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File: 1528960674436.png (Spoiler Image, 599.92 KB, 596x746, k.png)

No. 85292

Let's talk about breasts.

No. 85300

The fuck kinda shoes are those

No. 85305

Check the catalog before you make a new thread, there’s already a boobs/body one.

No. 85308

nta but fuck off, the only other boobs thread is a creepy one started by a tranny.

i welcome this thread tbh especially with the influx of ignorant anons who think D cup is large.

No. 85311

What an ugly thread pic anon

No. 85317

File: 1528992480972.png (151.15 KB, 1444x710, 1528987592588[1].png)

sharing this because it's a good, accurate chart. anyone with bra/boob questions let me know.

No. 85319

That’s what your eyes went to? Not the bolted on boobs?
Also the girl on the left looks like a midget

No. 85321

Bad thread, OP.

No. 85338

I think it depends on the frame of the girl a 5 ft 1 girl with Ds looks reallly busty as opposed to a taller woman.

No. 85354

>ignorant anons who think D cup is large.

Eh its all about perspective and what is normal to you. I'm around a lot of thin people who have smaller busts, so D is large to me. If I was around curvier or fat women, then D might not be.

No. 85360

the op pic looks so….uncomfortable. it looks like the surgeon didn't even bother making them look real


it's big proportionally if you're short and thin, but otherwise it's about average. i've always envied girls around that size tho bc they have the best of both worlds, they can cover them easily if they want to but also look good in anything low cut

No. 85394

File: 1529045730176.png (367.31 KB, 960x443, 97301b21ffdfa732868173fa608673…)

>Eh all my friends are super tiny and therefore I'm not used to D cups uwu
If you went outside more often you'd know that one doesn't need to be fat to have a decent sized chest.

No. 85395



Do annoying when ignorant dudes and some women think "D is huge" or even describe a woman's boobs by letter. Like saying B boobs, or G boobs tells almost nothing about the size because the band size affects it as well. A 32D and a 42D have different volumes. And sister sizes are a thing.

Blog: I generally buy 32B in the west, but my sister sizes are 30C or 28D, etc. I could wear any of those, actually I think 28D is the ideal for me if I remember correctly, but it's hard to find band sizes under 32. And my boobs are what most, including me would consider small.

No. 85396

Exactly, and also if they (like that anon above) imply that only fatties have big tits…ugh

No. 85397

It seems like the vast majority are under the assumption that A is small, B is a bit bigger, C is medium, D is big and forget anything beyond that. Sizes are a lot more complex than people think, and they also vary between countries (and stores in my experience). But you can get away with wearing incorrect sizes and I've been professionally measured into bras I found insanely uncomfortable, so it's possible to go through life unaware of how sizing works.

No. 85398


it sucks too because even though bras in general aren't the coziest thing ever they're much more comfortable when you have the right size, and a lot of women squeeze themselves into bras that don't fit bc they think (or don't know) that sizes over d/dd exist

No. 85399

>they also vary between countries
It's the same as with other clothes: American A = European B = Asian C, so thinking that Ds are some ginormous udder-like things that you'll only encounter in porn, come on…

No. 85400

File: 1529051849608.png (1.12 MB, 749x390, Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-06 um 1…)

I was more thinking of band sizes when I said that. It's not that relevant since you can convert them but I'm not American so I don't always know what a size should look like (if an american is talking) unless I've got a chart like pic related open.

No. 85401

but both the women on the right with G+ are fat, anon.

No. 85402

File: 1529054241952.jpg (Spoiler Image, 147.8 KB, 900x1280, baba-fumika6.jpg)

Goddamn ops pic is terrifying those implants look like literal abscesses. Americans are idiots when it comes to fake tits that's some scary shit.

Baba Fumika (gravure model) has insane proportions and is apparently an E cup.
The myth of cup sizes being A small B average C larger than average and D big titty is false because breasts aren't symmetrical cylinders for every women and other factors are included like band size and diameter of cup (not just volume).

Hopefully someone with more tit knowledge than me can verify this.

No. 85404

You do know that an A cup can be bigger than a D cup right? Cup size means nothing without the band size, and a D cup with a small band size is a small breast size.

I wear a D cup, but I also have a small band size, so it looks like what people think an A cup is.

No. 85405

Yes, but the ones with D cups are regular models and the anon I was responding to (or you?) said that D only looks normal on fat women - which is bullshit.

No. 85406

What the fuck is this picture. They look like poorly made sims. So fucking gross.

No. 85407

File: 1529061410254.jpg (Spoiler Image, 139.95 KB, 1600x1115, FVV9WqF.jpg)

I have super uneven boobs - my right one is saggier and slightly bigger than the other, similar to pic related. I know it's natural for boobs to not be the exact same, but I'm really insecure about it. Does anyone else have this issue?

No. 85414

that's not how it works either. the band size has to do with your underbust measurement and the cup size is proportion to that. bigger band size doesn't mean you have bigger breasts, it just means your underbust is bigger. a bigger cup size will always be bigger than a smaller one due to scale, and a smaller band size will make any cup size look larger. a smaller cup with a bigger band may have the same volume as a larger cup with a smaller band, but the smaller cup will always look smaller. A cup will always have a 1in band to cup difference and D cup will always have a 4in difference.

No. 85416


You can't really wear any of your sister sizes. For sister sizes you can only go 1 cup up or down because anything bigger or smaller will have the wrong amount of cup space to accommodate your actual breasts. If you wear a 28D most comfortably then it's likely you aren't giving them enough space in the 32B.

The band size and cup size are proportional to eachother. Read >>85414

No. 85435

Kanye hired them to model his new sneakers.

No. 85450

I do anon, is it on the same side you use to fap?

No. 85459

No. 85462

Thread pic is killing me. The boobs, the ratty shoes, the bitch on the left's fucked up proportions. Wew.

Which side of ur vagina do u fap with

No. 85463

Different anon with the same cup size as anon you replied to. I measured myself and my band size is closer to 26/28, but I've found that 30's still tend to dig into my skin. I usually end up in a 32B, but also have a 32C in my closet as well.

I usually just wear bralettes that don't have cup sizing anyway. Maybe I should measure again, I dunno if my band size has gone up…

No. 85465

The band size I should be based on my measurements and getting measured in a bra store are so insanely tight and uncomfortable, I can't deal with it and I don't understand it. I wear multiple band sizes up and even then they aren't quite comfortable.

No. 85466

She obviously meant the hand you rub your clit with, sheesh

No. 85475

??? how is this relevant at all.

No. 85478

Has anyone here managed to make their boobs grow with supplements or something?
And also, what about firming up the boobs with chest exercises?

No. 85480

nta but i have a similar situation with one boob slightly bigger than the other, it has a bigger areola too, and its not the 'side' i use to fap with

No. 85496

I hit 25 and I’m noticing my tits are “settling”. They used to be stupid high, like almost level with my armpits but they’re shallower and saggier now. I can hold a pencil under them now and it feels like shit, considering they used to be my best body feature. They’ve also gone from a B to a D. Is this normal? Like second puberty? Genetic? My mum had flat saggier boobs, but she’d had three kids when I saw them.

No. 85497


I am not sure why that idiot asked about fapping rather than dominant hand in general, but they're wrong. the only correlation to that is infact the opposite. the breast on your non-dominant side can sometimes appear bigger or sag more because the muscle isn't used as often and more fat accumulates there, rather, less fat accumulates near muscles you use often.

so you can try working out the side that's larger, and while you can't really spot reduce, it will help the muscle balance out the fat eventually.

the only other reason is because boobs aren't always 100% aesthetically symmetrical, just like the rest of your body.

No. 85498

a lot of that has to do with age and your general exercise routine. also, what do you mean from B to D? they could have gotten bigger due to weight gain, but it's probably helpful if you use your measurements rather than arbitrary sizes.

No. 85500

Same band size, which is why I didn’t mention. No real significant weight gain.

No. 85506

The same happened to me too anon. I'm nearly 23 and have gone from a B to a D within just half a year. Yes, I did gain weight, but already before and definitely not that much, I went up one band size but already a while ago. Lately I also notice that they look a lot saggier (I can do that with the pencil too…). Before they were literally perfect, nearly looking 'fake'. Makes me kind of sad, they look a lot older now.
As a teen I noticed that most adult women have brown nipples, back then mine were really light pinkish and small, but while I at least still have the colour even they have gotten bigger, which is really ugly imo.

No. 85510

Anon of course your boobs have some sag now, they got a lot bigger. If they had stayed the same weight I doubt you would have noticed much sag.

No. 85524


they probably aren't exactly saggy now, they just feel like they are because they got bigger and you're not used to it yet. the larger you get the more uncommon it is for them to look perfect but they're most likely still fine, don't beat yourself up over it

No. 85547

When I see pics like OP I honestly have to wonder where you get the money to get some much surgery. The one the left has implants, fat transplant, nose job and fillers and that's just the stuff that's obvious. Meanwhile it took me 5 months to save up $400 to get jaw botox.

No. 85548

Sugar daddies, taking out loans, credit card abuse, already being rich, and I think some doctors will let you finance surgeries if you're desperate enough.

No. 85555

Fuck, I always thought the EU band size=underbust measurement in cm. So I started out wearing 75 but gradually opted for smaller because it just offered more support. I now look for 65, turns out this is the size I should actually be wearing anyway.
But it's just impossible to find.

No. 85557

is that not kim k?

No. 85560

File: 1529244277739.jpg (77.03 KB, 634x493, article-2287346-18707D8F000005…)

Stumbled across this image, seems pretty oversimplified but still useful.

No. 85571

File: 1529260257329.jpg (15.82 KB, 183x250, wideset_breast_shape[1].jpg)

I need to get this off my chest.

I am sick of wideset boobs that are saggy (not as in sad boobs that nipples point down, as in they literally sag low because of weight)

it seems like every other girl doesn't have this issue and they can feel comfortable topless. They're boobs make SOME sort of shape in the middle without a bra, mine are just downward sloping lines instead of cleavage. I have to wear bras and lettes EVEN to bed or it is PHYSICALLY uncomfortable because I can FEEL the weight, especially in the right one that hangs lower and is bigger. They also look like triangle tits from tombraider without a bra it's like what is even the point in having big boobs if they don't even look it because they are far apart and hang low due to weight and unevenly

I want to get a breast lift but I'm only in my early 20's my mom has the same boobs and had to get one after having a kid.

No. 85572

File: 1529261243858.jpg (137.57 KB, 1132x854, boooooooooooooobs.jpg)

girls with smaller boobs also have more cleavage naturally letting them out meanwhile i get nothing without a bra

No. 85574

I have wideset boobs too. I have to wear a ridiculously large cup, even though they're not that big, to get all the tissue from unter my armpits in them.
I don't care about the cleavage though. I can wear really lowcut stuff without a bra and it looks elegant and not trashy.
I also recently started going about my day without a bra at all and it's fucking comfy. It's so hard to find a bra that fits properly, the best fit I can figure out is 30F which is almost impossible to find in stores. I just hope I never have to spontaneously sprint somewhere, or rope-skip.

No. 85583

I naturally have boobs like this too. They're large but wideset and not super round. I spoke to my mom about it and it's just genetics, hers were the same way from the time they grew in. It sucks I have to wear a super padded and pushup bra, straps pulled really tight and socks inside it just to get the look that a lot of girls do from a regular pushup bra worn comfortably. The worst part is getting a nice look with good cleavage in a bikini, so impossible it makes me wish I just had normal small sized boobs instead of big ones despite other women saying how coveted and great large ones are. Though I suspect given how many women are self-conscious about this issue, this shape is probably actually the norm with natural large boobs but women with this type are just covering them up, wearing flattering clothing and bras to cope with it all the time and create the illusion of them not looking that way.

No. 85584

same here, nothing you can do about it, I'm in my 30s now and still have not figured out how to like them. I'm super conscious about my breasts and really hate them but I'm too scared to get surgery

No. 85591

This is effing weird; I measured myself yesterday. My band size is 30 and the bust size is 32. Wearing a 32B makes my boobs feel snug, but I never considered wearing a 34B. You think a 34B would be loose fitting for me?

No. 85592

Why would you size up the band? Shouldn't you be wearing a 30 band size, if that is your measurement?

No. 85593

crap, I forgot to add 4. Band size is 34.

No. 85594

you don't add 4. you should be a 30B

No. 85603

Natori comes in a 30 band up to an H cup.

No. 85604

It could be that you need a bigger cup than B, if 32B already feels snug. Depends on the firmness and position of your breasts. But with a 30inc measurement you should start with a 30 underbust and size up the cups if that feels tight.

No. 85640

File: 1529329457731.jpeg (95.49 KB, 521x207, 0B0A60EB-D9D4-432C-99E5-D6924D…)

How do y’all feel about guys with moobz?

No. 85643

Not my thing at all. Major turn off

No. 85669

would totally love to get matching lingerie with my man

No. 85688

does anyone know where to get bras in bigger sizes that don't cost an arm and a leg? im a 32K and would really love to stop paying $75 for one item of clothing that only comes in beige

No. 85693


check amazon. there's not as many options as some other sites and they usually mostly stock older styles but i'm a 30jj or 30j depending on the brand, and i find lots of bras on there that come in different colors that aren't very expensive at all

No. 85922

I had a miscarriage at around five months pregnant earlier this year. That induced lactation, and since I had no idea that was even a possibility, I got very bad stretch marks on my breasts as a result, and now they're scarred and very saggy, and my nipples are huge and light brown. This makes me feel absolutely terrible about my appearance, especially since it was an unwanted pregnancy to begin with, and ended by physical trauma that left me nearly dead, and I would vastly prefer no one even know any of this happened, including myself, but now it's written very clearly on my body. So I can never forget anything about this.

Not asking a question here. Just talking about breasts.

No. 86448

Praise Jesus you're more saddened by saggy tits than a loss of life

No. 86907

File: 1530519667180.jpg (19.82 KB, 370x185, Screenshot_20180628-105257__01…)

I am upset by having a traumatic history written out on my flesh, not so much just me being uglier than I used to be. As for 'loss of life,' I genuinely see it as a good thing that the child of a man who would happily beat his girlfriend half to death no longer exists. Genetics are real; all of the men in my family have been abusive trash, my miscarried son with a father who is also abusive trash would have no doubt been the same. If anything, I feel relief.

Imagine having to think about all of that when you happen to catch your reflection getting into the shower, or putting on a shirt and realising it no longer fits due to these changes in your body, and then you get caught in a loop of replaying all the events that made your body the way it is.

It isn't very fun. Consider yourself fortunate that you didn't understand my post.

No. 96825

File: 1537923868047.jpg (370.55 KB, 1600x902, Dors-Feline-pre&postOP-COLw.jp…)

i dunno, what some girls consider unslightly and saggy are not even that bad.

Then they turn out like this.

No. 96827

Not a miscarriage, but I had an abortion around 9~10 weeks along, and in the span of that short lived pregnancy I got a few stretch marks in the sides (which turned white after the hormonal purge when everything sagged) and prominent bumps on my nipples that where never noticeable before all of that happen (and are still here to this day 4 years later).

No. 96868

I mean..the before is pretty horrendous.
I’d beg for surgery if I had nipples that faces my toes that young.

No. 96875

Do you guys think 34DDD (I think that’s the same as 34F?) is large or average?

Yes, I’m a sheltered autist.

No. 96878

I’m the same size and no it’s not.

No. 96892

if you have a wide rib cage or are fat it's not going to look large. if you're smaller that size could look huge.

No. 96895

anon if she's a 34DDD her ribcage is 34in. and a smaller girl's will be too. learn2bras.

No. 97018

Anon (probably accidentally) has a point with the broad ribcages though. Some people are broad from the front but narrow from the side, so the same size breasts would look smaller on them than on someone with the same measurements but a less broad ribcage.

No. 97041

you think before is horrendous? I guess you've never had spider veins on your boobs, massively mismatched sizes on left and right boobs and nipples that are on the underside of your boobs.

No. 97050

>tfw broad ribcage and a-cup

No. 97052

No..no I don’t have obvious large deformities like the women with the horrendous tits and horrendous boob job does.
Why are you cut that her tits are bad before and after, are you her?

You honestly make no point other than ‘anon I bet you don’t have monstrously ugly breasts that surgery makes worse and uglier’

No. 97057

I'm a B cup but I use a lot of sports bras. I don't hate the fact that they are small but THEY ARE FUCKING POINTY. I know that this is kinda normal but jfc.

No. 97062

I love my breasts. They're small and round and I have a small torso so they look good proportion-wise. Makes up for my flat, wide ass.

No. 97066

File: 1538206041278.jpg (18.02 KB, 500x441, 1469056009808.jpg)

>mfw tits so small that a European A cup is too big unless I buy from a specific brand that has nonsensical sizes
>my mosquito bites can hold themselves just fine but women clothes have almost always really thin fabric or are so sheer I still have to wear bras so I don't flash people or have my nipples visible
>not every store sell A cup bras and bralettes hide nothing at all
Anyone has advice? Should I just wear these small accessories that hide nipples instead of fucked up bras?

No. 97068

File: 1538207474413.jpeg (29.98 KB, 458x321, 0F83657F-815D-4B60-B384-BCBF6A…)

Do a Jennifer Aniston and just embrace the nipple.

No. 97069

>women clothes have almost always really thin fabric or are so sheer
Search better. I never wear bras and none of my clothing except some silk pajamas show my nipples which are pretty dark. Cotton and dark clothing would be your friend
Sometimes they get hard and are a bit visible but who cares, if someone asks tell them to fuck off

No. 97070

I'm too self-conscious to do that, I remember getting dirty looks and rude comments the few times I did that.

I don't know why but when I don't wear a bra and I wear a top regardless of its color the outline of my nipples is really obvious, even when it's not cold or anything that could make my nipples visible. It looks like I have no breasts and big nipples and I hate it.

No. 97073

Flesh colored pasties! They work wonders! They're cheap online and they're a lifesaver for the times you don't want to wear a bra or can't.

No. 97074

sport bras. I love them. I don't like flashing my nips too, especially because they don't look like >>97068
duh they're big and "ugly" and I feel anxious
If I wear a blouse, sweater or a tshirt I wear a sport bra. Holds perfectly, does not choke you, comfortable. Of course it doesn't go well with every type of clothing, more revealing ones etc. I'm sure you can find at least one regular bra that fits you, and use it on those occasions.

No. 97075

I'll look into it, thanks. The ones I've seen in stores are expensive but it's the kind of stores where everything is expensive and high end for no good reason so I never really thought about it.

>Of course it doesn't go well with every type of clothing, more revealing ones etc
That's what I was going to say but since summer is over and it's getting colder where I live I'm think I can start looking for sport bras now.

No. 97080

>tfw i’m an f-cup and haven’t been wearing bras in ages bc i always wear super-oversized sweaters but i realized some did have a slight nipple outline
am i a degenerate?

at least i finally got around to ordering some bras in the right size

No. 97091

How much do people's boobs fluctuate depending on the time of the month? The week before my period my boobs are really full and perky and I fit a 32C, but at other times in my cycle they completely deflate and I wear a 32B. I get that changing a bit is normal so I don't mind too much, but because they're quite far apart mine look terrible when they're less full, they just look like moobs on me.

No. 97105

My boobs are also far apart and look like moobs rip

No. 97113

Lol yes, those are like my exact sizes when off/on my period. I love how they look when I'm on my period, so freaking perky and nice.

No. 97116

For any older anons, have your boobs started sagging? What do you do to take care of the skin? I know you can't "beat" gravity, but I'd like to keep mine perky-ish.

I'm pretty small on top, so I don't have a lot of sag at my age, other than normal sag from gravity when I'm not wearing a bra.

Some older ladies seem to have really lovely boobs even with sagging, imho. It's just natural aging. I'd just like to try aging as gracefully as I can because I love my body now and want to keep what I can as I age.

No. 97181

Same! Also most of my a-cup boobs are huge puffy nipples and that's just ugly.
I like that my boobs are so small, but I wish I had smaller and less pointier nipples really bad.

No. 97182

File: 1538321381564.jpg (16.36 KB, 425x385, 61HMJoOP0kL._UX425_.jpg)

I have a-ci\ups with really obvious nipples and I find bras like these ones and wear them.
I don't know the name for them since I literally took a picture from a google search of "training bras", but you can find similar ones in adult sizes and they are good. Better than sports ones because they're not that visible and also don't squish your boobs.

No. 97183

I know these ones, I used to wear similar ones when I was a teenager, but they don't hide the outline of my nipples at all, even when I wear a shirt on top of it. That's not the case for you?

No. 97195

Hey, just a general idea, but it might be easier if everyone posts their sizes rather than general cup sizes.

Also be sure to look at the chart at the top, and see if you're the correct size.

I'm a 30D cup anon who thought she had 38A cups forever.

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