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No. 204455

ITT we discuss our times having unhealthy obsessions with people. It can be any kind of obsession; romantic, hateful, wanting to wear their skin, etc.

I have an extreme tendency to cyber stalk girls I strongly dislike. The first girl I did this with was my ex best friend as a teenager. I actually found her tumblr recently and she had a few posts that seemed to be referencing me, even though it had been many years since I last contacted her.

There's been a few other girls I watch a lot online. Usually when one enters my interest, they stay there for a really long time until they start to bore me. I stalked the previously mentioned girl for 11 years and there's one who I have been for 7. Everyone else is much more recent, though.

I also stalk a few social media "influencers". It always starts out with me liking them too much and concocting this bizarre narrative of how we would be friends, but then as time goes by I start to dislike them quite a bit. I compete with them, at least in my head. With a couple of them, it's gotten so extreme that I'll have brief delusional episodes where I forget I'm not actually in their social sphere and they have no idea I even exist.

No. 204459

I was never a very popular person; always kept to myself etc. Since i was very young i've always had ne person, whom i looked up to, whether it was a pretty friend, some adult, a fictional chara or a celebrity.
I feel like i don't have any personality of my own, i only let myself get influenced by others; also to the point, like you said, of somehow copying them a bit. For examply there was a girl i founfd really pretty and seh was popular as well and accidently we became friends and from than on i always copyied her clothing style.
When it's about people i don't know in real life i always daydream about them, hold imaginary conversations etc.
If i don't have such a person i admire, i always kinda fel lost, like i don't know how to act, to dress etc.
My dream would be to find out what my own personality really is like, to have an own type of style

No. 204465

File: 1505414900585.gif (950.92 KB, 384x288, 1380214104174.gif)

This one time i found out where a person lives and started to go at nights to look at that person's house in hope i would see that person in a window. I just don't know how to talk to people i really like.

No. 204479

File: 1505423786494.png (2.45 MB, 1920x1080, 1489771993215.png)

I stalk an ex-teacher's social media, printed out a lot of his photos to keep in a book about him and write all about him (like his address, family, license plate, dates where he switched jobs, moved, etc). I gave him gifts and watched his house once after class to see when he would get home after his other errands (and wrote it down ofc). We talk often and we hung out once. I've had a couple of breakdowns sobbing on the floor when I would think about his family or when I feel like my pursuit is at a standstill. Things I post on social media are geared towards what he would appreciate so that he will "Like" it.

Idk reading my notebook of him and my thoughts calms me down. But sometimes I want to kill him so this shit will end and so I can be close to him and watch him go.

We send each other music a lot though and talk about really interesting things that no one else understands. I feel sorry for him that he's already settled down before realizing that I would be perfect, seriously.

No. 204485

No. 204488

Some of you need a mental check-up, wtf.

No. 204492

I'm calling the guards

No. 204497

The topic of this thread is unhealthy obsessions with people, the need for psychiatric intervention is a given.

No. 204501

When I was underaged I hit the peak of my underlying mental illnesses and completely obsessed for some months over an online friend that was emotionally abusive to me. I don't want to go into detail, but I was absolutely batshit insane.
As I've grown up and received help for my issues I have never felt that way again and I don't think I will. Just looking and speaking to me you really would never guess how I was.

No. 204509

this entire thread both fascinates me and makes me incredibly anxious

No. 204510

Change that to some years and you could be my ex girlfriend. I hope she got the same help you did.

No. 204512

I don't stalk anyone for extended periods of time.
At worst, it's in "bursts".
Like they are some people I know that I really admire or am attracted to, and every few months I will google their names or emails or usernames, saving a few of their pictures and bookmarking links.
I know it's creepy as fuck but I can't help it. I am just intrinsically interested in some people and want to know them but can't…

No. 204516

I get really obsessed with classmates, actors, social media people, etc., and then I cyberstalk them a bit but I'm usually over it in a couple of months at most. I don't really have any close platonic or romantic relationships so this is pretty much how I deal with that I guess lol.

No. 204520

I did the same to an ex friend and at one point logged into on old Facebook profile of hers that she had her main added from so I could watch her even more closely. Now I'm in a relationship with someone who is as batshit as I am and we can stalk each other but neither of us care so I guess things work out in the end.

No. 204521

>Now I'm in a relationship with someone who is as batshit as I am and we can stalk each other but neither of us care so I guess things work out in the end.
What's the motivation? Some fear that they might cheat if you don't watch them?

No. 204524

I used to be really obsessed with a guy who lives near me because he seemed to be an alt loner guy and I was too shy to ever approach him, I tried to kill myself once because I thought he hated me for whatever reason (we've never properly interacted) thank fuck I started getting treatment for my mental illnesses and realized dudes a total r9k loser.

No. 204528

No actually. I was more or less joking, its just that both of us are possessive and obsessive. I think he stalks me more than I do him. . It is a good feeling to be in love with someone who is as mentally ill as you. I've never had that before and I've just frightened people away even when I didn't mean to. It's been a few years now though so.. I guess what I'm saying is there's definitely someone out there for literally every person.

No. 204543

are you me? i do this with my SO's ex (save for bookmarking and saving pictures), but i thrive on the schadenfreude.

we're living our dream in japan, have money, in school, and everything we could want while she's still living with her parents, no education higher than middleschool, can't drive, mooching off of her current bf that she cheated with so she can buy clothes, etc.

No. 204544

haha anon, that's cute in a weird way.

hmm I definitely have unhealthy obsession with a Youtuber. He's not that big, he's pretty stable on around 120k views per vid. I follow him for two years now and definitely know more than a normal fan, and when he liked my comment on instagram (he hardly ever likes any) I experienced the biggest rush of endorphines in my whole life, I shit you not. Won't go into detail because it's all pretty generic, everyone and their mother is obsessed with a ytber nowadays.

Last year I crushed on someone I would see often on the bus. I started to remember hours he commuted and if I could, I would pick the same time. I once heard him talk with a friend about studying and figured out what he studies. I found his major's timetable. The luck was very strong with me, I would often bump into him in the city, like taking the tram or eating out.
I found him randomly on fb. So now I knew his name, school, major, and I checked his likes… crush mission aborted, he liked a political party with disgusting views, that every edgelord basement dweller in my country supports.
That was a punch, but I thought maybe he did like it ironically… (sure Jan) He also liked bunch of restaurants, they were all in the same area, with the knowledge about the trams he was taking, I figured out where he lived.
Ohhh and I also found out where he lives in our hometown, partly by an accident, partly by being a stalker

The thought that he's a total r9k loser as in >>204524 story caused the obsession to wear off, also I was trying to snap out of it because I wasn't going to make any move, so why would I tire myself more with this pathetic crush. Moving on was the only reasonable step to take
And here I am, half a year later, free of this tiresome feeling. God how I hate crushes, especially the spiralling ones

No. 204546

>boyfriend has been involved with only two girls before me
>know one of the girls, check her tumblr and instagram multiple times a day, send her rude anon messages sometimes when I'm jealous of her
>don't know the other girl, stalk the first girl's tumblr (they were friends) until I find her secret tumblr full of nsfw pics and her deepest thoughts (she deleted it though)
>check both of them on facebook regularly
>I know these two random girls better than I know my boyfriend

The worst part is that his involvements with these girls were literally five or six years ago and I'm still continuing this behaviour today lol

No. 204563

File: 1505511995755.jpg (37.57 KB, 540x438, 1504841413987.jpg)

I'm obsessed with an infamous "celebrity" that no one should be obsessed with because of his views and what he's done. I use the term celebrity loosely here since he's pretty under the radar. I don't even know why I'm in love with him so intensely even though I acknowledge all of his faults and wrongdoings.

I've reached out to him and got his attention before to the point where he blocked me on his social media (i said some ridiculous, inappropriate stuff to him for lulz) and that's the closest I've gotten to him since he lives on the other side of the world. I've collected old newspaper articles about him and all his first pressed cds, tapes, and records. I also have a journal I made specifically for him and I write about romantic scenarios, love poems, and decorate it with cute stickers and pictures of his face. I check up on his social media everyday, think about him at work, look at pictures of him multiple times a day, and I fantasize about him before I go to sleep every night. No one else has ever come close to making me feel this way.

No. 204604

File: 1505523868010.jpeg (6.47 KB, 245x205, images.jpeg)

I hate spy on my ex 'bestie' from my late high school and early 20s too. Mostly to laugh about her shamble of a life and what a dramatic cock she is.

She wasn't ever really my true friend, I just realized she wasn't after years of my family and friends warning me that she was a jealous bitch just using me.
She used me for car rides, routinely 'borrowed' aka stole my shit and never gave it back claiming she 'lost' them, always showed up for my parties but was never around when I wasn't fun, begged me to buy her shit, and specifically would ask to take her to my college campus so she could man hunt. She was a teen mom on welfare and she was always looking for a man with money so she wouldn't have to keep working at Taco Bell full time.
I think the final straw that made me push her away was when for my 21st birthday she suggest that I buy her and the other user 'friends' I had at the time a party bus so they could drink. Lol, yeah, I was totally going to shell for her to have fun on my own fucking birthday. I would always buy her nice gifts for birthdays/holidays but I wouldn't be given so much as a card in return.

I only stalk her fb, but here's just a small sampling of her cow antics throughout the years:

>Claimed she was assaulted by a 'old man with a white beard' while out 'jogging,' and that the attacker stole her engagement ring. A police report was published that said she had lied about the incident for attention and was undergoing mental evaluation. Later on her fb, she reposted the digital article saying how she was being slandered by police and tried to drum up support, but ultimately she deleted all posts of the incident and never brought it up again.

>Became an extreme munchie claiming that she would have random attacks of unknown pain that required her to go to the ER and have many tests/scans done. She would post pictures and updates to fb for attention as if she were dying of cancer. When the local hospital staff started to shame her for her false alarm antics, she turned munchausen by proxy. She would let her son develop nasty infections, in odd places like behind his ears, until he needed to be taken to the hospital for treatment. Then she'd post statuses asking for prayers for her sick child. However, she stopped doing these things when she discovered that she wasn't getting the kind of attention she wanted from constant hospital visits and that it made her look like a negligent mother. Had a hunch that CPS got involved and it spooked her.

>Got a bunch of disgusting, shitty tattoos of things she thought would make her look more cultured and fun when she has a shallow understanding of said things and not much personality. The tattoos make her look even more hideous. She has no personality and interests of her own and latch on to whatever hobbies and likes her men or friends have because she doesn't know how to enjoy things that don't draw attention from others.

>Has animals in her filthy home that just makes her already dirty home even more filthy. Complains about being tight on money but acts like she's entitled to pets even though the pets would be better served in a more stable environment. Once she reported a series of incidents where she was claiming someone was killing her cats as she let them outside, but my tinfoil is that she was killing them herself for attention so as to be rid of them without making herself seem incapable and getting more pittance attention.

>She just separated her first marriage of two and a half years. Which is ironic considering she was constantly posting bullshit about how they were 'so happy' together, but evidently they were just trying to convince themselves they loved each other. On fb she claimed the husband had a change of feelings a couple months ago, but it's obvious the husband realized he saddled with an ugly loser who didn't want to work. It's hard supporting two kids on welfare and a pizza guy salary, and her less-than-20-hours-a-week PCA gig. She had a new child with this man too, so now she has two kids from different men.

Yeah, I'm a little obsessed. I probably know too much about her life for a person who's so inconsequential in mine these days. I guess it's a little fun having my own personal cow to gossip about.

No. 204605

One more for funsises

>For her shotgun marriage to that guy, she didn't have enough money to pay for her own ceremony and honeymoon. So she created a patreon begging people for something in the ballpark of $5-10k. Naturally, nobody gave her shit because she wasn't entitled to a damn wedding ceremony. Plus the money would've been better spent on any other aspect of her life, like buying her first car for instance. Anyway, she wound up having the ceremony on a drab day at the local beach full of dying fish, high wind, and debris. She had only one video that had her obese mother breathing heavily in the background as she recorded, but the video was later deleted from her page. It was really embarrassing. I think her honeymoon was dinner at the Hard Rock.

No. 204607

The only reason I don't do that is because the girls arent really too present online and don't even have Facebook or anything

I feel you anon

No. 204608

>thank fuck I started getting treatment for my mental illnesses and realized dudes a total r9k loser.
The idea that people are stalking someone and then try to paint them as the loser is something I find funnier than I probably should.

No. 204610

I used to have an assburgers-style fixation on an actor because he guest starred like twice as an obscure character I already had Special Interest (again the assburger variety) in on a show for nerds. I think because he was actually kind of hot and I was just starting to like boys as well that didn't help.
I'm better now but still check the guy's imdb page like once every couple years.

No. 204612

File: 1505528516352.png (189.17 KB, 856x534, Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 8.59…)

I am obsessed with this half Indian / half white girl from NYC who constantly posts about her shitty life on reddit. She reminds me of how I would have ended up if I was ugly and with shitty parents, I guess.

>Is 30 years old and a virgin

>Never had a bf
>Is ugly (by her own words) but says she is not attracted to the few guys who message her online
>Has a college degree but never has never had a real job
>Complains about living with her dad and supposedly BPD mom but says she can't move out
>Considered being a "little" (as in a dd/lg thing)

I find her posts fascinating because she is pretty eloquent and her posts are pretty detailed. She does have a shitty life, but I think she is lacking perspective (because she seems to think that EVERYONE is living a upper middle class successful NYC lifestyle even though there are tons of poor people in the city). I do think she should start a blog.

She also posted about how she wished I was "hit by a bus" lol

No. 204617

I did find your stories amusing. I appreciate you sharing them with the class.

I agree

No. 204619

I mean this is a website founded on the premise of e-stalking drama whores who post on the internet, so…

No. 204620

Except most of these people arent even drama whores. I'm not going to cry tears for someone like Onision because he makes his own hell. Most of the targets on this thread just lived their own life but someone mentally ill decided to obsess over them for some trivial reason.

No. 204630

I do this to lots of people. For different reasons. Sometimes I'm just interested to see how much I can find out about someone's life, like a private investigator. I don't do anything with the information, but it's kind of like a hobby and it's interesting how one little insignificant thing that the other person mentions can allow me to Google so much information about them and they don't suspect a thing. It gives me thrill to see how much I can research people online.

I used to have a bunch of online friends about 10 years ago now but we've since moved on from that interest and I haven't spoken to either of them directly in years. It would be weird for me to message them out of nowhere (I still have other ways of contacting them) and strike up a conversation, plus I know the interaction would just end up being awkward because we haven't spoken in so long. Like I'm trying to relive the good old days when we were friends and used to talk about the mutual interest. So I'm not going to put myself or them through that conversation.

However I do kinda stalk and watch the girls online on their public blogs and twitters etc. I check it every day, sometimes multiple times. They don't really talk to one another either as far as I know. As for why? Well, it makes me feel less alone, for one. I don't really have any friends in real life and haven't had much like finding another fandom that was as fulfilling as that one, so to follow these two girls, that are around my age by the way, still keeps me connected to that happy time in my life when I had online friends. I dearly wish I could go back to the time in my life when we all first met online and just relive that time in my life again.

And to also compare their lives to mine. It makes me feel a bit better to know that they have gone through the same struggles as me in life. I've been diagnosed as Aspie and I'm preeeeety sure both of them would as well, which is probably why we were all so obsessive over our fandom and one of the reasons why I obsess over them now. It also makes me feel less of a loser to see them interested in childish things when because I feel less bad about it when I do the same.

Another reason is because I wish I lived in their country and had a life like theirs, and had loving families like they do. So I can sort of live through their online blogs in a way. I think I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a crush on either one of them, but my feelings aren't that strong to be honest. I'd love to be friends with them in real life but all of my online friends never live in my city or even state.

Another reason I do this is because it's just one of my Aspie hobbies/obsessions. When I get into things, I get into it deep and with commitment. I don't really have a lot going in my life and don't have the energy to do anything offline. So it's like gossip and drama to follow someone's life without having to expand much energy of your own. Plus it's reassuring and gives me comfort to follow these girls and no matter what happens year after year I know I can look at their twitters and see what they're up to.

No. 204633

I just get weirdly obsessed with people I don't know but feel a "connection" to sometimes.
I don't think it's that weird, it's like having a favourite actor and watching all their movies and saving all their pictures, or reading everything and every interview by an author, etc.
Tons of people do it, why is it weirder because that person isn't famous and you sort of know them?

No. 204634

Samefagging, well I do think it's probably a symptom of a personality disorder… generally people who obsess over a person like that are not stable in their "self" for sure.

No. 204638

There was a girl who I met online and sort of knew since she was a part of the same forum that I was. I looked up to her and thought she was so funny and cool. I have tried over and over to find out more about her but her username was only ever used on that forum plus a couple of other forums then that's it. I have read every post of hers on all of her forums. I do wonder what she is up to now and am kicking myself that I can't cyber stalk her. She stopped posting on those accounts years ago. Probably better for her sake I can't find her, not that I'd really do anything with anything I'd find though.

No. 204643

I'll occasionally stalk my ex or my boyfriend's exes online. The former because he's an actual psycho and I don't want him posting about / doxxing me anywhere like he's done before. But I dunno I just wanna see what my bf's type is and why he was interested in certain people. Twitter/Tumblr is usually the easiest place to stalk teenage/college girls but Tumblr's dying and Twitter's not insanely popular where I live. I'm pretty good at finding out people's usernames.

Lowkey I think my boyfriends' exes get obsessed with me too. One accidentally liked my photo years ago and then blocked me lol. I was talking to a new friend at a party in the summer and I found out that two of them knew my name, even though we don't post anywhere that we're dating (only started a few months ago), the girls, him, and I don't really share friends, and I've never seen them around campus. More recently one of them added me on IG, and tonight her close friend did. I feel kind of smug but also weirded out.

No. 204646

oh god, i'm so glad i'm not the only one who's weird like this.
i've done this with 2 celebrities (watching and reading basically anything about them ever) and now my teacher. but god, i hate it, i feel so embarrassed just thinking about it. i'm trying to stop obsessing over my teacher right now, but i see her everyday and she's such an inspiration to me, it's so hard. i'm trying not to be weird and obvious, but i do admit i've walked the dog near her house and went to the shops she goes to more than i should have. i have stopped that now, but the thoughts are still there.

why do you think you guys do it?

i'm not quite sure, i think it stems from idolising the person, maybe being in a weird kind of love with them? i don't think i would like to do anything sexual with her, but i do like the thought of being… taken care of? loved? idk.
nobody would ever guess i'm like this (i look normal and i NEVER talk about it) but i am. there are some good things about it, although far and few between. i started trying to get better grades, reading much more, i'm learning french (she teaches literature and french…) and i'm thinking about pursuing a career in philology or teaching languages.
also, the rush you get from thinking about seeing them is pretty great AND addictive.
(but the guilt, oh god, the guilt!)

No. 204648

sometimes i imagine I'm with the person I'm obsessing over, or even sometimes pretend I am them while I"m doing totally normal shit like washing the dishes or grocery shopping lol it's so embarassing to type out. I think I do it becuase like this anon >>204646
said the rush you get from thinking about them is addictive and also I think I do the roleplay thing because I don't have much personality of my own so adopting someone else's that I admire, even just internally, gives me more confidence.

No. 204649

reading these replies helps me understand why some anons come off as unhinged in their posts on /snow/ and /pt/

No. 204669

I've only looked up old classmates a few times to see how they're faring. I also check people's Facebook pages if I'm crushing on them and want to see if they're single. I'll maybe Google someone who used to be close to me if I can't find them through normal means, or a celebrity if someone tells me I look like them so I can see what kind of makeup would suit me. Otherwise no, I think if you know you behave badly you should get therapy.

No. 204680

>why do you think you guys do it?

I'm >>204479 and I do it because I love him and it's also an escape to daydream of a life with him. I think my loneliness and lack of close friends or family causes me to have an obsession to engulf myself into. I also wish I could be picked up and put into an established person's life to care for them, cook, clean, do everything and also talk about things that others don't appreciate, study our favorite subject together, etc. just make their life easier and happier.

>the rush you get from thinking about seeing them

Absolutely. It's like falling into the feeling of puppy love over and over. Everyone else is disappointing.

That's a pretty good idea. Sometimes I think of him being there or as if I'm talking to him while I'm going about my life, or hear him in my head when going through something rough.

No. 204685

I'm at the point where the thrill of one of my stalkees updating with something worthwhile is just a few steps below sex.

Between this, the mental health threads, and how batshit so many anons seem in /pt/ and /snow/, it seems clear that this place is a magnet for psychos. Not shocked, given the nature of the site.

No. 204737

>why do you think you guys do it?
OP here. I do it because seeing those I dislike being worse off in life than me makes me feel better about my own pathetic situation.

As for the "internet influencers", it's because I have hardly any friends and none that I share certain important interests with, so pretending these girls are my friends somewhat fills that void.

No. 204773

Mine is the typical obsess over certain "celebrities", but the crushes I develop are so incredibly intense that that majority of my day is spent thinking about them. I like imagining myself being romantically involved with a character they've played in a movie, saving hundreds of pictures of them, reading self-insert fanfics, etc. I think its become some sort of addiction, honestly. I often get excited for the next person I can obsessively crush over to where its the only thing I look forward to. I've been this way since I was 11. Whats strange is that I've never felt this way about anyone in my own life… probably for the better.

No. 204783

I think part of the reason for my obsessions is that I never really get crushes IRL because I'm a bit of a recluse and I don't really get lonely being single. I think the obsession is a way for my brain to make up for that with fantasy.

>I like imagining myself being romantically involved with a character they've played in a movie
I do this one all the time lol.

No. 204840

Lol we are the same. I'll go from thinking about them 24/7 to never thinking about them again in a few days' time. I know it's unhealthy and would never contact the person, but I just can't help it sometimes. Like you stated, this is how I deal with occasional loneliness due to no close relationships. I never thought about it that way before, but it makes sense! Have you ever obsessed over someone without knowing what they look like?

No. 204989

I'm so curious about this person's username. I'd love to stalk their post history.

No. 205005

I do get obsessed with all kinds of stuff, it usually last a few days up to a few weeks and I'm doing it since my preteen years. When me and my bf got together 2 years ago, my brain took a 1 1/2 year break from being obsessed with all kinds of things, but now it is stronger than ever. Before a few days it was 50s fashion, so I ordered a bunch of stuff online to try on. The weeks before that it was veganism and the weeks before that is was vampirism/oocult shit and artsy stuff. Now I am rewatching old anime series from my teens and I am falling into that old habit were I get obsessed about characters and imagining every free minute how my life in this world with them would be. Then, after a few days I usually get depressed and think about killing myself until I get to watch a new show and obsess over new characters. I am rn in the depressed stage. Btw before that it was Daenerys Targaryen - holy cow, I was so close to go full platinum blonde and ruin my hair. I am kind of glad, that the sexy bishies took over.

No. 205009

File: 1505864333583.jpg (22.75 KB, 466x359, tumblr_n63qayETLN1qhfqvqo10_50…)

I keep a folder of links to social media and side accounts (even dead accounts) of my own personal lolcows. i check it nearly everyday for good milk and when i find it, i shit talk about how dumb they are to my friends, who usually know who they are too. i take screencaps of their stupidest moments, save a few pictures of their faces or fanart they've drawn, and dig thru their comments and reblogs to find quality milk. ive even looked up some of their addresses before just to see what their houses looks like so that i can make fun of it. i make sure to pick cows that are at least over the age of 21 (teens doing cringy shit isn't fun cuz yeah they're teens), and are genuinely awful people but they're so deluded that they don't even realize it, because it produces the best content. basically this site, but in private. i think of it like checking a celebrities twitter, only for people i hate. my friend and i sometimes make it a special occasion, when one of our cows messes up big time, we get drunk and have a great time laughing at them all night long. none of them are popular enough (except for holly brown) to warrant their own thread. i don't feel bad for hating them whatsoever. i think of them as examples to be the exact opposite of, even refusing to buy clothes i think they would wear, music i think they would listen to, etc (most of the stuff their into is gaming music and lootcrate fashion anyway, nothing i like). ive only interacted with them lesser than a handful of times, but when i do, it produces the best milk. i'll barely say 5 words to them and they have a lulzy virtuous rant-fest, its great. i know i should feel bad for doing all this, but i honestly don't. they need a reality check, and while i think i could probably step in and give them some advice on how not to be a cringy asshole, i'd rather laugh at their mistakes.

No. 205012

i'm intensely curious, who is it? or at least what kinda celebrity is he, like, musician or something?

if you think she kept in touch with any other users of these forums, find their social media accounts and find her through their friends, maybe there will be something?

No. 205033

My obsession are my ex boyfriends, my ex best friend and all of my current boyfriends ex's. I had to get to a point where I had to block his ex gfs because I couldn't stop creeping their social media, getting myself all worked up. I've had to block my exes too, but will always end up unblocking them to get a good creep session in, idk why I'm obsessed with people who make me upset to creep… it's like a form of self harm lol it's addicting..

No. 205109

I've been obsessed with this girl online for maybe 5 yrs now. Like, I look at her social media multiple times a day and have a love/hate relationship with her because we're similar in a lot of ways but she also has some really annoying opinions. I also think she is beautiful and I am a bit envious.

She actually lives in my city and we walked past each other before and I felt like such a creep lmao

No. 205118

I'll creep my bfs exes too, but I'm the opposite, it makes me feel better lol

No. 205119

same…maybe this is cucky but it's somehow affirming to see his cute exes. like i have good taste and am at least as cute/desirable as those girls. when i was a teen i was super jealous so i never would have felt that way. idk exactly what changed.

No. 205122

Every day I check/stalk an ex-RP partner's character blogs and eat up her misery. Sometimes I'll check multiple times a day, 10-15 times or more. I even put a google analytics on my blog so I know when she's looking at mine (I know her state/city). I eagerly await her posts and I'm always disappointed when there isn't anything new.

She used to be THE writer of a certain character, like she was always #1 when somebody made a list of "top 5 [x]". Everybody in the fandom knew her and people licked her ass nonstop, feeding into her huge ego. I played the other half of her favorite ship and that basically meant she owned me I guess. I cut her out of my life when I finally realized everything was about her. She would convince me to send her money for nonexistent emergencies and guilt me/threaten suicide if I dared step away from roleplay to tend to my real life and actual job. The fallout was phenomenal because she tried to drag my reputation through the mud but everyone else had also had enough of her petty shit so they turned on her. She bawwed she wouldn't RP with anybody that RPd with me but never backed up her claims because everyone ignored her bullshit and kept RPing with me. My name will forever live on in her trigger list, probably forever.

She's mostly stopped posting on all of her accounts and but when she's on she cries about how nobody will RP with her and she does't have any GOOD friends anymore. Goddamn I love it so much and I'm so sad she doesn't post as much as she used to. I've tried to become an internet detective and find where she's roleplaying now but I can't come up with anything.

Brb going to check again.

No. 205189

Glad someone else is interested lol


A lot of her posts are hidden because she posts on a private community

I used to have a bunch of her posts saved because I was going to do a writeup, but I deleted it. I think she deleted some posts, like the one where she complained about her parents but wasn't able to move out.

No. 205202

has she ever posted a pic of herself?

No. 205205

File: 1506035084595.png (188.62 KB, 900x530, Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 6.03…)

Of all my time stalking her, no she has not. I feel like she is probably genuinely ugly since she has cystic acne.

I feel like there are people on reddit who would try to go out with her on account of her having a vag without even seeing her pic. But I feel like her standards are too high. I feel like she hates men, so I'm not sure why she is so concerned with dating in the first place.

Here's an example of one of her hidden posts

No. 205207

I haven't seen all her posts so I don't know the depth of her personality as you do anon, but reading that it sounds like she hates herself so god damn much that she's just given up on everything. It's easier to be a self-loathing piece of shit convinced that one can't change than to make herself vulnerable by trying to get out in the world.
I'm sure men make her feel the most insecure, and because she tried to trust the online one who she felt wronged her, she figures any other man will treat her similarly.

It's like a female version of a robot.

No. 205209

It's like r/incels in a parallel universe

No. 205210

That's not fair, incels are far more entitled and openly spew misogynistic vitriol. This girl complaining about her poor health and unemployment says all she asks from that dude is 'online camaraderie'. All incels ask of women is to be perfect 10/10 virgins with no standards who will marry them despite their many glaring flaws.

No. 205211

Also I'm reading her comments and this is definitely not an incel attitude, the post she was replying to was deleted but I think 'enforced monogamy' explains it all
>But this wasn't about "a woman you like". And even if I dislike to think of my crushes fucking women other than me - I don't own them. We're not even in a relationship, they owe me nothing.
>"Sexual liberation functions like runaway capitalism and breeds intense inequality for people like us who just want an equal share in the opportunity to find a partner." We're not entitled to partners and forced coupling could be involved but that doesn't mean anyone would love or desire us more.
>"I've never come across a valid argument against enforced monogamy" Okay, so you're just nuts, I could have saved myself some energy.
>You're the selfish one. A relationship is not like a job. You don't seem to understand people have free will and bodily sovereignty.
>And I say this as a bulldog faced ogress that will probably die without a man kissing me. You just sound ridiculous.

No. 205256

I want to hug her.

No. 205279

Just looking up her username, I see an Instagram profile of a girl with a wider jaw and also a myproana profile. These might be her?

No. 205280

lol never mind, that was the OP of the thread

No. 205292

Ummm idk why anyone would want to do that b/c she seems like a bitch to me. But you should go message her.

I don't think she is really like an incel lol

As for poor health, I've had similar problems. To me it sounds like she has depression but has wrecked her body and made her problems worse by taking shit care of her body.

No. 206120

For about a decade I've had this weird off-and-on obsession/hatred for a person I knew on deviantart. I found her when I was about 16 on some other website and looked her up on DA.

She was a particular girl. Younger than me, but a gifted artist. Even now, her old art is still better than most of what I can do. She used to obsessively draw and write fanfics over her ridiculous mary sue self-insert OC and I ate it right up. On one hand, I was incredibly jealous of her skills. On the other, she felt like my own personal lolcow. Once she started uploading selfies to her scraps the hatred/obsession went into overdrive as she was gorgeous. She was the sort of girl who would claim to have the heritage of at least 10 races, and I am not exaggerating. You'd think she had 15 parents. She also claimed to be biracial, which may have been true. My stalking uncovered that while her father is black, her mother is biracial, making her 3/4ths black American. She only seemed to claim black when it put her above other black people. All other times, she was black and a slew of other ethnicities, which she got away with due to her medium skin tone and long hair.

She was incredibly arrogant as well. Sometimes passive-aggressively, sometimes not. She made it no secret that she knew how good looking she was, and how her art skills were above the vast majority of people her age. She openly called herself a prodigy and bragged about her mother's high-paying job and the stuff she'd done. I assumed some of it was bull since some of her 'stories' sounded an awful lot like some of her fanfics. LIke when she claimed to have had a short romance in with a hot Japanese guy when she was in Japan for a relative's wedding. She said he called her his "little Ameriie". BTW, Ameriie is a singer who happens to be Korean and black.

She fancied herself a writer, claiming that was her real passion. Her talent there was strange. Her earlier writing was absolute tryhard garbage. As she got older, the readability improved past borderline My Immortal territory, but even now I can't see her ever finding non-offline success. Ironically, that's what she'd prefer to do. According to her, her art has only ever brought her drama and problems. I guess I can see why. She had a bad problem with art theft that made her eventually throw in the towel.

When I was in my late teens, I on a whim decided to message her on DA. She sent me her Yahoo and from then on we'd chat a bit here and there. Even though I had boyfriends and friends I'd go out with a lot, speaking to her was the highlight of my night. I'd even duck out of hanging out with my real life friends to go and chat with her. Her personality was much milder and humbler than I expected, but I knew it was probably false modesty. I never let her know how close an eye I was keeping on her and she seemed to like me quite a lot. She called me intelligent and pretty and assumed I was much older from how I spoke. When I found out her full name, I googled it looking for more info on her. I ended up with a Facebook, a couple of youtube accounts and several dead social media accounts she'd made for her mary sue. I scoured and collected them all. I couldn't have enough info on her.

One of her trademark traits was her overanalysis of her favorite things. To an autistic degree, leaving these long-winded and pretentious paragraphs under every piece of art or writing or journal she uploaded. I thought it was cringe as fuck, she tried way too hard to sound smart and verbose but devoured it anyway. I loved it without the tiniest bit of irony. I loved her overly dramatic attempts and creating romance out of nothing, those TLDR paragraphs I'd read through multiple times. I especially loved how she couldn't help but self-insert into every female fictional character she took a shine to. Everyone she liked turned into her, and she thought of herself as this irresistible yet incredibly intelligent bombshell guys were always fighting over. I thought it was great.

A couple of years after meeting her I collected enough on her to write an ED article. It got a little bit of traction on the site but soon after I felt really bad (I loved her again) and decided to delete the article. Somehow a friend of hers stumbled across it and passed it onto her. She posted it in a journal and basically admitted that everything I wrote was completely right, laughing about it in an 'oh boy I used to be such a mess' kind of way. For a while, I was a little spooked that she might've known I wrote it, but her demeanor never changed towards me and she always seemed to be really excited to chat. I tried to mirror the typical ED retard speak, and she knew she was more than popular enough to have haters so I suppose she didn't even think I wrote it.

At the time we were also talking regularly on Yahoo messenger. I gleaned that she had some sort of underlying depression. She ended up doing art based on ideas she'd get from our convos. It filled me with this weird sort of glee. I never had any remote interest in any fandom she was in, but seeing her make things both delighted and infuriated me. I loved her shitty melodramatic writing and unique art style but I also wanted to be close friends with her so I could find flaws and humanize what I saw as too ideal for comfort. I was so angry that I couldn't be more like her, but I also wanted her to be her.

Years later, I don't have any contact with her anymore. She's moved on to another obsession, but now that she's a bit older she tends to wear her heart on her sleeve more. Her personality is still melodramatic and tryhard but she drops hints here and there that she's very depressed. I don't know why. She's still got looks and opportunities and people think she's talented. I hate to say that she has little to worry about, but she honestly does. She's since quit a majority of social media and apparently, isolates herself. For some reason or another, she looks back on her old fandoms with disdain, despite being head over hills in the past. She deleted almost all of her donut steel OC art, but I archived most of it. Her old fics are gone, replaced by her newer crap. I still go back and look at my 'her' collection a few times a week. She claims to have quit art for good now, which is a shame. I'd love to see what images are going around in her mind now.

Strangely I never felt jealous of her looks. If anything, I loved her appearance. For a while, I was confused over whether I was attracted to her or not. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that it wasn't romantic or sexual attraction I felt towards her, but a very strong desire to be her friend, or maybe just be her. Since she had a habit of being intentionally vague her age (a practice that I assume is common on social media) I hadn't realized that we were only a year apart until recently. I'd always been under the assumption that she was an actual prodigy since she called herself that a lot in her teen years. Underneath it all, I think we are still incredibly similar. She draws better, her writing gets more attention, she has more money and she suffers prettier. I'm still keeping a close eye on her but I don't think I'll be talking to her anytime soon. She probably doesn't remember me well, and I don't want the person she is now to overwrite the pretnetious and vain version of her I have in my head. That would be significantly less satisfying to love and hate.

No. 206123

this was really fun to read

No. 206126

Thank you. I've had a few other similar objects of obsession over the years, but none of them are/were as intense as this. Once I befriend my obsession and get to know them better I usually end up bored and slowly phasing out of their life. They go from being muses of my mental illness to normal people with normal people problems.

No. 206139

I don't know if I would call it stalking or an obsession because I don't constantly check up on their activities, but I do have a thing for reading the facebooks of legitimately insane people or drug addicts.
I think it has to do with the fact that I love reading things online about true creepy shit, but the list of things I haven't heard of is running out, and these people fill that need for me.
Sometimes it is people I have never met and have learned of online and sometimes, usually with the drug addicts, it is people I used to go to school with. I don't know, it's definitely weird but it fills that creepy void I have in my life right now.

No. 206161

This homewrecker girl and ex-boyfriend, I really just need to stop and get a life.

No. 206165

what user was it anon?

No. 206179

>legitimately insane people

how do you find them?

No. 206186

Sometimes it is from sites like this and other cow sites, but a lot of times I find them from comment sections of facebook posts. I see someone who comes off as batshit insane by their comments and check their profiles out to see if the insanity goes further.
Sometimes I'll read forums of whacked out shit like people who believe in reptilian shapeshifters and stuff like that, but I find the day to day posts of insane people on facebook to be much more interesting.

No. 206188

I used to fucking obsessively watch bubzbeautys vlogs. Idk I wanted to live vicariously through her, live in the city and do makeup for a living and shop, eat McDonald's and live her silly carefree life.

But she had kids and her vlogs became incredibly boring. Probably for the best.

No. 206194

I'm with >>206165
I want the username

No. 206197

I was obsessed with this singer, spent thousands seeing him live many times. Never wanted him sexually (may be hard to believe, but dead serious on that). He doesn't really talk to the media and his lyrics are pretty intense, so I guess I just wished I could be in his inner circle. A pipe dream I suppose. I had the money, spent it on that and it got me nowhere… I don't know what I was expecting. Moral of the story? Don't meet your idols, and definitely don't spend huge sums of money doing it.

No. 206199


Sorry guys. She shall forever remain a mystery.

No. 206221

I've been trying my best to avoid the people I obsess with - distancing myself, moving saved images so they're less accessible (don't have the guts to delete them just yet but haven't even looked at them once so far). I think I'm doing better and am having less intrusive thoughts as time goes by but the loneliness gets to me still and the urge to relapse and creep becomes hard to avoid. Distractions are only a temporary solution. I feel like I'm just waiting for that next person to fixate on and fill whatever void it is I have. Any of you anons relate?

No. 206225

Well thats rude

No. 206243


Anon are you me
From sixteen until twenty I would compulsively have to watch all her videos read all her social media and wished I was her

No. 206249

>Underneath it all, I think we are still incredibly similar. She draws better, her writing gets more attention, she has more money and she suffers prettier.
God, this is so real. I definitely can relate.
Interesting read, anon.

No. 206280

I used to stalk my ex. Only because he is a narcissistic predator who has a taste for teenage girls (we started dating when I was 15 and he was in his twenties, didn't see anything wrong with this until I was an adult). I know all of his tricks to lure in girls. Soon after we broke up he started dropping the same tricks he did on me to a mutual friend of ours who was only 16 at the time. I told him off for it, and he immediately got defensive and blamed it on being a 'lonely old man'…even though he was at the youngest 25.

I don't stalk him as intensely nowadays since I'm done giving him the time out of my life, but I still desperately want to warn any girls he might be creeping on of his proclivities. He's the literal definition of 'I want to be the little girl' and I knew he was trouble when I found out he regularly fapped to loli and shota. He's the type to invite himself into female-dominated spaces, pretending to be a girl to attract other girls and groom them. He has a definite type and quite a few mannerisms that give him away so he's not hard to spot. I hate having to expose myself to his bullshit since we've been broken up for almost 7 years now, but I can't rest easy knowing he's still around as a 30-something trying to get kids to 'be his friend'.

I really, really want to tell these middle schoolers he's preying on that that adorable girl from "France" that's using Google translate to talk in broken English to you is really an almost 400 lb gimp narcissist from the South.

No. 206318

I mean… why can't you?
If you know for certain that he's interacting with minors in a sexual way you can report that. Or reach out to the families of the kids. Some kids are savvy enough to figure out how to deal with creeps like that - but a lot of them aren't.

What are the chances of him having CP? If he's jerking it to loli and he's unapologetically talking to middle schoolers….

No. 206344

I don't know if he ever had

My first attempt to warn a girl (a 14 years old) ended with her not believing me. She thought I was being a bitter ex trying to sabotage their friendship. I'm really worried because he's seemed to develop an interest in DDLG and she acted a lot like your typical tumblr little. I don't live in the same state as he does anymore and I don't know if he has the same address so I don't know how to contact the authorities.

CP… I don't know. I wouldn't put it past him, since I once caught hardcore toddlercon on his computer.

No. 206345

Meant to reply to >>206318
For some reason my post screwed up.

No. 206346

I stalk people who pissed me off or did some form of wrong, because I want to see if they're miserable.
It brings me a comfort to see something shitty happen in their life while I'm just living mine.

No. 206387

I stalk people who showed interest in me at some point. I'm really good at looking interesting online so sometimes I attract people who genuinely want to get to know me. We talk for a while and they get more and more into me and then I ghost them. That's when I start to low-key stalk them for years. I guess they all think I just found someone irl or something. What they don't know is that I have no life and I'm just sitting here checking up on their online activity.

No. 206395

My boyfriend is the same. Admitted to me drunk one night he likes 14 year old girls and finds them attractive. I think most men are like this.

No. 206411

when i find someone interesting online i will to find as many of their social media accounts as i can and check them daily until i get bored of them

on a scale of 1-10 how bad is that

No. 206412


to clarify i don't do this to anyone popular like on this website,
totally average people

sage for dp

No. 206466

it sounds bad and might be a little more intense than average but i think this is just a new common habit the internet has caused. i think it's the same with "facebook stalking". If you don't have some neurotic motive for following them I don't think it's that big a deal. Someone posts some interesting things often enough that you find yourself checking daily and don't notice that you're doing it until it's a full blown habit.

No. 206468

that's fucking revolting

No. 206473

I can't see any justification for this beyond most men just being sick opportunist. I hear all the time that adult men are attracted to teen girls because they're physically adult women with easily manipulated minds, but I'm in my early twenties and teen girls just look like teen girls to me. They're so distinct from adult women, even young ones. So I'm not buying the 'It's normal to be attracted to them because they're identical to adults' bullshit. Those older looking girls who happen to be underaged are outliers and they fucking know it.

No. 206474

i do the same thing. there's a few guys i rotate creeping on, though i did talk to one a few months back and nearly dated him. i think it becomes a routine and that's why it's hard to stop.

No. 206475

they like them because they look young and cute.

No. 206493


can you not read

No. 206494

File: 1506746273413.jpg (72.41 KB, 620x620, #triggered.jpg)

That was… interesting?
We share a lot of similarities, but next to her I am a beaming ray of sunshine and hope for the future.
I am also amazed how surprisingly lucid she seems considering the nature of her novel-length post history.

No. 206531

File: 1506793181615.jpg (29.36 KB, 600x368, jpg.jpg)

ot but… since when Andrzej Sapkowski is a reaction meme, what did I miss

No. 206538

Since i downloaded that image to my hard drive tbh.

No. 206584

You sound eerily similar to a bloke I used to know.
I miss him

No. 206626

Why do you think you end up strongly disliking the people that you stalk?

I have a few girls, including the current gf of a really abusive ex, and some older men who are stalking and subtweeting me now. I legit just want to understand, please.

No. 206637

Oh my fucking god I feel like people like her would be so much fucking better off if they just quit the internet and social media for a while. No one should be this self conscious, literally ever, and now her bullshit is manifesting as chronic pain. She needs a blood test, a doctor, and to fucking get over herself.

Thanks for posting this. I have episodes of major depression and sometimes I get a little spun out, can't find reasons to care, then I read how ridiculous those thoughts are coming from someone else and it forces me to at least fake it until it's real. Oh my god.

No. 206673

I have borderline personality disorder and I tend to become obsessed with one person (romantically) and suddenly nothing else matters to me. It's to the point where the smallest thing they do can affect my mood, even them getting a new haircut can make me feel insecure because I feel like it means they'll try to impress someone else and leave me for them. It really sucks because my last boyfriend was the only person I had left and he cheated on me and left me. My friends felt bad for me and came back to me after that but I could barely make myself care about them for the longest time. I was still obsessed with that ex for about a year and a half after our break up. I am becoming infatuated with someone else now and I can feel the cycle repeating itself already.

No. 206717

Anon, you responded to. I totally agree.

Also, I just happened to be in NYC for a while. I was in a pretty nice area (Morningside Heights in Manhattan) but even walking around casually for a few days as a tourist it's pretty easy to tell that there are a HUGE amount of diversity in NYC. Lots of the most successful people in the world live in the city, yes, but a ton of very unsuccessful people live there to. Living in NYC should give you an example that not everyone has a polished lifestyle.

No. 206745

That just sounds like insecurity. I'm like that too. I think women are overdiagnosed with borderline.

No. 206746

I think it's normal when it's a brand new relationship and you don't trust your partner that much yet, or an LDR… But in those cases it lasts for a few weeks, maybe a month and anon has been obsessed with him for what sounds like years. Plus I'm fairly certain what she's describing feels a lot stronger than anything we might experience.

No. 206754

I used to be obsessed with Dakota back in 2011,would try to see where she lived/her whole bedroom (i made a plan of it based on her pics)/her whole wardrobe/get rare pics of her/… and try to be like her without making it obvious so i wouldnt look like a creep.
I would never hurt anyone or follow them in real life because i'm just a shy loser and keep to myself,but I get autistically obsessed with people sometimes.
There was also two lolitas I got obsessed with, including one who deleted everything so i spent hours on her friend's tumblrs searching for her pics,looking at the blogs who reblogged them,search her name on several platforms,…

No. 206755

I'm gonna sound like a sjw tumblrtard but shit like this is why i'm convinced most men are absolute trash.
When you get old,they just don't care about you anymore, all they want is some young,cute,fresh meat to stick their dick into

No. 206810

Considering all the Kota clones that used to exist and copied her to a T on social media, your obsession doesn't even sound that creepy. I still remember that Russian (?) girl who shooped herself to look like Kota and copied all her poses.

No. 206977

File: 1507003683089.png (237.63 KB, 850x658, Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 11.0…)

This girl is really at it again

No. 206978

File: 1507003702315.png (106.66 KB, 892x330, Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 11.0…)

No. 207123

Ugh. That's really depressing. There's no entitlement to rage about here, it's pure self deprecation and sadness all around.

No. 207129

Yeah, there kind of is? Like >>206637 she needs to get over herself.

She makes these posts on reddit several times weekly over the last two or so years, and not one thing has improved in that situation at the time. She is so whiny that not even /r/rasiedbynaricsissists, which loves to take the side of the posts almost 100% of the time, would side with her. They suggested to her that she move out and she refused.

There was just another post by her, which is in a private community, implying that everyone else has it in life like Don Draper. She acts like other people don't have to work hard and struggle to get what they want.

I think her problem is that she has spent her life sheltered in a mostly white, upper middle class community (it seems most of her friends are like that), which has caused her problems in her world view. But it also doesn't make any sense in light of her being from NYC, which is one of the most diverse places in the world.

I think it's ok to vent some, but when your posts literally consist of you venting all the time and doing nothing to accomplish your situation to an audience of people that will give you asspats and confirm whatever unhealthy worldview you have, it's time to stop.

She needs to get herself on disability or get institutionalized or SOMETHING. Hell, she has a college degree, not sure why she didn't bother to teach English in Asia in the decade since she graduated.

I've gone on long enough, I'm just not sure why people are so sympathetic to her. I feel like if this was a guy posting the exact same words, people would here would be ripping into him. lmao

No. 207209

File: 1507117346513.png (70.64 KB, 1062x545, fanfiic.png)


OP of that post here. Here's an example of one of her fanfics, something slightly more recent (2009). Just an example of how pretentious and blowhard she is about her own writing. Just thought through this was enough to make me almost fall in love again. PS, this is nowhere near the longest tag list she's put on a fanfic.

No. 207224

>shadow the hedgehog
>violence, rape and abuse
lord deliver me I'm in stitches

No. 207282

>Non-Consensual Kissing
>I Can't Believe I Wrote This
>This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

No. 207506

My boyfriend had a crush on a youtube personality. I wasn't necessarily jealous but did feel a little hatred towards her, Idk it was a weird mix of admiration and hatred. I stalked the shit out of her and even went so far as to get like her entire wardrobe. She never said where she bought anything but I'd spend hours scouring through her videos to try to see tags or where she bought them. So i ended up buying 20 dresses that were exactly like hers and even paying huge shipping costs because she's Australian so it was all Australian brands. And I'd just wear the clothes all the time and stalk her insta and snapchat. I did that religiously for like 3 years. I finally stopped because she dropped off the face of youtube for a while, she came back and was fat and homley, I felt kinda bad for her. So now all those clothes are in a box in my closet.Besides that I've never really cyberstalked anyone else and I look back thinking wtf

No. 207530

Are you still with him tho?

No. 207546

File: 1507272183310.png (128.74 KB, 1280x149, Dare you enter my magical real…)

No. 207605


Yeah but ngl when I'm particularly lonely or life really sucks I still go rewatch her old vlogs and vids. I think I just miss the 2010-2014 era because my life has gotten significantly shittier in the last few years.

No. 207607

I obsess over cute girls (usually around my age)
Not only because i'm probably gay or bi at the very least, but mostly because i wanna be them.
There was this one girl before who was really pretty,really rich,huge burando wardrobe,loved by her parents who were rich and totally supported lolita,lots of friends,…
I have assburger fixations on things,including people. So I stalked all of her social media,tried to find pics of them on google,wayback machine for her old blogs,through her friends accounts,tumblrs (she was quite popular back then so there are quite a few pics of her laying around)…

It's so satisfying in a way yet i feel so depressed and creepy after a while.

No. 207690

Yeah, we are married now actually! It turned out he really didn't like her all that much, couldn't even spell her name. lol. I overacted just a little

No. 207710

Great to hear that it worked out for you in the end!

No. 207738


>Single white female'd am Australian YouTuber because your boyfriend thought she was cute

>overreacted just a little

I love you crazy Farmers

No. 207749

Is it really that weird to check up on people you don't know online? There's a few people I check in with every few months (used to be more often when I didn't have a life lol). One particular girl I knew from a blogging site. I commented on her stuff like 5 years ago and thought she was cool but was too shy to actually talk to her. I check her social media every now and then to make sure she's doing ok.

I also check up on my best friends ex friend. She's really pretty and has a chill life so I like to check where she's been traveling and what she's been doing.

I probably sound really autistic, idk maybe I am, I'm pretty nosey to be honest. The only people I hate watch (apart from lolcows) are people who were shitty to me. I like to remind myself how fucking ugly and boring they are

No. 207776

Dw i do the same.
I hatewatch two of my ex-friends that were shitty to me. and as petty as it may sound, knowing that i do better than them,look prettier (one of them started smoking and is obsessed with looking young with a nymphet aesthetic so she looks godawful and cringy, the other became a fakeboi and is obese lol) and have good friends (one of the has no friends and is begging on ig for them)

No. 207777

/I love knowing that

No. 207782

Theres a photographe/rinstagrammer I really love the artwork of. She does a lot of crafty stuff and drawings too. like she's all around a great artist even though she's just an instagrammer. like, she could really make a living on art. I went through her flickr/old blogs/ old deviantarts and I have most of her photography saved. I even dug up some old fanfics she wrote on LJ and saved them to my computer. She has a lot of photos of herself selfinjuring and I pretty much contantly refresh her feed to save them. She usually doesn't post personal stuff, just artwork. But sometimes she posts really disturbing accounts of suicide attempts/ mental health that seems genuine. I try to copy her photoediting style and aesthetic. If she tries a new craft, I immediately go out and try it myself even though I lack her skill. Sometimes when she sells crafts, I buy them if I can afford it. It feels nice knowing that I won things made by someone with so much raw talent.

I occasionally leave nice comments on her IG on how skilled she is as an artist but other than that I don't really have any personal contact with her outside of just being a fan. I even found out where she works so I went on a day trip to the town where she lives in hopes of running into her at work and gushing to her about how much she's helped and inspired me. I even made a little photo collage w/ my own photos that I wanted to give her as a thank you present.

I caught myself being creepy and decided to just not even go there. I'm kind of ashamed I drove an hour and a half through nowhere boringass farmland just to go to a mediocre small town in hopes of running into someone who is probably severely mentally ill and would likely have a break if she knew some stranger from the internet tried to stalk her/copy her entire life. I guess I do it because I'm just a lunatic who found a fellow minded person. Honestly reading this thread made me more selfaware and now I feel bad.

No. 207787

lol i do that too. made a fake FB eons ago, and shared it with an online friend. i added a bunch of randoms from all over the world, and check up on them now and then. i think of it as reality television in real life. some of them are really fucking whack!

No. 207823

I stalk quite a few people but I've also had my fair share of stalkers.

It's weird to think my friends and family know I've had a couple of crazy guys stalk me online then find me IRL (outside school, following me to my house and vice versa, but they don't know I've stalked some people online for years.

My current guilty pleasure is my boyfriend's ex. I had no idea who she was before I got with him, but apparently he completely got over her once he met me. She's
Honestly gorgeous and disgustingly wealthy so I was surprised. I started checking her accounts out of curiosity but later found out she really doesn't like me and keeps coming back to contact my boyfriend, and that's when the real stalking began. There's something fun about watching a girl who thinks she's better than you sadpost on multiple platforms because of how empty her glamorous life is. I manage to get my hands on some of her private conversations out of sheer obsession. I still get giddy whenever I look at her insanely beautiful vain selfies with pathetic, subtweety captions like "Is her grass that much greener?"
It's kind of funny to me how it's been over a year and she's still publicly obsessed with my boyfriend while I'm secretly obessed with her.

No. 207839

You should have hot lesbian sex together

No. 207852

Unfortunately she's straight and thinks I'm "just average". I'd love to hatefuck her (or better yet, fuck my boyfriend in front of her.)

No. 208411

My boyfriend is friends with this fat chick and they used to flirt a lot over social media before i actually started dating him. I don't care about him having friends who are girls, I'm not the jealous type and i trust him. But im rail thin and always have been. So i dont know why but it irks me that hes attracted to this particular fat girl.

I check her ig everyday to see if he liked her pictures and not mine. I make up these scenarios in my head about meeting her and how i want to beat the shit out of her and make her feel like shit about her body. I cant even watch porn with chubby girls in it anymore, because i think of this girl who's never said a word to me. I have to force myself to stop checking all her of profiles to see if her and my bf had any interaction that day. I become so deluded that i want to start asking him if hed cheat on me with her.The worst part is i think i wouldn't care if she was skinny.

I hate that i think I'm better than fat people. Especially her. For her to be friends with my bf she has to be a nice person. I like all of his other friends. I don't know what is wrong with me.

No. 208969

But anon, you ARE better than a landwhale.

No. 208974

Uhhh, why are you completely blaming and shitting on her? As if your bf has no free will of his own? It takes 2

No. 208975

did you read her post anon? they're not cheating…

No. 208979

You are better than that land whale and he knows it!

No. 208980

I talked to this guy for nearly half a year. Recently he got an overweight koreaboo girlfriend without me knowing. I found her facebook and she took photos of herself in a crop top with her gut hanging out. Another was of her in one of those Chinese American Apparel knockoff tennis skirts and a bra. He's Korean, so I guess she was easy pussy.

No. 208981

thats sad

No. 208982

I forgot to mention that she's the type of weeb you find on language apps. She's trying to get an AA in East Asian history, lmfao.

I know I shouldn't let it bug me, but it hurts that he's cuffing some whale from the local anime club. I keep telling myself that if he's willing to fuck her he isn't worth my time.

No. 208990

Why do you have such terrible taste in men?

No. 208993

I get super obsessed with certain people from time to time, and it's like i'm a fucking info hoarder. One of them, the first one, was one of my teachers and it went so far as recording our classes so I could go home and listen to them. I have like….30? Of those, maybe even more. I also convinced my parents to buy her expensive academic book I would have absolutely no hope of being able to understand at the time. I was such a kissass in class too: I basically worshipped her.

The other is a friend that I'm crushing on, and it's much like above except it's hoarding pictures of her, even from years ago and periodically looking at them. I also do a daily stalk of both of her tumblrs and her tumblr likes because I like getting "Secret info" from there. I talk to her all the time and I legit enjoy being her friend but I also love getting to hear things I know nobody else knows. I also visit her at her work all the time and go to non-compulsory classes just so i could see her on campus.

It just gives me a huge rush but at the same times calms me down. It's fucking weird thanks for making me drag all that up on a public forum OP

No. 209023

i'm starting to develop a new obsession on a complete stranger. looking up court cases from nearly 2 decades ago and getting excited just reading about some random misdemeanors. shit's so weird now that i think about it, but it feels like a drug

>It just gives me a huge rush but at the same times calms me down.

same here! you wouldn't expect this kinda thing to be so emotionally fulfilling but somehow it is

No. 209025

whats the user?

No. 209027

it's a private IG but her public flickr is tinydoll

No. 209034

No. 209036

My ex who popped my cherry. I legit called him and texted him every week then every month until he called the cops on me for stalking him (I never physically went to his place because he said he would beat my ass if I go there looking for him. Men) Well one day I look at my phone and he sent me a text like 5 days ago. He wanted to reconnect aka he was desperate and want to fuck me again. I didn't text him back which was soo weird cuz I used to have dreams of waking up and reading a text from him. Literally planned outfits for that day.

But yeah I'm just too busy being fixated on my most recent ex who gave me my 1st O. And I mean, these obsessions fall behind my own obsession with myself. So I don't have time to keep more than 1 going lol

No. 209041

File: 1508028927638.png (628.2 KB, 488x1000, scared usagi.png)

Yeah, I online stalk a girl who I have mutual friends with, but have never met myself. Looking at her facebook profile, she seems very well-put together: good-looking, intelligent and high ambitions. But then I found her reddit account and some of her old blogs and now I realize her life is a fuckin' mess. I also suspect she may have some personality disorder like BPD or similar(?)

>She was aiming for medical school and made posts on reddit and facebook as if she already KNOWS she'll be accepted. Like "before I go to med school in the fall, I'm going to…" and took multiple selfies with a white lab coat and a stethoscope and posted them to facebook. Some people on reddit were even congratulating her on being accepted.

>Found out later she had a GPA under 3.5 with almost no volunteer experience…

>She must have gotten rejected pre-interview (no surprise) because she later deleted all her reddit posts and facebook selfies about it

>Around the same time, she cheated on and dumped her fiance on Valentine's Day, despite proposing to HIM only a few months prior. I found out she's dumped previous bfs on holidays, which makes me think it's purposefully done to gain maximum attention/drama.

>Has a history with "monkey branching" her boyfriends and dumping them out of the blue, only to be dating someone else not long after

>Asks for advice on reddit about how to live frugally because she's living entirely off government loans and child benefits (got pregnant with her ex after 3 months of dating), and how she can just "barely make it work"

>On facebook, she describes herself as a "fiscal conservative" and goes to expensive salons to change up her hair color every month, buys designer clothes, pays for photographers to do a glamorous photoshoot

>Wrote on her blog about how much she hates her hometown because it's full of "hicks" and because she's desperate for money but no one is hiring, but she refused to apply to a certain coffee shop chain to "keep her sanity". (I've worked at the same place, it's really not bad at all).

>Had a four paragraph long, flowery biography about herself on said blog

>Will sometimes selfpost to reddit and get 1000+ upvotes, but I've noticed she will change something about her appearance a few days after one of her selfies don't get as many upvotes as usual

Anyways, I guess the moral of the story is even if someone seems really put-together on social media, it may just be a facade to their real life: which is a chaotic mess of stupidity and impulsive decisions.

No. 209049

Wow this bitch sounds like a piece of work. You have any pics or anything? I'd love a link to her blog.

No. 209050

Fiscal conservative is just a Republican who is too ashamed to stand by their parties wacko social ideals. Essentially they are all about laissez faire and all that shit

I hate them cuz they're always misinformed

No. 209070

This isn't much of an obsession but just casual stalking out of interest, but I follow this one girl that just piques my interest being the brat she is. Trying to keep it somewhat vague to hide my stalker ass.
>Web artist (duh)
>In her mid-20s, unemployed, has no degree, no work experience at all
>Claims to have a severe case of PTSD and depression
>Can't keep her stories straight about her childhood and adolescence, always makes herself out to be the extreme victim of traumatizing experiences. I believe some of them to be true, but when her posts in the past contradict some of the stuff she's opened up about it feels fishy. And of course, she leaves out all the shitty things she's done to other people.
>She's also overweight and has a massive complex about it. OBSESSES over her weight and occasionally works out, but can't cut out the excessive binging on junk food. On the other hand she keeps going on about how chubby girls are so sexy and cute, possibly as a coping mechanism.
>Self harms and makes a huge, public deal about it
>Has a boyfriend who started out normal, but she has dragged him down with her, making him a husk of a man who's too much of a pussy to leave the toxic relationship
>She has no impulse control, buys shit she doesn't really need with the money she doesn't have and then cries about being poor

Despite all of this she manages to be one of the most entitled people I've ever seen. She's rude, very self-centered, skips out on her responsibilities while blaming everything on ~m-muh depression~. Despite her continuous hate for her "ugly" looks she posts selfies all the time. She deliberately eggs trolls on with her pompous "bad bitch" attitude and cries for help and reassurance when they attack her back. I have to say that I mostly follow her to remind myself of never sinking to that level of attention whoring and life habits in general. I do take pity on her boyfriend though, he seems like a wimpy guy who just got caught in the middle. Then again he also enables her terrible behavior, making her sink even lower.

No. 209108

she sounds amazing, love following people like this

No. 209109


I engage in the same type of stalking! My personal cow is a "beauty queen" who is a compulsive liar and just intrigues me in every way.

>Mid 20's, did some modeling when younger

>claimed to go abroad with a modelling contract, in reality she won a competition to manage an old single women's magazine in the country and got paid peanuts for it
>Then chose "to become an au-pair", in reality used her looks to find single men looking for "au-pairs". Hooks around the country after getting bored of having to do actual work for the magazine.
>She goes quiet for a bit, in retrospect she got lip fillers and implants during this time
>re-surfaces in Dubai as a "hostess" at a VIP club
>google around and find out the club is a front for escorting, find her ig besties escorting advert

>she starts travelling with her ig bestie and shows up in all fancy events across the world, coincidentally events that are known for having escorts shipped in

>re-surfaces back in her home country and blogposts about being such an adventurer and how she was "backpacking" her way and hustling
>starts dating an edgy alt-right trustfund guy, who she convinces she's the perfect aryan virgin waifu
>starts ranting about being a traditional waifu and moderate about sex etc…
>starts posting how she's in medschool at this certain university, google around and find out that they rejected her in reality
>posts hashtags that she thinks make her look liked she's in medschool, but in reality they're words she has made up
>starts pretending she's also a professional pilot and is enrolled fulltime to become a COMMERCIAL PILOT
>while she's still claiming to be fulltime medschool student

I'm always waiting for her new lies, since they just get worse and worse everytime

No. 209133

This also sounds amazing

How the fuck does the guy not know about her past? Seems dumb as fuck to not know.

No. 209239

What is with these chicks and medical school? Yeah I get it's a "status" thing, but do they not realize how embarrassing it will be for them once it becomes glaringly obvious to everyone else that they'll never be accepted?

No. 209305

i have this stupid obsession with a girl that i met through rping. she was sweet at first but i quickly noticed that she tends to copy/blatantly steal other people's ideas and claims them as their own.

some of her bullshit:

>claimed that she was totes a transdude and getting surgery to have a dick very very VERY soon!

>turns out that she's the cissest cis girl to ever cis
>claimed to be self-employed, earning 600 bucks an hour by traveling to remote places around russia for a health insurance company?
>turns out she's actually in job training at a tiny insurance company and has to work 2 more jobs on the weekends to make ends meet
>claims to be russian and to be fluent in tons of languages (like hebrew, arabic, russian, english, german.. her english is subpar at best)
>turns out only her lame boyfriend is half-russian and has no connection to his russian roots either lmao
>currently claims to be a guy and a drag queen and her bf is a rich boy (he's not, he's a fucking plumber)

she also likes to get close to her rp partners and parades them around as "love of my life" without her boyfriend knowing anything about it. for the longest time i thought one of her "friends" was her bf but he's not even into rping.

i keep checking up on her even though it makes me seem like i have the dumbest grudge against her for all the bullshit she pulled, but she's just so funny and embarrassing to watch? literally like a car accident. i shouldn't stare but i can't look away either.

No. 209323

I know this post is almost a month old, but I really want friends like yours, kek

No. 209349

File: 1508388221510.jpg (64.4 KB, 707x1024, ibitsu.jpg)

I want to be this guy's little sister even though he already has one. At first I thought it was just a lie since he runs this youtube series and I never saw his sister until I found his old tumblr where he has a picture of him and her together.
I still want to have him "adopt" me as his little sister anyways. I want him to pat me on the head and say "lil' sis" to me since I find that to be so much pure and special than being just a friend or girlfriend to him. I've seen how he treats his gfs and it's off-putting to me since he'll slap their ass and call them babe.
Maybe it's because my real big brother died and now I'm lonely without him so I want to have a substitute.
Maybe it's because I'm aromantic and asexual that I fear any other kind of relationship with a man so being a "little sister" is the best platonic relationship I can hope for.
Either way, I've been following this guy's instagram and twitter especially to see if he'll attend any con so I can go there too to hopefully see/meet him.
We can certainly pass for siblings, it's one of the reasons why I want to be his sister because we look quite alike and have similar tastes.
But I know this is fucked up and I'm still super shy so I don't think it'll ever happen.

No. 209671

No. 210153

File: 1509240718381.png (377.14 KB, 500x732, shikii.png)

I've been in love with a musician who lives across the world from me for a really long time now, to the point it's turned into a horrible obsession.
The first time I heard his music and saw his face, I fell in love. Ever since then, I've been deluding myself into having a chance with him.
My current photo album of him has over 2,000 photos– no duplicates and some hard to find. I've spent 500+ dollars on merchandise of his band and him. I have also taken several trips to see him just to be able to say a few words to him.
I message him every day words of encouragement, even though I don't think he reads them… (He's pretty popular, I guess) mostly because he's getting old, and I worry he'll retire from music.
When I see pictures of him (even accidentally), I start crying because he's so handsome (And his personality is A++ too, even if it's fabricated.)
Actually the first time I saw him, I cried a little bit and apologized, and he told me it was okay. I still get a little emotional over him telling me that and his voice echoes in my head.
I have post notifications on for all his social media, so even if he posts at 5 am and I'm asleep, my phone wakes me up so I can see what he posted.
It's even gotten to the point where I get jealous if other girls like him, like a "I like him more than you do" kind of thing
I know I have no future with him, especially since he's a somewhat well-known musician who gets mad pussy, but I love him so much and I can't really stop myself.
..The worst part is I have a boyfriend and he knows how obsessed I am with this guy and hates it but I can't stop even for him.

No. 210164

You should talk to a professional. This level of obsession is not healthy and could really affect your life. It already sounds like you prioritize this musician over other things. It's like an addiction, you can get away from it. There's no happy ending here otherwise.

No. 210168

It'd be one thing if you were single but seeing as you're in a relationship this is very odd. Is your bf not enough? I have obsessive tendencies too but it stems from loneliness and not having anything worthwhile to engage in and I would think if you were similar than having a fulfilling relationship should be enough to kick that.

No. 210170

I knew about 2/3 of the way through this that you were going to say at the end that you had a boyfriend. lol it's always like this. It makes me wonder why - I guess if you didn't have a boyfriend you would probably end your post with something like, god this is fucking up my chances of a real relationship. But because you have a real relationship… there's no crisis-level reason for you stop. Your boyfriend putting up with this is enabling you.

No. 210173

Are you happy, anon? Does your relationship make you happy? Are you satisfied with your life? Don't answer with "yeah my boyfriend is so caring" or "well I have a good job and make decent money" - like regardless of if those things are true, are they making you happy?

I'm in a somewhat similar situation and I know how dumb it sounds but it took a therapist to make me understand how unhappy I am and that's the reason why I have obsessions. Of course if you're unfulfilled in your life, you're going to seek out something so perfect and easy to understand, even though you KNOW it's a false image.

You could continue with this obsession, or you could make an effort to make your real life satisfying enough. I wouldn't blame you for sticking with the former because I'm struggling too

Good luck anon

No. 210175

I’m unhealthy obsessed looking at my ex’s twitter everyday to see if he dates a new girl.

I want to see what kind of girls he likes because he dumped me back then.
They are overall shooped girls / chubby camgirls and it makes me feel bad because I’m skinny/white and I even suspected he has some kind of specific fetish for normal ugly girls that don’t stand out

These girls are also depressed from time to time and just pretend to be happy so I don’t see the point in why he left me.

I kinda want to have full control over him that he feels bad that he dumped me.

It works but it also makes me not feeling any better.
I feel like a horrible human being from time to time to be honest and I feel like my depression is a thing that no boy can handle or wants to fed up with.

No. 210177

Lol you sound like a piece of shit. Maybe you're alone because you re a superficial racist

No. 210181

I have a bad habit of “social sphere stalking” - I’ll become mildly obsessed with a certain person and by proxy start checking up on their closest links, then their closest links, etc. (For example obsessed with a guy, so start checking up on guy’s ex and his baby mama, then ex’s/baby mama’s friend circle…)

I’ve been doing this for years because it just seemed that cool people attracted other cool people, and I probably (definitely) just wished that one day I would be cool enough to be part of those spheres.

It started off with MySpace though. That shit was lethal because it was so static; easy to create a facade of perfection when all you needed was the “right” profile and a few flawless photos. Much harder to do on IG/FB, which is constantly updated and much more interactive (captions/statuses). Used to stalk weird arty types like Allison Harvard obsessively back then, as well as plastic scene kids like Izzy Hilton and Victoria Murder (embarrassing but I was like 12 so). Used to save their photos and copy their profile styles, and imagine what their lives were like in my head then try really hard to be exactly like that. Have been diagnosed with BPD as an adult though, so maybe that’s why stepping into someone else’s personality/life appealed to me so much.

Also do the usual checking up on significant exes/friends I’m no longer friends with/girls who bullied me at school/partner’s exes. Always interesting to see where people end up, but I wouldn’t call it obsessive…

No. 210182


Where are you getting racist from?

No. 210183

different anon but maybe the fact that she clarified she's white. Not even that she's pretty or anything just "I'm white". Although it didn't strike me personally as racist it is weird to specify lol.

No. 210191

>>210183 >>210177

I just stated I’m white and honestly it’s rather the guy then that is racist and I know some that specify white girls over black girls or black girls over white girls.

It’s the same with all these weebs nowadays that want a asian gf or a “nazi” waifu to kick them (german girls) and don’t want any other race. I’ve seen that shit enough. I talked with stupid guys like that

- THAT - is racist my dude and it’s disgusting and stupid honestly

No. 210203

I've tried but none of them ever take me seriously. "it's just a celebrity crush, most girls have one" is the response I usually get from any counselor I've tried. currently trying to find a decent one that's not just "and how does that make you feel?" over and over
I love my boyfriend to death but there's a lot of things he does that could be considered abusive, and that might be why I have this obsession because I fantasize this person as being sweet and loving and stuff like that, instead I've got someone who hurts me
He definitely is enabling it.. he enables a lot of my bad behaviors. but I do the same to him, always tell him it's okay that he did something wrong. He certainly is uncomfortable with it and actually got super jealous when he saw my shrine… but he doesn't tell me to stop being obsessed or get my shit together, he just lets me. Maybe because he knows theres no way and with how protective he is over me, I could never do anything with this person, so he thinks its at least.. not something I have to stop for him
I'm definitely not happy, my life has totally gone to shit. I'm a neet with no job, no family, and no education due to years of drug and alcohol abuse, also a lot of trauma stuff as a child basically made me terrified of the world (scared to go outside for too long, scared of driving. I'm okay going on planes or other countries because nothing happened with those.) so I can't do much. It's miserable and I'm just hanging on by staying with my boyfriend because he takes care of my pathetic ass as much as he treats me like shit.
Probably part of the obsession for me is this fantasy I've made in my head that this person will start dating me and take me in and be ~amazinggg~ and marry me and we'll be happy forever and ever and I'll be happy with him and get better physically. It's unrealistic and probably impossible but I have that stupid thought in my head that maybe that'll happen.
I need a decent therapist for sure… but I don't even know if that can totally pull me away from it honestly

No. 210275

There's a guy from uni that I kind of talked to from time to time because of mutual "friends" (more like he was hanging out with my close friends at first and started making fun of them all of a sudden, but never bothered me for some reason) and who dropped out of college because we're not learning anything useful. I found his twitter, tumblr and instagram accounts through one of his friend's professional twitter so I check them from time to time out of sheer morbid curiosity. He tends to post TMI about himself and his "private" life while acting/typing like a catty bitch on his accounts that are tied to his real identity (his real first name, where he lives, his job, and his face). Although he posts a lot about going out with friends and traveling abroad so it also makes me a bit jealous because I can't afford doing pretty much anything because of the lack of free time, money and support from my family. But it's mostly out of morbid curiosity, I'm not obsessed but there are many times when I have nothing better to do than browsing websites so I end up checking his accounts.

There's someone else I don't know irl but I used to talk to a lot on tumblr. We were mutuals and she saw me as a friend because we were both a into the same video games and anime and all that. She became a SJW over time and started vaguing about me more and more often and imply insulting things about me so I decided to ignore her and unfollow her but she didn't notice. I deleted my tumblr, made a twitter account and she decided to follow me there so I did the same again, out of curiosity more than to make up with her. I don't think she really realised that I muted her account. At some point I was complaining about dumb fandom shit (I think it was mlm fakebois) and she unfollowed right after and vagued about me again. I still check her twitter sometimes and she spends her time posting her terrible art even though she graduated from an art school, how anime is problematic despite her watching them all the time and gay pairings in overwatch and just being passive-aggressive in general. So basically she became more and more boring. Turns out, months after she unfollowed me and insulted me behind my back, she liked one of my tweets, so she might be doing the same thing. I should block her and move on I guess.

No. 210305

>there's a lot of things he does that could be considered abusive, and that might be why I have this obsession because I fantasize this person as being sweet and loving and stuff like that, instead I've got someone who hurts me

Drop his ass. I've been in a pretty similar place and I know how scary it is to cut off the one person who is your companion and jump straight into the void of being single… but taking the trash out from your life allows someone who will treat you right to show up
(I assume your bf is uninterested in going to therapy/couple counselling and changing his behavior).
Sure you have to put in an effort to find someone, but it's better than wasting your life on someone who is making you unhappy.
Regarding your obsession - maybe a therapist that is specialized in helping addicts would be more helpful to you? Especially if they had contact with people addicted to porn or internet etc.

No. 210484

I used to be friends with this girl briefly on fb, turned out to be a total sjw cow, claims she's a vampire, and a witch, into ddlg kink, and a performer, a poet, a model, etc etc, as well as a transboi. In essence a total identifarian cow. Like she literally claims to have light sensitivity headaches due to being a vampire, claims to be a poet for her useless virtue signaling diatribes, refers to herself as a "goddess" when she's utterly hideous and repulsive. Totally ugly and annoying and self important. Deleted her for being insufferable well over 2 years ago but can't stop checking her social media to laugh at her. I would have posted her in here with screenshots but I don't for fear of someone cowtipping and spoiling my fun. I know I sound horrible judging her but something about her is just so hateable. she's the kind of person to take a shit and write a novel about how inspirational it is for everyone, her, a transboi vamp witch performer sexiest model uwu

No. 210485


No. 210516

File: 1509557507592.jpg (64.92 KB, 919x475, Clipboard02s.jpg)

top fucking kek
didnt know such a term exists.

No. 210567

No try a different psych that guy is wrong. You have said it yourself it is causing interference in your life, you’re devoting excessive time including purposeful sleep disturbance. It’ll only get worse.

No. 210724

Whats his band Anon?

No. 210734

File: 1509764518668.gif (403.57 KB, 1920x1080, 1504066606318.gif)

I'm dating a stalkerish guy if that counts. It doesn't bother me because I don't care about relationships anyways while he tries everything to keep ours together so it works out, kind of.
I mean, he's a great guy, he says weird stuff occasionally and seems to get jealous pretty easily even though I act pretty harshly against everyone I know because I don't like people anyways but I'd wish he'd just accept that it's extremely hard to talk to him when he treats me like some sort of tsundere princess goddess who does no wrong and deserves the amount of praise the chinese collectively give to Mao Zedong when I just want to be left alone and play shitty PS1 games on my emulator.
I really don't understand it. He's extremely attractive, intelligent, and has a bunch of fans and friends but he still obsesses over someone who plainly hates people.

There's another guy I know who is extremely smart, attractive, and rich as well who attempted to stalk me (he later tried to dox me but he had all the information wrong since I just input random shit on About Me's or profiles) and then claimed that he loved me on multiple occasions and then he'd talk about how much he loves girls of my race and random bullshit like that. He's somewhat of a dangerous guy so I try not to talk to him often. I don't fucking understand it.

There was another guy, some European dude who attempted to stalk me but kept having issues trying to figure out how to find any profiles I had online because of my usernames on websites sounded like something that would be an English-sounding name (but wasn't) or something. I burned that bridge after he kept messaging me at random hours of the day asking for me to play games with him because he's famous on one game or something.

Then there was a French guy who obsessed with me and then asked me out and when I said no, he went on a rant (in broken English, no less) about Catholicism and how I'm a sinner and I'm going to hell for not dating him.

There were more but the rest are boring to tell.
And I really don't understand it. I'm not smart, I'm not attractive (I've been mistaken as a boy multiple times IRL), I'm not rich, I even pretend to be guys online but that attracts gay guys. There's no rhyme nor reason to it. It's why I wish I had more female friends because they're less likely to do this shit to other girls.

No. 210736

Vicky pls

No. 210743

One time a guy I met on 4chan kind of had an unhealthy obsession with me.

He obsessively texted/called me every day for a couple months and eventually managed to get my adress (might've left on the photo location thing on my phone, I was somewhere between 13 and 15 at the time and I was dumb as shit). Then he started writing me these fucking Notebook style daily letters. I never read any of them because the entire concept made me cringe so much that I couldn't bring myself to do it. I did save a few of them though. He sent me atleast 60… Weird that he'd go through all that effort for a shitty teenage girl he met of fucking 4chan of all places.

No. 210745

I've always had stalker-ish tendencies, I remember in middle school (and of course high school) I would stalk whatever guys I found attractive/had a crush on. I was also kind of obsessive with some celebrities, kind of a husbando collector. It would often be ruined by my finding out some aspect of their personality that ruined them for me, so while I still do this sort of thing I have to walk a careful line between finding out everything about them (which I want) and having to resist because it will ruin them and I just want a happy mental image of them beyond appearance. I get really emotional about it and I can't stop even though I'm actually married at this point. I think it's because I've always been a fucked up loner with no friends, I'm basically a shut in now (I won't say NEET because I do work sometimes, but still). I actually stalked my now husband too, that one ended up working out well and while I love him I still have the same compulsion. I have a new crush now though and I'm really trying to resist looking up more.

Of course that is outside the typical "stalking" that goes on here with cows. At one point I had a personal lolcow that I still check up on every once in a while. I never shared her here because she's the skittish type.

No. 210750

Dude probably was a pedo neet and you being a teenage girl who browses 4chan was the appeal

No. 210753

you sound insufferable to me, hope that helps

No. 210771


No. 210779

That's the point. My father's the same way too so I got it from him.
Thanks, I guess.

No. 211100

This is me right now. I’m in a super loving relationship with my current boyfriend, but I get random bouts where I obsess over my abusive ex. I really want to doxx him, hear about how horrible he’s doing and overall just shit on him for shitting on me for half a year. I don’t think it helps that current boyfriend and I have been long distance for 4 months (it’s finally over for good thank fucking Christ) so I don’t have anything super distracting. I wish I could stop searching him online and trying to track down his new place because I want to smash his teeth in…I think the worst part is I was never like this until he came into my life, the fucking bastard. It’s been 7 months since I cut him out of my life and 5 since I got him to stop talking to me…

No. 211110

Have any of you ever came clean and confessed towards the person you were obsessed over? I'm so fatigued I may very well do it.

No. 211119

You can hire someone to do it for you if you're that obsessed

No. 211135

i have an unhealthy obsession with a girl from here but im trying to let go

>when you make new accounts and she blocks them but get that thrill knowing she at least acknowledged you and make rationalisations in your head as how she's only blocking you because she feels unworthy or something and is actually still in love with you

like i said trying to let go as i know this is bad behaviour

No. 211136

once did it and it turned out she was boring and ugly up close

classic case of this
>When you obsess over a person and start to idealise them then they can only let you down when you get to know them for real.

No. 211142

>turned out she was boring and ugly up close
literally what happens every time lmao

No. 211150

she wasn't even impressed that i knew where she went to school and lived, think she was a bit thick

No. 211181

You can get that information from someones facebook in half an hour most of the time nowadays though. People practically beg to give their personal information away.

No. 211197

So a couple years back (I think I was around 16-17) i stalked this girl on Tumblr pretty bad. She was mutuals with someone who had a pretty popular account, so she had a decent following, too. Anyway, I started going through her selfie and personal-tag, which at first was just to make me feel better about myself, because she was kind of a mess. Then the more i read her blog and watched her videos, the more I felt like I could relate to her. She was never a cow, just deeply disturbed with some heavy issues, and also aware of it. She deleted a lot of her old content, but I remember her having some very interesting and incredibly well written posts about her life and what she was going through with mental illness. Before I knew it I was seriously dreaming about her at night, I would check all her pages like 15 times a day and post things on my Tumblr that I thought she would like so that maybe she would follow me one day. This whole time it was just obsessing from a distance, because I didn´t think she liver anywhere close to me (it´s a pretty big country what are the odds) but then I realized that I recognized the street she had taken a selfie on. It was literally only a 20-minute drive from where I lived. It completely blew my mind and now I couldn´t stop thinking about becoming her friend and hanging out with her and getting to know her. I think that was the main drive behind my obsession; I was never attracted to her in any way, more deeply fascinated and in awe that there was a person who existed nearby that wrote about their feelings and trashy life in a way I could relate to. Anyway, I managed to track down her Facebook (she didn´t have her actual name anywhere so I had to dig deep for that one), all of her family´s Facebooks, her address and where she worked. I kept planning on traveling to her part of the city in hopes of maybe running into her (if it wasn´t clear already - we were never mutuals, I had never talked to her and she did not know who I was). What I imagined would happen if I saw her, I don´t know, but my obsession stayed alive for maybe another 6 months after finding out she lived near by. Then it died down. I still check up on her from time to time and I still kind of want to be her friend, but I´ve come to peace with the fact that it would likely never happen and if it ever does, she´s probably just as wrecked in real life as she appears to be online. I´m guessing I would become bored with her and don´t like her in the end and I don´t want to ruin the magic of how I see her now.

No. 211205

i social media stalk people i use to be close too and ex bf and his new gf, and my bf ex gf. i don't know why i do it. i dont have any ill will towards any of the ppl apart from my bf current ex, but she has contacted people about me and now i feel paranoid they are stalking me back lol. i'm all private tho + blocked their accounts from my mains, but they keep public shit so i feel like they want me to snoop and i enjoy it because they are losers haha. anyway

No. 211240

>been sending messages to someone for weeks on skype in the contact request window trying to talk to them
>just realised that if their thing is a grey question mark it means they blocked you

fuck sake

No. 211252

well fuck what did you do for them to block you?

No. 211253

You sound psychotic as fuck

No. 211257

have you read the thread? that´s probably one of the mildest posts so far

No. 211553

hey, if they think they have interesting thoughts that they have started public blogs on fb or designing art etc i'm sure i'm not the only one laughing. but i might be laughing the hardest because VENDETTA VENDETTA lmao

No. 212020

File: 1511093347229.jpg (31.03 KB, 320x320, 14566625_553978011463764_54371…)

Holy shit, my ex was like this too. Full on narc with a worrying interest in teens. He even openly told me he browses the dark web and likes shota/lolicon.
I stalk him and his new gf sometimes, his new gf has a closed insta acct and no other social media. I've even been tempted in the past to make a dummy insta acct and fill it with stuff I know they're both into and follow her account to see if she will accept it so I can stalk her.
Weirdly enough, a few months back I got a really odd message on Instagram too from what looked like a dummy account saying that my ex wouldn't leave them alone, like in a sex pest kind of way. I couldn't work out who it was at all, someone suggested to me it was someone trying to get revenge on him for something and was trying to frame him, as the message screenshots looked like they had replies but the person had deleted their own to make it appear like he was constantly bugging whoever it was that was sending the messages. Possibly someone who he had flirted with online, had sex with then ghosted. I had speculated it was him behind the account trying to contact me indirectly too. I ended up messaging him telling him I thought someone was trying to frame him and he played dumb.

Another unhealthy obsession I had was this girl I knew through Tumblr that was fairly popular. She was fairly self-obsessed. She was the type of girl that played off that she was sweet and couldn't harm a fly to her friends but would be ignorant and disinterested if I or anyone else she seemed to take a disliking to tried to talk to her. She had a really nasty bitchy side that always got overlooked. Pissed me right off. Me and my friends would stalk her and talk shit about her for a long time. I still feel pretty salty towards her because of some shit that happened where she essentially accused me for other peoples actions and when I tried to straighten it out she just ignored me. Like, flat out just left any messages I sent her trying to make her feel better about a situation I wasn't even responsible for, ignored.

I also had an obsession with a DA artist for a while. I would check her acct every day and imitate her style sometimes. This one wasn't too bad as I held little to no malice towards her, I more just looked up to her I guess. She's fairly successful now, I think she works for Cartoon Network.

No. 212129

This just makes me sad. I can imagine she must be living through hell to post this and I hope my life never ends up like this.

No. 212263


i need to know more about this girl, i'm fascinated

No. 212292

When I was younger, say 11-13 I was really obsessed with a certain scene queen (kek) and I spent hours figuring out how she did her hair, tracking down where she brought certain clothing or makeup items and buying them for myself, even if they were secondhand and overpriced, it had to be the EXACT same thing. I remember watching a video of hers frame by frame back for like half hour just to figure out the eyeliner she was using and then tracked down old stock on ebay and bought it. I watched all her yt videos and planned on starting my own channel basically copying her video topics and the order they where posted even down to what hair/clothes she wore in them but making small differences so I wouldn't get caught copying (which I would of lmao)

I did a similar thing with a few tumblr artists, mainly averyniceprince/barleytea (who has a thread on snow now funnily enough) reading through all every single post on her Tumblr from start to finish is what started it, then I went to her old blog and read all through that countless times. I used the same software and brushes, even copied colours and I bought the same exact art supplies as her (even when shipping/import costs where huge) and followed almost all the blogs that she did, watching all the anime, documentaries, films she recommended. I was a bit worse with my obsession with emi than I was with the scene girl, I waybacked all her websites and blogs, and when I started my own tumblr I planned to copy her first layout and the context of her first few posts, changing layouts like she did. Even taking a selfie at the same angle she had for hers. I even chose a url that had the same amount of words in it. I planned to join a large popular fandom that would drive me out and cause me to start over on a new blog that what happened with her and the hs fandom. I checked her twitter everyday and read through years worth of tweets. When I say copying I mean more the context, say her first post was a random doodle then a reblog of something, then art, I would follow the same formula but change the subject matters. It stopped when I found her snow thread and realized shes pretty lame and her art isn't all that great. I still follow her but art has gotten worse and it makes me sad, I look back on her old posts for nostalgia sometimes.

I've realized now that I copied the exact 'formulas' of peoples posting habits bc I believed that was how they gained internet fame, which I wanted very badly. Yup, not via getting lucky bybeing pretty or having a viral video like the scene chick, or being part of a large fandom and pandering to it like emi, its all to do with the order and context of what you post!, is what I thought. Also I hated myself a lot and wished every night I could be someone else. Also with emi I was jealous of her living in nyc and attending SVA (I wanted to be a cartoonist for a long time) and paying for it all with commissions, though reading her thread showed me her parents paid for all her shit for her. I was in my teens during all this and thinking back on it embarrasses me a lot. I don't do this at all anymore, any anon who are trying to copy others like I did, please know that being your genuine self is what makes you stand out, no one wants a copy of someone else!

No. 212469

>>212263 >>204612

i'm alternating between feeling sympathetic and frustrated with her outlook, particularly because of her upper middle class background and the access it's given her to a college education and expensive procedures like cortisone shots and rhinoplasty. it sounds like she is too hopelessly depressed to actualize any change of routine that could potentially improve her quality of life. i assume she can't move out of her parent's house because housing in NYC is so expensive and she is…too sheltered to move to another city even though she has nothing going for her in NYC? she's so concerned with what she doesn't have that she doesn't seem to consider using what resources are at her disposal to her advantage, and that's what's frustrating about her.

what's up with the post she made about wishing you were hit by a bus, anon? i think i'm obsessed with this girl and obsessed with trying to make sense of her situation. her anonymity makes it even more thrilling lol. i'd love to know more.

No. 214255

Has anyone here signed up to receive notifications of when the person they obsess about posts online? So that you can be the first to know and so you can read it just in case they delete it, or just to be kept in the loop straight away?

No. 214274

I found the instagram of a person that is obsessed with a celebrity. They spam her instagram page with crazy nonsense and attempted suicide because she met with guys. Everything's documented on their instagram. I found it really interesting but scary at the same time. Apparently they are bipolar and have autism. Not sure about posting the page here tbh

No. 214275

How about we exchange some tips?
http://stalkscan.com/ is a great tool for casual stalking. You can also just use it for fun to see how embarrassing and cringy you've been on fb years ago lol

No. 214277

What celeb is it?

No. 214358


Is this safe to use? What does it do? I'm scared of using it and getting caught, lol

No. 214419

ntayrt but it basically uses facebook search commands to find whatever you're looking for. if you don't want to use it, you could just go to facebook and search things like "photos of [full name] that are from [month year]" or "posts liked by [full name] that are from [month year]" etc.

No. 214451

yeah it's nothing shady, it's just an easy way to use Facebook's "hidden" commands. Nothing that you can't do manually, but with a clear interface etc. Really helpful

No. 214514

Is there any way someone can tell I'm viewing and downloading images off their insta? I'm never signed into an account and use alternative sites to view their pages but I swear, every time I go on a creeping spree accounts go private not long after and it seems far too coincidental.

No. 214556

File: 1512476220333.jpg (28.58 KB, 453x604, yeah.jpg)

i cyberstalk a fairly well-known streamer that i've had an on-and-off crush on since 2014, but i don't interact with him. i called his house phone once back in 2015 but some old asian lady picked up (he's a white dude who lives alone in his parents' old house), and i panicked afterwards. i also have his address memorized and use it as a placeholder now and then. haven't done anything more than that.

there's a clique of fakebois in his fanbase that are obsessed with the image of him to the point of IDENTIFYING with his likeness. they bug the shit out of me, but at the same time i play with the idea of dumping all my info on him into their discord just to see how they'll fuck themselves over with it.

i honestly don't know why i like him as much as i do. dude's chill, introverted, and has above average looks, but seems incredibly aromantic and his taste in music and film is as typical alternative white guy as it gets. i guess his singleness intrigues me?

No. 214568

I wouldn't say it's "unhealthy" but I do have a weird obsession with someone I've met.

He's basically a Chris-Chan type who puts his whole life on the internet for everyone to see. He, like many others, has this dream of being a big YouTuber or cosplayer or film director but is seriously lacking in any kind of talent and personality. He's like a lapdog to female voice actors or cosplayers with any level of fame (most of whom are well-known lolcows here) and he'll obsessively message them online, freaking out when he gets a response as if they were big "celebrities". He'll hop onto whatever the latest trend is and do a really poor job of it. He's basically perpetually trapped in that cringey weeb phase tweens go through where they become obsessed with a certain character or fandom for a brief period of time and they try convincing everyone around them that they're a demon hunter or an 18th century British gentleman or something bizarre like that by wearing a trenchcoat and costume jewellery and speaking with a half-assed accent. Except he's a grown ass man and he goes through this cycle every month and contradicts his interests from the previous obsession.

I know his working hours, what part of the country he's in at any time, what he ate that day and who he's with and it's not even because I'm stalking him, but because he makes all that information public with really lengthy vlogs, Instagram posts of half-eaten food and even his GPS location on Snapchat. He even makes his sexual fetishes completely public by liking and sharing images/videos and I know what club/bar he's in on any given night because he'll have a story up on Insta/Snapchat about it and he'll ask to meet up with people. I see him often at events and for some reason, I just find it so entertaining. I love keeping an eye out for him and just seeing what he's doing.

The best part is that even though he has a lot of social media accounts and information out there, he's still pretty unknown. He's like my own personal lolcow. I'm reluctant to tell people about him for fear of cow-tipping and him taking down his videos or making his social media private. I've only told my most trusted friends and they keep a look out for him at events too lol. Sometimes I'll speak to people who already are aware of him and they have the same reaction as me, tell me that they find him fascinating and how they're afraid to tell anyone else about him for fear of him becoming too popular.

I've considered posting about him on Snow but I can't. Even though I find him hilarious and more people knowing about him would add to the fun, I really don't think he deserves any kind of negative response. Yeah he's weird, but he's harmless and I wouldn't be able to control what people send him or what they do with his personal information. I know he'd shut down his social media if he saw that info being discussed online. I think assholes like Onision and Margo deserve getting gossiped about here but not this guy.

No. 214634

>fairly well-known streamer
>chill, introverted, and has above average looks, but seems incredibly aromantic and his taste in music and film is as typical alternative white guy as it gets.
I think I might know who you're talking about. Is he a video game streamer whose name starts with V? He's in a band? Has a goofy sense of humor?

No. 214647

Natalie La Rose. She doesn't have many comments so you will spot him right away. I was hesitant to share this but I'm concerned he will either hurt her or kill himself if she gets in a relationship.

No. 214661

File: 1512513587862.jpg (27 KB, 406x318, db08a64b-05e9-4bb5-a00f-6ae14c…)


No. 214662

Not the anon who asked but jesus christ someone call the cops I feel as though he's going to actually hurt her. Why hasn't she blocked him? He's absolutely insane.

No. 214665

Oh wow I totally didn't know who the anon was talking about – but now I can see the connection.

I mean, if it really is this streamer then I can get why anon has an on and off crush on him. I have the same, just less cyberstalkery and more schoolgirl crush. I like his sense of humor and he doesn't SCREAM AT EVERY LITTLE THING like other streamers/LPers do. Makes for good streams to fall asleep to honestly.

No. 214668

Holy shit I just checked her profile, he makes up about 75% of the comments on every post and likes his own comments. Anon please call the cops

No. 214672

I'll post this here because I think it fits the topic and this needs more exposure.
I think she's scared that he'll do something but I'm not sure. He's been doing it for months if not years. A few weeks ago he started spamming one of her pictures so much there were like 100 comments only made by him. Some fans of hers started to call him out and he started to get angry. Then that guys mother came to the comment section and started to insult people as well. When it became too much Natalie responded to one of his comments and said something like "please if you don't have anything nice to say I'll have to block you". So he said no I won't do anything or whatever but continued to spam her comment section again. Even his mother tried to guilt trip her into contacting him. This went on for a while until two weeks ago or so where he attempted suicide. He swallowed 30 Carbamabezine tablets and took videos before it. Even his mother reposted one of his videos before the suicide attempt and tagged Natalie in it. It shocks me that she is enabling him. Then the posts stopped for a few days and once he was released from the hospital he started spamming again. This guy is insane he thinks they are in a relationship and constantly threatens to kill himself if she ever "cheats" before deleting the comments.

No. 214673

I meant Carbamazepine

No. 214674

Parents like this are the worst. I've dealt with the parents of kids with obvious special needs, but they refuse to do anything about it. I bet she thinks her son is "perfectly normal" and that "there's nothing wrong with him".

No. 214677

Tbh I don't know if it's enough for the police to do something. And I live in Europe and don't know if I should really call the police in the US. Basically I have no idea what to do. Her, her family or her management should have done something before it escalated like that. I made a fake profile and contacted him and tried to reason with him without making him angry but he's absolutely insane he doesn't get it and only picks out the parts he likes from a sentence if you know what I mean. I sent screenshots of the convo to Natalie and told her to watch out and block this guy but I don't know if she saw it.

No. 214715

is there proof it is his actual mother? people like this are very known for making fake accounts to use towards the person….. reminds me of the Bjork stalker…

No. 214719

I've stalked a few e-famous Lolitas out of nothing but jealousy and spite. I stalk them because I don't understand how they have so many followers. I don't understand why their coords get so many likes. I don't understand how they get to wear Lolita so often while working enough to afford a life. Sometimes I get jealous because their comm is more active and exciting than mine could ever be. Bonus points if they're prettier than me or have any of my dream dresses.

I've done this for years and I don't know what I get out of it. It hasn't made me any more popular, not that anyone knows I do it. I have folders and folders of coords and I try to figure out what people like so much, and if they post a shit-tier coord I post it to an ita/nitpick thread, and since people will nitpick anything I don't even have to do anything after that. I met one of the girls I used to stalk face-to-face once and she ignored me when I complimented her coord. I got so bothered about it that I punched myself until I bruised my legs that night and unfollowed all her social media. I actually get pissed off when I see photos of her now, which is worse because I follow some friends of hers. Her friend group seems so perfect and it makes me all the more salty and bitter.

What the hell is wrong with me

No. 214723

Idk if it has anything to do with my motivation but my friends hate e-famers. Hate. I was at an event where there was another e-famous Lolita I admire and I was going to compliment her on her coords and ask where her headdress was from, but the friends I was with started bitching like "ughhh but I hate her she thinks she's so great get better taste" even though she's probably the least vain e-famer I follow. Funny story, she followed me on insta after the event, I got excited and it slipped out of my mouth and my friends were just like "ok, why do you care?".

I want to be well-known and admired but what if my friends start bitching about me, too?

Haha man I have issues, I'm going to wrap up this rant now.

No. 214733

Alright, weird as fuck confession time because reading this thread has made me feel a little better haha.
So a couple of months ago I found this girl being talked about on an oldish thread here at lolcow. She looked really familiar and I realized she was actually the ex of someone I dated over a year ago. A couple of people were saying how she bullied them or generally said mean stuff, a lot of it sounded exactly like some of the stuff she said to me. A mutual friend told me that she said things because my bf at the time/her ex told her I was saying all kinds of horrible stuff about her. I didn't believe it at the time but looking back it's 100% believable.
Anyways, All of the sudden I started seeing her everywhere, it looks like she has some people who don't like her on cgl as well. She also started popping up on my instagram feed, turns out she has a big following. It all just had a really strange feeling, like she was showing up everywhere I looked all of the sudden.
Here's the probably weirdest part, despite her talking trash on me and despite seeing multiple people say she said the same things to them, I have the strangest urge to befriend her for some reason. Like, I keep looking at her Instagram and facebook, probably more than I should. She's really cute and stylish and we seem to type in almost the exact same way, say and post about a lot of similar things. I just have this strange overwhelming urge to message her and apologize for the whole misunderstanding. It's highly frustrating because I'm normally way more rational about things, and I know logically that doing that would probably just kick up old drama. It's just frustrating as fuck that someone I actually think is really cool thinks I've said all these awful things about her. Rationally she probably is way over it and I'm the only one obsessing over this, what is wrong with me????????

No. 214735


I know that instagram is connected to Facebook so what probably happened is Google/Facebook/Instagram figured out that you had recently spoken or typed or talked about this chick, then suddenly started giving recommendations that you like her stuff or be friends with her on Facebook because of that. I know it sounds weird but it's been exposed online that Facebook listens to keywords through the mic on your phone so you may not have gone crazy by her suddenly turning up everywhere. It may not have been a coincidence.

No. 214761

damn, I did google her after I saw here here and on /cgl/. I would say that's creepy but I guess I'm not really in a position to be saying that haha

No. 214786

Yes, he refers to her as his mother on his IG and they have the same last name. She has been posting for a long time as far as I can see and has interactions with other people.

No. 217825

She posted recently and mentioned she looks like the lady in this commercial


who I think is like kind of cute?

No. 218776

Oh this is a thread that exists? Well yay.

I used to talk my extremely abusive ex on tumblr and IG but have since stopped. I sometimes check in but pretty rarely. I hate her so much I looked to see if she was suffering or failing, generally making an ass of herself, or growing uglier as her outsides started to match her insides. It’s gratifying when the above is apparent. She used to terrorize me and shame me for my online presence, but now she tries to do the same exact things she harassed me for. Also copies my art style and the way I speak online and stuff. It’s actually insane. But yeah. Definitely not healthy to check up on her regardless of what she did to me.

Also I kind of stalk a camgirls lolcow thread on here. I check up on it daily because it’s hilarious to me to see new milk on her, because she frankly deserves it. I’m kind of a piece of shit for that one?

No. 219024

you realize that silent stalking just to see if they are miserable is still giving them the power? she may not be hurting you presently, but being salty for the rest of your life is going to do more harm than just learning to let shit go. celebrate you arent with an abusive asshole and develop better relationships next time since you now know warning signs to look out for.

No. 219057

i am on the opposite side of this and it's breaking my will to live. i have tons of exes, men i rejected, and one super bad friendship gone awry where he just wanted me dead. made all these fucked up references to me being in pain/raped/dead.

can any of you guys shed any light on this? I'm a 'creative' but i'm just some girl. i have depression and it shows but i never overtly post about it. have been told very nice things but lets just say i'm average. why is this happening

No. 219085

>trying to get over impossible crush
>later get horny and the obsession resumes

No. 219088

Shit how do you have depression in a way that people know about it? I'm pretty sure everyone knows about my anxiety issues but if the entire world secretly knows about my depression too I may as well end it now.

No. 219090

>super bad friendship gone awry where he just wanted me dead
>made all these fucked up references to me being in pain/raped/dead

I had an ex that did the same thing to me and tried as hard as possible to spread it over the entirety of the internet. He attacked every insecurity and made up every lie about a female in the mgtow book. Then he started to write the violent and aggressive stuff about rape and wishing I'd die. Sick fantasies, basically.
All I could do to get it to stop was make up an emasculating lie about him among the social groups he was posting to, and not respond to anything he sent me after that.
Police don't do shit for these threats and won't do shit for you besides tell you to get off the internet and change your email.
(Back when I was 19 I dated a controlling older man who sperged out once when I didn't answer my phone as I napped after college class. He called my house phone and threatened to cut my entire family with a chainsaw and string our guts on our lawn. Parents called the police and they wrote it off as a lover's quarrel–yeah, police don't do shit until you're dead–to reiterate).
He even sent me threatening videos.
Eventually he got over me after two or three years of abuse.

Hate to say "give it time," but lay low. These psychopaths eventually find new targets. It has little to do with you as a person or depression. These are people who are trying to assert power over others when they're otherwise powerless, little men irl.

Sorry for the rant, but this shit strikes my nerves.

No. 219094

i've stalked this girl really hard once and sort of ''cyber bullied'' her and made her think it was her abusive ex, ended up chasing her off the internet. 4 years later she still has no social media presence.

No. 219145

why would you do that

No. 219223

you..uh….seem to have some issues you need to work on. gg on being an abusive asshole as well

No. 219432

File: 1514438073727.jpg (82.63 KB, 523x445, 1492211646219.jpg)

ugh i've been cyber stalking this guy since i was in 6th grade. i'm currently 24.
to be fair he had been leading me on for all about seven years i think?
it just all started with a dumb note i give him at the end of sixth grade saying that i liked him. he seemed to react positively to it but it all kind of went to shit cause middle school dramu and what not. since then it was off and on communication with him talking about how much we liked each other, but every time i wanted to get together and meet up he'd always abruptly backed out and straight up ghosted me. it was an almost neverending cycle of bullshit up until my second year of college.
a few months after that i met my current bf. we've been together for 4 years but despite that fucking asshole from the past has been haunting me.
indirectly of course.
he appears in my dreams a lot even if i go months without thinking about him or dwelling on the time i wasted on him.
every time i dream about him i feel so warm inside and excited in the dream of course.
i dont understand why i'm so obsessed with him.
my old middle school/high school friends would always give me shit about how plain and uninteresting he was and couldnt understand why i hyped him up so much. they were disappointed when they saw him cause i made him sound more amazing than he actually was.
it bothered me that he would actually date other girls and actually give them a chance but he never did for me even though he would tell me how much he loved me.
i rejected a lot of people and dating opportunities all throughout high school and part of college cause i was a moron who was waiting for him. luckily i broke the cycle with my bf. but i dunno why im so obsessed with this fuck.
i dunno why he lurks at the back of my mind or haunts my dreams.
he's not worth it.
like sometimes when i do dream about him i lurk his social media to remind myself of how much of a loser he is.
he's a collage drop out that works retail, lives with his parents, is a pothead, whines constantly about being single and lonely, is depressed, has no plans for the future, and is an overall loser. but for whatever reason my brain/subconscious wants him so badly.

No. 219434

'Cause they're a salty nasty ass Cunt. That's why. Probably envious. Sociopathic too. Some sad fucks got to get their kicks somehow.

No. 219521

no one can lead you on for seven years lmao. you sound like a dumb and crazy hoe please seek help

No. 219522

>6th grade
>24 years old
>7 years ago


i think your problem is mental if you were in 6th grade at 17

No. 219563

File: 1514500293053.gif (1.35 MB, 500x650, 32326.gif)

thats my fault on that front bruh. they can lead you on if theyre constantly reassuring you they want you and then ditch you for short periods of time repetitively.
i am seeking help im in therapy/on medication for past traumas and subsequent mood/anxiety disorders from childhood abuse.
i meant i was actively trying to pursue something with him for seven years.
now im passive and dont want a thing but muh bizarre subconscious fixation which leads to dreams and the occasional social media stalking.

No. 219681

Wew this thread

I've stalked people a lot. Usually they're lowkey social media "celebrities" or popular members of the sites I'd frequent, and I'd save their pictures because I think they're pretty or I'm just curious about them. That's the thing, a lot of the time I just have this indescribable drive to know. Nothing else, I just need to know. I used to have 2.5GB of photos of various people before my hard drive got rekt.

Currently though, I have a huge unhealthy obsession with my boyfriend's ex. It's been like 2 years since they broke up but I can't help myself, and it doesn't help that we have similarities. I think of her as the more successful version of me and I lowkey look up to her. It's awful to admit, I pretend it's just because I want to "know" but realistically I know that's why.
I have a whole folder dedicated to her, I have her pictures, her resume, her contact info, her social media, all the usernames she's ever used, and I archived her old blog. I started styling myself after her too. I'm hopelessly obsessed with this girl I've never met and it's killing me tbh. I even made a fake instagram account and followed her best friend to steal pictures of her and I screenshot all her best friends' IG stories with her in them to add to my collection. When she posts pictures or a story with her in them, the rush I get is unreal.


No. 219687

how active could it have been for it to last that long without actually doing anything? active would be asking him straight up if he wants to go out etc and asking him why he keeps flaking out and giving him an ultimatum.

honestly i think if you want to move on the best way to do it isn't to insist that he's really an asshole loser. your subconscious doesn't seem to think so. you think he's cute and interesting but he's not interested in doing anything so it's not worth worrying about. only relationships where you're both enthuiastic to be there are worth bothering with. that's all you need to focus on.

No. 219737

Got a similar problem. Getting stalked by an abusive ex-bf and a similarly abusive ex-friend. It gets really tiresome when people you don't want to talk to ever again keep inserting their pathetic selves into your life and showing you that they're constantly watching you and everything you do. Fucking assholes.

Honestly anon, I don't think this is about you, so don't blame yourself. This is more about them. Some individuals are just fucked up. I think certain people tend to attract sociopaths (I read that they tend to get involved with very empathetic people, as those are going to try to understand them and give them tons of chances over and over again). I think these poor sods just miss us very much, as normal people don't have patience for their bullshit and would kick their ass to the curb after the first serious transgression. It's just their way of trying to feel like they have some "control" over someone and not having to think for a moment about their own pathetic everyday lives.

No. 219752

my ex best friend who i really believe has potential to be an lolcow except she doesn't really have a following. she's a compulsive liar and is batshit crazy to the point of lying about being raped. after our friendship ended she got like 5 portrait tattoos of my favorite band even though she just started liking them recently. can never be alone and she has lost all of her friends and her job for sleeping around (like literally with 5+ managers etc at a chain store) and i'm blocked on everything but i can see her ig on browser mode but she doesn't post that often. she is a goldmine of cringe milk but it's probably just for me and my friends that know her

No. 219775

So there is this girl that my boyfriend dated

>She abandoned a dog on him


The fact that years of bulimia alcohol abuse and cigarettes make her look 32 at 22-24 makes me incredibly happy and gives me an immense satisfaction

No. 219798

File: 1514594313253.jpg (44.98 KB, 517x414, 4655.jpg)

>how active could it have been for it to last that long without actually doing anything?
we'd be texting daily and basically acting like we had a thing going on. anytime i'd ask him why cant you make me your gf or if we're dating i'd get a halfassed answer like: "that's on a need to know basis darling"
like i felt like the whole thing was always on eggshells because if i said the wrong thing he was gone, and stupid teenage me didnt want to lose him.
when my anxiety gives me racing thoughts i hyperfixate on this stupid ass thing a lot. like i want to know what could i have done wrong. why did he say he wanted me when he didnt?

i know i basically played myself. i know i was a fool to go along with it. i just want to know why cant i let go?
when i think im starting to get over it, it just comes back again. i try to use logic and reason to dig myself out of it but it doesnt work cause it doesnt change my feelings no matter how many times i lay down the facts and mull over them.
i dont want to be like most the cows on here and basically cry "muh shitty childhood" but it kind of is foundation of the kind of person you're gonna be for the rest of your life. it doesnt absolve you of guilt/fault from any of your mistakes but it's a step in figuring out why you react to certain things a certain way and becoming aware of those behaviors that could potentially be faults.

No. 219965

Not that anon but thanks for this. My abusive ex has been attempting to harass me and stalk me and has been e-stalking me for 5 months. I've been no contact with him the whole time but no amount of ignoring has made it stop - I act like he doesn't exist. I thought I was handling it fine but it finally started to get to me and I had a couple private breakdowns last week.

I needed to hear some fucking logic about all this. Thank you for aiding my slow return to normalcy.

No. 220732


does this warrant another thread?
i was the original anon, and thank you guys so much for responding. the harassment put me in the hospital recently, and i just came back online all because a level-headed friend said it's best to project stability otherwise they'll feel like they've "won". it's such bullshit and i start EMDR therapy soon, and to do it correctly my therapist is saying I can't go on instagram and get triggered by them …

You're right about the empathy thing. Both people involved are predators/narcissists, and even the weird exes/current-gfs-of-exes who copy/stalk my shit are arguably pretty fucking dead inside. none of them have actual talents to carry them, that's the unifying theme. some of them talk about wanting to help mental health stigma while antagonizing me for mine when I'm doing bad (fucking because of them), and indulge in bad mental health when it gets them attention. they don't actually suffer and they don't actually care about others. i can't stand it.

sorry for venting. i really do not understand their obsessions, especially when it comes to hurting a real person.

No. 220733

see if you can get the cops involved, bring them as much evidence as you can and look up the sober stalking laws in your area. it might sound dumb but it could scare him off, men are fucking disgusting. it didn't stop mine but it's good to have a record.

No. 224317

damn you're a fucking cunt, girl was fucking bulimic with an addiction problem and you're here counting her wrinkles like they make you any less disgusting

i love this thread for reminding me all the exes and rejected guys are such trash when i catch them lurking lmao thanks for sucking anon you're killing it

No. 224319

How does this work? I don't have a facebook and the site doesn't work for me. Do you have to have a direct link to someone's profile? Or do you just type any old name and it gives you whoever is tagged as such? I want to be sure no one will look me up and find shitty pictures I've been labeled in, lol.

No. 224333

it finds all the pics tagged with your account.
you gotta link the profile and then you're free to use all the functions. I believe a facebook account is needed because it uses the commands on fb, that you can do manually from your profile (you type in search bar "Photos Liked By X" and you are free to see them).

No. 224894

I tend to stalk a few e-famous IG girls purely because I'm jealous. They always make me feel bad about myself even though I know it's just a huge pile of makeup and photoshop. Everyone I know seems to love and adore them though.

On a side note, I also occasionally check up on this girl who I despise who used to spread nasty rumours about me and tried to make me feel shit about myself (claiming I wouldn't be able to get into a particular college, or always rubbing in my face that I'm a "poor scholarship student who can't afford designer brands"). It's funny to me how back when I was posting regularly, every time my followers rise, a few days later hers would magically increase past mine. There's also obvious signs of botting on her account, even though her IG is nothing more than a visual diary. Always gives me a self-esteem boost knowing she's probably still obsessed with me

No. 224958

Has anyone seen Ingrid Goes West? Aubrey Plaza stars as a woman who is obsessed with an instagram personality and gets a chance to meet up and become friends with her. I haven't yet, but apparently the depiction and psychology of both ladies and their relationship are pretty realistic.

No. 225049

I saw it and there's a basis in reality but "realistic" seems like a stretch. It's interesting that the director/co-writer has a sister that's an influencer.

No. 225060

Reading this thread has made me feel a lot better about myself, thanks Anons. A few years ago I'd check the never-updated pages of one of my exes every day, because I didn't know him very well and had built up this image that he was perfect, intelligent, etcetera. Eventually I found some tidbits of info and found out he was really dumb, posted memes from 2001 and also a racist despite having POC friends.

No. 225148

I have an obsession with an instagram model, because of her looks, she's seriously the most beautiful person I've seen in my entire life and I hate that, I hate her for being attractive, and knowing that attractive people exist makes me want to kill myself.I can't stop looking at her pictures while comparing myself to her even when I know that it's fucking me up.

No. 225169

Ever since I was little I've had a habit of cyber stalking random internet girls I find cool/interesting. I don't have much of a life so I just live vicariously through more interesting people and endlessly daydream about being like them. It's honestly REALLY sad and I just wish I had the confidence to just live my own life.

Another thing I do is dox guys I have crushes on. I just want to know everything about them, their middle names, who their family members are, what they were like in the past etc etc.

No. 225256

I can't stop cyber stalking my boyfriend. I look at his online activity every day and it drives me crazy. I even found ways to stalk him in online groups and read what he says. I feel so bad doing this, it physically hurts at times. Several times a day, I will just stop what I'm doing and hurry to check if he said anything new somewhere and look at the timestamps and double check everything. Especially if he isn't texting me back fast. He almost found out once and I had to backpedal so hard. How do I stop? It feels bad and I don't know why I do it

No. 225268

>He almost found out once and I had to backpedal so hard. How do I stop? It feels bad and I don't know why I do it
Deets? How did he almost catch on? I'd love to hear more. I'm in a similar situation myself and it's been driving me insane. I've deleted all convenient bookmarks I had, am trying to find new people to talk to and befriend (but it's going very slowly), and every time I get the urge to cyber stalk I remind myself that I'm only prolonging my suffering by doing so. It all helps to a degree but lately I've been struggling hard.

No. 225269

I know it's an obsession at this point, but why did you start stalking his online activity? Was it because you don't trust him or he gave you a reason not to trust him? Or are you just very obsessive about him (which would be characteristic of this thread anyway). Genuinely curious how it began.

No. 225274

So it started out with me checking my boyfriend's business website/instagram, and I found his co-workers' pics on the instagram. I happened to click on one of his female-coworker's instas, and saw that she had pics of her with his dogs. A lot of pics of her tagged had people saying "oh this is so and so's gf who owns the salon. Congrats guys!" This is how I discovered she was the ex he never told me about, and he hated being found out. Now I obsessively check her activity almost every day, and it kills me when I see them hanging out. He has other female co-workers, and that doesn't bother me, but she's his ex and so obviously I'm insecure about it. Honestly, she is very unattractive. And I feel like a bitch for thinking so, but because she's unattractive it makes me want to break up with him. Old pics of her are kinda cute, and she had decent fashion and makeup. Now she wears ugly af clothes and looks old, puts in no effort and always wears an ugly cheetah print coat. It just makes me feel sick that I obsessively check her profiles because he refuses to stop hanging out with her after work. I'll probably break up with him and hope I stop stalking her activity after that.

No. 225280

File: 1516597707743.jpg (66.03 KB, 720x960, 1502757848932.jpg)

I'll stalk random strangers on the internet, but could never stalk people i know in real life. Not even crushes, etc. Maybe it's because there's no personal connection with these strangers, but when it comes to even going on a facebook profile/Instagram profile of people i know, i get disgusted with myself.

I don't know when it started, but from time to time i get the urge to stalk someone, anyone. maybe i saw their url on some blog post, maybe they posted a random comment on some obsecure facebook page, or maybe i see their name on a screenshot. I just get curious about what other people are like, but once they've caught my interest i'll do whatever to find out more about them - i'll read their comments, other posts they may have made, find bits of information, i'll look them up, then it just goes down hill. It's like… starting and finishing a puzzle. I once found this small youtubers address, number, family and personal facebook, etc.

I wouldn't say i'm obsessed with them like some of these other posts, at least not for long because then I'd get bored after a month or so.

I just thought it was weird because i can do this with strangers but get anxious when i find someone i know in real on the internet.

No. 225324

Maybe I'm a big uneducated-fag but where's the OP pic come from?

sage for ot

No. 226765

I "stalk" this guy, but it's only on reddit. His username isn't used anywhere else and he barely posts on there. Still, I found myself quickly infatuated with him. He has really poor self-confidence and constantly talks negatively about his appearance and life. Like five months ago he posted on r/amiugly and he is incredibly cute. During that time he also posted on r/r4r. I wish I had seen his post because we have so much in common. It makes me sad to read the incredibly critical and depressing things he writes. He talks about crying from feeling so ugly and unloved. He is desperate to find a girl that he can even slightly connect with, but doesn't think one exists. I just want to talk to him and help him feel better, but I know I can't just message him. He really believes no girl wants a virgin/dateless man lol.

No. 226775

you should take the gamble and just message him. it'd be interesting to see how he responds, don't you think? and if he's as lonely as he seems then chances are very likely he'll respond back, atleast out of curiosity. just be sure you sound genuine and sincere.

No. 226781

Seconding this. I think it's definitely realistic. Sounds like it'd be cute.

No. 226786

Ah, well okay I'm going to go for it then! I am curious as to how he would respond so here goes nothing. Thanks for the tip, I'll be sure to be genuine.
Thanks, I hope he thinks so too!

No. 226792

Good luck! Keep us posted.

No. 226806

Okay I want to thank you two for telling me to message him because he actually wants to talk to me! I wasn't sure how he'd reply so I'm relieved. Really, thank you! I wouldn't have messaged him otherwise. We'll see how it goes I guess haha

No. 226808

I'm so happy for you. Is it weird I wanna see the messages? Haha

No. 226809

Diff anon btw. But how did you approach him on message in reddit?

No. 226820

oooh, anon! that's great! i hope things will go well. i'm curious what your initial message was like too, but anyway keep us updated if anything interesting unfolds!

No. 226849

2nd anon here, that's so great! Excited for you.

Also, don't share anything unless you want

No. 226917

Thanks! I would so show you everything, but I'm paranoid the screenshots would somehow make it back to reddit.
I'll tell you all what my message said though! I just introduced myself and told him I understand/relate to the things he's going through. I ended it by saying that I was here for him if he needed someone to talk to. He seemed eager to talk so I offered my number as a better alternative. we're texting now. I didn't think he'd open up to me so quickly, but he is being very candid. It's really nice to get to know eachother. I'm a little busy right now, but I'll post a screenshot of one of our messages later.
Thanks again for the encouragement everyone. I didn't think messaging him was a possibility lol.

No. 226999

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!! Please keep us updated.
I met my boyfriend on reddit, so finding a cutie there is definitely possible <3

No. 227049

>He really believes no girl wants a virgin/dateless man lol.

He probably lurked here, that's the consesus in this place. Then again, this place is filled to the brim with unhappy ugly ratchets, so you're likely on the path to have a stable relationship. Godspeed.

No. 227117

When I see posts like this marked with red text, I wonder if they're banned for the specific post or for a history of actual bad stuff
Because being a dick about the userbase is just normal chanboard behaviour, we all know this place is filled with salty bitches

No. 228140

No. 233879

File: 1521060748332.jpeg (60.83 KB, 622x549, C5F6FD4B-5D9D-4F9F-8AB7-D13115…)

Whenever I have a crush on someone I’m acquaintances with I daydream about them constantly, even if the chemistry or connection is not that strong and I’m not sure even that infatuated with them. I have this compulsion to organize my feelings to fit my imagination so that I can see some hope of them being in my life for as long as possible. It makes me feel guilty and pathetic and I try my best to distract myself from the compulsion until I’ve reasoned with myself enough that we wouldn’t work out as amazingly as I imagine. Right now it’s a work crush that I’m in constant fantasy about, so I see him around several times a week. He’s only an acquaintance and I’ve only managed small talk with him so far, and the longer we go without forming even a solid work friendship the more sad and crazy I feel. Is there some way to speed up this process without completely embarrassing myself? Is this normal behavior? I don’t know what to do with myself anymore. I don’t feel comfortable bringing this up with a therapist or even close friends. It’s that obsessive and weird. Sorry for rambling anons…

No. 233979

idk anon but I'm in the same boat rn with the whole constant daydreaming and projecting my feelings and desires for relationships shebang. I too have a weird semi-crush on a co-worker however I think it is a friendship I'm thirsting after rather than more. irl we've had like 4 seperate instances of small talk over 2 months and I'd really want to get more friendly but I'm so socially inept that whenever an opportunity arrives I just freeze up due to fear of messing up.

No. 233987

I get this with certain people even if I know I'm not attracted to the person both looks-wise and personality-wise. Usually it's with people that have something mundane in common with me like being hardcore gamers. It's really fucking weird. I'm sure I have these weird obsessions because I'm friendless and never had a boyfriend so I just imagine scenarios with mundane real people even though I know nothing will happen because they usually have a girlfriend and friends already. It's extremely unhealthy and since I have too much free time on my hands, I think about them all day while I know they don't give a shit about me. I'm pathetic. I think they're just intrusive thoughts but idk why I keep having them like every 10 minutes all day everyday…

No. 234013

Met some guy on 4chan. Started chatting with him on snapchat due to boredom. Found out he was in the same state. Intially chatted just for friendship but I was seeing someone. Chatted for months on end. We had so much in common. Both have mental health/substance issues. Talk about meeting up everytime we are intoxicated. Things turn quasi-sexual. Eventually I tell him that I'm seeing someone (because i feel bad and want to be open) and he is free to delete me. He doesn't and is very disappointed about the situation but still tries to understand. We refrain from sexual talk but go back to talking like friends. He has kind of stopped drinking and is getting his shit together at uni. I am the opposite and still having breakdowns, meanwhile everyone around me is dying. I can tell he is politely trying to distance himself in conversations and our talking is becoming less and less. This is killing me but despite trying to respect him and trying to hold back from him because I know I'm toxic, I look at his location all the time (he leaves it turned on) I constantly daydream about him despite being a giant hypocrite and still being in a relationship. I even search for porn where the guy kinda looks like him. Everytime i see a notification on snap i get excited and then see that he hasn't spoken. I have gone to the extreme of turning up at the beach near his house. I don't know why I am so obsessed and this whole thing is killing me but at the same time i realise what i am doing is sick and I need to stop.

No. 234014

Samefag, not even sure how I'd react if he blocked/deleted me. Probably cry for days. I'm sure he's going to do sometime soon, but I'm trying not to focus on it.

No. 234323

File: 1521151439518.jpeg (66.34 KB, 1005x576, A7EDC83E-93E6-4852-877F-56261F…)

I’ve been there anon. The obsession stems from emotional support you’re not receiving anywhere else. Sorry to hear you’re struggling. I wouldnt trust anyone with that information if I were you but just so you know, if you’ve found one person who has been through the same issues as you, you will find another. There are a lot more people around with the same secrets as you than you might expect.

No. 234684

i still hate-stalk an ex i had when i was 17. he was 25 and fucking me, a minor, on the side while still being in a relationship with a butterface, good Christian girl. he broke my heart twice, and after the second time, i would obsessively text him long rants about how terrible he was and what an abuser he was, etc. i found his reddit and waited months for him to even allude to my existence. when he did, it was in reply to someone's thread asking how to get over an ex. he said, "work out. DON'T FUCK YOUR CRAZY FUCKBUDDY. talk to friends. DON'T FUCK YOUR CRAZY FUCKBUDDY." and so on. when the OP replied to his comment asking for the story about the crazy fuck-buddy and why you shouldn't fuck her, i got to it first, saying "you shouldn't fuck her because she's underage. but if you DO decide to fuck her, just make sure you have a job secured in the next state over under your actual girlfriend's daddy's thumb. that way you can skip town real quick after you decide to end things."

the next day after i replied to his comment, he posted a thread asking how to get Butterface Christian Girl back. he said he'd called her a cunt and she'd broken up with him, but that she thought she was pregnant as well. i found her FB and sent her a long-winded message about how he's a predator and manipulated and abused me for about a year while he lived in my state, all the while keeping her around as well. she read it and never replied.

they are still together to this day.

No. 234721

It's amazing how girls get tunnel vision about men.
I read something on an older woman's account. Guys would keep having affairs with her. When she found out she'd try and contact the girlfriends. All of the women ignored her warnings and one even married the guy after knowing he was cheating. Some nice sub-zero standards there, or the denial is strong, not sure.
I have actually written a kindly worded message to a girl I could see going through the same manipulative bullshit I did from a guy. Of course she deleted it and continued going through the manipulative bullshit.

Maybe they just think the guy is in HIGH DEMAND and it makes them even more keen? Like completely missing the point of the warnings. Oh well enjoy getting abused I guesssss

No. 234723

There's this singer i have a crush on, who's dating a super young, but not very famous model.
At first i was kind of sad and jealous, but she's so pretty that i wanted to know more about her.
Sadly she's put her instagram on private. Now i've already made around 3 fake accounts to try to be able to follow her, but she never accepts…

Of course that's super creepy and obsessive, but i'll probably never meet her and as long as she doesn't know, it doesn't hurt her.
I don't even hate her, it's rather admiration; how awesome is she, that he dates her?
I'd want to be similar to her, because she's obviously very cute and she also seems popular, living a happy and exciting life.

No. 235473

Thanks anon. Glad to know I am not alone. I haven't told anyone about this and definitely won't.

No. 235475

A friend of mine and I used to drive around the city we live in to get a glimpse of our crushes and my ex. We'd drive to their houses, places they'd frequent, etc. I hate-stalked the ex for like three years for the same reason as >>234684 , I was underage and he was in his 20's and he pressured me into sex I didn't want.

No. 235486

File: 1521559580079.jpeg (45.44 KB, 197x198, 53447BEC-5391-4257-B7E1-9DD417…)

I’m obsessed with a close friend of mine

It’s weird. It’s not really romantic or sexual, sometimes those thoughts will pop into my head but they feel involuntary if that makes sense, I don’t want to view him that way.

I look at him like an older brother. I’ll daydream all the time about either me and him going on adventures and me improving as a person and him being proud of me, or I’ll daydream about things unrelated to him but imagine him as an audience member watching my accomplishments and praising me. We both play a competitive video game, we even play the same character and he mentors me from time to time, though he gets frustrated that his advice takes a bit to sink in.

I want nothing more than for him to acknowledge my progress and say I’m doing a good job. He’s like a big brother I need to impress. I’ve cried when I don’t do well in tournaments because I feel like I’ve failed him.

No. 235534

I had the same relationship with a guy and he mistook it with me being in love with him, so I had to stop our relationship. There wasn't a way to tell him I really didn't love him, only that I admired him as a person.

No. 235603

File: 1521587812661.jpg (113.57 KB, 1418x924, 17104671.jpg)

> Was a member of a discord, we constantly fought, i told them off and left.
> Create a second account to see whether they're talking behind my back.
> Create a third one, we talk for ages, then a fight starts again. I leave, because i'm fed up.
> Get a dm, asking if i’m me and using alts, of course deny. Tells me he banned IP of this person (me), so that she (me) can’t join again.
Before joining again, i looked up if admins can see your IP and discord staff said No, but apparently, they somehow could…

I'm also the admin of another shared discord and going on there again would be too humiliating, knowing that I’ve been found out, so I guess i'll have to delete, but then they'll know for sure it was me all along.

There should be a crazies thread for lunatics like me.

No. 235634

they can't see your IP but they can IP ban usernames. it doesn't show them the IP tho.

No. 235695

My high school ex raped me and then dumped me for another girl, who he's been with ever since. I've been stalking her social media for almost 6 years now, as a mix of hate for both of them and watching to see if he'll do anything to her like he did to me.

No. 235720

Does this mean they know that my alts have the same IP as my original account or not, since i was no longer in the server? (but i had a role…?)
Or can they still see it, since we're in the other server together?

No. 236097

File: 1521738673415.png (224.87 KB, 423x491, 1521589658159.png)

I became obsessed with this famous poster from a certain image board. I won't say which board because I don't want to give away his identity. But he's extremely attractive, and that's what he's known for. Beyond model-tier. Two years ago I found him and would save pictures of him. I considered him my dream guy. I am also an artist and I like making portraits, so I always use his face for reference. I just made another last night.

Eventually after searching around I found his Tumblr and Instagram. I've been following for a while but I don't typically interact with him. Sometimes he will post an Instagram story, and I'll respond to it and he will reply back casually. I did that the other day, and since then we have been talking back and fourth for two days straight. I don't know why he is suddenly so interested in me, maybe because I unprivated my Instagram account and all of my selfies are visible. He must find me attractive which is why he is communicating with me now and having long conversations with me.

Our conversation topics are even getting slightly inappropriate, but not so much that it's creepy or uncomfortable. More like flirty, really. He doesn't even live in my fucking country but I am enthralled. After being obsessed with him for over 2 years, now we are talking. It's just strange to me. But I know I shouldn't get too into it. I know we will never meet anyway.

No. 236099

File: 1521739788093.png (598.07 KB, 546x566, Screenshot_1.png)

My Room-mate/ Childhood friend. I've known her since Grade 5 and we've been through tons of fights and she was my first lesbian experience. I live with her and her Fiance and I'm not sure if I'm in love with her. I don't really understand her feelings because during a fight once she said that she loved me more than a friend and that if her and her fiance ever broke up that she would want to be with me… But I feel like I should keep my distance with actually getting romantically involved with her. I love borrowing her clothes because they smell so good. Sometimes I'm tempted to ask her if I can sleep in her bed. She almost slept in mine recently but I think she's too into the routine of sleeping with her fiance. I know she browses Lolcow but I don't think she looks at /ot/

No. 236113

Is it the German armycore dude from /fa/?

No. 236119

I wish

No. 236123

this "friend" i had in 4th grade.
she treated me like dirt and knew i was too spineless/gullible to say no, and was always weirdly sexual with me, to say the least.

never saw her again after that, but every year i go through a phase usually lasting a few weeks where i'll fantasize about running into her again, and her life is absolutely pathetic, and she'll beg me to fix it for her but never feel like she deserves it. i'll always end up giving in because i don't know, and we'll live together from that point on while i take care of things for her.

i don't know why it's this fantasy in particular i keep coming back to, instead of something that would actually make sense like laughing in her face after she'd ask me for help or just beating her up. maybe some part of me still feels like i was the one who was a shitty friend.

No. 239800

>implying lolcow isn't a slice of life idol anime
UwU silly anon~

No. 240752

Has anyone been on the opposite side of the fence? For some reason I have this girl who is keeping a lot of tabs on me. I don't know her personally, she chatted to me a bit on my instagram and tumblr a long time ago, but she comes across as really pushy and now has been snooping for any info about me. (I keep track of everything because I am paranoid.) Recently, she has been looking at my old social media from YEARS ago and also looking at things I have been purchasing lately. I feel like blocking won't do much since she is snooping public places, but any tips on what I could do? I immediately ghosted her when she asked me something super invasive, so I am not going to respond to her comments in the hopes that she will leave me alone, but I feel pretty uncomfortable that she is digging with me.

No. 248264

File: 1525766812090.jpeg (47.87 KB, 559x522, EAFFFEEE-9646-4203-97E1-ECD4CA…)

Mild update no one requested; I’ve managed to destroy almost all obsessive crush feelings over the original work crush. I really need therapy. I only got a clue and was able to confront how little I had to be excited about when I found out that he has a gf, but not before I looked her up on social media too. Rereading this thread reminds me of how creepy I am, and that’s some useful perspective.

No. 248266

how did you manage to do get rid of it all

No. 248599

File: 1525893812444.jpg (52.38 KB, 526x326, a76c6e55cb369c6ab98e187afb9bed…)

God I can SO relate to OP cyberstalking ex best friend.
My childhood friend betrayed me like 5 years ago and I can't get over it (because I'm a loser with no life). Guess I want to see that she's not doing so great in life to make myself feel better since she hurt me a lot and I haven't been able to trust people ever since. Of course, everyone on social media seems to have "the perfect lives" and their online personas are fake as shit.
Also don't know if you could call that an obsession but I check my ex classmates/neighbours fb profiles once in a while to see what they're doing. Some of them had kids after high school graduation and now are single moms and it definetely makes me feel better about myself.

(I'm a miserable cunt who has been bullied)

No. 248604

>we'll live together from that point on while i take care of things for her.
sounds like you still care about this person even though she treated you like dirt
i have similar fantasies too, but they usually end up with me just laughing at their pathetic lives.

No. 252052

File: 1526985183625.jpg (61.68 KB, 500x448, tumblr_p5ethlytxt1rcgvpto1_500…)

I'm so glad I've found this thread, I hate referring to myself as yandere because that's cringey weeb shit, but I will obsess over my current crush. I keep track of his sleeping schedule, when he's online etc. as best I can. I'd attempt to stalk him irl but unfortunately he's moved an hour away from where I live. He does seem to like me back though, I don't obsess over people I dislike or who dislike me. I watch, read and listen to what he likes (usually without his knowledge) so I can have similar topics to talk about with him, I've already altered my personality to what I think will suit his. He has mentioned this other girl to me twice though, so I'm trying to figure out what makes her so important so I can replicate it. It feels really good to say all of this somewhere without feeling weird.

No. 252077

I had this ex friend who became obsessed with me after I decided to stop being her friend. She was convinced that I was the reason her life was so shit, and not her substance abuse, bad treatment and disrespect of others, shit talking and general shitty life choices. She would stalk all of my social media accounts and post screenshots of things she misinterpreted as being about her. It was incredibly embarrassing and pathetic.

I had a chance to take her to court along with support of someone else who she fucked over, but decided against it, not sure why.

No. 252152

I've had a few. I don't really consider it stalking since it's all technically public information. And it's not like I try to contact them or anything. I just sort of enjoy collecting the info I guess.

No. 252170

I stalked someone in one of my classes for the entirety of the summer. Like, it was a bit insane. Kept a journal of things I knew about him, from what type of gum he chewed to the small things I'd uncover from eavesdropping. I'd come to class and write my number on a slip of notebook paper everyday, willing myself to stick it in his notes while he was in the bathroom or something. Never ended up going through with it.

Had a breakdown at the end of the semester thinking I'd missed my chance to get to know the love of my life. However, he ended up reaching out to the class to form a study group - I went, and long story short, we've been dating for two years.

I'm still pretty creepy about him. There's no need to be, but I guess I'm obsessive by nature.

No. 252182

being a crazy stalker isn't the same as being yandere. you'd only be yandere if you want to commit bodily harm either to him or people who care about him.

also i think yandere has been a thing, atleast in concept, in japan for decades. during the 1920s there was a woman who murdered her lover and carried his junk around with her because she didn't want anyone else to have him. the country at the time thought it was beautiful. as long as you're not at that level, you're good.

No. 252213

I hope I'm not like that then, only time will tell I suppose

No. 252736

I used to love finding the "secret" tumblr/blog/forum accounts of IRL friends/acquaintances by searching their common usernames. Found some juicy Livejournals, etc. I would love knowing things about them that they probably didn't think anyone else had ever seen before. My friends always come to me for cyber stalking new boyfriends/girlfriends, etc. It's a well-honed skill.

I also have followed/stalked a homeschooling family for about 10 fuckin' years now. They just get cringier and cringier and I wish I had other people to talk about them with.

No. 252826


Anon I live for that stuff… Pls

No. 252842

I second this, that's amazing

No. 252869

Same, I love it. I found a acquaintance from college's tumblr, instagram and twitter because a mutual friend advertised his twitter on fb. I found the guy because they were mutuals on twitter and he posts the dumbest shit ever. Some of these things could even be compromising, especially because he uses selfies as profile picture and his first name everywhere. Now I know way too much about this guy and it's hilarious. If he didn't use a selfie for his pp I would never have found out. He vague-posted about me and friends some years ago on his tumblr, that was pretty funny too because he's way worse than he thinks he is.

I have a friend who does the same stupid shit of posting selfies and her real name everywhere, as well as using the same IDs everywhere, and because we're mutuals on some websites I managed to find a bunch of acquaintances' twitter or tumblr. But usually they don't post anything special.

I also found relatively old and well-hidden photos of a guy I like a lot thanks to the power of google and fb and I found out what he looked like without facial hair and long hair, among other things. It was weird.

>They just get cringier and cringier and I wish I had other people to talk about them with.

Could talking about them on anon get you in trouble? If not you can tell us a little about them. I always hear about American religious parents who homeschool their kids and I never hear good things about them so I'm curious.

No. 252895


Sometimes I’ll look up people I don’t talk to anymore bc I’m wondering how they’re doing in life.

I actually found that one of my friends that I had a major falling out with had died when I went to reconnect with them on Facebook. I wanted to apologize for what went down and saw their page was set as “memorial.” I hadn’t spoken to them in a year and I wanted to right what went wrong. I was just 4 months too late. Their death has haunted me since. It’s one of my biggest regrets in life. A year later I found that they had committed suicide. I still don’t know why. Had I contacted them sooner, I feel like it might not have turned out like this. Unhealthy mindset, but I wish I could have just talked to them.

No. 253892

I have this insane obsession about mi ex new girlfriend. My ex literally dumped me after he took my virginity, in order to be with this girl.

The thing that bothers me the most it that with this girl he doesn't have sex at all, although she was sleeping around in the past with a lot of guys, and my ex not only knows about this, but also he likes to tell everybody, like this was something to be proud about (not intended to sound prude, but this is making me insane)

All day I look at her Facebook profile with her hundreds of likes and comments about how hot she is, wondering why I can't be her, feeling ugly and unattractive. I hate her and she doesn't even knows me.

No. 254053

I hate-stalk the ex of the guy I'm seeing currently, kinda a personal lolcow too tbh. I wouldn't say it's obsessive and unhealthy to the point where it interferes with my daily life or anything. I'm still baffled because dude is objectively more attractive than his ex and admitted to me he never wanted to be with her and didn't even respect her.

I'm guessing my bf hooked up with her because she was really easy pussy while he was distraught about me unintentionally rejecting him two weeks prior (was going through a lot of shit atm). I can't really see why else because girl was toxic:

- pressured him into the relationship when he didn't want to be in one for various, legitimate reasons. she's also two years older than him
- egged him on to drink an entire bottle of rum he hated while he was under-aged, recorded everything and posted it on his social media
- was super insecure and possessive, checking up on him randomly to make sure he wasn't hanging out with his girl-friends
- incredibly needy, to the point of making nearly every comment about herself on other people's social media posts
- suspiciously added me on my private social media "on accident" when only had one mutual friend
- dude kept on lying about the stupidest shit because of her and generally being a dumbass the whole time he was with her
- enabled his hard partying behavior while he was trying to get his shit together
- generally full of herself and shitty

Like dude, not only is she a shitty gf, she's real unfortunate looking. Stumpy limbs and torso, flat ass (literally no change from back to ass to leg), no hips, waist, or tits. Long Lurch face, lopsided Jay Leno chin with lopsided eye and lopsided bulbous nose. For increased unfortunate-ness, she has a concave mouth, very thin lips and is very flat-faced throughout.

He wised up and dumped her ugly ass around their 1 year and is a lot happier now. I'll also troll through dude's insta likes to see if she passive-aggressively liked his posts weeks after the fact.

Also I cackle real ugly when she refuses to like any his photos if there's another female in it, even if they're a friend she met and they had been broken up for a better part of a year now. She even had a brief relationship after the two broke up and was still acting like this. I'll look through their music likes on occasion to see if they've been using music but it's largely a waning one-sided effort on her part. I think he mostly doesn't pay much attention to her these days if at all.

Anywho, she's been a great model of how not to be as a girlfriend and I remind myself of her when I tempted to give into bad behavior.

No. 254104

>and admitted to me he never wanted to be with her and didn't even respect her.
Bullshit, then why was he with her?
Careful anon, if he has that attitude towards her, you might be his next victim in the future.

>I'm guessing my bf hooked up with her because she was really easy pussy

Prince Charming right there.
>pressured him into the relationship when he didn't want to be in one for various, legitimate reasons. she's also two years older than him
Or maybe she didn't want to just hook up and wouldn't put out. Did he sleep with her cause she was just easy pussy, or did that perfidious succubus pressure him into it so she could steal his precious seed? Which is it? He could've just said no to both.
Also, so what if she's older?
>Was super insecure and possessive, checking up on him randomly to make sure he wasn't hanging out with his girl-friends
Usually happens when your boyfriend is being cold towards you or is cheating
>Suspiciously added me on my private social media "on accident" when only had one mutual friend
Same as above
>Dude kept on lying about the stupidest shit because of her and generally being a dumbass the whole time he was with her
His lying is her fault how?
>Enabled his hard partying behavior while he was trying to get his shit together
Enabled how? He could've just said no.
So what? Is she not allowed to date people who aren't total goblins because she's ugly?

Don't get me wrong, you could be telling the truth but something about this all just sounds wrong and it feels like you're drinking your bf's koolaid in buckets. Especially the overarching tone of "she made me behave like this".

No. 254105

you sound real lovely

No. 254107

you sound pathetic

No. 254137

I've sort of had obsessions with some science lab TAs I've had so far at uni. It starts by searching their full name on Instagram and looking through all of their photos. Then I figure out from the likes and comments who are their friends, both at the university and from their hometown and I stalk all of their pages as well. Then I try to find them and their friends on Twitter (they often have the same username on both sites) and read through all their tweets, sometimes even reading the tweets of the friends of the friends. Same thing on Facebook. I frequently check the website of the lab group they're in, search up what conferences they're going to present at, look up their journal publications, etc. I might even do the same thing for their professors and lab mates from their old university as well. Past a certain point I start feeling really creepy so I stop searching them up, but I still sometimes read through the Twitters of their friends (almost like they've now become my friends or something, creepy I know but I just like keeping up with them for some reason). I don't know why I do this, I guess I'm just interested in learning about their studies and who they are, though I'm trying to stop doing it now because it feels like I'm invading their privacy. If I see them around the university I try my best to avoid them because I feel ashamed, like they somehow know what I did.

No. 254142

I was weirdly obsessed with shmegeh years ago when she was relevant and I was a burgeoning anorexic wank. Fell for that pretentious mysterious act so hard.

No. 254146

>dude kept on lying about the stupidest shit because of her
You don’t lie because of someone else, you lie because of yourself. It’s not her fault he’s a liar
>I'll also troll through dude's insta likes to see if she passive-aggressively liked his posts weeks after the fact.
he’s gonna tell his next gf how crazy you are for doing this

No. 254283

File: 1527511329404.jpg (9.08 KB, 239x211, 2018-05-28-14-40-58-949961956.…)

>admitted to me he never wanted to be with her and didn't even respect her.

I bet that he respects the shit out of you, anon.

No. 254331

>admitted to me he never wanted to be with her and didn't even respect her

Guys who say this about an ex will also say it about you when/if you break up.

>I'm guessing my bf hooked up with her because she was really easy pussy while he was distraught about me unintentionally rejecting him two weeks prior

He was with her because he wanted to be with her. It's that simple.

No. 254339

>Usually happens when your boyfriend is being cold towards you or is cheating

This, I've seen it happen so many times. A guy will talk shit about his girl being too paranoid/crazy but will conveniently leave out the fact that he cheated on her multiple times… Honestly any time a guy talks about a crazy ex he's most likely bulshitting and leaving out major parts of the story.
Men love to throw women under the bus.

No. 254368

>> I remind myself of her when I tempted to give into bad behavior
bitch wtf are you like some doll for him to mold? Not only do you sound pathetic you sound as insecure as he made her feel. You're an idiot if you believe for one second he won't say the same shit about you. I can't stand girls who let their bf's dog their ex's if they were oh so bearable why did you date them. 'Cause she's 'easy pussy' isn't the real reason I can assure you. Have you ever thought of the reason why he got with you? It's probably the same reason. Probably should get off your high horse since it doesn't sound like you bagged a good one.

No. 254413

>I can't stand girls who let their bf's dog their ex's if they were oh so bearable why did you date them

Honestly, same. They're an ex. If you're spending your time getting your kicks out of his ~you're not like that crazy bitch you're different sweetie~ bullshit, you're insecure. If you're happy in your relationship, who gives a fuck what the ex is doing?

A guy saying he has a "crazy ex" is such a red flag for me. So far, in my experience, they have never meant legit crazy, abusive or even disrespectful. They've always said it about girls who aren't doing what they want them to do or girls who don't put up with their shit.

No. 254976

File: 1527640204742.jpg (36.52 KB, 320x320, lol.jpg)


I'm like a week late and probably no one cares but just in case, here's some on the homeschooling family – they are actually UN-schooling, which is like mega-hippie homeschooling.

They call themselves the "Sparkling Martins" and the mom, Dayna, is a narcissistic fame whore. They were on Wife Swap, recently tried to become a "Youtube family", and now their next venture are being fucking anarcho-capitalists.

In 2013, Dayna was exposed as drinking/using drugs while doing her paid "Un-Nanny" consulting service with a family (think of the show Nanny 911). Search "Watching the Unschooling Pieces Crumble - Part 1 of Dealings With a Guru" and "Problems with Dayna Martin, 2013 and prior" for details. Her 4 kids are pretty embarrassing too but they're 16 and under…Enjoy.

No. 254980


If you are into fundamentalist Christian homeschool family snarking you need to be on the Free Jinger forums: https://www.freejinger.org/forum/203-quiver-full-of-snark/

No. 255208

I sometimes check up on a guy I met online a few years ago. We talked with each other from time to time for two years and he never hinted that he had any romantic interest in me or anything like that, we just discussed some random stuff. There were things that were slightly off about him, he was 26 and a virgin, nothing wrong with that by itself but his perspective on women was kinda limited. He still was interesting to talk to and overall intelligent.

He would constantly tell me about a girl he had been in love with for four years or so, I didn't really care about that. Then I started dating somebody and mentioned that briefly in the conversation with him and he went full-on nice guy mode. It turned out that I had been leading him on all this time, he had had so many hopes for me, etc. He called me a slut or something like that and we stopped talking.

This wouldn't really bother me at all if shortly after that the girl he was in love with all this time (even though he was trying to get together with me at the same time somehow) didn't give in and they started dating. She's way out of his league, she's somewhat successful in her career, confident and has an interesting life while he did nothing but sit at home and complain throughout his 20s. They've been together for like a year now and they're going to get married. They seem to genuinely enjoy each other's company judging by their social media.

Shortly after they started dating, about a year ago, he messaged me and we had a nice conversation, even though he said that he still believed that I had lead him on and had been wrong lol. I hate being on bad terms with people so I was like, whatever, and told him that I was happy for him. After a few days he suddenly told me that his gf is against him talking to other women and blocked me. I felt really stupid that I started talking to him again whatsoever and that I told him that I broke up with my bf. He unblocked me later and messaged something but I blocked him in return.

It really pisses me off now that I still keep remembering him from time to time and checking his profile. I just hate that he was shitty to me and ended up being happy meanwhile I have gone through depression (unrelated to him, obviously), broken relationships and stuff like that. My life is not that bad now but I still get upset when I see his profile and he's with his gf and is seemingly doing great. I want that fucking revenge already.

No. 255212

A few lines of this made me check the date like
>did I write this

Very similar things have happened to me. I check up on people (but have seemingly improved my standards over the years, and amazed I talked to or met these people at all now, so I don't look anymore.)

>Friends with 26 year old NEET for years online

>Guy flipping out because you date other people even though not dating him
>He gets girlfriend and somehow it goes well for him
>Guy says he's in love with some other girl for years but still going after you
>Guy initiates conversation with you and then says he can't talk to you because gf doesn't like it

In my case these were multiple different guys but, yeah we have a lot in common it seems

No. 255215

Maybe I'm lucky that it was just one guy who was that shitty because I improved my standards at once and didn't have to meet too many assholes. Now I'm too cautious though and see red flags literally everywhere

No. 255454

There's this girl I stalk and have been following for about a year, give or take.
She's a lolcow if I ever saw one, she's the definition of a lolcow and never seems to stop providing things to laugh about/at.
She's dumb as hell, awkward as hell, some of her recent pictures look like she's had a stroke, she's gained weight, lost friends, is an all around hot mess
and I fucking love it
I refer to her as my favorite disaster and now and then I'll wiggle my way into her facebook and it's amazing.

No. 255457

Sounds pretty sad.

No. 262723

i’m obsessed with my bf’s ex (V). the girl who introduced me to him (G) has some sort of vendetta against her and hooked me into it. she showed me V’s tumblr, facebook, twitter, etc. and would send screenshots of V to me making fun of her. it was weird at first, but G told me how horrible V was to my bf so i didn’t feel…..as bad? G would post videos of my bf and i on sc and we would know V saw them. fast forward a few months and i stop being friends with G (bpd nightmare) but i still find myself looking at V’s tumblr and facebook. V would make posts expressing her jealousy and i could see her desperate attempts to lure my bf back and it just….fueled me. (i’ve never been able to stalk any of my partners ex’s before so maybe that’s why?) but then i started to let my lack of self confidence get to me and i started to compare myself to her when she was with my ex. she was cute at some points imo but the thing that got me was how skinny she was. i began relapsing and obsessing over being skinnier than her and seeing her face in public when she saw me. with every new picture, i could see how much V had gained and it only made me work harder. eventually, i’d been through her entire tumblr during the time she was dating my bf and had found more profiles / accounts she had. it was like a story to me. then i began tearing her apart in my own mind (her looks and mostly awful tastes). i’d screenshot ugly pictures of her to make myself feel better. soon enough i opened up to my therapist about it because i knew it was unhealthy. got better for a while, but i couldn’t stop looking. sometimes i even see things that V likes / wants (style, makeup looks, etc) and try to emulate them to make her jealous…. i still find myself looking at her social medias, but i’ll go through phases (sometimes weeks without checking, other times 2 or 3 times a day). just looked at one of her pages and saw her new god awful, tacky tattoo and couldn’t help but laugh at how terrible it came out. my bf and i have also been together just as long as she was with him and we haven’t split up even once while V cheated on him multiple times and he broke things off 4 or 5 times total. idk where i’m going with this, i just know i’ve been wanting to post here for a while and get things off my chest.

also, is it weird that i wish i had someone who didn’t know us to make fun of her with me?

No. 262729

post her

No. 262757

>i opened up to my therapist about it
what did your therapist say? interesting story btw

No. 262773

File: 1529942773257.jpeg (133.2 KB, 750x897, 3FB7B493-4977-44F3-8D66-38ED9A…)


i feel like it’d be fairly easy to figure out who i am if i posted one of her pics, but i’ll attach her tattoo here.

No. 262776


my therapist told me it’s just another way of me feeling like i’m in control (i was sexually abused) and she noted that i tend to go back to looking at V’s pages when i’m really stressed. can’t recall everything she said but i may be bringing it up to my therapist again soon to figure out the root of it / why i feel satisfied when she’s sad / jealous / etc.

No. 262777

File: 1529943840566.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 162.22 KB, 719x1056, 8635CD52-9763-42E2-96B8-295812…)


here is one of her attempts to get my bf back lmao.

No. 262781

this smug ass face
she looks like a bitch

No. 262788

oof. those extensions girl…

No. 262792

File: 1529947766695.jpg (20.8 KB, 410x410, 25021827_140144146692241_91867…)

Ok sorry but…

No. 262794

Those nails. Wew. How old is she to look this haggard?

No. 262795

>shorts don’t fit, excess fat puddling out of them
>smoking a cigarette uwu
>hair looking like a microwaved wig
>the definition of ‘looks like her ass stank’
>still smirking into the camera regardless

No. 262801


kek, i’ll never unsee this now.


i think she’s 23? yeah, it’s weird because when she’s not smiling as hard she does look kind of young but when she is it adds years. i kind of feel bad that she has that many lines in her face already.

No. 263119

File: 1530041591479.jpg (28.31 KB, 341x512, 8e9268dbb01a98930d31c75965e56f…)

In middle school all the way up until maybe highschool and a little after graduation I used to be really obsessed with this girl. She was on the cheerleading team and was deemed one of the hottest girls in school. She was in shape, short, and not that pretty but at the time I really thought so. I'd stalk her facebook page maybe once or twice each night. She didn't even know who I was..

I on the other hand was not what you'd call popular or what people thought was pretty in that school (they really just thought clumped eyelashes and bad makeup etc was attractive tho lol). I was made fun of for the longest time for not being what was cool or popular I guess. Its all so stupid now that I think of it.

But I would really try and wear similar almost identical things to her. Beg my mom to buy me clothes that are like her's or her friends..(uggs aeropostale) I actually tried out for cheerleading two years in a row. Both of those years not making the cut.. I'd straighten and relax my hair so that I could achieve her hair type.. I wanted to dye my hair and bleach my skin. I'd look up to girls like ttly teala because she was like me almost. I wasn't comfortable in my own skin and I would really sit there and hope and pray one day I'd wake up and become her.. it was so strange. And I'm glad I don't continue to obsess over her and built my own personality..

No. 263184

most of my obsessions stemmed from being
i knew about the insecurity but not about the gayness lol. made me literally wanna combust. still cringe when i remember i was basically a stalker

No. 263197

So what's she up to now?

No. 263351

I'm obsessed with violette_fr the makeup artist and her impossibly chic Parisian/NYC life. I think I have every picture of her on the internet saved, found out her real name, even got her address. I live in the same city but I'd never actually go there or anything. I just wish I was her.

No. 263364

But she's ugly
And also a caricature of the parisienne stereotype
She only does what she does to sell the "Frenchness" to frumpy American girls who lap it up

No. 263369

obviously anon is a frumpy murrican girl.

No. 263372

Mais non, am actually a painfully average Québécoise Fille du Roi.

No. 263392

my old group of friends.
they treated me like shit and told me to kill myself all the time. made me have panic attacks by critiquing my body bc I was the thinnest of all them and they made fun of me for it??? idk. I don't know why I spent time w them at all.
I like seeing their mental gymnastics bc they are all day SJWs without jobs who make racist jokes and shit and hang out w a rapist. and they all look the part. dyed undercuts, cystic acne, fat, septum piercings.

No. 263480

Do any of you have borderline personality disorder? I seem to try to steal other people's identities/personalities because I don't have a sense of my own. As a kid, I always had some person (fictional and real) I obsessively studied and researched and tried to copy. I thought I'd eventually grow out of it, but even in my 20s I'm still fixating on people. There was one girl who dated a few of the same people as me and I stalked her online for years. I always felt like my ex was comparing us and settled for me. I changed my appearance, interests, and way of writing/speaking to mimic her. I thought my ex wouldn't leave me if I basically became her. I'm over it now, but I still can't get myself to delete the hundreds of screenshots I have. It's insane.

No. 263489

Good on you anon, you’re probably much cuter than that leather-face anyways.

No. 263524

I do the same thing but for me it's picking up traits, speech patterns, expressions, etc from people, I only pick out what I like and make it my own thing, it's weird

No. 263555

There seems to be a ton of people with Cluster B personality disorders on this site
If you look in the secret sharing thread, a lot of the posts mention sociopathic, narcissistic, or borderline behaviors
This entire site is based around gossiping about people, so that isn't really a surprise imo

No. 263559

File: 1530226136401.png (163.24 KB, 500x333, tumblr_inline_mm5huyUlpN1qzt3y…)

Back in 2014/15/16 I was heavily obsessed with Shmegeh and Haku.
The first time I saw them I was disgusted at how skelly they were, but I could not stop watching their pictures and videos on tumblr, instagram… and the threads they had here on lolcow, oh boy those were the times.

I even relapsed and went full ana-chan once again, I even wished I looked as sick and emancipated as them. I saved almost all their images in my phone and would look at them everytime I felt like eating.

No. 263594

It's totally normal to pick up speech patterns and mannerisms from your friends.

No. 263603

That's pretty pathetic sounding, did you think maybe she's just acting like a dummy because her life is shit and she is trying to make the best of it and you're just using it against her?

No. 263621

I dated a super famous k-pop star, ghosted him and then could not stop looking up news of him and stalking his ig. It was crazy, he kept messaging me but I didn't feel good enough to reply so I just kept ignoring him but it's been a year and I still check his news and social media.

Hooked up with another really famous k-pop star recently and then ghosted him and occasionally check his social media and news.

But I can't get over checking on the first guy because he treated me really well and changed my life. I keep thinking if I better myself I can reply to his messages but I don't think that's going to happen so I'm probably going to just continue checking up on his ig and news from time to time.

I used to stalk exes like this too but now I can't be bothered

No. 263625

No. 263660

File: 1530251338795.jpg (22.4 KB, 200x200, IMG_0033.JPG)

This site, i swear
Was his dick small tho

No. 263665

File: 1530253007853.gif (915.28 KB, 245x285, giphy.gif)

No. 263666

File: 1530253413960.jpg (58.68 KB, 800x450, large.jpg)

why the fuck would you post this

No. 263667

File: 1530253532417.jpg (41.19 KB, 456x810, 31bad1499df9fdc752299875b5ef13…)

Thanks lord for lolcow and farmers.

No. 263685

Like that's a bad thing, are you an SJW?(Do not reply to bait)

No. 263728

File: 1530271431786.jpg (35.71 KB, 620x620, IMG_20180520_232353_589.jpg)

Really made me think

No. 263925

Can't believe there's so many people like me. I have always been an obsessive person and social media pretty much amplifies that for me. I have online stalked countless people. Some lolcows that have threads on here that I've kept up with for years but also people in my day to day life.

Like a few others on here, I've constantly checked up with abusive exes. I'd find every social media page they have, their family members, or their friends and I'd just read for hours. Eventually I blocked them and have moved on for the most part but I guess I've just replaced it with other people.

There's this girl I had online drama with. I guess we both kind of wanted to be each other, we'd constantly copy each other's style and buy the same shit and basically try to one up one another. We'd block and unblock each other and she admitted that she would use her boyfriend's account to stalk me and what do you know, I was doing the same shit. It was like some weird rivalry where we'd out crazy each other. I eventually stopped responding to her and quit trying to be her. She would get pissed off and figure out my full name and family members and post it. I knew all her info as well from my stalking but never hit that level of creepy. I guess after me not giving her attention she stopped because I haven't heard from her in about three years. But I still check her social media pages religiously. It's a mixture of jealousy and hatred because she did put me through a ton of shit and I realize how petty I was as well but it never got to the point that I exposed her like that as she did with me. I definitely could have and still can. But I still check up on all her shit and for some reason can't stop obsessing over her. I just really want her to be miserable so I keep waiting for her life to go to shit so I can hate watch.

I also obsess over any friends I make. I'll find every single account they have, Google their name, read anything they post and keep an overwhelming amount of tabs on them. If they ever knew how much I looked into them on a daily basis they probably would never be my friend again.

I realize this behavior is toxic and I wish I could stop. When I was younger it was worse. I'd creep people I thought were beautiful but I had never spoken to and if they'd post music, I'd immediately go listen to it on repeat til I knew every word and force it to be my favorite song even though most of it was trash. I'd talk like them and basically skin walk them. The worst was when I stole all their photos including not only ones of them but their family and friends and made dozens of fake accounts pretending to be them. I was basically a catfish and I kept those accounts active from the age 15-22 taking every single photo ever posted and pretending to be them. It was pretty convincing because I had spent so long studying them that you couldn't tell the real person from the catfish.

It's been years since then and I haven't stolen any photos and I no longer check on those people. But there's still plenty of others I stalk. I've been slowly trying to cut back and just live my life as a normal person but the urges are still there.

I just can't believe so many people get to the same level of obsessiveness as I do.

No. 263935

post more even if it's fake

No. 263949

File: 1530342495293.jpeg (52 KB, 475x356, lies.jpeg)

I actually find this interesting, but some of you use this place for creative writing, lmao.

No. 264047

Does anyone else feel physically different when they're having one of these obsessive episodes or doing something obsession related? Like when you're stalking, researching, etc
I get this weird rush and mixed emotions and my hands shake a little.

I've posted here before but I'll add that I've discovered today that I obsessively research whatever my boyfriend is into, and if it's something I don't want him to be into, I obsess over pointing out flaws in it and putting its worth down.

No. 264051

That sounds like the basis of a healthy relationship

No. 264052

wow what a nightmare. i'm always needlessly embarrassed about things i like in case my bf criticizes them, even though he never does and doesn't care, being with you would make me a wreck.

No. 264055

Not towards my boyfriend, but say if I'm really, really angry at someone and I'm going online to hate watch or dig up dirt, I get pretty shaky. Throat gets tight sometimes.
Basically all the reactions of being in a fight without physically being in person.

Do you hate a lot of things your bf does?

No. 264060

rush of adrenaline/dopamine maybe?

No. 264066

I'm here for a good wild time not a long time kek
I actually accept and encourage a lot of the things he's embarrassed about. But there are things he should be at least private about liking (especially as an adult in his line of work) and pointing out the flaws in them/in liking them makes him tone down how vocal he is about the embarrassing things he likes. It also works better than being direct about it because he just becomes very defensive and upset. I do know this isn't the right way to go about it, and sometimes I'm motivated by jealousy and perfectionism to do this, but hopefully, I'll find a healthier way to deal after I start therapy. I don't know if this is relevant or not, but I do feel embarrassed too about some things I like because of him making jokes about them a lot. Sometimes, it does feel like we're both doing the same unhealthy thing but I do it more obsessively and intentionally.

Not a lot, just a few things. Oddly, he's the first guy or bf to bring the obsession and stalking out of me this hard…and also the first guy my friends think I've ever really been in love with. I guess it's related in a sick way.

No. 264071

If it's not affecting his working ability, I don't think it should matter. As long as he knows the right time and place to bring up the subjects. Honestly, don't try to change his behavior, he'll learn for himself even if it is the hard way, whatever these embarrassing things he likes are.
Also the researching thing, I sympathize. It's a hell of a rush. I've had nights where I've gone to bed with 2 hours of sleeping time to spare trying to dig up new info about some things. To control it, I basically just tell myself I can wait until later since I'm probably the only person to get this far with info. Remind yourself you're not a machine and you need some downtime.

No. 264094

no she fakes about meeting d-list celebs

No. 264095

no it was big, he has a wide frame

No. 264096

if someone paypals me money ill post proof

No. 264100

if someone paypals me money ill post proof >>264096
nvm no i wont but i invite anyone in korea to meet up with me so they can vouch for me lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 264200

I was obsessed with disgustinghuman from Tumblr but she quit bc there was a creepy Russian fansite devoted to her and they wouldn't quit being fucking weird.

No. 264218

Wtf seriously? Me too, I've been following her since 2012 and I still have a butt ton of her pictures saved. So sad she left.

do you have any of her videos? specifically of her talking, it's so hard to find those

No. 264711

Does anyone know how to see a private instagram without making a fake account? All the "apps" that I've found just lead to endless scam verifications.

No. 264714

Seconding this…

No. 265510

Not sure but I wish her well. I would go back and apologize to her for all the creepy stuff but I don’t even think she remembers me honestly. I never interacted with her.
Thanks anon

No. 265524

I dont think it's possible.
Why not just make a fake account?

No. 265622

Idk, man, if she's doing it all as an act then it's been a pretty freaking long commitment to being a jackass on public forums

No. 273047

File: 1532773967432.jpg (182.97 KB, 1242x1196, 2CbLEp6.jpg)

Lately I've been obsessed with a reddit user, she's a woman who claims that her bf looks like Calum Von Moger and that she's an instagram fitness model with a body very similar to Katy Hearn's.

She obsessively post about how much her bf loves her body and how he thinks average women's body are disgusting, most of her threads are a variation of "men what is your favorite body type and why?" or "Is it normal for men in relationship to watch porn?". Idk she strikes me as incredibly insecure about her relationship yet she project this image of having the perfect life with her super buff bf and her successful instagram career. She also post a lot about her bf's friends making fun of him because he says he only like super buff girls like his girlfriend and she write shit like "idk why it's so hard to understand that some people have very high standards and love perfection".
She likes to sperg about how much better she has aged than her friends while in other threads she recognize that she has gotten botox, a boob job and fillers. She also don't understand why her boyfriend doesn't get hit on more often but if he seriously looks like Calum V he probably disgust a lot of women since most ladies aren't into big veiny dudes. Anyways she's my little secret cow.

I've been trying to find her instagram since she posted a few pic of her body but I just can't.
I know it's unhealthy but she sounds really crazy and I want to know more about her.

Pic related is one of the few body shot she posted.

No. 273051

>instagram career

That alone is a huge redflag, nobody in their right mind seeks an instagram career.

No. 273055

I tend to stalk people on tumblr, from fandoms I'm in. Usually artists, but also people who post theories/analyses and I see as smart.
I try to emulate their art style or speech patterns. Never tried to dox anyone, though, and these "obsessions" last a few months before I move on to someome else. (If you wonder, yes, I think I'm on the spectrum)

No. 273059

I ship you two

No. 273072

File: 1532779142681.jpg (24.96 KB, 554x488, FB_IMG_1532777972583.jpg)

I stumbled across this particular lady by the penname of Trudy Silverheels on Facebook who I believe fabricated a life as a renowned model and author of 'tasteful erotica'.
I believe she created profiles of friends and family members, faked her own death in 2014 and continues to use Facebook and talk about herself through these made-up relatives who suspiciously either have no pictures of themselves or perhaps have one blurry picture.and interestingly enough they all share her affinity for erotica and sex.

I got a free trial of Amazon Kindle to read her works including an autobiography, biography and a novel. While I'm not big into reading I don't see how her works could ever be considered renowned as they are advertised to be, as they barely had any reviews and were very amateur, I believe I read one description of sex that was simply 'we tribbed, 69'd, and came several times'. As much as she talked about sex, her writing came off as teenage written fanfiction.
Ive looked up her supposed real name (Linda Yazzie) and although I found one online interview with her I haven't found any info relating to her birth or death. It may be small potatoes but it's intriguing to me

No. 273074

The saddest thing I read in a while

No. 273103


It is sad. There's so many details I wanted to include but didn't cuz it got too overwhelming to type up on mobile. There are some things I found that don't make her look so good tho, the first that comes to mind is that she ostensibly defends pedophilia in her writing. The titular character in one of her novels is a teenage prostitute.
I feel I should add that not all of her friends are her own creations; there are some Facebook friends who most likely are real people with lives but it doesn't seem like she's ever met them in person.

Also, if you search her name on YouTube you will find a very short video of her book signing event in which there doesn't seem to be anyone there aside from her and whoever is recording.

No. 273110

I have been stalking a 14 year old on tumblr for the past year. Her living situation is terrible. She's a trailer park daughter and her parents are abusive. I've been sending her anonymously baby food and other things like pampers, school supplies, staple food and a toy she wanted for her birthday. I think my obsession with helping this girl stay somewhat happy is creepy. I don't know this girl. For all I know she could be lying. However I relate to bring pretty poor, not having enough food to eat or supplies for school in the shit " hill billy states ". I'm came to terms to stop sending her things throughout a Amazon wishlist. Linked some charities close by and I wished her the best anonymously. I stopped looking at her profile or posts all together. Though I do believe at the end of the day, that's not my child and that girl is not my younger self. I think it was pretty creepy what I did to a extent though those were my only interactions and did not advance to anything else.

No. 273111

Tumblr is full of people lying so I wouldn't trust anyone

No. 273112

Whether it's fake or not, it's admirable that you tried to help her

No. 273123

What is her username Anon? She seems to be quite a cow and I'm curious lol

No. 273131

who the hell wears converse to the gym???

No. 273134


Haha, this is funny, I reddit stalk her too. Though mostly because I'm intrigued by her looks transformation and how openly she talks about plastic surgery, since I kinda daydream about getting some too. (not brave enough though) But, yeah, she does come across as very insecure, no one wastes hours online talking about their relationship if it actually is going well. I think it's kinda like how people that brag about their life/relationship/other on social media usually aren't as happy as they seem, otherwise they would be too busy living their life to spend so much time online. Seems like she's looking for confirmation/reassurance because deep down she doesn't believe the things she says and is trying to convince herself.

Also, I don't recall her ever mentioning that she's an instagram model, just that she looks like one? She posted a picture of her fiance in an r/fitness thread, and as far as I could tell he did look really handome(Altough I think only the lower face was visible) and not disgustingly muscle-y like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Definitely had the kind of body that intimidates women.

Now I feel like a huge creep. Oh well, guess I'm in the right thread.

No. 273136


Oops, sorry for so many typos and bad grammar. English is not my first language and I'm really tired.

No. 273137

They're good for lifting since they're flat, anon.

No. 273138

I found one of her throwaway account and she say she's a "well-known social media “fitness model”". It's definitely her because she talk about the exact same subject (being fit, having a bodybuilder bf, how he only like super fit chicks etc…), and has the same writing style.

No. 273141


Does sound like her. What did she write that she needed a throwaway for?

No. 273143

She write the same exact type of stuff that she post on her main account. I guess she's trying to not look too spergy?

No. 273156

The same person has been stalking me online for a total of eight years now. And the funny part about it is I’ve never met her in real life or had any connection with her apart of some internet drama back in 2010 on deviantART. Since then, she’s been following me on every social platform since. I’ve had her use throwaway accounts to interact with me in the past, but since I caught her and did a bit of dox to discover it was the same person following all these years; she now says nothing to be at all but still stalks me everyday. I find it creepy and unsettling but I know there’s nothing I can do about it. She’s also lesbian so maybe that has something to do with it.

No. 273159

Eight fucking years? What was the drama about?

No. 273161


Some spergy shit I did back then and was whiny about criticism on art work, but thankfully that all had changed. Nonetheless she still follows me around and unfortunately none of it constitutes as cyber stalking so there’s nothing I can do about it.

No. 273349

One of my former best friends ended our relationship in a really unfair and devious way because I disappointed her. 8 years later, I still think about it sometimes and start e-stalking her. She told me her mail password when we were still friends and she never changed it. I found out that she started working as a prostitute after our friendship ended and that she never got a degree. That made me feel better on one hand (she made fun of me for being "lower class" and stupid; now I am the one with two excellent degrees), but I also feel sorry for her because I used to like her a lot and it is depressing to see how she wastes her potential by being a hooker and doing drugs all the time. I get really mixed feelings when stalking her and I haven't logged into her account for several months now because I know that it is just wrong. The temptation is there, though!

I also am obsessed with male attention I think. I used Tinder for a while to hook up, but I "fell in love" with every guy I met and started monitoring everything they do. The thing is, most of those guys weren't relationship material at all, but I still became clingy immediately and cried about them not paying me enough attention. I always text way too much and am all over them; until I meet the next person that is. As soon as someone else catches my attention, the guy I just cried about 5 minutes ago becomes irrelevant, but the cycle continues. I've embarrassed myself often because of that and I hate that I rely on male approval so much. I recently hit rock bottom when I started sexting someone from another country. It was supposed to be a fun distraction, but I'm already obsessed again, thinking about him 24/7 and malfunctioning in real life. We don't even have much in common and I barely know him (and probably won't ever as he is really far away), but whenever he texts me or play video games together (which is rare, because he probably has a life unlike me), I get way too excited. I also hate how social media fuels this; I can always see when he's online on Instagram and I get really depressed when he doesn't contact me then.

No. 274466

File: 1533078195309.png (69.71 KB, 1200x800, ADTWO28.png)

I have a horrible obsession with a relatively minor celebrity that I revert to as a coping mechanism whenever my life goes to shit
I am horrifically embarrassed about this and I guess this only makes it worse, but I'm absolutely not about to own up to it irl either. In the past I managed to stalk his whole extended family online and considered myself spiritually married to him. I don't interact with the rest of the fanbase anymore but I'm pretty sure I was if not the, then one of the worst people in there (as in most obsessive, over a long enough period of time to dig inhumanely deep and archive everything).
I also drew a lot of self insert art with him, a lot of it porn, but none of it ever saw the light of day and it never will.
sometimes I feel like a pony waifu would have been easier to justify

No. 274470

May I ask who's the celebrity?

No. 274472

you sound just like a former friend of mine who was obsessed with a hockey player. she literally did all of this, with the exception of the art because she wasn't an artist (unless she kept that in the closet? lel). it was also a coping mechanism for her, after a rough break up. she took me and our other friend to watch his team practice on a school day and also drove us to a house that she thought was his. wild times.

No. 274475

Y'all need to stop being teases and post her username. I want in on this milk too.

No. 274494

I'm gonna bet it's a kpop boi

No. 274594

There's a lolcow on a site (let's call her X), I've been following her since april. In short, the drama is this: some troll accounts were harrassing her (all those had the same name and photo, Idk if it was the same person or a team - they used to have this thing #teamdivas).
Most people accused X of creating the accounts herself, for attention, because the typing style is identical and for other reasons.
Ok, here's the funny part: I jumped in too and made a troll account similar to the others, where I posted some "proof" that I'm X - aka screenshots and videos of a page edited with inspect element to look like I'm logged in her account. Everyone lost their minds. No regrets.

No. 274824

I need more

No. 274858

It's Portifinabelle

No. 274911

Yazzie is a common Navajo last name. Just wanted to point that out since I've been spending so much time with Navajo people recently. Wonder why she didn't her heritage up.

No. 274937

>since I've been spending so much time with Navajo people recently

No. 275404

File: 1533245937437.jpg (209.93 KB, 1080x1839, Screenshot_20180802-233627__01…)


I got her birth and death date from Facebook, that along with her real name and place of birth didn't yield any results that I could match to her.


I think she is primarily posting under the profile of her 'niece'. Recently this niece posted how trudy/linda believed Donald trump was a terrible person and whatever, interesting cuz trudy apparently died back in 2014 when trump was not taken seriously beyond a reality TV star and no one saw this presidency coming lol.

This 'niece' is also an artist and aspiring author of eroticism, despite not being 18 yet lol. She runs a Facebook group that I joined where she photo dumps a lot of semi nude photography and art, pin up girls, the like. She also uploaded a document to the group detailing a girlfriend she had, a woman much older than her lol. Her mom stumbled upon her chatting online with this older girlfriend and told her to put an end to it; not because it's creepy for a teenage girl to get romantically involved with a grown woman, but because she should be more concerned about getting her in trouble with the law since their type of affair was looked down upon by society.

There's so many details of trudys life that are just weird or don't add up i want to share but it's overwhelming to write lol. I'm glad someone is interested. But to wrap up this post her niece has an artist page where her banner seems to be a picture of her own eyes but I think they look a lot like trudy/linda…

No. 275976

File: 1533335415578.jpg (26.38 KB, 440x527, FB_IMG_1533334635753.jpg)


And just to add, is this accurate Navajo gear? Maybe some Navajo anons can comment. Not entirely familiar with the culture and customs but from what I've observed I feel that trudy/linda is not really connected with Navajo culture herself despite having that heritage (if she's not fabricating that as well which wouldn't surprise me if she was)

No. 275983

She's so damn pretty. Have not read the context of your stalking yet, just commenting

No. 276091

I used to be obsessed with checking this kinda ig famous girl accounts. I watched all her stories, stalked all her accounts, and I also looked at her friends accounts, etc. I admit I'm kind of jealous of her self confidence, and she looks like what I wanted to look like (we're the same age). I recently blocked all her ig accounts because it was making me feel like shit and dropping my self confidence even more. I kept comparing myself to her and it was sooo unhealthy. I still get the urge to know what she posts, but I try to keep her blocked. I know it's a very tame thing compared to other posts ITT but damn I felt like a creep.

No. 276348

Since you've asked, I'm taking a summer course that involves me going onto the Navajo reservation a lot.

No. 276585

The lolcow I would stalk has disappeared off the face of the internet and now I don't have anyone to stalk. What a sad existence.

No. 276735

Same fam. She wasn't even much of a lolcow but I'd still periodically creep just cuz.

Kinda feel better now that she's gone mostly awol, though. And I have no interest in really e-stalking anyone else lately. Feels good.

No. 276900

File: 1533583158012.png (35.29 KB, 176x194, Pearl_reaction_smug_2.png)

Bless you anon, I'm reading through her posts right now. Her insecurities are so thinly veiled behind her contrived perfect life. She's great lolcow material.

No. 276938

File: 1533588905379.png (111.26 KB, 807x379, Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 1.52…)

I'm back to stalking my "cow" >>204612, the 30 year old virgin who has never had a BF and lives at home

I actually went to NYC, her home city, a couple of weeks ago and I loved it. Not just because of the usual touristy stuff or whatever, but because it's so diverse. I think NYC is mostly minority these days, and I loved visiting places in Queens and Brooklyn because you could see people from all over the world.

On the other hand, I feel baffled why this bitch seems to think that only attractive rich white people live in NYC. Even in Manhattan these days you have places like Chinatown and Harlem full of non-white people. For the longest time, I thought she lived in Beverley Hills or something, but SoCal is full of minorities too. Does this chick not take the subway or something? Just spending 5 minutes on there you can see a ton of people.

Also I think this is someone's life who was fucked over through internet addiction and not going out at all.

The video has been deleted but I also think this girl has BDD

>she's so concerned with what she doesn't have that she doesn't seem to consider using what resources are at her disposal to her advantage, and that's what's frustrating about her.
Yes omggg. That really describes what I feel.

This is definitely a girl who has not made use of her resources. She went to a private high school and a "great" university. (I'm guessing she went to NYU or Fordham or something similar)

No. 276940

One of her throwaway.
(There used to be a lot more post on it)

No. 276949


I used to reddit stalk her 2 or 3 years ago, it's sad to see she hasn't changed at all. I checked her post history and she commented on the post of another FA woman that I also used to stalk. No changes for that person either. This is depressing.

No. 276956

Oh, it's cool to see someone else has stalked her too. I'd love to hear why you did it. I think it's because she writes very long posts that remind me of my LJ days.

Who is the other FA woman you used to stalk?

No. 276960


I used to lurk r/foreveralonewomen before it went private, where she posted. She stuck out to me because of her TL;DR posts, just like you.

The other woman is r/under_the_bluemoon, who I initially noticed on FAW as well. She is a mid-40s kissless handholdless virgin who's in a severe oneitis with her best guy friend. She apparently has a really bad case of PCOS, which she feels so bad about she has tried to (unsuccessfully) get support from the trans and intersex communities. Some of her posts made the rounds on r/fatlogic because she argues a lot about fat anorexics and broken metabolisms and such.

No. 277003

It's pretty easy to lurk FAW. Just make a new account with some posts, preferably feminist ones.

And under the blue moon is such a trainwreck too. I love how she claims that her friends think she is such a wonderful person but she can't find a bf because of fat shaming. After seeing the people on My 600 lb Life with partners, I find it hard to believe that weight automatically rules someone out.

No. 277036


Make a new account and actual posts? I'm too lazy for that, lolcow is the only place I participate in kek. I'm also not really into FA stuff nowadays, my obsessions never last as long as some of the other farmers in this thread. Currently looking for a new community to latch on.

I agree with your assessment of her, I doubt she's very pleasant IRL. And frankly for all her claims of intelligence she isn't any more brilliant than the average female redditor.

No. 277064

Kind of hate to admit it but I've been lowkey stalking my ex's new girlfriend that he left me for. Nothing too intense, just the general stuff that you can find online if you google someone's name. It just confirmed my suspicions. She's some Ivy League cunt who bought her way into her school while pretending to be this down to earth artist type while living in a major city in a 1 MILLION DOLLAR PLUS CONDO.

This was even after my ex and I discussing how he doesn't like trust fund kids, nepotism, and how easy it is to buy your credentials when you're rich.

She has Amy Schumer mouth and can't dye her hair for shit so whatever

No. 277164

I hate her lol. Clueless, entitled bubble dweller.

No. 277285

She's a seriously dumb cunt. She's a vegetarian but uses real insects in her art that have to be killed in order to be preserved. Her stop motion is choppy as hell, none of her drawn/painted work has any contrast to it at all, and all of her experiences have been bought. Seriously she was bragging about how her Mom made her and her brother pick an Ivy League they wanted to go to and she gets them in. She's done a bunch of art programs that cost a fuckton and I'd say I'm still pretty comparable kek. I'm a privileged bitch but at least I can own up to it.

I fucking hate this cunt for how fake and affected she is, and I hate my ex for showing me just how shallow he really is. She was apparently everything he hated until it could benefit him. Part of me feels like he's just using her to make himself look better and make the fact that we went to a "shitty" state school look better. It's no fucking wonder he hates himself so much.

No. 277301

What kind of Ivy did she go to? HYP or a lower one? Just curious. Also some people do get in through donations but you have to be hella rich. And still do the coursework. Assuming you actually know what an Ivy League school is supposed to be.

No. 277304

No. 277307

You sound jealous as fuck.

No. 277313

Not her but I'm jealous as fuck of people who don't have to work to get nice things too.


Tbh your ex sounds shallow as hell and fake, I'd say you dodged a bullet if he's this much of a social status chaser.

No. 277314

Lower. I realize that once you get into the school there are still standards that have to be upheld but pretending like this girl got in on her own merit is a joke. She's an idiot because she presents this homegrown down-to-earth artist facade when in reality she's entitled and bought her accomplishments, not because I think she's actually stupid. She lives in a million dollar condo in Boston, I don't doubt there was some extra "help" that made her more favorable.

I mean I am. Someone I really loved and care about threw me away for a girl who is the embodiment of everything he claimed to hate. I have had discussions with him about how good education is severely skewed towards the rich. We also talked about how he hated trust fund babies and when kids were given everything to them on a silver platter. I'm jealous because she's replaced me and I'm angry because he's a shallow hypocrite who isn't the person I thought he was.

No. 277360

She's probably just hotter and less bitchy than you. Sucks, but you'll get over it if you let yourself get over it. Obviously you'd have to stop stalking them, but you're in this thread so I know that advice isn't welcome.

No. 277372

I go to a school similar to the Ivies and there are a lot of not very bright people here. I think they did get a good GPA and SAT/ACT score in high school but that doesn't guarantee if people are smart or not. There are stupid people everywhere. I think someone would have to donate $10 million+ for that sort of admission.

No. 277385

Someone is being really cunty lol. Why do people let other people’s lives bother them so much that they get this rude?

No. 277416

Is that anon saying something that hits close to home?
This website is literally about following other peoples' lives and passing unfiltered judgements about what they do.

No. 277507

Anon seems upset that I'm insulting the Ivies lol. There is a long and well documented history of legacy admissions and using status to get accepted.

I guess I should clarify that I'm not saying that this girl is so retarted that she can barely write her own name and her mommy paid off her college to get a full-ride. I'm saying that she's really unremarkable in terms of her art and academics and if she was a middle class nobody admissions wouldn't have given her a second of their time.

No. 277530

Idk anon, if it makes you feel better, if she's really this unremarkable and untalented she might use up all of mummy and daddy's money once they retire/die and will be left with no substantial income to support her lifestyle. But that's only assuming she's bad with money and doesn't know how to invest. Sorry about your ex, he sounds very two-faced.

I actually know someone like this, I don't think she's as rich as this Ivy League girl, but her dad owns a small construction company, her parents live in a house worth over 1 million and she goes on vacation 3-5 times a year. I think her parents bought her a house too, but it's definitely not worth 1 million. She's not very intelligent and she's not doing anything with her life besides being a shitty Facebook photographer, and since her family doesn't have like… generational wealth (iirc her dad started the company) I sometimes wonder what the fuck she's going to do once her dad retires. She's kind of a bitch so I hope she crashes and burns tbh

No. 277578

File: 1533707129208.jpg (20.82 KB, 550x550, flat,550x550,075,f.jpg)

Thanks anon. Honestly I don't really care what happens to her in the long term, I just want their relationship to crash and burn. I think they're coming up on barely over a month together and she's leaving to go back to college on the other side of the country anyways. I feel like it's imminent but it can't come soon enough for me.

10 minutes of google searches also tells me that she comes from old money because her Granddaddy used his mafia connections to start up a liquor distribution business. Seems like scumminess comes to her naturally.

Also she's majoring in Art Studio at her college. Seems like she couldn't buy her way into an actual art school kek.

No. 277579

This has described my life uncomfortably well since I first hit puberty.

There is one girl in particular that I have stalked absolutely relentlessly since 2011, so 7 years now. I saved HTML files of all of her blog pages that I kept updated until she deleted her first Tumblr account, and I still log the second one just unconsciously at this point. I check her blog around once per hour and save the file, and if she deletes a post, I save it in a separate folder to bookmark the things she wanted to hide. I used to just browse random websites that seem to match her interests looking to find her there. I found her on this very website, as well as a few forums, one of which was from her childhood. I can immediately recognise her based on her writing, I've read her posts so much. The first time I just accidentally stumbled across her on a forum that I posted on years ago and without even looking at her profile immediately knew it was her from reading just one sentence. I felt like the biggest creep on the planet that day. I also know her private Instagram she never posted to her Tumblr; found that by finding the Instagram of one of her old Tumblr friends and looking through like 2,000 followers before I saw one private account that I know is her just by the username and picture (not of face). I just know it's her, I know her so well. And I found most of her IRL childhood friends, where I was able to get pictures of her when she was in high school. I even had her parent's address, but I don't know if they still live there, and managed to find her general location in her country from looking at her pictures. I have quite literally never spoken to her once, and I mean her no harm, I am just very interested to continue keeping up with her life and I want to know everything about her.

I've done this to a lot of people, the IRL ones the worst, and I have insane codependent characteristics in my own personal life that end up bringing out the worst in everyone I meet, because I have absolutely no boundaries and will happily drag the people that I cling to to the lowest depths to be with me there, and never leave me.

Please kill me.

No. 277608

Lol you sound so bitter. Being an anon with a rich daddy I run into cunts like you all the time discrediting anything I do because of Daddy's money. I forgot being rich meant you grew up with paper money stuck in your ears making you unable to listen and learn like the rest of the plebs.

When I got together with my boyfriend 4 years ago his 'poor' (middle class, more spoilt than me growing up) ex started insulting me, talking down about me to anyone that would listen and found out I had been to therapy and joyously told everyone. Turns out most people could just see she was being an absolute judgemental bitch that worried too much about others than her unattractive bitch ass. Also my family has given back a lot to the local community and various charities. Being spoilt and stuck up can happen to any cunt regardless of net worth.

No. 277671

>an absolute judgemental bitch that worried too much about others

do you know what site you're on

No. 277677

She wasn't doing it on anon tho.

No. 277679

Tw alert but I have an obsessive problem where sometimes I get consumed with stalking my abusive ex. After we first broke up I knew his password to some sites, secretly I knew he was chatting to underage girls there during our time dating, so I guess I was just digging for more dirt so that I could remind myself that he really was trash, but at some point he changed the passwords. It was creepy of me but not that unhealthy. I blocked him and removed him from my social media and moved away.
A few years later I had a delayed nervous breakdown because of the way he abused me and the denial I had been in. I received counseling for it, but around this time I also began having these spirals of obsessively stalking him online. The real catalyst was hearing that a girl who I had been friends with during the relationship who I know had been involved with him after I moved, had actually claimed he raped her, reported him to the police then dropped the charges, but aside from this I have no other info. I can't just call this total stranger up and demand she tell me about this. I don't know who else to ask.
Even more than this, during our break up when we were still playing at being friends, an ex of his had contacted me on Facebook and said she 'knew something I might be interested in knowing' or something. At the time I wanted nothing to do with him so I told her to leave me out of their drama and blocked her. That message is long deleted, I can't even be sure which girl it was anymore and I can't find her online anywhere. I wake up in cold sweats about what that message was.
These obsessive spirals are awful, I just sit and cry. I nearly dropped out of university at one point because I couldn't do my dissertation because I was just desperately trying to dox him and crying hysterically every time I got on a stable internet connection.
I know that I'm looking for some kind of revenge or at least a pattern because to me the abuse me caused me isn't "enough" but what he does to other girls "is" and so I need to know. I can't explain it.
As long as I keep busy then it doesn't happen but one day when I have stable finances, I'll hire an online private investigator.

As your average person who hasn't covered their tracks well from one blog to another, I can't help but be a bit narcissistic and wonder if anyone has ever followed me in the way you follow her. I don't know how I'd feel about it, perhaps at least a bit less boring.

No. 277683

Stop taking my own experiences with this girl so personally kek.

No. 278157

I used to kinda stalk a girl who runs a few fan accounts dedicated to a music group. I wish there was a way to learn more about her but she stopped revealing any personal information. From what I've managed to learn, she seems like a cool and interesting person, I got so jealous of her when I read through her askfm (not in a bitter way). She's lived alone since 13 years or so, her parents live and work in a different country and she visits them a few times a year, that's why she speaks two languages, also her Italian neighbours used to look after her, so she can speak some Italian as well. She knows a lot about fashion, art and classical music, reads books every day and has a big book collection, a big wardrobe with cool outfits and accessories and knows how to dress herself stylishly. Two accounts that she runs have gained hundreds of followers because of her dedication but she abandoned one of them. She also goes to uni and does some kind of freelance work from home. Idk about her job but my guess about her specialization in uni is marketing, she's never revealed it specifically as well as her face. Too bad she's deactivated all her personal accounts and I can't learn anything else about her, I miss reading her answers and posts, she's really witty and intelligent. I kinda wanted to message her something some time ago and see if she responds but I didn't think I could talk to her the same way she talked with her friends in the comments of her page, I felt like I was too nerdy and didn't have to say that much anyway.

No. 278158

If that girl sounds so interesting you should probably go outside and meet some people irl, pepole who are actually interesting and do cool stuff because she sounds like every nobody there is

No. 278159

I am in that current stage right now.

I used to have an long distance ex best friend who I had feelings for (we were practically dating without making it “official”) but however I decided to cut ties with him because life just got in the way ( work, uni, etc), at that time I thought it was a good decision.

A few months later until now I can’t stop thinking about him, I miss him and the times we had beforethat I constantly stalk his FB and the amount of times I want to message him saying that I miss him and want things to go back to normal is too obsessive.

He’s probably has moved on to better things while my dumbass is still stuck in the past reminiscing everything.

I just want him back…

No. 278227

Here, I'll change my wording.

You sound jealous as fuck that despite being lucky, she's still objectively more intelligent and genuine than you are.

I just graduated from a top university (not an Ivy admittedly) and many of my classmates who did get in on "daddy's money" flunked/dropped out or graduated with shit grades. If this girl didn't then she definitely had to work hard. And now you spend your time bitching about her on lolcow.

FWIW, my parents didn't pay for any part of my education and I grew up pretty solidly lower middle-class (single income family).

>I think they did get a good GPA and SAT/ACT score in high school but that doesn't guarantee if people are smart or not.
You sound like one of those people who insists they were a "burnout gifted child" to cope with their mediocrity/laziness when it actually matters in school. It takes hard work, intelligence, or a combination of both to perform that well, and those qualities are hallmarks of people who are bound to succeed.

I support this anon and OP's ex's new gf. Hate when people who are less fortunate try insisting that they're somehow superior for it.

No. 278229

Lmao anon you know nothing about anon or her ex's new gf how can you know the new gf is more or less intelligent than her?
I think you're just projecting.

No. 278247

I'm this >>277372 anon

I go to a top 15 American university, but some people just have a lack of common sense or are really sheltered. I'm not that smart and I don't work that hard and I'm getting decent grades.

No. 278253

I’m starting to think she IS anon’s ex’s gf.

No. 278410

Honestly, probably not. I am just ridiculously autistic. That being said, no matter how many people follow you, I guarantee that there's at least one person that wondered where your blog went and searched for a little while to find your new one.

No. 278465

I'm not the same anon as OP so I have no idea why you're quoting me like I'm the same person, but I don't concern myself with what random might "objectively" (you don't know for a fact btw) be more genuine or more intelligent than me. I frankly have no insecurities about my own intelligence and know that not everyone going to an ivy is all that smart.

Regardless, it is extremely privileged to go to an ivy league school and most intelligent persons can't even entertain that idea due to costs alone. Sorry, but most people who go ivy come from money.

That said: Her bf didn't make her jealousy better by pretending he had a certain set of ideals, then later opportunistically ditching her while betraying everything he said.

You really do sound like you're projecting.

No. 278558

Ivies have good financial aid for the middle class you dipshit. You clearly have no idea how this stuff works. If you are upper middle class it becomes more of a struggle to pay. But if you are middle class you won't pay sticker price. If you could get in you probably would have gotten good FA too.

The average Ivy league kid is probably upper middle class, but someone who worked their ass off in school. Which isn't always someone smart though.

No. 278635

File: 1533920841197.png (63.73 KB, 200x200, - USE THIS ONE.png)

No one said that Ivies don't give out FA. The main point is that getting admitted into the Ivies WILL ALWAYS be way easier if you're wealthy. That's just a fact. Are there kids who worked hard and deserved to get where they are? Absolutely. But there are so many kids who get amazing opportunities purely because of money. If you really think that most people only get where they are in life because of hard work then you're living in a bubble. It fucking sucks and it's not fair but it's the truth.

Elite schools have had a well documented history of nepotism and legacy admissions that still go on today. Admissions also takes a long look at race as well.




No. 278654

What is your point

Yes money makes a difference but it's like that for everything. Whatever college you went to, it would also be easier if you had more money.

The ivies do affirmative action. So does basically every other school except for a few public ones. Including your college.

It sucks that some people have to take out loans to pay for a college degree. But it's like that at every college, not just ivies.

There are rich clueless kids at every school. One of my friends goes to a public school and she says she only shops at Whole Foods and Target. Apparently she doesn't know that regular grocery store chains exist.

It sounds like you went to community college or some commuter school were you couldn't be bothered to put in the work to get a decent scholarship to your flagship.

No. 278657

My point is that this girl I hate got into her school off money. Looking at what I know, and looking at her credentials, it's pretty fucking obvious that if she were middle class she wouldn't be where she is. She's an affected rich kid who uses a starving artist persona to make herself look better. She's fake and spoiled as hell. My fucking point is that this specific girl is a great example of what money can buy, but other anon keeps taking my beef with this chick personally and thinks I'm making a blanket statement about all Ivy League kids.

At no point have I said that I should be the one at her school or going to whatever programs she's going to. Could I get into an Ivy League? Fuck no. My point is that if this girl was in my position she wouldn't have gotten into her college. My point is that my ex is a shallow ladder climber who pretends to not care about social status but in reality needs a rich cunt to make himself feel better about going to a University for in-state tuition (Something he and I BOTH did). My point is that they're both two faced garbage who only care about what they can put on a resume.
My ex used to whine and bitch about how all his friendships would fizzle out after a year and kept wondering why he didn't have any longterm friends, then has the audacity to pull this shit on me. They're both fake as fuck and I'm fucking bitter because I'm worse off for every having the displeasure of knowing him.

No. 278667

File: 1533928322987.gif (1.66 MB, 300x231, C193E16D-2AF8-4C13-B731-6178BC…)

Can yall studious chicks get your own thread? I wanna hear about the human obsessions, not college rankings (zzz).

No. 278932

No. 287094

this sounds just like me, and the person you´re describing reminds me of my personal cow, even though she´s not really a cow anymore. I´ve followed her since 2012, and even though her main blog from that time is long gone, I still archive all her resent activity. She lives in my area, and I know some of the people she used to hang with and I´m so tempted to meet her in some way, but I doubt that´ll ever happen.

No. 326602

Does anyone how to find more details about someone who doesn't have a social media presence? I think this person probably goes online but doesn't use facebook, insta, etc. I was curious to see what happened to an old classmate of mine but after searching all I found was that her dad had died.

No. 326612

If they don't use social media they probably don't want people stalking them, it's creepy and invasive. That's why I deleted it in the first place.

No. 332292

I have BPD, and I used to be obsessed with skinny girls I knew. Particularly a girl who was a lolita (part time). I used to save her different blogs that I fojnd. Then she stopped updating even her FB, I guess she upgraded.

I don't do it as much now because I know why and its just embarrassing.

No. 335244

holy shit are you me
yeah i know old post yeah

No. 335281

You have to track them down the old fashioned way. Best way is asking others who knew them most recently. It may be possible to track them via a criminal record/background check or court documents.

But if such a person doesn't go on social media, doesn't have a particularly public job, doesn't get photographed frequently, it's not feasible for one person.

No. 335331

I see. I don't think we have any mutual friends.

This girl was my friend in elementary school and transferred in middle school. She had Aspergers and was obsessed with dinosaurs. I guess we were both autistic lol? However, she wasn't academically gifted, or at least she wasn't in high school. I wanted to see if she ever managed to transfer her passion for dinosaurs into a career during college like some people do but I never found anything with her name so I doubt it.

The only things I did find out by googling her was that she had moved houses and that her dad died. When I looked at the new house on Google streetview, it seemed a lot smaller than the old one which had a swimming pool. Since her mom was a stay at home mom to help take care of their daughter and her dad was the sole breadwinner, it seems likely they had to downsize after the death of their dad. I wonder what happened. It is pretty sad because the guy was only in his 50s. I will always remember him as the guy who introduced me to MMORPGs even though I never really got into them. I hope they are doing ok.

I was just curious what she was up to now because a lot of people who aren't super talented in high school do well in uni. But I think the majority of people with high functioning autism can't turn their passions into a job due to a lack of work ethic/talent/soft skills/etc.

No. 335912

i used to have an unhealthy obsession with a classmate of mine, she was the valedictorian - someone my dad wanted me to be and i used to stalk her fb to the point i actually found her wattpad account and the story she wrote… but then i began to stalk another girl who was also as smart as her and did the same, found her wattpad account and sees she was better writer than i am and began a self hatred that made me think it was better for me to think i didn't exist…

i only came to terms of accepting my own mediocrity and hope the girls for the best with their lives as I deal with my own. I hated myself for wanting their heads… for being someone i should have been from the very beginning but at least now i see different light than angry and jealousy. I became an acquaintance of the latter and hope she doesn't see through the facade i used to wore back in the days…

No. 337014

>Girls who live like I used to and post it all over social media
>Exes and their current girlfriends (or even their exes if they had kids together)
>Extreme subculture women: heavy cosmetic surgery, heavy tattooing, etc

I need to get out more. I'm bored and want more excitement in my life.

No. 407313

Other than being in a relationship, I'm exactly like this but with a fictional character; an anime girl no less. I know how autistic I am and I even make fun of other people who have "waifus" but I technically have one myself. I feel fucking weird about it. I can't decide whether it's more crazy to feel this way about a real or fake person.

No. 419804

diff anon but I found her face pics


No. 422338

My husband stalks this one ex's Facebook sometimes and I don't know how to feel about it. I have a laundry list of people I internet stalk far more often, but not a single one is an former romantic or sexual interest. He insists he's over her, but looks at her FB because her life turned into a total trainwreck for a couple years and she posts really over the top SJW bullshit like essay long posts about how transwomen are biologically female. I've taken a gander while he's looking and I will say this girl could have a thread on the /snow/ board for sure if she had more of an online following.

No. 422342

How did you find them? I quit looking at her reddit account because I felt super creepy haha

No. 422345

Oh nvm, seems she posted them herself?

No. 422352

She's definitely not as hideous as I imagined, but she does look crazy in the eyes. So much plastic surgery and heavy makeup.

No. 422356

Are you sure this is her? If so she’s been more active there than on her main(probably googled her username and saw this thread?) and posting on r/adultery, wow
She’s def attractive

No. 422366

Every time I'm interested romantically on someone I develop an unhealthy obsession, it's like they're a fucking drug I need to consume. I have a healthy self esteem, many hobbies, I like to study and I have friends. Yet it still happens. My shrink didn't help me shit with it so I just abstain from this now.

No. 422412

I have an obessesion w my ex best friend I’ll call Kim.

>high school. K is thin, popular big ego and bitchy. Has a male best friend orbiter Dan. Dates Dan at the end of high school.

>Kim gets help for her bipolar/anxiety in college and gets on meds. She is much nicer. But on meds she gets super fat.
>Kim and Dan get together a few years later, get married.

>5 years later. Dan is a supportive good husband. Kim still very fat.

>best friends w Kim, we are in a circle of friends. Friends w Dan too.
>Kim is very close with married male coworker Chris. Chris is sleazy and hits on me and another friend at a party.
>Kim begins to diet/exercise, begins losing lots of weight. Tanning & tattoos. Becomes weirdly arrogant about her looks.
>Kim admits to having a crush on Chris. But says that’s all it is and she loves Dan. I tell her I don’t want to know if she cheats because Dan is my friend too.
>Kim, Dan, Chris & wife hang out often.
>Kim begins having full affair with Chris.
>Kim complains about Chris’ wife not liking her, says she wants to be her friend. Says wife doesn’t trust her and she doesn’t understand why.
>Kim fucks Chris with no condoms or birth control. In their house, at hotels, in their car.
>Kim meets a guy at a party with Dan. Later fucks this guy w no condoms too.
>Kim begins inviting new guy to hang out with Dan and friends.
>Kim says she doesn’t feel bad and she has ‘options’ and I don’t get it because I’m not married.
>Kim still going out of her way to make Chris’ wife be her friend.
>Dan makes comments about being worried about Kim and losing her, tries to talk to her but she seems disinterested. Still having sex but less often. Very depressed.
>Kim meets another guy at a bar and disappears with him for an hour.
>entire friend group except Dan knows about her cheating. A mutual friend is worried Dan will catch an STD. She tells Dan and Chris’ wife.
>Chris convinces his wife that Kim made it all up and she believes him, but thanks friend for telling her.
>Kim admits everything to Dan. Dan is angry that Chris’ wife was told, and says it’s their private business. Stays with Kim.
>Everyone drops Kim because they know she would fuck them over too if they had someone she wanted.
>2 years later. Still with Dan. Kim goes to Mexico to get lipo and buttlift. Looks weird as fuck.
>See her at a bar. She sees me with friends and begins texting someone furiously. Stays there for an hour alone and then leaves.

I’m not on any of her social media anymore and I’m obsessed with knowing who she’s friends with now and what her life and marriage is like. It’s so fascinating and I want to know about her hoe adventures because I know she didn’t get that lipo for Dan. I have been thinking about making a fake profile just to see.

No. 422447

File: 1560616563923.png (334.11 KB, 535x570, melt.png)

When I was 16, I lied about my age on a dating website and ended up going out with a 26 year old man. He was a wealthy and well-traveled metrosexual / hipster type with a passion for the guitar and a bit of a geeky but charming demeanor. Being the suburban, socially awkward shut-in that I was at the time I met him, I felt like the luckiest person in the world to have someone like him have any interest in someone like me. I was completely smitten by the time he deflowered me in the bedroom of his loft at the end of very first date. He must have been the first person tell me that I was beautiful when I hadn't heard those words before from anyone else, and would wonder aloud of how lovely I'd be when I'd become a bit older. Looking back, I think I was less attracted to him and more to the way he made me felt. The feeling that I was attractive, and that I was the adult I thought I was at the time. Even as I caught on to the fact his interests in me began and ended at having sex with me, I allowed myself to be driven mad waiting hours for a text message, soaking up every bit of information on him I could find online and breaking down when I noticed him interacting with any other girl on social media. Eventually, we slowly drifted apart while my obsession stagnated up until he began a serious relationship with another woman and blocked me without a word. Years later, part of me likes to think he's going call me again soon. Any time, now. I have to stop myself from checking up on him from alternate accounts.

No. 422448

No. 422450

I started cyberstalking my bf's ex after I noticed she was still talking to him and his sister a lot even though they'd been apart for two years and she lives way over on the west coast of canada (we live in europe, my bf lived in canada for a couple of years and met her there). I finally snapped and told my boyfriend to cut contact with her after she wrote a fucking sonnet that was clearly about him on her insta. I should have lost interest then but she became such a personal lolcow that I still check her social media every day. She's clearly mentally unstable (inb4 'says the girl who's literally stalking her') and doing objectively alot worse than I am in life but I still feel jealous because she learned to speak the language of my bf's country fluently and she's a far better musician than me tbh. She's also just pretty funny to watch because she's morphed from a standard hippy chick to something that comes across like a canadian SJW stereotype - down to the blue hair and working in a coffee shop and saying shit like "queer folx"

No. 422451

I wouldn't worry about it too much. Sometimes I creep my exes out of curiosity but I have zero interest in them. This girl is likely just an entertaining trainwreck to him

No. 422452

I hate saying this but.. her face is manly and fits her personality

No. 422492

So you had sex with a nearly 30yr pedo

No. 422499

Where do you live and where did you come from? I also moved to Europe for a guy lol

No. 422501

I’m not gunna get too into it but there were two girls who asked me to help them with a problem where they were being blackmailed by child groomers but one day they both stopped responding and I still wonder if they ghosted or killed themselves.

No. 422504

told him i was an 18-year-old high school senior because teenagers are dumb

No. 422516

I'm British

No. 422537

I'm currently coming out of an infatuation with a person I came across towards the end of last year. I stumbled across their fanfiction and followed them on twitter. I interacted with them often and they followed me back, let me follow their vent account and stuff. They came across as very sure of themselves and confident, it's something really appealing to me because I'm anything but. Their fanfiction is really good, it doesn't even feel like fandom shit because of how eloquent they write.

They're very secretive about themselves, but it didn't stop me from keeping a word document of every fact/photo I could gather about them. I found out a whole lot, but they started talking gushing about someone they liked on their vent account and it pissed me off. I'm the jealous type so I had a feeling this was coming to an end. They've started going out and have becoming extremely lovey-dovey on each others twitters to the point of it being sickly. Eh, it put me off, I haven't really been as interesting in anything they do now. Now that I look over their profile, they aren't actually that interesting as I thought they were. In the height of my obsession it would spend all day rereading what they wrote and checking their profile multiple times an hour. Crazy man

No. 422608

I'm pretty sure it's her, there used to be one of these "My bf only masturbate to me because I'm so much hotter than every single porn star" post that she can't stop posting everywhere on here. But it's now been deleted.

No. 422620

I was on the other side of this obsession, and I think I'm still being stalked.

She started just commenting on my posts, then my friends' posts, then the posts of my friends' friends. Posting my pictures that didn't have my face in them and saying they were hers, copying my interests, copying my outfits, copying what I wrote word for word, replicating my drawings and making accounts pretending to be me. Despite being a 100% blue eyed blonde white girl from a European country, she claimed she was the EXACT mix of races I was.

For two years I was constantly blocking her new accounts, going private and telling my friends to block her. It got to the point that she couldn't see my posts, so she would try her hardest to copy my profile picture.

Every now and again, I would get a novel length message from her apologising, telling me it was because she admired me and needed someone to look up to. I bought it the first time, but it just became a neverending cycle.

She's gone quiet now, except for the occasional apology sent from another dummy account.

I will never, ever understand the rationale behind it.

No. 422651

File: 1560690439270.png (58.22 KB, 199x233, c45765432456589687563.png)

LMFAO imagine posting shit like:

>We are both Alphas - Yin and Yang - He the masculine Alpha energy, and I the feminine Alpha energy. Together, we are an unstoppable force.

about your husband on your main account but then having a throwaway account dedicated to talking about how you cheat on your husband with your boss what the actual fuck, thank you op

No. 422676

File: 1560701981609.png (62.73 KB, 1803x483, larp.png)


Omg I'm going through her deleted posts and in one she actually LARPS as her husband and describes herself in third person as "insanely out-of-this-world hot and oozes sex appeal without even intending to" hahahahah

No. 422684

File: 1560703115862.jpg (170.59 KB, 1152x2048, 1e05WFu.jpg)

Damn. It's like she's a femcel who swallowed all the shit on men's subreddits and incel forums, then tried her hardest to become a "Stacy" until it drove her literally insane. She's probably also secretly into cuckqueaning to have written that shit and posted it.
She's almost like a female version of Gaston from Beauty and The Beast.

No. 422687

How do you look at deleted Reddit posts from users?

No. 422689

How can you see this? Seems undeniable that it’s her account if that was on there, too much of a coincidence otherwise.
You guys are being really harsh about her appearance, she’s super cringy but not unattractive.( though not as attractive as she says she is either)
Yeah wow she’s super hypocritical, all that obvious jealousy and she’s the one cheating?

No. 422690

File: 1560704173107.png (494.87 KB, 2758x1216, >.png)

Nvm, figured it out. Rareddit, for anyone wondering.
Why would she make this in particular? Who was she trying to make a point to, lmao?
>My preferences have only seemed to tighten up once I started dating my girlfriend a couple years back, who is extremely fit and has an almost impossible body / look. It’s just hard for me to feel attraction or desire for anyone else.
She must feel really ugly inside and insecure to make posts like this, honestly.

No. 422692

File: 1560704344354.png (137.64 KB, 1376x762, <.png)

This one just makes me feel sort of bad for her, not gonna lie. Her weird obsession with putting down other women to boost herself grosses me out, but you can really see the cracks here.

No. 422693

Thanks for posting this, didn’t know you could read deleted comments. Wonder if these things she’s saying are what her boyfriend has been telling her and she’s looking for reassurance that other men can feel the same way? Don’t know what else she could be getting out of it.

No. 422694

File: 1560704677134.jpg (107.19 KB, 1024x597, 4c5.jpg)

I don't mean to say she's physically unattractive by any means, I just mean:
>tan skin
>dark hair
>light eyes
>strong jaw
>very narcissistic personality
>obsessed with appearances, being "alpha" and desired, etc
Like…She really is like a genderbent Gaston. She even kind of looks like that one rule 63 Gaston, but with stronger features and a bit more muscle going on.

No. 422695

Haha, okay I do see what you mean.

No. 422696

>no one twerks like Gaston
>makes it work like Gaston
>no one drops down that booty and jerks like Gaston

No. 422702

Woah it's really cool seeing what she looks like after stalking her for so long lmao.
She's definitely good looking but not as much as she pretend to be. Her jaw is super meaty.

No. 422704

not as ugly as gaston - not gaston

No. 422708

Gaston wasn't ugly by the standards of the film, he was considered a Chad who was desired by almost all the other women. In much the same way, Portifinabelle is considered a Stacy according the standards of her area (in her words, anyway) and in this current time frame of society.

No. 422710

gaston is ugly by normal standards

No. 422711

File: 1560712214959.gif (276.02 KB, 220x220, to you.gif)

No. 422712

to everyone with a taste

No. 422713

taste is subjective anon

No. 422714

beauty is objective

No. 422715

No. 422716

No. 422717

No. 422718

no, you

No. 422720

fight me

No. 422721

i already won

No. 422723


No. 422724

No. 422728

Ah what Language does your Partner speak

No. 422747

German, I was gonna leave it out to be as anonymous as possible but fuck it

No. 422921

I used to have an obsession with a girl who is now my ex-girlfriend.

I used to cosplay and do some stupid cringey shit in public, like going to cosplay meetups for this one specific series. I saw her at one of these meetups, but she was basically a part of a different friend group in our larger circle. We had a fuck ton of mutual friends, but I never got to talk to her. After some very easy facebook sleuthing (or just barely, lol she was tagged in all the photos) I found her handle, and lo-and-behold she basically used the same handle on all of her platforms. I went through all of that shit. Ate it up like the stupid gay bitch that I am. I was so fucking infatuated with her, found her photographer friend's livejournal and found photoshoots she was in. I thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world. On cgl threads about the series we were into, she would occasionally get posted by other people and I found out that she was dating this other sort of popular cosplayer in the scene for a while. This was also the time when formspring was very popular, so being the dumb bitch that I am, I would message her on anon almost daily. I made her a gift and had it given to her via one of our mutual friends. Then, one day, it just stopped. I think for whatever reason, formspring was shut down and I still had not added her on facebook or talked to her in person, so that was the end of it.

But she stayed on my mind throughout the years. At some point, I came across her tumblr, twitter, and instagram. I only followed her on IG, and sometimes looked at her other social medias. I was still thoroughly infatuated, though the intensity of it would come and go whenever I remember she existed.

Last year, at a convention, I stopped being a fucking pussy and slid into her DMs and we actually started talking lol. Long story short is that I did eventually tell her I was her formspring anon (she thought it was cute, I'm still cringing because I think it's creepy as fuck as I didn't let her know just how much stalking I did even though she knows I knew of her for the better half of 10 years), and we clicked really well and we started dating for a short while. She broke it off (surprisingly- it was not because I was previously her internet stalker), and I posted about how fucking heartbroken and shitty I felt about here here and there on ot.

Well. Sometimes I still check her twitter but now I feel like it's beyond inappropriate because it's no longer "just looking at the social media of a girl I think is cute" and it's become "stalking my ex because I can't get over it" even though it's an undeniable 50/50 mix of those now. I've always felt really gross and creepy about how obsessive I got and how much information I found out, and it was weird when we dated because when I saw or heard some things, I'd have to play dumb instead of saying "oh yeah, I know" even if I did know. I wish I could stop looking at her shit. Over 10 years she's only gotten more beautiful and she treated me so fucking well. What the fuck.

No. 422924

Hey mine does too! I’ve been learning German. If you want, I’d help you.

No. 422925

Why did she leave you

No. 422929

Her explanation was a lot to unpack and sometimes I go back and read it (it was very, very long), but it was basically that she didn't want a relationship. She's juggling a lot of things (career, family, her own mental health) and to throw a relationship into all of that wasn't something she wanted or would make her happy. She also realized it would be fucked up to keep dragging me around (because I am stupidly loyal and devoted) when she knew she wouldn't be able to fairly uphold her part in the relationship.

No. 423112

Artwork sauce?

No. 423973

do any anons here with daddy issues get way too attached to their profs ? do you guys have any similar stories or even advice ? I can kinda relate with >>204646 on the protection and idolising.
I am so reliant on what my italian teacher thinks of me for happiness that I'm paralysed. he likes me, but in a normal, light, healthy way while I just wish I could have been his daughter instead of a student and it's actually keeping me from being productive.
I was doing well a few months ago by breaking away from him a little bit but I'm sucked back in and it fucking hurts.
he's a genuinely kind person and never took advantage of the situation, which he knows of to an extent but not in its whole craziness, and I wish he'd have revealed himself to be a sleazy scumbag preying on students because I would have been over him in an instant and cured forever.

No. 424318

I have infatuation with my ex's gf. I am gay now why the fuckkk cant i keep them out of my head?? I ask her when i was drunk to sleep together. It tore the friendship apart but I feel like i miss then both and want to be with both. how does one convince the other to be poly and such when refuses behand

No. 424379

You don't convince them. Quit being a selfish shithead.
Find someone else (who is 100% okay with being a degenerate) to do your "poly" thing with.

No. 424402

omg it sounds like something dasha would try pulling

No. 424404

My Dasha tinfoil has always been that she had that love/hate/emulate type of obsessive infatuation with Mina and did everything she did to get her to date her through Cyr.

No. 424472

it's starting again. i haven't talked to this girl for very long, but i talked to her on the phone recently and she is so.my.type. she uses a lot of emojis and is generally girly when she types, but when she talks her voice is deep and manly. the way she lives goes against my ideology but i'm considering just going along with it because i want to make her happy. how do you stop this kind of thing when it starts? i feel like the only thing would be if she flat out rejected me, but she's been consistently nice and it just makes everything worse for me. actually i think it would be fine if she was mean to me as long as i could be around her.

No. 424513

this is called something else, anon, horniness.

No. 424527

maybe it needs a bit of context but i had an online friend whom i used to play games with for months. he had a wife and kid but still made time to play with me. despite that we used to be very close. i would look forward to when he'd reply and if it weren't in a few hours i'd get so uncomfortable. i was so happy the first time he said goodnight to me. i hated his friends in our group and would refuse to talk to them. i would cry everyday once he went to play another game. i just needed him to focus on me. but that's over. hopefully a woman will probably be nicer to me.

No. 424714

This shit gonna be long ok. I was introduced to this girl, C by a good friend who used to be in the same group of friends. We went to the same shows, had similar interests and my friend was just like, let’s all hangout before this show. I had just followed C on instagram and elsewhere and thought she was very pretty, and when I saw her irl…she wasn’t ugly by any means but holy fuck had she meitu’d her nose and skintone. I was really taken aback by it, I didn’t recognise her at first but thought that maybe she was insecure or some shit, we were about 18-20, she’s a bit younger than I am.
We get along well and after a year or so of hanging and visiting, helping her with makeup and hair, kinda like sisters, my other close friend saw a ig post of hers. She had started to claim whatever I had borrowed to her, was hers. Giving out tips on how to dye hair, when irl I had done it for her and not in the ways she described. My friend told me C looked so much like me that he had almost left a comment for me. I was weirded out but just tried thinking it’s the usual “friends picking up each others mannerisms” or shit like that.
WELL, I started noticing how she never pitched in when she was visiting me for weeks on end, never actually held up a conversation unless it was about fandom shit or shitting on her former friends, so I asked the friend who introduced us about it. Apparently she was over her and was waiting for me to be done with her too, we trash talked. It ended up weird, first friend not really wanting to hang with us unless she had to, she was civil about it but C really had no idea. She was so self centered. If I mentioned a tattoo, a hair or any idea about my looks, she’d steal it and do it the next day. She’d bodyshame everyone, including myself which I find odd these days, why copy me if I was so ugly?
After a year or so, C’s friends have started the process of ditching her for being shitty, she started vague posting after every time I or anyone else would tell her no to something. “whore this whore that”, it was actually disturbing to see her throw tantrums like that. If you asked her about it, she’d delete the posts, pretending they were never there.
A few years ago, we just casually started drifting apart, and by gradual I mean I did my fucking best in order to get the fuck away. She then did a weird style change where she started copying the friend who introed us??? Our looks could not be more different so it was weird. I mean, she even lied about her own haircolor, telling people her natural color was my friend’s dyed color…
After managing to get away from her, me and my friends just had this habit of discussing and shit talking her selfies, pointing out what she had edited or copied. She drank a lot and at first we found it funny how she only had one equally toxic shitty friend left, for a few years we did that. My friend blocked her everywhere but we would use my accounts to stalk her, her finsta too. It was nearly a daily thing at some point, made me feel just frustrated and gross and now I never really do it, I still follow her as some odd pacifist thing but have muted her. I recently saw her post one of those selfies where she copied me and I shit you not, two people, including me thought it was me at first glance. She is now copying someone else I don’t personally know, but it’s still pretty clear she has some issues.

No. 448140

I get what you're asking but your mind is playing a trick on you here. The painful memory still affects you and hasn't healed. You've been hurt and it hurts till this very day. There was no closure. Maybe other emotional wounds contribute to this pain. A pool of emotionally-charged baggage (that Everybody accumulates). So you're obsessed. Simply quitting your stalking habit evades the issue at hand and just relocates it again. The stalking is a signal, a cry for help, un-adressed pain. The pain will stay even if you quit right now and find another reason to surface. Good luck, friend, and I'm hugging you from afar.

No. 448552

File: 1565813606532.jpg (28.15 KB, 400x298, yikes.jpg)

this is long, sorry.

In high school my friend was openly bisexual. I’m a lesbian but at the time I didn’t know this. I was told through another friend that she found me attractive. After I learned this, feelings for her started to blossom and this is when I stated to realize I liked girls. I started to spend more time with her and we became really close. We liked a lot of the same music and I made numerous mixed CD’s for her. She would spend a lot of nights at my house and we’d sleep in the same bed and though we never really cuddled, I remember laying a bit closer than necessary or even laying my leg against hers would make my heart race. But I couldn't bring myself to admit my feelings for her.

She was dating a guy throughout this and then they broke up. There was a window of opportunity to say how I felt but I didn’t use it and before I knew it, she was dating another guy. This killed me. My crush turned into real, unrequited love and a lot of angst came with that. I confessed my feelings for her one night when we were drunk and she basically said ‘too bad you didn’t tell me earlier’. IMO she wouldn’t have dated me even if she was single and I’m not sure if she even actually did like girls but this still hurt. We continued to be friends for a year or so after but in grade 12, after some messy drama between her and my other friends, we stopped talking. My friends hated her and I pretended to as well but really, I still had feelings for her.

I went to a small college in a new place and in the first year I struggled to make friends. I didn’t have anyone to talk to besides my roommate so I spent a lot of time alone and admittedly obsessing over my former friend, fixating on old pictures and memories of us and stalking all of her social media. There was another fight between my friends and her and it ended in her blocking all of us but I made separate accounts so I could still follow her social media. I remember finding her email which led me to her youtube account, there was music there that she’d liked and I cried listening to it. In a group chat with my friends I let my anger and bitterness out. I took pictures of her and made memes of them, made fun of her boyfriends and said some vile shit about her. I had a folder on my computer dedicated to pictures and information on her.

This was three years ago or so? My feelings for her only went away when I started to obsess over another friend (not romantically but funny enough it was an even worse experience lol). Even though it’s not nearly as bad as some of the things shared in this thread I still feel guilty over how creepy I was and feel bad for some of the absolute bitchery I participated in. If I ever run into her again, I’m gonna apologize.

No. 450257

I've managed to stop cyber stalking pretty much everyone that I do except for my partner's ex-BFF because her IG genuinely fascinates me for some reason.

>still desperately clinging to the dream of being a famous singer even though she's in the latter half of her 20's with only a few hundred IG followers and less than 50 YT subscribers after years and years

>her music is god awful and centered around her NLOG AF personality
>is pretty IRL, yet almost exclusively posts incredibly unflattering pictures that make her look like she's a solid decade older and a mother of three
>has the most impressively horrid and bland fashion sense of anyone I know, basically just wears overly revealing clothing that's not even cute
>rabid SJW to a point that would make Tumblr roll their eyes at how extreme

It's just really interesting to me to observe for some reason.

No. 451068

I used to make fake social media accounts back when I was in middle school/high school because I hated myself so much. I usually would use photos of popular emo kids on Myspace because I wanted to be like them. I would obsess over specific people and make whole personas about them based on whatever they'd put online.

It got really bad once I made a bunch of fake profiles of a neighbor that I was obsessed with.

She was older than me and, even though she wasn't popular in school, she was semi-popular online. I only talked to her sometimes because she was in high school but I would stalk her profile and download all her photos.

I made fake accounts on sites that I knew she didn't use. It was really bad because I would talk to older men pretending to be her. I liked having people say I was attractive and being able to live this weird fake life. At one point, she even had half-naked pictures that I would send people as 'proof' that I was real. It was fucked up because I was 12/13 and I was messaging a bunch of gross perverts for validation.

Of course, the shit ended when the girl found out someone was stealing her photos. She never found out it was me but I still feel ashamed about it and don't tell people about my catfishing days.

Now, I'm way more comfortable with myself and don't feel the need to stalk people/pretend to be them but I do find myself checking up on people that I don't like for entertainment.

No. 451086

I stalk people who bullied me in school, the sad reality is I know they don't even remember me but I want to make sure they've failed at most of their milestones in life. A lot of girls who made fun of my looks growing up got fat though which is awesome karma!

No. 451110

I "stalk" my brother's ex gf.
We were friends but eventually disconnected but I check out regularly her instagram and facebook, not in a bad way, I actually see her as some sort of inspo, because she's cute and has a really nice style.
Another girl I know, which doesn't really get how life works and constantly rants on her social media.
She rants about how she's lonely and a virgin in her 20s but she's just a pissbaby who lives by "dating apps are for losers!!!" and "netflix and chill!" type of gal who expects people to come to her. I don't hate her, I'm just curious.

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