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File: 1461827686259.jpeg (Spoiler Image,553.83 KB, 2553x1913, image.jpeg)

No. 125476

This is about Shani Lynn Ward aka Piinkglass aka Mahoushani
A lot of people want a thread about her.
- Doing porn and hostessing illegally in Shinjuku
Porn: http://video.fc2.com/a/content/20160225VEebRf1e/
- "dating" a 60 year old married man
- 25 years old but has been on different student and tourist visas in Japan for 5 years. Has no real life goals. Super delusional
- Steals. Stolen from her mentally ill bestie and stole from Japanese Walmart Donkihote
- Addicted to Hosts
- Comes here to white knight herself/talk shit about everyone else
- 178cm 90kgbut uses her prostitution money for Japnese burando made for girls half her height and a fourth her weight.
Blog Mahoushani.tumblr.com
BunkyoDreaming on blogspot

No. 125480

File: 1461828094340.jpeg (141.32 KB, 720x960, image.jpeg)

She's really gaining the pounds as you can see in this….a lot of scouts(scouts bring girls in the sex industry in Japan) talk about how easy she is and that she smelled kek

No. 125483

Oh how I waited for the day for this thread lol

No. 125484

Share milk

No. 125485

I was the one who originally outed her porn videos. You didn't like the other one sad face

No. 125486

*link not like

No. 125487

I didn't feel like linking both but you can add it if you want

No. 125491

Only beginning to shine: My big life as a gyaru superstar in little Tokyo;)

No. 125496

does shewant an std or to get pregnant?

No. 125497

She's delusional. She thinks a 60 year old blue collared man is going to leave his wife for her and they're going to live the life of luxury in kabukicho. I don't understand why she thinks being in Japan for 5 years as a "student" with no degree is going to get her anywhere.she should just go home honestly.

No. 125499

ew who is this old man?? Pics back info? Where and how did she meet him?

No. 125501

she meets guys in a date cafe and has sex for $50 but does it raw for $100. I think she met the man when she was an English teacher or some shit. he gives her $50 a week and she does it raw with him even though he's married………

No. 125503

Are you sure about the price? Because that sounds way too cheap

No. 125505

Oh ewwww $50 std street hooker shani

No. 125506

not 100% sure because that's what a friend of a friend told me, but they also said Shani is pretty fat and looks crazy with the whole gyaru ganguro thing so she has to take what she can get….but at her hostess job I'm sure she makes more

No. 125507

Where's the proof tho?

No. 125508

>The lolcows posted here are, shockingly, not works of fiction or falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as false.

No. 125509

>link to cum in pussy porn

No. 125520

She has such massive man feet

No. 125533

You forgot Instagram mahoushani

No. 125557

Actually she met the guy at kirari

No. 125563

that's even worst damn

No. 125571

She says to everybody she is going to language school but truth is that she is doing nothing
Tourist visa

No. 125584

Yeah she's been doing the Korean visa run scam a bit…

No. 125586

Does anyone have her on Instagram??

No. 125590

Mahoushani but she's gone ghost

No. 125594

No I mean does anyone have her added to be able to see her pictures. I know her instagram

No. 125624

Is Shani smelly? She looks smelly

No. 125852

No. 126002

Today I think I saw Shani or Barbie Delandra in kabukicho near some izekeya bars. I just know I saw a white girl and a huge tall fat black chick with a bad pink Halloween wig. It looked like Shani and she was hunched over weird.

No. 126003

Does Shany have pink hair?

No. 126005

Barbs is no longer in japan so it was Shani

No. 126009

Barbie said she's back though

No. 126010

According to her twitter, barbie is back

No. 126018

Oh god no ew

No. 126026

Barbie is back in Japan so it probably was her

No. 126029

I'm not sure who's worse barbs or sere….

No. 126255

They both have threads. Keep this Shani only!

No. 127104

She 25, shit girl get your life together

No. 127244


I feel like she's doing pretty well for 25.

No. 127271

Hey shani

No. 127317

File: 1462309041936.gif (990.98 KB, 500x209, puke-gif.gif)

I can't bring myself to watch the porn think I'm gonna vomit only from the thumbnail. This THINg, Sere, Gaya… Holy shit. Some ugly bitches in Japan! There even are Japanese people who think that all foreign women there are loose, dumb and disgusting and come to Japan because they already fucked up everywhere else. Thanks lol!

No. 127318

*Oh and Thanks for contributing!

No. 127736


I actually agree… she's probably had a more interesting life than half the people on this site.

No. 127739

Hey, I'll absolutely accept being labeled "boring" if it means I'm not an overweight prostitute dating a 60 year old married man and stealing from convenience stores. Yeah, life seems pretty good not being Shani tbh.

Interesting doesn't equal doing good for herself anon.

No. 127742

Shani posts here to talk shit about other girls.

No. 127772

does prostituting and stealing make you interesting?

No. 128288

Made any new porn recently I wonder kek

No. 128289

I'm actually not a moral fag a-log and I don't really care about people who do sex work, but Shani is a crockpot of shit just like sere. She comes here to shit talk other girls, acts like her shit doesn't stink while at the same time has a gangbang on camera where she let jizz in her.

No. 129033

I saw her in Shinjuku last weekend. She looked like a train wreck and boy oh boy did her clothes look stupid. They were way way too small for her stature and only accentuated her manliness. Her wig also looked dry and matted as fuck. She looked like a Rupaul drag queen reject.

No. 129087

Hahahaha thats hilarious

No. 129094

Hmmm but how do you look? You sound like an insecure high schooler. Does it feel better to try to bring others down?Pathetic . Really. Why does it concern you? What she does that is? Don't like it,simply look away and ignore.

It's funny, have all this shit to say,yet none of you don't have the courage to say it to her. Always hiding behind the computer\phone.
Most don't of you don't even live or are even in Japan for that matter. Does it matter how she got here? or what she's doing here? the point is she is here and living HER life.
All you catty weeaboos need to go out and actually do something with your life instead of hating on someone whose trying to live theirs.

No. 129119

I'll never understand why people come here to whiteknight. All you are doing is bumping the thread and making us kek all the more.

No. 129130

"You sound like you're in highschool"
"I bet you don't even live in Japan"

Yes anon. Because a highschooler that doesn't live in Japan totally saw Shani in Shinjuku.


You tried to whiteknight and just ended up sounding like a retard.
Yes she is living her life, and people are finding it entertaining.
If she didn't want this stuff to be found out and is ashamed of it then she shouldn't have done it.

No. 129131

File: 1462888204223.png (1.98 MB, 1303x1600, 1439.png)

Hi Shani!

No. 129134

Obviously English isn't your first language, because it seems you cant comprehend what I wrote.

Sounds like - doesn't mean you are a high schooler. It just means you act like one. Whether you saw her or not, why should you care enough to write about it? Obviously you have nothing else to do.
"Find it entertaining " proves my point that you have nothing else to do.

No. 129139

Are you lost? This is lolcow.

No. 129260

"What she does that is?"
"Most don't of you don't even"

Bit rich to be talking about people and native English. Hahaha.

No. 129275

I wonder where she buys her weave from.

Where do all these black e-weebs buy them from though? I heard some of them go out in cosplay wigs when they can't afford their top up of lace fronts.

No. 129280

Shernice is busy doing porn

No. 129357

Shani and Katie buy cosplay wigs. At least Katie can blend it with her natural hair. Shani is a prostitute and I'm assuming has money for a ton of burando, why can't she buy real hair. It's so stupid.
Shernise we know that's you. No need changing your typing to pretend it's not hon.

No. 129360

She looks at least 28-30 in this picture. Anyone thinks she's lying about being 25?

No. 129364

Who knows. I mean, to be fair, she also looks like a man in this photo.

No. 129728

I want to but I can't find it anywhere.
Does it actually exist in its full form anywhere?

No. 129741

The full form is only for payers

No. 129752

You have to be a paying customer on fc2 to watch it all

No. 130737

Can I say, do we have proof that it's shani in the porn? Her voice sounds like Amina's unless they just have the same baby talk English

No. 130744

You clearly can tell it's shani

No. 130768

They look entirely different. Plus Amina doesnt have giant feet, and she is much slimmer.

No. 130772

You tried it.
Amina isn't that tall/fat and I've seen pictures of Shani in that dress on Instagram. Nice try tho.

No. 130923

Also it wasnt posted here but on the first gaijin in japan thread. Theres a second porn and its shani clearly

No. 131726

sugar daddy

No. 131728

And I have to say that she's not even a sugar baby. I mean, a sugar baby makes AT LEAST 3k per month. She only gets salt ahahahaha gurl if you're going to fuck an old man for the yen, at least do it right.

No. 131729

I think it's hilarious that almost all gaijin gyaru go to Japan to live the 'gyaru dream' aka go to host clubs, fuck old men, whore around Kabukicho and then go to Korean to be able to come to Japan one more time.

No. 135052

Is she still in japan? Or left yet?

No. 138991

Anything new?

No. 146537

Bumpety bump bump

No. 146556

She outed Katie's bf as gay at dinner and talked a ton of shit about Katie

No. 146557

Ahahaha awesome

No. 147169

ooohhohoho what happened details plz

No. 147261

No normal guy would date katie

No. 156313

Is shani still doing porn and kirari?

No. 156314

Pulling 60 year old raw dick for $50 is a pretty broad definition of interesting.

If I saw her on the rare occasion that I pass through Shinjuku I would not approach. She probably has a host of STDs and you never know when she'll go for your handbag's contents. I prefer keeping a low profile and not fighting off a stereotype out of a bad hentai manga.

No. 162152

i need more filth from her!!! it's so entertaning.

No. 325830

She's white knighting like hell for Katie in the other thread. Bump.

Her visa should've expired long ago. Why is she still in Tokyo? Overstay?

No. 325919

Does anyone have that hilarious video about her wanting to get into Black Diamond?

No. 337471

New Shani AV! This time it is an awkward 4some and in HD.


No. 337478

This is so fucking awkward!!! How did you find this anon? Also, how the hell is she not kicked out yet? She must be overstay

No. 337483

She has a decent looking apartment. I have no idea how she is renting it. Does she have a job????

No. 337486

she is living with a guy

No. 337500

some good pussy licking tho, hit the spot for me. it's nice to get close up pussy eating shots without an ugly fucking man's face in it.(no one cares)

No. 337509

Who? Is she still a student? Also where are the apartment pics???

No. 337861

Does Shani know her one of her AVs was leaked again? Like…someone should probably tell her.

No. 337862

She knows. Her insta went private kek

No. 337921

The only thing that pissed me off here was the fucking dirty mirror.

No. 338127

It got taken down so obviously she's a lurker

No. 338250

She lurks here to white knight her and Katie and talk shit about other weebs. She's toxic as hell

No. 338510

what's the name of her AV? video was taken down

No. 338526

javs mainly have code names, the name is the one on the archived version so
FC2 PPV 448939
google that, don't wanna link in case the one I found gets removed

No. 338706

Her insta has been private for like a year now

No. 338969

Thanks anon!

No. 604374

Bump Shani is back in Japan illegally and prostitution again. Anyone have new milk?

No. 988062

Moved to >>>/manure/5647.

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