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File: 1652095529688.png (223.14 KB, 500x470, 1646418551096.png)

No. 5125

Vent about scrotes here! Share your experiences with annoying, terrible, worthless men you've encountered. Post screenshots of men being awful. Talk about how you avoid shitty men and why.

-Please do not respond to scrotebait. Taking bait will result in a 3-day ban from /ot/, no appeals.
-No femcel sperging. An example of femcel sperging is 'kill your father to even things out'. Posts in the vein of 'Aileen Wuornos did nothing wrong' 'rapists deserve to die' are allowed.
-No racebaiting as it derails the thread.

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No. 5126

If this gets removed by mods I'm going to lose my mind.

No. 5127

Isnt there similar threads in the xx board

No. 5128

It will get removed because this goes in the other board.

No. 5129

Yeah, but /ot/ clearly needs it more.

No. 5130

Who honestly cares anon?? XX is hiding away because our admin and mods are incompetent and can't even program a simple captcha or be active at peak hours. With the way this place has been lately, it doesn't matter anymore. I appreciate this anon for making this thread and putting it HERE where we can see it and interact with it instead of hiding away on a secret board like fucking cowards.

No. 5131

Scrotes post cp then wonder why women are having kids less after seeing how they hate both us and children.

No. 5132

Stop suckling janny ass and stand up for yourself.

No. 5133


No. 5134

But nonna, it's those political groups and feminazis tainting the minds of those dumb brainless females. It's not the fact that the available "father material" can barely be called human.

No. 5135

File: 1652096175098.png (322.34 KB, 640x761, 1651856312375.png)

based. love you girls.

No. 5136

I personally don’t care i’m kinda scared it’ll get removed

No. 5137

File: 1652096245549.jpeg (31.86 KB, 275x255, A8540D7E-CD3D-4BA3-A53A-F9BA2E…)

No. 5138

To be fair, I'm glad if it helps summoning farmhands faster.

No. 5139

Then we'll take a note from the Dogs or Cats thread anon and repost the thread over and over until we get our way. This is our space nona!

No. 5140


No. 5141

File: 1652096411870.jpg (67.62 KB, 640x828, 1z50y4frba041.jpg)

these threads should've never been closed. point blank period.

No. 5142

File: 1652096484260.jpg (85.81 KB, 960x975, h1sst4tp2v841.jpg)

bumping for cp spamming

No. 5143

I’m just saying what will happen, post in here but op will get banned.

No. 5144

They exclude us from being humans anyway so in a way they are naming the problem

No. 5145

I can’t believe the moid is actually posting his cp collection, I hope someone manages to report him properly so he goes to jail.

No. 5146

I already did and included the filenames too

No. 5147

Thank you, nonnie, he needs to get beat up to death in jail.

No. 5148

No one cares, we'll post it again. Your reality check isn't going to deter me.

No. 5149

Honestly, everytime I think about how gaslighted we are into thinking these are a problem of "humanity", it fucking blows my mind.
No, it's not "mankind" or "humans" it's just men who are god fucking awful. You can look at the low percentage of women acting equally inhuman and no matter how far you look into their past and family, the source and start of the circle of abuse is always, always, always a fucking moid.

No. 5150

i also did, it would be good if as many people from as many countries as possible did it so that the information goes to many countries authorities. the police does international co-operation with things like these so different law enforcements from different countries can compare the infos they have

No. 5151

Pickme in mtf thread reeing not all men when anons starting complaining how men are pedos who post cp. Pickmes never prosper.

No. 5152

That's not a pickme, just a larping moid.

No. 5153

That makes sense. Only moids would white knight a cp poster.

No. 5154

File: 1652096914602.png (66.68 KB, 251x275, 1651094870702.png)

true. also bump because cp

No. 5155

File: 1652097085400.jpg (160.48 KB, 1080x1154, tumblr_a1ff37ba49fcf141e838f49…)

No. 5156

This is so fucking true

No. 5157

I think outside of twitter no one cares, her books still sell nicely

No. 5158

Can a kind anon please post the crimes cat meme.

No. 5159

File: 1652097719900.png (456.84 KB, 500x500, 1641042393248.png)

No. 5160

Thank you very much nonny. It's my favourite.

No. 5161

nonnas please come to the radfem board 2 X, please we need more activity

No. 5162

i recommend quickly deleting the message because you wouldn't want any moids attacking this tiny board

No. 5163

This. Anon please delete, whoever's a farmer already knows that board and will find it another way

No. 5164

please delete this post nonna

No. 5165

Delete this post for gods sake, it's a hidden board for a reason

No. 5166

oh my god you guys are such a "sekrit klub" it's insufferable

No. 5167

File: 1652099147006.jpg (28.3 KB, 750x744, 1zo96mxij5751.jpg)

bump for the spammer

No. 5168

Because we don't want CP in literally every part of the site? Shut the fuck up, asshole

No. 5169

If you want a place where everyone will let you go through anywhere just because you exist, I don’t know where you will ever go, may as well just stay locked in your house.

No. 5170

File: 1652099692463.png (577.64 KB, 1100x2269, yourfault.png)

No. 5171

i tried googling this since the twitter is gone, found a reddit thread, and moids blamed women for "raising those men".

as if women who are raised by abusive rapist fathers don't go on to… not live lives of violence and rape and abuse.

men are retarded.

No. 5172

even if the mothers were abusive or neglectful its still not an excuse for those degenerates to go out raping and killing people. look at the amount of women who were abused and neglected by their mothers, most of them learn from that experience and trauma and treat others with kindness because of it, they don't go out raping random people in the street.

you can give moids literally ANY valid explanation for male violence and they will purposely choose to shift the blame because none of them want to acknowledge that the problem is always down to men. it's much easier to point fingers at mothers/women in general

No. 5173

Men's lives are a cope. They refuse to take responsibility for their behaviour. To accept it is to admit you are unworthy of passing on your genetics, so they do their best to delude themselves and deny facts.

No. 5174

Women have literally never liked males lol.

No. 5175

it's ridiculous, males will go and kill and rape people because their mother forced them to clean their room once and thus was "over bearing" or because the stacy didn't realize the mouth breathing autist who never talks to anyone is in love with her while women can have their entire families killed and have their limbs ripped apart and still be like "not all men, hating every man is unfair uwu"

No. 5176

>blame women for raising monsters
>forget that fathers partake in the making of those monsters and probably made them

No. 5177

Like Richard Ramirez's uncle, who would show him photos of dead women tied to trees and talk about his time torturing people in Vietnam. If men accept it is their own choice to chimpout, they concede that they are not worth being with, so they lie to pretend you should be their mommy bangmaid.

No. 5178

Yes this. Every abusive mother/woman is the result of a once abusive father/man. I've seen this happen with so many women. Even if, let's say your grandma was abusive to your mother and you mother to you, somewhere down the line a moid was responsible for the start of the abuse. And so they manage to fuck up many generations.

No. 5179

Reason #19283478596 to not have a son, if they end up killing people, they will pretend it is your fault, since men never take responsibility for their actions. Daughters are a lot less likely to chimpout. Do the right thing for society.

No. 5180

You know what they say, the sex of your baby is either a girl or abortion

No. 5181

Most moids who were actually abused will tell you their fathers did it and not their mothers. But also dont feel sorry for them cause these types will abuse a woman to regain control (my story)

No. 5182

Yeah and funny how when they talk about "abusive" mothers, they mostly mean them nagging them to clean their room or get their shit together.

No. 5183

This. My mom was psychotic and pretty abusive, turns out my grandpa was an alcoholic wife beater and a fucking mess, glad he's finally dead

No. 5184

My bf was abused by his father and mother, he blamed his father more then his mother cause he understood she was co-dependant upon abusive him due to her experiences, he knew she couldn't even stop his father is she wanted to, he didn't forgive her but he understand her and tries to sympathize with her

No. 5185

Ok so proves my point, fathers are never mentioned and men always blame mothers as a gotcha but they literally don’t even speak to their dads

No. 5186

File: 1652101996813.jpg (132.78 KB, 780x778, 1647419977321.jpg)

I'd browse 2X but I feel like seeing news articles about scrotes and online posts from men would just ruin my mood, sorry nonnies

No. 5187

>my friends have been harmed by it
Fucking how?
Seriously. It will never not amuse me how men keep insisting that not having sex/relationships actually harms them. Meanwhile, women have gone through hell while with them and still persevered.
Like, go jerk off in your bathroom you self-proclaimed superior creep.

No. 5188

okay I genuinely don't know where that is though :((:()

No. 5189

My father was abused by his father and grandpa, but blames his mother for divorcing his father. The fucking logic. My grandma did everything right and divorced as soon as it was legal and ran around the city trying to keep him off of drugs and out of trouble, but to no avail. But noooo he thinks he's traumatized because his mother didn't want to be a perfect tradwaifu and watch while her kids are beaten.

No. 5190

There's literally not a normal scrote in my family
>XY relative°1: abusive pos, porn addict, racist and a serial cheater
>XY relative°2: Abandoned every family or kids he conceived
>XY relative°3: Alcoholic wife beater, animal abuser, pedophile who raped 4 teenagers
>XY relative°4: Alcoholic wife beater, literally drove his whole family into insanity
>XY relative°5: Abandoned every kid he conceived while being filthy rich
>XY relative°6: Corrupt policeman, helped hiding several crimes, including murder and rape
>XY relative°7: Drug dealer
And I'm not mentioning the ones that are not related to me but still ruined my life

No. 5191

there's been abusive women in my family but without going too much in the details basically it really fucks your life up if your husband or father is a war criminal so i'm not surprised some women in my family have been literally insane (no i'm not from germany)

No. 5192

Are you from the balkans?

No. 5193

No. 5195

File: 1652106821067.jpeg (10.94 KB, 275x196, 1646446608384.jpeg)

No. 5196

File: 1652106932508.jpg (164.02 KB, 856x640, 1640279376908.jpg)

No. 5197

File: 1652108530545.jpeg (128.53 KB, 733x356, E4F0EB27-6B3B-42DA-B994-122E2E…)

Bless up ladies, it’s about fucking time.

>be male

>spend years hailing the advent of the artificial womb, dreadgame-ing women on how obsolete we’ll become
>mother nature phases males out of reproduction altogether, nukes their sperm count, opening the possibility of reproduction without any male instrumentality whatsoever

Prepare your copes in advance, cockflaps.

No. 5198

Also remember it was proven last year that male sperm has 4-6 times as many genetic defects as they age from 36 on than women. So men shouldn’t be having kids old and age gaps also lead to higher defect rates. Men continue to cope and seethe part 467.

No. 5199

Yep. In the article I screencaped, bipaternal offspring required twice as many imprinted regions to be removed and even then, less than 0.5% of the bipaternal offspring lived more than two days. None survived longer than a week. The Y-chromosome really is a sort of genetic pollution, isn’t it?

No. 5200

I always get ignored posting in /ot/ but can anons pretty pretty please archive this thread before it gets taken down and locked?

No. 5201

I want to vent about this male friend I had. He was a trainwreck.
>male feminist
>thinks he is smarter than everyone else
>unable to even get in the prestigious college he wanted
>settled for some private college mom and dad are paying
>hates his mom for financially depending on his dad
>says she could have accomplished much more than his dad, probably true but she didn't, so he says she is lazy
>likes sonic and has a feet fetish
>probably also had a pregnancy fetish because he used to send me unprompted short stories he wrote about lesbians having very late abortions (8-9 months) in gorey satanic rituals
>also sent me art of men ass birthing babies
>suicide baited a lot
>used me almost exclusively as emotional crutch
>when he did not we never talked about my feelings
>suicide baited when I told him to stop throwing all his problems on me and seek therapy
>often sent me straight incest porn, later changed to gay incest porn
>once I told him I was interested in prosthetics and he sent me amputee porn
>made it "special", pointing out that the amputee was an ftm like me at the time
>was appalled I felt insulted by the suggestion my interest in prosthetics was a paraphilia
>creatively sterile, couldnt imagine anything that didn't include his fetishes
>once said he wish he could have periods, denied later and called me crazy for imagining it
>once we were talking about the possibility of two women having biological children (no males included) and he told me it was unethical
>but always talked about wanting to have biolological children via surrogate
>defended conversion therapy because "if someone doesn't want to be gay, they shouldn't be forced to"
>really resented his mom, thought she was to blame for him not being popular
>never blamed the fact he judged people harshly and insulted them out of blue
>also never criticized his father as harshly as his mom
>says he likes a girl, ask me for help
>I tell him "stop introducing her to your male single friends and show her your feelings"
>told me my advice was "4chan tier" (his exact words)
>proceed to introduce her to his male single friend who treats her better and doesnt give backhanded compliments, they start dating shortly after
>later figures he is gay
>hates all the gay scene and hates being gay
>hates homophobic dad but thinks his mother is worse for not divorcing him because she knows she will be poor if she does so
>makes new scrote friends online
>only talks to me about them
>two are gay and are dating, another one is supposedly bi and interested in dating him and another is outright a fucking mysogynistic incel
>tells them he was raped, which isn't true
>tells me he thinks his mom was sexually obsessed with him when he was a kid
>I ask what this is based on, he says it's because she was an helicopter mom
>meet up with the guy who wanted to date him
>the guy is obese, nothing like the pictures and my friend later tells me "ever met someone so severely autistic? Think of this guy"
>they all but the incel dude turned out to be catfishing him
>it was in reality just 1 guy (the obese guy) with a bunch of fake fb profiles having conversations with himself, the incel was also catfished
>devasted, meet american trannies
>at this point he is a she/her troon with no intention of medically transitioning
>tells me he would hate becoming a straight women "would rather be a lesbian"
>half of his tranny friends are outed as rapists/pedos one after another
>don't talk to me as much anymore, corrects everything I know about the trans community because the terms I knew were replaced. You can't say bio woman anymore or ftm and mtf and transexual
>says my sister "looks like a terf" because she was at the time a baby butch
>never spoke to her
>we lose contact because he doesn't bother talking to me anymore and at this point I was fed up with tranny crap and on the verge of desisting

No. 5202

This seems like a fitting place. If I find out that my boyfriend is cheating on me, I'm pulling a Jodi Arias. You'll know me by the fact that I'll sing in my interrogation. Amen.

No. 5203

Once again the male-induced "dead egg" bullshit is a cope and deflection. Sperm goes to shit after they turn 25.

No. 5204

holy fuck this is huge. lesbians couples can finally have kids (best part, guaranteed to be a girl!!) But. I guess one can even make their own kid without someone else. Though that could possibly cause birth defects, I am very curious about this whole thing. Holy shit.

No. 5205

men are literally most “fertile” when they are 15-16. Their sperm start to degrade after that, its science. They start balding around 18. Mother Nature hates males lol

No. 5206

and yet there are very few women sleeping with 16 year old boys because 'they're most fertile, its just natural' vs males sleeping with girls or arguing they should be getting pregnant as soon as their periods start because women don't want to f children.

No. 5207

File: 1652114905822.jpeg (42.06 KB, 717x403, 6D6DB2F0-AFFF-40B4-BF85-84E383…)

JFC this was a wild ride

No. 5208

File: 1652115542462.jpeg (120.63 KB, 1080x1416, 8A258448-4151-4EF2-9CBA-EFFC7D…)

No. 5209

Nonny do you have source? I'd like to have it handy

No. 5210

File: 1652116337765.jpeg (242.23 KB, 750x720, F942CAEF-7875-4029-AA81-928F0D…)

the y chromosome is already degenerating. maybe this is a good explanation for male criminality?

No. 5211

I hope it happens. Men wont even let women get abortions, so let's hope we can even have the rights for this. A world without men and having only daughters sound like a fucking blessing.

No. 5212

How long has the Y chromosome existed and was it not degenerated at all when it first appeared, I wonder? I'm not a biology/genetics expert but this kind of evolutionary stuff is fascinating

No. 5213

File: 1652117153210.png (54.59 KB, 651x300, burdens.png)

No. 5214

Oh no, I just posted on the regular vent thread >>>/ot/1173828 but it would have been more appropriate here. How frowned upon is posting the same thing on two different threads in /ot/?

No. 5215

File: 1652119879599.jpeg (742.83 KB, 828x543, 61E8982D-AD25-4D93-BC89-CDEB52…)

Reminder that maleness/sexual reproduction literally began as a form of parasitism.

> Sex, it is now thought, began as a simple act of hijacking when, some several billion years ago, a small cell waylaid and merged with a bigger one, richer in substance and nutrients. What began as a chance, quantita- tive difference in bulk became eventually a difference in strat- egy and kind. Competition among small cells for access to the largest ones favored smaller, faster, and more maneuverable cells, analogous to sperm. The hostages we might as well call ova. The egg provided not only half of the genetic material but the resources to sustain development. The ground rules for the evolution of two very different creatures-males and fe- males-were laid down at this early date. In short, the sexes got started when one group of organisms (females) began to specialize in competing among themselves for resources,

while another group (males) specialized in competing among themselves for access to these stockpiling organisms.6

From Sarah Hrdy’s The Woman That Never Evolved.

No. 5216

an outdated anthropology book that's been disproven decades ago, is not really the best sort of proof, like you can hate men without making shit up, cause when you make shit you up or spout stuff that is very easily disprovable, you end up looking like an Idiot

No. 5217

https://dollforum.com/forum/ (forum for realdoll larping, NSFL warning)

Dunno if this is the right thread but holy shit. These are fucking funny, but also SO TERRIFYING. Like they put their realdolls on poses to look like they fucking vacuum. On the other hand it makes me happy to see moids this pathetic, but then I get reminded of we had a sex doll brothel here and one of the dolls got her limb ripped off very shortly…

No. 5218

Debunked how?

No. 5219

File: 1652120880265.gif (49.21 KB, 500x515, X3840E137.gif)

not this again, I swear to god as someone who works in the medical field I have seen this paper fro almost decade now and it never fails to make me cringt, see bone marrow, can be differentiated into sperm LIKE cells, but the differentiation isn't fully complete. They're sperm like, but they're not fully differentiated, meaning they're not fully differentiated functional sperm. and have no functionality, and no fertilization was performed.

see each egg and sperm gets a random set of half of the parent genome. So if you have the genome Aa Bb Cc, your gametes will have random genomes like Abc or ABC or aBc or abC… the offspring will get two randomly chosen halves it won't get the same combination the parent had….for example it might wind up with aa BB Cc.
so even it possible with large mammals, the odds of doubling up on nasty recessives would be huge.

No. 5220

Don't forget how they always say "women hate other women, men have better comradery!" then kill and rape each other all the time

No. 5221

As someone who also works in medicine, this is still researched and possibly doable in future. Not sure why you cringe when people mention it could maybe someday be done, it's true

No. 5222

I view it similar to a potential cure for cancer, when we are at a point where we can cure cancer, we as a species will have a completely different outlook on humanity and would astronomically be different then right now, our values and just general thoughts would not even be on the same wavelength, we'd be like cave people to them, but that is still over a 100 if not 300 years from now

No. 5223

I think this should stay on the main page from now on. It’s not like taking it off or banning pp ever stopped their degeneracy. We may as well carry on and just piss them off even more since trannies are hell bent on proving their womanhood by posting children being raped. Fuck men and fuck pedos in particular and I hope they all die.

No. 5224

File: 1652122525605.jpg (5.9 KB, 258x196, download.jpg)

pleease nonnas come over to 2 x, we really could use some more users

No. 5225

>cure for cancer, when we are at a point where we can cure cancer
This phrasing absolutely annoys me. We already can cure cancer in quite a lot of people? It depends on the type and place? It's literally just cell division going haywire and shit like that, but there isn't a universal "cancer". This idea that people are guaranteed to die from cancer makes me go absolutely bonkers, there's a hefty percentage who do recover and can be cured. 80% of the curing is usually surgery anyway or some shit like that. Preventing cancer can be done by mitigating risk factors and managing genetics, maybe gene therapy, but I don't know what the fuck else people expect?

No. 5226

Not everything in research is the same. There are breakthroughs quite often. You can't compare curing cancer to totally unrelated different medical research.
And we do have cure for some cancers.

No. 5227

I am so happy Kevin Samuels is dead

No. 5228

maybe this thread will be moved there

No. 5229

God is good!!!

No. 5230

File: 1652123683122.jpg (41.98 KB, 583x509, 1577841241467.jpg)

Looks like redbull really does give you wings. His scrote and pickme followers have lost their father figure for a second time.

No. 5231

Dead with only 1000 dollars to his name. Family only learned about his death through social media and needs to create a GoFundMe for his funeral. Low Value Corpse.

No. 5232

File: 1652124081314.jpeg (61.97 KB, 500x750, 3E596C74-37DC-4AE4-A261-A5B72F…)

lfg, we gotta park all the manosphere goons

No. 5233

You're adorable, anonnie. I hope it never comes down to it, but if it does I'm on your side.

No. 5234

Here you are Noni. Four times as likely.

No. 5235

Lol my ex thought that guy was low key kinda funny, if that’s not a red flag….

No. 5342

Tinfoil but its more like 46 years. They lie to make sure men don't chimp out. Without a woman to civilize and feed them males grow up to be literal apes.

No. 5355

File: 1652984713326.png (224.86 KB, 465x382, 1649702942565.png)

If you ever start to feel bad for a man, remember that they can recall every cope they have ever heard or read from other men about how it is their biological destiny to be attracted to underage girls, but most of them don't even remember their own mother's birthday

No. 5357

File: 1652994680258.jpeg (110.87 KB, 750x832, e3c008704397e77911417f2dde87ff…)

No. 5358

File: 1652994742917.jpeg (197.33 KB, 750x1040, 3ac95d6d66ad2c253a397f90a5b49a…)

No. 5359

File: 1652994800854.jpeg (92.93 KB, 750x527, 9627e0f56c90accb5d359119716621…)

No. 5368

Great and easily applicable ideas, thank you for sharing. I like that outside of the more obvious tips like supporting women's groups or businesses it touches on deprogramming from patriarchal influences that we might not even realize are affecting us, i.e. media, religions, objectifying imagery and social media.

No. 5370

File: 1653056097654.jpg (100.08 KB, 1242x1260, 1653053387764.jpg)

imagine being so misogynistic you'd rather support a drug lord and killer than a mother trying to keep her family together and not immediately being on board with her husband being a criminal

No. 5371

So many people missed the point of Breaking Bad. I admit I love it as an opportunity to shamelessly root for the villain at times but not when he was actively destroying his own family.

No. 5376

I literally cannot comprehend how anyone could root for walter, he is a monster in every sense who ruined the lives of everyone around him and its entirely his own fault, because of "muh pride" innocent people died and had their lives ruined because of him, I'm not even gonna bother warning for spoilers cause the series beats you over the head with the fact that he liked the power and fear he had as a druglord more then the actual money and more then his own family
this comment perfectly describes my feelings towards walter white
>This is the scene that made me realize how repugnant Walt is. He’d rather sell math and endanger his entire family for the slim chance his earnings aren’t claimed by the DEA and they can live off of it, than take the slightest hit to his pride to avoid all of his problems.

No. 5379

Not consuming male/handmaiden made media made such a big difference in my life. The lesbian genius book talks about this, and men seethed so much about the book, saying "she literally wants to kill men!". Western socities control women through brainwashing mostly, most powerful thing one can do is not consume the brainwashing.

No. 5385

My rooting for him isn't that deep. I get tired of media mostly centering heroes (sometimes literally flawless mary/gary stus) and enjoy villainous leads because it's interesting. I sometimes cheer for monsters and murderers in horror movies because it's fun, not like I would ever actually want a bunch of teenagers to die in terrible ways. His spiraling was engrossing to watch similar to a lot of the characters in The Wire. At times I even related to his pettiness and pride although I hate and avoid hurting people in the real world. I acknowledge he's a bad person and shitty husband/father, of course. Men who straight up wk him because they see themselves a bit too much are a different story.

No. 5386

>she literally wants to kill men!
This reminds me of TIMs and their supporters always going on about how TERFs are "literally" killing trans people by suggesting they will never be real women, meanwhile they blatantly call for our torture, rape and murder.

No. 5391

Men turn into sniveling tantruming little children when women actually do anything IRL to improve our own lives. Even the bland "ok" men get on a high horse about it. Meanwhile they never consume any media made by a woman.

No. 5392

don't get me wrong, I think Walter white is a brilliantly written character and there are some moments in the show where I do find myself rooting for him, especially against his enemies, he's not a good person but a great character, I just really fucking hate the fanboys who pointlessly hate on Skylar and make those unironic sigma male memes about him
curious to know, do you watch Ozarks and if you do are your thoughts on Darlene and Wendy ?

No. 5394

It seems like we’re on the same page then! I haven’t seen Ozark, would you recommend it? Just browsing it seems like these two are Walter-esque but coming from maybe a more truly family-centric perspective? Finding well-rounded female villains is even rarer in media so I’m intrigued.

No. 5396

If you liked breaking bad, you'll love Ozarks, it has writing on par with breaking bad just with more female characters being engaged with the plot

No. 5404

Love it. Deserves it's own thread. I am already doing some things from the list but will consciously aim to be doing more.

No. 5408

File: 1653256180856.png (35.73 KB, 645x359, 73E168E1-F306-4358-9C27-9BF5F5…)

No. 5409

File: 1653256207312.png (76.6 KB, 537x871, 7FFB422D-72E3-460A-83FE-EC4748…)

And this is why we don’t trust them.

No. 5410

File: 1653256240153.png (32.79 KB, 538x403, 497B6549-4E7A-4662-87FB-7B2F07…)

No. 5411

File: 1653256261288.png (36.72 KB, 641x355, F9E25FB1-4212-402B-8C3C-918379…)

No. 5412

File: 1653256307776.png (68.71 KB, 640x817, 8AE47444-0DC6-4E42-9F68-649137…)

No. 5414

Love this. As a heterosexual woman I've pretty much gone celibate (volcel though, lol) and one of the biggest reasons is that sex with men sucks. Finding a man who will have a sex with you as his equal is like finding an unicorn. 90% is them using women's body to mastrubate and play out a porn scenario in their head and it looks pathetic.

No. 5415

Sounds awesome, thanks nona I will check it out

No. 5416

Goddess Dworkin. I swear this is my ex and so many abusive men to a t. A lot of them were actually pretty sweet as kids/younger men but they get victimized by other men for being soft, weak and "womanly" and so they become the oppressor themselves instead of standing against them

No. 5427

File: 1653294167037.jpg (714.08 KB, 1055x1352, 1639585095407.jpg)

not unture, my own Nigel was physically abused by his own father and witnessed his mother being beaten and treated like crap, thankfully he grew up strong enough to kick his father's ass and threw him out of his own home but the trauma is still always gonna be apart of him, worst part is that his mom hates him cause she's a pick-me who was fine with being beaten and thought his father had the right to beat her and her child, like Dworkin said some women really don't wanna be saved but even then we have to right to try to fight for their rights and liberation, whether we like it or not
semi-picrel is American mcgeee who also had an abusive father and a turbo libfem pick-me mom but managed to turn out alright and is the only scrote working in the game industry who I respect

No. 5431

File: 1653322653739.jpg (305.86 KB, 1056x898, Screenshot_20220523-181652_Chr…)

I went to read about hin since I enjoyed playing his Alice games and holy fuck.

No. 5432

I'm glad you ended up with a decent guy but sorry to hear about his mom. It really is disheartening that so many women refuse to break free of their conditioning even when the opportunity is staring them right in the face. Especially when kids are involved I just can't understand them at all. Hurting yourself is one thing, it sucks but I know how easy it is to normalize it, but allowing your own child to be victimized is practically subhuman to me. I knew McGee had abusive parents but that's crazy a troon was involved. This was so long before the movement even grew in popularity.

No. 5433

File: 1653327128366.jpg (65.56 KB, 750x725, 94032478032744.jpg)

No. 5436

File: 1653332588178.png (475.75 KB, 591x535, dysphoriamcgee.png)

It's too bad he's now peddling trans merch and shilling for China while denying the Uyghur genocide because he and his business based in Shanghai. I was ultimately disappointed to see him become a sellout like that.

No. 5437

File: 1653334084976.jpg (101.81 KB, 640x756, shulamith-firestone-692714.jpg)

This was discussed in the fakeboi thread but it was funny how almost all of the comments for the dysphoria rabbit were by by Aidens and she/theys, its funny because if the trans shit was real, you'd probably be seeing way more MtFs getting excited about this. But nope. Something about this game primarily appeals to young women, rather than men. Even the delusional ones who want to chop off their breast
this might be unpopular opinion but Firestone is my least favorite 2nd wave feminist figure and I feel like if she was alive today she'd be fully supportive of troons, her problem lied in the fact that instead of using Marxism to analyze patriarchy like other second wave feminists, she used freudianism and claimed it was "misguided feminism" and unironically and fully believed in the opedipus complex, I mean she believed the problem with the sexual revolution was that it didn't go far enough by not removing love and long term relationships from sexual encounters, plus her purposed methods for child care would have been disastrous in practice

No. 5439

Interesting, I did not know that about Firestone. She definitely sounds too troon adjacent as a whole and I'm not at all a fan of Freud. The quote you provided makes sense in theory (we should not be judged based on our bodies/genitals) but would be impossible to actually implement due to people's innate biases.

No. 5441

File: 1653371434975.jpg (25.15 KB, 500x492, 1640762987477.jpg)

she was more like Frued then she realized, in that she projected her narrow and sometimes fucked up worldview on to society and thought it should be applied towards everyone, like just cause she was into casual no-strings attached sex doesn't mean that all women would be into that and she tried to argue that's what a true feminist society should be like, also her ides about child care would have been so effed up in practice and despite claiming there should be no distinction between the sexes she she still argued that society should be still segregated not between the sexes but between "aesthetics"

>The feminist revolution will end the split between the "Aesthetic Mode" (feminine, intuitive, and artistic) and the "Technological Mode" (masculine, empirical, and aimed at the control of nature through the comprehension of its mechanical laws). The end of sexual repression will free Eros to diffuse throughout and humanize the entire culture. Eventually it will lead not only to the end of alienated labor but of labor as such, defined as activity which is not performed for its own sake. Technology will eliminate domestic and other drudgery, leaving everyone free to do work which is intrinsically rewarding

This reads like the shit you'd expect with some troon supporting zoomer libfem

No. 5444

Sidenote loving all the discussion. Freud drives me up the wall. It’s extremely frustrating the female professionals he was working with early in his career were written off because Men wanted to believe Freud’s crock of shit. It’s such a waste.

No. 5445

I remember just 4 years ago, in TheRPGMinx (GNC lesbian, don't know if she is pandering to trans or not now since I haven't watched in years. It was her first ever live interview with someone afaik) he commented over how quickly SJWry is affecting videogames. (4:45 minute)

No. 5453

File: 1653481725150.png (29.9 KB, 178x165, i3.png)

Anon sorry if I'm wrong but this definitely sounds like a man and looks like a troon. Am I missing something?
(facecam) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtFDeNtpdXQ

No. 5454

File: 1653482467995.png (66.58 KB, 726x471, hhp.png)

Samefagging, yeah, this is a definite tranny. Guess he got away with claiming to just be a "gnc lesbian" by avoiding facecam all those years, tragic. Even his Twitter bio and the shit he posts is like he isn't really trying to hide it anymore lmao

No. 5457

I hate being told to "add a man for diversity" for advertising stuff and ofc the provided photo is a white man

No. 5458

Oh wow I used to watch that youtuber ages ago, maybe you're right. The twitter seems quite male with all the boob anime girls. It seems minx is pretty good at hiding it though cause I didn't find many people discussing it online.

No. 5465

This is insane and fuck men, they truly think they’re god’s gift to the world and the best at everything but they just ignore clear data stating otherwise because it would shatter their retardo brains.

No. 5485

Men have no soul

No. 5720

File: 1654397352573.png (61.88 KB, 728x405, 91.png)

I don't get how women can still date men after seeing them admit shit like this. Multiple other men were agreeing with it, too. They don't want girlfriends, they want a phone to scroll through and a bottle of lotion

No. 5721

File: 1654397411641.png (38.59 KB, 710x302, 90.png)

No. 5723

Deranged. Firstly the IG baddies don't even look like IG baddies in real life and second even when they do get a woman a hundred miles out of their league (which happens far too often) they still end up jacking off to pictures and porn. I've had seriously beautiful friends confide that to me so many times. They can't function in the real world and don't deserve to live in it.

No. 5729

my ex used to reblog softcore and occasionally porn on his tumblr, which his ex, and some real life girl friends followed. i was a dumb teenager with libfem propaganda blasted at me back then, and posted a nude, covering my nipples, to my blog. it barely got any attention because i did not have followers, but he freaked out and almost cried telling me to delete it.

No. 5730

i hate the new young fat boy manager at my job, this little scrote was hired because the other manager keeps pulling up people from his ethnicity to the top, while they are fucking dumb and useless to us. how come some girl worked there for 2 years full time before becoming a shift manager, but a stupid, lazy, slow fuck, who makes more mistakes than a fresh out of high school linecook can become manager right out the bat?! i hate these scrotes with a passion. this dickhead fatass keeps telling us tasks we already know how to do, and 10x better than him. he keeps messing up on basic things, so he should have no business in being a manager at all. he wastes time telling me a label i wrote was wrong, almost every shift, and he is wrong about it every time. why does he get to be the manager? how do i get him fired the fuck out of here? i can't believe a little fat scrote might get paid more than i. with that weight he must spend all his extra money on useless junk food anyway. i want to make him scrub the shit off the toilets, sweep and mop the place until his back gives out, do the manual labour until he sweats and burns but still has to keep going, scraping off sticky food remains from trash bins, mopping up piss in the bathroom, and having customers accuse him of not speaking english when their muffled words make it difficult to hear.

i already made one scrote obsolete by just doing my job right and having him quit, from not being able to handle more expectations put on him afterwards. i made my friends come in and order when another stupid scrote was out the front. what can i say, they rated his service experience honestly. this workplace sucks, but the community is better than my previous because it is mostly women and girls. every time there are fat scrotes on the shift everything slows down considerably. and some of my handmaiden coworkers just don't see it. i will intimidate this penis pork into doing his fair share, or get him to quit if i can.

No. 5731

not racesperging, i am also an immigrant

No. 5736

Scrotes should be banned from accessing the internet. They aren't capable of using it responsibly.

No. 5738

File: 1654469961329.jpeg (303.22 KB, 750x1477, 25B7130F-20C3-4D37-A501-F73802…)

Finally a good question on that god forsaken subreddit.

No. 5760

File: 1654543267556.jpeg (104.97 KB, 1170x1239, E6392AFE-7CA6-4D8C-8364-71A6B9…)

God forbid women have their own fashion interests that don’t revolve around scrotes opinions

No. 5762

he’s so fucking ugly anyways lol

No. 5770

File: 1654564424437.png (389.5 KB, 458x395, 8490328439207.png)

As if they don't find a way to sexualize anything and everything regardless. In a guy's mind clean girl = fresh and youthful girl next door, dark academia = sexy mysterious librarian, coconut girl = scantily-clad island girl. There's no winning.

No. 5785

"Sigma male aesthetic" "Incel boy" "School Shooter vibes" sis where are the 2D MEN
Why do the most rodent looking scrotes feel so confident saying the most retarded shit about women anyways. Just log back to your porn site of choice and stop projecting your chinchilla degeneracy onto random women

No. 5789

File: 1654627697709.jpeg (205.17 KB, 750x1168, DBB2543F-DC28-409D-9C5D-65203A…)

No. 5790

Males are so pathetic, love when they tell on themselves like this, fucking psychos…

No. 5791

this is some good, farm-fresh and organic separatism fuel for me lol

No. 5792

The longer I stay single the happier I feel about it.

No. 5800

File: 1654718582611.jpeg (146.73 KB, 1080x1203, F6BE1C84-12E1-4A43-9309-3D4E1E…)

Matt Walsh is a dickhead and we shouldn’t care if he gets hit by a golf club covered in his own smegma.

No. 5802

Kellie-Jay Keen defending him to some degree is just sad, but of course she doesn't consider herself a feminist anymore, does she? Just when you think a conservative scrote would have maybe one more working neuron on this topic than a liberal scrote you remember that they're the same. Conservatives will never accept feminism and liberals will only appropriate it to pervert it until it's completely against women.

No. 5804

File: 1654725001731.jpg (228.13 KB, 1294x1622, for pp.jpg)

One of the few times youtube actually recommends me something decent

The 411:
Of the recommended romance scams of this channel it was telling that the women who were scammed were lonely and single, while the men were already in relationships, one prepared to leave his wife and child if this turned out to be true, the other so delusional that when the woman in the photos told him he had been scammed and had not been talking to her he still refused to believe it (pic related). Their poor partners :

No. 5805

Translation: I hate outspoken independent women who want to have rights and autonomy! Wash my dick instead!

No. 5818

File: 1654830053464.jpeg (328.39 KB, 1170x952, 6E31DBED-007D-4C9C-B853-3CBCAE…)

No. 5885

Kellie Jay Keen is also turning into a demented conservative shill who is so hellbent on "not being a feminist" that she has to say it in every single video and now also defend men like this. I stopped watching her videos as soon as I sniffed out the conservative moid praise, she also defended Boris Johnson as if he even gives a fuck about women either.

You can of course agree with something a conservative man says but she's beyond that point now and it's annoying as fuck. Standing for women/womens corner is based but she is walking on tradwife territory now and it's grating to witness it.

No. 5922

I remember seeing comments on this TikTok with many women saying "Still here", "You called?", "We're still here". Sad.

No. 5923

I just watched a video where a scrote stole a fruit from a little bird to eat it himself. We need to start crucifying and setting these things on fire again. They be getting too comfortable

No. 5924

“m-muh evil mother made me like this!” why is your sister a functioning member of society then, rape-ape?

No. 5941

i feel lighter when i get evidences or found out myself that mens criticism of women are just projections. something i just noticed is that men wont hesitate at calling women whores at the slightest when in fact the level of degeneracy and the extent of sexual reciprocity women have does not rival that of gay men. men go through hoops to get sexual excess of women no matter how promiscuous the women are while with gay men, barely any courtship is needed as we see with gay men “cruising” in public bathrooms, circuit parties, bathhouses. the animalistic sexual culture of gay men reflects men’s true sexual nature and they resent this fact and are deeply ashamed about it and they badly want to believe that women are the same. and this is also why most men are homophobic. this psychological thing also plays a key factor on why the porn industry keeps on spinning because men want to see women being degenerates so they can feel better about themselves.

No. 5944

Yes, so happy you’ve realized this. Literally all the negative shit scrotes say about women is projection.

No. 5955

I understand the logic but I can't say I agree tbh. Men aren't ashamed of their own depravity, they love and glorify it, and they truly see women as a totally separate, completely different species to themselves. The rules that apply to us don't apply to them and they will never see it as hypocrisy, they see it as natural and correct.

Personally I feel better when I remember that misogyny is always a cope for their inability to create life or control reproduction. We hold the fate of their genetic line in our hands, our judgement is the be all and end all, and they DESPISE it. We're never going to be able to do the 'right' thing sexually because it's impossible to give them the control they all want, and we're never going to be good enough because they can't see past their seething impotent rage.

No. 5956

ayrt, my previous post on that part was worded so badly. what i meant to say was that since women apparently is “on top of the sexual food chain” and have a supply of potential sexual partners, women would want to act like how gay men would act. they project the kind of activities they would do if they were on top of the sexual food chain on to women.

but also it’s no doubt that men do see us as seperate beings.
anyways, dworkin is brilliant and that theory verily explains the troon phenomenon.

No. 6085

File: 1656443187025.webm (1.71 MB, 480x854, pity me.webm)

Imagine looking 40 at 22. This 'pity me plz' shit men pull for being genetic failures

No. 6088

lol what the fuck what a loser, why would you post this on social media? You’re not special for a having a sad birthday and it doesn’t only happen to males, GET OVER YOURSELF. Scrotes are so fucking annoying.

No. 6089

the resentment mem have for truly good looking men is something should be talked about more, they envy beautiful men and attempt to emasculate them cause they know 9/10 women are more attracted to them

No. 6096

File: 1656506049486.png (723.6 KB, 465x841, Screenshot (295).png)

men are really delusional. They act like it's shocking that people like looking at and receiving attention from attractive people, but at the same time overestimate basic social interactions. The guys in the comments of vid rel legitimately think this is about appearance, and not about some unhinged guy just deciding to yell for no reason. For some reason the embedd link isn't working so here's the link: https://youtube.com/shorts/oKGMpQclcfo?feature=share

No. 6099

So true. Can even be seen with male characters popular with women like Link for example

No. 6106

>I cannot see myself involved with someone that isn't as bad as the women on my timeline
I think "interacting" with insta models every day tricks the moid brain into believing those are his women. Following them, liking pics, commenting. Maybe the model hearts a comment of theirs. Maybe they really do see them as part of their harem. Males are so shallow that one sided "interactions" are enough to create so called love.

No. 6135

File: 1657898357453.png (493.35 KB, 526x598, 258017814_1069312507175190_745…)

Just contributing meme

No. 6136

It always kills me how men will pretend as though they have any sexual standards at all & that they wouldn't just fuck anything with a pulse. Men are degenerate whores by nature. They will literally fuck animals. Yet they'll disparage any woman who exhibits a tenth of that same promiscuity. Hating on the same "sluts" that they lust after while they coom into their anthropomorphic pony jars.

No. 6161

File: 1658332401825.webm (1.21 MB, 384x480, 1658322819363892.webm)

No. 6437

Death to pajeets(racebait)

No. 6444

Andrew Tate is just saying out loud what all men are thinking. Banning him everywhere is just an attempt to keep women fooled. He admits clearly and blatantly that men will cheat on women they love while women will stay loyal. He admits men, rich or poor, gaslight and manipulate women to be subservient while women just want to be good partners and have a relationship. Andrew Tate might be the biggest Pink Pill for young women at the moment.

No. 6445

Something tells me that even when the Andrew Tate “phase” is over, young women and girls will be gaslit into thinking it was just temporary male testerics instead of their first disturbing glimpse at male nature. Hopefully they all have a women of sound mind in their lives to tell them the truth.

No. 6457

Absolutely love how much this aesthetics stuff makes them seethe.
Very true. Men love to make fun of women competing/fighting each other over looks and scrote attention but no one ever talks about how genuinely angry men get over attractive, beautiful men. It's hilarious.

No. 6463

Coronavirus mostly killed males now most monkeypox infections are also males. Nature wants to take them out.

No. 6464

File: 1661606254288.jpg (23.75 KB, 720x645, sad8.jpg)

I hate male doctors! I recently went to the clinic because I've been experiencing sudden fatigue and constant squeezing pain near my heart and chest area for almost a month. I was so stressed and scared that I might have a heart problem. When I told the male doctor about my worries he just brushed it off and only checked my stomach area. He just said I have gastritis and told me I don't have to go to the hospital for a proper check up. When I asked him if the feeling of constant squeezing in my chest may relate to a heart issue he laughed! He actually fucking laughed at my question and said "I should hope not" and after that he tried to end the consultation but I was lowkey pissed off and asked him tons of questions about gastritis because he refused to elaborate on that as well. Why does everyone ignore women health? Sometimes women doctors can be dismissive too but so far I've always have bad experience with men doctors. All the female doctors I've met are nice and understanding. Even the nurse at the clinic I went was misogynistic. When I went to the registration counter the nurse asked me who wanted to see the doctor. I came there alone! Who else wants to see the friggin doctor? My imaginary friend? Fuck sake! It's as if people automatically assume women don't fall ill or women only go to the clinic to escort someone else or something. Crazy ass misandry world we live in.

No. 6465

that sucks nonnie, but I hope it makes you feel a lil bit better that I also had heart issues and had work done (I guess the docs took me seriously?), but it turned out to be gastritis and since healing I haven't had as much chest pain

No. 6467

File: 1661639480499.jpg (200.4 KB, 830x1300, 3456~2.jpg)

Look at these fucking inbreds, posing with a mutilated animal like it's an accomplishment for six grown ass man to kill an animal just minding its own business. This was taken at a shark-killing competition where targeting endangered sharks is not only permitted but encouraged. This is the kind of shit only scrotes and extremely scrote-brained pickmes would do.

Sharks are an important part of the ecosystem of the ocean. They rarely attack people; you're more likely to get killed by lightning than by a shark. If these retards justify killing sharks with "duuh shark dangerous!1!" then we should start killing men, since men kill more people than every other wild animal combined. Sharks are beautiful, men are fucking disgusting reprobates. Sick of animals be killed just to inflate the egos of micropenis scrotes. Enough already.

No. 6471

File: 1661664435972.jpeg (493.81 KB, 828x1194, ABC75101-4887-44BB-8EC0-BD53A8…)

Friendly reminder, ladies: Even if you raise their babies, you’re still an unpleasant bitch for having emotions!

No. 6472

File: 1661681475556.jpg (396.11 KB, 1117x2057, RDT_20220828_18094717133440319…)


No. 6473

File: 1661681586758.jpg (521.99 KB, 1125x2084, RDT_20220828_18095045762833348…)

No. 6474

Jesus this is heartbreaking, I hope she finds an "older sister" type friend to help her through this.

No. 6475

She’s clearly letting the kid continue doing it and just venting about her parenting struggle. This is why I’m glad the birth rate is falling, mothers are treated like complete garbage.

No. 6479

They also die earlier. God is saying we need less of them.

No. 6480

I hate shit like this too, nonna. Look at their nasty hairy ogre feet and that idiot's bowed out chest. Backwards ball caps automatically equal dumbfuck. They think they are virile primal alpha Viking predators when they overpaid on some fishing trip and they'll quickly return to their hot showers, Axe body wash, La-Z-Boy recliners, air conditioning, horse piss IPAs, and Monday morning go back to their shitty low paying, low man on the totem pole, soul crushing jobs and brag for years to anyone within earshot about murdering a shark that was minding its own fucking business.

No. 6483

Got this recommended to me
Never be friends with scrotes. They will murder you for no reason and not have any remorse

No. 6488

It's at the point where I'm not sure if any of the "manhate" on ot is actually women, or just the troons/trolls from kf trying to rile each other up. On another note, has anyone noticed the liberal feminist tide turning on the manhate everyone was expressing a few years ago? I watched a video by a youtuber the algorithm pushed on me (can drop the name if anyone's interested) about male loneliness and immediately noticed nonnies on ot venting about things like "I'm tired of the manhate on this site you all are taking it too far" type stuff. I guess I like to think my opinions are my own (naively), but especially online I just don't see how women are turning a blind eye on the misogyny. Is it just because the figureheads of the mannosphere are so laughable now? (I mean they always have been, but all the PUAs of years past have been proven retarded with time).

No. 6489

I don’t think it was women or non-cow users. The most recent anti-manhate seether was revealed to be Romani-chan, the anon from romanion who works camming/prostituting herself and needs to compartmentalise the degeneracy of the men she interacts with along with the fact that she relies on them for income. I don’t think anyone is changed on here, just more scrotes raiding and the usual idiots getting shit on for the indefensible stuff they say.

No. 6492

Jesus christ this is so awful. Poor girl. Not saying I think the internet is necessarily a good place for her to stay on, but I hope she finds spaces online and preferably offline (though they are obviously rare in this day and age) where she is able to be around lesbians her age and older lesbians as big-sisters, as well as just other gender-critical and pinkpilled women and girls as well. The only advice I can think to give to her is to start learning self-defense and learning how to use firearms and other weapons. Turning fear into determination is powerful. The only way to defeat the violence of evil men is to be more violent and cast off evil. Men only get stronger and inflate their egos more when they learn how afraid we are. You cannot ever let them see how they affect you. Save that for speaking with fellow women

No. 6493

Exactly this. This is a prime example of why censorship is almost never a good idea. Let men say exactly who they are, so you can know to avoid them. All censoring does is make them take their ideas to other spaces. You can't kill an idea. The only benefit (if even that) to this censorship is the fact that now children cannot see his content on tiktok. Little boys are watching what he says and repeating it to their sisters, female classmates, teachers, mothers, etc. Even if they don't necessarily know what they are saying, growing up in a world where the vast majority of males share beliefs with men like Tate, everything they learned on tiktok will just be reinforced anyway.

No. 6494

Men literally are separate beings, genetically closer to male chimpanzees than actual humans (women.) Of course the retarded male psyche twists the truth backwards on it’s head like it does with everything and sees himself as the blueprint with women being the deviation.

No. 6496

I genuinely believe men just have no soul or empathy no matter how much you think they do. I don't think a man has ever given me any actual emotional support when I was going through something. They just sit there watching me cry, some of them enjoying it and soaking it up. I feel like I've truly peaked with women, ever since I dated a woman ( aiden initially), I have high expectations for what a partner should be. I don't think I will go back to men. They just don't have what I need or want at all.

No. 6497

I also had gastritis and it feels exactly like someone is squeezing your heart over and over again. Still, your doctor shouldn’t have been a dick about it. He should have explained everything and comforted you.

No. 6498

What you said about them sitting there and watching us cry is so true. Men are unbelievable. I don't think they even try

No. 6519

File: 1662766710517.webm (15.22 MB, 576x1024, kWX84k-Y2ELmfnRx.mp4_tag=12.we…)

the topic is on how str8 men ask for diff angles & more pics from str8/bi women that they're talking to and the woman was wondering why, this moid basically exposes other moids (part 1)
>twitter is the new pornhub & telegram works synonymously with twitter.
>you can use twitter to find these telegram links that lead to exclusive groupchats with thousands of moids exposing women.
>these moids expose everything about the women they encounter. from your social media handles, your social security number, your real name, your kids.
>a female friend of his showed him a new york telegram chat that had 100k moids in it

No. 6520

so lc wont let me upload the other vid ig its too long? so i'll write what he said:
>he shows diff screenshots of the telegram chats hes talking about.
>it doesnt make sense for a moid to ask for 'more pics' from u when hes going to see you in person & he knows your social media
>he asks for more bcs hes exposing you in his groupchats.
>say you date a scrote for a couple of weeks when you breakup, the scrote had plenty of time to memorise your home, your address, how many kids you have and he'll share the info to his gc.
>they also place bets on you. so '$25/50 to see who fucks her.' '$100/300 if you get her to do this in the bedroom.'

No. 6521

doublepost idk what to say bcs its been said so many times now. there shouldve never been this many moids & women are better off without them. in the twitter thread of this video it has women talking about moids knowing their real names despite them never telling them it before or knowing what car they drive.

No. 6522

had to talk to police today because I witnessed this idiot scrote driving a huge pickup truck cut across a busy road trying to turn left and he caused a bad accident since he sped out in front of traffic
I was a witness for the woman who he cut off - her car was totaled thanks to his shitty driving and she was so shaken up, and he was screaming about how there was a blind spot and he didn't see her driving on the road (there was no blind spot where he was turning from)
men should not be allowed to drive big cars with their impatience and shitty impulse control

No. 6526

I was first on the scene at a car accident a while ago (man running a red light to T-bone a lady) and that fucking idiot moid tried to pull her out of her car afterwards. I physically had to bar him from moving her. Men really are stupid apes, he fucking caused that accident but that wasn't enough destruction, gotta try and roughly grab his victim and move someone with a possible spinal injury too. I stayed there and talked to her until Paramedics arrived, her name was Sandy. What a sweet lady, I hope she's doing well now. Take away male driver's licenses

No. 6528

what a retard, the same thing happened to me and my mom as a kid some old scrote ran a red light speeding and t-boned our car, I thought I was going to die
at least she was responsive so I'm sure she made it out fine despite the dumb moid trying to pull her out of the car
men love making jokes about how women are bad drivers yet all moids drive like dangerous lunatics

No. 6530

Nta but true. Men are charged more for car insurance because of this, men literally drive more recklessly, are more prone to road rage and drinking, overconfidence, etc. and because of that get into more accidents.

No. 6532

File: 1663282175398.jpg (97.38 KB, 624x800, 3793bb6aede6fd66bfbe9e26122061…)

Yet this is the shit we have to deal with. Unbelievable

No. 6533

Men cope eternally and project all negative traits they possess on to women. It’s why troons became a think, men think them believing something makes it true when reality proves it false.

No. 6539

Keep getting polling requests on if I’m voting for my fed dem. No fuck off. He should have respected my sex for my x. I’m voting third party. He’ll be the only dem to not get my fucking vote. Rapists in my bathrooms and calling me slurs in letters back isn’t how you win votes.

No. 6540

The joke is he has his interns out texting he’ll “protect our rights from being stripped away.” Way to lie to my face

No. 6543

A man hit me a few years ago. I was changing from left to right lane, he pulls out in front of me from a side road with a stop sign…he didn't fully stop and rolled out into my path, I couldn't yank my SUV back into the left lane because there was someone there, idk what he expected me to do. So the guy hits my passenger side back fender with his driver side headlight. He jumps out of his truck and starts to approach me and I go the fuck off. I have intense anxiety and that sometimes manifests as fear filled rage, like a cornered animal. He wisely retreated to his truck, but sure enough, the state trooper comes, he's a man, he goes to the guy first, and despite the damage, the cop found ME at fault. I was charged with reckless driving! Every body shop person I spoke with knew there was no way I was at fault. Even another LEO I know who worked with the trooper tried to talk to him. I had fucking panic attacks for days afterward so I didn't try to fight it in court against the trooper. It made me feel crazy, it made me not feel like I could trust my own driving skills. On top of this, I didn't have a dashcam because mine had broke at the time. Then the fucker who hit me had the nerve to try to go after my insurance saying he suffered injuries!!! No ambulance was called and he was the first to jump out of his vehicle. I don't know what my insurance did, they probably paid the fucker and my premiums went up for a time. Ever since then I've developed a big fear of driving. Like I don't trust myself anymore because hell, the cop didn't believe me. I swear it's because I'm a woman. And I bet that guy told the cop I was crazy since I went off on him as he was approaching me (I have issues with strange men coming towards me.) Ladies, if you don't have a dashcam, get one. Get the best you can afford. It is worth it.

No. 6547

File: 1663776797105.jpg (204.3 KB, 1080x1350, Screenshot_20220921-110427_Fac…)

Never forget that men hate you. They are all depraved.
A man in Iowa is facing charges in connection to the disappearance and death of a woman he had just met, police say.
According to authorities, Nathan Gilmore, 22, recently told police he met up with Angela Bradbury on April 6, 2021, the last day she was seen alive.
He claimed he dropped her off in Mason City, but police said his story changed upon further questioning.
Bradbury’s family reported her as a missing person on Feb. 2, 2022, and said they had not had contact with her since April of 2021.
Her family gave DNA samples and dental records for Bradbury to law enforcement as part of the investigation.
Authorities said a teenager found a human skull, placed on a stick at the Greenbelt River Trail Park, on July 12, 2021.
Examiners confirmed the skull found belonged to Bradbury. Investigators found more of her remains at the park in April 2022.
Police said GPS tracking and other evidence showed Gilmore was at the park the day the skull was found.
They also found a whiteboard in Gilmore’s living room with GPS coordinates of where Bradbury’s skull was found.
He was charged with first-degree murder.

No. 6551

Hell yeah. Women fought hard for the right to vote, and we need to use it to protect our rights.

I'm so sorry that happened to you. That's fucking ridiculous, the main road always has right of way. You absolutely were treated like that because the cop read you as "hysterical woman" and not "human being who is rightfully upset". I hope you can perhaps seek some counseling to help you regain your confidence in driving.

No. 6562

Do males just want to move in with you so you become their second mom? My ex moid was so comfortable in his home where had mom and dad support he didn’t want to move out and get a place together with me.

No. 6563

No. 6567

I went to this thing for my work where I got to test out medical learning equipment and one of them was this VR surgery simulator. The VR controller was very realistic where you could feel the ridges of the bones and all that. The (male) demonstrator kept telling everyone testing it out how you could carve your initials on the bones and all the moids testing it out actually carved their initials. I might just be overreacting and paranoid here but it thoroughly creeped me out. I feel like male surgeons and student surgeons are going to be out there carving initials on women's bones while they're under anesthesia or whatever all because they got used to doing it in school

No. 6570

File: 1664097127740.jpeg (116.31 KB, 828x1039, 51416E87-DD3F-4B7A-A3D2-B26AD8…)

This was under a YouTube shirt that had I believe 2 women in a car being followed by another car and that car was soon after being chased by police still following the women. The caption was “be aware of your surroundings” and as usual males make jokes about terrifying situations that we go through

No. 6571

Wasn’t there already a surgeon who got arrested or sued for signing his initials on womens organs? I remember hearing something like that.. but that’s scary anon. Scrotes are desperately trying to claim women. If you can help it, never have male doctors or surgeons. Or sons for that matter

Scrotes show us everyday all day that they’re incapable of empathy for women. And they deserve no sympathy from us either

No. 6572

File: 1664176343245.jpeg (379.83 KB, 1242x1870, 76DB0E17-FA67-4ACD-B609-53B13D…)

just thought i’d share this, nice to see a slightly refreshing based take on twitter .

but seriously, i cannot fucking stand the “unattractive men i’d fuck” threads, call me a party pooper.

No. 6573

I'm all for realistic standards of beauty from both sexes. But it's wild how you'll look at places like r9k and see the extent to which moids think societal expectations of grooming and such are higher for men, when in actuality the bar is on the floor. (Maybe that's a bad place for a sample though)

No. 6574

Hate how moids will tell autistic ugly virgin women that have never felt any kindness their way that they can easily get into a relationship all because some 70 year old misogynistic rapist, the bottom of the barrel would be willing to fuck them. I find it funny how male incels would never even touch a real femcel with a 10 feet pole, but assume she lies about her experience because she hasn’t “put her self out there” as in approaching desperate guys usually someone who would rape you and see you as a hole, someone very fucking desperate who wouldn’t give a fuck about you. Even the ugliest males wouldn’t touch a real femcel, they all go to countries in southeast asia to find themselves a pretty girl. They can do anything like even buy a prostitute for sex and can bribe them into a relationship. Who the fuck do they think is approaching ugly women like that? Even if they’re very sweet.

The same incel males that are extremely picky and will reject a fat girl with acne and would never give any female above 200 pounds or with an ugly face a chance are the same ones saying ugly women don’t have it hard because they can pull a mentally ill desperate fuck. Look at how incel males speak of fat or “ugly” women online. They wouldn’t dare to fuck one or try talking to one. When incel males speak of ugly women they usually mean average women. “Even ugly women reject me and can get boyfriends” and the woman will be the most average woman ever. Barely ugly.

I am just sick of them complaining. They have it so fucking easy. Being an ugly woman doesn’t only hurt you in dating like ugly males complain about all the time but people will treat you like shit and not take you seriously all because you are ugly in every fucking field of life. Both males and women. Even the most incel ugly men despise ugly women for existing. Incel men can easily make friends meanwhile for femcels, no. On boards like 4chan you will see them harass women for being ugly or fat constantly but they convince themselves these women have it easy in any field.

Being an ugly woman decreases your chances in everything. You can be an ugly man and get anything in life besides stacy and they’ll still complain and shoot up a school. I’m so fucking done with moids. They’ll never get it. They blindly treat ugly “weird” women like shit and don’t even process wtf they are doing.

Incels and chads are the same to me. Incels will rarely be desperate enough to ask out a femcel but it’s never in true love or anything it’s just because they’re desperate. They see her as a fuck toy. The last straw. I couldn’t get stacy. So i had to pick the ugly bitch that looks like the girl i spend time harassing on 4chan.

I fucking hate moids. They’re so hypocritical.

No. 6576

File: 1664201620803.png (362.37 KB, 865x964, male psychology.png)

To men, ugly women do not exist nor count as women, so yes they mean average when they say ugly. Just the other day on cc an incel was chimping about 'ugly' women having better looking boyfriends while ugly equal (in their biased eyes as men are proven to overrate themselves in the looks department) men can't get someone better looking. Scrotes literally only think in terms of women as status objects and household items/services for them to use and do not see women who fall out of what they think as good looking as human and often refer to average women as ugly and ugly incel men with shit personalities and a greater likelihood of killing you as 'on the same level'. Ultimately manifesto-chan was right and it's all and sexual bargaining and exploitation for a better deal aka a prettier women aka a greater status symbol so they are more respected among their male peers because they all play in a gay retard hierarchy for other mens respect. They don't think about love, only what service a women can be used for, like being a mommybangmaid who cooks them tendies and worships him as muh god king. They unironically think they deserve to breed let along have an equally attractive girlfriend (though not actually being equal because of the overrating of their looks and shit personalities they do not consider makes someone more attractive then just the physical), when this is not how it works at all. In nature, you prove to women you are a good partner, instead they chimpout about 'stacy' not fucking them. Even then, would never wish these incels on an ugly women, an ugly women is better off alone then with a shit personality ugly man just because they're both ugly. Mens ugliness is usually worse because they never factor in the personality aspect.

>>>/ot/400251 has always been right. We used to have some banger threads when these board threads wasn't hidden.

No. 6577

Being an ugly woman is a disability in our society. Being an ugly man is default.

No. 6578

Wrong. Men exist purely and exclusively as sex objects. They should inject themselves with steroids and testosterone as much as possible because looking good is their only aim in life. Sexual competition for women isn’t meant to be fair.

No. 6579

File: 1664217443311.jpeg (934.47 KB, 3465x2826, EE64944E-20E4-4DD2-AC55-E1C138…)

Being an ugly woman will really make you see the truth about men and the world. Since moids see us as objects, we are worthless goods to them. So they don’t even think of us.

What you explained here is so true. They are so self entitled that they can’t even think of women that might be equal to them or ugly. It’s obvious they think of their equals as average or more women. It’s embarrassing.

No. 6580

Y'all really are just a hilarious inversion of incels, and you think you're superior to them somehow lmao

Sure, you "know the truth", you "see through the lies". Every other person is a shortsighted fool, only you are able to see the world as it truly is. My eyes are rolling out of my skull if you can't tell.

No. 6581

Incels will shoot up random places, will murder random women and will say they’re entitled to raping women but women being mad that males treat them like shit all because of their appearance is the same? You’re hilarious. Not even the same.

No. 6582

No, you have the exact same self-centered bitterness and rage, and you say things just as disgusting and abusive as they do. Congrats on not killing people, I guess?

No. 6583

> N-no you’re the incel women who point out male violence and oppression, not me, the involuntarily celibate man!
Except what women say is true because men treat us like objects and seethe about the way women look while committing 90% of violence. Keep coping about being entitled to a gf incel failson.

No. 6584

Why should anyone have compassion for male incels

No. 6585

This. This is a man hating thread. He should stop trying to make us feel bad for him

No. 6586

> Men: women are inferior to men, women are objects, women are status symbols for men to use, I’m entitled to whatever I decide I deserve (I have poor self perception)
> Women: wow men treat us like objects, deny male violence, take our rights away, and deny that they have oppressed us for thousands of years, what assholes not seeing us as human
> Men: reeee women are basically incels for not having sex with men and being mommybangmaid
Kek, shut up men aka artificial niche carvers.

It again proves the point that men think rejecting men = worse than killing people. Their personal perception is insane. Men never take responsibility for their actions.

No. 6587

I am so tired of them. Fucking christ. They will never get it. They’re useless

No. 6588

They truly need to project all their faults on to everyone else because acknowledging them would alert to others that they are not as good a choice as someone else. Now men are out here begging for state mandated gfs like commies and chimping out because they actually have to bring something to the table in a relationship or risk not getting picked. They truly do believe the male propaganda of mens necessity and refuse to appeal to women in anyway and instead rely on cope and projection.

No. 6590

> power/ego trips.
Exactly, they either see us as a service (children and cleaning) or a status object (look at my pretty gf like a trophy) depending on the day rather than people. As we see incels here seething because it’s pointed out. Men will always think women pointing out mens actions is worse than mens actions and cope about their entitlement when naturally men compete for women like male peacocks being the fancy ones to attract a mate.

No. 6591

This is why I don’t get why they think unattractive women rejecting them is because they’re ungrateful. It’s because they don’t want to deal with being used as an object, being told they’re nothing and that they’ll expire soon. Women are pawns to these people

No. 6592

File: 1664229244377.jpeg (65.24 KB, 275x208, 1660512077106.jpeg)

Actually reminds me of the time I saw a few incel servers.
Pretty much all the incels thought a white tiny girl was their "match" or spent all day obsessing over very young girls, while insinuating women over the age of 21 are expired (so basically they all actually adore a small % of women, aka, girls). It's actually morbidly comical how much they actually hate women and how much their actions and how they talk about intimacy proves they are incapable of love and that they would abuse or neglect the person they're with. Like, I can't imagine a world where I'd just hate a man and laugh gleefully at his face combusting the second he hits 21 and try holding over him that "time is running out" like a little manipulative twat, kek. Sorry nonnies but I don't have that sort of energy.

Oh and I can confirm this: they are so braindead, they think humanizing someone = sexualizing them and think a woman rejecting them is on par with saying something like "ugly women should be murdered."
They also think any woman that has sex is a whore and worthless and every time she has sex lowers her value.

Also, an incel (a very unattractive one by incel standards, mind you) found a gf that adored him and he ended up doxxing her in order to brag to the incel community. They were worshipping him. This has nothing to do with love, but them wanting to use women for power/ego trips. I saw this pretty much constantly.
I'm not saying women don't care about looks or whatever, but it's hysterical how much men explicitly dehumanize unattractive women (and not just passively) then play dumb about it.

No. 6593

File: 1664230650104.png (330.96 KB, 1735x1843, evolutionary psychology.PNG)

> You are the incel women who point out men are incels, not me, the cp posting incel to troon pipeline tranny!
I think he projects because he needs to cope that him possessing and posting child porn and gore is somehow justified. They truly will never change. A big difference between men and women is that women who hate men hate them for what they do and will seek to avoid them when possible, while men will seek to kill or dominate what they hate in someway to soothe their bruised ego as we see with incel men shooting up schools/college campuses and posting child porn and gore and they hate women for pointing out their behaviour/rejecting them/not submitting to their will, they see us as a service which no longer provides, they hate us for having what they want and refusing to give it to them, like incels with hating women because they refuse to have sex with them, while in this thread the incel male says women are incels for pointing out this is how men behave and how shitty it is. It's not really an equal game, and as we can see, incel men are preoccupied with what they think they 'deserve' because it is all about ownership and status. They're entitled and hate when women point it out. To them it really is about "You whores rejecting meee for the things I say and do are the bad guys, not me reeee". It's all very 'you can't fire me, I quit!'. Very impotent and projection-based, but that's not shocking coming from an incel man.

No. 6594

I hate how these moids infiltrate every predominantly female space just so they can shit it up

No. 6595

> men will seek to kill or dominate what they hate in someway to soothe their bruised ego as we see with incel men shooting up schools/college campuses and posting child porn and gore
… or seething on women only websites about 'stacy' not fucking him and women pointing out his delusions. It's this exactly in action. They can't help but demonstrate how right we are. You don't see women seething on incel sites the way you see men seething on womens sites.

No. 6597

>you call us out for behaving like incels, therefore you must be an incel
I'm not an incel, I'm not even male. You can try to use the worst examples of male behavior as excuses, it can't justify yourselves being examples of the worst female behavior.

No. 6599

If the worst example of female behavior is complaining about men online you have no reason to cry over it

No. 6600

Incels think calling them incels makes the caller an incel because it’s retard male logic. He’s also throwing a shitfit in cc at the moment after spamming gore. Incel to pipeline lives on.

No. 6601

Actual schizo posting lol. Not everybody you dislike on here is the same person

No. 6602

Do you identify as unrecognisable too kek?

No. 6604

File: 1664250938179.gif (2.56 MB, 275x211, 1649050939531.gif)

Not any of those anons, I've never really thought men that just vent about women in a complete echochamber are showing the worst male behavior. It's annoying, but I find it kind of silly to frame them as the exact same considering hate crimes against women are probably the most hate crimes in the world….that hate against women is scarier and yet women have infinitely less spaces to vent about it in. I'm not saying such hate is always the worst or the most common or worst in ALL places, etc., but it is consistent and visceral, and also treated like a punchline or a footnote a lot of the time.
When misogynistic ideologies (often synonymous with male discontent) gain leverage, it feasibly can reflect in real-world consequences unlike the weird cope thing where women think misogynists all just hide on the internet might suggest. Some countries basically treating women like political slaves and commodities, straight down to the way social structures and the law works. Some of us have it easier.
Not to say that I'd condone a woman going "men deserve to be raped" or whatever, if that's itt I'd spiritually suplex them, but stuff those anons alluded to about lookism and men is relatively justified considering how common it is for men to explicitly dehumanize women based off their looks and this seemingly only getting worse with mens' boundaries around sex, sexuality, and sexualizing women seemingly eroding even more in some countries as porn use/human trafficking sky rockets. Things aren't getting better across the world–in some respects, they're getting worse. Or maybe it's becoming more obvious that women have been the main ones on the menu of society or mostly on the bottom of the pecking order? IDK.

Aggrieved entitlement makes it so a lot of men who hate women are different in the sense that they are angry that women aren't perfectly controllable and accessible to them…so, basically, almost all misogynists have actually never been truly wronged by a woman and have pretty much 0 reason to assume he can't go his entire life without being hurt by one. This is also why so many are enraged by women who choose to be single and it's very creepy and entitled. Off-topic, but I absolutely love it when a guy literally just pursues his passion and doesn't fuck with women. That is my "Pickme" moment of the day. Nonnies can fight me, lmao.
Women have reason to fear spurning a man, even by accident just judging by history and the sheer collective mass that is womens' experiences. I don't think people actually understand what would happen if women started acting as brash, assertive, unapologetic as men. I also don't really think people understand what would happen if societies collapsed, either. I don't really blame other women if they want to actually want to vent and denounce bad men and I will never not find it funny people think misandry has the same real-world implications as misogyny in spite of history proving it isn't the same.

No. 6606

This idea reminds me of conflict theory. A society that has anything of value (unlike inmediate return societies which were very egalitarian) creates power struggles, which undermine said society. The people in power have then two choices: let the conflicts continue to their detriment, or assign one group as the preemptive "winner" of all conflicts, that way there is no space to fight. In the case of mysoginy, you can see it with many policies, one of the first being the "women have to move to the male's family when they marry" which separates women from their family and supporters. Seriously, if you look in history you keep seeing all these changes: it's all meant to defang one group so they can't fight.

No. 6607

PWEASE oh my god someone drop a file with a collection of manifesto-chan's stuff. i was too late when the ex-mod dropped it and i yearn for her knowledge of male behavior

No. 6608

Why do men think the idea of a women equal or heavy government is biased in womens favour but men deny governments composed of 70%+ men (depending on country, even western governments are mostly men) are not biased in favour of men? Is it the male leader myth? They see themselves as the default? Tradition therefore tradition being focused on men being superior doesn't count? Do they just close their eyes and think pandering to women is oppression (even if it's not pandering and equal or making up for the heavy male favouritism) since the default has been pandering to men? Also why do men always say "It doesn't benefit/affect me, therefore it doesn't matter/is a distraction/isn't real." why are they like this?

No. 6610

File: 1664351599269.jpg (61.07 KB, 600x377, JA3VWlJP_400x400.jpg)

You are moistly wrong, no woman(with very rare exceptions) can ever be comparable to Incels, the only thing you got right was that both spout random manifestos and try to argue with their own gibberish fact, like every insane retard in this world has these manifestos and they aren't groundbreaking or anything like that, they are mostly cringe and that's the fundamental problem with radical feminism as a whole, they don't fucking realize how goofy they are, many radical feminists have this elaborate delusion that men and society are afraid of them, they corollate cringe with fear

No. 6611

It’s the troon who has been shitting up the site. He’s been posting the same “reee you’re all incels for hating incels and incel-to-troon pipeline incels” on cc’s pp thread.

No. 6612

File: 1664355251625.png (106.08 KB, 1226x562, original manifesto anon.PNG)

Seconding this but I'm asking for the original Manifesto-chan's posts, not the FDS brained one's everyone started calling the Manifesto-chan for some reason. This is one of the only ones I have saved but definitely the best of her.

No. 6613

File: 1664356121751.jpg (833.28 KB, 972x3785, 1661537098381.jpg)

I would never talk about rad feminism off here, could never do it justice, but saying cringe is why it never caught on is a bit weird considering there's other ideologies that are very cringey but still catch on. Hell, there's probably more Andrew Tate fans than active rad fems. A lot of us are delegated to odd corners with pretty much nothing to lose because a lot of us have already given up at better optics. Picrel is a rare public exception of rad fem sentiment and…it's a manifesto. Kek.

No. 6614

maybe I should have worded it better, I think many of the proponents of radical feminism in the 60's and 70's were inherently cringe and were basically dorks, very physically unfit and obviously bookish and weak, not having practical knowledge about any real science other then theory

No. 6615

… who the fuck cares if they're physically fit? you can't have opinions on feminism unless you can benchpress 300lbs now?

No. 6616

>erasing women historians and the work they put their lives into because you don’t like how they look
Subhuman specimen mindset.

No. 6617

>very physically unfit and obviously bookish and weak
You're probably a /pol/yp scrote

No. 6621

File: 1664652689872.jpg (647.91 KB, 1477x1060, Image12.jpg)

So I was perusing Goodwill's online site and found a book for sale called "Babysan". It was a comic/anthology book from GIs occupying Japan after WW2. In it, it describes "Babysan", the ultimate Japanese girl who was desired by all soldiers. Of course, she's fictional, but she was based off of real soldiers' accounts and anecdotes about Japanese women they'd date (or otherwise). At first I thought, "the art's kinda cute", but as I read on it just started becoming apparent that Babysan was the 1940's equivalent of a waifu.

No. 6622

File: 1664652770110.jpg (633.36 KB, 1477x1060, Image18.jpg)

Also adding that you can read the whole thing here: https://www.thing.net/~kurotaka/Hume/babysan/?C=N;O=D

No. 6624

File: 1664656391383.jpg (14.02 KB, 275x206, 1660240217335.jpg)

Nonnies…I wanted to ask because I imagine weird men will just get creepier and louder about the subject in the next years–how the fuck are so many men delusional about why and how so many men are "lonely"? There's seemingly endless statistics and research on mens' motivations and drives and it basically is that a lot of men are incapable of adapting socially and usually aren't motivated to do so–often more motivated by status and more drawn to groups of men, while they are likelier to throw others under the bus for self-gain. Men report that a lot of their friends grow much colder with time and age.
Also, a lot of them blame women for whatever goes wrong because if they actually let people judge mens' actions accordingly, the truth would come out that a lot of men don't actually want a real romantic relationship, just the idea of one. Few men actually like making their loved ones happy and being thoughtful for their sake. Many or most men feel more happiness at taking a girls' virginity more than their child's first birthday party. The chase is more important than growing a life with a complex individual to many.

There's so many extremely unattractive married men out there that constantly lust after women that aren't their life and usually infinitely out of their league–spending 1000s of dollars and hours on it. The real reason why so many of them complain about men not getting unconditional access to women is because the near default way men see intimacy and love is based upon greed, ego, and lust–and objectifying women, judging them based off of homosocial values…and are too egoistic to admit that this makes them horrible potential partners for anybody being serious. That such issues are at all blamed on women not being accessible is a microcosm of how men are being broken by other men to begin with.
Kind of unrelated but reminds me of an American lawyer that worked for years and years for Japanese single mothers to get child support from the white soldiers that abandoned them–she even moved there, I believe. This type of fetishization has a dark side.

No. 6625

I mean you answered your own question here. Men are delusion because they delude themselves. They're unwilling to face the reality that they are disgusting, evil animals (not even people) undeserving of love and companionship purely because of their own actions and mentalities.
I have an older brother who blames all his problems on being lonely and not having a girlfriend… meanwhile he e-dates on discord, solicits nudes, will argue pedophilia is natural/normal "as a joke," and thinks women like and want to be raped. So much empathy for men who are "taken advantage of" by vtubers (because they profit off male loneliness) but none for people who are colonised, genocided, or enslaved. He plays off all his opinions as non-serious but you have to really wonder what type of person thinks any of this is funny. I actually only came to this thread to complain about him yelling at the top of his lungs for no reason kek.
Anyways thank you for listening to my vent. I'm glad you're talking about the real reasons men are lonely and unloved. It's because they are fucking unlovable.

No. 6626

It's just bewildering and I am still confused after answering my own question.
I think a great quote about this is, "love is the whole history of a woman's life, it is but an episode in a man's. Of course when this is the expectation (if not always the rule) a lot of men will be desperate to get with a woman because duh? Why not. Men like your brother have brought into the brainwashing; even if he might not admit it, he basically expects something out of a woman he will either refuse or never fully reciprocate…and basically isn't built to. He is just a degen that has a novelty/status based sense of having a gf.

And yeah vent welcome, kek. This is probably the best thread to do it.

No. 6648

It starts early.
>Male fetuses ignore their stressed-out mothers

>Male fetuses ignore their mothers’ response to stress – unlike females, which are very sensitive to it. The finding could lead to better treatments for male fetuses at risk of premature birth.

>It is known that when a pregnant woman produces the stress hormone cortisol, it can cross the placenta. But it has been unclear how this affects fetal development, and whether female and male fetuses respond differently to the hormone.

>During an asthma attack, high levels of cortisol are released. So Vicki Clifton and colleagues at the University of Adelaide in South Australia investigated the effect of cortisol on fetuses by following 123 asthmatic women and 51 healthy women during their pregnancies, recording the severity of each woman’s asthma and her medication at 12, 18 and 30 weeks of pregnancy.

>Forty-five minutes after the women gave birth, Clifton and her team measured the cortisol in their umbilical cord blood and analysed the placenta for the expression of genes related to stress response. She also recorded the newborn’s sex and birth weight.

>Stressful information​

>Baby girls born to women with moderate to severe asthma had higher levels of cortisol in their cord blood – an average of 245 millimoles per litre – compared with girls born to controls and mildly asthmatic women, who averaged 202 and 209 millimoles per litre respectively.

>However, no difference in cortisol levels was observed in baby boys born to either group.

>The team also observed that 22.5 per cent of girls born to asthmatic women were small for their gestational age, meaning they were among the lightest 10 per cent of all babies born worldwide. But just 9.5 per cent of girls born to healthy women fell into this group. Again, no difference was observed in boys from either group.

>“Females are very sensitive to what’s happening in mum’s body, but males just ignore it,” says Clifton, who presented her results at the University of Adelaide last week.

>Small strategy​

>Low birth weight is associated with hypertension, diabetes and depression in adulthood, but a smaller fetus copes better with adversity in the womb, such as a drop in nutrients during an asthma attack. But the males take a gamble, says Clifton, ignoring the rise in cortisol and continuing to grow at a regular pace.

>“There must be some benefit in males being bigger at birth, and this is worth the risk [of being affected by an associated drop in nutrients],” says Tim Moss, a prenatal physiologist at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

>Moss says the work has important clinical applications that “could help us to reduce the vulnerability of male infants”.

>For example, in obstetric practice, stress hormones are routinely administered to women who are at risk of preterm delivery to induce faster maturation of the fetus. The treatment seems less effective in males than females – this study could explain why, and lead to new methods of aiding male development.

No. 6649

Thanks for the read, this is scary stuff.

No. 6650

Now, we just need a mad scientist willing to do the opposite, increasing vulnerability in male infants and hindering male development.

No. 6654

being a cleaning lady has really flared up my hatred against men. what inconsiderate nasty fucking pigs on top of being messy in general but like how they make a mess just in the spite of it to trouble someone else- like they throw trash around and mess up their changing rooms for example etc because they know someone else will pick up after them so they willingly want to make that job more difficult and nasty. not flushing toilets, pissing around, clogging stuff, breaking stuff, taking trash out of the trash cans etc i fucking hate males. i've worked in food service too and i'll never understand the willingness of males (or anyone in general) to mess with people who are responsible for their food or the their hygiene because, who knows, sometimes i might be in a hurry and because they make such a mess i might accidentally wipe the door handles with the same rag i used to wipe the piss stains with i mean of course i would never do this i care about public hygiene but you know male toilets and changing rooms could have nasty stuff like that happening when you're in a hurry and distracted

No. 6656

You really can't have an honest conversation about misogyny or male violence without a horde of males dog piling about you how a girl was mean to them once in 6th grade and therefore "women bad too."

No. 6658

Agreed on men being disgusting in restrooms. When I had to clean the men's room at my first job, my misandrist rants could probably be heard from space. Nothing pinkpills a woman faster than having to clean a man's shit off the floor and unclog a nasty urinal several days in a row because they're all disgusting retards.

No. 6661

No, shit gets dirty from everyday use. Like dust and dirt and grime can't be helped especially in kitchens and restrooms. Instead of unclogging toilets and wiping shit and piss off of the walls you could actually get and area more clean.

No. 6662

You cannot forget that they always need to bring up the fact men are raped in masses by women, but it just goes so immensely underreported so they don't have the stats to back up their fanfictions. Also that women are as bad as them because they 'weaponinze' sex. They blindly believe their own delusions because they cannot acknowledge the truth.

No. 6675

File: 1665420655967.jpg (59.24 KB, 721x347, 111_GJGH.jpg)

An incel sue twich, ask for 25 millions and to have a bunch of women streamer removed from the platform because he can't control himself.

No. 6676

>blood shot eyes, eyedrops do nothing to hide the shame from his parents

No. 6677

This can't be real kek, an absolute parody

No. 6678

just abort it lmao

No. 6680

> Muh logic gender tm, muh leaders
> Has no self control, never takes responsibility, etc

No. 6682

>which went largely unused
Lol okay liar

No. 6685

It's sad how mtfs can't even hide behind Snapchat filters. I'm in this women only group on FB and was looking through the members and boom. Sticks out like a sore thumb. I even went through his pfps to confirm and saw a pfp with a trans sticker on it.

No. 6690

File: 1665870391363.png (47.67 KB, 593x292, twt.png)

If your misandry isn't intersectional, who is it even for?

No. 6694

File: 1665873933323.png (41.38 KB, 900x900, inclusive.png)

No. 6702

Today's males act like they haven't forgiven us for reading a headline with Anita Sarkeesian or manspreading in it in 2012

No. 6703

They are the emotionally unstable sex.

No. 6714

File: 1666303519293.png (25.81 KB, 1985x169, KAM.png)

Sometimes I read male image boards just to remind myself of how moids really think of me, since I don't talk to any really. Never forget that this is what they think of women. This is what men want to do to us around the world, and if they didn't face the consequences of being assraped in prison, they would. KAM

No. 6715

File: 1666304075363.png (42.03 KB, 2154x98, rapeape y chromosoid.png)


No. 6720

Nonnies this has given me an idea for a potential new thread - maybe we should make a thread in 2X specifically for screenshots from male centred websites? It's always good to have a place to get your dose of blackpill.

No. 6722

File: 1666406048339.png (2.79 MB, 1080x4130, Screenshot_20221021-192819.png)

Ofc a man made this

No. 6723

i hate when men make cutesie little "we all need to get along with each other" media. their saccharine bs covers some truly vile beliefs in hierarchy at the center of it. even in their diverse egalitarian fantasy land males are centered and coddled.

No. 6732

On the one hand, I'd argue the Reddit Hate Thread already covers this, but on the other, I'm all for collecting men's stupidity from around the web for blackpilling purposes.

No. 6744

I would definitely post the caps I come across. I'm not a newfriend but I don't know how to make threads and I don't want to screw anything up.

No. 6777

eugh that 4th and 5th panel showing the boy teaching all the silly little girls something and then clapping for the smartass boy makes me retch.

No. 6778

men are the reason entire species have gone extinct or are threatened to because they want rhino horns and elephant tusks for their dick problems.

No. 6780

File: 1667511679198.jpg (118.96 KB, 859x890, moid.jpg)

Don't forget you can just shoot a moid and he will die. Don't attribute too much power to him in your psyche.

No. 6781

File: 1667512212450.jpeg (97.57 KB, 1170x556, D4BD5600-DEA0-4895-8E8D-D5994A…)

No. 6821

File: 1668787484869.png (430.51 KB, 967x487, Screenshot (42).png)

I've been binging a show called "I survived" where people retell their near death experiences. When the men tell their story, it's always that they were nearly killed by a natural disaster, animal or their own stupidity. Every single woman's story is about surviving MEN.

9/10 of their stories are about a woman going out of her way to help a stranger or just going about her day, when a man decides to rape her and cut her throat. I had to stop watching the show when I noticed the pattern because it pissed me off. Moids are violent creatures.

No. 6825


Moids would blame this degeneracy on the race of the moids and not the fact that they are…moids

No. 6829

File: 1668954034198.jpg (335.06 KB, 1440x1700, IMG_20221121_011935.jpg)

Comments on a five year old child who got raped so harshly she got paralysed. Moids and their "humour" (assuming they're even joking) are what's wrong with the world.

No. 6834

Ok, is it me, or male sexuality is extremely disgusting, weirdly antisocial, and unattractive? It's like…I see them so often say "all men are _____" or whatever. It reminds me of an abomination stuffing every piece of shit into its mouth, this being destructive sometime, and then claiming it's only natural and logical–oh, but then expecting women to be the exact opposite always (like the madonna/whore complex). It feels like it's become so toxic that now the expected default is for women and girls to "choose" to conform to it.

No. 6861

File: 1669526207586.jpeg (25.85 KB, 668x232, DF8C40C4-EBED-4FA0-AA91-9563A1…)

How can a male be married to a woman for over 40 years and then go on to remarry less than a year after their death. I see this shit all the time. Worthless animals

No. 6862

I always laugh when I see those retarded poor pity me posts about male suicide and how no one cares uwu and it’s like, why should we? You’re all depraved animals who treat women like commodities and are too stupid to realize that you’re nothing without us, only when we leave do you realize how worthless your life is and then you either kill yourselves or commit homicide, usually against an ex partner but not before traumatizing as many women as you can. I wish I was gay.

No. 6863

I absolutely hate when men credit any work of any accomplished woman to the closest man in her proximity even in female majority fields, they are so self conscious because they know if they didn't forbid us from working for centuries we'd be in a far more advanced world right now.
So fucking true

No. 6878

It’s not just you, I find the way that men speak about sex to be extremely off-putting. There’s an inherent greediness in their attitude towards it that makes me want to vomit.

No. 6901

Anyone else feel like men have no personality? All the men I've met can be summed up in one of these categories:
>Stoic and timid autistic who makes silly jokes (this one especially common in zoomers)
>Loud and aggressive attention-seeker who thinks he's funny
>Effeminate homo
Men are so boring and have no depth

No. 6904

File: 1670106838801.jpg (321.19 KB, 2078x920, Fi8OSEKXoAEvz1o.jpg)

For some reason today I keep bumping into stories of young boys killing women and girls and may sound extremest but I understand why some feminists are now saying to stop birthing males they are a fucking plague!

No. 6905

Currently here because of the moid raids on cc goddamnit why can't they leave us alone. They get mad we are in their spaces, but then get mad when we make our own. The internet would be 10X better if we could just have some spaces to ourselves for once.

No. 6910

Ok. Rant incoming.
How the fuck is is so hard for people to understand that homosocial fascism is the norm among men in most countries and this is why there's so much destruction in them? "Woke" men? They often assimilate what ought to be progressive into a male supremacist friendly framework, so they often externalize secular issues. It operates much like a hivemind, aggressively trying to design reality around itself.
So…addressing the mass commodification of women, sexual violence, and human trafficking - > supporting sex workers
Male loneliness because of men being taught to devalue dyadic long-term connections - > male sexlessness crisis caused by women having too high of standards
Criticism of incel rhetoric/school shooters and their entitlement - > crying about mens' mental health, blame mothers and women having too high of standards, etc.
Vulnerable men suffer over not meeting hegemonic homosocial standards - > screech about mens' mental health and how society does not care about men…again. Blame womens' standards; expect women to sacrifice ourselves for these men.

No. 6911

Even the most progressive men tend to associate themselves with the most evil men and promote antisocial values, and expect women to pick up the pieces, essentially. They fold their opportunism and greed into what's socially acceptable and would maintain the status of men, as a collective. Hell, there's even evidence showing that men are more likely than women to lie for self benefit, be Machiavellian, and make false allegations, but many men are incapable of acknowledging self-serving deceit among one another unless it's a man in an oppositional group (i.e., politically), it is insane. I used to be so much more "not all men" until it clicked that through history, men were apathetic to mutuality. Women were a resource to be raped, a punching bag for frustrations at society, and the glue that cared for others. Modern day men might not be as randomly barbaric, but are trying to fold this animalism into…making it normal and ok to sexualize unwilling women while muddying the nature of sexual abuse. It is common for average to claim men should have unconditional access to his partner's body. The sex positivity movement in my country is a neurotic shitstorm because it puts all the emphasis on the woman and her feelings in what is a broken system full of men that want to consume women regardless of the context.

No. 6912

File: 1670187241897.jpeg (120.99 KB, 750x396, 3DFA9E58-A1FA-4508-879E-03AC43…)

What a based male feminist!! Just as useless as any other man lol, never liked this fuckers annoying music and how hard people shill him as an ultra talented cool good guy.

No. 6969

File: 1670686291158.jpeg (361.2 KB, 1170x809, 20BF46FC-722B-4DF7-B852-7D1852…)

Based Bonobos. I just found this out and had to share somewhere.

No. 6985

What's with moids and thinking getting into a relationship is going to magically cure all of their problems? I'm aware many of them see their girlfriends as second mothers but do they not realise how fucking selfish it is?
What do you bring to the table? Are you going to be her rock when she's upset?
I dared tell a scrote about how I'm struggling with some mental problems and his first suggestion was to get a fucking boyfriend, saying he could help with said issues. His first suggestion wasn't a medical professional or even self-therapy.
God I hate scrotes.

No. 6998

would this be the correct thread to post more animal related stuff like this? Or should there be a separate thread? I've been going down the rabbithole recently and got a lot to sperg about.

No. 7001

File: 1670937650278.jpg (Spoiler Image,54.08 KB, 753x511, bakemonogatari.jpg)

>What's with moids and thinking getting into a relationship is going to magically cure all of their problems? I'm aware many of them see their girlfriends as second mothers but do they not realise how fucking selfish it is?
>What do you bring to the table? Are you going to be her rock when she's upset?

Because they only think of themselves as human and think of women as some kind of talking object. The "girlfriend" object is supposed to raise his ego and relieve his sexual frustrations while doing some free service around the house that he does not want to, like cleaning.

I was into anime as teenager and this is kind of embarrassing but watching harem anime for males (this series I got memed into watching because it supposed to be "deep" and "thought provoking") is what made me realize what men would want if they could build their romance life.
A bouquet of female objects in all "flavors" that all center around him and no one but him. So once he is bored with one, there is another. Of course they added children, sisters and so on. But none of them characterized as human, just as an object to consume.

Japan is criticized for letting sexual degeneracy run rampant but this is what happens when you give men absolute power in society.

No. 7002

Honestly it's just shocking to me how much they seem to think being in a partnership is a set entity; the win is getting in. They constantly say things that confirm why so many women have trouble with their bfs or husbands and then claim it's just male nature while pretending it doesn't reflect poorly on many or most men's ability to be a loving partner or parent.
It seems like most men lack the basic traits required to create a long-term, reliable, and deep connection with someone. How the fuck is this not obvious to everyone? It's obvious many women end up overcompensating on their partner's behalf.

No. 7010

Men should have never learned liberal arguments because they just use them to guilt women into submitting to their interests

No. 7022

Just a new form of DARVO with updated lingo

No. 7027

File: 1671320433414.jpg (7.82 KB, 300x168, zwimigdal.jpg)

I just learned about what the Zwi Migdal (
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zwi_Migdal) was.

"Zwi Migdal was an organized-crime group, founded in Poland and based mainly in Argentina, that trafficked in Jewish women from Central Europe (mainly from Warsaw, Poland) for sexual slavery and forced prostitution. The organization, whose operators were Jewish, functioned from the 1860s to 1939."

Funny how they always claim to be innocent, and then this shit is uncovered. It reeks of Hollywood's trafficking of actresses and child stars. The fucked-up cycle continues.

No. 7031

Well, wherever you end up posting nonny, please do share. Sounds fascinating. Share links too - I feel like reading up on this now.

No. 7038

This is not a new observation but moid trannies houses are always so disgusting and dirty. I’ve seen 2 male troon houses irl (was formerly friends with a bunch of autists) and they were both appalling. In both instances, they knew people would be coming to their house and made a conscious decision to leave it like that. I’m talking really basic things too, like leaving shit caked on the toilet bowl, full garbage bags and empty takeout containers just sat in full view. In one of them he left his bedroom door open and there was a fucking dildo and a load of lube just on the bed. And I wasn’t snooping, all this shit was clearly visible from the hallway. I felt dirty even just walking into those nightmare places and didn’t dare take my shoes off or touch anything. In contrast, the few normie men I know are actually pretty clean (I realise this is an anomaly, but I thought the stark comparison was ironic)

No. 7054

Idk if any other graphic design nonnies can relate to this, but while I was researching the field I saw a lot of posts by men saying how corporate design burnt them out and killed their creativity, forcing them out of design. Now that I'm in-house for a big corp for half a year now, I honestly can't relate to their plight. Yeah it's soulless as hell and everyone wants ugly boring shit all the time with walls of copy on everything, but you just let it go and put your creative energy into your hobbies after work. Men in graphic design just want to be the famous designers we learned about in school like Paul Rand and leave their silly legacy. Then when they find out they can't do that, they burn out on arguing and ragequit the field like toddlers. Maybe other women in design feel the same as these guys and I won't lie, I'd love to work for a cool agency like Jessica Walsh's some day, but it's funny to see design moids mad. I hope all men leave the creative industries kek

No. 7080

They expect women to heal all their problems and drop them because "I'm not happy", at the same time whine about how co dependent a woman is if she depends on him for happiness too. They want women to wave a magic wand and fix all their problems. they're the biggest projectors, that's why they also claim it's women who refuse to talk about problems when in reality it's men who pull the "I don't wanna talk about it" thing

No. 7088

File: 1672309549912.png (453.02 KB, 828x1792, 2DBE2FEC-EACF-4555-8B6E-6E9F39…)

would be such a shame to ruin those blow up sex doll ‘looks’ Kek

No. 7097

Late to respond (ntayrt) but I feel obligated to say that I think you should either smear his reputation online so any woman he’s involved with knows to avoid him OR you can outright dispose of him and make it look like a suicide. I don’t think men like your brother are harmless, he is an abuser and pedophile that is a ticking time bomb and your inaction to thwart his interactions with women is endangering other women and girls.

No. 7104

File: 1672345083822.jpg (750.16 KB, 1440x1856, Screenshot_20221229_151604_Red…)

good afternoon I fucking hate men

No. 7112

That’s so fucking creepy.

No. 7115

>I then asked her if she knew who he was
He fucked up. He was actively participating and egging the girl on about a pornstar. Pedo teacher

No. 7116

Handmaidens being afraid of the one thing troons can't take away from us yet because they're too concerned with how they look for men should be discouraged from motherhood anyway. They just pass the mind virus on to their daughters.

No. 7126

Seeing shit like this makes me never want kids. The fact that men who think this way are allowed in such close proximity to children is appalling. I'm not a massive fan of Saudi Arabia but I really think that Western countries should adopt the 'public beheading' policy for sex offenders and pedophiles. Mandatory chemical castration at the least, perhaps.

No. 7130

The rise of extremist incelism especially in young boys is making me feel scared and depressed about the future of our girls that will have to deal with this. I don't want to have kids because I'm scared that if I have a boy he might turn out to be a shitty misogynist or worse but if I have a girl she might suffer and have to deal with this shit. So many men nowadays are so shameless about being predators too. It is very bleak.

No. 7131

Andrew Tate got arrested by Romanian authorities for human trafficking, rape and organized crime.

While it is great news, it horrifies me how many men were his fans to the point he became an internet celebrity. Millions of men looked up to a rapist and a human trafficker as their father figure.
And I bet none of these scrotes are ashamed either, probably convinced themselves it is yet another "feminist liberalist left" conspiracy against daddy Tate.

And soon there will be another figure like Tate to replace him and moids again will worship him.

No. 7148

Scary. It's blatantly obvious that he is getting off to more than just their "naughty conversations." Why do they always have to find some way to announce their sick perversions to others?

No. 7150

It's also very scary that his influence even reaches third-world countries here. I thought it was just a purely American thing but his influence knows no bounds, I even saw a fb page today (in my language) praising him.
One thing that's very funny is how Greta Thunberg mange to piss of men in any culture kek

No. 7151

Just wanna to say that men are so retarded and defensive about their porn. They think "amateur porn" is real. In addition, they believe that the women in porn are actually getting off, having real honest-to-god orgasms.

No. 7158

I've seen more and more Gen Z girls getting fed up with misogynistic bullshit including porn and troons. I kinda feel like Gen Z boys are going to troon out and/or rope when trooning is no longer a get out free pass for everything. They're so incredibly toxic and hateful that I really can't see them taking any other routes.

No. 7160

nonnies what should i do about my brother?

he is 16, lives with our sister, our mom and her wife. i have always had a great relationship with him and because most of his familial relationships are to women i've always thought that he had higher chances of turning out ok. but lately he has started getting into army shit, right winged stuff, wants to shave his head, get a gun. join the army etc.

my mom does not give a fuck and coddles him, but my mom's wife is concerned and believes that his classmates have introduced this shit to him (he goes to an alternative school because he has adhd and used to have bad social anxiety). also, his grades are terrible because he puts 0 effort in his work.

my mom coddles him and doesn't take anything seriously so she won't do shit about this. while i care about my brother i do not trust men and am afraid that his classmates will introduce him to even worse shit (and drugs) which leads to him becoming violent and hurting my family.

No. 7173

File: 1672444684922.jpg (674.24 KB, 1200x1797, 763139.jpg)

Shit that's too bad.
Just to address the army fetishizing you could try giving him a copy of Slaughterhouse Five, say it's a gory war book if that gets him to read it. If he actually reads it it might get the gears in his brain churning.
I don't really have any other ideas for you sorry.

No. 7180

Is it fucked up that I wanted to abort if my unborn child turned out male? Wife is pregnant with our IVF baby, and confirmed to be a girl. Over the moon joyful rn. We couldn’t be happier for our little girl.

But I was so paranoid about the chance our baby could be a boy. I see so many articles about men killing/raping/torturing their moms, and it terrified me for so long. If it’s a boy, that boy will grow up, and become a monster one day. A man can have the best childhood ever and still turn out to be a degenerate.

Wife and I genuinely had a talk about what we would do if baby was male. She’s radfem too, and agreed that there’s no way she was gonna carry a male inside her body full term. But thank God we got a girl.

No. 7186

In my experience, baby moids turn out exactly like the father. It doesn't matter how much a mother tries to influence him to be oNe oF THe gOOd ONeS. If the father is shit, then the son will be shit. If the father is a rare true Nigel-approximate, then so will the son be. A mother could abuse him every day of his life or spoil him like creepy boymoms do, but he will never be persuaded to chimp out. I believe that it's genetically dictated because of how immutable it is.

If I were you, I wouldn't risk having male baby unless you personally knew the sperm donor very well.

No. 7187


It was an anonymous sperm donor, but the facility is higher end and they don’t let any moids with severe mental illnesses donate, just in case it would spread to the baby. We just couldn’t choose the gender that baby would be.

I honestly feel so bad for boy moms. They have to raise their own natural predator, and no matter how hard they try, it will never truly be safe. Boys grow up, and they’re physically stronger at some point. I’ve heard moms talk about how they were never afraid of their kids until a son showed how easily they can hurt their mothers. I’d be terrified.

No. 7190

This is so true it hurts. Worst is that they seem so sweet and nice for so long and then at 16 there's a horrific overnight personality change and then bam, dad's home. For good. Upbringing never seems to override paternal genes. The y chromosome is a genetic disorder.

No. 7208

I’d like to see Azelia Banks eat that bald faggot up

No. 7210

I will never forget that mens entire retarded belief system boils down to achieving coom. They were born to coom and die.

No. 7221

File: 1672509812123.png (323.62 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221231-130109.png)

Scrolling through Twitter and found this. In the comments him and his male followers are desperately trying to convince people that men are more beautiful than women, because women "have to wear makeup". Don't go on his profile, you'll just be pissed off the entire time reading this man's opinions and misogyny.

No. 7226

I consider aborting male fetuses the same way as aborting a fetus that will be born horrifically deformed if it’s carried to full term

No. 7227

Now that's one way to come out as a raging homosexual if I ever saw it.

No. 7228

he is clearly a homosexual as most rw men.

No. 7229

Nothing truly opens my eyes like scrotes supporting an actual sex trafficker. First it was abuse, then rape, then child rape and now moids are out trying to convince everyone it was the women's fault they were trafficked. Reminds me of a moid I knew who kept claiming trafficked women were just "dumb girls who would do anything for a free drink"

No. 7236

Men chimpout so hard at this place for shitting on scrotes it's unreal, like they think getting anons to stop pointing out the violence and predatory behaviour expressed in 99.9% of men will make women sleep with them. Like the website stands in the way of their coom. They'd rather shut it down than you know, stop being violent hedonists who see women as things to use. It's a baffling strategy.

No. 7237

Was upset lately and my brother barged into my room and though he was comforting me by telling me that he had been through worse than I had and that I was wrong for believing that most men hate womeb. He proceeded to tell me that my persepctive was skewed when it came to this topic and started to pick a fight about Andrew Tate "saving his life". I want you all to know that men will ascribe these kinds of titles to actual human traffickers as long as they say some trite bullshit and slag women off. The world is bleak lmao.

No. 7238


Similar situation here. It’s so depressing when it’s family, because you realize, it is all men. Even brothers and cousins you’ve grown up with. Men can never be trusted. It’s so depressing

No. 7243

that's bc it's not a strategy.
most men can't plan. it's just "ooga booga must coom".
anything that gets in the way of their coom must be destroyed by brute violence. xy are retarded

No. 7249

Tell your brother he'll never be as rich or get as many girls as Andrew because he's a faggot beta who simps for men. Beat him at his own game.

No. 7350

I’ve reached a point of rage towards men where I will find hate comments from them on other women’s posts on Instagram or whatever (don’t use it for real, just a sock puppet account for cow watching) and just tell men to kill themselves. Not a simple kys, like a full alog. Not cows either, just random men posting random hate comments. I may be unhinged, and I feel bad for the normie woman’s accounts who have to see it, but it’s practically a blackout rage at this point. Fuck men, fuck their need to comment on every little thing women do, they need to all shut the fuck up.

No. 7377

Is there a way to make shit men avoid you? I’m getting more into spirituality and the idea of attracting negative energy like bad males legit seems like a given just being a woman. I’ve seen women who are elderly and with children being harassed, it feels like shitty men will just harass every woman they can and it doesn’t matter how spiritually enlightened you are. It almost feels like victim blaming too. Like on one hand I really want to know how I can minimize my chances of attracting such men for convenience and safety reasons but on the other, I recognize that it’s not our fucking fault that they harass us. Idk anons, what do we think?

No. 7379

1. be ugly. Not just ugly in the subjective sense either. Break your own nose if you are too pretty. Do not be too fit.
2. stop trying to look nice. No makeup, only basic grooming. No spicy fashion or makeup unless it's something matronly or something like lolita, apparently a lot of moids are triggered by it, just don't look too cute and wear some ringlets. Cover your body. If you wear leggings make sure you wear a shirt that covers your ass.
3. do not be outgoing. Don't smile, have a blank vacant expressions that shows everyone that you don't want to talk.
4. Do not ever show kindness or interest in scotes. give them one word answers, show no emotion, be dismissive. The only exception is some family members. Never be kind or caring towards outside scrotes.
5. do not have too many friends. Be a loner, look like a loser.
6. avoid going to social events like parties, bars, clubs or concerts.
7. have an autistic obsession with something moids typically don't care for like yaoi.
Hope that helped!!

No. 7380

but your answer your question seriously, i just think that's the curse of being an average looking woman. I tend to find they like anybody they deem easy in one way or the other or seems vunerable or very trusting of scrotes and not afraid of them and will talk back. Honestly, moids just ignore me so i can't give you a proper answer, i just got lucky because other women are better targets for them. truly repulsive women are very rare. Most women would probably prefer to deal with harassment then to take actions to prevent it because of vanity and because they still trust men. On top of that, nobody except some women take these men's awful behaviour seriously, there really is no solution.

No. 7381

I'm next to invisible to males. Don't think it's my energy because rando women always talk to me or ask me things like directions and to take their picture with their friends? It's prob just cuz I'm ugly, have an ugly body shape, deflated frizzy hair and bad posture.

No. 7384

This really doesn't always work. Ime they think I'm an easy target who must be so grateful for the attention. Men don't actually have standards. They'll always just take whatever they can get.

No. 7385

Youtube suggested a 6 minute bit of louis ck on pedophilia. Yeah I know he's "just joking" but something about these jokes combined with his track record gives me a bad feeling. But edgy men will never brook any suggestion that it's suspicious to be so casual towards this stuff even when couched in weak humour.

>men's biggest fear in life is being discovered as a child molester

>society is brutal towards pedophiles because we're scared of how pedophiles will always exist
>the current solutions don't work so why don't they make realistic child sex dolls
>it's a shame thr boy scouts are being sued out of existence due to child abuse
>they keep finding more pedophiles all the time because the best people at entertaining kids are pedos
>these are all meant to be punchlines
Hilarious. A comic genius. 6 long minutes.

No. 7386

man, he's really hellbent on outing himself as a piece of shit, huh? unfortunate bc he had that one decent bit about how men are the biggest threat to women and are dangerous. he's just getting more and more mask off and disgusting the more he's dismissed

No. 7395

I live in a big city and while it's not the most unsafe place, I go out at night with nice clothes: treat every man like he is a bum trying to get money out of you - pretend he doesn't exist, don't at him, look indifferent and bored, if any kind of interaction is started by him, remove yourself as quickly as possible from the situation as if you realized there was a bad smell. I am left alone 99.9% of the time when I do this, compared to when I let myself look happy and carefree in the street. Tbh it doesn't only work on men, also on women.

No. 7403

We could always just gas them??? Why do I get strong reactions to this oppinon kek??????????
I will pretty much never understand

No. 7405

Describes me. But i am actually happy and carefree when I go out with ruthless resting bitch face?

No. 7407

I think that the idea that men target women who must be grateful for the attention is completely over exaggerated. It would mean that uglier women get more attention than plainer or more attractive women. Men mostly still have standards. They do take what they get, but they still have options. What they see as dating down is dating a woman who isn't model tier and is plain looking or a little overweight. Not to forget that there isn't a shortage of pickmes vying for their attention in some manner. A lot of women simply never have to worry about being harassed by men and that's a truth you need to accept.

No. 7411

File: 1672880684700.gif (1.94 MB, 268x350, stray-kids-lee.gif)

>no one ever talks about how genuinely angry men get over attractive, beautiful men. It's hilarious

kek, ive been lucky to witness it a couple of times. The vitriol ugly moids display over the discussion of beautiful men is absolutely delicious. i hope felix ruins the day of many moid lurkers

No. 7412

he looks like a chinese lesbian. i still agree with you

No. 7413

I never said they prefer to target ugly women. I simply meant there are different predators filling different niches using different strategies.

Standards and preferences are different. Preferences create a ranking system of who is more attractive to harrass but standards would mean refusing to go below a certain ranking. Men tend to have preferences but no standards. They will always sink as low as they need to.

I don't know why saying this would be controversial. Were you brought up with the idea that harassment is a compliment? A sign of your superiority to other women? Or just hoping there's a way out? I'm sorry to tell you as a fugly and now older woman that there isn't. They will harass ftms with mutilated chests if they think there's still a vagina there. Attractive women get noticed more and it's more acceptable among men to be seen hitting on them but in their absence, when no other man is looking, everyone is fair game. You may as well enjoy looking nice rather than downgrade yourself because of moids.

No. 7415

It was especially noticeable a few years ago with mens feral hatred of pretty boy types popular with the young women their pedo selves fetishize, such as boy bands, people like justin beiber or edward cullen (when focusing on him being a soft sparkly pretty boy). Men seethe when the truth that some women prefer handsome 'girly' (as in soft, sweet, handsome men their own age) rears it's head, especially when they are the kind of women men want, such as young women.

No. 7416

>And that's a truth you need to accept

>Not to forget that there isn't a shortage of pickmes vying for their attention in some manner.

Sounds like you might be one of those pickmes anon.

Throwing women under the bus because they're 'unharassable' to some scrotes and are somehow coping because of scrotes simulateously skyscraper-high expectations and those expectations of dank mud puddle is some bizarre shit.

I see the point anon was making, I don't see yours.

No. 7426

I can't stand my sister sometimes. She and her husband moved to my moms house and i barely see that man doing home chores. She always comes to the excuse that he is working so he can't when the work actually its just work from home while my mom has to work at a kindergarten and she still does house chores. Pathetic, honestly piss me off. She treats that grown man like a little kid. He's useless.

No. 7427

just sitting here thinking about how the death penalty doesn't go far enough for moids who kill women

No. 7437

Nope, i was simply brought up around scrotes who expressed their disdain for me and the notion that somehow that this isn't true is gas lighting. When it comes to scrotes we don't have one universal experience. The reality is that most women outside radfems do find the cat calling and flirting to be a compliment and will go out of their way to shame other women for not seeing it this way. My issue is that you are trying to push a narrative that everyone has the same experience when it's not like that at all. Personally, i don't worry about random crackhead males cat-calling me or following me home because in all my life of living, it hasn't happened and plus there are other women who are easier targets and will entertain them. i'd say my opinion is the one that's controversial imo because i always get into arguments into people about this, i don't like people telling me my experiences are fake. I am just lucky enough not to fit into a niche that these coomers have and a lot of women have the same luck too.

No. 7438

You're so fucking retarded i swear to god. You literally have no reading comprehension, just because you want to decide how other women think or feel on their behalf to fit your narrative. I've never been harrassed by scrotes and never will. Sorry if you have that issue, i don't think it's a good thing, but apparently i need to fear getting raped or straight up get raped in order not to be a pickme.

No. 7446

I have the same experience as you, not once has it happened. I have worn all types of stuff, too. Was told that I should be happy about it because I had felt so insecure (dumbly) and then when I was finally happy about it, I got dogpiled, kek.
I wonder if men being selective ever or paying more attention to cues of vulnerability just makes her uncomfortable. Some women do actually get more invisible depending on how they present themselves, not all, and we're so used to being blamed for mens' desires that it's natural to just want to shut it down instead of acknowledging not all women have the same experience…like a form of awkward solidarity.

No. 7457

File: 1672968584131.jpeg (513.92 KB, 828x1314, AAADC5B8-1F51-4601-A7AE-3543BD…)

No. 7458

File: 1672968677474.jpeg (126.21 KB, 701x423, A6150A8F-C5BA-4BEC-9A33-47EDB1…)

No. 7463


>but apparently i need to fear getting raped or straight up get raped in order not to be a pickme.

Nah, just don't write other anons like >>7413 off then go on a chimpout about randoms

No. 7465

I'm sorry I didn't mean to say you had to have experienced it (although I think it's weird to claim to know you never will in future), just that what I said is not exaggerated and that telling other women that they can guarantee being left alone by making themselves less conventionally attractive is bad advice (earlier posts said this, possibly not you). It's not in our control and the difference in our experiences is likely due to too many complex interacting factors to pin down. I do think your experience is atypical and lucky and I definitely don't want you to live in fear.

No. 7467

People get doxxed by such tiny clues online, surely someone can figure out who she is before creepy channers do. She could be warned and I bet it's easy to identify the creep at work.

No. 7476

Thank you anon, I didn't mean to give the idea that "ugly girls" can't get harassed by moids, my experience is probably atypical so honestly that kind of stuff is not on my mind, i am more afraid of a random scrote breaking my car because that's far more likely for me, especially since i do not talk to scrotes outside of group settings like family gatherings or get left alone with them.

No. 7481

>scrote who works at a kindergarten in my city was just arrested for molesting one of the kids
Yes! Keep hiring men to prove that not all men are like that! Who cares if half of them end up raping kids? We got to prove that the other half are Very Good Guys (for now).

I'm so fucking tired. And why are so many gym teachers moids? A woman can't teach some kids to play soccer and run laps? I had 3 different gym teachers during school, and they ALL leered at the preteen girls. In no way did I hate men at 12 years old, I just knew I got a bad feeling in my stomach when the teacher looked at us.

No. 7483

File: 1673024300885.jpeg (Spoiler Image,557.19 KB, 640x680, 3AAF0D21-8F23-429E-96BB-3E76A7…)

Picrel is why I think men deserve to be raped, and if I witnessed a man being brutally assfucked by another man and begging for help, I would simply turn a blind eye and mind my business.

No. 7484

this is hilarious, I laughed out loud

No. 7485

samefag, the pooping bit is a protip though

No. 7486

heard someone mention on youtube that a young woman was r*ped by 44 men/boys and they didnt get punished, I turned off what I was listening to immediately and havent gotten that single sentence out of my head for days. I hope she is okay today. Never show mercy.

No. 7487

What part of it is hilarious? And no, it isn’t a pro tip, you must be fucking retarded. You think a man who’s willing to rape a woman is scared of a bit of shit? They will literally beat you to a pulp and then urinate on you. Every time women are raped, their lives are in danger. How fucking dense are you? This is why so many women can’t fight back. They are frozen with terror and clinging onto any chance that they might be shown mercy.

No. 7489

I would record it and upload it on pornhub. But yeah those sex-obsessed beasts can't truly be raped or be traumatized from it.

No. 7490

can the world provide even 1 example of a woman kidnapping, raping, and killing a male child? i doubt it. then remember how men doing that to little girls is so common people can liten to a podcast about it while folding laundry and not feel sick to their stomach. truly, abort men before theyre born, so my sisters may kno peace

No. 7492

There's these billboards all around my city that say something like "boys are victims of human trafficking too". I know it's supposed to raise awareness and all children are effected but damn, way for an organization to acknowledge no one cares about this unless it's about males

No. 7494

Don’t think we need more awareness since all I hear about is the Catholic boys when a fourth of the kids affected in that incident alone were girls. Not to mention the countless women and nuns.

No. 7496

Came across this youtiber called Social engineer who blatantley brags about manipulating women and making software to make getting laid easier for men. I think women should know the extents of depravity men will go to to get their dicks wet and how often they lie about stupid shit. Here are some of his shorts



Guy also makes apps that track influencers' relationships and apps thst prevent people from cheating. Sometimes it scares me how shallow people are and how far away from civilization i would like to go. What is the point when the basis for most human interaction so fake?

No. 7497

Anon do you live in Georgia? I’ve seen those everywhere in my city as well kek
Are you retarded? The moid would probably chimp out and become violent or force you to eat your own shit. As the other anon said, you try to comply to save your life in that situation. You don’t know if the moid will escalate to murder and you pray for any mercy.

No. 7498

We should normalize men being ass raped. Personally it's priority of mine. The only fetish I'll ever have is seeing males humiliated and degraded.

No. 7499

File: 1673083515831.jpeg (24.94 KB, 275x274, girlboss.jpeg)

Based, ily sister.

No. 7500

Being on 4chan from a young age pinkpilled me so much ,women simply do not behave like this.

No. 7502

I wish female writers would create more shows or books where men get raped. Just like how men have game of thrones and other shows like this. A great book that does this is Outlander the male character allows a man to rape him to save his wife.

No. 7503

I'm going to read Outlander just because of you, nona, thank you.

No. 7509

You see it a lot in fanfiction, but sadly it often ends in some kind of a stockholm syndrome-y romance plot, at which point I have to stop reading kek. I save all the good ones with the purest, distilled suffering. If FBI searched my computer they'd find a (too small of a) folder of deranged but beautifully written shit.

No. 7510

lol nonny the male characters get to spiel about how hard it is being a male getting raped while the female characters get raped for shock effect and just move on like nothing happened. you ain't gonna get what you want out of outlander

No. 7511

File: 1673105582326.jpeg (180.97 KB, 880x1266, A029141D-FAA7-44CC-B697-945785…)

This guy is based. He raped literally hundreds of bri’ish men. Such a shame he’s in prison and I hope he can be replaced. Post your favourite Scrote-humbler, nonnas.

No. 7512

The only male rape scene I was ever upset by was the one in Scum. The rest of them, I literally pissed with laughter over them. Pulp fiction? Hilarious. Deliverance? Hysterical. If anyone has any more please let me know, males being raped is fucking hilarious.

No. 7514

No. 7515

File: 1673106520330.jpg (14.53 KB, 400x400, v6TwZ-vX_400x400.jpg)

what reality do you all live in ? we get taught that both men and women both get raped in my country, its something you get taught about when your young, I'd say probably more adult women are raped while the male victims are primarily young boys, patriarchal civilizations have been talking about the fond
let me warn you, there’s too much rape in that show for my taste, there's only one male rape scene and the rest are all women being raped or almost raped

No. 7519

File: 1673109439628.jpg (419.63 KB, 1064x1596, MV5BODcwNWE3OTMtMDc3MS00NDFjLW…)

I have such a love/hate relationship with One Piece, simultaneously a 10/10 comfort series, and a 2/10 pile of hot sexist garbage. Oda has very little respect for women and it's become increasingly apparent as time goes on. Male characters outnumber female characters by an unbelievable margin. Men vary in age and show an extraordinary range of body types and features. Female characters, meanwhile, are either hot or the butt of the joke. Female characters get skimpier and skimpier outfits and more outlandish proportions every time you blink.

No. 7520

I hate this anime so much. Not only is the art style hideous but the plot is absolutely retarded and all the characters are annoying.

No. 7521

The world is massive and unique. There are tons of great and memorable moments. It's such a fucking shame Oda's bias is so apparent.

No. 7522

No. 7523

isn't that like 90% of yaoi

No. 7524

It's infuriating, honestly. I wouldn't care so much about the 'every female has to be hot or she's a joke' rule (fucking standard for anime) if it wasn't for how incredibly diverse and crazy the male designs are, and the fact that Oda clearly thinks there's only ONE type of attractive body, which happens to be completely unattainable even for the hottest women irl. Even the most degen coomer mangaka tend to draw a variety of attractive female bodies to appeal to a wider audience.

One Piece is very hit and miss to me in general- very funny, endearing characters, great long term plot planning, but utterly repetitive and boring arc structures.

Anyway HxH is my favourite for female designs in battle manga. There aren't many women but Togashi doesn't seem to think they exist solely to be hot when he does include them. Eg- Senritsu is one of kindest portrayals of a blatantly ugly female character I've seen in the genre, Komugi is a snotty blind girl but is treated with respect and is a love interest, Palm gets to be unhinged but developed very thoroughly.

No. 7525

There's this and the 10 year old who shot his mother in the face because she didn't buy him a vr headset. He ordered one on amazon after killing her. No productive conversations come from this, because who's to blame a child? Brain abnormalities and disruptions in development are meant to be the bigger indicators of a child's actions over intent they legally don't have. So far blame goes immediately to the parents but the vr woman already knew her child was violent, had him in therapy, and had cameras in the house to watch over him. Not sure about this family. I don't think it matters as much as people focus on it, children have a world of exposure to violent materials independent of what their parents do. Girls already get bullied and sexually harassed by boys at this age in school. Teachers online talk about how kids threaten to kill teachers, punch staff in the face, and have terribly short fuses recently. Violent boys were always an issue and have the newer shortcomings of the world to fuel horrible things like this.

To be reductionist for a second, I'd never want a male child. Already prone to being shitty but only he's not beating me at age 17, he's shooting me at 10.

No. 7532

File: 1673140761285.png (586.55 KB, 450x660, FkqlxL-VUAEpE2B.png)

Is it bad that this is the only nekketsu manga I still enjoy despite the overinflated arcs? Part of me wishes we could still delete the male author and replace it by a female one so we could keep everything minus the retarded fetishes and sexist bullshit.

Also freely shit post on Blackbeard raping Koby and Law because it triggers moids and the shitposting among OP fujos is funny.

No. 7536

File: 1673147654143.jpeg (244.12 KB, 1318x934, B968F82C-7DFC-4D9E-B8A5-75B499…)

Men are too emotional and hormonal for politics.

No. 7537

More degrading, extremely violent, unredeemable, despair inducing, pointless rape of moids in media would satiate a great deal of closure in many women. I think it could theoretically sell well, we don't know till we try! After all moid rape is unheard of in media as compared to how normalized moids have made it for women.

If anything else it would lend to an original story telling mechanism that subverts the common inhuman coomer moid expectation. The biggest obstacle to this is that I believe women are instilled a niceness that prevents them from tapping into this bloodlust to see men destroyed, we could easily alleviate this in part by women piquing.

Yaoi and the prevelence of rape in moid fiction is largely an offshoot and extension of prexisting unwritten rules in weab media of the completely degrading treatment of women in ficiton and a success story of normalizing moid rape hence moids wanting to obliterate any traces of it under the guise of 'homophobia'.

But unfortunately, because much women write Yaoi it usually is stereotyped as gentle and lacks moid rape. And the argument that 'women wouldn't like it', and 'it wouldn't sell' is bullshit. Look at the mass amounts of abhorrent shit that don't sell to women but women are forced to consume anyway due to there being no other options.

Moid writers want to exploit the hell out of women and randomly insert female rape scenes into their plots under the guise of realism, how bout we even the playing field a bit?

No. 7538

nta, but yeah it kind of is. There is a lot of consensual non-consent, but at the end of the day, the uke still enjoyed it even if he is in denial about it. There should definitely be more rape in yaoi though, it's the perfect medium for this.

No. 7539

It would be funny if I didn't know there's too many moids who actually believe it

No. 7540

I wish there was a radfem out there who was willing to be the 100% unapologetic pinkpilled chiral image of Andrew Tate.
The sexist retards that make up the "manosphere" are a dime a dozen for obvious reasons (moids can be assholes & bigots publicly & will face little criticism from it - often they're idolized instead). But there's gotta be a vocal radfem out there who is willing to endure cancelling in order to get the good word out to the tiktok generation.
We should use all of their same tactics against them so that they can't complain without poking holes in their own worldview. Call it Bad Bitch Ballbuster University or something kek. Refuse to interact with or debate with moids in any capacity. They are overly emotional & incapable of rational argument. Speak only to other radfem interviewers. Besides that, exploit tik tok/youtube algorithms to spread the message to young girls like wildfire.

There is no way for males to get mad about any of that shit without admitting that they have also been propping up & encouraging sexists of their own (Tate, Peterson etc) for years now. Their one-sided deities have been targeting & radicalizing young men with very little pushback. Tate is only getting a bit now because he crossed the line into criminality. School-age boys still love him and parrot every word he says, disrespecting their female teachers, calling them slurs & spouting off stereotypes. None of the males are willing to do anything to reel in their own.

If you read any reddit thread about the recent growing resurgence of misogyny in young men, the consensus among moids always swings back around to it being women's fault somehow. If they're not blaming single mothers for "raising their sons wrong", they will instead claim that these ~vulnerable young men uwu~ have been told by Big Bad Feminism that they don't have feelings or some shit. And somehow this excuses the disproportionate level of male violence.

Women have been unhappy for MILLENNIA. We have experienced much worse bigotry & much more restrictive expectations than they have for MILLENNIA. We have been kept as slaves since the dawn of civilization. We have only achieved (relative) freedom in the last <100 years. And yet you don't see women shooting up classrooms full of moids. Hmm, curious. You don't see us committing familicide, nor going on femcel murdering sprees targeting frat houses.
The second that scrotes experience 1% of the unhappiness that women have endured for millennia, they go completely fucking postal. When women are unhappy, we self-reflect. We often internalize, or blame ourselves. If we harm anyone, it is ourselves. When men are unhappy, they murder and rape. They externalize it & make it everyone else's problem. If a moid is unhappy, no one is allowed to be happy.

And because women are no longer slaves, a large portion of inferior males (who never deserved to mate in the first place) are now left alone. The incels are lonely, boo hoo. They have been trying to paint the solution out to be some sort of return to patriarchy to keep the men happy & the women unhappy. The real solution that accomplishes the greatest good for humanity as a whole is obvious.
The low value men need to be culled. They are a danger to everyone around them. They provide nothing to society to make up for it. Only violence & an undeserved sense of entitlement.
Men follow a bimodal skill distribution anyway. Cull the lower half.

No. 7541

Samefagging to say that I nominate Azealia to be our radfem-Tate.

No. 7542

Lol when I mean moid rape I don't mean the the nice sanitized fantasized Yaoi kind that women usually depict where there's an inkling of enjoyment. I mean brutal shit to level the playing field. I mean moids bleeding from their ass being ass raped.

There is no unambiguous 'rape culture' there's a women rape culture, where rape is synonymous with being female because of moids.

What we need is a men rape culture where men are only raped by women and other moids.


>The low value men need to be culled. They are a danger to everyone around them. They provide nothing to society to make up for it. Only violence & an undeserved sense of entitlement.

Men follow a bimodal skill distribution anyway. Cull the lower half.

If we are just animals moved by animal intstincts like in the animal kingdom, shouldn't moids be ripping at each other and culling the population of moids so only alpha moids are left like so many mammal species.

I for one, support this. Let the females of a species sit back and watch them massacre each other pathetically like the animals they say they are. When the human population is culled of moids by sheer numbers the remainder will be easier to monitor and control so as to prevent their 97% rape and murder moid destinies.

No. 7543

Hmm, I was about to suggest that we bring back gladiators as a mandatory rite-of-passage. Upon further thought though, I think this would result in the most violent male genes being passed on.
In order for us to truly stamp out male barbarianism & to ascend as a species, women will need to take the solution into our own hands. Having women choose their ideal mates for themselves is a good start. But as we can see, that also results in the undesirables being unwilling to accept their own genetic inferiority & taking their anger out on superior humans. Instead of encouraging further male violence by having them eat their own, I think that we should be more clinical about it. Simply put to sleep any male who demonstrates undesirable traits.

No. 7544

This exactly is the problem with radical feminism, its always retarded fantasies that will never happen, you have to get out of fantasy, your just as ridiculous as Posadasists
see >>7515

No. 7545

File: 1673160366454.jpg (96.76 KB, 660x660, hF7FB2DDE.jpg)

I wouldn't say never, but yeah I agree that it's clearly not a plausible direction in the near future.
My main aim in proposing this hypothetical utopia is not to suggest that we should euthanize the inferior men starting tomorrow. Moreso, I'm suggesting that we start exposing young women to this sort of radfem rhetoric & start spreading these sorts of alternative ideals in the same way that Tate et al. have spread their own radical misogynist rhetoric to young men. Use their own tactics against them. Hold up a mirror & show them their own radicalization, as well as the inevitable flipside of it. Expose more young women to alternative concepts that might help them navigate through the freshly minted droves of misogynist young moidbots, who are actively trying to poison their minds & who seem to be multiplying.

If you have any other ideas on how to tackle the growing male radicalization problem, I'm all ears.


Unironically diving into this rabbithole now kek. Thx nonnie.

No. 7546

File: 1673162006068.jpeg (27.88 KB, 920x448, FlHuIldaEAAv5uM.jpeg)

A little late but gets me every time.

No. 7547

The issue is the fact that any ideology that doesn't go out if its way to have mass appeal is ultimately worthless, not limited to radical feminism mind you its a problem with most post-Marxist ideologies in general
radfems have this tendency to exclude women, such as women with husbands/bfs they love, women with sons, women who like their dads, religious women, like it or not these are the majority, appealing to the fringe gets you nowhere in life, all you'll end up with a meme page with a thousand years(at best) and that's it really

No. 7548

always about the nigel isn't it can't let insane bitches have our male hate threads you always gotta start whining for your retarded dads and sons and other worthless cocks

No. 7549

like has it ever occured to you idiot boymoms fatherdaughters etc malelovers of the world that sometimes you just wanna say "i wish men were forced to fight each other to death in a senseless blood rite lol" without it being some sort of activist action but you just wanting to vent shit.

you retards always expect perfestionism from women no women can't just post and vent for the sake of it no you gotta have the solution to millenium old problem with you until you can say "sorry but i think men are rather annoying for their violent and raping ways"

No. 7550

I want your bf to squeal like a pig.

No. 7551

File: 1673169398281.jpg (253.17 KB, 1240x1553, z6amfzieynaa1.jpg)

I don't have a bf or a husband or a son, I'm just asking to acknowledge reality
Globally, only 8% of women reach age 42 without giving birth to at least one child(this is including women who probably wants kids but can't due to health issues( Which means 9 out of 10 of the world's adult women are mothers, you can't ignore and alienate them

If you want your worldview to e anything more then an irrelevant academic meme ideology

No. 7552

cool story cocklover how about you do this somewhere else and let this be the man hate thread and not perfect feminist activism thread

No. 7553

To be fair it's hard to take your autistic ravings seriously when you're praising yaoi as a form of pinkpill. You sound like the bullied fujo from middle school trying to rationalize her only subject of interest.

You didn't say anything about boymoms needing to learn how to detach from their sons because sons are always problematic for instance.

No. 7555

wtf you talking about schizo.

anyway i know what you're doing, youäre nothing but a manipulative pick me who is pissed off at women expressing our hatred against your precious little men so you gotta come up with all this retarded bullshit to stop us from doing it.

boohoo, you're exclusing women! boohoo, your ideology is not popular! so fucking what, men are still shit. it doesn't matter if majority of women are malelovers, doesn't matter if radfeminism is niche ideology: men are still shit and us women can infact have a space where we can vent about it without it having to be some sort of show about our ideological perfectionism and purity. woman can hate men without being some feminist scholar who has all the solutions to women's oppression. you just can't stand seeing male hate and have to guilt trip women to stop them from expressing it.

No. 7557

That's a possibility it's essentially artificial selection instilled that results in sexual selection, but just culling the population of males in general will result in less net violence. The majority population of women can decide on what happens to the remaining moid gladiator winners seeing as they'll be easily outnumbered by women, it'd be tough to overpower a hypothetical matriarchal system with few moid numbers and less moid pundits spewing moid propaganda. The inverse is the current system right now.

>8% of women
And most moids are father's/brothers/sons, what's your point? That genealogy exists.

Hey, anon I'm the anon praising the analrape of men not the other anon you're attacking. And praising the analrape of moids does not a political movement make, pickmeista.

No. 7559

I know its a mnahate thread, the discussion was however trying to make rf more popular among the masses and I tried advising was by elements of mass appeal
nta but you are totally gonna troon out, wonder if you'll claim you had internalized misandry

No. 7560

NTA but I'm gonna hate men and praise them getting analraped AND do serious activism separate from the two aforementioned, while you spend your days reeing about women doing it wrong and letting fujos live rent free in your head while simping for ugly moids. think about that.

No. 7561

since i became an adult, i have dated 2 men, both unemployed. i don't know what it is about unemployed men, but they are just so spoiled and insufferable and have incredibly high standards to boot, my ex literally wanted an anime gf

No. 7562

Here’s pink pill material for you:

I’m very sick with covid, and having chest pain / heart problems due to that. My MIL chalked up my problems to “having panic attacks / anxiety” as her crusty son loves to portray me as a weak trembling woman with anxiety. I’m miserable, yet he’s not helping with the housework. I have to continue to do all housework to keep living in a clean house while my heartbeat goes up if I wipe the floors too fast. Yesterday I had a mild argument with her when she told me it’s most likely panic attacks AGAIN and I’ve lost it. I told her it’s very disheartening when women are told their cardiac problems are anxiety over and over again by medical professionals and people in their life and you can’t simply have two week long panic attack. She was upset that I gave a long ass answer and I’ll probably get yelled by my husband but I don’t care anymore.
I’m so done with this marriage. Fuck the trad society I live in that brainwashed me to get married. At least I can get a divorce tho, some women can’t even do that.

No. 7563

im so sorry for you nonny. did you live with him before marriage? you should always cohabit for at least a year before marriage.

i dont know barely any women who have married a decent man, this is why i will likely never get another bf. after what happened with my ex partner, i am terrified to date again.

No. 7564

I Never even said I was a fujo lol I said I support depictions of men being raped in media, but you've projected this opinion on the other anon as well as me so fuck it. I hate weab shit but appreciate giving moids a taste of their own ass rape medicine. As such I'll support Fujos and women doing their own shit if it fucks with moids.

I don't give two shits about trannies, and never brought them up once. I don't have internalized misandry anon; I have misandry and am appreciative of that in recognizing that 97% of rapists are moids, this isn't "internalized", its reality as you say.

Why don't you stop projecting your weird shit on random anons. First you accused another anon as being me (an apparent Fujo and internet activist) and now you're accusing me of internalized misandry whatever that means. Every person on the planet has internalized misandry anon, it would be impossible not to internalize the overwhelmingly sickening statistics of moids every day that makes its way on the six o clock news so much so that even moids themselves internalize this.

Apparently this also makes me a tranny somehow? I want to know the thought process that happens inside your mind. To address your point here >>7551 genealogy doesn't mean people cant hold opinions. Andrew Tate and his ilk are sons, brothers, and fathers and so too could women be active misandrists as much as men are misogynists.

Being married, having kids and being a mother doesn't designate a women unable to be critical and scornful of shit men. This is acknowledging reality. Having kids doesn't brand you unable to criticize moids. Women succumbing to patriarchal pressures only highlights the potential for change. Lesbian women also exist.

All this strange pickme coated dog shit under the guise of man-protection on the literal man hate thread of all places. You should really pick a better place to be picked anon, this is the worst possible place.

Lol this is also my position. Men being assraped isn't a political stance

No. 7565

I did! We were a supposedly progressive couple. He changed after he got money and has manosphere ideas now. Thank you for your support.

No. 7566

that's why they're unemployed they think work is beneath them

No. 7567

If they think work is beneath them they’ll think regular women are beneath them too. Even tho nobody wants them.

No. 7574

Sure Aydens, just casually watching male anal sex videos to own the moids

No. 7578

Kek mistake number one was listening to Vaush or his ilk in the first place. He literally looks at men who subscribe to mindsets pertaining to viewing us as subhuman and thinking "look how much women/the left failed these men". I never thought Vaush would actually become an MRA but he seems to be really leaning into that mindset nowadays now that everyone wants him to take responsibility for the shitty things he's said and done.

No. 7580

There really needs to be a book with
>interesting female characters with real personalities and motivations
>interesting interactions and complex relationships between said female characters
>moid love interest who's …idk good looking?
>only motivation for moid actions is that he got raped lol
You're almost making me write it. Like half of shitty scrote-written drama is basically that but with the sexes reversed.

No. 7581

No one's 'owning' anyone. That reddit moidspeak and clear projection of tranny shit makes me think you actually may want to look into that shit with yourself anon rather than projecting it onto others, well that and your incessent drive to shit on women.

Do moids 'own' women by having incessent rape of women in media? This is your logic; it's sick, its moid mentality combined with shaming other women. As much as you want to oddly defend moids being ass raped (baffingly), there has to be a better argument then just pickme deflection, and shitting on other women by othering them, with a healthy dose of random tranny shit no one brought up.

No. 7582

Do it, nonna. This needs to become a thing.

No. 7583

Someone needs to write a reverse Berserk ASAP where the demons are leaving women alone and just go rape and torture men.

No. 7584

sometimes I really do wonder how out of touch you all seem to be
see this is what I mean, the mc literally gets raped in the first chapters and we see a king who has a harem of boy slaves that he rapes
okay please explain this to me? either you are going to watch gay porn of men of fictionized rape and men fucking each other in the ass or go online for illegal video's of men being raped by other men on a darkweb website
the former is just standard fujoism and the latter is just illegal, so I don't get what you hope to achieve or even gain

No. 7585

>sometimes I really do wonder how out of touch you all seem to be
nah i'm good sis. not seething about women having creative hobbies is fun, actually. you should try it.

No. 7586

Nta but it's no surprise to anyone a genre which centers around men peddled by women for themselves fuels trannyism (aka self-hatred). Obviously, it's not the only – let alone the main – factor that fuels this phenomenon, but it's unrelenting reproduction is definitely not "owning the moids". Saying this, or disagreeing with anything you say, is not "shitting on women"; you are unhinged.

No. 7590

Please never trust scrotes with your secrets and trauma. To put it short I have been abused and beaten by my parents my entire life. My mother being mostly verbally and emotional abusive with occasional beatings while my father was/is a raging alcoholic with extreme anger issues that abused me in almost every aspect since he beat the shit out of me almost every single day of my life and choked, slapped, hit me with his leather belt most of the time. A year ago I joined an entire male friend group and we met up occasionaly. I stood there with two goog friends of mine (or atleast that I assumed) and we came on the topic of abuse while cooking somehow. My eyes started getting watery and I kind of started to cry. The nice one comforted me and spoke words of encouragement while the fucking parasite stood there and said little to nothing and just was curious "how my abuse was" and "if it hurt me" which fucking baffled me. Anyways the nice guy went out of the kitchen to wash his hands and I stood at the fridge to get something out of it. After I took the things I needed I turned around and saw this motherfucking parasite in front of me. He just stared weirdly at me while I was just looking confused at him and asked him if he needed or wanted something from the fridge. No answer. He slapped me across the face with a blank expression right after I talked about my abuse. I asked him what the fuck that was for and was just overhelmed in the situation since it was out of nowhere. His answer was "that he just wanted to see how it feels like to hit someone" and asked me "if it hurt me". I just looked in complete disbelief at him and just told him to fuck off. He started being normal again and apologized to me and that "he didnt mean it". After that I started to distance myself from him but never told anyone about this. It happened a second time after I cooked huge amount of dumplings from scratch for 4 consecutive hours in the kitchen with nice guy (while he was doing his own dish) with only help of others but not of parasite. After we plated evertyhing in the dining room the fucking parasite grabbed almost EVERTYHING I have cooked and put it instantly on his plate without the consideration of the other people. I told him to put stuff back since he literally almost took every dumpling there was and that its not nice of him to be so selfish. He told me that its fair since he is a vegetarian and that he MUST eat this in this amount since he is going to the gym. I started getting angry at him and took his plate away and told him to fuck off being for being selfish and an asshole to everyone and especially me since he also started to insult me. The other people that sat around us told him the same thing and he started getting really angry since he tried to take the full plate of dumplings again for only himself and I took it away a second time. This time he again waited for the others to leave the room and slapped me across the face. I just went into the kitchen without saying anything. But it doesn't end here since it happened another time! At a homeparty my friends and I sat at a table playing cards. The parasite joined us and sat himself directly next to me. A female friend of mine said that men are shit and will often cheat and abuse women to which other persons as well as I myself agreed. The conversation continued and while I was talking the parasite abruptly slapped me extremly hard in the face. The entire fucking ROOM went quiet and everyone looked in disbelief at me and him. I was so fucking fed up that I slapped him the hardest I could 4 times in the face and screamed and insulted him. He then started to threaten me that he will punch me again to which I in response slapped him multiple times in the fucking face, kicked him and punched him in the stomach. This ugly ass motherfucker was always complaining about "not getting bitches" despite being over 6' and rich as fuck. I wish I would have fucking spat at him and beaten his ass till the point of hospitalization. Hope this entitled motherfucker gets killed in an accident or ropes himself.

No. 7591

samefag forgot to add that they were other vegetarian dishes but he insisted to only eat my dumplings

No. 7592

Wow, I'm sorry that happened to you, nona; I'm actually speechless. I don't really have anything inspiring or deep to say, but I'm glad you finally got to beat the shit out of him. Imagine being such a husk of a human being that this scrote actually slapped you multiple times seemingly because he heard about your abuse. That moid is barbaric and lower than scum. I'm sorry, nona, I really, really am.

No. 7594

File: 1673208659581.jpg (136.81 KB, 771x1000, 14467811.jpg)

Reminder that this is original Abrahamic God, this is bumfuck tribal war god is who millions of Jews and Billions of Christians and Muslims worship, seriously its hilarious if you think about it

No. 7596

There's something seriously fucked up with that guy. You guys weren't even a couple yet he was so intimately obsessed with you and hurting you over and over again since the moment he knew you we're abused. Like he wants to hurt you emotionally specifically, to fuck with your trauma, evil as fuck

Hitting and slapping someone you don't even know that much personally, why? I just don't get it, the way he specifically targeted you jfc. I do wonder why you didn't distance yourself entirely from that group honestly, you didn't tell nobody what happened so you know them moids wouldn't protect you if you told them

No. 7603

What did the others do about it? Are you all still friends?

No. 7606

I got followed by 2 nasty redneck boomer moids through the grocery store today. When I stopped at a table in the bakery they walked up and stood on either side of me not saying anything, just sort of creepily standing there so I couldn't move to the left or the right. Finally one of them said, "What are you doin honey, you gettin a bagel sweetie?" I fucking hate how I react in those moments. I just feel this intense murderous anger but I'm afraid to do anything so I just pretend I didn't hear. I grabbed my stupid bagel and walked to the register with my head down and got the hell out of there.

No. 7610

i hate that those freaks put you in that situation, nonna. i'm so sorry. are you doing okay?

No. 7617

Very, very late reply, but the comic Invincible also has the male MC raped by an older woman

No. 7623

surprisingly its the only sexual comic in the entire comic, though Invincible has more decent female characters then the usual comics(not excellent enough but the female characters are competent, powerful and play a large part in the story)

No. 7625

I'm also good, and wasn't talking about illegal shit (though I won't knock women for engaging in illegal shit after taking glimpse at the overpresented moid crime statistics). I never claimed to make a political movement, like anon says; women can have hobbies frequently. Including hobbies that diverge from your approval.

>centers around men peddled by women for themselves fuels trannyism (aka self-hatred).
Lolno casually having a story about women where a moid gets ass raped then the focus returns back to the women and female characters is not putting strenuous focus on moids. The rape of women is but a footnote in most stories and the same occurs constantly in moid fiction.

Would you argue that moid fiction overfocuses on women and indicates moids self hatred and predilection of tranny shit? Of course not, it's just moids wanting women to suffer; the ordinary.

Nothing there would be hyper focused on moids and no self hatred for women would be there, only moids suffering and depicting moids hatred of each other. A welcome subversion of moid tropes. It poses a good point that various story telling tropes could be altered and form a new identity if adopted by women in such a way.

>but it's unrelenting reproduction


>Saying this, or disagreeing with anything you say, is not "shitting on women"

Correct, but anon chimped out 'disagreed' without wording why, it just struck a protective moid chord then proceeded to judge other women and accused them of tranny shit while tossing insults; ergo shitting on women.

>you are unhinged.

There's the shitting on women.

No. 7628

Watching gay porn is not a hobby, its literally precursor to yoy trooning out

No. 7648

yeah. I agree. Before the time skip, Oda was terrible at filling his world with women. Sure, there have been a number of prominent female characters (who have all been written quite well) but not many. Female characters have felt like a novelty. Most crews have at least one in the background, for no reason other than just because. There's two female vice admirals. One in the giant marine unit. But there's hardly any among the fodder. Watching Marineford, I barely saw any female petty officers on the front lines or pirate foot soldiers during that whole war. There were no female officers in WB's crew. None in Shanks crew either. No women among the 5 Elders and no female admirals past or present. In the pirate world, you've got one female emperor, one female warlord, and one female supernova. Think about that. Out of all the female pirates in this world only Bonny was skilled/strong enough to obtain a $100 mil+ bounty. That screams "women are novelty in this series" to me. Kuina's whole character was "I'm gonna be weak when I grow up cuz wahmen are weak," and Tashigi's is "I wanna be strong like man cuz I know wahmen are weak." That is BS writing on Oda's part. He's created a world with all these crazy designs and powers where biology shouldn't matter at all. Bonny could be physically strong enough to slap a giant and no body would call BS because she looks weak. Oda's doing a better job post time skip. We're starting to see more female marine and pirate fodder, we're seeing more of them as high ranking officers and lower ranking ones too. Maybe Oda's starting to get with the program thanks to his wife's influence

No. 7653

File: 1673292217190.jpeg (474.99 KB, 1082x1920, 1667374632291.jpeg)

Every single day moids trigger me with their undignified existence.
How can I protect my nerves?

No. 7693

Christ. I think it's usually a good idea to never give any man you don't know the time of day, but you never know when some crazed scrote is going to force the issue.

They also get off on making you uncomfortable, so if you have any reaction to try to get rid of them it's kind of what they want. They should just make female-on-male violence legal.

No. 7713

unfortunately this isnt only limited to moids, the majority of people if you tell them you were abused will then try to push your boundaries or abuse you too because they think you ''let'' others do that to you so that means they can do it too.
Its fucked up.

No. 7718

Good on you for beating the shit out of him after all that. He probably saw you as an easy victim after hearing about what you went through and assumed you'd just take it. This dude deserves torture.

No. 7720

Why are so many moids obsessed with mandatory paternity testing? Sure it seems good in theory, those "my woman is cheating every chance she gets" moids can shut the fuck up (although they'd probably just accuse the woman of sabotaging the results anyway), but it would be shitty in reality. Not only would local labs be overwhelmed but faulty paternity tests can cause a mass distress on a freshly postpartum mom and it could often make her lose her living situation with a newborn, it violates so many privacy and decision making laws, and having a mass record of every humans DNA is a terrible idea, not to mention it would add tons of money on insurance if not paid towards hospitals. Of course moids who advocate for this bullshit suggest zero plans to even make this possible since it's all about reminding women about how bad we are and how poor innocent men are always being hurt and they can't even be bothered to discuss anything other than "hehe women bad"

No. 7723

File: 1673385211849.jpg (66.8 KB, 719x910, w_null_2hfvw753m2aa1.jpg)

Incel car

No. 7725

Men love fantasizing about more masculine men sexually dominating them, cuckoldry is just their favorite iteration of this. It also tugs at their fears of how inherently worthless and replaceable they are, which is the root of said cuckold fantasies in the first place.

No. 7727

And the betas asking for the tests in the first place would inevitably kill themselves after failing said test. Lol, I wish women cucked men as much as men fear they do.

No. 7730

They really do, that's why they can only find women attractive that other men tell them are attractive. The way men discuss women they find attractive is so odd, it's like some weird debate and sometimes they can get weirdly defensive/offensive of "their type" of woman and why they find it attractive. They want other men to find "their" women attractive because the only way they can get off is if they imagine other men wanting to fuck/actively fucking their woman

No. 7738

>I will forsake all morals and convictions if I can't get pussy
>Sexual frustrations cause men to seek out extremist politics
Rational and logical!

No. 7749

I'm in a vinted (for those non EU folks:it's a large marketplace in Europe, like ebay but very simplier) group made up normally by cute ladies and girls and of fucking course moids came and flooded it for fetish-y requests like socks, used shoes, used tank tops…
Why are they like this??? I want to sell and buy cute clothes…

No. 7754

men using women’s clothing for their sexual highs are actually more common and approached than thought.

i’ve had the misfortune of seeing men online, through Reddit communities, posting and ejaculating on bras stolen from their sisters, neighbors, mothers and more. men enjoy wielding their penises as a threat in performance

No. 7756

I'm well aware that fetishistic moids are sadly into existing, but entering a group made mostly by young adult women and mothers trading children clothes and asking for their used clothing, when fetish sites and groups are there, is just vile.

No. 7768

I worry so much for my straight friends because they have to date their natural predator

No. 7770

It's funny how conversations with strangers reveal our preoccupations. One man wades into a fairly old debate in architecture with his personal take, and this guy can't truly engage. He sees some words he recognizes, but internally he's still a little kid seeing his mother naked in the bath one day. One day, like any other hundreds he's bathed with his mother, as parent and child, but this day he has realized that she is fundamentally different from him. Freud called it castration anxiety, but I think it's more like some sort of deeply ingrained neediness. The more the boy child grows up differently from the mother, the more separated he is from her unconditional love. This man has never progressed beyond not understanding why he can't come in the women's restroom with mommy any more.

No. 7782

Idk if any other artsy or non-white (?) nonnas in college have experienced this, but troons in public have always attempted to talk to me. I’m biracial and i’m a historic fashion lifestyler (20s-40s) and they almost always come up to me to offer a compliment or start a conversation. they assume based on either my identity or alt interests alone that I am a handmaiden and it makes me wanna vomit.
Today was particularly bad and one waved his hand in front of my face when i ignored his “excuse me” when he approached me at the cafe i was studying at, so i just got up and moved to a different seat. my blood is still kinda boiling

No. 7783

nonna you have a way with words

No. 7790

File: 1673553327465.png (38.84 KB, 618x365, impulsecontrol.png)

Fun fact about male biology: moids reach the impulse control level of a 10 year old girl at the age of 25.

No. 7796

File: 1673556838272.png (86.51 KB, 1205x819, impulse control.png)

>studying why males have more impulse control issues
>impulse control issues
They really twisted the wording of that in order to make men look good. Why not say the truth? "studying why men have less impulse control than females."

No. 7803

I hate how easy life is for men. My mother always picked me apart for eating a piece of chocolate because it will make me fat and ugly while stuffing my brother with various sweets and fast food and not saying anything bad about it. My parents never want to be seen or associated with me because I am not pretty and presentable enough for them despite my hardest efforts to look good, having good hygiene and dressing appropriate at a low to average weight. My brother on the other hand is greasy, stinky and is too lazy to even brush his teeth and will never be ugly enough for them while my parents keep me at a distance when going out since they don't want to be seen with me. My brother is failing his 9th grade and doesn't give a fuck about his homework, grades or school at all while being praised for the bare minimum of even attending it or getting the minimum score on a exam to pass it. Meanwhile I never got praised for anything in school despite being one of the top students in class since it was expected of me to do well. My parents always being greedy with money when it came to me as a child and my needs like clothes, food or entertainment (despite having the money to do so and even being too greedy to buy clothes on sale) and rather spending everything on my brother to buy him expensive luxurious clothing or having to rebuy his 5th fucking monitor or 3rd desk that he destroyed because of his extreme anger issues. The worst situations were when my brother fought with me out of nowhere (the reason being that my presence simply annoyed him) and summoned my parents to sic them upon me only for them to beat the shit out of me for hurting their beloved son while he always stood behind them mouthing that I deserved it and having the most evil grins upon his face witnessing all of this. One year ago I didn't have a bank account and had the little money I have gathered my entire life (since I never got any pocket money) hidden inside a little blue jewlery box. It was around 670€ that I kept there and it was all the christmas and birthday money I ever received from my grandparents or little cash I kept for myself after going out grocery shopping with the money my parents gave me. 1/2

No. 7804

My brother played on his Xbox Fortnite and FIFA religiously and had the account tied to the E-Mail adress of my father who received many transaction receipts (despite it being forbidden by my parents). When he looked into it I scrolled down the transaction list and noticed that is was quite long and started calculating the amount of money he had spent. It came to almost 900€ in transactions and ingame purchases in the last 1 1/2 years which he could have NEVER afforded himself (fun fact: I only found out through this that he had apparently gotten a sum of monthly pocket money secretly behind my back while I had never received anything). I still remember standing there and joking about how he must have stolen money from someone. Guess whos money it was? It was mine. I looked inside the shelf in which the little box with money was hidden and found out that it was COMPLETLY ransacked (which I never noticed because I only opened it for the sole purpose of putting money in). He stole 620€ and only left a 50€ bill inside. Fun fact he used a bit of the money on ingame purchases and the rest on an iPhone deal that he made a few days prior to the discovery. It was that my parents and him would split the costs 50/50 to buy him the newest iPhone. I had a huge meltdown and yelled at him for nearly two hours while my parents only got a bit louder at him and "confescated" his gaming equipment. On the same night my parents told me to stop "assaulting" him because what I am doing is not necessary and is only hurting him since its also not that big of a deal and telling me that I am overreacting. After this night I came back from school to find him gaming and raging at FIFA again because my mother accepted HIS apologies had the had dedicated to HER. I got the amount of money back from my parents but till this day never received an apology from him. When I demanded from him to clean up the ransacked and ran through area of my shelf he ignored me and shut his front infront of me. I told my mother to do something about it since he should ATLEAST clean up the mess he made inside that shelf. She told me to fuck off and stop bothering him and that I can just simply clean it myself. How can he get away without any real consequences and not even be held accountable for a single fucking thing? Started having a shouting match with her and had her have a huge meltdown in which she completly threw everything out of the shelves and slap me in the face for disrespecting my brother. He stood there and laughed again witnessing all of this only to go back to playing FIFA and nearly destroying his gaming setup again. He even ignored me for two entire months after the situation happened. After all of this I would always call him a fucking thief in arguments and disputes which made me parents fucking SNAP and instantly cap for him and tear me down on the spot with every insult they could find and sometimes becoming violent with me after comforting him.

I hate they way that I would always get beaten and abused in everyway possible because of the simplest and littlest fucking mistakes while he could and can always do whatever he wants. The things he have done range from insulting me, spitting in my face, beating and slapping me, to destroying everyhing around him in a 5 meter radius, to stealing my belongings and money to even making my abuse worse on purpose.

I have lots of more to tell but it would go beyond the scope. All of this lead me to my extensive hatred towards males and making me never want to have children or atleast XY retards. 2/2

No. 7805

Need to let it out
The fact that most women suck dick makes me see them as a monsters on the same level as men cause how are you capeble of doing something so evil and retarded.

All women are a traitors basically and have no female solidarity esp. All women who date men etc. are a traitors and patriarchy co creators who give men power over us. I genuinely believe that women nature isn't against patriarchy at all and it gets me labeled as some evil woman hater(yeah… Calling us Evil and fucked up. Exactly people love to hold us to some fucking retarded moral standards). While I'm not even wrong and it's not like I don't hate men. I'm a real kind of misandrist that could go whole life without seeing them and it wouldn't bother me because I have perceived them for who they are and to engage with them as a woman means engaging in a patriarchal dynamic cause male-female relationships are inherently patriarchal and as a female you are subjugated in them always and women worship this subjugation(because they are a masochists, it's not good neither it is a victimhood) and as an individuals we aren't free due to all other people we are forced to be one with this biological patriarchy and gender role our body is which is just a servant because male and female bodies aren't equal… They are a two different things. Equality doesn't exist. As a woman our role is so fucking obvious in this material realm. I feel enslaved and subjugated by all women and men. They brainwash us with their material nature and dominate us with the patriarchy and male worship.
Yeah. Male worship. The thing this whole world is about even our bodies. Women or men… They both create injustice and treat men(but men keep whining and being ungrateful but maybe thats better? What if they realized and appreciated all the male worship and women pickme nature?) better than us just because they are men while we are treated like a trash who gets punished for not wanting to get abused by this world and forced into silence and submission. This world is evil to us while men are treated like they are angels who sre never evil. Their evilness is always some kind of victimhood cause they are uwu poor babies. People literally call men good while no man cannot not be misogynistic. People basically admit that "goodness" can be a goodness even tho it sees us as subhumans just because we have a female body

No. 7806


They jizz on their own phone screens when turn on pictures of some women (esp women they know) on them.

I even saw a thread on some forum where men talked about cumming into peoples food.

No. 7808

Age gap relationships are incredibly black pilling. And they are basically natural. Men are extremely privileged in their existence. Theres suffering as a female vs as a male. And the 2nd is way fucking different.

Anyway… Age gaps. They are very mentally painful to perceive. Like this level of male dominance pleasure and worship being treated as normal is beyond fucked up.
But with age gap or not,
all hetero relationships are a male dominance and theres no such a thing as love or romance if women can't have it without their own degradation and het sex is naturally degrading.
Physical relationships are about a physical attraction and physical hierarchy that is unequal and fucked up and het attraction is pedophilic and abt male dominance and female submission and filthy sexual service to men like sucking dick for example. This the the "rOmAnCE" that's all.

The worst things about all of this shit is that if we dont tolerate all this patriarchy or men… All people turn their backs on us WHILE men still have harem of women ready to worship them. THEY have the power and we DON'T. It's so incredibly obvious.

No. 7809

Women who call men esp. Their bfs good are gaslighting us.

No. 7812

>The fact that most women suck dick makes me see them as a monsters on the same level as men cause how are you capeble of doing something so evil and retarded.
Stopped reading after this bs. I don't agree with it either but it's not even remotely comparable to the evil and suffering that moids promote. Retarded comparison, you could have used women who defend paedophiles instead or something.

No. 7814

Who else went through the “only friends with guys” to “XY chromosome is a disease” pipeline?

No. 7815

Majority of the time it's all about just doing whatever their internet daddy's told them anyway. When men do get the young girls they claim to love they treat them like shit, degrade them, nitpick their body, etc. When I was young and dating moids had zero issue telling me how disappointed they were I didn't look like a Kardashian with Pamela Anderson boobs essentially. When I got older moids think I'm perfect.

No. 7818

>All women are a traitors basically and have no female solidarity esp. All women who date men etc. are a traitors and patriarchy co creators who give men power over us. I genuinely believe that women nature isn't against patriarchy at all and it gets me labeled as some evil woman hater

i agree with u, but u blackpilled separatists and your constant whining all over this site is annoying as fuck. you cant seem to accept that the majority of women don’t want the patriarchy GONE they want it IMPROVED. you cant accept WOMENS nature! especially het attracted womens nature! why do you think radical fems like valerie were alienated in the radfem movement for having separatist beliefs?? and not wanting to beg “big daddy.” ? why do you think they never answer exactly why they keep going back to men even after finding out about their true nature?? its not just a patriarchy its a HETEROpatriarchy. men arent just put on a pedestal, the WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM ARE AS WELL. those women will always keep fighting to reform the patriarchy as they have for thousands of years, not only bcs they are attracted to men but also because.. they’re fine with how things are? and if you disagree they’ll accuse you of victim blaming because they refuse to acknowledge the cognitive dissonance here. they will come to feminists spaces to vent about moids, consume all the horrible news on what moids are doing or have done to women, trauma bond with other women like them then apply all the things they learned to their dating life (female dating strategy) and all that bullshit on “helping women pick better partners.”
andrea dworkin still ended up with a man, a man who uses her name to spread lies & a man who allowed her books to go out of print. if radfems like her still do it, ur crazy to expect or be upset that the average woman isnt abstaining from men.

separatists like YOU need to understand that YOU are the outliers. female liberation will never come bcs the majority of the female pop have completely diff ideas on what female lib actually is. they dont want it gone, they want it improved. so they can marry one, pop out his babies and tap out of feminism. why do you think these women accuse you of being jealous when you call them out for tapping out of politics? they are aware of the privileges het attraction brings and they dont want it gone. the end of the heteropatriarchy means that is gone. u need to accept that the patriarchy is a natural consequence of men and accept that the patriarchy isnt going anywhere bcs most women dont want it gone!

separatism will always be unpopular, there is a reason why most separatists were lesbians and if not lesbians, female attracted bisexuals. unless ur gonna invent a pill that turns someone into a lesbian, u need to start accepting that the patriarchy is not going anywhere, so you can MOVE ON and stop whining. bcs with acceptance comes peace.

No. 7822

Omg I hope someone cuts this mans dick and balls off and forces him to eat them. What a piece of shit. Nonnie I'm really sorry you went through this, I feel enraged just reading it. I wish someone there would've helped beat his ass with you. Truthfully if it were me I think I would've lost it in the situation and taken a kitchen knife to stab him, you are far better than me to not do that.

No. 7825


You just proved the point that was made. And women have no right to dictate our existence and what we are allowed to speak and what not. You admitted that they are a patriarchy but don't allow others to call them evil.

> accept that the majority of women don’t want the patriarchy GONE

What does accepting it looks like to you?
Blackpill isn't feminism, it's not about wanting to fight patriarchy but it's about acknowledging its natural cause they are entitled to the truth. They aren't your slaves or maybe they are, against their own will.
Women nature is brainwashing us and enslaving us in their patriarchy that you even admitted women want but then got mad at the blackpillers.

And you are the one who is whining at someone whos speaking the truth and thats also how the brainwashing happens. Through all of the gaslighting and dictating someone else's consciousness just because women are a dick suckers and the rest must obey it all.

>ur crazy to expect or be upset that the average woman isnt abstaining from men.

It's crazy and wrong to be upset at being denied your own mind and individual liberation? Because it's not about stopping them. But being allowed your individual freedom and truth. So shut you gaslighting cunt. Connect some things in your mind

No. 7826

Btw. Since the topic of age gaps is on.
This one girl just turned 18 a few days ago and then revealed that she's dating a 26yo fat moid with a child.
It's really harsh to see this extreme male dominance and power.
She's a famous person and nobody sees anything wrong with it. Women are retarded and I must mention that for years now I have been encountering grown women that don't even see anything wrong with teenagers dating old men. This is how stupid women are and this is why we shouldn't listen to anyone who isn't blackpilled

No. 7832

I slightly agree with this. My motto is to only interact with blackpilled women but if a normie woman truly needs my help I will help her, so I can sleep at night. Other than that, hearing women like my 24 year old coworker saying “I want to be a housewife” after she was just cheated on by her boyfriend of 9 years just reaffirms my belief that some women are not worth my time or energy to redpill whatsoever and I simply do not care anymore nor should women be forced to care

No. 7833

Well done you for turning the man hate thread into your personal blog about how you're not like other girls and how much you hate other women. I'm willing to bet the reason women don't have your back irl is because you're obnoxious, not because it's "women's nature" to be traitors. So glad this board is unhidden now so we can be treated to this untreated autism like every other moid-infested image board.

No. 7836

in marxist theory the common idea is that the classless society can only be obtained through the dictatorship of the proletariat (thesis + antithesis = synthesis). so why is it that no one wants to apply these dialectics to the patriarchy? the patriarchy is such a strong structure that the notion of a "reversed" society is completely unthinkable to most people, hence why dumbasses sperg so hard whenever the roles are reversed and a man gets abused by a woman or whatever. but in the end that might be needed to obtain real gender equality.

No. 7840

>manhate thread
>pedo scrote rapes a girl
>you say random women are retarded for not magically being able to stop a famous pedo scrote instead of blaming the man

No. 7847

Don't pretend you didn't understand what she meant. A lot of women who advocate for pedophilic themselves probably have never had an encounter with it. Even with women who have been a victim to pedos and they refuse help profusely, unfortunately you just have to give up on them. If you try your hardest to explain to them that it's wrong and that they need help and they don't listen, what exactly are we to do? Some women are doomed to forever worship moids no matter how hard we try. Women are not always helpless victims them they lead other women to their demise and judging the shit out of them as you would a moid shouldn't be an issue.

No. 7849

File: 1673657529325.jpeg (158.51 KB, 1080x1110, menagelikemilk.jpeg)

No. 7851

i really wish men would actually go their own way and stop subjecting women to their perversions

No. 7853

Your shitty English and weird writing style make you stand out and it's awfully easy to tell which replies are yours. You've been writing your shit takes all over /2X/ arguing women are somehow worse than men and therefore don't deserve being helped because they're "worshipping men".
Your argument is that women don't deserve anything because they don't help each other but you then turn around and tell us to give up and not help women. Take your pills and gtfo.

No. 7866

I am legit disappointed by MGTOW's false advertising. And stories like this really show how giving men all the porn they want doesn't give them "an outlet", like coomers claim, but makes them worse. I'll bet he wanted to upload the footage for other moids who would still want to escalate to the same kind of offending.

No. 7885

I remember this video or GIF some scrote uploaded to the site of himself nailing his dick to a board ages ago. I hope Blaine takes inspiration one day and creates a home video like that to upload to the farms instead of cp next time. I'd also appreciate if any of the other scrote posters posted self mutilation over their dozens of reddit spaced blog posts nobody wants in the threads. Imagine coming to anonymous threads and thinking everyone cares about how your life compares to a lolcow or your reworded summary of opinions already said in the thread. The narcissism just seeps into everything doesn't it?

No. 8621

File: 1674079686025.jpeg (110.83 KB, 569x368, CF2BF313-E515-47B8-B03B-07A79C…)

Hello nonas, ignoring the annoying kiwisharts spammer, I’m dropping a daily blackpill lest we forget what Ys really think of us. I’m going to keep strengthening myself and gonna purchase a firearm soon, because these moids are waiting for the day when they can rape and abuse us and our sisters and daughters

No. 9299

File: 1674248854899.jpeg (178.14 KB, 748x571, 383641AE-1346-41F5-A15C-C82CBF…)

excerpt from book “the pussy” by delicious tacos. reminds me of how moids will go on raping sprees when society collapses, when wars happen etc

No. 9303

Men really do just project kek. Men never take responsibility for their actions, it's why we have so much faggy racesperging and jewsperging from rightwing scrotes, they refuse to accept the problem is the retards are always male, and that most white scrotes are the ones committing society destroying masshootings same as the retard gangbangers, etc. It's always men, don't see women of x minority acting like degenerate retards like you do scrotes. Scrotes are even responsible for tranny shit from being coomadicts to dumbasses unable to accept they're homosexual because fellow scrotes have declared gay men lower on the hierarchy or retard male respect. Violence and degeneracy is always male created/lead.

No. 9319

How do we live in a society that allows this shit to be published? Why doesn't anyone say anything about this shit? This is fucking bleak.

No. 9320

Moids like this should just be castrated with a dull, rusty knife.

No. 9327

File: 1674318143634.png (94.43 KB, 1114x691, kevinwongisapedo.png)

Was just trying to read shit about Tekken and I discovered this. God I hope this creep doesn't write for a living, or lives anywhere near children. This is one more reason as to why I fucking hate "video game journalists", as well as men in the industry.

No. 9328

that character has always been pedobait, I side eye anyone who plays her and any female character other than anna or nina

No. 9329

That's creepy as fuck. And I just saw that yes, this guy Kevin Wong is still working for the site he wrote that "article" on.

No. 9330

I know too many moids whose coddling boymoms didn't teach them how to clean anything, much less that cleaning was something important. I know 2 moids who keep their house clean, only 2. One is gay. The other one's first girlfriend verbally abused him for being dirty and forced him to learn how to clean. This moid's mother always told him that he would meet a woman who would clean for him and never showed him anything. Based ex gf.

No. 9334

File: 1674377442743.jpg (830.51 KB, 1832x1392, 1551799529403.jpg)

No. 9347

Boomer scrotes are such whiny piss babies and assholes to restaurant staff, especially if they're women. A few months ago, I went to one of my favorite spots to eat and there was this old scrote whining about how they can't be seated when there's so many tables to the hostesses. Then he just kept getting angrier and angrier about it, complaining loudly and stomping around the waiting area. His wife was completely ignoring him. Probably used to tuning out all his shit by now.
I went to the same restaurant last night, and the same thing happened again with a different boomer! The hostesses kept telling him that they can wait at the bar, like at least 4 times. He kept looking at his wife and yelling at her "Guess we'll just have to WAIT then! They won't seat us at these OPEN tables!" He paced angrily around the wait area then. Why did they both fucking do that? And finally he asked the hostesses "can we sit at the bar so we can AT LEAST have something to drink?!" Yes, you fucking asshole. She told you that you could already. Fucking manbaby. The wait wasn't even that long without a reservation. I waited less than 15 minutes for 2 people. Me, me, me generation combined with scrotism is actual retardation.

No. 9352

Maybe this belongs in another thread, but I hate that it's "fetishization" to admit I used being a fujo in my teens as a means of exploring my sexuality. In practice this meant roleplaying and cosplaying male characters with female friends in order to be intimate with them in a way which was…somewhat acceptable, or at least didn't involve admitting attraction to girls/women.
Yet men, who are known to assault women and lesbians to a degree far, far higher, are not regularly accused of such things when they experiment with presentation via drag. And men who enjoy yuri of course are all eggs or whatever.

I understand that being into yaoi is cringe and luckily I did grow out of it (and most of my attraction to men, 100% to the real ones), but LARPing as a male character has little material difference from drag and yet the former is bigotry now. If anything it's more private since there's no performance.

I'm grateful at least to have carved out a little space online where there are other women who are able to joke about yaoi and other late 00's to early 10's weeb shit.

No. 9366

This sort of BDSM stories exist and are mostly written by men. But are just BDSM, not actual worldbuidling stories

No. 9373

>because they have to date their natural predator

I am straight woman and what many women do not realise is that…they don't have to.

Tons of moid propaganda about women growing up bitter and alone but:

1) Actual female friendships are much more deeper and rich than male ones
2) Women are better when it comes to participating and building a community
3) Energy invested on a moid (and trust me tons of energy is invested on a moid even if you do not realize it) can be invested into other stuff that is much better for you.
4) So emotional stuff is covered, what about sex? Well there are many ways nowadays without needing to engage with a moid.

Trust me, it is moids who generally age bitter and alone even with a woman by their side because they are husks of human beings unable to feel emotionally fulfilled.
Women can connect with others and we aren't terminal coomers either so sexual needs can be easily taken care of too.

No. 9376

Yeah, I know such stories exist as a kid I even stumbled upon a novel-length story at a forum about a moid getting a job at a farm, but the whole job consisted of him being raped by the farmer woman and her friend in various gross ways, obviously it was written by a scrote but I meant it more like a proper story, where the moid rape part is just brushed over or meant as "fan service", or alternatively treated as the only character development the moid character gets. You see this with female characters in scrote-written stories that aren't porn.

No. 9380

File: 1674497314962.jpg (365.41 KB, 1200x1600, fuckmoids.jpg)

"Solid 14k Gold Hunter Case Pocket Watch with Erotic Movement From Anti-Porn Era"

God I fucking hate scrotes. Some faggot way back when probably thought this was so hilarious and naughty teehee~

No. 9381

>More degrading, extremely violent, unredeemable, despair inducing, pointless rape of moids in media would satiate a great deal of closure in many women
I wanted to include this sort of thing in a game I'd like to make someday. Except it wouldn't really be pointless, it'd have a point to it.

No. 9388

I don't buy that sexuality is a preset binary thing that designates you as straight or not straight. Moids are fags regularly but choose to degrade women purposely. The meme of "moids being the predator" of hetero identifying women is just that; a meme, it's bullshit for this reason too >>9373

Moids are only a "predator" of their own dicks if they're ignored in favor of non domestic abusers.

No. 9390

Yes, I'm here for WGTOW.

No. 9397

My mom borrowed something from my dad and has yet to return it (she's busy, often distracted by other things) and he seems to think it's because she is "imitating the stupid behavior of a boyfriend who is probably beating her up lol!". It's kind of obvious he is entertaining fantasies of her being abused and I am SO relieved that he's a disgusting drunkard retard who's ruined his body with various drugs and can't actually do anything against her.

I need to remind myself whenever we talk and I feel like discussing things with him, or when he'll try to subtly call me "stupid" for my speech disorder, that he's a miserable loser not worth my stress. And I don't even feel bad for talking so much shit about him when he talks so much shit about everyone else. Annoying cunt

No. 9402

I noticed this trend kek. Anytime women upgrade moids start coping by crying about how "he's probably cheating and beating her" with zero reason to believe that in the first place

No. 9403

I’m also straight but I think what I would be happiest with is a platonic marriage and adopting, because I do want that family structure. Also, I’ve always been repulsed by penises. They disgust me on a visceral level. I’m attracted to fictional men more than anything, and sex to me is something I feel more emotionally drawn towards, like it’s a romantic and passionate thing. I get really sad when I realise there is likely not a man in the world who would fulfill that. Saged for going off on a tangent, sorry.

No. 9411

Really not trying to wk moids but I feel this is more a ted bundy sociopath thing rather than your everyday retarded scrote behaviour thing. Still, whoever wrote it needs his rectum turned inside out and a public castration.

No. 9437

File: 1674660477445.jpg (491.4 KB, 1539x1138, reading1.jpg)


No. 9438

Anons who's ever had a conversation with moids could've told you this, the worse ones are the ones who try to be vague/mysterious to hide the fact they're just stupid

No. 9457

File: 1674751245157.jpeg (84.53 KB, 509x339, 2D845D76-B6B5-4E70-B99A-2B5293…)

I’ve been having an issue where the older I get and more confident I become, the more I realize how coddled and socially inept the men are around me. Does anyone else have a problem with respecting men around them?
I seriously look down upon most men like inferior beings and automatically assume them to be porn-brained, empathy-deficient idiots with no perspective outside of the one that benefits their dick. Does this seem similar to how other anons view men irl here?

No. 9459

File: 1674753555813.jpg (60.03 KB, 886x239, dick.jpg)

Reminder to never suck dick. Moids automatically assume that you are "submitting" to them lmao. Absolute porn addicts.

No. 9460

Even during my pick me phase something about sucking dick put me off. It always felt so degrading, especially the way men talk about it. Also phrase "suck my dick" is used as an insult after all. I am glad I have never done it.

No. 9467

This is so fucking disturbing, please tell me that whoever wrote this has his real identity tied to it so we can know to avoid him?!

No. 9468

This is a really good point anon, I’m not a Marxist but female based government is good for everyone’s human rights (even male privileges which women enforce) and data shows it. I feel like it could easily go wrong though and then next thing, we’re in Gilead. We really just need to be culling the violent antisocial male populace and most of this will not be an issue kek.

No. 9474

File: 1674785804448.jpeg (91.47 KB, 1200x630, Plakat_detfinneshjelp.jpeg)

There are these ads in Oslo Central Station advertising a website which offers "help" to pedophiles. There are so many pedophiles we literally need signs in the middle of our biggest train station saying "HAVING THOUGHTS ABOUT FUCKING KIDS = BAD". It pisses me off everytime I see them. And I can't imagine how it feels for CSA victims who are just going on about their day having to see ads like "bawww I want to fuck kids pls help". I keep getting these ads before Youtube videos as well. I wouldn't be upset if helping pedophiles actually fucking worked. THEY CAN'T BE FIXED. If you struggle keeping yourself from raping people, especially kids, you should just fucking die. These resources could be used to help victims, not degenerates who "want help" just because they're worried about going to jail.

The two ads in pic rel says:
>"Is watching a movie (CP) really that bad?"
>"I always hope he won't sit on my lap."

No. 9477

I hope these signs get vandalized with a text telling these men to jump in front of a train.

No. 9544

File: 1675024959697.jpeg (666.08 KB, 1919x2519, E385272B-F1A7-40F8-882D-DC84C9…)

Your daily blackpill: man who is married for 20 years wishes he instead had a sex doll. imagine being the wife and feeling content with the marriage and thinking your husband loves you but deep down he wishes he had a sex doll robot instead.

No. 9550

jfc, I thought Oslo was progressive…

No. 9554

Yea I get what you mean. I'm sure they exist, but you probably don't know about it because of that brushed over part. But yea it's minimal compared to female rapes.

No. 9555

No, grow up

No. 9576

File: 1675113870506.jpg (167.3 KB, 1353x889, Capture3.JPG)

on a video of men approaching girls walking alone on the street and getting ignored

No. 9577

They say this but this will never happen kek
Even with all the prostitution, sex dolls, porn that exists now, men are still desperate for a relationship with a real women. Thats why they go to autistic redpill youtubers, pick up artists, etc for help kekkk
Men need women more than we need them. Men struggle and can't handle loneliness because they never have any emotionally fulfilling relationships with friends, family, social circles. They need a girlfriend/wife to be their fucking therapist. I think this is why women for so long have been held down by society by law, culture and religion. Because women with freedom will choose not to settle for a loser or not to be with a man at all. And now lonely men are creating redpill culture, a counter reaction of wanting to go back to submissiveness. Fucking losers kekk

No. 9580

Can we please make some twinky gay porn deepfakes of men? I am watching men laughing at female streamers who are crying about having tons of fake porn videos and I truly believe the deepfake thing will only be taken seriously if we start using it to degrade men (getting railed and “destroyed” in gay porn, straight porn won’t work lol). Can some anons with tech backgrounds please help advance this? I am fucking begging you

No. 9584

File: 1675130267868.jpg (21.47 KB, 291x298, 1664373906920.jpg)

Honestly nonnies, how are so many women still dating men and able to be attracted to them? There's just so much endlessly gross shit out there and so far I've seen women lie so much on behalf of men or are so traumatized that they think the barest hint of humanity from a man means he's a saint…that I've lost most of my faith in the ones that act like they've found a good guy.

No. 9587

What are you talking about?

No. 9589

Oh, sorry, worded it poorly. I asked why most women are still hellbent on dating men. I constantly see the most depraved and ugly shit from "normal" men that I'm genuinely surprised that most women are still attracted to them. I also mentioned not really trusting most women that have positive stories of men because it seems like they usually are lying or exaggerating.

No. 9590

and samefag, I know it's expected to date men and some women don't even have a choice in the matter. I'm referring to women that do have have a choice–especially the ones that seem aware of how fucked up their partner is, but stay.

No. 9591

Men are such liars and exaggerators. As if a woman would bother filing a police report just because a man talked to her. There’s no way there would be a basis for a lawsuit based on hear say. Trying so hard to be the victim and flip the script because men can’t handle the fact that women have every right to be afraid of them.
Men constantly bitch about being logical and facts over feelings yet when you present them the facts of how low false accusations are versus how many of their disgusting assaults go unreported or unpunished in a court of law, they start backtracking and saying that the data is cherry picked.
Not to mention, most men don’t even understand sexual harassment, or consent. They think they’re “just” talking to a woman, but they are actually being vulgar, aggressive, following her when she already said no, etc.

No. 9601

This is what progressivism looks like nonna. Everything is valid!

No. 9607

>Everything is valid!
*everything male/moid-coom brained is valid

No. 9624

I hate the popular women moment/ women ☕️ meme. God i hate moids fuck them they spam this shit under comment sections of women sharing their rape stories on youtube

No. 9628

It makes me sick how moids, even after a conviction, can go on to continue hurting children.

The family that took me last summer has been lovely. But there's one uncle who I can't stand. He's openly gay and in his 40's. He only dates guys in their late teens to early 20's and has molested multiple members of the family as children. He's a RSO but anyone with any power over whether he visits allow him to come over despite there being two boys under 6 here.

We keep an eye on them while he's here but I'm still scared for those kids. I wish there was something I could do that wouldn't leave me homeless. Fucking MEN! I hate them!

No. 9630

I don't even know how a good moid looks like anymore. Does that exist?

No. 9637

I come here to jerk off to this. Mods don't delete this reply wtf don't be weird. Scrotes are bad bad.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 9640

god that meme and their whole redpill/manosphere/incel bullshit is getting spammed in ig comments more than ever.
Redpill manosphere influencers have reduced their ideal peak age of women to 25, so they think any woman above 25 is too old now. In some ig video about the asian 'leftover chrismas cake', men where trying rationalize why 25- is peak marriage age for women and men peak at 35+. So if you jokingly tell them that no 22 year old girl wants a limp dick penile dysfunction 35+ year old man they get super triggered kekk

No. 9645

You sound retarded

No. 9648

I work in a very male dominated industry and I am absolutely sick of dealing with dumb stupid fuck men. Especially the short ones with beards it's like a calling card of aggression. There's two men at my work I'd literally love to fight with and somehow win. Like I've been in an abusive relationship and have very rarely ever had the upper hand in a fight but I'd fight dirty with these two cunts and love to swing something and crack their faces. I split open my abusive exs head with a wine bottle once and I'll fucking do it again!!

I am constantly being patronised by these two faggots and they try to offload so many menial tasks to me just because I'm a woman. My department has the most women working in it and he always refers to us just collectively as the girls even tho men do work in our department. The fact its majority girls and we've all got degrees, most of us have masters or phds and he still condecsends to us. He's got the biggest chip on his shoulder which is impressive for his small stature. Which I think is another reason he acts like such a cock. I've started to make snide comments only to him while being very amicable with others. I want to crush his ego I am absolutely sick of his attitude. He's so vulgar too, when he's not treating me like a maid he's making suggestive comments. I honestly have no idea who the fuck he thinks he is

No. 9651

Hating men a little extra today because it's my ex's birthday and soon one year since our breakup. I have never given blowjobs and was open about this to my ex when we started dating. He said he was fine with it, but then spent the 5 years we were together constantly making jokes about blowjobs and having "maybe you should suck my dick" as his go-to ironic response to questions or ideas I had. I lost it at his birthday last year because I bought him a wake-up clock with sunrise simulation and other functions to help him wake up in the morning, something he always struggled with and complained about. A thoughtful gift, to which his only reaction was "does it wake me up with a blowjob too?"

I constantly see men saying they are fine with this or that, then proceed to act super petty about it and get all defensive and confused when you don't find it funny. I told him several times that we should break up if blowjobs are that important to him, and he would always make it seem like I was the mean one for daring to insinuate that his comments were malicious and not just jokes that I should have just laughed at with him. Fuck that, and fuck men's sensitive egos.

No. 9675

File: 1675368519143.jpg (267.89 KB, 1080x1470, Fn6SG2_WAAAq-g2.jpg)

god prove your existence by wiping us off the fucking earth right now

No. 9678

File: 1675381660130.jpg (329.79 KB, 822x1136, deepf.jpg)

4chan moids on deepfake porn.

No. 9679

grow up

No. 9686

File: 1675415097057.jpg (78.59 KB, 636x451, nd07f5pUwW1tw8163o1_640.jpg)

Samefag, following up. Can we have posts about hating scrotes for being horny and lewd in any way. I hate them to no ends when they act horny to any extent.

No. 9687

Just proving anons point chymp kek.

No. 9688

Scrotes are just degenerates. They never take responsibility for their actions and act like total hedonists.

No. 9689

It just proves the point it really is all men, all men are indeed rape apologists at best.

No. 9690

Scrotes chimpout about the idea of being monitored by the government and having their privacy invaded but are happy to violate the privacy of women, it's why men put cameras in unisex toilets to sexually harass women, while women don't really do it to men. They are fucking degenerates and prove it every day and turn around and cry about it when it's pointed out because they both want to be degenerates but don't want to accept that they will be seen as vile for being degenerates by women. Women are dating men less and less even when heterosexual because it is becoming increasingly difficult to shield themselves from and cope about male degeneracy not being real.

No. 9691

>You can't hate men for the things they say and do!
Typical XY behaviour of not taking responsibility for their actions. As well as men hated women and still hate women for things they don't say nor do for thousands of years kek. It's called getting what you deserve.

No. 9699

File: 1675446405983.jpg (140.68 KB, 1030x757, catpower.jpg)

Is Cat Power a radfem?

No. 9701

she shared a clip of a male comedian whose joked about rape, she's probably anti-troon but not every woman whose anti-troon is a radfem

No. 9704

https://youtu.be/DBG1Wgg32Ok any thoughts on this video

No. 9707

men and women need each other and are supposed to be a team. the jews took this away from us. they are the ones who want us all to be fighting each other and hating each other. the jews are the real enemy, not men.(racesperging )

No. 9709

I'm 33 and my boyfriend is 21

Old bald fat men can seethe. I barely even perform femininity lol

No. 9710

Biologically you are about the same age. Women age a lot slower than men.

No. 9712

I don't know if you're memeing, but if you're not you're kind of wrong. How things ended up like this is that what's often empowering and profitable for men often involves the subjugation of women–they wouldn't have been brainwashed if not for how commodifying women is good for them and brings them pleasure. For example, probably almost all men that are of the "blame the Jews/oligarchs/corrupt government!" variety…are misogynists and male supremacists still, even in places that is counterintuitive to what virtues they pretend to believe in.

No. 9714

It's just the typical XY cope men pivot to when their degeneracy is pointed out because they'd rather sperg about how it's the jews or any other group than acknowledge the uniting factor is that it is always men being degenerate and hating women which has caused this divide. Men are children who chimpout and never take responsibility for their behaviour.

No. 9715

go back to frenschan you massive faggot. it doesn’t matter who runs the world, moids are fucking useless and the sexes are better off living the fuck away from each other. you can try muh traditional values tradcath cope online to brainwash some midwit women into becoming your bangmaid but you’re in the wrong fucking place to do that

No. 9718

Before “Jews took it from us”, women lived in total subjugation to men. No thank you. If your fighting together’ means men own women and women don’t get to have any freedom, I don’t want it.

No. 9723

Men who lifestyle the femdom fetish or incorporate such into their politics gross me out. I’ve had to seen an appearing honest supporter of radical feminist ideals, highlighted by having his ideology backed in pornographic types, muscled women and all who are potentially attractive. Men are so obsessed with beauty, of female appeal, their principles are almost made of that capacity.

What is noted in having seen this before was always their disagreement in any female separating commune, in which men have no proximity. Or of any proposed fixing to what they have unchecked, such as sexuality. Never can they retreat on their own, never can they harbor a true respect for that.

No. 9726

She had no point. She stated her feelings. That's not a point.

No. 9729

>men and women need each other
women are happier without men by every conceivable metric, it's men who crash and burn without mommy bangmaid doting on them. you are the parasite, scrote. we're your unfortunate hosts.

No. 9730

Because she was asking a question, not making a point you stupid scrote. It's not a debate or making a point, as scrotes try and turn every highlighting of their degeneracy into to weasel out of taking responsibility for their actions and behaviour being what drives women to hate them. Go sperg about the jews somewhere else instead like you have been seething the past week about kek.

No. 9731

Men are just chimping out now because women are no longer forced to be with them for survival and instead can provide for themselves, it's why they have begun desperately shilling the mythical idea of men being the ones necessary to raise children to create a safer sane society. They just want to trap women in relationships while they are young and naïve to have a stupid little kingdom to exercise their aggression and control issues over to feel important.

No. 9732

Men only start sperging about men and women being a team and 'equal' when women point out male degeneracy and women have the ability to reject them and survive kek.

No. 9736

Well idk who you're trying to reply to, but I'm not the jewsperger. Go follow the conversation 3 posts up and maybe cool your head while you're at it.

No. 9737

You have no point kek. Just reeing about anons hating men for the things they say and do. It's called facing the consequences of your actions. Moids routinely ignore the threat of male violence and support scrotes above all else due to lack of empathy/ the inability to humanize anything they aren't, and women are finding it harder and harder to ignore, so the hatred has grown. Men larp as the sex that is responsible, while constantly chimping out at the idea of thier behaviour having consequences.

No. 9742

i have like 4 male friends i've known since i was a kid and the other night when we were out drinking we were walking on this bar district with lot of strip clubs and they just casually point out one strip club they visited together for some guy's bachelor party. they really all are like that.

No. 9749

Men are mentally ill and only think of coom opportunity. They do not care about the future or destroying the environment with overpopulation because they have evolved to only be preoccupied with spreading their genetics as much as possible like parasites. To question this behaviour would lead to guilt and potentially cause the male to lose an opportunity to pass on their genetics, which is not beneficial to their reproductive strategy, so they simply think in selfish reasoning, while women are more prone to considering the future because they will be the one doing the majority of nurturing for the child (9 months of pregnancy and the resulting greater emotional connection to the child this time fosters results in women being concerned with her childs thriving). They do not respect the idea of the future children will inherit or living life balanced with our environment to keep everything liveable for others as long as possible, they don't care as long as they get theirs.

No. 9801

it's so hilarious when they say things like "people like you are the reason men have such high suicide rates!" like no. i'm pretty sure they're the reason they have such high suicide rates. it's very hard to take it seriously and it's quite revealing that, in the case of women, we can complain about being hurt and killed by another group of people. about being oppressed by another group. but with men they can only go on about killing themselves. also funny that this doesn't go away when they transition, the "you're MURDERING US (we're committing suicide)" mindset doesn't go away.

No. 9805

Still don't know who you're trying to respond to.

No. 9807

Can we discuss about men laziness?
It baffles me how can they do nothing if not ordered around.
How can these creatures have absolute no sense of self organization? They are like ants who lost track of their nest.

That must be why they literally idolize to death any moid who may be somewhat productive.
That's also why they dislike women entering "male dominated" fields, since any woman can easily replace about 5 moids.
Idk, just give them back to the mines or something.

No. 9808

It was SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN that it takes men less time to shit and piss but they consistently spend hours in the bathroom purely because they're lazy pieces of shit. Next time your man is occupying the bathroom for too long, just shit on his bed instead.

No. 9836

I used to think it was about upbringing (which in turn I blamed on mothers and not fathers, stupidly) but then I had to raise one, worked on teaching all the housework and DIY skills I had acquired on my own growing up, and it was a fucking nightmare he resisted the whole way (he's an adult now and just as grubby and lazy as the rest of them). I realised I had just assumed men had been coddled growing up when actually it's possible for them to be like that even without coddling. So now I don't know what their fucking problem is. Genetic? Cultural? Probably both.

People say it's because these men were never taught; my housewife mother did all the chores for us and never taught me any of them but when I moved out at 18 I taught myself how to do laundry, wash dishes, clean a toilet, mop a floor, change a tyre, maintain a car, and unblock drains. I have female friends who have the same story but every male flatmate was fucking useless every time. They could teach themselves but they don't. I've read that "testosterone makes effort feel good" but I have never ever seen the evidence of that.

No. 9847

daily reminder that the happiest demographic in society is women who never married or had children

No. 9917

They litarally built every building and infrastructure you use.

Your female friends expected them to clean their stuff as well, but were stunned when they found out they nobody got time for that.

I'm sure they didn't lie on those self-reported polls.

I hate moids(I think you’re lost. )

No. 9937

No one here is going to fuck you.

No. 9938

File: 1676048999445.jpg (825.19 KB, 1136x1268, 5UmRyOu.jpg)

Abort male fetuses

No. 9939

File: 1676053311016.jpeg (30.88 KB, 750x392, 1661668120476.jpeg)

I hope the males in my life know that for every mysoginistic comment they make about women I make a comment about how all XYs do is complain and touch themselves to their mothers (they're peaking)

No. 9941

File: 1676067999479.jpg (170.5 KB, 719x766, 1675955847903706.jpg)

Explains a lot.

No. 9944

I don't believe in evo psych but I think that lower skilled and mediocre males all have dunning kruger in combination with their socially instilled belief that women are inferior to them. So when women perform better than them, it creates a cognitive dissonance and they respond to it in the only way they know how–rage and testerics. The higher skilled males in the experiment probably just wanted to show off to garner female attention?

No. 9947

there was this girl muffy/cadaverqt that 4chan scrotes used to obsesses over (some orbiting her and others sending violent threats etc) and it made me sad because she was really cute and interesting and I liked her coords/outfits she would post. the way they found her account (she only had like 50 followers at the time I think) was because she was friends with other obscure alt women the scrotes liked and she would leave nice comments on their posts - the scrotes would go through the comments looking for new girls to creep on. anyways the harassment from insane incels was too much for her and she said it was lowering her self esteem and making her worry about being doxxed so she deleted all her accounts. she was only like 16-17 too which makes it even worse. I can't help but think of her sometimes and wonder if she is doing ok. it sucks she can't post her outfits anymore and socialize with other women due deranged y chromosoids. obviously not the first time something like this happened either - it makes me upset that women simply trying to engage in their hobby and befriend other women sends scrotes into a frenzy.

No. 9951

Thank god

No. 9952

I touch myself to your mother (not you tho yikes)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 9955

Looking forward to it.

No. 9971

File: 1676175288043.jpg (168.75 KB, 1080x1080, 330256067_175012098589743_3634…)

No. 9978

It is the low value failsons attempt to increase his value while not actually having any because that would take effort kek.

No. 9989

Hey omnipotent great red lettering, can you tell me how cute I am? Thank you.

No. 10013

Has anyone else noticed how a large sector of moids in the millennial/zoomer age range (and some even in GenX disturbingly) are starting to emulate the stereotypical thinking/behaviors of the "boogieman" worst female partners?

>ridiculous long, specific nonsensical standards for partners that don't even make sense and contradict (can't be a uneducated stupid coomsumer/ can't be a careerist and should like cooking for me and be a cute waifu), holding on into their decrepit years waiting for "Mr Right" and refusing to accept reality (know here as "High Value Woman")

>no ideas of what they want in a career or life or passion, just hanging around until they can retire, extremely wasteful with money

>coomsumers of vast amounts of shitty low grade beauty products, beard oil, clothing, antiaging products and other material goods relating to personal appearance

>"psycho woman" tier behaviors: stalking online activity, temper tantrums from not being the center of attention 24/7, their bad mood ruins everyone's mood, pathological jealousy of their own male friends

>getting and bonding with a dog (crazy cat lady inverted) that they put above and over human relationships and get offended if this is a turn off to a potential romantic partner (have seen this one over 4 times)

>Large amounts of petty drama in more and more alarming older moid friend's groups (going into 30s now)

>Bitching/needing compliments and headpats for traditionally female spaces like physical attractiveness

>bitching about how there are no women left that aren't feminists/sjws/fat/old/goldiggers ("where have all the good men gone") and this is framed as a moral failing of society to raise a generation of "normal" women

has anyone else noticed this? The worst part is every single one of these is reframed as normal, okay, or acceptable "considering the sad state of gender relations" by your average moid, who would have absolutely no problem seeing it as terrible in a woman.

No. 10015

Yeah this generations’ men are used up whores by now. Date younger sisters

No. 10026

>only dates assholes
You get what you deserve cunt(male)

No. 10030

File: 1676313923202.jpg (242.84 KB, 728x1199, scrote-sayings.jpg)

I realize these days I've entrenched myself into women's spaces on the internet so much that I honestly forget how men talk about women and feminism online. I recently went down a rabbithole lurking this lolicon/borderline white nationalist discussion forum. I know, I know–why go there if I know I'm going to read things I don't like? Idk, morbid curiosity?
On one hand, I get sad and angry that scrotes perpetuate and say things about women like picrel because of its impact on our daily lives.
Then on the other hand, it makes me laugh so hard at their continued stupidity and absolute lack of introspection.
>They say feminist women will die alone with 20 cats while they rope themselves before 50 for being braindead failsons
>They say women bring nothing to the table while they rot in their crusty apartments with bed sheets covering their windows.
>They say women lose their "partner bond" for fooling around in college while they drop out of school at alarming rates because porn addiction melted their brains.
>They say feminism ruined women and share pictures of large white christian families while they spend their freetime gaming and breaking their dicks to new paraphilias.
I almost want to start a new thread or even make a tumblr just to share what moids actually say online so I don't forget why I'm fighting this fight.

No. 10032

Stuff like this is always funny to me because overwhelmingly I've seen men backlash against women leaving men for bad behavior or wanting their man to be kinder. Maybe it's the first date before any sex has happened or when a man starts getting worse, but the majority that have a problem with it are men, as well as those arguing that evil behavior for men is just "nature."
There's even research showing how disenfranchised and unattractive men are actually more likely to be bigoted and violent, contrary to the "loser nice guys are good people" shit.

It's almost like they want women to date bad men, but also they don't want to be held accountable for their desire for women to be treated like shit.

No. 10037

For some reason the idea of het women has been more and more disgusting to me. Especially those who have piv sex. Like you seriously let a moid put his disgusting dick into you? Couldn’t be me. It just seems so gross to me now and I can’t help women who willingly subject them selves to that shit are tainted.

No. 10039

Has anyone looked into abortifacient drugs for male fetuses? I recently learned that my sister is pregnant with a moid. I really think it would be best for her in the long run if I helped her out. Anyone have any ideas?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 10043

Stupid piece of shit moid study buddy has a fucking crush on me. I'm this close to creating a commune.

No. 10045

You're not talking about slipping it to her unknowingly I hope. There are risks and side effects to taking those drugs, apart from the horror of having a miscarriage. Abortifacents also aren't sex selective. This is a weird and sus way to ask about this.

No. 10046

And my scrote who used 4chan for way too long in his life won't listen to me when it comes to shit like abuse statistics. I want to shake him and scream "I know this because I studied it! I'm the fucking woman here you scrote!" in his face sometimes. I'm sick of the way men act like they know everything even about shit they don't know about.

No. 10047

Holy shit, you’re dating a 4chan mra and calling yourself a radfem. The absolute state of women

No. 10049

When did I ever say they were sex selective? Dumbass. She had an ultrasound already and I’m horrified for her future

No. 10050

Is it really 'radical' to be using the basic tenets of feminism?

No. 10051

scrote is hitting on all the manosphere redpill liners. Youll see this shit all the time in youtube and ig comments now

>women bring nothing

False, MEN bring nothing to the relationship now. Women have adapted to the modern world, men have not. Women are now educated, can work and earn money for themselves, and know how to care and live for themselves independently. Redpilled men believe a no-personality nasty man only needs a paycheck to get a wife, but if women can earn their own then men bring nothing to the relationship.
Women have fulfilling emotional relationships with others and are fine being single. These incels are desperate for companionship and so their whole lives are centered around the validation of women so they need women more than we need them kekk

>women don't want someone who earns less

People tend to marry within their demographic and class. People marry within their socio-economic class, location, age, race, educated or not, etc. A middle class person probably won't date lower and the whole "hypergamy" theory that women only want a man who makes 250k a year is like a 1% probably.

>submissiveness and innocence is gone

Scrotes crying because oppressed women no longer have to be their maids and trapped with an autistic man. They want a 12 year old girl to do chores for them.

>pair bonding

this is some made up shit they got from some Avatar porn. This new redpill liner is used to justify men sleeping around as much as possible but a woman should should be a virgin. Scrotes think they're so great that a woman will "pair bond" with them and will be submissive and loyal to them.

god they're such fucking lonely losers and i can't believe they can't adapt the modern world. Men bring nothing to relationships. They believe if they get shredded and make money, that's all they need to find a gf. They don't understand that a man who has his shit together - clean house, hygienic, reliable job, hobbies and interests outside of gaming, funny, charisma, healthy emotions, etc are the more attractive ones. Not a no-personality hyper-masc. man baby.
this redpill shit spreading so fast too

No. 10069

He doesn’t take you seriously because no matter how many “feminist” stats you spout, you enable his behavior and you fuck him regardless.
Many men like to believe that feminism is just a thing that stupid women do as a hobby, and it’s not a legitimate belief, that as soon as she gets good dick a woman will do whatever he wants. And you’re a living embodiment of that.

No. 10085

It's just the usual male behaviour of thinking that their desires/beliefs will become real if they believe hard enough, it's why men created trannies, they shill the 'I identify as x' stuff. Men really do 'manifest' shit a lot like fucking tiktok witches while seething about women doing the same shit they do. Men are the sex of make believe.

No. 10088

Kek, we don't have sex.

No. 10091

Can you blame them tho?

No. 10092

I say you punch that belly until the shit spills under her(cringe)

No. 10104

>"KEK, I don't even like my boyfriend who thinks I'm a feminazi. I don't find him sexy and I'm disgusted by him XD epic owned"

No. 10108

I’m like ninety percent sure a moid took a picture of me during class. Do I have to start wearing a mask everywhere???

No. 10117

File: 1676409383019.jpeg (85.12 KB, 603x960, 3F099C96-04F3-422C-B004-B1A602…)

what are men triggered by today? women having confidence KEK

No. 10119

It bothers so many people when women they don't find attractive think they are attractive and are confident. It's not just bothers scrotes the most

No. 10122

I hate boymoms so much it’s unreal. I’m in mommy group with my wife, who’s pregnant with a girl. All these moms acted like it’s so sad that we aren’t having a boy because boys always come before girls. Even more upset when we said we wouldn’t have another just in case it’s a boy. They just can’t imagine a world where their only baby is a girl

I’m def leaving this group cause we met up and a few of the girls had kids already and they tagged along. They were so fucking violent and evil. They were disrespectful towards their moms and so cruel to the girl children that were there. And the boy moms did nothing to stop it. They’re literally teaching these rats that it’s okay and that the girls need ti toughen up

Y chromosome is a disease.

No. 10124

>They’re literally teaching these rats that it’s okay and that the girls need ti toughen up
Yeah that's why I side eye the whole "don't blame mom's for raising bad men it's the culture!1". My own mother and family blamed me for being too sensitive/whiny/bitchy whenever male relatives would rough house with me, or do "funny pranks" like slapping my butt or stealing my shit. No sympathy for boymoms, these cunts birthed evil and refuse to discipline them. No wonder so many incels are offing their mothers now.

No. 10140

There's definitely mothers enabling and encouraging that bullshit, I've seen that with my own brothers, but trying to not be one of them only makes a difference up to a certain point. Women can't undo the whole world on their own without support, amd it's hard to find that among boymoms. If anyone knows a mother trying to raise a son to not be a monster, help them out, even if only to provide an opposing perspective to boymomism.

No. 10150

Boys used to beat me everyday at school and their moms would call me a spoiled brat if I dared to complain to the teachers. Boymoms think a girl's purpose is to be a punching bag for their spawn. If I had a son and learned he was beating girls in school I would grab a belt and keep hitting him until I saw blood.

No. 10153

how did they beat you ?

No. 10165

and the internet has made the disposable sex think their opinions about females are worth anything at all.
kek. happy valentine's day I guess.
men love when women are abused in relationships because they think they can swoop in for some easy access. they only get mad and blame the woman when they haven't been picked yet by said abused woman, because their entire purpose is to deposit worthless semen and die.

males are retarded, and every single concept relating to women needing to be in a subservient position is pure projection because they are unable to control themselves and they are pure hormonal, emotional beings

No. 10177

>If anyone knows a mother trying to raise a son to not be a monster, help them out, even if only to provide an opposing perspective to boymomism.
Kek the sperm is drilled deep in your brain huh. No amount of help does anything, scrotes are a black hole. Especially since internet brainwashes them anyways. Let them fucking die out already aren't you tired?

No. 10194

Also, the boy moms are almost always carrying internal misogyny. Cause think about it, kids are raised to want relationships similar to how the family functions. So if the mom does all the chores, let’s the husband be cruel, and babies men, then the boy is gonna grow into a man who expects women to spoon feed them and treat them like mommy did. That’s also why boy moms have this weird emotional incest thing with their sons, and turn into the mother in laws who encourage their sons to be abusive parents

No. 10199

Scrotes I work with linked this video a while back, I can't stop laughing at how men try to bend over backwards to not only write women decently (but it's from a shitty video game so already it's bad) but then scrote Youtubers try to beg for forgiveness from women for mansplaining this to them. God I fucking hate men in video games.

No. 10213

Lmao I think that would be hilarious. More boy moms need punching abortions

No. 10217

I haven't played the games, but arcane does have genuinely well written female characters

No. 10220

>wow look at me! How feminist of me to want to beat pregnant woman and kill their babies!

No. 10233

reminds me of the anon in unpopular opinion who thinks she can make her son turn out better than the average even though there's loads of moms who did everything right with a son only for him to be a murderer, rapist, molester to younger siblings or straight up kills mom.

No. 10237

lmao i was linked this as well, still havent watched it past the first five minutes. i told him, why would you think i dont already understand this? ive already told you i like the show. i dont need a bullet point list.
watching men learn theory of mind makes me feel like jane goodall meeting the apes.

No. 10238

She's literally cute that scrotum would probably liked her if she looked exactly the same but in cakeface and a pink wig or some shit.

No. 10239

So why blame the mothers for how their sons turn out if it's inevitable?
I swear some of you eliminate moids in your life only to take on some of their worst personality traits.

No. 10256


>Scrotes crying because oppressed women no longer have to be their maids and trapped with an autistic man. They want a 12 year old girl to do chores for them.

I wouldn't even say it's that, it's that loser men want to only surround themselves with other losers so they never have to feel threatened with change in their life. They want other loser male friends that don't threaten them, they orbit professional victim/loser leaders and gurus (most of the manospehere, donald trump ect) and ultimately they would only feel at ease with a loser female mate. A woman who would be willing to submit to any retarded moid and has none of their own ideas about the world or desire to learn independently (aka "innocent") is by definition a loser, a wallflower, background furniture. Unlike men though such loser women- they do exist- don't want to be surrounded by other losers, it's funny how biology works that way- they find a friend's group all the way back in high school where they serve as backup to stronger female personalities and marry a beta normie dude.

I live in an area of my city where all the foreign embassies are and certain government buildings, and my local cafe is where all the diplomats and workers come to have chats and eat lunch. Every 6'2 european man I see in a brioni suit and a rolex, if he comes with a woman as a couple, is another professional with a embassy badge around their neck and a 1k designer handbag, in her late 20s or older. Only losers want loser females in their life, and the delusion they carry that "high quality" men only date 20 year old models is levels of cope that would hilarious if it's didn't constitute a serious mental health crisis.

No. 10257

Actually gonna snap rn. My little niece is the sweetest kid you’ll ever meet. She’s so gentle, caring, and adorable. Literally the most amazing little 6 year old ever and one of the reasons I wanted to have kids. We went to the park and some asshole 10 year olds were trying to stake their claim on playground equipment and pushed her off. She broke her arm from falling weird and they all scattered when I went to check on her. My wife talked to the dad who the boys ran to and he called my sweet niece a bitch and said it’s her fault for being greedy. Got his license plate tho, and her mom plans to press charges. I hate that she’s not even seven and is already getting hurt by boys.

No. 10259

The coomerism and vidya is inevitable if they have internet, but literally being raised by family to think it's normal to beat and sexually harass women is a whole different thing.

No. 10291

File: 1676624734185.jpeg (409.49 KB, 828x1111, 64E3E9F2-D4C3-412E-9300-4416D7…)

doing gods work

No. 10292

anon….is that a tranny? (srry if im wrong.

No. 10293

Slay! (Literally)

No. 10324

Honestly, no i don't. So many women in the radfem space don't give a fuck about actually protecting themselves against moids or changing aspects of their behaviour to make themselves less reliant on them emotionally and financially and keep getting screwed over by moids in the process. I've always felt that some only care about dunking on trannies but turn a blind eye to sceotes they know irl or even online if they give them a shred of romantic attention.

I hope she enjoyed herself.

No. 10351

>killing a moid based
>having sex with his dead body(disgusting and gross)

No. 10369

I hate being an ugly woman bc people always ask if I’m trans. It’s so rude. As if I’m not already insecure about big shoulders, wide ribcage, blocky face, and no hips. But if I’m offended they say “uh but it’s not an insult cause trans girls are girls too” I want to boil them in oil. I’d rather them call me ugly than TIM

No. 10374

Just turn it back on them and pretend to think they're asking because they are trans, then imply they were being transphobic for thinking women can't look like you.

> "Are you trans?"

> "No, btw you pass you really well! I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't asked me if I was trans."

No. 10382

Listening to her podcast right now, bc later it may not be public. She talks about afgan families sellong their little daughters to men because they're "poor". So fucking disgusting. Fathers selling their daughters to 70 year old pedos for the equivalent of 1k dollars. He should kill himself if he can't feed himself. I hate males so fucking much.

No. 10405

I'm at the grocery store yesterday and while I dislike going to it (I get overwhelmed), I had to go to it to get something in particular. I noticed this unkept older man twice walking by the ends of the aisles, nothing in his hands, no shopping cart, making definite eye contact with me. The store was quite busy and that made my anxiety shoot up to where I start getting tunnel vision. While I was checking out, my tunnel vision was intense so when I start to move my cart to leave I look up and there's the moid standing along the wall, almost right in front of where I was, staring at me. I quickly got out of there, called someone, and had them stay on the phone while I hurried to my vehicle to throw everything in there and leave. I kept glancing behind me. I didn't stop to ask a store employee to walk with me because as soon as I saw the guy I got completely creeped out and my fight or flight kicked in and I wanted out as fast as possible. I have pepper spray and he didn't follow me out but goddammit, can't I just shop and not be concerned about nasty men?

No. 10413

She’s based thanks for posting. I’ve never heard of her podcasts before this

No. 10415

File: 1676891507975.jpg (140.04 KB, 1100x619, 190618170311-01-as-equals-afgh…)

I know this isn't a GC thread but I think its still wroth knowing, some Afghan families will have one of their daughters "become male" if they don't have any sons(this daughter will spend her of her life as a pack mule serving her family with labor till they eventually die), this is a rare trend but its existed in pockets of south asia, the balkans and the middle east and it can only ever come from an extremely misognystic society, that's why its jarring to see western wokeoids pretend like that ancient societies had transman before the evil colonizers came and forced to adopt a binary gender system

No. 10420

File: 1676909614532.jpg (9.76 KB, 168x300, images.jpg)

I've seen the most abhorrent comments from males on girls TikTok videos. Even preteen girls. "Is it bubblegum pink", "bet it's grippy", etc. People are becoming more aware of the problem. But what stuns me is: the scrotes making these comments aren't just edgy 20-30 somethings. A lot of them are teenage boys. Teenage boys joking about preteens vaginas being pink, how she'd probably be good at sucking cock. Boys are absolutely RUINED.

Young boys are pieces of shit - but I truly believe this "grippy" "bubblegum pink" trend is part of a psyop to make young boys awaken their pedophilia earlier, and feeling like pedophilia is normal while they're developing their brains, making them more likely to later on vote for lowering age of consent, CP laws etc. Same goes for TikToks sexualized content. See half naked hot girl dancing, get boner, scroll, see little girl, still have boner from last vid, scroll. Then it all becomes this one big mushy blob of girls where girls of any age = boner.

No. 10498

is it ethical pornography consumption to coom to a self-filmed video of a moid accidentally killing himself via autoerotic asphyxiation or is that fucked up?

just joking, I don't care either way, it made me super wet and come multiple times! <3

No. 10499

i seriously love this idea

No. 10500

the comments are gold
>I am a hobbyist bee keeper. I currently manage 5 hives. Each fall, the females drag the males out of the hive kicking and screaming. The males have no function in the hive. They eat up all the food, lay around all day and follow the females around hoping to mate. They do not defend the hive either. That is the women's job to protect the young children that are incubating from yellow jackets, bears, moths and other predators.

>Each winter, I'll go over to my hives to give a sugar patty to help them get through the winter dearth. I'll look down and see a tiny pile of dead male bees who either starved to death or froze without the female feeding and housing them. It may seem harsh to the layman's eye that the Drones are treated this way. But it is necessary for the survival of the entire hive to get rid of the males. Once winter is over and the Queen is ready to mate again and have more offspring, she'll pick a Drone to mate with. Once that is over, his penis falls off and he dies.

No. 10502

notice how scrotes never, ever apologize for their sexualities?

ladies, it's time to start owning yours and stop policing other women's unless they are negatively impacting a woman in some way.

No. 10505

File: 1677086145619.jpg (148.2 KB, 938x341, bees.jpg)

Reminds me of picrel. We need to be more like bees and wasps.

No. 10592

good heavens, look at the time, it's time again to enjoy my video and then drink organic kombucha to start my day off right!

No. 10615

I love bees so much. We really need to be more like bees in human society.

No. 10616

File: 1677175495068.jpg (846.45 KB, 3561x2436, skVyQjllnNqVtvL6.jpg)

>least misogynistic breaking fans

No. 10617

I will never understand the hate Skyler got. She deserves better and Walt deserved to rot in jail.

No. 10618

Honestly, I just grew up and realized there is no point in arguing with breaking bad fans as they are one of the most retarded media illiterate misogynists who lack basic critical thinking skills. I used to defend skyler like my life depended on it since day one and I would get downvoted to hell but the male fans got even worse after the stupid tiktok memes.
Fandoms can 100% ruin shows and breaking bad is a living proof of that. Skyler4ever

No. 10619

also the scene of walter raping skyler, after that I couldn't sympathize with his actions one bit. I'm glad he died a shitty lonely death

No. 10620

File: 1677176687858.jpg (233.16 KB, 828x1303, Fa1B1BwVEAA5u6O.jpg)

I remember being surprised by Skylar's reception when I saw people talking about the show online. I think the reason men disliked her was cause the scenes in early seasons where she showed up in were often tense and unpleasant, because she was the mirror that we saw Walt's shitty behavior reflected in. She was the consequence to the joyride we were taking with his character, in a way that was far more personal and relatable than the trail of bodies and ruined lives he left behind . Of course the viewer felt bad when she showed up, but the vitriol that she received was unreal. I never thought of her as being the monster that the (mostly male) fans made her out to be, which was so clearly a response to her being a woman who "didn't know her place" that it was obvious even to my not-yet-feminist teen self.
I feel like she's a good litmus test for men: I've never met a guy who hated her character and wasn't also a shithead.
>breaking bad fans as they are one of the most retarded media illiterate misogynists who lack basic critical thinking skills
I mean obviously

No. 10726

File: 1677248205249.jpeg (49.02 KB, 542x649, bWVkaWEvRnBBR2FpYldjQUVWT1JtLm…)

No. 10728

Do the soy-free men even do these things? So much flip flopping between the masculine provider and the lone wolf who parasitically abuses his loved ones.
Even Gilligan had to plainly state Skylar is a sympathetic character, it's telling how she's considered worse than anyone else on the show.

No. 10792

not sure if this belongs here, but posting anyway because this has to do with disgusting scrotes. i was under the impression that age of consent in america was 18 for all states, appalled to find out it's as low as 16 in many states. personally i feel like 18 is too low, so to find this out was shocking.

No. 10797

File: 1677302134397.jpeg (283.37 KB, 1179x1140, 84181A93-A955-4310-9433-36CA5E…)

Yeah it’s 16 in most states. There’s also a marriage loophole for getting out of statutory rape charges, look into that if you want to be more upset. (I think some effort has been made to close the loophole recently but I’m not up to date.)
Teenagers can get married to adults with parental consent in almost every state, children 15 and under can be married in a lot of states with court approval or by jumping through some other legal hoops (why it’s legal at all to marry a child I don’t know.) In some states, if a young girl is pregnant or has had a child they can get married with or without parental consent. So on and so forth… shockingly few states ban underage marriage without exception (literally 4 states last I checked). A lot of states say the marriage age is 18 but will actually allow child marriage for multiple reasons.

No. 10828

Just came by to say I'm still recovering from years of brainwashing that "sEx iS a BaSiC NeEd" like eating, drinking, breathing, shitting, and peeing. If a dude doesn't have sex or get off ON DEMAND, it's painful and a woman is, essentially, contributing to physical harm by not allowing him to fulfill an imperative biological function.

Not that I believed a dude would die immediately if he didn't coom. It's like that bullshit theory that's somehow still around: "intimacy starvation." The slow withering away that comes from long-term sexual rejection. It's why people justify making prostitutes "serve" mentally retarded and severely handicapped men. Getting off whenever you want is not a fucking human right. It's one of those beliefs that gets sicker and sicker the more I look at it.

No. 10833

Report this do not open it, it's sexual gore torturing a woman.

No. 10840

It's becoming more and more clear a fact that men should not hold a position of power since they lack self control and have retarded chimpouts when their ego is not effectively coddled. This is why both left and right politics men advocate for anti-women policies, such as left men advocating that women as a class cannot exclude men because men want to predate on women and be considered with the same preference women are for being the less violent and risky/retarded sex (rather than men taking any responsibility at all and just changing their behaviour and encouraging their brothers to do the same), and right men refusing to allow women to exist as people and not a service for men because men identify as special because a book they wrote said so kek. This issue with men thinking their beliefs = reality (caused by their autism), is why trannies have been allowed to reach this point. Men would rather validate mens delusions and entitlement than see women as a unique class of people worthy of the right to live their own lives how they see fit.

Men are also jealous that due to this lack of risky behaviour and reproductive anxiety/womb envy, women are smarter, and have only been held back by men artificially for men to self soothe their ego because they consider themselves special. When women create great thinks, men took credit, or forced the women to use a male pseudonym so they could larp their special-identity. When women were able to let it be known that women did something great and were openly involved in great things, such as women being the original coders since it was considered 'secretary work', men would again invade to try and take credit for such glory. Then, they would refuse to acknowledge womens input in society at all to again soothe their fragile and emotional selves, leading to the absence of women in history and mens minds so they could claim that they invent everything and are very special because they identify as inventors. They truly are retarded.

No. 10841

Thanks for warning me. Also a good thing my internet is too slow to open any gifs, kek.

No. 10846

File: 1677389117688.jpg (139.49 KB, 2929x341, asfasfasfasf.JPG)

Is this accurate? Do you think that men would be able to subjugate women without exploiting women's empathy?
Animals which are physically weaker than others can still win in fights.

No. 10861

Tell your moid psychiatrists to up your meds doses and cut your internet time. What the fuck that. It's like watching those dementia videos, but for schizophrenia.

No. 10862

Liberal men online will keep sharing "they got you fighting a culture war while we should be fighting the class war" meme then turn around and say allowing women in the workplace was a mistake [because capitalism]

No. 10866

100%. They pretend that the divide between men and women is artificial when they both created and uphold it even today, and don't even see women as a unique class of people still worthy of full rights. It reminds me of tranny supporting men who claim to be liberal who sperg about how trannies should be allowed in womens spaces because women were allowed in men spaces, when the men spaces they are referring to is shit like government etc. They want government to be male only, but also have the rules that only men are allowed to make/influence be imposed on everyone. They think equality is unfair because they identify as superior in a need to justify their oppression of women due to evolutionary failure and reproductive anxiety. They think it is oppression that women have the ability to avoid and reject them, so they shouldn't have the right to escape them or do so.

No. 10897

Don't look at the gif above, it's sexual gore.

No. 10903

Thank god this place is so small and frail, holy shit I thought /pol/ was bad.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 10906

Ban this bitch

No. 10936


Moid makes thread attempting to "debunk" scientist Margarent Hamilton's achievements. The fact that all the information posted is either wrong or deliberately misinterpreted doesn't matter; cue every RW tard seal clapping over da joooz lying about historical events to put the white man down. They'll bleat this disinfo for the rest of their lives just like they do the false "lesbians commit more DV" statistic despite being proven wrong again and again.

No. 10939

moids really are trying to invalidate our achievements for centuries now, nothing new

No. 10940

omg i just saw that tweet and i thought about talking about it here bc it literally made my blood boil

No. 10942

File: 1677625087560.png (30.22 KB, 379x327, ppl.png)

why do moids who try to argue about 'men good women bad' not only miss the point but also commit so many mistakes while writing? I can't read this shit. besides, he said that women need life partners more than men, I simply replied with studies about mental health of single men being worse of that of single women and how single men often go nuts and he replied with this shit. so he basically admitted that single men's mental health is worse, but now it looks like he claims that it's only because women get 'more help'. it's so pointless, I need to stop looking at yt comments

No. 10943

FYI, it's 16 or under in most countries

No. 10950

File: 1677633068917.jpeg (195 KB, 750x1139, F1C95251-1E00-4FC3-84BE-0CB0AC…)

Men under 30 broke their social skills, personal lives and dicks thanks to porn. In other news, water is wet

No. 10952

never expected this to come out in new york post of all places

No. 10953

No. 10954

The guy is such a shameless liar. He got called out multiple times for his own assertions being debunked by the very sources he posted, but pretended like that just didn't matter. I've seen moids try to claim Marie Curie's work was all due to her husband(yes, even the discoveries made after he died), so I don't know why it's so surprising.

Cue the dozens of thinkpieces on why women need to lower our standards and be their fuckmommies so they don't commit mass casualty events.

No. 10961

File: 1677653337708.jpeg (237.47 KB, 750x1089, F04DB66C-1585-463C-92A1-8F55FA…)

and the fact is its men doing this out of their own choice, so they can't even blame anyone for this

No. 10969

if theyre having their needs met why do so many whine about not having a gf and blame women for male suicide?

No. 10973

the reason why men dont "get all the help" is because men dont care about eachother. they always need a woman to support their emotional needs. its always "my" needs, "his" needs but they dont think about helping the emotional needs of others. this is what put them in this situation and why theyre so lonely. and now they complain about it as if its womens fault.

>most homeless ppl are men

also i doubt this. majority of people living in poverty are women, and homeless women are more likely to hide than men

No. 10974

Homeless men are entitled shitstains of society. They're usually ex-cons with rap sheets so long of violence, assault, battery, robbery, sex offenders, etc, that they don't give a shit. I've been homeless, worked in homeless shelters and gas stations, where they love to loiter, and it's usually always men who feel entitled to spend all day and all night in a public space, begging for change, food, etc. When really, they just want enough cash to go get high and then act crazy somewhere else.

You don't want to approach them because they will be violent. I've known a night attendant at a psych ward who had been physically assaulted by the latest night train of chronically homeless men who get sent their because they "cry" suicide only to attack an orderly half their size. This orderly sprained her neck and possibly could of died if security didn't get their fast enough to help whatever lurch scrote was choking her out. Another case is a woman I worked with at a packaging plant who use to work as a correctional officer at a jail, she was attacked, choked out while they were in line to be released. She was glad to say that he rotted away in a cell. A friend of mine was good friends with a couple down in Houston who were riding home on the L train and some homeless man stabbed this poor woman to death while her girlfriend watched and maintained a few injuries herself. All because they accidentally looked his way. A friend of mine is a caretaker for the elderly, she goes to work at a project crack tower where she literally has to fight her way inside so some crazed homeless man won't rob her or bumrush her to the door so he can have a place to sleep.

I don't feel sorry for homeless men and you shouldn't either. They're public terrors.

No. 10996

A homeless man in nyc followed an asian woman back to her apartment lobby and stabbed her to death. I feel zero empathy for homeless men and wish women could just gun them down like the shit stains they are. Most of them don't want to help themselves or go to programs to better themselves. A lot are drug addicts, attacking women and dont want to work.

No. 10997

File: 1677703284992.gif (4.12 MB, 480x360, joel-laugh-stonecold.gif)

Sounds like a male problem. Maybe if men stop acting like violent rape apes, women would date them. Let them stay single and die childless.

No. 10999

That type of channels makes me mad honestly. They talk about feminine energy and other bullshit but deep down it's all about pandering to men and what they're want. You're too independent? Make yourself a little weaker and dumber so he can feel like a man and won't dump you for a much younger woman (even though men do it anyway even if their wives aren't more successful than them) etc.

No. 11002

How would a moidless society actually work and be maintained? Specifically, how would it not only sustain, but also grow, improve and defend itself? The very nanosecond a real effort at a separate society would be carried out, scrotes would immediately in a jealous rage start efforts to put it to an end through both soft and hard means. This would most likely range sanctions and psyops to sieging and the eventual use of lethal force through military means. How could this be avoided and/or counteracted? Another issue would be maintaining and growing population, which i imagine would have to be sustained through accepting immigrants fleeing moidlands, which would be problematic as we'd have to rely on the patriarchy itself to not wither away in a few generations. Unfortunately as asexual reproduction is still out of grasp, i see no other solution. Finally the third big issue i see is how the world would most likely embargo and isolate this land and effectively force it into a much less technologically advanced stage, until after years self-sufficiency would be achieved.

While it might seem like an unobtainable goal for now, i would really like to try and see if there's any way to actually make this work.

No. 11005

tiktok is really eye opening about the state of young moids today. Had a tiktok come up the other day about some woman in the porn industry being forced to perform "ass to mouth", comments were full of kids and old men praising the male that did it and saying they want to watch it now that they know she didn't enjoy it. Fucking kids with their fortnite pfp's and old men with their kids in their pfps, fucking sick. There is lots of women on there also exposing various kids channels being watched by pedos. Men love to talk about how feminism turns women against men, but they fucking do it themselves. Women don't need to read feminist theory to hate them, reading the shit they write themselves will do it.

No. 11018

I don't think it is possible without drastically reducing the male population. We can only hope the y chromosome deteriorates as quickly as possible and fund research into fertilizing eggs with our own DNA.

No. 11025

This is unimportant but your post reminded me of the manager of a gas station I used to live by. One day some homeless guy started asking me for money BEFORE I COULD GET OUT OF MY CAR and I even gave him two bucks. And i barely had money at the time. Then he asked me to buy him a coke and I was like “…no?” Dude I gave you all the cash I could spare, there ain’t much in my bank account either, and I was very polite and nice and even complimented his star war t shirt. Doing too much obviously but I thought giving him money would get him to leave me alone. Once I got to the register with my canned margaritas I mentioned that I planned on getting gas too but “that dude outside is making me nervous and I already gave him my money”
She said “no baby, don’t give him your money! how much gas you need? I’ll make sure he doesn’t bother you.” And, sure enough she came out and had a shouting match with him when he wouldn’t fucking leave then ran him off the property.
So freaking thankful for her. She and another female manager at a gas station I was a regular at always had my back when it came to creepy men bothering me

No. 11114

File: 1677898523314.jpeg (61.23 KB, 828x370, 5404D1AA-457E-42D2-B997-FFD59D…)

Not a day goes by without men feeding my misandry

No. 11147

I think anyone who doesn't acknowledge that men and women are a two sides of the same coin isn't speaking the full truth even and the pink pill is mostly about speaking abt moids but anyway I just wanted to share my frustration in one of the only places when I hope I don't get punished for simply having a brain and seeing things. Soo I despise all of the spiritual women. I have read the most vile shit spoken by them. They all say that it's feminine responsibility to heal men and that women sexuality exists to heal men with it through sex work and all of that basically men should be allowed to have their most deranged parts of sexuality worshipped by sex workers.
I saw those women worshipping one of the most psychologically breaking degrading sex acts like sucking dick on your knees and deepthroating it and calling it a spiritual practice and ultimate expression of female sexuality. Masochism and submission. Lol.
As a girl who was experiencing extreme confusion and distress since I can remember and passing out at the sign of porn or hetero sexual acts and power dynamic between man and a woman and then falling into apathy, dissociating and isolating from society due to this phobia
I kept looking for any explanation to what I'm fucking experiencing in this existence that to me seems like an eternal patriarchy that is biological and everyone worships it. Worships men. The worst thing you can ever perceive is a woman on her knees for men or on all fours getting fucked like a bitch for nothing on return, having to do anal and all that shit and everyone worships it, world revolves around it. It's like a one big moid worshipping ritual. And our female existence is a eternal humiliation and biggest entertainment in this world and then you find those women speaking the most ridiculous shit and you remember that moids everyday engage in psychological terrorism of women called the misogyny… And somehow it's our responsibility to heal them…and if we don't wanna then we are wounded and masculine and need to "change our minds" (sounds coercive)
Dick sucking defenders DNI with this post you're harmful to women with a brain. You're not separated from the moids you claim to hate or the things you hate abt them. You're one with those things hypocrite

No. 11148


Anyone comparing us to incels is braindead and fails at using logic

No. 11149

Samefag. And nothing terrifies me more than gender roles and people being convinced that you secretly desire to be in that role and as a woman there's nothing you can do to prove them that you don't. They don't believe you.

No. 11160

Fuck I totally agree with you, even though I would describe myself as spiritual too kek. Except I'm coming from this kinda gnostic perspective where sex and breeding is disgusting and evil and we're in this meme world/simulation created by devil and bringing new beings into this world is bad and only contributes to more harm. I don't care it's "natural" when nature itself is evil and degenerate as fuck to me. That is also why I can't side with "pagan" women who worship nature either. They all just don't get it in my eyes. How can you worship nature when something like rape and incest is totally normal there, how can you worhsip male x female relationships when it'more than normal for females to live separately from males in the nature and the sexes exist in what's called a sexual conflict, not a symbiotic relationship, how can you worship a world where creatures literally eat each other alive in order to support their own lives. That alone is sick. Have you seen that video of a mother antelope that just gave birth, and a predator eating her young while it was still connected to her through umbilical cord? All she could do was to watch her child being eaten alive while it was still connected to her. This is purely demonic, just too vile. And it's the same thing that men do in slaughterhouses, cutting calves out of alive, pregnant mothers. There will never be an intellectual, emotional and spiritual acceptance in me for the belief that something like this was "designed" by a being that can be described as anything else but evil. How can you read about Junko Furuta and not think we live in a meme world designed to be as evil as possible and males being its most easily influenced pawns, gladly embracing their natural, degenerate instincs? No way around it. No amount of good things in this world (most of them being only remedies for pain/boredom/overall lack of something, the negative) could outweight the amount of evil. No pleasure can outweight the pain, the greatest pleasure could never outweight the pain of a small child having its eyes pushed out by a cancerous tumor.
I don't expect anyone to be woke antinalist/gnostic and break their meme biological programming, but to literally worship this world, the men, the sickness and the nature, it's just retarded. One of the reasons I will never be able to connect with most women and have friends among them. The moment I would express my true ideas they would reject me anyway, and there's no point in constantly faking being someone completely else and saying things I don't believe in just to have "friends".
I see your feelings towards sex as completely logical and normal, and based on our true instinct and our spirit, still able to see through the cracks, not influenced by meme society. I also have those feelings, and I was never molested/raped by anyone (I only mention this because people love to imply you had to be abused by men in order to hate them and feel disgusted by sex). I never even had sex and I will never have it, it is my conscious choice, coming from my inner spirit. Go your own way, never try to force yourself to be someone you're not. Don't pay attention to people who shit on you and defend this fake "order". They will be lost in the end.

No. 11161

File: 1677936272013.jpg (309.25 KB, 1080x956, Screenshot_2023-03-04-14-07-35…)


Pic: random handmaid who loves talking about how much she loves men. Posting cause it fits here and she considers herself spiritual//
And those spiritual women is def something we should fear in the future. They defend men, they are obsessed with healing them, with gender roles and writing "cock worship" guides and telling you how you should act and be as a "divine feminine". All the evil in the world is created by feminine disobedience according to them.
This whole life is nothing but a male worship and there's no secret world of female pleasure and power you access by being an obedient dick sucking bitch slave with opened heart for men. I don't even believe in any female pleasure anymore. Just endless masochism. And hetero dynamic reminds me of pedophilia.
Few other things:
Those women love talking about moids being shamed for emotional vulnerability meanwhile their vulnerability is this: "I want anal and blowjobs and to role play pedo dynamic or rape, I also want to fuck pretty girls and not be shamed for my sexuality or called perverted"
And the pickmes are like: "yards y'all deserve love and a safe space to express yourself that's why sex work should be legal and accepted"

No. 11163

Yeah that predator-prey thing is giving me an existential crisis

>break their meme biological programming

I did and I don't even experience my sexuality like physically I men's I'm not attached to those desires or don't attach them to physical things. But I haven't lost my feelings or sex drove yet I "lost" het sexuality.

And all those spiritual handmaidens are just another guidance and lesson on what's true what's not. They are brainwashing us deeply and settle for the patriarchy they call beautiful just because it's a part of reality. "Omg sucking dick must be a sacred act cuzz it's natural"
Women are meant to be soft and nurturing and forgive the predators

No. 11166

Being a woman is like being a prey. No one is here to protect you besides your own spirit anything else is a false protection(and only the real one can fullfil you) but men… They are loved by women. Meanwhile our body doesn't even allow us to be anything else but degraded by men.
The only true liberation is found internally and through a detachment from the material things and not engaging in any of that filth only then you can feel peaceful about this existence.
And not by being an obedient "feminist" and defending men and women. Btw men get called good for basic human decency meanwhile we get called good only when we are obedient to this reality.
I say the worst things not only about men but also women anf yet I don't hate myself as a woman.I say the worst things about female sexuality yet doing it is the only thing that can make me able to withstand living in a female body cause it feels like i detach from all the filth or rather bring it to light

No. 11177

this sounds like blackpill feminism they used to have a reddit community but it got taken down.

No. 11272

Their hatred for us isn't even logical, how do they expect to keep the baby alive? Give it milk from a different, more obedient mother? Are you then not depriving the other child of vital nutrients and attention? I'm betting he wouldn't let his wife feed and raise another man's child kek. But it doesn't matter. There isn't anything on earth that men love more than hurting women who won't submit to them. They're beyond pathetic.

No. 11291

File: 1678102632457.jpeg (93.27 KB, 960x702, 44E8AA38-8769-483E-856E-BBD384…)

>i am a loser who attracts attention from female losers with low standards online, that means women must love me

heh. doesn’t take very much to inflate a man with no job, education or place of his own’s sense of worth, does it?!

it’s even sadder to me that the attention these types of guys receive is exclusively from women online, and are not approached by men IRL. not an achievement.

No. 11292

There are plenty of broke guys getting dates IRL because women have lowered their standards so much, he’s more or less right tbh. Women seriously act like charity workers for the worst men on earth, guys who aren’t even caring or funny and just feed them bread crumbs, so when men complain that women are shallow and are demanding a huge rich handsome perfect man they’re totally full of shit. Squirrelly little sociopathic leeches of men are getting treated like doted on princes out there for no good reason and nothing is ever enough for them, half the time they’ll cheat or destroy their own relationships and then still cry that it’s because women want Chad.

No. 11309

File: 1678120838859.jpeg (533.32 KB, 750x915, 3553DC95-6FDE-478E-8A5B-7BA90A…)

How come men go insane for a crossdressing teenage boy, where if a woman looked like that they would be calling her a 3/10 no ass no curves? I need to stop browsing Instagram so much, because I constantly see women with objectively a pear shaped figure and men consider them to have no curves, when that is just how most pear shaped women look without filters and cosmetic surgery. But pic rel is seen as curvy and completely feminine? It’s crazy to me because I don’t see that at all, I feel like I’m going crazy.

No. 11313

it's because there all pedophilic faggots. What did you expect?

No. 11315

File: 1678127732478.jpeg (505.62 KB, 828x1374, 288FD7D6-0AB8-45E2-B85B-D043F8…)

what >>11313 said, its literally just gay pedophilia, this was posted in another thread but there's an Italian model who has gotten popular among coomer twitter circles for being IRL "ancient greek femboy" even though she's just a woman with short hair

No. 11356

Men are awful. Their psychology is a pathology. I hate their narssicm, their lack of empathy, and their proclivity towards violence. There are some docile men but it's a drop of water in an ocean of acid. I especially dislike hispanic men.

>inb4 race bait

I'm a Mexican woman btw. I hate what these inhuman beasts have done to my country. They have ruined it, possibly beyond compare with their violence and greed. I would only let mothers and children emigrate to the US. Let the men sleep in the bed they've made. This thread has given me carasis and I stand with my nonnas.

No. 11357

>There are some docile men but it's a drop of water in an ocean of acid.
I assure you, the world you envision with docile men will be a far greater hell than that which we dwell within currently.
Men exist so that they can deal with the violence so you don't have to, if you make men docile, then it is you who shall be subject to the violence.

No. 11358

females are already subject to undue violence. it could not be any worse than it already has been. leave.

No. 11359

>There are some docile men but it's a drop of water in an ocean of acid.
Whilst that may be true (to be frank I'm a man and wouldn't know), you don't want docile men, seriously.
Chivalrous men perhaps, but not docile.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 11360

Messed up the greentext kek

No. 11361

just report him

No. 11372

Nope. We definitely want docile men. The only thing that men protect us against is other men. So if all of you become docile, then we no longer have to worry about you raping ad murdering us. The only reason, and I do mean the only one, that a woman cannot walk alone at night is because men are such failed excuses for a civilized being. Once gone, we will be free and you cannot gaslight us into not seeing the truth.

No. 11373

If all men were docile there would be no violence because they are the source of all violence. Males are so retarded.

No. 11380

File: 1678238570984.png (390.36 KB, 506x508, they all look like men.png)

No. 11381

Don’t worry too much, males always shoot in their own foot and f*ck things up for themselves. Eventually every woman and every person will abandon them, for the pos they are.

No. 11386

File: 1678248246599.jpg (833.27 KB, 728x3224, HIV spread.jpg)

I have some sympathy for gay moids, like if my son was gay I'd love him regardless but gay male culture is honestly testament to the worst behavior of moids

No. 11391

>Men exist so that they can deal with the violence so you don't have to, if you make men docile, then it is you who shall be subject to the violence.
>Men exist to solve the violence that they caused

Peak retardation. I'm surprised their superior moid brain cannot create a better bullshit excuse instead relying on a rationale of tired circular logic.

No. 11392

>Reee you need me to solve the problem I cause!
KEK. Scrotes are extremely retarded. Docile men = no violent men fucking retard class.

No. 11393

>moids: chimpout when not given everything they want
>moids: "You better give me what I want or else."
Men are just terrorists that expect us to negotiate with them then just stop them/arrest them, etc.

No. 11400

does a single one of them actually possess any sympathy for women?
stop wasting your finite time and energy on the things that deem you subhuman.

No. 11401

File: 1678282020271.jpg (379.03 KB, 1080x1965, medgoldtwitter.jpg)

>some women were born to be sex slaves
This is nothing new but seeing it spelled out like this is just. Anger inducing.

No. 11403

File: 1678283627131.jpg (511.62 KB, 2157x1602, rqU5SlJn6lo.jpg)

what is it about this woman that makes dudes on Twitter want to say “I’m a gay pedophile”

No. 11405

alot of these men are not even gay, they are bisexual or only attracted to femininity.

I stumbled upon one of these degenerate accounts who was commenting on a anime boy porn account , but at the same time his account was filled with him masturbating to women too.

I think alot of you want to convince yourself this is gay moids so you dont have to deal with the fact that its your straight moids and bisexual moids doing this. Gay men do not car about shit like this. 99% of men who consume femboy content identify as straight or bisexual.

No. 11406

also when i mean anime boy im talking about sh0tas.

No. 11407

She doesn't even look like a boy to me, like the other anon said she's just a woman with short hair. But if these same moids saw an actual tomboyish woman with a masculine face they would be calling her all sorts of terrible names and saying she hit the wall.

No. 11408

Nta but there's tons of guys who'll literally suck dick while still calling themselves 'straight', their actions matter more than what they "identify" as tbh. I think there's way more closeted/down low bi moids into this than straight ones.

No. 11410

samefag there's also been incidents of men getting legitimately angry when they find out some of those 'femboys' were actually women..I don't think straight men react like that lol

No. 11411

it's literally just porn rotten moids incapable of seeing a cute girl in any other way than through a layer of post ironic homosexualism

No. 11413

actions matter which is why you wouldn't call a man that also cums or gets aroused by women gay, and many coomers who jack off to women in their porn accounts also jack off to femboys…youre saying they're gay?

I feel like you are too scared to admit that mens sexuality is opportunistic and obsessed with neoteny/youth instead of the stereotypical homo/straight label.
Most pedos are also bisexual. But keep coping and calling every moid gay to cope with the fact that most straight men would sleep with another man if he is neotenious, twink-ish and a child or child-like.

No. 11414

Nta bur they're just bi men, not straight. Straight men don't need to pretend a woman is male to get aroused but bi men who are more attracted to men do that shit

No. 11416

File: 1678289002914.png (1.32 MB, 1280x1125, NLISAP-20210624-Pakistan-Afgha…)

I don't wanna seem like I'm going "oh poor moids" but I mean there is something to be said about the fact that often the most extreme patriarchal societies always have a culture of pederasty, where an older man engages in sexual relationship with a young boy and women are relegated to broodmares kept in homes all day, there's even a afghan saying about this
>"women are for babies, boys are for pleasure"

No. 11417

i literally said
>I think there's way more closeted/down low bi moids into this than straight ones.
so neither gay or straight. I'm going by the definitions of each sexuality and by definition, men sleeping with another man is not straight no matter how twinkish the other one looks. A lot of men into femboys consider the dick a requirement.

No. 11419

what is a straight man let me ask you this. When the majority of men are only attracted to caricatures of women, only women who preform femininity, only women who have whatever body modification is trendy, only women who pedobait…you call that straight.

Most straight men would be more willing to bang a hyperfeminine twink then they would a butch woman or a trans-man tif.
Men are not really straight, its also why men get so threatened by women, nitpick or compete with women.

There are two types of men.
Men attracted to femininity, neoteny = Straight and bisexual.

Men attracted to masculinity and burliness = Gay and bisexual.

These two types of men are willing to sleep with the opposite or same gender if they fit their definition of masculine or feminine enough.

Its not my fault male sexuality is fucked up. Keep believing in the gay/straight label though lol.

No. 11421

I'm convinced this is why so many women pretend to be troons now kek, male privilege even if you're a woman

No. 11424

>I think alot of you want to convince yourself this is gay moids so you dont have to deal with the fact that its your straight moids and bisexual moids doing this
Lol who says anyone here is attracted to scrotes you nonce? This is a manhate thread not a hetero woman only manhate thread. All women are victims of shitty moids of all backgrounds and persausions.

I'm not defending ""straight moids"" in order to defend imaginary and nebulously defined straightness and refuse to believe such a thing ever exists in moids. All moids are omnisexual faggots who will fuck a turnip, so I doubt anyone here would unironically defend ""straight"" moids whether those women be straight themselves or otherwise. The difference with straight women and moids is women have self control therefore are actually heterosexual when they claim to be. Moids are not.

No. 11425

putting aside that this is clearly a woman

>men: complain about how rape committed against males isn't taken seriously enough

>also men: talk about how much they want to rape boys

No. 11433

Why do so many men not understand that powerful or important men usually relied upon the sacrifices of others to get to where they are? That a lot of men are cannon fodder in such a system because of their antisocial behavior being a liability? Is it just that societies rely off of deluding the male masses about their power, so the system starts falling apart when they don't have women or other groups to punch down at?

I.e., >>11416 being a widespread practice, alongside similar shit in different cultures. It's almost exclusively men that see vulnerability like fresh meat to consume, yet you'll see almost all MRAs dodge the topic, speaking only in extreme generalities, hyperfixating off the 1% of cases where the perp is a woman, bringing it up just to one-up feminists, or try arguing that men are the victims of society too. Maybe if he's a freak to them or in a different political group there's some semblance of outrage, but otherwise you'll see them defend men that would easily throw other men under the bus if it meant getting ahead but then chimp out at random woman that looks at him the wrong way.
Their "honor" entirely revolves around defending mens' opportunism, hegemony, and greed.

No. 11435

File: 1678305566461.png (112.25 KB, 1896x1133, FqqMwKRXsAMsaZ_.png)

saw this on twitter and its telling most of these accounts are from a few handful of anonymous online posts and have no basis in reality

No. 11436

Anytime I see moids laughing about how OSHA is bullshit I lose less and less empathy about how they take up workplace deaths. There's literally safety programs to protect you from preventable workplace accidents and you just break them or call someone uptight for telling you to properly protect yourself? Kek okay bye

No. 11437

>of course women don't want a male pill
??? A male pill would be good, because it'd mean we wouldn't have to accept retarded side effects just for contraceptive purposes. The only problem is that men would refuse to take it (ironic, since they push for sex the most).

No. 11438

They hate women so much they can't even be attracted to them without trying to dismiss female beauty. It reminds me of how the new way to "compliment" women is to say shit like she's mid or the "stay focused boys", but somehow when a woman is smart or funny instead of complimenting her on that THEN they try to make it about her physical appearance. Anything but complimenting women

No. 11439

I don’t like it when my uncle yawns really loud

No. 11441

Men don't possess empathy, they only care about themselves. Imagine comparing an ugly fashion sense to HIV. He even said his HIV can be cured while bad fashion sense can't, male projection in a nutshell just saying the opposite of the situation. This chimpout is all for coom.

No. 11460

>These two types of men are willing to sleep with the opposite or same gender if they fit their definition of masculine or feminine enough.
idk about that, i've never heard of gay men sleeping with a woman just because she dresses masculine. if you read those stories about TIFs trying to have sex with gay men, they get rejected by them CONSTANTLY. so some portion of those men probably care about biological sex.

No. 11465

I do find it more weird how gay mens sexuality is more real than a straight man's. Straight men are just attracted to femininity, youth and performance.

No. 11471

You know how way more women are bisexual than men? Yeah, that's probably not actually true, men are just very malleable and can be convinced they're straight as easily as they can be convinced they're anything else.

No. 11476

I always thought that there are only a minor amount of true homosexuals in the world and the rest ore either straight or bi

No. 11490

No there aren't more bisexual women than men, women are just more likely to admit to being bisexual than men because it is allowed by men because it turns men on, while male homosexuality is perceived a purely degenerate and a threat to men so it is not allowed. We can see obviously that the numbers are closer than men admit even now with men sperging that fucking twinks with long hair in a dress isn't gay. Not to mention male culture promotes homosexuality in men through the denigration of women.

No. 11492

Samefag, eg. promoting men caring more about the feelings of men than women, which leads to being less successful with women and a better chance of dating men. Their retard ways backfire on them as they ree about the relationship gap between men and women they created because they believed men > women because they are men and they do not possess empathy for people they see as different to them, and women have a major difference to men that affects our lives.

No. 11505

File: 1678418517033.png (395.45 KB, 648x618, FqVNqQvXsAEmKhL.png)

I might get banned for saying this, but I believe it's less harmful for a teenager boy to be in a relationship with an older woman than for a teenage girl to be in a relationship with an older man. Of course, it's messed up for an adult woman to enter into a relationship with a teenage or pre-pubescent boy; that behavior is beyond messed up and indicative of serious issues. However, the impact on the boy himself is not a huge issue and we should pretending it's as bad as an adult man grooming and raping a teenager

No. 11506

idk anon this is pretty fucking gross. obviously it would be worse if it were reversed and the 13 year old got pregnant but this is a weird pic to use for that argument. he was a child, at 13 my male friends and i were watching my little pony, i know kids these days are increasingly exposed to sexual shit at earlier ages but 13 will always be a child to me.

No. 11508

nta she clearly stated you have to be fucked up to get into a relationship with a teenage boy, but this isn't gonna result in some life long trauma for most moids

No. 11509

Agreed. There's 13 year old boys molesting and raping people, I myself was molested numerous times in elementary school by male classmates, any of these redditors equating male and female rapists would 100% rather be in a room with a female rapist than a male one. They know it's not the same and women's minds, even at maximum perversion, don't actually seek to violently "rape", and male minds don't care if they're sexually used unless it's by another male

No. 11511

MRAs and libfems have been trying to push the narrative that a relationship between an underage boy and an adult woman is just as bad adult man raping a child

No. 11516

File: 1678423905452.jpg (102.2 KB, 828x1214, 1635742658286.jpg)

yeah it's improper but obviously not the same thing. most of the time it's mutual or even initiated by the boy anyway. it shouldn't be so harshly punished and treated the same.

No. 11517

obviously its not as bad but still fucked up, like what even would be the appeal to sleep with some moidlet with an underdeveloped body? these women don't deserve jail time but should probably not be allowed near children

No. 11518

File: 1678427491549.png (23.69 KB, 1239x305, pedo teachers.PNG)

i speculate it's because it's taboo, boys are more intensely attracted because they're inexperienced, get to choose the best looking one (you don't when it comes to adult men), have control (unlike with adult men), no other opportunities for a lot of attention from attractive 'men', etc.

No. 11519

but physically it's still a young boy, with a smaller body and emotional immaturity

No. 11529

anons dont fall for the shit bait.

No. 11531

File: 1678445256424.png (96.08 KB, 1023x693, hy777.png)

For all nonnas dating moids of color (I know "of color" is controversial but I do not care in this context), or even white ones. The book is "Why Does He Do That" by Lundy Bancroft. Never, ever fall into the "You're being a race traitor, pls understand, you're not showing solidarity" trap, whether from moids themselves or brainrotted pickmes, and never let a moid being white make you more tolerant of abuse. I rarely see this flavor of moid bullshit talked about.

No. 11532

File: 1678445429751.png (47.11 KB, 665x436, c34j.png)

Another one. I've seen so many black incels go on about how black culture is "actually a matriarchy". Sorry for the messy collage in the previous post.

No. 11533

Men only ever ree about men of other races because they see the women of their race as property being stolen/colonised by the men. If you recognise the bad part is male, they seethe.

No. 11535

How do we know he didn't rape her? British "news" isn't exactly known for being fair to women.

No. 11553

>Female teachers are pedos!
>Proceeds to name situations where the he sexualizes the female teacher HE wanted to fuck
Once again, moids mistake interest in women as the woman being interested in them, and then accuses her of being a pedo over it

No. 11562

Talking with men is genuinely an uphill battle. If you're not entertaining their cringe, banal interests or pursuing more than a friendship, they are so offputtingly boring that it reads as actual retardation. Conversations with them either lead to them clumsily trying to make it sexual or ranting about themselves or their interests without waiting for a response. I can actually feel my brain rotting when I talk to the vast majority of them. The "male loneliness epidemic" is 100% fabricated and fictional because they haven't figured out the onus is on them to be an active participant in social situations, they genuinely don't get that conversations/discussions are transactional. The amount of moids that think the advice "ask her questions, be interested in what she says" is eye-opening is honestly embarrassing for them. Why the fuck do you need to be told how to hold a conversation? My God.

No. 11567

So fucking true. Recently a moid stopped me on the way out of the gym and started talking at me about not being able to pay off his credit card balance due to a fuckup by the bank. He went on for about ten minutes telling me unnecessary details, I shit you not. All the while I was giving such overt 'shut up so I can leave', and he didn't pick up on any of it. I had to cut him off and say 'okay, I'm going now' before he fucking shut up.

And what entitled him to this interaction with me? Earlier I asked if he'd finished using a piece of gym equipment.

No. 11575

Yeah i know, it's 4chan, but this is so gross. They're basically pedos.
https://boards.4channel.org/a/thread/249858538(this is an image board)

No. 11590

File: 1678490469574.png (817.26 KB, 2048x1209, Screenshot_20230310-171920.png)

No. 11592

File: 1678490716088.png (769.27 KB, 1542x2048, Screenshot_20230310-171759.png)

No. 11593

Kek as if we need a man to state the obvious

No. 11605

It took him 35 years, and women have learned these things in childhood.

No. 11752

Are all men pedophiles and are there any studies that have been done on this subject??

No. 11754

it's a pretty good letter

No. 11757

This could start a few nice discussions.
And I'm here to take notes
Flowers, pendants, and car rides

No. 11769

File: 1678719218257.jpg (59.26 KB, 480x644, Fq98PKoWwAYam8T.jpg)

Patriarchy summed up in one photo

No. 11855

His true love was Gretchen

No. 11859

Why do so many men think their obsessive sexual opportunism, dislike of most things related to having a healthy relationship, and social parasitism is a good thing? It's a huge reason why most men are net negatives to date unless it's a "marriage-or-starve-to-death" situation like what's present in many countries. Most of the worst consequences of dating men rest on women. Still is usually true even if a woman finds a particularly "kind" man. It's like telling women that they're privileged because there's soulless monsters in the hundreds of millions that want to devour them and don't give a shit about everything that makes her a sentient human and individual…and then mock the women that escape. Even the whole trying t demonize women for being capable of aging shit is more proof that such men just hate women.

I guess it's because men benefit from women being irrational and self-sacrificing themselves, so their entire belief system is designed around their collective ego and that's simply what's rational to their self-preservation. But, the NPC-like delusion is still confounding.

No. 11863

blackpill moved to the pinkpill.co website (that seems to have gone down now too) but ended up attracting self hating zoomers that just wished they were male but couldn't delude themselves into the tranny cult so they spent more time hating on women than men. Also the mod and popular poster moon_/considerthehorses turned out to be a man, and he had the same opinions and writing style as the blackpill sub creator kt who disappeared not long before moon/horses announced he was male all along. Men just cannot leave even the most obscure women's communities alone.
There were some blackpill servers for a while tho and i met some cool women there.

No. 11869

File: 1678951157572.png (22.93 KB, 470x670, MoidsRRetarded.png)

I've always wondered why men suggest they are superior because they are more mentally unstable and dangerous.

No. 11875

The most pinkpilling thing about men is that they never take responsibility for their actions and will employ insane mental gymnastics to cope and seethe about why they are never responsible for their own actions, and should simultaneously be obeyed and treated as not responsible for their own actions. From men being responsible for troons due to their coom-centered degeneracy, to the fact that they commit 90% of all violent crime, all while claiming to be smart and reasonable because they 'identify' as such.

No. 11889

I work in an office with mostly men and make a point to work with them only as colleagues and don't hang out after work. I had to join a dinner last night since the boss claimed they were going to talk about business stuff. It was a nice fine dining restaurant, but they made the atmosphere so fucking uncomfortable.

They ordered a ton of drinks and made elaborate plans to get blackout drunk, made jokes to the young and super polite waiter who was just doing his job, all from ordering fake drinks and then laughing when he didn't know what those fake names were, complaining about the food in a passive aggressive manner and joked about who had watched most porn while working. I left early and promptly told them I had better things to do. It's weird as fuck to know I have to act professional with them after seeing them "bro-ing" it out.

No. 11890

That’s why I never hang out after work.

No. 11894

fucking real. this guy at work makes a point to talk about his sexual encounters and all the women he's hooked up with. he was fucking flabberghasted when i called him a worthless whore. you could tell no one's ever batted an eyelash at his douchiness before.

i never got reported to HR because he'd have a hell of a time explaining to them why he was talking about taking advantage of women in the first place.

No. 11895

I think the blame shifting and mental gymnastics is what pinkpilled me too. Literally men you wouldn't even expect to act that way do the shit too. It's scary when women allow themselves to be manipulated by men this way because they are afraid of seeming unreasonable or difficult. Men literally want us to hate ourselves and be ashamed of being female.

No. 11896

I am happy he wrote this! It's really funny that black men cry about matriarchy as if they don't leave their families at astronomically rates.

I agree. I think women sleeping with underage boys is a different kind of immoral. Pedophilia in women imo is far more unfathomable in a woman compared to a man which is probably why it's rare. I think the reason why it's unfathomable is because there hasn't really been much insight to what these women are thinking when they do these things. My own theory is that they have some sense of arrested development and don't understand their roles as adults and get caught up the the attention they get from these boys who in my opinion, completely consent to this. Most women who engage in this behaviour seem to not understand the consequences of being caught or feel emboldened by the fact that the boy is very much into it and most teen boys dream of having sex with an adult woman. Nothing about them gives me the vibe that they are inherently attracted to teen boys unlike pedo men, they are just retarded and desperate.

No. 11906

I remember some kf fag mentioning that the difference between male and female predators was studied/observed to be coming from different positions, both degenerate outcomes, but different types of offenders. Male pedophiles were observed to be opportunistic predators who targeted young victims and understood what they were doing was wrong and chose to be evil anyway, while the women pedophiles were observed to be legitimately delusional, not just a bog-standard coom-seeking sexual predator like the men. The women, as in actual women and not trannies, truly believed they were in love with their victim and in some fucked up romeo and juliet thing. This also made it difficult for jury's prosecuting, because it was easy to punish the predator type of pedophile purely seeking coom anyway they could while understanding it was evil but not caring, but harder to decide the punishment and guilt for someone who truly believes that they were doing nothing wrong and in love. I think it's just rarer, and if the female pedophiles being more prone to delusion thing is true, different but not necessarily better, since it results in the same outcome with the added risk of a child being involved.

Can't be bothered looking for the comment and study since I saw it a long time ago, but it would make sense, as it reflects the behaviour typical of each sex, with men seeking more coom opportunities, and women seeking more long term relationships. Maybe if men were less ego-driven, selfish and prone to risk taking the numbers of male and female pedophiles would be closer, as it too then would be only be delusional pedophiles.

No. 11969

I got a shit ton of downvotes for dare suggesting that moids who want kink/daddy's little girl shit in a relationship are just pedos who can't legally fuck minors so they fuck adults who act like minors kek.

No. 11970

very very late but I love you nona whoever you are and I wish you all the best in the world.

No. 11973

File: 1679231056531.jpg (74.55 KB, 720x683, Screenshot_20230319-135506_Sam…)

With every year I age and every hetero relationship I witness among straight friends and family, the more I get convinced that men are not able to actually feel sincere love outside of sexual urges. When the urge is satisfied, only contempt is left. What is up with that?

No. 11974

They really want women to stay celibate uh? Fucking idiots

No. 11975

File: 1679235634818.gif (10.19 MB, 384x682, 20230320_011851.gif)

Instagram blessing me with this garbage tonight.
Honestly, sometimes I wish I could care, but I don't and won't. think about all the girls who are raped and murdered every day by their male family members. All the girls subjected to honour killings in South and Southwest Asia for failing virginity tests. Femicide.
Twitter users are retarded children and say shit like this just for likes but if a moid said this? Other moids with their redpill/Tate/manosphere bullshit would endorse it, saying shit like "W" "women ☕" and saying that suicidal girls are "fatherless" (because that's totally her fault) or whatever unfunny "joke" they have next.
I couldn't care less about male suicide rates. They're the ones who created the problem. MEN are the ones who shame men crying, men are the ones who tell each other to man up.
Why can't men talk about their emotions? Because they themselves created the idea that it's "feminine" to do so. Boohoo, you can't cry? Women have been demonised for it for centuries, called hysterical, lobotomised, tortured, raped, etc, but go on and cry about it next to your Tate-watching friends, scrote.

No. 11977

Maybe Alex Jones was right. Maybe they are throwing gay bombs everywhere.

No. 11978

What do the screenshot moids mean by this exactly? They no longer find their gfs attractive once they stop being horny? Or they see sex as inherently dehumanizing/degrading for women and can't see their gfs as people worth cuddling with after doing it?

No. 11979

File: 1679252138128.jpg (102.5 KB, 720x1047, Screenshot_20230319-195105_Sam…)

I have no idea. Probably both. And it's not the first time I read about it - it seems to be a thing. If you google it, similar results like these quora questions pop up.

No. 11980

Meant to reply to this with the quora questions.

No. 11981

On the bright side, many answers for the first question commend him (by other seemingly men accounts)

>I suspect that you have been socialized to see women as repositories for your sex drive. Once that purpose is served, they are unclean and need to be discarded.

>It's unfortunate that women have to be your proxy punching bag for self-loathing. You see yourself as weak, and the woman who enabled your weakness provides a nice outlet through which to channel out your self repulsion.

>If sex is a conquest, and the woman you have sex with "lost" or somehow despoiled herself, this is a very unevolved attitude toward sex.

>I think you see women as not quite people, or somehow "other". I don't know how to fix that.

>I have always felt gratitude, joy and sleepy. So something is definitely wrong and you should seek help as this will stop you being able to have a serious relaitonship .

>Yeah, Madonna/Whore.

>You need to figure out why it is you think sex is okay for males but not for females. Trust me, that isn't true.

No. 11984

most men demonize or fetishize vulnerability constantly, but then want to martyr men who kill themselves because they solely care about the victimhood status it ascribes them. they whine about suicide, but wouldn't give a shit about hugging their male best friend or spending the day cheering him up if he felt bad because it turns out they only care about male issues as it applies to their group. they would whine about men being lonely, but be too weak and fragile to insinuate that men need to actually be more prosocial instead of greedily antisocial. they're whining because they're socialized to be like parasites that want unconditional care…while shitting on almost everything related to actually loving and caring someone.

misogynists looking down on motherhood and how women do the majority of caring-related labor in the world is irrecovable proof; they do not actually respect such things…but they feel completely entitled to receiving and never giving like infantile parasites screeching for subsistence.

No. 11993

I adore and strive to be one of the women who are just genuinely nasty to men. Like straight up are the biggest most manipulative narcissists around them, while they are the most loving, genuinely friendly and kind friends to fellow women.

No. 12004

So basically you strive to be a reverse pickme lel. I wish all women were like this, but one can only dream.

No. 12020

bumping and replying to this 10 months later but this applies to lesbians who shittalk women and act like NLOGs in front of men. Even if they aren’t trying to sexually please them they still try to tear other women down in favor of men and it’s vile

No. 12023

Oh my God, stop philosophising. Men are dirty and so is anything they put their dicks inside, and they know it. Simple as. There are stances being taken, just facts.

No. 12027

Notice how lesbian/bi female characters are portrayed as cool and hot in movies meant for men but in movies targeted to the female demographic they’re predatory and gross thought both of these are usually written by men? Such blatant messaging now that I think about it…

No. 12032

Careful about acting like a narcissist around men lmao. I like to dream about it but doing it will probably end up in them brutally beating you up and raping your corpse once they're done.

No. 12049

since fucking when are 6% of pedophiles women KEK that 6% must be comprised of trannies

No. 12060

me researching all the types and behaviours and attitudes of narcissism so i can adapt them into my personality when i'm around men

No. 12086

File: 1679497636780.jpg (288.84 KB, 1440x1814, IMG_20230323_020700.jpg)

So Gender Critical and PPF got removed from Reddit but this shit is still allowed. Great to know.

No. 12087

>Am I too old to rape women?
…Is he serious? He asked this like a "am I too old to be in the dating pool" sort of question.

No. 12088

What subreddit is this? This needs to be exposed and reported.

No. 12093

I think it's a woman asking if she's too old to be rapeable

No. 12097

op is a tranny.

No. 12101

No. 12106

It's allowed on Reddit because it's "just a kink" kek. I got a shit ton of downvotes the other week for suggesting that ddlgfags are into it because they want to fuck children but can't so they fuck adults who look like children.

No. 12112

I was walking home after picking up my dog from the hairdresser when a man who was almost toothless, visibly drunk and carrying a large trashbag started to talk to me about my dog. He was babbling, hardly enunciating and repeating incoherent things about how my dog was totally going to grow larger. I politely replied that he was already all grown up. He carried on saying the same broken sentence until he realised I was actually replying to him. My dog was a bit nervous and didn't come near him despite the man's efforts to pet him. I just hate when random men on the street approach me, I wish I could comfront them next time with something like Sir, I don't know you, leave me alone and the coldest face I can put. But I do love when women compliment my dog and he loves it too, he sits and wiggles his tail, the interaction feels natural and friendly.

No. 12113

File: 1679563362223.webm (1.38 MB, 576x576, whatthefuck.webm)

I'm sorry but I have to post this here too because this video just reminded me how stupid men are (translation says: he thought it was an octopus)

No. 12117

I'm stupid too anon, what was that then?

No. 12119

I think it's a jellyfish, the kind that stings.

No. 12120

File: 1679576843461.jpg (300.2 KB, 1440x2343, IMG_20230324_000414.jpg)

This is the most retarded thing I've seen all day. First off, what does this scrote define as "masculine" and "feminine" energy? I bet he calls other guys crying "feminine".
Next, why is he implying that being dismissive, avoidant, wary and maybe even just cautious of people is "masculine energy"? Really says something about what they define their manosphere BS.
The "truly dominant man" makes me laugh. So you believe a woman needs a man to dominate and control her for her to finally be the peak "feminine energy" image you want her to be? Moid behaviour strikes again.

No. 12121

Nonnies, that's a jellyfish.

No. 12172

"Masculine and feminine energy" is as retarded a concept as "gender". It's the sigmoid equivalent of gender theory.

No. 12183

Troons and gendies already use masc/fem energy as terms kek

No. 12196

none of this shit happened.

No. 12197


when describing female
>pedo teacher

when describing male
>man fired for relationship with student

whatever dude

No. 12198

File: 1679666349956.jpeg (Spoiler Image,97.59 KB, 828x1009, 3A6F5CE3-EC3D-4D34-AC16-16A272…)

the real crime is that photoshop larp mess. why do women delude themselves so hard about how they really look?

No. 12203

why are people only impassioned about sexual crimes against children but always try to find a way to blame the woman

No. 12207

File: 1679689218689.jpeg (59.92 KB, 625x647, ok me britney.jpeg)

sorry for bad english. soemone told me that this is worst an most extreme case of domestic abuse that they have ever heard so i thought i would share

>abuses drugs and threatened to kill himself if she didn’t obtain them for him (despite her having no connections or history with drugs)

>would manipulate me to buy him things
>videotape me crying and threaten to post it
>blackmail me
>threw stuff at me
>would hit on other women and disparagingly compare her to those women
>humiliate me with call-out posts to try control the narrative and i would respond by apologetically confirming what he said was true, so he also had me brainwashed to believe i was the abuser and not him
>overly ‘friendly’ with his ex and gaslit me when i was understandably concerned about their daily declaration of ILY to each other
>broke into my iCloud and devices routinely and stole my hard drive so that she didn’t have evidence
>instilled such a profound paranoia in her that she insisted friends delete copy of all our conversations because i was scared of what he’d do if he found out i was telling people about his behaviour
>is facing trial for assaulting a woman

>cherry on top

>after 8 years of this abuse and psychological torture and losing most of my friends due to staying with him
>buys us a house and within weeks, he’s bringing back whores there >starts blackmailing me with destroying her possessions if i doesn’t pay him €400 for hotels to bring them to since, i didn’t want them in my house.

>is a sinkhole of domestic violence, executive dysfucntion and infidelity >he hit on me WHILE HAVE NEW GF

>realised he’s already laying the groundwork to violate and cheat on this new woman despite claiming that he only treated me like that is because he didn’t really like or respect me

>tells people that my experience is totally fictional and imagined because i like the idea and fantasise/have an abuse fetish

>some people are genuinely retarded enough to believe him i guess

No. 12208

Does anyone else remember those guilt-trippy posts from a few years ago like "if you cover up and don't drink very much in an effort to not be raped, all you're doing is making sure he rapes another girl,' or something along those lines? I finally figured out why I hated them; they're once again putting all the blame on the victims and not on the perpetrators

No. 12209

yeah i do

i understand their point, but it is still victim blamey

No. 12238

watched a podcast where a moid said men having a high body count is okay because they worked for it(so they worked hard to be a man whore kek) but not women. The moid even got triggered when a women said 'if a women has a low body count and expects the same thing its okay"

like holy shit i hate m*n. a bunch hypocritical retards.

No. 12245

I saw that exact same clip. I also saw another clip of a different moidcast of him whining that men were actually more oppressed because the men fight in world war 2 and when a woman said "okay but men start these wars". He screamed AcTuAlly queens were more likely to start wars and he thought he owned her. It was so brain rotting to watch and I wish these women would find some self worth and not even go on these moidcasts.

No. 12246

Kek, it was often necessary because it was a thing that other countries were more likely to want or start war against queen-lead countries.

No. 12250

>Queens start wars
Even if they did they're still starting moid wars under a moid patriachical monarchy that moids created. That cliche characteristic moid lack of responsibility lel

No. 12270

File: 1679768140286.jpg (37.08 KB, 887x296, 436734.JPG)

No. 12294

File: 1679791453445.jpeg (312.76 KB, 1440x2560, feminismformen.jpeg)

wasn't sure where else to post this. it's old news now but i've just learned about it and want to vent/sperg.
saw the tweet in picrel and discovered this "feminist" account was created by 2 men, Jacob Castaldi and Tanner Sweitzer for the purpose of profiting off trendy feminism to sell clothing. there was a whole expose in 2021 but now it seems to have been forgotten about and the account has 6.5M followers (the largest "feminist" account on instagram).

there is lots more on it here: https://medium.com/instasleuth/how-the-businessmen-behind-chnge-fake-feminism-for-profit-bf0689adc26f

the account is now claiming that the founders are female. unsurprisingly their contributors are a mixture of handmaidens and troons, which is reflected heavily in their content.
it just angers me that the largest "feminist" account on social media (possibly?) was created by men in order to not only profit off women's issues but to control the narrative. it's the same thing that happens on reddit and so many sites and companies that claim to be for women. anything to do with women's issues is controlled by men. i just wish more women would wake up to this.

No. 12295

File: 1679792178780.jpg (386.42 KB, 2000x1250, stanfordmed.jpg)


Check the QRTs for moid hysterics. Love them passive aggressively mincing over how these women must be incompetent diversity hires, when women outperform men as surgeons and have for some time. Women are in a field women excel in, that is rapidly becoming female-dominated! Oh no!

No. 12296

>Check the QRTs for moid hysterics
not ruining my day today but I can imagine kek. They're just so freaked out we're finally doing something after they pushed us down for millennia

No. 12299

Throw in how the biggest failures among surgeons are among male ones operating on female patients ofc.

No. 12313

The weird thing is, hatred fueled comments from men who claim these women stole their opportunities aren't even from men from medical field. It's so weird that some random NEET male thinks he deserved a position more than someone who studied their whole life simply because she's a woman.
Minorities have bigger drives to study because they have bad backgrounds. A minority woman with higher iq who studies hours because she doesn't want her own children to live in poverty like she did getting a better career than a borderline retarded guy who spent the same hours playing videogames seems impossible to them.

No. 12337

What you're describing are just mummy issues.

No. 12338

Beggars and scammers come in different shapes and forms.

No. 12344

Mandatory psychotests for teachers before starting on the job - why isn't it a thing? Are kids cannon fodder, easy prey for pedos?

No. 12362

I really hate when a woman online says she was discriminated against, talked down to, or etc for being female (or a certain ethnicity, disabled, etc) and some scrote asks her "did they specifically say they did that because you're a woman (or xyz ethnicity)?" And she's forced to say "no they didn't" because naturally we all know that racists and misogynists specifically say that to the people they're discriminating against. Or she might respond by saying many others experience the same thing too. Then the scrote or more scrotes chiming in say "oh really? Where's the studies on that?" And of course there aren't any peer-reviewed studies for this very specific experience. Or if there is even one, it's not good enough for one minute detail. This brand of scrote thinks misogyny, racism, etc all happens in our heads and we just have to change our mindset and it will all just disappear.

No. 12365

Most moids these days don't even have the brain capacity to ask something like that. All they say is "lol women moment" because they can't differentiate between the plural and singular forms of the noun and only laugh at our discrimination that they caused.

No. 12367

Misogyny is largely a failed male trait. See: that study showing men who performed poorly in a video game were more hostile to women, and more deferential to higher-ranked men. Competent men were not aggressive toward the women. There should be more study on it, but it's not a coincidence that the most vicious misogyny comes from the most worthless of men.

No. 12380

No milk just my seething, but it makes me genuinely happy that more and more men are alone now and that they aren't getting dates or sex with women. Good. They don't deserve it. Men brought this entirely upon themselves and it is entirely their fault that women don't find them desirable. There is a bare minimum for men and they still somehow squeeze under that bare minimum. They have the audacity to whine and cry about how the evil feminists won't suck them off, and it only makes me happier knowing that they're alone and that they feel alone and unwanted. This is what those creepy nasty men deserve for thinking they are entitled to a girlfriend. I hope they beat their dicks so hard they fall off. I hope women and girls realize how insanely low their standards are and properly shape up and start expecting men to behave like actual human beings before they even get a chance at a relationship. Men always complain about how hard it is for them to get mental help when pretty much everyone is fully in favor of it, but they still need to come up with an excuse to play the victim.

Whenever men complain about common men's issues I laugh, because they're all the easiest fucking things in the world to deal with and they act like these are unique and 'nightmare mode' challenges when they are the most weak 1st world problems to ever exist that also affect women, but the fact that women don't complain about them is because they're such insignificant problems that most women and girls never even think to bring them up. The only issues I can think of is just some variation of holding men accountable for their stupid or evil actions, crying about not getting enough tinder matches, complaining that women can just get gangbangs on demand, or claiming that women have it easy because they can just do porn. Wow, those poor oppressed moids, how utterly tragic that they don't have to worry about being trafficked and filmed for pennies, or that women don't throw themselves at them unprompted.