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File: 1619207261193.jpg (192.64 KB, 1200x630, veg.jpg)

No. 181093

A thread for those who are interested in either adopting a vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian lifestyle or just less meat in general.

Please feel free to discuss
>challenges you've faced
>brands you recommend
>alternatives you recommend

Please refrain from turning infighting about ethics

No. 181098

bean chili

No. 181099

File: 1619211025770.jpg (153.13 KB, 800x1200, Vegan-Tofu-Nuggets-Crispy-Crun…)

Tofu nuggets are so sexy. My parents are so picky when I cook tofu and don't like it, but they love this recipe

No. 181137

File: 1619221409544.jpg (366.41 KB, 1210x908, PXL_20210317_014904016.PORTRAI…)

double freezing is king. I've also taken to shaking cubed tofu in a bag full of cornstarch, then panfrying. Made a sauce of ketchup, gochujang, and honey to coat. So so good. Pic related, that was dinner a while ago

Recently for breakfast I've stopped making breakfast sandwiches and just started eating a bowl of granola. Add oat milk, a spoonful of chia seeds, almonds, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries too. I feel so healthy and like I'm going to make great life choices for the rest of the day

No. 181180

Ooooh this is a promising thread. I haven't eaten meat in maybe 3 or 4 months and before that, I've always tried to grab the veg option too. I don't miss meat anymore after knowing that there are good meat alternatives. For really easy and delicious veg meals, I like to cook some basic Indian food but without ghee and butter. Though it doesn't taste like takeout from the restaurant, it's so yummy especially the leftovers after a few days. Other than Indian food, I also like cooking Chinese and Italian. I do like Korean food but it's hard to veganize it, so I just end up eating namul and tofu a lot.

No. 181186

This week I'll try eating the tofu like that, I'm too used to have it scrambled and it looks amazing nonnie. I also like to cook it a little bit from all sides until it's golden, I add pomodoro sauce and raice and let it boil, it's super good too

No. 181197

The difference between visiting my bf's family and and mine is insane. My family has always had a bunch of vegans and vegetarians so it's felt normal for most of my meals to be plant based even if I didn't stop eating meat myself until 6 years ago. My boyfriend on the other hand has refused to eat meat his whole life and his family still makes jokes and won't accommodate anything. The tried to trick us into eating bacon grease last time we visited. So childish!

No. 181218

>The tried to trick us into eating bacon
WHY do people do this? Apart from being jerks. What do they get out of it?

No. 181260

File: 1619278871871.jpg (54 KB, 960x472, hsqjrmy8pijz.jpg)

Omnis like to think of themselves as good people who care about animals, care about environment or at the very least care about their own health. Vegans are constant reminder of their hypocrisy, of their own lack of discipline and morals, so they want to drag you down to their level.

No. 181278

I don't understand the pic kek it would be a yes if he was vegan and not vegetarian?

No. 181280

What Korean recipes are you struggling to veganize? I only really cook Korean or Japanese food at home and I’ve been a vegan for about two years.
The Korean Vegan has some good recipes, her videos are kinda weird but she has a blog where you can read the recipes. Maangchi also has vegan options on her website. (If it’s the anchovy broth base you’re struggling with, four dried shiitake caps plus 1 piece of kombu plus a handful of fresh seafood mushrooms with half a white onion works great.)

No. 181282

File: 1619287091111.png (28.42 KB, 651x1360, 4wgld1dzrzt61.png)


No. 181290

I want to return to being vegan/pescatarian but the only two foods I have a hard time replacing are chicken wings and salmon. The salmon especially as nothing really seems to rival the inherent fattiness of fish.

Can anyone recommend some recipes for replacements? Preferably higher in protein as well as carbs don't satiate me normally. Right now I'd say about 2/3 meals for me everyday are vegan but if I could just replace the salmon it'd be fulltime.

No. 181295

File: 1619290020726.gif (880.49 KB, 245x150, suddenly I cant read.gif)

>The tried to trick us into eating bacon grease last time we visited

ugh sorry they did that to you. I don't eat out or at other people's houses but I have a fear of others trying to sneak meat into my meals. it grosses me out so much to think that could happen. milk or eggs I wouldn't be too upset but anything meat related I think I'd wanna puke

my dad is really weird about meat. he eats quite a bit, also loves eggs. he's currently on a statin and tablets for his high blood pressure but he still asks me if I want bacon or chicken every now and then. I've been vegan since 2017. I just look at him and say '…. no' if he catches me in a bad mood I casusally mention his medication. bitch move maybe but he's on those medications cause of the food he's trying to get me to eat

I hear so many people say they care about climate change, talk about how they love animals and hate animal cruelty but once you bring up the animal products they consume suddenly they're like picrel

No. 181304

File: 1619292538938.jpg (97.96 KB, 800x777, dry-soy-slices-meat-wooden-pla…)

In terms of taste, I cant think of anything similar. But nutrition-wise, they dont have anything essential. Fatty acids are plentiful in various seeds, nuts and vegetable oils. Chia seeds in particular are rich in Omega-3. Only thing in fish that you wont find enough in vegetable is DHA, which again, is not essential acid. It is found in kelp (that is where fish get it from), so if you want just eat that or take kelp supplements.
As for getting enough proteins, wholegrain foods, seeds, nuts and legunes have you covered. Especially soy, and anything made from it, is great source of complete and highly bio-available protein. Dried soy plates, like picrel, are 50% protein, fantastic when you want to up your protein intake while keeping calories down.

No. 181318

File: 1619296263592.jpg (180.66 KB, 1004x1500, 91apRO 4ycL._SL1500_.jpg)

I highly recommend TVP and soy curls as meat replacements. Picrel is the brand of soy curls that I buy, and I love them. They're so fuckin tender. If you feel grossed out by the feel of meat, then these might not be the best though

No. 181323

File: 1619296583466.jpg (34.12 KB, 522x426, 71SbEaf9D5L._SX522_PIbundle-12…)

Samefag, I also like this on the rare occasion that I crave fish. Idk if it's a vegan or just vegetarian, but it's pretty good.

No. 181328

Cool thread! So I finally bought myself a tofu press and I wish I'd bought one sooner. It really does make a huge difference to the flavour the tofu holds during cooking, get one if you're going to be using tofu!

No. 181373

Holy fuck, does anyone else eat an unholy amount of rice?

I didn't even realise I was doing it until someone told me the thing that puts them off being vegetarian is being aware of how often I eat rice. And I just "???" and monitored myself for a month. I do. I eat sooo much fucking rice

No. 181374

Grats on your tofu press, anon! I actually hated tofu before a bought mine, 100% worth it if you have the one that acts as a cute little container for the tofu as well.

No. 181375

File: 1619316358066.jpg (874.73 KB, 1668x1266, beans-and-rice.jpg)

Oh yes. I dont like cooking, I try to get it over with as fast as I can. Rice is very convenient for that. Just dump entire bag of into one pot, whole bunch of vegetable into the other, after both are done mix them together and voilà, enough food for next two days. Tastes bland, and by the 7th identical meal in a row I want to cry, but it is nutritious and quick and cheap.

No. 181376

Hey anon, here's something cool that I learned from my mom: cook rice with some stock or other spices, a bit of oil, and whatever else you're eating (like canned beans). One pot, and the flavors meld together into flavortown

No. 181389

Isn't rice just some everyday filler meal, like bread or something? I eat it pretty much daily or every other day and I wouldn't dream of calling that a lot, because it doesn't register to me as something you could eat a lot of (is this explanation understandable? I'm not sure…). It's on the same level as "Oh you drink so much water, having it every day" for me kek.

No. 181429

Yeah, it's a staple food and a lot of meateaters eat it daily too.

No. 181436

File: 1619357745782.jpg (107.62 KB, 736x1104, 93ecc8c3e359e6f035e92eb4f52c97…)

Rice is the best thing ever but if you want, you can replace it sometimes with quinoa. It's very nutritious and a good source of protein, iron, etc

No. 181445

I'm so happy about this thread, thx u to the anon you made it

>I hear so many people say they care about climate change, talk about how they love animals and hate animal cruelty but once you bring up the animal products they consume suddenly they're like picrel
the real difference is that it's easy to say you're all these things and tweet about it but changing your eating habits require actually doing something and challenging your conrtable life. I also hate when people use the "it's expensive excuse". they either eat out every evening or only eat pasta because they can't cook.

No. 181476

File: 1619376768870.jpg (68.92 KB, 640x853, Smoky-White-Bean-Shakshuka-V1.…)

Shakshuka with beans.
I make it without eggs because I don't like how eggs taste with tomatoes. Goat cheese/feta goes really well with it too.
I use the leftovers as a sauce to eat with rice/pasta later.

No. 181484

Sounds amazing! I think I'm gonna make it for myself tonight

No. 181486

but if it doesnt have the eggs…and you eat it with pasta… haven't you made pasta sauce…?

No. 181546

wow anon I literally thought it was another trendy grain with the same nutritional quality as couscous. I'll pick some up soon then

No. 181651

If its worth anything, I started adding a big of quinoa to my rice and salads and its seems my hair has gotten a tad more glossy and my nails a little bit stronger

(Plus it makes my food look cool and sophisticated)

No. 181678

File: 1619447105049.jpg (199.17 KB, 720x667, 20210426_112146.jpg)

An absolute queen

No. 181682

thats pretty funny anon… if I ran a quirky grain bowl restaurant I would have a "keen queen" quinoa item.

No. 181742

>They tried to trick us into eating bacon
wow imagine if you were a Jewish person…

Don't have anything to contribute to this thread as I eat mozzarella sandwich toast at the moment

No. 182000

Vegan of 6 years here.. Just wanted to mention that you guys should definitely take a b12 supplement, whether you're vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or omni. It's harder to find B12 in vegan foods and it's an important vitamin. I just take the little dissolvable things daily. You could also try to eat nutritional yeast or something, but you'd have to eat a lot of it and a supplement is easier and more reliable.

The same goes for vitamin D. Everyone should supplement, especially people in colder regions with less sun.

No. 182004

seconding this advice! I would also recommend using spray type/liquid vit d and b12. I found my levels of vit d never improved while taking those in tablet form. my doctor said it could be because they were being destroyed by stomach acid before it could be absorbed into my body. now I use a spray which I let sit in my mouth, for around a minute before swallowing it down. this way helps with absorbtion apparently! I use a brand called betteryou but there are loads on the market

>nutritional yeast

I love nutritional yeast. I always put a generous amount in with baked beans

No. 182131

File: 1619562320565.jpeg (48.84 KB, 540x540, snapshotimagehandler_102585507…)

Any veg Britbongs I really recommend buying pic rel for a beef substitute, yes it is quite pricey at £3 but it lasts for 2 meals and has very good macros ( 24g protein
for half a pack) also is suuuper delicious.
I get a pack of ramen pimp it out with some veg then plop on some of the beefless pieces and ugh it's perfect.

No. 182311

Any vegan, simple recipes for spicy food? I know the most popular are from asian cuisine but where I live it's so complicated/expensive to find those common ingredients

No. 182316

I'd love to see a vegan version of dakgaejang, sundae, and seolleongtang which are very very meat heavy and the dishes I miss most. I am Korean though and I don't think there would be a veg alternative to these dishes, sadly…

No. 182418

Does anyone here have any recommendations for the horrible gas pains I get after eating greens? I have had a shit diet my whole life and my desire to go vegetarian/generally eat healthier is dwindling because of this pain… Why do veggies hurt me?

No. 182424

I've got a couple lazy go-tos. If you can't find the ingredients irl then you can probably order them for cheap online. Once you manage to get a hold of them then they'll usually last for months too.

Chickpea coconut curry:
>dice onion and garlic and saute in oil
>add curry powder (madras curry powder is my go-to), turmeric, paprika, cumin (much better if you grind it from whole), coriander, a bay leaf
>dump in a can of coconut milk and two cans chickpeas (I add chicken bullion for the shitty chicken taste but you can sub with some MSG)
>optional: add smallish can of diced tomatoes, amchur powder (you can sub with lemon juice), methi, and asafoetida
>add whole orange habanero or scotch bonnet (you can dice if you want extra spicy) or kashmir chilis if you can't get
>simmer and adjust for taste until it tastes good
>eat as-is or serve over basmati rice

Tempeh mapo tofu:
>rehydrate some shitakes; chop and reserve liquid
>simmer crumbled-up tempeh in water, soy sauce, chinese black vinegar, worcestershire sauce if you can get a vegan type I guess. without the worcestershire sauce just black vinegar does the trick, they're very similar
>drain after 20 mins
>follow this recipe: https://www.chinasichuanfood.com/mapo-tofu-recipe/ but sub the tempeh and chopped shiitake for beef and don't reserve either for the end, just saute it all up front + sub stock for reserved mushroom liquid + sub dou-chi with korean black bean paste b/c less hassle
>i like to serve it over straight ramen noodles instead of rice and add a bit of maple syrup while cooking b/c sweet tooth

Sorry if these are too complicated/expensive and imprecise. There are also a bunch of great recipes out there for channa masala and spicy red lentil soup that have more simple ingredients, e.g.

>chop an onion, a knob of ginger (can sub powdered), and garlic

>saute in oil, then add cumin, coriander, and turmeric (or just curry powder) and mix into the onions
>dump in lentils, water or veggie stock, can of diced tomatoes and/or can of coconut milk optional
>add cayenne powder until it's spicy enough
>adjust ingredients + salt to taste
>simmer until the lentils break down

No. 182457

Most probably your gut flora isn't up to the task yet. Bacterial colonies in the gut play a large role in digestion, particularly of plant material. Try taking probiotics, it might help.
Or drink yoghurt, that's what I do. I avoid all animal products but drink yoghurt every day because of the beneficial probiotic cultures it contains and it makes a world of a difference for my bowels.

No. 182485

Been there. Your body is not yet used to it. Eat a small amount of veggies every single day then gradually increase the amount. You could try taking Beano before, see if it helps at all. I also second what other anon said, add some sort of probiotic to your diet

No. 182493

If you only recently went vegan, it will usually take couple weeks for you gut fauna to adjust. Just suffer through it.
Also, legumes can cause bloating. Before cooking them, always soak them in water before to wash out the oligosaccharides. Day before cooking put beans into large pot, fill it with water, and leave it overnight. Usually I also switch the water in the morning and leave them soak for couple more hours to completely get rid of oligosaccharides.

No. 182520

Anon you're amazing! Everything sounds so tasty, thank u so so much

No. 182550

Thanks anon, is there a specific kind of yogurt? I've been making a green smoothie with greek yogurt every day, does that suffice?
I broke down and bought some beano yesterday, it definitely helped. I think I'll take it more regularly just to be safe. I've never had gas pain like that so I thought there was something REALLY wrong with me lol glad it's not out of the norm

No. 182654

Any yoghurt will do, you can try out different types to see which one soothes your stomach best. I have a friend that drinks kefir every day because it's got supposedly even more probiotics than regular yogurt (plus it has yeast) so you can try that.

No. 182657

Also, the friend in question is completely lactose intolerant but can drink kefir with no problem.

No. 182673


I did the third one last night and made a red lentil curry of sorts, didn't know it was this easy! Thanks!

No. 182709

I know OP says not to sperg about ethics but this entire thing puts me in so much distress. It seems like my body is only able to absorb heme iron. I was meat free for 4 years but I constantly had anaemia (that heavy kind that makes you faint) and I tried so many different iron and B12 supplements and of course I had diet rich in plants containing iron and I took extra vitamin C to enhance iron absorbtion etc. but nothing helped. I finally went back to eating meat and after like 7 months I slowly managed to raise my iron and B12 levels, it's still not as high as it should be, but I'm getting there, and I finally stopped feeling so weak and tired all the time. I read that only 2–20% of non heme iron is absorbed by the body, maybe this absorbtion is even more screwed in my case? I have IBS and my doctor suggested I might have poor intestinal absorbtion. I was pumped with antibiotics as a child and it probably killed all the good bacteria in my guts and it looks like it's still not able to regenerate because I have recurring fungal infections. There was a time I was constantly losing weight despite eating like 2k callories a day. It felt like something was eating me from the inside. I also struggled with severe hair loss.
I had doctors telling me that a meat free diet is forbidden in my case. And even with my current diet, which seems good for me, it will take months to get my guts back to optimal form, if that's even possible. I can't eat many things, like fruits (except berries in small amounts), gluten, dairy except for kefir and eggs, sugar, beans, peas, tea and coffee. Those things make my condition so much worse. I can eat only cooked/roasted/pickled vegetables, cooked/roasted meat, eggs, nuts, gluten-free grains like buckwheat, amaranth, millet, quinoa etc. and small amounts of rice and tofu. Eating feels like a chore. I don't know what to do now, it makes me feel terrible because I was meat free for a few years and I always wanted to drop meat for ethical reasons. I would cry eating shit like liver (not to mention it tastes disgusting), I hate the taste and smell of most meats, especially beef. I know that most people can be healthy on a meat free diet but I can't even advocate for it anymore because that would make me a hypocrite. I was a volunteer at a sanctuary for saved animals, I took care of chickens, turkeys and pigs, now just thinking about it makes me want to cry. I hope that when my symptoms get less severe and I manage to raise my iron levels some more, I will be able to go back to meat-free diet

No. 182715

God anon please listen to your doctors. I'm vegetarian but, in my unpopular opinion, veganism/vegetarianism/meat-free diet is a luxury. If you can't afford yourself that luxury for pressing medical reasons then don't do it.

No. 182723

No. 182734

If you can handle them, canned clams have 220% of your daily value of iron in a 140g serving, and it is heme I believe. They're by far one of the most heme iron rich foods, but obviously… they're not for everyone. But you only need 70g for your daily iron, which is not much more than a shot glass full of pureed clam. Talk to your doctor about it but maybe a daily shot of clam mash could help you? Now clams aren't vegetarian I guess but they are really barely alive, so it's kind of like eating insects which I'd consider ok.

No. 183502

No problem! I would recommend building up your spice + shelf ingredient collection over time; a lot of the best vegan (and non-vegan) recipes are stovetop ones that require a lot of ingredients, but once you get familiar with what the ingredients taste like and how to use them then it becomes as easy as throwing stuff into a pot in a semi-structured order.
Awww anon, don't beat yourself up for something that's beyond your control. Only the most purity-testing asshole would tear you down for eating meat to survive.
Farmed bivalve shellfish are also quite possibly one of the most environmentally-friendly foods out there.

No. 183519

File: 1620143660448.jpeg (19.49 KB, 299x169, EE139CDB-BFF9-47B3-AF9D-236B07…)

What’s your fave fake-meats, anons?

Mine is picrel & gardein meatless meatballs. I’m an omnivore but I have been trying to find good meat substitutes and both of these hit the spot while being about as tasty as their meat equivalents.

Had to try a few repulsive meat substitutes before finding these. Granted the quorn nugs have egg in their breading, but I think there’s a vegan version out there too.

No. 183521

Gardein mandarin chicken pieces, Lightlife Deli slices and hotdogs, and the Beyond sausages. Soy curls are also great, but hard to find if you don't order them online.

No. 183522

File: 1620145069290.jpg (992.02 KB, 2448x2448, img_0737.jpg)

I don't really like Quorn, but I haven't had their nugs. Their chick'n patties are so thin and look sad in the box. Gardein fish tenders are my favorite, then pea protein patties like Beyond Meat. Aldi has their own version and they're pretty tasty! For vegan bacon I like Sweet Earth's because they don't make me feel like I'm eating flavored paper

I normally find veg sausage to be repulsive too but Trader Joes's vegetarian version (Italian sausage-less sausage) is not bad at all. The texture is soft and nice

No. 183523

File: 1620145137040.jpg (144.69 KB, 1708x2048, Trader-Joes-Chickenless-Mandar…)

Samefag, I also really like these with some rice and broccoli.

No. 183525

Samefag, but Fieldroast sausages are also pretty good!

No. 183526

all other anons have given solid advice, I'd also like to add that fermented foods may help build up your gut bacteria. things like saurkraut, kimchi and kombucha.

I love everything by Linda McCartney. the burgers from that brand are delicious. my meat loving dad even says he likes them. I also like the brand Frys.

No. 183529

File: 1620145687401.jpeg (70.53 KB, 768x512, quorn-southern-fried-bites.jpe…)

These are my favourite Quorn product and meat substitute in general, they're great with broccoli.

Repost because dropped image

No. 183537

Oh look, would you guess that the guy who made this video is also a right wing freak?

No. 183558

Thank you for all the suggestions anons, I’m excited to try these!!

No. 183598

File: 1620168480901.jpg (158.12 KB, 1024x1024, seitan-al-vino-rosso-1024x1024…)

Seitan based dishes. I love those from deli and restaurants, or from scratch if youre good!

Those prepackaged you can find in the big chain / organic stores can be a hit or miss and if they are plain you have to cook em right, spices and nice cunchy leafy greens or a stir fry

No. 183600

A tip try to get those in big "elastic" chunks rather than round shaped and too firm (unless you are gonna dice them up or used in a sauce)

No. 183797


its not a luxury. maybe not eating eggs is a luxury but meat is literally a luxury. I can buy a gram of b12 for $15 which will last like 1000 days or something.

meat is more resource intensive per calorie,vitamin, and nutrient than plants.

No. 183855

I think the luxury they were referring to is health. Normally I would agree with you but that anon has a serious health condition preventing them from absorbing iron. In their case it's better to listen to doctors and try animal derived iron

No. 183897

I made samosas yesterday, with a salad on the side and it was so good I can't wait to eat my leftovers lol. Highly recommend trying to make some if you got spare time!!

No. 184176

I’m so happy someone made this thread!! Here’s one of my favorite vegan recipes

African Peanut Stew
> Sauté 1 diced onion and 1 diced red pepper in olive oil for u til translucent, then add minced garlic and ginger. Sauté another 2 or 3 minutes
> Whisk together 1/3c creamy peanut butter and 2tbsp tomato paste with some hot vegetable broth until smooth
> Add peanut butter mixture to sautéed vegetables, then add one can of diced tomatoes, one can of strained garbanzo beans, and 3cups water.
>Add vegetable bouillon, lots of thyme, black pepper, salt to taste
>Simmer for at least 30 minutes (I usually wait longer. If you can see red oil separating from the soup then it’s perfect!!)
>Top with chopped cilantro and serve with rice or bread
This recipe is sooooo good but I haven’t had it in a while because it’s not the most diet friendly haha. But I definitely recommend trying it out at least once!

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