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File: 1615294114303.jpeg (82.53 KB, 720x484, 50F67D27-09F4-4467-844E-929F2B…)

No. 174637

Talk about bits, toys, techniques, etc.

Previous thread: >>>/g/48662

No. 174655

File: 1615300374561.jpeg (60.87 KB, 500x498, BF553427-6C5A-4683-87AD-24901B…)

No. 174696

Does anyone else enjoy cervix play?? I read a lot about women who say when their cervix is pressed on it hurts and sucks but I kinda like the feeling of pressure on my cervix.

No. 174699

I suppose I am? okay this might sound weird but one way I've masturbated literally since I first started masturbating was using my middle finger to kind of swivle around my cervix lol. like circling it fast and doing it pretty roughly. it didn't come naturally for me to push my finger in and out, it was cervix circling always. I was surprised when I read about women feeling pain when their cervix was bumped into during sex cause I've been beating mine up for years and with absolutely no pain. would you call that cervix play? or do you mean pushing directly up against cervix?

No. 174721

I would call that cervix play too! Actually reading out how you describe it, I like to do that too lol. I've definitely had sex where my cervix was being hit and it hurt like a bitch and wasn't fun at all, but when I'm masturbating I like to just sit on a dildo and have it push against my cervix. Swirling a finger around it/flicking it also feels good to me too.

No. 174840

File: 1615424212073.jpeg (15.33 KB, 474x585, good clean love.jpeg)

What lube do you girls use? I use a lot of fantasy silicone toys so I'm limited to water based lubes, and I wanted to buy some powdered lube since it seems like it would be cheaper in the long run, but I just found out some popular ones like J-lube are like 75% sucrose so it's a no-no for vaginas. I'm also super prone to UTIs and don't really want to figure out how prone I am to yeast infections so I don't feel like risking it. I can't seem to find the ingredients list for X-lube either but apparently it's 100% polyethylene oxide. I currently use Good Clean Love's bionude lube and like it but it's kinda expensive at almost $12 for 3 oz, though this is the first ever lube I bought so I'm not sure if it's really expensive or not in the grand scheme of lubes lol.

No. 174844

File: 1615425110247.png (63.71 KB, 179x352, 6382196404621848325.png)

I use one called Liquid Silk which is primarily water based but does have some silicone in so it stays "wet" longer and you don't have to keep reapplying. It's low content though so it is safe for use with silicone toys. No issues with irritation internally or externally.

No. 174883

today i masturbated with lube for the first time. it was kind of fun because instead of having to gradually work myself up until i was wet enough i could just jump straight in because the lube did the work for me. downside is that although i know that lube is safe for the genital area i am quite paranoid about having chemical things near my vagina so i made sure to be extra careful when i cleaned up.

No. 174891

This seems appropriate

No. 174895

She’s fucking annoying

No. 174898

File: 1615475081457.jpg (70.89 KB, 1200x1200, 594782.jpg)

I've shilled this before but it's bomb. It doesn't dry sticky and it's the closest thing to natural I've found. I think the pH balance helps cos I'm also really prone to UTIs and yeast infections, and I get them way less when I use this. Sounds pretty similar to the stuff you're using currently though, IMO your bits are worth the money and cheaping out on lube is miserable

No. 174912

Does anyone else have to squeeze their thighs really hard together while touching yourself for it to feel good? Makes me self-conscious.

No. 174914

Thanks for the rec anon! I went down a lube rabbit hole yesterday and also read some stuff about how (good) lube for vaginal use tends to be more expensive because of lack of weird ingredients and shit. I also found this guide if anyone is interested http://dangerouslilly.com/lube-guide/ Guess I'll just cough up the money since it's a smaller price to pay than a doctor's visit lol.

No. 174936

Are you ladies sure it's your cervix? I used to enjoy it a lot too until dick angled up and it actually hit something that felt incredibly painful. It felt like getting punched in the stomach from the inside, lol. Turns out what I thought was my "cervix" is actually the part a little past it.

No. 174937

seconding this! It feels like what you wish you felt like, it's so good

I used to when I was younger but luckily I trained myself out of it. I think squeezing my thighs pushed my labia together so it simulated insertion (idk if you'll get what I mean lol)

No. 174959

I've definitely had my cervix hit by a dick and it didn't feel good but when I'm fingering myself and flicking the little thing back there it's definitely my cervix lol. When I sit on dildos maybe the heat might be pushing around/past it rather than on it but I use pretty girthy dildos so I assume it's just pressing on it.

No. 174999

Real question: how do I stop? I don't think I have an addiction or anything, I don't watch porn, and it's not interfering with my crucial life tasks but God. Jacking it every night for weeks is just too much. Every time I'm done I feel disgusting and wish I hadn't done it. Has anyone else experienced something like this? Is it like kicking any other habit? Please help. I hate who I am when I'm flicking the bean.

No. 175007

You need to address why it makes you feel disgusting because it shouldn't. Sexuality is a completely normal, and as long as the need to fulfill it as it's not interferring with your other life needs, it's not abnormal and doesn't have to be fixed. Are you religious or were shamed for your sexuality and/or body in the past?

No. 175013

There's nothing wrong with masturbating once a day, it's perfectly normal. What is making you feel ashamed?

No. 175023

Is it normal that I am only horny when I'm ovulating? And after I'm done I always have to sleep for two hours.

No. 175025

No idea if it's normal, but you're definitely not alone, for me it's the same lol.

No. 175026

Same here, masturbating also helps with the ovulation pains i get

No. 175041

The first and only time i tried masturbating with any sort of vibration (i usually use fingers) was with an electric toothbrush, i placed it on my clit and some liquid (not sure if it was pee or something but it was clear???) shot out everywhere, is that normal? haven't tried since anyhow

No. 175044

Samefag, but any other anons masturbate thinking about non-sexual things like what you're going to do that day and other mundane things just bc it feels good and not that its sexy? more like a massage?

No. 175054

You've put a toothbrush directly on your clit??? Sounds kinda brutal, you sure you didnt actually hurt yourself in any way?

No. 175080

I use YES water-based. When I want extra lube for the hitachi or whatever, I use the oil based, then the water based. Never had any problems for me or my bf, even getting it on cuts.

No. 175087

Yeah, my mind will often wander off into non-sexual mundane thoughts, it still feels good and I still come, even when I'm thinking about my grocery shopping checklist

No. 175089

Slightly OT, but the thread pic reminded me of this music video for this (great) Marika Hackman song, it has a lot of similar images

No. 175090

I do that too. I also sometimes masturbate while I'm watching something even though what I'm watching isnt turning me on nor is it sexual content.

No. 175093

Don't worry, it was the back of the brush not the actual brush head haha

No. 175096

Kek, most of us understood the first time, but anon's concern for your clit gave me a good laugh

No. 175097

When I was younger I was into dildos in a big way, collected all sorts of different shapes and textures and had fantasy dildos and all that. I never went near the large ones but I liked a variety of insertables. In the last two or so years though I've just stopped getting much pleasure from penetration. I have one toy that's a lil g-spot toy barely bigger than a finger and that still does it for me for anything penis sized just doens't feel good.

I don't think there's anything medically wrong with me, I have regular smear tests. Just wondering if anyone else has basically fallen out of love with penetrative stuff?

No. 175114

All the time.

No. 175169

does anyone else experience zero stimulation from penetration? i feel absolutely NOTHING and i've fumbled around in there a decent bit. is that normal?

No. 175171

If i would be single I’d get a fuck machine

No. 175194

Pls help
I don't know how to masturbate.

I have always masturbated with a pillow between my legs, then I got a boyfriend (we did not have sex he just fingered me)and I can't get off with the pillow anymore, I don't know how to touch it.

I always start to masturbate and I can not last a full 5 mintues, I stroke a few times, feels kind of good I tense up and then I don't want to do it.

I think it is because I consume shitty porn or because I'm depressed.

No. 175234

who tf uses the pulse setting on the vibrator?

No. 175235

LoL. My boyfriend was trying to be sexy and made me use it. It's an extremely frustrating setting tbqh. I need a constant low vibration going but that pulse one is like someone annoying pressing your clitoris every second. You can't get a good buildup. Those modes are just so companies can claim more "settings".

No. 175236

Google it.

No. 175241

I enjoyed it. The moments when the pulse stops drove me insane in a good way

No. 175243

I use the fastest pulse setting like ratatatatatata because it doesn't numb my clit like the constant buzz does

the other ones are super useless doe

No. 175248

What's the strongest bullet vibe you've tried? I used to have an XL bullet with 3AA batteries that was perfect but I haven't been able to find a replacement.

No. 175252

The we vibe tango x is good if you have the budget for that. It's rechargable and has rumbly vibrations that you rarely get from lil bullets

No. 175579

Finally went and got myself a vibrator and suddenly all my problems went away

No. 175609

Did anyone else start masturbating at a late age? I didn't start doing it properly until I was about 17, before that I knew what it was and I used to touch myself but I didn't know exactly what to do lol, like I didn't know how to turn myself on fully. Idk, is your late teens considered a late age?

No. 175631

It doesn't really matter. I had my first orgasm at 7 or 8

No. 175644

I started at fucking 20 because I thought women didn't masturbate, only men. I didn't grow up in a religious household or anything, it's just sex ed who made it sound like a loser thing, like "good people have good sex, masturbating is for those loner weirdos". It didn't help that I always had a low libido and I never came across pornographic imagery until my very late teens (which is a good thing though). At least starting late didn't turn me into an addict and I could explore my fantasies carefully.

No. 175645

nayrt but I have the we vibe tango and I love it, I'm on my second one (broke the first one from throwing it across the room in a rage after the battery died during a session lmao) but I didn't know they updated it. will definitely be getting this whenever my little tango dies

it's different for everyone, anon. I thought I was one of the early ones when I started at around 11 or 12 and was surprised when I read some girls start at like 8. but really it's different for everyone

No. 175646

so pleased for you! what did u get

No. 175648

I like it, it feels pretty good but I can never finish using it. I like the steady vibration

No. 175656

File: 1616008742980.jpg (425.43 KB, 1078x1007, Screenshot_20210318-031851_Sho…)

Its one of those clit/nipple vibrators that has a small tongue in it! Pic related its the exact model

No. 175659

Omg this design is so cute

No. 175664

Oh that’s so cute! It looks kinda small that’s awesome because I’ve bern looking to get a tiny vibrator. I kinda want to hide it from my husband so small will be perfect!

No. 175666

Kek I love cute things but having something like this as a vibe with a tongue coming out of its disembodied torso kind of creeps me out. That being said, I like that it just looks like a normal figurine when it's not in use and I'm glad it's working for you.

No. 175681

I bought an expensive fantasy dildo last week and requested a custom color and it was supposed to ship out yesterday but they haven't sent me the shipping email yet… I know I shouldn't be impatient, especially since I requested a custom color so of course it wouldn't be ready to ship immediately, but fuckkkkkkk. I want my new dildo already lol.

This is so cute… what website did you buy it off of anon?

No. 175695

lmao after I posted this I got the update email that it was shipped aaaaaa I've been holding off masturbating until it comes in so I hope it'll arrive soon!!

No. 175718

I didn't have an orgasm until I bought a vibe at 20. I tried poking around down there around 12 when puberty was in full swing and I found some of my aunt's romance novels but I never really figured it out so I stopped for a long time.

No. 175748

You're fine anon but I'd like to ask the opposite, it is weird if you start too soon? I feel like I'm an exception because I started at 5 or 6 and I always felt like a demon for it kek

No. 175823

yaay, you too anon?
>to this day I cringe when I remember showing my brother that rubbing feels good
I had my period at 8 too, so I guess I'm just an early bloomer.

No. 176010

Oh cool! I got my period "normally" and I ended up being a virgin at 22, I don't know what the fuck happened with me

No. 176543

I feel so horny today. I masturbated and orgasmed for 6 time but still feel turned on. My orgasms are small nth crazy but wth.

No. 176546

Is this a regular situation? If so you might just have high libido which isn't a bad thing. Enjoy :)

No. 176548

Confession: I used to masturbate like this in class back in HS and college. It was so arousing to try and keep myself silent around a bunch of people. I think someone in one of my classes figured what I was doing though, because I heard her whispering to another student and pointing at me once. I had to be more careful after that

No. 176549

Anyone else ever tried watching themselves in the mirror while they masturbate? I don’t like facing myself straight up kek but I like being a little farther in my room then glancing at my mirror occasionally. Something about it feels very cinematic

No. 176554

I've had to tone done how much I have been masturbating lately. I'm a couple of months out of a break up. Tried dating to feel something but just cringed at the thought of being intimate with either of the dudes I entertained the idea of fucking. Got in a slump about only having my ex as a masturbation fantasy and used porn to combat it. Discovered male moaning compilations. I was cumming too much I fucked all my muscles up down there lol and going to the bathroom was uncomfortable. Now I stop myself a 2 orgasm and one sessions day only, I've been skipping days though. I hope this means I can find IRL men attractive again.

No. 176587

yup, I actually talked to another anon about this in one of the turn on threads. I'm not even sure why I started doing it but I think it originally stemmed from wanting to get to know my body and having a good look at my vuvla. I just started doing it more and more cause I enjoyed it.

what do you mean by it feeling cinematic?

No. 176591

Recently, I’ve been able to masturbate without watching hentai. I don’t know when I started watching hentai but it got to be a problem where I would watch it every time I needed to masturbate. It’s embarrassing and I always felt gross afterwards even though I stayed away from the really weird stuff. Thankfully now I just listen to 18+ Drama cds sometimes, and it’s way more vanilla/less disgusting than actual hentai. I don’t want to end up a freak who can only get off with help from something you know?

No. 176593

Is it okay to masturbate 3 times a week? I've been 1 month free from all form of porn and now my libido came back big but I feel guilty. Isn't 3 times a week a lot? When I was hooked on porn it was like 1 time a week but I had no libido and couldn't do it witout it (porn). I'm 18 if that matters?

No. 176597

Three times a week isn't a lot at all. It doesn't matter if you're masturbating daily as long as it's not disrupting your life and you're not reliant on/addicted to porn. If your libido wants you to get off three times a week then do it, just be careful about using powerful vibrators too often as they'll dull sensations over time.

No. 176602

Has anyone ever had an issue with only being able to orgasm using the shower head? That and oral get me off and I’m not new to having an orgasm, but every time I lay down and try to do it with my hands I’m there for like an hour and nothing works. It’s so annoying having to shower for it.

No. 176606

Just being able to switch from looking at myself to looking at a zoomed out view of myself, like cutting between cameras. It's just fun!

No. 176711

good for you anon! your cds are gonna be way better for you than hentai. I had a similar transition from porn to erotic audios. I know a lot of anons find it creepy listening to a random guy's voice as he acts out a scene or just talks dirty but once I find a voice I like I love them. makes me feel way less dirty/guilty than watching porn. good luck going from visual to audio stimulation and then finally on to your thoughts alone, if that's your goal

why feel guilty? you can masturbate as much as you like unless it begins interfering with your life and you start choosing to masturbate over other activities. also, as >>176597 anon said, three times a week isn't much at all. it's perfectly healthy. also congrats on being 1 month porn free!

No. 176749

What about the showerhead makes you cum? The heat? The pressure on your opening? Or the pressure on your clit? Figure it out and experiment. Don't be afraid to use toys.

No. 176752

Uh so guys… I’ve just started fingering myself while masturbating and when I insert my fingers I can feel a pretty hard lump which I assume is my cervix. The thing is that it’s pretty low and only 2/3 of my fingers fit before that lump stops them from going further in… so I have a short vagina or what pls help…..,,,,…,

No. 176753

Lmao happened to me once
I masturbated 10 times from morning to midnight and thought I would die

No. 176755

I believe the cervix can change change depending on arousal, your cycle and your body position. So your vag might not always be that short lol

No. 176756

*the cervix can change position

No. 176761

Not only that but it’s like weird oblong and egg shaped like is it supposed to be like that?? And it’s always hard.

No. 176811

The cervix changes position like >>176755 said, when it's low like that it's usually during or just before the periods. I thought I had a short vagina too because I can effortlessly touch my cervix most of the time, but I started using dildos and I could put them inside with no problems, you should be fine.

No. 176817

Sounds like your touching your cervix to me. I can easily reach in and touch mine (usually do so to check on my iud strings) and can also shove a 10" dildo up in there.

No. 176842

is it weird that I can literally never reach an orgasm from just rubbing my clit? I have to aggressively rub the area between my vagina and clit in a circular motion to orgasm. is there something wrong with me?

No. 176844

Ngl tho logging in to reddit made me think about sucking cock

No. 176853

It's probably okay, just make sure you don't give yourself a UTI by putting bacteria near your urethra.

No. 176856

Yall talking about touching your cervix make me nervous cause your girl here is a virgin and I never thought that cervix can be touched. I'm so scared rn

No. 176860

guess what, your cervix probably has already been so low that you can touch it. Dicks/dildos/your fingers can easily slide past the cervix without harming it.

No. 176863

Idk how I feel about this but I like being a woman and I want to be fucked just to feel that

No. 176877

I’ve never orgasamed. Not during sex or masterbation . Any tips?

No. 176880

Do you feel like you get close to it and stop yourself? It use to be too intense/scary for me and I'd switch up or stop to ease into it and then never get there. If it's like that, my only advice is to push through and keep going cause it's worth it lol

No. 176932

I noticed a few anons here talking about listening to erotic audio, where the hell do I find good ones? Would you say there's a decently wide range of lesbian erotic audio? I'm a dumbass who's trying to wean myself off of porn. So far I've been turning to erotic literature, but I keep rereading the same things and would love something new.

No. 176952

You know what I think I do! I’m gonna try tonight and see if it’s just me at this point lol

No. 176967

usually if you can feel your cervix during sex it proably means your not aroused enough lol

No. 176983


No. 176984

File: 1616979741639.png (64.87 KB, 219x255, 1596752472583.png)

…I don't think that's true, anon

No. 176987

i’ve touched my cervix before accidentally and it freaked me out, felt weird and slightly tilted

No. 177064

Got a dildo for the first time and is that how its supposed to feel? Like wanting to make feel like you need to shit? Or like poking your guts??? I wouldnt call uncomfortable but it the experience was weird

No. 177081

if you're not turned on yeah it can feel really weird and kind of gross. almost like nauseating. if you get super turned on first then it can feel very good. just experiment with it and see if you like it more in certain positions, lube can help a lot too

No. 177104

>Like wanting to make feel like you need to shit?
I only feel that way when my pipes aren't clear. The wall between your vaginal insides and your rectum is thin.
Try angling the dildo towards your bladder and find your sweet spot by moving it towards your spine.

No. 177138

the place I've found them is gonewildaudio on reddit, I wouldn't say there is tons of lesbain focused audios, as you can probably imagine the majority are men making these audios but they have a filter for specific types like 'f4f' (female for female) only. maybe just click around and see what kind of voices work for you. you can always order by most popular.

No. 177146

I mostly listen to r18 drama cds, because I find the voices really attractive in them, also I think the language not being in English makes me feel less embarrassed? If that makes sense. I do also use GoneWildAudio sometimes but the quality is kind of hit and miss at least in my experience. I usually find the tracks on Soundcloud and then look up the translation for it online (some of them can be kind of tricky to find).

No. 177147

Thanks, gotta admit I'm a little lost with how to navigate it, but I'll figure it out!

Thanks for this suggestion too, anon, the filter feature really helps!

I saw you mention your cds upthread! I don't think my country has r18 cd's, at least I've never seen people talk about them. But I'll check Soundcloud too like you mentioned, thanks!

No. 177287

isn't soundgasm essentially just a hosting site? how would you even go about navigating it to find audios? you can't see anything without a direct outside link as far as I can or am I missing something?

No. 177329

I really like Good as a lube when I don't have sliquid, but I usually use sliquid.

No. 177371

Ntayrt but I think you’re right. I suppose you could google soundgasm.net + whatever keywords you want but I also think most of those audios come from reddit users anyway so it would be easier just to use reddit to find stuff

No. 177483

I'm not sure if this is a mood killer in this thread but I just realized that my SSRI medication caused my troubles to reach orgasm.
I have been on medication for almost half of my life. I started taking SSRI before I became sexually active. That sounds fucking sad.
I thought it was just how I'm build down there.

It takes me an hour of strong vibrator drilling my pussy and still it's not guaranteed that I can cum.
I can't stop taking my meds, I have tried and it wasn't the right decision…

My ex-partner was understanding but I'm kind of afraid to start dating again because of this. I'm bi so I'm worried about if I get into bed with a woman, it would be an issue. Guys don't care obviously.

No. 177508

I had the same problem anon. But I cycled through some SSRIs and wound up on Zoloft which does not depress my libido. See if your doc is willing to try something else for you.

No. 177575

It looks so weird, how does it feel? Is it supposed to be like a tongue?

No. 177611

I had a major depressive episode and I’m still recovering from it. It’s not possible to switch medicationn. I just simply can’t risk my mental health at this moment

No. 177616

I completely sympathise anon. I've been on SSRIS since I was 19, I'm now almost 31. I don't have normal orgasms at all anymore, can't remember I had a worthwhile orgasm. I edge for ages cause the actual 'climax' sucks. I also cannot just stop my meds.

>I thought it was just how I'm build down there.

hey at least you know that's not how you're built. there will come a time you'll be healthy enough to stop the meds

had you not ever had an orgasm before you began your SSRIs? I knew that it was the medication fucking with my ability to come normally since I'd had great orgasms before 19.

>I'm bi so I'm worried about if I get into bed with a woman, it would be an issue

I think most people are understanding of these things, men and women. I think, as someone who has this issue, sexual things can still be fun, I've got to the point I realise I don't have to come/finish to have a good time and enjoy the experience. you could always use your vibe with a partner too. don't let this issue deter you from finding someone new anon!

No. 177617

Is anyone else just completely unable to orgasm? I have tried masturbating but it feels good for a bit then just gets boring and I never feel near any kind of peak. Sex similarly feels nice but again, doesn't really bring me to any kind of high. When I read erotica I like reading about oral but in practice it just kinda feels like nothing to me. I guess I should try finding a good vibrator but I hate how big they all seem to be, I'd much prefer something small I can easily conceal.

No. 177694

look into bullet vibrators. they're nice and small and designed for clit stimulation. some of them are even designed to look like a tube of lipstick

No. 179218

File: 1618271880671.jpg (10.04 KB, 480x480, LELO_SONA_cruise Cerise_0.jpg)

I wanna buy a more high end sex toy that is specifically for clitoral stimulation but I'm torn on which one I should choose. It's probably gonna be one of the Sona models from LELO or the Baci from Lora Dicarlo. Do any anons have some experience with them or maybe a different recommendation?

No. 179220

File: 1618272583724.jpg (133.45 KB, 649x750, index.jpg)

LELO's products in general really have that incredible premium feel to them, with both design and the feel of the materials but I've tried the one you show and I have Satisfyer Pro Penguin which is half the price and feels exactly the same. Still, if you have the money, LELO is worth it for the prestige experience

No. 179232

The Lelo Sona was the first (nice) vibe I got as well. Where the cheap ones I'd had were too strong and just made me numb, it actually gets me to orgasm. The stimulation is less overwhelming and there are a lot of different modes which you can adjust to your liking. Definitely recommend.

No. 179273

It sucks the whole clit?

No. 179282

File: 1618315001093.png (92.89 KB, 700x700, baci.png)

Well thats a bit dissappointing. I already have a Satisfyer Pro 2 so I thought getting a better (read pricier) one would feel different. Do you have another rec on good sex toys? I do have some money to spend but I don't wanna blow it on something thats exactly the same.
This one is the other one in question. Anybody got experience with pic rel?
Yeah thats something I experience sometimes, too. I guess it won't be an entirely new experience but still worth the price.
Yeah it does. You place it on the clit and covers the whole of it. But because its just air pressure its still quite gentle. Its not gonna suck the life out of your clit

No. 179286

Check out reddit gonewildaudio

No. 179304

Are there any pussy pumps out there for smaller builds, or maybe more flexible cups? I got the lovehoney one on a whim- I love the sensation I get for a second before it loses its seal because its slightly too wide and digs into where my thighs meet my groin.

No. 179308

File: 1618326797613.jpeg (16.31 KB, 486x600, D26D51BD-098F-4E55-A035-985BA1…)

Really love the Tango X from wevibe, although I only use the absolute weakest setting. It feels nothing like my old cheap bullet vibe which would numb my clit instantly; it feels more like it's rubbing me.

Also, I think about this when it comes to bullet vibes: does anyone actually get off on the weird gimmicky rythms? I only ever use one setting lmao

No. 179309

I can ONLY orgasm if I'm actively doing kegels and squeezing as if my life depended on it. Is this female deathgrip?

No. 179313

Nta, but same. I don't have to do it to orgasm (it can make orgasms better though), but I have to do it to warm up or else it'll probably take me a very long time to get to that point. I've been doing it basically since I started masturbating, and I really regret training my body into this lmao. I should probably start actively trying to cum without squeezing. I'm also very paranoid about air bubbles in my vag, so I end up pushing out as well when I kegel, and it gives me headaches

No. 179314

Im really struggling with my sexuality. I love my boyfriend and he is the best I've ever had in bed. He will eat me out for over an hour if thats what it takes. Rarely watch porn but when I do its lesbian porn, or solo. If I see a dick it just doesnt turn me on. But when he eats me out I have to fantasize about being with a woman or else I dont get turned on and that makes me feel so guilty. I recall coming from intercourse only once but I do enjoy it when it gets hot and heavy. I dont know where to turn to about this I just feel so gay sometimes

No. 179434

Tried out the Satisfyer Pro 2 for the first time (partially based off the reviews I’ve seen here)- am I the only one who feels basically nothing from it? I legit worry that my pussy’s broken or something, clit stimulation is the only thing that works for me but it just felt like a more indirect vibration, barely any stimulation at all and I had to work for WAY too long just to get one mediocre orgasm. Is there a trick to it? Do I need to use lube or something? Please help me feel like this wasn’t a total waste of money.

No. 179448

i think my clitoris is way too sensitive or something. I know most women love vibrators but that literally sounds like torture to me. I once tried something similar with a hex bug nano i found in my childhood bedroom and almost died.

penetration is the only thing that works for me and its so f%*king annoying to have to get out & then clean a fucking screwdriver every time I need to get off (i live w parents cuz covid so can't order a proper dildo fml)

No. 179459

I think theres a learning curve for these toys. You have to find a good angle and try different things and you may have to put it directly on the clitoris instead of just on the clitoral hood. Also lube helps a lot! Keep trying and don't give up yet. I was also confused when I first got it but now I love it

No. 179511

I want to buy the satisfyer pro 2 but am concerned about the noise. how noisy would you say it is? I live with other people I don't want them to hear it. I have the we vibe tango and the sound of that is low enough I can use it while others are home. if anyone here happens to have both would you say the satisfyer is louder/quieter or the same. ty anons

No. 179512

I switched my satisfyer for a vibrator mostly because it was loud as fuck. I live in a student dorm with thin walls…

No. 179543

Uhh anon, I don't think that's healthy

No. 179608

Do you often squirt when you do g-spot stimulation? It happened for the first time yesterday and I can't stop thinking about it, it was unexpected, I thought it only happened in porn lol.

No. 179617

I spent years chasing the experience of a squirting orgasm, bought different toys with an extreme curve to them and I would orgasm that way but with no squirt.

Then a few years ago I dated a guy where his fingering technique was almost a little too rough and I guess I 'gushed' a few times from that but there was either no orgasm to accompany the gush or it wasn't quite an orgasm. It was like reaching the very edge and then nothing. I've never had an actual orgasm and release of fluids match up in timing with each other.

No. 179618

Depends on which side of the screwdriver she's using…

No. 179619

No. 179628

ah that's disappointing to hear cause I need something really quiet

No. 179639

nta but yeah it's not that quiet especially on the higher settings. If you're really really sensitive it might be quiet enogh on the two or three lowest settings. But for me they don't really do anything except for when I'm more aroused than usual. And I would say my clit is more on the medium to sensitive side for reference

No. 179645

Does anyone know why I can put a vibe inside some days without pain and other days it feels like it's 'rubbing' the sides of my entrance and hurts (like a burning pain)? Lube doesn't seem to be an issue and I'm so frustrated. I just want some painless internal stimulation and it feels like I'm playing russian roulette each time. I thought I might have had vaginismus when I was younger but now I'm not sure because I can get stuff in without pain sometimes.

Pls help me anons

No. 179656

I guess it comes from overstimulation then, my dildo is great for hitting the g-spot and I went a bit overboard during my session yesterday. I was feeling so great and I started thrusting a bit too hard and fast, the squirting happened after the orgasm, I stopped immediately though because I was so surprised by it.

No. 179675

Squirt is just piss right

No. 179723

Yeah…its literally just pissing yourself…it happens sometimes. But don't ever misconstrue it as a sign of an actual orgasm

No. 179779

Your pelvic floor muscles may be tense during those times where it's painful. I couldn't insert anything without that burning when I was younger and went to pelvic floor physical therapy, now I can insert stuff for fun without pain. There may be some exercises you can do on your own but being taught by a pelvic PT is great if you can find one in your area.

No. 179794

Thanks so much anon! I'll look into finding one. Happy diddling

No. 179807

nta, another anon here with the same problem, could you share a few pelvic exercises that you did with the pt?

No. 180345

Do you use the suction cup on dildos? I've never managed to make it work on mine, I don't think I'll bother with one next time I'm buying a toy.

No. 180352

Only worked on bathroom tiled walls but how often would I want to masturbate in the shower? Not very much. Much prefer thrusters if I want that thrusting motion.

No. 180893

does anyone else masturbate while they're on their period by just giving themselves clitoral orgasms while using a cup or a tampon. feeling the desire to put a finger inside the whole time but not allowing themself to do it even though they really want to. wait until their period is over to finally use fingers inside or a toy and it's just the sweetest feeling after not putting anything inside for 4 days? like a little treat where the absense has made the heart grow fonder (for the finger) love it

No. 180895

I'd love to try one (I have a dildo but it hasn't got a suction cup) but like >>180352 anon said the only place I could use them where I live is the shower wall and I'd be concerned about tearing the tile off the wall (seen this happen in a gif once) or falling over in the tub. where have you been sticking it? like to what surface?

No. 181012

I've tried sticking it to the wooden floor (which is kinda smooth) in my room but it didn't hold on that well, and that's pretty much it, I've never brought it in the bathroom because I still live with my family.

No. 181033

I straight up avoid masturbating while on my period because knowing I have a cup inside me is enough of a turn-off. But the moment I know my period is over always leads to the best nut of my entire month.

No. 181198

So I've never been able to actually penetrate myself either with fingers or a toy and get off. The times I tried it I'm too tense to let anything up there even after 10-30 minutes of "warming up" basically horniness goes kaput.

Most of the time I lie on my side, squeeze in-between my legs and get to the climax. Although this is hit or miss because sometimes I'll barely edge myself and give up if it's taking too long. Sometimes I use a Jimmy Jane Form 2 but can't use it so much since the walls are thin and it takes a while for it to not be cold. Do you guys have any ideas for something that has more consistent results or at least what i'm doing wrong that I can't handle penetration?

No. 181200

Are you a virgin anon? I had the same issues before I lost mine (which was a long and awkward affair).
Anyway, I don't think lying on your side helps a lot as it doesn't leave a lot of room down there. Personally what sounds easiest to me is lying on your back, legs spread, and go to town with your clit until you're relaxed enough. At this point feel around a bit with a finger and only go in to the point it feels comfortable to you. Next time go a little further in, etc. It might take a while but it could allow you to get used to it and not be so tense anymore.
Also you might want to look into vaginismus if you haven't already.
(Also some women just aren't into penetration and that's fine.)

No. 181265

I can happily put fingers up there while I'm bleeding. Feels so much more sensitive.
On another note, I've been masturbating since I was 8, having orgasms since then, but I can't orgasm with another person. I'm too used to being on my own, not having to think about how my face and body look, thinking about the other person's pleasure, etc. Anyone here who's managed to overcome this?

No. 181267

Having a patient partner who doesn't give a shit, wearing something that makes you feel sexy (even if it's a t-shirt), and exercising enough to feel like things don't jiggle as much. I find that being on top also helps so that I'm not so much 'on display' and it also makes me focus on my own pleasure– if I think less about his pleasure, I'm also less self conscious funny enough

You could also try getting drunk, or high, or if you're comfortable, doing ecstasy. I remember it changing the game for me because it made me experience how it was to not be self-conscious.

No. 181296

File: 1619290273572.jpeg (4.55 KB, 332x500, limba flex.jpeg)

I really want to buy this bad boy, the limba flex. it looks as though it has a shape that'd be good for me, I've been looking for a dildo with a 'flatter' head for a long time. I just wish it wasn't £50. sex toys are so expensive. it's a lot to spend on something that might not be right for you

question to it interesting - what is the most you've spent on a sex toy? I bought a g spot vibe for £85 or so once. I don't like it or use it either! it doesn't work for my body. such a waste of money. I wish you could sell sex toys but I don't know who'd buy something secondhand that'd been in someone else's vagina

No. 181391

you should try to find quiet and/or waterproof clit vibrators you can use in the shower. i wouldn't worry too much about penetration if you can get off other ways. i never use my fingers and only enjoy bullets or small dildos

No. 181398

Ordered a new toy lately as my old funfactory toy is too rigid for me. Went for a different brand and I was torn between two options the toy came in, single density or dual density. Ended up paying the extra 10 bucks to see if 'dual density' adds much to the experience.

Has anyone here used one or found them better?

No. 181409

Almost a hundred bucks for a Womanizer liberty, it was my first toy ever and it made me realize I prefer using my fingers. I'm like this with everything, I hate using anything electric and prefer the manual option (like a toothbrush or a whisk), it was only logical it'd end up like that with a toy lol. I only use it now when I'm horny but don't want to put any efforts into a session, I come in one minute and I can go to sleep.

No. 181428

I've spent stupid money on toys over the years but I have my finger technique down and nothing feels better than that. Based on that and my dwindling interest in full on penetration.. I just got rid of my collection last time I moved.

My collection was all silicone so I did manage to sell some of it. You can boil silicone dildos and that fully sterilizes them. There used to be message boards where people sold mostly bad dragon toys but anything silicone could sell on there too. Think it was called dragon hoard.

No. 182005

I have a dual density dildo and I can say for sure it feels better than the usual standard type. I can squeeze down on it and it feels so nice and soft but still has that solid core. feels more like a real dick supposedly (wouldn't know cause I'm a virgin but that's what I read in reviews when I was researching those kind of toys) so yes, in short I'd say dual densitiy is better. sometimes the standard density is too solid/hard, it's nice to have the softness that comes with dual. I think for 10 bucks extra you made the right choice!

No. 182622

the womanizer pro40 is on sale, should i buy? my wand is getting kind of boring. is the suction weird? can anyone who has it give me some pros/cons?

No. 182626

any tips for fitting a thick dildo into me… i can't get it to fit. my other one is a regular, average-human-male-sized one but i got one of those "monster" dildos and it has a flared tip

No. 182638

Lots of lube, be very turned on, and sit on it instead of trying to get it in while on your back. Move your hips up and down the dildo to help it along.

No. 182726

Why does clit orgasm feel so much better when theres something inside?

No. 182754

File: 1619823789816.jpg (41.43 KB, 843x475, IMG_0248.JPG)

I'm coming to terms with the fact that I'll never be able to masturbate with my fingers
>just do it lmao
I can't feel anything from touching my clit or the general area of my vulva. The thought of mastubating with my fingers, yet alone a sex toy, makes me anxious and immediately stops me from being horny.

No. 182758

Is that true? I hate the sensation of something inside me.. but hey if what you say is true then…

No. 182787

I’ve been masturbating since I was maybe 13. My mom has arthritis and had this special massager for her back. One day I was using it and dropped it and it fell near my crotch and I got that feeling. I started using that and would masturbate a few times a day for a long time with it. As a result, I missed the exploration phase where I played with myself using my hands. I’ve never had an orgasm using my own hands. It can feel good, and is a nice way to work myself up, but I basically feel nothing using my own hands. I have a Lelo Gigi that I’ve been using for a long time and now using a vibrator on my clit is the only way I can climax (if I’m not getting eaten out a very specific way). I’ve never climaxed just from self penetration or plain intercourse with a partner.

Any other anons have this problem? It’s left my sex life pretty unsatisfying for the most part. My current partner does a lot of things I love, I get super turned on and want to have a lot of sex, but I just have a problem reaching orgasm without a vibe or a lot of direct intense stimulation.

No. 182800

I am 22 now and i need a real goddamn dildo. I can't do this hairbrush handle thing anymore god damn it. HOWEVER I have an issue called I currently live with my family and my parents circle the mailbox like a bunch of starving vultures waiting for their next delivery of instant coffee from amazon or some shit, so ordering anything would be suicide.

I'm going out of town in a few weeks and am seriously contemplating walking into an IRL sex shop to buy one but idk if when push comes to shove I'll be able to gather up enough guts to walk in there, pick up a big rubber penis, and slap it down on the checkout counter in front of another human being who is actively perceiving me. any fucking advice for how to handle this? thanks

nta but it's soooo true. I think it's because it gives your vaginal contractions something to cling onto?

No. 182803

The clit is bigger than just the little nub so it's sort of stimulating both sides when you have something inside too right?

Most places don't have obvious sex shop stuff as their shipping address, they wouldn't actually open your packages would they?

No. 182805

Probably not, but they WOULD ask what it is and want to see it. Even if i was like "it's soap" my mom would be like "oooh soap what kind" and if i was like "it's a book" theyd be like "ooh a book what book is it" and if I was like "It's dental floss" my dad would be like "oh what kind? show me so i can recommend you better dental floss because I am all knowing"

I genuinely can't think of a single item I could say it was that they would not want to see. I love them but holy fuck

No. 182806

Now is the perfect time to buy a dildo in stores. You can wear a mask without it being weird or drawing attention and you’re less likely to see people you know out of town. Even if you see these people again, nobody’s going to recognize you based off of the few minutes you spent in a sex shop with half your face covered.

No. 182810

Yeah, that's kind of what I was thinking. It sort of feels like now or never (well, at least for a couple years when i can move out lol). I'm trying to tell myself that anybody who works in a sex shop is not going to be judgmental on sex things but then i'm like oh what if they're a creep and they like memorize my car and track me down and kill me and then when the police recover my car they'll find a fucking dildo in it and it'll be entered into the case reporttttt I know I'm a retard you don't have to tell me OTL

No. 182822

Buy two things
Go to a normal store and buy a shirt then order the dildo. When they ask about package say it's the shirt then tell them you will show it to them after you try it on. You want to see what it looks like on you in private first.

No. 182824

Can't you choose a carrier that lets you send it to a local postoffice or pickup point so you can go pick it up yourself without family interferance?

No. 182845

this, just order to an amazon locker

No. 182847

File: 1619870078680.jpg (Spoiler Image, 130.99 KB, 810x707, Clitoris_anatomy_labeled-en.jp…)

The clit is actually mostly buried inside, there's a bunch of hidden nerves (iirc the g-spot is a part of the clit, correct me if I'm wrong). I rarely masturbate the nub while using a dildo because I get overwhelmed quickly, but it does feel so fucking good, almost makes me wanna try having sex.

I've bought a vibrator at a sex shop once, one of those classy ones that advertise themselves as "spicing up the relationship", don't go to those sleazy ones owned by creepy old men. I was a bit nervous at first but it was super cool actually, the saleslady was very helpful. They sell sex toys, of course they know what you are going to do with them, but everybody masturbates and has sex, as long as you don't act like a weirdo you'll be fine. Retail workers don't care.

No. 182957

>I wish you could sell sex toys but I don't know who'd buy something secondhand that'd been in someone else's vagina
Anon, I-
If you're willing, you can sell it to some guy that's into it. There are dudes that buy used socks or underwear on Etsy. If there's a will, there's a way.

No. 182966

Is it about time I got a dildo anons? Men are all scrotes that can't even use their dick right to satisfy any woman and looking back, the sex I had with scrotes was nothing remarkable. They never made me finish and always focused on their orgasm. And considering a womans' orgasm is far more powerful than any man's (women even able to have multiple, censecutive orgasms) the woman's orgasm should be the focus and not men's mediocrity.
Hate men, can't stand them, hope they all kill themselves. They can't use their dicks properly which makes their existence absolutely fucking useless anyway and i'm not interested in relationships with men anymore. I'm happy to be alone and focus on myself and what I want. Just need a good dildo to satisfy myself. Haven't had one before so what are your recommendations?

No. 182974

how often do y'all maturbate? i only find myself doing it when im close to starting my period. prolly like 2/3 times a month. other than that i literally cannot be bothered.

when i was in high school i probably did it more often, but i remember being really horny in middle school though, some of the shit i did makes me cringe now that i think about it.

No. 182980

I also was in the 2/3 times a month camp for basically the entire time from puberty to last year (8 ish years) but apparently I am having a horny year lmfao cuz now it's daily all of a sudden. It's been very weird since my libido has been low for basically my whole life. Lowkey hoping it goes back down soon so I don't wind up in some stupid relationship just out of horniness kek

No. 182997

File: 1619928055067.jpg (Spoiler Image, 257.99 KB, 1200x801, Im sorry.jpg)

1-2 times a week unless I'm PMSing. During my PMS I masturbate everyday and can achieve multiple orgasm.
I can masturbate everyday, and I used to, but the orgasms become weaker the longer my daily masturbation streak is. It's not a nerve issue because I only use my fingers and not some super powerful vibrator.
>Lowkey hoping it goes back down soon so I don't wind up in some stupid relationship just out of horniness kek
Somewhat related question, but do you ever get stupid crushes when you're PMS horny? I sometimes do research on specific writers and when the research crosses over with my PMS I develop crushes on them. Fell in love with pic related that way,censored cause most anons would find him ugly.
The worst part is the crushes out live the PMS

No. 183005

God please help I'm always cumming too fast, I'm just sensitive or what? It makes no sense because i masturbate daily but for some reason I'm still not desensitized

No. 183021

I guess I'm a degenerate but it kind of depends on my mood. Sometimes I'm not horny for weeks and don't do anything, but when I am I can masturbate 5+ times a day easily because I'm able to orgasm in fairly quick succession. These moods usually last a week or so at most? Ironically I find I masturbate more when I'm sexually active, so when I'm with someone I'm just a pervert all the time. Probably a good thing my ex was a fucktard. (Looking on the bright side…)

No. 183028

Not very often, around 4 times a month I guess and it depends on my hormones, usually twice just before my periods and twice after. It also heavily depends on the material I use, when I'm hormonally horny I fall back on the usual stuff, but sometimes while doing nothing I come across a new fanfic or a doujinshi of my husbando and it instantly turns me wet lmao. I only ever masturbate to my husbando nowadays, it's the only way I cum.

No. 183036

Every day usually, though I only crave penetrative play in the couple of days before my period.

No. 183212

please help guys, has anyone here taken zoloft and suddenly really struggled to have an orgasm? I started taking it just over 2 weeks ago (used to take it 3 years ago with no issues) and it now takes me an hour of masturbation to finish. dreading having sex again because I don't want to take forever to get off. can anyone advise me on what to do? I really don't want to go off antidepressants again.

No. 183217

Your doctor really ought to have told you about that, zoloft will literally numb your body, not just your capacity for emotion
Zoloft sucks honestly, I'm sorry

No. 183220

I'm on zoloft and never noticed it, but maybe that's because i've been on it so long that I don't know what's normal? It also usually takes me about an hour minimum to get off but afai can remember I've always been that way. But yeah Zoloft does kill some people's sensitivity, it's a known thing. You should maybe think about getting on a different medicine.

No. 183233

Everytime i masturbate i end up feeling disgusted with myself and just bad and many times i cry. Is this normal?

No. 183244

idk anon what do you think

No. 183345

I don't have specific recommendations but always go for silicone, never plastic or 'jelly'. also if you can afford it, try a dildo that's dual density, which means it has a stiffer core but a softer outside. feels so much better!

No. 183348

it's really sporadic for me tbh. sometimes I'll masturbate everyday for like a week, and can't keep my hands out of my pants because I'm really horny. but other times I'll not masturbat for a week or two. it just doesn't interest me sometimes.

when I was younger I use to masturbate most nights but that was back before anti-depressants and I could get myself off quick.

No. 183355

Post-coital tristesse (PCT) is a thing, I don't trust the research that's been done on its occurrence in women, but you can look into that and also consider if you have any subconscious internalized shameful feelings around your sexual pleasure. Figure out what you're sad about and why

No. 183584

Do any of you ladies use glass dildos? I recently tried using one and holy shit what a game changer.

No. 183609

Really? How so?
I’ve only ever used vibrators but I’m missing penetration lol. What would you say is the difference in types of dildos and how do they feel ?

No. 183614

Do you guys actually cum from penetration?

No. 183621

Is it bad to never trim/shave your pubic hair since nobody sees it anyway?

No. 183635

Half the time, yes. The keys are that I have to consistently reach a spot inside me that feels amazing, and sometimes I have to help it along with clit stimulation but either grinding on top or using my fingers

No. 183638

The glass ones are often made with texture which is out of this world and I really love the harder feel. Also the glass ones are very temperature sensitive so I enjoy the coldness when it first goes in. If you’re adventurous pair it with a metal butt plug. I always had issues coming from masturbation but the harder glass dildos did it for me.

No. 183651

oops I posted this in the wrong thread wtf sorry.

No. 183675

Depending on the mood yes, I have a dildo that's amazing for g-spot stimulation. Never had sex though.

No. 183686

No but my clit orgasms feel AMAZING if I've had some gspot stimulation, even if there's nothing inside right when I cum.

No. 184296

How do you masturbate using only your imagination? I'm a very visual person (is it a sign of autism?) and I have zero sexual experience so I'm always using something to help me get off, mostly by reading doujinshis of my husbando or fantasy hentai, so it's not like I'm watching violent porn, but I'm just wondering how you do it.

No. 184297

…you just do it?

No. 184305

I also have zero sexual experience but I just daydream about sex like I would daydream about literally anything else. then I realise it's turning me on and then masturbate while letting my thoughts run wild. that's all there is to it. I rarely think to myself 'it's masturbation time' either, where I'd choose to turn myself on either by reading something, looking at porn or whatever. I just find myself daydream about sex, it turns me on and then I touch myself. there's nothing more to it really

No. 184362

For me personally I don't have a linear story-like fantasy in my head while I get off. I just imagine certain scenarios that turn me on and they kinda come one after the other. It doesn't have to be hyper-detailed or anything, sometimes it's just the mere idea or thought that get me horny

No. 184382

What are your favourite elements from the stuff you read? Maybe you could try incorporating those in your fantasies?

No. 184384

I just close my eyey/soften my gaze and then make up a scene in my mind of the elements that turn me on, usually the same 3-4 things with little variance. Sometimes I get turned on by a movie/commercial having some element from my fantasy that gets stuck in my head and sometimes I just wake up horny.

No. 185592

How long do orgasams typically last for? I can get myself off with my clit pretty easily but when I peak it's usually only 5-10 seconds of spasms then it's over. My lower body used to quiver but now I kind of just jerk up really hard multiple times (prob looks retarded) Is this normal or am I not taking my time enough?

No. 185598

That's perfectly normal for a single orgasm. For me they start getting longer the more of them in a row I have.

No. 185600

File: 1620975339800.gif (2.29 MB, 478x360, 474f7b54944d088b1a224b6537e28a…)

God fucking damn it I'm always horniest on my period but I can't jerk off because it'll make a big bloody mess. I can't even do it in the shower because the people I live with would pester me for being in there too long. Fml

No. 185601

Ever tried using a cup? I can masturbate with one on with zero problem.

No. 185603

I like a combination of clit/internal stimulation, so I feel like the plastic cup would be distracting. Also the idea of having to boil it once a month after each cycle makes me want to vomit.

I just use tampons. I know that they're ~bad for the environment~ but I don't care. The idea of a personal carbon footprint is bullshit because a handful of enormous corporations and shitty governments are responsible for most of the destruction. What I put in my vagina isn't going to do dickall to fix that.

Sorry that turned into a sperg lmao. It's totally understandable to use a cup, it's just not my thing.

No. 185623

You boil it before and after, and clean it thoroughly before you do… Did you think you were supposed to boil a bloody cup?

No. 185730

I'm aware, but it still seems unpleasant to me. Sorry anon.

No. 185745

can you not just keep a dark towel underneath you and then throw it in the wash after? nothing suspicious about getting period blood on a towel so your family won't question you on it and it means you can get off without making a mess

No. 185760

I have 4 labia piercings (2 on each side) and every time I use a vibrator I have to be careful because if the vibrator touches off the piercings they fucking buzz like a box of wasps real loud and summon the house members to investigate

No. 185762

I share your pain. I have vag piercings and it makes fapping difficult sometimes. Luckily I have my own place, but it sometimes makes me and my bf laugh when we use a vibe and it's suddenly like we've summoned a swarm of cicadas or some shit.

No. 185767

I was tempted to get some sort of intimate piercing a few years back. I already had all sorts of other piercings..never went through with it though. Glad I didn't because one day I removed all my piercings at once and abandoned them permanently. I just suddenly got real sick of say towel drying myself and having various spots get snagged on.

Respect to anyone working around genital piercings.

No. 185773

I'm probably going to sound like a dumb normie but is removing them a hassle just for a masturbation session?

No. 185776

What is the point of genital piercings? Preventing sex and wanking by making it annoying and difficult?

No. 185781

what's the "point" of ear piercings? or belly button or eyebrow or nipple piercings? people like to decorate themselves.

No. 185785

Yeah but the others not in the way during sex, and most can be seen by others w/o you getting naked.

No. 185787

They could possibly close up if you take out the jewelry

No. 185788

I know about that, but just for like an hour it should be okay, right?

No. 185841

I feel really stupid over this but I have ocd that presents itself in a few different ways. Being a clean freak and being obsessed with 'owning the minimum' are two of my most frustrating ones. I count number too. Years ago before I got really bad I owned an impressive collection of sex toys. I was really into them and I used to have a job where I could get them really reduced. I've good memories of having all that stuff to hand and often having sessions where I made my way through a series of toys that slowly increased in size or intensity. Amazing

Now that I'm struggling with my 'minumum' obsession I wont allow myself more than one toy and I've cycled through different toys trying to find one goldilocks toy. I currently have a fun factory silicone dildo that's on the large side for me. My previous one was a lil too small to be a whole fulfilling experience by itself. The one I have now tho..would be better if I could warm up with a smaller toy first..

Just frustrated and sharing a side effect of my ocd that I can't exactly vent to people about irl lol

No. 185848

My piercings don't make fapping or sex difficult at all. I just posted that my piercings make a noise because it's really funny when I slip up and the loud buzz frightens the crap out of me. If someones genital piercings are actually getting in the way, then they're either horribly done or the rings are the wrong kind

No. 185900

Do you know any fantasy dildo brands that have a sci-fi line? I'm looking for something robotic, preferably customizable colors (or something in the silvers/neon greens). I've seen the Mantis from TTC which looks nice but if I could get something slightly less expensive and more robotic it would be nice.

No. 185967

Can you be a little more specific when you say robotic?

Like, just sort of a strange dildo with a silver colour or do you mean flat out Wall-E robocock

No. 185970

File: 1621167121452.png (Spoiler Image, 350.1 KB, 469x478, bd.PNG)

Maybe something like this from Bad Dragon? Cool Giger-like vibe. They have a huge color selection since their dildos are all custom made.

No. 185972

Sinnovator have this alien/robotic looking design. Not any cheaper than TTC but looks interesting and comes in the color options you want


No. 185973


No. 185974

You've obviously never watched the popular 1979 documentary series 'Alien' where totally real xenomorphs were shown to have cool looking robotic/knotted dicks that everyone would just die to fuck..

Perfectly natural

No. 185977

So many answers, thanks a lot!

I'm looking for something clearly robotic yes, something that the terminator could have. I don't want anything too tacky like those lightsabers dildos from that geek sex toys store.
It looks gorgeous, it's true, but I refuse to buy anything Bad Dragon. Not exactly what I was looking for but now I want a xenomorph dick too…
Oooh I love this one, exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much anon! The fact that they are based in the UK is also a plus.

No. 186253

I tried using a showerhead. The second I felt anything I pussied out and just put the showerhead away

No. 186311

Why? It's just masturbation. A shark is not going jump out of the shower head and bite your cooch off.

No. 186339

i don't feel a thing from penetration either. sure as hell don't want a dick or anything dick-shaped near my pussy either… even just the thought of it grosses me out. when i whack off i just play with my clit tbh, that's all i need

No. 186345

Everytime I try masturbating with the showerhead I'm reminded of how much water it would waste and so I immediately put it away lmao.

No. 186366

I masturbate daily but 29/30 days of the month it's all just clit play. Then 1 day of the month the stars align (or my hormones levels do) and I crave/enjoy a dildo. Then it's back to clitty town for another month.

Dating used to be shitty because of it.

No. 186396

That sounds like it sucks. I can't imagine living with one toy at a time even though I have favorites. I just want you to know I'm sorry, mental illness is fucking rough.

No. 186400

File: 1621345474108.jpg (25.91 KB, 570x428, cry6.jpg)

I'm a coward

No. 186506

How to deal with wanting to look at real women when you masturbate but not wanting to watch porn because of how fucked up the industry is? I'm been looking at hentai but tbh I'm sick of looking at pixels, I know having actual sex would probably solve this but that's not an option right now.
I've even been thinking about paying for someone's onlyfans because while it's still sex work it's obviously nothing like actual sex work but I know it'd just make me feel like a scrote.

No. 186509

Is there any erotic videos made by women for women? Produced by women?

No. 186511

I relate a lot, can't say I know the answer but I just want to find irl visual content for women who like women, not for men. even beyond porn.

No. 186512

can you gals recomend cheap toys for someono who never used toys before? Im trying to get used to penetration

No. 186519

Look for artist's model references. Or Flickr.

No. 186553

Idk if this is what you're looking for but Erika Lust has a site that's about feminist porn. Might work for you, it's the only place where I've been able to find porn that I like. They also have some less explicit stuff in there. The thing is that you've got to pay for it but honestly, I don't mind too much since it's far superior to the regular porn, more cinematic, and has often storylines.

No. 186559

How do you consistently get wet while masturbating or before sex? The only way I'm always able to get wet is if I'm also watching a porn video, otherwise it's very unlikely. I can still orgasm via toys, vibrator, etc. But struggle to get wet without the porn.

No. 186562

Get a small discreet vibe from Adam and Eve, the ones that are like 2-3 inches, then a dildo that's no more than 5 inches that're sometimes labeled "beginner". Purchase good water-based lube that's also safe for toys– I recommend Liquid Silk.

Use coupon codes from Retailmenot or TRISH, lol. Good luck, anon

No. 186564

Make sure you're hydrated. Otherwise use lube, sometimes it just be like that. I know that there's a time in my cycle where I just don't produce as much liquid either but it's no big deal

No. 186873

I always get really horrible stomach pain after masturbating. Is this normal?? I looked it up and everything was talking about hetero sex and hitting the cervix but I dont do any kind of penetration at all and still get the pain.

No. 186889

I'm interested in the Coffee With Pleasure video, have you seen it and is it any good? Tbh I don't think I can justify the price, I think you used to be able to buy individual films and now I regret not buying it then.

No. 186893

You should check with a physician, "horrible" is not a word you want to use when talking about masturbation, especially if you can't find any information online.

No. 186916

It's probably not your stomach but your reproductive system. If I have a session where I cum a lot I can hurt that region but a weird hurt were it's the muscles have been fatigued or something lol. When you orgasm it stimulates your muscles to contract.

No. 186965

This is not normal, and could be a symptom of endometriosis. Do you have horrible pain during periods? I would go to your gyno, honestly

No. 188399

Okay, I've been having some success with using Satisfyer (aka Womanizer clone), but I'm ready to try something else. What is (or are, if there is more than one) the other sex toy considered god tier? I had it saved on a list but lost it somewhere. I hope it doesn't cost an arm and a leg - if it does and has a cheaper alternative, I would be thankful for the name as well.

No. 188419

I haven't watched it but it's half-price at the moment! Maybe you can justify it for that price?

No. 188433

File: 1622252050492.jpeg (46.29 KB, 960x960, 5AEAAE4C-5EE5-4BCA-B389-9DB23E…)

im determined to try and orgasm through penetration anons

i own pic related and it’s amazing but only when i use a vibrator with it. i know it’s not by any means bizarre that i can’t, but something in me just keeps pushing me to try. i’ve gotten really close before after orgasming a few times with my vibrator alone, but for some reason after a while i just mentally lose interest and then i either stop or i just play with my clit

does anyone know any good tips? i know maybe penetration just isn’t my thing but i’m eager to see if i can do it before i give up entirely lmao

No. 188440

I think you'll have an easier time with a curved dildo for penetrative orgasms. At least in my experience, it reaches the g-spot more easily. It doesn't even have to be too long. Better yet if it vibrates.
Try to pinpoint with your fingers where exactly is your g-spot (it's usually around 5-7cm in) and then proceed to stimulate it with the dildo.
I really like riding it or raising my butt with a pillow for convenience, but you find what works best for you. Good luck!

No. 188456

unrelated but is there like any type of erotic fan fiction but its like a y/n & your partners name?

No. 188461

I used to do a thing where I'd copy & paste erotica into Word and find & replace the characters names with my own and my crushes names and then never save them because I'd die from cringe if anyone ever found out

No. 188467

I have an easier time orgasming with penetration with my bladder not empty, no idea why, maybe it adds more pressure in the area or something.

No. 189031

File: 1622528060038.gif (575.17 KB, 268x258, bskwnfne.gif)

So after almost two-ish years of not putting anything inside my vagina, I tried to put a finger in and it HURT, I lubed it up pretty good but it seriously hurt a lot. Then after a few days I tried again and it still hurts so much, two fingers is underbearable, it's like my vagina just doesn't want anything there. It didn't used to be like this at all, when I was younger I could put like 4 fingers in there without pain. And I've even had sex, I guess it could be considered statutory rape but I've never considered it that way. Anyways I guess because I had some awful sexual experiences two years back, it completely shut down my pussy or something… I'm not sure. I've turned into an extremely non-sexual person because of this too, as in, I get horny like once every 3 months. I feel so broken, I miss how I used to be before. Should I consult someone for this?

No. 189034

You may need to give yourself a bit more external stimulation before your vagina becomes relaxed enough to insert anything. Lube alone doesn't always cut it and you could give yourself a little tear if you try to insert something before you're ready. You could have also scratched yourself with your fingernail. Both hurt like a bitch since it's a sensitive area. Those aren't the only possibilities, but they are common. A low libido doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong with you, but if it bothers you then it's absolutely worth looking into.

No. 189172

Google vaginismus.

No. 190000

File: 1622847775639.jpg (41.16 KB, 480x360, IMG_1136.JPG)

I have so many psycho-sexual problems that I don't think I'll ever address

No. 190032

The same thing happens to me, it feels like bad period cramps but it doesn't always happen. I've been afraid to see a doctor about it due to bad experiences with doctors in the past.

No. 190066

File: 1622876525642.png (185.29 KB, 320x240, 1D1FA531-67FB-4D74-BFEB-6A4D54…)

I was so horny and wet and having such a good fantasy and then I had to poop and ruined the whole thing

No. 190194


I also did this a few times and immediately shot myself in the head so nobody would ever find out. Just to be sure


I hope it was at least a nice poo

No. 190445

I reach climax just after some minutes of touching myself, and If I try to keep masturbating after reaching it I feel uncomfortable or I feel nothing. I don't feel it's as satisfying as other women say it's. What am I doing wrong? Am I touching myself wrong, do I have precocious orgasm or what?

No. 190693

I have been on Zoloft for +10 years and it takes A LOT for me to orgasm and sometimes it just doesn’t work.

(Trying different medications isn’t a safe option for me right now)

No. 190695

same with me

No. 190753

I think it's just a case of everyone being different and having preferences, once I climax I too stop masturbating because I feel satisfied, I can go for another round but I need to wait at least a few seconds (and generally change my visual material). For the few times I've tried prolonging the orgasm it doesn't feel as good as actually reaching it, maybe I'm doing this wrong (but I don't think there's a wrong way to touch yourself lol).

No. 190826

I been having a problem while masturbating which is being unable to get over the edge of pleasure and into the pleasurable abyss. Like I feel good, enjoying myself. teetering over the edge then BAM nothing like I haven't been touching myself for the last couple of minutes. I try again, nothing and I take a nap since all I have been doing is tiring myself out for nothing. The last time I had a real orgasm was 2-3 years ago when I overstimulated myself with a very similar model of this but was the nosiest vibrator I have ever used >>179218 and just felt incredibly numb along with feeling like I just abused my clit…
Please help me nonnies. I get so so close before the feeling goes away and I feel like I need to be physically pushed into the abyss

No. 190835

Are orgasms just naturally shittier for some people? I'm in good health, no meds/porn addiction/sexual traumas.

Yet the strength of my orgasms are so weak, even if I read good fanfiction beforehand. I don't think it's a problem of sensitivity, whenever someone accidentally brushes my thigh/neck it feels good. I've tried a vibe before but I don't think my body liked it, it just felt weird. Usually just touch the hood of my clit because it's almost painful to touch it directly, and sometimes use a dildo. I'm definitely orgasming because I get the rush of sleepiness after, it's just a super weak orgasm. Please help.

No. 190839

Do you girls ever get so invested in a fantasy that you can only get off when you think of it specifically?
usually I consume media that relates to whatever I'm enjoying at the moment to satisfy my needs so they don't take over my horny peabrain too long, but I can't find anything just right for the current one. It's nothing unique but my vanilla ass is not sure if there's a searchable word for it. It's arousal from being in a tight space with someone. Not in a closet or a car or smth, but specifically in a situation where bodies are dangerously close to each other and have little space to maneuver. I have types of scenarios in mind that I'd love to see other perspectives on to fuel my imagination, yet all I can seem to turn up is bdsm stories/vids, which are not really what i'm into. I did find a short vid of an erotic game that had what I want, but I couldn't use it because the art was too funny looking so it killed the mood keks

No. 190923

I'm the same, my orgasms have always been weak. I've never used a toy or anything, just my hands.The buildup feels nice, but when I orgasm it's so… Meh. Just feels underwhelming.
I can only remember one time it actually felt good.
I don't even masturbate that much, maybe like 3 times a month, so it can't be lose of sensitivity either.

No. 190962

I had weak orgasms until my mid twenties, I just thought that were overrated before that. I don't know what changed, whether it was a physical or hormonal change or if I became more confident about what I want but it's a big difference. For a brief while in my teens I even thought I was asexual but it turned out only that I had no chemistry with my boyfriend kek
I hope you find the orgasm you are looking for

No. 191418

When I masturbate, I get the most pleasure from massaging my outer labia, or close to the vaginal opening, with my fingers or a vibrator, than I do with clitoral stimulation or penetration. Anyone else like this?

No. 191450

I noticed my orgasms vary and feel the best when I close my eyes and use my mind while paying close attention to what I'm feeling
as much as I like fanfiction, using imagination feels better physically

No. 191458

I need clitoral stimulation but it has to be very “padded.” Over the hood or just in the general proximity, and even better if over my underwear. Never directly on it. I have no idea how some women directly rub their clit super fast, jam their fingers inside or use a magnitude 8 vibrator to orgasm. I would feel like dying (not in a fun way) if I touched myself like that. Pressure near the vaginal opening can feel nice as well but haven’t managed to orgasm from it.

No. 191474


No. 191475

this went unnoticed? we're slacking nonnies. good luck op!!!!

No. 191485

>paying close attention to what I'm feeling

Same, I didn't start consistently orgasming until I started doing this. I need to really focus on the sensation of the build up otherwise it just disappears. I can't do that if I'm consuming any kind of erotic media so imagination it is.

No. 191652

File: 1623472325711.png (114.6 KB, 275x272, E9A94D05-1618-47DF-A532-8604C9…)

Does anyone else get so horny you get super nauseous sometimes

No. 193579

has anyone else here experienced some type of orgasm/sexual pleasure when you’re in a car/bus and you drive quickly down a steep hill?
when i was a child this happened quite frequently but i’ve never experienced this as an adult. i have no idea what caused it, maybe gravity?

No. 193583

Yep, I get that, idk how common it is. Going over steep road hills/bumps generates a pleasantly stimulating pressure. Plane taking off to. It feels sooo good.

No. 193586

I still get that and it makes me embarrassed how good it can feel.

No. 193591

Yeah, I'm embarrassed of it because it happens around other people, I don't drive. Worst when bus or plane.
I didn't write it at first precisely because I'm embarrassed, but I orgasmed once from it in a full bus, the fucking road would not stop going up and down up and down. I was in the very back and only let out a muffled moan, I'm pretty sure nobody noticed.

No. 193595

My brain is a lot hornier than my body and I'm so sick of it. I'll constantly reading erotica in my free time but then when I go to masturbate, I'm not even turned on and it takes forever and I'm just frustrated lol. I still live with my parents so I can only jack off right before bed (but end up going to bed later than I should) or in the morning (when I'm groggy and definitely do not feel in any way aroused). I feel like I'm constantly battling myself to not masturbate but some part of my brain constantly wants to.

No. 193609

File: 1624297625938.jpeg (209.77 KB, 900x900, AEBB24B1-25EE-463B-B7C8-50A909…)

When I orgasm the week before my period actually begins I get super painful cramps for about 30 seconds. What the fuck. Once I start my period then I’m good but it’s annoying as fuck to not be able to get off for a week, especially when I’m extra horny

No. 193685

Are my nipples weird or is this normal? When I touch them they feel good, but it's kind of a numb sensation? Don't know how to describe it.

No. 193700

Galaxy-brained anon
They're not meant to be a sexual organ if that's what you mean. They're not linked to the reproductive system in any way other than breastfeeding after birth, so being numb is normal.

No. 193702

Had the same problem, then I just laid away the stories for a few weeks and all went back to good kek. This experience actually made me think that even written stuff can be damaging for you, and I don't want to imagine how bad it'd be if I ever were into porn with being more stimulating and all.

No. 193705


the female sign looks like a buttplug. fuck my life

No. 193729

I think the men's looks like Squidward's eyes/nose so not much better kek

No. 193907

>They're not meant to be a sexual organ
Eh, nipple stimulation and sexual pleasure go hand in hand for a lot of people though. It's completely possible to orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. Everyone is different of course but I wouldn't say the only link is breastfeeding after birth.

No. 194017

i have to be REALLY turned on in order for penetration to do anything for me. i have to start off really slow, almost barely moving my finger (more like a wiggle instead) and then work myself up to actually fucking myself. however i barely have any experience with penetration so maybe it's something i have to learn more and more. i used to be really scared to penetrate myself and i would tense up, so i guess i'm improving?

but i don't think penetration will ever top a clit rub.

No. 195225

I exclusively masturbate over my panties by rubbing my clitoris with my finger(s). I never penetrate myself or go under. Recently I was with a man who wanted to ?? Rub me, I suppose. He wanted to finger me too, but it hurts too much. When he rubbed my vagina directly, it didn't feel very nice either. It felt good when he touched my clitoris, but it also felt very dry. Even when I'm horny, I feel like I'm not wet enough and rubbing my vagina without underwear over it feels irritating. However, I want him to touch my vagina directly. When he licked his fingers first for lubrication, it felt kind of better. Still, I feel best over my underwear. Why is this and how can I change it? I want to be more intimate with him. Once I/we have this down, I can consider penetration.

No. 195230

A whole lot of girls start out with the same issue. Masturbating through underwear is common and you have to adapt new techniques. I switched from doing that to a technique where I push my lips together and press down and rub. That way my clit is underneath and getting enough stimulation without it being direct. It doesn't start to hurt and lubrication isn't an issue that way. If partners try to go direct I just show them my thing or skip to oral so it's wet.

An inexperienced man won't know that you need either a barrier like clothing/my technique or you need lube to be there from the start. You don't rub it raw first and then add lube as an afterthought. If you do that you've ruined the session already because it overstims and it's hard to recover from that.

Don't rush into penetration given you guys are barely getting the hang of this stuff. If he can't make you orgasm through methods like this there's no point in even thinking about moving on to that. You already know it would be bad if he doesn't even know how to work a clit yet. Take your time.

No. 195261

I used the same technique. You get used to the small friction pleasure so that's what feels good. Start out doing that technique, then when you're wet inside take some of that and spread it on the clit/vulvu, then touch the clit/vulvu directly. It has to be wet to feel good.
If you have a hooded clit then you can just rud the hood, touching the clit may be very sensitive to the point of pain.

No. 195273

as anon above said he needs to take the wetness from around the vagina and spread it up to the clit

No. 196574

I have the same problem as this anon >>195225 but in addition there's something else scaring me.
Maybe it's eyeroll worthy but I'm single and saving myself especially for penetration with someone special and committed to me. However I've tried before to finger myself and haven't been successful. I am really scared that when I finally reach that point with someone, after all the waiting it won't work, disappointing me and him. What if I am broken?
That's why I want to learn to at least finger myself, but when I try it's clamped shut (I can't even find my vagina by feeling only, I'd need a mirror). Even though I spend all this time building up, it gets wet but it's never been wet enough. I used to try forcing a finger in (bad idea I know now) and was only met with pain and can't breach even my finger tip. I am so sad and scared that I'm broken. I know the solution needs to involve getting wet enough first and relaxing, but looks like I can't get wet enough and I can't ever relax once I decide to try.
I know I don't have to do it but I am very determined both for my future and because I want to stop feeling broken

No. 196578

Not broken, probably Vaginismus

No. 196598

That’s weird and not normal, sorry anon. I have no tips unfortunately because I am blessed with a normal vagina.

No. 196601

The best advice I can give you anon, is to accept that your vagina was made for something to go inside. It’s a very strong and resilient muscle, more than others give credit for, and your fingers won’t do it any serious long term damage. I used to be the same way, but I realized on my part it was a psychological factor and I just kept telling myself that my vagina was normal and all I had to do was loosen up a bit (figuratively of course). After I accepted the fact my vagina would be okay, it became easier. Vaginas will naturally stretch if you let them. They can handle a lot. Some pain you feel doesn’t mean you are being ripped open, a muscle so strong won’t give up that easy. You will be okay. Maybe try using some water based lube and try using smaller sex toys to get used to the feeling. Accept your arousal. Accept what you allow to go inside you, go in.

No. 196625

It's 100% vaginismus, anon. Buy a sex toy and lube and experiment. The most important thing is to get to know your body and how it works and accept it. Do you notice tension in your lower body even when you're not masturbating? Do you find it easy or difficult to breathe from your stomach? Diaphragmatic breathing is great for relaxing the muscles that are below the hips. Yoga is also good. This anon >>196601 wrote some excellent points as well. This kind of muscle tension is mostly psychological, so the most important thing is to accept yourself and experiment with an open mind (when you masturbate you shouldn't make fingering or penetration the final goal. Your goal should be to enjoy yourself and if you manage to finger yourself, it's fine, and if you don't, that's fine as well. Try to cultivate this mindset. You can't force yourself to relax)

No. 199077

Randumb question, do you masturbate with your dominant or non-dominant hand? I do it with my left (non-dominant) and I've been told I'm a freak for it. That's because I started masturbating to porn on Tumblr and I used my right hand to scroll down.
(I didn't want to ask this in a question thread on /ot/ because I would have probably been called a coomer kek)

No. 199078

I start with my left because I watch porn and I'm usually still trying to find the right scene when I've already started touching. Once I've found the scene I want I'll switch to my right so I can rub faster/with more accuracy lol

No. 199114

File: 1627077159089.jpeg (267.57 KB, 1242x851, 23FBF8AE-901C-4B84-AB5E-8656C1…)

Women - children of God
Men - Penis monsters

No. 199346

dominant but if I'm on my computer I'll play with myself sometimes with my non dominant but my non dominant is far too unco-ordinated for me to get myself off using it

No. 199700

i realized i dont get as wet as i used to 5 years ago is that normal? do you get less wet as you age? idk if its that or i'm masturbating too much

No. 199702

how old are you and in that time have you started any new regular medications

No. 199704

23 and no

No. 199770

Kek, you're still growing up, how can you think it's from age? Ridiculous.
Ease on the bean flicking and drink more water.

No. 199774

File: 1627467048795.png (66.93 KB, 752x1155, Screenshot_20210728-120405~2.p…)

I need help with dildo sizing, I'm hesitating between the small and medium size. I already own one dildo that has similar length to the small one (but smaller girth) and the medium one is more appealing for monster fucking fantasies but I wonder if it would be too big for me to enjoy (my vaginas is not very deep). What would you recommend based on picrel?

No. 199789

I've got a stupid black hole vagina and I would go with whichever is bigger. I own several fantasy toys, only ever edging up slightly in size with each new toy but eventually I get used to it and there goes another $100+ down the drain for a toy that now feels too small for me. I made a huge jump recently and bought a dildo bigger than any I've ever purchased before, because I'd rather have a problem of it being too big than being too small like all my other ones and it was a 10/10 decision and I regret nothing. I can't even use it's entire length which kind of sucks because there's a knot at the bottom, but it's big and girthy and a welcomed problem that I've never had before. Dildos that are too long might suck, but if they're thick and you can fit it in, length isn't that much of an issue imo.

No. 199918

Ayrt and I'm really tempted to get the medium one at least for the novelty of owning a monster cock lmao, and I really want to experiment with girth. Since I've never had sex I just hope that it won't ruin real dicks for me kek.

No. 199930

Every time I have tried masturbating and get close to orgasm, the feeling is too intense and I can't keep up with both feeling like I am going to orgasm and having to keep rubbing fast so I stop. I am not even sure what exactly an orgasm is supposed to feel like, I have been told that I will know it for sure when it happens but I am starting to wonder if I have actually orgasmed without realizing it.

No. 199935

He sucks in bed anon, going right to the clit and vag no lube is fucking horrid

No. 199952

Nta but is lube really that necessary? Usually after making out and some fondling/petting I’m already wet enough to not need lube.
Maybe the issue is that he’s touching the clitoris directly (like lifting up the hood?) which should never be done. Or maybe too much pressure.

No. 199964

this is exactly what happens to me the majority of the time. It's so frustrating. I've heard a lot of people say that you are not supposed to touch directly on your clit but more around it, but that has never really helped me. I think a lot of it is mental an learning to let go. But you will just know if you had one. It's a distinct feeling.

No. 199969

I have the same thing, usually when I get to that point I just put underwear back on and grind on pillow to make it a less intense orgasm. Still kinda bitter that I can't do normal big orgasm.

No. 199975

Women are different

No. 199978

Your wetness is lubrication anon…

No. 199981

>rip to men but women are different

No. 200033

I've lost a lot of weight and been far more horny as the number on the scale goes down. I don't know if it's some psychological effect because I'm feeling myself for the first time after years of being obese, but I masturbate every other day now when previously I'd go for months without feeling the need.
It's nice having a sex drive but the problem is that now I feel like my preferred methods of getting off are boring (vanilla stuff is all i know kek). I want to broaden my knowledge and heighten my experience. I don't even know where to start with discovering new turnons or things to try without just randomly browsing coomer porn sites (no thanks).
I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'd love some recommendations for literally anything to be thrown at me here. Media anons currently like, positions to try, homemade toys/aids, etc.. I'm not very educated on any of this, as embarrassing as it is to admit that. It almost feels like I'm missing something every time I try to get myself off and I'm not creative or experienced enough to problem solve kek.

No. 200955

same, because i was a degenerate fujoshi teenager who jerked it to gay smut on ao3

No. 201409

Does anyone actually like jilling for a long time? I never really got why some girls want to be able to cum within 2 minutes. I always like extending it because it feels good and I don't want it to end just yet. I actually get a little annoyed when i feel like I've cum too quickly lol

No. 201411

I tend to come pretty fast (within one two minutes) but I usually go for several rounds depending on my horniness. It never lasts for too long, I get sore easily.

No. 201440

I cum within 2 mins of clit rubbing and that suits me because I need to get up in the morning.

About once a month tho I get PMS horny and I have a long session with a dildo. I dont even cum from those sessions but I get my whole months worth of penetration in all in one long go.

No. 201485

Has anyone ever bought a sex toy online that ended up being abit to big? If so did you end up sticking with it a size training?

No. 204911

Does anyone else have the issue where you're unbearably horny but nothing is satisfying? It's like having something on the tip of your tongue, or an itch you can't scratch, or a sneeze that never comes. This isn't even about not being able to orgasm, because I can… it's just that they're not all that satisfying. I'm always like, "that was it?"

and so that leads to me going and going for way too long but no matter how many times i get off, I feel like nothing is scratching the itch. It's driving me absolutely bonkers and I'm starting to resent my sex drive because it only leads to frustration.

I've been on depression/anxiety meds since puberty so I've always wondered if that screwed something up for me, But most women who talk about issues due to meds like that say they can't orgasm at all, which isn't my problem. In particular I've never liked clit stim/orgasms, they feel like they only make me hornier without satisfying me. ugh fml

No. 204967

>most women who talk about issues due to meds like that say they can't orgasm at all

I was on depression/anxiety meds for a better part of my teens into early 20s and I had the same issues as you're describing.
I thought it was something else as well because none of my experiences lined up with what I was told or found online… so I'm here to tell you that your meds might indeed be the problem! Everyone's experience is different obviously, but my issue was that even though I felt the meds helped, they actually weren't the ones I needed. I got re-evaluated as an adult, put on proper meds, and my problem was more or less solved.
This is clearly something that's stressing you out and I do hope you can get something figured out soon, anon!

No. 204989

I have a similar issue but have never been on meds at all, idk what it is

No. 205002

Is there something on your mind when you do it? Like are you distracted by something mentally? I found that my orgasms always feel unsatisfying when there's something that's kinda bothering me but I'm not actively thinking about it, it's just in the back of my mind, if you know what I mean? It's kinda hard to explain.

No. 205032

File: 1631309915465.png (889.91 KB, 731x729, nanba moodboard.png)

Just treated myself and ordered a nice quality dildo and a lelo wand. It is about to be pound hog day up in here.

No. 205033

anon this isn’t it

No. 205371

Learned that apparently pressing your thigh together to get an orgasm is called "syntribation" (but all you get if you look it up is porn links, go figure). There's also a subreddit that basically treats is like deathgrip syndrome that you need to "solve". I masturbate like once a week, it's not like I'm burning myself out on stimulation, kek. But it is the easiest way for me to achieve orgasm, if I only stimulate the head of the clit, it just makes my legs shake, but does not feel like it leads to orgasm any time soon. I feel like men only think this masturbation type is a "problem" because it's less visually stimulating for them.

No. 205377

ayrt, sorry for late reply but thank you for your input about your experience. I was actually contemplating switching up my meds for unrelated reasons so I’ll hold out hope lol
Maybe we’re just cursed anon, kek. I wish female sexual pleasure wasn’t so hard to nail down. We’re out here playing 5D Chess With Multiverse Timetravel on our coochies while scrotes literally nut in their sleep on the regular

No. 205380

I never understood this method of masturbating, just like the grinding on a pillow, I only get off via direct stimulation of the clit, can you explain how you do it?

No. 205382

File: 1631524208952.jpg (151.5 KB, 700x393, 4585681-michelle-williams-lyin…)

Well it's basically the same as grinding on a pillow or blanket, I just have fat thighs so I'm able to do it without. It's supposedly stimulates the inner parts of the clitoris that are just under the skin, and also the labia with a monotonous mechanical friction while cross-legged lying back or sitting back on a chair, there really isn't much to it. You also flex your lower abdominals into it a bit. Because I'm used to this "deep" stimulation, direct stimulation on the head is actually too intense and just makes my legs twitch without any pleasure. I haven't tried it with a vibrator yet though.

No. 205386

I've done this for ages and never knew it had an actual name. Weird. Can't use it to reach orgasm though unfortunately. It is stimulating and feels good as a sort of warm up but I've never been able to get enough pressure to go all the way.

No. 205391

I was masturbating last night and fell asleep and resumed after waking up, I fingers myself for like an hour on and off and noticed at the end that my hands were stained with brown discharge that smelt like blood, I don't have my period for another 3 week what does it mean
I usually get spotting only after masturbating usually only light pink but this was weird

No. 205395

is there a name for masturbating your clit but through your outer labia? like by using the outer labia as basically a blanket for the clit and stroking it indirectly with your fingers. my boyfriend always ends up going straight to the clit eventually during sex so I'd like a more concise way to describe what I do to get myself off.

No. 205396

No succinct name for it as far as I know, just "rub over the clitoral hood/labia, do not touch the clit directly." Mine is sensitive too, direct contact even lubricated would be painful as hell

No. 205397

That's how I do it too. I don't think there's a name for it though I haven't ever searched to much about it.
Interesting thing similar to what >>205382 said, it gives me this deep stimulation feeling as opposed to masturbating with a shower head for example.

No. 205476

Ladies I read the fine print on the box of the dildo I've been using for a month and it fucking says "should never be for anything other than external use". How do I cope with having vag cancer? Also fuck Adam & Eve.

No. 205478

wtf how can a dildo be used externally, I'm so confused.
maybe it's just saying that to cover their asses legally if someone does something stupid with their product like sticking it in places it shouldn't be/accidentally hurting themselves?

No. 205479

I hope so, but I doubt it. I just read up on the jelly dildo/phtalate thing and now I'm ~90% sure its because of that, like "if you get cancer from all the chemicals we loaded this thing up with its not our fault, shoulda read the label" even though it mentions it nowhere on the site and is in an extremely easy to miss spot on the box. Granted I'm not overly worried about it, but definitely gonna invest in one that I know wont fuck up my vag in 2 years.
Here is the article on phthalates btw, found in the last thread: https://dangerouslilly.com/2010/10/yes-jelly-sex-toys-can-be-dangerous/

No. 205526

>There's also a subreddit that basically treats is like deathgrip syndrome that you need to "solve".
For real though, is this anything one should be worried about? I've done it like that all my life, and while I tried (and managed) to do it the normal way, it's way less satisfying and, as you said yourself, not as deep and way too intense (in a negative way, for me). I guess I could manage to do it the normal way with a bit of practice, but I always get impatient when I know I could do it easily like this.

No. 205534

This should be so obvious. The vagina is delicate and sensitive, why would you put random stuff in it without researching first?

No. 206131

File: 1632040997512.jpg (73.16 KB, 500x492, crying wine.jpg)

I've never come from partnered sex and scared I never will, and I think masturbation is the reason. It was habitual during high school and I think the stress of university made it almost chronic/compulsive. All the info about how cooming disrupts normal sexual behaviour is directed at men. Any advice? Will breaking the habit just be enough? Or am I tainted and gonna be dead to a man's touch forever?

No. 206156

is it normal that i cant put any fingers inside of myself? I just cringe at the feeling. Its weird, the texture of the walls scares me

No. 206274

How much effort do your partners try to make you cum? It could be their fault, but masturbating with strong vibrators and a lot of porn/erotic material could contribute too. I don't have advice to give you because I'm going through the same thing. I wish you the best

No. 206292

I have never seen anyone else describe this, but me too! it's weird because I am a lesbian and have had my fingers inside other women without the same sensation. something about feeling the squishy texture of it with my fingers combined with that sort of dull sensation of having something moving around inside me gives me the creepy crawlies. I can't stand it. I could never use menstrual cups for this reason.

No. 206299


I get this. The sensation can trigger a vasovagal response (look up the vagus nerve) and can make you feel sick/skeeved about by things. I never finger myself and I once tried to use a menstrual cup and blacked out trying to remove it once because I couldn't bring myself to put my fingers in. It's also just not for everyone. I hate anything going in there other than a toy.

No. 206301

sighhh i want to masturbate but i have no vibrators or toys. takes like an hour to get this mf going

No. 206425

shower head.

No. 206426

Huh… can this also happen for touching your own breasts? I feel ill and disgusted when I do even though no sexual trauma.

No. 207232

Sorry if you're not the person to ask but how do you reconcile this with potential partners? In my (very limited) experience it's hard to reconcile

No. 207233

File: 1632778003482.png (4.06 KB, 290x270, disgust.png)

I don't think I'll ever get off in my entire life

No. 207235

File: 1632780218929.gif (1.65 MB, 400x278, dkfsjtwpe3.gif)

Nooo, nonnie, I thought (and wish) I was the only one! Don't give up! You deserve it!

No. 207342

File: 1632885201165.jpeg (186.47 KB, 756x1008, download (8).jpeg)

ladies a few weeks ago i splurged and bought the womaizer liberty clit sucker thing and its the best investment i have ever made. i like vibrators but the wand i have was more of a "shallow" orgasm if you know what i mean. this thing almost gets rid of my bi-monthly horny impulses to fuck a dude. i highly recommend if you like clit stimulation

No. 207357

Is it normal to get nauseous after masturbating? It happens a lot to me

No. 207363

I have a knock off one with 10 different levels or whatever and it’s perfect if your clit is broken because of SSRIs. Also no mortal man could ever.

No. 207411

File: 1632943318703.jpg (209.79 KB, 1024x768, womanizer-premium-eco.jpg)

I really want to get the premium model. But is it degen to spend £170 on a vibrator? I've also heard it doesn't work on all womens' clits.

No. 207423

nta but I find splurging on an expensive sex toy/vibrator isn’t degenerate. You’re going to masturbate anyway. I used to buy cheap bullets but they died and batteries are expensive. I bought myself the satisfyer pro and even then I thought the $60 I spent was too much fucking money to ever spend on a vibrator but it’s still going strong after over 2 years of regular use and I don’t have to buy batteries. Buying one expensive sex toy (as long as it’s not sex toy over bills/other necessities) is just an investment in yourself, do it anon.

No. 207424

I bought the same one (in burgundy though), it was my first (and so far only) vibrator and honestly I was a bit disappointed, I much prefer rubbing my clit directly with my fingers, it feels more rewarding as I put more effort in it. I didn't think the orgasms were mind blowing either, maybe I'm using it badly.

No. 207425

Which knock off?

It’s not too much right on the clit? I use a wand and I can’t ever just go directly on my clit. It’s usually like right above. So I’ve been hesitant on getting one even tho I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.

No. 207443

not degen. do it if you have the funds
really? there are two different sized "cups" that came with mine that go over the clit and when i used the bigger one it wasn't mind blowing but once i switched it to the smaller one it was amazing
i also hate wands directly on my clit. the one i got has like 6 different intensity settings and the lighter ones are nice and soft. feels like a little suck and pop over and over, it can definitely get overstimulating on the higher settings but thats a bonus to me tbh. wands have nothing on this thing

No. 207465

I've tried both cups and alternate between between them but I still don't think the orgasms are that great, they just happen and I usually turn dry as soon as it's over. I have to admit the first time I used it was great, especially the buildup, I had prickling in my legs and my ears were ringing, and unfortunately I've never been able to replicate it.

No. 207535

toys aside, what do you do if you're not really into any kind of porn? but your biggest turn on is people you actually know and find attractive (friends, for example) it's kind of weird ik, idk what to think about or do when i want to masturbate

No. 207541

That's not weird at all! I'm sad you think it's weird. You just close your eyes and use your imagination. Just like all of humanity did before the internet lol.

No. 207584

File: 1633062979132.jpeg (73.51 KB, 732x732, 7E149417-9FD8-48B7-A6F4-4330B9…)

Ladies are my masturbation habits weird?
>been getting off the same way since I started touching myself at 13, just rubbing my clit/labia mnr from over my lab mjr
>guaranteed to work
>have tried vibrators in the past but didn’t like them bc of the direct clit stimulation even though that’s what makes me come
>love dildos even though I’ve never come from penetrative sex

No. 207590

File: 1633066030726.jpg (142.92 KB, 794x798, il_794xN.3302200358_g82e.jpg)

Not weird. You might like the feeling of the vibrator if you use it on your labia majora, just like you do now with your fingers, to indirectly stimulate the clit. One with a broad area of contact and rumbly vibrations also helps.

As for the dildo, I've never orgasmed from just penetration either. But I find dildo + clitoral stimulation results in a significantly more intense, deep orgasm.

I prefer glass ones myself. Their angle/curve is more pronounced so it hits the right spot without having to be girthy. Because of that, and their material, they're also easy to insert without lube.

No. 207633

Do you have some recommandations where to buy glass dildos? I've always wanted to try them but never know where to get them.

No. 207636

i masturbated too hard and now my legs hurt like hell fml

No. 207681

dont do that

No. 207695

File: 1633159562482.jpeg (160.35 KB, 387x445, FC2AC7F5-F5BD-4ECA-9D59-333659…)

I DID IT!! I finally fucking came from something besides my own hands!!!
I bought a satisfyer after months of hesitancy thanks to a friend’s recommendation and holy shit it was great. The first few tries were really frustrating because I’m so used to just rubbing myself to a sad little forced O and I was mad that I wasn’t gaining the same results. But I read some smut to get in the mood and got to it, it took about 15 minutes but god was it worth it. I was worried towards the end that I was gonna lose my momentum and have to start over because my hands and arms were shaking so much and I couldn’t hold it in place.
I feel great, but most of all I’m just happy to know that I can still come by other means. I’m gonna limit myself to once a week with the satisfyer only and try and rebuild my sensitivity. Thank you ladies for reading.

No. 207716

how does that work? does it have a suction mechanism? i'm looking for new clitoral toys my ole vibrator is getting boring

No. 207866

Not about masturbation per se, but I'm scared of the nonas in the stupid question thread scolding me, so I'm gonna ask here: What's the difference between the horny you feel in your lower stomach and the one you feel in your genitals? I know it's not just me who has two different distinct sensations to it, since I saw another nona talk about it in some thread, but when I google all I find is lower stomach pain related, and that's not it, it's quite the opposite.

No. 207869

How many kinds of horny can one feel, exactly?

No. 207874

Idk the anatomy behind it, but I think the stomach feeling has to do with ovulation. I'm not on contraception and get this feeling at a certain times during my cycle.

No. 207884

Late reply but if your period ended not many days ago it's probably some leftovers of it, I think.

No. 207892

anon i think you might be talking about g-spot vs. clit stimulation? i have a super sensitive g-spot and sometimes i can feel it when i press down on my belly above like where my pubes start lol. they're definitely distinctive feelings from each other

No. 207991

Will using a huge dildo ruin normal sex for me? Will it make me too loose? I get so wet I can fit like 6-7+ inch girth in me.

I'm such a retard, I discovered toys and now I have to get off several times a day, before it was just once every few weeks.

No. 207992

That's a tricky one. I think it comes down to the individual. I have a 7inch long dildo but it's not insanely thick, and it hasn't negatively influenced my ability to get off through either clitoral or gspot stimulation

Are you worried about desensitization or that no regular penis will ever be able to top the toy?

No. 208001

Yep, I mean I like the feeling of being stretched otherwise I feel nothing from penetration.

But mainly about getting looser. If I'm using 6+ inch girth then a regular 4+ man comes along and I'll just be loose.

No. 208002

You won't get loose unless you give birth, the vag is all muscle.

No. 208003

You can't get loose. That's like being scared your rectum will get permanently loose from pooping every day. Besides, the only men who complain about women being loose are just desensitized from death grip. Ofc there isn't going to be a woman who can clamp down as hard as he goes with his hand.

No. 208005

Okay thanks guys, that calmed me

No. 208006

You won't 'get permanently loose'. But if you happen to like bigger than average then get a guy who is fine with warming you up and watching you with the toy afterwards.

Guys tend to be fans of watching large insertions.. unless they're stupidly insecure about their dick needing to be the best thing on earth. S

No. 208008

The only thing I feel in my stomach is when I get (ovary tingles?) after a play session. Usually after penetration I get it. Or on rare occasions I'll get it when I'm just craving penetration at certain times of the month.

No. 208016

I've been on anti-depressants (an SSRI) for the last ten years and haven't had a proper orgasm in all that time. I feel my body 'reach' orgasm and become sensitive and can't continue but never actually feel the orgasm. it fucking sucks. I don't know how long I'll have to continue to stay on my medication either, my doctor has said indefinately since my depression is long lasting

has anyone here ever tried any medication you take alongside your anti depressants that have brought back your ability to have an orgasm?

No. 208018

File: 1633368710278.png (402.09 KB, 444x361, 1.png)

A regular 4 inch man? In your vagina?
It's more likely than you think.

No. 208035

Switch to bupropion/Wellbutrin, it has no sexual side effects and generally has a better side effect profile, or use it alongside SSRIs because it also helps to mitigate the effects in many people. If you're in the UK apparently it's difficult to get because of supply issues iirc, if not your doctor is a fool for not suggesting it.

No. 208085

File: 1633415462039.png (332.46 KB, 717x539, Capture1.PNG)

I have vaginal atrophy and I used a dildo too fast too soon and now my pussy's been bleeding for like 4 days. I know it's not my period because it's thin dark red blood instead of brownish blood and clots. How long until it stops? Am I gonna die?

No. 208087

go see a doctor dummy

No. 208102

I am in the UK so it may be difficult. I would also be concerned about changing my medication in case I became depressed again. the last time I mentioned the problem I was told 'well wouldn't you prefer no orgasms and being alive?' they don't give a shit lol. thanks for the help though anon. I'll keep your suggestions in mind for the future

No. 208103

samefag I just read this
>Bupropion is only approved as a smoking cessation aid in the UK; it is not approved for the treatment of depression

No. 208112

I will not Google vaginal atrophy I will not Google vsginal atrophy I will not

No. 208195

File: 1633474317320.jpg (136.72 KB, 946x970, IMG_0254.JPG)

Is getting a bf a good way to get over some hurdles? Im a virgin and can't masturbate any way other than humping my bed with underwear and leggings on and I can't insert a tampon. I have pretty long fingernails and I don't like clipping them so whenever I'd touch my vulva, I would just feel like I'm touching skin. I've heard from other anons they were able to get over these sorts of things by just getting a bf

No. 208200

it can definitely be helpful in terms of just having someone else to do these things so that you know what it feels like.
using some good beginners toys could also help. i used to struggle putting stuff in my vagina because it felt weird and like i was doing it wrong (and fingering myself felt a bit gross), but i think trying out some items specifically made to be used like that helped me enjoy myself more.
good luck anon anyway, whichever you decide!

No. 208206

Why do you feel like you're broken and need to be fixed? You can enjoy what you already do without needing to make penetration the center of everything, it's okay, the world won't implode because you don't worship dick

No. 208222

It's dry pussy syndrome

No. 208251

you sound insecure. relax

No. 208274

Get a clit vibe. If you're young, inexperienced and unsure of what feels good then handing your body over to a man sounds like trouble

No. 208277

No, it's just annoying that so many women think they need to fix themselves. Her future bf wouldn't do the same for her, she should continue to enjoy humping her bed without caring.

No. 208362

Advantages: exploring your body and learning with a guy
Disadvantages: have something like a sex pet at home

No. 208366

If you can't insert a tampon, consider booking an appointment with your obgyn if you're not comfortable checking out your hymen yourself. You might have a septate, imperforate, or cribiform hymen – which can be "fixed" with patient insertion but why would you do that when there are options out there.

No. 209464

ayart. Nah, fam, what I meant was having the guy finger me because I don't feel comfortable doing that on my own. I just want to find alternative ways

No. 209467

If you dont feel comfortable with your own body, you shouldn't be having others touch you

No. 210272

Nonitas, no judgment here, please. I'm turning 20 soon and I still haven't had an orgasm.
Overall, I have pretty low libido due to depression and stress, and was on the pill for over 3 years (I stopped recently due to health issues and actually did notice an improvement with wetness). I get overwhelmed and push my partner away or stop masturbating.
I guess I rationally think about sex multiple times per day. I don't really get horny, it's more of "me want. fuck." -> masturbate -> feel some dull pleasure -> stop
My fingers get tired pretty fast because I do a lot of work with fine motor skills, so I even bought a clit stimulator. It's really good for the price (Plus One, got it at Target) but I still end up turning it off when I'm getting close. Another major turn off is having to be silent, as I don't live alone. When I'm able to have loud sex it's waaaaay better (not often, unfortunately).
The intensity of an orgasm per se isn't what irks me, idek why I do this. I get kind of nervous and tense, not sure what I even feel. If I think too much about this shit it ruins my day i feel tears welling up in my eyes as i type. So…

1. Anyone else took long to have an orgasm?
2. Has anyone else dealt with stopping midway? How did you muster up the courage to stop pulling away?

this means the world to me

No. 210275

sorry for responding to an old post but i'm the same anon from above but one of the main reasons that made me buy a vibrator was nausea
for some reason when i used to stimulate my clit with my fingers i'd always get super nauseous, it'd send me FLYING to the bathroom and made me shit everytime. wonderful when i was stress-constipated i think i threw up once even (wtf)

stopped completely once i switched the methods

No. 210276

When I was 18 and living at home I bought an electric facial massager and I remember I mostly used it when my mom was out doing the weekly shop on Saturdays. It was my only chance to get away with the noise.

It took alot of time because I remmber giving up because the intensity felt too overwhelming or I'd go numb, my muscles would cramp, I'd tire out, all that and I almost had a fear of what was going to happen. When I got there for the first time it was like I just unlocked the ability and I never quite struggled from that point on. The first just took some perseverance.

No. 210278

tbh ive always struggled with orgasming so i feel for you anon, there is never a moment where im like 'okay i definitely just came' - - it's more like i have to guess, usually i just reach a point where i stop feeling good and it starts getting over stimulated instead.
my main advice is honestly not to worry about it too much. i used to get frustrated that i wasn't experiencing these amazing orgasms like most other women seem to talk about, but when i thought about it a bit i realised that i don't really care? like i know for a fact that there are times when i can still feel great and have so much fun during sex, it still feels good so who cares if i don't rreach definitive orgasm. at least to me it seems like you are so fixated on this problem that you aren't able to enjoy the rest of the experience, so iguess my advice is to just try relaxing and being more in the moment.
trying new things also helps! and if you are by yourself, just give yourself some time to relax and enjoy yourself because there really is no rush. sorry this ended up long winded and a bit generic, im wishing you good luck anon i hope it gets easier for you

No. 210837

Does anyone else have the problem of penetration causing you to take twice as long to orgasm? I usually only do clit stimulation and while adding penetration feels great, it's frustrating how it lengthens the time for me to finish, especially when I'm with my boyfriend.

No. 210994

I think I broke my clit with vibrators. I can't orgasm, even when I get in the mood to masturbate. Before I started heavily using vibrators I could orgasm even when I wasnt in "the mood" to, a quick 5-minute session before bed. I can orgasm with vibrators but they feel weak, a shadow of what they once were. How do I fix myself?

No. 210998

You can't break your clit. If you're masturbating a lot then its probably just getting a bit too routine and not really doing it for you anymore. That's pretty common. Even dudes with who end up with deathgrip syndrome can overcome it by changing up their habits. Do you live at home/are worried about getting caught? Do you watch porn?

Take a few days off and try again when you're not panicking about it. If you're worried about the vibe usage then put them away and use your fingers for a while until you get used to it again. Don't do it just for a quick orgasm, but take your time and try lots of different things that feel good.

No. 211002

bump, gore in /ot/ and /g/

No. 211122

is it normal to not feel your clit stiffen when aroused? I never even thought about it but I was reading a romance novel once (don't judge) and the character was like "I felt my clit stiffening". I've definitely felt it throb but not get stiff. am I broken?

No. 211124

Yeah anon you're broken because your body doesn't work exactly like how it's written in porn. It's not like clits get diseases or something lmao like if it works it works…

No. 211127

Nta but are romance novels really considered porn lol

No. 211130

Sure, when it refers to explicit sex scenes designed to be fap material. Obviously you wouldn't assume it's what people mean when they say porn unless they clarified or the context made it obvious though.

No. 211153

I don't think I've ever felt it stiffen, but it does pulse and throb, so I think that could almost be the same thing

No. 211174

Yea im the same its not like i feel it get hard but it pulses and i pay more attention to it and stuff

No. 211386

I don't masturbate regularly and i dont watch porn anymore. I try relaxing and playing with myself just to see how it goes, it feels okay. Its been a year or so since i stopped using vibrators regularly.

No. 213165

I just got a Satisfyer and I’m having some issues. Sometimes when I hold it over my clit and it feels like I’m close, out of nowhere my clit will get super sensitive and it’s too uncomfortable to keep the satisfyer on it. Like it’ll feel almost like an electric shock right on my clit and it’s so painful/uncomfortable that I have to almost throw it off. Anyone experience this?

No. 213202

You might be going too hard and overstimulating yourself. Maybe a lower strength setting?

No. 213254

Are you sure it’s vibrators and not birth control or antidepressants or depression?

No. 213273

File: 1636918681561.jpeg (1.66 MB, 4256x2832, 3D5AB58C-9CDA-4119-9F15-B5BF76…)

Are you not supposed to wash your hands with generic hand wash? I’ve heard that it’s a bad idea if you want to masturbate that night

No. 213313

Nonnies, sounds stupid but how do I stop getting horny when I'm anxious? It's really not the right time for that. Is it even possible to stop that?

No. 213336

I did that and now I have VP so no, just some water should be fine unless you know your hands stanky.

No. 213425

omg i’m the same way. when i’m anxious i get horny so on days when i have final exams i’ll masturbate like three or four times. i don’t know how to stop it

No. 214657

Is it normal to not get horny after not have sexual relief? There are times when I won't touch myself for a considerable amount of time. I don't seem to get pent up horniness or any build up of sexual frustration. Is this healthy? I do think about sex a lot and I'm not put off by sexuality, but my lack of horny makes me thing I could have something wrong internally

No. 214665

File: 1637855738032.jpg (92.11 KB, 584x853, Screenshot_20211125-235433_Chr…)

Nonas im stupid as shit and theres this dildo i want because it looks super nice and its ribbed but the girth is 1.75"/4.4 cm and im not sure how big that is. Pic related its the dildo i want

No. 214666

yes this is very normal. personally, the more often i orgasm the hornier i am. if i stop masturbating for a while i stop feeling horny most of the time. vs when i masturbate often i feel horny every day.

No. 214747

Do those ridge type dildos actually feel good? Or is it aesthetic.

No. 214823

I have one and it would be much better if it was smoother. Pointless to me but maybe others anon's vaginas are different.

No. 214892

How do I purchase/use a vibrator when I live with other people in the house? We're room mating with a retired old dude who never fucking leaves the house and that shit is so annoying.
Am I just doomed to never try a vibrator?

No. 214893

Move out so you can wank in peace.

No. 214935

I'm 28 years old and I just had my first ever orgasm. Just wanted to tell someone haha. I was on SSRIs since I was a kid, before I ever tried masturbating, and I guess I've been off long enough now that stuff finally works. I bought a vibrator on amazon and damn… I guess that's what that is? Kinda want to try again and it hasn't even been 5 mins lol.

No. 214938

Tantus has discrete packaging

No. 214949

Turn the shower on and do it in the bathroom

No. 214955

I think u need to fuckin get a life girl. You're focused on cooming when you should be tryna save to live outside rooming with old men lmfaoo.

No. 214965

What are you so angry about? You sound sheltered

No. 214984

Is it any good anon? Is the girth nice? Im tired of skinny long dildos i want a nice thick one so i can feel the stretch

No. 214999

I'm sure some women like long dildos else they wouldn't make them, IDK if my vagina is weird or something, but I feel like with most dildos most of it ends up like, sticking out of me? My vagina seems to only be like 4 inches deep or something.

No. 215000

IDK if this is weird but does anyone else use condoms on their toys? I just get paranoid of something bad growing on it if I don't, even though I obviously wash them right after using them either way.

No. 215003

We are all different, I think short dildos are pointless because there are spots far back in the vag that feel great while stimulated, that's what I'm after.

No. 215018

nonas is it normal to have really short and not exactly strong orgasms? i've been masturbating since age like 13 and i've never experienced an orgasm that's "mindblowing". i don't know if there's something wrong with my vagina or if i'm doing something wrong kek. i only ever masturbate by stimulating the outside, i never stick anything in me cause from what i've tried it doesn't feel good it just feels like nothing. when i masturbate it doesn't even feel good to the point of me moaning or anything, the only part that feels good is when i orgasm but it lasts like 2 seconds and then i get oversensitive and have to wait a minute or two to start again. i kinda just lay with a poker face and do the thing until the big O comes and then move on kek
anyone else had a similar experience?

No. 215020

That's normal anon, it's not a big production like porn makes it out to be. I'm stony faced and don't make noise other than some quick breathing at the end. In general the more turned on you are the bigger the orgasm, I get bigger ones when I read smut beforehand, but usually I'm just too tired and do it quickly so I can release some stress. Insertion isn't for everyone either, men have just meme'd it into being the "proper" way women should orgasm.

No. 215021

Normal; I s2g men just meme that women have better orgasms because they’re retarded

No. 215026

are you me? I masturbate the same way and my orgasms are the same, some are more intense than others but I've never even been close to moaning or even breathing hard. The best/most intense orgasms I've had made my legs shake but that's it. Also I have stronger orgasms when im consuming some form of pornographic material, although I usually don't because I quit watching porn and I cba to look for good erotica most of the time

No. 215027

Sometimes I get really intense orgasms if I've been super horny, but most are the mundane, brief type.

No. 215044

All my orgasms are clitoral, some are weirdly weak and almost not even worth having.. the build up can be good and then the orgasm itself feels ruined but I don't know why it went downhill right at the climax. Other times it's huge and I'm up singing and dancing afterwards, floating on air for the rest of the day lol

In my case I don't think there's even a clear reason why some orgasms are just lackluster and others aren't. That's always been my mixed experience.

No. 215047

I only get really strong orgasms if I'm emotionally satisfied. If I'm just looking at/reading something to get off quickly it doesn't feel like much.

No. 215053

i wouldn’t say my orgasms are super crazy, i can have them completely silently with my breathing barely changing. my best ones make my thighs feel a little funny afterwards and i feel sleepy. but most of the time i just feel a bit more energetic but still normal

No. 215054

has anyone ever had the experience of only masturbating one way your entire life and then having to change it? i used to only masturbate by grinding on the corner of my desk. it was super convenient because i didn’t have to take my clothes off or wash my hands but i kind of realised my body was so used to that that i couldn’t really get off another way. it took months of practicing before i could orgasm by touching my clit. i’m glad i put in that effort though because those orgasms are more satisfying but a little bit more messy. i still like the desk way though if i need something quick

No. 215063

That's pretty much how masturbating is. Sometimes I get strong ones if I make myself really wet but other than that, sex is way better for powerful orgasms.

No. 215072

I could orgasm in a cramped elevator full of people and not a single person would know. Not every orgasm is a good orgasm, and I think a lot of people don't realise this because orgasms are only ever depicted as leg shaking screaming ones. If you ask any woman their honest answer is going to be that they moan and maybe twitch a little bit

I used to only be able to masturbate laying on my back with clit stimulation. It's only in the last 2 years that I've learned to orgasm from penetration and in different positions

No. 215075

Does anyone else's legs cramp up like crazy when they get close? It's so annoying to have to stop or else I'll get a charley horse. I just want to wank in peace reeeeee

No. 215084

Stronger orgasms can make my vision spotty and my ears muffled, but I never really make a sound unless I've been horny for hours (and evrn then I supress it).

No. 215094

I just want to weigh in that even though it's absolutely normal to have weaker orgasms, strong female orgasms aren't only a meme porn thing like many farmers replying to it make it out to be.
But it's totally normal to experience it differently. Everyone's body is different.

No. 215109

I had to learn how to masturbate with a dildo- at that point I experienced cumming with a penis but I didn't really know how it worked. Honestly it has really helped me with cumming more during piv sex. I've noticed that if I just masturbate with my clit (my lazy and more convenient way) it gets harder to cum with dicks
Drink more water, ya silly

No. 215476

I used to be able to finish in 7 minutes but now it takes me over 20. I know it's not even a big deal but the difference makes me feel like I take forever now. So frustrating.

No. 215541

im so fucking sheltered holy shit. did i orgasm?? spoilered for TMI whats it supposed to feel like? i felt something after a few minutes of clit stim, sort of like a feeling of overstimulation, heavy breathing and also felt my body get kind of stiff. it felt good but was that what it was?? i had the impression that womens orgasms were ridiculously difficult to achieve. or is that just from the perspective of moids?

No. 215551

>i had the impression that womens orgasms were ridiculously difficult to achieve
If you're trying to orgasm from PIV kek, masturbation gets you there faster

No. 215553

When you orgasm, your vagina contracts and keeps contracting for a while.

No. 215557

File: 1638365434584.jpg (30.42 KB, 750x868, D84XEX6WwAIzo0d.jpg)

contracts for a while as in stays contracted or is it supposed to be intermittent? thank u

No. 215576

It kinda feels like it's pulsating.

No. 215583

I have a long history of getting UTIs when I'm in relationships. I've been single for a while now but I got a dildo last week and I already have my first UTI in yeeears. I'm pissed. It's a silicone toy and I know alot of the tips around peeing and just hygiene but here I am again.

Right before my symptoms kicked in I already ordered a slimmer and less textured toy as the other one was intense. Someone please tell me I can use it and not die afterwards. The first one had alot of friction and texture which I'm hoping to blame this uti on. I don't want to just never be able to insert anything again.

No. 215596

you would definetely know, I think you just got almost there (did it feel too sensitive to touch after? Or was it the same?cause the clit gets very sensitive right afterwards, uncomfortable to touch etc) or had a really weak orgasm. try again

No. 215602

this doesn't happen to everyone, I've felt my clit pulsate only a few times, definitely not every time

No. 215614

They were talking about the vagina, anon. Not the clit.

No. 215622

I had a really weird experience last night, I need to know I'm not alone in this kek. Has any nonnie ever cried after an orgasm? I was using my dildo which is kinda rare for me, I had a really intense orgasm and tears just started coming out, it was an overwhelming but cathartic feeling, not painful at all. I let myself cry for a little because I wasn't sad, just overwhelmed I guess. I've felt close to tears before using the dildo, but I never thought I'd actually cry

No. 215625

You’re definitely not the only person who’s ever cried after an orgasm kek. It can be brought on by a lot of things. The last time it happened to me was after I masturbated and came 3-4 times in one night, and that brought on a wave of loneliness which led to tears, but it was a very cathartic experience.

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