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No. 291804

previous thread >>187179

No. 291879

ok first one to post.. but I've been having trouble with my nigel cumming in me (we usually have sex 2-3 times per day when we see each other) and my vagina getting stinky and it starts to hurt. Sometimes my discharge will turn into cottage cheese texture. I've tried using boric acid suppositories and drinking cranberry juice, which do help after a day or two, but I'm wondering if there are any other solutions. Is there any way to clean the cum out? I'm able to "suck" water in & push it out while I'm in the bath but I'm not sure how hygienic that is. I really like it when he cums in me so I won't stop it completely but I know I should probably ask him to finish on me or in my mouth more.

No. 292054

I get smelly discharge after sex too (which is to be expected, your acidic vagina is not happy with having alkaline sperm inside so it flushes shit out) but the severity depends on who I've been with. I'm guessing it has something to do with how (non)compatible our skins' micro biomes are. With my first bf it smelled disgusting, like the shit you clean out from underneath your toenails. I started douching with plain lukewarm water and it solved 95% of the issue. With my current bf the smell isn't bad at all but I still douche after sex because I don't like the feeling of cum running out of me for several hours afterwards.
I know douching is supposed to be bad for your vagina but I've never had any issues but YMMV

No. 292163

You guys are really putting me off the idea of ever having sex lol. I had no idea it has these consequences.

No. 292166

Sometimes I forget to wipe properly and get it stuck in there, I just wish there was a better way.

No. 292167

Sometimes, I'm not feeling so fresh, you know, down there.

No. 292261

I'm thinking that I might have pelvic floor disease. For as long as I can remember, I've been having these awful painful vaginal spasms. They came out of nowhere and they hurt. Is hard to talk about them to physicians because everytime I say "my vagina has cramps" they asume I'm mistaken and talking about my uterus. Recently due to hormonal issues my periods are getting worse, like HELLISH worse. I've had started to use adult diapers, cause pads don't make it for me, and I don't want to use a cup (see, above). And since my periods are worse, the vaginal pain is worse. I get up, it spasms and hurts. I start having sex, it starts spamming and hurts. I come and stop having penetrative sex, it hurts and I also get cramps after it. Last time it came out of nowhere when I was doing the dishes and I couldn't even stand properly. Had to ask my husband to come and carry me to the bed, and the pain went on for a lot of time. I ended up finding pelvic disease after YEARS of looking on the internet, but I'm afraid that if I tell my gyno he will argue "self diagnosis" or something, and even if he agrees it is pelvic floor disease, its not as if the treatment is any better (one of the treatments involves injecting Botox so the vagina doesn't spasm).

No. 292272

Does anyone else have problems with weird smells when they wake up in the morning?

No. 292288

File: 1664874292179.jpeg (29.59 KB, 500x553, 8179A682-F3C7-4E0A-815D-D70DF8…)

My calendar is full of fun stuff this week for the first time in months and I can’t even fully enjoy it because I’ve been having insane PMS

No. 292508

Anyone else get pleasurable vaginal spasms in their sleep? I don't know if there's a name for it but they feel really good. Just happens completely randomly in the middle of the night a few times a month and I can't control it.

No. 292513

I do! They feel really nice. I'm not sexually active and I don't really Mastercard often either. I feel my body does them to get release but I've never asked a doctor before about it. It also happens during sleep paralysis or when im in between awake and asleep.

No. 292520

File: 1664988586199.jpg (14.73 KB, 419x480, 1580638107204.jpg)

>I don't really Mastercard

No. 292529

File: 1664992434385.jpg (654.9 KB, 2048x2048, 20220623_182725.jpg)

Stupid autocorrect. Maybe instead I often visa?

No. 292546

Just teasing, anon. I love these silly little autocorrect duds hehehe

No. 292549

Oh my god. You're me. I never masturbate and I haven't been sexually active in a while and I have the exact same hypothesis. I feel like it's the bodies way of dealing with unresolved sexual frustration Lol. Mentioned it to my friends before and they don't experience it.

No. 292556

It's either that or my paranormal explanation that somethings going on with a spirit lol. But yes, I think its a natural phenomena because we are not sexually active. The body looks for release somehow.

No. 292562

It is spiritual.

No. 292589

i can confirm that douching with regular water (i usually boil it beforehand just to be safe) and using boric acid suppositories has kept my vag pretty happy. some guys' sperm is really nasty.

No. 292597

Um I’m also someone who isn’t sexually active and doesn’t masturbate who experiences this phenomenon and I’ve had weird suspicious about being molested by demons or something like literally it feels like I’m having sex in my sleep?? It scares me honestly I don’t enjoy it

No. 292613

I think I have a thick hymen, do you need to get it surgically removed ? I can put 2 finger max and it's inconfortable, and I can clearly feel there is a narrowing at the bottom of my vaginal canal before the actual end connection to the vulva. I don't have PIV sex so it's not a huge issue but I wonder for the futur if it's not better to get it removed when I'm still young.

No. 292625

I noticed I would have dreams resulting in orgasm if I hadn't had any release in a while. It's pretty nice but I haven't had one in a while, or at least not one that I remember.

No. 292631

Not sure if this fits in this thread but I don't want to bump the PMS/PMDD thread. I've always had terrible depression, boob pain and swelling, bloating, acne etc starting about 10 days before my period. This last month I've started on a bit of a health kick. Nothing crazy, just eating more vegetables and whole foods instead of takeout, swimming a few times a week and drinking less. Now I'm two days away from my period and the only PMS symptom I've had is mild cramping and maybe less motivation to work. Was the answer really just taking better care of myself? Why was I pushed to take birth control and antidepressants for treatments without any consultation about my actual life habits first? Mad shit. Its only been a month so maybe its a once off or I'm pregnant lol.
About once a month. Sometimes if I'm having a frisky dream but not always. I am sexually active so its not only a frustration thing, I think it just takes less stimuli to orgasm in your sleep so rubbing on your blankets or lying on your side can be enough to stimulate it.

No. 292636

I've known women who changed their lifestyle, ate better, gave up meat and dairy, played around with changes like that.. and reported a noticeable improvement in pms. Dunno if I could commit to all month long changes to ease mine but for women with more severe symptoms its worth a try.

No. 292647

meat and dairy are good for you, the only exception would be lactose intolerance

No. 292652

I'm not vegan or preaching here, I'm just sharing experiences that friends have had. There is research that shows cutting down on dairy in partiulcar can help with pms symptoms.
>For many women (not all), stopping dairy can dramatically improve period pain, heavy periods, endometriosis, acne, and PMS
>during your period, your body is particularly susceptible to inflammation. The saturated fats in dairy products can trigger inflammation, which can worsen your menstrual pain

No. 292659

Ok, but was the meat/dairy the actual problem? Or did they start eating more fruits/veg and exercising more and that might have solved some deficiencies they had?

No. 292685

File: 1665078121090.png (204.77 KB, 1080x1080, Hormonal-Acne-Diet-Plan.png)

I'm just talking about an elimination diet in general. You cut out certain well known trigger foods to see if they were personally affecting you. If they weren't then you reintroduce them. Might be dairy, might be sugar. The hormonal acne diet and the pms diet are pretty similar.

No. 292797

I am a milk and yogurt guzzler and have no face acne, since becoming a guzzler I’ve finally started to get a little stronger with exercise. I like Americans but they have very sus food regulations, their standards of meat and produce are kind of far from nature, my friend hated the food there. Maybe plant based works better for you though.

No. 292817

I love a milky coffee but a few years ago I caught a bug like norovirus, for 2 whole years afterwards I couldn't have milk without bloating and having an upset stomach. Around my period I had to be extra mindful not to indulge and add to the monthly swell. It eventually stopped being an issue. Temporary lactose intolerance is sometimes a thing after bugs but looking into it there's things in milk (not just lactose) where if you have any existing inflammatory condition it can add to the inflammation. Can affect women with endometriosis.

I'm glad I can stomach again but it would mess me up for a while there. A latte would leave me looking pregnant.

No. 292832

nonnas i cant stop having urinal leaks nowadays, like i wanna pee twice every night and it makes my sleeping schedule fucked. i tend to think that its maybe because its getting cold outside but overall idk.. also i feel like my uterine bladder hurts a lot now, i might have cysts ? also adding the fact that i never had my periods in my entire life (maybe 6 time in total of 7 years..), i may have pcos too. i def should see gynecologist but theyre so incompetent in my country idk what to do anymore

No. 293010

File: 1665225899603.jpeg (40.11 KB, 640x408, FCEBF04D-CDD4-4A7E-8054-738ED5…)

Don’t judge me but how exactly do you guys wash your vulvas? I mostly use a bidet with medium intensity water flow. I can’t imagine using my hands or a washcloth because it would feel too rough. Even shower heads feel to rough because of the high pressure water flow. Is my vulva just weirdly sensitive? Not mentioning that I can’t imagine how these methods can get rid of smegma in small folds

No. 293034

In the shower i just use warm water and my fingers. Doesn't hurt/feel too rough for me but everyone is different.

No. 293069

Do you have extremely high water pressure? I just use the showerhead to clean it. Some women even masturbate with them so I think it being too rough for you isnt too common.

No. 293083

File: 1665252145384.jpeg (33.34 KB, 236x313, A7271029-8B96-41A5-A3F5-04ACE0…)

im genuinely convinced i dont have a clitoris at this point. i literally havent been able to find it at all for every year ive been alive. have i been FGM'd or something?!! i was born to a muslim family after all, but how come? even if it was small enough for me not to be able to see you'd think i'd be able to feel it at least? but no. literally nothing, neither the organ or a sensitive sensation. it just feels like idk touching my elbow or something. even when im in the mood which happens once every like 7 years ( and obviously it goes without saying ive never orgasmed due to this ) i cant find it at all no matter where my fingers wander in any direction you can imagine. it came to a point where i unemotionally exploring for the sake of it and i still can never find anything. i seriously feel so juvenile not knowing how it feels. and like i said i genuinely never feel horny because nothing does it for me but this post isnt about that.
my point is is it possible to be born without one? honestly its looking like the only possible answer. im so frustrated and i dont even like masturbating and ive not had sex either but at least id like to have the option to enjoy those like everyone else…

No. 293102

I'm so sorry to hear about this, nonnie. I hope you're in a position to seek for a gynecologist, preferably a woman. I can't think of any other way you could get all the answers you're looking for.

No. 293103

Are you sure you know what you're looking for and where? Just asking to be sure considering your conservative background. Have you looked with your eyes and not just felt around with your fingers?

No. 293136

Is there no quick way at all to hack vaginismus? Honestly even if i gotta inject horse tranquilizer up there i would it’s getting really annoying

No. 293175

have you tried using lube when exploring? it can make you feel more sensitive and receptive to sensations

No. 293233

my experience was not quick at all, but it can be overcome. i never thought it would. wishing the best for you, it truly sucks but is worth the effort to conquer, even if its something that rarely comes up afterwards.

No. 293270

How long did it take you?

No. 293282

i was 28 when it no longer impacted me. if i hadn't spent my early 20s feeling super stressed/pressured to get over it now now now (which of course just makes it worse), i like to think it would have happened sooner but i'm in a good place now and that's what matters. a few times a year i have an off day, for whatever reason, but they always pass so long as i dont get worked up or discouraged about it.

No. 293413

What are the best probiotics to take to restore flora after a round of antibiotics? I just finished a course for a chest infection and it’s turned my vagina into a wasteland.

No. 293422

Has anyone been prescribed duphaston for cycle regulation? Did you have any side effects? When did your period come back?

No. 293543

I had a slow journey with it. I was 19 when I realised there was an issue. I was 28 when it stopped being an issue. It would get worse whenever I was in a relationship because the pressure was on, even if he wasn't being vocal.. it was still pressing on me. While single I decided to tackle it in my own time. That was when I made progress.

I used a dilator kit (calexotics inspire) and I had 2 years of single time to see how I got on by myself with nobody in waiting. I used the kit, bought beginners toys after that and I think the fact that I knew I was doing it by and for myself was what helped more than anything. Not having a deadline. Not having someone waiting on me. Concentrating on just the small toy in front of me and not thinking too far ahead to 'but wait I need to take average dick size' I got to know my body and once I was past dilators and buying actual toys it felt like fun and less like a task.

With bfs there had always been this lil bit of buried resentment in me that I was fighting this thing more for him than for me. I was half in denial of those feelings and just trying to rush through it. Consumed by this feeling of obligation and secretly bitter about it. I would worry about them dumping me over it and then that'd just feed into the pressure. Sex became associated with everything you don't want it to be. Like a burden or a hurdle to overcome just to hang onto a relationship or keep up with everyone else. Those worries kept the issue going. Not knowing who I was ultimately doing it for. Him or me. I lost a serious relationship to it and att I beat myself up but stepping back I don't think it was such a great loss. If anything I'm glad he wasn't the one I overcame it for. It was strange going from NEEDING to make progress to make us whole and to prove I love him.. to feeling like it was for the best that we split up anyway.

Another underlying issue for me was that I had pregnancy worries (and no abortion in my country) so I realised that probably played a bigger role than I'd considered before. Not being 100 percent at ease when it comes to BC working. I started dating someone who was already considering getting a vastectomy. We waited til he got one (used toys and did other stuff in the meantime) I thought that once he was healed from the vasectomy that my problems might return (cos its pressure time) But I was able to experience a fairly typical sex life for the first time pretty soon afterwards. I'd done the work to get to know my body in advance. He'd done something that took one of my main niggling worries away. We'd great sex after.

No. 293672

that's really good to hear. I'm currently going through the same feelings and it gives me hope. I got prescribed some stuff to numb it down there, but I chose not to use it as I was afraid I'll get used to it and depend on it. My boyfriend is very patient and understands so I'm gifted in that sense that he relieves some of that pressure. I'm a bit resentful some women don't have this problem and I've stopped pegging for the time being because I'm jealous that my bf can fit something in and I can't but SOON hopefully it will change!

No. 293686

Don't have any OTC recs but every time I have to go on a round of antibiotics I devour as much greek yogurt and fermented foods as possible. Yogurt-based dishes like korma are also pretty good for restoring flora (and it has turmeric which helps with yeast imbalance). I like garlic because it's antifungal but it's also antibiotic so don't snack on just garlic all day. Feel better soon nonichka!

No. 293769

File: 1665622384893.jpg (140.88 KB, 1600x900, 0LiWn5U.jpg)

I'm sorry if this is ot but i can't find a period thread. do any other nonnies get vaginal pain, and constipation/diarrhea before they start their periods? And how do you cope?
Every time before i start my period it catches me off guard and I mistake it for UTI/dehydration. The pain just makes it hard to work, it's so annoying

No. 293777

Earlier this month I was trying to get pregnant with my husband and timed doing it pretty well, I had what I thought were early symptoms of pregnancy but unfortunately now that I'm 22 days post what I think was my ovulation date all my pregnancy tests are still negative. My period is almost a week late and I've been trying to trigger it with a bunch of herbal remedies but all I have is white or clear discharge running down my leg. Is this a sign of something?

No. 293779

>do any other nonnies get vaginal pain, and constipation/diarrhea before they start their periods? And how do you cope?
period poops is pretty common. I used to get messy diarrhea in the first couple days along with cramps, but it hasn't been so bad lately. I also experience vaginal pain/soreness, or in my crotch area. That seems to be a consequence of period cramps.
I honestly don't know what to recommend to deal with the diarrhea or constipation, in my case the results seem random when my habits change (more/less exercise, better/worse sleeping and eating habits). maybe try doing more exercise and eat healthier if you haven't tried that already. For the pain I just try to get distracted and do some sort of activity while singing my favorite songs, instead of lying on my bed waiting for the pain to go away. It may not get rid of the cramps but at least I'm less bothered by them. This way I can ignore the vaginal pain easily
>Every time before i start my period it catches me off guard and I mistake it for UTI/dehydration
Use a period tracker app or just a normal calendar (what I do) to track your symptoms and menstrual period for a few months and you'll start to have a more accurate picture of how your cycle affects you, what to expect and when to expect it.
Things I take into account are: start of my period, last day of bleeding, spotting between periods (happens rarely but it's normal), mild cramps, first day of strong cramps, mood changes such as depression, lack of motivation, and just for fun, the days I have more intense and frequent sexual fantasies or feel more easily aroused than normal (signs of ovulation).
I've realized that tracking my period has helped me cope with some of the more annoying symptoms and even with my depression and motivation issues, because I know for sure how long they last and I'm always keeping in mind that it's just hormonal and it'll go away soon. It also helps to notice how your habits are affecting your health. You could try different things to alleviate your symptoms and use your calendar to know what works and what doesn't.

No. 294311

File: 1665944497353.jpg (116.33 KB, 1024x768, 1655421977351.jpg)

>used to be moderately horny as soon as puberty started
>would get wet when horny
>never had sex because of crazy religious upbringing
>lives abroad in 2020 because of shitty timing
>got very sick for three months, it was very likely covid but I couldn't get diagnosed with anything because of hospitals being crowded with people who were even more sick
>went back home to live with my family until I get a job and my own place
>didn't have a lock on my door until months after that so no intimacy whatsoever
>as soon as I recovered fully from whatever I had I can't get horny at all
>learned right before that that men can get ED from covid, no idea if it's temporary or if women can be affected, too scared to google it
>still a virgin
>no idea if there could be a medical reason for this, or just because I'm always tired, the few times I went to see a gynecologist after that was because I suspected I had breast cancer but it's a harmless tumor I'll get removed soon
>don't know how to ask the gynecologist if I go once more to get more info because she's respectful and open-minded (I think?) but she was completely shocked I'm still a virgin at 28 and I'm bad with explaining this kind of things specifically
What should I do? Do you think I could be "cured" from actually having sex with a man? Do you think I should give up on masturbating or doing anything at all forever? Should I see my gynecologist for that or would that be a waste of time because there's no proper exams to check what's going on? Could all of this be caused by me using my laptop like pic rel very often?

No. 294486

Look up clitoral phimosis

No. 294487

>Could all of this be caused by me using my laptop like pic rel very often?
Ngl I've had thoughts like this, too, because I always heard from my family that I'm frying my ovaries when sitting like that lmao.

No. 294513

File: 1666038456855.jpg (111.93 KB, 1242x1258, IMG_20210929_195318.jpg)

Good evening nonnas. I have just started weight lifting again 4x a week and eating on a deficit (but not a harsh one and still having treats and not feeling hungry) but my period is nowhere to be seen.
I'm not pregnant, it's impossible, but every time I start working out and eating right my period is always so delayed. I have a normal length cycle but I'm on day 39 now.
I have also been PMSing for longer because of this and it sucks.

Wonder if any sporty nonnas experienced the same thing? I do know that if you starve yourself or train like an athlete it can mess your period but im not doing either of those so it's strange.

No. 294516

Could be related to nutritional deficiency. Make sure you're getting enough protein because your body breaks down protein into the amino acids needed for hormone synthesis. When lifting on a deficit it's better to cut carbs and some fat while eating more protein because you need to eat enough protein for both normal bodily functioning and to build muscle. A rough guide is 1g of protein per lb of lean body mass. You can use online calculators to give a guide as to what macros you need to aim for.

No. 294518

Thanks nonna, I am eating 110-120g of protein and already checked my macros which I am achieving pretty well. I'm also eating lots of meat vegetables and generally nutritious foods to meal prep anyway. It just happens every time I go on any sort of deficit even if I'm watching and tracking everything to make sure I'm getting vitamins etc…would it be unreasonable to ask my GP for a hormone test do you think? I have always suffered with bad pms and bad hormonal acne too.

No. 294617

You need fat and carbs to have a healthy cycle.

No. 294651

It would be worth having a blood test. If you're overweight, carrying visceral fat can cause hormonal imbalances. Fat cells produce estrogen which can result in heavier periods, as you loose fat you should find that your periods become lighter and PMS become less intense. Another possible cause is that if you've gone from not to exercising to suddenly lifting four times a week, this can cause the hypothalamus to block the regular cycle because it perceives the body as being under increased pressure.

No. 294655

I manage to meet both my fat and carbs macro with no problem every day
I am overweight yeah and previously was on-and-off exercising with no consistency. I will try and get a blood test sorted

No. 294759

Before I lost my virginity I could only get one finger in. Actually did think that was abnormal and that I have vaginismus but on actually losing my virginity I realised that is perfectly normal. I’m sure you are too.

No. 295730

Was coming to this thread to ask something similar. I always feel like shit seeing all the "lol men can't find the clit even tho it's right there" because I can't even find my own to the point that I don't know if I have one. I can not physically see or feel it with my fingers it in any state, it's just nothing there. I'm also practically never horny. I can't tell if I've had an orgasm at all, or if I've had incredibly weak ones. I've always been told "you know if you've had one" which make me think I haven't had any. The only thing that makes me think I've got one somewhere deep is that it sometimes hurts if I try to masturbate. We don't have regular gynecologist appointments here and I'm too afraid to seek one out myself so I don't think I'll ever know what's wrong with me or if I could have it get better. Only good thing is since I never get horny I'm not inclined to seek out a partner so no one else will get disappointed in me lmao

No. 295983

I got a lump on the inside of my outer labia. It was sore and tender. I’ve been panicking about genital warts, even though I’m a virgin and not sexually active. It doesn’t feel like a wart, more like some kind of cyst. Wtf.

No. 295994

Maybe try a handheld mirror and have a look that way?

Sounds like it might be a Bartholin's cyst? You should get it looked at. Meanwhile a warm clean washcloth might help with the pain.

No. 296023

What are your honest thoughts on squirting? I want to finally have a conversation about this without men around to poison the well.

My thoughts: It’s pee. It comes from the bladder and out of the urethra. I believe most cases of it (porn) are women purposefully peeing. The other cases are women who involuntarily lose control of their bladder during sex. I have never squirted and I don’t think I ever will. I find it hard to pee even after sex and it takes some coaxing to relax enough. I don’t like it when people imply that this means I’ve never had a great orgasm.

No. 296044

Absolutely pee. I have had some come out during sex when the guy was pummeling my bladder and really had to go.

No. 296045

Samefag to add that this is why all advice on how to squirt is "really really relax yourself and let go" Because otherwise you won't accidentally pee yourself unless your bladder is super full and the dick pushes it out

No. 296059

This kind of thing tends to go away by itself, give it a few days and if it doesn't, go see a gyno

No. 296070

>Maybe try a handheld mirror and have a look that way?
I've tried lol there is no sign.

No. 296071

Like everyone has said, it's just pee. Women generally can't pee when aroused though, so unless your bladder is really full and gets pressured a lot you most likely can't do it even if you tried. Funny that men think they're good at sex if a woman does it when in reality if a woman squirts it just means she's not really that aroused because the man sucks in bed kek

No. 296180

I feel so frustrated, masturbation doesn't satisfy me at all. I wonder if I'm doing it wrong. I need to buy a vibrator.

No. 296184

File: 1666827823541.png (Spoiler Image, 168.75 KB, 480x649, Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 4.41…)

def buy a vibrator. i was always terrible at getting myself off with my hand and would give up out of boredom before finishing and wondered if i was doomed to fantasize a lot but never orgasm, but i can come in like 2 minutes with even a no frills cheap vibe and it's helped my relationship to my sexuality so much.

No. 296231

Never ever been able to get off using a vibrator. Hand only.

No. 296246

same like, what a huge hassle. imagine if it were the other way round and women were the ones who ejaculated. men would NOT be putting up with shit like that

No. 296248

I use the warm shower water, mild dove soap (but never inside the vag, obviously) then before I'm ready to get out I turn the water temp down and the pressure and point the nozzle between my legs for a 3 seconds. maybe you are extra sensitive, not weirdly so, everyone is different and it's about what works for you. as long as you're clean nona

No. 296265

make him wear a condom, problem solved

No. 296269

is.. it normal for discharge to color white underwear yellow or do I have a medical condition? It doesn't look yellow when 'fresh' , does it just dry like that and it's especially noticeable on white fabric? Or should I be concerned? even though I don't have any other symptoms of infection? This is such a stupid question i'm sorry

No. 296272

Jesus christ, think of blood drying it changes color too. Yeah it's normal.

No. 296302

Nonnas I'm really worried, I've been spotting for the past week.
It's normal for me to get some brown blood once around the time I ovulate, but this has been going on since Friday, mostly brown blood but a few days have had bright red blobs as though I was on my period. Not enough for a full pad but I've needed to wear a liner.
This is when I should be ovulating, I think, so I wasn't worried at first, but it's gone on for long enough that I am now. I'm not on bc and can't be pregnant because I've only slept with my gf. Are my hormones fucked this cycle or something?

Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but my periods used to be really regular, and ever since I got the covid vaccine last year they've been irregular with a longer cycle on average. I didn't get the booster recently or anything, but I did get a flu shot just before my normal period started on the 9th, and I've been wondering if that affected it somehow…? I'm in my late 20s and I've never spotted like this before.

No. 296337

It's not a conspiracy nona, there was just a major study showing slightly over half of the women responding (to the study) had irregularities to their periods after covid shots, https://www.nytimes.com/2022/07/15/well/live/covid-vaccines-periods.html

Don't know if your particular problem fits though

No. 296352

I know, I've read the press reports on the study, but it always emphasizes how the changes observed were temporary and that women's periods were generally only a day or two late (ha!). My 30~32 day cycle (I didn't track it as well as I do now but I could always predict around when it would start) is now anywhere between 30 and 40 days. And it's been like this for over a year. Maybe it was something else, or I'm supremely unlucky and they're just not reporting outliers (because of course they wouldn't, right?)

No. 297647

Anon from this post…about a day after I posted this, the spotting stopped and it hasn't started up again.
I'm going to consider it a wonky ovulation thing for now. I just hope I get my period in a semi predictable timeframe.

No. 298215

Is it normal to have flu-like symptoms as part of PMS? I thought I was coming down with something nasty because I was feeling lightheaded, oddly cold then oddly warm, and extremely fatigued but nope, just my period.

No. 298216

File: 1667844416668.jpeg (114.73 KB, 576x1024, Bsgthv1CUAEWoC_.jpeg)

yeah it's a thing. some people call it period flu. they think it happens because your immune system is mistakenly treating shed uterine lining as foreign pathogens in your system. i think it happened to me once but because it was only once i can't rule out that it was an actual temporary illness during my period

No. 298261

Yes, that happened to me for years. I'd have a temperature and feel sick. It resolved eventually.

No. 298501

I'm a month or so late but I hope it helps someone out there.

I suspect I have pcos and on some bad days I get awful PMS. I pretty much swallow pain relievers (my go to is ibuprofen every 4 hours but mefenamic acid is ok as long as you've eaten before, paracetamol is the safest but also very weak.) as soon as I realize it's almost that time of the month.
I honestly have no idea how I did it when I was still working at an office, though to be fair I heard walking does help ease the pain because you're moving muscles around.
I recently bought this electric heating water bag. Warm compress in general is great to place on my lower back/womb when I'm working and sandwich in my crotch if I'm lying down.
If it's really painful, I find that scalding compress ironically takes my mind away from my period pain but probably don't rely on that.

If you can, lower your intake of high inflammatory food like white bread, white rice, sugar (I'm guilty of this one) etc.

PMS is a bitch, good luck Nonny

No. 298576

Nta but how did you get it to resolve? I have the same symptoms as OP plus with diarrhea and occasionally vomiting, it's getting worse to a point where I almost passed out last time. It only goes away once my period ends.

No. 298812

Is it normal to have discharge in your underwear daily?

No. 299818

Over the last week I've been peeing like 6 times a day. It started suddenly, I didn't increase how much I was drinking or anything. When I pee it's always a lot but it has no odour or colour. I have been waking up at 4am daily just because I need to pee so bad even though I don't drink anything after 6pm. There's no pain so I don't think it's a UTI? Anyone know what it could be?

No. 299839

…yes. Duh.

No. 299840

Yes, and can be clear, white, and sometimes it will be brown for no reason. It can be very runny or a bit viscous.
If it's ever very chunky, yellow/green, or just smells horrible, you might have an infection.
You don't need to wear panty liners. We all have little bleach spots in the crotches of some of our panties.

No. 299856

Only thing I can think of is check your blood sugar? Beetus makes one piss a lot sometimes. But more than likely you might be having overactive bladder? Sometimes I do when I am stressed. Its like I am so on edge I keep feeling that any piss in my bladder means it is full and then if I dont go ill piss myself, especially at night, then the cycle kinda solidifies into routine and I end up pissing 3x at night at the same time. Dumb. Good luck though sounds real annoying to deal with.

No. 299935

I've had UTIs without the burning symptom. Maybe blood sugar related too, yeah. May be worth testinh. Truly annoying problem.

No. 300010

Thanks for the advice, it did indeed turn out to be a UTI.

No. 300261

My friends and I were talking about period stuff the other day and most of them were saying how they don't like using tampons because they're too big/ their vaginas are too small to fit even one finger. It sounds stupid but that made me wonder if I'm just loose? I've never had issues with tampons whatsoever and I can easily fit multiple fingers even when I'm not aroused.
I'm kind of traumatized too because when I was 16 my first ever boyfriend told me I was loose while we were having sex and that he couldn't feel anything.. Should I be worried?

No. 300268


Anon you're not fucking loose, that's a misogynistic myth. Vaginas all vary in size and also our menstrual cycles change the shape and depth of our vaginas - the cervix moves around which shortens and lengthens the vaginal canal.

Your friends were probably exaggerating because they are also afraid of being 'loose'. Or maybe it's a freakout situation where they're too tense to insert a tampon or they think it's being sexual and you're in a country where women are shamed for their sexual behaviours.

Tampons are tiny and the vaginal canal is spongy and malleable. Unless you have like vaginismus or another condition you shouldn't have a problem. It's fine.

No. 300269

They're exaggerating or straight up lying. If they genuinely can't fit one finger in they couldn't possibly be sexually active and would get diagnosed with vaginismus. You're vagina is fine anon, don't be dumb.

No. 300280

Lol wat. They probably aren’t using the tampons correctly. They need to be pushed all the way inside where you don’t feel them.

No. 300292

This, they’re absolutely exaggerating. I’m a fair bit older now but when I was high school age a lot of girls used to spew bullshit like this out of internalized misogyny and also low key trying to show off to guys. It’s so weird.

No. 300300

Jesus calm down. Her friends might not lie at all but simply be too tense to insert a tampon because their vaginas are tight when not properly aroused. Vestibulitis and vaginismus are also extremely common. Why did all go straight to them being lying bitches for male attention?

No. 300302

Tbf I’m a virgin and my vagina is extremely tight. I don’t have vaginismus, putting a finger up there is manageable but it’s still uncomfortable and nearly fills it up. It is possible her friends were telling the truth. I haven’t stuck my fingers in any other womens vaginas so I’m not sure what the average size of one is. But I’m sure some women have very tight ones and others have very loose ones and there isn’t much you can do about it. I think nonnies screeching that it’s impossible is dumb too.

No. 300314

I recently turned 30 and my vagina hasn't been the same. I think after my period everything down there is out of whack and I think I get bartholin's cysts it feels like they don't do away until my period starts over again. Has this happened to someone else and if so what did you do? (also I'm taking welbutrin and lexapro if meds have anything to do with it)

No. 300316

I'm 28 and I've been having this same issue. The cyst is recurring and it doesn't hurt but it does make me uncomfortable and itchy. No idea what causes them, I'm doing everything the same as always.

No. 300318

It's weird to assume this. Vaginas vary from person to person. Just because you're able to insert tampons without pain doesn't mean others can. Yes, things are meant to go inside but at the same time many women experience pain/discomfort despite that, even without vaginismus.

No. 300333

It's not common enough for it to be statistically likely that anon has a group of friends who all have it.

No. 300336

Haven't had sex in almost 2 years and my inner labia are beginning to sag outside my outer labia. Funny how that works. Can't tell if it's inactivity or getting older. I plan to remain celibate for probably the rest of my life but I almost wish I could tell some retarded scrote this to disprove whatever incel science about sag goes around.
That said it's really fucking annoying because it keeps touching my panties, chafing, and I'm more prone to cysts now.

No. 300392

NTA but just to add - the too tight to insert tampons or even a finger is a very common meme online among pickmes with a special flavor of internalized misogyny. I'm sure a part of it is young women not knowing how to safely insert tampons and being uncomfortable and tense but it's something that gets repeated quite often in certain circles. To be clear, I don't have anything against these women. Societal shame is a powerful thing. I pity them more than anything.

No. 300416

Wow, I guess I'm blessed in the weirdest way for being born in a country where tampons are nowhere as common as pads and only somewhat recently have started becoming more common, so I've been spared from this pickme witch hunt.

No. 300445

nta but what do pickmes and internalized misogyny have to do with any of this unless they're specifically saying it around men? this whole discussion is weird

No. 300512

If women could just turn off their internalized misogyny when there are no men around, things would be a lot simpler, wouldn't they

No. 300563

Men are irrationally disgusted by periods and menstrual products, this seems more like being trigger happy to call women pick mes.

No. 300565

File: 1669131228293.jpg (179.99 KB, 1170x1951, important_facts_abou.jpg)

The focus isn't period products kek it's about proving their vagina isn't loose.

No. 300638

Still don't get this, is it really that hard to believe that some women simply find it uncomfortable? The "proving their vagina isn't loose" sounds tinfoily, the easier explanation is more believable.

No. 301011

one of my favourite feelings is when I shave my public hair and afterwards I like to stroke the skin on the mound and I find it relaxing, not in a sexual way or anything just as kinda like a comfort thing kek

No. 301576

How do I properly clean under my clitoral hood if direct touch is extremely uncomfortable and slightly painful? I'm pushing through it but I'm literally gritting my teeth to do so every time

No. 301612

If a woman finds wearing a tampon uncomfortable she either has something physically wrong with her vagina or she is putting tampons in wrong. If you have 10 friends and 7 of them are having problems with tampons the most likely explanation is that one of them has vaginismus, another one is using tampons wrong, and the other 5 are aware of or have experienced how women are shamed for having a loose vagina even though noticeably loose vaginas are rare, and those 5 say that they also have problems with tampons because they're afraid of being shamed.
Also I never called anyone a pickme. I hate that word.

No. 301615

I've put in a tampon wrong on several occasions. Agree with this theory.

No. 301641


Don't any of you guys know how to do a google search?
It's such common knowledge that you don't need to clean inside your vagina!
Just give the outside a scrub over with some soap and you're all good!

No. 301671

I used to think it's normal but this thread has me a bit paranoid now. I pee around 11 times or so per day. To my defense though I also drink a gallon or more of water every day. A few years ago I was having some itching and it turned out to be a UTI - but I was a virgin and I drink a shit ton of water so to this day I have no idea how that happened. Recently some of my discharge is looking similar to how it was back then, but back then I was less knowledgeable about discharge so I thought anything white around my folds was an infection and I may have subconciously kept that association. I have no itching and nothing changed about my lifestyle. Am I just paranoid? Do any of you pee so much too? I literally don't remember a time of my life when I didn't pee so much kek

No. 301677

Yeah, I got a bladder the size of a pea, I go pretty much every or every other hour or more often when I actually drink the recommended two liters a day. I'm scared of how bad it'll be once I'm old lol.

No. 301681

I don't like tampons because it just feels weird. I think I might have a short vaginal canal or maybe it's angled in a weird way because I just always feel it and it irritates me. OR maybe I just have a normal vagina and I don't like the sensation of a cotton stick being stuck inside me.

No. 301696

>it turned out to be a UTI - but I was a virgin and I drink a shit ton of water so to this day I have no idea how that happened
Uhh you can get UTIs without ever having sex, women get them all the time its normal.

No. 301728


This happened when I was a teenager and I think my gyno was being weirdly confrontational to me because of that. So basically she just told me its either lack of water, from sex or from public toilets (???) and nothing else. Since the first two options were out and I rarely/never use public toilets and am anal about hygiene I was left confused to this day kek sexual education is absolutely rock bottom here. I'm still wondering how I got it to this day, mostly so I can prevent it

No. 301739

File: 1669859953231.jpeg (76.1 KB, 827x622, E416C7B9-6750-4142-85AC-E63D19…)

I’m really embarrassed to admit this but this year I started getting yeast infections mind you I never got them as an adult and then suddenly this year I had it like 3x once back to back. When I realized it was the pads, wipes and feminine wash I was using I got so paranoid that I stopped washing my vulva with anything other than water. My yeast infections never came back once I did that but I noticed my vagina had a weird smell even when I just got out the shower. It never felt clean and never smelled good. I really thought I was defective. Yesterday I saw a thread on LSA about feminine washes and they kept mentioning how you need to clean your vulva because so much sweat, dead skin and other gunk builds up and just water isn’t gonna cut it. I felt dumb because it finally hit me that my punani never felt clean or smelled clean no matter how many showers I took because I had months of dead skin and sweat just accumulating. My sister has this sweet spot gentle cleanser she uses and I did a Hail Mary and used it and BITCH my pussy finally feels like mine again. I don’t feel sore or anything anymore either. I’m so embarrassed that I was really going to go my whole life not washing my vulva properly. Today I tried the dove unscented soap everyone swears by and I’m so excited to report that it didn’t give me a yeasty either!! It just so embarrassing to realize I wasn’t cleaning myself properly at my big age. But I can’t be too mad at myself because my vulva is really sensitive and burns easily. I’m just happy my vagina feels normal again.

No. 301742

I just use water and soap, do you (and other nonas) think it's not enough? Should I start using soap specifically made for that?

No. 301745

Tiny white dot always in the same place sounds like one of your glands (Bartholin or Skene) is accumulating gunk. If you're able to clear it every time it's probably fine but the glands can get clogged/infected if you don't.

If you're not having problems like bad smell/feeling or infections then you should just keep doing whatever you're doing.

No. 301765

File: 1669871239714.jpg (60.76 KB, 843x843, 317083694_670201347814191_5882…)

No. 301774

I've never washed my vulva with anything other than water (aside from one time as a little kid when I used soap but I got this burning sensation and complained to my mom who told me to use water only). I've never felt like I stink. I thought washing with water only was the norm but maybe it doesn't work for everyone.

No. 301784

Half the human population didn't have to wait for centuries until 21st century chemists developed vag soap. Warm water, a washcloth and maybe soap if you really want to is good enough.

>because so much sweat, dead skin and other gunk builds up and just water isn’t gonna cut it.

This in particular is just not true. Warm water + friction washes all that away. Think about it, sweat is water soluble and dead skin, oils and other gunk will wipe away with the friction from a washcloth after being exposed to warm water.

Don't fall for smart marketing trickery, women didn't need to wait for money hungry business people to find a way to take care of our bodies.

No. 301800

Ehh a lot of people also died prematurely before the invention of soap so looking to the past isn’t always helpful. Your vulva is not self cleaning and water alone doesn’t clean anything otherwise everyone would just use water and a sponge to wash the dishes

No. 301801

I feel like a little unscented soap if it doesn’t burn or cause irritation does more good than harm. I was using just water and my washcloth and still never felt as clean as when I added soap the equation again.

No. 301805

Nayrt. Use soap on your vulva if you want to, I do so myself, you'll probably be fine. But this
>Ehh a lot of people also died prematurely before the invention of soap so looking to the past isn’t always helpful
take is a false equivalence and retarded. You're not gonna die from not washing your vulva with water only unless you have a fucking gaping wound or are severely immunocompromised and someone introduces mrsa on your vulva or something.

No. 301807

I know you mean it well nonnie but by your logic we don't need deodorants either. Sure we don't, but I don't feel like washing my armpits with warm water every three hours either, even if it's a healthier option. If water alone is enough for you to achieve feeling as clean as possible then I'm honestly jealous. For me friction does more harm to my sensitive skin than a quick rinse with a basic soap, especially during that time of the month.

No. 301808

> Your vulva is not self cleaning
I wish women knew their anatomy better. We're told vaginas are self-cleaning that is true! But the vulva isn't the vagina and women conflate the two due to poor education/lack of so things can get a little funky.

No. 301836

Virgin here. Nonnies how come whenever I think of lewd stuff to excite myself my vag suddenly starts to hurt a little? As if it's contracting/closing itself? Google isn't really answering me kek.

No. 301842

Don't know what it is but I get the same. It's kinda similar to the pain I feel in my vag during my period lol.

No. 301907

Washing my vulva with soap always gives me a UTI even when I try to prevent the soap from getting in certain areas idk why

No. 301915

Same here. Even alot of products that claim to be suitable for intimate areas.. do more harm than good for me.

No. 301971

My discharge is yellow (unusual yellow, not bright but deeper than should be normal) even before drying, but i dont have any itching or pain, nor does it smell bad.
I want to go to get checked and take medicine for it (i think its probably a lighter case of bv), but i have a week-long trip tomorrow and im scared it's going to get worse if i wait. Should i put the trip off or wait a week?

No. 301976

'it's common knowledge not to use soap'

Yes on the inside i.e. the vagina. I think you'll find I said the outside (the vulva) is fine to wash with soap, or do you just have a smelly unwashed groin and taint?

No. 302000

Love how you're acting all high and mighty as if you didn't assume up there that the clitoral hood is part of your vagina kek

No. 302001

Scrote claws typed this post.

No. 302044

It's safe to get tested but sometimes as gross as it sounds, sometimes you'll have droplets of pee leak and it mixes with discharge to be light yellow. You're likely fine

No. 302045

How do you guys get rid of smegma/dry skin? It seems like no matter how much I wash and scrub dry skin and sweat collects around my clitoral hood area and nothing gets it out unless I use a small amount of soap

No. 302057

I just pick at it/scrape it

No. 302058

Calloused fingertips and warm water. Maybe check that you don't have a yeast infection or something though, idk if you're exaggerating the asking if smegma but it doesn't sound ok

No. 302059

amount of* sorry

No. 302062

are you retarded? having vaginismus is pickmeism? retard

No. 302071

Tbh I've only ever pulled back to clean and seen visible white build up once in my life. I'd been sick and hadn't had the energy to bathe for way too many days.

No. 302079

help what is normal threshold for period pain— i feel like mine have gotten worse since covid.
>cramps that wake you up in the middle of night
normal or not?
if i take advil and the cramps go away, its normal pain right?

No. 302089

I am in the same situation and it doesn't seem too bad to me, I'm just happy painkillers exist.

No. 302091

Seems normal to me.

No. 302099

File: 1670083090025.png (210.9 KB, 720x720, 2531038.png)

tbh i think you just have to experiment until you find a product that works. Personally what made me stop washing my vulva was the fact that honeypot products kept giving me the worst yeast infections of my life and it traumatized me. I have a very sensitive vulva even certain baby wipes will upset it. However recently i tried my sisters Sweet Spot Labs. and its been the only thing that hasn't irritated my vulva so far. Even the dove soap i tried i had to stop because i felt a small sharp pain that i didnt experience with the sweet spot. I found out that honeypot uses essential oils so i think thats what was irritating me and giving me yeasties but sweet spot doesnt have that. I hope you can find a cleanser gentle enough for your vulva nonnie! Pic related is what i used but if your scared of using a scented one they have unscented versions too! And you can use it as a full body wash. It also lasts a long time if you just use it on your vulva, so the price is worth it. (i sound like an ad but i swear im just so happy that my vulva feels normal again!)

No. 302108

thats normal! personally i have to take at least 3-4 advils in order to not experience intense cramping no matter the time of day. but for me i have to take the advil the second i know my period is here because if i wait its like my uterus knows and im immediately wishing for death to take me

No. 302120

I have been on pill birth control (triphasic) for about 7 months now, and I had a bout of breakthrough bleeding around month 3 and it went away after about a month. My bf came in me maybe twice within this week? Yesterday going to the bathroom, I had red/brown spotting which has basically turned into a mini period halfway thru my birth control packet. Is this time for a visit to change the pill to monophasic? I even had normal period symptoms like cramps and good old period shits.

No. 302121

Some womens bodies can override birth control hormones. You should definitely switch to a different pill.

No. 302122

That looks really good but dammit I hate how expensive all American products here in the UK are. That should cost 15 dollars but it costs 45 dollars here.

No. 302291

Hey everyone, posting this to see if anyone else relates or has any advice. I'm 22 years old and have never had a sex drive. Never masturbated growing up but once I learned what it was I tried multiple times with no luck. I've had sex multiple times with both men and women and felt nothing every time. I experience sexual attraction to people, I like reading erotica, sex scenes in movies, I even like the act of sex just for the intimacy of it, but I don't feel any physical pleasure from any of these things. I would like to experience an orgasm or just know what it feels like to experience pleasure. Any idea what could cause this? I've always been this way. I don't want to give up and live my whole life like this. Seen a gynecologist and they couldn't find anything wrong. Talked to doctors about it and all they can think to suggest is that I should change my diet or something equally as uncomforting and useless.

No. 302307

If you feel sexually attracted to people than you have sex drive. I don't know anything about you, but I might suggest exploring your sexuality and try to have good time while doing so. You might don't know what Rea turns you on and how to get off, I noticed there is some anons here who have trouble orgasming during sex or masturbation, I think there is nothing wrong with them per se, they just don't know how their bodies work. Like there is woman in this world who deadass don't know how their clitoris works.
Try to see what works for you and don't let it become something performative, it's okay to have a low sex drive, and if you don't want to do anything sexual at the moment it's okay too.
Also I might suggest that you have some obscure ass fetish that you don't know about yet and can't get your rocks off without it. Idk, try figuring it out too.

No. 302317

Thank you, I appreciate the response. I guess what I should clarify is that I really have never felt physically aroused. I like to think about sex but I don't get turned on or anything like that. This is what I'd like to change. I'd like to feel something when my partner touches me. When I touch my clitoris it has the same sensation for me as touching any other part of my body. Regarding the fetish part, I don't really like that idea but I guess you could be right. I hope that's not the case and I don't have to spend the rest of my life relying on something weird to get me off.

No. 302327

Are you stimulating yourself enough anon? It can sometimes take women way longer to orgasm or for being touched to even start feeling good. It's a little hard for me to wrap my head around absence of pleasure, but since you say you've never had an orgasm I don't want to say you have sexual ahedonia just yet. Do you use your fingers? Have you tried maybe seeing if a vibrator can help you out and also pinpoint where it feels best for you? You're really going to have to spend some quality time by yourself experimenting. Be patient and persistent, and good luck anon! I hope you can be able to experience it all.

No. 302331

Have you ever taken or are currently on birth control and/or certain medications (antidepressants, antipsychotics, etc.)? I've known some girls who have that problem because of one or the other. Pelvic floor dysfunction is also something that affects sensitivities down there. If not, I do think you may not have found your "thing" yet, and I don't mean a weird fetish or anything. I used to feel broken because I didn't like touching my clit and have trouble feeling aroused the typical way, and my gynecologist shrugged it off. But I realize arousal manifests in me different when I think about sex (usually in a mental/emotional way, I notice other erogenous zones get more sensitive, and I feel tight in my chest) I find doing stuff internally more satisfying. I also don't find touching my clit satisfying, but vibrators are nice, I tried different kinds but the Vibratex is the strongest.

No. 302342

Yep, that's might be too. I'm not sure about antidepressants and birth control, but I take antipsychotics. Before them I was a porn addicted horndog but know I barely think about sex at all and don't enjoy being touched or anything like that.

No. 302377

Yeah, raised prolactin can cause sexual issues, but I know for some conditions you can't just taper off them willy-nilly. Can you talk to a psychiatrist about it?

No. 302408

Idk, I'm against changing meds all the time especially because of minor inconveniences like lowered sex drive or packing a few pounds or whatever drives people crazy when they start taking their schizo pills.
I still can get off, it's just a very rare occurrence. Especially compared to how I was before cause when I don't take my meds I become sex obsessed weirdo who spends her time looking for the most degenerate hentai our there. So, maybe it's not a bad trade-off.
I kinda envy nonnas out there who don't masturbate or their idea of kinky sex is mundane shit like biting or dirty talk kek. Oh, to be this innocent…

No. 302436

I feel a small bump around my labia minora, near my clit. It feels hard (almost like a white head stuck under the skin on you face?) And it doesnt feel like anything. Im googling what it could be but im not seeing anything that could be what my labia minora has. What could it be?

No. 302450

Fordyce spot?

No. 302538

AYRT. I'm confused, I thought you were >>302291 who reported having no sex drive and never orgasmed. If you personally don't mind it, then you don't have to change that, then.

Personally, I used to be into kinky fictional stuff (never actual porn), but I lost the majority of interest in it after a while, because it stemmed from trauma and low self-esteem. I'm not saying that might be the case for you, but it's my experience.

No. 302562

Is unscented lotion okay to use around your lips? I always put on lotion after a shower and go around my areas with it just cause I like keeping my skin smooth, honestly never thought about it causing issues and it hasn't yet, just like to know if it could though

No. 302580

I sometimes do it too and never had problems. If I know I'll be going more inwards, not touching lips, but very close - basically those parts of pussy that grow hair - I'll use 100% coldpressed grapeseed or apricot kernel oil instead.

No. 302876

My doctor's want me to have a well woman's appointment. The problem is I'm scared of being touched by strangers especially in intimate places. I do have concerns about my health, because my period hasnt been regular since I was 15. At one point I went a few years without it and even now it's just a couple times a year. I asked a doctor if I could have someone with me that I trusted and she said no, so I went with another doctor that said yes. Even in those circumstances it's going to be awkward because the friend is a guy. My lady friends don't live close to me at all. Any advice on getting through this and getting whatever help it is I need? I'm used to doctors who seem uninterested in helping or accommodating. I'm 29 now so if anything was egregiously wrong I'm worried that I'll be judged for not getting help a decade sooner. Sorry if this isn't the right thread.

No. 302968

has anyone ever scratched a little too hard when their vulva itches? i did 3 days ago and it felt like a match getting struck against lighter strips for some reason. now i have some skin swelling there and it hurts whenever i cross my legs. this is day 3 and idk what to do to make it better faster. it's just skin swelling + maybe some fluid buildup without any open wounds. idk wtf to do about it other than wait

No. 302981

Irregular periods are often from hormonal issues or endo which is easily testable with no need to touch your downstairs, ask if you could get tested for those

No. 302990

Does anyone know the science behind how some women feel emotions in their vagina? Maybe it's similar to how you can feel nervousness or giddiness in your stomach? Like when you are angry or disgusted or irritated, you can feel your vagina twitch or clench in disgust? I don't know how to explain it exactly but it clenches in anger, not in a sexual way but exactly in an angry/irritated. Any anon here also experience that?

No. 303000

Basically, you have two types of nervous systems in your body, sympathetic and parasympathetic. They have different functions but basically it's an autonomous system that controls your many bodily functions, like increasing hearth rate or activating or constricting bowel movement (that's why people feel nauseous when they are stressed). Anyway, parasympathetic nervous system affects smooth muscles in your body so that the vesels can dilate and blood would freely flow to a particular organ. On opposite side, sympathetic nervous system shoots down the blood flow in certain organs (although it dilates bronchioles and blood vessels in skeletal muscles and such). Basically, your nervous system starts acting up and starts alternating your blood flow and sensory function, so you would feel weird sensation or contractions in your body when stressed, like nausea, sweet dripping (a reaction of sympathetic system) or numbness I'm certain body parts.
My neurology is junky, so take it with a grain of salt.

No. 303001

Samefag, but if you wonder, feeling weird in your vagina in stressful situations is normal.
Men experience similar stuff hen they are in extreme situations. That's why some soldiers say that they get hard ons during combat, they blood starts flowing like crazy, including the dick.

No. 303016

Thanks a lot, this was super helpful and interesting. I guess your vagina feeling bad emotions is just the consequence of these systems. Also makes sense that men have a similar reaction. Crazy stuff, not gonna lie. I have pretty bad misophonia so I imagine it contributes to that because I go into a fight or flight response hearing chewing sounds… very interesting, thanks again.

No. 303172

Sorry did not checked the thread, thanks for your answer !
I'm probably never gonna have PIV/ penetrative sex since I'm a lesbian and I'm not sensitive in the cervix/ only one spot within the vagina . If I have kids from sperm donor in the futur I would not want to have to be in imaculate conception mode lol. Honestly if I could get it riped open without blunt force it would be good because it's so painful.

No. 303176

I recently tried to have sex with a moid for the first time (I'm bi)and it was excruciatingly painful, we couldn't get anything done. Never had PIV before but the deeper he went in the more painful. I'm not sure if it's vaginismus or endo because I do have a lot of endo symptoms, or both.
Worst part is he thought I had to get over it and the pain would go away, he tried to force it in and it hurt like hell like someone stabbed my vagina, I actually screamed kek.

I can't even get tampons in without some level of discomfort, do you think it's vaginismus?

No. 303288

same anon giving an update. turns out it's ingrown hair cysts right on my vulva. rip. for now i'm applying warm washcloths to it 3 times a day for 10 mins and i'll call a healthline about it tomorrow coz its embedded pretty deep…

No. 303307

I was prescribed some cream for my vulvodinia, applied it yesterday for the first time, and one of my inner lips got very inflamed. But I didn't apply it correctly after checking, could that have been why? It's actually helping so I don't want to stop using it.

No. 303316

stop having sex with men

No. 303319

If he could get it in then it's not vaginismus. Was the pain more of a burning sensation? I've had that when I've tried to masturbate with penetration, and I've just come to the conclusion I don't like it and I don't force myself to do it. Also holy shit, your moid should be killed for not taking it slow with you.

No. 303321

You're not broken you just had bad sex with this moid for whatever reason it happens. I've been aroused enough to take a dick over 6 inches and too anxious to let a 4 incher get in. There's a lot of emotion involved in sex regardless of what anyone tries to tell you. If you're not into it the body can show signs before you've figured it out. Sex is best enjoyed when you're comfortable and trusting of the person you're with. Also the first time in general can be uncomfortable, but this sounds more like you didn't click with the person.

No. 303322

I just reread properly he was forceful and told you to get over it and he kept going deeper. Yea you had bad sex with a shit moid don't fuck him again

No. 303357

He could get only a little more than the tip in, not fully because it was seriously painful when he tried, it wasn't a burning sensation i could put up with but intense pain. I'm not sure how vaginismus is supposed to feel like so I'm just guessing but yeah, regardless if i have it or not it seems he had no idea what he was doing. Thank you nonnas

No. 304016

File: 1671045787047.jpg (54.93 KB, 1200x798, creamy-herb-fettuccine.jpg)

TMI but for some reason when I have a yeast infection it has an odor reminiscent of dried oregano, like a pasta-and-oregano dish my relative used to make. I've never seen anyone else describe a yeast infection smelling like that before, so I'm wondering if it's normal or something unique to my microbiota.

No. 304021

Maybe it's because people generally won't associate an infection with food they like. Also I was fucking eating, thank you.

No. 304069

How does one 'freshen up' before sex?? Like going into the bathroom for a minute before stuff happens. I'm completely inexperienced and all but I hate even masturbating if I've had a really long day (especially if sweaty), I just feel icky so I take a shower, I'd feel even worse with a partner… but that's not always possible to hop in the shower.

No. 304083

In a pinch you use a wet wipe or something to fresh up down there and perhaps your pits if needed and swipe some deodorant, but it all depends on what bathroom your in or what you have on you. Nothing wrong with taking a quick shower beforehand too, really it just depends on the situation and how spontaneous it is

No. 304084

don’t listen to the other anon, wipes are bad for your cooch. you could use a wet cloth to make sure there’s no discharge clumps though

No. 304092

The wet wipe thing completely depends on the woman whether she will be sensitive to it or not but I use those unfragranced baby wipes you can get. Sensitive baby wipes seem to work way better than any sort of "feminine hygiene" wipes which are bs anyway. You can just wipe yourself down, brush your tongue, re-apply deodorant, that's it really.

No. 304107

Get over your insecurities; I bet you don't make your moid "freshen up" before sex and he needs it more than you do.

No. 304111

Everyone should freshen up before sex, why would you want to be musty for the person you're having sex with

No. 304112

Was just about to say the same thing do anons not wash up/make their partner wash up before sex? I do the same so as to not transfer alot of germs between, seems better to make both people do it than just one person and pray you don’t get a UTI tbh

No. 304114

Fair enough. But from her wording it sounds like she doesn't make him freshen up. And for the sake of her health, let's be real, she doesn't need to freshen up, but he does so he doesn't give her infections.

No. 304124

has anyone heard of VP (Vestibular papillomatosis)??

I got a scare a while ago bc i felt irritation from rough sex and noticed a weird cluster?? I thought i had HPV and went to the doctor and everything came back good. My partner and I are only seeing eachother and been with maybe one other person?

anyway the irritation felt the same was when i have my period and its heavy so pads make me feel irritated and weird. Googling it just seems to have brought up this thing called VP. 30% of women have it and its not warts or cancer but no research is done on this :// Women with VP are disproportionately misdiagnosed with HPV and stressed for something they dont even have. I just wish there were more resources on womens health outside of “doesnt kill u idc”( :// )

No. 304199

This, i always smell my Nigel’s dick before sex and tell him to wash it if it stinks. He got weird about it at first but then i explained that it’s for my vaginal health, which ultimately affects our sex life.

No. 306797

Anon with hymen hurting like hell if I even try to put 2 fingers in. Tried to slowly stretch it out will being preped over some time and last time and I bled a bit. How does straight women even can handle that pain by a moid's penis, like I was in full control and it felt like 7/10 pain how does TiM can dilate not even skin, but scar tissue, over month and months? It torture

No. 306820

you probably have vaginismus, nonna.

No. 306865

That sucks anon. I also had a hymen before I lost my virginity. I would try inserting even small things but it hurt so much. Honestly I just got a bit tipsy and had sex with a scrote. Not very glamorous and I'm not advising you to do the same if you're not into sex with men, but after that first time it didn't hurt any longer and I could insert things.

No. 307038

I did not have a good mother figure in my life so I have not cleaned properly down there EVER. How do I clean smegma down there? I feel so nasty when I looked at the mirror and I didn't even know I had any. It is hard to have the mirror face me and i dont know how to clean properly. Does anyone know any tips to clean the build up? Should I just go to the doctor?

No. 307106

Im sure there are plenty of hygiene yt videos to walk you through it, but nonna stop and consider to just google “how to clean (whatever area on body) best.” Sure, you didnt have a good role model to show you, but now youre a grown ass adult with modern day access to info. So use it.

No. 307229

Thank you. I panicked and posted to make sure if there was any disinformation or anything I should look out for. I'm concerned about contrasting informations so I like getting different perspectives. I actually cleaned it and feel muuuch better.

No. 307241

i hate how pornbrained this question is but anyone here ever safely bleach their labia?
i’m white and turned 25 and honestly it’s getting ever darker and i dont like it. when i look at it it looks like i haven’t wiped enough
i’m in europe so i doubt i can do anything unless with an aesthetician

No. 307247

I would go against bleaching your labia regardless but especially if it's at home because that shit is dangerous. Please don't do it, its pornbrained indeed and women's vulva area is meant to be darker anyway. It's not something you should even consider fixing because well, there's nothing "wrong" in the first place.

No. 307250

Everyone has darker labia that’s normal same with penises. Even if your skin is paper white having a brown butthole or darker labia is perfectly normal it’s to do with endocrine and hormonal factors, literally just a sign of sexual maturity. The only people who have a problem with it are pedophiles who you shouldn’t be dating anyway.

No. 307251

I would also like to know this, I was inspecting my vagina in the mirror and noticed some whiteish stuff among the folds that seemed to be smegma. I scrub myself quite thoroughly down there with ph wash but it seems I missed those areas. Maybe you should use a toothbrush or something? You might have to lift the flaps up (sorry) and brush between them more thoroughly.

No. 307258

Do not bleach your labia wtf. Most adult women will have theirs darken as they age. Don't bother rationalizing it to yourself saying it's for "you" either, you wouldn't have an insecurity around your own body part if the society you live in didn't put ideas in your head about the inadequacy of the color of your pussy.

No. 307324

I always found light labias weird looking. Unless your gonna be spread eagle on a porn centerfold why bother ?

No. 307337

A toothbrush? seriously what are you thinking, just use a wet wipe or a rag with warm water. It's just lint/dead skin and sweat nothing to get all worked up about.

No. 307587

File: 1673572315887.jpeg (131.1 KB, 1500x1185, d926c6e3-f5d0-4e41-99aa-5ff01c…)

just want to warn against honeypot pads + liners (another nona already advised against the wash, which i never tried). i didn't realize it when i bought them about a month ago in a bind, but didn't notice that they are "infused with mint." let me tell you that these things are the goddamn worst and that mint essential oil does not belong in or around your vagina. it burns like hell, nothing like the "cooling" or "tingling" sensation that is advertised.

they're supposed to soothe your cramps, but i get cramps in my uterus, not my labia. which is what is actually touching the pad, so what is that advertising? basically this is the wrong way to set your loins aflame, try something else. and let my foolishness be your reminder to read the packaging carefully and figure out what's scented and what isn't before buying it!

No. 307603

These things are in marshalls for a reason, i've heard many bad things about these pads and tbh i am very weary of most of these holistic sounding companies that make women's hygiene products.

No. 307611

I think some skepticism is good since natural ≠ safe, but I think organic cotton pads like Cora are a safe bet (unless they're laced with a toxic "natural" pesticide in the name of "organic").

No. 307612

>mint infused pad
I just can’t wrap my head around this being a real product, it looks like a joke. There is no way they got any real women to test this.

No. 307614

File: 1673584552326.jpg (80.92 KB, 600x600, 235867452_4109400122491422_120…)

I honestly am surprised that a women made these pads and not a man. I was looking reviews of this and literally after typing up honey pot pads I have gotten numerous complaints about this and I found a report from the Food and Drug Administration of America with one event reported from three years ago despite the numerous reports online telling me other wise

No. 307616

I've heard so many women say these are good, so I was planning on trying them. I get labia pain so I think it would feel nice. I remember there was a lot of controversy about them sneakily changing the formula of their wash and apparently having bad ingredients, but I honestly don't know if that was just miscommunication and confusion.

No. 307899

how the fuck can they put "no fragrances" right below "mint, lavender, aloe" like what the fuck is a fragrance anyway?

No. 307960

How did any of you escape PCOS hell? I'm taking metformin and drospirenone and I feel like it's finally working. I might finally make it out and have a normal period cycle again. At the end of the day, I feel like I should have seen a fucking gyno at the earliest possible opportunity. I just want to stop being skinnyfat. I work out regularly, take multivitamins, eat well, stay on a calorie deficit, and go easy on the sugar. I feel like I'm doing everything right but nothing seems to change, and I haven't had my period in a whole ass year.

No. 308025

Have any nonnies had incontinent issues with doing kegels? I think I have pretty weak muscles there so I want to strengthen them for better orgasms + I heard they should be stronger when I want to have a baby in the future. Anyway, whenever I do kegel exercises, I think I tire the muscles out and then am no longer able to hold in my pee. I have to literally run to the bathroom or else I won't make it. Am I doing something wrong? Or is there something wrong with my body?

No. 308067

How’s your glutes? Your pelvic floor is like a trampoline that supports everything there. It needs to be level. If you have weak glutes and over tighten your pelvic floor you can “tilt” the trampoline which could be the pee leak. Try adding in some squats and hip thrusts a few times a week. Think 12 in sets of 4 and see if it’s better.
It could also be over tightness on the inside of thigh can you sit criss cross applesauce

No. 308294

Nonnas, I every once in a blue moon get little cysts down there, I've had it checked before and it's all okay, maybe sensitive? Well now I've got one right on the inner lips and it kills. Any advice?

No. 310836

Nonnas, I've got my second pap smear in a few days. My first time was horrible and I was really struggling, any tips to help it feel less painful and tense this time around? My friend said drink before but it's first thing in the morning.

No. 310843

Not sure if this is the right thread, but is bleeding after sex normal? I only lost my virginity about a month ago so I don’t have a great sense of what’s normal for me in this regard, but it has never happened before. It was enough blood that if I hasn’t just finished my period I would have thought it was just beginning (I don’t have very heavy periods though). What is going on??

No. 310856

Tranny hands wrote this

No. 310859

It’s not super common but it’s usually nothing to be concerned about especially within the first few months of losing your virginity.

No. 311535

Nonnies I'm so embarrassed and googling is fruitless so I just wanted to ask here as a last resort before going to a gyno…I itch on and off right at like the "end" of my vulva, sort of where the perineum starts. It's not an std, it's not a yeast infection, I wash there regularly. Everything looks ok too when I use a hand mirror; nothing's discolored. It just started happening around December. I thought it was because of new underwear I got that were a hip hugger cut and not breifs, so I got rid of them and went without underwear as long as I could until my period started, then I wore cloth pads and everything seemed to irritate it. Sex irritats it a lot. It seems that if I go without underwear and occasionally put Vaseline on the area, it's mostly fine. It doesn't even itch 24/7 when it does itch, it just itches SUPER bad when it does get itchy. I just can't figure out why this is happening, is it just suddenly contact dermititis? A year from sex that just hasn't healed and keeps getting annoyed? I can't really tell if that place is rubbing together when I walk but it's possible? Am I doomed to just put Vaseline there until I die??

No. 311623

Do you have vaginal dryness in general? Could be a hormonal imbalance or maybe medication causing you to be more dry and therefore itchy.

No. 311730

You know I do…it gets worse when I'm on birth control, but I've been on it again for almost a year. I am thinking it might have to do with me working out more? I'm consistently doing cardio & squats and stuff like that, getting sweaty then cleaning up with a wash cloth afterwards. Maybe that's also drying me out. I'm going to buy some of this monistat anti-chafing cream next time I'm at the store to see if it helps

No. 311952

i had my smear test yesterday and it was painful as hell, but I’m being called dramatic. I don’t know whether I was anxious or what and the nurse said I was sensitive. Looking around online I see countless others who didn’t even care and I’m embarrassed as hell.

No. 311953

File: 1675906822691.jpg (5.73 KB, 266x189, cathug.jpg)


Sorry to hear that, anon.
Smear tests suck, I find them extremely uncomfortable myself.
Who said that you were being dramatic? The nurse shouldn't have said you were sensitive, it might be a common and simple procedure that shouldn't be painful but she should have been more empathetic. Not everyone will be comfortable with the process, the nurse should be aware of that and try and make you as comfortable as possible.
I know this might not be helpful but I know quite a few women who find them extremely uncomfortable and/or painful, everyone is different. Although it really shouldn't be extremely painful, that might be something you might want to get checked.
But you shouldn't feel embarrassed, everyone has a different pain tolerance and with different things.
I guess just try to remember that it's a necessary check up, maybe next time mention it to the nurse that last time was really painful, hopefully they will be more understanding and try to be a little more gentle.

No. 312020

I've had smears and then I've had further exams in a colposcopy clinic after they found cell changes. Lots of follow up exams and personally never felt anything that I'd even call uncomfortable. It was my results that stressed me rather than the exams themselves. Sometimes when I see nonnies stressing out about their upcoming first pap I want to tell them I didn't feel a thing to help calm their nerves but tbh.. it varies alot so nobody can make the claim that its always fine or always awful. I've heard of women finding it painful and others being like 'oh is that it?'

I might be in the 'wait is that it?' group myself but I don't think anyone is being dramatic if they had a harder time. The important thing is you went and got through it. Catching cell changes early on can save you from having alot more invasive procedures done in the long run. If you ever feel like staff have a bad bedside manner at appts avoid those people but don't get discouraged from finding a better professional to perform it. If staff make these exams any more unpleasant than they have to be (if they pass comment or shame you for your reaction) then they're only putting women at risk by scaring them away from getting screenings.

No. 312948

is there a way not to piss yourself a lil when you sneeze?

No. 312963

>me minding my business in 2020
>suddenly develop weird symptoms that feels like thrush at the time
>it clears up within a few days. Ok no big deal I guess
>it comes back again next month on the exact same days of my cycle (around day 8-10 after my period)
>my vulva and underwear straight up smell acidic almost like piss or ammonia with watery or small amounts of pale yellow discharge
>fast forward to 2023 and I still have these symptoms. I go to the doctors for my first smear
>nurse says it looks like I have an infection as my vulva is red and theres discharge, she does swabs as well as a smear
>it comes back completely clear and theres no bv/thrush/std/abnormal cells

What the fuck is going on nonners? I don't even know what step to take next given that my tests came back negative. It's itchy, sore and it smells like sour pee every single month and it's annoying as fuck. I even took some extra STD tests for things like trich and those were negative too. I'm losing my mind. It feels like every month I become allergic to my own discharge or something. I'm having some blood tests done next month too as my periods are getting heavier and more painful. It's getting scary out here.

No. 312968

I'm female, or at least marked so at birth. I have a uterus and ovaries, but something is very clearly wrong with my vagina.
I'm 19, I was never allowed to see a gynecologist and still have not seen one due to other problems. My mom refused to get karotype testing done due to her fear of being forced to abort when one, we're in America, and two, that's delusional. Despite the doctor strongly recommending doing it due to some anomalies found.
When I was 16, I was prescribed estradiol without a doctor seeing me, due to period cramps so severe it made me bedridden, and bleeding so heavily I have to make a makeshift diaper. I was quickly taken off due to my body feeling alien and me trying to kill and mutilate myself, my emotions were completely fucked, and so on. The doctor laughed and said I was overreacting despite my parents being right there and wrestling the knife away from me.
Physically, I do not have a visible clitoris, nor can I find one by feeling around. I have never felt "turned on," I have a very childlike voice and my birth canal is malformed to the point I can't wear even the smallest tampons, because it hurts and doesn't fit. Even clumps of blood is painful, because I cannot pass it as well as other women. There are hairs internally that itch and burn and I have taken a picture of my vagina at one point, within the past couple months, to see what it looked like out of curiosity, and no visible labia, even when spread.
Nonnas, I'm getting my first ultrasound soon, they put me on the list and from there I'll learn when it's scheduled. My doctor wants to see what the Ultrasound says is wrong before potentially making me see a gyno or getting a karotype test.
I'm scared of what's wrong with me.

No. 313002

That's stress incontinence and you should see a gyno for that, it's not natural. Stress incontinence can be caused by many factors such as pregnancy, birth, obesity, etc.

No. 313014

Nonna, I'm sad you're going through this but no matter what happens… you were born this way. Nothing you could have done about it. I'm hoping the docs have some positive news and solutions for you.

No. 313030

I'm the anon, and thank you! I read through this thread and noticed that others have had the same, or similar, problems. It's weird to me because, while I'm sad I have these problems, I'm relieved to know I'm not alone in this. Thank you!

No. 313073

>Even clumps of blood is painful, because I cannot pass it as well as other women
those jelly blood clot things? I thought it was common for those to be painful when they pass..

No. 313080

All of your signs are consistent with being female, though. I have vaginismus and also couldn't get penetrated for a long time. I don't have labia minora and my clitoris is seemingly non-existent. My periods were also painful to the point that I have passed out at work from them (the doctor said I literally just passed out due to pain overloading my brain). Now I'm on birth control and I don't ever let myself get my period on the pill, that's the best decision I've made.

Unfortunately, being a female is rife with physical pain. When you say you don't have labia, what do you mean?

No. 313081

Really? If so, that's relieving
Thank you! My reaction that was extremely bad to estrogen of all things is mainly why I questioned if I was female, because most female bodies don't reject estrogen in any form that hard. Which essentially means, I cannot go on birth control, not that I have ever had any interest in sex. The bright side, is that the ultrasound will reveal if I need a hysterectomy or not, and the pain should stop that way.
When I say I don't have a visible labia, I mean that externally, my vagina looks like two folds of flesh with a gaping hole, nothing else internal is visible, and the hairs go internally. No lips, just a vulva.
It's funny to me despite the pain, that I was basically given a biological stinkditch. Where they got the vulva right and nothing else

No. 313106

The clumps passing are not painful whatsoever for me- interesting. I can't tell when I am passing one unless I see it in the toilet.

No. 313111

Most women's bodies don't react adversely to estrogen, but an anomaly is just a deviation from the average, it doesn't mean it's unheard of. Many women have adverse reactions to hormonal birth control. Estrogen especially can cause very serious neurological issues in some women myself included. It can be dangerous or even fatal. Not being able to take it does not make us any less female! Our bodies still produce estrogen but we can't tolerate too much. You can still use non hormonal birth control if you ever choose to have sex with a man, but I know you were on it to make your periods feel better and maybe have a little control over them. I had the same problem and periods got worse on the non estrogen pill… No hormonal bc for me. My vulva is also similar to your description of it's appearance, including hair that appears to "go inside" and can cause some discomfort around the opening if I don't shave it often enough or don't just let it get long and soft. It's nothing like ballsack hairs growing in the depths of a tranny double anus kek! Our anatomy is female, it's just not the average. Now I'm not saying it's for sure totally healthy, you may have a health issue or it could be a developmental issue or something genetic. Your doctor will soon shed some light on why you are this way and whether anything can be done to improve your life. So do your best to calm your nerves nona and don't hate your body just because it's different from others. It's the only body you get and you're doing the right thing by trying to keep it healthy.

No. 313113

same for me, but I'm not sure if I've ever passed one that would be considered big.

No. 313128

Thank you! I really appreciate the kind words & am hoping for the best

No. 313133

I sometimes have pain before passing a clump but I figured it's due to some tissue detaching and not the clump itself.

No. 313179

I'm >>313073 and always get severe, stabbing-like cramps when the clump passes. Once it's actually out then the pain is gone or at least diminished a little.

No. 313234

It only hurts in my vagina when it passes.

No. 313622

thank for your opinions nonnies, sorry for late answer. Lucky for me the blood was probably from my period since they came 2 days after. Obviously will not try do it with a moid but it's still akward af when I have sex with anoter woman and they try to finger me…

Maybe I'm stupid and I don't understand how vaginimus work because even with finger in I can do kegle movements and relax or contract my muscle, so like it does not seem to me that it's a muscle contraction issue ?

Be strong nonna, I had horrible mental side effects from some birth control too.
If you have your period you are female, even if someting unusual is going on. I'm sure everything will be good on your ultrasound.

No. 313669

Does anyone else have really strong-smelling discharge? Like strong enough that you smell it throughout the day no matter what kind of pants or underwear you have on? Is there any way to change or at least contain it besides just keeping your legs together all day?

It's so embarrassing, I feel certain that anyone who comes near me can smell it too. I change my underwear at least once and sometimes 3 times a day, not due to the amount of discharge but just the smell becoming noticeable. I don't think it's an unhealthy smell, I wash during every shower with warm water and don't douche or anything, and I've never tested positive for any kind of vaginal infection. I use cotton underwear 90% of the time but they don't seem to do much tbh. I've tried waxing a few times too and I think it might help a little having less hair to trap sweat etc but it's not a massive difference. It's been like this as long as I can remember. Could it be a diet thing?

No. 313680

I hope this is the right thread for this. When having sex it greatly varies how much I actually feel. I really like piv and can regularly orgasm from it, but it's like one time I can feel it very clearly whereas the next I can barely feel anything inside me at all. It doesn't seem to be connected to how aroused I am or the position or my cycle or anything, just completely random. My nigel is pretty well hung too so that isn't it either. What's going on? How normal is this?
It's just a letdown when things are leading up to sex and I never know beforehand whether my vagina is going to go numb on me or not.

No. 313689

I don't fuck men but I do enjoy penetration and this happens to me too, idk why either. Usually it's a couple days so I just abstain from doing anything when i'm not sensitive because yeah it gets frustrating if you get mentally into it but can't feel.

No. 313729

I think it might have something to do with your menstrual cycle. For me, some positions feel uncomfortable during certain parts of my cycle and then fine during others.

No. 314195

Anyone else ever have black dots in their underwear's crotch? I heard some discharge can bleach undies, but I never really saw what I'm experiencing. I'm clean and I don't smell, but it almost looks like mold..?

No. 314196

No, never heard of that.
Maybe it's squished pubic lice
Or maybe not squished if the dots jump around

No. 314327

I got a letter today telling me I'm old enough to start getting cervical smear tests. I will get them done because I know it's good for me but I'm still kinda dreading it. Just the thought of the speculum makes me cringe

No. 314332

My doctor told me if I’ve never been sexually actively I probably don’t need one because my risk is so low. Voluntary celibacy for the win!

No. 314655

I know what you're taking about. I've always had that and gynos tell me I'm healthy so it's probably normal. Gross but my theory is that it's just the lint from your pants/shots/skirt, especially if they're in a dark color, your thighs chafe and the lint gets into your crotch. Either that or it's collected discharge that's dried and turned a darker color. If you're worried about it anyways, going to a doctor wouldn't hurt.

No. 314790

Nonnas please help, Im not entirely sure what to do but I have this bump in the entrance of my vaginal canal and i’m not sure if it’s serious trying to look up stuff I only get information about bumps on the labia or the pubic area which is not where this is. It’s smallish and feels like those hard pimples you get on your face right before your period, I squeezed it a bit to see if it’d pop but it didn’t budge so I stopped, it’s itchy when I touch it and slightly painful but only when I touch it too. I’m not sexually active at all and don’t masturbate and have generally good hygiene so i’m not sure what could’ve caused this, do I have reason to be worried? I really can’t afford a doctor since i’m in the US and i’m uninsured so. Is it just a pimple or cyst that’ll go away on its own? Has anyone here had anything like this before?

No. 314805

could it be a bartholin cyst? can’t hurt to get it checked out by a female GP or gyno, even just for your own peace of mind. for what it’s worth, i have a small permanent bump slightly inside/at the interior edge of the entrance of my vaginal canal, and no gyno or GP has ever commented on it or suggested that it warrants concern, even while doing internal exams and pap smears.
deleted to edit and say, there are probably low income clinics, walk in clinics, or a planned parenthood you could go to for things like this who shouldn’t charge too much for basic check ups for uninsured people

No. 314885

thank you for the answer nonna this really eased my mind and was very helpful! i’ll see what i can do

No. 314972

just want to vent and warn nonnas about Jesse liners. I wear a liner when I know I'll be out the whole day. I've always had healthy discharge and I hate the feeling of damp underwear. So today I wore underwear that are kind of like a thong/tanga, but comfortable and seamless. I used a Jesse brand string liner. I go to remove it this evening, see a small amount of discharge, nbd. Remove it, and the fabric underneath is wet. Nonnies, it wasn't even that much! And what if i had been worried about starting my menses? Fuck Jesse string liners.

No. 315165

I have a weird bump on my labia minora, I don't know what it is. It's probably just a cyst (though it doesn't look like it) but I'm a bit paranoid about it being a tumor or something. I kind of want to go to the doctor but I feel embarrassed for having my doctor look at my vagina when it's probably nothing serious.

No. 317863

File: 1679364111862.jpeg (608.71 KB, 1256x1920, 1654198020005.jpeg)

help me nonas I have an ingrown hair/zit on my outer labia and it hurts like a bitch. 99% sure it's related to shaving because I just trimmed a couple days ago and then this happens. What can I do to make it go away faster/be less irritated? (I work a job walking around all day so unfortunately my legs keep rubbing on it and irritating it)

No. 317864

if you have a bath tub take a hot bath for ~30 minutes and then try to pop it. Alternatively use a hot compress on it. if it doesnt pop easily, leave it alone and just wear loose undies for a few days

No. 318240

Here's the deal, esl so i hope i got the terms right: I got a yeast infection before christmas for the first time in my life. I didn't do anything differently and i don't have sex at all. Went to the doctor, and he gave me vagina pills and an ointment. I had the infection just on the outside of the vagina, the inside was just fine but anyway i treated it but it came back right away, only on the outside again. I called the doctor and the nurse told me just to buy it again but different brand. So i did.
In the meantime my stomach started to hurt like crazy on the right side so i thought i have an apendix, i didn't. Then it strated to hurt everywhere, different spot every time but mostly on the right down and up- like on my liver, in the middle sometimes as well… I had blood tests, pee tests, ultrasound of the stomach and everything is in the norm but my stomach still hurts. I don't have the shit test back yet but is it possible that the yeastinfection has something to do with it? It's strange that i have these 2 illnesses at the same time. Before christmas the gynecologist did an ultrasound and said it's all fine and the inside of my vagina feels still normal. I'm thinking of going to the gyn again but it's far away.

No. 318370

Not sure what to do, I have a little scratch/cut on the inside of one of my lips, I'm not sure if it's from shaving (its like in the first crease so that doesn't make sense)or if I accidentally scratched myself but its been a week and it hasn't healed and I'm not sure what to do besides keep it clean and dabbing a bit of Neosporin on it. It just hurts whenever I shower and I touch the area to rinse. Do I need to go to a gyno?

No. 318720

File: 1679938917659.gif (556.71 KB, 498x280, pepe-stare.gif)

I kind of want to know what it's like to finger myself vaginally/try self penetration
Problem is, I'm a virgin, terrified of tampons and haven't really touched myself there apart from finger painting with my menstrual blood during a psychotic episode. And it was still hard to get in! Should I bother exploring this uncharted territory? Would I enjoy it? Is it going to hurt? Any advice appreciated ♥

No. 318728

It was hard for me to do it until I lost my virginity, as I had a hymen and it was painful to insert more than one finger. I was already a skilled masturbator tho, so after losing my v-card I quickly learned how to orgasm vaginally using my fingers lol. I've heard of women who broke their own hymen using dildos and think it's kinda based. As you probably know not all women are into vaginal penetration or able to cum that way, so whether you'll enjoy it or not is impossible to say until you try. The way I see it there's no harm in experimenting with yourself and you'll be better prepared if you ever wanna try PIV one day.

No. 318739

File: 1679948487945.jpg (79.07 KB, 750x742, 4f48e8f78b684385cf9ba7c9c9658a…)

I'm very worried right now. It's been a while since it started but I wonder if I definitely lost sensation down there. I barely feel anything when I masturbate. I never had sex so I have a hard time understanding if that's normal or not. I could feel horny and before and feel things but now, and ever since like mid-2020 when I recovered from covid not really. I'm not sure if it's because of age (I'm in my late 20s), because I'm not having sex at all (not really by choice), because the idea of having sex is very stressful to me for many reasons, etc. but it's scarring me and I can't see a gynecologist just for that because of how difficult it is to get an appointment, and the last time I had tests done in late 2020 the gynecologist didn't find anything noteworthy anyway. I'm so worried I still haven't tried to look it up online. Do you think it could be just that I can't get in the mood because I'm a kissless virgin and I need some action to feel anything? Or it could be from a medical reason?

No. 318744

I'm sorry you're struggling with this anon. I don't think age has anything to do with it unless you were post menopause, but if you have a hormonal imbalance that can contribute to loss of libido. Feeling stressed out, depressed etc. can also kill your sex drive, and speaking for myself if I'm trying to masturbate when I'm not really horny the sensation isn't as good. That said, a lot of different neurological long-term complications has been reported from covid infection, among them erectile dysfunction in moids, so even though it's rare I would not discount it. No matter what it is though, I think it's possible to recover. Your brain and nervous system is plastic, but you might need to train yourself to regain sensation, a "use it or lose it" situation.

No. 318745

>I don't think age has anything to do with it unless you were post menopause
My mother had her menopause when she turned 40, more or less and I thought it was because of her health issues and meds with a lot of side effects but she told me recently it's just like this in her family. I shouldn't have any issues with this until a decade later if that also applies to me.

>if you have a hormonal imbalance that can contribute to loss of libido

I'm not sure if it counts, I was born with hypopituitarism, received treatment when I was a kid for like 7 or 8 years which made me taller than I was supposed to be still a womanlet though but I still have some issues like fatigue, hypoglycemia and low blood pressure, though way less than before. But it didn't prevent me from having a libido before, and without that medical treatment I wouldn't even have went through puberty at all. So I'm not sure it's a possible cause, but I won't exclude it just yet.

>Feeling stressed out, depressed etc. can also kill your sex drive

I'm constantly stressed and depressed and just like the example above, it didn't prevent me from having a normal libido. I'm also suspecting covid from being a possible cause exactly because of what I read about erectile dysfunction but just the idea of looking that up online makes me even more stressed.

>a "use it or lose it" situation.

>if I'm trying to masturbate when I'm not really horny the sensation isn't as good
I agree with you there but it's tricky. I'm still masturbating from time to time but as you said, it doesn't feel all that good, but I wonder if not masturbating at all would make it even worse. I don't really force myself though.

No. 318746

Thanks for the advice skilled masturbator! I guess I won't force myself if it hurts, I'm not that curious.

No. 318747

Yeah if you previously had a normal libido then it’s not suddenly going to disappear just because you’re in your late 20s, but factors like health changes, life situation etc. may play a part. I’m assuming you haven’t started any new medications that could affect your sex drive, but I’m mentioning it as a possibility just in case. You could also get blood work to rule out any vitamin deficiencies.

It’s possible that it is a post covid thing, but I think other possibilities that can easily be ruled out should be explored first. I wish I could give more helpful advice as to sparking it back when it’s just not there. Normally I agree you shouldn’t force yourself, but maybe this is a case where it could actually be beneficial. Wish you the best of luck anon!

No. 318751

I haven't started any new medication at all so far except some shampoo that was prescribed to me for some scalp issues. I don't think I have done any blood work since then now that you say this. I had many appointments for many issues but no blood work needed iirc.

>but I think other possibilities that can easily be ruled out should be explored first

I'm not sure where to look first though. But you're right. Maybe I literally just need to get laid, in that case I'd feel stupid as fuck kek but I really hope it's just a consequence of me being a sexually frustrated kissless virgin raised in a shitty religion with crazy restrictive parents. I think if I somehow manage to get laid someday and I notice I can barely feel anything at all, I'll immediately seek advice from a gynecologist.

No. 319081

File: 1680148332187.jpg (23.45 KB, 743x826, scissorts.JPG)

What is the secret for trimming pubic hair? I feel like everyone knows a cheat code and is keeping it from me. Every time I try to trim it, I get unbearably, horrifically itchy for days afterwards. I have to summon the willpower of a spartan warrior not to violently paw at my crotch in public all day long. Please don't tell me "just shave it /wax it" i cherish my bush and don't want to evict her, just give her a little haircut. I've tried:

>using a copious about of conditioner on pubes

>Wearing looser underwear
>using proper professional hair cutting scissors
>trimming a lot
>trimming just a little bit
>begging god to forgive me for whatever sin i committed to make me so itchy

I can't figure it out, help me nonnies

No. 319085

I get itchy when I shave because the new hairs growing in, but why would just trimming it make you itchy? It doesn't bother me at all.

No. 319087

I don't know!! My only theory was that because it's curly, the freshly trimmed "sharp" ends curl back onto the skin, which is why I experimented with different lengths, but it didn't work.

No. 319094

File: 1680155782990.jpg (172.07 KB, 959x639, B3-CL216_BEARD_J_2018112016215…)

What kind of scissors are you using nona? If they're dull/not specifically for hair it might be leaving a dull edge that may cause irritation. Honestly though I don't use scissors anymore I have an electric moid beard trimmer/edger like pic rel specifically for my pubes and haven't had any more irritation. I mainly use it on my bikini line but I keep my hair on the top and occasionally run it down with the grain to keep it neat. My pubes would also curl if I let the jungle overgrow so this is what I do to keep it controlled

No. 319099

ATTENTION ALL NONNIES WITH BARTHOLIN CYSTS ON THEIR LABIA…TAKE TURMERIC PILLs. I was dealing with a bartholin cyst for a month I tried every online treatment and the only thing that worked was buying turmeric pills. It is now my life’s goal to tell all women to buy turmeric pills and keep it in their house at all times. It is anti inflammatory but only works if it’s activated by black pepper. As soon as I took those pills 3x in a day my cyst drained on its own and my vagina went back to normal. No amount of sitz baths or prid helped me it just made the cyst bigger and harder. I was just lucky it never abscessed. PLEASE BUY TURMERIC PILLS 1000mg

No. 319100

File: 1680165539195.jpeg (90.04 KB, 821x1053, BFDE7288-FF70-438F-A6F6-2562A8…)

The pill that saved my vagina from permanent disfigurement. If you can try to avoid getting it drained by a doctor half of the time the doctors don’t even drain it right it’s painful and it ends up coming back anyway

No. 319106

I don't have these but you're adorable, anon. Keeping this in mind for my friends.

No. 319130

I never knew this until 2 weeks ago, but apparently you snip your hairs open and they turn into drinking straws for bacteria. Fun

No. 319137

Nice advertisement.

No. 319138

>I've heard of women who broke their own hymen using dildos and think it's kinda based.
I broke my own hymen with a flute
Don't tell anyone lolcow

No. 319141

It’s not an ad I swear I literally was dying for a month and nothing online worked until I saw a random Filipina tik Tok from like 2021 and she steered me in the right direction. You don’t understand how many forums I read and how much random goo I put on my hooha to stop this hell. Thank me later is all I will say. Cuz bartholin cysts come for every snatch one day.

No. 319142

I used highlighters although it was more like slowly stretching rather than breaking/tearing

No. 319154

Kind of in the same boat except I think my hymen broke while exercising. But I don't see anything open when I look, just a bumpy and fleshy area? And the one time I tried having sex it really hurt trying so we just gave up for now. I was really nervous too though. Not sure if I need to bite the bullet and it will hurt less with time:C.(C.)

No. 319204

The bumpy fleshy bits are wat remains of the hymen! I didn't realise this myself until I once had a gyno remark that I had quite a bit of hymen tissue left, even after giving birth
As for sex, I'd go with slow stretching rather than just getting it overwith and ramming it in. Yeah it would be quick but you also risk tears and possible infection. And might put you off sex for a while. I was very tight before I became sexually active, up to the point that inserting a second finger burnt like hell. It took a lot of patience but I slowly worked my way up to I think 4? Anyway, it turned out to be enough to have sex the first time with only the slightest of discomfort. Definitely worth the effort

No. 319209

Sorry if it's a stupid question, but when your hymen is intact does that mean that when you look into your vagina, there's no opening? Like there's a wall covering up the entrance to the inside? And how can you tell if you broke it or not?

No. 319211

File: 1680218705567.jpg (Spoiler Image, 111.51 KB, 1000x653, 1584634026-blogpostimagehymens…)

The hymen is a tissue that surrounds the vaginal opening. It is possible for the hymen to cover the vagina completely (imperforate hymen) but it's very rare and may require surgery.

>And how can you tell if you broke it or not?

I can only speak for myself. I had problems inserting more than one finger into my vagina. I went the route of "breaking" it by having sex, and afterwards I could insert things into there no problem. Like other anons said though, breaking it by force might lead to tearing and infection. My hymen actually left a small hyminal "bridge" (a bit like the one at the second to top right in pic related), which caused some issues such as tampons getting stuck in there lol. I had it surgically removed later on.

No. 319214

I broke my hymen the second time I used a dildo not even meaning too. For me it just pinched a little like a quick sharp pain and then it bled enough I thought my period started for a second. It was a good thing I was over the toilet for some reason.
But I never had problems sticking little things up there before that like when I was a dumb kid going through puberty. Or tampons for high school swim class.

No. 319216

Can you be born without a hymen? I never had to "break" it or anything, it's like I never had one. I know they say you can break it through sports but I was not a sporty kid, plus it bleeds when you break it and I never had a drop of blood outside of my periods. I had no idea that struggling with breaking a hymen was a real thing, I thought it was a myth kek.

No. 319218

According to wikipedia
>Normal variations of the hymen range from thin and stretchy to thick and somewhat rigid.
It's likely that you have one but that yours is on the more stretchy end

No. 319233

It's entirely possible to just be born without one, I'm pretty sure I was too. I remember hearing about them for the first time when I was like, 8, feeling around and getting confused that there was no semblance of any sort of membrane

No. 319235

I bled bright red when I broke mine (while masturbating, surprisingly, before my first time). I switched from my fingers and much smaller toys to a larger dildo, and it snapped. Got easier with time, eventually lost my virginity!! but damn, at the time I was scrambling around scared and my pussy ached for like two days

I remember googling "does your hymen bleed" and freaking out when it didn't stop immediately.

No. 319333

it's possible you had a fragile hymen and managed to break it when you started self exploration as a very young child, kids can be surprisingly rough

No. 319596

I always thought what i had going on down there was pretty normal, but I was reading a study on perineum length after falling down a wikipedia rabbit hole (yes i learned about childbirth tearing today and am horrified) and I have discovered I am an extreme pussy outlier. Apparently the average perineum length is 1.5 INCHES (3.81cm) and anything 1cm or below was like 0.5% of the population… which is what I measure. I already never wanted to give birth but now i'm certain about it, holy shit. I wonder what it feels like to have skin between your pussy and your butthole? Most women could get a damn tattoo down there. Amazing. I learn new things every day.

No. 319607

I think I might be similar but I am not getting out a mirror and measuring tape to check… I wonder what causes that, long vag? small butt? ???

No. 319695

i had penetrative sex for the first time a few days ago at the age of 23 with my boyfriend of 3 years. it's definitely something i was generally insecure about. i tried not to stress about it too much, but now that i've done it it's hard not to feel relieved. especially because other than the first few minutes it was enjoyable.
nothing much else to say other than there is hope fellow (possible) vaginismus anons….

No. 319728

Tips on breaking your own hymen gently with minimal pain/blood? I don't like penetrative things so I never had reason to explore that, but I bought a menstraul cup. I want to masturbate on my period without getting all bloody and I don't want to let the $30+ go to waste.

No. 319733

I wish I could help you out, but mine hurt like a mf until it was over and done with. Maybe vaginal dilators can work?

I'm glad it was mostly enjoyable for you anon! I hope you have fun getting to know yourself that way.

No. 319735

It took me multiple tries, and it hurt for a while. I bled a lot. don't think I had vaginismus but I happened to be cursed with a thick hymen. I just kept increasing the size of the things I penetrated with, but I had to penetrate.

No. 319756

Wasn't that gentle but mine tore after I decided to point a bidet's stream at my pussy hole. I don't know if the blood amount was minimal compared to other hymen tears but it was okay. Can use bidet to wash the blood. It hurt for like one second.

No. 319844

Is there a certify way to know you have vaginismus without going to a gynecologist? It feels completely closed off in that area for me an I can not get my finger trough. it's like there isn't even a hole there

No. 319847

Did you try rubbing on your clit? Does it not open even when you're aroused?

No. 319849

… is it suppose to?

No. 319856

You probably still have a hymen
Yes. After I burst my hymen with a bidet, I realized when I get horny I can feel my vagina widening, yawning almost, and tingling towards the depths of my abdomen. Very different feeling than before. You don't have to get rid of your hymen but it's likely still there. That's just my guess

No. 319933

Getting a mirror and looking down there so you actually see what's going on is a good start.

No. 320729

is it normal for your vagina to smell like a pool after masturbating. inb4 "swimming in that pussy" but i can smell the chlorine straight up

No. 320835

Is trimming as bad for your vag as shaving is?

No. 320975

Any nonnas who used to get BV or YI all the fucking time but then it stopped once you got off BC?

I have chronic yeast infections, and no matter what I try, it doesn’t fucking go away. I’m at my wits’ end. I have tried tons of different prescriptions (both pills and gel), it clears for a week then comes back. No STDs either. It smells yeasty and has a grey-yellow ish discharge.

I have been on the pill for the majority of my life, because I have endometriosis. But I have decided to stop, and see if that helps. Anyone have experience with this? I’m just so tired of the constant discharge.

No. 320977

take some probiotics

No. 321067

I hate that every moid literally expects you to shave everything off so you look like the naked mole rat from kim possible down there. It is as if they are terrified by the hair. I already had a few bad shaving accidents and I just won't bother anymore. It is way more comfortable to not shave.

No. 321097

I stopped shaving years ago and no moid even mentioned it in a negative light. Some said they liked it without prompting, most just said nothing. Still initiated oral and all that too.

No. 321100

genuinely makes me glad to hear this, however, it probably means you're not very hairy to begin with. i'd be surprised if you are.

No. 321101

I guess you got me there, I have a full bush but I admit it's rather tame. But still, it won't be as bad as you think! One time a moid did kind of a V finger motion to brush it out of the way during oral kek so I know there are probably ways around it if your future moids are enthusiastic enough. Be bold and bushy!

No. 321102

Good. If a guy can't handle bush, he shouldn't be near a woman's crotch.
Do you not shave anything, including legs and bikini line? Just curious. I usually shave that but it's a bother.

No. 321106

I use a depilator on my legs when I feel like it, mostly in the summer. Sometimes on my underarms too. I pluck my eyebrows, I shave my pits and nothing else.

No. 321112

This is gonna sound so dumb but sometimes I forget I have a vagina. You pee and poo daily right, if you have your period you think about the uterus, and maybe if you use a tampon you are reminded of it but when you just live your daily life never seeing your own marianas trench, you just forget it's there. I am also having some celibacy these days, when I am not in a relationship I do not have sex.

No. 321286

vaginismus is making me so depressed, I've been trying for months and it feels like nothing is making much of a dent. i feel like my body is broken

No. 321388

does anyone have any tips on lightening the labia majora skin ?

No. 321390

You can't, wtf would you try to?

No. 321442

Anyone had a hymenectomy?

I'm a lesbo and have only had nonpenetrative sex, but I've never been able to insert a tampon and couldn't get a pelvic exam done even with just fingers without experiencing extreme pain. I though I just had vaginismus but I know it's rare in actual lesbians. Last time my gyno during another failed pelvic exam attempt said she felt resistance, but I couldn't let her examine it more closely because of the pain. She said that it's probably a very thick hymen and said that on my next appointment she's going to refer me for a hymenectomy.

What's the procedure like? How's the healing time, is there a lot of pain?

Sidenote: I hate that when I look up 'hymenectomy' on Google Scholar there's a shit ton of publications by scrote doctors from Muslim countries about 'virginity-preserving' 'hymen-sparing surgeries' for girls and women with septate or imperforate hymens.

No. 321445

I've had one years ago, it was under anesthesia, there was some bleeding and pain following the surgery, but it was well within bearable. It's basically just a snip with a pair of surgical scissors, don't worry nonna

No. 321460

That’s a bit silly innit

No. 322021

I had my first pap smear today, the doctor said I'm healthy even before having the results of the test.
But it was painful as hell. Not unbearably, but still pretty damn painful. The speculum was lubed and all. I've only had sex twice and that was a few years ago, and I remember it kind of hurt too. It also hurts when I use a tampon, usually. Is that normal? Should I be worried? What can I do to prevent the pain

No. 322022

My p word is, like, hermeneutically sealed even with lots of foreplay kms

No. 322120

is going to a gynecologist necessary? I have been avoiding it for years, mostly because I'm a virgin and I have never been able to penetrate myself. I know that they have special procedures to help virgins but I genuinely think I have some issue(either physical or psychological) that prevents my vagina from opening. This of course would make seeinf a gynecologist difficult but maybe it can help me? There are also other issues they look for and k think it's important to keep myself updated on those

No. 322236

File: 1681822631075.jpg (8.98 KB, 225x225, whorfishusingtheinternet.jpg)

Hi, so to the point…what is happening with my vajayjay?
I'm ovulating rn, and every day I wake up on a fricking slip n slide, I will think one lustful thought a little too hard and BAM I'm snail trailing through my day, there is literally no break from this.
Also, my uterus is twinging? Twitching? Like there's some muscle in there that's moving a bit. I'm a virgin and in good health, so I don't' know what's up with that. Should I be concerned?
also im really grateful there's a space on the internet where i can be tmi about my feminine health problems, appreciate you all, cheers ♥

No. 322247

As long as there's no weird odours or colours, I think there's nothing to worry about. You're just super horny
I get this occasionally as well when I'm ovulating. Last month it got so bad to the point where I was actively lusting after my boss' boss who's a gross old narcissist. But he had me soaking none the less. Thank fuck this month it's just ovary pain, and no inappropriate horniness

No. 322265

Ah, so this is what being horny is like. Ovulation got us acting unwise. I hope your pain eases up, those twinges can hurt.

No. 322339

OBGYN exams are still useful even if you are not sexually active. Cervical cancer screens are important and the ob will do a breast exam and if you ask them they will show you how to give yourself regular exams. It sounds like it might be worth it to mention your issues with the doctor, not just because sex but because vaginal issues can sometimes be a 'canary in the coalmine', esp regarding pelvic floor health

No. 322684

Is it normal for kegel weights to feel like they're hitting my cervix or something? I feel like I can't hold it in place, it just slides right up and bumps something and it gives me the worst cramps ever. I'm trying to fix my incontinence issues

No. 322702

I refuse to consent to medical torture. I got the
HPV vaccine in school, I will not get a pap smear as long as I live.

No. 322783

I just got the copper IUD two days ago…hurt like shit but the cramps went away after a few hours. I'm still bleeding though. It's not just spotting, it's a lot of blood like I'm on my period, when tf does the blood go away.

No. 322796

OHO! I have the copper coil too.

Well, the bleeding was pretty bad for me for the first month, then I spotted a lot between periods for a while. But, once those months have passed, periods are totally back to normal, aside from some heavier than before cramps, but nothing terrible.

Hang in there nonna and get plenty of sanitary pads. It'll pass before you know it, even though it's super annoying right now. Just think of all the joy of not having to use condoms or use crazy making birth control pills, to remind yourself that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

No. 322852

I'm 29 and I swear in the last year or so I'm getting way more prone to cysts after masturbating and it tends to be when I'm due as well. What gives? My smears come back clear and I appear perfectly healthy, any other nonnas have experience with this? I'm just embracing the vagisil and salt bath life every few months I guess.

No. 322881

Thanks nonna, I'm looking forward to raw sex with the hubby even though I know it will be underwhelming. It's just a little annoying bleeding this much when I plan to go on a trip soon. I'm glad to know it gets better eventually, I'll stick it out.

Curious, how long have you had yours? Would you say most of the worse symptoms went away after a month or did it take longer?

No. 322883

I've had issues uses tampons my whole life and because of it my period hygiene routine consists of using oversized pads and old towels under my butt when I sleep or sit. The tampon gets stuck to the side of my labia and doesn't just slide up the normal way. I don't have enough of an opening to use a cup and I'm terrified of it getting stuck. I just want a less messy period that doesn't bar me from going out in public and living a normal life. Anyone have the same issue of having a weird/difficult vagina?

No. 322886

Demons? Plural?

I’m fucking dying!

No. 322889

>gets stuck to the side of my labia
what do you mean? like you can't actually push it into your vagina? Have you held a mirror up to yourself and looked at what is obstructing it? I've been using tampons since I first got mine at 12 with no issue, but I have been informed that most girls/women have hymens that can prevent this if they haven't broken them yet. Although I don't recall ever having ever having to do that (idk why), maybe some others can chime in with what they did if you determine that it's your hymen blocking the entrance.

No. 322898

Sounds like the tampon doesn't have an applicator and is dragging your labia when you try to insert? Trust me I have a tilted vagina and uterus and vaginismus but I still found a way to comfortably use tampons. The opening is the only part it ever feels uncomfortable, especially if I angle it wrong. Once you push it in all the way it feels like nothing. I make sure the labia isn't getting pushed in, you may have to just pull it away a bit to prevent that. I hold the tampon and go around my ass to insert with my right hand, I have to do it this way or the angle is wrong and it hurts. I do it standing while leaning slightly forward. Applicators suck for the environment but until you get used to this they help a lot. Good luck

No. 322910

Lmk if I’m misinterpreting but it sounds like you’re failing to angle the tampon correctly. Our vaginas are further back than we assume + they’re angled toward our backs so it can be tricky to insert standing. Try spreading your labia with one hand and inserting with the other. A mirror would probably also help but really just keep trying till you get it, you will.
For your hymen though, I’ve read that you can gently stretch it by yourself, like just using your fingers. Though for most women, it naturally thins over time with physical activity so yours might be too thick or rigid if it hasn’t. A gyno could snip it for you if that’s an option you’re open to.

No. 322914

The gyno will definitely get you open regardless lol. Virgin or no, you should ask them for the smaller speculum, numbing cream, and to go slow. You don’t have to do a pap smear till you’re ready tho, like they can’t and shouldn’t force you just cause you’re “due for one”. You can schedule the gyno just to look on the outside and check if there’s a physical blockage.
For exploring on your own though, try looking with a mirror first and getting comfortable. If you see something weird, don’t freak out cause it’s most likely normal. Jot it down for the gyno if you’re worried. If you want to try penetration, it’s a lot easier if you’ve just masturbated since you’ll be wet and relaxed. Stick to one finger and kinda trail it in, touching the wall and going back and forth inching further as you get comfortable. You might still feel some pressure but you won’t injure yourself by pushing past it.

No. 322943


Nona you may have a tilted pelvis +/ tilted uterus. I do and because of it I can easily feel my own cervix without much finger reach. Unless I do a…sorta sideways up-n-over method of tampon insertion (I use OB, gives me better control in the shallow zone) it feels bad, just bashing in. And it concentrates all of my reproductive pain toward my back.

BTW it's considered a totally normal ''anatomical variation', it has no effect on fertility and giving birth can often correct it.

No. 322946

Is it possible for a period to come over 2 weeks early? Like, a little over a week since the last one ended? There’s no other explanation for what’s happening to me rn

I took a Plan B pill earlier this week if that helps explain anything

No. 322959

Plan b is known to reset your cycle. Early period very normal. Keep an eye on your dates because it might take another month to even out (as in your next period may not be exactly 4 weeks away) you're ok

No. 323068

I've had mine since January 2020, so a while. I remember that the first few months were annoying with the random bleeding and some cramps, but it never got worse, only better, and a pad and ibuprofen generally would sort me out. After it settled,I pretty much never had any trouble with it. One thing though, I was going to get a menstrual cup but then read that the suction could potentially dislodge an IUD.

Also, my partner says he can feel the strings when we're having sex sometimes. I think that you can get them trimmed down, and they do tend to sort of settle and wrap around your cervix over time. Still, it can be a weird sensation, so it's good to tell him about it.

I'm afraid that your trip will require wearing some sort of blood absorber, unfortunately. I hope it doesn't affect your travels too much and you have lots of fun.

No. 323071

I've had mine since January 2020, so a while. I remember that the first few months were annoying with the random bleeding and some cramps, but it never got worse, only better, and a pad and ibuprofen generally would sort me out. After it settled,I pretty much never had any trouble with it. One thing though, I was going to get a menstrual cup but then read that the suction could potentially dislodge an IUD.

Also, my partner says he can feel the strings when we're having sex sometimes. I think that you can get them trimmed down, and they do tend to sort of settle and wrap around your cervix over time. Still, it can be a weird sensation, so it's good to tell him about it.

I'm afraid that your trip will require wearing some sort of blood absorber, unfortunately. I hope it doesn't affect your travels too much and you have lots of fun.

No. 323163

I'm having vaginal twitching and I don't have vaginismus insofar as I know. How do I relax my pelvis and stop my vagina from twitching without paying crazy amounts of money for it (no insurance life no insurance death)

No. 323895

File: 1682568774415.png (Spoiler Image, 231.81 KB, 896x1464, vulvadiagram.png)

Nonas im wondering if anyone has similar anatomy to me or knows why it is this way? Sry if diagram is unclear. Basically my labia minora is very small up near my clit, then stops and becomes thick + rigid and protrudes more around my vagina. I assume this is my labia minora still but it might be that mine is just super recessed (only the part near clit) and this is actually the hymen or vestibule tissue. I've had one pelvic exam/pap smear done and the gyno didn't say anything so I don't think it's worrisome but I just want to understand my vulva if anyone can help.

No. 324228

I just saw a tiktok about a woman being able to smell herself down there when she uncrosses her legs after she's been wearing jeans all day at the office. I go to the comments and every lady agrees it's a common experience but then some girls say THEY SMELL LIKE TAKEOUT/FRIES/MCDONALDS?? Mine smells like that TOO after wearing jeans, I thought I was just weird. IS THIS COMMON, I feel like I'm losing my mind????

No. 324362

File: 1682765761818.jpg (27.84 KB, 502x497, 5xh0m3.jpg)

I'm gonna have to go back on the pill after more than two years off it. I had an implant for about six months to try and save a bad relationship, but once we were done I had it removed and took some time for myself.
Idk what's changed but since Novemeber I've been battling schizo-level breakdowns in the leadup to my period. I get insanely paranoid, I have angry outbursts, I pick fights with my friends and coworkers, I make incredibly stupid impulsive decisions that it feels like I'm bearing witness to instead of deciding on myself, I have vivid nightmares that wake me up at 2-3 in the morning, and sometimes it gets so bad I want to anhero. I really don't want to go back on it because I have a genetic predispostion to blood clotting but I can't take the crazy anymore. I just want to be normal and the pill is the quickest cheapest way to getting there.

No. 324376

I don't notice it on an average day but if I've been sick for a few days and at home showering less/wearing the same pjs for too long yeah McDs fries is pretty much it

No. 324379

The breakup was probably stressful and I don’t know but could you have other stressors going on right now like moving or job or family stuff? When I have a major life change the stress combined with menstruation hormones sends me over the edge and I do what you are describing (and I barely have periods because I have an IUD but I still get some sort of cycle). When you get the source of stress under control it should get better. I suppose you could temporarily take the pill to medicate it though

No. 324503

WTF. My pussy never smells like that. Sure, in jeans on a hot day I can smell something, but not fast food!!!! WTF!!!! Have I just not eaten enough mcdonalds to recognize it or what?? I just smell kind of musky (not in a bad way)

No. 325083

My vagina and clitoris were aching yesterday an very sensitive. Today my vagina feels irritated and I feel pressure from the inside. It is very uncomfortable and I'm scared it is a prolapse or something of that nature. I had a heavier period than normal with lots of clots a week ago and washed thoroughly with shower water.

No. 325085

im not a doctor but have you stuck your finger in there deep and felt around? I feel like if it was a prolapse you could feel if something wasn't in the right spot.

No. 325118

Are you constipated? Do you need to shit?

No. 325207

Personally if I don't insert anything into my vagina for more than a couple of months every "first" insertion is going to make me really sore no matter what kind of insertion it is. I didn't have sex for 6 months, bought a menstrual cup and I was sore for the whole first week of using it. There's nothing I could do to prevent it sadly besides regularly fingering myself/having sex or using tampons/cup every period.

No. 325211

I have vaginismus and i want a child. I know it doesn't affect conception or birth itself but how will i be able to withstand pelvic ultrasound, cervix checks etc when i cant insert a single finger painlessly

No. 325918

File: 1683329646095.jpeg (440 KB, 1035x2208, 9A031432-9C34-4036-93E1-BD4C23…)

So horrifying that women used to be told to shove lysol up their cooch

No. 325923

File: 1683334438543.png (314.19 KB, 1080x1060, 52221.png)

>means greater spreading power which reaches more deeply and more effectively into folds and cervices to search out germs

No. 325938

How worried should I be about changes to my period symptoms/flow? Usually my symptoms have been mild cramping and mood changes and my flow has been dark red/brown and moderate, but this week I got nausea for the first time and cramping so severe I almost called in sick, and my flow has been lighter, thicker, and a fleshy colour. Should I see a doctor or is this normal hormonal stuff? I’m 22 and not on bc

No. 325942

are you sexually active? if yes, you should definitely see a doctor in the event of a missed miscarriage or worse.

No. 326213

File: 1683474648577.jpeg (45.15 KB, 495x328, 522c1f690ca9e.jpeg)

Can't remember if it was already mentioned itt or another one but I've been dealing with phantom cramps in my asshole during my period(??) It's only been happening the last two days since I've started and it's freaking me out bc it happens randomly like a stabbing pain in the region. Is this a common experience? And no I don't put things near my bunghole

No. 326221

Yeah that’s normal I’ve had that my whole life. I once heard some britbong ladies call is “javelin arse” kek

No. 327135

Late reply, but tysm nona! You were right on all counts. I got my period again today, which is the regularly scheduled date — ie the date I would have gotten it normally if I didn’t take plan B. Is it safe to say that my periods will regulate and be normal again from here on out?

No. 327140

I have 3 kinds of pain during sex, but only one requiring immediate cessation. The others are just vaginismus pain around the opening that lasts a day later that I get burning from, and then i get sore on my cervix, but i cant ignore these two and it's worth the trade off.

The worst pain is new, I got it a week after I had an ultrasound confirming I had no ovarian cysts or fibroids or anything, and that all of my hardware was normal. Recently while my man was gently thrusting,I'd get this terrible, stabbing pain inside to my right, as if it were inside my stomach and not anywhere closed to the cervix. It nearly brought me to tears after the fourth time anddd we had to stop.
I looked it up and it said it had to be a cyst, but there's just no way. What else could it be?? days later, that spot is still sore.

No. 327150

I had cysts and that's exactly what it felt like. I also noticed it from penetration just like you describe, and the pain persisted into daily life afterwards, just like you describe. I'm 99.9% certain you have a cyst. I'd say get a second opinion, but it wouldn't really matter since unless they get HUGE, doctors think it's not worth the risk of operating on since they usually go away with time. Mine took a few months but eventually went away naturally and now I don't have that feeling anymore.
Until then you'll just have to tell your nigel to be gentler or keep his dick out of you.

No. 327178

Yes it's common. Something to do with a nerve there being aggravated by regular menstrual cramping and bloating.

No. 329097

im a SA survivor and know people say to sleep without underwear but it causes me to be anxious and restless does anyone know any alternatives / advice?

No. 329103

Dunno, I sleep in my underwear and have zero problems.

No. 329106

sounds like some random tik tok bullshit, sleep with your underwear on

No. 329108

realized that wasn't clear I mean the idea of people needing to sleep without underwear, not your anxiety, sounds like bs

No. 329123

I got the nexplanon implant in early December. Everything's working well and I'm not feeling any side effects, but my period's acting weird. It's not there but sometimes there's bleeding - not spotting, proper bleeding, sometimes to the point of having to wear my cup again for 2-3 days. Is this to be expected? My gynecologist said spotting would be normal, but this is just a pissed off period every 2ish months.

Also did full STD testing and came back positive for BV. The doctor called and said to take antibiotics for a week. Things is I have absolutely no symptoms, things feel, look and smell normal. Not a fan of resorting to antibiotics. Should I take them anyway?

No. 329173

I gotchu. I got the nexaplon implant in October and adjusting has been… not fun.
I spent the entirety of November on my period before I reached out to my doctor and was prescribed birth control to clear it up. I took a week or two of pills before it righted itself and I stopped taking it.
It went away for awhile, but then I spent two months having spotting and full blown period quantities of blood. (I kept telling myself the spotting was gonna stop any day, only for the period to come back)
I took the rest of the pack and asked my doctor what I should do, and was prescribed 3 months of BC packs to end the cycle again.
After a month and a half straight of BC, it righted itself again, and I haven’t had my period in a month or two at this point.

Nexaplon is a nightmare because it will either fully stop your period within a year, or you’ll have inconsistent bleeding with it forever, lmao

No. 329178

People sleep without underwear? What the actual fuck

No. 329197

Getting a sound restful nights sleep is going to be much beneficial for you than whatever the supposed gains of sleeping without underwear are

No. 329199

People even sleep…gasp…naked, anon.

No. 329248

…are you actually serious? do you wear the full mormon underwear when bathing, too? no wonder your cat is a swamp if you never go naturale.
you should always ignore anything a marketer tells you. if they stand to make a dollar off you, assume they're lying.

No. 329264

Sleeping naked is fine. Not wearing underwear under pjs is disgusting.
Who says my cat is a swamp? I only just joined this conversation and you made that assumption after one post. Anyway, as I said, going commando is gross as shit.

No. 329267

that's kind of a bizarre opinion

No. 329279

File: 1684434052757.jpg (114.22 KB, 1500x1500, 5432345.jpg)

Do you not have access to a washing machine? If you wash your PJs after wearing them they won't accumulate vag juice and won't be disgusting. You can get mini washing machines like picrel for like $50, if you've never had clean PJs before you're really missing out nonny.

No. 329284

File: 1684435508063.jpg (54.24 KB, 646x646, 61261240.jpg)

Ever used a bidet? Sorry you're walking around with piss puss.

No. 329292

My underpants are always full of white discharge. It doesn’t smell. Its a yeast infection right? I have this forever and it never stops.

No. 329309

Discharge is completely normal, everyone gets it. If you're not experiencing any itching or discomfort then it's probably not a yeast infection

No. 329314

Do you get horny a lot? If so, that's just slick.

No. 329317

sex toys thread hit bump limit so i'm asking here because this qualifies as vag stuff.
is satisfyer sugar rush a good choice for the first sex toy?

No. 329350

I don’t think so. I always have had that, I think it’s just regular discharge. Snail trail

No. 329411

Has anyone actually tried the pineapple/cranberry thing to see if there's a difference in coochie taste? I know cranberry juice helps prevent UTIs and staying hydrated in general helps with everything, but I always wondered. Pls no bully

No. 329492

Wow. I'm gonna give it a couple more months and see if the irregular heavy bleeding happens again, if so I may ask the doctor for the pills to end the cycle. I honestly don't mind managing the period itself when it happens, my worry is more what's going on inside. Does the bleeding mean I was fertile at one point? I'm behaving like I'm completely unable to get pregnant and I don't ever wanna take plan B ever again in my life.

I have to say for any nonnas reading out here, no one ever told me plan B would be so mentally and physically heavy. I prefer any light side effects I might get from the subcutaneous implant than ever going through plan B again.

I don't think it works in women, my ex and I tried and while I found it was somewhat different for him, he didn't taste anything different with me.

I just got one of those japanese ones. It's so good before going to bed, and during heatwaves. So fucking worth the money.

No. 329493

Might be yeast, might just be natural. You can try only wearing cotton underwear and going without as often as you can, and reducing sugar intake, and see if that changes anything.

No. 329501

>I don't think it works in women
Not sure about pineapples specifically, but what you consume definitely affects the taste. Smokers taste worse, so do the women who like greasy and smoked food.

No. 329502

I knew I loved ham and full-fat cheese sandwiches for a reason!

No. 329505

my ex said my pussy smelled like pizza after eating garlic

No. 329530

Yes, it's true I should've added that the other way around I do think there's something. Greasy/fast food and sushi made it worse for me.

No. 329548

I got a flora imbalance once and my vagina smelled exactly like a cheese pizza. Pulled down my pants and it was like I'd just walked into the pizza shop.

No. 329549

I don't think you should, it's not worth messing up your natural balance. Some people just have more bacteria than others, and an inexperienced tech can label that as infection. Since you have zero symptoms, just hold on to the antibiotics. That way, if you develop them, you can take them.

No. 329554

How do I know if it’s an orgasm or not? And after having what I think are multiple orgasms in a row, I pee uncontrollably when I stand up/start walking.

What is this and why does it happen??

No. 329586

If you have an orgasm, you know.

No. 329601

File: 1684536864477.jpg (19.1 KB, 563x610, 314adc9529ca27a52008bb169ed0b3…)

I recently had a cervical smear and told the nurse about some itching, redness and weird discharge issues I was having. So she did some swabs. Then I found out that she only tested for 2 STDs despite me already saying that I haven't been sexually active in years. I'm really pissed off, considering penetration is very painful for me even the smallest speculum and the only swabs she did were completely irrelevant.
I tried bringing up the fact that I had these problems again and she just said I might be "too clean" down there like using the wrong soaps. I don't wash inside my vagina obviously, and I only use unscented very mild soap on the vulva. My issues persist even if I don't use soap at all. And it's only my vulva and inner thighs that is itchy and red, nowhere else.

Sometimes the weird discharge gets quite stinky, but not in a rotting way or a fishy way. It's like a normal vagina smell amplified x10, I cannot describe it properly, but it's annoying, and it only happens around day 9 and then also around day 25 of my cycle. It's really strange. The most accurate way I can describe the look of the discharge is like the clumpy yeast discharge you get, but sometimes it's clumpy and watery at the same time (like, there's clumps but it's quite wet and slimy sorry tmi)
I wonder if any of you nonnas have experienced something similar. I had thrush many years ago and got it properly treated. I'm considering just buying a yeast pessary and seeing if that works or not. Would probiotics for thrush help at all? Is there even any soap out there that won't fuck up your vulva?

No. 329612

I think you need to go back to the doctor, but a different one. That's not normal.

No. 329636

You make an appointment with a different doctor right now. During the time you have to wait document how often discharge occurs, thickness, color and smell. If that means writing down it was like ugly crying snot or cottage cheese that was neon yellow you put it down. If it hurts when you sit in certain positions make a note of it. Also take note of soaps you use on your body and clothes. If you feel like you have the flu, cramps, funky poop. Time and date with everything. I'd suggest only washing with water for both body and clothing. Avoid any type of fabric softener. Run a wash in your clothes washer with baking soda. Ig you have built up cleaning product in it, this can help release and neutralize it. If your machine can't handle that vinegar or hot water can help. limit your exposure to things that may be an irritant.
What happened at your last visit was not acceptable. I'm so sorry that happened. I had something similar but when i told the nurse practicioner she did all the things. She said, i'm not seeing or smelling anything abnormal. Came back I had a yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis and a uti.I had just passes a kidney stone and it seemed to have triggered a melt down. She was surprised. Nonny please get a second dr to take a look.

No. 329641

I heard that asking doctors/nurses/etc to write down on your file that they refused your request to test for specific stuff, helped pressure them into actually listening to you coz they want to avoid being caught in a paper trail. I hope your next visit is soon and much more helpful nona!

No. 329702

Thank you for your responses nonners. I have previously tried to track down the symptoms on my Clue app and I even mentioned it to the nurse that it only pops up at certain points in my cycle but even then she didn't seem that concerned and seemed more focused on getting my cervical smear done and getting me out the door. Luckily I have some blood tests coming up in a few months so I'm going to record everything and mention it to them again. If they don't help me, I will complain officially. In the mean time I will try and cut down on the soaps and irritants. Thank you!!

No. 329761

Try only cotton underwear or some made from light fabric, nothing that's super tight or sexy like a thong, or lycra for example. Try using a larger size,eg if you're an s use m; and keep these panties only for sleeping, don't use the same pair during the day. It's important to let the skin breathe. Ultimately, it is a choice, though.

No. 329891

I am unsure which thread to ask about this in but I really would love some info from any nonas who have had a surgical abortion. I don’t have anyone in real life to ask about this and am so unsure and nervous about what is going to happen. For context, my boyfriend had a year long contract overseas so when my bc ran out, I didn’t bother getting it refilled because I wasn’t having sex whatsoever and even months after he returned (I have been really depressed and we don’t live together currently because I just feel so depressed and closed off) we still weren’t having sex until ONCE recently and guess fucking what, I missed my period. I am 34 and have never had even close to any sort pregnancy scare. Now I just feel stupid, have no one for advice and to top it off, my boyfriend is going to be out of town during the only available time for the procedure so I will have to find a ride (once again don’t know anybody) so am seriously depressed about having to do this alone since I don’t know what to expect. I don’t want any judgment please, but I have never ever wanted a child, this decision had no hesitation but I am afraid my body could potentially be different after? I just have no info on this as it has never come up in my life. I also don’t have a phone so had to set up the appointment sort of hurriedly so couldn’t ask questions really and am borrowing a phone to quickly and paranoidly type this out. Not sure how far along, (the pill option only had an appointment that would put me outside of the 10 weeks) but by the time the procedure is I will likely be around 10-11 weeks. Just really need any info on what to expect physically mostly. I live in CA and also don’t have insurance and am ‘technically’ unemployed bc the dog rescue I worked at full time for the last 8 years retired but I have still been working for the incredibly nice people who were associated with it (training to train and groom, dog sit and other outdoor physical labor) I am by no means lazy and have never had any financial assistance in my life but this is all paid cash so I ‘look’ unemployed and am a little worried that I could be judged for that (by the clinic maybe?) I just have been too depressed even before this stupid shit to get my life together because life feels so aimless not having dogs to rescue everyday even though I have six of my own dogs. Last week my 14 year old dog unexpectedly had to be put to sleep and my long term foster of 2 years was adopted. I know this is all just a garbled mess of info but I guess I needed to vent. I don’t have any friends at all (outside of the folks that I do work for who are even older than my parents would be) who I certainly do not want to talk about this with. I don’t want my body to be messed up from this bit if it will be I want to know. And I have scheduled work very soon after. Does anyone else have any experiences they could share? Or helpful advice to prepare, and any words of comfort. I know I am stupid and too old to be making such dumb mistakes but I’m in a sort given up but can’t completely give up era right now.

No. 329894

Sorry to samefag an already long as fuck post but just want to reiterate my boyfriend is incredibly supportive (and faithful etc). I honestly feel like he is too good for me and deserves a non depressed girlfriend who is just more interested in life and happier in general. I just feel like I am dragging down an incredibly rare nice ass person but he refuses to believe that and reassures he loves me and I make his days brighter etc etc. he is very upset that he has to be away for work for the procedure but it’s not in his hands. Don’t know why I felt that necessary to add but yeah. (He would 100% support me and child if that was the route I wanted to go) but animals are my only passion. If not for my animals I would seriously have killed myself by now. Just have no interest in life to be honest. Rescuing dogs was the most amazing part of my life and the owners were like my family but retired and moved away. They would have left me the rescue but I am not social enough to maintain the social contacts it requires.

No. 329898

>he is very upset that he has to be away for work for the procedure but it’s not in his hands
Yes it is in his hands. It’s not that hard, he just has to not go to work. He has to tell his job he has a family medical thing he has to be there for, sorry. Don’t go alone, you sound stressed as fuck about it.
You didn’t specify so I have to ask, did you get a pregnancy test done by a doctor? You can’t assume you’re pregnant from a missed period alone. No offense you just seem really frantic so just wanna make sure you didn’t skip that step

No. 329905

He is a rescue swimmer in the navy, sadly they own you and there is nothing you can do. I know he will still try and ask and I could tell even was considering the possibility of if he skipped out on a scheduled contracted but the government can fuck your life up forever. I took two different pregnancy tests, a digital and a regular, both positive. I could also just sort ‘tell’ as much as I really wished it wasn’t so… but if I showed up and they were like no you aren’t actually pregnant, that would be amazing but I know I am. Stress usually makes my period come early and it still hasn’t come. I just want to know what is going to happen in the procedure. I looked up and read every single thing I could on line but nothing compares to personal experience.

No. 329907

Samefag also want to add that I don’t go to a doctor regularly and haven’t been in like 7 years. I hate these kinds of things and have been ‘seemingly’ healthy enough to get by without. I wouldn’t say I am frantic, just overwhelmed with depression to the point that I procrastinate things. Put off getting a test but knew I really had to confirm ASAP after around two weeks past. I texted my BF at like two in the morning asking if he would pick one up and he went and got me one and dropped it off right away. He seriously is one of the most decent people I have ever met. When I get depressed I let my car completely run out of gas and he will come and take it to be filled, wash it and the other day did all that and had the oil changed because I was putting off even more stuff because I knew I was out of gas. I do have a backup person to ask but I have always been a loner a push through shit alone. I know it sounds stupid but I felt weak even posting about this as I have never posted before. I just want to KNOW the real life facts because we all know real situations are never exactly like the basic procedural facts since every ones body is different. I feel like I am currently at my lowest point and that is making me handle this less confidently.

No. 329928

Need some advice nonas.
I don't use my fingers when I masturbate, when I try to I can get a finger or two in. In a month I'm going to be losing my virginity to someone with, what I consider to be, a large penis. I'm a huge baby when it comes to pain and I'm straight up terrified of doing it. How can I prep myself?

No. 329958

You don’t prep. Just make sure you’re incredibly turned on when it happens. Go slow. If you’re nervous and dry do not proceed. Do not use lube if you are dry (not your first time anyway unless you have a medically dry vagina or something) you will be super sore afterwards if you do that just to make it go in. He should be slow and considerate. If he’s pushy, do not proceed.

No. 329992

Hey nonna, I had a surgical abortion in 2021 at 31 years old. I am also in CA but I do have Medi-cal insurance. I was only 5 weeks along but I can share my experience to the best of my ability.
I had to wait for a very, very long time in the (Planned Parenthood) waiting room on the day of, even though I was scheduled. I'm not sure why that happened but it was stressful because I wasn't expecting it. It took about 5 hours before they saw me, it was insane. I'd like to think that's an outlier experience though, but just something to possibly be prepared for. There were other women in the waiting room(s), as well as a few bf's and parents in the front, general area waiting for their daughters/gf's. I was kinda just ready for it to be over with but when I got onto the operating table, it was jarring and kind of scary so I cried. (Not trying to scare you, there was nothing to be afraid of in the end, it was just a little freaky to go into the room and lie on the bed where other women had just had their own abortion procedures (obviously it was cleaned in between patients), idk it was just a little upsetting. Then I woke up in the recovery room in a little closed-curtained bed next to the other women who were also in their own curtained areas. The anesthesia made me retarded so I immediately started crying again (I was fine though, like this wasn't an emotional experience for me it was more like taking care of any other bodily malady, I was just loopy af from the anesthesia. [that's not to say that I didn't take this extremely seriously, I wasn't flippant or anything]). I also loudly asked if I would be able to smoke weed that night. Cringe. But the most amazing thing happened, I mean obviously I was on drugs but the woman next to me reached her hand through the curtain and squeezed my hand, I swear we reached out to each other at the same exact time even though we couldn't see each other. There was very little pain in the hours following the procedure (when the anesthesia wore off). It felt like period cramps and I had some bleeding but I was fine the next day. I rested to be safe, but I was just fine, if not a little emotionally/physically drained from the experience.
Anyways my body's been the same since then. I didn't notice any changes in my period during my next cycle or anything. I realized you asked more about physical stuff and I wrote mostly emotional details so I'd be happy to answer any specific questions you have.
One more thing for others who may read this and find themselves in this situation: I first opted to have the abortion at home via prescribed medication for this purpose, and I GREATLY regret doing this and really, really wish my doctor had explained to me how traumatic it would be. I really thought it would be a very heavy period-type situation but it was so much worse than that. I do not recommend this to anyone. I had to go in anyways and get the surgical abortion because all of the tissue (?) hadn't been expelled.
Also, I got my fallopian tubes removed last November via Medi-cal, completely covered– may be something to think about in the future. I feel so fucking free. More than I thought I would.
Who will be driving you home though? They require the person to be there the entire time. Is there possibly a chaperone service in your area where you can find someone to be there for you emotionally on the day of? I know that's a thing in some places. You'll be okay nonnie, your body is amazing and will persevere. I wish I could go with you for support ♥
I'll check back tomorrow to see if you have any questions!

No. 329994

same anon as >>329992 but I didn't see this post of yours until after I posted. You're actually pretty strong to push through your feelings of weakness in order to post here. Don't be so hard on yourself! You're not alone in this, women have been going through this since forever. Ask your backup person to go with you. Sometimes you have to advocate for yourself, TO yourself, when feeling depressed and small. I know all about that. So advocate for yourself and your well-being and ask your other support person for support. It's okay! Everything will be okay and this will be in the past soon enough. I'll be thinking of you nonna and sending loves your way for the foreseeable future

No. 330016

Wow, thank your so much for all the details I was looking for. Also thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I do feel like all my emotions have been amplified lately and wasn’t sure if I sounded well, as >>329898 anon said, a bit frantic. I kept thinking about that after I had posted and realized I was and am a bit frantic. Don’t know why I said I wasn’t. One of the things i am more tense about is that I’m not positive exactly how far along I am but by the date of the procedure, it will likely be 10-12 weeks..? And that’s like the cutoff for potential complications during the procedure.
So the person I was going to have give me a ride is unfortunately my abusive roommate and since I was being overly emotional earlier and in a shit mood, I stupidly snapped at him, thinking he would let it go because I’ve been in such an alarming rut lately but instead he was insanely mean and hurtful and out of the blue ended the fight telling me I could just take myself to my ‘procedure’ (sometimes I think he knows what I’m having done and sometimes I feel like he doesn’t….)but we weren’t arguing about the ride, he just that in my face out of nowhere me. I was really upset by it because even though we don’t get along it doesn’t extend to things like emergencies or important rides, especially for medical stuff. I’ve given him plenty of rides and I hate driving places I’ve never been before. (For his colonoscopy) I would never imagine telling him to fucking drive himself. That’s low. But I might fucking do it just in case I crash and die he can have that on him. Well I also read that you can opt out of anesthesia if driving yourself..? Or maybe I’ll just sleep in my car. Like I said, I don’t have a phone so I don’t have those apps for Uber…I honestly haven’t come up with any ideas yet, i had so much to do today from my depression neglect, I couldn’t focus enough.
Um this is also embarrassing but is there any chance they would be able to detect drugs in my system? And not just weed..I’m already planning on not using 24 hours before but I’m already dreading it and unsure if I can even manage that. So that’s is another anxiety of mine. Also read it’s going to be around $600 because no insurance. Ugh. I’ve been in a full blown downward spiral for a few years now and the things I’ve let go are piling up bad. This situation is by far one of the worst things I’ve done to myself lately (although I haven’t even begun to come out of this spiral yet, so who knows. I was almost not going to check the thread again but I’m glad I did. It’s almost like having friends. Thank you for understanding and not being harsh, I appreciate it!

No. 330085

>Can I opt out of anesthesia so I can drive?
>Do I need to be forthright about my drug use?
>How much will it cost without insurance?
>Can the clinic help me with transportation?
You must to address these concerns with the clinic, nonna. 100%, otherwise you might just make more problems for yourself! You must know what to do on the day of, lest they refuse to do the procedure because you are not properly prepared. You have to be honest about your drug use. Anesthesia is no joke, it is a delicate process, and the anesthesiologist must know things like this or it can be very bad. I'm sorry to hear about your moid roommate… Is there absolutely no recourse for your man to get a day of leave from work? Can he just… do it anyways and claim medical emergency? I really strongly believe he should be there with you, and if he won't be getting fired for it, he should take the disciplinary consequence he may face for missing a day of his required duty to the Navy. Or conversely, you must make up with your roommate and ask for his help again. Or maybe you can schedule an Uber in advance? I would almost guarantee the clinic will allow you to use their landline telephone, if needed. Also, have you looked into getting a LifeLine cell phone from the state? I had one of those completely free of charge years ago before I got on my feet. It was like a regular, low-end smart phone back when I had one, capable of everything I needed (maps/navigation, texting, email, apps; even a camera) I know you must be feeling so, so overwhelmed. But just, one thing at a time. Everything will be okay. Call the clinic and ask those questions I outlined above. You can probably remain anonymous just to ask those questions, if you'd like. I guarantee they will understand.

No. 330209

I read all your replies after this and Jesus Christ you have a lot going on, I’m so sorry. Not one man that can be there for you, tale as old as time. (I know you love your bf and think he’s an angel but you didn’t actually do this to yourself, he is a participant… Why doesn’t he arrange a a ride for you or know anyone who can take you — parent, sibling, friend, comrade in arms etc. ?? Why doesn’t he marry you so you can get on his government insurance? Is he helping financially with this? So many questions about him that probably have complicated answers but that’s a different issue at this point because you actually have a pressing issue). I wish I could help you, you really just need a driver. I will literally drive you if I can get there in time for your appointment (I live in southeast United States) —don’t have an anonymous email but I can make one up tomorrow if you wanna reach me

No. 330283

I think period has come 4 days early, I noticed a spot of blood in my underwear and when i wiped there was blood + I’m feeling cramps. Is this normal? I always get my period a few days or even a week late, I’ve never had it early before. That means it’s been like a 20 day gap between my period, should I be concerned, is this normal pls help

No. 330284

Once is an isolated occurrence. If it happens 2 or more times in a row, you should go to the doc.

No. 330288

yes that's normal
I disagree, if there are no negative symptoms and it's just a couple days early it's not any cause for concern. That's just natural variation. Your body isn't an atomic clock

No. 330290

Could be something wonky going on with hormone levels.

No. 330613

Checking in with you again. Did you find something / someone to help you? I’m not joking I will drive you

No. 330787

This is very kind but this is also how you get murdered nonna

No. 330797

Pap smears hurt. Especially when they get to the cervix. I cried right there in the ob's office. I have another coming up in a year or so. Anything I can do to make them hurt less?

No. 330799

Pap smears shouldn't hurt at all, definitely not enough to make you cry. I think you might have a shitty OBGYN. Also you don't need them every year (unless you do for some reason specific to you?) Every 3-5 years is plenty.
What part hurt? Did the doctor ask what was wrong when you cried / how was their bedside manner? Was the speculum too large or inserted too suddenly? If the doctor isn't just shitty then you could have a medical problem that needs to be addressed or another reason for the pain that they should have explained and tried to mitigate.
Common things that make it painful:
>Cervical ectropion/cervical erosion
>Tilted uterus
>Vaginismus or Vulvodynia

No. 330800

Seconding this poster >>330799. Pap smears are not supposed to hurt.

No. 330803

it's funny I'm not sure which of us should be more worried we'll get murdered. but she didn't take me up on it which honestly I wouldn't have either. I was just frustrated she couldn't get help with such a simple thing. if her navy swimmer ass boyfriend had the mental fortitude to go through some of the most difficult training in the military you think he could arrange a fucking ride for the woman he impregnated. maybe all the diving starved his brain of oxygen one too many times. reeee i hate him so much

No. 330831

Maybe not on topic but whatever. I've had issues when peeing for like 2 years now, I've seen doctors and need to take meds but I haven't started yet. I feel like it's cyclical, sometimes I'm fine but right now I need to pee all the time yet almost nothing is coming out despite me going to the bathroom very often, and my lower stomach hurts on the right. And I'm spotting I think? Which is way too early because I'm not ovulating yet. My discharge is brown and looks weird compared to usual. I have my next appointment next month, I'm worried, I'm going to start taking my meds now after slacking off but I can't guess where the problem is from.

No. 330835

That sounds like a UTI. Some women are very predisposed to them and get them regularly especially if they have regular PIV sex. Try incorporating cranberry juice into your diet and make sure you take the antibiotics properly.

No. 330839


Had no clue they weren't supposed to hurt. Looking at the link, I think it might be vaginismus. Anything and everything I've ever had near my vagina has hurt like fuck. Couldn't even use tampons for swimming so I had to quit.


Glad I'm a femcel then

No. 330842

how is it you've been going to a gyno and a terrible pain in your vagina has never been addressed by them??

No. 330844

sounds like an infection. I'm concerned about the pain in your stomach and the multiple symptoms at once. could be a sign the infection is worsening or a sign of kidney stones or any number of things. I would go to the doctor sooner if I were you and be honest you didn't take the medicine. untreated infections in your body can have life threatening consequences. I don't know how an infection could go on for two years but weirder things have happened.
Just out of curiosity, what is the medicine and what did they diagnose you with when they prescribed it? Why didn't you take it?

No. 330853


It's only when things try to go up there, you know? I didn't think it was a big deal.

No. 330859

It’s not really a big deal unless you think it is, but if you are in serious pain during routine gyno visits they should have brought it up as a possible cause and offered you painkillers or used the tiniest speculum they had, stuff like that.

No. 330867

You've got an apointment and that's great. Stay hydrated. If it is an infection UTI or other, this will help move things out of the area. It sounds like you are feeling presure on your bladder or something along your urinary tract. The pain around your stomach may be reffered pain or discomfort due to inflmation. Keep track of your urinary freequency. If you experience this regularly around menses and it isn't showing as an infection you may want to ask your gyno about things like endometriosis.
If you are having piv sex, pee afterwards.

No. 330899

Sorry I’ve been nervous to check the thread. My appointment is June 7. So nothing but stress until then. Honestly I don’t feel as much attachment to my boyfriend as he does to me. It is complicated and I feel guilty that I don’t because he is literally the most supportive and accepting person but I just feel so detached. As far as claiming a medical emergency, they would take care of it within the navy so they would know if he lied. It’s right in the middle of an out of town training drill that is like an entire week long. Honestly though, I feel so down about life (not just this) I haven’t really felt like being around anybody but at the same time feel so alone. I’ll probably have to suck it up and ask my dickbag roommate but have also thought about an Uber. Although it’s already going to be a lot. I just wish it was over with, I’m so stressed and have so much work literally set up before and after that I’m also stressed about (I freelance dog sit, clean and train but mostly with the same set it regular clients). I think I am most worried about them refusing the procedure for any reason, the day of. And it’s already going to be uncomfortably far along (in my opinion) I was going to try and not use 24 hours before. As far as weed, it’s going to show up if they test regardless…not sure about that. I just feel so hopeless and really can’t believe I have to deal with this. I literally haven’t had sex since because it’s all I can think about and before it had been over a year. Like what the fuck kind of shit luck. I already just want to give up. This really has made everything so much worse and I don’t want to tell anybody, which makes it even harder. I don’t really have any family, I moved to CA by myself with dogs and cats with no ambition. I have thought about the phone thing but I have been in such a rut for years now, I literally stopped opening my mail when my lifelong dog companion died years ago, my car registration expired in 2019 and I still drive it, haven’t my paid my taxes for a few years, I’ve just let everything go.

No. 330900

I am actually very relieved though that all the replies in relation to my situation have been understanding and somewhat comforting. I’m pretty hard on myself because that’s just how my life has been. I feel weak and embarrassed to have let my depression and life get so out of control and have always felt like I could and should be able to fix it all myself but I can’t even find the motivation to start. It fucking sucks. Thank you for info and advice and support nonas, it’s much appreciated.

No. 330901

Also frustrating, the phone I’ve been able to use to set up the appointment apparently has something wrong with the speaker, it can only be used on speaker and the poor worker at the clinic could barely hear/understand me. I felt so fucking bad. It was so shitty that we couldn’t even go over the financial part (which I’m stressed about) so she said I will receive a call before the appointment but the only number I was able to give was for the phone that apparently can’t hear me from. I feel like my boyfriend would set up an Uber or something if I asked but I haven’t. I am just unsure and my way of coping is to not think about it so I have been just sleeping for fucking days straight to not deal with life. (I know, I know)

No. 330911

Don't give up

No. 330947

I'm a virgin and I did some tests already, it's not an UTI. Supposedly. The meds I need to take aren't antibiotics so it's hard to really understand what's going on.

I thought about an infection too but looks like that's not the case. A lab checked my urine and had ultrasounds done (though the doctor who did it half assed it). I'll check the name of the med once I'm back home. Could be neurological as well according to my doctor, she asked if ever got pregnant which is not possible because I'm a virgin. If that's the case I'll need to work out while supervised by a specialist for that's just to help me pee more and do it less often.

Having an appointment at the gyno is very difficult here but my GP is specialized in that stuff so I should be able to ask her anything. I hope it's not that bad. My periods are very regular and not too painful, that hasn't changed. But yeah my period stopped a week ago so maybe this could be linked somehow.

No. 330948

I forgot to add that I'm not sure I can drink cramberry juice because my blood pressure is already a bit too low, I don't want to risk passing out again from it.

No. 330955

It can be bacterial even though the tests came back negative. Can you try d-mannose? Whenever I have the feeling of an uti coming I take that and it goes away. Its a sugar the bacteria binds to and gets flushed out, its usually very safe.

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