff.

(HINT: weeaboo crap is cringey regardless of age)

No. 167359

Taylor looks EXACTLY like Micaela here. She has such a meaty big face and I'm surprised that people don't mention that like they do in Dakota's thread.

No. 167362

come on anon. Weeaboo shit is cringe no matter what but the older you get the more cringe you get. 12 year old weebs are harmless, when its gets past late 20s and they're trying to be kawaii desu chan it gets a bit worrying.
I smell some hidden weeb in you.

No. 167363

It always tickles me when a face gets described as "meaty" on this board. To be fair though, Taylor's jaw isn't as big as Kota's. And besides, Kota only gets shtick for her meaty face because she photoshops her jaw tiny. It's the before-after pics that accentuate how big her face actually is. If she didn't shoop so extremely I bet nobody would even say anything.

No. 167373

meaty?big? in comparison to all other jvloggers shes been with, she has the smallest face. lmao. are you on crack?

No. 167374

I noticed too!
That's pretty snake like, but we already knew that about potato face.
She seems super insecure to me-I wouldn't call out a friend like that on social media/in a group of people.
Taylor deserves way better

No. 167375

Sharla was also pulling some major bitch faces in this video. I don't think Sharla has a resting Bitch Face but it seemed it was throwing some low key shade every minute.

No. 167378

Out of the jvlogger crew, Taylor is the only one who seems genuinely nice. Sharla is just jelly.

No. 167382

we say sharla gives off bad vibes, taylor continues to hang out with her, and sharla continues to prove how she's a musty snake lmao. for a while i thought we were wrong about the jvlogger crew being trash because taylor hung out with them so much and i figured they couldn't be that bad. but sharla acting like such a bitch in this new video more or less proves what we were saying about taylor being too much of a pussy to stop being friends with them.

the face says it all. she's so pissed off at sharla's backhanded comment(which apparently was much too difficult to keep to herself during filming) and even more pissed off knowing she's still gonna be hanging out with her after this lol.

No. 167383

Am I the only one who thinks everyone is reading too much into this? I thought she meant "originally" as in "before you start applying the makeover products." I wouldn't doubt that Sharla talks behind her friends' backs, but directly to their face, on video? I don't think any of them would try to get away with something so blatant…

No. 167384

face shape doesn't change with makeup, especially since these girls aren't contouring their jawlines or anything. that's why everyone considers sharla's comment ugly.

>I don't think any of them would try to get away with something so blatant…

if you're friends with a kumbaya doormat yeah she just did. watch taylor make another video with sharla after this. honestly no one in the comments section is even focusing on that it's just us who even realize how shitty sharla is.

No. 167385

Right, but I think she meant that they already have the same face shape, so with makeup it would be even more similar. Just poor wording. Everyone on here is so obsessed with Taylor's face, but I doubt her and the other jvloggers obsess over it to the extent we see here.

No. 167392

I think it was just a purposefully rude comment that she probably thought was funny. She seems like the type "friend" to say you look ugly and then call you sensitive for getting offended. Just like she gleefully used all of Taylor's shit at their sleepover and only bought her acne cream as a gift she doesn't care. Sharla just seems like a grating and fucking annoying person. And 100% they all lurk. I think people have been obsessed enough about Taylor's cheeks for that to become her biggest insecurity and Sharla could just be """"playfully"""" teasing her about it. Taylor's face gives off the impression that she's uncomfy.

No. 167395

I think Sharla has some hate towards Taylor just because Taylor's life seems to always fall into place so well. All of the Jvloggers must have some hate for her because she is basically living the weeb dream, getting a Modeling Contract in Japan and doing photoshoots. I bet they all thought they would get scouted or something when they moved there but Taylor was the only one to manage it as a full time job.
I've seen vlogs from each of the Jvloggers and Taylor really does turn a lot more heads there than the rest of them, it could just be the whole foreigner thing and the fact shes filming herself but you can tell shes a model just by the look of her.

No. 167396

I'm sure, but I don't see any of them risking their livelihood/pissing off their (or Taylor's) fanbase to get away with one petty, passive aggressive comment.

No. 167399

it's not like there was an outcry from her fans in the comments section. even if there was i'm sure people would be thinking the same as you. but imo i doubt sharla was thinking when she said it it looks like it just came out and she just finds it funny whereas taylor looks pissed. they're usually all fake as fuck i'm sure the petty comment isn't the first she's expressed regarding taylor but she fucked up and said it out loud in front of taylor and while a camera was recording. not like it's gonna change anything. taylor's too paranoid about drama and enemies to drop her lol. being such an ~open book~ sharla probs knows secrets about her i wouldn't be surprised if that's why tay keeps such an annoying person like sharla around. but i'm 100% sure they all know deep down they hate each other and are complete hypocrites. what a mess.

No. 167400

Why would Taylor include it in the video if she was pissed about it? If she changed her face, wouldn't she be desperate to hide all evidence about it? Including a snide comment from Sharla?

No. 167402

if she cut it out she'd be exposing herself for thinking sharla insulted her which sharla would probably deny and it would cause drama. it's probably an "i know you know" situation so they're both probably awkwardly pretending it didn't happen.

No. 167403

YES. I guess that could mean 'before makeup' but honestly I doubt it.
Mostly because sharla was being such a whiny bitch through out both the make over video and touch random things video. Jesus christ she is fucking insufferable to watch.

No. 167410


also, look at both their expressions, sharla looking kinda nervous and tay trying to move on with the topic. I think sharla just blurted it out because sh would say that stuff off-camera and taylor didn't cut it because it would be kinda awkward to cut this one sentence out, so she just rolled with it and pretended it didn't really mean much. just like others who watch the video would think. but taking sharla's comments towards other vloggers etc into account I could definitely imagine here being a bit mean sometimes

No. 167419

but why would sharla know for sure what work taylor has had done?
taylors chipmunk cheeks appeared some time between leaving hong kong and coming to japan, but she didnt even know sharla at that time. they only really started hanging out last autumn.

i dont see why taylor would be obliged the tell sharla. unless sharla is just being shady and assuming it (as we all are)

No. 167426

>sharla is just being shady and assuming it

this and not to mention if you watch taylor's blogs she is a very open person-so i can only speculate how open she is in front of her "friends"

She basically acknowledge the entire kotacopy things and her strange kawaiiiiii-persona she had. She mentions how she feels more comfy/less anxious in regard to making friends and being herself.

No. 167429

You just said it's not easy even with how rich she is, now you're saying it is easy if you have free time to cook and you're rich.

You just sound bitter.

No. 167430

File: 1471806986834.jpeg (127.1 KB, 750x915, image.jpeg)

It could have been the "brown" eyes comment too because Taylor make a big deal about them being "hazel". Sharla definitely is trying to bother her with the comment too. She even enunciates brown weird and looks down.

No. 167432

Yep, clearly Taylor really is insecure and just wants to be liked. I can't believe she left that "original face shape" part in the video, that was a low blow.

No. 167441

I am glad Venus met Taylor.
I actually hope they turn into friends.

No. 167443

Why does she hate brown eyes so much?

No. 167445

its not special enough


No. 167447

File: 1471811090758.jpg (81.76 KB, 858x354, fgdgerdy.JPG)

its so embarassing how people talk in instagram comments
like, do they realize its not anon and the people in the pictures can see what they are writing?

No. 167454

File: 1471814433680.jpg (76.89 KB, 600x599, taylorwedding.JPG)

Taylor always had puffy cheeks though. If you look at her pictures as a kid she has puffy cheeks, and even in those pictures from her sister's wedding she has puffy cheeks. That part never changed. There are no "cheek fillers" that people keep claiming. It wouldn't make sense for her to always be shoping her face slimmer, and then get "cheek fillers" and continue to shop her face slimmer.

She just got her jaw shaved. That's why her face isn't as square and her chin is less prominent now, and that's why a couple years ago her face got so much bigger for a while. The swelling is pretty bad from that type of surgery and takes a long time to go down. Now she's just back at her normal level of puffy(which might look a bit puffier than her original face just because the harsher angles of her jaw and chin are gone now).

No. 167455

File: 1471814547733.jpg (93.97 KB, 504x504, SNSDJessicaPlasticSurgery.jpg)

Also here's a good example of the extreme swelling getting your jaw shaved can cause.

No. 167457

how is that even the same person dear god…

No. 167460

Yep. I have no idea why people always talk about her apparent cheek fillers when the most obvious shit is that her huge jaw is gone.

No. 167461


Oh god its finally happened. The horror.

Now to wait for these two to get together for another jvlogger meet video. Venus, you're in for it now. Prepare to get milked the fuck out. Sharlz and Rach might just decide to snag her up too for a few thousand more subs each.

Rachel will be getting Venus together for a "Our Asian husband" video. The ultimate weeb asian man fetish.

Cant wait for this shit

No. 167465


Why? The jvlogger circle is cringey enough without adding Venus in. Venus just grates my tits, she's so ass licked its crazy.

No. 167466


Pfft, they're all bitches. All of them. All of it is for ugu attention and $$$

No. 167467

File: 1471818231751.png (425.17 KB, 739x357, 1460665095517.png)

She didn't get her jaw shaved at all, pic related, it's a screenshot from one of her modeling videos a few months ago

No. 167468

File: 1471818288420.jpg (489.96 KB, 2980x1450, 1465870971904.jpg)

Also she did get fillers.

No. 167470

except she clearly doesnt look like that anymore lmao. literally only for one day. your cheek fillers don't "settle" until they're no longer noticeable. the cheek filler theory spawned from 3 pulltards who also happened to be bitter kota stans. they kept the taylor thread alive for years just to comment on her cheeks since they had literally nothing else to talk about. and they always compared photoshopped magazine photos too like these agencies can't tell their model has the cheeks of a chipmunk and they needed to remove them. in her living doll days taylor never smiled and she always covered half her face with hair. she also barely moved her mouth and when she smiled she would gape her mouth to make her face look slimmer. literally what is the logic in her getting cheek fillers when her fat face was already the object of her insecurity?? common sense.

also taylor gained weight. she said she was much thinner during her hk modeling days which would account for a generally fuller face now. she also had bags under her eyes i remember some backstage photo. poor diet and stress gave her a slimmer face back then.

No. 167472


i agree anon there isn't anything that suggests she's had fillers. Considering how thin she is I bet she bloats up from eating the wrong stuff.

No. 167474

You are all fucking forgetting that Taylor edited this video, why the fuck would she include that scene if she thought Sharla was dissing her

No. 167476

When when you Taylor fucks stop

We know about the fillers and we don't care, has she done something shitty?? Stole someone's bf? Scammed her fans? No?? Dry milk?? Okay

No. 167480

Full time job??? She has one job every couple of months. Kek she's bought her way into everything. At least some of the other jvloggers have actually worked hard to get to where they are.

No. 167481

Agreed. You shitheads need to stay on pull.

No. 167488

File: 1471828005356.jpg (65.98 KB, 604x533, cghfhfh.JPG)

Oh because her jaw/chin is totally the same size there as it used to be several years ago right? Anon, you're delusional. Getting a jaw shave doesn't mean she's not going to have a visible jaw anymore, it just makes it smaller, jesus.

If she got fillers because she wanted her cheeks to be bigger, then why has she been shoping her face slimmer before, during, and after getting them? It makes absolutely no sense. THINK, anon, THINK.

No. 167492

File: 1471831270873.jpeg (138.7 KB, 683x1024, image.jpeg)

Just been watching a couple of videos and sharla is such a fucking pathetic woman-child. All she buys is stupid cartoon flushies and shit that she thinks will impress Taylor.!
God!!! she wants to be her so bad. Too badly she's a lumpy faced toad. I literally don't know how any self respecting Japanese man would want such a sad sack. I bet he's a foreigner from a developing country itching to live in North America.

Also pic related. Wtf is wrong with her body?

No. 167493

Hearing Sharla talk in general grates my nerves. Theres just something about her weird nasally tone of voice and how obnoxious her laugh is


No. 167494

She Is hardly recognizable

No. 167495

It's like she noticed that well liked people have a good sense of humor and the people that other people want to be around smile a lot so she just mimic that behavior to fill in the holes of her nonexistent personality .

No. 167496

idk i think she looks the same, its just a different style of makeup she wears now as opposed to the wedding photos

No. 167497

File: 1471831644147.jpeg (41.72 KB, 480x360, image.jpeg)

I literally think Sharlas more annoying than Quasimodo right now.

At least this thing has a debilitating mental handicap and is capable to producing worthwhile milk and not just infuriating me .

No. 167498

Yeah maybe but it's everything too- from the hair, the expression,ect. She's a beautiful girl nonetheless.

Makes you think how her discovery of who she is now or well who she was 1+ years ago happened.

No. 167512

you're overreacting

No. 167513

The bottom of chin looks like a cleft, like the sister. Was that fixed?

No. 167517

Margo and Venus cosplay

No. 167521

File: 1471840145516.jpeg (24.48 KB, 355x367, image.jpeg)

It looks bad even without the horrific eye makeup. The foundation really settles in the nasolabial folds.

No. 167522

File: 1471840213810.jpeg (30.81 KB, 384x435, image.jpeg)

Also kept getting distracted by sharla's old lady neck skin.

No. 167527


Which one of the bondes is Taylor?

No. 167529

harsh outdoor lighting can accentuate plenty of things

No. 167530

Aww, Fetus TayTay

No. 167543

the one on the right, anon.

No. 167544


She looks so much better here, why would you do that to yourself?, not that she looks bad now but still.

No. 167563

I'm starting to think I'm the only one who likes this look on Sharla? She looks like a grotesque potato bitch most of the time so seeing her in some nice makeup and cute clothes with her hair looking decent is…. odd. I think she looks really cute and she should probably put more of an effort into her appearance. I hate her awful style

No. 167564

I liked that cute style on sharla as well! It suits her surprisingly well and makes her look much friendlier.

No. 167567

She has a pretty short but round face so i feel like the cute style would suit her better

No. 167572

I think she looks decently cute too. The look could work well for her if it was a little more toned down. Also the eyebrows need to be filled in more, that bothers me a lot for some reason.

No. 167578

I couldn't stop looking at this either how old is sharla? her skin suggests she's around fucking 50

No. 167579


She is 30, her skin (neck/chin) is probably a genetic thing or just the cause of being chubby most of her adult life.

No. 167581

how is this pic related who the fuck is this

No. 167582

I don't know what you guys have with her skin. It looks normal to me and not like 50 years something.

No. 167584

File: 1471870886198.webm (1.85 MB, 640x360, hajimemashite.webm)

No. 167586

she's looking up at a camera practically propped up on the ceiling, is barely moving her face and has also contoured her cheekbones/jawline so. that's like comparing magibon in her videos to magibon in her first interview. yes, there's a change.

No. 167608

I always kept looking at her turtle like neck too. It looks so odd. But i think it's genetics and how her jaw is shaped. Sharla never has been really fat to have flapping skin from losing weight.

No. 167609


that just means without make up they have similar faces… since make up can alter your face and they were talking about giving makeovers with make up… damn you guys reaching

No. 167612

I doubt Sharla, Kim, Taylor and the rest are even genuinely friends, they all probably just use each other for views and subscribers and they'll just use Venus too. If anything Venus shouldn't become too close to them.

No. 167620


No, that's just your upper lip.

I just always found the argument "Your too old to be allowed to like something" out right childish. When you get out of your teens, you will realize that you still like the same stuff that you always have. That's just human nature.

No. 167621

>that one 30 year old weeb that gets triggered in every thread whenever anyone makes fun of a cow for being a womanchild.

At least change up what you say sometimes.

No. 167628

she was talking about her face shape and that doesn't change with makeup especially since taylor doesn't contour.

No. 167642

Honey, a 30 year old liking Naruto is perfectly fine. we're talking about weebs. So you think a 30 year old running around in public like Naruto is fine? because thats what the 12 year old do.

No. 167648


Not something that I would do, but if it makes them happy, why not?

How would it personally affect you? (Since someone brought up triggering)

And, like I said, when you get out of your teens, you will find out you still like all of the stuff you liked then. So report back in 6 or 7 years, sweetie.

No. 167657

does someone know taylors height? sorry for being an off topic bitch

No. 167659

No. 167660



No. 167671

Isn't she 5'7 on that agency video where they show the measuring?

No. 167696

i've stopped watching kims vlogs bc she literally only vlogs about pokemon go now which i dont find interesting at all.. how can someone invest their time on such a stupid app bronwyn is another story she is so boring and talks so slow

No. 167706

tay legit looks retarded here with her eyes wide open like that. that and her chipmunk cheeks.i do hope she does something with Venus, maybe then she'll start being at least a bit interesting again

No. 167714

>i do hope she does something with Venus, maybe then she'll start being at least a bit interesting again
by eating 50,000 chicken nuggets and 5 pounds of pudding and act like she isn't purging it back out? lol

No. 167717

it would be more interesting than, trying VEGAN snacks in JAPAN. going to buy toilet paper IN JAPAN. raises hand and touches the back of her head
like, literally anything would be more interesting than her boring ass life right now. i still can't grasp how she has literally no ideas for her vlogs but w/e

No. 167725

she doesn't capitalize off the japan part lol she just happens to live in japan. her content would be the same in any other part of the world. she's not at all close to sharla levels of nippon obsession.

i mean do you not everyone has to be into her videos i'm not gonna say you're wrong for having your own opinion but her videos are more about pleasantries than groundbreaking content. sleepovers, shopping dates and motivational advice in her pajamas are things that cater to the interests of insecure young girls with no friends looking for validation. what she does is appealing to a specific demographic and you're not in it that's all. doesn't mean her videos are boring. you have to be attached to her as a person to even find the appeal in watching her videos daily since a lot of her fans are looking to learn more about her life.

No. 167736

I agree, a little more toned down version of this would be good on her. Get rid of the pink frills and give her softer curls.

No. 167737

I get the feeling Taylor at least is not interested in really being friends with Venus or using her for views, otherwise she would have shown her on camera. She easily could have, but instead she just mentioned it after the fact and put up a picture real quick.

No. 167745

It would be weird seeing Venus in a video with her, they're both so different in age.

Add Kota to this pic and it would be amazing.

No. 167746

File: 1471918347266.jpg (156.34 KB, 2500x2500, tripod-san.jpg)

I'm getting sick of her doing so many videos with Sharla. Bii is kind of boring but at least seeing a different face in the rock climbing video was refreshing.

Waiting for the inevitable boyfriend video. That at least would be some interesting content.

No. 167764

No. 167768

File: 1471921223193.png (54.19 KB, 887x183, weeb.png)

>calling people weebs
>goes by "kawaii.vampire"
>about me entirely in jp101 level japanese
these people are so cringey

No. 167772

I think Taylor looks better (beautiful but more generic) here but this is what 5 years ago? If she did nothing filler or surgery or whatever she did she wouldn't look as good as she did then.

Sometimes she looks weird but she's 28 and looks younger than most 18 year olds.

No. 167773

No. 167777

wow I didn't even realize she was a model for sasa. If i remember correctly, it's like the sephora/ulta of Hong Kong, right? that's a pretty awesome gig…

No. 167779

Oh Taylor…..
I wonder what she would look like now if she got back to her modelling weight(she said she gained some) and wore more western style makeup again?

No. 167781

I will never understand why some people can complain about how she looked her or say that she looks 'basic'. She looks so fucking gorgeous TAY DO THIS MAKEUP AGAIN, IT MAKES YOUR FACE LOOK SO PROPORTIONATE

She just looks so much like a 'model' here. Every time I see her with other model friends she just looks so plain now.

No. 167784

modelling isn't really a glorious craft unless it's something you've been passionate about since you were a child. taylor got scouted but for someone as insecure as she is it obviously wasn't a good match. but i mean who wouldn't want to travel the world for free? i guess if you don't /really/ have aspirations apart from modelling and fashion then the cons are worth it because you're working towards supermodel status. but putting that much work into something you're really not passionate about just makes you miserable. while it would be neat to see her modelling for western brands i guess i can't complain since she's fine with what she does now. it would be annoying if she kept whining about wanting to go back.

generic doesn't really translate well for youtube stardom though. you need to stick out in some way. if the whole #taytayfied thing proves anything it's that she more or less has a trademark now what with her makeup and style. long blonde hair, straight bangs, aegyo sal, a teacup poodle and dungarees is what people know her for. she's not too kawaii nor too western she's in a perfect middle where she appeals to the kawaii scene but also your average white woman who fawns about how she looks like a doll. she may not look like a high end model but her current look works for her in what she does now.

No. 167786

File: 1471926824414.jpg (95.27 KB, 1280x678, taylor.JPG)

She doesn't have to model for western brands or leave Japan, I'm just curious what she would look like now with her old style. Like how much of her current look is actually just the makeup and hairstyle (and how much of it is something else). One of the other jvloggers should westernify her since she just dollified Sharla. I don't want Sharla to do it though, I get the impression she sucks at makeup and would just put Taylor in that pink zip up hoodie she always wears.

No. 167787

oh ok i get what you mean.

>one of the jvloggers

tbh they're all into asian trends and the ones that aren't do shit makeup lmao. maybe taylor should get her sister or one of her cousins to ~westernize~ her. i wonder what taylor would look like with instagram makeup that would be interesting.

No. 167794

not trying to sound like whitenight but wtf she was actually so gorgeous back then. like she looked so radiant and healthy
now she just looks like a gangnam freak with those eyebags and circle lenses, but other than that I can't exactly pinpoint what's she's had done.. what kind of surgeries has she had again?

No. 167797

File: 1471932394484.jpg (53.29 KB, 487x325, 1394949045353.jpg)

>not trying to sound like a whiteknight
>proceeds to call her gangnam freak

read through the thread to see why she probably never even had surgery. comparing the photos of someone who's been photoshopped, using different makeup and fluctuating in weight hardly leaves room for confirmation of any kind.

No. 167845

Taylors big announcement is a meetup in hong kong
I mean i guess thats cool and im sure she has hk fans but just going by comments on her youtube, seems Like her fanbase is mostly Western so idgi

No. 167851

Also it's for 30 people only.

No. 167862

i guess she's trying to show she appreciates her smaller fanbase that made her famous originally. maybe she saw how much shit people gave kota for ditching her chinese fans once she hit it off in japan.

it's good to start off small though. imagine if she had a big meet and no one came.

No. 167871

Well that goes along with her "we are bffs!! Love you!" shtick

No. 167872

doubt she's faking it. we've seen how much of a shit actress taylor is.

No. 167889

like that bambi luna popup store launch kek

No. 167943

Honestly, I would be Taylor's friend. It seems like she puts so much thought and effort (and even money) into doing nice things for the other jvloggers. Yeah she's doing the beach thing to make videos, but she bought all those games and stuff and made all that food. I can see any of the others totally half-assing it if it were their idea. They better at least seem really grateful.

Also, I didn't think I'd ever wish Sharla would keep her frumpy weeaboo clothes ON, but here we are.

No. 167989

Soooo, does this mean we'll see tripod-san? Or someone will get a picture or something.

No. 168008

File: 1472017666148.jpeg (127.75 KB, 750x987, image.jpeg)

look at her surname
"sakurai" sharla
we 2ch anons doubt she married only for a visa though

No. 168011

File: 1472019638063.jpg (54.87 KB, 960x640, 13645074_10157210512200500_531…)

Can we just all appreciate how cute micaelas dog is

No. 168016

Maybe she was just one of the weeb who give themselves Japanese names and/or surnames on facebook

No. 168025

that may be true but i wonder how she has lived here with what type of visa. she said she has been in japan for 10 years.

No. 168033

Student visa then working most likely. If she's been here for 10 years she probably has or is eligible for permanent resident visa.

No. 168037

File: 1472046224542.jpeg (139.75 KB, 1140x1131, image.jpeg)

The hair bothers me so much it is everywhere like ???

I mean she's so cute i can't understand why she thought this would look okay on camera…

No. 168039

no kidding. her voice over in the beach video (where she is literally just reading shit she wrote herself) is borderline painful to listen to. kids in a middle school play can act more realistically than this.

No. 168040

I love it, reminds me of a faery.
Long hair suits her style.

She's looking a lot nicer again now that she's settled in japan in the beginning it felt like she tried too hard to find a place to fit in.

I find myself looking forward to her vlogs now

No. 168042

This hairstyle would honestly look so good on her old face. She looks like a creepy 4 year old

No. 168045

Yeah her hair looks amazing idk what people are talking about. Especially now that she stopped with the straight bangs.

No. 168048

I agree with all of you, i was just talking about the strans on her ahoulder and her arms. It looks messy and i don't understand why she chose to pose like this

No. 168050

Omg she was a dream why does she look so weird now

No. 168057

Ummm maybe because she's going to the beach???? Do you know what 'beach hair' is and there is literally tons of styling products people use to achieve a beach you, messy wavy hairstyle? It's an actual look.

I mean you're not gonna straighten your hair just to go get it wet and frizzy when you get near the water. Have you been to a beach

No. 168059

so taylor is in charge of all the food and drinks, while sharla and co. just pigged out on it?

who drove them to the beach? kim??

No. 168060

Yea there was a lot of hype for this girls day but taylors video wasnt that good…
Even biibii's video was better

No. 168062

Stop beating a dead horse

No. 168069

Good choice in music, I love Tom Rosenthal

No. 168070


Looks fine to me..

No. 168071

Me too, anon! She used another of his songs in one of her videos (the lookbook one I think, it was a cover actually) and I thought that maybe she liked his music, but this confirms it and I'm quite pleased for some reason.

No. 168073

Why do you think Mimei didn't attend? I think she was selfconscious over not finding a swimsuit that covered her properly or something… (judging from her vlog a couple of days ago).

No. 168076

That didn't even click for me but it makes sense, I was wondering why she desperately needed a swimsuit. I don't know what she expected to find on such short notice though - we all know what japanese swimsuits and underwear are like.

No. 168078

That would be weird tho… Wouldnt you still go to the beach and hangout with friends even if you didnt have a swimsuit?
Do it for the youtube views!!!
Ffs sharla and taylor didnt wear swimsuits (again i really think tay is self conscious)

No. 168082

Mimei looks like she has a lot going on, I think it's more likely she just wanted to stay home with her husband

No. 168086

I think she's gonna make a proper vlog of it too, she said this was just part one so considering that it wasn't bad

No. 168099

I just realized why I am kinda creeped out by Taylor, I feel like her whole image is just too young for her. I use to think she was cute but watching her videos more I just can't get past the fact that shes a 30 fucking year old woman. With kooter I understand the whole kawaii baby aesthetic, but for a 30 year old woman to take it up? its just disturbing

No. 168102

They didnt mean the style/look of tays hair they meant the posing was weird with strands of hair all over her shoulder. Like she could've gathered the strands together into the rest of the hair

No. 168103

you act like she's engaging in ageplay and sucking on pacifiers. relax with the salty reaching. kawaii baby aesthetic? she dresses her age and talks about shopping for furniture in ikea and hormonal acne. nothing about her behavior comes across as a childlike. she even wears dark lipstick which is hardly kawaii or baby-like.

learn to sage

No. 168106

File: 1472066531704.jpg (118.63 KB, 564x1001, 995a5f6ee5f8236e8498b733c3b26d…)

likely trying for a mermaid nymph thing. i could see how the messy hair makes it look ~natural~ and ~carefree~ like she's been frolicking. idk.

No. 168132

Nice fail sage cunt

No. 168137

Well she's not exactly 30, that's Sharla. Right now Taylor's 27 (already proved..) she will 28 this December. Her clothing style it's baggy and shapeless that's why you can perceive it as childish but it's not baby-alien aesthetics, that's something PULLtards say because they compared her to Dakota (when she was into the kawaii style and nanchatte seifuku ) Now both have completely different styles but PULL just can't let it go, PULL is the house of people living in denyal.

No. 168142

Fucking lol

No. 168151


ooookay, cranking it back up to autist levels of nitpicking and arguing over nothing I see. great.

No. 168154

Like what? I dont get it
She just looks tired and makes bad videos

No. 168173

It's something married people with jobs go through, something I think you find hard to relate to unfortunately

No. 168178

Youd be surprised ?

No. 168182

What does Mimei work on?

No. 168185

So did Taylor's boyfriend film a ton of this? He seems to always use the drone too. How weird for a just girls trip.

No. 168190

nothing points to that, you can even see taylor flying the drone

No. 168199

I'm married with a full-time job, and maybe if you can't manage to create good content you should just take a break.

No. 168211

>tfw you autistic fucks took bait

I seriously can't believe you guys can be this retarded

No. 168228

I like how talking about their ages is autistic nitpicking to you, but them making a big deal about her hair being slightly messy and in the OMG WRONG POSITION in one single shot isn't.

No. 168232

Wow. You're focusing on mistakes instead of the content and the main point of a comment…

No. 168236

I'm sorry anon but have you been declared as legally retarded? Cus it looks like you have trouble reading and comprehending

No. 168245

…yeah, you mean >>168102 ?
one of the comments I listed there? where I was pointing out it was dumb?

No. 168287

I'm really starting to dislike sharla
she didn't do anything while taylor prepared nicely packed food and everything else
even kim and brownyn? helped by renting a car
it's not like sharla already leeched off taylor when she stayed at her place using her exp lush products, receiving presents and basically being treated like a princess

No. 168291


Really?. Sharla maybe is a spoiled princess or maybe not but first you have no clue if Sharla needed the car at all, Kim, Bii and Taylor live in Tokyo, Sharla is not in Tokyo anymore, so who are you to say that Sharla didn't go to the beach by herself (by train). They went to dinner together, do you know if Sharla payed the dinner?, or Sharla, Kim and Bii payed it as a thank you to Taylor?.

You maybe be right, but I don't think is fair to criticize without all the facts and obviously nobody here have all the facts.

No. 168304

Lol improve your grammar, Sharla stan. Anons don't come into threads defending snowflakes, especially with stupid shit like "she may be, she may not you don't know the whole story!!!!!"

No. 168305

> not fair to criticise without all the facts
Do you know when you are

No. 168311

File: 1472124983320.jpg (22.68 KB, 800x435, 725844_1306197732757_full.jpg)

she looked like Tracy from the movie Thirteen here, only not as pretty imo.

No. 168320


I think I'm currently in the 8th month of the year 2016.

Do you go by the Julian calendar or the Chinese calendar or the Mayan calendar?

No. 168324

File: 1472131191871.jpeg (111.27 KB, 640x783, image.jpeg)

Someone found Mimei in their textbook…

Yeahhhh, that's her uniquely disgusting dye job right there. Jesus Christ, doesn't her YT-famous husbando make tons of money? Can't she be bothered to fix this mess at one of the million salons in Japan?

No. 168326

Oh, man! It is!
Can I get the name of the text book? It's brazilian, right?

No. 168335

I don't think that's Mimei, the top of the hair is too dark. I think it's just a coincidence.

No. 168361

Well no, Sharla was seen in the car at the end of the video at a very late time so from this we can logic:

Sharla may or may not have gotten a ride from them
>she definitely caught a ride home

No. 168362

PDR is not famous, his younger brother is

Mimei is more popular than PDR

No. 168372

I don't think thats Mimei, the hair isnt greasy enough

No. 168378

Why are people still talking about Taylor ruining her face with fillers? As if it is something new. She was beautiful before and is now. It's obvious that she is insecure from people picking on her when she was younger. She could also have body dysmorphic disorder. Just because people think she looked better before doesn't mean she feels that way and we should respect her decision. Not even Dakota had enough balls to get fillers to look like her own photoshop.

No. 168381

Taylor ruined her face with cheek fillers.

No. 168383

Dude, shut the fuck up

No. 168387

I somehow always feel bad when people pick on Mimei. She seems honest and kind but really insecure. She gives me a vibe that she has some anxiety issues, like backing out from nice events because she's maybe just feeling nervous/anxious even though it'd be fun.
Sorry for maybe derailing

No. 168391

i get that vibe too. not surprised she seems closest to taylor, or at least the only one who treats her fairly.

No. 168395

Well no. Mimei has just recently hit 100.000 subs while Duncan is close to 700.000. Which is a lot for Youtube Japan . He's a big youtuber in japan while Mimei is probably just more well known everywhere else because she's jvlogging while he does random comedy sketches and the kind.

No. 168396

awee poor rich pretty girl got called fat as a kid and never got over it, cry me a fucking river will ya. on a more productive note, her drone shots are pretty nice. kinda generic like everything she does but still kinda nice.

No. 168405

No i agree mimei seems really nice
Its just weird that people with anxiety would become youtubers, arguably one the most public stages, open to harsh critique from viewers

No. 168409

Yeah, but it's behind a computer. Also, you could disable comments on YT or check them before they get published. I have anxiety and make videos (although not of myself) and that's ok for me. Sage for diary.

No. 168422


Not really. A lot of performers (Stage, comedy, Movies, etc) have Anxiety issues and have spoken about it personally.

Daniel Tosh
Scarlett Johansen
Emma Stone
Johnny Depp
Kate Moss
Leann Rimes
John Cleese

It's not uncommon

No. 168482

That's why grav3yardgirl started making videos. (before she started shilling shitty products)

No. 168496

File: 1472171249626.jpg (90.68 KB, 815x396, 1443045830326[1].jpg)

If she truly likes her fillers, she wouldn't be editing them out of every vlog and pic.

Was going to say this, this person looks a tad cleaner.

No. 168505

>Why are people still talking about Taylor ruining her face with fillers?
because it's horrific.
>we should respect her decision.
naw. it is what it is but it doesn't mean it's not up for discussion. this isn't a fan site.

No. 168508

That is a lovely dog and an all round lovely photo. Aww.

No. 168513

Its the weird lip shape she draws on with lip liner, it's the eye bags, it's the horrible dark circle lenses that are the darkest thing on her pale face… that's what I've put it down to. I'd love to see her with normal lip make-up with the contacts out, I bet she'd look just as gorgeous as she did back then.

No. 168518

Putting yourself out there in a major way is probably really helpful in getting over the anxiety.

I actually wonder why we don't see more of her on Taylor's channel. Why is it always fucking Sharla? Mimei seems like she gets along much better with her.

No. 168519

especially in a way you have control of. if you mess up online you can just delete your post. in a way it can serve as practice for the real world and as a way to just watch yourself and learn from your mistakes.

No. 168520

File: 1472173753599.jpg (109.97 KB, 450x360, tumblr_inline_nqqd7jdTjT1rqinb…)

No. 168524

I don't feel bad because most people make fun of her hair which she could easily change. I think she would be pretty if she had some skill with fashion/hair/makeup.

Bronywn gets the nastiest comments on here but she seems to think she's the hottest thing ever so no one cares.

No. 168529

Just my opinion anon. I'm not a fan of the little girl look for a woman nearing her thirties.

No. 168531

For the record I think she did say recently that she was going to grow her bangs out. They were side swept in today's video, which already looks so much better.

No. 168551

Rachel just hates everything about Japan apparently, so why is she even there? Yes, your standards are too high.

No. 168569

Maybe Sharla's one of those friends who only wants you to spend time with her and her plans(and time). Making it hard to spend time with people you actually like

No. 168574

We should make a bingo sheet for jvlogger threads

the free space is: mention taylor's fucking fillers

No. 168575

it's like 2 people from pull samefagging every few days to make it sound like anyone cares about taylor's face

No. 168577

I didn't see it as her hating Japan/high standards. Wanting a new building in a suburb that's affordable and allows pets is pretty normal things anon.

Her complaints about Japan for the large part were how Tokyo was too crowded for her and that the buildings were mostly old. Tbh I could see Tokyo being too much for most people, that's why I think most move after a couple of years. It takes a very specific kind of person to be able to live in a big city like that, and she grew up in a country/farm style of living so it's obviously not for her.

I wonder what Jun does though? I'm assuming he does something other than youtube but they seem to be able to travel/move freely so it's obviously nothing at an office.

No. 168578

I understand that part of it, but she sounds so uncompromising, then she goes on to complain about how the sun doesn't set right and Japan should change time zones, it's like really?

No. 168591

I feel like foigners just go to Asian countries , just to complain about its not like their countries.

No. 168602

People, no matter where they come from, do the same when they live abroad, it's normal. Sometimes foreigners complain about things that aren't even bad, just different. Asians are no exception, believe me, some of them complain A LOT, while some others like it and stay or visit again.

No. 168622


So if all of her friends are in Tokyo, they're only her YouTube friends I'm guessing. Does she not have any organic friendships in the place she's in like with Japanese people? I think it's sad she mentions she's at home all day doing YouTube stuff and makes no effort to connect with people in her area. Must get lonely only having online friends via online job, while the husband is out all day working.

No. 168624

Something geography you can find it on her Twitter

No. 168626


So, if she looked exactly the same as she does now, but was only 22, it would be ok?

Explain that logic.

No. 168629

lol, such a fucking flake.

And that lipliner thing is horrible. So is her eyeliner. Why can't she learn how to do basic makeup?

No. 168631

Yeah nope PDR works in a conbini (last I saw) so I think most of his income is from YT.

As an aside, I think there's lolworthy potential in Mimei and PDR's relationship. They always look awkward together, not to mention Mimei is a 2/10 after slapping on red lipstick.

No. 168637

This was so fucking whiny holy fuck
Usually rachel bores me and gets an eyeroll at most but with this video my eyes rolled into outer space
This place is too hot this is too cold
That building is too old! its too far from my friends its too expensive! thats too small ! Oh and we have not one but two cats

Bitch you have to make sacrifices living in a foreign country

No. 168642

As far as I remember, he used to work in a conbini, but not anymore.

No. 168740

I kind of feel bad for PDR. He used to have this old video, idk if its still up or not, where he and Mimei were laughing at some picture that popped up on google images of his brother, and his mom called him and tore Mimei apart for talking shit about Dante and the way PDR worded it was kind of hinting that his mom always does it because his brother is always the most successful one and she hates mimei

And didn't their dad die or something? Of course that was in his parody draw my life, so I dunno if it's true or not. PDS/Dante never really mentions their dad, only their mom.

Also, Mimei's giant ass sunglasses annoy me. She always gets so defensive when people tell her something doesn't suit her, when they are honestly just trying to help her not look like shit half of the time. I wish taylor would teach her how to draw on an upper lip and wear a suitable lip shade for her skin tone. Maybe teach her how to wash her hair and not wear blush directly under her purple eye bags.

No. 168741


They are a bit of a weird match. Ones got a granny face and the other has teeth like a row of bombed houses…

No. 168747

i actually find duncan to be cute but i cant stand it when people have fucked teeth

No. 168758

yea i think duncan is cute but its so weird how he looks more white than his brother and also actually knows english. i guess PDS came to japan at a younger age so didnt get to learn english. but still its like… weird that theyre related. i dont see it

No. 168773

Apparently Duncan didn't have the greatest childhood. He has mentioned several times that his dad killed himself and that his mother always favored their youngest son. I've never heard him talk about his older brother though. I wonder if they still talk and see each other.

No. 168821

No. 168862

It's crazy how Taylor and many other youtubers invest so much effort and money in their online persona and videos (In case of Taylor: dron, cameras, outfits, giveaways, lenses, camera tricks, nice locations and trips, decoration, expensive products, organic food, expensive room, daily lush bath bombs etc) but still have few subscribers compared to many youtubers who only talk in their bedroom about trivial things but have millions of subscribers.

I was watching a weeaboo who literally has the same number of subscribers and has less time than Taylor on YT. She always make her videos in her bedroom, not even interesting conversations, not pretty, she only talks about anime or about a drama in which she was involved. Now that I mention that last part… maybe that's the key: have your own drama.

No. 168866

Cuz Tay is boring as shit

No. 168875

>teeth like a row of bombed houses…
i laughed way too hard.

No. 168881

what other youtuber are you talking about?

No. 168885

money can't buy you substance

No. 168892

Every YouTuber spends money on equipment if they're good. The drone is not hers (has been discussed here so many times). And she does these things for herself, not only YouTube. I don't know any lifestyle/ beauty blogger that don't do that?

At least she's putting effort into her videos (timelapses and stuff), unlike others…

It's okay for you to dislike her but at least say something with substance/ proof

No. 168910

File: 1472311854804.jpg (53.16 KB, 595x428, ge46egd.JPG)

well thats fairly hideous

No. 168915

Most of her clothes are so ugly, and her cooking looks disgusting. Why do people watch her videos? Because she edits well?

No. 168917

Why is your vagina so barren? We don't have the answers to everything anon, you should accept that

No. 168919

I'll answer this one. Cuz she lives in Nippponland

No. 168924

I have never see people stan so hard on this site for anyone but Taylor.

No. 168926

Cuz she looks like a 30 year old fairy

No. 168928

Hi rachel

No. 168931

have you ever wondered how fucking annoying you taylor fucks are?

you guys are like the westboro of these threads, constantly interrupting obnoxiously with no purpose

No. 168984

They only started to come recently, after the sperg anon came and ruined the original thread. I'm guessing it's related.

No. 168987

Taylor is literally the least offensive jvlogger.
Alot of the hate is old shit and reaching.

No. 168988

Thank fucking christ I'm not alone here. The other day I merely stated I didn't like her circle lenses and I backed away from the pitchforks and flaming torches within minutes.

We all have opinions, and mine is that she is a nice girl who looks like a creepy black eyed chipmunk. For me it's uncanny valley in the flesh. The lips need to be toned down into something that doesn't resemble a baby birds beak also.

No. 168997

I know a guy who is half-asian with a half-asian half-brother, and they look NOTHING alike, right down to having vastly different skin tones (both dads are white). Maybe Duncan and Dante have different fathers?

No. 169000

>constantly interrupting

If it weren't for people talking about Taylor this thread would be dead.

No. 169001

So what? People like making fun of her face. Who cares.

No. 169005

Sorry you're ugly

No. 169014

>creepy black eyed chipmunk

Can I have your address so I can send you a dictionary? Stop fucking using the work chipmunk, there are hamsters?? Pigs?? Your own fat ass? Like damn Taylor may look bloated some days but can you get more creative with your descriptions?

No. 169016

btw you illiterate fuck this post you quoted >>168931 was against you, not for your shit cause

No. 169019

they always phrase themselves the same way lmao it's such obvious samefagging. taylor's got their jimmies so rustled.

No. 169046

>>168892 dude wtf? did you read my post? That was exactly what I said, it was a positive comment about Taylor and youtubers who put effort in their videos, go read the post again.

No. 169048

you posted in the Venus thread and now here, please do us a favor and press enter after quoting a post. It makes you less obvious that you're a newfag

No. 169051

No one relevant to lolcow I guess, and the videos are completely in Spanish, it's not from the Jvlog community or related to it, it's a random weeaboo I found, that's why I said.. wtf? Why someone like her has the same number of subscribers Taylor has? (or youtubers who clearly put effort into their videos ) Even if Taylor is boring, you can see she cares about the quality of the video and content, the girl I mentioned just talks to her camera about anime she likes, no special effects, no nothing just her talking to the camera in her bed. She had a problem with another channel that's why people know her.. so it's kinda sad people watch people only for drama.

No. 169052

I'm not new and I didn't post anything on Venus's thread wtf? Anon no one is talking about that particular weeb, totally different case.

No. 169053

>so it's kinda sad people watch people only for drama.

Why are you here then?

No. 169055

Haha were all ugly catty bitches. Like that's an insult on an anonymous board.

No. 169066


Dude this is getting annoying, no one was talking about Venus, you only want to believe this is about her because I mentioned drama makes people more famous no matter if their videpa are shit. I was genuinely talking about a different person. Stay in the Margo's thread if you want to kiss Venus's ass but stop annoying others with that Venus shit, you don't have to defend Venus's ass in every fucking thread, this wasn't about her!

No. 169089

My sister and I do not look like siblings, even though our parents are the same. I look a LOT like my mum, my sister looks a lot like my dad. Sometimes it just goes into entirely different directions.

No. 169093

File: 1472376521149.jpg (77.24 KB, 950x423, 1454865234281.jpg)

Dante looked like a white kid when he was younger.
I prefer Duncan over Dante tbh; Dante seems to be dumb as fuck, I really don't understand why he is so popular.

No. 169104


That shit should be spoilered I find it gross when we talks and I have to see that fucking tooth. Japanese and their teeth

No. 169107


He got teeth like tomb stones anon

deal with it :^)

No. 169108


How does Mimei kiss the guy with that though?

Thats a fuckin health hazard I mean no one is perfect but god

No. 169112

>seems to be dumb as fuck
there's your answer

einshine and theanimeguy (joey) also have 1 million subs each, and when was the last time either of them posted anything serious (hint: never)

No. 169114

Bomb tooth be hittin her clit like hiroshima

No. 169116

File: 1472389010133.jpg (91.6 KB, 960x960, 14102614_1046103025439244_8968…)

what has the world come to.

No. 169119

i cant stop laughing lmao
but a tooth like that can be fixed easily you dont even need braces i had a tooth like that on my bottom row as well not to that extent but it was protruding the dentist simply filed it down a guy with fucked up teeth like that is such a turn off for me

No. 169120

I absolutely love how Venus is a Youtube, but denied being in the video of another user. God damn, she must be one of the most insecure Youtubers we know. But I'm not surprised, considering how much she blurs her photos and hides behind lightning. She KNOWS Tay's camera is high quality and will pick up her exactly what she looks like.

No. 169123

Idk, they can just pull it? And put braces on the rest, the gap isn't even that big.

No. 169124

maybe he cant afford dental care? idk how insurance or dentists work in japan

No. 169125

I lold that she spent like $200-300 at the exte salon to have good hair to meet Taylor with

No. 169126

Those pics of tay and venus…

Drama and disaster waiting to happen. More jealousy, more nitpicking and more stalking via maggot.

Tay is so gonna leach off Venus and fucking hell Sharla will hop on her ass too!

No. 169127

its starting

No. 169129

I'm very glad to see Venus hanging out with someone, and I think it's great they decided to keep their conversations private and treat the video like a normal vlog.

No. 169130

Expensive as fuck. That's actually why a lot have unfixed teeth. There's national health insurace, but it probably doesn't cover it. Most dental practices are private clinics.

No. 169131

I wonder when Tay will fully transform venus into a vegan. Remember when veen tried being vegan before? Kek

also Tay is gonna Tayify Venus… Big ugly eye bags and Venus dolly make up. The ultimate kawaii dolly!

No. 169132

its not expensive as fuck. a filling is $50 at most
try america where one simply filling costs a couple hundred dollars

its just that japan doesnt care about teeth aesthetics as much

No. 169133

why would she tay-ify venus? venus already does that shitty makeup style

No. 169134

Because they both like that horrid ass make up and being girls, duh. It would make a "cute" video.

No. 169135

Lrn2quote retard

No. 169147

That thing does not look white

No. 169178

Maybe it was a joke but it in duncans latest q&a someone asked whe will you have a kid.
He said maybe next year lol

No. 169180

File: 1472402020842.png (830.11 KB, 1296x1098, Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 17.3…)

was most likely a joke anon

No. 169194

Dante used to be a Johnny's Jr. a couple of years back. There are several clips out there of him talking to some of the members of NEWS and KAT-TUN. I believe he was one of the very first ex-Johnny's to have social media

No. 169207


It'll be white mostly with funny eyes and Mimei's granny gifted genes

No. 169208

I'm not the Venus anon, I was just pointing out how stupid you sounded saying that while being on a site for drama.

No. 169209


Venus now has a thread btw anon

No. 169217

I wonder if you truly have the capacity to read and comprehend. It's been stated many times Taylor is not vegan, so why would she convert someone else to be a vegan?

You taylor fucks are so stupid sometimes it's astounding, if you're going to make a prediction at least have your facts straight.

No. 169224


Im not even into Taylor though? Not all of us are obsessed with everything she does.

Piss off

No. 169228

Looks slav/eastern European.

No. 169240


How? I think the guy looks more asian than white but when he turns to the side that big ass nose confirms he's hafu

kek when people praise white/asian people

No. 169242

I'm saying as a kid he did. Now he looks like an ugly Jap with light hair. It's kind of unfortunate.

No. 169261

Maybe their quadroons will look better? It also probably doesn't help they are using ugly as fuck people to make these mixes.

No. 169299

I was about to say the same. I think Dante is more popular because he used to be a Johnny's for one. And the other reason is, that he does mostly product placements. And for some reason the Japanese love that shit on youtube. All big youtubers do it, like their number one youtuber Hajime and also Hikakin who used to make beatbox videos only but changed to product reviews because that got him more views.

No. 169334

Have you ever been to a dentist in Japan?! Yea they're not free, but also not really expensive. If he wanted to get that fixed, he probably could. However, he most likely doesn't care enough.

No. 169340

Dentist is cheap, braces are a lot though, I've heard. But general stuff is super cheap.

No. 169366

Sorry for going off topic but does anyone follow joey the anime man? IS there a falling out between him and einshine?

No. 169378

I thought they lived together?

No. 169387

No. Basic cleanings, repairs and fillings are very cheap but braces are not covered by insurance and can be twice as much as, for example, U.S.A.. I got quotes for ¥800,000 to ¥1,000,000! That is why a lot of people, like myself, hold off on getting braces here. It doesn't sound like Duncan grew up very privileged and currently is not making THAT much money off Youtube. He could reasonably save up but there's also not much pressure from Japanese to fix his tooth.

No. 169397

ugh, joey please cut your hair

No. 169444

or wash it at least

No. 169506

Tay's new video

Basically "Stop hating on Venus guys!"

White knights: she's changed! she's changed!

No. 169509

File: 1472480211204.png (237.75 KB, 292x348, asdf.PNG)

I'm glad she addressed the nasty comments.
Many youtubers who collab just leave it when the person they collab with gets a lot of shit comments or would just make a twitter post about it for show and remain on the other youtubers good side.
Taylor and Venus didn't do a collab and hung out as friends getting to know each other though.

And the fact Taylor seemed genuinely upset about it last night as seen by her tweets and she took the time to address it like this it just makes me feel more like she's really wanting to be a friend to Venus and not use her.

I know this pisses people off because there are some on here who have raging hate jealousy fits about Taylor and there are people on here who hate the idea of anyone saying anything nice about another girl but i really do like Taylor lately and I think Venus needs support right now.
This might be a good healthy friend combination.

No. 169512

I dont think taylor would need to use venus
Sure venus has 1 million subs and taylor has only 300k but lets be real, half of venus's are probably dead accounts or pedos from her living doll days
Taylor has ambition and money and looks, she doesnt need to use wenus

No. 169513

Sorry if it wasnt clear i was agreeing with the post i quoted

No. 169534

>half of venus's are probably dead accounts or pedos from her living doll days

But Venus's videos overall get more views than Taylor's…

No. 169543

I never watched Taylor's vlogs before but she seems so genuinely sweet

No. 169551

Still totally 50/50 about tay and venus

Dont care what you say and how genuine she comes across people including her WILL use Venus for their own personal gain. So many people are deluded when it comes to venus or tay these days. Its only the beginning and god help whats to come soon.

Plus what did taylor expect? Not everyone is a fan of venus due to that youtuber who made that video saying she was evil but even those who have followed venus and her drama with her mother. People are bound to be wary. The asslicking is unreal, im not saying fear Venus but the drama surrounding her has yet to end. She recieves bad comments… Boo hoo what YouTuber doesnt?

No. 169599

File: 1472502503985.png (257.99 KB, 1438x1660, Screenshot_2016-08-29-22-26-15…)

Saw this in the comment of tays video

No. 169604


So much shit goes on behind closed doors and tbh we will never fully know what went on in the Palmero family

No. 169627

File: 1472511205300.jpg (113.92 KB, 584x600, 456215606542552.jpg)

I'm just going to wait and see what happens because I don't pay attention to Venus so I don't really care what she does.

But I think it would be truly hilarious if Taylor and Venus became good friends and everyone here just kept waiting and waiting for the inevitable drama shitstorm and it never comes.

No. 169631


Hey don't knock it anon!

It could happen. If not Tay then Maggot or Sharla getting the green eye.

No. 169643

They're both using each other. Get over it.

It doesn't matter who has the more subscribers or views, they don't both have the exact same audience, so there's always something to gain. I don't like either of them, but they're both flakey and that makes them interesting enough to gossip about imo.

No. 169644


Exactly. But careful anon, you're not allowed to bash either of them because they're such good people and Venus needs friends. You gotta keep your opinions to yourself when it comes to those two. But anyone else? Fuck it.(oh my god. how many times. USE THE VENUS THREAD IN SNOW.)

No. 169653

go cry to PULL about it

No. 169654

I would laugh if Taylor comes up with their own dumb ship name for being good friends, like TayNus/VenTay or some shit like that, like what she did with Sharla.

No. 169657

everyone does that it's 2016 unclench

No. 169658

kek no, it's the followers who christen those people they ship with a stupid ship name, not the ones being shipped

No. 169659

Sometimes I wonder if you PULL aspies are capable of having your own thoughts without writing them on a forum. How is what you said discussion worthy. This thread isn't your personal diary.

No. 169660

Clench-anon so defensive ooh

No. 169668

Taynus is actually funny, because butts. We should use that. Don't let them steal a perfectly insulting name from us.

No. 169711

I like it.

No. 169780

Taynus is perfect.

Their false friendship based on views and taylors sneaky way to the top since she never went viral as a living dolly. Pile of shit.


No. 169782

Loads of elevators play Celine Dion - that don't make it right.

No. 169815

For those who go on about Tay being rich

See how rich and spoilt this cunt is

No. 169925

Honestly I kinda want to be her, bitch sounds like she's living the life

No. 169929

And she seems pretty well-spoken and honest. I liked the part where she said with money comes freedom, and the way how/why she described taking a four-hour flight to get her hair done(!) is the normal.
I'm a bit jealous, for sure, I would love to have that security and freedom instead of the fear and crying from stress and feeling of being trapped.

No. 169936

Glad people are turning around a bit about Taylor. She had her downsides like everyone but I've always had a good feeling about her.

No. 169948

She's educated, polite and poised to take over the family business. She's aware of her privilege and doesn't pretend to have a hard life. Self aware of her net worth and only goes in that specific circle and isn't desperately socially climbing or over-spending with private jet use or etc. She seems alright.

No. 169956

God I'm jealous. I'm sure there actually is a lot of pressure on her, but not having to worry about money just seems so nice.
Also she doesn't look like a brat at all, sure she's privileged but she knows it and seems to be pretty level-headed.

No. 170326

File: 1472664584737.jpeg (133.22 KB, 720x1280, image.jpeg)

Nightmare fuel

No. 170338


The brat part comes for the "I'm too beautiful to work".. Spoiled arrogance (She not ugly, but she's not "beautiful" either)

Seriously, if she left it at "I'm rich enough that I don't have to work." I wouldn't have a problem.

No. 170373

If she wants to throw some chump change my way, I won't say no

No. 170392

this looks like Julia Roberts character in Steel Magnolias after she cuts her hair short lmfao

No. 170396

she looks like bad tumblr art

No. 170422

y so srs bronwyn

No. 170522

File: 1472737798621.jpg (1.21 MB, 1437x1993, Screenshot_20160901-064608.jpg)

Holy shit, does anyone remember ruaridoll? Tay looks just like her here, mind blown.

No. 170529

This was for a Halloween shoot, so understandable that it looks kinda like Ruari.

It's so weird seeing normal, girl-next-door Taylor and then this kawaii persona. I sound like a stan, but I think her looks and level of effort are too high for the uggos she hangs out with. Compared to her in pictures, they're potatoes lol. Isn't there a more attractive group of J-vloggers she can be friends with? Like models or something? Lol I think that'd increase her popularity.

No. 170539

i dont think theyre that bad looking except for mimei
she looks like a total tranny ( i dont use this term lightly and shes probably the only female that looks like one…to me)
sharla dresses like a hobo tho

No. 170546

Yea shes friends with that alexa girl who is super cute imho
But idk most other real models in tokyo look like stuck up russian teens… I cant see taylor getting along there either
I think its her very clear self confidence issues that lead her to hang out with these super basic jvloggers

No. 170554

I don't think they're ugly besides the tranny one. Sharla is just fat. The one with short hair that's a model is so pretty imo. She has cool features

No. 170556

>I think its her very clear self confidence issues that lead her to hang out with these super basic jvloggers

Well Taylor is pretty basic herself…

No. 170568

laura is pretty ugly to me idk that bleached hair looks horrible not helping her in anyway at least she got a nose job same with rachel

No. 170570

browny and mimei look like trannys sharla seriously looks like a slob and is always slurring her words it drives me nuts kim is cute but i dont like how she does her makeup or dresses and obviously taylor is pretty but her lip shape is weird to me shes always wearing baggy clothes and hats with glasses and those ugly liquid lipsticks(run-on sentence / poor grammar )

No. 170577


>shes always wearing baggy clothes and hats with glasses

Because that looks good on her..

No. 170580

okay taylor white knight just expressing my feelings on each one of them

No. 170597

they're all basic af, tay just puts some time and effort into shooping herself

No. 170607

In the one video she was in it seemed awkward as fuck
>I make money in Japan and send home to family and it pays food and rent for 6 months whole family
>Taylor with upper middle class family in Canada: …….

Yeah she was way nicer to look at and not annoying like the ugly weeb crew Taylor has but I can't imagine her being a regular in the videos.

No. 170613

I think browny could be saved if she got rid of her lip fillers
i think she looks pretty
but i feel like mimei cant be saved

No. 170620


How the hell is thinking that style suits her "white knighting"?

A little overly sensitive there anon.. Calm your tits.

No. 170623

Does it? Does anyone realy look good in baggy clothes ? ugly poofy plaid grandma dresses? Ok anon

No. 170650

Mimei could be saved if she washed and styled her hair and wore age appropriate stylish clothes, maybe. Sharla is so ehhhh like, even when Tay put makeup on her and did her hair she still looked frumpy. I don't know if another makeup style would really improve her. Kim is cute, probably the least offensive of all of them tbh, and Tay needs to chill with the weeb makeup and grandma clothes.

Trabbybibi is just really…idk, her eyes are too close together, her nose is too…something, and those fucking fillers. Idk, she's like an optical illusion. She should be pretty but instead she looks terrible.

No. 170656


Yes, lots of people..

Go in the bathroom an handle that rage boner

No. 170660

File: 1472772377664.png (561.97 KB, 747x738, mim.png)

I think Mimei is rather cute but she'd look cuter with a light ash blonde hair colour.
it just seems to suit her so much more

No. 170663

Yup, and longer hair that that does her long face absolutely no favors.

No. 170665


Hair is cute but she's still old lady like

No. 170676

I think you made her look way closer to her max potential. Her face is still "old looking" since its long and skinny but lighter hair and not having the style of a 14 year old weeb with her mature face would be way better.

I think Sharla would look better if she lost a lot of weight.

Agreed with Brony being really fucked up looking but I think ditching the lip fillers, stop dying her hair blonde, and a nose job would improve her.

No. 170724

File: 1472797030360.jpeg (114.6 KB, 747x834, image.jpeg)

Anon barely changed her tho.

No. 170733

i definitely think taylor likes being the pretty one of the group. if she hung out with other models constantly she easily wouldnt be as special, shes a pretty girl but compared to many many models shes average.

that alexa girl wasn't too pretty tho imo. maybe looks better with makeup

No. 170734

Well, damn. I was going off how she looks on videos not under a pile of filters.

I think lighter hair would help a lot though.

No. 170743

I find it hard to appreciate Taylor's videos despite her efforts because she copies way too many elements off Casey Neistat's videos. Like the title font, time lapses, drone shots, music, movie clips, trying to be oh so inspirational. If I were a creator I would be pissed if someone copied so many things off me and was getting paid for it, even if their version was inferior.

No. 170744

Ugh @ Sharla's vocal fry which happens more when she's around food

No. 170751

Yesterday I felt like cringing and watched old Taylor videos and I stumbled across the comments on this one discussing her age. People are shocked that "she's already 25 and still looks good" or how she's old but looks 16. Someone got pissed and insists she was born in 1995. There are a few people who know about her real age which is 27. Weird how she won't moderate the comments and how teenagers think life after 21 is over and you're officially old

No. 170753

I'm starting to think a lot of the Taylor hate is because she's the pretty/popular girl in high school that they wanted to be and hated because they aren't lol.

Let's talk about Kim for a bit. Besides that show occasionally, what does she do in Japan? And if you want to talk about how Taylor's parents are supporting her, I'd say the same for Kim. Look at her house in her older videos! I don't think all her Japan trips prior were the result of her "working hard" and having 3part time jobs.

No. 170754


Is Taylor really the prettiest in the group ?.

No. 170756

Her videos are so boring and repetitive, I just can't handle it. And her pushy annoying "protein vegan diet gluten free" shit is actually kinda pissing me off. lol

No. 170757

We literally spent multiple posts discussing this. Try reading newfag.

No. 170768

In one video she said that she is gluten intolerant which is a lie. She is eating burger and such outside and I can assure that there are almost 0 safe restaurants for gluten intolerant people in Tokyo. Besides the little bird cafe

No. 170818

I changed nothing but the hair colour as in my opinion Mimei is already cute

No. 170832

mimei looks gross because she has thin granny lips. her top lip is practically invisible.

No. 170834

You clearly have no idea or understanding of film making if you think she is copying Neistat's videos, kek. She is not, but nice try.

I think the same tbh. And I also wonder what Kim is doing in Japan…

There's a difference between gluten intolerance and sensibility.

This hair colour would suit her so much. Even if she would get a proper ombre colour instead of this weird dip dye it would change her appearance quite a bit.

No. 170835

OT but i dint even understand caseys appeal
One can see that taylor heavily draws influence from him but she is a girl in Tokyo and he is a skater dad in nyc. They are too different to be 'omg shes copying'

No. 170836

But taylor wasnt the pretty girl
She was the fat girl remember? smug emoji
Which reminds me
Do we have any proof she graduated or has any education? She just shows pics of her childhood and pics from her early modeling in hk but happened in between? Nothingness
Her diet story isnt as inspirational as it seems because there is no progress aspect to it that we can see

No. 170847

Iirc she was studying something related to nutrition when she was in Hong Kong, there was a photo from her IG where she was doing some laboratory work at school (can't find it though). But don't know if she finished the studies.

No. 170855

If i remember correctly she mentioned that in school she used to be called "tiny tits taylor" - i'm no ameri-fag but it sounds like something high schoolers would say.
I mean realistically at this point of her life she didn't need an education, you need nothing but looks to be a model.
I'm also curious if she has any real qualifications.

No. 170865

Strange, I thought the gimmick was that she's a seemingly popular person who just happens to be in Tokyo but talks "to you" the viewer like a friend. I didn't think that would make people hate her.

No. 170867

I know there is a difference but she clearly said intolerance. I call it bs

No. 170880


That, and just a horse face, in general.

No. 170887

I don't see why she has to be friends with models if she likes the other jvloggers company better? I mean you're acting like they're all monstrously ugly or something. Be fair, they're just average girls who could use some polishing.

Anyway, I really think Taylor is more interested in Asian culture and youtube and stuff now than she is in modeling. Even though she's very pretty, I can see why she would choose other people with similar interests over other models. That modeling life is almost just in her past at this point.

No. 170889

What a lot of internet personalities fail to understand is you don't need to fight 99% of your online battles, your fans will do it for you. Taylor could waste all day deleting comments and blocking people like kooter, but then she'd just be kooter.

No. 170892

>There's a difference between gluten intolerance and sensibility.

Oh come on, we all know this whole gluten trend is pure bullshit. Everyone who says they're intolerant or even just "sensitive" now was scarfing down bread no problem like 2 years ago before the general public even knew what gluten was. Who gives a shit what level of fake intolerance she has.

No. 170897

So Sharla really started to do her make up a little like Taylor's now. Note the overdrawn lips.

No. 170898

Waiting on her getting bangs now

No. 170908


I wonder how can she film this and be OK with it?, and she made two videos with this make-up. Her lips look really bad, like unnecessary and bad surgery (I know is not surgery) or someone with zero clue when it comes to make her make-up.

No. 170911

She said she's studying, as long as she's a student I don't see a problem with her parents supporting her with some expenses, she's living in a very small and messy apartment, nothing fancy compared to Taylor's place, it looks expensive.

In that group? Mm yeah Taylor, but if we talk about the Jvlog community I'd say Ashiya is prettier, I like her face I think she looks elegant? but this is only my opinion.

No. 170914

Alexa is a good example of the Japanese version of "girl next foor" look, not beautiful but kinda kawaii, and thats their favorite type of girl, another point is she speaks Japanese and respects the culture, you'll find many Japanese men actually writing her on instagram.

No. 170917

I actually think it's an improvement. Now if she'd just ditch the ugly nerd shirts and copy some of the stuff Taylor wears that's more feminine (not the baggy t-shirts and baseball caps) she wouldn't look like a weaboo soccer mom all the time.

No. 170958

File: 1472898210863.jpg (209.2 KB, 668x662, jwCnTdl.jpg)


She looks like a "circus clown" with those lips.

No. 170994

she always makes that 'am I laughing or horribly grimacing' face and it's doing her no favors.
goes hand in hand that HUR HUR HUR laugh she does at the end of practically every sentence.

No. 170995

This wouldn't happen unless we brought Sharia Law into Japan. These stupid bitches. Smh

No. 170998


and she uses the same "Kylie Jenner LipKit" just like Tay and also mentions watching the Kardashians, also just like Tay.

Sharla's Style was pretty ok a few years ago, but now with her all over printed manga shirts it's just pretty awkward.


She looks like she is suffering pain or something damn.

No. 171046

File: 1472936369517.jpg (9.11 KB, 213x237, 2.jpg)


>(not the baggy t-shirts and baseball caps)

Yeah, that's totally not hot (eye roll)

No. 171048

File: 1472936423840.jpg (9.7 KB, 183x275, images.jpg)


Example 2

No. 171054

Hot? No. Popular? Yes. The last thing Sharla needs is trendy shit. She has to make herself look better (weight loss/better makeup and hair) and choose more timelessly good looking clothes first before she could pull of trends.

No. 171072

>Hot? No.
As a male, I totally disagree.. It's quite hot.

You probably also don't understand why, girls wearing overalls or school uniforms are hot. All males do..(I'm male btw)

No. 171073

File: 1472944663229.gif (518.47 KB, 200x133, 2005309swsw.gif)

No. 171079

>As a male

I get school uniforms. Never heard any guys saying they like overalls. Baggy clothes and baseball hats? I doubt it, but I'll ask some real men.

No. 171082


Whoops, somebody got triggered.


Well, if you've never heard of it, it can't be real..

No. 171084

No. 171086

Not to bait the troll but even if baseball caps on girls is considered 'hot' im pretty sure taylor does not want to be hot at all
All her vibes says dont look at my body
Also since she started hanging with V, shes going back to the kawaii side it seems

No. 171091

I actually really like Taylor's videos. They are a lot more put together than videos by other vloggers who just sit in front of their camera all day.
There was one video where she didn't overdraw her lips though (she went to the skin doctor or something?) and it looked a lot better.

No. 171136

File: 1472964701452.jpg (111.71 KB, 960x960, 1511427_10152821134575930_8153…)

>Also since she started hanging with V, shes going back to the kawaii side it seems

I always got the impression that she stopped because everyone on PULL made fun of her for being almost 30 and not dressing grown up enough, and that she should go back to a mature modelling look. Like, she does, but at the same time it was sad to see someone "grow up" out of insecurity. Nothing more fun than just wearing cute shit and feeling like a doll lol truly 10/10 would recommend. She always wore the cutest shit before I'm not following her much anymore but if she's going back to kawaii shit then good for her.

And contrary to popular belief, I do think the kawaii look will get her more work in Japan. She keeps getting hired for anime-ish gigs and the such based on her old videos. I remember she said she was hired for a kid's show once? That seems like a neat gig I could see her on some kawaii ~motivational~ shit for kids if she actually stopped being lazy and learned Japanese.

No. 171148


you said it like they've hanging out for months and already are super close, this is the second time they go out and Taylor looks the same, it's too soon to draw that conclusion, I don't see anything different in her style tbh.

Is very likely Taylor is just meeting her because she felt pity for her situation, even if they become friends don't expect more than maybe some collabs if Venus surprisingly decides to share some of the money, but nothing like the relationship she has with Sharla for example. Also remember the age gap is important too, Taylor's 8 years older and if someone changes her style that is going to be Venus, she's already changing her kawaii style into who knows what is that shit she's wearing now, I'd never dress any of the shit she's wearing lately.


I do believe Taylor used to lurk PULL often so she somehow was influenced by their opinions, she literally said she got tired of pretending to be perfect and started to dress more casual, and that perfect doll image is actually very hard to mantain tho, and living doll trends are no longer that popular compared to when Dakota was the queen.

No. 171153

File: 1472973022800.jpg (169.79 KB, 1080x1349, 14072953_1857177341176943_1958…)

I just find it hard to believe that eeeverything about her cutesy princess interests was just about fitting into the living doll thing. Obviously her love of dolly stuff was molded to fit into her copycat Kota days, but she was interested in Blythe dolls and whatever since her Hong Kong days and I think in an interview she said since she was a child she loved dolls? She used to have a very awkward Western approach to princess dolly stuff before she discovered J-fashion. She doesn't have to go back to being a living doll, but it'd be nice to see her embrace more kawaii shit since I doubt she grew out of it completely.

Hanging out with Venus seems to be giving her nostalgia and it's like, well that was fast lol. It's like it was just waiting to come out. I think she's insecure about doing that kind of thing at her age. But I do love her old princess looks. A lot of lolita brands would kill for a tall skinny blonde girl to model for them. I'd love to see her in classic lolita at least once. It's like there's so much potential still.

No. 171154


I actually just meant that Sharla should avoid them because they're too similar to her current style and don't work for her.

But yeah, neither of those look good lol

No. 171158

File: 1472973778387.jpg (261.5 KB, 1280x1024, lili-desk.jpg)

>A lot of lolita brands would kill for a tall skinny blonde girl to model for them. I'd love to see her in classic lolita at least once. It's like there's so much potential still.
if taylor embodied this aesthetic at least just ONCE she could make so much money in japan. dam why not. she could pull off that blonde cgi victorian princess trope. she certainly has the money for it. even if it's just dress up. she's already gotten gigs for video games.

No. 171160

She has tons of pictures with those nanchatte seifuku looks and her living barbie style looks, its not like she has to wear it again, clients have access to those pics.


She was really into that fashion trend during her Hong Kong days, she genuinely looked interested in the kawaii bunka since years ago, I don't think she started to follow that particular trend for Kota, when kota was hired in Japan Taylor was already a model with experience and liked those princess looks, she just tried/copy many elements from Kota's style she thought would help her fit better in the Japanese fashion style. I think she has a video or blog explaining all her tips for social media, she plans everything she does.

No. 171161

Like I said, don't talk like they've been dating for months. Fucking wait until we can see a change, like Sharla now doing her lips exatly like Taylor. Venus has been wearing the shitiest style in these last months I don't think Taylor feels nostalgia of her princess model style looking at Venus hoodies, greasy extensions and ugly big T-shirts with mini skirts ew.

No. 171165

File: 1472978686832.jpeg (144.88 KB, 750x1053, image.jpeg)

Nah, she only liked them because she successfully fished for doll compliments. Pic related: tryhard.jpg

No. 171167


In my opinion her daily vlogs are boring, but she is getting a decent amount of views so I guess people like them.

No. 171169

I am a subscriber and really like her vlogs, but they really are getting more and more boring, maybe because she lives alone and goes out alone and sometimes doesn't do anything but sit in her room. She should try making like bi-weekly vlogs, then she could gather the most interesting and funny moments in them, or try making themed vlogs when she has nothing to do, then she could draw and talk about her artsy stuff or something

No. 171171

Agreed (although I don't enjoy them at all). She's doing it too often, but I assume she does that for views + money.

No. 171174

didn't she get rid of her blythe or pullip dolls already?

No. 171175

Probably, yeah. Because she didn't ever care, and her style changed. Don't forget how she stored them all tangled up at the bottom of her closet.

No. 171179

I also agree

But its a given fact that the more videos you output, the more views and subs you get.
And many people truly enjoy these daily vlogs. Most of her viewers are sad young girls with lives far, far less interesting than hers and they look up to her. Some even probably consider her a real friend. So even though she does the same thing in nearly every blog, some people live vicariouslh her.
The time lapses are getting really old though….

No. 171180

*vicariously through her

No. 171181

Honestly shes too tall and skinny for a real doll look
Nothingg against her or her body
But just like her wacky school girl dancing, she looked stupid with those twigs flailing around

No. 171192


Whatever you need to tell yourself to help you sleep at night..

No. 171197

I'm glad Taylor is hanging with Venus now. I kinda wanted this because Venus has to be lonely.

No. 171200

I know it's a toxic thought to have but it's because of the one sperg in this thread that keeps insisting all other Jvloggers aren't pretty enough and Taylor must get off on being the prettiest friend of the group.

Because of that this video whenever we saw Venus and Taylor next to eachother i couldn't help but think she's now hanging with someone who is also really pretty and cute (personal taste i love Venus her look) and together they did look like a model friend couple since they are both so tall and skinny.

No. 171202

I can only hope that this becomes a genuine friendship.

No. 171205

Venus asked her to go somewhere this time.
So thats a good sign that they are trying to have a normal friendship

No. 171208

At about 7:45 V is filming too. Maybe it means she'll start vlogging as well? Or maybe she's just making a one time video about the cafe

No. 171209

Come on you'd be lying if you said shoujo mangas don't make their blonde blue eyed princesses tall and lanky as fuck. That's why Taylor would be so good for it. I think lolita itself is so common amongst short girls that it only really looks good with short girls. But for more "historically accurate" Victorian dolly dresses I think Taylor would be perfect. It's not like Sanrio or Angelic Pretty at all. Just a long flowy dress that she can carry with her height.

This really does seem like the kind of friendship that would make Taylor happier than the one she "has" with the jvlogger crew. I think she's more of a child than she likes to admit.

Also see in the beginning of the video she said she played with Barbies way into her late tweens and she still has them in her house. The biggest components of your childhood will forever be carried with you for the rest of your life. I mean she still wears circle lenses and dolly makeup with all her mature Western looks for crying out loud. She always finds a dolly way of doing things. So that's why I think she's still got some in her that she's holding back.

No. 171210

They are also both into food even if Tay is vegan.

I need a cute picnick vlog

No. 171214

>tiny tits taylor
wut. Taylor wears baggy clothing but whenever I see her boobs in the sports bra/baggy tank top thing they always look really big.

No. 171224

I wouldnt say they look big but they definitely do not look tiny

No. 171226


Quit being so goddamn butthurt that people don't like your frumpy baggy clothes and hats you faggot and move on already.

No. 171229


It'll basically turn into Sharla and Mira 2.0

No. 171230


Does that mean Venus will try to start modelling now too? How come we've yet to see Venus on Kawaii international? Id have thought shed be milking that up. Taylor too… Venus is the perfect catch for Tay to gain more subs so obv she's gonna use her.

No. 171231


No, its bad enough Venus is irritating to watch when she's doing those food videos and acting weird.

No. 171232


You are all aware too that these two if they hitch up together are going to probably become to "invincible" jvloggers right? Like it was always Rachel & J and Sharla with Mira. But these two, a prized doll and a model. Ho ho…

No. 171233

File: 1473009934713.jpg (214.97 KB, 2048x1536, Sg9TMX2.jpg)

Taylor and her nose should stick to hanging out with Sharla and trannies because Venus makes her look ugly. Venus is annoying in her videos but she behaves well in public, kudos to that. Pic related is what the number 1 moderu in hory Nippon looks like when she relaxes her face and forgets to tear her eyes open and raise her brows to the max

No. 171234


No. 171235

>Taylor and her nose should stick to hanging out with Sharla and trannies because Venus makes her look ugly.
>Venus makes her look ugly.
now now i know everyone loves venus here now but she is definitely your average white girl in makeup
she is definitely not prettier than Taylor

No. 171236

>Venus is annoying in her videos but she behaves well in public

Did you even watch the video? Venus dancing in the background to whatever Taylor is saying in public was the cringiest thing i've seen in awhile.

No. 171237

They both are incredible mediocre, what are you smoking?

No. 171244

You guys make me piss laughing.

Both are average without shoop/angles and make up. Look at Venus from her tv interviews where you can properly see her in HD. Taylor is basic shes pretty because the rest of the jvlogger white girls arent so pretty. Throw kota in and she would be average too.

I like that Venus is kinda normal it seems but im still meh about her. Her ass lickers are annoying. The tay fan base is irritating too.

No. 171246

i think we can agree that out of everyone in the kawaii dolly scene taylor, venus and dakota are the prettiest. it goes down to taste on who people consider the most pretty. but i mean that's not saying much? you don't have to be the prettiest person to just be… pretty. we're comparing them to beckii, sharla, brony, mimei, yuka, abi like…..

personality helps. taylor is a really nice person and that helps in finding someone attractive. dakota is pretty but her shoops make her ugly in comparison and her personality makes it worse. see for me venus looks like any other moonfaced swedish girl with no lips. but she looks like lily cole who is a model. so it goes down to taste again. beauty is subjective lol. no point in arguing.

No. 171248

Venus has cute eyes but she isn't the prettiest, her head and face are freaking wide, she looks like a hamster. Venus was acting self conscious taking care of how she looked in cameras when she was in the Barbie cafe while Taylor was talking naturally, comparing them while Taylor is talking and Venus is posing is stupid. All of them behave well in public, it's common sense, nothing to applaud.

No. 171250


Like lily cole? That weeb????

Bitch you wish lol

No. 171253

I can see what anon means about lily cole die to face shape but when you see venus actually in hd without THAT angle (doll angle) she doesnt look that dolly.

No. 171257

I agree. I always thought of Venus as the odd one out of all the living doll girls, because she wasn't as pretty (as the other girls' shoops), but she was really young and did the lolita thing. She kind of got the living doll title for a different reason than the other girls did.

No. 171258

I thought Venus was acting mighty strange too, she's either too self absorbed or self conscious.

No. 171263

This so much, I'm not letting their fans sway me. Two tall basic chicks trying to be kawaii and posing nonstop on cam is cringy af.

No. 171268

Venus just seems a bit unsure to me like she doesnt know how to properly act with friends or it could be she doesnt know what to do in other peoples vlog. But this happens a lot among other youtubers take markiplier for example in his own videos he is usually quite loud and spazzy but in other channels (like suzys) he is more reserved and quiet.

No. 171270


That's why it'll be interesting to watch Venus with the other Jvloggers cos its gonna happen. I feel like Taylor is trying to become that queen B between them all. Venus has the most subs but I feel like Taylor actually overshadows her because of Venus's personality being a bit shy and unsure in the vlogs.

Could you picture Gimmmeaflakeman interviewing Venus in years or months to come? God that would be awkward. Esp if Venus goes down the "How to talk Japanese" route bullshit like Mira does.

No. 171272

Anyone else notice how different Taylor acts and talks around Venus, compared to the other vloggers? It's almost to the point of awkward, and it's like she halfway dumbs down her English.

No. 171275

I Think its because Venus is a kid and Also speaks pretty bad english

No. 171277


Did any other brit-fags see that living doll performance on the x factor the other night? she can sing but she reminded me of venus's first ever appearance on this morning years ago and how they criticised her too

No. 171282

File: 1473031281529.jpg (19.36 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


Quit being so triggered. You don't have to respond, you know..

No. 171293

She's like a mad Gwen Stefani. Hahaha literally a 40yo Venus.

No. 171305

Sharla's new vlog shows it's clear she's copying Taylor so hard. Fucking terrible.

No. 171315

File: 1473048049557.jpeg (79.8 KB, 385x500, image.jpeg)

I went to PULL (instant regret) and found a Taylor meme thread. Some stuff actually made me chuckle a little.

No. 171318

PULL is so so extra about her.
You'd think she personally killed each one of their puppies the way they talk.

No. 171330

this is what happens when southeast asian 13 year olds break their fans in the middle of summer. all that sweat on their staches i guess.

No. 171331

What's disturbing is how they all seem to have this weird bipolar hivemind. Last time I checked the thread some months ago, they were all asskissers. It's like they're going through the 5 stages of grief over her.

No. 171332

probably because of hormones? lmao these are kids no doubt about it. and kids go through phases quickly. taylor fucking r the kawaii vlogger is about as irrelevant as it gets. the fact that pulltards are out here emotionally invested enough to get mad and make memes out of her is both so pathetic and wildly creepy that i can only kek at how some kid's poor choice in how to spend their time. at least on lolcow you make fun of someone in anonymity and aren't fairly invested. you come in you shitpost you leave. we're just fucking around here. but the thing with PULL is that they've built a familiarity and a community that they actually become more emotionally invested in this shit then what's normal. they actually take taylor seriously. yikes. it's at facebook levels of cringe.

i mean the current members of PULL aren't the same ones that were there originally a few years ago. it's like akb48 lmao. they grow up and abandon the pathetic place that that website is. then more kiddies come in. mess.

No. 171340

this made me laugh too.

No. 171349

I think all that mess started in the new PULL version cause they now can vote posts. If someone gets a lot of positive votes then others assume they should think the same, like sheeps, and if someone has a different opinion then is automatically the wolf so they're afraid of starting a discussion or say their own opinions since it's now based on user's reputation, so that's why everytime you check they're all acting in certain way. Sometimes it looks like the cringiest fandom ever, next day they explode with jealousy.

No. 171351

oh my god and this is why facebook makes you want to kill yourself because 100 people will like the dumbest illegitimate opinion from someone who only posted to remind everyone how morally good they are

I thought PULL was shutting down, what happened?

No. 171355

Nah. To me, Taylor seems genuinely comfortable with Venus, probably because they have the dolly thing in common. She doesn't have to hide it or give awkward explanations. I can see Taylor having a good older sister type friendship with Venus. They seem to be getting along well already. Frankly I think they just look good together too.

No. 171356

File: 1473060654760.gif (787.11 KB, 400x225, tumblr_inline_nyhns43Pp31rw6hh…)

>these politics
jesus christ imagine coming home from a long day at work to do that. it's not… possible lmao. they put off homework to do that. it's like if they try to prove they're adults then they're just immature sad as fuck adults and if they admit they're kids then hey, you're a literal cringey child. either way it's embarrassing.

the owner i think shut it down on freeforums or something. but then they remade the website because they were that attached to it.

No. 171357

Yeah it made me smile. They just seemed to click in a way that felt natural.
Like they're both kind of awkward but cute to look at.
I hope they continue their friendship.

No. 171358

My thoughts exactly. Taylor would've acted way different at that place if she were with one of the Jvloggers. Fucking annoying, actually. She'd just be talking about how she ~used to love Barbies and how ~weird it is that she still ~sort of likes them and they'd go back and forth laughing about the shit they used to do as children and treat the restaurant like this bizarre gimmick. At least with Venus it's just a mutual agreement that hey this is cute and I like it because it's cute the end let's be cute and enjoy ourselves.

I think Taylor "dumbing" herself down is mostly because she's trying to make Venus comfortable. Plus she's so much younger than her. It's like when you try to make yourself less intimidating to a child it comes naturally.

No. 171359

I think old admins said "they didn't have the time and money to keep the site" (most like they realized how stupid was their site), but unfortunately a new admin came to keep controlling teen's minds.

No. 171362

they're very anime aesthetic together if that makes sense. both tall, skinny, pretty, have their own trademark look going on. venus has 90s anime vibes and taylor is like some video game cgi vibe. they hang out together in japan and do cute shit- it's like watching a show. i hope they do more interesting things together i'm curious to see where it goes.

No. 171364

Taylor's 'dumbing' herself because it's probably hard to have a more natural conversation with her that is not about her current problem or only about her, Venus looks like the type of person who waits until the other person starts the conversation, answer yes and no questions, then you have to think about something else to talk because she keeps quiet, she's more like a loner. Nothing bad to be a loner, tho.

No. 171365

File: 1473062324052.png (877.03 KB, 1024x665, a2091a29-5c5e-4e3f-ab79-c2e7dd…)

I think a big reason why Taylor acts/talks differently around Venus than the other jvloggers is bc Venus has literally NO social skills or experience just hanging with friends. Like the girl is 19 years old and she's NEVER had a gf to just go out & hang with. She literally doesn't know how to act or talk or relate to other girls her age so for Taylor it must be like taking a little kid out to lunch & shopping.

idc, I think it looks like they had a really good time and I like it.

No. 171367

> Venus looks like the type of person who waits until the other person starts the conversation, answer yes and no questions, then you have to think about something else to talk about
What does that "look like," exactly?
When Taylor first talked about spending the afternoon with Venus & what she was like in that first vlog, the first thing she said was "She's kind and smart. She's actually really, really smart." She also said they talked for "hours" – doesn't sound like their conversation was exactly forced or awkward to me.

No. 171370

well she's not gonna broadcast to the world that venus was awkward and couldn't hold up conversation and that you could tell she was a hermit who grew up with an abusive mom lmao. no one's saying venus is stupid but obviously taylor was trying to be encouraging not that venus was on autist levels of awkward. no one's saying the conversation is forced just that venus is still awkward from just years of solitude in general. never seen this girl with a friend.

taylor is definitely a great one to start off with. i think venus could tell which is why she agreed to hang out with taylor in the first place. she has the maturity and emotional stability of a woman nearing 30 but she came from the same place of insecurity as venus so she's a great person for a girl like venus to be with. like, someone as weirdly charitable as taylor can FINALLY put it to good use i guess. it was such a therapeutic video to watch imagine actually being there lmao. i'm happy for both of them lol i can't hate it was cute.

No. 171383

Oh wow, just watched it. There are way too many Taylor-like things in there. The editing and music is like 90% Taylor.

But fuck, I hate listening to Sharla talk. It makes me angry. She's so monotone and she comes off as having no feelings at all. Take a shot every time she says "guys", "you guys", "soo cute", "soo cool" and "wow, you guys".


No. 171384

rofl, I just noticed this, and now I can't unhear it.

No. 171385

File: 1473071828012.png (35.19 KB, 540x142, Screenshot_2016-09-05-12-34-14…)

So…Taylor is asking if people would be interested if she did live streams.

I really don't know what she would do in them when most of her videos don't even have real content, it's just her talking about her day.

No. 171386

Lol, what the hell is she supposed to even stream?

Imagine if she started playing "games"… kek

No. 171387

Taylor also usually hangs out with other Canadians such as Sharla and Miceala. People of your age group from the same country is obviously not going to be the same as hanging out with a 19 year old from a place you've never been, where english isn't their first language.

No. 171396

It'll probably be a live Q&A or just a time where she talks with her viewers (or a mixture of both). It's a common thing non gaming channels on youtube do for their live streams.

No. 171397

because the tay fam will feel so close to their ~best friend~

No. 171398

so true and so sad

nonetheless they look weird as fuck together. idk they are about the same height and body shape, venus a little bigger (not in a bad way) but her face and head is massive compared to tay. yea i though tay had these huge chubby cheeks but compared to V its nothing

No. 171400

Man idk but I hope these two continue their friendship.

Venus really needs a genuine friend these days and i think Taylor is a sweet person who will be a big help to her in getting her to come out of her shell and finally experience the world without being chained to her crazy mum. I hope it'll be a genuine friendship and not just for views.

No. 171402

you dont have to watch this video beyond the first 15 seconds, but sharla went on a trip AGAIN doesnt pack any clothes lmao

No. 171404


Its kinda sad isn't it? You know what it all feels like. Them lot and Tay are the cool girls that everyone wants to be besties with at school and Venus is that girl, that one girl left out and when they try warming up to her she's reluctant or just ignore. Then you get the Regina of the group saying "Lets be friends" and then the left out girl starts warming up to the one trying to befriend her but she's still unsure.

Poor Venus. Im not even fond of the girl but its sad how they're celebrating Kim's bday today and Venus is sat at home, Manaki probably working in his doll factory or whatever he does. Venus is at home by herself playing around with her lighting contrast on her videos, sighing and then ordering more shit candy Japanese children eat for another new video.

C'mon Venus make an effort and put Taylor in her place, stop letting her talk to you like you're retarded. Make some friends, chop chop.

No. 171409


Um what lol. I think you're reading too much into it mate. Snobs like Venus don't want to hang out with basics like Kim anyway. Just because she reached out to one of the tokyo YouTube incrowders doesn't mean she needs to hang out with them all.

No. 171410

How was Taylor talking to her like a retard? She talked to Venus the way she talks to everyone. Venus probably didn't go to Kim's birthday because Kim doesn't know Venus, it's not like Taylor has to strap Venus to her waist now, nobody's ignoring Venus they just don't know her yet. You act like Venus is just some looser and she not, she doesn't need your pity.

No. 171412

>implying venus wanted to go

No. 171413

probably motivational life advice. her fans are always asking her that. a livestream would be a good way to pay attention to the people in the comments who don't get to interact with her. interaction=attachment=loyal fans. it's smart, however boring taylor may seem to you.

No. 171414


I never said she was a loser? When did I ever say that? I just said its kinda sad how she just doesnt get together with many people it seems? But then again we don't know her off camera life.

Fucking hell, defensive. Taylor DOES kind of speak to her like a total moron and its cringeworthy. Venus is already shy (or maybe thats just how she acts normal). But then you have Taylor talking all weird to her.

Pity? She's been pitied for the past fuck knows how many months by her fans due to her mother. She's had enough sympathy recently. Pitying her won't stop. She'll forever be remembered at the lolita who was used for cash from her own mother.

No. 171415


Plus I know Venus's first language isn't English but she's not thick. Shes quite smart. If she can understand all these languages, a Japanese husband for god sake then Im pretty sure she'll understand English. Its just Taylor.

No. 171416


Well duh anon. We all know that trick.

The thing about Taylor which is starting to bug me a bit, nice girl don't get me wrong and yada yada she's the "better kotakoti". I find her a bit desperate. While others let it flow naturally, I know Taylor is making the effort. But I always think she's desperate for validation and to have people like her. Sorry. Im not hating, I just think she's one of those "listen to me! listen to me!" types of people.

She's got it all though. Lighting, cute dog, cash, body, style ect. But there isn't anything… striking about her personality wise. She's nice and nice is good but can be a bit boring. I get what Tay is trying to do… but. She isn't someone id look forward to watching.

No. 171417

Did Venus once brag she was fluent in like 6 languages? lol.

No. 171418

That was probably Maggot behind the keyboard on that one. She forced Venus to move around so much that even learning "hello" = "my venoos is sooooo smart! she know so many language!"

No. 171420

Your comment was full of dumb accusations, you act like you know the whole damn situation, but you don't. Do something about that Taylor hate boner. And no she doesn't need pity it's one thing to be sympathetic towards her situation, and there's pity which can be very belittling.Some people don't need a large ass group of friends , Venus doesn't need to make friends with every person Taylor knows. Get back to reality, this isn't the mean girls.

No. 171422

Uhh? Venus doesn't even know any of the other girls, and she barely knows Taylor. The whole thing would be so awkward, and honestly you'd all be screaming about Venus just being in the other girls' videos for views anyway.

Also it's funny you think Taylor is "the Regina". She could not be more different from Regina. If anything, Taylor is the Cady of the jvloggers.

No. 171429

It's Kim's birthday and Taylor's daily vlogs have given her mono or something.

The karaoke part was kinda awkward and borderline embarrassing to watch… But happy (belated?) birthday to Kim. I think she might've looked the prettiest of everyone in this video.

No. 171431

Why does it always come down to who looks prettiest?

No. 171434

I meant it as a passive agressive compliment. And what else do we really have to comment on at this point? They're all boring.

No. 171435

She looks like the mother of the bride in Gypsy Weddings.

No. 171437


Coming from this group? The same group that was deeply offended that some dude liked Taylors outfit?

Sorry honey, that's some retards with deep emotional investment there.

No. 171449

Lol, that's spot on.

True, I doubt Venus has other plans aside from making and editing videos. Kim's birthday party would've been a good opportunity to meet new people and maybe make new friends.

No. 171453

it's so gross why does she always do that

No. 171462

lmao we all know if Venus actually did go, everyone on here would be making up stories about how she was only using the other girls for views, attention and to boost her popularity again. she literally cannot win no matter what she does because there's too many deluded fantasists like this out there.

No. 171485


No. 171486


Fucks knows anon, no one knows anymore. Times are changing in the land of kawaii. The elf goddessu is falling, the wannabe barbie is rising on Youtube and Venus has escaped her crazy mother. Now collabing together and in the future becoming the power jvlogging couple people are going to be jelly over.

I love how those are are on everyones pussy licking list and Sharla is just shat on. Lol but when the Mira drama went not people were sympathetic to Sharlz. I wonder when everyone will shit on Taylor too… never Venus. Oh no. She's too precious to hate.

2017 is going to be a very interesting and cringe year. Prepare yourselves.

No. 171503

I think it would be better if Venus only hung out with Taylor, and not the other jvlogger

Taylor seems actually nice even if i'm not fond of her, the other just seem like trash

No. 171512

Yea and they are all in their mid to late twenties. Dont get me wrong you can be friends with whoever you want but they will always be some rifts with age difference.

No. 171515

Rachel, Kim, and Mimei seem nice as well

No. 171517

Rachel seems like she'd get annoyed really easily by Venus' awkwardness.

No. 171523

Rachel comes off as fake s fuck

No. 171524


Yeah. If Rachel moans about Japan and venus is so in love with Japan I can't picture the getting along much. Well… maybe they would get together for a "My husband is Japanese' video. At the most I guess…

Grab Mimei and Texan Tokyo and good to go! The AMWF ultimate cringe. Every weeb and otaku motherfucker will be parading to see that shit.


I know what you mean. Her and Jun are both miserable fucks.

No. 171544


>but when the Mira drama went not people were sympathetic to Sharlz

Can someone translate retardese?

No. 171545

>I know what you mean. Her and Jun are both miserable fucks.

Rachel, yes. Jun always seemed really laid back to me..

No. 171548

sometimes you don't need a lot of friends. venus and taylor are both loners who can do just fine spending all their time alone. i don't see them being attached at the hip besties since they seem to like doing their own thing especially venus. but if there's anyone we'll be seeing her with it's taylor 100%. i hope we don't see her with the others.

No. 171550

>Rachel moans about Japan
Having never seen one of her vids, let me guess… She's one of those gaijin who actually hate Japan but are either a) in denial about it or b) realize they're in too deep to back out and are bitter miserable fucks.

The whole "my husband is Japanese" thing settled the fact that I have no interest in her vids. Good for her, I guess, for being able to make money off of such a non-topic. I'd be quite embarrassed about my whole identity and livelihood being based around the fact that I married someone born in another country.

No. 171556

No she doesn't hate Japan, she just made a video complaining about a few minor things and a few anons over exaggerated it. Her videos are pretty boring tho,so I wouldn't say run and subscribe and all,but I wouldn't call her bitter just because she isn't always sulking about how perfect Japan is.From what I've seen she respects the country when it matters. So I personally don't think she's miserable for stating a few petty things that she doesn't like about Tokyo or the climate change.

No. 171567

What are you people smoking? Would you bring a stranger to your friend's birthday party? And then that person has to wonder if they should bring a gift or not even though they've never met anyone there. Someone's birthday party is not the place to be getting to know people unless you were invited by the person whose birthday it is.

No. 171571

File: 1473125934136.jpg (35.29 KB, 600x454, sharla_2.jpg)

Maybe she does it so people will feel obligated to buy her things. Like:

>Hey Taylor, I'm low on cash but I didn't bring any clothes and this POKEMON shirt is sooooo cute, can you loan me some YEN so I can get this JAPANESE shirt to wear tomorrow IN JAPAN? My pink hoodie has food stains on it and blown out pits because I never wear anything else! I really need this, and it's sooooo cool.

No. 171661

do you have many friends? because a birthday party is exactly the place to meet new people.

also taylor probably didn't ask kim if she could bring venus because she used her better judgement and realized that venus wouldn't really fit in.

No. 171664

I seriously wouldn't invite someone I don't know to my birthday party. It's still Kim's choice who she wants to have at her special day. I don't get why people nitpick on that

No. 171669

>because she used her better judgement and realized that venus wouldn't really fit in.

Whoa slow down there in your leaps of judgement

No. 171678

Yeah, I think they just lack of common sense

Anon, it's very simple: It's a small private party, but most important: It's not your party. Kim doesn't even know her, it's not correct to bring friends to someone else bday party. Respect.

We don't even know what Kim thinks about her, maybe the rest of the girls don't want to get involved, like Sharla who considers her a cringe weeaboo, Einshine's video prove it.

No. 171680

If its a big party with loads of people then sure you can invite a stranger but a gathering with your closest friend no

No. 171681

I enjoy some of Rache's videos but some of her statements, especially those of law and immigration realted, are often only accurate in the case of Americans, it all depends on your country relationship with Japan, the problem is she doesn't say : "This is in the case of Americans", she speaks like if it were the same for everyone when it's not always the case, she should pay attention to those details.

No. 171682

Didn't that BiiBii girl tag along to Mimei's birthday party and she was new to the jvlogging crew? Not that Venus's not going to Kim's party is a big deal..

No. 171688

i didn't mean better judgement to be negative towards Venus, if that's what you're thinking.

venus acts differently from the other jvloggers. she appeals to the weeb culture in an unsubdued manner while the rest do it in a way that's still "socially acceptable." i can see how Venus could come off as off-putting to Kim and the others because she clearly represents the weeb archetype they want so desperately to not be viewed as. this is really only an assumption though based on the content they produce.

in my opinion, venus should stay away from them. she's authentic despite being cringy at times and the shared self-satisfied mindset the other girls have would only be negative for her.

No. 171696

But maybe Mimei doesn't mind and Kim does? If someone brought a person I don't know to my birthday party, I'd be pissed, but I have friends who wouldn't mind at all.

No. 171698

I feel bad for that weird Brazilian girl (Laura?), because you only see her in the birthday videos, or when she launched her shitty brand (which probably they didn't decline because it gave them vlog material). They never seem to actually hang out with her otherwise?

No. 171703


"like Sharla who considers her a cringe weeaboo, Einshine's video prove it."

Can you share the video?, I don't I watched it.

No. 171710

Biibii visited tokyo and met them several times before moving to tokyo

No. 171711

Most of the vloggers have been in japan several years at this point. They now realize japan isnt some magical animu wonderland. Which is a good thing. Their viewers need to realize that too. They need to experience reality and the negative aspects of japan.

No. 171738


But when they're going to hello kitty, owl and barbie cafes that shit is gonna appeal to the weebs who love that kind of thing. So they're going to get ideas alas anime and "I'm white so i can be an idol" is going to get in their heads.

Japan is basically just like anywhere else. Thats it.

No. 171739


Reread it dickhead

No. 171742

Sorry for the derail and nitpick but when she calls her husband "june" and not "jun" really rubs me the wrong way. He pronounces it as J-un and not J-oo-n on his Jun's Kitchen Videos, yet his own wife can't pronounce his name right. smh.

No. 171753


>>but when the Mira drama went not people were sympathetic to Sharlz

"Mira drama went not"

"Mira drama went not"

Nope, still retardese..

No. 171757

Psst. It's "went naught", or alternatively, "went for naught". You misspelled it.

No. 171760

What the fuck are you talking about, in Japanese Jun is pronounce "Joon"

No. 171764

Bit of a blog, but I know people with the same name and it's all pronounced J-un.
Jun in the vlogs calls himself that too, don't believe me do your research lmao.

No. 171765

She may exaggerate the oo sound a bit but its probounced closer to 'joon' than 'juhn'

No. 171774


Click the audio icon and listen

stop being autistic

No. 171775

Good job on linking that anon, but i'm talking about how he pronounces his own name in vlogs and videos. Like I said I know others with the same name too lol.
Throwing the autism insult around really shows your mental capacity.

No. 171780

You're retarded and nitpicking

striving to become Mira?

No. 171796


Holy shit!! You have that link set to the "English" side. It's pronouncing it as if it was an English word.

If you put it on the Japanese side, it's pronounced like it should be..


No. 171797

Sure thing anon, whatever you say.

No. 171807

File: 1473195793227.png (15.8 KB, 1246x283, image.png)

No you fucking dipshit, on the right side for Japanese you can click the audio icon. fucking surprise it's "joon"

not only are you retarded, you can't even navigate a web page? Good thing you have a vagina, that's probably the only functioning thing in your body. The fact you have to nitpick and fight for something you are mistakenly understanding is hilarious.

No. 171809

Cant tell if youre trolling at this point or are as shitty at jp as kanada 'gin' san
The word 準備 is oronounced joonbee. Its joon

No. 171811

I think the initial anon used a shitty example for pronunciation(joon vs juhn)

The correct way is Joon(like in joon bee)

No. 171816

File: 1473198384283.png (228.25 KB, 484x469, pepe.png)

nit picky cunt present in every thread just take a look

No. 171827

Sounds like he's saying "joon" here:

No. 171838

They are both cute in their own ways. But ok.

No. 171847

>its good
>its SO good
>its gooood

damn sharla great vocabulary

No. 171854

>Shaylor sleepover at the youtube space

So I assume Taylor is the only one bringing makeup, clothes, and food, and everyone gets to use her stuff?

No. 171862

> mmmmMMMmm
> hur hur hur
Sharlas main vocab

No. 171867

lol, this was supposed to be taylor's ~big announcement~ #2 and sharla mentioned it so casually

No. 171870

Most the jloggers seem to lack a ton of vocab, I think it's due to their lack of education. They rotate between the same phrases and adjectives over and over.

No. 171872

Honestly that's just most women under the age of about 35. At least in places like America/Canada. We've been conditioned to act like a bunch of shallow dullards who can't stop using vocal fry. A lot of them are Kardashian fans, that should tell you everything you need to know.

No. 171926

>Most the jloggers
most vloggers

the whole of youtube is a swirling pit of uneducated mediocre entertainers, if they were anything else they wouldn't be doing youtube

No. 171932

In her newest video, she says "good" 5 times in the first 6 minutes.

And eww, she's wearing that ugly hoodie 3 vlogs in a row. Funny how she tried to excuse it, but didn't do anything about it.

I bet people from lolcow are gonna end up being at that sleepover.

No. 171935


Yeah really. It might as well be called a Taylor sleepover since all of the sleepovers they've had so far were planned by Taylor, decorated by Taylor, and held at Taylor's apartment. I can see Taylor bringing games and making vegan snacks with the guests but Sharla has literally nothing to contribute. Like…her only "appeal" is that she lives in Japan. The girl is boring af.

No. 171937

File: 1473249028392.jpeg (38.75 KB, 750x411, image.jpeg)

No. 171998

Taylor's newest video about the sleepover seemed really rushed and last minute.

Makes me think Sharla announced it too early without telling Taylor.

No. 172002


Was Venus invited? She should invite Venus. I wanna see them all weeb the fuck out together over Pokemon, Japanese children candy and stupid things. Plus Taylor doing Venus's make up all TayTayfied… Taynusfied.

Then in the coming months Sharla getting jelly and drama might happen. It'll give us all something to look forward to. I sound so morbid but everything is too vanilla and boring at the moment. Its fun when shit is on fire.

No. 172008

brony looks more than trans with that 'grungy' (shitty) makeup

No. 172014

I dont get what look they were going for
She looks like a chucky doll

No. 172015

cackled at this way too much.
shes so gross eww

No. 172017

same! i literally want sharla to be friendless..

gurl gotta stop being an annoying mooch.

No. 172027


lol she might go back to being besties with mira

No. 172039

Wait am I missing something? She's eating langos? They aren't vegan as far as I know there's milk in them.

No. 172040

>fried bread
Wow I have no interest in Hungarian food

No. 172041

aren't those just elephant ears?

No. 172044

It's kind of annoying how people keep trying to wedge Venus into fucking everything. I get that it's what most people expected to happen, but now that it isn't happening it's like you guys just want it to so you can be like

>I told you so! Attention whore Venus causing drama! Taylor and co. using her for views! kekekekekeke

No matter what happens it's like you're just going to pretend it happened the way you imagined it anyway. That's not good drama, that's just dumb.

No. 172046

No just water flour yeast salt

No. 172051

Jesus stop with this.
First you gus didnt want Venus to join thrm now you do just for forced milk.
If Sharla or whoever besides Taylor reaches out to Venus just wait.

No. 172053

Wear it on your face and grab a chainsaw, Sharla!

No. 172070

I dont even know how taylor can stand her


No. 172088

Basically they can't win no matter what they do. Either the jvlogger group is using Venus for views or Venus is an attention whore. And they're all fat ugly trannies who have ED's. The lack of milk and real drama brings out the pettiness in everyone.

No. 172095

Anything for views and new subs.

No. 172106

This is what I'm thinking. It's an investment.

No. 172113

Sleepover with 40 strangers, even if they are your fans, I don't know, sounds weird. 40 is way too much, how can you give attention to so much people?, you probably won't remember their names by the ends of the night.

Is going to be weird for Taylor if all of them are japanese with no english skills.

No. 172119

Yeah how is that going to work like are they going to be sleeping in one big room or… It sounds like a bad idea because you never know who is capable of doing fucked up(molestation,robbing, attacking) shit.

No. 172120

*Actually I take back this statement , it's only going to be from 4 to 7, so they won't be sleeping.

No. 172125

File: 1473308945891.jpeg (165.27 KB, 750x883, image.jpeg)

She's right though. The moment Taylor mentioned "vegan catering", I kinda barfed.

No. 172130

>kehohne: rabbit food turns me off from applying
>fat Lolita
Lol wow

Vegan food isn't that fucking terrible Jesus Christ

No. 172134

It's probably not THAT bad, it's just funny how she said it, and how they only eat vegan junk.

No. 172154

She's not right. She sounds fucking ridiculous and I am nowhere near vegan. Vegan food is just what's left of your regular diet after cutting out the animal products. Humpty Dumpty can't go one night without assaulting her arteries?

Her anecdote about catering is equally stupid because this not HER party and when you're a guest, requests are made for everyday dietary restrictions or allergies. Bitch won't die eating kale salad. Oml.

No. 172175

If you don't like the catering, then don't go. It's simple. What a whiny bitch.

No. 172183

Jesus if the event is only from 4 to 7, would it really kill you to just not eat for three hours if you don't like the food? They would be doing you a favor, piggy.

No. 172187

3 hours only? Why couldn't they just have called it a pajamas party instead of a sleepover.

No. 172190

Lmao its 2016 and people think vegan is rabbit food

No. 172192

Its not actually a sleepover and anyway thats why they are taking applications…
which includes links to social media (probably to help prove identity but lol maybe they only invite people with good social media following…)

No. 172213


Is not a sleepover, is just 40 persons in a youtube office, I don't know, is weird. Just call it a fan meeting and go to a park. I really don't get how can you invite 40 persons and treat them properly (because they are your fans) in 3 hours, invite 10 or 12 and you can give them the chance to know you and have a decent chat with them.

By the way, who is paying the food?, youtube?.

No. 172236

so taylor got her model friend alexa for her birthday an $140 snidel dress plus a bouquet
I mean she only had good intentions but if I was alexa I'd feel bad for receiving such exp gifts

No. 172237

No. 172239

i love snidel, but damn that dress is kinda ugly… and is it not hot as fuck in japan still? why would she buy a sweater dress

No. 172242

Just needs a wasit belt to spice it up.
I like it.

No. 172244

It'll be fall/winter soon, it makes more sense to buy something warmer instead of something that she might only get one or two uses out of until it's too cold.

But yeah, spending over $100 on someone you're just kind of friends with is weird and awkward. I'd feel like I need to spend as much for her birthday in exchange.

No. 172274

I just saw tay's vlog and I can't stand alexa she seemed so unappreciative

No. 172288

I thought her reaction was appropriate, what more could she do to express her gratitude?

No. 172302

I know some anons have mentioned it before, but why is Sharla so autistic when she travels somewhere. She is a fully grown woman who consistently 'forgets' to pack clothing. It's not funny or cute. I can't tell if it's an excuse to go shopping (maybe her fiance doesn't want her spending money on dumb shit but she does this to do it anyways) or if she's genuinely that much of an idiot.

No. 172304

How do you even forget to pack clothes? Even as a child it was logical to me that packing clothes was one of the first things that had to be done. Maybe she is just mentally retarded.

No. 172312

Omg that dress looks so basic, why would you pay so much cash for something like that?! I like Taylor, but this I don't get..

No. 172314

What? She seems like a sweet mellow girl

No. 172315

Thas probably why alexa reacted the way she did
Everyones always like "uggh taylor rubbing money in my face again"

No. 172319

but did taylor tell her it cost $100?? i'd assume it was like $20 just looking at it lmao.

No. 172322

it reminds me a lot of like old school visual kei but
yeah idk either

No. 172336


I'm sure the last thing on Alexa's mind is
how much the present costs. Do you try to
guess the price of presents you get from

No. 172339

No. 172340

^Found this video on miceala's twitter made me cringe a bit

No. 172342

I just realized… Sharla and Mimei have known eachother for AGES… But they really don't seem to hang out much now or stay in touch… What do you think happened between them?

No. 172353

And if Venus and the others decided to never meet, people would just say all the jvloggers are hateful unwelcoming bitches, and Venus is a loser that doesn't know how to make friends.

No. 172354

I don't find it cringy, but the low range vocals+melody do somehow make her have a slight foreign accent in her voice? Normally her Japanese singing is pretty much flawless w/o accent.

No. 172355

Well, if it's vegan junk food I could understand being turned off. Vegan junk food is some of the nastiest over processed bullshit out there, especially any fake meats or cheeses.

No. 172358

I don't think this song suits her at all, her vocals need a lot of improvement, but this song in general is pretty crappy and is not doing her any favors.

No. 172363

I'm Dutch, and the pronounced spelling for Jun and 準備 would be 'djun' and 'djunbie' in Dutch. And the English spelling 'joon'/'joonbee'.. well my brain makes 'djoen'/'djoenbie' from that, while reading? How he calls himself in the other video of >>171827 also sounds as 'djoen', but that sounds kinda like he's pronouncing his name in English/with an English accent. Dutch people have the same, the English accent version of my name also sounds different from how my name is actually pronounced in Dutch. In Japanese, it totally sounds the same though (luckily).

No. 172369

Btw in a Dutch accent, 'Jun' would be pronounced as ユン. A bit different when it comes to the J, but the Dutch 'un' and うん is pretty much the same. The English 'un' on the other hand..

No. 172397

uh yea considering everyone know how much clothes in japan cost

No. 172398

hmm you're right. if you just heard the vocals its very obviously not a native japanese speaker.

No. 172407

it's fine. she's doing her own thing, and that would mean more time staying away from the basic jvloggers. this is ciaela's way to recover from bouts of sadness.

No. 172408

and she's working with other people here, not with sharla "omg so gooooooooood hurdurderp" and co.

No. 172417

I just watched Taylor's video and when she talks to the store lady she says "kawaiiii" and I was thinking she says that a lot. Is that actually normal in Japan because I thought it was a meme to make fun of weebs?

No. 172426

It's like one of the 3 words she knows.

No. 172429

Both. It's actually normal/very common to call anything kawaii and say it a lot. But also an easy way for Tay to pretend she's fluent/fits in. Idk, probably hard for her to use other adjectives too since she doesn't know any.

No. 172529


She sounds like a fucking donkey when she laughs.

No. 172531

You can pinpoint where she stops understanding what the taxi driver says. And wow. She's so concieted. She tried asking him if he was watching her videos, and she thought he said so (look at her face expression), but he was talking about watching a female do origami videos, or something.

Pretty embarrassing.

No. 172532

No they really do say it a lot. Especially women.

No. 172533

Yea i lol'd there
"Im a youtuber. Do you use youtube?"
"Really??" As if he is watching her videos lmao….

No. 172534

Reading too much into it anon. She was probably just surprised that he watched youtube at all because most taxi drivers in japan are older retired men.

No. 172551

i know right lmao. most people past age 40 don't even bother with the internet outside of facebook. it didn't seem like she thought he was a fan of hers at all. people doing the most, as usual.

No. 172552

She literally can't say more than "arigatō gozaimasu", "kawaii" and "ehhhhh"

No. 172553

probably because there isn't anything else to say? lol. even in english all she's saying is "this is so cute" and "i love it" and that's because she's referring to the her english speaking viewers.

No. 172555

I've only heard her sing twice, both times the accent is very obvious.

I don't think her voice suits this song, but I guess she's trying to live her dream or something? So I guess that's good for her.

No. 172568

Except that she literally did in that video.
The conversation went
T- Sorry. I'm filming a video.
D- You're filming yourself?
T- Yeah, I'm filming my self.I'm a youtuber.You know youtube?
D- Yeah, I know youtube.
T- Do you watch it?
D- Yes. I watch it.
t- Really?
D- Yeah I watch a variety of different things on my computer. For example I watch origami videos and try to do it while I'm watching.
T- ooo
D- I also listen to songs.
Nothing amazing but more than 3 words and like a lot of foreigners I would imagine she understands a lot more than she speaks.

No. 172586


I don't think you understand that in Japanese you overplay your emotions to show respect/interest in what the other person is saying. If you watch any anime/drama they do this(albeit a bit overdone), like "ee maji?! sugoi!" in response to a friend saying they got their nails done or smth.

tl;dr nitpicking over nothing

No. 172593

Reminds me of Sharla'a "it's so good" vocab lol

No. 172597

From what we've seen, Taylor always seems generous with the gifts she gives to people. It doesn't mean she's rubbing her wealth in people's faces.
And Alexa looked more pleasantly surprised by the gifts; not butthurt jealous like you seem to be.

No. 172619

then it has nothing to do with how proficient she is in japanese since sharla's native tongue is english


No. 172629

Still doesn't mean Taylors Japanese isn't shit. She's just lucky that you can literally pretend like you can understand everything the other person is saying in japanese just by saying "Eh maji!! EHHHHHH!! SUGOIIII!!!"

No. 172631

It isn't native but I wouldn't go as far to call it shit. We can't really make those judgement from 30secs of a vlog. From what I've seen in her TV appearances it's passable(better than kanadajin even)

No. 172651

the shows are usually scripted and you practise the stuff you say over and over again
anybody can seem fluent on tv
except for mira

No. 172677

Sharlas 5 year YT anniversary video also has her singing that same song as micaela but some how she sounds way better. Though shes still wearing that same old hoodie and stripe shirt as usual

No. 172690

couldnt get past 30 seconds and she looks like shes taking a shit

No. 172707

I really like Taylor's look in the beginning. And her Hong Kong friends are so much better than her jvlogger friends. I don't know why Sharla irritates the fuck out of me.

No. 172721

her face at around 2:14 looks just like her "old" face even though people were calling cheek fillers since like 2014. lol.

No. 172728

she seemed a lot happier in HK, her friends seem kinder than the ones in Japam. She ate a lot more back then too, compared to then she barely eats now…

Either way I respect whatever way she wants to go

No. 172736

Her hong kong life is so more exciting than her japan life and her friends there are a lot better and actually act their age instead of the overgrown children shes friends with in japan