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No. 70148

Is anyone a gold digger? Not a sugar baby. The type of gold diggers I talk about are basically scammers because they never give up sex.
How did you get started and what was the biggest gift/request you received?
I've started reading the book Ho Tactics and it's pretty good.

No. 70150

Productivity wise, the no-sex condition is going to leave money on the table that you could otherwise easily get because you're wasting a lot of time getting a rich guy invested in you purely out of love.

I'm assuming that gold digging is not profitable compared to a equivalent amount of time spent camming, but I'll be watching this thread to see if that's really the case.

No. 70154

Oh yeah, this probably doesn't compare to camming. I think it's just for pretty girls who don't need money but like gifts, affection and fucking with men emotionally.

No. 70168

Before I settled down in a serious relationship, I would sometimes just go on dates with guys for free meals/gifts, then just say I'm busy and drop off the radar. It sounds shitty but I could tell off the bat these guys only want one thing out of me, like a fling. I mean its not like I went on luxuries trips to Paris like sugar babies do, but it got me through college to nice restaurants and some video games I still play to this day that were gifted to me.

No. 70170

>Ho Tactics

the ideas are fine but ultimately, in terms or rinsing or anything else, if you wanna read up, it'd be better to build a foundation from reputable books on general social skills first. ho tactics, power of the pussy, these types of books are incredibly basic and you don't get much beyond "don't have sex too early, be sexy and confident" padded out with bullshit to fill 200 pages for that sweet amazon self-publishing money. what good is this shit if you lack the social skills/charm to actually captivate anyone enough to milk?

recommending fox cabane's charisma myth, should be a pdf online. sage for incurable autism

No. 70174

I think that Ho Tactics is more than don't have sex too early. I skimmed The Power of the Pussy and I found that book basic. Thanks for the recommendation.

No. 70178

Tbh this seems like a bait thread

No. 70199

You have to find guys who are kinda desperate (but not too obvious) and that they seem to want a relationship, maybe this sounds redundant but the best tactic is just to make men feel like they are special and give them the hope that, not only you are going to have sex with them, but also some kind of emotional support. The idea is to make they THINK that they are having the best and unrepeatable opportunity. to make them think that you are disadvantaged because men like to have control of the situation and -if the guy is lonely- it's going to be easy to make them fall in that delusion.

One of the guys I milkied the most was some sort of lonely middle-aged guy who had a nice job and lived 4 hours from me, also was the first guy who I actually got profit from. I attracted him because I was into some gamer stuff at the moment. At first I didn't realized the potential and i even didn't lure him but he was so damaged by his last relationship that he was desperate by some affection by her "ideal waifu". At one point he was transferring me $100 dollars monthly just because. He also sent me a expensive figma from a anime I was watching at the moment.

For a brief period of time I enjoyed to date tinder guys to do what >>70168 did. I had a soft spot for guys who had that "i'm better than everybody else" facade and i liked to fuck them emotionally but I think is because I'm lowkey misandric.

No. 70924

I feel bad that I can relate to this thread tbh.

Anyways, in the past two years I've been getting gifts or money from guys online just because I put a ~cute & innocent~ personality along with having similar humor as them. These guys are truly really nice and sweet! But damn, the ones I've came across from are desperate af but like I am too for money.

I'm 18, just out of high school and too unmotivated and lazy to get a job. I think the easiest way to get money without doing any sexual favors or dating is simply be nice as fuck and have a cute/attractive voice and laugh.

I've joined some discord servers that are filled with dudes and so far it's working. One guy is actually offering to send me couple hundreds for a pc. I was gifted about $100 worth of video games on steam for my birthday (the person barely knew me).

As I said before, I feel bad having my mindset be this lol. I do appreciate the people I've met but at the same time I'm thinking about money ugh.

No. 70926

This is a really weird bait thread. Dedicated, I'll give you that.

No. 70929

100% agree it's bait
If these girls were for real they wouldn't be sharing their spoil stories and basic "tricks" anyway, wtf

No. 70932

you'd be surprised anon ?

No. 70935

What discord threads and online places do you recommend? I’ve been doing the same thing and it works irl but after a while they get picky and want more and more of your free time.

No. 70938

I've been doing it for a couple of years now. It's slow profit nowadays but hey, at least I get something out of having to deal with men. My favorite thing is seeing a guy who just wanted to get in my pants empty his wallet and spend hundreds of dollars on me to MAYBE get his dick wet. It's been 3 years, his dick is still dry but broke and hopeful.

No. 70941

I really want to believe this is a bait thread.

But I can't.

No. 70945

You're doing God's work anon.

No. 70946

I'm thinking it's part bait, part weird fetish on this guy's part. Maybe a fucked up incel, but I get the feeling at least some of them secretly get off to this kind of weird financial domination/humiliation shit.

No. 70957

On thread creation it was getting a getting new posts in really regularly timed intervals. Normally a bait-seeming thread builds up much slower, or has a less regular flurry of activity.

No. 72225

Any other tips?

No. 74233

I got into financial domination over the past 6 months and it's the best. Way preferable over being a sugar baby, because you call the shots and sex is not on the table. I have two regular "servants" who've paid me thousands and idk how many gifts. I don't need to send pics or videos, I just talk to their lame asses in voice chat and call them names and they get off hard by giving me their money. My main guy gave me $600 this week and I'm just gonna go on a tropical vacation with it. I used to strip and now I make good money not even needing to leave my house ngl I love it.

>>70924 like she said, an easy way to find desperate lonely guys is in gaming. They aren't always loaded but so many of them are willing to pay for your attention.

No. 74235

That's nice, anon. Where did you find your subs? Because I tried to get into that as well and all the communities wanted a pic/video verification

No. 74285

I found them on Fiverr. I wasn't offering findomming at all, it was a totally different service. But these sub guys messaged me on there wanting to serve me, which is strange because there's sites like Niteflirt that cater to their interests so I don't know why they would be looking for it on fiverr.

No. 74291

nayrt but that's so interesting. Can you advise some things you can offer on fiverr? I would love to make some extra cash doing weird bits and pieces.

No. 74326

Why do so many of you think this us bait? Do you not have girl friends?

No. 74347

i'm also interested in findom stuff. i used to do some dom stuff but i am engaged now so i don't want to do the sex or humiliation aspect of it. i joined a site earlier but any tips would be great.

No. 74366

Is being pretty necessary? If I dress up I can get second looks but if I don't/let go a bit I'd say I'm a bit below average.

Anyway I've been considering something like this. I ran out of food recently and don't want a repeat of that. I feel like I've lost myself anyway so I'll try whatever.

I mean I'm reading about people getting gifts and treats but what about the fundamentals? I feel that once I go low enough income wise I'm undateable.

No. 74397

Nope. Look at the ugly tranny findom who fucked the Wachowski brothers. Matter of fact every findom I've seen are ugly fat women or ugly troons

No. 74411

I agree with >>74397, most of the most successful findoms I've seen were ugly as sin. I'm sure you look better than most of them.

My question is another: is showing your face necessary? I'm ok with voice chat, but I don't want to show my face in any way because I don't want that stuff to bite be in the ass in the future

No. 74412

*bite me

No. 74441

does your fiance know you do this stuff for money? honestly dont even bother if he doesnt know. get a real job, or just be straight up to him that you want to do online sex work. You literally want to do findom without sex or humiliation, that makes NO sense. that's like saying I want a sandwich without the bread and the filling.


no, showing face is not necessary, but it will hinder your chances of being successful and having regulars. There is a lot of competition out there. More than likely a guy will lose interest and move on to the next girl who shows more.

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