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No. 5125

Vent about scrotes here! Share your experiences with annoying, terrible, worthless men you've encountered. Post screenshots of men being awful. Talk about how you avoid shitty men and why.

-Please do not respond to scrotebait. Taking bait will result in a 3-day ban from /ot/, no appeals.
-No femcel sperging. An example of femcel sperging is 'kill your father to even things out'. Posts in the vein of 'Aileen Wuornos did nothing wrong' 'rapists deserve to die' are allowed.
-No racebaiting as it derails the thread.

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No. 5126

If this gets removed by mods I'm going to lose my mind.

No. 5127

Isnt there similar threads in the xx board

No. 5128

It will get removed because this goes in the other board.

No. 5129

Yeah, but /ot/ clearly needs it more.

No. 5130

Who honestly cares anon?? XX is hiding away because our admin and mods are incompetent and can't even program a simple captcha or be active at peak hours. With the way this place has been lately, it doesn't matter anymore. I appreciate this anon for making this thread and putting it HERE where we can see it and interact with it instead of hiding away on a secret board like fucking cowards.

No. 5131

Scrotes post cp then wonder why women are having kids less after seeing how they hate both us and children.

No. 5132

Stop suckling janny ass and stand up for yourself.

No. 5133


No. 5134

But nonna, it's those political groups and feminazis tainting the minds of those dumb brainless females. It's not the fact that the available "father material" can barely be called human.

No. 5135

File: 1652096175098.png (322.34 KB, 640x761, 1651856312375.png)

based. love you girls.

No. 5136

I personally don’t care i’m kinda scared it’ll get removed

No. 5137

File: 1652096245549.jpeg (31.86 KB, 275x255, A8540D7E-CD3D-4BA3-A53A-F9BA2E…)

No. 5138

To be fair, I'm glad if it helps summoning farmhands faster.

No. 5139

Then we'll take a note from the Dogs or Cats thread anon and repost the thread over and over until we get our way. This is our space nona!

No. 5140


No. 5141

File: 1652096411870.jpg (67.62 KB, 640x828, 1z50y4frba041.jpg)

these threads should've never been closed. point blank period.

No. 5142

File: 1652096484260.jpg (85.81 KB, 960x975, h1sst4tp2v841.jpg)

bumping for cp spamming

No. 5143

I’m just saying what will happen, post in here but op will get banned.

No. 5144

They exclude us from being humans anyway so in a way they are naming the problem

No. 5145

I can’t believe the moid is actually posting his cp collection, I hope someone manages to report him properly so he goes to jail.

No. 5146

I already did and included the filenames too

No. 5147

Thank you, nonnie, he needs to get beat up to death in jail.

No. 5148

No one cares, we'll post it again. Your reality check isn't going to deter me.

No. 5149

Honestly, everytime I think about how gaslighted we are into thinking these are a problem of "humanity", it fucking blows my mind.
No, it's not "mankind" or "humans" it's just men who are god fucking awful. You can look at the low percentage of women acting equally inhuman and no matter how far you look into their past and family, the source and start of the circle of abuse is always, always, always a fucking moid.

No. 5150

i also did, it would be good if as many people from as many countries as possible did it so that the information goes to many countries authorities. the police does international co-operation with things like these so different law enforcements from different countries can compare the infos they have

No. 5151

Pickme in mtf thread reeing not all men when anons starting complaining how men are pedos who post cp. Pickmes never prosper.

No. 5152

That's not a pickme, just a larping moid.

No. 5153

That makes sense. Only moids would white knight a cp poster.

No. 5154

File: 1652096914602.png (66.68 KB, 251x275, 1651094870702.png)

true. also bump because cp

No. 5155

File: 1652097085400.jpg (160.48 KB, 1080x1154, tumblr_a1ff37ba49fcf141e838f49…)

No. 5156

This is so fucking true

No. 5157

I think outside of twitter no one cares, her books still sell nicely

No. 5158

Can a kind anon please post the crimes cat meme.

No. 5159

File: 1652097719900.png (456.84 KB, 500x500, 1641042393248.png)

No. 5160

Thank you very much nonny. It's my favourite.

No. 5161

nonnas please come to the radfem board 2 X, please we need more activity

No. 5162

i recommend quickly deleting the message because you wouldn't want any moids attacking this tiny board

No. 5163

This. Anon please delete, whoever's a farmer already knows that board and will find it another way

No. 5164

please delete this post nonna

No. 5165

Delete this post for gods sake, it's a hidden board for a reason

No. 5166

oh my god you guys are such a "sekrit klub" it's insufferable

No. 5167

File: 1652099147006.jpg (28.3 KB, 750x744, 1zo96mxij5751.jpg)

bump for the spammer

No. 5168

Because we don't want CP in literally every part of the site? Shut the fuck up, asshole

No. 5169

If you want a place where everyone will let you go through anywhere just because you exist, I don’t know where you will ever go, may as well just stay locked in your house.

No. 5170

File: 1652099692463.png (577.64 KB, 1100x2269, yourfault.png)

No. 5171

i tried googling this since the twitter is gone, found a reddit thread, and moids blamed women for "raising those men".

as if women who are raised by abusive rapist fathers don't go on to… not live lives of violence and rape and abuse.

men are retarded.

No. 5172

even if the mothers were abusive or neglectful its still not an excuse for those degenerates to go out raping and killing people. look at the amount of women who were abused and neglected by their mothers, most of them learn from that experience and trauma and treat others with kindness because of it, they don't go out raping random people in the street.

you can give moids literally ANY valid explanation for male violence and they will purposely choose to shift the blame because none of them want to acknowledge that the problem is always down to men. it's much easier to point fingers at mothers/women in general

No. 5173

Men's lives are a cope. They refuse to take responsibility for their behaviour. To accept it is to admit you are unworthy of passing on your genetics, so they do their best to delude themselves and deny facts.

No. 5174

Women have literally never liked males lol.

No. 5175

it's ridiculous, males will go and kill and rape people because their mother forced them to clean their room once and thus was "over bearing" or because the stacy didn't realize the mouth breathing autist who never talks to anyone is in love with her while women can have their entire families killed and have their limbs ripped apart and still be like "not all men, hating every man is unfair uwu"

No. 5176

>blame women for raising monsters
>forget that fathers partake in the making of those monsters and probably made them

No. 5177

Like Richard Ramirez's uncle, who would show him photos of dead women tied to trees and talk about his time torturing people in Vietnam. If men accept it is their own choice to chimpout, they concede that they are not worth being with, so they lie to pretend you should be their mommy bangmaid.

No. 5178

Yes this. Every abusive mother/woman is the result of a once abusive father/man. I've seen this happen with so many women. Even if, let's say your grandma was abusive to your mother and you mother to you, somewhere down the line a moid was responsible for the start of the abuse. And so they manage to fuck up many generations.

No. 5179

Reason #19283478596 to not have a son, if they end up killing people, they will pretend it is your fault, since men never take responsibility for their actions. Daughters are a lot less likely to chimpout. Do the right thing for society.

No. 5180

You know what they say, the sex of your baby is either a girl or abortion

No. 5181

Most moids who were actually abused will tell you their fathers did it and not their mothers. But also dont feel sorry for them cause these types will abuse a woman to regain control (my story)

No. 5182

Yeah and funny how when they talk about "abusive" mothers, they mostly mean them nagging them to clean their room or get their shit together.

No. 5183

This. My mom was psychotic and pretty abusive, turns out my grandpa was an alcoholic wife beater and a fucking mess, glad he's finally dead

No. 5184

My bf was abused by his father and mother, he blamed his father more then his mother cause he understood she was co-dependant upon abusive him due to her experiences, he knew she couldn't even stop his father is she wanted to, he didn't forgive her but he understand her and tries to sympathize with her

No. 5185

Ok so proves my point, fathers are never mentioned and men always blame mothers as a gotcha but they literally don’t even speak to their dads

No. 5186

File: 1652101996813.jpg (132.78 KB, 780x778, 1647419977321.jpg)

I'd browse 2X but I feel like seeing news articles about scrotes and online posts from men would just ruin my mood, sorry nonnies

No. 5187

>my friends have been harmed by it
Fucking how?
Seriously. It will never not amuse me how men keep insisting that not having sex/relationships actually harms them. Meanwhile, women have gone through hell while with them and still persevered.
Like, go jerk off in your bathroom you self-proclaimed superior creep.

No. 5188

okay I genuinely don't know where that is though :((:()

No. 5189

My father was abused by his father and grandpa, but blames his mother for divorcing his father. The fucking logic. My grandma did everything right and divorced as soon as it was legal and ran around the city trying to keep him off of drugs and out of trouble, but to no avail. But noooo he thinks he's traumatized because his mother didn't want to be a perfect tradwaifu and watch while her kids are beaten.

No. 5190

There's literally not a normal scrote in my family
>XY relative°1: abusive pos, porn addict, racist and a serial cheater
>XY relative°2: Abandoned every family or kids he conceived
>XY relative°3: Alcoholic wife beater, animal abuser, pedophile who raped 4 teenagers
>XY relative°4: Alcoholic wife beater, literally drove his whole family into insanity
>XY relative°5: Abandoned every kid he conceived while being filthy rich
>XY relative°6: Corrupt policeman, helped hiding several crimes, including murder and rape
>XY relative°7: Drug dealer
And I'm not mentioning the ones that are not related to me but still ruined my life

No. 5191

there's been abusive women in my family but without going too much in the details basically it really fucks your life up if your husband or father is a war criminal so i'm not surprised some women in my family have been literally insane (no i'm not from germany)

No. 5192

Are you from the balkans?

No. 5193

No. 5194

File: 1652104813628.webm (740.88 KB, 576x1024, aa87dac5058f38c28082a4af70b7b2…)

Moids really are npcs.

No. 5195

File: 1652106821067.jpeg (10.94 KB, 275x196, 1646446608384.jpeg)

No. 5196

File: 1652106932508.jpg (164.02 KB, 856x640, 1640279376908.jpg)

No. 5197

File: 1652108530545.jpeg (128.53 KB, 733x356, E4F0EB27-6B3B-42DA-B994-122E2E…)

Bless up ladies, it’s about fucking time.

>be male

>spend years hailing the advent of the artificial womb, dreadgame-ing women on how obsolete we’ll become
>mother nature phases males out of reproduction altogether, nukes their sperm count, opening the possibility of reproduction without any male instrumentality whatsoever

Prepare your copes in advance, cockflaps.

No. 5198

Also remember it was proven last year that male sperm has 4-6 times as many genetic defects as they age from 36 on than women. So men shouldn’t be having kids old and age gaps also lead to higher defect rates. Men continue to cope and seethe part 467.

No. 5199

Yep. In the article I screencaped, bipaternal offspring required twice as many imprinted regions to be removed and even then, less than 0.5% of the bipaternal offspring lived more than two days. None survived longer than a week. The Y-chromosome really is a sort of genetic pollution, isn’t it?

No. 5200

I always get ignored posting in /ot/ but can anons pretty pretty please archive this thread before it gets taken down and locked?

No. 5201

I want to vent about this male friend I had. He was a trainwreck.
>male feminist
>thinks he is smarter than everyone else
>unable to even get in the prestigious college he wanted
>settled for some private college mom and dad are paying
>hates his mom for financially depending on his dad
>says she could have accomplished much more than his dad, probably true but she didn't, so he says she is lazy
>likes sonic and has a feet fetish
>probably also had a pregnancy fetish because he used to send me unprompted short stories he wrote about lesbians having very late abortions (8-9 months) in gorey satanic rituals
>also sent me art of men ass birthing babies
>suicide baited a lot
>used me almost exclusively as emotional crutch
>when he did not we never talked about my feelings
>suicide baited when I told him to stop throwing all his problems on me and seek therapy
>often sent me straight incest porn, later changed to gay incest porn
>once I told him I was interested in prosthetics and he sent me amputee porn
>made it "special", pointing out that the amputee was an ftm like me at the time
>was appalled I felt insulted by the suggestion my interest in prosthetics was a paraphilia
>creatively sterile, couldnt imagine anything that didn't include his fetishes
>once said he wish he could have periods, denied later and called me crazy for imagining it
>once we were talking about the possibility of two women having biological children (no males included) and he told me it was unethical
>but always talked about wanting to have biolological children via surrogate
>defended conversion therapy because "if someone doesn't want to be gay, they shouldn't be forced to"
>really resented his mom, thought she was to blame for him not being popular
>never blamed the fact he judged people harshly and insulted them out of blue
>also never criticized his father as harshly as his mom
>says he likes a girl, ask me for help
>I tell him "stop introducing her to your male single friends and show her your feelings"
>told me my advice was "4chan tier" (his exact words)
>proceed to introduce her to his male single friend who treats her better and doesnt give backhanded compliments, they start dating shortly after
>later figures he is gay
>hates all the gay scene and hates being gay
>hates homophobic dad but thinks his mother is worse for not divorcing him because she knows she will be poor if she does so
>makes new scrote friends online
>only talks to me about them
>two are gay and are dating, another one is supposedly bi and interested in dating him and another is outright a fucking mysogynistic incel
>tells them he was raped, which isn't true
>tells me he thinks his mom was sexually obsessed with him when he was a kid
>I ask what this is based on, he says it's because she was an helicopter mom
>meet up with the guy who wanted to date him
>the guy is obese, nothing like the pictures and my friend later tells me "ever met someone so severely autistic? Think of this guy"
>they all but the incel dude turned out to be catfishing him
>it was in reality just 1 guy (the obese guy) with a bunch of fake fb profiles having conversations with himself, the incel was also catfished
>devasted, meet american trannies
>at this point he is a she/her troon with no intention of medically transitioning
>tells me he would hate becoming a straight women "would rather be a lesbian"
>half of his tranny friends are outed as rapists/pedos one after another
>don't talk to me as much anymore, corrects everything I know about the trans community because the terms I knew were replaced. You can't say bio woman anymore or ftm and mtf and transexual
>says my sister "looks like a terf" because she was at the time a baby butch
>never spoke to her
>we lose contact because he doesn't bother talking to me anymore and at this point I was fed up with tranny crap and on the verge of desisting

No. 5202

This seems like a fitting place. If I find out that my boyfriend is cheating on me, I'm pulling a Jodi Arias. You'll know me by the fact that I'll sing in my interrogation. Amen.

No. 5203

Once again the male-induced "dead egg" bullshit is a cope and deflection. Sperm goes to shit after they turn 25.

No. 5204

holy fuck this is huge. lesbians couples can finally have kids (best part, guaranteed to be a girl!!) But. I guess one can even make their own kid without someone else. Though that could possibly cause birth defects, I am very curious about this whole thing. Holy shit.

No. 5205

men are literally most “fertile” when they are 15-16. Their sperm start to degrade after that, its science. They start balding around 18. Mother Nature hates males lol

No. 5206

and yet there are very few women sleeping with 16 year old boys because 'they're most fertile, its just natural' vs males sleeping with girls or arguing they should be getting pregnant as soon as their periods start because women don't want to f children.

No. 5207

File: 1652114905822.jpeg (42.06 KB, 717x403, 6D6DB2F0-AFFF-40B4-BF85-84E383…)

JFC this was a wild ride

No. 5208

File: 1652115542462.jpeg (120.63 KB, 1080x1416, 8A258448-4151-4EF2-9CBA-EFFC7D…)

No. 5209

Nonny do you have source? I'd like to have it handy

No. 5210

File: 1652116337765.jpeg (242.23 KB, 750x720, F942CAEF-7875-4029-AA81-928F0D…)

the y chromosome is already degenerating. maybe this is a good explanation for male criminality?

No. 5211

I hope it happens. Men wont even let women get abortions, so let's hope we can even have the rights for this. A world without men and having only daughters sound like a fucking blessing.

No. 5212

How long has the Y chromosome existed and was it not degenerated at all when it first appeared, I wonder? I'm not a biology/genetics expert but this kind of evolutionary stuff is fascinating

No. 5213

File: 1652117153210.png (54.59 KB, 651x300, burdens.png)

No. 5214

Oh no, I just posted on the regular vent thread >>>/ot/1173828 but it would have been more appropriate here. How frowned upon is posting the same thing on two different threads in /ot/?

No. 5215

File: 1652119879599.jpeg (742.83 KB, 828x543, 61E8982D-AD25-4D93-BC89-CDEB52…)

Reminder that maleness/sexual reproduction literally began as a form of parasitism.

> Sex, it is now thought, began as a simple act of hijacking when, some several billion years ago, a small cell waylaid and merged with a bigger one, richer in substance and nutrients. What began as a chance, quantita- tive difference in bulk became eventually a difference in strat- egy and kind. Competition among small cells for access to the largest ones favored smaller, faster, and more maneuverable cells, analogous to sperm. The hostages we might as well call ova. The egg provided not only half of the genetic material but the resources to sustain development. The ground rules for the evolution of two very different creatures-males and fe- males-were laid down at this early date. In short, the sexes got started when one group of organisms (females) began to specialize in competing among themselves for resources,

while another group (males) specialized in competing among themselves for access to these stockpiling organisms.6

From Sarah Hrdy’s The Woman That Never Evolved.

No. 5216

an outdated anthropology book that's been disproven decades ago, is not really the best sort of proof, like you can hate men without making shit up, cause when you make shit you up or spout stuff that is very easily disprovable, you end up looking like an Idiot

No. 5217

https://dollforum.com/forum/ (forum for realdoll larping, NSFL warning)

Dunno if this is the right thread but holy shit. These are fucking funny, but also SO TERRIFYING. Like they put their realdolls on poses to look like they fucking vacuum. On the other hand it makes me happy to see moids this pathetic, but then I get reminded of we had a sex doll brothel here and one of the dolls got her limb ripped off very shortly…

No. 5218

Debunked how?

No. 5219

File: 1652120880265.gif (49.21 KB, 500x515, X3840E137.gif)

not this again, I swear to god as someone who works in the medical field I have seen this paper fro almost decade now and it never fails to make me cringt, see bone marrow, can be differentiated into sperm LIKE cells, but the differentiation isn't fully complete. They're sperm like, but they're not fully differentiated, meaning they're not fully differentiated functional sperm. and have no functionality, and no fertilization was performed.

see each egg and sperm gets a random set of half of the parent genome. So if you have the genome Aa Bb Cc, your gametes will have random genomes like Abc or ABC or aBc or abC… the offspring will get two randomly chosen halves it won't get the same combination the parent had….for example it might wind up with aa BB Cc.
so even it possible with large mammals, the odds of doubling up on nasty recessives would be huge.

No. 5220

Don't forget how they always say "women hate other women, men have better comradery!" then kill and rape each other all the time

No. 5221

As someone who also works in medicine, this is still researched and possibly doable in future. Not sure why you cringe when people mention it could maybe someday be done, it's true

No. 5222

I view it similar to a potential cure for cancer, when we are at a point where we can cure cancer, we as a species will have a completely different outlook on humanity and would astronomically be different then right now, our values and just general thoughts would not even be on the same wavelength, we'd be like cave people to them, but that is still over a 100 if not 300 years from now

No. 5223

I think this should stay on the main page from now on. It’s not like taking it off or banning pp ever stopped their degeneracy. We may as well carry on and just piss them off even more since trannies are hell bent on proving their womanhood by posting children being raped. Fuck men and fuck pedos in particular and I hope they all die.

No. 5224

File: 1652122525605.jpg (5.9 KB, 258x196, download.jpg)

pleease nonnas come over to 2 x, we really could use some more users

No. 5225

>cure for cancer, when we are at a point where we can cure cancer
This phrasing absolutely annoys me. We already can cure cancer in quite a lot of people? It depends on the type and place? It's literally just cell division going haywire and shit like that, but there isn't a universal "cancer". This idea that people are guaranteed to die from cancer makes me go absolutely bonkers, there's a hefty percentage who do recover and can be cured. 80% of the curing is usually surgery anyway or some shit like that. Preventing cancer can be done by mitigating risk factors and managing genetics, maybe gene therapy, but I don't know what the fuck else people expect?

No. 5226

Not everything in research is the same. There are breakthroughs quite often. You can't compare curing cancer to totally unrelated different medical research.
And we do have cure for some cancers.

No. 5227

I am so happy Kevin Samuels is dead

No. 5228

maybe this thread will be moved there

No. 5229

God is good!!!

No. 5230

File: 1652123683122.jpg (41.98 KB, 583x509, 1577841241467.jpg)

Looks like redbull really does give you wings. His scrote and pickme followers have lost their father figure for a second time.

No. 5231

Dead with only 1000 dollars to his name. Family only learned about his death through social media and needs to create a GoFundMe for his funeral. Low Value Corpse.

No. 5232

File: 1652124081314.jpeg (61.97 KB, 500x750, 3E596C74-37DC-4AE4-A261-A5B72F…)

lfg, we gotta park all the manosphere goons

No. 5233

You're adorable, anonnie. I hope it never comes down to it, but if it does I'm on your side.

No. 5234

Here you are Noni. Four times as likely.

No. 5235

Lol my ex thought that guy was low key kinda funny, if that’s not a red flag….

No. 5342

Tinfoil but its more like 46 years. They lie to make sure men don't chimp out. Without a woman to civilize and feed them males grow up to be literal apes.

No. 5355

File: 1652984713326.png (224.86 KB, 465x382, 1649702942565.png)

If you ever start to feel bad for a man, remember that they can recall every cope they have ever heard or read from other men about how it is their biological destiny to be attracted to underage girls, but most of them don't even remember their own mother's birthday

No. 5357

File: 1652994680258.jpeg (110.87 KB, 750x832, e3c008704397e77911417f2dde87ff…)

No. 5358

File: 1652994742917.jpeg (197.33 KB, 750x1040, 3ac95d6d66ad2c253a397f90a5b49a…)

No. 5359

File: 1652994800854.jpeg (92.93 KB, 750x527, 9627e0f56c90accb5d359119716621…)

No. 5368

Great and easily applicable ideas, thank you for sharing. I like that outside of the more obvious tips like supporting women's groups or businesses it touches on deprogramming from patriarchal influences that we might not even realize are affecting us, i.e. media, religions, objectifying imagery and social media.

No. 5370

File: 1653056097654.jpg (100.08 KB, 1242x1260, 1653053387764.jpg)

imagine being so misogynistic you'd rather support a drug lord and killer than a mother trying to keep her family together and not immediately being on board with her husband being a criminal

No. 5371

So many people missed the point of Breaking Bad. I admit I love it as an opportunity to shamelessly root for the villain at times but not when he was actively destroying his own family.

No. 5376

I literally cannot comprehend how anyone could root for walter, he is a monster in every sense who ruined the lives of everyone around him and its entirely his own fault, because of "muh pride" innocent people died and had their lives ruined because of him, I'm not even gonna bother warning for spoilers cause the series beats you over the head with the fact that he liked the power and fear he had as a druglord more then the actual money and more then his own family
this comment perfectly describes my feelings towards walter white
>This is the scene that made me realize how repugnant Walt is. He’d rather sell math and endanger his entire family for the slim chance his earnings aren’t claimed by the DEA and they can live off of it, than take the slightest hit to his pride to avoid all of his problems.

No. 5379

Not consuming male/handmaiden made media made such a big difference in my life. The lesbian genius book talks about this, and men seethed so much about the book, saying "she literally wants to kill men!". Western socities control women through brainwashing mostly, most powerful thing one can do is not consume the brainwashing.

No. 5385

My rooting for him isn't that deep. I get tired of media mostly centering heroes (sometimes literally flawless mary/gary stus) and enjoy villainous leads because it's interesting. I sometimes cheer for monsters and murderers in horror movies because it's fun, not like I would ever actually want a bunch of teenagers to die in terrible ways. His spiraling was engrossing to watch similar to a lot of the characters in The Wire. At times I even related to his pettiness and pride although I hate and avoid hurting people in the real world. I acknowledge he's a bad person and shitty husband/father, of course. Men who straight up wk him because they see themselves a bit too much are a different story.

No. 5386

>she literally wants to kill men!
This reminds me of TIMs and their supporters always going on about how TERFs are "literally" killing trans people by suggesting they will never be real women, meanwhile they blatantly call for our torture, rape and murder.

No. 5391

Men turn into sniveling tantruming little children when women actually do anything IRL to improve our own lives. Even the bland "ok" men get on a high horse about it. Meanwhile they never consume any media made by a woman.

No. 5392

don't get me wrong, I think Walter white is a brilliantly written character and there are some moments in the show where I do find myself rooting for him, especially against his enemies, he's not a good person but a great character, I just really fucking hate the fanboys who pointlessly hate on Skylar and make those unironic sigma male memes about him
curious to know, do you watch Ozarks and if you do are your thoughts on Darlene and Wendy ?

No. 5394

It seems like we’re on the same page then! I haven’t seen Ozark, would you recommend it? Just browsing it seems like these two are Walter-esque but coming from maybe a more truly family-centric perspective? Finding well-rounded female villains is even rarer in media so I’m intrigued.

No. 5396

If you liked breaking bad, you'll love Ozarks, it has writing on par with breaking bad just with more female characters being engaged with the plot

No. 5403

been looking for this image for over 5 fucking years, boom here it is in pink pill thread. heavenly

also i want to shoot and kill and painfully sodomize men and teenage boys who yell at women/girls on the streets for no reason <3

No. 5404

Love it. Deserves it's own thread. I am already doing some things from the list but will consciously aim to be doing more.

No. 5408

File: 1653256180856.png (35.73 KB, 645x359, 73E168E1-F306-4358-9C27-9BF5F5…)

No. 5409

File: 1653256207312.png (76.6 KB, 537x871, 7FFB422D-72E3-460A-83FE-EC4748…)

And this is why we don’t trust them.

No. 5410

File: 1653256240153.png (32.79 KB, 538x403, 497B6549-4E7A-4662-87FB-7B2F07…)

No. 5411

File: 1653256261288.png (36.72 KB, 641x355, F9E25FB1-4212-402B-8C3C-918379…)

No. 5412

File: 1653256307776.png (68.71 KB, 640x817, 8AE47444-0DC6-4E42-9F68-649137…)

No. 5414

Love this. As a heterosexual woman I've pretty much gone celibate (volcel though, lol) and one of the biggest reasons is that sex with men sucks. Finding a man who will have a sex with you as his equal is like finding an unicorn. 90% is them using women's body to mastrubate and play out a porn scenario in their head and it looks pathetic.

No. 5415

Sounds awesome, thanks nona I will check it out

No. 5416

Goddess Dworkin. I swear this is my ex and so many abusive men to a t. A lot of them were actually pretty sweet as kids/younger men but they get victimized by other men for being soft, weak and "womanly" and so they become the oppressor themselves instead of standing against them

No. 5427

File: 1653294167037.jpg (714.08 KB, 1055x1352, 1639585095407.jpg)

not unture, my own Nigel was physically abused by his own father and witnessed his mother being beaten and treated like crap, thankfully he grew up strong enough to kick his father's ass and threw him out of his own home but the trauma is still always gonna be apart of him, worst part is that his mom hates him cause she's a pick-me who was fine with being beaten and thought his father had the right to beat her and her child, like Dworkin said some women really don't wanna be saved but even then we have to right to try to fight for their rights and liberation, whether we like it or not
semi-picrel is American mcgeee who also had an abusive father and a turbo libfem pick-me mom but managed to turn out alright and is the only scrote working in the game industry who I respect

No. 5431

File: 1653322653739.jpg (305.86 KB, 1056x898, Screenshot_20220523-181652_Chr…)

I went to read about hin since I enjoyed playing his Alice games and holy fuck.

No. 5432

I'm glad you ended up with a decent guy but sorry to hear about his mom. It really is disheartening that so many women refuse to break free of their conditioning even when the opportunity is staring them right in the face. Especially when kids are involved I just can't understand them at all. Hurting yourself is one thing, it sucks but I know how easy it is to normalize it, but allowing your own child to be victimized is practically subhuman to me. I knew McGee had abusive parents but that's crazy a troon was involved. This was so long before the movement even grew in popularity.

No. 5433

File: 1653327128366.jpg (65.56 KB, 750x725, 94032478032744.jpg)

No. 5436

File: 1653332588178.png (475.75 KB, 591x535, dysphoriamcgee.png)

It's too bad he's now peddling trans merch and shilling for China while denying the Uyghur genocide because he and his business based in Shanghai. I was ultimately disappointed to see him become a sellout like that.

No. 5437

File: 1653334084976.jpg (101.81 KB, 640x756, shulamith-firestone-692714.jpg)

This was discussed in the fakeboi thread but it was funny how almost all of the comments for the dysphoria rabbit were by by Aidens and she/theys, its funny because if the trans shit was real, you'd probably be seeing way more MtFs getting excited about this. But nope. Something about this game primarily appeals to young women, rather than men. Even the delusional ones who want to chop off their breast
this might be unpopular opinion but Firestone is my least favorite 2nd wave feminist figure and I feel like if she was alive today she'd be fully supportive of troons, her problem lied in the fact that instead of using Marxism to analyze patriarchy like other second wave feminists, she used freudianism and claimed it was "misguided feminism" and unironically and fully believed in the opedipus complex, I mean she believed the problem with the sexual revolution was that it didn't go far enough by not removing love and long term relationships from sexual encounters, plus her purposed methods for child care would have been disastrous in practice

No. 5439

Interesting, I did not know that about Firestone. She definitely sounds too troon adjacent as a whole and I'm not at all a fan of Freud. The quote you provided makes sense in theory (we should not be judged based on our bodies/genitals) but would be impossible to actually implement due to people's innate biases.

No. 5441

File: 1653371434975.jpg (25.15 KB, 500x492, 1640762987477.jpg)

she was more like Frued then she realized, in that she projected her narrow and sometimes fucked up worldview on to society and thought it should be applied towards everyone, like just cause she was into casual no-strings attached sex doesn't mean that all women would be into that and she tried to argue that's what a true feminist society should be like, also her ides about child care would have been so effed up in practice and despite claiming there should be no distinction between the sexes she she still argued that society should be still segregated not between the sexes but between "aesthetics"

>The feminist revolution will end the split between the "Aesthetic Mode" (feminine, intuitive, and artistic) and the "Technological Mode" (masculine, empirical, and aimed at the control of nature through the comprehension of its mechanical laws). The end of sexual repression will free Eros to diffuse throughout and humanize the entire culture. Eventually it will lead not only to the end of alienated labor but of labor as such, defined as activity which is not performed for its own sake. Technology will eliminate domestic and other drudgery, leaving everyone free to do work which is intrinsically rewarding

This reads like the shit you'd expect with some troon supporting zoomer libfem

No. 5444

Sidenote loving all the discussion. Freud drives me up the wall. It’s extremely frustrating the female professionals he was working with early in his career were written off because Men wanted to believe Freud’s crock of shit. It’s such a waste.

No. 5445

I remember just 4 years ago, in TheRPGMinx (GNC lesbian, don't know if she is pandering to trans or not now since I haven't watched in years. It was her first ever live interview with someone afaik) he commented over how quickly SJWry is affecting videogames. (4:45 minute)

No. 5453

File: 1653481725150.png (29.9 KB, 178x165, i3.png)

Anon sorry if I'm wrong but this definitely sounds like a man and looks like a troon. Am I missing something?
(facecam) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtFDeNtpdXQ

No. 5454

File: 1653482467995.png (66.58 KB, 726x471, hhp.png)

Samefagging, yeah, this is a definite tranny. Guess he got away with claiming to just be a "gnc lesbian" by avoiding facecam all those years, tragic. Even his Twitter bio and the shit he posts is like he isn't really trying to hide it anymore lmao

No. 5457

I hate being told to "add a man for diversity" for advertising stuff and ofc the provided photo is a white man

No. 5458

Oh wow I used to watch that youtuber ages ago, maybe you're right. The twitter seems quite male with all the boob anime girls. It seems minx is pretty good at hiding it though cause I didn't find many people discussing it online.

No. 5465

This is insane and fuck men, they truly think they’re god’s gift to the world and the best at everything but they just ignore clear data stating otherwise because it would shatter their retardo brains.

No. 5485

Men have no soul

No. 5720

File: 1654397352573.png (61.88 KB, 728x405, 91.png)

I don't get how women can still date men after seeing them admit shit like this. Multiple other men were agreeing with it, too. They don't want girlfriends, they want a phone to scroll through and a bottle of lotion

No. 5721

File: 1654397411641.png (38.59 KB, 710x302, 90.png)

No. 5723

Deranged. Firstly the IG baddies don't even look like IG baddies in real life and second even when they do get a woman a hundred miles out of their league (which happens far too often) they still end up jacking off to pictures and porn. I've had seriously beautiful friends confide that to me so many times. They can't function in the real world and don't deserve to live in it.

No. 5729

my ex used to reblog softcore and occasionally porn on his tumblr, which his ex, and some real life girl friends followed. i was a dumb teenager with libfem propaganda blasted at me back then, and posted a nude, covering my nipples, to my blog. it barely got any attention because i did not have followers, but he freaked out and almost cried telling me to delete it.

No. 5730

i hate the new young fat boy manager at my job, this little scrote was hired because the other manager keeps pulling up people from his ethnicity to the top, while they are fucking dumb and useless to us. how come some girl worked there for 2 years full time before becoming a shift manager, but a stupid, lazy, slow fuck, who makes more mistakes than a fresh out of high school linecook can become manager right out the bat?! i hate these scrotes with a passion. this dickhead fatass keeps telling us tasks we already know how to do, and 10x better than him. he keeps messing up on basic things, so he should have no business in being a manager at all. he wastes time telling me a label i wrote was wrong, almost every shift, and he is wrong about it every time. why does he get to be the manager? how do i get him fired the fuck out of here? i can't believe a little fat scrote might get paid more than i. with that weight he must spend all his extra money on useless junk food anyway. i want to make him scrub the shit off the toilets, sweep and mop the place until his back gives out, do the manual labour until he sweats and burns but still has to keep going, scraping off sticky food remains from trash bins, mopping up piss in the bathroom, and having customers accuse him of not speaking english when their muffled words make it difficult to hear.

i already made one scrote obsolete by just doing my job right and having him quit, from not being able to handle more expectations put on him afterwards. i made my friends come in and order when another stupid scrote was out the front. what can i say, they rated his service experience honestly. this workplace sucks, but the community is better than my previous because it is mostly women and girls. every time there are fat scrotes on the shift everything slows down considerably. and some of my handmaiden coworkers just don't see it. i will intimidate this penis pork into doing his fair share, or get him to quit if i can.

No. 5731

not racesperging, i am also an immigrant

No. 5736

Scrotes should be banned from accessing the internet. They aren't capable of using it responsibly.

No. 5738

File: 1654469961329.jpeg (303.22 KB, 750x1477, 25B7130F-20C3-4D37-A501-F73802…)

Finally a good question on that god forsaken subreddit.

No. 5760

File: 1654543267556.jpeg (104.97 KB, 1170x1239, E6392AFE-7CA6-4D8C-8364-71A6B9…)

God forbid women have their own fashion interests that don’t revolve around scrotes opinions

No. 5762

he’s so fucking ugly anyways lol

No. 5770

File: 1654564424437.png (389.5 KB, 458x395, 8490328439207.png)

As if they don't find a way to sexualize anything and everything regardless. In a guy's mind clean girl = fresh and youthful girl next door, dark academia = sexy mysterious librarian, coconut girl = scantily-clad island girl. There's no winning.

No. 5785

"Sigma male aesthetic" "Incel boy" "School Shooter vibes" sis where are the 2D MEN
Why do the most rodent looking scrotes feel so confident saying the most retarded shit about women anyways. Just log back to your porn site of choice and stop projecting your chinchilla degeneracy onto random women

No. 5789

File: 1654627697709.jpeg (205.17 KB, 750x1168, DBB2543F-DC28-409D-9C5D-65203A…)

No. 5790

Males are so pathetic, love when they tell on themselves like this, fucking psychos…

No. 5791

this is some good, farm-fresh and organic separatism fuel for me lol

No. 5792

The longer I stay single the happier I feel about it.

No. 5800

File: 1654718582611.jpeg (146.73 KB, 1080x1203, F6BE1C84-12E1-4A43-9309-3D4E1E…)

Matt Walsh is a dickhead and we shouldn’t care if he gets hit by a golf club covered in his own smegma.

No. 5802

Kellie-Jay Keen defending him to some degree is just sad, but of course she doesn't consider herself a feminist anymore, does she? Just when you think a conservative scrote would have maybe one more working neuron on this topic than a liberal scrote you remember that they're the same. Conservatives will never accept feminism and liberals will only appropriate it to pervert it until it's completely against women.

No. 5804

File: 1654725001731.jpg (228.13 KB, 1294x1622, for pp.jpg)

One of the few times youtube actually recommends me something decent

The 411:
Of the recommended romance scams of this channel it was telling that the women who were scammed were lonely and single, while the men were already in relationships, one prepared to leave his wife and child if this turned out to be true, the other so delusional that when the woman in the photos told him he had been scammed and had not been talking to her he still refused to believe it (pic related). Their poor partners :

No. 5805

Translation: I hate outspoken independent women who want to have rights and autonomy! Wash my dick instead!

No. 5818

File: 1654830053464.jpeg (328.39 KB, 1170x952, 6E31DBED-007D-4C9C-B853-3CBCAE…)

No. 5885

Kellie Jay Keen is also turning into a demented conservative shill who is so hellbent on "not being a feminist" that she has to say it in every single video and now also defend men like this. I stopped watching her videos as soon as I sniffed out the conservative moid praise, she also defended Boris Johnson as if he even gives a fuck about women either.

You can of course agree with something a conservative man says but she's beyond that point now and it's annoying as fuck. Standing for women/womens corner is based but she is walking on tradwife territory now and it's grating to witness it.

No. 5922

I remember seeing comments on this TikTok with many women saying "Still here", "You called?", "We're still here". Sad.

No. 5923

I just watched a video where a scrote stole a fruit from a little bird to eat it himself. We need to start crucifying and setting these things on fire again. They be getting too comfortable

No. 5924

“m-muh evil mother made me like this!” why is your sister a functioning member of society then, rape-ape?

No. 5941

i feel lighter when i get evidences or found out myself that mens criticism of women are just projections. something i just noticed is that men wont hesitate at calling women whores at the slightest when in fact the level of degeneracy and the extent of sexual reciprocity women have does not rival that of gay men. men go through hoops to get sexual excess of women no matter how promiscuous the women are while with gay men, barely any courtship is needed as we see with gay men “cruising” in public bathrooms, circuit parties, bathhouses. the animalistic sexual culture of gay men reflects men’s true sexual nature and they resent this fact and are deeply ashamed about it and they badly want to believe that women are the same. and this is also why most men are homophobic. this psychological thing also plays a key factor on why the porn industry keeps on spinning because men want to see women being degenerates so they can feel better about themselves.

No. 5944

Yes, so happy you’ve realized this. Literally all the negative shit scrotes say about women is projection.

No. 5955

I understand the logic but I can't say I agree tbh. Men aren't ashamed of their own depravity, they love and glorify it, and they truly see women as a totally separate, completely different species to themselves. The rules that apply to us don't apply to them and they will never see it as hypocrisy, they see it as natural and correct.

Personally I feel better when I remember that misogyny is always a cope for their inability to create life or control reproduction. We hold the fate of their genetic line in our hands, our judgement is the be all and end all, and they DESPISE it. We're never going to be able to do the 'right' thing sexually because it's impossible to give them the control they all want, and we're never going to be good enough because they can't see past their seething impotent rage.

No. 5956

ayrt, my previous post on that part was worded so badly. what i meant to say was that since women apparently is “on top of the sexual food chain” and have a supply of potential sexual partners, women would want to act like how gay men would act. they project the kind of activities they would do if they were on top of the sexual food chain on to women.

but also it’s no doubt that men do see us as seperate beings.
anyways, dworkin is brilliant and that theory verily explains the troon phenomenon.

No. 6085

File: 1656443187025.webm (1.71 MB, 480x854, pity me.webm)

Imagine looking 40 at 22. This 'pity me plz' shit men pull for being genetic failures

No. 6088

lol what the fuck what a loser, why would you post this on social media? You’re not special for a having a sad birthday and it doesn’t only happen to males, GET OVER YOURSELF. Scrotes are so fucking annoying.

No. 6089

the resentment mem have for truly good looking men is something should be talked about more, they envy beautiful men and attempt to emasculate them cause they know 9/10 women are more attracted to them

No. 6096

File: 1656506049486.png (723.6 KB, 465x841, Screenshot (295).png)

men are really delusional. They act like it's shocking that people like looking at and receiving attention from attractive people, but at the same time overestimate basic social interactions. The guys in the comments of vid rel legitimately think this is about appearance, and not about some unhinged guy just deciding to yell for no reason. For some reason the embedd link isn't working so here's the link: https://youtube.com/shorts/oKGMpQclcfo?feature=share

No. 6099

So true. Can even be seen with male characters popular with women like Link for example

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