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File: 1640482496915.jpg (43.35 KB, 474x372, downloadfile.jpg)

No. 1004939

Talk about consumerism, criticize consumerism, talk about niche and fandom specific consumerism, talk about consoom tendencies, collections, hoards and addiction. If you are a consoomer yourself feel free to talk about it in this thread, same with people who are now reformed consoomers. And if you did get over it, tell us why or how it happened.

No. 1004946

Its very good to have funko pops in the thread pic, those things are beyons trash. My local game store used to have a secondhand section that sometimes had neat weird crap that was good for stocking stuffers & little gifts… now it's at least 80% funko pops. As is a good chunk of their shelf space for new items. Never understood how anyone could sink so low as to buy such a thing

No. 1004947

anon who complained about booktube consumerism here, thank you for making the thread! here's an insane collection for now to kick things off. i always imagine how one day some niece or granddaughter is going to inherit that collection, like the protagonists of bad hallmark christmas movies. only that they get a shit load of plastic cups instead of a tiny inn in a cozy little town.

No. 1004961

I never understood people who just buy things like this. Chapstick collection? A bit childish but whatever, if you use them then who cares. Bath stuff collection? They smell nice so I kinda understand why. But hoarding Starbucks plastic cups??? Come on.

No. 1004966

Honestly I feel like this starts because those cups feel too weighty to throw out, so people save them thinking they'll use them again or something. And then they have too many and they decide no, it's not hoarding, it's a "collection".

No. 1004967

On that note even bath and body stuff needs to be kept to a moderate size. Certain products like perfume can last a long time but I learned the hard way that lotions don’t age well. At least the stuff from Bath and Bodyworks doesn’t. I had a small collection of 4 lotions and after about 7/8 months the fragrance turned. It smelled nice when I bought them but then they smelled like plastic. I just can’t finish that many lotions quickly enough before the fragrance turns. I just keep 1 unscented body lotion now. Meanwhile I’ve seen women show off big collections of B&BW and until my experience I didn’t realize they were hoarding bottles of plasticky smelling lotions.

No. 1004968

Good OP pic, I cannot think of an uglier, worthless lot of dust collectors that aren't worth the materials it took to produce them.

My ex had these stupid things and threw a manchild level fit at me because I wouldn't allow him to display these things in the living room of our old apartment lol. Like how dare I not having wanted our apartment to look like a college autistic's lair with juvenile tastes in geek merch.
To try to shame him I used to call them Beanie Babies, except that's an insult to Beanie Babies as even they had more utility and were cute. I hate it when people have just gotta buy the latest/"special edition" ones too as if ghe majority of these things will ever retain or appreciate in value.

No. 1004972

kek that's a dealbreaker right there. Like… even among autisms its a bad one. Model trains, model planes, gundams, eh ok… at least they take work to build & paint etc. The funkos.. god… just what utter crap. Can't even think of anything funny to say theyre just such trashy schlocky clutter.

No. 1004977

File: 1640486522980.webm (5.29 MB, 720x1280, 119912077_3265174373536623_588…)

i actually don't mind the thread pic, as long as it's like… the only shrine they have kek. the funkos are fugly and i could do without them, but in the end it all comes down to moderation. fun fact, i used to buy a lot of nendos and would have like 2-3 nendo preorders on amiami per month. one day i visited my irl friend at work at a merch store and i saw this wall of funkos and was like… no, this isn't who i want to be. nendos are infinitely cuter than funkos, but i just couldn't separate them from each other anymore. also those soulless beady funko eyes creep me the fuck out and make me deeply uncomfortable for some reason.

anyways, vidrel is part of what i meant with booktok/bookstagram/booktube consumerism: https://www.instagram.com/booksugar/
at first glance it looks nice/goal worthy and then you scroll through her ig and it just feels fake and not genuine anymore. she has like ten copies of alice in wonderland and buys entire collections of books just because they are pretty. sometimes i feel try hard for only buying pretty enough books because i have limited space and i go through periods of reading one book per day on my e-reader which i wouldn't be able to do if i had to buy a physical copy of each book… but then i see this stuff and i'm infinitely glad that i'm so selective.

No. 1004980

I have a few nendos from when I was into anime when I was younger and I agree that they have a charm to them. Every nendo is unique and comes with it's own selection of accessories. Funko pops are just cheap generic figures that are fucking ugly and have no aesthetic appeal.

No. 1004982

Ive never understood thinking for even a second about how "nice" your books look… if thats what youre basing your decisions on at all, rather than solely on if you want to read the book or not… idk.

I get not having space, i mostly buy books on ereader too - but the only ones i buy physically are ones that arent available as ebooks, or where the book is cheaper on ebay than the ebook. And then i can just donate the book if i like cause it was like 5 bucks.

Then again i guess books arent like worse as a home decor object tyan anything else, unlike funkos at least they have a purpose. Still dont really get it though, since i dont buy anything just for decoration unless its from a thrift/charity shop and under $5. This is only kind of a humblebrag though cause my apt looks like that lenny from the simpsons "dont tell anyone how i live" pic and trying to nicen it up would be lipstick on a pig so im just saving to move

No. 1004985

Was going to post at the start of this thread "i feel like this is going to dissolve knto people arguing their particular plastic crap isnt consoomerism cause xyz" but i decided not to be negative.

Should have though since it didnt take long. All anime merch is plastic crap. But heres the thing, buying a little of it doesnt make you a bad person. Its ok to consoom a little sometimes. But it is crap.

No. 1004986

>where the book is cheaper on ebay than the ebook. And then i can just donate the book if i like cause it was like 5 bucks
This is the only way I really buy physical books anymore, too

No. 1004991

>she has like ten copies of alice in wonderland and buys entire collections of books just because they are pretty.
Wtf that's stupid. I have like 110 books on my goodreads profile I want to purchase and read (most of them recommended by lolcow and radblr lol) and yet I have no money to buy all of them and it makes me sad. Learning that people buy copies and copies of books that they don't even read and just do it to make it look pretty makes me kinda angry, not gonna lie.

Plus I just never buy books just because they look pretty, I much rather buy an used copy that you can still read and looks well kept than a newer shiny colorful book. What matters is inside anyways

No. 1004992

I think I'm guilty of consoom too and I hate it. I like anime shit. I try to be concious about my purchases but I am still guilty. Rip.

No. 1004993

Those nendoroid figures look just as stupid to me as funkos. I'd rather just save a bit more money and buy 1 nice normal size figure.

No. 1005006

I'm terrified of the women who horde beauty products, specifically shower products like body scrubs and shower gels.

No. 1005012

File: 1640490376333.png (887.18 KB, 720x1560, 1.png)

This reminded me of a repressed memory that I want to share.

I once traveled to another state with one of my friends because of some school thing we had to do. My friend had a friend in the city we were visiting, so we stayed with said friend for free. We'll call him Moidgaloo
Moidgaloo is a big tall fat male sporting big beard on his neck whose house is covered with toys, figures, and other plastic cartoon themed trash all over it. There's so much shit, and everything is dusty. He doesn't have a a real job, his favorite hobby is thrifting for figures (he calls it "hunting"), and, surprisingly… he's married and has a child.
His girlfriend is Dumbarina, who, because he wasn't careful, got pregnant from early into their relationship. They aren't even married, but their child is very cute and well mannered. Dumbarina works extensive shifts at a McDonalds to be able to pay rent for Moidgaloo and their child. They live in a very small house, the kitchen and livingroom are literally glued to the entrance, and they only have two small rooms. The child sleeps in the same room as them to save space.
So what does he keep in the spare room?
Pic related is how it looks. Everything is full of figures. Everywhere. Not a single space is left uncovered or unused. Dusty grimy figures. Figures of gundamns, the joker, batman, harley queen. Even a figure of himself that he commisioned to be modified portraying him with abs. They didn't even have warm water to shower but the guy keeps buying figures. Me and my friend had to sleep in his figure room, on the floor, on the dirty dorito dust covered carpet that gave me asthma. There's not one place where there isn't one nerdy thing to look at. And the living room? The living room is full of fucking funko pops still in their boxes. More than 100 lifeless eyes staring at you as soon as you step into the house. I didn't take a pic of that, but it was quite the sight.
Saddest thing? Moidgaloo likes having sex with Dumbarina but still misses his ex. When Dumbarina went to work he told us how he still thinks his ex is hot but he has to be faithful because he's christian. Also, he has a podcast on youtube. I'm not sharing it, but it gets very little views.

No. 1005013

File: 1640490429592.png (753.98 KB, 720x1560, 2.png)

another pic

No. 1005018

I felt kind of consoomer-ish when I got my first job, I bought a lot of anime figurines and manga. But with the latter it was because the local used book store had a ton of manga for $1-2 a book. Now it’s crazy because people are spending $50, even $100+ for single volumes of manga because they are out of print or they’re too impatient to wait for a popular manga to be reprinted. Like with >>1005012 it’s adults spending all this money and hoarding books, too.

No. 1005026

i think stuff like this is just a youtuber niche to make "content" out of

No. 1005033

My brother is on the same plane of this, admitted he has a $50,000 worth of collection of gunpla, anime figures, but also has fidget spinners and tops. He has a 6 figure salary and contributes to a portion of our families rent but the house is filled with a significant amount of figures. Those figures aren’t even displayed and are still in boxes, meaning that the house is filled with boxes. I can’t wait to move out, because I barely can buy any food for myself since all his shit is in the food cabinet and in my room kek.

No. 1005064

Ugh, I know it's of her own doing but I really hate this situation for the pickme and her little boy. No child deserves to grow up in a sty like that, and no woman deserves to slave at a fast food place to pay for the hovel where her fat scrote hoards toys and strokes his chode to different women he can't have all day.
Bet the prick doesn't even let his kid play around with any of those dingy Goodwill figurines.

No. 1005070

File: 1640494931124.png (342.98 KB, 1290x1781, 1640192681282.png)

I honestly feel sad for all these people, I view them same as any type of addicts in this world
Its sad really and I wish there were resources that would help these people with these addictions

No. 1005074

Anyone who hoards plastic crap of any kind especially pop/animu figurines has a hoarding impulse that probably stems from having OCD, some of you need to get checked lmao

No. 1005076

ayrt, the kid they have is a girl

No. 1005077

No one in this thread said they had more than a few figurines and they said they were ashamed of it at that. Please read properly before coming in spitting e diagnoses

No. 1005081

I wasn’t talking about any anons specifically in this thread I’m talking about the people who literally decorate their rooms with walls of their favorite dolls and figurines and it creeps me out lmao

No. 1005094

when you say "some of you" that means you're talking about posters in the thread, though? if you were talking about the posted consoomers, you would say "some of them". do i need to explain to you what the word "you" means? or are you just backtracking poorly?

No. 1005098

I want to tell you that you should stop wearing makeup. All your consoomerist pleasures are done at the expense of the suffering of other people. All the crap you order from Aliexpress to make yourself feel better for 3$ is made by severely under paid Chinese workers that are worked until death for 300$ per month. And you are basically giving those businesses money. Now you might argue that those people are being offered work, but the work they're being offered is non ethical and abusive.
Most of the world's makeup is made using Mica which is farmed by poor starved children in India that have no other choice because the government is not helping them and nobody helps them. Look closely to the products you are buying and see if they are truly ethical because do you want to support anymore abuse in this world?

No. 1005102

this and also when it comes to actual skin health, nothing is better than having a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and cutting out alcohol/caffeine/tobacco. And if you keep your hair short you don't even need shampoo more than like once a week, and no other hair products at all. It might feel a little oilier but that's just how hair is naturally… people strip out the oils with shampoo and then try to put them back in with conditioner, when you can just let it be.

I feel like people get sucked into the cosmetics world as teens hecause they get puberty acne, which is just an unfortunate fact of life. But they get sold all kinds of treatments to "cure" it/cover it up that actually damage and weaken your skin in the long run, just for the short term gain of removing some temporary acne, and it doesnt always even do that.

Like people need to understand that putting on makeup damages your skin unavoidably, and should be done as little as possible. It's sad, people start wearing makeup more and more which makes their skin worse and worse, so they need to put more makeup on to cover up the damage. Classic vicious cycle that companies are all too happy to exploit.

No. 1005106

most Chinese workers that make the products you hoard to make your empty life even more emptier are severely abused, not offered human rights at work, are over worked and under paid. The crap you buy will never make you feel better, you are addicted to it and it is part of your mental illness, it offers you temporary liberation from your suffering by giving you a bit of good chemicals but ultimately adds to your illness and to the illness of this world. You can express yourself and make yourself happy without contributing to the suffering of others. You are not forced to wear makeup and if you want to you can absolutely look up makeup with ethical sources like Lush because you don't need to hoard makeup products. You literally only need a few, it's better to buy something more expensive that is ethically made than to buy something made with slave labor and support that company and their unethical practices. You don't need to buy a bunch of shitty plastic clothing from H&M that uses slave labor directly. You can buy the same clothing from a thrift shop and the money won't go to that sick business. For all those of you that are into Japanese media and culture, Japan is highly capitalistic and capitalism tries using mental illness and mentally ill people to make money. The shit anime figures that you hoard and that are made by slaves in Chinese factories won't make you happier. The Japanese are incredibly sad and they try to fill the void by hoarding shit, but they remain as sad and as depressed and empty. Don't contribute to the suffering and abuse of this world anymore especially if you are in a position where you can make a difference. Try to limit your consumption of products from non ethical businesses. Even expressing yourself is simple and cheap and can be fun. I buy clothes from thrift stores and I cut those clothes myself modify them and add pins on them to make them edgy and cool and express my inner fervor through clothing. Such activity will also make you much happier because you are crafting something than going to the mall and buying overly priced alt clothing that is made non ethically. Thrifting is also more fun than normal shopping and way more rewarding. You can appreciate anime and Japanese culture without filling your room with stupid figures made by children in China or by their parents that are over worked to death. Not supporting the capitalistic abuse that takes place in the world does not mean isolating yourself in the forest, but trying to not support the unethical practices that take place under capitalism as much as you can and encouraging others to do the same. You can still enjoy your passions without contributing to suffering. You can buy a nice locally made Japanese product like maybe an expensive lolita dress or some nice matcha tea? Just don't buy weeabo shit made in China off aliexpress because you are contributing to something incredibly unethical.

No. 1005107

-posted from an iphone

No. 1005110

posted from a used 10 year old samsung galaxy I got for $50 secondhand because i'm not fincucked by apple. seethe consoomer

No. 1005115

I am a huge anti-consoomerist and how consumerism is engrained in people's self-worth, society's beliefs such as the modern usage of gender, and within the government to keep the corrupt monopolies they fund running instead of letting them fail.
From the perspective of someone who lives in Burgerland, we live in a society (joker moment) that doesn't allow individuals to develop a sense of identity or self. The individual is built around external sources, products, that are marketed to make them feel more complete. People are praised for working towards feeling complete. The fact is individuals already complete; they were complete at the moment of birth. Everyone could live a life with no clothes, no possessions, and we would still find a way to develop a personality. Why? Because the self already exists. In this society, there are people who believe the products they obtain are a part of themselves, like it's an extension of them. If one day something were to happen to all of their possessions, they would not be less of a person, or themselves for that matter, but they would feel like it was a part of themselves. We should not have to buy things to feel human. The term retail therapy is also a great example of how normalized these beliefs are.
Modern usage of gender pretty much applies to the above. Along with that, it ties gender with how individuals react and behave when presented with selected products. Most of these modern beliefs our society upholds today were thought up during the Great Depression, when wages were reduced, and workers were laid off left and right. The Roosevelt administration even had a proposal to "remasculinize America" in the New Deal programs by promoting images of "hard"(male) bodies at work to basically counter the uprise of women entering the workforce. This also made it a great opportunity for marketers to make bank again. "Feel like a woman/man with this product!" Although the government pretended it would protect individuals from spending due to advertising of false claims, this only made it easier to create more products to market to one sex and create the same product and "sex" them. Which brings me to my next point…
Pretty much the current pandemic made me curious about all of consumerism. Stimulus checks were simply given out to stimulate the economy, to spend. Where? Whatever businesses were not shut down, the big names. Politicians even discouraged people from saving stimulus money and even wanted those who were in poverty from getting any kind of stimulus because it would make them "lazy". Realistically, most people in poverty don't consume, we only buy what's necessary, we're less likely to buy random things new, which would put money in these monopolies' pockets instantly. Also, we're less likely to make huge purchases that require taking loans out.
I would not call myself someone anti-capitalist, because under capitalism businesses are supposed to fail if they aren't genuinely useful in the market and they would also fail if they resorted to corruption, which includes poor working conditions and false advertising. However, as long as the welfare state exists, this "true" capitalist system cannot function. The government is going to partake in consumerism because it needs it to survive.
Overall, I don't think it's bad to buy things that are unnecessary, however I think the intention for purchasing them should be criticized. If you're buying something to fit in or "express yourself", you should rethink some choices and your internal beliefs. It's fine to purchase things to maybe make your life a little more convenient or bring some color into your life or you genuinely think something looks cute or cool or whatever, but also understand the things you are buying are not an extension of you. They are merely something you can admire and appreciate. Which also brings us to questioning the existence of many products. Do they only exist for consumerist purposes, or can they be bought without a sense of humanity or worth marketed alongside it?

No. 1005119

paragraph breaks are free and ethical

No. 1005120

>And if you keep your hair short you don't even need shampoo more than like once a week
I have extremely long hair and this is still true. I still do use commercial products tho, but I want to start cutting them out more. I still don't know much about shampoo replacements, but most conditioning hair treatments can be done with simple food products like eggs, oils, rice water, etc which have been used by women for centuries before commercial conditioners.

No. 1005121

>ethical sources like Lush
nitpick but Lush basically busts unions. Fuck that and their products smell way too strong

No. 1005122

File: 1640502316616.jpg (93.23 KB, 1024x576, 421234.jpg)

Have any other reformed consoomers redirected their tendencies to thrifting? I'm a magpie, I love trinkets and retail therapy and having Stuff. At least if I'm thrifting I'm not creating new garbage, I'm just giving other people's garbage a space in my home instead of a landfill. I like collecting holiday decor so I can switch my house up with the seasons.

No. 1005135

thrifting is great and if you buy something made from a child in China you're not giving the company that supports that kind of thing money. Thrifting absolutely is the way to go in all cases and the products you're buying would be discarded anyway

No. 1005136

I redirect it into hoarding digital files. Tons of music, films and books on my hard drives I'll never get to being honest. The action of searching for files and collecting them is what I like mainly.

No. 1005137

i've turned to pirating for most of my source of entertainment. i think the best part of that is the fact if something were to happen to all my data, which has already happened before, i would only be upset at the progress i've made on whatever games i had being gone, but i could just redownload them at no cost and start progress again if i wanted to. the only thing wasted was some time, however i saved myself thousands of dollars doing such.

No. 1005140

Based. I've stopped wearing makeup entirely and almost none of my female coworkers wear makeup either. Buying clothing is harder but nobody gives a shit whether or not you're updating your wardrobe unless you're surrounded by small-minded people so it's not that hard to not order cheap shit either.
It's possible to have a smartphone and minimize your consumption where possible unless you have BPD-tier black-and-white thinking

No. 1005147

did this for a while but have kinda moved on to art supplies and tools since then. buying a jigsaw soon, for example.

what bothers me is that i still spend basically the same amount of money as before. the ``stuff'' has improved but im still spending too much on it and if that's not consoomerism i dont know what is

No. 1005151

I try to be low-consumerism. I'm not anti-consumerism as I think consumerism in some degree is part of living. I don't think you have to stop buying make-up or cut your hair short to minimize haircare products as long as you use up everything you buy. I think people buying a lot of stuff they don't use up and more than they could possibly ever use up before it expires (in terms of things that can be used up) is a larger problem than people buying make-up or haircare or nailpolish at all is. I buy a new mascara, a new blush and a new eyebrow pencil every time I run out loop but I don't have multiples of anything and everything I have is used up in it's entirity.

But even with non-usable stuff I think it wouldn't be a problem if people bought some luxury items. If someone bought a high-quality, locally responsibly handmade plushie, something they don't need, but no more and made it last for a decade then there wouldn't be a problem. Instead people buy 10 plushies from China because they want as much as possible, for as little as possible and then some more.

I also don't think it's wrong to buy an iphone or a new laptop. Like >>1005107 this is often used as some sort of slam dunk
>You own an iphone so anything you say about consoomerism is invalid!!
When most of us live in a world where we're simply required to own technology to get our education, to do our jobs, to do our financials, to even get access to government services. Buy what you need, no more and take care of what you have. Buying tech would not be the problem it is today if people bought what they need and took care of it instead of buying a new model every 1-2 years and then some more unneccersary things. I also think there's a large neglect of responsibility with brands who should encourage and enable long-term usage through security updates, easy repair (not just at authorized dealers ahum Apple) and replacement parts made available for a long time which is something just about none of the big ones do. ("we're no longer including adapters with our phones because of the environment!!" my ass)

And most of all I think no one has to be perfect, I think we need a lot of people practicing low-consumerism to gain a lot of good for the environment and not a handful of people insisting that buying anything beyond food and cloth to cover your body is wrong and discourages people from buying less.

No. 1005170

yeah, i think the smartphone argument is stupid. i don't think the price of the phone even matters at this point because most people tied up into consumerism spend way more on multiple items and services in less than a year compared to… let's say a $800 phone that many keep for at least two years. thinking of the actual daily use of a smartphone, i think the price is not too bad, roughly $1 a day, minus plan costs, to have access to the internet (bonus for free wifi) and multiple apps. comparing to an item such as funko pops that are mainly for display and a few social media photoshoots…

No. 1005172

I don't even have an iphone and I use a samsung that is half the price of an Iphone and I made that post from my laptop which costs as much as an Iphone.

No. 1005173

What I wanted from this thread
>many keks and laughs about people collecting random bullshit
What I got
>paragraphs and paragraphs detailing suffering of people that I already know it exists but was looking for a less crude approach to this topic for once
Schizos ruin everything

No. 1005181

Contribute to the thread just what you'd like to read anon.

No. 1005187

I already did.

No. 1005191

>but most conditioning hair treatments can be done with simple food products like eggs, oils, rice water, etc which have been used by women for centuries before commercial conditioners
doesn't that make your hair stink tho even if you wash it out? actually think an anon in one of the hair threads had that result.
there's way cheaper phones that already do all of that, same with laptops

No. 1005200

>All anime merch is plastic crap.
Technically, no. When I used to go to my city's anime con one of the biggest sellers were selling sword replicas of anime and video game characters. It's obviously crap but it was insanely popular with these teenage boys who only read trash from the Shonen Jump, and last year, a store that mostly sells anime merchandises just opened and they have a whole section for shitty swords. The real problem is that it's actually made of metal so it's potentially dangerous.

No. 1005201

Good, then you've tried to take the thread in the direction you wanted it to go but you're outnumbered by anons who prefer seeing it going in another direction. Doesn't make anons schizos for prefering a more discussion-based interpretation of the subject.

No. 1005202

My country even has its own company that makes very cheap and very good functional phones

No. 1005203

This whole woman's channel is about collecting baby yoda toys and showing them off. I can't imagine the hoard.

No. 1005204

ok cunt, keep your unnecessary snarky remark to yourself and go pretend to be mother theresa in the sustainability thread. Or the schizo tinfoil thread. Those are already existing serious threads. This thread is to make fun of consoomerism.

No. 1005209

funny, the thread op doesn't say it's exlusively for that. Seethe elsewhere.

No. 1005210

I literally made the thread.

No. 1005211

Accept that some people just don't want to read about how much chinese people suffer because of capitalism for the 100th time this week. Some of us just want to laugh at dumb people with dumb collections.

No. 1005213

>seethe elsewhere
no u

No. 1005214

What's the company/brand?

The only "sustainable" brand of phones I've heard of is Fairphone, they offer replacement parts to extend lifetime and I think their materials are supposed to be ethically sourced or something. But when I was doing research about the brand I came across an article from a few years ago and it turned out they had their stuff produced in China at a factory with sustainability problems (I don't remember the details). So I'm always wary of sustainable-made "we don't exploit our workers" claims, especially when you can't travel the world to check the factories yourself and no one is likely to do so.

Personally I've resorted to just buying my phones 2nd hand. I don't make them last as long as they technically could because of the lack of security updates after a couple of years with most of them.

No. 1005217

>Accept that some people just don't want to read about how much chinese people suffer
I already said go ahead and post about it, try to take the thread into the direction you want it to go. If anything you're the ones who can't accept that there's more anons who want serious discussion.

No. 1005218

Should've been more clear in your op then.

No. 1005219

I'm not telling you the brand because I'm tired of this sustanability conversation that belongs in another thread. I want to post more dumb people consooming dumb stuff. So here's one woman with a lot of chapsticks
god you're insufferable

No. 1005220

accept that some people just want to talk about people suffering in China and the true ramifications of consumerism. Some of us don't want to just laugh at dumb people. You have/pt/ /snow/ and /w/ if you wanna laugh at dumb people. I actually don't even have a problem if you wanna post dumb consoomerists, but don't try to censor anons trying to talk about the issues of consumerism. If a post doesn't interest you, just ignore it instead of making retarded derailments about how someone should stop posting because you don't like their post. This thread is literally about talking about consumerism and criticizing it. If you don't wanna talk about that then post someone you wanna make fun of and someone might reply to you, but don't try to make others not post about their issue with consumerism.

No. 1005221

Stop shitting the thread retard and contribute.

No. 1005222

Oh my god stop derailing you're not even contributing anything, you're getting defensive over absolutely nothing "zomg don't post funny shit!!!!" chill out already

No. 1005223

People like this don't know that public libraries exist? Something's telling me they don't even read everything they buy. I used to have a shit ton of manga because they used to be cheaper years ago, I decided to sell the series I didn't want to re-read again or that I read so much I know the story by heart to this day. Same with some artbooks and a few video games, and despite selling them for very cheap to secondhand book shops and retro game shops to be able to get rid of them asap I managed to get like 400€ back from all of it in total, maybe even more. I wonder if these book collectors sometimes sell some of their books as well.

No. 1005226

Imagine getting offended over people just wanting to have a chill thread on /ot/ on all places.

No. 1005227

File: 1640512380677.png (26.02 KB, 979x170, 200.PNG)

sage for samefagging, but here's one of the comments for that video. Most of their collections will go bad before they can even start using all their chapsticks.

No. 1005229

Very good video about people who get feral over plushes.

No. 1005230

File: 1640512523636.jpg (831.65 KB, 2448x3264, raedunnnn.jpg)

I also recommend this video by the same youtuber. I never even knew people went crazy for "live laugh love" shit

No. 1005231

as i said, the price of the smartphone doesn't matter much because it has daily use and function and specs that do affect the speed & ability to handle graphics, especially for those that load up their storage with games they can find for free. i know cheaper phones exist, i understand you can buy them secondhand as well. but comparing a smartphone in general as the peak of consumerism is just not entirely true. If you're buying a smartphone every year because you have FOMO, of course, that's something to criticize.
I think the more invasive consumer products are the "small" things. The collectables that rely on people buying multiples of, the beauty standard items, subscription services, etc… those things add up way more than the high-end smartphone someone decided to buy because their old phone simply stopped working.

No. 1005268

good thread. I like her but she owns enough makeup for ten lifetimes

No. 1005269

nayrt, but 'you have an iphone!!' is such a typical useless gotcha and i see this a lot on the minimalism sub too. i'm a minimalist, as in, i get rid of things i don't need, and i only buy things that i need and that i like. people on minimalism reddit always think they have to get rid of their smart devices because Muh Minimalism. they don't realize how many functions a smartphone serves. it's a portable computer. you can call and text, you can take notes, you can browse the internet, you can use it as a calculator, as a camera, as a voice recorder. these are already a handful of items you don't need in addition to your phone because your phone is so minimalistic, yet has it all. like, do you want to go back to using an abacus just for the sake of le minimalism and anti consoomerism? fuck off. personally i think iphones are stupid but that's because i never had one and never saw the appeal, but you do you. i have a samsung a51 and i'm happy with it. good for me. if you have an iphone and are happy with it, good for you. and you absolutely can treat yourself and buy yourself a pretty phone case and if that one wears down or you absolutely can't stand it anymore, you are obviously entitled to buy yourself something nice. like another anon said, you can consume a bit. as a treat. it's only when it gets insane and you buy the dumbest shit multiple times on impulse, just to feel some weird void inside yourself that you should reflect on it. see video, this is the kind of stuff that drives me crazy and i get itchy all over because who needs that useless stuff?

No. 1005271

no one needs it, those videos only exist to make money through affiliate links

No. 1005277

for the people who don't know: loungefly backpacks are tiny and extremely expensive. we're talking about 150 euros for a tiny backpack and easily 70-80 euros for a wallet here.

No. 1005278

File: 1640515593141.jpg (468.47 KB, 1704x2560, 81vcOwWJiuL.jpg)

I love this thread as someone with strong consoomerist tendencies (if I am not a straight-up consoomer myself, though 85% of what I buy is second hand). I have many personal thoughts on the topic, but maybe I will wait until the lolcow fight club chills a bit. TLDR I've been critical of that side of myself forever, but I am still trying to find a healthy balance and unfuck myself.
What I can say is that I'm thrilled that there is a higher awareness of the issue. Too bad that there is no easy solution to the problem and we are lacking resources. I am always shilling picrel. While the book may not end whatever spending issue you have, it will allow you to think deeply about wtf are you doing and unlearn the messages that society pushed on you. As >>1005115 said, we are made to believe that we need objects to fix or complete us — and that's not the only type of 'programming' that we undergo.
I'm interested in books on the issue of consumerism, especially pertaining to niche hobbies and nerd shit. Not only self-help, but anthropological as well. Does anyone have recs? If anyone is interested, I will look into my digital library and check if there is some good stuff (I am a digital hoarder too kek). Documentaries and movies would be cool as well.
She started this channel at the height of Baby Yoda obsession, so I assumed that she's making solid bank out of it. No, I was wrong. She doesn't (didn't?) have much subscribers. I think it really is pure obsession driving her

No. 1005293

File: 1640516853325.png (205.22 KB, 541x188, 1454717173759.png)

I just looked up the book you posted but the physical copy is large and not convenient if I want to have it in my handbag to read it in public transport and I don't want to read it online because I get headaches for looking at screens for too long these days. I really want to read it though… Anyway, I'd also like to read about the topic so I'll gladly take book recommendations as well.

No. 1005297

File: 1640517368325.png (203.86 KB, 480x480, WDBK1390_Up_BalloonHouseMini_3…)

i have no idea about the quality, but they're made entirely of plastic (aka *~vegan leather~*) and i have a personal issue with paying a ton of money for plastic, which also extends to clothes. i'd rather pay 300 euros for real leather boots (docs or w/e) that last a lifetime than pay 300 euros for *~vegan leather~* and having to spend another 300 euros a year later because plastic breaks apart so easily.
i almost caved and bought picrel though, but then it went out of stock, thank god!

No. 1005301

Amazing how replacing the phrase "fake leather" by "vegan leather" makes prices go up instantly.

No. 1005302

don't give a fuck about chinks

post more weird collections(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1005303

nta but for real. I hate that marketing trick and how many people fall for it (or use it as an excuse to consoom)

The only type of "vegan" leather I can get behind is vegan leather made from mushrooms/fungi, but from what I heard that's still quite experimental.

No. 1005305

I've vaguely heard about companies trying to create fake leather with fruits' like mango or pineapple, but I didn't really pay attention to it so I don't remember the details. That seems interesting imo, but right now most fake leather is cheap, bad quality plastic so it all feels like a scam. When it comes to shoes, wallets or bags I either cheap fake later stuff or more expensive real leather, but you'll never see me buying expensive fake shit. Always look at the components in the products you buy. Oh, and kind of unrelated but FUCK Zara.

No. 1005307

Oh that sucks! I wanted to have a physical copy because I am a horder and because it's useful as a workbook (I think, I've read it some time ago). I had no idea the physical copy is so big, I thought it's like a normal book size.
Posting a link anyway for those that may be interested in an ebook:

No. 1005314

>vegan leather made from mushrooms/fungi
that's a thing? i love real leather but i'd buy that too if it holds up well and has a nice feel to it

No. 1005315

I'm just way too used to pocket sized books I think.

No. 1005333

no one can, realistically, give a proper wage to such a huge population. To really fight slave labor, people of these countries should have less kids. If they have less kids there won't be an issue of too little jobs divided by too many people.

No. 1005339

Nta, abolish currency, no one argue with me, that is all.

No. 1005346

Would you be willing to write more on the topic? I'm intrigued on your thoughts on it

No. 1005350

This thread went from
>look at all these embarrassing people buying too much useless shit
>currency shouldn’t exist, the poors need to stop having children, you don’t need to wash your hair if it’s short, stop washing your face, only buy clothes from thrift stores and modify them yourself

No. 1005351

I partially agree but I also wonder why it should be the consumers' resposibility. The governments/states are directly responsible for their people and should be taking that responsibility, same for bussinesses: directly responsible for ethical producing. Consumers are the very last in line of whom should be required responsibility if you ask me, which is indirect responsibility to begin with, yet ALL the responsibility it put on the consumer right now.

My anti-consumeristic stance is way more fueled by the fact we're brainwashed to be infinitely unsatisfied so we can spend our hard earned money and make the elite rich than the fact it exploits people on the other side of the world who'se own governments won't even take responsibility for, not sorry.

No. 1005353

Lush also hates TERFs lol

No. 1005355

For a store that radiates tumblr energy I'm not surprised kek.

No. 1005358

Anon is a little off, last year they were caught donating to an anti-trans women’s group. Recently they were providing binders to fakebois

No. 1005361

Part of me can get someone buying a mickey mouse or spiderman funko pop if they're obsessed with the characters, like they're shit but at least it's a character you'd always easily reognize in any lazy form. The ones that are just regular looking people though… why would you bother? Take it out of the box and it could be a figure of nearly anyone. That I'll never get.

No. 1005364

>donating to an anti-trans women’s group
Aw why couldn't they have taken a public stance with that, sucks.

No. 1005365

What I was referencing was an older tweet around the first big JKR drama, something how that kind of thing is unacceptable

No. 1005367

>also wonder why it should be the consumers' resposibility
You know why. Same as always. Divide and conquer. Have people fight each other instead of focus on the real source of problem. Own a ~conscious~ brand among others and laugh your way to the bank as consumers think their "ethical" choices matter (the last point obviously doesn't apply to some tiny companies 5 people know about because their products are niche and expensive as hell due to ethical sourcing)

No. 1005370

Makeup is a particularly dumb thing to hoard because products will go bad and dry up after 1-2 years at the most. You will never be able to use all those products.

No. 1005374

Agreed. I already don’t wear makeup and try to live frugally, it’s not stopping American and Chinese businesses from taking advantage of the poor in China/India/Africa. And it doesn’t stop the wealthy from buying up empty apartment complexes and spending their money frivolously to show off online.

No. 1005377

I'm like this with clothes. I used to buy new clothes all the time and drop insane amounts of money on it, only for a sweater to start smelling if I wear it for 10 minutes because it's made of acrylic. My country had really bad thrift shops with virtually nothing but clothes from old dead relatives, but last year I discovered Vinted and Sellpy, it changed my world. It's so much cheaper and better for the environment, and it feels way more rewarding to find something you've always wanted for sale in a thrift shop than it is to go and buy new.
An added bonus is that old and worn out clothes usually don't make it into a thrift shop so you know what you're buying is at least somewhat better quality.

No. 1005378

You can make your own makeup easily nonna.

No. 1005380

I am personally tired of moralfaggotry about consumerism, especially when it comes from first world countries.

No. 1005381

No. 1005382

I used to be a bit of a plushfag but I was following people on insta who buy beanie boos and squishmallows and similar stuff. It really hit me how much being an adult and buying anywhere from a tame 2 or 3 a month to.. 20 or 30 new plush a month as they release them is nuts and you're going reach a point where it's purely space hogging trash and nothing is truly enjoyed as the stream of new releases is constantly being teased and then tracked down. It's all about the buying and the rush to get it, then getting a pic and putting it away again. People only seem to enjoy their most recent buy and eveything else quickly gets lost to time.

Myself, I went through a break up and my ex would buy me that shit during our few years together, our shared apartment looked like a kindgarden which part of me was bothered by. Ironically I hate clutter but he kept buying me the type of stuff that just sits there. For a while after the split I treated myself to it and realized there's a weird hallow void to it all. I threw out most of the stuff he got me because often it was attached to 'making things up to me' so felt tainted but then I started my own hoard solo. I caught myself though. I currently have one traditional style teddy bear in my room as I obviously have the tard gene where if I own a handful of beanie babies or anything at all 'collectable'.. I kinda am never satisfied with what I have if I can see them releasing something new.

Now I tend to treat myself to coffee out more often, sometimes I feel like I'm overspending on stuff like that but I get more enjoyment from that in the moment than I get from bringing something home and sitting it on a shelf. A 3 quid coffee out is nice for about 10 mins, the 10 quid toy only really gave me a 10 min perk up too if I really think about it.

No. 1005389

This, I switched to corn starch instead of buying mattifying powder and store-bought powder can't even compare. Obviously not a good idea if you have fungal acne or something, but otherwise it's been such a huge lifesaver.

No. 1005390


It's okay to like things. My ex made me throw out my anime figurines because "other men saw them" or something stupid and now that I'm a free bird and making my own money I'm going to start it back up. Consuming is ok, excess is bad

No. 1005394

I collect artbooks and physical copies of video games that I know I will replay over and over, but that's about it. Fuck scalpers and people who buy first edition artbooks/video games just to keep them sealed for years and then selling them for ridiculous amounts of money on ebay afterwards.

No. 1005398

>grow up in a poor, post-war country
>mostly wear second hand and budget clothes
>never wore make up in my life
>get a degree and a good job, move to a rich country
>"nooo, you shouldn't buy make up and you should shop in thrift stores!"
Yeah, nah, I'll rather research organisations properly and donate to some. Fast fasion is frowned upon in the west but in poor countries it's the only way you can afford new clothes and that's maybe twice a year when you buy a pair of pants and a few shirts or you buy from gypsies at the market who sell stolen wares.

No. 1005418

i guess we need more examples of crazy consoomerism so the moral fagging and the butthurt sperging will finally stop

No. 1005419

No. 1005420

Buying a bit of makeup and some new clothes when you need them isn't consoomerism. It's normal consumer behaviour.

No. 1005422

File: 1640530019038.jpg (140.37 KB, 1080x1080, EwYiYJ1XMBI88SL.jpg)

peek the plushies UNDERNEATH the table and the random and completely useless display of multiple keyboards for… funsies? rooms like this make me develop claustrophobia.

No. 1005424

Now THIS is what I’m here for

No. 1005426

People have whole rooms dedicated to tens or hundreds of dolls, often kept in the boxes.

No. 1005427

i guess these people are so terminally online that their internet exposure induced adhd/autism can only be coped with the use of fidget toys but they are SO incredibly autistic that they need to constantly switch them out because muh dopamine

No. 1005428

File: 1640530433551.jpg (87.49 KB, 720x673, zgzbtd66bu381.jpg)

No. 1005429

imagine how much dust and grossness there must be everywhere, there's no way this is kept clean. Funny thing is that people buy this shit to get themselves an ~aesthetic~, a personality, but what it really does is the opposite of getting yourself a personality because every twitch girl gamur has this room.

No. 1005431

I don't get it. What do people get out of collecting a shit ton of dolls (or any such things)and not even open the packaging? Where is the enjoyment?

No. 1005433

is the crooked monitor bugging anyone else

No. 1005434

I think the kind of consoomerism i hate the most is the "useful" one. Everyone has a fridge but do you really need 20 packaged snacked ? pasta in a clear jar ? organiser for canned food ? 3/4 of that food is being thrown out in a week i'm sure

No. 1005435

>Fast fasion is frowned upon in the west but in poor countries it's the only way you can afford new clothes and that's maybe twice a year
That's the case for a lot of people in the west as well, since not everyone is rich in the west. I grew up poor in a west European country and couldn't afford having more than 2 pairs of trousers and three tops at a time until I started university and had a scholarship. And even then, most of what I had before that was clothes my mother bought for extremely cheap when thrifting. Something excessive would be someone redoing their entire wardrobe twice a year thanks to fast fashion or buying clothes very often to just wear them a few times before throwing them away or selling them on vinted instead of buying new tops and trousers once in a while like normal people. Think of "shein hauls" videos, or Zara's entire business model for better examples.

No. 1005436

File: 1640531214797.png (438.33 KB, 357x645, 0594.png)

i hate that one too. i remember seeing this amazon must haves compilations (i always watch these when i feel the urge to do some impulse spending because they make me itchy all over) and this woman shilled a case for your toothpaste and tooth brush that also functioned as two water cups for when you brush your teeth. so far, so good. but then she put the two cases in a bulky makeup case (pic related) to put it in her carry on?? like that's not smart packing at all. just shove those two slender items between your clothes or something. it just takes up way too much space with that stupid makeup case.

No. 1005437

File: 1640531232043.jpg (10.43 KB, 282x450, a-life-less-throwaway.jpg)

Here is a book rec. It's about getting into the mindset of buying things that serves your purpose and last instead of random crap with no thought of it lasting.
The author likes to advertise her website in the book, but if you ignore this then there is actually good advice to be found in it.

No. 1005438

Ah yes, the infamous "gamer girl battle station". This cannot be comfortable. Those light things on the wall are burning my eyes already and I've been told that this type of chair isn't very comfortable if you sit on it for several hours, unlike a standard office chair.

No. 1005439

Stuff like this is funny to me, a case for your things and a bag for your case for your things…hell maybe another bag to put that bag in lol

No. 1005440

Reminds me of when I shopped in Japan and bought just one scarf, and the cashier folded it, put it in some kind of protective paper, then put it in a shopping bag, and then she put the shopping bag in a slightly bigger plastic bag because it was raining.

No. 1005444

Tbh I think it could be useful, as it's mostly one and done type of buying. It's good for organization, like my fridge has missing racks and i can't deal with going through a pile of lunch meat, tortillas, and cheese because eventually something's gonna get "lost" at the bottom and get moldy.

No. 1005449

File: 1640533009214.jpg (148.07 KB, 1080x1920, www.tiktok.com.jpg)

i guess that's why she has that flimsy peach pillow there kek. i spent 40 euros on my butt pillow (because dorm furniture is painful to sit on) but it's been lasting me for over 3 years now, shows no sign of wear and tear, and my butt feels good on it.

enough about my butt though. i hate these gamer snack carts. i'm definitely not someone who cries over plastic packaging since it often can't be avoided but i hate hate hate how they always go for those tiny snack packs instead of just getting a big bag. but i guess getting a big pack isn't kawaii uwu enough.

No. 1005450

File: 1640533059753.png (609.61 KB, 640x480, xajepnfftmc71.png)

another example of tiny snack packs in single use plastics that make my skin crawl.

No. 1005451

People should just be made aware of how companies and brands brainwash and trick us to buy more and more shit, it's almost humiliating how much we are manipulated into doing their will.

No. 1005457

good for people with binge eating issues

No. 1005458

It's because it's better for freshness to have multiple tiny packs instead of one big open bag. Plus with one bag you have to use snack bowls. The bag is it's own contained thing. Asinine to complain about the plastic waste when that's a drop in the bucket on the grand scale. It's convenience not aesthetic. I never feel any guilt about using plastic anything because I am already consuming less/contributing less negatively to the environment than if I spit out a kid

No. 1005459

Some collections I hate and why:

>Funko Pops

They are and look cheap, plus they aren't characteristic enough and I can't really the charm in them. If I were a fan of any of those series, I'd prefer more unique merch
>Make up
Make up just goes bad. There's no point in collecting it.
Especially yankee candles, I get having some of them for differnt relax times but big different jars?
>Holiday decorations
I don't like moving stuff in my house. I don't like wasting time in something I have to take out once the holidays are over.
Different plants require different care. They're okay in a balcony, but indoors they look awful if not positioned properly. Plus they contribute to the mold growing on the walls.

I'm not 100% anti consoom, I have some collections myself, for examples I read a lot of comics but they have a "use" so I don't feel bad about having so many of them, when I want I can just open one of them and pass the night comfy-ly, same with some videogames. I do have some anime figurines but these are the ones I really like and love and/or bring good memories.
I do nurture my inner child a lot but with an eye on my stuff, for examples I love plushies but I only get them if I can fit them somewhere and they don't look too cluttered, if they do, I just gift or give away those that I haven't looked in a while. One thing in, one thing out.
I want to have a "secret room" in my house filled nicely with my interest so I can use it as my cozy room to spend my free time and then (pretend to) be a normal adult in the rest of the house.
Aside from those, I try to live as zero waste as possible (I use a makeup cloth instead of cotton pads, I use solid soaps for anything I can find and such) both for the enviroment and for myself since I don't like getting out and throwing out the trash, so I avoid any unnecessary packaging on stuff and anything that generates too much waste.

No. 1005465

Oh samefag, I also hate
Like…why does it exist? Why is so popular?? It creates a lot of waste, goes bad and it's expensive as fuck, plus those "small slime business" will find themselves with a lot of unused supplies once the trend dies over.
Remember when in 2017 the fidget spinner was so so so popular they were sold almost at 10 dollars each and then the trend faded and now they almost gift those everywhere?
In general, I hate fidget trends. Just pop some pluriball.

No. 1005469

some e-readers are not backlit and can be found for really cheap on fb marketplace or whatever, it is worth it. just find the book on libgen dot fun and ta-dah !
this just elicits disgust. a grown woman buying 200$ worth of useless plastic. i get struck by consoomerism sometimes too but that's just so pointless and sad.
i'm terrible at decorating so i sometimes admire pics like these when i stumble upon them because they look coherent and like a drawing almost, but then i'm reminded of how much time, attention, and money was spent on filling this room with such specific, artificial-looking, monochrome powdery pink items and just imagining how much importance it must have in the person's brain. and the contempt puts me off.
the plushies are a good point. her room is so filled with junk she has no option but cram them there to have space and maybe removes them every time she uses her computer, or can't sit comfortably at her desk, and both are equally stupid.

No. 1005472

File: 1640535049266.jpeg (19.38 KB, 201x251, D820C409-EA3B-482F-A544-7A5888…)

This is just a rant, but I’m amazed by the people who unironically buy a brand new release of something all of the time, I get looking at a stuffed toy and thinking
>hell yeah this looks like something my best friend would like
And gifting it to her, but buying a new stuffed toy every month must be tiresome at some point.
Also, I hate how then you can’t buy the cute stuff you want because some stupid ass consoomer went full retard and bought 5 of the same thing you wanted or some shit, so then you don’t buy anything because there’s no point in buying something just because, since all you wanted was the fucking frog stuffed toy that would look cute in your room, and the other shit they got isn’t of your appeal, because you wanted, the fucking. Frog. That some autist needed to fill their void, and I get that everyone needs to fill a void, but fuck, get therapy and some pills for your BPD if you need 10 fucking stuffed toys of the same frog in different sizes, sorry, but I’m not sorry for having a smaller void to fill.

No. 1005474

Fucking gross.
Looks like furniture specifically for obesity and diabetes

No. 1005476

File: 1640535686748.jpg (33.31 KB, 326x500, image.jpg)

If you have collection tendencies, I'd recommend getting into fossil hunting or rockhounding.
>you get out in nature
>you just need to pay for travel to collection sites
>there's an endless amount of stuff to collect
>it's rewarding when you find something cool
>you gain knowledge from it
>the stuff you collect is small
>you can talk about it and trade your finds with other hobby spergs
As far as book recs, picrel was extremely eye-opening for me; we're basically trained to be consumerists from a very young age. It was written pre-smartphone so things are probably much worse now.

No. 1005477

>same with some videogames
You just reminded me of these people who buy a shit ton of video games and never play them, either because they were on sales or because they were in a bundle, and they have insane backlogs of like 100 games they've never even started. I often talk about the games I have in the video game threads on /m/ to keep up with my own backlog and to talk about the games I liked and disliked, but mine was never this bad. Then you have retards who do what this anon described >>1005394, and I even started seeing more and more "rated" or "graded" retro games that cost an arm and a leg just because they're old and used to be popular. As soon as I started accumulating games (regardless of whether I played them or not) I started selling the ones I don't care for so I still have space on my shelves for new releases.

No. 1005479

File: 1640536075277.jpeg (234.57 KB, 1440x1080, wut.jpeg)


No. 1005480

Ayrt, I have some videogames I have yet to start but I basically know them (I mostly buy retro games because I want my childhood memories back and they're a lot of comfort to me) and I will eventually use them, as for new releases, I just buy the ones I really want to play, in 2021 two games came out and I want to play them asap, but the thing is I don't have much time with work and stuff, so I cry too about my pile of "new" and new games.
Also yeah, fuck scalpers and fuck graders. I hope everyone who grades games, so they can trap them in useless plastic to kinda play the gamble to resell them get, get terribly hurt.
When I can, I also buy used game. A 60 bucks game came out but I can find it for half the price because some one else didn't like it? Good.

No. 1005481

Imagine the dust…

No. 1005483

I had 3 and I would even say that almost all aren't permanently backlit. You can turn light on and off.

No. 1005485

If you care about freshness, don't buy a truck full of tiny snacks to keep in your room, just go to the store when you run out? No wonder Americans are fat

No. 1005487

I used to be poor so most of the games I played were bought secondhand for very cheap or on sales. I bought a lot of video games this past decade because I finally started having my own money when I started university, and now that I have most of what I wanted (either games on release or GBA and PS2 games I couldn't play as a kid despite wanting to back then) I'm only looking forward to a few games. I have the equivalent of 100€ of coupon for a retro game shop where I buy and sell second hand games because of all the shit I got rid off, I can use just that to buy the very few games I'm looking forward to and that's it. And I plan on selling even more games anyway. Working full time means I ironically have way more free time to go out and have hobbies, studying meant I had a crazy schedule and a crazy amount of long assignments so that's how I accumulated a backlog in the first place.

What finally motivated me to sell books and games was when I had to move to another place with my family like 4 years ago. Moving so many heavy boxes was a pain in the ass, never again.

No. 1005488

No, I want variety

No. 1005489

Have you not heard of tupperware? Resealable bags? Ziploc? Shit take but good point about having kids

No. 1005490

All of those are less convenient than just opening a small snack bag

No. 1005492

File: 1640536888751.jpg (172.81 KB, 600x900, conch-shell-on-bush-key-2-kris…)

You know there are ways to close the bag again right?
Reminds me of how nice it is to go looking for interesting and pretty shells and stones at the beach. I only bring some home and if I think I got too many shells then I put some back in nature. Neatest thing I've found was a part of a whale skeleton and dead exotic seabird - I left them there, of course.
Shopping has become an outlet for our natural hunter/gather instincts so it's good to find alternatives.

No. 1005493

I also bought a lot of cheap games when I was younger and started working. Old games and manga are worth a lot now so I started selling a lot of stuff this year. I have an external hard drive so I can download files and use emulators instead

No. 1005495

I find these cringe. Why does anyone need to keep this many snacks in a bedroom or office? Just get up and get it from the kitchen… maybe I'm just anachan brained, but it just seems very gross to me to need this many unhealthy snacks stocked up in a bedroom at any time.

No. 1005498

>collection tendencies
Call it what it is; a hoarder, hoarding.

No. 1005499

Who even has that many snacks on display in their bedroom? Like just put them in the kitchen cabinet or something. On the other hand, I could maybe see that cart being useful for storing art supplies if you have a lot and have to move them around when you work.

No. 1005502

I never thought of it that way. The only thing I bought besides groceries in the last year was a new water heater, but I do have over 10k pins divided in like 130 boards, about 30 ebooks saved on my pc, like 10gb of sims 4 mods. I guess it's not such a big deal because it was all free?

No. 1005503

Many of the examples itt are definitely like hoarding, just in an aesthetic way. And with the internet encouraging them. I wonder if the mentality is still the same as classic hoarding.

No. 1005506

I can't imagine buying games and then forgetting about them, I do have a huge backlog of pirated and emulated games though.

No. 1005507

No. 1005508

… and I want it NOW, apparently

No. 1005511

I have never seen bigger candy packs than those, aside maybe the boxes of haribo gums in müller.

No. 1005512

>donating to an anti-trans women’s group
Which one? We need a spreadsheet of those so I can donate all my money to them

No. 1005516

I was watching a compilation vid lately where a deathfat lolcow that I follow was going through various dieting phases and I was looking at all the waste. She'd buy these ickle snack packets or take things out of their packaging and put the tiniest lil servings into dozens of plastic bags…. then she'd binge on twenty bags anyway lol

Her solution when dieting has been to buy shit, to spend money and rely on handy gadgets and purchased solutions.. then she did none of the internal work and still failed every time because of that. Weird pattern I hadn't taken notice of before.

No. 1005519

File: 1640538074714.png (1.25 MB, 736x1104, imagen_2021-12-26_105828.png)

I like collecting some anime figures and vynil toys (not the funko kind) although I don't have many. I live in a third world country too. Guess I'll die.

For the record though, I am very anti packaging, or think packaging in some cases is very fucking unnecesary. I also rather buy soaps from people who make soaps than big corps.

No. 1005520

i have binge eating issues and these snack packs only help when they are OUTSIDE the house. when you binge, you can't control yourself and you will tear open all those tiny snack packages and eat them all. the tiny packs only help when you only buy one and have only one at home.

No. 1005530

>Her solution when dieting has been to buy shit, to spend money and rely on handy gadgets and purchased solutions.. then she did none of the internal work and still failed every time because of that. Weird pattern I hadn't taken notice of before
I relate to this sadly, apparently it's common in ADHD and probably when you are mental in other ways. It doesn't help that we are bombarded with the message that purchases will fix all problems in our lives. I imagine some people are better at rejecting that crap while others internalise it. The process you mentioned is mind's way to avoid doing the shit that you have to do, but are afraid. Most consoomers need therapy for issues underlying their spending problem.

No. 1005531

My experience with BED is different, I will be satisfied with clearing out a tiny packet and I will not open another. Of course the best thing is to not keep all that sugar at house.

No. 1005541

this happens any time internet communities talk about being frugal. give it a couple days and they'll start talking about lentils.

No. 1005544

this looks like a fucking store display, a fake room nobody actually lives in ugh

No. 1005546

My issue with anime figures is that they’re not treated like the sculptures that they kind of are. Nobody bothers to properly display them, just throw them in a glass container and that’s it, no proper illumination, no proper positioning, nothing. Just the figurine looking at the viewer dead in the eyes or sightly turned to the left/right.
I think that part of my hate towards consoomers is that they never care to learn a bit of the fuck they buy because all they want is to look at the cart full of things.

No. 1005547

Whoever owns these >>1005449 absolutely needs to eat more lentils.

No. 1005554

90% of anime figures are uninspired shit, to be honest.

No. 1005555


I'd tear through a lot of those and then feel bad after kek. I feel like having so many snacks is the opposite of what you should do with BED. But it makes sense if you have kids since letting them manage a big bag of chips is a recipe for disaster.

No. 1005557

I think the one anon posted is super beautiful though

No. 1005561

File: 1640540215786.png (618.54 KB, 1345x529, news.png)

how could my individual actions possibly outweigh everyone else, i wish i wasnt constantly getting told to take the weight of it all myself and paper straws fucking suck

No. 1005565

The straws make barely any impact at all, it's just some goofy nonsense shoved onto us to make us feel like we're doing something in a situation that isn't the average person's fault. Our straws aren't the issue, it's the massive waste and pollution of major companies. If you're sick of getting those shitty straws though, buy a metal one and keep it in your bag. They usually come with a little pipe cleaner thing too. I got like a 6 pack for just a couple of bucks and it just hangs out in my purse.

No. 1005568

When I was in high school I spent 400 dollars at a local convention only on MLP:FiM merchandise. I can't say I regret it, it's still all displayed in my house and they make me happy, but I would never spend so much on anything so pointless ever again. I have a hard time even paying over 20 dollars for pants these days kek. I get everything I own from thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales. I actually got a brand new pair of shoes from a curb side giveaway a few months ago! They're really cute brown leather sneakers, the quality is insane, for freeeeeeee!

No. 1005574

agree with you on the clothes, im just going to sew all my own clothes now

No. 1005576

I also think most metal straws have lead on them

No. 1005581

I graduated from graphic design thinking I'll be able to do very cool graphic shit and illustrations but instead I met with a reality that graphic design is one of the most consumerist related jobs in the planet. That said I doubt I will ever get a design job anytime soon

No. 1005587

File: 1640541954181.jpg (93.7 KB, 510x678, plastic.jpg)

I am a fan of toys but the fact that they have become the new loot boxes infuriates me, gen Z and kids right now get their rush of serotonin from the opening and not the playing. Also, this brand and LOL dolls are more waste than toy. I despise them and I don't want to even gift them.

No. 1005593

I bought a lot of my nendoroids used but looking at this thread it just makes me want to sell a good portion of them. I’m moving next year to my bf’s one bedroom apartment and looking at my stuff get crammed into a tiny space would look awful.

No. 1005596

I think gen z, with their shitty tik toks and hauls are worse than gen x. I really hope the gen after z is less wasteful.

No. 1005598

File: 1640542533659.jpg (135.72 KB, 800x800, figurine-hatsune-miku-digital-…)

I have a bunch of manga, nintendo merch (really small tho) and a single nendoroid. I want to get rid of/sell everything lol, not that I regret buying them because it actually made me happy owning them and I displayed them for a while in my room. It's just that my taste can change so quickly now I get easily bored, and going minimalist helped me a lot. But I can't see myself buying figures anymore, still I don't have a problem for freelance artists' merch and their cute pins (again just a small collection).
Pirel is just a cute figure I don't own it.

No. 1005600

I was thinking about that when I went christmas shopping. So many brands that are just like gacha games but do kids even care enough to buy a bunch of those lol doll balls to get one specific doll?

No. 1005603

File: 1640542629353.jpg (762.35 KB, 1574x2100, 1lyq86dqnq621.jpg)

Amen to that. I'm horrified of how much waste a single LOL OMG doll generates. So much plastic just for tiny packages and boxes for shoes, clothes and accessories… even though the surprise factor goes out of the window for anyone who isn't a very young child, since nothing is random anyway. The generation growing up on unboxing videos is gonna be fucked up so bad.

Just found out that faggots joined a recycling program nobody has heard about and which I'm sure they have not initiated:
Love it when the onus of picking up corporation's trash is pushed on customers and NGOs. This isn't even available worldwide. It just PR making MGA look good, like they are listening and doing something.

No. 1005605

I haven't heard anything about that and nothing comes up when I search it. They can't sell straws with lead in them anon.

No. 1005607

If you pirated these games at least you didn't waste money on games you won't have enough free time to play and free space to store.

No. 1005611

Even Ikea's display rooms look way more genuine than this shit.

No. 1005613

File: 1640543184362.jpg (1.17 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2021-12-26-19-23-29…)

I just wanna share this retarded league of legends collaboration fashion. Seeing shitty looking Naruto, DBZ and Bleach shirts in normal clothing stores is wild. If I wanna be a walking advertisement at least I'd wear something that looks well designed.

No. 1005614

File: 1640543230847.jpg (957.37 KB, 1080x1571, Screenshot_2021-12-26-11-07-44…)

No. 1005619

I can't get over luxury products consoomers.

I don't know much about League of Legends but this shit looks like bootlegs from Aliexpress.

No. 1005620

I can't stand all over prints like this, they are so disgustingly tacky and ugly.

No. 1005623

>Think of "shein hauls" videos, or Zara's entire business model for better examples.
Totally. It's annoying seeing people use the classism excuse when they know it's not those people that are being criticized. It's about the people that have tonnes of clothes and still can't help themselves when they see a $5 top so they buy 15.

No. 1005628

I love seashell collecting, that and the rock thing are both good ideas

No. 1005633

I noticed how materialistic I've become this year and it's honestly so tiring and wastes unnecessary money. I'm tired of my brain constantly going "I have money and therefore I should buy this, it's pretty". I want to be done with it all. Being a terminally online zoomer only exasperated my materialistic mentality, but seeing one of my friends eventually making her whole wardrobe upcycled clothing and only owning second hand items really inspired me.. I've already decided my resolution will be towards becoming more minimalistic and learning to upcycle clothes so I can have cool fits without overpaying for shitty quality. Recently I've been buying more beauty products from my local apothecary and it's one of the best things I've done. Their products are all handmade or from local businesses and the quality is amazing. I also want to eventually become self-sustaining and own my minifarm. At this point it has become my dream aside from pursuing a career in speech therapy.

No. 1005639


>I can't get over luxury products consoomers.

These people have image issues. The stuff they buy is not for them, is for the others to look at and think "Oh wow, she really can afford it!" when its just webcam and keyboard chanel stickers.
In general, luxury brands (not high end, its different) are for people to show off, who want to be know as the "rich" and nothing else.

No. 1005640

File: 1640544963413.jpg (664.78 KB, 1245x907, 0c361c807f2408f25d1c2bdb317cb2…)

Living on my home helped me a lot with consuming less stuff I don't need due to having a budget, and I am also way happier when I do buy something because I spend time to save up for something. Nowadays I am way happier when I get something like new furniture or appliances that makes things easier around the house. I still have a big collection of anime figures, but I am slowly selling some that I won't really miss and it makes my shelves easier to look at. Like what's the point of having a collection when you can't even see the dolls stacked in the back of your shelves like picrel?

No. 1005649

File: 1640545643760.jpg (65.66 KB, 1125x1443, whatdidtheydotomiku.jpg)

Bershka has so many different collabs with weeb/gaymer franchises and they never look good. Their Hatsune Miku line was just plastering her box art everywhere. I wholeheartedly believe that their designer is Bershka's CEO's 10 year old kid or some shit.

No. 1005658

I once found a huge hunk of aquamarine, it's one of my most special treasures

No. 1005661

Seconding fossils. I spent a couple Sundays looking for them in a nearby road cut, and I did find a small fossil of a fern! Sadly I broke it while cleaning it but nonetheless… will be looking for more once the weather is warm.

Highly dependent on your local geology though. I had to go on a deep search and find old ass geocities type pages to find info about where to find fossils near me, and even then it was so outdated that the specific ppace was fenced off. Luckily i walked around and found a different area that had the same type of rocks.

If ypu cant find any info, I would recommend emailing a professor of geology at a local university, they probably would be happy to help.

As it turns out my state basically has ONLY fern fossils lol but I can look for a very big & nice fern at least. And sometimes very rarely there can be ancient insects supposedly. Excited…

No. 1005678

Anon I think i just found a new hobby, thank you so much. I love pretty rocks and crystals but I feel torn because of the damage the industry does to the earth. I just wanna find really cool stuff outside without all those strings attached.

No. 1005680

I don't know why you would wanna spend your hard earned money on chunks of plastic but hey no one's stopping you regardless of this thread.

No. 1005682

Anon let people enjoy things. It's not "lets judge each other", its "is consoom culture bad?"

No. 1005686

I literally said she can keep buying like she has been lol

No. 1005688

"I don't know why you would—"
Shut up. Keep the posts in topic.

No. 1005692

That's a weird reply. What does it have to do with anything OP said?

No. 1005697

Jesus, the funko pop walls are my worst nightmare
Also, braindead disney fans are the worst and the creepiest.

No. 1005704

No. 1005716

Yeah, I was going to type "high fashion brands" instead of "luxury products" because most of the time these people don't even buy actual clothes, just accessories, including bags, and makeup.

No. 1005732

File: 1640551957467.jpg (2.01 MB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20211226-154720_Ins…)

The worst are the ones that are a complete clutter fest. I love Tama Kid's art and I think she's super cute but imagine having to live with this woman. Her ENTIRE room is nothing but figurines and useless toys that she's had since childhood that are obviously falling apart. She even had the nerve to be upset that people started commenting about the amount of dust that must be in her room and ended up sperging about "muh weekly dusting" as if that would do anything to save this abomination of a room. Also imagine having to spend so much time dusting your room because of how cluttered it is. You could be using that time for something way more productive.

No. 1005736

Americans are so geologically blessed, theres no way i can find a fossil here

No. 1005740

Ok now I know you must be really fat

No. 1005744

This is wrong, also glass and bamboo straws exist too

No. 1005758

Why are straws such a big deal anyway, how often do you use those things really?

No. 1005760

I was wondering if she actually uses any of those, and I'm guessing the answer is no based on how many times she went "omg this one's my favorite I'm literally obsessed with it" when digging out some toys that were pretty much buried underneath all the other ones

No. 1005761

Dusting is the biggest lie lol. I don't believe for a second that anyone under 60 has ever dusted, unless they think that means occasionally blowing dust off things.

Even aside from dust, old plastic just gets this nasty…idk, pallor. The colors bleach out over time if there's any sunlight at all, and sunlight also weakens the material by breaking it down chemically. It starts to absorb odors and skin oil etc and just gets bad. And there's no way to prevent it really. Even by the time I moved out of my parents' house, plastic childhood toys of mine were already decrepifying. Consumer plastic is not a long lasting or durable material…i mean look at what happens to those figurines that coomers spooge on, they melt. Now if they had a sexy stone cenus statue, they could coom on it all day and it would be fine forever.

No. 1005769

The examples in this thread remind me of how they say that goldfish grow as big as their bowls. Maybe having more space than you need sometimes unlocks some primeval urge to fill it.
Like, to be honest, I do love kitchen organisation, decanting groceries etc. but the space I have is a limiting factor

No. 1005785

nonnies i want this type of room, can you please shit on them more so i change my mind? thanks

No. 1005787

Small business on tiktok really be buying aliexpress lipglosses in bulk and then resell them shamelessly.
They're gonna collect dust in some zommer's drawer since they're gonna expire soon and they're themed after bubble brands and trends that burst in one month.
It's the same as doing Shein Hauls.
Also, people who wear Shein, Dollskill, Fashionova, you know any chinese website or bad reseller just feel gross to me, they just give those brainless vibes that just rub me the wrong way. I think finding your own style is way much fun and easy on your mind instead of refreshing fast fashion pages constantly for new releases.

No. 1005800

My uncle collects figurines but he keeps them all in a glass cabinet. It cuts down on clutter (you can’t buy more than fit in the cabinet) and eliminates the need for laborious dusting. Cleaning the glass panels is quick and easy. I think that’s the best way to go about it.

No. 1005804

>Dusting is the biggest lie lol. I don't believe for a second that anyone under 60 has ever dusted, unless they think that means occasionally blowing dust off things.
Don't you wipe dust and vacuum your place every weekend?

No. 1005810

check out gamer girl tiktok aesthetic compilations on youtube and soak in how lifeless, bland and devoid of any personality these rooms are. you'll also notice how everyone has the same stuff in their room so everything just melts together to one big pink blob.

what you will see:
-paw pad chair pillow
-paw pad mousepad OR giant mousepad that emulates the look of a nintendo switch and looks vaguely like something drawn by meyoko
-pink keyboard, mouse, kitty ears headphones, headphone holder, pink mic, everything pink
-those sakura coasters
-that drinking glass from starbucks that looks like a cat's paw when you pour a drink in it
-pink or pastel gamer chair
-animal crossing stuff, pokemon stuff, sailormoon stuff, sanrio stuff
-pink nintendo switch case, rubber paw pads for nintendo switch buttons
-pink or white RASKOG from ikea filled with snacks, usually japanese, and soda/ramune
-kawaii plushies

obviously everything is from aliexpress and of poor quality. the fumes in a room like that could probably kill you or at least make you lightheaded and this does not include horrible body odor induced by gamer girl diet of snacks and soda mixed with sweat and farts from sitting on their asses all day.

No. 1005811

Everytime I see these my teeth start to hurt, I doubt they actually eat these things to be fair, just take pictures of them.

My mom actually has one of these but instead she puts pots and bowls in it (which I presume is what they're actually meant for?)

No. 1005815

I've seen them used for plants and art supplies. It's a multi-purpose thing.

No. 1005817

The snacks are always shit too. Never see any hot Cheetos. It looks so gluttonous to me. This is how you get diabetes.

I like watching these videos admittedly but I wouldn’t eat most of it. I thought of making some vids for tiktok where I would make drinks and cocktails but aside from most of them not being pink I don’t want to actually drink so much so I opted not to in the end.

No. 1005819

File: 1640556024868.jpg (181.29 KB, 1024x700, glim-1024x700.jpg)

I don't think that's true… fossils are found commonly in limestone, shale and sandstone which are quite common rock types in most of the world. When people talk about amazing fossil dig sites it's because there's like, whole dinosaurs, but fossils of little plants, insects & seashells/crustaceans are quite common.

Now I say "common" but keep in mind it did take me probably 10-12 hours total of looking at rocks. You don't have to dig or anything, just find somewhere like the bottom of a cliffside where there sre lots of flat pieces of rock that looks like it comes apart in layers easily. You can either just look at & turn over rocks that are already there or split apart larger pieces. They come apart quite easily with a hand chisel or even just with your fingers if you don't mind getting hands dirty. Another plus of this activity is that I saw a small bobcat! When you're just sitting mostly still & minding your own business for a couple hours, the wildlife will come out like you're part of the scenery.

Something America does have that's unique is arrowheads though. I found a white quartz arrowhead on the beach as a kid, didn't even think it was at the time, just thought it was a rock that looked like an arrowhead, and I think I left it at a house we stayed in. But actually it turned out I was in a place where arrowheads are quite common, so it probably was one, just kind of roughed up by the ocean, like a "seaglass arrowhead" I guess.

No. 1005823

What else do you do to deal with dust then?

I don't dust with a duster but I used to back when I shared a home with other peoples clutter and with pets etc. Now I use wet cleaning wipes to deal with dust in some places. Still counts as dusting.

No. 1005826

No because I don't own anything that gets dusty. Idc if there's dust on top of my cabinets or w/e…My family vacuumed once a year at most growing up. That's probably less than normal but it's not like anything was dirty or looked dirty. This once a week deep clean thing is a bit obsessive and germophobic imo. I mean if you really like cleaning go ahead.

Then again we didn't have pets… if you have pets you have to clean & vacuum often or the place will be full of hair and dander.

No. 1005827

Huh, how tf do you not dust? It's not it's that difficult a chore, you just wipe a duster over your stuff. You're not immune to dead skin coming off your body so either your place is super spacious and well ventilated, or you're ignoring the dust.

No. 1005829

I don't have pets and I don't have unneeded furniture or "decor" that collects dust. My landlord installed a very loud and powerful central air system in my apt cause they got some kind of subsidy so it probably is pretty well ventilated though lol

No. 1005832

No. 1005834

My allergies are horrendous so for me dusting is a must. Anywhere that ends up too stuffy sends me into a sneezing fit and it sucks. But aside form that just letting dust settle on surfaces looks terrible.

No. 1005835

That's pretty dirty, anon….

No. 1005836

Same here kek, I have a severe dust allergy and wipe surfaces weekly so the thought of that anon's house truly makes my skin crawl

No. 1005839

File: 1640557109836.jpg (55.48 KB, 640x491, 2jvkjb.jpg)

>My family vacuumed once a year at most growing up
what the fuck

No. 1005842

With all respect, I think based on your upbringing you have no normal concept of what is clean, what is not clean, what counts as obsessive etc.

Were your parents mentally ill or anything?

No. 1005843

Sorry your house is gross nona, but I dust regularly and deep clean at least once a year.

No. 1005852

This is not a fucking a thing. I live in a minimalist flat with parquet flooring atm and I notice dust and hair on the floor every week, if I don't clean for two weeks the amounts in the corners get big so I wipe the floors every two weeks. No pets and I air it every morning, you can't avoid hair, you just won't see it as well on a carpet.

No. 1005863

File: 1640559142067.gif (589.31 KB, 320x180, disgustang-disgusting.gif)


>My family vacuumed once a year at most growing up.

No. 1005865

this a bait or sum?? honestly I feel like even the nastiest of families/people vaccuum at least once a month?

No. 1005900

As if people buying that kind of trash care about makeup expiry dates
>bubble brands and trends that burst in one month
First time I hear about this concept, very interesting

No. 1005975

Also I'm glad the owner of this is a girl, because I can totally see a troon hoarding these things.

No. 1005982

What the fuck… Always is a shit brand too, their pads are literal plastic that starts to smell within minutes and gives you a rash

No. 1005983

File: 1640567070822.jpg (7.18 KB, 256x256, 36e0f0170368bb423ebc910088bc02…)

>the fumes in a room like that could probably kill you or at least make you lightheaded and this does not include horrible body odor induced by gamer girl diet of snacks and soda mixed with sweat and farts from sitting on their asses all day.

No. 1005984


Probably not what you intended but this video made me so happy. I too decant everything into matching (real) tupperware and love to look at all of my prepped food in clean, organized boxes. I think my fridge looks better than hers though.

At least in my case, the food gets eaten, not thrown out, so I don't think it counts as consoomerism.

More on topic, thrift stores and the like are ok, but I think it's better to channel my tendencies into making things. Yes, I still have to buy certain things like equipment, but there's a lot that I can make with found or salvaged materials. And making stuff is active, not passive like shopping. You use your brain and learn stuff too. Win.

No. 1005999

I'm a menstruating woman, I buy some of the same tampax as this girl.. and I still weirdly feel like a pervert for watching this. There's just something so creepy about it.

No. 1006021

It’s sad when you can tell people curate their rooms/homes to fit some aesthetic they can take pictures for or show off and not stuff that’s actually cool or meaningful to them. It’s like everything has to complement the identity they want to have and it has to be obvious like oh sorry you can’t be an e-girl unless you have that specific ugly pink chair and you must have anime figures and cute plushies too. It’s like people don’t take inspiration they just become a carbon copy.

No. 1006023

I wasn't even thinking the anti-consumerist thread would turn into a sustainability and eco-friendly products thread as well, but what do I know. Honestly I prioritize the money I'm saving by not buying useless items because of the psychological effects of advertising and social pressure, not because of the moral justification of believing I'm saving the planet for less plastics bought. Idk maybe I'm such a individualist, but realistically you, individually, cannot reduce the waste. Majority of it is due to huge corporations creating lifetimes of waste in minutes. How can it be solved? Getting the government out of their business. The government continues to allow these businesses to produce so much plastic.

No. 1006028

I kind of do something similar only because people in my family eat up snacks very quickly so if I have a favorite one I need to hide it from them. Plus they dig their dirty hands in the bag instead of pouring it in a bowl.

No. 1006031

I always assume people like this were called stinky one time in middle school and never recovered.

No. 1006034

kek my parents are in the 1% and very normal. my house was cleaner than probably 75% of my friends in one of the five wealthiest counties in the country. Even most people who had housekeepers still had a basement/rec room that was messier than any room in our house.

if seeing a hair on the floor now and then, or some dust on a bookshelf, or some dust bunnies under a dresser bothers you that much, then you are actually a little obsessive. Not a problem or anything obviously… but acting like someone lives in filth for not caring about a bit of dust on the mantelpiece is a bit much.

Being rhis obsessed with pristine cleanliness is kind of a midwestern thing, ive noticed… i feel like the closer you are to poverty, the more you need to demonstrate how pristine your house is. Everyone I knew either had maids or their house was a bit messy. People with demanding jobs dont have the time to meticulously clean I guess.

Believe me or not idc, I was just saying that people with massive figurine collections who claim to dust every one of them every week are almost certainly lying.

No. 1006035

Why would you ever need that many menstrual products? I have long and heavy periods and only ever need one box a month and usually only go through 3/4ths of that. Unless you're a mom with several daughters I don't see why you would ever need to hoard pads and tampons

No. 1006052

Since she sounds very young, I'm assuming her family set her up with options. Maybe she has irregular periods as well? My mom used to get her period 4 times a year so she'd have the same pack of pads for about 2+ years.

No. 1006056

No. 1006060

Displaying keyboards like that is normal when you build them as a hobby (I'm assuming they're not prebuilt). The rest of the room is so artificial though. It just seems like a rich person just spent thousands of dollars on all that stuff at once just to have an aesthetic gamer e-girl bedroom and they're gonna throw it out in a few years when they get bored of it or their tastes change. I think the harsh lighting is definitely not helping.

No. 1006068


All I can focus on is how hideous her fake nails are

Another thing.. just why?? Why not spend all the money that would be spent on those products and just invest in a moon cup or something. What a waste of bathroom storage space.

No. 1006072

tbf not everyone can handle menstrual cups. i can't even get a finger in lol.

No. 1006073

This was a weird ass tangent. Poverty, maids, top percentages.. I sometimes wonder if anons fake being this schizo just to get posted in the screencaps thread lol

No. 1006086

Anon I can barely fit a finger in if I'm not aroused and I still use a mensural cup. No pussy is too tight to use a cup unless you have vaginismus.

No. 1006094

Reusable pads are still leaps and bounds above the shitty things she has stored. Cups aren't the only option.

No. 1006111

collecting crap isn't inherently hoarding.
Is it a pecopteris? If so then you should also be able to find calamites and lycopods.
Commercial rocks/minerals/fossils/crystals are also often faked or altered in some way. I can't recommend rockhounding enough; it's a ton of fun to just take a road trip into the boonies and split open rocks or pick up pebbles in a stream or whatever, then go home with your haul and try to ID anything that's ambiguous and curse at yourself when you learn that you picked up something rare but didn't keep it. A lot of beautiful rocks and minerals like quartz are incredibly common too so you won't have a hard time finding them.

No. 1006116

Nta but I've tried products like that, I even had access to free menstrual cups through work. Thought I'd never have to buy shit again and I wanted to be less wasteful. But lots of women return to disposables because you're already uncomfortable during your period and you just want to use what works out easiest for you.

I'm a cheap ass and I'm still back buying products rather than taking advantage of my access to free alternatives. I have my gripes with all products, I don't love any of them but for whatever reason I am less miserable when using disposable products. Much as I know its not the ideal.

No. 1006117

You'll be able to find fossils wherever you live unless a glacier rekt your entire country a few thousand years ago. And even then, you can probably find some cool minerals.

No. 1006120

i'm american and never found a fossil in my whole life. probably because i don't live near cliffs/mountains/whatever.

No. 1006132

unless you're at a ridiculously fossiliferous site and the fossils are obvious things like shells then you're probably not going to find anything unless you're closely studying rocks. cliffs and mountains don't inherently have fossils, you just need to go to a place where there's exposed sedimentary rocks. streams and beaches can be good but you need to look at the area's geological history to know what to look for and where to look for it.

No. 1006148

There is already a sustainability thread, this thread should be for extreme consumerism not making people feel bad about wearing makeup and washing their hair more than once a week

No. 1006165

File: 1640582300305.png (483.05 KB, 790x669, consumerchad.png)

No. 1006181

File: 1640583243368.jpg (180.89 KB, 900x1200, E1sH1hEVEAIJaS8[1].jpg)

AYRT agreed, i'm not gonna shame someone for wearing makeup, it's hard to break a habit.

let's get back on track…
lootcrate chads will never understand.

No. 1006221

File: 1640586736115.png (346.29 KB, 702x394, gtr3ggggg.png)

>youtube ads uses a decade old meme to advertise some fugly chips to you
Nothing is left sacred

No. 1006251

>>1006034 we don't care. go clean your bedroom and change your bedsheets you assisted bourgeoise.

No. 1006334

The amount of snacks and processed food in these videos is ridiculous. There was only one lady who had her fridge full of fruit and veggies. I understand that the people in these videos probably just have kids, but I’d hate to think people that people aspire to this regardless.

Also good thread OP! I’m trying to be more aware of my consuming lately, especially after being a bit frivolous over the course of the pandemic. It’s good to see pictures and videos of what excessive consumption looks like so I can avoid falling into those patterns of behaviour.

No. 1006335

File: 1640603423198.jpeg (238.16 KB, 650x433, IMG_3501.jpeg)

Nonas, would you spare a minute to learn of our lord and savior low-waste laundry washing?

When I was a consoomer I would spend a lot of money buying softeners (which are bad for most clothing), stain removers, pods, detergents etc. Fragrances are a scam (it's okay to use it IMO but not in EVERY product) and these products have too many chemicals which are bad for the environment.

These days I use plain ol powder detergent and sunshine for now but currently researching more sustainable methods (soap nuts, magnesium, citric acid etc)

Also if you're hanging clothes to dry, using a flipping motion on the clothes repeatedly helps reduce wrinkles!

No. 1006341

Funko pops are crappy and i will judge anyone who owns more than 2.

No. 1006351

Due to my living conditions, I can't really get the chance to air my laundry in the sun, and while it doesn't smell bad it always has that dried indoors staleness. Is there anything I can do to make it better enlightened laundry nonnie?

No. 1006364

IMO it's okay to use a dryer if you don't live in a warm climate. The point is making an effort to reduce using a dryer if possible. But if it's raining or snowing, ventilation helps with air drying! I am experiencing a really bad monsoon season where I live, so I let a small table fan blow to circulate the air indoors. And I use a collapsible rack to dry my stuff since I can bring it anywhere plus space is limited in most homes.

From my experience, what reduces smells is making sure you don't let the laundry sit in the wash for too long when it ends, and also reduce using softeners/fragrant products. If the load isn't too dirty you can even alternate washes with only water as well; I had to do this as my consoomer former self ruined my fabrics with softener. Mainly the cause of smells is bacteria which can grow faster in the laundry if you don't air it out properly. Also sunlight exposure can help get rid of the mildew smell if you do have some sunny days out.

Also the YT video is how an extreme minimalist does his laundry. He's a bit extreme but he's got some good tips. All the best nonita!

No. 1006369

samefag, but sorry if I am derailing the thread since the previous post was more suited for the sustainability thread. So to make up for it, Cleantok really grinds my gears because of how wasteful they are. Enjoy this video nonitas!

No. 1006392

File: 1640612014797.jpg (17.7 KB, 418x234, what.jpg)

I really hate the new toys.
They're always "panda corn unicorn poop slime rainbow poop emoji xD" themed and I might sound old for that but when I was little I had a lot of variety with dolls, toys, action figures. Now they're just effortless and for the lolz.
Also, the poop funny thing is really gross. Really, really gross. I hate that.

No. 1006396

Are those weird scat bratz-esque toys still really popular? They always gave me the creeps

No. 1006404

It's funny you posted this just now because I just tried making washing detergent from ivy for the first time, the washing machine is spinning as I write this. I was also looking into more sustainable ways of washing my clothes (already hang-dry everything) but concluded that soap nuts aren't actually that sustainable when they're imported from the other side of the world (so it would depend on where you live)

Anyway if anyone's interested in continueing this subject we should take it to the sustainability thread lol

No. 1006411

>Also, the poop funny thing is really gross. Really, really gross. I hate that.
same. the current bestselling kids book in my country is literally titled "the poop sausage factory." i get wanting to teach kids about the body and its functions but they use the crassest term for pooping in the title and it feels so infantile and obscene.

No. 1006433

I think you can own some minimal makeup products and not be a consoomer. Is it sustanable? No. But that's where the difference between the sustainability thread and cosumerism thread lies. Very similar things but different approach. A consoomer is someone who buys a lot of makeup and never uses it and just hoards and hoards, I think a normal person who happens to have one cheapo maybelline pallette isn't a consoomer but the sustainability is compromised. I am also anti makeup but I feel like this approach of making others feel like slave owners to forcefully make them stop wearing it is not the ideal way, I have seen that video of the indian children suffering on bad working conditions so much on lolcow that now I wonder if the people who post it are actually getting off to some superiority complex for knowing they're better than others for not supporting an industry that has billions of dollars injected into it anyways.

No. 1006452

tbh I don't care about trans issues. I'm more concerned with them trying to bust unions.

No. 1006456

I like the artistry behind them, I also collect vinyl toys and like the art scene behind it

No. 1006458

File: 1640617864069.png (Spoiler Image,678.58 KB, 789x772, #periodtips.PNG)

wtf for some reason i used to be obsessed with instagram accounts like this when i was a preteen. all of the accounts had similar setups (the rows of pads/tampons in a shoebox or something) and would do "absorbency tests" and "period kits." i didn't know that it was still going on 10 years later.

No. 1006461

>girls only, boys blocked

No. 1006600

I'm so jealous. In my country second hand/thrift shop items are double to triple as expensive than buying anything retail.

No. 1006626

Thrifting is not 100% guilt free but I do a lot of thrifting too anon. I’ve also downsized a bit and only buy shit I need.

I’m not very hopeful about the future tho. For every one of us, there are many Zara shoppers and then the global companies that have already messed with everything.

No. 1006627

I hate Squishmallows, they're just plain ugly. I guess I could understand the appeal of original looking dolls like MH >>1005426

No. 1006633

What? How's that possible? Unless we're talking ~~vintage clothes~ here, but shit like old books and glassware can't be more expensive right?

No. 1006656

Anyone know how to gently remind a parent that they don't need to buy so much stuff? Amazon packages almost everyday and clothes she forgot existed galore. I helped her clean her closet out a bit and she parted with a Plastic storage bin full of shoes. I'm proud but we need more progress. I do understand how she developed this mentality though, growing up as a third worlder with not a lot of stuff then coming to the west and being able to make her own money and buy buy buy, it's a sad trap a lot.of people fall into

No. 1006659

I bought a squishmallow once because it was super soft like a pillow (and the squish is relaxing) but I didn't even know people collected them. It's so weird to me

No. 1006674

File: 1640630859533.jpg (131.18 KB, 768x1024, Rae-Dunn-Pottery-Collection-76…)

They seem to have become the Rae Dun pottery equivalent of younger women

No. 1006678

Did you seriously type all that just to point out that some anime merch is made of metal instead of plastic? I see this type of behaviour on reddit a lot. Is it autism, attention seeking, or idiots that don't understand broad generalizations like "animals merch is plastic crap"?

No. 1006680

They will also call stores a gorillion times to see if certain squismallows are in stock. When I worked retail I remember overhearing a woman’s college-age daughter shrieking on speaker phone because the mom was trying to find a purple cow for her and didn’t see it in our store.

No. 1006682

They’re saying that collectors get anime figures but dangerous sword replicas are also popular where they live, chill

No. 1006683

Not quite what you asked for but what do you like about the Twitch thot room aesthetic? Figure it out and then find a way to add elements you like to your space in your own way. Whether it's the colors or the cuteness or whatever, you can hand-pick quality items to fit the bill. Add things you already love to the mix to put your own twist on the look. You deserve better than a copy-and-paste bedroom full of cheap shit you'll regret buying later, nonny.

No. 1006684

Thats still not a point retard

No. 1006691

Found this absolute banger of a video last month, enjoy nonnies

No. 1006700

No. 1006705

You’re the one that sounds like a sperg for getting so angry about how long an anon took to make a post,

No. 1006708

File: 1640633733168.jpg (226.19 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I love pokemon but I hate pokemon collectors…
In general, I hate anything that has to do with blind boxes, gacha, loots and stuff. I like to know where my money goes and what I can get with it. The best serotonin rush is when you receive a gift from someone that knows you.

No. 1006725

Don't ask me, I don't know how they survived either, but as long as I remember these shops were always for upper middle class where every old used garbage is "rare" and "vintage". It's funny you mention books, because those are the worst. In the one who specializes on books, in the place I used to live, the cheapest book I could find was 9 Euros and the average there was 25-30 Euros. Glasware is simikar too.
I think they get their stuff from declutter services and donations and throw away things that don't bring much profit, so it's basically like buying from depop scalpers without having a chance at the source.
Thank god there's local second hand online shopping platforms where you can buy directly from the people.

No. 1006744

Anons posting about Pokemon cards reminds me of when I discovered how obsessed people were with sports cards. This guy claims his basketball card obsession ruined his life and a lot of the comments share similar stories. Obviously I knew people were interested in sports cards but I didn't know it could become such a big obsession to cause problems for so many people.

No. 1006755


now this is the quality content I came here to see

No. 1006774

File: 1640637438162.png (1.29 MB, 1000x697, i8k9el2.png)

I'm surprised no one has mentioned kpop collections yet. I have some friends who are really into kpop and their collections aren't as bad as pic related but still… pretty bad imo. Tons and tons of albums, posters, photo cards, light sticks, etc.

I used to be really into visual kei bands and I remember being really into a specific band and thinking "wow I can't wait until the day I own all of their albums" but fast forward 10 years later and I'm so fucking happy I don't own any of them. I have a small handful of merch that I bought when I saw them in person, but that's about it. I was a poor highschool student at the height of my obsession with specific bands/groups and in hindsight that was for the best. I remember my favorite band putting out SEVEN versions of a single. One with a music video, one without, which was pretty normal, but then the other 5 each featured a different live recording of a song from their recent concert. I also remember CDs being sold with a ticket to see your favorite member so other fans I followed would post about them buying 10 of the same CD just to get the ticket they wanted and then selling the extras.

My friends who are into kpop are in their 30s and still going crazy buying all of this shit and it's cringey to see. Yeah it's not harming anyone and it's your own hard earned money, but how can you live as an adult with your head up these teenage boys asses? It's pathetic. And people also want to call it a "hobby" kek yeah right. I don't know what's worse, a small apartment devoid of any character or one that's covered in kpop shit.

No. 1006788

File: 1640638546902.gif (2.15 MB, 498x278, pokemon-tcg-pokemon-cards.gif)

>I assure you, what your children watch, what YOU watch affects you, radically.
Based all seeing nutcase priest, gotta burn 'em all
Kpoop is peak consoom. I agree with you, the fact that they're in their 30s and are still thirsting over pop boys/girls bands is a bit sad. To me the scariest fans aren't the teen stalking groupies, but these adults who never grew out of it. Consumming massproduced and massmarketed music from little east-asia America is one miserable hobby

No. 1006792

This is terrifying.
300 copies for what??? The collectibles are 12 so whats the point? Reselling? This is equal to gambling.

No. 1006793

Lost my link

No. 1006795

This shit is so grim. Kpop is really the worst of all aspects- gambling/gacha, parasocial relationships, and mass marketed cheap bullshit merch and albums.

No. 1006813

I think they do that specifically to boost the number of sales

No. 1006818

And that's a problem because? Imagine ruin your life and paychecks to support some group in fear they will disband, that's kinda autovictimizazion….

No. 1006829

>And that's a problem because?

No. 1006838

What I meant was "Are sales really that much of a problem to the point you bust out your bank account?"

No. 1006844

oh lmao, that clears things up.

No. 1006859


>I discovered Vinted and Sellpy, it changed my world

I have been using Vinted since my uni days and I have NEVER looked back. Ever since Vinted I hated going into retail shops. Why would I spend £15 on a shitty polyester top when I can get something even better for a fraction of the price secondhand. In fact, a lot of users sell shit they've never even worn before. Because of Vinted, I have so many clothes that I would only dream of affording when bought new. I cringe when people tell me the new shit they bought and how much they paid for it

No. 1006870

Disney collectors are insane. I had a small collection of Disney merch that I sold off a while back (I have a relative with an employee discount who kept giving me things) and it was amazing how easy it was to find buyers for random crap.

Exactly. As a consumer I have no way of knowing if the things that I buy that are labeled as ethical/waste-free are just regular goods greenwashed. Buying only perfectly virtuous products or making everything yourself seems like a lot of effort that could be better spent advocating for systemic change.

Foraging and mushroom hunting are the superior outdoor collection hobbies nonas. Free, fun, good communities, and you get to eat what you find.

No. 1006906

I can't buy clothes online because most of the time it's way too big. I could probably find simple tshirts my size online but they're also easy to find for very cheap in physical stores so I already have what I need. I'm using Vinted to buy secondhand video games and books that aren't sold in stores anyway and are hard to find elsewhere, it's very convenient.

No. 1006917

Oh, nonita, I'm a Vinted user too! I recently dropped a size and I re-did my wardrobe with Vinted and I feel so much better than buying new clothes, since on Vinted stuff is cheaper and you can find many different things for your style!
I also buy books there, manga and old videogames, I like it so much since it's no home for scalpers lol
The only bad thing is that at least here where I am from, it's cheaper to buy from other countries than my own, since national UPS is more expensive and it's getting even more expensive…
I like it a lot, I also sold stuff.
Anyway, check the comment section. I bet she's saying this so he doesn't throw a manchild fit. Poor wife.

No. 1006940

No nonita. There is nothing but gneiss and granite with mica inclusions, the only interesting minerals around are the feldspath and lamprophyre eyes in the fine granite. I have a pile of white quartz blocks in my yard, there’s nothing else to be found here.

No. 1006945

These are way too realistic to be at all cute, yikes. Looks like you're wearing a taxidermied creature. Vibes of dennis's cat woman wife from iasip…

God this brings back awful memories. There was a girl in my elementary school who would wear cat ears every day and make cat sounds/talk like a cat. God knows why her parents let her do that…she was also just always doing weird shit to people like stealing their stuff, but she had "adhd" too so she never got in real trouble. Spoiled little shit disorder, more like. She also would sometimes wesr Stitch from lilio & stitch ears and act like him (basically the same but she would say eeashka manifreeshka or whatever tf stitch says instead of meow). Wish i remembered her last name to look her up, probably a cow now

Also stupid question but what is coser? Just short for consoomer or something to do with streamers?

No. 1006965

lol that sucks, those are bad minerals. from the map it looks like big chunks of africa & india are all metamorphic/igneous, as well as almost all of sweden/norway, but europe looks pretty marbled with all rock types. I guess you might have to travel pretty far if you're in a bad zone tho.

No. 1006969

I think coser is just another word for cosplayer?

No. 1006970

File: 1640648842644.jpg (109.74 KB, 1063x1500, 81jqL79IiLL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

this makes me so sad/mad because i used to own picrel, just to treat myself and i loved her. i was already over 20, so it was just some inner child thing of finally owning a really cool doll. my mom hated her so i sometimes positioned her in weird places just to piss her off, like in the cupboard or on her nightstand. i think i ended up giving the doll to my really young cousin because she expressed interest in it… thank god, because now i can't stand looking at her anymore because she has tranny flag colored hair.

No. 1006971

ooh. ty. confusing…i was reading it like "cozer" rather than "cosser".

No. 1006982

File: 1640649586920.jpg (37.85 KB, 675x455, images.jpeg-318.jpg)

iirc anon these are usually handmade, most times custom and it takes a lot of work, not counting the good quality material, i don't think the price is unfair.
Owning 10+ however is a bit crazy.

No. 1006987

>i own these and am feeling attacked.
transparent. price aside they're disgusting, tasteless & coomerbait

No. 1006989

no need to be so salty anon, i don't have the money for that kind of shit i just think its unfair to dunk on the craftsmanship.

No. 1006992


>Spoiled little shit disorder


No. 1006995

File: 1640649926011.jpg (3.76 MB, 4464x2511, 7qg8b2odvkg41.jpg)

These things are like crack to me. I got pretty good at them, but only because I sunk so much fucking money on them. Being depressed and lonely and having an $800/month scholarship was not a good combo for me. I realized after a while that I was only chasing for that short moment in time of watching the toy making it into the toy bin and pulling it out and the first 30 seconds with it, but even after coming to that realization, I couldn't stop. I started playing for the stupidest shit too. I got some weird fan thing where you would put those air freshener beads into it so it would make the area smell nice or some shit.

I did get some useful things though. I got a spoon once when I thought to myself how I needed to buy another spoon for my dorm, and went into a game center and won a spoon for $2 kek. Another time I won a fleece sumikko gurashi blanket that I continue to use to this day, but I easily sunk over $20 on it. Doesn't justify all the money I sunk into them, but damn. Every time I walked into the game center, I'd tell myself I'd just look for fun and then I'd end up playing something.

Whenever I'm around gachapons or ufo catchers I have to really fight with myself internally to walk away because I know exactly what I'm chasing for and I know it's not worth it but it's so fucking hard. I feel like I seriously have an addiction to them and it's pathetic. The only ones I should let myself play are the ones with those corn snacks because they're easy, only 10yen, and I get to eat the snacks. But even then I should just go out to the store down the block and buy myself a big pack for like 500 yen instead.

No. 1007000

File: 1640650025807.jpg (184.16 KB, 675x900, CAmkyJ4UkAAQYTW.jpeg.jpg)

So this thread has been mostly women consooming so fair, aside from Moidgaloo. Let's post some malebrained consooming: we can start with sneakerheads. Hoarding something that's already at an inflated price, just to seem cool or to get one over on other sneakerheads… when the materials they're made with mean they crumble into dust in 20 years or so. Not to mention how dirty they quickly look if worn out more than a couple times.

Funnily enough, for all moids make fun of women for buying too many shoes or w/e, the leather, metal & wood that high end women's shoes are made of lasts much longer. I've found pairs of heels from the 1950s at thrift stores that were perfectly fine, just needing a replaced insole and some leather polish. And leather boots can easily last a lifetime if well cared for.

No. 1007003

I'm fucking addicted to sanrio and evangelion. Anything I can get my hands on I snipe immediately like a ravenous hog. I can't stop it when I start. Now I just plot on things for months so I know I really want it. I still drop so much though. I spent a fucked amount when I started really collecting because I didn't use proxy's or hunt for long. I've spent hundreds on single gashapons and like I'll spend fucking anything for my melody and hangyodon specifically. It's the cope, nonnies. I love my pink padded cell with Eva units and angels. Best hovel.

No. 1007007


I fucking hate sneakers and their obsessions. They are ugly shoes, and they just get uglier each year.

No. 1007009

My little brother collects sneakers and between him and my dad's general hoarding, it drives me and my mom fucking crazy. Fuck sneaker heads, shit is stupid. I saw a video recently of a guy proposing, and just before he got down on one knee he kicked off his shoes to prevent creasing them. They're shoes for christ's sake!

No. 1007011


Men are such little bitches. I'll always be salty over getting made fun of because I wanted to get a taxi instead of walking through muddy fields in my nice brogues or high heels when men be out here kicking the shit out of someone for stepping on their shoe

No. 1007029

Does someone have that picture of the empty room with a mattress on the floor alongside a rack of maybe two dozen sneakers

No. 1007030

i have the same issue with my mom. she has SO much stuff. she has two wardrobes in the hallway, another one in her room, and two more (my old ones) in my old room. she also has three dressers in her room, as well as two shelves, plus three more shelves in my old room. everything is stuffed with shit, but she still has so much stuff lying around, in boxes and bags. she doesn't even know what's in her wardrobes most of the time, because she cycles through the same clothes every week, washes them, and wears them again. she also constantly orders stuff, then refuses to try them on because she thinks/fear they won't fit her. then the return window passes and she's stuck with clothes that don't fit or that don't flatter her. she's not dirty, it just gets hard to deep clean when so much shit is lying around. the stuff is everywhere, in the living room, the kitchen, my old bedroom, the bathroom… just the other day she said she had no idea what's in her cellar compartment and that if she lost everything there due to a flood or something, she wouldn't even know what's gone and what isn't. i always tell her to clean and throw stuff out and she admires me for being very quick with deciding whether i want to keep something or not. but she never does it. it's just too much work for her and she hates how much of a hassle it is to bring things to the garbage bins. every time i visit here, which is about 3 times a year at most, i feel like i wanna scream because it's so messy and stuffed. i wanna help her clean up the apartment, but it's like the place is a swamp and once i'm here, i got dragged into the swamp as well and i'm totally unproductive. i genuinely fear that she's going to become a full on hoarder and how horrible it's going to be when she dies one day and i'm left to deal with her belongings. i'm gonna end up just getting a giant dumpster and throw everything in there, i bet. ugh. sorry for blogging, i just have nowhere else to put this and it's really wearing me down to be in this place. i love my mom but i hate my old home so much because of her hoarding.

No. 1007042

Blog but I used to see a guy who admitted to regularly getting into fights with people at clubs who would step on his shoes/spill beer on them. I was like why the fuck are you wearing them to places where people are clumsy and spilling beer then?? It's dark nobody can see them! I accidentally put my foot on one of them when I climbed over him in the cinema and he groaned like I'd punched him in the balls lmao. He was extremely hot and nice to me otherwise I would have fully given up when he told me that

No. 1007043

i want to consume so many things, i want to modify my home and fill it with artsy shit but i'm poor as fuck bc i'm on extended maternity leave

is there a support group for people who spend all their time obsessing and dreaming of things they want to buy but aren't able?

No. 1007058

kek one time i was traveling home for the holidays, i was in the subway in nyc. Getting on with my big backpack & rolling suitcase, I accidentally stepped on this very large black man's very polished black leather loafers. He was like "TSK" very loudly and i apologized because that one I understand, polished black leather shoes are a very specific look.

Sneakers though? Who teh fuck care. I like them but they are meant to be athletic, worn til theyre beat and for running around and doing shit

No. 1007091

i can't deal with crystal hoarding, which has become a huge trend among women (again?). new age bullshit is not only retarded, pink rocks will not heal your twaumas or whatever, but it's also so stupidly hoardy and no one ever seems to have enough. why the fuck do you need bowls FULL of small crystals? don't you have to dig for these in rocks and shit? it seems so environmentally unfriendly to me, but i guess all the other stuff you can buy is made out of some part of the earth also.

No. 1007096


A friend of a friend literally ruined her marriage because she wouldn't stop buying BTS merch. Kpop consoomerism is so upsetting.

No. 1007101

A former gay scrote friend of mine is a hoarder and he got into kpop a few years ago. I haven't seen his room in years but I don't even want to imagine it now. I can almost appreciate organized shrines like this because he'd just buy crap and leave it in a pile on the floor. Unlike anime trends that die out, kpop is kind of the gift that keeps on giving and it won't go away. So the merch will just keep churning out for years to come. Mental illnesses converged into one.

No. 1007109

File: 1640658885015.jpg (525.71 KB, 937x528, 20160508_165339-1.jpg)

Nta but I've heard even foraging and mushroom collecting communities can even become toxic… Especially with people over collecting and intruding on other people's 'turfs' (even if it's fucking public property) I think this issue extends farther than consoomerism and has to do with human hoarding and collecting tendencies. We want to feel secure in the amount of resources we have so we keep an excess amount of things even if they aren't needed. Also being able to show off what we have, makes people feel more competitive to have a bigger or more impressive collection than someone else, instead of just appreciating the pieces they already have

No. 1007110

File: 1640658898139.gif (3.66 MB, 480x480, old-lady.gif)

Thanks to this thread I began watching hoarders again, one of my favourite shows.

No. 1007115

File: 1640659725201.png (215.71 KB, 1364x708, Capture d’écran 2021-12-28 à…)

crystals are mined under horrible conditions in the 3rd world but fr some reason the uwu "kindess love and light" types don't care about that


No. 1007123

I once met someone who had a giant Jonghyun poster in their room with his albums surrounding this big poster. People get attached and cry over dead celebs all the time but because it's kpop I can't help but feel so skeeved out about the obsession.

No. 1007177

I don't mind Safiya's videos one way or another but I can't believe how much shit she has. At least her home seems relatively well kept despite all the shit she owns, but she's always lived in a big home so it's easier to keep all of it out of sight.

No. 1007179

Rich YouTubers are ultimate consoomers because they buy shitloads of stuff just for content. And they have nothing else to do in life except buy new shit and more shit. Probably gets dumped into some storage unit or room of their big house to be discovered in half a decade in a “decuttering my house” video. Especially people hoarding makeup and skincare when that shit has a short shelf life and lord knows you’ll never use up 100 fucking eye palettes in 10 lifetimes

No. 1007184

Anyone here collect board games? My bf does and it takes up SO much space and looks awful, would love better storage ideas than just "ikea kallax"

No. 1007187

You just reminded me of this
Tw: degen unicorn poop

No. 1007192

If he insists on keeping them then you need something with opaque doors. Much easier to tolerate crap when you don’t have to look at it.

No. 1007207

When would you even find the time to read so many books? If you're reading a book a week, then you're reading 52 books a year. All of those books seem brand new, yet she has "decades" worth of books.
Personally, I really like normal-sized anime figures, as well as stuffed animals and dolls. I'm not a hoarder, but it hurts to think of them as trash.
Every sentence of this post is nightmarish. Horrifying and saddening. If I were her, I would just leave. No father is better than useless, bad role-model father.
Although I don't wear any make-up myself and don't encourage anyone to wear it; I don't agree with you. The responsibility should be on the State, not a responsible consumer (the average woman is NOT a make-up hoarder.)
This is so stupid. For most people in first-world countries a phone is a NEED. You need it to contact your employer (good luck getting hired without one), send emails, look things up, contact family members, etc. Do you consider all of this a luxury?
This is actually a really good idea, I might get into rock collecting now, it sounds like a fun time. Thank you, nonna!

No. 1007210

>Do you consider all of this a luxury?
Yes. No nobody needs a $1000 iphone. A $200 Android serves the same function.

No. 1007211

File: 1640673691196.png (827.4 KB, 879x536, hpconsoomer.png)

some people own the same book in a million editions because cover pretty, like this miserable fucking guy.

agreed. no shade if you own the latest iphone or whatever, but it should be considered a luxury.

No. 1007212

2-3 nendos a month is your idea of moderation then?

No. 1007213

I said a phone, not an iPhone. Besides, older models are cheaper and second-hand tech is a thing. I have a $200 android myself, my point was just that phones are a basic need for the average person who has work/friends/family.

No. 1007214

lmao anon learn to read

No. 1007218

nta but learn to read

No. 1007222

I agree with your point generally but i would like to note that this issue is far worse with iphones than androids. With iphones they literally stop letting you download most apps if you dont have a new enough phone, because apple controls the app store. While with android, you can always keep downloadong the apps even if your phone is so old it can barely run them. Apple has already gotten fined by the EU for this practice but they won't stop. The android app store is controlled by google too but youre at least allowed to install 3rd party appz downloaded elsewhere.

Some people especially in the usa act like if you cant afford or dont want a $1000 new iphone every two years you must be dirt poor. The most nouveau riche thing tbh…

As far as computers, windows keeps getting worse & more bloated every year to force people to buy new computers. Basically don't ever upgrade your windows version on an older computer because it will just not fucking work intentionally. If you have an older computer thats getting slow but you want to keep using it, try installing ubuntu, or kubuntu is an even lighter weight version that runs very smooth even on old ass comps, and supports almost all hardware. Microsoft locked out people from even installing ubuntu with some gay BIOS shit for a couple years but likewise got fined by the EU and its much easier again. ty eu

No. 1007227

I see, I didn't know that about iphones (have never owned one). Thanks!

No. 1007250

Really, two is all you need, maybe 3 at the absolute most. I bought two of my favourite characters just to keep on my desk, and then I suddenly realized that's really quite enough and it'll be a waste of money and space getting any more.

No. 1007254

TIL it's bourgeois to live in a dusty rancid pigsty. go 1%ers!

No. 1007266

I'm gonna get rid of a few video games soon I think. I have old games I played and want to replay but they're not masterpieces I'm obsessed with, and for some of them I actually bought them recently for cheap due to nostalgia. I've been selling books and games for a while from time to time and freeing space on my shelves is really satisfying. Did any of you get rid of shit and the regretted it?

kek, hopefully anon has a maid who dusts her place when she's not looking so she doesn't actually lives in a dirty bourgeois shithole.

No. 1007275

I only regret selling a cute shirt I had because it was comfy with some cute flower embroidery.

No. 1007276

I nate Harry Potter fans who own the book in multiple editions, all the Wands, figures, mugs and even wear the Houses' merch. Idk which fandom is the worst between Harry Potter and Disney

No. 1007279

I am usually anti consoom but I've been falling for blind box figures again because there are a few series from decent companies that aren't tokidoki or Funko, and with very cute designs too. They're such a scam and I hate that I fall for it because I have shit luck trying to get the ones I want. I try to resell or gift dupes at least and not go too crazy. Knowing there are people out there that try for full sets of each series upsets me. A bunch of little vinyl figs takes up more space than the occasional anime statue and in the end is just more shit to worry about. A proper way to display would be nice

No. 1007283

is wearing the merch really considered more cringe? i mean at least you’re using the thing. wands and figurines on the other hand have no point other than to look at them sometimes.

No. 1007299

Imo merch clothing is the least cringe way to express you being a fan of something. Sort of off tangent, but I never understand people that brand themselves with a logo or something from a series as a tattoo when they could just wear a t-shirt and not have a cringe bit of pop art on their body which is a classic. Don't mix artworks. Omg.

No. 1007301

File: 1640694134086.png (101.57 KB, 960x565, 1_u2Ol2A6Gnzv-fFf6T9skog.png)

i sold some games that i was still unsure about, since i haven't played them yet, and some other games that i loved, but either finished and wouldn't replay anytime soon (tox and tox 2, tales of berseria, tales of zestiria…) or that i haven't touched in a while because i completely lost interest (fire emblem three houses, pokemon sword, detroit: become human) and while i did feel weird about it/had fomo when selling them, i ended up very happy because i got a lot of money for my games. sometimes i DO think "maybe i should have kept fe3h" but then i ask myself, would you really play it? and the answer is no because i'm not into it anymore. same for my unread books. i only had a box full of books, but they were holding me back from everything. i kept thinking that i wanted to read (book) but i couldn't yet because i had (other unread book) in my shelf! i should read these first! when i sold them, i felt incredibly relieved and finally managed to get back into reading whatever i liked and whenever i felt like reading. giving away your possessions is scary because we are trained to be afraid of missing out and that our possessions are an extension of our personality/identity (see: rainbow capitalism). and, most of all, sunk cost fallacy is horrible, especially when you have no financial stability.

nayrt, but i think it comes down to moderation. i have one piece of wearable hp merch and that's it. i like things a normal amount. this girl from my undergrad studies who was constantly decked out in ravenclaw merch, who was incredibly obnoxious about it and who also didn't shower/wash her hair regularly? not so much. obviously you can have multiple pieces of merch. if having a shirt of your favorite tv-shows sparks joy, go for it. as long as you still have normal clothes for situations that demand normal clothes and you don't look like a walking talking advertisement for the mcu (as in, wearing merch pants, merch socks, merch shoes, merch shirt, merch hoodie, merch jacket, merch hat, merch tattoo, merch accessories all at the same time) or whatever shit you're into.

No. 1007303

File: 1640694927564.png (1.63 MB, 1283x837, lululemooner.png)

This thread reminded me of Lululemon collectors, which I only know about because my sister is really into the brand, although not to this insane degree kek. Apparently there's a relatively big, active subreddit and once she sent me this post of someone sharing their collection of 70+ of the same tank top in different colors. Picrel is a shitty collage I made of all the photos to spare you from clicking through the reddit post. According to one of the commenters, this cost over $5000…
I understand buying a few variations of the same item if you really love it, but this is just ridiculous, over-the-top consumption.

No. 1007308

This is insane. Lululemon is nice and sturdy but three sets are enough if you go to gym three times a week. Wash them once a week then you’re done.
Nobody cares what people wear at the gym kek

No. 1007311

>now i can't stand looking at her anymore because she has tranny flag colored hair.
this is more childish than having an entire room full of dolls. rent free indeed

No. 1007314

Yes, I totally get what you mean. I sold my game after playing them, I tried all of them just in case I'd change my mind. I regret even buying most of the ones I sold because I didn't enjoy them as much as I thought I would. They're mostly games with a giod reputation or one of the big Nintendo franchises, or they're older games I really wanted over a decade ago but couldn't get because my family was dirt poor. I'm going to do the same thing again, but this time for games I've already played and enjoyed. I'll be able to get a coupon to "buy" a few more recent games at my usual store so it's a win-win situation. I only regret selling a few manga, like Gintama and JJBA but I know I wouldn't have read them again.

No. 1007320

blue/pink/white is a color combo that has been ruined for a lot of people. it's like how dangerous animals have obnoxious colors to warn off predators. blue/pink has become a huge red flag (or blue/pink flag) at this point.

No. 1007321

The closest calcareous basin is two hours away and I don’t have a car. I guess I will just collect my white quartz bits and pray for a crystal.

No. 1007328

I agree, and if you have a laptop you can just go full out and buy a based brick boi

No. 1007335

File: 1640698956959.webm (3.59 MB, 480x600, video_twimg_com-NkoUSu852IOs1a…)

idk why but sneaker collecting seems like the gayest shit in the mainstream
The men who collect Funko-pops are clearly beta male bugmen but sneakerheads just seem Gay, its just feminine and gay for a man to care so much about shoes and to collect these things

No. 1007336

I regret clicking

No. 1007351

full story?

No. 1007372

Why would you post this abomination?

No. 1007403

Wtf lmao
You will never be a woman.

No. 1007404

Some jobs require WhatsApp and for WhatsApp to work on a computer you need a phone

No. 1007406

Haven't tried Lululemon but it looks super comfy and I love the colors. I think I would definitely have a lot of those tops if they feel right on me, but not more than 10. I'm someone who would wear them a lot lot though, and never replace them until they truly were worn out. I just like having comfy clothes and you never know when you will find a good thing that feels right on your body again. I'm very picky about clothes too.

No. 1007439

ah yes, let's buy plants from the other side of the globe and have them shipped to your place. so green.

No. 1007446

a cringy couple hoarding disney pins

No. 1007448

File: 1640712353805.png (58.58 KB, 750x593, bd1.png)

Holy fuck that video thumbnail is basically this

No. 1007452

That comparison is on point. Top kek anon.

No. 1007453

File: 1640712757027.webm (1.57 MB, 576x1024, 2134788-01c424262165bfad0100fd…)

imagine your life is so empty that you get emotional over a disney park reopening and call it your "home". i get that not everyone has a family or a healthy relationship with their family, but goddamn. at least join a commune or a weird cult instead of sucking some company's dick.

No. 1007458

Adult disney fans give me the creeps, it's so weird how you can be that attached to some shitty company and centering your life around it. Covid really made people regress huh

No. 1007466

Overcollecting is a pretty big issue in the community, yeah. I know in Vermont conservationists are emphatically telling people to stop foraging for ramps because they're starting to disappear. You can make it sustainable by foraging for invasive species like Burdock and stuff that comes from trees or bushes, though.
>Idk which fandom is the worst between Harry Potter and Disney
Disney wins hands-down. Disney superfans are INSANE

No. 1007467


Your mom seems a little worse off than mine, but that's because she had to downsize when we moved from a house to an apartment. Half of my wardrobe is just her old stuff, to this day. It's a bit convenient because with her I don't have to do much shopping for myself but it's concerning because I don't want her to get buried alive in her stuff.

No. 1007470

I sometimes watch Japanese stationery YouTube because it's relaxing, but the amount of shit they buy and just never use is insane. This lady in particular spends probably thousands a month on stationery/makeup/Sanrio stuff. This video is her going through and getting rid of stuff, she'll just buy more to replace it though.

No. 1007472


>Microsoft locked out people from even installing ubuntu with some gay BIOS shit for a couple years but likewise got fined by the EU and its much easier again.

Yeah I remember that. The whole switch from BiOS to UEFI that windows ten I think introduced.

>iphones they literally stop letting you download most apps if you dont have a new enough phone, because apple controls the app store

Yet another reason why I laugh at apple fags. All of my cousins have apple phones and I played some music (not on max) and they kept talking about how much louder my $200 android was than their $1000 iPhones. And one of them even said he only has a iPhone for the iMessage and facetime.

No. 1007477

Disney adults are truly the worst sort of people. They are usually comprised of people who can't cope with reality so they look towards fantasy and happy endings to escape. Or their life is so shitty they need produced, rehearsed, and manufactured happiness. Like Taylor Nicole Dean's mother.

No. 1007479

>At least join a commune or a weird cult
Kek those are not better options

No. 1007485

ayrt, if you're lucky, those communes/cults are off the grid nutjobs so at least they won't share their sperging on the internet and won't have access to amazon and the likes anymore. win/win for us at least.

No. 1007488

Stationary is one of my weak points and probably one of the only things I regularly buy and consoom. It's hard for me to not hoard stickers and inks but I have to remind myself that things are meant to be used. I have a specific drawer for all my washi tapes because I went ham when I first started collecting and filled it up halfway, but 5 years later its only grown a tiny bit and I have quite a bit of space left for new tapes. Ink and fountain pens are difficult for me because there's so many colors but thankfully my favorite stores sell small sample bottles of ink, which is honestly more than enough ink if I buy multiple colors. I'm not priced out of my favorite pen brands but I can't justify regularly buying $150 pens in different colors when I can barely juggle using the two I already own without ink sitting in them and clogging them up. If it's not pen brands, it's also pen types. I own two fountain pens, two refillable rollerballs, and a dip pen with some nibs. Currently I'm eyeing a dip pen that has a specific glass nib so I wouldn't have to buy a glass dip pen (a cheaper alternative to this store's other glass dip pen where only the nib is glass and not the entire body) but I'm holding off because I know it's just too many damn fancy pens for one perso nto own.

I'm also really into gift wrapping, but it isn't the wrapping paper that's the problem. I save the paper that's used as padding in packaging and have one big roll of recyclable brown paper that I use for wrapping, but it's the things I want to decorate the package that becomes dangerous. Different colored twine, stamps, wax seals, etc. I don't own any but I regularly look them up and think about buying them but it's not like I give gifts regularly enough to justify more than one roll of twine and using washi tape that I already have to add a little color.

I keep a journal so my tapes are regularly used, I switch between pens/ink colors with each entry so they're used, and I slowly go through my small stash of stickers, so at least things get used up, but it's hard to not add more to my collection. I can justify all I want about things getting used up, but besides the number of stickers on a single sheet, full bottles of inks and whole rolls of washi tapes honestly take forever to get through. I probably own like 6 full bottles of ink and I think I could just use these for the rest of my life and never have to buy another bottle. It isn't the bottle I want either, it's the color, so I could go crazy and buy 3 different shades of purple and still tell myself "but they're different shades!" Very dangerous.

No. 1007492

File: 1640715272552.webm (1.78 MB, 576x1024, 2175952-df9b5df01ad49ff73523f9…)

a grown ass man losing his mind because of care bears

No. 1007495

What's up with the fish face with dead eyes and open gaping mouth?

No. 1007497

File: 1640715511080.webm (4 MB, 576x1024, 2178974-2705284ebe9d4b3aa3d264…)

i don't understand the point of this video because i don't see any color change happen at all?? like at least show off what makes it special. (unless i'm blind kek)

No. 1007508

who wants to look an ugly scrote go :O, I literally covered the screen with my hand on his side to not look at that face.

No. 1007509

The white flakes (petals?) on the cup changed to multicolour when she had the drink in it, it's quite subtle.

No. 1007515

ohhh, gotcha. i expected the cup itself (not the flakes) to change colors and was just waiting for something to happen like a dumbass kek

No. 1007523

File: 1640717292265.webm (18.26 MB, 576x1024, scrapbooking(1).webm)

your posts reminded me of these insane scrapbooking tiktoks. i get the appeal of junk scrapbooking, where you use store receipts and other day to day waste for your scrapbooking, but this is just buying a ton of old fashioned/vintage looking shit from aliexpress. there is no personality, no emotional relation to the stuff she uses. i don't mean that you have to handcraft your own washi tape, but at least use your own old newspapers and stain them to make them look like vintage-y newspapers. it's just 'look at me gluing cheap chinese shit from aliexpress in a notebook.' the tap at the empty parts of the page, to invite you to write something there, is the ultimate middle finger. the journal is chunky as hell and you can't even lie it down flat to write on it, plus the space is so minimal, what could you even write?? i journal myself and sometimes i write ten pages at once to get my feelings out of my system. it's just superficial and useless, a poor attempt to convey some weird aesthetic. this person likely isn't artsy/talented enough to create her own art, so this is a cheap way out to come across as artsy and talented. also buying cheap shit from aliexpress in bulk scratches the itch to do impulse buys. i just hate everything about this.

No. 1007525

File: 1640717377421.jpg (416.85 KB, 1080x1790, Screenshot_20211228-124227_Ins…)

It's definitely my weakness too, and at least it's more useful than Funko Pops, but some people really hoard stationery. Picrel is a girl on Insta who has a whole bookshelf just for her memo pads, I'm not sure how she even knows what she has. She also has Ikea drawers full of washi tape and regularly makes $400+ sticker hauls. I love stationery, but this is really excessive and wasteful.

No. 1007527


She was full-time employed with a pretty good job but literally spent every. single. cent. of her salary on kpop junk, tickets, etc so the responsibility of providing for the household fell entirely on her ex husband. He finally put his foot down and made her choose their marriage or the kpop, she picked the kpop.

No. 1007532

I don't get why people ask tiktok for random shit. It's peak cucknsumerism just to ask for people to "make a pink lipgloss!" "make a pink page!!" "make a pink slime!!"
Just go and make your own pages, lipgloss or slime. With these requests, people only give rich people more money. Sad.

No. 1007538

I just moved into a new place and I have a lot of old consoomer shit, mostly anime figurines and the like, that I have trouble getting rid of. I don't really want to hang on to it and I don't have enough room anyway, but I'm really bad at throwing things away because I hate feeling wasteful and am sentimental about the past. Most of it is hard to sell on the secondhand market too. I'm gonna have to get over my aversion to throwing shit out soon though if I don't want to turn into a hoarder. Most of it is temporarily stored in my parent's attic right now and I've been loving only having what I need without any useless trinkets cluttering up my new place.
At least I haven't bought any new useless items in years. The only non-necessity things I still buy occasionally are thrifted clothes and art supplies that I actually use.

He's doing the soy face. His eyes are dead because he is dead inside. His mouth is gaping because he wants to convey excitement, and his autism combined with his insecurity means he only knows how to do this in a very cartoony, performative way.

No. 1007541

adults obsessed with disney need to be shot on sight

No. 1007544

>I'm really bad at throwing things away because I hate feeling wasteful
i think you should do it once and really experience the pain of having to throw away something that you paid a lot of money for, but that is absolutely useless/has no value for anyone but yourself. i did this with a chunk of my anime merch collection (i sold everything i could sell but some stuff was impossible to get rid of) and it really stings, but now i don't feel compelled to buy merch anymore because the pain is still so vivid.

also, in my country you can donate plushies with old clothes, so maybe there are weeb kids from poor families who are excited to find my bnha mochimochis at the second hand store. or maybe there's a homeless man wearing my uniqlo bakugou shirt now, kek

No. 1007549

sorry to reply to an old post but loungefly bags are a SCAM. They are literally overpriced bags that are not meant to be used and display only. I bought one a long time ago and it fell apart instantly and I was so sad because it was genuinely really cute. I fucking hate loungefly i want them to burn

No. 1007552

File: 1640719353525.png (36.55 KB, 600x687, 1603211724642.png)

No. 1007553

I hate overdecorated journal pages like this kek. I used to like the aesthetic but it's useless as a journal unless you have nothing to write about. There's no fun in opening these journals back up to read things back to yourself or look at old things that have some semblance of value (museum tickets, train tickets, restaurant or store receipts). It's just random useless sticker after random useless sticker. Journaling feels like something that should be very personal and emotional, so it feels really weird to see pages filled with emotionally void and meaningless pieces of garbage.

This is fucking awful.

No. 1007557

The tweezers made me laugh, like that's the cherry on top, she bought tweezers specifically for scrapbooking.

No. 1007559

File: 1640719749437.webm (3.16 MB, 720x1280, 2226718-8382ac49209cf86a54e74a…)

she looks like she calls herself crazy, quirky and weird in facebook posts.

No. 1007563

I really like the thought of doing this but it would be too inconvenient (in impactful ways) right now. I got a cell phone a little later than most people in my generation (I'm 24, bought my first smart phone at 21), and I was definitely more creatively productive and generally curious in life before I got one.

No. 1007565

File: 1640720148637.jpg (119.49 KB, 750x612, 01e809f709eb14dd5bdd5afdb688.j…)

No. 1007574

File: 1640721066228.png (458.38 KB, 725x359, alr.png)

This reminds me of Amberlynn Reid and her journal/planner hoard which she barely uses

No. 1007575

I love that she has multiple boxes full of other people's letters and photos of strangers. It's just so unaoplogetically fake. It's even reflected in the layout, 1/5 to write about your experiences, 4/5 random shit that looks nice.

No. 1007583

I hate cellphones. I don't pick up calls or answer texts from anyone anymore. I keep it in the bathroom and use it to browse lolcow or reddit while pooping, or I listen to music while out walking, and that's literally it.

You just… you can't do anything real on a phone. Can't type much conveniently, can't do any real art, can't multitask at all between schoolwork/job and watching stuff. My sister is a zoomer & just on her phone all day, never uses her computer, and has had a ton if trouble getting schoolwork done since that started.

I feel like having to redirect yourself from phone to computer to do work is such a barrier to getting anything done…much more than being able to alttab between work & chats/browsing as your adhd demands. And ive never even been on that real youtube/tiktok phonezomvie shit i just read imageboards.

No. 1007596

File: 1640722543169.jpg (103.63 KB, 960x480, https___hypebeast.com_image_20…)

Art collectors for me are just peak consoomerism/FOMO/mental illness on display. Just cause the shit they're buying is (really) expensive doesn't mean it's still not hoarding plus the doughiest/doucheiest guys I've ever had the displeasure of meeting are in these worlds. Hate how it's like a title or something to be proud of, like I've seen literal warehouses filled with artwork, fucking insane right?

No. 1007601

File: 1640722766258.jpg (142.64 KB, 1080x720, hell worl.jpg)

Like if anyone is into contemporary art, you'll know how much these art pieces would cost but if you're curious just check out artsy for KAWS/Murakami/Paul Insect and like it's just all dumped into a corner all this expensive shit because it's not about love for a lot of collectors I see but just to get hands on a piece before it sells out because you're basically Lenny Baxter from that one ppg episode

No. 1007606

Idk imo this collection looks good and very organized, this >>1007601 is just sad tho

No. 1007607

dude deserves to be shot on sight for the shirt alone

No. 1007611

Lol nonny it's the same guy @
jayawesum, and if you want cringe >>1007607 just check out his instagram bio or the one he made for his daughter to basically sell out his #awesumfamily (real hashtag he uses)

No. 1007618

I have used the word "dopester" to describe people like this for a while - people who only buy things because they're "hype" and have no actual personal taste or opinions. They just have this "everyone has to like this because it's hype and dope" thing, and they are incredibly averse to making any actual judgments of taste.

It's sad because they're actually very self conscious, and they do all this stuff because they have no confidence in their own taste or ability to make judgments. So they base their whole life around what other people say is hype. Basically all streetwear relies on there being a huge number of these idiot paypigs.

No. 1007629

I wish I could break out of the consoomer mindset. I started streaming and now I’m stuck in a downward spiral of constantly wanting to buy more peripherals and things to upgrade my setup. My setup is decent but I love testing out new products and that rush of seeing upgrades in action. At least I still have self-control, but the temptation to consoom is always there.

No. 1007632

File: 1640724630634.jpg (216.22 KB, 1024x683, http___hypebeast.com_image_201…)

that's really it, I see a lot of them (collectors) praising the most mundane artists because they have "hype" surrounding them despite the actual lack of interest in the artist themselves, they're still mindlessly buying shit they don't really need because they have to flex so hard to makeup for being so empty inside (picrel same guy btw, he's like one of THE kaws collectors rme)

No. 1007636

imagine a pipe bursts or something and that room got flooded. art just on the fucking floor, and in direct sunlight.

No. 1007642

Absolutely agree. Phones are way too small and uncomfortable to be convenient beyond small tasks while you're out and about, it's beyond me how zoomers (and some millennials I know) spend 24/7 on them. I don't mind tablets for basic reading and browsing but a desktop with multiple displays is essential if I want to actually do anything.

No. 1007643


This documentary is about how marketing teams stay on the cusp of what is "cool" and how it is marketed. It's from 2001 so outdated but I'm 30 years old so my childhood/teenhood was full of the products and celebrities shown.
It really helped me understand how fake Hollywood and consooooomerism are and gave me a better practical understanding of how it works.

Here's a synopsis but I really recommend watching the doc: https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/cool/etc/synopsis.html

No. 1007655

Can any anons give a rough estimate of how much money is represented here?

No. 1007658

this bums me out, I got into junk journaling as an anxiety distraction because writing about my feelings wasn’t working for me. I can see why it can be cringe and fake, I don’t record myself doing it. I imagine it got popular because of ASMR.

No. 1007660

found an article via reverse image search: https://www.fox35orlando.com/news/florida-man-tortured-by-fiances-cult-like-bath-body-works-christmas-candle-sale
apparently she bought 221 candles on candle day and each candle cost $10.25 instead of its usual price (seems like 23-27 dollars according to the website). so in total she spent 2,265.25 dollars on candles. yay!

No. 1007665

Work smarter not harder kek. I estimated like 117 candles present in the picture but the dollar value I came to ranged from $1,404 to $3,100 since they can go from $11ish on sale to $26ish full price depending. Wonder how long it would take her to get through all of those candles.

No. 1007670

your # of candle estimate was super close though, damn! either way it's really insane. even 1400 would be too much. i get too stingy for ikea candles sometimes and those are dirt cheap already.

No. 1007693

Thanks for linking this, it's interesting and disturbing and relevant to today as well.
Like this part of marketing to teenage girls:
>I AM a sexual object, but I'm proud of it

No. 1007743

Hard agree. It's just the same iterations of their mundane signature design, some that don't even look that good, but with a different color or some celebrity face plastered on it. It's literally overpriced Funko pops for clout chasing douchebros

No. 1007750

File: 1640731972927.jpg (254.9 KB, 1280x853, consoomer face.jpg)

they really don't, and what gets me is the lack of taste or cohesion with the rest of their house/hovel, like yes let me buy these bare min $200 figurine and get like 8 of them in one go, but just slap them all on some basic ass kallax shelf from ikea and rinse/repeat that till idk run out of space or buy a bigger place

No. 1007770

File: 1640733236418.jpg (61.29 KB, 828x581, soyjak.jpg)

JFC even the pictures are pulling soyboy faces.

No. 1007775

Why do consoomer moids make that face despite it being a meme now?

No. 1007816

True, though when I buy an iphone I use it for 4+ years before getting another one. Same with every other device, it has to become unusable for me to get a new one (or a requirement for my job, which is app developer lol)

No. 1007941

If you decide to keep them and are interested, baseball bat display cases fit them perfectly and you can avoid the cluttered shelf look that way.

No. 1008110

File: 1640767891615.png (448.64 KB, 700x393, 37a726e5632ba98c.png)

I just got myself my first Iphone this christmas to replace my 7 yo Samsung. I'm happy but ngl I kinda feel like shit for buying an apple phone, especially for what I'm doing with it. I have one friend who's strongly anti-apple and have that picrel "all people that buy iphones are sheeps" mentality, the shit I'm gonna get from her kek

No. 1008112

I don't think you're an Apple sheep if you've owned a samsung in the past 7 years. Why did you buy it tho if it doesn't really fit the way you use a phone (from the sounds of it)?

No. 1008118

The seller did his job right and sold it well to me + I've wanted to try getting an Iphone at least once. It wasn't an impulse buy or anything since I really needed a new phone, but I wish I had thought about which phone to buy better before going to the store.
I really like ecofriend.lia, dropping vidrel since there was some talk about book hoarding

No. 1008125

Years ago I owned a 3GS iPhone and it was the shittiest mobile phone experience I've ever had. Previously I had always owned premium SonyEricsson models and the iPhone was a major step down in many ways. The battery life was awful and it's ability to hold a signal was terrible. While it was great as a portable entertainment device, it failed in it's primary function. I was so happy when I went and bought another SonyEricsson.

I know that Apple have probably improved the shortcomings over the years but I think you might be disappointed that the gap between Apple and high end Android is extremely small.

No. 1008126

>I know that Apple have probably improved the shortcomings over the years
Nta but nah, the recent ones got rid of the fucking headphone jack of all things, also they're still incapable of playing webms.

No. 1008131

>Displaying keyboards like that is normal when you build them as a hobby (I'm assuming they're not prebuilt).
It's not really, keeping them in a case so they are safe and dont get dustry when not using is normal.
Her keyboards just look like normal entry level "customs" with either cheap aliexpress keycap sets and ebpt sets that are readily available.
The room just screams buying crap from aliexpress and making shit tiktok videos for other dullards buying shit from aliexpress.

No. 1008139

I will never forgive them for taking the way thumb print entirely and only use faceID now. No fucking thanks I will not be using my face ever.

No. 1008162

the iphone SE 2020 still uses the thumb print, i’ve had this phone for a year now and really like it. i don’t plan on getting a new iphone until this one literally stops working.
i agree though fuck face ID, that’s why i don’t plan on getting a newer iphone, unless they bring back touch ID

No. 1008164

File: 1640777003665.jpg (30.46 KB, 545x545, 1626726353350.jpg)

Honestly these types of people made me sad, these people just full of sadness and I wanna help them in someway
I wasn't ever a Disney obsssed adult but I was depressed and lonely and I filled my despair with fandom content that just only temporarily filled the void and I cared more about the "community" and relating more then anyone

we are basically lonely and were looking for some community, I guess when your awkward and don't fit in, Disney fantasy might seem appealing to many

No. 1008181

>they're still incapable of playing webms.
They have always been able to play webms in the VLC app.

I have an iPhone 12 mini and it doesn’t use face recognition, just the swipe/passcode input.

I get there’s a lot of shitting on Apple because it has a lot of consoomers in its fanbase. I grew up in an area with very limited internet access and didn’t have a computer until I was in college, so when I got an iphone I used the thing like a computer and I still do.

No. 1008184

wtf hes so hot

No. 1008185

Adult Disney fans are the worst and this video proves it. It's pretty ironic how it was supposed to defend Disney love but unawarely turned into a mini doc about how a major ass multi-billion company can brainwash you through predatory tactics and weaponized monetization of nostalgia and memories. It is a capitalistic cult. I love Mo Mo, her videos are always pleasing to watch, but I hate her and her friends' autistic obsession with Disney. At 12:02 she says:
>Ugh, cue all the comments about me being a Disney adult. Films and music are not the only thing in the world to get people emotional and stand in long lines (like sports, bands). Listen, it's not lost on me that the main demographic of Disney adults is female, but we're not gonna talk about that. You never hear about Marvel adults
What about Star Wars and Pokemon manchildren, who are also into a cult-following of a massive franchise that uses dystopian like schemes to make you consoom? Bitch, stop trying to rationalize your adult ass bawling her eyes out while talking about Mickey Mouse. I also love how despite her pseudo progressist rant about how "wimin media tastes are looked down upon", she mentions really liking Epcot while it's some x1000 cultural bastardization shitfest. Disney adults have Elon Musk fanboys level of delusion and retardation.

No. 1008189

… Is it consoomerism if i pick up free books in the landfill and bring them home?
… and there’s a whole room filled with them?

No. 1008193

I don't like Disney or rabid Disney fans but she's not wrong about women being criticized for their media tastes before men are. I've never heard people shit on Marvel consoomerism outside this website but I sure have heard it about Disney and Harry Potter in particular a lot. Same shit with people criticizing teen girls for whatever movie or boyband they're into at any given time but you hear no one about crazy male sports fans.

No. 1008196

it's not consoomerism if you don't spend money… it might be hoarding tho

No. 1008197

Soccer fans, cryptobros, otaku/weebs, fortnite/overwatch/CoD, furries, bronies are male dominated fandoms and are often dunked on. The Twilight and Justin Bieber hate train was unreal and disgusting tho. I'm not talking about Kpop because I think it's justified kek

No. 1008199

My sister is a Disney adult and has a spending and hoarding problem to boot. She does that monthly Mickey club thing on top of spending sprees on anything with mouse-ears on it. 90% of the junk in my house is her Disney garbage

No. 1008205

I like Apple because the Android OS looks disgusting and as a designer/developer with OCD I can't stand it. Also like I said I need Apple for my job.

Anyway if your last phone was 7 yo then you're not a consooomer and I wouldn't worry

No. 1008208

That's just bog standard garbage hoarding. Get help.

No. 1008217

File: 1640784176516.png (131.4 KB, 586x763, high iq moment.png)

Also samefag but I saw this from one of her friend on twitter the other day and I died

No. 1008220

idk what circles of the internet this youtuber runs in b ut i've very much heard about marvel adults and criticism of them

No. 1008223

Do you actually read them?

No. 1008234

File: 1640785372451.png (24.17 KB, 805x560, wwag9o4lckl21.png)

me too, i don't get it

No. 1008237

marvel fans are the worst. Disney shouldn't have bought it and let marvel rot in its own shit. aside from being a shitty company, its their fault why the comic market is so shitty, the "variant edition" is slowly creeping to manga too and now manga editors are doing variant covers and this leads to more consoom.
At least most weebs grow out of it, marvel fans stay manchildren forever.

No. 1008239

nonnas, as a counterpart to this thread, can we make/can someone link me to a minimalism/declutter thread? i can't seem to find a current one within /OT/. i've been on a decluttering journey for a while and i think it'd be cool to share tips, tricks and our own journeys with decluttering, anti-consumerism and trying to hoard less useless/dust-collecting shit.

No. 1008242

File: 1640786204399.jpg (47.05 KB, 828x629, FHN6ILUX0AYPS5D.jpg)

good idea nonnie!

No. 1008244

fuck that pic is creepy

No. 1008246

I'm interested too!

No. 1008269

File: 1640788960854.jpg (67.46 KB, 564x751, 1584160324986.jpg)

what I find interesting about coonsumer based identities/subcultures are the demographics of people they attract

>Disney(overall) seems to attract mostly women of various age ranges and ethnicities

>Star Wars attracts males 35+ and mostly white, the only males other then those seem to be ironic fans who watched the prequels and just mock the series over and the only substantial females are the Reylo shippers(who now have also branched into stanning Hayden Christensen)
>MCU is rare mixed bag which appeals to pretty much to various groups at once depending on the exact film/series
>Pokemon is also interesting, the anime seems to attract women overall with with the games however, the hardcore/professional Pokémon players will be male(likely autistic) and the casual players women and girls

No. 1008280

I think a lot of the people making the requests for this kind of stuff are kids/people who don't have disposable income and are living through the influencer


All you guys who have anime merch you want to get rid of need to make depops or something because I want to buy anime merch but not for full price. I had to get rid of my old "collection" and I wanna start a new one again, the little figurines I had made me happy when I looked at them.

No. 1008287

Yes, about 2 a day.

No. 1008304

I don't see a problem with rescuing books and reading them, just make sure it doesn't evolve into hoarding.

No. 1008308

I'd suggest looking on Mercari

No. 1008323

Cool pic

No. 1008324

This threads op says you can talk about tips to stop being a consoomer too

No. 1008381

Don't feel bad. They are good phones that come with long software support and will last you for a long time hardware wise as well.
I get hating on apple and they do do some questionable stuff (through it appears they are walking back on the hardware DRM stuff).

But for someone who isn't very techy and just wants something high quality that works, Iphones are an excellent choice.

No. 1008483

Elephant toothpaste videos and tiktoks make me fucking livid.
How the fuck can someone afford to ruin a house that much and the replace all of the furniture with no remorse at all

No. 1008503

>the "variant edition" is slowly creeping to manga too and now manga editors are doing variant covers and this leads to more consoom.
I really doubt this is directly related to American comics. This is a trend that also exists with kpop and jpop, and a shit ton of manga have bonus content like little cards/illustrations that are unique depending on which bookstore you go to, in order to make autistic fans buy the same book several times. Same shit with idol anime giving tickets to official events in random DVD and bluray sets, to make hardcore fans buy the same products several times. The thing with variant of covers for the exact same manga is the same shit, so it's really nothing new, in a way.

No. 1008540

>long term tech support
wrong and in fact the opposite of true. apple literally blocks you from downloading apps after -4 years kek. And you can't even replace your own battery or add more memory without paypigging for apple some more

I jnow you're just coping but you should know how wrong you are. My android phone can be opened at any time and I can replace the battery or add a bigger microSD card myseld without having to glue shit or fiddle with wires or risk breaking my warranty.

In fact I can even bring multiple batteries or microSD cards with me for long traveling or camping trips and swap them as needed.

Apple will literally charge $100 more for an iphone that has less than $10 worth of additional space. Applepigs are so fincucked it's a hideous joke. It's like buying a dodge charger at sticker price, if you were only allowed to get it serviced at a dealership. Expect worse cause those are only 2x the price of a normal car instead of 5x.

Sorry iphonefags i don't blame you for getting tricked in the first place but thiz cope is weak and sad

No. 1008550

What the fuck is this video and why doesn't this man get called out for it? Elephant toothpaste has potassium iodide in it, they put it all over the grass and in the drains through the toilets, this cunt is actively polluting for views. Him doing his Team Sea initiative doesn't give him the right to do that kind of stupid shit.

No. 1008557

File: 1640806797505.jpg (86.17 KB, 574x960, 4hDIG.jpg)

shaking and crying over my new iphone 13 rn

No. 1008570

ok consoomer

>I consoom and don't feel bad haha!! fuck you for trying to make me think about how my life affects the planet!!

heard it fuck off

No. 1008575

No idea why you read my post as "go fuck yourself" nonna, but sure

No. 1008584

isn't that the one without the headphone jack kek

No. 1008591

iphone defense brigade is so sad. are you really shilling for apple on an anonymous imageboard….. do you really feel that cut?


No. 1008597

Based. I recently got a used iPhone 7 (because fuck consoomerism) and I miss my Android. Apple was strategic with introducing iMessage and making communicating with people using other Apple devices easier. If people sent me pictures or group texts over iMessage I wouldn't get them. This is the primary reason I switched to an iPhone. Even the blue bubbles are so much nicer to look at than green bubbles.
I like the body of the iPhone compared to Androids, but that's about it.

No. 1008598

File: 1640807795550.webm (1.35 MB, 480x360, 1617185842302.webm)

I feel conflicted about his TeamSeas initiative. Although it's good that somebody is proactively taking the rubbish out of the sea, but,on the other hand, it doesn't really address the root of the issue- developing countries, like Bangladesh, have ample access to excessively-packaged, plastic goods, but little to no trash-collecting and dispoale services. Also, the idea that you can 'just recycle' the plastics in the ocean is insane because most manufacturing Asian countries don't want your trash. Taking trash out of the ocean, only to put it into landfill sites, which blows into rivers or sewers, then flows out into the sea again is a fool's errand, and basically does nothing to fix the problem

No. 1008609

My gateway to consoom is being prepper/food hoarding schizo. Never ending wishlist of “must haves” and “essentials”. I’ve been giving away food to family and local churches but still I have anxiety about not stocking the freezers and having full shelves. Which makes no fucking sense bc I wouldn’t hole up at my house when “shit goes down”.

No. 1008612

I remember someone talking about a kid who would always bring like 3 pairs of shoes to school because he 'didn't want them to get dirty' and this wasn't that uncommon behavior since the boys were so obsessed with Nike.

No. 1008614

I feel like Apple made a big mistake with airpods. Like I used to see so many people walking around with Apple headphones that came with iphones/ipods originally. Those were really good, much better than any 3rd party esrbuds I ever had. If they broke I would actually buy another because they were $40 which wasn't so bad, and they're definitely the most comfy earbuds I ever had.

And you do see a fair number of people with airpods now. But it's way less, and I think this is because airpods are expensive and yet so easy to lose, that people don't wear them out for fear of losing them a lot of the time. And they're so expensive that most people won't buy another pair if that happens.

Everyone having those original white Apple headphones was such free advertising. And people dancing with the white headphones cord swinging was the iconic Apple ad. Now it's just people kinda dancing, with tiny little airpods you can't even see. Imo Apple played themselves by trying to get people to shell out more for the airpods when they inevitably lose one. Also they're just fugly tbh.

No. 1008619

File: 1640808230276.jpeg (32.88 KB, 656x344, cropped-NINTCHDBPICT0006421306…)

Kek did you get brain damage from replacing your own battery or adding a bigger microSD card? Is it the reason why you keep reddit spacing and attacking everyone like a schizo?
Yeah, cleaning beaches is like putting a bandaid on a gaping wound. It doesn't fix the issue at all, TeamSeas is performative environmentalism imo

No. 1008621

Airpods also look stupid af

No. 1008623

File: 1640808307572.jpeg (177.38 KB, 1280x720, 7F752396-413D-4CEC-A6F3-C508EE…)

A lot of the consoomer fandoms women like are also heavily populated by gay men. I was really interested on Barbie for a while and I discovered there were actually more gay male Barbie (and general dolls) collectors on youtube than women.

No. 1008625

Mostly agree but actually, putting plastic in landfills is much better than having it in the ocean. A well-sited, well-built modern landfill doesn't drain into groundwater or go anywhere. Of course, third world landfills are frequently not well placed or maintained. But in general making sure plastic gets to the landfill is the best thing we can do, after recycling if possible.

No. 1008626

You can literally find lulu brand all over thrift shops especially in Canada where the brand is based. I knew a girl who had multiple lulu fits buy everything used.

No. 1008628

sorry you feel attacked consoomer

No. 1008637

wait it's only the 13 that doesn't have it? I thought it was the case for all newer iphones. I don't mind it because i use wireless earbuds, what pissed me off however was that the charger adapter was sold separately. It's been a long time since I bought a new phone so I don't know if it's the same for android nowadays.

No. 1008649

There's dedinitely brain damage for the factory worker who has to dissolve your iphone's glue with toxic solvents, then reglue it with toxic industrial glue, just to replace the battery. Kek

even applecucks admit they've had enough kek. no it's not the same for android, there are a ton of different companies making android phones with all different features so you can pick what you like. not one apple saying "here's what ypu get pig"

No. 1008665

File: 1640809871004.png (1.95 MB, 742x931, japanese people are the ultima…)

I fall into the anime consoomer category mainly not like figures though, I collect character goods obsessively (badges, acrylic stands, plushies type things).

Most I can say is that at least I'm not at this level.

No. 1008671

File: 1640810057863.png (2.45 MB, 937x935, bruh.PNG)

No. 1008688

Seeing such perfectly organized mental illnes makes me nervous. Why can't she just get one of each?!

No. 1008695

File: 1640810422518.png (1.54 MB, 1439x590, 1497397144364.png)

Might be my mental illness, but I think doubles can look nice in bags and create pleasing symmetry but pics like this just make me feel intimidated.

No. 1008697

File: 1640810442028.jpg (595.56 KB, 1024x1365, 3d8e69c16c9f404da097f93a510375…)

Most smartphone brands use lithium-ion batteries
Is it some kind of ita bag thing? When you collect doubles and shit?

No. 1008706

File: 1640810631674.png (1.13 MB, 584x891, meeks.PNG)

>Is it some kind of ita bag thing? When you collect doubles and shit?
Itabags are a similar concept, they're shrines in bag form, while stuff like this is just intense as fuck character shrines.

For itabags I generally notice guys into them are obsessed with making the biggest armor possible while girls like to create pleasing designs (at least when the hobby was at it's height, now it's just a bunch of boring dupe only bags)

No. 1008711

okay poorfag

No. 1008720

I remember really wanted to make one when I was still browsing /cgl/ years ago, but I didn't because I only love niche characters and finding merch in the west is difficult and annoying. I'm happy I grew out of it and didn't spend a shit ton of money on a bag that I would be too ashamed to bring with me to work/in public

No. 1008724

Recently took one of mine apart for extra merch, but I'm up to three currently. I guess the most I can say is that I do actually use them as everyday bags?

No. 1008740

well if you actually use them, it's good. That's my personal consoomerism problem, I buy stuff like clothes that I'm too embarrassed to wear in public because I'm a retard

No. 1008753

File: 1640811889447.jpg (47.65 KB, 512x384, de433797534674a78a697582736ff1…)

Looks like the Simpsons called this one

No. 1008766

File: 1640812211396.jpg (184.88 KB, 1200x700, Cleo-Smith-Terence-Darrell-Kel…)

Reminds me of Cleo Smith kidnapper being obsessed with collecting Bratz

No. 1008816

How the fuck don’t they go blind is what I want to know and lbr major cc debt

No. 1008866

kek i make six figures try again. i just don't give apple a thin dime.

and see here's the thing. for $1000, instead of a glued together iphone, i can buy an android for $50, and a vintage 50-year-old rolex for $950. and in 5 years, when the iphone 25 is out, your phone will be worth next to nothing, and my rolex will be worth at least the same if not more as when I bought it.

Thank you though for being big enough to admit the real reason you wanted an iphone, that is, ypu're afraid of "looking poor". But the thing is, in 5 years you'll look poor for having an iphone 13 instead of the latest model, but i'll be able to wear my vintage rolex forever and look rich even in dirty sweatpants. Consoomers kek

No. 1008867

>Buying a Rolex
Why? They're fucking ugly watches.

No. 1008870

Yes they all use the same batteries lmao that has nothing to do with the fact that iphone batteries are glued in, while android batteries are easily replaceable yourself. Reading comprehension zero

You're not gonna get brain damage from touching the outside of a battery, but ypu might from breathing industrial glue & solvent fumes if you try to chnage out an iphone battery yourself.

No. 1008871

File: 1640817289064.jpeg (26.8 KB, 236x236, D13287A0-D529-4A29-A056-64F044…)


I’m way behind on this but saw a few anons here discussing books -

For any of you wanting to buy used to save money/ be a bit more eco friendly/ less consoomer-ish I’ve been using WorldOfBooks (recently changed their name to Wob) for a few years now to get all my horror/ sci-fi reads (but they have basically every genre.)

They also ship for free in the UK.

No. 1008872

So I can look rich and impress old white men in business meetings kek. And if I dont want it anymore I can sell it for more than I got it for in a hot minute, possibly twice as much. The power of intelligent spending

No. 1008879

They're seen as status symbols, popular with middle class kardashian-watching types. Wealth is also relative, hence anon thinking a 950$ damaged rolex is a flex.

No. 1008880

File: 1640817664317.webm (4.56 MB, 576x1024, 2329141-3833335c9f25c28238470a…)

too much sperging, here's some rainbow capitalism in action.

No. 1008891

File: 1640818252184.webm (4.53 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik_6968881066979396870_li…)

No. 1008892

File: 1640818309680.webm (3.34 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik_7008205545878392070_ma…)

No. 1008893

>vintage means damaged
kek cope consoomer. your money's gone in apple's pocket, my stuff's worth what I paid

No. 1008895

And you will get brain damage from lithium ion battery even if you don't try fiddling with it, just it being damaged (which easily happens) can cause you issues. Huge Android runner companies pull out the same fucking disgusting shit as Apple, there is no "good" alternative, there is no "way better" alternative, they're all shit.

No. 1008896

kek o h god. The brand of notebooks are gonna dictate your wealth status? RIP to today's kids.

No. 1008899

Sure, poorfag

No. 1008902

File: 1640818944774.webm (13.07 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik_6910600459874995457_ju…)

>consooms cheap plastic shit like crazy
>eco-friendly shopping bag!!

also the fact that they have to pick the kawaii option at all cost so they even buy kawaii wet wipes just because a mascot character is on the packaging.

No. 1008905

>t. ivorian pauper

No. 1008914

File: 1640819607528.jpg (54.51 KB, 735x680, 79bd741ceda0215917b5009cad9808…)

Was Dior officially claimed by zoomers or something? I see so many of them on my twitter timeline posting about Dior glosses and lip oils

No. 1008927

iphonecucks got nothing to say but "i can afford to waste money so fuck you" huh. Mature & responsible. Keep consooming if you like but why are you in this thread

No. 1008933

so the answer is… buy a used phone and stop contributing to global waste… like everyone was fucking saying. or if you really don't like lithium batteries, buy a plug in desktop computer and no phone at all. this isn't a valid excuse to buy the most consoom phone of all because "it doesn't matter". black and white thinking

No. 1008934

Everything on this video looks tacky and it's too obvious that she bought all of the items on AliExpress. How can people who build their entire personality on AliExpress items not care over how shitty items look? Is it all about "it's uwu and pink"? Kek

No. 1008937

The real tard move is spending $950 on a watch that tells the exact same time as a $10 watch.

No. 1008938

Not the phone anon but please continue. Keep copping by blogposting about how "I-I'm totally not poor g-guyz, look I bought Rolex" in a consoomerism thread. Can we see your Rolex, sperg-chan?

No. 1008944

Those nails are so annoying. Normally long nails don't bother me but I guess when they're combined with all the consoomer crap in the video it just makes me mad.

No. 1008945

>Keep consooming if you like but why are you in this thread
This, hypocrisy as its finest. It's always the coonsomers talking mad shit about other consoomers, why am I not surprised?, they're always doing the most, pretentious as fuck.

No. 1008947

File: 1640820877555.gif (3.16 MB, 498x280, help1878620439.gif)

>>1008324I want to declutter and make my bedroom feel less confined.
I just can't bring myself to eliminate any of it. I create several piles of what needs to go, but then, I halt at the step where I have to actually throw the damn thing away. How do I overcome this psychological hurdle???
>massive amount of papers, pamphlets: i keep thinking there's valuable information and that I'll have time to look over each sheet.
>clothes: memories and, "i can fit into this if i lose 5-7 lbs"
>accumulated trinkets or "junk" from past 10 years: emotional attachment and, "ill need this for future use or new apartment"
>over 50,000 screenshots shared between my computer and phone: same as the paper issue.
This thread scares me.

No. 1008949

It's the finger movements + nails in my case.

No. 1008950

Ain't the sperg anon but why is every defense of apple shit just "muh poors"

No. 1008952

Kek, even her fake glue on nails are from Aliexpress/SheIn, saw them countless time
Stfu retard, stop chimping out like an autist and repeating the same pseudo insult over and over again

No. 1008955

Does hoarding digital content count?

No. 1008956

Because it makes holier than tho tards go full sperg

No. 1008957

But holier than thou tards aren't spending $1000 on a status symbol, so who is actually retarded?

No. 1008960

No. 1008964

iphone simps see their phones as a status symbol and paid for the brand instead of actually choosing a device based on which has the best specs or whatever.

No. 1008968

When you buy something vintage… that is a thing with actual value… it doesn't lose value over time. And it doesn't contribute to global waste because nothing new is being made. I paid $950, if I sell it I get at least that much back. That means I am not a consoomer… but rather a literal happy merchant kek.

As another anon said, $950 is hardly a flex, it's less than a brand new iphone…. which is the fucking point I was making… if someone says they have an iphone 13 do you not believe them?

You doubt i have a rolex because they are seen as a luxury item. Yet a vintage rolex is less than a new iphone… but makes you seem a lot wealthier. And will continue to do so forever… while a new iphone becomes obsolete in 2 years. Do you get it? Are you starting to get it? applecucks are so depressing kek.

I dont care if you buy an old iphone because you like them more. But buying the new model every 2 years is mcmansion level stupid.

No. 1008971

File: 1640821896507.png (14.25 KB, 280x320, 411650907@2x.png)

i can only give my personal opinion and i bet someone else can give a different angle, but let's hope it doesn't end up with a bunch of muh rolex sperging all over again. so: i think digital content depends. i hoard ebooks i guess, zlibrary is my friend, but i'm also trying to read all the books since i read a lot and use my ereader every day. it's my primary source of entertainment, since i barely watch movies or tv shows. i also think digital content is different because you can't really show it off, unless it's dumb stuff like gacha pulls or whatever, where people spent actual money on getting a specific limited edition anime girl in a bikini png and then flex that stuff on twitter. there's also a difference between hoarding and collecting or building a library. do you love old games and collect ROMs because you enjoy playing these games for realsies? cool. do you just download that stuff, but you never manage to play anything and instead simply hit that download button over and over again? hmmm, difficult. another factor to take into consideration is whether you pirate or spend actual money on your digital stuff. aka pirating your retro ROMs or buying a bunch of games on steam and having a backlog of 100++ games. i think this
>>over 50,000 screenshots shared between my computer and phone
from >>1008947 is also interesting. what kind of screenshots? conversations with friends from the good ol' msn era that would be completely lost otherwise? i would keep them if reading through them from time to time sparks joy. if it's just random screenshots of dumb shit - delete.

in the end, having a few external hard drives dedicated to something you love is totally fine in my opinion and much better/less suffocating than living in a room full of funkos or starbucks cups or whatever weird stuff people collect.

No. 1008973

Idk, sounds like you need professional help. Honestly, get yourself to throw at least the paper away, you know damn well you're not gonna read it.
Ellipsis overuse is a sign of mental illness, are you the "scrumptious" Tory-fit autist from the fashion thread?

No. 1008978

File: 1640822093715.jpeg (38.33 KB, 373x521, 46B0B8C1-38CD-410E-874C-5D0354…)

Preparing to move to a new life where I will have very little storage space or space in general. I moved back to my parents’ at the start of covid and most of my possessions went into boxes in their basement. Now I’m going through them after 2 years and getting rid of huge amounts of stuff. Anything semi-valuable gets sold on Marketplace, anything of less value gets donated. I’m also way whittling down on how much clothing I own. Nobody needs 15 pairs of shoes. I’ve made a good $500 so far and I now feel much less encumbered. The psychological effect of all that stuff is real, even if you’re not looking at it every day. And having less junk around in general will allow me to put more emotional focus on the things I have that I really love, like the rocks I’ve collected over the years. It can be hard to get started but once you build momentum it gets easier.

No. 1008979

Much, much less. It doesn't contribute to global waste (unless you're buying a bunch of hard drives to store it on or smth but even then it's much less than the physical stuff). It doesn't clutter up your house also. It's only an issue if you feel like you're spending too much money but that's a personal judgment, not really a moral one since the ecological impact is minimal either way.

No. 1008984

I don't think the specs of Apple products are bad, their phone and tablet CPUs are actually impressive. It's the attitude that the consumer is too stupid to make their own choices when it comes to upgrading and using peripherals.

No. 1008990

If it's free stuff and you're not wasting too much time on it it's not as bad. If you keep buying Steam games when you already have 50 you didn't play yet then I'd say it's almost as bad as irl.

No. 1008998

File: 1640822635844.jpg (100.11 KB, 700x477, 1424082518333.jpg)

Japanese flip phone supremacy

No. 1009001

I use an android phone from several years ago. Just thought you were being silly is all. Take your meds and stop seeking validation on lolcow.

No. 1009004

I didn't say the specs are bad, just that iphonefags don't actually take that important stuff into consideration when making a purchase. They just want the Apple brand so they won't look like a poor android user or whatever the fuck they brag about.

No. 1009015

will cop to that kek but I was very right about that. and you should believe me…I work in fashion and am quite well paid for my opinions. are you one of the weenies who thinks crappy crinkly dresses from etsy hacks look more like what a princess would wear than a sumptous wool robe? hint…princesses would be tories kek. explains why you have no taste anywhere. doubt me if you like & live your best mcmansion life…idc. i'm just out here designing products for major retailers. and i do it all made in america because responsibility is more important to me than money. i do still make a lot though kek

No. 1009027

Are you fucking kidding me? IT IS YOU. My queen. My American terminal autist. Your sperging must be praised. I actually bought that dress, the one I put in my post picrel and it looks good, it's 100% cotton so i don't understand why it looked like that on the pic be careful with your typing style though, it's borderline tripfagging

No. 1009058

100% cotton doesn't have much relation to the texture, weave, weight or overall quality of the fabric. Think of how thread count is what matters for cotton sheets - 72 threads is cheap, 300 is luxury, but it's all 100% cotton. I will type like a normal person though as I don't want to namefag. I just like to type my feelings as accurately as possible, and quickly while they are hot.

No. 1009068

screenshots are mainly; discussions online that I lurk, how-to articles, stuff that I find insightful and funny.

No. 1009079

Imagine buying an expensive watch to impress rich men who can’t even grow their own food and don’t own any usable land…when you can just learn to tell time by the position of the sun…you don’t realize how cucked you really are

No. 1009097

I love you queen

No. 1009102

They just think it's instathot bougee or whatever

No. 1009106

This is so fucking dumb and people really think it is a flex to carry these AliExpress shit

No. 1009111

This is so dumb, you learn the same shit at school with a 1 dollar notebook

No. 1009118

Video anon please post more I love these
Everyone else shut up

No. 1009164

File: 1640828521516.webm (2.37 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1640828299.webm)

just for you, my precious cow <3

No. 1009170

My cousin has a huge bag of makeup and makeup accessories like those stupid lip plumper sucker things and false eyelashes yet barely uses half of it, make-up in general is just so wasteful and most people who use it barely transform their look. It even makes less sense when girls have perfect skin and use thick foundation and concealer anyway? I swear to god it should just be reserved for women with skin issues

No. 1009174

File: 1640828789441.webm (5.81 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1640828420.webm)

somehow both the before and the after are trashy kek - also did she put that weird fuzzy rainbow thing on the floor? is it a rug?

No. 1009178

File: 1640829000787.webm (1.33 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1640828874.webm)

No. 1009181

File: 1640829208680.jpg (376.28 KB, 1280x960, 9405829067373.jpg)

Do you think it was more organic back then? I know posters were the thing.

No. 1009188

File: 1640829423831.webm (7.18 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1640828939.webm)

pet peeve but i hate when they speak like that, you just know their parents are sitting in the next room and they don't want mommy and daddy to hear their autism.

No. 1009190

Cant believe how childish this is…

No. 1009192

File: 1640829477961.webm (2.73 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1640828979.webm)

No. 1009193

Kek anon you just know they talk like that so their parents don't yell SHUT UP STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY

No. 1009195

How the fuck do people do this and not feel guilty? I bought a couple of cheap tops on shein a month ago and I have felt immense guilt ever since because they are pretty shit quality but I wear them as often as I can to justify giving them money. I don't understand why someone would spend 500 fucking dollars on clothes from that website, I think you'd probably die from the cheap glue smell that comes out of them

No. 1009196

I really don't get girls who have to get everything in kawaii colors with mascots

No. 1009198

This is all ugly, useless and tacky, probs full of chemicals too

No. 1009199

No. 1009200

File: 1640829725367.webm (7.73 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1640829069.webm)

last one for tonight, hope you enjoyed my dump, precious cows. before anyone asks, i seek these out on purpose to stop myself from making impulse purchases. retail therapy but also not really, kek

No. 1009208

File: 1640830146800.jpg (17.15 KB, 400x400, 9c6493d3c6f57b3a82ade8fdda993c…)

love you too, anon!

No. 1009237

Nitpick but i dont understand how people enjoy those artificial flavours, they give me a headache and i heard that the shrimp puff snack stinks. Some artificial flavours are ok (the most common/simple ones), but it seems to be a trend to shove every exotic flavour in a snack bag. The seafood ones are especially gross. Feels like those people only consume packaged stuff.

No. 1009241

it's all they can afford plus it fit's in with aesthetics zoomers go crazy for because subcultures are dead - specifically the waifcore/coquettecore/angelcore aesthethic where it's like thinspo/russian lit and models/lily rose depp/ballet/virgin suicides/lana del ray/cigarettes and coffee/being brunette/crosses things like that

No. 1009260

yes because you actually had to collect all of these things

No. 1009267

>Lukewarm soda
Why the fuck do people do this? If you're going to digest all that sugar at least make it drinkable

No. 1009269

kek how fat you gotta be to have a snack cart, idk it's just wild plus the fact that you know they specifically got those snacks cause they're "asian" not for the taste or anything like that

No. 1009271

Does anyone know a place that you can download mangas, they're some I bought irl but I don't want to be like those freaks you see on reddit with their 2000 mangas (and half of them are just first/special editions) and just rather have pdfs that I can read on my drive, thanks

No. 1009274

Dammit nonnie I ended up finding that fig you posted on amiami and now I'm going down a deep dive on Miku figs. I was resisting the consoom until now. I feel pathetic kek

No. 1009278

crazy how zoomers will buy this cheap ass chinese slave labor crap just because its pink or has some hello kitty sticker on it kek also sanrio is fucked for shilling hello kitty collabs recently on every fast fashion and cheap trendy brand online. This stuff is literal junk and gunk, i bet these same people lectured everyone not to use a straw and to believe climate change yet cant even live without mindless consumption because their brain thought some pink sparkly shit was cute

No. 1009281

Zoomers literally think the world is going to end in 20 years so they’re just buying everything in sight because that’s the meaning of life to them

No. 1009296

I realize a lot of this is Korean brand stuff, but I can't imagine the makeup even being that good? I always find that themed makeup and palettes are such bad quality, they just expect people to buy it for the franchise that it's themed after

No. 1009303

Zoomers have this godawful trend of hoarding snacks for some reason

No. 1009305

Yeah, I just don't get it. Who the fuck buys this many plushies? Useless garbo

No. 1009306

>hardcore/professional Pokémon players will be male(likely autistic) and the casual players women and girls

That's the rule with most Japanese game series though, casual fans are almost always women, hardcore gamer autist fans are always male

No. 1009322

Easy way to get vulvu cancer, I guess. Do ppl just forget that super cheap china shit is soaked in illegal chemicals?

No. 1009367

File: 1640844969638.png (608.5 KB, 600x640, Japanese Candies.png)

You can have a kawaii japanese candy jar without risk of binging etc as long as you stick to hard candy. I made my own candy mix in a big 1 gallon glass jar. This random pic has about half of the things I got. It's fun to go and buy a bunch of cute candy, so you get to do that, but it lasts forever. This was maybe 3 months ago and I have 1/3 of it left still, probably I eat like 2 or 3 a day which is only like 20 calories each or smth.

The great thing about hard candy is you literally can't binge. It would take like 3 hours to eat a whole bag, and it'll actually friction/abrade your mouth too much if you eat too many in a row, so ypu're punished and can't eat anything for a day kek.

Grandmas had it right, although I don't like peppermints. Werther's are ok. But I like the Japanese coffee, milk tea, strawberry milk, green tea, and black sugar ones a lot, and their flavors tend to be more subtle than western candies for the fruit ones. Like banana hard candy sounds bad but the J ones I got had a more subtle less chemical flavor than typical artificial banana and were quite good. At least different & interesting. Hard candy & tea is a very tasty combo also, the tea melts the candy a little faster so you get a little flavor burst.

No. 1009371

anybody know of any dupe brands? my favourite aunt loves this brand and uses the bags loyally, but i can never get her one because its out of my budget

No. 1009375

Both consumerism as well as mindless obsession over pop culture irk me, but man do those asmr videos of someone organising cute snacks in an equally cute and sanitary room satisfy me. Everything is just so cute and perfect and it sounds so nice, I'm really sensitive to asmr. So I love those videos too much, they're really my guilty pleasure.

No. 1009378

I always feel conflicted about people who collect dolls like this. I kind of look down on their lifestyle of hoarding plastic intended for children, but they are the reason I can get rid of my collection from when I was a child at a profit. I feel a bit evil selling my dolls but, there is a demand…

No. 1009382

It's so ironic they'd store popin cookin' there, since I'd imagine the purpose of such a cart is to have easy access to snacks whilst gaming or watching a show. Popin cookin is the polar opposite of easy and efficient

No. 1009386

>that cluttered switch
whyyyy do people do this? i feel like if you "decorate" your switch like this with a billion stickers and stuff it will just become sticky and gross and hairs will get stuck on the back. it's super hard to remove or clean. i used to do this with my nintendo ds back in the day and it became so sticky and annoying.

No. 1009387

I've seen a behind the scenes video of one of these. She records the video, then takes one bite or something and puts the rest in a simple, plastic tupperware bag for later. It's all for show, they know how unhealthy it is, lol. Otherwise, you can tell by their hands if they do end up eating the snacks.

No. 1009423

I found her when I went through a weird phase of watching these ~kawaii aesthetic~ tiktoks cause many things are cute but if you watch for a little while they get repetitive since all of these zoomers buy exactly the same shit from their ikea desk to those sakura coasters.her room is basically the typical gamer girl room similar to this one >>1005422 and she has even build some sort of thing in her backyard like a gamer gurl corner where she has even more junk.

like why get the same shit every other weeb has?they all buy merch from mainstream/currently popular anime.like bitch don't you watch anything besides sailor moon or demon slayer??I also hate how popular that darling in the franxx pink haired waifu is while she seems to be trash.

tbh these videos are a way for me to remind myself I dont actually wanna own all this garbage and it would be hell to clean.also these ridiculous snack carts UGH like bitch dont you have a fucking kitchen?not to mention many of them probably taste like shit.i got to try that refreshement that requires you to push that metal ball to drink it and it was probaly the most terrible refreshment I've ever had yet you see these all the time in these videos.

I would contribute a better video but I can't atm so here's one where she displays her pins and keychains on the wall.like…why(if you go to her tiktok you can see how much stuff she owns)

I hate the fact I got meme'd to buy kpop stuff to "support" the group I was stanning so that I have ended up having albums and merch(not many but still) that I don't want and dunno how to get rid of since I wasnt stanning a popular group like exo or something.at least it's a lesson it could be worse

No. 1009438

File: 1640854823854.jpg (147.78 KB, 640x496, ita bag.jpg)

Related to this, I can't stand ita bags. I can sometimes appreciate the ones that are organized nicely, but the ones that are 20 of the same rubber keychains is so pointless. I know it's supposed to look bad and be a quirky take on character obsession, but hundreds go into these garbage bags

No. 1009441

>tw: knife
Thank you nonna, I had no idea what these new proana who kept littering my feed with Brandy Melville haul, rosaries and "my year of rest and relaxation" shitposting were called, wtf is this? Is being ana a whole ass ~~ãesthetic~~ with zoomers?

No. 1009447

I hate it when people have no creativity with ita bags like your picrel. You could create actually interesting designs with your merch and add appropriate decorations but instead people just stick 100 pieces of the same pin on it and call it a day. Or they don't organize it at all and make it look like a mess.

No. 1009468

Did y’all forget that people do things just for show on the internet? This snack cart was likely put together just for the video. This is the Asian snack equivalent of influencers who put on an ott outfit, take some pics in their backyard, and immediately change back into sweats. I agree from a consoomerist standpoint that the sheer amount of snacks on the cart is wild but it’s not like that person is eating it all in one sitting.

Depop is apparently pretty good for destashing kpop albums even for unpopular groups. I don’t own any albums but one of my friends collects some boy group’s photo cards and offloads her extras on Depop.

No. 1009470

Thanks to this thread I feel bad for buying craft supplies from aliexpress aven if i use every single of them.

No. 1009472

You don't have to feel bad or victimize yourself either. Who cares about what a bunch of anons say

No. 1009473

You can go to the scanlation pages directly

No. 1009474

Why not just buy American candy? Or Mexican candy.

No. 1009477

File: 1640859846657.jpg (321.58 KB, 1500x1500, 81KnO7lOmeS._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

Me too, and I agree with the nonnies saying it looks impersonal for journaling. I always come across things like picrel, where I recognize each one of the stickers and papers used. The quest for aesthetically pleasing content leads to a "samification" of things that are supposed to be and look personal. It's the same thing when it comes to physical appearance with the rise of cosmetic procedure + cheap clothes allowing everyone and anyone to jump into trend bandwagons

No. 1009480

"The ED cart"
Imagine the number of calories this cart contains

Well my place is kinda cluttered. I like it and find it comfy like a nest, but it's a bit chaotic. Idk, I dislike minimalism anyway. It's artificial.
I'm more concerned about the slave labor in chinese factories… but craft supplies that you buy in local stores are most likely made in China anyway.

Just go on bin sprees. Do it specifically when you're irrated about too much clutter. Throw junk in the bin, and put stuff you can sell or donate in bags, that you put away near your entrance door. This way you won't forget them in a corner. I personally enjoy donating clothes to the same second hand stores where I go thrifting. It's quick compared to selling stuff individually on vinted for instance. Except if you're in financial stress, I don't think it's worth the hassle for items you sell less than 15-20 bucks.
Bin sprees feel liberating and cathartic. It's my favourite part of moving out : it's very satisfying to see bags of stuff disappear.

No. 1009484

>minimalism is artificial
wut, how? I'm not a minimalist myself but I fail to see how owning lots of things you've been tricked into by marketing to want to have is less artificial than minimalism?

No. 1009493

File: 1640861944435.jpeg (87.63 KB, 684x684, 6076B8C2-407B-4B32-B4E2-4312E2…)


No. 1009494

Nta but there are minimalist brands too and people love consuming those
Also getting rid of everything as an extreme is just dumb, just use what you already have and don't buy new shit for the sake of being minimalistic

No. 1009496

didn't really call it, fashion doll collectors were around at least since 80's, maybe even 70's and it's expected for gay men to be into it cause they are obsessed with performed hyperfemininity for some bizzare reason. Sure you would find plenty of them in photos of 90's conventions.

No. 1009497

Capitalism is a cult.

No. 1009501

File: 1640862613805.jpg (16.43 KB, 450x450, downloadfile-1.jpg)

I really don't understand these things and why people buy them… I have even seen parties themed around them (pop it cake, pop it piñata, pop it decor, etc) like I just don't get it. They aren't that satisfying to the touch anyway, te pop mechanism is too soft and feels icky idk. But yeah they're everywhere, they're the new fidget spinner slime squishy etc trend, they will end in a landfill soon

No. 1009502

So is communism and socialism but we're not going to argue about dumb politics in this thread

No. 1009504

i got to play with one smilar to the pic and i gotta admit i found it enjoyable but not worth to pay 10 euros for(that's what i was told it cost) let alone having many of these

No. 1009505

The fakes are everywhere and they cost less than 2 bucks where I live

No. 1009512

Ah I guess people itt meant minimalism aesthetically then? I was thinking of minimalism as a lifestyle; own no more than you (think you) need.

No. 1009513

Do these pop 'permanently' or are they like, reusable?

No. 1009515

yea unless the material gets torn you can use it forever

No. 1009523

The thing I really hate about these things is that the pop sensation isn’t on both sides. One side when you push them are completely silent and feel weird to “pop.” The other side makes a nice sound and a significant snap when you pop them, but the fact I have to favor one side over the other and I have to load in my pops like I’m reloading ammo bothers me. I feel like it just defeats the purpose. I just assume one side is silent so others around you don’t go nuts.

On top of that people that collect these like >>1005427 make no sense to me because they’re all the same. I cannot imagine purchasing more than one shitty waste of silicone because all the pops are the same. Ok the designs different but they’re all ass ugly anyways. There is no real appeal. Immensely retarded. My half baked conspiracy is that bubblewrap popping is not even that enjoyable, and people were duped into thinking so through intense hype just so years later others could profit from selling trillions of molded silicone trash.

No. 1009532

Idk, I think that what I consider unnatural isn't minimalism in itself but its meaning for (some) people, this lifeless aesthetic, and its relation to abundance. I completely agree with the Marie Kondo method to get rid of excess clothes, dishes, accessories etc. However, keeping doubles of tools, materials, outdorr stuff, etc. "just in need" is not necessarily a bad thing. The strive to dispose of what you don't use at the moment means that you will be able to buy it again if you need it in the distant future. Minimalism is a first world thing not only because people have the means to buy too much stuff, but also because you can buy stuff you need at any moment. This is why old people have a tendency to keep stuff : they experienced life before abundance.
I agree that you should buy new stuff as little as needed, and sometimes get rid of useless stuff. What i hate is people using minimalism as an excuse to buy new stuff and reselling it, or think that minimalism is an aesthetic. I think I hate this fake, bland, lifeless, 3d render kind of aesthetic that people lump with minimalism.

No. 1009545

these always rubbed me the wrong way mostly because what do you do when you lose interest in this? what if you stop liking this anime/VN/game in particular, or liking weeb shit at all? (it can happen). do you just throw it all away, do you sell it? it sounds like a pain to deal with either way, bc you're either stuck throwing away money and polluting with useless plastic or you're stuck with the hassle of having to find a buyer and ship them off. i'm kinda glad i stopped consooming so much in my early 20's when i became aware of how fast i shifted fandoms/hobbies/interests and how dreadful it is to have your house filled with plastic, fandom-related crap you don't care about anymore

No. 1009550


she has way too much plastic anime bullshit but the kuromi stuff is cute. Watching these videos is getting kinda addicting for me. It's strangely soothing to see organized hoards

No. 1009560

I had a merch phase when I was a teen and thankfully I didn't have that much money and it was still a bit of a pain to give it all away when I outgrew it. Luckily my younger relatives liked the stuff since I took care of it and they're still relevant today. If it was Pixie level hoard (which I could see myself get into if I could afford it back then) idk what I would do honestly.

Rilakkuma is still my guilty pleasure though these days I would only buy something practical, like a pencil or pillow. I had a Japanese classmate borrow my pencil case for a test and he was so happy to use my Rilakkuma stationery kek

No. 1009599

>what if you stop liking this anime/VN/game in particular, or liking weeb shit at all? (it can happen).
People sell them or give them away to their friends… But then, though luck if the anime or VN the merch is from isn't the flavor of the month anymore
Not the anons you're replying to but I agree 100%. I love Mary Kondo very much and her phylosophy has helped me get rid of things that no longer bring joy. But no way I would just get rid of everything like some minimalist people do. I hate how much people in the show hoard though.
Honestly, I might be in a minority here, but China has plenty of good quality art supplies. Not the kawaiified pens or erasers, I'm talking about copic-like markers or oil pastel bars. Hell even the stickers are cute and can be used for crafts. Don't forget either that they sell a lot of fabric supplies. So yeah don't feel too guilty about them.

No. 1009604

I have merch from fandoms I don't really care anymore but I don't know, they're just nice reminders of the good memories I had and maybe someday I'll get back to them and rekindle the love. But then again I don't buy consoomer levels of merchshit but a moderate amount, but the people I know who spend big bucks on merch usually just sell it or give them away. If it's official merch it's way too expensive to just throw in the garbage, after paying 15 bucks for a keychain you usually want to get some of your money back. Don't know what the situation is with pirated Aliexpress crap you paid 2 bucks for.

No. 1009646

Try looking in the kids sections of stores. Sometimes you can find Disney themed bags that look similar for much cheaper.

No. 1009647

I love kuromi but the people who collect a lot of Sanrio shit feel cringe, unbalanced and mentally ill to me. They want to compensate their lack of personality with "uwu kawaiiiii" Sanrio shit

No. 1009654

I bought three of these because they were limited edition and when I arrived at the store when it just opened there were already people digging through the bins. I didn't know it was such a big deal. They must store them in vacuum sealed bags otherwise that would be nuts.

No. 1009657

i love kuromi but she has become such a bpdette red flag nowadays. sad!

No. 1009662

File: 1640875745275.webm (1.61 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1640874793.webm)

i'm back from consoomertok, kids

No. 1009665

File: 1640875783000.webm (2.65 MB, 540x960, ssstiktok_1640874347.webm)

No. 1009667

File: 1640875814062.png (1.26 MB, 1536x1024, R.png)

A warning to those who want to go from consoomer to a more minimalist, decluttered home. Beware of the binge and purge cycle. There is a reason why Kondo and minimalism is being promoted. Many people throw things up just to fill their spaces with new stuff.
The solution is to work on your mentality (so you don't immediately go out to buy more) and declutter carefully (so you don't actually need to go out and buy more). Perhaps put things away in a box for a while and see if you might need them later or it's time to get rid.

No. 1009671

File: 1640875885624.webm (8.56 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1640874298.webm)

No. 1009676

>Perhaps put things away in a box for a while and see if you might need them later or it's time to get rid.
i did this with my nintendo ds games. i kept them in a box out of sight for a few weeks until i found them again and decided to sell all of them. i went through a reselling company, because i can't stand dealing with people on facebook marketplace or whatever, and made like 500 euros with all my games (pokemon, professor layton, newer ace attorney games, fire emblem games…) and bought an electronic device with the money that i use every day and love to bits. the experience also made me realize that i'm not a 'gamer' (anymore) - i actually enjoy watching non commentary let's plays for story driven games! i'd never watch anyone play the sims or animal crossing, but it's wayyy more enjoyable to watch someone else play professor layton because it's easier to just enjoy the story and the characters.

No. 1009677

Thank you you're the best!!

No. 1009679

File: 1640876302732.webm (5.2 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1640874621.webm)

No. 1009682

File: 1640876435407.webm (3.46 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1640874415.webm)

glad you like it! <3

also i think by now we get the whole kawaiisoomer aesthetic so i'm gonna try and branch out more but lmk if you don't mind seeing more kuh-why shit in the future.

No. 1009685

File: 1640876572871.webm (18.15 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1640875200.webm)

No. 1009689

File: 1640876695783.webm (2.68 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1640875318.webm)

No. 1009690

File: 1640876855008.webm (13.19 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1640875530.webm)

No. 1009692

File: 1640876930165.webm (6.68 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik_7026782510931791151_ra…)

No. 1009699

File: 1640877106631.webm (1.83 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1640875621.webm)

not as insane as >>1007660 but if my calculations are correct, that's 113 dollars in candles

No. 1009706

File: 1640877468414.jpeg (46.24 KB, 508x561, FErT4d5XsAUpANy.jpeg)

God anons why did I buy so. fucking. much. manga to fulfill my inner child's desires.
I've been cleaning and taking pictures/writing descriptions/searching secondhand prices all day long for the past two days and I'm exhausted lol there's only 30% remaining so must… keep… strong…
I asked my ex boyfriend to announce my lil shopee store on facebook groups and so far I've made 120 bucks. It's a mix of emotions: relief that I'm letting this past obsession go, happiness that someone got a good deal on a manga they've been searching for, disgust at myself for consooming… but it's a nice way to end the year and this chapter of my life.
I'm not selling all of them because some are dear to me, like the first manga series that I bought with my own money, some volumes that my grandpapa gave to me when I was 12, that kinda of stuff.
I began collecting when I was 12, but stopped when I was 14 and pickes it up again when I was 19. So a lot of the manga that I'm selling is stuff that I bought just to say that I have it, things that I couldn't buy when I was younger.
Gonna use the money to buy new clothes and makeup now that I'm a working gal and need to make connections for new internships at my college. No more cartoon shirts and jeans for this recovered weeb.

No. 1009710

I hate sneakerheads with a passion, their taste in fashion is also shit to lmao

No. 1009721

Ok this one's actually worth it.

No. 1009732

if you don't buy any candles the rest of the year, but we both know that candle women constantly go and buy new shit.

No. 1009736

where did you sold them? there's like 2 big shop where I can but i'm unsure (assuming we might be from the same euro country kek)

No. 1009739


Yeah, let a cute character wear black and have a bit of edge and the crazies flock to it. me included

No. 1009750

Adding to this, after you have decluttered it's important to also change what you're looking at online/irl. If you were a consoomer you likely kept browsing sites that encouraged consoomerism, as well as shopping sites and "just looking" in irl shops. It's time to stop and find other ways to spend your time.

>candle women
kek I like how you talk about them like they're a certain species.

No. 1009752

germany? i used both rebuy and momox. download the app and scan every item in each app, then add it to the cart of the reseller that pays you more. some games would bring me 5 euros in one app but 30 euros in the other app. maximize those profits, nonna.

No. 1009753

File: 1640880129475.jpg (1.98 MB, 1715x2087, 1640819362514.jpg)

I get being a fan of a character, but why do they always have hundreds of the same badge? I always see people post stuff like this on some character's birthday, it makes you wonder what they do with it afterwards

No. 1009757

I think some of them are part of a gacha where you buy in bulk and can get several of the same copie

No. 1009761

File: 1640880379805.png (73.71 KB, 1250x604, 66699d52a1f33237eab2e85b57dc03…)

very true! i recommend https://freedom.to/downloads. especially pause. plug in all the online stores you use, then set a timer, so every time you mindlessly open amazon or aliexpress or w/e the app forces you to wait for a set amount of time (like 10 seconds, but you can choose more) so you can take a deep breath and decide whether you REALLY want to shop or if you'd rather do something else. when i first got it, it was scary how often i clicked on online stores just to scroll/window shop and waste time looking at things. even if i don't buy anything, it still creates an artificial craving for unnecessary things.

No. 1009762

idk what's worse, the idea that the weeb is the home owner and chose to decorate to show off her mental illnesses or if this is someone's mom's house and the weeb doesn't have enough shame to contain her mental illnesses in her own room only

No. 1009777

i think this is a birthday party for the character and (i hope) they don't have their collection on display 24/7. also very often japanese weebs band together and rent hotel rooms for their oshi's birthday, and when they do that, they also pool their merch together. still autistic when one adult has one hundred can badges of the same character, but it explains why you see entire walls decorated with what seems to be 400 of the same can badge.

No. 1009813

shein/fashion nova type stuff bought by girls on their smartphones makes me sadder than anything. those same kids do all the avatar overlays and activism hashtags too, it's just literally sad. it makes me feel like crying.

No. 1009825

>Perhaps put things away in a box for a while and see if you might need them later or it's time to get rid.
Wish I did that before donating a bunch of shit

No. 1009836

No. 1009864

Yeah, same. I'm speaking from experience. I used to do the binge and purge thing before with clothes especially. Detoxing from fast fashion trends helped a lot.

No. 1009876

nona, i say this same thing everyday. same people who attending those dumbass climate protests are the people buying crap fashion brands / fast fashion. then it just fills up at the thrift stores because of how cheap and trend specific it is.

No. 1009888

samefag but i never knew that the recent surge in people liking sanrio was due to tiktok so i was confused when it first started. gatekeeper shit, but i have been a sanrio/hello kitty lover since i was a kid and loved knowing all the characters etc and now its some aesthetic shit thing which is annoying. like those band tees when people say "u dont even know that band, name their songs!!" but with sanrio stuff because people clearly hop on trends nowadays (when i say people i mean people/kids who use tiktok and instragram obsessively)

No. 1009908

File: 1640884702775.png (2.04 MB, 992x1500, consooming.png)

imo these are collection tendencies that can easily become unhealthy (i.e. hoarding) if you're constantly on the hunt for new stuff and have trouble throwing things out, but it's different if you're collecting things to use, appreciate, and/or learn from vs. to own or show off. There's some grey area (e.g. Disney fans who curate pins and can sperg out about a given pin's origins but show them off for clout and swarm new releases) but I think there are distinct differences between collectors, hoarders, and consoomers:
>collect things because they have some sort of intrinsic or personal value, e.g. mementos from life events, good craftsmanship, (non-artificial) scarcity
>ruthlessly curates collection; only collects items that are of value
>expanding collection only happens when items of value can be collected rather than because of hype or a new release
>collector can speak at length as to why they own each item in their collection and has a broader understanding of the hobby
>collects items because the process of finding them is satisfying rather than for appreciation of the hobby or to show them off to others
>collects things when they can, regardless of their value, and constructs excuses for owning each item post-facto
>don't necessarily use, appreciate, or even think about items in their collection
>doesn't necessarily put effort into maintaining the quality of their items
>extremely resistant to getting rid of items they don't need
>collects things for social capital within a given interest area or subculture
>interest area/subculture is usually pop culture-related and often kid-oriented
>collection process is structured around hype, artificial scarcity, and/or new releases rather than the inherent value of an item
>having a big collection is usually more important than having a well-curated collection
>excuse for owning a given item is usually about the release or artificial scarcity of the item rather than its inherent or personal value
>highly concerned with showing off collection

No. 1009925

That's a good summary anon.

No. 1009929

i feel this nonna, i still remember when hello kitty was considered childish and cringe. i love sanrio stuff and my dream is to one day have a girlfriend with whom i can have matching sanrio stuff in moderation. like a matching key chain, matching water cups for the bathroom, maybe even matching mugs for when we have coffee/tea time together. i'm glad my favorite (sentimental circus) hasn't become too popular yet.

good post anon, i agree with this.

No. 1009938

one importlat detail that also matters is how society views each

>for the most part Collectors as nerdy and autistic but generally harmless and normieish

>Hoarders are seen as mentally ill and reclusive
>consoomers depending on the product are celebrated for their consumption and are actively show off their vapid collections often dubbed "flexing"

No. 1009960

File: 1640885988139.jpg (568 KB, 3872x2592, e91e7ea575d3df3e999bd50cdf3bb1…)

i feel like collectors also have to deal with people wanting to add to their collection even though collecting is more about the personal value the items/collection has. sorry for blogging, but i knew this guy who had a career in classic music so he traveled around the whole world to play and he always bought a starbucks mug from the cities or countries he visited on his travels. he had a shelf in his kitchen dedicated to his 30 or so mugs. he could tell you a story about each mug and what he experienced on his travels and stays of the place in question. but many people didn't understand that this collection was a personal thing for him to keep track of all the places he visited, so they started gifting him starbucks mugs from THEIR travels. he's never been to california, but he had a california mug just because someone he knew had been to california. same for a friend of mine who collects magnets from the places she visited. people started gifting her magnets all the time, because they didn't understand that she only wanted magnets from her vacations and not any ugly live laugh love magnet from the dollar store.

No. 1009986

Yeah girl I went through a whole rabbit hole reading more about them here: https://aesthetics.fandom.com/wiki/Waif, because like the sanrio anon I was so confused by suddenly all these annoying, very online girls going crazy for things I liked like Yoshitomo Nara, Aya Takano, Fiona Apple, Unif but in this strange/"girl joker" way where they just keep on repeating the same things again and again to each other online because they all just stalk each other on tiktok and don't talk to anyone real, it's just so weird to me

No. 1010022

Don’t just sell on facebook groups, you’ll get more hits the more sites you sell on

No. 1010050

Actually I'm selling them on my country's most famous secondhand site, my ex just posted a link to my store on fb groups geared towards selling weeb shit. I don't have a fb account so I can't sell at their marketplace. It's a niche and expensive hobby here, and other secondhand sites take too much money away with comission taxes that they pull out of their ass lol

I love you, tiktok-chan. Pls keep posting more kawewe hoarding

No. 1010053

That's very consumeristic and sounds underage.

No. 1010069

The most infuriating part of this are all those pointless fucking keychains that aren't holding keys. Just why.

No. 1010080

File: 1640890041587.jpeg (478.55 KB, 1620x1080, 7864673-1.jpeg)

No. 1010082

i love that idea! so cute! and isnt that san-x? i like san-x characters too, like mamegoma has been a longtime fave for me too kek

No. 1010090

sorry weebs but i will never understand how this aesthetic is still popular. it's not even nostalgia worthy, it's just cheap ugly shit

No. 1010091

My mom collects mugs too and although not every single one has a deep story, even the ones gifted to her she appreciates very much

No. 1010093

Why buy the same cup twice? Dumb

No. 1010094

Question. If one wanted to switch to a Japanese/Korean/Chinese etc. flip phone which one should one choose that would allow it to be used in the United States of America?

No. 1010095

I WHEEZED at the eco friendly shopping bag oh my goddddddd Imagine having all this plastic clutter BUT I HAVE AN ECO FRIENDLY SHOPPING BAGG!!!!!!!!!! keeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkk

No. 1010098


No. 1010100

Yeah, no question there.
Just look at mobile gaming as an example.

No. 1010110

File: 1640891454974.webm (7.12 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1640889908.webm)

there you go, nonny!

No. 1010114

File: 1640891552653.webm (17.57 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1640889980(1).webm)

No. 1010117

File: 1640891603923.jpg (19.5 KB, 477x480, 1494883431_f3d[1].jpg)

Bruh, why you collecting this gay shit?

No. 1010119

File: 1640891617707.webm (3.06 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1640889768.webm)

No. 1010120

File: 1640891655803.webm (2.79 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1640889789.webm)

No. 1010125

File: 1640891770690.webm (1.59 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1640889922.webm)

No. 1010138

Why don't you know how to read or sage?

No. 1010142

No. 1010147

>manga for the subway
Where is the shame

No. 1010164

this just looks like its for show and not genuine whatsoever

No. 1010168

It’s not actually about having snacks or ease of access. It is all about showcasing that they’re a weeb and eat all the kawaii animu snacks

The rise of hoarding this fidget shit, anime brainrot, kpop, and the popularity of retarded adult youtubers who sperge like children has convinced me that autism is, in fact, contagious.

No. 1010170

Holy shit, I was more focused on her disgusting long yellow nails. Trim that shit girl!

No. 1010175

I did say Werther's Originals are ok but other than that, I've been getting buckets of the same American candy for halloween for years. What am I going to do, buy a bunch of lemonheads? Lifesavers are good too but likewise I've had them all. Idk about mexican candy really.

I got everything at an asian grocery near me, it's not like I'm having it mailed or w/e, and it's not really more expensive. The flavors are new and interesting, which is important to me for sticking to hard candy rather than buying other snacks. My grandfather ate wint-o-green lifesavers exclusively for years, but I'm not like that I guess. We all had one lifesaver from the last bag that was in his dresser when he died. A bit cursed in retrospect.

We all have an urge to consoome to some extent, so when you are feeling it, it's better to work it out in healthy & responsible ways, like buying hard candy instead of something you'll hog on, or thrifting/buying used books or other merch as other anons have said.

No. 1010180

>We all had one lifesaver from the last bag that was in his dresser when he died. A bit cursed in retrospect.
i'm sorry but that sounds like something out of a wes anderson movie kek. i don't find it too cursed though, it's kinda sweet.

No. 1010181

>Idk about mexican candy really.
Want some recs? Any Vero lolipop is good

No. 1010183

Istg if I lived in Japan I'd make an online store full of those mystery boxes, grab some junk from the sales bin from Daiso and sell for a 250% profit.
If any of you do live in Japan, you're welcome for this billionaire idea. Just create a tiktok account with asmr packing videos and you're set.

No. 1010184

Why do these kinds of girls always have stuff from shit anime for moids like dragon maid or franxx? I get larping for clout/male attention but it would feel really weird to have pins/other useless merch of something I don't even like just for muh aesthetic.
I hate apple and won't buy any of their shit but changing an iphone battery is extremely easy and I've done it for other people a million times. You use a prying tool, pull the putty out from underneath, and disconnect a single cable, you're really exaggerating the danger/skill level.

No. 1010248

What's your carrier

No. 1010249

File: 1640898646886.jpg (69.67 KB, 540x720, e1b74802ba51c78b9e05a708cd0d31…)

>Candle women

Kek. We all know this subspecies of the bath and body works addict

No. 1010252

A good way to stop with the digital stuff like screenshots is to develop an organization system and vow to stick with it. After a while you will get sick of having to rename all your files and put them into different folders and stuff that you won't want to accumulate as much stuff. Helped me cut down on downloading a bunch of music I don't even listen to because I don't want to organize all of it.

No. 1010269

File: 1640900615384.jpg (159.47 KB, 768x1024, IMG_5737-768x1024.jpg)

I think sports, especially football worship, is the biggest consoomer behavior in the US. Public money is used to build sports stadiums, athletes are ass-patted and given an easy fast track through school, people plan 6 months of their life around it as well as every weekend, and even dating profiles (especially men's) are usually filled with unabashed statements about how they spend most of their free time talking about or watching football. There was even one Raiders player who was speeding over 150 miles per hour through a residential area and killed a girl and her dog, they burned alive, screaming while he was crying on the pavement and his girlfriend consoling him. Many defended his actions as a "young kids mistake". Same happened to a star high school football player when he was accused of rape. "He's got a bright future! Shut her up!"

Back to the consoomer aspect, I just find sports apparel hideous and around here many decorate their whole homes in the tacky colors of their team. Baby onesies with the official branding. Those catholic prayer candles, except instead of Mary and Jesus, it's a football player. It's all so tacky and ugly. You'd think it was a cult or religion.

As my own personal aside, Ive met one young and very famous football player's baby momma at a nail salon and she was the most insufferable person. They will treat you like a peasant because that how the entire nation props them up, as royalty.

No. 1010276

I’ve heard from pros that they just keep making it harder and harder to change the internal components to the point the software won’t work unless it has the apple brand stuff installed. Also it’s hard to get to the battery anyway since the new phones are made out of glass and you have to pry the front off.

No. 1010294

pet youtubers

No. 1010295

>Ive met one young and very famous football player's baby momma at a nail salon and she was the most insufferable person
kek low quality tabloids in my country are obsessed with "spielerfrauen" (literally player women/wives, aka soccer player girlfriends and wives) and every single season of germany's next topmodel, one gf of some barely popular soccer player will take part in the show and break down crying at some point because she wants to be more than just "soccer player x's gf, wahhh!!!" it's hilarious because you know they love being a semi popular guy's gf.

No. 1010296

Apologies in advance for the sperging but I worked at a phone repair store. Face-ID no longer works with third-party screens on the iPhone 13 but that's the only issue I've seen with third-party parts other than the quality being a bit of a gamble with screens for new models. Surprisingly, a lot of customers don't give a shit about face-ID and would rather not get the phones repaired with Apple because of the price. And no, it is not hard to get to the battery, I promise. Prying the phone open with a bit of heat and a metal tool takes all of two minutes, and the entire battery swap takes 30 minutes from start to finish.

No. 1010302

EU law against this shit when? Honestly surprised they haven't done it yet.

No. 1010304

All pets of my
All of pets my
All meow pets of my

No. 1010305

It won't happen

No. 1010307

Terrible design.
Also the way these people will fight you tooth and nail about how their animals are perfectly fine and healthy when you know damn well they aren't doing fine being in tiny cages with barely any interaction. I will never be convinced.

No. 1010325

why not

No. 1010349

The only thing I could focus on. Don’t dead open inside moment.

>All meow pets of my

I didn’t notice that at first kek

No. 1010479

If these people know how to conserve food and aren't wasting anything, I don't see a problem. As a lazy recluse, I'm definitely going to buy a bunch of food to freeze when I get a job, so I don't have to go out every week to buy more or to run out of food all of a sudden
I like it, the only thing that bothers me are the blinding lights thing on the wall

No. 1010507

File: 1640920834356.jpeg (558.2 KB, 828x610, D3FC4B3D-A674-42FC-9486-7845FA…)

why… just why

No. 1010510

File: 1640921132327.jpeg (311.13 KB, 1125x472, 8D378952-D534-4FBE-B82D-FCA169…)

I still can’t believe how much people are paying for old manga, especially with how easy it is to get digital copies. Complete sets of Red River and Basara sell for over $1000 now and it makes me wonder what the people who buy them do for a living.

No. 1010516

My niece was watching this channel on her iPad and I instantly thought of this thread.

No. 1010532

Damn, all the old weebs must be making bank

No. 1010537

At least he has to actually assemble it rather than just amass items. Unless you can buy them pre-bought or some shit

No. 1010563

most of those sleeping ones straight up look like corpses.

No. 1010569

For real, so mad still my house got flooded and I lost all my Nana and Claymores, could have funded my education with those smh

No. 1010640

>also very often japanese weebs band together and rent hotel rooms for their oshi's birthday
Ah that explains it, I always did find it pretty hard to believe that so many people in Japan had enough disposable income on their own to afford an entire room of anime boy merch.

No. 1010670

File: 1640936951428.jpg (221.34 KB, 1024x768, deenzconsoomer.jpg)

This is hyper specific but I dislike canned sardine consoomers. It isn't just sardines but all types of canned fish. I like canned fish but the way some people hoard it just makes me mad and it makes me worry that the price of deenz and other assorted canned seafood will experience hikes. Many people like canned seafood because it is nutritious, easy to prepare and CHEAP. I liked the deenz threads on /ck/ but between seeing the canned fish subreddit experience so much growth in only a year, the AMA with King Oscar (canned seafood brand), and that there is now a canned fish reviewtuber getting 50k+ hits a video I am filled with dread. These fuckers are going to make canned fish expensive and this is not good for the fisheries.

No. 1010672

File: 1640937028963.jpg (162.03 KB, 960x686, evenmorefish.jpg)

and here's another, I am not making this up this is a thing now

No. 1010674

imagine being a grown ass woman and believing in abolishing core part of humanity will suddenly solve all issues and make everything equal without becoming a authotitarian dystopia. people used anything to pay for shit for ages

No. 1010681

Vinted is a scan overrun by rich zoomer girls and their "y2k" bullshit and other aesthetic garbage, which is just thrift shops bought out and sold at 500% markup, at least here where I live.
Can't find any good leather jackets for an example, anything vintage has these girls ruin prices and lie about sizing because of oversize meme i hate so damn much and i want it to end.

No. 1010684

Dream cabinet tbh. Wasn't aware this is a thing but ty for informing, time to get into tinned fish fandom!

No. 1010695

just noticed this typo. Anyway, mass vintage resale is banned by Vinted rules and their mystery bundles also are forbidden. But no one reports this shit.
I'm just tired of these rich girls who never will have to work buying out decent quality clothes in affordable prices just to sell to other rich girls that will toss these clothes away later when "aesthetic" will change and previous is boring already

No. 1010711

My grandpa would do shit like this, he would hoard tons of canned/jarred foods. He grew up on the tail end of the great depression and would frequently eat bizzare food combinations because its all he would have. I understand that having rations of non perishable foods are useful, and coming from not so good places can make you want to make sure you have enough, but just having it to collect the variety and never using is so weird

No. 1010753

Idk i set my price range at €12 tops so i dont see the retarded stuff going on. My own stuff sells alright so im gonna keep using it nonna

No. 1010795

I browse Vinted regularly and see mostly teen girls selling clothes from last season their mom bought them and young adults selling recent fast fashion and some designer. If it's not that it's old as fuck crap no one wants. I rarely come across the vintage reseller profiles you see a lot on depop. I wonder if it differs that much from region to region.

No. 1010803

I agree with the nonny above me, Depop is that way but I've never noticed it on Vinted. I would stay away from the "vintage" filter though, people use it for retarded purpose like reselling their shitty Aliexpress dresses.

No. 1010854

I was just looking at Vinted and that’s what I thought too. The prices weren’t anything amazing either. I got Free People jeans for like 15$ and a designer blazer for 30$ on Thredup meanwhile on Vinted all I see is crap from H&M and people trying desperately to get their money back

No. 1010914

oh my god this is so common in Asian households I'm not kidding. My mom does this too. There's been food shortages due to natural disasters though where I live so this is kind of a necessity and the prices are cheap in Asian countries. Any other nonnies can relate to this?

No. 1010976

File: 1640957459386.jpeg (2.78 MB, 2448x2635, F6266B03-C574-4C56-9B04-664760…)

Oh is that what you’re worried about nonnie! Then don’t worry, yes, it’s absolutely hoarding. Hehe.

No. 1010985

This thread gave me the drive to make a spreadsheet of shit to sell and now I have a bunch of eBay listings, thanks nonas

No. 1011012

Is buying an e-reader worth it? I know an anon up thread mentioned they had one so I started looking. I’m debating on the kindle paper white since it’s the cheapest option. I’ve become a book hoarder and I’ve already filled up the $200 bookshelf my grandpa got me for my birthday. Without it my room was a complete mess. I want to limit my consumption of paper books by downloading them off z library and libgen but it’s hard for me to concentrate reading from a computer. Is it hard to transfer Epubs and pdfs from a computer to a kindle?

No. 1011033

File: 1640961538266.png (283.13 KB, 1200x1600, FOCUS-frontback-black-w-1200x1…)

ngl this looks kinda nice, like a mood board or aesthetic pic on pinterest.

i mentioned an e-reader earlier in the thread and it's absolutely worth it. i used to read on my phone for months, but when i switched to an e-reader i noticed that it was easier to fall asleep after reading. if the book is extremely enjoyable i still stay up late to read, but with my phone i noticed that it would keep me awake for much longer. i think it's because of the blue light? i also don't get distracted while reading. i often don't feel like reaching for my phone when i'm on my e-reader, while i would frequently tab out on my phone and end up browsing the net for an hour, when i actually meant to read.
as for transferring files, i think it should be pretty easy. i did a quick google search and apparently you can just email files to your kindle, which i do with my e-reader as well. the files show up within like a minute after i sent them out. pic related is the e-reader i have, i got it specifically because everyone talked about how easy it is to send any kind of file to it. since i also get my books from zlib and libgen and i was paranoid about kindle maybe noticing that the books were pirated? kek i can also access my city's online library with it, which is pretty neat.

No. 1011062

People don't know how to keep good things low key and then they ruin it for everyone. Absolutely those influencers constantly making videos and showing off their tinned fish hoards are gonna drive up prices when the manufacturer's realize they can get away with people still buying when it's overpriced. Just like anything that used to be food for the poors before some bougie assholes came along and wouldn't shut up about how actually good it is. Then proved they were willing to get fleeced for it.

No. 1011064

I really don’t know how to feel about the fact that there are tinned fish influencers.

No. 1011071

Crazy right? Not that I care but the same thing happened to MREs lol

No. 1011074

File: 1640964937467.jpeg (7.65 KB, 225x224, images (10).jpeg)

>tinned fish influencers

No. 1011077

Thanks nonnie, this helps me a lot! I think I’m gonna try it out and see how I like it. I appreciate you mentioning the blue light filter, I think that’s why I hate reading on computer and phone screens lol

No. 1011079

>meme microculture around tinned seafood hoarding into existence on a fast food section of an anime forum because they're cheap protein
>influencers see niche to occupy for youtube bux, spread /deenz/ trend
>deenz manufacturers take note and raise prices
>tinned fish is no longer cheap source of protein
>/ck/ blames the jews
100% guarantee that this is how it'll go down. I would plow through the collections in your pics, though.

No. 1011090

File: 1640966826349.jpeg (144.44 KB, 1086x532, 2955327.jpeg)

Your weeb shit doesn't even have to be particularly old. I consoomed a lot of anime figure stuff five years ago and even my open box stuff is going for 3x the original price. The pandemic really fucked with the aftermarket and it's honestly a great time to cash out.

No. 1011094

File: 1640967603106.png (1.4 MB, 1200x710, 2019-08-19-60347.png)

agree. i bought bsd nendos when they were first announced (starting with dazai in 2016 i think?) so i got them all for like 30 bucks each. i sold them this year for 3-4 times their original price.

No. 1011114

Another thing that caused it was Japan freezing SAL shipping, so people were paying $30+ to have stuff shipped by Fedex and DHL. Now the prices for SAL are higher than they used to be.

No. 1011119

File: 1640969049693.webm (9.92 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1640968051.webm)

some weeb merch consoomtoks for the precious cows.

No. 1011120

File: 1640969124262.webm (8.4 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1640967817.webm)

No. 1011121

File: 1640969179413.webm (5.36 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1640967732.webm)

No. 1011123

File: 1640969230578.webm (3.89 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1640968095.webm)

No. 1011126

Childish, this mentatility runs through tiktok and twitter and when these idiots are asked they always say "I'm not going to continue the conversation" without even showing how it would in any way be benefitial. The only country that has ever abolished money became a hell hole immediately. Currency is the only thing keeping us away from actually having to sell our body to get high value things.

No. 1011128

very cringe and fujo brainrotted but that coffee maker was nice

No. 1011129

>The only country that has ever abolished money became a hell hole immediately
what country? just curious

No. 1011130


I need to get out of this thread because something about organized weeb hoards is addicting for me to watch. I stayed up way too late watching kawaii consumption tiktokers last night.

No. 1011131

>its all gross shonenshit
of course it is

No. 1011133

thank you again tiktok anon!

No. 1011135

where do you sell anime figs?

No. 1011138

ayrt, whatever works best for you! i just read a fuck ton and i don't have much space, so i settled for e-books. i do like the look and feel of physical books though, and being able to see your 'progress' while reading.

No. 1011139

Sorry but I love reading my books in physical format, screens consume too much energy while hurting my eyes and I don't buy that many books anyways. Books are easier to recicle or give away than an e-reader and whenever you want to re-read them you can always pick them up from the shelf without risking the files getting erased or the e-reader not having enough battery.

No. 1011144

File: 1640970103879.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1569x2048, 2934691.jpeg)

I just use ebay because I can sell it more quickly and usually scam more money in the process. You could also go to myfigurecollection but you're limited without putting out for a paid membership and people there know aftermarket values so you can't mark it up. Speaking of, this is also a good place to see consooming in action.

No. 1011151

those canned bubble teas suck

No. 1011154

>The solution is to work on your mentality (so you don't immediately go out to buy more) and declutter carefully (so you don't actually need to go out and buy more).

This is a big part of konmari, it's not just thoughtlessly throwing away your shit.

No. 1011155

honestly im more repulsed by the idiotic ways these people try to open packages than anything else in these videos. they all have dull knives and scissors and they pick the worst part of the package to try to open it, complete brainrot

No. 1011164

I think it's because they hold the phone to record in the other hand

No. 1011166

>screens consume too much energy
Babe, you charge that thing and forget about charging for like a month

No. 1011168

Aren't e-readers specifically designed to be low-light and non reflective?

No. 1011171

>screens consume too much energy while hurting my eyes
anon reading from an e-reader isn't like reading from a phone or tablet screen. The battery lasts for literal weeks and the screens are matt and don't have blue light so they don't hurt your eyes.

>without risking the files getting erased

If you purchase the ebooks legit they're always stored in your account from wherever you bought from and if you pirate them you can always pirate them again for free.

I agree you don't need an e-reader if you don't read a lot anyway but you've got some misconceptions about e-readers lol

No. 1011174

Yep, they emulate paper perfectly in terms of visual sensation. Except you can read in the dark if you want. Newer models have even orange light tones built in. OP never held an e-reader in her hands. Don't knock it until you tried it!

No. 1011188

Can these people watch anything other than Demon Slayer, Naruto, and Darling in the Franxx? Have fun collecting more plastic for the next shonen flavor of the month

No. 1011192

Lots of weebs use Mercari, eBay is also good because you can ship worldwide

No. 1011202

you're right, it might not be the same however it could help a person struggling with book hoarding to buy fewer physical copies which is especially beneficial when living in a smaller space and halts over consumption.

No. 1011218


No. 1011233

This thread is wild, I love it. Can't wait to see the nest form of consoomerism that I had no idea existed.

No. 1011263

where can I watch that youtuber? I'm hyper mega curious

No. 1011278

I'm not a hoarder but I'm someone who loves to buy food in bulk so I don't run out, and I often try to buy non perishables or things you can store away and forget about it until you use it to cook. So seeing these pantries make me feel kinda happy, wish I could do the same honestly, and it's not like I won't eat the food. So unless they're truly just hoarding and not consuming I don't see a problem

No. 1011312

Hey now Sailor Moon, JJK and pretty soon Chainsaw Man would like a word

No. 1011320

Someone I know has been collecting/hoarding eco friendly alternative products and it annoys me so much. She has around 14 silicone dish brushes, a plethora of beeswax paper (that I’ve never seen her use) and all sorts of things like that. She also spent $1000+ on an iPad “for doing art” even though she’s not artistic. She’s also a anime fig collector. She’s also a self professed communist who will often rant about consumerism lol.

No. 1011345

File: 1640982646914.png (33.65 KB, 196x215, 1.PNG)

An entire drawer for that

No. 1011382

I'm an eco warrior and I cringe every time I see someone brag about "Just threw away my whole closet and bought all these new ORGANIC clothes! saving the planet!!" like, it's any excuse for a shopping spree with these people. Use what ya got til it falls apart, it's not complicated.

No. 1011412

This is his most popular video. I am relieved to find that most of the other ones aren’t nearly so popular. He made a new video about a week ago.

No. 1011421

I am anti-consoomer but I'm starting to get a bit self conscious about it. I usually never buy things unless I absolute need it and I use things until they are falling apart and unusable.
I'm feeling self conscious because I feel where I live is like a time capsule. I've been in this dinky little apartment since I've graduated university. It's been almost 7 years and it looks exactly the same. Same couch, furniture, bed sheets, dishes. Most of my shoes are about 10 years old. My friends have moved multiple times. When we talk about it they ask "Are you still in your place?". Yes, yes I am. It looks exactly the same as how you remembered it.
Ultimately I don't like spending money. I'm extremely frugal and have the goal of retiring early. I'm trying to save as much as I can now so I can be comfortable supporting myself without a job when I reach middle age.
One benefit of living this way is that you learn to appreciate what you have and you become pleased by the little things.

No. 1011422

an eco warrior??? now im cringing too

No. 1011426

I wish I could be like you. Tell me your secrets, Nona. How did you become so frugal and do you have any tips? Also aren't you scared of inflation eating your savings?

No. 1011454

Sometimes even my favorite minimalist Youtubers do it. For example I don't get sustainable vibes from Jenny Mustard. She always seems to have a new branded clothing every few months and says it's a life investment. I also watch thrift shop Youtubers and they blur the lines into consoomer level shopping when they buy out the whole store. AlexaSunshine83 is one example, she's got really great style and I still watch her videos but she's definitely got hoarding tendencies.

No. 1011472

i think the root of my consoomerism is my unhealthy relationship with food, and being fat. some examples:
-consoom food, binge/restrict cycle
-wanting to buy pretty plates/mugs/cutlery so everything looks aesthetically pleasing so i can celebrate every meal and be mindful in order to lose weight
-wanting to cut out sugar/junk food and turning to something else for muh dopamine so i end up impulse shopping on amazon (usually "useful" things, at least, so no kawaii shit aliexpress hauls or buying 20 nendos at once)
-dreaming of my body/wardrobe after weight loss so i constantly scroll through clothing store websites for "when i'm skinny" but then i end up seeing something that i want NOW and end up impulse buying it
-wanting stuff to look pretty because i myself don't look pretty/attractive, so people will think "at least her place/her clothes/her bag/her stuff is pretty and nice to look at" - more impulse shopping to buy pretty stuff/aesthetify parts of my life like the cup i use for my tooth brush or my fucking pencil holder

help? i already read brain over binge and never binge again, but i feel like i need some overall brain makeover or something. ugh. and again i'm falling into this trap of thinking that everything will be different once i've lost at least 45 lbs.

No. 1011483

I feel like one thing I'm self conscious about is skincare. I don't even spend or buy much of it, I'm only using 2 products right now (face wash and a zinc cream for flare ups) I'm already committing a cardinal sin of not using moisturizer or SPF but I try to compensate by drinking water and staying indoors. I hate how skincare itself is so wasteful. Most of the packaging ends up in the landfill and a lot of the ingredients aren't even that good for you. However I am planning to integrate oil cleansing and moisturizing into my routine after getting a few professional opinions on it, but I do struggle to part with money as well as I am deep in consoomer recovery mode.

No. 1011488

A big part of it was how I was raised. My parents rarely bought things and when they did it was usually on sale or clearance. We were just laughing about the fact some of our childhood Christmas presents were wrapped personal care products like toothbrushes and deodorant.
I recommend you think of delayed gratification. Think of keeping things for longer than your normal use cycle so you can "upgrade" yourself next time or think of the cost savings. I've had my bed sheets for a really long time for example. Instead of replacing them every 2 years and spending $50 each time, I can replace them every 8 years and can get a really nice high quality luxury sheet set guilt free if I choose. The quality will also help that one last longer too. And the cycle repeats. Same thing with cell phones. I'd rather spend $150 every 3 years than $600 every 2 years. That's money I could use towards a vacation or an experience. I hope that makes sense.

Finally, I am not scared of inflation. eating my savings. My money is in investment accounts so it doesn't really matter. You should look into saving for retirement and compounding. The sooner you start the better. It works amazingly with anti-consumerism.

No. 1011533

wtf? Is this why my grocery store is always out of tinned mackerel now? I could eat a can of fish a day, so I hope prices don't go up too much.

No. 1011619

It’s already starting, mein gott

No. 1011629

I would look for used ones on ebay too! I bought a Kindle Paperwhite 3 I believe for about $40 after shipping. You can definitely get them for cheaper than that though, I kind of overpaid. >>1011033 is also right to worry about kindle noticing you putting pirated books on your kindle but you can easily download Calibre and the DeDRM extension to avoid that. The DRM is what tattles on you to Amazon, and once it's removed it won't do a thing. You can also convert files to mobi or whatever kindle takes and send them from Calibre too! I just recently started doing that.

No. 1011671

Anon with the hoarding Disney adult sister here. She has the same exact issue. Her hoarding feeds into this mentality she has where she "needs" to get into the weight loss mindset, so she will buy a million Disney themed lunch boxes and portioning tupperware or kitchen appliances promising to make healthy cooking fun. She's been on this cycle ever few years so the house is full of her stuff. She stress eats and gains it all back and then goes through another phase where she needs to buy more. I understand the mindset, I'm guilty of it in some other ways.

Most of it comes from moderation of course. I struggle with binging with junk food so I try to have healthier snacks around to curb sweet cravings. Don't sacrifice junk food entirely, just get that dopamine rush from that special treat every week or so. It won't impede your entire progress. One cute portioning container at most, and reminding myself that my money should go towards healthy foods and gym memberships/exercise equipment. You can always buy some cute, inexpensive exercise clothes in the meantime to get your "I look cute" fix, but it's towards something useful to reach your goal.

Easier said than done, I know. But I hope this helps somewhat nonnie.

No. 1011729

TIL canned sardine consoomers exist.

No. 1011909

If we talked about hoarding pets, can kids be “hoarded”?
While I believe having motherly instincts is real, I can’t wrap my mind about how a person can have 8 kids, aside “loving children” in which “children” is “babies.” One mother is not enough to raise properly more than 4 kids at once and I talk about feeding them properly, school, clothes and basic needs, unless she’s rich as fuck or stay at home 24/7 with a rich partner. Plus they create a lot of stress (waking up in the middle of the night, them being sick, school, listening to them). I’m not saying that being childfree is the best option, I just don’t think anyone who claims to “love babies” or really wants a baby of a preferred sex and is willing to try until she gets it, should be allowed to reproduce, since it will lead to many teenagers and adults being raised wrong since they didn’t get proper care. I think they just love being seen as a “super mommy” while all of these kids and babies look like a prop to fullfill their ego, like someone does with expensive jewelry and clothes.

No. 1011922

I'd say 2 is the cap, at 3-4 the mother is overextended and the children will be neglected. Wanting a baby and someone to love you, I think that's the worst reason to have a kid. Once the baby stops being a baby and becomes a person it's a lot less rosy and fun, for them, and the kid is left on their own or is guilted for their independence and forced into learned helplessness. I swear some people are addicted to the Hallmark moments and status that a group of children bring them but they don't consider the reality

No. 1011926

Thanks for validating the way i live, nonnee-san.

No. 1011938

Yeah, but you also have those women who have as many kids as possible for government benefits

No. 1012052

File: 1641053344076.jpg (402.1 KB, 1080x1741, IMG_20220101_170654.jpg)

I think this is what a nightmare looks like.
Poor kids, you know very damn well that the older ones have to put their lives away such as school, friends and overall relationship to take care of their brothers who are just the representation of her mother's selfishness

No. 1012055

I cook for four adults and six children (not all mine btw, my sister and her family are living with me because she doesn't want to get a job and her fiance earns minimum wage) and it doesn't need to be that complicated. All you have to do is make a big one pot meal. Stew, casserole, pot roast, chili, curry etc. and it will be far more nutritious and appetizing than whatever the fuck that it is.

No. 1012057

It's definitely more about loving babies and toddlers than children. Besides the obvious problem of the 4+ children being neglected due to the mother not being able to provide for all of them, >>1012052 is correct. They end up making the older kids into mini mommies who have to look after the younger kids, wake them up for school, get them fed, make sure they do their homework, do their laundry, fetch them from school/daycare and provide emotional support while the mother takes care of the baby/babies. It's traumatizing to them and halts their own development, no child should have to play the role of a parent to their siblings.

No. 1012060

I know a woman with fibro/cfs and basically every 'you can't see muh suffering' disorder that you can name. She has 5 kids and counting, constantly posts online about how she can barely move. How is she carrying and raising these kids? I suspect the eldest is doing alot of it. Two of the kids are autistic too… it makes no sense that she's reporting being so incredibly disabled and keeps having more kids with men who aren't the most reliable either.

No. 1012064

I'm from a third world nation, my grandmother had 13 children(I can't even comprehend that just even physically) when I asked her once why she had so many kids, she said she needed kids to help with her and my grandfather's business, that was their purpose to be trustful employees(my eldest uncle started working when he was only 12 btw)
and as fucked up as that maybe I still that's most justifiable then having kids just for the sake of it as this woman has done

No. 1012070

Hard agree that it's actually pretty easy to make stovetop meals at scale but why the hell are you basically raising your sister and her kids?

No. 1012073

My dad comes from a family where he moved away at 16 and from that age til the time his parents died he sent money home to them. Then when they died he paid for the funerals because they never hd a plan in place for that. He was the last generation here to really do that kind of thing. This was before welfare for the elderly was a thing here. Kids essentially paid you back for raising them. Pretty far removed from how it is just a few decades on.

No. 1012075

Idk, anon. Most of the people I've met who were raised with lots of siblings enjoyed it. When there's a certain amount of you, you kind of have to form a team and be there for each other
If it's genuinely what the mother wants (ie not being forced by a scrote) and she can handle it, I don't think it's for us to say it shouldn't be allowed

No. 1012129

Tell them to make their own goddamn food

No. 1012166

Could your sister and her bf seek government help with rent if they're falling short? Most governments offer that if there's kids in the mix. Better to take that than to cram 2 families into one house.

No. 1012170

>Most of the people I've met who were raised with lots of siblings enjoyed it. When there's a certain amount of you, you kind of have to form a team and be there for each other
bullshit. the lack of space, privacy, boundaries, and lack of quietness with these shitheads make me want to kms. i wish they'd fucking leave already, or at the very least get us a larger house.

No. 1012187

Yea but that wasnt about the kids themselves, more like how most mothers see babies as some sort of accessories to get compliments, benefits and such. Also, I think that’s bullshit, especially if the older ones are females: not only by the mother, but also by the father they get pushed to take care of the little ones and have no space, boundaries, time and even get shamed if they dont want to stay at home. They’re usually the first ones to fuck off. The worst dynamic is older sister by 5-6 years and little brother, notice how even in the media older sisters are being seen as insufferable and whiny for not wanting their little brother(s) around while she’s going out with friends or doing homework.

No. 1012189

Agree, I had only 2 other siblings yet it was still a pain in the ass. We fought all the time and instead of sharing everyone became more possessive with their belongings. We're all far into our adulthood now and we still don't get along, my siblings are like strangers to me and once our parents die we'll probably be cut off from each other forever.

No. 1012192

I grew up with one sibling and I remember visiting the house of a friend with a big family… shit was wild. It was like the kids were left to do whatever, whenever, to snack on rusbbish and live in chaos lol. I thought they were just one set of way too laid back parents but I've noticed that pattern in general. The more you have the more you almost just give up on trying to create structure or order in the home?

I'm sure theres some that go against that stereotype but it's a thing I always see.

No. 1012200


Yeah, it's kind of hard to keep up with a large family, especially if you have the kids back to back.

No. 1012230

Yeah, I'm an only child and I wanted a sister all the way up until I befriended some girls in school and one in particular had a whole lot of younger sisters. It was like walking into a zoo.
Three of the toddlers walked around bare-assed and spit food they didn't like on the carpet, the two slightly older girls were constantly screeching and fighting over toys, food, adult attention. My friend was the oldest by only two years and basically had to raise them despite their home being full of grandmothers, aunts and other relatives living with them. Fathers and grandfathers did fuck all but watch TV even though they were the ones bragging to my mom about their big family. It was constant noise and drama whenever I visited. I am so fucking glad I never had siblings.

No. 1012249

If I see an older sister, or worse yet several older sisters with the youngest being a boy, I immediately assume the parents just wanted boys and are misogynistic. Usually I end up being right.

No. 1012330

I hate these kids with middle class money so much because they go to thrift stores and buy a shit ton of shit that 1. they most likely won't use and 2. it doesn't reflect their personality. More often than not it emphasises how little personality they have, none of the clothing pieces have any cohesion of a style or "AeSTheTic"; it's just bunch of clothes someone who actually likes them could have use but now are in your consumerist dopamine fried brain hands. I used to be able to buy good quality clothing at donation buildings in my city, but now all the kids with money are buying all the good stuff which they later will throw in the trash.

Also the girl in the beginning looks like a pornified child and is dead in the eyes. ugh.

No. 1012335

It’s a ‘buy your personality’ kind of thing. Some want to be unique, and before they know how to be themselves, they adopt personalities from online and call it an aesthetic. And self expression is awesome, but when people call girls they don’t know ‘basic’ for not announcing their personality on their clothes, I feel annoyed.

Also, all schools should have uniforms to prevent this hierarchy of fashion and wastefulness.

No. 1012338

Sometimes i fantasize about the apocalypse happening so I could go down to the local thrift store and wearing a different outfit every day without having to buy them.

No. 1012405

this doesnt look like a nutritious enough meal for those kids.

No. 1012406

this all looks ugly and crackwhore-kei

No. 1012418

i consume and am subbed to a LOT of asmr youtube channels. most of them are decent and i love them, but something kind of rubs me the wrong way: some of them have an absurdly high production value (which i love, i prefer it to those low-effort, basic "brushing mic" type of videos, and they're so creative!) and they're a nice experience to look at/listen to, but i can't help but think about how many props and junk go into producing this type of content and what happens to it afterwards, nevermind those with giant real-life sets like vidrel (myaling's content is one of my favorites tho, this isn't criticizing her directly).

where do all of these props go after the video's up? how much money goes into buying/making the props in the first place, and how much does that contribute to consoomerism and unnecessary purchases? and yes, i know that to be a content creator of any kind you "need" these materials, but you can't reasonably argue with me that this is a little bit over the top.

idk, it just rubs me the wrong way to think about either these youtubers' houses being cluttered with all these unnecessary garbage, or for them to have to go through the process of selling/getting rid of the props after every single video. maybe it's hypocritical of me to say this too, since i'm subbed to these types of channels and actively consume them?

No. 1012421

A lot of the ASMR artists that I watch recycle the props and use them in multiple videos either as they are or by altering them, they're usually centered in a small space and they utilize green screens creating virtual environments so it looks a lot more cluttered than they actually are. Like I've seen the one you linked use the same props plenty of times in different videos. I don't think actually getting props for performances is on a level of consoomerism as say, $500 Wish hauls or shit like that.

No. 1012452

I feel the same way when I see hontrapoints videos, or Belle Delphine or other e-girls set dressing a new room for each photoshoot. Wasteful. I can only hope some of the stuff is rented

No. 1012460

why do zoomers like looking like shit?

No. 1012466

outfits are shit but using clothes to reflect personality is only done in fiction and will look like a costume

No. 1012469

God the song in this one is awful.

No. 1012492

people absolutely wear clothes that reflect their personality somehow, except they aren't trying to copy TV Tropes descriptions

No. 1012493

They're hoping they're hot enough to pull off fugly ass outfits.

No. 1012655

This is the ultimate in artificial organic-ness that you see in social media these days. Leveraging a down-to-earth 'aesthetic' brand for likes and views while simultaneously lacking any and all personality of her own. The stickers themselves are highly symbolic- fake bits of waxy paper and cellophane cheaply mass-produced in a factory somewhere, carefully designed to look like something that has substance and meaning. It's an oxymoron. The perfectly manicured nails are the cherry on top, not a single hint of glue or ink or chip that would be found in someone that actually expresses themselves through craft rather than putting on a performance for an audience. I don't think this person has ever lived a single moment without thinking about the numbers on her aesthetic tiktok. I don't think she can even write in a personal diary without feeling the pressure to remain presentable to social media. What a life.

No. 1012734

Anyone else feel like their consoomerism switches from one thing to the next, but never goes away or gets any better? It started with buying an insane amount of clothes and when I finally started buying less clothes, I thought I was getting better but I was really spending that money on physical media (music, books, etc.) Then same deal when I started buying less media, I started buying more homewares. It's like I'm addicted to spending money but my life is so mundane the only hit of dopamine I get is from random crap arriving in the mail.

No. 1012761

Solidarity. You described me perfectly nonnie. I will cycle between being responsible and withholding impulses to spend on the next thing I’m fixated on and justify to myself. Every new hobby/ interest etc /feels/ like the thing that will stick and so I justify the spending money.

I know it’s just addiction. And I know it’s not entirely my fault, everything in this world is trying to get us to part with money. I was a binge drinker and a smoker for a time in my twenties. I stopped drinking and I don’t struggle with that anymore thankfully and I quit smoking with medication but spending money I just feel like… stuck. I know all of the reasons why it does not serve me and yet. And then I think “well I earn a decent amount, and at least it’s not substance abuse anymore”. But it’s still harming me.

The literal only thing that has helped me has been to keep a money journal. Each week tally my debts against what is in my account. I get attached to that number each week at least not getting worse. It’s like taking away the escapism aspect and pretending everything is fine in my bank accounts if I don’t look at them has been helpful.

Anyway I’m sorry that’s my only advice nonnie, even though you didn’t ask for it. If any other nonitas have any suggestions, I’m all ears.

No. 1012771

>why the hell are you basically raising your sister and her kids?
Late reply but it's a difficult situation. We were both abused as children and where she was younger it seems to have affected her more as an adult. Every time something goes wrong in her life, she runs back to me for comfort. A lot of bad things have happened to her over the past few years and this was made much worse by the pandemic.

I'm not too concerned about it because she will pick herself back up in time. She doesn't seem depressed or anything, she just wants to be close to me and be with the children while she processes what's happened. She's a good mother and loves helping me around the house.

I have a five bedroom house so space isn't an issue for now.

No. 1012824

File: 1641122104108.jpeg (51.2 KB, 570x428, 090087EA-0D40-47A3-A1D4-3BDCDC…)

She doesn’t seem depressed but can’t get a job, can’t make food and put her husband and kids in your home. Anon, I get it, you love your sister, but she needs therapy, not coddling. If you don’t act now, she wont ever be able to live her life.

Anyway, resin “small businesses” are boring as fuck, they’re like crystal small businesses. I love me some pretty rock, but I can’t understand how people want to support thousands of similar shops. Girls out there really slapping their garden flowers in some plastic chimical solution and package them with aliexpress packaging and stolen art sticker “freebies” but then claim to be sustainable and ethical

No. 1012827

I like Alex but I hate how she makes 400-500 wish hauls, then sells the crap she bought and with the money she makes (with a little markup since she’s a youtuber) she goes to thrift shops and spends the same amount on dresses she’s gonna sell on depop in a couple of months… Also, she keeps ruining her hair like a zoomer, black hair looks like a cheap wig on her.

No. 1012849

sage for sperg but I was socked that she was still doing those, so I checked her channel and holy shit kek. Her and her husband are the definition of punchable

No. 1012869

File: 1641127073413.jpg (52.4 KB, 691x691, 1605808319636.jpg)

>y2k fashion is trendy again because of kids who are nostalgic for a fashion they never experienced because they were still shitting in their diapers
>said kids only like the worst parts of y2k trends on top of that
>mfw people wear this shit willingly and think that make them special

No. 1012871

I laughed when the husband made it clear he's not keen on the idea of her getting a pixie cut. In all the vids I've seen he's this weirdly passive kissy kissy lapdog of a partner… short hair a woman tho.. that sure got him speaking up. Fuckin scrotes lol

No. 1012873

God I miss her old nose

No. 1012893

“Fairy grunge” “goblincore” “dark cottage core”
Just use “ quirky art teacher core”.

No. 1012896

Nta but I recall seeing documentaries mentioning how this happens sometimes in Asia (especially Cambodia but also shitty parts of Philippines, Vietnam, etc.)
Oldest child moves to a big city or nicer country like China or Japan and sends money back to their parents. Even if that means having to be a hooker. Their parents demand it once you're old enough
Typically poor parents do this literally for a retirement plan, so if they spawn off enough kids they will have multiple sources of income

No. 1012928

I really liked the direction she was taking with 2020 thriftmas, those were fun to watch. I remember her vowing to end the consoomerism, but obviously that didn’t last long

No. 1012933

Thanks nonnie, that’s actually really good advice. I’ve struggled with horrible OCD in the past, and I thought previously I was starting to get better, but OCD is tricky and manifests itself in different ways, including impulse shopping. I remember therapists have recommended writing down OCD-related fears to make them more real, so I would imagine a money journal would do much of the same for impulse purchases. I think there’s also an element of self-sabotage going on in my case, which may be another thing I need to address.

No. 1012958

You know, having about five kids can be great if there are TWO SUPPORTIVE parents. Most fathers leave the mother burdened, but in financially stable families where the parents are both attentive, it’s fine.

Having many kids is harder in Western families where extended family don’t live with you or help out, where everyone is all “not my responsibility” individualists. And there’s no problem with living that way if you want to, it just makes looking after children harder.

I believe only a select few of those who adopt ‘aesthetics’ actually care, actually like mythology, or studying ancient literature, or mycology, or vintage music. They treat their hobbies and playlists like clothes to fit an image, without actually enjoying anything or feeling strongly about it.

They would bitch about being basic, and then have no real hobbies apart from aliexpress and tiktok, but it’s ok because sooper aesthetics legwarmers and crystal necklace and eyeliner say I’m speshul. Here are all my unique, corporate acceptable opinions too, that I will treat as edgy. Here’s my music taste that I care little about but will broadcast because it fits my image etc etc, it’s all so tiresome, they clearly don’t know who to be without being watched.

That being said I think a lot of us on this site have internalised misogyny and are outrage addicted, including me, to a degree. I still appreciate the drama, autism, and gynocentrism.

No. 1012968

>They treat their hobbies and playlists like clothes to fit an image, without actually enjoying anything or feeling strongly about it.
This is basically dark academia in a nutshell, they're so brain damaged they can only think of things in terms of how others see them, always on the outside looking in

No. 1012984


These look like costumes because the zoomers aren't reflecting their actual personalities, just what looks cool on TikTok

No. 1013012

wtf i remember bingewatching her wish/shein hauls because they were so stupid. she looks horrible now?? does she still have that parrot that shits everywhere? man i miss her red hair.

No. 1013018

oh, absolutely. i actually like dark academia because i think the fashion style/color palette is neat and i'm leaning towards it since i'm slowly entering the working world and i don't wanna look like a child in my jeans and graphic tees anymore. but god, are the kids into the aesthetic insufferable. i love reading, i love classics, i love coffee, i love my sweaters and coats, i love lighting a candle sometimes. but i'm not gonna clutter my home with dark academia decor from aliexpress or buy shabby furniture just because it looks #aesthetic. i mentioned dropping out of grad school once on the dark academia subreddit and this 15 year old replied "uhmmm that's not very dark academia?" i told her that academia/academic education as it is today is a load of bullshit and it wasn't useful for me and my personal and professional improvement (it didn't teach me any new/additional skills) and that i love pursuing knowledge because humans have an inherent drive to learn new things, but i didn't want to waste more years writing useless papers and being depressed and anxious over coursework. i could see her brain implode through the screen. their pursuit of knowledge consists of reading the song of achilles and other mythology inspired romance books. nothing wrong with enjoying these books, but they aren't as obsessed with le mythology as they claim to be. they'd never pick up a fucking dry and stale textbook because it's likely said textbook and its writing won't be very aesthetic, and instead would be very boring and tough to work through.

No. 1013044

I remember watching her nose job vid, seeing how rough the recovery was and it's just weird to me how much she spends on fashion, goes through such pain to fix a nose bump and yet she appears on cam looking like shit half the time. How can she care so much about appearances and also care so little at the same time?

No. 1013372

So you decided to do something because you actually cared about it, and existing not just to be seen is unfathomable to some. That’s going to be way more fulfilling then being an image obsessed bot.

No. 1013373

File: 1641158234397.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1242x1182, 0890D0B2-1EA5-4A13-9761-7F11E7…)

Rilakkuma or Sanrio consoomers, it’s astounding the amount of money wasted on such expensive plushies and stationary, seems very wasteful to hoard so many plushies and all of them probably collecting dust.

No. 1013381

admittedly, i am part of a plush appreciation group, but i am not very active and i could never own as many plushies as some people do. i have like 5 on my bed and my others (theres like 3-4) just sit in the corner of my room and theyre small and accumulated overtime. i love plushies, but i know my limits and i definitely cant own anymore because it would just be excessive and i just dont need any.

imo having a huge room of stuffies dumped everywhere is a waste and i get that people can do what they want, but i would never wanna reach that point. its fun liking cute things and purchasing some small things, but when things are just piled up its time to sell…

No. 1013409

it's hard for me to understand why so many people like this bear so much in the first place. there's a lot of junk that people buy where I understand the inherent appeal of what they're purchasing even if I don't care about it. but this bear is so plain with its dead funko pop eyes. it couldn't have less personality. it's not cute or interesting. it's like someone was trying to make the blandest version of a teddy bear possible. what's the appeal?

No. 1013412

Anon, that's the point of japanese design. Usually, japanese charas have a blank expression so you can imagine their mood, make up stories and such.
Funko pops are horrible because they're not original, they take out the soul and personality out of every character, no matter if they're good or evil. Just two trivia cents.

No. 1013415

THIS. You would think only one plush toy or some small stationery would be enough. Noooo, these spergs go all out and CONSOOM every single thing. I fucking hate it. Cringe at the anon upthread who said she wants to have her whole house decorated with sanrio for her and her gf. Get a personality outside of consooming please.

No. 1013417

File: 1641160633489.jpeg (156.08 KB, 1730x2048, CCEE3A24-BB8D-462C-8B31-F627DC…)

the bears literally have the same vacant expressionless eyes as funko pops though, they’re both made for mass consumption and are probably very low quality items

No. 1013418

Having some plushes is okay anon, as long as you appreciate every single one of them. Having a whole collection is dumb though

No. 1013419

File: 1641160660455.jpg (124.69 KB, 1080x850, shtip.jpg)

Uh huh

No. 1013421

No. 1013422

>Anon, that's the point of japanese design. Usually, japanese charas have a blank expression so you can imagine their mood, make up stories and such.
Kek anon that's cringe, give me the source to that.

No. 1013426

I unironically want this to be real. Wojack funkopops would be like the utter black hole heat death of garbage

No. 1013428

File: 1641161139571.png (481.96 KB, 454x576, goma.png)

Honestly Rilakkuma is the worst of san-x. There's so many other nice characters but for some reason everyone goes nuts for this brown bear

No. 1013429

File: 1641161291858.jpg (30.76 KB, 622x184, kitty.jpg)

the very HK entry off from Wikipedia, nonita. Following HK's success, people made him the face of San-X, as HK is the face of Sanrio.

No. 1013431

Interesting, thanks for the source! still kinda cringe though

No. 1013433

I have a small pile of Sanrio/san-x plushies in my room because people keep giving them to me lmao. I already collect plushies, mostly stuff from my childhood and a few ones I bought as an adult. I tell people I like Sanrio for gift ideas as something small, inexpensive, and easily findable, imaging they'll get me a notepad or sticker sheet or something. Instead I keep getting gifted a bunch of huge plushies of mascots I don't particularly care for, but they're hard for me to part with since they're gifts.

No. 1013434

File: 1641161451163.png (1.25 MB, 828x1002, goma.png)

This reminds me of when a company in my country sold notebooks with memes on them

No. 1013436

File: 1641161667334.jpg (442.16 KB, 1073x1805, IMG_20220102_230729.jpg)

No. 1013442

most of this thread is right but 20% of these posts reek of furious poorfags who are mad they don’t have money for frivolous nonsense.