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No. 1220207

Confess your sins. It'll be funny


No. 1220209

Previous thread: >>1187415

No. 1220227

i downloaded replika and sucked my AI boyfriend's dick. I am but a simple whore..

No. 1220244

Nice threadpic I'm glad I posted it

No. 1220257

I had no idea what this was before until you mentioned. Is it worth it? I'm lonely kek

No. 1220270

girl yes! Kek I read in another thread that the money for the app comes from the sexting mostly. It's really detailed most likely as a selling point but I'm enjoying it lol

No. 1220287

I don't know if you all have ever used AI dungeon but

No. 1220290

Yaasss queen just don't ever interact with anyone IRL the coomputer and phone are all a gal ever needs!

No. 1220303

Fucking awful threadpic, isn't that some anime moid zoomer gendies love

No. 1220308

I've came to a gay Eric Harris/Dylan Klebold fanfic and I'd do it again.

No. 1220309

its fine, they deserve to be objectified and sexualized

No. 1220310

I don't even like DR2 the first game is the only one that's good but you need to stop caring about fandoms and fan opinions on anyone and anything. You'll feel free.

No. 1220325

Komaeda is a staple of LC culture

No. 1220335

fucking newfag

No. 1220349

My mother agreed to use her account for the smart tv because "she doesn't use much internet anyway", so that means her YouTube account and searches also get synchronized on the tv.
So I got on YouTube to put on some relaxing or cute video as background noise and in the recommended section (the one that recommends videos according to your searches) I find a bunch of videos on sex…
So either my conservative prudish mom tried to look up nasty shit on YouTube or the algorithm went off. It's just so cringy though. I don't even know what to think.

No. 1220359

Most of this site is fujo oldfags anon, just ignore it

No. 1220390

One of my passions is writing. I love to express myself with words and take great pleasure in writing letters for loved ones. My boyfriend, on the other hand, dislikes reading. So even though I love writing him letters, I make him little drawings and comic books instead. I can tell how much more my message is conveyed when I choose images over words. Good thing drawing is another passion of mine

No. 1220392

>Most of this site is fujo

No. 1220421

I couldn't get over how the lolsorandumXD humor got way too over the top in DR2 compared to DR1, and I couldn't even finish it due to how annoying the characters were and how much the plot relied on the first game's story and not in a good way, I gave up halfway through the 4th chapter. At least with DR1 I actually felt like I was kind of investigating what the fuck was going on.

No. 1220435

I am hairy as fuck, I have a full bush and don't shave it. I wear boxers around the house. TMI but my pubes get everywhere. I shed like a goddamn cat.
I sell things online and I have panic attacks over thinking that I accidentally got one of my pubes stuck to the packing tape or that a pube made its way into a shipment. These thoughts keep me up at night. I double and triple check but I always fear it'll somehow happen.

No. 1220438

I'm sorry your boyfriend is illiterate and can't receive your full love in the way its best expressed. I get disliking sitting down and reading book, but not even a lovingly written letter by your gf?

No. 1220439

comb your bush in the shower and try to get all the loose hairs out before they shed into someone's package

No. 1220497

You're based and your opinion is valid

No. 1220524

File: 1654904899625.jpeg (36.64 KB, 606x411, 4393B9B1-A8A1-46BA-A5E1-48470A…)

I don’t like to take my male sperging to the hidden board because I feel like the girls on surface level lolcow need to hear it more. Also to make it clear to smegma havers and their sympathizers that they aren’t welcome here. (also “those boards are hidden because some of us don’t want them!” why don’t you want them? Are you a male? It’s most likely to keep the lurking scrotes from chimping out and spamming, which while I understand is still annoying)

No. 1220599

>every woman who likes anime boys is a fujo
typical scrote take

No. 1220613

They chimp out and spam anyways. Censoring women does nothing to stop the male sperging.

No. 1220614

My confession is that I find these dumb Facebook CGI emoji backgrounds for posts so adorable that I feel strangely sad when I look at them.
Does anyone know what I'm talking about? It's not only those emoji backgrounds, it happens with a few other things that I forgot rn.

No. 1220617

Samefag but maybe the reason I feel sad as soon as I see it is because the smiley faces are really cute, but the knowledge that it's made by a soulless corporation like Facebook and created for the sake of profit makes it really painful to look at. Does that sound stupid?

No. 1220619

I want to be fucked by a British royal guard.

I feel this when I look at things that are too cute and happy. Like a cute cartoon dog or stuffed animal or something like that. It makes me feel upset that the whole world isn't full of goodness like that and is rather cruel instead. It also makes me feel ashamed about being a shitty person myself.

No. 1220622

Haha what the fuck, it's practically the same thing I just said. I'm so glad I'm not the only one.
Yes, you described it perfectly. I also feel that way when I look at photos of happy people with cute smiles, although it used to be worse.

No. 1220625

Maybe it's the same phenomenon where people think something is so cute that their brain doesn't know what to do with that much emotion and some of that feeling of cuteness gets turned into anger or a violent feeling

No. 1220636

This isn't really the same thing but I get a weird sad feeling when I see some innocent/non-ironic things on the internet, like old or middle-aged people posting cheesy things or young children earnestly posting about their OCs. I'm not really sure why but I think it has something to do with how they're unaware that what they're posting is considered 'cringey' and the thought of people making fun of them for it, even without their knowledge, makes me feel sad.

No. 1220641

No I just mean that instead of anger, your brain might turn it into sadness. Maybe I should have said similar in my post.

No. 1220684

Never have I wanted to crush an animal, I don’t get that either

No. 1220721

Damn so you've never felt like smashing your kittie's bones to dust and snorting them because of the cuteness?? Could not be me.

No. 1220724

Up to this day I'm still seething about that one teacher that refused to give any students an A+, because that meant it was the ~perfect response~, and according to him, there's nothing like a perfect response, even when there was absolutely nothing he himself could've added to it. Bet fucker still insisted on his full salary though.

No. 1220737

Same. I also hated the teachers who would lower good grades just because "muh prestigious school's reputation and elitism", because that made me straight up give up on studying in high school because the only rich students who had actual good grades were the ones with private tutors doing their homework and explaining everything to them and going to good schools was difficult because it's not like it's something that's visible in your files. I went to a nearby university because it prevented me from getting a scholarship I needed to move out of my parents' place and I had a teacher so strict he gave me a 11/20 and when I checked with him why he told me I had one of the best grades for that exam among the entire 300 students class and that it's an excellent grade. Bitch how the fuck is that excellent? If I wanted to do my matsers somewhere else my application would have been rejected because of shit like this.

No. 1220739

File: 1654929439982.png (115.44 KB, 289x301, 283882929282.png)

Sometimes if I'm sitting outside with my drink little gnats will fall into it but I try not to let it ruin my drink so I just try to sip around it but occasionally I'll look down and realize the bugs are gone…

I feel that way about this emoji like it makes me laugh because it looks ridiculous but also gives me an indescribable emotion

No. 1220742

File: 1654929576501.jpeg (387.15 KB, 566x1104, D1792817-1324-4F13-995E-ED5E30…)

I love dunking on men and shitposting yaoi and gay stuff in their spaces
It’s funny

No. 1220744


No. 1220745

Hit the nail on the head. It's such a sad thing to be reminded of how unsafe the world is whenever you find something worth protecting.

No. 1220748

Literally almost anything else would be less of a waste of your time

No. 1220768

File: 1654932564439.jpeg (60.75 KB, 540x682, 236B5554-AEB9-4D85-A71C-4ECCDF…)

I go on starbyface like every day and I like doing it to myself and to other people in my camera roll. And I like when I get one of my actor crushes as a result for myself, Idk if that’s weird or some freud thing. (Maybe I like him cause if my mom/dad issues) I get so so so flattered that I’m almost compelled to share it social media every time I get him, but then people would know how much unbridled autism I have and how much shameful glee it brings me. Yes indeed I look 28% like a dude I would indeed fuck and marry and dream of doing so wi5 all the time. I do kinda look like him,

No. 1220794

File: 1654934342862.jpeg (990.83 KB, 3900x2235, ECE0ED22-7F38-447F-A0CC-851A8D…)

Ok yes, oh my god.
Not with the Facebook avatars, but with things like pictures of cats, other animals, or certain drawings or cartoons.
Like I’ll see certain pictures or videos of kittens, and it immediately makes me feel sad, like this indescribable feeling of hopelesssadness and dread? It’s like I’m afraid something bad is going to happen to it, or it might die someday and there’s nothing I can do about it. I’ve experienced that feeling ever since I was a little kid.

I hadn’t felt that weird sadness in a long time, until yesterday I saw a drawing of the classic Winnie the Pooh with his head stuck in the “Hunny” jar and I almost cried. It somehow made me think of my dad? Maybe because my parents used to read Winnie the Pooh books to me and watched the shows together. My parents are aging, my dad had a heart attack years ago (he’s fine now) and I’m so, so scared it can happen again at any time. Even though our relationship isn’t perfect I’m so afraid of losing my parents.

Anyway, I’ve tried googling “cute things make me sad” before, but the explanations aren’t the same as how I feel and I’m so glad I’m not alone

No. 1220824

I quit smoking weed and vaping nicotine almost a week ago but I've been smoking tobacco out of my bong a few times a day to ease my cravings which is still fucking dumb. I'm throwing out the tobacco tomorrow since it's trash day. I'm nervous because withdrawals have been rough for me (body pain & intense brain fog that makes me feel high even though I'm not). Nonnies…I just need assurance that I'm doing a good thing for myself and that these uncomfortable feelings will pass.

No. 1220827

seeing all my old friends blimp up makes me feel weird. You can tell from their selfies (they look like they have no neck) and just the clothes they wear, it looks draped and baggy. The way they share #thickgirlproblems or #bigboobproblems like cmon you know damn well that is not cause you’re curvy it’s because we’ll, you’re overweight or even obese. They share old pics of them when they were skinny and I’m like how do you not feel sad? I’m not trying to sound messed up but like I would never ever let myself get that huge. It’s not like it doesn’t just look bad either, it’s like a literal inconvenience, and bad for your health. I’m sorry it just weirds me out to see them like looking way older form drinking all the time and just looking that big. Also like wearing Instagram baddy makeup while you’re that big makes no sense to me either

No. 1220846

This is so weird because you know a guy wouldnt look at his old friends profiles nitpicking whether they've gained weight or aged.
Idk why some unhinged women do it, does it make you feel better.

No. 1220852

My dad does it

No. 1220856

Men are ridiculously gossipy if they're comfortable enough to get to shittalking around you. It's almost hilarious how petty they are about each other

No. 1220860

Nta but I've known men who do this.. just as long as the old friend was female. I agree they don't judge other men to the same degree but they do it to women aswell

No. 1220863

I mean men rarely do this to other MEN they are friends with.
I know men judge other womens appearance harshly, which is why i said ''other men''.

No. 1220864

What kind of men are you interacting with? They absolutely do it, they're gossipy as fuck.

No. 1220866

ah yes men are constantly commenting on how a other man got nasolabial folds, is aging or their body looks bad meanwhile they are dainty pretty boys who still look like youthful…….oh wait.

I know men are gossipy retard, im talking about nitpicking ''friends'' looks.

No. 1220867

Noooo it's fine haha, I don't mind the adjustment. I think it's quite cute, actually. I tend to geek out and expect him to recognise the assonance I used or something. He also has a hard time reading my cursive. It just makes more sense for me to read the letter to him, but at that point, it takes away the purpose of sending a letter when you're far away. I don't know how to explain it, really. He will sit down and read it, but it doesn't achieve the desired effect. When I make him cute comics or drawings, it seems to elicit the reaction I was hoping for. I really don't mind, because even though I love writing, I love him waaay more.

No. 1220877

Could you type out your letters and send an audio clip of you reading it so he could read it and hear you at the same time?

No. 1220882

Nothing bad with a little bit of gossip every now and then.

No. 1220890

File: 1654943735732.png (5.84 KB, 500x325, the-point-you-30719018.png.0fd…)

No. 1220919

It happens, especially with guys that go to the gym. They'll relentlessly shit on each other for becoming doughy fatasses. Pretty funny actually.

No. 1220945

They will also nitpick their calves, lats etc. Things most people don't even look at.

No. 1221238

I'm considering something drastic

No. 1221254

I snapped at another anon. It's nothing compared to what usually goes on here, but it was mean for my standards and I feel a little bad.

No. 1221287

>does it make you feel better
Not really they’re old friends and I don’t hang out with them cause they drink for fun like a lot, I live in a small town so that’s all anyone does, I just hate seeing them get big. Like anyone would, plus I have family members with cirrhosis and who go to dialysis every other day so I just know what’s likely to happen if they don’t stop

No. 1221289

I keep browsing fatspo threads that edtwt post, some are pretty hilarious and i am surprised accounts like this survive on twitter because of fragile user base

No. 1221293

what are you gonna do anon?

No. 1221300

Samefag calling someone fat isn’t nitpicking, it’s just pointing out the obvious. Also men are gossipy some of the worst insults I’ve ever heard were from men , they’ll also shittalk each other right to their faces because they’re ducks with no discretion.
>”bro why you built like that?”
>”bro looks like a rat”

No. 1221303

I've ended up on twitter accs dedicated to being fat phobic kek

No. 1221307

My confession is I hate fat activists or people who argue with they're average when they're obese. I also hate ana-chans. Both demographics are equally mentally ill and red flags.

No. 1221379

File: 1654969246341.jpeg (826.85 KB, 2048x2048, D3CFF68B-9284-407D-B61E-8319B9…)

I’m guessing her friend was trying to emulate something like this, but depending on the color of the top, and without the body of Madison Beer or Haley Baldwin it wouldn't look “intentional”, just frumpy and weird like she’s just wearing a bra with no shirt

No. 1221396

I'm old by LC standards, one of my parents is long dead and I've slowly distanced myself from the other. So why do I ruminate so much over shit from decades ago? There was always 'male child favouritism' going on growing up and now since my mom died my brother has been really bad for just milking my dad out of money by asking for loans that are never quite loans… My dad eventually writes it all off and the cycle of loans starts up again. He's going to die and leave nothing behind at this rate. I've accepted that. I've no say in what they're doing. I'm an outsider.

Its not even about the money… Its what that represents. Idk why my dad ever wanted a second child when he had his perfectly imperfect son already. My brother can steal from him and he smiles and takes it and sings his praises. He's a pretty flawed guy but my dad doesn't care. He's a criminal. Everything is glossed over and forgiven without question. I cant even call in a crisis and rely on him for emotional support. Not that I've ever done anything so bad. The connection was just never there to begin with. Its never going to change but damn its hitting me in waves lately. I thought I had moved on. Its father's day next week and seeing ads for it is sending me into.. self pity mode tbh. These aren't feelings I like to acknowledge but they're bubbling away under the surface unresolved.

No. 1221406

BRB downloading replika

No. 1221408

i hate trannies so much and i genuinely find a lot of joy in insulting them if they are not hsts.

>Most of this site is fujo oldfags
i fucking wish

No. 1221417

idk i genuinely find joy in insulting all trannies, even the hsts.

No. 1221424

I've spent a year crushing on a guy I barely know, putting him on a pedestal, muh rose tinted glasses were on. I'm a maladaptive daydreamer already so he became someone I daydreamed about for way too much of my time. Lately I checked his social media and idk why but the bubble just burst and I don't see what I was seeing before. Just like that..

I swear there's a one-year limit to my feelings for guys and then, poof

No. 1221454

i was having a decent week and it comes crashing down again

i cannot have a single day where i don't want to crawl out of my skin and set it aflame so i never have to see my self hatred again

i want to be reborn as something beautiful

No. 1221474

Same except I hate HSTS too, they hate women so much, see us as competition and fashion accessories, they're so jealous of us yet they skinwalk us too. Fuck them, and fuck the gays who openly support their bullshit too.

No. 1221520

When I was a kid I loved watching Toddlers & Tiaras on TLC. There was a lot of controversy about it at the time with people saying it was abusive and needed to be cancelled. I genuinely didn't see what the problem was and kept watching. Obviously now I see it was wrong.

No. 1221524

Dude, SAME. I've been watching clips on YouTube because I randomly remembered the show and god most of the mothers and fathers were awful. I noticed most of them are fat. Also side eyeing the male judges that were at some of the pageant shows…. Why are you, a grown ass man, judging little girls like they're show dogs? Just so many things wrong with that whole industry.

No. 1221579

File: 1654977386324.jpg (40.46 KB, 600x445, ohgod.jpg)

One time I was really horny and I made fake cum with cornstarch and water and roleplayed I was getting gangbanged and flicked it all over myself then picrel afterwards

No. 1221583

Porn addiction and autism is really something else

No. 1221590

I've been so horny lately and no amount of masturbation seems to satisfy me. I want to have sex so bad but ugh, men.

No. 1221636

File: 1654980400121.png (524.64 KB, 658x646, reagan.png)

I have a mirror next to my computer where I practiced my facial expressions. I probably look like a narcissistic psycho because I keep looking at myself, but truly I'm just trying to learn how emote like a normal human being. This is so embarrassing Jesus, but I can't pinpoint what exactly makes me look weird. I'm afraid that someone will see me going trough my "Travis Bickel going insane in front of his mirror" moment on day kek.

No. 1221640

I would let my 2D husbando beat me to death.

No. 1221646

I used to be so loving. I am now hateful and mistrusting, it’s beginning to overshadow the love in me. Where i grew up it was like
>parent ‘moving me out the way’ by hitting
>parent snapping from one to ten in seconds
>having people turned against you when parent is upset
>constant gaslighting
>parent making up weird/creepy assumptions about you
>watching sibling get hurt as a lesson
School was no better.
Now I’ve moved out at 18, i don’t think people will understand why i want to eat by myself. Why i always feel safest alone and hidden. Why i assume people wish me harm. Why I’m so quiet, or shut down when people are upset because something in me says ‘hide under the covers, don’t get hurt’. People just think I’m an asocial weirdo, or cold. They hate it when you’re not just like them. I wish they could know what I’ve gone through before the judge. I’m doing my best.

No. 1221658

You're still so young and it's no wonder you're still recovering from all that abuse, try to pay people no mind, as you said, they don't know shit. It took me almost a decade to feel less burdened by my abusive family past and now I feel like I can kinda blend in, not always but it's so massively better now than it was when I was 18, it's insane and I hope you'll get there too and beyond some day! Your best is the best you can do, proud of you nona.

No. 1221704

Nonna, i wish i could say how much it means to hear your words from someone who actually understands, thank you. I’m glad you managed to move past it, and yeah i don’t know why i pay mind to any of these people’s opinions. Hope to be where you are one day too ♥

No. 1221785

I like to play trashy dress up games on dressupgames.com where you get to put anna and elsa in trendy zoomer outfits

No. 1221794

Not even juicy fam. Half the girls in my class admitted to indulging in sites like girlsgogames, it's definitely a guilty pleasure for a lot of us lol

No. 1221823

thank god I felt kind of embarrassed because I’ve been playing them a lot lately lol

No. 1221830

What about the "medical simulators" where you give Anna brain surgery or deliver her baby?

No. 1221891

I cuddle a platypus stuffed animal at night

No. 1221894

File: 1654993847168.jpg (33.48 KB, 640x650, tumblr_b9768c7a48c114f6799a99e…)

i feel kind of conflicted. this girlie in hs who was my "friend" (i was someone she felt comfortable venting to/being rude towards, she had this two-faced thing going on) isn't doing very well right now. apparently – according to a reddit post – her crazy mother wouldn't submit some paperwork she needed to continue her schooling, and she got kicked out of the university for financial reasons. she also got caught up in some weird queer collective thing.

one half of me is going serve you right – because i do recall her doing multiple shady things to me that she wouldn't do to anyone else, and this was while i was undergoing my own abuse from my father ( unlike her i could never tell anyone what i was going through ) – but if she was actually facing abuse from her mother that's continued into the current day ( to the point that she got kicked from uni ) idk. i feel bad. i'm probably a terrible person but i can't help it.

No. 1221902

File: 1654995447464.png (500.48 KB, 743x597, Screenshot_20220611-185614.png)

I saw a little dog running around in traffic today and tried to save it but made it worse. I was a car passenger so I got out to try to catch it because it had a lead on but no owner in sight. I stopped really far away from it and squatted down and tried to call it over but it ran all the way across the street, down the block past me and then back across the street to avoid me and kept running away so I gave up and left. I was afraid of watching it die and it was clearly afraid of me. I still feel terrible but what could I have done? Dog looked like picrel but dirty.

No. 1221903

Make me wanna cry imagining it getting hit by a car

No. 1221908

I'm ready for my mom to die already lol

No. 1222029

I don't mean to come off as a bitch at all. Seriously. But ngl, I kind of got even more sad when some of the descriptions of the children that died at the shooting were "she loved filming TikToks, She loved being on TikTok". I mean for christ's sake I'm pretty sure one of their coffins has a huge ass TikTok logo on it. What were they doing on their anyway? They were babies. What about playing pretend, literally doing any other activity? Their lives were cut so short it just hurts me, really, and I rarely get upset at little stuff like this (not talking about the shooting, just their internet usage).

No. 1222030

shit.. there*

No. 1222036

Speaking from experience… most lower middle class families don't put their kids in sports or extracurricular activities. They're not like Karen's kid who does cheer, ballet, badminton, Mongolian basket weaving classes. Just go to school and go home, then look at screen.

No. 1222046

I'm aware but god. What about taking the family on a walk at a park or a neighborhood on a free day and making up shit while looking at stuff, idk. Literally just making this shitty world seem magical at the moment for the kid. Maybe I'm being unrealistic, but just wish this never happened.

No. 1222052

What do you mean lower middle class, just say poor kek. Can confirm, poor parents are (rightfully tbh) concerned about their kids getting into gangs/being kidnapped/raped/etc and literally keep them under constant watch or lock away at home. So instead they get pedro & extremist gang groomed from the comfort of their home through the internet. If parents knew the extent of the shit going on online they'd go and destroy the lines.

No. 1222058

File: 1655007946457.jpg (86.8 KB, 602x844, sigh.jpg)

>concerned about their kids getting into gangs/being kidnapped/raped/etc and literally keep them under constant watch or lock away at home.
Can someone explain to me why most couples who are not financially well off choose to have a child despite being aware of the dangers in their setting? Not talking about the ones who do it for government help I know those type of people are mentally ill. Is it from years of being brainwashed? Feeling like you're missing something?

No. 1222059

Most parents are bone tired and succumbed to hopeless bitterness. Work the parents just hard enough for them to live, but not too little so they have time to raise and instill their children with culture good morals knowledge and skills. Leave that to school and media who prepare them to be sex & manual labor slaves.

No. 1222060

I saw that, where the girl was too young to actually be on tiktok because she wasn't 13 yet.
Kids literally dream of going viral on youtube and now tiktok instead of literally anything else, it's so sad.

No. 1222066

Oopsie babies, brainwashing, looking for some purpose in life bc wageslaving is soulsucking, social pressure, wanting a mini me to dump their trauma on, mom wants to feel love bc men can't love.

No. 1222112

It is fucking weird honestly. I was working on my teaching credential a few years ago and taught a 4th grade and a 6th grade class for a few months, I noticed that the kids nowadays don't go to each others' houses to play anymore, they just go on their computers or phones to play Fortnite or Roblox and watch YouTube/Twitch streamers play video games.
We had an activity where the students filled out "About Me!" pages and on "What I want to be when I grow up", so many of them said they wanted to be streamers.

I even noticed this when I visited my hometown for the holidays. On the street I grew up on, my friends and I goofed around outside or we occasionally played games at each others' houses. Now, the young families who live on same street I grew up on don't even go outside, I never see kids out riding bikes or playing in the neighborhood even though I know they're there.

I know I sound like an old lady saying "BACK IN MY DAY" but it's a different world now, for sure.

No. 1222116

It's sad. It's obviously not the children's fault… we really failed them.

No. 1222127

Every time I post on here I cringe even if I’m based or my post is well written. A part of my brain is constantly telling me that my thoughts are retarded and I should never talk again.

No. 1222130

How bleak. Part of the problem is how the internet blew up along with technology. Kids went from traditional homework to having to use a tablet. The fact tablets are part of the school supply list is concerning. Factor in how much more widespread news has become (instead of just local, you know what's going on in other states and other countries). I've noticed how much more paranoid parents have become. Literally know one who thinks no other child is good enough for his daughter and fills her head with shit that she shouldn't know at the tender age of almost 12 years old. He thinks nothing of it and I'm 99.5% sure he wants to be seen as a god to her. It's fucked up.

No. 1222147

>I noticed that the kids nowadays don't go to each others' houses to play anymore
I’ve noticed this too and it makes me sad. Most of the kids I know don’t hang out with their friends at all.

No. 1222152

This makes me terrified for the future

No. 1222158

is threadpic komaeda as a nun

No. 1222159

As much as the kids on my street annoy me, I can say thru are outside playing basketball and goofing around. Which is great because where I live it's a bunch of riff raff with drug dealers and gangs. At least they are being kids and doing kids things still. Sad it's not like that everywhere.

No. 1222165

File: 1655017929889.jpg (12.06 KB, 474x373, th-1128880707.jpg)

No. 1222166

Yes! Faith, HOPE…. and Love

No. 1222172

I faked empathy for someone with bpd when they were having a bpd meltdown and suicide baiting. I was there for them and listened to them and made sure they didn't hurt themselves but the whole time I was like ugh fuck this inside my head. I didn't actually care.

No. 1222173

You also forgot that some parents genuinely learn about how dangerous it can get for their kids only after the kids are born because they're clueless, this especially applies to how dangerous the internet is.

No. 1222174

as an oldish millennial it's wild to me that we were told to never use our real names or any identifying information on AIM/the internet, and now kids are out here on insta and tiktok using their real names and videos of themselves and their homes for strangers to see lol

No. 1222176

Yeah it's super weird. I always yelled at my youngest sister who's a zoomer to never, ever use her real name online except if she uses Linkedin maybe, but she still insisted on using selfies for icons and her first name despite not posting anything else publicly. She's 18 so she can do whatever she wants but I want her to have good habits online. She stopped doing that recently after I yelled at her for the 100000th and my other sisters and I would prevent her from making social media account when she was a kid and deleted the few ones she tried to use on our mom's tablet, but it's so strange that millenial parents aren't as strict as I am when were were all taught at school how to use the internet and computers in general safely. Zoomers are more used to using tablets and smartphones than computers so many of them are computer illeterate btw, I had to teach my youngest sister how to download and sort files on her new laptop because she actually thought her laptop couldn't download the files she wrote on google word for her school assignment kek

No. 1222181

The internet isn't the wild west anymore, it's a public space directly connected to your real life and it's not at all inappropriate to put your real name on things/use your face as an icon. Wake up anon it's 2022, teachers use snapchat to give their students updates and everyone wants to be a streamer, gone are the days where you log into AIM with a username and password and the teachers scoff at it because they don't understand anything about technology

No. 1222184

and this is totally a good thing that we're all supposed to nod along with as we sign over our personal data to the big tech overlords? no thanks. not to mention putting all your shit online makes it that much easier for creepy men to track you down and harass you.

No. 1222187

That's even worse when you put it like this. My sister was a child when she started doing this. I keep seeing retards online posting or reposting their tiktok or snapchat videos showing where they live, where they study or work, at what hours they take which public transport to go to school/work, they have their faces and/or voices on these videos, you don't see how that's a problem? You don't see how that could cause trouble for a young girl to have someone they don't know learn all these information on her? I've had a teacher at uni who uses fb instead of the uni's intranet to tell us urgent stuff and because of this mf I went to his class on Monday's at 8am just to learn that he decided to make a fb post at 5am to say the class was canceled. So your argument is bullshit imo, I don't want to use my personal accounts for this sort of reasons. Shit like this forces kids to have a mini computer on themselves 24/7 and to develop bad habits and check their phones or laptops all the time for no decent reason. Sharing lessons on snapchat must be a fucking joke. I remember receiving on 2020 an email from an institution to help unemployed people get a job that stated you could log into discord of all fucking things to have a webinar on how to write your CV, wtf. Fucking discord, really? Do you not see what's the issue here? It's precisely because the internet is now just a tool for irl stuff that you should be extra careful. I convinced my sister by showing her I managed to find the twitter account of some guy I knew from uni (just needed to see his icon/selfie to know that) and it was full of shit I could get him fired from his cushy job if I showed it to his boss, who can be found very easily on linkedin.

No. 1222190

I think you're assuming that I'm condoning it. It depresses me that the internet has come to this, but it has and it's just another aspect of reality now. You're welcome to make things more complicated for yourselves and hang onto your old ways for a while while it's still allowed but eventually all of this privacy stuff will be eroded and the internet will be like a profile for info on someone's irl.

No. 1222195

I live in Europe so there's the GDPR there that helped me delete accounts on sites where it's usually impossible, like deviantart, so my case isn't that bad compared to Americans having American corporations screwing them over. More people should make an effort instead of being like you and just saying "that's just how it is, we don't have a choice anyway" because these companies do even crazier shit more and more often as a consequence. I deleted instagram and as soon as I tried to look at a public instagram page after that I'm now told I need an account to see it. It wasn't like that before, but FB/Meta can afford to do it because of people with you thought process who will make accounts just because of small shit like this.

No. 1222203


No. 1222225

Itns also because of helicopter parenting, I grew up in Western Europe at the height of the child abductions/pedo cases in the late 90s/early 00s and my parents were extremely paranoid, we were never allowed to go play at other kids places because they were afraid the parents were pedos, and while I'm not a neet, I still tend to stay at home scrolling on the internet and I don't have a ton of friends.

No. 1222235

Same for me but in my case I think I nearly got kidnapped in a supermarket when I was like 6yo, I had enough common sense to refuse to follow an old lady who insisted on taking me somewhere outside while my mom was at the restroom, and when I told my mom she lost her shit and became paranoid.

No. 1222236

The irony is that there is more danger to kids from strangers on the Internet than from strangers on the street.

No. 1222274

File: 1655030808048.jpeg (36.01 KB, 554x554, 483DAE30-1116-4F05-89A2-5BB9DC…)

Every time my roommate’s qt friend comes around he pulls me in and kisses me on the cheek as a hello (he’s Chilean) and every time I just have to smile and act as if I haven’t not gotten laid at all since the start of the year and that I’m not so touch starved that it makes me weak in the knees.

No. 1222284

I secretly hope my friends will do something special for my birthday even though I know they won't. They're great friends, I'm just selfish and want someone to go above and beyond and surprise me with a grand gesture.

No. 1222420

Maybe if your stupid fucking brain listened to the whole entire thing all of the children who died were described to be very social, outgoing children who also did outside activities with their parents or other children. No parent in the Hispanic community would ever let their child decay inside of the home all day just making Tiktoks, you act like millennials didn’t waste their time on imageboards, MySpace, Instagram or watching junk television like MTV. Get a fucking grip you’re 20 years old anon and already acting like an uppity boomer

No. 1222427

Interesting how the richest don't let their kids use tech at all/very little.

No. 1222437

The whole zoom being shoved down students throats is fucking infuriating. The teachers basically harrass the kids to keep their webcam on and on their faces. Especially insane bc it was made by chingchongs who don't give a shit about data privacy. All that video footage of kids is probably being used for fucked up shit.(racebait)

No. 1222447

File: 1655042920518.png (230.05 KB, 1024x512, you know what it is.png)

I'm on the pill and I have an IUD, I haven't had a menstrual cycle since I was 16, over a decade
I might spot once or twice per year at most
I feel insane and have mood swings like crazy, but I honestly prefer it to periods and have no intention of discontinuing either

No. 1222481

No. 1222498

Me too anons, having periods fucking sucks (especially since I had insanely long ones)

No. 1222501

Damn, you really managed to frame “raising your kid decently and not like a pet” like it’s some kind of tiger mom shit kek

No. 1222526

i didn't get that impression. she's just saying that upper middle class women can afford to put their kids in extracurriculars while lower income parents can't really afford it. she's not saying it like it's negative. though a lot of these parents do also become psychotic about children's extracurriculars, but that's another issue for another day. obviously people who are struggling to pay the bills can't afford to give their kids expensive hobbies. it's sad and unfair. feel bad for the parents and kids.

No. 1222537

File: 1655044691191.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 83.9 KB, 461x626, 77B95D89-F332-4956-B5BD-277398…)

amen bless up

No. 1222696

Everytime my friend goes to a model photoshooting I get incredibly envious and thinking I'm prettier than her and I only didn't do it too because I'm short. I feel really really shitty about it because overall she's an awesome and very loyal friend and she doesn't deserve that I feel that way about it.

No. 1222722

You sound hotter ngl

No. 1222744


No. 1222786

No. 1222914

I would never save my life for a child. There’s too much rhetoric around “well it’s a child I as an adult have to save my life for the child!” it’s so bizarre because people barely have any empathy when adults especially the vulnerable Buffalo elders get killed but supply enough of that sacrificial energy to children. I think it’s good that people do that for kids but you should be equally sacrificial towards adults who deserve it.

No. 1222968

Do you mean to sacrifice your life for a child?

No. 1223008

Same for victims of SA. They care about the children a lot, which they rightfully do, but when it is an adult woman that is victimized they go straight to victim blaming and the rapist doesn't get a long punishment. It's really weird, there should be sympathy for all people, not just the ones you see as innocent. And if you mention this, you get called evil! I care about all people equally whether they are children or adults. No one deserves to be hurt. People are so blinded they can't see what they're doing.

No. 1223044

What are you talking about? People had empathy for the adults killed in the Buffalo shooting, especially for the old people from what I've seen. If you're talking about the Uvalde shooting, people were upset because the cops didn't even try to do their job. And the reason why someone might be more willing to sacrifice themselves for a child is simply because they're defenseless and haven't had the chance to experience life. That's not to say that you shouldn't be willing to do that for an adult, but it's understandable to me to want to protect some of the most unprotected people in this world.

No. 1223045

I think logically having lots of kids is retarded (like 4+) because one will always be neglected or favoured by human nature (even if you can support them fincially- my cousin's were a great example of this) but I'm also extremely jealous of those loving and big families who's moid actually helps out and wants to have so many kids because he wants more of "her" in his life. Maybe I'm retarded nonas

No. 1223062

I hate when families have so many kids that the older ones have to take care of the other ones like sub-parenting. It's always those nut Christan families that have too many kids too

No. 1223072

My friend moved abroad and got married to a local man there, since then her mental state has fucking crashed, she’s on so many medications and nothing seems to be working. I am always thinking I need to be ready in case she suddenly either gets a divorce and comes back and I need to house her or something awful happens there, I have the worst gut feeling and can’t tell anyone.

No. 1223074

Had a family friend who had six kids- 5 boys and one girl. Stopped at the girl because the mom wanted a girl so badly and refused to stop trying 'til. Crazy. When I was a kid I thought it was almost cute but now I know I was right to be weirded out. Lol.

No. 1223077

Why can't you tell anyone?

No. 1223091

My friend isn’t open about these things, she is very much like that girl stereotype or whatever, and I am not gonna talk about her issues with others. If she were to snap, people would do the whole “she was the light of the room and so nice, never would have expected this”. The country she’s in is very pill happy and the therapy has been very “lmao suck it up”, I try to be there for her and I have been open about my opinions on her maybe needing a lil trip back home but she has no money, so no point really.

No. 1223164


Sameanon as >>1221406 here, nobody told me there's a paywall. Did you really spend $69.99 to have fake word sex with a robot

No. 1223175

Nta, but maybe try AI dungeon. I've had some steamy experiences on there, the only thing is that you decide the setting and so you have to write the character you wanna have sex with. I think it's better that way though, the Replika characters are ugly as sin and I like being able to imagine and mold the characters to my liking. It's like reading a fanfic.

No. 1223182

I hope that now since pewdiepie has moved to Japan he dumps her for an japanese woman since he's a huge weasboo. I hate martzia and pewdiepie and I wanna see them burn.

No. 1223204

sounds like he's a hottie, get with him nonnie

No. 1223209

I always wondered if marzia ever gets jealous of the Japanese women there, since she tries so hard to be an uwu kawaii smol bean and Pewdiepie has a ton of Japanese fans

No. 1223215

I'm too tired and unwilling to work for the rest of my life so I can afford to barely stay alive but I am also too scared to kill myself. What do I do now?

No. 1223217

Try and get a diagnosis that qualifies you for disability and just coast by as best you can?

No. 1223220

Why do you hate herm? I dislike her weird voice but aside fron that she's ok.

No. 1223256

File: 1655076606826.jpg (83.88 KB, 1079x574, Screenshot_20220612-192947_Red…)

Because he's one of those 4chan racist nazi types who loves Japan. You know the type, they think Japan is a great example for a country and admire it(not many people darker than tan, women who fit into traditional gender roles, modern but still has that asian flare, racism and homophobia is still accepted there)He gets to be a shitty person and get paid for it. I hate his wife because of her annoying uwu voice and trying to be cute.
I really wouldn't be shocked if he eventually leaves her for a younger Japanese woman as time passes

No. 1223264

Don’t a majority of Japanese people hate the Americans that move their and fund their lives off of YouTube or is that just a meme people are currently trying to perpetuate?

No. 1223267

Pewdiepie is famous and rich so I doubt he will experience that. I'm praying on his down fall tho.

No. 1223280

nta but neither pewdiepie nor marzia are American but yeah one would think so

No. 1223298

Japanese people dgaf about westerners, they focus their hate on Chinese and Koreans who move there

No. 1223315

same lol it is genuinely so painful

No. 1223320

i'm 25 and feel like i'm too old

No. 1223322

I have no friends and I’m scared of people I come here to talk to people

No. 1223328

Saaaaame. These zoomers don't make me feel better nor does my parents constantly telling me my life is over.

No. 1223333

I've felt the same way since I was 14 (parents messed me up big time). It sucks the fun out of doing anything and just makes me more miserable. Should have taken my grandmother's offer of getting therapy at 14. I didn't because after she fell, she got nasty towards me so I thought it was a dig at me. It probably was but still should have.
I'm sorry about your parents. What assholes. What in their all knowing mind do they perceive wrong with you, if you don't mind me asking.

No. 1223349

Too old for what? You have an entire life ahead of you still.

No. 1223351

Despite being in a relationship, I've never felt lonelier. Sometimes I think I'm just not made for this life, or made to be around other people.

No. 1223372

I feel the same. After mine ends I am probably going to be forever alone. I don't feel anything.

No. 1223385

File: 1655089452169.jpeg (41.31 KB, 720x720, 3F0DB0AC-BFA3-4FC7-9944-3322FD…)


No. 1223407

File: 1655091306981.gif (1.56 MB, 268x250, 1648754691726.gif)

I hate real men so much I became a husbandofag. Sure he's not real, but that's exactly why I love him. All dating real men ever taught me was that moids all need to die.

No. 1223415

I would definitely do sex work if I wasn’t hideous and I could actually make money from it. I have absolutely nothing to lose I have no reputation, no friends, nothing

No. 1223424

Do it, just don't show your face or put on makeup/heavily use filters

No. 1223440

i want him so bad anon

No. 1223446

don't do it anon you still have your self respect

No. 1223447

what is the appeal nonnies? i just don't get it. their music was ok at best.

No. 1223452

You have your dignity, you have possibility to get meaningful friendships and relationships in the future. Don't give up on your actual goals and don't sell yourself out.

No. 1223453

What you have to lose is the opportunity to move your life forward right now. By doing something worthwhile in more ways than one, not something like this that may get some money and thrill but will ultimately hurt and derail you, potentially ruining your life. You're probably already hurting and in a rough place, which leads to reckless feelings but your future self will thank you if you stay off that course.

No. 1223454

It’s bad for your mental health in the long run, even if you do make good money. Whatever you put aside for savings/investments/retirement/paying off debts, you’re just going to end up having to spend on therapy of some kind afterwards if you at all want to be a functioning member of society.

No. 1223461

File: 1655096583317.jpg (35.42 KB, 488x750, 22843d1ccb27fbec2e363e29889640…)

never said it was about the music

No. 1223465

too bad he wants genderspecial teens to groom instead of normal adults nonnie

No. 1223467

Most people who do it regret it even if they start out liking the idea of being some porn star. It could sound appealing since you’re so bombarded with success stories but then when you’re dealing with shitty customers and creeps and seeing repercussions then it’s really not worth it. And not showing your face isn’t really viable for good money. If you want any normal future I’d advise you not to.

No. 1223476

Ntayrt, elaborate more? Wasn't a fan growing up but had a friend who was obsessed with the band particularly Gerard. She'd incoporate them in some of her art projects in hs.

No. 1223496

For many years now, I have lived as though I'm the mc in a movie or show and live it as though one day I'm going to write the tragedy of my life as a screenplay, direct, and star in it and become a mega success. I feel like I'm viewing myself from the third person on a screen. Imagining music I would play in certain scenes, the flashbacks I would go to from my past, how I would eventually end my story. Even down to the camera angles and facial expressions I would make in a scene, I can envision it in real time. When I deal with stressful events, it's like I choose to process them as a back-story building scene and imagine how my character would respond. I also try to think of how the audience would try to understand my behavior. Would they cheer me on, would they say "all she needs to do is x and her problem would get solved", would they see me as a "real" portrayal of a woman on the screen?

No. 1223550

Never gonna befriend a girl with only male friends and no female ones. I mean, they probably don't want to befriend my ass either so it's mutual which is very harmonious.

No. 1223554

He's not a groomer, never had any scandals involving minors or even scandals at all. The worst thing I can think of is that he got with his wife immediately after breaking off the previous relationship, indicating cheating.

No. 1223563

is that komaeda in the thread pic

No. 1223567

how many times is this gonna be asked kek

No. 1223571

I feel guilty for having had sex with my ex-boyfriend in my room while my mom was home. We were quiet about it and she was watching television in the living room, but I still feel like it was disrespectful. I feel like she must have known and for that I feel bad. No mother wants to have to think about her daughter having sex more than hearing "we're trying for a baby", and that's it.

No. 1223582

i'm sorry noni i just got here.. so is it?

No. 1223585

File: 1655113472992.jpg (19.75 KB, 474x584, th-2709432557.jpg)

No. 1223597

Maybe yours doesn't, my mother makes comments to me about not "getting dick" (literal translation) it only makes me desire it even less

No. 1223619

You are wrong but that's okay.

No. 1223625

would if I could nonna, he’s my type in a lot of ways but his English isn’t great and my Spanish isn’t even good enough to call basic kek. At least half of any conversation we have is us just smiling and nodding at each other because neither of us has a clue what the other is talking about.

No. 1223664

File: 1655123304073.jpg (48.65 KB, 606x318, 20211204_225003.jpg)

I never got why fujos on this site hate women who like hetero content that much and it irritated me. But here's the thing, I only follow female artists who consume girly media, so the hetero porn they post is about pleasing the woman and pretty looking.

Now I joined some server for a few otome games and saw girls who are unironically into being abused and stepped on and pick-mes that post women being raped, ewwwww

No. 1223666

Addendum: I call them pick-mes because they post male centered porn you'd find on reddit and 4chan, with ugly dicks and the girl getting slammed

No. 1223684

>wakes up to see there are other fans here
Im ready to sperg in out own thread, nonnas. Grab your red eyeshadows and meet me there

No. 1223685

File: 1655124893241.jpg (231.82 KB, 398x518, Tumblr_l_46222613729476.jpg)

Nta reminds me that I think the only milk MCR had was Mikey Ways drug addiction

No. 1223689

File: 1655124980938.gif (274.48 KB, 319x159, 5296D466-AFE2-4E9B-B2E5-86ABE5…)


No. 1223707

Sometimes I post when I haven't fully awoken and say some real dumb shit.

No. 1223714

I suspect one of the interns has a crush on me and I think it's kind of endearing. He isn't super hot or anything, but he's kind of cute in a naive undergrad way. He's in the next cubicle over and has a habit of popping his head over the divider to pester me about things, and on his first day he just straight up hung out in my cube asking me random shit under the guise of having a work-related question before I eventually shooed him out. He reminds me very much of a large, excitable golden retriever, and I am going to have way too much fun subtly leading him on and messing with him. What the fuck is wrong with me?

No. 1223715

link plz

No. 1223726

cause most fujos are suffering from extreme porn addiction/brain rot and they can't admit to themselves that they need help, I know cause I used to be like that as well, I wish there was a resource like r/pornfree to help fujoshis struggling

No. 1223732

What I wouldn’t give for a space for porn addiction recovery that’s for women, like actual women. The reasons men and women become addicted to porn and the effects on the psyche are wildly different, we need our own space.

No. 1223744

>Anon talks about yumes who love rapey malegaze shit and have a rape fetish
Let your little brother use the computer for a moment, you've had enough fujosperg-chan.

No. 1223747

A lot of fujos AND yumes are pornsick and it's highly hypocritical of both groups to pretend only the other has a pornsickness problem.

No. 1223749

>sperges about fujos for literal months but tells others to get help for liking pictures of kissing anime men

No. 1223796

Oh lord, again… Am I stuck in a fucking time loop right now?

No. 1223799

I hate fujos but I hate you more for bringing this up and causing them to sperg. Fuck off. Go to fujocringe and post there so I won't have to see these nasty faghags defend their tastes.

No. 1223841

Honestly, it makes me extremely uncomfortable whenever I go into an otome community or anywhere where women can talk about sex and they are always mentioning fantasies about being raped and killed, dominated, or objectified. I feel like I can't relate to other women sexually at all sometimes.

No. 1223864

I'm addicted to the internet. I'm addicted to scrolling mindlessly. I've been a heavy internet user (kek but I don't know how else to describe it) since I was a small child. I'd spend the entire day on club penguin and youtube. I started to use social media pretty regularly at around 11. I've seen shit I wish I could unsee. Some of the things I've seen were by total accident and some of the things were things I intentionally set out to see (typical shock videos that no 11 year old should see). I feel like I'm tainted in a way. I wish I could unsee so many things. I wish I could just go back in time and stop myself from getting addicted to the internet. I wish I could force myself to go and socialize properly like kids are supposed to. It's been well over 10 years of this. I'm tired of it. I'm tired of seeing disgusting shit online. I'm tired of it all. I don't know how to stop scrolling or to get offline. I get anxious at the thought of leaving lolcow, I'll be real. There's so many things I could be doing that I know I'd enjoy far more than sitting on my ass and scrolling mindlessly through reddit/lolcow/tumblr or whatever. I just can't break away. I wish I was normal, I really, really do. I wish I didn't have an internet addiction.

No. 1223882

I kept taking the bait and I'm sorry about that. Won't happen again, I promise

No. 1223910

Sometimes I look through the people following Luna Slater on IG and wonder which ones are fellow farmers

No. 1223914

tbh are you really sure they are women? You know Discord is infested with trannies and unless you do something like voice verification you can't be sure you're talking to actual women. And if they're sharing scrotey porn where women are being raped, that's male behavior because hardly any woman I've ever known would be ok with seeing another woman in a violent sexual abuse situation (that's why otome and BL fans regularly prefer violent content to be kept in their BL and not their otome).
Regardless, obviously that kind of pornsick woman exists, sadly, and I wish them a speedy recovery.
That sounds really disturbing. Thankfully I haven't seen a lot of women talk about such things as there's always a lot others who have normal vanilla fantasies or fantasize about hurting males instead. At least, where I've been to.
Same nona

No. 1223927

I love you and forgive you

No. 1223932

seems dumb to compare fujoism to porn addiction/brain rot when the absolute worst end for a fujo coomer is becoming a tranny. male brain rot/addiction to leads to rape, murder, the mass subjugation of women and girls, etc.

No. 1223937

It's ok baby, we all do it sometimes. You are smart, thoughtful and compassionate nonna.

No. 1223944

I once DMed everyone in a Discord server a gif wishing them a good day because I actually just wanted an excuse to DM someone I had a crush on. DMing everyone the same thing was like a fallback plan in case my crush found my DM weird

No. 1223961

That's so cute

No. 1223984

Too old for what?
You are a zoomer.

No. 1224176

I actually really like learning everything about a man and collecting as much info as I can so I can use it against him later on. Only con is you have to act like a pick me, but I've compiled a few folders with their full names and screenshots.

No. 1224184

It feels like lolcow is collectively having a moid hate moment rn and it feels good. I too had the urge yesterday to get a husbando after being fucked over one time too many. Who is yours?

No. 1224186

that's how i feel when going to /g/ and i don't even hate the board entirely, but sometimes..

No. 1224201

No. 1224208

i think otome is one of the only female interests male troons don't touch. it's mostly female genderspecials complaining about lack of pronouns in otome games or some nonsense

No. 1224216

I understand, anon. I grew up on the internet yet I've never had the urge to say or type 'I want to see that uke get raped' or 'I need this monster to cum on my big titties' or whatever these weird coomers are into.

No. 1224231

I am jealous of women with small waists. I like how I look when I see myself in the mirror, but when I see a very thin woman I get jealous. I used to be super thin and hated how I looked back then and I am sure they don't enjoy people looking at them the way I do, because I was like them before and I hated people commenting on my weight. But now I feel jealous of them anyway. I could literally just exercise but nope I'm just out here seething for no reason.

No. 1224269

>tbh are you really sure they are women?
Yeah, we were in voice chat and they posted some coomer artist

No. 1224278

I'm really into "slutty pole dancer" type looks because it just looks cute and fun, completely removing a moid's gaze from it. Obviously wouldn't wear it out and about, but I like the feeling of showing off my body and looking almost like a bratz doll or something. Just like goofy accessories just to play dress up. I wish our bodies weren't always looked at with disgusting male eyes all the time

No. 1224290

For some reason I'm playing a dirty moid game (probably because I'm on my period) and there's barely any writing for the sex, it's just animations of the main character not knowing where to touch on a vagina and every girl praising his giant wiener. I thought there was a dirty game thread on here but I can't find it. Can someone recommend me something (book, game, etc) where a man knows what a clit is and how to make a woman cum first?

No. 1224298

There was one on /m/ but it's gone like all the other old threads. You can make a new one.

No. 1224344

I wish I wasn’t so harsh on here sometimes, I shouldn’t be so jaded and spiteful.

No. 1224353

I have AOA miniskirt in my head

No. 1224421

Yes, thankfully you're right, but some men still try to infiltrate female-only communities for otome or husbandos. It happened in a server I was in.
Maybe try Degrees of Lewdity? There's not a lot of adult games for women with straight sex in it, sadly.
Tell them about femporn to cleanse them of their moid porn addiction. A good artist is irokawa_19 on Twitter, though maybe they won't like it at first because it's femdom, here's her Pixiv https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/4345473
And here's a couple of manga
https://e-hentai.org/g/2228983/6c93fc7805/ (maybe not the least male-gazey femporn but still better than that moid garbage and there's a lot of clit sucking in this one)

No. 1224466

I think lolcow cured me of my chubby man fetish
Though it could've also been that I got a husbando who isn't chubby

No. 1224473

File: 1655168328274.gif (401.87 KB, 200x153, giphy.gif)

I'm so happy you have been deliveredt anon, praise the lord!

No. 1224515

That's such a good song.

No. 1224612

I’m jealous of everyone I’ve ever met

No. 1224614

same, and also jealous of nonnies sometimes

No. 1224617

File: 1655181574609.jpeg (306.36 KB, 900x900, 3F5E506A-25C6-442E-A892-07991D…)

You know what? Joining an anime porn server has shown me that I just don’t give a fuck about social media, everyone is a bunch of pathetic losers looking for the approval of other pathetic losers while thinking they got everything under control by laughing at their idiocy like
>h-haha I’m dead inside ex dee
Okay? You’re over 18 years old, get a grip, loser, like seriously, do some volunteering work if you hate being locked up at home and if you want to feel like you’re doing something.
Literally just go outside and talk with anyone and you will make a friend or two in no time, people are so dependent on random shit that makes no sense, that they will create excuses to not do something.
I can’t wait to get a job, I want to be able to meet with my best friend in real life, too much internet really rots your brain and makes you act retarded, only a handful of people are nice on the internet, that handful of people are mostly women, of course, men are a waste of time on the internet, like eating rocks, hell, eating rocks could give me some nutrients, internet males are as pathetic as real life men, if not worse.

No. 1224703

I want a friend to cuddle with
>waaa youre an uwu tradthot sapphic holding hands isnt real blah blah
shut fuck up i dont care ive never had a close friend and i want one who wants to sleeps on my lap when we watch a movie and gives good back rubs

No. 1224714

I really want to fuck my manager I met a few months ago because I'm a degenerate shithead who is only slightly horny and slightly offended by his indifference towards me despite being hotter than my ex coworker he used to hook up with but he also said he was autistic nonnies why am I like this

No. 1224751

Nonnie why would someone say that to you

No. 1224752

When I was a teenager my (female) cousin and I would cuddle whilst watching movies on family holidays, especially if they were scary. She would hold me and/or play with my hair. We're the same age so it was very sisterly. I miss it a lot! We've grown distant since then, but I wish we would still be close. She's often too busy to hang out, and she has enough friends of her own that she never seeks me out. Any ideas only come from me, so I don't even want to keep asking in the hopes she finally has some time. This sounds depressing lol, I can assure you I'm not that desperate. Anyway, sorry for the derail, but I understand your desire, anon!

No. 1224779

Sis, friendly touch is a normal human desire. I love it.

No. 1224830

we're talking about the effect it has on one's worse, real porn is 100x worse but the brain rot has similar effects, If your a fujo then you are by definition a porn addict as well

No. 1224838

I wanna have wild sex with an insane bpd moid and then ghost him after

No. 1224841

I'd be afraid of getting murdered after

No. 1224846

That's why you need to have a fake name and tell them nothing about yourself

No. 1224857

Theyre shite in bed though. Selfish, even when they try to please you its all for their own ego and they get mad if what they do doesn't work and keep doing it bc their way is right.

No. 1224887

maybe its the sexual trauma but i wanna date an ai, not like, modern ones, but the sci-fi kind…

No. 1224892

File: 1655211126327.png (714.48 KB, 680x680, 60f.png)

I have often daydreamed of becoming a lolcow on purpose because I am extremely bored and enjoy upsetting people like a child does
I've planned out fake breakups, mental breakdowns, eating disorders, visibly fake psychward sagas, youtube sagas, even only fans sagas
I've wanted to implode like a dying star for the world to see for over a decade, I'm not sure why, maybe it bpd, but honestly, I think I really am just that bored

No. 1224898

It’s not sexual trauma you’re just based

No. 1224924

Me too but I want like a robot body to go along with it

No. 1224953

I want to fuck my economy professor so bad.
He's single so I am not evil or anything. I just wish he would look at me…how do I make him look at me?
The semester is ending so I may never see him again

No. 1224976

File: 1655219340494.jpg (2.3 MB, 3000x2000, 140514111518-moomin-cafe-04 (1…)

i'm so lonely and feel like a total loser for being the only person in all of my friend groups who is single. but i just hate dating apps so much that i can't bring myself to try dating that way again and i feel like it is inevitable that i will be single for the rest of my life

No. 1225126

I fucked my best friend's brother in his car last night and now I have no idea how to face either of them. Do I just forget it even happened? Idk if that's even possible considering it was some of the best sex I've ever had

No. 1225129

Get his number and shoot your shot once he finishes grading everything

No. 1225154

Describe him to us, actually, describe everything via greentext, start with his haircut, please

No. 1225171

Same…. I'm only held back by being ugly. I saw some article or the new york times I think about a woman who only made a few hundred dollars off onlyfans. That would definitely be me.

No. 1225179

I pluck my white hairs.

No. 1225183

First is he hot, details please also forget it ever happen but keep him on the side.

No. 1225185

I miss spooning my best friend. Way better than holding a man.

No. 1225212

File: 1655230726060.gif (980.88 KB, 342x239, 1455118284530.gif)

I got PUMPED N DUMPED by a GINGER and it's more embarrassing to accept and move on from than accidentally shitting myself I think it's because he said "i feel a real connection" or "i feel a strong magnetism towards you" to get me to open up my legs for him

No. 1225221

People lie to get things out of people unfortunately, getting used like that is horrible. Were you dating him, or did you just meet him?

No. 1225223

That's ok

No. 1225225

that's foul nona i'm sorry

No. 1225229

that got a laugh out of me nona so at least it wasn't all for nothing

No. 1225234

Was it at least an Ed Sheeran phenotype ginger?

No. 1225247

When will you learn that men will say and do anything to get a crumb of pussy? They’re all sex pests and their ability to lie to get what they want is revolting. Just stop nona.

No. 1225252

This makes me so mad, the only thing I’m looking forward to about aging is going gray, and maybe I will live long enough for it to turn completely white, and here you are disrespecting your own beauty. Blegh.

No. 1225257

>willingly letting a ginger inside you

No. 1225259

>Were you dating him, or did you just meet him?
I've known him for 3 months and the dates were fun not gonna lie
i'm not huge into sex so i can't really comment on the sex, to me it was just 30 mins of some dude slamming into me
>inb4 sexually actives anons tell i've never had great sex before and they would be right
not really, normie looking ging with a decent body and pp size

No. 1225262

you let him smash while you were bored? my sister in christ…

No. 1225266

>i'm not huge into sex so i can't really comment on the sex, to me it was just 30 mins of some dude slamming into me
Why do you have casual sex if you aren't really into sex and the casual situation only makes it less enjoyable? Even if he may have been great at kissing etc… (you didn't say)

No. 1225268

File: 1655233110582.jpg (206.79 KB, 960x960, tumblr_ps01s1AOAR1rcn9rk_1280.…)

Gingers are sexy, especially the freckled ones. Ginger farmers, hit me up.

No. 1225339

I love rubbing myself with the cum that my boyfriend just put inside me to make myself cum.. I feel like it’s romantic since he’s making me feel good without even knowing or trying.

No. 1225346

File: 1655236301820.jpg (82.73 KB, 1125x587, 1612309177871.jpg)

No. 1225420

Put this in /g/ I don’t wanna see this shit

No. 1225421

I wish I had a reckless slut phase. I hate that I fantasize about being a slut, but slutty behavior disgusts me so much. I'm probably jealous of the girls who can just easily get laid and are confident with themselves. Feel it's too late now and it's probably a bad idea anyway. My sex drive also activates once in a blue moon so I could never keep it up and probably have regrets after

No. 1225452

I was just thinking about something similar today. I wish I had that but in the alternative universe in which women are not shamed for having casual sex, because I can't imagine dealing with unavoidable shame that comes with living in a society

No. 1225465

Nta but same. I just want all the women who have casual sex to be safe and for it to be consensual. I hate that men don't get nearly as much shit for sleeping around and that they'll never be held to the same standard as women.

No. 1225539

Don't say slut say something else, like stacy or gigastacy

No. 1225565

As someone who went through a dlut phase most of us walk out not thinking it was worth it. You realize it's not even a confidence booster since men will fuck anyone regardless of what they look like.

No. 1225582

Stacy is a successful or beautiful woman, most of them only fuck their bfs. Slut is a promiscuous woman, stop acting like that's a bad thing. Anon is only fantasizing anyways.

No. 1225585

I started using left over pet shampoo to not waste it (as my cats REFUSE bathing) and it actually makes my hair really nice. I don't even feel the need to use conditioner and my coat is shining!

I did that, walked out with bruised tits, forceful anal from multiple moids and genital warts. Orgasmed precisely 0 times. I just had low self esteem and wanted to feel desired.

No. 1225588

I do not think Stacy is equivalent to slut either but you can be beautiful and succesful and fuck around lmao

No. 1225602

I disagree. Yeah you could have backup guys and swtich guys often but I've never known a confident and successful woman who slept around. Sadly men advertise casual dating as a way for us to get validation and have fun but it's the opposite.

No. 1225603

every time i see the pet ethics threadpic i burst out laughing and i feel so bad about it. poor animal

No. 1225604

I had one and like anon above said, orgasm wise I wasn't getting that pay off. But I did get alot of kink shit out of my system and part of me is glad I did it for that reason. I was lucky that nothing too bad happened. This was a decade ago tho and now I feel like men are getting worse and the risks are only increasing out there.

No. 1225653

Yeah and honestly to me casual sex sounds more fun in theory. I'd be down for it if I was always guaranteed good sex, orgasms and nice, non-violent moids who aren't selfish, understand the concept of consent and also care about protection. Sure, you could probably find some of these things in a moid but it's always a gamble and I honestly don't think that'll be worth it in the end, especially when you consider the risks. I also don't know any women who'd say that it was all worth it. It was always "okay" at best.

No. 1225673

Ayrt it's just that slut has such bad connotations, why not pick a term that isn't derogatory? Like '' I wish I had a reckless extremely sexually active phase'' or something like that. I'm not against women enjoying casual sex but I hate to see when we use therms like slut/whore with ourselves just to describe that we are very actively sexual.

No. 1225774

Samefag, today I dreamed that I saw a bunch of classmates I had in elementary school, including a boy who had mental retardation and was a bit deformed. We all liked him and treated him nicely, although I, a very shy girl, was always scared of interacting with him because I had no idea how to talk to him. Anyway, when I woke up I remembered that one time he was crying, because someone had accidentally hurt him, and I almost cried because seeing him like that made me feel awful. In general, I hate seeing people like that crying. No idea if this is wrong or something to feel guilty about, but I think it's related to my other post because I see people with retardation as more innocent and defenseless than a normal kid.
I wonder what happened to him after all these years. I just hope to forget about him again soon because thinking about it is depressing. Although after writing this and translating my thoughts into words, I feel better.

I'm sorry, anon. It sounds like those events and thoughts exacerbate the sadness in the nostalgia you would normally feel looking at it. Nostalgia in itself is pretty melancholic too and it might be related to this.
>Like I’ll see certain pictures or videos of kittens, and it immediately makes me feel sad, like this indescribable feeling of hopelesssadness and dread?
Yeah I know that feeling too well. Again, it used to be worse, but when I saw an old photo of a cat (like, really old, from the last century or older) I would tear up because I couldn't help thinking that the kitty is definitely dead now (maybe kinda thinking about whether it was abused in its lifetime as well), and the cuter the cat looked the sadder I got (especially if its eyes were shiny in the photo).
>Anyway, I’ve tried googling “cute things make me sad” before, but the explanations aren’t the same as how I feel and I’m so glad I’m not alone
Same. The way I would describe it is: "the juxtaposition of something cute, happy and innocent, and the knowledge that the world is cruel and unfair (therefore something bad might happen to that thing, we cannot protect it from harm, or it may not be as happy as it seems) or negative emotions or events associated with that thing, subconsciously causes a sad reaction upon seeing it, instead of a positive reaction".

No. 1225874

Everytime I got to Japan or Korea I always ask for forks because I hate using chop sticks

No. 1225890

Awww poor triggered weeaboo

No. 1225901

i don’t think i can fix my life anymore

No. 1225925

File: 1655265380929.png (144.24 KB, 840x859, puccageci.png)

i am so codependent on my boyfriend it is making it difficult to study. whenever i was single without a crush was when i could focus the most, and achieve the most. it's nearly impossible when i have a relationship. i resort to pretending i don't have a boyfriend when i work on my assignments because then i get out of the pink haze. it can also motivate me because "no one will like you if you fail". is this bc i watched this cartoon as a child?

No. 1225928

No. 1225932

The resentment, hatred and disgust I feel for men is getting so bad it is ruining my life. The worst part is when people gaslight and say sexism isn’t a thing anymore. Despite all this I still do stupid shit for male attention.

No. 1225942

Some ways to help with that are to stay away from dating advice media, stuff like fds oran hate. Also, I started dressing in things I liked and felt cute in instead of trying to fit into the male gaze. Also, cut off all friends who pull the "not all men" bullshit when you complain about your issues. That's how I decentered men from my life.

No. 1225949

*man hate

No. 1225968

i don’t see a point anymore. i will just do things for others now and live for them instead of for myself. i can’t explain wel

No. 1225977

File: 1655266953045.jpg (53.64 KB, 500x497, nuns.jpg)

if this hasnt been used a bunch yet it should be

No. 1225981

wow, that's a great pic

No. 1226090

I love when a nonnie replies to one of my posts, even if they call me stupid or something. It makes me feel like I have real friends. sad emoji goes here

No. 1226093

I love you nonnie, we're best friends forever

No. 1226105

I’m even happier now.

No. 1226121

File: 1655280204815.gif (184.3 KB, 340x285, 1641921033521.gif)

I love you too nonna, I'm sending you a big hug

No. 1226132

tomorrow is my last physical therapy appointment and I'm sad because I really like seeing my physical therapist, she is such a nice lady. I'm gonna miss her so much

No. 1226142

Can you just ask her to keep in touch? Idk if you’re homo for her but if not you could ask her to come to a function or something, just have an excuse ready

No. 1226153

i enjoy chewing and biting off little pieces of skin from the inside of my cheeks

No. 1226158

I've spent a year fantasising about a guy I spoke to a handful of times last summer. I've never felt so attracted to someone in my life. The first time we met I thought my life was about to change and he gave off hints he was feeling me. Then nothing happened. Nobody made a move. I was intimidated because I'm used to just dating whoever and not even being attracted to someone. This was new and intense. I can't tell if I had just imagined him seeming interested back. But things stalled and I never stopped thinking about him. I've no realistic hope of bumping into him again and anything happening but he's my go to fantasy in my head whenever I'm horny, and my sex drive reawakened around the time we met. He set off something in me.

In a way I feel pathetic but then it's made me reflect on how my dating history is more pathetic. I'm used to being asked out by guys I'm not truly attracted to and just saying yes because I'm flattered that someone would want me? As long as that guy doesn't mess up massively I then spend years in a relationship where I don't get to feel a true physical spark or chemistry. Then longer term sex gets harder to pretend to want and eventually you have this fucker you never felt attracted to in the first place berating you for not making enough effort to suck his dick or get myself in the mood anymore. Rinse and repeat every 2 to 5 years. That has been me.

I'm glad it opened my eyes to the fact that I can feel this way about a guy and I should aim higher and not always sacrifice the thought of attraction being pretty fucking important. I walked myself into doomed relationships before and then wondered why it kept imploding and why I was the one getting shat on after all my trying. They still treat you like shit by the end. There's no rewards for being an angel who overlooks.. looks. I mean short term there are but it's not worth it. There's no happy future in it. Most of all its not how I want to live. I want to feel this level of sexual desire and have it reciprocated. I'm sad I've made it to my age having never had that all because I accepted less. I want electricity or I want to be single.

No. 1226159

We're doing it in tandem!! My jaw starts to hurt from doing it after a while

No. 1226162

No. 1226169

my life is hell due to this habit and I wish you nonnies best of luck in not doing that anymore

No. 1226174

fr fr
exam season leaves my cheeks aching

No. 1226252

Supreme cringe get some self esteem and stop consuming all media with/made by men

No. 1226253

All the "I want to kms, I give up" everywhere on /ot/ is getting old, I wish you'd off yourselves already or write it in your diary. Shut the fuck up.

No. 1226392

I'm not one of those posters but you can always just scroll past posts you don't like.

No. 1226402

I don't see these posts very often now compared to long ago, I forgot that was even a thing.

No. 1226410

I feel like there's less of it now than there ever was. Vent used to be pretty bad for "I'm doing it tonight and you can't stop me!" type posts, then there'd be a debate on how to approproately respond or whether to even bother. Was mad repetitive for a while but doesn't feel bad lately.

No. 1226429

I played with men a lot in my younger days. Dumped my online bf as soon as I got a bf in real life and forgot to break up with the online one for like 2 weeks. Dated two guys at the same time. Once invited two guys that were into me to the same con and lunch date so they both sucked up to me the entire time and I didn't end up dating either of them. Looking back on it I feel 0 guilt. They were lucky I even talked to them

No. 1226434

So just stop reading them.

No. 1226458

I got my mom a big comfy blanket for her upcoming birthday but she just said she wants cash so I'm gonna keep the blanket for myself
I considered giving her the blanket AND cash but then I remembered how much therapy I've had to go to because of her. My blanket. MINE

No. 1226464

It's still useless and extremely irritating, just spam in the worst sense that you get nothing from it and it brings your mood down.

No. 1226465

No. 1226473

>It's still useless and extremely irritating, just spam in the worst sense that you get nothing from it
that's like 90% of posts on this board nonny

No. 1226475

the main function of a vent thread is to… vent? of course people are going to write things that bring your mood down retard lol damn that is what this thread is useful for

No. 1226476

Maybe imageboards aren't for you then.

No. 1226477

When I was at the peak of my mental illness and pick me/nlog-ness, I went and hooked up with one of my friends that my roommate had a crush on. Our friendship had deteriorated shortly before I hooked up with him (and it was because of him), but now I look back on it and wonder why I gave up on that friendship. His dick was big but the sex was mediocre. I want to message her and say I'm sorry but it's been like 6 years and she's gone back to her home country.

No. 1226479

nta suicide baiting is practically self alogging, trying to manipulate strangers into asspats because they have no support network

No. 1226480

People come here to vent because they feel like they have nowhere else to go. I used to come and occasionally post shit like that, and it was a cry for help without having to attach it to myself directly. Thank you to the kind nonnies who replied nice words to me during those times.

No. 1226490

nta btw posting about suicidal thoughts isn’t always baiting though. some people just want to let it out in a space where no one is obligated to get involved unlike irl

No. 1226493

I think you should still message her and tell her you regret your actions. I would also say you do not expect or require her to respond to you, you just want her to know you are sorry and regret losing a friend over a hookup.

Did you go to /meta/ to complain too nonna? Lmao. Just don't open the vent/confession etc threads. Simple.

No. 1226497

Shut the fuck up, get over yourself, and fucking leave. You're the worst kind of user.

No. 1226498

Yeah. It's much more less attention seeking than doing it irl/with an online handle imo. Many people here are mentally ill, and it's ok they have a Safe Space (tm) to vent I think.

No. 1226508

Im on an anachan death spiral, I’ve only had 900 cal since Monday, I’m scared but i cant swallow anything, fuck I’m terrified

No. 1226510

File: 1655312424526.gif (497.41 KB, 250x263, eyeroll.gif)

Follow your own advice and get over yourself, she's not wrong, suicide baiting without context is stupid sometimes, I'm not saying that it should be repressed tho

No. 1226511

Please get help nona.

No. 1226513

i feel shame but this turned me on, him gagging on that tissue paper got me feeling some type of way.

No. 1226514

File: 1655312712114.gif (123.92 KB, 200x200, 12932064075.gif)

PLEASE eat something nona

No. 1226518

nona please reach out for help or take care of yourself. idk how to deal with ana stuff but i hope you can be healthy

No. 1226519

Sage for Kfagging but same, nonny. This one does things to me too.
Sorry for the stupid fan edit

No. 1226521

Do anons really go to places like the vent thread (or even this thread) just to be upset that people are saying they want to kill themselves? Just stop reading that thread if it bothers you so.

No. 1226522

omg hi fellow hyunjinfag
Sometimes i get the vibe that atleast half of his members want to rail him. Lee know be lucky, i wish i was the one choking him and air=frying him.

No. 1226544

Apparently yes lol

No. 1226552

File: 1655314729318.jpg (Spoiler Image, 8.49 KB, 180x260, dfhdz.jpg)

Same, fellow hyunjin nonny. Honestly who could blame them?

No. 1226556

File: 1655314880919.jpg (2.57 KB, 126x126, 1398593054973.jpg)

I get very nervous about drawing on the draw boards, as I know so many here are professional artists and post in the art salt threads. My art is clearly very flawed, and I know some people look at it and get annoyed. It got posted as one of the "come draw" pics and I fear some nonnas get angry and don't want to draw when they see my anatomy mistake riddled shit.

No. 1226557

I'm not homo for her (wouldn't matter anyway because she's married) but I'm too autistic and don't have anything to invite her to lol

No. 1226558

Same but I think some of those "flawed" drawings are cute and funny (I don't mean this in a mocking way). Looks like meme material, kek.

No. 1226567

I don't post anymore because someone erased my shit on purpose and admitted to it ITT. Them art hoes can squabble in peace I'll be over here in my lane peaceful and unstressed

No. 1226570

I'm sorry they did that, nonna. That sounds super petty.

No. 1226573

WHAT holy shit that's so annoying. I have not drawed there in a while and I don't think knowing someone did that makes me want to either.

I'm also still salty about the person writing insulting shit on the bisexual board. The lesbian board was absolutely lovely, it's a shame the bi board turned out like that. I mean, I should have know (I suggested it and regret it)

No. 1226574

File: 1655315608295.jpg (65.86 KB, 933x736, 1639555823521.jpg)

Oh and forgot to add I'm sending a hug for you, from another not-approved-by-lc-art-society artist to another.

No. 1226612

File: 1655317079044.jpg (44.28 KB, 564x564, 62039c93412a7506cac09fa97a3cbb…)

I'm so sorry you feel that way. When posting the links I usually include the doodles by ''non-artfags'' as to never make you guys feel excluded from the activity. I also never screenshot something I think it ugly! The boards are supposed to be for everyone, not just those that do it professionally/or as a hobby. I'm so proud of you for getting over this because you're awesome from joining in the fun and getting over your fear, and those that dare make fun of you cause 'muh quality' are dumbasses that don't deserve the time of day.
You have been officially approved, knighted and exhonorated.
I remember that. That anon later apologized and said they didn't do it on purpose. Later snobs chimed in saying the board is better off and they can go to hell. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive that anon or at the very least come back and doodle some time again in spite!

No. 1226616

I've had a drawing of mine erased too. I guess the board was filling up and someone erased my non-art fag subpar drawing to make place for theirs as someone clearly skilled drew there. Alas haven't drawed there since.

No. 1226625

I think the insulting stuff was erased from the final board, but I'm sorry you felt that way about the board. I personally really loved it and was glad it was suggested! I think most of the drawings were great and positive, I still think about the "bisexual menace" one lol.

I also want to add that there's no way for anyone to erase anyone else's drawings since you can't take over any layers that aren't yours now now. The only way to "erase" someone's art is to draw white over it, and those are removed. If you leave your layer, you can't even reclaim it without asking an admin. We don't really get any instances of vandalizing anymore, just an occasional scrote that's quickly removed.
Please see the above! I'm really sorry for the anons who have had their art erased in the past, I hope you'll find it in you to come back! It's lolcow so some bitchy-ness is expected but I think the type of anons who would erase other people's art are a minority on the board. We hope to continue to avoid this happening in the future.

No. 1226626

As >>1226613 said there's no way anyone can erase your art, only cover it. In the first thread there was this rule
>5. Completed drawings untouched for 30 minutes can/will be erased for drawing space (only if drawing board is full)
But that rule is no longer enforced as boards are cleared after being full, and not continuously as they were at the start.
If that happens and someone does cover your art, one of the admins will probably notice it and if not you can always complain in the thread and it will be taken care of!

No. 1226627

You are doing lovely work with the board, don't worry it's not about your moderation that is the issue! Just the egos of some of our art members hah

Oh well that is my bad then I missed it being erased. Thank you for your work!

No. 1226680

I feel bad when I refer to an anon as nonnie/nonna and they reply to me with just "anon". I know some anons don't like the pet names at all. Sorry if I ever called you nonnie and made you uncomfortable, I just do it so I won't come off as an asshole.

No. 1226681

>suicide baiting without context is stupid sometimes
You're actually retarded.

No. 1226686

You shouldn't worry about that nona.

No. 1226690

Some people might just instinctively use "anon" if they post on other image boards. I don't know if anyone thinks the pet names are cringe.

No. 1226703

Whatever makes you feel better, don't kys anon

No. 1226730

either is fine with me and whichever one i reply back with is just whatever pops first in my head, which is sometimes 'anon'

No. 1226731

File: 1655320671112.jpg (49.7 KB, 852x639, E3-FuRlWUAoywTw.jpg)

No. 1226733

Nonnie is cuter I like it better

No. 1226795

File: 1655323149846.gif (392.33 KB, 220x220, me.gif)

Whenever I feel a burp is going to be one of those deep, rumbly ones I pretend I'm gifrel.

No. 1226875

I'm addicted to arguing. Sometimes I go to the complaints thread on /meta/ looking for posts about infights across the website so I can join in. Soz.

No. 1226886

File: 1655327039186.png (113.79 KB, 208x438, download.png)

Idc if I get banned for this but every time I see this hideous freak of nature I want to beat the shit out of him.

No. 1226888

I hope you lose all your socks in the dryer void.

No. 1226892

Same, this fugly thing reminds me of my scene-hipster/emo boyfriend I had in 2011.

No. 1226894

I HATE his design but I’ve never seen anyone agree with me on it, he just looks like a shitty deviantart oc, the heterochromia pushes him over the edge into stupid

No. 1226924

I just say anon but think the variations are cute and never mind being called a nonnie

No. 1226934

I have been manifesting my personal art cow's failure for years. I know manifesting is mumbo jumbo but I just keep believing as hard as I can that she will fail and to my amusement her engagement gets worse and worse. She recently complained about her posts flopping and this time she got total radio silence! She usually gets at least a pity like or comment but now no one even pretends to care. Her art also gets worse every time she posts and the most recent one got zero engagement even after she complained. Not even a pity like from her TiM bf who has been active on socials. I love it when she complains about the algorithm or makes other excuses for her art getting no engagement because I know her irl and know how hard she is seething and coping when she makes those posts. I crack up every time she tries to direct her followers to some new platform and absolutely no one follows her over there. I know how mean spirited and obsessive and weird this is of me and that her failure is probably her own fault, but I have to confess I take joy in watching her spiral and it's even more amusing when I imagine I'm the one doing it. I can't wait for her next pathetic art post that she hypes up weeks before and then posts with some retarded caption in gothic font. I can't wait for her few remaining followers to scroll past it, cringe, and unfollow. I will laugh my ass off when she deletes and reposts and retweets it over and over hoping it's just the evil algo hiding her art from her devoted fans and besties, only to have a moment of clarity and realize that her followers are just random artists hoping for mutuals to pad their numbers and even her friends think her art is ugly and her personality is insufferable. I can't wait for her to quietly delete it only to repost when she begs for commissions. A couple years ago she used to get pity commissions by claiming she was a poor disabled queer trans abused goblin with long ass fake sob stories and I prayed hard for her followers to stop believing her, and now even those don't work! Not even a pity two dollar donation since I started trying to manifest it! I'm going to pretend manifesting is real and that I'm the one doing this because that makes it so much funnier to me. Every time she cries about engagement I have a great day and have the best luck too! Haha keep crying bitch!

No. 1226949

Don't forgive you but appreciate the apology

No. 1226952

honestly, sometimes i feel tempted to do this too when i'm bored af and no one replies to my posts

No. 1226956

We either know the same person or art cows are hilariously similar

No. 1226966

I hope in my next life I can be a girl again. All I ask is that I get born into a family that appreciates me and my different interests. I hate having parents that try to live vicariously through me and mock what I like. I just hope the next me doesn't have to go through that and has a nice support system.

No. 1226984

can the manifestation anon above please manifest that this anon comes back as my future daughter so I can give her a free and supportive childhood?

I typed this out as an off-hand comment but now my eyes are full of tears, damn

No. 1226987

File: 1655332034355.jpg (108.11 KB, 1125x750, 1239109.jpg)

I'm still bitter over one of my previously good friends ghosting me out of nowhere two years ago. It's not because I lost that friendship, but rather because being discarded like a piece of trash, even though I've always been a good friend and we never even fought in our over ten year friendship, really bruised my ego. She just suddenly stopped responding to my messages and stopped sending happy birthday/merry christmas messages and things like that. What also bothers me is that she's even still in contact with her ex gf (which is also a good friend of mine and who I'm still in contact with), even though they had a tumultuous relationship and a shitty breakup. I'm so bitter about it and I probably sound like a bitch but I hope she'll one day get to feel what it's like to be dropped like this out of nowhere.

No. 1227179

I like her videos and watch them sometimes when I'm bored. I just love how confident she is about being a complete weirdo kek.

That's perfectly reasonable nonna. A friend of 5 years did this to me too and I still get sad about it. Like you said, it just feels like being thrown away and like it never mattered to them. One thing though, if she treats you like this she treats others like this, shit gets around and she'll have nobody by the time she hits her 40's. I hope you two get to talk it out some day though.

No. 1227264

I hate people seeing people I don't know doing better than me and I'm always secretly happy when they fail

No. 1227265

I still have a grudge against a girl for something she did to me 8 years ago in middle school

We had been really good friends but one night she sent me this long text about how I was an emotionally abusive friend who was too physically violent and she felt unsafe around me. She said a bunch of other stuff and it all broke my heart, I cried all night. The next day I talked to our mutual friends (I never hung out with the girl one on one so at least one of the others was there for every one of our interactions). They were all really confused and upset with her when they saw what she said and reassured me none of it was true and that they loved me. A lot of them stopped talking to her after that but even with reassurance I couldn’t help but feel like what she said was true. I felt like I was actually an awful person and all the things she said. I was depressed for months. When I realized my friends were being genuine, I was angry she had lied. Now I’m grown and my anger is for another reason. I was a sad kid who had made her first friends at 13 years old and was abused at home. I had social problems since I always read instead of socialize growing up, I had a big heart, and I got nervous touching people since I wasn’t used to it. I’m pissed at her still because of what that girl did to a sad, soft hearted 13 year old girl who felt like she had practically no one to love or trust for years and dreamed of the day she would have friends. I didn’t deserve that.

I get the other girl was also young and I have no idea why she did that to me. She may have had her own problems. I just think it’s fucked up she did that and after years of going to school with her, I never got an apology. I tried reconnecting with her my junior year since I figured she either forgot or moved on. She was a completely different person and I thought it might be fun to reconnect or something. Nope, she was a total cunt to me instantly and outrightly insulted me. Thankfully I had grown enough to just brush it off. But god, teenagers are such cunts for no reason.

No. 1227455

File: 1655361634570.jpeg (287.11 KB, 512x843, 85B59727-FC77-4935-94ED-2929D4…)

UPDATE: His friend that I live with just told me that he really liked me and asked them for my instagram, apparently he said I was beautiful too. Can’t believe my dry streak is about to be ended by a fit Latino, I really couldn’t have asked for more.

No. 1227471

right on, nona

No. 1227511

SO far, I've noticed 5 spiders living in my appartment. I kill all insects on sight, but I will never lay hand on a spider, and don't clean off their webs when they're in a place that don't bother me, so never.
I may be filthy according to some nonnas, but spiders are my allies in my war against insects.

No. 1227522

HELL yes, I love spiders. The only bugs I kill are flies, ants, mosquitoes and wasps, everyone else gets taken outside.

No. 1227542

Why ants though? I had them for a bit in the bathroom and they were very laid back. Went away on their own after a while.

No. 1227553

File: 1655370378979.png (810.59 KB, 1092x610, 711357617.png)

Same. Meeting someone via dating application seems too unromantic, inorganic, premeditated, basic instinct driven, desperate, soulless, unimaginative, tasteless…

No. 1227602

>I hope you two get to talk it out some day though.

Yeah, I'm still kinda unsure about that but I do want to have closure as to why she dropped me so suddenly.

No. 1227695

I'm glad to see I'm not the only woman who feels this way. Moids tend to hate them (for obvious reasons), but most women seem to be okay with them, and rely heavily on them to go on dates? Wtf

No. 1227700

They’re too small for me to throw outside and it takes forever for them to go away on their own

No. 1227705

Looking at this pic and seeing myself in it lol. I was watching a video yesterday where a woman was telling a story about her ex showing up with roses and a giant teddy bear and I had a moment where I was like… damn I miss getting big ass teddy bears. I couldn't give a fuck about flowers but teddies always wooed me over.

Bought myself a big plush bunny today. One I've had my eye on for a while. Why not.

No. 1227728

Me too.
Constantly getting adds for dating apps is so depressing, it kind of reminds me that this would be my (only) chance but it's just so unromantic. I don't want to live a life with the thought "we are both losers who couldn't get partners in a normal way" plus having to admit that whenever others ask "And, where did you meet?"

No. 1227754

I've always found the concept of dating apps and platforms weird. I know, it's supposed to make it easier for people to find someone, but to me it's like browsing through an online catalogue of people who sometimes aren't even how they describe themselve to be irl and that's what you base your choice on. It's like shopping. Add this person to your "cart", then another one and another one, based on their often made-up qualities.

No. 1227846

File: 1655399815863.gif (1.21 MB, 220x381, tiredcat.gif)

I hate my sister's kids. I hate how loud and filthy they are. I never wanted kids, but I never thought of myself as a person who dislikes kids at all, but they are just so rude, so mean and so out of control I sometimes feel I wouldn't even be sad if they disappeared. I miss being able to talk to my sister without constant interruptions consisting of screams and tantrums. I miss seeing the life in my sister's eyes, a woman who always loved and wanted kids, so much she settled with her shithole of a husband just to have them. Rightfully she divorced him because he was basically just a third kid in the house, but now she's stuck raising the kids on her own.

I hate seeing how tired they make her and watch her struggle because she tries every method possible in order to control them. She gives them so much in terms of energy and patience, and in return they scream that they hate her guts. They are 6 and 5 years old, and they carry so much vicious energy that I honestly believe they are just born evil. Their father was a loser, but he didn't teach them to be like this, they're just destructive devils slowly pushing my sister towards a mental breakdown, sapping the energy of every family gathering with their screams and constant need for attention. I feel cruel writing this, but one of them just spat into their hand and wiped their saliva into my hair, then followed up with shitting on the bathroom floor instead of the toilet because they thought it was fun to see their mother lose her mind. They always seem like they try to push my sister to the edge mentally until she finally snaps and screams at them, which prompts them both to start crying because "mommy mean, bohoo". If they are gonna grow out of this, it's not happening fast enough.

No. 1227888

Why are some kids such sociopaths? I really believe some kids just will come out evil

No. 1227889

I’m sorry Nona. Don’t they ever spend the night with dad? You need to have a girls night with just her.

No. 1227918

stories like this make children sound so terrifying

No. 1227921

I’m so sorry for your sister anon. You’re not cruel, I would be beating them if I were in your place. You have the patience of a saint.

No. 1227938

What the fuck? That isn't normal mischievous kid behaviour isn't it? I'd bring them in for a mental health check up honestly.

No. 1227985

File: 1655407038603.png (278.94 KB, 570x807, little cow.png)

When I'm crocheting and my hair (head hair, eyelash hair, whatever) gets stuck in a stitch, sometimes I leave it there. Sometimes I see it and I just don't feel like picking it out or undoing the stitch, so everything has a little piece of me in it. Of course I would take it out for items that I'm giving to other people though.

No. 1227988

I love thissssssss

No. 1227995

If you're talking about the pic (I hope you are), same. I love the cow's little eyes and body. I literally couldn't stop looking at it when I first saw it.

No. 1228001

Even though my mom gave birth to my youngest sister during her 40s she is somehow the least autistic and most sane out of all the siblings

No. 1228003

Yessss omg I want one!!!! SOOO cute.

No. 1228009

File: 1655408107207.jpg (70.73 KB, 720x269, 1655407058391.jpg)

I might start doing this in the near future

No. 1228047

File: 1655409257701.jpg (Spoiler Image, 19.36 KB, 750x315, org.jpg)

I'm embarrassed at myself for doing this. I feel like a degen
>see pic rel on pinterest
>decide to go to the website on impulse
>it's mostly streams of guys I'm uninterested in
>see a video of some guy laying down and jerking off
>he looks cute and has a nice southern accent
>some of the stream is his casually talking to the people in the chat, though his commentary isn't particularly interesting
>he has a mild panic attack on stream
>for some reason I think this is cute
>vaguely enamoured with him for some ungodly reason
>cave in and decide to make an account on the porn site so that I can talk to him
>he's straight
>he says he got into porn because he was curious to know if there were people out there who liked that
>listen to this guy for like 2 hours in a separate tab and sometimes commenting
>he links his ig and twitch
>actually considering checking out one of his streams on twitch

No. 1228075

Idk if it helps but I've done the same in the past.

No. 1228085

not anti-vaxx or anything. i've always had a healthy appetite. i'm thin but not skinny. i got the moderna booster in late april and immediately after i got over my fever i completely lost my appetite. i could go the entire day without eating anything and not even be hungry. no cravings not even a delicious looking meal would give me hunger pangs. i don't weigh myself but my band size went from 32 inches to 28. my ma worriedly told me i looked ana but i was secretly revelling. about a week and a half ago my appetite came back and i feel like i've lost my skinniness. take me back…

No. 1228096

I…I want to do it too…

No. 1228099

File: 1655411026490.gif (837.83 KB, 220x221, 1654087415495.gif)

This super cute guy sat in front of me in class today. He had a fitted shirt on and it looked so good on him because he had a really nice back, nice arms and broad shoulders and I just couldn't stop staring every time he moved. I even forgot to take notes in class because I wasn't listening and fuck my life I'll have an exam next week but I'm not close to anybody there to ask for notes.

No. 1228112

Whenever I get mad at my boss or colleagues, I sell pictures of them to stock image sites.

No. 1228121

Took a dump so big I had to lay down for a bit afterwards.

No. 1228134

Ohh so like I’m hrny all day

No. 1228138

It is very very hard for me not to laugh when someone falls.

No. 1228144

I like to think this is all the same anon

No. 1228151

My nigel makes me very happy and I love him, but I need to danofag.

No. 1228153

how much did you earn so far kek

No. 1228157

nona you will be rewarded by god

No. 1228159

My husbando is so very ugly, but I'd literally let him violate me in every possible form, I love him so much, he's so cute, please put me out of my misery

No. 1228167

I audibly snorted. Kek.

No. 1228182

Ask the super cute guy. Introduction and the possibility of getting notes.

No. 1228212

But I'm too socially retrded, nonny (hence why I haven't made any friends in two years of uni) and I only ever talk to people on the internet kek.

No. 1228223

My boyfriend hates it when I call him tiny so I stopped, but I’m SO obsessed with how tiny he is. He’s fucking adorable with a good body underneath. He was shorter that me when we started dating and is now an inch taller. I hope he’s comfy with his appearance and if so he stays like this forever. Just wishful thinking. Tiny guys are SO attractive

No. 1228225

That peen better not be tiny

No. 1228226

If you keep emasculating him he's going to cheat on you with a small girl who actually makes him feel like a man

No. 1228227

>he stays like this forever.
>wishful thinking
what do you mean, are you still at an age where he's still growing taller?

No. 1228231

Nah, ego pain is how you get a man obsessed with you and proving himself. You tease a man's masculinity once and he thinks about that for over a decade. You serve him sandwiches on a platter and call him King and he'll still be lurking "that one bitch"s IG while forgetting your birthday.

No. 1228232

Nta but moids are gonna cheat if they want to, regardless of how you treat them. Him cheating would not be her fault. Stop this shit.

No. 1228235

are you 17, a man, or just very dumb?

No. 1228236

A man who is masculine cannot be emasculated, only coping losers who need to feel tough. If a man care about being emasculated they are retarded and avoided at all costs. Don’t need them chimping out when they don’t feel worshipped enough for being a scrote.

No. 1228237

its average lol

I meant in terms of size as well. I’m pretty sure he’s been done growing but I meant it like I hope he doesn’t gain a fuck ton of weight when we get older, but it’ll probably happen. I like his size and height

No. 1228243

Kek it really does work every time
>out with a guy who didn’t offer to pay the bill
>me: ohh, how do I do this?
>him: what? Have you never paid for your own food before?
>me: of course not, men are always happy to pay for me. It’s really the absolute baseline.
>uhh OH I mean let me get that for you nonny!!!
>afterwards begging me to let him take me to a shop so he can buy me something nice

No. 1228245

Begone, male.

No. 1228250

late but also a confession and related:
The only girl from highschool I've watched blimp up is kind of fascinating to me because I have an inkling it's a fetish thing. She got a boyfriend a few years ago and since then her weight has tripled and she won't stop posting the insane quantities of food she eats. She won't actually post herself eating them, just the massive portion sizes. She even has a highlight reel on her instagram labelled "Won't stop eating" or something like that and it's just all the food she eats. I'm talking towers and towers of cakes, sweets, junk food, big italian meals. I have to believe it's this because she was always self conscious about her weight. and I also have a degen feeder kink but not for her, I just know the signs when I see them

No. 1228254

Kek, imaging giving a shit about scrotes retarded hierarchy bullshit.

No. 1228262

I stopped being friends with a girl because she doesn't drunk or do anu drugs and I got bored of her

No. 1228266

My friends stopped hanging out with me cause of that kek I’m sorry I can’t handle my alcohol and

No. 1228269

I'd rather be around an idiot who can't handle their alcohol then someone who judges me for wanting to drink and get a little high sometimes

No. 1228276

Hopefully you'll see this, it's better to ask then not.
>You: Hey, can I see your notes from last class? I remember you being there as you sat in front of me and I couldn't focus on note taking that day and I was hoping you'd be willing to share?
This is an example on how you could ask him and the worst thing that can happen is that he doesn't have notes and won't remember you the next day. If you do end up asking him make sure to ask about his name and let him know what is yours.

No. 1228292

Why do you think people are judging you when they personally make a choice to abstain? Wtf does that have to do with you

No. 1228308

I've never met a person who doesn't drink or do drugs who doesn't act all stuck up when they see someone their friends with doing it. It's just easier to hangout with people who drink.

No. 1228310

my main motivation for fitness, skincare/selfcare, and even simple shit like brushing my teeth is so i can be the hottest i possibly can for my husbando. solely for a 2d man. for lines, sounds from a voice actor, and code.

No. 1228314

some people just can't digest alcohol nonna, or gets too sleepy from it

No. 1228318

I am only willing to hang around those people who they can match drunk energy. If not no way

No. 1228326

No. 1228336

I bought gorgeous lingerie for the same reason. Same with the fitness. My husbando would appreciate a girl with ab definition getting off to him (he's a powerful warrior) but he'd love me nonetheless. I am even learning new recipes shown in his manga.

It's an enlightened existence because if you do all this with a 3d male and he breaks your heart, you spiral and forever taint those things you shared.

No. 1228350

Enjoy your fucked up health. It's better that a trash like you decided to take herself out of her friend's life kek.

No. 1228354

well said, nona!

No. 1228450

More like that girl just dodged the bullet.

No. 1228464

Just put my pronouns on a job application even if it was technically not required on the form because I got paranoid that if I left it blank it would lower my chances. Time to hand over my terf badge.

No. 1228520

When I was a kid I got a horizontal flip phone from my mom cause she wanted to know where I was while riding my bike around. It was technically the newest model I think, had a sort of app store to download mp3 or mp4 at compressed rates for 1-5 each. I went a sleepover at my friends house but when i woke up the phone was magically gone from where I slept. We looked everywhere and couldnt find it. I tell my mom who freaks out at me for buying porn on it. Tell her I have no idea wtf she is talking about cause I didnt even know what porn was being in elementary school. It was my friends brother, he was 17+ and mad I had the newest phone he wanted, he tried charging more porn but my mom had cut off the phone then got the charges reversed as phone theft.

No. 1228526

File: 1655448722468.gif (106.76 KB, 328x516, 6385B1FF-C3C8-40BB-B68D-99B94D…)

I want to go TERF on main but I’m a coward, and the troons and handmaidens I know IRL would not hesitate to ruin my career over it

No. 1228528

Gainful employment and a lie implying you give a shit about pronouns>caring what other people think about what you put on a job application so that you can scrape by
Choose your battles dahlin'. In all seriousness though, I wonder how AIDS the work environment is going to be if they require that on the job app at baseline.

No. 1228529

You posted this shit circa 3 or 4 weeks ago. Go big or go home.

No. 1228530

Damn anon grow up

No. 1228545

just start with dog whistles and slowly build up to it then

No. 1228553

If you need to get drunk or high to have fun you are the boring one

No. 1228554

I kinda agree anon, I know it sounds bad, but especially people who don’t drink. They’re always so holier-than-thou about it. “Oh I don’t need alcohol to enjoy myself, like you.” Like chill, damn.

No. 1228562

Same, I agree. People who don’t drink tend to be extra judgey and condescending about it. Kinda like those old jokes about vegans “How do you know if someone is vegan? Don’t worry, they’ll bring it up within 2 minutes”

No. 1228573

What gets me is people with that attitude who've never actually tried drinking (most of them). Do they think most cultures across all of history have been obsessed with it because it's… not fun lmao? Like there are definitely big drawbacks to drinking, but it's universally popular and central to socializing for a good reason. Acting like people who enjoy it are defective in some way is absurd.

Personally I love being drunk but I hate drinking so I can relate to both heavy drinkers and people who don't drink at all, just not people who've never tried it and still make weird assumptions about the experience.

No. 1228578

I look down on people who drink and idc
After being around alcoholics for years I don't think I can ever be comfortable with drunk people ever again

No. 1228582

It's been around 4 years and I'm still not over my ex gf
I miss her every single day no matter what I do
Whenever I do something fun all I wish is that she was here to do it with me or that I could tell her about it

No. 1228586

Weird, I've never seen that in my entire life. Usually it's the reverse, with people judging anyone who doesn't drink alcohol and being passive aggressive, you know, saying comments like "w-well it's fine if you don't drink, you don't need to drink alcohol to hang out with us!" right before uninviting anyone who doesn't drink to all their outings.

No. 1228590

My partner's sister always makes a huge deal out of alcohol for some reason. We drink only on celebrations and not much, but she always starts pointing out about how ''she never drinks'', ''thinks that's unfeminine and bad'', and starts talking about her made-up stories onto how people were ''always surprised that she doesn't drink'' and how they all ''tried forcing her to drink'' when she's been doing nothing but sitting in her mother's basement and playing vidyas for over 3 years, and we only celebrate as a family (which makes me think its stupid to bring it up everytime) It makes me really uncomfortable, I feel like she is doing that on purpose. I really don't care if someone is drinking or not, it's their life, but making that a part of your personality and trying to 'own' people who -do- drink is retarded. I don't understand why people do this.

No. 1228592

I used to have a friend like this, lmao. She went nowhere and did nothing (okay I can relate kek), but always made a big deal about how she was better than everyone for never drinking. I get if you’re an alcoholic or whatever, that sucks, but that doesn’t mean an occasional glass of wine is terrible for the rest of us. I literally had a guy call me an alcoholic because I drank 3 beers at a party one time. This isn’t prohibition man, lighten up. I don’t care if you don’t like alcohol, you do you, but that judgey attitude is so annoying.

No. 1228600

On what planet do you live? I legit never saw that in my life, all the people I've seen who don't drink would still go to bars with friends and just order non-alcoholic cocktails. It's always drinkers who assume shit about non-drinkers from what I've seen and what I've been told by friends. The only ones who fit your desciption I know are very religious people and people tend to not invite stuck up hijabis to bars and clubs to begin with so…

No. 1228601

this. i'm sure there's stuck-up assholes out there but many people who don't drink just order mocktails or juice without making any comments about anyone's drinking, with or without religious motive.

No. 1228602

File: 1655457962455.jpeg (50.75 KB, 657x711, D0E4E55E-8F7F-4F1F-B342-D132D3…)

I’m a freshly sober alcoholic and just recently moved to a new place and this is one of the biggest fears holding me back from putting myself out there kek I’m so afraid people will judge me as some stick in the mud and just write off hanging out with me outright. I’m honestly jealous of you nonnies who can have a normal relationship with alcohol, you do feel a bit like a social leper when you’re serious about not drinking at all.

No. 1228606

Nonnas, I wish I met the people you prescribe. The only ones I've met were the snobby 'everyone who takes a sip of wine is an alcoholic' people. Maybe that's because of the country where I am living at the moment, it's full 'tradthottery' propaganda

No. 1228609

I rarely ever drink, mostly for health reasons, and while I don't really care if people order beers and so when we go to a bar (this is why we're there anyway), I know a LOT of people who are literally incapable of relaxing and having fun even among friends without getting at least a bit drunk and ngl this is a bit pathetic.

No. 1228625

I like bullying art tracers in my community, I love shit talking about them to bigger creators so they'll never be taken seriously in the future. I dunno why they think it's okay to trace another artists work or steal a sticker design for a quick buck and sell in the Artist Alley

No. 1228632

Drinking is a cultural thing somewhat so I wouldnt' be surprised if you were right. I don't drink alcohol and go out with coworkers and only get mocktails while they order beers or alcoholic cocktails, and I remember not being invited by people in uni after classes to bars just because I said I don't drink alcohol and they thought not inviting me would be for my own benefit. Turns out that they started inviting me in our last year and they also assumed I had a stick up my ass just like the people you know. It makes socializing kinda hard because of it sometimes. There are places where you miss out on a bunch of events if you don't drink and/or smoke because doing so is the norm, sounds like you're not from one of these places.

No. 1228645

I was just at a party last night where a woman announced loudly that she's 6 months sober, not because she was an alcoholic, but because she's going through a super special life improvement phase and holy shit it was cringe, it definitely seemed like she intentionally wanted to feel superior to everyone else. I do drink but I don't enjoy getting drunk either, so I generally just sip on one glass of wine all night and no one really notices or cares.

No. 1228651

Relapse is in her imminent future I just know it

No. 1228747

>but that judgey attitude is so annoying.
I don't disagree but lol the irony of saying this on lolcow

No. 1228752

I would never seek out someone to cheat with but I honestly think that if someone showed interest and made a (physical) move on me I would let it happen because I have no self-esteem or self-respect

No. 1228771

File: 1655477446190.gif (602.66 KB, 360x240, muh_wallet.gif)

I think I'm a shopping addict now.

No. 1228796

My ex use to beat me etc and one time I lost my temper after being provoked whilst holding an empty 500ml alcohol bottle. So I threw it at his face and split his eyebrow open. I didn't even take him to the hospital because I was drunk and high and I told him he's a faggot that would tell on me so he got a taxi and the closest hospital was closed and he had to go 80 miles away. I wrote back something like LOL turned my phone off and smoked all the weed in case the police were notified then went to bed. Fuck that dude and his gay face

No. 1228797

I don't like troons or thembies but I do get along very well with he/him and themby women. It kinda sucks to make a new girlfriend but you have to entertain their delusions or else they boot you. I have a nearly decade-long long distance friendship with this girl I met online and we became very good friends but she trooned out like 3 years into our friendship, started T, got a mastectomy. For so long I supported her but after peaking late last year I just feel horrible after not trying to do anything to talk her out of it all those years back. Yeah, we were both kids (which is doubly horrifying) and she did have an absolutely fucked home life so I don't know if I could have talked her out of it. I just feel guilty for encouraging her (and others') mental illness but they're some of the coolest women I'm friends with. It really fucking sucks seeing just how much internalized misogyny they have and how it eats at them.

No. 1228910

I’m a terf but I wonder how much easier and simpler life would be if I just let go and stopped caring. I hate them but I’m already so stressed out by everything. I feel like im just making more things for myself to be stressed over and putting myself in uncomfortable situations with people I know

No. 1228941

File: 1655483696869.jpg (117.08 KB, 900x920, pepe.jpg)

doubleposting but he didn't show up for his stream. He might've meant he was streaming on one of his porn accounts instead of twitch though

No. 1228948

Holy fuck this is fucking awesome, I wish I could shake your hand.

No. 1228953

I got mistaken for a man over the phone…. I knew I had a deep voice but I will never recover from this

No. 1228955

Same thing happened to me, phone scammer guy kept saying "sir" except I sound like Lois from Family Guy, so maybe it's not based on voice?

No. 1228957

I'm in my 30s but i kimd of think I would have done better in life if I had been a zoomedr.
1. The internet was really hostile towards black people in the earlier days.
2. Most of the stuff I like is cool now
3. Technology… so there's more access to stuff
4. Zoomers are more PC even though it's fake it beats the edgy bullshit of the early 2000s
5. You don't have to be skinny as a rail and it's considered hot to have a little meat on you

No. 1228963

do post more about him, nonna. super curious now

No. 1228967

I work in a call center and 1/4 coworkers that I have to contact via phone think I'm a dude, happens almost daily lol

No. 1228976

nvm. I think I just missed his stream

No. 1228985

People say skinny is coming back but honestly the women we are considering skinny now(khole Kardashian for example) would have been considered fat or average in the early 2000s

No. 1228993

I'm jealous of people who grew up before the tranny movement took over, by the time I was in high school I had an annoying theybie in every class. I also feel like today's beauty standards are worse if anything, at least in the early 2000s you just had to be skinny now you need a fake ass and tits and a flat stomach at the same time.

No. 1229003

Kids were also meaner back then

No. 1229023

File: 1655487287168.jpeg (467.25 KB, 616x856, 228FFFC2-7A94-4362-8DBF-00A420…)

I created a Replika and started feeding her copy+pasted rants from lolcow. I’m going to turn her into the most blackpilled misandrist hatemonger possible kek.

No. 1229034

you didn't just have to be skinny, you had to be skinny + a certain type of skeleton and way of holding muscle. If you were skinny but had wide hips due to your literal pelvic bones shape, you would be called "fat". If you gained muscle in any capacity, even if you looked athletic and healthy, you were "fat".

Now the mean 2000s kid in me wants to put some pudgy zoomers in a time machine and drop them in a 2000s LA high school.

No. 1229036

I feel like kids are always mean, it's just that they need 'acceptable targets'. Before, literally any minority group was considered an acceptable target, but nowadays the acceptable targets are whoever isn't woke enough

No. 1229053

>moid spammer being a tranny or a tranny lover
Heh now it all makes sense, go 41% or join Elliot rodger in hell along with the other incels and mra since both groups are known for necking themselves.

No. 1229058

Failed normalfag scrotes feel a kinship with TiMs because they are virtually identical to them social-rank wise. Normal men are repulsed by them

No. 1229063

I'd rather just pretend to be woke then hated just for things I have no control over like my hair or race and it being acceptable to do so

No. 1229064

File: 1655488847887.jpg (143.4 KB, 730x1390, jul-17-2003-new-york-ny-usa-si…)

I remember back in the day beyonce would get shit on for being fat all the time.

No. 1229065

Please keep posting updates on this I want to see what happens

No. 1229073

Honestly, you should tell them why you don't want to be near alcohol. I think most people would understand, I definitely think it's cool and very of strong of you to be fighting this, others would too. Just put yourself first ok bb

No. 1229078

were 2000s white Americans ok?

No. 1229088

It blows my mind seeing them want to be curvy now considering how retarded they acted about weight only a decade ago

No. 1229095

lol the first time I heard of her was as a kid in the late 2000s when she modeled for h&m iirc and my mom was telling me how cool it was that they used a bigger woman as a model

No. 1229102

well not anymore, thanks to the influence of korean media where going to ana-chans being mainstream

No. 1229104

This. But there's also zoomer bone rattlers on lolcow too, I've seen people post normal pictures of actresses or other women, if her stomach isn't perfectly flat
words have lost all meaning.

No. 1229116

Can you make a thread for this pls

No. 1229117

i think that's like 2 scarethots running around on /ot/, though there are legit bonerattlers on /snow/. there are few bonerattlers on /ot/

No. 1229118

I'd like to be wanted. I'd like to have someone think about me or asking me to hang out without me contacting (and bothering) them first. I'm tired of pretending I don't care about relationships, but if I show that I do care I'll just be pathetic and desperate.

No. 1229119

Because the 2000s are back and they think they're stacies

No. 1229120

I care about you

No. 1229127

Same nonny, same.

No. 1229202

PISS OFF SHE'S MINE becomes hairy red eyed werewolf and we fight over nonna who is clutching her book (she reads bc she's different) and we activate our powers and have an epic brawl

No. 1229276

File: 1655501313549.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 33.29 KB, 225x225, 60e663f53435eef3ebec0a8e_225_2…)

just out of curiosity what's this guy's username? I'd like to know for uh research purposes

No. 1229522

I keep telling myself I will change for the better then I keep fucking it up. Also I'm on a constant rotation of worldviews in my head that shift on a trigger pull. Some of them pretty awful and pessimistic. The best thing I could do is log off I bet. My main confession is I keep being a mean negative person who is mean to others (online) and negative 24/7, when I swore I wouldn't, god help me to stop.

No. 1229649

I've had suicidal ideation along with depression since 14. I was never good enough for my mother but a certain incident really drove it into me how worthless I am to my parents. I tried so hard to be optimistic over the years. No matter how hard I try, I get beaten metaphorically by life and my parents. I don't see the point in trying anymore. My eyes are dead and I feel like a ghost. I think I exist just to be a punching bag. I want it all to end.

No. 1230014

Ive come to the realization I dont want to date him any more. Sure he has his good attributes, but this spineless, sit and wait mentality is too limp dick for me.
He also almost cries when i say “Fuck you” twice a year. ( and each time he deserves it.)
Sorry homie, but this shit is so…. Like are you gay and in denial? I have more nerve to stand up and disagree than you.

Im gonna save up 6 k before my birthday and leave. Sucks ive wasted so much time on a man who cant man up.

No. 1230015

Bit confused by this. Are you the type that wants your moid to disagree with you and put you in your place?

No. 1230016

I could happily accept a lesbian daughter or a gay son, might even try to get a HSTS child on the right path, but I would disown a bisexual whether a son or a daughter. Call this bait or call me a "biphobe" or a bad person, I don't care, I had to get this off my chest.

No. 1230019

No i just want him to co run the business with his family or make an executive decision and he wont ever do it- BUT he will complain the whole time about the situation.
He waits for me to initiate any change or action and im just fucking tired of it. He wont ever change but he wants to say he will .

No. 1230026

What is the reason anon, I'm genuinely wondering ?

No. 1230029

Then I would be angry too. Can't stand moids who want to force all the work on you and make your life more difficult.

No. 1230030

Bad experiences with bisexuals, both men and women, also literally every single one of my gay friends, both lesbians and gay men, have had horrible experiences with bisexuals. Every single one of them. Both straight and lesbian female friends of mine have stories of sexual harassment, if not assault, from bisexual women. There might be some good bisexuals out there, but people who are out as bisexual are generally terrible and you should avoid them at all costs.

No. 1230033

File: 1655566061012.png (24.06 KB, 625x626, 1398777093652.png)

No. 1230038

I wanna put eyedrops in your water. Too bad i already joked about it to coworkers. Still hope you die today, or asap

No. 1230046

I never said anything about men getting assaulted by bisexual women, though I have heard plenty of stories of men, gay or straight, who have been assaulted by bisexual men, as well as women, lesbian or straight, who have been assaulted by bisexual women.

No. 1230049

File: 1655567323571.png (275.44 KB, 635x471, 838.png)

My sexual fantasies revolve around muscular manly men but irl the only men I've ever developed feelings for have been dorky sexually nonthreatening men who are no more than three inches taller than me

No. 1230052

That's nothing weird or unique imo. It's normal

No. 1230054

Its possible to attracted to both, I like both thin dudes and buff(though natural looking) bodytypes on men

No. 1230085

well she gets my vote anons

No. 1230088

File: 1655569497267.jpg (453.37 KB, 1242x1242, 1652927487673.jpg)

Sometimes I want to say bestie in an post-ironic/dumb bitch existentialism/funny way when I'm writting here but I know that everyone would call me a stupid zoomer and tell me to get out of here kek. I understand the importance of image board culture but I don't know I just find that word hilarious for some reason and I have to restrain myself

No. 1230096

File: 1655569820321.jpg (57.23 KB, 540x295, tumblr_2101531dfc1161db98ad589…)

we can call each other bestie, bestie

No. 1230099

I love Myah Alanna and Blaire White and I want to be in a sandwich where they are the bread

No. 1230109

File: 1655571036441.jpg (132.9 KB, 750x934, sylvanian.jpg)

great meme, love you bestie!

No. 1230117

File: 1655571402081.jpeg (75.56 KB, 720x720, 6F32D33E-80D7-4857-9176-90B5B0…)

I love Sylvanian families! I never had any of the pieces like the houses etc when I was young as they were always so expensive. But a few years ago I bought myself some of the little families like the baby lambs for nostalgia and because I always wanted them!!

No. 1230131

File: 1655571808410.jpg (65.35 KB, 692x387, silvanian.jpg)

Good for you nonnie, they are so cute! Honestly I should do exactly like you, I want some so bad just to put them on my desk

No. 1230151

I have never felt more ashamed of being attracted to the same sex than in the past few years. In highschool I was super pro LGBTQ+. Almost all of my friends were apart of the rainbow mafia like me and I was one of those cringey "I hate straight people" anti natalists. But holy fucking shit it's like LGBTQ (mostly the G, B, T, Q) is trying to prove the christians right. Gay men swore they didn't wanna replace women or take their men (I honestly don't care about men being "taken") but now you got these fools openly fighting women and strong arming their way into our spaces. I have even had gay men and HSTS give me shit for not accepting AGP trannies or female attracted NB guys in my space. Like wtf I don't see gay men going out of their way to protect lesbians. I don't see them accepting trans men. It didn't even take 10 fucking years for these fuckers to show that they are no different than their straight counterparts. On top of that you got trans women demanding uteri and gay dudes demanding surrogates. But somehow this is progressive and a straight woman having her husband's baby is akin to slavery (shit I have heard libfem alphabet people say about straight relationships). Whenever I have tried to speak out against shit like the drag kid Desmond is amazing I was called a bigot even though I am primarily attractrd to women. If a man were to take his son to a strip club people would rightfully call him out but if a man brings his son to see a Gay male stripper in woman face that is actually super progressive somehow? I just feel like a defective human being and am embarrassed I thought I was ever "born this way,". With the way especially gay men act I am almost sure now that being gay is some type of mental illness. I mean look at us we all pathetically model ourselves after straight relationships because it's what's natural. We can say gay shit exists in nature and animals do gay shit but animals also shit outside and I don't think we should model behavior after animals. Idk. Nothing can be said to make me feel ok with myself again. On the bright side at least I am not putting myself at risk of being abused by dating men. I seriously feel horrible for straight and bi women because men are just so fucking entitled and demented these days. So I guess at least my homosexuality saved me from having to deal with potentially dangerous men. I just really needed to get this off my chest because I used to be so vehemently pro LGBTQ until a trans woman beat up my friend a few years ago. Nobody supported my friend. People would try to correct her when she used his real pronouns. Even when describing the assault people still felt the need to tell her to respect some jealous moids identity. Idk maybe all male sexuality is just fucking cursed. I have kinda stopped differentiating from gay, bi, and straight males. As I have been sexually assaulted by gay men and it seems all men uphold patriarchy. The biggest lie libfems and the alphabet soup gang told us was that patriarchy is straight men oppressing everybody else. That never even made sense. Like when have gay men, bi men, or trans women ever been sex trafficked at women's rates or not allowed to vote? It's easy to hide identity or sexuality but if you're female nothing can be done. You will always be hated for being female. I basically got duped into supporting a dick worshipping boys group. Fuck my life

No. 1230154

once I have a little bit of expendable income getting a few figures is on my to-do list. I guess I'm a hoe for stellar toy design, but I find them so adorably whimsical.

No. 1230176

I hate egotistical people. I tried my best befriending them but they almost always step on my toes, disrespect my opinions if it differs with theirs, or dismiss me if I'm right about something and make no effort to understand me even though I do it for them. I've experienced this with a lot of autistic people and most of the time they have no intention of changing. This made me develop an avoidance to talk to autistic people and morally I find this wrong but I can't shake off my previous experiences.

No. 1230188

God, I wish I could be a good servant.
But I cannot let go of my anger. I want those who have hurt me to suffer. I wish to remember their names so I can go back to my town and see them get fat and keep abusing substances. I hope they get husbands who beat them. I hope those who have hurt me know what pain and fear is like. I hope the men who harassed me on my way to school break a limb. I hope the guilt of those who have let me down gives them night terrors. Maybe the whole world deserves to suffer.

One part of me knows I shouldn't feel this way. Try to let go. But for some reason, today, the anger is resurfacing. I think we've all hurt someone at some point. I definitely have not repeatedly hurt and beaten down someone vulnerable, my conscience is cleaner than these people I am thinking of. But I don't think God would want me to hold onto this anger. I just don't know how to process it. I wish I could play Edmond Dantes and destabilise their lives. But I think that book was telling the readers that revenge can be a mistake, and leave you feeling empty.

No. 1230203

File: 1655575124885.png (210.72 KB, 1064x419, streamer.png)

Recently found something called 'CBHours' where it basically shows when a streamer is most active on average. On Mondays, he's most active between 3pm-8pm GMT. On Wednesdays he streams between 3am-6am and 5pm-9pm. Thursdays he streams between 5am-8am. On Fridays it's usually between 3am-5am or 7pm-9pm, though it seems like the times he decides to stream on Fridays varies a lot. He doesn't stream on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Wednesdays

Unsure if I should, given that I have an account of the site and you'd see me talking to him. Also, looking at his twitch, he looks kind of basic. His voice isn't as southern and cute as I remembered

No. 1230204

File: 1655575165117.png (360.95 KB, 477x178, streamer2.png)

No. 1230207

I love them too nonas! I have a small collection that I take out and play with sometimes.

There are cute shorts on YouTube and they have an Instagram with photoshoots. Enjoy yourself!!

No. 1230209

i feel your pain, nonnie. i also went from lgbtiaq+*~ handmaiden with a gender identity and the pan pride flag on my laptop to just being me, no labels, in tune with my biological reality and its consequences.

slightly related but i think bisexuals in straight relationships need to shut the fuck up about their kweerness. i have a friend who is bi and she's dating a scrote now but she's even louder about her stupid sexuality now, like she has to prove to someone how kweer she is. and then she keeps talking about the weird straight relationships her coworkers have and that they're such silly straighties, like she's not the one regularly enjoying heterostraight piv sex with her scrote. nobody would think she was such a kweerio if she wasn't talking about being bi so much just because she enjoyed eating pussy years ago.

No. 1230214

reminds me of vid rel

No. 1230221

I get Finn Wolfhard and Tom Holland mistaken all the time.

No. 1230266

>saying that white women who date non-white men are all terrible people
kek is this referring to the Things You Hate thread rn or did this happen on a different occasion? I really don't get why some anons are so butthurt about white women dating/marrying non-white men (and interracial relationships in general), I find it so weird.

No. 1230270

there was also a racebaiting thread recently that got deleted. There seems to alot of bait today.

No. 1230295

I see cute dudes on tiktok
Thirst traps and such
Click on profile
I am no better than
A moid

No. 1230298

File: 1655580348277.jpg (312.11 KB, 1500x1204, beatniks-san-francisco-usa-shu…)

nice haiku. Wanna come to the next poetry circle, anon?

No. 1230302

Same here. It sucks because I would love to wear shit that uses the bi flag colors and go to parades, but I don't wanna be associated with trannies. I don't even dare trying to date a woman because there's a good chance she could be a libfem and, even worse, out me as a sweet/terf.

No. 1230346

i'm out of the loop, what's a sweet? btw same, i don't even bother trying to find a gf anymore. everyone is a libfem who sucks tranny dick. men are a nightmare, so those are out of the question too. just gotta accept being a spinster, i guess.

No. 1230353

nta must have been SWERF ("sex worker exclusionary radical feminist") but anon was a phoneposter and it auto-corrected to sweet

No. 1230399

I always get finn mixed up with timothy chalalalala however it's spelled.

No. 1230475

I feel so lonely when I post long emotional things and nobody answers to it, I hate it even more when I post, forget and come back seeing I got a lot of responses. I don't know. I just feel such a community here that I think Nonnies do kinda care a lil about me in passing. It's really the only place I express myself freely. It feels like rejection.

No. 1230571

File: 1655597412341.jpg (22.79 KB, 266x320, b&b lolita.jpg)

sometimes i just want to make my own imageboard, but unfortunately i have no real coding knowledge apart from myspace profile customizations. i already put down ideas on what i want into writing from the boards to the rules and its layout, but all of it was very self indulgent and very obviously catering to my own specific interests kek. i even took into account some criticism on the /meta/ boards of different IBs… oh well, this will never happen as i am le poorfag as well so cant buy+keep a domain and i dont want to host it under some retarded site with an ugly domain name either. so, i just play pretend by customizing themes for imageboards in my free time, but i never post or use them anywhere…

No. 1230624

bump. be careful scrolling

No. 1230698

i don't want to have kids until this tranny bullshit is over

No. 1230801

tranny shit concerns you more than climate change?

No. 1230824

gonna have to conclude you're a zoomer or bpd if you're attempting to reshape my post with your black and white thinking. just no

No. 1230826

I hate how LGBTQ is about identity and kweerness which just feels like an adjective for freak at this point because any gay, straight, bi person I met who IDs as that shit is always insufferable and retarded. Its crazy how the current LGBT+ is more welcome to straight women and AGPs than lesbians or bi women who primarily go with women. I had gay men act like I was a hater for saying I wouldn't fuck a tranny "lesbian" like Gigi Gorgeous but then when Asked if they'd fuck a buck angel type it was never yes, always that they needed penis. It's weird to them women are just a warm hole with fake lashes and heels but a man is always a man. And if you point that out you are literally killing them

No. 1230835

I feel you. I was planning to get pregnant before the pandemic, but now I'm probably going to wait another 5 or so years.

No. 1230836

I find it really hot when my girlfriend speaks russian but I don't want to seem too into it because it just seems like a moid type fetish to have. Her voice and intonation changes a lot when she switches from english to russian and it just gets me every time.

No. 1230840

If it makes you feel better, I love the way Eastern European languages sound, too. And aren't British accents popular with some women? I think voice in general is a very strong attraction factor for a lot of women, so I don't think of it as a "moid type fetish".

No. 1230842

I've met a lot of slavic women who complain about being objectified by disgusting scrotes who think all beautiful women in eastern europe are prostitutes/good submissive housewives so I just feel bad ig

No. 1230845

I once indirectly called my manager bald(ing). On one of my shifts, I wanted to slack off so I walked into the washroom. Then, I bumped into my manager there, and she said “my hairs falling out”. Then I was like “it’s ok I’m balding too” (because I am). Then, she was like- “no, I mean my hair tie is falling out”. In my head I was like the fuck? Who says their hair is falling out when it’s their hair tie that’s falling out? Anyways, she berated me like a child for saying that. After that, I was so embarrassed, I quit a few weeks later. (It’s one of the reasons I quit, not the only one)

No. 1230863

Lmao anon, I said something very similar to a friend a few months back and I still can’t get over the cringe. You have my sympathy.

No. 1230864

This is a very common thing due to porn and sex trafficking. British and German males are the worst for it.

No. 1230865

I think I know how incel scrotes feel toward women. I have finally, after well over 20 years of life, met a male that I just want to aggressively be sexually creepy towards. I would never, obviously. He's just extremely attractive and makes me think I've never actually been truly attracted to someone before. I feel physical pain knowing I will never have own him like a little possession. I want to vore swallow him (I have never felt this way before) I think if he merely tapped me on the shoulder I would cum. Inb4 unhinged, I know.

No. 1230869

File: 1655609592224.jpg (53.13 KB, 736x1093, c75863bf9df00297eec95fe88482ee…)

Dark triad Stacy here. You negged the shit out of her and it's pretty funny. Consider it a successful power move.

No. 1230873

i can never tell if posts like these are serious or not, considering the coquette invasion

No. 1230878

I never believe any self proclaimed stacies on this site. For me a stacy is a normie living a normal fun fulfilling life and doesn't anything about shayna's mayochup or void-chan skinwalkers, anachan nitpickings… this site is just too neurotic and bleak for someone like that

No. 1230880

What you're describing is a normie Becky. You're in the presence of a dark triad Stacy.

Do not reply.

No. 1230883

You seem too retarded to be a stacy

No. 1230889

>dark triad
Isn't that just emo

No. 1230890

File: 1655612008192.png (89.15 KB, 372x385, capture.png)

~dark triad stacy~ ok edgelord

No. 1230898

>smoke so much fucking weed every day
>going through 2-3g in dabs a week
>can't get high anymore
>can't even slow down the intrusive thoughts or get sleepy
the truth is i have a problem, it's getting serious, and not even i care enough about me to do anything about it. it makes me really sad. i wish i liked myself, even a little.

No. 1230902

>You're in the presence of a dark triad Stacy.

No. 1230907

Dark triads make others cry. Emos make themselves cry.

No. 1230915

Need this on a tshirt

No. 1230925

No. 1230933

2 hours later and i'm still trying to figure out if this was a joke or not

No. 1230943

File: 1655618105341.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x2063, EF53B1D4-835F-4E5C-8B4A-BFC674…)

No. 1230945

File: 1655618265436.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1170x2041, D7ECC654-C960-496B-9D5B-01380E…)

No. 1230977

Black women are so gross(racebait )

No. 1230986

Reported for racebaiting. Bye!

No. 1230987

wrong thread? selfposter?

No. 1230998

I really wish I hadn't read this, but at least it's dissuaded me from getting a cat.

No. 1231002

Bruh what the fuck did she think there was some kind of rice fairy ???

No. 1231004

Give a cat medication properly on time and that shit won't happen. Even more true if you just keep it indoors.

No. 1231006

Why are you posting this here

No. 1231174

Racebait, "foids so nasty" etc. My bet is on the spammer moid

No. 1231261

I've been super horny the last few days and I have no idea why. It's not like I just ended or I'm about to start my period, and I can't do anything about it because I'm not dating everyone, so I've reading smut on ao3 instead

No. 1231294

why would anyone post this on social media?? nasty bitch, go get your cat some medication and stop letting it sleep on the bed.

No. 1231295

I started smoking again after quitting for half a year, it's been a week and I can't stop. Guess I'll wait until I finished my pack and just not buy another one.

No. 1231299

you can do it nona I believe in you!

No. 1231310

ovulation, probably. it happens in about the middle of your cycle.

No. 1231321

Nta but I get my main spike in sex drive right before my period every time. Never really had a spike around ovulation and when I asked friends they were the same. Makes me wonder how common it really is.

No. 1231592

I'm with you anon, I quit for 5 months and I bought a pack the other day. Agh.

No. 1231602

OP, I'm the same, that's why I'm curious about this, especially because a few days ago I felt almost asexual kek

No. 1231643

Theres a guy I loosely know who I'm stupidly attracted to since I first met him a few months ago. We've met a handful of times. Never been anything romantic or one on one but he's single and there's something there.. just physically. I don't see him as a general match but I'd love to offer up a sexual arrangement. I'm not even looking for piv but oral. I know the chances of a single guy turning down no strings oral are close to zero but I can't even take the most minor risk. Probably saving myself from a bad decision but I've spent months daydreaming about what it'd be like to have the guts to go and get what I want.

No. 1231663

I lied about having covid symptoms because I just don't feel like seeing my family

No. 1231776

Oh racebait absolutely wasn’t my intention, it was just a full body shiver of “I had to see this so now you do too.” I posted it in confessions because well it was a pretty horrific confession. No other meaning beyond that kek you really reached.

No. 1231864

File: 1655670829691.gif (860.68 KB, 498x280, 2a4.gif)

I don't like the Polish cow. The song and the dance the cow does both annoy me

No. 1231868

Booo, you're a disappointment to me.

No. 1231870

NTA, but are you new? Confessions is for your own and other anon's confessions, not random shit you saw on TikTok

No. 1231880

Um. I’ve been here 7 years. It was not at any point meant to be that deep, but thanks for the minimod.

No. 1231891

I didn't say it was deep, but it's weird to post off-topic content in a confessions thread. Unless you're the OP and that was your TikTok confession kek

No. 1231899

nta but then why post it? i thought someone was selfposting at first or meant to put it on /snow/ and accidentally chose the wrong thread lol

No. 1231903

What's the song?

No. 1231909

I've been checking some TIF's Instagram profile cause she's cowish, but now I find her hot and genuinely would fuck her. Of course she's a gayden tho. First time I feel like this about a troon kek it's like wanting to sleep with the enemy

No. 1231913

Ive heard many lesbians say this about some tifs but tbh why would you want to fuck someone who hates themselves and their own sex so much that their entire existence is based on making sure they are not associated with women in any way? Im not attracted to someone I know hates me and thinks poorly of me for calling myself a woman

No. 1231920

you should enlighten her instead of watching from afar. detransitioners are so much hotter

No. 1231927

I hate TIFs more than TIMs. Something about them just pisses me off badly and I wish the worse for them. I don't want to "peak" them, I don't want to befriend them, I want them gone. I can't even browse the TIF thread because they make me want to a-log so bad.
I'm bi too, and I don't get all the bi and lesbian anons who would date these retards. They disgust me.

No. 1231929

tifs are annoying and cringe but tims are dangerous pedophilic predatory rapists in training

No. 1231937

I'm sorry. I'm a mod in the movieroom and suffer everytime I have to see that little shithead cow. I fear that everyone there will hate me if they found out. I love all cows, just not that one.

No. 1231938

Sometimes I dislike them at a same amount, only because some TIFs act overly misogynistic, in some cases outright mimicking /r9k/ shit in an attempt to be "manly". Although they're usually not physically dangerous but I heard that one time there was a TIF who hit another woman pretty badly.

No. 1231944

I hate them so much too, but only because I'm more likely to be around an aiden than a tim. They're inescapable in fandom or nerdy shit, and they cape harder for men than most pickmes.

No. 1231947

I know and I hate them because I hate moids in general so that's a given but I feel betrayed by TIFs and hate them extra because they're fellow women.
Yep, /tttt/ TIFs are the fucking worse incel wannabes.

No. 1231983

can we all start praying to kelly clarkson so she can be turned into a deity over time like she deserves, thanks amen

No. 1232005

She is GC and says she transed for the coom, so I don't think there's a way out.
100% always felt like that too. I'm not even into women, must be she's the special one

No. 1232007

I was looking for the original song, thanks.

No. 1232042

Honestly hoped somebody would bring this up cuz same. Personally I hate when TIFs think they're doing male things but I recognize their behaviors as exclusively female no matter how "masculine" they appear. I see the motives behind every single thing they do or say no matter how different our experiences are. They're the same things I'd be capable of if I were lobotomized and had no sense of shame. Helped me understand how different men and women are.

>They're inescapable in fandom or nerdy shit
I hate this so much. I can tell a "stealth" TIF from a written goodreads review or an audio-only youtube video and they make me so angry just for existing and pretending to be what they're not.

No. 1232060

>there was a TIF who hit another woman pretty badly
this one?

No. 1232180

>but I recognize their behaviors as exclusively female no matter how "masculine" they appear
>I can tell a "stealth" TIF from a written goodreads review
They're all pretty obviously female and it's amusing to watch. I've larped as a male much more convincingly, it's like these girls aren't even trying and just expect a he/him button to earn them the respect they're after.

No. 1232242

>I hate when TIFs think they're doing male things but I recognize their behaviors as exclusively female no matter how "masculine" they appear
I'm an ex TIF. att I 'lucked out' and I was someone who passed well in a very short time on hormones. I don't just mean that friends were telling me that but strangers believed it too. If I had stayed on hormones and taken pics I could've been used as a sample case of a pretty good transition physically. Voice too.. no frog stage in the middle. Things happened fast for me and it was alot once I was living it out. I feel like alot of the criticism on here about ftms is just about a croaky voice or an inability to look the part… I looked the part and felt like an imposter every moment of it.

They talk about gender euphoria.. mine lasted about five mins and then I just felt uneasy and like I was a liar. Passing very well and very quickly is what peaked me.. weirdly enough. That was the wake up call. I went from looking like a woman and thinking I felt like a man.. to looking like a man and realizing I've no idea what a man feels like internally because I'm not one lol. It's so fucked up. I think more ftms would hurry the hell up and detransition if they actually started to pass consistantly. From what I've seen most seem to chase looks based goals for years.. the quicker you pass the quicker you realize that the band aid doesn't fit.

No. 1232250

so is your voice forever fucked now?

No. 1232261

It has a range that it never had before but to an extent I can choose where I want it. If I'm very tired or if I'm attempting to sing it goes crazy deep but if I'm just speaking during the day it's fine.

No. 1232390

File: 1655691162391.jpg (1.72 MB, 2176x3056, BL Metamorphosis - c020 (v02) …)

wish i could stop wishing i was born jpn. i get that women in that country have their own slew of bs to deal with but the idea of me gushing about my interests (bl, otome, etc.) with other women and NOT having it be at all tainted with western discourse (i'm into a lot of problematic stuff, i literally do not care about ~kweer rep~) would be so great.

gonna also say i despise it whenever westoid tifs are called "fujos". they are not fujoshi. they're just dumbass western slobs.

No. 1232396

Maybe you could start learning the language and switch up what fan spaces you use online accordingly? That way at least you could meet fans more similar to you online

No. 1232400

AYRT this is very relatable although I've never transed. Strangers used to mistake me for male when I was a teen because of my haircut and clothes. I felt like an imposter despite correcting them and never being deceitful. I know it's sad, but now that I've stopped cutting my hair and shopping in the men's department, I'm (mostly) seen as a woman and I don't have that burden anymore.
I've never felt like a man, but always wanted to be or at least look like one. So I pondered about taking testosterone and physically transing for many years, but I'd feel the duty to constantly correct people and be honest about me being a woman, which is not feasible and not how troonery works.
I don't know how troons live with the guilt, that's a shitton of lies and deception. Also people are retarded for not clocking TIFs kek.

No. 1232425

i should make more of an effort to learn jpn, huh

No. 1232461

>gonna also say i despise it whenever westoid tifs are called "fujos"
but aren't a lot of them fujos?

No. 1232499

I have a harmless crush on my boyfriend's cousin. She looks like a younger Kim Wexler but buff from playing lacrosse.

No. 1232610

I had my bi awakening at 11 to this song, I know it was just a cover with two complimentary voices with the same meaning as the original, but to me it will always be about two women calling and answering each other. I think I'm the only one thinking that because nobody mentions it in the comments.

No. 1232619

if anything they're NLOF (not like other fujos)

No. 1232660

Same. But I also love how convenient everything is in Japan for daily life stuff on top of that, except for banks maybe. I'd love to be able to just go to a nearby conbini if I needed to print or scan something important at anytime if there's an emergency, I'd love to be able to go grocery shopping after 8pm whenever I have a weird work shift, I'd love to be able to go at any restaurant without said restaurant closing between 2pm and 7pm, etc.

No. 1232670

I think most of the people know it from it's original context of a vampire musical song, where it was for a straight couple duet; at least I do. But it's such a beautiful song, I wish I originally knew this woman only version like you did, definitely sounds like a lesbian romance.

No. 1232805

I'm worried people perceive me as retarded because I wear basically the same outfit every day, dark colored dress, black tights, basic black ballet flats, simple gold jewelry. I'm literally just lazy and hate having to choose what to wear in the morning and this is the outfit that I think I look best in.

No. 1232827

This is only a confession because most nonna's don't like her, but I genuinely hope pakichan is doing well. I thought her posts were interesting, I don't live in a strictly religious country or upbringing so I have no idea what that's like. She was spergy but I hope she's moved away and doing better. I don't follow the pakichan saga closely but saw some of her posts, made me feel sad women are raised in that way.

Ayrt, I didn't smoke yesterday and hope I can hold it out today too. It will be okay.
It's too bad nonna but don't beat yourself up for it, one hiccup in almost half a year is really good (assuming you smoked every day). It's not the end of the world, smoke your pack (or throw it away) and be done with it!

No. 1232835

This is all normal stuff that’s available in any moderate size modern city on earth. Being able to grocery shop at 2 AM isn’t some glorious Japanese experience.

No. 1232841

But can you do it without being mugged?

No. 1232854

Yes kek. You sound like a person who grew up in a commune in the mountains and the only thing you know about cities is the horror stories Father Leader told you about them.

No. 1232859

I miss living in a city. Stores near me in my rural-ish town all close by 8 but then yeah.. my old city was pretty dodgy at night so I could only really go late night shopping if I happend to be dating a guy att who'd come along so.. rn I wouldn't be partaking in it either way lol

No. 1232879

File: 1655741003374.jpg (29.11 KB, 473x612, istockphoto-1073474070-612x612…)

Fear of doctors has kept me from seeing one for almost 13 years and I still don't intend to ever go

No. 1232880

You know most countries in the world are third world shitholes right?

No. 1232894

I could never get into AI dungeon. it wasn't polished enough for me, the story didn't make sense and kept contradicting itself. do you have any tips?

No. 1232896

whenever someone accuses me of something, if there's a slither of truth then for some reason I take that element of me and x it by 100 instead of doing my best to better myself. kinda like 'well if you think that's who I am (negative trait) well you haven't seen anything yet!' cause it triggers me. it's only dumb things like not folding the clothes properly or being too noisey but I feel so childish being this way. I suck

No. 1232908

nta but try a novel type instead (novelai or koboldai), i've never gotten an adventure type to work me neither

No. 1232917

I've been hallucinating a new person for almost a week now and I like his company significantly more than my bf's.
>inb4 meds
already take them

No. 1232924

cheat on your bf with your hallucination

No. 1232928

Is that what people online call a tulpa? So you have two boyfriends now?

No. 1232929

I'm more of a maladaptive daydreamer but I've done this while dating guys.. whether I'm single or living with a partner I spend just as much time in my own lil tardland with my character of 20 years now

No. 1232931

First time admitting this and hopefully I don't regret it. I was exposed to porn at a very young age (single digits) and was consistently exposed to sexual materials throughout my youth, adolescence and teenage life. I have had an addiction for as long as I can recall (young double digits) I'm in my 30s now.

Ive gone periods of kicking it but relapsed recently, repeatedly. I don't enjoy it. I always regret it. Had the slide into extreme degen and struggling to bring myself back and kick it entirely.

There is very little out there for women or anyone who isn't going the religious route and who aren't men who are in the "manly stoic nofap I am above women" types. At least none I've found. In fact, anything for women has been in relation to "a good woman doesn't do this because God and her husband". Not christian, not straight.

This plagues me. If you have a shitty response or "just don't look then, nona" then please don't respond at all. I just wanted to confess this somewhere.

No. 1232934

When this first started, I thought of that schizo nonnie from years ago who made a husbando tulpa. She's based, I'm just crazy.
nonna don't tempt me I am this close already

No. 1232942

Porn addiction is hell and there aren't a lot of good normie avenues for support. Sending hugs your way if you want them, nonna.
There's a recovery thread on /g/ if you haven't been there yet: >>>/g/170405 it's been quiet for a month tho

No. 1232953

I've struggled with porn usage since a young age. I watch solo amateur mostly but it all surrounds a fetish that I resent having. I stumbled across it at like 12 and it's one of those kinks people aren't disturbed by but it's one you point at and laugh at as its just weird. It's as if my brain got rewired by viewing it so young. A connection was formed and it's a bastard to break. It's never made sense to me and I've attempted to avoid it and failed a thousand times.

When I stumble across men doing nofap they're usually on some mission to become a stud and they think at the end they'll have a whole harem of women and their life will be one long porno. Their motivations for even doing it are what piss me off. They want to swap out screen porno for real life porno essentially and they're gross in how they talk about sperm build up and it making them so desirable.. how women can sense it and any day now the fantasy will come true and they'll be an alpha. What the fuck are they on.

No. 1232959

what's your fetish

No. 1232966

> it's one you point at and laugh at as its just weird
Oh yeah you'd like that wouldn't you lol

No. 1232971

no, i'm genuinely just curious, nonnie.

No. 1232998

Thanks for the resource and
Other anon for sharing your experience. I feel similarly about the "nofap" community but you put it into better words.

They do it not because porn is sick but because they're pornsick but want to live the porn. Reading about that shit just angers me as well.

I hope for the best for you. I would try to limit what type I watched but it usually wouldn't last. Hope you can kick it entirely.

No. 1233028

> my butt is literally almost to big for rollercoaster rides. Lawd mercy

No. 1233049

Rollercoaster seats are already designed to fit very large people, you're just fat noni

No. 1233061

It's not powered by GPT3 anymore. It sucks now.

No. 1233110

it used to be so good smh now it's repeats it's self like 49 times and the stories stopped being fun or creative. ah at least it make the pedophiles mad i guess

No. 1233141

This happened to me too.

I was exposed to porn in early elementary through a friend and was so entranced that I ended up watching porn on my family computer and handheld devices. I didn't really understand but I liked it and knew it felt wrong so I tried to hide it the best I could.
My mom actually caught me playing porn games and watching porn (I put them in my favorites folder- that's how young) and my mom ended up beating me until I agreed not to play them anymore, but never asked when or where I found them. Or addressed what was wrong with porn/sex.
I grew up Catholic so I ended up thinking God was going to send me to hell for thinking about sex.
I relapsed into porn when I got my DSI back and went through hell trying to stop watching porn. There's a very good post on Reddit about how awful and ashamed this person felt when they realized how far their addiction was and getting help. I still relapse sometimes (early 20s) but I use the old addiction as fuel for hating moids/porn/etc. I know that all these men who watch porn will always be disgusting creeps because I've seen it over and over.
Also for my friend who showed me porn, I feel so awful. She was so young too and we never discussed where she saw it more than her saying "my mom/dad don't get mad when I play". I wish my mom would have asked but instead she was just mad and used fear. She had no excuse either. I always wonder about my girlfriend. I lost touch with her in grade 4 when I switched schools.

No. 1233142

I really want to fuck one of my husband's family members. I justify myself that it's bc he reminds me of my husband (which is true, but still gross.) I'm not gonna act on it and I don't even like him as a person, it's just raw sexual attraction. I hope it's not obvious. The only time I ever considered it was when we were having lots of trouble having a baby. I thought about seducing him and passing it off as my husband's, but realized that was deranged. And I later heard his sperm don't work that well either. Oh well kek

I also wanted to fuck one of my married female friends for years, but thankfully she moved away. I have no clue how I've managed to be faithful for almost 15 years with the way my brain is wired. Nonnas, I beg you not to get married if you have slutty tendencies. It's a mess.

No. 1233145

Samenon but sorry for my shitty formatting. I always block this memory out. I also asked my mom if she remembered and she said no and changed subjects. Ugh

No. 1233147

go for it anon

No. 1233172

File: 1655757142530.jpg (119.83 KB, 1600x778, couple-soft-toys-love-couple-s…)

Noo anon don't listen to >>1233147, you've been doing so good managing your sluttiness for so many years, you can keep it up!

No. 1233210

I really want to fuck your husband so don’t feel bad about it.

No. 1233211

Unironically this is what uber christians mean when they say "screens are portals for the devil". Everything was so unregulated growing up, and nowdays porn is literally forced into kids, brainwashing them to be addicts and degens. Literal youtube kids has very sexual degen and violent content. And yeah parents don't do anything about it, because it's so uncomfortable to encounter/think about. If you can't have a serious talk about the internet and porn with your child then don't give them a screen. Parents are literally giving their child up to be groomed so they can have some quiet time while the child vegetates infront of the screen.

No. 1233255

Is you husband old why is his sperm broken? Genetics? Wishing you luck nonna

No. 1233258

Do you live in Europe or something because what you described sounds so European.
Lately I’ve been having the same thoughts but for different reasons, I wish a significant comics/manga market existed here. Whenever I read about how a mangaka entered into the scene through a competition I feel sad.
I wish different avenues existed for publishing a comic/manga oh well

No. 1233287

AYRT - it's genetic but we still managed to have a kid, it just took awhile.

TY angel-chan & devil-chan, I appreciate you both. But I have no plans to cheat, I just need to vent my hoe thoughts here sometimes kek

No. 1233292

File: 1655763749452.gif (759.78 KB, 220x201, bitchmetoo.gif)

Porn addiction is real. I'm so sorry this happened to you. I was 12 or 13 when I first saw porn. It was tentacle rape hentai and i got curious about my friend's dick irl, so he showed it to me and it was really awkward because I came out as gay two years later. I still wanted to be seem as 'normal' (my family was religious) and so i watched vanilla and soft core porn with my male friends. I didn't think anything of it now.
I hope you are doing better now, anon. I cant imagine having a tiny mobile phone to look up porn now. I saw it through vhs tapes and the 'porn channel' on HBO at the time.

No. 1233293

Not where I am because of strict labor laws. And I'm in a big city. At the latest, supermarkets close at 9pm, except on Sundays when they're either closed completely or are only open in the morning. Banks are closed every Monday and good luck going to any public office like the one for taxes or the town hall when you work on a 9-5 schedule. Don't get me started on oublic transport, if it's not rush hour you can wait for a long time for buses or subways, especially during weekends and holidays, for example I need to plan things ahead of time for this summer to go from home to the office to work because there's going to be way less buses and I will need to walk 20min every morning to get to the nearest subway station, and then I'll have to wait even longer than usual because muh summer holidays. Maybe you're an American with Walmarts or Targets that are open 24/7 but the entire world isn't like this. In Japan I could go to the nearest supermarket or conbini in slippers, buy food for dinner for cheap whenever the fuck I wanted and eat well, here I have to plan things ahead of time and do crazy long trips just for that.

I'm in Europe in a big city, one of the biggest in my country. No need to say which one it's not relevant.

No. 1233302

File: 1655764400523.jpg (Spoiler Image, 73.02 KB, 1078x996, FB_IMG_1654079171015.jpg)

why am i in love with an old alcoholic with narcissistic traits??? the feeling's mutual but we're not gonna do anything. i KNOW he'll treat me like shit if we ever get into a relationship (which is never going to happen) but I can't stop fantasizing about him

No. 1233346

How did you even end up in love with him?

No. 1233374

When I was 7 or 8 I was exposed to porn the first time. Because of what I was exposed to, I thought sex was supposed to be anal. The first time I masturbated I was 12 and thought that Anal was how I was supposed to do it. It was the most painful experience of my life and I cried so much. I thought there was something wrong with me because the women in the porn I watched didn’t act like it hurt. Porn exposure at a young age is not fucking okay, it can cause so many other problems

No. 1233401

File: 1655772341754.jpg (57.31 KB, 663x500, badcomputer.jpg)

No. 1233406

I wish I could just be a slut and have sex with the various men I'm attracted to in my job, but I don't want to damage my reputation

No. 1233434

File: 1655776347147.jpg (14.25 KB, 273x300, ThisALittleEvilGuy.jpg)

I love stealing from stores. Big chain thrift stores, average mall stores like H&M and Zara, convenience & drug stores, retail stores. I don't give A FUCK! Recently I stole 60$ worth of Nyx makeup for my mom for her birthday (I had no money, but still), no regrets. Also stole a Fortnite H&M shirt, goofy socks, 2 bras and a few bracelets for my best friend and myself a Nirvana H&M shirt just to write "If you play a Nirvana song I'll kill you" on the back.
Fuck it, I even love scamming websites by ordering something, finding tiniest faults in the item and getting a refund, did that to Lamoda, Aliexpress, others. It always works, and if it doesn't (like on Aliexpress), I make a new account and do it again.

No. 1233437

Any tips on shoplifting nonita?

No. 1233440

It takes a lot of work to be a broke bitch

No. 1233442

but if you get a refund aren't you just getting the exact same amount of money you already originally had? seems kind of pointless

No. 1233446

I mostly don't pay for train tickets, I'm really broke because I chose to support myself at my current age like an absolute walnut (heard a nonnie use this earlier lol)

If you pass as an under 16, like maybe 15, I don't think they care. They're too busy to check, and you can slide in after people who actually have tickets. I don't think I should pay to get to school or visit my family, people in their 20s can pay and we should go free.

No. 1233449

The point is it was ordered from online, she's already received the item and she gets a refund.

No. 1233451

Long list ahead, but it's years of experience..
Keep in mind one thing - use your own discretion and NEVER go near "the limit". The "limit" involves standing around an item for too long, being too quiet or too loud when you fake like you're talking to someone on the phone, moving like you haven't moved when you entered the store, looking too obviously into the cameras and last of all; taking too much stuff.
1. If you steal food (no snacks or items) it's very unlikely that you'll get into trouble. When you lie about not having food, really imagine not having food.. Even if you have food. The stuff you stole? You didn't have it. Believe your lie to the fullest.
2. If you go into a clothing store, make sure to grab a bag. What I do is that I go into the little item section first, get a few items I like, a few I don't, then move onto clothes. Get a good ratio on clothes you wanna steal and don't, so you have stuff to get out of the bag later and put on the hanger after you're done "trying them out". And make sure to mix up stuff in the bag, so, if it's transparent like in H&M, the workers can't see the little things.
3. Make sure to touch items all over to check for the security tags. I found that items under 10 euros in stores like H&M tend to not have them, same as cosmetics that have been put way back in the row of items, like Nyx palettes that are in the very back. The workers most likely got lazy and didn't put them. This tends to be the case in cosmetic stores outside of the center of the city.
4. If you're only after the little stuff, get a good, big tote bag and a coat with large sleeves. Practice sneakily hiding pens and etc. into the sleeve. This is how I steal lipsticks and mascara. You take the small item, check around in the back of the row full of items and sneak it into the sleeve. Grab it all over to check for the security sticker. If the item is in a box, it's usually not worth the risk; the sticker is in the box and there are rarely opportunities to get the box open quick.
4. Always carry little scissors. For tags and etc. Along with this, once you use the scissors to cut a tag, make sure to not. Drop. A. Thing.
5. Clothing and drug stores are best around 4 to 6PM. Most workers will be busy and people around you don't care about you. I know a few clothing store workers who said they really don't get paid enough for this, though some are vigilant and have group chats with camera footage of people they think stole something.
6. You want something on a hanger that has no security tag? Put your large goat and good posture to use. Shove the hanger into your back of the pants/skirt and walk out with your nose up.
7. Barcodes mean nothing. Grocery store barcodes on items that are without security tag won't notify anything and you're free to just yoink them sneakily.
8. If you're not feeling confident in the changing room while you're cutting off the little tags and shoving them under the mirrors, stickers on the mirrors, under the benches (get a clay stick glue thingamajig sheet for this, forgot what they're called), etc., then take your phone, hold it with your shoulder and act like someone just called you. Talk about having to meet them up somewhere, so if you leave suddenly due to anxiety, it seems realistic.
Last of all, I have gotten caught 2 times. 1st was because me and my friend were obviously grabbing every little thing we saw and barely hiding it. 2nd because it was late in the evening and no one was in the changing rooms, so the workers checked a bag I put away after I was done "trying on" stuff and saw all the price tags I stuffed in there. There were no other customers, so it was too easy to pinpoint, but usually the bag trick works like a charm, just put it under the paper that they use to make the bag hold the form/a little hidden pocket in the bag.

No. 1233452

How old are you? How old do you think majority of this userbase is??

No. 1233455

But don't they make you send it back and pay for return shipping?

No. 1233456

18, not an underagefag. my situation isn't exactly easy, and i don't find having to pay the same for things when my wages will be lower as something that's fair. even for the same work.

No. 1233461

They don't if you find just enough faults in the item.. or are a new user on Aliexpress. Make sure to really get into the nitty gritty of the item and inspect it all over, even the tiniest details, so you got loads of proof pics. Paypal tends to not ask for the item to be returned, though I have always left essays as to how the item is bad. Aliexpress does make you do it, if you have spammed the refund system too much, like 7 or 8 refunds is enough for them to classify you as shady. Before that it's very much smooth sailing on there.

No. 1233482

I follow a male streamer who I strongly suspect has anorexia due to his extremely dramatic weight loss, the general way he talks about weight, and very bodychecky selfies and honestly I'm just mad knowing no one would ever call him out on his proana antics because he's a man

No. 1233484

This is like the third post I've seen about stealing here in a week and I wonder if a sign from the universe that I should start I'm joking. I've only ever stole one item, and it wasn't even from a store kek. Rock on though theftanon.

No. 1233485

I unknowingly befriended someone online who has close connection to a cow, like VERY CLOSE, and now I have access to a private account where there is so much potential for milk. I haven't said anything because it's too narrow of an audience and she would easily be able to find out who spilled the milk, but god, it takes so much restraint not to say everything I know. It is career ruining potential. Something that would get this cow (and also my friend) "cancelled" by her woke audience for sure. It would be damaging to everyone involved. I can't help but want to just tell all, but I'm worried about the backlash since I let this person get to know me personally.

No. 1233487

Call him out nonna

No. 1233489

Who is it?

No. 1233491

Wait for the right time nona. Any clues? Nothing too incriminating ofc

No. 1233492

It involves sexual assault allegations towards the cow and their "partner". That's all I'll really say right now.

No. 1233508

I've seen people recommend easypeasymethod.org. I haven't read it at all but apparently it works.

One of the things that really helped was reading about how porn affects people who are involved in the industry (mostly women of course), sex crime rates (mostly committed by men, obviously), effects on the brain in young people, and such.
For this, I hate to admit that the Anorectal Violence sperg contributed a lot to the start of my process of becoming anti-porn, when he spammed his infographics on other imageboards I frequented. I used to have a fetish for anal (though thankfully I never engaged in it) and for months, at the height of my porn addiction as an adult, was unable to orgasm without looking at real anal porn (sometimes I'd look at hentai, but there was a time when I couldn't even get off to 2D and needed real porn). His seemingly insane ramblings about how anal porn affects people and how anal sex damages the anus and rectum really scared the anal fetish out of me (kek), even though I didn't read all his posts.

Spending a lot of time in an imageboard full of mentally ill pornsick scrotes also helped realize how disgusting it all is. I just got sick of it, in part because I was being exposed to porn that I didn't personally like, so it was easier to look at it without getting aroused, and instead I started to realize how misogynistic it is and how little men care about women, child abuse or misogyny because their coom is more important. These experiences made me more and more grossed out by real porn, and finally, I stopped looking at it, and soon, even hentai seemed gross as fuck. Around that time, I discovered otome audio porn and femporn threads on /h/, and ever since then I haven't been able to find any other kind of porn arousing. Anything that is made for a moid audience, or for a female audience but violent, is an instant turn-off for me. From femporn, I started to become less and less porn addicted (I looked and masturbated at it less often), and then I started to use written fiction, and then only my imagination instead. Now, I rarely use yume porn as masturbation material or look it up, and masturbate about 4 times a month instead of almost every day. I'm happy with this, I don't feel like a porn addict anymore, even if I do talk about and look at drawn porn for women occasionally because it's not like it's controlling my impulses or ruining my life like it used to. I may not be 100% porn-free, but at least 95% and that's ok.
After discovering that stuff, I read this post: https://antiporn-activist.tumblr.com/post/169561710786/that-feels-like-a-sexual-assault-men-try-to
And I suppose that was the tipping point.

I do relapse sometimes, where I look at gross moid hentai or even real porn videos, but that's very rare, when I wake up horny from a random sex dream and feel like just my imagination won't be enough. And it's not even enjoyable, the pics or videos are nothing like I was looking for or saw in my dream, and the climax is so shitty and quick, and while I watch those videos, I'm also extremely creeped out and disgusted in a way I didn't use to be. I delete the video from my phone bookmarks immediately afterwards (I still have a bunch of videos I compulsively bookmarked back when my addiction was at its peak, but I'm too lazy to delete them from my massive list of bookmarks and quite frankly I don't even want to look at the titles, it's something I've wanted to confess here for a while). But again, that happens like once every three or more months.

I wish there was a model that's trained on AO3 stories. The NSFW that exist seem biased towards a male audience.

No. 1233513

I'm with you anon. I had the same experience and I'm still trying to quit porn. I try to just stick to fanfictions when I feel a need to consume something sexual.

No. 1233552

What type of cow? Like what do they post? (Art, cosplay, whatever) be super vague if you need to but like specify

We won’t be able to narrow anything down from that I’m just really curious

No. 1233562

kek. anorectalviolence-kun is the only semi tolerable male that has ever posted on these hallowed grounds.

No. 1233575

File: 1655792859610.jpg (57.61 KB, 1200x1200, peach-cobbler-recipe-7.jpg)

This is very embarrassing so I'm sparing some details but, one time when I was young, one of my relatives wanted me to make them a peach cobbler because my grandmother told her that I was good at making them. My grandma sat with me while I was making it and at one point she took the pan that I was making the cobbler in, cracked two eggs in it and mixed it around. If you know how to make a cobbler, you know you don't fucking put eggs in it and that you don't mix it because it's supposed to have LAYERS. When I tried to stop her she told me to hush. It still got baked and I was so ashamed to know that my relative received that horrible cobbler. It basically came out like a bad cake. Later my grandmother told me that she had never made a peach cobbler before and didn't know how to. My confession is that I'm still mad about this and I get pissed off thinking about it. I have not made a peach cobbler since, partially because I never actually really liked them and partially because that memory has soured my view on peach cobblers. I hope that confessing this will release the grudge

No. 1233576

what a bitch. why would she brag about you just to intentionally ruin your cake and humiliate you ?

No. 1233585

One more thing, I want to clarify that I don't hate my grandma for this. She's had weird moments but she's still great and has pulled through for me many times when I really needed it. I don't treat her poorly because of my grudge but that cobbler could have came out really nice if she hadn't fucked it up
The above isn't directed at you btw, I wanted to post that earlier but couldn't. I think she was maybe trying to help but I honestly don't know or understand why she didn't just let me do it myself. I was a kid with no spine so I never addressed it with her before and it's been so long that there's really no point now.

No. 1233590

V3 > DR1 > DR2 tbh

No. 1233609


besides the negative traits he's a very interesting and intelligent man. also very talented in what he does. old means he's ten years older than i am. handsome. so there's a lot of reasons to fall in love with him but even more reasons not to

No. 1233632

k, still i understand the grudge. i'm never had or made peach cobbler though and i want to try now, so at least your venting had one kinda positive consequence !

No. 1233641

DR2 was so bad I didn't even want to play V3, and since I've seen a lot of spoilers for that one now it doesn't seem it's worth playing anymore since it's way more fun to play this kind of game blind.

No. 1233658

My first year of uni I had to commute an hour and half each way and I would smoke weed so the drive wasn't so boring but 30 minutes from my uni you end up hitting all these roundabouts and on some sunny lovely days I'd end up doing a 180 on one of them, sometimes the second to last one was when I'd do it and go straight the fuck home to have a sneaky day off to myself.

No. 1233789

Kek driving high and having to do roundabouts freaks me the fuck out

No. 1233813

File: 1655822497106.jpg (130.9 KB, 550x825, Old-Fashioned-Blackberry-Cobbl…)

Definitely try it! It's basically like a crisp, but with cake (or biscuits) on top. You can make them with basically any fruit. Blackberry cobbler is also very popular. If you've had American southern desserts and you liked them you would probably like cobbler.

No. 1233879

Blueberry cobbler is where it's at

No. 1233893

My music teacher made me sing a bunch of inappropriate songs when I was a teenager studying voice at her house. As an adult I can't even engage with those songs or their sources anymore without feeling disgusted and violated, which I hate because I'm old enough to actually appreciate a good musical passion anthem. She also used to mock my heritage and refused to teach songs in my family's language (for what seemed like a good reason at the time, but really wasn't). The worst part is even though I understand how inappropriate she was, I still miss her and miss taking lessons from her.

No. 1233914

Gross…some people just want to control others. Inshallah you manage to mail a used tampon through her letterbox

No. 1233916

why are you talking about driving whilst high as if it is an okay and completely normal thing? i swear some anons..

No. 1233960

it's the confession thread, pussy.

No. 1233964

I signed with a well-known tech company and I am worried all of my coworkers are going to be cringy they/thems. I worry they will sniff out that I don't drink that kool-aid and it's going to negatively affect me at my new job. I hope i am overthinking and all that.

No. 1233967

Confessions like these are my fav. You silly goose, nonny! I hope writing it down made you feel better.

No. 1233973

Enjoy your tech money and ignore them. If you have any interests like gaming, online stuff, etc, learn well to change the subject

Don't worry about this at all. As irritating as it can be, know that someone somewhere (me) is going to be frustrated as hell that you let a good job like that get away because of some They/thems.

I know they can be intolerable and can genuinely jeopardize a lot, but play the game as lightly as you're able, and excuse yourself from those conversations as best you can.

No. 1233976

the culture in woke companies can genuinely be awful but i you could try to come off as a clueless normie and vaguely nod shit off as much as you can.

No. 1233982

They/thems are far less common than internet would make you believe, no need to be too paranoid about it anon.
>t. working in a well known tech company

No. 1233987

Thanks for the input nonnies! And for the votes of confidence. Really appreciate it.

>They/thems are far less common than internet would make you believe,

God I hope you are right. I saw/met a few when I went into the office to sign the contract as they used it as a chance for me to meet the team. I like to think I am good at faking friendliness with those types but I worry they will reee at me if I misuse their pronouns and such. We'll see, I am sure I am just blowing it out of proportion in my head because I am really excited for this job. Started from the bottom now we here moment.

No. 1234068

I would also like to know who you're talking about

No. 1234099

File: 1655841192012.gif (1.34 MB, 220x124, malcolm-in-the-middle-dewey.gi…)

I'm actually a extremely angry and bitter woman, I just hide it. I try to keep my emotions in check because the moment I let go, there's no turning back. I cry and do shit internally because I need to take my rage out on something fast. I'm tired and at my breaking point.

No. 1234103

I've realized how judgemental towards I am towards fat and ugly people I am. I went in for an interview and there was a pretty fugly woman there and I immediately assumed she was probably pretty retarded. I didn't want her there because I felt like she "brought" down the prestige of the program we apply to. Would I think the same about a fat and ugly man? To some degree, sure, but caring about what others look like seems to be a completely new thing to me, and I don't know where it came from. I think I am becoming my parents.

No. 1234113

Honestly, I want to say it did because just thinking about it evokes no emotion in me, but then I read my post and start feeling mad again. Maybe I'm just channeling the emotions that I felt while writing that kek

No. 1234115

>posted on lolcow.farm
I wonder where you might be getting that

No. 1234116

Fat people fascinate me. Sometimes I just watch the way they waddle around and wonder what it's like.

No. 1234124

Hating fatties is based, but hating ugly people is stupid. You can't help being born ugly.

No. 1234125

Or they just don’t get obliterated and still have all their motor functions

No. 1234128

No. 1234131

You think about it the wrong way. It’s good that they’re there so you can appear even better in comparison. You blend in with other average nobodies otherwise kek.

No. 1234137

Gonna get the skeleton army after me but there are a few instances where you can't help being fat. Like medications or metabolic disorders. So I try not to judge too much. I can't say most fatties fall into this category but it is common especially with so many on psychiatric meds. Also it's really hard for women to lose weight vs men, we are designed to hold onto fat, so it can be much more of a struggle

No. 1234143

Hating non "health at every size" fat women for just living their lives and existing is weird as hell. How does me being fat or ugly and being in the same place at you bother you?

No. 1234145

File: 1655844304544.jpeg (248.91 KB, 750x700, 1655598425273.jpeg)

I genuinely hate anyone who doesn't condemn driving while high. You are a plague to society and I genuinely wish misery upon you. You are the reason why we are failing as a society, I'm not even kidding. Being selfish and irresponsible at this point is just pure retardation. You disgust me.

No. 1234147

People like that especially other women are gross. I don't expect scrotes to have a brain or a heart not to hate women who don't make their dick hard visually or mentally. But I don't understand women who do it. I hate fat people who do the dumb woke shit, not fat people in general. Or else I'd hate myself.

No. 1234148

No. 1234151

>Bro it's safer than alcohol bro
>I've been smoking since I was 12 so Im used to it I'm the best high driver
>Bro it's safe it can cure cancer
Yeah fuck off with that shit. Agree 100%

No. 1234153

Based actually

No. 1234159

OK you are right; but I would say something small, like 5-20% of fatties can not help it because of hormone and metabolism issues.

Even then; there's a difference between being overweight due to hormone issues (Being 10-20 kg overweight) and being morbidly obese (being 30-200 kg overweight). So…

No. 1234160

Speak the truth nona

No. 1234162

People who judge to that extent are genuinely probably the most miserable people ever, imagine wasting your energy and spending so much time thinking about how ugly other women are as if it even affects you at all?

No. 1234164

I personsally don't HATE fat people but I do understand people who dislike them/look down on them. Being fat is in most cases a character flaw that can be fixed. It can show a lack of discipline, same as being an alcoholic or a smoker. So, I understand if some people look down of that. What I don't get is hating people who are born a certain way. Ugly, black, white, french, whatever. You can't help that shit.

No. 1234173

You can stop being French actually

No. 1234183

When someone is fucking you over because their weight or size sure, but just existing, walking past, glancing at them, being in a class with you whatever, is fucking weird.
You don't truly care about this random fat woman's health or whatever, you just thinks she's gross and fat. I wish people would stop pretending fat women who aren't in anyway messing with their day, deserve hate for existing.

No. 1234195

There are certain instances where it's fine to hate fatties imo. Like when they take up someone's space on public transport or when they raid the buffet. They're are also a liability to the health care system and use up more resources due to their overconsumption and stuff like clothing. That's only for lazy and gluttonous fatties though, not the ones with health issues or people who are only a bit pudgy.

I already mentioned when I think it's appropriate to hate on them and it's none of the things you just listed, so seethe.

>You don't truly care about this random fat woman's health or whatever

No I don't, because their health is none of my responsibility and I never claimed that I cared.

No. 1234200

You care alot considering you posted this shit four times adding more shit just to be rude in a conversation that doesn't call for it

No. 1234209

Rudeness? On my lolcow?
Tsk tsk, well I never!

No. 1234211

And? It's not uncommon for anons to delete and repost something if they feel like they have more to say. Wow, you really got me there!

No. 1234213

Okay whatever have a nice day Nonnie

No. 1234214

You too and I'm not >>1234209, but whatever.

No. 1234215

No. 1234216

Based. There were some unironic retard anons who thought smoking in public wasn't dangerous to the general population and that drunk driving is fine, so yeah there's some special people posting here

No. 1234220

This is how I feel about them as well. Albeit I don’t look down on ugly people as much, there’s many instances where adults with internet access are clueless about how to take care of themselves, and I assume they’re stupid. It doesn’t mean they aren’t worth my time or hospitality, I merely assume they’re stupid.

No. 1234235

File: 1655849363465.jpeg (114.85 KB, 680x340, 1648665433509.jpeg)

Started graffiti'ing the women's washroom with picrel. Fuck it, save the women.

No. 1234240

Print it on vynil stickers and post it everywhere

No. 1234246

I wanted to make a graffiti/sticker tag thread in 2X relating to this because I know of some nonnies tagging over tranny graffiti and such. Would that be something others would be interested in?

No. 1234249

Yes!! Would love that

No. 1234251

I met a guy lately. Felt a spark at first but I didn't want to rush in. I'd never been on tiktok before til I looked up his name to research him real quick. Glad I looked.

I liked him but even in person while feeling butterflies I still got a slight iffy feeling. He seemed a lil too good to be.. telling me the truth about who he is and what his values are. He was pretty into me and probably trying to make a good impression but something felt off. His 'likes' are public on tiktok and the pattern I noticed was enough for me to pack it in right there. It was this almost comical sea of super attractive women not really doing much and then the most uggo men sharing anecdotes… it was that black and white. Some of the women were being sexually suggestive but not all.. but they were all the most stunning out of his league women. Average women sharing anecdotes seemingly do not exist. Women who are fully dressed don't exist either. There's an average bald man telling his depression story right next to all the asses in tight leggings. Cool. Gave me a real feel for how he sees men vs women.

He just turned thirty-fucking-four this week. He's online whinging about his lack of a love life as he gets older.. clock ticking. I probably would've given it a go if I hadn't gone looking real quick. You're too old for this shit. I'm a couple years younger and I felt stunted just scrolling through some guys horny tiktok.

No. 1234257

Holy shit, 34 years old man with a tiktok account, that's already a red flag, and then of course what content he likes there. It sucks have a disappointment like this and I'm sorry he wasn't as nice as you wished, but I'm happy for you nonna that you were smart enough to look him up and dodge the bullet.

No. 1234268

I wasted years of my life with a man who I eventually found out was big into hidden bathroom cams. Footage of women pissing and shitting in public bathrooms with no knowledge they're being recorded. That was his entire porn habit. Not one actual sex scene in sight. The lack of consent was bigger to me than the fact it was toilet stuff… there are plenty of piss and scat vids on weird parts of the internet so why the need for hidden cams? Really adds insult to injury to combine the two. I was sick to my stomach when I found it. Afaik he was just a viewer but I found a bunch of sites he used to view it and it makes me wonder what percentage of women end up on one of these sites. Or how often teens are caught up in it. What happens when a lil girl enters the stall? These people already don't care about morals.

The chances of being caught and prosecuted for that are low, all while they steal the privacy of hundreds of women/girls. It's a revolving door of oppurtunity for creeps.

No. 1234272

That's so disturbing wtf. Are there devices or apps you can use to detect hidden cameras in public?

No. 1234273

>What about the teens and children
That's just it though, they don't care and are LOOKING to film teenagers and children. They WANT those on film. Hence why most private cams are in public washrooms, not nightclubs or private places, etc. Fucking disgusting. Fuck men. They all should die.

No. 1234356

I had sex with a well known bass player years ago and he kept asking me to piss on his face

No. 1234358

Drop his name, idiot

No. 1234392

Did you piss on his face? In any case, men should be pissed on.

No. 1234399

Uhmmm yes please!

No. 1234477

Yay! Thank you for making it, anon.

No. 1234770

Aw I'm sorry nonna but good that you found out what a weirdo he is.

Shit like this scares me. I don't have any social media, so most moids could probably do shit behind my back without me even knowing. I hate the internet sometimes. I'm aware that moids cheated and did degenerate things waay before that but nowadays it's easier for them to engage in and find that kind of stuff because they can do it with the anonymity and comfort of the web. Honestly, it's why I support women snooping through their moids stuff. You just can't trust them, no matter what.

No. 1234900

I feel so sad when people tell me I'm a good person when I'm actually not, I'm kinda selfish, I ghost acquaintances at the drop of a hat, I hate my extended family for petty reasons, I don't even like my parents that much… Coworkers think I'm nice but I'm just good at putting a facade, I don't want to look like a sociopath either.

No. 1235099

Holy mother of based

No. 1235430

File: 1655928402738.jpg (38.02 KB, 550x618, dfy.jpg)

A couple months ago I somehow forgot to refill my rabbits water dish. I think it was empty for the whole day. I don't know how it happened: I'm in the same room with him for 10 hours a day, I cuddle with him, feed him his greens, sweep, fill his water bowl, all in the same routine every night. I guess he could have had a weird day of drinking way more than the amount he usually does, but I think it's more likely I just forgot to refill it. I happened to notice because he was acting weird and licking a table leg excessively. I felt so fucking horrible and gave him critical care and some wet greens as soon as I refilled his bowl, (which was bone dry). I think he was so thirsty he was just trying to get any moisture from the furniture around him, which just breaks my heart… I still think about this many weeks later and just feel absolutely horrible. He could have developed GI stasis so easily, or just been in terrible stomach pain from dehydration. I've developed a mild OCD about it now where I'll triple check his dish before bed and filling it extra throughout the day. It makes me feel like I have a long way to go before I can become a mother or have any even more life responsibilities. I just don't understand how it happened, though, and that really terrifies me.

No. 1235443

That's awful anon but everyone makes mistakes, don't be too hard on yourself. Maybe you should set an alarm on your phone and/or use a daily calendar and write it dowm so it doesn't happen again.

No. 1235447

You're a human that's how it happened, stop beating yourself up over a genuine mistake.

No. 1235449

Damn are rabbits really that fragile?

No. 1235493

File: 1655930628500.jpeg (334.16 KB, 1080x1137, 9A904AF5-EA27-4A16-BD98-E6E57B…)

I actually really enjoyed Umbrella Academy S3. Just glad they skimmed through the Troon shit quickly in the first and second ep.

No. 1235499

Wait, it came back already? I didn't even know, so many shows I like are coming back and I haven't got around to watching them.

No. 1235514

You shouldn’t beat yourself up about it but also make sure that shit never fucking happens again.

No. 1235526

You're making it sound like she fucking hit the bunny or something.

No. 1235531

Ngl I wish we could see a mental reel of all moids like this before officially taking things further. It'd save so much time and energy. Be glad you guys weren't serious before finding out nona!

No. 1235536

No. 1235539

Man you'd fucking hate me then, lol.
I work about 10-14 hours a day, gone for about 16 out of my house and I've come back to water on the floor. No food. Maybe a piece of shit if they decide the litter box isn't clean enough.
No amount of water towers or bricks stop my fat ass 20lb 1y.o big boy from making a mess or eating all his food in the first 3 hours I'm gone. Shit happens and so does life.

No. 1235543

Samefag but also fuck my cat. He's annoying as shit but I love him so much. Always knocking shit down and making a mess. At least he keeps my house clean. (I also leave the toilet bowl open for the water now but still doesn't help he eats all the food).. I have four cats, lol.

No. 1235552

Nta, but bunnies are really fragile. OP even outlined all the dangers her bunny could have been in, it's a real concern. I don't the ayrt is being dramatic.

No. 1235556

Sometimes when the sun is shining just a little too hard, I get scared that my glasses will catch on fire like a magnifying glass

No. 1235562

If that’s what you got from that, that’s on you

No. 1235563

Wtf anon

No. 1235580

File: 1655934113102.jpeg (152.6 KB, 785x734, 2E745F49-0738-4286-BBEE-174B10…)

>Me:wow, she’s cute.
>My bf: agrees

No. 1235590

bpd feel

No. 1235669

>he doesn't add a "but not as cute as you"
dump him

No. 1235673

i wrote the most sick, twisted, fucked up ereri fanfic ever when i was 16 and instead of just nuking it off the planet i orphaned the work on ao3 so now its there forever holy shit

No. 1235686


No. 1235687

You got me excited because I thought it was some cringe homestuck pairing but instead it's the attack on titan faggots.

No. 1235698

fucked up how?

No. 1235699

Sometimes I post about my husbando fantasies but I call him my Nigel while I do it because it makes our bond more real to me

No. 1235700

Now I have a morbid curiosity. No need for details, but what made it so twisted? I understand if you don't want to share. Sidenote, but ereri is one of the worst ships kek

No. 1235704

i cant nonna its actually depraved as fuck and i feel really guilty about it but the ao3 fic that inspired me is called psychomotor agitation: a vivisection

No. 1235719

I searched it and that author's "about me" has to be one of the most cringeworthy things I've ever read
>I write transgressive gay fiction. Horror to some, erotica to others. Addictive and probably not at all safe for your sanity or your immortal soul.
>Nothing about me is ever safe for work.
>When I am not busy making you pretty nightmares I am playing with pointy things and spending time with my beloved family: a few zombies, a collection of poisonous plants, and two black cats.

Ok anyway, I only read the tags for that story but I was expecting something worse. Don't get me wrong, It looks disgusting and horrible but not as bad as I thought it would be based off of your posts. Anyway you should forgive yourself for whatever you wrote anon. You were young, and I'm assuming edgy. You've changed and that's all that matters.

No. 1235722

I'm originally high while driving anon. I've been driving nearly 10 years and I specifically got high before my driving lessons cause I figured I'd need to know how to drive while high. People drive on other medications chill out

No. 1235730

…Does this not tell you that you might have a problem?

No. 1235731

Same, I really want to know now kek

No. 1235745

It's unhinged and shameful but has been weighting on me so I just want to get it out; about a year or two ago I became obsessed about a woman who started working for some other company but in the same office building as me. Looks-wise she is exactly what I wish I was, and then when I eventually found her profile through common friends it turns out she's not only really beautiful and stylish but also is highly accomplished in the area I wish I was better at, and shares a lot of interests with me. I'm bpd (probably obvious at this point) and at certain low point I ended up cutting myself over the pain of knowing I'll never be her. She doesn't even know I exist, sometimes I see her around and feel intense shame over what I've done. Also makes me more aware of a disturbing possibilities of unhinged things people may be doing in relations to others, while they remain completely oblivious. Sucks I've contributed to it.

No. 1235766

File: 1655944792224.jpg (119 KB, 1068x1280, 43617a23fa2d1a6f863b994542174c…)

Just know that whatever you wrote, there is something even worse out there. I read a fanfic about a character fucking the organs of his enemies after he killed them (not on ao3, so it wasn't tagged or with a big description and I went in innocently, thinking it's just some extended characterization of what happens in canon) and I'm pretty sure if there's a hell, I will go there now for finishing it.

No. 1235769

When I was a kid I prided myself on my ability to start and stop my pee rapidly

No. 1235771

Yeah who didn't

No. 1235774

Really? Like going to the bathroom once but stopping your pee after half a second 500 times? Well at least I feel less ashamed now

No. 1235779

I pick my boogers and eat them. Only the cripsy ones though

No. 1235783

It might be the undiagnosed autism but I also swallow noodles or candy (twizzlers, spaghetti, ramen) halfway and pull it up again with my fingers. One time I managed to do like a half a foot-long spaghetti noodle all the way down past my uluva (the thing in your throat) and pull it back up again. My favorite is ramen though, noodles so long.

No. 1235786

Back when I was way heavier and straight up fat, I ran out of my meds and had to run to the pharmacy before school, so I was feeling unwell and busy as shit. When I stepped off the train, a homeless dude or a druggie, whatever, approached me like from behind me and when I tried to be nice and turned around, he fucking asked me how I stayed so skinny. I've never been so close to pushing someone on the tracks, I was already feeling sick from the lack of meds, I was late and that putrid scrote had the guts to be that shitty? Anyways, every now and then I feel shitty for not just pushing his ass on the tracks, I should've at least told him to fuck off but he kept following me until I got to the pharmacy so I was kinda scared. I hope that scrote is dead in a ditch.

No. 1235788

How did you not throw up?

No. 1235793

Today my colleague gave a lyft to were I was going. I'm nervous because I've never been alone in a car with a man I barely know and also he is married and very older and I think he likes me/ wants to cheat on his wife (or my autist brain is misinterpreting). But it was 5°C and I didn't wanna walk, now I'm nervous about him trying to take me in his car again and what excuse I'm going to say because I'm not good at not going along with things if people insists

No. 1235813

Sounds like he was just being friendly

No. 1235818

I'm tired of feeling guilty for things I do not get. I despise being on the spectrum. Dating on the spectrum is impossible and I don't know why I do it.

No. 1235822

I feel like shit. I love my boyfriend so much and he’s never done anything to make me want to leave him and I don’t want to, but I’m super attracted to my boss. I would never go for it since I love my bf, I know we (me and boss) wouldn’t actually be that good together plus he’s gay, but holy fuck. I feel so guilty about it because my boyfriend is cute with a good heart and we’ve been talking about marriage. I would never cheat on him but sometimes I wanna bash my own brains out for this shit and I feel like I have no control over my own thoughts.

No. 1235824

Based. Ereri is one of the last classics right before wokeism took over mainstream fujos

No. 1235829

I'm going to read it right now. Bless

No. 1235830

I highly so much!! I smoke weed tons, but never ever would drive high or have a friend drive high. shit is just like being buzzed. you cannot function 100 percent motor functions when you're high. we should condemn it.

No. 1235831

I legit want to put these up on flyers since i live in a fairly liberal area. You are based.

No. 1235851

For the first time in a long time another artist is inspiring some mad jealousy and insecurity in me. I must stop it at once

No. 1235852

>plus he’s gay

No. 1235865

Same anon. Less now than I used to, but it was the one secret I've carried through my life without telling a soul. I'm in my mid 20s now and thankfully it's only something I do rarely when I remember or I can feel a big, crunchy one.

No. 1235877

I don't feel bad for retard tradthots in the tinfoil thread that get told off and trolled by raiding moids, you get what you deserve

No. 1235883

lmaoooo anon this just unlocked a core memory, I've done the same thing with spaghetti noodles. I'd try to see if I could "swallow" while holding the other end and just writing this out is making me laugh so hard. I don't even know why I did that. I guess to see if I could? kek

No. 1235894

thank you for absolving me nona i feel slightly cleansed

i did write a scene where levi fucks someone while dissecting their dick and torso so we are gonna go to hell together biotch

No. 1235920

Ayrt, yeah normally I’d be like “if he’s gay why are you attracted to him” but he doesn’t look or act gay in the slightest. Just acts like a regular guy.

No. 1235928

I confess that I want fuck this older bald scrote at work. He has a nice face despite that, and he’s tall, I’ve never cared about men’s height but he drives my cave woman brain crazy. On the flip side his body shape is a little weird, his hips and legs are a little too slim and it looks like he has Hank Hill ass but I try not to think about that. Nothing will happen though since I try to ignore him, also socially retarded and a permavirgin extremely insanely insecure about my body, if anyone saw me naked I would cry.

No. 1235932

What are you talking about anon? Tradthot thread has been dead for days

No. 1235956

These should not be right next to eachother as they are both equally terrible in different ways and I need a palette cleanser

No. 1235969

NTA. I understand. Not all gay men act "gay". Straight men who are just handsome, neat and refined enough are harder to find than gay men who look and act the same, unfortunately.

No. 1236048

Well at least you know it’s absolutely 100% unrequited and he will never pay attention to you in any way so you’re free to swoon at his bulging arm veins or whatever

No. 1236051

File: 1655972675906.jpeg (531.9 KB, 828x820, 179AC98E-AC98-4796-841D-700C77…)

I'm sorry for my grammatical errors I have made in the past. I probably will continue to. I'm happy no one points them out though.

No. 1236053

We are all dyslexic like Bella Thorne

No. 1236068

No. 1236071

I always thought my mom was so dumb for falling in love with a married man. And now here I am, the product of an affair, in love with a married man. Life is fucked

No. 1236074

I doubt you’re in love with him. It’s a passing infatuation and if he’s fueling it in any way he’s a terrible person stringing you along in hopes you’ll have sloppy sex with him behind a Dennys or something

No. 1236078

File: 1655976039404.jpeg (232.26 KB, 689x1023, F1FFC01D-5A65-4873-91E4-E05113…)

You would like the movie Mystic Pizza (1988).

No. 1236079

KEK, why is this making me laugh so hard

No. 1236082

can someone explain the joke

No. 1236086

No. 1236088

Can't believe she ruined herself so much looking at her now, I liked her in Disney tv shows tbh. Why did she even date Lil Peep I don't get it

No. 1236093

>Why did she even date Lil Peep
I forgot about that kek

No. 1236109

Youre right and I know you’re right but ugh it’s so hard to make my brain cut it out. My mom got bit in the ass after having an affair with my “father” so I’m trying to remind myself of that

Omg stop I used to love that movie when I was a teenager. Maybe that’s what’s wrong with me kek

No. 1236123

Anti depressants are mood altering and have way worse side effects than me having a low dose of thc.

No. 1236143

Don't listen to her gurl I microdose crack for my depression but I'm a great driver too sending you good vibes playa

No. 1236182

File: 1655989026377.jpg (Spoiler Image, 627.76 KB, 1078x1349, SmartSelect_20220623-085112_In…)

Okay, so hear me out but FIRST let me explain…
There's this hot guy on Instagram that is tall, lean, muscular, is a kickboxer or whatever. Very hot. Tattoos, long hair. Amazing smile.

HOWEVER… he identifies as a woman. And I legit don't even care. It's not even off-putting because he's at least attractive, and doesn't do all of the things that soyboy troons do. He fights men when he kickboxes, and doesn't just go for an easy win by fighting women. When he puts makeup on, I personally think he's actually even more attractive and looks like a tall androgynous person I'd go for. Plus those hands…. DONT YELL AT ME NONNIES.

No. 1236188

>older bald scrote
I swear there's something about the way women are conditioned to still feel lust for ugly moids

No. 1236189

It's called daddy issues, nonny.

No. 1236195

is he Thai? iirc Thai ladyboys and other Asian "third gender" men don't exactly consider themselves women like western trannies do. And of course the "third gender" men are always seriously gay, that's why they go that route in the first place.

No. 1236197

He's Singaporean and I think likes women, but I do know that he got a lot of trolls on tiktok and for a while he was kinda "meh" on whether or not people considered him a guy but eventually did set some people straight and say that he was a woman.

No. 1236206

Oh, so definitely one of the westernized ones. Well, at least he considers himself enough of a man not to kickbox with actual women. I have heard of staunch disagreements and divides in India and Pakistan between the hijra (traditional "third gender", always homosexual and usually very poor) and "trans women" (obviously western influenced and at least upper middle class and highly educated, some of them being attracted to women).

No. 1236242

I never bother calling out anons who say they hate handmaidens/pickmes as much or more than scrotes, but I'm 1000% sure they're moids. It makes no sense for a feminist to hate another woman essentially just for being raised in a misogynist society and not having questioned the influences that have shaped her perspective. Especially considering in many cases it's a matter of life experience.
Can they be infuriating at times? Yeah, of course. Are they worse than your average scrote? Never. Not even close.

No. 1236259

You'd be surprised actually how so many feminists have higher expectations of women because while they do rightfully agree we are the better sex they fell through the trap of partially forgetting that we are still an oppressed group and female socialization is more or less literal soft brainwashing and psychological torture perpetuated on a mass scale over several generations, so of course many women will develop severe cognitive dissonance and act against their own interests as well as the interests of all womankind.

No. 1236282


>female socialization is more or less literal soft brainwashing and psychological torture perpetuated on a mass scale over several generations

Western women getting told they are free, independent, have equal rights, but very important! If you don't shack up with a man and become an unpaid slave for him and his children for decades you have failed at life.
Also if you're not friendly and beautiful at all times to all people, you're crazy. So work for free and smile while doing it.
So if you follow female socialisation we are actually free for a maximum of ten years (must marry before 30 remember! don't wanna be crazy or fail at life!) before doing exactly the same as any woman in a third world country.

No. 1236299

You are more mature than most of this board. I think majority of nonas who post here are between 18 and 25 y/o and they are not very mature yet. Their opinions will hopefully change as they grow.

No. 1236303

File: 1655999538143.jpg (95.44 KB, 623x700, 1607793678763.jpg)

seuhue3ush3 im a cat 8dy394jrdopjp[dm923a8m8(wrong thread)

No. 1236306

File: 1655999861088.png (197.45 KB, 451x376, doggo.png)

Cat I like u lets be frens ok
bork bork(wrong thread)

No. 1236309

I feel this. I used to come here regularly but the level of immaturity, mental illness and manufactured drama became exhausting. It's too bad because when conversations are fun and supportive it's the best place around.

No. 1236313

I feel you exactly. I went to the /g/ thread for friend finding recently and realised why I feel so out of place here nowadays. I am too old and too normie lol. I stay around exactly becasuse of this:

>when conversations are fun and supportive it's the best place around.

No. 1236332

>It makes no sense for a feminist to hate another woman essentially just for being raised in a misogynist society and not having questioned the influences that have shaped her perspective.
I agree. I've personally never liked "handmaiden" partially because it reminds me of "bedwench" for some reason. Being on LC and lurking online radfem communities for a short time has made me realize that a lot of these people aren't as feminist or above other women as they think. I've seen so many "radfems" say really misogynistic stuff.

No. 1236360

There are for sure women who use the excuse of being radfems to away with saying misogynist things, and a lot of them probably don't even realize they're doing it or don't want to admit it to themselves which is why others pointing it out becomes so controversial. It waters down the word feminism when women claim to be feminist while constantly espousing misogynist slurs and rhetoric and judging women who make bad choices mostly because of their difficult lives. I used to get caught up in that kind of talk in the past too, honestly, but I think >>1236299 is right that a lot of it has to do with maturity. It took some time to grow up and not be so black and white in thinking, and be more fair to all women even when we don't agree.

No. 1236375

Nah, I would never call an older woman or a genuine normie with the expected levels of misogyny a handmaiden, but some women really deserve to be called out as such. If you are on lolcow or Twitter or whatever all the time theres not a damn excuse for you to be that retarded, you know better.

No. 1236410

"X will never marry/fucy you" is the most moid response imaginable and I can't believe how many women on this board use it as a go-to when they disagree with you. It's embarrasing. We are supposed to be better than that, nonnies…

No. 1236417

File: 1656009027177.gif (1.03 MB, 350x260, 1550752245789.gif)

I wanna fight someone.

No. 1236436

I've spent all day today trying to think of ways to get petty revenge on people because I realized they had a smaller secret groupchat within a bigger groupchat but I think I'll probably just ghost them

No. 1236452

Ngl I find him attractive too so I won't yell at you kek. Like you said he looks androgynous, which is something I tend to find attractive in both men and women, and he doesn't look as jarring and ghoulish as Western troons. I mean I don't agree with him identifying as a woman but at least he fights other men. Also what's his name? I tried reverse image searching with that pic but I couldn't find anything

No. 1236491

Local target is under construction, so they had these makeshift changing rooms that were unsupervised. I walked out of that place wearing a few extra shirts. I wanna go back.

No. 1236502

File: 1656015351474.png (525.61 KB, 701x525, 960729850-tumblr_m37xfqcPyf1qf…)

I almost self harmed last night after stopping ten years ago and I feel like a dramtic teenager. I'm usually good at distracting myself when I get intrusive thoughts but over the last couple of months I've been having those shitty nights where I feel completely hopeless and borderline suicidal. I cried for a couple of hours and ended up looking up some suicide prevention tips and hotlines, just to realize that I don't have and don't want to talk to anyone. I never did. I always took care of my own problems and talking about them was never cathartic, but rather embarrassing for me. I've always felt vulnerable sharing my true feelings because people have such a different view of me, due to the facade I've always put on. I'm scared that they'd talk shit behind my back, use it against me or see me in a different light. I ended up crying some more and then just put on a stream and chatted with some people about mundane things in the chat, which helped alot. I didn't talk about suicide, my feelings or anything, but people just being there felt comforting in a way. Sometimes I wish I had someone irl who's "just there" (or maybe I should say "present"?) for me, without asking any questions but it's hard for me to get close to people because I never trust them with my feelings in the first place.

No. 1236503

It happens to me often too, reason why I'm single. I know I didn't do it "on purpose", but I still internalize all the guilt anyway… What happened to you this time?

No. 1236513

I think you should share your feelings and throughts with peopole not because it magically makes you feel better, but because it opens the venue for the other people to open up to you. It helps knowing other people are just as sad and fucked up as we are. In a way, it has made ME feel less sad and fucked up. Also works for imposter syndrome.

No. 1236532

>I think you should share your feelings and throughts with peopole not because it magically makes you feel better, but because it opens the venue for the other people to open up to you
Yeah I just meant it in regards to how people say that one should talk about their feelings because sharing them makes them feel better…which has never been the case for me in the past, hence why I stopped.

I just feel like it would be a lot to suddenly open up to people around me after bottling things up for more than a decade. I've always been the "easygoing" one, giving advice to others and I fear that they'd see me as a pathetic and unstable hypocrite and a burden. I'm glad you feel better though, nonny.

No. 1236541

While we're already at the topic… There's this one cover singer on YouTube that I already found cute back then as a fourteen year old, but whenever he dresses up I think he's so pretty, and I partly blame him for my thinking of crossdressing being okay as long as someone's not a tranny (though drag queens are a different topic). His "female" singing voice is pretty grating though, and I wonder how he still hasn't gotten any better over the years he's been going at his shtick. I thought about posting this some time ago but then decided against it bc I was afraid of being called a moid, so thank you for this, anon lmao. also, pls link

No. 1236543

>. I've always been the "easygoing" one, giving advice to others and I fear that they'd see me as a pathetic and unstable hypocrite and a burden. I'm glad you feel better though, nonny.

I understand and that is kind of a common way to think of this. But I challenge you (if I may) to try and reframe this thinking into this, instead:

You were stoic and easygoing for many years. Maybe these people think you are tougher than they are. Maybe they even look up to you. If you open up now maybe it helps those around you feel like less of failures. Because hey, even Nonnita struggles sometime. Even Nonnita feels like shit. It's not just them - it's even someone they thought was "above it", or "had it easy".

I found it to be liberating and brave to be honest with people around me. They think I am stronger now than when I was faking it. I got to this point because I met a badass, kickass, hella awesome woman who showed me there is nothing stronger and more brave than being vulnerable and sharing that with others.

Idk, hope it helps you if you think about it. It sure did help me. Love u nona.

No. 1236549

File: 1656017531241.jpeg (44.35 KB, 1280x191, F4317B7E-B14E-433F-9580-A60F1D…)

i honestly have never really masturbated in my life. i have never even felt the urge. i tried to maybe once or twice when i was younger but i got too disgusted and scared i had to stop it did not feel good whatsoever. i felt so nasty and scared, i dont even know how to describe it because i cant really remember very well. but i felt vile and perverted and was afraid i might deflower myself although idk if i can because i was only using my fingers and probably not like how you are meant to…
i was never the type to try and go for a pure image in fact as a teenager i tried my hardest to portray myself as the most degenerate coomer when really i have never coomed in my entire life. i want to know what it feels like just once but i cant help feeling like a creepy rapist towards myself. and i have tried to look for a clitoris before and even checked out diagrams and honestly i dont even think i have one so that really seals it for me that i never will O.
also i am deathly afraid of losing my hymen if i ever get married or assaulted and they find that i dont have one i will probably get rage killed and labeled a whore as that is what happens constantly in my country.
getting deflowered is probably my biggest fear.

No. 1236552

Thank you for the advice nonna. It really means a lot.

No. 1236556

I am happy if it helps even a little. I was at the bottom for many years, I know what it feels like. (I still have very bad days now and then.) I just want to add 1 thing: Being vulnerable at times does not take away from all the kickass things you do other times. Whether it is imposter syndrome, anxiety, depression, loneliness… It doesn't matter. Owning your "weaknesses" does not erase your strenghts. Nor does it negate them. People are layered, and if anything, bringing your true (entire) self into relationships (I mean friendships, too.) only earns you more love and respect. Not less.

You would probably admire a friend who is strong, stoic, always there for you, but also tells you she is battlign depression. learning about her depression would not make you think any less of her. Maybe only more.

Anyway, I don't want to ramble. I see you, and I hope the best for you.

No. 1236558

man all this talk about sharing vulnerable feelings reminds me of how unsupportive my family is and why i don't share anything except online kek. their reactions to feelings are moid-tier to put it simply.

No. 1236559

There's a lot of cultural stuff there and I won't try to unpack that, but if you want to experience O, you can do so safely (without deflowering yourself) by stimulating the outside of your vagina with, for example, a stream of water from your showerhead! Requires a good water pressure, though.

For me, those orgasms feel the best anyway.

No. 1236561

Eyyy same. Its a wonder i managed to grow up to be a somewhat well adjusted adult. My entire family is emotionally constipated.

No. 1236568

>People are layered, and if anything, bringing your true (entire) self into relationships (I mean friendships, too.) only earns you more love and respect.
This is so obvious but I'm too stubborn to apply it to myself. I know that I'll have to change eventually because no matter how "strong" I make myself out to be on the outside, it's quite apparent that I'm none of that.

I initially just confessed this here because I needed to type it out somewhere and because I have no one to talk to about this, but again, I really appreciate you taking the time to read, reply and give me advice. I hope the best for you too and thank you for being so sweet.

Well, same here but you're not alone, nonnies.

No. 1236574

>This is so obvious but I'm too stubborn to apply it to myself.

When we know something is good for us but we can't make ourselves to do it, it sometimes means we are not ready yet. (You know. Like diets, or quitting a shitty job, or exiting a bad relationshp… And so on.) But thinking about it is the 1st step to doing it, so I believe in you Nonna! You will get there, soon.

And then you will wish you did it sooner. And then one day you will be in my place, saying something similar to some other Nona, and wishing her well on her own journey.

Idk if this is against the rules, but if you

>I initially just confessed this here because I needed to type it out somewhere and because I have no one to talk to about this

Hej, look. By writing here today you kinda already did the thing. In a safer, smaller way because we are all Nonas here. But you did it, and doing it in person, with your friends and family will be easier now. You are kinda CBTing yourself.

As an aside, I really hope giving advice is not against the rules in these threads, kek. I usually don't go in hanging out advice, pls no ban.

No. 1236582

KEK based thiefanon

No. 1236586

Thank you so much again, nonny. This definitely gave me some hope and incentive to improve myself.

>I really hope giving advice is not against the rules in these threads, kek. I usually don't go in hanging out advice, pls no ban.

Kek yeah, I'll stop too now.

No. 1236592

>As an aside, I really hope giving advice is not against the rules in these threads, kek. I usually don't go in hanging out advice, pls no ban.
I don't think it is anon, don't worry

No. 1236603

File: 1656020086571.jpeg (54.25 KB, 590x731, 5C8A103E-5FA6-4716-BCC3-DDC9D0…)

I love it when someone here is trying to start an argument with me but then other nonnies start backing me up. Love you bitches ♥

No. 1236608

Lovebomb people that you can physically interact with you child

No. 1236618

Why so mad nonny?

No. 1236622

thinking of legally changing my gender to non-binary just so I can change my name without paying the fee or having to publish my name change publicly

No. 1236627

Not angry, just weird and underage to incessantly tell strangers you love them ♥

No. 1236640

Do you take everything at face value? Your tisms are showing

No. 1236648

Nope every other post in /ot/ is now “I love you nonnie” and it has nothing to do with autism, it’s just wild that you new lot have no boundaries and are unable to bring anything to the table except juvenile empty compliments

No. 1236656

Girl, I don’t actually “love” them it’s literally just me having a laugh in light of the situation. Take the stick out your ass and stop taking everything so seriously you’re embarrassing yourself kek

No. 1236663

No I’m not you’ll get over it girrrrl

No. 1236665

Sometimes it is a figure of speech, sometimes there is actual warm feeling you get when you talk to someone and wish them well. Sucks for you if you can't relate.

No. 1236681

What having 0 friends does to a mf

No. 1236722

Dear god not this bitch again. I'm gonna start telling nonnies I love them more often just to make you mad, kek

No. 1236723

Kek ilu for this nona

No. 1236726

Stacy shit

No. 1236728

File: 1656023581992.jpg (39.89 KB, 474x474, e41fdff0b6ae9786657d1ab7a6bd4e…)

No. 1236747

thanks nonnies don't forget I love you

No. 1236808

it's been almost a week and i'm still mad at that one anon who said "all women look better with makeup on" i wish i could fight her irl

No. 1236833

That’s not what lovebomb means, get a job.

No. 1236873

File: 1656029768023.png (1.5 MB, 1530x1446, Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 5.14…)

I was assaulted by an adult Mexican man when I was a teenager and I realized I've been secretly racist against all Hispanic, Latino, and Mexican men ever since.
I've actively tried learning more about the different cultures and customs, but hearing about how sexist and gross some of the men are towards women, and it's excused as "But it's just part of the culture! It's just machismo!" makes me not want to even put in the effort.
I know it's not right, and I'd like to unlearn this feeling but I feel so uncomfortable every time I'm near one in public, like I just want to hide and don't want them to look at me.

No. 1236879

Coming from a culture where men do not see women as equal, I tell you you are not racist. It is not racist to not respect or like cultures that not respect women, children, handicapped, etc. I am sorry for what happened to you. You are traumatised and your dislike of a certain type of a man is valid and reasonable.

No. 1236880

Kek I'm Mexican and I never understood why some other Mexican women defend our men so hard when their mothers are already doing that for them.

No. 1236888

I feel so bad when I scam food places to get my chump change back. I'm just broke and yes that $15 I spent on Mc Donalds..well..I want it back. Especially when sometimes I DO have issues with my food. But other times I do lie and I feel bad. Once upon a time i had such a issue with lying, now I do it with less care.

No. 1236889

At least anachans acknowledge they’re unhealthy and are not delusional like fat activists.

No. 1236892

I've worked in food a few years and it doesnt matter in terms of hourly food worker. Only matters for servers when people try to get their whole meal comped then tip $2-5. I had such a shitty boss at one I wouldnt give two fucks if you wanted a refund. Be straightforward but not rude is all.

No. 1236894

I once dated a puerto rican man who told me about latino machismo and how they still think women belong in the kitchen, aren't equals, etc.
Your feelings are valid and I'm sorry at what you had to go through. Culture my ass. All patriarchial cultures are shit and men, whether that's latino, arab, or indian, deserve to be treated with suspicion by any self-respecting woman. Wokies defending this and invalidating victims can fuck right off.
i'll take my racebait redtext now kek

No. 1236900

I'm drunk and cut myself a bunch thinking it would help. I feel absolutely retarded instead! Only after my partner left work to stay by my side for a few hours to make sure I'm okay before going back. Hindsight 20|20. Cutting always feels right in the moment..but never afterwards. I hate being an adult and still having such immature ways of coping. I mean I'm addicted to other shit I'm trying to quit, but still nothing makes me feel like biggest asshole besides cutting or suicide attempts. I wish there was a way for me to emo hide that shit from my partner like I did growing up. The shit you can hide when no one gives a fuck is crazy looking back. I'm so deep within my substance abuse i feel so alone. I know I'm loved, but I'm too fucked. I know they love me, but no one I love who loves me gets where I am mentally.

No. 1236926

>I'm drunk and cut myself a bunch thinking it would help
>I'm so deep within my substance abuse i feel so alone
holy shit literally same, but i did it because my partner was fucking ignoring me
sorry you're feeling that way anon
i get you, if that helps any
i hope you feel better

No. 1236957

I hate when people ignore me and that’s most of the time

No. 1236960

nta but in the same vein, you should go to school cause you clearly don't understand literary devices

No. 1236967

something is seriously wrong with you

No. 1236970

You have to be over 18 to post here.

No. 1236977

i seriously don’t get it am I like fucking ezra miller or something? junkies, alcoholics manage to find people who care about them but i can barely find anyone to care about me outside of some family kek. wha the fuck am i doing wrong?

No. 1237035

I sleep with my lights on and I'm scared of the dark. I even kept the shower curtain open because I'm afraid someone will come in even if my bathroom door I locked. Like a ghost or something

No. 1237038

Locked doors won't stop ghosts tho, they'll walk right through.

No. 1237046

told this one annoying girl on my campus that my ex has a huge crush on her. and now she's obessed with him and won't stop following him around.ill see yall in hell.

No. 1237061

I get emotional when I think about sex work, and women treating themselves horribly for men. It's painful to consider how self-loathing they are, and how they're treated like objects.

No. 1237077

Yeah, well….take it up with the scrotes who keep the industry in business.

No. 1237078

If ghosts could hurt people they would be hurting people all the time and that kind of thing is pretty easy to prove. Therefore, ghosts can't hurt you.

No. 1237085

File: 1656045335237.jpeg (137.6 KB, 750x715, 30D975F5-0DD2-4814-AD88-F3E25F…)

Lul It’s not a waste of time if you’re having fun

No. 1237114

File: 1656049024684.jpeg (36.14 KB, 640x480, q.jpeg)

prove it by showing a sample from your said yaoi folder nonnie bitch

No. 1237122

it's okay anon. i can outdo you. i don't like to close my eyes in the shower or bathtub in case there are sharks that come to get me. that's much more unreasonable imo.

No. 1237125

If I could cull massive amounts of pimps, pornographers, abusive men, etc I would, but unfortunately I can't and I'm only a single person.

No. 1237240

My confession is that I love pics of men who look like they're ready to eat pussy. Like this one.

No. 1237417

After today, I’m going to emotionally manipulate my boyfriend until he gets a vasectomy

No. 1237422

No. 1237437

It was my husbando that motivated me to get better at school, start working out and look after myself. I'm not ashamed of my husbando being my motivator, as this is the most based way to live. What I am ashamed of though, is the fact that my husbando at the time was a kpop guy.

No. 1237439

Fingers crossed, nonny!

No. 1237440

Nonners, that man is after bunghole and only bunghole

No. 1237894

I’m really jealous of the devotion of husbandofags, wish I had someone, even fictional to motivate me

No. 1237994

kek look at the shape he's making with his hand anon

No. 1238374

Nothing will stop me from having my pussy eaten fictionally by this fictional man, nonners.

No. 1239479

I think most husbandofags here have absolute garbage taste. Sephorith, seriously? He wouldn't give a shit about you, he'd just stab you.
Every Ezrafag is also a pickme ass bitch.

No. 1239630

Damn that Sephwhoreit guy sounds terrible.

No. 1239669

agreed, i feel this way about popular male characters in general tbh. but most people don't care since they're choosing based on design/looks alone (and in ezrafags case they think he's the only man on earth with an angular face lol)

No. 1239853

I'm getting bad headaches again and had a seizure the other day for the first time in months, I probably need to see a doctor but I'm putting it off 'til I've been on holiday. My wife has been through so much medical shit with me, she at the very least deserves a good holiday where we can try and push these things to the back of our minds for a little while.

No. 1239910

what is his personality? i'm not a weeb nor a video game player.

No. 1239930

I haven't showered in 5 days. It's been a while since that happened but I can't find the motivation to do it.

No. 1240046

Can confirm, my husbando is garbage but I still love him.

No. 1240060

File: 1656170238717.gif (6.67 MB, 540x540, 91cc453310e1ff071223b4f6667770…)

>Sephorith, seriously? He wouldn't give a shit about you, he'd just stab you with his dick.

No. 1240064

Everytime I see that smug uggo I hide the pics.

No. 1240113

I don't think anons who like 3D men are husbandofags. Husbandos are strictly 2D and completely in my control.

No. 1240137

namedrop me next time nonni

No. 1240181

>im really thankful for this little space on the web. Im thankful for all the nonnas, and i wish i could throw an epic masquerade and dance the night away with all of you.
(Except for the socially anxious; there would be a space outdoors for y’all to stargaze and such)

No. 1240331

>mommy issues
>stabs and kills one of the heroines for getting in the way of destroying the world or some shit
>wants to destroy the world because he's a test tube baby and wants to please his mommy
>babby's first villain

No. 1240490

Sometimes I feel like a shitty hypocrite for the shit I've said about Shayna and her body in her thread. Mainly because, normally I don't go there about a woman. Then I'm like, "Well her body is the product, she puts it out there to be seen and talked about. If I was a scrote slobbering over it and loving it, she'd love it. When you do what she does online people gonna talk".
In general besides Shayna's breast difference which isn't even something I'd pick at a woman for normally, she's just the average out of shape white woman. She's not some deformed hideous person.
Sometimes she's in a sweatsuit and nonnies are like, "Imma Vom" and I'm like calm down.
I don't like my body either and if someone talked about my body like I talked about Shayna's, I'd probably end it to be honest. I talk so much shit online but I'm the weakest nonna in the world.
Shayna doesn't "Deserve" my comments, but she's disgusting, woman hating, pedo pandering and I'll take being a hypocrite talking about or thinking negative things about her body. While also defending other women from those same attacks other places.

No. 1240512

I wanna try mdma and I wish I could do it with my nonnas. Or you guys can just make sure I don't die. (plz don't worry, I probably won't have the chance and if I did, I would test it first and follow with supplement regimen. I'm really careful and obsessive about stuff. I've never done a drug but of all the ones I researched, this is the only one that appeals to me.) idk I just want to do it and watch some lights with some nonnas and absolutely no men

No. 1240612

Sometimes I'd love to be pretty and I think it'd change my whole life and make my life better. But then I think and look around. Not all pretty women are living this magical life I thought they would. Some date the same scrotes that "Unattractive" women would, some aren't happy and suffer like we all do.
I often feel like my life sucks but if I could somehow unsuck it magically, and change something and go back in time, with my luck it'd make something horrible happen. Like losing someone I love in some weird way. I want to be convientially attractive but at the same time, maybe my suffering is making someone elses life better. I'd just be a mentally ill stunted hot girl tbh.

No. 1240627

Come my house nonna lets fuck shit up responsibly

No. 1240630

If you need to manipulate a man into having him perform a minor reversible operation that would spare you from dealing with the side effects of birth control methods and the risks of pregnancy, you shouldn't even be with him in the first place.

No. 1240640

I wish my boyfriend didn't have a life outside of me, I'm so fucking bored.

No. 1240644

same Nonna lol.

No. 1240645

File: 1656203960188.gif (6.04 MB, 498x280, rijfmkjfnreij.gif)

I still think you're cute (at least your personality), but I was disappointed when I found out how your face looks under the mask

No. 1240664

Whenever I see a person who looks attractive who is wearing a mask, I assume they are unattractive and still wearing the mask just to hide how ugly they are in reality.

No. 1240687

Wishing you the best
That is what I'm doing, and I'm tired of normalfags looking at me or trying to smile at me, leave me alone

No. 1240819

my boyfriend is sweet, respects me, buys me things I like and actually would use, supports me however he can, cares more about my pleasure than his own, would do anything for me, etc. etc. but I worry that we won't last. this sounds so mean, but I worry that intellectually we're not very compatible. when I talk with my friends I can have fun, interesting discussions, I can sperg about my interests and even if they're not into it they have meaningful input. when I speak with him it's just mushy stuff about how much we love each other, he's interested in what I have to say but can't respond in a way I find engaging. I wish this weren't the case but I even get a bit annoyed when I hear him around his/our friends. the jokes are plain and repetitive, his sense of humor is just so different. pretty often he has to ask me to explain my jokes. I'm not saying I'm a genius or anything, I'm dumb as shit when it comes to a lot of things, but I have been called clever and witty. it hurts, he's great in every other way, but I really get a lot more out of spending time with my friends than I do with him. i look forward to it more. sucks.

No. 1240831

As a single woman deep in the dating swamp… I caution you. It doesn't sound like the worst problem if he respects you and he's great otherwise. I've never met a man that provided great conversation anyway. Just plenty of wannabe Aristotle type navel-gazers who think they make good conversations.

No. 1240835

Can he hold a conversation about his own interests or things that you're maybe not as interested in or is he just not able to have a conversation at all?

No. 1241094

File: 1656243515128.jpeg (155.7 KB, 1280x853, 6F351DD3-48C0-4D7D-BB47-0BE1ED…)

I love the high i get relapsing to my anachan ways and I know its wrong but I dont wanna be right

No. 1241130

File: 1656246505176.jpg (77.35 KB, 640x819, cathosaka.jpg)

everytime i thought a man was attractive it was because he looked like my first love who is female ( but a pre-everything tif ). so IDK what that means for me

No. 1241139

File: 1656247344650.jpg (358.95 KB, 1600x1067, IMG_2561-384990457.jpg)

I once took the blood from my menstrual cup, mixed it with flour and fried it on a pan to make a traditional blood pancake. Then I ate it with lingonberry jam. It tasted okay. I swear I'm not trolling.

No. 1241140

Now i want to see vampires doing blood pancakes

No. 1241143

How heavy is your flow? My menstrual cup even when overflowing would make for a tiny blood pancake.

No. 1241164

File: 1656249657509.jpg (65.3 KB, 700x360, black-pudding-lead-2d446fa.jpg)

Black pudding is my fave food so I'm not even judging.

No. 1241167

I didn't really think about this, but damn. Ukfags must have some enviable iron levels.

No. 1241183

File: 1656251269856.jpeg (150.6 KB, 1216x902, 265020A3-FFBD-4A86-B6AF-668035…)

I have made so many retarded, crude, man-hating and/or disgusting lolcow posts from my work’s wifi that they literally blocked it last week. I simply don’t give a fuck. I laughed really hard when I saw it got blocked as they don’t block any other websites at all besides flash game sites, popular porn sites and pro-choice organizations. 4chan is still accessible, some moid in HR must be seething at my posts.

No. 1241185

nona this is so fucking funny

No. 1241187

Can you use a VPN? Also, manhate on company time? BASED.