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File: 1625611287695.jpg (608.86 KB, 1024x1218, 1624353330405.jpg)

No. 1272633

Previous thread: >>1198319

-June declares herself the CEO of bisexuality >>1198320
-Has another meltdown as the left continues to reject her >>1204850 and >>1206275
-Gives farmers a glimmer of hope for a redemption arc when she calls SWERFs valid >>1231083
-Quickly returns to coddling men >>1235886
-Makes a controversial tweet that kink doesn't belong at pride because it's a public event >>1236693 despite a history of being very public with her DDLG/pet-play dynamic with her ex-fiance, Gregory/Armoured Skeptic >>1236729 and >>1238484
-Speaking of Preg, he announces publicly he's in a new LDR with his "soulmate," a cute Australian Stacy… >>1210396
-…then promptly ghosts her when she has a breast cancer scare >>1271015
-Shoe starts to doubleback on her leftist grift: condemning open-borders >>1247938, praising nationalism >>1261607, hating on the left >>1269894 and only posting pics featuring the American flag >>1269144
-FINALLY HAPPY 30TH JUNE!! June's still trying to pretend she's in her 20's, don't mention her age or she'll block you… >>1263171 and >>1272090 and >>1272553

June's Twitter: https://twitter.com/shoe0nhead?lang=en
June's Main YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Shoe0nHead
June's Second YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7UiChjgT_LDKcr_8NEEbMA
June's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shoe0nhead/?hl=en

No. 1272634

File: 1625611315674.jpg (271.52 KB, 828x548, 1624335356451.jpg)

Screenshot in the OP kek.

No. 1272709

sage for possible irrelevance, but imo, June's inability to draw a non-shitty wing on her eyelid after more than a decade of heavy eyeliner looks is all the proof anyone needs to know that she will never ever grow up.

No. 1272770

i put that in the op initially lmfao

specifically, "shoe hasn't figured out how to draw a wing yet despite wearing them since she discovered boxxy."

No. 1273069

File: 1625682536873.jpg (581.64 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210707-132227.jpg)

"leftist conservative" how does she score conservative when she's so pro trans and supposedly "bisexual", that seems pretty incompatible with conservative ideology? I guess she's so misogynistic that it actually cancelled out and overtook her retarded troon handmaiden tendencies, kek. Though I wouldn't put it past her to lie abt her opinions on LGBT on this test so she'd make sure to get a conservative result and remain a Based Nazbol Tradwife in the eyes of incel orbiters such as the specimen in picrel

No. 1273073

File: 1625683034834.png (927.63 KB, 1057x676, tryhard.jpeg_20210707133638.pn…)


No. 1273098

Slightly OT, but you really gotta love how all the incels go from stepsnek "I hate taxes because I'm future Elon Musk" lolberts to "gib berniebux, gubmint does stuff, neoliberalism raped my dad" pseudosuccs the moment they hit the wall. That's when they realize that their mythical sexual golden age with hundreds of jailbait waifus throwing themselves at them while the Stacy who rejected them in high school is buying a rope is never going to happen (because you have to be a biyonayah-miyonayah for that), and all that really awaits them is being a 40 year old beer bellied childless poorfag. Many such cases, sad!

No. 1273102

How much you wanna bet she's gonna start trying to orbit him?
He seems like her type.

No. 1273108

i really hope more men keep calling out her trad larp and her being 30, unmarried, no kids, cant cook, doesn't clean, doesn't maintain her body, nails, hair, or skin, and being terminally online. You know it hurts most coming from her kings kek

No. 1273109


it's baffling how often she takes political compass quizzes.

No. 1273120


And the results are always different every few months or so

No. 1273124

thas bpd luv x

No. 1273178

why have they all started wearing these glasses? Milo wore them too recently

No. 1273204

It's to be expected, seeing as she has no real political knowledge or strong beliefs and just follows along with whatever is the most popular ideology for grifters

No. 1273588

File: 1625770022098.jpg (368.17 KB, 1080x1645, Screenshot_20210708-134209__01…)

wow…based internet lady wants to fuck anime waifus, just like me…what a Cool Girl™ she is, not like all those other femoids who judge me for being an unwashed hentai addict

No. 1273609

I'm embarrassed for June, she's too old to be horny posting for loli hentai

No. 1273624

is she implying that the suctional vibrator is bad or something, what's the joke

No. 1273735

ntayrt but i used to be a twitterfag so i can vouch- go in the replies of any viral tweet and you'll see the OPs posting ads for a number of things, usually the "suctional vibrator". oftentimes these companies will DM and pay people with viral tweets to post their links so that they can use the person's clout to direct ppl to their company website. the meme here is that ppl with viral tweets will shill for a vibrator company just bc they want money

No. 1273742

Totally agree, it’s the number one thing that infuriates me about June. At least the other trad hoes have set opinions on things.

June is like arguing against a slimy goo, you know beforehand that even if you were to make a perfectly valid dig at her she’d just come back with a meme or “yep das rite!” And her fans will gobble it up. Or if she can’t, she’ll block and pretends nothing happened.

Even her videos are super boring, she just recites memes then make faces at the camera like “DUH” so everyone is open to interpreting her stance however they like. Homegirl has no substance and it’s a joke that she pretends to be into politics when she can’t voice a proper opinion on anything and doesn’t know how to back her opinions without making fun of the other party, which ironically enough, is very close to Trump’s strategies.

No. 1273854

It's going to get better with every year that goes by, too. Going to get harder and harder to ignore.

No. 1273983

File: 1625841946279.jpeg (523.21 KB, 1170x1345, 1E2187D3-3F76-4F8B-B17C-29C49F…)

the fact that he's almost 40 and posting shit like this, even ironically, makes me feel an unbearable level of cringe.

No. 1274003


No. 1274154

File: 1625860668696.jpg (45.99 KB, 530x530, 1621217970070.jpg)


No. 1274275

If Patrice had tested positive for cancer, I'd assume it was from exposure to this freak.

No. 1274399

File: 1625893856301.png (336.48 KB, 603x600, feebf52b-5881-4fb1-8b93-1f4ad8…)

Cringe selfies

No. 1274400

File: 1625893957365.png (29.1 KB, 600x120, cba06fa8-d1eb-4e11-84f2-804688…)

No. 1274416

sage cause just a passing thought but the thread pic made me remember that she has a whole fucking worship merch of septic and their relationship.. all those ugly septic plushies and june laporta potty phonecases down the trash… their trinkets had more investment than their marriage lmao

No. 1274488

File: 1625917184529.jpg (78.5 KB, 750x839, CiM9RCnU4AIUzif.jpg)

She probably spent more on Septic Fupa body pillow than he spent on her engagement ring lmao

No. 1274518

Nailing the tryhard edgelord in 2005 look

No. 1274971


No. 1275284

File: 1626074387089.jpeg (462.62 KB, 750x873, FA37B526-B959-4BC1-AC27-03ED5D…)

The irony of using a balding woman cartoon to represent anyone but herself…

No. 1275285

Her "Hide your grandparents" comment made it into Zeducation's you laugh, you lose challenge, yesterday.

She based now?

No. 1275287

aight which british girl stole shoe0nhead’s mans

No. 1275290

File: 1626074983387.jpg (197.49 KB, 1080x1125, Screenshot_20210712-092604_Chr…)

she's still trying…

No. 1275303

Bute June, you're not italian. You're on team Amerimutt.

No. 1275558

Multi-track pandering

No. 1275733

No. 1275857

that girl is probably 10 years younger than her, yuk

No. 1275868

For me there's nothing less imaginable, than shoe really enjoying a meal someone else has tampered with.

Also I can't imagine any scenario, in which this behaviour would benefit her causes.
Maybe girls/women find it appealing, but June's not really into them.
Also some guys might be attracted to such behaviour, but those aren't men, you really would consider starting a family with.

So it's all about shock value, I guess. And that crashes your reliablity like big time.

There's nothing for her to achieve with this.

Unless she'd go full e-thot.

No. 1276404

looks like it too

No. 1277053

File: 1626357652355.jpg (422.11 KB, 1080x1749, Screenshot_20210715-155810_Chr…)

Is she quoting a sockpuppet account of hers? No way someone is "shaking and crying" over her nazi pandering retarded posts

No. 1277056

Shaking and crying is a meme and something she specifically made a retarded video about, it’s either a fan or a troll and she’s dicking around, per usual

No. 1277512

File: 1626392440272.jpg (198.2 KB, 1080x1486, Screenshot_20210715-183831__01…)

several people in the comments replied with their own ""photoshopped"" screenshots of this deleted post, kek. idk why shes bothering to lie, this isnt even close to the worst thing she's said in recent memory

No. 1277515

File: 1626392740164.jpg (91.23 KB, 1080x482, Screenshot_20210715-183753__01…)

What is with this vaush obsession? I feel like she makes posts about him every other day. I get that he's her type on a surface level (fat neckbeard, sexual degenerate, YouTube "commentator", basically a leftwing preg yet somehow less attractive) but this public simpery is embarrassing

No. 1277882


Posted 28 seconds earlier.

One obsessive criticizing the other…

No. 1278524

Oh fiddlesticks you sure caught me red handed anon! Solid proof that I was just sitting there refreshing the page until she posted! Couldn't possibly have been that she just happened to tweet at about the same time my lunch break started and it was at the top of my Twitter feed when I checked my phone or anything.

No. 1279061

File: 1626553779479.jpg (54.13 KB, 500x500, artworks-reQVnyWxbFpZCGEE-dXT6…)

Look ay her blush placement and the stupid look on her face, is she trying to skin walk neekolul now?

No. 1279111

Unsurprising, shuwu loves skinwalking e-girls who are 10 years younger than her these days. I guess she realized how outdated the boxxy look is amongst the gen z girls she's so jealous of.

No. 1279208

File: 1626566499585.png (154.25 KB, 1054x827, Screenshot_20210717-195615~2.p…)

Stonetoss tweeted this and now people are spamming her with Molyneux egg memes. God, I can't believe she was so desperate to cultivate this audience it's so nasty.

No. 1279220

This was the 2nd time he's tweeted about it and this one seems unprovoked. I wonder why he cares so much. Either way it's what she deserves so I don't feel sorry for her.

No. 1279221

trends do not = skinwalking

No. 1279237

>I wonder why he cares so much
A lot of people dislike shoe. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a mix of her being a grifter that "invaded" their space, and a general disdain for women since this is stonetoss we're talking about.

No. 1279347

I'll take general disdain for women. June absolutely deserves the pile on for the years she's shat on women but stone is a snowflake too. Betting his face reveal will probably be like redpillchick's. A mediocre white weeb or some mixed guy who wants to be a white nationalist. Hes even scrubbed his voice from the internet

No. 1279367

Stonetoss is VERY Puerto Rican

No. 1279371

Shoe was one of the biggest figures of the gamergate goofs, and winked at right wingers a lot. People noticed her jumping off the ship once the trend died, it was very blatant. Almost everyone on the right e-celeb scene hates her now

No. 1279390


No. 1279420

File: 1626603219162.png (142.89 KB, 344x548, shoe.png)

The "I am 30 now and ready to settle down" meme and the "women who are 30 are empty egg carton" memes are very popular in the right-wing sphere so this is an easy way for him to get likes and attention from his audience.

Also Shoe is pm this aged e-thot meme personified.

No. 1279498

File: 1626618980902.jpg (325.1 KB, 1080x1849, Screenshot_20210718-092822__01…)

Sage bc it's not milk but I can't believe the absolute state of the audience she has cultivated, on /purpose/. This is the kind of retardation her fans think is peak comedy. "Kek, woman moment! Egg carton!! Women posting their Ls e-girl destroyed top keks!!!" Literal neanderthal tier "humor", and she just leans into it. Sad!

No. 1279605

>"women who are 30 are empty egg carton" memes are very popular in the right-wing sphere
They also aren't hiding how much they want to fuck pubescent girls now, either. Why do pickmes like Shoe choose the absolute worst, most bottom of the barrell men to pander to?
NTA but someone claiming to be Stonetoss's relative claimed that his mother is PR and his father is white. Stonetoss quickly deletes any comment that asks if he's really a 'Rican and never addresses the rumor, leading me to believe that it's true.

No. 1279671

The average age of marriage for US women is 31 and increasing. Moids stay coping.

No. 1279703

She's probably freaking out rn. Imagine all the "good" attention suddenly turning into scorn

No. 1281666

File: 1626891925883.jpg (239.58 KB, 1080x949, Screenshot_20210721-132301__01…)

she literally has the worst taste in men. imagine simping for fucking vaush of all people

No. 1281678

She goes for low hanging fruit cause she is insecure and needs to feel like she is out of her bfs league cause it boosts her self-esteem when people say "wow, you're with HIM? What a lucky guy!"

Plus the only competition she has with Vaush is a bunch of children and horses, neither of which are easy to aquire.

No. 1281706

He's probably mad that he takes after his mom more than his dad and hates her for it

She has no other chance will any other normie guy who expects a modicum of independence from a gf like having a job or a place of her own and those chronically online trad redpilled conservatives she loves since shes "old" to them now. She'll just simp for vaush throughout her 30s and probably have a existential crisis at 40

No. 1281794

what's she looking at exactly? His pudgy soy appearance? His lesbian haircut? The way the design on his shirt literally disappears into his fat rolls like a black hole? Absolutely disgusting

No. 1281906

say what you will about Greg but the dude at least had the appearance of a man.
this is the most soy looking fucker i've seen in my life. June get better tastes

No. 1281907

shit forgot to sage

No. 1281923

It's like Shayna, they go for men they think will idolize them and think they are gods gift to men. Except for actually chasing low self-esteem older ugly scrotes, they chase scrotes who have big egos. Especially Shoe, she knows she's a upgrade from the people Vaush normally fucks (his ex/troons/femboys) but Vaush thinks he's hot shit.
He has options, attention from those people, plus Shoe is only going to make him think higher of himself.
She's retarded, there's so many low self esteem simps who'd love to be with her and treat her like a "Smol" bean, but she goes for ones who think very highly of themselves.

No. 1281935

>Why do pickmes like Shoe choose the absolute worst, most bottom of the barrell men to pander to?
I'm sure she genuinely believed that as long as she pandered hard enough and got a partner less attractive than her, there was no chance she'd end up unmarried and childless at 30. She really thought a SAHM future was guaranteed as long as she did the 'right things' as demanded by men who loathe women. Too bad those men just hate you no matter what you do.

No. 1281952

Wow, a toddler with a beard.

No. 1281969

She’ll never attract a normie guy due to her embarrassing internet presence, and she can’t pedo bait the red pill creeps who used to simp for her anymore. I really do think she put all her eggs in the Armored Dipshit basket and had no plan B after he dumped her. And being a career pick-me, it’s not like she has any job skills to fall back. Her only option left is to fully embrace the NEET loser lifestyle while sucking up to equally grotesque YouTube personalities for shreds of attention here and there. What a bleak existence.

No. 1282131

Greg looked like a pregnant woman for most of his relationship with June.

No. 1282215

I think she could probably still delete twitter and marry a nice gold-chain Tony or Vincent who is going to inherit his parents italian restaurant as long as she starts having babies right away.
The issue is that she doesn't actually want that life and she never wants to give up being an e-girl. She would expect a maid if she was a housewife because she doesn't clean, she can't cook and she's just generally lazy. She thinks sucking dick whenever he asks will be enough to keep a man around, which it clearly isn't. She imagines her tradwife life as a twitter larp like the other tradthots do where she dates a Nick Fuentes type, tweets about how good of a wifey she is all day and bakes a cake once a year on youtube. Maybe she will pop out a baby that will be taken care of by a nanny while she gets her wigs installed. That's the life she dreams of but she will never get that cause the men on that side of the spectrum find her repulsive.

No. 1282269

File: 1626958404610.png (827.53 KB, 918x830, gross.PNG)

he looks like bad breath and BO personified. gross.

No. 1282306

File: 1626964160311.png (131.06 KB, 719x627, kiwifarms.png)

And this is why shoe is alone.

No. 1282395

File: 1626972370538.jpg (136.18 KB, 1080x711, Screenshot_20210722-113852__01…)

even vaush himself didn't reply to this (based and true) tweet, idk why she felt the need to. is she just going through tweets that mention him or what? are they even friends?

No. 1282398

this bitch is psychotic

No. 1282401

samefag but very apt trips btw, congrats

No. 1282404

pathetic bitch

No. 1282407

Why is she simping for this fat ugly dude

No. 1282409

He agrees with her lukewarm politics and loves trannies, that’s how low the bar is.

No. 1282420

Even kiwicels are forced to admit that MRA pickmes = male "feminist" cucks.

No. 1282430

It would be funny if shuwu expected this woman to be like "oh fuck! it's shoeonhead!"

No. 1282452

this is so embarrassing. As someone mentioned up-thread, she's competing with horse and children for this man.

No. 1282496

File: 1626985817645.png (96.14 KB, 260x562, vaush-faggot-girlfriend.png)

This was his ex but he wants nothing to do with shoe, despite all the things shoe would think she has on this girl, kek. Smolbean denied uwu

Sorry for filename, just downloaded online and can't change file names on this POS phone

No. 1282575

It's even funnier because she seemed to be trying to get away from the Vaush-style politics as recently as last month and as soon as the right leaning populist scrotes she was asslicking started to shit on her she was publicly simping Vaush again

No. 1282706

How do e-girls not get embarrassed pandering to retarded and dull scrotes. it's pathetically depressing to watch

No. 1282852

>spends her life pandering to these lowlifes
>does everything they want her to do: gets with an ugly older man who brings nothing to the table, stays thin and put together but is fine with her man being a fat slob, LARPs as a tradwife (despite being Preg's paypig and having no domestic skills), humiliates herself for male sexual gratification, and puts other women down while doing so
>STILL ends up unmarried, alone, and hated by these awful men she spent her entire life cultivating a fanbase out of
Shoe almost seems like she was created in a lab by radfem scientists to be the perfect example of why pickme-ism brings nothing but harm to women, kek

No. 1282964

She is a psyop just like gimpgirl, I'm sure of it
Honestly? Because women are nice, also feminist culture does not approve of shaming of becky cuckqueans the same way male culture abhors "pussy whipped" men.

No. 1283021

jesus christ

No. 1283060

Gimpgirl is insane, but at the very least she has her manga, weird Mia videos and other hobbies other than pandering to scrotes on social media. She even butts heads with them when they disagree with her (admittedly insane)worldview, which I find hilarious.

Does Shoe even do anything other than scroll through twitter and take political spectrum tests? She has no hobbies, no actual friends, no job, no skills. She doesn't even bother with making videos that often either. She's has nothing other than her hemorrhaging failmale fanbase and the insatiable need for male approval.

No. 1283291

File: 1627117247000.png (143.04 KB, 739x813, 111111111111111.png)

how dare you insult the brave and innocent men in shuwu's presence

No. 1283318

>She even butts heads with them when they disagree with her (admittedly insane)worldview, which I find hilarious.
Kek yeah. The chad gimp girl tells men what they like in a woman and disregards any man who contradicts her, the virgin shoe clings desperately to every word men say so she can become what they like. They are not the same.

No. 1283320

You can tell by the 83 replies ratio that her simps all shit themselves and had to go "not all men" the rando

Spot on. Gimpgirl is confident in her status as a self proclaimed doormat, June not at all

No. 1283322

honestly for once I agree with her, vice is possibly one of the few platforms with takes more retarded than hers, someone could go write that women are worse for climate change because they consume more fast fashion and single use plastic and it would be an equally pointless nitpick
the reply is also right though

No. 1283324

File: 1627123317515.jpg (271.86 KB, 1280x1920, business-woman-pointing-147049…)

they're also worse for climate change because they have an almost viral, insectoid desire to breed + generally eat more of everything, not just meat. a surplus of males is also a reliable predictor of crime, war and inequality. yes, shuwu, communism is impossible with men. cope! cope for me!

No. 1283338

I wonder if it's getting harder for her to keep up this appearance now that she has seen how men really feel about her. But all her income depends on polishing balls so I guess she will continue to do that for simpbux and attention until she dies. Her last words will be "not…all…men.."

Every healthy living creature has a desire to breed, lmao.

No. 1283346

File: 1627128741138.jpg (343.35 KB, 1080x1313, Screenshot_20210724-141057_Chr…)

Well at least she is getting out of the house, I guess.

No. 1283347

File: 1627128821417.jpg (445.81 KB, 1080x1092, Screenshot_20210724-141303_Chr…)

Also samefag but

Did she start a political party?

No. 1283348

>"every man a king"
>graphic design is my passion
are all American zoomers this doomed?

No. 1283393

lmao in simplified terms maybe. if you go into detail you'll see that female animals tend to avoid reproduction and/or commit infanticide when resources are scarce, whereas animal scrotes do not have such a drive. they will try to breed regardless of quality or viability.

unsurprisingly, in humans any reluctance to reproduce always comes from women, not men.

No. 1283398

there is truly no statement that's more of a retarded oxymoron than "every man a king", fits shuwu perfectly

No. 1283410

>government for the “people”
>every “man” a king

Clearly the focus is not on women being people so i wouldn’t be surprised if shoe is involved in creating it.

No. 1283416

all moid socialism is just fincel seething and an attempt to reshuffle the existing dominance hierarchy via appeals to morality that they themselves do not believe in. every male succ just wants to be the bourg, no exceptions.

No. 1283676

can you speak in english

No. 1283763

socialist men don't want a classless society, they want to become the upper class

No. 1283789

fuck why did i understand everything you just said. enough internet for the rest of my life

No. 1283819

Huey long was a white man growing up in 1940's deep south he was undoubtedly racist and misogynistic lmao

No. 1283840

where do you live where women do not like being the upper class? Plenty of us grow a career just for that.

No. 1283869

the upper class as in the people exploiting others, not just in the sense of being financially comfortable.

No. 1283892

>in humans any reluctance to reproduce always comes from women, not men
idk I know a bunch of 40 year old women who wasted their youth on scrotes who were never "ready to settle down" and have kids with them. Most women want kids and start to hear their biological clock ticking at some point, it's usually men who are too selfish to give up their comfortable life and #1 position of priority in the family. Look at Preg, he did the same thing to June. She was ready to settle down and already planning babies and he strung her along for years.

No. 1283951

yeah the pink pill anons are annoying
just accept that grocery won lol

No. 1283976

what does not wanting to settle down have to do with wanting to impregnate lmao. statistically the driving force behind falling birthrates is educated females, sorry abt ur aunties
im talking about socialists, not normal people

No. 1283983

Every country on the planet has seen a sharp decrease in birthrate as women gain economic/social independence from men. This is why shithole third world nations have ridiculous birthrates of 5-7 children born per woman on average, while countries where women have access to contraceptives and aren't male property have birthrates just around replacement rate(though economic issues can depress the birthrate further).

Women just have a lot more to lose from pregnancy, childbirth and childrearing, both physically and economically. A man can sire a half-dozen children and the fuck off when he doesn't feel like being a father anymore, but a woman would have to bear each of those children, breastfeed them, and take care of them in infancy and early childhood at the expense of her personal health and career prospects.

No. 1284055

I just wish they didn't constantly shame pregnancy/motherhood. Maternity rights should stay a part of feminism, not get thrown away

No. 1284066

acknowledging that motherhood is an L for most women is not shaming it, anon. the first step to improving conditions for mothers and encouraging them to bargain for more is recognizing this

No. 1284169

The drop in birth rates comes heavily from increased access to birth control, not necessarily a decreased desire to have sex with men. Reluctance to reproduce is usually treated as synonymous with reluctance to have sex, and for men who don't have to get impregnated that might very well be the case, but for women those are two separate axis' entirely. Even though it's third world women who are unfortunately saddled with 8 pregnancies, it's women in the west who are having far more extramarital sex. I don't know what the stats for frequency of sex in marriage looks like in the west vs countries with sky-high birthrates, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if the frequency of sex is much lower when there's a decent probability you could get pregnant from it.

No. 1284185

you say like women in countries with no bc have a say in whether they're had sex with

No. 1284299

Did you have a stroke while typing this? I think you're trying to say that women in the third world don't have much of a choice in who they have sex with. I agree with that obviously and it doesn't go against what I said kek. Just adds some more nuance to the differences between women in the west vs the third world.

No. 1285250

File: 1627383125058.jpg (65.31 KB, 828x539, 20210727_055031_(1).jpg)

Deleted tweet

No. 1285253

File: 1627383543276.jpg (164.7 KB, 798x1060, 20210727_055456.jpg)

Taken from this thread: https://twitter.com/ToucanDoItMang/status/1419775669173579791?s=19 feel free to double check the information. The President of the Populist League, Stefano Forte, also works for the Bullmoose Project, they work closely with Republicans.

No. 1285255

You're not actually supposed to post about Shoe anymore, this thread is for retarded sperging and faux-intellectualism /s

No. 1285259

I don't know why she would bother to delete that, it's been pretty obvious that she's done with the leftist larp aside from her association with Vaush. And she isn't wrong, but how can someone be as fake as her and not realize that other internet leftists are actually fake and full of shit as well? Did she think all these other terminally online twitter personalities were going out and materially helping people until now?

No. 1285267

Bullshit on “rightoids” marching for Medicare for all. She jumped ship to try and grift off the left when the alt-right ship sunk, no one wanted her there, and now that the Bernie Bro ship has sunk she’s attempting to jump back and grift off the right again. This will be equally unsuccessful but Shoe isn’t Shoe unless she compulsively posts her Ls.

No. 1285343

as predicted by literally everyone, wig is inventing reasons to abandon her leftoid fad

No. 1285523

what's shoe's take on the rightoid larp going to be this time, i wonder. i want her to go full nazbol honestly.

No. 1285531

Literally wtf is she talking about. This woman is so retarded and online it hurts my brain

No. 1285569

ily anonette

No. 1285588

File: 1627425803371.png (331.47 KB, 1080x1465, Screenshot_20210727-183954~2.p…)

She's only pandering to the right again because she realized if she wants a trad Nordic gamer larper husband she needs to act fast. Go on Shoe, embrace your full nazbol potential, I'm certain that if you're super duper nice and understanding they'll stop talking about your eggs uwu.

>When her age starts with 4 am I right?

No. 1285591

File: 1627425910233.png (305.3 KB, 1041x1780, Screenshot_20210727-184434~2.p…)

No. 1285595

File: 1627426517305.jpg (259.31 KB, 1080x1775, Screenshot_20210727-155458_Chr…)

No. 1285597

File: 1627426534629.jpg (42.86 KB, 567x486, E5aAlV_XEAMufgk.jpg)

"friends, i literally ratio'd shoeonhead!!" I hate shoe but I hate these men more.

No. 1285604

same. How sad that this is was her target audience for most of her career. Literally no one respects her lanymore

No. 1285649

It's funny though to watch her support turn on her. I have no sympathy for this woman who was so vindictive to other women

No. 1285851

File: 1627459913076.jpg (244.9 KB, 1080x1746, Screenshot_20210728-095719__01…)

Shoe deleted her tweets going back and forth with another YouTuber where she defended her use of the word retarded, I wonder why she deleted them except for the fact that it usually doesn't go well for her when she interacts with someone who can see through the grift

No. 1285953

Why is she so worried about saying retarded? If she wants to be an edgy populist scarethot orbiter she's just gotta stick to it

No. 1286111

File: 1627496247040.webm (8.25 MB, 1280x720, kKOmwMvMkmK5B2eJ.webm)

She wants to be liked and part of the popular kids.
Too bad she fucked up with her original /pol/ and r/TheDonald audience and "the left" on Twitter has never truly accepted her either so now her brain is in panic mode because she is the one being mocked.

Also she made a video of her "owning the lefties", fucking sad

No. 1286118

File: 1627496954925.jpg (23.36 KB, 474x221, Capture.JPG)

lol no wonder shuwu didn't peep about her birthday

No. 1286127

File: 1627497280804.png (410.93 KB, 438x940, shuwu.png)

wig can dish it out, but wig can't take it

No. 1286180

File: 1627501323096.jpg (298.16 KB, 1080x1807, Screenshot_20210728-143350__01…)

more random vaush simping from our favorite tasteless pickme

No. 1286185

it's so pathetic how she blocks literally everyone who doesn't indiscriminently simp for her. there's someone under almost every post whining about how she went from following them to blocking them for the pettiest shit. idk how someone who's practically lived on the internet for over a decade has such thin skin. she wants everyone to treat her with kid gloves despite the fact that /she/ doesn't give a shit who she offends and can't follow basic social niceties (recent example being her use of the word retard and glorifying the fallout by making a video of it).

No. 1286207

economically left socially retarded is the only mildly funny thing she's said in years. but then she ruins it by jacking herself off by making a video montage to prove that she's totally cool with triggering the lefties.

No. 1286222

Vaush has been online responding to hate and picking fights but didn't respond to or retweet this post. Just a measly pity like for shuwu. Sad!

No. 1286239

Even a swamp creature like Vaush isn’t desperate enough to settle for Shoe.

No. 1286242

Lmao name ONE person who lives in the internet who doesn't have toilet paper skin. Even le ebic troll Internet Aristocrat did a lot of work to have his ED article removed, as well as any negative mentions on kiwifarms, or any other cringe from his JayDFox and Gamergate era.

No. 1286243

Shoe heroically breaking new frontiers for women by being the first female simp beta orbiter. As she says she isn't feminist.

No. 1286246

>when the swamp creature and tranny teenager got picked but Shoe never will
KEK, when will pickmes learn
OT but didn't he get cancer or something?

No. 1286254

He completely revamped his internet presence (including his username) and baleeted all the GG cringe way before that. Honestly surprised lc doesn't have a thread on him.

No. 1286334

Eh, Jim has a well documented internet history since early aughts and you can easily find it. He discussed some of it on his Sargon stream and the one when Kiwifarms published his dox. I'm sure he has some shady stuff, but either it's not heinous enough or well hidden since nobody dug up anything particularly incriminating about him yet. He never overshared his life online, which kinda disqualifies him as a cow. A lot of his takes were absolutely retarded and so is his fanbase.

Which leads me to believe his cancer is either fictional or exaggerated and he uses it as an excuse to get away from his fans. Covid panic last year provided him with yet another excuse to go offline.

No. 1286373

Oh, you just didn't witness his baleeting efforts on ED way back in the ancient times when he just started as internet aristocrat. ED had his dox and picture (filtered, from his prior identity as a juggalo hate channel lmao) first.

No. 1286542

Genuinely curious at this point what it will take for her to drop the pseudo-political e-girl grift and adopt a new fake personality. She's been going at this for almost 7 years now. It hasn't exactly won her any husbands, and she's only getting older. What's still keeping her here?

No. 1286592

Her "looks" ironically enough. She'll either shop for a new internet personality once they fade or just repost selfies from her 20's and pretend she still looks like that while forcing those filters to keep her eternally youthful.

No. 1286596

File: 1627559060398.jpg (327.54 KB, 1080x749, Screenshot_20210729-134257_No …)

tinfoil but she's probably in Vaush's polycule

No. 1286629

nah, that’s the saddest part
vaush never acknowledges her obsessive simping
the pickme who didn’t get picked

No. 1286840

File: 1627588254445.jpg (176.96 KB, 1080x802, Screenshot_20210729-142321__01…)

>unfortunately for them I'm a loser with no job they can fire me from

wonder how the anon who tried to argue that shuwu making shitty youtube videos and tweeting dumb shit is a Totally Legit Career that would look stellar on a resume is feeling about this tweet, kek. even june herself can't pretend she's accomplished anything aside from gaining some internet clout (that will surely dry up soon) and that she's objectively failing at life thus far. must suck to be her!

No. 1286857

File: 1627589893264.jpg (27.67 KB, 601x508, 2f7.jpg)

No. 1286889

ftr she doesn't actually believe this; she says it because she thinks it's a Get Out Of Jail Free Card. She actually believes she's the wittiest, cleverest widdle girl that ever had a YouTube account but if she pulls this "uwu no one should take me sewiouswy" bs it'll save her from having to defend her opinions. The problem with this is that she's really stupid and doesn't realize that it's not working because ppl still think her takes are idiotic.

No. 1286898

Ngl I did laugh at that quote tweet "Help they called my employer and I got fired from the fucking your mom factory"

No. 1286933

Next thing you know she'll be saying her tweets are just a Rorschach

No. 1286969

She is the shyest smollest trad waifu who is just tooooo sensitive and innocent to debate!!! But also she is the most le epic troll who is constantly owning the libtards who want to CANCEL her for dark edgy humour!!!

I don't know how she's fooled anyone on the left or right in to thinking she has anything going on other than her desperate need to pander to weirdest and most terminally online men.

No. 1286977

Lmao I hate them both but she made a good point, Vadim is super weird. Vadim was moderating an online leftist shitfest called the "Hippy Dippy Championship" and there ended up being drama regarding the voting system. Vadim starting crying on Twitter and complaining about staying up for over 24 hours over the whole ideal despite having some kind of insomnia-induced stress disorder.

No. 1287075

>Panders to the lowest tier men
>Still doesn't get picked

Shoe's life is a tragic comedy

No. 1287295

File: 1627656897508.jpg (326.24 KB, 1080x1121, Screenshot_20210730-155646_Chr…)

She's still going on about it

No. 1287327

File: 1627658716891.jpg (85.68 KB, 1200x675, pepe.jpg)

No. 1287632

So she's not going to acknowledge that she encouraged these exact types of retards in her mentions to infest twitter to this degree by wking over troons and degenerates for years and also participated in making twitter commie LARP retardation trendy? Okay cool, very good, thanks June. Also she's only mentioning the he/hims because she knows they are teenage girls and she is still afraid to piss off the men in her fanbase

No. 1288625

I know she's probably going to seethe at this video if she even has the attention span to sit through this.

No. 1288627

>Watching BigJoel

No. 1288650

based big joel hater

No. 1288652

The lesser of 2 evils imo.

No. 1288668

File: 1627812959709.jpg (160.6 KB, 1080x601, Screenshot_20210801-121047_You…)

Watching that video, June referring to bestialists as "hedonstic freaks" - just what the fuck is wrong with that bitch? It's almost as bad as her infamous "pedophilia as a side kink" take. Incredible how much 4chan moid pandering fried her brain

No. 1288673

June is retarded, but what's wrong with saying "people shouldn't fuck animals"? Aside from her thirsting over Vaush.

No. 1288688

Cancer is still cancer either way, you retard.

No. 1288690

I agree with that, what I was referring to was her saying that people who fuck animals are "hedonistic".

No. 1288692

Also she has to say hedonistic freaks because twitter buzzwords, she's not downplaying being an animal fucker but subtly lumping other less repulsive hedonistic behaviors in with it as just as bad aka the slippery slope argument

No. 1288724


Cuz a hedonistic person just wants to feel pleasure, a dd/lg (who doesn't involve minors in their kink) weirdo would be a hedonist. Animal fuckers are scum of the earth and calling one a hedonist is downplaying the severity of animal fucking.

No. 1288733

The video explains it pretty well. It’s obvious that raping animals is bad. June is dumb as rocks though. So someone starts a thread to compare bestiality to eating meat not to say fucking animals is cool, but saying if we agree that fucking animals is bad, is impregnating animals to breed them any better?

June brings a dumbass argument to the table, even though obviously her take is the right one. People tell her her argument suck because it’s not a good argument.
Then she just starts blocking everyone and tweets bizarre stuff that implies people really do like getting frisky with animals, and no she doesn’t need to debate you because why would she debate animal fuckers?

Never heard of Big Joel before but he’s explaining why she’s so annoying pretty well. She just blocks everyone and twist the narrative to imply the worst out of everyone. When she runs out of arguments (which is hella fast) she just turns ironic, like she somehow decided arguing is now beneath her and she doesn’t need to elaborate.
I still can’t get why she thinks she can get into politics when she’s dumb. She’s really dumb and I think she knows it. But that kind of rhetoric can only carry her so far.

No. 1288856

she's saying hedonistic to not say degenerate, obviously

No. 1289117

Big Joel is part of Breadtube, so he's a retarded TRA. He's collaborated with Jack Saint (a man in a straight relationship that he and his gf call "queer" because she's a no effort genderspecial), and I'm pretty sure he's done the same with ContraPoints (known misogynistic AGP) and Lindsay Ellis (the biggest NLOG pickme known to man). This is basically a cow crossover, but the group of people who aren't politicians/historians/philosophers, but desperately want to be, online is basically just an incestuous circlejerk.

No. 1289185

Thanks for clarifying. I honestly don’t follow none of these people, I liked his animation style and this video was solid though, so props to him for that.

It’s funny to realise that from an outsider perspective, they kind of look like kids playing pretend. I get that they make real money from that but I get the feeling they really think they’re doing something on a political scale when most people have no idea who they are or what their weird twitter lingo even means.

No. 1289205

god I forgot how much I hate Jack Saint.

No. 1289212

The art isn't even his, he's had a separate person drawing those things for him for a few videos, now.

No. 1289250

Thanks for the summary nonnie. It got me to actually watch the video and yeah, Joel is right. Classic case of an idiot accidentally making a good argument.

No. 1289873

Vaush made a video reacting to Joels video and dunked on Shoe a bit. Saged because it wasn't as milky as I hoped for

No. 1290082

>Vaush's mediocre reply to Big Joel's mediocre reply to ShoeOnHead's mediocre debate skills on Twitter
If Joel makes a response video to this, it would be the peak representation of the writhing incest heap that is Breadtube and Co.

No. 1292383

File: 1628275774206.jpg (39.16 KB, 526x441, Capture.JPG)



>64 subscribers
>my fren
>a rightoid

a new moid for june after catfish saga?

No. 1292389

christ the fucking lingo

No. 1292431

I really thought she was going to go post-left, surprised

No. 1292647

Did she just send out a hate mob to that tits person by rting them lmao

No. 1292662

File: 1628308170499.jpg (423.71 KB, 1080x1721, Screenshot_20210806-222819__01…)

gross and demented

No. 1292664

File: 1628308306293.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.08 KB, 960x640, 3htgib.jpg)

the image that was traced, from an actual pedo adjacent gangbang porno.

No. 1292675

File: 1628308995396.jpg (139.29 KB, 1920x1080, EXCL-RPDR-1108-WP-B.jpg)

No. 1292750

a bunch of bald guys ?

No. 1292789

You know I feel there's still some hope for her, I'm just hoping that she comes to her sense one day, when her fame is gone she can start trying to be a productive human being

No. 1293109

Shes 30, still has her mom clean her room and make her tendies, dropped out of college, has no real education in anything less any work experience or marketable skills. And shes still acting like a retarded pick me on twitter for male attention. Not even turning 30 with male followers telling her directly that she's dried up, old and eggless made her reflect on anything. Nothing will change but she'll probably have a crisis at 40

No. 1293328

File: 1628365905939.jpg (365.27 KB, 1080x1423, Screenshot_20210806-222509__01…)

her one sided simpery for vaush is evolving into borderline sexual harrassment

No. 1293590

Agreed. It's too late for her. Most people grow out of this shit by their late teens/early twenties. The fact that she hasn't and shows no signs of ever doing such suggest that she's too pathologically distrubed to achieve meaningful growth.

No. 1293648

her tweets about vaush are so fucking weird and creepy

No. 1293735

File: 1628392618344.jpg (22.23 KB, 333x500, girls-black-hair-wigs-500x500.…)

She's included in the same category. What a mess of a person.

No. 1293739

she's so desperate because she's 30, single and her "bio clock" is ticking
maybe vaush is the only man that actually sort of likes her

No. 1293748

he doesn’t even seem flirty with her, let alone into her

No. 1293799

I really believe Vaush likes men more then women. Shoe is seriously retarded and could find a normal dude to settle with and have kids. She wants someone with fame and right now Vaush seems like the only dude she feels she can snag, I guess she assumes his standards are low but he's a asshole with a ego.

No. 1293817

sage for blogpost and OT but my aunt was a trainwreck(with undiagnosed Aspergers) most of her life until she started learning to deal with her illness and settled with my uncle during her 30's, she has a happy stable life now, If she can do I think even Shoe can

No. 1293981

i guess vaush just dont want to deal whit that type of drama, what she clearly brings

No. 1293985

File: 1628417208276.jpg (44.59 KB, 640x450, 44.jpg)

I know she's done a lot of sad shit her life but imo this is perhaps the most pathetic thing I've seen her do, simping for Vaush
also minor fact, Vaush is younger then her, he's only 26 year old

No. 1294004

Even Vaush is better than her. Sad.

No. 1294008

Cock confidence is a current retarded rw manosphere meme, isn't it?

No. 1294015

Shoe is a loser and pickme but come on, were talking about Vaush here

No. 1294023

Even considering her worst traits and awful reputation, by looks alone she is 100x better than him and could easily get better. It is bizarre that she's into him, and even more bizarre that he's apparently not into her, not a WK but any sane person with eyesight would agree. It's extremely embarassing for Shoe either way, idk why she is doubling down on public simping instead of saving face.

No. 1294025

Not wking shoe, but a 30 and a 26 yr old is not creepy at all. Simping for the embodiment of gamer sweat and eternal coom , vaush on the other hand is possibly worse than getting catfished by a Nazi.

No. 1294110

He's 26??? I thought he was at least 35. That's sad, cooming really ages you

No. 1294115

That's not what I meant, I just wanted point out how fucking out of shape and ugly Vaush is, that he looks almost in his mid to late 30's, when he's actually in the age where most people are in their physical prime

No. 1294165

File: 1628434011252.jpg (331.34 KB, 1080x1532, Screenshot_20210808-094629__01…)

can't decide which is more embarrassing, her thirsting over vaush or her thirsting over hontra

No. 1294229

She probably lurks all kinds of manosphere boards and iirc someone on kiwifarms mentioned she is in alt-right discords and "dangerously based"

No. 1295438

I’m honestly surprised she’s trying to get with someone younger than her considering how insecure she is about her age.

No. 1295505

Living the twitch life, but crying over capitalism.

I really wish for him, to get the beating of his life by some parent of an abused child.

This guy makes me physically sick!(integrate better)

No. 1295978

He's only 26?! How on earth did he manage to get so busted looking at such a young age?

No. 1296010

File: 1628521934766.jpg (40.19 KB, 543x685, Capture.JPG)

I wonder how her parents feel

No. 1296058

fat and ginger

No. 1296062

File: 1628525042037.jpg (7.42 KB, 480x360, 11.jpg)

what's even sadder is that guy in picrel is Vaush just 4 years ago, he became a "leftist" in College, moved into his Parent's basement and rather then get a job stated streaming as a means of income and he ended up becoming the pathetic degenerate we know him today

No. 1296098

sitting on your ass 24/7 and sperging about politics

No. 1296142

Jesus Christ this video is pure cringe and if you liked it you're a retard.

No. 1296175

File: 1628532891770.jpg (305.65 KB, 1080x1871, Screenshot_20210809-131324__01…)

really can't decide who's more cringey, her or her retarded scrote orbiters. Will she never get sick of pandering to misogynists

No. 1296176

Nona, how many white men do you know irl? Take a look at your high school yearbook and then find them on fb. They will all look unrecognizable like pic related >>1296062.

Most men start balding at like 21 and become melted garden gnomes by around 25. Vaush is normal moid level busted.

No. 1296209

I'm pasty white, from a pasty white area and surrounded by pasty white moids. None of them looked that busted by their mid 20's aside from the drug addicts. Props to Vaush for looking as disgusting as he is though, I've got to hand it to him
I think she just doesn't know how to interact with normal men at this point but still needs a constant stream of that sweet, sweet male validation, so she's stuck pandering to these worthless throwaway men who hate her. I'm not excited to see what her future will be like.

No. 1296292

File: 1628540818185.jpg (218.13 KB, 2208x1242, 6x16gm67hbe51.jpg)

Anon I know plenty of white people and no one of any race has aged as beadily as Vaush, it has less to do with race and genes and more to do with being in his basement all day, no exercise, junk food, coom and sitting all day for 4 years straight, anyway this is him when he was 16, he looks like young happy fit kid and look what he became a decade later

No. 1296506

Is Vaush a manlet or is this just an unfortunate angle/crop?

No. 1296566

kiwifarms had some analysis of his height up in their thread about him. apparently he lies about his height (just like he lies about everything else). he claims to be 6'2" but he's a foot shorter than charlie kirk (who says he's 6'4" but is slightly shorter than hasan who is somewhere between 6'3"-6'5")

in the recent photo of him with charlie kirk he was wearing some platformed running shoes too, prob like a 1.5 inch sole, and was only maybe like an inch taller than tim pool (who claims to be 5'10" but is prob lying too kek)

theres also photos of him next to destiny in converse (boost height by 1 inch) and destiny has measured himself as like 5'8.5" or something on stream, and in those photos he only looks an inch taller than him as well (destiny was wearing regular flat running shoes shoes)

he's probably 5'9" - 5'10" but claims to be 6'2" lmao. either way he's definitely not 6'2" like he claims

sage for vaush autism but i just found the height so funny because they even counted pixels and shit lmao

No. 1296904

He was an ugly nerd then and he’s an ugly greasy nerd now. He aged about as well as any basement dwelling dude in his late-twenties. This uggo is not milk.

No. 1297050

>Take a look at your high school yearbook and then find them on fb. They will all look unrecognizable like pic related
Damn right, they hit the wall the hardest of any creature on earth lmfaoo(sage)

No. 1297115

>inb4 racebait
I feel like it's common knowledge that white dudes age like milk, and vaush is no exception, combine that with his neetdom. Are we really shocked that he looks like shit in his mid-20's? If anything, I'm more interested in when the fuck that spider's egg on his ear is gonna hatch.

No. 1297365

how the hell does that image NOT give you pedo vibes?? the girl is styled to look like she's about 9 years old. men who jerk off to this need to be put on a watchlist.

No. 1297555

learn to sage before coming here to defend the porn industry you fucking retard

No. 1297563

She might not look like it but the styling is intentionally done to make them seem childlike like what actual legal adult would wear a fucking stupid unicorn shirt it’s despicable how blatant and mainstream pedophilia is.

No. 1297575

>children's shirt

No. 1297576

rofl moids have an absolute breakdown when you come for their precious interracial cp simulation. this is not a normal thing to derail an entire thread for, please go outside

No. 1297658

Do you hate yourself for popping a stiffy at the thought of 10 Tyrones railing your white little daughter, moid? I bet you're a vaushfag kek

No. 1297757

File: 1628681332759.png (324.69 KB, 597x409, fs.png)

Wow he's 37 already? I knew he was older than shoe, but whew

No. 1297798

It's just a 7 year gap

No. 1297873

The gap seems larger than it actually is because shoe still larps as an uwu barely legal loli egirl

No. 1297937

>gets owned
>h-heh you're replying!


No. 1298004

why do scrotes do this? they have the entire internet and they still come to a female gossip board to cry. feminine, low-t, omega behavior. just transition at this point

No. 1298053

Jesus Christ, this guy is 37 and has accomplished nothing with his life. Sad.

No. 1298133

26? He looks busted omfg I could swear he was almost 40

No. 1298205

Lol, delusional.

No. 1298233

File: 1628726886824.jpg (131.39 KB, 1070x956, Screenshot_20210811-170658_Fac…)

Bretty close

No. 1298265

Men aren't funny

No. 1298278


Look at him at 23, then 31 - it's like someone flipped a switch. And that's an A list Hollywood actor with facelifts, hair plugs and other shit. A bloated potato by 2008, fucking rough.

No. 1298283

File: 1628732816208.jpg (274.41 KB, 1080x1096, Screenshot_20210811-203844__01…)

getting back to her roots, I'm sure her army of schizoids are delighted to have an excuse (in the form of an article that's pure reactionary clickbait, most likely completely made up) to keysmash about evil roastie feminazis or whatever

No. 1298284

File: 1628733079917.jpg (123.4 KB, 1080x667, Screenshot_20210811-204503__01…)

samefag but this comment is sending me bc she literally built her ENTIRE ONLINE PRESENCE off of giving mgtows and incels ammunition. It's her brand.

No. 1298304

Like Moviebob, he looks 15 years older than his age, so I can't even imagine how hideous he will be in 15 years time.

No. 1298351

Pretty annoying, it's not even remotely normal & not just some radical outlier couple. June likes to act like it is though. I guess she feels reacting bad to it makes her look better than all the other evil roasties (pick me!) out there, when really, her aversion to such a situation is pretty normal.

But anon, men age like wine kek

No. 1298359

Based and pinkpilled. I see absolutely nothing wrong here, especially knowing that it triggers a bald cuckquean who would no doubt congratulate a man for doing the same.
Moids continue having no self awareness, it's great.

No. 1298372

imagine being so much of a pick me you write something like this about your best friend. How does she know the husband hasn't done anything to deserve the cheating? This weirdo sounds way too involved in her best friend's marriage. Plus I don't trust anyone that says the courts are unfair to men, the statistics clearly show men are favored more than women when they actually ask for custody.
The article says the guy knows she's fucking around but is too much of a coward to leave kek. The writer sounds like she wants to fuck the husband. Pathetic. This is June-level behavior, no wonder she posted it.

No. 1298376

Stay seething June that this woman has a husband and several boyfriends and you have none

No. 1298419

>How does she know the husband hasn't done anything to deserve the cheating?
Eeew wtf is wrong with you? Nobody deserves to be cheated on. If you're unhappy in a relationship, break up!
Can't even imagine defending dumb libfem shit like this, even to dunk on June. Some anons ITT can never admit when she is right for once in a blue moon.

No. 1298421

Empty milk carton

No. 1298430

I see she's never grown off her 2016 phase of taking the stupidest clickbait articles and mocking them instead of having any nuanced thought of her own

No. 1298432

lmao your take is the most r/relationships tier libfem shit ever

No. 1298629

She's so shameless when it comes to pandering to moids. You just know she doesn't really care about the hurt inflicted on someone from infidelity, and would be perfectly okay with a man cheating on his gf/wife for asinine reasons. It's like how she performatively seethes over the handful of female teachers who molest teenage boys, but was proud of being in a full time DDLG relationship with Preg, actively LARPs as a little girl for sexual kicks, and thinks pedophilia is just a "side kink" for men.

No. 1298946

what website did you use for this?

No. 1299012

File: 1628822972952.jpg (224.53 KB, 1080x1679, Screenshot_20210812-214139__01…)

so this is her idea of a Clever Joke huh

No. 1299014

June your fucking life is bleak and his joke applies to you. Her Twitter comments are so pointless in every way.

No. 1299028

the f in men stands for funny

No. 1299088


Fuck women, only Wig gets to be the funny female with her "epic pwn /b/ xDDDD" and "REEEEEEEE waman dumb" type of humor.ž

30 years old. Her moids treat her like shit.

No. 1299091

File: 1628836891231.png (296.73 KB, 486x669, Untitled.png)

No. 1299092

File: 1628837190069.jpg (38.74 KB, 485x518, Capture.JPG)

No. 1299095

File: 1628837621139.webm (474.35 KB, 640x480, z63D-r_Uz8xiGbQH.webm)

her pickme levels are off the charts

No. 1299097

the funniest part about this is that in 2021 she still could "stay at home and bake pies all day" or whatever the fuck glorified version of the past she thinks existed. feminism isn't forcing her to work, evidenced by her last decade of neetdom kek. just go get a man june! this woman is getting so desperate that in her mind the only way to be able to "bake pies all day" is by being forced into servitude and having her rights stripped. truly a pathetic situation all around

No. 1299104

>2.4 Allegations of transphobia
Nothing wrong with that one lmao. Thought June would ree about that considering her history of defending trannies.

No. 1299106

cry more, fat white moid

No. 1299123

Seconding as well as the islamophobia. As if Islamic nations have ever given a fuck about women's welfare.

She really hates other women this much.

No. 1299124

She really just wants to be a lazy NEET, lol. Should have gone for autism bucks.

No. 1299125

I honestly don't think she could bake a single pie, but I would love to see her try. We have seen her attempts at cooking, baking is even harder because you have to be exact in measurements. It would be a shitshow.

I honestly don't think she wants to be a tradwife tho, it's all just a larp to attract more incel simps. She would be miserable if she had to cook and clean, her mom does all of that for her.

No. 1299129

"no u!" - powerful stuff.

>I honestly don't think she wants to be a tradwife tho
gee, no shit. What gave it away.

No. 1299137

File: 1628845926915.png (212.12 KB, 616x441, shoe07.png)

I actually wish some moid made her his housewife. Cleaning the house every day, cooking, being pregnant and raising children, having to clean off skid marks off her scrote's boxers while he browses onlyfans all day wouldn't seem like a housewife barbie dreamy lifestyle.
"Baking pies in high heels tee hee" my ass.

No. 1299139

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Janusz Korwin-Mikke he hates women with a passion and is very pro pedophilia too, for example he said sex education is worse than pedophilia, defended a pedophile priest saying its not a big deal, said that a little bit of touching can be good for development of the female child

No. 1299140

No. 1299143

"We could have been at home baking pies all day…"

This is what you do June. Minus the pie baking though because you're too lazy even for that.

No. 1299145

But.. how would the bills get paid? She goes after non breadwinners. By her own standards she goes after beta cucks because she made more than her boyfriends by giving random scrotes attention. More attention than she gave any of her relationships.

No. 1299152

Why doesn't she go bake one now instead of waiting for her mommy to do it for her, then? If she wants to be so trad and clean and cook then chop chop June, use your simpbux to start a homestead instead of letting your parents take care of you like a child at 30

No. 1299157

I hope he sees this anon!

No. 1299160

your take is dumb as fuck and full of pick-me logic, what do you expect people to say? Good job on sharing June's surface level take on a click bait article that was written solely to piss off moids and their cool girls.

No. 1299162

File: 1628851841810.gif (1.94 MB, 480x270, black-woman-snapping-fingers.g…)

Omg yaaaas girl! Like you should totally cheat, like I cheated on all my babydaddies and they totally deserve it! I fuck all their friends just for fun to see them cry cause men and shieeeet! I am a kween and they don't deserve me! These pick-me's don't know what's up!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1299172

Can someone explain the joke? I don't get it

No. 1299185

I just don't get her. I mean I get she's trying to "rial the libfems" but her lack of historical knowledge is staggering.
Not going to rant but even as a troll she come across not as trolling but as a fucking idiot.
Enjoy being aged out of your demographic June. Hope your parents enjoy looking after your autistic NEET ass till they get put into a home.

No. 1299204

The joke:
1. Female comedians aren't funny
2. The joke is misogynistic while it's set up appears to be anti-misogyny

No. 1299234

File: 1628864626178.jpg (354.04 KB, 1080x1373, Screenshot_20210813-162346_Chr…)

No. 1299236

She doesn't actually want to be a housewife, she just pretends to for male attention since being a tardwife is the current pickme meta. She could easily just take a stroll outside her parents' Long Island home and find a nice Ginzo whose fawthuh owns a concrete company, marry him, and start popping out little Marias and Salvatores ASAP. But that's just not what she wants.

No. 1299237

File: 1628865223737.jpg (157.15 KB, 1080x953, Screenshot_20210813-163242_Chr…)

hse thought this was "hot"

No. 1299240

wtf is it with that retard xanderhal and "your mom" jokes

No. 1299271

>Unfunny people to leftist pipeline

She's just describing herself kek

No. 1299272

Anyone remember the infamous human pet guy from Tumblr (thecybersmith was his username i think)? He and shuwu should shack up.

No. 1299297

Where will she be at 40?

No. 1299300

My guess is she'll settle for some loser scrote (bc there's no way she'd attract a halfway decent man, nor would she go for one bc her taste is abysmal) by 35 and get knocked up, bc I certainly can't see her entering the working world or going back to school. She (and the aforementioned loser scrote) will use their children as an excuse to further shoe's parasitic relationship with her rich parents.

No. 1299305

Nah she'll just have a full mental breakdown that nobody picked her after raging online that "dumb cunts over a 100 years ago decided to want rights" she wants a neet life while being taken care of at 30+. The exact same archetype that her mgtow followers despise ha

No. 1299321

If she weren't retarded and lazy and totally unqualified I'd suggest she get involved in local politics, using her current platform to garner support and such. It's what I'd do if I suddenly found myself in her shoes and had to make a last ditch attempt to get my life on track before hitting middle age. She's (allegedly) interested in it so it'd be a good option. But this would require her to actually push herself, learn political and economic theory from somewhere besides youtube, and stop being a retarded pickme edgelord, which is very unlikely to happen. Oh well, it's no one's fault but her own.

No. 1299335

I think she will date a considerably older man, maybe one who is already divorced and has kids, who will be her "daddy" and she will once again have a creepy ddlg relationship. At this point she needs to date an old moid to feel young and UwU in comparison. Then she will be the evil stepmom to his kids, cause I really don't see her sacrificing her "disney princess waistline" to get pregnant herself.

No. 1299338

File: 1628879657493.png (425.47 KB, 600x600, tin_foil_cat_cat_1.png)

Mega retard tinfoil, but what are the chances she is in a relationship already and has learned from her past mistakes not to share it with the world? I assume those chances are very low, but it would benefit her in multiple ways. She could avoid further embarassment of being dumped and she could also keep her devoted simps who might drop her if they found out she was not "available" anymore.

No. 1299402

I doubt it tbh. She's constantly being roasted by scrotes on Twitter for being single at 30, so if she was in a relationship I think she'd be broadcasting it.

No. 1299454

Maybe only if she is in earliest stages of dating. Her entire personality is being picked so I don't think she'd be able to keep it private for long.

No. 1299586

"Islamaphobia" and "transphobia" are rations beliefs that any sensible human being should have, criticizing the EU is more neutral

No. 1299806

File: 1628933733693.png (168.06 KB, 596x1324, Untitled.png)


No. 1299841

I think her only real option is to get back with Greg, since no normal person would ever date either of them. I know that he doesn’t want her either but she’s the only person willing to put up with his disgusting behavior and they can both still be awful online since June hates herself too much to speak up about Greg cheating and he doesn’t care enough about her to be bothered by her moid pandering.

No. 1299903

If Greg wanted her then he would have stayed tbh. But she got dumped on her 30th. Now shes set to be a raging retard on twitter well into her 30s and 40s with nothing to show for her life. Fact that her parents enable her still is pathetic since she contributes nothing

No. 1299930

I hate this pretentious dirt bag leftism pretending they're better than crybaby malding twitter leftism

No. 1300016

Any children born to that union are fucked, girls especially. Their only saving grace will be that their maternal grandparents will be doing the lion's share of the parenting while June is busy pandering to other men on twitter and Preg is fucking other women.

Despite all the pedo-LARPing, I don't really think June turning 30 was ever an issue for him. After they broke up he dated a mid-30's Aussie woman who was either the same age as or older than him, and he seemed way more broken up over their split than he ever did with his split with June.

No. 1300059

Same here, it's all just as cringe

No. 1300069

ot but that guy is still around on twitter and has become weirdly obsessed with samoyedcore, an ex-tumblr femboy. shit's cray

No. 1300566

File: 1629039584680.jpg (175.67 KB, 1080x786, Screenshot_20210815-165654_Chr…)

No. 1300594

I have never seen June bake nor cook ANYTHING in the past few years where she's done nothing except upload a few youtube videos per week.
Does she think complaining about some trad bs will throw the moids off her trail that in actuality she's useless by trad standards? Stfu June.

No. 1300612

if june was in a secret relationship she wouldn't be thirsting over vaush every day on twitter… what selfrespecting man would allow his gf to hit on vaush in her free time publicly while hiding him away?

No. 1300616

A selfrespecting man wouldn't date June.

No. 1300634

Shit joke

No. 1301459

File: 1629149250015.png (1.99 MB, 1294x2048, Screenshot_20210816-142524.png)

Interesting that she never updated this IG account after the break up. Greg is still her "boyfren" according to this.

No. 1301475

The other day I noticed in an Armoured Skeptic video He refered to Shoe as his gf in the present tense. He did it a couple of times, thought it was odd.

No. 1301485

link vid? someone on KF said that he was apparently reuploading his old videos so that may explain why

No. 1301734

Doesn't look like it's been used since they broke up. And June is not known for being good with facing reality one way or the other.

No. 1302082

Kek he was the first thing that came to mind after seeing that screen shot. I'd like to see June try and stand a minute around this loon

No. 1302093

I like how whoever drew that phone case made grog look like a 10/10 giga chad alpha male and then drew june like she has down syndrome

No. 1302276

The vaush comments here are outdate


he's no longer her "vibe"

No. 1302279

Dear shit for brains:
At least check when the last post was before pretending like it's recent.
That's her old account which she hasn't touched since 2017.
Jesus fucking christ.

No. 1302284

>she never updated this old IG
…yes. anon isn’t saying she’s still posting on that account acting like she’s still with Greg. she’s saying that it’s strange June never updated the bio/posted anything new/different after their breakup

No. 1302312

it is not "strange", she just abandoned the account.

No. 1302366

File: 1629247638384.jpg (455.35 KB, 1080x1512, Screenshot_20210817-194336__01…)

Feel like i kind of have to respect this self awareness

No. 1302378

Who has the story of June recalling how she scratched her arms up as a child and told her teacher that another girl she didn't like scratched her instead

No. 1302424

it's so criney she's calling herself an e-girl. I'm not sperging on her age, 30 isn't old, but it is too old to be calling yourself an e-girl online and pretending your drug addiction is a quirky personality trait. Then again idk what I expect from a woman whos mom still does her laundry.

No. 1302654

On your 30th birthday you graduate from e-girl to e-woman.

Self aware but not enough to realize that this will never happen for her, lol.

No. 1302741

File: 1629297786467.jpg (24.25 KB, 400x400, CyQXVD55_400x400.jpg)

bad wig choice

No. 1302814

The bangs really bring out her hamster cheeks.

No. 1302821

She needs to stop pushing up her cheeks to look like a uwu sweet innocent child. It looks so retarded for 30 year old grown woman to do this in desperation to look younger for her audience.

No. 1302839

I think ppl should be able to dress and present themselves how they want regardless of age, within reason, like I fully intend to still live in band t shirts and jeans as a middle aged woman, but she's SO clearly still trying to be an uwu loli jailbait and it's just cringey. Just embrace your age shuwu, 30 is still pretty young but not young enough to be dressing and acting like a teenager to such a retarded extent.

No. 1302917

File: 1629311848066.jpg (168.25 KB, 1080x1977, Screenshot_20210818-133115__01…)

taking a break from "eat the rich" tweets to brag about your wealthy parents paying for your first class plane tickets is quite a choice

No. 1302932

These Twitter warriors who never leave their room will give up any of their beliefs at the drop of a pin to be able to be actually rich and do stupid wasteful rich person stuff. And then they twist around some logic to explain why “actually it’s ok for ME” because they don’t actually care and just go along with the trend of saying omg Jeff bezos is EVIL for the social media validation. They have no perspective.

No. 1302978

Is she shopping her cheeks? They look swollen even with being pushed up. her face has no shape just fat cheeks

No. 1302988

File: 1629316914071.jpg (25.44 KB, 393x379, 6490466435863.JPG)

Oof, she looks like Taylor R when she had the botched cheeks

No. 1303007

Bulimia maybe?

No. 1303497

File: 1629382601859.jpg (301.21 KB, 1080x1516, Screenshot_20210819-090914__01…)

she liked a post that's aimed primarily at her horse fucker pal vaush, judging by the comments.

No. 1303520

Bulimia cheeks are more on the side of the face. She probably has bulimia as well,but her new protruding cheeks are probably a discount injection special placed offer where they give you cheekbones and fuller cheeks to balance it out.

No. 1303689

Fillers to look young probably. Or maybe alcoholism. She is gonna be a based wine-mom without the kids.

No. 1304101

File: 1629420387651.jpeg (76.88 KB, 750x563, D2699C50-162B-4C98-8C1B-002898…)

why does she humiliate herself for every man that breathes

No. 1304160

they seem kinda perfect for each other actually

No. 1304251

idk how shoe could ever be based when all her opinions are just whatever a fat leftist streamer said last week.

No. 1304404

'based' is just a way of signalling that you're retarded anyhow, so it fits June like a glove

No. 1304965

File: 1629495889943.jpg (246.31 KB, 1080x843, Screenshot_20210820-234211_Chr…)

I don't know anon

No. 1305643

She debated fellow cow hunter avallone a couple days ago over that stupid Twitter conversation they had a while back. Didn't watch as I cannot spare the brain cells but apparently hunter was the smarter person in the "debate". The sheer thought of being unable to construct a better argument than hunter fucking avallone is humiliating kek

No. 1305708

his position in this argument is so pathetic and retarded it actually makes me gag. imagine thinking it's morally unacceptable for someone to joke about guillotining billionaire "people" like bezos and muskrat who are literally the modern day equivalent of feudal lords, feasting while the peasants around them starve to death. "Oh but it could radicalize people and lead to real violence" yeah and that's a good thing you fucking pansy. Shuwu is terrible at debating of course but I'll credit her for being on the right side of this stupid argument.

No. 1305709

Yikes sweaty you cannot "meme" about killing one of the most destructive people on earth, who hurt you uwu –hunter unironically

No. 1305710

In reality though why is a position on this even necessary, its a stupid ass argument to begin with. Politically it affects absolutely nothing and it's asinine to even have a debate about making jokes or saying shit on twatter

No. 1305768

Why do breadtubers waste so much time on debating over tweets instead of focusing on more important leftist issues? Drama/outrage helps boost views and thus their socialist grift?

No. 1305773

Because they're in it for themselves, not the actual groups who care about these issues. They have to continue to panderhandle and posture for shekels.

No. 1305935

Wouldn't violence against the financial aristocracy be exactly their goal? Like how the Romanovs were so disconnected from the suffering of the main populace, it made it easy for the socialists to swoop in and kill them off?

No. 1306120

File: 1629646748145.png (341.96 KB, 548x1054, 3.png)

"every man a king"

No. 1306150

Male validation is literally the most important thing in her entire life, so I'm sure she is enjoying even the creepy comments.

No. 1306232

Huh, legit question here, but the almost lunatic schizoid level of nitpicking here isn't at the same level of June's when she shat on other women for their appearance and age? Like, I get that she's getting what she deserves, but some anons here are coming out as straight up schizo with their nitpicking. And no, its not a matter of ''we're just making fun of her'', because anyone with a functioning brain can see this thread is filled to the brim with Vendetta-chans who really care about the dumbest, retardest shit like quality of fucking wigs.

June is a retarded pick me who deserves everything she's getting because she pandered to the worst fucking scum we can find online, but some of you aren't coming up as exactly rational and well balanced human beings, just having a knee jerk reaction to everything she posts with ''huur durr shes OLD SHES UGLY HER WRINKLES ARE SHOWING BECAUSE SHES OOOLD SHES IMMATURE SHES JOBLESS AND OLD AND A NEET AND UGLY AND OLD AND DUMB AND JOBLESS AND OLD''

No. 1306256

Yes, I am a very petty bitch who loves to gossip. Any other questions?

No. 1306259


Actually no, since I'm not your designed therapist sweetie, I just find it funny how you think that deranged nitpicking is gossip, but go off.

No. 1306267

June is old and I would not have sex with her.

No. 1306286


but if you put on a nice wig i might consider having sex with you

No. 1306397

This is a gossip site. It's not that deep, weirdo.

No. 1306418


i read this with a distinct lisp, i'm sorry

No. 1306430

> June is a retarded pick me who deserves everything she's getting
you answered your own question. and we all know she browses here and it has to be getting to her lmao. nobody cares if you’re a 30 year old bald neet anon, it’s her we’re making fun of. don’t take it so personally

No. 1306435

I think it's not a matter of projection or every bald person taking it personally, but it gets tiring to read the same things over and over. Nobody is saying we shouldn't dunk on her, but reading the same commentary over and over isn't funny or interesting.

But every community is built different I guess.

No. 1306449

Despite them being "friendly" Hunter did her dirty in this thumbnail. She literally looks like a mule with extensions

No. 1306520

youre right. whiney comments like this every thread are so much better.

No. 1306564

You can actually be older than June and still make fun of her for being an old hag bc it's funny

No. 1306687

No one here actually thinks 30 is old but June apparently thinks it is and has based her entire personality and self worth on her youth and unironically making fun of women in their 30s as if she would never become 30 herself so it’s funny to do the same to her now.

No. 1306851

File: 1629729718566.png (488.88 KB, 959x538, 30_1.png)

Late to the party, but why no birthday tweet?

No. 1306853

File: 1629729760971.png (991.09 KB, 962x540, 30_2.png)

Would've been sad, huh?

No. 1306902

right, because asking for milk quality is being whiney. I'm sure you're a very successful person irl with the standard of quality you're used to.

guess everyone work with what they have.

No. 1306919

scrotes did her bday tweets for her kek
keep whining on an imageboard about standards you boring bitch.

No. 1306925

Contribute or shut up.

No. 1306932


Yeah whatever you say ma'am
Imagine calling others boring when you're posting on an anon gossip imageboard in 2021. Peak retardation. But you do you, can't expect very much.

No. 1306947

File: 1629740355421.png (705.33 KB, 742x874, sink.png)

Tradwife Shoe can't even do the dishes.

No. 1306960

Her sink doesn't even look like this because she has her mother cleaning up after her, which is arguably even more pathetic for someone larping as a tradwife online

No. 1307495

No. 1307514

Bro why

No. 1307517

she looks bulimic kek

No. 1308360

File: 1629916013624.jpg (350.89 KB, 1080x1280, Screenshot_20210824-212123__01…)

she has no reason not to name names so this is an obvious lie to make her seem more relevant than she is

No. 1308553

I remember her. Autistic moids threw a tantrum when they found her boyfriend wasn’t white even though they got harsh yellow fever or whatever girl they can get.

They really seem to get mad if the is dark skinned or muslim looking for some reason. Why is that ?(learn2sage)

No. 1308964

The art is his gf's, which is why they always collaborate. It's actually kinda cute

No. 1309122

File: 1630004639820.jpg (36.02 KB, 527x325, wig.JPG)

i am getting ptsd flashbacks of her leaked nudes


she's probably flirting with those men lol

No. 1309200

File: 1630010950686.jpg (401.71 KB, 1080x1864, Screenshot_20210826-154404__01…)

the replies to this tweet are exactly what she was hoping for, I'm sure-her coomer simps hooting and hollering like a pack of retarded apes.

No. 1309228

We've all seen them already and they were the most boring uninspired nudes any e-girl has ever taken, with the dirty room in the background and the tongue hanging out. Hell, the scrotes on KF were disappointed and they were FREE. I know your parents paid a lot for them, but they're really not that great.

No. 1309240

By selling sex I don’t think he means literal prostitution June lol she is blatantly a wannabe 20 year old Twitter e-girl. She just wanted to make a reply where she could talk about her “titties” and pretend she would be rich because she’s so sexy and not because her neckbeard fans formed a relationship with her pandering fill in the blank personality over the years.

No. 1309355

Kek, fake tits on bald Momo, not exactly "good titties"

No. 1312524

File: 1630417720231.jpg (300.77 KB, 1080x1012, Screenshot_20210831-154701_Chr…)

Which fat incel will win?

No. 1312530

Will she one day understand that no respectable man finds this doormat pickme behavior attractive? Having zero self-respect is not an attractive quality unless you're a whore and the men you want to attract are abusive Johns. Men like that in a cheap barslut for one-night-stand, not in a girlfriend. This is why you're 30 and single June.

No. 1312617

this is it, the tweet that made me lose all sympathy for her. she deserved all the shit she gets from incels

No. 1312680

kek does she forget we've seen her nudes or hoping we dont remember?

No. 1314016

File: 1630599472195.png (233.33 KB, 471x562, shoe1.PNG)

No. 1314054

As it's a job and June isn't used to those, don't expect this to last long.

No. 1314055

kek, you can tell she's been thinking about it

No. 1314301

at least she's putting work into actual politics for once, as bizarre as those politics are. Destiny is right in saying a lot of online socialists just sit on their asses and preach to the choir

No. 1314347

I would 100% rather have a useless online socialist than a hard working right wing tard dedicating their time to causes that actually make life worse for everyone.

No. 1314559

File: 1630654169984.jpg (66.58 KB, 828x619, 20210903_032821.jpg)

No. 1314576

Fuck, this is so embarrassing. She must get off on publicly humiliating herself.

No. 1314616


Did it last two days because she was doing a poor job behind the scenes?… cause either way that’s embarrassing, even if she just choose to leave on her own.

I don’t expect proper work etiquette from extreme RWers but why did they feel the need to make the statement or even word it that way. Why add the two days? Just say it was short.

So still no stable job besides her youtube, officially “hit the wall” at a nice cool 30, and nobody wants to be associated with her.

No. 1314623

June has ideal breasts though? I get she's a cow but I don't see anything wrong with her tits

No. 1314624

I did't finish reading the thread before replying but she's out of there already, holy shit June lmao

No. 1314629

If you think about it, this whole tweet sums up everything about her cowdom

No. 1314670

Vowsh reining Shuwu in no doubt. She's becoming too much of an optical liability for him, but he's yet to tap that pudgy ass. so he has to bear with her

No. 1314671

aren't those implants?

No. 1314679

you consider hard-boiled egg bolt-ons the ideal tits?

No. 1314888

They’re only ideal because she paid for them; not that there’s anything wrong with people wanting breast implants but don’t try to act like they’re real. The only flex that comes from it is having enough disposable income to get them done but she’d never admit they’re fake because she gets off on the delusion that other women are jealous of her ~perfect uwu body~

No. 1315080

It's so annoying hearing people here constantly say her boobs are fake, because I can imagine her reading these threads and taking it as a huge compliment and getting off on it. The nude of a girl standing in front of a white door isn't her, which people have tried to use as "evidence." (The incorrect phone and bracelets make it obvious it's not her.)

Just admit a cow actually has nice tits for once instead of unintentionally constantly complimenting her.

No. 1315139

Ah yes, phones and bracelets, better than fingerprints when it comes o identifying a person
yeah no one will know for sure, but your "bracelet" argument is fucking retarded
I'm glad you rubbed one out to those pics of her, but don't get emotionally attached now

No. 1315275

anon only coomers think rigid tits like that are nice.

No. 1315428

Read the threads newfag white door girl was posted to a Russian form several years before the suspected June image + the nudes exposed of her recently look nothing like her boobs now, not even the same nipple
Can't post the nudes since it's revenge porn
She does have ideal breasts though, round, large and perky. It only sounds porn sick if you think her tits are wrong

No. 1315440

No I actually saw real ones is all

No. 1315477

Nipples change not only in response to environment, but also based on cycle and overall throughout life. so unless nipples were black on one set and pink on the other, your detective skills are still weak af
Again, no one will know for sure. Just admit you like fake tiddies, it's alright anon

No. 1315480

File: 1630749786628.jpg (544.72 KB, 1080x1223, Screenshot_20210904-115303_Twi…)


It's irritating how whenever Shuwu is criticized, people are like "ohh noo she is innocent and naive please treat her with kiddy gloves, be careful shuwu they could be bad people!" as if Wig isn't already part of "based" right wing discord servers and was flirting with another /pol/tard (who catfished her with pictures of a gay man).


If course she is spineless as soon as someone calls her out. "Poor naive shuwu" my ass, she has been promoting this populist league shit for half a year already.
At least something new for her CV
"Social Media Co-Director" for 2 days lmao.

No. 1315494

Nice. But I hate how much they tip toe around her too. If this was a guy they'd be calling him nazi left and right no considerations, but with her even Vadim (who witnessed her gg era firsthand) has to sugarcoat it: "oh I don't think she's malicious, she's just dumb" How about both

No. 1315501

File: 1630751738608.png (304.16 KB, 596x532, vowsh.PNG)

Vowsh is banning dissenters who speaks against his queen

No. 1315555

I don't think Sh0e is a crypto-fascist or anything like that. I honestly don't think she has the intelligence to even have consistent political opinions. Sh0e is a fucking dumbass pickme who consistently embarrasses herself on social media and parrots whatever opinions she thinks will make her a cool girl that men like.

I'm amazed Breadtube people are willing to give her so many fucking second chances. I think it ought to have been game over for her after she described a black woman as a gorilla.

No. 1315562

Sh0eonhead is what happens when someone completely uninterested in politics tries to be a publicly political figure.

She's female Count Dankula.

No. 1315607

It's sad that her fans really think of her as being so helpless and retarded, and that she probably thinks it's something she gets because she's a woman and not because she really courted a fanbase this awful

No. 1315644

>I'm amazed Breadtube people are willing to give her so many fucking second chances
The quality of the tards associated with breadtube tell you all you need to know

No. 1315733

They will dance around her so long as there's clout to be extracted from her. If that changes they'll all start making videos and tweetlongers about how they always knew but wanted to give her second chance

No. 1315737

I agree, june makes her racist jokes because she thinks it gives her cool girl points because like, other women just don't have the cool based dark humor she has! man can totally chill with june and make racist jokes and it won't bother her, she might even join in because she's so cool and based.

No. 1315746

The only political ideology she subscribes to is whatever gets her the most attention from e-scrotes.

No. 1315823

Who cares if they're fake? Also nipple changes don't turn large pepperoni nipples into quarter sized puffs. I'm not saying all women need to look like that and I'm sorry you've been hurt by scrotes in the past but insulting other women's breasts will never ever fix any of the internal problems you have

No. 1315913

that's not a misuse at all June you're a fucking millennial stop trying to suck up to genzed

No. 1316038

The youngest millennials are like 26 so she can’t even say she’s part of the cusp. And I’m genuinely surprised she didn’t start buying middle part wigs when that one gen z kid said that side parts make you look old, there’s no way that wouldn’t get to her considering how hilariously insecure she is about her age

No. 1316073

>I'm amazed Breadtube people are willing to give her so many fucking second chances. I think it ought to have been game over for her after she described a black woman as a gorilla.
That's because they're literally all a bunch of racist white people, but some want to be more low-key and PC than others to fit in, lmao.
Vaush literally admitted that he likes running into black conservatives specifically so he has an excuse to attack them.

No. 1316194

File: 1630830405670.png (873.15 KB, 1080x1116, 752A2550-9ECF-41EA-BD88-DD3648…)

Ohnonono she’s moved onto shamelessly skin walking neekolul

Was boxxy not enough shoe!!

No. 1316369

File: 1630855526339.jpg (209.55 KB, 920x553, screenshot.jpg)

No. 1316382

Who tf is that? Are typical expressions e thots do copyrighted now or something

No. 1316388

File: 1630857603235.jpeg (37.46 KB, 400x400, 16E38989-B060-4041-AFC4-F8D35B…)

it’s not just the cringe expressions

No. 1316390

Thats so embarrassing she's fucking 30

No. 1316434

> Vaush literally admitted that he likes running into black conservatives specifically so he has an excuse to attack them
Holy shit when did he say that?

No. 1316440

File: 1630862401190.png (955.66 KB, 593x942, retard.png)

She just retweeted this. She's a stunted retard, and her mask is slipping, showing she's still permanently stuck in 2014 with gamergate brain rot.

No. 1316442

File: 1630862727087.png (805.54 KB, 593x1024, terminalpickmeism.png)

I have genuinely never seen someone with such terminal case of pick me. This dude makes fun of her, and she's like "tee hee it's so cute when men make fun of women"

No. 1316464

>feminazi cup from '14
>in 2021
I bet also it's because she wants to retweet pics of herself younger now that shes in her 30s.

Shes getting desperate since reality is shes a 30 yr old single woman living in with her parents as a neet

No. 1316493

This is the most desperate thing I have ever read, holy shit. I know the term "pickme" is super common now but she really embodies the concept of it more shamelessly than anyone else

No. 1316577

She's the dictionary definition of a pick-me, pretty much everything she does is for male attention and validation. It's so depressing because all of her fans and orbiters have moved on and she has nothing else going for her at 30 y/o.

No. 1316625

that horse face lmao

No. 1316749

File: 1630888084711.png (38.67 KB, 598x444, fish.png)

It also reminded me of when she talked about dudes posing with fish, kek. She'd make fun of anyone who spoke about women like this. She's a pathetic, desperate bitch, and she deserves to be miserable. I hope the wall is treating her like shit.

No. 1316799

Fake tits are try hard & gross

No. 1316821

She’s so desperate to hype up male whining, she’ll latch on to literally any non-issue to do it. If it isn’t a selfie, women normally just take casual pictures on fun occasions with friends, events, anything along those lines, and nobody is stopping men from doing the same. If men want to start getting good pictures with their friends, all they have to do is start taking them. Crying about how your bros don’t suggest on the fly photo shoots and it’s secretly women’s fault is not going to get you a fish free pic for your tinder profile.

No. 1316858

> a fish free pic for your tinder profile
That made me laugh out loud, thank you.

No. 1316903

You know these men and Shoe would make fun of and call those women shallow for casually taking pictures in the same breath.

No. 1316968

I didn't think it was possible, but somehow she just keeps getting more pathetic. Maybe it's because she's 30 now and has to overcompensate to keep her scrotes from realizing she's "hit the wall".

No. 1317026

Exactly, if she saw anyone attracted to women talk about them the way she does men she would screech about them being a feminist simp for a clickbait video

No. 1317037

She doesn't realize that her pick-meness has contributed to the low quality of her last relationship and will continue to do so. She wants to get married ASAP so that she doesn't end up like those 'single, childless wine-drinking and cat-owning post-wall women' that 4chan shames. But when she acts like a spineless doormat she'll never get true love. All she will get is public humiliation, feelings of inadequacy and mistreatment. She tries to cope by convincing herself she's just so very kinky and loves being degraded and cucked by men. It's no wonder she has depression. She's just going to be branded a worthless whore. I wonder how she feels about the fact that there are closeted misandric women out there who probably get more commitment, love and happiness in their relationships with men.

No. 1317048

File: 1630933363972.jpg (184.68 KB, 520x1416, wig.jpg)

She's been really threatened by other women lately since she is manically posting shit like this. Maybe her crush started dating someone else.


This is so pathetic. I know so many men who posted pics of them dressed nicely going out, having fun with friends etc. on social media. These stupid bitches trying to make it some kind of a plight for men's rights makes it obvious they only talk with asocial men online who are insecure as fuck, have barely any friends and don't go out anyway.

No. 1317061

She's literally the perfect example to show why you shouldn't be a pickme. The type of bottom of the barrel scrote who wants to watch a "cool girl dunk on feminazis" is also the type of man who will look down on her for her being childless at 30, extremely public relationship history and leaked nudes. It's hard to have sympathy for her when she's made years upon years of stupid choices.

No. 1317062

this is fucking embarrassing. the thought of her posing for these and waiting for the timer..
oh my god june hahaha i want to get off this ride

No. 1317084

she is clearly having a mid-life crisis. gone from skinwalking boxxy, to belle, to neekolul now. lmao

No. 1317087

noooo and he's the greasiest most unwashed looking scrote too topkek. It's not even like she did this to prove that she's a cool girl who can keep up with the boys sense of humor because then she'd playfully roast him back or smth, no it's just pure unadulterated doormat-ness. I know I shouldn't but I can't stop feeling sorry for her, it's so tragic

No. 1317089

It was like 2019. It was one of the first videos of his that I watched. IIRC, he also mentioned that he got slammed a lot in college by black liberals who called him racist before he became more of a leftist, so I guess that's his way of getting "payback".
He has so many fucking videos that I wonder if I can even find it. That, the pedophilia shit and that clip of him sympathizing with a woman who talked about being sexually assaulted up until she said the man who did it was a Muslim (and then he promptly started attacking her) solidified my view on him and that whole "breadtube" movement.

No. 1317091

Samefagging, I actually found it. He didn't explicitly say that black students called him racist, just that he wanted to yell at them "for making shit-ass points" but "was too much of a cucky white boy" and now wants to take out his pent-up angst on the world.

No. 1317100

Reddit lady, if you're reading this, dump him

No. 1317124

File: 1630943119569.jpeg (182.04 KB, 853x1024, 1619075420011.jpeg)

>He has so many fucking videos that I wonder if I can even find it. That, the pedophilia shit and that clip of him sympathizing with a woman who talked about being sexually assaulted up until she said the man who did it was a Muslim (and then he promptly started attacking her)
Literally what is fucking wrong with him? I just wanna punch him in the face

No. 1317128

ah yes, the best part of waking up is holding an empty coffee mug that I bought off Redbubble in such a way as to make it clear it has never contained a single drop of coffee or any other liquid
While ofc taking a selfie with the other hand. Folgers, your new slogan/jingle awaits!

No. 1317266

This. Knowing fans of June irl would be insufferable for anyone.

No. 1317284

her nonexistent chin is sending me

No. 1317301

I'd bet anything that if a friend did offer to take pictures of them just to commemorate a fun night out or something, they'd interpret it as a come on and call him a faggot.

No. 1317345

the fact that she still hasn't changed her insta bio from "29 & mad online" is really pathetic.

she turned 30 nearly three months ago and she's still active on instagram. there's not a huge difference between 29 and 30 anyway unless you're so self-loathing that you don't even want to acknowledge something that arbitrary because you believe there's like an magical invisible line that you cross the moment you turn 30 that destroys your worth as a woman. which is fucking gross because it shows the way you view other women too.

besides, everyone online knows exactly how old you are.

like jesus, you're 30, not 60.

your age is only something to be ashamed of if you are something to be ashamed of.

like if you have something to be proud of, you have your shit relatively together, you take care of yourself, and you're happy enough with your life you don't have the energy to care about the number of years you've lived on this earth and what others will think about that.

but that's likely the problem, so, there you go.(learn2sage)

No. 1317717

I'm sorry to derail, but in fairness, I'm pretty sure anon is talking about Sydney Watson, who's somehow even more of a deranged pick me than June is, on top of being a hardcore alt-right propagandist, like an even more busted and worse version of Lauren Southern. Dismissing allegations is shitty in any context, and maybe the assault made her this way, who knows? But it's not like she's a completely unbiased source. She has an agenda. Regardless, Vaush is a retarded greasy coomer.

No. 1318307

wrt Sydney Watson, my impression was that she was trying way harder to be a discount June than a Lauren. She makes her intros into ~super ironic~ skits of a feminist strawman and seems to do the same "shouting about wammen makes me funny" thing, even though she's much further to the right. Seeing the Sydney video just made me feel like she found an old 2015 June video in 2018 and went "I could do that!"

No. 1318429

She's a Lauren June hybrid tbh

No. 1318435

File: 1631065923647.png (874.32 KB, 947x2048, 1631065877240.png)

ruh roh(male)

No. 1318693

File: 1631092170783.gif (144.86 KB, 335x251, AridDownrightChevrotain-size_r…)

>bearded guy in the profile pic

No. 1318733

So she's finally turned on her beloved troon men for a last try at populist/post-left twitter acceptance? She's going to lose so many of her redditor trooncel followers for this and probably still not impress anyone she's trying to impress

No. 1319691

File: 1631195471441.jpeg (289.12 KB, 1170x918, 7370CE3E-939D-4F73-9A6C-6E6D10…)

this is a little yikes considering the situation with patrice.

No. 1319737

Sounding almost as desperate as June. These two desperate losers should just get back together.

No. 1319797

I don't think June will ever fully abandon troons. They are men and fellow self-hating women, after all. She'll probably just cool down on her handmaidenry while she's looking for a trad husbando, then ramp it right back up again when she's trying to court a more liberal one after that.

No. 1320679

File: 1631293372475.jpg (64.63 KB, 485x606, Capture.JPG)

This looks awful judging by the thumbnail

Why would love ruin your sex life unless you are a STD collector?

No. 1320727

maybe they’re talking about online love affairs keeping you from dating in real life? that’s the most charitable interpretation I can think of

No. 1320848

merrick punishedmother (formerly eldritchmother) is a racist pickme just like shoe. how embarrassing

No. 1320876

>fucking soviet ushanka
god it annoys me immensely that soviet shit is like a joke to all these dumbasses

No. 1321110

>Why would love ruin your sex life unless you are a STD collector?
It's the old "sex in committed long-term monogamous romantic relationships is boring" joke/stereotype I think.

No. 1321201

Anytime I see these jokes I just get confused as to why people would loud and proud joke about how terrible they are in the sack lol. If you're good at sex then long term monogamous sex is fun and great, if you need a new pussy/dick every few months or so to keep yourself interested you just suck in bed

No. 1321394

Very true. Sex in relationships is a million times better cause you know what the other person likes, you both care about each others pleasure, can communicate openly and most importantly: you love each other.

I mean we all know June must be fucking awful in bed otherwise she wouldn't need to do all the BDSM posturing and public displays of how "kinky" she is. What couple needs kinky BDSM sex to have fun in the first years of the relationship? That's the kinda stuff you pull out when you have been married for 10 years and need something new to freshen things up. I mean they were long distance so they probably barely ever had sex… or at least June didn't.

No. 1321896

File: 1631445602948.jpeg (591.33 KB, 828x1363, 5518B842-C35C-4EF0-A9DF-452D65…)

Her entire Twitter feed is now memes about 9/11. Can’t show any empathy about any tragedy that doesn’t exclusively involve men apparently. Very Patriotic June!

No. 1322121

9/11 is pretty much a meme with zoomers, I'm sure da joon is just trying to be edgy and hip with the kids.

No. 1322222

sage for off topic, but I get bummed out every time I realize there will never be another person born who gets to remember how slightly less shit the world seemed before that
June would have been in middle school when it happened, what a tasteless creep

No. 1322273

This bitch literally grilled people for making 9/11 jokes on her ask fm. too lol

No. 1322344

The panel was probably all about how men's issues are so important and overlooked and any women's issues brought up were dismissed. Don't need to watch it to know how it would happen, all these political youtubers and streamers don't have any actual discussions they just repeat the same shit all the time.

No. 1322377

To be fair, disaffected Gen X'ers and edgy Millennials were making jokes about 9/11 all through the 00's. But I know where you're coming from. It's strange to be teaching kids now who've known nothing but post 9/11 America.

No. 1322505

Now she’ll never find a right wing trad husband kek

No. 1322525

Unless she plans on attracting an alt-right edgelord. But yeah, stuff like this means her chances of marrying a well-adjusted tradcon are pretty low. I'm surprised she hasn't tried attending church groups to find one.

No. 1322809

File: 1631512684156.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1170x1847, 43A6452B-F33F-4811-BDBA-317BFB…)

Shuwu is still coping over that big Joel video on her on a stream with mauler and friends. Notable highlights from the comments:
> they were all defending Sargon earlier?
> she claimed her views haven’t changed since the anti sjw days, she just isn’t open about them
> was laughing and agreeing when they dunked on big Joel, but then backtracking with the usual “haha but he’s still a good guy I still like him”
> got pissy that he referred to it as a conservative channel

No. 1322839

Lump in the shower? Wtf does this even mean?

No. 1322848

She means finding a lump on your body in the shower i.e. cancer

No. 1322901

i want to live in a secluded, women only, communist island with you.

No. 1322909

I might have said i fucking hate moids a thousand times but this dude makes me weak what the fuck :|(:|)

No. 1322911

Yes, that's Merrick, who did make those woke comfort women tweets about how women would altruistically give "sexual mutual aid" to men under communism

No. 1322927

Wasn't he the one who sperged and reeee'd over jenny nicholson when she said that the joker movie wasn't that good

No. 1323438

Eristocracy is a personal lolcow i hope her milk becomes public

No. 1323465

Yeah, the 8 hour pro-joker response video.
Why wait? I’m sure you could talk about her in the twitch general thread.

No. 1323469

bc her antics aren't public enough yet and she isn't very active

No. 1324047

I want to haterape you then piss on your lifeless corpse(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1324059

File: 1631643663520.jpeg (29 KB, 400x309, 59F6C07E-0770-4F66-94CA-46EC95…)

No. 1324081


No. 1324103

wow, baby penis is upset lol

No. 1324104

This is why everyone bullied you and bullies you nowadays, I hope you don’t survive.

No. 1324148

take your meds lol

No. 1324760

Very weird given she's a New Yorker and is old enough to have vivid memories of that day.
She got triggered over a 9/11 joke a long time ago, also.

Dunno what tradman would want a woman that makes fun of 9/11 unless they're brainless zoomers.

No. 1326437

I bet her poor pussy is worn and torn these days, it will never return to its former glory and she knows it. It's been ravaged by that black dude and the almond skeptic before it even had the chance to thrive. If she ever has kids then I don't even want to think about the mess that will turn her poontang into…

No. 1326440

June sucks but that's not how pussies work. You sound like a scrote

No. 1326446

Women push out babies with heads the size of a melon and bounce back, men think too highly of their penises kek. Vaginas are largely muscle, muscles can be strengthened.

No. 1326458

why are you replying to male

No. 1326478

File: 1631881627409.jpg (164.32 KB, 917x1080, lbs.jpg)

>T. lesbian not moid

No. 1326523

File: 1631886103740.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.82 KB, 640x580, 10u1dz7rihy31.jpg)

No. 1326524

The T is for Trans

No. 1327502

File: 1631979024461.png (451.47 KB, 738x796, thirty_year_old_woman.png)

"I wonder what Shoe has been up to"
… oh.. yeahh..

No. 1327533

Jesus Christ.

No. 1328160

Kill yourself to increase the glorious male suicide rate

No. 1328903

No. 1329914

File: 1632215952010.jpg (293.56 KB, 1080x897, Screenshot_20210921-111726_Chr…)

I didn't get cold feet I just
chickened out

No. 1329926

Why would she sign up for something she knows she wouldn’t want to do/isn’t good at? She was on that other guy’s livestream just a little while ago too. Coping as usual.

No. 1329945

The Tiktok of her biological clock and her lust for conservative men is probably pushing her to sign up for these things and then she gets too scared last minute cause someone might bring up her black boyfriend.

No. 1330998

>her entire personality is built on memes
hilarious, even the rightoids are aware.
tbh her being in the same room as alex jones would've been so awkward. alex jones at least says random insane shit, june would just say basic zoomer phrases. also, yeah a ton of her audience would cancel her over this every 3 to 4 months for the next 5 years, including vaush whenever he feels self righteous.

No. 1331646

She doesn't want people to see anything of her that she can't edit. Happens when you hit the wall at 30, KEK

(For the autistic anons, it's a joke, play on how June feels about 30+)

No. 1331692


That and since it's all live she won't be able to google search the totally "based" view points on each topic.

She appears on really really small podcasts lately but she has her webcam on.

She does this every time I don't know why her fans acted shocked each time.

Here's a livestream she as on literally yesterdy.

No. 1335013

File: 1632682691577.png (868.02 KB, 744x1144, lol.png)

lol she wishes. This man is average weight, fairly attractive and has a job. Her fans have moobs, pepe avatars and live in their moms basement.

No. 1335040

>fairly attractive

No. 1335049

File: 1632685408946.png (442.61 KB, 1294x512, fan.png)

Compared to average Shoe0nhead fan.

No. 1335213

The shirt actually says Socialism Sucks lol

No. 1335415

He looks alright. Dressed goofy but he's a youngin.

No. 1335416

She doesn't have her video on there though?

No. 1335583

look at these loose skanks complain about their spoiled cheese flaps(scrote)

No. 1335586

File: 1632743918719.jpg (18.58 KB, 264x264, unnamed.jpg)

If any of you knew anything about her, you'd know who this is.

No. 1335649

If you're not going to tell us maybe you don't either

No. 1335681

Some guy who tried to date Catie Wayne. I don't remember his name but he ended up being a total creep.

He has nothing to do with June.

No. 1336589

June tried to flirt with him as well and failed.
When everyone's DMs were leaked in 2013 people saw her failed attempts. That's when she completely split from the scene, deleted her old YT vlogs and started her "political" commentary chapter of her life.
There was other shit her DMs as well, including her trying to manipulate other people to engage in doxxing.

No. 1336708

But how on Earth is some guy she flirted with in 2013 relevant now?

No. 1336736

You really tried to make this seem important

No. 1336870

anons forget cows are socializing humans therefore think a cow having friends, flirts, etc is milk

No. 1338137

I for one, like an origin story.

No. 1338502

I coom every time I see you seething with impotent rage over my posts, cock flaps. It's amazing to know that you'll never be able to browse lolcow without experiencing anorectal violence. The rush I get from knowing that I'm pozzing all of your thoughts and you can't do shit about it except jelq and mew is sublime - this is how every moid should live.

No. 1338516

Do you seriously think you're the only one who visits this thread that knew June during the boxxysphere days? Everything relevant about her from those days has already been shared. Nobody here knows or cares who RC is. Hell, I almost forgot he existed until you brought him up.

This isn't your Unichan replacement.

No. 1341181

File: 1633380176777.png (660.74 KB, 744x906, cringe.png)


No. 1341203

Did she just dig up this screenshot from a 2018 article from The Sun to make a dumb joke on Twitter… wow so quirky of her to be mentally unstable

No. 1341226

This is definitely the kind of thing that she would bully other women for posting

No. 1341250

>fellas, only mentally ill women do porn shit

Pickme self-own

No. 1341260

Absolutely, she would use articles like this to talk about how women want men to lower their standards in the past. It's like she wants to just keep throwing things at the wall to see what sticks lately

No. 1341511

File: 1633436376596.png (774.75 KB, 746x768, cringe2.png)

She is also dressing up as the tradgirl meme with blonde wig and blue flower dress. Still trying to pander to the scrotes who would wrinkle their nose at her for losing her virginity to a black man, lol.

No. 1341518

File: 1633437287269.png (308.92 KB, 700x467, june.png)

No. 1341524

Not Shuwu holding up a copy of Tardthot Monthly desperately trying to jump ship to right wing incels again since the left didn’t fall for her grifting

No. 1341548

It’s way too late now. The LARP was slightly believable when she was playing Preg’s submissive hauswaifu, before she was exposed as a 30-something neet with zero cooking, cleaning or parenting skills, who’s stupid/desperate enough to get catfished by a troll impersonating a gay Swedish man. She’s damaged goods now to the incel fan base she used to court, she’d have better luck thirst tweeting degenerates like Vaush trying to get a spot in the polycule kek

No. 1341585

i can’t even tell if this tweet is satire

No. 1341599

June has been using "it's just a joke!" and "it's satire!" so often in the past, I just don't believe it anymore. It's just an excuse for her to use if people tell her she's being cringe. She has been very unironically thirsting after rightoids and grifting off incels, even if this is a "joke" it's definitely her dream to be a conservative man's tradwife.

No. 1341641

wasn't she trying to grift left wing though, imo she actaully has more chance with in online leftist circles, Its clear she has no chance in hell with in any sort of right wing space with left wingers she still has somewhat of a chance

No. 1341738

"unapologetically feminine" i thought she hated other women? now she suddenly doesn't? kek

No. 1341758

Evie is the tradthot magazine and it is mostly contributed to by women who hate other women too. A lot of their relationship articles have concepts like "this is why women are too meanie to their partners by having opinions!" or "could women be getting more mental illnesses from not being married?" so I suspect it's right up her alley

No. 1341871

interesting, i had heard of it before (from the tradthots thread) but didn't know the exact contents of it

No. 1341908

That’s June entire brand. She’ll be like “you really thought?? You really thought I was being serious lolol it’s so over the top though” like when she’d take those cringe ass women’s day pictures with Preg.

But it’s just a cope to genuinely bait a right wing dude then she’ll be like “No, but our relationship is literally a joke ahah”.

June always gave me big vibes of wanting a right wing red pill dude for years, so she can pop out kids and have him work and sustain the family while she carry on an inexistant career that’s more of a hobby than anything. I’m not sure why she thinks that a guy like that would want a 30 something woman whose political opinions are all over the place and with nudes floating around.
Real men that would fit the bill are already settled with their highschool sweetheart that their parents approve of. The rest are just twitter neckbeards who are just larping.

No. 1342006

you can see some of their articles online on eviemagazine.com

No. 1342291

Real trad men also aren’t on Twitter buxxing and gassing up washed up e-thots like Shoe. The larping neckbeards are her target demographic and she knows it.

No. 1343899

File: 1633723567625.jpeg (846.14 KB, 1170x1860, 53D2CB9A-CA45-46BD-BE31-9867C7…)

Shoe’s response to Baked Alaska’s former girlfriend, one time candidate for infowars reporter, and regular on the earlier tradthot threads, Ashton Whitty. I was wondering what happened to her, I guess she’s still just pulling the same shtick. Maybe Shoe really is trying to go full tradthot?

No. 1343926

Ashton birdie got destroyed by a stoned Dasha (leftcows) in the greatest cow crossover known to man

No. 1343951

lol, her voice getting more high pitched while the commie weeb is so indifferent, isn't keeping a straight face in interviews one of the most basic things for journalists

No. 1343975

Is Ashton still even a tradthot? I can remember when she left then came back to the internet because she wanted to break free from the alt right altogether

No. 1343985

Took a quick look at her Twitter and beyond the usual “haha both sides bad I just wanna have babies” larp it doesn’t look like she’s changed at all

No. 1344023

Ashton went on leftcow Ashley Christlover's podcast sometime earlier in the year and denounced her old views, and seemed to have just been trying to transition into some hippie libertarian thing. Guess that didn't last. maybe she and June can set up camp on top of a fence together somewhere.

No. 1344955

File: 1633892218716.jpg (44.95 KB, 498x615, Capture.JPG)

No. 1344961

I'm seriously thinking of hiding this thread cause the cringe is too intense

No. 1344964

The bravery of posting this when she's well aware she's 30, single, and childless

No. 1344987

>nuclear family

No. 1345011

Have you seen Asthon's mental breakdown when she was hanging out with streamers like Hampton Brandon and Baked Alaska.

And considering that she was seemingly stalking PJW it's kinda laughable for her to be considered "traditionalist" at all.

No. 1345089

I'm really disappointed with the anticlimactic progression of wig as a cow. She neither stopped being a cow nor kept being entertaining. She's still a cow, but in the most boring way possible. Without her cringe relationship with the armored fat boy, she's just your average dumb thot. We went from full fat milk hearty with nutritious keks to skim.

No. 1345111

I don't get it. People who dislike that family meme are into military vehicles? What?

No. 1345112

"Trad" refers to a certain lifestyle in the US mid 20th century upper class.
These people don't know that that was a highly irregular time and very different from how Europeans lived during the preceding 2000 years.

No. 1345247

Yes and his friends were being absolutely horrible to her and he did nothing. Like calling her a cunt and joking about how she cuts herself when she’s bawling her eyes out.
Can’t say I feel sorry for her cos she brought it on herself by pandering to males but it still makes me sad.

No. 1345307

She just desperately seems to want some new PR in spite of all that now. She depended on being seen as "trad" no matter how fake it was back then, but it's obviously not going to work for her anymore

No. 1345352

people hate nuclear families but like… bombing others? i think. a hypothetical venn diagram that never overlaps.

No. 1345488

Nuclear family - fuck that
Nuclear weapons - so cool

At least, I guess, idk I’m not ‘tistic

No. 1345650

File: 1634008872270.jpg (59.96 KB, 768x960, 5pci9rp41h711.jpg)

Avallon 4 days after the incident.

No. 1345691

"Fairly attractive"? He looks retarded. I've seen homeless men better looking and more clean-looking than him, get better standards.

No. 1345773

Doesn't this guy have a wife???

No. 1345775

yep, and two kids

No. 1345980

How in the world did I think he was gay this whole time

No. 1347029

>"traditional conversation Hunter Avallone"
>knocks up his gf twice before bothering to marry her

No. 1347031


No. 1347178

Didn't he become a breadtuber and befriended Vaush?

No. 1347278

Yeah after he had his kids he switched his grift. He's basically the male wig0nhead but more extreme because she was just a neolib fencesitter who dogwhistled for MRAs while he was a full on tradcon. And now he's bffs with the horse cock loving tub of lard. He doesn't care about workers issues and never has, he just decided to shill for trannies and such because his channel was dying

No. 1347285

Most of his left wing content mirrors his right wing content in being the most low hanging fruit drenched in ownage titles (literally 2016 Era REKT and DESTROYED shit). It's just that now instead of screeching about feminists and fat positivity its him screeching the same tired shit about muh aNtI VAxXeRs and muh ben Shapiro kek. Which is how you know its a gift. Most of his videos are under or just barely at 20K views even though he has 500K subs. His most viewed video recently was his debate with Shoe

No. 1350032

Hunter was always an unlikable tard.
His early videos were him being "Le Based Yung ConsarvTive11!!1" and he always talked with such a condescending tone coming from a high and mighty stance. And how he's suddenly hanging with the likes of Vaush and Shoe.
This split that happened in the skeptic based kekistan anti sjw community is so confusing.

No. 1350214

File: 1634550630093.jpg (294.71 KB, 1080x1475, Screenshot_20211018-114409_Chr…)

Surely gonna find a traditional handsome husband this way.

No. 1350245

I can't even imagine the fucking loser she'll have to settle for

No. 1350251

Imagine having to debase yourself like this for money from your simps. She is already a borderline prostitute.

No. 1351096

The desperation of it all

No. 1352358

Wow I shouldn't have stopped by. I feel so sad for her sense of self

No. 1353853

Don't women attempt suicide 3 times more often than men?(sage)

No. 1363311

File: 1636246544444.png (2.68 MB, 2560x1600, prostasia.png)

Whoo, boy. ShoeOnhead made a video about Prostasia Foundation, a pro-pedo organization working to normalize pedophilia and pass it off as something "natural", and they're behind the MAP (minor attracted persons) re-label of pedos. This riled up the woke pedophiles on twitter and of course they call Shoe's video "reactionary". I keep saying, progressive liberal men are all pedos, they're doing it for their own benefit.

Notable mention: https://twitter.com/nberlat Noah Berlatsky (he/him jewbag with a trans son) got exposed for working for them a few months ago and he went private then, apparently he opened his account back up at some point thinking the dust had gone, but he went private again due to Shoe's video.
Now Prostasia will hold a online space to discuss Shoe's video and they called her alt-right lol.
full thread
Shoe's Video

No. 1363331

File: 1636248099289.png (1.39 MB, 2560x1157, MouthyInfidel_Shoe.png)

MouthyInfidel has a point, why is she still cool with Vaush if she's against pedos?
unsaged because this thread seems is dead

No. 1363638

I don't think she's wrong about any of the things she said in critique of this creepy organization, but I hope that means she would also say the same thing about ddlgfags like Greg now, not to even mention her Vaush and trooner white knighting. If not, massive cognitive dissonance.

No. 1363943

File: 1636321871711.jpg (120.86 KB, 1080x526, Screenshot_20211107-225001_Chr…)

No. 1363948

Imagine being 30 and typing this out sincerely. Cringe

No. 1363976

A trans son? And he works for a pro-pedo organization?


No. 1364025

the worst "how do you do fellow kids" post that i've ever seen

No. 1364520

what conservative WOULDN'T find this kind of behavior charming and acceptable?

No. 1365526

File: 1636498764553.png (1.24 MB, 981x1710, Screenshot_2021-11-09-23-44-59…)

I hate Hillary Clinton mainly because of the leaked audio in which she boasts and laughs about defending a rapist in court but I can't help but think that this comes from an inferiority complex towards women who manage to do more at 30 than be chronically on Twitter.

No. 1365700

i agree with you that Hilary aint shit but the way these weirdos target her daugter, it's so transparent their issue isn't political or moral.

No. 1366212

Imagine being this thirsty and desperate for literally anything with a cock and still not getting picked. Bleak.

No. 1366345

I think she hooks up when she goes to political rallies. It's way more low key then banging people at Vidcon like I think she wanted to do back when she was with Gregg. I give it 1-2 years before it leaks to the public about who she hooks up with.

No. 1366409

File: 1636587458479.jpeg (3.88 KB, 274x184, 1633436992239.jpeg)

Good luck with the search for the conservative bf, June.

No. 1366413

File: 1636587610923.jpeg (4.72 KB, 259x194, 1633436982968.jpeg)

Never 4get June LaPorta, also known as Shoe0nhead's first sexual encounter was with this lovely gentleman. Rip.

No. 1366427

Eh that's barely a black guy though, he's very standard looking self hating half black dude

No. 1366470

>That's barely a black guy

The guy who Lauren Southern dated when she was a costhot was much lighter than this guy and angry moids still called her a mudshark.

No. 1366529

how is calling hillary a clown targeting her daughter? shoe sucks but criticizing a clinton is not milk

No. 1366571

really ? I mean there's a clear difference between the Tyrone archetype they set up and the well "Oreo" black guy June is with
like you can tell this is a guy whose grown middle class and has no intentions ever dating a black woman

No. 1366670

He is black enough to ensure that June will never find the white pride conservatard tradcath of her dreams, because not only is she not a virgin tardwife, she has lost her virginity through burning the coal and is now paying the toll.

No. 1366764

hes "internet black"

No. 1366770

>white pride conservatard tradcath of her dreams
does she want that type though, I think she's looking for just a normie republican dude

No. 1366796

Lol anon I don't think the problem is whether or not black men date black women. The kinds of white men June wants just don't want white women dating black men, period

No. 1366814

Thank you lol…I can promise you the wignat incels aren’t out here like “oh, he’s m-middle class? He doesn’t date black women? My bad June, carry on!”

No. 1366822

Right, I don't think this is the impediment to her dating a conservative anons are making it out to be unless that WN catfish guy from her discord was wholly representative of her type in some way. Really the biggest impediment to her dating is that if anyone googles her they can see years of her saying women of her own current age are undatable/old hags. It paints her as someone who thinks incredibly lowly of herself (which is likely true) and that's more unattractive than whoever she dated before. She's only going to be able to pull the equivalent of someone like Groceries again who specifically goes for women with low self esteem.

No. 1367115

Men don't care if a woman has self respect or not. Greg loved her dumb "UwU I am a stupid worthless whore woman" act. But they do care about her sexual past. Not only has she been blacked, she also has publically talked in detail about her BDSM relationship with Greg and how she loved to suck his dick like a Greg flavoured popsicle. And let's not forget that her nudes are out there, butthole and all.

No. 1367145

Greg isn't a normal person, anon, even as far as scrotes go he is exceptionally awful. Not that Shuwu will date anyone normal anyway though, so I guess that's beside the point. I just don't think "been blacked" is as important to anyone as you're making it out to be unless she is only going to try dating hardcore wignats. There are a lot of nonwhite conservative men out there, or ones who just wouldn't give a fuck regardless. I agree the nudes and BDSM will be a huge hindrance to her dating a conservative though unless he's the male equivalent of Indigo White.

No. 1367904

how is what they're saying any different from her "paedophilia is a sidekink" line? her lack of self-awareness never fails to stun

No. 1367979

nta but no one said it was milk? Calm down.

No. 1367992

Shoe should go for another black, american black people are more likely to be conservatives than whites and they worship anything female-shaped and white, also Shoe is not obese wich makes her 9/10 in their eyes. Or she could go for a mexican, they are likely republican and catholic.

I don't understand how she cries herself to sleep daily and pulls her hair about tfw no bf, yet won't do anything about it. Is she afraid of sex or something? Sometimes frigid people overcompensate by trying to be seen as hypersexual degenerates, like Shay does for example(racebait )

No. 1368352

Actual brainrot

No. 1368620

File: 1636887072666.jpg (524.78 KB, 1080x1484, IMG_20211114_114525.jpg)

Chronic pickmeism part 1728162

No. 1368629

Omfg June, go out once in your life. If a man said to another man that he had a nice ass, or tried to grope him, they’d fucking brawl. Nothing’s actually more fragile than a hetero man’s ego.
The only reason a straight man wouldn’t care if a woman did this would be because they wouldn’t feel threatened.

Also riddle me this June, if men are such kings, superior to mere females, how come they never compliment each other? Oh right, cause they only dish out compliments to get into someone’s pants, unlike women who can tell their friends their haircut is nice without trying to get their dick sucked.

No. 1368632

Her video sucked, I was expecting a deep dive expose into this organization but it barely skimmed the surface. Lazy as fuck.

No. 1368637

there's a bunch of tiktoks where male cashiers call male customers honey, darling etc and all the men are visibly uncomfortable and some resort to straight-up insults and/or aggression. But ok June. I guess the world view is different from your Mom's spare room.

No. 1368646

Yeah gross old horny scrotes who think women arent fully human and feeling irritated that we aren't always bubbly, hyperfeminine, attractive, and constantly smiling need to be corrected really help boost the ego.

Men and pickmes (who are often socially isolated and have 0 female friends) don't get it. Almost every woman knows the vast majority of "compliments" from men are humiliating and violating. It's always done because they want to fuck you or they're being passive aggressive about you not sufficiently performing femininity.

No. 1368666

Nobody is stopping men from giving each other compliments. Women compliment each other all the time. Men have nobody to blame but themselves. God she is so fucking annoying.

No. 1368689

I would say that this is exactly what the comic portrays. If men want it to be reality, they just need to normalize being nice to each other kek

No. 1368704

Does she really not understand that all those "muh one compliment 10 years ago" reddit posts are men who only want compliments from women aka just desperately want women to fuck them? As all the other anons are saying, if some creepy old man approached a younger guy like this he would chimp

No. 1368759

does Shoe have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

No. 1368905

No. 1368978

File: 1636931031158.jpeg (65.52 KB, 809x439, FD90F9D2-C47E-4771-9A4D-A37EF9…)


No. 1368994

This is all men complimenting other men so "if the roles were reversed" it'd be… men complimenting other men…???

I get the feeling June doesn't receive a whole lot of compliments herself so all this ranting about "poor menz don't get no compliments" is mostly just a cover for her own bitterness

No. 1369023

It's such a lie how men allegedly don't get compliments ever… sometimes they're praised for stupidest shit like doing a chore. Nice looking men do get compliments, too. They're not harassed by random women on the street though, that's true. Shoe can't see a difference between the two things.
If you don't ever receive a compliment, might mean you don't deserve one. Either that or you sit in your room and don't ever encounter other people. Stoopid shoe thinks some incel shit is a universal experience.

No. 1369035

this has "im asking for a friend" energy, kek. this is so pathetic

No. 1369037

She's a 30 year old woman, there's no way she doesn't know that men interpret any compliment from a woman, no matter how mild or insignificant, as an indication of sexual interest. When I was a student working in an ice cream shop I once complimented a coworker on the sundaes he would make, and he spent the rest of the year thinking I wanted to fuck him kek

No. 1369058

Most legitimate compliments I get are from other women. Men should compliment each other more if they actually give that much of a fuck.

No. 1369091

> expecting a deep dive expose
From shuwu? Anon pls

No. 1369102

Men make fun of eachother to express friendship, this kind of whining is just MRAs looking for arguments. Most of the rest is thankful not being bothered with awkward positive comments

No. 1369105

When you practice this pickme type shit in person, you just end up getting men who think its an invitation that you wanna fuck. I was a chronic pickme "support the poor men!!!" type at one point and all i got out of it was multiple guys that progressively got pushier about wanting to fuck. How has shoe not grown out of this pickme type shit

No. 1369117

By actually going out and making an effort to meet people instead of spending every waking moment of your life publicly humiliating yourself online for attention.

No. 1369190

THIS, I always see men get complimented for the most simple shit, basic men get called handsome daily just for not being fat and disgusting

No. 1369195

June doesn't get attention when she goes out and about, so of course she empathizes with ugly men who are also largely ignored by society. When she goes out once a week in her bad eyeliner and synthetic wig no one is looking twice at her. This about how ridiculous she looks. She'll talk mad shit online and play the scary bully guido character, but irl when she's alone without her incel army she's a lonely coward.

You guys are looking at this from the point of view of women that take part in society, have hair, look after themselves. Of course we all know complimenting a man will get you unwanted attention and possibly put you in danger. June has never experienced this because anytime she compliments a man they just smile and dismiss her and turn their attention back to whatever girl they wanted to fuck before the whoville looking bitch interrupted. They're not going to waste time on a skinny-fat neet in her 30s that still lives with her mommy when there are better options literally anywhere else. Why else did she resorted to e-dating discord catfishes so fast? June convinced herself that being skinny, white and in her 20s was all she needed to be wanted,then got dumped by Greg and realized the truth. No woman with options talks to a random discord guy like June did with that King person unless they're super young and dumb, or completely out of options. Think about how low and desperate you would have to fall to buy into that shit and write the guys name in your twitter bio for everyone you know to see kek

June is never going to be the hot girl she craves to be so badly, no matter how much she photoshops curves on her body in an attempt to grab any kind of sexuality. She's all cope.

No. 1369245

The issue with her is the fact she only lives to please men. She can't find a man or have compatible men approach her because she's so insecure of her own self, she barely even has a sense of self. No one wants to date a mirror in the long run.
Basically this. June could do so much if she just stepped away from being on social media so chronically for half a year. She barely posts about what she does IRL, because there's little doubt she actually does anything IRL. Not even going for a walk or going to the grocery store. Most we've seen is her go through the Starbucks drive through.

No. 1369339

Good point, she probably only looks “decent” because of her shitty camera, she definitely looks worse in person where she can’t edit her waist and you can see how cheap her wigs are

No. 1369417

File: 1637000114797.jpg (864.78 KB, 1080x1935, Screenshot_20211115-191454_Ins…)

Ollie died, rip.

No. 1369423

Maybe I live in a different dimension, but I've seen men, that are usually friends, give compliments to each other. Just not in the "You look beautiful today" but more in a "Oh shit that's awesome" kind of a way. I haven't seen men getting compliments from strangers on street but nobody normal does that anyway except creeps chasing women- oh wait

No. 1369431

>I've seen men, that are usually friends, give compliments to each other.
They don't give 2 fucks about being complimented by other men, no matter what they say. "Men just want compliments too!" only extends to women. Men asspat eachother every waking moment of every day. They want women to grovel for them and tell them they are sexy macho alpha males. Fuck giving compliments to moids.

No. 1369581

That's sad, but he did live a long life. I always feared June was maybe a shit owner.

No. 1369654

Can we stop with conflating being conservative with being insecure and racist. Outside of the internet I don't know any conservative men who would give a shit about a woman's ex being "of colour". Then again shoe doesn't go outside so her pool is exclusively extremely online "conservatives" who would care about this.

No. 1369790

I'd say moids care if women have self respect because it ties in with the whole sexual past thing. They want a woman who is coy, chaste and "pure" and wouldn't degrade herself for other men. But i honestly don't think many men care how much _self esteem_ a woman has, i.e. how smart or pretty she thinks she is.

No. 1369819

File: 1637066719655.jpeg (63.44 KB, 596x449, B69BC79D-E20F-4A6A-A0B1-97F5AE…)

I mean, I always got the impression she wasn’t a good rabbit owner. the only ever enclosure we saw him in was a tiny cage not even big enough for a hamster and he also never got to bond with another rabbit despite being an incredibly social species. sage for rabbit sperg

No. 1369833

File: 1637074215367.jpg (38.35 KB, 594x479, ew.JPG)


There are men who would fuck a McChicken so June could theoretically pick a new moid from her discord but she does have some standards even though she presents herself having 0 standards for men.

I think she wants someone she would look good with, as in couple goalz type of shit.
Though "good" is debatable since she wanted to convince everyone Septic and her looked good.

Finding a new fat greg replacement seems to be challenging for her.

No. 1369955

File: 1637091596165.jpg (484.41 KB, 1080x1262, Screenshot_20211116-203933_Chr…)

I know she is "epic trollin" here but this look ages her a lot

No. 1369960

This I know plenty of conservative dudes who married to black women themselves or come from blended families and really don't give a shit

No. 1369977

I think it actually looks nice, she doesn't look like Kiwi's mom anymore

No. 1369986

The hair is visibly flammable, anon.

No. 1369998

Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Ollie also never neutered? Also a kinda shitty thing todo as a rabbit owner

No. 1370002

My bad, I didn't know he wasn't free roaming.

No. 1370004

Attempts are just attention whoring. Really suicidal people know how to do it.(sage your shit)

No. 1370093

Her previous rabbit died during its neutering surgery, so yeah, she never neutered Ollie.

No. 1370427

she looks like a botox'd up bimbo

No. 1370463

I'm loath to give june advice but it's so obvious I'll throw her (obviously reads here and kiwifarms nonstop) a bone: a nicer quality, yellow-blonde wig would have made this actually cute.

No. 1370542

Lmao, someone isn't coping well with aging and is getting injections it seems. Absolutely awful.

No. 1370545

File: 1637180753828.png (591.19 KB, 728x740, ew.png)

She will still post shit like this for men to jerk off to when she is 80 years old. Very sad how little she has matured and progressed in the last 10 years. Most lolcows eventually grow up and move on with their life, not June.

No. 1370573

Last thing she’d ever do is buy a female rabbit. She’s just that threatened by femininity.

No. 1370723

Not trying to wk but it's definitely a filter, you can see the digital eyelashes over the bangs of her wig

No. 1371084

File: 1637257749875.jpg (246.05 KB, 1122x1268, patreon.jpg)

She updated her patreon fees, used to be just $1 and $5 I think.

No. 1371092

lol why are you guys saying she looks nice? This is an abvious filter. Look at her eye makeup, have you seen June's eyeliner? She couldn't blend for shit. She discovered meitu I guess

No. 1371109

When will she stop lying about her height? When she was with Greg she never stfu about how she was 5'2

No. 1371118

I laughed at “buy my silence” god dammit

No. 1371127

calm down, its a meme from tumblr user communism kills.

No. 1371207

File: 1637269905687.jpg (57.97 KB, 547x646, Capture.JPG)


You didn't post the part where it shows she was hitting on a tranny

No. 1371209


And it's a Hontra wannabee

No. 1371765

No tweet yet for International Men's Day? Her most sacred holiday? Is June okay?(sage)

No. 1371797

File: 1637344117086.jpg (667.24 KB, 1080x3194, Screenshot_20211119_184708.jpg)

she just tweeted. ft based soyboy in the replies

No. 1371815

You're welcome for the reminder, June.

No. 1371819

Are we supposed to feel sorry for men because they are lazy, retarded, wage wars on other men and kill each other?

No. 1371834

That same kind of argument was used to keep women oppressed for centuries.

No. 1371871

it's not women's fault men are idiots and like to fight each other.

No. 1371884

right? literally none of those things are women's fault. Actually I'm sure there are more mothers worried about their sons doing badly in school than internet mras lmao

No. 1371991

>there are more mothers worried about their sons doing badly in school than internet mras
Absolutely, but acknowledging that isn't beneficial for them because wammen bad

No. 1372262

just casually proving female superiority with that picture. kek

No. 1373665

File: 1637588321478.jpg (341.61 KB, 1049x1596, Screenshot_20211122-143705_Chr…)

Wig had bad sex with Preg confirmed.

No. 1373698

bruh how many L's can she take. this is madness..

No. 1373808

File: 1637602570498.png (392.77 KB, 600x496, 2A15A22A-A3E1-450C-AA66-CA095E…)

this silly broad thinks she doesn't have a clitoris?

No. 1373896

ultimate pickme move, denying the clit

No. 1373953

“Loud bald nigga from family feud” lmao(sage your autism)

No. 1374004

How is this even supposed to be a joke, drenched in irony/satire or not? People really follow this sheltered sad bitch for content like that

No. 1374014

she's not even trying to be funny anymore, wtf is this random ass ai generated pickmebot9000 ass tweet

No. 1374369

Is she getting worse since she hit 30? The desperation just wasn't there like this before. She was always a pathetic little pickme but she seems in overdrive lately.
The thought of her bald, alone in her mess of a childhood bedroom, clothes covering the floor, dead rabbit, leaked nudes, no boyfriend and just hit 30. Oh June kek

No. 1374375

File: 1637673627215.jpg (861.67 KB, 1080x1790, Screenshot_20211123-141457_Chr…)

cow crossover

She has no IRL friends to spend time with, no job where she can communicate with her coworkers and yeah no partner either. Only normal presence in her life is her family.

No. 1374377

literal dive bar at 3am "do you want to come back to our trailer we have a waterbed" vibes

No. 1374459

June has actually been dead from sodoku since the days she turned 30, but she had a dedicated simp program an AI that takes her past tweets and videos and randomly generates new ones based on those for all eternity. As payment he got to keep the body.

No. 1374646

File: 1637700317708.png (555.7 KB, 716x1976, cropcrop.png)


pickme levels going off the charts

No. 1374663

>I am such a disgusting kinky whoresloot who likes to be beaten and abused!! Stop making sex roleplay profiles of me silly boys!! X3
>never has sex

Sure, June. I am willing to bet she doesn't even like sex. Which is why her relationship with Greg was so perfect. She could LARP about what a kinky BDSM freak she was all day without ever having to actually do any of it. It's all cope for being utterly frigid.

No. 1374670


She definitely doesn't enjoy sex, but does it for male validation. That's why she has every kink that a pornsick scrote would like. "Clit doesn't exist" gave it away.

No. 1374671

shes gonna keep this act up throughout her 30s and probably 40s then ultimately post herself on r/whereareallthegoodmen to laugh at herself with men laughing at her that want her dead for being a "useless female"
Why did she choose this life for herself

No. 1374738

they'll all regret laughing in 2 years when you're proven right

No. 1375080

I think Shoe is a moron who had this life coming for her, but even still I do worry about her sometimes. Hopefully she can find a partner who treats her well and fuck off from the internet and/or manages to get a real job to fill up her time, because I'm not sure how much longer she can keep being a NEET stuck in her childhood home scrolling on twitter all day pandering to the worst of moidkind before she does something drastic

No. 1375149

Even though i'm lurking for whatever stupid milk she has, I hope for the best for her. Worst thing she's done is not have a personality, be a pickmeisha, and bullied some girl 20 years ago that probably doesn't even think about her anymore. She's not completely evil as far as I know.

She needs to get out of the toxic bubble that she's in and grow tf up already. Being 30 and still talking like a teen is pathetic.

No. 1375310

File: 1637786267331.jpg (38.45 KB, 516x227, Capture.JPG)

>“i just wanna go to college & be normal”

No. 1375500

>Hopefully she can find a partner who treats her well and fuck off from the internet
Her first boyfriend Andrew (the black guy) ended up becoming a very offline well-adjusted person. and there was even a period of time while she was with him, before her current public videos, where she wasn't making videos at all. And look what ended up happening with that relationship.
One of their conflicts was that Andrew wanted her to move out of her parents' place and live in an apartment with him, but she kept procrastinating it. Which kind of reminds me of her and Preg's unusually long engagement that never went anywhere…

I think she's terminally online to an extreme fault, and the people she hangs out with online aren't the type that are going to encourage you to grow and develop as a person. It's a shame. I wonder if she would've turned out differently had she had moved out of her parents' house when she tried college and were around more irl people.

No. 1377433

>Her first boyfriend Andrew (the black guy) ended up becoming a very offline well-adjusted person.
Didn't he kill a kitten

No. 1377674

When he was a little kid.

No. 1377810

ofc she would defend a kid who already had videos of himself sucker punching a girl before all of his new bullshit, he's a real innocent sweet boy in her eyes.

sage for this fucked up tinfoil but shoe's proximity to such despicable moids will result in her being a victim to one of them eventually, and it'll be interesting for her to see how none of her little circle will believe her.

No. 1378708

No normal guy will want to marry a woman with such an infamous embarrassing internet history. The groceries dick sucking thing fucked her for life

No. 1378784

File: 1638266681191.jpg (424.21 KB, 1064x1319, SmartSelect_20211130-110321_Fi…)

So the other farms vaush thread look likes this
Haven't seen anything definite here so just curious

No. 1378830

File: 1638275783101.jpg (106.25 KB, 1094x434, audio ch.jpg)

>Twitter offers audio conversation channels now

>Wig immediately joins "women shouldn't have rights" and "racism = good"

>"the only bastion of free speech on the internet"

I don't recall either one of them mentioning being in relationship with each other but June probably sexts him for the grift. Did they ever meet IRL?

No. 1378836

>nuclear family vs nuclear weapons

No. 1380560

File: 1638371737791.png (1.47 MB, 2056x1461, grovel before shuwu.png)

No. 1381910


I wonder if this Poe0nHead account is just June's sockpuppet that she uses to search for tweets from people she has blocked. She used to run her own fan accounts before.

No. 1383190

>groceries dick sucking thing

No. 1384525

How much of a self-absorbed, bored low-life do you have to be to make an account for the people you blocked. Like what sane person does that? And who tf cares that much about being blocked, Shoe really needs a reality check.(sage)

No. 1384560

File: 1638608896289.jpg (38.63 KB, 522x319, Capture.JPG)

>kids, here we can see an example of a desperate pickme in her 30s trying her hardest to get picked

>instead of working on building her life, she focused all her energy on hating women.

>she spent a decade of full male pandering and managed to date one (1) fat scrote who couldn't stand to spend one week with her and would rather fap to camgirls

>she managed to get catfished by pictures of gay man who was supposed to be a nazi man of her dreams

>she still persists in her quest of finding a girlfriend free boy, maybe if she tweets about taking away voting rights from women for 100th time, it will finally happen.

>kids, this is what happens when you put men on pedestal

No. 1384572

He even simped fucking troons on twitter. How low does it get that you deal with your moid flirting with coomers online and turning your 24/7 into a fetish ddlg larp.

No. 1384589

100% she's going to become a victim to her fans and they'll just say she deserved it

No. 1384677

It's about the time she claimed to have sucked Greg's dick while he was on camera or something

No. 1384834

File: 1638634897720.jpeg (629.98 KB, 1170x1588, 8AB6CB67-4358-439E-9EC4-F0D8EB…)

>hot topic lauren southern

No. 1384893

File: 1638641271636.jpg (256.43 KB, 1080x1457, Screenshot_20211204-100146_Chr…)

Sage bc it's June's skin walker, not June herself, but did this forum make Kiwi go get surgery? Kek

No. 1384918

saged but maybe she had some dental work that changed the appearance/ size of her chin and jaw? Extremely recessed chins usually cause issues with tooth alignment and crowding

No. 1384981

File: 1638649922262.jpg (161.5 KB, 1080x937, Screenshot_20211204-123050_Chr…)

Her chin was done for cosmetic reasons, her nose in part due to a deviated septum

No. 1384986

File: 1638650463244.jpg (356.32 KB, 1080x1857, Screenshot_20211204-123704_Chr…)

Oop nevermind, you are right. Well, glad for it to be easier for her to eat

No. 1385027

File: 1638653176796.png (449.88 KB, 728x762, ew.png)

I don't care what anyone says, this shit is prostitution light. She is always acting like a horny slut for her incel followers, except it is mostly in text form. Still, she is playing like weird kink scenarios with them, of course it is all "just a joke bro" but you know that she is playing the always-horny sex-starved super kinky edgy-girl because it makes her money. It is a lot like being a hooker who gives the girlfriend experience.

No. 1385032

good for her, it makes her look even more like june though
dear god this is one of the grossest and unfunniest things she's ever posted and that's saying a lot

No. 1385039

This is why normal men don't want her. Because everything she does it catered to incels that never have sex and therefore find shit like this appealing. The r9k crowd that wants to sniff girls farts and wants to lick toilet seats in women's bathrooms. No normal person imagines dipping your nuggies into someones boysauce to be sexy in any way. Like the prostitute she is she has to service the lowest moids that society has to offer to get paid.

No. 1385050

eh idk, I don't really see it that way. It's always bothered me to hear men call her her a starfucking whore, when she barely shows any skin and has slept with like two men that the we know of. Sure her thirst for male attention is pathetic and she has this cringey submissive persona and hornyposts at vaush sometimes but it's miles away from what I'd consider actual prostitution-lite (titty streaming etc) especially when there are women online who literally do whore themselves out

No. 1385057

I agree, to an extent this aspect about her is just a persona
what about her real is hard to tell, who knows what she's like IRL

No. 1385084

pickme cockteasing is also not great

No. 1385149

>both turned out 2 be medically necessary
Her rhinoplasty wasn't "medically necessary," lol. Just a septoplasty by itself for correcting a deviated septum does literally nothing to your nose's outside appearance. (I would know, I've had one.)

No. 1385166

sure, it's not remotely close to prostitution though and that accusation is rooted in sexism. No one would bat an eye if it were a man making cringe sexual tweets every once in a while. Kek idk why I'm defending her on this when she'd probably call me a thot for existing

No. 1385233

Oh ok, that makes sense now. I actually liked her aquiline nose she had better before. It's a beautiful nose shape. It's a shame she couldn't see it herself and up and had it hacked up like every instagrammer has now.

No. 1385409

Her rabbit was out most of the time it seemed.Had a rabbit with exact same kind of cage door was always open and he could explore the house as he pleased but of course hed stay in the cage overnight. I think people who own rabbits and live in apartments have a situation like this.

No. 1388405

I CANT STOP LAUGHING the internet never ceases to amaze me.

No. 1388769

It’s because none of the scrotes she’s trying to snag know what or where the clitoris is so it’s probably some kind of mating call that she’s trying to pass as a joke. “It’s okay if you can’t find the clit kings, the female orgasm is a myth anyway! Btw I’m single. Just putting that out there.”

No. 1394507

File: 1639676094713.jpeg (530.87 KB, 828x1072, ACBE8B36-03BB-40E3-92E9-9C2875…)

No. 1394539

The wig really jumped out in this lighting.

No. 1394620

is she trying to jump on the tradcath train now? could've sworn she was atheist or something (or at least preg was)

No. 1394663

yeah, Preggory was the Armoured Skeptic

No. 1394665

Awww… two bald people find love.

No. 1394670

A lawyer, christpilled man who does not mind that she has been blacked and publically posted about sucking the Gregsicle while she sits under his desk on a leash… what a catch!

No. 1394682

lmao who is this ugly neckbeard

No. 1394687

File: 1639686698738.png (20.8 KB, 728x158, Untitled.png)

I can not believe that Shoe finally found a conservative man who has standards so low, that even Shoe can match them. But yet here we are! It's truly a Christmas miracle, do you feel it in your hearts farmers? Captain save-a-hoes-soul will make Shoe into his tradcath waifu and she will repent for all her sins of the past. Amen.

No. 1394703

File: 1639687885204.png (152.73 KB, 742x688, Untitled.png)

He has been simping for her in replies for a while.

No. 1394735

File: 1639689448580.png (481.18 KB, 1080x611, IMG_20211216_215904.png)

If they're endgame, shoe has some interesting nights as a married woman ahead of her

No. 1394743

Holy shit kek. I'm ready for irl The Exorcist ft. June

No. 1394836

LMAOOO this is going to be good.

No. 1394867

Shuwu exclusively manages to snag moids who are so unattractive and average in every single way they have to feed and ultimately conflate their ego through stubbornly portraying an image comically representing superior and enlightened rationality to the point it seems like a parody, only to still feel so insecure they can settle but for a woman even more pathetically insecure than they, like Shoe. How can't she see this?

No. 1394872

samefag sorry for the cringe writing i think i needed to get a bunch of adverbs out of my system

No. 1394886

I swear this woman unironically has a retard fetish. At least this one doesn't fuck horses

No. 1395335

so she's dating a schizo now, huh?

No. 1395342

Oh he is actually insane… makes sense why he is with Shoe then even tho he is a lawyer.

No. 1395366

File: 1639758490841.png (106.61 KB, 752x994, demons.png)

Not only does he believe demons are real, he thinks they are posting on twitter.

No. 1395389

File: 1639760732861.jpeg (401.49 KB, 1242x743, 0A385B72-A210-4AED-9F2E-D5BAEF…)

His tweets were pretty anti-trans for a majority of 2020, sh0e has no backbone or actual beliefs. she’ll sell out trans people for just a crumb of conservative dick.

No. 1395392

File: 1639760894657.jpeg (323.01 KB, 1242x700, FF73653B-B6EF-416C-A1F5-D93B23…)

he’s so far into Catholicism he thinks even music in the 50s was demonic

No. 1395394

File: 1639760922397.jpeg (354.51 KB, 1242x810, A8846BA7-AE26-465D-84EB-D2D0A7…)

Countdown to a quick engagement in 3…2…

No. 1395401

File: 1639761400341.jpeg (415.36 KB, 1290x1935, F9580CC1-B969-42AF-B0BB-B887E3…)

He’s also against all birth control, including condoms so I hope Shoe is ready to have a baby ASAP

No. 1395448

>have a baby asap
The last thing this world needs is June with a baby. She has no maturity or experience in anything

I bet you anything though that he gas a broken dick and low sperm count anyways. Hence his rage at women taking BC or men buying condoms. He can't perform so nobody should

No. 1395455

She talked about wanting kids a lot when she was with Greg and by alt-right standards she is already an empty-egg carton old hag now that she's 30 so I am sure she will get on it as fast as she can.

No. 1395466

>It's wanting to prevent evil. Including contraception.
How tf is contraception evil? It's like the best way to prevent abortions lmao

No. 1395467

This guy is either a faggot or a pedo, or both.

No. 1395471

Thing is, June wants kids but I don’t think she really wants kids. I’ve never seen her post about relatives kids which would be easy tradbait. I’ve never even seen her post about how she wants to raise her future kids. The only time she ever talked about kids was iirc, saying something gross about giving Greg “beautiful daughters”. She doesn’t have a motherly, self sacrificing bone in her body. She doesn’t even act motherly about her pet rabbit, which I would expect from a woman who wants kids so badly.

No. 1395473

She wants kids because the media she consumes told her she's supposed to want kids. If she wasn't a pickme she'd probably be happy to be childfree, June does not give me responsible adult energy. She'd be the type to get jealous and compete with her daughter.

No. 1395490

File: 1639769671582.jpeg (118.85 KB, 828x411, B28E624B-F434-4902-963E-40658A…)

Very curious if he knows about shoe’s past as Greg’s leash slave or if him degrading her is part of why they’re dating. she was public about her kink life for like 4 years straight

No. 1395493

bc it allows people to have premarital sex without consequences or something

No. 1395497

I don’t even think this is the case. June is a terminal pickme, the kind to think romance films are feminist propaganda. Back when she did movie reviews with Greg, she expressed little of her own interest in movies. Male oriented media treats women like burdens and children as evil baby traps that suck the fun out of life.

No. 1395503

File: 1639770592976.png (45.42 KB, 599x369, 1526751652330.png)

Does this man know anything about June? lol

No. 1395517

Ah, by media I meant her right wing YouTube community and all the stuff they post. Women who don't want kids are defective in those circles.

No. 1395531


Anything that could possibly hinder a woman from having MOAR KIDS is of the devil. Every boy juice drop is a precious white Christian baby that must be born.

No. 1395543

File: 1639772889776.png (217.58 KB, 402x474, 62TeLTX (1).png)

Can childfree spergs please not derail the thread again like in the tradthots thread? They haven't even made their relationship public yet. Wait till she's pregnant to seethe.

No. 1395553

Wh…why the fuck did she post this?? It’s not even a reply????

No. 1395579

File: 1639774791769.jpg (53.07 KB, 499x763, d4e3ff158d9847a62455bb68d98bed…)

She used to post tweets like this all the time, it was her full-time job to make sure everyone knows she is THE perfect girlfriend and she WORSHIPS the ground that Greg walks on and she wants to fuck him 24/7 and every little detail of their BDSM relationship. I think they were mostly long-distance so she had to cope about how they never actually had sex and he was fucking whores on the side.

No. 1395624

He has a quote by her in his bio, they probably are dating. June doesn’t have friends or hang out with people platonically.

No. 1395718

No. 1395772

This relationship is going to be a disaster lmao. This guy's a full-blown extremist; I don't think June understands what she's getting into.

No. 1395971

Go put your kids to bed or something and stop whining
Anyway June is getting what she deserves. Can't wait for her to realize her mistake after baby number 2

No. 1395993

this is extremely good news to enter 2022 to. i pray they're dating. there's no way she'd let a LARPing retard who happens to be a lawyer, escape her grasp. the bar is low for her and the "alpha male" traditional provider status that comes with the attorney thing has to get her dick pretty hard. it's always a bonus for her when these men are somehow more retarded than she is, which is always.

No. 1396088

That's hilarious because she's been going hard with the "fuckin terffsss" to win over the vaush audience.

No. 1396203

If you scroll down far enough on his twitter account, he graduated from Notre Dame Law School in 2020 and started working as a labor and employment lawyer in Ohio in 2020…

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post his linkedin profile but he seems fully employed so I can see why June is thirsting over him, it's probably the best she can do.

No. 1396204

Also his dad is a partner at the law firm that he works at. So it makes sense why such an oafish retard would be gainfully employed, in case anyone found it surprising like I did.

No. 1396251

How did we get to the conclusion that they date? He posted a pic with her and has a dumb quote by her on his profile, but anything else? It just seems like speculation but everyone is treating it like a fact

No. 1396288

does he seem like the kind of dude who would have a single woman around his age as a platonic friend and take her to church?

No. 1396324

I had been wondering, thanks.

No. 1396575

June and a failson, a match that makes sense

No. 1396850

so has this guy never heard of sleep paralysis, or

No. 1397050

File: 1639927217863.jpg (50.95 KB, 535x718, autism.JPG)

June wearing FBI jacket to the date, le meme queen

No. 1397051

File: 1639927285396.jpg (52.55 KB, 528x885, eudaimonia.JPG)

Also he privated his account

No. 1397061

This does not look like a recent picture. Unless she went back to doing her make-up like boxxxy instead of Belle Delphine. I think she is posting mostly old pictures now that she's 30 and afraid of being "old".

No. 1397073

It looks so 2012 that it hurts, the wig is ugly as fuck. The only thing that makes me think it could be recent is the hair thingy, they came back a while ago

No. 1397076

lol this guy is retarded. I'd rather die alone than marry an extremist conservative moid like this

No. 1397094

I had followed him two days ago because I had a feeling he was going to go private, but he softblocked me before going private lol

No. 1397102

Severely underrated post.

No. 1397111

Nah she has not looked like this since she has been getting fillers in her cheek and invested in better wigs. This picture is old. She is posting old pics to keep her simps thinking she still looks like that.

No. 1397240

The funny thing is that she makes herself look even older by trying too hard to pass as a teenager. You don’t look like “jail bait” June, you look like a sad and desperate 30 year old that’s in denial about her age.

She’s totally gonna throw trans people under the bus now that she found a rightoid boyfriend because her beliefs are entirely based off who’s dick she’s trying to suck at any given moment.

No. 1397249

Can't you date people who have different values?

No. 1397252

stop bumping without contributing, newfag

No. 1397256

You can, but that's retarded. Why the fuck would you want to date someone who does not have the same values and believes as you? It's like the foundation of a good relationship to want the same things and have the same moral values. You will just fight all the time if you don't and won't want the same things in life.

Good thing about women like June is that they don't actually have an opinions, values or goals and she will just say she wants whatever he wants and do whatever he says. She is a spineless pick-me bitch.

No. 1398608

The irony of her posting this after having worn butt pads at a vidcon.

No. 1398807

File: 1640121138152.png (736.11 KB, 490x936, wig.png)


It's a recent picture, she suddenly got out of her parents house to attend a neocon meeting

No. 1398809

File: 1640121244122.jpg (54.8 KB, 466x600, wig2.JPG)

No. 1398839


If I saw an outfit like this on some random in the wild I wouldn't care, but the fact that it's June wearing a oversized FBI windbreaker is just so cringe.

No. 1399021

Yeah, memes are really popular these days and the FBI became a meme too lol. And I don't tend to notice other people when I go anywhere, so I don't look at their hair lol but omg you can so clearly tell j00n is wearing a budget wig that she doesn't maintain or wash ever. And she also didn't know anything about styling wigs either. She a brown woman, can she not save up for a few months and buy an actual wig with a real hairline? Maybe if this new boyfriend is not a complete cheapskate like preggory was, he will feel bad for her and pay for her to buy a real wig and have it installed lol. Like, cmon June, at least get SOMETHING out of dating these neckbeards. What do you get out of it besides being publicly humiliated, and left alone, balding and another decade older, crying about "muh tradwife goals, I'm acool girl", while other women her age are either married, in steady relationships, or putting themselves out there in the world, traveling the world (not rn probably lol), and making memories and friends. She can't even manage to prove to these scrotes she's worth a ring, a car or house (lol), let alone a $300 or so wig from a wig shop, and have it installed either there or at a salon. SHOE, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?

No. 1399140

My personal tinfoil is that she's dating this religious nutjob in order to stick it to Greg.

No. 1399210

>a brown woman
kek she's literally just Italian. her wigs are shit because she rarely goes outside, they only have to look good through a shit webcam.

No. 1399213

File: 1640169754881.jpg (52.35 KB, 435x626, Capture.JPG)

No. 1399221

her simps are not gonna like her smoking lol

No. 1399230

Didn't know she smokes… I thought she was desperately trying to stay young? Is desperately trying to say thin more important to her? Pretty disgusting and not at all trad.

No. 1399254

I don't think she's really smoking, just using it as a prop. But doesn't she notice her whole schtick is fading..? Uwu Totemo legal loli who says edgy things without substance isn't interesting anymore.

No. 1399268

She has nothing else.. lol

No. 1399275

>She a brown woman
She's a bald white woman lol

No. 1399280

kek, nta but I think anon meant grown woman, not brown woman, g and b are close on the keyboard…

No. 1399281

Was she there alone or with her new bf? Who took these pictures?

No. 1399287

File: 1640182216639.jpg (66.92 KB, 431x727, Capture.JPG)

She went with this becky girl and her boyfriend.

June has finally found friends that aren't discord trannies

No. 1399289

To be fair, she is italian..

No. 1399295

why do americans think italians are brown what the fuck

No. 1399297

File: 1640182677680.jpg (115.15 KB, 602x418, 1639020976819.jpg)

cause compared to the vast majority of white americans who are of northern european descent, southern Europeans are more "darker"

No. 1399299

because you guys are stop trying so hard to be white(racebaiting)

No. 1399307

ahhh not this again. trust me actual Italians in Italy don't give af about whether Americans consider them white or not but saying the average italian looks brown/middle eastern is just wrong

No. 1399324

Sorry I didn't mean to start this debate again, I was just making a joke. It is pretty funny how easy it is to trigger this debate tho. lol

No. 1399338

File: 1640188626050.png (527.73 KB, 661x574, june.png)

she's looking a lil chubby and old

No. 1399345

File: 1640189652612.jpg (453.99 KB, 1536x2048, FGn8UW-WYAI2q1F.jpg)

No. 1399346

literally where?

No. 1399347

File: 1640189879274.jpg (673.12 KB, 1536x2048, FHBHMunVUAYGZsI.jpg)

get glasses

No. 1399352


Oh come on. She looks completely fine. Do you want her to look like a middle schooler? I'm confused by your standards for women. Are you a scrote by chance?

No. 1399354

get off tiktok and go outside

No. 1399355

why are you here defending her, she literally looks so much different from her yt videos and i'm just saying hat cause she loves to brag about how cute and small she is.

No. 1399357

because there's a billion and one other things to clown on her for instead of vendettaposting and you're just clogging up the thread

No. 1399362

So I see she has gone back to doing the heavy eyeliner? truly confused. She should go easy on the cheek-fillers they are looking awful. Anon is right, they make her look chubby even tho she's not chubby.

No. 1399363

Yes, a bald white woman lol

Shut up American

No. 1399364

Unsaged newfag notwithstanding, we don't have to whiteknight her looks. You sound just as new. >>1399355 is right, we only make fun of the way she looks because of her Disney Waistline Legal Loli larping and her endless trad posturing while she can't bear being seen without a pound of makeup, false lashes, altering her body shape, and wearing wigs. >>1399345 looks so much rougher compared to her videos and photos and that's fair to point out when her presence revolves so much around her appearance and she doesn't shy back from shitting on other people's looks.

On a different note, I don't get why she still wears these shitty wigs. Would it kill her to take one to a salon to get a real cut? All these years and all this money and this stringy mess is still the best she can do for an event? >>1399347

No. 1399366

She's holding a vape pen in this one too. She definitely smokes.

No. 1399371

the obvious fake wig combined with her shitty makeup and clothing choices makes her look way older than she is. she could get a lacefront and stop wearing so much eyeliner. all it does is making her eyes look more hooded and tired looking. also idk if it's cheek fillers or actual weight gain i just said she looks a bit chubby in the face and not like herself?
she looks very different in these recent candids

No. 1399405

no? say what you will about June but she's never been chubby or old looking. Sure she might use filters or whatever on her youtube videos, but she doesn't look all too different from her irl self.
She's just a plain Jane like most white girls in America..

No. 1399412

she doesn't look old at all but something about her is looking particularly troon tier and weird. whatever she did to her face, or maybe just unflattering pics, plus bad makeup and obvious wig are making her look super troony. she doesn't look older though, to the people who are claiming she looks old. her skin actually looks really good.

she definitely looks nothing like her vids though. her face looks very odd lately. whatever this both sides pandering schtick is that she's back on is vomit inducing, however, and she will be, again, saddled with the bottom of the barrel loser she deserves.

literally pointless shayna tier behavior.

No. 1399419

NTA but the legal loli disney princess LARP is from years ago. She hasn’t done it in ages so stop using that to deflect.

No. 1399425

wow ngl i definitely thought that photo was old bc the styling was so dated, maybe she's reverting to how she used to do her hair back in 2012 as a way to feel younger

ngl i think the heavy eyeliner actually does age her quite a bit, just because it drags her eyes down

in >>1399338 it looks like she's trying to counteract this by widening her eyes, which makes her look kinda crazy. wouldn't say she looks fat though, it's just so rare to see her not posing carefully in a candid enviroment

No. 1399426

not really. she still lives that larp and emphasizes aspects of that larp, she's just more lowkey about it now. comparatively. for example, she'll just interact with claims others make about how she looks like that, rather than saying it outright herself

No. 1399436

her "friend" is 21. she's hanging out with pathetic twitter conservatives who are trying to grift and become e-famous, that are barely in their 20s. it's just pitiful that she has always needed to hang out with her much younger cousin and her younger cousin's friends, always considerably younger people who have barely developed themselves, or literally fat developmentally retarded former cult members… always people who are young and have no developed personality or opinions outside of memes

No. 1399445


she's looking at little full figured here.
also I swear every self hating simp black guy is named Joshua

No. 1399449

I mean she is clearly getting fillers, probably to make her look younger. She can easily afford regular fillers/botox with her youtube bux and not having to pay rent. Her boobs look bigger too, since she got them done at 16 I wonder if she had them replaced recently with slightly bigger implants.

No. 1399451

Samefag to add that Botox also gives you more hooded-looking eyes since it weakens the muscles that pull up your eyebrows. That might be why her eyes are particularly hooded looking now.

No. 1399465

>makes her look way older than she is
saying that she looks "way older" than 30 makes you sound jealous and retarded. go back to sperging in the celebricows thread

No. 1399516

Stans always give out themselves. It's uncanny.

No. 1399521

i'm not a stan, anyone with eyes can see she does not look older than her age, I can't imagine why else someone would say that when there's so much actually wrong with her. And it's hypocritical to criticize her for being a doormat pickme while nitpicking her appearance, like that's not rooted in (internalised, i'm sure) sexism

No. 1399545

just saw the new candid pics and i agree with the anons saying she looks older than her age, mostly because i don't think very many 30 year old women are bald and have to wear wigs? the obvious wig just ages her so much (to me) because i literally only tend to see older women wearing wigs for medical reasons.

generally she just looks kind of beat, the super prominent neck wrinkles are unusual to me as well.

maybe i am just shocked because i am used to seeing her how she posts on twitter/instagram. https://www.instagram.com/shoe0nhead/?hl=en she looks unrecognizable

No. 1399546

File: 1640208193569.jpeg (158.88 KB, 1196x612, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-y0LL…)


No. 1399548

File: 1640208414077.jpeg (480.48 KB, 1635x1042, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-oRTk…)

the levels of photoshop are unreal lol

No. 1399555

from school girl to elementary teacher

No. 1399557

File: 1640208994011.png (353.9 KB, 405x505, Screenshot 2021-12-23 003524.p…)

I don't know if It's just me but she looks like she's going through menopause in this one imo

No. 1399565

She looks really bad in this one. It's a mix of the wig being parted in a way that you can see she is bald underneath and the beaver teeth. I never noticed how buck-toothed she really was because she conceals it so well in pictures.

Her face looks really puffy like a bulimics or an alcoholics.

No. 1399569

File: 1640210032402.png (480.61 KB, 818x463, june.png)

No. 1399576

I don't get why she won't wear this shorter wig all the time. This length and type of bangs suit her much better (yeah I know that she worked on those pictures, but still). The longer wig kinda drags her face down and looks greasy somehow while those side bangs don't really hide her high forehead. It's actually weird how loyal she is to this wig and makeup, people usually look better by their 30s because of having figured out what suits them best.

No. 1399578

I meant to write grown but forgot to autocorrect lmao

No. 1399595

She was all over Red Scare and Alex Jones so maybe she's going to start skinwalking them next kek

No. 1399600

File: 1640212060263.png (346.68 KB, 621x477, Francine_706b.png)

No. 1399601

God, she’s looking rough. Years of being a retarded pickme cunt ages the body clearly!

No. 1399620

No. 1399625

she looks just fine for her age, but facetuning yourself, and so heavily never does you any favor. People will find you more ugly when they see you irl because you ruin your own image by making yourself a plastic doll online.

No. 1399660

June wants to look like a middle schooler, but she don't kek

No. 1399731

i agree she looks way better in the short wig, maybe she thought it would be too "alt" for a conservative event. actually i have to give her props for at least attempting a mature look, shame it seems to have really backfired on her. tbh i think if she did lighter makeup instead of sticking with her usual e-girl wings the overall effect would have been less jarring

also i never noticed how much her legs do not match in this photoset, like she wanted to have her cake and eat it too with "smoll bean" skinny legs on the left and "thicc" thighs on the right

No. 1399739

File: 1640222990274.jpeg (161.66 KB, 851x963, 85EC2164-25AC-4C51-B97C-6E37B5…)


She does look like she gained a few pounds to me, it showing in her face a bit but I wouldn’t say she gained drastic weight.

Although anons are saying fillers so maybe that’s it.

Also I thought she got clowned for wearing a lacefront improperly and we got a peak at her actual scalp. So I doubt she’ll give it another go.

The sythentic wigs are really not doing her any favors in the harsh inside lighting. How I see it she’s definitely pushing her limits with her FaceTime/photoshop. I know she makes her eyes bigger all the time but dang.

No. 1399761


The wigs age her, if you told me this was a PTA mom I'd believe you. My hope is for 2022 June learns how to wear a lace front or at least buy a human hair wig with bangs because the beauty supply store specials she gets are not doing her justice.

No. 1399770

She dresses like it still and encourages those who address her like a cutesy smol bean or legal loli or whatever. It's obvious and doesn't have to be explicit to notice. What would her replacement schtick be, in your opinion? Also I'm ntayrt but as a general statement yeah she does look gross and weird

No. 1399820

she really should invest in one good wig and learn how to wear and style it properly
the cheap wigs do make her face look older, there’s no denying it

No. 1399922

File: 1640253291255.jpg (31.09 KB, 680x572, 8bb.jpg)

Well her simps are mostly incel weebs and in Anime women can either be lolis or big titted MILFs. So I assume she is going for the latter soon and start calling herself "mommy".. Sadly "Mama June" Is already taken, kek.
Would also explain why she switched out her old implants for bigger ones. She will cosplay as picrel soon.

No. 1399973

yeah same i totally call her switching to the “mommy” larp soon

No. 1399979

File: 1640260076717.jpg (455.59 KB, 1536x2048, FGn8UW_XwAANP2K.jpg)

just what the hell is this pose?

No. 1399980

I agree with anons that short wig looks way better on her

No. 1399981

File: 1640260175502.jpg (248.3 KB, 1313x2048, FHB-9vJVkAAwzvy.jpg)


No. 1399984

Yeah, she looks noticeably better with the short wig. In >>1399979 she looks like she's about to harass you to buy her some smokes outside a gas station

No. 1399988

File: 1640261674359.jpeg (33.66 KB, 400x400, 800738CA-C6E7-41B7-8F2F-A8D6CF…)


Her signature tongue so quirky face but it doesn’t translate well irl without the FaceTime/filters/her being in control of the camera.

No. 1400112

so weird. she looks like an unhappy orthodox jewish women but with worse features

No. 1400149

I don’t think her face being puffy looks bad at all, that’s one of the reasons why she can still pull off being uwu youthful at least semi-okay, but her eyes man. They look so tired and exhausted. I remember her saying in a stream that she just likes doing her make up like that but the eyeliner looks shockingly bad on her now. She would look a good 5 years younger (imo) if she did a thin line that goes down rather than up, like the puppy dog eyeliner. Also, with all the money that she has, how tf has she not fixed her teeth yet?? She doesn’t just look horseish, she looks like a legit troll.

No. 1400173

older women can have fat faces if they are fat. also i don't think the problem is her teeth, her gum/mouth or maybe even jaw seems to be the problem but fixing that would be a hassle

No. 1400184

File: 1640280073100.png (366.42 KB, 755x400, lmfao.png)

No. 1400188

File: 1640280513211.png (2.03 MB, 788x1696, Untitled.png)

In this picture you can really see that she has put on some weight. Maybe just 15-20lbs, but she definitely lost her "disney princess waistline". Not fat obvsly, healthy/average weight still, just definitely larger than before.

No. 1400193

Why does she wear wigs?

No. 1400202

She's bald. She has trich and pulled all her hair out

No. 1400206

Holy fuck I did not expect that.

No. 1400238

i cant see it here. she may have gained weight but its not visible in her misection here. i see it in her arms

No. 1400289

File: 1640288409815.jpg (65.35 KB, 600x600, 3ef5a365e77ec1b10b79ee83ca58dd…)

It's pretty evenly distributed (good for her), but just compare her overall to how small she used to be.

No. 1400311

this is spot-on. the wigs really do make her look like an orthodox Jewish lady who hates her life.

No. 1400411

At this point I think it’s partly the aggressive side part on the wig that’s aging her, lol. The millennial side part vs. gen z middle part thing is very real these days. Even if people side part they tend to not do it so aggressively in 2021. She still did look cuter overall with the short wig though, I agree

No. 1400444

>but her eyes man. They look so tired and exhausted.
She probably was, in all these latest convention photos. I'm sure she has a horrid sleep schedule from staying up literally all night on Twitter, so doing early daytime social stuff a couple days in a row probably exhausted her.

No. 1401073

She was already a notorious photoshopper back then, so comparing modern day candids to old shopped pics isn’t going to do her any favors.

No. 1401274

I wonder if she will start trying to fill Ash Coffin's niche now that her account's gone private. tbh for having implants she doesn't tend to show them off that much atm

No. 1401583

Because she doesn't fucking have implants.

No. 1402132

We’ve seen her nudes pretty sure she does

No. 1402140

Nice try white-knight-chan, but we have seen her nudes.

No. 1402320

File: 1640580108496.jpg (57.4 KB, 1080x616, FHgbKMyWUAAAjAX.jpg)


No. 1402333

I ignore this thread for about two weeks and she's already back in the neocon sphere? Fucking incredible. Also the change into heavier makeup makes sense. She's trying to appeal to conservatives by upholding the stereotypical "look" of a woman and it's backfiring on her so bad because it's so caked on. The clothes are fucking hilarious, she's so out of touch with the real world. I cannot wait to see more of this unfold.

No. 1402566

won’t be surprised if she caught it during that conference lol

No. 1402627

I thought that conservatives liked natural look.

No. 1402632

Conservatives are out of touch and tacky too so not really going to end up negatively affecting her too much tbh. And yeah, exactly. Where are all the "leftist" and breadtubers who went out on a limb to defend her honor now? People are still buying she's punching from the left while she's getting awfully huggy with stale, grifting conservative "muh culture-war" shilling dorks?

No. 1402650

Lol. She'll be fine tho, since she is not 80 years old or morbidly obese.

Have you SEEN any of the female Fox News anchors?

No. 1402652

File: 1640628301203.jpg (70.44 KB, 1080x904, photo_2021-12-27_01-15-38.jpg)

She deleted this one already

No. 1402726

I kinda feel bad for her. Seems like she's really worried about never finding a husband and having children.

No. 1402750

Why? Theres no reason to feel bad for her, she could easily find a husband and have kids. Said quality of husband of course would be dubious but in her case given her many years of shitting on women for having any standards and putting shitty men on a pedestal it would actually be karma.

But there is my question-why doesnt she had a bf? She has many simps, and it makes me wonder if in reality she does have some relatively high standards for what she wants in a guy-because otherwise she could find one easy.

No. 1402778

The last relationship we know about was a Discord catfish who leaked her nudes. Whatever else you can say about June, she's always been stupid as a brick.

No. 1402783

She wants a conservative tradcath, but those men don't want a coalburner for a wife. That's her issue. Although we are thinking she might currently be dating this christian lawyer who believes in demons >>1394507 and probably doesn't know about her internet history.

No. 1402817

Im aware, but the catfish pics the guy was hot, so I do think she has standards she doesnt want her simp army knowing about.
>she's always been stupid as a brick
kek so true

Hmm so her whole leftist bs/simping for vaush is just a grift then?

No. 1402819

Implying men get to have "wants" and act on them lmao

No. 1402848

Everything she does and says is a grift. I don't think Shuwu even has any real opinions, believes, morals or thoughts. If you held a stethoscope to her head you would just hear elevator music playing.

Explain why she is not a tradwife to a conservative Chad with several kids yet then? Greg dumped her as well because he didn't see her as waifu material.

No. 1402865

More often than not, the type you're describing goes for "blacked sluts" or w/e. June could be a virgin and still a completely undesirable Becky, for the simple reason that she grovels. That sort of behavior is probably the only thing that genuinely repels men - not only do they not want what they can have, they are actively disgusted by anything that prostrates before them, even though it's what they'll say they want.

No. 1402892

Normal men are put off by that, but I've seen severely mentally ill internet speds go for women like that. Greg did too.

No. 1402904

Sure, they'll "go" for June as in use her as a low maintenance sex toilet, but she will never be even absolute omega's first choice. Pickmes stay thriving.

No. 1402925

Men have no standards for sex, you are right. I am sure most men would have sex with June. But it's different when it comes to a real relationship, introducing her to the parents and viewing her as a potential wife and mother of their children. June can't make it past forever-fiance for a reason.

No. 1402942

Not only that, but people stay within their social class, barring exceptions. Considering a lot of people meet at work or through classmates, you’re more likely to marry a lawyer if you’re yourself a lawyer, like I’ve seen my friends do.

Shuwu is only interacting with other autists online, what is she expecting? To find a barrister or a doctor streaming along with her?

And even putting her pathetic pickme behaviour aside, the type of man who can entertain having a stay at home wife nowadays is a very restricted, educated pool. Those people want a wife with some degree of education they can bring to their boss’ dinners without embarrassing themselves.
The rest probably don’t fit her standards lookwise (for good reasons) or are absolute speds

No. 1402964

>The rest probably don’t fit her standards lookwise (for good reasons)

Kek so much for all men are kings eh June?

No. 1402974

The whole "have no education or career, get a provider husband right out of high school" tradcel meme is peak LARP and delusion for this exact reason. In real life, most doctors and lawyers start families with whomever they met at the absolute latest phase of their education. Or worse - at work, but it will almost never be a patient or client.

Now, once those doctors and lawyers are bald, fat, 45 years old and thoroughly robbed by their girlboss first wives with 5 kids during divorce - maybe some of the trashier ones will marry a stripper, college freshman or something like that. You don't want to be a midlife crisis rebound, there really is nothing in it for you.

While it's possible for some poor women to just land someone rich right away, they're usually the kind of woman who would thrive regardless and don't need to hurry either way.

No. 1403020

They SAY that then fawn over cakey fakey makey bimbos like the ones on FOX

No. 1403023

I think one of Shoe's issues is that most of her actual genuine beliefs are liberal, but she prefers the company of conservatives, including neocons.

>finally tweets something that's grounded in reality and self-aware of how her being terminally online is bad
>immediately deletes it

No. 1403085

Pretty much this. The type of men she’s interested in aren’t rotting online all day like she is. If she wants a husband she’s gonna have to find a real job or start going out to normal places instead of just stupid political conventions and get some actual hobbies outside of tweeting about cum. No one wants to date a 30 year old who has no life skills or hobbies and communicates exclusively in wojack memes.

No. 1403159

You can definitely meet lawyers and doctors on dating apps as well (from personal experience they are all on there, even the ones with wifes). They are usually the type of man who has "no time to properly date" They work a lot and are definitely autistic. Some doctors genuinely do not date at work because it causes a lot of conflicts and is very unprofessional. June could definitely pull some lawyer or doctor on there. Don't think she could get more than one date tho.

No. 1403607

Oh I’ve seen plenty of doctors/lawyers on apps. Lawyers are definitely easier to land than doctors (who have dumb crazy schedules, so that doesn’t help). They are definitely horndogs, so you’re most likely gonna get ghosted real fast, I could see June absolutely falling for it since she managed to get her nudes leaked and fall for a catfish.

Her problem is that people who want a family already started their family by now. If they dont, either they’re really not interested, or they have some serious issue.

No. 1403746

>Her problem is that people who want a family already started their family by now. If they dont, either they’re really not interested, or they have some serious issue.

Eh, wouldn't agree on this, many people start family in their thirties but I don't think June actually wants to even though she lists it as her goal in life.
I'm sure if she somehow got together with a well-off tradman and he wanted to get her pregnant, she'd break it off.
June spent the last decade of her life addicted to internet attention. She isn't able to handle education, career or generally a life of a responsible adult. How the hell do you all think she would be able to mentally handle the realization that she is going to have to take care of an actual child? She'd abort it pronto and then go back to twitter to continue her larp.

No. 1403766

have you guys noticed that her personality has changed recently? she is not as loud and energetic as she used to be… maybe she is actually depressed. sage for tinfoil

No. 1404005

I disagree, I think shoe really wants to become a mum. She made a lot of money from youtube that she didn't really spend much, she's ready to settle for sure. But the internet fried her brain and she doesn't know how to date properly.

No. 1404020

I also think her standards are way too high for what she can realistically expect. She wants a man who is tall and handsome like the catfish guy, but also agrees with her politically and has internet clout and is terminally online so she can do another online relationship LARP like she did with Greg, just this time about how trad she is. She will never find this.

If she truly wanted a family she should go to the next italian pizza place and ask if they have a son who needs a wife still and make a happy New York Italian family offline.

No. 1404057

sage goes in the email field

No. 1404065

I think an even bigger issue is June has no value as a partner. She's vapid, annoying, has ZERO life skills, bitch can't cook and she probably can't do her taxes or call a plumber properly. She brings nothing to the table because she spent her whole adult life focused on being a internet pickme instead of a well-rounded person. Every scrote who lusts after her is a manchild too so that doesn't work, June wants a sugar daddy to take care of her.

And as far as her politics go, it's a non-issue because she'll switch on a dime. Like >>1402848 said, she has no political compass. She gravitates to whatever seems the most "hip" fringe political bs is at the moment, which is why she can flip-flop from lefty sex ogre Vaush, to a schizo tradcath lawyer.

No. 1404570

I'm wondering if her turning 30 a couple months ago was kind of a slap in the face for her. I think the realization of "I spent all my 20s on the internet and I'm still unmarried and childless and living with my parents" probably hit her, even if she doesn't want to show it. Her being completely and utterly silent on her 30th birthday spoke volumes.

No. 1405096

fun fact: you can experience clitoral atrophy from not cooming, so hers is probably Shayna tier from all that frigid servile sex she's having

No. 1406183

File: 1641034500546.jpg (458.54 KB, 1080x1830, Screenshot_20220101-114604_Chr…)

….Aaand she is starting a Twitch channel


No. 1406184

I knew we would get a prostitute saga in 2022.

No. 1406185

Will this be political channel? Because Juwune is dumb as shit and isn't a confident debatelord the way most of her contemporaries are - I get the impression she knows very little and actually has very little interest in politics, despite using it as a tool to get men to like her.

Will it be a gaming channel? That'd be interesting, because it'll be fun to see just how much on of the champions of GamerGate sucks at playing video games. I'd watch June playing babby games and raging like DSP in raccoon eye makeup.

Or perhaps, this is June's final form. The Sh0eonHead Twitch thot arc.

No. 1406193

Now this will be interesting, she can curate her image on twitter and Youtube but on a real time platfrom like Twitch it won't be as easy
I honestly think the "real June" could potentially be very popular on Twitch

No. 1406196


My money is on she’s going to try to cash in on the “totally not a twitch thot” thot like pokimane. Maybe start off with joining in on vaush streams once in a while but not say anything of value.

She won’t do political stuff on her own because she’ll never debate live. Chat will have a field day and definitely will have someone recording to dog pile her later if mods mute them.

I think she’s just going to casually chat and hangout on her streams. Gonna be interesting to see what she’ll look like live. Can’t keep her toaster camera forever.

No. 1406198

I suspect a combination of rip-off pokimane and lazy political streamer(more like Hasan then like Vasuh)
the latter might actually suit her

No. 1406201

You guys are all thinking way too much effort, she will simply read her twitter feed and show memes on stream. While wearing some retarded tradthot costume.

No. 1406210

There was a comment on kiwifarms a while ago where a user said even though they 100% agreed with everything shoe said, they fucking hated her because they were well aware she was pandering to men because she's insecure. Basically, she bought this on herself by simping for an audience that have been very clear that they hate women. But shoe genuinely thinks she's not like other girls, which to be fair she's not, but in the way that she's bald and still lives with her parents.

No. 1406377

That was a rare moment of self awareness from a moid - they do absolutely hate women who try to please them (even though they say it's what they want) because all women they simp for would never need to do this. Therefore, a moid sees pandering as evidence of a woman being low quality, and thus an insult to himself (is this all I can get? A thot so worthless she needs to pretend go agree with male retardation when Stacy could shit in my mouth and I'd still pay her bills?".

No. 1406390

No. 1406669

>because it'll be fun to see just how much on of the champions of GamerGate sucks at playing video games
Even during GamerGate she admitted she didn't play video games at all.

No. 1406701

the most obvious thing is react to youtube clips like Hasan
does she personally know any big streamers to colab?saying stupid shit to farm lsf is always an option

No. 1406864

Twitch is actively trying to move away from political content (and towards sexwork), because it causes them issues. That's why they banned Hasan for using the c-slur. They don't want politics on their platform. What a great time to make a twitch account as a political commentator, lol. She really is late to everything and jumps into things as they are already dying.

No. 1407502

>the c slur
kek you don’t need to censor cracker here
either way, she’s never actually been that big on real politics, she doesn’t have to worry about that. she’ll probably just do react content like >>1406701 said.

No. 1410734

Late, but I'm seeing her trying to pull "politician's hot republican tradwife on an election night" kind of vibe here.

No. 1415386

File: 1642008698350.png (343.42 KB, 728x830, quirky.png)

Damn how QuIrKy! Totally not an excuse to post ass on twitter.

No. 1415388

File: 1642009106365.png (221.53 KB, 734x510, yikes.png)

Shoe's new bf seems very stable. On top of seeing demons he also thinks of himself as a serial killer.

No. 1415389

File: 1642009290017.png (719.6 KB, 742x746, cringe.png)

Extremely cringe.

No. 1415392

they are a fantastic match and I want them to get married ASAP and for June to try to become a tradmom influencer a la Mrs. Midwest
the kek harvest would be record-breaking

No. 1415393

I already feel sorry for the kids. But it would be funny to see June try to cope with motherhood. She would absolutely hate it. Losing her "uwu petite" figure would drive her suicidal, she would try to stay as small as possible and probably birth an underdeveloped preemie. Then she would probably hire a doula and nanny to take care of the child while she continues browsing twitter all day. This bitch can't even clean her room, she could never take care of a newborn.

No. 1415413

RUN DONT WALK from any man who takes the character of Patrick Bateman seriously in this way

No. 1415472

I don't think Shuwu can be that picky. Didn't Greg compare himself to the joker a lot? She loves men like that.

No. 1415486

Even Mrs. Midwest had an uncharacteristic moment of lucidity when a woman doctor saved her and her younger son's life during his birth, forcing her to grudgingly admit that maybe women doing something other than bangmaidery isn't the worst thing in the world. June lacks the humility to even do that and allows herself to become completely subsumed by whichever moid is porking her at the moment, she'll probably go full on Catholic cultist and start becoming one of those ~modesty and femininity~ tardwives who cooks inedible food

No. 1415492

This is 100% true in any other circumstance, but Patrick Bateman guys might be the perfect type for June

No. 1415530

She's not gonna cook, lol. June has cooked like 3 meals in her life and we have seen all of them. And they looked like shit. Honestly even a tradwife LARP seems too much effort for her, I bet she barely manages to brush and put on her wig most days.

No. 1415535

they're all fat chincels, so you are correct
(also true for tyler durden, joker and jordan peterson scrotes)

No. 1415550

Usually guys who idolize Bateman as character goals are more outwardly extremely misogynistic (thinking his behavior in the movie is based unironically) compared to other male film icons that incels project themselves onto. It’s perfect for June probably who’s the biggest pushover of all time but god is it the most disgusting thing ever. I’d rather her be single forever than validate ugly freaks like that.

No. 1415721


Didn't this cringelord cowardly lock his account and run away from twitter the second people started pulling up horrible, rapey, misogynistic tweets from him and looking into his background? Alexander, I can't imagine hiring you or your firm given what you post online – and how often you post. You are clearly addicted to the internet and unstable.

No. 1415723

File: 1642037948223.png (75.55 KB, 1168x234, Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 8.37…)


I think he unironically browses the thread, lol. Imagine bringing up a comment related to tweets you made over a week ago! Lol!

No. 1415751

Patrick Bateman IS pathetic af but he’s also sociopathic and violent, those things aren’t mutually exclusive and it doesn’t make identifying with him any better. It just makes you look like a self loathing miserable pissbaby who probably fantasizes about rape and murder.

No. 1416004

Is that supposed to make the comparison any better? "He is literally me you guise, not because hes a serial killer, but because he's so pathetic!" Kek.

I noticed he tweets a lot at other people asking where their wife and kids are. Where are yours? Why is June not barefoot and pregnant yet? Can't make a hoe a housewife? I think this guy might actually be pathetic, lel.

No. 1416011

frankly this man is trash but the fact that he was able to pass the bar ends up making him by virtue better than a womanhating womanchild insistent on continuing to still pander to the worst men imaginable while also trying to unbearably fencesit

No. 1416014

I wonder what Mr. Tradcath thinks about June being openly bisexual? Or her BDSM fetish? Her daddy/littlegirl incest/pedophilia fetish? Is he going to dom her like Greg did and put her on a leash and in a cage? Pretty sure that's not how god wants a good Christian to treat his wife. But June is so addicted to hardcore pornography that she can't get off any other way. As in people who are "terminally online" I think nobody here has June beat on that front.

Has he watched this video in which June and a jewish woman talk about being spanked for being "brats" by Greg, June watching puppy-play videos to get off and her mom finding her leash and dog-collar in her room while cleaning?

Idk if Patrick Bateman is up for the task of a 24/7 BDSM lifestyle.

No. 1416015

File: 1642068012348.jpg (116.92 KB, 640x940, 1511991319253.jpg)

Honestly I can not even imagine how little self-respect a man must have to date a woman who has so completely humiliated herself for everyone to see (and got off on it) while calling himself a Christian. I think "Cuck" would be a more appropriate description for such a man.

No. 1416489

idk, the fact that mr ehler is even pursuing her puts a huge red flag on him lol

No. 1416930

Christcucks love that "redeemed sinner" shit, even when it's a lie most of the time. And let's be honest, any man who dates June and identifies with American Psycho Man and does the religion LARP is not so secretly a sex wreck. The question is how dark considering dude thinks demons are real and have Twitter accounts. At least Greg wouldn't have any BPD freakout assaults

No. 1417919

I can't with June. It's like she's under a curse that makes her see other men exactly like they see themselves in their dreams. Sceptic was this "charming" misogynist a la Connery's James Bond. This little piggy is none other than perfect and successful guy that's secretly psychopath but also secretly unhappy and sick of his surroundings (nice, june loves coddling big strong tradmen). Which only means that he probably feels inadequate among his colleagues and has grandiose delusions as a cope. Also might bore you with lectures on music or other shit that he likes.
And she genuinely doesn't see how cringey they are? Maybe she has the hots for retards specifically? It's like she's picking the worst possible options.

No. 1418041

File: 1642270069827.jpg (507.02 KB, 1536x2048, FJGtp1AXwAEfMDJ.jpg)

Shoe with her new boo at some sort of twitter meet-up.

No. 1418043

File: 1642270206911.png (321.77 KB, 534x426, shoe.png)

She got her arm locked through his so I assume it's save to say they are actually a thing.

No. 1418044

File: 1642270285280.png (741.91 KB, 738x762, cringe.png)

This dude is extremely cringe.

No. 1418051

I think it's just that she's really dumb and thinks everyone's Twitter persona is their actual personality.

No. 1418054

She somehow chose someone even uglier than Greg lol

No. 1418058

File: 1642271773388.jpg (161.52 KB, 881x1390, crushed-empty-french-milk-cart…)

Greg at least had a full head of hair.. This dude has hit the wall ages ago and is balding. Better pump out some of those babies before your milk carton is empty and you coom only dust, Psychokiller.

No. 1418075

File: 1642273165941.jpg (934.88 KB, 1080x1935, Screenshot_20220115-195547_Chr…)

In Wig's twitter likes:
-Some "how to be good wife" manual from 50s and then right after that an an autistic sonic meme

No. 1418081

and do you think she'll risk her career for political beliefs that you know she doesn't care about, she'll be another rip-off pokimane on twitch, she might react to some political content with bland commentary but that's as far as she'll go

No. 1418085

Mr. Shoe: Honey I'm home! Have you prepared me a lovely dinner and cleaned the house?
Shoe: No, but I liked this meme on twitter that is totally trad
Mr. Shoe: so… McDonalds again?
Shoe: Ok daddy, let me put on my wig and we can go to the drive through! Can I get a happy meal daddy? UwU
Mr. Shoe: … is that Rabbit shit all over the floor? C
Shoe: Careful don't step in it! I was going to clean that but then some libtard said something stupid on twitter and OMG you won't BELIEVE how epically I owned him with my memes, let me show you!

No. 1418134

he's ugly as fuck too what is wrong with her kek

No. 1418142

How trad and loving! She’ll be distributing his schizo meds too.

No. 1418156

kek, so they really are dating, damn. the one thing i can say for this retard is that he presumably can support her and has the prestige associated with being an attorney, though likely a bad one. how pathetic that the twitter "left" accepted this idiot as if she wasn't a grifter, only for her to go for another right winger, lmao. she's so disgusting.