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File: 1672270536958.jpg (66.11 KB, 553x435, lolcowversustheworld.jpg)

No. 49318

I'm sorry it had to come to this. I've tried my best since coming on board as admin but the honest truth is that I underestimated the work it takes just to keep lolcow running, not to mention the intensity of raids this year. I thought I could get it done while dealing with my job and personal life too but I was wrong and had to realise that I can't give this community what it needs. A lot of volunteers have stepped forward, so I'm positive that we'll find a great new team. If you want to apply as admin or moderator, email administration@lolcow.farm or join the discord linked in the navigation bar. The hidden board can be accessed through there now since there were complaints about the posting traffic.

The migration to an updated software is still most likely going to proceed, but for now our focus is to find a new admin and more farmhands. Timezones outside of North America will get priority.

No. 49320

Thanks adminchan. I actually liked the new site and was looking forward to it. Good luck!

No. 49322

Thank you admin for making this and for your work. I really enjoy lolcow and I hope this site still has future.

No. 49324

Admin I'm not going to lie I have shat on you some, but good luck in whatever you do. You are not hated and I often forget the type of shit you have to deal with (like scrotes posting cp/gore). Its good to admit that you may have been over your head. Enjoy your life and I wish you thr best dear shaymin

No. 49325

A short run is better than no run at all, thank you for donating your time

No. 49326

Same I remember being frustrated with all the raids and stuff but I understand this can be stressful running a site like this. Esp since it seems like staff was low for a lot of the time. Best of luck on life Shaymin thank you for at least keeping lolcor running

No. 49327

All the best, Admin! Here's to a decent start to the new year once it's here ♥

No. 49328

Hey Shaymin. I have also complained about you in the past, but reflecting on that I honestly don't think I gave you fair judgement considered the kind of problems lolcow has. I hope you know none of the things nonnies said were really that personal and that you find luck in your future ventures. Additionally, I hope you keep up with us in the Shayna threads

No. 49329

Thank you for the announcement. Hope everything goes well for you in the future.

No. 49330

Aw admin mad

No. 49331

>The migration to an updated software is still most likely going to proceed

why tho, no one is asking for this?

No. 49332

>The migration to an updated software is still most likely going to proceed
If you're still going with that weird looking threadless new site, you're going to raise hell again. Whoever's coming next as new admin should take that into consideration i guess…

No. 49333

Thank you for everything you've done. I, and many other nonnies I'm sure, glad you're being transparent and honest about everything now. I hope you find a new admin to take over this site.

No. 49334

The whole point of the updated software was better moderation tools and other stuff not the look of the site

No. 49335

Admin, and new admins, my and other farmers advice, request, whatever, please don't treat it as me shouting or whatever. Leave this site alone. I mean, don't move this anywhere. Better fix DNS finally and leave original lolcow running and postable. Nobody wanted that new site. It really wasn not needed, a better moderation team is needed. That is all.

No. 49336

yeah, after a whole year of silence and only showing herself in the last month woooow. bare minimum

No. 49337

Better than her saying nothing and just closing it or letting lolcow die without warning.

No. 49338

Ty for running the site, admin. I can’t imagine it’s easy at all. I hope you have a good time moving forward and we get a great new admin.

No. 49339

I think new admin needs to work in the background on the new site, let us get updates or even see an un-usable version of the site. Then when everything is ready to roll put then reveal it. Even make a discord for updates or something

No. 49340

hard agree nonny

No. 49341

>The whole point of the updated software was better moderation tools and other stuff not the look of the site
Perhaps, but admin's decision didn't bring any good. She never discussed this with anyone, never announced anything besides "maintenance on 19th". If you really dead set on a new site, better learn how to transport all threads there AND most importantly, to make lolcow look like lolcow not new PULL. just my opinion. yeah i'm autistic whatever.

No. 49343

Even if I don't think you did much, thanks for keeping the site afloat and alive Shaymin. I hope whoever the new admin is will still give us a new site and I hope any future site updates and improvements can go a lot smoother.
I definitely agree with this but please no more discords. Anywhere but discord. Updates should be somewhere here on /meta/ and if the site goes down I would even be ok with using the lolcow twitter account or ko-fi for off site updates.

No. 49344

Ayrt I agree with that. I don’t mind a new site if it helps deter the cp posting and raids. People can easily work around bans on current lolcow software and that’s annoying

No. 49345

samefag, i'm critical of Shaymins decisions but i wish her the best for the future. Just stop with this lynxchan girly forum bullshit. Shaymin, find an anon that knows how to replicate lolcow looks and content wise. that's how this problem would be put to rest.
cause it doesn't matter if a new anon is chosen, if that new anon does the very same thing, everyone's going to be upset either way. And hard agree with other anons, updates on lolcow, not on discord please.

No. 49347

i'm afraid they'll eventually find a way to work around new site as well. I don't hold much hope. it's the problem with people, not website.
sorry maybe i'm too pessimistic but i don't believe the new website will be bulletproof. keep trying ofc i'd be happy if was though.
Just if you can't make a new site look like good ol lolcow then at least make it look like crystal cafe, idk. oldschool vibe of this site is the charm of it, trying to make it modern lolcow 2049 site is kinda pointless imo.

No. 49348

Kek lolcor 2049

No. 49349

Am I the only one who doesn't care what the site looks like as long as it's anonymous? I can adjust.

No. 49350

I don't either and I think anons were being childish about the entire thing, but admin also should have been more open about the site change and what to expect with the update.

No. 49351

Honestly glad to get more farmhands. I get it’s hard to vet them & make sure they’re good shit lol, but we need them. Idk I think it’ll be nice for the new year, kind of like a fresh start for the site.

No. 49352

Let us pray for our sister. Our site. Love leads the way always hate is never good to half in your heart. We must lead by example not be an example of hate and hardness on this planet. As we hold hands and praise our Shaymin not for what she didn't do, or failed to do. Or even what she might do for what she's done. For better or for worst she's our shaymin.

No. 49353

I'm asking for it, it's way better than this.

No. 49354

I agree lol, ngl I liked it. Once it got more themes going it’d be alright. Now the kpop/fujo being allowed and on the front page/menu or whatever & the removal of /w/ was what I was confused and annoyed about hahaha.

No. 49355

File: 1672275086570.png (481.32 KB, 853x480, woman only.png)

Prioritize software that mitigates raiding, keeps nonnies anonymous. That's the important part. If it can be kept looking like an imageboard, great! If it can't, as long as it's navigable cool. Have a couple more farmhands on deck than we do at the moment.
On the userbase-end of things, let's breathe more and if you think someone is a scrote/tranny/etc just don't engage with them and let it go. Maybe they're a weirdass woman or maybe they're a moid but so many threads derail just from throwing the accusations out there.
I appreciate this place a lot for being an anonymous place specifically for women, even if its main purpose has always been looking in on and laughing at trainwrecks. I hope we get through these trying times nonnies.

No. 49358

lol I was laughing at how fast the kpopspergs made their containment thread

No. 49359

Retarded newfag, if you were here last townhall you'd know why admin is doing it.

No. 49361

Same, anons are so melodramatic. As if there aren't site themes for everyone anyway.

No. 49362

damn it, it's not just about themes and you know it.
>threads aren't moved there and admin has no idea how to do this
>finally, turns out we have to start everything all over again and everything old is archived on a separate site
>porn avatars aren't deleted - more porn banners!
>kpop thread
>no communication whatsoever
>neither of sites can be accessed normally in certain countries, and still can't be
>it's childish
Idk maybe anon reaction was too strong in some instances, but it was absolutely justified. No idea why criticism is "childish". what is mature then? Loving everything by default and praising admin endlessly?

No. 49364

It was childish because anons were on CC and on LC throwing a fit, complaining about a site that hadn't even been finished and telling admin to revert back to the old site. You don't have to love it but there were no chances given and they didn't think or use common sense at all, just immediate complaining. No one said that you have to praise admin either, I literally said that she went about it the complete wrong way and she's made many mistakes.

No. 49365

What you said is wrong, but I don't blame you for thinking it's true, because unless you were in the right threads at the right time there's no way to know anything.

No. 49366

Samefag but also I did not say that criticism is childish. I'm talking about the strong reactions - which was most of them.

No. 49367

Will VPNs be allowed? will shitty kpop bait thread stay? if its expected to work out, 2 conditions should be met imo:
1. As similar to original lolcow as possible
2. Move at least pt and snow threads to a new site as well. idk why this would be impossible.

No. 49368

New admin would be the one to answer these anon, and she hasn't been found yet as far as we know.

No. 49369

Nta, so it's bad communication at least then right?

No. 49371

Shaymin said she planned to move over everything, but as she threw a tantrum before it was put into practice, we don't know whether it would actually work.

Yeah, that part definitely. If I hadn't autistically read every post on the ephemeral lynxcow and all the screenshots in the cc bunker threads, I wouldn't know anything either.

No. 49372

Ayrt, yep but this was inevitable i think. I wanna say maybe it wouldn't happen (the outrage) if Shaymin didn't make the unfinished site public so fast, but idk. Perhaps overall reaction would be just as strong if anons saw newcow later (because nobody knew details, just new site coming and maintenance on this and this day). Also the reaction is as it is because imageboard users are what they are. I get you guys are fine with new site, and good for you then.

Shaymin reacted extremely childish on top of it all as well and it didn't help.

No. 49373

Thanks for exposing the fact that newfags have been responsible for the uptick in random scrote/tranny accusations. Next time hide your newfaggotry better.

No. 49374

And that's the crux of the issue really imo. Hiding words allows someone to go back on the words later and will natural provoke suspicion regardless.

No. 49375

What is the chan/imgboard engine that CC uses? It's close enough to lolcow to not trigger autists, maybe. And it's cute. With a captcha and multiple images per post it'd be perfect imo.

No. 49376

File: 1672277171525.jpg (66.8 KB, 700x700, f0341ce36bc3dce1873ca458563bf4…)


No. 49377

farmers were just a powerless peanut gallery reacting in real time and ooh-ing and eek-ing over changes they got a peek at. not their fault shaymin was secretly emotionally done with the site due to the thankless nature of the job (can't blame her either) and she quit without finishing.

No. 49378

> the thankless nature of the job
If anyone knew what she does or who she is they might thank her if she does a good job. She was completely invisible.

No. 49379

ok maybe I'm misinterpreting what she said and it's not because it was thankless. Whatever the reason, she is done and she said you can't fix autism and she said it was too much on top of her other life obligations. Farmers didn't know she was about to give up and that she would be reading their reactions and getting upset about it.

No. 49380

We went an entire year with so little communication from her we didn't even know if she existed or not. And why did she post updates in a discord (rather than telling us directly on /meta/) which the vast majority of nonnies had no idea existed unless they were following the bunker threads? I'm sure until the announcement there were nonnies who weren't even aware shaymin is resigning. Future admin really has to be more communicative because it's ridiculous we've gone so long without a clue about what's going on, especially during the random downtimes.

No. 49381

The irony is that she didn't even change much from the base level i think, didn't she change colors only? but she acted as if she ~done such a lot of work for us thankless autists. Idk maybe she didn't necessarily know what she's doing and reading instructions last minute or something.
Agree. that being said, all recent drama aside, and admin's absence aside, i get why would she quit. For me just knowing that you're responsible for that site would be more than enough stressful.

No. 49382

File: 1672278329147.png (104.89 KB, 521x657, seething sobbing.PNG)

whoever the new admin is pls bring back custom css from lynxcow, i was coding my own and i want it back

No. 49383

This. Lack of communication was what fueled the fire as well, it's not only reee we hate the new layout. And it works back, it's not just that admin never said anything (or saying random shit on Discord that realistically not much of anons has access to). It's also that admin didnt' listen to anons asks or advices either (in threads like where's shaymin, complaints, anything in meta). This is minor thing, but it proves my point: anons forever asked her to remove all porny banners, but on the new site she even added some new ones.

No. 49384

just use stylus extension. write your custom style for every site you want

No. 49385

Once again anon, of course it was partially Admin's fault for not properly communicating but the website was so clearly not even finished and the reaction to it was way overblown.

No. 49386

also stupid plea but can the font be like current lolcow one for example. Tahoma or whatever tf it is. Not THIS unreadable thing in the pic

No. 49387

>the reaction to it was way overblown.
what are you going to do about it? change the past? move on

No. 49388

I don't remember it looking like that, it may just be your browser or something anon.

No. 49390

How dare I discuss something related to the site that only happened a few days ago! Might as well tell the other anons to move on too.

No. 49391

Seems like some grumpy Gretas lost the Christmas spirit already.

No. 49392

you're just repeating your assertion though. you even said
>Once again

No. 49393

the only thing I reacted badly to was kpop which I do feel silly for because I'm not sure shaymin even planned to allow kpop or if the kpoopers trolled me.

No. 49394

Apparently it was an old board description, but I'm not sure.

No. 49395

thank you for the work that you've done and time you put into the site, admin. i actually didn't hate the new site lol and i'm sorry if the adverse reactions you got contributed to your decision to step down. hope you can enjoy your life and feel less stressed after this.
whoever becomes the new admin, good luck!

No. 49396

It was placeholder text, but of course kpopfags jumped on the opportunity to make lolcow the new choachan before it was even ready and of course nonnies lost their shit (understandably).

No. 49397

Hey shaymin, I'm still fairly new here (not sure if it's even been a year kek) but I integrated quickly and have to say I love lolcow. Considering how frequently I've seen CP and gore get posted here I can only imagine how hard it is to keep the site a safe, comfy place. I have had no complaints. Best of luck to you and I hope your successors can handle the task set before them.

Love all you nonnas, I hope the site survives.

No. 49398

the original font was a nicer one called Inter, i was just testing out different fonts with css
i'll try it, thank you

No. 49403

Ah yes, missing one town hall because of having a life outside of being on lolcow means you’re a retarded newfag lmfao.

No. 49407

If you're gonna do the software update and make the site look ugly (imo) would it be possible to have an option for individual users to change the site back to old view?

No. 49408

seconding this id like if one of the theme options was classic lolcow

No. 49409

Hey admin thanks for making /2X/ visible. When I made that suggestion some bitches tried to act like an authority and told me "nooo you can't say that".
Now they're the ones seething and coping.

No. 49410

That's alright anon, we'll get by. Thank you for your contribution and we wish you the best.

All I ask is that you make 100% certain that the new admin isn't a tranny or tranny sympathizer.

No. 49412

File: 1672291805868.jpg (109.77 KB, 1272x332, i warned youy.jpg)

The prophecy is being fulfilled.

No. 49413

props to shaymin for going out on a mature note at least, it's very appreciated. I feel like I can rest much easier now. Long live LOLCOR!

No. 49415

thanks shaymin for giving it your best attempt and keeping the site going, I hope you can find a new admin who is familiar with the site culture. sorry that you had to deal with so much disgusting tranny spam and cp raids, maybe with the addition of more mods things will be less crazy for whoever takes over

No. 49418

What was the size of the database after it was transfered to mongodb?

No. 49419

There are always gonna be overly negative and overly positive reactions to changes by admins on any site, especially anonymous ones. Plus there’s gonna be a few trolls overreacting on purpose. Admins generally need a thick skin and to not take users’ reactions personally. Not criticising here Shaymin, I get how having personal things going on (as she wrote) adds to stress. But lolcow isn’t more autistic about this than any other site, it’s a tale as old as internet that people react like this to changes.

No. 49420

Current system is depreciated and open to vulnerabilities from malicious actors. It needs to be updated. Admin cleaning up that mess before leaving is incredibly generous.

No. 49421

Thank you Shaymin for the proper announcement. I hope Newmin establishes some better way of communicating with users, maybe an announcement thread that only the admin and select farmhands can post in so there isn't any OT clutter?
I don't envy whoever takes up admin tbh. I caught one raid and felt sick for the rest of the day, thank you to all the current and future Farmhands that deal with it.

No. 49422

Because posting/visiting for a lot of nonnas still doesn't work.

No. 49424

>She never discussed this with anyone
She literally announced it a month beforehand on here and it was consistently mentioned even before that. She also said that she plans to take over the old threads and one of the first things anons noticed was that the layout was customizable. Anons mentioned this over and over and over again when it happened but you and other autists chose to have a meltdown instead, leading us to where we are now. Don't start with this shit again.

No. 49425

Some answers to questions nonnies had/things some haven't caught or misunderstood:
The "kpop, fujo, animu" text under /ot/ was placeholder
The css was customizable
Old threads from the cow boards, including /w/, would be moved over
Shaymin would move the off-topic threads too if enough nonnies wanted it
Lynxchan is easier to moderate especially with the cp and raids and tinyboard and vichan is outdated, the code is a mess and many things were already broken
The upgrade was announced a few weeks or so before downtime
Lolcow's monthly cost is $200

No. 49427

Thanks for keeping lolcow afloat for a year, shaymin. It can't have been easy. I hope you get to destress in 2023!

No. 49428

Yeah they didn't want even more cp/gore spam and other moid attacks on an already heavily targeted website, how terrible of them

No. 49429

>Even make a discord for updates or something
please no more discord. all announcements from future admin need to be from herself or thru mods on here please. meta announcements and redtext at the top of screen is way more welcome than discord. most of us like the anonymous site and indirect communications for a reason. also to admin resigning, sorry for any shit i and anyone else on here have slung at you. i wish you a peaceful resignation and greener pastures for lolcow dot farm ♥

No. 49431

moid alert

No. 49432

Second this, it's a chore for nonnies to have to play messenger for people not in the discord and if things are announced in discord at least 50% of nonnies end up not even being aware of happenings. There's a good place to announce things straight to the userbase and it's here on /meta/

No. 49433

It's the same one lolcow uses currently

No. 49434

They were trolling you and you guys fell for it really hard. Nobody on Choachan is interested in actually going back to lolcow. It's just the incensed reactions they get from farmers that they think are hilariious.

No. 49435

Thanks for keeping LC afloat this year. Sounds like good news for 2023! May Elsie prosper and live long!

No. 49437

Thank you for your service shaymin. Please ensure that the new admin is not a cow and won't censor the website. Make them reveal any conflicts of interest during the interview process. I can already feel the pedophile supporter Milady freaks who have been mentioned in some threads will try to take over during this time because they have some programmers in their midst, can't imagine how many other cows are going to try to take advantage of this and if you make the wrong call they will control the site as they wish and censor information they do not like. And like another anon said, no troon supporters, but that goes without saying

Also please for the love of god implement the CSAM AI thing from cloudflare before you leave or ensure the new admin is on board with that. It will probably make a big difference for mods if they don't have to be constantly looking at and reporting cp both in terms of workload and their mental state.

No. 49439

shut this shithole down already.
do it, motherfucker.

No. 49440

You wish.

No. 49441

>I can already feel the pedophile supporter Milady freaks who have been mentioned in some threads will try to take over during this time because they have some programmers in their midst
This is a very good point, holy shit. Horrifying.

No. 49442

>Also please for the love of god implement the CSAM AI thing from cloudflare before you leave or ensure the new admin is on board with that.
God, this. I could deal with my stupid reaction image or some cow screenshot not being uploaded because the algorithm would confuse it with CP if it meant we wouldn't get any new raids posting it. I'm begging of the new admin to implement this.

As for the changes, I'm fine with whatever as long as /m/ is spared. The best board on the entire site. Sorry it ended up like this Shaymin and I thank you for taking care of the site for a year, but I hope the next admin will communicate better because I didn't even know lolcow had a discord before reading this thread and I had always been confused about how anons knew shit that was never announced anywhere. The previous admins always put up a red big notification text about townhalls and maintenance downtimes across all boards, I was always expecting something like that. Also I hope the next mod team won't get into fights with the users so much, sometimes it was obvious they were banning people they personally disagreed with but let infighting in another thread go on for days.

No. 49443

Thanks for everything admin. I hope 2023 will be less stressful for you. Thanks for communicating with us, I hope things go well with future admin and the next teams.

No. 49444

kys discord tranny

No. 49445

File: 1672327001622.jpeg (19.37 KB, 225x225, 2A58659C-01E6-4F9D-8A67-9B90B4…)

Lolcow now I know, I was wrong, I messed up, and know you're gone

No. 49446

No. 49447

I swear to god they have a script that notifies them when someone post the word "milady"

No. 49448

>Also I hope the next mod team
Next admin honestly might choose to keep our current mods considering how hard it is to find jannys and it wouldn't be a good idea completely change the mod team. I just hope that they won't be allowed to pull the shit they have been pulling.

No. 49451

anon if you ever find a way to get your code back please upload it somewhere ! i love these kinds of fonts and the overall aesthetic, you did an awesome job. i hope we can have a lolcor theme thread in the future

No. 49460

didn't she say she was looking for new farmhands in one of the discord caps?

No. 49465

you realise the new software at the very least allows improved reporting and posting as well as a captcha? so less raids? sorry it looks ugly but fuck me i'd prefer that to seeing cp/gore/porn/nikado's blown asshole spammed on every board for 5 hours straight

No. 49466

Yeah. It's also in OP here.
>If you want to apply as admin or moderator, email administration@lolcow.farm or join the discord linked in the navigation bar
Shaymin didn't say she was changing the mod team. I don't see where this idea is coming from. (I can't confidently say it isn't happening either because we don't get a lot of updates lol)

No. 49469

>Shaymin didn't say she was changing the mod team
Not the current admin, the next admin. When a new admin is instated I'm pretty sure they can choose to keep the same mods as the previous admin or find new ones. Anon said the next mod team so that's why I made that post, because who knows if those farmhands will stay or not.
She did, I completely forgot about that. I wonder why she's deciding to do it now instead of waiting for a new admin to find new mods.

No. 49476

Bye Shaymin, thank you for communicating with transparency, even if it's at your resignation - better late than never! Too bad it worked out like this but I wish you the best moving forward. Hope you're able to find a great new mod team and an even greater admin. For what it's worth I liked the lynxchan thing and I support it, love the option to edit the css, but I especially love it, if it means better and easier moderation, considering it's the most stressful part about running this place. Do wish /ot/ would be migrated as well, but I guess we'll have to take that up with the next admin. Anyway, bye and good luck!!!

No. 49479

100% agree nona, I'd rather have an uglier layout that I have to get used to and less disgusting shit on the front page. I hope we do migrate.

No. 49480

I also agree 100%.

No. 49482

are we still having Lolcow of the year awards?

No. 49486

And related. Shaymin, if you’re still with us. Will you do us one last kindness? The greatest times on here were the times where big dog cows were exposed as selfposters. Kiki, that retarded weedsmoker with the horrid makeup and a fake ED. I’m not sure if it’s even reasonable, but if there are onion/lainey receipts, I beg you to reveal them. What a glorious milk feast for old times sake. Heck, moo must have posted. TND? I’m thirsting for posts marked with ghosts, and posts great enough to earn stars.
II wish you the best going foward.

No. 49492

i still just want a dasha/anna red scare post history reveal

No. 49494

That email address doesn’t work, it returns an undeliverable notice, has anyone else experienced the same?

No. 49495

see lynx.farted.net/cc
engine doesn't matter much for looks

No. 49496

If you wanna see Onision posting, just go to Repzion’s thread. Most of the posts are so obviously him, this is not even a tinfoil.

No. 49498

Same here nonnas. I want the Venti post history reveal. I want the Trisha Paytas reveal. Shaymin pls to kick off the new year with one big call out post from cows of ye olden past.

No. 49499

I don’t agree, these boards are supposed to be anonymous. If you reveal some of the minor cow’s posting history, it might lead to users demanding revealing each another’s posts and most likely eventually to mods powertripping.

No. 49502

I doubt Trisha knows how to use imageboards lol

No. 49503

I agree with this for the most part but I think that some post reveals are warranted, eg Keeks, Dasha and Creepshow all were imo.

No. 49504

This. It's a legitimate slippery slope. We saw that one mod in /ot/ (the dog love thread) reveal a poster's IP in seconds because she was disagreeing with her even though it could've just been someone using the same VPN, and it was over such an insignificant non-issue too. And the other mod who combined all of the Manifesto-chan's posts by her IP and shared the screenshots after dropping her mod trip.

Traditionally the only times user posts are identified are when the cow is threatening the staff such as with legal action or alternatively self-posting about themselves in their thread like Creepshow did since the site rules have stated that acts like this might lead to the removal of your anonymity. It should be done in extreme cases only and after a careful investigation, powertripping over random posters ruins the site that's supposed to be anonymous.

No. 49506

>solve capcha
>solve capcha 5 more times
>lol register
>lol give us email we like
>lol give your phone number
fuck discord

No. 49507


i never had to give a phone number when i signed up

No. 49508

when you signed up, it seems it's now a requirement for newer accounts

No. 49509

Nta but I made a new account for the lolcow discord and was never asked for my number

No. 49513

If this was trying your best, I'd hate to think what your normal is.
And to all the sycophants: praising low effort, kissing up to someone who was a constant failure and disappointment and sweeping aside all valid criticisms is the best possible way to ensure we get the shittiest site possible going forward.
admin: breathes
bunch of retards in here: OMG SO BASTE ADMIN-SAMA WE LUV YOU!
Love yourselves, anons.

No. 49518

Maybe you are using VPN. It doesn't like that.

No. 49522

not to wk but I have a feeling that would be very boring

No. 49536

Don't worry, admin, this shit is not as important as the screeching no-life autists make out and no amount of screeching will ever make it so. A lot of people coming here to get away from moids end up sounding a lot like them. Kiwifags go home.

No. 49538

Was the character limit some kind of last "fuck you," to all of us before you peace out? If there was actual rationale behind it, I'd like to know.

No. 49541

tell us which imageboard you admin nonica, i'd like to compare it to this one

No. 49545

I am not angry at admin and never will be because imageboards ain't easy (I agree with dipping out tbh since raids are fucking disgusting and it's annoying to have to deal with them), but why are there suddenly so many ass kissers when I've seen everyone getting mad at her for the past days? everyone congruent at least

No. 49548

There’s hundreds of users and a lot are weekenders that probably don’t check it til work week is done. It fucking sucks. Whether admin was shit or not, I agree with anon above that it’s fucking hard managing an image board. Sure some were desensitized by 4chan but it’s still fucking bizarre to see that shit.

She sucked but in the end who wouldn’t? The world sucks and being able to manage survival and an internet community isn’t really feasible

No. 49549

that's probably just ihm/brittany. don't talk to her. i think admin was in over her head, and i'm mad she kept going this long instead of actually finding a replacement in a reasonable way. she did this last time too before she pretended to be someone else.

No. 49550

>she did this the last time too before she pretended to be someone else

… what? did shaymin pretend to be someone else? I missed that

No. 49551

its a tinfoil the tranny is pushing

No. 49552

Nta but there's a theory that "shyamin" was just oldmin the whole time. It started in the cc bunker.

No. 49554

right as the tranny started pushing a faildoxx that has since been removed from kiwifarms

you will never be a woman if you are reading this

No. 49555

File: 1672480015865.jpeg (187.63 KB, 828x570, 0217F02D-612B-4A0C-9E7A-0F1B66…)

The tranny admitted the dox was fake in a way to make himself look like a good guy

No. 49559

It's a shame Blaine didn't think to be smarter about the comments on his alt. The account who posted isn't Elaine, any anons can easily verify and check the replies on the suspicious fresh meat account larping as a 18 year old nazi.

No. 49562

File: 1672505413053.gif (3.57 MB, 640x484, shaymin-reddit.gif)

Please fix the character limit before you go ok

No. 49563

nonnies are so funny

No. 49567

>Clearly disavowing a dox they know is real.
Lmao what a gracious winner that tranny is, no joke, way more forgiving than any of you deserve.

No. 49571

File: 1672512630373.jpeg (22.98 KB, 543x680, BA35CB29-62FD-445F-9492-858B20…)

No. 49572

File: 1672512743565.png (544.81 KB, 855x841, 029.png)

We all know I won, I don't need to push a dox real or fake.

No. 49574

File: 1672512804676.jpeg (117.41 KB, 828x831, A1813A2B-529A-42CF-94D7-6FAA35…)

No. 49575

File: 1672512834309.jpeg (7.82 KB, 214x235, images (18).jpeg)

No. 49576

File: 1672513141036.jpeg (100.35 KB, 728x284, 11F9AE66-7E74-4A2D-BCA3-668360…)

Also posting this here as a reminder this guy defends himself all the time

No. 49577

>That tranny
Why are you taking about yourself in third person

No. 49578

Nah I jump into reply chains all the time, do keep up with the lore

No. 49579

But what I do actually do is continually wind this site up into accusing me of everything so I have something to point at for victim points on Tumblr.
youll eat this bait and like it

No. 49580

You're really overestimating how much people care. Why dedicate so much of your finite time on this Earth to this shit? Like… you're known for being annoying on an extremely obscure image board. That's all your hundreds of hours have amounted to. Imagine if you spent the same amount of time learning a language, playing an instrument, earning money, etc.

No. 49581

File: 1672513885657.png (244.28 KB, 580x449, 096.png)

Really it's the internet, if you're not goofing off and having fun you're using it as a simulation for life proper and that will only lead you to a path of negative ruin. Do you know ultimately all that's been done? Jack shit nothing.
The internet does not and will not and never will matter, if someone gets censored for it a new site instantly opens and guess what? Most of this shit minus the trans bashing I can say to most anyone irl and not get clocked in the face. Realistically some people got a bit too hooked on feeling like some righteous crusade and ngl playing a heel is fun. I doubt the new admin and her team will have the same issues of incompetency so sadly we will not be able to play that game shortly.
I know how I could ban myself forever without affecting others or needing to bother with a VPN blanket ban so I assume the new staff will too.

No. 49582

I play the drums actually dear, I post on my smoke breaks.

No. 49584

Come back when you can play Hot for Teacher, faggot.

No. 49586

Did it, working on this next, can't get the double pedal to work fast enough on my set tho.
Hot for teacher is a lot of tom drum dancing so it's actually easier to play than it seems.

No. 49587

Lmao, sure tran. Prove it, along with your mom's credit card number.

No. 49588

Nah I only share my music with ppl I like

No. 49590

LMAO, knew you were BSing. You can't even stop chimping out online long enough to sleep for like four hours. Everything you own besides your computer is collecting dust and we all know it.

Get a fucking job, for god's sake.

No. 49592

Your bait is staler than mine.

No. 49593

Cranky 'cause you can't play for shit and I called your bluff, eh?

No. 49594

Lol Blaine you were banned from kf because you were posting 24/7, it's obvious you don't do anything aside from browsing the internet. Nothing.

No. 49595

Wait do you actually want to see a video of me playing the drums? Why?

No. 49600

Jesus Christ, how much of a sped do you even have to be to get banned from KF of all places??? You know you're fucked when even Jorsh can't tolerate your autism.

No. 49601

File: 1672522137359.png (22.79 KB, 512x512, 1f3a9.png)

No. 49605

girl don’t talk to him he’s like genesis valentine but without any endearing qualities what so ever

No. 49606

File: 1672527462892.gif (496.8 KB, 200x198, cb1.gif)

…that's exactly who I was channeling for the larp, namaste oneysperg.

But yeah she's absolutely right, I'm only posting because I'm still getting yous and also the admin unbanned all my IPs lmfao.

No. 49607

File: 1672528208340.jpeg (Spoiler Image,540.96 KB, 828x635, 8F5B8DB8-C1A0-4598-A20D-D5C518…)

No. 49608

File: 1672528673924.jpeg (Spoiler Image,52.04 KB, 500x334, 51cdc1d79f373.jpeg)

No. 49617

Either way can the new site just be introduced gradually and once its truly functioning and finished, we want all the threads moved over

No. 49634

Admin, your email does not work. I've tried to email it and it bounces.

No. 49655

Seconding that. Codexx has been trying to reply but his e-mails are bouncing. Admin, please reach out via IRC.
Your DNS is broken in many regions so the site isn't even accessable. I had to drive to another state to even be able to post this. Good luck and please get in touch soon.

No. 49656

>I had to drive to another state to even be able to post this
Wtf can't you just use farmcow (flipped version of the site)

No. 49658

File: 1672639780907.gif (7.54 MB, 640x360, girls when they need to post o…)

>I had to drive to another state to even be able to post this.

No. 49660

This would make a nice banner

No. 49661

Kek banner pls

No. 49691

No. 49754

Thanks for taking care of the site until now admin, I ask of you for two things.
Please choose a good admin, there are people who want to use this opportunity to shut down the site or to sabotage it.
Please don’t switch over to the new site and have everything deleted.

No. 49758

Bye admin, I hardly knew thee. I don't care if everything is deleted as long as we get captcha/vpn protection. Hopefully new admin-sama will understand this!

No. 49769

TY for your services admin-sama, even if I didn't agree with most of it. I promise I will treat lolcow better from now on since I have seen how bleak my existence is without it. Ciao bella o7

No. 49772

Please select good admins. No men. No women who empathize with men. We need a purely female lead team here who understands lolcow.

No. 49794

File: 1672826029405.jpg (47.15 KB, 750x744, 1660276191808.jpg)

i hope shaymin sees this, i wasn't able to find lc for weeks now but i do appreciate your trying. it is a huge job and i really am grateful for your trying. it's very understandable to be overwhelmed by all of this, but know there are people here who understand and appreciate your trying. honestly i don't know if we attract admins/mods recently that are really underage in comparison to our older admins like regina, but i don't think shaymin is as nefarious as some people want to believe. i totally get if you're just not equipped for a massive undertaking like this. it's a hard job that requires a lot and i appreciate your trying, especially since oldmin just wanted to burn it the fuck down and got extremely angry and vindictive over her terrible moderation efforts (trying to spite a majority of the userbase who were here far longer than her bc she disagrees with them politically and hates radfems) it's just too bad there wasn't more communication and a more comprehensive mod team that you could've could have on board, admin. overall, considering you were just overwhelmed and overestimated the workload, you did not do a bad job, seems like you just needed more help, time, and freedom.

unfortunately, it's probably quite difficult to update and maintain LC while also finding mature mods to combat all of the evil shit men try to ruin our safe haven with, even crystal.cafe has that problem and snail is a good admin who does a lot despite having a life. is there any chance she might want to take over LC? we have so many people here who are willing to pitch in. but we desperately need thicker skinned mods who aren't pissy and admins who aren't offended easily. honestly, despite oldmin's competence, she was extremely petty and awful. worse than shaymin by far. shaymin is just overwhelmed and probably young, it seems. remember, oldmin was only 19 - WAY too young to take on an imageboard this large and too thinskinned. most of us are considerably older than our admins and i think it's proving to be a consistent problem recently. i really hope snail considers taking over LC, becaushe she's an actual farmer with good intentions and she's very skilled.

No. 49800

File: 1672836503374.jpg (31.21 KB, 530x629, kit_66.jpg)

stay strong nonnie, we will get through this and come back stronger then ever, hope the search for a new admin goes quicker

No. 49801

I desperately wish for nonnies like you who keep wanting crystal cafe and lc to overlap to go away and never return. You already admit cc has its issues that the admin has problems handling, what makes you think its a good idea to have them take on TWO image boards, especially when they’re at odds with each other. The only people who push cc are the terminally online farmers who browse 4c as well and only come here cause we’re in their NEET rotation.

No. 49808

i don’t think snail would want to take over. she’s already got her hands full with cc, and lolcow is a much larger board.
i agree that having an older admin would be better. i didn’t know oldmin was only 19, wow that makes me feel weird that i’m older than her kek

No. 49809

No wonder that bitch relied on IP addresses like a fucking retard, she's a child.

No. 49819

Get a fucking life. Jesus you are pathetic.

No. 49821

Woah woah woah don't tip the cows Kuz will get upset.

No. 49829

the only anons pushing c.c are /ot/ only antidramu fags.

No. 49830

File: 1672898757146.png (56.94 KB, 512x512, big_marseycat_14.png)

>Dramaphobes lurk this site
Marsey is not amused.

No. 49840

> only 19
Same age as Elaine? Wow. Puts a lot into perspective.

No. 49853

Willl you please stop avatar fagging

No. 49854

Well since you asked so nicely I shall.

No. 49861

Snail has been MIA for a year now, it's the jannies that are currently running the rodeo
IIRC she's in her early/mid twenties now, so she was probably 19 around the time she first took over. That's still pretty young of course, and explains why she's such an overdramatic mong, and her Twitter-tier proficiency in discourse only proved that she was probably barely tech-literate to begin with.

No. 49941

>She was probably 19
That honestly explains a lot. We need an oldfag admin who isn't going to incorporate zoomer sensibilities into the governing of the board to preserve what little culture we have left. It'll never happen though because women that age (let alone tech literate women) generally have lives.

No. 49943

I for one blame the Jews.

No. 49980

I second this, but it’ll never happen. The oldfag culture is slowly disappearing, the zoomers have officially taken over.

No. 49988

are farmhand applications still open? has anyone been able to recently email the one provided in the OP?

No. 50000

Join the discord, there is a person there you can dm about this. It is no longer Shaymin she said to dm this other person

No. 50001

there's a person on discord who is receiving the applications but now it seems like she's offline for a while, i still get no response from her

No. 50036

Inb4 it ends up being an Elaine sock lmfao

No. 50070

lol it’s verified by admin Blaine

No. 50090

is it the bunker one that's linked in the navigation bar?

No. 50093

I'd put in a few quick things to stop the spam that plenty of Nonna's have brought up and dip;

You couldn't pay me to try and fix this mess.

No. 50134

Naur that’s not what I said lmaoo

No. 50139

Yeah I purposefully misunderstood you for the sake of the joke.

No. 50178

File: 1673389179857.png (21.97 KB, 255x367, discord.PNG)

So who is this? I assumed it was a farmhand who was taking over for admin, but then why would they be handling admin applications?

No. 50179

At some point in the discord Shaymin said to give dms to this person for applications

No. 50180

Yes, that's why I'm asking.

No. 50339

Any sign of a new admin yet? we're halfway through the month and iirc current admin is leaving at the end of the month, what happens if we don't find a new admin by then?

No. 50341

It somehow gets worse.

No. 50349

How much hours/week would the new admin be committing to?
I'm just trying to understand the effort required to run an image board, it seems like it would be fair for the new admin to ask for donations like wikipedia since they'd be doing quite a bit of work

No. 50364

It takes very little work beyond the initial set-up and finding a mod team. Being an admin is infinitely less work than being a mod/janitor because you can just delegate all the tedious userbase work to them. You have to do occasional upkeep and fix issues here and there but that can be done once a day for an hour or two IF there even are any issues. The only problem right now with finding a new Admin is that we need someone who can actually code and fix the huge issues lolcow is currently having and also migrate to a new software. That will take some work and time. If the site hadn't been fucked up like this though, admin work is easy peasy despite what some people will claim kek

No. 50365

t. Has no idea what being a sysadmin actually entails

No. 50366

Hey Shaymin! Nice of you to show up. I am a sysadmin so I think I do know. Nice try though.

No. 50367

no she's right.
t. Sysadmin

No. 50372

you're one of those anons that talks about coding with zero specifics so I'll take your word with a grain of salt

No. 50373

I have actually never talked about coding on here so would you elaborate on what exactly you mean? Also kind of an ironic accusation considering the gibberish your current Admin posts whenever someone asks what the issue is with the site (well, when she still replied). You can set up your own imageboard right now and see for yourself that being a sysadmin is kiddie shit. Sorry for making you feel bad about your work or whatever but it really isn't that impressive.

No. 50374

Do you read your own posts?

No. 50375

Sorry but where did the anon who asked how much time it takes ask for coding specifics? Do you want me to go on a sperg about MySQL and mongoDB or something? What would that help on a site full of people who have no clue what those words mean. Take the L and move on

No. 50376

You're now bringing up databases lmao

Why don't you anons apply then since it's clearly so easy even though there has always been a high admin turnover rate since the sites inception

No. 50377

Sigh. I wish you weren't such a fucking idiot but looking at what you've done with the site I guess that's too much to ask for. Nobody who has any real coding knowledge will want to run this place, you lied too much about what the problems are and have clearly fucked up something very hard with the DNS. You will never find a competent new admin because you refuse to be transparent about what is actually happening and that is very unappealing to people who know what they're doing and, most importantly, know what YOU'RE doing. Which is garbage and foolery.

No. 50378

Are you not >>50364 saying
it isn't that much effort and difficult and now you are saying that nobody will want to step up so which is it

No. 50379

It's not difficult. Fixing your mistakes will be tedious as I have mentioned in my original post. Nobody will want to step up because you're an incompetent untrustworthy liar who has clearly ruined a shit ton of stuff in the backend. Pay someone to fix this shit and then give the site over to some NEET, that's my best advice to you. Or just shut it down. You can keep baiting with nonsensical replies where you pretend you can't read what I'm saying but I want you to know that programmers and other imageboard owners are laughing at you. Have a nice day.

No. 50381

there are anons here that actually work in the industry and understand that moderation and the software are different things but you still haven't come up with a reason Ian or other admins left if it was really so easy, maybe consider that it has nothing to do with the technical aspects of an imageboard and more with the people it attracts

No. 50382

>Nothing to do with the technical aspects
>Site isn't accessible to more than half of its users
>People can only post on the mirror
>Lynxchan migration was a disaster where no IP forwarding was set up
>Months before an entire board got nuked and it's still not back up
If telling a bunch of janis to mod more or less or making arbitrary design decisions is so difficult and so much easier than coding then why can't you ever do anything right? I never claimed moderation and software aren't two different things either. You must be seriously retarded or baiting at this point.

No. 50383

>Working in the industry
kek. kekmao even really
You sound like a teenager who just found out what hacking is

No. 50384

Nta, but do you really want people to take you serious and trust what you say when you're accusing anons if being admin…

No. 50385

If me making an educated guess about who's being a retarded whiteknight in here and namedropping old admins makes you disregard actual facts then you weren't smart enough to understand any of this to begin with.

No. 50386

I wasn't the anon who originally asked so I don't really care to disregard or believe it anyway. I just didn't get what was making you so bent out of shape.

No. 50387

There's a careers and programming thread on here and nonas that frequently give advice or are experienced in software or web development

No. 50388

Nobody is bent out of shape. The admin is an incompetent idiot that lies to its userbase about what is going on. Even going so far as to call them idiots who can't troubleshoot when they say the DNS issue is not fixed, which it isn't. Which admin would have known if she wasn't a bumbling retard as you can still access farmcow.lol with no issues. I'm replying to anons on here who are dumb and want to have an opinion. It's okay if you don't believe me, I'm not here to convince anyone. I simply offered an explanation of what it is like to be a sysadmin and then responded to someone who was arguing in bad faith. I know I've embarrassed the staff and they seem to be online and not happy about it right now but it is in their best interest to let users know these things. Unless they simply took over to troll and have a last hurrah with the website.
Again, if you think I'm a liar that's fine. Anyone who read my posts and is interested in learning more about sysadmin stuff and coding can start looking things up and they'll realize I'm just being honest. Nbd.

No. 50389

Okay? And what does that have to do with anything? I'm sure those anons in there would not disagree with me if they truly did any work relating to sysadmin shit. Specifically if they have any experience with imageboard software.

No. 50390

Nobody is talking about the domain but I agree it isn't a DNS problem

You said that being a sysadmin is easy peasy and lumped in moderation work into it when you admitted yourself that it's delegated to janis but still haven't explained why so many admins have abandoned ship when we both know that being a sysadmin has nothing to do with moderating a imageboard

No. 50391

I never lumped it in with moderation work, that's just you being a farmer aka having no reading comprehension. In fact, you're even pointing out how I made a distinction. Weird. Anyways, the high turnover rate is because Ian got caught trying to canoodle with the mods and then kept hiring new Admins who couldn't code. Both Regina and Sencha were open about the fact that Ian was still doing tech stuff. They needed a new admin that could do it on her own and they presumably got one with the one before Shaymin. You're either disingenuous or a newfag. Looking at the state of the site I'd say it's probably both.

No. 50392

You could also post proof considering this is an imageboard

No. 50393

Proof of what? Kek this is just getting desperate now. This stuff is documented and talked about on both KF and crystal.cafe. I'm not going to spoonfeed your retarded ass just because you're trying to do another sly bait and switch where you make other farmers believe that current staff isn't full of idiots who have no clue what they're doing. But hey who knows, maybe it'll work. Doesn't seem like there's a lot of intelligent people left on here. I'm gonna stop replying now either way though so have fun twisting yourself into a pretzel figuring out how to scrub this embarrassment off everyone's minds.

No. 50394

Oh one last thing. You can open up the catalog and read old meta threads if they haven't been deleted yet. Enjoy!

No. 50395

I just haven't seen proof of most of your claims and even the kiwifarms thread is more about the posters and community

No. 50396

lurk moar newfag

No. 50397

I'm not a newfag but okay anon

No. 50398

if you dont know that ian tried to fuck mods then you are absolutely a big fat newfaggity fag

No. 50399

Anon none of this was ever in the kiwifarms thread or meta this is from snow and where is any of this on crystal cafe when drama is banned

No. 50400

read through the bunker threads/lolcow hate threads and the kf thread does have people discussing ian and sencha. not my fault you cant read and are lazy

No. 50401

I only saw mention of Ian when Josh posted about the site in the OP and start of the threads not anything else you mentioned

No. 50402

i bet you didnt see any irc chat leaks or discord screencaps either. zzzz youre boring

No. 50403

nta but i remember they discussed it when /2X/ was first made. so yes it's in some of the /meta/ threads.

No. 50405

I'll look back thanks anon I just think it's weird how a bunch of anons always come out of the shadows during major site drama
Which discord caps because there are a bunch in the kiwi thread

No. 50406

there's nothing weird about people who know about coding and imageboards to give more context to people who ask. stop trying to make everything into a conspiracy. sometimes the lolcow staff does simply suck

No. 50408

You say this like there aren't scrotes and the tranny spammer in here constantly pushing their own agenda but whatever you say

No. 50414

Even with that it's laughable easy, your staff was shit, cope and seethe.

No. 50419

File: 1673818587432.jpg (1.38 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_23-01-15_15-30-13-392.…)

just a sad compilation of trannies forcing their female partners to accept their degeneracy
>always considered herself straight
that is because she is still straight motherfucker.
also bonus
>came out as poly
enjoy your twitter polycule my man

No. 50420

Why in /meta/?

No. 50421

samefag, I didn't notice all the drama going down n just wanted to post some sad trannies lmao

No. 50422

Only the best quality of posters are left. /s

No. 50423

I'm retarded and clicked on thing lol

No. 50426

You can search through the catalog for terms. A lot of the really old threads are harder to find. While shaymin sucked, lets not forget why we got her in the first place. Oldmin and jannies kept removing anything related to gc and terf. Everyone hated her more than shaymin. She got rid of the tranny threads and 2X. Ian wasn’t the site’s admin when Kiki went on her rampage, which lead to her ip being tracked and getting her own header. That is what led people into realizing Ian was still part of the site when people thought he left.
Anyone wondering why we constantly have shitty admins hasn’t been on the site long enough.

No. 50616

Thats the joke retard

No. 50651

Good save /s

No. 50662

Real mature /s

No. 77436

Thank you for your work

No. 77437

you're about a year late with this one queen kek

No. 77438

KEKKK I teared up from laughing at this

No. 77440

i'm retarded and i shouldn't open lolcow when i wake up, but i'm still thankful even if i'm not sure how i got there now, my bad i've never cared about all the site and mod stuff before this year

No. 77494

Good you missed a few years of pure chaos.

No. 78905

Patiently waiting for this thread to be bumped by current admin.

No. 79135

This stands as a tribute to how far this place has fallen.
Gc and terf shit was always banned BEFORE oldmin precisely because … gestures vaguely at the state of the site That and sperging about moids instead of concentrating on milk and cows.
Most people hated oldmin for a whole lot of reasons but the stuff about boohoo muh gendershit is 100% retcon retardation. There was a handful of obsessive autists who desperately wanted to make this place manhate / gc. It didn't work so they went and made their own board. It lasted a while and is now basically the same half dozen spergs checking in. So they came back here and went back to harrassing staff until they finally got what they wanted.

No. 79389

It's funny how there's always at least one perpetually victimized anon on /meta/ insisting that lolcow has fallen because of manhate and gender criticism. Why would you want to coddle male/tranny feelings this hard? Are you personally affected? Men and their actions specially troons can be as cowish as anyone else. Cope harder.

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